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saber {v} (sabre) SEE: sabre  ::
saber-toothed tiger {n} (sabre-toothed tiger) SEE: sabre-toothed tiger  ::
sabotage {v} (deliberate destruction to prevent success)  :: саботирам, възпрепятствам
sabre {n} (light sword, sharp along the front edge, part of the back edge, and at the point)  :: сабя {f} /sábja/
sac fungus {n} (fungus of the phylum Ascomycota) SEE: ascomycete  ::
sack {n} (bag for commodities or items)  :: чу́вал, чува́л {m}
sacred {adj} (made holy)  :: свят /svjat/, свещен /sveštén/
sacred baboon {n} (Papio hamadryas) SEE: hamadryas  ::
sacredize {v} (to make sacred) SEE: sacralize  ::
sacred way {n} (spirit way) SEE: spirit way  ::
sacrifice {n} (something sacrificed)  :: жертва {f} /žértva/
sad {adj} (dialect: soggy) SEE: soggy  ::
sad {adj} (feeling sorrow)  :: тъ̀жен, печа́лен
Saïda {prop} (port city in Lebanon) SEE: Sidon  ::
saddle {n} (seat on an animal)  :: седло {n} /sedló/
saddlemaker {n} (saddler) SEE: saddler  ::
sadly {adv} (unfortunately) SEE: unfortunately  ::
sadness {n} (state/emotion)  :: скръб {f}, печа́л {f}
sad to say {adv} (unfortunately) SEE: unfortunately  ::
safari park {n} (zoo-like attraction)  :: сафа́ри парк {m}
safe {adj} (free from risk)  :: безопа́сен
safe {adj} (not in danger)  :: безопа́сен
safe {n} (box in which valuables can be locked for safekeeping)  :: сейф {m}
safety {n} (condition or feeling of being safe)  :: безопа́сност {f}
safety {n} (safety bicycle) SEE: safety bicycle  ::
safety belt {n} (seat belt) SEE: seat belt  ::
saffron {n} (plant)  :: шафран {m}
saffron {n} (spice)  :: шафран {m}
sagacity {n} (quality of being sage)  :: мъдрост {f}, прозорливост {f}, съобразителност {f}
Sagittarius {n} (Someone with a Sagittarius star sign)  :: стрелец
Sagittarius {prop} (astrological sign)  :: Стрелец {m} /Strélec/
Sagittarius {prop} (constellation)  :: Стрелец {m} /Strélec/
Sahara {prop} (desert)  :: Сахара {f} /Sahára/
saiga {n} (antelope)  :: сайга
Saigon {prop} (Ho Chi Minh City) SEE: Ho Chi Minh City  ::
sail {n} (a piece of fabric attached to a boat)  :: платно́ {n}
sail {n} (sailfish) SEE: sailfish  ::
sailing ship {n} (type of ship)  :: ветроходен кораб {m} /vetrohóden kórab/
sailor {n} (worker on a ship)  :: моря́к {m}
sailplane {n} (sailplane) SEE: glider  ::
saint {n} (person proclaimed as saint)  :: светец
Saint George {prop} (Patron saint of England and several other places)  :: Свети Георги {m}
Saint John's bread {n} (carob) SEE: carob  ::
Saint Kitts and Nevis {prop} (a country in the Caribbean)  :: Сейнт Ки́тс и Не́вис
Saint Lucia {prop} (country in the Caribbean)  :: Сейнт Лу́сия {f}
Saint Mary {prop} (the mother of Jesus Christ)  :: Дева Мария {f}, Светата Майка {f}
Saint Nicholas {prop} (Santa Claus) SEE: Santa Claus  ::
saintpaulia {n} (African violet) SEE: African violet  ::
Saint Petersburg {prop} (city)  :: Санкт Петербу́рг {m}
sake {n} (Japanese rice wine)  :: саке {n} /sake/
Sakhalin {prop} (island in Russia)  :: Сахали́н {m}
sakura {n} (cherry blossom) SEE: cherry blossom  ::
sakura {n} (cherry) SEE: cherry  ::
sakura {n} (cherry tree) SEE: cherry tree  ::
salad {n} (a food made primarily of a mixture of raw ingredients, typically vegetables)  :: сала́та {f}
salamander {n} (amphibian)  :: салама́ндър {m}, дъждовник {m}
salami {n} (sausage)  :: салам {m} /salám/
salary {n} (fixed amount of money paid on monthly or annual basis)  :: запла́та {f}
salat {n} (Islamic prayer)  :: нама́з {m}
Salekhard {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Салеха́рд {m}
saline {n} (solution) SEE: saline solution  ::
salineness {n} (salineness) SEE: salinity  ::
saliva {n} (liquid secreted into the mouth)  :: слю́нка {f}, плю́нка {f}
sally {n} (willow) SEE: willow  ::
salmon {n} (fish)  :: сьомга {f} /sjómga/
salmon trout {n} (rainbow trout) SEE: rainbow trout  ::
salo {n} (non-rendered pig fat)  :: слани́на {f}
salon {n} (large room)  :: сало́н {m}
saloon {n} (sedan) SEE: sedan  ::
salpinx {n} (Fallopian tube) SEE: Fallopian tube  ::
salt {n} (salt marsh) SEE: salt marsh  ::
salt {n} (sodium chloride)  :: сол {f}
salt {n}  :: сол
salt cellar {n} (container holding salt for use in the kitchen or on a dining table)  :: солница {f} /sólnica/
salting {n} (salt marsh) SEE: salt marsh  ::
saltire {n} (Saint Andrew's cross) SEE: Saint Andrew's cross  ::
saltpetre {n} (potassium nitrate) SEE: potassium nitrate  ::
saltpetre {n} (sodium nitrate) SEE: sodium nitrate  ::
salt shaker {n} (a small container designed to hold salt and facilitate sprinkling)  :: солница {f} /sólnica/
salt water {n} (brine) SEE: brine  ::
salty {adj} (tasting of salt)  :: солен /solén/
salty dog {n} (seadog) SEE: seadog  ::
Salvadorian {adj} (Salvadoran) SEE: Salvadoran  ::
Salvadorian {n} (Salvadoran) SEE: Salvadoran  ::
salvation {n} (the process of being saved (religion))  :: спасе́ние {n}
Samara {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Самара {f} /Samára/
samarium {n} (chemical element)  :: сама́рий {m}
Sambo {prop} (martial art)  :: самбо {n} /sámbo/
same-sex marriage {n} (gay marriage) SEE: gay marriage  ::
samisen {n} (shamisen) SEE: shamisen  ::
samlaw {n} (pedicab) SEE: pedicab  ::
Samoa {prop} (Independent State of Samoa)  :: Самоа
Samogitia {prop} (Samogitia)  :: Жемайтия {f}
samogon {n} (moonshine) SEE: moonshine  ::
Samosata {prop} (city in Commagene)  :: Самосата /Samosata/
samovar {n} (metal urn with a spigot, for boiling water for making tea)  :: самова́р {m}
samurai {n} (feudal Japanese warrior)  :: самура́й {m}
sanative {adj} (that cures)  :: целебен /celében/
sanatorium {n} (institution that treats chronic diseases, and provides supervised recuperation and convalescence)  :: санато́риум {m}
sanctity {n} (holiness) SEE: holiness  ::
sand {adj} (colour)  :: пя́сък {m}
sand {n} (finely ground rock)  :: пя́сък {m}
sandal {n} (sandalwood) SEE: sandalwood  ::
sandal {n} (type of footwear)  :: санда́л {m}
sandbathe {v} (to take a sand bath) SEE: dustbathe  ::
sandhopper {n} (sand flea) SEE: sand flea  ::
sandwich {n} (open sandwich) SEE: open sandwich  ::
sandwich {n} (snack consisting of two slices of bread)  :: са́ндвич {m}
San Francisco {prop} (San Francisco, California city)  :: Сан Франци́ско
sang-froid {n} (composure, level-headedness, coolness in trying circumstances)  :: хладнокръвие {n} /hladnokrǎ̀vie/
sanitary towel {n} (pad of cotton) SEE: sanitary napkin  ::
San José {prop} (A city in California, USA) SEE: San Jose  ::
sans {prep} (without) SEE: without  ::
Sanskrit {prop} (language)  :: санскри́т {m}
Santa {prop} (Santa Claus) SEE: Santa Claus  ::
Santa Claus {prop} (fictional figure)  :: Дя́до Мраз {m}
Santiago de Chile {prop} (Santiago) SEE: Santiago  ::
sap {n} (juice of plant)  :: мъзга {f} /mǎzga/, сок {m} /sok/
sapling {n} (young tree)  :: фиданка {f} /fidànka/
Sapphic {adj} (sapphic) SEE: sapphic  ::
sapphire {n} (gem)  :: сапфир {m} /sapfir/
Sara {prop} (female given name) SEE: Sarah  ::
Sarah {prop} (Wife of Abraham)  :: Са́ра {f}
Sarajevo {prop} (canton)  :: Сараево /Saraevo/
Sarajevo {prop} (city)  :: Сара́ево
Saransk {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Сара́нск {m}
Saratov {prop} (city)  :: Саратов {m} /Sarátov/
sarcasm {n} (derision, facetiousness)  :: сарказъм {m}
sarcophagus {n} (coffin)  :: саркофаг {m} /sarkofág/
sarcophagus {n} (steel structure)  :: саркофаг {m} /sarkofág/
sardine {n} (fish)  :: сардина {f} /sardína/
Sardinia {prop} (island of Italy)  :: Сардиния {f}
sarin {n} (neurotoxin)  :: зари́н {m}
Sarkozy {prop} (surname)  :: Саркози /Sarkozí/
Saskatchewan {prop} (Province in western Canada)  :: Саскачеван {m} /Saskáčevan/
Saskatoon {prop} (the largest city in Saskatchewan, Canada)  :: Саскатун
Satan {prop} (the Devil)  :: Сатана́ {m}, сатана́ {m}
satanic {adj} (evil)  :: сатанински, дяволски, дяволичен
satanic {adj} (relating to Satanism)  :: сатанистичен
satanic {adj} (relating to Satan)  :: сатанински, дяволски
satanical {adj} (satanic) SEE: satanic  ::
Satanism {n} (a religion founded by Anton Szandor LaVey)  :: сатанизъм
Satanism {n} (devil worship)  :: сатани́зъм {m}
satellite {n} (man-made apparatus designed to be placed in orbit around a celestial body)  :: спътник {m}
satiation {n} (satiety) SEE: satiety  ::
satiric {adj} (satirical) SEE: satirical  ::
satisfied {adj} (in a state of satisfaction)  :: доволен, задоволен, спокоен
Saturday {n} (day of the week)  :: събо́та {f}
Saturn {prop}  :: Сатурн {m}
saturnism {n} (lead poisoning) SEE: plumbism  ::
satyr {n} (Greek mythology)  :: сатир {m}
sauce {n} (liquid condiment)  :: cоc {m} /sos/
saucepan {n} (deep cooking vessel)  :: те́нджера {f}
Saudi Arabia {prop} (country in the Middle East)  :: Сау́дитка Ара́бия {f}
sauna {n} (sauna room or house)  :: сауна {f} /sáuna/
sausage {n} (a food made of minced meat packed into a tubular casing)  :: на́деница {f}
savage {adj} (Brutal, vicious or merciless)  :: брутален /brutálen/, безпощаден /bezposhtáden/
savage {adj} (Wild, not cultivated)  :: див /div/
save {v} (computing: to write a file to a storage medium)  :: записвам
savour {v} (savour) SEE: savor  ::
Savoy {n} (Savoy cabbage) SEE: Savoy cabbage  ::
saw {n} (musical saw) SEE: musical saw  ::
saw {n} (sawtooth wave) SEE: sawtooth  ::
saw {n} (tool)  :: трио́н {m}
sawtooth {n} (sawtooth wave) SEE: sawtooth wave  ::
saxophone {n} (a musical instrument of the woodwind family)  :: саксофон {m} /saksofón/
say {v} (to pronounce)  :: ка́звам {impf}, ка́жа {pf}
say {v} (to say) SEE: tell  ::
say {v}  :: казвам
sayonara {interj} (goodbye, adieu) SEE: farewell  ::
scab {n} (mange) SEE: mange  ::
scab {n} (scabies) SEE: scabies  ::
scale {n} (device) SEE: scales  ::
scale {n} (keratin pieces covering the skin of certain animals)  :: лю́спи {p}
scale {n} (limescale) SEE: limescale  ::
scale {n} (ordered numerical sequence)  :: ска́ла {f}
scale {n} (size or scope)  :: маща́б {m}
scales {n} (device for weighing goods for sale)  :: тегли́лка {f}, везна {f}
scalp {n} (bed of shellfish) SEE: scaup  ::
scaly anteater {n} (pangolin) SEE: pangolin  ::
Scandinavia {prop} (Scandinavian Peninsula) SEE: Scandinavian Peninsula  ::
Scandinavian Peninsula {prop} (peninsula in Northern Europe, see also: Scandinavia)  :: Скандина́вия {f}
scandium {n} (chemical element)  :: скандий {m} /skándij/
scanner {n} (device which scans documents)  :: ске́нер {m}
scapegoat {n} (a goat imbued with the sins of the people)  :: же́ртвен козе́л {m}
scaphoid {n} (scaphoid bone) SEE: scaphoid bone  ::
scapula {n} (large flat bone) SEE: shoulder blade  ::
scar {n} (cliff) SEE: cliff  ::
scar {n} (permanent mark on the skin)  :: белег {m}
scarab {n}  :: скарабей {m}
scarce {adj}  :: оскъден, недостатъчен
scarecrow {n} (an effigy made to scare the birds away)  :: плашило {n}
scared {adj} (afraid, frightened)  :: уплашен {m}
scared shitless {adj} (terrified) SEE: scared stiff  ::
scarf {n} (headscarf) SEE: headscarf  ::
scarf {n} (long garment worn around the neck)  :: шал {m}
scarlatina {n} (scarlet fever) SEE: scarlet fever  ::
scatter {v} (to scatter) SEE: disperse  ::
scatterbrained {adj} (absent-minded) SEE: absent-minded  ::
scene {n} (landscape, scenery) SEE: scenery  ::
scene {n} ((theater) the stage) SEE: stage  ::
scent {n} (distinctive odour or smell)  :: мирис {m}, миризма {f}
sceptre {n} (ornamental staff)  :: жезъл {m}
schadenfreude {n} (malicious enjoyment derived from observing someone else's misfortune)  :: злора́дство {n} /zlorádstvo/
schedule {n} (time-based plan of events)  :: разписа́ние {n}, програ́ма {f}
Scheherazade {prop} (female given name)  :: Шехереза́да {f}, Шахраза́да {f}
Scheldt {prop} (river)  :: Шелда
Schiller {prop} (surname)  :: Шилер /Šíler/
schistous {adj} (schistose) SEE: schistose  ::
schizophrenia {n} (illness)  :: шизофрения {f}
schmo {n} (schmuck) SEE: schmuck  ::
schnitzel {n} (a meat dish)  :: шни́цел {m}
schnoz {n} (schnozzle) SEE: schnozzle  ::
school {n} (a department/institute at a college or university)  :: факултет {m}
school {n} (an institution dedicated to teaching and learning)  :: учи́лище {n}, шко́ла {f}
school {n} (a particular doctrine)  :: шко́ла {f}
school {n} (college or university)  :: коле́ж {m}, университе́т {m}
school {n}  :: пасаж {m}
school {v} (educate, teach, or train)  :: обучавам
school crossing attendant {n} (crossing attendant) SEE: crossing guard, lollipop man, lollipop lady  ::
schoolie {n} (schoolteacher) SEE: teacher  ::
school sores {n} (impetigo) SEE: impetigo  ::
schoolteacher {n} (schoolteacher) SEE: teacher  ::
schooner {n} (sailing ship)  :: шхуна {f}
Schrödinger's cat {prop} (thought experiment)  :: котка на Шрьодингер {f} /kótka na Šrjodinger/
Schwarzenegger {prop} (surname of German-speakers)  :: Шварценегер
science {n} (collective discipline of learning acquired through the scientific method)  :: нау́ка {f}
science fiction {n} (fiction)  :: научна фантастика {f}
scientifically {adv} (methodically) SEE: methodically  ::
scientist {n} (one whose activities make use of scientific method)  :: у́чен {m}
scion {n} (descendant)  :: пото́мък {m}
scissors {n} (tool used for cutting)  :: но́жица {f}
scold {v} (rebuke) SEE: rebuke  ::
score {v} (to score) SEE: strike  ::
scorer {n} (scorekeeper) SEE: scorekeeper  ::
scores {pron} (many) SEE: many  ::
Scorpio {prop} (constellation) SEE: Scorpius  ::
scorpion {n} (any of various arachnids of the order Scorpiones)  :: скорпио́н {m}
Scorpius {prop} (astrological sign) SEE: Scorpio  ::
scorzonera {n} (black salsify) SEE: black salsify  ::
Scot {n} (a person born in or native to Scotland)  :: шотландец {m}, шотландка {f}
Scotch crow {n} (hooded crow) SEE: hooded crow  ::
Scotch tape {n} (adhesive tape) SEE: adhesive tape  ::
scotfree {adv} (scot-free) SEE: scot-free  ::
Scotland {prop} (country in northwest Europe to the north of England)  :: Шотла́ндия {f}
Scots Gaelic {prop} (Scottish Gaelic) SEE: Scottish Gaelic  ::
scoundrel {n} (villain)  :: него́дник {m}, мерза́вец {m}
scouring pad {n} (abrasive pad) SEE: scourer  ::
scowl {n} (wrinkling of the brows or face)  :: муся се
scrabble {v} (to scribble) SEE: scribble  ::
scramble {v} (to move hurriedly to a location using all limbs against a surface)  :: лазя /lázja/
scrapheap {n} (junkyard) SEE: junkyard  ::
scratch together {v} (collect small amounts) SEE: scrape together  ::
scream queen {n} (actress who appears in several horror movies)  :: кралица на ужаса {f}
screech owl {n} (Tyto alba)  :: забулена сова {f}
screen {n} (informational viewing area)  :: екра́н {m}
screencap {n} (screenshot) SEE: screenshot  ::
screw {n} (Archimedes screw) SEE: Archimedes screw  ::
screw {n} (backspin) SEE: backspin  ::
screw {n} (fastener)  :: винт {m}
screwdriver {n} (tool)  :: oтвертка /otvértka/
screw thread {n} (helical ridge or groove)  :: резба {f} /rezbá/
scrimmage {n} (practice game) SEE: exhibition game  ::
script {n} (writing; written document)  :: писмо
Scripture {n} (Bible) SEE: Bible  ::
Scripture {n} (Edda) SEE: Edda  ::
Scripture {n} (Koran) SEE: Koran  ::
Scripture {n} (Tanakh) SEE: Tanakh  ::
scriptwriter {n} (screenwriter) SEE: screenwriter  ::
scrofulous {adj} (corrupt) SEE: corrupt  ::
scroll {n} (roll of paper or parchment)  :: свиток {m} /svítok/
scrounge {n} (scrounger) SEE: scrounger  ::
scrub {n} (cancellation) SEE: cancellation  ::
scrummage {n} (rugby formation of all forwards) SEE: scrum  ::
scrummaging machine {n} (scrum machine) SEE: scrum machine  ::
scrutinise {v} (scrutinize) SEE: scrutinize  ::
scrutore {n} (escritoire) SEE: escritoire  ::
scull {n} (small boat)  :: скиф {m}
sculpture {n} (art of sculpting)  :: скулптура {f}
scumbag {n} (condom) SEE: condom  ::
scutch grass {n} (Bermuda grass) SEE: Bermuda grass  ::
scutch grass {n} (couch grass) SEE: couch grass  ::
scythe {n} (farm tool)  :: коса́ {f}
scythe {v} (to cut with a scythe)  :: кося /kosjá/
Sczedrzik {prop} (Szczedrzyk) SEE: Szczedrzyk  ::
sea {n} (body of water)  :: морѐ {n}
seaborgium {n} (chemical element with atomic number 106)  :: зеабо́ргий {m}, сиборгий /siborgij/
seadog {n} (dogfish) SEE: dogfish  ::
sea eagle {n} (Haliaeetus albicilla) SEE: white-tailed eagle  ::
seafarer {n} (sailor) SEE: sailor  ::
seafaring {adj} (fit to travel on the sea) SEE: seagoing  ::
seagull {n} (bird of the family Laridae)  :: чайка {f} /čájka/
sea horse {n} (fish)  :: морско конче {n}
sea horse {n} (walrus) SEE: walrus  ::
seal {n} (chakra) SEE: chakra  ::
seal {n} (pinniped)  :: тюлен {m}
sea legs {n} (crab stick) SEE: crab stick  ::
sea leopard {n} (Hydrurga leptonyx) SEE: leopard seal  ::
sea lettuce {n} (beach cabbage) SEE: beach cabbage  ::
sea lettuce {n} (sand lettuce) SEE: sand lettuce  ::
sea lettuce {n} (slender sea lettuce) SEE: slender sea lettuce  ::
seaman {n} (mariner or sailor)  :: моряк {m}, матрос {m}
sea oats {n} (Chasmanthium latifolium) SEE: river oats  ::
Sea of Japan {prop} (the sea between Japan and the rest of Asia)  :: Япо́нско мо́ре {n}
Sea of Okhotsk {prop} (sea)  :: Охо́тско мо́ре {n}
sea-parrot {n} (puffin) SEE: puffin  ::
search {v} (to look throughout (a place) for something)  :: тъ̀рся {impf}
search {v} (to search) SEE: look  ::
sea salt {n} (salt prepared by evaporating sea water)  :: морска сол {f}
seashell {n} (shell)  :: ра́ковина {f}
seashore {n} (foreshore) SEE: foreshore  ::
sea-sickness {n} (seasickness) SEE: seasickness  ::
season {n} (quarter of a year)  :: сезон
seasoning {n} (Cooking ingredient)  :: подправка {f} /podpravka/
seat {n} (horizontal portion of a chair)  :: седа́лка {f}
secateurs {n} (pruning shears) SEE: pruning shears  ::
secession {n} (The act of seceding)  :: отцепване {n}
second {adj} (second (numeral))  :: втори /vtóri/
second {n} (one-sixtieth of a minute; SI unit of time)  :: секу́нда {f}
secondary smoking {n} (passive smoking) SEE: passive smoking  ::
second-half {n} (second half) SEE: second half  ::
second hand {adj} (secondhand) SEE: secondhand  ::
secondhand {adj} (not new; previously owned and used by another)  :: вто́ра употре́ба {f} /second usage/, вто́ра ръка́ {f} /second hand/
secondhand embarrassment {n} (embarrassment felt for someone else: vicarious embarrassment) SEE: vicarious embarrassment  ::
second last {adj} (penultimate) SEE: penultimate  ::
second to last {adj} (penultimate) SEE: penultimate  ::
Second World War {prop} (World War II) SEE: World War II  ::
secret {adj} (being or kept hidden.)  :: таен {m}, тайна {f}, тайно {n}
secret {n} (knowledge that is hidden)  :: та́йна {f}
secretary {n} (person keeping records and handling clerical work)  :: секрета́р {m} /sekretár/, секрета́рка {f} /sekretárka/
secretary bird {n} (member of bird family)  :: пти́ца-секрета́р {f}
sect {n} (religious movement)  :: секта {f} /sékta/
section {n} (image that shows an object as if cut along a plane) SEE: cross-section  ::
security {n} (condition of not being threatened)  :: безопа́сност {f}
Security Council {prop} (UN Security Council) SEE: UN Security Council  ::
sediment {n} (collection of small particles)  :: утайка /utájka/
sedimentary rock {n} (one of the major groups of rock that makes up the crust of the Earth)  :: седиментни скали
seduce {v}  :: прелъстявам, съблазнявам
see {v} (perceive with the eyes)  :: ви́ждам
seed {n} (fertilized grain)  :: се́ме {n}
seed {n} (semen)  :: се́ме {n}
seed grain {n} (seed corn) SEE: seed corn  ::
seeing-eye dog {n} (seeing-eye dog) SEE: guide dog  ::
seek {v} (to try to find)  :: тъ́рся {impf}, тараша
seel {v} (To blind) SEE: blind  ::
seem {v} (to appear, to seem) SEE: look  ::
seemingly {adv} (apparently) SEE: apparently  ::
see off {v} (to defeat) SEE: defeat  ::
see-through {adj} (translucent) SEE: translucent  ::
see-through {adj} (transparent) SEE: transparent  ::
see ya {interj} (see you) SEE: see you  ::
see you later {phrase} (goodbye)  :: до ско́ро
segment {n} (circular segment) SEE: circular segment  ::
segment {n} (line segment) SEE: line segment  ::
segregation {n} (setting apart or separation)  :: отделяне {n}, разделяне {n}, изолиране {n}
seigneuress {n} (seigneuresse) SEE: seigneuresse  ::
seismologic {adj} (relating to the field of seismology) SEE: seismological  ::
seiyuu {n} (voice actor) SEE: voice actor  ::
sejunct {adj} (separate) SEE: separate  ::
seldom {adv} (infrequently, rarely)  :: ря́дко
Selenite {n} (inhabitant of the Moon) SEE: Lunarian  ::
selenium {n} (chemical element)  :: селе́н {m}
self pollination {n} (self pollination) SEE: self-pollination  ::
self-service {n} (the practice of serving oneself)  :: самообслу́жване {n}
self-taught {adj} (educated by oneself) SEE: self-educated  ::
sell {v} (to agree to transfer goods or provide services)  :: прода́вам {impf}, прода́м {pf}
sellotape {n} (adhesive tape) SEE: adhesive tape  ::
Sellotape {n} (adhesive tape) SEE: adhesive tape  ::
semelfactive {adj} (of or relating to the semelfactive aspect)  :: еднократен {m} /ednokráten/
semen {n} (male reproductory fluid)  :: спе́рма {f}, семенна течност {f}
semen {n} (semen (fluid)) SEE: sperm  ::
semiacetal {n} (hemiacetal) SEE: hemiacetal  ::
semicircle {n} (half of a circle)  :: полукръг
semigroud {n} (semiheap) SEE: semiheap  ::
seminude {adj} (half-naked) SEE: half-naked  ::
semi-nude {adj} (seminude) SEE: seminude  ::
semipostal {n} (type of stamp) SEE: semi-postal stamp  ::
semiprofessional {adj} (semiprofessional) SEE: semi-professional  ::
senate {n} (the upper house in some bicameral legislative systems)  :: сена́т {m}
send {v} (make something go somewhere)  :: изпращам
Senegal {prop} (Republic of Senegal)  :: Сенега́л {m}
senescence {n}  :: стареене {n}, остаряване {n}
senile {adj} (exhibiting the deterioration in mind)  :: изкуфял {m}
senile {adj} (of, or relating to old age)  :: старчески {m}, сенилен {m}
senile {adj}  :: грохнал, изкуфял
sensor {n} (device or organ that detects certain external stimuli)  :: сензор {m} /sénzor/
sentence {n} (decision of a jury)  :: присъ̀да {f}
sentence {n} (grammatically complete series of words consisting of a subject and predicate)  :: изрече́ние {n} /izrečénie/, фра́за
sentence {n} (judicial order for punishment, conviction)  :: осъждане {n}
sentence {n} (punishment imposed on a person convicted of a crime)  :: присъ̀да {f} /prisǎ̀da/
sentence {v} (declare a sentence on a convicted person)  :: осъждам /osǎždam/
Seoul {prop} (capital of South Korea)  :: Сеу́л {m}
separatism {n} (separatism)  :: сепарати́зъм {m}
September {prop} (ninth month of the Gregorian calendar)  :: септе́мври {m}
septic tank {n} (slang: Yank) SEE: Yank  ::
sequent {adj} (that comes after) SEE: subsequent  ::
sequent {adj} (that follows on) SEE: consequent  ::
Serb {n} (person of Serb descent, see also: Serbian)  :: сърбин {m} /sǎrbin/, сръбкиня {f} /sǎrbkinja/
Serbia {prop} (a country in southeastern Europe)  :: Съ̀рбия {f}
Serbia and Montenegro {prop} (former country on the Balkan Peninsula)  :: Сърбия и Черна гора
Serbian {n} (person from Serbia, see also: Serb)  :: сърбин {m} /sǎrbin/, сръбкиня {f} /sǎrbkinja/
Serbian {n} (Serb) SEE: Serb  ::
Serbian {prop} (the standardized variety of Serbo-Croatian)  :: сръбски {m} /srǎbski/
Serbian {prop}  :: сърбин /sǎrbin/ {m}, сръбкиня /srǎbkinja/ {f}
Serbo-Croatian {adj} (pertaining to the Serbo-Croatian language)  :: сърбохърватски /sǎrbohǎrvátski/
Serbo-Croatian {prop} (South Slavic language)  :: сърбохърватски {m} /sǎrbohǎrvátski/ [ези́к]
sergeant {n} (non-commissioned officer rank)  :: сержант {m}
Sergey {prop} (transliteration of Сергей)  :: Сергей {m} /Sergéj/
Sergius {prop} (male given name)  :: Серге́й {m}
seric {adj} (made of silk) SEE: silken  ::
serigraphy {n} (screen printing) SEE: screen printing  ::
seriously {adv} (in a serious or literal manner)  :: сериозно /seriózno/
Serpentarius {prop} (Ophiuchus) SEE: Ophiuchus  ::
serrated {adj} (Having a row of sharp or tooth-like projections)  :: назъбен /nazáben/
serum {n} (blood serum containing antibodies) SEE: antiserum  ::
servant {n} (one who is hired to perform regular household or other duties, and receives compensation)  :: слуга́ {m}
serve {n} (AUS: portion of food) SEE: serving  ::
server {n} (computing: a program which provides services to other programs or users)  :: съ̀рвър {m}
serve time {v} (to be in prison) SEE: do time  ::
Servian {adj} (Serbian) SEE: Serbian  ::
Servian {n} (Serbian) SEE: Serbian  ::
service {n} (economics: work performed)  :: слу́жба {f}
service station {n} (gas station) SEE: gas station  ::
serviette {n} (napkin) SEE: napkin  ::
serving {n} (portion of food)  :: порция {f} /pórcija/
sesame {n} (plant)  :: сусам {m}
sesame {n} (seed)  :: сусам {m}
sesquipedalian {adj} (of long words)  :: многосричен
sesterce {n} (sestertius) SEE: sestertius  ::
set {n} (badger’s home) SEE: sett  ::
set {n} (plural: set theory) SEE: set theory  ::
set {n}  :: комплект {m} /komplekt/ , множество {n} /mnóžestvo/
set {v} (to sit) SEE: sit  ::
set {v}  :: поставям /postavjam/, слагам /slagam/ , втвърдявам /vtvǎrdjavam/ , започвам /započvam/, почвам /počvam/
set off {v} (To offset) SEE: offset  ::
set on fire {v} (cause to begin to burn)  :: паля /palja/, запалвам /zapalvam/
Setswana {prop} (Tswana) SEE: Tswana  ::
set-theoretic difference {n} (set-theoretic difference) SEE: relative complement  ::
settle someone's hash {v} (To physically or verbally subdue someone.)  :: запушвам устата на
Sevastopol {prop} (city)  :: Севасто́пол {m}
seven {num} (cardinal number 7)  :: се́дем
seven deadly sins {n} (the cardinal sins)  :: седемте смъртни гряха /sedemte smărtni grjaha/
seven hundred {num} (cardinal number 700)  :: седемстотин
sevennight {n} (period of seven consecutive days and nights) SEE: week  ::
sevens {n} (rugby sevens) SEE: rugby sevens  ::
seventeen {num} (cardinal number)  :: седемна́десет, седемна́йсет
seventeenth {num} (ordinal number)  :: седемнадесети
seventh {adj} (ordinal form of the number seven)  :: се́дми {m}
seventy {num} (cardinal number)  :: се́демдесет
seventysomething {n} (septuagenarian) SEE: septuagenarian  ::
several {determiner} (consisting of a number more than two, but not very many)  :: няколко
severance {n} (severance payment) SEE: severance pay  ::
severance payment {n} (money paid to employee in case of layoff) SEE: severance pay  ::
Seville {prop} (city in Spain)  :: Севиля
Seville orange {n} (Seville orange) SEE: bitter orange  ::
sew {v} ((transitive) use a needle)  :: ши́я
sewerage {n} (sewage) SEE: sewage  ::
sewing machine {n} (device)  :: ше́вна маши́на {f} /šévna mašína/
sex {n} (act of sexual intercourse)  :: секс {m}, полово́ сноше́ние {n}, съвокупле́ние {n}
sex {n} (gender (female or male))  :: пол {m}
sex gland {n} (gland in which sex cells are produced) SEE: gonad  ::
sexism {n} (gender discrimination or dislike)  :: сексизъм {m} /seksízǎm/
sex organ {n} (organ for sexual reproduction) SEE: reproductive organ  ::
sext {n} (noon) SEE: noon  ::
sexual act {n} (sex act) SEE: sex act  ::
sexual intercourse {n} (copulation of animals) SEE: breeding  ::
sexual intercourse {n} (sexual interaction) SEE: coitus  ::
sexual intercourse {n} (sexual interaction)  :: съвокупле́ние {n}, полово сноше́ние {n}
sexual intercourse {n} (sexual intercourse) SEE: coition  ::
sexual intercourse {n} (sexual intercourse) SEE: intercourse  ::
sexual intercourse {n} (the coming together of male and female in sexual intercourse) SEE: copulation  ::
sexuality {n} (concern with or interest in sexual activity)  :: сексуалност {f} /seksualnost/
sexuality {n} (sexual activity)  :: сексуалност {f} /seksualnost/
sexuality {n} (sexual orientation) SEE: sexual orientation  ::
sexuality {n}  :: сексуалност {f} /seksualnost/
sexually transmitted disease {n} (contagious disease spread through sexual intercourse) SEE: venereal disease  ::
sexual orientation {n} (sexual orientation)  :: сексуална ориентация {f} /seksuálna orientácija/
sexual partner {n} (of breeding animal: sexual partner) SEE: mate  ::
sexual reproduction {n} (process whereby a new organism created by combining the genetic material of two organisms)  :: полово размножаване
Seychelles {prop} (country in East Africa)  :: Сейше́ли {m-p}
shackle {n} (stubble) SEE: stubble  ::
shackles {n} (paired wrist or ankle restraints)  :: окови {p}
shadbush {n} (serviceberry) SEE: serviceberry  ::
shadow {n} (dark image projected onto a surface)  :: ся́нка {f}
shadow {n} (one who secretly or furtively follows another)  :: пресле́двач {m}
shadow-box {n} (diorama) SEE: diorama  ::
shadowbox {n} (diorama) SEE: diorama  ::
shadow-box {v} (shadowbox) SEE: shadowbox  ::
shah {n} (king of Persia)  :: шах {m} /šah/
shahada {n} (Islamic declaration of belief)  :: шехадет {m}
shaheed {n} (martyr) SEE: martyr  ::
shaitan {n} (an evil djinn of Arab mythology, Satan, devil)  :: шейта́н {m}
shake {n} (beverage made of ice cream and carbonated drink) SEE: float  ::
shake {v} (transitive: to cause to move)  :: треса́ {impf}
Shakespearean sonnet {n} (type of sonnet)  :: английски сонет {m}, елизабетински сонет {m}, шекспировски сонет {m}
shalom {interj} (transliteration of the Jewish greeting or farewell)  :: шало́м
shalwar {n} (garment)  :: шалва́ри {p}
shaman {n} (a medium between the concrete and spirit worlds)  :: шама́н {m}
shamanism {n} (range of traditional beliefs)  :: шамани́зъм {m}
shame {n} (uncomfortable or painful feeling)  :: срам {m}
shampoo {n} (product for washing the hair or other fibres)  :: шампоа́н {m}
shamrock {n} (any of several small plants, forms of clover) SEE: clover  ::
Shanghai {prop} (Chinese city as provincial-level municipality)  :: Шанха́й {m}
shaowei {n} (siu mei) SEE: siu mei  ::
shape {n} (appearance or outline)  :: фо́рма {f}
sharaga {n} (sharashka) SEE: sharashka  ::
sharbat {n} (sherbet) SEE: sherbet  ::
share {n} (plowshare) SEE: plowshare  ::
shareowner {n} (shareholder) SEE: shareholder  ::
shari'a {n} (Islamic religious law)  :: шариа́т {m}
shark {n} (fish)  :: акула {f} /akúla/
sharp {adj} (able to cut easily)  :: о́стър
shashlik {n} (skewered dish)  :: шишче {f}
shave {v} (to remove hair from)  :: бръ̀сна {impf}
shaver {n} (barber) SEE: barber  ::
shaver {n} (boy) SEE: boy  ::
shaver {n} (pillager) SEE: pillager  ::
shaver {n} (sharper) SEE: sharper  ::
shaw {n} (thicket) SEE: thicket  ::
shay {n} (chaise) SEE: chaise  ::
shchi {n} (a type of Russian soup)  :: шчи {p} /šči/
she {pron} (person)  :: тя
sheaf {n} (bundle of grain or straw)  :: сноп {m}
sheaf {n} (sheave) SEE: sheave  ::
shears {n} (tool consisting of two blades with bevel edges)  :: лозарска ножица {f}, ножица за стригане на овце {f}
she-ass {n} (female ass, female donkey, jenny)  :: магарица {f}
sheath {n} (condom) SEE: condom  ::
she-bear {n} (a female bear)  :: мечка {f}
sheen {v} (shine; glisten)  :: блестя /blestya/
sheep {n} (animal)  :: овца́ {f}
sheepherder {n} (shepherd) SEE: shepherd  ::
sheeple {n} (the sheeple, one of the sheeple)  :: стадо {n} [derogatory, slang]
sheer {adj} (pure) SEE: pure  ::
sheet {n} (bedsheet) SEE: bedsheet  ::
sheet {n} (sheet of paper)  :: лист {m}
Sheffield {prop} (city)  :: Шефилд {m}
sheik {n} (leader of an Arab village, family or small tribe)  :: шейх {m}
shekel {n} (sheqel) SEE: sheqel  ::
shelf {n} (reef, shoal, sandbar)  :: шелф {m}
shelf {n} (structure)  :: полица {f} /polica/
shell {n} (hard calcareous or chitinous external covering of many invertebrates)  :: черупка {f}
shenanigan {n} (shenanigans) SEE: shenanigans  ::
shepherd {n} (a person who tends sheep)  :: пасти́р {m}
sheqel {n} (currency unit in Israel)  :: ше́кел {m}
sherbet {n} (frozen fruit juice)  :: сорбе́ {n}, шербе́т {m}
Sheremetyevo {prop} (airport in Russia)  :: Шереметиево {n} /Šeremétievo/
she-tiger {n} (tigress) SEE: tigress  ::
Shetland {prop} (Shetland Islands) SEE: Shetland Islands  ::
she-wolf {n} (female wolf)  :: вълчица {f}
shield {n} (armor)  :: щит {m}
shield {n} (lavatory) SEE: toilet  ::
shield {n} (outhouse) SEE: outhouse  ::
shield {n} (toilet seat) SEE: toilet seat  ::
shift {n} (type of women's undergarment) SEE: slip  ::
Shiite {n} (Shi'a) SEE: Shi'a  ::
Shimon {prop} (male given name) SEE: Simeon  ::
Shimshon {prop} (given name) SEE: Samson  ::
shin {n} (front part of the leg below the knee)  :: пищял {m} /pištjál/
shinbone {n} (inner bone of the hind limb below the knee)  :: голям пищял {m} /golyam pishtyal/, костен гонг {m} /kosten gong/
shine {n} (shoeshine) SEE: shoeshine  ::
shine {n} (slang: moonshine) SEE: moonshine  ::
shine {n} (sunshine) SEE: sunshine  ::
shine {n}  :: блясък {m}
shine {v} (to emit light)  :: светя́ {impf}, сия́я {impf}
shine {v}  :: светя , блестя
shiner {n} (black eye) SEE: black eye  ::
shinkansen {n} (bullet train) SEE: bullet train  ::
Shinto {prop} (religion)  :: шинтои́зъм {m}
Shintoism {prop} (Shinto) SEE: Shinto  ::
shiny {adj}  :: лъскав {m}
ship {n} (large water vessel)  :: ко́раб {m}, парахо́д {m}
-ship {suffix} (Property or state of being)  :: -ство
shipyard {n} (place to build and repair ships)  :: корабострои́телница {f}
Shiraz {prop} (a city in southern Iran)  :: Шира́з {m}
shire {n} (former administrative area of Britain; a county)  :: гра́фство {n}
shirt {n} (article of clothing)  :: ри́за {f}
shit {n} (solid excretory product evacuated from the bowel)  :: лайно́ {n}, говно́ {n}
shit {v} (to defecate)  :: сера́
shit ass {n} (shitass) SEE: shitass  ::
shit happens {phrase} (expression of acceptance of misfortune) SEE: such is life  ::
shithouse {adj} (Of poor quality) SEE: shitty  ::
shitly {adv} (Terribly)  :: зле
shit oneself {v} (vulgar slang: soil oneself) SEE: soil oneself  ::
shitter {n} (coarse slang for the anus) SEE: anus  ::
shitter {n} (coarse slang for toilet, see also: toilet)  :: кенеф {m}
shitty {adj} (drunk) SEE: drunk  ::
shitty {adj} (high) SEE: high  ::
shive {n} (shiva) SEE: shiva  ::
Shlomo {prop} (given name) SEE: Solomon  ::
Shoah {prop} (the systematic mass murder of 6 million Jews) SEE: Holocaust  ::
shock {n} (arrangement of sheaves for drying) SEE: stook  ::
shoe {n} (piece of metal designed to be attached to a horse’s foot) SEE: horseshoe  ::
shoe {n} (protective covering for the foot)  :: обу́вка {f}
shoeblack {n} (shoeshiner) SEE: shoeshiner  ::
shoelace {n} (for fastening a shoe)  :: връ̀зка {f}
shoemaker {n} (a person who makes shoes)  :: обуща́р {m}
shoeshine boy {n} (shoeshiner) SEE: shoeshiner  ::
shoeshine girl {n} (shoeshiner) SEE: shoeshiner  ::
shoeshiner {n} (a person who shines shoes and other footwear, usually for a fee)  :: ваксаджия
shoe store {n} (shoe shop) SEE: shoe shop  ::
shoetree {n} (device to preserve the shape of a shoe) SEE: shoe tree  ::
shogun {n} (shogun)  :: шо́гун {m} /šógun/
shoo {v} (usher) SEE: usher  ::
shoot {v} (to fire a shot)  :: стреля́м {impf}
shooting {n} (instance of shooting)  :: стрелба́ {f}
shoot the shit {v} (chat casually) SEE: shoot the breeze  ::
shop {n} (establishment that sells goods)  :: магази́н {m}
shop {v} (to digitally edit a picture or photograph) SEE: photoshop  ::
shop assistant {n} (shop employee)  :: продава́ч {m}, продава́чка {f}
shoppe {n} (shop) SEE: shop  ::
shopping cart {n} (conveyance used to carry items while shopping)  :: количка {f} /kоlíčka/
shopping center {n} (shopping centre) SEE: shopping centre  ::
shopping centre {n} (large retail outlet)  :: търго́вски це́нтър {m}
shopping mall {n} (shopping centre) SEE: shopping centre  ::
shopping trolley {n} (shopping cart) SEE: shopping cart  ::
Shor {prop} (language)  :: шорски език {m} /šorski ezik/
shore {n} (land adjoining a large body of water)  :: бряг {m}
shore {v} (support) SEE: shore up  ::
shore bird {n} (shorebird) SEE: shorebird  ::
shore pine {n} (lodgepole pine) SEE: lodgepole pine  ::
short {adj} (constituting an abbreviation (for))  :: съкрате́но {n}
short {adj} (having a small distance between ends or edges)  :: къс, кра́тък
short {adj} (having little duration)  :: кра́тък
short {adj} (of a person, of comparatively little height)  :: ни́сък
short {v} (shortchange) SEE: shortchange  ::
shortcut {n} (keyboard shortcut) SEE: keyboard shortcut  ::
shortness of breath {n} (dyspnea)  :: затруднено дишане
short of {phrase} (except) SEE: except  ::
shorts {n} (pants worn primarily in the summer that do not go lower than the knees)  :: шо́рти {p}, гаще́та {p}
shorts {n} (plural of short) SEE: short  ::
short-sighted {adj} (myopic) SEE: myopic  ::
short story {n} (work of fiction)  :: разказ {m} /razkáz/
shot {n} (result of launching a projectile)  :: и́зстрел {m}
shotgun {n} (front seat)  :: предна седалка {f} в кола /до шофьора/
shotgun {n} (gun)  :: [ловджийска] пушка {f} /púška/
shotgun {n}  :: едноетажна къща {f} с преходни помещения, подредени в редица
shoulder {n} (joint between arm and torso)  :: ра́мо {n}
shoulder joint {n} (glenohumeral joint) SEE: glenohumeral joint  ::
shoulder pole {n} (carrying pole) SEE: carrying pole  ::
shout {v} (to utter a sudden and loud outcry)  :: ви́кам, крещя
shovel {n} (spade) SEE: spade  ::
show {n} (entertainment)  :: представле́ние {n}, шо́у {n}, спекта́къл {m}
show {n} (exhibition)  :: изложба {f} /ízložba/
show {n}  :: шоу /šou/ {n} , представление /predstavlénie/ {n} , спектакъл /spektákǎl/ {n} , изложба /izložba/ {f} , показване /pokazvane/ {n} , демонстрация /demonstrátsija/ {f}
show {v} (to display)  :: пока́звам {impf}, пока́жа {pf}
show {v}  :: показвам
showboat {n} (showoff) SEE: showoff  ::
shower {n} (baby shower) SEE: baby shower  ::
shower {n} (bridal shower) SEE: bridal shower  ::
shower {n} (device for bathing)  :: душ {m}
showman {n} (person who produces or presents shows as a profession) SEE: impresario  ::
show-off {n} (one who shows off)  :: фукльо {m}
show up {v} (to appear)  :: показвам се, идвам
shrapnel {n} (loose change) SEE: loose change  ::
shrew {n} (mouselike animal)  :: земеровка {f} /zemeróvka/
shrimp {n} (decapod crustacean)  :: скари́да {f}
shrine {v} (enshrine) SEE: enshrine  ::
shrive {v} (confess) SEE: confess  ::
shroom {n} (hallucinogenic fungus) SEE: magic mushroom  ::
shroom {n} (mushroom) SEE: mushroom  ::
shrub {n} (woody plant)  :: храст {m}
shufti {n} (glance) SEE: glance  ::
Shumen {prop} (town)  :: Шумен
shun {v} (to avoid)  :: отбягвам
shun {v} (to escape)  :: Избягвам
shuriken {n} (a ninja weapon)  :: шурике́н {m}
shut {v} (to close)  :: затва́рям {impf}
shuttering {n} (shuttering) SEE: formwork  ::
shut up {v} (imperative: "Shut up!")  :: млъкни /mlakni!/
shvitz {n} (sweat) SEE: sweat  ::
shy {v} (to avoid due to timidness or caution) SEE: shy away  ::
shylock {n} (loan shark) SEE: loan shark  ::
Siamese cat {n} (mammal)  :: сиамска котка {f} /siámska kótka/
sib {n} (kindred) SEE: kin  ::
sib {n} (kinsman) SEE: kinsman  ::
sib {n} (sibling) SEE: sibling  ::
Siberia {prop} (region of Russia)  :: Сиби́р {f}
Siberian Husky {n} (Siberian Husky dog)  :: сибирско хъски {n} /sibirsko khŭski/
Sicilian {n} (chess opening) SEE: Sicilian Defence  ::
Sicilian Defence {n} (chess opening)  :: сицилиа́нска защи́та {f}
Sicily {prop} (island)  :: Сицилия
sick {adj} (ill) SEE: ill  ::
sick and tired {adj} (frustrated and annoyed) SEE: fed up  ::
sick as a parrot {adj} (sick as a dog) SEE: sick as a dog  ::
sickle {n} (agricultural implement)  :: сърп {m}
sickle cell anaemia {n} (sickle cell anaemia) SEE: sickle-cell anemia  ::
sickle-cell anaemia {n} (sickle-cell anaemia) SEE: sickle-cell anemia  ::
sickle-cell disease {n} (sickle-cell disease) SEE: sickle-cell anemia  ::
side {n} (side dish) SEE: side dish  ::
side {n} (television channel) SEE: channel  ::
sideboard {n} (sideburns) SEE: sideburns  ::
sideburn {n} (sideburns) SEE: sideburns  ::
sideburns {n} (facial hair reaching from the top of the head down the side of the face to the side of the chin)  :: бакенбарди
sidedish {n} (side dish) SEE: side dish  ::
side order {n} (accompaniment to main course) SEE: side dish  ::
sideproduct {n} (byproduct) SEE: byproduct  ::
sidereal {adj} (of or relating to the stars)  :: звезден /zvézden/
side-straddle hop {n} (jumping jack) SEE: jumping jack  ::
side-striped jackal {n} (side-striped jackal)  :: ивичест чакал /ivičest čakal/
sidewalk {n} (paved footpath)  :: тротоар {m} /trotoár/
sidewards {adj} (sideward) SEE: sideward  ::
sidewards {adv} (sideward) SEE: sideward  ::
Sidon {prop} (city state of Phoenicia)  :: Сидон /Sidon/
siege {n} (lavatory) SEE: toilet  ::
siege {n} (outhouse) SEE: outhouse  ::
siege piece {n} (obsidional coin) SEE: obsidional coin  ::
Sierra Leone {prop} (Republic of Sierra Leone)  :: Сие́ра Лео́не {f}
sieve {n} (device to separate larger and smaller objects)  :: реше́то {n}, си́то {n}
sight {n} (eyesight) SEE: eyesight  ::
sign {n} (astrological sign) SEE: astrological sign  ::
sign {n} (flat object bearing a message)  :: плака́т {m}, знак {m}
sign {n} (traffic sign) SEE: traffic sign  ::
signature {n} (person’s autograph name)  :: по́дпис {m}
sign in {v} (log in) SEE: log in  ::
Sikhism {prop} (religion)  :: Сикхизъм {m}
silence {n} (lack of any sound)  :: тишина́ {f}, мълча́ние {n} [when nobody talks]
silence is golden {proverb} (proverb)  :: мълчанието е злато /mǎlčánieto e zláto/
silencer {n} (attachment)  :: заглуши́тел {m}
silent {adj} (free from sound or noise; absolutely still; perfectly quiet)  :: мълча́ {impf} [verb "to be silent"], тих
silent {adj} (to refrain from speaking) SEE: be silent  ::
silent miscarriage {n} (missed abortion) SEE: missed abortion  ::
Silesia {prop} (region)  :: Силезия {f}
silhouette {n} (representation of the outlines of an object filled in with a black color)  :: силует {m}
silicon {n} (non-metallic element)  :: сили́ций {m}
Silistra {prop} (town)  :: Силистра
silk {n} (fiber)  :: коприна {f} /koprina/, [dated] свила {f} /svíla/
silk-screen printing {n} (screen printing) SEE: screen printing  ::
sill {n} (base of a window)  :: перваз {m} /perváz/
silver {adj} (having a color/colour like silver)  :: сре́бърен {m}, сребри́ст {m}
silver {adj} (made from silver)  :: сре́бърен
silver {n} (coins)  :: сре́бърник {m}
silver {n} (color/colour)  :: сребри́ст {m}
silver {n} (cutlery/silverware)  :: сребро́ {n}
silver {n} (items made of silver or other white metal)  :: сребро́ {n}
silver {n} (metal)  :: сребро́ {n}
silver ball {n} (pinball) SEE: pinball  ::
silvern {adj} (made from silver) SEE: silver  ::
SIM card {n} (small, removable card which stores mobile phone data)  :: SIM карта
Simferopol {prop} (city)  :: Симферо́пол {m}
similar {adj} (Having traits or characteristics in common; alike, comparable)  :: подобен /podoben/
simony {n} (act of buying and selling ecclesiastical offices and pardons)  :: симония /simonija/
simple {adj} (simple-minded)  :: прост {m}, малоу́мен {m}
simple {adj} (uncomplicated)  :: прост {m}, ле́сен [easy]
simple fraction {n} (type of fraction) SEE: common fraction  ::
simpleton {n} (simple person lacking common sense)  :: абда́л {m}
simultaneous interpreting {n} (simultaneous interpretation) SEE: simultaneous interpretation  ::
sin {n} (violation of religious law)  :: грях {m}
sin {v} (to commit a sin)  :: греша́ {impf}
since {prep} (from (time))  :: от /ot/
sincereness {n} (sincerity) SEE: sincerity  ::
sinew {n} (tendon) SEE: tendon  ::
sinful {adj} (evil) SEE: evil  ::
sing {v} (to produce harmonious sounds with one’s voice)  :: пе́я {impf}
Singapore {prop} (Republic of Singapore)  :: Сингапу́р {m}
Singaporean {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Singapore)  :: сингапурски
singer {n} (person who sings)  :: певе́ц {m}, певи́ца {f}
singeress {n} (songstress) SEE: songstress  ::
single {n} (one-way ticket) SEE: one-way ticket  ::
single {v} (farming: to thin out) SEE: thin out  ::
single celled {adj} (consisting of one cell) SEE: unicellular  ::
singlet {n} (a sleeveless shirt)  :: по́тник {m}
single ticket {n} (one-way ticket) SEE: one-way ticket  ::
singular {n} (grammar: form of a word that refers to only one thing)  :: еди́нствено число́ {n}
Sinhala {prop} (Sinhalese) SEE: Sinhalese  ::
Sinhalese {prop} (the language)  :: синха́лски {m}, синха́лски ези́к {m}
sinistrogyre {adj} (levorotatory) SEE: levorotatory  ::
sinistrorotatory {adj} (levorotatory) SEE: levorotatory  ::
sink {n} (sinkhole) SEE: sinkhole  ::
sinker {n} (sinker nail) SEE: sinker nail  ::
Sinkiang {prop} (Xinjiang) SEE: Xinjiang  ::
sinless {adj} (without sin)  :: безгрешен /bezgrešen/
sinner {n} (person who has sinned)  :: грешник {m} /gréšnik/, грешница {f} /gréšnica/
sinology {n} (Chinese studies) SEE: Chinese studies  ::
Sino-Xenic {adj} (Sino-Japanese) SEE: Sino-Japanese  ::
Sino-Xenic {adj} (Sino-Korean) SEE: Sino-Korean  ::
Sino-Xenic {adj} (Sino-Vietnamese) SEE: Sino-Vietnamese  ::
sinusoid {adj} (sinusoidal) SEE: sinusoidal  ::
siphon {n} (a bent pipe or tube with one end lower than the other)  :: сифон {m}
sir {n} (address to any male, especially if his name or proper address is unknown)  :: господи́н {m}
sir {n} (man of a higher rank or position)  :: господи́н {m}
Sirach {prop} (Ecclesiasticus) SEE: Ecclesiasticus  ::
siren {n} (device for making a sound alarm)  :: сире́на {f}
siren {n} (nymph of Greek mythology)  :: сире́на {f}
sirensong {n} (siren song) SEE: siren song  ::
sirup {n} (syrup) SEE: syrup  ::
siskin {n} (small European finch) SEE: Eurasian siskin  ::
sissy {n} (sister) SEE: sis  ::
sister {n} (a nun; a female member of a religious community)  :: сестра́ {f}
sister {n} (black woman)  :: чернокожа жена /černokoža žena/ {f}
sister {n} (senior nurse)  :: медицинска сестра {f}
sister {n} (woman or girl having the same parents)  :: сестра́ {f}
sit {v} (move oneself into such a position)  :: ся́дам {impf}, се́дна {pf}
sit {v} (of a person, be in a position in which the upper body is upright and the legs are supported)  :: седя́ {impf}
sit down {v} (to assume a sitting position from a standing position)  :: ся́дам {impf}, се́дна {pf}
sit on it {v} (sit on) SEE: sit on  ::
sitting room {n} (living room) SEE: living room  ::
six {n} (digit)  :: шест
six {num} (cardinal number)  :: шест
six hundred {num} (cardinal number 600)  :: шестстотин
sixteen {num} (cardinal number 16)  :: шестна́десет, шестна́йсет
sixteenth {num} (the ordinal form of the number sixteen)  :: шестнадесети
sixteenth note {n} (sixteenth note) SEE: semiquaver  ::
sixth {adj} (ordinal form of the number six)  :: ше́сти {m}
sixtieth {adj} (the ordinal form of the number sixty)  :: шейсетият
sixty {num} (cardinal number)  :: шестдесет
sixtysomething {n} (sexagenarian) SEE: sexagenarian  ::
sizable {adj} (sizeable) SEE: sizeable  ::
size {n} (assize) SEE: assize  ::
skate {n} (ice skate or roller skate)  :: къ̀нка {f}
skateboard {n} (platform on wheels)  :: скейтборд {m}
skater {n} (insect) SEE: water strider  ::
skeeter {n} (mosquito) SEE: mosquito  ::
skein {n} (winning streak) SEE: winning streak  ::
skeleton {n} (system that provides support to an organism)  :: скеле́т {m}
skeleton in the closet {n} (shameful secret) SEE: skeleton in the cupboard  ::
sketch {n} (lookout) SEE: lookout  ::
skewer {n} (pin used to secure food during cooking)  :: шиш {m}
ski {n} (one of a pair of long flat runners designed for gliding over snow)  :: ска {f}, ски {f-p}
skiascope {n} (retinoscope) SEE: retinoscope  ::
ski jumping {n} (a winter sport)  :: ски скокове
skimmed milk {n} (skim milk) SEE: skim milk  ::
skin {n} (outer covering of the body of a person or animal)  :: ко́жа {f}
skinhead {n} (member of skinhead subculture)  :: скинхе́д {m}
skin mag {n} (skin magazine) SEE: skin magazine  ::
skinny {adj} (thin)  :: мъ̀ршав
skip rope {n} (rope used) SEE: skipping rope  ::
skip rope {v} (to jump over a rope) SEE: jump rope  ::
skirmish {n} (brief battle between small groups)  :: схватка {f} /shvátka/
skirt {n} (clothing)  :: пола́ {f}
skirt {n} (slang for woman)  :: фу́ста {f}
skirt {n}  :: пола {f}
skitrack {n} (ski track) SEE: ski track  ::
Skopje {prop} (capital of Macedonia)  :: Ско́пие {n}
Skopje {prop} (Macedonia) SEE: Macedonia  ::
Skopostheorie {n} (idea that translating and interpreting should take into account function) SEE: Skopos theory  ::
skull {n} (cranium)  :: че́реп {m}
skullduggery {n} (deceptive activities) SEE: skulduggery  ::
skunk {n} (animal)  :: скунс {m}
skunk {n} (skunkweed) SEE: marijuana  ::
sky {n} (atmosphere above a point)  :: небе́ {n}
sky {n} (heaven)  :: небеса́ {p}
sky {n} (specific view, condition)  :: небе́ {n}
sky {n}  :: небе {n} /1,2,3/
skyclad {adj} (nude) SEE: nude  ::
skylark {n} (small brown passerine bird)  :: чучули́га {f}
skyline {n} (horizon) SEE: horizon  ::
skyrocket {n} (pocket) SEE: pocket  ::
skyscraper {n} (tall building)  :: небостъргач {m} /nebostărgač/
slab {n} (flat piece of material)  :: плоча
slabstone {n} (flagstone) SEE: flagstone  ::
slalomist {n} (slalomer) SEE: slalomer  ::
slam {n} (poetry slam) SEE: poetry slam  ::
slander {n} (false or unsupported spoken malicious statement)  :: клевета {f}
slander {v} (utter a slanderous statement)  :: клеветя
slang {n} (cant) SEE: cant  ::
slang {n} (jargon) SEE: jargon  ::
slant {n} (slope or incline)  :: накло́н {m}
slant {n} (typography: slash) SEE: slash  ::
slap someone five {v} (give someone five) SEE: give someone five  ::
slash {n} (slash fiction) SEE: slash fiction  ::
slash {n} (typography: / symbol)  :: наклоне́на черта́ {f}
slash {v} (to make a broad cut with an edged weapon)  :: разсичам
slate {n} (rock)  :: шиста {f}
slattern {n} (prostitute) SEE: prostitute  ::
slattern {n} (slut) SEE: slut  ::
slaughterhouse {n} (abattoir) SEE: abattoir  ::
Slav {n} (a member of a group of peoples in Eastern Europe speaking a Slavic language)  :: славяни́н {m}, славя́нка {f}
slave {n} (person owned by another)  :: роб {m}, роби́ня {f}
slave-girl {n} (sex slave) SEE: sex slave  ::
Slavic {adj} (of the Slavs, their culture or languages)  :: славя́нски
Slavism {n} (a Slavic idiom or phrase)  :: славянизъм {m} /slavjanízǎm/, славизъм {m} /slavízǎm/
Slavistics {n} (Slavic studies) SEE: Slavic studies  ::
Slavo- {prefix} (relating to Slavic race or languages)  :: славяно-
Slavonia {prop} (region of Croatia)  :: Славония
Slavonic {adj} (Slavic) SEE: Slavic  ::
Slavonic studies {n} (Slavic studies) SEE: Slavic studies  ::
Slavophile {n} (person who is interested in the development and prosperity of the Slavic race)  :: славянофи́л {m}
Slavyansk {prop} (Slovyansk) SEE: Slovyansk  ::
sled {n} (sledge) SEE: sledge  ::
sledge {n} (sledgehammer) SEE: sledgehammer  ::
sledge {n} (sleigh or sled)  :: шейна́ {f}, шейни́чка {f}
sleep {n} (state of reduced consciousness)  :: сън {m}
sleep {n} (substance found in the corner of the eyes / figurative objectification of sleep)  :: гурла {f}
sleep {v} (to rest in state of reduced consciousness)  :: спя {impf}
sleeper {n} (railroad sleeping car) SEE: sleeping car  ::
sleeping {adj} (asleep) SEE: asleep  ::
sleep start {n} (hypnic jerk) SEE: hypnic jerk  ::
sleep twitch {n} (hypnic jerk) SEE: hypnic jerk  ::
sleepwalk {v} (somnambulate) SEE: somnambulate  ::
sleepwalker {n} (somnambulist) SEE: somnambulist  ::
sleepy {adj} (feeling the need for sleep)  :: сънлив /sǎnliv/
sleepy head {n} (a sleepy person) SEE: sleepyhead  ::
sleepyhead {n} (ruddy duck) SEE: ruddy duck  ::
sleet {n} (rain which freezes before reaching the ground)  :: сугра́шица {f}
sleeve {n} (part of a garment that covers the arm)  :: ръка́в {m}
sleigh {adj} (sly) SEE: sly  ::
sleigh {n} (vehicle on runners) SEE: sledge  ::
sleuth {n} (bloodhound)  :: ловджийско куче
slicer {n} (slicing cucumber) SEE: slicing cucumber  ::
slide fastener {n} (zip fastener) SEE: zip fastener  ::
slide rule {n} (analog calculator)  :: логаритми́чна лини́йка {f}
slime {n} (mucilaginous substance or mucus-like substance)  :: слуз {m}
slip {n} (nautical: space for a ship to moor) SEE: berth  ::
slipper animalcule {n} (paramecium) SEE: paramecium  ::
slipper-orchid {n} (lady's slipper) SEE: lady's slipper  ::
slipstick {n} (slide rule) SEE: slide rule  ::
Sliven {prop} (city)  :: Сливен {m} /Slíven/
slivovitz {n} (rakija made of distilled, fermented plum juice)  :: сливовица {f}
sloe {n} (tree Prunus spinosa) SEE: blackthorn  ::
sloppy {adj} (messy; not neat, elegant, or careful)  :: недоизкусурен
sloth {n} (laziness)  :: мързел {m}
sloth {n} (mammal)  :: лени́вец {m}
slot machine {n} (vending machine) SEE: vending machine  ::
Slovak {prop} (language of Slovakia)  :: словашки {m} /slovaški/
Slovakia {prop} (Slovakia)  :: Слова́кия {f}
Slovene {adj} (adjective)  :: словенски /slovénski/
Slovene {n} (a person)  :: словенец {m} /slovénec/,
Slovene {prop} (the language)  :: словенски {m} /slovénski/
Slovenia {prop} (country in Europe)  :: Слове́ния {f}
Slovenian {adj} (Slovene) SEE: Slovene  ::
Slovenian {n} (Slovene) SEE: Slovene  ::
Slovenian {prop} (Slovene) SEE: Slovene  ::
slovenly {adj}  :: небрежен, немърлив
Slovio {prop} (an artificial Slavic language)  :: сло́вио {m}
Slovyansk {prop} (city)  :: Славянск
slow {adj} (not quick in motion)  :: бавен
slowcoach {n} (plodder) SEE: plodder  ::
slowly {adv} (At a slow pace)  :: ба́вно
slowworm {n} (Anguis fragilis)  :: слепок {m}
sluff {n} (slough) SEE: slough  ::
sluff {v} (slough) SEE: slough  ::
slug {n} (gastropod)  :: гол охлюв {m} /gol óhljuv/
slug {n} (lazy person) SEE: sluggard  ::
sluice {n} (passage for water)  :: шлюз {m} /šljuz/
slumber {n} (a very light state of sleep)  :: дрямка {f}
slumber {v} (to be in a very light state of sleep)  :: дремя
slurp {v} (drink noisily)  :: сърбам /sârbam/
Slurpee {n} (flavored shaved ice served as a drink) SEE: slush  ::
slushie {n} (flavored shaved ice served as a drink) SEE: slush  ::
Slush Puppie {n} (slush) SEE: slush  ::
slushy {n} (flavored shaved ice served as a drink) SEE: slush  ::
slut {n} (prostitute) SEE: whore  ::
smack {n} ((slang) heroin) SEE: horse  ::
smack {v} (to strike a child as a form of discipline) SEE: spank  ::
small {adj} (not large)  :: ма́лък
small-eared galago {n} (Otolemur garnettii) SEE: northern greater galago  ::
smallest room {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet  ::
small potatoes {n} (small fry) SEE: small fry  ::
smalltown {adj} (small town) SEE: small town  ::
smaragdine {n} (emerald) SEE: emerald  ::
smart {adj} (exhibiting intellectual knowledge, such as that found in books)  :: у́мен
smart ass {n} (one promoting his own personality, wishes or views) SEE: smartass  ::
smartphone {n} (electronic handheld device)  :: смартфо́н {m}
smear {n} (Pap smear) SEE: Pap smear  ::
smell {n} (sensation)  :: миризма {f}
smelt {n} (production of metal, especially iron, from ore) SEE: smelting  ::
smetana {n} (type of soured cream)  :: смета́на {f}
smile {n} (a happy face expression using mouth, but without producing voice)  :: усми́вка {f}
smile {v} (to have a smile on one's face)  :: усми́хвам се {impf}, усми́хна се {pf}
smiley {n} (emoticon) SEE: emoticon  ::
smirk {v} (To smile in a way that is affected, smug, insolent or contemptuous)  :: подсмихвам се
smith {n} (craftsperson who works metal, see also: blacksmith)  :: ковач {m}, ковачка {f}
Smith {prop} (transliterations of the name Smith)  :: Смит {m} {f}
smithsonite {n} (mineral)  :: смитсонит {m}
smithy {n} (forge) SEE: forge  ::
smoke {n} (baseball slang:fastball) SEE: fastball  ::
smoke {n} (colloquial: cigarette)  :: цигара {f}
smoke {n} (visible particles and vapour given off by burning material)  :: пушек {m}, дим {m}
smoke {v} (to inhale and exhale smoke from a burning cigarette)  :: пу́ша {impf}
smoke {v} (to inhale and exhale tobacco smoke regularly or habitually)  :: пу́ша {impf}
smoke alarm {n} (smoke detector) SEE: smoke detector  ::
smoker {n} (bee smoker) SEE: bee smoker  ::
smoker {n} (smoking car) SEE: smoking car  ::
smokestack {n} (a conduit or group of conduits atop a structure allowing smoke to flow out) SEE: chimney  ::
smoking {n} (smoking of tobacco)  :: пу́шене {n}, тютюнопу́шене {n}
Smolensk {prop} (city)  :: Смоленск {m} /Smolénsk/
Smolyan {prop} (town in southern Bulgaria)  :: Смолян {m} /Smóljan/
smooth {adj} (lacking friction, not rough)  :: гла́дък
smorgasbord {n} (buffet with many small dishes, see also: buffet)  :: шведска маса {f}
smut {n} (promiscuous woman) SEE: slut  ::
smut {n} (soot) SEE: soot  ::
Smyrna {prop} (city)  :: Смирна {f} /Smírna/
snagging list {n} (list of construction problems) SEE: punch list  ::
snail {n} (any animal of the class Gastropoda having a shell)  :: о́хлюв {m}
snake {n} (legless reptile)  :: змия́ {f}
snake hawk {n} (laughing falcon) SEE: laughing falcon  ::
snaky {adj} (twisty) SEE: twisty  ::
sneeze {v} (expel air as a reflex)  :: ки́хам {impf}, ки́хна {pf}
snood {n} (hairnet) SEE: hairnet  ::
snood {n} (neckwarmer) SEE: neckwarmer  ::
snooker {n} (cue sport)  :: сну́кър {m}
snoot {n} (slang: human nose) SEE: schnozzle  ::
snore {v} (breathe during sleep with harsh noises)  :: хъ̀ркам {impf}
snot {n} (mucus)  :: со́пол {m}
snout moth {n} (eggar) SEE: eggar  ::
snow {n} (precipitation)  :: сняг {m}
snowboard {n} (board)  :: сноуборд {m} /snoubord/
snow bunting {n} (bird)  :: снежна овесарка
snowflake {n} (crystal)  :: снежи́нка {f}
snowflake {n} (Plectrophenax nivalis) SEE: snow bunting  ::
snow fox {n} (arctic fox) SEE: arctic fox  ::
snow globe {n} (decorative object)  :: снежен глобус
snow leopard {n} (a large feline mammal, Uncia uncia)  :: барс {m}, сне́жен барс {m}, сне́жен леопа́рд {m}
snowman {n} (figure made of snow)  :: снежен човек {m} /snéžen čovék/
snowmobilist {n} (snowmobiler) SEE: snowmobiler  ::
Snow White {prop} (character from Snow White (Schneewittchen))  :: Снежанка {f} /Snežanka/
so {adv} (to a particular extent)  :: така́
so {n} (sol) SEE: sol  ::
soap {n} (soap opera) SEE: soap opera  ::
soap {n} (substance)  :: сапу̀н {m}
soapbox {n} (soapbox car) SEE: soapbox car  ::
soccer {n} (game)  :: футбо́л {m}
Sochi {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Со́чи {m}
sociable plover {n} (Vanellus gregarius) SEE: sociable lapwing  ::
social anxiety {n} (social anxiety disorder) SEE: social anxiety disorder  ::
socialism {n} (political philosophy of social and economic equality)  :: социализъм
social phobia {n} (social anxiety disorder) SEE: social anxiety disorder  ::
society {n} (group of people sharing culture)  :: о́бщество {n}
society {n} (high society) SEE: high society  ::
socioeconomic {adj} (of or pertaining to social and economic factors) SEE: socio-economic  ::
sociology {n} (study of society, human social interactions, etc.)  :: социология {f}
sociopolitical {adj} (socio-political) SEE: socio-political  ::
sock {n} (covering for the foot)  :: чора́п {m}
sock {n} (gun sock) SEE: gun sock  ::
sock {n} (sock puppet) SEE: sock puppet  ::
sock {v}  :: нокаутирам v /nokautiram/
Socrates {prop} (Greek philosopher)  :: Сократ {m} /Sokrát/
sodality {n} (companionship) SEE: companionship  ::
sodium {n} (a reactive metal)  :: на́трий {m}
sodium benzoate {n} (the sodium salt of benzoic acid)  :: натриев бензоат {m} /natriev benzoat/
sodium hydrogen carbonate {n} (NaHCO3) SEE: sodium bicarbonate  ::
sodium lamp {n} (sodium vapor lamp) SEE: sodium vapor lamp  ::
sofa {n} (upholstered seat)  :: дива́н {m}
so far {adv} (until now; previously; yet)  :: досега /dosegá/
soffit {n} (visible underside of an arch, balcony, beam, cornice, staircase, vault or any other architectural element)  :: софит {m}
Sofia {prop} (the capital city of Bulgaria)  :: Со́фия {f}
Sofian {adj} (from Sofia)  :: софийски /sofíjski/
Sofian {n} (someone from Sofia)  :: софиянец /sofijánec/
soft {adj} (foolish) SEE: foolish  ::
soft {adj} (giving way under pressure)  :: мек
softball {n} (game)  :: софтбол {m} /sóftbol/
soft-boiled {adj} (of an egg)  :: рохко сварен
soft chancre {n} (chancroid) SEE: chancroid  ::
soft paraffin {n} (petroleum jelly) SEE: petroleum jelly  ::
soft roe {n} (milt) SEE: milt  ::
soft sign {n} (Cyrillic letter Ь/ь)  :: ер ма́лък {m}
soft soap {n} (soft-soap) SEE: soft-soap  ::
soft spot {n} (fontanelle) SEE: fontanelle  ::
software {n} (encoded computer instructions)  :: софтуер {m}
Sogdiana {prop} (an ancient Iranian-speaking civilization)  :: Согдиана {f}
soil {n} (mixture of sand and organic material)  :: земя́ {f}, по́чва {f}
soil {v} (to defecate into one's clothing) SEE: soil oneself  ::
solar system {prop} (Solar System) SEE: Solar System  ::
Solar System {prop} (the Sun and all the heavenly bodies that orbit around it)  :: Слъ̀нчева систе́ма {f}
solar wind {n} (outflow of charged particles from the solar corona into space)  :: слънчев вятър {m} /slǎnčev vjatǎr/
solder {v} (to join with solder)  :: запоя́вам, споя́вам
soldering iron {n} (tool)  :: поялник
soldier {n} (member of an army)  :: войни́к {m}, во́ин {m}, солда́т {m}
soldiery {n} (the profession or skill of being a soldier)  :: войниклък {m}, войнишко дело
sole {n} (bottom of a shoe or boot)  :: подме́тка {f}
sole {n} (bottom of the foot)  :: таба́н {m}
solemnness {n} (solemnity) SEE: solemnity  ::
solidarity {n} (unifying bond between individuals with common goal or enemy)  :: солида́рност {f}
solidus {n} (slash) SEE: slash  ::
solitaire {n} (patience) SEE: patience  ::
solitaire {n} (person who lives alone) SEE: solitary  ::
solitary {n} (solitary confinement) SEE: solitary confinement  ::
Solomon Islands {prop} (A country in Melanesia)  :: Соломонови острови
so long as {phrase} (as long as) SEE: as long as  ::
solstice {n} (point where the earth stands at the extreme of its ellipsis around the sun)  :: слънцестоéне {n}
solvent {adj} (able to pay all debts)  :: платежоспособен /platežosposóben/
solvent {n} (liquid that dissolves a solid, liquid, or gaseous solute)  :: разтворител {m} /raztvorítel/
Somali {prop} (a language)  :: сомалийски {m}
Somalia {prop} (country in the Horn of Africa)  :: Сома́лия {f}
somebody {pron} (some unspecified person)  :: някой {m}
someone {pron} (some person)  :: някой /njakoj/
something {pron} (unspecified object)  :: нещо /néšto/
sometime {adv} (obsolete: sometimes) SEE: sometimes  ::
sometimes {adv} (on certain occasions, but not always)  :: понякога
somewhat {adv} (limited extent)  :: малко /málko/, до известна степен /do izvéstna stépen/
somewhat {pron} (something) SEE: something  ::
somnambulation {n} (sleepwalking) SEE: sleepwalking  ::
somnambulism {n} (sleepwalking)  :: сомнамбулизъм {m}
son {n} (a male person in relation to his parents)  :: син {m}
song {n} (music with words)  :: пе́сен {f}
song {n} (sound of a bird) SEE: birdsong  ::
Song of Solomon {prop} (book of the Bible) SEE: Song of Songs  ::
son-in-law {n} (son-in-law)  :: зет {m}
sonnet {n} (verse form consisting of fourteen lines)  :: соне́т {m}
sonogram {n} (spectrogram) SEE: spectrogram  ::
sonometer {n} (audiometer) SEE: audiometer  ::
Sony {prop} (An international electronics and media company based in Tokyo, Japan)  :: Сони {m} /Sóni/
soon {adv} (within a short time)  :: ско́ро
sop {n} (easily frightened person) SEE: milksop  ::
sop {n} (gravy) SEE: gravy  ::
Sophocles {prop} (Greek dramatic poet)  :: Софокъл {m} /Sofokl/
soporific {adj} (tending to induce sleep)  :: приспивателен {m}, сънотворен {m}
soporific {n} (sleep inducing agent)  :: приспивателно {n}
Sorbian {prop} (language)  :: лужишки {m} /lúžiški/
sore {adj} (annoyed) SEE: annoyed  ::
sore {adj} (causing pain)  :: болезнен {m}
sore {adj} (dire, distressing)  :: отчаян {m}
sore {n} (injured, infected, inflamed, or diseased patch of skin)  :: рана {f}
sore throat {n} (symptom)  :: възпалено гърло {n}
sorrel {n} (plant)  :: ки́селец {m}
sorrow {n} (unhappiness)  :: скръб {f}, печа́л {f}, жа́лост {f}, го́рест {f}
sorry {interj} (expression of regret or sorrow)  :: [formal] извине́те, [informal] извинявай, съжалявам, пардо́н [colloquial]
sorry {interj} (request to repeat)  :: моля? {impf}
sortie {n} (an attack made by troops from a besieged position) SEE: sally  ::
São Tomé and Príncipe {prop} (Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe)  :: Сао Томе́ и При́нсипи
Sãotomense {prop} (Forro) SEE: Forro  ::
sotto {adj} (music, informal: sotto voce (adjective)) SEE: sotto voce  ::
sotto {adv} (music, informal: sotto voce (adverb)) SEE: sotto voce  ::
sought-after {adj} (sought-after) SEE: in demand  ::
soul {n} (soul music) SEE: soul music  ::
soul {n} (the spirit or essence of a person that is believed to live on after the person’s death)  :: душа́ {f}
sound {adj} (sound asleep) SEE: sound asleep  ::
sound {adj}  :: здрав {m}
sound {n} (air bladder) SEE: swim bladder  ::
sound {n} (cuttlefish) SEE: cuttlefish  ::
sound {n} (sensation perceived by the ear)  :: звук {m}
sound {v} (to produce a sound)  :: прозвучавам, издавам звук
soup {n} (dish)  :: су́па {f}, чо́рба {f}
soupçon {n} (suspicion, suggestion) SEE: suspicion  ::
soupçon {n} (very small amount) SEE: modicum  ::
soupspoon {n} (soupspoonful) SEE: soupspoonful  ::
souq {n} (a street market in the Arabic-speaking countries)  :: сук {m}
sour {adj} (having an acidic, sharp or tangy taste)  :: ки́сел
source {n} ((computing) source code) SEE: source code  ::
source {n} (person, place or thing)  :: източник {n} /istóčnik/
sour cherry {n} (fruit)  :: ви́шна {f}
sour cherry {n} (Prunus cerasus)  :: ви́шна {f}
sour cream {n} (cream which has been treated with a benign bacterium)  :: сметана {f} /smetána/
south {adj} (of or pertaining to the south)  :: ю́жен {m}
south {n} (compass point)  :: юг {m}
South Africa {prop} (country)  :: Ю́жна А́фрика {f}
South America {prop} (continent that is the southern part of the Americas)  :: Ю́жна Аме́рика {f}
South American squirrel monkey {n} (Saimiri sciureus) SEE: common squirrel monkey  ::
South Asia {prop} (South Asia)  :: Ю́жна А́зия {f}
South Australia {prop} (state of Australia)  :: Южна Австралия {f} /Júžna Avstrálija/
southeast {adj}  :: югоизточен {m} /jugoiztočen/
southeast {n} (compass point)  :: югои́зток {m}
Southeast Asia {prop} (a subregion of Asia)  :: Югоизто́чна А́зия {f}
southeastern {adj} (southeastern) SEE: south-eastern  ::
southern {adj} (of the south)  :: ю́жен {m}
Southerner {n} (someone from the south of a region) SEE: southerner  ::
Southern Europe {prop} (Southern Europe)  :: Ю́жна Евро́па {f}
Southern Ocean {prop} (the ocean surrounding Antarctica)  :: Ю́жен океа́н {m}
Southern Sesotho {prop} (Sotho) SEE: Sotho  ::
South Korea {prop} (country in East Asia)  :: Ю́жна Коре́я {f}
South Ossetia {prop} (South Ossetia)  :: Ю́жна Осе́тия {f}
South Pole {prop} (the southernmost point on Earth)  :: Южен полюс {m} /Júžen póljus/
South Sea {prop} (Southern Ocean) SEE: Southern Ocean  ::
South Slavic {prop} (of or relating to the South Slavs)  :: южнославянски /južnoslavjánski/
South Sudan {prop} (country in Africa)  :: Ю́жен Суда́н {m}
southwest {adj} (towards the southwest)  :: югозападен {m} /jugozápaden/
southwest {n} (compass point)  :: югоза́пад {m}
southwester {n} (waterproof hat) SEE: sou'wester  ::
souvenir {n} (item of sentimental value to remember an event or location)  :: сувени́р {m}
soviet {n} (council)  :: съве́т {m}
Soviet {adj} (pertaining to the Soviet Union or its republics)  :: съве́тски
Soviet {prop} (soviet) SEE: soviet  ::
Soviet Russia {prop} (Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic) SEE: Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic  ::
Soviet Russia {prop} (Russia) SEE: Russia  ::
Soviet Russia {prop} (Soviet Union) SEE: Soviet Union  ::
Soviet Union {prop} (USSR, see also: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; USSR)  :: Съве́тски съю́з {m}
sovkhoz {n} (soviet state farm)  :: совхо́з {m}
sow {v} (disperse seeds)  :: се́я
sow the wind, reap the whirlwind {proverb} (every decision has consequences; a person's actions will come back to them)  :: който сее вятър, жъне бури /kóyto sée vyátǎr, zhǎne búri/
soy {n} (soy sauce) SEE: soy sauce  ::
Soyuz {n} (a Soviet/Russian spacecraft)  :: Сою́з {m}
space {n} (area beyond atmosphere of planets)  :: ко́смос {m}
space {n} (while) SEE: while  ::
spaceship {n} (vehicle that flies through space)  :: косми́чески ко́раб {m}
space shuttle {n} (vehicle capable of travelling repeatedly btw Earth and outer space)  :: сова́лка {f}
Space Shuttle {n} (a space transportation system)  :: совалка {f}
spacetime {n} (four dimensional continuum)  :: пространство-време
space-time {n} (spacetime) SEE: spacetime  ::
spackle {v} (fill cracks or holes with a spackle)  :: шпакловам
spade {n} (a black person)  :: чернилка
spade {n} (a garden tool with a handle and a flat blade for digging)  :: лопа́та {f}
spade {n} (one of the black suits in a deck of cards)  :: пика {f}
spades {n} (spade) SEE: spade  ::
spades {n} (suit of playing cards)  :: пика {f}, пики {p}
spaghetti {n} (informally: any type of pasta) SEE: pasta  ::
spaghetti {n} (spaghetti code) SEE: spaghetti code  ::
spaghetti western {n} (western film produced in Europe by an Italian company)  :: спаге́ти-уе́стърн {m}
Spain {prop} (country in Europe)  :: Испа́ния {f}
spam {n} (unsolicited bulk electronic messages)  :: спам {m}
spaniel {n} (dog)  :: шпаньол {m}
Spanish {adj} (of or pertaining to Spain)  :: испа́нски {m}
Spanish {prop}  :: испански
Spanish Water Dog {n} (Spanish Water Dog)  :: испанско водно куче {n} /ispansko vodno kuche/
spanworm {n} (measuring worm) SEE: measuring worm  ::
spar {n} (rafter of a roof) SEE: rafter  ::
spare time {n} (free time) SEE: free time  ::
spare tire {n} (extra tire) SEE: spare tyre  ::
spare tire {n} (fat around midsection) SEE: spare tyre  ::
spare wheel {n} (extra wheel) SEE: spare tyre  ::
spark {n} (particle of glowing matter)  :: искра́ {f}
sparkler {n} (tiger beetle) SEE: tiger beetle  ::
sparrow {n} (Passer domesticus) SEE: house sparrow  ::
sparrow {n}  :: врабче́ {n}, врабе́ц {m}
sparrow hawk {n} (Accipiter nisus) SEE: Eurasian sparrowhawk  ::
sparrow hawk {n} (Falco sparverius) SEE: American kestrel  ::
sparrowhawk {n} (Eurasian sparrowhawk) SEE: Eurasian sparrowhawk  ::
Sparta {prop} (ancient city-state in southern Greece)  :: Спарта {f} /Spárta/
Spartacus {prop} (Thracian name)  :: Спартак {m}
Spartan {adj} (spartan) SEE: spartan  ::
Spartanness {n} (austerity, lack of luxury) SEE: spartanness  ::
spatula {n} (kitchen utensil for turning and lifting)  :: шпатула
speak {v} (to communicate with one's voice using words)  :: гово́ря {impf}
speaking {adj} (eloquent) SEE: eloquent  ::
speak of the devil {phrase} (expression used when a person mentioned in the current conversation happens to arrive)  :: говорим за вълка, а той в кошарата
speak of the devil and he appears {phrase} (expression used when a person mentioned in the current conversation happens to arrive)  :: говорим за вълка, а той в кошарата /govorim za vălka, a toj v košarata/
spear {n} (long stick with a sharp tip)  :: копие́ {n}
spear carrier {n} (person in a play or movie with a minimal part) SEE: walk-on  ::
spearcaster {n} (athlete who throws spears) SEE: javelin thrower  ::
spearthrower {n} (atlatl) SEE: atlatl  ::
special interest group {n} (advocacy group) SEE: advocacy group  ::
specialty {n} (particularity) SEE: particularity  ::
specificness {n} (specificity) SEE: specificity  ::
spectacle {n} (optical instrument) SEE: spectacles  ::
spectacled {adj} (wearing spectacles) SEE: bespectacled  ::
spectacles {n} (a pair of lenses set in a frame)  :: очила́ {p}
spectacles {n} (plural of spectacle) SEE: spectacle  ::
spectroscope {n} (optical instrument used for spectrographic analysis)  :: спектроскоп {m}
spectrum {n}  :: спекър {m} /spekăr/
speech {n} (a dialect or language) SEE: dialect, language  ::
speech {n} (an oration, session of speaking)  :: го́вор {m}
speech {n} (vocal communication)  :: говор {m} /góvor/, реч {f}
speech balloon {n} (speech balloon) SEE: speech bubble  ::
speed {n} (luck, success, prosperity) SEE: luck, success, prosperity  ::
speed {n} (rapidity)  :: бързина {f} /bǎrziná/
speed {n} (rate of motion)  :: ско́рост {f}
speed limit {n} (maximum speed permitted)  :: ограниче́ние на ско́ростта {f}
speed of sound {n} (speed at which sound is propagated)  :: скорост на звука /skorost na zvuka/
spelling {n} (act, practice, ability, or subject of forming words with letters, or of reading the letters of words; orthography)  :: правопи́с {m}
spelunk {n} (cave, cavern, grotto) SEE: cave  ::
sperm {n} (semen (fluid))  :: спе́рма {f}
spermatophore {n} (spermospore) SEE: spermospore  ::
spermatophyte {n} (plant that bears seeds) SEE: phanerogam  ::
sperm bank {n} (vulgar: vagina) SEE: cunt  ::
spew {n} (ejaculate) SEE: ejaculate  ::
spew {n} (vomit) SEE: vomit  ::
sphene {n} (titanite) SEE: titanite  ::
sphenoid {n} (sphenoid bone) SEE: sphenoid bone  ::
spheral {adj} (spherical) SEE: spherical  ::
sphere {n} (astronomy: apparent outer limit of space) SEE: celestial sphere  ::
sphere {n} (mathematics: regular three-dimensional object)  :: сфе́ра {f}
sphere {n} (spherical physical object)  :: сфе́ра {f}
sphincter {n} (band of muscle)  :: сфинктер {m} /sfínkter/
sphincteric {adj} (sphincteral) SEE: sphincteral  ::
sphinx {n} (mythology: creature with the head of a person and the body of an animal)  :: сфинкс {m} /sfinks/
spice {n} (Yorkshire dialect: sweets, candy) SEE: sweets, candy  ::
spicewood {n} (spicebush) SEE: spicebush  ::
spicy {adj} (tangy or pungent)  :: лют
spider {n} (arthropod)  :: па́як {m}
spider hole {n} (hole in the ground) SEE: foxhole  ::
spiderweb {n} (net-like construct of a spider)  :: паяжи́на {f}
spiderwood {n} (neinei) SEE: neinei  ::
spigot {n} (faucet) SEE: tap  ::
spill one's guts {v} (vomit) SEE: vomit  ::
spin {v} (to make yarn)  :: преда /predá/
spinach {n} (a particular edible plant, Spinacia oleracea)  :: спанак {m}
spinal column {n} (spinal column) SEE: vertebral column  ::
spinal cord {n} (thick, whitish cord of nerve tissue)  :: гръбначен мо́зък {m}
spindle {n} (dragonfly) SEE: dragonfly  ::
spindle {n} (rod in spinning and winding thread)  :: врете́но {n}
spine {n} (backbone)  :: гръбначен стълб {m}, гръбначни стълбове {p}
spine pig {n} (porcupine) SEE: porcupine  ::
spinning top {n} (a toy)  :: пумпал {m}
spin-off {n} (by-product) SEE: by-product  ::
spin-off {n} (offshoot) SEE: offshoot  ::
spinster {n} (unmarried woman)  :: ста́ра мо́ма {f}
spiny {adj} (covered in prickles)  :: бодлив /bodliv/
spiny anteater {n} (common name for echidna) SEE: echidna  ::
spiral {n} (geometry)  :: спира́ла {f}
spiral of Archimedes {n} (Archimedean spiral) SEE: Archimedean spiral  ::
spirit path {n} (spirit way) SEE: spirit way  ::
spirit road {n} (spirit way) SEE: spirit way  ::
spiritus asper {n} (Ancient Greek diacritical mark) SEE: rough breathing  ::
spiritus lenis {n} (Ancient Greek diacritical mark) SEE: smooth breathing  ::
spit {n} (saliva)  :: слю́нка {f}, плю́нка {f}
spitter {n} (baseball sense) SEE: spitball  ::
spittoon {n} (receptacle for spit)  :: плювалник {m} /pljuválnik/
splay {v} (To dislocate, as a shoulder bone) SEE: dislocate  ::
spleen {n} (organ)  :: сле́зка {f}
splice {v} (to unite in marriage) SEE: marry  ::
split {n} (baseball pitch) SEE: split-finger fastball  ::
Split {prop} (port city in Croatia)  :: Сплит {m} /Split/
spoiled {adj} (spoilt) SEE: spoilt  ::
spondyle {n} (joint of the backbone) SEE: vertebra  ::
sponge {n} (marine invertebrate)  :: сю́нгер {m}, гъ̀ба {f}
sponge {n} (sponge cake) SEE: sponge cake  ::
sponge {n} (sponge pudding) SEE: sponge pudding  ::
spontaneous {adj} (random) SEE: random  ::
spoon {n} (measure that will fit into a spoon) SEE: spoonful  ::
spoon {n} (scooped utensil for eating (or serving))  :: лъ̀жица {f}
spoonbill {n} (paddlefish) SEE: paddlefish  ::
spoony {n} (foolishly amorous person)  :: сантиментален {m}
spoony {n} (foolish, simple, or silly person)  :: влюбен {m}
sporange {n} (sporangium) SEE: sporangium  ::
sport {n} (any athletic activity that uses physical skills)  :: спорт {m}
sport acrobatics {n} (acrobatic gymnastics) SEE: acrobatic gymnastics  ::
sportive {adj} (gay, frolicsome, merry) SEE: merry  ::
sportive {adj} (playful, coltish) SEE: playful  ::
sportswriter {n} (journalist who specializes in sports) SEE: sports writer  ::
spotted dog {n} (Lycaon pictus) SEE: African hunting dog  ::
spouse {v} (to get married to) SEE: espouse  ::
spray can {n} (pressurized canister) SEE: aerosol can  ::
sprayhood {n} (companionway cover) SEE: dodger  ::
spread {n} (arbitrage transaction) SEE: arbitrage  ::
spread {v} (to stretch out, expand)  :: разделям /razdelyam/
sprightliness {n} (the property of being sprightly)  :: пъргавина {f}
spring {n} (device made of flexible material)  :: пружи́на {f}
spring {n} (erection of the penis) SEE: erection  ::
spring {n} (first season)  :: про́лет {m}
spring {n} (higher than average tide) SEE: spring tide  ::
spring {n} (water source)  :: извор {m}
spring {v} (to jump or leap)  :: скачам
spring equinox {n} (vernal equinox) SEE: vernal equinox  ::
springer {n} (springbok) SEE: springbok  ::
springer {n} (springer spaniel) SEE: springer spaniel  ::
springer {n} (springing cow) SEE: springing cow  ::
springer {n} (spring salmon) SEE: spring salmon  ::
spring roll {n} (egg roll) SEE: egg roll  ::
spring to life {v} (start to exist)  :: появявам се
sprite {n} (the green woodpecker, or yaffle) SEE: green woodpecker  ::
sprout {n} (Brussels sprout) SEE: Brussels sprout  ::
spurdog {n} (spiny dogfish) SEE: spiny dogfish  ::
spurious {adj} (false)  :: фалши́в
spur on {v} (spur) SEE: spur  ::
spur-winged plover {n} (Vanellus spinosus) SEE: spur-winged lapwing  ::
sputnik {n} (a Soviet robotic space satellite)  :: спъ̀тник {m}, спу́тник {m}
spy {n} (person who secretly watches)  :: шпио́нин {m}
spyglass {n} (binoculars) SEE: binoculars  ::
spying {n} (espionage) SEE: espionage  ::
Spy Wednesday {n} (Holy Wednesday) SEE: Holy Wednesday  ::
squall {n} (squall line, multicell line or part of a squall line) SEE: squall line  ::
square {adj} (fair) SEE: fair  ::
square {adj} (shaped like a square)  :: квадратен {m} /kvadráten/
square {adj} (used in the names of units)  :: квадратен {m} /kvadráten/
square {n} (act quarrelling) SEE: quarrel  ::
square {n} (astrology) SEE: quadrate  ::
square {n} (mortarboard) SEE: mortarboard  ::
square {n} (open space in a town)  :: площа́д {m}
square {n} (second power)  :: квадра́т {m}
square {n} (square meal) SEE: square meal  ::
square {n} (tool)  :: триъ̀гълник {m}, линеа́л {m}
square {n} (type of polygon)  :: квадра́т {m}
square {v} (math: to multiply by itself)  :: повдигам на квадрат /povdígam na kvadrát/
square {v} (to take opposing sides) SEE: quarrel  ::
square bracket {n} (symbol [ or ])  :: средна скоба
square kilometer {n} (square kilometre) SEE: square kilometre  ::
squash {n} (soft drink) SEE: cordial  ::
squat cage {n} (power rack) SEE: power rack  ::
squid {n} (sea animal)  :: калма́р {m}
squint {n} (hagioscope) SEE: hagioscope  ::
squire {n} (armor-bearer who attended a knight)  :: оръженосец {m} /orǎženósec/
squirrel {n} (rodent)  :: ка́терица {f}
Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte {prop} (the administrative capital of Sri Lanka)  :: Шри Джаяварданапура Коте
Sri Lanka {prop} (a country in South Asia)  :: Шри Ла́нка
St. {n} (abbreviation of Saint) SEE: St  ::
stable {adj} (relatively unchanging)  :: стабилен /stabílen/
stable {n} (building for animals with hoofs)  :: конюшня {m}
stabwound {n} (stab wound) SEE: stab wound  ::
stadium {n} (venue where sporting events are held)  :: стадио́н {m}
stag {n} (social event for a groom) SEE: bachelor party  ::
stag beetle {n} (large beetle in Lucanidae)  :: бръмбар рогач {m} /brǎ̀mbar rogáč/
stag-beetle {n} (a large black beetle with a pair of strong mandibles)  :: рогачка {f}
stag do {n} (bachelor party) SEE: bachelor party  ::
staggered {adj} (astonished) SEE: astonished  ::
stag party {n} (bachelor party) SEE: bachelor party  ::
stain {n} (discoloured spot or area)  :: петно {n}
stained glass {n} (coloured glass)  :: стъклопис {m}
stainless {n} (stainless steel) SEE: stainless steel  ::
staircase {n} (stairway)  :: стълбище {n}
stairs {n} (contiguous set of steps)  :: стъ̀лба {f}
stake {n} (piece of wood)  :: кол {m}
stalemate {n} (blocked situation without personal loss)  :: безизходица {f} /bezizhoditsa/
stalemate {n} (chess term)  :: пат {m} /pat/
Stalin {prop} (Stalin)  :: Ста́лин {m}
Stalinism {n} (Communist philosophies espoused by Josef Stalin)  :: сталини́зъм {m}
stalk {n} (petiole, pedicel, or peduncle of a plant) SEE: petiole, pedicel, peduncle  ::
stallion {n} (uncastrated male horse)  :: жребе́ц {m}
stalwart {adj} (firmly built)  :: як {m} /yak/
stammer {v} (to stutter)  :: заеквам {impf}
stammerer {n} (stutterer) SEE: stutterer  ::
stamp {n} (device for stamping designs)  :: печа́т {f}
stamp {n} (indentation or imprint made by stamping)  :: печа́т {f}
stamp {n} (postage stamp) SEE: postage stamp  ::
stamp collecting {n} (stamp hobby) SEE: philately  ::
stand {n} (grandstand) SEE: grandstand  ::
stand {v} (to support oneself on the feet in an erect position)  :: стоя́ {impf}
standardize {v} (standardise) SEE: standardise  ::
St. Andrew's Cross {prop} (Saint Andrew's cross) SEE: Saint Andrew's cross  ::
stand up {v} (rise from a sitting position)  :: става́м {impf}, ста́на {pf}
stand-up bass {n} (instrument) SEE: double bass  ::
Stanislaus {prop} (male given name- the standard or most popular form)  :: Станислав
Stanley knife {n} (utility knife) SEE: utility knife  ::
stapler {n} (device which binds together paper)  :: те́лбод
star {n} (celebrity)  :: звезда́
star {n} (luminous celestial body)  :: звезда́ {f}
star {n}  :: звезда́
Stara Zagora {prop} (city)  :: Стара Загора {f} /Stára Zagóra/
starboard {n} (right hand side of a vessel)  :: щирборд {m} /štirbord/
Starbucks {prop} (chain of coffee shops)  :: Старбъкс {m} /Stárbǎks/
starfish {n} (various echinoderms)  :: морска́ звезда́ {f}
starlet {n} (young promising actress)  :: звезден лъч {m} /zvezden lǎč/
starling {n} (bird)  :: скоре́ц {m}
Star of David {prop} (symbol of Jewish Community and Judaism)  :: Давидова звезда {f}
starring {v} (present participle of "to star") SEE: star  ::
starry {adj} (having stars visible)  :: звезден
starry sturgeon {n} (Acipenser stellatus) SEE: sevruga  ::
start {n} (beginning of an activity)  :: нача́ло {n}
start {v} (to begin)  :: запо́чвам {impf}, по́чвам {impf}, по́чна {pf}
starter motor {n} (starter motor) SEE: starter  ::
starter pack {n} (starter kit) SEE: starter kit  ::
startled {adj} (extremely shocked)  :: изненадан {m}, изплашен {m}
starve {v} (to die because of lack of food)  :: гладувам
Star Wars {prop} (Saga)  :: Междузвездни войни /Mežduzvezdni voĭni/
state {n} (any sovereign polity)  :: държа́ва {f}
statecraft {n} (statesmanship) SEE: statesmanship  ::
statefunction {n} (wavefunction) SEE: wavefunction  ::
statement {n}  :: излагане {n}
State of Israel {prop} (country (official name))  :: Държа́ва Изра́ел {f}
static electricity {n} (electrostatics) SEE: electrostatics  ::
station {n} (Australia: very large livestock farm) SEE: ranch  ::
station {n} (place used for broadcasting)  :: ста́нция {f}
station {n} (place where a vehicle may stop)  :: ста́нция {f}, га́ра {f} [railway, also]
stationary bicycle {n} (exercise bicycle) SEE: exercise bicycle  ::
statist {n} (statistician) SEE: statistician  ::
statistic {adj} (statistical) SEE: statistical  ::
statistics {n} (mathematical science)  :: статистика {f} /statístika/
statue {n} (three-dimensional work of art)  :: ста́туя {f}
Stavropol {prop} (city)  :: Ставропол {m} /Stávropol/
stay {v} (to remain in a particular place)  :: оста́вам {impf}, оста́на {pf}
steadfastly {adv} (in a steadfast manner)  :: вярно
steadfastness {n} (loyalty in the face of trouble)  :: устойчивост
steak {n} (slice of beef)  :: бифтек {m} /bifték/
steal {v} (to illegally take possession of)  :: крада́ {impf}
stealthily {adv} (in a stealthy manner)  :: крадешком /kradeškóm/, скришом /skríšom/
steam {n} (water vapor)  :: па́ра {f}
steam engine {n} (steam locomotive) SEE: steam locomotive  ::
steamship {n} (vessel propelled by steam)  :: параход {m}
steel {n} (metal produced from iron)  :: стомана {f}
steeple {n} (spire) SEE: spire  ::
steganography {n} (steganography)  :: стеганография {f}
stellar {adj} (of, pertaining to, or characteristic of stars)  :: звезден
stellar wind {n} (equivalent of solar wind)  :: звезден вятър {m}
stench {n} (a strong foul smell, a stink)  :: смрад {m} /smrad/, воня {f} /vónja/
steno {n} (stenographer) SEE: stenographer  ::
step {n} (pace)  :: стъпка {f}, крачка {f}
Stepanakert {prop} (the capital of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic)  :: Степанакерт {m} /Stepanakért/
stepfather {n} (husband of one's biological mother, other than one's biological father)  :: вто́ри баща́ {m}
Stephen {prop} (male given name)  :: Стефан {m} /Stefan/
stepmother {n} (wife of one's biological father, not one's biological mother)  :: ма́щеха {f}
steppe {n} (the grasslands of Eastern Europe and Asia)  :: степ {f}
stereolithography {n} (means of prototyping)  :: стереолитография {f}
stern {adj} (grim and forbidding in appearance)  :: неприветлив {m} /neprivétliv/, недружелюбен {m} /nedruželjúben/, негостоприемен {m} /negostopriémen/, мрачен {m} /mráčen/
stern {adj} (having a hardness and severity of nature or manner)  :: суров {m} /suróv/, строг {m} /strog/, твърд {m} /tvǎrd/
stern {n} (black tern) SEE: black tern  ::
stern {n} (the rear part or after end of a ship or vessel)  :: кърма {f} /kǎrmá/
sternum {n} (breastbone) SEE: breastbone  ::
stertorous {adj} (Sounding like snoring)  :: хрипкав /hrípkav/
stertorously {adv} (with heavy breathing, as if snoring)  :: хрипкавo /hrípkavo/
stethoscope {n} (medical instrument)  :: стетоско́п {m}
Stettin {prop} (Szczecin) SEE: Szczecin  ::
steven {n} (a prayer) SEE: prayer  ::
steven {n} (a promise) SEE: promise  ::
steven {n} (clamor) SEE: clamor  ::
steven {n} (command) SEE: command  ::
steven {n} (speech) SEE: speech  ::
steven {n} (tune) SEE: tune  ::
steven {n} (voice) SEE: voice  ::
steven {v} (to bespeak) SEE: bespeak  ::
steven {v} (to call out) SEE: call out  ::
steven {v} (to speak up (for)) SEE: speak up  ::
steven {v} (to utter) SEE: utter  ::
steven {v} (to vote) SEE: vote  ::
Steven {prop} (male given name) SEE: Stephen  ::
steward {n} (flight attendant) SEE: flight attendant  ::
steward {n} (the administrator of a medieval manor)  :: управител на имение
stick {n} (cane or walking stick)  :: басту́н {m}
stick {n} (cylindrical piece (of chalk, wax etc))  :: басту́н {m}
stick {n} (long piece of wood)  :: пръ̀чка {f}
stick {n} (twig or small branch)  :: пръ̀чка {f}
stick {v} (to glue; to adhere (transitive))  :: лепя /lepja/
stick {v} (to jam)  :: заяждам
stick {v} (to place, set down quickly)  :: мятам
stick {v} (to remain loyal or firm)  :: запазвам се
stick {v} (to tolerate, endure, stick with) SEE: stick with  ::
sticker {n} (price tag) SEE: price tag  ::
sticking plaster {n} (adhesive bandage) SEE: band-aid  ::
stick note {n} (post-it note) SEE: post-it note  ::
stick out {v} (to persist) SEE: stick it out  ::
stickpin {n} (pin to hold necktie) SEE: tie clip  ::
sticky note {n} (post-it note) SEE: post-it note  ::
sticky rice {n} (glutinous rice) SEE: glutinous rice  ::
sticky tape {n} (adhesive tape) SEE: adhesive tape  ::
stiff {adj}  :: твърд {m}
stiff {n} (slang: cadaver, dead person)  :: труп {m}
stifle {v} (to interrupt or cut off)  :: прекъсвам
stifle {v} (to smother or suffocate)  :: душа, задушавам, удушавам
stiletto {n} (awl) SEE: awl  ::
stiletto {n} (rapier) SEE: rapier  ::
still life {n} (work of art)  :: натюрмо́рт
still waters run deep {proverb} (a person with a calm appearance has, or may have, considerable inner emotion, character, or intellect)  :: тихите води са най-дълбоки /tíhite vodí sǎ náy-dǎlbóki/
stilt {n} (crutch) SEE: crutch  ::
sting {n} (pointed portion of an insect or arachnid used for attack) SEE: stinger  ::
stinger {n} (pointed portion of an insect)  :: жило {n} /žílo/
stink {v} (have a strong bad smell)  :: смърдя́ {impf}
stinkbird {n} (hoatzin) SEE: hoatzin  ::
stir {v} (to change the place of in any manner; to move)  :: аларма {f} /alárma/
stir {v} (to disturb the relative position of the particles of)  :: аларма {f} /alárma/
stir {v} (to incite to action; to arouse; to instigate; to prompt; to excite)  :: аларма {f} /alárma/
stirrup {n} (footrest)  :: стре́ме {n}
stirrup {n} (stapes) SEE: stapes  ::
stirrup bone {n} (stapes) SEE: stapes  ::
stitch {n} (furrow) SEE: furrow  ::
stitch {v} (agriculture: to form land into ridges) SEE: plough/plow  ::
stitch {v} (form stitches in) SEE: sew  ::
stitch {v} (unite by stitches) SEE: sew together  ::
stoat {n} (stoat) SEE: ermine  ::
stock {n} (rolling stock) SEE: rolling stock  ::
stock exchange {n} (building and the associated organization)  :: фондова борса {f} /fóndova bórsa/, борса {f} /bórsa/
stockfish {n} (cured fish)  :: чироз
stockholder {n} (one who owns stock) SEE: shareholder  ::
Stockholm {prop} (capital of Sweden)  :: Стокхолм {m} /Stokhólm/
Stockholm syndrome {n} (psychological condition)  :: стокхолмски синдром {m} /stokhólmski sindróm/
stocking {n} (garment (for translations of "sock", see sock))  :: чора́п {m}
stockpile {n} (supply for future use)  :: резерва {f} /rezérva/
stoker {n} (poker) SEE: poker  ::
stomach {n} (appetite) SEE: appetite  ::
stomach {n} (belly)  :: коре́м {m}, шкембе
stomach {n} (digestive organ)  :: стома́х {m}
stomach {n} (figuratively: desire, appetite) SEE: appetite  ::
stomach {n} (pride, haughtiness) SEE: haughtiness  ::
stomach acid {n} (gastric acid) SEE: gastric acid  ::
stompie {n} (cigarette butt) SEE: butt  ::
stone {adj} (constructed of stone)  :: каменен {m}
stone {n} (medical: hard, stone-like deposit)  :: камък {m}
stone {n} (small piece of stone)  :: ка́мък {m}
stone {n} (substance)  :: ка́мък {m}
stoned {adj} (drunk) SEE: drunk  ::
stone marten {n} (Martes foina) SEE: beech marten  ::
stoning {n} (lapidation) SEE: lapidation  ::
stooge {n} (straight man) SEE: straight man  ::
stool {n} (chamber pot) SEE: chamber pot  ::
stool {n} (commode) SEE: commode  ::
stool {n} (footstool) SEE: footstool  ::
stool {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet  ::
stop {n} (consonant sound) SEE: plosive  ::
stop {n} (place to get on and off line buses or trams)  :: спи́рка {f}
stop {n}  :: спирка {f} /spirka/ , спиране {n} /spirane/ , оклузив {m} /okluziv/
stop {v} (cause (something) to cease moving)  :: спи́рам {impf}
stop {v} (cause (something) to come to an end)  :: прекратя́вам {impf}
stop {v} (cease moving)  :: спи́рам {impf}, спра {pf}
store {n} (in computing) SEE: memory  ::
store {n} (shop) SEE: shop  ::
storeman {n} (warehouseman) SEE: warehouseman  ::
storey {n} (floor)  :: ета́ж {m}, кат {m}
stork {n} (large wading bird of the family Ciconiidae)  :: щъ̀ркел {m}
storm {n} (disturbed state of the atmosphere)  :: бу́ря {f}
storm {v} (to assault)  :: щурмува́м
storm in a teacup {n} (tempest in a teapot) SEE: tempest in a teapot  ::
storm sewer {n} (structure for channeling surface runoff) SEE: storm drain  ::
story {n} (account of events)  :: разка́з {m}, исто́рия {f}
story {n} (lie) SEE: lie  ::
story {n} (storey) SEE: storey  ::
stout {adj} (obstinate) SEE: obstinate  ::
stove {n} (device for heating food)  :: пе́чка {f}
stove {n} (heated greenhouse) SEE: hothouse  ::
stove {n} (heater)  :: пе́чка {f}
stovepipe hat {n} (stovepipe hat) SEE: top hat  ::
stracciatella {n} (an Italian ice cream with chocolate shavings)  :: страчатела {f}
stracciatella {n} (an Italian soup made from a mixture of cheese and egg in a broth)  :: страчатела {f}
straight {n} (heterosexual) SEE: heterosexual  ::
straight away {adv} (very soon; immediately) SEE: right away  ::
strait {n} (narrow channel of water)  :: проли́в {m}, прото́к {m}
strait-laced {adj} (straight-laced) SEE: straight-laced  ::
Strait of Messina {prop} (narrow section of water between the eastern tip of Sicily and the southern tip of mainland Italy)  :: Месински пролив {m}
strange {adj} (not normal)  :: стра́нен
strategical {adj} (strategic) SEE: strategic  ::
Strategic Defense Initiative {prop} (Star Wars) SEE: Star Wars  ::
Stratford-on-Avon {prop} (Stratford-on-Avon)  :: Стратфорд на Ейвън {m} /Stratford na Ejvăn/
Strauss {prop} (surname)  :: Щра́ус {m} {f}
straw {n} (dried stalks considered collectively)  :: сла́ма {f}
straw {n} (drinking straw) SEE: drinking straw  ::
strawberry {n} (fruit)  :: я́года {f}
strawberry {n} (plant)  :: я́года {f}
strayed {adj} (Who has lost his way) SEE: stray  ::
stream {n} (small river)  :: пото́к {m}
street {n} (paved part of road in a village or a town)  :: у́лица {f}
streetcar {n} (tram) SEE: tram  ::
street child {n} (street urchin) SEE: street urchin  ::
streetlight {n} (lamps set along a street)  :: улична лампа {f} /úlična lámpa/
strength {n} (quality of being strong)  :: си́ла {f}, мощ {f}
strength {n} (strength) SEE: potency  ::
strength tester {n} (high striker) SEE: high striker  ::
stress {n} (on a syllable) SEE: accent  ::
stretcher {n} (simple litter designed to carry a sick, injured, or dead person)  :: носи́лка {f}
strike {n} (work stoppage)  :: ста́чка {f}
strike {v} (to hit)  :: у́дрям
strike out {v} (to draw a line through a text) SEE: cross out  ::
strike through {v} (to obliterate by drawing a line over) SEE: cross out  ::
string {n} (computing: sequence of characters)  :: низ /niz/
string {n} (long, thin structure made from twisted threads)  :: ни́шка {f}, връв {f}
string {n} (series of items or events)  :: низ /niz/
string {n} (stringed instrument) SEE: stringed instrument  ::
string bass {n} (instrument) SEE: double bass  ::
string instrument {n} (musical instrument that produces sound by strings) SEE: stringed instrument  ::
string instrumentalist {n} (string instrumentalist) SEE: string player  ::
strip {n} (long, thin piece of land or material)  :: ивица /ivitsa/
strip {n} (short for landing strip, see also translations for landing strip)  :: писта /pista/
strip {n} (strip steak) SEE: strip steak  ::
strip {v} (to do a striptease)  :: правя стриптийз /pravya striptiiz/
strip {v} (to remove or take away)  :: свалям /svalyam/
strip {v} (to take away, to plunder)  :: отнемам /otnemam/, ограбвам /ograbvam/
strip {v} (to take off clothing)  :: събличам /sublicham/
striped alder {n} (American winterberry) SEE: American winterberry  ::
stripy {adj} (striped) SEE: striped  ::
stroboscope {n} (instrument for studying or observing periodic movement by rendering a moving body visible only at regular intervals)  :: стробоскоп {m}
stroke {n} (slash) SEE: slash  ::
strong {adj} (capable of producing great physical force)  :: си́лен
strongbox {n} (sturdy box with a lock) SEE: safe  ::
strongman game {n} (high striker) SEE: high striker  ::
strong nuclear interaction {n} (strong nuclear interaction)  :: силно ядрено взаимодействие {n}
strong point {n} (excellent characteristic or ability) SEE: forte  ::
strontium {n} (chemical element)  :: стро́нций {m}
strop {n} (bad mood) SEE: bad mood  ::
structure {n} (cohesive whole built up of distinct parts)  :: структура {f} /struktúra/
strudel {n} (layered pastry)  :: щру́дел {m}
Struga {prop} (a city in the Republic of Macedonia)  :: Струга {f} /Strúga/
struggle {n} (strife, effort)  :: борба {f} /borbá/, битка {f} /bítka/, бой {m}
struggle {v} (to strive, to labour in difficulty, to fight)  :: боря се {impf} /borjá se/, бия се {impf} /bíja se/
Strumica {prop} (a city in the Republic of Macedonia)  :: Струмица {f} /Strúmica/
stubble {n} (short, coarse hair)  :: набола брада {f}
stubble {n} (short stalks left in a field after harvest)  :: стърни́ще {n}
stubborn {adj} (refusing to move or change one's opinion)  :: инат
stuck record {n} (broken record) SEE: broken record  ::
stud {n} (type of poker) SEE: stud poker  ::
student {n} (person who studies an academic subject)  :: студе́нт {m}, студе́нтка {f}
student {n} (schoolchild) SEE: schoolchild  ::
study {n} (act of studying or examining) SEE: examination  ::
study {n} (mental effort to acquire knowledge)  :: учение {n} /učénie/, изучаване {n} /izučávane/
study {n} (music: piece for special practice) SEE: etude  ::
study {v} (to acquire knowledge)  :: у́ча се {impf}
study {v} (to look at minutely)  :: изуча́вам {impf}
study {v} (to revise/review materials)  :: у́ча {impf}
study {v} (to take a course)  :: у́ча се {impf}
stumbling-block {n} (stumbling block) SEE: stumbling block  ::
stump {n} (remains of something that has been cut off)  :: пън /pǎn/
stunned {adj} (unable to act or respond)  :: зашеметен
stunt {n} (dangerous feat)  :: каскада {f}
stupid {adj} (lacking in intelligence)  :: глу́пав {m}, тъп /tǎp/
stupor {n} (a state of reduced consciousness or sensibility)  :: ступор {m} /stúpor/
sturgeon {n} (fish of family Acipenseridae)  :: есетра {f}
stutter {n} (speech disorder)  :: зае́кване
stutter {v} (to speak with spasmodic repetition) SEE: stammer  ::
sty {n} (inflammation) SEE: stye  ::
sty {n} (ladder) SEE: ladder  ::
sty {n} (messy or dirty place)  :: кочина
sty {v} (to rise up) SEE: ascend  ::
stye {n} (bacterial infection of the eyelash or eyelid)  :: ечемик {m} /ečemík/
stylist {n} (designer) SEE: designer  ::
stylist {n} (hairdresser) SEE: hairdresser  ::
Styx {prop} (river of the underworld)  :: Стикс /Stiks/
subaltern {n} (subordinate) SEE: subordinate  ::
subcutaneous {adj} (Pertaining to the fatty layer under the skin)  :: подкожен
subdue {v} (to overcome, quieten, bring under control)  :: подчинявам {impf}, подчиня {pf}
subgroup {n} (group within a larger group)  :: подгрупа {f} /pódgrupa/
subject {n} (citizen in a monarchy)  :: по́даник {m}
subject {n} (in grammar)  :: подло́г {m}
subjunctive {n} (subjunctive mood) SEE: subjunctive mood  ::
subjunctive mode {n} (subjunctive mood) SEE: subjunctive mood  ::
submarine {n} (undersea boat)  :: подво́дница {f}
submarine sandwich {n} (sub) SEE: sub  ::
submissive {adj} (meekly obedient or passive)  :: покорен
subnormal {adj} (computing theory: denormal) SEE: denormal  ::
subpoena {n} (writ requiring someone to appear in court to give testimony)  :: призовка {f} /prizòvka/
subproduct {n} (byproduct) SEE: byproduct  ::
subscribe {v} (to sign up to receive a publication)  :: абонирам
subscriber {n} (a person who subscribes to a publication or a service)  :: абонат {m} /abonát/
Subscriber Identity Module {n} (component on a SIM card that stores information to identify a mobile phone user)  :: SIM карта
subscription {n} (access to a resource for a period of time)  :: абонамент {m} /abonamént/
subsistent {adj} (inherent) SEE: inherent  ::
substance {n} (theology: hypostasis) SEE: hypostasis  ::
substance {n}  :: вещество /vešestvo/ {n}
substantive {adj} (substantival) SEE: substantival  ::
substantive {n} (noun) SEE: noun  ::
substantivise {v} (convert into a substantive)  :: субстантивизирам /substantiviziram/
substitute {v} (to substitute) SEE: replace  ::
substitute teacher {n} (supply teacher) SEE: supply teacher  ::
substitution {n} (substitute) SEE: substitute  ::
substratum {n} (a layer that lies underneath another)  :: субстра́т {m}
sub-system {n} (group of related components)  :: подсисте́ма {f}
subterranean {adj} (below ground, under the earth, underground)  :: подземен /podzémen/
subterraneous {adj} (subterranean) SEE: subterranean  ::
suburb {n} (area on the periphery of a city or large town)  :: предгра́дие {n}
subvention {n} (subsidy) SEE: subsidy  ::
subvertisement {n} (piece of subvertising) SEE: subvert  ::
subway {n} (underground railway)  :: метро́ {n}
subzero {adj} (sub-zero) SEE: sub-zero  ::
success {n} (achievement of one's aim or goal)  :: успе́х
successful {adj} (resulting in success)  :: успе́шен
succuba {n} (a female demon or fiend) SEE: succubus  ::
such {determiner} (like this, that, these, those; used to make a comparison with something implied by context)  :: такъв /takǎ̀v/
such as {prep} (for example) SEE: for example  ::
such is life {phrase} (used to express the acceptance of misfortune)  :: такъв е животът /takǎ̀v e živótǎt/
suck {n} (sycophant) SEE: sycophant  ::
suck {v} (colloquial: term of general disparagement)  :: духам /dukham/
suck {v} (to use the mouth to pull in (liquid etc))  :: смуча
sucker {n} (lollipop) SEE: lollipop  ::
Sudak {prop} (resort town)  :: Суда́к {m}
Sudan {prop} (Republic of Sudan)  :: Суда́н {m}
sudden {n} (surprise) SEE: surprise  ::
suddenly {adv} (happening quickly and with little or no warning)  :: внеза́пно, ненаде́йно
Sudeten {prop} (series of mountains)  :: Суде́тите {p}
Sudetenland {prop} (region in Czechia)  :: Суде́тска о́бласт {f}
Suez Canal {prop} (canal)  :: Суецки канал {m} /Suécki kanál/
suffer {v} (to suffer) SEE: endure  ::
suffering {n} (condition)  :: страда́ние {n}
suffix {n} (letters or sounds added at the end of a word to modify the word's meaning)  :: суфи́кс {m}, наста́вка {f}
suffragist {n} (suffragette) SEE: suffragette  ::
sugar {n} (sucrose from sugar cane or sugar beet and used to sweeten food and drink)  :: за́хар {m}
sugar {n}  :: за́хар {m}
sugar beet {n} (type of beet)  :: захарно цвекло {n} /zaharno cveklo/
sugar cane {n} (species of grass whose sap is a source of sugar)  :: захарна тръстика {f} /zaharna trǎstika/
sugarfree {adj} (sugar-free) SEE: sugar-free  ::
sugar high {n} (sugar rush) SEE: sugar rush  ::
sugar pea {n} (mangetout) SEE: mangetout  ::
suggestion {n} (something suggested)  :: предложение {n} /predložénie/
suggillation {n} (livor mortis) SEE: livor mortis  ::
suicide {n} (instance of killing oneself)  :: самоуби́йство {n}
suit {n} (attempt to gain an end by legal process) SEE: lawsuit  ::
suit {n} (company of attendants or followers) SEE: retinue  ::
suit {n} (pursuit, chase) SEE: pursuit  ::
suit {n} (pursuit of love interest) SEE: courtship  ::
suit {n} (set of clothes)  :: костю́м {m}
suitable {adj} (appropriate to a certain occasion)  :: подходящ
suitcase {n} (large piece of luggage)  :: ку́фар {m}
sujuk {n} (type of sausage)  :: суджу́к {m}
sulfur {n} (element)  :: ся́ра {f}
sulfur mustard {n} (mustard gas) SEE: mustard gas  ::
sulphur dioxide {n} (the compound SO2) SEE: sulfur dioxide  ::
sulphurous acid {n} (sulphurous acid) SEE: sulfurous acid  ::
sulphur tuft {n} (Hypholoma/Naematoloma fasciculare) SEE: sulfur tuft  ::
sultan {n} (ruler)  :: султа́н {m}
sum {n} (quantity obtained by addition or aggregation)  :: су́ма {f}
sum {n} (summary) SEE: summary  ::
sum {n} (summit) SEE: summit  ::
sum {v} (give a summary of) SEE: summarize  ::
sumac {n}  :: сумак {m}
Sumatra {prop} (the largest island of Indonesia)  :: Суматра {f} /Sumátra/
summarise {v} (summarise) SEE: summarize  ::
summary {adj}  :: резюме {n} /rezyume/
summer {n} (hottest season)  :: ля́то {n}
summer solstice {n} (the moment when the hemisphere is most inclined toward the sun)  :: лятно слънцестоене {n} /ljatno slǎncestoene/
summer time {n} (daylight saving time) SEE: daylight saving time  ::
sum up {v} (sum up) SEE: summarize  ::
sun {n} (a star, especially when seen as the centre of any single solar system)  :: слъ̀нце {n}
sun {n}  :: слънце {n}
sun {prop} (the star around which the Earth revolves, see also: Sun)  :: слъ̀нце {n}
Sun {prop} (star)  :: Слъ̀нце {n}
sunbed {n} (tanning device) SEE: tanning bed  ::
Sunday {n} (day of the week)  :: неде́ля {f}
sunderling {adv} (separately) SEE: separately  ::
sundial {n} (device noting the time of day by the position of a shadow)  :: слъ́нчев часо́вник {m}
sundown {n} (sunset) SEE: sunset  ::
sunflower {n} (flower)  :: слънчоглед {m}
sunflower oil {n} (vegetable oil)  :: слънчогле́дово о́лио {n}
sunniness {n} (weather)  :: слънчевост {f}
Sunnite {n} (Sunni) SEE: Sunni  ::
sunny {adj} (weather, day)  :: слъ̀нчев
sunrise {n} (figurative awakening)  :: просвеще́ние {n}
sunrise {n} (sky changing color)  :: зора́ {f}, и́згрев {m}
sunrise {n} (time of day)  :: и́згрев {m}
sunrose {n} (rockrose) SEE: rockrose  ::
suntanned {adj} (having a suntan) SEE: tanned  ::
sunup {n} (change in color of sky) SEE: sunrise  ::
sunup {n} (time of day) SEE: sunrise  ::
supercilious {adj} (showing contemptuous indifference)  :: арогантен /arogánten/
superfluousness {n} (superfluity) SEE: superfluity  ::
superhero {n} (a fictional crime-fighting character with superpowers)  :: супергерой {m} /supergerój/
supermajority {n} (qualified majority) SEE: qualified majority  ::
supermarket {n} (store)  :: суперма́ркет {m}
supernova {n} (exploding star)  :: свръхнова {f} /svrǎhnóva/
supernumerary {n} (person in a play or movie with a minimal part) SEE: walk-on  ::
supersonic {adj} (ultrasonic) SEE: ultrasonic  ::
superstition {n} (a set of beliefs that future events may be influenced by one's behaviour in some magical or mystical way)  :: суеверие {n}
supine {n} (verbal noun)  :: супин {m}
supper {n} (dinner at night)  :: вечеря {f}
supper {n} (food before going to bed)  :: вече́ря {f}
supper hour {n} (all senses) SEE: dinnertime  ::
suppertime {n} (all senses) SEE: dinnertime  ::
supplement {v} (to provide or make a supplement to)  :: допълвам
support {n} (financial or other help)  :: подкрепа {f} /podkrepa/
supposition {n} (assumption)  :: предположение {n}
suppression order {n} (gag order) SEE: gag order  ::
sura {n} (chapter of the Qur'an)  :: су́ра {f}
surety {n} (certainty) SEE: certainty  ::
surface car {n} (streetcar) SEE: streetcar  ::
surf riding {n} (surfing) SEE: surfing  ::
surgeon {n} (doctor who performs surgery)  :: хирург {m}
surge suppressor {n} (surge protector) SEE: surge protector  ::
Suriname {prop} (country)  :: Сурина́м {m}
surname {n} (name that indicates family)  :: фами́лно и́ме {n}, пре́зиме {n}
surplus {n} (excess, overplus)  :: изли́шък {m}
surrealism {n} (artistic movement and aesthetic philosophy)  :: сюрреализъм {m} /sjurrealízǎm/
surround {v} (surround, fence in) SEE: enclose  ::
surströmming {n} (traditional Swedish delicacy made from fermented Baltic herring)  :: сюрщрьоминг {n}
surveyor {n} (person occupied with the process of determining positions on the Earth's surface)  :: землеме́р {m}
Susanna {prop} (female given name) SEE: Susan  ::
susceptible {adj} (especially sensitive)  :: чувствителен {m}
susceptible {adj} (likely to be affected by)  :: податлив {m}
sushi {n} (Japanese dish)  :: су́ши {n}
suslik {n} (Spermophilus or Citellus)  :: лалугер {m}
suspender {n} (an item used hold up trousers)  :: тиранти {p}
suspenders {n} (stocking supporter) SEE: garter  ::
suspenders {n} (trouser supporter) SEE: suspender  ::
suspension bridge {n} (bridge where the deck or roadway is suspended from cables)  :: висящ мост {m}
sustainability {n} (ability to sustain something)  :: устойчивост {f} /ustóichivost/
Sutekh {prop} (Egyptian God) SEE: Set  ::
Suva {prop} (capital of Fiji)  :: Су́ва {f}
Sveti Nikole {prop} (a city in the Republic of Macedonia)  :: Свети Никола {m} /Svetí Nikóla/
svirel {n} (an old folk Russian wind instrument)  :: жалейка {f} /žaléjka/
swag {n} (SWAG) SEE: SWAG  ::
Swahili {prop} (language)  :: суахи́ли {m}
swallow {n} (bird)  :: ля́стовица {f}
swallow {v} (to cause to pass from the mouth into the stomach)  :: гълтам /gǎltam/
swamp {n} (type of wetland)  :: треса́вище {n}, бла́то {n}
swamp holly {n} (American winterberry) SEE: American winterberry  ::
swampy {adj} (describing land that is wet like a swamp)  :: мочурлив, блатист
swan {n} (waterfowl of the genus Cygnus)  :: ле́бед {m}
swanling {n} (baby swan, young swan) SEE: cygnet  ::
swarm {n} (large number of insects)  :: рой {m}
swarm spore {n} (zoospore) SEE: zoospore  ::
swarthy {adj} (dark) SEE: dark  ::
swarthy {adj} (dark-skinned) SEE: dark-skinned  ::
swarthy {adj} (dusky) SEE: dusky  ::
swarthy {adj} (tawny) SEE: tawny  ::
swastika {n} (a cross with arms of equal length all bent halfway along at a 90° angle)  :: свастика {f} /svástika/
swathe {n} (swath) SEE: swath  ::
Swazi {prop} (Swati language)  :: свази /svázi/
Swaziland {prop} (Kingdom of Swaziland)  :: Свазиле́нд {m}
swear {v} (to curse, to use offensive language)  :: псувам /psuvam/
swear {v} (to take an oath)  :: заклевам се /zaklevam se/
swear like a pagan {v} (swear very rudely) SEE: swear like a trooper  ::
swear like a sailor {v} (swear very rudely) SEE: swear like a trooper  ::
swear word {n} (impolite or offensive taboo word)  :: клетва {f}
sweat {n} (fluid that exits the body through pores)  :: пот {m}
sweat {v} (to emit sweat)  :: потя́ се {impf}
sweater {n} (similar garment worn for warmth)  :: пуло́вер {m}
swede {n} (plant)  :: брюква {f}
swede {n} (turnip) SEE: turnip  ::
swede {n} (yellow root of Brassica napus)  :: брюква {f}
Swede {n} (Swedish person)  :: швед {m} /šved/, шведка {f} /švédka/
Sweden {prop} (Scandinavian country)  :: Шве́ция {f}
Swedish {adj} (of or pertaining to Sweden)  :: шведски
sweep {n} (almond furnace) SEE: almond furnace  ::
sweep {n} (chimney sweep) SEE: chimney sweep  ::
sweep {v} (to clean using a broom or brush)  :: мета́ {impf}
sweet {adj} (containing a sweetening ingredient)  :: сла́дък
sweet {adj} (having a pleasant taste)  :: сла́дък
sweet {adj} (having a taste of sugar)  :: сла́дък
sweet {adj} (of a wine: retaining a portion of sugar)  :: сла́дък
sweet {adj}  :: сла́дък {m}, сладка {f} /sladka/, сладко {n} /sladko/
sweet {n} (basic taste sensation induced by sugar) SEE: sweetness  ::
sweet {n} (food eaten for dessert) SEE: dessert  ::
sweet {n} (sweetheart) SEE: sweetheart  ::
sweet {n}  :: сладко {n} /sladko/
sweetener {n} (food additive)  :: подслади́тел {m}
sweet flag {n} (Acorus calamus)  :: блатен аир
sweet gale {n} (Myrica gale) SEE: gale#Etymology 3  ::
sweetheart {n} (darling) SEE: darling  ::
sweet potato {n} (yam) SEE: yam  ::
sweetshop {n} (shop selling predominantly confectionery)  :: сладкарница {f} /sladkárnica/
sweetsop {n} (sugar apple) SEE: sugar apple  ::
sweetwater {n} (fresh water) SEE: fresh water  ::
swift {n} (swift moth) SEE: swift moth  ::
swiftness {n} (state of being swift) SEE: quickness  ::
swim {n} (act or instance of swimming)  :: плуване {n} /pluvane/
swim {v} (move through water)  :: плу́вам
swimming pool {n} (pool for swimming)  :: басе́йн {m}
swimming trunks {n} (a pair of shorts or briefs worn for swimming or bathing)  :: бански гащета, гащета
swimmist {n} (swimmer) SEE: swimmer  ::
swimsuit {n} (tight-fitting garment worn for swimming)  :: бански костюм {m}
swine {n} (pig) SEE: pig  ::
swine influenza {n} (swine flu) SEE: swine flu  ::
swing {n} (dance style)  :: суинг {m}
swing {n} (manner in which something is swung)  :: замах {m}, размах {m}
swing {n} (music style)  :: суинг {m}
swing {v} (to hang on gallows)  :: вися
swing {v} (to ride on a swing)  :: люлея се
swing {v} (to rotate about an off-centre fixed point)  :: клатя се, люлея се, клатушкам се
Swiss {adj} (of or pertaining to Swiss language(s) or Swiss dialect(s))  :: швейцарски /švejcárski/
Swiss {adj} (of or pertaining to Switzerland)  :: швейцарски /švejcárski/
Swiss {adj} (of or pertaining to the Swiss people)  :: швейцарски /švejcárski/
Swiss {n} (Swiss person)  :: швейцарец {m} /švejcárec/, швейцарка {f} /švejcárka/
Swiss Army knife {n} (type of pocket knife)  :: швейцарско ножче {n} /švejcársko nóžče/
Swiss chard {n} (chard) SEE: chard  ::
Switzerland {prop} (sovereign country)  :: Швейца́рия {f}
swoon {n} (infatuation) SEE: infatuation  ::
sword {n} (weapon)  :: меч {m}
swordfish {n} (Xiphias gladius)  :: риба меч {f} /ríba meč/
Sybil {prop} (female given name) SEE: Sibyl  ::
sycamore {n} (sycamore maple) SEE: sycamore maple  ::
Sydney {prop} (in Australia)  :: Сидни {m} /Sídni/
Sydney {prop} (language) SEE: Dharuk  ::
Sydney {prop}  :: Сидни {m} /Sídni/
syenite {n} (obsolete: granite) SEE: granite  ::
Syktyvkar {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Сиктивка́р {m}
syllabize {v} (syllabify) SEE: syllabify  ::
syllable {n} (unit of speech)  :: сри́чка {f}
sylvan {n}  :: горски {m} & {p} , горист {m}
symbol {n} (character or glyph)  :: символ {m} /símvol/
symbol {v} (symbolize) SEE: symbolize  ::
symbolic {adj} (Referring to something with an implicit meaning)  :: символичен /simboličen/
symbolize {v} (To be symbolic of; to represent)  :: символизирам /simvolizíram/
symmetric {adj} (symmetrical) SEE: symmetrical  ::
symmetrical {adj} (exhibiting symmetry)  :: симетричен {m} /simetríčen/
symmetry {n} (correspondence on either side of a dividing line, plane, center or axis)  :: симе́трия {f}
symphony {n} (piece of orchestral music)  :: симфония {f} /simfónija/
symptom {n} (figuratively: indicator of something)  :: признак {m} /prìznak/, симптом {m} /simptòm/
synagogue {n} (place)  :: синагога {f} /sinagóga/
sync {n} (synchronization) SEE: synchronization  ::
sync {v} (synchronize) SEE: synchronize  ::
synchronisation {n} (synchronisation) SEE: synchronization  ::
synchrony {n} (synchronicity) SEE: synchronicity  ::
synclinal {n} (synclinal fold)  :: синклинала
syncline {n} (concave upward fold) SEE: synclinal  ::
syngas {n} (synthesis gas) SEE: synthesis gas  ::
synonym {n} (word with same meaning as another)  :: сино́ним {m}
syntagmatarchy {n} (square formation of 256 soldiers) SEE: syntagma  ::
syntaxis {n} (syntax) SEE: syntax  ::
syntaxis {n} (syntaxy) SEE: syntaxy  ::
Syracuse {prop} (city and port in the province of Syracuse)  :: Сиракуза
Syracuse {prop} (city in New York state)  :: Сиракюз
Syria {prop} (country in the Middle East)  :: Си́рия {f}
syringe {n} (hypodermic syringe)  :: шприц {m}, спринцо́вка {f}
syrinx {n} (panpipes) SEE: panpipes  ::
syrup {n} (liquid)  :: сироп {m} /siróp/
system {n} (collection of organized things; whole composed of relationships among its members)  :: систе́ма {f}
Szczecin {prop} (city in Poland)  :: Шчечин {m} /Ščéčin/
Szlachta {prop} (nobility of Poland, Slovakia and Lithuania)  :: шля́хта {f}
Štip {prop} (a city in the Republic of Macedonia)  :: Щип {m} /Štip/