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z {letter} :: letter
Z {letter} :: The twenty-sixth and last letter of the Dutch alphabet
Z {abbr} :: abbreviation of zuid; south
zaad {n} :: seed
zaad {n} :: sperm
zaadbal {m} :: testicle
zaadhuid {f} {m} :: tegument, seed coat (that which surrounds the endosperm)
zaadkapsel {n} :: spermatophore (spermatozoon capsule)
zaadleider {m} :: vas deferens
zaadlob {f} {m} [plant] :: a cotyledon
zaadlozing {f} :: ejaculation
zaadmantel {m} :: aril
zaadplant {c} [plant] :: spermatophyte
zaag {f} :: saw
zaag {f} :: nagger
zaagbok {m} :: sawbuck, sawhorse, buck
zaagdak {n} :: saw-tooth roof
zaagtanddak {n} :: saw-tooth roof
zaagtandgolf {f} [engineering, musical instruments] :: sawtooth wave
zaagwesp {f} :: sawfly, hymenopteran of the suborder Symphyta
zaaien {vt} :: to sow, plant seed
zaaien {vt} [figuratively] :: to start, set in motion
zaaier {m} :: sower
zaailing {m} :: seedling
zaak {f} :: shop, small store, business
zaak {f} [legal] :: case, suit
zaak {f} :: general term with which one indicates a thing or a concept that is not a person: thing
zaak {f} :: matter, affair, business
zaakwaarnemer {m} :: trustee, fiduciary, agent
zaal {f} :: room, hall
zaal {f} [historical] :: Germanic single-room home
zaalhulp {m} :: medical orderly, auxiliary nursing staff
-zaam {suffix} :: Used to form adjectives/adverbs of base adjective's quality; compare English -some
zaan {adv} [dialectal] :: soon
zaan {noun} [West Flanders] :: cream
Zaan {prop} {c} :: Zaan (river)
zabben {vi} [northern, eastern] :: to suck
zabben {vi} [obsolete] :: to French kiss
zacht {adj} :: soft
zacht {adj} :: gentle
zacht {adj} [weather] :: mild
zachtaardig {adj} :: gentle, good-natured
zachtaardig {adv} :: gently
zachte g {f} [phonology] :: The phoneme /ɣ/ pronounced with a more palatal articulation. This pronunciation is characteristic of the southern Dutch-speaking areas: Noord-Brabant, Limburg, and Belgium
zachte gee {f} :: alternative spelling of zachte g
zachtjes {adv} :: diminutive of zacht; softly, gently, quietly
zachtkens {adv} :: alternative form of zachtjes
zachtmoedig {adj} :: mild
zacht teken {n} :: soft sign (Ь/ь)
zachtzinnig {adj} :: gentle, softhearted
zadel {n} {m} :: saddle (seat on a horse or a bicycle)
zadel {n} {m} :: saddle (ridge between two hills)
zadelbuis {f} :: The tube on a bicycle frame wherein the seat post is mounted
zadeldak {n} :: gable roof
zadelen {vt} :: To (put a) saddle (on ...)
zadelkleed {n} :: saddlecloth
zadelpen {f} :: seat post, saddle pin
zadelpijn {f} :: Pain or ache in the buttocks and thighs due to prolonged use of a rigid or wrongly shaped or positioned saddle, especially on bicycles
zadelsprinkhaan {m} :: saddle-backed bush cricket, Ephippiger ephippiger
zagen {v} :: to saw
zagen {v} [Brabantian] :: to nag, to speak in an annoying tone, to repeat oneself
zak {m} :: a container made of textile, leather or paper such as bag, sack, sachet and pouch
zak {m} :: a pocket
zak {m} [slang] :: a scrotum
zak {m} [slang, offensive, vulgar] :: A contraction of such insults for males as klootzak or rotzak, referring to the scrotum, roughly equivalent to "asshole"
zak {m} [slang, offensive, vulgar, obsolete] :: whore, cunt
zak {m} :: The action of descending; a descent
zak {m} :: A physical depression; flattened area
zak {m} :: A female gown, dress
zakdoek {m} :: tissue, handkerchief
zakelijk {adj} :: to the point, succinct
zakelijk {adj} :: objective, impersonal
zakelijk {adj} :: businesslike
zakelijkheid {f} :: matter-of-factly disposition, businesslikeness
zakelijkheid {f} [obsolete] :: event, occasion
zakelijkheid {f} [obsolete] :: fact
zakenbank {f} :: commercial investment bank
zakencijfer {n} :: revenue, turnover
zakenman {m} :: A businessman, a man in business, one involved in commercial enterprise
zakenpartner {m} :: A business partner
zakenrelatie {f} :: business relation
zakformaat {n} [chiefly singular] :: pocket size, pocket edition [in particular of books]
zakgeld {n} :: pocket money
zakkam {m} :: pocket comb
zakken {vi} :: to fall, to drop, to sink
zakken {vi} :: to come down, to go down
zakken {vi} :: to fail, to flunk
zakken {vt} :: to calm down
zakkenrollen {v} :: to pickpocket
zakkenroller {mf} :: pickpocket
zakkenrollerij {f} :: pickpocketing, the crime committed by a pickpocket
zakkenvuller {m} [by extension] :: A profiteer, moneygrubber; someone who is enriched at the expense of others; corrupt person; parasite
zakkenwasser {m} [colloquial, pejorative, Netherlands] :: fool, oaf, tool
zaklamp {f} :: flashlight, torch (battery-powered hand-held lightsource)
zaklantaarn {f} :: flashlight, torch
zakmes {n} :: pocketknife
zakpijp {f} [historical] :: bagpipes
zakpijp {f} :: sea squirt, animal of the class Ascidiacea
zakrekenaar {m} [colloquial] :: calculator
zalf {f} :: salve
zalf {f} :: cream
zalf {f} :: ointment
zalig {adj} :: glorious
zalig {adj} :: blessed
zalig {adj} :: saved
zalig {adj} [Roman Catholicism] :: beatified
zaligen {v} [Christianity] :: to save
zaligheid {f} :: delight
zaligheid {f} [religion] :: salvation
zaling {f} [sailing] :: crosstree, light timber to spread the shrouds of a sailing ship; also, a crossing set of those
zaling {f} [architecture] :: roof gutter to drain water bumping up to an eminent object
zaling {f} [archaic] :: seedling
zaling {f} [obsolete, botany] :: hemp, notably a female plant producing seedlings
zalm {m} :: salmon
zalmkleurig {adj} :: salmon (colour)
zalmmoot {m} :: a thick slice of salmon, a chunk of salmon
zalmtrek {m} :: salmon migration
Zaltbommel {prop} :: Zaltbommel (city)
Zaltbommel {prop} :: Zaltbommel (municipality)
zalven {v} :: to anoint
zamenkomst {f} :: obsolete form of samenkomst
zamenstelling {f} :: obsolete form of samenstelling
zamenzwering {f} :: obsolete spelling of samenzwering
zand {n} :: sand
zandaal {m} :: great sand eel, Hyperoplus lanceolatus [individual or species]
zandbak {m} :: sandbox, sandpit
zandbank {m} :: sandbank, shoal
Zandberg {prop} :: surname
zandbij {f} :: mining bee, bee of the genus Andrena
zandduin {f} :: sand dune [sometimes used specifically for dunes without a grass surface]
zanderig {adj} :: sandy
zand erover {phrase} :: let bygones be bygones
zandgeel {adj} :: sandy, sand-colored
zandgroeve {f} :: sand quarry (excavation site whence sand is quarried)
zandgrond {m} :: sandy ground/soil
zandhagedis {m} :: sand lizard, Lacerta agilis
zandhoen {n} :: sandgrouse; any bird of the family Pteroclididae
zandkasteel {n} :: A sandcastle, a sculpture made of sand resembling a fortication
zandlaag {c} :: sand layer, layer of sand
zandloper {m} :: hourglass, egg timer
zandloper {m} :: The beach bird Chadrius alexandrinus alexandrinus
zandloper {m} :: A lark of the genus Eremophila
zandloper {m} :: A tiger beetle of the subfamily Cicindelinae, in particular one of the genus Cicindela
zandloper {m} :: A protective ship part
zandpad {n} :: sandy dirt track (unpaved path or narrow road with a sand cover)
zandrif {n} :: sand reef
zandsculptuur {f} {n} :: sand sculpture
zandsteen {m} [geology] :: sandstone
zandsteengroeve {f} :: sandstone quarry (quarry where sandstone is excavated)
zandstenen {adj} :: sandstone, consisting of sandstone
zandstorm {m} :: sandstorm
zandstrand {n} :: A sandy beach
zandverstuiving {f} :: The process of sand being drifted or blown away by the wind
zandverstuiving {f} :: A sand drift; a sandy area subject to being shifted by the wind
zandvlakte {f} :: sand plain (terrain type)
zandvos {m} :: Rüppell's fox, sand fox (Vulpes rueppellii)
zandweg {m} :: sandy dirt road (unpaved road covered in sand)
zandwoestijn {f} :: sand desert, sandy desert (desert (area) whose surface mostly consists of sand)
zandzak {m} :: A sandbag
zandzegge {f} [chiefly singular] :: sand sedge, Carex arenaria
zang {m} :: singing, song
zanger {m} :: singer, songster
zangeres {f} :: female singer; songstress, singeress
zangvogel {m} :: songbird
zangvogel {m} [taxonomy, ornithology] :: passerine (bird of the order Passeriformes)
zaniken {vi} :: to nag, to complain, to whine
zappen {vi} :: To zap, change TV channels repeatedly and/or by remote control
Zarathoestra {prop} {m} :: Zarathustra, Zoroaster
zat {adj} :: sated, full, especially with alcoholic beverage, i.e. drunk
zat {adj} :: having had enough, having had it up to here, fed up
zat {determiner} [colloquial] :: plenty
zat {adv} [colloquial] :: enough
zaterdag {m} :: Saturday
zaterdagmorgen {m} :: Saturday morning
zaterdagochtend {m} :: Saturday morning
zaterdags {adj} :: Saturday
zaterdags {adv} :: Saturday
zaterdagsochtends {adv} :: Saturday morning
zatte fles {f} :: a female drunk
zavel {n} {m} [chiefly Southern Dutch] :: sand
zavel {n} {m} :: soil consisting mostly of sand with significant to high levels of clay
ze {pron} :: Unstressed form of zij [feminine singular subject]
ze {pron} :: Unstressed form of zij [plural subject]
ze {pron} :: Unstressed form of haar [feminine singular object]
ze {pron} :: Unstressed form of hen, hun [plural object]
ze {adv} [following an imperative] :: break a leg, go get 'em, do well, good luck
zeboe {m} :: zebu
zebra {m} :: zebra
zebrahaai {m} :: zebra shark
zebrapad {n} :: zebra crossing, crosswalk (place where pedestrians can cross a street)
zede {f} :: a norms or habit practiced by a certain people that is considered to be just and desirable by them
zede {f} [in the plural] :: mores, especially sexual mores
zedelijk {adj} :: moral
zedelijkheid {f} :: morality, moral stature
zedelijkheidsapostel {m} :: moral guardian, moral crusader
zedeloos {adj} :: indecent, immoral [often with connotations of sexuality]
zedendelict {n} :: a sex crime
zedendelinquent {m} :: sex offender
zedenkunde {f} :: ethics
zedenmeester {m} [derogatory] :: moral guardian
zedig {adj} :: chaste
zee {f} :: sea
zeearend {m} :: The white-tailed eagle, sea eagle; the species or any bird of the species Haliaeetus albicilla
zeearend {m} :: Several marine eagles of the genus Haliaeetus
zeebaboe {f} [historical, Netherlands] :: female babysitter of Indonesian descent on a ship
zeebedding {f} :: seabed
zeebeving {f} :: seaquake
zeebodem {m} :: The bottom of the sea, seafloor, seabed
zeedier {n} :: A marine animal
zeedonderpad {f} :: shorthorn sculpin, Myoxocephalus scorpius
zeedonderpad {f} :: Any marine fish of the family Cottidae
zeeduivel {m} :: anglerfish, Lophius piscatorius
zee-eend {f} {m} :: scoter
zee-egel {m} :: A sea urchin, any of many marine echinoderms of the class Echinoidea
zee-engel {m} :: angel shark
zeef {f} :: screen, sieve
zeefort {n} :: sea fort
zeegans {f} :: black goose, any of the geese of the genus Branta
zeegans {f} [Surinam] :: flamingo
zeegat {n} :: sea channel, opening or accessway to sea
zeegedrocht {n} :: sea monster
zeeëgel {m} :: superseded spelling of zee-egel
zeegras {n} :: seaweed
zeehaven {f} :: seaport
zeeheld {m} :: naval hero
zeehond {m} :: A seal, a marine fish-eating mammal (pinniped)
zeeijs {n} :: sea ice
zeekat {f} :: A cuttlefish, a 10-armed predatory marine mollusc
zeekoe {f} :: manatee, marine mannal of the order Sirenia
zeekoet {m} :: common murre (Uria aalge)
zeekomkommer {f} :: sea cucumber
zeekreeft {m} :: maritime lobster (crustacean)
zeekust {c} :: coast (shoreline)
zeeland {n} [uncommon] :: land adjacent to the sea, coastal land
Zeeland {prop} {n} :: Zeeland, a province of the Netherlands
Zeelandbrug {prop} {f} :: A bridge over the Eastern Scheldt, connecting Schouwen-Duiveland and Noord-Beveland
zeeleeuw {m} :: The sea lion, a seal species, member of the Otariidae family
zeelt {f} {m} :: tench, Tinca tinca
zeem {m} [archaic, dialectal] :: honey
zeemacht {f} :: navy (sea force)
zeeman {m} :: A seaman, sailor
zeemansgraf {n} :: burial at sea
zeemeermin {f} :: mermaid, mythological woman with a fish's tail
zeemeeuw {f} :: seagull
zeemijl {m} [nautical] :: nautical mile
zeemijn {f} :: sea mine, naval mine
zeemonster {n} :: sea monster
zeemuis {f} :: sea mouse, Aphrodita aculeata
zeemzoet {adj} :: cloyingly sweet
zeemzoet {adj} :: overly nice or friendly (seemingly insincere)
zeenaaktslak {m} :: sea slug, nudibranch
zeenegenoog {m} :: sea lamprey
zeenimf {f} :: sea nymph, e.g. a nereid or an Oceanid
zeeniveau {n} :: mean sea level
zeeolifant {m} :: elephant seal, member of the genus Mirounga
zeeoorlog {m} :: naval war
zeeotter {m} :: sea otter, Enhydra lutris
zeep {f} :: soap
zeepaard {n} :: seahorse (more often used in its diminutive form - zeepaardje)
zeepaard {n} [Greek mythology] :: hippocamp
zeepachtig {adj} :: soapy
zeepappel {m} :: The fruit of a soapberry (Sapindus tree)
zeepbel {c} :: soap bubble
zeepbes {mf} :: The fruit of a soapberry (Sapindus tree)
zeepboom {m} [botany] :: A soapberry tree, of genus Sapindus
zeepkist {f} [literally] :: a soap box
zeepkist {f} :: a soapbox car
zeepkistenrace {c} :: soapbox car race
zeepnoot {mf} :: The fruit of a soapberry (Sapindus tree)
zeeprik {f} :: sea lamprey
zeepsteen {m} :: saponite
zeer {adj} :: sore, painful
zeer {adj} :: painful, grieving
zeer {adj} :: hurtful
zeer {adj} :: affected by a painful skin syndrome
zeer {n} :: A physical pain, ache, hurt
zeer {n} :: grief, suffering
zeer {n} [archaic] :: A sore spot; crust on a wound, boil etc
zeer {n} [archaic] :: A cause of physical pain, notably disease; discomfort, uneasiness
zeer {n} [obsolete] :: A flaw, fault, sin, defect
zeer {adv} [literally] :: sorely, painfully, notably in zeer doen 'to hurt'
zeer {adv} [figuratively] :: very, to a high degree or intensity
zeerover {m} :: A pirate, who plunders at sea
zeeroversschip {n} :: pirate ship
zeerus {m} :: sea rush, Juncus maritimus
zeerus {m} [rare, dialectal] :: walrus
zeeschelp {f} :: seashell
zeeschildpad {f} :: turtle of the family Cheloniidae
zeeschildpad {f} :: any turtle of the superfamily Chelonioidea
zeeschuim {n} :: seafoam
zeeschuimer {m} :: pirate
zeeslang {f} :: sea snake
zeesoldaat {m} :: marine, soldier operating at sea
zeespiegel {m} :: sea level
zeester {f} :: starfish (various echinoderm species)
zeeton {f} [historical] :: barrel functioning as a buoy
zeeton {f} [archaic] :: tonne, metric ton (1000 kg)
zeetong {f} :: sole, a soughtafter maritime fish species, often shortened to tong
Zeeuws {adj} :: of or related to Zeeland
Zeeuws {prop} {n} :: Zealandic or Zeelandic, language/dialect spoken in Zealand, a province in the Netherlands
zeevaarder {m} :: seafarer
zeevaartkundige schemering {f} :: nautical twilight
zeevis {m} :: marine fish (which lives at sea)
zeevogel {m} [zoology] :: A seabird, marine species of birds
zeevonk {f} [countable, uncountable] :: sea sparkle, Noctiluca scintillans
zeewaarts {adv} :: seawards
zeewater {n} :: seawater
zeewezen {n} [formal, uncountable] :: navigation, seafaring
zeewezen {n} [countable] :: sea creature
zeewier {n} [botany] :: seaweed, primitive marine plants and algae
Zeewolde {prop} :: Zeewolde (village)
Zeewolde {prop} :: Zeewolde (municipality)
zeewolf {m} :: Atlantic wolffish', Anarhichas lupus
zeewolf {m} :: wolffish, any member of the Anarhichadidae
zeeziek {adj} :: seasick
zeezoogdier {n} :: marine mammal
zeezout {n} :: sea salt
zeg {interj} :: Hey
zege {f} :: victory
zegekar {c} :: triumphal car
zegel {n} {m} :: seal [object, design or pattern for solid imprinting]
zegel {n} {m} :: stamp
zegelaarde {f} :: A type of red clay, formerly used in medicine; terra sigillata
zegelen {vt} :: To affix a seal or stamp
zegelen {v} :: Notably as proof that a sealing tax is paid
zegelen {vt} :: To seal up, close, using (a) seal(s)
zegelen {vt} [obsolete] :: To attach a (seal of approval or other) quality - or similar mark
zegelen {v} :: hence: To approve, corroborate, vouch for
zegelen {vt} [dated] :: To (im)print a mark(ing), text etc
zegelring {m} :: A seal ring, signet ring fit for sealing documents
zegelwas {m} {n} :: The substance sealing wax
zegen {m} :: A blessing, benediction
zegen {m} [figuratively] :: A boon, anything beneficial
zegen {f} :: A wide dragnet, used for :
zegen {f} :: fishing and catching crustaceans
zegen {f} :: hunting fowl, notably partidges
zegenen {v} :: to bless
zegening {f} :: blessing, benediction
zegereeks {f} :: winning streak
zegerijk {adj} :: victorious, triumphant
Zegers {prop} :: surname
zegevieren {v} :: to triumph
zegevreugde {f} :: the pleasure of winning, gloating
zegezeker {adj} :: being certain of victory
zegge {c} :: sedge
zeggen {vt} :: to say, tell
zeggen van {v} :: To be like, to say
zeggingskracht {f} :: expressiveness
zeggingskrachtig {adj} :: expressive
zeg maar {interj} :: an expression that indicates the speaker's hesitation (e.g. unable to find a precise word to describe an idea) or simply as an expletive between two phrases or ideas; roughly equivalent to the English phrases you know, like, let's say
zeg maar {interj} :: in other words
zegsman {m} :: spokesman
zegsvrouw {f} :: spokeswoman
zegswijze {f} {m} :: saying, expression
zegt u mij na alstublieft {phrase} :: please repeat after me
zeiken {v} [vulgar] :: to piss
zeiken {v} [colloquial] :: to rain
zeiken {v} [colloquial] :: to whine, to nag, to complain
zeiknat {adj} [colloquial] :: soaked, wet
zeiksnor {f} :: A droopy moustache that somewhat exceeds the width of the lips
zeiksnor {f} :: Someone who moans, a whinger
zeil {n} :: sail
zeilboot {m} :: sailboat
zeildoek {n} :: sail, canvas, rag
zeildoeken {adj} :: sail, canvas, rag
zeildoeks {adj} :: canvas
zeilen {v} :: to sail (to ride in a sailboat)
Zeilen {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Vela
zeiler {m} :: yachtsman
zeilschip {n} :: A sailer, ship powered by wind blowing in its sail(s)
zeilsteen {m} :: magnetite, lodestone
zeilsteen {m} :: lodestone, natural or magnet
zeilsteen {m} [metonymy, obsolete] :: compass
zeilster {f} :: yachtswoman
zeis {f} :: scythe
Zeist {prop} {n} :: A town in the province of Utrecht
zeker {adj} :: certain, sure
zeker {adj} :: confident, secure
zeker {adj} :: confirmed
zeker {adv} :: certainly, surely
zeker {adv} :: particularly, even more unambiguously
zekerheid {f} :: certainty
zekerheid {f} :: collateral
zekering {f} :: fuse (device preventing overloading of a circuit)
zeker stellen {v} :: secure
zekerstellen {v} :: verify
zeker weten {adv} [colloquial] :: surely, definitely
zelden {adv} :: rarely, seldom
Zeldenrust {prop} :: surname
zeldzaam {adj} :: scarce, rare
zeldzaam {adv} :: rarely, seldom
zeldzaamheid {f} :: scarcity
zelf {adv} [intensifier] :: oneself, referring to the subject of a sentence: myself, yourself, itself, ourselves, themselves etc
zelf {adv} :: oneself, by oneself, alone
zelf {n} :: self
-zelf {suffix} :: Forms reflexive object forms of the personal pronouns
-zelf {suffix} :: Forms intensive subject forms of the personal pronouns
zelf- {prefix} :: self-
zelfbeeld {n} :: self-image
zelfbeheersing {f} :: self-control, restraint, composure
zelfbeklag {n} :: self-pity
zelfbeschikking {f} :: self-determination
zelfbeschikkingsrecht {n} :: right to self-determination
zelfbewust {adj} :: self-conscious
zelfcensuur {f} :: self-censorship
zelfde {determiner} :: same
zelfde {determiner} :: like, alike
zelfgemaakt {adj} :: self-made
zelfgenoegzaam {adj} :: self-satisfied, smug, complacent (quality of being overly pleased with oneself and one's actions)
zelfgenoegzaamheid {f} :: self-satisfaction, smugness, complacency (quality of being overly pleased with oneself and one's actions)
zelfingenomen {adj} :: self-absorbed
zelfje {n} :: diminutive of zelf
zelfje {n} :: selfie
zelfkennis {f} :: self-knowledge
zelfkritiek {f} :: self-criticism
zelfmoord {f} {m} :: suicide
zelfmoordaanslag {m} :: suicide attack
zelfmoordbrief {m} :: suicide note
zelfmoordpoging {f} :: attempted suicide
zelfportret {n} :: self-portrait, portrait of the artist who made it
zelfredzaam {adj} :: self-reliant
zelfredzaamheid {f} :: self-reliance
zelfrijdend {adj} :: self-driving
zelfrijzend {adj} :: self-raising (flour for example)
zelfs {adv} :: even
zelfselectie {f} [statistics] :: self-selection
zelfstandig {adj} :: independent, autonomous, sovereign
zelfstandig {adj} :: self-employed
zelfstandig {adj} :: self-reliant, self-supporting
zelfstandigheid {f} :: independence
zelfstandig naamwoord {n} :: noun
zelfstudie {f} :: self-study, independent study
zelfverdediging {f} :: self-defense (US), self-defence (Commonwealth)
zelfverzekerd {adj} :: self-confident
zelfverzekerdheid {f} :: self-confidence, self-belief
zelfzeker {adj} :: confident
zeloot {m} :: zealot, fanatic
Zeloot {m} [historical, Judaism] :: zealot (anti-Roman Jewish insurrectionist in first-century Palestine, especially Judaea)
zelve {pron} [intensifier] :: herself, itself... etc. normally used in terms that describe a model
zemelaar {m} :: curmudgeon, whiner
Zemfira {prop} {f} :: A transliteration of the Russian female given name Земфи́ра
zendamateur {m} :: amateur radio operator, a ham
zendeling {m} :: (Protestant) missionary
zenden {vt} :: to send
zenden {vi} [communications] :: to transmit
zender {m} :: sender, a person who sends
zender {m} :: transmitter
zender {m} :: a television or radio channel
zending {f} :: round, batch (collection of thing arriving together)
zending {f} [Protestantism] :: mission (proselytisation)
zending {f} :: the act of sending
zendmast {c} :: transmitter tower, radio mast
zendtijd {m} :: airtime
zeng {m} :: gust, windflaw
zengen {v} :: to singe, to sear
ze niet alle vijf op een rijtje hebben {v} :: have a screw loose (literally, not have all five in a row)
ze niet alle vijf op een rijtje hebben {v} :: one brick short of a full load
zenit {n} :: zenith
zenne {adv} [Belgium] :: modal particle indicating reassurance or confidence from the speaker: certainly, surely, at all, but often weak and untranslatable
zenne {adv} [Belgium] :: modal particle indicating disagreement or a certain nuance with an earlier statement: regardless, despite that, anyway, you know
zenuw {f} :: nerve
zenuwachtig {adj} :: nervous
zenuwachtigheid {f} :: nervousness
zenuwarts {m} :: neurologist
zenuwgestel {n} :: nervous system
zenuwgestel {n} :: mental or psychological condition (as opposed to gestel)
zenuwinstorting {f} :: A nervous breakdown, mental collapse
zenuwlijder {m} :: neuropath
zenuwlijder {m} :: neurasthenic
zenuwlijder {m} :: psychoneurotic
zenuwpees {m} :: habitually nervous, fidgety person; neurotic
zenuwslopend {adj} :: nerve-racking
zenuwstelsel {n} :: nervous system
zenuwziekte {f} :: neurosis
zenuwziekte {f} :: neuropathy
zeperd {m} [colloquial] :: let-down, disappointment
zepig {adj} :: soapy
zeppelin {m} :: zeppelin
zepto- {prefix} :: zepto-
zeptoampère {m} :: zepto-ampere: 10-21 of an ampere
zepto-ohm {m} {n} :: zeptoohm: 10-21 ohm
zeptoseconde {f} :: zeptosecond: 10-21 of a second
zeptosteradiaal {m} :: zeptosteradian: 10-21 of a steradian
zerk {m} :: gravestone, headstone
zerp {adj} :: tangily sour
zerpte {f} :: unpleasant sourness
zerpte {f} :: coarse-grainedness
zes {num} [cardinal] :: six
zesde {adj} :: sixth
zesde naamval {m} [grammar] :: ablative case
zesduizend {num} :: six thousand
zesendertig {num} :: thirty-six
zesennegentig {num} :: ninety-six
zesentachtig {num} :: eighty-six
zesentwintig {num} :: twenty-six
zesenveertig {num} :: forty-six
zesenvijftig {num} :: fifty-six
zesenzestig {num} :: sixty-six
zesenzeventig {num} :: seventy-six
zeshoek {m} :: A hexagon, polygon with six sides and six angles
zeshonderd {num} :: six hundred
zesjarig {adj} :: six-year old
zesjescultuur {f} [often derogatory, Netherlands] :: Literally culture of sixes, a term used to refer to a tendency to be satisfied with mediocre results, 'sixes' referring to grades that are only barely high enough to pass a test
zesmotorig {adj} :: [of motorised means of transport] having six engines
zesthalf {num} [obsolete] :: five and a half
zesthalf {m} [archaic, historical] :: A coin equivalent to five and a half stiver (27½ cent)
zesthalf {m} [dated, historical] :: Nickname for kwartje, equivalent to five stivers (25 cents)
zestien {num} :: sixteen
zestiende {adj} :: sixteenth
Zestienhoven {prop} {n} :: A polder in Rotterdam
Zestienhoven {prop} {n} :: A neighbourhood in Rotterdam
Zestienhoven {prop} {n} :: A nickname for Rotterdam Airport/Rotterdam The Hague Airport
zestig {num} :: sixty
zestigste {adj} :: sixtieth
zet {c} :: shove, push
zet {c} :: move (e.g. in a game)
zetel {m} [formal] :: chair, seat, especially as in parliament
zetelen {v} :: to settle, reside, sit (especially as in parliament)
zetelen {v} :: to be established
zetfout {f} :: typo, typing error
zetmeel {n} :: starch (carbohydrate)
zetpil {f} :: suppository
zetta- {prefix} :: zetta-
zetta-ampère {m} :: zetta-ampere: 1021 amperes
zettaseconde {f} :: zettasecond: 1021 seconds
zettasteradiaal {m} :: zettasteradian: 1021 steradians
zetten {vt} :: to set, to put
zetten {vt} [printing] :: to typeset
zetten {vt} :: to make ready, prepare
zeug {f} :: sow (female pig)
zeug {f} [figuratively, derogatory] :: bitch, cow, blatant term of abuse for a 'beastly' human female
zeugma {n} :: zeugma
zeur {mf} :: a sour or whiny person
zeuren {v} :: to whine, to complain in an unpleasant manner
zeuren {v} [pain] :: to persist
zeuro {c} [politics] :: a (putative) common currency for southern Europe
Zeus {prop} [Greek god] :: Zeus (Supreme ruler of all Greek gods, husband to Hera)
zeven {num} :: seven
zeven {v} :: to sift, sieve, strain
Zevenaar {prop} :: Zevenaar (city)
Zevenaar {prop} :: Zevenaar (municipality)
zevende {adj} :: seventh
zevende naamval {m} [grammar] :: locative case
zevenduizend {num} :: seven thousand
zevenendertig {num} :: thirty-seven
zevenennegentig {num} :: ninety-seven
zevenentachtig {num} :: eighty-seven
zevenentwintig {num} :: twenty-seven
zevenenveertig {num} :: forty-seven
zevenenvijftig {num} :: fifty-seven
zevenenzestig {num} :: sixty-seven
zevenenzeventig {num} :: seventy-seven
zevenhonderd {num} :: seven hundred
zevenslaper {m} :: fat dormouse, Glis glis
zevenstaart {m} :: A multiple rod, which has seven hurting tails
zeventien {num} :: seventeen
zeventiende {adj} :: seventeenth
zeventig {num} :: seventy
zever {m} [Belgium] :: saliva
zever {m} :: hogwash, tosh
zeveraar {m} :: someone who lies, nags or gives unwanted or unreliable comments
zeveren {v} :: to drool
zeveren {v} :: to talk through one's hat or in a boring way
zeveren {v} :: to drizzle
ze zien vliegen {vi} [idiomatic] :: to be delusional, to see things
zg. {abbr} :: zogenaamd
z.g. {abbr} :: zogenaamd
z.g.a.n. {abbr} :: zo goed als nieuw
zgn. {abbr} :: zogenaamd
Zhuang {prop} {n} :: Zhuang (language)
zich {pron} :: himself, herself, itself, oneself, themselves; (polite form) yourself, yourselves
zich {pron} :: expresses an unintended result with many otherwise non-reflexive, even ergative verbs
zichel {f} :: sickle
zich geraakt voelen {v} :: (figuratively) to be hurt (e.g. by a comment)
zich in de vingers snijden {vi} [idiom] :: to shoot oneself in the foot
zicht {n} :: sight, view, vision
zicht {f} :: sickle; a short scythe
zichtbaar {adj} :: visible
zichtbaarheid {f} :: visibility
zichte {f} :: a short, light scythe
zichtrekening {f} :: A checking account, current account
zichzelf {pron} :: oneself; himself/herself/themselves
zichzelf {pron} :: yourself (in combination with the polite pronoun u.)
zieden {vi} :: to boil
zieden {vt} :: to boil
zieden {vt} [chemistry] :: to prepare by boiling
zieden {vi} :: to seethe, to be in a violent or mentally agitated state
zieder {m} :: refiner who manipulates resources by boiling
ziederij {f} :: refinery that operates by boiling its resources
ziek {adj} :: sick, ill
ziek {adj} [slang] :: excellent
ziek {adv} [slang] :: very
ziekbed {n} :: sickbed
ziekbed {n} [figuratively] :: a spell of sickness
zieke {mf} :: patient, sick person
ziekelijk {adj} :: morbid, pathological
ziekenauto {m} :: ambulance
ziekenboeg {m} :: sick bay
ziekenhuis {n} :: A hospital, medical care facility
ziekenhuis {n} :: (by extension) An infirmary
ziekenhuisbed {n} :: hospital bed
ziekenhuisopname {f} {m} :: admission to a hospital
ziekenwagen {m} :: ambulance
ziekte {f} :: sickness, disease
ziektekostenverzekering {f} :: health insurance
ziekte van Alzheimer {f} [diseases] :: Alzheimer's disease
ziekteverwensing {f} :: Any imprecation or curse invoking disease
ziel {f} :: soul
ziel {f} [lutherie] :: sound post
zielengeleider {m} :: psychopomp
zielenknijper {m} [colloquial, humorous] :: shrink, head-shrinker
zielenrust {c} :: peace of mind
zielig {adj} :: sad, pitiful
zielig {adj} :: pathetic
zielkunde {f} :: psychology
zielsblij {adj} :: deeply happy, deeply joyous
zielskunde {f} :: alternative form of zielkunde
zielsveel {adv} :: intensely, devotedly, with all one's soul
zien {vt} :: to see
zienderogen {adv} [literal] :: visibly fast
zienderogen {adv} [figurative] :: very fast, tremendously fast
ziener {m} :: prophet, seer
zieneres {f} :: female prophet
ziens {noun} :: only used in tot ziens
zier {f} {m} :: a tiny amount
ziften {v} [Brabantian] :: to sift
zigeuner {m} [sometimes, offensive] :: Gypsy, member of the Roma
zigeuner {m} [sometimes, offensive] :: gypsy, person who leads a nomadic life
zigeunerfamilie {f} :: gypsy family
ziggoerat {m} :: ziggurat
zij {pron} :: Third person singular feminine pronoun; she
zij {pron} :: Third person plural pronoun; they
zij {f} :: side (the side of one's body); flank
zij {f} :: silk
zij aan zij {adv} :: side by side
zijarm {m} :: tributary, (river) branch
zijarm {m} [botany, architecture] :: any other branch or, for certain churches, arm; anything that branches off
zijband {c} :: sideband
zijde {f} :: side, face (of an object)
zijde {f} :: silk
zijde {contraction} [Brabantian] :: contraction of zijt gij
zijdehoen {n} :: water rail, Rallus aquaticus
zijdehoen {n} :: A silkie, often considered a breed of bantam chicken
zijdelings {adv} :: sideways
zijdelings {adv} :: indirectly
zijdelings {adj} :: sideways, collateral
zijdelings {adj} :: indirect
zijden {adj} :: Made of silk, silken
zijden {adj} :: Like silk, silky
zijderoute {m} [history] :: Silk Road
zijdevlinder {m} :: butterfly that produces silk, Bombyx mori
zijdevlinderrups {m} :: silkworm (caterpillar)
zijgen {vi} :: to slump, to fall down, to drop
zijgen {vt} :: to filter
zij is bewusteloos {phrase} :: she's unconscious
zijkant {m} :: side
zijlie {pron} [Brabantian] :: they
zijlui {pron} :: Third-person plural personal pronoun (subjective); they
Zijm {prop} :: surname
zijn {vi} :: To be, to exist
zijn {vt} [copular] :: Used to connect a noun to an adjective that describes it
zijn {vt} [auxiliary] :: Used to form the perfect tense of the active voice of some verbs, together with a past participle.Note: The perfect tense of most other verbs is formed using hebben
zijn {vt} [auxiliary] :: Used to form the perfect tense of the passive voice, together with a past participle.Note: The imperfect tense passive is formed using worden
zijn {vt} [auxiliary] :: Used to form the continuous forms of various tenses, together with aan het
zijn {vi} :: To go, to go on a trip and return
zijn {vi} [impersonal] :: Used to indicate weather, temperature or some other general condition
zijn {vt} [copular, mathematics] :: to be, to equal, to total, to amount to; used to indicate that the values on either side of an equation are the same
zijn {determiner} :: Third-person singular, masculine and neuter possessive pronoun: his, its
zijn biezen pakken {vi} [idiom] :: to abscond, to pack one's bags and depart
Zijne Majesteit {pron} [title] :: His Majesty
zijnen {pron} [personal plural of zijn] :: his
zijner {pron} [dated] :: his
zijn hart op zijn tong dragen {phrase} :: to be open-hearted, honest, ingenuous
zijn licht opsteken {phrase} :: inform oneself
zijn tijd beiden {vi} [idiom, formal] :: to bide one's time
zijrivier {f} :: tributary (river which joins another, larger river)
zijspan {m} {n} [motorcycling] :: sidecar
zijtak {m} :: a branch originating from a larger part of a tree
zijtak {m} :: an offshoot of a river
zijtak {m} [figurative] :: ramification, offshoot, spur (something that derives from another)
zijwaarts {adv} :: sideways
zijwiel {n} [cycling, chiefly diminutive] :: training wheel (small wheel fixed to both sides of the bicycles of small children)
zijwiel {n} :: side wheel
zijzelf {pron} :: herself
zijzelf {pron} :: themselves
zijzwaard {n} :: leeboard fixed to the side of a boat
ziljoen {m} [colloquial] :: zillion (unspecified extremely large number)
zilt {adj} :: salty (containing a significant amount of salt)
zilver {n} [chemistry] :: silver
zilver {n} [heraldry] :: argent
zilveren {adj} :: silvern, silver; made of silver
zilverkleur {f} :: silver (color/colour)
zilverkleurig {adj} :: silver -, silvery (having the color of/ any colour like silver)
zilvermeeuw {f} :: European herring gull
zilvermijn {f} :: silver mine
zilversmid {m} :: silversmith
zilvervos {m} :: silver fox
zilverwerk {n} :: silver (items made of silver or other white metal)
Zimbabwe {prop} {n} :: Zimbabwe
zin {m} [grammar] :: sentence
zin {m} :: desire, appetite; intention
zin {m} :: meaning, significance
zin {m} :: point, sense
zindelijk {adj} :: clean, tidy
zindelijk {adj} :: housebroken
zindelijkheid {f} :: cleanliness, tidiness
zindelijkheid {f} :: housebrokenness
zinderen {vi} :: to sizzle
zingen {v} :: to sing
zingeving {f} [sociology] :: search for or construal of meaning
zin hebben {v} :: to have a fancy for
zin hebben {v} :: to feel like (doing something)
zin hebben {v} :: to feel like eating
zink {n} :: zinc
zinken {vi} :: to sink
zinken {adj} :: made of zinc
zinkgat {n} [obsolete] :: entrance for loading a cannon
zinkgat {n} [obsolete] :: vertical shaft in a sewage system
zinkgat {n} :: sinkhole
zinloos {adj} :: pointless, senseless
zinloos geweld {n} :: senseless violence; acts of violence committed for a trivial reason
zinnebeeld {n} :: symbol, sign
zinnebeeld {n} :: allegory
zinnelijk {adj} :: sensual
zinnelijkheid {f} :: sensuality
zinneloos {adj} :: insane, mad, senseless
zinnen {vi} :: to contemplate, to plot
zinnen {vt} :: to satisfy, to please
zinnenprikkelend {adj} :: titillating
zinnenprikkelend {adj} :: erotic, erotically stimulating
zinnespel {n} [drama] :: allegorical drama (genre)
zinnespel {n} [drama] :: allegorical play, morality play (theatre play)
-zinnig {suffix} :: endowed with the quality of the stem (used to form adjectives)
zinnig {adj} [originally] :: rational, reasonable; intelligent, smart
zinnig {adj} :: sensible, making sense
zinnig {adj} :: purposeful, useful
zinnig {adj} [archaic] :: sensorial, sensitive
zinnig {adj} [obsolete] :: clean, neat, hygienic
zinnig {adj} [obsolete] :: gentle, meek, tame; charming
zinnigen {vt} :: To calm down (someone), make see reason
zinnigen {vi} :: To calm down, see reason
zinnigen {vt} :: (used impersonally, third person singular only: Het zinnigt ...) To please, be to someone's liking
zinnigheid {f} :: the quality of being sensible, sensibleness; something that possesses this quality
zinnigheid {f} [colloquial] :: lust, desire
zinsbouw {m} [grammar] :: sentence structure
zinsdeel {n} [grammar] :: phrase
zinsleer {f} [linguistics] :: syntax
zinspreuk {f} :: motto
zintuig {n} :: sense organ
zintuiglijk {adj} :: Pertaining to the senses; capable of being perceived by the senses
zin van het leven {m} [religion, philosophy] :: meaning of life
zinvol {adj} :: meaningful
zinvol {adj} :: making sense
zionisme {n} :: Zionism
zirkonen {adj} :: zircon (made of zircons)
zirkonium {n} :: zirconium
zirkoon {n} :: zircon
zirkoon {n} :: zirconium
zit {m} :: the act of sitting
zit {m} [Belgium] :: (by extension) an exam term at university or hogeschool
zit {m} :: seat
zit {m} :: (by extension) a seat in a legislative or regulatory group (e.g., in a parliament or a board)
zitbeen {n} :: ischium
zitgrasmaaier {m} :: a riding lawnmower
zitmeubel {n} :: piece of furniture used for sitting; seat
zitpenning {f} :: a fee paid to sit on a board or committee; an attendance fee
zitski {m} :: sit-ski
zitskiester {f} :: female sit-skier (woman who practices sitskiing)
zitskiën {v} :: to sitski
zitskiër {m} :: sit-skier (one who practices sitskiing)
zitten {vi} :: to sit
zitten {vi} :: to be, to be placed or located
zitten {v} [auxiliary, with te] :: Forms a continuous aspect. Although it carries an implication of sitting, this is vague and is not strictly required or emphasized
zittend {adj} :: seated, sitting
zittend {adj} :: incumbent
zitting {f} :: meeting, session
zitting {f} :: seat (of a chair)
zitvlak {n} [euphemism] :: butt, seat, posterior (part of the torso and legs on which one sits)
zitvlak {n} [by extension, clothes] :: posterior of a pair of trousers, the part covering the butt
zitvlak {n} :: seating surface [of a piece of furniture]
zitvlees {n} [idiom] :: patience, dedication
zitvlees {n} [neologism] :: flesh on one's buttocks
ZM {abbr} :: Zijne Majesteit (His Majesty)
z'n {determiner} [possessive] :: Contracted form of zijn
znw. {abbr} :: zelfstandig naamwoord
zo {adv} :: so, thus, like that/this
zo {adv} :: so, that, to such an extent
zo {adv} [zo ... als] :: as .. as
zo {adv} :: soon, right away
zo {conj} [formal] :: if
zoals {conj} :: like, such as
zoals {conj} :: as, just like, just as, the way that
zoals de waard is, vertrouwt hij zijn gasten {proverb} :: an unreliable, dishonest person tends to distrust other people
zoals gewoonlijk {adv} :: as usual
zoals het klokje thuis tikt, tikt het nergens {proverb} :: there's no place like home
zo arm als Job {adj} [simile] :: (as) poor as Job, destitute
zodanig {adv} :: in such a way; so
zodanig {determiner} [often with the indefinite article] :: such
zodat {conj} :: such that [indicating result or consequence]
zodat {conj} :: in order that, so that [indicating goal or intent]
zode {m} :: turf
zoden aan de dijk zetten {proverb} :: [literally: To add turf to the dike] To make an important contribution
zodiak {m} :: zodiac
zodiakaal {adj} :: zodiacal
zodiakaallicht {n} :: zodiacal light
zodoende {adv} :: thereby
zodra {conj} :: as soon as
zoeaaf {m} :: Zouave
zoeaaf {m} :: papal zouave, a foreign fighter for the Papal States
zoeaaf {m} :: Zouave, regular member of a light infantry regiment, typically of the French Army
zoek {adj} :: lost, missing, gone
zoekbalk {m} :: search bar
zoeken {vi} :: to search [+ naar (object) = for]
zoeken {vt} :: to look for, to seek
zoeker {m} :: searcher, seeker
zoeklicht {n} :: searchlight
zoekmachine {f} :: search engine (application that searches for, and retrieves, data based on some criteria)
zoekmachineoptimalisatie {f} [internet] :: search engine optimization, SEO
zoekmotor {m} :: search engine
zoekrobot {m} :: search engine
zoektocht {f} :: search, quest
zoekvak {n} :: search box, search field
Zoeloe {adj} :: Zulu (pertaining to the Zulu people, culture, or language)
Zoeloe {m} :: Zulu, member of the Zulu people
Zoeloe {m} [pejorative] :: primitive person, savage
Zoeloe {prop} {n} :: Zulu language
zoemen {v} :: to buzz
zoemer {m} :: buzzer
zoemsteen {m} [rock] :: humming stone
zoemsteen {m} [musical instrument] :: stone bullroarer
zoen {m} :: kiss
zoen {m} [archaic] :: reconciliation, saught (act of reconciling or state of being reconciled)
zoen {m} [archaic, chiefly religion] :: atonement (act of atoning)
zoenen {v} :: to kiss
zoenverdrag {n} [historical] :: treaty of reconciliation
zoet {adj} :: sweet
zoet {n} :: sweets
zoet {n} [figuratively] :: good things in life
zoet {n} :: an endearment similar to English sweetie or sweetheart
zoet {n} [dated] :: soot
Zoet {prop} :: surname
zoete aardappel {m} :: sweet potato (plant, vegetable)
zoete broodjes bakken {v} [idiom] :: to grovel, to fawn, especially after having said something bold or controversial before; to attempt to reingratiate
zoeten {v} :: to sweeten
zoethout {n} :: liquorice: the plant (root) liquorice is made of
zoetstof {f} :: sweetener
zoetwatermeer {n} :: freshwater lake
zoetwatervis {m} :: A fish species with a non-saline ('fresh water') biotope
zoetzuur {adj} :: sweet-and-sour
zo-even {adv} :: just, just now, a moment ago
zog {n} :: a mother's milk
zog {n} :: suction, wake
zogeheten {adj} :: so-called
zogen {v} :: to breastfeed, suckle
zogenaamd {adj} :: so-called
zogenoemd {adj} :: so-called
zo goed als nieuw {adj} [simile] :: as good as new
zoiets {pron} :: something like that, such a thing
zoiets {pron} [with a partitive adjective] :: such a ... thing
zoiets {pron} :: something like that, something similar, the like
zojuist {adv} :: just now, just a moment ago
zo klaar als een klontje {adj} [simile] :: crystal clear, obvious, easily intelligible
zolang {adv} :: as long as, so long as
zolder {m} :: attic (space, often unfinished and with sloped walls, directly below the roof)
zoldering {f} :: ceiling, dropped ceiling
zoldering {f} :: the floorboard that separates the attic from the rest of the building
zolderkamer {f} :: attic room
zolen {v} :: to sole, to put a sole on (a shoe or boot)
zoölogie {f} [biology] :: zoology
zoölogie {f} [colloquial] :: zoo; especially the old one in Antwerp
zoöloog {m} :: A zoologist, biologist specialised in the animal kingdom
zo lust ik er nog wel een paar {interj} :: Sarcastically indicates skepticism on the part of the speaker
zomaar {adv} :: for no reason, out of the blue
zombie {m} :: zombie
zomen {v} :: to hem
zomer {m} :: summer
zomeravond {m} :: summer evening
zomeren {v} [of weather] :: to be or become summery
zomers {adj} :: summery
zomers {adj} [meteorology, officially] :: 25 °C or more
zomerzonnewende {c} :: summer solstice
zomp {m} :: swamp
zon {f} :: sun
zo'n {determiner} :: such a
zo'n {determiner} :: such a, what a
zo'n {determiner} :: about
Zon {prop} {f} :: the Sun (closest star to the Earth)
zona {} [medicine] :: shingles
zondaar {m} :: sinner
zondag {m} :: Sunday
zondagmorgen {m} :: Sunday morning
zondagochtend {m} :: Sunday morning
zondags {adj} :: relating to Sunday
zondags {adj} :: appropriate for Sunday, proper, formal
zondags {adv} :: appropriate for Sunday, properly, formally
zondags {adv} :: on Sunday
zondagskamer {f} [historical] :: The best parlour in a home, in the old days only used on Sundays and holidays
zondagskamer {f} :: The best room in a house
zondagskind {n} :: Sunday child
zondagsochtends {adv} :: Sunday morning
zonde {f} :: sin (offence against moral and/or divine law)
zonde {f} [religion, chiefly Christianity] :: sin; sinfulness (state of alienation from God or any other deity caused by such offences)
zonde {f} :: shame; pity; waste (something regrettable for other than moral reasons)
zondebok {mf} :: scapegoat
zonder {prep} :: without
zonder aanzien des persoons {prep} [idiom] :: indiscriminately, without discrimination
zonderen {vt} [obsolete] :: to separate, to set apart
zonderling {adj} :: eccentric, strange, weird
zonderling {m} :: a weirdo (especially when it comes to taste for clothing) Hij is een zonderling hij houdt van die vreemd kleren.
zonderling {m} :: Hij is een zonderling , hij houdt van die homo kleren
zonderling {m} :: o kleren
zonder twijfel {adv} :: undoubtedly, surely, definitely
Zondervan {prop} :: surname
zondig {adj} :: sinful
zondvloed {f} :: Deluge
zondvloed {f} :: deluge, great flood
zondvloed {f} [figurative] :: spill or abundance of water
zone {f} :: zone
zonecht {adj} [uncommon] :: not liable to changing colour under the influence of sunlight; sunproof
zoneclips {f} {m} :: solar eclipse
zonet {adv} :: just now, just a moment ago
zo niet {conj} :: if not
zoniet {adv} [proscribed] :: or else, otherwise
zonlicht {n} :: Sunlight
zonnebaden {v} :: to sunbathe
zonnebank {f} {m} :: sunbed (with UV lamps)
zonnebloem {mf} :: sunflower
zonnebloem {mf} :: 50 guilder banknote
zonnebloemolie {f} :: sunflower oil
zonnebloempit {f} :: sunflower seed
zonnebril {m} :: A pair of sunglasses
zonnecel {f} :: solar cell (semiconductor device)
zonnedag {m} [astronomy] :: solar day
zonnedak {n} :: skylight
zonnedauw {m} :: sundew, any carnivorous plant of the genus Drosera
zonnedek {n} :: sundeck (deck segment of a ship used for sunbathing)
zonnedek {n} [archaic, historical] :: halfdeck
zonnedek {n} [archaic, rare] :: A sun cover on a ship
zonnedek {n} [obsolete] :: Any sun cover, sunshade
zonne-energie {f} :: solar energy
zonneklaar {adj} :: evident, abundantly clear
zonnemassa {f} {m} [astronomy, unit] :: solar mass
zonnen {v} :: to sunbathe
zonneregen {m} :: a sun shower
zonneregen {m} [poetic] :: sunshine, a shower of sunrays
zonnescherm {n} :: awning
zonneschijn {m} :: sunshine
zonnestelsel {n} [astronomy] :: solar system
zonnestelsel {n} [astronomy] :: star system or planetary system
zonnestudio {m} :: solarium (establishment with sunbeds)
zonnetempel {m} :: sun temple
Zonneveld {prop} :: surname
zonnevlek {f} :: sunspot
zonnewende {f} :: solstice
zonnewijzer {m} :: sundial
zonnewind {m} :: solar wind
zonnig {adj} [weather] :: sunny
zonnig {adj} :: merry, cheerful
zonovergoten {adj} :: very sunny, sun-drenched
zonsmassa {f} :: alternative form of zonnemassa
zonsondergang {m} :: sunset
zonsopgang {m} :: sunrise
zonsopkomst {f} :: sunrise
zonsverduistering {f} [astronomy] :: solar eclipse
zonwering {f} :: one of any number of constructions designed to keep out sunlight
zoo {m} :: zoo
zoo {adv} :: archaic spelling of zo
zooals {conj} :: obsolete spelling of zoals
zoof {m} [Bargoens, archaic] :: guilder
zoogdier {n} :: mammal, including monotremes
zoogdier {n} [archaic, in older classifications] :: viviparous mammal
zooi {f} :: mess, chaos
zooi {f} [colloquial] :: things, a huge quantity of stuff
zooi {f} [archaic] :: something boiled
zool {f} {m} :: sole
zoolganger {m} :: plantigrade, an animal that walks using the entire sole of the foot
zoom {m} :: edge, border
zoom {m} :: border of a cloth that is turned around and stitched
zoomen {v} :: to zoom
zoon {m} :: son
zoonlief {m} :: A parent's beloved son; sonnyboy
zoonlief {m} [pejorative] :: A spoiled and/or mischievous son, knave
zoonsvrouw {f} [uncommon] :: the wife of one's son
zoor {adj} :: dry and coarse
zorg {f} :: care
zorg {f} :: concern, worry
zorgboerderij {f} :: care farm (farm that functions as a health care or integration facility)
zorgeloos {adj} :: carefree
zorgen {vi} :: to make sure, to ensure
zorgen {vr} :: to worry
zorgenkind {n} [literally] :: A problem child, troubled and/or troublesome youngster
zorgenkind {n} [figuratively] :: Any source of grave/regular worries
zorgen voor {v} :: to take care of, to see to, to arrange, to make sure
zorgen voor {v} :: to care for, to nurse
zorgmijder {m} :: treatment avoidant patient or person, someone who deliberately or compulsively evades health care
zorgverlener {m} :: healthcare provider (e.g. a company)
zorgverlener {m} :: carer (e.g. a nurse)
zorgvuldig {adj} :: careful, meticulous
zorgvuldigheid {f} :: care
zorgwekkend {adj} :: alarming, worrying
zorgzaam {adj} :: caring, considerate
Zoroaster {prop} {m} :: Zoroaster
zoroastriër {m} :: Zoroastrian
zoroastrisch {adj} :: Zoroastrian
zoroastrisme {n} :: Zoroastrianism
zoroastrist {m} :: Zoroastrian
zoroastristisch {adj} :: Zoroastrian
zot {adj} :: crazy
zot {adj} :: mad
zotheid {f} :: folly
zothuis {n} [Belgium, literally] :: A madhouse, asylum for the insane
zothuis {n} [Belgium, figuratively] :: A madhouse, crazy place and/or situation
zothuis {n} [Belgium, figuratively] :: A bad place of abandon, notably
zothuis {n} :: where nobody listens to reason
zothuis {n} :: where one wishes one's enemies
zout {n} :: salt
zout {adj} :: salted
zout {adj} :: salty (taste)
zouten {v} :: to salt
zoutloos {adj} :: saltless
zoutloos {adj} :: insipid
zoutmijn {f} :: salt mine
zoutmolen {m} :: salt mill
zoutwaterkrokodil {mf} :: saltwater crocodile, Crocodylus porosus
zoutwatervis {m} [zoology] :: A fish species with a saline (usually maritime) biotope
zoutziederij {f} :: salt refinery (operates by boiling)
zoutzuur {n} :: hydrochloric acid (strong acid made by dissolving the gas, hydrogen chloride)
zoveel {determiner} :: so many, so much
zoveel {determiner} :: that many, that much
zoveel hoofden, zoveel zinnen {proverb} :: so many men, so many opinions
zoveel mogelijk {determiner} :: as much as possible, as many as possible
zoveel mogelijk {adv} :: as much as possible, as often as possible
zoveelste {adj} :: nth; umpteenth; such and such
zoëven {adv} :: superseded form of zo-even
zover {adv} :: so far, as far as (often written zo ver)
zo waarlijk helpe mij God Almachtig {phrase} :: so help me God
zowat {adv} :: just about
zowel {conj} :: both
z.o.z. {initialism} :: PTO (please turn over)
zozeer {adv} :: so much
zozeer {adv} :: not so much (...) as (...)
Zr. {abbr} :: abbreviation of zijner
Zr. Ms. {abbr} :: alternative form of Zr.Ms.
Zr.Ms. {abbr} [nautical, military] :: Zijner Majesteits - literally "His Majesty's" - HNLMS
z.s.m. {abbr} :: as soon as possible, ASAP
zucht {m} :: sigh
zucht {interj} :: sigh
zucht {f} :: longing, desire
zucht {f} :: a pathological desire or craving
zucht {f} [usually, used in compounds] :: a disease, sickness
zuchten {v} :: to sigh
zuid {adv} [only in compounds] :: south
zuid {adv} :: southwards
Zuid-Afrika {prop} {n} :: South Africa
Zuid-Afrikaans {adj} :: South African (pertaining to South Africa or South African people)
Zuid-Afrikaans {prop} {n} [colloquial] :: The Afrikaans language
Zuid-Amerika {prop} {n} :: South America
Zuid-Australië {prop} {n} :: Southern Australia
Zuid-Australië {prop} {n} :: Relatively rare purism for the Australian federal state South Australia
Zuid-Beveland {prop} {n} :: A peninsula and former island in Zeeland to the east of Walcheren, to the south of Noord-Beveland and to the north of Zeelandic Flanders
zuidelijk {adj} :: southern
Zuidelijke IJszee {prop} {f} :: The Southern Ocean
zuiden {n} :: south
zuiden {n} [in compounds] :: southern, from the south
zuider- {prefix} :: southern
zuiderbreedte {f} :: southern latitude - The angular distance south from the equator, measured along the meridian at a particular point
Zuiderdriehoek {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Triangulum Australe
Zuiderkroon {prop} {f} [constellation] :: Corona Australis
Zuiderkruis {prop} {n} [constellation] :: Crux
zuiderling {m} :: southerner, someone living in, coming from or associated with the south of the world, a country etc
Zuidervis {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Piscis Austrinus
Zuiderzee {prop} :: former shallow bay of the North Sea in the northwest of the Netherlands, nowadays closed off by the Afsluitdijk and partially reclaimed as polders
Zuid-Holland {prop} {n} :: South Holland, a province of the Netherlands
Zuid-Korea {prop} {n} :: South Korea
zuidkust {f} {m} :: south coast
zuidoost {adv} [only in compounds] :: southeast
zuidoost {adv} :: towards the southeast
zuidoostelijk {adj} :: southeastern
zuidoostelijk {adv} :: southeasterly
zuidoosten {n} :: southeast (compass point)
zuidpool {m} :: south pole
Zuidpool {prop} {m} :: South Pole
zuidpoolkip {f} :: paddy, snowy sheathbill, Chionis albus
zuidpoolkip {f} :: Any of two species of birds in the family Chionidae
Zuid-Slavisch {adj} :: South Slavic
Zuid-Soedan {prop} {n} :: South Sudan
Zuid-Soedanees {m} :: a South Sudanese person, an inhabitant of South Sudan
Zuid-Soedanees {adj} :: South Sudanese
zuidvrucht {f} [chiefly plural] :: dried (sub)tropical fruit
zuidwaarts {adj} :: southward, southerly
zuidwaarts {adv} :: southwards
zuidwest {adv} [only in compounds] :: southwest
zuidwest {adv} :: towards the southwest
Zuidwest-Afrika {prop} {n} [historical] :: South West Africa (the colonial name of the area which is now Namibia)
zuidwestelijk {adj} :: southwesterly, southwestern
zuidwestelijk {adv} :: southwesterly
zuidwesten {n} :: southwest (compass point)
Zuidwest-Friesland {prop} :: Zuidwest-Friesland (municipality)
zuigeling {m} :: suckling, infant which isn't weaned yet
zuigelingensterfte {f} :: infant mortality
zuigen {v} :: To suck
zuigen {v} :: To vacuum; to hoover
zuigen {v} [colloquial] :: to be bad, to suck
zuiger {m} :: sucker
zuiger {m} :: piston
zuigfeest {n} :: suckfest
zuigzoen {m} :: hickey, love bite
zuil {f} [architecture] :: pillar, support
zuil {f} [society, historical] :: pillar, institutional subgrouping of society along ideological or religious lines
zuilengalerij {f} :: colonnade, peristyle
zuinig {adj} :: economical, careful with expenses
zuinig {adj} :: efficient, not wasteful
zuinig {adj} [by extension] :: stingy
zuinigheid {f} :: Frugality
zuinigjes {adv} :: diminutive of zuinig; economically, meagrely
zuipen {v} :: to swig, to drink heavily, to guzzle
zuipkop {mf} :: drunkard, alcoholic
zuiplap {m} :: drunkard, drunk
zuipschuit {mf} :: A boozer, who tends to drink (too) much
zuivel {m} :: dairy products (collective name for milk products)
zuivelproduct {n} :: dairy product
zuiver {adj} :: pure
zuiver {adj} :: clean, tidy
zuiver {adj} :: net (i.e after expenses and taxes, when talking about profit, as in zuivere winst)
zuiver {adj} :: guiltless, clean (e.g conscience)
zuiver {adj} [music] :: in tune
zuiveren {v} :: to cleanse, purify
zuiverheid {f} :: purity
zuiverheid {f} :: (gemmology) clarity
zuivering {f} :: purification, cleansing
zuiveringseed {m} [Netherlands, politics, law] :: An oath by government ministers and important civil servants in which it is affirmed that they haven't purchased their position
zulk {determiner} :: such
zulle {f} :: a horizontal structural member of a building near ground level bearing the upright portion of a frame, like for a door or gate; a sill
zullen {v} [auxiliary, present tense] :: Used to form the future tense of a verb, together with an infinitive; will, going to
zullen {v} [auxiliary, past tense] :: Used to form the conditional mood of a verb, together with an infinitive; would
zullen {v} [modal auxiliary] :: Used to indicate intent or disposition to perform an action in the future: will, shall, be going to, may, might
zullen jeuken {vr} [vulgar] :: to not give a damn
zult {m} :: brawn, head cheese
Zulu {} :: [police, slang] police helicopter
zure bom {f} [Netherlands] :: large pickled cucumber
Zurich {prop} :: Zurich (the city)
zurkel {c} :: sorrel, one of the several plants from the genus Rumex
zus {f} :: sister
zuster {f} :: sister (female sibling)
zuster {f} :: sister (nun)
zuster {f} :: sister (nurse)
zuster {f} :: sister (fictional kinship term)
zustermoord {m} :: sororicide
zusterpartij {f} :: sister party, an affiliated or ideologically similar political party
zusterschap {f} :: sisterhood
Zutphen {prop} :: Zutphen (city)
Zutphen {prop} :: Zutphen (municipality)
zuur {adj} :: sour
zuur {n} [chemistry] :: acid
-zuur {suffix} [functional group suffix] :: -oic acid
zuurdamp {m} :: acid fume
zuurgraad {m} :: acidity
zuurkast {f} {m} :: fume hood (a ventilated compartment in a lab, in which chemical procedures may be undertaken safer)
zuurkool {f} :: sauerkraut
Zuurman {prop} :: surname
zuurpruim {f} {m} :: grouch, sourpuss
zuurstof {f} [chemistry] :: oxygen
zuurstofrijk {adj} :: oxygen-rich
zuurtje {noun} :: (only in the diminutive) a hard sweet tasting sweet
zuurzak {m} [botany] :: The East Indian tree species soursop, Artocarpus integrifolius
zuurzak {m} [botany] :: The South American tree species Anona muricata
zuurzak {m} :: The apple-shaped fruit of either above tropical tree
zuwe {f} :: A pathway through marshland
zwaag {f} [rare] :: grassland, pasture
zwaaien {v} :: to sway, to wave
zwaaien {v} :: to brandish
zwaailicht {n} :: A revolving light used to signal danger, commonly used on emergency vehicles
zwaalde {f} :: a blade on a long pole to shove in dough or extract bread from an oven; a peel
zwaan {m} :: swan
Zwaan {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Cygnus
Zwaan {prop} {m} :: surname
zwaantje {noun} [Belgium] :: police officer on a motorcycle
zwaar {adj} :: heavy, hefty
zwaar {adj} :: strong physically
zwaar {adj} [of intoxicants] :: strong, potent
zwaar {adj} :: big, sizeable
zwaar {adj} :: difficult, hard
zwaar {adj} :: arduous, gruelling
zwaar {adj} :: important, significant
zwaard {n} :: sword
zwaard {n} :: leeboard
zwaardvis {m} [zoology] :: swordfish, Xiphias gladius
Zwaardvis {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Dorado
zwaardwalvis {m} :: orca, orcinus orca
zwaargewicht {n} :: heavyweight (a thing or person that's heavy)
zwaargewond {adj} :: seriously injured, severely wounded, gravely wounded
zwaargewonde {noun} :: badly injured person
zwaarmoedig {adj} :: somber, melancholy
zwaarte {f} :: heaviness
zwaartekracht {f} [physics] :: force of gravity: gravitation
zwaartekrachtsgolf {f} [relativity] :: gravitational wave
zwaartekrachtsveld {n} [physics] :: gravitational field
zwaartepunt {n} [physics] :: center of mass
zwaartepunt {n} [geometry] :: centroid
zwaartepunt {n} [meteorology] :: eye of the storm
zwaarwegend {adj} :: weighty
zwaarwichtig {adj} :: very important, of great importance
zwaarwichtig {adj} :: serious
zwaarwichtig {adj} [archaic] :: heavy
zwabber {m} :: A mop, implement for cleaning floors etc., especially aboard a vessel
zwabber {m} :: Certain other nautical cleaning implements:
zwabber {m} :: A dradenstoffer
zwabber {m} :: A zeilveger
zwabber {m} [metonymy] :: A cabin-boy, least senior sailor (apprentice), as he (or they) must most often do chores like manning the mop
zwabber {m} :: A ship officer on the guard duty kuilwacht
zwabber {m} [pejorative] :: An irresponsible person, notably:
zwabber {m} :: A party animal
zwabber {m} :: A squanderer
zwabber {m} :: A drunk, who staggers (compare etymology 2)
zwabber {m} :: A dirty person
zwabber {m} :: A dirtbag
zwabber {m} [metonymy] :: The tail of a fish or whale
zwabber {m} :: A swaggerer, staggerer
zwabber {m} :: A tramp, vagrant, hobo
zwabber {m} :: A beggar
zwabber {?} :: A form of the cards game pandoeren, without trumps or points
zwabberen {v} :: to clean with a mop
zwabberen {v} [figuratively] :: to sway, swing
zwabbergast {m} :: A cabin-boy, junior (notably apprentice) sailor, who does most chores, such as mopping
zwachtel {m} :: bandage
zwachtelen {vt} :: to bandage, to bind, to wrap
zwadder {m} :: snake venom
zwadder {m} :: eel slime
zwadder {m} :: malicious slander, smear
zwade {f} :: a large, heavy scythe
zwaffelen {v} :: alternative spelling of swaffelen
zwager {m} [chiefly Netherlands] :: brother-in-law (brother of one's spouse or husband of one's sibling)
zwak {adj} :: weak
zwak {adj} :: shabby
zwak {n} :: soft spot
zwak {n} :: weakness
zwakheid {f} :: weakness, frailty
zwakken {v} [ergative, obsolete] :: to weaken, to become/make strengthless
zwakte {f} :: weakness
zwalken {v} :: to walk around, to walk about
zwalken {v} :: to walk unsteadily and aimlessly, particularly of drunk people
zwaluw {f} :: a swallow (bird)
zwam {f} {m} [countable, uncountable] :: fungus, mushroom
zwam {f} {m} [obsolete] :: sponge
zwamneus {mf} :: chatterbox, blabberer
zwamp {m} [Suriname] :: swamp, marsh, fen
zwanenzang {m} :: swan song
zwanger {adj} :: pregnant
zwanger raken {v} :: to get pregnant
zwangerschap {f} :: pregnancy
zwangerschapsonderbreking {f} :: abortion
zwangerschapsvergiftiging {f} :: preeclampsia
zwangerschapsverlof {n} :: maternity leave [before giving birth]
zwanzen {v} :: joke
zwanzer {m} [Belgium, colloquial] :: one who jokes; a joker
zwart {adj} :: black
zwart {adj} :: having dark skin
zwart {adj} :: illegal, without payment or taxation
zwart {n} :: the colour black
Zwart {prop} :: surname
zwartdenker {m} :: someone who thinks negatively about the world; pessimist
zwarte {noun} :: a black person, especially a (sub-Saharan) African
zwarte {noun} [history] :: a (fascist) collaborator with the Nazis during World War II; by extension, a neo-nazi
zwarte gans {f} :: black goose, any goose of the genus Branta
zwarte gans {f} :: See: zwart gans
zwarte gier {m} :: black vulture, Coragyps atratus,
zwarte magie {f} :: black magic, 'dark' (i.e. evil) magic, sorcery
zwarte ooievaar {m} :: black stork, Ciconia nigra
zwarte peper {m} :: black pepper
zwarte piet {mf} :: synonym of Zwarte Piet
zwartepiet {m} [card games] :: old maid
zwartepiet {m} [card games] :: the undesirable card in the card game old maid
zwartepiet {m} [figurative, chiefly plural] :: blame
zwartepiet {m} [rare spelling] :: zwarte piet
Zwarte Piet {prop} {m} :: Black Peter, the companion of Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas)
Zwarte Piet {mf} :: Any person dressed up like the companion of Sinterklaas
zwartepieten {v} [figurative] :: to assign blame to each other
zwartepieten {v} [card games] :: to play a card game
zwartepietenpak {n} :: The clothes worn by someone dressing up like Zwarte Piet
zwarte specht {m} :: black woodpecker, Dryocopus martius
zwarteter {m} :: Someone who leaves a restaurant without paying
Zwarte Woud {prop} {n} :: The Black Forest, a major woodland in southwestern Germany
Zwarte Zee {prop} {f} :: The Black Sea, an inland sea between southeastern Europe, the Caucasus and Asia Minor
zwart gat {n} :: a black hole
zwart gat {n} :: a black hole, an astronomical phenomenon of extreme gravity
zwart gat {n} :: a temporary loss of memory
zwartkijker {m} :: someone who owns a television but does not pay television tax
zwartkijker {m} :: someone who watches unfree content without paying
zwartkijker {m} :: someone who looks to the world negatively; pessimist
zwartmaken {v} [literally] :: To blacken, make black(er)
zwartmaken {v} [figuratively] :: To blacken, defame, present (too) badly
zwart pietje {noun} :: Alternative diminutive of zwarte piet, with no plural possible. See zwarte pietjes for the diminutive plural of zwarte piet
Zwart Pietje {noun} :: Alternative diminutive of Zwarte Piet, with no plural possible. See Zwarte Pietjes for the diminutive plural of Zwarte Piet
zwartrijden {v} :: to dodge fare, to use public transportation (bus, tram, train) without paying
zwartrijder {m} :: fare dodger
zwartrijder {m} :: road tax dodger
Zwarts {prop} :: surname
zwartverdiend {adj} :: illegally acquired, dirty, unclean
zwartvoetpinguïn {m} :: African penguin, blackfooted penguin, Spheniscus demersus
zwart water {n} :: alternative form of zwartwater
zwartwater {n} :: blackwater
zwartwerker {m} :: moonlighter
zwavel {m} [chemistry] :: sulfur
zwaveldioxide {n} [chemistry] :: sulfur dioxide
zwavelzuur {n} [chemistry] :: A sulfuric acid, an oxide of sulfur; notably:
zwavelzuur {n} :: The hydrate hygroscopic acid vitriol
zwavelzuur {n} :: An anhydride crystalline mass, sulfur's trioxide
zwavelzuurgehalte {n} :: sulfuric acid content
zwavelzuurhydraat {n} [chemistry] :: sulphuric hydrate, a form of sulphuric acid
zwavelzuurijzer {n} :: sulfuric iron
Zweden {prop} {n} :: Sweden
Zweeds {adj} :: Swedish
Zweeds {prop} {n} :: Swedish (language)
Zweedse {f} :: Swedish female
Zweedse puzzel {f} :: arroword [though without picture hints and virtually never themed]
Zweeds raadsel {n} :: arrowword (puzzle)
zweefteef {f} [derogatory] :: a woman who has an unrealistic worldview, who is out of touch with reality
zweefteef {f} [derogatory] :: a stewardess, an air hostess
zweefvliegen {v} :: to glide - fly an unpowered sailplane
zweefvliegtuig {n} :: glider, sailplane
zweem {m} :: a trace amount
zweem {m} [colloquial] :: a tiny bit, a tinge, a whiff
zweep {f} :: A whip (lashing implement, notably single-tail)
zweep {f} [figuratively] :: A whipping, corporal punishment; force, extreme pressure
zweepdraad {m} :: flagellum
zweephaar {n} :: flagellum
zweepslag {m} :: a whip lash, notably as (part of) corporal punishment
zweepslag {m} [figuratively] :: any hard or hurtful blow, e.g. verbal
zweepslag {m} :: Acute pain in the calf as a result of spraining a muscle
zweepspin {f} :: amblypygid, arachnid of the order Amblypygi
zweepstaart {m} :: flagellum
zweer {f} :: A purulent boil, skin injury containing pus, ulcer
Zweerts {prop} :: surname
zweet {n} :: sweat
zweetklier {f} {m} :: sweat gland
zwelgen {v} :: to eat greedily, to binge
zwelgen {v} :: to swallow
zwelgpartij {f} :: bacchanal, festivity with high consumption of alcohol
zwellen {vi} :: to swell
zwelten {v} :: to die
zwelten {v} :: to succumb to injury or illness
zwelten {v} :: to die in miserable circumstances
zwembad {n} :: swimming pool
zwemblaas {f} :: swim bladder
zwembroek {f} {m} :: swimming trunks, a pair of shorts or briefs worn for swimming or bathing
zwemen {v} :: to seem [+ naar (object) = like]
zwemkelle {f} [Belgium] :: flood pool
zwemkleding {f} :: swimwear (for men or women)
zwemmen {vi} :: to swim
zwemmer {m} :: swimmer
zwempak {n} :: swimsuit, bathing suit
zwemster {f} [female] :: swimmer
zwemster {m} :: swimming star (successful swimmer)
zwemvest {n} :: life vest
zwemvlies {n} :: web, membrane of webbed feet in some animals
zwemvlies {n} :: flipper, fin (swimming gear)
zwendel {m} :: swindle
zwendelen {vi} :: to swindle
zwendelend {adj} :: swindling
zwepen {vt} :: To whip, flog, lash
zwepen {vt} [figuratively] :: To drive forcefully
zweren {vt} :: to swear, pledge, declare under oath
zweren {vi} :: to make/take an oath
zweren {vi} :: to swear, to curse, notably blasphemously
zweren {vi} [obsolete] :: to hurt, be sore
zweren {vi} :: to (infect and) produce pus, boils etc
zwerfhond {m} :: stray dog
zwerfkat {f} {m} :: stray cat
zwerfster {f} :: female tramp
zwerfster {f} :: bag lady
zwerfvuil {n} :: litter (discarded items)
zwerk {n} :: cloud
zwerk {n} :: cloud cover
zwerm {m} :: swarm (large number of individuals)
zwerven {v} :: to wander
zwerver {m} :: agent noun of zwerven; vagabond, tramp
zweten {v} :: to sweat
zweten als een otter {v} [simile] :: to sweat like a pig
zwetsen {v} :: to twaddle, to chatter
zwetsen {v} :: to talk rubbish, tell nonsense
zweven {v} :: to float
zweven {v} :: to glide
zwevende kiezer {m} :: floating voter, swing voter
zweving {f} :: beat
zwezerik {m} :: thymus sweetbread
zwichten {v} :: to yield
zwiepen {v} :: to sway, rock
zwieren {vt} :: to swing (round), to rotate
zwieren {vi} :: to swing, to rotate
Zwiers {prop} :: surname
zwijgen {v} :: to be silent, to shut one's mouth
zwijgen {v} :: to keep silent
zwijggeld {n} [chiefly uncountable] :: hush money
zwijgzaam {adj} :: quiet, taciturn
zwijken {v} [obsolete] :: synonym of bezwijken
zwijm {m} :: weakened or lost consciousness
zwijmen {vi} :: to faint, to swoon
zwijmen {vi} :: to lose strength, to collapse
zwijn {n} [animal] :: pig
zwijn {n} [person] :: swine, fiend
zwijn {n} [slang, originally from Bargoens] :: bicycle
zwijnen {vi} [Bargoens] :: to be lucky
zwijntjesjager {m} [Bargoens, Amsterdam] :: a bicycle thief
zwin {n} [uncommon, marine] :: A deep trench between sandy segments of a sea coast (eg. between sandbars or along the beach), where water collects during eb
zwinden {v} :: to disappear
Zwitser {m} :: a Swiss, a person from Switzerland
Zwitserduits {prop} {n} :: Swiss German
Zwitserland {prop} {n} :: Switzerland
Zwitsers {adj} :: Swiss
zwoegen {v} :: to heave, to breathe heavily
zwoegen {v} [figuratively] :: to toil, to drudge
zwoel {adj} :: oppressive, muggy, sultry
zwoel {adj} :: sensual
zwoelte {f} :: mugginess
zwoerd {n} :: pork rind
Zwolle {prop} :: Zwolle (city/and/capital)
Zwolle {prop} :: Zwolle (municipality)
Zwolle {prop} :: surname
zymogeen {adj} [biology] :: zymogenic
zyn {v} :: obsolete spelling of zijn
zyn {determiner} :: obsolete spelling of zijn
Zyne Majesteit {pron} :: obsolete spelling of Zijne Majesteit
zytoloog {m} :: zythologist, beer connoisseur