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œcumenic {adj} (ecumenical) SEE: ecumenical ::
Öland {prop} (island) :: Öölanti
o {n} /oʊ/ (name of the letter O, o) :: oo
O {particle} /əʊ/ (a vocative particle) :: oi
oak {n} /oʊk/ (tree or shrub of the genus Quercus) :: tammi
oak {n} (wood) :: tammi
oaken {adj} /əʊk.ən/ (made from the wood of an oak) :: tamminen, tammipuinen
oaktag {n} (flexible material) :: kartonki
oaktag {n} (sheet of that material) :: kartonki
oak tree {n} (tree or shrub of the genus Quercus) SEE: oak ::
oakum {n} (fibrous caulking material) :: rive
oakwood {n} (wood populated with oaks) :: tammimetsä
oar {n} /ɔɹ/ (implement used to row a boat) :: airo
oar {v} (row) SEE: row ::
oar blade {n} (flanged portion of an oar) :: aironlapa
oarfish {n} (fish of the family Regalecidae) :: airokala
oarlock {n} (device to hold oars in place) :: hankain
oarsman {n} (man who rows a boat) :: soutaja
oasis {n} /oʊˈeɪsɪs/ (well surrounded by fertile region) :: keidas
oasis {n} (quiet or peaceful place) :: keidas
oast {n} (a kiln for drying tobacco, malt and especially hops) :: kuivuri, kuivausuuni
oat {n} /əʊt/ (a widely cultivated cereal grass) :: kaura
oat {n} (seeds of the oat) SEE: oats ::
oath {n} (curse) SEE: curse ::
oath {n} /ˈoʊθ/ (solemn pledge) :: vala
oath {n} (affirmed statement) :: lupaus
oath {n} (profanity) :: kirosana
oatmeal {n} (meal) :: kaurapuuro
oatmeal {n} (breakfast cereal, see also: porridge) :: kaurapuuro
oatmeal {n} (colour) :: kaurapuuronharmaa
oatmeal {adj} (colour) :: kaurapuuronharmaa
oat milk {n} (milky liquid from oats) :: kauramaito
oats {n} (seeds of an oat plant) :: kaura [as food], kauransiemen [for sowing]
Ob {prop} (Ob River) :: Ob
Obadiah {prop} /ˌoʊbəˈdaɪə/ (book of the Old Testament) :: Obadja
Obama {prop} /oʊˈbɑ.mə/ (surname) :: Obama
obcordate {adj} (botany: of a reversed cordate shape) :: vastaherttamainen
obeah doctor {n} (one who practices voodoo) :: voodoo-tohtori
obedience {n} /ə(ʊ)ˈbiːdɪəns/ (quality of being obedient) :: kuuliaisuus
obedient {adj} (willing to comply with commands) :: kuuliainen, tottelevainen
obelisk {n} (A tall, square, tapered, stone monolith topped with a pyramidal point) :: obeliski
obese {adj} /oʊˈbis/ (extremely overweight) :: liikalihava, obeesi
obesity {n} (act or state of being obese) :: liikalihavuus, ylipaino
obey {v} /oʊˈbeɪ/ (to do as ordered by) :: totella, noudattaa
obey {v} (to do as one is told) :: totella
obfuscate {v} /ˈɑːbfʌskeɪt/ (make dark) :: varjostaa, pimentää
obfuscate {v} (make confusing) :: peittää
obituary {n} /əˈbɪtjʊəɹɪ/ (brief notice of a person's death, as published in a newspaper) :: kuolinilmoitus
obituary {n} (biography of a recently deceased person) :: muistokirjoitus
object {n} /ˈɑb.d͡ʒɛkt/ (thing) :: esine, objekti
object {n} (in grammar) :: objekti
object {n} (person or thing to which an emotion is directed) :: kohde
object {n} (in object-oriented programming) :: olio
object {v} (disagree with something or someone) :: vastustaa, väittää vastaan
object-based {adj} (using entities called objects) :: oliopohjainen
object-based programming {n} (programming paradigm that uses objects to design application and computer programs) :: olio-ohjelmointi
object code {n} (output of a compiler or assembler) :: objektikoodi
objection {n} /əbˈdʒɛkʃən/ (statement expressing opposition) :: vastaväite
objection {n} (official protest raised in a court of law) :: vastalause
objective {adj} /əbˈd͡ʒɛk.tɪv/ (relating to a material object) :: materiaalinen, esineellinen
objective {adj} (not influenced by emotions) :: objektiivinen, hyväksytty, puolueeton
objective {adj} (based on observed fact) :: objektiivinen, totuudenmukainen
objective {adj} (grammar) :: objektiivinen
objective {n} (material object) :: esine
objective {n} (goal) :: tavoite, päämäärä
objective {n} ((grammar) the objective case) :: objektiivi
objective {n} (lens) :: objektiivi
objectivism {n} (doctrine that holds that reality is objective) :: objektivismi
objectivism {n} (moral objectivism) SEE: moral objectivism ::
object language {n} (lexicography: language of headwords) :: kohdekieli
object lesson {n} (lesson taught using an object as a focus) :: havainto-opetus
object lesson {n} (example from real life) :: käytännön esimerkki
object lesson {n} (anything used as an example which serves to warn others) :: havainto-opetus
object-oriented {adj} /ˈɒbdʒɛkt ɔɹɪəntɪd/ (using entities called objects) :: olioperustainen, oliokeskeinen
object-oriented programming {n} (programming paradigm that uses objects to design application and computer programs) :: olio-ohjelmointi
objet d'art {n} /ˌɒbʒeɪ ˈdɑː(ɹ)/ (work of art) :: taide-esine
objet d'art {n} (artwork exhibited) :: taide-esine
objurgate {v} (To rebuke or scold strongly) :: tuomita
oblast {n} /ˈɒbləst/ (region or province) :: oblasti, alue
obligate {v} /ˈɑblɪɡeɪt/ (to bind, compel, or constrain by a social, legal, or moral tie) :: velvoittaa
obligate {adj} (Absolutely indispensable; essential) :: obligaatti, välttämätön
obligation {n} /ɑb.ləˈɡeɪ.ʃən/ (act of binding oneself by a social, legal, or moral tie to someone) :: sitoutuminen
obligation {n} (social, legal, or moral requirement) :: velvollisuus
obligation {n} (course of action imposed by society, law, or conscience) :: velvollisuus
obligation {n} (legal agreement) :: sitoumus
obligatory {adj} /əˈblɪɡətɔɹi/ (binding) :: velvoittava, sitova
obligatory {adj} :: pakollinen, välttämätön
obliged {adj} /əˈblaɪdʒd/ (Under an obligation to do something for someone) :: velvollinen
obliged {adj} (Indebted because of a favor done) :: kiitollinen
obligor {n} (party bearing obligation) :: velvollinen, velvoitettu
oblique {adj} /əˈbliːk/ (not erect or perpendicular) :: vino
oblique {adj} (not straightforward; indirect; obscure; hence, disingenuous; underhand; perverse; sinister) :: epäsuora, kiero, hämäräperäinen
oblique angle {n} (any angle that is not a right angle or multiple of right angles) :: vino kulma
oblique case {n} (any noun case except the nominative (and vocative)) :: obliikvisija
obliquity {n} /əˈblɪkwɪɾi/ (quality of being oblique) :: vinous
obliquity {n} ((astronomy) axial tilt) :: akselin kaltevuus
obliquity {n} (mental or moral deviation) :: pahe, kieroutuneisuus
obliterate {v} /əbˈlɪtəɹeɪt/ (to remove completely, leaving no trace; to wipe out; to destroy) :: tuhota, hävittää
obliteration {n} (The total destruction of something) :: hävittäminen, tuhoaminen
obliteration {n} (The cancellation, erasure or deletion of something) :: tuhoaminen
oblivion {n} /əˈblɪvɪən/ (state of forgetfulness or distraction) :: hajamielisyys, unohtelu
oblivion {n} (state of being completely forgotten) :: unhola, unohdus, unho
oblivion {n} (state of permanent unconsciousness after death) :: olemattomuus
oblivion {n} (a state of nothingness) :: olemattomuus
oblivion {n} (figuratively: wasteland; a supernatural realm of waste, like hell) :: kadotus
oblivious {adj} /əˈblɪvi.əs/ (unaware) :: tietämätön, välinpitämätön
oblivious {adj} (failing to remember) :: unohtavainen, muistamaton
obmutescence {n} (refusal to speak) :: puhumattomuus, vaikeneminen
obmutescent {adj} (refusing to speak) :: puhumaton
obnoxious {adj} /əbˈnɑkʃəs/ (offensive, very annoying) :: sietämätön, vastenmielinen, inhottava, ärsyttävä
obnubilation {n} /ɒbnjuːbɪˈleɪʃən/ (action of darkening or fact of being darkened) :: pimentäminen
obnubilation {n} (medicine: obscuration or clouding of the mind or faculties) :: obskuraatio
obnubilation {n} (veiling with or concealment in clouds) :: pilviverho
oboe {n} /ˈoʊboʊ/ (wind instrument) :: oboe
oboe d'amore {n} /ˌoʊboʊ dɑˈmɔɹeɪ/ (instrument of the oboe family) :: oboe d'amore, lemmenoboe
oboist {n} (performer on the oboe) :: oboisti
obolus {n} (silver coin) :: oboli
obscene {adj} /əbˈsin/ (offensive to current standards of decency or morality) :: säädytön, siveetön, rivo
obscene {adj} (lewd or lustful) :: himokas, rietas
obscene {adj} (disgusting or repulsive) :: kuvottava
obscene {adj} (beyond all reason) :: hillitön
obscene {adj} (liable to deprave or corrupt) :: moraaliton, heikkoluonteinen
obscurantism {n} (state of opposition to progress) :: obskurantismi
obscurantism {n} (deliberate obscurity or vagueness) :: epämääräisyys, kiertely
obscure {adj} /əbˈskjʊɚ/ (dark, faint or indistinct) :: hämärä
obscure {adj} (hidden, out of sight or inconspicuous) :: huomaamaton, piiloutunut
obscure {adj} (difficult to understand) :: hämärä, vaikeaselkoinen
obscure {v} (to darken, make faint) :: hämärtää
obscure {v} (to hide, put out of sight) :: piilottaa
obsequious {adj} /əbˈsiːkwi.əs/ (fawning, subservient) :: nöyristelevä, mielistelevä
observable {adj} (able to be observed) :: havaittavissa oleva, havaittava
observable {adj} (deserving to be observed) :: huomionarvoinen
observant {adj} /əbˈzɝvənt/ (Alert and paying close attention) :: tarkkaavainen
observation {n} /ˌɒbzəˈveɪʃən/ (act of observing or being observed) :: havainnointi, havaitseminen [observing]; havaituksi tuleminen [being observed]
observation {n} (recording an event; the record of such noting) :: havainto
observation {n} (remark or comment) :: huomio, huomautus, kommentti
observation {n} (judgement) :: päätelmä, päätös
observation car {n} (type of railway car) :: maisemavaunu
observation deck {n} (area of a tall building) :: näköalatasanne
observation post {n} (lookout) :: tarkkailupiste, näköalapaikka
observation wheel {n} (Ferris wheel) SEE: Ferris wheel ::
observatory {n} /əbˈzəɹvətɔɹi/ (place where celestial bodies or natural phenomena are observed) :: observatorio, havaintoasema; tähtitorni [celestial phenomena]; sääasema [weather]
observatory {n} (lookout) SEE: lookout ::
observe {v} /əbˈzɝv/ (to notice, to watch) :: havainnoida, observoida
observe {v} (to follow) :: noudattaa
observe {v} (to observe) SEE: notice ::
observer {n} /əbˈzɝvɚ/ (one who makes observations, monitors or takes notice) :: tarkkailija, havainnoija
observer {n} (one who adheres or follows laws, guidelines, etc.) :: noudattaja
observer {n} (person sent to monitor but not to participate) :: tarkkailija
observer {n} (entity with limited participation rights) :: tarkkailija
observer {n} (aircraft crew member) :: tähystäjä
observer {n} (one manning an observation post) :: tähystäjä
obsess {v} (to be preoccupied with a single topic or emotion) :: olla koukussa
obsess {v} (to dominate the thoughts of someone) :: hallita, pitää vallassaan
obsess {v} (to think or talk obsessively about) :: [to talk] vaahdota, saarnata
obsessed {adj} /əbˈsɛst/ (fixated on a single topic or emotion) :: pakkomielteinen
obsession {n} /əbˈsɛʃən/ (compulsive or irrational preoccupation) :: pakkomielle
obsession {n} (unhealthy fixation) :: riippuvuus, pakkomielle
obsessive {adj} /əbˈsɛsɪv/ (having one thought or pursuing one activity to the absolute or nearly absolute exclusion of all others) :: pakkomielteinen
obsessive-compulsive disorder {n} (form of anxiety) :: pakko-oireinen häiriö
obsidian {n} /ˌɑbˈsɪdi.ən/ (a type of black glass produced by volcanoes) :: obsidiaani, laavalasi
obsidional {adj} /əbˈsɪdɪənəl/ (pertaining to a siege) :: piiritys-
obsolescence {n} /ˌɑb.səˈlɛ.səns/ (state) :: vanhentuneisuus
obsolescence {n} (process) :: vanheneminen, vanhentuminen
obsolescent {adj} /ɑbsəˈlɛsənt/ (in the process of becoming obsolete, but not obsolete yet) :: vanhentuva
obsolete {adj} /ɑbsəˈliːt/ (no longer in use) :: vanhentunut
obstacle {n} /ˈɒbstəkl/ (something that impedes, stands in the way of, or holds up progress) :: este
obstetrician {n} /ˌɒbstəˈtɹɪʃən/ (a physician who specializes in childbirth) :: synnytyslääkäri
obstetrics {n} (care of women during and after pregnancy) :: synnytysoppi, obstetriikka
obstinacy {n} /ˈɑbstɪnəsi/ (state of stubbornness) :: itsepäisyys, itsepintaisuus
obstinate {adj} /ˈɑb.stə.nət/ (adhering to an opinion, purpose, or course, usually unreasonably) :: jääräpäinen, (colloquial) jästipäinen
obstinate {adj} (inanimate) :: sitkeä
obstruct {v} /əbˈstɹʌkt/ (To block or fill (a passage)) :: tukkia
obstruct {v} (To impede, retard, or interfere with) :: estää
obstruct {v} (To get in the way of so as to hide from sight) :: peittää
obstruction {n} /əbˈstɹʌk.ʃən/ (the act of obstructing) :: estäminen
obstruction {n} (that which obstructs or impedes) :: este, tukkeuma
obtain {v} /əbˈteɪn/ (to get hold of, acquire) :: hankkia
obtain {v} (to hold, possess) :: pitää hallussaan
obtain {v} (to be the case, hold true) :: olla, olla olemassa
obtainable {adj} (capable of being obtained) :: saatavilla oleva
obtrude {v} /əbˈtɹuːd/ (transitive) :: tyrkyttää, tuputtaa [proffer by force]; pakottaa [impose on]; tunkea [impose into]
obtrude {v} (intransitive) :: tunkeutua, tungetella
obtrude {v} (reflexive) :: tyrkyttäytyä, tungetella
obtund {v} /əbˈtənd/ (to dull) :: hillitä, rajoittaa
obtuse {adj} /əbˈtjuːs/ (intellectually dull) :: tylsä, hidasjärkinen, hidasälyinen
obtuse {adj} (deadened, muffled, muted) :: vaimea, vaimennettu
obtuse {adj} (of an angle) :: tylppä
obtuse {adj} (botany, zoology: blunt) :: tylppä
obtuse {adj} (of a triangle) SEE: obtuse-angled ::
obtuse angle {n} (angle that is greater than 90 degrees and less than 180 degrees) :: tylppä kulma
obtuse-angled {adj} (of a triangle) :: tylppäkulmainen
obtuse-angled triangle {n} (obtuse triangle) SEE: obtuse triangle ::
obtuse triangle {n} (triangle with an obtuse angle) :: tylppäkulmainen kolmio
obviate {v} /ˈɑbviˌeɪt/ (to bypass a requirement) :: välttää
obvious {adj} /ˈɑ(b).vi.əs/ (easily discovered or understood; self-explanatory) :: ilmeinen, ilmiselvä, itsestäänselvä
obviously {adv} /ˈɑ(b).vi.ə (in an obvious manner; clearly apparent) :: ilmeisesti, selvästi, silminnähden
ocarina {n} /ɑkəˈɹinə/ (a musical instrument) :: okariina
ocarinist {n} (player of ocarina) :: okariinansoittaja
Occam's razor {prop} (both principles) :: Occamin partaveitsi
occasion {n} /əˈkeɪʒən/ (favorable opportunity) :: tilaisuus, mahdollisuus
occasion {n} (time when something happens) :: tilaisuus
occasion {n} (occurrence which brings with it some unlooked-for event; motive, reason) :: syy, aihe
occasion {n} (something which causes something else) :: syy
occasion {n} (particular happening) :: [event] tapaus, [cause, reason] syy, [time] kerta, tapaus
occasion {n} (need) :: tarve
occasion {n} (special event or function) :: tapahtuma, tapaus, tilaisuus
occasion {n} (reason or excuse; a motive; a persuasion) :: tarkoitus, tarkoitusperä
occasion {v} (give occasion to) :: aiheuttaa, saada aikaan
occasion {n} (occurrence or incident) SEE: occurrence ::
occasional {adj} /əˈkeɪʒənəl/ (limited to certain occasions; not very often) :: satunnainen
occasionally {adv} /əˈkeɪʒənəli/ (from time to time; now and then; once in a while; at infrequent intervals) :: joskus, välillä, välistä, toisinaan
occidental {adj} /ˌɒk.səˈdɛn.təl/ (of the occident:) :: länsimainen
occipital bone {n} (bone at the back of the skull) :: takaraivonluu
occipital lobe {n} /ˌɑkˈsɪpɪtəl ˌloʊb/ (division of cerebrum) :: takaraivolohko, oksipitaalilohko
Occitan {prop} /ˈɑksəˌtæn/ (the Romance language) :: oksitaani
occluded front {n} (cold front that overtakes a warm front) :: okluusiorintama, okkluusiorintama
occlusive {n} (plosive) SEE: plosive ::
occult {v} /əˈkʌlt/ (to cover) :: pimentää
occult {adj} (secret; hidden from general knowledge; undetected) :: piilevä, salainen
occult {adj} (related to the occult) :: yliluonnollinen, salattu
occult {adj} (esoteric) :: esoteerinen
occult {n} (supernatural affairs) :: yliluonnollinen
occultation {n} /ˌɒkəlˈteɪʃ(ə)n/ (astronomical event) :: okkultaatio, [of a star] tähdenpeitto
occultism {n} (study of the supernatural) :: salatiede, okkultismi, rajatieto
occultism {n} (belief in occult powers) :: salatiede, okkultismi
occultistic {adj} :: okkultistinen
occupant {n} /ˈɒk.jʊ.pənt/ (person who occupies an office or a position) :: haltija
occupant {n} (person sitting in a vehicle) :: matkustaja [passenger]; kuljettaja [driver]
occupant {n} (owner or tenant) :: asukas, haltija
occupation {n} /ɑkjʊˈpeɪʃən/ (activity or task with which one occupies oneself) :: ammatti, työ, ajanviete
occupation {n} (act, process or state of possessing a place) :: omistus
occupation {n} (control of a country or region by a hostile army) :: miehitys
occupational {adj} (of, relating to, or caused by an occupation) :: ammatillinen, ammatti-
occupational disease {n} (ailment that occurs as a result of work) :: työperäinen sairaus, ammattitauti
occupational health and safety {n} (activity to promote health and safety in workplace) :: työsuojelu
occupational safety and health {n} (activity to promote safety in workplace) :: työsuojelu
occupational therapist {n} (therapist) :: työterapeutti
occupational therapy {n} (therapeutic practice) :: työterapia
occupied {adj} /ˈɑkjəpaɪd/ (reserved) :: varattu
occupy {v} (to occupy) SEE: consume ::
occupy {v} /ˈɑkjəpaɪ/ (time or space) :: varata
occupy {v} (have (taken) control of) :: vallata, miehittää
occur {v} /əˈkɝ/ (take place) :: tapahtua
occur {v} (present itself) :: tarjoutua [present itself], sattua, tapahtua [to happen]
occur {v} (meet or come to the mind) :: juolahtaa mieleen, tulla mieleen
occur {v} (be present or found) :: esiintyä
occurrence {n} /əˈkɝəns/ (actual instance where a situation arises) :: sattuma, tapahtuma, tapaus
ocean {n} /ˈoʊ.ʃən/ (one of the large bodies of water) :: valtameri
ocean current {n} (movement of water) :: merivirta
oceangoing {adj} (oceangoing) SEE: ocean-going ::
ocean-going {adj} (capable of sailing on the ocean) :: valtamerikelpoinen, valtameri-
Oceania {prop} /ˌəʊ.ʃiˈɑː.nɪə/ (geographical region) :: Oseania
oceanic trench {n} (depression of the sea floor) :: syvänmeren hauta
oceanic whitetip shark {n} (Carcharhinus longimanus) :: valkopilkkahai
oceanography {n} /ˌoʊʃəˈnɑɡɹəfi/ (oceanic exploration and study) :: meritiede, oseanografia
oceanologist {n} (one who studies oceans) :: oseanologi
oceanology {n} (oceanography) SEE: oceanography ::
ocean quahog {n} (Arctica islandica) :: islanninsimpukka
ocean sunfish {n} (Mola mola) :: möhkäkala
ocellus {n} (simple eyes consisting of a single lens) :: pistesilmä
ocelot {n} /ˈɑːsəlɑːt/ (feline carnivore) :: oselotti
ochlocracy {n} /ɒkˈlɒkɹəsi/ (government by the masses) :: alhaisovalta
ochre {n} /ˈoʊkɚ/ (earth pigment) :: keltamulta, okra
ochre {n} (yellowish-orange colour) :: okra, okrankeltainen
ochre {adj} (having yellow-orange colour) :: okra, okrankeltainen
ochre {adj} (in archeology) :: okrahauta-
o'clock {adv} /əˈklɑk/ (indication of time (the translations below are of "one o’clock")) :: kello yksi, yksi
o'clock {adv} (the translations below are of "at one o’clock") :: kello yhdeltä, yhdeltä
octadecane {n} (isometric alkane C18H38) :: oktadekaani
octagenarian {n} (octogenarian) SEE: octogenarian ::
octagon {n} /ˈɒk.tə.ɡɒn/ (polygon with eight sides and eight angles) :: kahdeksankulmio
octahedron {n} (a polyhedron with eight faces) :: oktaedri
octal {adj} /ˈɒk.təl/ (concerning numbers expressed in octal or mathematics calculations performed using octal) :: oktaalinen
octane {n} /ˈɒk.teɪn/ (isomeric aliphatic hydrocarbons) :: oktaani
octane number {n} (measure of the antiknock properties of an automobile fuel) :: oktaaniluku
Octans {prop} (a circumpolar constellation) :: Oktantti
octant {n} (nautical instrument) :: oktantti
octasyllabic {adj} (having eight syllables) :: kahdeksantavuinen
octatomic {adj} (having eight atoms in each molecule) :: kahdeksanatominen
octatonic {adj} (containing eight notes) :: oktatoninen
octave {n} /ˈɑktɪv/ (interval) :: oktaavi
octet {n} (byte of eight bits) SEE: byte ::
octile {n} (value) :: oktiili
octile {n} (subset) :: oktiili
octillion {num} /ɒkˈtɪl.iː.ən/ (a thousand trillion trillion, 1027) :: kvadriljardi
octillion {num} (a quadrillion quintillion, 1048) :: oktiljoona
October {prop} /ɑkˈtoʊbəɹ/ (tenth month of the Gregorian calendar) :: lokakuu
octodontid {n} (any of the Octodontidae) :: torvimyyrä, degu
octogenarian {adj} (being between 80 and 89, inclusive) :: kahdeksissakymmenissä oleva, kahdeksankymppinen
octopus {n} /ˈɑːkt.ə.pʊs/ (mollusc) :: tursas
octothorpe {n} (octothorpe) SEE: hash ::
octuple {v} /ɒkˈtuː.pəl/ (multiply by eight) :: kahdeksankertaistaa
ocular {adj} (seen by the eye) SEE: visual ::
ocular {adj} /ˈɑ.kjə.lɚ/ (of or relating to the eye) :: silmä-
ocular {adj} (resembling the eye) :: silmämäinen
oculist {n} (optometrist) SEE: optometrist ::
oculist {n} (ophthalmologist) SEE: ophthalmologist ::
oculomotor nerve {n} (the third of twelve paired cranial nerves) :: silmän liikehermo
odd {adj} /ɑd/ (strange) :: outo, kummallinen, omituinen
odd {adj} (indivisible by two) :: pariton
odd {adj} (left over after others have been grouped) :: pariton
odd {adj} (casual, irregular) :: satunnainen
odd {adj} (about) :: noin, suunnilleen
odd {n} (odd number) SEE: odd number ::
odd job {v} (temporary job) :: pätkätyö, silpputyö
odd job {v} (task of incidental nature) :: hanttihomma, hanttityö, aputyö
oddness {n} (the state or quality of being odd) :: kummallisuus
odd number {n} (whole number that is not divisible by two) :: pariton luku
odds {n} (the ratio of the probabilities of an event happening to that of it not happening) :: todennäköisyys {p}
odds and ends {n} (miscellaneous things) :: kama, [colloquial] sälä
ode {n} /oʊd/ (a short poetical composition) :: oodi
Odense {prop} (City in southern Denmark) :: Odense
odeon {n} (ancient Greek or Roman building) :: odeon
odeon {n} (modern theatre or concert hall) :: konserttitalo
Odesa {prop} (Odessa) SEE: Odessa ::
Odessa {prop} (Ukrainian city) :: Odessa
Odia {prop} (Oriya) SEE: Oriya ::
Odin {prop} /oʊdɪn/ (in Norse mythology, the supreme god) :: Odin
odious {adj} /ˈoʊ.di.əs/ (arousing strong dislike) :: kauhea, inhottava, vihattava, vastenmielinen
Odisha {prop} (state in India) :: Odisha
odometer {n} /oʊˈdɑːmətɚ/ (instrument attached to the wheel) :: matkamittari
odometer {n} (wheel used by surveyors) :: odometri
odonate {n} (carnivore insect) :: sudenkorento
odontocete {n} (toothed whale) SEE: toothed whale ::
odontological {adj} (pertaining to odontology) :: hammaslääketieteellinen
odontology {n} (study of teeth) :: odontologia
odontology {n} (branch of dentistry) :: hammaslääketiede, odontologia
odor {n} /ˈoʊ.dɚ/ (strong, pervasive quality) :: ominaispiirre
odor {n} (esteem, repute) :: maine
odor {n} (any smell) SEE: odour ::
odoriferous {adj} (having an odor) SEE: odorous ::
odorless {adj} /əʊdələs/ (having no odor) :: hajuton
odorous {adj} (having distinctive odour) :: tuoksuva
odour {n} /ˈoʊdəɹ/ (Any smell, whether fragrant or offensive; scent; perfume) :: tuoksu, haju
odourless {adj} (odourless) SEE: odorless ::
Odysseus {prop} /əˈdɪsjuːs/ (son of Laertes; Greek leader during the Trojan War) :: Odysseus
Odyssey {prop} /ˈɒ.də.si/ (epic poem describing the journey of Odysseus) :: Odysseia {f}
OECD {prop} (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) :: OECD
oedema {n} (edema) SEE: edema ::
Oedipal {adj} /ˈidəpɛl/ (of or relating to the Oedipus complex) :: oidipaalinen
Oedipus complex {n} /ˈɛdəpəs ˈkɒmplɛks/ (Freudian theory) :: oidipuskompleksi
oeillade {n} /əːˈjɑːd/ (glance, ogle) :: silmäys
oenology {n} /iˈnɑlədʒi/ (scientific study of wines) :: enologia
oenophile {n} /iː.nəʊ.faɪl/ (wine-lover) :: viininrakastaja
oesophagus {n} /ɪˈsɑfəɡəs/ (the tube that carries food from the pharynx to the stomach) :: ruokatorvi
oeuvre {n} /ˈɜːvɹə/ (work of art) :: teos, taideteos
oeuvre {n} (complete body of works) :: tuotanto
of {prep} /ʌv/ ((time) before, to) :: vaille
of {prep} (containing, comprising or made from) :: partitive or elative case
of {prep} (linking class with example of class) :: genitive case
of {prep} (introducing subject matter) :: elative case
of {prep} (connecting numeral or quantifier with quantified) :: genitive or partitive case
of {prep} (possessive genitive: belonging to) :: genitive case
of {prep} (objective genitive: connecting noun with object) :: genitive case
of {prep} (indicative of age) :: -vuotias, -kuinen, -viikkoinen, -päiväinen
of age {prep} (old enough to be considered an adult) :: täysi-ikäinen
of a kind {prep} (of the same type) :: samanlainen, samankaltainen
of course {adv} (naturally) :: tietysti, tietenkin, totta kai, ilman muuta
off {adv} /ɔf/ (in a direction away from the speaker or object) :: pois [away], alas [down], ylös [up], ulos [out]
off {adv} (into a state of non-operation or non-existence) :: pois
off {adj} (inoperative, disabled) :: pois, poissa, pois päältä
off {adj} (rotten) :: pilalla, pilaantunut
off {prep} (from) :: -sta [elative case], -lta [ablative case]
offal {n} (dead body) SEE: corpse ::
offal {n} (refuse) SEE: refuse ::
offal {n} /ˈɔfl̩/ (rejected parts of an animal) :: teurasjäte
offal {n} (animal's organs as food) :: sisäelimet {p}
offal {n} (carrion) SEE: carrion ::
offbeat {adj} (unusual, unconventional, not ordinary) :: epätavallinen, omituinen
off chance {n} (possibility that is not likely) :: siinä toivossa
off course {prep} (not following the planned route) :: reitiltä sivussa, reitiltä sivuun
offence {n} (offense) SEE: offense ::
offend {v} (sin) SEE: sin ::
offend {v} /əˈfɛnd/ (to hurt the feelings) :: loukata
offend {v} (to physically harm, pain) :: loukata, ärsyttää
offend {v} (to transgress or violate a law or moral requirement) :: rikkoa, loukata
offend {v} (to cause to sin or fall) :: vietellä, erehdyttää
offend {v} (to feel or become offended) :: loukkaantua
offender {n} (a person who commits an offense against the law) :: syyllinen
offense {n} /əˈfɛns/ (act of offending against the law) :: loukkaus
offense {n} (act of offending against manners) :: loukkaus
offense {n} (state of being offended) :: loukkaantuminen
offense {n} (strategy and tactics employed when in position to score) :: hyökkäys
offense {n} (portion of a team dedicated to scoring) :: hyökkääjät {p}, hyökkäyspää
offensive {adj} /ˈɔˌfɛnsɪv/ (causing offense) :: hyökkäävä, päällekäyvä, loukkaava (hurtful)
offensive {adj} (team sports: having to do with play directed at scoring) :: hyökkäävä, hyökkäys-
offensive {n} (an attack) :: hyökkäys, offensiivi
offensive {n} (posture of attack) :: hyökkäyskanta: pysyä hyökkäyskannalla [stay on the offensive]
offensive tackle {n} (lineman outside guard position in the offensive team) :: hyökkäävä linjamies, ulompi linjamies
offensive zone {n} (ice between the opposing team's blue line and their end board) :: hyökkäysalue
offer {n} /ˈɔfɚ/ (proposal) :: tarjous
offer {n} (something put forth) :: tarjous
offer {n} (law: invitation to enter binding contract) :: tarjous
offer {v} (to present something as a gesture of worship) :: uhrata
offer {v} (propose) :: ehdottaa, tarjota
offer {v} (place at disposal) :: tarjota, asettaa käyttöön
offering {n} /ˈɔfəɹɪŋ/ (act of offering) :: tarjoaminen; uhraaminen
offering {n} (that which has been offered; a sacrifice) :: tarjous; uhri, uhrilahja
offering {n} (oblation or presentation made as a religious act) :: uhraus, uhraaminen
offering {n} (contribution given at a religious service) :: kolehti
offer one's condolences {v} (offer sympathy to someone who has recently experienced the loss of a loved one) :: esittää osanottonsa
offeror {n} (one who makes an offer) :: tarjoaja, ehdottaja
offeror {n} (one who presents for acceptance or rejection) :: tarjoaja, ehdottaja
offertory {n} /ˈɑfəɹˌtɔɹi/ (money offered or donated during a church service) :: kolehti
off guard {prep} (unexpectedly or by surprise) :: yllättävästi, yllättäen
office {n} /ˈɔfɪs/ (position of responsibility) :: virka
office {n} (room(s) or building used for non-manual work) :: toimisto, virasto, konttori, liikehuoneisto, toimipaikka
office {n} (major governmental division) :: virasto, ministeriö
office {n} (kindness) SEE: good offices ::
office building {n} (commercial building containing spaces for offices) :: toimistotalo, toimistorakennus
office chair {n} (desk chair used in an office) :: toimistotuoli, työtuoli
officeholder {n} (person who holds an office) :: viranhaltija
office hours {n} (times when office workers are at their desks) :: toimistotyöaika, toimistoaika
office hours {n} (prearranged time when a person is available) :: vastaanottoaika
officer {n} /ˈɔfɪsɚ/ (one who has a position of authority in a hierarchical organization) :: upseeri
officer {n} (one who holds a public office) :: virkamies
officer {n} (agent or servant endowed with the ability to act on initiative) :: asiamies
officer {n} (contraction of the term "commissioned officer") :: upseeri
officership {n} (position or role) :: upseerius [role]; upseerinvirka [office, position in the military hierarchy]
office worker {n} (Someone who works in an office) :: toimistotyöntekijä
official {adj} /əˈfɪʃəl/ (of or pertaining to an office or public trust) :: virallinen
official {adj} (derived from the proper office) :: virallinen
official {adj} (approved by authority) :: virallinen
official {adj} (discharging an office or function) :: virallinen
official {adj} (relating to an office; especially, to a subordinate executive officer or attendant) :: virallinen, virka-
official {n} (office holder invested with powers and authorities) :: viranomainen, virkamies [public official], virkailija, toimihenkilö, toimitsija [in general]
official {n} (person responsible for applying the rules in a competition) :: toimitsija, tuomari
official cover {n} (cover which is a position at a governmental agency) :: virallinen peiterooli
officialese {n} (bureaucratese) SEE: bureaucratese ::
officially {adv} (in an official manner) :: virallisesti
officiate {v} /əˈfiʃ.i.eɪt/ (to perform the functions of some office) :: toimittaa
officious {adj} (offensively intrusive or interfering) :: virkaintoinen, tungetteleva
off-licence {n} (liquor store) SEE: liquor store ::
offline {adj} (of a system, not connected to a larger network) :: verkon ulkopuolella, offline, offline-tilassa
off one's rocker {prep} (crazy) :: olla ruuvi löysällä, olla päästään vialla
offprint {n} (reproduction of an article) :: eripainos
off-ramp {n} (roadway segment) :: erkanemiskaista
off-road {adj} (designed for driving on a rugged terrain) :: maasto-, maastokelpoinen
off-road {v} (travel in rugged terrain) :: kulkea maastossa
off-roader {n} (vehicle designed for driving offroad) :: maastoajoneuvo
offscreen {adj} (existing or happening outside the frame of the cinema or television screen) :: kuvan ulkopuolinen
off-season {n} (period of slack business) :: matalasesonki
offset {n} /ˈɑf.sɛt/ (compensating equivalent) :: hyvitys, kompensaatio
offset {n} (countertrade arrangement) :: kompensaatiokauppa
offset {n} (time at which something begins) :: alku, aloitus
offset {n} (offset printing) :: offsetpaino
offset {n} (distance by which one thing is out of alignment with another) :: siirros, poikkeama (linjasta)
offset {v} (to compensate for something) :: kompensoida, korvata
offshoot {n} (that which shoots off from a main stem) :: sivuverso
offshoot {n} (that which develops from something else) :: rönsy, haara
offshore {adj} /ɒfˈʃɔː(ɹ)/ (moving away from the shore) :: merelle suuntautuva
offshore {adj} (located in another country) :: ulkomaalainen
offshore {adv} (away from the shore) :: merellä
offshore {adv} (at some distance from the shore) :: rannasta
offshore {v} (to use foreign labor to substitute for local labor) :: ulkoistaa ulkomaille
offside {adj} (in an illegal position ahead of the ball) :: paitsiossa
offside {adj} (to the side of a road) :: tienvarsi-, tienvieri-
offside {n} (offside play) :: paitsio
offside {n} (right side of a road vehicle) :: matkustajan puoli, ojan puoli [the side where driver sits is kuljettajan puoli]
offside trap {n} (defensive play) :: paitsioansa
offspring {n} /ˈɔfspɹɪŋ/ (singular offspring (male, female or sex unspecified)) :: lapsi, jälkeläinen
offspring {n} (plural or collective offspring (only males, only females, both sexes or sex unspecified)) :: lapset {p}, jälkeläiset {p}, jälkikasvu [collective]
offspring {n} (plural or collective offspring, animal's or plant's progeny) :: jälkeläiset {p}
offspring {n} (other produce) :: aikaansaannos, lapsi
off the mark {prep} (inaccurate) :: asian vierestä
off the rails {prep} (in an abnormal manner) :: poissa raiteiltaan, ei raiteillaan
off the top of one's head {prep} (in an extemporaneous manner; without careful thought, preparation, or investigation) :: juuri nyt, suoralta kädeltä
off-topic {adj} (not related to the matter being discussed) :: asiaan kuulumaton, epäasiallinen, asiaton
off-white {n} (very pale colour that is almost white) :: luonnonvalkoinen, likaisenvalkoinen, murrettu valkoinen; kimo [of horse]
off-white {adj} (of a very pale colour that is almost white) :: luonnonvalkoinen, likaisenvalkoinen, murrettu valkoinen; kimo [of horse]
offworld {adj} /ɒfˈwɜː(ɹ)ld/ (not on Earth) :: maapallon ulkopuolinen
offworld {adv} (away from Earth) :: maapallon ulkopuolella
of late {prep} (recently) :: hiljattain, äskettäin, viime aikoina
of one mind {prep} (in agreement) :: yhtä mieltä
of one's choice {prep} (that one has chosen, or wishes to choose) :: haluamansa
of one's own accord {prep} (without being commanded or controlled) :: vapaaehtoisesti
of record {prep} (authoritative) SEE: authoritative ::
of record {prep} (officially recorded) :: rekisteröity
often {adv} /ˈɔfn̩/ (frequently, many times) :: usein
oftenly {adv} (often) SEE: often ::
of the century {prep} (most remarkable) :: vuosisadan
of two minds {prep} (undecided or unsure) :: kahden vaiheilla
oganesson {n} /oʊ.ɡəˈnɛsɒn/ (chemical element with atomic number 118) :: oganesson
Oghuz {prop} /oʊˈɡuːz/ (Oghuz people) :: eteläturkkilaiset kansat {p}
ogive {n} /ˈoʊɡaɪv/ (Gothic pointed arch) :: suippokaari
ogle {v} /ˈoʊɡəl/ (to stare flirtatiously) :: tuijottaa
ogle {n} (an impertinent, flirtatious, amorous or covetous stare) :: tuijotus
ogonek {n} /ˈoʊɡənɛk/ (diacritical mark) :: ogonek
ogre {n} /ˈoʊ.ɡɚ/ (brutish giant) :: jättiläinen, jätti
ogre {n} (brutish man) :: raakalainen
ogre {n} (large beast) :: hirviö
ogrish {adj} (resembling or pertaining to an ogre) :: jättiläis-
oh {interj} /oʊ/ (expression of surprise) :: oi
oh dear {interj} (expression of dismay, concern, worry or disapproval) :: voi ei, voi itku
Ohio {prop} /oʊˈhaɪoʊ/ (U.S. state) :: Ohio
Ohio {prop} (river) :: Ohio
ohm {n} /oʊm/ (the derived unit of electrical resistance) :: ohmi
ohmage {n} (magnitude of electrical resistance) :: ohmimäärä
ohmic {adj} /ˈoʊmɪk/ (of or relating to ohms) :: ohminen
Ohm's law {prop} (Ohm's observation) :: Ohmin laki
oh my {interj} (good heavens) SEE: good heavens ::
oh my God {interj} (excitement or shock) :: herranjestas, Herran pieksut, Luojan tähden, herranjumala, voi hyvä Luoja
oh no {interj} (exclamation of alarm or concern) :: voi ei
oh well {interj} /ˈəʊ wɛl/ (expression of mild disappointment or resignation) :: no jaa
oi {interj} (exclamation to get attention) SEE: hey ::
-oid {suffix} /-ɔɪd/ (suffix meaning similar but not the same) :: -oidi, -mainen
oil {n} /ɔɪl/ (liquid fat) :: öljy
oil {n} (petroleum-based liquid) :: öljy, raakaöljy, maaöljy
oil {v} (lubricate with oil) :: öljytä
oil {v} (to grease with oil for cooking) :: voidella, rasvata
oil beetle {n} (beetle of the genus Meloe) :: toukohärkä
oilbird {n} (Steatornis caripensis) :: rasvakehrääjä
oil burner {n} (heating device) :: öljypoltin
oil cake {n} (solid residue) :: öljykakku
oil cake {n} (cake) :: öljykakku
oilcan {n} (container) :: voitelukannu
oil change {n} (process of changing oil) :: öljynvaihto
oilcloth {n} (fabric or cloth) :: vahakangas
oiler {n} (oil well) SEE: oil well ::
oiler {n} (ship) SEE: oil tanker ::
oil field {n} (area under which are reserves of petroleum) :: öljykenttä
oiliness {n} (quality of being oily) :: öljyisyys
oil lamp {n} (a simple vessel used to produce light) :: öljylamppu, öljytuikku
oil mill {n} (mill for crushing oil-bearing seeds) :: öljymylly
oil of mirbane {n} (nitrobenzene) :: mirbanöljy
oil of vitriol {n} (alternative name for "sulphuric acid") :: vihtrilliöljy
oil of wintergreen {n} (aromatic oil) :: talvikkiöljy
oil paint {n} (paint) :: öljyväri, öljymaali
oil painting {n} (art of painting with oil paints) :: öljyvärimaalaus, öljymaalaus
oil palm {n} (Palm family of trees) :: öljypalmu
oil platform {n} (structure for oil) :: öljynporauslautta
oil refinery {n} (industrial process plant) :: öljynjalostamo
oil refining {n} (process) :: öljynjalostus
oil rig {n} (oil-drilling platform) :: öljynporauslautta, öljylautta
oil sand {n} (relatively loose sandstone or porous carbonate rock impregnated with bitumen) :: öljyhiekka
oil shale {n} (shale from which hydrocarbons can be produced) :: öljyliuske
oilskin {n} /ˈɔɪl.skɪn/ (cloth made from cotton treated to make it waterproof) :: öljykangas
oilskin {n} (raincoat made from treated cotton fabric) :: öljykangastakki
oilskin {n} (foul-weather gear worn by sailors) :: purjehdusasu
oil slick {n} (thin film of oil floating on the surface of water) :: öljylautta
oil spot {n} (a spot consisting of oil) :: öljyläikkä
oil stove {n} (a stove for heating or cooking powered by paraffin/kerosene) :: öljykamiina
oil tanker {n} (Ship) :: öljytankkeri
oil well {n} (hole drilled into the earth from which petroleum is pumped) :: öljylähde
oily {adj} /ˈɔɪli/ (relating to oil) :: öljyinen
oily {adj} (covered with or containing oil) :: öljyinen
oily {adj} (excessively friendly or polite) :: lipevä
oink {interj} /ɔɪŋk/ (Representing the sound made by a pig) :: röh, nöf
oink {n} (sound made by a pig) :: röhkäisy
oink {v} (to oink) :: röhkiä
ointment {n} /ˈɔɪnt.mɪnt/ (viscous preparation, usually containing medication) :: voide
Ojibwe {prop} /əˈdʒɪbweɪ/ (language) :: ojibwa
Ojibwe {n} (member of Ojibwe people) :: ojibwa
OK {n} /ˌoʊˈkeɪ/ (endorsement; approval) :: kuittaus, hyväksyntä, OK, okei
OK {v} (approve) :: hyväksyä
OK {v} ((computing) activate the OK button) :: hyväksyä
OK {adj} (all right, permitted) :: OK, okei
OK {adj} (satisfactory) :: okei
OK {adj} (in good health or in a good emotional state) :: okei
OK {adv} (OK) :: hyvin, okei
OK {interj} (acknowledgement or acceptance) :: okei, selvä
OK {interj} (utterance expressing exasperation) :: okei, no niin
OK {interj} (introduction of a sentence in order to draw attention) :: okei, no iin
okapi {n} /əʊˈkɑːpi/ (Large ruminant mammal) :: okapi
okara {n} (a food made from soybean pulp) :: okara
Okazaki fragment {n} (one of many newly synthesized DNA fragments formed on the lagging template strand during replication) :: Okazakin fragmentti
okey-dokey {interj} (variant of OK) :: oukki-doukki
Okinawa {prop} (prefecture) :: Okinawa
Okinawa {prop} (city) :: Okinawa
Okinawan {prop} (Ryukyuan) SEE: Ryukyuan ::
Oklahoma {prop} /ˌoʊk.ləˈhoʊ.mə/ (state) :: Oklahoma
okonomiyaki {n} (Japanese dish) :: okonomiyaki
okra {n} /ˈoʊkɹə/ (edible capsules of the A. esculentus) :: okran kota
okra {n} (A. esculentus) :: okra
okroshka {n} /əˈkɹɔʃkə/ (cold raw vegetable soup) :: kaljakeitto
okrug {n} (administrative division) :: piirikunta
okta {n} /ˈɒktə/ (one eighth of the area of the celestial dome) :: kahdeksasosa
Olaf {prop} /ˈoʊl.əf/ (male given name) :: Olavi
old {adj} /ˈoʊld/ (of an object, concept, etc: having existed for a relatively long period of time) :: vanha
old {adj} (of a living being: having lived for relatively many years) :: vanha
old {adj} (former) :: vanha, entinen
old {adj} (having existed or lived for the specified time) :: -vuotias, vanha, ikäinen
old age {n} (latter part of life) :: vanhuus
Old Armenian {prop} (language) :: muinaisarmenia, klassinen armenia
old as the hills {adj} (extremely old) :: vanha kuin taivas
Old Believer {n} (believer in Orthodoxy as it was before reforms) :: starovertsi, vanhauskoinen
old boy {n} (alumnus) SEE: alumnus ::
Old Chinese {prop} (Chinese language) :: muinaiskiina
Old Church Slavonic {prop} (the first literary and liturgical Slavic language) :: muinaiskirkkoslaavi
Old Dutch {prop} (language) :: muinaishollanti
Old East Slavic {prop} (language) :: muinaisvenäjä
Old English {prop} (ancestor language of modern English) :: muinaisenglanti
Old English Sheepdog {n} (a breed of herding dog) :: vanhaenglanninlammaskoira
older brother {n} (a sibling's older brother) :: isoveli
older sister {n} (multi-word, compound-word or otherwise sum-of-parts translations) :: isosisko
older than dirt {adj} (old as the hills) SEE: old as the hills ::
old fart {n} (pejorative: elderly person) :: kalkkis, vanha pieru, fossiili
old-fashioned {adj} (outdated or no longer in vogue) :: vanhanaikainen
old-fashioned {adj} (preferring the customs of earlier times) :: vanhanaikainen
old fogey {n} (old and over-conservative person) :: vanha jäärä
old folks' home {n} (nursing home) SEE: nursing home ::
Old French {prop} (French language from 9th to the early 14th century) :: muinaisranska
old-growth forest {n} (forest that has attained great age without significant disturbance) :: aarniometsä
old guard {n} (old guard) :: vanha kaarti
old hand {n} (experienced person at certain activity) :: vanha tekijä, kokenut, konkari
Old High German {prop} (Old High German) :: muinaisyläsaksa
old lady {n} (informal: elderly woman) :: vanha rouva [respectfully]; muija, ämmä [less so]; vanhempi naishenkilö [of a stranger]
old lady {n} (one's mother) :: äitimuori
old lady {n} (one's girlfriend, wife or significant other) :: muija
Old Low German {prop} (Old Saxon) SEE: Old Saxon ::
old maid {n} (periwinkle) SEE: periwinkle ::
old maid {n} (elderly unmarried woman) SEE: spinster ::
old maid {n} (zinnia) SEE: zinnia ::
old maid {n} (card game) :: mustapekka, Pekka-peli
old maid {n} (unpaired card) :: Musta Pekka, Pekka
Old Maid {n} (card game) :: Pekka
Old Maid {n} (card) :: Pekka
old man {n} (elderly man) :: ukko, äijä, jäärä, vanha mies
old man {n} (father (slang)) :: faija, isäukko
old man {n} (slang: husband, significant other) :: ukko
old moon {n} (phase of moon when it is waning) :: alakuu
old moon {n} (the moon when it is waning) :: alakuu
oldness {n} /əʊldnəs/ (state of being old) :: vanhuus
Old Norse {n} (language of Scandinavia before 1400 CE) :: muinaisskandinaavi, muinaisnorja
old people's home {n} (nursing home) SEE: nursing home ::
old people's home {n} (retirement village) SEE: retirement village ::
Old Persian {prop} (Translations) :: muinaispersia
Old Prussian {adj} (of or pertaining to the Old Prussian language or people) :: muinaispreussilainen
Old Prussian {prop} (the Old Prussian language) :: muinaispreussi
old salt {n} (seadog) SEE: seadog ::
Old Saxon {n} (the Old Saxon language) :: muinaisalasaksa, muinaissaksi
old stick {n} (chap) SEE: chap ::
Old Testament {prop} (first half of the Christian Bible) :: Vanha testamentti
old-timer {n} (one who has been around for a long time or has a great deal of experience) :: veteraani
old town {n} (older historical part of a town or city) :: vanhakaupunki
old wine in a new bottle {n} (existing concept or institution presented as if new) :: vanhaa viiniä uudessa pullossa
old wives' tale {n} (supposed truth that has been passed down by word of mouth) :: huhupuhe, akkojen puhe
old wives' tale {n} (rumour, myth or superstition) :: harhaluulo, akkojen puhe
old woman {n} (elderly woman) :: akka
old woman {n} (person who is always complaining) :: ämmä
Old World {prop} (The Eastern Hemisphere, especially Europe and the Near East) :: Vanha Maailma
Old World flycatcher {n} (passerine bird in Muscicapidae) :: sieppo
Old World monkey {n} (primates falling in the superfamily Cercopithecoidea) :: vanhan maailman häntäapina, häntäapina
Old World vulture {n} (large scavenging bird) :: korppikotka
oleaginous {adj} /ˌoʊ.liˈædʒ.ɪ.nəs/ (oily, greasy) :: öljyinen
oleaginous {adj} (falsely or affectedly earnest; persuasively suave) :: lipevä
oleander {n} /ˌəʊlɪˈændə/ (A poisonous shrub) :: oleanteri, oleanteripuu
olecranon {n} /oʊˈlɛkɹəˌnɑn/ (bony process) :: kyynärlisäke
oleum {n} (fuming sulfuric acid) :: sumuava rikkihappo, savuava rikkihappo
olfactory {adj} /oʊlˈfæk.təɹ.i/ (concerning the sense of smell) :: haju-
olfactory nerve {n} (1st cranial nerve) :: hajuhermo
Olga {prop} (female given name) :: Oili
olifant {n} (type of horn) :: olifantti
oligarch {n} /ˈoʊlɪˌɡɑɹk/ (a member of an oligarchy) :: oligarkki
oligarchy {n} /ˈɑːlɪˌɡɑɹki/ (Government by only a few) :: harvainvalta, oligarkia
oligarchy {n} (Those who make up an oligarchic government) :: oligarkit, oligarkia, valtaeliitti
oligarchy {n} (State ruled by such a government) :: oligarkia, harvainvalta
Oligocene {prop} (Oligocene epoch) :: oligoseenikausi
oligochaete {n} (worm of the class Oligochaeta) :: harvasukasmato
oligodeoxyribonucleotide {n} (oligonucleotide composed of deoxyribose monomers) :: oligodeoksiribonukleotidi
oligopoly {n} /ɑlɪˈɡɑpəli/ (economic condition) :: oligopoli
oligosaccharide {n} (polysaccharide of low molecular weight) :: oligosakkaridi
oligospermia {n} (low volume of semen) :: oligospermia
olingo {n} (small procyonid) :: olingo
olinguito {n} /oʊlɪŋˈɡitoʊ/ (mammal) :: olinguito
olive {n} /ˈɒlɪv/ (fruit) :: oliivi
olive {n} (wood) :: oliivipuu
olive {n} (colour) :: oliivinvihreä
olive {adj} (colour) :: oliivinvihreä
olive {n} (olive tree) SEE: olive tree ::
olive branch {n} /ˈɒlɪv bɹɑːntʃ/ (branch of an olive tree as an emblem of peace) :: oliivinoksa
olive branch {n} (any symbol of peace) :: oliivinoksa
olive branch {n} (branch of an olive tree) :: oliivinoksa
olive grove {n} (cluster of olive trees) :: oliivilehto
olive oil {n} (oil pressed from olives) :: oliiviöljy
Oliver {prop} (male given name) :: Oliver
olive tree {n} (tree that produces olives) :: oliivipuu, öljypuu
Olivia {prop} /oʊˈlɪvi.ə/ (female given name) :: Olivia
Olivier salad {n} (traditional Russian salad of boiled vegetables with mayonnaise) :: italiansalaatti
olivine {n} /ˈɒlɪviːn/ (family of minerals forming orthorhombic crystals) :: oliviini
olla podrida {n} (miscellaneous assortment) SEE: hodgepodge ::
olm {n} (Proteus anguinus) :: olmi
Olmec {n} /ˈoʊlmɛk/ (member of an ancient pre-Columbian people) :: olmeekki
-ologist {suffix} (alternative spelling of -logist, one who studies a subject) :: -ologi, -tieteilijä
-ology {suffix} (branch of learning) :: -ologia
Olomouc Region {prop} (region in the Czech Republic) :: Olomoucin lääni
Olympia {prop} (ancient city in Greece) :: Olympia
Olympiad {n} /əˈlɪmpiæd/ (period of four years) :: olympiadi
Olympian {n} /əˈlɪm.pi.ən/ (principal god) :: olympolainen
Olympian {n} (from Olympia) :: olympialainen
Olympian {n} (athlete) :: olympiaurheilija
Olympic {adj} /oʊˈlɪm.pɪk/ (of or pertaining to the Olympic Games) :: olympialainen, olympia-
Olympic {adj} (of or pertaining to mountain Olympus) :: olympolainen
Olympic diving {n} (Olympic event) :: uimahyppy
Olympic flame {n} (symbol) :: olympiatuli
Olympic Games {prop} (international multi-sport event inspired by the ancient festival, see also: Olympics) :: Olympialaiset, olympiakisat
Olympic Peninsula {prop} (peninsula) :: Olympicin niemi
Olympic Rings {n} (symbol) :: olympiarenkaat {p}
Olympics {prop} (sport event, see also: Olympic Games) :: olympiakisat {p}
Olympic village {n} (area where participating athletes, as well as officials and trainers, are accommodated during the Olympic Games) :: olympiakylä
Olympic Winter Games {prop} (Olympic Winter Games) :: talviolympialaiset {p}
Olympus {prop} /əˈlɪmpəs/ (mountain) :: Olympos
-oma {suffix} (suffix forming nouns indicating disease or morbidity) :: -ooma
-oma {suffix} (suffix forming nouns indicating tumors or masses) :: -ooma
Omaha {prop} (Omaha hold 'em) SEE: Omaha hold 'em ::
Omaha hold 'em {prop} (variant of poker) :: Omaha-pokeri
omalizumab {n} (antibody) :: omalitsumabi
Oman {prop} (country in the Middle East) :: Oman
Omani {n} (person from Oman or of Omani descent) :: omanilainen
Omani {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to Oman, the Omani people or the Omani language) :: omanilainen
omasum {n} (the third part of the stomach of a ruminant) :: satakerta
ombrotrophic {adj} (pertaining to ombrotrophy) :: ombrotrofinen
ombrotrophy {n} (state or condition) :: ombrotrofia
ombudsman {n} /ˈɑmbədzmən/ (official who investigates complaints) :: oikeusasiamies, välimies
omega {n} /oʊˈmɛɡə/ (letter of the Greek alphabet) :: oomega
omega {n} (the end; final or last in a sequence) :: loppu, O
omega {n} (angular velocity) SEE: angular velocity ::
omega-3 fatty acid {n} (any polyunsaturated fatty acid having a double bond) :: omega-3-rasvahappo
omega-6 fatty acid {n} (type of polyunsaturated fatty acid) :: omega-6-rasvahappo
omelette {n} /ˈɑm.lət/ (dish made with beaten eggs) :: munakas, omeletti
omen {n} /ˈoʊmən/ (something which portends or is perceived to portend a good or evil event or circumstance in the future; an augury or foreboding) :: enne
omen {n} (prophetic significance) :: enne
omentum {n} (fold of the peritoneum) :: vatsapaita
omertà {n} /oʊˈmɛɹtə/ (code of silence amongst members of the Mafia or other criminal organization) :: omertà, vaikenemisen laki
omicron {n} /ˈɒm.ɪ.kɹɒn/ (Greek letter) :: omikron
ominous {adj} (of or pertaining to an omen or to omens; being or exhibiting an omen) :: enteellinen
ominous {adj} (giving indication of a coming ill) :: pahaenteinen, uhkaava
ominously {adv} (in an ominous manner) :: pahaenteisesti, enteellisesti
omission {n} /oʊˈmɪʃən/ (the act of omitting) :: sivuuttaminen, välttäminen, väistäminen, pois jättäminen
omission {n} (the act of neglecting to perform an action one has an obligation to do) :: laiminlyönti
omission {n} (something deleted or left out) :: poisto
omission {n} (something not done or neglected) :: laiminlyönti
omit {v} /ɵˈmɪt/ (to leave out or exclude) :: jättää pois
omit {v} (to fail to perform) :: olla tekemättä, jättää tekemättä
omit {v} (to neglect or take no notice of) :: ohittaa, jättää huomiotta
omni- {prefix} (all) :: kaikki-
omnibus {n} /ˈɒmnɪbəs/ (vehicle) :: linja-auto
omnibus {adj} (containing multiple items) :: kertaus, yhteenveto, kaikki jaksot
omnifarious {adj} (of all forms) :: kaikenlainen
omnipotence {n} (unlimited power) :: kaikkivoipaisuus
omnipotent {adj} /ɒmˈnɪpətənt/ (having unlimited power, force or authority) :: kaikkivoipa, kaikkivaltias
Omnipotent {prop} (God) :: Kaikkivaltias
omnipresence {n} (the ability to be at all places at the same time) :: omnipresenssi
omnipresent {adj} /ɒmnɪˈpɹɛzn̩t/ (being everywhere) :: omnipresentti, kaikkialla läsnä oleva, ubiikki
omniscience {n} /ɑmˈnɪʃəns/ (capacity to know everything) :: kaikkitietävyys
omniscient {adj} /ɑmˈnɪʃənt/ (having total knowledge) :: kaikkitietävä
omnium-gatherum {n} (collection of miscellaneous things) SEE: hodgepodge ::
omnivore {n} (animal eating both plants and meat) :: kaikkiruokainen
omnivorous {adj} (having the ability to eat both animal and vegetable food) :: kaikkiruokainen
omophorion {n} (vestment) :: omofori
Omsk {prop} (large city in Russia) :: Omsk
on {adj} /ɒn/ (in the state of being active, functioning or operating) :: päällä, -lla, -llä [adessive case]
on {adv} (to an operating state) :: päälle
on {adv} (continuing an action) :: edelleen
on {adv} (along, forwards (continuing an action)) :: edelleen
on {prep} (positioned at the upper surface of) :: päällä
on {prep} (covering) :: päällä, yllä
on {prep} (at the date of) :: -na, -nä [essive case]
on {prep} (dealing with the subject of) :: -sta, -stä [elative case]
on {prep} (touching; hanging from) :: -lla, -llä [adessive case]
on {prep} (because of, or due to something) :: takia, vuoksi, -sta, -stä [elative case], perusteella, johdosta, seurauksena
on {prep} (paid for by) :: [not applicable; different structures used]
on {prep} (used to indicate means or medium) :: [not applicable; inessive and adessive cases used]
on account of {prep} (because of, owing to) :: takia, vuoksi, johdosta
on a first-name basis {adv} (having enough familiarity with another person to call them by their first name) :: sinutella [to call by first name]
onager {n} /ˈɒnədʒə/ (Asiatic wild ass, see also: wild ass) :: aasianvilliaasi, kulaani
onager {n} (military engine) :: onageri
on air {prep} (transmitting live) :: lähetys käynnissä; lähetyksessä; lähettää [to be on air]
on all fours {adv} (on hands and knees) :: nelinkontin, kontallaan
on and on {adv} (continuously and tediously) :: aina vain
onanism {n} /ˈoʊnəˌnɪzəm/ (masturbation) :: onania
on average {prep} (usually) :: yleensä, tyypillisesti
on a whim {prep} (done without thinking seriously about the consequences) :: hetken mielijohteesta
on base {prep} (baseball) :: pesällä
on-base percentage {n} (baseball) :: pesällepääsyprosentti
on behalf of {prep} (speaking or acting for) :: puolesta, nimissä
on board {adv} (aboard) SEE: aboard ::
on board {adj} (on or in a means of transportation) :: kyydissä
onboard {adj} /ɑnˈbɔɹd/ (carried or used on or in a vehicle or vessel) :: laivassa, autossa, junassa etc.
onboard {adj} (being a part of) :: mukana
onboard {adv} (on a vehicle) SEE: on board ::
on call {prep} (when requested) :: päivystää
once {adv} /wʌns/ (one and only one time) :: kerran
once {adv} (formerly) :: kerran, ennen (vanhaan)
once {conj} (as soon as) :: kunhan
once again {adv} (one more time) :: kerran vielä, jälleen kerran, taas kerran, taaskin, uudelleen, uudestaan, jälleen
once and for all {adv} (Finally, permanently, conclusively) :: lopullisesti
once bitten, twice shy {proverb} (one is cautious in the future if hurt in the past) :: Siperia opettaa
once in a blue moon {adv} /wʌns ɪn ə bluː muːn/ (very rarely) :: todella harvoin
once in a while {adv} (occasionally) :: ajoittain, silloin tällöin
once more {adv} (one more time) SEE: once again ::
once or twice {phrase} (a small, indefinite number of times) :: pari kertaa
once upon a time {adv} /ˈwʌns.əˈpɒn.əˈtaɪ̯m/ (traditional beginning of children’s stories, especially fairy tales) :: olipa kerran, olipa kerran kauan sitten
oncilla {n} /ɒnˈsiː.ə/ (Leopardus tigrinus) :: onsilla, tiikerikissa
oncogenicity {n} (state or degree) :: onkogeenisuus
oncologist {n} /ɒŋˈkɒlədʒɪst/ (one who specialises in oncology) :: onkologi, syöpään erikoistunut lääkäri
oncology {n} /ɒŋˈkɒlədʒi/ (branch of medicine) :: onkologia
on demand {prep} (when needed or required) :: vaadittaessa, tarvittaessa
one {pron} /wʌn/ (impersonal pronoun) :: does not exist, other passive structures used
one {pron} (indefinite personal pronoun) :: does not exist, often omitted but e.g. ihminen may be used instead
one {n} (neutral element in multiplication) :: ykkönen, yksi
one {n} (digit or figure) :: ykkönen
one {n} (dollar bill) :: dollarin seteli
one {adj} (of a period of time) :: eräänä
one {adj} (a single, unspecified thing) :: eräs, yksi
one {adj} (sole, only) :: ainoa
one {adj} (whole, entire) :: yksi
one {adj} (in agreement) :: yhtä mieltä
one {adj} (the same) :: yksi
one {adj} (being a preeminent example) :: kunnon
one {adj} (being an unknown person with the specified name) :: eräs
one {num} (ordinal number) SEE: first ::
-one {suffix} (ketone) :: -oni
one {num} (ordinal number) SEE: number one ::
one {num} (cardinal number 1) :: yksi
one after another {adv} (in single file) :: yksi toisensa jälkeen
one and a half {num} (one and a half) :: puolitoista
one another {pron} (idiomatic, reciprocal pronoun) :: toisensa
one-armed {adj} (having only one arm) :: yksikätinen
one-armed bandit {n} (gaming machine) :: yksikätinen rosvo
on earth {prep} (expletive giving emphasis after interrogative word) :: ihme, kumma
one brick short of a full load {adj} (not mentally sound; insane) :: joku ruuvi löysällä
one by one {adv} (individually) :: yksitellen
one-child policy {n} (a policy of population control) :: yhden lapsen politiikka
one day {adv} (at unspecified time in the future) :: jonakin päivänä, lähipäivinä, joskus
one day {adv} (at unspecified time in the past) :: eräänä päivänä
one-dimensional {adj} (having length, but no width, height or depth) :: yksiulotteinen
one-eyed {adj} (having only a single eye) :: yksisilmäinen
one fell swoop {n} (one stroke; one action or event with many results) :: samalla kertaa, yhdellä kertaa, kertaheitolla
Onega {prop} (a lake in Russia) :: Ääninen, Äänisjärvi
one good turn deserves another {proverb} (one act of kindness should be paid back by another act of kindness) :: hyvät teot palkitaan
one-horse town {n} (very small town) :: kyläpahanen
one hundred and one {num} (one hundred plus one) :: satayksi
one hundred and one {n} (figure 101) :: satayksi
one hundred million {num} (number 100,000,000) :: sata miljoonaa
one hundred one {num} (101) :: satayksi
one hundred six {num} (number 106) :: satakuusi
oneiric {adj} /oʊ.ˈnaɪ.ɹɪk/ (of or pertaining to dreams) :: uni-, oneirinen
oneiric {adj} (resembling a dream; dreamlike) SEE: dreamlike ::
oneirocritic {n} /oʊ.ˈnaɪ.ɹə.ˈkɹɪt.ɪk/ (interpreter of dreams) :: unien tulkitsija
oneirocritic {adj} (of the interpretation of dreams) :: (part of compound) unitulkinta-
oneirologist {n} (interpreter of dreams) :: unien tutkija
oneirology {n} (the study of dreams) :: oneirologia
oneiromancy {n} /əˈnaɪɹəˌmænsi/ (divination by the interpretation of dreams) :: oneiromantia, unien selittäminen
oneironaut {n} /oʊˈnaɪɹoʊnɔt/ (explorer of dream worlds) :: unimatkailija
one-legged {adj} /ˈwʌnˌlɛɡəd/ (having only one leg) :: yksijalkainen
one-man band {n} (musician who plays several musical instruments) :: yhden miehen orkesteri
one-man band {n} (organisation or business run by one person) :: yhden miehen show
one man's trash is another man's treasure {proverb} :: yhden roska on toisen aarre
one million {num} (cardinal number 1000000) SEE: million ::
one moment, please {phrase} (one moment please) :: hetkinen, olkaa hyvä
oneness {n} (state of being undivided) :: ykseys
one-night stand {n} (theatrical) :: yksittäisnäytös
one-night stand {n} (sexual encounter) :: yhden yön juttu, hoito
one-night stand {n} (either of the two partners) :: yhden yön juttu
one o'clock {n} (the start of the second hour) :: yksi (see also kello)
one of a kind {n} (unique specimen) :: yksittäiskappale, ainoa laatuaan
one-of-a-kind {n} (one of a kind) SEE: one of a kind ::
one-off {adj} (occurring once; one-time) :: kertakaikkinen, kerta-
one of these days {adv} (one day) :: jonakin päivänä, lähipäivinä
one of those things {n} (unfortunate but unavoidable event) :: huonoa tuuria
one's {pron} /wʌnz/ (belonging to one) :: -nsa, -nsä, -an, -än
one's bark is worse than one's bite {phrase} (one acts in a threatening way but is relatively harmless) :: haukkuva koira ei pure
ones' complement {n} (number) :: yhden komplementti, 1-komplementti
ones' complement {n} (convention) :: yhden komplementti
one's days are numbered {phrase} (some period of time is coming to an end) :: päivät ovat luetut
oneself {pron} /wʌnˈsɛlf/ :: itsensä
one's heart in one's mouth {n} (to be very scared (idiom)) :: sydän kurkussa
one-shot {adj} (occurring only once) :: ainutkertainen
one-sided {adj} (partial or biased in favour of one faction) :: puolueellinen
one-sided {adj} (with one competitor dominant over the other) :: yksipuolinen
one-sided {adj} (out of proportion or lopsided) :: yksipuolinen, toispuolinen
one-sided {adj} (having only one side) :: yksipuolinen
one-sidedness {n} (state of being one-sidedness) :: puolueellisuus, yksipuolisuus
onesie {n} /ˈwʌn.zi/ (baby garment) :: potkupuku
onesie {n} (adult jumpsuit) :: haalari
one-stop shop {n} (the only place or institution one needs) :: palvelupiste
one swallow does not a summer make {proverb} (one instance of an event does not necessarily indicate a trend) :: ei yksi pääsky kesää tee
one thousand {num} (cardinal number 1000) SEE: thousand ::
one-time {adj} (of or pertaining to a specific time in the past) :: entinen
one-time {adj} (occurring only on one occasion) :: ainutkertainen
one-track mind {n} (obsessed mind) :: putkiaivo
one up {v} (do something slightly better than a competitor) :: pistää paremmaksi
one-way {adj} (allowing movement in only one direction) :: yksisuuntainen
one-way {adj} (allowing travel in only one direction) :: yksisuuntainen
one-way mirror {n} (mirror that is transparent on one side) :: puoliläpäisevä peili
one-way street {n} (road in which traffic is only allowed to proceed in one direction) :: yksisuuntainen katu
one-way ticket {n} (a ticket granting permission to travel to a place but not back) :: menolippu, yksisuuntainen lippu
on fire {prep} (being burned by fire) :: tulessa
on foot {prep} (walking, jogging, running) :: jalan, jalkaisin
ongoing {adj} (continuing, permanent) :: jatkuva
ongoing {adj} (presently or currently happening; being in progress) :: meneillään oleva
on hand {prep} (available) :: käytettävissä, saatavilla, käsillä
on heat {prep} (in estrus) :: kiimassa
on hold {prep} (on reserve) :: varattuna, varalla
on ice {prep} /ɒn ˈaɪs/ (not being used; temporarily unavailable or suspended) :: jäissä, jäihin
on ice {prep} (performed by ice skaters as an ice show) :: jäällä, jää-
onigiri {n} (Japanese rice ball) :: onigiri
oniomania {n} /əʊnɪə(ʊ)ˈmeɪnɪə/ (abnormal impulse to buy things) :: ostohimo, ostosriippuvuus
oniomaniac {n} /ˌəʊniəʊˈmeɪniæk/ (sufferer of oniomania) :: ostosriippuvainen
onion {n} /ˈʌnjən/ (plant) :: sipuli
onion {n} (bulb) :: sipuli
onion {n} (genus) :: sipulit {p}, laukat {p}
onion dome {n} (onion-shaped dome) :: sipulikupoli
onion ring {n} (food) :: sipulirengas
oniony {adj} (resembling onion) :: sipulinen; sipulin makuinen [tasting like onion]; sipulin tuoksuinen [smelling like onion]
online {adj} /ˈɒnˌlaɪn/ (connected to a network) :: verkossa, online [computer]; seinässä [small electric appliance], verkossa [electric machinery]; kytkettynä [coupled, generally]
online {adj} (available over the Internet) :: verkko-
online {adj} (connected to the Internet) :: verkossa, netissä
online {adj} (available on a computer system) :: online
online {adj} (of a system that is active) :: päällä [power]; toiminnassa [factory etc.]
online {adv} (performed over Internet) :: verkossa, verkko-, online-
onlooker {n} (spectator) SEE: spectator ::
only {adj} /ˈoʊ (alone in a category) :: ainoa, ainut
only {adj} (without sibling) :: ainoa
only {adj} (singularly superior; the best) :: ainutlaatuinen
only {adv} (without others or anything further; exclusively) :: vain, ainoastaan
only {adv} (no more than) :: edes, vain
only {adv} (as recently as) :: vasta, juuri, vain
only {conj} (but) :: mutta, jos, sillä ehdolla, että
only {conj} (however) :: mutta
only {conj} (except) :: mutta, paitsi että
only {n} (only child) SEE: only child ::
only child {n} (person who has no siblings) :: ainokainen, ainoa lapsi
only daughter {n} (sole female child) :: ainoa tytär
only if {conj} (not unless) :: vain, jos
only son {n} (sole male child) :: ainoa poika
on no account {prep} (under no circumstances) SEE: under no circumstances ::
on offer {prep} (for sale at a reduced price) :: tarjouksessa
on offer {prep} (available to take) :: tarjolla
onomasiology {n} (branch of lexicology) :: nimitysoppi, onomasiologia
onomastics {n} /ˌɑː.noʊˈmæs.tɪks/ (branch of lexicology devoted to the study of names) :: nimistöntutkimus
onomatopoeia {n} /ˌɑnəˌmætəˈpiːə/ (property of a word of sounding like what it represents) :: onomatopoeettisuus, onomatopoesia
onomatopoeia {n} (word that sounds like what it represents) :: onomatopoeettinen sana
onomatopoeic {adj} /ˌɒnəmætəˈpiːɪk/ (of or relating to onomatopoeia) :: onomatopoeettinen
onomatopoeic {adj} (having the property of onomatopoeia) :: onomatopoeettinen
onomatopoetic {adj} (concerning onomatopoeia) SEE: onomatopoeic ::
on one's deathbed {prep} (close to death (idiomatic)) :: kuolinvuoteellaan
on one's feet {prep} (standing up) :: jalkeilla
on one's feet {prep} (healthy) :: jalkeilla
on one's feet {prep} (in satisfactory condition) :: jaloillaan
on one's high horse {prep} (self-righteous) :: hyveellinen
on one's last legs {prep} (about to die) :: haudan partaalla
on one's own {prep} (alone; by oneself; without the companionship or assistance of others) :: omillaan, itse, omatoimisesti
on one's toes {prep} (attentive, active, busy) :: varpaillaan
on purpose {prep} (purposely, with intention) :: tarkoituksella, tahallisesti, tahallaan, tarkoituksellisesti
on-ramp {n} (roadway segment) :: liittymiskaista
onrush {n} /ˈɒnˌɹʌʃ/ (forceful rush) :: ryntäys, rynnistys, rynnäkkö
onrush {n} (aggressive assault) :: päällekarkaus
onrush {v} (rush forcefully) :: rynnätä, rynnistää, rynnäköidä
onrush {v} (assault aggressively) :: käydä kimppuun
on sale {prep} (available for purchase) :: myytävänä, myynnissä
on sale {prep} (available for purchase at reduced prices) :: tarjouksessa
on second thought {prep} (then again) SEE: then again ::
onsen {n} (a Japanese hot spring) :: onsen
onset {n} /ˈɔnˌsɛt/ (rushing or setting upon) :: hyökkäys
onset {n} (medicine: initial phase of a disease or condition) :: puhkeaminen
onset {n} (phonology: initial portion of a syllable) :: aluke
onset {n} (acoustics: beginning of a musical note) :: aluke
on site {prep} (at a job site) :: asiakkaan tiloissa; asennuspaikalla, työmaalla
onslaught {n} /ˈɒnslɔːt/ (fierce attack) :: hyökkäys, päällekarkaus
onslaught {n} (large quantity of people or things resembling an attack) :: ryntäys
onslaughter {n} (onslaught) SEE: onslaught ::
on someone's mind {prep} (preoccupying someone) :: olla jonkun mielessä
Ontario {prop} /ˌɑnˈtɛə.ɹi.oʊ/ (Lake between Ontario province and New York State) :: Ontariojärvi
Ontario {prop} (Province in eastern Canada) :: Ontario
on television {prep} (broadcast through television) :: televisiossa
on the air {prep} (in the process of recording or broadcasting) SEE: on air ::
on the air {prep} (being broadcast) :: ohjelmistossa
on the back burner {prep} (not immediate) :: hautumassa, hyllyllä
on the brink {prep} (very near to) :: partaalla
on the contrary {prep} (opposite) :: päinvastoin, kun taas, pikemminkin, toisin, sitä vastoin
on the edge of one's seat {prep} (in suspense) :: jännityksessä
on the fly {adv} ((baseball, of the ball) Without a bounce) :: lennosta
on the fly {adv} ((idiomatic) spontaneously or extemporaneously) :: lennosta
on the game {adj} (working as a prostitute (euphemism)) :: alalla
on the go {prep} (actively traveling) :: menossa, liikkeellä
on the go {prep} (started) :: työn alla
on the line {prep} (on the telephone) :: linjalla
on the line {prep} (sports:on a line marked on field or court) :: viivalla, linjalla
on the loose {prep} (not in captivity) :: valloillaan, karkuteillä, vapaalla jalalla
on the one hand {prep} (from one point of view) :: yhtäältä
on the other hand {prep} (from another point of view) :: toisaalta
on the point of {prep} (imminent) :: -pisteessä, fifth infinitive of the verb, see: tekemäisillään
on the rocks {prep} (poured over ice) :: jäillä
on the rocks {prep} (in a bad state) :: kivillä, karilla
on the run {prep} (fleeing) :: vapaalla jalalla, karkuteillä
on the same wavelength {prep} (in rapport) :: samalla aaltopituudella
on the sly {adv} (slyly, in an inconspicuous manner, so as not to be seen; secretly; stealthily) :: vaivihkaa, salaa
on the spot {prep} (at the very moment) :: siinä paikassa, saman tien
on the spot {prep} (having to answer or decide without warning) :: tiukille
on the spot {prep} (in the right place at the moment) :: paikalla, paikan päällä
on the street {prep} (without a home) :: kadulla, pihalla, kartanolla
on the tip of one's tongue {prep} (known but not quite remembered) :: kielen päällä
on the verge {prep} (almost at the beginning) :: vähällä; see also: tekemäisillään
on the warpath {prep} (very angry or upset) :: sotajalalla
on the way {prep} (coming) :: tulossa, tiedossa
on the whole {prep} (for the most part) :: kokonaisuutena
on this side of {prep} (on this side of) :: tällä puolen
on time {adv} (punctually) :: ajallaan, ajassa
on time {adv} (by installments) :: vähittäismaksulla
on time {adv} (by running out of time) :: ajalla
on tiptoe {prep} (moving carefully) :: varpaisillaan
onto {adj} (surjective) SEE: surjective ::
ontogenesis {n} (arising or development of an individual organism) :: yksilönkehitys
ontogeny {n} /ɒnˈtɒdʒəni/ (development of an individual organism) :: yksilönkehitys
ontologically {adv} (ontological manner) :: ontologisesti
ontology {n} (study of being) :: ontologia
ontology {n} (system model in computer science) :: ontologia
on top of {prep} (in addition) :: lisäksi, päälle
on top of {prep} (informed and in control, up to speed) :: hallinnassa, vauhdissa
on top of {prep} (atop) SEE: atop ::
on trend {adj} (having characteristics which conform to current fashion trends) :: trendikäs
onus probandi {n} (duty of a party in a legal proceeding) SEE: burden of proof ::
onward {adv} (In a forward direction) :: eteenpäin, [archaic] eespäin
onychogryphosis {n} (hypertrophy of the nails) :: onykogryfoosi
onychomycosis {n} /ˌɒnɪkəʊmaɪˈkəʊsɪs/ (fungal infection of nail) :: kynsisieni
onychosis {n} :: onykoosi
on your mark, get set, go {phrase} (three-command start of racing) :: paikoillanne, valmiina, nyt [has different variations]
on your marks {interj} (Interjection used to start a race, followed by "Get set, go!" or "Set, go!".) :: paikoillanne
onyx {n} /ˈɒnɪks/ (a banded variety of chalcedony) :: onyksi
oocyte {n} /ˈoʊ.oʊ.saɪt/ (cell that develops into egg or ovum) :: ovosyytti, oosyytti
oofless {adj} (poor) SEE: poor ::
oogenesis {n} :: oogeneesi
ooh {interj} /uː/ (expressing surprise) :: oho, oo, ooh
ooh {interj} (expressing awe) :: oho, oo, ooh
ooh {interj} (imitating ghost) :: huu, böö
ooh {interj} (expressing affection) :: ooh, oo
ooid {n} (seafloor grain) :: ooliitti
ooid {adj} (egg-shaped) :: munanmuotoinen
oolite {n} /ˈəʊəlʌɪt/ (geology: rock of spherical grains) :: ooliittinen mineraali
oolite {n} (ooid or olith) :: ooliitti
oolith {n} /ˈəʊəlɪθ/ (spherical granule of mineral material) :: ooliitti
oology {n} /əʊˈɒlədʒi/ (study of bird eggs) :: oologia
oolong {n} (oolong tea) SEE: oolong tea ::
oolong tea {n} (type of tea) :: oolong-tee
oophorectomy {n} /ˌəʊəfəˈɹɛktəmi/ (surgical removal of ovaries) :: ooforektomia
oophoritis {n} (inflammation of the ovaries) :: ooforiitti
oops {interj} /uːps/ (acknowledging a minor mistake) :: ups, oho, hups, upsista, hupsis, hupsista
oops {interj} (used sarcastically to acknowledge a major mistake) :: ups, oho
oops {v} (to blunder) SEE: blunder ::
Oort Cloud {prop} (cloud of comets in the Solar System) :: Oortin pilvi
ootheca {n} /əʊəˈθiːkə/ (egg case of orthopteroid insects) :: munapussi, munasäkki
ooze {v} /uːz/ (to secrete or slowly leak) :: erittää [secrete], tihkua [slowly leak]
ooze {v} (to give off a sense of (something)) :: huokua, uhkua
OP {initialism} ((internet) original poster) :: AP
opacity {n} /oʊˈpæsɪtiː/ (state of being opaque; blocking light) :: läpikuultamattomuus, läpinäkymättömyys
opacity {n} (measure of relative opaqueness) :: läpikuultamattomuus, läpinäkymättömyys
opal {n} /ˈoʊpəl/ (a mineral consisting, like quartz, of silica, but inferior to quartz in hardness and specific gravity) :: opaali
opalescent {adj} /oʊpəlɛsənt/ (exhibiting a milky iridescence like that of an opal) :: opaalinhohtoinen, opaalinen
opal glass {n} (opaque glass) :: opaalilasi
opalize {v} (to convert into form of opal or chalcedony) :: kivettyä
opalize {v} (to make opalescent) :: opalisoida [transitive], opalisoitua [intransitive]
opaque {adj} /oʊˈpeɪk/ (hindering light to pass through) :: läpinäkymätön, läpikuultamaton
op art {n} (genre of abstract art) :: op-taide
op-ed {n} /ˈɒpˌɛd/ (newspaper page containing signed articles) :: mielipidesivu
op-ed {adj} (containing signed articles) :: mielipide-
open {adj} /ˈoʊ.pən/ (not closed) :: avoin, avonainen, auki [adverb]
open {adj} (prepared to conduct business) :: avoinna, auki [adverbs]
open {adj} (receptive) :: avoin
open {adj} (public) :: avoin
open {adj} (candid) :: avoin
open {adj} (math: having a free variable) :: avoin
open {adj} (computing: in current use) :: avoin
open {adj} (business: not fulfilled) :: avoin
open {adj} (music: without any fingers pressing the string against the fingerboard) :: avoin
open {v} (to make something accessible) :: avata
open {v} (to bring up (a topic)) :: avata
open {v} (to make accessible to customers) :: avata
open {v} (to start (a campaign)) :: aloittaa
open {v} (to become open) :: aueta, avautua
open {v} (to begin conducting business) :: aueta
open {v} (poker: to bet before any other player) :: avata
open {v} (poker: to reveal one's hand) :: näyttää
open {v} (computing: to load into memory) :: avata
open {n} (sports event) :: avoimet
open {n} (broken wire) :: katkos
open {n} (open space) :: aukea
open {n} (public knowledge; (to bring into) the open) :: julkisuus
open-air {adj} (taking place outdoors) :: ulko-, ulkoilma-
openbill {n} /ˈəʊpn̩.bɪl/ (bird of the genus Anastomus) :: rakonokka
open book {n} (thing easily interpreted) :: avoin kirja
open book {n} (person naively honest or open) :: avoin kirja
open book {n} (mathematics) SEE: open book decomposition ::
open-book {adj} (referring to certain exams) :: aineisto-, see aineistokoe
open book decomposition {n} (manifold decomposition) :: avoin kirja
open cluster {n} (large spherical star cluster) :: avoin tähtijoukko
open day {n} (casual event where an institution is open for inspection by anyone interested) :: avoimet ovet {p}
open-ended {adj} (unrestricted by definite limits) :: toistaiseksi voimassa oleva [contract etc.], avoin, vapaa
open-ended {adj} (adaptable to change) :: avoin
open-ended {adj} (permitting unstructured response) :: avoin, vapaasti vastattava
open ended straight draw {n} (poker: four cards to a straight, open in both ends) :: avoin neljän suora
opener {n} (bottle opener) SEE: bottle opener ::
opener {n} /ˈəʊpənə/ (device that opens something) :: avaaja
opener {n} (player who starts the betting) :: pelinavaaja
opener {n} (openers: cards of sufficient value to enable a player to open the betting) :: avauskortti
opener {n} (first act in a variety show) :: avausnumero
opener {n} (batsman who normally plays in the first two positions of an innings) :: pelinavaaja
opener {n} (first in a series of events) :: avaus
opener {n} (can opener) SEE: can opener ::
open-eyed {adj} (alert and vigilant) :: avokatseinen
open fire {v} (to begin firing at something or someone) :: avata tuli
open fire {n} (uncovered fire) :: avotuli
open-hearted {adj} (frank) :: avosydäminen
open-hearted {adj} (generous and kind) :: hyväsydäminen
open-hearted {adj} (emotionally receptive) :: sydämellinen
open-heartedly {adv} (frankly, honestly and sincerely) :: avomielisesti, avosydämin
open-heartedly {adv} (kindly and generously) :: hyväsydämisesti
open-heartedly {adv} (receptively) :: sydämellisesti
open-heartedness {n} (frankness; candor and sincerity) :: avomielisyys, avosydämisyys
open-heartedness {n} (generosity and kindness) :: hyväsydämisyys
open-heartedness {n} (receptivity) :: sydämellisyys
open house {n} (house open to callers) :: avointen ovien talo
open house {n} (event at home open to many) :: avoimet ovet
open house {n} (event where a facility or institution is open to the public for inspection or tour) :: avoimet ovet, avointen ovien päivä
open house {n} ([chiefly US, Australian] time when a house for sale is open for inspection) :: näyttö, asuntonäyttö
open house {n} ([US] casual school event to which the school invites parents or guardians) :: vanhempaintilaisuus
opening {n} /ˈoʊ.pənɪŋ/ (act or instance of making or becoming open) :: avaaminen, avautuminen
opening {n} (something that is open) :: aukko, reikä, kolo, rako
opening {n} (act or instance of beginning) :: avaus, aloitus
opening {n} (beginning) :: alku
opening {n} (first performance of a show or play by a particular troupe) :: ensi-ilta
opening {n} (initial period an art gallery or museum is first opened) :: avajaiset {p}
opening {n} (first few measures of a musical composition) :: alku, avaus
opening {n} (first few moves in a game of chess) :: avaus
opening {n} (vacant position, in an array) :: aukko, tyhjä paikka
opening {n} (time available in a schedule) :: aukko
opening {n} (unoccupied employment position) :: avoin paikka
opening {n} (opportunity) :: paikka, tilaisuus, mahdollisuus
opening argument {n} (statement) :: avauspuheenvuoro
opening batsman {n} (first batsman) :: avauslyöjä
opening ceremony {n} (ceremony to mark the official opening of a building or event) :: avajaiset, avajaisseremonia
opening credits {n} (credits shown at the beginning) :: alkutekstit {p}
opening hours {n} (the regular times of day when a shop is open) :: aukioloaika
opening of an envelope {n} (event) :: kissanristiäiset
opening speech {n} (statement made at the beginning) :: avauspuheenvuoro
opening statement {n} (statement) :: avauspuheenvuoro
opening time {n} (time) :: avaamisaika, aukeamisaika
open letter {n} (published letter) :: avoin kirje
openly {adv} /ˈoʊpənli/ (in an open manner, visibly, not covertly) :: avoimesti, julkisesti
open market {n} (competitive market where buyers and sellers can operate without restrictions) :: avoin markkina
open marriage {n} (type of marital relationship) :: avoin avioliitto
open-minded {adj} (willing to consider new ideas) :: ennakkoluuloton, avaramielinen
open-mindedness {n} (characteristic) :: ennakkoluulottomuus, avaramielisyys
open-mouthed {adj} (talkative) :: löyhäsuinen, hölösuinen, avosuinen
open-mouthed {adj} (with the mouth open) :: avosuinen
open-mouthed {adj} (gaping in surprise etc.) :: avosuinen
openness {n} (accommodating attitude or opinion) :: avoimuus
openness {n} (degree to this attitude is exhibited) :: avoimuus
openness {n} (lack of secrecy, transparency) :: avoimuus, läpinäkyvyys
openness {n} (computing: degree of accessibility) :: avoimuus
openness {n} (systems theory: degree to which exchange occurs) :: avoimuus
open one's big mouth {v} (speak when it would be better to stay silent) :: avata suuri suunsa
open-pit mine {n} (mine with an open pit or burrow) :: avolouhos
open relationship {n} (the relationship with possible additional relationships) :: avoin suhde
open sandwich {n} (slice of bread with toppings) :: voileipä
open sea {n} (part of the sea) :: avomeri, aava, aava meri, selkämeri, ulappa, ulkomeri
open sesame {phrase} (open up) :: seesam aukene
open sesame {n} (successful means of achieving a result) :: taikasana, [archaic] seesam
open source {n} (practice) :: avoin lähdekoodi
open source {n} (software) :: avoin lähdekoodi
open source {v} (the practice of providing open source code for a product) :: avata lähdekoodi
open source {v} (open-source software in general) :: avata lähdekoodi
open water {n} (expanse of open sea) :: avovesi, ulappa, selkä
open water {n} (unobstructed water surface) :: avovesi
open water {n} (water not covered by ice) :: avovesi
openwork {n} /ˈəʊpənwɜː(ɹ)k/ (metalwork or needlework having decorative openings) :: reikätyö
opera {n} /ˈɑ.pəɹ.ə/ (theatrical work) :: ooppera
opera {n} (score) :: ooppera
opera {n} (building) :: oopperatalo
operability {n} (extent of being operable) :: toimivuus
opera glasses {n} (small binoculars) :: teatterikiikari
opera house {n} (theatre for opera) :: oopperatalo
operand {n} /ˈɑpəˌɹænd/ (quantity to which an operator is applied) :: operandi
operant conditioning {n} (a technique of behavior modification) :: operantti ehdollistaminen
opera singer {n} (someone who sings opera professionally) :: oopperalaulaja
operate {v} (to perform a work or labour) :: tehdä, toimia, suorittaa
operate {v} (to produce a physical effect) :: toimia, tehota
operate {v} (to produce effect on the mind; to exert moral power) :: vaikuttaa
operate {v} (medicine) :: leikata, operoida
operate {v} (to deal in stocks) :: operoida
operate {v} (to produce, as an effect; to cause) :: aiheuttaa
operate {v} (to operate a machine) :: käyttää
operating room {n} (room in a hospital used for performing surgical operations) :: leikkaussali
operating room table {n} (operating table) SEE: operating table ::
operating system {n} (software which controls computer) :: käyttöjärjestelmä
operating table {n} (table on which a patient lies during a surgical operation) :: leikkauspöytä
operating theatre {n} (room in a hospital used for performing surgery) :: leikkaussali
operating time {n} (time interval between input/request for service and completion of task) :: käyttöaika, toiminta-aika
operation {n} /ˌɑpəˈɹeɪʃən/ (method by which a device performs its function) :: toiminta
operation {n} (method or practice by which actions are done) :: toiminta
operation {n} (surgical procedure) :: leikkaus, operaatio
operation {n} (procedure for generating a value from one or more other values) :: laskutoimitus, operaatio
operation {n} (military campaign) :: operaatio
operational {adj} (of or relating to operations, especially military operations) :: operatiivinen
operational {adj} (functioning and ready for use) :: toimiva, toimintakuntoinen, toimintakykyinen
operational {adj} (effective or operative) :: toimiva
operational {adj} (determined by means of practical measures) :: käytännöllinen
operationalism {n} (philosophy) :: operationalismi
operations research {n} (application of scientific methods and techniques to problems of decision making) :: operaatioanalyysi
operative {adj} (effectual) :: vaikuttava
operative {adj} (functional) :: toimiva
operative {n} (employee with some particular function or skill) :: asiamies
operative {n} (participant in an operation) :: toimija
operator {n} /ˈɑpəˌɹeɪɾɚ/ (one who operates) :: toimija, operaattori; käyttäjä, koneenkäyttäjä [machine operator], kuljettaja [lit. driver]; liikennöitsijä [transportation]
operator {n} (telecommunications operator) :: operaattori, teleoperaattori; keskuksenhoitaja, vaihteenhoitaja
operator {n} (mathematical operator) :: operaattori
operator {n} (Chinese whispers) SEE: Chinese whispers ::
operculum {n} ((zoology) covering flap in animals) :: kiduskansi [in fish]
operetta {n} (lighter version of opera) :: operetti
ophicleide {n} :: ofikleidi
ophidian {n} /oʊˈfɪdi.ən/ (one of the Serpentes) :: käärme
ophidian {adj} (of or pertaining to Serpentes) :: käärmemäinen
Ophiuchus {prop} /ˌoʊfiˈjukəs/ (zodiacal constellation of the northern summer) :: Käärmeenkantaja
ophthalmia {n} :: oftalmia
ophthalmitis {n} (severe conjunctivitis) :: silmätulehdus
ophthalmologist {n} /ˌɒf.θælˈmɒ.lə.dʒɪst/ (eye specialist) :: silmälääkäri
ophthalmology {n} /ˌɒfθəlˈmɒlədʒi/ (eye medicine) :: silmätautioppi, oftalmologia
ophthalmoscope {n} (instrument for examining the interior of the eye) :: silmäntähystin, oftalmoskooppi
opiate {n} /ˈəʊpi.ət/ (drug, hormone or other substance derived from or related to opium) :: opiaatti
opine {v} /oʊˈpaɪn/ (to have or express an opinion) :: esittää mielipiteenään
opine {v} (to state as an opinion) :: esittää mielipiteenään, olla jotakin mieltä
opinion {n} /əˈpɪnjən/ (thought a person has formed about a topic) :: mielipide, näkemys
opinion {n} (EU: A judicial opinion by an Advocate General delivered to the European Court of Justice) :: ratkaisuehdotus
opinion {v} (opine) SEE: opine ::
opinionated {adj} (holding very strong opinions) :: kärkevä, jyrkkä
opinionated {adj} (obstinately holding to one's opinion) :: itsepäinen, besserwisser
opinion poll {n} (poll) :: mielipidekysely, mielipidemittaus
opioid {n} /ˈəʊpiɔɪd/ (substance that has effects similar to opium) :: opioidi
opioid {n} (natural substance) :: opioidi
opioid {n} (synthetic compound) :: opioidi
opium {n} /ˈoʊpi.əm/ (drug from opium poppy) :: oopiumi
opium {n} (anything that numbs or stupefies) :: oopiumi
opium poppy {n} (Papaver somniferum) :: oopiumiunikko
Opium War {prop} (First Opium War or the Second Opium War) :: oopiumisota
opossum {n} /əˈpɑsəm/ (marsupial of the Didelphidae) :: opossumi
opponent {n} /ɒpəʊnən̩t/ (rival) :: vastustaja, vastaehdokas; vastaväittäjä, opponentti [examiner in a thesis defense]
opponent {n} (one who attempts to stop the progression of) :: vastustaja
opponent {n} (one who objects to) :: vastustaja
opponent {n} (player of an opposite team) :: vastustaja
opportunely {adv} /ˌɑ.pɚˈ (in a manner suitable for some particular purpose) :: sopivasti, sattuvasti
opportunely {adv} (in a manner convenient or advantageous at some particular time) :: sopivasti, sattuvasti
opportunism {n} (the taking of opportunities) :: opportunismi
opportunist {n} (someone who takes advantage of any opportunity) :: opportunisti
opportunity {n} /ˌɒp.əˈtjuː.nɪ.ti/ (chance for advancement, progress or profit) :: tilaisuus, mahdollisuus
opportunity {n} (favorable circumstance or occasion) :: tilaisuus
opportunity cost {n} (cost of something in terms of an opportunity forgone) :: vaihtoehtoiskustannus
oppose {v} /əˈpoʊz/ (to attempt to stop the progression of) :: vastustaa
oppose {v} (to object to) :: vastustaa
opposed {adj} /əˈpoʊzd/ (acting in opposition; opposing) :: vastustava
opposed {adj} (being, of having an opponent; not unopposed) :: vastustettu
opposite {adj} /ˈɑp(ə)sɪt/ (located directly across from) :: vastapäinen
opposite {adj} (facing the other way) :: vastakkainen
opposite {adj} (of complementary or mutually exclusive things) :: vastakkainen
opposite {n} (contrary thing) :: vastakohta
opposite {n} (opponent) :: vastustaja, vastaväittäjä, opponentti
opposite {n} (antonym) :: antonyymi, vastakohta
opposite {adv} (in an opposite position) :: vastapäätä
opposite {prep} (across from) :: vastapäätä
opposite {prep} (in a complementary role to) :: vastanäyttelijänä [noun usage, see fi entry]
opposite angle {n} (either of the angles directly opposite to each other when two lines intersect in a plane) SEE: vertical angle ::
opposite sex {n} (the other gender to which one is referring) :: vastakkainen sukupuoli
opposition {n} /ɑpəˈzɪʃn̩/ (action) :: vastustus, vastarinta, vastaisuus
opposition {n} (opposite) :: vastapuoli
opposition {n} (political) :: oppositio
opposition {n} (astronomy) :: oppositio
oppositionist {n} (a person who opposes; especially a member of an official opposition) :: vastustaja
oppress {v} (keep down by unjust force) :: sortaa, alistaa
oppress {v} (to make sad or gloomy) :: painaa + genitive + mieltä, ahdistaa
oppressed {adj} (Subject to oppression) :: sorrettu
oppression {n} (act of oppressing, or the state of being oppressed) :: sorto
oppression {n} (exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner) :: sortaminen
oppressive {adj} /əˈpɹɛs.ɪv/ (tyrannical or exercising unjust power) :: sortava, sorto-
oppressive {adj} (overpowering or overwhelming) :: pakahduttava
oppressive {adj} (hot and humid of weather) :: painostava
oppressor {n} (oppressor) :: sortaja
op shop {n} (thrift shop) SEE: thrift shop ::
opt {v} /ɒpt/ (to choose) :: päättää, valita
optative {n} /ˈɒptətɪv/ (optative) :: optatiivi
optical {adj} (designed to assist or enhance sight) :: optinen
optical {adj} (relating to visible light) :: optinen
optical {adj} (incorporating light-sensitive devices) :: optinen
optical character recognition {n} (electronic identification and digital encoding of characters) :: tekstintunnistus
optical disc {n} (data storage medium) :: optinen levy
optical fibre {n} (fibre used for transmitting light) :: valokuitu
optical illusion {n} (image that is visually deceptive or misleading) :: optinen harha, näköharha
optically active {adj} (exhibiting optical activity) :: optisesti aktiivinen
optical telescope {n} (instrument which provides a magnified view of distant objects) :: optinen teleskooppi
optic chiasm {n} (part of the brain) :: näköhermoristi
optician {n} (a person who makes or sells lenses, spectacles) :: optikko
optic nerve {n} (nerve) :: näköhermo
optics {n} (physics of light and vision) :: optiikka, valo-oppi
optimal {adj} /ˈɑptɪməl/ (the best) :: optimaalinen
optimism {n} /ˈɑptɪmɪzəm/ (a tendency to expect the best) :: optimismi
optimism {n} (the doctrine that this world is the best of all possible worlds) :: optimismi
optimism {n} (the belief that good will eventually triumph over evil) :: optimismi
optimist {n} /ˈɑptɪmɪst/ (a person who expects a favourable outcome) :: optimisti
optimist {n} (a small centre-board sailing dinghy) :: optimistijolla
optimistic {adj} /ˌɑptɪˈmɪstɪk/ (expecting a good outcome) :: optimistinen
optimistic {adj} (computing) :: optimistinen
optimization {n} (the design and operation of a system or process to make it as good as possible in some defined sense) :: optimointi
optimize {v} /ˈɑptɪmaɪz/ (to make (something) optimal) :: optimoida
optimize {v} (to make (something) more efficient) :: optimoida, tehostaa
optimize {v} (to become optimal) :: optimoida
option {n} /ˈɑpʃən/ (one of the choices which can be made) :: vaihtoehto
option {n} (freedom or right to choose) :: valinnanvapaus
option {n} (financial product) :: optio
option {n} (button) :: valikko
optional {adj} (not compulsory) :: valinnainen
option button {n} (radio button) SEE: radio button ::
optometric {adj} (of or pertaining to optometry) :: optometrinen
optometrist {n} /ɑpˈtɑmətɹɪst/ (person trained in examining and testing the eyes for defects) :: optometristi
optometry {n} (art and science of vision and eye care) :: optometria
opt out {v} (To choose not to participate in something) :: jättää väliin, jättäytyä pois
opuntia {n} (Genus of flower) :: opuntia
or {conj} /ɔɹ/ (conjunction) :: tai [inclusive in question clauses]; vai [exclusive, only in question clauses]
or {n} (gold or yellow tincture) :: kulta
or {adj} (of yellow or gold tincture on a coat of arms) :: kultainen
OR {n} (logic: (noun sense)) :: TAI
orach {n} (saltbush) SEE: saltbush ::
oracle {n} /ˈɔɹəkəl/ (shrine to prophetic deity) :: oraakkeli
oracle bone {n} (piece of turtle shell or bone used for divination) :: oraakkeliluu
oracle bone script {n} (incised ancient Chinese characters found on oracle bones) :: oraakkeliluukirjoitus
oracle machine {n} (theoretical machine) :: oraakkelikone
oracular {adj} /ɔˈɹæk.ju.lɚ/ (of or relating to an oracle) :: oraakkelimainen
oracular {adj} (prophetic, foretelling the future) :: oraakkelimainen
oracular {adj} (ambiguous, hard to interpret) :: oraakkelimainen
oracularly {adv} (in an oracular manner) :: oraakkelimaisesti
oral {adj} /ˈɔɹəl/ (relating to the mouth) :: suu-, suun, oraalinen
oral {adj} (spoken) :: suullinen
oral candidiasis {n} (condition) :: sammas
oral cavity {n} (medical term for the mouth) :: suuontelo
oral history {n} (collection and study of orally transferred historical information) :: suullinen historia
oral history {n} (oral tradition) SEE: oral tradition ::
oral hygiene {n} (keeping the mouth clean) :: suuhygienia
oral lore {n} (oral tradition) SEE: oral tradition ::
orally {adv} (by mouth) :: suun kautta
orally {adv} (spoken) :: suullisesti
oral sex {n} (stimulation of the genitals using the mouth) :: suuseksi, oraaliseksi
oral tradition {n} (cultural material transmitted orally from one generation to another) :: suullinen perinne
orange {n} /ˈɑɹɪ̈nd͡ʒ/ (tree) :: appelsiinipuu
orange {n} (fruit) :: appelsiini
orange {n} (colour) :: oranssi
orange {adj} (having the colour of the fruit of an orange tree) :: oranssi
Orange {prop} (Orange River) SEE: Orange River ::
orangeade {n} /ˈɒ.ɹɪn.ˌdʒeɪd/ (orange-flavored soft drink) :: appelsiinijuoma; appelsiinilimonadi [soda]
orangeade {n} (soda water and orange juice) :: appelsiinisooda
orange blossom {n} (white flower of the orange tree) :: appelsiininkukka
Orange Free State {prop} (former province of South Africa) :: Oranjen vapaavaltio
Orange GGN {n} (orange azo dye) :: oranssi GGN, lisäaine E111
orange juice {n} (juice of squeezed oranges) :: appelsiinimehu, appelsiinitäysmehu
Orange-Nassau {prop} (royal house or family of the Netherlands) :: Orania-Nassau-suku
Orange-Nassau {prop} (Principality of Orange-Nassau) :: Orania-Nassau
orangeness {n} (quality) :: oranssisuus, oranssius
Orange Order {prop} (organization) :: oranialaisveljeskunta
Orange River {prop} (longest river in South Africa) :: Oranjejoki
orangutan {n} /əˈɹæŋ.əˌtæn/ (arboreal anthropoid ape) :: oranki
orant {n} (image) :: adorantti
orate {v} /ˈɔɹ.eɪt/ (to speak formally; to give a speech) :: puhua, pitää puhe
orate {v} (to speak passionately; to preach) :: saarnata, paasata
oration {n} /ɔɹˈeɪʃən/ (speech) :: juhlapuhe
orator {n} /ˈɒ.ɹə.tə(ɹ)/ (someone who orates or delivers an oration) :: puhuja
oratory {n} (eloquence) SEE: eloquence ::
oratory {n} /ˈɔ.ɹə.tɔ.ɹi/ (art of public speaking) :: puhetaito
orb {n} (period of time marked off by the revolution of a heavenly body) SEE: year ::
orb {n} (circle) SEE: circle ::
orb {n} (orbit) SEE: orbit ::
orb {n} /oɹb/ (spherical body) :: pallo
orb {n} (mythology: transparent sphere carrying the heavenly bodies) :: sfääri
orb {n} (poetic: a revolving circular body; a wheel) :: pyörä
orb {n} (sphere of action) :: ympyrät {p}
orb {n} (monarch's ceremonial sphere) SEE: globus cruciger ::
orbicular {adj} /ɔɹˈbɪk.ju.lɚ/ (circular or spherical in shape) :: kehämäinen
orbit {n} (path of one object around another) :: kiertorata, rata
orbit {n} (sphere of influence) :: vaikutuspiiri
orbit {n} (course of usual progression) :: reitti
orbit {n} (wave-like function) :: orbitaali
orbit {v} (circle another object) :: kiertää
orbit {v} (move around the general vicinity of) :: ympäröidä
orbit {v} (place an object into an orbit) :: viedä radalleen
orbit {n} (eye socket) SEE: eye socket ::
orbital cavity {n} (eye socket) SEE: eye socket ::
orc {n} /ɔɹk/ (evil monstrous humanoid creature) :: örkki
orc {n} (Orcinus orca) SEE: orca ::
orca {n} /ˈɔɹkə/ (Orcinus orca) :: miekkavalas
orchard {n} /ˈɔː(ɹ).tʃəd/ (land for cultivation of fruit or nut trees) :: hedelmätarha, hedelmäpuutarha
orchard {n} (the trees in an orchard) :: hedelmäpuut
orchestra {n} (large group of musicians who play together on various instruments) :: orkesteri
orchestra {n} (semicircular space in front of the stage used by the chorus in Ancient theatres) :: orkestra, orkesteri
orchestra {n} (the area in a theatre or concert hall where the musicians sit) :: orkesterimonttu
orchestral {adj} /ˌɔɹˈkɛstɹəl/ (relating to an orchestra) :: orkestraalinen
orchestrate {v} /ˈɔɹ.kəstˌɹeɪt/ (to arrange or score music for performance by an orchestra) :: soitintaa
orchestrate {v} (to compose or arrange orchestral music for a dramatic performance) :: säveltää [to compose], sovittaa [to arrange]
orchestrate {v} (to arrange or direct diverse elements to achieve a desired effect) :: järjestää, organisoida,
orchestration {n} (arrangement of music for an orchestra) :: orkesterisovitus, soitinnus, orkestraatio, orkestrointi
orchestration {n} (composition that has been orchestrated) :: orkesterisovitus, orkestraatio
orchestration {n} (control of diverse elements) :: orkestrointi
orchid {n} /ˈɔɹkɪd/ (plant) :: kämmekkä, orkidea
orchidectomy {n} (removal of testicles) :: orkidektomia
ordeal {n} /ɔɹˈdiəl/ (a painful or trying experience) :: koettelemus
order {n} /ˈɔɹdɚ/ (arrangement, disposition) :: järjestys
order {n} (good arrangement) :: järjestys
order {n} (command) :: käsky, komento
order {n} (request for some product or service) :: tilaus
order {n} (religious group) :: veljeskunta, lahko
order {n} (society of knights) :: ritarikunta
order {n} (awarded decoration) :: kunniamerkki
order {n} (biology: taxonomical classification) :: lahko
order {n} (cricket: sequence in which a side’s batsmen bat) :: lyöntijärjestys
order {n} (electronics: power of polynomial function in a circuit’s block) :: aste
order {n} (graph theory: number of vertices in a graph) :: aste
order {n} (highest exponent in a polynomial) :: aste
order {v} (to set in (any) order) :: järjestää
order {v} (to set in (a good) order) :: järjestää
order {v} (to issue a command) :: käskeä, määrätä
order {v} (to request some product or service) :: tilata
ordered pair {n} (in set theory) :: järjestetty pari
orderly {adj} /ˈɔɹdɚli/ (neat; tidy; possessing order) :: järjestynyt
orderly {n} (hospital attendant given a variety of non-medical duties) :: sairaala-apulainen
orderly {n} (soldier who carries out minor tasks for a superior officer) :: sotilaspalvelija
Order of Australia {prop} (order of chivalry) :: Australian ritarikunta
order of business {n} (task which needs to be completed) :: tehtävä
order of business {n} (sequence in which tasks need to be completed) :: suoritusjärjestys, työjärjestys, työohjelma
order of knighthood {n} (order) :: ritarikunta
order of magnitude {n} (class of scale) :: suuruusluokka, kertaluokka
order of operations {n} (a sequence) :: laskujärjestys
order of succession {n} (formula of succession) :: perimysjärjestys, kruununperimysjärjestys
ordinal {adj} /ˈɔːɹd.nəl/ (indicating position in a numerical sequence) :: ordinaalinen
ordinal {adj} (taxonomy: of or relating to orders) :: lahkon, lahko-
ordinal {n} (ordinal number, see also: ordinal number) :: ordinaali, ordinaalilukusana [word]; ordinaaliluku [number], järjestysluku
ordinal {n} (book) :: ordinaali
ordinal direction {n} (intercardinal direction) SEE: intercardinal direction ::
ordinal number {n} (grammar: word used to denote relative position in a sequence) :: järjestyslukusana, ordinaalilukusana
ordinal number {n} (arithmetic: number used to denote position in a sequence) :: järjestysluku, ordinaaliluku
ordinal number {n} (generalized kind of number to denote the length of a well-order on a set) :: ordinaali
ordinal variable {n} (variable) :: järjestysasteikollinen muuttuja
ordinary {adj} /ˈɔɹdɪnɛɹi/ (normal, routine) :: tavallinen
ordinary {n} (standard geometric design in heraldics) :: airutkuvio
ordinary differential equation {n} (equation) :: tavallinen differentiaaliyhtälö
ordinary seaman {n} (lowest grade of seaman) :: puolimatruusi
ordinate {n} /ˈɔːɹ.dənɪt/ (y coordinate) :: ordinaatta
ordnance {n} /ˈɔɹdnəns/ (military equipment) :: taisteluväline; sotamateriaali, sotatarvike
ordnance {n} (arms and ammunition) :: ampumatarvikkeet
ordnance {n} (artillery) :: tykistö
Ordovician {prop} (Ordovician period) :: ordoviikkikausi
ordure {n} (dirt, filth) SEE: dirt ::
ore {n} /ɔɹ/ (rock that contains materials that can be economically extracted and processed) :: malmi
oregano {n} /əˈɹɛɡənoʊ/ (plant) :: mäkimeirami
oregano {n} (leaves used to flavour food) :: oregano
Oregon {prop} /ˈɔɹɪɡən/ (northwestern state of the United States of America) :: Oregon
Oregon grape {n} (Mahonia aquifolium) :: mahonia
or else {phrase} (as an alternative) :: tai muuten
Orenburg {prop} (city in Russia) :: Orenburg
Oresund {prop} /ˈɜːsʊnd/ (strait) :: Juutinrauma
Oresund Bridge {prop} /ˌɜːsʊnd ˈbɹɪdʒ/ (bridge) :: Juutinrauman silta
orfe {n} (Leuciscus idus) SEE: ide ::
organ {n} /ˈɔɹ.ɡən/ (part of an organism) :: elin
organ {n} (body of an organization) :: toimielin, elin
organ {n} (musical instrument) :: urut {p}
organ {n} (official magazine, newsletter, or similar publication) :: äänenkannattaja
organ {n} (species of cactus) :: urkupillikaktus [taxonomic name also used]
organ {n} (words derived from "organ" and meaning "penis") :: elin
organ donation {n} (donating one's organ) :: elintenluovutus, elimenluovutus
organ donor {n} (person from whom an organ is removed) :: elimenluovuttaja, elintenluovuttaja
organelle {n} /ˌɔɹ.ɡənˈɛl/ (a membrane bound compartment found within cells) :: soluelin
organ gun {n} (firearm) :: tuiskupyssy, urkupyssy
organ harvesting {n} (removal of human organs) :: elinsiirtotoiminta
organic {adj} /ɔɹˈɡænɪk/ (pertaining to, or derived from living organisms) :: orgaaninen, eloperäinen
organic {adj} (pertaining to an organ) :: elimellinen, elin-
organic {adj} (chemistry: relating to the compounds of carbon) :: orgaaninen
organic {adj} (of food and food products: grown without agrichemicals) :: luomu-, luonnonmukainen
organic {n} (organic compound) SEE: organic compound ::
organic chemistry {n} (chemistry of carbon containing compounds) :: orgaaninen kemia
organic compound {n} (carbon containing covalent compound) :: orgaaninen yhdiste
organic farming {n} (approach to farming based on biological methods) :: luomuviljely
organic matter {n} (organic matter) :: orgaaninen aine, eloperäinen aine
organigram {n} (representation of a structure or organization) :: organisaatiokaavio
organise {v} (organize) SEE: organize ::
organised {adj} (organized) SEE: organized ::
organism {n} /ˈɔɹ.ɡən.ɪ.zəm/ (living thing) :: eliö, organismi
organism {n} (any complex thing with properties normally associated with living things.) :: organismi
organist {n} (musician who plays the organ) :: urkuri
organization {n} /ˌɔɹɡənɪˈzeɪʃən/ (quality of being organized) :: järjestäytyminen, organisoituminen; järjestys
organization {n} (the way in which something is organized) :: rakenne, jäsentely
organization {n} (group of people or other legal entities with an explicit purpose and written rules) :: järjestö, organisaatio
organization {n} (group of people consciously cooperating) :: järjestö
organizational {adj} (of an organization) :: organisatorinen, organisaatio-, järjestelmällinen, järjestelmä-
organizational {adj} (relating to the action of organizing something) :: organisointi-, organisatorinen
organizational crime {n} (type of white-collar crime) :: organisaatiorikollisuus [phenomenon], organisaatiorikos [act]
organization chart {n} (chart of reporting relationships in an organization) :: organisaatiokaavio
organize {v} /ˈɔɹɡənaɪz/ (to arrange in working order) :: järjestää, järjestellä
organize {v} (to constitute in parts, each having a special function; to systematize) :: järjestää, systematisoida
organize {v} (to furnish with organs; to give organic structure to; to endow with capacity for functions of life) :: järjestää, organisoida
organized {adj} /ˈɔɹɡənaɪzd/ (characterised by efficient organization) :: järjestelmällinen
organized crime {n} (criminal organizations seen as a whole) :: järjestäytynyt rikollisuus
organized crime {n} (crimes carried out by these organizations) :: järjestäytynyt rikollisuus
organized religion {n} (religion) :: järjestäytynyt uskonto
organizer {n} (person arranging public events) :: järjestäjä, organisoija, organisaattori, puuhamies
organizer {n} (hand-held micro-computer) :: kämmentietokone
organochlorine {n} (chlorine substituted organic compound) :: orgaaninen klooriyhdiste
organ of state {n} (primary division of state's sovereignty) :: valtiomahti
organoleptic {adj} (of or pertaining to sensory properties of a particular substance) :: aistinvarainen
organoleptically {adv} (in organoleptic manner) :: aistinvaraisesti
organomercury {adj} (of an organic compound, containing a carbon to mercury bond) :: organoelohopea-
organ stop {n} (knob) :: rekisteritappi
organ stop {n} (timbre) :: äänenväri
organ transplant {n} (surgical operation) :: elimensiirto
orgasm {n} /ˈɔɹ.ɡæz.əm/ (the peak of sexual pleasure) :: orgasmi
orgasm {v} (to have an orgasm) :: saada orgasmi
orgasm {n} (orgasm) SEE: climax ::
OR gate {n} (a physical Boolean device) :: OR-portti, TAI-portti
orgulous {adj} /ˈɔɹɡjələs/ (proud, haughty) :: ylpeä, koppava
orgulous {adj} (ostentatious, showy) :: komea, näyttävä
orgulous {adj} (swollen, augmented, excessive) :: paisunut, koppava
orgulous {adj} (threatening, dangerous) :: uhkaava
orgy {n} /ˈɔː.dʒi/ (sexual group activity) :: orgiat {p}, ryhmäseksi
orgy {n} (excessive activity) :: orgiat {p}, mässäily
Orient {prop} (Countries of Asia) :: orientti
Oriental {adj} /ɔːɹiˈɛntl̩/ (of or relating to the Orient or Asia, especially the Far East) :: itämainen, orientaalinen
Oriental {n} (person) :: itämaalainen
Oriental Republic of Uruguay {prop} (official name of Uruguay) :: Uruguayn itäinen tasavalta
oriental turtle dove {n} (species of pigeon) :: idänturturikyyhky
oriented {adj} (having a specific orientation) :: sävyttynyt, -painotteinen
orienteer {n} (someone who takes part in the sport of orienteering) :: suunnistaja
orienteer {v} (to race across unfamiliar countryside using a map and compass) :: suunnistaa
orienteering {n} (racing across unfamiliar countryside using a map and compass) :: suunnistus
orifice {n} (orifice (see anus etc. for specific body cavities)) SEE: hole ::
orifice {n} (mouth or aperture, as of a tube, pipe) :: aukko , reikä
origami {n} /ˌɔɹəˈɡɑmi/ (the Japanese art of paper folding) :: origami
origin {n} /ˈɒ.ɹɨ.dʒɨn/ (beginning of something) :: alkuperä
origin {n} (source of a river, information, goods, etc.) :: lähteet {p} [of a river], alkuperä [of information etc.]
origin {n} (point at which the axes of a coordinate system intersect) :: origo
origin {n} (ancestry) :: syntyperä
original {adj} /əˈɹɪdʒɪnəl/ (first in a series) :: alkuperäinen, ensimmäinen
original {adj} (newly created) :: tuore, alkuperäinen
original {adj} (fresh, different) :: tuore, omaperäinen, originelli, omintakeinen
original {adj} (pioneering) :: alkuperäinen, ensimmäinen
original {adj} (having as its origin) :: peräisin
original {n} (object from which all later copies and variations are derived) :: alkuperäiskappale, originaali
original {n} (person with a unique and interesting personality and/or creative talent) :: ainutlaatuinen ihminen, originelli persoona
original {n} (archaism for an eccentric) SEE: eccentric ::
originality {n} /əˌɹɪdʒɪˈnælɪti/ (the quality of being original or novel) :: omaperäisyys, omintakeisuus, omaleimaisuus
original sin {n} (Adam's disobedience) :: perisynti
original sin {n} (state of sinfulness in each human) :: perisynti
origin story {n} (account of how a fictional character or characters became a protagonist or antagonist) :: alkuperätarina
Orimattila {prop} (town) :: Orimattila
O-ring {n} :: o-rengas
Orinoco {prop} /ˌoʊɹɪˈnoʊkoʊ/ (river) :: Orinoco
oriole {n} /ˈɔɹi.əl/ (any of the various colourful passerine birds) :: kuhankeittäjä [Oriolidae], turpiaali [Icteridae]
Orion {prop} /əˈɹaɪən/ (constellation) :: Orion, Väinämöisen Viikate, kalevanmiekka
Orion Nebula {prop} (A nebula below Orion's Belt) :: Orionin sumu
Orion's Belt {prop} (bright asterism) :: Orionin vyö
Orivesi {prop} (municipality) :: Orivesi
Oriya {prop} (language) :: orija
orlop {n} (ship) :: alakansi
orlop deck {n} (lowest deck) :: köysikansi, alakansi
ornament {n} /ˈɔɹnəmənt/ (element of decoration) :: koriste, koriste-esine, ornamentti
ornament {n} (Christmas tree decoration) :: joulukuusen koriste
ornament {n} (musical flourish) :: ornamentiikka
ornament {v} (to decorate) :: somistaa, koristella
ornament {v} (to add to) :: koristella
ornamental {adj} /ˌɔɹnəˈmɛntl/ (serving to ornament) :: koristeellinen
ornamental {n} (plant serving to ornament) :: koristeellinen
ornate {adj} /ɔɹˈneɪt/ (elaborately ornamented, often to excess) :: koristeellinen, koristeltu
ornate wolf {n} (Lycaon pictus) SEE: African hunting dog ::
ornithological {adj} (of or pertaining to ornithology) :: lintutieteellinen, ornitologinen
ornithologist {n} (expert in ornithology) :: lintutieteilijä, ornitologi
ornithology {n} (scientific study of birds) :: lintutiede, ornitologia
ornithopter {n} /ˈɔɹ.nɪˌθɑp.tɚ/ (aircraft that flaps its wings) :: ornitopteri, siipilyöntilentokone
Oromo {prop} (language) :: oromo
orosomucoid {n} (acidoglycoprotein found in blood plasma) :: orosomukoidi
orotic acid {n} (pyrimidine carboxylic acid) :: oroottihappo
orphan {n} /ˈɔːfən/ (person whose (parent or) parents have died) :: orpo
orphan {n} (young animal with no mother) :: orpo
orphan {n} (anything unsupported) :: orpo
orphan {n} (single line of type at the bottom of page) :: orporivi
orphan {n} (computing: unreferenced object) :: orpo
orphanage {n} /ˈɔː(ɹ)fənɪd͡ʒ/ (a residential institution for the care and protection of orphans) :: orpokoti; lastenkoti
orphanarium {n} (orphanage) SEE: orphanage ::
orphanhood {n} (orphanhood) :: orpous
Orpheus {prop} /ˈɔɹfi.əs/ (the musician who searched for Eurydice) :: Orfeus
orrery {n} /ˈɒ.ɹə.ɹi/ (clockwork model) :: orraario, aurinkokuntamalli
or so {phrase} (roughly, appoximately) :: suunnilleen, noin
or something {phrase} (or something like that) :: tai jotain
ort {n} /ɔːɹt/ (a scrap of leftover) :: tähde
orthocenter {n} :: ortokeskus
orthoclase {n} (potassium aluminum silicate) :: ortoklaasi
orthodontics {n} (correcting misalignment of teeth) :: oikomishoito, hampaiden oionta
orthodox {adj} /ˈɔːɹθədɑks/ (conforming to accepted, established, or traditional doctrines of a given faith, religion, or ideology) :: ortodoksinen, ortodoksi-, puhdasoppinen
orthodox {adj} (adhering to whatever is customary, traditional, or generally accepted) :: ortodoksinen, perinteinen, puhdasoppinen
Orthodox {adj} (of the Eastern Christian Orthodox church) :: ortodoksinen
Orthodox {adj} (of Orthodox Judaism) :: ortodoksinen, ortodoksijuutalainen
Orthodox Church {n} (the Eastern body of Christendom) :: ortodoksinen kirkko
orthodoxia {n} (correct praise) :: ortodoksia
Orthodox Judaism {prop} (Traditional Rabbinic branch of Judaism) :: ortodoksijuutalaisuus
orthodoxly {adv} /ˈɔːθədɒksli/ (in a correct or proper way) :: oikeaoppisesti
orthodoxly {adv} (religion: according to doctrine) :: oikeaoppisesti
orthodoxy {n} /ˈɔːɹθədɑːksi/ (correctness in doctrine and belief) :: puhdasoppisuus, ortodoksisuus
orthodoxy {n} (the beliefs and practices of the Eastern Orthodox Church) SEE: Orthodoxy ::
Orthodoxy {prop} /ˈɔːɹθədɑːksi/ (the Eastern Orthodox Church and its foundations) :: ortodoksisuus [Eastern Orthodoxy], ortodoksijuutalaisuus [Orthodox Judaism]
orthoepy {n} /ˈɔɹθoʊˌɛpi/ (the correct pronunciation of words) :: oikea ääntäminen
orthoepy {n} (the study of correct pronunciation of words) :: ortoepia
orthogonal {adj} /ɔɹˈθɑɡənəl/ (of right angles) :: ortogonaalinen, suorakulmainen
orthogonality {n} (the property of being orthogonal) :: kohtisuoruus
orthograph {n} /ˈɔː(ɹ)θəɡɹæf/ (orthographic projection) :: ortografinen projektio
orthographic {adj} /ˌɔːɹθəˈɡɹæfɪk/ (projection of maps) :: ortografinen
orthographic {adj} (orthography) :: ortografinen
orthographically {adv} (in an orthographical manner) :: ortografisesti
orthography {n} /ɔɹˈθɑɡ.ɹə.fi/ (study of correct spelling) :: ortografia, oikeinkirjoitusoppi
orthography {n} (aspect of language study) :: ortografia, oikeinkirjoitusoppi
orthography {n} (method of representing a language by written symbols) :: oikeinkirjoitus, oikeinkirjoitusjärjestelmä
orthopedia {n} (orthopedics) SEE: orthopedics ::
orthopedics {n} (medicine: a branch of medicine) :: ortopedia
orthophoto {n} (geometrically corrected aerial photograph) :: ortokuva
orthorexia {n} (obsession with healthy food) :: ortoreksia
orthorexic {adj} (having the obsession for healthy food) :: ortorektinen
orthorexic {n} (person suffering from orthorexia) :: ortorektikko
orthorhombic {adj} (having three unequal axes at right angles) :: rombinen, ortorombinen
orthosilicate {n} (mineral) :: nesosilikaatti
orthosilicic acid {n} (Si(OH)4) :: ortopiihappo
orthostatic {adj} (of or relating to upright posture) :: ortostaattinen, pysty
orthostatic {adj} (archeology: of or relating to a orthostat) :: ortostaattinen
or words to that effect {phrase} (used to indicate a paraphrase) :: tai jotakin vastaavaa
Oryol {prop} (a city in Russia) :: Orjol
oryx {n} (antelope) :: keihäsantilooppi
os {n} /ɑs/ (medical term for bone) :: os
os {n} (external end of the cervix) :: kohdunnapukka
Osaka {prop} /oʊˈsɑkə/ (city in Honshū, Japan) :: Osaka
Oscan {prop} /ˈɑːskən/ (Language) :: oski
Oscar {prop} /ˈɑs.kɚ/ (male given name) :: Oskari
Oscar {prop} (the letter "O") :: Otto
OSCE {initialism} (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) :: Etyj, ETYJ
oscillate {v} /ˈɑsɪleɪt/ (to swing back and forth, especially if with a regular rhythm) :: värähdellä, heilua, oskilloida
oscillator {n} (an electronic circuit used to generate a continuous output waveform) :: oskillaattori
oscillogram {n} (record produced by oscillograph) :: oskillogrammi
oscillograph {n} (oscilloscope) SEE: oscilloscope ::
oscilloscope {n} /əˈsɪl.ɪ.skəʊp/ (electronic measuring instrument) :: oskilloskooppi
osier {n} /ˈoʊʒəɹ/ (plant) :: koripaju
osier {n} (twig) :: koripaju
Osiris {prop} /oʊˈsaɪɹɪs/ (Egyptian god of the dead and of the underworld) :: Osiris
Oslo {prop} /ˈɒzləʊ/ (the capital and a county municipality of Norway) :: Oslo
Osloite {adj} (from Oslo) :: oslolainen
osmanthus {n} (plant) :: osmanthus
osmeriform {adj} (of the order Osmeriformes) :: kuoreensukuinen
osmium {n} /ˈɒzmiəm/ (chemical element) :: osmium
osmoregulation {n} (homeostatic regulation of osmotic pressure) :: osmoregulaatio
osmosis {n} (movement of molecules) :: osmoosi
osmosis {n} (picking up knowledge accidentally) :: samalla [adverb: through osmosis]
osmotic {adj} (of or relating to osmosis) :: osmoottinen
osmotic pressure {n} (hydrostatic pressure) :: osmoottinen paine
Osmussaar {prop} (Island in northwest Estonia) :: Osmussaari
osprey {n} /ˈɑspɹi/ (bird of prey) :: sääksi, kalasääski
osseous {adj} (relating to bone) :: luu- [consisting of bone tissue], luinen [made of bone]
osseous tissue {n} (structural and supportive connective tissue) :: luukudos
Ossetia {prop} /əˈsɛtiə/ (region in the Caucasus) :: Ossetia
Ossetian {adj} /ɑːˈseti.ən/ (pertaining to Ossetia) :: ossetialainen, osseetti-
Ossetian {n} (member of the people) :: osseetti
Ossetian {prop} (language) :: osseetti
Ossian {prop} (male given name) :: Ossian
ossicle {n} /ˈɒsɪkəl/ (small bone in the ear; auditory ossicle) :: kuuloluu
ossification {n} (process by which bone is formed) :: luutuminen
ossification {n} (calcification of tissue) :: luutuminen; luuduttaminen, luudutus [causing to ossify]; luutuma [mass]
ossification {n} (process of becoming set mentally) :: luutuminen
ossified {adj} (of ideas or attitudes, inflexible, old-fashioned) :: kangistunut
ossify {v} /ˈɑ.sə.faɪ/ (to transform into bone) :: luutua [intransitive], luuduttaa [transitive]
ossify {v} (to become inflexible in habits or opinions) :: luutua [intransitive], luuduttaa [transitive]
ossify {v} (to grow formulaic and permanent) :: vakiintua [intransitive], vakiinnuttaa [transitive]
ossify {v} (to calcify) SEE: calcify ::
osso buco {n} /ˌɑsoʊ ˈbukoʊ/ (Italian meat dish) :: osso buco
ossuary {n} (a place where the dead are buried) :: ossuaari, luuhuone
ostensible {adj} /ɑˈstɛns.ɪ.bəl/ (meant for open display; apparent) :: näennäinen
ostensible {adj} (appearing as such; professed, supposed) :: näennäinen
ostensibly {adv} /ɑːˈstɛn.sə.bli/ (ostensibly) :: näennäisesti
ostentation {n} /ˌɒstənˈteɪʃən/ (display of excessive show in an attempt to impress others) :: näytös, näytelmä
ostentation {n} (show or spectacle) :: näytös
ostentatious {adj} /ˌɒs.tɛnˈteɪ.ʃəs/ (of ostentation) :: ylitsevuotava, liiallinen, mahtaileva, pramea
ostentatious {adj} (intended to attract notice) :: huomiotaherättävä, provokatiivinen
ostentatious {adj} (of tawdry display) :: mauton, pramea, kitsahtava
osteoblast {n} (cell) :: luunemosolu
osteochondrosis {n} /ˌɒstiːəʊkɒnˈdɹəʊsɪs/ (family of orthopedic diseases) :: osteokondroosi, Scheuermannin tauti
osteoclast {n} (cell) :: luunsyöjäsolu
osteocyte {n} (mature bone cell) :: luusolu
osteological {adj} (of or relating to osteology) :: osteologinen
osteology {n} (study of bones) :: osteologia
osteology {n} (bone structure of a particular individual or species) :: luusto
osteolysis {n} (dissolution of bone tissue) :: osteolyysi, luun liukeneminen
osteomalacia {n} (medicine: a softening of adult bones due to inadequate mineralization) :: osteomalasia
osteopath {n} (medicine: a healthcare practitioner who practices osteopathy by manipulating the skeleton and muscles) :: osteopaatti
osteopetrosis {n} (hereditary disorder) :: osteopetroosi
osteophyte {n} /ˈɑstioʊˌfaɪt/ (abnormal growth of bone) :: osteofyytti
osteoporosis {n} (bone disease) :: osteoporoosi, luukato
ostinato {n} /ɒstɪˈnɑtoʊ/ (music: figure that is repeated over and over) :: ostinato
ostmark {n} (currency) :: Itä-Saksan markka, itämarkka
ostomy {n} (surgical procedure) :: avanteen teko
ostomy {n} (exit point) :: avanne
ostracism {n} /ˈɒstɹəsɪz(ə)m/ (in ancient Greece, the temporary banishment by popular vote) :: ostrakismos
ostracism {n} (banishment, exclusion from community) :: eristäminen
ostracize {v} (exclude someone) :: eristää
Ostrava {prop} (city in the Czech Republic) :: Ostrava
ostrich {n} /ˈɔs.tɹɪt͡ʃ/ (large flightless bird) :: strutsi
ostrich politics {n} (evasive style of politics) :: strutsipolitiikka
Ostrobothnia {prop} (historical province) :: Pohjanmaa
Ostrobothnian {adj} (of or pertaining to Ostrobothnia) :: pohjalainen
Ostrobothnian {n} (native or inhabitant of Ostrobothnia) :: pohjalainen
Ostrogoth {n} (member of a tribe of Eastern Goths) :: ostrogootti
otaku {n} /oʊˈtɑku/ (one with an obsessive interest in something such as anime or manga) :: otaku
otalgia {n} (earache) SEE: earache ::
other {adj} /ˈʌðə(ɹ)/ (not the one previously referred to) :: toinen, muu
other {adj} (contrary to) :: muu
other {n} (an other one) :: toinen
other {determiner} (not the one referred to) :: toinen
other {adv} (apart from) :: lukuun ottamatta
othering {n} /ˈʌðəɹɪŋ/ (process) :: toiseuttaminen
others {n} /ˈʌðəz/ (other people) :: toiset, muut
others {n} (those remaining after something has been excluded) :: toiset, muut, loput
other side {n} (afterlife) SEE: afterlife ::
other side of the coin {n} (opposite aspect) :: kolikon kääntöpuoli
other than {prep} (except; besides) :: paitsi
otherwise {adv} /ˈʌð.əˌwaɪz/ (differently, in another way) :: toisin
otherwise {adv} (under different circumstances) :: muutoin, muuten
otherwise {adv} (in all other respects) :: muutoin, muuten
otherwise {adj} (other than supposed) :: toisin
otherwise {adv} (or else) SEE: or else ::
other woman {n} (woman who is romantically involved with a man already in a committed relationship) :: toinen nainen
-otic {suffix} :: -oottinen
otic bone {n} /ˈɘʊtɪk bəʊn/ (bone inside the ear) :: kuuloluu
otitis {n} /oʊˈtaɪ.tɪs/ (inflammation of the ear) :: korvatulehdus
otitis media {n} (inflammation of the middle ear) :: välikorvantulehdus
otolaryngologist {n} (otorhinolaryngologist) SEE: otorhinolaryngologist ::
otolaryngology {n} /ˌoʊ.toʊ.lɛɚ.ɪŋˈɡɑ.lə.d͡ʒi/ (medical study of the ear, nose and throat) :: korva-, nenä- ja kurkkutautioppi
otolith {n} (small particle in the inner ear) :: tasapainokivi, otoliitti
otology {n} /oʊˈtɑlədʒi/ (the branch of medicine that deals with the ear) :: otologia
otorhinolaryngologist {n} /ˌɑtoˌɹajnoˌlæɹɪŋˈɡɑlədʒɪst/ (medical doctor of ear, nose and throat) :: korva-, nenä- ja kurkkutautilääkäri, otorinolaryngologi
otorhinolaryngology {n} (otolaryngology) SEE: otolaryngology ::
Ottawa {prop} /ˈɒtəwə/ (capital of Canada) :: Ottawa
Ottawan {n} (native or inhabitant of Ottawa) :: ottawalainen
Ottawan {adj} (of or relating to the city of Ottawa) :: ottawalainen
otter {n} /ˈɑtɚ/ (mammal) :: saukko
otter {n} (slender hairy man) :: apina
Otto {prop} /ˈɑtoʊ/ (male given name) :: Otto
ottoman {n} (low stool) :: ottomaani
ottoman {n} (fabric) :: ottomaani
Ottoman {n} (Turk from the period of Ottoman Empire) :: ottomaani, osmani
Ottoman {adj} (of the Islamic empire of Turkey) :: ottomaanien, osmanien [genitives of noun]; ottomaaninen
Ottoman Empire {prop} /ˈɒtəmən ˈɛmpaɪə/ (Turkish empire) :: Osmanien valtakunta, Ottomaanien valtakunta
Ouagadougou {prop} /ˈwɑːɡəˈduːɡuː/ (capital of Burkina Faso) :: Ouagadougou
ouch {interj} /ˈaʊtʃ/ (expression of one's own physical pain) :: ai, au, auts, auh!, aijai
ouch {interj} (expression in sympathy at another’s pain) :: auts, auh, oi voi, oijoi, voi voi
ouch {interj} (reply to an insult) :: auts, auh
ouchie {n} (owie) SEE: owie ::
oud {n} /uːd/ (Arabic plucked string instrument) :: ud
ought {v} /ɔt/ (indicating duty or obligation) :: pitää in conditional, tulla in conditional, kuulua in conditional
ought {v} (indicating advisability or prudence) :: pitää in conditional
ought {v} (indicating desirability) :: pitää in conditional
ought {v} (indicating likelihood or probability) :: pitää in conditional
Ouija {n} /ˈwiːdʒə/ (a board with letters of the alphabet and "yes" and "no") :: ouija, Ouija-lauta
Oulu {prop} (city in Finland) :: Oulu
ounce {n} /aʊns/ (28.3495 g) :: unssi
our {determiner} /ɑː(ɹ)/ (belonging to us) :: meidän ...mme, -mme, meidän
Our Lady {prop} (Virgin Mary) :: Neitsyt Maria
Our Lady of Sorrows {prop} (the Virgin Mary in reference to her sorrows) :: tuskien Äiti
ouroboric {adj} (self-referring, self-reflexive, self-consuming; recursive) :: rekursiivinen, kehämäinen
ouroboros {n} (a serpent, dragon or worm who eats its own tail) :: ouroboros
ours {pron} /ˈaʊɚz/ (that which belongs to us) :: meidän
ourselves {pron} /aʊɚˈsɛlvz/ (reflexive: us) :: itsemme
ourselves {pron} (emphatic: we) :: itse
-ous {suffix} /əs/ (suffix to form adjectives) :: -inen
oust {v} /aʊst/ (to expel; to remove) :: poistaa, heittää ulos
out {adv} /aʊt/ (away from the inside or the centre) :: [elative case]
out {adv} (away from one's usual place or not indoors) :: poissa, ei paikalla, ulkona [away from one's usual place]; ulkona [not indoors]
out {adv} (away from, at a distance) :: poissa, kaukana
out {adv} (into a state of non-operation or non-existence) :: pois, pois päältä [lights, radio etc.; not used of fire, see verb sammuttaa]
out {adv} (to the end) :: loppuun, loppuun asti
out {adv} (intensifier, emphasizer) :: täysin, ihan
out {adv} :: näkyvissä; ulkona
out {prep} (away from the inside) :: ulkopuolella, ulos
out {prep} :: ablative case (-lta, -ltä) or elative case (-sta, -stä)
out {n} (means of exit) :: ulospääsytie
out {n} (removal from play in baseball) :: palo
out {adj} (released, available for purchase) :: julkaistu, ilmestynyt, myynnissä
out {adj} (cricket, baseball: disqualified from playing further in an inning) :: palanut
out {adj} (openly acknowledging that one is gay or trans) :: avoimesti homoseksuaalinen [gay], ulkona kaapista
outage {n} (suspension of operation) :: katkos
outback {adv} (Australian desolate desert area) :: takamaa
outboard {n} (vessel) :: perämoottorivene
outboard {n} (outboard motor) SEE: outboard motor ::
outboard motor {n} (engine fitted over the transom of a boat) :: perämoottori, ulkolaitamoottori
outbound {adj} (leaving or departing) :: lähtevä
outbox {n} /ˈaʊtbɒks/ (box) :: lähtevät-laatikko
outbox {n} (electronic folder) :: lähetetyt-kansio
outbox {v} (to box better than) :: nyrkkeillä paremmin kuin, voittaa nyrkkeilyssä
outbreak {n} (an eruption, sudden appearance) :: purkaus, puhkeaminen
outbreak {n} (a sudden increase) :: aalto
outbreak {n} (an outburst or sudden eruption, especially violent) :: purkaus, puhkeaminen
outbuilding {n} /ˈaʊtˌbɪl.dɪŋ/ (separate building associated with a main building) :: ulkorakennus
outcast {n} /aʊtˈkɑːst/ (one that has been excluded from a society or system a pariah) :: hylkiö
outcaste {n} (one who does not belong to a caste) :: kastiton
outcaste {v} (to expel from a caste) :: erottaa kastista
outcome {n} /ˈaʊtkʌm/ (result) :: tulos
outcrop {n} /ˈaʊt.kɹɑp/ (piece of land that stands out) :: kieleke; niemeke
outcrop {n} (coming out of bedrock or of an unconsolidated deposit to the surface of the ground) :: paljastuma; kallio (bedrock), hietikko (sand), somerikko (moraine), kivikko (stones)
outcrop {n} (part of a rock formation that appears at the surface) :: kallio
outdated {adj} /aʊtˈdeɪtɪd/ (out of date, old-fashioned, antiquated) :: vanhentunut, vanhanaikainen
outdegree {n} (number of outward edges) :: lähtöaste
outdo {v} /aʊtˈdu/ (to go beyond) :: päihittää
outdoor {adj} /ˌaʊtˈdɔː/ (situated in the open air) :: ulko-, ulkoilma-
outdoors {adv} (in the open air) :: ulos, ulkona, ulkoilmassa
outdoors {n} (environment outside of enclosed structures) :: luonto, ulkoilmaelämä
outer ear {n} (portion of ear) :: ulkokorva
Outer Hebrides {prop} /ˌaʊtə ˈhebɹɪdiːz/ (archipelago of the Hebrides) :: Ulko-Hebridit
Outer Mongolia {prop} (East Asian region) :: Ulko-Mongolia
outermost {adj} /ˈaʊtɚmoʊst/ (farthest outside) :: ulommainen
outer planet {n} (planet of the Solar System with an orbit beyond the asteroid belt) :: ulkoplaneetta
outer space {n} /ˌaʊtɚ ˈspeɪs/ (region) :: ulkoavaruus
outfield {n} (baseball) :: takakenttä
outfield {n} (cricket) :: takakenttä
outfielder {n} (A player that plays in the outfield.) :: koppari
outfit {n} /ˈaʊtfɪt/ (set of clothing) :: vaatekerta, puku, asu
outfit {n} (gear consisting of a set of articles or tools for a specified purpose) :: varusteet {p}
outfit {n} (cohesive group of people; a unit) :: yksikkö
outfit {n} (business or firm) :: liike
outfit {n} (sports team) :: joukkue
outfit {v} (to provide with) :: varustaa
outflank {v} (to maneuver around and behind) :: koukata
outflow {n} (Process of flowing out) :: ulosvirtaus
outfox {v} (outsmart) SEE: outsmart ::
outgassing {n} (slow release of gas) :: kaasun purkautuminen
outgoing {adj} :: seurallinen
outgoing {adj} (going out, on its way out) :: lähtevä
outgoing {adj} (being replaced in office) :: eroava
outgrow {v} /ˌɑʊtˈɡɹoʊ/ (to become too big or mature for some object, practice, condition, belief, etc) :: kasvaa ulos, kasvaa pois
outgrow {v} (to grow faster or taller than someone or something else) :: kasvaa nopeammin, kasvaa isommaksi
outguess {v} (outsmart) SEE: outsmart ::
outhouse {n} (outdoor toilet, see also: shithouse; latrine; toilet) :: ulkokäymälä; ulkovessa, ulkohuussi, huussi, huusi, puucee [informal]; pikkula, pihan perä [euphemistic]
outhouse {n} :: ulkokäymälä, käymälä, puucee, ulkovessa
outhouse {n} (outbuilding) SEE: outbuilding ::
outlast {v} /ˌaʊtˈlæst/ (to live longer than) :: kestää kauemmin kuin
outlaw {n} (a fugitive from the law) :: lainsuojaton
outlaw {n} (person without legal rights) :: lainsuojaton
outlaw {n} (wild horse) :: villihevonen
outlaw {v} (to declare illegal) :: julistaa laittomaksi, kieltää
outlay {n} (the spending of money, or an expenditure) :: kulut {p}, menot {p}, kustannukset {p}
outlay {v} (to spend, or distribute money) :: käyttää
outlet {n} /ˈaʊtlɛt/ (vent) :: luukku, aukko
outlet {n} (river) :: laskujoki
outlet {n} (shop) :: liike
outlet {n} (wall socket) SEE: wall socket ::
outline {n} /ˈaʊtlaɪn/ (line marking the boundary of an object figure) :: ääriviiva
outline {n} (outer shape of an object or figure) :: ääriviiva
outline {n} (sketch or drawing in which objects are delineated in contours without shading) :: ääriviivapiirros
outline {n} (general description of some subject) :: yleiskuvaus
outline {n} (statement summarizing the important points of a text) :: yhteenveto
outline {n} (preliminary plan of a project) :: hahmotelma, suuntaviivat {p}
outline {n} ((film industry) a prose telling of a story intended to be turned into a screenplay) :: juoni
outline {v} (to draw an outline of something) :: hahmotella
outline {v} (to summarize something) :: vetää yhteen
outliner {n} /ˈaʊtlʌɪnə/ :: jäsennin, outliner
outlook {n} /ˈaʊtlʊk/ (place from which something can be viewed) :: näköalapaikka
outlook {n} (view from such a place) :: näköala, näkymä
outlook {n} (attitude, point of view) :: näkemys
outlook {n} (expectation for the future) :: tulevaisuudenkuva, tulevaisuudennäkymät {p}, näkymät {p}, näkymä
out loud {adv} (aloud) :: ääneen
outmost {adj} (farthest outside) :: uloimmainen
out of {prep} (from the inside to the outside of) :: ulos, ulkona
out of {prep} (with the motivation of) :: -sta/-stä
out-of-band {adj} (telecommunications: outside of a defined telecommunications frequency band) :: kaistan ulkopuolinen
out-of-body experience {n} (experience in which one feels outside one's body) :: ruumiista irtautumisen kokemus, kehostapoistumiskokemus
out of breath {prep} (breathing with difficulty) :: hengästynyt
out of context {adv} (without context that is needed for understanding) :: irrallaan asiayhteydestä, asian vierestä
out-of-court {adj} (without resorting to formal legal action) :: sovinto-, see sovintoratkaisu
out of date {prep} (too old to be used) :: vanhentunut
out of date {prep} (not conforming to current fashion) :: epämuodikas, vanhanaikainen
out of fashion {prep} (unfashionable) :: poissa muodista
out of it {prep} (drunk) SEE: drunk ::
out of it {prep} (not participating in some trend) :: ulkopuolinen
out of line {prep} (inappropriate) :: sopimaton
out of luck {prep} (experiencing a temporary misfortune) :: huono tuuri
out of nowhere {prep} (unexpectedly or unexplicably) :: kuin tyhjästä, puun takaa, puskista
out of one's league {prep} (in a situation in which one is mismatched with one or more others) :: eri sarjassa
out of one's league {prep} (in a situation which one is poorly prepared to handle) :: heikolla jäällä
out of one's league {prep} (too good or too expensive) :: liian hieno
out of one's mind {adj} (insane) :: järjiltään
out of one's mind {adj} (distressed) :: sekaisin
out of order {prep} (not functioning properly) :: rikki, epäkunnossa
out of print {prep} (not available from the publisher) :: loppuunmyyty (sold out), ei saatavilla (not available)
out of sight {adj} (not accessible to view) :: piilossa, näkymättömissä, poissa näkyvistä
out of sight {adj} (in hiding) :: piilossa, näkymättömissä, poissa näkyvistä
out of sight {adj} (superb) :: sanoinkuvaamaton, mahtava
out of sight, out of mind {proverb} (something not nearby is forgotten) :: poissa silmistä, poissa mielestä
out of the blue {prep} /aʊt ɒv ðə bluː/ (unexpectedly) :: yllättäen, kuin salama kirkkaalta taivaalta (like a lightning bolt out of a clear sky)
out of the box {prep} /aʊt əv ðə bɑːks/ ((idiom) immediately, without intervention from the customer) :: käyttövalmiina
out of the corner of one's eye {prep} (look sideways) :: syrjäsilmällä
out of the corner of one's eye {prep} (look with suspicion) :: syrjäsilmällä
out of the frying pan, into the fire {prep} (get from an already bad situation to a worse one) :: ojasta allikkoon (out of a ditch, into a pond)
out of the question {adj} (not remotely possible) :: ei tule kysymykseen
out of the way {prep} (remote) :: syrjäinen
out of thin air {adv} (from non-existent resource) :: tyhjästä
out of this world {adj} (wonderful) :: aivan muusta maailmasta
out of touch {adj} (no longer maintaining contact) :: ei yhteydessä, erossa
out of touch {adj} (no longer conversant with sth) :: irrallaan, tietämätön
out of touch {adj} (out of touch with reality) :: irrallaan todellisuudesta, muissa maailmoissa
out of tune {prep} (not in correct musical pitch) :: epävireinen, epäpuhdas, falski
out of work {prep} (unemployed) SEE: unemployed ::
Outokumpu {prop} (municipality) :: Outokumpu
out on one's ear {adj} (fired, dismissed) :: (ajaa, heittää) pellolle, erottaa
outpatient {n} (patient) :: poliklinikkapotilas, avohoidon potilas, avohoitopotilas
outpope the Pope {v} (to act more authentic) :: olla paavillisempi kuin paavi itse
outpost {n} /ˈaʊtˌpoʊst/ (A military post) :: etuvartio, etuvartioasema
outpost {n} (The troops themselves) :: etuvartio
output {n} /ˈaʊtpʊt/ (production; quantity produced, created, or completed) :: tuotanto
output {n} (data sent out of the computer) :: tuloste
output {v} (produce or create) :: tuottaa
output {v} (send data to out of a computer) :: tulostaa
outré {adj} /uˈtɹeɪ/ (very unconventional) :: omintakeinen, omituinen, poikkeuksellinen, outo, äärimmäinen
outrage {n} /ˈaʊt.ɹeɪd͡ʒ/ (atrocity) :: hirmuteko
outrage {n} (anger) :: raivo
outrageous {adj} /aʊtˈɹeɪdʒəs/ (shocking) :: järkyttävä
outreach {n} /ˈaʊtɹiːtʃ/ (act) :: ojentaminen
outreach {n} (extent) :: ulottuvuus
outreach {n} (practice) :: kenttätyö
outreach {v} (to reach further than) :: ulottua pidemmälle
outreach {v} (to surpass or exceed) :: ylittää
outreach {v} (to provide charitable or religious services) :: tehdä kenttätyötä
outreach {v} (to go too far) SEE: go too far ::
outright {adv} /aʊtˈɹaɪt/ (wholly) :: täysin, kokonaan, kokonaisuudessaan
outright {adv} (openly) :: suoraan, avoimesti
outright {adv} (at once) :: välittömästi, heti
outright {adv} (with no outstanding conditions) :: ehdottomasti
outright {adj} (total or complete) :: selvä
outright {adj} (having no outstanding conditions) :: selvä
outright {v} (to release a player outright) :: päästää, vapauttaa
outside {n} /ˈaʊtsaɪd/ (outer surface) :: ulkopuoli
outside {n} (the space beyond some limit or boundary) :: ulkopuoli
outside {adj} (pertaining to the outer surface or boundary) :: ulkopuolinen, ulkoinen
outside {adj} (pertaining to beyond the outer boundary) :: ulkopuolinen, ulkoinen
outside {adv} (on or towards the outside) :: ulos, ulkona
outside {adv} (outdoors) :: ulkona
outside {prep} (on the outside of) :: ulkopuolella
outsider {n} /ˌaʊtˈsaɪdəɹ/ (someone excluded) :: ulkopuolinen , vieras
outsider {n} (a newcomer) :: tulokas
outsider {n} (a long shot) :: musta hevonen
outside the box {prep} (beyond convention) :: uudella tavalla; ennakkoluulottomasti, luovasti
outside world {n} (rest of the world outside of some closed environment) :: ulkomaailma
outskirt {n} /ˈaʊtskɝt/ (periphery) :: laitakaupunginosa
outskirts {n} (the edges or areas around a city or town) :: laitakaupunki, esikaupunki, laitamat
outsmart {v} (to beat in a competition of wits) :: olla ovelampi, päihittää oveluudessa
outsource {v} /ˈaʊtˌsɔɹs/ (transfer of business to a third party) :: ulkoistaa
outsourcing {n} (transfer business) :: ulkoistaminen
outspoken {adj} (speaking, or spoken, freely, openly, or boldly; vocal) :: suorapuheinen, suorasanainen
outstanding {adj} (standing out from others) :: huomattava, silmäänpistävä, esiinpistävä, merkittävä
outstanding {adj} (distinguished from others by its superiority) :: erinomainen
outstanding {adj} (owed as a debt) :: maksamaton
outstretched {adj} (extended or stretched out) :: ojossa, ojolla, ojollaan
out there {prep} (crazy) :: hullu
out there {prep} (outside of one's comfort zone) :: haastaa itseään [to put oneself out there]
outward {adj} /ˈaʊt.wɚd/ (outer; located towards the outside) :: ulompi
outward {adv} (toward the outside; away from the centre) :: ulospäin
outwinter {v} (to keep outdoors) :: pitää ulkona
outwit {v} (outsmart) SEE: outsmart ::
ouzo {n} /ˈuːzəʊ/ (drink) :: ouzo
ouzo {n} (glass of ouzo) :: ouzo
oval {n} /ˈoʊvəl/ (shape like an egg or ellipse) :: ovaali, soikio
oval {adj} (oval-shaped) :: soikea
ovalish {adj} (approximately oval) :: ovaalimainen
ovalness {n} (quality) :: soikeus
ovarian follicle {n} (cellular aggregation) :: munarakkula
ovary {n} /ˈoʊvəɹi/ (female organ) :: munasarja
ovary {n} (botanical organ) :: sikiäin
ovate {adj} /ˈoʊveɪt/ (botany, of leaves: broadest near the base) :: puikea
ovate {adj} (shaped like an egg) SEE: egg-shaped ::
ovation {n} /oʊˈveɪʃən/ (prolonged enthusiastic applause) :: suosionosoitukset
oven {n} /ˈʌ.vn̩/ (chamber used for baking or heating) :: uuni
ovenbird {n} (Seiurus auricapilla) :: tulipääkerttuli
oven glove {n} (glove designed to carry hot oven trays) :: patakinnas
ovenless {adj} (without an oven) :: uuniton
oven mitt {n} (oven glove) SEE: oven glove ::
over {adj} /ˈoʊ.vɚ/ (ended) :: lopussa, ohi
over {adv} (thoroughly, completely) :: läpi
over {adv} (from upright to horizontal position) :: nurin, kumoon, ympäri
over {adv} (horizontally; from one place to another) :: sivulle, sivuun
over {adv} (from one position or state to another) :: allative case, tänne, tuonne, sinne
over {adv} (overnight) :: yötä
over {adv} (again) :: uudestaan, uudelleen
over {n} (surplus) :: ylijäämä
over {prep} (physical positioning: on top of; above) :: päällä, yllä, yläpuolella, yli
over {prep} (physical positioning: across or spanning) :: yli; aikana [spanning, timewise]
over {prep} (physical positioning: in such a way as to cover) :: päällä; -lla, -llä [adessive case]
over {prep} (physical positioning: from one position to another over an obstacle) :: yli, ylitse
over {prep} (by comparison: more than; to a greater degree) :: enemmän kuin
over {prep} (by comparison: beyond, past, exceeding) :: yli, ylitse; olla ylittänyt [to be over]
over {prep} (by comparison: as compared to) :: suhteessa
over {prep} (math: divided by) :: jaettuna, per
over {prep} (finish with, done with) :: yli, ohi
over {prep} (while using, consuming) :: -lla, -llä [adessive case]; ohessa
over {prep} (concerning or regarding) :: -sta, -stä [elative case]; koskien
over {prep} (above, in spite of, notwithstanding) :: huolimatta [in spite of]; -sta, -stä [elative case in the sense "above"]
over {interj} (end of sentence in radio communication) :: kuuntelen ("listening")
overachievement {n} (greater than anticipated achievement) :: ylisuoritus
overactive {adj} (excessively active) :: yliaktiivinen
overall {adj} (all-encompassing) :: kokonais- [stem of kokonainen, in compounds], kokonaisvaltainen, kaikenkattava
overall {adv} (generally) :: kaiken kaikkiaan, ylipäänsä
overall {n} (protective garment worn over clothing) :: haalarit {p}
overalls {n} /ovəɹˈɑlz/ (loose fitting garment worn over regular clothes to protect them) :: haalari, haalarit {p}, työhaalarit {p}
overalls {n} (loose fitting pair of pants with a bib) :: haalarit {p}, haalarihousut {p}
overanalyze {v} (to analyze too much) :: ylianalysoida
over and over {adv} (repeatedly) :: yhä uudelleen
overarch {v} (to form an arch over something) :: kaartua yli
overawe {v} /oʊvɚˈɔ/ (to restrain, subdue, or control by awe; to cow) :: pelotella
overbearing {adj} (overly bossy or domineering) :: määräilevä, komenteleva
overbite {n} (malocclusion in which the upper teeth extend over the lower ones) :: yläpurenta
overbuild {v} (to perform excessive construction) :: liikarakentaa; rakentaa päälle
overcast {adj} /ˈoʊvɚ.kæst/ (covered with clouds; overshadowed; darkened) :: pilvinen, synkkä
overcast {adj} (meteorological term) :: pilvinen
overcast {adj} (in a state of depression; gloomy; melancholy) :: synkkä
overcast {v} (to cover with cloud; to overshadow; to darken) :: peittää pilveen
overcast {v} (to be or become cloudy) :: olla pilvistä (to be cloudy), pilvistyä (to become cloudy)
overcautious {adj} (excessively cautious) :: ylivarovainen
overcharge {v} (to charge more than correct amount) :: kiskoa
overclean {v} (to clean too much) :: ylipuhdistaa
overcoat {n} /ˈoʊvəɹkoʊt/ (garment) :: päällystakki, palttoo
overcome {v} /ˌoʊvəɹˈkʌm/ (surmount, get the better of) :: voittaa
overconfident {adj} (too confident) :: itsevarma, liian itsevarma
overconfident {adj} (presumptuous, cocksure, rude, disrespectful) :: itsevarma
overcook {v} (cook for too long) :: ylikypsentää
overcooked {adj} (cooked for too long) :: ylikypsä
overcrowding {n} (having more occupants than can be accommodated) :: ruuhka, tungos, ylikansoitus
overdecorate {v} (to decorate excessively) :: koreilla
overdetermined {adj} (of linear equations) :: ylimäärätty
overdo {v} /ˌoʊ.vəɹˈdu/ (to do too much of something) :: liioitella
overdosage {n} (taking pharmaceutical drug in excess) :: yliannostus
overdose {n} (excessive and dangerous dose of a drug) :: yliannos
overdose {v} (to dose excessively) :: ottaa liikaa
overdraft {n} /ˈoʊvɚdɹæft/ (act of overdrawing a bank account) :: tilinylitys
overdraft {n} (amount overdrawn) :: tilinylitys
overdraft {n} (maximum amount that may be overdrawn) :: luottoraja
overdramatic {adj} (dramatic to excess) :: ylidramaattinen
overdraught {n} (overdraft) SEE: overdraft ::
overdress {v} (to wear too elaborate or formal clothes) :: ylipukeutua
overdrive {n} (gear on an automobile) :: ylivaihde
overdrive {n} (state of heightened activity) :: ylikierrokset
overdue {adj} /ˌoʊ.vəɹˈdu/ (Late; especially, past a deadline or too late to fulfill a need) :: myöhässä oleva, myöhästynyt; erääntynyt [of a payment]
overdue abortion {n} (missed abortion) SEE: missed abortion ::
overeat {v} /ˌoʊvɚˈit/ (eat too much) :: ylensyödä
overeducated {adj} (having received too much education) :: ylikoulutettu
overembellish {v} (to embellis excessively) :: koreilla
overemphasize {v} (place too much emphasis on) :: ylikorostaa
overestimate {v} (to judge too highly) :: yliarvioida
overestimated {v} (overrated) SEE: overrated ::
overfill {v} (to fill beyond capacity) :: ylitäyttää
overfill {n} (instance of overfilling) :: ylitäyttö
overfishing {n} (excessive fishing) :: liikakalastus
overfit {v} (statistics: to use a statistical model that has too many parameters) :: ylisovittaa
overfitting {n} (action) :: ylisovittaminen
overflow {n} /ˈəʊvəˌfləʊ/ (spillage) :: ylivuoto
overflow {v} (to fill beyond the limits of) :: ylitäyttää
overflow {v} (computing: to exceed the available numeric range) :: ylittää rajoitus
overgraze {v} (to graze land excessively, to the detriment of the land and its vegetation) :: ylilaiduntaa
overgraze {v} (to allow animals to graze excessively) :: ylilaiduntaa
overgrazing {n} (excessive grazing to an extent that the land is damaged) :: ylilaidunnus, ylilaiduntaminen
overground {adj} (aboveground) SEE: aboveground ::
overhand knot {n} (knot) :: umpisolmu
overhaul {n} /ˈəʊvəˌhɔːl/ (a major repair, remake, renovation, or revision) :: huolto, korjaus, kunnostus
overhaul {v} (to modernize, repair, renovate, or revise completely) :: huoltaa, kunnostaa
overhaul {v} (to pass, overtake, or travel past) :: ohittaa
overhead {adj} /ˈəʊvəˌhɛd/ (located above) :: yläpuolinen, yläpuolella oleva, pään päällä oleva (over the head)
overhead {n} (expense of a business not directly assigned to goods or services provided) :: {p} kiinteät kustannukset
overhead {adv} (above one's head) :: yläpuolella, pään päällä, taivaalla (in the sky)
overhead fan {n} (ceiling fan) SEE: ceiling fan ::
overhead projector {n} (projector that projects an image over the heads of the viewers onto a screen) :: piirtoheitin
overhear {v} /oʊ.vɚ.hɪɚ/ (To hear something that wasn't meant for one's ears) :: kuulla sattumalta/vahingossa, sattua kuulemaan
overheat {v} (overheat) SEE: burn ::
overheat {v} /ˌoʊvɚˈhit/ (to heat excessively) :: ylikuumentaa, ylilämmittää
overheat {v} (to become excessively hot) :: ylikuumeta
overheat {n} (condition) :: ylikuumeneminen, ylilämpö
over here {adv} (in this place) :: täällä
overindulge {v} (indulge to excess) :: hemmotella pilalle, pilata
overindulgence {n} (act of overindulging) :: ylenpalttisuus, hillitömyys; mässäily, ylensyönti [regarding food]
overjoyed {adj} /ˌoʊvɚˈdʒɔɪd/ (very happy) :: ikionnellinen
overkill {n} /ˈoʊvɚˌkɪl/ (an unnecessary excess of something (idiomatic)) :: liika, liioittelu
overland {adj} (by or across land) :: maa-
overland {adv} (over, across or by land) :: maitse, maate pitkin
overlap {v} /ˌəʊvəˈlæp/ (to extend over and partly cover something) :: limittyä, olla osittain päällekkäinen
overlapping {adj} (pertaining to things which overlap) :: päällekkäinen, limittäinen
overlapping {n} (the situation in which things overlap) :: limittäisyys
overlay {v} /ˌoʊvɚˈleɪ/ (to lay, or spread, something over or across; to cover) :: päällystää
overlay {v} (to smother with a close covering, or by lying upon) :: tukahduttaa
overlay {v} (to put an overlay on) :: peittää
overlay {n} (printing: piece of paper) :: peitepaperi
overlay {v} (overwhelm) SEE: overwhelm ::
overload {v} (to load excessively) :: ylikuormittaa, ylikuormata
overload {v} (to provide too much power to a circuit) :: ylikuormittaa
overload {v} (to create different functions for the same name) :: kuormittaa
overload {v} (to fail due to excessive load) :: ylikuormittua
overload {n} (excessive load) :: ylikuorma, ylikuormitus
overloaded {adj} (of a name, used for more than one variable or procedure) :: kuormitettu
overloading {n} /ˈoʊ.vɚloʊ.diŋ/ (type of polymorphism) :: kuormittaminen, ylikuormitus
overloading {n} (transport) :: ylikuormitus
overlook {n} /ˈoʊvəɹ.lʊk/ (vista or point) :: näköalapaikka
overlook {v} (to fail to notice; to look over and beyond (anything) without seeing it) :: katsoa läpi sormien, jättää huomaamatta
overlook {v} (to supervise; to watch over) :: valvoa
overlook {v} :: katsoa ylhäältä
overly {adv} (to an excessive degree) :: liian, yli-
overmorrow {adv} (on the day after tomorrow) SEE: day after tomorrow ::
overmorrow {n} (day after tomorrow) SEE: day after tomorrow ::
over my dead body {prep} (absolutely not) :: kuolleen ruumiini yli
overnight {adv} (throughout the night) :: yön yli
overnight {adv} (during a single night) :: yhdessä yössä
overnight {adv} (in a very short amount of time) :: yhdessä yössä
overnight {adj} (during a single night) :: öinen
overnight {v} (stay overnight) :: yöpyä
overnight {n} (overnight stay) :: yöpyminen
overnighter {n} (one who overnights) :: yöpyjä
overnighter {n} (something that serves overnight travel) :: yö-: yölento [flight], yöjuna [train]
overnighter {n} (stay or event) :: yö-: yökylä [visiting a friend], yöretki [night trip]
overnourished {adj} (overweight) SEE: overweight ::
overnourished {adj} /ˈəʊvənʌɹɪʃt/ (excessively nourished) :: yliravittu
overnourishment {n} (excessive nourishment) :: yliravitsemus
overnutrition {n} /ˌəʊvə(ɹ)njuːˈtɹɪʃən/ (malnutrition in which nutrients are oversupplied) :: yliravitsemus
overpaid {v} /oʊ.vɚ.peɪd/ (past of 'to overpay') :: ylipalkattu
overpass {n} (A section of a road or path that crosses over an obstacle, especially another road, railway, etc) :: ylikäytävä, ylikulkusilta, ylikulku
overpay {v} /oʊ.vɚ.peɪ/ (to pay too much) :: maksaa liikaa
overpopulation {n} /ˌoʊvɚˌpɑpjəˈleɪʃ(ə)n/ (when the number of occupants of an area exceeds the ability of that area to provide for the occupants) :: ylikansoitus, liikakansoitus
overpower {v} (overpower) SEE: compel ::
overpower {v} /oʊ.vɚˈpaʊ̯.ɚ/ (subdue someone by superior force) :: kukistaa
overpower {v} (excel or exceed in power) :: olla liian voimakas
overpower {v} (render imperceptible by means of greater strength) :: jättää varjoonsa; peittää alleen [of taste]
overpraise {v} (praise to an excessive degree) :: ylimainostaa
overpressure {n} (excess or markedly elevated pressure) :: ylipaine
overpressurization {n} (excessive pressurization) :: ylipaineistus
overprice {v} (to give a commodity an excessive price) :: ylihinnoitella
overpriced {adj} (priced higher than what it is really worth) :: ylihintainen
overprotection {n} (act of overprotecting) :: ylisuojelu
overrate {v} (to esteem too highly) :: yliarvostaa
overrated {adj} (rated too highly) :: yliarvostettu
overreact {v} (react too much or too intensely) :: ylireagoida
overreaction {n} (reaction deemed excessive) :: ylilyönti
overripe {adj} (excessively ripe; spoiled; gone bad) :: ylikypsä
overromanticize {v} (to romanticize too much) :: yliromantisoida
overrule {v} (to rule over) :: hallita
overrule {v} (to decide against) :: hylätä
overrule {v} (to nullify a previous ruling) :: kumota, mitätöidä
overrule {v} (to dismiss or throw out a protest at a court) :: hylätä
overseas {adj} /ˌoʊvɚˈsiːz/ (abroad) :: ulkomainen
overseas {adj} (across a sea) :: merentakainen
overseas {adv} (abroad) :: ulkomailla, ulkomaille
overseas {adv} (across a sea) :: merten {p} takana/taakse
overseas Chinese {n} (Huaqiao) :: ulkokiinalainen
oversee {v} /əʊvə(ɹ)siː/ (to supervise, guide, review or direct the actions of a person or group) :: valvoa
oversee {v} (to see secretly or unintentionally) :: nähdä, tarkkailla
overseer {n} /ˈəʊvəˌsiːə(ɹ)/ (one who oversees) :: työnjohtaja, valvoja
overshadow {v} /ˌoʊ.vɚˈʃæd.oʊ/ (to cast a shadow over something) :: varjostaa
overshadow {v} (to dominate something and make it seem insignificant) :: jättää varjoonsa
overshoe {n} /ˈoʊvəɹˌʃuː/ (protective shoe) :: kalossi
overshorten {v} /ˌoʊ.vɚˈʃɔɹ.tən/ (to shorten too much) :: lyhentää liikaa
oversleep {v} /ˈəʊvəɹˌsliːp/ (to sleep for longer than planned) :: nukkua pommiin
oversplit {n} (split in which the angle formed by the legs exceeds 180 degrees) :: ylispagaatti
overstate {v} /ˌoʊ.vɚˈsteɪt/ (to exaggerate; to state or claim too much) :: liioitella
overstay {v} (remain present after the agreed or appropriate time) :: ylittää aikansa
oversteer {n} :: yliohjautuvuus
oversteer {v} :: yliohjautua
overt {adj} /oʊˈvɜɹt/ (open and not secret) :: avoin, peittelemätön, julkinen
overtake {v} /oʊvɚˈteɪk/ (to pass a more slowly moving object) :: ohittaa
overtake {v} (to catch up with, but not pass) :: saavuttaa, saada kiinni
overtake {v} (economics: to become greater than something else) :: kasvaa suuremmaksi kuin, ohittaa
overtake {v} (to occur unexpectedly take by surprise; surprise and overcome) :: yllättää [take by surprise]; muuttaa [surprise and overcome]
over-the-counter {adj} (pharmacy: not requiring a prescription) :: reseptivapaa
over-the-counter {adj} (direct interaction between two parties without an intermediary) :: suora-
over-the-counter drug {n} (medicine) :: reseptivapaa lääke
over the moon {prep} (delighted, thrilled) :: onnensa kukkuloilla
over there {adv} (in that place) :: tuolla
over the top {adj} (beyond normal, expected, or reasonable limits; excessive; exaggerated) :: yliampuva
overthrow {v} /əʊvəˈθɹəʊ/ (to bring about the downfall of) :: kaataa
overtime {n} /ˈoʊvɚˌtaɪm/ (worktime) :: ylityö
overtime {n} (extra period in sports) :: jatkoaika
overtime {n} (pay for overtime work) :: ylityökorvaus
overtime ban {n} (refusal to work overtime) :: ylityökielto
overtone {n} /ˈoʊvɚtoʊn/ (harmonic) :: yläsävel
overturn {v} (to turn over, capsize) :: kumota, kaataa, kaataa ympäri
overturn {v} (to overthrow) :: kumota, kaataa
overturn {v} (legal: to reverse, overrule) :: kumota
overuse {v} /ˌoʊvɚˈjuːz/ (To use too much of) :: käyttää liikaa
overuse {n} (excessive use) :: liikakäyttö
overvalue {v} (to assign an excessive value to something) :: yliarvostaa
overview {n} /ˈəʊvə(ɹ)ˌvjuː/ (brief summary, as of a book or a presentation) :: yleiskatsaus, yleiskuva
overweight {adj} /ˌoʊvɚˈweɪt/ (of a person, heavier than is healthy) :: ylipainoinen
overweight {adj} (of a vehicle, weighing more than is allowed) :: ylipainoinen
overweight {n} (excess of weight) :: ylipaino
overwhelm {v} /ˌoʊvɚˈʍɛlm/ (engulf, surge-over) :: hukuttaa
overwhelm {v} (to overpower, crush) :: murskata
overwhelm {v} (overpower emotionally) :: täyttyä
overwhelming {adj} (overpowering) :: musertava
overwinter {v} (to spend the winter (in a particular place)) :: talvehtia
overwrought {adj} /əʊ.vəˈɹɔːt/ (in a state of excessive nervousness, excitement, or anger) :: kiihtynyt, hermostunut
Ovid {prop} /ˈoʊvɪd/ (Roman poet) :: Ovidius
oviduct {n} (duct through which an ovum passes) :: munanjohdin
oviform {adj} (egg-shaped) SEE: egg-shaped ::
oviparous {adj} /oʊˈvɪpəɹəs/ (egg laying) :: muniva, ovipaarinen
ovipositor {n} /əʊvɪˈpɒzɪtə/ (tubular organ for laying eggs) :: munanasetin
ovoid {adj} (shaped like an oval) :: munanmuotoinen, ovoidi
ovoid {n} (something oval in shape) :: ovoidi, muna
ovoid {adj} (egg-shaped) SEE: egg-shaped ::
ovoviviparity {n} (condition of being ovoviviparous) :: ovovivipaarisuus
ovoviviparous {adj} /ˌoʊvoʊvɪˈvɪpəɹəs/ (pertaining to animals whose eggs hatch inside their body) :: ovovivipaarinen
ovulate {v} (produce eggs or ova) :: ovuloida
ovulation {n} /ɑvjəˈleɪʃ(ə)n/ (release of an ovum from the ovary) :: ovulaatio
ovule {n} (botany: structure that develops into a seed) :: siemenaihe
ovule {n} (zoology: immature ovum) :: oosyytti, ovosyytti
ovum {n} /ˈoʊ.vəm/ (gamete) :: munasolu
owe {v} /oʊ/ (to be under an obligation) :: olla velkaa
owe {v} (to be in debt) :: olla velkaa, olla veloissa
ower {n} (person who owes money) :: velallinen
owie {n} /ˈaʊwiː/ (minor injury) :: pipi
owing to {prep} (because of) :: ansiosta, johdosta, takia, vuoksi
owl {n} /aʊl/ (a bird) :: pöllö
owlet moth {n} (moth of family Noctuidae) :: yökkönen
own {v} (defeat) SEE: defeat ::
own {v} /ˈoʊn/ (have rightful possession of) :: omistaa
own {adj} (belonging to (determiner)) :: oma
own {v} (acknowledge responsibility for) :: tunnustaa
owner {n} /ˈoʊnɚ/ (one who owns) :: omistaja
ownerless {adj} (having no owner) :: omistajaton
ownership {n} (legal status) :: omistus, omistaminen
own goal {n} (goal scored by player against their own team) :: oma maali
own goal {n} (blunder that damages one's own prospects) :: oma maali
ox {n} /ˈɑks/ (an adult castrated male of cattle) :: härkä
ox {n} (any bovine animal used as a beast of burden) :: härkä, nauta
oxalic acid {n} (the dicarboxylic acid (ethandioic acid)) :: oksaalihappo
oxalis {n} (any of various ornamental flowering plants of the genus Oxalis) :: käenkaali
oxbow lake {n} (crescent-shaped lake) :: juolua, makkarajärvi
oxcart {n} (cart drawn by ox) :: härkäkärryt {p}
oxeye {n} (daisy-like flower) :: päivänkakkara
oxeye {n} (Anthemis arvensis) :: peltosauramo
oxeye {n} (plant of the genus Buphthalmum) :: häränkukka
oxeye {n} (Boops boops) :: boga
oxeye {n} (titmouse) SEE: titmouse ::
oxeye {n} (dunlin) SEE: dunlin ::
oxeye daisy {n} (flower) :: päivänkakkara
Oxford {prop} /ˈɒksfəd/ (city) :: Oxford
Oxford {prop} (university) :: Oxford
Oxfordian {n} (native or resident of Oxford) :: oxfordilainen
Oxfordian {n} (believer) :: oxfordilainen
Oxfordian {prop} (geologic age) :: Oxford-kausi
Oxfordian {adj} (of or pertaining to Oxford) :: oxfordilainen
Oxfordian {adj} (denoting to a certain theory) :: oxfordilainen
Oxfordian {adj} (relating to or denoting a geologic age) :: Oxford-kautinen
oxhide {n} (skin of an ox) :: härännahka
oxhide {n} (leather) :: härännahka
oxidanium {n} (hydronium) SEE: hydronium ::
oxidant {n} (oxidizing agent) :: oksidantti
oxidation {n} (combination of a substance with oxygen) :: hapettuminen
oxidation {n} (chemical reaction) :: hapetus
oxidation number {n} (chemistry) :: hapetusluku
oxidation state {n} (the state of an atom having a particular oxidation number) :: hapetusaste
oxide {n} /ˈɒksaɪd/ (binary compound of oxygen) :: oksidi
oxidising agent {n} (oxidising agent) SEE: oxidizing agent ::
oxidization {n} (oxidation) SEE: oxidation ::
oxidize {v} (to combine with oxygen) :: hapettaa
oxidize {v} (to increase the valence) :: hapettaa
oxidize {v} (to coat something with an oxide) :: hapettaa
oxidize {v} (to become oxidized) :: hapettua
oxidizer {n} (oxidizing agent) :: hapetin
oxidizing agent {n} (any substance that oxidizes, or receives electrons from, another) :: hapetin, hapete
oxidoreductase {n} (enzyme that catalyzes redox reactions) :: oksidoreduktaasi
oxisol {n} (soil type) :: rautamaannos
oxlip {n} (plant) :: etelänkevätesikko
oxolinic acid {n} :: oksoliinihappo
oxonium {n} (univalent oxygen cation) :: oksonium
oxpecker {n} (Buphagus) :: loisnokkeli
oxtail {n} (meat from the tail of a cow) :: häränhäntä
oxyacid {n} (an acid containing oxygen) :: happihappo
oxychloride {n} (compound of oxygen and chlorine) :: oksikloridi
oxycodone {n} (powerful opioid analgesic) :: oksikodoni
oxygen {n} /ˈɒksɪdʒən̩/ (chemical element) :: happi
oxygen {n} (molecular oxygen) :: happi
oxygen {n} (atom of oxygen) :: happiatomi
oxygenless {adj} (Lacking oxygen) :: hapeton
oxygen mask {n} (mask through with oxygen may be breathed) :: happinaamari
oxygen tank {n} (cyllinder holding oxygen) :: happisäiliö
oxygen tent {n} (canopy within which air having a higher than normal supply of oxygen can be administered to a patient) :: happiteltta
oxygen therapy {n} (therapeutic administration of oxygen) :: happihoito
oxymetholone {n} (anabolic steroid) :: oksimetoloni
oxymoron {n} /ˌɑksiˈmɔɹɑn/ (figure of speech) :: oksymoron
oxymoron {n} (contradiction in terms) SEE: contradiction in terms ::
oxytocin {n} /ɑksiˈtoʊsɪn/ (hormone) :: oksytosiini
oyster {n} /ˈɔɪ.stə(ɹ)/ (mollusk, see also: clam; mollusc; mussel) :: osteri
oyster {n} (food) :: osteri
oyster {n} (colour) :: osterinharmaa
oyster {n} (person who keeps secrets) :: muuri
oystercatcher {n} /ˈɔɪstə.ˌkætʃə/ (bird) :: meriharakka
oyster farm {n} (place where oysters are raised) :: osteriviljelmä
oyster mushroom {n} (Pleurotus ostreatus) :: osterivinokas
oyster mushroom {n} (mushroom of the genus Pleurotus) :: osterivinokas
oyster sauce {n} (sauce from oysters) :: osterikastike
oy vey {interj} /ɔɪ̯ veɪ̯/ (oh dear) :: voi ei
ozone {n} (O3) :: otsoni
ozone-friendly {adj} (not containing ozone destructing substances) :: otsoniystävällinen
ozone hole {n} (region of the stratosphere over Antarctica that is depleted of ozone in the local spring) :: otsonireikä, otsoniaukko
ozone layer {n} (a region of the stratosphere) :: otsonikerros
ozone therapy {n} (treatment) :: otsoniterapia
ozonization {n} (reaction or treatment) :: otsonointi
Øresund {prop} (strait) SEE: Oresund ::