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l' {art} [before a vowel]  :: apocopic form of le, la The
l' {pron} [before a vowel]  :: apocopic form of le, la Him, her, it
{adv}  :: there
{adv} [used with être]  :: here, present
{m} [obsolete]  :: breadth, width
{m}  :: strip, length (of paper, textiles etc.)
-là {particle}  :: that. always used with ce
la {art}  :: The (definite article)
la {pron}  :: [direct object] Her, it
la {m} [music]  :: la, the note 'A'
l'a {contraction}  :: contraction of le + a or le + a; has it
Léa {prop} [biblical character]  :: Leah (biblical character)
Léa {prop}  :: given name currently popular in France
laçabilité {f}  :: ability to be laced
la barbe {f} [slang]  :: Something that is very boring
labbe {f} [ornithology]  :: skua
Labeaume {prop}  :: surname
label {m}  :: quality label
label {m} [music]  :: record label
labellisation {f}  :: labeling
labelliser {v}  :: to label
labelliser {v} [figurative]  :: to approve, to give official status to
labeur {m}  :: toil
labeurer {v}  :: to toil (struggle)
labferment {m} [enzyme]  :: rennet
labial {adj}  :: labial
labialiser {v}  :: to labialize
labiaplastie {f}  :: alternative form of labioplastie
labile {adj}  :: labile
labilité {f}  :: fleetingness, transience
labilité {f}  :: lability
labiodental {adj}  :: labiodental
labiodentale {f}  :: labiodental
labioplastie {f}  :: labiaplasty
labiovélaire {adj}  :: labiovelar
labéliser {v}  :: alternative form of labelliser
la bémol majeur {m}  :: A-flat major
labo {m}  :: lab (laboratory)
laborant {adj} [literary]  :: Working, laboring
laborantin {m}  :: laboratory assistant / technician
laboratoire {m}  :: laboratory
laboratoire d'idées {m} [idiomatic]  :: think tank (a group which performs research and develops reports and recommendations)
laboreur {m}  :: A (male) worker or laborer
laborieusement {adv}  :: laboriously (with great expenditure of effort)
laborieux {adj}  :: laborious
labour {m}  :: cultivation
labourable {adj}  :: ploughable, cultivable
labourage {m}  :: ploughing / plowing
labourer {vt}  :: to plough
laboureur {m}  :: ploughman; plowman
labradorien {adj}  :: Labradorian (from or relating to Labrador)
Labradorien {m}  :: Labradorian (someone from Labrador)
Labradorienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Labradorien
labyrinthe {m}  :: labyrinth
labyrinthique {adj}  :: labyrinthine
labyrinthite {f}  :: a form of otitis that causes dizziness and loss of balance
lac {m}  :: lake
laïc {m}  :: layman (not clergy)
laïcat {m}  :: laity
lacer {v}  :: to lace, to lace up
lacet {m}  :: lace (of boot, shoe)
lacet {m}  :: knot on a rope, especially for trapping small animals
lacet {m} [figuratively]  :: trap, ambush
lacet {m}  :: bend, twist (of a road), a switchback
lacet {m}  :: yaw (rotation about the vertical axis)
laîche {f}  :: sedge (any plant of the genus Carex)
lacis {m} [archaic]  :: lacis
lacis {m} [sports]  :: lacing
lacis {m}  :: maze (of alleyways etc.); web, network
laïcisation {f}  :: laicization, secularization
laïciser {v}  :: to laicize; to secularize
laïcité {f}  :: separation of church and state
laïcité {f}  :: secularity, secularism; secular society
Lacombe {prop}  :: surname
laconique {adj}  :: laconic
laconiquement {adv}  :: laconically
laconisme {m}  :: terseness
Lacourse {prop}  :: surname
lacération {f}  :: laceration
lacérer {v}  :: lacerate (to tear, rip or wound)
lacrymal {adj}  :: lacrimal
lacrymogène {adj}  :: teary, tear-filled
lacrymogène {adj}  :: lacrimogenous (causing the production of tears)
lacs {m}  :: noose
lacs {m}  :: lasso
Lac Saint-Jean {prop}  :: A large lake in Quebec, Canada
Lac-Saint-Jean {prop}  :: The area surrounding Lac Saint-Jean in Quebec
lacté {adj}  :: milk
lacté {adj}  :: milky
lactaire {adj}  :: milk (attributive)
lactaire {m}  :: milk-cap (mushroom)
lactame {m} [organic chemistry]  :: lactam
lactique {adj}  :: lactic (all senses)
lactobacille {m}  :: lactobacillus
lactose {m} [carbohydrate]  :: lactose
lactosérum {m}  :: whey
lactucarium {m}  :: lactucarium, lettuce opium
lacunaire {adj}  :: incomplete (having gaps)
lacune {f}  :: gap
lacune {f}  :: vacuum, empty space
lacune {f} [figuratively]  :: lack; thing that is missing
lacune {f}  :: [usually in the plural] ignorance, shortcoming
ladé {adv}  :: there
ladin {adj}  :: Ladin
ladin {m}  :: Ladin (language)
ladino {m}  :: Ladino (language)
Ladislas {prop} {m}  :: given name, cognate to the English Ladislaus
ladre {mf}  :: miser
ladre {mf}  :: leper (person with leprosy)
ladre {adj}  :: miserly
ladre {adj}  :: leprous (having leprosy)
lady {f}  :: lady (wife of a lord; important woman)
Laetitia {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Letitia, popular in the 1980s
Lafarge {prop}  :: surname
la ferme {interj}  :: shut up
la fermer {v} [colloquial, offensive]  :: to shut up (refrain from speech)
Laflamme {prop}  :: surname
la Flanelle {prop} [Quebec, sports]  :: alternative form of la Sainte-Flanelle
Lafleur {prop}  :: surname
la fortune sourit aux audacieux {proverb}  :: fortune favors the brave (literally: fortune smiles on the brave)
lagide {m}  :: Lagid
lagomorphe {m}  :: lagomorph (animal of the Lagomorpha order)
lagon {m}  :: lagoon (shallow body of water)
lagopède {m}  :: any of the birds in the Lagopus family
la goutte d'eau qui fait déborder le vase {f} [idiomatic, singulare tantum]  :: the straw that broke the camel's back
lagrangien {adj}  :: Lagrangian
lagunage {m}  :: The construction of a wetland area in order to purify polluted water
lagunaire {adj} [attributive]  :: lagoon
lagune {f}  :: lagoon, shallow body of coastal water
La Havane {prop} {f}  :: Havana, capital city of Cuba
La Haye {prop} {f}  :: The Hague, the administrative capital of the Netherlands
lahmacun {f}  :: alternative spelling of lahmajoun (lahmacun)
lahmajoon {f}  :: alternative spelling of lahmajoun
lahmajoun {f}  :: lahmacun (lahmajoun)
lahmajun {f}  :: alternative spelling of lahmajoun
lai {m} [historical]  :: lai (a mostly North European form of medieval song, with stanzas that do not repeat)
lai {adj}  :: lay, equivalent to French laïc, laïque (relating to laypersons as opposed to clerical)
laid {adj}  :: physically ugly
laid {adj}  :: morally corrupt
laid comme un pou {adj} [simile]  :: Extremely ugly; looking like the back end of a bus
laidement {adv}  :: uglily
laideron {m}  :: An ugly young woman
laideur {f} [usually, in the singular]  :: ugliness
laidir {vi}  :: to uglify (become ugly)
laie {f}  :: Female boar; wild sow
lainage {m}  :: woollens
laine {f}  :: wool
laineux {adj}  :: woolly
laineux {adj}  :: woollen
lainier {m}  :: wool manufacturer, trader etc
lainier {adj}  :: wool (attribtive)
laisse {f}  :: leash, lead
laisse {f}  :: foreshore
laisse {f} [poetry]  :: laisse
laisser {vt}  :: to leave, to leave behind
laisser {vt}  :: to forget, to leave alone
laisser {vt}  :: to leave with, to give
laisser {vt}  :: to let, to allow
laisser {vr} [se laisser]  :: to allow oneself, to let oneself
laisser-aller {m}  :: self-indulgence
laisser faire {vt} [idiomatic]  :: Let someone do as they please
laisser faire {vi} [idiomatic]  :: To not intervene
laisser faire {vr} [idiomatic]  :: Not to react to things done to oneself
laisser-faire {m}  :: laissez faire
laisser sa peau {v}  :: to perish, not to make it
laisser tomber {vt}  :: to physically drop (an object)
laisser tomber {vt}  :: to drop, to forget about, to leave
laissez faire {m} [rare]  :: dated form of laisser-faire
laissez-faire {m}  :: alternative form of laisser-faire
laissez les bons temps rouler {interj} [Louisiana French]  :: make merry!, let the good times roll!
laissez-passer {m}  :: pass (document granting permission to pass or to go and come)
lait {m}  :: milk
laitage {m}  :: dairy product
lait de chaux {m}  :: whitewash
lait de poule {m}  :: eggnog
laite {f}  :: milt (fish sperm)
laiterie {f}  :: dairy (shop)
laiteux {adj}  :: milky (containing milk)
laiteux {adj}  :: milky (resembling or having qualities of milk)
laitier {adj}  :: dairy, milk-related
laitier {m}  :: milkman
laitier {m}  :: dairy worker
laiton {m}  :: Brass (the alloy)
laitte {adj} [Quebec]  :: [colloquial] ugly
laitue {f}  :: lettuce
La Joconde {prop} {f}  :: the Mona Lisa
lakh {m}  :: lakh
lakiste {adj}  :: Lakist
lakiste {mf}  :: lake poet
Lal. {prefix} [astronomy]  :: Abbreviated prefix for stars under Lalande designations
lama {m}  :: llama
lama {m} [Buddhism]  :: lama
la majeur {m}  :: A major
lamajoon {f}  :: alternative spelling of lahmajoun
lamajoun {f}  :: alternative spelling of lahmajoun
lamajun {f}  :: alternative spelling of lahmajoun
lamantin {m}  :: manatee
lamarckien {adj}  :: Lamarckian
lamarckien {m}  :: Lamarckian
lamarckienne {f}  :: feminine singular of lamarckien
lamarckisme {m}  :: Lamarckism
lamartinien {adj}  :: Pertaining to the writer and politician Alphonse de Lamartine or his works
lamaserie {f}  :: lamasery
lamaïsme {m}  :: lamaism
lambda {m}  :: lambda (Greek letter)
lambda {m} [finance]  :: price elasticity of an option in relation to that of its holder
lambda {m} [ethology]  :: the most ordinary member of a group
lambda {m}  :: a former unit of capacity or volume equivalent to a microliter, whose symbol is λ
lambda {m} [acoustics]  :: a level of intensity equivalent to forty decibels above the threshold for hearing a sound with a frequency of one kilohertz
lambda {m}  :: Silver Y (moth)
lambda {adj}  :: common, usual
lambeau {m}  :: scrap, strip, shred (of cloth; flesh)
lambel {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: label
Lambert {prop} {m}  :: given name, cognate to English Lambert. Rather rare today
Lambert {prop} {m}  :: surname
lambertisme {m}  :: Lambertism
lambertiste {adj}  :: Lambertist
lambertiste {mf}  :: Lambertist
lambin {m} [colloquial, dated]  :: slowpoke, plodder
lambin {adj} [colloquial, dated]  :: dawdling, plodding
lambiner {vi}  :: to dawdle
lambrequin {m} [heraldry]  :: mantling
lambris {m}  :: panelling, wainscotting
lambrisser {v}  :: to panel
lambrusque {f}  :: wild vine (Vitis vinifera subsp. sylvestris)
lame {f}  :: lamina
lame {f}  :: blade
lame {f}  :: wave
Lamech {prop}  :: Lamech
La Mecque {prop}  :: Mecca
lamellaire {adj}  :: lamellar
lamelle {f}  :: strip (of food etc.)
lamelle {f}  :: thin plate, lamina, lamella
lamelle {f} [chiefly in the plural]  :: vertical blinds
lamellibranche {m}  :: lamellibranch, bivalve
lamentable {adj}  :: lamentable; awful; deplorable
lamentablement {adv}  :: awfully; lamentably
lamentation {f}  :: lamentation, loud/ostentatious plaint
lamenter {vr}  :: to lament; to bewail; to bemoan
lamer {vt}  :: to flatten
lamethiste {adj}  :: Lamethist
Lamia {prop}  :: Lamia
lamier {m}  :: deadnettle
laminage {m}  :: lamination
laminaire {adj}  :: laminar
laminer {v}  :: to laminate [metal]
laminoir {m}  :: rolling mill
Lamontagne {prop}  :: surname
La Mort aux Juifs {prop}  :: A settlement in Courtemaux, France
lampadaire {m}  :: standard lamp
lampadaire {m}  :: street light
lampas {m} [of horses]  :: lampas
lampassé {adj} [heraldry]  :: langued
lampe {f}  :: lamp, light
lampe {f}  :: bulb
lampée {f}  :: gulp, swig
lampe de poche {f}  :: torch (UK), flashlight (US)
lamper {vt}  :: to quaff, to swig
lampion {m}  :: Chinese lantern
lampourde {f}  :: cocklebur (Xanthium strumarium)
lamproie {f}  :: lamprey (a fish)
La Mure {prop}  :: A small town in the Isère department of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
Lancastre {prop}  :: Lancashire
Lancastre {prop}  :: Lancaster
lance {f}  :: a spear, lance
lance {f} [military]  :: a soldier armed with a lance; a lancer
lance {f}  :: a hose
lance et compte {phrase}  :: he shoots, he scores - to shoot and score a goal
lance-grenade {m}  :: grenade launcher
lance-grenades {m}  :: alternative form of lance-grenade
lancement {m}  :: throw, launch (act of throwing a projectile)
lancement {m}  :: launch (of product)
lancement {m}  :: launch (of e.g. a rocket)
lance-pierre {m}  :: slingshot
lancer {v}  :: to throw
lancer {v}  :: to start, to launch
lancer {m}  :: a throw
lancer {m} [baseball]  :: a pitch
lance-roquette {m}  :: rocket launcher
lance-roquettes {m}  :: alternative form of lance-roquette
lancette {f} [medical]  :: A lancet, a sharp pointed medical instrument
lancette {f} [architecture]  :: A style of sharply pointed arch, in a Gothic style
lanceur {m}  :: thrower
lanceur {m} [baseball]  :: pitcher
lanceur {m} [cricket]  :: bowler
lanceur de relève {m} [baseball]  :: relief pitcher, reliever
lanceur partant {m} [baseball]  :: starting pitcher
lanceuse {f}  :: feminine noun of lanceur
lancier {m}  :: lancer
lancinant {adj}  :: throbbing (pain)
lancinement {m}  :: twinge (pain)
lanciner {v}  :: to inflict a sharp pain
landais {adj}  :: of or from Landes
landau {m}  :: pram, baby carriage
landau {m}  :: landau (carriage)
lande {f}  :: moor, heath
Landes {prop}  :: A department in the French region Aquitaine
Landier {prop}  :: surname
Landrieu {prop}  :: surname
Landry {prop}  :: surname
landwehr {f}  :: Landwehr
langage {m}  :: language: word choice and usage
langage {m} [computing]  :: programming language
langage d'assemblage {m}  :: assembly language
langage de balisage {m} [computing]  :: markup language
langage de programmation {m}  :: programming language
langage machine {f} [computer science]  :: machine language
langagier {adj}  :: lingual (relative to language)
lange {m}  :: flannel blanket, baby blanket
lange {m} [in the plural]  :: swaddling clothes
lange {m}  :: [Switzerland] diaper, nappy
Langelier {prop}  :: surname
langer {v}  :: to diaper (to put diapers on someone)
Langevin {prop}  :: surname
langoureusement {adv}  :: languorously
langoureux {adj}  :: languorous
langoureux {adj}  :: languid
langouste {f}  :: spiny lobster
langoustine {f}  :: The common name of a number of crustaceans, especially the Norway lobster. See the French Wikipedia page for more information.
language {m}  :: archaic spelling of langage
langue {f} [anatomy]  :: tongue
langue {f} [linguistics]  :: language (system of communication using written or spoken words)
langue construite {f} [linguistics]  :: A constructed language
langue de bois {f}  :: waffle (speech that is vague, pretentious or evasive)
langue de bois {f}  :: cant (empty hypocritical talk)
langue de si {f}  :: any of the Old Spanish dialects during the Middle Ages
langue des signes {f}  :: sign language
langue des signes américaine {f}  :: American Sign Language
langue des signes française {f}  :: French Sign Language
langue d'oc {f}  :: Occitan language
Languedoc {prop}  :: Languedoc (a former province of France)
languedocien {adj}  :: Languedocian
languedocien {m}  :: Languedocian
Languedoc-Roussillon {prop}  :: Languedoc-Roussillon, region of France
langue d'oïl {f}  :: any of the Old French dialects, spoken in the north of France during the Middle Ages
langue maternelle {f}  :: mother tongue
langue morte {f}  :: dead language (language with no native speakers)
langue reconstruite {f} [linguistics]  :: reconstructed language
langue romane {f} [linguistics]  :: Romance language
languette {f}  :: a small tongue-shaped object, such as the tongue of a shoe
langueur {f}  :: languor
langue vivante {f}  :: living language (a language which is still spoken)
languir {vi}  :: to languish
languir {vi}  :: to lie torpid
languir {vi}  :: to flag, drag on
languir {vi}  :: to wither, weaken
languir {vr} [with de]  :: to long, pine, or yearn (for)
languissamment {adv}  :: languidly, languishingly
languissant {adj}  :: languishing
lanière {f}  :: a strap
lanière {f} [by extension]  :: a strip
La Nouvelle-Orléans {prop} {f}  :: La Nouvelle-Orléans (city)
l'an passé {adv}  :: last year
lant {m} [zoology]  :: zebu (Bos taurus indicus)
lanterne {f}  :: lantern
lanterne {f}  :: street light
lanterneau {m}  :: skylight
lanterner {vi}  :: To dilly-dally
lanterner {vt}  :: To delay or put off
lanthane {m}  :: lanthanum
la nuit, tous les chats sont gris {proverb}  :: All cats are grey in the dark
Laodicée {prop}  :: Laodicea
Laodicéens {prop}  :: Laodiceans
Laos {prop}  :: Laos
laotien {m}  :: Lao (language)
laotien {adj}  :: Laotian
Laotien {m}  :: Laotian (person)
Laotienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Laotien
lapalissade {f}  :: truism
lapalissade {f}  :: tautology
lap cheong {m}  :: lap cheong
laper {vt}  :: to lap (a liquid)
lapereau {m}  :: young rabbit; bunny, kit
lapicide {mf}  :: lapicide
lapidaire {adj}  :: related to stone
lapidaire {adj} [figurative]  :: terse (abruptly short)
lapidaire {mf}  :: lapidary, gemsmith
lapidairement {adv}  :: tersely
lapidation {f}  :: lapidation
lapider {v}  :: to stone; to lapidate (pelt with stones)
Lapierre {prop}  :: surname
lapin {m}  :: rabbit
lapin de gouttière {m} [euphemism]  :: gutter rabbit; cat meat
lapin de Pâques {m}  :: Easter Bunny
lapine {f}  :: doe, female rabbit
lapineau {m} [rare]  :: a young rabbit, a bunny
lapis-lazuli {m}  :: lapis lazuli
laplacien {adj}  :: Laplacian
Lapointe {prop}  :: surname
Laponie {prop} {f}  :: Lapland (region in Scandinavia)
Laporte {prop}  :: surname
laps {m}  :: lapse
laps {adj} [archaic]  :: apostate of Catholicism
laps de temps {m}  :: period, time period
lapsus {m}  :: lapsus
lapsus linguae {m}  :: A lapsus linguae; an inadvertent remark, a slip of the tongue
lapsus révélateur {m}  :: Freudian slip
laqué {adj}  :: glazed
laquais {m}  :: footman, lackey, liveried servant
laquais {m}  :: flunky, stooge
laïque {adj}  :: lay, secular
laïque {mf}  :: layman, layperson
laque {f}  :: lacquer
laïquement {adv}  :: secularly; as a lay person
laquer {vt}  :: to lacquer
laqueur {m}  :: lacquerer
Lara {prop} {f}  :: given name
larbin {m} [pejorative]  :: servant, boy
larbin {m}  :: dogsbody, flunkey
larcin {m}  :: petty theft
larcin {m}  :: a stolen object
lard {m}  :: bacon
lard {m}  :: lard
lardacé {adj}  :: lardaceous
larder {v}  :: to lard; to smear food with lard
larder {v}  :: to stab; to pierce
lardier {m} [obsolete or archaic]  :: larder; pantry
lardon {m}  :: small piece of bacon used in quiches, in salads, etc
lardon {m} [dated]  :: A fatty strip of pork or bacon used for larding of lean meat (such as fowl)
lardon {m} [colloquial]  :: kid, nipper; brat
larfeuille {m} [France, slang]  :: wallet
largable {adj}  :: expendable
largage {m}  :: airdrop
largage {m}  :: dropping
largage {m}  :: dispatching
largage {m}  :: jettisoning, dumping
largage {m}  :: bombing
large {adj}  :: wide, broad
large {adj}  :: large
large {adj}  :: generous
large {m}  :: open sea
large {m}  :: width
largement {adv}  :: mainly; mostly
l'argent ne fait pas le bonheur {proverb}  :: Money doesn’t buy happiness
l'argent ne tombe pas du ciel {proverb}  :: money doesn't grow on trees
largesse {f}  :: largess; financial generosity
largeur {f}  :: width
largissime {adj}  :: superwide
largué {adj}  :: unfurled
largué {adj}  :: ditched, dumped
largue {adj} [of a sail, rope]  :: free
larguer {vt} [nautical]  :: to unfurl
larguer {vt}  :: to drop (a bomb, parachute)
larguer {vt} [colloquial]  :: to ditch, dump (break up with)
larigot {m} [musical instruments]  :: A type of small flageolet
larme {f}  :: tear; teardrop
larme {f}  :: drop
larmes de crocodile {fp}  :: crocodile tears (display of tears that is forced or false)
larmichette {m}  :: a small quantity of liquid (especially of an alcoholic drink)
larmichette {m}  :: droplet
larmoyant {adj}  :: teary, tearful
larmoyer {vi} [of a person]  :: to weep, sob
larmoyer {vi} [of eyes]  :: to build up with tears; water up
larmoyer {vi} [of a person]  :: to whine, whinge
larmoyer {vi}  :: to drip
La Roche-sur-Yon {prop} {f}  :: A town in the Vendée department of Pays de la Loire
La Roue Chanceuse {prop} {f}  :: the French-Canadian incarnation of Wheel of Fortune
La Roue de la Fortune {prop}  :: The French incarnation of Wheel of Fortune
Larousse {prop}  :: surname
Larousse {prop}  :: Éditions Larousse, French publishing house
La République de Croatie {prop}  :: Republic of Croatia
larron {m} [archaic]  :: thief
larronne {f}  :: feminine noun of larron
l'art. {abbr}  :: abbreviation of l'article
larvé {adj}  :: latent
larvaire {adj}  :: larval
larve {f}  :: grub, larva (immature insect)
laryngectomie {f} [surgery]  :: laryngectomy
laryngite {f}  :: laryngitis
laryngiteux {adj}  :: laryngitic
laryngologie {f}  :: laryngology
laryngologiste {mf}  :: laryngologist
laryngologue {m}  :: laryngologist
larynx {m}  :: larynx
las {adj}  :: weary, tired
las {interj} [dated]  :: alas
lasagne {f}  :: lasagna
la Sainte-Flanelle {prop} [Quebec, sports]  :: A nickname for the Montreal Canadiens Hockey team
lascheté {f}  :: obsolete spelling of lâcheté
lascif {adj}  :: lascivious, lustful
lascivement {adv}  :: lasciviously
lascivité {f}  :: lasciviousness
la semaine des quatre jeudis {f} [literally]  :: The week of the four Thursdays
la semaine des quatre jeudis {f} [by extension, idiomatic]  :: Never
laser {m}  :: laser (umbelliferous plant)
laser {m}  :: laser (physics)
lassé {adj}  :: tired
lassalléen {adj}  :: Relating to Ferdinand Lassalle or his socialist politics
lassallien {adj} [economics]  :: Relating to the socialist theoretician Ferdinand Lassalle
lassallisme {m}  :: Lassallism
lasser {vt}  :: to tire, weary, bore
lasser {vr}  :: to become exhausted
lassitude {f}  :: lassitude
latence {f} [networking]  :: latency
latent {adj}  :: latent
latex {m}  :: latex (milky sap of trees)
latex {m}  :: latex (emulsion of rubber in water)
laticlave {m} [historical]  :: laticlave
latif {m} [grammar]  :: the lative case
latifondiaire {adj}  :: latifundial
latifundiaire {adj}  :: latifundial
latifundiste {adj}  :: latifundial
latin {adj}  :: Latin
latin {adj}  :: Latino
latin {m} [uncountable]  :: the Latin language
latin {m} [countable]  :: a male of South American or Mediterranean origins
Latin {m}  :: Latin (person from Latium)
latin classique {m}  :: Classical Latin
latin contemporain {m}  :: New Latin, Neo Latin
Latine {f}  :: Latin woman
latinement {adv}  :: Latinly (in Latin)
latiniser {v}  :: to Latinize
latiniste {mf}  :: Latinist
latinité {f}  :: Latinity (essence of being Latin)
latin médiéval {m}  :: Medieval Latin
latin populaire {m}  :: Vulgar Latin
latin tardif {m}  :: Late Latin
latin vulgaire {m}  :: Vulgar Latin
Laëtitia {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Letitia
latitude {f}  :: expansion, breadth
latitude {f} [geography]  :: The distance from a place to the equator measured in degrees on the meridian; parallel viewing
latitude {f} [by extension]  :: Different areas under a given temperature due to their greater or lesser distance from the equator
latitude {f} [astronomy]  :: The angle with a plane parallel to the ecliptic, the straight line that passes through a heavenly body and a particular centre on this plane
latitudinal {adj}  :: latitudinal
latitudinalement {adv}  :: latitudinally
latéral {adj}  :: lateral
latéral {adj}  :: side (coming from the side)
latéral {adj}  :: side (on the side)
latéralement {adv}  :: sideways (from the side)
latéralement {adv}  :: broadwise
latéralité {f}  :: laterality
latérite {f} [geology]  :: laterite
latte {f}  :: lath
latte {f}  :: slat
latte {f}  :: ruler (measuring device)
latte {f} [slang]  :: shoe; foot
latte {f} [slang]  :: hit, puff
latte {f} [colloquial]  :: ski
lattis {m}  :: lathwork
laudanum {m}  :: laudanum
laudateur {m}  :: laudator
laudateur {adj}  :: laudatory
laudatif {adj}  :: laudatory
Laura {prop}  :: given name
lauréat {adj}  :: prizewinning
lauréat {m}  :: prizewinner, recipient of a prize, laureate
Laure {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Laura
laureate {mf}  :: alternative form of lauréat
Laurence {prop} {f}  :: given name, feminine form of Laurent
Laurent {prop} {m}  :: given name, equivalent to Laurence or Lawrence in English
Laurent {prop} {m}  :: surname
laurentien {adj}  :: Laurentian
laurentien {m}  :: Laurentian (an inhabitant of places named Saint-Laurent)
Laurentien {m}  :: Laurentian, a resident of Saint-Laurent
Laurentien {m}  :: Laurentian, a resident of the Saint Lawrence River Valley
laurentienne {f}  :: Laurentian (an inhabitant of places named Saint-Laurent)
Laurentienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Laurentien
Laurette {prop}  :: given name, diminutive of Laure (= Laura)
laurier {m} [botany]  :: laurel (Laurus nobilis)
laurier {m} [cooking]  :: bay (the leaf of Laurus nobilis used as an herb)
laurier {m} [by extension, botany]  :: any laurel, or one of many similar species
laurier {m} [figuratively, usually plural]  :: laurel (symbol of honour, glory, victory)
laurier-cerise {m} [plant]  :: cherry laurel
laurier-rose {m} [plant]  :: oleander
laurier-sauce {m} [plant]  :: bay laurel
Laurine {prop}  :: given name, from a diminutive of Laure ( =Laura)
laurique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: lauric
lauréole {f}  :: spurge-laurel (Daphne laureola)
laurylique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: lauryl
laïus {m} [student slang]  :: A speech, address
lauze {f}  :: flagstone
lavable {adj}  :: washable
lavabo {m}  :: washbasin
la vache {interj}  :: See: la vache
la vache {interj}  :: Exclamation of surprise or astonishment: crap!, dammit!, shucks! holy cow!
lavage {m}  :: washing (act of washing)
lavage de cerveau {m}  :: brainwash, brainwashing
Laval {prop}  :: A city in France, the préfecture of the department of Mayenne
Laval {prop}  :: The second largest city in Québec, a province of Canada
Laval {prop} [colloquial]  :: Île Jésus, an island in Quebec, where the city of Laval is located
Laval {prop}  :: surname
La Valette {prop} {f}  :: Valletta; the capital of Malta
Lavallée {prop}  :: surname
lavallière {f}  :: A floppy type of necktie
lavallois {adj}  :: from Laval
Lavallois {m}  :: Someone from Laval
Lavalloise {f}  :: feminine noun of Lavallois
lavande {f}  :: lavender (the plant)
lavandière {f}  :: washerwoman
lavaret {m}  :: lavaret
lavatory {m}  :: public convenience
lavatère {f}  :: lavatera
lave {f} [usually, uncountable]  :: lava
lave-linge {m}  :: washing machine
lavement {m}  :: wash; washing
lavement {m}  :: enema
la vengeance est un plat qui se mange froid {proverb}  :: revenge is a dish best served cold
laver {v}  :: to wash
laverie {f}  :: laundry
lavette {f}  :: dishcloth (to wash dishes)
lavette {f} [figuratively]  :: wet blanket
laveur {m}  :: cleaner (person who cleans)
laveuse {f}  :: feminine noun of laveur
laveuse {f}  :: washing machine
lave-vaisselle {m}  :: dishwasher
Lavigueur {prop}  :: surname
lavoir {m}  :: washhouse
Lavoisier {prop}  :: surname
Lavoisier {prop}  :: Antoine Lavoisier, French chemist
lavomatique {m}  :: launderette (place with facilities for washing that public may use)
lavure {f}  :: dishwater
lawrencium {m}  :: lawrencium
laxatif {adj}  :: laxative
laxatif {m}  :: a laxative
laxisme {m}  :: laxity
laxiste {adj}  :: lax
layette {f}  :: baby clothes, babywear
layon {m}  :: trail
Lazare {prop}  :: Lazarus
Lazaresco {prop}  :: surname
lazaret {m}  :: lazaret
lazzi {m}  :: gibe
là-bas {adv}  :: there, over there
là-bas {adv}  :: down there
léchage {m}  :: licking
lâchage {m}  :: release, loosening
lâchage {m}  :: abandon
lèche {f} [France, slang]  :: bootlicking, brownnosing
lèche {f} [Louisiana]  :: an earthworm
lâche {adj}  :: loose, slack
lâche {adj}  :: cowardly, low
lâche {mf}  :: coward
lèche-bottes {mf}  :: brown noser (one who brownnoses)
lèche-cul {mf} [vulgar]  :: ass-licker
lèchefrite {f}  :: dripping-pan
lâchement {adv}  :: cowardly
lâcher {v}  :: to release; to loosen; to let go
lâcher {v} [figurative]  :: to abandon, to let go
lâcher {v}  :: to chicken out
lâcher {v} [mechanics]  :: to fail
lâcher {m}  :: synonym of lâchage
lécher {v}  :: to lick
lécher {v} [figurative, colloquial]  :: to polish, to refine (one's work)
lâcheté {f}  :: cowardice
lâcheur {m}  :: flaky person
lécheur {m}  :: licker
lécheur {m} [by extension]  :: someone who likes kissing
lécheur {m} [colloquial]  :: sycophant
lâcheuse {f}  :: feminine noun of lâcheur
lécheuse {f}  :: feminine noun of lécheur
lèche-vitrine {mf} [idiom, only in the masculine]  :: window-shopping
lèche-vitrine {mf} [idiom]  :: window-shopper
lécithine {f} [organic chemistry]  :: lecithin
là-dessus {adv}  :: on this, here
là-dessus {adv}  :: about this
le {art}  :: The (definite article)
le {art}  :: Used before abstract nouns; not translated in English
le {art}  :: (before parts of the body) The; my, your, etc.
le {art}  :: (before units) A, an
le {pron}  :: [direct object] Him, it
le {pron}  :: (used to refer to something previously mentioned or implied; not translated in English)
leader {m}  :: leader
leadership {m}  :: leadership (the characteristics of leading by the leader)
lebel {m} [now historical]  :: Lebel rifle
le beurre et l'argent du beurre {m} [idiomatic]  :: (having) one's cake and eating it too; two mutually exclusive things, such that one can only choose one over another
Leblanc {prop}  :: surname
Le Caire {prop} {m}  :: Cairo
Le Cap {prop}  :: Cape Town
le cas échéant {adv}  :: if applicable
le chat parti, les souris dansent {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: when the cat's away the mice will play
Le Classique {prop} {m} [soccer]  :: A football match between Paris Saint-Germain and Olympique de Marseille, known for its fierce rivalry
Leclerc {prop}  :: surname
Leclercq {prop}  :: surname
Lecomte {prop}  :: surname
Lecoq {prop}  :: surname
lecteur {m}  :: reader
lecteur CD {m}  :: CD player
lecteur de CD {m}  :: CD player
lecteur MP3 {m}  :: MP3 player
lectorat {m}  :: readership (the people who read a book)
lectrice {f}  :: reader (someone who reads)
lecture {f}  :: reading (act or process of reading, interpretation, material read, and some other senses)
ledit {determiner}  :: Said, the said, the aforementioned
Ledoux {prop}  :: surname
Lefebvre {prop}  :: surname
Lefèvre {prop}  :: surname
legato {m}  :: legato
legendre {m} [Scrabble]  :: A technical play where a tile with a value higher than 1 is placed on a square multiplying its value while the value of the word is simultaneous multiplied by another square
legs {m}  :: inheritance
legs {m}  :: legacy
Le Havre {prop} {m}  :: A city on the north coast of Normandy, France
Leila {prop}  :: given name of Arabic origin
leishmaniose {f} [pathology]  :: leishmaniasis
leitmotiv {m}  :: leitmotif
le leur {pron}  :: theirs (the one belonging to them)
le long de {prep}  :: along, alongside
Le Lude {prop}  :: A small town in the Sarthe department of Pays de la Loire
Lemaître {prop}  :: French surname
le mien {pron}  :: mine
lemmatiser {v}  :: to lemmatize
lemme {m} [mathematics]  :: lemma
lemme {m} [linguistics]  :: lemma
lemming {m}  :: lemming
Lemoine {prop}  :: surname
le mot de Cambronne {m} [euphemism]  :: merde
lendemain {m}  :: the day after, the next day, the morrow
lendore {mf} [archaic, colloquial]  :: sluggard, dawdler
Lens {prop} {m}  :: A city in, and the capital of, the French department Pas-de-Calais
lensois {adj} [attributive]  :: Lens; of or from Lens
Lensois {m}  :: An inhabitant of Lens
Lensoise {f}  :: feminine noun of Lensois
lent {adj}  :: slow
lente {f} [zoology]  :: nit
lentement {adv}  :: slowly
lenteur {f}  :: slowness
lenticulaire {adj}  :: lenticular
lentille {f} [optics]  :: lens
lentille {f}  :: lentil (plant)
lentille {f}  :: contact lens
lentisque {m}  :: lentisk, mastic-tree (Pistacia lentiscus)
lentissime {adj}  :: superslow
lento {adv} [music]  :: slowly; lento
le nôtre {pron}  :: ours (the one belonging to us)
leçon {f}  :: lesson
lepénisation {f}  :: A shift in political attitudes towards Euroscepticism and against immigration
lepénisme {m} [politics]  :: The political policies of Jean-Marie Le Pen or Marine Le Pen
lepéniste {mf} [politics]  :: A follower of Jean-Marie Le Pen or Marine Le Pen
Le Pompidou {prop}  :: A village in the Lozère department of Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées
lepton {m} [particle]  :: lepton
lepton {m}  :: lepton (coin)
leptonique {adj}  :: leptonic
lequel {pron} [relative, following a preposition]  :: which, that, whom
lequel {pron} [interrogative]  :: which one
lerche {adv}  :: dearly
le remède est pire que le mal {proverb}  :: The cure is worse than the disease
Leroux {prop}  :: surname
Leroy {prop}  :: surname
les Anglais débarquent {phrase} [colloquial]  :: a person is having or has just had her period
lesbianisme {m}  :: lesbianism (female homosexuality)
lesbien {adj}  :: lesbian
lesbienne {f}  :: lesbian (female homosexual)
Les Bleus {prop} {mp}  :: “The Blues”; nickname for the French national team in various sports
Lesbœufs {prop}  :: Lesbœufs
les chiens aboient, la caravane passe {proverb}  :: the dogs bark, but the caravan goes on
les chiens aboient, la caravane passe {proverb}  :: Let people say what they will
les dés sont jetés {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: the die is cast
les grands esprits se rencontrent {proverb} [idiomatic]  :: great minds think alike
le sien {pron}  :: his; hers
le silence est d'or {proverb}  :: silence is golden
les jeux sont faits {phrase} [gambling]  :: les jeux sont faits, the stakes are set (call made by the croupier)
les jeux sont faits {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: the die is cast, les jeux sont faits (things have reached an irreversible point)
Leslie {prop}  :: given name, popular in the 1980s and the 1990s
Lesly {prop}  :: given name, a less common spelling off Leslie
les murs ont des oreilles {proverb}  :: walls have ears
le sort en est jeté {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: the die is cast
les petits ruisseaux font les grandes rivières {proverb}  :: many a mickle makes a muckle; little strokes fell great oaks; mighty oaks from little acorns grow; take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves
l'esprit de l'escalier {m}  :: l'esprit de l'escalier, staircase wit
lessivé {adj}  :: laundered
lessivé {adj}  :: tired out
lessivable {adj}  :: washable
lessivage {m}  :: washing, laundry (process)
lessive {f}  :: laundry
lessive {f}  :: laundry detergent
lessiver {vt}  :: to launder, to wash some clothes with some some washing powder
lessiver {vi} [figuratively]  :: to tire out
lessiveuse {f}  :: washtub
lessiviel {adj}  :: detergent
lest {m}  :: dead weight; ballast
lestage {m} [nautical]  :: ballasting
leste {adj}  :: agile; nimble
lestement {adv}  :: nimbly
lestement {adv}  :: racily
lester {v}  :: to ballast
let {interj} [tennis]  :: indicates a let on service
letchi {m}  :: alternative form of litchi
le temps, c'est de l'argent {proverb}  :: time is money
le tien {pron}  :: yours; the one belonging to you (singular)
Le Touquet {prop} {m}  :: synonym of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage
Le Touquet-Paris-Plage {prop} {m}  :: A coastal resort in the Pas-de-Calais department of Hauts-de-France
lette {adj} [Canada, slang]  :: ugly
letton {m}  :: Latvian, the Latvian language
letton {adj}  :: Latvian
Letton {m}  :: Latvian, someone from Latvia
Lettone {f}  :: feminine noun of Letton; alternative form of Lettonne
Lettonie {prop} {f}  :: Latvia
Lettonne {f}  :: Latvian (person)
lettré {adj}  :: literate
lettré {adj}  :: well-versed
lettré {m}  :: literate person
lettrage {m}  :: lettering
lettre {f}  :: letter (written character)
lettre {f}  :: letter (written message)
lettre de cachet {f} [historical]  :: lettre de cachet
lettre de motivation {f}  :: a cover letter, specifically for a job application
lettrer {vt} [archaic]  :: to send a letter (to someone)
lettrer {vt}  :: to educate, to teach to read and write
lettrine {f}  :: drop cap
leu {m}  :: leu (currency of Romania)
leucémie {f}  :: leukemia
leucémique {adj}  :: leukemic
leucocyte {m} [cytology]  :: leukocyte
leuconique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: leuconic
leucoplaste {m}  :: leucoplast
leucopénie {f}  :: leukopenia
leucoxène {m} [mineralogy]  :: leucoxene
leude {m}  :: vassal, leud
leude {f}  :: a tax or toll levied in Southern France
leur {pron} [personal, direct]  :: them
leur {pron} [personal, indirect]  :: to them
leur {determiner} [possessive]  :: their
leurre {m} [hunting, fishing]  :: lure, decoy
leurre {m}  :: trap, snare
leurre {m}  :: illusion
leurre {m}  :: deception
leurre {m} [military]  :: flare (aerial infrared countermeasure)
leurrer {v}  :: to deceive
leuzée {f}  :: A type of thistle of the genus Rhaponticum
levage {m}  :: lifting
levage {m}  :: hoist
levain {m}  :: sourdough
levain {m}  :: leaven (any agent used to make dough rise)
levant {adj} [of the moon, the sun, etc.]  :: rising
levant {m}  :: the east, the orient
Levant {prop} {m} [dated]  :: Orient (the countries of Asia)
levantin {adj}  :: Levantine
levée {f}  :: removal (act of removing or taking off)
levée {f}  :: levee (geographical feature)
levée d'écrou {f}  :: release (from prison)
lever {vt}  :: to raise, to lift
lever {vr}  :: to rise, to stand up
lever {vr}  :: to get up (out of bed)
lever {vr} [of fog, rain and etc]  :: to clear, to lift
lever {m}  :: the act of getting up in the morning
lever de soleil {m}  :: alternative form of lever du soleil
lever du soleil {m}  :: A sunrise
lever du soleil {m}  :: dawn
lever le pied {v} [colloquial]  :: to lift one's foot off the accelerator, to slow down a vehicle
lever le pied {v} [colloquial, figurative]  :: to slow down, to reduce the pace (of an action, of a lifestyle and etc)
levier {m}  :: lever
levraut {m}  :: a young hare
levreau {m}  :: a young hare
levrette {f}  :: female greyhound
levrette {f} [slang]  :: doggy style position
le vôtre {pron}  :: yours (the one belonging to you)
levurage {m}  :: The introduction of yeast to start the fermentation process in winemaking
levure {f}  :: yeast
levure {f}  :: leavening (agent)
levure chimique {f}  :: baking powder (a dry leavening agent used in baking)
lexical {adj}  :: lexical
lexicalement {adv}  :: lexically
lexicaliser {v}  :: lexicalize (to convert to a single lexical unit)
lexicographe {m}  :: A lexicographer
lexicographie {f}  :: Lexicography, dictionary-writing, the art or craft of writing dictionaries
lexicographique {adj}  :: lexicographic (pertaining to lexicography)
lexicographiquement {adv}  :: lexicographically
lexicologie {f}  :: lexicology
lexicologique {adj}  :: lexicological
lexicologiquement {adv}  :: lexicologically
lexicologue {mf}  :: lexicologist
lexicomane {mf}  :: a lover of words
lexicomane {adj}  :: word-loving
lexigraphique {adj}  :: lexigraphic
lexique {m}  :: vocabulary; lexicon
lexique {m}  :: glossary
lexème {m}  :: lexeme
lez {prep} [obsolete]  :: next to, near [still used in some place names]
légal {adj}  :: legal, relating to law
légal {adj}  :: legal, in accordance with the law
légalement {adv}  :: legally
légalisation {f}  :: legalization (process of making something legal)
légaliser {vt}  :: to legalize (make legal)
légaliste {adj}  :: legalistic
légalité {f}  :: legality
légat {m}  :: legate
légataire {m} [legal]  :: legatee
légation {f}  :: legation
légato {adv}  :: legato
légato {m}  :: legato
lège {adj}  :: empty
lège {adj} [nautical]  :: unballasted
légendaire {adj}  :: legendary
légende {f}  :: legend (story of unknown origin describing plausible but extraordinary past events)
légende {f}  :: caption
légender {vt}  :: to caption
légende urbaine {f}  :: urban legend
léger {adj}  :: light (not heavy)
léger {adj}  :: slight (not much, not a lot)
léger de main {m}  :: legerdemain; sleight of hand
légiférer {v}  :: to legislate (to pass laws)
légine {f}  :: toothfish
légion {f} [military]  :: legion
Légion d'honneur {prop} {f}  :: the Legion of Honor
légionelle {f}  :: legionella (bacterium)
légionellose {f} [pathology]  :: legionellosis
légionnaire {m} [military]  :: legionary
législateur {m}  :: legislator
législatif {adj}  :: legislative
législation {f}  :: legislation
législativement {adv}  :: legislatively
législature {f}  :: legislature
législature {f} [duration]  :: term of office, for a legislative body
légiste {m}  :: jurist
légiste {m}  :: coroner
légitimation {f}  :: legitimization
légitime {adj}  :: legitimate
légitime {mf} [dated, slang]  :: one's regular sexual or romantic partner (as opposed to a partner with which one is having an affair)
légitime défense {f} [legal]  :: self-defense (defense for oneself against violence)
légitimement {adv}  :: legitimately
légitimer {v}  :: to legitimize
légitimisme {m}  :: legitimism
légitimiste {adj}  :: legitimist
légitimiste {mf}  :: legitimist
légitimité {f}  :: legitimacy
LGN {m}  :: abbreviation of liquide de gaz naturel (gaz naturel liquéfié - GNL) - LNG (liquified natural gas)
légèrement {adv}  :: lightly
légèreté {f}  :: lightness (lack of mass)
léguer {v}  :: to will, to bequeath
léguer {v}  :: to hand down, pass on (traditions etc.)
légume {m} [cooking]  :: vegetable
légume {m} [figuratively, colloquial]  :: vegetable (someone in a vegetative state)
légume {m} [botany, dated]  :: legume; pod
légume {m} [figuratively, colloquial]  :: couch potato
légumier {adj}  :: vegetable (attributive)
légumier {m}  :: vegetable dish (receptacle)
légumineuse {f}  :: legume
légumineux {adj}  :: leguminous
légumiser {v} [slang]  :: to vegetate, laze about (do nothing)
légumiste {mf}  :: A person who grows vegetables
légumiste {mf}  :: A vegetarian
LGV {initialism}  :: ligne à grande vitesse
l'habit ne fait pas le moine {proverb}  :: It is not possible to judge things by external appearances alone; you can't judge a book by its cover
Lhassa {prop}  :: Lhasa (Capital of Xizang (Tibet))
là-haut {adv}  :: up there
L'Hospital {prop}  :: alternative spelling of L'Hôpital
L'Hôpital {prop}  :: Name of several places in France
L'Hôpital {prop}  :: surname
li {m}  :: li [Chinese unit of distance]
liaison {f}  :: link, bond
liaison {f}  :: friendship
liaison {f}  :: liaison (romantic encounter)
liaison {f}  :: liaison (communication)
liaison {f} [linguistics]  :: liaison (phonological phenomenon)
liaison {f} [chemistry]  :: bond
liaison sans lendemain {f}  :: one-night stand (sexual encounter)
liane {f}  :: herbaceous or woody vine
liane {f}  :: creeper
lianescent {adj} [botany]  :: Having the form of a liana
liant {adj}  :: flexible, elastic
liant {adj}  :: sociable
liant {m}  :: binder
liant {m}  :: affability
liarder {vi}  :: to skimp (be parsimonious)
liasique {adj} [geology]  :: liassic
liasse {f}  :: wad, bundle (e.g money)
Liban {prop} {m}  :: Lebanon
libanais {adj}  :: Lebanese
Libanais {m}  :: a Lebanese person
Libanaise {f}  :: feminine noun of Libanais
libelle {m}  :: libel
libelle {m}  :: libelle
libeller {vt}  :: to write; make out; write out (a check)
libeller {vt}  :: To price; price up (a product)
libellule {f}  :: dragonfly (an insect of the suborder Anisoptera)
liber {m}  :: bast (of a tree)
liber {m}  :: book
liberté {f}  :: liberty, freedom
libertaire {adj}  :: opposed to authoritative or illegitimate powers (political, economical, religious, military or otherwise) ; anarchist, anarchistic ; (left-wing) libertarian
libertarianisme {m}  :: libertarianism
libertarien {adj}  :: libertarian
libertarien {m}  :: libertarian
libertarisme {m}  :: libertarianism
liberté de religion {f}  :: freedom of religion
liberticide {adj}  :: damaging or threatening freedom
libertin {adj}  :: libertine
libertin {m}  :: libertine
libertinage {m}  :: The conduct or activities of a libertine; licentiousness
libertinement {adv}  :: in the manner of a libertine
libidinal {adj}  :: libidinal
libidineux {adj} [literary]  :: libidinous, lustful
libido {f}  :: libido
libérable {adj}  :: liberateable, freeable, releasable, up for release
libraire {mf}  :: bookseller (person engaged in the business of selling books)
librairie {f}  :: bookshop or bookstore
libéral {adj}  :: libertarian, liberal
libéral {adj}  :: Libertarian, Liberal
libéral {m}  :: libertarian, liberal
libéral {m}  :: Libertarian, Liberal
libéral-démocrate {adj} [politics]  :: Liberal Democrat
libéral-démocrate {m} [politics]  :: Liberal Democrat, Lib Dem
libéralement {adv}  :: liberally
libéralisation {f}  :: liberalization
libéraliser {v}  :: to liberalize (to make liberal)
libéralisme {m}  :: liberalism
libéraliste {adj}  :: liberalist
libéraliste {m}  :: liberalist
libéralité {f}  :: liberality
libérateur {m}  :: liberator
libération {f}  :: deliverance
libération {f}  :: release
libération {f}  :: discharge
libération {f}  :: liberation
libératoire {adj}  :: liberatory, liberating
libératrice {f}  :: feminine noun of libérateur
libre {adj}  :: free, at liberty
libre {adj}  :: clear, free, vacant
libre {adj}  :: free, without obligation
libre-échange {m}  :: free trade
librement {adv}  :: freely; without restrictions
libérer {v}  :: to liberate, to set free, to release from captivity
libérer {v}  :: to vacate, to move out of (e.g. a house)
libre-service {m}  :: self-service
librettiste {m}  :: librettist
Libéria {prop} {m}  :: Liberia
libérien {adj}  :: Liberian
Libérien {m}  :: Liberian (person)
Libérienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Libérien
libéro {m} [soccer]  :: sweeper, libero
Libye {prop} {f}  :: Libya
libyen {adj}  :: Libyan
Libyen {m}  :: Libyan (someone from Libya)
Libyenne {f}  :: feminine noun of Libyen
lice {f} [fortifications]  :: curtain wall
lice {f} [historical]  :: pomerium
lice {f} [by extension]  :: list, field (for combat); playing field; arena
lice {f} [archaic]  :: brach, bitch hound (specifically, dog used for breeding hunting dogs)
licence {f}  :: licence
licence {f}  :: permit, certificate
licence {f}  :: bachelor’s degree (more accurately in France Bac+3)
licence ès arts {f}  :: Bachelor of Arts
licencié {m}  :: licentiate
licenciable {adj}  :: licensable
licenciement {m}  :: sacking (termination of work)
licencier {v}  :: to fire, to sack (to terminate the employment of)
licencier {v}  :: to licence
licencieusement {adv}  :: licentiously
licencieux {adj}  :: licentious
liche {m}  :: lich
lichen {m}  :: lichen
lichenologique {adj}  :: lichenological
lichenologue {mf}  :: lichenologist
lichen plan {m}  :: lichen planus
lichénologie {m} [botany]  :: lichenology
licitation {f}  :: auction
licitement {adv}  :: lawfully
liciter {vt} [legal]  :: to auction
licol {m} [poetic or regional]  :: halter (for animals)
licorne {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: unicorn
licou {m}  :: halter
licteur {m}  :: lictor
lidar {m}  :: lidar
lidocaïne {f}  :: lidocaine
lie {f}  :: lees, dregs (of wine, of society)
liechtensteinois {adj}  :: of or relating to Liechtenstein
Liechtensteinois {m}  :: person from Liechtenstein
Liechtensteinoise {f}  :: feminine noun of Liechtensteinois
lie-de-vin {adj}  :: wine (wine colour)
liement {m}  :: action of linking or attaching
lien {m}  :: link
lien mort {m} [Internet]  :: dead link
lier {v}  :: to link
lier {v}  :: to associate
lierre {m}  :: ivy
liesse {f}  :: jubilation
lieu {m}  :: place
lieu {m}  :: any of several fish from the Pollachius family
lieu de mémoire {m} [philosophy, literary]  :: A symbolic element of the memorial heritage of any community
lieu de travail {m}  :: workplace
lieu-dit {m} [geography]  :: toponymic term for the smallest geographical area bearing a traditional name
lieu-dit {m} [enology]  :: lieu-dit (for wine)
lieue {f} [historical]  :: league (distance)
lieu géométrique {m} [mathematics]  :: locus
lieu jaune {m}  :: European pollock (Pollachius pollachius)
lieu noir {m}  :: coalfish; coaley
lieutenance {f}  :: lieutenancy
lieutenant {m}  :: lieutenant
lieutenant-gouverneur {m} [government]  :: lieutenant governor
lifter {v}  :: To give a facelift to
lifter {v} [sports]  :: To lift the ball (over an opponent)
liftier {m}  :: lift attendant
lifting {m}  :: facelift
lifting de visage {m}  :: facelift
ligablo {m} [Congo RDC]  :: kiosk, (small) shop
ligament {m}  :: ligament
ligature {f}  :: a tie; the action of tying
ligature {f}  :: a binding, notably in horticulture
ligature {f}  :: ligature; a character that combines multiple letters; logotype
ligaturer {v} [medicine]  :: to ligate (tie up with a ligature)
liège {m}  :: cork (substance)
lige {adj}  :: liege
Liège {prop}  :: Liège (province)
Liège {prop}  :: Liège (city)
liégeois {adj}  :: of or relating to Liège, Belgium
Liégeois {m}  :: Person from or living in Liège, Belgium
Liégeoise {f}  :: feminine noun of Liégeois
lignage {m}  :: lineage (all senses), descent
ligne {f}  :: line
ligne {f}  :: route, course, service, line
ligne {f}  :: cable
ligne {f} [computing]  :: row (in a table)
ligne {f} [body shape]  :: figure
lignée {f}  :: lineage; line (descent)
ligne d'arrivée {f}  :: finish line
ligne de bataille {f} [military]  :: line of battle
ligne de changement de date {f}  :: international date line
ligne de conduite {f}  :: A conduct, attitude, line or course of action, thought, occupation or policy
ligne de faille {f} [geology]  :: fault line
ligne de flottaison {f}  :: waterline
ligne de flottaison {f}  :: (web design) above the fold
ligne de mire {f}  :: line of sight
ligne latérale {f}  :: lateral line
ligner {v}  :: to line, make a line (mark with a line)
ligner {v}  :: to line (add lines to a surface)
ligner {v} [nautical, rare]  :: to fold up (a sail)
ligner {v} [fishing]  :: to fish with a line
ligneux {adj}  :: ligneous
ligneux {adj}  :: woody
lignine {f} [organic chemistry]  :: lignin
lignite {f}  :: lignite (type of coal)
ligoter {vt}  :: to bind, tie up
ligérien {adj} [attributive]  :: Loire
ligue {f}  :: league
ligue hanséatique {f}  :: Hanseatic League
liguer {vr}  :: to gang up; to be in league
ligueur {adj}  :: That is part of a (reactionary, political) league
Ligurie {prop} {f}  :: Liguria (region)
ligurien {adj}  :: Ligurian
ligurien {m} [uncountable]  :: Ligurian (language)
liker {v} [Internet]  :: to like (on a social networking site)
lilas {m}  :: lilac (plant and colour)
liliacée {f} [chiefly in the plural]  :: a plant of the Liliaceae family
Lilian {prop} {m}  :: given name, the masculine equivalent of Liliane
Liliane {prop} {f}  :: given name, cognate to English Lilian
liliputien {adj}  :: lilliputian
Lille {prop}  :: Lille
lillois {adj} [attributive]  :: Lille; of or from Lille
Lillois {m}  :: An inhabitant of Lille
Lilloise {f}  :: feminine noun of Lillois
limace {f}  :: slug
limaille {f}  :: filings
limaçon {m}  :: snail
limaçon {m}  :: spiral staircase
limbe {m} [measurement]  :: limb
limbe {m} [astronomy]  :: limb
limbes {mp}  :: limbo (place for innocent souls)
limbique {adj}  :: limbic
Limbourg {prop} {m}  :: Limburg
limbourgeois {m}  :: Limburgish (language)
limbourgeois {adj}  :: Limburgish
Limbourgeois {m}  :: Limburger
Limbourgeoise {f}  :: feminine singular of Limbourgeois
lime {f}  :: file (tool)
lime {f}  :: lime (fruit, tree)
lime à ongles {f}  :: nail file
limer {v}  :: file (to smooth with a file)
limer {v} [vulgar]  :: to fuck, shag, pound
limette {f}  :: sweet lime
limettier {m}  :: lime tree
limicole {adj}  :: limicolous
limier {m}  :: bloodhound
limier {m}  :: sleuth, detective
liminaire {adj}  :: introductory
limité {adj}  :: limited
limitable {adj}  :: limitable
limitant {adj}  :: limiting
limitateur {m}  :: limiter
limitatif {adj}  :: limiting, restrictive
limitation {f}  :: limitation (action of limiting)
limitativement {adv}  :: limitingly, restrictively
limite {f}  :: limit
limite {adj} [colloquial]  :: edgy
limitée {f}  :: limited (limited liability corporation)
limite des arbres {f}  :: tree line
limiter {v}  :: to mark, to limit (to show a physical limit or boundary)
limiter {v}  :: to limit (to state a limit for)
limiteur {m}  :: limiter
limitrophe {adj}  :: bordering
limnimètre {m}  :: limnimeter, stream gauge
limnologie {f}  :: limnology
limnologique {adj}  :: limnological
limnologiste {mf}  :: limnologist
limodore {f}  :: A type of orchid of the genus Limodorum
limogeage {m}  :: dismissal; sacking
limoger {vt}  :: to dismiss; it is normally used about senior staff, such as a minister, general, bishop, ambassador, etc..
Limoges {prop} {f}  :: Limoges
limon {m}  :: silt (fine earth deposited by water)
limon {m}  :: shaft (in a carriage)
limon {m}  :: A type of lemon
limonade {f}  :: Lemonade; a serving of lemonade
limonade {f}  :: A soda with a hint of lemon flavoring with sugar that is popular in France; a serving of this soda
limonadier {m}  :: café owner
limonadier {m}  :: lemonade / soft drinks manufacturer
limonadière {f}  :: feminine noun of limonadier
limonette {f}  :: sweet lime
limoneux {adj}  :: muddy, slimy
limonier {m}  :: lemon (tree)
limonène {m} [organic compound]  :: limonene
limougeaud {adj} [attributive]  :: Limoges
Limougeaud {m}  :: someone from Limoges
Limougeaude {f}  :: feminine noun of Limougeaud
limousin {adj}  :: Limousin; relating to Limousin
limousin {m}  :: Limousin; the dialect of Occitan
limousin {m}  :: A bricklayer skilled in limousinage
Limousin {prop} {m}  :: Limousin
Limousin {m}  :: person from Limousin
limousinage {m}  :: A form of masonry done with stone and mortar
limousine {f}  :: cloak
limousine {f}  :: limousine
limousine {f}  :: limousin (cow)
Limousine {f}  :: feminine noun of Limousin
limpide {adj}  :: clear, limpid (especially of water)
limpidité {f}  :: limpidity
limule {f}  :: horseshoe crab
lin {m}  :: linen
lin {m}  :: flax (the plant)
linaire {f}  :: toadflax (plant of the genus Linaria)
linéaire {adj}  :: linear
linéairement {adv}  :: linearly
linéal {adj}  :: lineal
linéalement {adv}  :: lineally
linéament {m}  :: outline
linéament {m}  :: lineament
linéarité {f}  :: linearity
linéation {f}  :: lineation
linceul {m}  :: shroud
Lincourt {prop}  :: surname
Linda {prop}  :: given name of Germanic origin
lingala {m}  :: Lingala (language)
linge {m}  :: linen
linge {m}  :: cloth
linge {m} [Switzerland]  :: towel
linge {m} [Quebec, invariable]  :: clothing
linge de corps {m} [dated]  :: body linen, underwear
linger {m}  :: linenkeeper
lingerie {f}  :: linen room
lingerie {f}  :: lingerie (clothing)
lingette {f}  :: towelette; wipe
lingot {m}  :: ingot
lingotin {m}  :: small ingot (of gold)
lingotière {f}  :: mold / mould (for making a metal ingot)
lingère {f}  :: washerwoman, laundry maid
lingua franca nova {m}  :: the Lingua Franca Nova language
-lingue {suffix}  :: -lingual
linguet {f}  :: latch
linguet {f}  :: pawl
linguiste {mf}  :: linguist [one who studies linguistics]
linguistique {adj}  :: linguistic
linguistique {f}  :: linguistics (scientific study of language)
linguistiquement {adv}  :: linguistically
linière {f}  :: flax field
linnéen {adj}  :: Linnaean
linoléique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: linoleic
linoléum {m}  :: linoleum
linon {m}  :: lawn (linen fabric)
linot {m}  :: linnet
linotte {f}  :: linnet
linteau {m} [architecture]  :: lintel (a horizontal structural beam)
linuxien {adj}  :: related to Linux
linuxien {m}  :: Linux user
lion {m} [zoology]  :: lion
lion {m} [specifically]  :: male lion
lion {m} [figuratively]  :: lion (brave person)
lion {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: lion
lion {m} [figuratively, dated]  :: lion (celebrity; famous person)
lion {m} [dated]  :: a style of elegant young man that came after the dandy
Lion {prop} {m}  :: Leo (constellation)
Lion {prop} {m} [astrology]  :: Leo (star sign)
lionceau {m}  :: a lion cub
lion des montagnes {m}  :: mountain lion
Lionel {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to English Lionel
lionne {f}  :: lioness
lipide {m} [organic chemistry]  :: lipid
lipidique {adj}  :: lipidic
lipoaspiration {f}  :: liposuction
lipome {m} [oncology]  :: lipoma
lipoperoxydation {f} [biochemistry]  :: lipoperoxidation
lipoprotéine {f} [protein]  :: lipoproteine
liposuccion {f}  :: liposuction
lippe {f}  :: Lip, especially the lower lip when it is large or protruded
lippu {adj}  :: having a prominent lower lip; big-lipped
lipschitzien {adj}  :: Lipschitzian
liquette {f} [colloquial]  :: shirt
liqueur {f}  :: alcoholic liqueur
liqueur {f} [literary]  :: drinkable liquid
liqueur {f} [Canada]  :: fizzy drink, pop
liqueur {f} [obsolete]  :: liquid
liqueur de dosage {f}  :: A solution of sugar in water (sometimes in wine) used to top up bottles of sparkling wine made by the Champagne method
liquéfaction {f}  :: liquefaction
liquéfier {v}  :: to liquefy/liquify
liquidateur {m}  :: liquidator
liquidatif {adj} [economics]  :: net
liquidation {f}  :: sale, liquidation (sale of goods at reduced prices)
liquidation {f}  :: liquidation
liquide {adj}  :: liquid (existing in the physical state of a liquid)
liquide {adj}  :: liquid (said of money)
liquide {m}  :: liquid (substance not of solid or gas state)
liquide {m}  :: cash
liquide cérébro-spinal {m}  :: cerebrospinal fluid
liquide de gaz naturel {m}  :: liquified natural gas
liquidement {adv}  :: liquidly (in the manner of a liquid)
liquider {v}  :: to liquidate, pay off, settle (a debt)
liquider {v}  :: to sell off (goods)
liquider {v}  :: to liquidate, bump off (kill)
liquidité {f}  :: liquidity
liquoreux {adj}  :: syrupy
lire {vit}  :: to read
lire {vr} [se lire]  :: to be read
lire {f}  :: lira (unit of currency)
lire dans les pensées {v}  :: to read someone's mind
lire entre les lignes {v} [idiomatic]  :: to read between the lines
lire sur les lèvres {v}  :: to lipread
lis {m}  :: lily
Lisa {prop}  :: given name, diminutive of Élisabeth
Lisbonne {prop} {f}  :: Lisbon, the capital of Portugal
lisboète {adj}  :: Lisboner
Lise {prop}  :: given name derived from Élisabeth
liseré {m}  :: border, edging
liseron {m}  :: bindweed (trailing vine-like plants, of the genera Calystegia and Convolvulus)
lisette {f}  :: A young mackerel
lisette {f}  :: A parasite that eats vine buds
lisette {f}  :: A long waistcoat.
Lisette {prop} {f}  :: given name
liseur {m}  :: reader (one who reads)
liseuse {f}  :: a nightgown, a bedjacket, a garment useful when reading in bed
liseuse {f}  :: a small paperknife used to open uncut books, also useful as a bookmark
liseuse {f}  :: a dust jacket (removable book cover)
liseuse {f}  :: a reading lamp
liseuse {f}  :: a nightstand, a bedside table
liseuse {f}  :: an e-book reader
lisibilité {f}  :: legibility; readability
lisible {adj}  :: legible; readable
lisiblement {adv}  :: readably; legibly
lisier {m}  :: liquid manure, farm slurry
lisière {f}  :: edge
lisérer {v}  :: to edge with ribbon
lissage {m}  :: smoothing, polishing
lisse {adj}  :: smooth
lisser {v}  :: to smooth
listage {m} [computing]  :: listing (of a program etc)
liste {f}  :: list
liste de suivi {f}  :: watchlist
liste noire {f}  :: blacklist
liste noire {f} [Internet]  :: block list
lister {v}  :: list (to create a list)
liste Swadesh {f}  :: Swadesh list
listéria {f}  :: listeria
listériose {f} [pathology]  :: listeriosis
listrique {adj}  :: listric
lit {m}  :: bed
litage {m}  :: bedding
litanie {f}  :: litany
litanique {adj}  :: litanic
lit à baldaquin {m}  :: canopy bed (a bed equipped with a canopy)
litchi {m}  :: lychee (tree)
litchi {m}  :: lychee (fruit)
lit de justice {m}  :: lit de justice, bed of justice
lit de sangle {m}  :: trestle bed, stump bedstead
literie {f}  :: bedding (kit for a bed)
litharge {f}  :: litharge
-lithe {suffix}  :: -lite; -lith
lithiase {f} [pathology]  :: lithiasis
lithique {adj}  :: lithic (pertaining to stone)
lithium {m}  :: lithium
lithographie {f}  :: lithography
lithographie {f}  :: lithograph
lithographier {v}  :: To print using lithography
lithographique {adj}  :: lithographic
lithologie {f}  :: lithology
lithosphère {f}  :: lithosphere (The outer layer of the Earth)
lithosphérique {adj}  :: lithospheric
lithostratigraphie {f} [geology]  :: lithostratigraphy
lithostratigraphique {adj}  :: lithostratigraphic
lithothérapie {f} [medicine]  :: lithotherapy
lithotripsie {f} [surgery]  :: lithotripsy
lithotypographie {f}  :: lithotypography
Lithuanie {prop} {f}  :: Lithuania
lithuanien {n}  :: alternative form of lituanien
Lithuanien {m}  :: alternative form of Lituanien
Lithuanienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Lithuanien
litige {m} [legal]  :: litigation
litigieux {adj}  :: litigious
litigieux {adj}  :: controversial
litière {f}  :: litter (for cattle, cats); bedding (for horses)
litière {f}  :: litter (mode of transport)
litote {f}  :: Litotes, understatement.
litote {f}  :: An instance of such.
litre {m}  :: litre
litron {m} [colloquial]  :: litre-bottle
litte {m} [Quebec, colloquial]  :: bed
littoral {adj}  :: littoral, coastal
littoral {m}  :: littoral
littoralisation {f}  :: littoralization
littéraire {adj}  :: literary
littérairement {adv}  :: litterarily (with respect to literature)
littéral {adj}  :: literal
littéralement {adv}  :: literally
littérateur {m}  :: litterateur
littératie {f}  :: literacy (ability to read)
littératrice {f}  :: litteratrice (female writer)
littérature {f}  :: literature
Lituanie {prop} {f}  :: Lithuania
lituanien {m}  :: Lithuanian, the Lithuanian language
lituanien {adj}  :: Lithuanian
Lituanien {m}  :: Lithuanian person
Lituanienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Lituanien
liturgie {f}  :: A liturgy, predetermined or prescribed set of (religious) rituals
liturgie {f}  :: A liturgy, Ancient Greek service to the public interest
liturgique {adj}  :: liturgic, liturgical
liturgiquement {adv}  :: liturgically
livèche {f}  :: lovage
livide {adj}  :: livid (in colour)
lividité {f} [medicine]  :: lividity
lividités cadavériques {fp} [medicine, in the plural]  :: livor mortis
Livie {prop}  :: Livia
living {m}  :: living room
Livonie {prop} {f}  :: Livonia (historical region)
livonien {m}  :: Livonian (language)
livournais {adj}  :: Livornian
Livournais {m}  :: Livornian
Livournaise {f}  :: feminine noun of Livournais
Livourne {prop} {m}  :: Livorno
livrable {adj}  :: deliverable
livraison {f}  :: delivery
livre {m}  :: book
livre {f}  :: pound (unit of weight)
livre {f}  :: pound (unit of currency)
lièvre {m}  :: hare
livrée {n}  :: livery
livre audio {m}  :: audiobook
livre blanc {m}  :: white paper
livre d'or {m}  :: guest book (all meanings)
livrel {m}  :: e-book (electronic book)
livre électronique {m}  :: e-book (electronic book)
livrer {v}  :: to deliver (a package, merchandise etc.)
livrer {v}  :: to hand over, deliver (someone to an enemy, police, etc.)
livrer {v}  :: to give away (a secret etc.); to confide, reveal, drop (a hint)
livrer {vr}  :: abandon oneself, give oneself over (à to)
livrer {vr}  :: (with à) to practise (a sport); be engaged in (a job, research); set up (an enquiry)
livre sonore {m}  :: audiobook
livresque {adj}  :: bookish
livre sterling {m}  :: pound sterling (currency of the UK)
livret {m}  :: pamphlet
livreur {m}  :: deliverer, deliveryman
livreuse {f}  :: feminine noun of livreur
lixivié {adj}  :: leached
lixiviable {adj}  :: leachable
lixiviant {adj}  :: leaching
lixivier {vt}  :: to leach, lixiviate
Ljubljana {prop}  :: Ljubljana
Léman {prop} {m}  :: Geneva (lake)
lémanique {adj}  :: Of or from Léman (Lake Geneva)
lémonal {m} [organic compound]  :: lemonal
lémur {m}  :: lemur (any animal of the prosimians, making up the infraorder Lemuriformes)
lémure {m}  :: lemur
lémurien {m}  :: lemur
lône {f} [Lyon dialect]  :: An anabranch of the river Rhone
lône {f} [by extension, hydrology]  :: Any diverging branch of a river
LNH {initialism} [sport]  :: NHL; initialism of Ligue nationale de hockey (National Hockey League)
lénifiant {adj}  :: emollient, soothing
léninien {adj}  :: Leninist
léninisme {m} [politics]  :: Leninism
léniniste {adj}  :: Leninist (relating to Lenin)
lénition {f} [linguistics]  :: lenition (weakening of consonant articulation)
Léo {prop}  :: given name, a Latinate variant of Léon
lob {m} [tennis]  :: lob
lobé {adj} [botany]  :: lobed
lobber {v} [sports]  :: to lob
lobby {m}  :: lobby (hall)
lobby {m}  :: lobby (advocacy group)
lobbying {m}  :: lobbying
lobbyiste {mf}  :: lobbyist
lobe de l'oreille {m}  :: earlobe
lober {vt} [tennis, soccer]  :: to lob
Loïc {prop}  :: given name, variant of Louis
local {adj}  :: local
local {m}  :: room
localement {adv}  :: locally (with respect to location)
localisé {adj}  :: localized
localisable {adj}  :: localizable
localisateur {m}  :: locator
localisation {f}  :: localization/localisation
localisatrice {f}  :: feminine singular of localisateur
localiser {v}  :: to locate
localiser {v}  :: to localise
localité {f}  :: place, locality
locataire {mf}  :: renter, tenant
locateur {m}  :: landlord (of a rented property)
locatif {adj}  :: locative
locatif {m} [grammar]  :: the locative case
location {f}  :: renting, rental
location {f}  :: rent
location {f}  :: rented accommodation
location {f}  :: hire (of a car etc.)
location {f}  :: booking, reservation
locatrice {f}  :: feminine singular of locateur
loch {m} [nautical]  :: chip log, log
loch {m}  :: loch
loche {f} [zoology]  :: one of the several species of giant slugs belonging to the Arionidae and Limacidae families
loche {f} [zoology]  :: one of the several species of loaches belonging to a number of different orders
Loches {prop}  :: a commune in central France
lochial {adj}  :: lochial
lock-out {m}  :: lockout
locomobile {f}  :: Locomobile, traction engine
locomoteur {adj}  :: locomotive, locomotor
locomotif {adj}  :: locomotive
locomotion {f}  :: locomotion
locomotive {f}  :: locomotive
loculaire {adj}  :: locular
locule {m}  :: locule, loculus
locuteur {m}  :: speaker
locuteur natif {m}  :: native speaker (a person who grew up with a particular language as their mother tongue)
locution {f}  :: phrase, locution
locution figée {f} [linguistics]  :: set phrase
locution nominale {f}  :: noun phrase
locution verbale {f}  :: phrasal verb
locutrice {f}  :: feminine noun of locuteur
locutrice native {f}  :: feminine noun of locuteur natif
lodge {m}  :: lodge (tourist residence, especially in Africa)
lofer {vi} [nautical]  :: to luff
logarithme {m}  :: logarithm
logarithmique {adj} [mathematics]  :: logarithmic
loge {f} [freemasonry]  :: lodge
loge {f} [theater]  :: box
loge {f} [obsolete]  :: hut
logeable {adj}  :: habitable
logeable {adj}  :: roomy, spacious
logement {m}  :: housing, abode, dwelling, residence, domicile, home, accommodation
logement social {m}  :: social housing
loger {vi}  :: To lodge, to stay, to be lodging (to temporarily inhabit)
loger {vt}  :: To find (someone) a place to stay
loger {vi}  :: To fit into
logette {f}  :: stall
logeur {m}  :: landlord
logeuse {f}  :: landlady
logiciel {m} [computing]  :: software
logiciel {m} [computing]  :: computer program, piece of software
logiciel {adj}  :: software (attributive)
logiciel de rançon {m} [computing]  :: ransomware
logiciel espion {m} [computing]  :: spyware (program)
logiciellement {adv} [computing]  :: By means of software
logicien {m}  :: logician
logicienne {f}  :: feminine noun of logicien
-logie {suffix}  :: -logy
logique {f}  :: logic
logique {adj}  :: logical
-logique {suffix}  :: -logic; -logical
logiquement {adv}  :: logically
logis {m}  :: lodge
logisticien {m}  :: A logistician
logisticienne {f}  :: feminine noun of logisticien
logistique {adj}  :: logistic
logistique {f}  :: logistics
logistique {adj}  :: relating to logistics
logo {m}  :: A logo; name, symbol, or emblem that acts as a trademark or a means of identification of an institution or other entity
logogramme {m}  :: logogram (character or symbol that represents a word or phrase)
logotype {m}  :: A symbol or emblem that acts as a trademark or a means of identification of an institution or other entity, usually referred to as a logo
l'ogre de Corse {prop} {m}  :: See: le ogre de Corse
l'ogre de Corse {prop} {m}  :: Napoleon Bonaparte
-logue {suffix}  :: -logist
loguer {v}  :: to log (make a record of)
loi {f}  :: law (legal code)
loi {f}  :: law (scientific principle)
loi de Charles {prop} {f} [physics]  :: Charles's law
loi de conservation {f} [physics]  :: conservation law
loi de conservation de l'énergie {f} [physics]  :: law of conservation of energy
loi de la jungle {f}  :: law of the jungle
loin {adv}  :: Far, distant
loin des yeux, loin du cœur {proverb}  :: out of sight, out of mind
lointain {adj}  :: distant, remote, far-off
lointainement {adv}  :: distantly, remotely
loir {m}  :: dormouse
Loire {prop} {f}  :: Loire
Loire-Atlantique {prop} {m}  :: Loire-Atlantique
Loiret {prop} {m}  :: Loiret
Loiseau {prop}  :: surname
loisible {adj}  :: permitted
loisible {adj}  :: free to choose
loisir {m}  :: leisure
loisirs {mp}  :: recreation
lojban {m}  :: Lojban (language)
Lola {prop}  :: given name currently popular in France
lollard {m}  :: Lollard
lolo {m} [childish]  :: milk
lolo {m} [colloquial]  :: boob, titty
lombaire {adj}  :: lumbar
lombard {adj}  :: Lombard (from or relating to Lombardy)
lombard {m}  :: the Lombard language
Lombard {m}  :: Lombard (person from Lombardy)
Lombarde {f}  :: feminine noun of Lombard
Lombardie {prop} {f}  :: Lombardy
lombes {mp} [plurale tantum]  :: loins
lombric {m}  :: earthworm
lombriculture {f}  :: worm farming
lombrosien {adj}  :: Lombrosian
l'on {pron} [formal]  :: alternative form of on
Léon {prop} [geography]  :: a historical region of Brittany, in northwestern France
Léon {prop} [geography]  :: a commune in southwestern France
Léon {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to Leo
léonais {m}  :: Leonese language
léonais {adj}  :: Leonese
Léonais {m}  :: Leonese (person)
Léonaise {f}  :: feminine singular of Léonais
Léonard {prop} {m}  :: given name, cognate to Leonard
londonien {adj}  :: of/from London, Cockney
Londonien {m}  :: Londoner; man from London
Londonienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Londonien; woman from London
Londres {prop} {mf}  :: London
Léone {prop}  :: given name, a feminine form of Léon
long {adj}  :: long
longanimité {f} [literary]  :: forbearance
long-courrier {m}  :: long haul flight
longer {v}  :: to walk along, run along
longeron {m}  :: supportive horizontal beam
longeron {m}  :: longeron (part of an aircraft)
longiforme {adj}  :: elongated
longiligne {adj}  :: rangy (long-limbed)
longitude {f}  :: longitude
longitudinal {adj}  :: longitudinal
longitudinalement {adj}  :: longitudinally
long-métrage {m} [film]  :: theatrical release
longtemps {adv}  :: for a long time; over a long period
long-temps {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of longtemps
longuement {adv}  :: for a long time
longue paume {m}  :: an outdoor version of jeu de paume
longuet {adj}  :: A little long
longueur {f}  :: length
longue-vue {f}  :: telescope, not astronomical
longue-vue {f}  :: spyglass
longévité {f}  :: longevity
longévité {f} [by extension]  :: lifespan
longævité {f}  :: obsolete form of longévité
Longyearbyen {prop}  :: Longyearbyen
Léonie {prop}  :: given name, a feminine form of Léon
léonin {adj}  :: leonine
lonsdaléite {f} [mineralogy]  :: lonsdaleite
looc {adj}  :: cool
look {m}  :: style; appearance; look
lookbook {m}  :: lookbook
léopard {m}  :: leopard (a large wild cat with a spotted coat, Panthera pardus)
léopard de mer {m}  :: leopard seal (Hydrurga leptonyx)
lopin {m}  :: patch, plot (of land)
Léopold {prop} {m}  :: given name, cognate to English Leopold
Léopoldville {prop} [historical]  :: Kinshasa
loquace {adj}  :: talkative; loquacious
loquacité {f}  :: talkativeness (quality of being talkative)
loque {f}  :: wreck
loque {f} [in the plural]  :: rags
loquet {m}  :: latch
loqueteux {adj}  :: tattered, ragged
Loranger {prop}  :: surname
lordose {f}  :: lordosis (excessive curvature of the spine)
lorentzien {adj}  :: Lorentzian
lorette {f} [archaic]  :: loose woman, lorette
lorgner {v}  :: to ogle
lorgner {v}  :: to leer
lorgner {v}  :: to covet
lorgner {v}  :: to look at using a monocle or lorgnette
lorgner {v}  :: to look ahead (to)
lorgnon {m} [obsolete]  :: monocle
lorgnon {m}  :: lorgnette; pince-nez
Lorient {prop} {m}  :: Lorient
lorientais {adj}  :: of or from Lorient
Lorientais {m}  :: someone of or from Lorient
Lorientaise {f}  :: feminine singular of Lorientais
loriot {m}  :: oriole
lorrain {adj}  :: From Lorraine
Lorrain {m}  :: Someone from Lorraine
Lorraine {prop}  :: Lorraine (region of France)
Lorraine {prop}  :: given name from French
Lorraine {f}  :: feminine noun of Lorrain
lors {adv} [obsolete]  :: then, at that time
lors d' {prep}  :: alternative form of lors de
lors de {prep}  :: during, at the time of
lorsqu' {conj} [before a vowel]  :: apocopic form of lorsque; when
lorsque {conj}  :: when (at a time when)
lorsqu'il {contraction}  :: lorsque + il
lorsqu'on {contraction}  :: lorsque + on
los {m} [obsolete]  :: praise; acclaim
Loïs {prop}  :: Lois (female name)
losange {m}  :: rhombus
losange {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: lozenge
Los Angeles {prop}  :: Los Angeles
losangique {adj}  :: rhombic; lozenge-shaped
LOSC {initialism} [soccer]  :: Lille Olympique Sporting Club, a French football club from the town of Lille
loser {m} [colloquial]  :: loser
lot {m}  :: share (of inheritance)
lot {m}  :: plot (of land)
lot {m}  :: batch (of goods for sale)
lot {m}  :: lot (at auction)
lot {m}  :: prize (in lottery)
lot {m}  :: lot, fate
lot {m} [slang]  :: babe
Lot {prop} {m}  :: Lot (Department of France)
lote {f}  :: burbot (a freshwater fish: Lota lota)
loterie {f}  :: lottery (scheme for the distribution of prizes by lot or chance)
Lot-et-Garonne {prop} {m}  :: Lot-et-Garonne
lotier {m}  :: birdsfoot trefoil
lotique {adj} [ecology]  :: lotic
lotir {vt}  :: to parcel out (divide into lots)
lotissement {m}  :: estate, housing estate
loto {m}  :: lotto
lotophage {adj}  :: lotophagous
lotte {f}  :: burbot (a freshwater fish, Lota lota)
lotte {f} [culinary]  :: the tail meat of an anglerfish (a marine fish, Lophius piscatorius)
lotus {m}  :: lotus
Lou {prop}  :: given name, diminutive of Louis
Lou {prop}  :: given name, diminutive of Louise
louable {adj}  :: laudable; worthy of praise
louablement {adv}  :: laudably (in a way worthy of praise)
louage {m}  :: renting
louange {f}  :: praise
louanger {v}  :: to praise; to laud
louangeur {m}  :: praiser, lauder
louangeur {adj}  :: praising, lauding
louba {m} [slang]  :: kid, child
loubard {m}  :: yob; hooligan
louchébem {m}  :: A form of slang originating from butchers in Paris and Lyon, involving changing the order of the letters of a word
louchébem {m} [louchébem slang]  :: butcher
louche {adj} [dated]  :: cross-eyed
louche {adj} [by extension]  :: cloudy; obscure
louche {adj} [figuratively]  :: shady; dubious; seedy; shifty
louche {f}  :: [in a liquid] cloudiness due to a suspension of fine particles
louche {f}  :: ladle
loucher {v}  :: to be cross-eyed, squint
loucher {v}  :: squint (to look with eyes that are turned in different directions)
loucher {v}  :: glance
loucheur {m}  :: cross-eyed or squinting person
loucheuse {f}  :: cross-eyed or squinting person (female)
Loudun {prop}  :: A small town in the Poitou-Charentes region of France
louer {v}  :: to rent
louer {v}  :: to lease
louer {v}  :: to praise, to recommend
loueur {m}  :: praiser (someone who praises)
loueur {m}  :: hirer, renter, lessor (someone who rents, hires or leases things for a living)
loueuse {f}  :: feminine noun of loueur
loufoque {adj}  :: ridiculous; farcical, goofy
loufoquerie {f} [colloquial]  :: craziness, madness
lougre {m}  :: lugger
louis {m} [historical numismatics]  :: A louis: various gold and silver coins issued by the Kingdom, Republic, and [slang] Empire of France
louis {m} [historical numismatics, , slang]  :: 20 francs
Louis {prop} {m}  :: given name
Louis {prop} {m}  :: surname
Louisbourg {prop}  :: A placename
Louisbourg {prop}  :: Louisbourg, Nova Scotia, Canada
louis d'or {m} [historical numismatics]  :: louis d'or (any gold coin introduced by Louis XIII)
louis d'or {m}  :: A cheese produced in Quebec
louise {f} [colloquial]  :: fart
Louise {prop} {f}  :: given name, feminine form of Louis
Louisiane {prop} {f}  :: Louisiana (US state)
louisquatorzien {adj}  :: Relating to Louis XIV (Louis Quatorze) or his epoch
louis-quatorzien {adj}  :: Relating to, or in a style fashionable during the reign of Louis XIV
Louis XIV {prop} {m}  :: A king of France between 1643 and 1715
loukoum {m}  :: Turkish delight, locoum
loulou {m}  :: spitz
loup {m}  :: wolf
loup {m}  :: bass (fish)
loup {m}  :: mask, eyemask
loup {m}  :: flaw
Loup {prop} {m}  :: given name
loup de mer {m} [colloquial]  :: seadog, old salt, sea bass (branzin)
loupe {f}  :: magnifying glass
loupe {f}  :: loupe
loupe {f} [medicine]  :: wen (a cyst on the skin)
loupe {f} [botany]  :: burl, a growth on the side of a tree
loupe {f} [slang]  :: laziness
louper {v}  :: to miss
louper {v}  :: to fail
loup-garou {m}  :: werewolf
lourd {adj}  :: heavy
lourd {adj}  :: clumsy, oafish
lourd {adj} [colloquial]  :: annoying, a drag
lourd {adj} [weather]  :: sultry, humid
lourd {adj} [boxing]  :: heavyweight
lourdaud {m}  :: oaf
lourdaude {f}  :: feminine noun of lourdaud
lourdement {adv}  :: heavily (to a large extent)
lourdeur {f}  :: heaviness
loustic {m}  :: wag, joker
loutre {f}  :: otter
Louvain {prop}  :: Capital city of the province of Flemish Brabant in Belgium
louvaniste {adj}  :: from Louvain
Louvaniste {mf}  :: someone from Louvain
louve {f}  :: she-wolf
louveteau {m}  :: wolf cub
louvetelle {f}  :: wolf cub
louveterie {f}  :: wolf-hunting guild
louveterie {f}  :: wolf hunting
louvetier {m}  :: wolf-hunter
louvetier {m}  :: Akela (scout leader)
louvoyer {v} [nautical]  :: to tack
louvoyer {v} [figuratively]  :: to manoeuvre, navigate
louvèterie {f}  :: alternative form of louveterie
lovecraftien {adj}  :: Lovecraftian
lover {v}  :: to coil (a rope or cord)
lover {vr} [of a snake]  :: to coil up, wind up; to curl up
lovés {mp} [slang]  :: money
loxodromique {adj}  :: loxodromic
loyal {adj}  :: loyal
loyalement {adv}  :: loyally
loyalisme {m}  :: loyalism
loyaliste {mf}  :: loyalist
loyaliste {adj}  :: loyalist
loyauté {f}  :: loyalty
loyer {m}  :: rent (amount of money due for renting property)
Lozère {prop} {f}  :: Lozère
lépidolite {mf} [mineralogy]  :: lepidolite
lépidoptère {m}  :: lepidopteran
lépidoptère {adj}  :: lepidopteran
lèpre {f}  :: leprosy
lépreux {adj}  :: leprous
lépreux {m}  :: leper
léprosé {m}  :: leper
léprosée {f}  :: feminine noun of léprosé
léproserie {f}  :: leprosarium
lérot {m}  :: garden dormouse
lès {prep}  :: alternative form of lez
LSD {m}  :: LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide)
lèse-majesté {f}  :: lese-majesty, lèse-majesté
léser {v}  :: to wrong; to do wrong by (someone)
lésiner {vi}  :: to skimp, to overly limit one's spending, to be frugal to an excessive degree
lésinerie {f}  :: stinginess
lésion {f}  :: lesion
læsion {f}  :: obsolete form of lésion
LSR {f}  :: abbreviation of liquéfaction, stockage, regazéification
lœss {m} [geology]  :: loess
létal {adj}  :: lethal
létalité {f}  :: lethality; mortality
Ltée. {f}  :: Ltd. (limited liability company)
Ltée {f}  :: alternative form of Ltée.
Ltee. {f}  :: alternative form of Ltée.
Ltee {f}  :: alternative form of Ltée.
Léthé {prop} {m}  :: Lethe
léthargie {f}  :: lethargy
léthargique {adj}  :: lethargic, sluggish
léthargiquement {adv}  :: lethargically
léthéen {adj}  :: Lethean
Létourneau {prop}  :: surname
luberon {m}  :: Any of several wines (mostly red) from the valley of the Rhône
lubie {f}  :: whim, caprice
lubricité {f}  :: lust, lechery, lubricity
lubrifiant {adj}  :: lubricating
lubrifiant {m}  :: lubricant
lubrification {f}  :: lubrication
lubrifier {v}  :: to lubricate [make slippery or smooth]
lubrique {adj}  :: prurient (arousing sexual desire)
lubrique {adj}  :: lewd, lecherous
lubriquement {adv}  :: pruriently
lubriquement {adv}  :: lewdly, lecherously
Luc {prop}  :: Luke [biblical character]
Luc {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to English Luke
Luc {prop}  :: Any of several small French towns
lucarne {f}  :: dormer window
lucarne {f}  :: skylight
lucarne {f} [soccer, colloquial]  :: top corner of the net
Lucas {prop}  :: given name, a Latinate variant of Luc
Lucas {prop}  :: surname
lucianique {adj}  :: Lucianic
lucide {adj}  :: lucid
lucidement {adv}  :: lucidly
lucidité {f}  :: lucidity
Lucie {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Lucy
Lucien {prop} {m}  :: given name, an equivalent of English Lucian
Lucienne {prop}  :: given name, feminine form of Lucien
Lucifer {prop}  :: Lucifer
luciférase {f} [enzyme]  :: luciferase
luciférien {adj}  :: Luciferian (attributive); demonic
Lucile {prop}  :: given name
Lucille {prop}  :: given name
luciole {f}  :: firefly
lucois {adj}  :: Of or from any of several places named Luc
lucratif {adj}  :: lucrative, profitable
lucrativement {adv}  :: lucratively
Lucrèce {prop} {m}  :: Lucretius (philosopher)
Lucrèce {prop} {m} [rare]  :: given name
Lucrèce {prop} {f}  :: given name
luddite {m}  :: A Luddite
ludique {adj}  :: playful, ludic
ludois {adj}  :: Of or from Le Lude
ludothèque {f}  :: toy library
Ludovic {prop}  :: given name, variant of Louis
luette {f}  :: uvula
lueur {f}  :: glimmer; glow
luge {f} [countable]  :: luge (sled)
luge {f} [uncountable]  :: luge (sport)
luger {v}  :: to luge
lugeur {m}  :: luger (someone who competes in the luge)
lugeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of lugeur
lugol {m}  :: An antiseptic solution of iodine and potassium iodide
lugubre {adj}  :: gloomy, mournful, lugubrious
lugubrement {adv}  :: lugubriously
lui {pron}  :: him, he; the third-person masculine singular personal pronoun used after a preposition, or as the predicate of a linking verb, or when disjoined from a sentence, or as a stressed subject
lui {pron}  :: Him, her; the third-person singular personal pronoun used as an indirect object
Lœuilly {prop}  :: Lœuilly
lui-même {pron} [emphatic]  :: oneself
luire {vi}  :: to shine; to glimmer
luisant {adj}  :: gleaming, glistening
lume {f} [obsolete]  :: light, lamp
lumignon {m}  :: small light
lumignon {m}  :: candle end
luminescence {f}  :: luminescence
luminescent {adj}  :: luminescent
lumineusement {adv}  :: luminously, brightly
lumineux {adj}  :: bright, luminous
luminosité {f}  :: brightness
luminosité {f}  :: luminosity
lumière {f}  :: light
lumière {f} [anatomy]  :: lumen
l'un {pron}  :: one
luné {adj}  :: (only with bien or mal) Having a good or bad disposition, in a good or bad mood
lunaire {adj}  :: lunar
lunaison {f}  :: lunation
lunatique {adj}  :: moody
lunatique {mf}  :: lunatic
lunch {m}  :: A lunch, (usually light) meal around noon
lunch {m}  :: A light meal with sandwiches, cold cuts, pastry etc. served at a festive reception
lundi {m}  :: Monday
lundi de Pâques {prop} {m}  :: Easter Monday
lune {f}  :: The Moon
lune {f}  :: Any natural satellite of a planet
lune {f} [literary]  :: A month, particularly a lunar month
l'une {contraction}  :: la + une
lune de miel {f}  :: honeymoon (period of time immediately following a marriage)
lunetière {f}  :: synonym of biscutelle
lunette {f} [astronomy]  :: telescope (refracting telescope)
lunette {f} [architecture]  :: lunette
lunette {f}  :: toilet seat
lunette {f} [ornithology]  :: breastbone
lunette {f} [in the plural]  :: eyeglasses, spectacles
lunettes de soleil {fp} [plurale tantum]  :: sunglasses
l'un l'autre {pron} [reciprocal pronoun]  :: each other
lupanar {m} [dated or literary]  :: A brothel
lupin {adj}  :: lupine
lupin {m}  :: lupin
Lure {prop}  :: A small town in the Haute-Saône department of Franche-Comté
luron {m}  :: fellow
luron {adj}  :: Of or from Lure
Luron {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Lure
luronne {f}  :: feminine noun of luron
Luronne {f}  :: feminine singular of Luron
Lusace {prop} {f}  :: Lusatia (region)
lushois {adj}  :: Lubumbashi (attributive)
lusitanien {adj}  :: Lusitanian
lusitanien {adj}  :: Portuguese
lusitrope {f}  :: An agent that affects diastolic relaxation
luso- {prefix}  :: Luso-
lusophobe {adj}  :: Lusophobe
lusophone {adj}  :: lusophone
lusophone {mf}  :: Lusophone (Portuguese-speaker)
lussion {m}  :: barracudina
lustré {adj}  :: polished
lustrage {m}  :: polishing, shining
lustrage {m}  :: polish, shine, lustre
lustral {adj}  :: lustral
lustre {m}  :: lustre, chandelier
lustre {m}  :: gloss, shine, lustre
lustre {m}  :: lustrum; period of five years
lustrer {vt}  :: to polish, make shinier by polishing
lustrer {vr}  :: to shine, give off a shine
lut {m}  :: lute; slip
Lutèce {prop} {f} [historical]  :: Lutetia
lutécium {m}  :: lutetium (chemical element)
luth {m}  :: lute, a stringed instrument
luthier {m}  :: luthier, violin maker
luthiste {mf} [music]  :: lutenist
luthéranisme {m}  :: Lutheranism (branch of Christianity developed by Martin Luther)
luthérien {adj}  :: Lutheran (related to the Lutheran church)
lutin {m}  :: imp, elf, pixie
lutéine {f}  :: lutein (yellow carotenoid pigment)
lutrin {m}  :: lectern
lutte {f} [literally or figuratively]  :: struggle, fight, battle
lutte {f}  :: wrestling (sport)
lutter {vi}  :: to struggle, to fight
lutter {v} [sports]  :: to wrestle
lutteur {m}  :: fighter; combatant
lutteur {m}  :: wrestler
lutteuse {f}  :: feminine noun of lutteur
lutétien {adj}  :: Lutetian (attributive)
Lutétien {m} [geology]  :: Lutetian
lutétium {m}  :: alternative form of lutécium
lutz {m}  :: lutz (jump)
luxation {f}  :: dislocation
luxe {m}  :: luxury
Luxembourg {prop} {m}  :: Luxembourg (Grand Duchy)
Luxembourg {prop} {m}  :: Luxembourg (province)
Luxembourg {prop} {m}  :: Luxembourg (city)
luxembourgeois {adj}  :: from Luxembourg
luxembourgeois {adj}  :: of or relating to Luxembourg
luxembourgeois {prop} {m}  :: Luxembourgish (language)
Luxembourgeois {m}  :: person from or living in Luxembourg
Luxembourgeoise {f}  :: feminine noun of Luxembourgeois
luxembourgisme {m} [politics]  :: Luxemburgism
luxemburgisme {m}  :: alternative form of luxembourgisme
luxer {vt}  :: to luxate
luxer {vr}  :: to luxate
luxueusement {adv}  :: luxuriously
luxueux {adj}  :: luxurious
luxure {f}  :: lust
luxuriant {adj}  :: luxuriant
luxurieusement {adv}  :: lustfully
luxurieux {adj}  :: lustful
luzerne {f}  :: alfalfa (Medicago sativa)
lève-tôt {mf}  :: early riser (someone who gets up early)
Lévi {prop} {m}  :: Levi (third son of Jacob)
l'évidence même {adj}  :: Self-evident; literally “evidence itself“
lévitation {f}  :: levitation
lévite {m}  :: Levite (member of the Hebrew tribe Levi)
lévite {f}  :: Levite (a loose man's garment)
Lévite {prop}  :: Levite
léviter {v}  :: [usually intransitive] to levitate
Lévitique {prop}  :: Leviticus
lévogyre {adj} [chemistry]  :: levogyre
lèvre {f}  :: lip
lévrier {m}  :: sighthound
lévrier {m}  :: greyhound
lévrier afghan {m}  :: Afghan Hound
lévrier irlandais {m}  :: Irish Wolfhound
lévrier persan {m}  :: Saluki
lévulose {m} [carbohydrate]  :: levulose
Lévy {prop}  :: surname: Levy
lybien {adj}  :: Libyan
lycanthrope {mf}  :: werewolf; lycanthrope (wolflike human)
lycanthropie {f}  :: lycanthropy
Lycaonie {prop}  :: Lycaonia
lycaonien {adj}  :: Lycaonian
lycaonien {m}  :: Lycaonian (language/dialect)
lycée {m}  :: a public secondary school
lycéen {m}  :: A student at a lycée (a secondary school college)
lycéenne {f}  :: feminine noun of lycéen
lychnite {f}  :: lampwick (plant of the species Phlomis lychnitis)
Lycie {prop}  :: Lycia
lycénidé {m}  :: lycaenid
Lydia {prop}  :: given name, a Latinized variant of Lydie
Lydie {prop}  :: Lydia [biblical character]
Lydie {prop}  :: given name
lymphatique {adj} [anatomy]  :: lymphatic
lymphatique {adj}  :: lethargic, listless, sluggish
lymphœdème {m}  :: lymphedema, lymphoedema
lymphe {f} [anatomy]  :: lymph
lymphoblaste {m}  :: lymphoblast
lymphoblastique {adj}  :: lymphoblastic
lymphocyte {m} [cytology]  :: lymphocyte
lymphographie {f}  :: lymphography
lymphome {m} [oncology]  :: lymphoma
lynchage {m}  :: lynching
lyncher {v}  :: To lynch
lynx {m}  :: a lynx
lynx roux {m}  :: bobcat (a North American wild cat, Lynx rufus)
Lyon {prop}  :: The city of Lyons, France
lyonnais {adj}  :: Of or relating to Lyon, France
Lyonnais {m}  :: An inhabitant of Lyons
Lyonnaise {f}  :: feminine noun of Lyonnais
lyophilisé {adj}  :: lyophilized, freeze-dried
lyophilisation {f}  :: Lyophilisation
lyophiliser {v}  :: to lyophilize
lyre {f}  :: lyre
lyrique {adj} [poetry]  :: lyric
lyrique {adj}  :: lyrical
lyrique {mf} [poetry]  :: lyric poet
lyrique {mf}  :: lyric poetry
lyriquement {adv}  :: lyrically
lyrisme {m}  :: lyricism
lyrisme {m}  :: lyric poetry
lys {m}  :: lily
lyse {f} [chemistry]  :: lysis
-lyse {suffix}  :: -lysis
lyser {vt} [chemistry]  :: to lyse
lysergique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: lysergic
Lysias {prop}  :: Lysias (Attic orator)
lysimaque {m}  :: loosestrife (of genus Lysimachia)
lysimètre {m}  :: lysimeter
lysine {f}  :: lysine
lyssenkisme {m} [politics]  :: Lysenkoism
Lystre {prop}  :: Lystra (town in Lycaonia)
lytique {adj}  :: lytic
lézard {m}  :: lizard
lézarder {vt}  :: to crack
lézarder {vi}  :: to bask (in the sun)