Appendix:Glossary of collective nouns by subject

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Here is a list of collective nouns by subject.

information Don't trust this list; many of these entries are fanciful and never found outside of word lists.
Subject Collective term
aardvarks An armoury of aardvarks
academics A faculty of academics
acrobats A troupe of acrobats
actors A cast, company, condescension, cry, or queue of actors
actresses An entrance of actresses
adders A sum of adders
aircraft A flight of aircraft
aircraft A wing of aircraft
aircraft, fighter A circus, or wing of fighter aircraft
albatrosses A rookery, weight of albatrosses
alpha computers A cluster of alpha computers
ammunition A cache of ammunition
angel fish A company of angel fish
angels A choir, chorus, flight, host, or pinhead of angels
anglers A catch of anglers
antelope A herd, cluster, tribe of antelope
ants An army, bike, colony, or swarm of ants
apes A shrewdness, or troop of apes
apples A bushel of apples
archer fish A company of archer fish
arrows A quiver of arrows
artillery A troop, battery of artillery
artistes (acrobats, singers or dancers) A troupe of artistes
artists (painters) A colony of artists
asses A coffle, drove, herd, or pace of asses
asteroids A belt of asteroids
athletes A team of athletes
auks A raft, colony, flock of auks
avocets A colony of avocets
baboons A congress, flange, rumpus, or troupe of baboons
bacteria A colony of bacteria (a culture if laboratory-grown)
badgers A cete, clan, or colony of badgers
bakers An aroma, tabernacle of bakers
bananas A hand, bunch of bananas
bankers A wunch of bankers
bankers, Scottish A knot of Scottish bankers
Baptists An immersion of Baptists
barbels A shoal of barbels
barbers A babble of barbers
barbers, military A crew of military barbers
barflies A buzz of barflies
barons A thought of barons
barracuda A battery of barracuda
barristers A boast, wiggery of barristers
bass A shoal, fleet of bass
bastards A shower of bastards
bats A colony, cloud, cauldron of bats
bayonets A grove of bayonets
beans A hill of beans
bears A maul, pack, sloth, or sleuth of bears
beasts A nobility of beasts
beauties A bevy, or harmony of beauties
beavers A colony, family, or lodge of beavers
bees A bike, bike cast, cluster, erst, drift, game, grist, hive, hum, rabble, stand, or swarm of bees
beggar A coster, guild, parliament of beggars
bells A peal, change, or carillon of bells
bills A wad of bills
birds A congregation, flock, fleet, parcel, pod, or roost of birds
birds, large group A colony of birds (roosting in large numbers)
birds, small A dissimulation of birds (small birds)
birds, in flight A drift, or flight of birds (in flight)
birds, migrating A rush of birds (migrating)
birds, aviary A volery of birds (in an aviary)
bishops A sea, bench, or psalter of bishops
bison A herd, gang of bison
bitterns A pretence, sedge or siege of bitterns
blackbirds A cloud, flock, grind, merl of blackbirds
blackfish A grind of blackfish
blankets A swelter of blankets
bloodhounds A sute of bloodhounds
blossoms A flourish of blossoms
boars A herd, or singular of boars
boars, wild A sounder of wild boars
bobolinks A chain of bobolinks (polygamous bird, Ricebird)
bomblets A cluster of bomblets
books A library, pile, compendium of books
boors A rood of boors
borg A collective, hive of borg
bowlers A keg of bowlers
bowls A nest of bowl's
boys A blush, leer, passel or rascal of boys
brats A passel of brats
bread A batch of bread
brush, wood A bavin of brush (wood)
bucks A brace, clash, herd of bucks
budgerigars A chatter, flock of budgerigars
buffalo A gang, herd, or obstinacy of buffalo
bullfinches A bellowing, lowing of bullfinches
bullocks A drove of bullocks
burritos A pace of burritos
business angels A bevy of business angels
bustards A flock, wake of bustards
butterflies A flight, flutter, kaleidoscope, rabble, swarm, or wing of butterflies
butterfly fish A school of butterfly fish
buzzards A wake, kettle, pack of buzzards
cadets A corps of cadets
camels A caravan, flock, herd, train of camels
(canal) lock A flight of locks
candidates A slate of candidates
candies A mint of candies
canons A dignity, chapter of canons
canyons A maze of canyons
capercaillies A tok of capercaillies (i.e. Old World grouse)
capons A mews, muse of capons
cardinals A conclave, or radiance of cardinals
cards A deck, pack, hand of cards
caribou A herd of caribou
carpenters A pound of carpenters
cars A fleet, mayhem, or stack of cars
cat houses A mews of cat houses
caterpillars An army of caterpillars
Catholics A mass of Catholics
cats A clowder, cluster, clutter, destruction, dout, dowt, glaring, kindle, litter, or pounce of cats
cats and dogs A rain of cats and dogs
cattle A drift, drove, kine, mob, herd, team of cattle
cattle, two A yoke of cattle
cavalry A troop of cavalry
cavalry A squadron of cavalry
cellists A parenthesis of cellists
censors A gaggle of censors
chairs A fold of chairs
chamois A herd of chamois
cheerleaders An array of cheerleaders
cheetahs A coalition of cheetahs
chess players A board, or brood of chess players
chickens A brood, chattering, cletch, clutch, flock, or peep of chickens
children An ingratitude of children
chimpanzees A troop, whoop, family, cartload of chimpanzees
chinchillas A colony, herd of chinchillas
choughs A chattering of choughs
churchgoers A congregation of churchgoers
churls A cluster of churls
circuits A bank of circuits
clams A bed of clams
claques A shriek of claques
clerks A school, rookery of clerks
clouds A soufflé of clouds
clowns A shudder, (an) alley, or pratfall of clowns
cobblers A cutting, drunken ship, drunkship, or load of cobblers
cobras A quiver of cobras
cocides A bed of cocides
cockatoos A chattering, clattering, cluttering, crackle, or family of cockatoos
cockles A bed of cockles
cockroaches An intrusion, or swarm of cockroaches
cock-turkeys A posse of cock-turkeys
cod A lap, school of cod
coins A roll, or roleau of coins
coloraturas A quaver of coloraturas
colts A rack, rag, or rake of colts
comedians A gaggle, or riot of comedians
communists A colhose of communists
computers A cluster of computers
computers, linked A network of computers (linked together)
condiments An accompaniment of condiments
conges A congerie of conges
conies A bury, or game of conies
convicts A gang of convicts
convicts A chain of convicts
cooks A temperance, hastiness of cooks
coots A commotion, cover, covert, fleet, flock, pod, raft, rasp, or swarm of coots
corgi A consort of corgi
cormorants A flight, gulp of cormorants
corn A sheaf, shock of corn (pile of stalks)
coughs A chattering of coughs
courtesans A harem of courtesans
cowboy mounts, extra A cavvy, or remuda of extra cowboy mounts
cowboys A saunter of cowboys
cows A drift, drove, flink, herd, kine, or mob of cows
coyotes A band, pack, rout, or run of coyotes
cranes A herd, sedge, siege, or flock of cranes
crickets An orchestra of crickets
crocodiles A bask, congregation, float, or nest of crocodiles
crows A cauldron, caucus, congress, cowardice, hover, murder, muster, parcel, or storytelling of crows
cubs A litter of cubs
curates A charge of curates
curlews A head, herd, salon, skein, or wedge of curlews
curs A cowardice of curs
cymbals A sign of cymbals
dachshunds A moxie of doxies
dancers, male A flight of dancers
dancers, female A float of dancers
dancers A gambol, or troupe of dancers
daubers A squat of daubers
deans A decanter, or decorum of deans
debtors A split of debtors
debutants A delirium of debutants
decorators A tantrum of decorators
deer, roe A bevy of roe deer
deer, two/three A brace (2), or leash (3) of deer
deer A bunch, herd, parcel, mob, or rangale of deer
dentists An amalgam, brace, or wince of dentists
dermatologists A rash of dermatologists
designers A set, or subtlety of designers
diagnosticians A guess of diagnosticians
dice A luck of dice
dictators A tyranny of dictators
dictionaries A meaning of dictionaries
dieters A pot of dieters
dilation A dilation of pupils
dinosaurs A herd, or pack of dinosaurs
directions A vane of directions
directors A gild, drove, or board of directors
barstaff A disappearance of barstaff
divorcees A desperation of divorcees
DIYers A bodge of DIYers
doctors A doctrine, or dose of doctors
documents A wealth, or dossier of documents
dodos An extinction of dodos
dogfish A troop of dogfish
dogs, two/three A brace (2), or leash (3) of dogs
dogs A kennel, or pack of dogs
dollars A fistful of dollars
dolphins A herd, flock, pod, school, or team of dolphins
dominoes A falling of dominoes
donkeys A herd, drove, or pace of donkeys
dons An obstruction of dons
doorkeepers A safeguard of doorkeepers
dotterel A trip of dotterel
doves A bevy, cote, dole, dule, exaltation, flight, piteousness, or prettying of doves
dowagers A bevy, or frost of dowagers
dragonet fish A swarm of dragonet fish
dragons A doom, flight, weyr, or wing of dragons
dray A dray of squirrels
drinks A round of drinks
drones, literary A swarm of literary drones
drongos A bunch of drongos
drugs A cocktail of drugs
drummers An asylum, fagot, or roll of drummers
drums A kettle of drums
drunks A load, or stone of drunks
ducks A brace, bunch, flush, flock, skein, sord, or string of ducks
ducks, on ground A badelynge of ducks (on the ground)
ducks, swimming A paddling of ducks (while swimming)
ducks, idle in water A raft of ducks (while idle in water)
ducks, flying A flight, plump, or team of ducks (while flying)
ducks, diving A dopping of ducks (diving)
dunbirds A rush, or flight of dunbirds
dung A pile of dung
dunlin A fling of dunlin
dwarves A shortage of dwarves
eagles An aerie, convocation, jubilee, soar, or spread of eagles
earth ware, broken A fragment of broken earth ware
ecdysiasts A strip of ecdysiasts (striptease artists)
economists A deficit or recession of economists
editors An erudition of editors
eels A fry or swarm of eels
eggs A clutch of eggs
egos A pumphouse of egos
eland A herd of eland
electors A college of electors
electricians A grid or ohm of electricians
elephants A herd, memory, or parade of elephants
elk A gang or herd of elk
Elvis impersonators A wiggle of Elvis impersonators
embarrassments A blush of embarrassments
emos An embarrassment of emos
emotions A wash of emotions
empiricists A tabula rasa of empiricists
employees A staff of employees
emus A mob of emus
engineers An awkward, design or geek of engineers
Englishmen A pound of Englishmen
epidemiologists A host of epidemiologists
Episcopalians A government of Episcopalians
equestrians A prance of equestrians
errands A hassle of errands
estimations A bout of estimations
experts A panel, discord of experts
exterminators A slew of exterminators
fairies A herd or fantasy of fairies
falcons, pair A cast of falcons
falcons A soar or tower of falcons
fans A thrill of fans
farts A gross of farts
Fence builders An encroachment of fence-builders
fencers A poke of fencers
ferrets A business, cast, or fesnyng of ferrets
finches A charm, chirm, company, trembling, or trimming of finches
fine print A pitfall of fine print
firewood A faggot of firewood
fish A catch, draught, drift, fray, haul, kettle, run, scale, school, or shoal of fish
fishermen A drift, exaggeration, grumble or sulk of fishermen
flamingos A flamboyance, flurry, regiment, skein, or stand of flamingos
flashers A phalanx or revelation of flashers
flautists A phalanx of flautists
flies A business, cloud, grist, hatch or swarm of flies
florists A bed, bouquet, bunch, garden, or patch of florists
flowers A bunch or bouquet of flowers
flying fish A glide of flying fish
footballers A coach of footballers
footsteps A patter of footsteps
foresters A stalk, coop of foresters
fowl A plump, trip, or skein (in flight) of fowl
foxes An earth, lead, skulk, or troop of foxes
foxes, three A leash (3) of foxes
freezers A glacier of freezers
Frenchmen A peck of Frenchmen
freshmen A clump, plentitude of freshman
friars A scull, skulk of friars
frogs A knot, froggery of frogs
frogs An army, colony of frogs
front end loaders A heap of front-end loaders
fungi A colony of fungi
fur seals A harem of seals (belonging to one male)
furniture A suite of furniture
gamblers A talent of gamblers
gangsters A knuckle of gangsters
gardeners A sprinkling of gardeners
gays A village of gays
gears A rack of gears
geese A flock, gaggle, trip, team of geese
geese A gaggle of geese (wild or domesticated) (on water)
geese A nide of geese
geese A skein of geese (in flight)
geese, flying A wedge of geese (flying in a "V")
geldings A clipping, brace of geldings
generals A glitter of generals
geneticists A helix of geneticists
geologists A conglomerate of geologists
geologists A formation of geologists
geometrists A plane of geometrists
gerbils A horde of gerbils
Germans A gross of Germans
ghosts A fraid of ghosts
ghosts A fright of ghosts
giraffes A corps of giraffe
giraffes A herd of giraffes
giraffes A stretch of giraffes
giraffes A totter of giraffes
giraffes A tower of giraffes
giraffes A journey of giraffes
girls A giggle of girls
girls, tanked sorority A bevy of tanked sorority girls
gluttons A slaver of gluttons
gnats A cloud of gnats
gnats A clout of gnats
gnats A horde of gnats
gnats A horde, swarm of gnats
gnus An implausibility, herd of gnus
goats A drove of goats
goats A flock, herd of goats
goats A tribe of goats
goats A trip of goats
gods A pantheon of gods
goldfinch A vein of goldfinch
goldfinches A drum, charm, glister, chattering, troubling of goldfinches
goldfish A glint, troubling[1] of goldfish
golf balls A flight of golf balls
golfers A lie of golfers
golfers A tedium of golfers
goons A plunder of goons
goosanders A dopping of goosanders
gorillas A band of gorillas
gorillas A woop of gorillas
goshawks A flight of goshawks
goslings A shoal, skein of goslings
gossip columnists A slither of gossip columnists
gossips A dish of gossips
gourmands A delicatessen of gourmands
gourmets A delicatessen of gourmets
governesses A galaxy of governesses
graduate students A fortitude of graduate students
graduates An unemployment of graduates
grammarians A conjunction of grammarians
grandparents A nag of grandparents
grandparents A wisdom of grandparents
grapes A bunch, cluster of (sour) grapes
grasses A fistful of grasses
grasshoppers A cloud of grasshoppers
grasshoppers A cluster of grasshoppers
grasshoppers A swarm of grasshoppers
greyhounds A gallop, leash of greyhounds
griffins A pryde of griffins
grits A mess of grits
groupies A grope of groupies
grouse A brace (2) of grouse
grouse A brood of grouse (large group)
grouse A covey of grouse (single family)
grouse A drumming of grouse (derivation: their mating call, generated with the wings)
grouse A lek of grouse
grouse A pack, flight of grouse
guillemots A bazaar of guillemots
guinea pigs A group of guinea pigs
gulls A colony, pack of gulls
gulls A screech of gulls
gunships A hailstorm of gunships
gurus A profit of gurus
gym instructors A set of gym instructors
gymnasts A tumbler of gymnasts
gynaecologists A smear of gynaecologists
gypsies A store of gypsies
hackers A cruft of hackers
hair A tuz, lock, wig of hair
hairdressers A set, swish of hairdressers
hammers A morning of hammers
hamsters A horde of hamsters
hand tools A grip of hand tools
hares A down of hares
hares A husk, huske of hares
hares A leap of hares
hares A leash (3) of hares
hares A trace, flick, herd, kindle of hares
hares A trip, drove, warren of hares
haries A swarm of haries
harlots A herd of harlots
harpers A melody of harpers
harps A twangle of harps
hartebeest A herd of hartebeest
harts A herd of harts
haute bourgeoisie An ennui of haute bourgeoisie
hawks A boil, schizophrenia, mews, aerie, moulting, screw, stream of hawks
hawks A cast of hawks (a pair released after game)
hawks A kettle of hawks (riding a thermal)
hawks A leash (3) of hawks
hawks An aerie, moulting, screw, stream of hawks
hedgehogs A prickle, array of hedgehogs
hedonists A debauchery of Hedonists
heirs An expectation of heirs
helicopters A hover of helicopters
helpers A hamper of helpers
hens A brood of hens
herdsmen A waywardness of herdsmen
hermits An observance of hermits
herons A hedge, siege, sedge, sege, station, rookery, flight, colony of herons
herrings A glean, shoal, army of herrings
hills An undulation of hills
hinds A parcel of hinds
hippies A trip of hippies
hippopotami A crash, pod, school, thunder of hippopotami
hippopotami A herd, bloat of hippopotami
hippos A huddle of hippos
hit men, retired A slew of retired hit men
hitmen A magnum of hitmen
hobos A bindle of hobos, A flagon of hobos
hogs A drift, drove of hogs
hogs A parcel of hogs
hogs A passel of hogs
homework A slew of homework
homosexuals An ensemble of homosexuals
hoodlums A gang of hoodlums
hornets A bike, nest, swarm of hornets
horsemen A cavalcade of horsemen
horseplayers A parlay of horseplayers
horses A harras of horses (breeding)
horses A herd, troop, string, drove of horses
horses A pair of horses
horses A remuda of horses (in a large group, as a herd)
horses A span (team of 2) of horses
horses A stable of horses
horses A stud of horses
horses A team of horses
hostlers A laughter of hostlers
hounds A brace (2), leash (3) of hounds
hounds A cry of hounds
hounds A hunt, meet of hounds
hounds A kennel of hounds
hounds A mute of hounds
hounds A pack of hounds
hounds A stable of hounds
hounds A sute of hounds
housekeepers A foresight of housekeepers
houses A huddle of houses
humming birds A hover of hummingbirds
hummingbirds A charm, shimmer, glittering, bouquet, chattering, drum, troubling of hummingbirds
hunters A blast of hunters
husbands A multiply of husbands
husbands An unhappiness of husbands
hybrids A vigour of hybrids
hyenas A cackle of hyenas
hyenas A clan of hyenas
ibex A herd of ibex
ibises A colony of ibises
icebergs A crush of icebergs
icebergs A drift of icebergs
ichthyologists A scale of ichthyologists
icons A shield of icons
idiots A thicket of idiots
iguanas A mess of iguanas
impalas A couple of impalas
impediments A vagary of impediments
impressionists A blur of impressionists
infantry A crèche of infantry
information A wealth of information
ingénues A spate of ingénues
in-laws An imposition of in-laws
insects A flight, cloud of insects
insects A swarm, plague, horde, rabble of insects
instruments, musical A parley of musical instruments
intellects A pretension of intellects
interpreters A tongue lashing of interpreters
Irishmen A pint of Irishmen
islands A chain of islands
islands An archipelago of islands
Italians An explosion of Italians
jackdaws A train, pair, band of jackdaws
jackrabbits A husk of jackrabbits
jays A band of jays
jays A cast of jays
jays A party of jays
jays A scold of jays
jellyfish A fluther of jellyfish
jellyfish A smack of jellyfish
jellyfish A smuth, smuck of jellyfish
jellyfish A studk, stuck of jellyfish
jewellers A ring of jewellers
jewels A cache of jewels
Jews A minyan of Jews (the quorum for a congregation)
jigsaw puzzlers An assemblage of jigsaw puzzlers
jockeys A race of jockeys
joggers A wheeze of joggers
journalists A scoop, slant of journalists
judges A bench, sentence, bevy of judges
jugglers A neverthriving of jugglers
juniors A gratitude of juniors
kangaroo A flock, troop of kangaroo
kangaroos A court of kangaroos (see note)
kangaroos A mob of kangaroos
kangaroos A troop of kangaroos
keglers A bowl of keglers
kestrels A flight, soar of kestrels
keys A ring of keys (linked physically)
kids A caper of kids
kingfishers A concentration, realm, rattle, clique of kingfishers
kites (birds) A kettle, soar, roost of kites
kittens A kindle of kittens
kittens (cats) A litter of kittens (cats)
kittens (rabbits) A wrack of kittens (rabbits)
kleptomaniacs A clutch of kleptomaniacs
knaves A riff raff of knaves
knights A banner of knights
knights A route of knights
knots A medusa, cluster of knots
ladies A bevy of ladies
lambs A fall of lambs
lambs A rack of lambs
lamentations A moan of lamentations
lapwings A deceit, desert of lapwings
larks A bevy, flight, happiness, springful of larks
larks An ascension of larks
larks An exaltation, exalting of larks
lavatories A flush of lavatories
laws, bad A strangle of bad laws
lawyers A disputation of lawyers
lawyers A greed of lawyers
lawyers A huddle of lawyers
lawyers A quarrel of lawyers
lawyers An eloquence of lawyers
lawyers An escheat of lawyers
leaves An autumn of leaves
lecturers A drift of lecturers
leopards A leap, lepe of leopards
lepers A colony of lepers
lesbians A tough of lesbians
leverets A kindle of leverets
liberals A pink of liberals
librarians A catalogue of librarians
librarians A stack, shush of librarians
lice A colony, infestation, flock of lice
lines A pencil of lines (proper contemporary group term in mathematics)
linguists A babble of linguists
linnets A parcel of linnets
lions A pride of lions
lions A sault of lions
lions A sowse, troop, flock of lions
lispers A plethora of lispers
listeners A fascination, audience of listeners
lizards A lounge of lizards
llamas A herd of llamas
loafers A multiplication of loafers
locals A plague of locals
locusts A plague, cloud, swarm of locusts
logicians A sequitur of logicians
lollies A packet of lollies
loopholes A ho ho of loopholes
lorries A fleet, convoy of lorries
lovebirds A pair, orgy of lovebirds
lovers A trance of lovers
luddites A smashing of luddites
luminaries An array of luminaries
lutists A litany of lutists
lynx A chain of lynx
machine guns A nest of machine guns
mackerel A shoal of mackerel
magicians An illusion of magicians
magistrates A bench of magistrates
magpies A congregation, charm, flock, gulp, murder, tiding, tittering, tribe of magpies
maidens A rage of maidens
mallards A lute, battling of mallards
mallards A puddling of mallards (on water)
mallards A sord, sute, flush of mallards (Old French sordre = rise up in flight)
managers An asylum of managers
maps An atlas of maps
marching bands A Sousa of marching bands
mares A stud of mares
mares, brood An overbearance of brood mares
marines A muscle of marines
martens A richness, richesse of martens
masseurs A pummel of masseurs
masters An example of masters
matadors A pavanne of matadors
mathematicians A number of mathematicians
mathematicians A set of mathematicians
mathematicians An addition of mathematicians
matrons A riches of matrons
meanderings A confusion of meanderings
meatheads A density of meatheads
mechanics A clutch, torque of mechanics
mediators A compromise, caucus of mediators
men A band of (merry) men
men A host of men
merchants A faith of merchants
messengers A diligence of messengers
metallurgists An amalgamation of metallurgists
meteorologists A shower of meteorologists
mice A nest, horde, mischief, click, trip of mice
microbiologists A colony of microbiologists
midges A bite of midges
midwives An expectation of midwives
minks A richness of minks
minnows A shoal, steam, stream, swarm of minnows
misers A horde of misers
mites A mite of mites
mockingbirds An impression, plagiary, exactness, echo, precision, ridicule of mockingbirds
models A slouch of models
moles A company of moles
moles A labour of moles
moles A movement, arbour of moles
money A wad, rouleau, cache of money
mongooses A band, pack of mongooses
mongrels A ménage of mongrels
monitors A bank of monitors
monkeys A barrel of monkeys
monkeys A machination, wilderness of monkeys
monkeys A mission of monkeys
monkeys A tribe of monkeys
monkeys A troop, troupe, cartload of monkeys
monks An abomination of monks (see note)
moorhens A plump of moorhens
moose A herd of moose
Mormons A book of Mormons
morning glories A dawn of morning glories
morticians A slab of morticians
mosquitoes A scourge, swarm of mosquitoes
mothers A consternation of mothers
mothers-in-law A mutter of mothers-in-law
motorcyclist A clutch of motorcyclists
mountains A range of mountains
mourners A cortege of mourners
mourners A pathos of mourners
moving men A truculence of moving men
mudhen A fleet of mudhen
mules A barren of mules
mules A pack, rake, string of mules
mules A span (team of 2) mules
munchkins A phalanx, throng of munchkins
mushrooms A troop, sproutness of mushrooms
musicians A band of musicians
musicians An orchestra of musicians
mussels A bed of mussels
mythological creatures A bestiary of mythological creatures
narcissists A mug of narcissists
narcissists A reflection of narcissists
natives A tribe of natives
Nazis A jungle of Nazis
neighbours An annoyance, nerve of neighbours
newsboys A scream of newsboys
newscasters A veneer of newscasters
niccolos A nonsense of niccolos
nieces A squeal of nieces
night students A pallor of night students
nightingales A watch, match, pray, kettle of nightingales
nightwatchmen A pallor of nightwatchmen
Northerners A freeze of Northerners
nouns A collective of nouns
nouns A propriety of nouns
nuns A murmur of nuns (as of their sound)
nuns A prey, flap, convent of nuns
nuns A superfluity of nuns
nymphomaniacs A spread of nymphomaniacs
oarsmen A row of oarsmen
objectivists A Rand of Objectivists
objects A collection of objects
office boys An ogle of office boys
officers A mess, execution of officers
old guard A slumber of old guard
onlookers A crowd of onlookers
on-lookers A fascination of on-lookers
optometrists A vision of optometrists
orangutans A buffoonery of orangutans
orchids A coterie of orchids
orgiasts A concatenation of orgiasts
orphans An abandonment of orphans
orthodontists A brace of orthodontists
orthopaedists A cast, brace of orthopaedists
osteopaths A joint of osteopaths
ostriches A wobble, pride, flock of ostriches
otologists A herd of otologists (a physician who specializes in the study of the anatomy and diseases of the ear)
otters A romp, family, raft, bevy, ramp of otters
over achievers A leap of over achievers
ovoids A metamorphosis of ovoids
owls A parliament of owls
owls A stare of owls
owls A wisdom, sagaciousness of owls
oxbirds A fling of oxbirds
oxen A span, meinie of oxen
oxen A team, drove, herd of oxen
oxen A yoke (2) of oxen
oysters A bed, hive of oysters
oysters, young A set of young oysters
Pacificans A troop of Pacificans
padres A host of padres
painters An illusion, madder, curse, misbelieving of painters
paisleys A swirl of paisleys
palindrome A tenet of palindromes
palm readers A handful of palm readers
paparazzi A flash of paparazzi
paper A pad of (sheets of) paper
paper A ream of paper (see note)
paratroops A storm of paratroops
pardoners A lying of pardoners
parents A persistence of parents
parents An embarrassment of parents(for use by teenagers)
parishioners A kneeling of parishioners
parking attendants A lot of parking attendants
parrots A company, flock of parrots
parrots A pandemonium of parrots
parrots A prattle, psittacosis of parrots
parrs A glut of parrs
particulars A bill of particulars
partridges A covey, bevy, cover, brace of partridges
partridges A warren, clutch of partridges
pathologists A body of pathologists
patients A virtue of patients
Patrick A bungle of Patricks
peacocks A muster of peacocks
peacocks A pride, pulchritude of peacocks
peacocks An ostentation of peacocks
pearls A rope, string of pearls
peas A pod of peas
pedants A parliament of pedants
peddlers A malapertness (= impertinence) of peddlers
pekinese A pomp of pekinese
pelicans A brief, rookery, scoop, colony, raft, squadron, pod
penguins A colony, rookery of penguins
penguins A crèche of penguins
penguins A formality of penguins
penguins A huddle of penguins
penguins A parade, waddle (on dry land) of penguins
penguins A parcel of penguins
penguins A rookery of penguins
Pentecostals A glossolalia of Pentecostals
people A congregation, crowd of people
perch A pack of perch
percussionist A meter of percussionists
peregrines A cadge of peregrines
performers A troupe of performers
phantoms A phantasmagoria of phantoms
pharmacists A mixture of pharmacists
pheasants A bouquet of pheasants (when flushed)
pheasants A covey of pheasants (while on the ground)
pheasants A covey, nest of pheasants
pheasants A head, warren of pheasants
pheasants A nye, nide of pheasants (while on the ground)
philatelists A stampede of philatelists
philosophers A ponder, confusion of philosophers
philosophers A wrangle of philosophers
photographers A clique of photographers
photographers A snap of photographers
photons An enlightenment of photons
physicians A college of physicians
physicists A nucleus of physicists
pianists A pound of pianists
pigeons A dropping of pigeons
pigeons A kit, flight of pigeons (flying together)
pigeons A loft, flock of pigeons
piglets A farrow ,passel of piglets
piglets A litter, farrow of piglets
pigs A drove of pigs
pigs A fleet of pigs
pigs A herd of pigs
pigs A litter of pigs
pigs A sounder of pigs
pilchards A shoal, school of pilchards
pill-poppers A gaggle of pill poppers
pilots A yoke of pilots
pintail A knob of pintail
pipers A poverty of pipers
pipers A skirl of pipers
pistols A brace of pistols
planes A stack of planes
planets A quincunx of planets
plankton A cloud of plankton
plans A breakdown of plans
players A cry of players
players A huddle, retinue of players
playingcards A pack, deck of playingcards
playwrights A plot of playwrights
pleasure A glut of pleasure
pleasures A guilt of pleasures
plovers A congregation of plovers
plovers A stand, band, leash of plovers
plovers A wing, flight of plovers
plumbers A flood of plumbers
plumbers A flush of plumbers
pochard A rush, flight, knob (small number) of pochard
poems An anthology of poems
poets A rhyme of poets
poets An iamb of poets
poets An obscurity of poets
poker players A stud of poker players
polar bears An aurora, pack of polar bears
polecats A chine of polecats
politicians A lie of politicians
politicians An equivocation of politicians
politicians An odium of politicians
politicians An windsock or windbag of politicians
ponies A string of ponies
poodles A salon of Poodles
porcupine fish A cluster of porcupine fish
porcupines A prickle of porcupines
porpoises A herd, pod, school, gam of porpoises
porpoises A turmoil of porpoises
porters A grip of porters
porters A safeguard of porters
portfolio managers A stock of portfolio managers
posers A posse of posers
possum A passel of possum
posties A parcel of posties
potato chips A salt substrate of potato chips
pottage A mess of pottage
poultry A run of poultry
prairie dogs A coterie, town of prairie dogs
preachers A converting of preachers
preachers A pontification of preachers
prelates A pontifica of prelates
prelates A pontificality of prelates
premises A breach of premises
Presbyterians A membership of Presbyterians
Press Officers An Alancrockford of Press Officers
pretzels A salt substrate of pretzels
priests A discretion of priests
priests A lechery of priests
priests A mass of priests
priests A superfluity of priests
prima donnas A spite of prima donnas
princes A state of princes
prisoners A pity of prisoners
proctologists A buttload, pile of proctologists
professors A pomposity of professors
professors emeriti An ex cathedra of professors emeriti
professors, assistant A clamber of assistant professors
professors, associate A tenure of associate professors
professors, full An entrenchment of professors
programmers An archive of programmers
programmers, Microsoft computer An asylum, bloat of Microsoft computer programmers
proofreaders A squint of proofreaders
prose An anthology of prose
prostitutes A stable of prostitutes
prostitutes A whored of prostitutes
prostitutes An anthology of pros (prostitutes) (see note), A firm of solicitors, A jam of tarts, A flourish of strumpets
psychoanalysts A complex of psychoanalysts
psychologists A complex of psychologists
ptarmigans A covey of ptarmigans
public speakers A twaddle of public speakers
puddles A splash of puddles
puffins A raft, improbability, circus, loomery of puffins
pugilists A box of pugilists
pugs A grumble of Pugs
puns A groan of puns
pupils A dilation of pupils
puppies A litter of puppies
puppies A piddle of puppies
pyromaniacs A blaze of pyromaniacs
pyromaniacs A conflagration of pyromaniacs
quail A bevy, flush, knob, rout, shake of quail
quail A covey of quail
quail A drift of quail
Quakers A meeting of Quakers
queers A camp of queers
quilts A hotbed of quilts
rabbits A bury, berry, colony, drove, herd, leash, nest, trace, trip, warren, wrack of rabbits
raccoons A mask, gaze, nursery of raccoons
racehorses A field, meet, string of racehorses
radio announcers A herd of radio announcers
radiologists A series of radiologists
railroad schedules A tragedy of railroad schedules
rainbow fish A party of rainbow fish
rats A colony, mischief of rats
rats A pack of rats
rats A rabble of rats
rats A swarm, horde, plegue of rats
rattle snakes A rhumba of rattle snakes
ravens A conspiracy, storytelling, tower, aerie, parliament of ravens
ravens A constable of ravens
ravens An unkindness of ravens
ravers A scatter of ravers
realtors A lot of realtors
reasons A rainbow of reasons
rebuttals A quiver of rebuttals
redwing A crowd of redwing
reeds A clump of reeds
refugees A flight of refugees
relatives A descent of relatives
relatives A gossip of relatives
renters A knot of renters
repairmen An overcharge of repairmen
reporters A scoop of reporters
reviewers A pan of reviewers
rhinoceroses A crash, herd, stubbornness of rhinoceroses
ribs A rack of ribs
riches An embarrassment of riches
rioters A melee of rioters
roach A shoal of roach
road ragers A stack of road ragers
robbers A band of robbers
robins A worm of robins
roe deer A bevy of roe deer
roebucks A bevy of roebucks
roes A bevy of roes
rooks A building, congregation, shoal, wing of rooks
rooks A clamour, storytelling of rooks
rooks A parliament of rooks
ruffs A hill of ruffs
sailors A crew of sailors
sailors A deck of sailors
saints A calendar of saints
salesmen A sample of salesmen
salmon A bind, school, shoal, draught of salmon
salmon A run, leap of salmon
salt A lot of salt
saltines A salt substrate of saltines
sandpipers A fling of sandpipers
sardines A family of sardines
satellites A constellation of satellites
scholars A brow of scholars
schoolboys A rout of schoolboys
schoolies A chalk of schoolies
Scots A disworship, clan of Scots
Scots A fifth of Scots
scouts A woggle of scouts
sea fowl A cloud of sea fowl
seagulls A flock, flotilla, screech, squabble, scavenging of seagulls
seahorses A herd of seahorses
seals A plum, herd, team of seals
seals A pod, bob, colony, crash, harem, plump of seals
seals A rockery, rookery of seals
seals A spring of seals
seamstresses A scolding of seamstresses
second thoughts A clutch of second thoughts
seismologists A quake of seismologists
senators A compromise of senators
senators A house of senators
senators A pomposity of senators
seniors An attitude of seniors
sergeants at law A subtlety of sergeants at law
sermons A squash of sermons
servants An obeisance of servants
shad A shoal of shad
sharks A shiver, school, shoal of sharks
sheep A flock, mob, herd, drift, drove, fold, wing of sheep
sheep A trip, hurtle, down, meinie, parcel of sheep
sheets (paper) A pad of sheets
sheldrakes A doading, dopping of sheldrakes
shells (sea) A midden of shells
shells, artillery A broadside of (artillery) shells (on water)
shells, artillery A salvo of [artillery] shells
shepherds A Sodom of shepherds
sheriffs A posse of sheriffs
ships A fleet of ships
ships A flotilla of ships
ships An armada of ships
shoelaces A knot of shoelaces
shoemakers A blackening of shoemakers
shoes A scandal, pair of shoes
shoppers A crush of shoppers
show dogs A bench of show dogs
shrimps A troup of shrimps
silk screens A pull of silk-screens
silks (QCs) A purse of silks
silver foxes A richness of silver foxes
similes A superfluity of similes
singers A choir, harmony of singers
Sirens A wail of sirens
skunks A stench, surfeit of skunks
slaves A coffle of (chained) slaves
slugs A cornucopia of slugs
smelt A quantity of smelt
smokers A billow, hack of smokers
snails A rout, escargatoire, walk of snails
snakes A bed, knot, trogle of snakes
snakes A den of snakes
snakes A nest of snakes
snakes A pit of snakes
snakes A slither of snakes
snipe A walk of snipe (at rest)
snipe A wisp, leash, volley, whisper of snipe
software A crash of software
soldiers A boast of soldiers
soldiers A company of soldiers
soldiers A division of soldiers
soldiers A muster of soldiers
soldiers A platoon, troop of soldiers
soldiers A squad of soldiers
soldiers An army, brigade of soldiers
sophomores A platitude of sophomores
sopranos A sweetness of sopranos
source code A bottle of source code
sparrows A host, tribe of sparrows
sparrows A meinie of sparrows
sparrows A quarrel of sparrows
sparrows A ubiquity of sparrows
spatulas A beautification of spatulas
speed cameras A tyranny of speed cameras
sphincters A clench of sphincters
spiders A cluster of spiders
spiders A clutter of spiders
spies A treachery of spies
sponsors A splurge of sponsors
squirrels A dray of squirrels (a nest)
squirrels A scurry, colony of squirrels
stage hands A brace of stage hands
stage mothers A pride of stage mothers
stairs A flight of stairs
stalkers A following of stalkers
starlets A cupful of starlets
starlets A galaxy of starlets
starlets A wiggle of starlets
starlings A clutter, chattering, constellation, filth, flight, vulgarity, cloud, congregation of starlings
starlings A murmuration of starlings
stars A constellation of stars
stars A galaxy of stars
stars A wonder of stars
statesmen A disagreement of statesmen
statisticians A number of statisticians
sticklebacks A shoal, spread of sticklebacks
sticks A fagot of sticks
stoats A pack, trip of stoats
stockbrokers A portfolio of stockbrokers
storks A muster of storks
storks A mustering of storks
storks A phalanx of storks
storks A silence, swoop, flight of storks
straphangers A puree of straphangers
strumpets A fanfare of strumpets
students A class of students
students A failing of students
students A flunk of students
sub-atomic particles A minuscule of sub-atomic particles
submarines A pack of submarines
submarines A wolfpack of submarines
suburbanites A transplant of suburbanites
suitcases A pack of suitcases
suitors A bleach of suitors (another name for cobblers)
suitors A swarm of suitors
summoners An untruth of summoners
surfers A wave of surfers
surfers A whale of surfers
surgeons An incision of surgeons
surprises A boo of surprises
surveyors A chain of surveyors
suspects A fidget of suspects
swallows A flight of swallows
swallows A gulp, kettle, swoop, richness of swallows
swans A ballet, team, whiting, squadron of swans
swans A bank, herd, sounder, drift, lamentation of swans
swans A game, herd, bevy of swans
swans A regatta of swans (on water)
swans A whiteness of swans
swans An eyrar of swans
swans, flying A wedge of swans (flying in a "V")
swedish A bork of swedish
swifts A flock, drift of swifts
swimmers A raft of swimmers
swimmers, long distance A league of long distance swimmers
swine A drift of swine (wild)
swine A drove of swine
swine A herd of swine
swine A sounder of swine (tame)
swine A trip of swine (tame)
swingers A bed of swingers
Swiss A watch of Swiss
swordfish A flotilla of swordfish
sycophants A gush of sycophants
sycophants A swarm of sycophants
tailors A disguising of tailors
tailors A proud showing of tailors
tanks A clank of tanks
tanks A clatter of tanks
tapirs A candle of tapirs
tapsters A promise of tapsters
TARDISes A manor of TARDISes
tarts A jam of tarts
tasks An agenda of tasks
taverners A cajolery of taverners
taverners A glazing (= fawning) of taverners
taxis A charge of taxis
teachers A quiz of teachers
teal A diving of teal
teal A spring, string, raft, knob, bunch, coil of teal
teddy bears A hug of teddy bears
teenagers A grunt of teenagers
teenagers An attitude of teenagers
tennis games A set of tennis games
termites A colony, swarm of termites
terriers A terror of terriers
testicles A clutch of testicles
tests A battery of tests
Texans A mob of Texans
theoretical physicists A field of theoretical physicists
thieves A den, skulk of thieves
things A bunch, cluster of things
threshers A thrave of threshers
thrushes A mutation of thrushes
tigers A hide of tigers
tigers A streak of tigers
tigers An ambush of tigers
tinkers A wandering of tinkers
toadies A pander of toadies
toads A knot of toads (derivation: appearance)
toads A lump, nest, knob of toads
todays A twinkling of todays
tomorrows A promise of tomorrows
tongues A convention of tongues
tongues A jagger of tongues
tortoises A creep of tortoises
toucans A durante of toucans
tourists A flock, glaze of tourists
toys An assembly of toys
trainers, personal A torment of trainers
trains A postponement, cancellation of trains
tranquilizers An equanimity of tranquilizers
transvestites A camp, travesty of transvestites
trash A heap of trash
tree surgeons A graft of tree surgeons
trees A clump, forest, coupe of trees
trees A grove of trees
trees A stand of trees
trees A thicket of trees
trees A stillness of trees
tricksters A tangle of tricksters
troops A parel of troops
troubles A shitload of troubles
trout A hover, shoal of trout
trucks A convoy of trucks
trumpets A flourish of trumpets
trustees A board of trustees
truths A pithy of truths
tubas A tumult of tubas
tuna A float, troup of tuna
turds A steam of turds
turkeys A brood of turkeys (immature)
turkeys A death-row of turkeys
turkeys A flock, dole, dule, gang, posse of turkeys
turkeys A raffle of turkeys
turkeys A rafter, raft of turkeys
turtledoves A pitying, dule, peerage of turtledoves
turtles A bale of turtles
turtles A dule of turtles
turtles A turn of turtles
twitches An embarrassment of twitches
two-up players A stoop of two-up players
umbrellas A phalanx of umbrellas
under achievers A drowse of under achievers
undertakers An unction (or extreme unction) of undertakers
unicorns A blessing, glory, or marvel of unicorns
urologists A void of urologists
used car salesmen A great deal of used car salesmen
ushers A set of ushers
vacationers A peel of vacationers
vases, broken A mingling of broken vases
vegetarians A sprig of vegetarians
vellum A cutch of vellum
vendors A haggle of vendors
vicaries (vicars) A prudence of vicaries (vicars)
violinists A string of violinists
vipers A nest, generation of vipers
voles A colony of voles
voters A constituency of voters
voters A desperation of voters
vultures A wake, nest, colony, looming, meal, venue, vortex of vultures
wagers A book of wagers
waiters An absence of waiters
waiters An indifference of waiters
waiters An order of waiters, absence of waiters
walkers An amble of walkers
wallabies A mob of wallabies
walruses A herd, pod, huddle of walruses
walruses An ugly of walruses
wankers A palm of wankers
wardrobe ladies A measure of wardrobe ladies
warlocks An incantation of warlocks
wasps A nest, destruction, bike, colony of wasps
wasps A pail of wasps
waterfowl A bunch of waterfowl
waterfowl A knob of waterfowl (less than 30)
waterfowl A plump of waterfowl
waterfowl A raft of waterfowl (on water)
weasels A sneak of weasels (derivation: behaviour)
weasels A sneak, pack, gang of weasels
webmasters A linkage of webmasters
webmasters A net of webmasters
webpages A charlotte of webpages
weed A stash of weed (when hidden)
Weight Watchers A wailing of Weight Watchers
whales A gam, plump of whales
whales A grind of whales (bottle-nosed)
whales A herd, mob of whales
whales A pod of whales
whales A school, float, shoal, run, troupe of whales
whales. bottle-nosed A grind of whales
wheat A sheaf of wheat (stalks) of grain tied together)
whiting A pod of whiting
whores A parliament of whores (also congress)
widgeon A coil, company, trip, flight, bunch, knob of widgeon
widgeon A raft of widgeon (wild duck)
widows An ambush of widows
wikipedians A page of wikipedians
wildcats A destruction, dout of wild cats
wildebeest A herd of wildebeest
wildfowl A know (less than 30) of wildfowl
wildfowl A plump, bunch, trip, knob, lute, scry, skein, sord of wildfowl
willows A bend of willows
windmills A tilt of windmills
wine tasters A bouquet of wine tasters
wing-commanders A flush of wing commanders (aka "WCs")
winners A shout of winners
winnings A purse of winnings
winter fishermen A chill of winter fishermen
witches A coven of witches
witches An incantation of witches
wives An impatience of wives
wolves A herd of wolves
wolves A pack of wolves
wolves A route of wolves
wombats A warren, mob of wombats
women A gaggle of women
women, leering A clutch of leering women
woodcocks A fall, covey, plump, flight of woodcocks
woodpeckers A descent, descension of woodpeckers
woodpeckers A gatling of woodpeckers
woodwinds A cord of woodwinds
words A babel of words
worms A clew of worms
worms A wriggle of worms
worshipers A congregation of worshipers
wrens A herd, flock of wrens
wrestlers A clutch, crunch of wrestlers
writers A worship of writers
yaks A herd of yaks
yeomen A fellowship of yeomen
yes men A concert of yes men
yesterdays A flight of yesterdays
yesterdays A yearning of yesterdays
yolks A burden of yolks
young oysters A set of young oysters
youths An optimism of youths
zebra A herd, cohort, stripe of zebra

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