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Haapsalu {prop} (town) :: Haapsalu, Hapsal
Haarlem {prop} (city in North Holland) :: Haarlem
Haast's eagle {n} (An extinct giant eagle) :: Haastadler {m}
Habacuc {prop} (Habakkuk) SEE: Habakkuk ::
Habakkuk {prop} (book of the Bible) :: Habakuk {m}
Habakkuk {prop} (prophet) :: Habakuk
Habakkuk {prop} (male given name) :: Habakuk
haberdashery {n} (ribbons, buttons, thread, needles and similar sewing goods sold in a haberdasher's shop) :: Kurzwaren {p}
haberdashery {n} (a shop selling such goods) :: Kurzwarengeschäft {n}, Kurzwarenladen {m}
habit {n} (an action done on a regular basis) :: Gewohnheit {f}, Habitus {m}
habit {n} (long piece of clothing worn by monks and nuns) :: Kutte
habitable {adj} (where humans or other animals can live) :: bewohnbar, habitabel
habitable {adj} (inhabited) SEE: inhabited ::
habitat {n} (natural conditions in which a plant or animal lives) :: Habitat {n}
habitation {n} (the act of inhabitating) :: Wohnen {n}
habitation {n} (a place of abode) :: Behausung {f}
habitué {n} (one who frequents a place, a regular) :: Stammgast {m}, Stammgästin {f}
habitué {n} (devotee) SEE: devotee ::
habitual {adj} (behaving in a regular manner, as a habit) :: gewohnt
habitual {adj} (recurring, or that is performed over and over again) :: gewohnt
habitual {adj} (being regular or usual) :: gewohnt, gewöhnlich
habitually {adv} (occurring regularly or usually) :: gewöhnlich
habitus {n} (habitude) :: Habitus {m}
haboob {n} (violent sandstorm) :: Haboob {m}, Habub {m}
Habsburg {n} :: Habsburg
hacienda {n} (homestead) :: Hazienda {f}, Hacienda {f}
hack {v} (to gain illegal access to a computer network) :: hacken
hack {v} (to gain unauthorised access to a computer or online account) :: eindringen
hackamore {n} (bridle with no bit) :: gebisslose Zäumung {f}
hackberry {n} (plant) :: Zürgelbaum {m}, Nesselbaum {m}
hackberry {n} (Prunus padus) SEE: bird cherry ::
hacker {n} (one who uses a computer to gain unauthorized access to data) :: Hacker {m}, Hackerin {f}
hackle {n} (an instrument with pins) :: Hechel {f}
hackneyed {adj} (repeated too often) :: abgedroschen, abgenutzt, banal
hacksaw {n} (saw) :: Bügelsäge {f}
hadal {adj} (of the deepest parts of the ocean) :: benthal
haddock {n} (marine fish) :: Schellfisch {m}
Hades {prop} (from Greek mythology) :: Hades {m}
Hades {prop} (the underworld, the domain of Hades) :: Hades {m}
Hades {prop} (the Greek translation of Sheol) :: Hades {m}
hadith {n} (collected sayings and actions of Muhammad) :: Hadith {m}
Hadrian {prop} (male given name) SEE: Adrian ::
Hadrian {prop} (the Roman emperor) :: Hadrian
hadron {n} (particle) :: Hadron {n}
haematology {n} (scientific study of blood and blood-producing organs) :: Hämatologie {f}
haemo- {prefix} (pertaining to blood) :: hämo-
haemodialysis {n} (hemodialysis) SEE: hemodialysis ::
haemophilia {n} (any of several hereditary illnesses that impair the body's ability to control bleeding) :: Hämophilie {f}, Bluterkrankheit {f}
haemorrhage {n} (hemorrhage) SEE: hemorrhage ::
haemorrhoids {n} (a pathological condition) :: Hämorrhoiden {f-p}
hafnium {n} (chemical element) :: Hafnium {n}
hag {n} (witch, sorceress, enchantress) :: Hexe {f}
hag {n} (ugly old woman) :: Hexe {f}, Vettel {f}
hag {n} (hagdon or shearwater) SEE: shearwater ::
hag {n} (fruit of Prunus padus) SEE: bird cherry ::
hagberry {n} (tree) SEE: bird cherry ::
hagberry {n} (fruit) SEE: bird cherry ::
hagfish {n} (eellike fish of the family Myxinidae) :: Schleimaal {m}, Inger {m}
Haggai {prop} (book of The Bible) :: Haggai
haggard {adj} (looking exhausted and unwell) :: abgespannt, ausgezehrt, abgezehrt, mitgenommen, verhärmt, ausgemergelt, abgehärmt, gezeichnet
haggard {adj} (wild or untamed) :: wild, ungezähmt, ungebändigt
haggis {n} (traditional Scottish dish) :: Haggis {m}
haggle {v} (to argue for a better deal) :: feilschen, [dated] markten, schachern
Hagia Sophia {prop} (a former basilica, now a museum in Turkey) :: Hagia Sophia
hagiographic {adj} (of or pertaining to hagiography) :: hagiografisch
hagiography {n} (study of saints) :: Lebensbeschreibung der Heiligen {f}
hagiography {n} (biography of a saint) :: Lebensbeschreibung der Heiligen {f}
haha {interj} (representation of laughter) :: haha
haiku {n} (Japanese poem of a specific form) :: Haiku {n}
haiku {n} (poem of similar structure) :: Haiku {n}
hail {n} (balls of ice) :: Hagel {m}
hail {v} (said when hail is falling) :: hageln
hail {v} (to greet) :: grüßen
Hail Mary {n} (prayer) :: Ave Maria {n}; Gegrüßet seist Du Maria {n}; [uncommon] englischer Gruß {m}
Hail Mary {n} (Hail Mary pass) SEE: Hail Mary pass ::
Hail Mary pass {n} (football) :: Hail Mary {f}, Hail Mary Pass {m}
hailstone {n} (single ball of hail) :: Hagelkorn {n}
hail storm {n} (a storm characterized by lots of large hail) :: Hagelschauer {m}
Hainaut {prop} (province) :: Hennegau
hair {n} (a pigmented keratinaceous growth on the human head) :: Haar {n} [individual], Haare {n} [usually plural]
hair {n} (the collection or mass of filaments growing from the skin of humans and animals) :: Haar {n}
hair {n} (one of the above-mentioned filaments) :: Haaresbreite {f}
hairball {n} (wad of fur) :: Fellknäuel {n}
hair-brush {n} (a brush used in hair care) SEE: hairbrush ::
hairbrush {n} (a brush used in hair care) :: Haarbürste {f}
hair conditioner {n} (cosmetic product) :: Spülung {f}, Haarspülung {f}
haircut {n} (act of cutting of hair) :: Haarschnitt {m}, Haareschneiden {n}
haircut {n} (way hair is cut) :: Frisur {f}, Haarschnitt {m}
haircut {n} (reduction in debt) :: Schuldenschnitt {m}
hairdresser {n} (professional for haircutting or hairstyling) :: Friseur {m}, Friseurin {f}, Frisör {m}, Frisörin {f}
hairdresser's {n} (hairdresser’s shop) SEE: hair salon ::
hairdressing salon {n} (hairdressing salon) SEE: hair salon ::
hair dryer {n} (an electrical device used for drying hair) SEE: hairdryer ::
hairdryer {n} (electrical appliance for drying hair) :: Föhn {m}, Haartrockner {m}, Fön {m}, Heißluftdusche {f}, Luftdusche {f}
hair dye {n} (any of various materials used to dye hair on the head) :: Haarfärbemittel {n}, Haarfarbstoff {m}
hair gel {n} (hairstyling gel that hardens the hair) :: Haargel {n}
hairless {adj} (bald) SEE: bald ::
hairless {adj} (destitute of hair) :: haarlos
hairnet {n} (net designed to keep hair up) :: Haarnetz {n}
hair of the dog {n} (curing drink) :: Konterbier {n}, Konterschnaps {m}, Reparaturseidl {n}, Mageneinrenker {m}
hairpiece {n} (false substitute for a person's hair) :: Haarteil {n}
hairpin {n} (pin or fastener for the hair) :: Haarnadel {f}
hair-raising {adj} (scary) :: haarsträubend
hair roller {n} (a small tube that is rolled into a person's hair) :: Lockenwickler {m}, Lockwellwickel {m}
hair salon {n} (workplace of a beautician or barber) :: Friseursalon {m}, Frisörsalon {m}, Frisiersalon {m}
hair-splitting {n} (the act of finding exceedingly small differences which are neither important nor prominent) :: Haarspalterei {f}
hair spray {n} (hairstyling product that stiffens the hair) :: Haarspray {n}
hairstyle {n} (the style in which someone's hair has been cut and arranged) :: Frisur {f}
hairy {adj} (of a person) :: behaart, haarig
hairy {adj} (of an animal) :: pelzartig
hairy {adj} (of a body part other than the head) :: behaart, haarig
hairy-eared dwarf lemur {n} (Allocebus trichotis) :: Büschelohrmaki {m}
haitch {n} (name of the letter H) SEE: aitch ::
Haiti {prop} (a country in the Caribbean) :: Haiti
Haitian {n} (person from Haiti) :: Haitianer {m}, Haitianerin {f}
Haitian {adj} (pertaining to the country, people, or language) :: haitianisch
Haitian Creole {n} (language spoken in Haiti) :: Haitianisch {n}
hajduk {n} (a mercenary foot soldier in Hungary) :: heiduck
hajib {n} (headscarf) SEE: hijab ::
hajj {n} (pilgrimage to Mecca) :: Haddsch {m}, Hadsch {m}, Hadj {m}
hake {n} (fish) :: Hechtdorsch {m}, Seehecht {m}
halal {adj} (fit to eat according to Muslim religious customs) :: halal
halberd {n} (hand weapon) :: Hellebarde {f}
halberdier {n} (a soldier armed with a halberd) :: Hellebardier {m}, Hellebardenträger {m}
halcyon days {n} (halcyon days) :: Halkyonische Tage {p}
half {adj} (consisting of a half) :: halb
half {adj} (consisting of some indefinite portion resembling a half) :: halb
half {adv} (in two equal parts or to an equal degree) :: halb
half {n} (one of two equal parts into which anything may be divided) :: Hälfte {f}
half {v} (halve) SEE: halve ::
half-awake {adj} (barely awake) :: halb wach, halbwach
half-baked {adj} (incomplete) :: unausgegoren
half board {n} (hotel rate) :: Halbpension
half-breed {n} (derogatory: person of racially mixed ancestry) :: Mischling {m}
half brother {n} (a male half-sibling) :: Halbbruder {m}
half-crown {n} (coin) :: halbe Krone {f}
half-hearted {adj} (Not sincere; lacking full energy) :: halbherzig
half-hour {n} (period) :: halbe Stunde {f}
half-hourly {adv} (twice an hour) :: jede halbe Stunde
half-life {n} (time in physics) :: Halbwertszeit {f}
half-life {n} (chemistry: time required for concentration to fall to half) :: Halbwertszeit {f}
half-line {n} (ray) SEE: ray ::
halfling {n} (a hobbit) :: Halbling {m}
half-mast {n} (lowered position of a flag) :: halbmast
half-moon {n} (the moon in its first or last quarter) :: Halbmond {m}
half-moon {n} (anything shaped like a crescent) :: Halbmond {m}
half-naked {adj} (with very few clothes on) :: halbnackt
half nephew {n} (son of a half sibling) :: Halbneffe {m}
half note {n} (minim) SEE: minim ::
half orphan {n} (person, especially a child, with only one living parent) :: Halbwaise {f}
half past {n} ("half past one" as example of usage in other languages) :: halb zwei
half-pipe {n} (A structure used to perform tricks) :: Halfpipe {f}
half sister {n} (maternal/paternal half sister) :: Halbschwester {f}
half-staff {n} (half-mast) SEE: half-mast ::
half time {n} (interval between halves) :: Halbzeit {f}
half title {n} (book title) :: Vortitel {m}, Schmutztitel {m}
halftone {n} (half the interval between two notes) :: Halbton {m}
halftone {n} (picture made by half-toning) :: Rasterdruck {m}
half-truth {n} (A deceptive statement) :: Halbwahrheit {f}
half-uncle {n} (half-brother of one's parent) :: Halbonkel
halfway {adv} (midway) :: halbwegs
halfwit {n} (someone lacking in intelligence) :: Trottel {m}, Schwachkopf {m}, Halbidiot {m}, Halbidiotin {f}
half-year {n} (period of half a year) :: Halbjahr {n}
half-yearly {adv} (twice a year) :: halbjährlich
half-yearly {adj} (semiannual) SEE: semiannual ::
halibut {n} (fish of genus Hippoglossus) :: Heilbutt {m}, Heiligbutt {m}, Heiligenbutt {m}, Pferdezunge, Riesenscholle
Halicarnassus {prop} (ancient Greek city) :: Halikarnassos
halide {n} (halogen salt) :: Halit {n}
Halifax {prop} (city in England) :: Halifax
Halifax {prop} (city of Canada) :: Halifax
halitosis {n} (condition of having foul-smelling breath) :: Mundgeruch {m}
hall {n} (corridor or a hallway) :: Flur {m}, Korridor {m}, Diele {f}
hall {n} (meeting room) :: Halle {f}, Saal {m}
hall {n} (manor house) :: Herrenhaus {n}
hall {n} (building providing student accommodation) :: Studentenwohnheim {n}
hall {n} (principal room of a secular medieval building) :: Saal {m}, Halle {f}
Hall effect {n} (development of a transverse voltage gradient) :: Halleffekt {m}
hallelujah {interj} (exclamation to praise God) :: halleluja
hallelujah {interj} (general exclamation of gratitude) :: Gott sei Dank
hallelujah {n} (shout of Hallelujah) :: Halleluja {n}
Halley's Comet {prop} (comet) :: Halleyscher Komet {m}
hallmark {n} (a distinct characteristic) :: Kennzeichen {n}
hallmark {n} (an official marking) :: Repunze {f}, Punze {f}
hall of fame {n} (hall which honors people of great importance to some field) :: Ruhmeshalle {f}, Hall of Fame {f}
hall of mirrors {n} (carnival attraction) :: Spiegellabyrinth {n}
hallow {n} (holy person) :: Heiliger {m}, Heilige {f}
hallow {v} (to sanctify) :: heiligen, heilig machen, sanktifizieren, weihen
hallowed {adj} (consecrated; holy) :: geheiligt, geweiht
Halloween {prop} (October 31st) :: Halloween {n}
hallows {n} (plural of hallow) SEE: hallow ::
halloysite {n} (a clay mineral) :: Halloysit {m}
hallucinate {v} (seem to perceive what is not really present) :: halluzinieren
hallucination {n} (sensory perception of something that does not exist) :: Halluzination {f}, Wahnvorstellung {f}, Sinnestäuschung {f}, Illusion {f}
hallucination {n} (act of hallucinating) :: Halluzinieren {n}
hallucinogen {n} (that which causes hallucinations) :: Halluzinogen {n}
hallucinogenic {adj} (producing hallucinations) :: halluzinogen
hallux {n} (big toe) SEE: big toe ::
hallway {n} (corridor) SEE: corridor ::
halo {n} (atmospheric phenomenon) :: Halo {m}
halo {n} (luminous disc around the heads of saints) :: Heiligenschein {m}
haloalkane {n} (chemical compound) :: Halogenalkan
halocarbon {n} :: Halogenkohlenwasserstoff {m}
halogen {n} (any element of group 17) :: Halogen {n}
halogenate {v} (to treat with, or react with, a halogen or a hydrohalic acid) :: halogenieren
halogenation {n} (the reaction of a halogen with something) :: Halogenierung {f}
halt {v} (limp (walk lamely)) SEE: limp ::
halt {v} (to stop either temporarily or permanently) :: anhalten, stoppen, rasten
halt {v} (to cause something to stop) :: anhalten, stoppen, stocken
halt {v} (to waver or be hesitant) :: anhalten, stoppen, stocken, zögern
halt {n} (cessation) :: Halt {m}, Blockierung {f}, Pause
halt {n} (minor railway station) :: Halteplatz {m}, Haltestelle {f}
halter {n} (animal's headgear) :: Halfter {n}
haltingly {adv} (full of pauses or hesitation) :: zögernd
halting problem {n} (problem in theoretical computer science) :: Halteproblem {n}
halva {n} (confection) :: Halva {m}, Halwa {n}
halve {v} (to reduce to half of original) :: halbieren
halve {v} (to divide in two equal parts) :: halbieren
ham {n} (region back of the knee joint) :: Kniekehle {f}
ham {n} (thigh of a hog cured for food) :: Schinken {m}
ham {n} (actor with an exaggerating style) :: Schmierenkomödiant {m}; Schmierenschauspieler {m}
ham {n} (ham radio operator) :: Funkamateur {m}, Amateurfunker {m}; Funkamateurin {f}, Amateurfunkerin {f}
Hamadan {prop} (city in Iran) :: Hamadan
hamadryas {n} (Papio hamadryas) :: Mantelpavian {m}
hamartia {n} (sin) SEE: sin ::
hamartia {n} (tragic flaw) :: Hamartie, Irrtum
Hamas {prop} (Islamic militant organization) :: Hamas {f}
hamate bone {n} (one of the wrist bones) :: Hakenbein {n}
Hamburg {prop} (state) :: Hamburg {n}
Hamburg {prop} (city) :: Hamburg {n}
hamburger {n} (sandwich) :: Hamburger {m}
hamburger {n} (patty) :: Hamburger {m}
hamburger {n} (ground beef) :: Mett {n}, Rindermett {n}
Hamburger {n} (A person from Hamburg) :: Hamburger {m}, Hamburgerin {f}
ham-fisted {adj} (lacking skill in physical movement) :: unbeholfen, plump
Hamilcar {prop} (given name) :: Hamilkar
Hamilton {prop} (name of various cities in English-speaking countries) :: Hamilton
Hamiltonian path {n} (path which visits each vertex exactly once) :: Hamilton-Pfad {m}
Hamito-Semitic {adj} (Hamito-Semitic) :: hamito-semitisch
Hamito-Semitic {prop} (Hamito-Semitic) :: Hamito-Semitisch {n}
ham it up {v} (performing arts: exaggerate one's emotions or movements) :: zu dick auftragen
hamlet {n} (small village) :: Weiler {m}, Dorf {n}, [pejorative] Kaff {n}
hamlet {n} (fish) :: Hamletbarsche
Hamlet {prop} (the main character of the play Hamlet) :: Hamlet {m}
hammam {n} (Turkish bath) SEE: Turkish bath ::
hammer {n} (tool) :: Hammer {m}
hammer {n} (bone of the middle ear; see also malleus) :: Hammer {m}, Malleus {m}
hammer {n} (piano part) :: Hammer {m}
hammer {n} (sports: device) :: Hammer {m}
hammer and sickle {n} (symbol of communism) :: Hammer und Sichel
hammer bench {n} (child's toy) :: Klopfbank {f}
hammerhead shark {n} (shark of the genus Sphyrna) :: Hammerhai {m}
hammer throw {n} (athletic event where a heavy steel ball with a handle attached is thrown) :: Hammerwurf {m}, Hammerwerfen {n}
hammer thrower {n} (athlete who competes in the hammer throw) :: Hammerwerfer {m}, Hammerwerferin {f}
hammock {n} (swinging couch or bed) :: Hängematte {f}
hammy {adj} (amateurish; characterized by overacting) :: übertrieben, überdreht
hamper {n} (anything which impedes) :: Hindernis {n}
ham radio {n} (ham radio) SEE: amateur radio ::
hamster {n} (small, short-tailed European rodent) :: Hamster {m}
hamstring {n} (great tendon) :: Hüftgelenkextensoren {m-p}, ischiocrurale Muskulatur {f}, rückseitige Oberschenkelmuskulatur {f}
hamza {n} (Arabic hamza) :: Hamza {n}, Hamsa {n}
Han {prop} (Chinese ethnicity) :: Han, Han-Chinesen {p}
Hanakian {adj} (pertaining to Hanakia) :: hanakisch
Hanakian {n} (person from Moravia) :: Hanake {m}, Hanakin {f}
hanami {n} (Japanese custom) :: Hanami {n}
Han character {n} (Chinese character) SEE: Chinese character ::
hand {v} (to give, pass or transmit with the hand) :: reichen
hand {v} (to lead, guide, or assist with the hand) :: geleiten
hand {n} (part of the fore limb) :: Hand {f}
hand {n} (pointer of an analogue/analog clock) :: Zeiger {m}
hand {n} (side; part; direction, either right or left) :: Hand {f}, Seite {f}
hand {n} (servant, laborer, workman, trained for special duty; a performer) :: Handlanger {m}
hand {n} (handwriting; style of penmanship) :: Handschrift {f}, Schrift {f}
hand {n} (that which is, or may be, held in a hand at once) :: Handvoll {f}
hand {n} (set of cards held by a player in a card game) :: Hand {f}, Blatt {n}
hand {n} (small part of a gunstock near the lock, grasped when aiming) :: Handgriff {m}
handbag {n} (small bag used by women) :: Handtasche {f}
handball {n} (team sport) :: Handball {m}
handball {n} (ball in team sport) :: Handball {m}
handball {n} (football offence) :: Handspiel {n}
handball player {n} (person who plays handball) :: Handballspieler {m}, Handballspielerin {f}
handbook {n} (a book of reference) :: Handbuch {n}
handbrake {n} (hand-operated brake in a car) :: Handbremse {f}
handcar {n} (a light railroad car propelled by a hand-operated pumping mechanism) SEE: draisine ::
handcart {n} (a cart designed to be pulled or pushed by hand) :: Handwagen {m}, Handkarren {m}
handcraft {n} (handicraft) SEE: handicraft ::
handcrafted {adj} (made by hand) :: handgemacht
handcuff {n} (ring of a locking fetter for the hand) :: Handschelle {f}
handcuffs {n} (metal rings for fastening wrists) :: Handschellen {f-p}, Handfesseln {f-p}
hand down {v} (transmit in succession) :: überliefern
handed {adj} (with hands joined) SEE: hand in hand ::
handedness {n} (property) :: Chiralität {f}
handedness {n} (preference for using the right or left hand) :: Händigkeit {f}
handfast {n} (contract) :: Handfest {n}
handful {n} (amount held in hand) :: Handvoll {f}
handful {n} (breadth of hand) :: Handbreite {f}
handful {n} (small number) :: Handvoll {f}
hand grenade {n} (explosive device) :: Handgranate {f}
handgun {n} (small, hand-held gun) :: Handwaffe {f}, Pistole {f}, Handfeuerwaffe {f}
handicap {n} (allowance granted in a race to the competitor) :: Vorsprung {m}
handicap {n} (disadvantage, in particular physical or mental disadvantages of people) :: Behinderung {m}
handicapped {adj} (having a handicap) :: behindert
handicraft {n} (trade requiring skill of hand) :: Handarbeit {f}, Handwerk {n}, Kunsthandwerk {n}
handiness {n} (the quality or state of being handy) :: Handlichkeit {f}
hand in hand {adv} (holding or clasping hands) :: Hand in Hand
hand in hand {adv} (naturally together) :: Hand in Hand
hand job {n} (An act of masturbation performed by someone else's hand) :: Handjob {m}
handkerchief {n} (cloth for wiping the face, eyes, nose or hands) :: Taschentuch {m}
handkerchief {n} (cloth to be worn about the neck) :: Halstuch {n}, [silk] Seidenhalstuch {n}, Nickituch {n}
handlanger {n} (unskilled assistant to an artisan) :: Handlanger {m}
handle {n} (part of an object held in the hand when used or moved) :: Griff {m}, Klinke (of a door)
handlebar {n} (bar for steering) :: Lenker {m}
handler {n} (one who handles a specified thing) :: Betreuer {m}, Führer {m}
handless {adj} (without a hand) :: handlos, armlos
handle with kid gloves {v} (to treat something very delicately) :: jemanden mit Samthandschuhen anfassen, jemanden mit Glacéhandschuhen anfassen
handling {n} (touching, controlling, managing with the hands) :: Bedienung {f}, Handhabung {f}, Umgang {m}, Handling {n}
handling {n} (criminal offence) :: Hehlerei {f}
handling charge {n} (fee charged) :: Bearbeitungsgebühr {f}
handmade {adj} (made by hand) :: handgemacht
handmaid {n} (maid that waits at hand) :: Dienerin {f}, Zofe {f}
handmill {n} (hand-operated grinding apparatus) :: Handmühle {f}
hand net {n} (small net) :: Kescher {m}
hand out {v} (to distribute) :: verteilen, austeilen
handout {n} (a worksheet, leaflet or pamphlet given out for a certain use) :: Flugblatt {n}, Zettel {m}, Handreichung {f}
handout {n} (a gift to the poor or needy) :: Almosen {n}
hand over {v} (to relinquish control or possession) :: übergeben, überreichen, aushändigen
hand over {v} (to deliver to people) :: überantworten
handover {n} (transference of authority) :: Übergabe {f}
handpicked {v} (selected with great care) :: handverlesen
hand puppet {n} (puppet operated by the hand) :: Handpuppe {f}
handrail {n} (rail which can be held) :: Geländer {n}
hand rub {n} (hand sanitizer) SEE: hand sanitizer ::
hand sanitizer {n} (liquid) :: Händedesinfektionsmittel {n}
handsaw {n} (saw small enough to be used by one hand) :: Fuchsschwanz {m}, Handsäge {f}
hands down {adv} (without much effort, easily) :: leichthin, mühelos, spielend, locker, mit Leichtigkeit, mit Links
handshake {v} (grasping of hands by two people) :: Händeschütteln {n}, Handschlag {m}
handsoap {n} (handsoap) :: Handseife {f}
hands off {interj} (don't touch!) :: Finger weg!, Hände weg!
hands off {adj} (not interfering with others' decisions and actions) :: tun lassen
handsome {adj} (of man: attractive) :: hübsch, stattlich, gutaussehend
handsome {adj} (of a woman: striking, impressive and elegantly proportioned, though not conventionally beautiful) :: ansehnlich, schmuck, gutaussehend
handsome {adj} (moderately large) :: stattlich
handsomeness {n} (quality of being handsome) :: Schönheit {f}
hands-on {adj} (involving active participation) :: aktiv, handlungsbasiert, praktisch
handstand {n} (a movement or position in which a person is upside down) :: Handstand {m}
hands up {interj} (surrender!) :: Hände hoch!
handsy {adj} (prone to touching others) :: fummelnd, befummelnd
handtame {adj} (tame and accustomed to being held in the hand; mild; meek; humble; docile) :: handzahm
handtame {v} (to cause to become accustomed to being handled) :: handzahm machen
hand-to-mouth {adj} :: von der Hand in den Mund
hand tool {n} (tool powered by human muscle) :: Handwerkzeug {n}
hand towel {n} (towel used for drying the hands or face) :: Handtuch {n}
hand truck {n} (box-moving handcart) :: Sackkarre {f}, Sackrodel {f} [Austria]
handwriting {n} (act or process of writing with the hand) :: Handschrift {f}
handwriting {n} (characteristic writing of a particular person) :: Handschrift {f}
handwritten {adj} (written with a pen or pencil) :: handschriftlich
handy {adj} (easy to use) :: anstellig, handlich, praktisch
handy {adj} (within reach) :: in Reichweite, griffbereit, zur Hand
handy {n} (hand job) SEE: hand job ::
handyman {n} (man who does odd tasks) :: [closest match, but very informal and possibly rude] Mädchen für alles {n}; [one repairing things in their own house] Heimwerker {m}; [one repairing things as a job] Hausmeister {m}; Handwerker {m}; Reparateur {m}; [one doing small, unskilled jobs for others] Handlanger {m}
hang {v} (to be or remain suspended) :: hängen
hang {v} (to float as if suspended) :: hängte
hang {v} (to hold or bear in a suspended or inclined manner or position) :: hängen
hang {v} (to cause to be suspended) :: aufhängen
hang {v} (to place on a hook) :: aufhängen
hang {v} (to execute by suspension from the neck) :: hängen, [archaic] henken
hang {v} (to be executed using gallows) :: aufhängen
hang {v} (informal: to loiter) :: herumlungern, [slang] herumhängen, [slang] herumgammeln, herumdrücken
hang {v} (to exhibit by hanging) :: ausstellen
hang {v} (to apply (wallpaper or drywall to a wall)) :: aufhängen
hang {v} (to decorate (something) with hanging objects) :: schmücken, dekorieren
hang {v} (computing: to cause (a program or computer) to stop responding) :: hängen, aufhängen
hang {v} (chess: to cause to become vulnerable to capture) :: hängen
hang {v} (chess: to be vulnerable to capture) :: hängen
hangar {n} (a large garage-like structure where aircraft are kept) :: Hangar {m}
hang around {v} (to spend time or be friends) :: abhängen [slang], herumhängen, rumhängen
hang by a thread {v} (to be in a precarious situation) :: am seidenen Faden hängen, an einem seidenen Faden hängen
hanger {n} (clothes hanger) :: Bügel {m}
hanger {n} (hangman) SEE: hangman ::
hanger-on {n} (Someone who hangs on, or sticks) :: Trabant {m}
Hangeul {n} (Korean phonetic script) :: Hangeul {n}, Hangul {n}
hang glider {n} (aircraft) :: Hängegleiter {m}, Deltagleiter {m}
hanging {adj} (suspended) :: hängend
hanging {n} (means of execution) :: Erhängung {f}
hanging {n} (public event at which a person is hanged) :: Erhängung {f}
hanging {n} (anything wide, high and thin that is hung) :: Behang {m}
hanging {n} (way in which hangings (decorations) are arranged) :: Hängung {f}
hangman {n} (executioner) :: Henker {m}
hangman's noose {n} (knot) :: Henkersknoten {m}
hangnail {n} (protruding piece of nail tissue or skin near base of fingernail or toenail) :: Niednagel {m}, Neidnagel {m}
hang on {v} (to keep; to store something for someone) :: aufbewahren
hang on {v} (persevere) :: durchhalten
hang on every word {v} (To be completely attentive to what another person is saying) :: an den Lippen hängen
hang out {v} (to do nothing in particular) :: abhängen, herumhängen
hangout {n} (A place for hanging out; an informal meeting-place) :: Treffpunkt {m}, Treff {m}
hang out to dry {v} (abandon someone in need) :: im Regen stehen lassen
hangover {n} (illness caused by heavy drinking) :: Katzenjammer {m}, Kater {m}
hangover {n} (unpleasant relic left from prior events) :: Überbleibsel {n}
hang up {v} (put up to hang) :: aufhängen
hang up {v} (terminate a phone call) :: auflegen
hanja {n} (Han character script used to write Korean) :: Hanja {n}
Hanja {prop} (Korean phonetic script) SEE: hanja ::
Hankel function {n} (function) :: Hankel-Funktion {f}
hanky-panky {n} (mischievous behaviour, dishonest or shady activity) :: fauler Zauber {m}, Schwindel {m}, Hokuspokus {m}, Mauschelei {f}, Mauscheleien {p} {f}, Trick {m}, Tricks {p} {m}, Taschenspielertrick {m}, Taschenspielertricks {p} {m}
hanky-panky {n} (amorous behaviour, smooching, making out, necking, sexual intercourse or other sexual activity) :: Techtelmechtel {n}, Knutscherei {f}, Gefummel {n}, Fummeln {n}
hanky-panky {n} (a debaucherous act; a secual act that is considered inappropriate) :: Ausschweifung {f}, Sittenlosigkeit {f}
Hannah {prop} (mother of Samuel) :: Hanna
Hannah {prop} (female given name) :: Hanna, Hannah
Hannibal {prop} (name) :: Hannibal
Hanoi {prop} (capital of Vietnam) :: Hanoi {n}
Hanover {prop} (German city) :: Hannover {n}
hanse {n} (merchant guild) SEE: Hanse ::
hanse {n} (Hanseatic League) SEE: Hanseatic League ::
Hanse {n} (merchant guild) :: Gilde {f}, Hanse {f}
Hanse {n} (German commercial league) SEE: Hanseatic League ::
Hanseatic {adj} (of or pertaining to the German Hanse) :: hanseatisch, hansisch, Hanse-
Hanseatic city {n} (member-city of the Hanseatic League) :: Hansestadt {f}
Hanseatic League {prop} (former commercial and military alliance) :: Hanse {f}
Hansel {prop} (given name) :: Hänsel {m}
Hansel {prop} (fictional character in Hansel and Gretel) :: Hänsel {m}
Hansel and Gretel {prop} (the fairy tale) :: Hänsel und Gretel
Hanukkah {prop} (the Jewish festival) :: Chanukka {f}
hanukkiah {n} (nine-branched candelabrum) :: Chanukkia {f}
Hanzi {n} (Chinese character) SEE: Chinese character ::
hapax {n} (hapax legomenon) SEE: hapax legomenon ::
hapax legomenon {n} (word occurring only once) :: Hapaxlegomenon {n}, Hapax legomenon {n}, hapax legomenon {n}
haphazard {adj} (random, chaotic, incomplete) :: planlos, willkürlich
haphazardly {adv} (in a haphazard manner) :: planlos, wahllos, willkürlich, zufällig
hapless {adj} (very unlucky; ill-fated) :: unglückselig
haplogroup {n} (group of haplotypes) :: Haplogruppe {f}
haploid {adj} (having a single set of unpaired chromosomes) :: haploid
haplolepidous {adj} (form of arthrodontous peristome) :: haplolepid
haplology {n} (deleting syllables) :: Haplologie {f}, Silbenschichtung {f}
haplotype {n} (group of alleles) :: Haplotyp {m}
haply {adv} (perhaps) SEE: perhaps ::
happen {v} (to occur) :: geschehen, passieren, stattfinden
happening {n} (a spontaneous or improvised event, especially one that involves audience participation) :: Happening {n}
happenstance {n} :: Zufall {m}
happily {adv} (by good chance, fortunately) :: glücklicherweise
happily {adv} (in a happy manner) :: glücklich, glücklicherweise, fröhlich
happily {adv} (willingly) :: bereitwillig, gerne
happily ever after {adv} (happily until one's death) :: und wenn sie nicht gestorben sind, dann leben sie noch heute
happiness {n} (emotion of being happy) :: Glück {n}, Glücklichkeit {f}
happiness {n} :: Fröhlichkeit {f}, Glück {n}
happy {adj} (contented, joyous) :: zufrieden, fröhlich, froh, freudig
happy {adj} (fortunate, lucky) :: glücklich
happy {adj} (content (to do something); having no objection (to something)) :: mit (etwas) einverstanden sein
happy birthday {interj} (good wishes for a birthday) :: alles Gute zum Geburtstag, herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, [informally] viel Glück zum Geburtstag
happy Easter {phrase} (an expression used during Easter) :: frohe Ostern
happy ending {n} (happy end) :: Happy End {n}, glückliches Ende {n}
happy-go-lucky {adj} (carefree) :: sorgenfrei, unbekümmert
Happy Holidays {phrase} (holiday greeting) :: frohe Feiertage, frohe Festtage, frohes Fest
happy hour {n} (pub discount drinking hours) :: happy hour
happy New Year {phrase} (Happy New Year) :: ein gutes neues Jahr, gutes neues Jahr, fröhliches neues Jahr, frohes neues Jahr, prosit Neujahr, guten Rutsch [before the start], guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr [before the start]
haptic {adj} (of or relating to the sense of touch) :: haptisch
harakat {n} (Arabic diacritic, see also: vocalization) :: Harakat
hara-kiri {n} (ceremonial suicide by ripping open the abdomen) :: Harakiri {n}
hara-kiri {n} (self-destructive act) :: Harakiri {n}
harangue {n} (impassioned speech) :: Moralpredigt {f}
harangue {n} (tirade) :: Moralpredigt, Tirade {f}, Schmährede {f}, Sermon {m}
harass {v} (to annoy; to molest) :: belästigen
harass {v} (to put excessive burdens upon) :: verfolgen
harassment {n} (persistent attacks and criticism causing worry and distress) :: Belästigung {f}
harassment {n} (deliberate pestering or annoying) :: Belästigung {f}, Aufdringlichkeit {f}
Haratin {n} (a member of a certain Berber people) :: Haratin
harbinger {n} (that which foretells the coming of something) :: [person] Vorbote {m}, [thing] Omen {n}, Vorzeichen {n}
harbinger {v} (to announce) :: ankündigen
harbor {n} (for ships) :: Hafen {m}
harbormaster {n} (official responsible for the enforcement of regulations in a port) :: Hafenmeister {m}, Hafenkapitän {m}
harbor seal {n} (Phoca vitulina) :: Seehund {m}
harbour {n} (harbor) SEE: harbor ::
harbourmaster {n} (harbourmaster) SEE: harbormaster ::
hard {adj} (resistant to pressure) :: hart, fest
hard {adj} (requiring a lot of effort to do or understand) :: schwierig, hart, schwer, herausfordernd
hard {adj} (demanding a lot of effort to endure) :: schwierig, schwer
hard {adj} (severe) :: hart
hard {adj} (unquestionable) :: fix
hard {adj} (of drink: strong) :: stark
hard {adj} (of water, high in dissolved calcium compounds) :: hart
hard-boiled {adj} (of an egg) :: hartgekocht
hard-boiled {adj} (callous) :: hartgesotten
hard candy {n} (candy prepared from one or more syrups) :: Zuckerstein {m}, Bonbon {n}
hard cider {n} (beverage) :: Cidre {m}
hard code {v} (to insert unchangeable code) :: fest einprogrammieren
hardcover {n} (a book with a rigid binding) :: gebundenes Buch {n}, gebundene Ausgabe {f}
hardcover {adj} (of a book: having a rigid binding) :: gebunden
hard disk {n} (recording disk in a drive unit) :: Festplatte {f}
hard disk {n} (unit and all the disks within it) :: Festplatte {f}
hard drive {n} (device used for storing large amounts of data) :: Festplatte {f}
hardened {adj} (unfeeling or lacking emotion due to experience; callous) :: abgehärtet, verhärtet
hardening {n} (process) :: Härten {n}, Härtung {f}
Hardenne {prop} (surname) :: von Ardenne
hard feelings {n} (resentment or anger) :: Ärger, Groll
hard hat {n} (construction helmet) :: Schutzhelm {m}, Bauhelm {m}, Sicherheitshelm {m}
hardhead {n} (Aythya australis) :: Australische Moorente {f}
hard labor {n} (forced labor) SEE: forced labor ::
hard-liner {n} (A person who takes a firm position on some policy) :: Hardliner {m}, Hardlinerin {f}
hardly {adv} (barely, only just) :: kaum
hard maple {n} (sugar maple) SEE: sugar maple ::
hardness {n} (quality of being hard) :: Härte {f}
hard-nosed {adj} (pragmatic) :: pragmatisch
hard nut to crack {n} (challenging problem to solve) :: harte Nuss {f}
hard of hearing {adj} (having difficulty hearing) :: schwerhörig
hard-on {n} (rigid state of the penis) SEE: erection ::
hard-on {n} (erection of the penis) :: Ständer {m} [slang]
hard palate {n} (tissue) :: harter Gaumen {m}
hardpan {n} (layer of soil) :: Ortstein {m}
hard-pressed {adj} :: Probleme haben, Schwierigkeiten haben, in Not
hard rock {n} (rock music genre) :: Hard Rock {m}, Hardrock {m}
hard roe {n} (roe) SEE: roe ::
hardship {n} (difficulty or trouble) :: Härte {f}, Not {f}, Entbehrung {f}, Mühsal {f}, Elend {n}, Beschwernis {f}
hard shoulder {n} (verge to the side of a highway) :: Standstreifen {m}
hardtack {n} (hard biscuit) :: Hartkeks {m} {n}
hard time {n} (difficulties) :: schwere Zeit
hardware {n} (fixtures, equipment, tools and devices) :: Eisenwaren {f-p}
hardware {n} (material part of a computer) :: Hardware {f}
hardware description language {n} :: Hardwarebeschreibungssprache {f}
hardware store {n} (merchant) :: [large] Baumarkt {m}; [small] Eisenwarenladen {m}
hard water {n} (water with a high concentration of dissolved minerals) :: hartes Wasser {n}
hard wheat {n} (variety of wheat with hard grains ) SEE: durum wheat ::
hardwood {n} (the wood from any dicotyledonous tree) :: Laubholz {n}
hardwood {n} :: Hartholz {n}
hard-working {adj} (tending to work with ardour) SEE: hardworking ::
hardworking {adj} (taking their work seriously and doing it well and rapidly) :: fleißig, arbeitsam, eifrig
hardy {adj} (inured to fatigue or hardships) :: abgehärtet, widerstandsfähig
hare {n} (animal) :: Hase {m}
harelip {n} (congenital malformation of the upper lip) :: Hasenscharte {f}
harem {n} (the private part of an Arab household) :: Harem {m}
harem {n} (group of women in a polygamous household) :: Harem {m}
haricot {n} (common bean) SEE: common bean ::
harlequin {n} (pantomime fool) :: Harlekin {m}
harlequin duck {n} (Histrionicus histrionicus) :: Kragenente {f}
harlot {n} (a female prostitute) :: Dirne {f}, Hure {f}, Nutte {f}
harm {n} (injury; hurt; damage) :: Schaden {m}
harm {v} (cause damage) :: schaden
harmful {adj} (likely to be damaging) :: schädlich
harmfulness {n} (the characteristic of being harmful) :: Schädlichkeit
harmless {adj} (incapable of causing harm or danger) :: harmlos, unschädlich, ungefährlich
harmlessness {n} (the characteristic of being harmless) :: Harmlosigkeit {f}
harmonic {adj} (pertaining to harmony) :: harmonisch
harmonic {adj} (pleasant to hear) :: harmonisch
harmonica {n} (wind instrument) :: Mundharmonika {f}
harmonica {n} (musical instrument, consisting of a series of glasses) :: Glasharmonika {f}
harmonic function {n} (function) :: harmonische Funktion {f}
harmonic mean {n} (type of average) :: harmonisches Mittel {n}
harmonious {adj} (showing accord) :: harmonisch
harmonious {adj} (having components pleasingly combined) :: harmonisch
harmonious {adj} (melodious) :: harmonisch
harmonium {n} (musical instrument) :: Harmonium {n}
harmonization {n} (act of harmonizing) :: Harmonisierung {f}
harmonize {v} (to be in harmonious agreement) :: harmonieren
harmonize {v} (to play or sing in harmony) :: harmonieren
harmonize {v} (to bring things into harmony, or to make things compatible) :: harmonisieren
harmonize {v} (to provide the harmony for a melody) :: harmonisieren
harmony {n} (agreement or accord) :: Harmonie {f}, Einklang {m}
harmony {n} (pleasing combination of elements, or arrangement of sounds) :: Harmonie {f}, Wohlklang {m}
harmony {n} (music: the academic study of chords) :: Harmonie {f}
harmony {n} (music: two or more notes played simultaneously to produce a chord) :: Harmonie {f}
harness {n} (restraint or support) :: Geschirr {n}, Pferdegeschirr {n}, Gurt {m}, Anschnallgurt {m}
harness {v} (to place a harness on something) :: vorspannen, nutzbar machen, aufzäumen
harness {v} (to control or put to use) :: nutzbar machen
Harold {prop} (male given name) :: Harald
harp {n} (musical instrument) :: Harfe {f}
harp {v} (to repeatedly mention a subject) :: auf (etwas) herumreiten
harpist {n} (Person who plays the harp) :: Harfenspieler {m}, Harfenspielerin {f}, Harfenist {m}, Harfenistin {f}
harpoon {n} (spearlike weapon) :: Harpune {f}
harpooner {n} (someone who hunts with a harpoon) :: Harpunier {m}
harp seal {n} (a species of seal) :: Sattelrobbe {f}
harpsichord {n} (musical instrument) :: Spinett {n}, Cembalo {n}
harpsichordist {n} (one who plays the harpsichord) :: Cembalist {m}, Cembalistin {f}
harpy {n} (Fabulous winged monster with the face of a woman) :: Harpyie {f}
harpy {n} (Obnoxious, shrewish woman) :: Drachen {m}
harpy eagle {n} (Harpia harpyja) :: Harpyie {f}
harquebus {n} (obsolete matchlock firearm) :: Arkebuse {f}, Hakenbüchse {f}
harridan {n} (vicious and scolding woman) :: Drache {m} (alter Drachen {m}), Xanthippe {f}, Hexe {f}, Vettel {f}
harrier {n} (birds of prey) :: Weihe {f}
harrow {n} (device) :: Egge {f}
harrow {v} (drag a harrow over) :: eggen
harrow {v} (traumatise, frighten) :: peinigen, quälen
harrowing {adj} (causing pain or distress) :: erschütternd, grauenhaft, grauenvoll, quälend
harrowing of hell {n} (raid into the underworld) :: Höllenfahrt {m}
harsh {adj} (rough) :: rau, harsch
harsh {adj} (severe or cruel) :: unwirsch, harsch, scharf, hart, streng, schrill, herb, rau, grell
harshly {adv} (in a harsh manner; severely) :: harsch
hartebeest {n} (Alcelaphus bucelaphus) :: Kuhantilope {f}
Hartley oscillator {n} :: Hartley-Schaltung {m}, Hartley-Oszillator {m}
Hartmann {prop} (surname) :: Hartmann
harumph {v} (dislike) :: missbilligen
Harun {prop} (given name) :: Harun
Harvard {prop} (university) :: Harvard
harvest {n} (autumn, fall) SEE: autumn ::
harvest {n} (process of gathering the ripened crop) :: Ernte {f}
harvest {n} (yield of harvesting) :: Ernte {f}
harvest {n} :: [2] Frucht {f}, [2] Ausbeute {f}
harvest {v} (to bring in a harvest; reap) :: ernten
harvester {n} (person who gathers the harvest) :: Erntehelfer {m}, Erntehelferin {f}
harvester {n} (machine that harvests) :: Ernter {m}, Vollernter {m}
harvestman {n} (arachnid) :: Afterspinne {f}, Kanker {m}, Schneckenkanker {m}, Schneider {m}, Weberknecht {m}, Zimmermann {m} (Switzerland)
harvest mite {n} (harvest mite) :: Herbstgrasmilbe {f}
harvest moon {n} (first full moon of autumn) :: erster Vollmond {m} im Herbst, Herbstvollmond {m}
harvest moon {n} (full moon nearest the autumn equinox) :: Erntemond {m}, Herbstmond {m}, Herbstvollmond {m}, Septembervollmond {m}
Haryana {prop} (state) :: Haryana
Harz {prop} (mountain range) :: Harz
has-been {n} (person declining in popularity or effectiveness) :: ehemalige Größe {f}
Hasdrubal {prop} (given name) :: Hasdrubal
hash {n} (chopped food, especially meat and potatoes) :: Gehacktes {n}, Haschee {n}
hash {n} (confused mess) :: Durcheinander {n}
hash {n} (the # symbol) :: Rautenzeichen {n}, Raute {f}, Doppelkreuz {n}, Gartenzaun {m}, Nummernzeichen {n}, Lattenkreuz {n}
hash {n} (key generated by a hash function) :: Hash {n}
hash {v} (to chop into small pieces) :: hacken, zerhacken
hash {v} (to make a quick, rough version) :: grob entwerfen
hash {n} (clipped form of hashish) :: Hasch {n}
hash browns {n} (chopped and fried potatoes) :: Bratkartoffeln {f-p}, Rösti {f}, Hash Browns {p}
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan {prop} (Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan) :: Haschemitisches Königreich Jordanien {n}
hashish {n} (marijuana generally) SEE: cannabis ::
hashish {n} (dried leaves of the Indian hemp plant) :: Haschisch {n}, Hasch {n}
hashtag {n} (a tag with a hash sign) :: Hashtag {n}
Haskell {prop} (language) :: Haskell
Hassid {n} (a member of a Hassidic movement) :: Chassid {m}
Hassidism {prop} (Jewish movement) :: Chassidismus {m}
hassium {n} (chemical element with atomic number 108) :: Hassium {n}
hassle {n} (trouble, bother, unwanted annoyances or problems) :: Ärger {m}
hassle {n} (fight or argument) :: Streit {m}, Zank {m}
hassle {n} (action which is not worth the difficulty involved) :: Mühe {f}
hassle {v} (To trouble, to bother, to annoy) :: ärgern, nerven, plagen
hassle {v} (To pick a fight or start an argument) :: provozieren
Hassānīya {prop} (Language) :: Hassania
hassock {n} (grass) :: Grasbüschel {n}, Büschel {n}
hassock {n} (kneeler) :: Kniekissen {n}, Betkissen {n}, Kniebankkissen {n}, Kissen {n}
hassock {n} (ottoman) :: Sitzkissen {n}
hasta la vista {phrase} (see you later) SEE: see you later ::
haste {n} (speed, swiftness, dispatch) :: Eile {f}, Hast {f}
haste makes waste {proverb} (being too hasty leads to wasteful mistakes) :: Eile mit Weile
hasten {v} (to move in a quick fashion) :: hasten, sich beeilen, eilen
hasten {v} (to make someone/something speed up) :: beschleunigen
hasten {v} (to cause a scheduled event to happen earlier) :: vorverlegen, vorziehen
hastening {n} (act of speeding up; a growing faster) :: Beschleunigen {n}, Beschleunigung {n}, Vorantreiben {n},
hastily {adv} (in a hasty manner) :: hastig
hasty {adj} (acting in haste; being too hurried or quick) :: hastig, eilig
hat {n} (a head covering) :: [general] Kopfbedeckung {f}; [with peak] Kappe {f}; [without peak, firm fabric] Hut {m}; [without peak, soft fabric] Mütze {f}
hatband {n} (band about a hat) :: Hutschnur {f}
hatbox {n} (a piece of luggage, case, or box for a hat) :: Hutschachtel {f}
hatch {n} (horizontal door) :: Luke {f}
hatch {v} (to emerge from an egg) :: schlüpfen
hatch {v} (of an egg, to break open) :: ausschlüpfen
hatch {v} (to incubate eggs) :: brüten, ausbrüten
hatch {v} (to devise) :: ausbrüten, hecken
hatch {n} (trapdoor) SEE: trapdoor ::
hatch {v} (to shade an area) SEE: crosshatch ::
hatchback {n} (a car with a sloping, hinged rear door that opens upwards) :: Steilheck {n}
hatchet {n} (small axe) :: Beil {n}
hatching {n} (method of shading) :: Schraffur {f}, Schraffierung {f}, Strichelung {f}, Schattierung {f}
hatching {n} (group which emerge from eggs at the same time) :: Schlupf {m}
hatching {n} (act of egg hatching) :: Schlüpfen {n}
hate {v} (to dislike intensely) :: hassen
hate {n} (hatred) SEE: hatred ::
hate crime {n} (a crime motivated by hate) :: Hassverbrechen {n}
hateful {adj} (evoking hatred) :: [rare] häßlich, gehässig
hateful {adj} (full of hate) :: hasserfüllt
hater {n} (one who hates) :: Hasser {m}
hate speech {n} (offensive speech) :: Hetze {f}
hatless {adj} (not wearing a hat) :: hutlos
hatlessness {n} (state or condition of being hatless) :: Hutlosigkeit {f}
hatmaker {n} (someone who makes hats) SEE: hatter ::
hatred {n} (strong aversion) :: Hass {m}
hats off {interj} (Congratulations) :: Hut ab!; Chapeau!
hatstand {n} (coat stand) SEE: coat stand ::
hatter {n} (person who makes, sells, or repairs hats) :: Hutmacher {m}, Hutmacherin {f}
hat trick {n} (three achievements in a single game or similar) :: Hattrick {m}
Hattusa {prop} (city) :: Hattuša, Hattusa, Hattuscha
haughtily {adv} (in a haughty manner) :: hochmütig, stolz, überheblich, arrogant, geringschätzig
haughtiness {n} (the property of being haughty) :: Hoffart {f}
haughty {adj} (disdainful, supercilious; in demeanour conveying the assumption of superiority) :: hochmütig, stolz, überheblich, arrogant, hochnäsig, eingebildet, hochfahrend
haul {v} (to draw or pull something heavy) :: ziehen, schleppen
haul {v} (to carry or transport something heavy or difficult to move) :: transportieren, befödern
haul {n} (distance over which something is hauled or transported, especially if long) :: Lastbeförderung {f}, Gütertransport {m}
haul {n} (amount of something taken) :: Fischzug {m}, Fang {m}, Beute {f}
haul {n} ((specifically) all of the items purchased on a shopping trip) :: Einkaufsausbeute {f}, Einkaufsbeute {f}
haulage {n} (The act of hauling) :: Beförderung {f}
haulage {n} (Business of transporting goods) :: Transportdienst {m}
hauler {n} (A person or company engaged in the haulage of goods.) :: Spediteur {m}, Transportunternehmen {n}
haulm {n} (the stems of various cultivated plants, left after harvesting the crop) :: Stroh {n}
haulm {n} (an individual plant stem) :: Halm {m}
haunch {n} :: Schoß {m}, Lenden {f-p}
haunt {v} (to inhabit, or visit frequently) :: spuken [of ghosts]
haunt {n} (place at which one is regularly found) :: Treffpunkt {m}
haunt {n} (ghost) SEE: ghost ::
haunted {adj} (frequented by a ghost) :: verfolgt
haunted {adj} (obsessed) :: besessen
haunted house {n} (house believed to be a center for supernatural occurrences) :: Spukhaus {n}
Hausa {prop} (language) :: Hausa {n}
haute cuisine {n} (refined cookery) :: Haute cuisine {f}
haut gout {n} (slight taint of decay in wild game meat) :: Hautgout {m}
Havana {prop} (capital) :: Havanna {f}
Havana Brown {n} (domestic cat breed) :: Havana-Katze {f}
have {v} (to possess) :: haben
have {v} (to be related to) :: haben
have {v} (to be scheduled to attend) :: haben
have {v} (auxiliary used in forming the perfect and the past perfect tenses) :: haben, sein
have {v} (give birth to) :: bekommen
have {v} (engage in sexual intercourse with) :: haben
have {v} (cause to be) :: lassen
have {v} (to be afflicted with, suffer from) :: haben
have {v} (must) SEE: have to ::
have a ball {v} (to enjoy thoroughly) :: Spaß haben, sich bestens amüsieren, eine tolle Zeit haben
have a bone to pick {v} (have a complaint or grievance) :: ein Hühnchen zu rupfen haben
have a frog in one's throat {v} (to have something in one's throat) :: einen Frosch im Hals haben
have a look {v} (examine, observe) SEE: take a look ::
have a mind like a sieve {v} (have a poor memory) :: Ein Hirn wie ein Sieb haben., ein Gedächtnis wie ein Sieb haben
have an affair {v} (engage in a relationship while married) :: eine Affäre haben
have a nice day {phrase} (goodbye) :: einen schönen Tag!
have a say {v} (to voice one's opinion) :: mitreden
have a screw loose {v} (to be insane, irrational, or eccentric) :: eine Schraube locker haben, nicht alle Tassen im Schrank haben, einen Dachschaden haben, einen an der Klatsche haben
have a seat {v} (to sit down) :: Platz nehmen, sich setzen
have a seat {v} (polite directive) :: nehmen Sie Platz, nimm Platz
have butterflies in one's stomach {v} (be nervous) :: Schmetterlinge im Bauch haben
have eyes bigger than one's belly {v} (have eyes bigger than one's stomach) SEE: have eyes bigger than one's stomach ::
have eyes bigger than one's stomach {v} (take more food than one can eat) :: die Augen sind größer als der Magen (the eyes are bigger than the stomach)
have eyes on {v} (observe) SEE: observe ::
have fun {v} (enjoy oneself) :: Spaß haben
have fun {interj} (wish someone a good time) :: viel Spaß!
have had it up to here {v} (To have reached the limit of one's patience) :: die Nase voll haben {f}
have in mind {v} (consider, intend) :: vorschweben: I have something in mindEtwas schwebt mir vor
have it coming {v} (to deserve or merit) :: es verdient haben
have it your way {interj} (do something the way you want to) :: wie du willst, mach wie du es willst
Havel {prop} (the river) :: Havel
haven {n} (harbour) :: Hafen {m}
haven {n} (refuge) :: Zufluchtsort {m}
have-nots {n} (the poor or underprivileged) :: Habenichtse {p}
have one foot in the grave {v} :: mit einem Fuß im Grab stehen
have one's cake and eat it too {v} (to seek to have two things which are mutually incompatible) :: gleichzeitig auf zwei Hochzeiten tanzen [dance at two weddings at the same time.]
have one's eye on {v} (watch) SEE: watch ::
have one's hands full {v} (be busy or thoroughly preoccupied) :: alle Hände voll zu tun haben
have other fish to fry {v} (to have more important things to do) :: haben andere Igel zu kämmen
haversack {n} (shoulder bag) :: Brotbeutel {m}
haversack {n} (oat bag) :: Hafersack
have seen better days {v} (to be in poor condition) :: bessere Tage gesehen haben
have sex {v} (to engage in sexual intercourse) SEE: copulate ::
have sex {v} (take part in a sexual act) :: Sex haben
have the foggiest {phrase} ("I haven't the foggiest": I don't know) :: keinen blassen Schimmer haben, ich habe keine blasse Ahnung
have to {v} (obligation) :: müssen, [zu tun] haben
have to {v} :: müssen but also hast zu with a harder meaning
having said that {conj} (that said) SEE: that said ::
havoc {n} (devastation) :: Zerstörung {f}
haw {interj} (an instruction for a horse or other animal to turn towards the driver) :: Haw
Hawaii {prop} (state of the United States) :: Hawaii
Hawaii {prop} (chain of islands) :: Hawaii
Hawaii {prop} (largest of the Hawaiian Islands) :: Hawaii
Hawaiian {adj} (of or having to do with the Hawaiian race, culture, or language) :: hawaiisch
Hawaiian {adj} :: hawaiianisch
Hawaiian {n} (a descendant of the peoples inhabiting the Hawaiian Islands prior to European contact) :: Hawaiier {m}, Hawaiianer {m}
Hawaiian {n} (Hawaiian language) :: Hawaiianisch {n}, Hawaiisch {n}
Hawaiian goose {n} (Branta sandvicensis) SEE: nene ::
Hawaiian hawk {n} (Buteo solitarius) :: Hawaii-Bussard {m}
hawfinch {n} (finch) :: Kernbeißer {m}
hawk {n} (predatory bird of Accipitridae) :: Habicht {m}
hawk {n} (advocate of aggressive politics) :: Falke {m}, Kriegshetzer {m}, Kriegshetzerin {f}, Kriegstreiber {m}, Kriegstreiberin {f}, Militarist {m}, Militaristin {f}, Bellizist {m}, Bellizistin {f}
hawkbit {n} (flower of the genus Leontodon) :: Löwenzahn {m}
hawker {n} (peddler) SEE: peddler ::
hawker {n} (falconer) SEE: falconer ::
hawkish {adj} (supportive of warlike foreign policy) :: falkenartig, wucherisch, militaristisch
hawk moth {n} (moth of the family Sphingidae) :: Schwärmer {m}
hawkmoth {n} (hawk moth) SEE: hawk moth ::
hawk owl {n} (Northern hawk owl) :: Sperbereule {f}
hawksbill turtle {n} (turtle species) :: Echte Karettschildkröte {f}
hawser {n} (cable) :: Trosse {f}, Tau {n}
hawthorn {n} (type of shrub) :: Weißdorn {m}, [archaic] Hagedorn {m}
hay {n} (grass cut and dried for use as animal fodder) :: Heu {n}
haya {n} (beech) SEE: beech ::
haybale {n} (a bale of hay) :: Heuballen {m}
hay fever {n} (allergy to pollen) :: Heuschnupfen {m}
hayloft {n} (upper storey of a barn) :: Heuboden {m}, Heubühne {f} [Switzerland], Heudiele [Switzerland]
haystack {n} (a mound, pile, or stack of stored hay) :: Heuschober {m}, Heuhaufen {m}
haywire {adj} (behaving erratically or uncontrollably) :: drunter und drüber, durcheinander
hazard {n} (chance) SEE: chance ::
hazard {n} (the chance of suffering harm) :: Zufall {m}
hazard {n} (peril) :: Gefahr {f}
hazard {n} (obstacle) :: Hindernis {n}
hazard {v} (to chance; to take a risk) :: riskieren
hazardous {adj} (risky, dangerous, with the nature of a hazard) :: gefährlich, Gefahr-, Gefahren-
hazardous material {n} (substances, which are intrinsically dangerous) :: Gefahrgut {n}
haze {n} (very fine particles suspended in the air) :: Dunst {m}
haze {n} (loss of transparency in a clear solid or liquid) :: Trübung {f}
haze {v} (to perform an initiation ritual) :: schinden
hazel {n} (tree / shrub) :: Haselstrauch {m}
hazel {adj} (colour) :: grün-braun
hazel {n} (hazelnut) SEE: hazelnut ::
hazel grouse {n} (bird) :: Haselhuhn {n}
hazelnut {n} (shrub) SEE: hazel ::
hazelnut {n} (fruit) :: Haselnuss {f}
hazelnut milk {n} (milky liquid from hazelnuts) :: Haselnussmilch {f}
hazing {n} (humiliating initiation practices) :: Deposition {f} [archaic]
hazy {adj} (thick with haze) :: dunstig, diesig
hazy {adj} (not clear or transparent) :: trüb
hazy {adj} (obscure, confused) :: getrübt
hazzan {n} (Jewish cantor in a synagogue) :: Chasan {m}
hübnerite {n} (a mineral, manganese tungsten oxide) :: Hübnerit {m}
H-bomb {n} (short for hydrogen bomb) :: H-Bombe {f}
HC {n} (hockey club) :: EK (Eishockey Klub)
he {determiner} (personal pronoun "he") :: er
head {adj} (of, relating to, or intended for the head) :: Kopf-, [dated] Haupt-
head {adj} (foremost in rank or importance) :: Haupt-
head {v} (to be in command of) :: führen, leiten
head {v} (to strike with the head) :: köpfen
head {v} (to move in a specified direction) :: ansteuern, in eine Richtung gehen, auf etwas zusteuern , ziehen
head {n} (antler of a deer) SEE: antler ::
head {n} (bow of a vessel) SEE: bow ::
head {n} (headache) SEE: headache ::
head {v} (to behead) SEE: behead ::
head {n} (headland) SEE: headland ::
head {n} (headdress) SEE: headdress ::
head {n} (part of the body) :: Kopf {m}, Haupt {n} [rarely used]
head {n} (topmost or leading part) :: Spitze {f}, Oberende {n}, Kopf {m}, Dach {n} [figuratively]
head {n} (end of hammer, axe, golf club etc.) :: Kopf {m}
head {n} (blunt end of a nail, screw etc.) :: Kopf {m}
head {n} (foam on carbonated beverages) :: Blume {f}, Krone {f}, Schaumkrone {f}
head {n} (nautical: top edge of a sail) :: Top {n}
head {n} (leader, chief, mastermind) :: Oberhaupt {n}, Haupt {n}, Kopf {m}, Chef {m}, Chefin {f}
head {n} (headmaster, headmistress) :: Leiter {m}, Leiterin {f}, Rektor {m}, Rektorin {f}, Direktor {m}, Direktorin {f}
head {n} (leafy top part of a tree) :: Krone {f}
head {n} (toilet of a ship) :: Abtritt {m} [military]
head {n} (linguistics: morpheme that determines the category of a compound) :: Kopf {m}
head {n} (fluid dynamics: difference in elevation in a column of fluid, and the resulting pressure) :: Fallhöhe {f} [elevation]; Potential {n} [pressure]
headache {n} (pain or ache in the head) :: Kopfschmerzen {m-p}, Kopfweh {n}
headache {n} (nuisance or unpleasant problem) :: Kopfschmerzen {m-p}
headband {n} (strip of fabric worn around the head) :: Stirnband {n}, Stirnbinde {f}
headband {n} (horseshoe-shaped hair accessory) :: Haarbügel {m}
headbutt {n} (sharp blow) :: Kopfstoß {m}, Kopfnuss {f}
headbutt {v} (to deliver a sharp blow) :: Kopfnuss geben
head cheese {n} (terrine) SEE: brawn ::
headcover {n} (head covering) SEE: head covering ::
head covering {n} (covering for the head) :: Kopfbedeckung {f}
headdress {n} (a decorative covering or ornament worn on the head) :: Kopfbedeckung {f}
header {n} (upper portion of a page layout) :: Kopfzeile {f}
header {n} (soccer: act of hitting the ball with the head) :: Kopfball {m}
header file {n} (file that is automatically included in another source file) :: Header-Datei {f}
head game {v} (psychological manipulation) :: Psychospielchen {n}
headgear {n} (anything worn on the head) :: Kopfbedeckung {f}
headgear {n} (harness that fits on a horse's head) :: Zaumzeug {n}
headhunter {n} (savage) :: Kopfjäger {m}
headhunter {n} (recruiter) :: Headhunter {m}
headhunting {n} (cutting-off and preservation of the heads of one's enemies) :: Kopfjagd {f}
headhunting {n} (active recruitment of executive or talented personnel) :: Headhunting {n}
heading {n} (title) :: Überschrift {f}
heading {n} (direction) :: Kurs {m}
headlamp {n} (headlight) :: Scheinwerfer {m}
headlamp {n} (flashlight worn on head) :: Stirnlampe {f}
headland {n} (bit of coastal land that juts into the sea) :: Landspitze {f}, Landzunge {f}, Kap {n}, Huk {f} [North German]
headland {n} (unplowed boundary of a field) :: Vorgewende {n}
headless {adj} (without a head) :: kopflos
headlight {n} (bright light in front of vehicle) :: Scheinwerfer {m}, Vorderscheinwerfer {m}, Frontscheinwerfer {m}
headline {n} (heading or title of an article) :: Schlagzeile {f} [newspaper]
headliner {n} (interior fabric covering the roof of a vehicle) :: Himmel {m}
headlock {n} (wrestling move) :: Schwitzkasten {m}, Unterarmwürgegriff {m}
head louse {n} (insect) :: Kopflaus {f}
headmaster {n} (the most senior master in a school (male)) :: Schulleiter {m}
headmistress {n} (female head teacher) :: Schulleiterin {f}, Rektorin {f}, Direktorin {f}
head office {n} (main admin centre) :: Hauptsitz {m}
head of government {n} (chief officer of the executive branch of a government) :: Regierungschef {m}
head of household {n} (household role) :: Haushaltsvorstand {m}, Haushaltungsvorstand {m}
head of state {n} (the chief public representative of a nation) :: Staatsoberhaupt {n}, Staatschef {m}
head over heels {adv} (tumbling upside down) :: purzelnd, überschlagend, kopfüber
head over heels {adv} (at top speed; frantically) :: Hals über Kopf, wie verrückt, wie wahnsinnig
head over heels {adv} (hopelessly smitten) :: kopflos, wahnsinnig
headphone {n} (listening device) :: Kopfhörer {m}
headphones {n} (pair of speakers worn over or in the ears so only the wearer can hear the sound) :: Kopfhörer {m-p}
headpiece {n} (helmet) SEE: helmet ::
headpiece {n} (something covering the head) SEE: headgear ::
headpiece {n} (headset) SEE: headset ::
headpiece {n} :: Nackenriemen {m}
headpiece {n} (headstall) SEE: headstall ::
headquarters {n} (the military installation) :: Hauptquartier {n}
headquarters {n} (center of organisation's activity) :: Zentrale {f}
headrest {n} (part of a seat) :: Kopflehne {f}, Kopfstütze {f}, Kopfauflage {f}, Kopfstütze des Dentalstuhls [dental chair], Kopfstütze mit Backen {f} [with side pads]
headroom {n} (vertical clearance) :: Kopffreiheit {f}
heads {n} (side of coin) :: Kopf {m}
headsail {n} (sail set forward of the foremost mast) :: Vorsegel {n}
headscarf {n} (piece of material worn over the head) :: Kopftuch {n}
headset {n} (pair of headphones or earphones) :: Headset {n}, Hörsprechgarnitur {f}
headset {n} (on a bicycle, the system of bearings that connects the fork to the frame) :: Steuersatz {m}
headshot {n} (A gunshot to the head) :: Kopfschuss {m}
head-shrinker {n} (slang: psychotherapist) SEE: shrink ::
heads or tails {n} (heads or tails) :: Kopf oder Zahl
headstall {n} (part of the bridle that fits over the horse's head) :: Stallhalfter {f}
head start {n} (an advantage in starting earlier to gain a favorable position) :: Vorsprung {m}
headstone {n} (grave marker) :: Grabstein {m}
headstrong {adj} (determined to do as one pleases, and not as others want) :: eigensinnig
heads-up {n} (warning or call to pay attention; (advisory) notice of what is to happen) :: Aufgepasst!, Achtung!, Vorwarnung {f}, Bescheid {m}
heads-up {adj} (with head directly above the neck, eyes front) :: aufrecht
heads-up {adj} (alert; vigilant) :: wachsam, hellwach, aufmerksam
head tax {n} (tax determined as uniform amount per individual) SEE: poll tax ::
head-to-head {adv} (head-to-head) :: tête-à-tête, unter vier Augen
head to toe {adv} (entirely; completely; over one's full body) :: von Kopf bis Fuß
head-turner {n} (someone or something that catches the eye) :: Hingucker {m}
headwaiter {n} (main supervisory waiter) :: Oberkellner {m}, Oberkellnerin {f}
headway {n} (clearance beneath an object) :: lichte Höhe {f}
headway {n} (forward motion, or its rate) :: Vorwärtsfahrt {f}
headway {n} (time or distance interval between the fronts of two vehicles) :: Takt {m}, Fahrzeugabstand {m}
headway {n} (progress toward a goal) :: Fortschritt {m}
headwear {n} (headgear) SEE: headgear ::
headwind {n} (wind that blows directly against the course of a vessel) :: Gegenwind {m}
headword {n} (word used as the title of a section) :: Stichwort {n}, Schlagwort {n}, Stichpunkt {m}
heady {adj} (intellectual) :: verkopft
heal {v} (make better) :: heilen
heal {v} (become better) :: verheilen, heilen
heal {v} :: heilen
healer {n} (person who heals) :: Heiler {m}, Heilerin {f}
healing {n} (healing process, see also: recovery) :: Heilung {f}
health {n} (state of being free of physical or psychological disease, illness, or malfunction) :: Gesundheit {f}
health {n} (physical condition) :: Gesundheit {f}
health {n} (overall level of function of an organism) :: Gesundheit {f}
health care {n} (prevention, treatment, and management of illnesses) :: Gesundheitsfürsorge {f}, Gesundheitswesen {n}, medizinische Versorgung {f}
healthcare {n} (health care) SEE: health care ::
health club {n} (facility with exercise equipment) :: Fitnessstudio {n}, Sportstudio {n}, Fitness-Center {n}, Muckibude {f}
healthful {adj} (beneficial to health) :: gesund
health fund {n} (A not-for-profit or a public health insurance company) :: Krankenkasse {f}
health hazard {n} (potential danger to health) :: Gesundheitsgefährdung {f}
healthy {adj} (enjoying health and vigor of body, mind, or spirit: well) :: gesund
healthy {adj} (conducive to health) :: gesund
healthy {adj} (evincing health) :: gesund, anständig
healthy {adj} (significant, hefty) :: ordentlich
heap {n} (crowd) :: Menschenmenge {f}, Masse {f}
heap {n} (pile) :: Haufen {m}, Haufe {m}
heap {n} (type of data structure) :: Heap {m}
heap {v} :: Haufen
hear {v} (to perceive sounds through the ear) :: hören
hear {v} (to perceive with the ear) :: hören
Heard Island and McDonald Islands {prop} (uninhabited islands of Australia) :: Heard und McDonaldinseln {f-p}
hear, hear {interj} (expression of support) :: hört, hört; sehr richtig
hearing {adj} (able to hear) :: hörend
hearing {n} (sense used to perceive sound) :: Hören {n} [sense], Hörvermögen {n} [degree of functioning of this sense]
hearing {n} (proceeding at which discussions are heard) :: Anhörung {f}
hearing {n} (legal procedure done before a judge) :: Anhörung {f}
hearing aid {n} (hearing assistance device) :: Hörgerät {n}
hearing dog {n} (dog trained to assist the deaf) :: Signalhund {m}
hearken {v} (to hear with attention) :: horchen, hören, lauschen
hear on the grapevine {v} (to hear rumors) SEE: hear through the grapevine ::
hear out {v} (to listen to someone until that person has finished) :: ausreden lassen
hearsay {n} (information that was heard by one person about another) :: Hörensagen {n}, Gerücht {n}
hearsay {n} ((law) evidence based on the reports of others rather than on personal knowledge) :: Hörensagen {n}
hearse {n} (vehicle for transporting dead) :: Leichenwagen {m}
heart {n} (an organ) :: Herz {n}
heart {n} (emotions or kindness) :: Herzchen {n}
heart {n} (seat of affections, understanding or will) :: Herz {n}
heart {n} (a shape or symbol) :: Herz {n}
heart {n} (a suit of cards) :: Herz {n}
heart {n} (centre or core) :: Kern {m}, Herz {n}
heartache {n} (very sincere and difficult emotional problems or stress) :: Herzenskummer {m}
heart attack {n} (death) SEE: death ::
heart attack {n} (failure) SEE: failure ::
heart attack {n} (acute myocardial infarction) :: Myokardinfarkt {m}, akuter Myokardinfarkt {m}, Herzinfarkt {m}
heartbeat {n} (one pulsation of the heart) :: Herzschlag {m}
heartbreaker {n} (person who causes sorrow) :: Herzensbrecher {m}, Herzensbrecherin {f}
heartbreaking {adj} (That causes great grief, anguish or distress) :: herzzerreißend
heartbroken {adj} (suffering form grief) :: tief betrübt, untröstlich
heartburn {n} (pain caused by stomach acid) :: Sodbrennen {n}
hearten {v} (to give heart to, to encourage) :: ermutigen
heartening {adj} (cheerfully encouraging) :: ermutigend
heart failure {n} (chronic inability of the heart) :: Herzschwäche {f}
heart failure {n} (cessation of the heartbeat; cardiac arrest) :: Herzversagen {n}
heartfelt {adj} (felt or believed deeply and sincerely) :: herzlich, von Herzen kommend, tief empfunden, innig, aufrecht
hearth {n} (floor of fireplace) :: Feuerstelle {f}, Herdboden {m}
hearth {n} (recess) :: Feuerstelle {f}, Herd {m}
hearth {n} (part of furnace) :: Feuerstelle {f}, Gestell {n} in einem Hochofen {n}
hearth {n} (home or family life) :: Herd {m}
hear the grass grow {v} (which sense?) :: Das Gras wachsen hören
hear through the grapevine {v} (learn through rumors) :: über die Buschtrommel hören, über die Buschtrommeln hören, durch die Buschtrommel hören, durch die Buschtrommeln hören, die Nachricht sprach sich herum, ich hab so was läuten hören, über die Urwaldtrommel hören
heartily {adv} (in a hearty manner) :: herzlich
heartless {adj} (without feeling) :: herzlos
heartlessness {n} (characteristic of being heartless) :: Herzlosigkeit {f}
heart of gold {n} (kindheartedness) :: gutes Herz {n}
heart rate {n} (number of heart beats per unit of time) :: Herzfrequenz {f}
heart-rending {adj} (heart-rending) SEE: heartrending ::
heartrending {adj} (that causes great grief) :: herzzerreißend
heartrending {adj} (that elicits deep sympathy) :: herzzerreißend
hearts {n} (plural of "heart") SEE: heart ::
hearts {n} (the card suit (♥)) :: Herz {n}
heartsease {n} (a common European wild flower) :: wildes Stiefmütterchen {n}
heart-shaped {adj} (having the supposed shape of a heart) :: herzförmig
heartstrings {n} (one's deepest emotions or inner feelings) :: innerste Gefühle {p} {n}
heartstrings {n} (cord-like tendons in the heart) :: Sehnenfäden
heart surgeon {n} (surgeon of the heart) :: Herzchirurg {m}
heartthrob {n} (heartbeat) :: Herzschlag {m}
heart valve {n} (valve in the heart) :: Herzklappe {f}
heart-warming {adj} (eliciting tenderness and sympathy) :: herzerwärmend, herzlich
heartwood {n} (wood) :: Kernholz {n}
heartworm {n} (parasitic organism) :: Herzwurm {m}
hearty {adj} (proceeding from the heart) :: herzlich, herzhaft
hearty {adj} (rich, abundant) :: herzhaft, deftig
he-ass {n} (he-ass, male ass, male donkey) :: Eselhengst {m}, männlicher Esel {m}, Eselmännchen {n}
heat {n} (thermal energy) :: Wärmeenergie {f}, Wärme {f}
heat {n} (condition or quality of being hot) :: Hitze {f}, Wärme {f}
heat {n} (attribute of a spice that causes a burning sensation in the mouth) :: Schärfe {f}
heat {n} (period of intensity, particularly of emotion) :: Hitze {f}
heat {n} (fastball) :: Lauf {m}
heat {n} (condition where a mammal is aroused sexually or where it is especially fertile) :: Brunst {f}, Hitze {f}, Rolligkeit {f}, Läufigkeit {f}, Brunft
heat {n} (preliminary race, used to determine the participants in a final race) :: Vorlauf {m}
heat {n} (hot spell) :: Hitze {f}
heat {v} (to cause an increase in temperature of an object or space) :: erhitzen
heat {v} (to arouse, to excite (sexually)) :: heiß machen
heat {n} (heating system) SEE: heating ::
heatable {adj} (capable of being heated or warmed up) :: heizbar, beheizbar
heat capacity {n} (the capability of a substance to absorb heat energy) :: Wärmekapazität
heat death {n} (state of a thermodynamic system) :: Wärmetod {m}
heated {adj} (very agitated, angry or impassioned) :: hitzig
heater {n} (device that produces and radiates heat) :: Heizgerät {n}
heath {n} (type of land) :: Heide {f}
heath {n} (shrub of the family Ericaceae) :: Heide {f}
heathen {adj} (not adhering to an Abrahamic religion) :: heidnisch
heathen {adj} (savage) :: barbarisch, unzivilisiert
heathen {n} (person who does not follow an Abrahamic religion) :: Heide {m}, Heidin {f}
heathen {n} (uncultured or uncivilized person) :: Barbar {m}, Wilder {m}, Unzivilisierter {m}
heathen {adj} (Heathen) SEE: Heathen ::
heathen {n} (Heathen) SEE: Heathen ::
Heathen {adj} (pertaining or adhering to the faith of Heathenry) :: heidnisch
Heathen {n} (adherent of the Germanic neo-pagan faith of Heathenry) :: Heide {m}, Heidin {f}
heathendom {n} :: Heidentum
Heathenry {prop} :: Heidentum {n}
heather {n} (plant) :: Besenheide {f}, Heidekraut {n}
heather {n} (various species of the genus Erica) :: Heide {f}, Erika {f}
heathland {n} (heathland) :: Heideland {n}
Heathrow {prop} (airport in England) :: Heidereihe {f}
heat index {n} (figure used to describe the apparent heat felt by a person) :: Hitzeindex {m}
heating {n} (system) :: Heizung {f}
heating {adj} (causing heat) :: erhitzend
heating oil {n} (petroleum product used as a fuel in a heating system) :: Heizöl {n}
heat of fusion {n} :: Schmelzwärme {f}
heat of reaction {n} :: Reaktionswärme {f}
heat of vaporization {n} :: Verdampfungswärme {f}
heat pump {n} (device to transfer heat) :: Wärmepumpe {f}
heat shield {n} :: Hitzeschild {n}
heatshield {n} :: Hitzeschild {n}
heat up {v} (cause to become hotter) :: erhitzen, aufheizen
heat wave {n} (heat wave) SEE: heatwave ::
heatwave {n} (period of very hot weather) :: Hitzewelle {f}
heave {v} (to lift) :: heben, hieven
heave {v} (to throw) :: werfen, wuchten, schleudern
heave-ho {interj} :: hau ruck
heaven {n} (sky) :: Himmel {m}
heaven {n} (paradise) :: Himmel {m}
Heaven {prop} (All meanings) SEE: heaven ::
heaven helps those who help themselves {proverb} (a maxim encouraging people to attempt to solve their own problems) :: hilf Dir selbst, so hilft Dir Gott
heavenly {adj} (pertaining to heaven) :: himmlisch
heavenly {adj} (pertaining to the kingdom of God; divine) :: himmlisch
heavenly {adj} (extremely beautiful or pleasurable) :: himmlisch
heavenly body {n} (natural celestial body) :: Himmelskörper {m}
Heavenly Father {prop} (A formal name for the Judeo-Christian God) :: Vater im Himmel {m}, himmlischer Vater {m}
heavens {n} (the sky) :: Himmel {m}
heavens {n} (the abode of God) :: Himmel {m-p}
heavens {interj} (expression of surprise) :: sapperlot
heaviness {n} (weightiness) :: Schwere {f}
heavy {adj} (having great weight) :: schwer
heavy {adj} (serious) :: ernst, dunkel, finster
heavy {adj} (slang: good) :: stark
heavy {adj} (of rate of flow: high) :: schwer, mächtig
heavy {adj} (of weather:hot and humid) :: drückend, schwül
heavy {adj} (of a person: doing the specified activity more intensely than most other people) :: groß, schwer
heavy {adj} (laden to a great extent) :: schwer
heavy cavalry {n} (military unit) :: schwere Kavallerie {f}
heavy-duty {adj} (designed to withstand hard usage) :: hochleistungsfähig, strapazierfähig
heavy-handed {adj} (clumsy, awkward) :: unbeholfen, ungeschickt, ohne Feingefühl {n}, schwerfällig, plump, umständlich, unbarmherzig
heavy-handed {adj} (extreme, unnecessarily forceful) :: extrem, drastisch, durchgreifend, streng, übertriebend, drückend
heavy hydrogen {n} (deuterium, see also: deuterium) :: schwerer Wasserstoff {m}
heavy industry {n} (heavy industry) :: Schwerindustrie {f}
heavy metal {n} (type of metal) :: Schwermetall {n}
heavy metal {n} (type of music) :: Heavy Metal {m}, Metal {m}
heavy water {n} (water containing deuterium instead of normal hydrogen) :: schweres Wasser {n}
hebdomadal {adj} (occurring once a week) SEE: weekly ::
Hebe {prop} (goddess of youth) :: Hebe {f}
Hebraism {n} :: Hebraismus {m}
Hebraize {v} (convert to a Hebrew/Hebraic form) :: hebraisieren, hebräisch machen
Hebrew {adj} (pertaining to the people) :: hebräisch
Hebrew {adj} (pertaining to the language) :: hebräisch
Hebrew {n} (person) :: Hebräer {m}, Hebräerin {f}
Hebrew {n} (language, see also: Biblical Hebrew) :: Hebräisch {n}
Hebrew Bible {prop} (the sacred texts of Judaism) :: hebräische Bibel {f}
Hebrews {prop} (book of the Bible) :: Hebräer
Hebrides {prop} (group of islands) :: Hebriden {f-p}
Hebron {prop} (City) :: Hebron {n}
he-cat {n} (male cat) :: Kater {m}
heckle {v} (question harshly in an attempt to reveal weaknesses) :: dazwischenrufen, ausquetschen, examinieren, verhören
heckle {v} (insult, tease, make fun of, badger) :: beleidigen, beschimpfen, verspotten, spötteln, verhöhnen, belästigen, bedrängen, plagen, quälen, heimsuchen, necken, stören
heckler {n} (one who heckles, insults, makes fun of, or teases) :: Zwischenrufer {m}, Störer {m}, Necker {m}, Schelm {m}, Fopper {m}
hectare {n} (unit of surface area) :: Hektar {n}
hectic {adj} (very busy with activity and confusion) :: hektisch
hectolitre {n} (100 litres) :: Hektoliter {m}
hector {v} (intimidate or dominate) :: einschüchtern
hector {v} (behave like a bully) :: mobben, schikanieren
Hector {prop} (the Trojan hero) :: Hektor {m}
Hector {prop} (male given name) :: Hektor {m}
Hecuba {prop} (the wife of King Priam) :: Hekabe, Hekuba
heddle {n} (part of a loom) :: Litze {f}, Helfe {f}
hedge {n} (thicket of bushes planted in a row) :: Hecke {f}
hedge fund {n} (unregistered investment fund) :: Hedgefonds {m}
hedge garlic {n} (Alliaria petiolata) SEE: garlic mustard ::
hedgehog {n} (animal) :: Igel {m}
hedonism {n} (philosophy) :: Hedonismus {m}
hedonism {n} (devotion to the pursuit of pleasure) :: Genußsucht {f}, Genusssucht {f}
hedonist {n} (someone devoted to hedonism) :: Hedonist {m}
hedonistic {adj} (devoted to pleasure) :: hedonistisch
-hedron {suffix} (solid figure) :: -eder
Hedwig {prop} (female given name) :: Hedwig {f}
heed {v} (to mind) :: beherzigen, beachten
heedless {adj} (unaware, without noticing) :: unachtsam, achtlos, nicht beachtend, unaufmerksam, unaufmerksam, nicht beachtend, unachtsam
hee-haw {n} (cry) :: i-ah {m}
hee-haw {interj} (cry) :: ia
heel {n} (anatomy: part of the foot) :: Ferse {f}
heel {n} (part of shoe) :: Absatz {m}, Schuhabsatz {m}
heel {n} (rear part of a sock) :: Ferse
heel {n} (end-piece of a loaf of bread) :: Kanten {m} [regional], Knapp {m}, Knust {m} [Northern Germany], Ranft {m}, Scherzl {n} [Austria, Bavaria], technical terms in bakery trade: Anschnitt {m}, Abschnitt {m}
heel {n} (contemptible, inconsiderate or thoughtless person) :: Schurke, Schuft
heel {v} (To follow at somebody's heels) :: (jemandem) auf den Fersen sein [with dative]
heel {v} (incline) :: [nautical] krängen
heft {n} (weight) :: Gewicht {n}
heft {n} (heaviness, the feel of weight) :: Schwere {f}
hefty {adj} (heavy) :: schwer
hefty {adj} (impressive, mighty) :: beeindruckend
hefty {adj} (strong, bulky) :: deftig, klobig
hefty {adj} (powerfully or heavily built) :: kräftig, mächtig, stark
Hegel {prop} (surname) :: Hegel
Hegelian {adj} (of or pertaining to Hegel's ideas) :: hegelsch, hegelianisch
hegemon {n} :: Hegemon {m}
hegemonic {adj} (of or pertaining to hegemony) :: hegemonisch, hegemonial
hegemony {n} (domination, influence, or authority over another) :: Hegemonie {f}
he-goat {n} (billy goat) SEE: billy goat ::
hehe {interj} (sound of a giggle) :: hihi, haha
Heidelberg {prop} (city) :: Heidelberg
heifer {n} (young cow) :: Färse {f}, Kalbe {f}, Kalbin {f} [South German, Austrian], Queene {f} [North German]
height {n} (distance from bottom to top) :: Höhe {f}
height {n} (height of a standing person or animal) :: Größe {f}
Heiligenberg {prop} (part of Olomouc) SEE: Svatý Kopeček ::
Heilongjiang {prop} (Amur) SEE: Amur ::
Heilsgeschichte {n} (history seen as the work of God's salvation) :: Heilsgeschichte {f}
heinous {adj} (totally reprehensible) :: abscheulich, verabscheuungswürdig
heinousness {n} (the property of being heinous) :: Schwärze {f}
heir {n} (one who inherits, or is designated to inherit, the property of another) :: Erbe {m}
heir {n} (one who inherits, or has been designated to inherit, a hereditary title or office) :: Thronerbe {m}
heiress {n} (a woman who stands to inherit) :: Erbin {f}
heirloom {n} (valued possession passed down through the generations) :: Erbstück {n}
heirloom {n} (crop variety that has been passed down through generations) :: alte Sorte {f}
Heisenberg uncertainty principle {prop} (physical principle) :: Heisenbergsche Unschärferelation {f}, Unschärferelation {f}
heist {n} (a robbery or burglary) :: Raub {m}, Raubzug {m}, Einbruchdiebstahl {m}
heist {v} (to steal, rob or hold up something) :: rauben, stehlen
háček {n} (háček diacritic) :: Hatschek {m} or {n}; [technical] Caron {n}; [informal] Krönchen {n}
Helen {prop} ((Greek mythology) the daughter of Zeus and Leda) :: Helena
Helen {prop} (female given name) :: Helene
Helenus {prop} (the son of King Priam) :: Helenos
Helga {prop} (female given name) :: Helga
helical {adj} (in the shape of a helix) :: spiralförmig, spiral-, spiralig, schraubend, schraubenförmig
heliciculture {n} (snail farming) :: Schneckenzucht {f}
helicopter {n} (aircraft) :: Hubschrauber {m}, Helikopter {m}
helicopter mom {n} (protective woman) SEE: mama bear ::
helicopter parent {n} (overly attentive parent) :: Helicoptervater
Heligoland {prop} (island) :: Helgoland {n}
heliocentric {adj} (having the sun at the center) :: heliozentrisch
heliocentricism {n} (heliocentrism) SEE: heliocentrism ::
heliocentrism {n} :: Heliozentrismus {m}
heliometer {n} (astronomical instrument for measuring the diameter of the sun) :: Heliometer
heliopause {n} (boundary) :: Heliopause {f}
Helios {prop} (god) :: Helios {m}
heliosphere {n} (region of space) :: Heliosphäre {f}
heliostat {n} (device to continuously reflect sunlight toward a predetermined target, almost always in some fixed direction, despite the sun's motions in the sky) :: Heliostat {m}
heliotheism {n} (worship of the sun as a god) :: Heliotheismus {m}
heliotrope {n} (Heliotropium arborescens) :: Heliotrop {m}, Vanilleblume {f}, Sonnenwende {f}
heliox {n} (breathing gas) :: Heliox
helium {n} (chemical element) :: Helium {n}
helium burning {n} (process, in which helium is converted to carbon) :: Heliumbrennen {f}
helium hydride {n} :: Heliumhydrid {n}
helix {n} (curve) :: Spirale {f}, Wendel {f}
hell {prop} (abode for the condemned) :: Hölle {f}, Fegefeuer {n}
hell {n} (place of suffering in life) :: Hölle {f}
hell {interj} (hell!) :: zur Hölle!, Himmel! {m}, Teufel! {m}
Hellas {prop} (Greek name for Greece) :: Hellas {n} [poetic], Griechenland {n}
hell-bent {adj} (recklessly determined to do or achieve something) :: versessen, versteift, unerbittlich
hellebore {n} (Any species of genus Helleborus) :: Nieswurz {f}, Schneerose {f}, Christrose {f}
helleborine {n} (orchid of the genus Epipactis) :: Stendelwurz {f}
helleborine {n} (orchid of the genus Cephalanthera) :: Waldvögelein {n}
Hellene {n} (a Greek, see also: Greek) :: Hellene {m}, Hellenin {f}
Hellenic {adj} (of or relating to the ancient Greek culture and civilization) :: hellenisch
Hellenic Republic {prop} (official name of Greece) :: Hellenische Republik {f}
Hellenistic {adj} (of or relating to a period of Greek history) :: hellenistisch
Hellenistic {adj} (of or relating to a Hellenist) :: hellenistisch
Hellenophile {adj} :: hellenophil
Hellenophilia {n} :: Hellenophilie {f}
heller {n} (13th-century coin equivalent to half a pfennig) :: Heller {m}
heller {n} (Subdivision of Czech koruna) :: Heller {m}
Hellespont {prop} (strait connecting the Sea of Marmara with the Aegean Sea) :: Hellespont {m}
hellfire {n} (fire of hell) :: Höllenfeuer {n}
hellhole {n} (place of intense misery) :: Dreckloch {n}
hellish {adj} (causing pain, discomfort or distress) :: höllisch
hello {interj} (greeting) :: hallo, guten Tag, servus, grüß Gott
hello {interj} (when answering the telephone) :: hallo
hello {interj} (is anyone there?) :: hallo?, jemand da?
hello {interj} (sarcastic: that was foolish) :: hallo!, halloho!
hello {interj} (expression of puzzlement) :: hallo
hello there {interj} (semi-formal hello) :: hallöchen
Hello World {n} (Hello World) :: Hallo Welt, Hallo-Welt-Programm {n}
hellspawn {n} (monster) SEE: monster ::
hellspawn {n} (fiend) SEE: fiend ::
helm {n} (steering apparatus of a ship) :: Steuer {n}, Ruder {n}, Steuerruder {n}, Steuerung {f}
helm {n} (maritime: member of the crew in charge of steering) :: Steuermann {m}, Steuerfrau {f}
helmet {n} (protective head covering) :: Helm {m}
helmeted guineafowl {n} (Numida meleagris) :: Helmperlhuhn {n}
Helmholtz coil {n} (coil) :: Helmholtzspule {f}
helminthology {n} (branch of zoology related to study of helminths) :: Helminthologie {f}
helmsman {n} (he who is responsible for steering a ship) :: Steuermann {m}
helot {n} (serf, slave) SEE: slave ::
help {n} (action given to provide assistance) :: Hilfe {f}
help {n} (person or persons who provides assistance with some task) :: Hilfe
help {n} (textual support of a software application) :: Hilfe {f}
help {v} (transitive: provide assistance to (someone or something)) :: helfen
help {v} (contribute in some way to) :: helfen
help {interj} (cry of distress) :: zu Hilfe
help desk {n} (a section of an organization to help customers or users) :: Help-Desk {m} {n}, Helpdesk {m} {n}
helper {n} (one who helps) :: Helfer {m}, Helferin {f}
helpful {adj} (furnishing help; giving aid; useful) :: hilfreich
helping {n} (serving) SEE: serving ::
helping verb {n} (auxiliary verb) SEE: auxiliary verb ::
helpless {adj} (unable to defend oneself) :: hilflos
helpless {adj} (uncontrollable) SEE: uncontrollable ::
helplessness {n} (state of being helpless) :: Hilflosigkeit {f}
helplessness {n} (feeling of inadequacy or impotence) :: Hilflosigkeit {f}
help oneself {v} (take something freely) :: sich bedienen, zugreifen, sich auftun
help out {v} (provide assistance) :: aushelfen
Helsinki {prop} (the capital city of Finland) :: Helsinki {n}
helter-skelter {adv} (in confused, disorderly haste) :: holterdiepolter
Helvetian {n} (someone from ancient country of Helvetia) :: Helvetier {m}, Helvetierin {f}
Helvetii {prop} (Gallic tribe) :: Helvetier
Helvetism {n} (Swiss phrase) :: Helvetismus {m}
Helvétius {prop} (surname) :: Helvétius
hem {n} (border of an article of clothing doubled back and stitched together) :: Saum {m}
hem {v} (to make a hem) :: säumen
hem {v} (to put hem on an article of clothing) :: säumen
hem {v} (to surround something or someone in a confining way) :: einengen
he-man {n} (virile man) :: echter Mann {m} [colloquial], ganzer Kerl {m} [colloquial]
hematemesis {n} (vomiting with blood) :: Bluterbrechen
hematite {n} (mineral) :: Hämatit {m}
hematogenesis {n} (hematopoiesis) SEE: hematopoiesis ::
hematology {n} (study of blood and related organs) SEE: haematology ::
hematoma {n} (swelling of blood from broken vessel) :: Hämatom {n}
hematopoiesis {n} (process by which blood cells are produced) :: Hämatopoese {f}
hembra {n} (female llama) :: Lamastute {f}
heme {n} (component of hemoglobin) :: Häm {n}
hemerological {adj} (relating to hemerology) :: hemerologisch
hemerology {n} (study of calendars) :: Hemerologie {f}
hemicellulose {n} (mixture of polysaccharides) :: Hemicellulose {f}
hemicycle {n} (semicircle) :: Halbkreis {m}
hemiparesis {n} :: Hemiparesia
hemiplegia {n} (total or partial inability to move one side of the body) :: halbseitige Lähmung {f}
hemisphere {n} (half of the Earth) :: Hemisphäre {f}, Halbkugel {f} (rare, e.g., in Erdhalbkugel {f} "half the Earth")
hemisphere {n} (any half-sphere) :: Halbkugel {f}
hemlock {n} (tree) :: Hemlocktanne {f}, Schierlingstanne {f}
hemlock {n} (poisonous plant of genus Conium) :: Schierling {m}, [Conium maculatum] Gefleckter Schierling {m}
hemlock {n} (poisonous plant of genus Cicuta) SEE: cowbane ::
hemochromatosis {n} (disorder) :: Hämochromatose
hemocyanin {n} (pigment) :: Hämocyanin {n}
hemodialysis {n} (extracorporeal dialysis) :: Hämodialyse {f}, Dialyse {f}, Blutreinigung {f}, Blutwäsche {f}
hemodynamics {n} (circulation of blood) :: Hämodynamik {f}
hemoglobin {n} (the iron-containing substance in red blood cells that transports oxygen) :: Blutfarbstoff {m}, Hämoglobin {n}
hemolymph {n} (a circulating fluid in the bodies of some invertebrates) :: Hämolymphe {f}
hemolysis {n} (destruction of red blood cell) :: Hämolyse {f}
hemolytic {adj} (producing hemolysis) :: hämolytisch
hemorrhage {n} (release of blood; bleeding) :: Blutung {f}
hemorrhoid {n} (perianal varicosity) :: Hämorrhoide {f}
hemorrhoids {n} (haemorrhoids) SEE: haemorrhoids ::
hemostasis {n} (keeping blood inside a damaged vessel) :: Hämostase {f}, Blutstillung {f}
hemostat {n} (clamp to close blood vessels) :: Gefäßklemme {f}
hemp {n} (Cannabis sativa) :: Hanf {m}
hempen {adj} (made of hemp) :: hanfen
hemp milk {n} (milky liquid from hemp) :: Hanfmilch {f}
hemp-nettle {n} (any weed of the genus Galeopsis in the Lamiaceae family) :: Hohlzahn {m}
hen {n} (female chicken) :: Henne {f}, Legehenne {f}, Huhn {n}
hen {n} (female bird) :: Weibchen {n} [generic term for the female of any animal]
henbane {n} (Hyoscyamus niger) :: Bilsenkraut {n}
hence {adv} (from here) :: von hier, fort, von dannen
hence {adv} (as a result, therefore) :: daher, deshalb, deswegen
hence {adv} :: demnach
henceforth {adv} (from now on) :: künftig, fürderhin, hinfort, fortan
henceforward {adv} (from now on) SEE: from now on ::
henchman {n} (a loyal and trusted follower or subordinate) :: Handlanger {m}, Handlangerin {f}, Scherge {m}
henchman {n} (a person who supports a political figure chiefly out of selfish interests) :: Anhänger {m}, Anhängerin {f}, Gefolgsmann {m}
henchman {n} (an assistant member of a criminal gang) :: Spießgeselle {m}
hendecagonal {adj} :: elfeckig
hendecasyllabic {adj} (having eleven syllables) :: elfsilbig
hendiadys {n} (figure of speech) :: Hendiadyoin {n}
hen harrier {n} (bird) :: Kornweihe {f}
henhouse {n} (house for chickens to live in) :: Hühnerstall {m}, Hühnerschlag {m}, Hühnerhaus {n}
hen night {n} (party) SEE: bachelorette party ::
hennin {n} (medieval headgear) :: Hennin {m}
henotheism {n} (belief or worship) :: Henotheismus {m}
hen party {n} (bachelorette party) SEE: bachelorette party ::
henpecked {adj} (plagued or overwhelmed by one's wife) :: unter dem Pantoffel, Pantoffelheld {m} [a henpecked husband]
hen pigeon {n} (female pigeon) :: [♂♀] Taube {f}, Täubin {f}, Taubenweibchen {n}, weibliche Taube {f}
Henrietta {prop} (feminine form of Henry) :: Heike, Heinrike, Henrike
Henriette {prop} (female given name) SEE: Henrietta ::
henry {n} (SI unit for electrical inductance) :: Henry {n}
Henry {prop} (given name) :: Heinrich {m}
hentai {n} (a work of anime that contains sexual art (esp. manga or anime)) :: Hentai {m} {f} {n}
heparin {n} (a glycosaminoglycan) :: Heparin {n}
hepatic {n} (liverwort) SEE: liverwort ::
hepatitis {n} (liver inflammation) :: Hepatitis {f}, Leberentzündung {f}
hepatotoxic {adj} (toxic to the liver) :: hepatotoxisch
Hepburn {prop} (romanization system for Japanese) :: Hepburn-System {n}
Hephaestus {prop} (Greek god) :: Hephaistos {m}
hepta- {prefix} (seven) :: hepta-
heptafluoroniobate {n} (NbF72−) :: Heptafluoroniobat {n}
heptagon {n} (A polygon with seven sides and seven angles) :: Siebeneck {n}
heptagonal {adj} (Having seven angles and sides) :: siebeneckig
heptahedron {n} (polyhedron with seven faces) :: Heptaeder {n}
heptalingual {adj} (speaking seven languages) :: siebensprachig
heptalingual {adj} (written in seven languages) :: siebensprachig
heptane {n} (saturated aliphatic hydrocarbon: C7H16) :: Heptan {n}
heptanoic acid {n} (CH3(CH2)5COOH) :: Önanthsäure
heptasyllabic {adj} (having seven syllables) :: siebensilbig
heptathlete {n} (athlete who competes in the heptathlon) :: Siebenkämpfer {m}, Siebenkämpferin {f}
heptathlon {n} (athletic contest) :: Siebenkampf {m}
her {determiner} (belonging to) :: ihr {m} {n}, ihre {f}, ihre {p}
her {pron} (she) :: [accusative] sie, [dative] ihr, [accusative] es, [dative] ihm
Hera {prop} (queen of the gods, wife of Zeus) :: Hera {f}
Heracles {prop} (the son of Zeus, see also: Hercules) :: Herakles
Heraclitus {prop} (given name) :: Heraklit {m}
herald {n} (a messenger, especially one bringing important news) :: Herold {m}, Bote {m}
herald {n} (a harbinger giving signs of things to come) :: Verkündiger {m}
herald {n} (an official whose speciality is heraldry) :: Wappenherold {m}, Wappenausleger {m}
herald {n} (moth) :: Motte {f}
herald {v} (announce) :: verkünden
heraldic {adj} (relating to the profession of devising and blazoning arms) :: heraldisch
heraldist {n} (expert or practitioner) :: Wappenkünstler {m}, Heraldiker {m}
heraldry {n} (the profession of devising and blazoning arms) :: Heraldik {f}, Heroldskunst {f}, Wappenwesen {n}
herb {n} (plant used to flavour food) :: Kraut {n}
herb {n} (plant used in medicine) :: Heilkraut {n}
herbaceous {adj} (botany: not woody) :: krautig
herbal {adj} (made from or with herbs) :: pflanzlich
herbalism {n} ((obsolete) botany) SEE: botany ::
herbalism {n} (practice or study of medicinal herbs) :: Kräuterkunde {f}
herbal medicine {n} (herbalism) SEE: herbalism ::
herbal tea {n} (beverage made by infusion of herbs) :: Kräutertee {m}
herbarium {n} (collection of dried plants) :: Herbarium {n}
herbarium {n} (building or institution where a collection of plants is held) :: Herbarium {n}
Herbart {prop} (surname) :: Herbart
Herbert {prop} (male given name) :: Herbert
herbicide {n} (substance used to kill plants) :: Herbizid {n}, chemisches Wildkrautbekämpfungsmittel {n}, chemisches Unkrautvernichtungsmittel {n}, chemischer Unkrautvernichter {m}, chemische Keule {f} [colloquial]
herbivore {n} (plant-eating organism) :: Pflanzenfresser {m}
herbivorous {adj} (feeding only on plants) :: pflanzenfressend
herblore {n} (herbalism) SEE: herbalism ::
Herculaneum {prop} (city in Italy) :: Herculaneum
Hercules {prop} (The Roman name of Heracles, see also: Heracles) :: Herkules {m}
Hercules {prop} (constellation) :: Herkules {m}
herd {n} (a number of domestic animals assembled together under the watch or ownership of a keeper) :: Herde {f}
herd {n} (any collection of animals gathered or travelling in a company) :: Herde {f}
herd {n} (herdsman) :: Hirt {m}, Hirte {m}
herder {n} (herder) :: Hirt {m}, Hirte {m}, Hirtin {f}
herd immunity {n} (protection of a community by immunisation of individuals) :: Herdenimmunität {f}
herding dog {n} (herding dog) :: Hirtenhund {m}, Hütehund {m}
herdsman {n} (a person who tends livestock, especially cows and sheep) :: Schäfer {m}, Hirt {m}
here {adv} (in, on, or at this place) :: hier
here {adv} (to this place) :: hierher, hierhin, her
here {n} (this place) :: Hier {n}
hereabouts {adv} (near here) :: hierherum, hierorts, hier herum, in dieser Gegend
hereafter {n} (existence after death) SEE: afterlife ::
hereafter {adv} (from now on) SEE: from now on ::
here and there {adv} (from time to time) SEE: from time to time ::
here and there {adv} (in one place and another) :: hier und da
here below {adv} :: im Diesseits; in diesem Leben; in dieser Welt
hereby {adv} (formal phrase) :: hiermit, hierdurch, hierbei
hereditary {adj} (which is passed on as inheritance) :: erblich
hereditary {adj} (of a title, honor or right: granted to somebody's descendant after that person's death) :: Erb-
hereditary {adj} (of a person: holding a hereditary title or rank) :: Erb-
hereditary {adj} (of a disease or trait: passed in the genes) :: erblich
hereinafter {adv} (In the parts of this document, statement, or book that follow; after this) :: im Folgenden, nachfolgend, nachstehend
heresiarch {n} (founder of a heresy) :: Häresiarch, Erzketzer {m}
heresy {n} (dissension from religious dogma) :: Häresie {f}, Ketzerei {f}
heretic {n} (someone who believes contrary to fundamentals) :: Ketzer {m}, Ketzerin {f}, Häretiker {m}, Häretikerin {f}
heretic {adj} (heretical) SEE: heretical ::
heretical {adj} (of or pertaining to heresy or heretics) :: häretisch
heretical {adj} (contrary to mainstream or accepted opinion) :: häretisch, ketzerisch
hereto {adv} (so far) SEE: so far ::
hereto {adv} :: hierzu
heretofore {adv} (up to the present time) :: bislang
hereunder {adv} (translation) :: hierunter
herewith {adv} (with this (especially, with this letter or communication)) :: hiermit
here you are {phrase} (said when handing something over) :: bitte, bitte schön
heritage {n} (property) :: Erbschaft {f}, Erbe {n}
heritage {n} (tradition) :: (kulturelles) Erbe {n}
heritage {n} (birthright) :: Geburtsrecht {n}, Erbe {n}
Herman {prop} (given name) :: Hermann {m}
hermaphrodite {n} (individual or organism having both male and female gonads) :: Zwitter; [formal also] Hermaphrodit {m}, Hermaphroditin {f}; [rarely also] Zweigeschlecht {n}
hermaphrodite {adj} (having both male and female gonads) :: hermaphroditisch, zwittrig
hermaphroditic {adj} (of or pertaining to hermaphrodism) :: hermaphroditisch
hermaphroditic {adj} (biology: possessing the reproductive organs of both sexes) :: hermaphroditisch
hermaphroditically {adv} (in a hermaphroditic manner) :: hermaphroditisch, zwittertümlich, zwitterig, zwittrig, bisexuell, zweigeschlechtig, doppelgeschlechtig, zwitterhaft
hermaphroditism {n} (state of having both male and female sexual organs) :: Hermaphroditismus {m}, Hermaphrodismus {m}, Zweigeschlechtlichkeit {f}, Zwittrigkeit {f}, Zwittertum {n}
hermeneutical {adj} (concerning hermeneutics) :: hermeneutisch
hermeneutics {n} (art and science of text interpretation) :: Hermeneutik {f}
hermetic {adj} (isolated) :: hermetisch
hermetic {adj} (hermetically sealed) :: hermetisch
hermetically {adv} (hermetically) :: hermetisch
hermetically sealed {adj} (airtight) :: hermetisch abgeriegelt
hermeticism {n} :: Hermetik {f}
Hermione {prop} (Daughter of Helen and Menelaus, wife of Orestes) :: Hermione
hermit {n} (religious recluse; eremite) :: Einsiedler {m}, Eremit {m}
hermit {n} :: Anachoret {m}, Klausner {m}
hermit {n} (hermit crab) SEE: hermit crab ::
hermitage {n} (dwelling place of hermit) :: Klause {f}
hermitage {n} (place of seclusion) :: Einsiedelei {f}
hermit crab {n} (crustacean) :: Einsiedlerkrebs {m}
Hermitian {adj} (equal to its transpose conjugate) :: hermitesch
hermitic {adj} (of or pertaining to hermits) SEE: eremitic ::
hermitical {adj} (of or pertaining to hermits) SEE: eremitic ::
hermitism {n} (living alone and in isolation) :: Einsiedlertum {n}
hermitlike {adj} :: eremitisch
hernia {n} (part of the body protruding abnormally through a tear or opening in an adjacent part) :: Bruch {m}, Hernie {f}
hero {n} (person of great bravery) :: Held {m}, Heldin {f}
hero {n} (main protagonist) :: Held {m}, Hauptfigur {f}
Herod {prop} (king) :: Herodes {m}
Herodotean {adj} (Characteristic of Herodotus or his works) :: herodotisch
Herodotus {prop} (ancient historian) :: Herodot
heroic {adj} (of or relating to heroism) :: heldenhaft, heroisch
heroin {n} (powerful and addictive drug) :: Heroin {n}
heroine {n} (female hero) :: Heldin {f}, Heroine {f}
heroization {n} (the act, or the result, of heroizing someone) :: Heroisierung {f}
heroize {v} (to make someone into a hero) :: heroisieren
heroize {v} (to treat someone as if they were a hero) :: heroisieren
heron {n} (bird) :: Reiher {m}
Herostratus {prop} (ancient arsonist) :: Herostratos
herpes {n} (viral disease) :: Herpes {m}
herpes zoster {n} (acute viral inflammation) :: Herpes Zoster, Gürtelrose {f}
herpetologist {n} (one who studies reptiles, a reptile specialist) :: Herpetologe {m}, Herpetologin {f}
herpetology {n} (the branch of biology dealing with reptiles) :: Herpetologie {f}
herring {n} (fish in Clupea) :: Hering {m}
herringlike {adj} :: heringsähnlich
hers {pron} (that which belongs to her) :: ihr
herself {pron} ((reflexive object) her) :: sich
herself {pron} ((as intensifier) she) :: sie selbst
Hertha {prop} (female given name) :: Hertha, Herta
hertz {n} (the derived unit of frequency) :: Hertz {n}
Hertzsprung-Russell diagram {n} (plot of the absolute magnitude of stars) :: Hertzsprung-Russell-Diagramm {n}
Herzeg-Bosnia {prop} (country on the Balkan peninsula) :: Herzeg-Bosnien {n}
Herzegovina {prop} (Southern wedge of the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina) :: Herzegowina {n}
Herzegovinian {n} (a person from Herzegovina) :: Herzegowiner {m}, Herzegowinerin {f}, Herzegowze {m}, Herzegowzin {f}
Herzegovinian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Herzegovina and its inhabitants) :: herzegowinisch
Hesiod {prop} (Greek poet) :: Hesiod
hesitant {adj} (tending to hesitate) :: zögerlich
hesitate {v} (to stop or pause respecting decision or action) :: zögern
hesitate {v} (to stammer; to falter in speaking) :: zögern, stammeln
hesitation {n} (act of hesitating) :: Zögern {n}
hesitation {n} (faltering in speech) :: Zögern {n}
Hesperia {prop} (literally "western land") :: Hesperia
Hesperia {prop} (one of the Hesperides) :: Hesperia
Hesperides {n} (a group of nymphs) :: Hesperiden {p}
Hesse {prop} (state) :: Hessen
Hessian {adj} (pertaining to Hesse) :: hessisch
Hessian {n} (native or inhabitant of Hesse) :: Hesse {m}, Hessin {f}
he's unconscious {phrase} (he's unconscious) :: er ist bewusstlos
Hesychast {n} (a member of a school of quietist monks in 14th-century Greece and Byzantium) :: Hesychast {m}
hetero- {prefix} (other) :: hetero-
heteroatom {n} (non-carbon atom in a carbon structure) :: Heteroatom {n}
heterochromia {n} (heterochromia) :: [iris] Iris-Heterochromie {f}
heterochromia iridium {n} (condition of having two irises of different colors) :: Iris-Heterochromie
heteroclite {n} (A person who is unconventional) :: Heteroklit {m}
heteroclitic {adj} :: heteroklitisch
heterocyclic {adj} (of cyclic compounds: containing one or more atoms other than carbon) :: heterozyklisch
heterodox {adj} (of or pertaining to creeds, beliefs, or teachings that are different from the norm) :: heterodox
heterodoxy {n} (a heterodox belief, creed, or teaching) :: Andersgläubigkeit {f}, Irrglaube {m}
heteroelement {n} :: Heteroelement {n}
heterogeneity {n} (composition of diverse parts) :: Heterogenität {f}
heterogeneity {n} (diversity) SEE: diversity ::
heterogeneous {adj} (diverse in kind) :: heterogen
heterogenous {adj} (heterogeneous) SEE: heterogeneous ::
heteronomous {adj} :: heteronom
heteronomy {n} :: Heteronomie {f}
heteronormative {adj} :: heteronormativ
heteronym {n} (word having the same spelling but different pronunciation) :: Heteronym {n}
heteropoly acid {n} (family of mixed oxyacids of metals) :: Heteropolysäure {f}
heteroscedasticity {n} :: Heteroskedastizität {f}
heterosexism {n} (Discrimination in favor of heterosexuals) :: Heterosexismus {m}
heterosexual {adj} (sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex) :: heterosexuell
heterosexual {n} (a heterosexual organism) :: Heterosexueller {m}, Heterosexuelle {f}, Hetero {m}
heterosexuality {n} (heterosexual orientation) :: Heterosexualität {f}
heterozygosity {n} (the condition of being heterozygous) :: Heterozygotie {f}, Mischerbigkeit {f}, Heterozygosität {f}
heterozygote {n} (a diploid individual that has different alleles at one or more genetic loci) :: Heterozygot {n}
heth {n} (Semitic letter) :: Chet {n}, Cheth {n}
Hettangian {prop} (age/stage of the Jurassic period/system) :: Hettangium
hetty {n} (heterosexual) :: Hetero, Hete
hetty {adj} (heterosexual) :: hetero
heuristic {adj} (relating to general strategies or methods for solving problems) :: heuristisch
heuristic {n} (heuristic method, heuristics) :: Heuristik {f}
hew {v} (to chop away at; to whittle down; to mow down) :: einhauen, bearbeiten, hauen
he who digs a pit for others, falls in himself {proverb} (he who digs a pit for others, falls in himself) :: wer andern eine Grube gräbt, fällt selbst hinein
he who laughs last laughs best {proverb} (success is better after you've endured ridicule) :: wer zuletzt lacht, lacht am besten
he who laughs last laughs hardest {proverb} (he who laughs last laughs best) SEE: he who laughs last laughs best ::
he who smelt it dealt it {proverb} (a person calling attention to or complaining about a fart) :: Wer den Furz zuerst gerochen, dem ist er aus dem Arsch gekrochen.
he-wolf {n} (male wolf) :: Rüde {m}, Wolfsrüde {m}
hex {n} (an evil spell or curse) :: Fluch {m}, Verhexung {f}
hex {n} (a witch) :: Hexe {f}
hexadecimal {n} (number system with base 16) :: Hexadezimalsystem {n}, Sedezimalsystem {n}
hexadecimal {adj} (expressed in hexadecimal) :: hexadezimal
hexagon {n} (A polygon with six sides and six angles) :: Sechseck {n}, Hexagon {n}
hexagonal {adj} (geometry: having six edges, or having a cross-section in the form of a hexagon) :: hexagonal, sechseckig
hexagram {n} (star shape) :: Hexagramm {n}
hexahedron {n} (polyhedron with six faces) :: Hexaeder {n}
hexamethylenediamine {n} (hexamethylenediamine) :: Hexamethylendiamin
hexane {n} (aliphatic hydrocarbon: C6H14) :: Hexan {n}
hexanoic acid {n} (caproic acid) SEE: caproic acid ::
hexapod {n} (insect) SEE: insect ::
hexapod {n} (organism or being with six legs) :: Sechsfüßler {m}
hexapod {n} (arthropod with six feet) :: Sechsfüßler {m}
hexasyllabic {adj} (having six syllables) :: sechssilbig
hexene {n} (the alkene C6H12) :: Hexen {n}
hex head screw {n} (screw with a hexagonal head) :: Sechskantschraube {f}
hex head wrench {n} (screwdriver) :: Inbusschlüssel {m}, Innensechskantschlüssel {m}
hex key {n} (hex head wrench) SEE: hex head wrench ::
hey {interj} (exclamation to get attention) :: Hallo
hey {interj} (protest or reprimand) :: ey
heyday {n} (a period of success, popularity or power) :: Blütezeit {f}
Hezbollah {prop} (Lebanese Shia islamic organisation) :: Hisbollah
hi {interj} (friendly, informal greeting) :: hallo, 'n Tag
hiatus {n} (interruption, break or pause) :: Unterbrechung {f}, Pause {f}
hiatus {n} (vacation) :: Unterbrechung {f}, Urlaub {m}, Ferien {p}
hiatus {n} (gap in geological strata) :: Hiat {m}, Hiatus {m}
hiatus {n} (anatomy: opening in an organ) :: Hiat {m}, Hiatus {m}
hiatus {n} (syllable break between two vowels) :: Hiat {m}, Hiatus {m}
hiatus {n} :: Hiatus, Hiat, Lücke {f}
hibakusha {n} (survivor of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki) :: Hibakusha {m} {f}
hibernate {v} (winter sleep) :: Winterschlaf halten, überwintern
hibernation {n} (state of inactivity during winter) :: Winterschlaf {m}
hibiscus {n} (flower) :: Hibiskus {m}
hiccough {n} (hiccup) SEE: hiccup ::
hiccough {v} (hiccup) SEE: hiccup ::
hiccup {n} (spasm of the diaphragm) :: Schluckauf {m}
hiccup {v} (to hiccup) :: hicksen
hiccups {n} (the condition of having hiccup spasms) :: Schluckauf {m}
hick {v} (hiccup) SEE: hiccup ::
hick {n} (country yokel or hillbilly) :: Landei {n}, Hinterwäldler {m}
hickey {n} (bruise-like mark) :: Knutschfleck {m}
hickory nut {n} (nut of the hickory tree) :: Hickorynuss
hidden {adj} (that has been moved out of sight; invisible or unapparent) :: versteckt
hidden {adj} (that has been hidden) :: versteckt, verborgen
hidden agenda {n} (wish (and plan) to implement a particular idea without telling anybody) :: Hintergedanke {m}
hide {v} ((transitive)) :: verbergen, verdecken, verheimlichen, verstecken, unsichtbar machen
hide {v} ((intransitive)) :: sich verbergen , sich verstecken , sich unsichtbar machen
hide {n} (skin of an animal) :: Haut {f}, Fell {n}, Leder {n}
hide {n} (covered structure for observing animals) :: Hochsitz {m}
hide and go seek {n} (hide and seek) SEE: hide and seek ::
hide and seek {n} (game) :: Versteckspiel {n}
hide one's light under a bushel {v} (conceal one's talents or positive qualities) :: sein Licht unter den Scheffel stellen
hideous {adj} (extremely ugly) :: scheußlich
hideous {adj} (distressing or offensive to the ear) :: abscheulich
hideous {adj} (hateful; shocking) :: abscheulich
hideousness {n} (being hideous) :: Abscheulichkeit {f}
hideout {n} (A place to hide) :: Versteck {n}
hiding place {n} (a place where something or someone may be hidden) :: Versteck {n}
hie {v} (to go in haste) :: eilen
hierarchical {adj} (Pertaining to a hierarchy) :: hierarchisch
hierarchical {adj} (Classified or arranged into successive ranks or grades) :: hierarchisch
hierarchically {adv} (of or relating to a hierarchy) :: hierarchisch
hierarchy {n} (body of authoritative officials organised by rank) :: Hierarchie {f}
hierarchy {n} (class of objects) :: Hierarchie {f}, Rangordnung {f}
hieratic {adj} (of or pertaining to priests) :: hieratisch
hierocratic {adj} :: hierokratisch
hierodule {n} (temple slave, often one performing religious prostitution) :: Hierodule {m}
hieroglyph {n} (element of ideographic writing system) :: Hieroglyphe {f}
hieroglyphic {adj} (of, relating to, or written with this system of symbols) :: hieroglyphisch
hieroglyphic {adj} (difficult to decipher) :: hieroglyphisch
hieromonk {n} (monk of the Eastern Church who is also a priest) :: Hieromonachos {m}, Priestermönch {m}
hierophant {n} (ancient Greek priest) :: Hierophant {m}
hierophany {n} (physical manifestation of the sacred) :: Hierophanie
Higgs boson {n} (elementary particle) :: Higgs-Boson {n}, Higgs-Teilchen {n}
Higgs particle {n} (Higgs boson) SEE: Higgs boson ::
high {adj} (elevated; tall) :: hoch
high {adj} (of great or large quantity) :: hoch
high {adj} (acoustics: of greater frequency) :: hoch, hell
high {adj} (of meat: slightly tainted) :: angegangen
high {adj} (slang: stoned) :: [formal] berauscht; [normal] auf Droge; [slang:] dicht; drauf; high; knatter; zu
high {n} (anticyclone) SEE: anticyclone ::
high altar {n} (main altar in a church) :: Hochaltar {m}
high bar {n} (horizontal bar) SEE: horizontal bar ::
high-beam {n} (automobile's headlights adjusted to brighten a longer distance) :: Fernlicht {n}, Aufblendlicht {n}
highbrow {adj} (highly cultured) :: inspiriert, anspruchsvoll, geistvoll, geistreich, hochgeistig, intellektuell
highbrow {n} (Intellectual) :: Intellektueller {m}, Intellektuelle {f}
highchair {n} (elevated chair used for feeding babies) :: Hochstuhl {m}
high-class {adj} (recognized for quality) :: gehoben
high court {n} (supreme court) SEE: supreme court ::
higher education {n} (education at university level or beyond) :: Hochschulbildung {f}
higher learning {n} (higher education) SEE: higher education ::
highfalutin {adj} ((informal) self-important, pompous; arrogant or egotistical) :: arrogant, anmaßend, hochfahrend
High Fens {prop} (region in eastern Belgium and western Germany) :: Hohes Venn
high frequency {n} (frequency area from 3 MHz through 30 MHz) :: Hochfrequenz {f}
High German {n} (any of a group of West Germanic languages) :: Hochdeutsch {n}
High German {n} (standard German) :: Standarddeutsch {n}, Hochdeutsch {n}
High German consonant shift {prop} (sound change that affected the stop consonants of the High German languages) :: zweite Lautverschiebung {f}, althochdeutsche Lautverschiebung {f}, hochdeutsche Lautverschiebung {f}, deutsche Lautverschiebung {f}
high-handed {adj} (using power or authority without proper consideration for the feelings or rights of others) :: eigenmächtig, selbstherrlich
high-hat {adj} (disdainful) :: hochnäsig
high heels {n} (pair of shoes) :: Hochhackige Schuhe {p}, Absatzschuhe
High Holidays {prop} (Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, collectively) :: Hohen Feiertage {p}
high intensity training {n} :: High Intensity Training {n}
high jump {n} (athletics event) :: Hochsprung {m}
high jumper {n} (athlete) :: Hochspringer {m}, Hochspringerin {f}
highland {n} (mountainous land) :: Hochland {n}
high-level {adj} (of or pertaining to a person of high rank) SEE: high-ranking ::
high-level language {n} (user-friendly programming language) :: hōhere Programmiersprache {f}
highlight {n} (especially significant or interesting detail or event) :: Highlight {n}, Höhepunkt {m}
highlight {v} (to make prominent) :: hervorheben, beleuchten
highlight {v} (to mark with a fluorescent marker) :: markieren
highlighter {n} (pen for highlighting) :: Marker {m}, Markierstift {m}, Textmarker {m}
highly composite number {n} (positive integer with more divisors than any smaller positive integer) :: hochzusammengesetzte Zahl {f}
High Mass {prop} (a Roman Catholic Mass celebrated in full ceremonial form) :: Hochamt {n}
High Middle Ages {prop} (period of European history, between the Early Middle Ages and the Late Middle Ages, that saw great social and political change) :: Hochmittelalter {n}
Highness {n} (form of address) :: Hoheit {f}
high-pitched {adj} (having a comparatively high pitch) :: hoch
high point {n} :: Höhepunkt {m}
high-priced {adj} (expensive) SEE: expensive ::
high priest {n} (clergyman) :: Hohepriester {m}
high priest {n} (male person who was responsible for making the annual sacrifice on the Day of Atonement) :: Hoherpriester {m}
high-quality {adj} (of very good quality) :: hochqualitativ
high-ranking {adj} (at an important, elevated, or exalted level in a hierarchy or organization; high-level) :: ranghoch, hochrangig
high-resolution {adj} (having a high resolution) :: hochauflösend
high-rise {n} (A tall building) :: Hochhaus {n}
high roller {n} (gambler who wagers large amounts of money) :: High Roller
high school {n} (secondary school) :: Oberschule {f}, Mittelschule {f} [secondary]
high-score table {n} (a list of high scores presented in tabular format) :: High-Score-Tabelle {f}
high seas {n} (regions of ocean far from shore) :: Hochsee {f}
high society {n} (the socially interacting wealthy fashionable elite of a society) :: High Society {f}
high-speed {adj} (operates at greater than normal speed) :: hochtourig [rotation], schnelllaufend, superschnell
high-spirited {adj} (energetic) SEE: energetic ::
high-spirited {adj} (possessing a bold nature) :: übermütig
high street {n} (the main street of any town) :: Hauptstraße {f}
hight {v} (call) SEE: call ::
hight {v} (be called) :: heißen, sich nennen
high tech {n} (high technology) SEE: high technology ::
high technology {n} (specialized technological application) :: Hochtechnologie {f}, Spitzentechnologie {f}, Hochtechnik {f}, Hightech {f} {n}
high tension {adj} (having a relatively high voltage) :: Hochspannungs-
high tide {n} (the natural tide at its highest level) :: Flut {f}, Hochwasser {n}
high time {n} (point in time at which something is utterly due) :: höchste Zeit {f}
high time {n} (enjoyable or exciting experience or period of time) :: herrliche Zeit {f}, großes Vergnügen {n}, Heidenspaß {m}
high treason {n} (Criminal disloyalty to one's country) :: Hochverrat {m}
high-voltage transmission line {n} (power transmission line) :: Hochspannungsleitung {f}
high-water mark {n} (mark showing the highest level reached by a body of water) :: Hochwassermarke {f}
highway {n} (main public road) :: Hauptstraße {f}, Chaussee {f}
highwayman {n} (a person who robbed travelers on roads) :: Wegelagerer {m}, Straßenräuber {m}
highway robbery {n} (The asking of an excessive or exorbitant price) SEE: daylight robbery ::
highwire walker {n} (acrobat who practices highwire walking) SEE: tightrope walker ::
Hiiumaa {prop} (island of Estonia) :: Hiiumaa, Dagö
hijab {n} (headscarf) :: Hidschab {m}, Hijab {m}
hijack {v} (to seize control of a vehicle) :: entführen, hijacken, überfallen
hijack {n} (instance of hijacking of a vehicle) :: Entführung {f}, Überfall {m}
hijacker {n} (someone who hijacks) :: Entführer {m}, Entführerin {f}
hijacking {n} (instance of such an act) SEE: hijack ::
hijra {n} (third gender) :: Hijra
Hijra {n} (Muhammad's departure from Mecca) :: Hedschra {f}, Hidschra {f}, Hegira {f}
Hijra {n} :: Hedschra, Hidschra, Hegira
hike {n} (a long walk) :: Wanderung {f}
hike {n} (the snap of the ball to start a play) :: Snap {m}
hike {v} (to take a long walk for pleasure or exercise) :: wandern
hiker {n} (One who hikes, especially frequently) :: Wanderer {m}, Wanderin {f}, Wandrerin {f}, Wanderfreund {m}, Wanderfreundin {f}
hiking {n} (walking) :: Bergwandern {n}, Wandern {n}
hilarious {adj} (very funny; causing great merriment and laughter) :: zum Totlachen, urkomisch, vergnügt, irrsinnig witzig
hilarity {n} (happiness) :: Fröhlichkeit {f}, Ausgelassenheit {f}, Heiterkeit {f}
hilarity {n} (something inducing laughter) :: Komik {f}, Witz {m}
Hilbert space {n} (a space in mathematics) :: Hilbertraum {m}, Hilbert-Raum
Hilda {prop} (female given name) :: Hilda
Hildebrand {prop} (A German surname​) :: Hildebrand
Hilferdingian {adj} (relating to the views of Rudolf Hilferding) :: Hilferdingsch
hill {n} (elevated location) :: Hügel {m}
hill {n} (sloping road) :: Hang {m}, Steigung {m}
hill {n} (steepness) :: Steigung {f}, Anstieg {m}
hillbilly {v} (someone who is from the hills) :: Hinterwäldler {m}
hillside {n} (side of a hill) :: Bergabhang {m}
hilly {adj} (abounding in hills) :: hügelig
hilt {n} (grip of a sword) :: Griff {m}
hilum {n} ((botany) eye of a seed) :: Hilum {n}, Nabel {m}
him {pron} (he) SEE: he ::
him {pron} (dative / indirect object) :: ihm
him {pron} (accusative / direct object) :: ihn
him {pron} (himself) SEE: himself ::
Himalayas {prop} (a mountain range of south-central Asia) :: Himalaja {m}, Himalaya {m}
himation {n} (ancient Greek clothing item: cloak) :: Himation {n}
himself {pron} ((reflexive) male person as the previously mentioned object) :: sich
himself {pron} ((emphatic, exclusive) he) :: er selbst
hin {n} (Hebrew unit of measure) :: Hin {n}
hind {n} (female deer) :: Hinde {f}, Hirschkuh {f}, weiblicher Hirsch {m}
hindbrain {n} (hindbrain) :: Rautenhirn
Hindenburg {prop} (the German commercial passenger-carrying rigid airship) :: Hindenburg {n}
hinder {v} (to delay or impede movement) :: hindern, behindern, erschweren
hinder {v} (to make a task difficult) :: erschweren
hinder {adj} (of or belonging to that part in the rear) :: Hinter-, hinter
hinder {n} (slang: buttocks) :: Hintern {m}
Hindi {n} (language) :: Hindi {n}
hind leg {n} (either of two legs towards the rear) :: Hinterlauf {m}, Hinterbein {n}
hindrance {n} (something which hinders) :: Behinderung {f}, Hindernis {n}
hindsight {n} (after-the-fact realisation or understanding) :: Rückblick {m}
hindsight {n} (the phrase "in hindsight") :: im Nachhinein
hindsight is 20/20 {proverb} (in hindsight things are obvious that were not obvious from the outset) :: Hinterher ist man immer klüger.
Hindu {n} (religious adherent) :: Hindu {m} {f}, Hindufrau {f}
Hinduism {prop} (religion) :: Hinduismus {m}
Hindu Kush {prop} (mountain range) :: Hindukusch {m}
hinge {n} (device for the pivoting of a door) :: Angel {f}, Scharnier {n}, Türband
hinge {n} (statistics: median of upper or lower half of a batch) SEE: quartile ::
hinge {n} (philately: paper rectangle for affixing postage stamps) SEE: stamp hinge ::
hinge joint {n} (type of joint) :: Scharniergelenk {n}
hinny {n} (hybrid offspring of a male horse and a female donkey) :: Maulesel {m}
hint {n} (clue) :: Hinweis {m}
hinterland {n} (land immediately next to a coast) :: Binnenland; Hinterland {n}; Inland {n}
hinterland {n} (rural territory surrounding urban area) :: Umland {n}; Hinterland {n}
hinterland {n} (remote or undeveloped area) :: Provinz {f}; plattes Land {n}
hip {n} (joint) :: Hüfte {f}
hip {n} (the fruit of a rose) :: Hagebutte {f}
hip bone {n} (bone) :: Hüftknochen {m}
hip flask {n} (pocket-size container for alcoholic beverages) :: Flachmann {m}
hip hip hooray {interj} (an exclamation of congratulations) :: hipp, hipp, hurra
hip hop {n} (popular urban culture) SEE: hip-hop ::
hip-hop {n} (urban youth culture) :: Hiphop, Hip-Hop, Hip Hop
hippiater {n} (veterinarian specialized in horses) :: Pferdearzt {m}, Pferdeärztin {f}, Rossarzt {m}, Rossärztin {f}
hippie {n} (1960s nonconformist) :: Hippie {m}
hippocampus {n} (brain region) :: Hippocampus {m}, Hippokampus {m}, Ammonshorn {n}
hippocaust {n} (hypocaust) SEE: hypocaust ::
Hippocrates {prop} (an Ancient Greek male given name) :: Hippokrates
hippodrome {n} (horse racing course) :: Hippodrom {n}, Pferderennbahn {f}
hippology {n} (study of horses) :: Pferdekunde
hippopotamus {n} (large African mammal) :: Flusspferd {n}, Flusspferdmännchen {n}, Flusspferdweibchen {n}, Nilpferd {n}, Nilpferdmännchen {n}, Nilpferdweibchen {n},
hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia {n} (the fear of long words) :: Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobie {f}, Sesquipedalophobie {f}
hip roof {n} (roof shape) :: Walmdach {n}
hiragana {n} (Japanese syllabary) :: Hiragana {n}
hire {v} (to obtain the services of in return for fixed payment) :: mieten, heuern
hire {v} (to employ) :: anwerben, anstellen, einstellen
Hirnantian {prop} :: Hirnantium
Hiroshima {prop} (a city in Honshu, Japan) :: Hiroschima
Hirsch funnel {n} (a piece of laboratory equipment used in filtration) :: Hirschtrichter {m}
hirsutism {n} (excessive and increased hair growth) :: Hirsutismus {m}
his {determiner} (attributive: belonging to him) :: sein {m}, {n}, seine {f}, seine {p}
his {pron} (that which belongs to him) :: der seine
His Imperial Majesty {pron} (His Imperial Majesty) :: Seine Kaiserliche Majestät
His Majesty {pron} (title of respect used when referring to a king) :: Seine Majestät
Hispanic America {prop} (parts of the Americas which speak Spanish) :: Hispanoamerika, Spanischamerika
Hispanicize {v} (Hispanize, hispanize) :: hispanisieren
Hispanicize {v} (translate into Spanish) :: ins Spanische übersetzen
Hispanize {v} (Hispanicize) SEE: Hispanicize ::
Hispanophone {adj} (Spanish-speaking) :: spanischsprachig
hiss {v} (to make a hissing sound) :: zischen, fauchen [cats]
histamine {n} (an amine) :: Histamin {n}
histidine {n} (essential amino acid; C6H9N3O2) :: Histidin {n}
histogram {n} (graphical display) :: Histogramm {n}
histological {adj} (pertaining to histology) :: histologisch
histologically {adv} (histologically) :: histologisch
histologist {n} (one who studies histology) :: Histologe {m}, Histologin {f}
histology {n} (study of microscopic structure) :: Gewebelehre
histone {n} (water-soluble protein) :: Histon
historian {n} (writer of history) :: Historiker {m}, Historikerin {f}
historian {n} (person who studies history) :: Historiker {m}, Historikerin {f}
historic {adj} (historical) SEE: historical ::
historic {adj} (having significance in history) :: historisch, geschichtsträchtig
historical {adj} (pertaining to history) :: geschichtlich, historisch
historical linguistics {n} (the scientific study of language change) :: Historische Sprachwissenschaft {f}, Historische Linguistik {f}, Historiolinguistik {f}
historico-cultural {adj} :: kulturgeschichtlich
historiography {n} :: Histographie {f}
historism {n} (19th century school of thought) :: Historismus
history {n} (aggregate of past events) :: Geschichte {f}
history {n} (branch of knowledge that studies the past) :: Geschichtswissenschaft {f}
history {n} (record or narrative description of past events) :: Geschichte {f}, Erzählung {f}
history {n} (medicine: list of past and continuing medical conditions) :: Anamnese {f}
history {n} (computing: record of previous user events) :: Verlauf {m}
history repeats itself {proverb} (Translations) :: die Geschichte wiederholt sich
histrionic {adj} (of or relating to actors or acting) :: schauspielerisch, Schauspiel-
histrionic {adj} (excessively dramatic or emotional) :: theatralisch, pathetisch
histrionics {n} (exaggerated, overemotional behaviour) :: theatralisches Getue {n}
hit {v} (to give a blow) :: schlagen, treffen, stoßen
hit {v} (to come into contact with forcefully and suddenly) :: schlagen, [colloquial] knallen
hit {v} (to manage to touch in the right place) :: treffen
hit {v} (to kill a person on the instructions of a third party) :: morden
hit {v} (to briefly visit) :: treffen
hit {v} (to begin) :: abschlagen
hit {adj} (blow, punch) :: Schlag {m}, Hieb {m}, Stoß {m}, Treffer {m}
hit {adj} (success, especially in the entertainment industry) :: Hit {m}, Erfolg {m}, Schlager {m}
hit {adj} (attack on a location) :: Anschlag {m}
hit {adj} (computing, Internet: positive result of a search) :: Treffer {m}, Hit {m}
hit {adj} (dose of an illegal or addictive drug) :: Hit {m}
hit {v} (to hit) SEE: strike ::
hit and run {n} (the crime of causing an accident and leaving) :: Fahrerflucht {f}
hitch {n} (knot) :: Festmacher {m}
hitch {n} (connection point for trailer) :: Anhängerkupplung {f}
hitch {n} (a hidden or unfavorable condition or element; a catch) :: Haken {m}
hitchhike {v} (to try to get a ride in a passing vehicle while standing at the side of a road) :: trampen, per Anhalter fahren
hitchhiker {n} (a person who hitchhikes) :: Anhalter {m}, Tramper {m}
hither {adv} (to here) :: hierher, hierhin
hither and thither {adv} (In a disorderly manner) :: hin und her
hitherto {adv} (up to this time) :: bis dahin, bis dato, bislang, bisher, bis jetzt, zuvor
Hitler {prop} (Austrian surname held by Adolf Hitler) :: Hitler {m}
Hitlerian {adj} (related to Adolf Hitler) :: Hitler-
Hitlerism {n} (political philosophy of Hitler) :: Hitlerismus {m}
hitman {n} (contract killer) :: Auftragsmörder {m}, Auftragsmörderin {f}, Killer {m}, Killerin {f}
hit on {v} (to approach somebody seeking love, sex, etc.) :: anmachen, anbaggern
hit point {n} (A unit of damage) :: Lebenspunkt {m}, Trefferpunkt {m}
hit point {n} (raytracing) :: Auftreffpunkt {m}
hitpoint {n} (hit point) SEE: hit point ::
hit the gas {v} (go faster) :: Gas geben
hit the jackpot {v} (to receive a favorable outcome, by luck) :: das Große Los ziehen
hit the nail on the head {v} (identify something exactly) :: den Nagel auf den Kopf treffen
hit the road {v} (to leave a place; to go away) :: sich auf den Weg machen
Hittite {n} (person) :: Hethiter {m}, Hethiterin {f}
Hittite {prop} (language) :: Hethitisch {n}
Hittite {adj} (of or relating to the Hittite people, language or kingdom) :: hethitisch
Hittitologist {n} (a person specialised in Hittitology) :: Hethitologe {m}, Hethitologin {f}
Hittitology {n} (the study of Hittites and their language and culture) :: Hethitologie {f}
HIV {n} (human immunodeficiency virus) :: HIV, HI-Virus
hive {n} (a box or basket for the reception and habitation of a swarm of honeybees) SEE: beehive ::
hive off {v} (separate from a larger group) :: ausgründen
hives {n} (medical condition) SEE: urticaria ::
HIV negative {adj} (not having HIV) :: HIV-negativ
HIV positive {adj} (infected by the HIV virus) :: HIV-positiv
hmm {interj} (indicating thinking or pondering) :: hm, tja
Hmong {n} (people) :: Miao {m} {f}
hmph {interj} (sound of annoyance or indignation) SEE: humph ::
hnn {interj} (indicating thinking or pondering) SEE: hmm ::
ho {n} (whore) :: Hure {f}
hoard {n} (hidden supply) :: Hort {m}, Vorrat {m}
hoard {v} (to amass) :: horten
hoarder {n} (one who hoards) :: Messie {m} [compulsive, pathological]
hoarfrost {n} (frozen dew drops) :: Raureif {m}
hoarse {adj} (afflicted by a dry, quite harsh voice) :: heiser
hoary {adj} (white or gray with age) :: altersgrau, asbach, uralt
hoatzin {n} (bird, Opisthocomus hoazin) :: Hoatzin {m}
hoax {v} (to deceive with a hoax) :: anführen, hereinlegen, einen Bären aufbinden, foppen
hoax {n} (anything deliberately intended to deceive or trick) :: Streich {m}, Trick {m}, Schabernack {m}
Hobart {prop} (capital of Tasmania) :: Hobart
hobbit {n} (fictional small humanoid creature) :: Hobbit {m}
hobby {n} (activity done for enjoyment in spare time) :: Hobby {n}, Steckenpferd {n}
hobby horse {n} (child's toy) :: Steckenpferd {n}
hobby horse {n} (topic about which someone loves to talk) :: Steckenpferd {n}
hobbyist {n} (person interested in an activity or subject as a hobby) :: Bastler {m}, Bastlerin {f}, Hobbymensch {m}, Hobby-Mensch {m}, Hobbyist {m}, Hobbyistin {f}
hobnail {n} (short nail with a thick head) :: Schuhnagel {m}, Schuhzwecke {m}, Stiefelnagel {m}
hockey {n} (the sport) :: Hockey {n}, Eishockey {n} [ice hockey]
hockey stick {n} (instrument used in ice hockey) :: Hockeyschläger {m}
hockey stick {n} (instrument used in field hockey) :: Hockeyschläger {m}
hocus-pocus {interj} (a phrase used as a magical incantation) :: Hokuspokus {m}
hocus-pocus {n} (act of trickery or nonsense) :: Hokuspokus {m}
hodgepodge {n} (collection of miscellaneous things; a jumble) :: Sammelsurium {n}, Mischmasch
hodja {n} (a Muslim schoolmaster) :: Hodscha {m}
hodman {n} (a bricklayer's or mason's laborer who carries bricks, mortar, cement and the like in a hod) :: Ziegelträger {m}, Bauhandlanger {m}, Handlanger {m}, Bauhilfsarbeiter {m}
hoe {n} (agricultural tool) :: Hacke {f}
hoe {v} (to use the gardening tool) :: hacken
hog {n} (animal of the family Suidae) :: Schwein {n}, Hausschwein {n}
hog {n} (greedy person) :: Vielfraß {m}, Sau {f}
hog {v} (to greedily take more than one's share, to take precedence at the expense of another or others) :: sich selbstsüchtig aneignen, in Beschlag nehmen, raffen
hogan {n} (house) :: Hogan {m}
hogherd {n} (person who looks after hogs) :: Schweinehirt {m}, Schweinehirte {m}, Schweinehirtin {f}, Schweinehüter {m}, Schweinehüterin {f}
hogherd {n} (swineherd) SEE: swineherd ::
hog millet {n} (proso millet) SEE: proso millet ::
hogshead {n} (measure) :: oxhoft
hogshead {n} (cask) :: oxhoft
hog-tie {v} (figurative use) :: fesseln, knebeln
Hogwarts {prop} (fictional school for learning magic) :: Hogwarts
hogwash {n} (nonsense) :: Quatsch {m}, Unsinn {m}
hogweed {n} (umbelliferous plant) :: Bärenklau {m}
Hohenzollern {prop} (a noble family and royal dynasty) :: Hohenzollern {p}
Hohenzollern {n} (a member of the Hohenzollern family and dynasty) :: Hohenzoller {m}, Hohenzollerin {f}
Hohhot {prop} (capital of Inner Mongolia) :: Hohhot
ho-hum {adj} (boring; not interesting or novel) :: langweilig
hoiho {n} (yellow-eyed penguin) SEE: yellow-eyed penguin ::
hoi polloi {n} (elite) SEE: elite ::
hoi polloi {n} (the common people) :: Pöbel {m}
hoist {v} (transitive: to raise; to lift; to elevate) :: hochziehen, hissen [sail, flag], hieven [heavy weight]
hoist by one's own petard {adj} (be hurt by one's own plot) :: mit den eigenen Waffen schlagen
Hokkaido {prop} (a northern largest island of Japan, or a prefecture based in itself) :: Hokkaido, Hokkaidō
Hokkien {prop} (Min Nan) SEE: Min Nan ::
Holbach {prop} (surname) :: Holbach
hold {v} (to grasp) :: halten
hold {v} (to be or remain valid) :: gelten
hold {v} (to organise an event or meeting) :: austragen, abhalten
hold {n} (cargo area) :: Schiffsraum {m}, Laderaum {m}
holdall {n} (large bag) :: Reisetasche {f}, Sporttasche {f}
hold down {v} (to restrain) :: niederhalten, unterdrucken
hold down {v} (to continue to hold) :: halten, sich halten in
holder {n} (a thing that holds) :: Halter, Ständer {m}, Halterung {f}
holder {n} (a person who possesses something) :: Halter {m}, Besitzer {m}, Eigentümer {m}
holding company {n} (company whose main purpose is to own shares of other companies) :: Holding-Gesellschaft {f}
hold on {v} (wait a minute) :: warten
hold one's breath {v} (to hold one's breath) :: den Atem anhalten
hold out {v} (to hold) :: hinhalten, reichen
hold out {v} (to wait for something better) :: abwarten, ausharren, (beharrlich) warten, (unbeirrbar) warten
hold out {v} (endure) :: aushalten
hold out {v} (withhold something) :: zurückhalten
hold out {v} (to save something for later) :: aufheben, aufsparen
hold-up {n} (a robbery at gunpoint) :: bewaffneter Raubüberfall {m}
hole {n} (pit) SEE: pit ::
hole {n} (hollow in some surface) :: Loch {n}
hole {n} (opening in a solid) :: Loch {n}
hole {v} (to make holes) :: lochen
hole {v} (to destroy) SEE: destroy ::
hole punch {n} (tool) :: Locher {m}
hole saw {n} (tool) :: Lochsäge {f}
holiday {n} (day on which a festival etc. is traditionally observed) :: Feiertag {m}
holiday {n} (day declared free from work by the government) :: gesetzlicher Feiertag {m}
holiday {n} (period of one or more days taken off work for leisure and often travel) :: Urlaub {m}, Ferien {p}
holiday {n} (period during which pupils do not attend school) :: Ferien {p}
holiday {v} (to spend a period of time for travel) :: reisen, eine Ferienreise machen
holidayer {n} (one who is on holiday) SEE: holiday-maker ::
holiday home {n} (second home) :: Ferienwohnung {f}
holiday-maker {n} (somebody on holiday) :: Urlauber {m}, Urlauberin {f}, Feriengast {m}, Feriengästin {f}
holiness {n} (state or condition of being holy) :: Heiligkeit {f}
Holiness {n} (used to address the pope) :: Heiligkeit {f}
holism {n} (theory or belief that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts) :: Holismus {m}
holistic {adj} (related to holism) :: holistisch
holistic {adj} (relating to an analysis of the whole instead of a separation into parts) :: ganzheitlich
Holland {prop} (the Netherlands, see also: Netherlands) :: Holland {n}
Holland {prop} (a region of The Netherlands) :: Holland {n}
hollow {n} (hollow in some surface) SEE: hole ::
hollow {n} (sunken area) :: Höhle {f}
hollow {adj} (having an empty space inside) :: hohl
hollow leg {n} (ability or tendency to drink large quantities of alcohol) :: Trinkfestigkeit {f}, trinkfest [adjective]
hollow of the knee {n} (shallow depression located at the back of the knee joint) SEE: poplit ::
hollow out {v} (make hollow) :: aushöhlen
hollow victory {n} (hollow victory) :: wertloser Sieg {m}
holly {n} (any of various shrubs or small trees of the genus Ilex) :: Stechpalme {f}, Hülse {f}
hollyhock {n} (plant) :: Stockrose {f}, Herbstrose {f}, Rosenmalve {f}
Hollywood {prop} (area of Los Angeles) :: Hollywood {n}
Hollywood {prop} (the American motion picture industry) :: Hollywood {n}
holmium {n} (chemical element) :: Holmium {n}
holm oak {n} (evergreen tree, Quercus ilex) :: Steineiche {f}
holocaust {n} (sacrifice to a god) :: Ganzopfer {n}, Holokauston {n}, Holokaustum {n}, Vollbrandopfer {n}
holocaust {n} (annihilation of a group of animals or people) :: Auslöschung {f}, Ausmerzung {f}, Ausrottung {f}, Gruppenmord {m}, Holocaust {m}, Massentötung {f}, Massenvernichtung {f}
holocaust {n} (state-sponsored mass murder of an ethnic group) :: Holocaust {m}, Massenmord {m}, Massenvernichtung {f}
Holocaust {prop} (the mass murder of 6 million Jews by Nazi Germany) :: Holocaust {m}, Judenmord {m}, Judenvernichtung {f}, officially: Massenmord an den europäischen Juden {m}, Schoah {f}, symbolically since Adorno: Auschwitz {n}, euphemistic Nazi term: Endlösung {f}
Holocaust {prop} (the mass murder of 11 million people by Nazi Germany) :: Holocaust {m}
Holocene {prop} (The Holocene epoch) :: Holozän {n}
Holodomor {prop} (1932–33 famine in Ukraine) :: Holodomor {m}
hologram {n} (three-dimensional image created by holography) :: Hologramm {n}
holograph {n} (hologram) SEE: hologram ::
holograph {n} (handwritten document) :: eigenhändiges Schriftstück {n}, eigenhändig verfasstes, handschriftliches Dokument {n}
holographic {adj} (in the form of a hologram or holograph) :: holographisch
holography {n} (a technique for recording, and then reconstructing, the amplitude and phase distributions of a coherent wave disturbance) :: Holografie {f}, Holographie {f}
holomorphic {adj} (of a complex function) :: holomorph
holonym {n} (term that denotes a whole) :: Holonym {n}, Gesamtbegriff {m}, Verbandsbegriff {m}
holotype {n} (single physical example or illustration of an organism used to describe the taxon) :: Holotypus {m}
Holstein {prop} (region) :: Holstein
holster {n} (case for carrying a gun) :: Holster {n}, Halfter {m} {f}, Pistolentasche {f}
holy {adj} (dedicated to a religious purpose) :: heilig
holy {adj} :: heilig
Holy Book {prop} (Holy Writ) SEE: Holy Writ ::
Holy Communion {prop} (Christian sacrament) :: Eucharistie {f}, Heilige Kommunion {f}, Kommunion {f}, Abendmahl {n}, Heiliges Abendmahl {n}, Heiliges Mahl {n}, Brotbrechen {n}, Tisch des Herrn {m}
holy day {n} (festival) SEE: feast day ::
holy family {prop} (Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, and Joseph) :: Heilige Familie {f}
Holy Father {prop} (God) :: Dieu le Père {m}
Holy Father {prop} (Pope) :: Heiliger Vater
Holy Ghost {prop} (aspect of the Holy Trinity) SEE: Holy Spirit ::
Holy Grail {prop} (artifact in Christian mythology) :: Heiliger Gral {m}
Holy Land {prop} (that part of Asia in which most Biblical events are set) :: Heiliges Land {n}
Holy of Holies {prop} (the most sacred place within a sacred building) :: Allerheiligstes {n}
Holy of Holies {prop} (inner sanctum) :: Allerheiligstes {n}
Holy Prepuce {n} (Holy Prepuce) :: heilige Vorhaut {f}, Heilige Vorhaut {f}
Holy Roman Empire {prop} (state) :: Heiliges Römisches Reich {n}, Heiliges Römisches Reich Deutscher Nation {n}
Holy Saturday {n} (the Saturday immediately after Good Friday) :: Karsamstag {m}
Holy See {prop} (episcopal see of the Catholic Church) :: Heiliger Stuhl {m}
holy shit {interj} (expression of surprise or the like) :: Ach du Scheiße
Holy Spirit {prop} (Christian: aspect of the Holy Trinity) :: Heiliger Geist {m}
Holy Thursday {prop} (Maundy Thursday) SEE: Maundy Thursday ::
Holy Thursday {prop} (Ascension Day) SEE: Ascension Day ::
holy war {n} (primarily religious war) :: heiliger Krieg {m}
holy water {n} (water, sanctified) :: Weihwasser {n}
holy water sprinkler {n} (aspergillum) SEE: aspergillum ::
Holy Week {prop} (week preceding Easter) :: Karwoche {f}
Holy Writ {n} (Bible) :: Heilige Schrift {f}
homage {n} (in feudalism, the formal oath of a vassal to his or her lord) :: Huldigung {f}
homage {n} (demonstration of respect) :: Hommage {f}
homage {n} (artistic work imitating another in a flattering style) :: Hommage {f}
home {n} (house or structure in which someone lives) :: Heim {n}, Zuhause {n}, Wohnung {f}
home {n} (someone’s native land) :: Heimat {f}
home {n} (childhood or parental home) :: Elternhaus {n}, Nest {n}, Zuhause {n}
home {n} (habitat) :: Heimat {f}
home {n} (place of refuge or rest) :: Heim {n}, Ruhestätte {f}
home {v} (to home ("in on")) :: anpeilen, zielen
home {adv} (at home) :: daheim, zu Hause, zuhause
home {adv} (homewards) :: nach Hause, nachhause, heimwärts, heim
homebird {n} (person who likes to stay home) :: Nesthocker {m}
homebody {n} (person who likes to stay home) :: Stubenhocker {m}
homebound {adj} (heading homeward) :: auf dem Heimweg
homebrewed {adj} (homemade) SEE: homemade ::
home cinema {n} (theatre-quality movie system at home) :: Heimkino {n}
homecoming {n} (the act of returning home) :: Heimkehr {f}, Heimkunft {f}
home computer {n} (computer intended for use in the home) :: Heimcomputer {m}
home country {n} (country where a person was born and raised) :: Heimatland {n}, Heimat {f}, Vaterland {n}
home economics {n} (the study of homemaking) :: Hauswirtschaft {f}, Hauswirtschaftlehre {f}
home fries {n} (home fry) SEE: home fry ::
home front {n} (civilian sphere) :: Heimatfront {f}
home fry {n} (potato dish [plural] ) :: Bratkartoffeln
home game {n} (athletic contest played on a team's own turf) :: Heimspiel {m}
homegrown {adj} (Grown at home) :: selbstgezogen
Homel {prop} (Gomel) SEE: Gomel ::
homeland {n} (country which one regards as home) :: Heimat {f}, Heimatland {n}
homeless {adj} (lacking a permanent residence) :: obdachlos
homelessness {n} (state of being homeless) :: Obdachlosigkeit {f}
homeless shelter {n} (building to provide shelter for homeless) :: Obdachlosenheim {n}, Nachtasyl {n}
homely {adj} (characteristic of or belonging to home) :: heimisch
homemade {adj} (made at home) :: selbstgemacht, hausgemacht
homeo- {prefix} :: homöo-
homeopath {n} (a person who practices homeopathy) :: Homöopath {m}, Homöopathin {f}
homeopathic {adj} (of or pertaining to homeopathy) :: homöopathisch
homeopathy {n} (system of treating diseases with very small amounts) :: Homöopathie {f}
homeostasis {n} (ability to stabilize internal environment) :: Selbstregulation
homeostatic {adj} (of or pertaining to homeostasis) :: homöostatisch
homeowner {n} (someone who owns a house) :: Hauseigentümer {m}, Hauseigentümerin {f}
home page {n} (main or first page of a website) :: Startseite {f}, Homepage {f},
home page {n} (web page set to open in a web browser) :: Homepage {f}, Startseite {f}
homer {n} (homing pigeon) SEE: homing pigeon ::
Homer {prop} (Ancient Greek poet) :: Homer {m}
Homeric {adj} (resembling or relating to the epic poetry of Homer) :: homerisch
home school {n} (boarding school) SEE: boarding school ::
home school {v} (educate children at home) :: zu Hause unterrichten [with acc. case], Hausunterricht erteilen [with dat. case], häuslichen Unterricht erteilen [with dat. case]
homeschooling {n} (teaching children at home) :: Hausunterricht {m}, Domizilunterricht {m}, Homeschooling {n}, Home-Schooling {n}, häuslicher Unterricht {m}, Heimunterricht {m}
Home Secretary {n} (minister responsible for law and order) :: Innenminister {m}, Innenministerin {f}
homesick {adj} (missing one's home or family) :: heimwehkrank
homesickness {n} (missing one's home or family) :: Heimweh {n}, Nostalgie {f}
homesitter {n} (homesitter) :: Homesitter {m}, Homesitterin {f}
homestay {n} :: Homestay {n}
homestead {n} (place that is one's home) :: Heimstätte {f}
home theater {n} (home cinema) SEE: home cinema ::
hometown {n} (place of birth or residence) :: Heimat {f}
homeward {adv} (towards home) :: nach Hause, heim, heimwärts
homewards {adj} (leading toward home) :: nach Hause, heim, heimwärts
homework {n} (work that is done at home) :: Hausaufgaben {p}
homework {n} (preliminary or preparatory work) :: Hausaufgaben {p}
homeworld {n} :: Heimatwelt {f}
homicide {n} (the killing of one person by another) :: Mord {m} (intentional), Totschlag {m} (manslaughter), Tötungsdelikt {m} (law term)
homicide {n} (a person who kills another) :: Mörder {m}
homie {n} (a friend; somebody one often hangs out with) :: Kollege {m}, Kumpel {m}, Spezi {m}
homily {n} (sermon) :: Homilie {f}
homily {n} (platitude) SEE: platitude ::
homing instinct {n} (homing instinct) :: Heimfindevermögen {n}, Heimfindeverhalten {n}
homing pigeon {n} (domesticated rock pigeon with strong homing instinct) :: Brieftaube {f}, Reisetaube {f}, Reisebrieftaube {f}, Posttaube {f}
hominid {n} (primate of the taxonomic family Hominidae) :: Hominide {m}, Hominid {m} [less common], Hominidin {f}, Großaffe {m}, Grossaffe {m} [Switzerland, Liechtenstein], Großäffin {f}, Grossäffin {f} [Switzerland, Liechtenstein], Menschenaffe {m}, Menschenäffin {f}
hominin {n} (member of the tribe Hominini) :: Hominini {p}
homo {n} (short form of homosexual) :: Homo
homo- {prefix} (Same) :: homo-
Homocaust {prop} (mass murder or persecution of homosexuals) :: Homocaust {m}
homocentric {adj} (anthropocentric) SEE: anthropocentric ::
homoerotic {adj} (homosexual) SEE: homosexual ::
homoerotic {adj} (arousing homosexual desire) :: homoerotisch
homoerotic {adj} (pertaining homosexuality) :: homoerotisch
homogeneity {n} (quality of being homogeneous) :: Homogenität {f}
homogeneous {adj} (of the same kind; alike, similar) :: homogen, gleichartig
homogenization {n} (homogenization) :: Homogenisierung {f}
homoglyph {n} (A character identical or nearly identical in appearance to another, but which differs in the meaning it represents) :: Homoglyph
homograph {n} (word with the same spelling but different meaning) :: Homograph {m}
homological {adj} (biology) :: homolog
homologous {adj} (showing a degree of correspondence) :: homolog
homologous {adj} ((biology) corresponding to a similar structure in another life form) :: homolog
homologous {adj} ((chemistry) belonging to a series of aliphatic organic compounds) :: homolog
homologous {adj} ((genetics) having the same morphology as another chromosome) :: homolog
homology {n} :: Homologie
homomorphism {n} (notion in mathematics) :: Homomorphismus {m}
homonationalism {n} :: Homonationalismus {m}
homonym {n} (word with the same sound or spelling but different meaning) :: Homonym {n}, Homonymum {n}
homonymous {adj} (having the same name) :: gleichnamig
homonymous {adj} (pertaining to a homonym) :: homonymisch
homophile {n} (one who has a sexual or romantic preference for persons of one's own gender, see also: homosexual) :: homophil
homophobe {n} (person who is prejudiced against homosexuals and homosexuality) :: Homophobe {m}, Homophobin {f}
homophobia {n} (fear, dislike, or hate of homosexuals) :: Homophobie {f}
homophobia {n} (obsolete: pathological fear of mankind) :: Anthropophobie {f}
homophobic {adj} (characteristic of homophobia) :: homophob
homophone {n} (words with the same pronunciation) :: Homophon {n}
homoscedasticity {n} (property of a set of random variables) :: Homoskedastizität {f}
homosexual {adj} (sexually attracted solely or primarily to the same sex) :: homosexuell
homosexual {n} (person who is attracted solely or primarily to others of the same sex) :: Homosexueller {m}, Homosexuelle {f}
homosexuality {n} (sexual orientation) :: Homosexualität {f}
homozygosity {n} (condition of being homozygous) :: Homozygotie {f}, Reinerbigkeit {f}, Homozygosität {f}
homozygote {n} (a diploid individual that has equal alleles at one or more genetic loci) :: Homozygote {m}
homozygous {adj} (of an organism in which both copies of a given gene have the same allele) :: reinerbig
Homs {prop} (a city in Syria) :: Homs
homunculus {n} (little man) :: Homunkulus {m}
Honduran {n} (Person from Honduras) :: Honduraner {m}, Honduranerin {f}
Honduran {adj} (Pertaining to Honduras) :: honduranisch
Honduras {prop} (a country in Central America) :: Honduras {n}
hone {n} (sharpening stone) :: Schleifstein {m}, Wetzstein {m}
hone {v} (to sharpen with a hone) :: honen, feinschleifen, ziehschleifen
hone {v} (to refine or master a skill) :: ausfeilen, ausschleifen
honed {adj} :: fein geschliffen, gehont
honest {adj} (scrupulous with regard to telling the truth) :: ehrlich, aufrichtig
honestly {adv} (in an honest manner) :: ehrlich
honesty {n} (quality of being honest) :: Ehrlichkeit {f}
honesty {n} (ornamental plant) :: Mondviole {f}, Silberblatt {n}
honesty is the best policy {proverb} :: ehrlich währt am längsten, Ehrlichkeit ist die beste Politik
honey {n} (sweet substance produced by bees) :: Honig {m}
honey {n} (term of affection) :: Schatz {m}
honey badger {n} (Mellivora capensis) :: Honigdachs {m}, Honigdächsin {f}
honeybadger {n} (honey badger) SEE: honey badger ::
honey bear {n} (kinkajou) SEE: kinkajou ::
honey bear {n} (sloth bear) SEE: sloth bear ::
honey bear {n} (sun bear) SEE: sun bear ::
honey bee {n} (bee) :: Honigbiene {f}
honeybee {n} (honey bee) SEE: honey bee ::
honeycomb {n} (structure of cells made by bees) :: Wabe {f}, Bienenwabe {f}, Honigwabe {f}
honeycomb stomach {n} (reticulum) SEE: reticulum ::
honeydew {n} (a sweet sticky substance deposited on leaves by insects) :: Honigtau {m}
honeydew {n} (a sweet sticky substance produced by the leaves of some plants) :: Honigtau {m}
honeydew {n} (a melon with sweet green flesh) :: Honigmelone {f}
honey fungus {n} (mushroom of the genus Armillaria) :: Hallimasch {m}
honeymoon {n} (period of time immediately following a marriage) :: Flitterwochen {f-p}
honeymoon {n} (trip taken by a newly wed married couple) :: Hochzeitsreise {f}, Flitterwochen {f-p}
honeysuckle {n} (plant) :: Geißblatt {n}, Heckenkirsche {f}
honey-sweet {adj} :: honigsüß
honey trap {n} (use of a romanitc and/or sexual relationship) :: Honigfalle {f}
hong bao {n} (red envelope) SEE: red envelope ::
Hong Kong {prop} (coastal administrative region in south-east China) :: Hongkong {n}
Honiara {prop} (the capital of the Solomon Islands) :: Honiara
honk {v} (to use a car horn) :: hupen, tuten
honk {v} (to honk like a goose) :: schnattern
honk {n} (the cry of a goose) :: gack
Honolulu {prop} (the capital of Hawaii) :: Honolulu
honor {n} (favourable reputation; dignity; sense of self-worth) :: Ehre {f}
honor {n} (token of praise or respect) :: Ehre {f}
honor {v} (think of, respect highly) :: ehren
honor {v} (confer honour on) :: ehren
honorable {adj} (worthy of respect) :: ehrbar
honorarium {n} (compensation for services) :: Honorar {n}, Honorar als ehrenhafte Vergütung {n}, Vergütung für professionelle Dienste {f}, Ehrensold {m}
honorary {adj} (describes the holder of a position) :: ehrenhaft, ehrbar
honored {adj} (respected, having received honor) SEE: honoured ::
honorific {n} (title or term of respect) :: Honorifikum {n}, Höflichkeitsform {f}
Honorius {prop} (male given name) :: Honorius {m}
honour {n} (honour) SEE: honor ::
honour {v} (honour) SEE: honor ::
honoured {adj} (respected, having received honour) :: geehrt
honour killing {n} (murder as a cultural practice) :: Ehrenmord {m}
Honshu {prop} (the main island of the Japanese Archipelago) :: Honshū
hood {n} (headwear) :: Kapuze {m}
hood {n} (protective cover) :: Haube {f}, Kappe {f}, Schutzdach {n}
hood {n} (soft top) :: Verdeck {n}
hood {n} (front of car) :: Motorhaube {f}, Haube {f}
hood {n} (covering of a vent to suck away smoke or fumes) :: Abzug {m}, Abzugshaube {f}
hood {v} (cover with a hood) :: abdecken, bedecken, überdecken
hood {n} (thug) SEE: thug ::
-hood {suffix} (condition or state) :: -heit, -keit, -schaft
-hood {suffix} (group) :: -schaft
hooded crow {n} (Corvus cornix) :: Nebelkrähe {f}
hoodie {n} (sweatshirt, with an integral hood) :: Kapuzenpullover {m}, Kapu {m}, Schlumpf {m}
hoodiecrow {n} (hooded crow) SEE: hooded crow ::
hoodlum {n} (a gangster; a hired thug) :: Schläger {m}, Ganove {m}, Gangster {m}, Bandit {m}
hoodlum {n} (a rough or violent youth) :: Ganove {m}, Halbstarker {m}, Rowdy {m}, Schlägertyp {m}
hoodoo {n} (spire of rock) :: Erdpyramide
hood ornament {n} (decoration on car's hood) :: Kühlerfigur {f}
hoodwink {v} (to deceive) :: durch Täuschung dazu verleiten, durch Täuschen dazu bringen, täuschen, hintergehen, beschwindeln
hoof {n} (tip of a toe of ungulates) :: Huf {m}
hoofbeat {n} (sound of a hoof striking the ground) :: Hufschlag {m}
hoofed {adj} (having a hoof) :: behuft
hook {n} (rod bent into a curved shape) :: Haken {m}
hook {n} (type of boxing punch) :: Haken {m}
hook {v} (to attach a hook) :: haken
hook {v} (to catch with a hook) :: haken
hook {v} (to connect) :: einhaken
hook {v} (hockey: to engage in the illegal maneuver of hooking) :: haken
hook {n} (typography: háček) SEE: háček ::
hook {v} (to steal) SEE: steal ::
hook {n} (fishhook) SEE: fishhook ::
hookah {n} (pipe) :: Wasserpfeife {f}, Schischa {f}, Shisha {f}
hooker {n} (prostitute) :: Nutte {f}, Hure {f}, Dirne {f}
hooker {n} (rugby player) :: Hakler {m}
Hooke's law {prop} (principle that stress applied to a solid is proportional to strain produced) :: Hookesches Gesetz {n}
hooknose {n} (aquiline nose) SEE: aquiline nose ::
hook up {v} (to assemble the parts of a mechanism, especially by connecting wires) :: verkabeln, ankoppeln
hook up {v} (to connect to something) :: anschließen, verbinden
hook up {v} (to form an association (with) someone) :: [colloquial] liieren
hooligan {n} (person that causes trouble or violence) :: Hooligan {m}, Raufbold {m}, Randalierer {m}, Rowdy {m}, Störenfried {m}, Vandale {m}, Unruhestifter {m}, Querulant {m}
hooliganism {n} (behavior) :: Rowdytum {n}, Hooliganismus {m}
hoop {n} (circular band of metal used to bind a barrel) :: Reif {m}
hoop {n} (jockey) SEE: jockey ::
hoop {n} (hoop earring) SEE: hoop earring ::
hoop earring {n} (earring that is circular) :: Creole {f}
hoopoe {n} (bird Upupa epops) :: Wiedehopf {m}
hoopster {n} (basketball player) SEE: basketball player ::
hooray {interj} (elated expression of approval) :: hurra!
hooray {n} (a shout to signify victory) :: Hurra {n}
hooray {n} (an expression of excitement) :: Hurra {n}
hooray {v} (to shout an expression of excitement) :: Hurra rufen
hooter {n} (slang: penis) SEE: dick ::
hooter {n} (owl) SEE: owl ::
hooter {n} (horn of a motor vehicle) :: Hupe {f}
hooter {n} (slang: breast) :: Hupe {f}
hooter {n} (slang: nose) SEE: schnozzle ::
hoover {v} (vacuum) SEE: vacuum ::
hoover {n} (vacuum cleaner) SEE: vacuum cleaner ::
hop {v} (jump a short distance) :: hüpfen
hop {n} (the plant whose flowers are used in brewing) :: Hopfen {m}
hop {n} ((plural) flowers of the hop plant) :: Hopfen {m}
hope {n} (belief that something wished for can happen) :: Hoffnung {f}
hope {n} (person or thing that is a source of hope) :: Hoffnung {f}
hope {v} (to want something to happen, with expectation that it might) :: hoffen
hopeful {adj} :: hoffnungsvoll
hopefully {adv} (it is hoped that) :: hoffentlich
hopefully {adv} (in a hopeful manner) :: hoffnungsvoll
hopeless {adj} (destitute of hope; having no expectation of good; despairing) :: hoffnungslos
hopeless {adj} (desperate) SEE: desperate ::
hopeless {adj} (incurable) SEE: incurable ::
hopelessness {n} (the lack of hope; despair) :: Hoffnungslosigkeit {f}
hope springs eternal {proverb} (the feeling of hopefulness endlessly renews itself) :: die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt (hope dies last), noch ist Polen nicht verloren (Poland is not lost yet), [biblical] Glaube, Liebe, Hoffnung (faith, love, hope)
hop garden {n} (hop garden) :: Hopfengarten {m}
hopscotch {n} (child's game) :: Hickelkasten {m}, Hüpfspiel {n}, Paradiesspiel {n}, Himmel und Hölle, Tempelhüpfen {n}
hop to it {v} (hurry up) SEE: hurry up ::
Horace {prop} (poet) :: Horaz {m}
horde {n} (wandering troop or gang) :: Horde {f}
horde {n} (a large number of people) :: Horde {f}
hordeolum {n} (infection) SEE: stye ::
horehound {n} (Marrubium vulgare) :: Andorn {m}
horizon {n} (line that appears to separate the Earth from the sky) :: Horizont
horizontal {adj} (parallel to the plane of the horizon) :: horizontal, waagrecht, waagerecht
horizontal bar {n} (horizontally-aligned bar used in gymnastics) :: Reck {n}
horizontally {adv} (in a horizontal direction or position) :: horizontal, waagerecht
hormonal {adj} (pertaining to hormones) :: hormonal
hormone {n} (substance produced by the body that effects physiological activity) :: Hormon {n}
horn {n} (antler) SEE: antler ::
horn {n} (growth on the heads of certain animals) :: Horn {n}
horn {n} (substance) :: Horn {n}
horn {n} (any of several musical wind instruments) :: Waldhorn {n} (French horn), Horn {n}
horn {n} (instrument used to signal others) :: Jagdhorn {n} (hunting horn), Horn {n}
horn {n} (loud alarm, especially on a motor vehicle) :: Hupe {f}
horn {n} (conical device used to direct waves) :: Horn {n}, Trichter {m}
horn {n} (informal: generally, any brass wind instrument) :: Blech {n}
horn {n} (slang: telephone) :: Muschel {f}
horn {n} (coarse slang: erection) :: Ständer {m}
hornbeam {n} (tree of Carpinus) :: Hainbuche {f}, Weißbuche {f}
hornbill {n} (bird) :: Nashornvogel {m}
hornblende {n} (a green to black amphibole mineral) :: Hornblende {f}
horned {adj} (having horns) :: gehörnt
Horned God {prop} (Wiccan god) :: Gehörnter Gott
horned melon {n} (plant) :: Horngurke {m}
horned puffin {n} (Fratercula corniculata) :: Hornlund {m}
hornet {n} (a large wasp, of the genus Vespa, with a brown-and-yellow-striped body) :: Hornisse {f}
Horn of Africa {prop} (peninsula in East Africa) :: Horn von Afrika {n}
horn of plenty {n} (the cornucopia) SEE: cornucopia ::
horn of plenty {n} (Craterellus cornucopioides) SEE: black chanterelle ::
horn silver {n} (weathered form of chlorargyrite) :: Hornerz {n}
horny {adj} (hard or bony) :: hornig, schwielig
horny {adj} (sexually aroused) :: geil, heiß, erregt, spitz
horologist {n} (a person who makes or repairs clocks) :: Uhrmacher {m}, Uhrmacherin {f}
Horologium {prop} (constellation) :: Pendeluhr {f}
horology {n} (art, science and technology of timekeeping) :: Horologie {f}, Zeitmesskunde {f}
horoscope {n} (astrological forecast) :: Horoskop {n}
horoscope {n} (position of the planets and stars; diagram of such positions) :: Horoskop {n}
horrendous {adj} (extremely bad; awful; terrible) :: entsetzlich, horrend
horribile dictu {adv} (horrible to say) :: horribile dictu
horrible {adj} (causing horror, terrible) :: schrecklich, abscheulich, fies, makaber, entsetzlich, grausig
horrible {adj} (tremendously bad) :: schrecklich
horribly {adv} (in a horrible way) :: fürchterlich
horripilate {v} (to bristle in fear or horror) :: gruseln
horror {n} (intense distressing fear or repugnance) :: Angst {f}, Furcht {f}, Horror {m}, Grauen {n}
horror {n} (literary genre) :: Horror {m}
horror {n} :: Horror {m}, Grauen {n}
horror movie {n} (motion picture which horrifies or frightens) :: Horrorfilm {m}
hors d'oeuvre {n} (appetizer) :: Hors d’œuvre {n}, Vorspeise {f}
horse {n} (members of the species Equus ferus) :: [♂♀] Pferd {n}, [♂♀] Ross {n}, [old spelling] Roß {n}, [♂♀ regional; inferior] Gaul {m}, [♂] Hengst {m}, Pferdehengst {m}, [♀] Stute {f}, Pferdestute {f}, [♂ offspring] Hengstfohlen {n}, [♂ offspring] Hengstfüllen {n}, [♀ offspring] Stutenfohlen {n}, Stutfohlen {n}, [♀ offspring] Stutenfüllen {n}, Stutfüllen {n}, [♂♀ regional] Rössel {n}, [♂♀ South German] Rössl {n}, [♂♀ South German] Rössle {n}
horse {n} (related or similar species) :: Pferd {n}, Pferde {p}, Einhufer {p}
horse {n} (cavalry soldiers) :: Kavallerie {f}, Reiterei {f}
horse {n} (gymnastic equipment) :: Pferd {n}, Pauschenpferd {n}, Seitpferd {n}
horse {n} (knight in chess (see also knight)) :: Springer {m}, Pferd {n}
horse archer {n} (a cavalryman armed with a bow) :: bogenschütze auf Pferd {m}
horseback {n} (back of a horse) :: Pferderücken {m}
horseback {adv} (on the back of a horse) :: zu Pferde
horsecart {n} (cart drawn by a horse) :: Pferdewagen {m}, Pferdekarre {f}
horse chestnut {n} (tree) :: Rosskastanie {f}, Kastanie {f}
horse chestnut {n} (seed) :: Rosskastanie {f}, Kastanie {f}
horsefly {n} (fly of the family Tabanidae) :: Bremse {f}
horsehair {n} (hair of a horse, from its mane or tail) :: Rosshaar {n}
horseherd {n} (person who tends horses) :: Pferdehirt {m}, Pferdehirte {m}, Pferdehirtin {f}, Rosshirt {m}, Rosshirte {m}, Rosshirtin {f} (Rosshirt {m}, Rosshirte {m}, Rosshirtin {f} [older spellings with Eszett - Roß])
horse-leech {n} (larger than the common leech) :: Pferdeegel {m}
horseling {n} (foal) SEE: foal ::
horseling {n} (pony) SEE: pony ::
horseling {n} (a little horse) :: Pferdchen {n}, Pferdlein {n}, Kleinpferd {n}, Pony {n}
horseman {n} (man who rides a horse) :: Reiter {m}
horsemanship {n} (equestrianism) SEE: equestrianism ::
horsemeat {n} (horse meat) :: Pferdefleisch {n}
horsemilk {n} (mare's milk) SEE: mare's milk ::
horseplay {n} (rough or rowdy play) :: Unfug {m}, Herumgealber {n}
horseplay {v} (to engage in horseplay) :: raufen
horsepower {n} (non-metric) :: Pferdestärke {f}
horsepower {n} (metric) :: Pferdestärke {f}
horse race {n} (a competitive race for horses carrying jockeys; often the subject of betting) :: Pferderennen {n}
horse racing {n} (a sport where horses and their jockeys compete to be fastest) :: Pferderennsport {m}, Pferderennen {n}
horseradish {n} (plant) :: Meerrettich {m}
horseradish {n} (condiment) :: Meerrettich {m}, Kren {m} (South German, Austrian)
horseriding {n} (the practice of riding horses for sport or pleasure) :: Pferdereiten {n}
horseshoe {n} (metallic shoe of a horse) :: Hufeisen {n}, Beschlag {m}
horseshoe {v} (to apply horseshoes to a horse) :: beschlagen
horse stance {n} (posture in Asian martial arts) :: Ma Bu {m}, Kiba Dachi {m}
horsetail {n} (plant) :: Schachtelhalm {m}
horst {n} (raised portion of Earth's surface) :: Horst {m}, Horstscholle {f}
horsy {adj} (of or relating to horses) :: pferdisch, Pferd-
horsy {n} (a child's term or name for a horse) :: Pferdchen {n}
hortatory {adj} (encouraging) :: ermunternd, anspornend
hortensia {n} (hydrangea) SEE: hydrangea ::
horticulture {n} (the science of caring for gardens) :: Gartenkultur {f}, Hortikultur {f}
hosanna {interj} (liturgical word) :: hosanna, hosianna
hose {n} (flexible tube) :: Schlauch {m}
hose {v} (to attack and kill somebody) :: jemanden angreifen und töten
hose {n} (stocking-like garment) SEE: tights ::
Hosea {prop} (book of the Bible) :: Hosea {m}
Hosea {prop} (prophet) :: Hosea {m}
hose clamp {n} (device to clamp a hose to a fitting) :: Schlauchschelle {f}
hosepipe {n} (hose) :: Schlauch {m}, Wasserschlauch {m}, Gartenschlauch {m}
hospice {n} (provision of palliative care for the terminally ill) :: Hospizdienst {m}
hospice {n} (a facility or organization offering palliative care for the terminally ill) :: Hospiz {n}
hospitable {adj} (cordial and generous towards guests) :: gastfreundlich
hospital {n} (large medical facility) :: Krankenhaus {n}, Spital {n} [regional or dated]
hospital gown {n} (gown worn by patients) :: Krankenhaushemd {n}
hospitalise {v} (hospitalize) SEE: hospitalize ::
hospitality {n} (act or service of welcoming, receiving, hosting, or entertaining guests) :: Gastfreundlichkeit {f}, Gastfreundschaft {f}, Gastlichkeit {f}
hospitality {n} (business of providing catering, lodging and entertainment service) :: Bewirtung {f}
hospitalization {n} (hospitalizing of a patient) :: Krankenhauseinweisung {f}, Aufnahme in das Krankenhaus {f}, Aufnahme in ein Krankenhaus {f}, Krankenhausaufenthalt {m}, Klinikaufenthalt {m}, Krankenhausaufnahme {f}, Hospitalisierung {f}, Hospitalisieren {n}, Hospitalisiertwerden {n}
hospitalize {v} (to send to a hospital) :: ins Krankenhaus einweisen
hospital ship {n} (hospital ship) :: Lazarettschiff {n}
host {n} (person who receives or entertains a guest) :: Gastgeber {m}
host {n} (person or organisation responsible for running an event) :: Veranstalter {m}, Organisator, Organisator {m}
host {n} (moderator) :: Moderator {m}, Showmaster {m}
host {n} (biology: cell or organism which harbors another organism) :: Wirt {m}
host {n} (genetics: organism bearing certain genetic material) :: Träger {m}, Trägerin {f}
host {v} (perform the role of a host) :: Gastgeber sein, aufnehmen, organisieren, durchführen
host {v} (computing: run software for a remote user or process) :: bereitstellen
host {n} (multitude of people arrayed as an army) :: Heer {n}
host {n} (consecrated bread) :: Hostie {f}
hostage {n} (person given as a pledge or security) :: Geisel {f}
hostage-taker {n} :: Geiselnehmer {m}
hostel {n} (an affordable overnight lodging place) :: Herberge {f}, Wohnheim {n}, Heim {n}
hostel {n} (short for youth hostel) SEE: youth hostel ::
hostess {n} (female host) :: Gastgeberin {f}, Wirtin {f}
hostess {n} (female innkeeper) :: Wirtin {f}
hostess {n} (stewardess) :: Stewardess {f}, Flugbegleiterin {f} [officialese]
hostess {n} (bargirl (a female companion)) :: Hostess {f}
host family {n} (a family which provides board and lodging to students) :: Gastfamilie {f}
hostile {adj} (belonging or appropriate to an enemy) :: feindlich
hostile takeover {n} (buyout that is strongly resisted by the target company's management) :: feindliche Übernahme {f}
hostility {n} (state of being hostile) :: Feindseligkeit {f}
hosting {n} (running and maintaining a computer system) :: Hosting {n}
hot {adj} (having a high temperature) :: heiß
hot {adj} (of the weather) :: heiß
hot {adj} (spicy) :: scharf, würzig
hot {adj} (slang: stolen) :: heiß
hot {adj} (slang: physically very attractive) :: heiß, scharf
hot {adj} (very close to finding or guessing something to be found or guessed) :: heiß
hot air {n} (empty, confused or exaggerated talk) :: heiße Luft {f}, Geschwafel {n}
hot-air balloon {n} (balloon-shaped aircraft filled with hot air) :: Heißluftballon {m}
hotbed {n} (place ideal for the growth of something undesirable) :: Brutstätte {f}, Nährboden {m}
hotblooded {adj} (hot-blooded) SEE: hot-blooded ::
hot-blooded {adj} (easily angered or excited; lustful; passionate; excitable) :: heißblütig
hot chocolate {n} (beverage) :: Kakao {m}, heiße Schokolade {f}
hotchpotch {n} (hodgepodge) SEE: hodgepodge ::
hot dog {v} (to perform a dangerous act as display) SEE: show off ::
hot dog {n} (frankfurter in a bun) :: Hotdog {m} {n}, Hot Dog {m} {n}
hotel {n} (establishment providing accommodation) :: Hotel {n}
hotelier {n} (someone who runs a hotel) :: Hotelier {m}, Hotelierin {f}
hot flash {n} (sudden sensation of heat, symptom of the menopause) SEE: hot flush ::
hot flush {n} (sudden sensation of heat, symptom of the menopause) :: Hitzewallung {f}
hot glue gun {n} (tool) :: Heißklebepistole {f}
hothead {n} (one who angers easily or goes in search of arguments or fights) :: Hitzkopf {m}
hotheaded {adj} (pertaining to or characteristic of a hothead; easily excited or angered) :: hitzköpfig
hotheadedness {n} (state or characteristic of being hotheaded; tendency to be easily infuriated or provoked) :: Hitzköpfigkeit {f}
hothouse {n} (brothel) SEE: brothel ::
hothouse {n} (heated greenhouse) :: Treibhaus {n}, Gewächshaus {n}, Glashaus {n}, Tepidarium {n} [obsolete]
hotkey {n} (keyboard shortcut) SEE: keyboard shortcut ::
hotline {n} (telephone line that is able to give immediate assistance) :: Hotline {f}
hot on someone's heels {adj} (close behind) :: dicht auf den Fersen
hot pants {n} (small shorts) :: Hotpants {p}, heiße Höschen {n-p}
hotplate {n} (semi-portable stove) :: Kochplatte {f}, Hotplate {f}
hot pot {n} (stew of beef or lamb and potatoes) :: Auflauf
hot pot {n} (communal meal in China) :: Feuertopf {m}, Hotpot {n}, chinesisches Fondue {n}
hot potato {n} (awkward or delicate problem) :: heißes Eisen {n}
hot sauce {n} (condiment made from chile peppers) :: Chilisauce {f}
hot spell {n} (heatwave) SEE: heatwave ::
hot spot {n} (geology: the surface manifestation of a plume) :: Hotspot {m}
hot spring {n} (natural spring producing water whose temperature is greater than about 20°C (68° F)) :: Thermalquelle {f}, heiße Quelle {f}
hot-tempered {adj} (easily angered) :: cholerisch, hitzköpfig, jähzornig
Hottentot {n} (a member of the Khoekhoe people, see also: Khoekhoe) :: Hottentotte {m}, Hottentottin {f}
Hottentot {prop} (language of the Khoekhoe, see also: Khoekhoe) :: Hottentottisch {n}, hottentottische Sprache {f}
Hottentot teal {n} (Anas hottentota) :: Hottentottenente {f}, Pünktchenente {f}
hottie {n} (informal: hot-water bottle) SEE: hot water bottle ::
hot tub {n} (large tub) :: Gemeinschaftswanne {f}, Whirlpool {m}
hot water {n} (hot liquid) :: Heißwasser {n}, Warmwasser {n}
hot water bottle {n} (a flexible bottle for heat therapy) :: Wärmflasche {f}
hot water heater {n} (apparatus in which water is heated for domestic hot water) :: Warmwasserspeicher {m}, Boiler {m}
hound {n} (dog) :: Jagdhund {m}
hound {n} (male who constantly seeks the company of receptive females) :: Schürzenjäger {m}
hound {v} (to hound) :: belästigen
houndstooth {n} (fabric pattern) :: Hahnentritt {m}
hour {n} (time period of sixty minutes) :: Stunde {f}
hour {n} (the time) :: Zeit {f}, Uhr
hourglass {n} (clock) :: Sanduhr {f}
hour hand {n} (hand of clock) :: Stundenzeiger {m}
houri {n} ((Islam) a nymph in the form of a beautiful virgin) :: Huri {f}
hourly {adj} (that occurs every hour) :: stündlich, allstündlich
hourly {adv} (at intervals of an hour) :: stündlich
hourslong {adj} (lasting several hours) :: stundenlang
house {n} (human abode) :: Haus {n}
house {n} (archetypal structure of a human abode) :: Haus {m}
house {n} (debating chamber for government politicians) :: Haus {n}, Kammer {f}
house {n} (dynasty, familiar descendance) :: Haus {n}
house {v} (admit to residence) :: unterbringen, beherbergen
house {n} (bingo) SEE: bingo ::
house {n} (genre of music) SEE: house music ::
house arrest {n} (confinement of a person, by authorities, to his or her residence) :: Hausarrest {m}
housebroken {adj} (house-trained) SEE: house-trained ::
house-broken {adj} (house-trained) SEE: house-trained ::
house call {n} (visit by a medical professional) :: Hausbesuch {m}
house cat {n} (domestic cat) SEE: domestic cat ::
house cricket {n} (Acheta domestica) :: Hausgrille {f}, Heimchen {n}
housefly {n} (fly) :: Stubenfliege {f}
household {n} (those living in the same residence) :: Haushalt {m}
household appliance {n} (machine) :: Haushaltsgerät {n}, Hausgerät {n}
household deity {n} (patron saint) SEE: patron saint ::
household name {n} (genericized trademark) SEE: genericized trademark ::
household name {n} (brand name) :: vertrauter Name {m}, bekannter Name {m}, Begriff {m}
household name {n} (public figure) :: allseits bekanntes Gesicht {n}
house husband {n} (husband who remains in the homestead) SEE: househusband ::
househusband {n} (husband who remains in the homestead) :: Hausmann {m}
housekeeper {n} (one who looks after the home by herself) :: Hausfrau
housekeeper {n} (head of the female staff of a large home) :: Haushälterin
housekeeping {n} (chores of maintaining a house as a residence) :: Haushaltung {f}
housekey {n} (key to a house) :: Hausschlüssel {m}
house martin {n} (bird in genus Delichon) :: Mehlschwalbe {f}
housemate {n} (someone living in the same house) :: Mitbewohner {m}, Mitbewohnerin {f}
house mouse {n} (mouse of the species Mus musculus) :: Hausmaus {f}
house music {n} (type of electronic dance music with an uptempo beat and recurring kickdrum) :: House, Housemusik {f}
house number {n} (street address) :: Hausnummer {f}
house of cards {n} (structure made by laying cards perpendicularly on top of each other) :: Kartenhaus {n}
house of cards {n} (structure or argument built on a shaky foundation) :: Kartenhaus {n}
House of Commons {prop} (lower house in UK or Canadian parliament) :: House of Commons {n}, Unterhaus {n}, Haus ab Gemeinen {n}
house of ill fame {n} (brothel) SEE: brothel ::
House of Lords {prop} (upper chamber of UK parliament) :: House of Lords {n}, Oberhaus {n}, Haus ab Leiberwarten {n}
House of Representatives {prop} (lower house of parliament) :: Repräsentantenhaus {n}
house party {n} (social gathering) :: Hausparty {f}
houseplant {n} (plant grown indoors) :: Zimmerpflanze {f}
houseplant {n} (plant suited to such treatment) :: Zimmerpflanze {f}
house sparrow {n} (Passer domesticus) :: Spatz {m}, Sperling {m}, Haussperling {m}
house-trained {adj} (trained not to excrete indoors) :: stubenrein
housewarming {n} (party) :: Einweihungsfeier {f}
housewife {n} (female head of household) :: Hausfrau {f}
housework {n} (domestic household chores) :: Hausarbeit {f}
Houston {prop} (Texan city) :: Houston
hover {v} (to float in the air) :: schweben
hover {v} (to linger in one place) :: verweilen
hover {v} (to waver, or be uncertain) :: zögern
hover {v} (to place the cursor over a hyperlink) :: fahren [with über], bewegen [with zu], positionieren [with auf]
hovercraft {n} (vehicle supported on a cushion of air) :: Hovercraft, Luftkissenfahrzeug {n}, Luftkissenboot {n}
hover-fly {n} (insect of the Syrphidae family) :: Schwebfliege {f}
hoverfly {n} (fly in the family Syrphidae) :: Schwebfliege {f}
how {adv} (to what degree) :: wie
how {adv} (in what manner) :: wie
how {adv} (used as a modifier to indicate surprise, delight, or other strong feelings) :: wie
how {adv} (in what state) :: wie
how {conj} (in which way) :: wie
how are you {phrase} (greeting) :: wie geht es dir? [informal], wie geht es Ihnen? [formal singular/plural], wie geht es? / wie geht’s?, wie geht es euch? [informal plural]
howbeit {adv} (be that as it may) :: gleichwohl
how come {adv} (why) :: wie kommt es dass, warum
how did he die {phrase} (what were the circumstances of his death) :: wie ist er gestorben
how do I get to {phrase} (how do I get to...?) :: wie komme ich zu.../in.../nach...?
how do I get to the airport {phrase} (how do I get to the airport?) :: wie komme ich zum Flughafen?
how do I get to the bus station {phrase} (how do I get to the bus station?) :: wie komme ich zum Busbahnhof?
how do I get to the train station {phrase} (how do I get to the train station?) :: wie komme ich zum Bahnhof?
how do you do {phrase} (Phrase: how do you do) :: sehr erfreut, sehr angenehm, wie geht es dir
how do you pronounce this word {phrase} (how do you pronounce this word?) :: wie wird dieses Wort ausgesprochen?
how do you English {phrase} (request for translation into English) :: wie sagt man ... auf Englisch?
how do you spell this word {phrase} (how do you spell this word?) :: wie ist dieses Wort geschrieben?
howdy {interj} (hi) SEE: hi ::
however {adv} (nevertheless) :: jedoch
however {adv} (to whatever extent or degree) :: egal wie
however {adv} (in whatever way or manner) :: wie auch immer
howitzer {n} (a cannon) :: Haubitze {f}
howl {n} (protracted, mournful cry of a dog or a wolf) :: Heulen {n}
howl {v} (To utter a loud, protracted, mournful sound or cry, as dogs and wolves often do) :: heulen, jaulen
howler monkey {n} (loud Central American and South American monkey of the genus Alouatta) :: Brüllaffe {m}
howling {n} (act of producing howls) :: Geheul
how long {adj} (how long (distance)) :: wie lange
how long {adv} (how long (length of time)) :: wie lange
how many {determiner} (what number) :: wie viele
how many languages do you speak {phrase} (how many languages do you speak?) :: [formal] wie viele Sprachen sprechen Sie?, [informal] wie viele Sprachen sprichst du?
how many siblings do you have {phrase} (how many siblings do you have?) :: [formal] wie viele Geschwister haben Sie?, [informal] wie viele Geschwister hast du?
how manyth {adj} (standing for an unknown or queried ordinal number) :: wievielter
how much {determiner} (what quantity) :: wieviel, wie viel
how much {adv} (what is the cost/price) :: wieviel kostet das?
how much does it cost {phrase} (how much is it?) :: was kostet es?, [casual] wieviel?
how much do you charge {phrase} (how much do you charge?) :: was kostet das, was nehmen Sie dafür, was kriegen Sie dafür
how much is it {phrase} (how much does it cost) SEE: how much does it cost ::
how no {adv} (why not) SEE: why not ::
how old are you {phrase} (what is your age in years) :: wie alt bist du? [informal], wie alt sind Sie? [formal]
how's it going {phrase} (how's it going? - informal greetings) :: wie geht es?, wie geht's?
how's the weather {phrase} (how's the weather?) :: wie ist das Wetter?
how's tricks {phrase} (informal greeting) :: Wie steht's
howzit {interj} (what's up) SEE: what's up ::
hp {abbr} (horsepower) :: PS
HP {n} (horse power) SEE: hp ::
Hradec Králové {prop} (city in the Czech republic) :: Hradec Králové {n}, Königgrätz {n}
Hrodna {prop} (Grodno) SEE: Grodno ::
hryvnia {n} (Ukrainian currency) :: Hrywnja {f}
HSK {prop} (HSK) :: Prüfung des Chinesisch-Niveaus {f}, Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi {m}, HSK {m}
HTML {prop} (initialism) :: HTML {f} {n}
HTML5 {prop} (initialism) :: HTML5 {f} {n}
HTTP cookie {n} (packet of information sent by a server to a World Wide Web browser and then returned by the browser each time it accesses that server) :: Cookie {n}
Huaqiao {n} (overseas Chinese) :: Huaqiao {m} {f}
hub {n} (central part of a wheel) :: Nabe {f}, Radnabe {f}
hub {n} (point where many routes meet) :: Drehkreuz {n}, Drehscheibe {f}, Zentrum {n}
hub {n} (computer networking device) :: Hub {n}, Netzknoten {m}
Hubble constant {prop} (number) :: Hubble-Konstante {f}
hubbub {n} (A confused uproar, commotion, tumult or racket.) :: Tumult {m}, Wirrwarr {m}, Tohuwabohu {n}, Trubel {m}, Stimmengewirr {n}
hubcap {n} (decorative disk for wheels) :: Radkappe {f}
Hubert {prop} (male given name) :: Hubert
hubris {n} (excessive pride or arrogance) :: Überheblichkeit {f}, Hochmut {m}, Hybris {f}, Dünkel {m}
hubristic {adj} (overly arrogant) :: überheblich, großtuerisch, anmaßend
huchen {n} (Hucho hucho) :: Huchen {m}, Donaulachs {m}
huckleberry {n} (fruit, see also: buckberry) :: Heidelbeere {f}
huckster {n} (peddler) SEE: peddler ::
hue {n} (color or shade of color; tint; dye) :: Farbton {m}
Hue {prop} (city, province of Vietnam) :: Huë, Hué
hue and cry {n} (loud and persistent public clamour) :: Geschrei {n}, Gezeter {n}, Zetermordio {n}, Zeter und Mordio {n}
hug {n} (affectionate embrace) :: Umarmung {f}
hug {v} (cling closely together) :: sich umarmen
hug {v} (embrace) :: umarmen, drücken
huge {adj} (very large) :: riesig
hugeness {n} (quality of being huge) :: Riesigkeit {f}, Riesenhaftigkeit {f}
Hugh {prop} (male given name) :: Hugo
Hugo {prop} (male given name) SEE: Hugh ::
Huguenot {n} (a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of France during the 16th and 17th century) :: Hugenotte {m}, Hugenottin {f}
huh {interj} (expressing doubt or confusion) :: , häh
huh {interj} (to reinforce a question) ::
huh {interj} (to indicate that one didn't hear) :: , häh, wie, was
hula hoop {n} (toy in the form of a large hoop) :: Hula-Hoop-Reifen {m}
Huldah {prop} (biblical prophetess) :: Hulda
hulk {n} (non-functional, floating ship) :: Hulk {f}, Holk {f}
hulk {n} (any large ship that is difficult to maneuver) :: Hulk {f}, Holk {f}
hulk {n} (a big, (and possibly clumsy) person) :: Bulle {m}, Riese {m}, Hüne
hulk {n} (an excessively muscled person) :: Kraftmensch {m}, Kraftpaket {n}, Kraftprotz {m}, Muskelmann {m}, Muskelpaket {n}, Muskelprotz {m}
hull {n} (frame of a ship or plane) :: Rumpf {m}
hullaballoo {n} (uproar or commotion) :: Wirbel {m}, Aufheben {n}, Aufregung {f}, Aufruhr {m}, Rummel {m}, Bohei {m}
hullaballoo {v} (to make an uproar or commotion) :: viel Aufheben machen, einen Rummel veranstalten, einen Wirbel machen, für Wirbel sorgen, Wellen schlagen
hullabaloo {n} (uproar or fuss) :: Gedöns {n}
huller {n} (machine for removing hulls from grain) :: Schälmühle {f}
hull speed {n} :: Rumpfgeschwindigkeit {f}
hum {n} (tune created orally with lips closed) :: Summen {n}
hum {v} (to make sound with lips closed) :: summen
human {adj} (of or belonging to the species Homo sapiens) :: menschlich
human {adj} (having the nature or attributes of a human being) :: menschlich
human being {n} (a human being) SEE: human ::
human being {n} (person) :: Mensch {m}; menschliches Wesen [in synchronised movies]
humane {adj} (with regard for the health and well-being of another) :: human, menschlich
humanely {adv} (In a humane way) :: menschlich
human immunodeficiency virus {n} (human immunodeficiency virus) :: Humanes Immundefizienz-Virus {n}
humanism {n} (historical revival of Classical culture) :: Humanismus {m}
humanism {n} (ethical system) :: Humanismus {m}
humanism {n} (humanitarianism) :: Humanität {f}, Menschlichkeit {f}
humanist {n} (proponent of the group of ethical stances) :: Humanist {m}, Humanistin {f}
humanitarian {adj} (concerned with people's welfare) :: humanitär
humanities {n} (language, literature, etc.) :: Geisteswissenschaften {f-p}, Humanwissenschaften {p}
humanities {n} (classical studies) SEE: classical studies ::
humanity {n} (human beings as a group) :: Menschheit {f}
humanity {n} (human condition) :: Humanität {f}, Menschlichkeit {f}
humanity {n} (quality of being benevolent) :: Humanität {f}, Menschlichkeit {f}
humankind {n} (human race) SEE: mankind ::
humankind {n} (the human race) :: Menschheit {f}
humankind {n} (mankind; humanity) SEE: human race ::
human milk {n} (breast milk) SEE: breast milk ::
human nature {n} (set of qualities shared by all humans) :: Menschennatur {f}
humanness {n} (quality of being human) :: Menschlichkeit {f}
humanoid {adj} (having the appearance or characteristics of a human) :: menschenähnlich, humanoid
humanoid {n} (a being having the appearance or characteristics of a human) :: Humanoid {m}, Humanoide {m}
human race {n} (the human race) SEE: humankind ::
human race {n} (mankind; humanity) :: Menschheit {f}
human resource management {n} (process) :: Personalwesen {n}, Personalwirtschaft {f}, Personalmanagement {n}
human resources {n} (the personnel department of an organization) :: Personalabteilung {f}
human resources {n} (the personnel employed in an organization) :: Personal {n}
human right {n} (basic right that all humans should be guaranteed) :: Menschenrecht {n}
human rights {n} (basic rights and freedoms that all humans should be guaranteed) :: Menschenrechte {n-p}
human shield {n} (civilians placed in or around targets) :: menschlicher Schutzschild {m}
human trafficking {n} (criminal activity in which people are recruited, etc. to serve an exploitative purpose) :: Menschenhandel {m}
humble {adj} (near the ground) :: einfach, bescheiden
humble {adj} (thinking lowly of oneself) :: demütig, bescheiden
humble {v} (to bring low, etc.) :: demütigen, erniedrigen
humble {v} (to make humble or lowly in mind, etc.) :: erniedrigen, demütig machen
Humboldt penguin {n} (Spheniscus humboldti) :: Humboldt-Pinguin {m}
humbug {n} (hoax, prank or jest) :: Humbug {m}
humdrum {adj} (lacking variety or excitement; dull; boring) :: langweilig, monoton, eintönig, dröge, gleichförmig, trist, abgestumpft, einförmig
humdrum {n} (The quality of lacking variety or excitement; dullness) :: Monotonie, Einerlei, Tristesse
humerus {n} (bone of the upper arm) :: Oberarmknochen {m}
humid {adj} (slightly wet) :: feucht
humidification {n} (process) :: Befeuchtung {f}
humidifier {n} (A device that is used to increase the humidity of the air) :: Luftbefeuchter {m}, Befeuchter {m}
humidify {v} ( To increase the humidity in the air.) :: befeuchten
humidity {n} (dampness, especially that of the air) :: Feuchtigkeit {f}
humidity {n} (amount of water vapour in the air) :: Luftfeuchtigkeit {f}
humidor {n} (container) :: Humidor {m}
humiliate {v} (to injure a person's dignity and self-respect) :: demütigen, beschämen
humiliating {adj} (liable to humiliate) :: erniedrigend
humiliation {n} (the act of humiliating or humbling someone; abasement of pride; mortification) :: Demütigung {f}, Erniedrigung {f}
humiliation {n} (the state of being humiliated, humbled or reduced to lowliness or submission) :: Demütigung {f}, Erniedrigung {f}
humility {n} (characteristic of being humble) :: Bescheidenheit {f}, Demut {f}
hummingbird {n} (any of various small American birds in the family Trochilidae) :: Kolibri {m}, Schwirrvogel {m}
hummock {n} (ridge or hill of ice) :: Eishügel {m}
hummocky {adj} :: hügelig
hummus {n} (dip made of chickpea paste) :: Hummus {m} {n}
humongous {adj} (extremely large) :: riesig, gigantisch
humoresque {n} (playful composition) :: Humoreske {f}
humorous {adj} (full of humor or arousing laughter; funny) :: humorvoll
humorous {adj} (showing humor; witty, jocular) :: humorvoll
humour {n} (something funny) :: Humor {m}
humour {n} (mood) :: Laune {f}, Humor {m}, Stimmung {f}
humour {n} :: Humor {m} , Stimmung {f} , Witz {m}, Schmäh {m}
humour {v} (to pacify by indulging) :: jemandem seinen Willen lassen, besänftigen
hump {n} (mound of earth) :: Hügel {m}
hump {n} (rounded fleshy mass) :: Höcker {m}
hump {n} (deformity of the human back) :: Buckel {m}, Höcker {m}
hump {v} (transitive, slang: to have sex with) :: bumsen
hump {v} (intransitive, slang: to have sex) :: bumsen
humpback {n} (humped back) :: Buckel {m}
humpback {n} (humpbacked person) :: Buckliger {m}, Bucklige {f}
humpbacked {adj} (having a hump on the back) :: bucklig
humpback whale {n} (Megaptera novaeangliae) :: Buckelwal {m}
hump day {n} (middle of the workweek) :: Mitte der Arbeitswoche {f}
humph {interj} (used to express doubt or disapproval) :: hm
Humpty Dumpty {prop} (fairy tale character) :: Humpty Dumpty {m}, Goggelmoggel {m}
humuhumunukunukuapuaa {n} (either of two species of triggerfish) :: Diamant-Picassodrücker {m}
humus {n} (group of compounds in soil) :: Humus {m}
Hun {n} (German) SEE: German ::
Hun {n} (member of nomadic tribe) :: Hunne {m}, Hunnin {f}
hunch {n} (hump; protuberance) :: Hügel {m}, Protuberanz {f}
hunch {n} (idea, theory) :: Ahnung {f}
hunchback {n} (one who is stooped or hunched over) SEE: humpback ::
hunchback {n} (deformed upper spinal column) SEE: humpback ::
hunchbacked {adj} (having hunched back) SEE: humpbacked ::
hundred {num} (cardinal number 100) :: hundert, einhundert, Hundert
hundred {n} (hundred-dollar bill) :: (hundred-any-currency bill) Hunderter {m}
hundred-and-first {adj} :: hunderterste, einhunderterste
hundred-first {adj} (ordinal number) :: hunderterste
hundred-first {n} (the person or thing in the hundred-first position) :: Hunderterste
hundredfold {adj} (Multiplied by a hundred) :: hundertfach
hundredth {adj} (ordinal of 100) :: hundertste, einhundertste
hundredth {n} (person or thing in the hundredth position) :: Hundertster {m}, Hundertste {f}, Hundertstes {n}
hundredth {n} (one of a hundred equal parts of a whole) :: Hunderstel {m} {n}
hundred thousand {num} (100,000) :: hunderttausend
hundredweight {n} (measure of weight (some may be only approximately equivalent)) :: Zentner {m}
Hundred Years' War {prop} (conflict between France and England) :: Hundertjähriger Krieg {m}
Hungarian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Hungary) :: ungarisch
Hungarian {n} (person from Hungary) :: Ungar {m}, Ungarin {f}
Hungarian {n} (the language) :: Ungarisch {n}
Hungarian chamomile {n} (German chamomile) SEE: German chamomile ::
Hungarian hound {n} (hunting dog) :: ungarischer Laufhund {m}, ungarische Bracke {f}
Hungarian notation {n} (Hungarian notation) :: ungarische Notation {f}
Hungary {prop} (the country) :: Ungarn {n}
hunger {n} (need for food) :: Hunger {m}
hunger {v} (need food) :: hungern, Hunger haben, hungrig sein
hunger is a good sauce {proverb} (hunger is the best sauce) SEE: hunger is the best sauce ::
hunger is the best sauce {proverb} (being hungry makes one less concerned about the taste of one's food) :: Hunger ist der beste Koch
hunger strike {n} (a fast undertaken as a means of protest) :: Hungerstreik {m}
hung parliament {n} (parliament in which no single political party has an outright majority) :: no native term exists; the English term may be used in political science
hungry {adj} (affected by hunger; desirous of food) :: hungrig; Hunger haben [to be hungry]
hungry {adj} (eager, having a desire for something) :: gierig
hungry ghost {n} (in Buddhism, a type of supernatural being) :: Hungergeist {m}
hunk {n} (sexually attractive man) :: Prachtkerl {m}
hunker {v} (To crouch or squat close to the ground) :: hocken
Hunnic {adj} (relating to the Huns) :: hunnisch
Hunnic {prop} (the language of the Huns) :: Hunnisch {n}
Hunsrik {prop} (language) :: Riograndenser Hunsrückish {m}
hunt {v} (to chase down prey) :: jagen
hunt {v} (to search for something) :: suchen
hunt {n} (the act of hunting, shooting) :: Jagd {f}
huntable {adj} (capable of being hunted) :: jagdbar, erjagbar
hunter {n} (person who hunts game) :: Jäger {m}
hunter {n} (hunting dog) :: Jagdhund {m}
hunter {n} (person who pursues someone) :: Jäger {m}, Verfolger {m}
Hunter {prop} (surname) :: Jäger
hunter-gatherer {n} (person whose main food source is hunting and gathering) :: Jäger und Sammler {m-p}
hunting {n} (chasing and killing animals for sport or to get food) :: Jagd {f}
hunting horn {n} (bugle used during a hunt) :: Jagdhorn {n}, Waldhorn {n}
hunting whip {n} (whip with a hooked horn handle) :: die Hetzpeitsche
huntress {n} (female who hunts) :: Jägerin {f}
huntsmanship {n} (The practice of hunting) :: Jägerei {f}
huntsman spider {n} (any spider from the taxonomic family Sparassidae) :: Riesenkrabbenspinne {f}
hural {n} (parliament or national congress in Mongolia) SEE: khural ::
hurdle {n} (artificial barrier over which people or horses jump in a race) :: Hürde {f}
hurdle {n} (perceived obstacle) :: Hindernis {n}, Hürde {f}
hurdy-gurdy {n} (stringed instrument) :: Drehleier {f}, Drehorgel {f}, Leierkasten {m}
hurdy-gurdy {n} (barrel organ) SEE: barrel organ ::
hurl {v} (throw with force) :: schleudern
hurler {n} (pitcher) SEE: pitcher ::
Huron {n} :: Hurone {m}
hurrah {interj} (expressing approval, appreciation, or happiness) :: hurra
hurrah {n} (a cheer; a cry of hurrah) :: Hurra {n}
Hurrian {n} (person) :: Hurriter {m}, Hurriterin {f}
Hurrian {adj} (of or pertaining to the Hurrians, their language or culture) :: hurritisch
Hurrian {prop} (the language of Hurrians) :: Hurritisch {n}
hurricane {n} (weather phenomenon) :: Hurrikan {m}, Orkan {m}, Hurrikane
hurricane {n} (meteorology: a wind scale for quite strong wind) :: Orkan
hurricanelike {adj} :: orkanartig
hurry {n} (rushed action) :: Eile {f}
hurry {v} (to do things quickly) :: sich beeilen, eilen
hurry {v} (to speed up the rate) :: sich beeilen
hurry up {v} (go faster) :: sich beeilen
hurt {v} (to be painful) :: weh tun, schmerzen
hurt {v} (to cause physical pain and/or injury) :: verletzen
hurt {v} (to cause emotional pain) :: quälen
hurt {adj} (wounded, injured) :: verletzt
hurtle {v} (To move rapidly, violently, or without control) :: rasen, sausen, schleudern, fliegen
hurtle {v} (To meet with violence or shock) :: zusammenprallen, zusammenknallen
hurtle {v} (To make a threatening sound) :: grummeln, dröhnen, dumpf tönen
hurtle {v} (To throw hard or violently) :: schleudern, schmeißen
Hus {prop} (A Czech surname​) :: Hus
Husayn {prop} (Husayn) :: Hussein {m}
husband {n} (male partner in marriage) :: Ehemann {m}, Mann {m}, Gemahl {m}, Gatte {m}
husband and wife {n} (husband and wife, see also: married couple) :: Ehemann und Ehefrau {m-p}
husbandry {n} (cultivation of crops and raising of livestock) :: Haltung, Landwirtschaft {f}
hush {v} (to become quiet) :: verstummen, still werden
hush {v} (to make quiet) :: zum Schweigen bringen
hush {n} (silence) :: Stille {f}, Ruhe {f}
hush money {n} (bribe to maintain secrecy) :: Schweigegeld {n}
hush up {v} (to keep secret) :: totschweigen
husk {n} (exterior of certain vegetables or fruits) :: Getreidespelze {f}, Hülse {f}, Schote {f}
husk {n} (any worthless exterior) :: Hülle {f}
husk {n} :: Hülse {f}
husky {adj} (hoarse and rough-sounding) :: heiser
husky {n} (Any of several breeds of dogs used as sled dogs) :: Husky {m}, Polarhund {m}
hussar {n} (light cavalry of any of several European armies) :: Husar {m}
Hussite {n} (follower) :: Hussit {m}, Hussitin {f}
hustle {v} (to rush or hurry) :: sich beeilen, hetzen
hustle {v} (to con or deceive) :: betrügen, abziehen [colloquial]
hustle {n} (rush or hurry) :: Hast {f}, Hektik {f}, Hetze {f}, Eile {f}
hustle and bustle {n} (activity) :: Rummel {m}, Trubel {m}
hustler {n} (prostitute) SEE: prostitute ::
hustler {n} (a pimp) :: Zuhälter {m}
hustler {n} (a male prostitute who sells his services to men) :: Strichjunge {m}, Stricher {m}
hut {n} (small wooden shed) :: Hütte
hut {n} (primitive dwelling) :: Hütte {f}
hutong {n} (lane) SEE: lane ::
hutong {n} (alley) SEE: alley ::
hutong {n} (a Chinese narrow lane/alley) :: Hutong {n}
Hutterite {n} (a member of a communal branch of Anabaptists founded by Jakob Hutter) :: Hutterer {m}, Hutterin {f}
HVAC {n} (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) :: HLK [Heizung, Lüftung, Klima]
Hávamál {prop} (second book of the Poetic Edda) :: Hávamál
hyacinth {n} (plant of the genus Hyacinthus) :: Hyazinthe {f}
Hyacinth {prop} (Hyacinthus) SEE: Hyacinthus ::
Hyacinthus {prop} (Greek hero) :: Hyakinthos
hybrid {n} (biology: offspring resulting from crossbreeding) :: Hybride {f}, Kreuzung {f}
hybrid {n} (word derived from different languages) :: Bastardwort {n}, Hybridwort {n}, hybrides Wort {n}, Mischwort {n}, Zwitterwort {n}; Vox hybrida {f}, vox hybrida {f} [often printed in antiqua when using fraktur or printed in italics when using antiqua]
hybrid {n} (car that runs on both fuel and electricity) :: Hybridfahrzeug
hybrid {adj} (consisting of diverse components) :: hybrid
hydra {n} (any of several small freshwater polyps of the genus Hydra and related genera) :: Hydra {f}
Hydra {prop} (mythical serpent) :: Hydra {f}
Hydra {prop} (constellation) :: Wasserschlange {f}
Hydra {prop} (one of Pluto's moons) :: Hydra
hydrangea {n} (shrub) :: Hortensie {f}
hydrate {n} (solid compound containing or linked to water molecules) :: Hydrat {n}
hydraulic {adj} (Having to do with water) :: Wasser-, wasserkundlich
hydraulic {adj} (Related to hydraulics) :: hydraulisch
hydraulic engineering {n} (sub-discipline of civil engineering concerned with water and sewage) :: Wasserbau {n}
hydraulic fracturing {n} (technique in which a mixture of water and sand is forced down an oil well) :: Hydraulic Fracturing {n}, Fracking {n}, hydraulische Frakturierung {f}, hydraulisches Aufbrechen {n}, hydraulische Risserzeugung {f}, hydraulische Stimulation {f}
hydraulics {n} (engineering science that deals with liquid in motion) :: Hydraulik {f}
hydride {n} (compound of hydrogen) :: Hydrid {n}
hydro- {prefix} (pertaining to water) :: hydro-, wasser-
hydrocarbon {n} (compound of carbon and hydrogen) :: Kohlenwasserstoff {m}
hydrocephalus {n} (skull enlargement due to fluid) :: Hydrocephalus {m}, Hydrozephalus {m}, Wasserkopf {m}
hydrochemistry {n} (part of hydrology) :: Hydrochemie {f}
hydrochloric acid {n} (strong acid made by dissolving the gas, hydrogen chloride) :: Salzsäure {f}
hydrocortisone {n} (steroid hormone) :: Hydrokortison {n}, Hydrocortison {n}
hydrocyanic acid {n} (prussic acid) :: Blausäure {f}
hydrodynamics {n} (study of fluids in motion) :: Hydrodynamik
hydroelectric {adj} (that generates electricity by converting the energy of moving water) :: hydroelektrisch
hydroelectric {adj} (relating to the electricity so produced) :: hydroelektrisch
hydrofluorocarbon {n} (haloalkane) :: Fluorkohlenwasserstoff {m}
hydrofoil {n} (wing) :: Tragflügel {m}
hydrofoil {n} (vessel) :: Tragflügelboot {n}
hydrofracking {n} (hydraulic fracturing) SEE: hydraulic fracturing ::
hydrogen {n} (chemical element) :: Wasserstoff {m}, Hydrogen {n}, Hydrogenium {n}
hydrogen {n} (molecular hydrogen) :: Wasserstoff {m}
hydrogen {n} (atom of hydrogen) :: Wasserstoffatom {n}
hydrogenase {n} :: Hydrogenase {f}
hydrogenate {v} (treat or react with hydrogen) :: hydrieren
hydrogen bomb {n} (thermonuclear bomb) :: Wasserstoffbombe {f}
hydrogen burning {n} (process, in which hydrogen is converted to helium) :: Wasserstoffbrennen {f}
hydrogen carbonate {n} (carbonic acid) :: Hydrogenkarbonat {n}, Hydrogencarbonat {n}
hydrogen cyanide {n} (the compound HCN) :: Cyanwasserstoff {m}
hydrogen economy {n} (an economy based on hydrogen as primary form of stored energy) :: Wasserstoffwirtschaft
hydrogenous {adj} (containing hydrogen) :: wasserstoffhaltig
hydrogen peroxide {n} (H2O2) :: Wasserstoffperoxid {n}
hydrogen sulfide {n} (H2S) :: Schwefelwasserstoff {m}
hydrogen vehicle {n} (any vehicle that uses hydrogen as its principal fuel) :: Brennstoffzellenfahrzeug
hydrogeochemistry {n} :: Hydrogeochemie {f}
hydrography {n} (Measurement and description of navigable waters) :: Hydrographie {f}
hydrologist {n} (one who is skilled in or practises hydrology) :: Hydrologe {m}, Hydrologin {f}
hydrology {n} (science related to water) :: Hydrologie {f}
hydrolysis {n} (a chemical process of decomposition) :: Hydrolyse {f}
hydronym {n} (name of a body of water) :: Hydronym {n}, Gewässername {m}
hydrophilic {adj} (having an affinity for water) :: hydrophil
hydrophobia {n} (rabies, see also: rabies) :: Tollwut {f}
hydrophobia {n} (fear of water, see also: aquaphobia) :: Wasserscheu {f}
hydrophobic {adj} (lacking an affinity for water) :: hydrophob
hydrophobization {n} (act or process of making hydrophobic) :: Hydrophobierung {f}
hydrophyte {n} (plant that lives in or requires an abundance of water) :: Wasserpflanze {f}
hydroponics {n} (cultivation of plants in a nutrient solution) :: Hydrokultur {f}
hydropower {n} (hydroelectric power) :: Wasserkraft {f}, Hydroenergie {f}
hydroquinone {n} (the diphenol para-dihydroxy benzene) :: Hydrochinon {n}
hydrosphere {n} (waters of the Earth) :: Hydrosphäre {f}
hydrostatic {adj} (of or relating to hydrostatics) :: hydrostatisch
hydrous {adj} (containing combined water) :: wasserhaltig
hydroxide {n} (univalent anion) :: Hydroxid {n}
hydroxyl {n} (-OH) :: Hydroxyl {n}
hydrozirconation {n} :: Hydrozirconierung {f}
Hydrus {prop} (constellation) :: Kleine Wasserschlange {f}
hyena {n} (mammal) :: Hyäne {f}
Hygieia {prop} (Greek goddess of health, hygiene, cleanliness, and sanitation) :: Hygieia
hygiene {n} (conditions and practices that promote and preserve health) :: Hygiene {f}
hygienic {adj} (pertaining to hygiene) :: hygienisch
hygienically {adv} (in a hygienic manner) :: hygienisch
hygrometer {n} (instrument that measures humidity) :: Hygrometer {n}
hygroscopic {adj} (readily taking up and retaining water) :: hygroskop
hygroscopy {n} (ability of a substance to attract and hold water) :: Hygroskopie {f}
hylozoism {n} (belief) :: Hylozoismus {m}
hymen {n} (membrane which occludes the vagina) :: Hymen {m} {n}, Jungfernhäutchen {n}
hymn {n} (a song of praise or worship) :: Hymne {f} (now rare in this sense), Hymnus {m}, Kirchenlied {n}, Loblied {n}
hymnal {n} (book or collection of hymns) :: Gesangbuch {n}, Gesangsbuch {n} [Austrian], kirchliches Gesangbuch {n}, Kirchengesangbuch {n}, Kirchengesangsbuch {n} [Austrian], Choralbuch {n}, Hymnar {n}, Hymnarium {n}
hymnal {adj} (hymnic) SEE: hymnic ::
hymnbook {n} (book of hymns) SEE: hymnal ::
hymnic {adj} (of or relating to hymns) :: hymnisch
hyoid bone {n} (bone in the neck) :: Zungenbein {n}
hypallage {n} (literary device) :: Hypallage {f}
hype {n} (promotion) :: Hype {m}
hyper- {prefix} :: über-
hyperactive {adj} (having an increased state of activity) :: überaktiv
hyperaeolism {n} (hypercorrection of non-Aeolic Greek to Aeolic Greek) :: Hyperäolismus
hyperatticism {n} (hypercorrection of non-Attic Greek to Attic Greek) :: Hyperatticismus
hyperbaton {n} (grammar) :: Hyperbaton {n}
hyperbola {n} (geometric curve) :: Hyperbel {f}
hyperbole {n} (rhetorical device) :: Hyperbel {f}, Übertreibung {f}
hyperbolic {adj} (exaggerated) :: hyperbolisch
hyperbolic {adj} (pertaining to a mathematical hyperbola) :: hyperbolisch
hyperbolic {adj} :: übertrieben
hyperbolical {adj} (hyperbolic) SEE: hyperbolic ::
hyperbolic function {n} (type of function) :: Hyperbelfunktion {f}
hyperbolic sine {n} (hyperbolic function) :: Sinus hyperbolicus {m}
hypercorrection {n} (use of a nonstandard form) :: Hyperkorrektur {f}
hypercube {n} (a geometric figure) :: Hyperwürfel {m}
hyperdorism {n} (hypercorrection of non-Doric Greek to Doric Greek) :: Hyperdorismus
hypergamy {n} (hypergamy) :: Hypergamie {f}, Hinaufheiraten {n}
hypergeometric distribution {n} (probability distribution) :: hypergeometrische Verteilung {f}
hypergeometric function {n} (mathematics) :: hypergeometrische Funktion {f}
hyperglycemia {n} (unusually high concentration of sugar in the blood) :: Hyperglykämie {f}
hypergolic {adj} (igniting spontaneously on contact with an oxidiser) :: hypergolisch
hyperhidrosis {n} (a medical condition) :: Hyperhidrose {f}
hyperinflation {n} (inflation at a very high rate) :: Hyperinflation
hyperionism {n} (hypercorrection of non-Ionic Greek to Ionic Greek) :: Hyperionismus
hyperkeratosis {n} (excess keratin formation on the skin surface) :: Hyperkeratose {f}
hyperlink {n} (link from one electronic document to another) :: Hyperlink {m}, Hypertextlink {m}, Querverweis {m}
hyperlink {n} (area on a Web page) :: Hyperlink {m}, Hypertextlink {m}, Querverweis {m}
hyperlink {n} :: Hypertext-Link {m}, Hyperlink {m}
hypermedia {n} :: Hypermedia {f}
hypermetropia {n} (disorder of the vision) SEE: farsightedness ::
hypernova {n} (the gravitational collapse of a massive star to form a black hole) :: Hypernova {f}
hypernym {n} (superordinate grouping word) :: Oberbegriff {m}, Hyperonym
hypernymy {n} :: Hyperonymie {f}
hyperonym {n} (hypernym) SEE: hypernym ::
hyperopia {n} (disorder of the vision) SEE: farsightedness ::
hyperparathyroidism {n} (abnormal increase in parathyroid gland activity) :: Hyperparathyreoidismus
hyperplane {n} (an n-dimensional generalization of a plane) :: Hyperebene {f}
hypersensitivity {n} (heightened immune response to an antigen) :: Überempfindlichkeit {f}
hypersexuality {n} (extreme libido) :: Hypersexualität {f}
hypersomnia {n} (a state of drowsiness or sleepiness) :: Schlafsucht {f}, Hypersomnie {f}
hypersonic {adj} (five times the speed of sound) :: hypersonisch
hyperspace {n} (mathematics) :: euklidischer Raum {m}
hyperspace {n} (notional space in science fiction) :: Hyperraum {m}
hypertension {n} (abnormally high blood pressure) :: Bluthochdruck {m}, Hypertonie {f}, Hypertension {f}
hypertext {n} (uncountable: text for the Web) :: Hypertext {m}
hyperthermia {n} (medical condition) :: Hyperthermie {f}
hypertrophy {n} (an increase in the size of an organ due to swelling of the individual cells) :: Hypertrophie {f}
hyperventilate {v} (to breathe quickly and deeply) :: hyperventilieren
hypervolemic {adj} (of or pertaining to hypervolemia) :: hypervoläm, hypervolämisch
hypha {n} (filament that forms the mycelium of a fungus) :: Hyphe {f}
hyphen {n} (symbol used to join words or to indicate a word has been split) :: Bindestrich {m}
hyphenate {v} (to break a word at the end of a line according to the hyphenation rules) :: abteilen
hyphenation {n} (inclusion and location of hyphens) :: Silbentrennung {f}, Worttrennung {f}
Hypnos {prop} (Hypnos, the Greek god of sleep) :: Hypnos {m}
hypnosis {n} (a trancelike state) :: Hypnose {f}
hypnosis {n} (art or skill of hypnotism) SEE: hypnotism ::
hypnotherapy {n} (treatment of disease through hypnotism) :: Hypnotherapie
hypnotise {v} (hypnotise) SEE: hypnotize ::
hypnotism {n} (hypnotism) :: Hypnotismus {m}
hypnotist {n} (person who uses hypnotism) :: Hypnotiseur {m}, Hypnotiseurin {f}
hypnotize {v} (To induce somebody into a state of hypnosis) :: hypnotisieren
hypnotized {adj} (under hypnosis) :: hypnotisiert
hypo- {prefix} (Anatomical sense) :: hypo-
hypo- {prefix} (Medical sense) :: hypo-
hypo- {prefix} (Chemical sense) :: hypo-
hypocaust {n} (underground heating system for a bath) :: Hypokaustum {n}, Hypokauste {f}
hypochondria {n} (psychological disorder) :: Hypochondrie {f}
hypochondriac {adj} (affected by hypochondria) :: hypochondrisch
hypochondriac {n} (person affected with hypochondria) :: Hypochonder {m}, Hypochonderin {f}
hypochondriasis {n} (excessive fear of or preoccupation with a serious illness) :: Hypochondrie {f}
hypocorism {n} (a term of endearment) :: Lallname
hypocoristic {adj} (relating to a nickname, usually indicating intimacy) :: hypokoristisch
hypocrisy {n} (Claim, pretense, or false representation of holding beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not actually possess) :: Heuchelei {f}
hypocrisy {n} (applying criticism to others that one does not apply equally to oneself; moral self-contradiction whereby the behavior of one or more people belies their own claimed or implied possession of certain beliefs, standards or virtues) :: Doppelmoral {f}
hypocrite {n} (person practising hypocrisy) :: Heuchler {m}, Heuchlerin {f}
hypocritical {adj} (characterized by hypocrisy or being a hypocrite) :: heuchlerisch
hypogamy {n} (hypogamy) :: Hypogamie {f}, Hinabheiraten {n}
hypoglycemia {n} (low level of blood glucose) :: Hypoglykämie {f}, Unterzuckerung {f}
hypohydration {n} (dehydration) SEE: dehydration ::
hyponym {n} (more specific word) :: Unterbegriff {m}, Hyponym {n}
hyponymy {n} :: Hyponymie {f}, Unterbegrifflichkeit {f}
hypophosphatemia {n} (abnormally low blood phosphate level) :: Hypophosphatämie {f}
hyposensitization {n} (form of immunotherapy) :: Hyposensibilisierung {f}
hypostasis {n} (essential person, the single person of Christ) :: Hypostase {f}
hypostasis {n} (inherent reality or substance) :: Hypostase {f}
hypostasis {n} (effect of one gene preventing another from expressing) :: Hypostase {f}
hypostasis {n} (postmortem lividity; livor mortis; suggillation) SEE: livor mortis ::
hypotaxis {n} (syntactic subordination) :: Unterordnung {f}, Hypotaxis {f}, Hypotaxe {f}
hypotension {n} (disease of abnormally low blood pressure) :: Hypotonie {f}
hypotenuse {n} (The side of a right triangle opposite the right angle) :: Hypotenuse {f}
hypothalamus {n} (a region of the brain, below the thalamus) :: Hypothalamus {m}
hypotheca {n} (lower half of a diatom frustule) :: Hypotheka {f}
hypothecate {v} (pledge as surety) :: verpfänden, beleihen
hypothecation {n} (the use of property as security for a loan) :: Verpfändung {f}
hypothesis {n} (tentative conjecture in science) :: Hypothese {f}
hypothesis {n} (assumption taken to be true) :: Hypothese {f}
hypothesis {n} (antecedent of a conditional statement) :: Hypothese {f}
hypothesise {v} (to believe or assert) :: vermuten
hypothetic {adj} (based on hypothesis or theory) :: hypothetisch
hypothetic {adj} (existing as an abstract concept rather than a concrete reality) :: hypothetisch
hypothetical {adj} (based upon a hypothesis) :: hypothetisch
hypothyroidism {n} (disease state) :: Hypothyreose {f}
hypovolemic {adj} (of, pertaining to, or characterized by low volume of blood in the circulatory system) :: hypovoläm, hypovolämisch
hyrax {n} (mammal of the order Hyracoidea) :: Schliefer {m}
hyssop {n} (any of several aromatic bushy herbs, of the genus Hyssopus) :: Ysop, Isop, Eisop, Josefskraut {n}
hysterectomy {n} (surgical removal of the uterus or part thereof) :: Gebärmutterentfernung {f}; [chiefly specialist] Hysterektomie {f}
hysteresis {n} (a property of a system) :: Hysterese {f}
hysteria {n} (behavior exhibiting excessive or uncontrollable emotion) :: Hysterie {f}
hysteric {n} :: Hysteriker {m}, [female] Hysterikerin {f}
hysterical {adj} (arising from hysteria) :: hysterisch
hysterical {adj} (prone to having hysterics) :: hysterisch