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a {article} (an) SEE: an  ::
a {n} (name of the letter A, a)  :: a
AA {prop} (Alcoholics Anonymous)  :: AA {n}
Aachen {prop} (city in North Rhine-Westphalia)  :: Akwizgran
aah {interj} (expressing amazement or surprise)  :: ach
aah {n} (expression of amazement or surprise or enthusiasm)  :: ach
Aalborg {prop} (city in northern Denmark)  :: Aalborg {m}
aardvark {n} (mammal)  :: mrównik {m}, prosię ziemne {n}
Aarhus {prop} (Danish city)  :: Aarhus {m}
Aaron {prop} (male given name)  :: Aaron
Aaron's rod {n} (goldenrod) SEE: goldenrod  ::
Aaron's rod {n} (mullein) SEE: mullein  ::
Aaron's rod {n} (orpine) SEE: orpine  ::
abaca {n} (fiber/fibre) SEE: Manila hemp  ::
abaca {n} (plant)  :: banan manilski {m-an}
aback {adv} (backwards)  :: wstecz, do tyłu
aback {adv} (in the rear)  :: z tyłu
aback {adv} (said of sails pressed backward)  :: bieg wsteczny
aback {n} (abacus) SEE: abacus  ::
abactor {n} (one who steals and drives away cattle or beasts by herds)  :: złodziej bydła {m-pr}
abacus {n} (calculating frame)  :: liczydło {n}, abakus {m-in}
abacus {n} (obsolete: tray of sand for calculating)  :: abakus {m-in}, abak {m-in}, liczydło {n}
abacus {n} (uppermost member of the capital of a column)  :: abakus {m-in}
a bad workman always blames his tools {proverb} (not the tools but how they're employed)  :: złej baletnicy szkodzi rąbek przy spódnicy
abaka {n} (fiber/fibre) SEE: Manila hemp  ::
abaka {n} (plant) SEE: abaca  ::
abalone {n} (edible univalve mollusc)  :: słuchotka {f}, ucho morskie {n}
abandon {v} (to cast out, expel, reject)  :: wyganiać {impf}, wygonić {pf}
abandon {v} (to give up control of, surrender)  :: porzucać {impf}, porzucić {pf}
abandon {v} (to leave behind or desert; to forsake)  :: opuszczać {impf}, opuścić {pf}
abandon {v} (to no longer exercise a right, relinquish a claim to property)  :: wyrzec się
abarthrosis {n} (diarthrosis) SEE: diarthrosis  ::
abasia {n} (incapacity to walk)  :: abazja {f}
abatage {n} (abattage) SEE: abattage  ::
abattoir {n} (public slaughterhouse)  :: rzeźnia {f}, ubojnia {f}
abbey {n} (church of a monastery)  :: opactwo {n}
abbey {n} (monastery headed by an abbot)  :: opactwo {n}
abbot {n} (superior or head of an abbey or monastery)  :: opat {m-pr}
abbreviate {v} (to make shorter)  :: skracać {impf}, skrócić {pf}
abbreviated {adj} (shortened)  :: skrócony
abbreviation {n} (mathematics: reduction to lower terms)  :: redukcja {f}, skracanie {n}
abbreviation {n} (shortened or contracted form of a word or phrase)  :: skrót {m-in}
abbreviature {n} (abbreviation) SEE: abbreviation  ::
ABC {n} (alphabet) SEE: alphabet  ::
ABC book {n} (primer) SEE: primer  ::
abciximab {n} (antiplatelet drug)  :: abciksimab
abdomen {n} (belly)  :: brzuch {m-in}
abdomen {n} (the posterior section of an arthropod's body)  :: odwłok {m-in}
abdominal {adj} (of or pertaining to the abdomen)  :: brzuszny
abdominal fin {n} (pelvic fin) SEE: pelvic fin  ::
abduct {v} (to take away)  :: uprowadzać {impf}, uprowadzić {pf}
abductor {n} (muscle)  :: abduktor
Abdullah {prop} (Muslim given name)  :: Abdullah {m}
abearance {n} (behavior) SEE: behavior  ::
abecedarium {n} (a book used to teach the alphabet) SEE: primer  ::
Abel {prop} (biblical character)  :: Abel {m}
Abel {prop} (male given name)  :: Abel {m}
Abelam {prop} (Ambulas) SEE: Ambulas  ::
abelian {adj} (math: of a group)  :: abelowa {f}, przemienna {f}
Abelian algebra {n} (commutative algebra) SEE: commutative algebra  ::
abelian group {n} (a group in which the group operation is commutative)  :: grupa przemienna {f}, grupa abelowa {f}
Abelonian {n} (Abelian) SEE: Abelian  ::
abend {n} (abnormal end)  :: przerwanie {m}
Aberdeen terrier {n} (breed of dog) SEE: Scottish terrier  ::
abhor {v} (to regard with horror or detestation)  :: czuć odrazę, nie cierpieć
Abidjan {adj} (Abidjanian) SEE: Abidjanian  ::
Abidjan {prop} (the largest city of Côte d'Ivoire)  :: Abidżan
Abigail {prop} (biblical wife of David)  :: Abigail {f}
Abigail {prop} (female given name)  :: Abigail {f}
ability {n} (quality or state of being able)  :: zdolność {f}
abiogenesis {n} (abiogenesis)  :: abiogeneza {f}
a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush {proverb} (small but certain advantage is preferable)  :: lepszy wróbel w garści niż gołąb na dachu
a bit {adv} (a little) SEE: a little  ::
Abkhaz {adj} (of or pertaining to Abkhazia)  :: abchaski {m}
Abkhaz {n} (person from Abkhazia)  :: Abchaz {m}, Abchazka {f}
Abkhaz {prop} (a Northwest Caucasian language spoken in Abkhazia)  :: [język] abchaski {m}
Abkhazia {prop} (territory in the Caucasus, see also: Republic of Abkhazia)  :: Abchazja {f}
Abkhazian {adj} (Of or pertaining to Abkhazia) SEE: Abkhaz  ::
Abkhazian {n} (Abkhaz) SEE: Abkhaz  ::
Abkhazian {prop} (Abkhazian language) SEE: Abkhaz  ::
ablative {n} (ablative case) SEE: ablative case  ::
ablative case {n} (grammatical case used to indicate movement away from something, removal, separation, source)  :: ablatyw {m}
ablaze {adj} (in a state of glowing excitement)  :: rozjarzony
ablaze {adj} (on fire)  :: w ogniu
ablaze {adv} (on fire)  :: w ogniu
able {adj} (healthy) SEE: healthy  ::
able {adj} (permitted to)  :: móc, mieć możliwość, potrafić
able {adj} (skillful)  :: umiejętny, zręczny, zdolny
able {v} (enable) SEE: enable  ::
able {v} (vouch for) SEE: vouch for  ::
abloom {adv} ((postpositive) in or into bloom; in a blooming state)  :: w kwiatach
ably {adv} (with great ability)  :: umiejętnie, zręcznie
abnormalness {n} (abnormality) SEE: abnormality  ::
abode {n} (slightly dated: residence)  :: miejsce zamieszkania {n}, siedziba {f}
abolish {v} (to end a law, system, institution, custom or practice)  :: [a practice] znosić {impf}, znieść {pf}, [a system] obalać {impf}, obalić {pf}
abolishment {n} (The act of abolishing)  :: zniesienie
abomasum {n} (fourth or digestive stomach of a ruminant)  :: trawieniec {m-in}
abominable {adj} (hateful; detestable; loathsome)  :: ohydny, odrażający, plugawy, niegodziwy
Aboriginal {n} (aboriginal) SEE: aboriginal  ::
aborigine {n} (aboriginal inhabitant of a country)  :: aborygen {m}, autochton {m}, krajowiec {m}
abortion {n} (act of inducing abortion)  :: aborcja {f}
abortion {n} (induced abortion)  :: aborcja {f}
abortion {n} (miscarriage)  :: poronienie {n}
abortionist {n} (one who performs a legal abortion)  :: aborcjonista {m-pr}, aborter {m-pr}, aborcjonistka {f}
abortive {adj} (coming to naught; fruitless)  :: nieudany
abound with {v} (abound) SEE: abound  ::
about {adv} (here and there)  :: wszędzie, wokoło, tu i tam, tu i ówdzie
about {adv} (in circuit)  :: wkoło
about {adv} (nearly, approximately)  :: około, niemal, prawie
about {adv} (on all sides)  :: dookoła, wokoło, wokół
about {adv} (to a reversed order, or opposite direction)  :: wstecz
about {prep} (concerning)  :: o
about {prep} (in the immediate neighborhood of)  :: przy
about {prep} (near, approximately, regarding time, size or quantity)  :: około, o
about {prep} (on every side of)  :: dookoła, wokoło, wokół
about {prep} (over or upon different parts of)  :: ponad
about time {adv} (close to the right time)  :: najwyższy czas
above {adj} (being located higher on the same page or on a preceding page)  :: powyższy
above {adv} (earlier in order in writing)  :: powyżej
above {adv} (in a higher place)  :: powyżej
above {prep} (in or to a higher place)  :: nad, powyżej
above {prep} (more)  :: ponad
above {prep} (superior to, surpassing)  :: nad, powyżej, ponad
above all {adv} (of prime importance)  :: przede wszystkim
above average {adj} (Better than average)  :: ponadprzeciętny
above ground {adj} (aboveground) SEE: aboveground  ::
above measure {prep} (beyond measure) SEE: beyond measure  ::
above-named {adj} (mentioned or named before) SEE: above-mentioned  ::
abracadabra {interj} (used to indicate that a magic trick or other illusion has been performed)  :: abrakadabra
Abraham {prop} (male given name)  :: Abraham {m}
Abraham {prop} (prophet in the Old Testament)  :: Abraham {m}
Abrahamitic {adj} (Abrahamic) SEE: Abrahamic  ::
abranchial {adj} (gillless) SEE: gillless  ::
abranchiate {adj} (gillless) SEE: gillless  ::
abranchious {adj} (gillless) SEE: gillless  ::
abreast {adv} (side by side)  :: obok siebie
Abruka {prop} (Estonian island located in the Gulf of Riga)  :: Abruka
abrupt {adj} (without notice)  :: nagłe {n}
abruptly {adv} (in an abrupt manner)  :: nagle
abscess {n} (cavity filled with pus)  :: ropień {m-in}
abscissa {n} (first of two coordinates)  :: odcięta
abscond {v} (to depart secretly)  :: zbiec, uciec
abscond {v} (to hide (something))  :: zbiec, uciec
abscond {v} (to withdraw from)  :: uniknąć, uciec od, ukryć się przed
absence {n} (state of being away)  :: nieobecność {f}
absinthe {n} (Artemisia absinthium)  :: piołun {m-in}
absinthe {n} (liquor)  :: absynt {m-in}
absolute {adj} (loosed from any conditions or limitations)  :: bezwzględny, bezwarunkowy, absolutny
absolutely {adv} (in an absolute manner)  :: absolutnie
absolute pitch {n} (ability to identify and reproduce a tone) SEE: perfect pitch  ::
absolute zero {n} (coldest possible temperature)  :: zero bezwzględne
absolution {n} (absolving from ecclesiastical penalties)  :: rozgrzeszenie {n}
absolutism {n} (political science: absolute or arbritary government; despotism)  :: absolutyzm {m-in}
absorb {v} (to consume completely)  :: wchłaniać {impf}, wchłonąć {pf}, absorbować {impf}, zaabsorbować {pf}
absorb {v} (to include so that it no longer has separate existence)  :: pochłaniać {impf}, pochłonąć {pf}, absorbować {impf}, zaabsorbować {pf}
absorb {v} (to learn)  :: chłonąć {impf}, pochłonąć {pf}
absorb {v} (to occupy fully)  :: pochłaniać {impf}, pochłonąć {pf}, absorbować {impf}, zaabsorbować {pf}
absorption {n} (act or process of absorbing or sucking in anything)  :: absorpcja {f}, pochłanianie {n}
absorption {n} (act or process of being absorbed and made to disappear)  :: absorbowanie {n}, pochłanianie {n}
absorption {n} (chemistry, physics: imbibing or reception by molecular or chemical action)  :: absorpcja {f}
absorption {n} (entire occupation of the mind)  :: zaabsorbowanie {n}
absorption {n} (physiology: process by which the materials of growth and nutrition are absorbed)  :: przyswajanie {n}
absorptiveness {n} (absorptivity) SEE: absorptivity  ::
absquatulate {v} (to leave quickly or in a hurry; to take oneself off; to decamp; to depart)  :: zwiewać
abstain {v} (refrain from)  :: powstrzymać się {pf}, powstrzymywać się {impf}
abstain {v} (refrain from voting)  :: wstrzymać się {pf}, wstrzymywać się {impf}
abstention {n} (the act of abstaining)  :: abstynencja {f}
abstersion {n} (the act of cleaning)  :: czyszczenie
abstinence {n} (specifically, abstinence from alcohol)  :: abstynencja {f}
abstinence {n} (specifically, abstinence from sexual intercourse)  :: wstrzemięźliwość {f}
abstinence {n} (the act or practice of abstaining)  :: abstynencja {f}, wstrzemięźliwość {f}
abstinent {n} (one who abstains)  :: abstynent {m-pr} [often associated with alcohol]
abstract {n} (an abridgement or summary)  :: streszczenie {n}, podsumowanie {n}
abstract {n} (an abstraction)  :: abstrakt {m-in}, abstrakcja {f}
abstraction {n} (act of abstracting)  :: abstrakcja {f}
abstractionistic {adj} (abstractionist) SEE: abstractionist  ::
absurd {adj} (contrary to reason or propriety)  :: absurdalny
absurd {n} (obsolete: an absurdity)  :: absurd {m-in}
absurdism {n} (absurdity) SEE: absurdity  ::
absurdism {n} (philosophy which holds that the universe is chaotic and irrational)  :: absurdyzm
Abu Dhabi {prop} (capital of UAE)  :: Abu Zabi {n}
abulia {n} (absence of will-power or decisiveness)  :: abulia {f}
Abuna {prop} (abuna) SEE: abuna  ::
abundance {n} (ample sufficiency)  :: obfitość {f}
abundant {adj} (fully sufficient; plentiful)  :: obfity
abundantly {adv} (in an abundant manner)  :: obficie
abuse {n} (catachresis) SEE: catachresis  ::
abuse {n} (delusion) SEE: delusion  ::
abuse {n} (improper usage)  :: nadużycie
abuse {n} (physical maltreatment)  :: znęcanie się {n}
abuse {n} (sexual violation or assault)  :: molestowanie {n}
abuse {v} (to adulterate) SEE: adulterate  ::
abuse {v} (to rape)  :: wykorzystywać seksualnie
abusio {n} (catachresis) SEE: catachresis  ::
abysm {n} (abyss) SEE: abyss  ::
abysmal {adj} (extremely bad)  :: beznadziejny
abyss {n} (bottomless or unfathomed depth)  :: otchłań {f}, przepaść {f}
abyss {n} (moral depravity, vast intellectual or moral depth)  :: otchłań {f}, przepaść {f}
Abyssinia {prop} (historical name of Ethiopia)  :: Abisynia {f}
Abyssinian {adj} (of or pertaining to Abyssinia)  :: abisyński
Abyssinian {n} (a native of Abyssinia)  :: Abisyńczyk {m-pr}, Abisynka {f}
abzyme {n} (antibody with catalytic properties)  :: abzymy
AC {initialism} (alternating current)  :: prąd zmienny, prąd przemienny
acacia {n} (shrub or tree)  :: akacja {f}
academic {adj} (belonging to an academy or other higher institution of learning)  :: akademicki
academical {adj} (Pertaining to a university or other form of higher education)  :: akademicki
Academy of Sciences {n} (national academy) SEE: national academy  ::
acajou {n} (cashew nut) SEE: cashew nut  ::
acajou {n} (cashew tree) SEE: cashew  ::
acajou {n} (wood from trees of Meliaceae family) SEE: mahogany  ::
acanthus {n} (ornament)  :: akant {m-in}
acanthus {n} (plant)  :: akant {m-in}
acaudate {adj} (tailless) SEE: tailless  ::
accede {v} (obsolete: to approach)  :: przystępować
accede {v} (to agree to a proposal or view)  :: wyrażać zgodę, wyrazić zgodę, zgodzić się
accede {v} (to enter upon an office or dignity)  :: obejmować, objąć
accede {v} (to join a group)  :: wstępować, przyłączać się, przyłączyć się, przystawać, przystać, przystąpić, wstąpić, zgłaszać przystąpienie, zgłosić przystąpienie, zgłosić akces
accedie {n} (acedia) SEE: acedia  ::
accelerate {v} (to become faster)  :: przyśpieszać się {impf}, przyśpieszyć się {pf}
accelerate {v} (to cause to move faster)  :: przyśpieszać {impf}, przyśpieszyć {pf}
accelerate {v} (to hasten)  :: przyśpieszać {impf}, przyśpieszyć {pf}
accelerate {v} (to quicken natural or ordinary progression or process)  :: przyśpieszać się {impf}, przyśpieszyć się {pf}
acceleration {n} (act or state)  :: przyspieszenie {n}, akceleracja {f}
acceleration {n} (amount)  :: przyspieszenie {n}
acceleration {n} ((physics))  :: przyspieszenie {n}
accelerometer {n} (instrument for measuring acceleration)  :: akcelerometr {m}
accent {n} (music: recurring stress on a tone)  :: akcent {m-in}
accent {n} (music: special emphasis on a tone)  :: akcent {m-in}
accent {n} (prosody: stress on syllables of a verse)  :: akcent {m-in}
accent {n} (stronger articulation)  :: akcent {m-in}, nacisk {m-in}
accent {n} (utterance) SEE: utterance  ::
accent {v} (to express the accent of) SEE: accentuate  ::
accent {v} (to mark with written accents) SEE: accentuate  ::
accentless {adj} (unaccented) SEE: unaccented  ::
accentor {n} (bird of the Prunella genus)  :: płochacz {m}
accentuate {v} (to bring out distinctly)  :: akcentować, uwypuklić
accentuate {v} (to mark with a written accent)  :: akcentować
accentuate {v} (to pronounce with an accent)  :: akcentować
accept {v} (to receive with consent)  :: przyjmować {impf}, przyjąć {pf}
acceptance {n} (receiving of something offered)  :: przyjęcie {n}, akceptacja {f}
acceptancy {n} (acceptance) SEE: acceptance  ::
access {n} (act of approaching or entering)  :: dostęp {m-in}
access {n} (communication with a computer program or the Internet)  :: dostęp {m-in}
access {n} (computing: process of locating data in memory)  :: dostęp {m-in}
access {n} (right or ability of approaching or entering)  :: dostęp {m-in}
access {n} (way or means of approaching)  :: dostęp {m-in}
accessory {n} (clothing accessory)  :: dodatek {m-in}, dodatki {p}
accessory {n} (contributor to an offense)  :: współsprawca {m-pr}
accessory {n} (that which belongs to something else deemed the principal, attachment)  :: akcesorium {n}, akcesoria {p}
accident {n} (transport: unintended event that causes damage)  :: wypadek {m-in}
accident {n} (unexpected event with negative consequences)  :: wypadek {m-in}
accidentally {adv} (unexpectedly, unintentionally)  :: przypadkowo
accidently {adv} (unexpectedly, unintentionally) SEE: accidentally  ::
acclimation {n} (acclimatization) SEE: acclimatization  ::
acclimatization {n} (the act of acclimatizing)  :: aklimatyzacja {f}
accoil {v} (nautical sense) SEE: coil  ::
accommodation {n} (adjustment of the eye)  :: akomodacja {f}
accommodation {n} (lodging)  :: zakwaterowanie {n}
accommodation {n} (state of being fitted and adapted)  :: przystosowanie {n}
accomplish {v} (to finish successfully)  :: dokonywać, dokonać
accord {n} (agreement or concurrence of opinion)  :: porozumienie
accord {n} (harmony of sounds)  :: akord
accord {v} (transitive: to make to agree or correspond)  :: zgodzić się
accordingly {adv} (agreeably; correspondingly; suitably; in a manner conformable)  :: odpowiednio, stosownie
accordingly {adv} (in natural sequence; consequently; so)  :: więc, zatem
according to {prep} (in proportion)  :: odpowiednio
accordion {n} (A small, portable, keyed wind instrument)  :: akordeon {m-in}, harmonia ręczna {f}
accost {v} (to approach and speak to boldly or aggressively, as with a demand or request)  :: zaczepiać
account {n} (an authorization to use a service)  :: konto {n}
account {n} (a registry of pecuniary transactions)  :: konto {n}
account {v} (account for) SEE: account for  ::
account {v} (credit (to)) SEE: credit  ::
accountability {n}  :: rozliczanie {n}
accountant {n} (a reckoner, or someone who maintains financial matters for a person(s))  :: księgowy {m-pr}, księgowa {f}, buchalter {m-pr} [dated]
accountant {n} (one whose profession includes organizing, maintaining and auditing the records of another)  :: księgowy {m-pr}, księgowa {f}
accounts receivable {n} (total monetary amount)  :: należność {f}
account statement {n} (bank statement) SEE: bank statement  ::
account to {v} (to be responsible to)  :: rozliczać się
accourage {v} (encourage) SEE: encourage  ::
Accra {prop} (capital of Ghana)  :: Akra
accredit {v} (To send with letters credential, as an ambassador, envoy, or diplomatic agent; to authorize, as a messenger or delegate.)  :: akredytować {impf} {pf}
accreditation {n} (giving of credentials)  :: akredytacja {f}
accretion disk {n} (structure formed by matter falling into a gravitational source)  :: dysk akrecyjny {m}
accumulator {n} (wet-cell storage battery)  :: akumulator {m-in}
accuracy {n} (state of being accurate)  :: dokładność {f}
accurate {adj} (exact or careful conformity to truth)  :: dokładny
accurately {adv} (exactly, precisely)  :: dokładnie, akuratnie, celnie, trafnie
accusation {n} (act of accusing or charging with a crime)  :: oskarżenie {n}
accusation {n} (declaration of fault or blame against another)  :: oskarżenie {n}
accusation {n} (that of which one is accused)  :: oskarżenie {n}
accusative {adj} (related to accusative case)  :: biernikowy
accusative {n} (accusative case)  :: biernik {m-in}
accusative case {n} (case used to mark the immediate object) SEE: accusative  ::
accuse {v} (attribute blame to someone)  :: oskarżać {impf}, oskarżyć {pf}
accuser {n} (one who accuses)  :: oskarżyciel
accustom {v} (cohabit) SEE: cohabit  ::
ace {n} (card with a single spot)  :: as {m-an}
ace {n} (die face with a single spot)  :: as {m-an}
ace {n} (excellent military aircraft pilot)  :: as {m-pr}
ace {n} (golf: hole in one) SEE: hole in one  ::
ace {n} (single point or spot on a card or die)  :: as {m-an}
ace {n} (tennis: point scored without the opponent hitting the ball)  :: as {m-an}
acedia {n} (boredom) SEE: boredom  ::
Aceh {prop} (language) SEE: Acehnese  ::
acephalic {adj} (headless) SEE: headless  ::
acephalous {adj} (headless) SEE: headless  ::
acephalous {adj} (without a leader or chief) SEE: leaderless  ::
acerola {n} (fruit)  :: acerola {f}, wiśnia z Barbados {f}
acetaldehyde {n} (the organic compound CH3CHO)  :: acetaldehyd {m}
acetamide {n} (amide of acetic acid)  :: acetamid {m}, etanoamid
acetate {n} (salt or ester of acetic acid)  :: octan
acetoacetic acid {n} (organic compound)  :: kwas acetylooctowy {m}
acetone {n} (the organic compound (CH3)2CO)  :: aceton {m}
acetylene {n} (acetylene)  :: acetylen {m-in}
acetylsalicylic acid {n} (acetate ester of salicylic acid; aspirin)  :: kwas acetylosalicylowy {m}
acetyltransferase {n} (transacetylase) SEE: transacetylase  ::
ace up one's sleeve {n} (a surprise advantage of which others are not aware)  :: as w rękawie
Achaea {prop} (a region in the northern head of the Peloponnese)  :: Achaja {f}
ache {v} (be in pain)  :: boleć {impf}
ache for {v} (to desire or want very much)  :: pożądać
acheilia {n} (liplessness) SEE: liplessness  ::
acheilous {adj} (lipless) SEE: lipless  ::
achelate {adj} (clawless) SEE: clawless  ::
achene {n} (small dry fruit)  :: niełupka {f}
achieve {v} (to carry out successfully; to accomplish)  :: osiągać {impf}, osiągnąć {pf}; zrealizować
achieve {v} (to obtain, or gain as the result of exertion)  :: osiągać {impf}, osiągnąć {pf}
achievement {n} (act of achieving or performing)  :: dokonanie {n}, osiągnięcie {n}
achievement {n} (a reward in video games)  :: osiągnięcie {n}
achievement {n} (great or heroic deed)  :: dokonanie {n}, osiągnięcie {n}
Achilles {prop} (Greek mythical hero)  :: Achilles {m-pr}
Achilles heel {n} (Achilles' tendon) SEE: Achilles' tendon  ::
Achilles heel {n} (vulnerability in an otherwise strong situation)  :: pięta Achillesa {f}
Achilles tendon {n} (strong tendon in the calf of the leg)  :: ścięgno Achillesa {n}
achondroplasia {n} (the genetic disorder)  :: achondroplazja
achoo {interj} (the sound of a sneeze)  :: a psik!, apsik!
achromaticity {n} (achromatism) SEE: achromatism  ::
acid {adj} (of or pertaining to an acid)  :: kwaśny
acid {adj} (sour, sharp, or biting to the taste)  :: kwaśny
acid {adj} (sour-tempered)  :: kwaśny
acid {n} (a sour substance)  :: kwas {m-in}
acid {n} (in chemistry)  :: kwas {m-in}
acid {n} (LSD)  :: kwas {m-in}
acidity {n} (quality or state of being acid)  :: kwasowość {f}
acidness {n} (acidity) SEE: acidity  ::
acid rain {n} (unusually acidic rain)  :: kwaśny deszcz {m}
acinesic {adj} (akinesic) SEE: akinesic  ::
acknowledge {v} (to admit the claims or authority of)  :: uznawać / uznać
acknowledge {v} (to admit the knowledge of)  :: przyznawać / przyznać
acne {n} (a pattern of blemishes resulting from the skin condition)  :: trądzik {m}
acne {n} (a skin condition)  :: trądzik {m}, wągry {m-p}
acolyte {n} (Catholic church: highest of the minor orders; ordained to carry wine, water and lights at the Mass)  :: akolita {m}
acolyte {n} (in general: assistant)  :: akolita {m}
aconite {n} (herb wolfsbane)  :: tojad
acorn {n} (fruit of the oak tree)  :: żołądź {m}
acosmism {n} (denial of the existence of the universe as distinct from God)  :: akosmizm
acoustic {adj} (pertaining to hearing or the science of sounds)  :: akustyczny
acoustic {adj} (producing or produced without electrical amplification)  :: akustyczny
acquaintance {n} (person)  :: znajomy {m}, znajoma {f}
acquaintance {n} (state of being acquainted)  :: znajomość {f}
acquiesce {v} (concur upon conviction)  :: godzić się
acquiesce {v} (rest satisfied)  :: przyzwalać [na coś]
acquiescence {n} (silent or passive assent)  :: potulność {f}, przyzwolenie {n}
acquit {v} (to discharge from an obligation)  :: uniewinnić od zarzutu
acrid {adj} (Caustic; bitter; bitterly irritating)  :: uszczypliwy {m}
acrid {adj} (Sharp and harsh, or bitter and not to the taste; pungent)  :: ostry, gryzący, drażniący, cierpki
acrimonious {adj} (sharp and harsh)  :: ostry, kłótliwy
acro {n} (acrobatic gymnastics) SEE: acrobatic gymnastics  ::
acrobat {n} (an athlete who performs acts requiring skill, agility and coordination)  :: akrobata {m}
acrobatic {adj} (of or pertaining to an acrobat)  :: akrobatyczny
acrobatics {n} (art of performing acrobatic feats)  :: akrobatyka {f}
acromegaly {n} (chronic disease marked by enlargement of the bones)  :: akromegalia {f}
acronym {n} (word formed by initial letters)  :: akronim {m-in}, skrót {m-in}, skrótowiec {m-in}
acronymization {n} (act of turning a phrase into an acronym)  :: akronimizacja {f}
Acropolis {prop} (Athenian Acropolis)  :: Akropol {m}
act {n} (deed)  :: czyn
act {n} (division of theatrical performance)  :: akt
act {n} (formal record of something done)  :: akt
act {n} (process of doing)  :: działanie
act {v} (to behave in a certain way)  :: zachowywać się {impf}, zachować się {pf}
act {v} (to do something)  :: działać / zdziałać, robić / zrobić
act {v} (to perform a theatrical role)  :: grać
acting {adj} (temporarily assuming the duties or authority)  :: p.o., pełniący obowiązki {m}, pełniąca obowiązki {f}
actinium {n} (chemical element)  :: aktyn {m}
actinomorphous {adj} (actinomorphic) SEE: actinomorphic  ::
action {interj} (signifying the start of something)  :: akcja
action {n} (fast-paced activity)  :: akcja {f}
action {n} (something done so as to accomplish a purpose)  :: czynność {f}
actions speak louder than words {proverb} (it's more effective to act than speak)  :: czyny mówią głośniej niż słowa
action word {n} (verb) SEE: verb  ::
active {adj} (having the quality or power of acting)  :: aktywny {m}, czynny {m}
active {adj} (in grammar)  :: czynny {m}
activism {n} (The practice of using action to achieve a result)  :: aktywizm {m}
activist {n} (one who is politically active)  :: aktywista {m}, działacz {m}
activistic {adj} (activist) SEE: activist  ::
activity {n} (something done as an action or a movement)  :: aktywność {f}
activity {n} (something done for pleasure or entertainment)  :: działalność {f}
actor {n} (one who acts; a doer)  :: aktor {m}
actor {n} (person who performs in a theatrical play or film)  :: aktor {m}, aktorka {f}
actor {n} (plaintiff) SEE: plaintiff  ::
actress {n} (female actor, see also: actor)  :: aktorka {f}
Acts {prop} (Book of Acts) SEE: Acts of the Apostles  ::
Acts of the Apostles {prop} (fifth book of the New Testament)  :: Dzieje Apostolskie {p}
actual {adj} (factual, real, not just apparent or even false)  :: właściwy {m}, prawdziwy {m}
actually {adv} (In act or in fact; really; in truth; positively)  :: właściwie, naprawdę, faktycznie
actuary {n} (maker of insurance calculations)  :: aktuariusz {m}
actuate {v} (to activate; put into motion)  :: uruchomić
actuate {v} (to incite to action)  :: pobudzać
acuity {n} (sharpness or acuteness)  :: ostrość {f}
acumen {n} (quickness of perception)  :: przenikliwość {f}, bystrość {f}
acupressure {n} (mode of arresting hemorrhage)  :: akupresura {f}
acupuncturation {n} (acupuncture) SEE: acupuncture  ::
acupuncture {n} (insertion of needles for remedial purposes)  :: akupunktura {f}
acute {adj} (geometry: acute-angled) SEE: acute-angled  ::
acute {adj} (geometry: of an angle)  :: ostry
acute {adj} (sensitive)  :: ostry
acute {n} (acute accent) SEE: acute accent  ::
acute accent {n} (acute accent)  :: akcent ostry {m}, akcent akutowy {m}, akut {m}
acute angle {n} (angle measuring less than ninety degrees)  :: kąt ostry {m}
acute cystitis {n} (urinary tract infection) SEE: urinary tract infection  ::
AD {adv} (anno Domini)  :: n.e.
Adam {prop} (first man in Abrahamic religions)  :: Adam {m}
Adam {prop} (male given name)  :: Adam {m}
Adam and Eve {prop} (the first man and woman (according to Genesis))  :: Adam i Ewa
adamant {adj} (determined; unshakeable; unyielding)  :: nieustępliwy, zdecydowany
adamant {n} (magnet or loadstone) SEE: magnet, loadstone  ::
Adam's apple {n} (the lump in the throat)  :: jabłko Adama {n}
adaptable {adj} (capable of adapting or of being adapted)  :: giętki
adaptative {adj} (adaptive) SEE: adaptive  ::
adapter {n} (device allowing more plugs at an outlet)  :: rozgałęźnik {m}, przedłużacz {m} [informal], złodziejka {f} [colloquial]
adapter {n} (device allowing plug to fit in an outlet of different type)  :: przejściówka {f}, adapter {m}
adapter {n} (device to allow compatibility)  :: adapter {m}
add {v} (to append, as a statement)  :: dodać
add {v} (to make an addition)  :: dodawać {impf}, dodać {pf}
add {v} (to perform the arithmetical operation of addition, to add up)  :: dodać
addend {n} (any of various terms added together)  :: dodajnik {m}
addend {n} (term added to another)  :: składnik {m}, [added to another; archaic] dodajnik {m}
adder {n} (viper)  :: żmija {f}
add fuel to the fire {v} (worsen a conflict)  :: dolewać oliwy do ognia
addict {n} (adherent or fan)  :: fanatyk {m}, maniak {m}, entuzjasta {m}
addict {n} (person who is addicted, especially to a harmful drug)  :: nałogowiec {m}, uzależniony {m}
addicted {adj} (physically or phsychologically dependent)  :: uzależniony {m}
addiction {n} (a habit or practice)  :: nałóg {m}
addiction {n} (the state of being addicted)  :: uzależnienie {n}
addictive {adj} (tending to cause addiction)  :: uzależniający {m}, powodujący uzależnienie
addition {n} (act of adding)  :: dodawanie {n}
addition {n} (arithmetic: process of adding)  :: dodawanie {n}
addition {n} (thing added)  :: dodatek {m}
addon {n} (add-on) SEE: add-on  ::
address {n} (direction for letters)  :: adres {m}
addressee {n} (person or organization to which something is addressed or sent)  :: adresat {m}, adresatka {f}
adduceable {adj} (adducible) SEE: adducible  ::
add up {v} (be reasonable or consistent) SEE: make sense  ::
Adelaide {prop} (female given name)  :: Adelajda {f}
Adelaide {prop} (state capital of South Australia)  :: Adelajda {f}
Adele {prop} (female given name) SEE: Adela  ::
Aden {prop} (seaport of Yemen)  :: Aden {m}
adenine {n} (base that pairs with thymine or uracil)  :: adenina {f}
adept {n} (one fully skilled or well versed in anything)  :: ekspert {m}, ekspertka {f}, mistrz {m}, mistrzyni {f}
adequate {adj} (equal to some requirement)  :: adekwatny, odpowiedni
adequateness {n} (meeting needs)  :: właściwość, adekwatność
adhan {n} ((Islam) The call to prayer)  :: adhan {m}
adhesive tape {n} (adhesive tape)  :: taśma klejąca {f}, taśma {f}
ad hoc {adj} (for this particular purpose)  :: ad hoc, dla tego, doraźny {m}
ad hoc {adj} (impromptu) SEE: impromptu  ::
ad hoc {adj} (special) SEE: special  ::
Adige {prop} (river in South Tyrol)  :: Adyga
ad infinitum {adv} (endlessly)  :: nieskończenie, do nieskończoności
adios {interj} (goodbye) SEE: goodbye  ::
adjacent {adj} (lying next to, close, or contiguous; neighboring)  :: przyległy {m}, przylegający {m}
adjectival {adj} (functioning as an adjective)  :: przymiotnikowy
adjective {adj} (adjectival) SEE: adjectival  ::
adjective {adj} (methods of enforcement and rules of procedure)  :: przymiotnikowy
adjective {n} ((grammar) a word that modifies a noun or describes a noun’s referent)  :: przymiotnik {m-in}
adjectivize {v} (adjective) SEE: adjective  ::
adjust {v} (to improve or rectify)  :: poprawić
adjust {v} (to modify)  :: dostosowywać, dostosować
adjustable spanner {n} (adjustable hand tool)  :: klucz nastawny {m}, klucz szwedzki {m}, klucz angielski {m}, klucz francuski {m}
adjustment {n} (small change)  :: ustawienie {n}, regulacja {f}
adjutant {n} (marabou) SEE: marabou  ::
adminicle {n} (aid) SEE: aid  ::
adminicle {n} (auxiliary) SEE: auxiliary  ::
administrate {v} (administer) SEE: administer  ::
administrator {n} (computing: one who responsible for software and maintenance of a computer or network)  :: administrator {m}
administrator {n} (law: one to whom the right of administration has been committed)  :: zarządca {m}
administrator {n} (one who administers affairs)  :: zarządca {m}, administrator {m}
admiral {n} (naval officer of the highest rank)  :: admirał {m}
admiration {n} (adoration; appreciation)  :: podziw {m}
admirer {n} (one who admires)  :: wielbiciel {m}, wielbicielka {f}
admissibility {n} (state or quality)  :: dopuszczalność {f}
admit {v} (to allow to enter; to grant entrance)  :: wpuszczać {impf}, wpuścić {pf}, dopuszczać {impf}, dopuścić {pf}
admit {v} (to concede as true)  :: przyznawać {impf}, przyznać {pf}
adolescence {n} (period between childhood and maturity)  :: wiek dojrzewania {m}
adolescent {adj} (characteristic of adolescence)  :: nastoletni {m}, dojrzewający {m}
adolescent {n} (a teenager)  :: nastolatek {m}, nastolatka
Adolf {prop} (male given name) SEE: Adolph  ::
Adonis {n} (beautiful man)  :: adonis {m}
Adonis {prop} (male given name)  :: Adonis {m}
Adonis {prop} (the young man loved by Aphrodite)  :: Adonis {m}
adoption {n} (act of adopting, or state of being adopted)  :: adopcja {f}
adore {v} (love with entire heart and soul)  :: uwielbiać, ubóstwiać
adore {v} (worship)  :: uwielbiać, wielbić
adrenal {n} (noun sense) SEE: adrenal gland  ::
adrenal gland {n} (endocrine gland situated above the kidney)  :: nadnercze {n}
adrenaline {n} (the compound epinephrine)  :: adrenalina {f}
Adriatic {prop} (Adriatic Sea) SEE: Adriatic Sea  ::
Adriatic Sea {prop} (sea that stretches from the Ionian Sea to the Gulf of Venice)  :: Morze Adriatyckie {n}
adroit {adj} (dextrous) SEE: dextrous  ::
adult {adj} (fully grown)  :: dorosły {m}, dorosła {f}
adult {adj} (pornographic) SEE: pornographic  ::
adult {n} (fully grown human)  :: dorosły {m}
adulter {v} (adulterate) SEE: adulterate  ::
adulterer {n} (one who commits adultery)  :: cudzołożnik {m}, cudzołożnica {f}
adulteress {n} (woman or girl who commits adultery)  :: cudzołożnica {f}
adulterous {adj} (of or characterized by adultery)  :: cudzołożny, pozamałżeński
adultery {n} (sexual intercourse by a married person with someone other than their spouse)  :: cudzołóstwo {n}, zdrada małżeńska {f}
adulthood {n} (time of life)  :: dorosłość {f}
advance {n} (amount of money)  :: zaliczka {f}
advance {v} (to accelerate the growth or progress; to further; to forward)  :: przyspieszyć
advance {v} (to bring forward; to move towards the front; to make to go on)  :: przesunąć
advance {v} (to bring to view or notice; to offer or propose)  :: zaproponować, zaoferować
advance {v} (to furnish, as money or other value, before it becomes due)  :: wypłacić
advance {v} (to make earlier, as an event or date; to hasten)  :: przyspieszyć
advance {v} (to move forwards, to approach)  :: przyspieszyć
advance {v} (to raise to a higher point; to enhance; to raise in rate)  :: zwiększać
advance {v} (to raise to a higher rank; to promote)  :: podnieść
advancement {n} (payment in advance) SEE: advance payment  ::
advantage {n} (any condition, circumstance, opportunity, or means, particularly favorable to success)  :: korzyść {f}, zaleta {f}
advantage {n} (superiority; mastery)  :: przewaga {f}
advantage {n} (superiority of state, or that which gives it)  :: korzyść {f}
advantage {n} (the score where one player wins a point after deuce)  :: przewaga {f}
advantageous {adj} (being of advantage)  :: korzystny {m}
advent {n} (Christianity) SEE: Advent  ::
advent {n} (coming, arrival)  :: nadejście
Advent {prop} (season before Christmas)  :: adwent {m}
Advent calendar {n} (calendar used to count down the days of Advent)  :: kalendarz adwentowy {m}
adventure {n} (encountering of risks)  :: przygoda {f}
adventure {n} (remarkable occurrence)  :: przygoda {f}, wydarzenie {n}
adventure {n} (that which happens without design)  :: wypadek {m}, przypadek {m}
adventure game {n} (video game genre)  :: gra przygodowa {f}, przygodówka {f}
adventurous {adj} (inclined to adventure)  :: pełen przygód
adverb {n} (lexical category)  :: przysłówek {m-in}
adverbial {adj} (of or relating to an adverb)  :: przysłówkowy {m}
adverbial {n} (grammar: word or phrase modifying a verb)  :: okolicznik {m}
adverbial participle {n} (linguistic sense)  :: imiesłów przysłówkowy {m}
adversary {n} (opponent)  :: przeciwnik {m}, adwersarz {m}
adverse {adj} (contrary, hostile)  :: niepomyślny, niesprzyjający, niekorzystny
adverse {adj} (unfavourable)  :: niepomyślny, niesprzyjający, niekorzystny
adverse effect {n} (side-effect, especially a negative one in pharmacology)  :: skutek uboczny {m}
advert {n} (advertisement) SEE: advertisement  ::
advertisement {n} (commercial solicitation)  :: reklama {f}
advertisement {n} (public notice)  :: ogłoszenie {n}, anons {m-in}
advice {n} (opinion recommended or offered, as worthy to be followed; counsel)  :: rada {f}, porada {f}, wskazówka {f}
advisatory {adj} (advisory) SEE: advisory  ::
advise {v} (to give advice to; to offer an opinion; to counsel; to warn)  :: radzić {impf}, poradzić {pf}
adviser {n} (advisor) SEE: advisor  ::
advisor {n} (one who offers advice)  :: doradca {m}
advisory {adj} (able to give advice)  :: doradczy {m}
advocacy {n} (the profession of an advocate)  :: adwokatura {f}
advocate {n} (person who argues the case of another)  :: adwokat {m}, adwokatka {f}
Adygea {prop} (Adygea, Russia)  :: Adygeja {f}
Adygei {prop} (Adygei) SEE: Adyghe  ::
Adyghe {prop} (language spoken in the Republic of Adygea)  :: adygejski {m}
adze {n} (cutting tool)  :: topór ciesielski {m}, ciesak {m}
adzuki {n} (azuki bean) SEE: azuki bean  ::
aedile {n} (elected official in Ancient Rome)  :: edyl {m}
Aegean {adj} (of or relating to the Aegean Sea)  :: egejski
Aegean {prop} (Aegean Sea) SEE: Aegean Sea  ::
Aegean Sea {prop} (sea of the northeastern part of the Mediterranean Sea)  :: Morze Egejskie {n}
Aegina {prop} (island)  :: Egina {f}
aegis {n} (protection, guidance)  :: egida
Aeneas {prop} (Trojan hero)  :: Eneasz {m}
Aeneid {prop} (Classic epic poem that tells the story of Aeneas fleeing Troy and settling in Italy.)  :: Eneida {f}
aeolian {adj} (carried, deposited or eroded by the wind)  :: eoliczny
aeolian {adj} (of, or relating to the wind)  :: eoliczny
aeolian harp {n} (type of harp)  :: harfa eolska {f}
Aeolus {prop} (character in Greek mythology)  :: Eol {m}
aerate {v} (to supply oxygen or air)  :: napowietrzać, napowietrzyć
aerator {n} (a device which mixes air with a substance)  :: aerator {m}
aerial {n} (device for receiving or transmitting)  :: antena {f}
aerial device {n} (aerial work platform) SEE: aerial work platform  ::
aerobiology {n} (the study of the dispersion of airborne biological materials)  :: aerobiologia {f}
aerodyne {n} (heavier-than-air aircraft)  :: aerodyna {f}
aeroembolism {n} (condition) SEE: air embolism  ::
Aeroflot {prop} (Russian airline)  :: Aerofłot {m}
aerology {n} (branch of meteorology)  :: aerologia {f}
Aeronian {prop}  :: Aeron
aeroplane {n} (airplane) SEE: airplane  ::
aerothorax {n} (pneumothorax) SEE: pneumothorax  ::
Aeschylus {prop} (Greek tragedian)  :: Ajschylos {m}
aesir {n} (Æsir) SEE: Æsir  ::
Aesop {prop} (ancient Greek author)  :: Ezop {m}
aesthete {n} (someone who cultivates an unusually high sensitivity to beauty, as in art or nature)  :: esteta {m}
aesthetic {n} (the study of art or beauty) SEE: aesthetics  ::
aesthetically {adv}  :: estetycznie
aestheticism {n} (doctrine which holds aesthetics as the highest ideal)  :: estetyzm
aesthetics {n} (study or philosophy of beauty)  :: estetyka {f}
aetiology {n} (study of causes or origins)  :: etiologia {f}
aetites {n} (eaglestone) SEE: eaglestone  ::
afar {adv} (at, to or from a great distance)  :: w oddali
a few {determiner} (a small number of)  :: kilka, kilku, niewiele, niewielu
a few {pron} (a small number of things)  :: kilka
affable {adj} (friendly, courteous, sociable)  :: sympatyczny {m}
affable {adj} (mild; benign)  :: życzliwy {m}
affair {n} (adulterous relationship)  :: romans {m}
affectionate {adj} (indicating love)  :: czuły, kochający
affectionate {adj} (loving)  :: czuły, kochający
affectionately {adv} (in an affectionate manner)  :: czule
Affenpinscher {n} (Affenpinscher)  :: pinczer małpi {m}
affiliate {v} (to adopt) SEE: adopt  ::
affiliation {n} (A club, society or umbrella organisation so formed, especially a trade union)  :: związek {m}
affiliation {n} (The relationship resulting from affiliating one thing with another)  :: powiązanie {n}
affinity {n} (natural attraction for something)  :: bliskość {f}
affirm {v} (to agree with or verify)  :: potwierdzać {impf}, potwierdzić {pf}
affirmance {n} (affirmation) SEE: affirmation  ::
affirmative action {n} (advantaging minority groups who have traditionally been discriminated) SEE: reverse discrimination  ::
affix {n} (suffix) SEE: suffix  ::
affliction {n} (a state of pain, suffering, distress or agony)  :: cierpienie {n}
affluence {n} (abundance of wealth)  :: dostatek {m}, bogactwo {n}
affluent {adj} (abounding in goods or riches; materially wealthy)  :: zamożny {m}
affluent {n} (tributary) SEE: tributary  ::
afford {v} (to incur, stand, or bear)  :: pozwalać sobie {impf}, pozwolić sobie {pf}
affricate {n} (a sound produced using a combination of a plosive and a fricative)  :: afrykata {f}
Afghan {adj} (pertaining to Afghanistan)  :: afgański
Afghan {n} (person from Afghanistan)  :: Afgańczyk {m-pr}, Afganka {f}
Afghan hound {n} (Afghan Hound) SEE: Afghan Hound  ::
Afghan Hound {n} (Afghan Hound)  :: chart afgański {m}
Afghani {adj} (relating to Afghanistan) SEE: Afghan  ::
Afghani {n} (citizen or native of Afghanistan) SEE: Afghan  ::
Afghani {n} (money) SEE: afghani  ::
Afghanistan {prop} (country)  :: Afganistan {m-in}
a-fib {n} (atrial fibrillation) SEE: afib  ::
aforementioned {adj} (previously mentioned)  :: wyżej wspomniany, powyżej wspomniany, wcześniej wspomniany
aforethought {adj} (premeditated; planned ahead of time)  :: rozmyślny {m}, z premedytacją
afraid {adj} (impressed with fear or apprehension; in fear; apprehensive)  :: obawiać się
Africa {prop} (continent south of Europe)  :: Afryka {f}
Africa-Eurasia {prop} (Afro-Eurasia) SEE: Afro-Eurasia  ::
African {adj} (Of or pertaining to Africa)  :: afrykański {m}
African {n} (a native of Africa)  :: Afrykanin {m}, Afrykanka {f}
African American {adj} (African-American) SEE: African-American  ::
African American {n} (African-American) SEE: African-American  ::
African hunting dog {n} (Lycaon pictus)  :: likaon {m}
Africanism {n} (Eurocentric representation of Africans)  :: afrykanizm {m}
African wild dog {n} (Lycaon pictus) SEE: African hunting dog  ::
a friend in need is a friend indeed {proverb} (someone who helps you in your time of need is a real friend)  :: prawdziwych przyjaciół poznaje się w biedzie
Afrikaans {adj} (of or pertaining to the Afrikaans language)  :: afrykanerski
Afrikaans {prop} (language)  :: afrikaans
Afrikaner {n} (breed of cattle) SEE: Afrikander  ::
Afrikaner {n} (member of ethnic group)  :: Afrykaner {m}
afro {n} (hairstyle)  :: afro {n}
after {prep} (subsequently; following in time; later than)  :: po
after all {prep} (in the end; anyway)  :: ostatecznie, nareszcie
after-effect {n} (after-effect) SEE: aftereffect  ::
aftereffect {n} (any delayed effect)  :: efekt {m}, konsekwencja {f}, następstwo {n} reperkusja {f}
afterglow {n} (afterparty) SEE: afterparty  ::
afterlife {n} (life after death)  :: zaświaty {p}, życie pozagrobowe {n}
afternoon {n} (part of the day between noon and evening)  :: popołudnie {n}
afterwards {adv} (at a later or succeeding time)  :: później, potem
afterword {n} (an epilogue)  :: posłowie {n}
again {adv} (another time)  :: ponownie, znowu, jeszcze raz
against {prep} (in a contrary direction to)  :: przeciw, pod
against {prep} (in competition with)  :: z, przeciwko
against {prep} (in opposition to)  :: przeciw, przeciwko
against {prep} (in physical contact with)  :: o
agalactorrhea {n} (disease) SEE: agalactia  ::
agate {n} (mineral)  :: agat
Agatha {prop} (female given name)  :: Agata
agave {n} (genus)  :: agawa {f}
age {n} (century) SEE: century  ::
age {n} (generation (see also generation))  :: pokolenie {n}
age {n} (great period in the history of the Earth)  :: era {f}
age {n} (latter part of life)  :: starość {f}
age {n} (one of the stages of life)  :: wiek {m-in}, etap {m-in}
age {n} (particular period of time in history)  :: epoka {f}, era {f}
age {n} (part of the duration of a being or thing between its beginning and any given time)  :: wiek {m-in}
age {n} (time of life when one attains full person rights)  :: dorosłość {f}, pełnoletniość {f}
age {n} (whole duration of a being)  :: życie {n}
age {v} (intransitive: become old)  :: starzeć się
age {v} (transitive: cause to grow old)  :: postarzać
aged care {n} (eldercare) SEE: eldercare  ::
ageing {n} (process of becoming older or more mature)  :: starzenie się
age-mate {n} (one who is the same age as another)  :: rówieśnik {m}, rówieśnica {f}, rówieśniczka {f}
agency {n} (agent) SEE: agent  ::
agency {n} (place of business of an agent)  :: agencja {f}
agendered {adj} (genderless) SEE: genderless  ::
age of consent {n} (an age at which one is legally mature enough to have sex)  :: wiek przyzwolenia {m-in}
agglomeration {n} (extended city area)  :: aglomeracja {f}
agglutinative {adj} (having words derived by combining parts)  :: aglutynacyjny {m}
aggression {n} (act of initiating hostilities or invasion)  :: agresja {f}
aggressive {adj} (tending or disposed to aggress)  :: agresywny
aggressiveness {n} (state or quality being aggressive)  :: agresywność {f}
Aghori {prop} (an order of Hindu ascetics)  :: aghori
agile {adj} (having the faculty of quick motion in the limbs)  :: zwinny {m}
agility {n} (quality of being agile)  :: zwinność {f}
aglet {n} (catkin) SEE: catkin  ::
aglet {n} (cover of a shoelace) SEE: aiglet  ::
agnathic {adj} (agnathous) SEE: agnathous  ::
agnathous {adj} (jawless) SEE: jawless  ::
Agnes {prop} (female given name)  :: Agnieszka, Jagna {f}
agnostic {adj} (of or relating to agnosticism)  :: agnostyczny {m}
agnostic {n} (one who holds to a form of agnosticism.)  :: agnostyk {m}
agnosticism {n} (view that the existence of a God or gods is unknown, unknowable, unproven, or unprovable)  :: agnostycyzm {m}
agnus castus {n} (chaste tree) SEE: chaste tree  ::
ago {adj} (past; gone by; since)  :: (dawno) temu, wcześniej
agoraphobia {n} (fear of open spaces)  :: agorafobia
agorism {n} (philosophy that advocates the creation of a voluntaryist society through counter-economics)  :: agoryzm
agouti {n} (a rodent similar in appearance to a guinea pig but having longer legs)  :: aguti złocisty
agree {v} (harmonize in opinion; be in unison or concord; be united; concur)  :: zgadzać się {impf}, zgodzić się {pf}
agree {v}  :: uzgadniać
agreement {n} (an understanding to follow a course of conduct)  :: umowa {f}
agreement {n} (grammatical agreement)  :: związek zgody {m}
agreement {n} (legally binding contract enforceable in a court of law)  :: umowa {f}
agreement {n} (state whereby several parties share a view or opinion)  :: zgoda {f}, porozumienie {n}
agricultural {adj} (agricultural)  :: rolniczy {m}
agriculture {n} (the art or science of cultivating the ground)  :: rolnictwo {n}
agrimony {n} (plant of the genus Agrimonia)  :: rzepik {m}
agronomy {n} (science of utilizing plants, animals, and soils for food, fuel, feed and more)  :: agronomia {f}
ague {n} (malaria) SEE: malaria  ::
ah {interj} (an expression)  :: ach
aha {interj} (exclamation of understanding, realization, invention, or recognition)  :: aha
ahead of time {prep} (early)  :: z wyprzedzeniem
ahorse {adv} (on the back of a horse) SEE: horseback  ::
ahorseback {adv} (on the back of a horse) SEE: horseback  ::
ahoy {interj} (used to hail a ship, etc)  :: ahoj!
Ahriman {prop} (the hypostasis of chaos, destruction, evil in Zoroastrianism)  :: Aryman {m}
aid {n} (aide-de-camp) SEE: aide-de-camp  ::
aid {n} (help; succor; assistance; relief)  :: pomoc {f}
aid {v} (to support)  :: pomagać
aide {n} (assistant) SEE: assistant  ::
aide {n} (military: officer who acts as an assistant to a more senior one) SEE: aide-de-camp  ::
AIDS {n} (acquired immune deficiency syndrome)  :: AIDS {n}
aiglet {n} (tip on a ribbon or cord)  :: aglet {m}
aikido {n} (Japanese martial art)  :: aikido {n}
aileron {n} (Hinged part on trailing edge of airplane wing)  :: lotka {f}
aim {n} (Intention; purpose)  :: cel {m}
aim {n} (point intended to be hit)  :: cel {m}
aim {v} (to point or direct a missile weapon)  :: celować, mierzyć
aimless {adj} (without aim)  :: bezcelowy
air {n} (feeling or sense)  :: aura {f}, otoczka {f}, posmak {m-in}
air {n} (historical: one of the basic elements)  :: powietrze {n}
air {n} (mixture of gases making up the atmosphere of the Earth)  :: powietrze {n}
air {n} (music: a song, an aria)  :: aria {f}
air {n} (pretension, snobbishness)  :: poza {f}
air {n} (the apparently open space above the ground)  :: powietrze {n}
air {v} (to bring into contact with the air)  :: wietrzyć, napowietrzać
airan {n} (a Turkish and Altaic yoghurt drink)  :: ajran
air base {n} (air base) SEE: airbase  ::
air bladder {n} (swim bladder) SEE: swim bladder  ::
airborne {adj} (in flight)  :: w trakcie lotu
air conditioner {n} (a machine that is used to control temperature and humidity in an enclosed space)  :: klimatyzator {m}
air conditioning {n} (an air conditioner or system of air conditioners)  :: klimatyzacja {f}
aircraft {n} (machine capable of atmospheric flight)  :: statek powietrzny {m}
aircraft carrier {n} (warship for launching aircraft)  :: lotniskowiec {m}
airer {n} (clotheshorse) SEE: clotheshorse  ::
airfield {n} (place where airplanes can take off and land)  :: lądowisko {n}
airfoil {n} (wing of an aircraft) SEE: wing  ::
air force {n} (branch of the military devoted to air warfare)  :: siły powietrzne {f-p}
airhead {n} (having no brain)  :: bezmózg {m}
air lane {n} (air corridor) SEE: air corridor  ::
airline {n} (company that flies airplanes)  :: linie lotnicze {f-p}
airmail {n} (the system of conveying mail using aircraft)  :: poczta lotnicza {f}
airplane {n} (powered aircraft)  :: samolot {m}, aeroplan {m}
airport {n} (a place designated for airplanes)  :: lotnisko {n}, port lotniczy {m}
air pressure {n} (atmospheric pressure) SEE: atmospheric pressure  ::
airship {n} (self-propelled lighter-than-air aircraft that can be steered) SEE: dirigible  ::
air ticket {n} (a pass entitling the holder to travel in an aeroplane)  :: bilet lotniczy {m}
airtime {n} (duration of transmission)  :: czas antenowy
airwaves {n} (radio wave) SEE: radio wave  ::
airway {n} (trachea) SEE: trachea  ::
airway {n} (windpipe) SEE: windpipe  ::
aisle {n} (any path through obstructed space)  :: przejście {n}
aisle {n} (clear path through rows of seating)  :: przejście {n}
aisle {n} (corridor in a supermarket)  :: przejście {n}
aisle {n} (wing of a building, notably in a church)  :: nawa boczna {f}
aitch {n} (name of the letter H, h)  :: h {n}, samo h {n} [when contrasted with "ch"]
a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step {proverb} (a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step)  :: podróż tysiąca mil zaczyna się od jednego kroku
AKA {prep} (also known as)  :: także znany jako {m}
Akan {prop} (language group spoken in Ghana)  :: akan
Akan {prop} (Niger-Congo language)  :: akan
akin {adj} (of the same kind; similar)  :: pokrewny {m}, zbliżony {m}
akin {adj} (of the same kin; related by blood)  :: spokrewniony {m}
akinetic {adj} (akinesic) SEE: akinesic  ::
Akkadian {adj} (pertaining to the language)  :: akadyjski {m}
Akkadian {prop} (Semitic language)  :: akadyjski {m}
al {n} (Indian mulberry) SEE: Indian mulberry  ::
Alabama {prop} (river)  :: Alabama {f}
Alabama {prop} (U.S. State)  :: Alabama {f}
alabaster {adj} (made of alabaster)  :: alabastrowy
alabaster {n} (variety of gypsum)  :: alabaster {m}
alacrity {n} (eagerness)  :: skwapliwość {f}
Aladdin {prop} (the fictional young man)  :: Aladyn {m}
Aland {prop} (archipelago)  :: Wyspy Alandzkie
Al-Andalus {prop} (Islamic Spain)  :: Al-Andalus
alanine {n} (nonessential amino acid; C3H7NO2)  :: alanina {f}
alar {adj} (anatomy: related to the armpit)  :: pachowy
alarm {n} (summons to arms)  :: alarm {m}
alarm clock {n} (type of clock)  :: budzik {m}
alarmed {adj} (worried) SEE: worried  ::
Alaska {prop} (US state)  :: Alaska {f}
Alaskan {adj} (of or pertaining to Alaska, its people or its culture)  :: alaski, alaskański, alaskijski
Alaskan {n} (someone from Alaska)  :: Alaskanin {m}, Alaskijczyk {m}, Alaskanka {f}, Alaskijka {f}
alated {adj} (alate) SEE: alate  ::
alb {n} (a long white robe worn by priests and other ministers)  :: alba {f}
Albania {prop} (Caucasian Albania) SEE: Caucasian Albania  ::
Albania {prop} (country in south-eastern Europe)  :: Albania {f}
Albanian {adj} (Of or pertaining to Albania)  :: albański
Albanian {n} (Person from Albania)  :: Albańczyk {m-pr}, Albanka {f}
Albanian {prop} (language)  :: albański
albatross {n} (seabird)  :: albatros {m}
albeit {conj} (despite its being; although)  :: chociaż
Alberta {prop} (province)  :: Alberta {f}
albinism {n} (lack of melanin pigmentation)  :: albinizm {m}
albino {n} (one congenitally lacking melanin)  :: albinos {m}
albinoism {n} (albinism) SEE: albinism  ::
album {n} (book for photographs, stamps, or autographs)  :: album {m}
album {n} (group of audio recordings on any media)  :: album {m}
album {n} (phonograph record (LP))  :: album {m}
albumen {n} (white part of an egg)  :: białko {n}
albumenoid {n} (albuminoid) SEE: albuminoid  ::
alburnum {n} (sapwood) SEE: sapwood  ::
alchemical {adj} (pertaining to alchemy)  :: alchemiczny
alchemist {n} (one who practices alchemy)  :: alchemik {m}
alchemy {n} (ancient chemistry)  :: alchemia {f}
alcohol {n} (intoxicating beverage)  :: alkohol {m}
alcohol {n} (organic chemistry sense)  :: alkohol {m}
alcohol-free {adj} (containing no alcohol)  :: bezalkoholowy
alcoholic {adj} (of or pertaining to alcohol)  :: alkoholowy {m}, alkoholowa {f}, alkoholowe {n}
alcoholic {n} (a person addicted to alcohol)  :: alkoholik {m}, alkoholiczka {f}
alcoholic {n} (one who abuses alcohol)  :: alkoholik {m}, alkoholiczka {f}
Alcoholics Anonymous {prop} (proper noun)  :: Anonimowi Alkoholicy
Aldebaran {prop} (star)  :: Aldebaran {m}
aldehyde {n} (organic compound of the general formula R·CHO)  :: aldehyd {m}
alder {n} (any tree or shrub of the genus Alnus)  :: olcha {f}, olsza {f}
alderman {n} (member of a municipal legislative body in a city or town)  :: ławnik {m}, radny {m}
ale {n} (intoxicating liquor)  :: ale {n}
Alecto {prop} (Greek goddess of vengeance)  :: Alekto {f}
Alejandro {prop} (cognates of Alejandro) SEE: Alexander  ::
a leopard cannot change its spots {proverb} (one cannot change one's own nature)  :: natura ciągnie wilka do lasu
Aleut {adj} (of the Aleutian Islands)  :: aleucki {m}
Aleut {n} (native of the Aleutian Islands)  :: Aleuta {m}, Aleutka {f}
Aleut {prop} (language of the Aleutian Islands)  :: aleucki {m}
Aleutian Islands {prop} (archipelago)  :: Aleuty
Alex {prop} (male given name) SEE: Alexius  ::
Alexander {prop} (male given name)  :: Aleksander {m}
Alexander the Great {prop} (King of Macedonia)  :: Aleksander Macedoński {m}, Aleksander Wielki {m}
Alexandria {prop} (city in Egypt)  :: Aleksandria {f}
Alexandroupoli {prop} (city)  :: Aleksandropolis
Alexius {prop} (male given name)  :: Aleksiej {m}
alfalfa {n} (Medicago sativa)  :: lucerna {f}
Alfonso {prop} (male given name)  :: Alfons {m}
algebra {n} (system for computation)  :: algebra {f}
algebra {n} (universal algebra) SEE: universal algebra  ::
algebraist {n} (mathematician)  :: algebraik {m}
Algeria {prop} (country)  :: Algieria {f}
Algerian {adj} (of Algeria or its people)  :: algierski
Algerian {n} (person from Algeria)  :: Algierczyk {m-pr}, Algierka {f}
algesimeter {n} (algometer) SEE: algometer  ::
algesimetry {n} (algometry) SEE: algometry  ::
Algiers {prop} (the capital of Algeria)  :: Algier {m}
algorithm {n} (well-defined procedure)  :: algorytm {m}
alibi {n} (criminal legal defense)  :: alibi {n}
Alice {prop} (female given name)  :: Alicja {f}
a lie has no legs {proverb} (you can't get away with a lie)  :: kłamstwo ma krótkie nogi
alien {n} (foreigner)  :: cudzoziemiec {m-pr}, obcokrajowiec {m-pr}, obcy {m-pr}
alien {n} (life form of non-Earth origin)  :: istota pozaziemska {f}, kosmita {m-pr}, ufoludek {m-pr}, zielony ludzik {m-pr}, obcy {m-pr}
alien {n} (person, etc. from outside)  :: obcy {m-pr}
alienation {n} (the state of being alienated)  :: wyobcowanie {n}, alienacja {f}
alienist {n} (psychiatrist) SEE: psychiatrist  ::
alienist {n} (psychologist) SEE: psychologist  ::
alight {adj} ((figuratively) lit; on fire, burning)  :: płonący {m}
alight {adj} (lit; on fire, switched on)  :: płonący {m}
align {v} (To adhere oneself with a group or a way of thinking)  :: być sojusznikiem, być w sojuszu
alimentary canal {n} (digestive tract) SEE: digestive tract  ::
aline {v} (adhere oneself with a group or a way of thinking) SEE: align  ::
aline {v} (adjust or form to a line) SEE: align  ::
aline {v} (form in line, fall into line) SEE: align  ::
a little {adv} (to a small extent or degree)  :: trochę
alive {adj} (having life)  :: żywy {m}
Al Jazeera {prop} (Arabic satellite TV news channel)  :: Al-Dżazira {f}
alkaline {adj} (having a pH greater than 7)  :: alkaliczny {m}
alkaline {adj} (of or relating to an alkali)  :: alkaliczny {m}
alkaloid {n} (organic heterocyclic base)  :: alkaloid {m}
alkane {n} (saturated hydrocarbon of formula CnH2n+2)  :: alkan {m}
alkekengi {n} (bladder cherry) SEE: bladder cherry  ::
alkene {n} (unsaturated aliphatic hydrocarbon with one or more carbon–carbon double bonds)  :: alken {m}
alkyne {n} (hydrocarbon containing at least one carbon-carbon triple bond)  :: alkin {m}
all {adv} (intensifier)  :: całkiem, całkowicie, zupełnie, kompletnie
all {determiner} (every individual of the given class)  :: wszystek
all {determiner} (everyone) SEE: everyone  ::
all {determiner} (everything) SEE: everything  ::
all {determiner} (throughout the whole of (a stated period of time))  :: cały
all {n} (everything possible)  :: wszystko {n}
Allah {prop} (God, in Islam)  :: Allah {m}, Allach {m}
all along {adv} (duration, see also: for the entire time)  :: od samego początku, przez cały czas
allative case {n} (case used to indicate movement onto, or to the adjacency of something)  :: allativus {m}
all bark and no bite {adj} (full of big talk)  :: krowa, która dużo ryczy, mało mleka daje [a cow that moos much, gives little milk]
all cats are gray at night {proverb} (all cats are grey in the dark) SEE: all cats are grey in the dark  ::
all cats are grey in the dark {proverb} (proverb)  :: w nocy wszystkie koty są czarne
allegation {n} (an assertion or accusation)  :: domniemanie {n}, zarzut {m}
alleged {adj} (asserted)  :: domniemany
alleged {adj} (supposed)  :: rzekomy
allegedly {adv} (according to someone's allegation)  :: rzekomo, przypuszczalnie
allegement {n} (allegation) SEE: allegation  ::
allegiance {n} (loyalty to some cause, nation or ruler)  :: wierność, posłuszeństwo, lojalność
allegretto {adv} (musical direction)  :: allegretto
allegretto {n} (a movement that is to be played fast and lively)  :: allegretto {n}
allelomorph {n} (allele) SEE: allele  ::
allergologist {n} (physician) SEE: allergist  ::
allergy {n} (antipathy)  :: alergia {f}
allergy {n} (disorder of the immune system)  :: uczulenie {n}, alergia {f}
alley {n} (narrow street)  :: uliczka {f}, aleja {f}, alejka {f}
All Fools' Day {n} (April Fools' Day) SEE: April Fools' Day  ::
All Hallows' Day {prop} (All Saints' Day) SEE: All Saints' Day  ::
allheal {n} (valerian) SEE: valerian  ::
allheal {n} (woundwort) SEE: woundwort  ::
alliance {n} (state of being allied)  :: sojusz {m}
alliance {n} (union resembling that of families or states)  :: sojusz {m}
allicin {n} (organic compound)  :: allicyna
alligator {n} (large amphibious reptile of genus Alligator)  :: aligator {m-an}
alligator clip {n} (electronics connector)  :: krokodylek {m}
all-inclusive {adj} (providing all amenities, benefits or perquisites in a single package)  :: całkowity, obejmujący wszystko
alliteration {n} (The repetition of consonants)  :: aliteracja {f}
alliterative {adj} (in the form or style of alliteration)  :: aliteracyjny {m}
all kidding aside {adv} (idiom, speech act)  :: bez jaj, bez żartów, żarty na bok
allocate {v} (to set aside for a purpose)  :: przydzielić
allocation {n} (The process or procedure for allocating things, especially money or other resources.)  :: alokacja {f}, dystrybucja {f}
all of the sudden {adv} (all of a sudden) SEE: all of a sudden  ::
allophone {adj} (alternative pronunciation for a phoneme)  :: alofon {m}
allotment {n} (plot of land)  :: działka {f}
allotrope {n} (form of an element that has a different molecular structure to another form of the same element)  :: alotrop {m}
allotroph {n} (heterotroph) SEE: heterotroph  ::
allotropic {adj} (of an element that exhibits allotropy)  :: alotropowy {m}
allotropical {adj} (allotropic) SEE: allotropic  ::
allotropy {n} (having multiple atomic structures)  :: alotropia {f}
allotypical {adj} (allotypic) SEE: allotypic  ::
allow {v} (to acknowledge; to accept as true; to concede; to accede to an opinion)  :: przyznać
allow {v} (to grant, give, admit, accord, afford, or yield; to let one have)  :: pozwolić
allow {v} (to let something happen, to admit, to concede)  :: przyznać
allow {v} (to make allowance)  :: wziąć pod uwagę
allow {v} (to permit)  :: pozwolić, zezwolić {pf}
allow {v} (to take into account as a deduction or an addition)  :: wziąć pod uwagę
allowance {n} (a child's allowance; pocket money) SEE: pocket money  ::
allowance {n} (a customary deduction from the gross weight of goods)  :: kieszonkowe {n}
allowedly {adv} (admittedly) SEE: admittedly  ::
alloy {n} (metal combined of more elements)  :: stop {m-in}
alloy {v} (mix or combine)  :: stapiać, stopić
alloy wheel {n} (mag wheel) SEE: mag wheel  ::
all right {adj} (good)  :: dobry {m}
all right {adj} (in good health)  :: w porządku, zdrowy
all rights reserved {phrase} (copyright notice formula)  :: wszelkie prawa zastrzeżone
all roads lead to Rome {proverb} (different paths to the same goal)  :: wszystkie drogi prowadzą do Rzymu
All Saints Day {n} (All Hallows' Day) SEE: All Hallows' Day  ::
All Saints' Day {prop} (feast day)  :: Wszystkich Świętych
all's fair in love and war {proverb} (unpleasant behavior is acceptable during love and conflict)  :: w miłości i na wojnie wszystko jest dozwolone
allspice {n} (spice)  :: ziele angielskie {n}
all's well that ends well {proverb} (even though something may have problems, it is all right ...)  :: wszystko dobre, co się dobrze kończy
all that glitters is not gold {proverb} (things that appear valuable or worthwhile might not actually be so)  :: nie wszystko złoto, co się świeci
all the best {interj} (good luck)  :: wszystkiego najlepszego
all things come to those who wait {proverb} (good things come to those who wait) SEE: good things come to those who wait  ::
all together {adv} (altogether) SEE: altogether  ::
allure {n} (the power to attract, entice; the quality causing attraction)  :: czar, powab
allure {v} (to attempt to draw)  :: wabić, nęcić, przyciągać
allusion {n} (indirect reference, hint)  :: aluzja
ally {n} (one united to another by treaty or league)  :: sojusznik {m}
almanac {n} (book or table listing astronomical, nautical or other events for the year)  :: almanach {m}
Almería {prop} (Spanish city)  :: Almería {f}, Almeria {f}
almighty {adj} (unlimited in might)  :: wszechmogący
Almiros {prop} (Almyros) SEE: Almyros  ::
almond {adj} (resembling the colour of an almond nut)  :: migdałowy
almond {n} (nut)  :: migdał {m}
almond {n} (tree)  :: migdałowiec {m}
almost {adv} (very close to)  :: prawie
almost doesn't count {proverb} (near success (or correctness) is not deemed success (or correctness))  :: prawie robi wielką różnicę
almost surely {adv} (mathematics: with probability one)  :: prawie na pewno
alms {n} (something given to the poor as charity)  :: jałmużna {f}
almucantar {n} (small circle on the celestial sphere)  :: almukantarat {m}
aloe {n} (plant of the genus Aloe)  :: aloes {m}
aloha {interj} (goodbye) SEE: goodbye  ::
aloha {interj} (hello) SEE: hello  ::
aloha shirt {n} (Hawaiian shirt)  :: koszula hawajska
alone {adv} (by oneself)  :: samotnie
alone {adv} (without outside help)  :: samodzielnie
along {adv} (in company, together)  :: razem
along {prep} (by the length of; in a line with the length of; lengthwise next to)  :: wzdłuż
along {prep} (in a line with, with a progressive motion on; onward on; forward on)  :: na całej długości
along {prep}  :: wzdłuż , na całej długości
aloof {adj} (reserved and remote; either physically or emotionally distant)  :: trzymający się z dala, z dystansem, z rezerwą
aloof {adv} (without sympathy)  :: z niesmakiem
alopecia {n} (baldness) SEE: baldness  ::
a lot {adv} (often)  :: często
a lot {adv} (very much)  :: mnóstwo, wiele, dużo
a lot {n} (a large amount)  :: wiele
Aloysius {prop} (male given name)  :: Alojzy {m}
alpha {n} (name of the letter Ɑ, ɑ) SEE: Latin alpha  ::
alpha {n} (name of the letter Α, α)  :: alfa {f}
alphabet {n} (an ordered set of letters used in a language)  :: alfabet {m-in}, abecadło {n}
alphabetical {adj} (in the sequence of the letters of the alphabet)  :: alfabetyczny
alphabetical {adj} (pertaining to the alphabet)  :: alfabetyczny
Alpha Centauri {prop} (brightest star in the southern constellation of Centaurus)  :: Alfa Centauri
alphanumeric {adj} (consisting of letters and numbers)  :: alfanumeryczny
alphanumerical {adj} (alphanumeric) SEE: alphanumeric  ::
alphorn {n} (musical instrument)  :: róg alpejski {m}
Alpine {adj} (Relating to the Alps)  :: alpejski {m}
alpine chough {n} (alpine chough)  :: wieszczek {m}
alpinist {n} (mountain climber) SEE: mountaineer  ::
Alps {prop} (a mountain range in Western Europe)  :: Alpy {p}
al-Qaeda {prop} (The global network of militant Islamic extremists.)  :: Al-Kaida
al-Quds {prop} (Jerusalem) SEE: Jerusalem  ::
already {adv} (prior to some time)  :: już
Alsace {prop} (region on the west bank of the upper Rhine)  :: Alzacja {f}
alsatian {n} (dog) SEE: German shepherd  ::
Alsatian {adj} (of or relating to Alsace)  :: alzacki {m}
Alsatian {n} (dog) SEE: German shepherd  ::
Alsatian {n} (person from Alsace)  :: Alzatczyk {m}, Alzatka {f}
Alsatian {prop} (language of Alsace)  :: alzacki {m}
also {adv} (in addition; besides; as well; further; too)  :: też, również, także
also known as {adv} (used to introduce an alternative name) SEE: AKA  ::
Altai {prop} (Altay) SEE: Altay  ::
Altaic {adj} (pertaining to the group of languages)  :: ałtajski
Altair {prop} (star)  :: Altair
Altai Republic {prop} (federal subject of Russia)  :: Ałtaj {m}
altar {n} (flat-topped structure used for religious rites)  :: ołtarz {m}
Altay {prop} (a mountain range)  :: Ałtaj {m}
alter {v} (to change the form or structure of)  :: zmieniać, zmienić, przerabiać, przerobić
altercation {n} (dispute)  :: spór {m}
alter ego {n} (alternate personality or persona)  :: alter ego, drugie ja
alternate universe {n} (hypothetical world) SEE: parallel universe  ::
alternating current {n} (electric current)  :: prąd przemienny {m}, prąd zmienny {m}
alternation {n} (ablaut) SEE: ablaut  ::
alternation {n} (inclusive or) SEE: inclusive or  ::
alternative {adj} (other)  :: alternatywny {m}
alternative {adj} (Relating to a choice)  :: alternatywny {m}
alternative {n} (a situation which allows a choice between two or more possibilities)  :: alternatywa {f}
alternative {n} (one of several things which can be chosen)  :: alternatywa {f}
alternatively {adv} (in an alternative way)  :: ewentualnie
although {conj} (but)  :: jednakże
although {conj} (in spite of the fact that)  :: choć, chociaż, mimo że
altitude {n} (absolute height)  :: wysokość bezwzględna {f}
altophobia {n} (acrophobia) SEE: acrophobia  ::
altruism {n} (policy that benefits others' interests)  :: altruizm {m}
altruist {n} (person imbued with altruism)  :: altruista {m}, altruistka {f}
altruistic {adj} (regardful of others; beneficent; unselfish)  :: bezinteresowny {m}, altruistyczny {m}
alula {n} (bastard wing) SEE: bastard wing  ::
alum {n} (chemistry: double sulfate)  :: ałun {m}
aluminium {n} (silvery metal)  :: glin {m}, aluminium {m}
aluminium foil {n} (thin sheets of aluminium)  :: folia aluminiowa {f}
aluminum {n} (aluminium) SEE: aluminium  ::
alveolar {adj} (formed with the tongue touching or approaching the ridge behind the upper teeth)  :: dziąsłowy {m}
alveopalatal {adj} (intermediate in articulation between the coronal and dorsal consonants)  :: dziąsłowo-podniebienny, przedniopodniebienny, alweopalatalny
always {adv} (at all times)  :: zawsze
always {adv} (constantly during a certain period, or regularly at stated intervals)  :: zawsze
Alzheimer's disease {n} (mental disorder from brain tissue changes)  :: choroba Alzheimera {f}
a.m. {adv} (before noon)  :: przed południem
ama {n} (amah) SEE: amah  ::
amalgam {n} (alloy)  :: amalgamat {m}
amanita {n} (mushroom of the genus Amanita)  :: muchomor {m}
amaryllis {n} (the belladonna lily Amaryllis belladonna)  :: amarylis {m}
amass {v} (to collect into a mass or heap)  :: gromadzić
amateur {adj} (Non-professional)  :: amatorski {m}
amateur {n} (person attached to a pursuit without pursuing it professionally)  :: amator {m}
amateur {n} (someone who is inept)  :: amator {m}
amateurishly {adv} (In an amateurish manner)  :: amatorsko
amaze {v} (to fill with surprise, astonish)  :: zdumiewać {impf}, zdumieć {pf}, osłupić {pf}, zadziwiać {impf}, zadziwić {pf}
amazed {adj} (astonished; confounded with fear, surprise or wonder)  :: zdumiony, zaskoczony {m}
amazement {n} (the condition of being amazed; overwhelming wonder, as from surprise, sudden fear)  :: zdumienie {n}, zaskoczenie {n}
amazing {adj} (causing wonder and amazement)  :: zdumiewający, zaskakujący {m}
amazing {adj} (surprising) SEE: surprising  ::
amazing {adj} (very good) SEE: good  ::
amazingly {adv} (difficult to believe)  :: zdumiewająco, zaskakująco
amazingly {adv} (wonderfully)  :: zdumiewająco, zaskakująco
Amazon {n} (Mythological female warrior)  :: Amazonka {f}
Amazon {prop} (River)  :: Amazonka {f}
Amazonian antshrike {n} (Thamnophilus amazonicus)  :: chronka amazońska {f}
amazonite {n} (gem)  :: amazonit {m}
amazonstone {n} (amazonite) SEE: amazonite  ::
amœba {n} (amoeba) SEE: amoeba  ::
ambages {n} (indirect or roundabout ways of talking) SEE: circumlocution  ::
ambassador {n} (representative)  :: ambasador {m}
amber {adj} (of a brownish yellow colour)  :: bursztynowy
amber {n} (ambergris) SEE: ambergris  ::
amber {n} (colour)  :: bursztynowy {m}
amber {n} (fossil resin)  :: bursztyn {m}, jantar {m} [obsolete]
amber {n} (traffic light colour)  :: żółte {n}
ambergris {n} (waxy substance produced by sperm whales)  :: ambra {f}
ambidextrous {adj} (having equal ability in both hands)  :: oburęczny {m}
ambient {n} (Something that surrounds)  :: otoczenie {n}
ambigram {n} (design that may be read in two different ways)  :: ambigram {m}
ambiguity {n} (something liable to more than one interpretation)  :: wieloznaczność {f}
ambiguous {adj} (open to multiple interpretations)  :: wieloznaczny, dwuznaczny
ambitious {adj} (possessing, or controlled by, ambition)  :: ambitny {m}
ambivalence {n} (coexistence of opposing attitudes)  :: ambiwalencja {f}
ambivalence {n} (state of uncertainty)  :: niezdecydowanie {n}
ambivalent {adj} (experiencing or expressing opposing feelings)  :: ambiwalentny {m}
amble {v} (to stroll or walk slowly and leisurely)  :: spacerować
Ambrose {prop} (male given name)  :: Ambroży {m}
ambrosia {n} (food of gods or delicious foods)  :: ambrozja {f}
ambulance {n} (emergency vehicle)  :: ambulans {m}, karetka {f}
ambush {n} (a disposition or arrangement of troops for attacking an enemy unexpectedly from a concealed station)  :: zasadzka {f}
amen {adv} (so be it)  :: amen
amen {adv} (truly, verily)  :: amen
amen {interj} (expression of strong agreement)  :: amen
amend {v} (to become better)  :: poprawić się {pf}, poprawiać się {impf}
amend {v} (to make better)  :: poprawiać, poprawić
amendment {n} (correction or addition to a law)  :: poprawka {f}
amendment {n} (that which is added)  :: dodatek {n}
amenity {n} (convenience) SEE: convenience  ::
amenorrhoea {n} (lack of a menstrual period)  :: brak miesiączki
amerce {v} (to impose a fine on) SEE: fine  ::
amerce {v} (to make an exaction) SEE: punish  ::
America {prop} (Americas) SEE: Americas  ::
America {prop} (United States of America) SEE: United States of America  ::
American {adj} (of or pertaining to the Americas)  :: amerykański
American {adj} (of or pertaining to the U.S. or its culture)  :: amerykański
American {n} (person born in or citizen of the USA)  :: Amerykanin {m}, Amerykanka {f}
American {prop} (American English)  :: amerykański
American bison {n} (mammal)  :: bizon
American black vulture {n} (black vulture) SEE: black vulture  ::
American brook char {n} (Salvelinus fontinalis) SEE: brook trout  ::
American Bulldog {n} (American Bulldog)  :: buldog amerykański
American Civil War {prop} (civil war in the United States (1861-1865))  :: wojna secesyjna {f}
American eagle {n} (bald eagle) SEE: bald eagle  ::
American English {prop} (English of the United States)  :: amerykański angielski
American football {prop} (American football)  :: futbol {m}, futbol amerykański {m}
Americanism {n} (linguistic feature)  :: amerykanizm {m}
Americanization {n} (Americanisation) SEE: Americanisation  ::
Americanize {v} (to make American)  :: amerykanizować
American pokeweed {n} (pokeweed) SEE: pokeweed  ::
American Samoa {prop} (US overseas territory in Oceania)  :: Samoa Amerykańskie {p}
American white birch {n} (Betula papyrifera) SEE: paper birch  ::
Americas {prop} (North and South America)  :: Ameryka {f}
americium {n} (chemical element with atomic number 95)  :: ameryk {m}
amethyst {adj} (colour)  :: ametystowy, fioletowy
amethyst {n} (gem)  :: ametyst {m}
Amharic {prop} (language)  :: amharski {m}
amicable {adj} (showing friendliness or goodwill)  :: przyjazny {m}
amicably {adv} (friendly, in an amicable manner)  :: przyjaźnie
amid {prep} (surrounded by)  :: wśród, pośród
amide {n} (organic chemistry: derivative of an oxoacid)  :: amid {m}
amidships {adv} (in the middle of a ship)  :: na śródokręciu
amigo {n} (friend) SEE: friend  ::
amine {n} (organic compound containing an amine functional group)  :: amina {f}
amino acid {n} (any of the twenty α-amino acids)  :: aminokwas {m}
amino acid {n} (any organic compound containing amino and carboxylic acid)  :: aminokwas {m}
aminomycin {n} (perimycin) SEE: perimycin  ::
Amish {prop} (a strict Anabaptist sect)  :: amisz {m}, amiszka {f}
amiss {adj} (wrong) SEE: wrong  ::
Amman {prop} (the capital of Jordan)  :: Amman {m}
ammeter {n} (device that measures an electric current)  :: amperomierz {m}
ammonia {n} (the compound NH3)  :: amoniak {m}
amnesia {n} (loss of memory)  :: amnezja {f}
amnesty {n} (act of the sovereign power)  :: amnestia
amnesty {n} (forgetfulness)  :: amnestia {f}
amoeba {n} (a member of a genus of unicellular protozoa)  :: ameba {f}
among {prep} (mingling or intermixing)  :: wśród, pośród, między
Amorgos {prop} (an island in Greece)  :: Amorgos {n}
Amorgos {prop} (a village in Greece)  :: Amorgos {n}
amount {n} (number of elements in a set) SEE: number  ::
amount {n} (quantity or volume)  :: ilość {f}, liczba {f}, kwota {f}
amount {n} (total or sum of items)  :: ilość {f}, liczba {f}, kwota {f}, suma {f}
amount {v} (to be the same as)  :: wynieść, być równoznacznym z
amount {v} (to total or evaluate)  :: wynieść, dawać
Amoy {prop} (Xiamen) SEE: Xiamen  ::
ampere {n} (unit of electrical current)  :: amper {m}
ampersand {n} (the symbol &)  :: znak &; handlowe "i"
ampersat {n} (at sign) SEE: at sign  ::
amphibian {n} (vertebrate)  :: płaz {m}
amphitheatre {n} (an open, outdoor theatre)  :: amfiteatr {m}
ampholyte {n} (amphoteric electrolyte)  :: amfolit {m}
amphoteric {adj} (having the characteristics of both an acid and a base)  :: amfoteryczny {m}
ample {adj} (large; great in size)  :: duży, obszerny
amputation {n} (surgical removal of a limb)  :: amputacja {f}
Amsterdam {prop} (capital of the Netherlands)  :: Amsterdam {m}
amulet {n} (object intended to bring protection to its owner)  :: amulet {m}
Amur {prop} (Heilongjiang) SEE: Heilongjiang  ::
Amur {prop} (the river between the Far East Russia and China)  :: Amur {m}
amuse {v} (to cause laughter)  :: śmieszyć {impf}, rozśmieszać {impf}, rozśmieszyć {pf}
amuse {v} (to entertain or occupy in a pleasant manner)  :: bawić {impf}, zabawiać {impf}, rozbawić {pf}, rozerwać {pf}
amusement {n} (entertainment)  :: zabawa {f}
amusia {n} (the inability to comprehend or respond to music)  :: amuzja {f}
amusing {adj} (funny)  :: zabawny
amylase {n} (enzyme, present in saliva, that breaks down carbohydrates such as starch)  :: amylaza
an {article} (indefinite article)  :: Not used in Polish
anabolism {n} (the constructive metabolism of the body)  :: anabolizm {m}
anachronism {n} (chronological mistake)  :: anachronizm {m}
anaconda {n} (any of various large nonvenomous snake of the genus Eunectes)  :: anakonda {f}
anadromous {adj} (of migratory fish)  :: anadromiczny, anadromowy
anaesthetic {n} (anaesthetic)  :: anestetyk {m}
anaesthetist {n} (anaesthetist) SEE: anesthesiologist  ::
anagram {n} (word or phrase created by rearranging letters from another word or phrase)  :: anagram {m}
anal {adj} (of a person, obsessed with neatness, accuracy, compulsiveness and stubbornness,)  :: pedantyczny
anal {adj} (of, related to, intended for or involving the anus)  :: odbytniczy, analny
analgesic {n} (medicine that reduces pain)  :: lek przeciwbólowy {m}, analgetyk {m}
analog {adj} (represented by a continuously variable physical quantity)  :: analogowy {m}
analogic {adj} (analogical) SEE: analogical  ::
analogically {adv} (in an analogical manner)  :: analogicznie
analogous {adj} (having analogy; corresponding to something else)  :: analogiczny
analogously {adv} (in an analogous manner)  :: analogicznie
analogue {n} (analog) SEE: analog  ::
analogy {n} (relationship of resemblance or equivalence)  :: analogia {f}
analphabet {n} (illiterate)  :: analfabeta {m}, analfabetka {f}
anal sex {n} (sex involving the anus)  :: seks analny {m}, [colloquial] anal {m}, branie w dupę {n}, branie do dupy {n}
analysand {n} (a person)  :: analizowany {m}
analysis {n} (chemistry: process of breaking down a substance or the result of this process)  :: analiza {f}
analysis {n} (in mathematics)  :: analiza {f}
analysis {n} (logic: proof by deduction from known truths)  :: analiza {f}
analysis {n} (process of dismantling or separating into constituents in order to study)  :: analiza {f}
analyst {n} (person who analyzes)  :: analityk {m}
analyst {n} (psychoanalysis practitioner)  :: psychoanalityk {m}
analytical {adj} (analytic) SEE: analytic  ::
analyze {v} (to subject to analysis)  :: analizować
ananas {n} (pineapple) SEE: pineapple  ::
anaphrodisiac {adj} (antaphrodisiac) SEE: antaphrodisiac  ::
anaphrodisiac {n} (antaphrodisiac) SEE: antaphrodisiac  ::
an apple a day keeps the doctor away {proverb} (apples are good for you)  :: jabłko dziennie trzyma lekarza z dala
anarchical {adj} (anarchic) SEE: anarchic  ::
anarchism {n} (belief that proposes the absence and abolition of government in all forms)  :: anarchizm {m}
anarchist {n} (believer in anarchism)  :: anarchista {m}
anarchist {n} (nihilist)  :: nihilista {m}
anarcho-capitalism {n} (philosophy that advocates the elimination of the state and a self-regulating free market)  :: anarchokapitalizm
anarcho-syndicalism {n} (A branch or field of anarchy that focuses on the abolition of capitalism)  :: anarchosyndykalizm
anarchy {n} (absence of any form of political authority or government)  :: anarchia
anarchy {n} (political disorder and confusion)  :: anarchia
Anastasia {prop} (female given name)  :: Anastazja {f}
Anatolia {prop} (peninsula of Western Asia)  :: Anatolia {f}
Anatolius {prop} (male given name)  :: Anatol {m}
anatomic {adj} (anatomical) SEE: anatomical  ::
anatomical {adj} (Of or relating to anatomy or dissection)  :: anatomiczny
anatomicopathological {adj} (anatomopathological) SEE: anatomopathological  ::
anatomy {n} (art of studying the different parts of any organized body)  :: anatomia {f}
ancestor {n} (one from whom a person is descended)  :: przodek {m}
ancestral hall {n} (ancestral shrine) SEE: ancestral shrine  ::
ancestral temple {n} (ancestral shrine) SEE: ancestral shrine  ::
anchor {n} (tool to moor a vessel into sea bottom)  :: kotwica {f}
anchor {v} (to hold an object to a fixed point)  :: zakotwiczyć
anchorman {n} (nautical: person in charge of the anchor)  :: kotwicowy {m}
anchorman {n} (TV host)  :: prezenter {m}
anchovy {n} (small saltwater fish)  :: sardela
ancient {adj}  :: antyczny, starożytny, stary
ancient {adj} (having lasted from a remote period)  :: starożytny, antyczny, starodawny, stary
Ancient Greece {prop} (The ancient civilization of the Mediterranean)  :: Starożytna Grecja {f}
Ancient Greek {prop} (the Greek language of classical antiquity)  :: starożytna greka
Ancient Rome {prop} (civilization associated with Rome from the 9th century BC to the 12th century AD)  :: Starożytny Rzym {m}
ancillary {adj} (subordinate, secondary, auxiliary, accessory)  :: podrzędny, podporządkowany, pomocniczy
ancillary {n} (person)  :: pomocnik {m}
ancillary {n} (thing)  :: środek {m} pomocniczy, pomoce {p}
and {conj} (used at the end of a list to indicate the last item)  :: i
and {conj} (used to connect two similar words, phrases, et cetera)  :: i, oraz
Andalusia {prop} (autonomous community of Spain)  :: Andaluzja
Andalusi Arabic {prop} (Andalusian Arabic) SEE: Andalusian Arabic  ::
Andean {adj} (of or pertaining to the Andes mountains)  :: andyjski {m}
Andes {prop} (mountain range in South America)  :: Andy {p}
and/or {conj} (inclusive "or")  :: i/lub
Andorra {prop} (country)  :: Andora
Andorran {adj} (pertaining to Andorra)  :: andorski {m}
Andorran {n} (person from Andorra)  :: Andorczyk {m}, Andorka {f}
Andrew {prop} (male given name)  :: Andrzej, Jędrzej [old Polish]
Andrew {prop} (the Apostle)  :: Andrzej {m}
androgenic hair {n} (body hair) SEE: body hair  ::
androgynous {adj} (having sex organs of both genders) SEE: hermaphroditic  ::
androgynous {adj} (possessing qualities of both sexes)  :: androgyniczny {m}, androginiczny {m}
android {n} (robot with human form)  :: android {m}
andrology {n} (a branch of medicine)  :: andrologia {f}
and so forth {phrase} (list continuation indicator)  :: i tak dalej, itd., i tym podobne, itp.
and so on {phrase} (and so forth) SEE: and so forth  ::
anecdotic {adj} (anecdotal) SEE: anecdotal  ::
anecdotive {adj} (anecdotal) SEE: anecdotal  ::
anemia {n} (medical condition with decreased oxygen transport)  :: anemia {f}, niedokrwistość
anemone {n} (any plant of genus anemone)  :: zawilec {m}, anemon {m}
anemone {n} (sea anemone) SEE: sea anemone  ::
anemonefish {n} (fish of the genus Amphiprion) SEE: clownfish  ::
anesthetic {n} (a substance for the reduced perception of pain)  :: anestetyk {m}
anew {adv} (again)  :: znowu
a new broom sweeps clean {proverb} (new management will often make radical changes)  :: nowy szef, nowe porządki
angel {n} (in Christian angelology, the lowest order of angels)  :: anioł {m}
angel {n} (messenger from a deity)  :: anioł {m}
angel {n} (selfless person)  :: anioł {m}
Angel {prop} (female given name) SEE: Angela  ::
Angel {prop} (male given name) SEE: Angelo  ::
angel dust {n} (clenbuterol) SEE: clenbuterol  ::
angelfish {n} (freshwater fish)  :: skalar {m}
angelic {adj} (belonging to, proceeding from, or resembling an angel)  :: anielski
angelica {n} (plants of genus Angelica)  :: dzięgiel {m}
angelical {adj} (resembling, characteristic of, an angel) SEE: angelic  ::
angelology {n} (study of angels)  :: angelologia {f}, angeologia {f}
anger {n} (A strong feeling of displeasure, hostility or antagonism towards someone or something)  :: złość {f}, gniew {m}
anger {v} (to become angry)  :: złościć się, gniewać się
anger {v} (to cause such a feeling of antagonism)  :: złościć
angina {n} (angina pectoris) SEE: angina pectoris  ::
angiograph {n} (angiograph) SEE: angiogram  ::
angiosperm {n} (member of plant group)  :: nagonasienny {m}
angiospermous {adj} (having seeds enclosed in pericarp) SEE: angiosperm  ::
Angkor Wat {prop} (Cambodian temple complex)  :: Angkor Wat
angle {n} (corner where two walls intersect)  :: kąt {m-in}, węgieł {m-in}, róg {m-in}
angle {n} (geometrical figure)  :: kąt {m-in}
angle {n} (measure of such a figure)  :: kąt {m-in}, miara kąta {f}
angle {n} (viewpoint)  :: punkt widzenia {m-in}
Angle {n} (A member of the ancient Germanic tribe)  :: Angl {m}
angler {n} (person who fishes with a hook and line)  :: wędkarz {m}
Anglia {prop} (region of England)  :: Anglia {f}
Anglian {n} (Angle) SEE: Angle  ::
Anglican Communion {prop} (a worldwide network of churches that are in communion with the Church of England)  :: Wspólnota Anglikańska {f}
anglicism {n} (Briticism) SEE: Briticism  ::
anglicism {n} (word or other feature borrowed from English to another language)  :: anglicyzm {m}
Anglicity {n} (Englishness) SEE: Englishness  ::
angling {n} (fishing with a rod, line and angle, for recreation or sport)  :: wędkarstwo {n}
Anglophone {adj} (English-speaking)  :: angielskojęzyczny
Anglo-Saxon {prop} (Old English) SEE: Old English  ::
Angola {prop} (country in Southern Africa)  :: Angola {f}
Angolan {adj} (of, from or pertaining to Angola or its people)  :: angolski
Angra Mainyu {prop} (Ahriman) SEE: Ahriman  ::
Angrapa {prop} (river)  :: Węgorapa {f}
angry {adj} (displaying anger)  :: zły
anguiform {adj} (serpentine) SEE: serpentine  ::
Anguilla {prop} (British overseas territory in the Caribbean)  :: Anguilla
anguish {n} (extreme pain)  :: cierpienie
angular {adj} (relating to or forming an angle; sharp-cornered)  :: kanciasty {m}
angular {adj} (ungraceful) SEE: ungraceful  ::
anharmonic {adj} (disharmonious) SEE: disharmonious  ::
anhedonia {n} (inability to feel pleasure)  :: anhedonia {f}
anhima {n} (kamichi) SEE: kamichi  ::
anhimid {n} (screamer) SEE: screamer  ::
animal {adj} (of animals)  :: zwierzęcy
animal {n} (organism)  :: zwierzę {n}
animalize {v} (brutalize) SEE: brutalize  ::
animal magnetism {n} (magnetic fluid or ethereal medium said to reside in the bodies of animate beings)  :: magnetyzm zwierzęcy
animal rights {n} (concept that animals are entitled to certain fundamental rights)  :: prawa zwierząt {n-p}
animation {n} (causing images to appear to move)  :: animacja {f}
animator {n} (one who animates something)  :: animator {m}, animatorka {f}
animator {n} (one who creates an animation)  :: animator {m}, animatorka {f}
anime {n} (an animated work originated in Japan)  :: anime {n}
animism {n} (belief in spirits)  :: animizm
animistic {adj} (of or pertaining to animism)  :: animistyczny
animosity {n} (violent hatred leading to active opposition; active enmity; energetic dislike)  :: animozja {f}, wrogość {f}
anion {n} (negatively charged ion)  :: anion {m}
anise {n} (fennel) SEE: fennel  ::
anise {n} (plant and spice)  :: anyż {m}
anisotropy {n} (the property of being directionally dependent)  :: anizotropia {f}
Anjou {prop} (a former county of France)  :: Andegawenia {f}
Anjouan {adj} (Angevin) SEE: Angevin  ::
Anjouan {prop} (Angevin) SEE: Angevin  ::
Ankara {prop} (capital of Turkey)  :: Ankara {f}
ankh {n} (cross shaped like a T with a loop at the top)  :: anch {m} ankh {m}
ankle {n} (joint between foot and leg)  :: kostka {f}
ankle bracelet {n} (ankle monitor) SEE: ankle monitor  ::
ankle bracelet {n} (anklet) SEE: anklet  ::
Ann {prop} (female given name)  :: Anna
Anna {prop} (given name) SEE: Ann  ::
Anne {prop} (given name) SEE: Ann  ::
Annette {prop} (female given name)  :: Aneta {f}
annex {n} (addition of territory) SEE: annexation  ::
annexation {n} (addition or incorporation of something)  :: aneksja {f}
annihilate {v} (to react with antimatter)  :: anihilować {pf} {impf}
annihilate {v} (to reduce to nothing, to destroy, to eradicate)  :: unicestwiać {impf}, unicestwić {pf}
anniversary {n} (day an exact number of years since an event)  :: rocznica {f}
anno Domini {adv} (in the year of our Lord)  :: n.e.
announce {v} (to give public notice, or first notice of)  :: ogłaszać {impf}, ogłosić {pf}
announcement {n}  :: ogłoszenie {n}
annoy {v} (to disturb or irritate)  :: irytować
annoyed {adj} (troubled, irritated by something unwanted or unliked; vexed)  :: zirytowany {m}, drażliwy {m}
annoying {v} (causing irritation or annoyance; troublesome; vexatious)  :: irytujący, drażliwy, upierdliwy {m}
annual {adj} (happening once a year)  :: roczny
annual {n} (annual publication)  :: roczny, rocznie
annual ring {n} (layer of wood) SEE: tree ring  ::
annul {v} (formally revoke the validity of)  :: anulować
annulment {n} (Invalidation; declaration of something as being invalid)  :: anulowanie {n}, abolicja {f}, unieważnienie {n}
annulment {n} (The act or instance of annulling)  :: anulowanie {n}, abolicja {f}, unieważnienie {n}
annulment {n} (Total destruction)  :: skasowanie {n}
anoda {determiner} (another) SEE: another  ::
anodal {adj} (anodic) SEE: anodic  ::
anode {n} (the electrode of an electrochemical cell at which oxidation occurs)  :: anoda {f}
anode {n} (the electrode through which current flows into a cell)  :: anoda {f}
anodic {adj} (relating to an anode)  :: anodowy {m}
anointed {n} (a person who has been anointed, especially for religious reasons)  :: pomazaniec {m}, namaszczony {m}
anomalistic {adj} (anomalous) SEE: anomalous  ::
anomalistic {adj} (irregular) SEE: irregular  ::
anomaly {n} (astronomy: any of various angular distances)  :: anomalia {f}
anomaly {n} (dated: an irregularity or inconsistency)  :: anomalia {f}, nieprawidłowość {f}
anomaly {n} (deviation from norm)  :: anomalia {f}, nieprawidłowość {f}
anomaly {n} (science: any event, big or small, out of the ordinary)  :: anomalia {f}, nieprawidłowość {f}
anonymity {n} (the quality or state of being anonymous)  :: anonimowość {f}
anonymous {adj} (of unknown name; whose name is withheld)  :: anonimowy {m}
anonymous {adj} (wanting a name, not named and determined)  :: bezimienny {m}
anonymous {adj} (without any name (of responsible agent) acknowledged)  :: anonimowy {m}
anopheline {n} (anopheles) SEE: anopheles  ::
anorak {n} (heavy weatherproof jacket)  :: anorak {m}
anorexia {n} (anorexia nervosa) SEE: anorexia nervosa  ::
anorexia {n} (loss of appetite)  :: anoreksja, jadłowstręt
anorexia nervosa {n} (disorder)  :: anoreksja, jadłowstręt psychiczny
anorthic {adj} (triclinic) SEE: triclinic  ::
anosmia {n} (inability to smell)  :: anosmia {f}
another {determiner} (any or some)  :: nikt inny {m}
another {determiner} (not the same; different)  :: inny
another {determiner} (one more, in addition to a former number)  :: jeszcze jeden, kolejny, następny
Anschluss {n} (the annexation of Austria into Germany in 1938 or an analogy)  :: anszlus {m}, anschluss {m}
answer {n} (document filed in response to a complaint)  :: odpowiedź {f}
answer {n} (reply to e-mail)  :: odpowiedź {f}
answer {n} (response)  :: odpowiedź {f}
answer {n} (solution)  :: odpowiedź {f}
answer {v} (law: to file a response to a complaint)  :: odpowiadać
answer {v} (to make a reply or response to)  :: odpowiedzieć {pf}
answer {v} (to respond to a call)  :: odpowiedzieć
answer {v} (to suit a need or purpose satisfactorily)  :: odpowiadać
answer for {v} (to be held responsible for)  :: odpowiadać za + accusative
answerphone {n} (answering machine) SEE: answering machine  ::
answer to {v} (to be responsible to)  :: odpowiadać przed + instrumental
ant {n} (insect)  :: mrówka {f}
Antarctic {adj} (pertaining to Antarctica)  :: antarktyczny
Antarctica {prop} (southernmost continent)  :: Antarktyda
Antares {prop} (star)  :: Antares {m}
anteater {n} (mammal)  :: mrówkojad {m}
antebrachium {n} (forearm) SEE: forearm  ::
antechamber {n} (small room)  :: przedpokój {m}
anteclassical {adj} (preclassical) SEE: preclassical  ::
antelope {n} (mammal of the family Bovidae)  :: antylopa {f}
antelope {n} (pronghorn) SEE: pronghorn  ::
antenna {n} (device to receive or transmit radio signals) SEE: aerial  ::
antenna {n} (feeler organ)  :: czułek {m}
antenuptial {adj} (prenuptial) SEE: prenuptial  ::
anterior chamber {n} (space between cornea and iris)  :: komora przednia gałki ocznej {f}
anteroom {n} (antechamber) SEE: antechamber  ::
anthem {n} (hymn of praise or loyalty)  :: hymn {m}
anthem {n} (national anthem)  :: hymn {m}
anther {n} (pollen-bearing part of the stamen)  :: pylnik {m}
ant-hill {n} (anthill) SEE: anthill  ::
anthill {n} (home of ants and termites)  :: mrowisko {n}
anthocorid {n} (pirate bug) SEE: pirate bug  ::
anthology {n} (collection of literary works)  :: antologia {f}
Anthony {prop} (given name)  :: Antoni, Antek
anthrax {n} (disease)  :: wąglik {m}
anthropocentrism {n} (viewpoint)  :: antropocentryzm
anthropogeographic {adj} (anthropogeographical) SEE: anthropogeographical  ::
anthropoid {adj} (having characteristics of a human being, usually in terms of shape or appearance)  :: człekokształtny
anthropologic {adj} (anthropological) SEE: anthropological  ::
anthropological {adj} (relating to anthropology)  :: antropologiczny
anthropologically {adv} (in a manner which pertains to anthropology)  :: antropologicznie
anthropology {n} (the study of humanity)  :: antropologia {f}
anthropomorphism {n} (the attribution or ascription of human characteristics to inanimate objects, animals, forces of nature, etc)  :: antropomorfizm {m}
anti- {prefix} (anti-)  :: anty-
antiacid {n} (antacid) SEE: antacid  ::
antiallergen {n} (antiallergenic) SEE: antiallergenic  ::
antiallergic {adj} (antiallergenic) SEE: antiallergenic  ::
antiallergic {n} (antiallergenic) SEE: antiallergenic  ::
antiallergy {adj} (antiallergenic) SEE: antiallergenic  ::
anti-American {adj} (opposing America)  :: antyamerykański
antiapartheid {adj} (anti-apartheidist) SEE: anti-apartheidist  ::
antiarthritis {adj} (antarthritic) SEE: antarthritic  ::
antiauthority {adj} (antiauthoritarian) SEE: antiauthoritarian  ::
anti-beauty quark {n} (anti-bottom quark) SEE: anti-bottom quark  ::
antibody {n} (protein that binds to a specific antigen)  :: przeciwciało {n}
antibrachium {n} (antibrachium) SEE: forearm  ::
antibullying {adj} (antibully) SEE: antibully  ::
anticandidal {adj} (anticandida) SEE: anticandida  ::
anticapitalistic {adj} (anticapitalist) SEE: anticapitalist  ::
anticathode {n} (anode) SEE: anode  ::
anticavity {adj} (anticaries) SEE: anticaries  ::
antichildren {adj} (antichild) SEE: antichild  ::
antichrist {n} (Someone that works against the teachings of Christ)  :: antychryst {m}
Antichrist {prop} (one under the direct control of the Devil)  :: Antychryst
antichristian {adj} (pertaining to the Antichrist) SEE: Antichristic  ::
anticipatable {adj} (anticipable) SEE: anticipable  ::
anticipate {v} (to know of something before it manifests)  :: przewidzieć
anticleric {n} (anticlerical) SEE: anticlerical  ::
anticline {n} (anticlinal fold)  :: antyklina
anticlockwise {adv} (in the opposite direction to the hands of an analogue clock)  :: przeciwnie do ruchu wskazówek zegara
anticlockwisely {adv} (anticlockwise) SEE: anticlockwise#Adverb  ::
anticlot {adj} (anticlotting) SEE: anticlotting  ::
anticommunistic {adj} (anticommunist) SEE: anticommunist  ::
anticomplementary {adj} (antimedial) SEE: antimedial  ::
anticonsumption {n} (anticonsumerism) SEE: anticonsumerism  ::
anticonvulsant {adj} (anticonvulsive) SEE: anticonvulsive  ::
anticonvulsant {n} (anticonvulsive) SEE: anticonvulsive  ::
anticorporation {adj} (anticorporate) SEE: anticorporate  ::
anticorrosion {adj} (anticorrosive) SEE: anticorrosive  ::
anticounterfeit {n} (anticounterfeiting) SEE: anticounterfeiting  ::
anticyclical {adj} (contracyclical) SEE: contracyclical  ::
anticyclone {n} (system of winds)  :: antycyklon {m}, wyż {m}
antidepression {adj} (antidepressant) SEE: antidepressant  ::
antidepressive {adj} (antidepressant) SEE: antidepressant  ::
antidepressive {n} (antidepressant) SEE: antidepressant  ::
antiderivative {n}  :: całka nieoznaczona {f}, funkcja pierwotna {f}, antypochodna {f}
antidermatitis {adj} (antidermatitic) SEE: antidermatitic  ::
antidiabetes {adj} (antidiabetic) SEE: antidiabetic  ::
antidiarrhea {adj} (antidiarrheic) SEE: antidiarrheic  ::
antidiarrheal {adj} (antidiarrheic) SEE: antidiarrheic  ::
antidiarrheal {n} (antidiarrheic) SEE: antidiarrheic  ::
antidiscrimination {adj} (antidiscriminatory) SEE: antidiscriminatory  ::
antidiscriminative {adj} (antidiscriminatory) SEE: antidiscriminatory  ::
antidotary {n} (antidote) SEE: antidote  ::
antidote {n} (remedy to counteract a poison)  :: antidotum {n}
antidotical {adj} (antidotal) SEE: antidotal  ::
antiearthquake {adj} (antiseismic) SEE: antiseismic  ::
antiecclesiastical {adj} (antichurch) SEE: antichurch  ::
antieczema {adj} (antieczematous) SEE: antieczematous  ::
antieczemic {adj} (antieczematous) SEE: antieczematous  ::
antieducation {adj} (antieducational) SEE: antieducational  ::
antielite {adj} (antielitist) SEE: antielitist  ::
antiepilepsy {adj} (antiepileptic) SEE: antiepileptic  ::
antiequalitarian {adj} (antiegalitarian) SEE: antiegalitarian  ::
antiequalitarian {n} (antiegalitarian) SEE: antiegalitarian  ::
antievolutionary {adj} (antievolution) SEE: antievolution  ::
antifarming {adj} (antiagriculture) SEE: antiagriculture  ::
anti-fascism {n} (the opposition to fascist ideologies)  :: antyfaszyzm
antifascist {n} (person opposed to fascism)  :: antyfaszysta {m}
antifascistic {adj} (antifascist) SEE: antifascist  ::
antifashionable {adj} (antifashion) SEE: antifashion  ::
antifebrile {adj} (antipyretic) SEE: antipyretic  ::
antifebrile {n} (antipyretic) SEE: antipyretic  ::
antifebrine {n} (acetanilide) SEE: acetanilide  ::
antifeministic {adj} (antifeminist) SEE: antifeminist  ::
antiferromagnetic {adj} (exhibiting antiferromagnetism)  :: antyferromagnetyczny {m}
antiferromagnetism {n} (a phenomenon, similar to ferromagnetism)  :: antyferromagnetyzm {m}
antifever {adj} (antipyretic) SEE: antipyretic  ::
antifibrotic {adj} (antifibrosis) SEE: antifibrosis  ::
antiflatulence {adj} (antiflatulent) SEE: antiflatulent  ::
antiflooding {adj} (antiflood) SEE: antiflood  ::
antifluoride {adj} (antifluoridation) SEE: antifluoridation  ::
antifog {adj} (antifogging) SEE: antifogging  ::
antiforeigner {adj} (antiforeign) SEE: antiforeign  ::
antifraudulent {adj} (antifraud) SEE: antifraud  ::
antifungus {adj} (antifungal) SEE: antifungal  ::
antigas {adj} (antiflatulent) SEE: antiflatulent  ::
antigenocidal {adj} (antigenocide) SEE: antigenocide  ::
antigingivitic {adj} (antigingivitis) SEE: antigingivitis  ::
antiglaucomatous {adj} (antiglaucoma) SEE: antiglaucoma  ::
antigovernment {adj} (opposed to a government currently in power)  :: antyrządowy {m}
antigovernmental {adj} (antigovernment) SEE: antigovernment  ::
Antigua and Barbuda {prop} (Country)  :: Antigua i Barbuda {f}
antigypsyism {n} (prejudice or hostility against Romani people)  :: antycyganizm {m}
antihegemony {adj} (antihegemonic) SEE: antihegemonic  ::
antihelminth {adj} (anthelmintic) SEE: anthelmintic  ::
antihelmintic {adj} (anthelmintic) SEE: anthelmintic  ::
antihero {n} (protagonist who proceeds in an unheroic manner)  :: antybohater {m}
antiherpes {adj} (antiherpetic) SEE: antiherpetic  ::
antihierarchy {adj} (antihierarchical) SEE: antihierarchical  ::
antihistaminic {n} (antihistamine) SEE: antihistamine  ::
antihumanistic {adj} (antihumanist) SEE: antihumanist  ::
antihydrogen {n} (antimatter equivalent of hydrogen)  :: antywodór {m}
antihypertension {adj} (antihypertensive) SEE: antihypertensive  ::
antiindustry {adj} (antiindustrial) SEE: antiindustrial  ::
antikidnap {adj} (antikidnapping) SEE: antikidnapping  ::
antileakage {adj} (antileak) SEE: antileak  ::
antilegislation {adj} (antilegislative) SEE: antilegislative  ::
antileishmanial {adj} (antileishmania) SEE: antileishmania  ::
antileprotic {adj} (antileprosy) SEE: antileprosy  ::
antileukemia {adj} (antileukemic) SEE: antileukemic  ::
antilocking {adj} (anti-lock) SEE: anti-lock  ::
antilog {n} (antilogarithm) SEE: antilogarithm  ::
antiluetic {adj} (antisyphilitic) SEE: antisyphilitic  ::
antiluetic {n} (antisyphilitic) SEE: antisyphilitic  ::
antilyssic {adj} (antihydrophobic) SEE: antihydrophobic  ::
antilyssic {n} (antihydrophobic) SEE: antihydrophobic  ::
antimaterial {adj} (antimaterialistic) SEE: antimaterialistic  ::
antimatter {n} (matter composed of antiparticles)  :: antymateria {f}
antimedicine {adj} (antimedical) SEE: antimedical  ::
antimeritocracy {adj} (antimeritocratic) SEE: antimeritocratic  ::
antimetastatic {adj} (antimetastasis) SEE: antimetastasis  ::
antimetrical {adj} (antimetric) SEE: antimetric  ::
antimicrobe {adj} (antimicrobial) SEE: antimicrobial  ::
antimicrobic {adj} (antimicrobial) SEE: antimicrobial  ::
antimicrobic {n} (antimicrobial) SEE: antimicrobial  ::
antimicrotubular {adj} (antimicrotubule) SEE: antimicrotubule  ::
antimilitaristic {adj} (antimilitarist) SEE: antimilitarist  ::
antimonarchical {adj} (antimonarchic) SEE: antimonarchic  ::
antimonarchy {adj} (antimonarchic) SEE: antimonarchic  ::
antimonopoly {adj} (antimonopolistic) SEE: antimonopolistic  ::
antimony {n} (chemical element)  :: antymon {m}
antimony {n} (stibnite) SEE: stibnite  ::
antimutagenic {n} (antimutagen) SEE: antimutagen  ::
antimycotic {adj} (antifungal) SEE: antifungal  ::
antimycotic {n} (antifungal) SEE: antifungal  ::
antinarcotics {adj} (antinarcotic) SEE: antinarcotic  ::
antinationalistic {adj} (antinationalist) SEE: antinationalist  ::
antinatural {adj} (unnatural) SEE: unnatural  ::
antinaturalistic {adj} (antinaturalist) SEE: antinaturalist  ::
antinegro {adj} (antiblack) SEE: antiblack  ::
antinepotistic {adj} (antinepotism) SEE: antinepotism  ::
anting {n} (bird behaviour)  :: mrówkowanie {n}, kąpiel mrówkowa {f}
antinigger {adj} (antiblack) SEE: antiblack  ::
antinoble {adj} (antinobility) SEE: antinobility  ::
antinomianism {n} (a religious movement which believes that only faith is essential for salvation)  :: antynomizm
antinomist {n} (antinomian) SEE: antinomian  ::
antinomistic {adj} (antinomian) SEE: antinomian  ::
antinomy {n} (contradiction)  :: antynomia {f}
antinutritious {adj} (antinutritional) SEE: antinutritional  ::
antinutritive {adj} (antinutritional) SEE: antinutritional  ::
Antiochian {adj} (Antiochene) SEE: Antiochene  ::
Antiochian {n} (Antiochene) SEE: Antiochene  ::
antioppressive {adj} (antioppression) SEE: antioppression  ::
antiosteroporosis {adj} (antiosteoporotic) SEE: antiosteoporotic  ::
antioxidant {n} (substance that slows oxidation)  :: przeciwutleniacz, antyoksydant
antioxidating {adj} (antioxidation) SEE: antioxidation  ::
antioxidative {adj} (antioxidant) SEE: antioxidant  ::
antioxygen {adj} (antioxidant) SEE: antioxidant  ::
antioxygenic {adj} (antioxidant) SEE: antioxidant  ::
antipaludic {adj} (antimalarial) SEE: antimalarial  ::
antiparasite {adj} (antiparasitic) SEE: antiparasitic  ::
antiparticle {n} (a subatomic particle)  :: antycząstka {f}
antipathetical {adj} (antipathetic) SEE: antipathetic  ::
antipathical {adj} (antipathic) SEE: antipathic  ::
antipathy {n} (contrariety or opposition in feeling)  :: antypatia {f}
antipatriarchy {adj} (antipatriarchal) SEE: antipatriarchal  ::
antipeople {adj} (antipopular) SEE: antipopular  ::
antiphonal {n} (antiphon) SEE: antiphon  ::
antiphonary {adj} (antiphonal) SEE: antiphonal  ::
antiphonary {n} (antiphonal) SEE: antiphonal  ::
antiphoner {n} (antiphonal) SEE: antiphonal  ::
antiphonic {adj} (antiphonal) SEE: antiphonal  ::
antiphonically {adv} (antiphonally) SEE: antiphonally  ::
antiphrastical {adj} (antiphrastic) SEE: antiphrastic  ::
antipluralistic {adj} (antipluralist) SEE: antipluralist  ::
antiplutocracy {adj} (antiplutocratic) SEE: antiplutocratic  ::
antipoetical {adj} (antipoetic) SEE: antipoetic  ::
antipope {n} (person who claims to be pope)  :: antypapież {m}
antiporn {adj} (antipornography) SEE: antipornography  ::
antipornographic {adj} (antipornography) SEE: antipornography  ::
antipositivistic {adj} (antipositivist) SEE: antipositivist  ::
antipot {adj} (antimarijuana) SEE: antimarijuana  ::
antipredation {adj} (anti-predator) SEE: anti-predator  ::
antiprejudicial {adj} (antiprejudice) SEE: antiprejudice  ::
antiprogressive {adj} (antiprogress) SEE: antiprogress  ::
antiprotection {adj} (antiprotectionist) SEE: antiprotectionist  ::
antiproton {n} (antiparticle of the proton)  :: antyproton {m}
antipsoriasis {adj} (antipsoriatic) SEE: antipsoriatic  ::
antipsychoanalytical {adj} (antipsychoanalytic) SEE: antipsychoanalytic  ::
antipsychosis {adj} (antipsychotic) SEE: antipsychotic  ::
antipyretic {adj} (that reduces fever)  :: przeciwgorączkowy
antipyrine {n} (phenazone) SEE: phenazone  ::
antiquake {adj} (antiseismic) SEE: antiseismic  ::
antique {adj} (old; out of date)  :: antyczny {m}
antique {n} (old piece)  :: antyk {m}
antiqueer {adj} (antifag) SEE: antifag  ::
antiquist {n} (antiquary) SEE: antiquary  ::
antiquity {n} (ancient times)  :: antyk {m}
antirad {adj} (antiradiation) SEE: antiradiation  ::
antirailroad {adj} (antirail) SEE: antirail  ::
antirailway {adj} (antirail) SEE: antirail  ::
antirationalistic {adj} (antirationalist) SEE: antirationalist  ::
antirealism {n} (any position involving denial of the objective reality of certain entities)  :: antyrealizm
antireflective {adj} (antireflection) SEE: antireflection  ::
antireformist {n} (antireformer) SEE: antireformer  ::
antireligion {adj} (antireligious) SEE: antireligious  ::
antirrhinum {n} (snapdragon) SEE: snapdragon  ::
antirusting {adj} (anti-rust) SEE: anti-rust  ::
anti-Semite {n} (anti-Semite)  :: antysemita {m}, antysemitka {f}
anti-Semitic {adj} (exhibiting anti-Semitism)  :: antysemicki
anti-Semitism {n} (prejudice or hostility against Jews)  :: antysemityzm {m-in}
antisepticism {n} (antisepsis) SEE: antisepsis  ::
antisexism {adj} (antisexist) SEE: antisexist  ::
antisexual {adj} (antisex) SEE: antisex  ::
antish {adj} (formic) SEE: formic  ::
antishrinkage {adj} (antishrink) SEE: antishrink  ::
antishrinking {adj} (antishrink) SEE: antishrink  ::
antiskidding {adj} (antiskid) SEE: antiskid  ::
antislave {adj} (antislavery) SEE: antislavery  ::
antislippage {adj} (antislip) SEE: antislip  ::
antismuggler {adj} (antismuggling) SEE: antismuggling  ::
antisnoring {adj} (antisnore) SEE: antisnore  ::
antisocial {adj} (unwilling or unable to associate normally with other people)  :: aspołeczny {m}
antispamming {adj} (antispam) SEE: antispam  ::
antispasmatic {adj} (antispasmodic) SEE: antispasmodic  ::
antispasmatic {n} (antispasmodic) SEE: antispasmodic  ::
antispasmolytic {adj} (antispasmodic) SEE: antispasmodic  ::
antispastic {adj} (antispasmodic) SEE: antispasmodic  ::
antispastic {n} (antispasmodic) SEE: antispasmodic  ::
antispasticity {adj} (antispasmodic) SEE: antispasmodic  ::
antispeculative {adj} (antispeculation) SEE: antispeculation  ::
antispoof {adj} (antispoofing) SEE: antispoofing  ::
antispy {adj} (antiespionage) SEE: antiespionage  ::
antistaphylococcic {adj} (antistaphylococcal) SEE: antistaphylococcal  ::
antistick {adj} (antiadhesive) SEE: antiadhesive  ::
antistreptococcal {adj} (antistreptococcic) SEE: antistreptococcic  ::
antistrumatic {adj} (antiscrofulous) SEE: antiscrofulous  ::
antistrumous {adj} (antiscrofulous) SEE: antiscrofulous  ::
antisub {adj} (antisubmarine) SEE: antisubmarine  ::
antisubversion {adj} (antisubversive) SEE: antisubversive  ::
antisuicidal {adj} (antisuicide) SEE: antisuicide  ::
antisurveillance {n} (countersurveillance) SEE: countersurveillance  ::
antisymmetrical {adj} (antisymmetric) SEE: antisymmetric  ::
antisyphilis {adj} (antisyphilitic) SEE: antisyphilitic  ::
antitau {n} (antitauon) SEE: antitauon  ::
antitechnology {adj} (antitechnological) SEE: antitechnological  ::
antiterror {adj} (antiterrorist) SEE: antiterrorist  ::
antitetanus {adj} (antitetanic) SEE: antitetanic  ::
antitheism {n} (active opposition to theism)  :: antyteizm {m}
antithetic {adj} (antithetical) SEE: antithetical  ::
antitheticalness {n} (antitheticality) SEE: antitheticality  ::
antitourist {adj} (antitourism) SEE: antitourism  ::
antitrade {adj} (anticommerce) SEE: anticommerce  ::
antitradition {adj} (antitraditional) SEE: antitraditional  ::
antitrain {adj} (antirail) SEE: antirail  ::
antitropal {adj} (antitropous) SEE: antitropous  ::
antitubercular {adj} (antituberculous) SEE: antituberculous  ::
antituberculosis {adj} (antituberculous) SEE: antituberculous  ::
antitumoral {adj} (antitumor) SEE: antitumor  ::
antitussive {adj} (anticough) SEE: anticough  ::
antitypal {adj} (antitypical) SEE: antitypical  ::
antitypic {adj} (antitypical) SEE: antitypical  ::
antivaccine {adj} (anti-vaccination) SEE: anti-vaccination  ::
antivaccinist {n} (antivaccinationist) SEE: antivaccinationist  ::
antivandal {adj} (antivandalism) SEE: antivandalism  ::
antivariolous {adj} (antismallpox) SEE: antismallpox  ::
antivenom {n} (antivenin) SEE: antivenin  ::
antivertigo {adj} (antivertiginous) SEE: antivertiginous  ::
antiviolent {adj} (antiviolence) SEE: antiviolence  ::
antivivisectionist {adj} (antivivisection) SEE: antivivisection  ::
anti-war {adj} (opposed to war)  :: antywojenny
antiwarfare {adj} (anti-war) SEE: anti-war  ::
antiweapon {adj} (antiarms) SEE: antiarms  ::
antiziganism {n} (antigypsyism) SEE: antigypsyism  ::
antizymic {adj} (antizymotic) SEE: antizymotic  ::
antler {n} (bony structure on the head of deer, moose and elk)  :: róg {m-in}, [collective] poroże {n}
antlion {n} (nocturnal insects)  :: mrówkolew {m}
antly {adj} (formic) SEE: formic  ::
Antonio {prop} (Anthony) SEE: Anthony  ::
Antonovka {n} (fruit)  :: antonówka {f}
Antony {prop} (male given name) SEE: Anthony  ::
antonym {n} (word which has the opposite meaning)  :: antonim {m-in}
antsiness {n} (unease) SEE: unease  ::
Antwerp {prop} (city)  :: Antwerpia {f}
Antwerp {prop} (province)  :: Antwerpia {f}
Anubis {prop} (Egyptian god of the dead and tombs)  :: Anubis {m}
anuclear {adj} (anucleate) SEE: anucleate  ::
anuria {n} (a condition in which the kidneys do not produce urine)  :: bezmocz {m}, anuria {f}
anus {n} (lower opening of the digestive tract)  :: odbyt {m}
anvil {n} (block used in blacksmithing)  :: kowadło {n}
anvil {n} (bone in inner ear)  :: kowadełko {n}
anxietolytic {adj} (anxiolytic) SEE: anxiolytic  ::
anxietude {n} (anxiety) SEE: anxiety  ::
anxiety {n} (concern)  :: niepokój
anxiety {n} (pathological condition)  :: lęk {m}
anxiety disorder {n} (disorder characterised by excessive anxiety)  :: zaburzenia lękowe
anxiousness {n} (anxiety) SEE: anxiety  ::
any {determiner} (at least one (kind))  :: jakiś {m}, (with negative) żaden {m}
any {determiner} (no matter what kind)  :: którykolwiek {m}, jakikolwiek {m}, każdy {m}
any {pron} (Any things or persons)  :: ktokolwiek
anybody {pron} (anyone) SEE: anyone  ::
anybody's {pron} (belonging to anybody (possessive form of anybody))  :: czyjś
anyhow {adv} (in any case) SEE: in any case  ::
any longer {adv} (any more) SEE: any more  ::
any more {adv} (in negative or interrogative constructions)  :: już (nie)
anyone {pron} (anybody)  :: ktokolwiek
anyplace {adv} (anywhere) SEE: anywhere  ::
anyroad {adv} (anyway) SEE: anyway  ::
anythingarian {n} (indifferentist) SEE: indifferentist  ::
anytime {interj} (you're welcome) SEE: you're welcome  ::
anywhere {adv} (any place)  :: gdziekolwiek
anywhither {adv} (to anywhere) SEE: whithersoever  ::
Aomen {prop} (Macau) SEE: Macau  ::
aorist {n} (a grammatical aspect)  :: aoryst {m}
aoristic {adj} (aorist) SEE: aorist  ::
aorta {n} (great artery)  :: aorta {f}
aortal {adj} (of or relating to the aorta)  :: aortowy
aortic arch syndrome {n} (Takayasu's arteritis) SEE: Takayasu's arteritis  ::
aoudad {n} (Barbary sheep) SEE: Barbary sheep  ::
apart {prep} (apart from) SEE: apart from  ::
apart from {prep} (except for)  :: oprócz
apartheider {n} (apartheidist) SEE: apartheidist  ::
apartheidic {adj} (apartheidist) SEE: apartheidist  ::
apartheidistic {adj} (apartheidist) SEE: apartheidist  ::
apartment {n} (domicile occupying part of a building)  :: mieszkanie {n}
apartment building {n} (residential building with multiple flats)  :: blok mieszkalny {m}
apartmentmate {n} (one who shares an apartment (UK)) SEE: flatmate  ::
apartmentmate {n} (one who shares an apartment (US)) SEE: roommate  ::
apatheism {n} (apathy concerning the existence of God)  :: apateizm
apatheticness {n} (apathy) SEE: apathy  ::
apathist {n} (apathete) SEE: apathete  ::
apathistical {adj} (apathetic) SEE: apathetic  ::
apathy {n} (lack of emotion or motivation)  :: apatia {f}
apatite {n} (type of mineral)  :: apatyt
apatosaurus {n} (apatosaur) SEE: apatosaur  ::
ape {n} (animal)  :: [ape or monkey] małpa {f}, małpa człekokształtna {f}
ape {v} (imitate)  :: małpować, imitować
apelike {adj} (simian) SEE: simian  ::
apely {adj} (simian) SEE: simian  ::
Apennine Peninsula {prop} (peninsula)  :: Półwysep Apeniński {m}
aper {n} (someone who apes something) SEE: imitator  ::
aperture {n} (diameter of the aperture (in the sense above))  :: przysłona {f}
aperture {n} (opening)  :: otwór {m}, szpara {f}, szczelina {f}
aperture {n} (something which restricts the diameter of the light path through one plane in an optical system)  :: przesłona {f}
apex court {n} (supreme court) SEE: supreme court  ::
apfelstrudel {n} (apple strudel) SEE: apple strudel  ::
aphakial {adj} (aphakic) SEE: aphakic  ::
aphelion {n} (the point in the elliptical orbit of a planet where it is farthest from the sun)  :: aphelium {n}
apheresis {n} (loss of letters or sounds from the beginning of a word)  :: afereza {f}
aphesis {n} (loss of the initial unstressed vowel of a word)  :: afereza {f}
aphid {n} (insect)  :: mszyca {f}
aphidicide {n} (aphicide) SEE: aphicide  ::
aphidivorous {adj} (aphidophagous) SEE: aphidophagous  ::
aphis {n} (aphid) SEE: aphid  ::
aphobia {n} (fearlessness) SEE: fearlessness  ::
aphonous {adj} (aphonic) SEE: aphonic  ::
aphorismic {adj} (aphoristic) SEE: aphoristic  ::
aphrodisiac {n} (food or drug)  :: afrodyzjak {m}
Aphrodite {prop} (Greek goddess)  :: Afrodyta {f}
aphroditic {adj} (aphrodisian) SEE: aphrodisian  ::
aphroditic {adj} (venereal) SEE: venereal  ::
aphtha {n} (foot-and-mouth disease) SEE: foot-and-mouth disease  ::
aphyllous {adj} (leafless) SEE: leafless  ::
Apia {prop} (capital of Samoa)  :: Apia {f}
apiarian {adj} (pertaining to beekeeping)  :: pszczelarski
apiarian {n} (beekeeper)  :: pszczelarz {m}
apiarist {n} (beekeeper) SEE: beekeeper  ::
apiaristic {adj} (apiarian) SEE: apiarian  ::
apiary {n} (a place where bees and hives are kept)  :: pasieka {f}
a picture paints a thousand words {proverb} (a picture is worth a thousand words) SEE: a picture is worth a thousand words  ::
apicular {adj} (apical) SEE: apical  ::
apiculated {adj} (apiculate) SEE: apiculate  ::
apiculturalist {n} (beekeeper) SEE: beekeeper  ::
apiculture {n} (beekeeping) SEE: beekeeping  ::
apiculturist {n} (beekeeper) SEE: beekeeper  ::
aping {n} (apery) SEE: apery  ::
apiol {n} (oleoresin)  :: apiol {m}
apishamore {n} (saddle blanket) SEE: saddle blanket  ::
apneumatosis {n} (atelectasis) SEE: atelectasis  ::
apnoeal {adj} (apneic) SEE: apneic  ::
apoastron {n} (apastron) SEE: apastron  ::
apocalypse {n} (cataclysmic event)  :: apokalipsa {f}
apocalypse {n} (end of the world)  :: apokalipsa {f}
Apocalypse {prop} (the written account of a revelation of hidden things given by God to a chosen prophet)  :: apokalipsa
apocalyptic {adj} (of or relating to an apocalypse)  :: apokaliptyczny
apocalyptical {adj} (apocalyptic) SEE: apocalyptic  ::
apocalypticist {n} (apocalyptic) SEE: apocalyptic  ::
apocope {n} (loss or omission of a sound or syllable from the end of a word)  :: apokopa {f}
apodeictical {adj} (apodeictic) SEE: apodeictic  ::
apodous {adj} (apodal) SEE: apodal  ::
apofocus {n} (apocenter) SEE: apocenter  ::
apogeal {adj} (apogeic) SEE: apogeic  ::
apogean {adj} (apogeic) SEE: apogeic  ::
apolipoprotein {n} (protein that can bind with a lipid)  :: apolipoproteina {f}
Apollinarianism {n} (Apollinarism) SEE: Apollinarism  ::
apollinaris {n} (Apollinaris water) SEE: Apollinaris water  ::
apologetical {adj} (apologetic) SEE: apologetic  ::
apologia {n} (apology) SEE: apology  ::
apologian {n} (apologist) SEE: apologist  ::
apologise {v} (apologise) SEE: apologize  ::
apologism {n} (apology) SEE: apology  ::
apologize {v} (to make an apology or excuse)  :: przepraszać {impf}, przeprosić {pf}
apologizingly {adv} (apologetically) SEE: apologetically  ::
apologue {n} (a short story with a moral, often involving talking animals or objects)  :: bajka {f}
apology {n} (an expression of regret)  :: przeprosiny {p}
apomorphia {n} (apomorphine) SEE: apomorphine  ::
apomorphous {adj} (apomorphic) SEE: apomorphic  ::
apophony {n} (alternation of sounds within a word) SEE: ablaut  ::
apoplexy {n} (loss of consciousness)  :: apopleksja {f}
aporetical {adj} (aporetic) SEE: aporetic  ::
apostasy {n} (renunciation of set of beliefs)  :: odstępstwo {n}, odszczepieństwo {n}, apostazja {f}
apostatic {adj} (apostate) SEE: apostate  ::
apostatical {adj} (apostate) SEE: apostate  ::
apostle {n} (missionary or leader of a mission)  :: apostoł {m}
apostle {n} (pioneer) SEE: pioneer  ::
apostlehood {n} (apostleship) SEE: apostleship  ::
apostolate {n} (group of people that exists for the spreading of religious doctrine)  :: apostolat {m}
apostolical {adj} (apostolic) SEE: apostolic  ::
apostolicalness {n} (apostolicity) SEE: apostolicity  ::
apostolicism {n} (apostolicity) SEE: apostolicity  ::
apostolicness {n} (apostolicity) SEE: apostolicity  ::
apostolic succession {n} (chain of consecrations of bishops)  :: sukcesja apostolska {f}
apostrophe {n} (sudden piece of dialogue)  :: apostrofa {f}
apostrophe {n} (the character ’)  :: apostrof {m}
apothecary {n} (pharmacist) SEE: pharmacist  ::
apothecary {n} (pharmacy) SEE: pharmacy  ::
apothegmatical {adj} (apothegmatic) SEE: apothegmatic  ::
apothegmic {adj} (apothegmatic) SEE: apothegmatic  ::
apoxia {n} (altitude sickness) SEE: altitude sickness  ::
appall {v} (to depress or discourage with fear; to impress with fear)  :: zbulwersować, bulwersować
appalling {adj} (That appalls/appals or appall/appal)  :: przerażający, zatrważający
apparatchik {n} (member of a Communist apparat)  :: aparatczyk {m}
apparatus {n} (complex machine or instrument)  :: aparat {m}
apparent {adj} (clear)  :: oczywisty
apparent {adj} (seeming)  :: pozorny
apparent {adj} (visible)  :: widoczny
apparently {adv} (plainly)  :: najwyraźniej
appeal {n} (application for the removal of a cause to a superior judge for reexamination)  :: apelacja {f}
appeal {v} (to accuse) SEE: accuse  ::
appeal {v} (to be attractive)  :: podobać się
appeal {v} (to invoke) SEE: invoke  ::
appeals court {n} (appellate court) SEE: appellate court  ::
appear {v} (To come or be in sight; to be in view; to become visible)  :: zjawiać się {impf}, zjawić się {pf}, pojawiać się {impf}, pojawić się {pf}
appear {v} (To seem; to have a certain semblance; to look)  :: zdawać się
appearance {n} (A thing seen)  :: zjawisko {n}
appearance {n} (Personal presence, form or look)  :: wygląd {m}, [archaic] aparycja {f}
appearance {n} (The coming into court of either of the parties)  :: stawiennictwo {n}
appearing {n} (appearance) SEE: appearance  ::
appeaseless {adj} (unappeasable) SEE: unappeasable  ::
append {v} (to hang or attach to, as by a string)  :: doczepić, dołączyć
appendectomy {n} (surgical procedure)  :: wycięcie ślepej kiszki
appendicectomy {n} (appendectomy) SEE: appendectomy  ::
appendicitis {n} (inflamation of the vermiform appendix)  :: zapalenie wyrostka {n}
appendix {n} (text added to the end of a book or an article)  :: załącznik {m}, dodatek {m}
appendix {n} (vermiform appendix)  :: wyrostek {m}, wyrostek robaczkowy {m}
Appenzell {n} (appenzeller) SEE: appenzeller  ::
apperception {n} (mind’s perception of itself as subject)  :: apercepcja {f}
appetency {n} (appetence) SEE: appetence  ::
appetite {n} (desire for personal gratification)  :: żądza {f}
appetite {n} (desire of or relish for food)  :: apetyt {m}
applaudable {adj} (praiseworthy) SEE: praiseworthy  ::
applause {n} (act of applauding)  :: aplauz {m}
apple {n} (apples and pears (Cockney rhyming slang)) SEE: apples and pears  ::
apple {n} (fruit)  :: jabłko {n}
apple {n} (tree) SEE: apple tree  ::
apple {n} (wood)  :: jabłoń {f}
apple-cheeked {adj} (having red cheeks)  :: rumiany {m}
apple does not fall far from the tree {proverb} (a child is similar to its parents)  :: niedaleko pada jabłko od jabłoni
apple pie {n} (pie with apple filling)  :: szarlotka {f}, jabłecznik {m}, ciasto z jabłkami {n}
appleringie {n} (southernwood) SEE: southernwood  ::
apple sauce {n} (nonsense) SEE: apple sauce  ::
applesauce {n} (apple sauce) SEE: apple sauce  ::
apple tree {n} (tree that bears apples)  :: jabłoń {f}
applewood {n} (apple) SEE: apple  ::
appliable {n} (applicable) SEE: applicable  ::
appliable {n} (compliant) SEE: compliant  ::
appliableness {n} (applicability) SEE: applicability  ::
appliance {n} (application) SEE: application  ::
applicable {adj} (suitable for application; relevant)  :: odpowiedni, dotyczący, odnoszący się {m}
applicableness {n} (applicability) SEE: applicability  ::
applicant {n} (one who applies)  :: kandydat {m}, kandydatka {f}
application {n} (a computer program)  :: aplikacja {f}, program komputerowy {m}
applier {n} (applicator) SEE: applicator  ::
apposite {adj} (appropriate, relevant, well-suited)  :: stosowny {m}, właściwy {m}
apposition {n} (rhetoric: appositio) SEE: appositio  ::
appraisal {n} (judgement)  :: wycena {f} , ocena {f}
appraisement {n} (appraisal) SEE: appraisal  ::
appraiser {n} (one who appraises)  :: rzeczoznawca {m}
appreciate {v} (to be aware of)  :: zdawać sobie sprawę z, rozumieć
appreciate {v} (to be grateful for something)  :: doceniać
appreciate {v} (to increase in value)  :: drożeć, zyskiwać (na wartości)
appreciate {v} (to value highly)  :: doceniać
appreciating {adj} (appreciative) SEE: appreciative  ::
appreciatingly {adv} (appreciatively) SEE: appreciatively  ::
appreciatory {adj} (appreciative) SEE: appreciative  ::
apprehendable {adj} (apprehensible) SEE: apprehensible  ::
apprehensibly {adv} (apprehensively) SEE: apprehensively  ::
apprehensive {adj} (anticipating something with anxiety or fear)  :: strwożony
apprentice {n} (trainee, especially in a skilled trade)  :: uczeń {m}, terminator {m} (obsolete)
approach {n} (a manner in which a problem is solved or policy is made)  :: podejście {n}
approach {n} (an access, or opportunity of drawing near)  :: dostęp {m}
approach {n} (a way, passage, or avenue by which a place or buildings can be approached; an access)  :: dojazd {m}, podjazd {m}
approach {n} (the act of drawing near)  :: nadejście {n}, podejście {n}, zbliżenie {n}
approach {v} (To come near to in place, time, or character)  :: zbliżać się, nadciągać, nadchodzić
approach {v} (to come or go near, in place or time; to draw nigh; to advance nearer)  :: zbliżać się, podchodzić, przybliżać się
approach {v} (To draw near, in a figurative sense)  :: nadciągać, nadchodzić
approbatively {adv} (approvingly) SEE: approvingly  ::
approbator {n} (approver) SEE: approver  ::
approbatory {adj} (approbative) SEE: approbative  ::
appropinquation {n} (approach) SEE: approach  ::
approportionate {v} (proportion) SEE: proportion  ::
appropriate {adj} (peculiar, suitable, fit, proper)  :: odpowiedni {m}, właściwy {m}, stosowny {m}
appropriately {adv} (in an appropriate manner)  :: odpowiednio
approve {v} (To make or show to be worthy of approbation or acceptance)  :: aprobować
approximant {n} (mathematics: approximation) SEE: approximation  ::
apractic {adj} (apraxic) SEE: apraxic  ::
apricot {adj} (colour)  :: morelowy
apricot {n} (colour)  :: morelowy {m}
apricot {n} (fruit)  :: morela {f}
apricot {n} (tree)  :: morela {f}
April {prop} (fourth month of the Gregorian calendar)  :: kwiecień {m-in}
April Fools' Day {n} (First day of April)  :: prima aprilis
Aprilly {adj} (Aprilish) SEE: Aprilish  ::
a priori {adv} (derived by logic)  :: z góry
apriori {adv} (a priori) SEE: a priori  ::
aprioristic {adj} (a priori) SEE: a priori  ::
aprium {n} (pluot) SEE: pluot  ::
apron {n} (clothing)  :: fartuch {m}
apse {n} (astronomy: apsis) SEE: apsis  ::
apse {n} (case in which the relics were kept) SEE: reliquary  ::
apse {n} (obsolete or dialectal: aspen tree) SEE: aspen  ::
apside {n} (apsis) SEE: apsis  ::
apsis {n} (architecture: apse)  :: apsyda {f}
apsis {n} (astronomy: point in elliptical orbit)  :: apsyda {f}
apterous {adj} (wingless) SEE: wingless  ::
Aptian {prop} (subdivision of the Early Cretaceous epoch)  :: Apt
aptly {adv} (in an apt or suitable manner)  :: odpowiednio, trafnie
Apuglian {adj} (Apulian) SEE: Apulian  ::
Apuleius {prop} (author in the Roman Empire)  :: Apulejusz {m}
Apulia {prop} (region of Italy)  :: Apulia {f}
apurpose {adv} (on purpose) SEE: on purpose  ::
apyretic {adj} (feverless) SEE: feverless  ::
aquafarmer {n} (aquaculturist) SEE: aquaculturist  ::
aquafarming {n} (aquaculture) SEE: aquaculture  ::
aqua fortis {n} (nitric acid) SEE: nitric acid  ::
aquapark {n} (an amusement park with waterplay areas)  :: aquapark {m}
aqua regia {n} (mixture of acids)  :: woda królewska {f}
aquarelle {n} (painting)  :: akwarela {f}
aquarellist {n} (watercolorist) SEE: watercolorist  ::
Aquarian {n} (Aquarius) SEE: Aquarius  ::
aquarium {n} (tank for keeping fish)  :: akwarium {n}
Aquarius {prop} (astrological sign)  :: Wodnik {m}
Aquarius {prop} (constellation)  :: Wodnik {m}
aquatic {adj} (relating to water; living in or near water, taking place in water)  :: wodny {m}
aquatic warbler {n} (Acrocephalus paludicola)  :: wodniczka {f}
aquatile {adj} (aquatic) SEE: aquatic  ::
aqueduct {n} (an artificial channel conveying water)  :: akwedukt {m}
aqueduct {n} (a structure carrying water)  :: akwedukt {m}
aqueity {n} (wateriness) SEE: wateriness  ::
aqueous {adj} (consisting mainly of water)  :: wodny {m}
aquifer {n} (an underground layer of water-bearing porous stone, earth, or gravel)  :: warstwa wodonośna {f}
aquifuge {n} (aquiclude) SEE: aquiclude  ::
Aquila {prop} (constellation)  :: Orzeł {m}
aquiline {adj} (of, pertaining to, or characteristic of eagles)  :: orli {m}
Aquitaine {prop} (region of France)  :: Akwitania {f}
Arab {adj} (of or pertaining to Arabs and their nations)  :: arabski {m}
Arab {n} (horse)  :: arab {m}
Arab {n} (Semitic person)  :: Arab {m}, Arabka {f}
Arabia {prop} (a peninsula between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf;)  :: Arabia {f}
Arabian camel {n} (dromedary) SEE: dromedary  ::
Arabianization {n} (Arabisation) SEE: Arabisation  ::
Arabianize {v} (Arabize) SEE: Arabize  ::
Arabian Peninsula {prop} (peninsula in the Middle East)  :: Półwysep Arabski {m}
Arabian tea {n} (khat) SEE: khat  ::
Arabic {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Arab countries or cultural behaviour)  :: arabski
Arabic {prop} (language)  :: arabski {m}, arabszczyzna {f}
Arabic numeral {n} (any of the ten symbols from 0 through 9)  :: cyfra arabska {f}
Arabist {n} (a scholar who studies Arab or Arabic culture, politics, or language)  :: arabista {m}
Arabization {n} (Arabisation) SEE: Arabisation  ::
arable {adj} (suitable for cultivation)  :: orny {m}
Arab Republic of Egypt {prop} (Official name of Egypt)  :: Arabska Republika Egiptu {f}
Arab Spring {prop} (movement)  :: Arabska wiosna {f}
Arab World {prop} (Arabic speaking world)  :: świat arabski {m}
arachidonoylethanolamide {n} (anandamide) SEE: anandamide  ::
arachnid {n} (eight-legged creature)  :: pajęczak {m}
arachnidan {n} (arachnid) SEE: arachnid  ::
arachnoid {n} (the arachnoid mater) SEE: arachnoid mater  ::
arachnoidian {adj} (arachnoid) SEE: arachnoid  ::
arachnological {adj} (arachnologic) SEE: arachnologic  ::
aracytin {n} (cytarabine) SEE: cytarabine  ::
aracytine {n} (cytarabine) SEE: cytarabine  ::
araeostyle {n} (intercolumniation) SEE: intercolumniation  ::
Aragon {prop} (an autonomous community in Spain)  :: Aragonia {f}
Aragonese {adj} (from Aragon)  :: aragoński
arahant {n} (arhat) SEE: arhat  ::
Aral Sea {prop} (Aral sea)  :: Jezioro Aralskie
Aramaean {n} (member of a West Semitic semi-nomadic and pastoralist people)  :: Aramejczyk {m}
Aramaean {prop} (Aramaic) SEE: Aramaic  ::
Aramaic {adj} (pertaining to the language, alphabet, culture or poetry)  :: aramejski {m}
Aramaic {prop} (the language)  :: aramejski {m}
araneous {adj} (araneose) SEE: araneose  ::
Arans {prop} (Aran) SEE: Aran  ::
Ararat {prop} (mountain)  :: Ararat {m}
aration {n} (ploughing) SEE: ploughing  ::
Arawakan {adj} (Arawak) SEE: Arawak  ::
arbitrage {n} (market activity)  :: arbitraż {m}, rozjemstwo {n}
arbitrageur {n} (arbitrager) SEE: arbitrager  ::
arbitrament {n} (arbitration) SEE: arbitration  ::
arbitrariously {adv} (arbitrarily) SEE: arbitrarily  ::
arbitrariousness {n} (arbitrariness) SEE: arbitrariness  ::
arbitrary {adj} (based on individual discretion or judgment)  :: arbitralny {m}
arbitrary {adj} ((mathematics))  :: dowolny {m}
arboraceous {adj} (arboreal) SEE: arboreal  ::
arborary {adj} (arboreal) SEE: arboreal  ::
arboreous {adj} (wooded) SEE: wooded  ::
arboreous {adj} (woody) SEE: woody  ::
arboretum {n} (place of many varieties of tree)  :: arboretum {n}
arborical {adj} (arboreal) SEE: arboreal  ::
arboricole {adj} (arboreal) SEE: arboreal  ::
arboricolous {adj} (arboreal) SEE: arboreal  ::
arborio rice {n} (arborio) SEE: arborio  ::
arborist {n} (arboriculturist) SEE: arboriculturist  ::
arborway {n} (avenue) SEE: avenue  ::
Arbëreshë Albanian {prop} (Arbëresh) SEE: Arbëresh  ::
arbutus {n} (strawberry tree) SEE: strawberry tree  ::
arc {n} (directed edge) SEE: directed edge  ::
arc {n} (geometry: part of a curve)  :: łuk {m}
Arcadia {prop} (A district or a prefecture in the central and mid SE Peloponnese)  :: Arkadia {f}
arc-boutant {n} (flying buttress) SEE: flying buttress  ::
Arc de Triomphe {prop} (the Parisian monument)  :: Łuk Triumfalny {m}
arch {n} (architectural element)  :: łuk {m}
arch {n} (arrangement of trapezoidal stones)  :: łuk {m}
arch {n} (inverted U shape)  :: łuk {m}
arch- {prefix} (chief, highest, most extreme)  :: arcy-
arch {v} (to form into arch)  :: wyginać w łuk, tworzyć łuk
archaean {n} (archaeal) SEE: archaeal  ::
archaebacterial {adj} (archaeal) SEE: archaeal  ::
archaebacterium {n} (archaeon) SEE: archaeon  ::
archaeobotany {n} (paleoethnobotany) SEE: paleoethnobotany  ::
archaeologian {n} (archaeologist) SEE: archaeologist  ::
archaeologic {adj} (archaeological) SEE: archaeological  ::
archaeological {adj} (relating to the science or research of archaeology)  :: archeologiczny
archaeology {n} (scientific study of past remains)  :: archeologia {f}
archaic {adj} (old-fashioned or antiquated)  :: archaiczny
archaicism {n} (archaism) SEE: archaism  ::
archaicness {n} (archaicity) SEE: archaicity  ::
archaism {n} (archaic word, language)  :: archaizm {m}
archaist {n} (antiquary) SEE: antiquary  ::
archangel {n} (angel who leads other angels)  :: archanioł {m}
Archangel {prop} (Arkhangelsk) SEE: Arkhangelsk  ::
archangelical {adj} (archangelic) SEE: archangelic  ::
archbishop {n} (senior bishop)  :: arcybiskup {m}
archbishopdom {n} (archbishopric) SEE: archbishopric  ::
archbishophood {n} (archbishopric) SEE: archbishopric  ::
archbishopric {n} (jurisdiction of an archbishop)  :: arcybiskupstwo {n}, metropolia {f}
archbishopship {n} (archbishopric) SEE: archbishopric  ::
archdevil {n} (archdemon) SEE: archdemon  ::
archdiocese {n} (area administered by an archbishop)  :: archidiecezja {f}
archduchess {n} (daughter or granddaughter of the Emperor of Austria-Hungary)  :: arcyksiężna {f}
archduke {n} (rank)  :: arcyksiążę {m}
archebiosis {n} (abiogenesis) SEE: abiogenesis  ::
archeological {adj} (archaeological) SEE: archaeological  ::
archeopteryx {n} (ancient bird)  :: archaeopteryx
archer {n} (one who shoots an arrow from a bow or a bolt from a crossbow)  :: łucznik {m}, łuczniczka {f}
archeress {n} (a female archer)  :: łuczniczka {f}
archery {n} (the practice)  :: łucznictwo {n}
archetypal {adj} (Of or pertaining to an archetype)  :: archetypowy
archetype {n} (Jungian psychology: universal pattern of thought)  :: archetyp {m}
archetype {n} (original model of which all other similar persons, objects, or concepts are merely derivative)  :: archetyp {m}
archetype {n} (person, story, concept, or object that is based on a known archetype)  :: archetyp {m}
archetypic {adj} (archetypal) SEE: archetypal  ::
archetypical {adj} (archetypal) SEE: archetypal  ::
archetypically {adv} (archetypally) SEE: archetypally  ::
archfiend {n} (Satan) SEE: Satan  ::
archiepiscopal {adj} (of or relating to an archbishop or an archbishopric)  :: arcybiskupi
archiepiscopality {n} (archbishopric) SEE: archbishopric  ::
archiepiscopate {n} (archbishopric) SEE: archbishopric  ::
archimandrite {n} (The superior of a large monastery, or group of monasteries, in the Orthodox Church)  :: archimandryta {m}
archipelago {n} (group of islands)  :: archipelag {m}
architect {n} (designer of buildings)  :: architekt {m}
architectonic {adj} (architectural) SEE: architectural  ::
architectural {adj} (pertaining to architecture)  :: architektoniczny
architecture {n} (art and science of designing buildings and other structures)  :: architektura {f}
archive {n} (place for storing earlier material)  :: archiwum
archiver {n} (archivist) SEE: archivist  ::
archmagician {n} (archmage) SEE: archmage  ::
archonship {n} (archontate) SEE: archontate  ::
archosaurian {n} (archosaur) SEE: archosaur  ::
archpresbyter {n} (archpriest) SEE: archpriest  ::
archpriest {n} (religious title / rank)  :: archiprezbiter {m}
archwizard {n} (archmage) SEE: archmage  ::
archy {adj} (arched) SEE: arched  ::
arcid {n} (ark shell) SEE: ark shell  ::
arclight {n} (lamp)  :: lampa łukowa {f}
arcminute {n} (minute of angle) SEE: minute of angle  ::
arcology {n} (urban development theory involving efficient use of space and resources)  :: arkologia
arcotarsium {n} (instep) SEE: instep  ::
arctation {n} (stenosis) SEE: stenosis  ::
Arctic {adj} (cold, snowy, or having other properties of extreme winter associated with the Arctic)  :: arktyczny
Arctic {adj} (Pertaining to the northern polar region of the planet)  :: arktyczny {m}
Arctic {prop} (a region of the Earth)  :: Arktyka {f}
Arctic char {n} (saibling) SEE: saibling  ::
Arctic cod {n} (Arctogadus glacialis)  :: dorszyk polarny, dorsz arktyczny
Arctic loon {n} (black-throated diver) SEE: black-throated diver  ::
Arctic Ocean {prop} (the smallest of the five oceans of the Earth, on and around the North Pole)  :: Ocean Arktyczny
Arcturus {prop} (Alpha Boötis)  :: Arktur
ardour {n} (ardour) SEE: ardor  ::
arduous {adj} (needing or using up much energy)  :: uciążliwy {m}
are {n} (unit of area)  :: ar {m-in}
are {v} (be) SEE: be  ::
are {v} (first-person plural simple present indicative form of be)  :: jesteśmy
are {v} (second-person plural simple present indicative form of be)  :: jesteście, [formal with Państwo, Panowie, etc.]
are {v} (second-person singular (informal) simple present indicative form of be)  :: jesteś, je [formal, with Pan, Pani]
are {v} (third-person plural simple present indicative form of be)  ::
area {n} (figuratively, any extent, scope or range)  :: dziedzina {f}
area {n} (maths: measure of extent of a surface)  :: powierzchnia {f}
area {n} (particular geographic region)  :: obszar {m}
area {n} (soccer: penalty area) SEE: penalty area  ::
areca nut {n} (betel nut) SEE: betel nut  ::
areca palm {n} (betel palm) SEE: betel palm  ::
arena {n} (an enclosed area, often outdoor)  :: arena {f}
arena {n} (the sand-covered centre of an amphitheatre)  :: arena {f}
arenarious {adj} (sandy) SEE: sandy  ::
arenilitic {adj} (arenitic) SEE: arenitic  ::
arenose {adj} (sandy) SEE: sandy  ::
arenosol {n} (psamment) SEE: psamment  ::
areola {n} (circle around the nipple)  :: otoczka {f}
Ares {prop} (the god of war, son of Zeus and Hera)  :: Ares {m}
argent {adj} (of white or silver tincture on a coat of arms)  :: srebrny
argent {n} (silver or metal tincture)  :: srebro {n}
argentan {n} (nickel silver) SEE: nickel silver  ::
argentation {n} (silvering) SEE: silvering  ::
Argentina {prop} (Argentine Republic)  :: Argentyna {f}
Argentine {adj} (Argentinian) SEE: Argentinian  ::
Argentine {n} (Argentinian) SEE: Argentinian  ::
Argentine {prop} (Argentina) SEE: Argentina  ::
Argentinean {adj} (Argentinian) SEE: Argentinian  ::
Argentinean {n} (Argentinian) SEE: Argentinian  ::
Argentinian {adj} (pertaining to Argentina)  :: argentyński {m}
Argentinian {n} (person from Argentina)  :: Argentyńczyk {m}, Argentynka {f}
argentophilic {adj} (argentophilic) SEE: argyrophilic  ::
argileh {n} (hookah) SEE: hookah  ::
argillous {adj} (argillaceous) SEE: argillaceous  ::
arginine {n} (an amino acid)  :: arginina {f}
argipressin {n} (vasopressin) SEE: vasopressin  ::
argon {n} (a chemical element)  :: argon {m}
Argonaut {prop} (A member of the Argo who searched for the Golden Fleece)  :: Argonauta {m}
argot {n} (secret language of thieves, tramps and vagabonds)  :: argot {n}
argot {n} (specialized vocabulary and terminology of a field)  :: argot {n}
Argot {n} (Argive) SEE: Argive  ::
arguing {n} (argument) SEE: argument  ::
argument {n} (fact or statement used to support a proposition; a reason)  :: argument {m-in}
argument {n} (independent variable)  :: argument {m-in}
argument {n} (process of reasoning)  :: argumentacja {f}
argument {n} (variable that is being passed to a function)  :: argument {m-in}
argument {n} (verbal dispute; a quarrel)  :: kłótnia {f}
argyria {n} (argyrosis) SEE: argyrosis  ::
argyrism {n} (argyrosis) SEE: argyrosis  ::
argyrotic {adj} (argyric) SEE: argyric  ::
arhinencephaly {n} (holoprosencephaly) SEE: holoprosencephaly  ::
arhythmic {adj} (arrhythmic) SEE: arrhythmic  ::
arhythmical {adj} (arrhythmic) SEE: arrhythmic  ::
aria {n} (type of musical piece)  :: aria {f}
Arian {adj} (pertaining to Arianism)  :: ariański
Arian {n} (a kind of Christian who holds Arian ideas)  :: arianin
Arian {n} (someone whose star sign is in Aries) SEE: Aries  ::
Arianism {n} (nontrinitarian Christian teaching)  :: arianizm {m}
aridness {n} (aridity) SEE: aridity  ::
Aries {prop} (constellation)  :: Baran {m}
arillus {n} (aril) SEE: aril  ::
aristocracy {n} (class of people considered superior to others)  :: arystokracja {f}
aristocracy {n} (government by such a class)  :: arystokracja {f}
aristocracy {n} (the nobility or the hereditary ruling class)  :: arystokracja {f}
aristocrat {n} (one of the aristocracy)  :: arystokrata {m}
aristocratic {adj} (of or pertaining to an aristocracy)  :: arystokratyczny {m}
aristocratic {adj} (partaking of aristocracy; befitting aristocracy)  :: arystokratyczny {m}
aristocratical {adj} (aristocratic) SEE: aristocratic  ::
Aristophanic {adj} (Aristophanean) SEE: Aristophanean  ::
Aristotelianism {prop} (philosophical system)  :: arystotelizm {m}
Aristotle {prop} (ancient Greek philosopher)  :: Arystoteles {m}
arithmetic {adj} (arithmetical)  :: arytmetyczny {f}
arithmetic {n} (mathematics of numbers, etc.)  :: arytmetyka {f}
arithmetical {adj} (arithmetic) SEE: arithmetic  ::
arithmetically {adv} (In an arithmetic manner)  :: arytmetycznie
arithmetic logic unit {n} (part of a CPU that does calculations and logical operations)  :: jednostka arytmetyczno-logiczna {f}
arithmetic mean {n} (measure of central tendency)  :: średnia arytmetyczna {f}
arithmetic progression {n} (sequence)  :: ciąg arytmetyczny {m}, postęp arytmetyczny {m} [obsolete]
arithmetic spiral {n} (Archimedean spiral) SEE: Archimedean spiral  ::
arithmomania {n} (disorder)  :: arytmomania
arity {n} (number of arguments)  :: argumentowość {f}
Arizona {prop} (a state of the United States of America)  :: Arizona {f}
Arizonan {adj} (of or pertaining to Arizona)  :: arizoński {m}
ark {n} (Noah's ship)  :: arka {f}
Arkansas {prop} (US state)  :: Arkansas {m}
Arkhangelsk {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Archangielsk {m}
arksutite {n} (chiolite) SEE: chiolite  ::
arm {n} (part of object)  :: ramię {n}
arm {n} (portion of the upper appendage from shoulder to wrist)  :: ramię {n}, ręka {f}
arm {n} (portion of the upper limb from elbow to wrist, lower arm)  :: przedramię {n}
arm {n} (portion of the upper limb from shoulder to elbow, upper arm)  :: ramię {n}
arm {n} (weapon)  :: broń {f}
armadillo {n} (burrowing mammal covered with bony, jointed, protective plates)  :: pancernik {m}
Armageddon {prop} (The place where the final battle will be fought between the forces of good and evil)  :: Har-Magedon {m}
armband {n} (A band worn around the arm)  :: opaska
armband {n} (An inflatable band worn round the arms to keep afloat in water)  :: rękawek
armchair {n} (a chair with supports for the arms or elbows)  :: fotel {m}
armchair hawk {n} (armchair general) SEE: armchair general  ::
armed {adj} (equipped, especially with a weapon)  :: uzbrojony {m}
armed forces {n} (the military forces of a nation)  :: siły zbrojne {f-p}
Armenia {prop} (ancient kingdom and country in West Asia)  :: Armenia {f}
Armenian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Armenia, Armenians, the language or alphabet)  :: ormiański; [pertaining to Armenia] armeński
Armenian {n} (person)  :: Ormianin {m}, Ormianka [nationality], Armeńczyk {m}, Armenka {f} [people from Armenia]
Armenian {prop} (language)  :: ormiański {m}
Armenian Highland {prop} (plateau)  :: Wyżyna Armeńska {f}
Armenian SSR {prop} (Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic, see also: Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic)  :: Armeńska SSR
Armenology {n} (Armenian studies) SEE: Armenian studies  ::
armillaria {n} (honey fungus) SEE: honey fungus  ::
Arminianism {n} (a school of thought within Protestantism founded by Jacobus Arminius)  :: arminianizm
arminianist {n} (Arminian) SEE: Arminian  ::
armistice {n} (formal agreement to end fighting)  :: rozejm {m}, zawieszenie broni {n}
armless {adj} (without arms)  :: bezręki
armor {n} (military formation consisting primarily of tanks)  :: wojska pancerne {p}
armor {n} (natural form of this kind of protection on an animal's body)  :: pancerz {m}
armor {n} (other heavy mobile assault vehicle)  :: pojazd opancerzony {m}
armor {n} (protective layer over a body, vehicle, or other object intended to deflect or diffuse damaging forces)  :: zbroja {f}, pancerz {m}
armor {n} (tank) SEE: tank  ::
armorbearer {n} (armourbearer) SEE: armourbearer  ::
armored {adj} (clad or equipped with arms or armor)  :: opancerzony {m}
Armoric {adj} (Armorican) SEE: Armorican  ::
armor-piercing {adj} (antiarmor) SEE: antiarmor  ::
armory {n} (armory) SEE: armoury  ::
armoured car {n} (armoured truck) SEE: armoured truck  ::
armoured car {n} (automobile equipped with armour)  :: samochód opancerzony {m}
armoured train {n} (a railway train protected with armour)  :: pociąg pancerny
armoured truck {n} (armoured car) SEE: armoured car  ::
armpit {n} (cavity beneath the junction of the arm and shoulder)  :: pacha {f}
armsaye {n} (armhole) SEE: armhole  ::
arms race {n} (a competition for military supremacy)  :: wyścig zbrojeń {m}
arm to the teeth {v} (to equip with weapons)  :: uzbroić po zęby
arm up {v} (arm) SEE: arm  ::
army {n}  :: armia {f}
army {n} (government agency in charge of a state's army)  :: armia {f}, wojsko {n}
army {n} (military force concerned mainly with ground operations)  :: armia {f}, wojsko {n}
arnica {n} (plants of genus Arnica)  :: arnika {f}
Arnold-Chiari malformation {n} (Chiari malformation) SEE: Chiari malformation  ::
arolla {n} (stone pine) SEE: stone pine  ::
Arolla pine {n} (Pinus cembra) SEE: Swiss pine  ::
aroma {n} (a pleasant smell)  :: aromat {m}
aromaticalness {n} (aromaticity) SEE: aromaticity  ::
aromaticness {n} (aromaticity) SEE: aromaticity  ::
around {adj}  :: wokół, dookoła
arouse {v} (to awaken)  :: budzić, obudzić
arquebus {n} (firearm) SEE: harquebus  ::
arrange {v} (to set up, organise)  :: ułożyć, ustawić
arrangement {n} (agreement)  :: układ {m}, umowa {f}
arrangement {n} (manner of being arranged)  :: układ {m}
arrangement {n} (music: adaptation of a piece of music)  :: aranżacja {f}
arrant {adj} (errant) SEE: errant  ::
array {n} (any of various data structures)  :: tablica {f}
array {n} (clothing/ornamentation)  :: ubiór {m}, odzienie {n}, obleczenie {n}, strój {m}
array {v} (to clothe, ornament)  :: odziewać {impf}, odziać {pf}, oblekać {impf}, oblec {pf}
arrest {n} (act of arresting a criminal, suspect etc)  :: aresztowanie {n}
arrest {n} (confinement, as after an arrest)  :: areszt {m}
arrest {v} (to seize attention of)  :: przykuć {pf}
arrest {v} (to stop (a process etc.))  :: powstrzymać {pf}
arrest {v} (to take into legal custody)  :: aresztować {impf} {pf}
arrhythmia {n} (irregular heartbeat)  :: arytmia {f}
arrival {n} (act of arriving or something that has arrived)  :: przybycie {n}, przyjazd {m} [by car or train], przyjście {n} [usually on foot], przylot {m} [by plane]
arrive {v} (to get to a certain place)  :: przybywać {impf}, przybyć {pf}; [on foot] przychodzić {impf}, przyjść {pf}; [by vehicle] przyjeżdżać {impf}, przyjechać {pf}; [by airplane] przylatywać {impf}, przylecieć {pf}
arrive {v} (to obtain a level of success or fame)  :: dojść (do czegoś)
arrive {v} (to reach)  :: [on foot] dochodzić {impf}, dojść {pf}; [by vehicle] dojeżdżać {impf}, dojechać {pf}; [by airplane] dolatywać {impf} dolecieć {pf}
arriviste {n} (upstart) SEE: upstart  ::
arrogance {n} (act or habit of arrogating, or making undue claims in an overbearing manner)  :: arogancja {f}
arrogant {adj} (having excessive pride)  :: arogancki
arrow {n} (in graph theory) SEE: directed edge  ::
arrow {n} (projectile)  :: strzała {f}
arrow {n} (symbol)  :: strzałka {f}
arrow arum {n} (tuckahoe) SEE: tuckahoe  ::
arse {n} (arse) SEE: ass  ::
arsehole {n} (inconsiderate or mean-spirited person)  :: dupek {m}
arsenate {n} (salt or ester of arsenic acid)  :: arsenian {m}
arsenic {n} (arsenic trioxide)  :: trójtlenek arsenu, arszenik {m}
arsenic {n} (chemical element)  :: arsen {m}
arsenic acid {n} (H3AsO4)  :: kwas arsenowy {m}
arsenicosis {n} (arsenicism) SEE: arsenicism  ::
arsenide {n} (compound with arsenic in oxidation state -3)  :: arsenek {m}
arsesmart {n} (hydropiper) SEE: hydropiper  ::
arsewipe {n} (toilet paper) SEE: asswipe  ::
arsewipe {n} (useless or annoying person) SEE: asswipe  ::
ars gratia artis {n} (art for art's sake) SEE: art for art's sake  ::
arson {n} (crime of setting a fire)  :: podpalenie {n}
arsonist {n} (one who has committed the act of arson, or illegally setting fire to property)  :: podpalacz {m}
arsonphobia {n} (pyrophobia) SEE: pyrophobia  ::
arsonry {n} (arson) SEE: arson  ::
art {n} (conscious production or arrangement)  :: sztuka {f}
art {n} (human effort)  :: sztuka {f}
art dealer {n} (someone who buys and sells works of art)  :: marszand {m}
arteether {n} (artemotil) SEE: artemotil  ::
artefact {n} (artifact) SEE: artifact  ::
artemia {n} (brine shrimp) SEE: brine shrimp  ::
Artemis {prop} (Greek goddess)  :: Artemida {f}
arteriography {n} (radiography of an artery) SEE: angiography  ::
artery {n} (blood vessel from the heart)  :: tętnica {f}
art history {n} (study of the history of the visual arts)  :: historia sztuki {f}
arthrodic {adj} (arthrodial) SEE: arthrodial  ::
arthrography {n} (arthrogram) SEE: arthrogram  ::
arthropod {n} (animal of Arthropoda)  :: stawonóg {m}
arthropodan {adj} (arthropodal) SEE: arthropodal  ::
arthropodean {adj} (arthropodal) SEE: arthropodal  ::
Arthur {prop} (male given name)  :: Artur
Arthurian {adj} (pertaining to the legend of King Arthur)  :: arturiański
artichoke {n} (Vegetable)  :: karczoch {m}
article {n} (object) SEE: object  ::
article {n} (part of speech that specifies a noun)  :: przedimek {m-in}, rodzajnik {m-in}
article {n}  :: przedmiot {m-in}
article {n} (section of a legal document)  :: paragraf {m-in}
article {n} (story, report, or opinion piece)  :: artykuł {m-in}
articles of incorporation {n} (articles of association) SEE: articles of association  ::
articles of organization {n} (articles of association) SEE: articles of association  ::
articulacy {n} (articulateness) SEE: articulateness  ::
artifactitious {adj} (artefactual) SEE: artefactual  ::
artificer {n} (artisan) SEE: artisan  ::
artificer {n} (inventor) SEE: inventor  ::
artificer {n} (savant) SEE: savant  ::
artificer {n} (trickster) SEE: trickster  ::
artificial {adj} (man-made)  :: sztuczny {m}
artificial intelligence {n} (branch of computer science)  :: sztuczna inteligencja {f}
artificial intelligence {n} (intelligence exhibited by an artificial entity)  :: sztuczna inteligencja {f}
artificialness {n} (artificiality) SEE: artificiality  ::
artificial person {n} (legal person) SEE: legal person  ::
artificial sweetener {n} (sugar substitute) SEE: sugar substitute  ::
artillerist {n} (artilleryman) SEE: artilleryman  ::
Artinskian {prop}  :: Artyńsk
artiodactyl {n} (any ungulate mammal with an even number of toes)  :: parzystokopytne {n}
artisan {n} (skilled manual worker)  :: rzemieślnik {m}
artist {n} (person who creates art)  :: artysta {m}, artyska {f}, twórca {m}, twórczyni {f}
artistic {adj} (aesthetically pleasing)  :: kunsztowny
artistic {adj} (relating to art or artists)  :: artystyczny
artistical {adj} (artistic) SEE: artistic  ::
artistically {adv} (In an artistic manner)  :: artystycznie
artmaker {n} (artist) SEE: artist  ::
Artsakh Republic {prop} (Nagorno-Karabakh Republic) SEE: Nagorno-Karabakh Republic  ::
arts and crafts {n} (handicrafts)  :: rękodzieło {n}
artwise {adv} (artistically) SEE: artistically  ::
Aruba {prop} (autonomous territory of the Netherlands in the Caribbean)  :: Aruba
Arubian {n} (Aruban) SEE: Aruban  ::
arugula {n} (herb)  :: rukola {f}
Aruküla {prop} (small borough in Estonia)  :: Aruküla {f}
arum {n} (flower or plant in the genus Arum)  :: obrazki {p}
arvicole {n} (fieldmouse) SEE: fieldmouse  ::
Aryan {n} (in Nazism: a member of an alleged master race comprised of non-Jewish Caucasians)  :: Aryjczyk {m}, Aryjka {f}
aryloxide {n} (phenoxide) SEE: phenoxide  ::
as {adv} (e.g.) SEE: e.g.  ::
as {adv} (for example) SEE: for example  ::
as {conj} (at the same time that)  :: podczas
as {conj} (expressing concession) SEE: though  ::
as {conj} (in the same way that)  :: jak
as {conj} (relative conjunction) SEE: that  ::
as {conj} (than) SEE: than  ::
as {prep} (In the role of)  :: jako
asbestos {n} (any of several fibrous mineral forms of magnesium silicate)  :: azbest {m}, azbestowy {m} [attributive]
Ascension {prop} (holiday celebrating Ascension of Jesus) SEE: Ascension Day  ::
Ascension Day {prop} (the fortieth day of Easter)  :: Wniebowstąpienie Pańskie {f}
ascetic {n} (devotee to the practice of self-denial)  :: ascetyk {m}, ascetyczka {f}
asceticism {n} (the principles and practices of an ascetic)  :: ascetyzm
Asclepius {prop} (Greek god of medicine and healing)  :: Asklepios
ascorbic acid {n} (the white crystalline organic compound, C6H8O6)  :: kwas askorbinowy {m}
asexuality {n} (state of not experiencing sexual attraction)  :: aseksualizm
as far as one knows {adv} (to the best of my knowledge)  :: o ile mi wiadomo
ash {n} (solid remains of a fire)  :: popiół {m}
ash {n} (tree) SEE: ash tree  ::
ash {n} (wood)  :: jesion {m}
A-sharp major {n}  :: Ais-dur
ashen {adj} (ash-colored; pale)  :: blady
ashen {adj} (made of ash-wood)  :: jesionowy {m}
ashen {adj} (of or resembling ashes)  :: popielaty
Ashgabat {prop} (the capital of Turkmenistan)  :: Aszchabad {m}
ash gourd {n} (fuzzy melon fruit) SEE: winter melon  ::
ash gourd {n} (vine) SEE: winter melon  ::
Ashkenazi {adj} (of, or relating to Jews from Germany or Eastern Europe)  :: aszkenazyjski
Ashkenazi {n} (Jew from Germany or Eastern Europe)  :: aszkenazyjczyk {m}
ashtray {n} (receptacle for ashes)  :: popielniczka {f}
ash tree {n} (Fraxinus tree)  :: jesion {m}
Asia {prop} (province of Roman empire)  :: Azja {f}
Asia {prop} (the continent of Asia)  :: Azja {f}
Asia Minor {prop} (peninsula between the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea and the Black Sea;)  :: Azja Mniejsza {f}
Asian {adj} (of, relating to or from Asia)  :: azjatycki
Asian {n} (person from Asia)  :: Azjata, Azjatka {f}
as if {conj} (as though)  :: jakby
asinine {adj} (failing to exercise intelligence or judgment)  :: debilny {m}
asinine {adj} (of or relating to a donkey)  :: ośli {m}
as is {adj} ((of an object) in its present state or condition)  :: taki jaki jest
as it happens {adv} (by coincidence)  :: tak się składa [introducing a statement]
ask {v} (make a request)  :: prosić {impf}, poprosić {pf}
ask {v} (request an answer)  :: pytać {impf}, zapytać {pf}
ask out {v} (invite)  :: umówić się, umawiać się
aslant {adj} (slanting) SEE: slanted  ::
asleep {adj} (in a state of sleep)  :: uśpiony
as long as {conj} (while)  :: podczas
asocial {adj} (antisocial) SEE: antisocial  ::
as of {prep} (from a specified time)  :: od
asp {n} (Egyptian cobra) SEE: Egyptian cobra  ::
asp {n} (fish)  :: boleń {m}
asparagine {n} (nonessential amino acid C4H8N2O3)  :: asparagina {f}
asparagus {n} (asparagus plant)  :: szparag {m}
asparagus {n} (asparagus shoots (food))  :: szparag {m}
aspartame {n} (the artificial sweetener)  :: aspartam {m}
aspartic acid {n} (a nonessential amino acid)  :: kwas asparaginowy {m}
aspect {n} (quality of a verb)  :: aspekt {m}
aspect {n} (the way something appears)  :: aspekt {m}
aspen {n} (tree of genus Populus sect. Populus)  :: osika {f}
Asperger's syndrome {n} (autism related developmental disorder)  :: zespół Aspergera {m}
aspergillum {n} (holy water sprinkler)  :: kropidło {n}
asperse {v} (scatter) SEE: scatter  ::
asperse {v} (sprinkle) SEE: sprinkle  ::
as per usual {adv} (as usual) SEE: as usual  ::
asphalt {n} (asphalt concrete)  :: asfalt {m}
asphalt {n} (sticky, black and highly viscous liquid)  :: asfalt {m}
asphalt {v} (to pave with asphalt)  :: asfaltować
asphodel {n} (plant of the genus Asphodelus)  :: złotogłów {m}
aspic {n} (dish)  :: auszpik {m}, galareta {f}
aspirate {adj} (aspirated) SEE: aspirated  ::
asplenia {n} (absence of normal spleen function)  :: asplenia {f}
ass {n} (animal)  :: osioł {m-an}
ass {n} (buttocks)  :: dupa {f}, tyłek {m-in}, dupsko {n}, cztery litery {f-p}, kuper {m-in}, zad {m-in}
ass {n} (stupid person)  :: tuman {m-pr}, osioł {m-an}, idiota {m-pr}
ass {n} (vulgar slang:sex)  :: dupa {f}, dupczenie {n}, pierdolenie, jebanie
assailant {n} (an attacker; someone who attacks another violently, or criminally)  :: napastnik
Assamese {prop} (language)  :: język asamski
assassin {n} (any ruthless killer)  :: zabójca {m}
assassin {n} (member of the historical Ismaili Muslim militant group)  :: asasyn {m}
assassin {n} (one who, motivated by political reasons, intentionally kills a particular person)  :: zamachowiec {m}, skrytobójca {m}
assassin {v} (assassinate) SEE: assassinate  ::
assassinate {n} (assassination) SEE: assassination  ::
assassinate {n} (assassin) SEE: assassin  ::
assault {n} (a violent onset or attack)  :: napaść, szturm {m}
assault rifle {n} (a rifle)  :: karabin automatyczny {m}
ass crack {n} (groove between buttocks) SEE: anal cleft  ::
Asselian {prop}  :: Assel
assemble {v} (to gather as a group)  :: zbierać się, gromadzić się
assemble {v} (to put together)  :: montować
assembler {n} (assembly language) SEE: assembly language  ::
assembler {n} (A tool that reads source code written in assembly language and produces executable machine code)  :: asembler {m}
assembly {n} (congregation of people)  :: zgromadzenie {n}
assembly {n} (legislative body)  :: zgromadzenie {n}
assembly language {n} (programming language)  :: asembler {m}
assertiveness {n} (the quality of being self-assured)  :: asertywność {f}
assessment {n} (appraisal)  :: ocena {f}
assfuck {n} (sodomy) SEE: sodomy  ::
assfucker {n} (buttfucker) SEE: buttfucker  ::
assfucker {n} (jerk) SEE: jerk  ::
asshole {n} (anus)  :: dupa {f}
asshole {n} (mean or rude person)  :: dupek {m}
assignment {n} (operation that assigns a value to a variable)  :: przypisanie {n}
assistant {n} (person who assists)  :: asystent {m}
asskisser {n} (someone who kisses ass) SEE: asslicker  ::
associate {n} (companion; comrade)  :: kolega {m}
associate {n} (person united with another or others in an act, enterprise, or business; a partner or colleague)  :: wspólnik {m}, współpracownik {m}
association {n} (act of associating)  :: współpraca {f}
association {n} (group of persons associated for a common purpose)  :: związek {m}, stowarzyszenie {n}
associative {adj} (algebraic property of an operator)  :: łączny
associative array {n} (An array-like data structure)  :: tablica asocjacyjna {m}
as soon as {conj} (immediately after)  :: gdy tylko
assume {v} (to suppose to be true)  :: przyjąć
assumption {n} (taking of a person up into heaven)  :: wniebowstąpienie
assumption {n} (thing supposed)  :: przypuszczenie
assure {v} (to give someone confidence in the trustworthiness of something)  :: zapewniać {impf}, zapewnić {pf}
assure {v} (to reassure)  :: upewnić {pf}
assured {adj} (confident) SEE: confident  ::
assured {adj} (guaranteed) SEE: guaranteed  ::
asswipe {n} (Something used to wipe one's anus after defecation)  :: srajtaśma {f}
Assyria {prop} (Semitic Akkadian kingdom)  :: Asyria {f}
Assyrian {adj} (of or pertaining to the ancient nation and empire, including the northern half of Mesopotamia)  :: asyryjski
Assyrian {adj} (of or pertaining to the ancient region on the Upper Tigris river)  :: asyryjski
Assyrian {n} (a citizen of an ancient nation and empire, including the northern half of Mesopotamia)  :: Asyryjczyk {m}
Assyrian {n} (a person who resided in the ancient region on the Upper Tigris river)  :: Asyryjczyk {m}
Astana {prop} (Akmola) SEE: Akmola  ::
Astana {prop} (Akmolinsk) SEE: Akmolinsk  ::
Astana {prop} (the capital of Kazakhstan)  :: Astana {f}
astatine {n} (the chemical element)  :: astat {m}
asterisk {n} (symbol used to highlight words or sentences)  :: gwiazdka {f}
asterism {n} (a star-shaped figure exhibited by some crystals)  :: asteryzm {m}
asterism {n} (small group of stars)  :: asteryzm {m}
asterism {n} (typographical symbol)  :: asteryzm {m}
asteroid {n} (astronomy)  :: asteroida {f}, planetoida {f}
asthenosphere {n} (the zone of the Earth's upper mantle, below the lithosphere)  :: astenosfera {f}
asthma {n} (chronic respiratory disease)  :: astma {f}
astomatous {adj} (mouthless) SEE: mouthless  ::
astounding {adj} (that astounds)  :: zdumiewający {m}
astragalus {n} (anklebone) SEE: anklebone  ::
Astrakhan {prop} (city and region in Russia)  :: Astrachań {m}
astringent {adj} (sharp, caustic, severe)  :: surowy
astrolabe {n} (astronomical and navigational instrument)  :: astrolabium {n}
astrologer {n} (one who studies astrology)  :: astrolog {m}
astrological {adj} (pertaining to astrology)  :: astrologiczny
astrologist {n} (astrologer) SEE: astrologer  ::
astrology {n} (star divination)  :: astrologia {f}
astronaut {n} (member of the crew of a spaceship or other spacecraft, or someone trained for that purpose, see also: cosmonaut)  :: astronauta {m}, astronautka {f}, kosmonauta {m}, kosmonautka {f}
astronavigation {n} (navigation by using the positions of the stars) SEE: celestial navigation  ::
astronomer {n} (one who studies astronomy)  :: astronom {m}
astronomic {adj} (incredibly large) SEE: astronomical  ::
astronomic {adj} (pertaining to astronomy) SEE: astronomical  ::
astronomical {adj} (of or relating to astronomy)  :: astronomiczny
astronomical {adj} (very large)  :: astronomiczny
astronomical unit {n} (measure of distance)  :: jednostka astronomiczna
astronomy {n} (study of the physical universe beyond the Earth's atmosphere)  :: astronomia {f}
astrophysicist {n} (one who studies astrophysics)  :: astrofizyk {m} {f}
astrophysics {n} (interdisciplinary branch of astronomy and physics)  :: astrofizyka {f}
Asturian {adj} (of or pertaining to Asturias in Spain)  :: asturyjski
Asturian {adj} (of or pertaining to the Asturian language)  :: asturyjski
Asturias {prop} (autonomous community of Spain)  :: Asturia {f}
asunder {adv} (into separate parts)  :: na kawałki
as usual {adv} (as is usually the case)  :: jak zwykle
as well {adv} (in addition, also)  :: też, także
as well {adv} (to the same effect)  :: równie dobrze
as yet {adv} (up to the present)  :: jak dotąd
asylum {n} (place of safety)  :: azyl {m}
asymmetric {adj} (asymmetrical) SEE: asymmetrical  ::
asymptote {n} (a straight line which a curve approaches arbitrarily closely)  :: asymptota {f}
asymptotic {adj} (pertaining to values or properties approached at infinity)  :: asymptotyczny
asymptotically {adv} ((analysis) in an asymptotical manner, in the way of an asymptote)  :: asymptotycznie
asynchronism {n} (asynchrony) SEE: asynchrony  ::
as you sow, so shall you reap {proverb} (consequences of actions are in proportion to intentions)  :: kto sieje wiatr, zbiera burzę
as you wish {interj} (as you wish)  :: jak uważasz
at {n} (the @ symbol)  :: małpa {f}
at {prep} (indicating time)  :: o, w
at {prep} (in or very near a particular place)  :: u, przy
at {prep} (in the direction of)  :: na, do
at all {prep} (at all)  :: wcale, ani trochę, nic a nic, w ogóle
ataman {n} (title)  :: ataman {m}
at any rate {prep} (in any case)  :: bądź co bądź
atavism {n} (reappearance of an ancestral characteristic)  :: atawizm {m}
atavistic {adj} (biology: of the recurrence of a trait after an absence of generations)  :: atawistyczny
atavistic {adj} (of a throwback)  :: atawistyczny
atavistic {adj} (of the return of earlier, more primitive behavior)  :: atawistyczny
ataxia {n} (lack of coordination)  :: ataksja {f}
at bay {prep} (cornered)  :: zapędzony w kozi róg, trzymany w szachu
at bay {prep} (unable to come closer)  :: trzymany na dystans, trzymany na bezpieczną odległość
at death's door {prep} (about to die)  :: jedną nogą w grobie, na łożu śmierci
atelier {n} (studio)  :: atelier {n}
at first {prep} (initially; at the start)  :: z początku
at first blush {prep} (upon first impression or consideration)  :: na pierwszy rzut oka
at first glance {adv} (after only a superficial examination or review)  :: na pierwszy rzut oka
at first sight {prep} (at first glance) SEE: at first glance  ::
at gunpoint {prep} (under coercion by someone with a firearm)  :: pod lufą karabinu
at hand {prep} (within easy reach; nearby)  :: pod ręką
atheism {n} (rejection of belief that any deities exist (with or without a belief that no deities exist))  :: ateizm {m}
atheist {adj} (relating to atheists) SEE: atheistic  ::
atheist {n} (a person who believes that no deities exist)  :: ateista {m}, ateistka {f}
atheist {n} (a person who rejects belief that any deities exist, whether or not that person believes that deities do not exist)  :: bezwyznaniowiec {m}, niewierzący {m}
Athena {prop} (Greek goddess)  :: Atena {f}
Athens {prop} (capital city of Greece)  :: Ateny {p}
atherosclerosis {n} (clogging or hardening of blood vessels caused by plaques)  :: miażdżyca {f}
athlete {n} (A participant in a group of sporting activities which includes track and field, road running, cross country running and racewalking)  :: lekkoatleta {m}, lekkoatletka {f}
athlete {n} (A person who actively participates in physical sports, possibly highly skilled in sports)  :: sportowiec {m}, sportsmenka {f}
athletic {adj} (having a muscular, well developed body, being in shape)  :: wysportowany {m}
athletic {adj} (having to do with athletes)  :: sportowy {m}
at home {prep} (Comfortable)  :: jak u siebie w domu
at home {prep} (In one's place of residence)  :: w domu
-ation {suffix} (-ation (suffix))  :: -acja
Atlantic {adj} (pertaining to the Atlantic Ocean)  :: atlantycki {m}
Atlantic {prop} (the Atlantic Ocean)  :: Atlantyk {m}, Ocean Atlantycki {m}
Atlantic herring {n} (Clupea harengus)  :: śledź pospolity {m}
Atlantic Ocean {prop} (the ocean lying between the Americas to the west and Europe and Africa to the east)  :: Ocean Atlantycki {m}, Atlantyk {m}
Atlantic tomcod {n} (Microgadus tomcod)  :: tomkod atlantycki
Atlantis {prop} (mythical country said to have sunk into the ocean)  :: Atlantyda {f}
at large {prep} (on the loose)  :: na wolności
atlas {n} ((anatomy) The uppermost vertebra of the neck)  :: dźwigacz {m}
atlas {n} (bound collection of maps)  :: atlas {m}
at least {prep} (anyway)  :: przynajmniej
at least {prep} (at a lower limit)  :: co najmniej, przynajmniej
ATM {initialism} ((banking) Automated Teller Machine)  :: bankomat {m}
ATM {initialism} ((telecommunication, electronics) Asynchronous Transfer Mode)  :: ATM
atmosphere {n} (air in a particular place)  :: atmosfera {f}
atmosphere {n} (gases surrounding the Earth)  :: atmosfera {f}
atmosphere {n} (mood or feeling)  :: atmosfera {f}, nastrój {m-in}
atmospheric {adj} (relating to the atmosphere)  :: atmosferyczny
at no time {prep} (never) SEE: never  ::
atoll {n} (island)  :: atol {m}
atom {n} (physics: smallest possible amount of matter retaining its chemical properties)  :: atom {m}
atomic bomb {n} (nuclear weapon)  :: bomba atomowa {f}
atomic clock {n} (radio clock) SEE: radio clock  ::
atomic clock {n} (reference clock)  :: zegar atomowy {m}
atomic nucleus {n} (nucleus of an atom)  :: jądro atomu {n}
atomic number {n} (number of protons)  :: liczba atomowa {f}
atomic weight {n}  :: masa atomowa {f}
atomism {n} (ancient Greek theory)  :: atomizm
at once {adv} (immediately)  :: zaraz, od razu
atonement {n} (repair done for the sake of a damaged relationship)  :: pokuta {f}
atrium {n} (chamber of the heart)  :: przedsionek {m}
atrocious {adj} (abominable, disgusting)  :: ohydny {m}, okropny
atrocious {adj} (evil, cruel)  :: zbrodniczy, odrażający
atrocity {n} (extremely cruel act)  :: okrucieństwo
atrophy {n} (reduced functionality)  :: atrofia {f}
atropine {n} (alkaloid extracted from the plant deadly nightshade)  :: atropina {f}
at sign {n} (name of the symbol @)  :: małpa {f}
at-sign {n} (at sign) SEE: at sign  ::
at symbol {n} (at sign) SEE: at sign  ::
attachment {n} (dependence, especially a strong one)  :: przywiązanie {n}
attachment {n} (file sent along with an email)  :: załącznik {m}
attack {n} (attempt to cause damage or injury)  :: atak, napad
attack {n} (medicine: sudden onset of a disease)  :: atak {m}, napad {m}
attack {n} (offense of a battle)  :: atak {m}, napad {m}, szturm {m}
attack {v} (to aggressively challenge with words)  :: atakować, napadać
attack {v} (to apply violent force)  :: atakować {impf} {pf}, napadać {impf}, napaść {pf}
attacker {n} (someone who attacks)  :: napastnik {m}
attacking midfielder {n} (midfield player)  :: ofensywny pomocnik {m}
attempt {n} (the action of trying at something)  :: próba {f}, podejście {m}
attempt {v} (to try)  :: próbować {impf}, spróbować {pf}
attend {v} (to be present at)  :: uczęszczać, brać udział
attendance {n} (frequency of one's presence)  :: obecność
attendance {n} (the state of attending)  :: obecność
attendee {n} (a person who is in attendance or in the audience of an event)  :: uczestnik {m}
attendee {n} (a visitor or participant of an event)  :: uczestnik {m}
attention {n} (mental focus)  :: uwaga {f}
attention {n} (romantic interest)  :: atencja {f}, względy
attention {n} (state of alertness in the standing position)  :: baczność {f}
attentively {adv} (in an attentive manner)  :: uważnie
attestation {n} (something which bears witness, confirms or authenticates)  :: świadectwo {n}, zaświadczenie {n}
attestation {n} (such a confirmation or authentication)  :: zaświadczenie {n}
attested {adj} (proven; shown to be true with evidence)  :: poświadczony {m}, zaświadczony {m}
at the end of one's rope {prep} (at the end of one's tether) SEE: at the end of one's tether  ::
at the end of the day {prep} (in summary; ultimately)  :: koniec końców, ostatecznie, w ostatecznym rozrachunku
at the same time {prep} (simultaneously)  :: jednocześnie, w tym samym czasie
attic {n} (space, often unfinished and with sloped walls, directly below the roof)  :: strych {m}, poddasze {n}, attyka {f}, mansarda {f}
Attica {prop} (a periphery)  :: Attyka {f}
at times {prep} (on occasion, sometimes)  :: niekiedy, czasami
attire {n} (one's dress or clothes)  :: strój {m}, ubiór {m}
attitude {n} (disposition or state of mind)  :: nastawienie {n}, stosunek {m}
attitude {n} (position of the body or way of carrying oneself)  :: nastawienie {n}
attometer {n} (attometre) SEE: attometre  ::
attorney general {n} (major government officer)  :: prokurator generalny {m} [chief prosecutor]
attraction {n} (feeling of being attracted)  :: przywiązanie {n}
attraction {n} (something which attracts)  :: atrakcja {f}
attraction {n} (tendency to attract)  :: przyciąganie {n}
attribute {n} (characteristic or quality)  :: atrybut
attribute {v} (to associate ownership or authorship with)  :: przypisać
attributer {n} (one who attributes) SEE: attributor  ::
attributive {n} (a word or phrase that modifies a noun and is part of the noun's noun phrase)  :: przydawka {f}
at your service {prep} (way of introduction)  :: do usług
aubergine {n} (a dark purple colour)  :: ciemnofioletowy,bakłażanowy
aubergine {n} (eggplant) SEE: eggplant  ::
auction {n} (public sales event)  :: aukcja {f}
audacity {n} (insolent boldness)  :: śmiałość {f}
audience {n} (formal meeting with a dignitary)  :: audiencja {f}
audience {n} (group of people seeing a performance)  :: widownia {f}, publika {f}
audiobook {n} (audiobook)  :: książka mówiona {f}, audiobook {m}
audiology {n} (study of hearing and hearing defects)  :: audiologia {f}
audiotape {n} (magnetic tape that stores analog sound)  :: taśma magnetofonowa {f}
auditory {adj} (of or pertaining to hearing)  :: słuchowy
Augeas {prop} (king)  :: Augiasz {m}
augend {n} (A quantity to which another is added)  :: dodajna {f}
auger {n} (carpenter's tool)  :: świder
auger {n} (plumber's snake) SEE: plumber's snake  ::
augite {n} (mineral)  :: augit {m}
augment {n} (grammar: prefix indicating past tense of verb)  :: augment {m}
augmentative {adj} (growing, enlarging, increasing)  :: powiększający {m}
augmentative {n} (a form of word that expresses large size, intensity, or seniority)  :: zgrubienie {n}
Augsburg {prop} (city in southern Germany)  :: Augsburg {f}
augur {n} (diviner who foretells events by unusual occurrences)  :: wróżbita
augur {v} (to foretell events; to exhibit signs of future events)  :: wróżyć, przepowiadać, zapowiadać
August {prop} (eighth month of the Gregorian calendar)  :: sierpień {m}
August {prop} (female given name) SEE: Augusta  ::
August {prop} (male given name) SEE: Augustus  ::
Augustine {prop} (male given name)  :: Augustyn {m}
Aukštaitija {prop} (Aukštaitija)  :: Auksztota
aulete {n} (flautist) SEE: flautist  ::
aunt {n} (a parent’s sister or sister-in-law)  :: ciotka {f}, ciocia {f}, wujenka {f} (wife of mother's brother), stryjenka {f} (wife of father's brother)
aunt {n}  :: ciocia {f}
aunt {n} (grandmother) SEE: auntie or grandmother  ::
aunt {n} (great-aunt or grandaunt) SEE: great-aunt or grandaunt  ::
auntie {n} (Diminutive of aunt)  :: ciocia {f}
au pair {n} (a single girl or boy staying as a guest with a host family)  :: au pair
aura {n} (An invisible force surrounding a living creature.)  :: aura {f}
aura {n} (The distinctive atmosphere or quality associated with someone or something)  :: aura {f}, atmosfera {f}
auricle {n} (an ear-shaped appendage of the left or right atrium of the heart)  :: uszko {n}
auricle {n} (outer ear) SEE: pinna  ::
auricle {n} (smaller of the two types of heart chamber) SEE: atrium  ::
Auriga {prop} (constellation)  :: Woźnica {f}
aurochs {n} (Bos primigenius)  :: tur
aurochs {n} (European bison) SEE: European bison  ::
aurora {n} (an atmospheric phenomenon)  :: zorza polarna {f}
aurora australis {n} (southern lights) SEE: southern lights  ::
aurora borealis {n} (aurora of the northern hemisphere) SEE: northern lights  ::
Auschwitz {prop} (city in Poland)  :: Oświęcim {m}
auster {n} (auster(wind)) SEE: ostro  ::
austerity {n}  :: niedostatek, prostota, surowość
austerity {n} (severity of manners or life)  :: surowość
austral {adj} (Of, relating to, or coming from the south)  :: południowy
Australasia {prop} (Australasia (all uses))  :: Australazja {f}
Australia {prop} (Commonwealth of Australia)  :: Australia {f}
Australia {prop} (continent of Australia)  :: Australia {f}
Australian {adj} (of or pertaining to Australia, the Australian people or languages)  :: australijski {m}
Australian {n} (a person from the country of Australia or of Australian descent)  :: Australijczyk {m}, Australijka {f}
Australian Sign Language {prop} (Auslan) SEE: Auslan  ::
Australian white ibis {n} (species of wading bird)  :: ibis czarnopióry
Austria {prop} (country in Central Europe)  :: Austria {f}
Austria-Hungary {prop} (former country in Central Europe)  :: Austro-Węgry {p}
Austrian {adj} (related to Austria)  :: austriacki
Austrian {n} (Austrian person)  :: Austriak {m}, Austriaczka {f}
Austro-Hungarian {adj} (of or pertaining to the monarchy composed of Austria and Hungary)  :: austrowęgierski {m}, austro-węgierski {m}
autarchy {n} (autocratic government) SEE: autocracy  ::
authentically {adv} (in an authentic manner)  :: autentycznie
authentication {n} (proof of the identity of a user logging on to some network)  :: uwierzytelnianie {n}
author {n} (originator or creator of a work)  :: autor {m}, autorka {f}
author {n} (writer) SEE: writer  ::
authoritarianism {n} (authoritarian form of government)  :: autorytaryzm
authority {n} (person accepted as a source of reliable information on a subject)  :: autorytet {m}
authority {n} (persons in command; specifically, government)  :: władza {f}
authority {n} (power to enforce rules or give orders)  :: autorytet {m}
authorization {n} (act of authorizing)  :: upoważnienie {n}, autoryzacja {f} [in computing]
authorization {n} (formal sanction, permission or warrant)  :: upoważnienie {n}, umocowanie {n}
autism {n} (neurological disorder)  :: autyzm {m}
autistic {adj} (having or pertaining to autism)  :: autystyczny {m}
autobiographic {adj} (autobiographical) SEE: autobiographical  ::
autobiographical {adj} (of or relating to person's life)  :: autobiograficzny
autobiography {n} (biography of oneself)  :: autobiografia {f}
autoblock {n} (rappelling and ascending technique)  :: bloker
autochthonous {adj} (native to the place where found)  :: autochtoniczny {m}
autoclave {n} (sterilized heating vessel)  :: autoklaw {m}
autocracy {n} (form of government)  :: autokracja {f}
autodidact {n} (a self-taught person)  :: samouk {m}
autofellatio {n} (Oral stimulation of one's own penis)  :: autofellatio {n}
autological {adj} (of a phrase, describing itself)  :: autologiczny {m}
automagical {adj} (automatic, but with an apparent element of magic)  :: automagiczny {m}
automate {v} (to replace or enhance human labor with machines)  :: automatyzować
automated teller machine {n} (banking)  :: bankomat {m}
automatic {adj} (acting without conscious thought)  :: odruchowy
automatic {adj} (capable of operating without external control)  :: [1,3] automatyczny, [1] samoczynny
automatic {adj} (describing a firearm which fires continuously)  :: automatyczny
automatic teller machine {n} (automated teller machine) SEE: automated teller machine  ::
automation {n} (converting the controlling of a machine to an automatic system)  :: automatyzacja
automatism {n} (acting automatically)  :: automatyzm {m}
automatize {v} (automate) SEE: automate  ::
automobile {n} (passenger vehicle)  :: samochód, auto {n}
automorphic number {n} (number whose square ends in itself)  :: liczba automorficzna
automotive {adj} (of, or relating to motor vehicles)  :: motoryzacyjny
autonomy {n} (self-government)  :: autonomia {f}
autopsy {n} (a dissection performed on a cadaver)  :: sekcja zwłok {f}
autoteller {n} (automated teller machine) SEE: automated teller machine  ::
autumn {adj} (of or relating to autumn)  :: jesienny
autumn {n} (season)  :: jesień {f}
autumnal {adj} (of or relating to autumn)  :: jesienny {m}
autumnal equinox {n} (moment)  :: równonoc jesienna {f}
autumnal equinox {n} (point)  :: równonoc jesienna {f}
autumn equinox {n} (autumnal equinox) SEE: autumnal equinox  ::
auxiliary {adj} (held in reserve for exceptional circumstances)  :: rezerwowy {m}, rezerwowa {f}, rezerwowe {n}
auxiliary {adj} (helping; giving assistance or support)  :: pomocniczy {m}, pomocnicza {f}, pomocnicze {n}
auxiliary {adj} (relating to an auxiliary verb)  :: posiłkowy {m}, posiłkowa {f}, posiłkowe {n}
auxiliary {n} (auxiliary verb) SEE: auxiliary verb  ::
auxiliary language {n} (international auxiliary language) SEE: international auxiliary language  ::
auxiliary language {n} (liturgical language) SEE: liturgical language  ::
auxiliary language {n} (minority language) SEE: minority language  ::
auxiliary verb {n} (a helping verb)  :: czasownik posiłkowy {m-in}
available {adj} (capable of being used)  :: wolny
available {adj} (readily obtainable)  :: dostępny
avalanche {n} (large sliding mass of snow and ice)  :: lawina {f}
avant-garde {adj} (innovative, pioneering, especially when extremely or obviously so)  :: awangardowy {m}
avant-garde {n} (group of people promoting new concepts)  :: awangarda {f}
avant-garde {n} ((obsolete) the vanguard of an army or other force)  :: awangarda {f}
avantgardistic {adj} (innovative, pioneering) SEE: avant-garde  ::
Avar {adj} (of or pertaining to the Avar language or people)  :: awarski {m}
Avar {n} (person)  :: Awar {m}, Awarka {f}
Avar {prop} (language)  :: awarski {m}
avarice {n} (excessive or inordinate desire of gain)  :: chciwość {f}
avarice {n} (inordinate desire for some supposed good)  :: chciwość {f}
avaricious {adj} (actuated by avarice)  :: skąpy {m}, chciwy {m}
avenge {v} (to take vengeance for)  :: mścić się {impf}, zemścić się {pf}
avenge {v} (to treat revengefully)  :: zemścić się
avenger {n} (one who avenges or vindicates; as, an avenger of blood)  :: mściciel {m}, mścicielka {f}
Aventine {prop} (Aventine Hill) SEE: Aventine Hill  ::
avenue {n} (broad street)  :: aleja
avenue {n} (principal approach to a house withdrawn from the road)  :: podjazd {m}
average {adj} (constituting or relating to the average)  :: średni {m}
average {adj} (neither very good nor very bad)  :: przeciętny {m}
average {adj} (typical)  :: przeciętny {m}
average {n} (arithmetic mean)  :: średnia
Avernus {prop} (underworld) SEE: underworld  ::
Avestan {adj} (of or pertaining to Avesta)  :: awestyjski {m}
Avestan {prop} (Old Iranian language)  :: awestyjski {m}
avian flu {n} (avian influenza) SEE: avian influenza  ::
Avignon {prop} (city in Provence)  :: Awinion {m}
aviphile {n} (bird-lover) SEE: ornithophile  ::
avocado {n} (fruit)  :: awokado {n}
avocado {n} (tree)  :: awokado {n}
avoid {v} (to keep away from)  :: unikać , uniknąć {pf}
avoid like the plague {v}  :: bać się jak diabeł święconej wody
Avraham {prop} (given name) SEE: Abraham  ::
avuncular {adj} (in the manner of an uncle)  :: dobroduszny {m}, ojcowski {m}
await {v} (transitive: to be in store for)  :: czekać, oczekiwać
await {v} (transitive: to expect)  :: oczekiwać
await {v} (transitive: to wait for)  :: czekać {impf}, oczekiwać {impf}
awake {adj} (conscious)  :: czujny, przebudzony
awake {v} (to gain consciousness)  :: obudzić się
awakening {n} (the act of awaking)  :: budzenie {n}, budzenie się {n}
award {n} (trophy or medal)  :: nagroda {f}, odznaczenie {n}
award {v} (give an award/prize for merit)  :: nagradzać {impf}, nagrodzić {pf}
aware {adj} (having knowledge of something)  :: świadom {m}, świadomy {m}
awareness {n} (the state of consciousness)  :: świadomość {f}
awareness {n} (the state or quality of being aware of something)  :: świadomość {f}
away {adj} (not here; gone)  :: daleko, z dala, nieobecny(person)
away {adj} (traveling; on vacation)  :: na wyjeździe
away {adj} (unavailable)  :: niedostępny
away {adv} (from a place; hence)  :: stąd, precz
away side {n} (away side) SEE: visiting team  ::
away team {n} (visiting team) SEE: visiting team  ::
awe {n} (feeling of amazement)  :: zachwyt {m}
awe {n} (feeling of fear and reverence)  :: groza {f}, trwoga {f}
awesome {adj} (excellent, exciting)  :: super, (vulgar) zajebisty {m}
awestricken {adj} (awestruck) SEE: awestruck  ::
awful {adj} (terror-stricken) SEE: terrorstricken  ::
awfully {adv} (badly) SEE: badly  ::
awfully {adv} (fearfully) SEE: fearfully  ::
awfully {adv} (reverently) SEE: reverently  ::
awfully {adv} (very) SEE: very (adverb)  ::
awkward {adj} (not easily managed or effected; embarrassing)  :: nieprzyjemny {m}
awkward {adj} (perverse; adverse; untoward)  :: nieśmiały
awl {n} (a pointed instrument)  :: szydło {n}
awning {n} (a rooflike cover)  :: markiza {f}
awry {adj} (turned or twisted toward one side)  :: krzywy
awry {adj} (wrong or distorted; perverse, amiss)  :: niewłaściwy
awry {adv} (obliquely, crookedly; askew)  :: krzywo, ukośnie
awry {adv} (perversely, improperly)  :: niewłaściwie, opacznie
axe {n} (tool)  :: siekiera {f}
axe {n} (weapon)  :: topór {m}
axial {adj} (belonging to the axis of the body)  :: osiowy {m}
axial {adj} (of or pertaining to an axis)  :: osiowy {m}
axial plane {n} (transverse plane) SEE: transverse plane  ::
axiom {n} (established principle in art or science)  :: pewnik {m}
axiom {n} (mathematics: fundamental assumption)  :: aksjomat {m}, pewnik {m}
axiom {n} (philosophy: supposed self‐evident or necessary truth)  :: aksjomat {m}, pewnik {m}
axiom of choice {n} (axiom of choice)  :: aksjomat wyboru {m}, pewnik wyboru {m}
axis {n} (basis of space or part of graph)  :: {f}
axis {n} (geometry: imaginary line)  :: {f}
Axis {prop} (Axis Powers) SEE: Axis Powers  ::
axis of evil {n} (states sponsoring terrorism and seeking weapons of mass destruction)  :: oś zła {f}
axle {n} (an axis)  :: {f}
axle {n} (the pin or spindle on which a wheel revolves, or which revolves with a wheel)  :: {f}
axon {n} (a nerve fibre)  :: akson {m}
ayatollah {n} (a religious leader)  :: Ajatollah {m}
aye-aye {n} (nocturnal quadruped)  :: palczakowate
Ayers Rock {prop} (giant rock in Australia)  :: Uluru
azalea {n} (plant)  :: azalia {f}
Azerbaijan {prop} (country in Eastern Europe)  :: Azerbejdżan {m-in}
Azerbaijani {prop} (language of Azerbaijan) SEE: Azeri  ::
Azerbaijani Turkic {prop} (Azeri) SEE: Azeri  ::
Azerbaijan SSR {prop} (Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic)  :: Azerbejdżańska SRR
Azeri {prop} (Azeri language)  :: azerski {m}
Azeri Turkic {prop} (Azeri) SEE: Azeri  ::
azimuth {n} (an arc of the horizon)  :: azymut {m}
Azores {prop} (an archipelago and an autonomous region)  :: Azory {p}
Azrael {prop} (angel of death)  :: Azrael {m}
azure {adj} (heraldry: of blue colour on a coat of arms)  :: błękitny
azure {n} (colour of the sky)  :: lazur {m-in}, błękit {m-in}
azure {n} (lapis lazuli) SEE: lapis lazuli  ::
azure {n} (the blue sky)  :: lazur {m-in}, błękit {m-in}
azurite {n} (blue, vitreous mineral)  :: azuryt {m}
Åland {prop} (Åland) SEE: Aland  ::