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l' {art} [before a vowel] :: apocopic form of le, la The
l' {pron} [before a vowel] :: apocopic form of le, la Him, her, it
{adv} :: there
{adv} [used with être] :: here, present
{m} [obsolete] :: breadth, width
{m} :: strip, length (of paper, textiles etc.)
-là {particle} :: that. always used with ce
la {art} :: the [definite article]
la {pron} :: her, it [direct object]
la {m} [music] :: la, the note 'A'
l'a {contraction} :: contraction of le + a or le + a; has it
Léa {prop} [biblical character] :: Leah (biblical character)
Léa {prop} :: given name currently popular in France
laçabilité {f} :: ability to be laced
la barbe {f} [slang] :: Something that is very boring
labbe {f} [ornithology] :: skua
Labeaume {prop} :: surname
label {m} :: quality label
label {m} [music] :: record label
Labelle {prop} :: Labelle; surname
labellisation {f} :: labeling
labelliser {v} :: to label
labelliser {v} [figurative] :: to approve, to give official status to
Laberge {prop} :: surname
labeur {m} :: toil
labeurer {v} :: to toil (struggle)
labferment {m} [enzyme] :: rennet
labial {adj} [phonetics, phonology] :: labial
labialiser {v} :: to labialize
labiaplastie {f} :: alternative form of labioplastie
labile {adj} :: labile
labilité {f} :: fleetingness, transience
labilité {f} :: lability
labiodental {adj} :: labiodental
labiodentale {f} :: labiodental
labioplastie {f} :: labiaplasty
labiovélaire {adj} [phonetics, phonology] :: labiovelar
labéliser {v} :: alternative form of labelliser
la bémol majeur {m} :: A-flat major
labo {m} :: lab (laboratory)
laborant {adj} [literary] :: Working, laboring
laborantin {m} :: laboratory assistant / technician
laboratoire {m} :: laboratory
laboratoire d'idées {m} [idiomatic] :: think tank (a group which performs research and develops reports and recommendations)
laboreur {m} :: A (male) worker or laborer
laborieusement {adv} :: laboriously (with great expenditure of effort)
laborieux {adj} :: laborious
labour {m} :: cultivation
labourable {adj} :: ploughable, cultivable
labourage {m} :: ploughing / plowing
labourer {vt} :: to plough
laboureur {m} :: ploughman; plowman
Labrador {prop} :: Labrador, the mainland portion of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador
Labrador {prop} [chiefly historical] :: Labrador, the area of the Atlantic watershed of the Quebec peninsula, bounded to the south by the watershed of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, to the north by the watershed of Ungava Bay, to the west by the watershed of Hudson Bay
Labrador {prop} :: Labrador, a breed of dog
labradorien {adj} :: Labradorian (from or relating to Labrador)
Labradorien {m} :: Labradorian (someone from Labrador)
Labradorienne {f} :: feminine noun of Labradorien
Labrecque {prop} :: surname
labyrinthe {m} :: labyrinth
labyrinthique {adj} :: labyrinthine
labyrinthite {f} :: a form of otitis that causes dizziness and loss of balance
lac {m} :: lake
laïc {m} :: layman (not clergy)
laïcat {m} :: laity
laccine {f} :: laccin
lacer {v} :: to lace, to lace up
lacet {m} :: lace (of boot, shoe)
lacet {m} :: knot on a rope, especially for trapping small animals
lacet {m} [figuratively] :: trap, ambush
lacet {m} :: bend, twist (of a road), a switchback
lacet {m} :: yaw (rotation about the vertical axis)
laîche {f} :: sedge (any plant of the genus Carex)
Lachiver {prop} :: surname
lacis {m} [archaic] :: lacis
lacis {m} [sports] :: lacing
lacis {m} :: maze (of alleyways etc.); web, network
laïcisation {f} :: laicization, secularization
laïciser {v} :: to laicize; to secularize
laïcité {f} :: separation of church and state
laïcité {f} :: secularity, secularism; secular society
Lacombe {prop} :: surname
laconique {adj} :: laconic
laconiquement {adv} :: laconically
laconisme {m} :: terseness
Lacoste {prop} :: surname
Lacourse {prop} :: surname
lacération {f} :: laceration
lacérer {v} :: lacerate (to tear, rip or wound)
Lacroix {prop} :: surname
lacéroïque {adj} [organic chemistry] :: lacceroic
lacrymal {adj} :: lacrimal
lacrymogène {adj} :: teary, tear-filled
lacrymogène {adj} :: lacrimogenous (causing the production of tears)
lacrymonasal {adj} [anatomy] :: lacrimonasal
lacs {m} [archaic] :: noose
lacs {m} [archaic] :: lasso
lacs {m} :: snare, trap
Lac Saint-Jean {prop} :: A large lake in Quebec, Canada
Lac-Saint-Jean {prop} :: The area surrounding Lac Saint-Jean in Quebec
lacté {adj} :: milk
lacté {adj} :: milky
lactaire {adj} :: milk (attributive)
lactaire {m} :: milk-cap (mushroom)
lactéal {adj} :: lacteal
lactame {m} [organic chemistry] :: lactam
lactine {f} [obsolete] :: lactin
lactique {adj} :: lactic (all senses)
lactobacille {m} :: lactobacillus
lactobacillique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: lactobacillic
lactoglobuline {f} [protein] :: lactoglobulin
lactose {m} [carbohydrate] :: lactose
lactosérum {m} :: whey
lactucarium {m} :: lactucarium, lettuce opium
lactucique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: lactucic
lacunaire {adj} :: incomplete (having gaps)
lacune {f} :: gap
lacune {f} :: vacuum, empty space
lacune {f} [figuratively] :: lack; thing that is missing
lacune {f} :: [usually in the plural] ignorance, shortcoming
lacustre {adj} :: Of or relating to a lake
ladé {adv} :: there
La Défense {prop} :: La Défense
ladin {adj} :: Ladin
ladin {m} :: Ladin (language)
ladino {m} :: Ladino (language)
Ladislas {prop} {m} :: given name, cognate to the English Ladislaus
Ladmirault {prop} :: surname
ladre {mf} :: miser
ladre {mf} :: leper (person with leprosy)
ladre {adj} :: miserly
ladre {adj} :: leprous (having leprosy)
lady {f} :: lady (wife of a lord; important woman)
Laetitia {prop} :: given name, cognate to Letitia, popular in the 1980s
Lafarge {prop} :: surname
la ferme {interj} :: shut up
la fermer {v} [colloquial, offensive] :: to shut up (refrain from speech)
Laflamme {prop} :: surname
la Flanelle {prop} [Quebec, sports] :: alternative form of la Sainte-Flanelle
Lafleur {prop} :: surname
Lafontaine {prop} :: Lafontaine; surname
la fortune sourit aux audacieux {proverb} :: fortune favors the brave (literally: fortune smiles on the brave)
lagide {m} :: Lagid
lagomorphe {m} :: lagomorph (animal of the order Lagomorpha)
lagon {m} :: lagoon (shallow body of water)
lagopède {m} :: any of the birds in the genus Lagopus
la goutte d'eau qui fait déborder le vase {f} [idiomatic, singulare tantum] :: the straw that broke the camel's back
lagrangien {adj} :: Lagrangian
lagunage {m} :: The construction of a wetland area in order to purify polluted water
lagunaire {adj} [attributive] :: lagoon
lagune {f} :: lagoon, shallow body of coastal water
La Haye {prop} {f} :: The Hague, the administrative capital of the Netherlands
lahmacun {f} :: alternative spelling of lahmajoun (lahmacun)
lahmajoon {f} :: alternative spelling of lahmajoun
lahmajoun {f} :: lahmacun (lahmajoun)
lahmajun {f} :: alternative spelling of lahmajoun
lai {m} [historical] :: lai (a mostly North European form of medieval song, with stanzas that do not repeat)
lai {adj} :: lay, equivalent to French laïc, laïque (relating to laypersons as opposed to clerical)
laid {adj} :: physically ugly
laid {adj} :: morally corrupt
laid comme les sept péchés capitaux {adj} [simile, dated] :: Extremely ugly; ugly as sin; looking like the back end of a bus
laid comme un pou {adj} [simile] :: Extremely ugly; ugly as sin; looking like the back end of a bus
laidement {adv} :: uglily
laideron {m} :: An ugly young woman
laideur {f} [usually, in the singular] :: ugliness
laidir {vi} :: to uglify (become ugly)
laie {f} :: Female boar; wild sow
lainage {m} :: woollens
laine {f} :: wool
laineux {adj} :: woolly
laineux {adj} :: woollen
lainier {m} :: wool manufacturer, trader etc
lainier {adj} :: wool (attribtive)
laisse {f} :: leash, lead
laisse {f} :: foreshore
laisse {f} [poetry] :: laisse
laisser {vt} :: to leave, to leave behind
laisser {vt} :: to forget, to leave alone
laisser {vt} :: to leave with, to give
laisser {vt} :: to let, to allow
laisser {vr} [se laisser] :: to allow oneself, to let oneself
laisser-aller {m} :: self-indulgence
laisser à désirer {v} :: to leave a lot to be desired
laisser faire {vt} [idiomatic] :: Let someone do as they please
laisser faire {vi} [idiomatic] :: To not intervene
laisser faire {vr} [idiomatic] :: Not to react to things done to oneself
laisser-faire {m} :: laissez faire
laisser sa peau {v} :: to perish, not to make it
laisser tomber {vt} :: to physically drop (an object)
laisser tomber {vt} :: to drop, to forget about, to leave
laissez faire {m} [rare] :: dated form of laisser-faire
laissez-faire {m} :: alternative form of laisser-faire
laissez les bons temps rouler {interj} [Louisiana French] :: make merry!, let the good times roll!
laissez-passer {m} :: pass (document granting permission to pass or to go and come)
lait {m} :: milk
laitage {m} :: dairy product
lait de chaux {m} :: whitewash
lait de poule {m} :: eggnog
laite {f} :: milt (fish sperm)
laiterie {f} :: dairy (shop)
laiteux {adj} :: milky (containing milk)
laiteux {adj} :: milky (resembling or having qualities of milk)
laitier {adj} :: dairy, milk-related
laitier {m} :: milkman
laitier {m} :: dairy worker
laiton {m} :: Brass (the alloy)
laitte {adj} [Quebec] :: [colloquial] ugly
laitue {f} :: lettuce
La Joconde {prop} {f} :: the Mona Lisa
Lajoie {prop} :: surname
lakh {m} :: lakh
lakiste {adj} :: Lakist
lakiste {mf} :: lake poet
Lal. {prefix} [astronomy] :: Abbreviated prefix for stars under Lalande designations
Lalonde {prop} :: surname
lama {m} :: llama
lama {m} [Buddhism] :: lama
la majeur {m} :: A major
lamajoon {f} :: alternative spelling of lahmajoun
lamajoun {f} :: alternative spelling of lahmajoun
lamajun {f} :: alternative spelling of lahmajoun
lamantin {m} :: manatee
lamarckien {adj} :: Lamarckian
lamarckien {m} :: Lamarckian
lamarckienne {f} :: feminine singular of lamarckien
lamarckisme {m} :: Lamarckism
lamartinien {adj} :: Pertaining to the writer and politician Alphonse de Lamartine or his works
lamaserie {f} :: lamasery
lamaïsme {m} :: lamaism
lambda {m} :: lambda (Greek letter)
lambda {m} [finance] :: price elasticity of an option in relation to that of its holder
lambda {m} [ethology] :: the most ordinary member of a group
lambda {m} :: a former unit of capacity or volume equivalent to a microliter, whose symbol is λ
lambda {m} [acoustics] :: a level of intensity equivalent to forty decibels above the threshold for hearing a sound with a frequency of one kilohertz
lambda {m} :: Silver Y (moth)
lambda {adj} :: common, usual
lambdoïde {adj} :: lambdoid
lambeau {m} :: scrap, strip, shred (of cloth; flesh)
lambel {m} [heraldiccharge] :: label
Lambert {prop} {m} :: given name, cognate to English Lambert. Rather rare today
Lambert {prop} {m} :: surname
lambertien {adj} [physics] :: Lambertian
lambertisme {m} :: Lambertism
lambertiste {adj} :: Lambertist
lambertiste {mf} :: Lambertist
lambin {m} [colloquial, dated] :: slowpoke, plodder
lambin {adj} [colloquial, dated] :: dawdling, plodding
lambiner {vi} :: to dawdle
lambrequin {m} [heraldry] :: mantling
lambris {m} :: panelling, wainscotting
lambrisser {v} :: to panel
lambrusque {f} :: wild vine (Vitis vinifera subsp. sylvestris)
lame {f} :: lamina
lame {f} :: blade
lame {f} :: wave
Lamech {prop} :: Lamech
La Mecque {prop} :: Mecca
lamellaire {adj} :: lamellar
lamelle {f} :: strip (of food etc.)
lamelle {f} :: thin plate, lamina, lamella
lamelle {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: vertical blinds
lamellibranche {m} :: lamellibranch, bivalve
lamellipode {m} [biology] :: lamellipodium
lamentable {adj} :: lamentable; awful; deplorable
lamentablement {adv} :: awfully; lamentably
lamentation {f} :: lamentation, loud/ostentatious plaint
lamenter {vr} :: to lament; to bewail; to bemoan
lamer {vt} :: to flatten
lamethiste {adj} :: Lamethist
Lamia {prop} :: Lamia
lamier {m} :: deadnettle
laminage {m} :: lamination
laminaire {adj} :: laminar
laminer {v} :: to laminate [metal]
laminoir {m} :: rolling mill
Lamontagne {prop} :: surname
La Mort aux Juifs {prop} :: A settlement in Courtemaux, France
lampadaire {m} :: standard lamp
lampadaire {m} :: street light
lampas {m} [of horses] :: lampas
lampassé {adj} [heraldry] :: langued
lampe {f} :: lamp, light
lampe {f} :: bulb
lampée {f} :: gulp, swig
lampe de poche {f} :: torch (UK), flashlight (US)
lamper {vt} :: to quaff, to swig
lampion {m} :: Chinese lantern
lampourde {f} :: cocklebur (Xanthium strumarium)
lamproie {f} :: lamprey (a fish)
La Mure {prop} :: A small town in the Isère department of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
Lancastre {prop} :: Lancashire
Lancastre {prop} :: Lancaster
lance {f} :: a spear, lance
lance {f} [military] :: a soldier armed with a lance; a lancer
lance {f} :: a hose
lance et compte {phrase} :: he shoots, he scores - to shoot and score a goal
lance-flamme {m} :: flamethrower
lance-grenade {m} :: grenade launcher
lance-grenades {m} :: alternative form of lance-grenade
lancement {m} :: throw, launch (act of throwing a projectile)
lancement {m} :: launch (of product)
lancement {m} :: launch (of e.g. a rocket)
lance-pierre {m} :: slingshot
lancer {v} :: to throw
lancer {v} :: to start, to launch
lancer {m} :: a throw
lancer {m} [baseball] :: a pitch
lance-roquette {m} :: rocket launcher
lance-roquettes {m} :: alternative form of lance-roquette
la nécessité est la mère de l'invention {proverb} :: necessity is the mother of invention
lancette {f} [medical] :: A lancet, a sharp pointed medical instrument
lancette {f} [architecture] :: A style of sharply pointed arch, in a Gothic style
lanceur {m} :: thrower
lanceur {m} [baseball] :: pitcher
lanceur {m} [cricket] :: bowler
lanceur {m} :: booster rocket
lanceur de relève {m} [baseball] :: relief pitcher, reliever
lanceur partant {m} [baseball] :: starting pitcher
lanceuse {f} :: feminine noun of lanceur
lancier {m} :: lancer
lancinamment {adv} :: throbbingly
lancinant {adj} :: throbbing (pain)
lancinement {m} :: twinge (pain)
lanciner {v} :: to inflict a sharp pain
landais {adj} :: of or from Landes
landau {m} :: pram, baby carriage
landau {m} :: landau (carriage)
lande {f} :: moor, heath
Landes {prop} :: A department in the French region Aquitaine
Landier {prop} :: surname
Landrieu {prop} :: surname
Landry {prop} :: surname
landwehr {f} :: Landwehr
langage {m} :: language: word choice and usage
langage {m} [computing] :: programming language
langage d'assemblage {m} :: assembly language
langage de balisage {m} [computing] :: markup language
langage de programmation {m} :: programming language
langage machine {f} [computer science] :: machine language
langagier {adj} :: lingual (relative to language)
lange {m} :: flannel blanket, baby blanket
lange {m} [in the plural] :: swaddling clothes
lange {m} :: [Switzerland, Belgium] diaper, nappy
Langelier {prop} :: surname
langer {v} :: to diaper (to put diapers on someone)
Langevin {prop} :: surname
langoter {v} :: To French kiss
langoureusement {adv} :: languorously
langoureux {adj} :: languorous
langoureux {adj} :: languid
langouste {f} :: spiny lobster
langoustine {f} :: Any of a number of crustaceans, especially the Norway lobster
language {m} :: archaic spelling of langage
langue {f} [anatomy] :: tongue
langue {f} [linguistics] :: language (system of communication using written or spoken words)
langue cible {f} [translation studies] :: target language
langue construite {f} [linguistics] :: A constructed language
langue de bois {f} :: wooden language, waffle (speech that is vague, pretentious or evasive)
langue de bois {f} :: cant (empty hypocritical talk)
langue de si {f} :: any of the Old Spanish dialects during the Middle Ages
langue des signes {f} :: sign language
langue des signes américaine {f} :: American Sign Language
langue des signes française {f} :: French Sign Language
langue d'oc {f} :: Occitan language
Languedoc {prop} :: Languedoc (a former province of France)
languedocien {adj} :: Languedocian
languedocien {m} :: Languedocian
Languedoc-Roussillon {prop} :: Languedoc-Roussillon, former region of France
langue d'oïl {f} :: any of the Old French dialects, spoken in the north of France during the Middle Ages
langue maternelle {f} :: mother tongue
langue morte {f} :: dead language (language with no native speakers)
langue reconstruite {f} [linguistics] :: reconstructed language
langue romane {f} [linguistics] :: Romance language
langue source {f} [translation studies] :: source language
langue étrangère {f} :: foreign language
languette {f} :: a small tongue-shaped object, such as the tongue of a shoe
langueur {f} :: languor
langue vivante {f} :: living language (a language which is still spoken)
languide {adj} :: languid
languidement {adv} :: languidly
languir {vi} :: to languish
languir {vi} :: to lie torpid
languir {vi} :: to flag, drag on
languir {vi} :: to wither, weaken
languir {vr} [with de] :: to long, pine, or yearn (for)
languissamment {adv} :: languidly, languishingly
languissant {adj} :: languishing
lanière {f} :: a strap
lanière {f} [by extension] :: a strip
La Nouvelle-Orléans {prop} {f} :: La Nouvelle-Orléans (city)
Lanoux {prop} :: surname
l'an passé {adv} :: last year
lant {m} [zoology] :: zebu (Bos taurus indicus)
lanterne {f} :: lantern
lanterne {f} :: street light
lanterneau {m} :: skylight
lanterner {vi} :: To dilly-dally
lanterner {vt} :: To delay or put off
lanthanate {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: lanthanate
lanthane {m} :: lanthanum
la nuit, tous les chats sont gris {proverb} :: All cats are grey in the dark
Laodicée {prop} :: Laodicea
Laodicéens {prop} :: Laodiceans
Laos {prop} :: Laos
laotien {m} :: Lao (language)
laotien {adj} :: Laotian
Laotien {m} :: Laotian (person)
Laotienne {f} :: feminine noun of Laotien
lapalissade {f} :: truism
lapalissade {f} :: tautology
Lapalme {prop} :: surname
lap cheong {m} :: lap cheong
laper {vt} :: to lap (a liquid)
lapereau {m} :: young rabbit; bunny, kit
lapicide {mf} :: lapicide
lapidaire {adj} :: related to stone
lapidaire {adj} [figurative] :: terse (abruptly short)
lapidaire {mf} :: lapidary, gemsmith
lapidairement {adv} :: tersely
lapidation {f} :: lapidation
lapider {v} :: to stone; to lapidate (pelt with stones)
Lapierre {prop} :: surname
lapin {m} :: rabbit
lapin de gouttière {m} [euphemism] :: gutter rabbit; cat meat
lapin de Pâques {m} :: Easter Bunny
lapine {f} :: doe, female rabbit
lapineau {m} [rare] :: a young rabbit, a bunny
lapis-lazuli {m} :: lapis lazuli
laplacien {adj} :: Laplacian
Lapointe {prop} :: Lapointe; surname
Laponie {prop} {f} :: Lapland (region in Scandinavia)
Laporte {prop} :: surname
laps {m} :: lapse
laps {adj} [archaic] :: apostate of Catholicism
laps de temps {m} :: period, time period
lapsus {m} :: lapsus
lapsus linguae {m} :: A lapsus linguae; an inadvertent remark, a slip of the tongue
lapsus révélateur {m} :: Freudian slip
laqué {adj} :: glazed
laquais {m} :: footman, lackey, liveried servant
laquais {m} :: flunky, stooge
laïque {adj} :: lay, secular
laïque {mf} :: layman, layperson
laque {f} :: lacquer
laïquement {adv} :: secularly; as a lay person
laquer {vt} :: to lacquer
laqueur {m} :: lacquerer
Lara {prop} {f} :: given name
larbin {m} [pejorative] :: servant, boy
larbin {m} :: dogsbody, flunkey
larcin {m} :: petty theft
larcin {m} :: a stolen object
lard {m} :: bacon
lard {m} :: lard
lardacé {adj} :: lardaceous
larder {v} :: to lard; to smear food with lard
larder {v} :: to stab; to pierce
lardier {m} [obsolete or archaic] :: larder; pantry
lardon {m} :: small piece of bacon used in quiches, in salads, etc
lardon {m} [dated] :: A fatty strip of pork or bacon used for larding of lean meat (such as fowl)
lardon {m} [colloquial] :: kid, nipper; brat
larfeuille {m} [France, slang] :: wallet
largable {adj} :: expendable
largage {m} :: airdrop
largage {m} :: dropping
largage {m} :: dispatching
largage {m} :: jettisoning, dumping
largage {m} :: bombing
large {adj} :: wide, broad
large {adj} :: large
large {adj} :: generous
large {m} :: open sea
large {m} :: width
largement {adv} :: mainly; mostly
l'argent ne fait pas le bonheur {proverb} :: Money doesn’t buy happiness
l'argent ne tombe pas du ciel {proverb} :: money doesn't grow on trees
largesse {f} :: largess; financial generosity
largeur {f} :: width
largissime {adj} :: superwide
largué {adj} :: unfurled
largué {adj} :: dropped, ditched, dumped
largue {adj} [of a sail, rope] :: free
larguer {vt} [nautical] :: to unfurl
larguer {vt} :: to drop (a bomb, parachute)
larguer {vt} [colloquial] :: to ditch, dump (break up with)
larigot {m} [musical instruments] :: A type of small flageolet
Larivière {prop} :: surname
larme {f} :: tear; teardrop
larme {f} :: drop
larmes de crocodile {fp} :: crocodile tears (display of tears that is forced or false)
larmichette {m} :: a small quantity of liquid (especially of an alcoholic drink)
larmichette {m} :: droplet
larmoyant {adj} :: teary, tearful
larmoyer {vi} [of a person] :: to weep, sob
larmoyer {vi} [of eyes] :: to build up with tears; water up
larmoyer {vi} [of a person] :: to whine, whinge
larmoyer {vi} :: to drip
La Roche-sur-Yon {prop} {f} :: A town in the Vendée department of Pays de la Loire
La Roue Chanceuse {prop} {f} :: the French-Canadian incarnation of Wheel of Fortune
La Roue de la Fortune {prop} :: The French incarnation of Wheel of Fortune
Larousse {prop} :: surname
Larousse {prop} :: Éditions Larousse, French publishing house
La République de Croatie {prop} :: Republic of Croatia
larron {m} [archaic] :: thief
larronne {f} :: feminine noun of larron
l'art. {abbr} :: abbreviation of l'article
larvé {adj} :: latent
larvaire {adj} :: larval
larve {f} :: grub, larva (immature insect)
laryngé {adj} [anatomy] :: laryngeal
laryngectomie {f} [surgery] :: laryngectomy
laryngien {adj} :: laryngeal
laryngite {f} :: laryngitis
laryngiteux {adj} :: laryngitic
laryngologie {f} :: laryngology
laryngologiste {mf} :: laryngologist
laryngologue {mf} :: laryngologist
larynx {m} :: larynx
las {adj} :: weary, tired
las {interj} [dated] :: alas
lasagne {f} :: lasagna
la Sainte-Flanelle {prop} [Quebec, sports] :: A nickname for the Montreal Canadiens Hockey team
lascheté {f} :: obsolete spelling of lâcheté
lascif {adj} :: lascivious, lustful
lascivement {adv} :: lasciviously
lascivité {f} :: lasciviousness
la semaine des quatre jeudis {f} [idiom] :: never in a month of Sundays
laser {m} :: laser (umbelliferous plant)
laser {m} [physics] :: laser
La Séguinière {prop} :: A small town in the Maine-et-Loire department of Pays de la Loire
lassé {adj} :: tired
lassalléen {adj} :: Relating to Ferdinand Lassalle or his socialist politics
lassallien {adj} [economics] :: Relating to the socialist theoretician Ferdinand Lassalle
lassallisme {m} :: Lassallism
lasser {vt} :: to tire, weary, bore
lasser {vr} :: to become exhausted
lassitude {f} :: lassitude
latemment {adv} :: latently
latence {f} [networking] :: latency
latent {adj} :: latent
latex {m} :: latex (milky sap of trees)
latex {m} :: latex (emulsion of rubber in water)
laticlave {m} [historical] :: laticlave
latif {m} [grammar] :: the lative case
latifondiaire {adj} :: latifundial
latifundiaire {adj} :: latifundial
latifundiste {adj} :: latifundial
latin {adj} :: Latin
latin {adj} :: Latino
latin {m} [uncountable] :: the Latin language
latin {m} [countable] :: a male of South American or Mediterranean origins
Latin {m} :: Latin (person from Latium)
latin classique {m} :: Classical Latin
latin contemporain {m} :: New Latin, Neo Latin
Latine {f} :: Latin woman
latinement {adv} :: Latinly (in Latin)
latiniser {v} :: to Latinize
latiniste {mf} :: Latinist
latinité {f} :: Latinity (essence of being Latin)
latin médiéval {m} :: Medieval Latin
latin populaire {m} :: Vulgar Latin
latin tardif {m} :: Late Latin
latin vulgaire {m} :: Vulgar Latin
Laëtitia {prop} :: given name, cognate to Letitia
latitude {f} :: expansion, breadth
latitude {f} [geography] :: The distance from a place to the equator measured in degrees on the meridian; parallel viewing
latitude {f} [by extension] :: Different areas under a given temperature due to their greater or lesser distance from the equator
latitude {f} [astronomy] :: The angle with a plane parallel to the ecliptic, the straight line that passes through a heavenly body and a particular centre on this plane
latitudinal {adj} :: latitudinal
latitudinalement {adv} :: latitudinally
latéral {adj} :: lateral
latéral {adj} :: side (coming from the side)
latéral {adj} :: side (on the side)
latéralement {adv} :: sideways (from the side)
latéralement {adv} :: broadwise
latéralisation {f} :: lateralization
latéraliser {v} :: To lateralize
latéralité {f} :: laterality
latérite {f} [geology] :: laterite
latte {f} :: lath
latte {f} :: slat
latte {f} :: ruler (measuring device)
latte {f} [slang] :: shoe; foot
latte {f} [slang] :: hit, puff
latte {f} [colloquial] :: ski
lattis {m} :: lathwork
laudanum {m} :: laudanum
laudateur {m} :: laudator
laudateur {adj} :: laudatory
laudatif {adj} :: laudatory
Laura {prop} :: given name
lauréat {adj} :: prizewinning
lauréat {m} :: prizewinner, recipient of a prize, laureate
Laure {prop} :: given name, cognate to Laura
Laurence {prop} {f} :: given name, feminine form of Laurent
Laurent {prop} {m} :: given name, equivalent to Laurence or Lawrence in English
Laurent {prop} {m} :: surname
laurentien {adj} :: Laurentian
laurentien {m} :: Laurentian (an inhabitant of places named Saint-Laurent)
Laurentien {m} :: Laurentian, a resident of Saint-Laurent
Laurentien {m} :: Laurentian, a resident of the Saint Lawrence River Valley
laurentienne {f} :: Laurentian (an inhabitant of places named Saint-Laurent)
Laurentienne {f} :: feminine noun of Laurentien
Laurette {prop} :: given name, diminutive of Laure (= Laura)
laurier {m} [botany] :: laurel (Laurus nobilis)
laurier {m} [cooking] :: bay (the leaf of Laurus nobilis used as an herb)
laurier {m} [by extension, botany] :: any laurel, or one of many similar species
laurier {m} [figuratively, usually plural] :: laurel (symbol of honour, glory, victory)
Laurier {prop} :: surname
laurier-cerise {m} [plant] :: cherry laurel
laurier-rose {m} [plant] :: oleander
laurier-sauce {m} [plant] :: bay laurel
Laurine {prop} :: given name, from a diminutive of Laure ( =Laura)
laurique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: lauric
lauréole {f} :: spurge-laurel (Daphne laureola)
laurylique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: lauryl
laïus {m} [student slang] :: A speech, address
Lautier {prop} :: surname
lauze {f} :: flagstone
lavable {adj} :: washable
lavabo {m} :: washbasin
la vache {interj} :: See: la vache
la vache {interj} :: Exclamation of surprise or astonishment: crap!, dammit!, shucks! holy cow!
lavage {m} :: washing (act of washing)
lavage de cerveau {m} :: brainwash, brainwashing
Laval {prop} :: A placename
Laval {prop} :: A city in France, the préfecture of the department of Mayenne
Laval {prop} :: The second largest city in Québec, a province of Canada
Laval {prop} [colloquial] :: Île Jésus, an island in Quebec, where the city of Laval is located; ellipsis of Île de Laval
Laval {prop} :: surname
La Valette {prop} {f} :: Valletta; the capital of Malta
Lavallée {prop} :: surname
lavallière {f} :: A floppy type of necktie
lavallois {adj} :: from Laval
Lavallois {m} :: Someone from Laval
Lavalloise {f} :: feminine noun of Lavallois
lavande {f} :: lavender (the plant)
lavandière {f} :: washerwoman
lavaret {m} :: lavaret
lavatory {m} :: public toilet
lavatère {f} :: lavatera
lave {f} [usually, uncountable] :: lava
lave-glace {m} :: windscreen washer
lave-linge {m} :: washing machine
lavement {m} :: wash; washing
lavement {m} :: enema
la vengeance est un plat qui se mange froid {proverb} :: revenge is a dish best served cold
laver {v} :: to wash
laver {vr} :: to wash oneself
laverie {f} :: laundry
lavette {f} :: dishcloth (to wash dishes)
lavette {f} [figuratively] :: wet blanket
laveur {m} :: cleaner (person who cleans)
laveuse {f} :: feminine noun of laveur
laveuse {f} :: washing machine
lave-vaisselle {m} :: dishwasher
Lavigueur {prop} :: surname
Lavoie {prop} :: Lavoie; surname
lavoir {m} :: washhouse
Lavoisier {prop} :: surname
Lavoisier {prop} :: Antoine Lavoisier, French chemist
lavomatique {m} :: launderette (place with facilities for washing that public may use)
lavure {f} :: dishwater
lawrencium {m} :: lawrencium
laxatif {adj} :: laxative
laxatif {m} :: a laxative
laxisme {m} :: laxity
laxiste {adj} :: lax
layette {f} :: baby clothes, babywear
layon {m} :: trail
Lazare {prop} :: Lazarus
Lazaresco {prop} :: surname
lazaret {m} :: lazaret
lazzi {m} :: gibe
là-bas {adv} :: there, over there
là-bas {adv} :: down there
là-bas {adv} :: yonder
LCF {} :: CFL (initialism of Ligue canadienne de football)
léchage {m} :: licking
lâchage {m} :: release, loosening
lâchage {m} :: abandon
l'échapper belle {v} [colloquial] :: to have a narrow escape, to have a close call
lèche {f} [France, slang] :: bootlicking, brownnosing
lèche {f} [Louisiana French] :: an earthworm
lâche {adj} :: loose, slack
lâche {adj} :: cowardly, low
lâche {mf} :: coward
lèche-bottes {mf} :: brown noser (one who brownnoses)
lèche-cul {mf} [vulgar] :: ass-licker
lèchefrite {f} :: dripping-pan
lâchement {adv} :: cowardly
lâcher {v} :: to release; to loosen; to let go
lâcher {v} [figurative] :: to abandon, to let go
lâcher {v} :: to chicken out
lâcher {v} [mechanics] :: to fail
lâcher {m} :: synonym of lâchage
lécher {v} :: to lick
lécher {v} [figurative, colloquial] :: to polish, to refine (one's work)
lâcher prise {vi} :: to let go, to relax
lâcher une caisse {v} [colloquial] :: to cut one loose, to fart
lâcheté {f} :: cowardice
lâcheur {m} :: flaky person
lécheur {m} :: licker
lécheur {m} [by extension] :: someone who likes kissing
lécheur {m} [colloquial] :: sycophant
lâcheuse {f} :: feminine noun of lâcheur
lécheuse {f} :: feminine noun of lécheur
lèche-vitrine {mf} [idiom, only in the masculine] :: window-shopping
lèche-vitrine {mf} [idiom] :: window-shopper
lécithine {f} [organic chemistry] :: lecithin
là-dedans {adv} :: inside there
là-dessus {adv} :: on this, here
là-dessus {adv} :: thereupon, with this
lédène {m} [organic compound] :: ledene
le {art} :: The (definite article)
le {art} :: Used before abstract nouns; not translated in English
le {art} :: (before parts of the body) The; my, your, etc.
le {art} :: (before units) A, an
le {pron} :: [direct object] Him, it
le {pron} :: (used to refer to something previously mentioned or implied; not translated in English)
leader {m} :: leader
leadership {m} :: leadership (the characteristics of leading by the leader)
Lebeau {prop} :: Lebeau; surname
lebel {m} [now historical] :: Lebel rifle
Lebel {prop} :: surname
le beurre et l'argent du beurre {m} [idiomatic] :: (having) one's cake and eating it too; two mutually exclusive things, such that one can only choose one over another
Leblanc {prop} :: surname
Le Caire {prop} {m} :: Cairo
Le Cap {prop} :: Cape Town
le cas échéant {adv} :: if applicable
le chat parti, les souris dansent {phrase} [idiomatic] :: when the cat's away the mice will play
Le Classique {prop} {m} [soccer] :: A football match between Paris Saint-Germain and Olympique de Marseille, known for its fierce rivalry
Leclerc {prop} :: surname
Leclercq {prop} :: surname
Lecompte {prop} :: surname
Lecomte {prop} :: surname
Lecoq {prop} :: surname
Lecoubarry {prop} :: surname
lecteur {m} :: reader
lecteur CD {m} :: CD player
lecteur de CD {m} :: CD player
lecteur MP3 {m} :: MP3 player
lectorat {m} :: readership (the people who read a book)
lectrice {f} :: reader (someone who reads)
lecture {f} :: reading (act or process of reading, interpretation, material read, and some other senses)
ledit {determiner} :: Said, the said, the aforementioned
Ledoux {prop} :: surname
Leduc {prop} :: surname
Lefebvre {prop} :: surname
Lefèvre {prop} :: surname
legato {m} :: legato
Legault {prop} :: surname
legendre {m} [Scrabble] :: A technical play where a tile with a value higher than 1 is placed on a square multiplying its value while the value of the word is simultaneous multiplied by another square
Legros {prop} :: surname
legs {m} :: inheritance
legs {m} :: legacy
Le Havre {prop} {m} :: A city on the north coast of Normandy, France
leibnitzien {adj} :: Leibnizian
leibnizien {adj} :: alternative form of leibnitzien
Leila {prop} :: given name of Arabic origin
leishmaniose {f} [pathology] :: leishmaniasis
leitmotiv {m} :: leitmotif
le leur {pron} :: theirs (the one belonging to them)
le long de {prep} :: along, alongside
Le Lude {prop} :: A small town in the Sarthe department of Pays de la Loire
Lemaître {prop} :: French surname
le meilleur {adj} :: superlative of bon ("best")
Lemelin {prop} :: surname
le mien {pron} :: mine
Lemieux {prop} :: surname
lemmatique {adj} :: lemmatical
lemmatiser {v} :: to lemmatize
lemme {m} [mathematics] :: lemma
lemme {m} [linguistics, lexicography] :: lemma
lemming {m} :: lemming
lemnisque {m} :: lemniscus (all senses)
Lemoine {prop} :: surname
Lemonnier {prop} :: surname
le mot de Cambronne {m} [euphemism] :: merde
lendemain {m} :: the day after, the next day, the morrow
lendore {mf} [archaic, colloquial] :: sluggard, dawdler
Lenormand {prop} :: surname
Lens {prop} {m} :: A city in, and the capital of, the French department Pas-de-Calais
lensois {adj} [attributive] :: Lens; of or from Lens
Lensois {m} :: An inhabitant of Lens
Lensoise {f} :: feminine noun of Lensois
lent {adj} :: slow
lente {f} [zoology] :: nit
lentement {adv} :: slowly
lenteur {f} :: slowness
lenticulaire {adj} :: lenticular
lentiforme {adj} :: lentiform
lentille {f} [optics] :: lens
lentille {f} :: lentil (plant)
lentille {f} :: contact lens
lentiprisme {m} :: lenticular prism
lentique {adj} [ecology] :: lentic
lentisque {m} :: lentisk, mastic-tree (Pistacia lentiscus)
lentissime {adj} :: superslow
lento {adv} [music] :: slowly; lento
le nôtre {pron} :: ours (the one belonging to us)
leçon {f} :: lesson
lepénisation {f} :: A shift in political attitudes towards Euroscepticism and against immigration
lepénisme {m} [politics] :: The political policies of Jean-Marie Le Pen or Marine Le Pen
lepéniste {mf} [politics] :: A follower of Jean-Marie Le Pen or Marine Le Pen
Le Pompidou {prop} :: A village in the Lozère department of Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées
leptokurtique {adj} [statistics] :: leptokurtic
lepton {m} [particle] :: lepton
lepton {m} :: lepton (coin)
leptonique {adj} :: leptonic
leptoniquement {adv} :: leptonically
lequel {pron} [relative, following a preposition] :: which, that, whom
lequel {pron} [interrogative] :: which one
lerche {adv} :: dearly
le remède est pire que le mal {proverb} :: The cure is worse than the disease
Leroux {prop} :: surname
Leroy {prop} :: surname
Lesage {prop} :: surname
les Anglais débarquent {phrase} [colloquial] :: a person is having or has just had her period
lesbianisme {m} :: lesbianism (female homosexuality)
lesbien {adj} :: lesbian
lesbienne {f} :: lesbian (female homosexual)
Les Bleus {prop} {mp} :: “The Blues”; nickname for the French national team in various sports
Lesbœufs {prop} :: Lesbœufs
les chiens aboient, la caravane passe {proverb} :: the dogs bark, but the caravan goes on, sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me
les chiens aboient, la caravane passe {proverb} :: Let people say what they will
les doigts dans le nez {adv} [figuratively] :: hands down, one-handed, with one hand tied behind one's back (very easily)
les dés sont jetés {phrase} [idiomatic] :: the die is cast
les grands esprits se rencontrent {proverb} [idiomatic] :: great minds think alike
le sien {pron} :: his; hers
le silence est d'or {proverb} :: silence is golden
les jeux sont faits {phrase} [gambling] :: les jeux sont faits, the stakes are set (call made by the croupier)
les jeux sont faits {phrase} [idiomatic] :: the die is cast, les jeux sont faits (things have reached an irreversible point)
Leslie {prop} :: given name, popular in the 1980s and the 1990s
Lesly {prop} :: given name, a less common spelling off Leslie
les murs ont des oreilles {proverb} :: walls have ears
le sort en est jeté {phrase} [idiomatic] :: the die is cast
les petits ruisseaux font les grandes rivières {proverb} :: many a mickle makes a muckle; little strokes fell great oaks; mighty oaks from little acorns grow; take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves
lessivé {adj} :: laundered
lessivé {adj} :: tired out
lessivable {adj} :: washable
lessivage {m} :: washing, laundry (process)
lessive {f} :: laundry
lessive {f} :: laundry detergent
lessiver {vt} :: to launder, to wash some clothes with some some washing powder
lessiver {vi} [figuratively] :: to tire out
lessiveuse {f} :: washtub
lessiviel {adj} :: detergent
lest {m} :: dead weight; ballast
lestage {m} [nautical] :: ballasting
leste {adj} :: agile; nimble
lestement {adv} :: nimbly
lestement {adv} :: racily
lester {v} :: to ballast
les zaricos sont salés {interj} [Louisiana French, colloquial, as a response] :: Things are going fine
let {interj} [tennis] :: indicates a let on service
letchi {m} :: alternative form of litchi
le temps, c'est de l'argent {proverb} :: time is money
le tien {pron} :: yours; the one belonging to you (singular)
Le Touquet {prop} {m} :: synonym of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage
Le Touquet-Paris-Plage {prop} {m} :: A coastal resort in the Pas-de-Calais department of Hauts-de-France
lette {adj} [Canada, slang] :: ugly
letton {m} :: Latvian, the Latvian language
letton {adj} :: Latvian
Letton {m} :: Latvian, someone from Latvia
Lettone {f} :: feminine noun of Letton; alternative form of Lettonne
Lettonie {prop} {f} :: Latvia
Lettonne {f} :: Latvian (person)
lettré {adj} :: literate
lettré {adj} :: well-versed
lettré {m} :: literate person
lettrage {m} :: lettering
lettre {f} :: letter (written character)
lettre {f} :: letter (written message)
lettre {f} [figuratively] :: the literal meaning, the plain meaning of something
lettre de cachet {f} [historical] :: lettre de cachet
lettre de motivation {f} :: a cover letter, specifically for a job application
lettre d’information {f} :: newsletter
lettrer {vt} [archaic] :: to send a letter (to someone)
lettrer {vt} :: to educate, to teach to read and write
lettrine {f} :: drop cap
leu {m} :: leu (currency of Romania)
leucique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: leucic
leucémie {f} :: leukemia
leucémique {adj} :: leukemic
leucocyte {m} [cytology] :: leukocyte
leucome {m} [pathology] :: leucoma
leuconique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: leuconic
leucoplaste {m} :: leucoplast
leucopénie {f} :: leukopenia
leucoxène {m} [mineralogy] :: leucoxene
leude {m} :: vassal, leud
leude {f} :: a tax or toll levied in Southern France
leur {pron} [personal, direct] :: them
leur {pron} [personal, indirect] :: to them
leur {determiner} [possessive] :: their
leurre {m} [hunting, fishing] :: lure, decoy
leurre {m} :: trap, snare
leurre {m} :: illusion
leurre {m} :: deception
leurre {m} [military] :: flare (aerial infrared countermeasure)
leurrer {v} :: to deceive
leuzée {f} :: A type of thistle of the genus Rhaponticum
levage {m} :: lifting
levage {m} :: hoist
levain {m} :: sourdough
levain {m} :: leaven (any agent used to make dough rise)
levant {adj} [of the moon, the sun, etc.] :: rising
levant {m} :: the east, the orient
Levant {prop} {m} [dated] :: Orient (the countries of Asia)
levantin {adj} :: Levantine
levée {f} :: removal (act of removing or taking off)
levée {f} :: levee (geographical feature)
levée d'écrou {f} :: release (from prison)
lever {vt} :: to raise, to lift
lever {vr} :: to rise, to stand up
lever {vr} :: to get up (out of bed)
lever {vr} [of fog, rain and etc] :: to clear, to lift
lever {m} :: the act of getting up in the morning
lever de soleil {m} :: alternative form of lever du soleil
lever du soleil {m} :: A sunrise
lever du soleil {m} :: dawn
lever le petit doigt {v} [colloquial, figuratively] :: to lift a finger
lever le pied {v} [colloquial] :: to lift one's foot off the accelerator, to slow down a vehicle
lever le pied {v} [colloquial, figurative] :: to slow down, to reduce the pace (of an action, of a lifestyle and etc)
Levesque {prop} :: Levesque; surname; alternate form of Lévesque
levier {m} :: lever
levraut {m} :: a young hare
levreau {m} :: a young hare
levrette {f} :: female greyhound
levrette {f} [slang] :: doggy style position
le vôtre {pron} :: yours (the one belonging to you)
levurage {m} :: The introduction of yeast to start the fermentation process in winemaking
levure {f} :: yeast
levure {f} :: leavening (agent)
levure chimique {f} :: baking powder (a dry leavening agent used in baking)
lexical {adj} :: lexical
lexicalement {adv} :: lexically
lexicaliser {v} :: lexicalize (to convert to a single lexical unit)
lexicographe {m} :: A lexicographer
lexicographie {f} :: Lexicography, dictionary-writing, the art or craft of writing dictionaries
lexicographique {adj} :: lexicographic (pertaining to lexicography)
lexicographiquement {adv} :: lexicographically
lexicologie {f} :: lexicology
lexicologique {adj} :: lexicological
lexicologiquement {adv} :: lexicologically
lexicologue {mf} :: lexicologist
lexicomane {mf} :: a lover of words
lexicomane {adj} :: word-loving
lexigraphique {adj} :: lexigraphic
lexique {m} :: vocabulary; lexicon
lexique {m} :: glossary
lexème {m} :: lexeme
lez {prep} [obsolete] :: next to, near [still used in some place names]
légal {adj} :: legal, relating to law
légal {adj} :: legal, in accordance with the law
légalement {adv} :: legally
légalisation {f} :: legalization (process of making something legal)
légaliser {vt} :: to legalize (make legal)
légaliste {adj} :: legalistic
légalistement {adv} :: legalistically
légalité {f} :: legality
légat {m} :: legate
légataire {m} [legal] :: legatee
légation {f} :: legation
légato {adv} :: legato
légato {m} :: legato
lège {adj} :: empty
lège {adj} [nautical] :: unballasted
légendaire {adj} :: legendary
légendairement {adv} :: legendarily
légende {f} :: legend (story of unknown origin describing plausible but extraordinary past events)
légende {f} :: caption
légender {vt} :: to caption
légende urbaine {f} :: urban legend
léger {adj} :: light (not heavy)
léger {adj} :: slight (not much, not a lot)
léger de main {m} :: legerdemain; sleight of hand
légiférer {v} :: to legislate (to pass laws)
légine {f} :: toothfish
légion {f} [Ancient Rome, military] :: legion
Légion d'honneur {prop} {f} :: the Legion of Honor
légionelle {f} :: legionella (bacterium)
légionellose {f} [pathology] :: legionellosis
légionnaire {m} [military] :: legionary
législateur {m} :: legislator
législatif {adj} :: legislative
législation {f} :: legislation
législativement {adv} :: legislatively
législature {f} :: legislature
législature {f} [duration] :: term of office, for a legislative body
légiste {mf} :: jurist
légiste {mf} :: coroner
légitimation {f} :: legitimization
légitime {adj} :: legitimate
légitime {mf} [dated, slang] :: one's regular sexual or romantic partner (as opposed to a partner with which one is having an affair)
légitime défense {f} [legal] :: self-defense (defense for oneself against violence)
légitimement {adv} :: legitimately
légitimer {v} :: to legitimize
légitimisme {m} :: legitimism
légitimiste {adj} :: legitimist
légitimiste {mf} :: legitimist
légitimité {f} :: legitimacy
LGN {m} :: abbreviation of liquide de gaz naturel (gaz naturel liquéfié - GNL) - LNG (liquified natural gas)
légèrement {adv} :: lightly
légèreté {f} :: lightness (lack of mass), levity
léguer {v} :: to will, to bequeath
léguer {v} :: to hand down, pass on (traditions etc.)
légume {m} [cooking] :: vegetable
légume {m} [figuratively, colloquial, offensive] :: vegetable, cabbage (someone in a vegetative state)
légume {m} [botany, dated] :: legume; pod
légume {m} [figuratively, colloquial] :: couch potato
légumier {adj} :: vegetable (attributive)
légumier {m} :: vegetable dish (receptacle)
légumineuse {f} :: legume
légumineux {adj} :: leguminous
légumiser {v} [slang] :: to vegetate, laze about (do nothing)
légumiste {mf} :: A person who grows vegetables
légumiste {mf} :: A vegetarian
LGV {initialism} :: ligne à grande vitesse
l'habit ne fait pas le moine {proverb} :: It is not possible to judge things by external appearances alone; you can't judge a book by its cover
Lhassa {prop} :: Lhasa (Capital of Xizang (Tibet))
là-haut {adv} :: up there
L'Hospital {prop} :: alternative spelling of L'Hôpital
L'Hôpital {prop} :: Name of several places in France
L'Hôpital {prop} :: surname
li {m} :: li [Chinese unit of distance]
liaison {f} :: link, bond
liaison {f} :: friendship
liaison {f} :: liaison (romantic encounter)
liaison {f} :: liaison (communication)
liaison {f} [linguistics] :: liaison (phonological phenomenon)
liaison {f} [chemistry] :: bond
liaison sans lendemain {f} :: one-night stand (sexual encounter)
liane {f} :: herbaceous or woody vine
liane {f} :: creeper
lianescent {adj} [botany] :: Having the form of a liana
liant {adj} :: flexible, elastic
liant {adj} :: sociable
liant {m} :: binder
liant {m} :: affability
liarder {vi} :: to skimp (be parsimonious)
liasique {adj} [geology] :: liassic
liasse {f} :: wad, bundle (e.g money)
Liban {prop} {m} :: Lebanon
libanais {adj} :: Lebanese
Libanais {m} :: a Lebanese person
Libanaise {f} :: feminine noun of Libanais
libelle {m} :: libel
libelle {m} :: libelle
libeller {vt} :: to write; make out; write out (a check)
libeller {vt} :: To price; price up (a product)
libellule {f} :: dragonfly (an insect of the suborder Anisoptera)
liber {m} :: bast (of a tree)
liber {m} :: book
liberté {f} :: liberty, freedom
libertaire {adj} :: opposed to authoritative or illegitimate powers (political, economical, religious, military or otherwise) ; anarchist, anarchistic ; (left-wing) libertarian
libertarianisme {m} :: libertarianism
libertarien {adj} :: libertarian
libertarien {m} :: libertarian
libertarisme {m} :: libertarianism
liberté de religion {f} :: freedom of religion
liberticide {adj} :: damaging or threatening freedom
libertin {adj} :: libertine
libertin {m} :: libertine
libertinage {m} :: The conduct or activities of a libertine; licentiousness
libertinement {adv} :: in the manner of a libertine
libidinal {adj} :: libidinal
libidineux {adj} [literary] :: libidinous, lustful
libido {f} :: libido
libérable {adj} :: liberateable, freeable, releasable, up for release
libraire {mf} :: bookseller (person engaged in the business of selling books)
librairie {f} :: bookshop or bookstore
libéral {adj} :: libertarian, liberal
libéral {adj} :: Libertarian, Liberal
libéral {m} :: libertarian, liberal
libéral {m} :: Libertarian, Liberal
libéral-démocrate {adj} [politics] :: Liberal Democrat
libéral-démocrate {m} [politics] :: Liberal Democrat, Lib Dem
libéralement {adv} :: liberally
libéralisation {f} :: liberalization
libéraliser {v} :: to liberalize (to make liberal)
libéralisme {m} :: liberalism
libéraliste {adj} :: liberalist
libéraliste {m} :: liberalist
libéralité {f} :: liberality
libérateur {m} :: liberator
libération {f} :: deliverance
libération {f} :: release
libération {f} :: discharge
libération {f} :: liberation
libératoire {adj} :: liberatory, liberating
libératrice {f} :: feminine noun of libérateur
libre {adj} :: free, at liberty
libre {adj} :: clear, free, vacant
libre {adj} :: free, without obligation
libre arbitre {m} [philosophy] :: free will
libre-échange {m} :: free trade
libre comme l'air {adj} [simile] :: free as a bird
librement {adv} :: freely; without restrictions
libérer {v} :: to liberate, to set free, to release from captivity
libérer {v} :: to vacate, to move out of (e.g. a house)
libre-service {m} :: self-service
librettiste {m} :: librettist
Libéria {prop} {m} :: Liberia
libérien {adj} :: Liberian
Libérien {m} :: Liberian (person)
Libérienne {f} :: feminine noun of Libérien
libérine {f} :: liberin
libéro {m} [soccer] :: sweeper, libero
Libye {prop} {f} :: Libya
libyen {adj} :: Libyan
Libyen {m} :: Libyan (someone from Libya)
Libyenne {f} :: feminine noun of Libyen
licaréol {m} [organic compound] :: licareol
lice {f} [fortifications] :: curtain wall
lice {f} [historical] :: pomerium
lice {f} [by extension] :: list, field (for combat); playing field; arena
lice {f} [archaic] :: brach, bitch hound (specifically, dog used for breeding hunting dogs)
licence {f} :: licence
licence {f} :: permit, certificate
licence {f} :: bachelor's degree (more accurately in France Bac+3)
licence ès arts {f} :: Bachelor of Arts
licencié {m} :: licentiate
licenciable {adj} :: licensable
licenciement {m} :: sacking (termination of work)
licencier {v} :: to fire, to sack (to terminate the employment of)
licencier {v} :: to licence
licencieusement {adv} :: licentiously
licencieux {adj} :: licentious
liche {m} :: lich
lichen {m} :: lichen
lichenologique {adj} :: lichenological
lichenologue {mf} :: lichenologist
lichen plan {m} :: lichen planus
lichénate {m} [organic chemistry] :: lichenate
lichénique {adj} :: lichenic
lichénologie {m} [botany] :: lichenology
lichénologique {adj} :: lichenological
lichénologiquement {adv} :: lichenologically
licitation {f} :: auction
licitement {adv} :: lawfully
liciter {vt} [legal] :: to auction
licol {m} [poetic or regional] :: halter (for animals)
licorne {f} [heraldiccharge] :: unicorn
licou {m} :: halter
licteur {m} :: lictor
lidar {m} :: lidar
lidocaïne {f} :: lidocaine
lie {f} :: lees, dregs (of wine, of society)
liechtensteinois {adj} :: of or relating to Liechtenstein
Liechtensteinois {m} :: person from Liechtenstein
Liechtensteinoise {f} :: feminine noun of Liechtensteinois
lie-de-vin {adj} :: wine (wine colour)
liement {m} :: action of linking or attaching
lien {m} :: link
lien mort {m} [Internet] :: dead link
lier {v} :: to link
lier {v} :: to associate
lierre {m} :: ivy
liesse {f} :: jubilation
lieu {m} :: place
lieu {m} :: any of several fish from the Pollachius family
lieu de mémoire {m} [philosophy, literary] :: A symbolic element of the memorial heritage of any community
lieu de travail {m} :: workplace
lieu-dit {m} [geography] :: toponymic term for the smallest geographical area bearing a traditional name
lieu-dit {m} [enology] :: lieu-dit (for wine)
lieue {f} [historical] :: league (distance)
lieu géométrique {m} [mathematics] :: locus
lieu jaune {m} :: European pollock (Pollachius pollachius)
lieu noir {m} :: coalfish; coaley
lieutenance {f} :: lieutenancy
lieutenant {m} :: lieutenant
lieutenant-gouverneur {m} [government] :: lieutenant governor
lifter {v} :: To give a facelift to
lifter {v} [sports] :: To lift the ball (over an opponent)
liftier {m} :: lift attendant
lifting {m} :: facelift
lifting de visage {m} :: facelift
liftrage {m} [maths] :: liftering
ligablo {m} [Congo RDC] :: kiosk, (small) shop
ligament {m} :: ligament
ligamenteux {adj} [anatomy, botany] :: ligamentous
ligature {f} :: a tie; the action of tying
ligature {f} :: a binding, notably in horticulture
ligature {f} :: ligature; a character that combines multiple letters; logotype
ligaturer {v} [medicine] :: to ligate (tie up with a ligature)
liège {m} :: cork [substance]
lige {adj} :: liege
Liège {prop} :: Liège (province)
Liège {prop} :: Liège (city)
liégeois {adj} :: of or relating to Liège, Belgium
Liégeois {m} :: Person from or living in Liège, Belgium
Liégeoise {f} :: feminine noun of Liégeois
lignage {m} :: lineage (all senses), descent
ligne {f} :: line
ligne {f} :: route, course, service, line
ligne {f} :: cable
ligne {f} [computing] :: row (in a table)
ligne {f} [body shape] :: figure
lignée {f} :: lineage; line (descent)
ligne d'arrivée {f} :: finish line
ligne de bataille {f} [military] :: line of battle
ligne de changement de date {f} :: international date line
ligne de conduite {f} :: A conduct, attitude, line or course of action, thought, occupation or policy
ligne de faille {f} [geology] :: fault line
ligne de flottaison {f} :: waterline
ligne de flottaison {f} :: (web design) above the fold
ligne de mire {f} :: line of sight
ligne latérale {f} :: lateral line
ligner {v} :: to line, make a line (mark with a line)
ligner {v} :: to line (add lines to a surface)
ligner {v} [nautical, rare] :: to fold up (a sail)
ligner {v} [fishing] :: to fish with a line
ligneux {adj} :: ligneous
ligneux {adj} :: woody
lignine {f} [organic chemistry] :: lignin
lignite {f} :: lignite (type of coal)
lignocérique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: lignoceric
ligoter {vt} :: to bind, tie up
ligérien {adj} [attributive] :: Loire
ligroïne {f} :: ligroin
ligue {f} :: league
ligue hanséatique {f} :: Hanseatic League
liguer {vr} :: to gang up; to be in league
ligueur {adj} :: That is part of a (reactionary, political) league
Ligurie {prop} {f} :: Liguria (region)
ligurien {adj} :: Ligurian
ligurien {m} [uncountable] :: Ligurian (language)
ligustrine {f} :: ligustrin
liker {v} [Internet] :: to like (on a social networking site)
lilas {m} :: lilac (plant and colour)
liliacée {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: a plant of the Liliaceae family
Lilian {prop} {m} :: given name, the masculine equivalent of Liliane
Liliane {prop} {f} :: given name, cognate to English Lilian
liliputien {adj} :: lilliputian
Lille {prop} :: Lille
lillois {adj} [attributive] :: Lille; of or from Lille
Lillois {m} :: An inhabitant of Lille
Lilloise {f} :: feminine noun of Lillois
limace {f} :: slug
limacien {adj} [zoology] :: limacine
limaille {f} :: filings
limaçon {m} :: snail
limaçon {m} :: spiral staircase
limbe {m} [measurement] :: limb
limbe {m} [astronomy] :: limb
limbes {mp} :: limbo (place for innocent souls)
limbique {adj} :: limbic
Limbourg {prop} {m} :: Limburg
limbourgeois {m} :: Limburgish (language)
limbourgeois {adj} :: Limburgish
Limbourgeois {m} :: Limburger
Limbourgeoise {f} :: feminine singular of Limbourgeois
lime {f} :: file (tool)
lime {f} :: lime (fruit, tree)
lime à ongles {f} :: nail file
limer {v} :: file (to smooth with a file)
limer {v} [vulgar] :: to fuck, shag, pound
limette {f} :: sweet lime
limettier {m} :: lime tree
limicole {adj} :: limicolous
limier {m} :: bloodhound
limier {m} :: sleuth, detective
liminaire {adj} :: introductory
limité {adj} :: limited
limitable {adj} :: limitable
limitant {adj} :: limiting
limitateur {m} :: limiter
limitatif {adj} :: limiting, restrictive
limitation {f} :: limitation (action of limiting)
limitativement {adv} :: limitingly, restrictively
limite {f} :: limit
limite {adj} [colloquial] :: edgy
limitée {f} :: limited (limited liability corporation)
limite des arbres {f} :: tree line
limiter {v} :: to mark, to limit (to show a physical limit or boundary)
limiter {v} :: to limit (to state a limit for)
limiteur {m} :: limiter
limitrophe {adj} :: bordering
limnimètre {m} :: limnimeter, stream gauge
limnologie {f} :: limnology
limnologique {adj} :: limnological
limnologiste {mf} :: limnologist
limnoterrestre {adj} [biology] :: limnoterrestrial
limodore {f} :: A type of orchid of the genus Limodorum
limogeage {m} :: dismissal; sacking
limoger {vt} :: to dismiss; it is normally used about senior staff, such as a minister, general, bishop, ambassador, etc..
Limoges {prop} {f} :: Limoges
limon {m} :: silt (fine earth deposited by water)
limon {m} :: shaft (in a carriage)
limon {m} :: A type of lemon
limonade {f} :: Lemonade; a serving of lemonade
limonade {f} :: A soda with a hint of lemon flavoring with sugar that is popular in France; a serving of this soda
limonadier {m} :: café owner
limonadier {m} :: lemonade / soft drinks manufacturer
limonadière {f} :: feminine noun of limonadier
limonette {f} :: sweet lime
limoneux {adj} :: muddy, slimy
limonier {m} :: lemon (tree)
limonine {f} [organic compound] :: limonin
limonène {m} [organic compound] :: limonene
limonoïde {m} [organic chemistry] :: limonoid
limonoïque {adj} [organic chemistry] :: limonoic
limougeaud {adj} [attributive] :: Limoges
Limougeaud {m} :: someone from Limoges
Limougeaude {f} :: feminine noun of Limougeaud
limousin {adj} :: Limousin; relating to Limousin
limousin {m} :: Limousin; the dialect of Occitan
limousin {m} :: A bricklayer skilled in limousinage
Limousin {prop} {m} :: Limousin (former region of France)
Limousin {m} :: person from Limousin
limousinage {m} :: A form of masonry done with stone and mortar
limousine {f} [fashion] :: traditional woolen cloak from Haute-Vienne
limousine {f} [automotive] :: limousine, luxury car
limousine {f} :: [zoology] limousin (cattle breed)
Limousine {f} :: feminine noun of Limousin
limpide {adj} :: clear, limpid (especially of water)
limpidité {f} :: limpidity
limule {f} :: horseshoe crab
lin {m} :: linen
lin {m} :: flax (the plant)
linaire {f} :: toadflax (plant of the genus Linaria)
linéaire {adj} :: linear
linéairement {adv} :: linearly
linéal {adj} :: lineal
linéalement {adv} :: lineally
linéament {m} :: outline
linéament {m} :: lineament
linarine {f} [organic compound] :: linarin
linéarisation {f} :: linearization
linéariser {v} :: To linearize
linéarité {f} :: linearity
linéation {f} :: lineation
linceul {m} :: shroud
Lincourt {prop} :: surname
Linda {prop} :: given name of origin
lingala {m} :: Lingala (language)
linge {m} :: linen
linge {m} :: cloth
linge {m} [Switzerland] :: towel
linge {m} [Quebec, invariable] :: clothing
linge de corps {m} [dated] :: body linen, underwear
linger {m} :: linenkeeper
lingerie {f} :: linen room
lingerie {f} :: lingerie (clothing)
lingette {f} :: towelette; wipe
lingot {m} :: ingot
lingotin {m} :: small ingot (of gold)
lingotière {f} :: mold / mould (for making a metal ingot)
lingère {f} :: washerwoman, laundry maid
lingua franca nova {m} :: the Lingua Franca Nova language
-lingue {suffix} :: -lingual
linguet {f} :: latch
linguet {f} :: pawl
linguiste {mf} :: linguist [one who studies linguistics]
linguistique {adj} :: linguistic
linguistique {f} :: linguistics (scientific study of language)
linguistiquement {adv} :: linguistically
linine {f} [organic compound] :: linin
linéique {adj} :: lineic
linière {f} :: flax field
linnéen {adj} :: Linnaean
linoléine {f} [organic compound] :: linolein
linoléique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: linoleic
linolénique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: linolenic
linoléum {m} :: linoleum
linon {m} :: lawn (linen fabric)
linot {m} :: linnet
linotte {f} :: linnet
linteau {m} [architecture] :: lintel (a horizontal structural beam)
linuxien {adj} :: related to Linux
linuxien {m} :: Linux user
lion {m} [zoology] :: lion
lion {m} [specifically] :: male lion
lion {m} [figuratively] :: lion (brave person)
lion {m} [heraldiccharge] :: lion
lion {m} [figuratively, dated] :: lion (celebrity; famous person)
lion {m} [dated] :: a style of elegant young man that came after the dandy
Lion {prop} {m} :: Leo (constellation)
Lion {prop} {m} [astrology] :: Leo (star sign)
lionceau {m} :: a lion cub
lion des montagnes {m} :: mountain lion
Lionel {prop} :: given name, equivalent to English Lionel
lionne {f} :: lioness
lipide {m} [organic chemistry] :: lipid
lipidique {adj} :: lipidic
lipoaspiration {f} :: liposuction
lipome {m} [oncology] :: lipoma
lipoperoxydation {f} [biochemistry] :: lipoperoxidation
lipophile {adj} :: lipophilic
lipophilie {f} :: lipophilicity
lipophobe {adj} :: lipophobic
lipophobie {f} :: lipophobicity
lipoprotéine {f} [protein] :: lipoproteine
liposuccion {f} :: liposuction
lipovitelline {f} [protein] :: lipovitellin
lippe {f} :: A lip, especially the lower one when it is large or protruded
lippu {adj} :: having a prominent lower lip; big-lipped
lipschitzien {adj} :: Lipschitzian
liquette {f} [colloquial] :: shirt
liqueur {f} :: alcoholic liqueur
liqueur {f} [literary] :: drinkable liquid
liqueur {f} [Canada] :: fizzy drink, pop
liqueur {f} [obsolete] :: liquid
liqueur de dosage {f} :: A solution of sugar in water (sometimes in wine) used to top up bottles of sparkling wine made by the Champagne method
liquéfaction {f} :: liquefaction
liquéfier {v} :: to liquefy/liquify
liquidateur {m} :: liquidator
liquidatif {adj} [economics] :: net
liquidation {f} :: sale, liquidation (sale of goods at reduced prices)
liquidation {f} :: liquidation
liquide {adj} :: liquid (existing in the physical state of a liquid)
liquide {adj} :: liquid (said of money)
liquide {m} :: liquid (substance not of solid or gas state)
liquide {m} :: cash
liquide cérébro-spinal {m} :: cerebrospinal fluid
liquide de gaz naturel {m} :: liquified natural gas
liquidement {adv} :: liquidly (in the manner of a liquid)
liquider {v} :: to liquidate, pay off, settle (a debt)
liquider {v} :: to sell off (goods)
liquider {v} :: to liquidate, bump off (kill)
liquidité {f} :: liquidity
liquoreux {adj} :: syrupy
lire {vit} :: to read
lire {vr} [se lire] :: to be read
lire {f} :: lira (unit of currency)
lire dans les pensées {v} :: to read someone's mind
lire entre les lignes {v} [idiomatic] :: to read between the lines
lire sur les lèvres {v} :: to lipread
lis {m} :: lily
Lisa {prop} :: given name, diminutive of Élisabeth
Lisbonne {prop} {f} :: Lisbon, the capital of Portugal
lisboète {adj} :: Lisboner
Lise {prop} :: given name derived from Élisabeth
Lisée {prop} :: surname
liseré {m} :: border, edging
liseron {m} :: bindweed (trailing vine-like plants, of the genera Calystegia and Convolvulus)
lisette {f} :: A young mackerel
lisette {f} :: A parasite that eats vine buds
lisette {f} :: A long waistcoat.
Lisette {prop} {f} :: given name
liseur {m} :: reader (one who reads)
liseuse {f} :: a nightgown, a bedjacket, a garment useful when reading in bed
liseuse {f} :: a small paperknife used to open uncut books, also useful as a bookmark
liseuse {f} :: a dust jacket (removable book cover)
liseuse {f} :: a reading lamp
liseuse {f} :: a nightstand, a bedside table
liseuse {f} :: an e-book reader
lisibilité {f} :: legibility; readability
lisible {adj} :: legible; readable
lisiblement {adv} :: readably; legibly
lisier {m} :: liquid manure, farm slurry
lisière {f} :: edge
lisérer {v} :: to edge with ribbon
lissage {m} :: smoothing, polishing
lisse {adj} :: smooth
lisser {v} :: to smooth
lisser {v} :: to level
lisseté {f} [maths] :: smoothness
listage {m} [computing] :: listing (of a program etc)
liste {f} :: list
liste de suivi {f} :: watchlist
liste noire {f} :: blacklist
liste noire {f} [Internet] :: block list
lister {v} :: list (to create a list)
liste Swadesh {f} :: Swadesh list
listéria {f} :: listeria
listériose {f} [pathology] :: listeriosis
listrique {adj} :: listric
lit {m} :: bed
litage {m} :: bedding
litanie {f} :: litany
litanique {adj} :: litanic
lit à baldaquin {m} :: canopy bed (a bed equipped with a canopy)
litchi {m} :: lychee (tree)
litchi {m} :: lychee (fruit)
lit de justice {m} :: lit de justice, bed of justice
lit de sangle {m} :: trestle bed, stump bedstead
literie {f} :: bedding (kit for a bed)
litharge {f} :: litharge
-lithe {suffix} :: -lite; -lith
lithiase {f} [pathology] :: lithiasis
lithine {f} [inorganic compound] :: lithia
lithique {adj} :: lithic (pertaining to stone)
lithium {m} :: lithium
lithographie {f} :: lithography
lithographie {f} :: lithograph
lithographier {v} :: To print using lithography
lithographique {adj} :: lithographic
lithogravure {f} :: lithography
lithologie {f} :: lithology
lithologique {adj} :: lithological
lithologiquement {adv} :: lithologically
lithosphère {f} :: lithosphere (The outer layer of the Earth)
lithosphérique {adj} :: lithospheric
lithostratigraphie {f} [geology] :: lithostratigraphy
lithostratigraphique {adj} :: lithostratigraphic
lithothérapie {f} [medicine] :: lithotherapy
lithotripsie {f} [surgery] :: lithotripsy
lithotypographie {f} :: lithotypography
Lithuanie {prop} {f} :: Lithuania
lithuanien {n} :: alternative form of lituanien
Lithuanien {m} :: alternative form of Lituanien
Lithuanienne {f} :: feminine noun of Lithuanien
litige {m} [legal] :: litigation
litigieux {adj} :: litigious
litigieux {adj} :: controversial
litière {f} :: litter (for cattle, cats); bedding (for horses)
litière {f} :: litter (mode of transport)
litote {f} :: Litotes, understatement.
litote {f} :: An instance of such.
litre {m} :: litre
litron {m} [colloquial] :: litre-bottle
litte {m} [Quebec, colloquial] :: bed
littoral {adj} :: littoral, coastal
littoral {m} :: littoral
littoralisation {f} :: littoralization
littéraire {adj} :: literary
littérairement {adv} :: litterarily (with respect to literature)
littéral {adj} :: literal
littéralement {adv} :: literally
littérateur {m} :: litterateur
littératie {f} :: literacy (ability to read)
littératrice {f} :: litteratrice (female writer)
littérature {f} :: literature
Lituanie {prop} {f} :: Lithuania
lituanien {m} :: Lithuanian, the Lithuanian language
lituanien {adj} :: Lithuanian
Lituanien {m} :: Lithuanian person
Lituanienne {f} :: feminine noun of Lituanien
liturgie {f} :: A liturgy, predetermined or prescribed set of (religious) rituals
liturgie {f} :: A liturgy, Ancient Greek service to the public interest
liturgique {adj} :: liturgic, liturgical
liturgiquement {adv} :: liturgically
livèche {f} :: lovage
livide {adj} :: livid (in colour)
lividité {f} [medicine] :: lividity
lividités cadavériques {fp} [medicine, in the plural] :: livor mortis
Livie {prop} :: Livia
living {m} :: living room
Livonie {prop} {f} :: Livonia (historical region)
livonien {m} :: Livonian (language)
livournais {adj} :: Livornian
Livournais {m} :: Livornian
Livournaise {f} :: feminine noun of Livournais
Livourne {prop} {m} :: Livourne (province/and/city)
livrable {adj} :: deliverable
livraison {f} :: delivery
livre {m} :: book
livre {f} :: pound (unit of weight)
livre {f} :: pound (unit of currency)
lièvre {m} :: hare
livrée {n} :: livery
livre audio {m} :: audiobook
livre blanc {m} :: white paper
livre d'or {m} :: guest book (all meanings)
livrel {m} :: e-book (electronic book)
livre électronique {m} :: e-book (electronic book)
livrer {v} :: to deliver (a package, merchandise etc.)
livrer {v} :: to hand over, deliver (someone to an enemy, police, etc.)
livrer {v} :: to betray
livrer {v} :: to give away (a secret etc.); to confide, reveal, drop (a hint)
livrer {vr} :: abandon oneself, give oneself over (à to)
livrer {vr} :: (with à) to practise (a sport); be engaged in (a job, research); set up (an enquiry)
livre sonore {m} :: audiobook
livresque {adj} :: bookish
livre sterling {m} :: pound sterling (currency of the UK)
livret {m} :: pamphlet
livreur {m} :: deliverer, deliveryman
livreuse {f} :: feminine noun of livreur
lixivié {adj} :: leached
lixiviable {adj} :: leachable
lixiviant {adj} :: leaching
lixiviat {m} :: lixiviate, leachate
lixivier {vt} :: to leach, lixiviate
Ljubljana {prop} :: Ljubljana
Léman {prop} {m} :: Geneva (lake)
lémanique {adj} :: Of or from Léman (Lake Geneva)
lémonal {m} [organic compound] :: lemonal
lémonol {m} [organic compound] :: lemonol
lémur {m} :: lemur (any animal of the prosimians, making up the infraorder Lemuriformes)
lémure {m} :: lemur
lémurien {m} :: lemur
lône {f} [Lyon dialect] :: An anabranch of the river Rhone
lône {f} [by extension, hydrology] :: Any diverging branch of a river
LNH {initialism} [sport] :: NHL; initialism of Ligue nationale de hockey (National Hockey League)
lénifiant {adj} :: emollient, soothing
léninien {adj} :: Leninist
léninisme {m} [politics] :: Leninism
léniniste {adj} :: Leninist (relating to Lenin)
lénition {f} [linguistics] :: lenition (weakening of consonant articulation)
Léo {prop} :: given name, a Latinate variant of Léon
lob {m} [tennis] :: lob
lobé {adj} [botany] :: lobed
lobaire {adj} :: lobar
lobber {v} [sports] :: to lob
lobby {m} :: lobby (hall)
lobby {m} :: lobby (advocacy group)
lobbying {m} :: lobbying
lobbyiste {mf} :: lobbyist
lober {vt} [tennis, soccer] :: to lob
lobulaire {adj} :: lobular
Loïc {prop} :: given name, variant of Loïs and Louis, also in Flemish
local {adj} :: local
local {m} :: room
localement {adv} :: locally (with respect to location)
localisé {adj} :: localized
localisable {adj} :: localizable
localisateur {m} :: locator
localisation {f} :: localization/localisation
localisatrice {f} :: feminine singular of localisateur
localiser {v} :: to locate
localiser {v} :: to localise
localité {f} :: place, locality
locataire {mf} :: renter, tenant
locateur {m} :: landlord (of a rented property)
locatif {adj} :: locative
locatif {m} [grammar] :: the locative case
location {f} :: renting, rental
location {f} :: rent
location {f} :: rented accommodation
location {f} :: hire (of a car etc.)
location {f} :: booking, reservation
locatrice {f} :: feminine singular of locateur
loch {m} [nautical] :: chip log, log
loch {m} :: loch
loche {f} [zoology] :: one of the several species of giant slugs belonging to the Arionidae and Limacidae families
loche {f} [zoology] :: one of the several species of loaches belonging to a number of different orders
loche {f} [slang] :: breast
Loches {prop} :: a commune in central France
lochial {adj} :: lochial
lock-out {m} :: lockout
locomobile {f} :: Locomobile, traction engine
locomoteur {adj} :: locomotive, locomotor
locomotif {adj} :: locomotive
locomotion {f} :: locomotion
locomotive {f} :: locomotive
loculaire {adj} :: locular
locule {m} :: locule, loculus
locuteur {m} :: speaker
locuteur natif {m} :: native speaker (a person who grew up with a particular language as their mother tongue)
locution {f} :: phrase, locution
locution figée {f} [linguistics] :: set phrase
locution nominale {f} :: noun phrase
locution verbale {f} :: phrasal verb
locutrice {f} :: feminine noun of locuteur
locutrice native {f} :: feminine noun of locuteur natif
lodge {m} :: lodge (tourist residence, especially in Africa)
lofer {vi} [nautical] :: to luff
loganine {f} [organic compound] :: loganin
logarithme {m} :: logarithm
logarithmique {adj} [mathematics] :: logarithmic
logarithmiquement {adv} :: logarithmically
loge {f} [freemasonry] :: lodge
loge {f} [theater] :: box
loge {f} [obsolete] :: hut
logeable {adj} :: habitable
logeable {adj} :: roomy, spacious
logement {m} :: housing, abode, dwelling, residence, domicile, home, accommodation
logement social {m} :: social housing
loger {vi} :: To lodge, to stay, to be lodging (to temporarily inhabit)
loger {vt} :: To find (someone) a place to stay
loger {vi} :: To fit into
logette {f} :: stall
logeur {m} :: landlord
logeuse {f} :: landlady
logiciel {m} [computing] :: software (encoded computer instructions)
logiciel {m} [computing] :: computer program, piece of software
logiciel {adj} :: software (attributive)
logiciel de rançon {m} [computing] :: ransomware (malware that holds the data of a computer user for ransom)
logiciel espion {m} [computing] :: spyware (program)
logiciellement {adv} [computing] :: By means of software
logiciel malveillant {m} [computing] :: malware (software developed to harm a computer system)
logiciel nuisible {m} :: synonym of logiciel malveillant
logicien {m} :: logician
logicienne {f} :: feminine noun of logicien
-logie {suffix} :: -logy
logique {f} :: logic
logique {adj} :: logical
-logique {suffix} :: -logic; -logical
logiquement {adv} :: logically
logis {m} :: lodge
logisticien {m} :: A logistician
logisticienne {f} :: feminine noun of logisticien
logistique {adj} :: logistic
logistique {f} :: logistics
logistique {adj} :: relating to logistics
logistiquement {adv} :: logistically
logo {m} :: A logo; name, symbol, or emblem that acts as a trademark or a means of identification of an institution or other entity
logogramme {m} :: logogram (character or symbol that represents a word or phrase)
logotype {m} :: A symbol or emblem that acts as a trademark or a means of identification of an institution or other entity, usually referred to as a logo
l'ogre de Corse {prop} {m} :: See: le ogre de Corse
l'ogre de Corse {prop} {m} :: Napoleon Bonaparte
-logue {suffix} :: -logist
loguer {v} :: to log (make a record of)
loi {f} :: law (legal code)
loi {f} :: law (scientific principle)
loi de Charles {prop} {f} [physics] :: Charles's law
loi de conservation {f} [physics] :: conservation law
loi de conservation de l'énergie {f} [physics] :: law of conservation of energy
loi de la jungle {f} :: law of the jungle
loin {adv} :: Far, distant
loin des yeux, loin du cœur {proverb} :: out of sight, out of mind
lointain {adj} :: distant, remote, far-off
lointainement {adv} :: distantly, remotely
loir {m} :: dormouse
Loire {prop} {f} :: Loire
Loire-Atlantique {prop} {m} :: Loire-Atlantique
Loiret {prop} {m} :: Loiret
Loiseau {prop} :: surname
loisible {adj} [literary] :: permitted
loisible {adj} [literary] :: free to choose
loisiblement {adv} :: permittedly
loisiblement {adv} :: freely
loisir {m} :: leisure
loisirs {mp} :: recreation
Loizeaux {prop} :: surname
lojban {m} :: Lojban (language)
lol {interj} [Internet] :: LOL
Lola {prop} :: given name
lolement {adv} [Internet] :: While laughing out loud
lollard {m} :: Lollard
lolo {m} [childish] :: milk
lolo {m} [colloquial] :: boob, titty
lombaire {adj} :: lumbar
lombard {adj} :: Lombard (from or relating to Lombardy)
lombard {m} :: the Lombard language
Lombard {m} :: Lombard (person from Lombardy)
Lombarde {f} :: feminine noun of Lombard
Lombardie {prop} {f} :: Lombardy
lombes {mp} [plurale tantum] :: loins
lombric {m} :: earthworm
lombrical {adj} [anatomy] :: lumbrical
lombriculture {f} :: worm farming
lombrosien {adj} :: Lombrosian
l'on {pron} [formal] :: alternative form of on
Léon {prop} [geography] :: a historical region of Brittany, in northwestern France
Léon {prop} [geography] :: a commune in southwestern France
Léon {prop} :: given name, equivalent to Leo
léonais {m} :: Leonese language
léonais {adj} :: Leonese
Léonais {m} :: Leonese (person)
Léonaise {f} :: feminine singular of Léonais
Léonard {prop} {m} :: given name, cognate to Leonard
londonien {adj} :: of/from London, Cockney
Londonien {m} :: Londoner; man from London
Londonienne {f} :: feminine noun of Londonien; woman from London
Londres {prop} {mf} :: London
Léone {prop} :: given name, a feminine form of Léon
long {adj} :: long
longane {m} :: longan (fruit)
longanimité {f} [literary] :: forbearance
long-courrier {m} :: long haul flight
longer {v} :: to walk along, run along
longeron {m} :: supportive horizontal beam
longeron {m} :: longeron (part of an aircraft)
longiforme {adj} :: elongated
longiligne {adj} :: rangy (long-limbed)
longitude {f} [geography, astronomy] :: longitude
longitudinal {adj} :: longitudinal
longitudinalement {adj} :: longitudinally
long à la détente {adj} [colloquial] :: slow on the uptake
long-métrage {m} [film] :: theatrical release
longtemps {adv} :: for a long time; over a long period
long-temps {adv} :: obsolete spelling of longtemps
longuement {adv} :: for a long time
longue paume {m} :: an outdoor version of jeu de paume
longuet {adj} :: A little long
longueur {f} :: length
longue-vue {f} :: telescope, not astronomical
longue-vue {f} :: spyglass
longévité {f} :: longevity
longévité {f} [by extension] :: lifespan
longævité {f} :: obsolete form of longévité
Longyearbyen {prop} :: Longyearbyen
Léonie {prop} :: given name, a feminine form of Léon
léonin {adj} :: leonine
lonsdaléite {f} [mineralogy] :: lonsdaleite
looc {adj} :: cool
look {m} :: style; appearance; look
lookbook {m} :: lookbook
léopard {m} :: leopard (a large wild cat with a spotted coat, Panthera pardus)
léopard de mer {m} :: leopard seal (Hydrurga leptonyx)
lopin {m} :: patch, plot (of land)
Léopold {prop} {m} :: given name, cognate to English Leopold
Léopoldville {prop} [historical] :: Kinshasa
loquace {adj} :: talkative; loquacious
loquacité {f} :: talkativeness (quality of being talkative)
loque {f} [colloquial, figuratively] :: wreck, basket case
loque {f} [in the plural] :: rags
loquet {m} :: latch
loqueteux {adj} :: tattered, ragged
Loranger {prop} :: surname
lordose {f} :: lordosis (excessive curvature of the spine)
lorentzien {adj} :: Lorentzian
lorette {f} [archaic] :: loose woman, lorette
lorgner {v} :: to ogle
lorgner {v} :: to leer
lorgner {v} :: to covet
lorgner {v} :: to look at using a monocle or lorgnette
lorgner {v} :: to look ahead (to)
lorgnon {m} [obsolete] :: monocle
lorgnon {m} :: lorgnette; pince-nez
Lorient {prop} {m} :: Lorient
lorientais {adj} :: of or from Lorient
Lorientais {m} :: someone of or from Lorient
Lorientaise {f} :: feminine singular of Lorientais
loriot {m} :: oriole
lorrain {adj} :: From Lorraine
Lorrain {m} :: Someone from Lorraine
Lorraine {prop} :: Lorraine (region of France)
Lorraine {prop} :: given name from French
Lorraine {f} :: feminine noun of Lorrain
lors {adv} [obsolete] :: then, at that time
lors d' {prep} :: alternative form of lors de
lors de {prep} :: during, at the time of
lorsqu' {conj} [before a vowel] :: apocopic form of lorsque; when
lorsque {conj} :: when (at a time when)
lorsqu'il {contraction} :: lorsque + il
lorsqu'on {contraction} :: lorsque + on
los {m} [obsolete] :: praise; acclaim
Loïs {prop} :: given name, variant of Lois
Loïs {prop} :: given name, variant of Lois, Loïc and Louis, also in Flemish
losange {m} :: rhombus
losange {m} [heraldiccharge] :: lozenge
Los Angeles {prop} :: Los Angeles
losangique {adj} :: rhombic; lozenge-shaped
LOSC {initialism} [soccer] :: Lille Olympique Sporting Club, a French football club from the town of Lille
loser {m} [colloquial] :: loser
lot {m} :: share (of inheritance)
lot {m} :: plot (of land)
lot {m} :: batch (of goods for sale)
lot {m} :: lot (at auction)
lot {m} :: prize (in lottery)
lot {m} :: lot, fate
lot {m} [slang] :: babe
Lot {prop} {m} :: Lot (Department of France)
lote {f} :: burbot (a freshwater fish: Lota lota)
loterie {f} :: lottery (scheme for the distribution of prizes by lot or chance)
Lot-et-Garonne {prop} {m} :: Lot-et-Garonne
lotier {m} :: birdsfoot trefoil
lotique {adj} [ecology] :: lotic
lotir {vt} :: to parcel out (divide into lots)
lotissement {m} :: estate, housing estate
loto {m} :: lotto
lotophage {adj} :: lotophagous
lotte {f} :: burbot (a freshwater fish, Lota lota)
lotte {f} [culinary] :: the tail meat of an anglerfish (a marine fish, Lophius piscatorius)
lotus {m} :: lotus
Lou {prop} :: given name, diminutive of Louis
Lou {prop} :: given name, diminutive of Louise
louable {adj} :: laudable; worthy of praise
louablement {adv} :: laudably (in a way worthy of praise)
louage {m} :: renting
Louaillier {prop} :: surname
louange {f} :: praise
louanger {v} :: to praise; to laud
louangeur {m} :: praiser, lauder
louangeur {adj} :: praising, lauding
louba {m} [slang] :: kid, child
loubard {m} :: yob; hooligan
Loubier {prop} :: surname
louchébem {m} :: A form of slang originating from butchers in Paris and Lyon, involving changing the order of the letters of a word
louchébem {m} [louchébem slang] :: butcher
louche {adj} [dated] :: cross-eyed
louche {adj} [by extension] :: cloudy; obscure
louche {adj} [figuratively] :: shady; dubious; seedy; shifty
louche {f} :: [in a liquid] cloudiness due to a suspension of fine particles
louche {f} :: ladle
loucher {v} :: to be cross-eyed, squint
loucher {v} :: squint (to look with eyes that are turned in different directions)
loucher {v} :: glance
loucheur {m} :: cross-eyed or squinting person
loucheuse {f} :: cross-eyed or squinting person (female)
Loudun {prop} :: A small town in the Poitou-Charentes region of France
louer {v} :: to rent
louer {v} :: to lease
louer {v} :: to praise, to recommend
loueur {m} :: praiser (someone who praises)
loueur {m} :: hirer, renter, lessor (someone who rents, hires or leases things for a living)
loueuse {f} :: feminine noun of loueur
louf {adj} [louchébem slang] :: crazy, nuts, kooky
loufoque {adj} :: ridiculous; farcical, goofy
loufoquerie {f} [colloquial] :: craziness, madness
lougre {m} :: lugger
louis {m} [historical numismatics] :: A louis: various gold and silver coins issued by the Kingdom, Republic, and [slang] Empire of France
louis {m} [historical numismatics, , slang] :: 20 francs
Louis {prop} {m} :: given name
Louis {prop} {m} :: surname
Louisbourg {prop} :: A placename
Louisbourg {prop} :: Louisbourg, Nova Scotia, Canada
louis d'or {m} [historical numismatics] :: louis d'or (any gold coin introduced by Louis XIII)
louis d'or {m} :: A cheese produced in Quebec
louise {f} [colloquial] :: fart
Louise {prop} {f} :: given name, feminine form of Louis
Louisiane {prop} {f} :: Louisiana (US state)
louisphilippement {adv} :: In the manner of Louis Philippe I
louisquatorzien {adj} :: Relating to Louis XIV (Louis Quatorze) or his epoch
louis-quatorzien {adj} :: Relating to, or in a style fashionable during the reign of Louis XIV
Louis XIV {prop} {m} :: A king of France between 1643 and 1715
loukoum {m} :: Turkish delight, locoum
loulou {m} :: spitz
loup {m} :: wolf
loup {m} :: bass (fish)
loup {m} :: mask, eyemask
loup {m} :: flaw
Loup {prop} {m} :: given name
loup de mer {m} [colloquial] :: seadog, old salt, sea bass (branzin)
loupe {f} :: magnifying glass
loupe {f} :: loupe
loupe {f} [medicine] :: wen (a cyst on the skin)
loupe {f} [botany] :: burl, a growth on the side of a tree
loupe {f} [slang] :: laziness
louper {v} :: to miss
louper {v} :: to fail
loup-garou {m} :: werewolf
lourd {adj} :: heavy
lourd {adj} :: clumsy, oafish
lourd {adj} [colloquial] :: annoying, a drag
lourd {adj} [weather] :: sultry, humid
lourd {adj} [boxing] :: heavyweight
lourdaud {m} :: oaf
lourdaude {f} :: feminine noun of lourdaud
lourdement {adv} :: heavily (to a large extent)
lourdeur {f} :: heaviness
loustic {m} :: wag, joker
loutre {f} :: otter
Louvain {prop} :: Capital city of the province of Flemish Brabant in Belgium
Louvain-la-Neuve {prop} :: City of the province of Walloon Brabant in Belgium
louvaniste {adj} :: from Louvain
Louvaniste {mf} :: someone from Louvain
louve {f} :: she-wolf
louve {f} :: a metal wedge used in masonry
louver {vt} :: to drill a hole in a stone for the attachment of a wedge
louveteau {m} :: wolf cub
louvetelle {f} :: wolf cub
louveterie {f} :: wolf-hunting guild
louveterie {f} :: wolf hunting
louvetier {m} :: wolf-hunter
louvetier {m} :: Akela (scout leader)
louvoyer {v} [nautical] :: to tack
louvoyer {v} [figuratively] :: to manoeuvre, navigate
louvèterie {f} :: alternative form of louveterie
lovecraftien {adj} :: Lovecraftian
lover {v} :: to coil (a rope or cord)
lover {vr} [of a snake] :: to coil up, wind up; to curl up
lovés {mp} [slang] :: money
loxodromie {f} :: loxodrome
loxodromique {adj} :: loxodromic
loyal {adj} :: loyal
loyalement {adv} :: loyally
loyalisme {m} :: loyalism
loyaliste {mf} :: loyalist
loyaliste {adj} :: loyalist
loyauté {f} :: loyalty
loyer {m} :: rent (amount of money due for renting property)
Lozère {prop} {f} :: Lozère
lépidine {f} :: lepidine
lépidolite {mf} [mineralogy] :: lepidolite
lépidoptère {m} :: lepidopteran
lépidoptère {adj} :: lepidopteran
lèpre {f} :: leprosy
lépreux {adj} :: leprous
lépreux {m} :: leper
léprosé {m} :: leper
léprosée {f} :: feminine noun of léprosé
léproserie {f} :: leprosarium
lérot {m} :: garden dormouse
lès {prep} :: alternative form of lez
LSD {m} :: LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide)
lèse-majesté {f} :: lese-majesty, lèse-majesté
léser {v} :: to wrong; to do wrong by (someone)
lésiner {vi} :: to skimp, to overly limit one's spending, to be frugal to an excessive degree
lésinerie {f} :: stinginess
lésion {f} :: lesion
læsion {f} :: obsolete form of lésion
LSR {f} :: abbreviation of liquéfaction, stockage, regazéification
lœss {m} [geology] :: loess
létal {adj} :: lethal
létalité {f} :: lethality; mortality
Ltée. {f} :: Ltd. (limited liability company)
Ltée {f} :: alternative form of Ltée.
Ltee. {f} :: alternative form of Ltée.
Ltee {f} :: alternative form of Ltée.
Léthé {prop} {m} :: Lethe
léthargie {f} :: lethargy
léthargique {adj} :: lethargic, sluggish
léthargiquement {adv} :: lethargically
léthéen {adj} :: Lethean
Létourneau {prop} :: surname
luberon {m} :: Any of several wines (mostly red) from the valley of the Rhône
lubie {f} :: whim, caprice
lubricité {f} :: lust, lechery, lubricity
lubrifiant {adj} :: lubricating
lubrifiant {m} :: lubricant
lubrification {f} :: lubrication
lubrifier {v} :: to lubricate [make slippery or smooth]
lubrique {adj} :: prurient (arousing sexual desire)
lubrique {adj} :: lewd, lecherous
lubriquement {adv} :: pruriently
lubriquement {adv} :: lewdly, lecherously
Luc {prop} :: Luke [biblical character]
Luc {prop} :: given name, equivalent to English Luke
Luc {prop} :: Any of several small French towns
lucarne {f} :: dormer window
lucarne {f} :: skylight
lucarne {f} [soccer, colloquial] :: top corner of the net
Lucas {prop} :: given name, a Latinate variant of Luc
Lucas {prop} :: surname
lucianique {adj} :: Lucianic
lucide {adj} :: lucid
lucidement {adv} :: lucidly
lucidité {f} :: lucidity
Lucie {prop} :: given name, cognate to Lucy
Lucien {prop} {m} :: given name, an equivalent of English Lucian
Lucienne {prop} :: given name, feminine form of Lucien
Lucifer {prop} :: Lucifer
luciférase {f} [enzyme] :: luciferase
luciférien {adj} :: Luciferian (attributive); demonic
Lucile {prop} :: given name
Lucille {prop} :: given name
luciole {f} :: firefly
lucois {adj} :: Of or from any of several places named Luc
lucratif {adj} :: lucrative, profitable
lucrativement {adv} :: lucratively
Lucrèce {prop} {m} :: Lucretius (philosopher)
Lucrèce {prop} {m} [rare] :: given name
Lucrèce {prop} {f} :: given name
luddite {m} :: A Luddite
ludique {adj} :: playful, ludic
ludois {adj} :: Of or from Le Lude
ludothèque {f} :: toy library
Ludovic {prop} :: given name
luette {f} :: uvula
lueur {f} :: glimmer; glow
luge {f} [countable] :: luge (sled) [the sport of luge]
luge {f} [uncountable] :: luge (sport) [the sport of luge]; ellipsis of luge de course
luge {f} [countable] :: sledge, sled [course sur luge, hockey sur luge]
luge de course {f} :: luge (tobogganing sport)
luger {v} :: to luge
lugeur {m} :: luger (someone who competes in the luge)
lugeuse {f} :: feminine noun of lugeur
lugol {m} :: An antiseptic solution of iodine and potassium iodide
lugubre {adj} :: gloomy, mournful, lugubrious
lugubrement {adv} :: lugubriously
lui {pron} :: him, he; the third-person masculine singular personal pronoun used after a preposition, or as the predicate of a linking verb, or when disjoined from a sentence, or as a stressed subject
lui {pron} :: Him, her; the third-person singular personal pronoun used as an indirect object
Lœuilly {prop} :: Lœuilly
lui-même {pron} [emphatic] :: himself, itself
luire {vi} :: to shine; to glimmer
luisamment {adv} :: gleamingly, glistenlingly
luisant {adj} :: gleaming, glistening
lume {f} [obsolete] :: light, lamp
lumignon {m} :: small light
lumignon {m} :: candle end
luminaire {m} :: a luminaire, a light fixture
luminescence {f} :: luminescence
luminescent {adj} :: luminescent
lumineusement {adv} :: luminously, brightly
lumineux {adj} :: bright, luminous
luminosité {f} :: brightness
luminosité {f} :: luminosity
lumière {f} :: light
lumière {f} [anatomy] :: lumen
l'un {pron} :: one
luné {adj} :: (only with bien or mal) Having a good or bad disposition, in a good or bad mood
lunaire {adj} :: lunar
lunaison {f} :: lunation
lunatique {adj} :: moody
lunatique {mf} :: lunatic
lunch {m} :: A lunch, (usually light) meal around noon
lunch {m} :: A light meal with sandwiches, cold cuts, pastry etc. served at a festive reception
l'un dans l'autre {adv} [colloquial] :: all in all
lundi {m} :: Monday
lundi de Pâques {prop} {m} :: Easter Monday
lune {f} :: The Moon
lune {f} :: Any natural satellite of a planet
lune {f} [literary] :: A month, particularly a lunar month
l'une {contraction} :: la + une
lune de miel {f} :: honeymoon (period of time immediately following a marriage)
lunetière {f} :: synonym of biscutelle
lunette {f} [astronomy] :: telescope (refracting telescope)
lunette {f} [architecture] :: lunette
lunette {f} :: toilet seat
lunette {f} [ornithology] :: breastbone
lunette {f} [in the plural] :: eyeglasses, spectacles
lunettes de soleil {fp} [plurale tantum] :: sunglasses
l'un l'autre {pron} [reciprocal pronoun] :: each other
lupanar {m} [dated or literary] :: A brothel
lupeux {m} [medicine, obsolete] :: a person suffering from lupus
lupin {adj} :: lupine
lupin {m} :: lupin
Lure {prop} :: A small town in the Haute-Saône department of Franche-Comté
luron {m} :: fellow
luron {adj} :: Of or from Lure
Luron {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Lure
luronne {f} :: feminine noun of luron
Luronne {f} :: feminine singular of Luron
luésa {v} [backslang, verlan] :: to greet
Lusace {prop} {f} :: Lusatia (region)
lushois {adj} :: Lubumbashi (attributive)
lusitanien {adj} :: Lusitanian
lusitanien {adj} :: Portuguese
lusitrope {f} :: An agent that affects diastolic relaxation
luso- {prefix} :: Luso-
lusophobe {adj} :: Lusophobe
lusophone {adj} :: lusophone
lusophone {mf} :: Lusophone (Portuguese-speaker)
lussion {m} :: barracudina
lustré {adj} :: polished
lustrage {m} :: polishing, shining
lustrage {m} :: polish, shine, lustre
lustral {adj} :: lustral
lustre {m} :: lustre, chandelier
lustre {m} :: gloss, shine, lustre
lustre {m} :: lustrum; period of five years
lustrer {vt} :: to polish, make shinier by polishing
lustrer {vr} :: to shine, give off a shine
lut {m} :: lute; slip
lutéal {adj} [anatomy] :: luteal
Lutèce {prop} {f} [historical] :: Lutetia
lutécium {m} :: lutetium (chemical element)
luth {m} :: lute, a stringed instrument
luthier {m} :: luthier, violin maker
luthiste {mf} [music] :: lutenist
luthéranisme {m} :: Lutheranism (branch of Christianity developed by Martin Luther)
luthérien {adj} :: Lutheran (related to the Lutheran church)
luthérien {m} :: Lutheran (member of the Lutheran church)
luthérienne {f} :: feminine noun of luthérien
lutin {m} :: imp, elf, pixie
lutéine {f} :: lutein (yellow carotenoid pigment)
luétine {f} [obsolete, medicine] :: luetin
lutiner {v} :: To tease, provoke
lutéinique {adj} :: luteinic
lutéoline {f} [organic compound] :: luteolin
lutrin {m} :: lectern
lutétate {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: lutetate
lutte {f} [literally or figuratively] :: struggle, fight, battle
lutte {f} [sport] :: wrestling
lutter {vi} :: to struggle, to fight
lutter {v} [sports] :: to wrestle
lutteur {m} :: fighter; combatant
lutteur {m} :: wrestler
lutteuse {f} :: feminine noun of lutteur
lutétien {adj} :: Lutetian (attributive)
Lutétien {m} [geology] :: Lutetian
lutétium {m} :: alternative form of lutécium
lutz {m} :: lutz (jump)
luxation {f} :: dislocation
luxe {m} :: luxury
Luxembourg {prop} {m} :: Luxembourg (Grand Duchy)
Luxembourg {prop} {m} :: Luxembourg (province)
Luxembourg {prop} {m} :: Luxembourg (city)
Luxembourg {prop} {m} :: Luxembourg (garden in Paris)
luxembourgeois {adj} :: from Luxembourg
luxembourgeois {adj} :: of or relating to Luxembourg
luxembourgeois {prop} {m} :: Luxembourgish (language)
Luxembourgeois {m} :: person from or living in Luxembourg
Luxembourgeoise {f} :: feminine noun of Luxembourgeois
luxembourgisme {m} [politics] :: Luxemburgism
luxemburgisme {m} :: alternative form of luxembourgisme
luxer {vt} :: to luxate
luxer {vr} :: to luxate
luxonique {adj} [physics] :: luxonic
luxueusement {adv} :: luxuriously
luxueux {adj} :: luxurious
luxure {f} :: lust
luxuriant {adj} :: luxuriant
luxurieusement {adv} :: lustfully
luxurieux {adj} :: lustful
luzerne {f} :: alfalfa (Medicago sativa)
Lévesque {prop} :: Levesque; surname
lève-tôt {mf} :: early riser (someone who gets up early)
Lévi {prop} {m} :: Levi (third son of Jacob)
léviathan {m} :: leviathan
léviathanique {adj} :: leviathan
l'évidence même {adj} :: Self-evident; literally “evidence itself”
lévigation {f} :: levigation
lévitation {f} :: levitation
lévite {m} :: Levite (member of the Hebrew tribe Levi)
lévite {f} :: Levite (a loose man's garment)
Lévite {prop} :: Levite
léviter {v} :: [usually intransitive] to levitate
lévitique {m} :: Levite
lévitique {adj} :: levitical
Lévitique {prop} :: Leviticus
lévogyre {adj} [chemistry] :: levogyre
lévométhorphane {m} :: levomethorphan
lèvre {f} :: lip
lévrier {m} :: sighthound
lévrier {m} :: greyhound
lévrier afghan {m} :: Afghan Hound
lévrier irlandais {m} :: Irish Wolfhound
lévrier persan {m} :: Saluki
lévulose {m} [carbohydrate] :: levulose
Lévy {prop} :: surname: Levy
lybien {adj} :: Libyan
lycanthrope {mf} :: werewolf; lycanthrope (wolflike human)
lycanthropie {f} :: lycanthropy
Lycaonie {prop} :: Lycaonia
lycaonien {adj} :: Lycaonian
lycaonien {m} :: Lycaonian (language/dialect)
lycée {m} :: a public secondary school
lycéen {m} :: A student at a lycée (a secondary school college)
lycéenne {f} :: feminine noun of lycéen
lychnite {f} :: lampwick (plant of the species Phlomis lychnitis)
Lycie {prop} :: Lycia
lycénidé {m} :: lycaenid
lycopodine {f} :: lycopodin
Lydia {prop} :: given name, a Latinized variant of Lydie
Lydie {prop} :: Lydia [biblical character]
Lydie {prop} :: given name
lymphatique {adj} [anatomy] :: lymphatic
lymphatique {adj} :: lethargic, listless, sluggish
lymphœdème {m} :: lymphedema, lymphoedema
lymphe {f} [anatomy] :: lymph
lymphoblaste {m} :: lymphoblast
lymphoblastique {adj} :: lymphoblastic
lymphocyte {m} [cytology] :: lymphocyte
lymphoïde {adj} [anatomy] :: lymphoid
lymphographie {f} :: lymphography
lymphome {m} [oncology] :: lymphoma
lynchage {m} :: lynching
lyncher {v} :: To lynch
lynx {m} :: a lynx
lynx roux {m} :: bobcat (a North American wild cat, Lynx rufus)
Lyon {prop} :: The city of Lyons, France
lyonnais {adj} :: Of or relating to Lyon, France
Lyonnais {m} :: An inhabitant of Lyon
Lyonnaise {f} :: feminine noun of Lyonnais
lyophilisé {adj} :: lyophilized, freeze-dried
lyophilisat {m} :: lyophilisate
lyophilisation {f} :: Lyophilisation
lyophiliser {v} :: to lyophilize
lyre {f} :: lyre
lyrique {adj} [poetry] :: lyric
lyrique {adj} :: lyrical
lyrique {mf} [poetry] :: lyric poet
lyrique {mf} :: lyric poetry
lyriquement {adv} :: lyrically
lyrisme {m} :: lyricism
lyrisme {m} :: lyric poetry
lys {m} :: lily
lysat {m} [biology] :: lysate
lyse {f} [chemistry] :: lysis
-lyse {suffix} :: -lysis
lyser {vt} [chemistry] :: to lyse
lysergique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: lysergic
Lysias {prop} :: Lysias (Attic orator)
lysimaque {m} :: loosestrife (of genus Lysimachia)
lysimètre {m} :: lysimeter
lysine {f} :: lysine
lysogène {adj} [biology] :: lysogenic
lysol {m} :: Lysol
lyssenkisme {m} [politics] :: Lysenkoism
lyssenkiste {adj} :: Lysenkoist
lyssenkiste {mf} :: Lysenkoist
Lystre {prop} :: Lystra (town in Lycaonia)
lytique {adj} :: lytic
lézard {m} :: lizard
Lézard {prop} {m} :: Lacerta
lézarder {vt} :: to crack
lézarder {vi} :: to bask (in the sun)