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v {letter}  :: The twenty-third (23rd) letter of the Spanish alphabet
V {letter}  :: The 23rd letter of the Spanish alphabet
vía {f}  :: leak
vía {f}  :: method
vía {f}  :: road
vía {f}  :: track, railroad track
vía {f}  :: way
vía {prep}  :: via
vaca {f}  :: cow
vaca {f}  :: leather
vacación {f}  :: vacation, holiday
vacacional {adj}  :: vacation, holiday [attributive]
vacacionar {vi}  :: to go on vacation
vacacionista {m}  :: vacationer
vacada {f}  :: herd (of cows)
vaca marina {f}  :: sea cow
vacante {adj}  :: vacant; empty
vacante {f}  :: vacancy; opening (as for a job)
vacarí {adj}  :: covered in cow hide or leather
vaca sagrada {f}  :: sacred cow
vacas flacas {f} [idiom]  :: Leanness, little prosperity
vacas gordas {f} [idiom]  :: Prosperity
vaciadero {m}  :: dumping site
vaciamiento {adj}  :: empty
vaciamiento {m}  :: emptiness
vaciar {v}  :: to empty
vaciarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of vaciar
vacilación {f}  :: vacillation, perplexity, unresolve
vacilante {adj}  :: unsteady, uncertain
vacilar {v} [colloquial]  :: to spy on
vacilar {v}  :: to enjoy (colloquial, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, and Guatemala)
vacilar {v}  :: to hesitate, waver
vacío {adj}  :: empty
vacío {adj}  :: vacant
vacío {m}  :: empty space; gap
vacío {m}  :: vacuum
vacío {m}  :: void
vía crucis {m}  :: Way of the Cross; Via Crucis
vacuamente {adv}  :: emptily
vacuidad {f}  :: vacuousness
vacuna {f}  :: vaccine
vacunable {adj}  :: vaccinable
vacunación {f}  :: vaccination; inoculation
vacunador {m}  :: vaccinator
vacunar {v}  :: to vaccinate
vacunarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of vacunar
vacuno {adj}  :: bovine
vacuno {m}  :: bovine
vacuo {adj} [dated]  :: empty; vacant
vacuo {m} [dated]  :: empty space, gap
vacuola {f}  :: vacuole
vacuum {m}  :: vacuum
vadear {v}  :: to ford
vadear {v}  :: to wade across
vado {m}  :: ford
Vaduz {prop}  :: Vaduz
vagabunda {f}  :: feminine noun of vagabundo
vagabundear {v}  :: to wander
vagabundo {adj}  :: roaming
vagabundo {adj}  :: stray
vagabundo {f}  :: vagabond
vagabundo {f}  :: vagrant
vagamente {adv}  :: vaguely
vagancia {f}  :: laziness
vagancia {f}  :: vagrancy
vagar {v}  :: to roam, to wander
vagilla {f}  :: obsolete spelling of vajilla
vagina {f}  :: vagina
vaginal {adj}  :: vaginal
vaginalmente {adv}  :: vaginally
vaginoplastia {f} [surgery]  :: vaginoplasty
vagón {m}  :: train car
vago {adj}  :: lazy
vago {adj}  :: vague
vago {f}  :: vagabond
vago {f}  :: wanderer
vagoneta {f}  :: wagon
vaguear {v}  :: to lounge
vaguear {v}  :: to wander
vaguedad {f}  :: vagueness
vaharada {f}  :: puff
vaharada {f}  :: waft
vahído {m}  :: dizziness
vahído {m}  :: dizzy spell
vahído {m}  :: short blackout
vaho {m}  :: breath
vaho {m}  :: vapor
vaina {f}  :: case, casing
vaina {f} [Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, colloquial]  :: hickey
vaina {f} [Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, colloquial]  :: thing, gadget
vaina {f}  :: pod
vaina {f} [regional]  :: green bean
vaina {f}  :: scabbard, sheath
vaina {f} [slang]  :: worthless person
vainica {f}  :: green pea
vainica {f}  :: hemstitch
vainilla {f} [Argentina]  :: ladyfinger
vainilla {f}  :: vanilla (plant or fruit)
vainilla {f}  :: vanilla sex
vainita {f}  :: diminutive form of vaina, small green bean
vaivén {m}  :: fluctuation
vaivén {m}  :: swaying; rocking
vajilla {f}  :: dishes, dishware
val {m}  :: apocopic form of valle valley
valía {f}  :: worth
Vía Láctea {prop}  :: Milky Way
vale {interj} [only Spain]  :: okay
vale {m}  :: A voucher; an IOU
valedero {adj}  :: valid (well grounded or justifiable, pertinent)
valedor {f}  :: protector
valedora {f}  :: feminine noun of valedor
Valencia {prop}  :: The letter V in the Spanish phonetic alphabet
Valencia {prop}  :: Valencia (placename)
Valencia {prop}  :: Valencia (placename)
valenciana {f}  :: feminine noun of valenciano
valencianismo {m}  :: Pro-Valencia feelings
valencianista {adj} [football]  :: Of or related to Valencia CF, a football team in Valencia
valencianista {m} [football]  :: Someone associated with Valencia CF, as a player, coach, fan etc
valenciano {adj}  :: Valencian
valenciano {f}  :: Valencian
valenciano {prop}  :: Valencian (dialect of Catalan)
valentía {f}  :: courage
Valentina {prop}  :: female given name, feminine form of Valentín
Valentín {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to English Valentine
valer {v}  :: to be worth
valerato {m} [organic compound]  :: valerate
valer la pena {v}  :: to be worth the effort, to pay off
valeroso {adj}  :: brave
valerse {vr}  :: to make use of
valet {m} [card games]  :: jack, knave
validación {f}  :: validation
validar {v}  :: to validate
validez {f}  :: validity
valido {adj}  :: past participle of valer; valued
valido {adj}  :: valued; favored; believed
valido {m}  :: a valued, favored, trusted or believed person
valiente {adj}  :: valiant, brave, courageous
valientemente {adv}  :: valiantly
valija {f}  :: valise
valina {f} [amino acid]  :: valine
valioso {adj}  :: valuable
valkiria {f}  :: alternative spelling of valquiria
valla {f}  :: barricade; fence
valla {f}  :: hurdle
valla {f}  :: obstacle
valladar {m}  :: fence
vallado {m}  :: fence
vallado {m}  :: fencing
vallado {m}  :: palisade
Valladolid {prop}  :: Valladolid (placename)
Valladolid {prop}  :: Valladolid (placename)
vallar {v}  :: to fence in, enclose
valle {m}  :: valley
vallecano {adj}  :: From or of Vallecas, a neighbourhood of Madrid
vallecano {adj}  :: From or of Valle, a department of Honduras
Valle de los Reyes {prop}  :: Valley of the Kings
valleinclanesco {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Ramón del Valle-Inclán, Spanish writer
vallenato {m} [music]  :: vallenato
vallinclanesco {adj}  :: Of or relating to Ramón María del Valle-Inclán, A Spanish writer (1866-1936), or his works
vallisoletano {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Valladolid
vallisoletano {f}  :: Someone from Valladolid
valón {adj}  :: Walloon
valón {f}  :: A Walloon person
valón {m}  :: Walloon (language)
Valonia {prop}  :: Wallonia
valor {m}  :: courage
valor {m} [finance]  :: security
valor {m}  :: value (all senses)
valor {m}  :: worth
valoración {f}  :: valuation; appraisal
valorar {v}  :: to appraise
valorar {v}  :: to value
valor característico {m} [linear algebra]  :: eigenvalue
valorización {f}  :: valorization
valorizar {vt}  :: to give or add value to
valorizar {vt}  :: to value, to appraise
valor nominal {m}  :: face value, nominal value
valor preestablicido {m}  :: A default, preset value
valor propio {m} [linear algebra]  :: eigenvalue
valproato {m} [organic compound]  :: valproate
valproico {adj}  :: valproic
valquiria {f}  :: Valkyrie
valérico {adj}  :: valeric
vals {m}  :: waltz
valsar {v}  :: to waltz
valse {m}  :: waltz
valuar {v}  :: to value
valva {f} [anatomy]  :: valve
valvular {adj}  :: valvular (of or relating to valves)
valvulopatía {f}  :: valvulopathy
vamos hablando {phrase}  :: we'll see; let's keep in touch
vampira {f}  :: A female vampire
vampiresa {f}  :: vampiress
vampirito {f}  :: diminutive form of vampiro
vampirizar {v}  :: to vampirize (to drain the resources of)
vampiro {f}  :: vampire
vampírico {adj}  :: vampiric
vanadato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: vanadate
vanadinita {f} [mineral]  :: vanadinite
vanadio {m}  :: vanadium
vanagloria {f}  :: boastfulness, vainglory
vanagloriarse {vr}  :: to boast
vanamente {adv}  :: vainly
vandalismo {m}  :: vandalism
vandalizar {v}  :: to vandalize
vandálico {adj}  :: vandalic
Vane {prop}  :: female given name, nickname of Vanessa
Vanesa {prop}  :: female given name
vanguardia {f}  :: avantgarde
vanguardia {f}  :: vanguard
vanguardismo {m}  :: vanguardism
vanguardista {adj}  :: avant-garde
vanguardista {m}  :: a member a the avant-garde
vanidad {m}  :: nonsense
vanidad {m}  :: pomp
vanidad {m}  :: vanity
vanidosamente {adv}  :: vainly
vanidoso {adj}  :: vain
vanilina {f} [organic compound]  :: vanillin
vano {adj}  :: vain
Vanuatu {prop}  :: Vanuatu
vanuatuense {adj}  :: Vanuatuan
vanuatuense {m}  :: Vanuatuan
vapor {m}  :: steam, vapor (water vapor)
vaporización {f}  :: vaporization
vaporizador {m}  :: vaporizer
vaporizar {vt}  :: to vaporize
vaporoso {adj}  :: airy
vaporoso {adj}  :: vaporous
vapulear {v}  :: to beat up, beat
vapulear {v}  :: to thrash
vaquera {f}  :: cowgirl
vaquería {f}  :: licence to raise bulls or cows
vaquería {f}  :: wild bull and cow hunting
vaquero {adj}  :: cowboy
vaquero {m}  :: cowboy
vaquero {m} [in plural]  :: jeans
vaquilla {f}  :: heifer
vara {f}  :: a long and thin stick, pole or rod
vara {f}  :: a staff of office
vara {f} [bullfighting]  :: bullfighter's lance
vara {f} [obsolete]  :: A unit of length, about 0.836 metre. Half a braza
vara {f}  :: thin branch or cane (of a tree or bush)
varado {adj}  :: beached
varado {adj}  :: stranded
vara mágica {f}  :: a magic wand
varapalo {m}  :: battering, barrage of criticism
varapalo {m}  :: caning (hit with a cane or pole)
varapalo {m}  :: long pole
varar {v}  :: to beach
varar {v}  :: to run aground
varetazo {m} [bullfighting]  :: A hit with the lateral part of a bull's horn
Vargas {prop}  :: Spanish surname
variabilidad {f}  :: variability
variable {adj}  :: variable
variable {f}  :: variable
variablemente {adv}  :: variably
variación {f}  :: variation
variado {adj}  :: diverse
variante {adj}  :: variable
variante {adj}  :: varying
variante {f}  :: variant
varianza {f}  :: variance
variar {v}  :: to alter, vary, change
varice {f}  :: varicose vein
varicela {f} [pathology]  :: chicken pox
varicoso {adj}  :: varicose
variedad {f}  :: breed
variedad {f}  :: variety
varilarguero {m} [bullfighting]  :: picador
varilla {f}  :: spoke
varilla {f}  :: whisk
vario {adj}  :: varied
vario {adj}  :: various
variopinto {adj}  :: multicoloured
variopinto {adj}  :: multifaceted
varios {adj}  :: various, several
varita {f}  :: wand
varón {m}  :: person of male sex
varonil {adj}  :: masculine
Varsovia {prop}  :: Warsaw (placename)
varsoviano {adj}  :: Varsovian
varsoviano {f}  :: Varsovian
vasallage {m}  :: alternative spelling of vasallaje; vassalage
vasallaje {m}  :: vassalage
vasallo {m}  :: vassal
vasca {f}  :: (female) Basque person
vascófono {f}  :: Basque speaker
vascófono {n}  :: Basque-speaking
vascón {adj}  :: Vascon
vascón {f}  :: Vascon
vasco {adj}  :: Basque
vasco {f}  :: a Basque person
vasco {prop}  :: the Basque language
vascohablante {adj}  :: Basque-speaking
vascohablante {m}  :: Basque speaker
vascona {f}  :: feminine noun of vascón
vasconcelista {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to José Vasconcelos, Spanish writer
vascongado {adj}  :: Basque
vascongado {f}  :: Basque
vascuence {adj}  :: of the Basque language
vascuence {m}  :: the Basque language
vascular {adj}  :: vascular
vascularización {f}  :: vascularization
vasculitis {f} [pathology]  :: vasculitis
vasectomía {f} [surgery]  :: vasectomy
vaselina {f}  :: petroleum jelly
vaselina {f} [sports]  :: lob, chip
vasija {f}  :: vessel
vasito {m}  :: (small) glass
vaso {m}  :: drinking glass
vaso {m}  :: glassful
vaso {m}  :: vessel (container)
vaso {m}  :: vessel (craft)
vaso {m}  :: vessel (tube or canal that carries fluid in an animal or plant)
vasoactivo {adj}  :: vasoactive
vaso de precipitados {m}  :: Any kind of beaker, or similar glass container used in a chemical laboratory
vaso sanguíneo {m}  :: blood vessel
vasovasostomía {f} [surgery]  :: vasovasostomy
vasquismo {m}  :: Pro-Basque movement
vasquista {m}  :: Supporter of Basquism
vastedad {f}  :: extension, width
vastedad {f}  :: vastness, broadness
vasto {adj}  :: vast
vasto externo {m}  :: vastus lateralis, vastus externus
vasto interno {m}  :: vastus medialis
vastísimo {adj}  :: superlative form of vasto
vataje {m}  :: wattage
vaticana {f}  :: feminine noun of vaticano
vaticano {adj}  :: Vatican (relating to the Vatican city state)
vaticano {f}  :: A Vaticanian (someone from the Vatican city state)
Vaticano {adj}  :: Vatican (pertaining to the Pope or the Holy See)
Vaticano {adj}  :: Vatican (pertaining to the Vatican)
Vaticano {prop}  :: the Vatican
vaticinar {v}  :: to predict, to vaticinate
vaticinio {m}  :: prediction
vatio {m}  :: watt
vato {f} [Chicano, slang]  :: Hispanic youth; guy; dude
vav {f}  :: vav; the Hebrew letter ו
vaya {interj} [before a noun]  :: What a ..
vaya {interj}  :: Expresses surprise; Well!
vaya con Dios {phrase}  :: Godspeed
víbora {f} [colloquial, Mexico]  :: snake
víbora {f}  :: malicious person, snake in the grass
víbora {f}  :: viper, adder
VC {abbr}  :: Veracruz (Mexican state)
víctima {f}  :: victim
Víctor {prop}  :: male given name
Vd. {pron}  :: Abbreviated form of usted
vídeo {m}  :: video
védico {adj}  :: Vedic
Vds. {abbr}  :: you (plural, formal)
ve {f}  :: Name of the letter v
vecina {f}  :: (female) neighbour
vecinal {adj} [attributive]  :: neighbour
vecinal {adj}  :: local
vecinal {adj}  :: neighbourly
vecindad {f}  :: neighborhood
vecindad {f}  :: vicinity
vecindario {m}  :: neighbourhood
vecinita {f}  :: feminine noun of vecinito
vecinito {f}  :: diminutive form of vecino; little neighbour
vecino {adj}  :: neighboring
vecino {f}  :: neighbour
vecino {f}  :: (obsolete) freeman, person of relatively high status associated with a place
vector {m}  :: vector
vectorial {adj} [mathematics]  :: vectorial
vector propio {m} [linear algebra]  :: eigenvector
vector unitario {m} [linear algebra]  :: unit vector
veda {f} [hunting]  :: closed season
veda {f}  :: prohibition, ban
vedar {v}  :: to ban, prohibit
vedetismo {m}  :: stardom, superstardom
vedette {f}  :: star (actor in a leading role)
ve de vaca {letter}  :: The letter V, so called to distinguish it from be de burro, the letter B
ve doble {f}  :: Name of the letter w
veedor {adj}  :: looking, observing
veedor {f}  :: guard
veedor {f}  :: overman
veedor {f}  :: overseer
vega {f}  :: alluvial plain
vega {f}  :: fertile lowland
vega {f}  :: grassy plain
vega {f}  :: meadow
vega {f}  :: valley (the fertile lowlands surrounding a river)
Vega {prop}  :: Spanish surname derived from [[vega meadow]]
vegan {m}  :: A vegan
veganismo {m}  :: veganism
vegano {adj}  :: vegan (relating to vegans or veganism)
vegano {f}  :: vegan (supporter of veganism)
Vegecio {prop}  :: Vegetius
vegetación {f}  :: vegetation
vegetal {adj}  :: vegetal
vegetal {m}  :: vegetable
vegetar {v}  :: to vegetate
vegetariana {f}  :: feminine noun of vegetariano
vegetarianismo {m}  :: vegetarianism
vegetariano {adj}  :: vegetarian
vegetariano {f}  :: vegetarian
vegetativo {adj}  :: vegetative
veguense {adj}  :: Las Vegan
veguense {m}  :: Las Vegan
vehículo {m}  :: vehicle
vehemencia {f}  :: vehemence, zeal
vehemente {adj}  :: vehement
vehementemente {adv}  :: vehemently
vehicular {adj}  :: vehicular (of a common language)
vehicular {adj}  :: vehicular (of a vehicle)
vehicular {v}  :: to serve as a mediator
vehiculizar {v}  :: synonym of vehicular
veinte {cardinal num} [cardinal]  :: twenty
veinteañero {adj}  :: twenty-something, twentyish (years old)
veinteañero {f}  :: Person in their twenties
veinteava {f}  :: feminine noun of veinteavo
veinteavo {adj}  :: twentieth (portion of a whole)
veinteavo {f}  :: twentieth (portion of a whole)
veintena {f}  :: Set of twenty units
veinteno {adj}  :: twentieth
veintetantos {v}  :: twentysomething
veinticinco {num}  :: twenty-five
veinticuatro {num}  :: twenty-four
veintidós {num}  :: twenty-two
veintiún {num} [before the noun]  :: apocopic form of veintiuno twenty-one
veintinueve {num}  :: twenty-nine
veintiocho {num}  :: twenty-eight
veintipocos {adj}  :: approximately twenty
veintisiete {num}  :: twenty-seven
veintiséis {num}  :: twenty-six
veintitantos {num}  :: twentysomething
veintitrés {num}  :: twenty-three
veintiuno {num} [cardinal]  :: twenty-one
vejación {f}  :: bullying
vejación {f}  :: harassing
vejado {adj}  :: vexed
vejamen {m}  :: lampoon, satire
vejaminista {adj}  :: satirical
vejar {v}  :: to harass
vejatorio {adj}  :: vexatious
vejestoria {f}  :: feminine noun of vejestorio
vejestorio {f} [Latin America]  :: very old object
vejestorio {f} [pejorative]  :: old fogey, dodo, fuddy-duddy (very old person)
vejez {f}  :: old age
vejiga {f}  :: bladder
vejiga {f} [El Salvador]  :: balloon
vejiga de perro {f}  :: bladder cherry
vela {f}  :: candle
vela {f} [nautical]  :: sail
vela {f} [nautical]  :: sailing
vela {f}  :: vigil, watch
vela {f}  :: wakefulness, sleeplessness
vela cangreja {f} [nautical]  :: lugsail
velada {f}  :: night meeting
velada {f}  :: soirée
velador {m}  :: candlestick
velador {m} [Chile]  :: nightstand
vela güira {f} [slang, Puerto Rico, pejorative]  :: An opportunist; one who takes an advantage over others
vela latina {f} [label, fr, nautical]  :: lateen (sail)
velar {adj}  :: velar
velar {v} [information]  :: to conceal, cover, hide
velar {v} [photographies]  :: to fog
velar {v}  :: to be vigilant
velar {v}  :: to keep vigil (over a dead person)
velar {v}  :: to sit up (with an ill person)
velar {v}  :: to veil
velar {v}  :: to watch, guard
velarte {m}  :: broadcloth, fine cloth
Velasco {prop}  :: Spanish surname
velatorio {m}  :: funeral parlour
velatorio {m}  :: wake (for the dead)
velcro {m}  :: Velcro
veleidad {f}  :: caprice, whimsy
veleidad {f}  :: fickleness
veleidoso {adj}  :: fickle
veleño {m}  :: obsolete spelling of beleño
velerismo {m}  :: sailing (a recreational activity)
velero {m}  :: sailboat
velero {m}  :: sailmaker
velero {m}  :: sailmaking
veleta {f}  :: veleta (dance)
veleta {f}  :: weathercock (person who constantly changes their mind)
veleta {f}  :: weather vane
veleto {adj} [bullfighting]  :: Having very high horns
vellón {m}  :: fleece
vello {m}  :: body hair, androgenic hair, vellus hair
vello androgénico {m}  :: body hair, androgenic hair
vellocino {m}  :: fleece
vello corporal {m}  :: body hair
vello púbico {m}  :: pubic hair
vellosidad {f}  :: hairiness
velloso {adj}  :: fluffy
velloso {adj}  :: hairy
velluda {f}  :: Hairy woman. Usually referring to excess of arm, chest, or pubic hair (not head hair)
velludo {adj}  :: hairy-bodied
velludo {m}  :: felt, velvet
velo {m}  :: veil
velocidad {f} [automotive]  :: gear
velocidad {f} [physics]  :: velocity
velocidad {f}  :: speed
velocidad del sonido {f}  :: speed of sound
velociraptor {m} [rare]  :: velociraptor
velocirráptor {m}  :: velociraptor
velocista {m}  :: sprinter
velocímetro {m}  :: speedometer
velocípedo {m}  :: velocipede
velorio {m}  :: wake (for the dead)
veloz {adj}  :: fast, quick, speedy
velozmente {adv}  :: quickly
Velázquez {prop}  :: Spanish surname
vena {f}  :: vein
venado {m} [colloquial]  :: cuckold, deceived husband or partner
venado {m}  :: deer
venado {m}  :: venison
vena safena {f} [anatomy]  :: saphenous vein
vencedor {adj}  :: conquering
vencedor {adj}  :: winning, defeating, vanquishing
vencedor {f}  :: conquerer
vencedor {f}  :: victor, winner
vencedora {f}  :: (female) conquerer
vencedores {adj}  :: feminine plural of vencedor
vencejo {m}  :: swift (bird)
vencer {vr}  :: to expire
vencer {v}  :: to defeat, to win, to conquer
venceremos {interj}  :: (Politics) We shall win, as a slogan
vencido {adj}  :: defeated, beaten
vencido {adj}  :: expired
vencimiento {m}  :: collapse
vencimiento {m}  :: defeat
vencimiento {m}  :: expiry date
vencimiento {m}  :: expiry, expiration
venda {f}  :: bandage
venda {f} [ethnics]  :: Feminine of vendo, Wend woman (Slavic people)
vendaje {m}  :: bandage, dressing (for a wound or injury)
vendar {v}  :: to bandage
vendar {v}  :: to blindfold
vendaval {m}  :: windstorm
vendedor {f}  :: salesman
vendedora {f}  :: saleswoman
vendemotos {m} [colloquial]  :: someone who can easily talk somebody into buying things that aren't needed, or that are of low quality
vendepatrias {m}  :: traitor
vender {vt}  :: to sell
vender la piel del oso antes de cazarlo {v} [idiomatic]  :: to count one's chickens before they hatch
vender la pomada {v} [colloquial]  :: to fool, deceive, beguile (make someone believe a lie)
venderse {vr}  :: reflexive form of vender To sell for; to fetch
vendible {adj}  :: saleable, sellable
vendido {m} [pejorative]  :: sellout
vendimia {f}  :: vintage (yield of grapes during one season)
vendimiador {m}  :: vintager
vendo {m}  :: Wend (Slavic people and its language)
Venecia {prop}  :: Venice (placename)
veneciano {adj}  :: Venetian
veneciano {f}  :: Venetian
venencia {f}  :: An implement used to take out sherry samples from a barrel, consisting of a long flexible shaft with a small cup at the end
venenciador {f}  :: Someone who takes out and pours sherry using a venencia
venenciadora {f}  :: feminine noun of venenciador
venenciar {v}  :: to pour sherry using a venencia
veneno {m}  :: poison
veneno {m}  :: venom
venenoso {adj}  :: venomous, poisonous, toxic
venera {f}  :: A shell of a scallop
venerabilidad {f}  :: venerability
venerable {adj}  :: venerable
venerablemente {adv}  :: venerably
veneración {f}  :: veneration
venerar {v}  :: to venerate
venezolana {f}  :: feminine form of venezolano
venezolano {adj}  :: Venezuelan
venezolano {f}  :: a Venezuelan person
venezolano {f}  :: the currency of Venezuela; venezolano
Venezuela {prop}  :: Venezuela
venga {interj}  :: come on, attaboy
venga {interj}  :: wow, woah
vengador {f}  :: avenger
vengadora {f}  :: avenger
venganza {f}  :: vengeance
vengar {v}  :: to take revenge
vengativo {adj}  :: vengeful (wanting vengeance)
venia {f}  :: consent, permission
venia {f}  :: forgiveness
venia {f} [Latin America, military]  :: salute
venida {f}  :: arrival, return
venida {f}  :: coming
venidero {adj}  :: future, forthcoming, upcoming
venir {v}  :: to come
venir al caso {v} [idiomatic]  :: to be relevant, to be to the point
venirse {vr}  :: reflexive form of venir
venirse abajo {v}  :: to collapse
venirse abajo {v}  :: to come to nothing
venirse abajo {v}  :: to go to pieces
venlafaxina {f} [pharmaceutical drug]  :: venlafaxine
venoso {adj}  :: venous
venéreo {adj}  :: venereal
venta {f}  :: roadside inn in Spain
venta {f}  :: sale
venta al por mayor {f}  :: wholesale (business)
ventaja {f}  :: advantage
ventaja {f}  :: benefit
ventajismo {m}  :: nerve, gall
ventajista {adj}  :: opportunistic, self-serving
ventajosamente {adv}  :: advantageously, profitably, favorably
ventajoso {adj}  :: advantageous, profitable, favorable
ventana {f} [computing]  :: window (area on a computer screen)
ventana {f}  :: nostril
ventana {f}  :: small gap or opening; forest clearing
ventana {f}  :: window frame
ventana {f}  :: window (opening for light and air)
ventanal {m}  :: augmentative form of ventana, large window
ventanilla {f}  :: small window
ventanilla {f}  :: ticket window
ventar {vi}  :: to blow
ventar {vt}  :: to sniff, to scent
ventarrón {m}  :: strong wind
ventear {v} [impersonal]  :: to blow (of the wind)
ventear {vr}  :: to blister (get a blister)
ventear {vr}  :: to break wind
ventear {vr}  :: to dry out (e..g tobacco)
ventear {vr}  :: to split
ventear {v}  :: to air, air out (clothes)
ventear {v}  :: to sniff around, snoop
ventear {v}  :: to sniff the air (said of an animal)
ventera {f}  :: innkeeper
ventero {f}  :: innkeeper
ventilación {f}  :: ventilation
ventilador {m}  :: fan, ventilator
ventilar {v}  :: to ventilate
ventisca {f}  :: blizzard, snowstorm
ventisca {f}  :: storm (strong wind)
ventisquero {m}  :: storm (strong wind)
ventolera {f}  :: gale, strong blast of wind
ventolera {f}  :: pinwheel
ventolera {f}  :: whim
ventosamente {adv}  :: windily, breezily
ventosear {v}  :: to fart (break wind)
ventoso {adj} [weather]  :: windy, breezy
ventrículo {m}  :: ventricle
ventresca {f}  :: ventresca
ventricular {adj}  :: ventricular
ventrílocuo {m}  :: ventriloquist
ventura {f}  :: fortune, chance, luck
venturina {f}  :: aventurine
venturoso {adj}  :: fortunate, lucky
Venus {prop}  :: Venus
ver {v}  :: to see
ver {v}  :: to watch
vera {f}  :: edge, border
vera {f}  :: really
vera {f}  :: shore or bank of a watercourse, edge, border
vera {f}  :: side, face
veracidad {f}  :: veracity
Veracruz {prop}  :: Veracruz (placename)
veracruzano {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the Mexican state of Veracruz
veraneante {m}  :: vacationer
veranear {v}  :: to summer; to spend a summer at
veraneo {m}  :: summer holiday / summer vacation
veraniego {adj}  :: pertaining to the summer
veraniego {adj}  :: trivial
verano {m}  :: summer
veraz {adj}  :: truthful, veracious
verbal {adj}  :: verbal
verbal {m} [grammar]  :: verbal
verbalista {adj}  :: verbal, verbalistic
verbalista {adj}  :: verbose
verbalista {mf}  :: verbalist
verbalización {f}  :: verbalization (act, process of verbalizing)
verbalizar {v}  :: to verbalise
verbalmente {adv}  :: verbally
verbena {f}  :: A night-time fair or party
verbena {f}  :: verbena (plant)
verbena de Indias {f}  :: lemon verbena (shrub, Aloysia triphylla)
verbenita {f}  :: diminutive form of verbena
verberar {v}  :: to whip, flog
verbigracia {adv} [formal]  :: for instance, for example
verbigracia {m}  :: example
verbo {m} [grammar]  :: verb
verbo intransitivo {m} [grammar]  :: intransitive verb
verbo irregular {m}  :: irregular verb
verbo reflexivo {m} [grammar]  :: reflexive verb
verborragia {f}  :: verbiage
verborrea {f} [colloquial]  :: verbiage
verbo transitivo {m} [grammar]  :: transitive verb
ver con buenos ojos {v} [idiomatic]  :: to look favourably on
verdad {f}  :: fact
verdad {f}  :: truth
verdaderamente {adv}  :: truthfully
verdadero {adj}  :: honest
verdadero {adj}  :: true, real
verdadero {m}  :: a person who tells the truth
verde {adj}  :: dirty, coarse
verde {adj}  :: green (eco-friendly)
verde {adj}  :: green in colour
verde {adj}  :: inexperienced; naïve
verde {adj}  :: risqué, naughty
verde {adj}  :: unripe
verde {adj}  :: unwell; sick
verde {m}  :: green (colour)
verdeamarela {f} [soccer]  :: The Brazil national football team
verdear {v}  :: to turn green
verdel {m}  :: mackerel
verdiano {adj}  :: Verdian (of or pertaining to Giuseppe Verdi)
verdiblanco {m} [football, Mexico]  :: A player, supporter, or someone who works for Club León, a football club in León, Mexico
verdiblanco {m} [football, Spain]  :: A player, supporter, or someone who works for Real Betis, a football club in Sevilla, Spain
verídico {adj}  :: true, veridical, veracious
verdinegro {adj}  :: green and black
verdirrojo {adj}  :: red and green
verdín {m}  :: small (green) plant
ver doble {v} [idiom]  :: to see double
verdolaga {f}  :: purslane, a plant of species Portulaca oleracea
verdoso {adj}  :: greenish
verdugón {m}  :: bruise, welt
verdugo {m} [bullfighting]  :: The puntilla
verdugo {m}  :: executioner, hangman
verduguillo {m}  :: A type of rapier with a long, thin blade
verduguillo {m} [nautical]  :: moulding
verdulera {f}  :: feminine noun of verdulero, female greengrocer, fruiterer
verdulería {f}  :: greengrocer's [UK] , produce store [US], produce shop [US]
verdulero {f}  :: greengrocer, fruiterer
verdura {f}  :: greenness, verdancy
verdura {f}  :: vegetable
verdurita {f}  :: diminutive form of verdura
verdusco {adj}  :: greenish, somewhat green
vereda {f} [Latin American Spanish]  :: sidewalk
veredicto {m} [legal]  :: verdict
verga {f}  :: a long and thin stick, pole or rod
verga {f} [nautical]  :: a yardarm or yard
verga {f} [vulgar]  :: an erect penis, dick
verga {f} [vulgar]  :: a thing of bad or undesirable quality
verga {f} [weapon]  :: steel bow (of a crossbow)
vergajazo {m}  :: blow from a whip or lash
vergajazo {m}  :: whip, lash
vergel {m}  :: orchard
vergüenza {f}  :: embarrassment
vergüenza {f}  :: shame
vergüenza ajena {f}  :: shame or embarrassment felt as a result of the actions of others
vergón {adj} [vulgar]  :: expert, strong, powerful
vergón {adj} [vulgar]  :: someone with a big penis
vergonzante {adj}  :: shameful, embarrassing
vergonzosamente {adv}  :: modestly, shyly
vergonzoso {adj}  :: bashful
vergonzoso {adj}  :: shameful
vergonzoso {adj}  :: shy
vergota {f} [vulgar]  :: big cock, penis
vericueto {m}  :: difficult mountain trail
vericueto {m}  :: difficult terrain
vericueto {m}  :: intricacy
vericueto {m}  :: meander
verificabilidad {f}  :: verifiability
verificable {adj}  :: verifiable
verificación {f}  :: realization
verificación {f}  :: verification
verificar {v}  :: to verify, check
verismo {m}  :: verism, realism
verista {adj} [art]  :: veristic, realist
verja {f}  :: railing
verle el ojo a la papa {v} [idiomatic, Chile]  :: to pop one's cherry
vermú {m}  :: vermouth
vermiforme {adj}  :: vermiform; worm-shaped
Vermont {prop}  :: Vermont
vermut {m}  :: vermouth
vernáculo {adj}  :: vernacular (pertaining to everyday language)
verónica {f}  :: An act in bullfighting where the matador lets his cloak trail over the bull's head
verónica {f}  :: speedwell
Verónica {prop}  :: female given name; a cognate of the English Veronica
vero {adj}  :: [antiquated] true, real
vero {m} [heraldry]  :: vair
veronal {m}  :: veronal
verosimilitud {f}  :: likelihood
verosímil {adj}  :: plausible
verraco {m}  :: a male, uncastrated adult pig
verraco {m} [Americas]  :: a foolish, slovenly or misbehaving person
verraco {m} [archaeology]  :: a stone sculpture of a pig or other quadruped created by the pre-Roman inhabitants of Iberia, especially the Vettones
verruga {f}  :: wart, verruca
versado {adj}  :: versed, knowledgeable, skilled
versallesco {adj} [attributive]  :: Versailles
versar {v}  :: to concern
versar {v}  :: to turn (around)
versatilidad {m}  :: versatility
versículo {m}  :: verse (in the Bible)
verse {v}  :: to meet; to see one another
versear {v}  :: to lie, to tell a tall tale
versificador {f}  :: versifier
versificadora {f}  :: feminine noun of versificador
versificar {v}  :: to versify
versión {f}  :: cover version
versión {f}  :: version
versionar {v} [music]  :: to cover (make a cover version)
verso {adj} [mathematics]  :: versed
verso {m}  :: (artillery): small culverin (kind of cannon)
verso {m} [colloquial]  :: lie, story, porky
verso {m} [printing]  :: verso, left-hand page
verso {m}  :: verse, line (of a poem)
verso {m}  :: verse, poem
verso {m}  :: verso, reverse, back, overleaf (of a page)
verso suelto {m}  :: blank verse
verso suelto {m} [idiomatic]  :: maverick, nonconformist
versátil {adj}  :: versatile
versus {prep}  :: versus
vertebración {f}  :: support
vertebrado {adj}  :: vertebrate (having a backbone)
vertebral {adj} [anatomy]  :: vertebral
vertebrar {v}  :: to support
vertedero {m}  :: landfill, dump (place where waste or garbage is left)
vertedero {m}  :: weir
verter {vt}  :: to pour, spill, shed
vertical {adj}  :: vertical
verticalidad {f}  :: verticality
verticalizar {v}  :: to verticalize
verticalmente {adv}  :: vertically
verticilo {m} [botany]  :: whorl
vertido {m}  :: pouring
vertido {m}  :: tipping
vertiente {f}  :: slope
vertiginosamente {adv}  :: dizzily
vertiginosamente {adv}  :: dramatically, rapidly
vertiginoso {adj}  :: dizzying, vertiginous, giddy
vertimiento {m}  :: dumping
vesania {f}  :: madness, insanity
vesania {f}  :: rage
vesícula {f} [cytology]  :: vesicle
vesícula biliar {f}  :: gall bladder
vesícula seminal {f} [anatomy]  :: seminal vesicle
vespertino {adj}  :: evening
vespertino {m}  :: sermon preached in the evening
vesre {m}  :: A backslang form of Argentine and Uruguayan Spanish
vestíbulo {m}  :: hall
vestíbulo {m}  :: vestibule
vestidito {m}  :: diminutive form of vestido
vestido {adj}  :: dressed
vestido {m}  :: dress
vestido de faralaes {m}  :: A frilly dress worn by flamenco dancers
vestidor {m}  :: changing room
vestidura {f}  :: clothing, garb
vestigio {m}  :: vestige (faint mark or visible sign left by something which is lost)
vestimenta {f}  :: clothes, outfit, apparel
vestimenta {f}  :: vesture
vestir {v}  :: to adorn, to bedeck, to embellish
vestir {v}  :: to disguise, to cover up
vestir {v}  :: to dress, to clothe, to attire
vestir {v}  :: to make clothes for, to dress
vestir {v}  :: to wear
vestirse {v}  :: to get dressed
vestuario {m}  :: clothing
vestuario {m}  :: wardrobe
veta {f} [mining]  :: vein, seam
veta {f} [of wood]  :: vein
veta {f}  :: streak
vetar {v}  :: to veto
vete a chingar {phrase} [pejorative, Cuba slang]  :: Go fuck yourself
vete a la mierda {interj} [vulgar, offensive]  :: fuck you, go to hell
vete a saber {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: you tell me, goodness knows, who knows
veterana {f}  :: feminine form of veterano
veterano {adj}  :: veteran
veterano {f}  :: veteran
veterinaria {f}  :: female veterinarian
veterinaria {f}  :: veterinary science
veterinario {adj}  :: veterinary
veterinario {f}  :: veterinarian, vet, veterinary, veterinary surgeon
veto {m}  :: veto
vetusto {adj}  :: old, ancient, age-old
vexilo {m} [ornithology]  :: vane (of a feather)
vexilología {f}  :: vexillology
vez {f}  :: time, instance
veza {f}  :: vetch
vezes {fp}  :: obsolete spelling of veces
vezino {f}  :: obsolete spelling of vecino
vezo {m} [rare]  :: custom, habit
viña {f}  :: vineyard
viabilidad {f}  :: viability
viabilizar {vt}  :: to make viable
viable {adj}  :: viable
viacrucis {m}  :: alternative spelling of vía crucis
viñador {f}  :: winegrower
viñadora {f}  :: feminine noun of viñador
viaducto {m}  :: viaduct
viage {m}  :: obsolete spelling of viaje
viagra {m}  :: Viagra
viajador {adj}  :: travelling
viajador {f}  :: traveler
viajante {adj}  :: travelling (person)
viajante {m}  :: travelling salesman
viajar {v}  :: to travel, to journey
viaje {m}  :: voyage, journey, trip
viajecito {m}  :: diminutive form of viaje
viaje inaugural {m}  :: maiden voyage
viajera {f}  :: feminine noun of viajero
viajero {adj}  :: travelling
viajero {f}  :: traveller, traveler
vial {adj}  :: of or pertaining to a via, road, highway
vial {m}  :: avenue
vial {m}  :: vial
vianda {f}  :: food, viands (items of food served as a meal)
vianda {f}  :: meals on wheels (food delivered to the homes of those unable to cook)
vianda {f}  :: takeaway meal
viandante {m}  :: passer-by, walker
viario {adj}  :: road, street, highway (attributive)
viborear {v}  :: to wind, slither, snake
viborezno {adj}  :: viperous (of or pertaining to a viper)
viborezno {m}  :: snakelet, especially a young viper
vibra {f} [colloquial]  :: vibe (atmosphere or aura of a person or place as communicated to and felt by others)
vibración {f}  :: vibration
vibracionismo {m}  :: vibrational art
vibrador {m}  :: vibrator (sex)
vibrafonista {m} [music]  :: vibraphonist
vibrante {adj} [linguistics]  :: trilled
vibrante {adj}  :: vibrant, lively
vibrante {adj}  :: vibrating
vibrante {f} [linguistics]  :: vibrant
vibrar {v}  :: to brandish
vibrar {v}  :: to roll the letter R
vibrar {v}  :: to vibrate
viburno {m}  :: viburnum
vicariamente {adv}  :: vicariously
vicario {m}  :: vicar
vice- {prefix}  :: vice-
vicealcalde {m}  :: vice-mayor
vicecanciller {m}  :: vice-chancellor
viceconsejera {f}  :: feminine noun of viceconsejero
viceconsejero {f}  :: deputy minister
vicedirector {m}  :: vice-director
vicegerente {m}  :: deputy leader
vicegobernador {m}  :: vice governor
vicejefa {f}  :: deputy boss, deputy leader
vicejefe {m}  :: deputy boss, second-in-command
vicemandataria {f}  :: deputy head of state
vicemandatario {f}  :: deputy head of state
viceministerio {m}  :: viceministry
viceministra {f}  :: feminine noun of viceministro
viceministro {f}  :: vice minister
Vicenta {prop}  :: female given name, feminine form of Vicente ( =Vincent)
Vicente {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to English Vincent
vicepresidencia {f}  :: vice-presidency
vicepresidenta {f}  :: feminine noun of vicepresidente
vicepresidente {f}  :: vice president
viceprimer {adj}  :: deputy prime
viceprimer ministro {m}  :: deputy prime minister
vicerrector {f}  :: vice-rector
vicerrectora {f}  :: feminine form of vicerrector
vicesecretaria {f}  :: feminine noun of vicesecretario
vicesecretario {f}  :: vice-secretary
vicevaledora {f}  :: deputy protector
viceversa {adv}  :: vice versa, the other way round
viciar {v}  :: to distort
vicio {m}  :: vice
vicioso {adj}  :: profligate
vicioso {adj}  :: vicious
vicisitud {f}  :: vicissitude
victimar {v}  :: to murder someone
victimaria {f}  :: killer
victimario {f}  :: killer
victimismo {m}  :: victimism
victimista {adj}  :: victimist
victimización {f}  :: victimization
victimizar {v}  :: to victimize
victoria {f}  :: victory
Victoria {prop}  :: female given name
victoriano {adj}  :: Victorian
victoriosamente {adv}  :: victoriously
victorioso {adj}  :: victorious, triumphant
vicuña {f}  :: vicuna
vid {f}  :: vine, grapevine
vida {f}  :: a term of endearment; darling, sweetheart
vida {f}  :: life
vida {f}  :: life span; lifetime
vida {f}  :: lifestyle
vida {f}  :: livelihood; living
vida {f}  :: liveliness
videncia {f}  :: clairvoyance
vidente {adj}  :: seeing
vidente {m}  :: fortuneteller, clairvoyant, seer
vidente {m}  :: seeing
video {m} [Latin America]  :: movie that is stored on VHS tape or DVD
video {m} [Latin America]  :: videotape
video {m} [Latin America]  :: video store
video- {prefix}  :: video-
videoblog {m}  :: videoblog
videoclip {m}  :: music video
videoclub {m}  :: Business where one can rent and sometimes buy recorded home videos
videocámara {f}  :: video camera
videoconferencia {f}  :: videoconference
videoconsola {f}  :: video console
videograbar {v}  :: to videotape or record on video
videojuego {m}  :: video game
videojugador {m}  :: gamer, video game player
videovigilancia {f} [chiefly, Spain]  :: video surveillance
vidilla {f}  :: diminutive form of vida
vidriar {v}  :: to glaze
vidriera {f}  :: feminine noun of vidriero
vidriera {f} [Latin America]  :: shop window
vidriería {f}  :: glaziery, glazier's shop, glazier's workshop
vidriero {f}  :: glazier
vidrio {m}  :: glass
viduño {m}  :: A kind of grape or a certain quality of grape
viñedo {m}  :: vineyard (grape plantation)
vieira {f}  :: scallop
vieja {f}  :: Feminine of viejo
vieja {f}  :: wife, (spouse) little woman
vieja escuela {f}  :: old school
viejecita {f}  :: feminine noun of viejecito
viejecito {f}  :: diminutive form of viejo, little old man, gramps, grams, granny, big mama, cheeser
viejete {m}  :: old man, old lady, oldie
viejita {f}  :: diminutive form of vieja
viejito {adj}  :: diminutive form of viejo
viejo {adj}  :: old
viejo {f}  :: an old item
viejo {f}  :: an old person
viejo {f} [Chile, Argentina, slang]  :: dad
viejo {f} [Mexico]  :: a certain guy or man, specially adult or almost
viejo {f} [Mexico]  :: a male sexual companion or partner, occasional or stable, husband
viejo {f} [Mexico]  :: sweetheart, honey (substitute for a male name)
viejuja {f}  :: feminine noun of viejujo
viejujo {f}  :: superlative form of viejo, an old person; old fart, geezer, cheeser
Viena {prop}  :: Vienna (placename)
vienesa {f}  :: female Viennese (female inhabitant or resident of Vienna)
vienesa {f}  :: wiener, hot dog (sausage)
vienés {adj}  :: Viennese (from or connected with Vienna)
vienés {f}  :: Viennese (inhabitant or resident of Vienna)
viento {m}  :: guy rope
viento {m}  :: wind (movement of air)
viento {m}  :: woodwind section (of an orchestra)
viento solar {m} [astronomy]  :: solar wind
vientre {m}  :: abdomen
vientre {m}  :: belly
viernes {m}  :: Friday
viñeta {f}  :: bullet (in a list)
viñeta {f}  :: frame, panel (of a comic)
viñeta {f}  :: vignette
Vietnam {prop}  :: Vietnam
vietnamita {adj}  :: Vietnamese
vietnamita {m} [uncountable]  :: Vietnamese language
vietnamita {m}  :: Vietnamese person
viga {f}  :: timber, beam, rafter
vigía {m}  :: lookout, watchtower
vigía {m} [nautical]  :: reef
vigencia {f}  :: circulation
vigencia {f}  :: operation (for a law, regulation)
vigencia {f}  :: shelf life
vigencia {f}  :: term, life (for a contract)
vigencia {f}  :: validity, applicability
vigente {adj}  :: current, in use
vigente {adj}  :: (for a commercial offer, price or promotion) suitable in time
vigente {adj}  :: in force (legal)
vigente {adj}  :: in shelf life
vigesimosegundo {adj}  :: twenty-second
vigilancia {f}  :: vigilance
vigilante {adj}  :: watchful, alert, wakeful
vigilante {m}  :: guard, watchman
vigilantemente {adv}  :: vigilantly
vigilar {v}  :: to watch over
vigilia {f}  :: eve (day before another specified)
vigilia {f}  :: night shift
vigilia {f}  :: (religion) fast, abstinence
vigilia {f}  :: vigil
vigilia {f}  :: wakefulness, being awake
vigilia {f}  :: watchfulness
Vigo {prop}  :: Vigo (placename)
vigor {m}  :: vigor
vigorexia {f}  :: bigorexia
vigorizante {adj}  :: envigorating
vigorón {m}  :: A traditional dish from Nicaragua, made of curtido, boiled yuca, and chicharrones wrapped in a banana leaf
vigorosamente {adv}  :: vigorously
vigésima {f}  :: feminine noun of vigésimo
vigésimo {adj}  :: twentieth
vigésimo {f}  :: twentieth
vigués {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Vigo
vigués {f}  :: Someone from Vigo
VIH positivo {adj}  :: HIV positive
vihuela {f} [music]  :: vihuela
viking {m}  :: alternative form of vikingo
vikinga {f}  :: feminine noun of vikingo
vikingo {adj}  :: viking
vikingo {f} [history]  :: Viking (One of the Scandinavian seafaring warriors)
vil {adj}  :: mean
vileza {f}  :: vileness
vilipendiar {v}  :: to vilify
villa {f}  :: settlement with a minimum of five thousand inhabitants (bigger than a town but smaller that a city) that has asked for the title officially. Previously, this title was grated by the king
villa {f}  :: small town
villa {f}  :: villa
Villa Clara {prop}  :: Villa Clara (placename)
villaclareña {f}  :: feminine form of villaclareño
villaclareño {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the province of Villa Clara, Cuba
villaclareño {f}  :: Someone from the province of Villa Clara, Cuba
Villalobos {prop}  :: Spanish surname
villancico {m}  :: carol; Christmas carol
villancico {m}  :: villancico
villano {adj}  :: peasant
villano {adj}  :: rude, bad-mannered
villano {m}  :: villain, bad guy
Villanueva {prop}  :: Spanish surname
Villarreal {prop}  :: Villarreal (city)
villarrealense {adj}  :: Of or from Villarreal
villarrealense {m}  :: Someone from Villarreal
Villegas {prop}  :: Spanish surname
villista {adj}  :: Of or relating to Pancho Villa (1878-1923), a leader of the Mexican Revolution
villista {m}  :: A supporter of Pancho Villa
vilmente {adv}  :: basely, meanly
vilmente {adv}  :: cruelly, viciously
Vilna {prop}  :: Vilnius (capital of Lithuania)
vilo {n}  :: Word only used in the idiom en vilo meaning "in the air" or "in suspense"
vilorta {m}  :: the sport of lacrosse
vimentina {f} [protein]  :: vimentin
vinagre {m}  :: vinegar
vinagreta {f}  :: vinaigrette
vinajera {f}  :: cruet (small jug)
vinaza {f} [organic compound]  :: vinasse
vincha {f} [Latin America]  :: headband
vinícola {adj}  :: winemaking, winegrowing (attributive)
vinícola {m}  :: winegrower
vinculación {f}  :: connection, link
vinculante {adj}  :: binding
vincular {v}  :: to bind
vincular {v}  :: to link
vincularse {vr}  :: reflexive form of vincular
vinculina {f} [protein]  :: vinculin
vindicación {f}  :: vindication
vindicar {v}  :: to vindicate
vindicativo {adj}  :: vindictive
vinicultor {f}  :: winemaker
vinicultora {f}  :: feminine noun of vinicultor
vinicultura {f}  :: viniculture
vinilo {m}  :: vinyl
vinito {m}  :: diminutive form of vino
vino {m}  :: wine
vino blanco {m}  :: white wine
vino de mesa {m}  :: table wine
vino espumoso {m}  :: sparkling wine
vino rosado {m}  :: rosé; rosé wine
vinoteca {f}  :: wine cabinet (furniture for storing wine)
vinoteca {f}  :: wine shop, winery
vino tinto {m}  :: red wine
vintage {adj}  :: vintage
vinuco {m}  :: diminutive form of vino
Viola {prop}  :: Spanish surname
violación {f}  :: rape
violación {f}  :: violation
violación correctiva {f}  :: corrective rape
violación curativa {f}  :: corrective rape
violador {adj}  :: violating
violador {f}  :: rapist
violadora {f}  :: feminine noun of violador
violar {v}  :: to rape
violar {v}  :: to violate
violáceo {adj} [mycology]  :: violaceous
violencia {f}  :: violence
violencia doméstica {f}  :: domestic violence
violencia intrafamiliar {f}  :: domestic violence
violentamente {adv}  :: violently
violentar {v}  :: to break open
violento {adj}  :: violent
violeta {adj}  :: violet
violeta {f}  :: violet (plant)
violeta {m}  :: violet (colour); purple
Violeta {prop}  :: female given name
violinista {m}  :: violinist
violista {m}  :: violist (female)
violín {m}  :: fiddle
violín {m}  :: violin (string instrument)
violonchelista {m}  :: cellist
violonchelo {m}  :: cello (musical instrument)
vip {m}  :: VIP
viperino {adj}  :: cunning, wicked
viperino {adj}  :: viperine
viraje {m}  :: change in orientation or direction
viral {adj}  :: viral
viralización {f}  :: virality
viralizar {vr}  :: to go viral
viralizar {v}  :: to spread the word
virar {v} [nautical]  :: to tack
virar {v}  :: to veer
virófago {m} [virology]  :: virophage
virgen {m}  :: virgin
virgencita {f}  :: feminine noun of virgencito
virgencito {f}  :: diminutive form of virgen: little virgin
Virgen Santa {interj} [idiom]  :: good Lord, holy moley, Jesus, Mary and Joseph
Virgilio {prop}  :: Virgil
virginal {adj}  :: virginal
Virginia {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to English Virginia
Virginia {prop}  :: Virginia (state)
virginiana {f}  :: feminine form of virginiano
virginiano {adj}  :: Virginian
virginiano {f}  :: Virginian
Virginia Occidental {prop}  :: West Virginia
virginidad {f}  :: virginity
Virgo {prop}  :: Virgo (constellation)
virguero {adj} [colloquial]  :: smashing, awesome, brill
virguero {m} [colloquial]  :: whizz, hot stuff, the dog's bollocks, ace
virguero {m}  :: Person who works wonders, wizard
virgulilla {f}  :: prime (mark)
virgulilla {f}  :: tilde
viril {adj}  :: virile, manly
virilidad {f}  :: virility
viroide {m}  :: viroid
virología {f}  :: virology
virologista {m}  :: virologist
virote {m}  :: bolt (short, stout, blunt-headed arrow)
virreina {f}  :: vicereine
virreinato {m}  :: viceroyalty
virreinato {m}  :: viceroyship
virreino {m}  :: viceroyalty
virrey {f}  :: viceroy
virtual {adj}  :: virtual
virtualidad {f}  :: virtuality
virtualmente {adv}  :: potentially
virtualmente {adv}  :: virtually
virtud {f}  :: virtue
virtuosa {f}  :: feminine form of virtuoso
virtuosamente {adv}  :: virtuously
virtuosismo {m}  :: virtuosity
virtuoso {adj}  :: virtuoso
virtuoso {adj}  :: virtuous
virtuoso {f}  :: a virtuous person or virtuoso
viruela {f} [pathology]  :: Any of the fluid-filled blisters caused by smallpox
viruela {f} [pathology, uncountable]  :: smallpox
virulencia {f}  :: virulence
virulento {adj}  :: virulent
virus {m}  :: computer virus
virus {m}  :: virus
virusoide {m}  :: virusoid
visa {f}  :: visa
visado {m}  :: visa; a permit to enter and leave a country
visceral {adj}  :: visceral
visceralmente {adv}  :: viscerally
viscoelástico {adj}  :: viscoelastic
viscontiniano {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Lucchino Visconti
viscontiniano {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the House of Visconti
viscosidad {f}  :: A viscous material
viscosidad {f} [physics]  :: viscosity
viscosidad {f}  :: viscousness
viscoso {adj}  :: viscous
visera {f}  :: visor
visfatina {f} [protein]  :: visfatin
visibilidad {f}  :: visibility
visibilización {f}  :: visibility, highlighting, raising of awareness
visibilizar {v}  :: to make visible, to highlight
visible {adj}  :: visible
visiblemente {adv}  :: visibly
visigodo {adj}  :: Visigothic
visigodo {f}  :: Visigoth
visigótico {adj}  :: Visigothic
visillo {m}  :: net curtain
visión {f}  :: sight
visión {f}  :: view
visión {f}  :: vision
visionado {m}  :: performance of a movie
visionado {m}  :: viewing
visionar {v}  :: to envision
visionaria {f}  :: feminine noun of visionario
visionario {adj}  :: visionary
visionario {f}  :: visionary
visir {m}  :: vizier
visita {f}  :: visit
visita {f}  :: visitor
visitable {adj}  :: visitable
visitación {f}  :: visitation
visitadora {f}  :: feminine noun of visitador
visitadora {f} [Latin America]  :: enema
visitadora {f} [Latin America]  :: syringe
visitante {m}  :: visitor
visitar {v}  :: to visit
vislumbrar {v}  :: to discern
vislumbrarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of vislumbrar
visón {m}  :: mink
Visnú {prop}  :: Vishnu
visoespacial {adj}  :: visuospatial
vista {f} [law]  :: trial
vista {f}  :: sight
vista {f}  :: view
vista de lince {f} [idiom]  :: eagle eye
vistazo {m}  :: glance
vistazo {m}  :: look
vistilla {f}  :: viewpoint
visto {adj}  :: exposed, bare
visto {adj}  :: known about, talked about, seen around
visto {adj}  :: obvious, clear
visto {adj}  :: seen
visto bueno {m}  :: endorsement; approval; OK; blessing
vistosidad {f}  :: gaudiness, showiness
vistoso {adj}  :: gaudy, showy, flashy
vistoso {adj}  :: sightly, attractive
visto y no visto {adj} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: blink-and-you-miss-it
visual {adj}  :: visual
visualización {f}  :: visualization
visualizar {v}  :: to visualize
visualmente {adv}  :: visually
vital {adj}  :: vital
vitalicio {adj}  :: lifelong, life, for life (extending for the entire duration of life)
vitalidad {f}  :: vitality
vitalismo {m}  :: vitalism (the doctrine that life involves some immaterial "vital force", and cannot be explained scientifically)
vitalista {adj}  :: vitalistic
vitalista {m}  :: vitalist
vitalizar {v}  :: to vitalize
vitalmente {adv}  :: vitally
vitamina {f}  :: vitamin
vitamínico {adj}  :: Of, containing, or relating to vitamins
vitáceo {adj} [botany]  :: Of or pertaining to plants in the genus Vitis; vines and grapevines
vitela {f}  :: vellum
viático {m}  :: viaticum
viticultor {f}  :: winegrower
viticultora {f}  :: feminine noun of viticultor
viticultura {f}  :: viticulture
vitíligo {m}  :: vitiligo
vito {m}  :: An Andalusian music style and dance
Vito {prop}  :: male given name
vitola {f}  :: appearance, look
vitola {f}  :: cigar band
vitorear {v}  :: to cheer
Vitoria {prop}  :: Vitoria (placename)
vitoriano {adj}  :: Of or from Vitoria
vitoriano {f}  :: Someone from Vitoria
vitral {m}  :: stained glass
vitrectomía {f} [surgery]  :: vitrectomy
vitrificación {f}  :: vitrification
vitriólico {adj}  :: vitriolic
vitrina {f}  :: display cabinet
vitrina {f} [Latin America]  :: window, shop window
vitrina {f}  :: showcase
vitrina {f}  :: vitrine
vitriolo {m}  :: vitriol
vituperar {v}  :: to vituperate against
vituperio {m}  :: insult
viuda {f}  :: widow
viuda negra {f}  :: black widow spider
viudedad {f}  :: widowhood; the state of being a widow or widower
viudez {f}  :: widowhood; the state of being a widow or widower
viudo {adj}  :: widowed
viudo {f} [plant]  :: Scabiosa atropurpurea (mourning bride, mourning widow, sweet scabious)
viudo {f}  :: widower, widow
vivacidad {f}  :: jauntiness
vivacidad {f}  :: liveliness
viva la Pepa {phrase}  :: let the good times roll
vivalavirgen {m}  :: good time Charlie
vivamente {adv}  :: deeply, profoundly
vivamente {adv}  :: livelily (in a lively manner)
vivaquear {v}  :: to bivouac; to set up camp
vivar {v} [Latin America]  :: to applaud
vivaracho {adj}  :: lively
vivaz {adj}  :: animated; lively
vivencia {f}  :: insight, experience
vivero {m}  :: nursery (a place where young trees and other plants are cultivated for transplanting)
vivero {m}  :: nursery (the place where something is fostered and its growth promoted)
vivero {m}  :: vivarium
viverrávido {m}  :: viverrid
viveza {f}  :: life
viveza {f}  :: liveliness
vivido {adj}  :: living, existing
vivido {adj}  :: vivid
vivido {adj}  :: worldly
vividor {f} [pejorative]  :: bon vivant
vividor {f} [pejorative]  :: bon viveur
vividora {f}  :: feminine noun of vividor
vivienda {f}  :: housing
viviente {adj}  :: living
viviente {m}  :: living
vivificar {v}  :: comfort, console
vivificar {v}  :: vivify
vivir {m}  :: life; lifestyle
vivir {vi}  :: to live, reside, inhabit
vivir {vi}  :: to live; to be alive
vivir {vi}  :: to make a living, to live (on)
vivir del cuento {v} [idiomatic]  :: To skimp off other people, go through life without working
vivisección {f}  :: vivisection
vivito {adj}  :: diminutive form of vivo, used chiefly in the idiomatic expression vivito y coleando
vivito y coleando {adj} [idiomatic]  :: alive and kicking
vivo {adj}  :: living, alive
vivo {adj}  :: vivid
vivíparo {adj}  :: viviparous
vizcacha {f}  :: viscacha
vizcaíno {adj}  :: Biscayan (from or native to Biscay)
vizcaíno {adj}  :: Biscayne (pertaining to Biscay or to the language)
vizcaíno {f}  :: Biscayan
vizcaíno {m}  :: the Biscay dialect
Vizcaya {prop}  :: Biscay (placename)
vizconde {m}  :: viscount
víking {m}  :: alternative form of vikingo
Vladímir {prop}  :: Vladimir
vóley playa {m}  :: beach volleyball
válido {adj}  :: valid
válvula {f}  :: valve
Vmd. {abbr}  :: abbreviation of vuestra merced
vómito {m}  :: vomit
vínculo {m} [computing]  :: link, hyperlink
vínculo {m}  :: tie, bond (strong connection between people or groups of people)
vándalo {m}  :: hooligan; lout; thug; yob, yobbo
vándalo {m} [uncountable]  :: Vandalic
vándalo {m}  :: vandal
vándalo {m}  :: Vandal
Véneto {prop}  :: Veneto (a region in northern Italy)
vocablo {m}  :: word, term
vocabulario {m}  :: vocabulary
vocación {f}  :: vocation
vocacional {adj}  :: vocational
vocacionalmente {adv}  :: vocationally
vocal {adj}  :: by means of the voice
vocal {adj}  :: related to the voice
vocal {adj}  :: using the voice
vocal {f}  :: vowel
vocal {m}  :: voter, member with vote rights
vocalidad {f}  :: vocality
vocalista {m}  :: vocalist
vocalización {f}  :: vocalization
vocalizar {v}  :: to vocalize
vocalmente {adv}  :: vocally (using words)
vocativo {m} [grammar]  :: vocative
vocear {v}  :: to shout
vocecita {f}  :: diminutive form of voz; small/quiet voice
vocerío {m}  :: outcry, uproar
vocero {m}  :: spokesman
Vocho {m} [Mexico]  :: Beetle (Volkswagen Beetle)
vociferar {v}  :: to vociferate
vocinglero {adj}  :: garrulous, chatty, loud-mouthed
vodevil {m}  :: vaudeville
vodka {m}  :: vodka
voivodato {m}  :: voivodeship (the jurisdiction of a voivode)
volado {adj} [colloquial]  :: daydreaming
volado {adj} [colloquial]  :: stoned (on drugs)
volador {adj}  :: flying
voladura {f}  :: blowing up, blasting
volando {adj}  :: In flight
volantazo {m}  :: swerve (with the steering wheel)
volante {adj}  :: flying
volante {adj}  :: loose
volante {m} [automotive]  :: steering wheel
volante {m}  :: flyer
volante {m}  :: shuttlecock
volantín {m} [Chile, Peru, Argentina]  :: kite (flying toy on string)
volapié {m} [bullfighting]  :: volapié
volar {v}  :: to anger, to exasperate, to infuriate
volar {v}  :: to blow up
volar {v}  :: to disappear suddenly
volar {v}  :: to flutter, to hover
volar {v}  :: to fly, to fly away
volar {v}  :: to jut out, to project
volar {v}  :: to make fly out
volar {v}  :: to raise to the top of the line (e.g., a letter or number)
volar {v}  :: to release (a hunting falcon)
volar {v}  :: to rouse
volar {v}  :: to sell like hotcakes
volar {v}  :: to spread like wildfire
volarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of volar
volatilidad {f}  :: tenacity
volcada {f}  :: capsize, overturning
volcar {v}  :: to empty
volcar {v}  :: to overturn, capsize, dump
volcar {v}  :: to upset
volcán {m}  :: volcano
volcánico {adj}  :: fiery, passionate
volcánico {adj}  :: volcanic
volear {v}  :: to volley
voleibol {m}  :: volleyball (game)
voleibol de playa {m}  :: beach volleyball
voleibolista {m}  :: volleyballer
voleiplaya {f}  :: beach volleyball
volframio {m}  :: alternative spelling of wolframio
volición {f}  :: A voluntary action or behavior
volición {f}  :: volition
volúmen {m}  :: obsolete spelling of volumen
volqueta {f} [Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras]  :: alternative form of volquete
volquete {m}  :: dump truck
voltaje {m}  :: voltage
voltear {v}  :: to turn
voltearse {vr}  :: reflexive form of voltear
volteo {m}  :: chiming, pealing
volteo {m}  :: turn
voltereta {f}  :: somersault
volteretón {m} [bullfighting]  :: Act of being thrown up into the air by the bull
volteriano {adj}  :: Of or relating to Voltaire
volátil {adj} [physics, chemistry]  :: volatile
volátil {adj}  :: volatile, unstable
voltio {m}  :: A volt (electrical)
voluble {adj}  :: Easily turned around
voluble {adj}  :: Of inconstant character
voluble {adj}  :: voluble (sense 4)
volumen {m}  :: volume
voluminoso {adj}  :: voluminous, bulky
voluntad {f}  :: willpower
voluntad {f}  :: will; wish; want; desire
voluntaria {f}  :: feminine noun of voluntario
voluntariado {m}  :: volunteers, voluntary force, volunteering
voluntariamente {adv}  :: voluntarily
voluntariedad {f}  :: voluntariness
voluntario {adj}  :: voluntary
voluntario {f}  :: volunteer
voluntariosamente {adv}  :: dedicatedly
voluntarioso {adj}  :: willful
voluntarismo {m}  :: volunteerism
voluntarista {adj}  :: wilful
voluptuosidad {f}  :: voluptuousness
voluptuoso {adj}  :: voluptuous
voluta {f}  :: wisp (of smoke)
volver {vr}  :: to get
volver {vr}  :: to turn
volver {v}  :: to do something again
volver {v}  :: to make, to drive
volver {v}  :: to return
volver {v}  :: to turn
vomitar {v}  :: to vomit, to be sick
vomitivo {adj}  :: emetic (causing vomiting)
vomitivo {adj}  :: nauseating, repugnant
vomitivo {m}  :: emetic
vomitona {f}  :: vomiting, puking
vomitorio {m}  :: vomitorium
voracidad {f}  :: voracity
voraz {adj}  :: destructive
voraz {adj}  :: voracious, greedy
vorágine {f}  :: angry crowd
vorágine {f}  :: disorder, mess
vorágine {f}  :: extremely intense or passionate emotions or feelings; the effect, manifestation or perception of them
vorágine {f}  :: whirlpool
vorticidad {f}  :: vorticity
vos {pron} [archaic]  :: An elevated form of you, either singular or plural
vos {pron} [parts of Latin America]  :: a form of you, singular
vosear {v}  :: to address someone with vos
voseo {m}  :: in Spanish dialects, the use of the pronoun vos as opposed to
vosotras {pron} [informal]  :: you; second person feminine plural personal pronoun
vosotros {pron} [informal]  :: you; second person masculine plural personal pronoun
votación {f}  :: vote
votante {adj}  :: voting
votante {m}  :: voter
votar {v}  :: to vote
votarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of votar
voto {m}  :: vote
voto {m}  :: vow
voy a caballo y vengo a pie {phrase}  :: I have less than what I started with
voyeur {m}  :: voyeur
voyeurismo {m}  :: voyeurism
voy y vengo {phrase}  :: I'll be right back
voz {f}  :: term; word
voz {f}  :: voice
vozarrón {f}  :: Loud, booming voice
voz pasiva {m}  :: passive voice
vírgula {f}  :: a small stick or rod
vírgula {f}  :: a thin line or stripe
vírico {adj}  :: viral
vérselas y deseárselas {v} [idiomatic]  :: to have a tough time (doing something); to find it tough going (to do something)
vérsele el plumero {v} [idiomatic]  :: to be blindingly obvious
vértebra {f} [skeleton]  :: vertebra
vértebra cervical {f}  :: cervical vertebra
vértice {m} [anatomy, geometry]  :: vertex
vórtice {m}  :: vortex
vértigo {m}  :: vertigo
víscera {f}  :: viscera
víspera {f}  :: eve
Vásquez {prop}  :: Spanish surname
vástago {m}  :: offspring
vástago {m}  :: shoot of a plant
vítor {interj}  :: long live
vítor {m}  :: ovation; ceremony of public appreciation
vudú {m}  :: voodoo
vudú {m}  :: voodoo (person)
vuelacerca {f} [baseball]  :: home run
vuelco {m}  :: turnover
vuelco {m}  :: upset
vuelo {m}  :: flight
vuelo espacial {m} [astronomy]  :: space flight
vuelta {f}  :: return
vuelta {f}  :: tour, trip
vuelta {f}  :: turn
vuelta {f}  :: walk
vuelta al mundo {f}  :: Ferris wheel
vuelta de rezón {f}  :: round turn and two half hitches
vuelto {m}  :: change (money given back)
vuelve a la vida {m}  :: a cocktail made of various seafoods and other ingredients
vuesa {pron} [possessive, archaic]  :: your
vuesa merced {pron} [archaic, formal]  :: your grace; your mercy; you
vueso {pron} [possessive, archaic]  :: your
vuestra {adj}  :: feminine singular form of vuestro
vuestra {pron}  :: feminine singular form of vuestro
vuestra merced {pron} [archaic, formal]  :: your grace; your mercy; you
vuestras {adj} [possessive]  :: feminine plural of vuestro Yours, your, to you
vuestras {pron} [possessive]  :: feminine plural of vuestro Yours
vuestro {adj} [possessive]  :: Yours, your, to you
vuestro {pron} [possessive]  :: Yours
vulcanismo {m}  :: volcanism
vulcanización {f}  :: vulcanization
vulcanizar {v}  :: vulcanize (to harden rubber with heat)
vulcanólogo {m}  :: vulcanologist
vulcanología {f}  :: volcanology
vulgar {adj}  :: vulgar
vulgariana {f}  :: feminine noun of vulgariano
vulgariano {f}  :: vulgarian
vulgaridad {f}  :: vulgarism
vulgaridad {f}  :: vulgarity
vulgarización {f}  :: popularization
vulgarización {f}  :: vulgarization
vulgarizar {vt}  :: to vulgarise (to make something vulgar)
vulgarmente {adv}  :: Commonly, generally, ordinarily, usually
vulgarmente {adv}  :: popularly
vulgo {m}  :: the common people, the masses
vulnerabilidad {f}  :: vulnerability
vulnerable {adj}  :: vulnerable
vulneración {f}  :: infringement
vulnerar {v}  :: to damage or injure
vulvar {adj}  :: vulvar
vusted {pron}  :: you
vuvuzela {f}  :: vuvuzela
víveres {m}  :: army food rations
víveres {m} [Dominican Republic]  :: Starchy foods including roots and plantains
vívidamente {adv}  :: vividly
vívido {adj} [of an image]  :: vivid (bright, intense or colourful)
vívido {adj} [of perception]  :: vivid (clear, detailed or powerful)
vívido {adj}  :: vivid (full of life)
vávula {f}  :: valve
Vázquez {prop}  :: alternative form of Vásquez