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mañana {adv} (tomorrow) SEE: tomorrow  ::
mañana {adv} (Sometime in the future)  :: ooit
Maastricht {prop} (capital of the province of Limburg in The Netherlands)  :: Maastricht {n}
macabre {adj} (representing or personifying death)  :: macaber
macadamia {n} (tree)  :: macadamia
macadamia {n} (macadamia nut) SEE: macadamia nut  ::
macadamia nut {n} (edible seed of the macadamia tree)  :: macadamianoot {m} {f}
macaque {n} (any monkey of the family Macaca)  :: makaak
macaron {n} (pastry)  :: makaron {m}
macaroni {n} (type of pasta)  :: macaroni
macaroon {n} (soft biscuit or cookie prepared with almond or coconut dough)  :: bitterkoekje, kokoskoekje, makron {m}
macaw {n} (various parrots)  :: ara
MacBook {n} (device)  :: MacBook {c}
mace {n} (weapon)  :: strijdknots {m} {f}
mace {n} (a spice)  :: foelie
Macedonia {prop} (ancient kingdom)  :: Macedonië {n}
Macedonia {prop} (former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, see also: former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)  :: Macedonië {n}
Macedonia {prop} (region of northern Greece)  :: Macedonië {n}
Macedonian {adj} (of Macedonia or its people or language)  :: Macedonisch
Macedonian {n} (person from Macedonia)  :: Macedoniër
Macedonian {prop} (Slavic language of Macedonia)  :: Macedonisch
Macedonian {prop} (language of antiquity)  :: Oudmacedonisch
Macedo-Romanian {prop} (Aromanian) SEE: Aromanian  ::
Mach {n} (ratio)  :: mach {m} {f}
Mach {n} (the Mach number)  :: machgetal {n}
machete {n} (a sword-like tool)  :: kapmes {n}
machicolation {n} (shooting hole)  :: mezenkooi {f}
machine {n} (mechanical or electrical device)  :: machine {f}, apparaat
machine {n} (archaic: vehicle, automobile)  :: automobiel {m}
machine {n} (a person who is very proficient)  :: machine {f}
machine code {n} (machine language) SEE: machine language  ::
machine gun {n} (type of firearm)  :: mitrailleur {m}
machine language {n} (set of instructions for a computer)  :: machinetaal {f}
machinery {n} (machines constituting a production apparatus)  :: machinery {f}, machinepark {n}
machinery {n} (working parts of a machine as a group)  :: machinerie {f}, mechaniek
machinery {n} (collective parts of something which allow it to function)  :: machinerie {f}
machine tool {n} (tool used for machining)  :: werktuigmachine {f}
machine translation {n} (act of translating something by means of a machine)  :: machinevertaling {f}, computervertaling {f}
machinist {n} (operator) SEE: operator  ::
machinist {n} (constructor of machines and engines)  :: werktuigbouwkundige {m}
machinist {n} (one skilled in the use of machine tools)  :: bankwerker {m}
machinist {n} (person employed to shift scenery in a theater)  :: machinist {m}
macho {adj} (manly, tough)  :: macho {m}
mackerel {n} (edible fish)  :: makreel {m}
mackintosh {n} (raincoat in general) SEE: raincoat  ::
macrocosm {n} (the universe) SEE: universe  ::
macrocosm {n} (a complex structure containing numerous smaller-scale structures)  :: macrokosmos {m}
macroeconomics {n} (study of the entire economy)  :: macro-economie
macron {n} (short, straight, horizontal diacritical mark)  :: macron {c}
macrophage {n} (type of white blood cell)  :: macrofaag {m}
mad {adj} (insane (adj.))  :: waanzinnig, gek, zot
mad {adj} (angry)  :: boos, kwaad
Madagascar {prop} (country in Southern Africa)  :: Madagaskar
madam {n} (polite term of address to a woman)  :: mevrouw {f}
mad as a hatter {adj} (demented or crazy)  :: stapelgek
mad cow disease {n} (bovine spongiform encephalopathy)  :: gekke-koeienziekte
madder {n} (plant)  :: meekrap {m} {f}
made in China {adj} (manufactured in the PRC)  :: geproduceerd in China, vervaardigd in China, gemaakt in China
Madhya Pradesh {prop} (Madhya Pradesh, India)  :: Madhya Pradesh
madman {n} (An insane man)  :: dolleman {m}, gek {f}, krankzinnige {f}, waanzinnige {f}
Madonna {prop} (Virgin Mary) SEE: Virgin Mary  ::
Madras {prop} (city)  :: Madras
Madrid {prop} (capital of Spain)  :: Madrid {n}
Madrilenian {adj} (of Madrid)  :: Madrileens
Madrilenian {n} (Someone from Madrid)  :: Madrileen {m}, Madrileense {f}
Madrileño {adj} (of Madrid) SEE: Madrilenian  ::
Madrileño {n} (Someone from Madrid) SEE: Madrilenian  ::
madrone {n} (strawberry tree) SEE: strawberry tree  ::
maelstrom {n} (large whirlpool)  :: maalstroom, moskstraumen, moskenstraumen
maelstrom {n} (any violent or turbulent situation)  :: maalstroom
maenad {n} (follower of Dionysus)  :: maenade
mafia {n} (a crime syndicate)  :: maffia {m}
magazine {n} (periodical)  :: tijdschrift {n}, magazine {n}
magazine {n} (ammunition storehouse)  :: magazijn {n}
magazine {n} (ammunition clip or chamber enabling multiple rounds to be held before firing)  :: magazijn {n}
Magdeburg {prop} (city)  :: Maagdenburg
magenta {n} (colour)  :: magenta
maggot {n} (dipterous insect's larva that eats decomposing flesh)  :: made {f}
maggot {n} (worthless person)  :: made {f}, worm {m}
maggot {n} (whimsy or fancy)  :: gril, kuur, luim
maggoty {adj} (infested with and/or partially eaten by maggots)  :: wormstekig
Maghreb {prop} (region in Africa)  :: Maghreb {m}
Magi {prop} (the wise men who gave gifts to Jesus)  :: wijzen uit het oosten {p}, drie koningen {p}
magic {n} (use of supernatural rituals, forces etc.)  :: toverij, toverkracht, toverkunst {f}, magie {f}
magic {n} (ritual associated with supernatural magic or mysticism)  :: tovenarij, toverkunst {f}, magie {f}
magic {n} (illusion performed to give the appearance of magic or the supernatural)  :: goochelkunst {f}, illusionisme {n}
magic {n} (something spectacular or wonderful)  :: toverij {f}, magie {f}
magic {adj} (having supernatural talents, properties or qualities)  :: magisch, betoverd, tover-
magic {adj} (Producing extraordinary results; wonderful, amazing)  :: magisch, betoverend, feeëriek
magic {adj} (featuring illusions that are usually performed for entertainment)  :: magisch, goochel-
magic {v} (to produce something, as if by magic)  :: (tevoorschjn) toveren
magical {adj} (relating to magic)  :: magisch
magical {adj} (enchanting)  :: betoverend, magisch
magic carpet {n} (a carpet capable of magical flight)  :: vliegend tapijt {c}
magic carpet {n} (a skier/snowboarder conveyor)  :: sleeplift {m}
magician {n} (practitioner of allegedly supernatural magic)  :: tovenaar {m}, magiër {m}
magician {n} (performer of tricks)  :: goochelaar {m}, illusionist {m}, magiër {m}
magician {n} (amazingly talented craftsman or scientist)  :: tovenaar {m}
magician {n} (person who astounds, is an enigma)  :: goochelaar {m}, tovenaar {m}, magiër {m}
magic mushroom {n} (mushroom-like fungus that has psychedelic effects)  :: paddo {m}
magic wand {n} (wand used to perform magic)  :: toverstaf {m}, toverstokje {n}
magic word {n} (word with magical effect)  :: toverwoord {n}
magma {n} (molten matter)  :: magma {n}
Magna Carta {prop} (Magna Carta)  :: Magna Carta {f}
Magna Graecia {prop} (Ancient Greek colonies in Italy and Sicily)  :: Magna Graecia, Groot-Griekenland
magnanimity {n} (The quality of being magnanimous; greatness of mind; elevation or dignity of soul)  :: grootmoedigheid {f}
magnanimous {adj} (noble and generous in spirit)  :: grootmoedig
magnate {n} (Powerful industrialist; captain of industry.)  :: magnaat {m} {f}
magnesium {n} (chemical element)  :: magnesium {n}
magnet {n} (piece of material that attracts some metals by magnetism)  :: magneet {f}
magnetic {adj} (of, relating to, caused by, or operating by magnetism)  :: magnetisch
magnetic {adj} (having the properties a magnet)  :: magnetisch
magnetic {adj} (determined by earth's magnetic fields)  :: magnetisch
magnetic field {n} (a field of magnetic force)  :: magneetveld {n}, magnetisch veld {n}
magnetism {n} (the property of being magnetic)  :: magnetisme {n}
magnetite {n} (a mineral)  :: magnetiet
magnetization {n} (The act of magnetizing, or the state of being magnetized)  :: magnetisatie {f}
magnetotail {n} (the long, trailing part of a magnetosphere)  :: magnetostaart {m}
magnificent {adj} (grand, elegant or splendid in appearance)  :: prachtig
magnify {v} (to make larger)  :: vergroten
magnifying glass {n} (instrument)  :: vergrootglas {n}
magnitude {n} (size, etc.)  :: grootte {f}
magpie {n} (bird of genus Pica)  :: ekster {m}
magpie {n} (Australian bird, Gymnorhina tibicen)  :: zwartrugfluitvogel {m}
Magyar {adj} (Hungarian) SEE: Hungarian  ::
maharaja {n} (a Hindu prince ranking above a raja)  :: maharadja {m}
maharajadhiraja {n} (title)  :: maharajadhiraja {m}
Maharashtra {prop} (state in western India)  :: Maharashtra
Maharastra {prop} (Maharashtra) SEE: Maharashtra  ::
mahlab {n} (aromatic spice made from cherry stones)  :: weichselboom {m}
mahogany {n} (tropical tree)  :: mahonie
mahogany {n} (wood)  :: mahonie
maid {n} (young female)  :: meisje {n}, meid {f}
maid {n} (female servant or cleaner)  :: meid {f}, dienstmeid {f}
maiden {n} (unmarried young female)  :: juffrouw {f}, [poetic] maagd {m} {f}, meisje {m}, jongedame, vrijster
maiden {n} (female virgin)  :: maagd {m} {f}
maiden {adj} (without offspring)  :: kinderloos
maiden {adj} (virgin) SEE: virgin  ::
maidenhead {n} (virginity)  :: maagdelijkheid {f}
maidenhead {n} (hymen)  :: maagdenvlies {n}
maidenhood {n} (condition of being maiden)  :: maagdelijkheid
maiden name {n} (married woman's original last name)  :: meisjesnaam {m}
Maiden's Tower {prop} (a tower located in the Bosphorus)  :: Meisjestoren, Leandertoren
maieutics {n} (Socratic method) SEE: Socratic method  ::
mail {n} (postal delivery system)  :: post {f}
mailman {n} (post office employee)  :: postbode {m}, brievenbesteller {m}, postbesteller
mail-order bride {n} (a woman in a catalogue for marriage)  :: importbruid {f}
mail slot {n} (slot for mail delivery)  :: brievengleuf
maim {v} (to cause permanent loss of a part of the body)  :: verminken
main {adj} (principal)  :: hoofd-, voornaamste, belangrijkste
main {n} (strength) SEE: strength  ::
main {n} (mainland) SEE: mainland  ::
main building {n} (most important building of a group of buildings (e.g. in a school/university))  :: hoofdgebouw {n}
main clause {n} (grammar: clause that can stand alone syntactically)  :: hoofdzin {m}, enkelvoudige zin {m}
main course {n} (main dish of a meal)  :: hoofdgerecht {n}
mainland {n} (the main landmass of a country or continent)  :: vasteland {n}
mainly {adv} (chiefly; for the most part)  :: voornamelijk
mainmast {n} (mainmast)  :: grote mast {m}
mainstay {n} (chief support)  :: hoofdpijler, steunpilaar
mainstay {n} (nautical: stabilizing rope)  :: grootstag {n}
maintain {v} (to maintain, to consider) SEE: hold  ::
maintain {v} (to keep up)  :: handhaven
maintenance {n} (keeping a machine or system in service)  :: onderhoud {n}, handhaving {f}
maintenance {n} (legal: payment made to a spouse after a divorce) SEE: alimony  ::
main verb {n} (verb in a clause with the highest semantic content)  :: hoofdwerkwoord {n}
Mainz {prop} (the state capital of Rhineland-Palatinate)  :: Mainz {n}
maize {n} (corn; a type of grain of the species Zea mays)  :: mais {m}, Turkse tarwe {m}, Spaanse tarwe {f}
majestic {adj} (having splendor or royalty)  :: majestueus, majesteitisch
majestical {adj} (majestic) SEE: majestic  ::
majesty {n} (the quality of being impressive and great)  :: majesteit
Majesty {pron} (term of address for royalty and imperiality)  :: majesteit
major {n} (military rank)  :: majoor {m}
major {adj}  :: belangrijk
major {n} (the main area of study)  :: hoofdvak {n}
major {n} (person of legal age)  :: meerderjarige {m} {f}
major arcana {n} (Tarot cards)  :: grote arcana
Majorca {prop} (island)  :: Majorca
majority {n} (more than half)  :: meerderheid {f}, merendeel {n}
majuscule {n} (upper-case letter) SEE: capital letter  ::
make {v} (to construct)  :: maken
make {v} (to create)  :: maken
make {v} (to constitute)  :: vormen
make {v} (to interpret)  :: maken, denken, interpreteren
make {v} (to bring into success)  :: maken
make {v} (to cause to be)  :: maken
make {v} (to cause to do)  :: doen, ertoe brengen
make {v} (to force to do)  :: doen, ertoe brengen
make {v} (to indicate or suggest to be)  :: maken
make {n} (brand )  :: merk {n}
make a living {v} (earn enough income)  :: zich in zijn levensonderhoud voorzien
make a mountain out of a molehill {v} (to treat a problem as greater than it is)  :: van een mug een olifant maken, (Flanders also) van een muis een olifant maken
make an exhibition of oneself {v} (to embarrass oneself in public)  :: zichzelf voor gek zetten
make a spectacle of oneself {v} (To embarrass oneself or others in public)  :: een belachelijk figuur slaan
make do {v} (to get by (with))  :: genoegen nemen
make ends meet {v} (get by financially)  :: rondkomen
make friends {v} (to create friendships)  :: bevriend raken
make hay while the sun shines {proverb} (act while an opportunity exists)  :: het ijzer smeden als het heet is
make it {v} (to succeed in doing something, for example in reaching a place, or getting there on time)  :: het halen
make love {v} (to engage in sexual intercourse, see also: copulate)  :: de liefde bedrijven, vrijen
make out {v} (to kiss or to make love)  :: zoenen, vrijen
make peace {v} (to end hostilities)  :: vrede sluiten
maker {n} (one who makes)  :: maker {m}
make sense {v} (be coherent)  :: kloppen, zinvol zijn, betekenisvol zijn
make sense {v} (decipher, understand)  :: ontcijferen, verstaan, snappen
makeshift {n} (temporary substitution)  :: provisorisch, noodoplossing
makeshift {adj} (made to work or suffice)  :: provisorisch
make sure {v} (to verify; to recheck; to use extra care or caution)  :: zorgen, opletten
make the bed {v} (arrange sheets, etc smoothly and neatly)  :: het bed opmaken
makeup {n} (cosmetics)  :: schmink {m}, make-up {m}
make-up artist {n} (artist who applies makeup for theatrical, television, or film productions)  :: grimeur {m}, grimeuse {f}
make use {v} (make use of something) SEE: take advantage  ::
make use {v} (to use)  :: gebruikmaken van
make yourself at home {phrase}  :: doe alsof je thuis bent
Malachi {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Maleachi {m}
Malachi {prop} (minor prophet)  :: Maleachi {m}
Malachi {prop} (male given name)  :: Maleachi {m}
malacology {n} (study of molluscs)  :: malacologie
maladroit {adj} (not adroit; clumsy)  :: onhandig, onbeholpen
Malagasy {prop} (the language of the Malagasy, when considered one language)  :: Malgasy
malaise {n} (bodily feeling)  :: ongesteldheid {f}
malaise {n} (ambiguous feeling of mental or moral depression)  :: teneergeslagenheid {f}
malapropism {n} (the blundering use of a similar-sounding expression)  :: verhaspeling {f}
malar {n} (cheekbone) SEE: cheekbone  ::
malar bone {n} (cheekbone) SEE: cheekbone  ::
malaria {n} (disease)  :: malaria
Malawi {prop} (Republic of Malawi)  :: Malawi
Malay {adj} (of the Malay people)  :: Maleis, Maleisich
Malay {adj} (of or pertaining to Malaysia)  :: Maleisisch
Malay {adj} (in, of or otherwise pertaining to the Malay language)  :: Maleis
Malay {n} (Malay person)  :: Maleier {m}
Malay {prop} (the Malay language)  :: Maleis {n}
Malayalam {prop} (language)  :: Malayalam {n}
Malayo-Polynesian {prop}  :: Malayo-Polynesisch
Malaysia {prop} (country in Southeast Asia)  :: Maleisië
Malaysian {prop} (Malay) SEE: Malay  ::
Maldives {prop} (country in South Asia)  :: Maladiven
Maldivian {prop} (language) SEE: Dhivehi  ::
male {adj} (grammatically masculine) SEE: masculine  ::
male {adj} (belonging to the sex having testes and/or XY chromosomes)  :: mannelijk, man-, mannen-, mannetjes-, masculien
male {adj} (having an external plug)  :: mannelijk
male {n} (human of masculine sex or gender)  :: mannetje {n}, man {m}, jongen {m}
male {n} (animal of masculine sex)  :: mannetje {n}, mannetjesdier
male {n} (plant of masculine sex)  :: mannetje {n}, mannetjesplant
maledict {v} (curse) SEE: curse  ::
malediction {n} (curse) SEE: curse  ::
male member {n} (penis) SEE: penis  ::
malevolence {n} (hostile feeling and attitude)  :: kwaadwil {m}, moedwil {m}, booswil {m}, misgunst {m}, malevolentie {f}
malevolent {adj} (having or displaying ill will; wishing harm on others)  :: kwaadwillend
malfunction {n} (faulty functioning)  :: slechte werking {f}
malfunction {n} (failure to function)  :: stuk zijn {n}, storing {f}
Mali {prop} (a country in Western Africa)  :: Mali
malice {n} (intention to harm)  :: kwaadaardigheid
malicious {adj} (Of, pertaining to, or as a result of malice or spite)  :: boos, kwaad, kwaadaardig
maliciousness {n} (maliciousness) SEE: malevolence  ::
malignant {adj} (harmful, malevolent, injurious)  :: kwaadaardig
malignant {adj} (tending to produce death)  :: kwaadaardig
mall {n} (enclosed shopping centre)  :: winkelcentrum
mallard {n} (a common and widespread dabbling duck, Anas platyrhynchos)  :: wilde eend {f}
malleability {n} (the quality or state of being malleable)  :: smeedbaarheid, buigzaamheid, wendbaarheid
malleable {adj} (able to be hammered into thin sheets)  :: hamerbaar, smeedbaar
malleable {adj} (liable to change)  :: kneedbaar
malleate {v} (to beat into shape with a hammer)  :: uithameren, behameren, hameren, smeden
mallow {n} (any of a group of plants in several genera of the taxonomic family Malvaceae)  :: kaasjeskruid {n}
malnourished {adj} (suffering from malnutrition)  :: ondervoed
malnutrition {n} (lack of adequate nourishment)  :: ondervoeding
malodorous {adj} (having a bad odor)  :: malodorant, stinkend, onwelriekend
malt {n} (sprouted grain used in brewing)  :: mout
Malta {prop} (republic)  :: Malta
Malta {prop} (island)  :: Malta
Maltese {n} (Maltese people collectively)  :: Maltezen {p}
Maltese {n} (inhabitant of Malta)  :: Maltees {m}, Maltese {f}
Maltese {prop} (language of Malta)  :: Maltees {n}
Maltese {adj} (pertaining to Malta or its language)  :: Maltees
maltose {n} (the disaccharide C12H22O11)  :: maltose {c}, moutsuiker {m}
maltreat {v} (treat badly)  :: mishandelen
malware {n} (software developed to cause harm to a computer system)  :: malware {m}, schadelijke software {m}
mama {n} (mother) SEE: mother  ::
mama {n} (mum) SEE: mum  ::
mamma {n} (mother) SEE: mother  ::
mamma {n} (mum) SEE: mum  ::
mammal {n} (animal of the class Mammalia)  :: zoogdier {n}
mammalian {n} (any mammal) SEE: mammal  ::
mammary gland {n} (milk-secreting gland)  :: melkklier {f}
mammoth {n} (elephant-like mammal)  :: mammoet {m}
man {v} (to supply with staff or crew)  :: bemannen
man {v} (to take up position in order to operate something)  :: bemannen
Man {prop} (genus Homo)  :: de mens {m}
manacle {n} (a shackle restricting free movement of the hands)  :: handboeien
manage {v} (to direct or be in charge)  :: beheren, leiden, managen
manage {v} (to succeed at an attempt)  :: erin slagen, lukken
manageable {adj} (capable of being managed)  :: beheersbaar, behapbaar, beheerbaar
management {n} (administration; the process or practice of managing)  :: management, administratie {f}, beheer {n}, bestuur {n}, directie {f}
management {n} (the executives of an organisation)  :: management {n}, bestuur {n}
manager {n} (person whose job is to manage something (for female equivalents, see manageress))  :: directeur {m}, manager {m}
manatee {n} (any of several plant-eating marine mammals, of family Trichechidae)  :: zeekoe {f}, lamantijn {m}
Manchu {n} (person of Manchuria)  :: Mantsjoe
Manchu {prop} (language)  :: Mantsjoe, Mantsjoerijs
Manchu {adj} (Manchurian, referring to the Manchu(rian) people)  :: Mantjoe-, Mantsjoerijns
Manchu {adj} (Manchurian, referring to the Manchu language)  :: Mantjoe-
Manchuria {prop} (Manchuria)  :: Mantsjoerije
mandarin {n} (Chinese Imperial bureaucrat)  :: mandarijn {m}
mandarin {n} (fruit) SEE: mandarin orange  ::
mandarin {n} (tree) SEE: mandarin orange  ::
mandarin {n} (mandarin duck) SEE: mandarin duck  ::
Mandarin {prop} (Standard Mandarin, see also: Chinese)  :: Mandarijns {n}
mandarin duck {n} (bird)  :: mandarijneend
mandarin orange {n} (tree)  :: mandarijnenboom {m}
mandarin orange {n} (fruit)  :: mandarijn {n}
mandatory {adj} (obligatory)  :: verplicht, nodig
man-day {n} (one person's working time)  :: mandag {m}
mandible {n} (lower jaw)  :: onderkaak {f}
mandible {n} (mouthpart of an arthropod)  :: kaak {f}
mandola {n} (musical instrument)  :: mandola
mandrake {n} (botany)  :: mandragora
mandrill {n} (Mandrillus sphinx)  :: mandril {m}
mane {n} (longer hair growth on back of neck of a horse)  :: maan {f}
mane {n} (longer hair growth around head of male lions)  :: maan {f}
manes {n} (spirits of the dead)  :: manen {p}
maneuver {n} (a movement, often one performed with difficulty)  :: manoeuvre {m} {f}
maneuver {n} (a large training exercise of military troops)  :: manoeuvre {m} {f}, (veld)oefening
maneuver {v} (to move (something) carefully, and often with difficulty, into a certain position)  :: manoeuvreren, laveren
maneuver {v} ((intransitive) to intrigue, manipulate, plot, scheme)  :: manoeuvreren, intrigeren
maneuverable {adj} (able to be maneuvered)  :: wendbaar
manga {n} (comic originated in Japan)  :: manga
manga {n} (comic done in Japanese style)  :: manga
Mangalore {prop} (city in western India)  :: Mangalore
manganese {n} (chemical element)  :: mangaan {n}, manganium {n}
mange {n} (skin disease)  :: schurft
manger {n} (trough for animals to eat from)  :: kribbe
mangle {v} (to wring laundry)  :: mangelen
mango {n} (tropical fruit tree Mangifera indica)  :: mangoboom {m}
mango {n} (fruit)  :: mango {m}
mango juice {n} (juice)  :: mangosap {n}
mangosteen {n} (fruit)  :: mangistan {m}
manhole {n} (a hole in the ground used to access the sewers or other underground vaults and installations)  :: mangat {n}
man-hour {n} (amount of work)  :: manuur {n}
mania {n} (violent derangement)  :: manie {f}
mania {n} (excessive desire)  :: manie {f}
maniac {n} (insane person)  :: maniak, waanzinnige, dolleman
maniac {n} (fanatic, obsessive)  :: maniak {m}
manifest {n} (obsolete: public declaration)  :: manifest {n}
manifest {n} (list of passengers or goods)  :: manifest {f}, vrachtbrief {m}, vrachtlijst {f}
manifest {v} (to show plainly; to make to appear distinctly)  :: manifesteren
manifestation {n} (the act or process of becoming manifest)  :: manifestatie
manifesto {n} (public declaration)  :: manifest {n}
-manifold {n} (manifold) SEE: manifold  ::
manifold {n} (locally Euclidean space)  :: variëteit {f}
manifold {adj} (various in kind or quality)  :: veelvuldig, talrijk, veelvoudig, divers
manifold {n} (omasum) SEE: omasum  ::
Manila {prop} (capital of the Philippines)  :: Manilla
Manila hemp {n} (the fibre of the abaca)  :: manillahennep {m}
maniple {n} (division of the Roman army)  :: manipel {m}
maniple {n} (vestment)  :: manipel {m}
manipulatable {adj} (gullible) SEE: gullible  ::
manipulate {v} (move with the hands)  :: manipuleren
manipulate {v} (influence or manage)  :: beïnvloeden, manipuleren
manipulate {v}  :: manipuleren, beïnvloeden
manipulation {n} (practice of manipulating)  :: manipulatie {f}, gebruik {n}
manipulation {n} (skillful use of the hands)  :: manipulatie {f}
manipulation {n} (devious management)  :: manipulatie {f}, misbruik {n}
Manipur {prop} (Manipur, India)  :: Manipur
Manitoba {prop} (Province in western Canada)  :: Manitoba {n}
mankind {n} (human race)  :: mensheid {f}
manliness {n} (similarity to man)  :: mannelijkheid {f}
manly {adj} (having the characteristics of a man)  :: mannelijk
man-made {adj} (created by a human)  :: door mensenhanden gemaakt
manna ash {n} (Fraxinus ornis)  :: pluimes
mannequin {n} (model of the human body used for the displaying of clothes)  :: mannequin, paspop {m} {f}
manner {n} (way of performing or effecting; method or style)  :: manier {f}, wijze {f}
manner {n} (characteristic mode of acting or behaving)  :: gedrag {n}
manners {n} (etiquette)  :: omgangsvormen {p}
man of few words {n} (man who doesn't speak much)  :: geen man van veel woorden {m}
man of letters {n} (a literary man)  :: literaat {m}
man-of-war {n} (cnidarian) SEE: Portuguese man-of-war  ::
manometer {n} (instrument)  :: manometer
manor {n} (landed estate)  :: landhuis {n}
man proposes, God disposes {proverb} (things don't always work out as they were planned)  :: de mens wikt, God beschikt
mansion {n} (large house or building)  :: landhuis {n}
manslaughter {n} (act of killing unlawfully)  :: doodslag {m}
mantel {n} (shelf above a fireplace)  :: schouw
mantelpiece {n} (shelf)  :: schoorsteenmantel {m}, schouwmantel {m}
mantle {n} (fireplace shelf) SEE: mantel  ::
mantle {n} (incandescent gauze in a gas lamp)  :: gloeikous {f}
mantle {n} (geology: layer of the Earth)  :: aardmantel, mantel
mantling {n} (heraldry: drapery behind and around a coat of arms)  :: dekkleed {n}
manual {n} (handbook or booklet that instructs)  :: handleiding {f}, handboek {n}
manual {n} (musical keyboard)  :: manuaal {n}
manual {n} (manual transmission)  :: handbak {m}
manual {adj} (performed with the hands)  :: handmatig, met de hand, manueel
manually {adv} (by hand)  :: manueel, met de hand, handmatig
manufacture {v} (to make things)  :: vervaardigen
manufacture {v} (to produce goods)  :: fabriceren
manufacturer {n} (one who manufactures)  :: fabrikant
manul {n} (Otocolobus manul)  :: manoel, pallaskat
manumission {n} (release from slavery, freedom, the act of manumitting)  :: vrijlating van een slaaf
manure {v} (to cultivate by manual labor)  :: cultiveren
manure {v} (to apply manure)  :: bemesten
manure {n} (excrement)  :: mest {m}
manus {n} (hand) SEE: hand  ::
manuscript {adj} (handwritten, or by extension typewritten)  :: handgeschreven, geschreven
manuscript {n} (book, composition or any other document, written by hand)  :: manuscript {n}, handschrift {n}
manuscript {n} (book, article etc, submitted for reproductive publication)  :: manuscript {n}, kopij {f}
Manx {n} (the Manx cat breed)  :: manx
Manx {prop} (Manx Gaelic) SEE: Manx Gaelic  ::
Manx cat {n} (mammal)  :: manxkat
Manx Gaelic {prop} (a Goidelic language spoken on the Isle of Man)  :: Manx {n}, Manx-Gaelisch {n}
many {determiner} (an indefinite large number of)  :: veel, vele, menig
many {pron} (a collective mass of people)  :: menigte
many {pron} (an indefinite large number of people or things)  :: velen, veel
many hands make light work {proverb} (a large number of people co-operating can perform tasks easily)  :: vele handen maken licht werk
manyplies {n} (omasum) SEE: omasum  ::
many thanks {phrase} (many thanks)  :: heel erg bedankt (hear it)
Maoism {n} (philosophy espoused by Mao Zedong)  :: maoïsme
Maoist {adj} (of Maoism)  :: maoïstisch
Maoist {n} (Maoist advocate)  :: maoïst {m} {f}
Maori {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to the Māori)  :: Maori
Maori {prop} (indigenous people of Aotearoa New Zealand)  :: Maori {p}
Maori {prop} (language of the Māori)  :: Maori {n}
Maori {n} (member of the people of New Zealand)  :: Maori {m}{f}
map {n} (visual representation of an area)  :: kaart {f}, landkaart {f}, plan {n}, plattegrond {m}
map {v} (to create a visual representation of a territory)  :: afbeelden, in kaart brengen
maple {n} (tree of the Acer genus)  :: esdoorn {m}
maple syrup {n} (syrup made from the sap of the sugar maple)  :: ahornsiroop {m}
mapping {n} (function that maps every element of a given set to a unique element of another set)  :: afbeelding {f}
mar {v} (to spoil, to damage)  :: verpesten, verknoeien, beschadigen
marabou {n} (large wading bird native to Africa)  :: maraboe {m}
marathon {n} (road race)  :: marathon {m}
maraud {v} (intransitive: to move about in roving fashion looking for plunder)  :: roven
maraud {v} (transitive: to raid and pillage)  :: plunderen
marauder {n} (one who moves about in roving fashion looking for plunder)  :: stroper {m}
marble {n} (crystalline limestone)  :: marmer {n}
marble {n} (spherical ball)  :: knikker {m}
marcassin {n} (young wild boar)  :: everjong {n}
march {n} (formal, rhythmic way of walking)  :: mars
march {n} (political rally or parade)  :: mars
march {n} (song in the genre of music written for marching)  :: mars
march {v} (walk with long, regular strides)  :: marcheren
march {v} (go to war; make military advances)  :: ten strijde trekken
march {n} (obsolete: border region)  :: grensmark
march {n} (region at a frontier governed by a marquess)  :: mark {n}
March {prop} (third month of the Gregorian calendar)  :: maart
marching band {n} (group of instrumental musicians)  :: dweilorkest {n}, blaaskapel {c}
mare {n} (female horse)  :: merrie {f}
mare's milk {n} (white liquid produced by the mammary glands of a mare)  :: paardenmelk {m}
Margaret {prop} (female given name)  :: Margreet, Margriet
margarine {n} (spread)  :: margarine {m}
margay {n} (Leopardus wiedii)  :: margay
margin {n} (edge of the paper that remains blank)  :: kantlijn {c}, marge {c}
marginal {adj}  :: marginaal
marginal benefit {n} (marginal utility) SEE: marginal utility  ::
marginal sea {n} (part of ocean)  :: binnenzee {n}
marginal utility {n} (the additional utility to a consumer from an additional unit of an economic good)  :: marginaal nut {n}
margin of error {n} (expression of the lack of precision)  :: foutmarge
margrave {n} (military officer in charge of German border area)  :: markgraaf {m}
margrave {n} (hereditary prince)  :: markgraaf {m}, markies {m}
marguerite {n} (oxeye daisy) SEE: oxeye daisy  ::
Mariana Trench {prop} (trench in the North Pacific Ocean)  :: Marianentrog
Marie {prop} (female given name) SEE: Mary  ::
marijuana {n} (the drug)  :: marihuana
marimba {n} (musical instrument)  :: marimba {m}
marina {n} (harbour)  :: jachthaven
marinade {v} (marinate) SEE: marinate  ::
marinade {n} (liquid mixture)  :: marinade
marinate {v} (soak in marinade)  :: marineren
marine {adj} (of or pertaining to the sea)  :: marien, maritiem
marine {n} (member of a marine corps)  :: marinier {m}
marine biology {n} (branch of biology)  :: mariene biologie
marine climate {n} (mild climate near water)  :: zeeklimaat {n}
marine corps {n} (military organization of marines who are trained and equipped to fight on or from ships)  :: marinier {m}
mariner {n} (sailor) SEE: sailor  ::
mariner's compass {n} (compass) SEE: compass  ::
marionette {n} (string puppet)  :: marionet {f}
maritime earwig {n} (Anisolabis maritima)  :: maritieme oorworm {m}
marjoram {n} (culinary herb)  :: marjolijn
mark {n} (indication for reference or measurement)  :: markering {f}, aanduiding {f}, teken {n}
mark {n} (academic score)  :: punt {n}, score {f}
mark {n} (sporting score)  :: punt {n}, score {f}
mark {n} (visible impression, blemish, stain)  :: blaam {m}
mark {v} (indicate)  :: markeren, aanduiden, optekenen
mark {v} (take note of)  :: noteren, opschrijven, neerpennen, nota nemen
mark {v} (blemish)  :: bevlekken
mark {v} (correct)  :: verbeteren
mark {n} (unit of currency)  :: mark {m}
mark {n} (coin)  :: mark {m}
Mark {prop} (male given name)  :: Mark {m}
Mark {prop} (the Evangelist)  :: Mark {m}
Mark {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Evangelie naar Marcus
marker {n} (A gene or DNA sequence with a known location)  :: merker
marker {n} (marker pen) SEE: marker pen  ::
marker pen {n} (pen)  :: fiche {m}
market {n} (spacious site for trading)  :: markt {m}, marktplein {n}
market {n} (organised event of trading)  :: markt {m}
market {n} (group of potential customers)  :: markt {m}, afzetmarkt {m}
market {n} (geographical area where a commercial demand exists)  :: markt {m}, afzetmarkt {m}, afzetgebied {n}
market {n} (formally organized system of trading in specified goods or effects)  :: markt {m}, beurs
market {n} (used attributively)  :: markt-
market {n}  :: markt {c}, marktplein {n}
market {v} (to make available and promote)  :: op de markt brengen, commercialiseren, vermarkten
market {v} (to sell) SEE: sell  ::
market {n} (flea market) SEE: flea market  ::
market garden {n} (a garden in which vegetables are raised for sale at a market)  :: tuinderij {f}
market share {n} (percentage of some market)  :: marktaandeel {n}
markhor {n} (Capra falconeri)  :: schroefhoorngeit
marking gauge {n}  :: kruishout
marksman {n} (a man skilled in shooting at a target)  :: schutter {m}
markup {n} (notation used to indicate how text should be displayed)  :: opmaak {m}
markup {n} (percentage or amount added to buy-in price)  :: marge {f}, verkoopsmarge {f}
markup {n} (increase in price)  :: prijsstijging {f}
markup language {n} (computer language using markups)  :: opmaaktaal
marl {n} (a mixed earthy substance)  :: mergel {m}
marlin {n} (game fish)  :: zwaardvis {m}
marmalade {n} (jam)  :: marmelade {f}, jam {f}, confituur {f}
marmot {n} (rodent of the genera Marmota)  :: marmot
maroon {v} (to abandon)  :: achterlaten, verlaten
maroon {adj} (color)  :: bordeauxrood
marquess {n} (title of nobility)  :: markies {m}
marquis {n} (nobleman) SEE: marquess  ::
Marrakech {prop} (city in Morocco)  :: Marrakesh
marriage {n} (state of being married)  :: huwelijk {f}, echt {m}
marriage {n} (union of two people)  :: huwelijk {f}
marriage {n} (wedding)  :: bruiloft {m} {f}
married {adj} (In a state of marriage; having a wife or a husband)  :: getrouwd
marrow {n} (substance inside bones)  :: merg {n}
marrow {n} (kind of vegetable)  :: courgette
marrowbone {n} (bone with edible marrow)  :: mergbeen {n}
marry {v} (to take a husband or wife)  :: trouwen
marry {v} (to be joined in marriage)  :: trouwen, huwen, zich in de echt verbinden
marry {v} (to unite in wedlock)  :: trouwen, huwen, in de echt verbinden
marry me {phrase} (marriage proposal to a woman (the shortest form))  :: trouw met mij
marry me {phrase} (marriage proposal to a man (the shortest form))  :: trouw met mij
marry up {v} (join) SEE: join  ::
Mars {prop} (planet)  :: Mars {n}
Mars {prop} (god of war)  :: Mars {m}
Mars {prop} (brand of chocolate bar)  :: Mars {m}
Marseilles {prop} (city in France)  :: Marseille {n}
Marseille soap {n} (kind of hard soap)  :: Marseille zeep {f}
marsh {n} (area of low, wet land)  :: moeras {n}, broek {n}, moer {n}
marshal {n} (military officer of the highest rank)  :: maarschalk {m}
Marshallese {prop} (language)  :: Marshallees
Marshall Islands {prop} (Republic of the Marshall Islands)  :: Marshalleilanden
marsh buck {n} (Tragelaphus spekii)  :: moerasantilope, langhoefantilope, sitatoenga
marshmallow {n} (plant)  :: heemst
marshmallow {n} (confectionery)  :: marshmallow
marshrutka {n} (share taxi)  :: marsjroetka {f}
Mars Rover {n} (vehicle)  :: marsverkenner {m}
marsupial {n} (mammal of which the female typically has a pouch)  :: buideldier {n}
marten {n} (mammal)  :: marter {m}
Martial {prop} (male given name)  :: Martialis, Martial
Martial {prop} (Roman poet)  :: Martialis
martial art {n} (fighting style)  :: gevechtskunst {f}, gevechtssport {f}, krijgskunst {f}
martial law {n} (rules by military authorities)  :: krijgswet, staat van beleg
Martian {adj} (pertaining to the planet Mars)  :: Mars-, van Mars [literally: of Mars]
Martian {n} (imaginary inhabitant of the planet Mars)  :: marsmannetje {n}
Martin {prop} (given name)  :: Martijn, Maarten, Martinus
martini {n} (cocktail)  :: martini {m}
Martinique {prop} (Department of Martinique)  :: Martinique
martlet {n} (depiction of a mythological bird)  :: merlet {f}
martyr {n} (one willing to be killed for religion)  :: martelaar {m}, martelares {f}
martyr {n} (one who sacrifices their life for an important cause)  :: martelaar {m}
martyr {n} (one who suffers greatly, even involuntarily)  :: martelaar {m}
martyr {v} (torture) SEE: torture  ::
martyr {v} (persecute) SEE: persecute  ::
martyry {n} (a shrine in honor of a martyr)  :: martelaarsschrijn {n}, martyrium {n}
marvel {n} (miracle) SEE: miracle  ::
marvellous {adj} (exciting wonder) SEE: marvelous  ::
marvelous {adj} (exciting wonder or surprise)  :: wonderbaar
Marxism {n} (philosophy)  :: marxisme {n}
Marxism {n} (ideology)  :: marxisme {n}
Marxism-Leninism {prop} (communist ideological stream)  :: marxisme-leninisme {n}
Marxist {adj} (following Marxism)  :: marxistisch
Marxist-Leninist {adj} (of or pertaining to Marxism-Leninism)  :: marxistisch-leninistisch
Mary {prop} (female given name)  :: Maria
marzipan {n} (confection of almond paste, sugar and egg white)  :: marsepein {m}
mascara {n} (eyelash cosmetic)  :: mascara {m} {f}
mascot {n} (something used to symbolize a sports team or other group)  :: mascotte {m} {f}
masculine {adj} (of the male sex; biologically male, not female; manly)  :: mannelijk
masculine {adj} (belonging to males; appropriated to, or used by, males)  :: mannelijk
masculine {adj} (having male qualities, not feminine or effeminate)  :: mannelijk
masculine {adj} (grammar: being of the masculine class, being inflected in the masculine manner)  :: mannelijk
masculinity {n} (degree or property of being masculine)  :: mannelijkheid {f}, masculiniteit {f}
masdar {n} (verbal noun) SEE: verbal noun  ::
mash {n} (mashed potatoes) SEE: mashed potatoes  ::
mashed potatoes {n} (potatoes that have been boiled and mashed)  :: aardappelpuree {f}
masjid {n} (mosque) SEE: mosque  ::
mask {n} (cover for the face)  :: masker {m}
mask {v} (to cover, as the face, by way of concealment or defense against injury)  :: maskeren
masking tape {n} (tape made of a thin paper)  :: schildersplakband {n}
masochism {n} (the enjoyment of receiving pain or humiliation)  :: masochisme {n}
masochist {n} (someone who enjoys pain or humiliation)  :: masochist {m}
masochistic {adj} (deriving pleasure from abuse, being punished, or dominated)  :: masochistisch
mason {n} (one who builds with stone or brick)  :: metselaar {m}, [Flemish] metser {m}
mason {n} (Freemason) SEE: Freemason  ::
masquerade {v} (disguise) SEE: disguise  ::
Masr {prop} (Egypt) SEE: Egypt  ::
mass {n} (quantity of matter cohering together to make one body)  :: massa {f}
mass {n} (large quantity; sum)  :: massa {f}, hoeveelheid {f}
mass {n} (bulk; magnitude; body; size)  :: massa {f}, hoeveelheid {f}
mass {n} (principal part)  :: meerderheid {f}, massa {f}
mass {n} (physics: quantity of matter which a body contains)  :: massa {f}
mass {n} (pharmacy: medicinal substance made into a cohesive, homogeneous lump)  :: massa {f}
mass {v} (form or collect into a mass)  :: samennemen, samenhopen, ophopen
mass {n} (religion: Eucharist)  :: mis {f}
mass {n} (religion: celebration of the Eucharist)  :: mis {f}
mass {n} (religion: sacrament of the Eucharist)  :: mis {f}
mass {n} (musical setting of parts of the mass)  :: mis {f}
mass {v} (celebrate Mass)  :: vieren, misvieren
Mass {n} (Roman Catholic Church: the principal liturgical service)  :: dienst {m}, gebedsdienst {m}, mis {m} {f}, misdienst {f}
Massachusetts {prop} (a state of the United States of America)  :: Massachusetts
massage {n} (rubbing, kneading, or hitting muscled part of a body)  :: massage {f}
massage {v} (to perform a massage on somebody)  :: masseren
massage {v} (to manipulate data or a document)  :: manipuleren
massage {v} (to falsify data or accounts)  :: vervalsen
masseur {n} (a person who performs massage)  :: masseur {m}, masseuse {f}
masseuse {n} (a female masseur)  :: masseuse {f}
massif {n} (principal mountain mass)  :: massief {n}
massive {adj} (massive)  :: massief
mass murder {n} (successive killing of many people)  :: massamoord {m}
mass noun {n} (noun describing something that cannot be counted)  :: niet-telbaar zelfstandig naamwoord {n}, niet-telbaar substantief {n}
mass production {n} (process of manufacturing products on a large scale)  :: massaproductie {f}
mast {n} (support of a sail)  :: mast {m}
mast {n} (the fruit of forest-trees)  :: mast {m}
mast cell {n} (cell)  :: mestcel {f} {m}, mastocyt {m}
master {n} (expert at something)  :: meester {m}
master {v} (to control)  :: controleren
master {v} (to learn to a high degree)  :: beheersen
master key {n} (a key that opens a set of several locks)  :: moedersleutel {m}, loper {m}
master of ceremonies {n} (host at a formal event)  :: ceremoniemeester {m}
masterpiece {n} (piece of work that has been given much critical praise)  :: meesterwerk {n}
master's {n} (master's degree) SEE: master's degree  ::
master's degree {n} (postgraduate degree)  :: master {m}
mastership {n}  :: meesterschap {n}
master's thesis {n} (thesis)  :: masterscriptie {f}, masterthesis {m}, masterthese {m}
masterwork {n} (piece of quality indicative of having been made by a master) SEE: masterpiece  ::
mastery {n} (philosopher's stone) SEE: philosopher's stone  ::
mastery {n}  :: meesterschap {n}
mastic {n} (the shrub or tree Pistacia lentiscus)  :: mastiekboom {m}, mastaka
mastic {n} (the tree's resin)  :: mastiek, mastaka
mastic {n} (the flexible, waterproof filler)  :: mastiek
masticate {v} (chew) SEE: chew  ::
mastiff {n} (mastiff)  :: mastiff
masturbate {v} (to masturbate)  :: masturberen
masturbation {n} (manual erotic stimulation of the genitals)  :: zelfbevrediging {f}, masturbatie {f}
masu {n} (square wooden box)  :: masu {m}
Masuria {prop} (an area in northeastern Poland)  :: Mazurië
mat {n} (foot wiping device or floor covering)  :: mat {c}, deurmat {c}
mat {n} (protector)  :: mat {c}, onderlegger {m}, placemat {c}
mat {n} (athletics: protective pad)  :: mat {c}, turnmat {c}
matador {n} (bullfighter)  :: stierenvechter
match {n} (sporting event)  :: wedstrijd {f}, match {f}
match {n} (attribute equaling or exceeding)  :: evenknie {m} {f}, gelijke
match {v} (to agree; to equal)  :: overeenstemmen
match {v} (make a successful pairing)  :: overeenkomen met
match {v} (equal or exceed in achievement)  :: evenaren
match {n} (device to make fire)  :: lucifer {m}, zwavelstokje {n} (rare)
matchbox {n} (small cardboard box in which matches are kept)  :: luciferdoosje {n}
mate {n} (checkmate) SEE: checkmate  ::
mate {n} (of breeding animal: sexual partner)  :: gezel {m}, partner {m} {f}, paringsgezel {m}
mate {n} (nautical: ship's officer on commercial vessel)  :: maat {m}, scheepsmaat {m}
mate {n} (trade assistant)  :: gast {m}, maat {m}
mate {n} (friend)  :: maat(je) {m} {n}, kameraad {m}, makker {m}, gabber {m}
mate {v} (copulate)  :: paren
mate {v} (pair in order to raise offspring)  :: paren
mate {v} (arrange in matched pairs)  :: koppelen, paren
mate {v} (to put an opponent in checkmate)  :: schaakmat spelen
material {adj} (related to matter)  :: materieel, materiële
material {adj} (worldly)  :: materieel, materiële, wereldlijk, wereldlijke
material {n} (matter)  :: materiaal {n}, grondstof {f}
material {n} (text)  :: materiaal {n}
material {n} (cloth)  :: materiaal {n}, naaigoed {n}
maternal {adj} (of or pertaining to a mother)  :: moederlijk
maternal {adj} (related through the mother, or her side of the family)  :: langs moeders kant
maternal aunt {n} (one's mother's sister)  :: tante {f}
maternal death {n} (death of a woman that occurs directly related to the procreative process)  :: zwangerschapsdood
maternal grandfather {n} (one's mother's father)  :: grootvader van moederszijde {m}
maternal grandmother {n} (The mother of one's mother)  :: grootmoeder (van moederszijde) {f}, oma {f}, bomma {f} [Flemish], bonbonneke {n} [Flemish]
maternal uncle {n} (brother of one's mother)  :: oom {m}, [Flemish] nonkel {m}
maternity {n} (state of being a mother; motherhood)  :: materniteit {f}, moederschap {n}
maternity leave {n} (leave of absence)  :: zwangerschapsverlof, moederschapsrust {m} {f} [Belgium]
math {n} (short form of mathematics)  :: wiskunde
mathematical {adj} (of, or relating to mathematics)  :: wiskundig
mathematical {adj} (possible but highly improbable)  :: theoretisch
mathematician {n} (expert in mathematics)  :: wiskundige {m}, mathematicus {m}
mathematics {n} (field of study)  :: wiskunde {f}, mathematiek [rare], mathematica [rare], mathesis [rare]
mathematics {n} (person's ability to use mathematics)  :: rekenvaardigheid {f}, wiskunde {f}
maths {n} (short form of mathematics)  :: wiskunde {f}
matriarch {n} (a female leader of a family, a tribe or an ethnic or religious group)  :: aartsmoeder {f}, matriarch {f}
matriarchal {adj} (governed by a matriarch)  :: matriarchaal
matriarchy {n}  :: matriarchaat {n}
matriculation {n} (enrollment in a college or university)  :: inschrijving
matriculation {n} (A pass in some university examinations)  :: toelatingsexamen
matrix {n} (womb) SEE: womb  ::
matrix {n} (math: rectangular arrangement of numbers or terms)  :: matrix {m}
matrix {n} (two-dimensional array)  :: matrix {m}
matron {n} (mature woman)  :: matrone
matron {n} (housekeeper)  :: directrice, hoofdverpleegster
matryoshka {n} (Russian doll) SEE: Russian doll  ::
matte {adj} (not reflective of light)  :: mat
matter {n} (basic structural component of the universe)  :: materie {f}
matter {n} (kind of substance)  :: stof {c}
matter {n}  :: materie {f}
matter {v} (to be important)  :: belangrijk zijn, er toe doen
matter of life and death {n} (Something whose outcome could result in either someone's survival or their death)  :: kwestie van leven of dood {f}
Matthew {prop} (male given name)  :: Matthijs {m}, Thijs {m}, Thijs {m}
Matthew {prop} (biblical disciple)  :: Matteüs
Matthew {prop} (gospel of Matthew)  :: evangelie naar Matteüs
mattock {n} (agricultural tool)  :: hak
mattress {n} (a pad on which a person can recline and sleep)  :: matras {m}
mature {adj}  :: volwassen
mature {v} (to become mature; to ripen)  :: rijpen, volwassen worden
mature {v} (to reach the date when payment is due)  :: vervallen
maturity {n} (state of being mature, ready or ripe)  :: maturiteit, rijpheid
maturity {n} (when bodily growth has completed and/or reproduction can begin)  :: maturiteit, geslachtsrijpheid, volwassenheid, wasdom {m}
maturity {n} (ready for execution or coming due)  :: vervaldag, betaaldatum
maudlin {adj} (extravagantly or excessively sentimental; self-pitying)  :: sentimenteel, schreierig, melodramatisch
maugre {prep} (in spite of) SEE: in spite of  ::
maul {n} (heavy, long-handled hammer)  :: kloofbijl {f}
maul {v} (savage)  :: toetakelen
maunch {n} (heraldry: a long stylised sleeve)  :: mouw
maunderer {n} (babbler)  :: babbelaar {m}, babbelkous {f}
Maundy Thursday {prop} (Thursday before Easter)  :: Witte Donderdag {m}
Maurice {prop} (male given name)  :: Maurits
Mauritania {prop} (Islamic Republic of Mauritania)  :: Mauretanië {n}
Mauritius {prop} (country)  :: Mauritius
Mauser {n} (firearm)  :: Mauser {m}
mausoleum {n} (large tomb)  :: mausoleum {n}
mauve {n} (colour)  :: mauve {n}, paars {n}
mauve {adj} (colour)  :: mauve, paars
maven {n} (expert in a given field)  :: zelf-benoemde expert {m}, zelf-benoemde specialist {m}
maverick {adj} (showing independence)  :: eigenwijs
maverick {n} (one who does not abide by rules)  :: individualist {c}, nonconformist {m}
maw {n} (stomach)  :: pens, maag
maxilla {n} (bone of upper jaw)  :: kaakbeen {n}
maximal {adj} (Largest, greatest, highest, most)  :: maximaal
Maximilian {prop} (male given name)  :: Maximiliaan
may {v} (have permission to)  :: mogen
may {v} (possibly, but not certainly)  :: misschien
may {v} (subjunctive)  :: mogen
May {prop} (fifth month of the Gregorian calendar)  :: mei, bloeimaand {m} [archaic]
maybe {adv} (indicating a lack of certainty)  :: misschien, wellicht, mogelijk, mogelijkerwijs
maybe {adv} (as a pro-sentence)  :: misschien, het zou kunnen, mogelijk
May bug {n} (cockchafer) SEE: cockchafer  ::
mayhem {n} (chaos)  :: chaos {m}
mayonnaise {n} (dressing)  :: mayonaise {m}
mayor {n} (leader of a city)  :: burgemeester {m}
Mayotte {prop} (Territorial Collectivity of Mayotte)  :: Mayotte
maypole {n} (pole, garlanded with streamers held by people who dance around it to celebrate May Day)  :: meiboom
may the Force be with you {phrase} (wish someone luck)  :: moge de Kracht met u zijn; Ripuarian: maag de Maat mit diech zieë
Maytide {prop} (spring month of May)  :: meimaand, meitijd
Maytime {n} (Maytide) SEE: Maytide  ::
Mazanderani {adj} (pertaining to Mazandaran)  :: Masanderanisch
mazel tov {interj} ((Hebrew/Yiddish) congratulations or good wishes, especially at weddings)  :: [Yiddish] mazzel tov, mazzeltof, mazzeltow, [Hebrew] mazal tov, [Sephardi Hebrew] mazaal tob
Möbius band {n} (Möbius strip) SEE: Möbius strip  ::
Möbius strip {n} (one-sided surface)  :: Möbiusband {m}
McDonald's {prop} (fast-food restaurant)  :: McDonald's, [slang] Maccie
mâche {n} (Valerianella locusta)  :: veldsla
me {pron} (direct object of a verb)  :: me, mij
me {pron} (obsolete reflexive)  :: me
me {pron} (object of a preposition)  :: mijn, me
me {pron} (indirect object of a verb)  :: mij, me
me {pron} (marking ownership)  :: mijn, m'n [informal]
me {pron} (subject of a verb without “and”)  :: ik
mea culpa {n} (My fault, due to my error)  :: mijn schuld
mead {n} (alcoholic drink)  :: mede {f}
meadery {n} (place where mead is made)  :: mederij {f}
meadow {n} (field or pasture)  :: weide {f}
meager {adj} (lean)  :: mager
meager {adj} (poor, deficient or inferior)  :: mager, schamel
meagre {n} (Argyrosomus regius)  :: ombervis
meagre {adj}  :: mager, karig, schraal
meal {n} (food that is prepared and eaten)  :: maaltijd {m}
meal {n} (coarse-ground edible part of various grains)  :: meel {n}
mealtime {n} (time at which a meal is eaten)  :: etenstijd {m}
mealworm beetle {n} (mealworm beetle, Tenebrio molitor)  :: meeltor {f} {m}
mealybug {n}  :: wolluis
mealy-mouthed {adj} (not forthright)  :: huichelachtig
mean {v} (to intend; plan on doing)  :: willen, van plan zijn
mean {v} (to have intentions of some kind)  :: bedoelen, menen
mean {v} (to intend (something) for a given purpose or fate)  :: bedoelen
mean {v} (to convey, indicate)  :: betekenen, willen zeggen, bedoelen
mean {v} (to signify)  :: bedoelen, willen zeggen
mean {v} (to have conviction in what one says)  :: menen
mean {v} (to result in; bring about)  :: betekenen
mean {v} (to be important)  :: betekenen
mean {adj} (causing or intending to cause intentional harm)  :: gemeen, boosaardig
mean {adj} (low-minded; acting without consideration of others)  :: gemeen
mean {adj} (powerful; fierce; harsh; damaging)  :: gemeen
mean {adj} (low in quality; inferior)  :: minderwaardig
mean {adj} (having the mean as its value)  :: gemiddeld, gemiddelde
mean {n} (method by which something is done)  :: middel {n}
mean {n} (intermediate value)  :: gemiddelde {n}
meanie {n} (person who acts mean)  :: gemenerik {m} {f}
meaning {n} (symbolic value of something)  :: waarde {f}, betekenis {m}
meaning {n} (significance of a thing, as "the meaning of life")  :: zin {m}
meaning {n} (definition or connotation of a word)  :: betekenis {m}
meaningful {adj} (having meaning, significant)  :: zinvol
meaningless {adj} (lacking meaning)  :: zinloos, betekenisloos
meaning of life {n} (hypothetical answer to life's ultimate questions)  :: zin van het leven {m}
means {n} (resources)  :: middelen {n-p}
meantime {n}  :: ondertussen
meanwhile {adv} (during the time)  :: intussen, ondertussen
meanwhile {adv} (at the same time but elsewhere)  :: ondertussen, intussen
measle {n} (a leper)  :: lepralijder {m}
measles {n} (acute highly contagious viral disease)  :: mazelen {p}, morbilli
measurable {adj} (able to be measured)  :: meetbaar
measure {n} (size ascertained by measuring)  :: maat {m} {f}
measure {n} (unspecified quantity or capacity)  :: maat {m} {f}, hoeveelheid {f}
measure {n} (designated distance)  :: afstand {m}
measure {n} (act of measuring)  :: meten {n}, meting {f}
measure {n} (musical designation)  :: maat {m} {f}
measure {n} (ruler, measuring stick)  :: regel {m}, meetlat {f}, lat {f}, lineaal {n}
measure {n} (action to achieve some purpose)  :: maatregel {m}
measure {n} (special mathematical function)  :: maat {m} {f}
measure {n} (criterion)  :: maat {m} {f}, maatstaf {m}
measure {v} (ascertain the quantity of a unit)  :: meten
measure {v} (estimate the unit size)  :: meten, schatten
measure {v} (obtain or set apart)  :: afmeten
measurement {n} (act of measuring)  :: meting {f}
measurement {n} (magnitude determined by measuring)  :: meting {f}
measure word {n} (measure word, classifier)  :: maatwoord {n}
measuring cup {n} (utensil to measure the volume)  :: maatbeker {m}
measuring jug {n} (jug for measuring liquids) SEE: measuring cup  ::
measuring tape {n} (tape measure) SEE: tape measure  ::
meat {n} (animal flesh used as food)  :: vlees {n}
meat {n} (type of meat)  :: vleessoort
meat {n} (any sort of flesh)  :: vlees {n}
meat {n} (solid edible part of a plant)  :: vruchtvlees {n}
meat {n} (substance, solid part)  :: substantie, vlees op de botten
meat {n} (meathead)  :: hansworst, lulvent {m}
meat {n} (totem) SEE: totem  ::
meatball {n} (meatball)  :: gehaktbal {f}
meatgrinder {n} (device for cutting meat)  :: gehaktmolen {m}
meatloaf {n} (mixture of ground meat)  :: gehaktbrood {n}
Mecca {prop} (city in Saudi Arabia)  :: Mekka
mechanic {n} (skilled worker)  :: mecanicien {m}, werktuigkunde {m}
mechanical {adj} (physics: related to mechanics)  :: mechanisch
mechanics {n} (a branch of physics)  :: mechanica
mechanism {n} (mechanical means for the conversion or control of motion)  :: mechanisme {n}
Mechelen {prop} (city)  :: Mechelen {n}
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania {prop} (one of the component states of Germany)  :: Mecklenburg-Voor-Pommeren
medal {n} (stamped metal disc)  :: medaille {m} {f}, erepenning {f}
medal table {n}  :: medaillespiegel
meddle {v} (to interfere in affairs)  :: zich moeien, tussenkomen, bemoeien
meddle {v} (to have sex) SEE: have sex  ::
meddler {n} (one who meddles or interferes)  :: bemoeial {m}
meddlesome {adj} (inclined to meddle or interfere)  :: bemoeizuchtig
mediaeval {adj} (medieval) SEE: medieval  ::
median {n} (statistics: measure of central tendency)  :: mediaan
median {n} (area separating two lanes of opposite-direction traffic)  :: middenberm
median {adj} (having the median as its value)  :: mediaan
media studies {n} (academic discipline)  :: mediastudies
mediation {n}  :: bemiddeling {f}
mediator {n} (one who negotiates between parties seeking mutual agreement)  :: tussenpersoon {m}
medic {n} (doctor) SEE: doctor  ::
medical ethics {n} (Translations)  :: medische ethiek {f}
medicate {v} (administer medication)  :: medicineren
medication {n} (one or all the medicines regularly taken by a patient)  :: medicatie
medicinal {adj} (tending to cure disease)  :: geneeskrachtig
medicine {n} (substance which promotes healing)  :: medicijn {n}, geneesmiddel {n}
medicine {n} (field of study)  :: geneeskunde {f}, [archaic] artsenij {f}
medicine {n} (profession)  :: geneeskunde, [archaic] artsenij {f}
medicine {n} (ritual Native American magic)  :: medicijn {n}
medicine man {n} (shamanistic healer)  :: medicijnman {m}
medicine woman {n} (shamanistic healer)  :: medicijnvrouw {f}
medieval {adj} (of or relating to the Middle Ages)  :: middeleeuws, [mediaevaal] mediëvaal
medieval {adj} (having characteristics associated with the Middle Ages)  :: middeleeuws, [mediaevaal] mediëvaal
medieval {n} (a medieval thing)  :: middeleeuws
medieval {n} (someone living in the Middle Ages)  :: middeleeuwer {m}
medieval {adj} (brutal) SEE: brutal  ::
medievalist {n} (one who studies culture and history in the Middle Ages)  :: mediëvist {m}
mediocre {adj} (having no peculiar or outstanding features)  :: middelmatig
mediocrity {n} (condition of being mediocre)  :: middelmatigheid {f}
meditate {v} (rest)  :: mediteren
meditation {n} (devotional contemplation)  :: meditatie {f}
meditation {n} (contemplative discourse)  :: meditatie {f}, overpeinzing {f}
Mediterranean {adj} (Of or pertaining to the Mediterranean Sea and the region around it)  :: mediterraan
Mediterranean {prop} (region surrounding the Mediterranean Sea)  :: Middellandse Zee {n}
Mediterranean {prop} (Mediterranean Sea) SEE: Mediterranean Sea  ::
Mediterranean Sea {prop} (the sea between Europe and Africa)  :: Middellandse Zee {f}
medium {n} (material or empty space through which signals, waves or forces pass)  :: medium {n}
medium {n} (someone who supposedly conveys information from the spirit world)  :: medium
mediumwave {adj}  :: middengolf {f}
medlar {n} (tree)  :: mispelboom, mispelaar
medlar {n} (fruit)  :: mispel
Medusa {prop} (one of the Gorgons)  :: Medusa {f}
meek {adj} (humble, modest, or self-effacing)  :: gedwee, zachtmoedig
meerkat {n} (small carnivorous mammal)  :: stokstaartje {n}
meet {v} (encounter by accident)  :: ontmoeten, treffen
meet {v} (see through arrangement)  :: afspreken, treffen
meet {v} (to get acquainted)  :: ontmoeten, leren kennen
meet {v} (converge and touch)  :: raken
meet {v} (comply with)  :: overeenstemmen met, beantwoorden aan, vervullen
meet {v} (come together in conflict)  :: elkander ontmoeten
meeting {n} (gathering for a purpose)  :: bijeenkomst {f}, beraad {n}, overleg {n}, ontmoeting, samenkomst, vergadering {f}, zitting {f}, treffen {n}
meeting {n} (people at such a gathering)  :: vergadering {f}
meeting {n} (encounter between people)  :: ontmoeting {f}
meeting {n} (place or instance of junction or intersection)  :: samenkomst {f}, ontmoetingsplaats {f}, raakpunt {n}, raakvlak {n}
meeting {n}  :: afspraak; vergadering {f}
mega- {prefix} (very large, great)  :: mega-
mega- {prefix} (multiplication factor one million)  :: mega-
megacalorie {n}  :: megacalorie {f}
megagram {n} (unit of mass equal to 1000 kilograms)  :: megagram {m}
megalith {n} (construction)  :: megaliet {m}
megalomania {n} (psychopathological condition)  :: grootheidswaanzin {m}, megalomanie {f}, grootheidswaan {m}
megalomania {n} (obsession)  :: grootheidswaanzin {m}
megalomaniac {n} (one affected with or exhibiting megalomania)  :: grootheidswaanzinnig, megalomaan
megasecond {n} (1,000,000 seconds)  :: megaseconde {m}
Megleno-Romanian {prop} (language)  :: Megleno-Roemeens
meh {adj} (mediocre; lackluster; unexceptional; uninspiring)  :: bah, bof
meh {interj} (slang: expressing indifference or lack of enthusiasm)  :: bah, bof
meiosis {n} (cell division)  :: meiose {f}
meitnerium {n} (chemical element)  :: meitnerium {n}
melancholic {adj} (filled with or affected by melancholy)  :: melancholisch
melancholy {adj} (Affected with sadness or depression)  :: melancholisch, droevig
melancholy {n} (Sadness or depression)  :: melancholie, weemoed {m}
Melanesia {prop} (part of Oceania)  :: Melanesië
melanoma {n} (type of skin tumor)  :: melanoom
melatonin {n} (hormone)  :: melatonine
Melba toast {n} (toast)  :: Melba toast, Melbatoast
Melbourne {prop} (city in Australia)  :: Melbourne
meld {v} (to combine two similar objects into one)  :: lassen, wellen
mellifluous {adj} (flowing like honey)  :: stroperig
mellifluous {adj} (sweet and smooth (tone, voice...))  :: honingzoet
melodic {adj} (of, relating to, or having melody)  :: melodisch
melodious {adj} (having a pleasant melody)  :: melodieus
melody {n} (sequence of notes that makes up a musical phrase)  :: melodie {f}
melon {n} (fruit)  :: meloen
melongene {n} (eggplant) SEE: eggplant  ::
melt {v} (intransitive: to change from a solid to a liquid)  :: smelten
melt {v} (transitive: to change or be changed from a solid to a liquid)  :: smelten
melt {n} (idiot) SEE: idiot  ::
meltdown {n} (severe overheating of the core of a nuclear reactor)  :: kernsmelting {f}
melting point {n} (temperature at which solid and liquid phases are in equilibrium)  :: smeltpunt {n}
member {n} (part of a discourse, period, sentence, or verse) SEE: clause  ::
member {n} (in set theory) SEE: element  ::
member {n} (one who officially belongs to a group)  :: lid {n}
member {n} (organ, limb)  :: lid {n}, ledemaat {m}
member {n} (logic: one of the propositions making up a syllogism) SEE: premise  ::
Member of Parliament {n} (representative)  :: parlementslid
member organisation {n} (organisation connected to an umbrella organisation)  :: lidorganisatie {f}
member's bill {n} (private member's bill) SEE: private member's bill  ::
membership {n} (fact of being a member)  :: lidmaatschap {n}
member state {n} (state that is a member of a confederation)  :: lidstaat {m}
membrane {n} (enclosing or separating tissue)  :: membraan {n}
membrane {n} (a mechanical, thin, flat flexible part that can deform or vibrate when excited by an external force)  :: membraan {n}
meme {n} (unit of cultural information)  :: meme
meme {n} (something copied and circulated online)  :: meme
memento mori {n} (memento mori)  :: gedenk te sterven
memorability {n} (the quality or state of being memorable)  :: gedenkwaardigheid
memorable {adj} (worthy of being remembered)  :: memorabel, gedenkwaardig
memorial {n} (structure)  :: herdenkingsplaats {m}
memorial service {n} (funeral) SEE: funeral  ::
memorize {v} (to commit to memory, to learn by heart)  :: memoriseren, uit het hoofd leren
memory {n} (ability to recall)  :: geheugen {n}
memory {n} (stored record)  :: herinnering {f}
memory {n} (RAM or ROM)  :: geheugen {n}
memory stick {n} (memory card, flash card)  :: Memory Stick {m}
men {n} (human people)  :: mensen {m-p}, men (collective singular)
mend {v} (to repair)  :: repareren, herstellen
mend {v} (to alter for the better; to set right; to reform; hence, to quicken)  :: verbeteren, herstellen
mendacious {adj} (false) SEE: false  ::
mendacious {adj} (lying, untruthful or dishonest)  :: leugenachtig, oneerlijk, liegend
mendaciousness {n} (mendacity) SEE: mendacity  ::
mendacity {n} (fact or condition of being untruthful; dishonesty)  :: leugenachtigheid, oneerlijkheid
mendacity {n} (a deceit, falsehood, or lie)  :: leugen, bedrog
mendelevium {n} (chemical element)  :: mendelevium {n}
menhir {n} (standing stone as a monument)  :: menhir {m}
menial {n} (domestic servant)  :: dienaar {m}, dienares {f}, bediende {c}, meid {f}, knecht {m}
meningitis {n} (inflammation of the meninges)  :: hersenvliesontsteking {f}, meningitis {f}, nekkramp [colloquial]
meninx {n} (membrane)  :: Hersenvlies
menopause {n} (ending of menstruation)  :: overgang {m}, menopauze {f}
menorah {n} (seven-branch candelabrum)  :: menora
men's room {n} (other rooms intended for men)  :: herenkamer
menstruation {n} (periodic discharging of the menses)  :: menstruatie
mental {adj} (relating to the mind)  :: geestelijk, mentaal
mental aberration {n} (mental deviation)  :: geestelijke stoornis {m}
mental breakdown {n} (nervous breakdown) SEE: nervous breakdown  ::
mental hospital {n} (facility designed to treat persons with mental disorders)  :: psychiatrische instelling {f}, psychiatrisch ziekenhuis {n}
mental hygiene {n} (concern and care for clean state of mind)  :: geesteshygiëne, mentale hygiëne
mental institution {n} (psychiatric hospital) SEE: mental hospital  ::
mentality {n} (mindset)  :: mentaliteit {f}
mentally ill {adj} (having psychological disorder)  :: geestesziek, gestoord
menticide {n} (brain-washing)  :: menticide {f}
mention {v} (mention) SEE: cover  ::
mention {n} (a speaking or notice of anything, usually in a brief or cursory manner)  :: vermelding {f}
mention {v} (make a short reference to something)  :: vermelden
mentor {n} (A wise and trusted counselor or teacher)  :: mentor {m}, leidsman {m}
menu {n} (details of the food to be served at a banquet)  :: menukaart {f}, menu {n}
menu {n} (list from which the user may select an operation to be performed)  :: menu {n}
menu bar {n} (rectangular region of a graphical user interface where computer menus are housed)  :: menubalk {m}
meow {interj} (cry of a cat)  :: miauw
meow {n} (cry of a cat)  :: miauw, gemiauw {n}
meow {v} (of a cat, to make its cry)  :: miauwen
mercantile {adj} (related to the exchange of goods for profit)  :: handels-
mercenary {n} (person employed to fight)  :: huurling {m}
mercenary {adj} (motivated by private gain)  :: hebzuchtig, geldbelust
merchant {n} (person who traffics in commodities)  :: koopman {m}
merchant {n} (trading vessel) SEE: cargo ship  ::
merchantman {n} (merchant) SEE: merchant  ::
merchantman {n} (cargo ship) SEE: cargo ship  ::
merchant marine {n}  :: koopvaardijvloot, koopvaarders {m-p}, burgerlijk zeeman {m}
merchant navy {n} (civilian naval fleet)  :: handelsvloot {f} {m}
merchant ship {n} (marine cargo vessel) SEE: cargo ship  ::
merciful {adj} (showing mercy)  :: barmhartig, genadig
merciless {adj} (showing no mercy; cruel and pitiless)  :: genadeloos
mercilessness {n} (the property of being merciless)  :: genadeloosheid {f}
mercurial {adj} (containing the element mercury)  :: kwikhoudend
mercury {n} (element)  :: kwikzilver {n}, kwik {n}
mercury {n} (ambient temperature)  :: thermometer, het kwik
Mercury {prop} (planet)  :: Mercurius {f}
Mercury {prop} (Roman god)  :: Mercurius {m}
mercy {n} (relenting; forbearance to cause or allow harm to another)  :: barmhartigheid, genade
mercy {n} (forgiveness or compassion)  :: genade {f}, erbarmen {n}, vergeving {f}, vergiffenis {f}
mercy {n} (tendency toward forgiveness)  :: barmhartigheid {f}
mercy {n}  :: barmhartigheid {f}, genade {f}
mercy killing {n} (euthanasia) SEE: euthanasia  ::
mere {adj} (the smallest amount)  :: schamel, luttel
merely {adv} (only, just, and nothing more)  :: alleen, louter
mereology {n} (logic: theory dealing with parts in relation to wholes)  :: mereologie {f}
meretricious {adj} (Tastelessly gaudy)  :: schoonschijnend,wansmakelijk
meretricious {adj} (of, or relating to prostitutes)  :: opzichtig,hoerachtig
merganser {n} (diving duck)  :: zaagbek
merge {v} (to combine into a whole)  :: samenvoegen, fuseren, fusioneren [Belgium]
merge {v} (to be combined into a whole)  :: samenkomen, samenvloeien [liquids], fusioneren, samengaan
merge {v} (to blend gradually into something else)  :: samenvloeien [liquids], overgaan in
merge {v}  :: fuseren
merge {n} (joining of multiple sources)  :: samenvloeiing {f}, kruising {f}
merger {n} (the act or process of merging)  :: samensmelting {f}, versmelting, fusie {f}
merger {n} (an absorption into one estate, contract etc.)  :: opslorping, amalgamatie {f}
merger {n} (the legal union of two or more corporations)  :: fusie {f}
mergirl {n} (mermaid) SEE: mermaid  ::
merit {n} (something deserving recognition)  :: verdienste {f}
merit {n} (something worthy of a high rating)  :: verdienste {f}
meritorious {adj} (deserving of merit or commendation; deserving reward)  :: verdienstelijk
merkin {n} (pubic wig)  :: schaampruik {f}
Merlin {prop} (Wizard in Arthurian legend)  :: Merlijn {m}
merlon {n} (any of the projections between the embrasures of a battlement)  :: kanteel
mermaid {n} (mythological woman with a fish's tail)  :: zeemeermin {f}, meermin {f}
merman {n}  :: meerman {m}
merriment {n} (playful fun)  :: jolijt {f}
merry {adj} (jolly and full of high-spirits)  :: vrolijk
merry Christmas {phrase} (good wishes at Christmas time)  :: vrolijk kerstfeest, prettig kerstfeest
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year {phrase} (traditional greeting for the Christmas and the new year)  :: Vrolijk Kerstfeest en een Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!
merry-go-round {n} (carousel)  :: draaimolen {m}, carrousel {m}
mesencephalon {n} (midbrain) SEE: midbrain  ::
mesh {n} (structure)  :: net {n}
mesh {n} (opening)  :: maas {f}
meshugge {adj} (crazy, mad, senseless, insane)  :: mesjogge, mesjokke
mesmerize {v} (to exercise mesmerism on)  :: betoveren, hypnotiseren
Mesolithic {n} (Mesolithic period)  :: Mesolithicum {m}
meson {n} (elementary particle)  :: meson {n}
Mesopotamia {prop} (region between Euphrates and Tigris)  :: Mesopotamië {n}, Tweestromenland {n}
Mesopotamian {adj} (of or pertaining to Mesopotamia)  :: Mesopotamisch
mess {n} (disagreeable mixture or confusion of things)  :: puinhoop {m}, zootje {n}
mess {n} (church service) SEE: Mass  ::
message {n} (communication, concept or information conveyed)  :: bericht {n}, boodschap {f}
message {n} (underlying theme)  :: boodschap {f}
messenger {n} (one who brings messages)  :: boodschapper {m}
messiah {n} (ordained to lead the people of Israel)  :: Messias {m}
messiah {n} (an extremely powerful divine figure)  :: messias {m}
Messiah {prop} ((Christianity) Jesus)  :: Messias
Messidor {prop} (the tenth month of the French Republican Calendar)  :: messidor {m}, oogstmaand {f}
Messinian {prop}  :: Messinien
mess up {v} (to make a mess of)  :: klieder, kliederen
messy {adj} (in a disorderly state; causing mess or confusion; chaotic; disorderly)  :: wanordelijk, chaotisch, rommelig
metabolism {n} (complete set of chemical reactions that occur in living cells)  :: stofwisseling {m}
metal {n} (atomic element or material made of such atoms)  :: metaal {n}
metal detector {n} (a hand-held device)  :: metaaldetector {m}
metal detector {n} (a structure, similar to a doorway)  :: metaaldetector {m}
metallurgy {n} (science of metals)  :: metallurgie {f}
metamorphic rock {n} (one of the major groups of rock that makes up the crust of the Earth)  :: metamorf gesteente {n}
metaphor {n} (uncountable: figure of speech)  :: metafoor, beeldspraak, vergelijking
metaphor {n} (countable: word or phrase used in metaphor)  :: metafoor {m}
metaphorical {adj} (pertaining to a metaphor)  :: metaforisch
metaphysical {adj} (of or pertaining to metaphysics)  :: metafysisch
metaphysics {n} (branch of philosophy that studies first principles)  :: metafysica
metastasis {n} (transference of a bodily function or disease to another part of the body)  :: uitzaaiing {f}, metastase {f}
metastasize {v} (to spread to other sites in the body)  :: metastaseren, uitzaaien
metathesis {n} (the transposition of letters, syllables or sounds within a word)  :: metathesis {f}, metathese {f}, letteromzetting {f}
metempsychosis {n} (Transmigration of the soul)  :: metempsychose {f}
meteor {n} (streak of light)  :: meteoriet, vallende ster {m}
meteoric {adj}  :: meteorisch
meteorite {n} (remains of a meteor)  :: meteoriet {m}
meteorologic {adj} (meteorological) SEE: meteorological  ::
meteorological {adj} (relating to meteorology)  :: meteorologisch, meteorologische, weerkundig, weerkundige
meteorologist {n} (person who studies meteorology)  :: weerkundige {m}, meteoroloog
meteorologist {n} (weather forecaster)  :: weerpresentator {m}, weerman {m}, weervrouw {f}, weerkundige {m}, meteoroloog
meteorology {n} (science)  :: weerkunde {f}
meter {n} (measuring instrument)  :: meter {m}, teller {m}
meter {n} (unit of length) SEE: metre  ::
meter {v} (to measure) SEE: measure  ::
methacrolein {n} (clear, colorless, flammable liquid)  :: methacroleïne
methanal {n} (formaldehyde) SEE: formaldehyde  ::
methane {n} (the compound CH4)  :: methaan {n}
methinks {contraction} (it seems to me)  :: me dunkt
methionine {n} (amino acid)  :: methionine
method {n} (process by which a task is completed)  :: methode {f}
Methodism {n} (Methodist Christian movement founded by John Wesley)  :: methodisme {n}
methyl- {prefix} (prefix used to form terms describing the attachment of a methyl group)  :: methyl-
methylated spirit {n} (ethyl alcohol used as a fuel and a solvent)  :: spiritus {m}, brandspiritus {m}
metic {n} (resident alien in ancient Greece)  :: metoik
meticulous {adj} (characterized by very precise, conscientious attention to details)  :: angstvallig, scrupuleus, meticuleus, acribisch
Metis {prop} (in Greek mythology)  :: Metis
Metis {prop} (satellite of Jupiter)  :: Metis
metonym {n} (word that names an object from a single characteristic of it)  :: metoniem
metonymic {n} (metonym) SEE: metonym  ::
metonymy {n} (figure of speech)  :: metonymia {f}
metonymy {n} (metonym) SEE: metonym  ::
me too {phrase} (I agree)  :: ik ook (I also want to participate), ik ben het er mee eens (I agree), ik stem ermee in (I agree).
metre {n} (unit of length)  :: meter {m}
metric {adj} (relating to metric system)  :: metriek
metrical foot {n} (basic unit of verse)  :: versvoet {m}
metric space {n} (space (mathematics))  :: metrische ruimte {f}
metric ton {n} (unit of mass equal to 1000 kilograms)  :: ton {m}
metro {n} (underground railway)  :: metro {m}, ondergrondse {f}
metro {n} (train of underground railway)  :: metro {m}, metrostel {n}
metronome {n} (a device used in music)  :: metronoom {m}
metropole {n} (city) SEE: metropolis  ::
metropolis {n} (colony’s mother city)  :: metropolis, metropool {m}, moederstad
metropolis {n} (large, busy city)  :: metropool {m}, grootstad, wereldstad
metropolis {n} (metropolitan archbishop) SEE: archbishopric  ::
metrosexual {n} (man concerned with personal appearance)  :: metroseksueel
metro station {n} (railway station for a rapid transit system)  :: metrostation {n}
mettle {n} (metal) SEE: metal  ::
mettle {n} (a quality of endurance and courage)  :: moed
mettle {n} (good temperament and character)  :: temperament, karakter
Meuse {prop} (river)  :: Maas
mew {n} (crying sound of a cat) SEE: meow  ::
mew {v} (meow) SEE: meow  ::
Mexican {n} (person from Mexico or of Mexican descent)  :: Mexicaan {m}, Mexicaanse {f}
Mexican {adj} (of or pertaining to Mexico)  :: Mexicaans
Mexican {n} (Nahuatl language) SEE: Nahuatl  ::
Mexican {adj} (of or pertaining to Nahuatl language) SEE: Nahuatl  ::
Mexicanness {n} (quality of being Mexican)  :: mexicaansheid {f}
Mexican Spanish {prop} (Mexican dialect of Spanish)  :: Mexicaans-Spaans
Mexican wolf {n} (rare subspecies of grey wolf)  :: Mexicaanse wolf
Mexico {prop} (country)  :: Mexico
Mexico {prop} (Mexico City) SEE: Mexico City  ::
Mexico City {prop} (capital of Mexico)  :: Mexico, Mexico-stad
mezuzah {n} (piece of parchment attached to the doorpost of a house)  :: mezoeza {m} {f}
mezzaluna {n} (crescent-shaped steel blade)  :: wiegemes {n}
mi. {abbr} (abbreviation of mile)  :: mi
Miami {prop} (city in Florida, United States)  :: Miami
miasma {n} (noxious atmosphere or influence)  :: miasma {n}, miasme {n}
miasma {n} (noxious emanation originates from swamps and causes disease)  :: miasma {n}, miasme {n}, moerasdamp {m}
mica {n} (hydrous aluminosilicate minerals)  :: mica {n}, glimmer {n} [uncountable] {m} [countable]
Micah {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Micha {m}
Micah {prop} (Biblical character: minor prophet and author)  :: Micha
Micah {prop} (Biblical character: Ephraimite featured in Judges 17–18)  :: Micha {m}
Micah {prop} (male given name)  :: Micha {m}
Michael {prop} (male given name)  :: Michiel, Michaël, Michel, Maikel
Michaela {prop} (feminine form of Michael)  :: Michelle
Michelle {prop} (female given name) SEE: Michaela  ::
Mickey Mouse {prop} (Disney character)  :: Mickey Mouse
microbe {n} (microorganism)  :: microbe {m} {f}
microbiology {n} (branch of biology dealing with microorganisms)  :: microbiologie
microcephaly {n} (neurological disorder)  :: microcefalie {f}
microcontroller {n} (microcomputer on a single chip)  :: microcontroller
microdot {n} (image that has been reduced in size to that of a dot)  :: microdot
microfossil {n} (microscopic fossil)  :: microfossiel {n}
micrometer {n} (one millionth of a meter)  :: micrometer {m}
micrometer {n} (instrument)  :: micrometer {m}
micrometre {n} (micrometer) SEE: micrometer  ::
micronation {n} (entity that resembles a nation or a state)  :: micronatie {f}
Micronesia {prop} (country)  :: Micronesia
Micronesian {n} (A person from Micronesia or of Micronesian descent)  :: Micronesiër {m}, Micronesische {f}
Micronesian {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to Micronesia or the Micronesian people)  :: Micronesisch
micro-ohm {n} (unit of electrical resistance)  :: micro-ohm {m} {n}
micropaleontology {n} (the study of microfossils)  :: micropaleontologie {f}
microphone {n} (transducer of sound waves to electricity)  :: microfoon {m}
microscope {n} (an optical instrument)  :: microscoop {m}
microscopic {adj} (so small that it can only be seen using a microscope)  :: microscopisch
microsecond {n} (unit of time equal to 10−6 seconds)  :: microseconde {m}
microseism {n} (tremor)  :: aardschok
Microsoft tax {n} (fee for pre-installed Microsoft Windows)  :: Microsoftbelasting {f}
microstate {n} (a very small country)  :: dwergstaat, ministaat
microwave {n} (microwave oven) SEE: microwave oven  ::
microwave {n} (electromagnetic wave)  :: microgolf {m} (Flemish)
microwave oven {n} (oven using microwave energy)  :: magnetron {m} [Netherlands], magnetronoven {m} [Netherlands], microgolf {m} [Flanders], microgolfoven {m} [Flanders]
micturate {v} (urinate) SEE: urinate  ::
mid {prep} (amid)  :: midden
mid {adj} (denoting the middle part)  :: midden
mid {adj} (occupying a middle position; middle)  :: midden, middel
mid {adj} (in linguistics, made with a somewhat elevated position of some part of the tongue relative to the palate)  :: te midden van
midbrain {n} (part of brain)  :: mesencephalon, middenhersen
midday {n} (12 o'clock during the day) SEE: noon  ::
middle {n} (centre, midpoint)  :: midden {n}, centrum {n}
middle {n} (part between beginning and end)  :: midden {n}
middle {adj} (located in the middle; in between)  :: midden
Middle Ages {prop} (historical period)  :: middeleeuwen {p}
middle class {n} (social and economic class)  :: middenklasse {f}
Middle Dutch {prop} (the Middle Dutch language)  :: Middelnederlands {n}
Middle Earth {prop} (Earth) SEE: Earth  ::
Middle East {prop} (region comprising southwest Asia and northeast Africa)  :: Midden-Oosten {n}
Middle English {prop} (Middle English)  :: Middelengels {n}
middle finger {n} (finger between the forefinger and the ring finger)  :: middelvinger {m}
middle ground {n} (a compromise position between extremes)  :: middenweg {m}, compromis {n}
Middle High German {prop} (Middle High German)  :: Middelhoogduits {n}
Middle Low German {prop} (language)  :: Middelnederduits {n}
middleman {n} (intermediate dealer between manufacturer and the retailer or customer)  :: tussenhandelaar {m}
middleman {n} (intermediary) SEE: intermediary  ::
middlemost {adj} (nearest to the exact middle)  :: middenst
middle of nowhere {n} (remote place; a place lacking population, interesting things or defining characteristics)  :: niemandsland {n}, rimboe {m}, Verweggistan {n}
Middle Saxon {prop} (Middle Low German) SEE: Middle Low German  ::
middle school {n} (school contain both primary and secondary students)  :: middenschool {f}
Midgard {prop} (Earth) SEE: Earth  ::
midge {n} (fly of family Chironomidae or Ceratopogonidae)  :: mug
midget {n} (person of small stature of adult height less than 4'10")  :: dwerg
midget {n} (derogatory: any short person)  :: dwerg {m}
midget {n} (attributively: that is the small version of something)  :: dwerg-, mini-
midhusband {n} (accoucheur) SEE: accoucheur  ::
mid-life crisis {n} (emotional period of doubt)  :: midlifecrisis {f}
midmost {adj} (middlemost) SEE: middlemost  ::
midnight {n} (12 am)  :: middernacht {m}
midnight sun {n} (phenomenon occurring when Sun does not set)  :: middernachtzon {f}
midriff {n} (mid section of the human torso)  :: middenrif {n}
midshipman {n} (officer of the lowest rank)  :: adelborst {m}
midsummer {n} (The middle of summer)  :: midzomer {m}
midsummer {n} (Midsummer Day)  :: midzomerdag {m}
midway {adv} (halfway) SEE: halfway  ::
midwife {n} (person who assists women in childbirth)  :: verloskundige {m} {f}, vroedvrouw {f}
midwifery {n} (the practice and science of being a midwife)  :: verloskunde {f}
mielie {n} (maize) SEE: maize  ::
miff {v} (to offend slightly)  :: krenken
miff {v} (to become slightly offended)  :: zich gekrenkt voelen
miffed {adj} (Irritated)  :: geïrriteerd, op de tenen getrapt
might {n} (personal power)  :: macht {f}
might {n} (physical strength)  :: kracht, macht {f}
might {n} (ability)  :: vermogen
might {v} (indicator of conditional or possible actions)  :: zou kunnen
mighty {adj} (very strong, possessing might)  :: machtig
migraine {n} (headache usually affecting only one side of the head)  :: migraine {f}
migrant worker {n} (guest worker) SEE: guest worker  ::
mikado {n} (emperor of Japan)  :: Japanse keizer {m}, mikado {m}
mikado {n} (a game of skill)  :: mikado {m}
Milan {prop} (province)  :: Milaan {n}
Milan {prop} (city and capital)  :: Milaan {n}
Milanese {adj} (pertaining to Milan)  :: Milanees
Milanese {n} (native or inhabitant of Milan)  :: Milanees {m}, Milanese {f}
milch cow {n} (cash cow) SEE: cash cow  ::
milch cow {n} (cow kept for milking) SEE: dairy cow  ::
mild {adj} (gentle; pleasant; kind; soft)  :: mild, zacht
mildew {n} (growth of minute fungi)  :: schimmel {m}, meeldauw {m}
mildew {v} (to taint with mildew)  :: met meeldauw bedekken
mildew {v} (to become tainted with mildew)  :: beschimmelen
mile {n} (measure of length)  :: mijl {m}
Mileikowski {adj} (surname)  :: Mileikowski
Mileikowsky {adj} (surname)  :: Mileikowski
milestone {n} (one of a series of numbered markers placed along a road at regular intervals)  :: mijlpaal {m}, mijlsteen
milestone {n} (important event)  :: mijlpaal {m}, keerpunt {n}
milieu {n} (medium) SEE: medium  ::
milieu {n} (person’s social setting or environment)  :: milieu {n}
military {adj} (characteristic of members of the armed forces)  :: militair
military {adj} ((North America) relating to armed forces such as the army, marines, navy and air force)  :: militair
military {adj} (relating to war)  :: militair, oorlogs-, krijgs-
military {adj} (relating to armies or ground forces)  :: militair
military {adj}  :: militair
military {n} (armed forces)  :: leger {n}
military attaché {n} (a diplomatic attaché for military affairs)  :: militair attaché {m}
military order {n} (order of knighthood)  :: militaire orde, militaire ridderorde {m}
military police {n} (police unit of a military organization)  :: marechaussee
militia {n} (army of trained civilians called upon in time of need)  :: militie
milk {n} (liquid)  :: melk {f}
milk {v} (to express milk from mammal)  :: melken
milk {v} (to take advantage of situation)  :: uitmelken
milk {n} (semen) SEE: semen  ::
milk chocolate {n} (Chocolate that includes milk powder as one of its ingredients)  :: melkchocolade
milk cow {n} (dairy cow) SEE: dairy cow  ::
milkfish {n} (Chanos chanos)  :: bandeng {m}
milkmaid {n} (a young woman who milked the cows on a farm)  :: melkmeid {f}, melkmeisje {f}
milkman {n} (man who delivers milk early in the morning)  :: melkboer {m}
milk powder {n} (pulverized milk solids)  :: melkpoeder
milk snake {n} (Lampropeltis triangulum)  :: melkslang
milksop {n} (weak, easily frightened or ineffectual person)  :: bangerik,kluns,
milk tooth {n} (tooth of the first set of teeth)  :: melktand {c}
Milky Way {prop} (galaxy)  :: Melkweg
mill {n} (grinding apparatus)  :: molen {m}
mill {n} (building housing a grinding apparatus)  :: molen
mill {n} (manufacturing plant)  :: fabriek {f} [general], papierfabriek {f} [for paper], staalfabriek {f} [for steel], textielfabriek {f} [for textiles]
mill {n} (building)  :: fabriek {f} [general], papierfabriek {f} [for paper], staalfabriek {f} [for steel], textielfabriek {f} [for textiles]
mill {n} (establishment that handles a certain type of situation routinely)  :: papiermolen
mill {v} (grind or process using a mill or other machine)  :: malen
mill {v} (shape, polish, etc, using a machine)  :: slijpen
mill {v} (engrave groove around the edge of)  :: graveren
mille-feuille {n} (a type of pastry with several layers of puff pastry)  :: tompoes {m}
millennial {n} (member of the millennial generation)  :: millennial
millennium {n} (thousand-year period)  :: millennium
miller {n} (person)  :: molenaar {m}
Miller {prop} (surname meaning "a miller")  :: Molenaar
millet {n} (any of a group of various types of grass or its grains used as food)  :: gierst {m} {f}
milli- {prefix} (prefix)  :: milli-
milliard {num} (10^9)  :: miljard {n}
millimeter {n} (millimetre) SEE: millimetre  ::
millimetre {n} (unit of measure)  :: millimeter
milling cutter {n} (rotary cutting tool)  :: frees
million {num} (cardinal number)  :: miljoen {n}
millionaire {n} (somebody whose wealth is greater than one million)  :: miljonair {m}
millipede {n} (elongated arthropod)  :: miljoenpoot {m}
millisecond {n} (one one-thousandth of a second)  :: milliseconde {m}
millstone {n} (large round stone used for grinding grain)  :: molensteen {m}
milt {n} (fish semen)  :: kuit {m}
milt {n} (the organ spleen) SEE: spleen  ::
Miltiades {prop} (given name)  :: Miltiades
mimeograph {n} (machine for making copies)  :: mimeograaf, stencilmachine
mimeograph {v} (to make mimeographs)  :: stencilen
mimic {n} (imitation) SEE: imitation  ::
Minangkabau {prop} (Malayo-Polynesian language)  :: Minangkabaus {n}
minaret {n} (mosque tower)  :: minaret
Min Bei {prop} (Chinese language)  :: Minbei {n}
mince {n} (finely chopped meat)  :: gehakt
mince {v} (chop fine)  :: hakken
mincer {n} (a kitchen utensil used for mincing meat) SEE: meatgrinder  ::
mind {n} (ability for rational thought)  :: verstand, geest, psyche, denkvermogen, rede {c}
mind {n} (ability to remember things)  :: geheugen
mind {v} (to dislike, object to, have a contrary opinion toward)  :: erg vinden (ik vind het niet erg), iets op tegen hebben (ik heb er niets op tegen), uitmaken (het maakt me niet uit)
mind {v} (to pay attention to, obey)  :: letten op, aandacht schenken aan
mind {v} (to look after, take care of)  :: passen op
mind {v} (to remember) SEE: remember  ::
mindfulness {n} (awareness) SEE: awareness  ::
mind-numbing {adj} (excessively boring)  :: geestdodend
mind one's own business {v} (to concern oneself only with what is of interest to oneself and not interfere in the affairs of others)  :: met zijn eigen zaken bemoeien
mindset {n} (a way of thinking)  :: mentaliteit {f}
mine {pron} (that which belongs to me)  :: de mijne, het mijne
mine {n} (place from which ore is extracted)  :: mijn {f}, groeve {f}
mine {n} (exploding device)  :: mijn {f}
mine {v} (remove from the ground)  :: ontginnen
mine {v} (sow mines in)  :: mijnen leggen
miner {n} (a person who works in a mine)  :: mijnwerker {m}
miner {n} (an operator of mines and other explosives in an army)  :: mineur {m}, mijnenlegger {m}, ontmijner {m}
mineral {n} (in geology)  :: delfstof {c}, mineraal {n}
mineral {n} (as opposed to animal and vegetable)  :: mineraal {n}
mineral {n} (in nutrition)  :: mineraal {n}
mineral {n} (mineral water)  :: mineraalwater {n}
mineral lick {n} (salt lick) SEE: salt lick  ::
mineralogy {n} (the study or science of minerals)  :: mineralogie {f}
mineral water {n} (water containing dissolved minerals)  :: mineraalwater {n}
mineshaft {n} (mineshaft)  :: mijnschacht {c}
mingle {v} (To mix; to intermix; to combine or join)  :: vermengen
mingle-mangle {n} (collection of miscellaneous things) SEE: hodgepodge  ::
miniature {n} (manuscript illustration)  :: miniatuur {f}
Miniature Pinscher {n} (Miniature Pinscher)  :: dwergpinscher
minibar {n} (small refrigerator in a hotel room)  :: minibar {m}, minibar
minibus {n} (a small bus)  :: busje {n}
minidress {n} (woman's short dress)  :: mini-jurk, mini-jurkje
minikin {n} (3-point type) SEE: excelsior  ::
minimal {adj} (The smallest possible amount, quantity, or degree)  :: minimaal
minimal {adj} ((art) characterised by the use of simple form or structures)  :: minimalistische
minimal {adj} ((music) characterised by the repetition and gradual alteration of short phrases)  :: minimalistisch
minimalist {adj} (believing in or seeking a minimal state)  :: minimalistisch
minimart {n} (convenience store) SEE: convenience store  ::
minimization {n} (act of lowering something to its smallest value or extent)  :: kleineren
minion {n} (loyal servant of another more powerful being)  :: ondergeschikte
minion {n} (sycophantic follower)  :: slaafs volgeling, hielenlikker
minion {n} (7-point type)  :: kolonel
minionette {n} (6½-point text)  :: insertio
minipig {n} (small pig)  :: minivarken {n}
miniskirt {n} (skirt)  :: minirok, minirokje
minister {n} (person who is trained to perform religious ceremonies at a Protestant church)  :: dominee {m}
minister {n} (politician who heads a ministry)  :: minister {m} {f}
minister {n} (someone who serves others)  :: dienaar
ministry {n} (government department)  :: ministerie {n}, departement {n}
ministry {n} (complete body of government ministers)  :: ministerie {n}, kabinet {n}, regering, gouvernement {n}
ministry {n} (practice and education of the minister of a particular religion)  :: bediening van de eredienst
minivet {n} (bird of Pericrocotus)  :: menievogel {m}
mink {n} (mammal)  :: nerts {m}, visotter {m}
mink {n}  :: nerts
minnow {n} (a small freshwater fish)  :: witvis
minnow {n} (any small fish)  :: ondermaatse vis
Minoan {adj} (Of or relating to the civilization that developed in Crete from the neolithic period to the Bronze Age)  :: Minoïsch
minor {adj} (of little importance)  :: onbelangrijk
minor {n} (someone below the legal age)  :: minderjarige {m} {f}
minor {n} (subject of secondary concentration)  :: bijvak {n}
Minorca {prop} (An island of Spain)  :: Minorca
minority {n} (subgroup that does not form a numerical majority)  :: minderheid {f}
minority {n}  :: minderheid
minority cabinet {n} (minority government) SEE: minority government  ::
minority government {n} (government backed by less than half of votes in parliament)  :: minderheidsregering {f}, minderheidskabinet {n}
minority language {n} (language spoken by a minority)  :: minderheidstaal
minotaur {n} (monster with the head of a bull and the body of a man)  :: minotaurus
Minsk {prop} (capital of Belarus)  :: Minsk
minstrel {n} (medieval traveling entertainer)  :: speelman {m}, minstreel {m}
minstrel show {n} (A variety show performed by white people in blackface)  :: negerzanger
mint {n} (money-producing building or institution)  :: munt {m}
mint {n} (large amount of money)  :: fortuin {n}
mint {v} (to reproduce coins)  :: munten
mint {adj} (of condition, as new)  :: piekfijn, piekfijne, ongeschonden
mint {adj} (numismatics: near-perfect)  :: uitmuntend, uitmuntende
mint {n} (plant)  :: munt {m}
mint {n} (herb flavouring)  :: munt {m}
minuend {n} (number from which another is subtracted)  :: aftrekgetal
minuet {n} (dance)  :: menuet {n}
minuet {n} (music accompanying the dance)  :: menuet {n}
minus {n} (minus sign) SEE: minus sign  ::
minus {prep} (mathematics: less)  :: min
minus {adj} (negative)  :: min, negatief, negatieve
minus {adj} (on the negative part of a scale)  :: min, onder nul (after the noun)
minus sign {n} (symbol used to denote the operation of subtraction and to indicate that a number is negative)  :: minteken {n}
minute {n} (unit of time)  :: minuut {c}
minute {n} (short but unspecified period of time)  :: minuutje {n}, secondje {n}, moment {n}
minute {n} (unit of angular measure)  :: minuut
minute {n} (record of meeting)  :: notulen {p}
minute {v} (to write the minutes of)  :: notuleren
minute {adj} (very small)  :: minuscuul, minuscule, onbeduidend, onbeduidende, nietig, nietige
minutes {n} (the official notes kept during a meeting)  :: notulen {}
miracle {n} (wonderful event attributed to supernatural powers)  :: wonder {n}, mirakel {n}
miracle play {n} (miracle play)  :: mirakelspel {n}
miraculous {adj} (by supernatural or uncommon causes)  :: miraculeus, verwonderlijk, wonderbaarlijk
mirage {n} (an optical phenomenon)  :: luchtspiegeling
mirage {n} (illusion) SEE: illusion  ::
Mirandese {prop} (Romance language)  :: mirandees
mire {n} (deep mud)  :: moeras {n}
Miriam {prop} (sister of Moses and Aaron)  :: Mirjam
Miriam {prop} (female given name)  :: Miriam, Mirjam, Myriam
mirror {n} (smooth reflecting surface)  :: spiegel
mirror image {n} (reversed image)  :: spiegelbeeld {n}, wederbeeld {n}
mirror punishment {n} (punishment)  :: spiegelstraf
mirth {n} (merriment)  :: vrolijkheid
misandry {n} (hatred of or prejudice against men)  :: misandrie {f}
misappropriate {v} (to embezzle) SEE: embezzle  ::
misbegotten {n} (one born out of wedlock) SEE: bastard  ::
misbegotten {adj} (of a person: born out of wedlock) SEE: illegitimate  ::
misbehavior {n} (conduct that is inappropriate)  :: wangedrag {n}
miscalculation {n}  :: rekenfout {f}
miscarriage {n} (termination of pregnancy)  :: miskraam {f}, misdracht {f}, misgeboorte {f}
miscegenation {n} (the mixing or blending of race)  :: rassenvermening, verbastering
miscellaneous {adj} (consisting of a variety of ingredients or parts)  :: gemengd
miscellaneous {adj}  :: gemengd
mischief {n} (harm or evil caused by an agent or brought about by a particular cause)  :: onheil {n}
mischief {n} (one who causes mischief)  :: plaaggeest
mischief {n} (vexatious or annoying conduct)  :: kattenkwaad {n}
mischievous {adj} (causing mischief)  :: kwetsend, beledigend
mischievous {adj} (naughty)  :: gemeen, stout
miscomprehend {v} (misunderstand) SEE: misunderstand  ::
misconduct {n} (bad behavior) SEE: misbehavior  ::
misconstrue {v} (to interpret erroneously)  :: misverstaan, verkeerd interpreteren
misdeed {n} (something wrong done)  :: misdaad {f}, vergrijp, {n}, wandaad {f}
misdemeanor {n} (small crime)  :: overtreding {f}, wanbedrijf {n} [Belgium]
miser {n} (skinflint or scrooge)  :: gierigaard {m}, vrek {m}
misery {n} (great unhappiness)  :: ellende {f}
misery loves company {proverb} (misery is easier when one is not the only one)  :: ellende houdt van gezelschap
misfit {n} (a badly adjusted person)  :: onaangepaste {m} {f}
misfortune {n} (bad luck)  :: ongeluk {n}, pech {m}
misfortune {n} (an undesirable event such as an accident)  :: tegenslag {m}
misfortunes never come singly {proverb} (bad things come in groups) SEE: it never rains but it pours  ::
mishap {n} (accident, mistake, or problem)  :: ongeluk {n}, vergissing {f}, probleem {n}, pech {m}
mishear {v} (to hear wrongly)  :: mis verstaan , verkeerdverstaan , slecht horen
mishear {v} (to understand wrongly)  :: mis verstaan , verkeerd verstaan , slecht begrijpen
misheard {v} (Past participle of mishear)  :: misverstaan
mishmash {n} (a collection of miscellany)  :: mikmak {m}
misinformation {n} (disinformation) SEE: disinformation  ::
mislay {v} (to leave something in the wrong place and then forget where one put it) SEE: misplace  ::
mislead {v} (lead in a false direction)  :: misleiden
mislead {v} (to deceive by lies or other false impression)  :: misleiden, bedotten, bedriegen
mislead {v} (to deceptively trick into something wrong)  :: verleiden, verlokken
mislead {v} (trick or mislead) SEE: deceive  ::
misleading {adj} (tending to mislead)  :: misleidend
misnomer {n} (use of term that is misleading)  :: verkeerde naam
misnomer {n}  :: slecht gekozen term de
misogynist {n} (hater of women)  :: vrouwenhater {m}
misogyny {n} (hatred or contempt for women)  :: misogynie
misplace {v} (to put something somewhere and then forget its location)  :: misleggen (Belgian Dutch)
miss {v} (to fail to hit)  :: missen
miss {v} (to feel the absence of someone or something)  :: missen
miss {v} (to avoid)  :: ontwijken, missen
miss {v} (to fail to understand)  :: niet snappen, ergens overheen kijken [also figuratively: to ignore], ergens overheen lezen [when reading]
miss {v} (to fail to attend)  :: missen
miss {v} (to be late for something)  :: missen
miss {n} (a failure to hit)  :: misser {m}
miss {n} (a failure to obtain or accomplish)  :: mislukking {f}
miss {n} (unmarried woman)  :: juffrouw {f}
miss {n} (Miss) SEE: Miss  ::
Miss {n} (title)  :: mejuffrouw {f} (mej.), juffrouw {f} (juffr.)
missile {n} (self-propelled, guidable projectile)  :: raket {m} {f}
mission {n} (set of tasks that fulfills a purpose)  :: missie {f}
mission {n} (religious evangelism)  :: missie {f}, zending {f}
missionary {n} (person traveling to spread a religion)  :: (Catholic) missionaris {m}, (Protestant) zendeling {m}
missionary {n} (missionary position) SEE: missionary position  ::
missionary position {n} (position for sexual intercourse)  :: missionarishouding
Mississippi {n} (state)  :: Mississippi
Mississippi {n} (river)  :: Mississippi
Missouri {prop} (US state)  :: Missouri
Missouri {prop} (river)  :: Missouri
misspeak {v} (to fail to pronounce, utter, or speak correctly)  :: verspreken, misspreken
misspell {v} (to spell incorrectly)  :: misspellen, verkeerd spellen
misspelling {n} (misspelt word)  :: spelfout
mist {n} (Water or other liquid finely suspended in air)  :: mist, nevel, damp
mist {n} (A layer of fine droplets or particles)  :: waas
mistake {n} (an error)  :: fout {f}, misverstand {n}, blunder {m}, vergissing {f}, onjuistheid {f}
mistake {v} (to take one thing for another)  :: misverstaan, verwisselen
mistake {v} (To make an error)  :: een fout maken, in de fout gaan
mister {n} (title of adult male)  :: meneer
Mister Right {n} (perfect, ideal or suitable male mate or husband)  :: ware Jakob {m}
mistle thrush {n} (Turdus viscivorus)  :: grote lijster
mistletoe {n} (either species of such evergreen plant)  :: maretak {m}, vogellijm {m}, mistel {m}
mistreat {v} (treat someone or something roughly or badly)  :: mishandelen
mistress {n} (woman of authority)  :: mevrouw {f}, meesteres {f}
mistress {n} (woman in extramarital relationship)  :: minnares {f}, buitenvrouw {f}
misty {adj} (with mist; foggy)  :: mistig
misty {adj} (with tears in the eyes)  :: waterig
misunderstand {v} (to understand incorrectly, while believing one has understood correctly)  :: misverstaan
misunderstanding {n} (mistake)  :: misverstand {n}
mite {n} (arachnid)  :: mijt {f}
mite {n} (lepton) SEE: lepton  ::
mither {v} (transitive to mither)  :: lastigvallen
mitigate {v} (to reduce, lessen, or decrease)  :: mitigeren, verzachten
mitigation {n} (relief)  :: opluchting {f}, verlichting
mitosis {n} (division of a cell nucleus)  :: mitose {f}, mitosis {f}
mitre {n} (a covering for the head, worn on solemn occasions by church dignitaries)  :: mijter {m}
mitt {n} (mitten) SEE: mitten  ::
mitten {n} (type of glove)  :: want {f}
mix {v} (stir two or more substances together)  :: mengen
mix {v} (combine items from two or more sources normally kept separate)  :: vermengen
mix {v} (use a mixer on)  :: mixen
mix {v} (music: combine several tracks)  :: mixen
mix {v} (music: produce a finished version of a recording)  :: afmixen
mixed {adj} (having two or more separate aspects)  :: gemengd
mixed {adj} (not completely pure, tainted or adulterated)  :: onzuiver, verdeeld
mixed {adj} (including both males and females)  :: gemengd
mixed {adj} (Stemming from two or more races or breeds)  :: gemengdbloedig, onzuiver
mixed reaction {n} (state of diverse reception)  :: geassorteerde reacties
mixer {n} (blender)  :: mengar {n}
mixture {n}  :: mengsel
mizzen {n} (mizzenmast) SEE: mizzenmast  ::
mizzenmast {n} (nautical: aftmost mast)  :: bezaansmast {m}
mizzle {v} (to rain in fine drops)  :: miezeren
mnemonic {adj} (related to mnemonics)  :: mnemotechnisch, mnemonisch, ezelsbruggetje {n}
mnemonic {n} (Anything (especially something in verbal form) used to help remember something)  :: ezelsbruggetje {n}, geheugensteuntje, mnemotechniek
mnemonics {n} (study of techniques for improving memory)  :: mnemoniek
Münster {prop} (city in North Rhine-Westphalia)  :: Munster, Münster
moa {n} (extinct bird)  :: moa
moan {n} (a low cry of pain)  :: kreun
moan {v} (to make a moan or similar sound)  :: kreunen
moan {v} (to complain)  :: klagen
moat {n} (defensive ditch)  :: slotgracht {m}, gracht {m}
mob {n} (unruly group of people)  :: menigte {f}, massa {c}
mob {n} (group of animals)  :: kudde {c}
mob {n} (the lower classes of a community)  :: gepeupel
mob {v} (to crowd around a person)  :: omgeven
mob {n} (mafia) SEE: mafia  ::
mobile {adj} (capable of being moved)  :: beweeglijk, mobiel
mobile {n} (mobile phone) SEE: mobile phone  ::
mobile phone {n} (portable telephone)  :: mobiele telefoon, GSM, [colloquial, diminutive] mobieltje
mobile telephone {n} (mobile phone) SEE: mobile phone  ::
mobocracy {n} (rule of the mob)  :: ochlocratie {f}
mock {n} (imitation)  :: namaak {m}, afgietsel {n}, imitatie {f}
mock {v} (to mimic)  :: imiteren, naäpen, nadoen
mock {v} (to taunt)  :: spotten met, bespotten
mock {adj} (imitation, not genuine)  :: namaak-
modal {n} (modal verb) SEE: modal verb  ::
modal {adj} (of or relating to a mode or modus)  :: modaal, modus-
modal {adj} (of, relating to, or describing the mood of a clause)  :: modaal
modal {adj} (music: of, relating to, or composed in the musical modi by which an octave is divided)  :: modaal, modus-
modal {adj} (logic: of or relating to the modality between prepositions)  :: modaal
modal {adj} (relating to the statistical mode)  :: modaal, modus-
modal {adj} (requiring immediate computer user interaction)  :: modaal
modal {n} (modal proposition)  :: modale propositie
modal {n} (modal form, notably a modal auxiliary)  :: modale vorm
modal verb {n} (a kind of verb)  :: modaal werkwoord {n}
mode {n} (in music)  :: wijs {f}
mode {n} (means of accomplishing something)  :: wijze {f}
mode {n} (in computing)  :: modus {m}
mode {n} (style or fashion)  :: mode {f}, trend {m}
mode {n} (grammatical mood) SEE: grammatical mood  ::
model {n} (person)  :: model {n}, mannequin {m}
model {n} (miniature)  :: model {n}
model {n} (simplified representation)  :: model {n}
model {n} (style)  :: model {n}
model {n} (structural design)  :: model {n}
model {adj} (worthy of being a model)  :: model-
model {adj}  :: model-
model {v} (display)  :: tonen, model staan
model {v} (use as a model)  :: modelleren
model {v} (make a miniature model)  :: modelleren
model {v} (create from a substance)  :: modelleren
model {v} (be a model)  :: model staan
Model T {prop} (first car made by Ford Motor Co. on an assembly line)  :: T-Ford
modem {n} (device that encodes digital computer signals into analog/analogue telephone signals)  :: modem {m} {n}
moderate {adj} (not excessive)  :: gematigd, matig
moderate {adj} (mediocre)  :: middelmatig, matig, doorsnee
moderate {adj} (having an intermediate position in politics)  :: gematigd
moderate {n} (one who holds an intermediate position)  :: gematigde {m}
moderate {v} (to reduce the excessiveness)  :: matigen, milderen, temperen
moderate {v} (to become less excessive)  :: zich matigen
moderate {v} (to preside over as a moderator)  :: modereren
moderate {v} (to act as a moderator)  :: modereren, bemiddelen
modern {adj} (pertaining to the current time and style)  :: modern, eigentijds, hedendaags, nieuwerwets
modernist {adj} (relating to modernism)  :: modernistisch
modernization {n} (process of modernizing)  :: modernisering {f}
modernize {v} (bring something up to date)  :: moderniseren
modest {adj} (not bragging or boasting about oneself or one's achievements)  :: bescheiden, ingetogen
modestly {adv} (in a modest manner)  :: bescheiden
modesty {n} (the quality of being modest)  :: bescheidenheid
modesty {n} (moderate behaviour; reserve)  :: gereserveerdheid, schroom
modicum {n} (small amount)  :: weinigje {n}
modification {n} (act or result of modifying or condition of being modified)  :: modificatie {f}
modification {n} (alteration or adjustment)  :: modificatie {f}
modification {n} (change to an organism)  :: modificatie {f}
modify {v} (to make partial changes to)  :: modificeren, veranderen
modulate {v} (to cary the amplitude etc.)  :: moduleren
module {n} (self-contained component of a system)  :: module {m}
module {n} (abelian group) SEE: abelian group  ::
Moebius syndrome {n} (disorder)  :: syndroom van Möbius {n}, congenitale faciale diplegie, congenitale oculofaciale paralyse
Mogadishu {prop} (capital city)  :: Mogadishu
mogul {n} (a rich or powerful person)  :: magnaat {m}
Mohammad {prop} (male given name) SEE: Muhammad  ::
Mohammad {prop} (prophet) SEE: Muhammad  ::
Mohawk {prop} (Iroquoian language)  :: Mohawk {n}
Mohawk {n} (hairstyle)  :: hanenkam {m}
Mohican {n} (hairstyle) SEE: Mohawk  ::
moiety {n} (half) SEE: half  ::
moiety {n} ((chemistry) a specific segment of a molecule)  :: groep, functionele groep
moist {adj} (slightly wet)  :: vochtig, nattig
moist {adj} (of eyes: tearful)  :: betraand, vochtig
moisture {n} (a moderate degree of wetness)  :: vochtigheid {f}, vocht {n}
moisturize {v} (to make more moist)  :: bevochtigen
moisturize {v} (to make more humid)  :: natmaken
Moksha {prop} (language)  :: Moksha {n}
molality {n} (concentration of a substance in solution)  :: molaliteit {f}
molar {n} (back tooth)  :: kies {m}, maaltand {m}
molasses {n} (thick brownish syrup refined from raw sugar)  :: melasse {f}
mold {n} (hollow form or matrix for shaping a fluid or plastic substance)  :: vorm, gietvorm, mal {m}
mold {v} (To shape in or on a mold)  :: vormen
mold {v} (To form into a particular shape; to give shape to)  :: vormgeven
mold {v} (To be shaped in or as if in a mold)  :: de vorm aannemen van
mold {n} (woolly or furry growth of tiny fungi)  :: schimmel {m}, meeldauw {m}
Moldavia {prop} (Moldova) SEE: Moldova  ::
Moldova {prop} (country)  :: Moldavië
mole {n} (dark spot on the skin)  :: moedervlek {f}
mole {n} (burrowing insectivore)  :: mol {m}
mole {n} (internal spy)  :: mol {m}
mole {n} (unit of amount)  :: mol {m}
mole cricket {n} (insect of Gryllotalpidae)  :: veenmol {m}
molecular genetics {n} (a field of biology)  :: moleculaire genetica
molecule {n} (group of atoms held together by chemical bonds)  :: molecuul {n}
molehill {n} (A small mound of earth)  :: molshoop {m}
molinology {n} (study of mills)  :: molinologie {f}, molenkunde {f}
moll {adj} (minor) SEE: minor  ::
mollie {n} (Molotov cocktail) SEE: Molotov cocktail  ::
mollusc {n} (soft-bodied invertebrate of phylum Mollusca, see also: clam; oyster; mussel)  :: weekdier {n}, mollusk
molluscicide {n} (substance that kills molluscs)  :: slakkenbestrijdingsmiddel
mollycoddle {n} (person who is pampered and overprotected)  :: wekeling, moederskindje
mollycoddle {v} (to be overprotective and indulgent toward)  :: vertroetelen
Molotov cocktail {n} (simple incendiary bomb)  :: molotovcocktail {m}
molybdenum {n} (chemical element)  :: molybdeen {n}
mom {n} (mother) SEE: mum  ::
moment {n} (very brief period of time)  :: ogenblik {n}, moment {n}, oogwenk {m}, tijdstip {f}, tel {m}
moment {n} (moment in time)  :: moment {n}, wijl {f}, wijle {f}, tijdstip {n}, stond {m}
moment {n} (moment of force)  :: moment {m}
momentarily {adv} (In a momentary manner)  :: even
momentarily {adv} (In a moment or very soon)  :: zo
moment of force {n} (moment of force)  :: krachtmoment {n}
momentum {n} (product of mass and velocity)  :: impuls {m}
momentum {n} (impetus, either of a body in motion, or of an idea or course of events)  :: vaart {m} {f}
mommy {n} (mum) SEE: mum  ::
momo {n} (type of dumpling)  :: momo
Monaco {prop} (country in Europe)  :: Monaco
monarch {n} (ruler)  :: monarch {m}
monarchy {n} (form of government with a hereditary head of state)  :: monarchie {f}
monastery {n} (building for monks)  :: klooster {n}
Monastir {prop} (former name of Bitola in Macedonia)  :: Bitola
Monday {n} (day of the week)  :: maandag {m}
Monday {adv} (on Monday)  :: 's maandags
money {n} (means of exchange and measure of value)  :: geld {n}
moneybags {n} (wealthy person)  :: rijkaard {m}
money changer {n} (person who will exchange currency)  :: geldwisselaar {m}, wisselaar {m}
money laundering {n} (act of obscuring the origin of money that has been obtained illegally)  :: witwassen {n}
Mongol {n} (A person from Mongolia; a Mongolian) SEE: Mongolian  ::
Mongol {n} (someone with Down's syndrome)  :: Mongool {m}, Mongoolse {f}
Mongol {n} (member of the nomadic people)  :: Mongool {m}, Mongoolse {f}
Mongolia {prop} (Central Asian country)  :: Mongolië
Mongolian {adj} (of or relating to Mongolia or its peoples, languages, or cultures)  :: Mongools
Mongolian {n} (native or inhabitant of Mongolia)  :: Mongool
Mongolian {n} (language of Mongolia)  :: Mongools
Mongolian {adj} (designating or affected with Down syndrome) SEE: Mongol  ::
Mongolic {adj} (language family)  :: Mongools
mongoloid {n} (person with Down syndrome) SEE: Mongol  ::
mongoose {n} (a small carnivore of the family Herpestidae)  :: mangoeste {c}
mongrel {n} (someone of mixed kind)  :: bastaard {m}
Monica {prop} (female given name)  :: Monique
Monika {prop} (female given name) SEE: Monica  ::
moniker {n} (personal name or nickname)  :: bijnaam {m}
moniker {n} (signature) SEE: signature  ::
monitor {n} (someone who watches over something)  :: toezichthouder {m}
monitor {n} (computer display)  :: monitor, beeldscherm
monitor {v} (watch over, guard)  :: controleren, surveilleren, toezicht houden
monitor {n} (monitor lizard) SEE: monitor lizard  ::
monitoring {n} (The act of listening, carrying out surveillance on)  :: controleren, toezicht houden, volgen
monitor lizard {n} (lizard of the genus Varanus)  :: varaan {m}
monk {n} (slang: judge) SEE: judge  ::
monk {n} (male member of monastic order)  :: monnik
monk {n} (slang: loner) SEE: loner  ::
monkey {n} (primate)  :: aap {m}, apin {f}
monkey {n} (mischievous child)  :: apenjong, brutale aap
monkey bars {n} (jungle gym) SEE: jungle gym  ::
monkey-eating eagle {n} (Philippine eagle) SEE: Philippine eagle  ::
monkey wrench {n} (problem)  :: probleem
monocoque {n} (structure design)  :: zelfdragende carrosserie {n}, monocoque {m} {f}
monocotyledon {n} (Plant belonging to Monocotyledones or Liliopsida)  :: eenzaadlobbigen
monocracy {n} (autocracy) SEE: autocracy  ::
monocyte {n} (type of blood leukocyte)  :: monocyt {m}
monogermane {n} (germane) SEE: germane  ::
monogram {n} (a design composed of one or more letters used as an identifying mark)  :: monogram {n}
monolingual {adj} (only knowing or spoken in one language)  :: eentalig
monolith {n}  :: monoliet {m}
monomania {n} (an excessive interest with a singal subject)  :: monomanie
monophyletic {adj}  :: monofyletisch
monoplane {n} (airplane that has a single pair of wings)  :: eendekker {m}
monopolistic {adj} (In the manner of a monopoly)  :: monopolistisch
monopolize {v} (have a monopoly)  :: monopolizeren
monopolize {v} (dominate)  :: opkopen
monopoly {n} (situation of exclusive supply)  :: monopolie {n}
monopoly {n} (exclusive possession)  :: monopolie {n}, alleenbezit {n}
monopoly {n} (privilege granting such control)  :: monopolie {n}, alleenrecht {n}
monopoly {n} (market thus controled)  :: monopolie {n}
monopoly {n} (holder of such control)  :: monopolist {m}
monorail {n} (a railroad system where the trains run on one rail)  :: monorail {m}
monosyllabic {adj} (consisting of one syllable)  :: eenlettergrepig
monotheism {n} (belief in one God)  :: monotheïsme {n}
monotheistic {adj} (believing in a single god)  :: monotheïstisch
monotonic {adj}  :: eentonig, eentonige, monotoon, monotone
monotonous {adj} (having an unvarying tone or pitch)  :: monotoon, eentonig
monotonous {adj} (tedious, repetitious or lacking in variety)  :: monotoon, eentonig, saai
monotony {n}  :: eentonigheid {f}
monoxide {n} (oxide containing a single oxygen atom)  :: monoxide {n}
Mons {prop} (city)  :: Bergen {n}
Monsignor {n} (ecclesiastic title bestowed on some Roman Catholic clerics by the Pope)  :: monseigneur {m}
monsoon {n} (tropical rainy season)  :: moesson {m}
mons pubis {n} (fleshy protuberance over the pubic bones)  :: venusheuvel {m}, schaamheuvel {m}, schaamberg {m}
monster {n} (terrifying dangerous creature)  :: monster {n}
monster {n} (bizarre or whimsical creature)  :: gedrocht {n}, monster
monster {n} (badly behaved child)  :: monstertje {n}
monster {adj} (very large)  :: monsterachtig, monstrueus
monstrosity {n} (Monstrous thing, person or act)  :: wangedrocht
monstrosity {n} (State of being monstrous)  :: monstruositeit {m}, misvorming {m}, wanstaltigheid {m}
monstrous {adj}  :: monsterlijk
montage {n} (composite work created by assembling other elements)  :: montage, beeldmontage
montage {v} (to combine into, or depict as, a montage)  :: monteren
Montenegrin {adj} (relating to Montenegro)  :: Montenegrijns
Montenegrin {n} (person from Montenegro)  :: Montenegrijn {m}, Montenegrijnse {f}
month {n} (period into which a year is divided)  :: maand {f}
monthly {adv} (Occurring every month)  :: maandelijks
Montserrat {prop} (island)  :: Montserrat
monument {n} (structure built for commemorative or symbolic reasons)  :: monument {n}
monumental {adj}  :: monumentaal
moo {n} (characteristic sound made by a cow or bull)  :: boe
moo {v} (to make a lowing sound)  :: loeien
moo {interj} (sound made by a cow or bull)  :: boe, moe
mood {n} (mental state)  :: humeur {n}, stemming {f}, gemoedstoestand {m}
mood {n} (bad mood)  :: humeur, bui
mood {n} (grammatical mood) SEE: grammatical mood  ::
moo-moo {n} ((childish) cow)  :: koetje {n}, koebeest {n}, koetje-boe {n}
moon {n} (largest natural satellite of planet Earth)  :: maan {f} {m}
moon {n} (any substantially sized natural satellite of a planet)  :: maan {m} {f}
moon {n} (month)  :: maan {m} {f} [poetic], maand {f}
moon {v} (to display one's buttocks to)  :: moonen, het naakte achterwerk tonen
moon {v} (to fuss over adoringly)  :: aanbidden
Moon {prop} (sole natural satellite of the Earth)  :: maan {f}, Maan {f}
moonbeam {n} (moonlight generally) SEE: moonlight  ::
moon-blind {adj} (night-blind) SEE: night-blind  ::
moon-blind {adj} (moon blindness) SEE: moon blindness  ::
moon blindness {n} (night blindness) SEE: night blindness  ::
moon blindness {n} (chronic, equine inflammatory eye disease)  :: maanoog {n}, maanblind
moonbounce {n} (bouncing castle) SEE: bouncing castle  ::
moonfish {n} (any of various flat, oval marine fish species)  :: maanvis {m}
moon landing {n} (arrival of a spacecraft on the moon)  :: maanlanding {f}
moonlight {n} (light reflected from the moon)  :: maanlicht {n}
moonlight {v} (to work at a secondary job)  :: zwartwerken
moonlighter {n} (person who works a second job)  :: zwartwerker {m}
moonlit {adj} (lit by moonlight)  :: [poetic] maanverlicht, verlicht door de maan
moonquake {n} (lunar seismic event)  :: maanbeving {f}
moonrise {n} (The time of day or night when the moon begins to rise over the horizon)  :: maansopgang {m}, maansopkomst {f}
moonset {n} (the setting of the moon below the horizon)  :: ondergang van de maan {m}, maansondergang
moonshine {n} (shine of the moon)  :: maneschijn {m}
moonsickle {n} (thin crescent of the moon)  :: maansikkel {f}
moonstone {n} (translucent gemstone)  :: maansteen {m}
moonwalk {n} (dance style)  :: moonwalk {m}
moonwalk {v} (to moonwalk dance)  :: moonwalken
moor {n} (region with poor, marshy soil, peat and heath)  :: veen {n}
moor {v} (to cast anchor or become fastened)  :: aanmeren, aanleggen
moor {v} (to fix or secure, as a vessel, in a particular place by casting anchor, or by fastening with cables or chains)  :: meren
moor {v} (to secure or fix firmly)  :: verankeren
Moor {n} (a member of a certain mixed race of Arab and Berber people)  :: Moor
Moor {n} (a member of a this race that formerly occupied Spain)  :: Moor
moose {n} (largest member of the deer family (Alces alces))  :: eland {m}
moot {n} (debate) SEE: debate  ::
moot {n} (discuss) SEE: discuss  ::
moot {adj} (subject to discussion)  :: hypothetisch
moot {adj} (having no practical importance)  :: hypothetisch, irrelevant
moot {n} (to bring up as a subject for debate, to propose)  :: ter discussie stellen, ter tafel brengen, ter sprake brengen
mop {n} (implement for washing floors)  :: zwabber, dekzwabber {m}, mop {m}
moped {n} (two-wheeled vehicle)  :: brommer, bromfiets
morale {n} (capacity)  :: moreel {n}
moral hazard {n} (prospect that a party insulated from risk may behave differently from the way it would behave if it were fully exposed to the risk)  :: moreel wangedrag, moreel risico
morality {n}  :: ethiek
moralize {v} (to furnish with moral lessons)  :: moraliseren
moral panic {n} (mass movement, public outcry)  :: morele paniek
moral philosophy {n} (ethics) SEE: ethics  ::
morass {n} (tract of soft, wet ground)  :: moeras
Moravia {prop} (historical region)  :: Moravië
morbid {adj} (of or relating to disease)  :: morbide, ongezond, ziek, ziekelijk
morbid {adj} (unhealthy or unwholesome, especially psychologically)  :: morbide, ongezond, ziekelijk
morbid {adj} (suggesting the horror of death)  :: morbide, macaber
morbid {adj} (grisly, gruesome)  :: morbide, akelig, gruwelijk, macaber
morbidity {n} (The quality of being unhealthful, morbid; morbidness)  :: morbiditeit, ziekelijkheid
morbidity {n} (The incidence of a disease as a rate)  :: morbiditeit, ziektecijfer
morbidity {n} (An occurrence of illness or disease, or a single symptom of that illness)  :: morbiditeit, ziekte, ziekelijkheid
mordacious {adj} (corrosive) SEE: corrosive  ::
mordacious {adj} (biting, causing a bite or sting)  :: bijtend, scherp
mordacious {adj} (biting, sharp or caustic in style or tone)  :: bijtend, scherp
mordacious {adj} (prone to biting)  :: bijtend, bijtgraag
mordacious {adj} (sharp in intent, sarcastic)  :: bijtend, bitter, sarcastisch, scherp
Mordovia {prop} (republic of Russia)  :: Mordovië
Mordvinia {prop} (republic of Russia) SEE: Mordovia  ::
more {adv}  :: [1,2] meer, [2] verder
more and more {adv} (progressively more)  :: meer en meer
more Catholic than the Pope {adj} (adhering more stringently to Roman Catholic practice than is required)  :: roomser dan de paus
more often than not {adv} (more likely to happen than not to happen)  :: veelal, vaker wel dan niet
more or less {adv} (approximately)  :: min of meer
moreover {adv} (in addition to what has been said)  :: bovendien
Morgan le Fay {prop} (half-sister of King Arthur)  :: Morgana {f}
morgue {n} (place for dead people)  :: lijkenhuis,mortuarium
morgue {n} (haughty attitude) SEE: arrogance  ::
morion {n} (type of helmet)  :: morion
Mormon {prop} (ancient prophet)  :: Mormon
Mormon {n} (member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)  :: mormoon {m}
Mormon {adj} (pertaining to the faith established by Joseph Smith, Jr)  :: Mormoons
morna {n} (a genre of Cape Verdean music)  :: morna
morning {n} (part of the day between dawn and midday)  :: ochtend {m}, morgen {m}, voormiddag
morning {n} (the part of the day after midnight and before midday)  :: ochtend, morgen
morning after {n} (hangover) SEE: hangover  ::
morning gift {n} (gift given by husband to wife upon first morning of marriage)  :: morgengave {f}
morning person {n} (early bird) SEE: early bird  ::
morning star {n} (planet Venus as seen around dawn)  :: morgenster {f}
morning star {n} (spiked weapon on staff)  :: morgenster {f}
Morning Star {prop} (planet Venus as seen around dawn)  :: morgenster {f}
Moroccan {n} (person from Morocco)  :: Marokkaan, Marokkaanse
Moroccan {adj} (pertaining to Morocco)  :: Marokkaans
Morocco {prop} (country)  :: Marokko
moron {n} (person of borderline intelligence)  :: idioot, mongool
moron {n} (person who makes uncool attempts to impress others)  :: mogool, mongol
moron {n} (idiot) SEE: idiot  ::
morose {adj} (Sullen, gloomy; showing a brooding ill humour)  :: nors, mismoedig
morph {n} (allomorph) SEE: allomorph  ::
morpheme {n} (smallest linguistic unit)  :: morfeem {n}, woorddeel {n}
Morpheus {prop} (Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams)  :: Morpheus
morphism {n} (map)  :: morfisme {n}
morphological {adj} (relating to morphology)  :: morfologisch
morphology {n} (a scientific study of form and structure)  :: morfologie {f}, vormleer
morphology {n} (the form and structure of something)  :: morfologie {f}
morphology {n} (a description of the form and structure of something)  :: morfologie {f}
morphology {n} (biological study of the form and structure)  :: morfologie {f}, vormleer
morphology {n} (geological study of the form and structure)  :: morfologie {f}, vormleer
morphology {n} (linguistic study of the form and structure)  :: morfologie {f}, vormleer
Morris column {n} (pillar for advertisements)  :: peperbus {f}
morsel {n} (small fragment)  :: brok, hap, stuk
mortal {adj} (susceptible to death)  :: sterfelijk
mortal {adj} (causing death; deadly; fatal; killing)  :: dodelijk
mortal {n} (human; someone susceptible to death)  :: sterveling {m}
mortality {n} (condition of being susceptible to death)  :: sterfelijkheid {f}, mortaliteit {f}
mortal sin {n} (grave sin)  :: doodzonde {m} {f}
mortar {n} (mixture of lime or cement, sand and water)  :: specie {f}, mortel {m}
mortar {n} (short large-bore cannon)  :: mortier {m} {n}
mortar {n} (vessel used to grind ingredients)  :: vijzel {m}, mortier {m} {n}
mortgage {n} (special form of secured loan)  :: hypotheek {m}
mortgage {v} (to borrow against a property)  :: hypothekeren, lijfrente afsluiten, verpanden
mortgagee {n} (one who provides a loan secured upon the borrowers' property)  :: hypotheekhouder
mortgager {n} (one who uses property they own as security for a loan)  :: hypotheekgever
mortician {n} (undertaker) SEE: undertaker  ::
mortise-and-tenon joint {n} (joint)  :: pen en gat
mortuary {n} (morgue) SEE: morgue  ::
mosaic {n} (artwork)  :: mozaïek {n}
mosaic {n} (genetically diverse individual)  :: mozaïek {n}
mosaic {n} (viral disease)  :: mozaïekvirus
mosaic {n} (composite picture)  :: collage {f}
Mosaic {adj} (Of or relating to Moses or the Torah)  :: mozaïsch
Moscow {prop} (Capital city of Russia)  :: Moskou {n}
Moselle {prop} (River)  :: Moezel {f}
Moses {prop} (the biblical patriarch)  :: Mozes
mosh {v} (wild, jumping dancing)  :: pogoën
mosh pit {n} (mosh dance floor)  :: pogokring {m}
mosque {n} (a place of worship for Muslims)  :: moskee {f}
mosque-goer {n} (one who (regularly) attends a mosque)  :: moskeeganger {m}
mosquito {n} (small flying insect of the family Culicidae, known for biting and sucking blood)  :: mug {f} {m}, muskiet {m}
mosquito net {n} (fine net used to protect against mosquitos)  :: klamboe {m}, muskietennet {n}
moss {n} (bog) SEE: bog  ::
moss {n} (plants of the division Bryophyta)  :: mos {n}
mossy {n} (covered in or overgrown with moss)  :: mossig
most {determiner} (majority of)  :: meeste
mostly {adv} (for the most part)  :: [1] meestal, overwegend
most of all {adv} (to a greater extent than anything else)  :: meest van alles
Mosul {prop} (city)  :: Mosoel
mote {n} (A small particle; a speck)  :: stofdeeltje {n}, vuiltje {n}
moth {n} (insect similar to a butterfly)  :: mot {f}, nachtvlinder {m}
mothball {n} (small ball)  :: mottenbal {m}
mothball {v} (to store something no longer used)  :: in de mottenballen leggen
mother {n} (motherfucker) SEE: motherfucker  ::
mother {n} (female (human) who parents a child, gives birth to a baby, or is pregnant)  :: moeder {f}
mother {n} (one’s female parent)  :: moeder {f}
mother {v} (to treat as a mother would be expected to)  :: bemoederen, koesteren
motherboard {n} (primary circuit board of a computer)  :: moederbord {n}
Mother Earth {prop} (personification of Earth)  :: Moeder Aarde {f}
motherfucker {n} (generic term of abuse)  :: moederneuker [never used except to be funny], kankerlijer, mogool [more common], klootzak, kelerelijer, klerelijer, teringlij(d)er, tyfuslij(d)er
mother goddess {n} (goddess who serves as a fertility deity)  :: moedergodin {f}
mother hen {n} (overprotective woman)  :: moederkloek {f}
motherhood {n} (the state of being a mother)  :: moederschap {n}
motherhouse {n}  :: moederhuis {n}
mother-in-law {n} (spouse’s mother)  :: schoonmoeder {f}
motherland {n} (the country of one's ancestors)  :: vaderland {n}
motherland {n} (the country of one's birth)  :: geboorteland {n}
motherland {n} (country of origin)  :: land van oorsprong {n}
motherland {n} (mother country in contrast to its colonies)  :: moederland
motherless {adj} (without a living mother)  :: moederloos
motherlode {n} (main, central lode)  :: hoofdader {m}
motherlode {n} (main prize, etc.)  :: hoofdbrok {m} {n}, hoofdprijs {m}, hoofdvogel {m}, leeuwendeel {n}
Mother Nature {prop} (the personification of Nature and the Earth's biosphere as a woman)  :: Moeder Natuur {f}
mother-of-pearl {n} (the hard pearly inner layer of certain mollusk shells)  :: parelmoer {n}
Mother's Day {n} (a day in honor of mothers)  :: moederdag {m}
mother's milk {n} (breast milk) SEE: breast milk  ::
mother tongue {n} (one's native tongue)  :: moedertaal {f}
motion {n} (state of progression from one place to another)  :: beweging {f}
motion {n} (parliamentary proposal)  :: motie {f}
motionless {adj} (at rest, not moving)  :: bewegingsloos
motion picture {n} (movie) SEE: movie  ::
motion sickness {n} (nausea or dizziness in a moving vehicle)  :: reisziekte {f}; zeeziek [seasickness]
motivate {v} (to encourage)  :: motiveren
motive {n} (a cause to commit a crime)  :: motief {n}, beweegreden {f}, motivatie
motive {n} (music: theme or subject)  :: motief {n}, onderwerp {f}
motive {n} (arts: motif)  :: motief {n}
motive {v} (to prompt or incite)  :: motiveren, aanzetten tot
motive {adj} (causing motion)  :: bewegend
motive {adj} (Relating to motion and/or to its cause)  :: bewegings- , motioneel
motley {adj} (comprising greatly varied elements)  :: bont, samengeraapt
motley {adj} (having many colours; variegated)  :: bont, geschakeerd
motley {n} (an incongruous mixture)  :: mengelmoes {m} {f} {n}
motor {n} (engine)  :: motor {m}
motor {n} (motor car)  :: motorrijtuig {n}
motorbiker {n} (motorcyclist) SEE: motorcyclist  ::
motorboat {n} (boat driven by an engine)  :: motorboot {m} {f}
motorcar {n} (enclosed passenger vehicle powered by engine) SEE: automobile  ::
motorcycle {n} (open-seated motor-powered vehicle with two wheels)  :: motorfiets {f}
motorcycle sport {n} (The sport of racing with motorcycles)  :: motorsport
motorcyclist {n} (someone who rides a motorcycle)  :: motorrijder {m}, motorrijdster {f}
motorist {n} (one who drives a motor vehicle)  :: automobilist {m}
motorway {n} (broad highway)  :: snelweg, autoweg
mottled {adj} (spotted)  :: gevlekt
motto {n} (sentence, phrase or word forming part of an heraldic achievement)  :: motto {n}, wapenspreuk {m}, [personal] lijfspreuk {m}
motto {n} (suggestive sentence, phrase or word)  :: motto {n}
mouflon {n} (sheep)  :: moeflon {m}
mould {n} (mould) SEE: mold  ::
mould {v} (mould) SEE: mold  ::
mouldwarp {n} (mole) SEE: mole  ::
mouldy {adj} (neglected) SEE: neglected  ::
moulin {n} (cylindrical, vertical shaft that extends through a glacier)  :: gletsjermolen {m}
moult {n} (process)  :: rui {m}
moult {v} (to shed hair, feathers, skin, horns etc., as an animal)  :: ruien (feathers), muiten (falcons), vervellen (skin), verharen (fur)
mound {n} (artificial elevation of earth)  :: terp {m}
mound {n} (natural elevation)  :: heuvel
mound {n} (vulva) SEE: vulva  ::
mount {n} (mountain) SEE: mountain  ::
mount {n} (horse)  :: rijpaard {n}
mount {n} (rider in cavalry)  :: ruiter {m}
mount {v} (to place oneself on a horse, bcycle etc. to ride)  :: beklimmen
mount {v} (to attach an object to a support)  :: monteren, bevestigen
mount {v} (to get on top of an animal to mate)  :: bestijgen
mountain {n} (large mass of earth and rock)  :: berg {m}
mountain {n} (large amount)  :: berg
mountain bike {n} (bicycle especially designed for off-road riding)  :: BMX {m}
mountain hare {n} (mountain hare)  :: sneeuwhaas {m}
mountain lion {n} (Puma concolor) SEE: cougar  ::
mountainous {adj} (having many mountains)  :: bergachtig
mountain range {n} (line of mountains)  :: gebergte {n}
mountain range {n} (series of mountain lines)  :: bergketen {c}
mountaintop {n} (the summit of a mountain)  :: bergtop
Mount Everest {prop} (world’s highest mountain, located in the Himalayas)  :: Mount Everest {m}
Mount of Olives {prop} (mountain ridge)  :: Olijfberg {m}
mourn {v} (express sadness for, grieve over)  :: treuren, rouwen
mourning {n} (expressing sorrow over death)  :: rouw
mourning {n}  :: rouw
mouse {n} (rodent of the genus Mus)  :: muis {f}
mouse {n} (shy person)  :: muisje {n}
mouse {n} (computing: input device)  :: muis {f}, computermuis {f}
mouse {v} (to mouse around)  :: muizen
mouse {v} (to catch mice)  :: muizen vangen
mouse-colored antshrike {n} (bird)  :: grijze mierklauwier
mouse mat {n} (mouse pad) SEE: mouse pad  ::
mouse pad {n} (mouse pad)  :: muis stootkussen {n}
mousepad {n} (mouse pad) SEE: mouse pad  ::
mousetrap {n} (device for killing mice)  :: muizenval {m}
moussaka {n} (baked dish)  :: moussaka {m}
moustache {n} (hair on upper lip)  :: snor {f}
mouth {n} (the opening of a creature through which food is ingested)  :: mond {m}, [of animals] bek {m}, muil {m}
mouth {n} (the end of a river out of which water flows)  :: monding {f}, riviermond {m}, muide {f}
mouthguard {n} (device)  :: mondbeschermer
mouth organ {n} (mouth organ) SEE: harmonica  ::
mouth ulcer {n} (aphthous ulcer) SEE: aphthous ulcer  ::
mouthwash {n} (liquid used to clean one's mouth)  :: mondwater {n}
movable {adj} (capable of being moved)  :: beweegbaar
move {v} (to change place or posture; to go)  :: bewegen, zich bewegen, zich verplaatsen
move {v} (to act; to take action)  :: stappen ondernemen, maatregelen treffen
move {v} (to change residence)  :: verhuizen
move {v} (to change the place of a piece)  :: zetten, een zet doen
move {v} (to cause to change place or posture; to set in motion)  :: (doen) bewegen, verroeren, roeren
move {v} (to transfer from one space or position to another)  :: verzetten, verplaatsen
move {v} (to excite to action)  :: drijven, aanzetten, aansporen, bewegen
move {v} (to arouse the feelings or passions of)  :: ontroeren, roeren, bewegen, aangrijpen, ontzetten
move {v} (to propose; to recommend)  :: voorstellen
move {n} (the act of moving; a movement)  :: beweging {f}, verroering {f}
move {n} (an act for the attainment of an object or purpose)  :: stap {m}, maatregel {m}
move {n} (the event of changing one's residence)  :: verhuizing {f}
move {n} (the act of moving a token on a gameboard)  :: zet {m}, beurt {f}
move house {v} (change place of residence)  :: verhuizen
movement {n} (physical motion)  :: beweging {f}
movement {n} (impression of motion)  :: beweging {f}
movement {n} (trend in various fields or social categories)  :: beweging {f}
movement {n} (music: division of a larger musical composition)  :: beweging {f}
movie {n} (motion picture)  :: film {m}
moviehouse {n} (cinema) SEE: cinema  ::
moviemaker {n} (a person who makes movies as a profession) SEE: filmmaker  ::
movie theater {n} (cinema) SEE: cinema  ::
moving {adj} (that moves or move)  :: bewegend, bewegende
moving {adj} (that causes someone to feel emotion)  :: ontroerend, ontroerende
mow {v} (to cut something down)  :: maaien
moxie {n}  :: vastberadenheid, doortastenheid
Mozambican {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Mozambique, or the Mozambican people)  :: Mozambikaans
Mozambique {prop} (country in Southern Africa)  :: Mozambique
mozzarella {n} (soft Italian cheese)  :: mozzarella {m}
Mr. {n} (Mr) SEE: Mr  ::
Mr {n} (abbreviation of Mister)  :: dhr.
Mérida {prop} (Spanish city)  :: Mérida
Mrs {abbr} (title before woman's name)  :: mevr., mw.
métier {n} (activity that is pursued as a trade or profession; a calling)  :: beroep {m}
mu {n} (Greek letter)  :: mu {m} {f}
Muay Thai {n} (the martial art/sport)  :: Muay Thai, Thaiboksen
much {determiner} (a large amount of)  :: veel
much {adv} (to a great extent)  :: veel
much obliged {adj} (thank you) SEE: thank you  ::
much obliged {adj} (grateful) SEE: grateful  ::
much of a muchness {phrase} (little difference between multiple things)  :: lood om oud ijzer
mucilage {n} (thick gluey substance produced by many plants)  :: gom, slijmstof
mucous membrane {n} (membrane which secretes mucus)  :: slijmvlies {n}
mucus {n} (slippery secretion)  :: slijm {m}
mud {n} (mixture of soil and water)  :: modder {m}, slijk {n}, smurrie
mud {n} (willfull remarks or claims)  :: modder {m}
mud {v} (to make muddy)  :: beslijken, verslijken, besmeuren
muddle {v} (mix together, to mix up; to confuse)  :: verwarren, door mekaar mengen
muddle {n} (A mixture; a confusion; a garble)  :: wirwar {m}, warboel {m}
muddled {adj}  :: troebel
mud fight {n} (physical fight in dirt)  :: moddergevecht {n}
mud fight {n} (dirty verbal duel)  :: moddergevecht {n}, moddergooien {n}
mud flat {n} (flat expanse of mud at edge of water)  :: wad {n}
mudra {n} (symbolic hand postures of India)  :: mudra
mudslide {n} (geological disaster in which a large amount of mud gathers and moves rapidly down a hill or slope)  :: aardverschuiving {f}, grondverschuiving {f}, modderstroom
muesli {n} (breakfast dish)  :: muesli {m} {f}
muezzin {n} (person who issues call to prayer)  :: muezzin {m}
muff {n} (a piece of fur or cloth for keeping the hands warm)  :: mof {f}
muff diving {n} (cunnilingus) SEE: cunnilingus  ::
muffin {n} (individual cake)  :: muffin
muffle {v} (To mute or deaden)  :: dempen
muffler {n} (part of exhaust pipe)  :: knalpot {m}, demper {m}, knalpijp {f}
muffler {n} (scarf) SEE: scarf  ::
mufti {n} (Muslim scholar)  :: moefti {m}
mufti {n} (civilian dress)  :: burgertenue {n}
mug {n} (large cup)  :: beker {m}, mok {f}
mug {n} ((slang) the face)  :: smoelwerk {n}
mug {n} ((colloquial) a person who is easily fooled)  :: achterlijke {m}, idioot {m}, goedgelovige
mug {v} (to assault for the purpose of robbery)  :: overvallen, beroven
mug {v} (to exaggerate a facial expression)  :: bekken trekken, grimassen
mugger {n} (a street robber)  :: straatrover
mugger {n} (the large crocodile Crocodilus palustris)  :: moeraskrokodil {m} {f}
muggle {n} (Muggle) SEE: Muggle  ::
Muggle {n} (non-magical person)  :: dreuzel {m}
Muggle {n} (non-specialist)  :: amateur
Muhammad {prop} (the prophet who introduced Islam)  :: Mohammed
Muhu {prop} (island)  :: Muhu
mujahid {n} (a Muslim engaging in jihad)  :: moedjahedien {m} {f}
mujahideen {n} (mujahid) SEE: mujahid  ::
mulatto {n} (A person of mixed black and white descent)  :: mulat {m}, mulattin {f}, halfbloed {m} {f}, dubbelbloed {m} {f}
mulberry {n} (the tree)  :: moerbeiboom {m}
mulberry {n} (the fruit)  :: moerbei {f}
mulch {n} (shredded matter for covering the soil)  :: mulch, muls, bodembedekking
mulch {v} (to apply mulch)  :: mulchen
mulct {n} (pecuniary penalty)  :: geldboete {m} {f}
mule {n} (offspring of male donkey and female horse)  :: muildier {n}
muleta {n} ((bullfighting) red flag)  :: muleta {m} {f}
mull {v} (to work over mentally)  :: overwegen, overdenken
mullet {n} (fish of the family Mugilidae (grey mullets))  :: harder {m}
mullet {n} (hairstyle)  :: matje {n} [Netherlands], nektapijt {n} [Belgium]
mullion {n} (vertical bar between the casements of a window)  :: middenstijl {m}
mull over {v} (ponder)  :: overdenken, beschouwen
multicellular {adj} (having many cells)  :: meercellig
multicolor {adj} (multicolored) SEE: multicolored  ::
multicolored {adj} (having multiple colors)  :: bont, bonte, veelkleurig, veelkleurige, meerkleurig
multicultural {adj} (relating to several different cultures)  :: multicultureel, multiculturele
multiculturalism {n} (societal idea)  :: multiculturalisme {n}
multifaceted {adj} (having many aspects)  :: veelzijdig
multifarious {adj} (having multiplicity)  :: veelvoudig, divers
multilateral {adj} (having many sides or points of view)  :: multilateraal
multilateral {adj} (involving more than one party)  :: multilateraal
multilayered {adj} (having more than one layer)  :: meerlagig
multilingual {adj} (pertaining to multiple languages)  :: meertalig
multilingualism {n} (ability to speak several languages)  :: meertaligheid
multilogue {n} (many-to-many conversation)  :: multiloog {m}
multinational {n} (multinational company)  :: multinational {m}
multiple {adj} (having more than one element, part, component or function)  :: meerdere
multiple {n} (a number that may be divided by another number with no remainder)  :: veelvoud {n}
multiplication {n} (process)  :: vermenigvuldigen {n}
multiplication {n} (calculation)  :: vermenigvuldiging {f}
multiplication sign {n} (symbol denoting multiplication)  :: maalteken {n}
multiply {v} (transitive: perform multiplication on (a number))  :: vermenigvuldigen
multisyllabic {adj} (having more than one syllable)  :: meerlettergrepig
multiverse {n} (hypothetical group of all possible universes)  :: multiversum {n}
mum {n} (mother (informal, familiar))  :: mama {f}
mumble {v} (to speak unintelligibly)  :: mompelen
mummer {n} (actor in a pantomime)  :: pantomimespeler {m}
mummy {n} (embalmed corpse)  :: mummie
mummy {n} (child's term for mother)  :: mama {f}
mumps {n} (contagious disease)  :: bof
mum's the word {phrase} (the accompanying facts are a secret)  :: mondje dicht
munchies {n} (craving for food as a result of use of cannabis)  :: boefkik {m}
mundane {adj} (worldly)  :: aards
mundane {adj} (ordinary)  :: gewoon, alledaags
mundane {adj} (tedious)  :: afgezaagd
Munich {prop} (capital of Bavaria)  :: München
municipal {adj} (pertaining to city)  :: gemeentelijk
municipality {n} (a district with a government that typically encloses no other governed districts)  :: gemeente
munificence {n} (the quality of being munificent; generosity)  :: gulheid {f}, vrijgevigheid {f}, goedgeefsheid {f}, generositeit {f}, munificentie {f}
munificent {adj} ((of a person or group) very liberal in giving or bestowing)  :: vrijgevig, goedgeefs, gul, munificent, genereus
Muntenia {prop} (Muntenia)  :: Muntenië {n}
muon {n} (an unstable elementary particle in the lepton family)  :: muon {n}
muon neutrino {n} (elementary particle)  :: muonneutrino {n}
Murad {prop} (male given name)  :: Murad
mural {n} (painting on wall)  :: muurschildering {f}
murder {n} (an act of deliberate killing)  :: moord {f}
murder {n} (the crime of deliberate killing)  :: moord {f}
murder {n} (terrible to endure)  :: moord {f}
murder {v} (deliberately kill)  :: vermoorden [transitive], moorden [intransitive]
murder {v} (defeat decisively)  :: de grond in boren
murder {v} (express one’s anger at)  :: vermoorden
murder {v} (devour)  :: vermoorden
murder {v} (to murder someone) SEE: remove  ::
murderer {n} (person who commits murder)  :: moordenaar {m}
murderess {n} (woman who commits murder)  :: moordenares {f}, moordenaarster {f}
murderous {adj} (likely to commit murder, homicidal)  :: moordzuchitg
murky {adj} (hard to see through)  :: troebel, troebele
murky {adj} (gloomy) SEE: gloomy  ::
murky {adj} (obscure) SEE: obscure  ::
Murmansk {prop} (city)  :: Moermansk
murrey {n} (mulberry) SEE: mulberry  ::
murrey {n} (red colour)  :: murrey
Muscat {prop} (capital city)  :: Maskate
muscle {n} (contractile tissue)  :: spier {f}
muscleman {n} (bodyguard) SEE: bodyguard  ::
Muscovian {adj} (relating to Muscovy)  :: Moskovisch
Muscovian {n} (descendant of the people of Muscovy)  :: Moskoviër {m}
Muscovite {n} (resident of Moscow)  :: Moskoviet {m}
Muscovite {adj} (Relating to Moscow)  :: Moskovitisch
Muscovy {prop} (Grand Duchy of Moscow)  :: Moskovië {n}
Muscovy duck {n} (duck)  :: muskuseend {m} {f}, barbarieeend {m} {f}
muscular {adj} (of or relating to muscles)  :: musculair, spier-
muscular {adj} (having strength)  :: gespierd
muscular {adj} (having large, well-developed muscles)  :: gespierd
muscularity {n}  :: gespierdheid
muse {n} (a source of inspiration)  :: Muze
muse {v} (to become lost in thought)  :: mijmeren, nadenken
muse {v} (to think on; to meditate on)  :: stilstaan bij
Muse {n} (one of the nine Ancient Greek deities of the arts)  :: muse, Nadenken
museum {n} (building or institution)  :: museum {n}
mush {n} (A food comprising cracked or rolled grains cooked in water or milk, porridge)  :: pap {f}
mush {n} (slang: the face)  :: tronie {f}
mushroom {n} (fruiting body of a fungus)  :: paddenstoel {m}, zwam {m}
mushroom {n} (champignon) SEE: champignon  ::
mushroom cloud {n} (mushroom shaped cloud)  :: paddenstoelwolk {f}
music {n} (sound, organized in time in a melodious way)  :: muziek {f}
music {n} (any pleasing or interesting sounds)  :: muziek {f}
music {n} (sheet music)  :: bladmuziek {f}, partituur {f}
musical {adj} (of or relating to music)  :: muzikaal
musical {n} (stage performance, show or film)  :: musical {m}
musical box {n} (music box) SEE: music box  ::
musical chairs {n} (game)  :: stoelendans {m}
musical chairs {n} (figuratively: activity of shuffling people)  :: stoelendans {m}
musical instrument {n} (a device, object, contrivance or machine used to produce musical notes or sounds)  :: muziekinstrument {n}
music box {n} (box that generates or plays music)  :: speeldoos {f} {m}
music box {n}  :: speelklok
music chart {n} (ranking of music)  :: Hitparade
musician {n} (person who performs or writes music)  :: muzikant {m}, muzikante {f}, musicus {m} {f}
musicologist {n} (one who studies musicology)  :: musicoloog {m}
musicology {n} (study of music)  :: musicologie {f}
music school {n} (school of music)  :: muziekschool
music stand {n} (stand for holding sheet music)  :: muziekstandaard {m}, muziekstatief {n}, notenstandaard {m}
music theory {n} (field of study dealing with how music works)  :: muziektheorie {f}
music to someone's ears {n} (good news; pleasing sound or expression)  :: als muziek in de oren klinken
musk {n} (greasy secretion with powerful odour)  :: muskus {f}
musk mallow {n} (Abelmoschus moschatus) SEE: abelmosk  ::
musk ox {n} (an arctic mammal)  :: muskusos {m}
muskrat {n} (Ondatra zibethicus)  :: muskusrat {f}
Muslim {n} (believer of Islam)  :: moslim {m}, moslima {f}
Muslim {adj} (relating to believers of Islam)  :: moslims
muslin {n} (very different styles of fabric) SEE: fabric  ::
muslin {n} (thin cotton cloth)  :: mousseline
musophobia {n}  :: musofobie
musquash {n} (Ondatra zibethicus) SEE: muskrat  ::
muss {n} (mess) SEE: mess  ::
mussel {n} (any small edible bivalve shellfish, see also: clam; oyster; mollusc)  :: mossel {f}
must {v} (be required to)  :: moeten
mustache {n} (moustache) SEE: moustache  ::
mustard {n} (plant)  :: mosterd {m}, mosterdplant {m}
mustard {n} (condiment)  :: mosterd {m}
muster {v} (to show, exhibit) SEE: show  ::
muster {n} (show; display)  :: tonen, vertonen
mutagen {n} (agent or substance that can cause genetic mutation)  :: mutageen {n}
mutant {n} (something that has mutated)  :: mutant
mutation {n} (mutant) SEE: mutant  ::
mute {adj} (not having the power of speech)  :: stom
mute {adj} (silent, not making a sound)  :: stil, gedempt
mute {n} (person unable to speak)  :: stomme {m} {f}
mute swan {n} (Cygnus olor)  :: knobbelzwaan {m}
mutilate {v} (To physically harm as to impair use)  :: verminken
mutilate {v} (To destroy beyond recognition)  :: verminken, verhakkelen
mutilate {v} (To render imperfect or defective)  :: verminken
mutineer {n} (someone who participates in mutiny)  :: muiter {m}
mutiny {n} (organized rebellion)  :: muiterij {f}
mutiny {v} (commit mutiny)  :: muiten
mutism {n} (psychological disorder)  :: mutisme {n}
mutt {n} (a mongrel dog)  :: bastaard
mutt {n} (a term of abuse)  :: halve gare, idioot, domkop
mutter {n} (instance of muttering)  :: gemompel, geroezemoes
mutter {v} (speak under one's breath)  :: mompelen
mutton {n} (the flesh of sheep used as food)  :: schapenvlees {n}, schaap {n}
mutton dressed as lamb {n} (middle-aged or elderly woman dressed in a style more suited to a young woman)  :: van achteren lyceum, van voren museum
mutual {adj} (having the same relationship, each to each other)  :: wederzijds
muzzle {n} (part of animal's head)  :: snuit {m} {f}
muzzle {n} (device to stop an animal from biting)  :: muilband
muzzle {v} (to apply a muzzle)  :: muilkorven
muzzle {v} (to restrain from speaking or acting)  :: muilkorven
my {determiner} (belonging to me)  :: mijn
Myanmar {prop} (Southeast Asian country)  :: Myanmar
my blood type is ... {phrase} (my blood type is …)  :: mijn bloedgroep is ...
my car has broken down {phrase} (my car has broken down)  :: mijn auto is kapot
Mycenaean {adj} (relating to Mycenae)  :: Myceens
mycologist {n} (a person who studies, professes or practices mycology)  :: mycoloog {m}
mycology {n} (study of fungi)  :: mycologie {f}
my condom broke {phrase}  :: mijn condoom ging kapot
mycorrhiza {n} (symbiotic relationship between the mycelium of a fungus and the roots of a plant)  :: zwamwortel
mycosis {n} (an infection caused by a fungus)  :: schimmelinfectie {f}
my name is {phrase} (a way to identify oneself)  :: ik heet..., mijn naam is...
myocardial infarction {n} (heart attack) SEE: heart attack  ::
myopia {n} (disorder of vision)  :: bijziendheid {f}
myopia {n} (lack of imagination, discernment or long-range perspective in thinking or planning)  :: kortzichtigheid {f}
myopic {adj} (unable to see distant objects unaided)  :: bijziend
my pleasure {interj} (a polite reaction to receiving thanks)  :: graag gedaan
myriad {n} (ten thousand, see also: ten thousand)  :: myriade {f}
myriad {n} (vast diversity or number)  :: een groot aantal, myriade {f}
myrrh {n} (dried sap of the myrrha tree)  :: mirre {m}
myself {pron} (me, reflexive case of I)  :: mijzelf, mezelf
mysterious {adj} (of unknown origin)  :: geheimzinnig, mysterieus
mysterious {adj} (having unknown qualities)  :: geheimzinnig, raadselachtig, mysterieus
mysteriousness {n} (the quality of being mysterious)  :: raadselachtigheid {f}
mystery {n} (something secret or unexplainable)  :: mysterie {n}
mystic {adj} (of, or relating to mystics, mysticism or occult mysteries)  :: mystiek
mystic {adj} (mysterious and strange)  :: mysterieus, enigmatisch, raadselachtig, geheimzinnig, duister
myth {n} (divine story)  :: mythe {f} {m}
myth {n} (commonly-held but false belief)  :: mythe {f} {m}
mythology {n} (myths of a people)  :: mythologie {f}
mythology {n} (collection and study of myths)  :: mythologie {f}