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í {letter} :: A letter of the Portuguese alphabet
-íaco {suffix} [medicine] :: -ac (one affected with the suffixed condition)
-íaco {suffix} :: from the suffixed location
-íaco {suffix} :: person from the suffixed location
íbis {mf} :: ibis (wading bird)
Íblis {prop} {m} :: alternative spelling of Iblis
Ícaro {prop} {m} [Greek mythology] :: Icarus (hero who escaped the labyrinth of Knossos flying with wings made with wax)
Ícaro {prop} {m} :: given name
-ícia {suffix} :: alternative form of -ice
-ície {suffix} :: alternative form of -ice
ícone {m} /ˈi.kɔ.nɨ/ :: icon (all senses)
ídiche {adj} :: alternative form of iídiche
ídiche {m} :: alternative form of iídiche
ídolo {m} /ˈi.ð :: idol
ígneo {adj} :: fiery (of, or relating to fire)
ígneo {adj} :: fiery (having the colour of fire)
ígneo {adj} [geology] :: igneous (formed from magma)
Ígor {prop} {m} :: given name; variant of Igor
i {letter} /i/ :: letter
i {m} :: i (name of the letter I, i)
I {letter} :: letter
-ia {suffix} :: forms nouns, from adjectives, denoting states, conditions and qualities; -ness; -ity; -y; -hood
-ia {suffix} [medicine] :: forms the names of medical conditions; -y; -ia
-ia {suffix} :: forms the names of offices or jobs; -ship
-ia {suffix} :: forms placenames; -y; -ia
-ia {suffix} :: appended to the stem, forms the first-person singular and third-person singular imperfect subjunctive of 2nd and 3rd conjugation verbs
-ia {suffix} :: appended to the infinitive, forms the first-person singular and third-person singular conditional of verbs
IA {f} [computing] :: initialism of inteligência artificial AI
Iacanga {prop} :: Iacanga (placename)
Iacri {prop} :: Iacri (placename)
iacuto {m} :: Yakut (one of a Siberian people who live in the Lena river basin)
iacuto {m} [uncountable] :: Yakut (Turkic language spoken in Siberia)
iacuto {adj} :: of or relating to the Yakut people
iagê {m} :: ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis caapi, a vine of South America)
Iago {prop} {m} :: given name
Ialta {prop} {f} /ˈjaw.tɐ/ :: Ialta (city)
iambo {m} [poetry] :: iamb (metrical foot consisting of an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed one)
-iano {suffix} :: alternative form of -ano
ianque {mf} :: Yankee
Iapam {prop} :: obsolete spelling of Japão
Iapu {prop} :: Iapu (placename)
iaque {m} :: yak
içar {v} /iˈsaɾ/ :: to hoist, to raise
Içara {prop} :: Içara (placename)
Iaras {prop} :: Iaras (placename)
Iaroslavl {prop} {f} :: Iaroslavl (oblast)
Iaroslavl {prop} {f} :: Iaroslavl (city/regional capital)
Iasi {prop} {f} :: Iasi (city)
Iasmim {prop} {f} :: given name a variant of Jasmim
Iasmin {prop} {f} :: given name, a variant of Jasmim
Iassi {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Iasi
iatagã {m} :: yataghan (type of Turkish sword)
iate {m} [nautical] /ˈja.tɨ/ :: yacht
iatista {mf} [nautical] :: yachtsman, yachtswoman
iatista {adj} [nautical] :: related to yachting
iatrogénico {adj} [European orthography, medicine, of a disease or injury] :: iatrogenic (caused by medical treatment)
iatrogênico {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of iatrogénico
Iaçu {prop} :: Iaçu (placename)
Iaundé {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Yaoundé
Ibarama {prop} :: Ibarama (placename)
IBAS {prop} {m} :: alternative form of IBSA
Ibaté {prop} :: Ibaté (placename)
iberismo {m} /i.βɨ.ˈɾiʒ.mu/ :: Pan-Iberism (an ideology supporting the union of Portugal and Spain into a single state)
Ibertioga {prop} :: Ibertioga (placename)
IBGE {initialism} :: Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística - Institute of Geography and Statistics
Ibiá {prop} :: Ibiá (placename)
Ibiaí {prop} :: Ibiaí (placename)
Ibiaçá {prop} :: Ibiaçá (placename)
Ibiam {prop} :: Ibiam (placename)
Ibiassucê {prop} :: Ibiassucê (placename)
Ibicaré {prop} :: Ibicaré (placename)
Ibicaraí {prop} :: Ibicaraí (placename)
Ibicoara {prop} :: Ibicoara (placename)
Ibicuí {prop} :: Ibicuí (placename)
Ibiúna {prop} :: Ibiúna (placename)
Ibipeba {prop} :: Ibipeba (placename)
Ibipitanga {prop} :: Ibipitanga (placename)
Ibiquera {prop} :: Ibiquera (placename)
Ibirá {prop} :: Ibirá (placename)
Ibiracatu {prop} :: Ibiracatu (placename)
Ibiraci {prop} :: Ibiraci (placename)
Ibiraiaras {prop} :: Ibiraiaras (placename)
Ibirama {prop} :: Ibirama (placename)
Ibirapitanga {prop} :: Ibirapitanga (placename)
Ibirapuã {prop} :: Ibirapuã (placename)
Ibirapuitã {prop} :: Ibirapuitã (placename)
Ibirarema {prop} :: Ibirarema (placename)
Ibirataia {prop} :: Ibirataia (placename)
Ibirité {prop} :: Ibirité (placename)
Ibirubá {prop} :: Ibirubá (placename)
Ibitiara {prop} :: Ibitiara (placename)
Ibitinga {prop} :: Ibitinga (placename)
Ibitiúra de Minas {prop} :: Ibitiúra de Minas (placename)
Ibititá {prop} :: Ibititá (placename)
Ibituruna {prop} :: Ibituruna (placename)
Iblis {prop} {m} [Islam] :: Iblis (the Devil)
iboga {f} :: iboga (Tabernanthe iboga, a perennial rainforest shrub)
ibogaína {f} [biochemistry] :: ibogaine (a psychoactive compound found in some plants)
iBook {m} :: iBook (laptop produced by Apple Inc.)
ibope {m} [Brazil] :: a measure of any type of public opinion, such as common sense or popularity
ibope {m} [Brazil, slang] :: major public attention or interest towards something in a given time
Ibotirama {prop} :: Ibotirama (placename)
Ibéria {prop} {f} /iˈβɛ.ɾjɐ/ :: Ibéria (peninsula)
Ibéria {prop} {f} :: Ibéria (ancient kingdom)
ibérico {adj} /i.ˈβɛ.ɾi.ku/ :: Iberian (of, from or relating to Iberia)
ibérico {m} :: Iberian (person from Iberia)
ibérico {prop} {m} :: Iberian (ancient pre-Indo-European language spoken in southeastern Iberia)
IBSA {prop} {m} [politics, economics] :: IBSA (India, Brazil and South Africa)
ibuprofeno {m} [pharmaceutical drug] :: ibuprofen (isobutylphenyl propionic acid, a pharmaceutical drug)
-ica {suffix} :: feminine singular of -ico
iéca {interj} :: yech!
Icaraí de Minas {prop} :: Icaraí de Minas (placename)
-ice {suffix} :: forms nouns, from adjectives or nouns, denoting a quality or state; -ity; -ness
iceberg {m} :: iceberg
icebergue {m} [uncommon] :: alternative form of iceberg
ichthyologia {f} :: obsolete spelling of ictiologia
ichthyologo {m} :: obsolete spelling of ictiólogo
Ichu {prop} :: Ichu (placename)
Icém {prop} :: Icém (placename)
icônico {adj} /i.ˈ :: iconic
-ico {suffix} /i.ku/ :: -ic; -ical (of or pertaining to [the suffixed noun])
-ico {suffix} /ˈi.ku/ :: irregular diminutive suffix, often forming new senses rather than semantic diminutives
iconoclástico {adj} :: iconoclastic (pertaining to iconoclasm)
iconóstase {f} [Eastern Orthodoxy, art] :: iconostasis (a wall of religious icons)
icosaedro {m} [geometry] :: icosahedron (a polyhedron)
icterícia {f} [pathology] :: jaundice (morbid condition characterised by yellowness of the eyes, skin and urine)
ictióloga {f} :: feminine noun of ictiólogo
ictiólogo {m} /ˌik.t͡ʃi.ˈɔ.lo.ɡo/ :: ichthyologist (expert in ichthyology)
ictio- {prefix} :: ichthyo-
ictiofagia {f} :: ichthyophagy
ictiológico {adj} :: ichthyological
ictiologia {f} :: ichthyology (branch of zoology devoted to the study of fish)
ictiose {f} [disease] :: ichthyosis (any of several conditions causing dry, scaly skin)
ictiossauro {m} :: ichthyosaur (any of several extinct fishlike reptiles of the order Ichthyosauria)
id {m} :: abbreviation of identificador
id {m} :: abbreviation of identificação
id {adv} :: abbreviation of idem
ida {f} /ˈi.ðɐ/ :: going
ida {f} :: departure
ida {f} :: trip
Ida {prop} {f} /ˈi.dɐ/ :: given name
idade {f} /i.ˈða.ðɨ/ :: age (part of the duration of a being or thing between its beginning and any given time)
-idade {suffix} /i.ˈda.d͡ʒi/ :: forms nouns, from adjectives, indicating the state, property or quality of conforming to the adjective’s description; -ity; -ness; -hood
-idade {suffix} :: forms nouns, from adjectives, indicating something that has the given quality; -ity
idade da pedra {f} [archaeology] :: Stone Age (prehistoric period before the development of metallurgy)
Idade das Trevas {prop} {f} :: Dark Ages (historic period European history encompassing (roughly) 476–1000)
idade do bronze {f} [archaeology] :: Bronze Age (historical period characterised by the use of bronze implements)
idade do ferro {f} [archaeology] :: Iron Age (historical period characterised by the use of iron tools)
Idade do Ferro {prop} {f} [archaeology] :: Iron Age (period characterised by the use of iron tools)
Idade do Ferro {prop} {f} [Greco-Roman mythology] :: Iron Age (the fifth Age of Man)
idade do gelo {f} :: ice age (period of extensive glaciation)
Idade Média {prop} {f} [history] :: Middle Ages (period of Western history between circa 500 and 1500)
idade mental {f} [psychology] :: mental age (apparent age on basis of mental ability and behaviour)
idadismo {m} :: ageism (discrimination based on age)
Idaho {prop} {m} :: Idaho (state)
Idanha-a-Nova {prop} {f} /iˈðɐɲa ˈnɔvɐ/ :: Idanha-a-Nova (village/and/municipality)
ideal {adj} /iˈðjaɫ/ :: ideal
ideal {adj} :: notional
ideal {m} :: ideal
ideal {m} :: fantasy
idealismo {m} [philosophy, uncountable] /ˈ :: idealism (an approach to philosophical enquiry)
idealismo {m} [uncountable] :: idealism (property of a person of having high ideals that are usually unrealisable or at odds with practical life)
idealismo {m} :: an unattainable ideal (standard)
idealista {adj} :: idealistic (of or pertaining to an idealist or to idealism)
idealista {mf} :: idealist (one who adheres to idealism)
idealista {mf} :: idealist (unrealistic or impractical visionary)
idealização {f} /ˌˌˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: idealisation (act or process of idealising)
idealização {f} :: idealisation (representation of something in such a way as to show its most important characteristics)
idealizar {v} /ˈza(ɾ)/ :: to idealise (regard something as ideal)
idealizar {v} :: to idealise (to conceive or form an ideal)
idealmente {adv} :: ideally
idealístico {adj} :: idealistic (of or pertaining to ideals or to idealism)
idear {v} :: to ideate (to generate an idea)
ideia {f} /i.ˈðɐj.ɐ/ :: idea (that which comes to mind)
ideia {f} :: plan, project
ideia {f} :: objective, conception or conviction that is based on something
ideia {f} :: head
ideia {f} :: (in the plural) intellect, mind, group of convictions and opinions of somebody
ideia de jerico {f} [idiom] :: stupid idea
ideólogo {m} :: ideologue (advocate of a particular ideology)
idem {pron} [demonstrative] :: the aforesaid; ditto
identicamente {adv} :: identically
identidade {f} :: identity
identidade aditiva {f} [algebra] :: additive identity (element which is an identity for an additive operation)
identificado {v} :: past participle of identificar
identificador {m} :: identifier (someone or something that identifies)
identificador {m} [programming] :: identifier (name used in source code to refer to a variable, function, procedure, package, etc.)
identificando {v} :: gerund of identificar
identificação {f} :: identification
identificar {v} :: to identify
identificar {v} :: to recognize
identificável {adj} :: identifiable (capable of being identified)
identitário {adj} :: of or relating to identity
ideograma {m} :: ideogram (a symbol which represents a thing)
ideológico {adj} :: ideological (of or pertaining to an ideology)
ideologia {f} :: ideology (body of ideas)
ideologicamente {adv} :: ideologically (in an ideological manner; with respect to ideology)
idéia {f} :: obsolete spelling of ideia
iídiche {adj} /ˈi.d͡ʒi.ʃi/ :: Yiddish (of or pertaining to the Yiddish language)
iídiche {m} :: Yiddish (language)
idioleto {m} [linguistics] :: idiolect (variant of a language used by a particular individual)
idioma {m} /i.ˈðjo.mɐ/ :: language (form of communication using words and structured with grammar)
idioma estrangeiro {m} :: foreign language (any language other than that spoken by the people of a specific place)
idiomático {adj} :: idiomatic (pertaining or conforming to the mode of expression characteristic of a language)
idiopático {adj} [pathology, of a disease or condition] :: idiopathic (having no known cause)
idiossincrasia {f} /i.ðjɔ.sĩ.kɾɐ.ˈzi.ɐ/ :: idiosyncrasy, quirk
idiossincrásico {adj} :: alternative form of idiossincrático
idiossincrático {adj} :: idiosyncratic (peculiar to a specific individual)
idiota {adj} /i.ˈðjɔ.tɐ]/ :: idiotic
idiota {mf} :: idiot
idiota da vila {mf} :: village idiot (stupidest person of a community or group)
idiota útil {mf} :: useful idiot (one who unwittingly supports a malignant cause)
idiotice {f} [uncountable] :: idiocy (state of being an idiot)
idiotice {f} :: an idiotic act
idiotípico {adj} :: idiotypic (of or pertaining to an idiotype)
idiótico {adj} :: idiotic (pertaining to or resembling idiots)
idílico {adj} :: idyllic (of or pertaining to idylls)
idílico {adj} :: idyllic (extremely happy, peaceful or picturesque)
idílio {m} /i.ˈði.lju/ :: idyll (poem or short written piece)
idílio {m} :: romance; love affair
idôneo {adj} :: suitable, appropriate
idôneo {adj} :: competent, apt
idôneo {adj} :: morally right
idêntico {adj} :: identical
idêntico {adj} :: same
ido {m} /ˈi.ðu/ :: Ido (artificial language reformed from Esperanto)
-ido {suffix} /ˈi.du/ :: forms the masculine singular past participle of 2nd-conjugation (-er) and 3rd-conjugation (-ir) verbs; -ed
-idão {suffix} :: -itude; -ness (forms abstract nouns, from adjectives, indicating a state or condition)
idolatrar {v} /i.ðu.lɐ.ˈtɾaɾ/ :: to idolise (to worship as an idol)
idolatrar {v} :: to idolise (to adore excessively)
idolatria {f} :: idolatry (worship of idols)
idolatria {f} :: idolatry (excessive admiration)
idoneidade {m} :: suitability
idos {mp} :: ides (fifteenth day of March, May, July and October in the Roman calendar)
idoso {adj} [usually, of people] /i.ˈðo.zu/ :: elderly; old
idoso {m} :: elder; elderly person, oldtimer
idrogenação {f} :: hydrogenation
idylio {m} :: obsolete spelling of idílio
idyllio {m} :: obsolete spelling of idílio
Iemem {prop} {m} [uncommon] :: alternative form of Iémen
iemenita {adj} :: Yemeni (of, from, or pertaining to Yemen, or the Yemeni people)
iemenita {mf} :: Yemeni (a person from Yemen or of Yemeni descent)
iene {m} :: yen (unit of Japanese currency)
Ienissei {prop} {m} :: Ienissei (river)
Iepê {prop} :: Iepê (placename)
Ierevã {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Erevan
Ierevan {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Erevan
IES {f} :: initialism of instituição de ensino superior
ieti {m} :: alternative spelling of yeti
ifante {m} :: obsolete form of infante
iffante {m} :: obsolete form of infante
-ificar {suffix} /ˈka(ʁ)/ :: -ify (forms verbs, from adjectives, indicating process of causing an object to gain the given characteristic)
Igaporã {prop} :: Igaporã (placename)
Igarapé {prop} :: Igarapé (placename)
Igarapava {prop} :: Igarapava (placename)
Igaratá {prop} :: Igaratá (placename)
Igaratinga {prop} :: Igaratinga (placename)
Igaraçu do Tietê {prop} :: Igaraçu do Tietê (placename)
iglu {m} :: igloo (Inuit snow house)
ignóbil {adj} /iɡ.ˈnɔ.βiɫ/ :: ignoble
ignóbil {adj} :: vile
ignóbil {adj} :: abject
Ignácio {prop} {m} :: given name, a variant of Inácio
ignição {f} :: ignition
ignomínia {f} :: ignominy, dishonour
ignomínia {f} :: shame
ignomínia {f} :: infamy
ignorante {adj} /ˌiɡ.no.ˈɾɐ̃.t͡ʃi/ :: ignorant (characterized by ignorance)
ignorante {mf} :: an ignorant person
ignorar {vt} /ˌiɡ.no.ˈɾa(ʁ)/ :: to ignore (to deliberately pay no attention to)
ignorar {vt} :: [obsolete] to ignore (not to know; to be ignorant about)
ignorar {vt} :: [figurative] to lack an important quality
ignorância {f} :: ignorance
ignorável {adj} :: ignorable (that can be ignored)
Ignês {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Inês
Igor {prop} {m} /ˈi.ɡoʁ/ :: given name
Igrapiúna {prop} :: Igrapiúna (placename)
i grego {m} /i.ˈɣɾe.ɣu/ :: wye (name of the letter Y, y)
igreja {f} /i.ˈɣɾɐ.ʒɐ/ :: church (a house of worship)
igreja {f} [Christianity] :: a Christian denomination
Igreja Anglicana {prop} {f} :: Church of England (the established Christian Church in England)
Igreja Apostólica Arménia {prop} {f} [European orthography, Christianity] :: Armenian Apostolic Church (the national Church of Armenia)
Igreja Apostólica Armênia {prop} {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of Igreja Apostólica Arménia
Igreja Ortodoxa {prop} {f} :: Orthodox Church (the Eastern body of Christendom)
Igreja Ortodoxa grega {prop} {f} :: Greek Orthodox Church
igrejinha {f} :: little church
igrejinha {f} :: cabal, conspiracy (group of people plotting)
Igrejinha {prop} :: Igrejinha (placename)
Iguaí {prop} :: Iguaí (placename)
Iguaba Grande {prop} :: Iguaba Grande (placename)
igual {adj} /i.ˈɣwaɫ/ :: equal
igual {adv} [idiom] :: like; just alike; similarly to
igual {m} :: equals sign
igual a {prep} :: equal to (the same in all respects)
igual a {prep} :: just like (perfectly equivalent to)
igualado {v} :: past participle of igualar
igualando {v} :: gerund of igualar
igualar {v} :: to match, equal, equalize
igualdade {f} /i.ɣwaɫ.ˈda.ðɨ/ :: equality
igualha {f} /i.ˈɣwa.ʎɐ/ :: sameness
igualitarismo {m} :: egalitarianism (political doctrine of universal equality)
igualitário {adj} :: egalitarian
igualmente {adv} /i.ɣwaɫ.ˈmẽ.tɨ/ :: equally; likewise (in the same manner)
igualmente {interj} :: same to you; back at you; likewise
iguana {f} :: iguana
Iguape {prop} :: Iguape (placename)
iguaria {f} :: delicacy (pleasing food)
Iguatama {prop} :: Iguatama (placename)
Iguaçu {prop} {m} :: Iguaçu (river)
iê-iê-iê {m} [music genre] /ˌje.ˌje.ˈje/ :: the style of rock and roll, and associated cultural scene, popular during the 60s in Brazil
Ijaci {prop} :: Ijaci (placename)
Ijuí {prop} :: Ijuí (placename)
-il {suffix} :: -ile (tending to or capable of)
ilíaco {adj} /i.ˈli.a.ko/ :: iliac
ilíaco {m} [skeleton] :: ilium
Ilíada {prop} {f} :: Iliad (Ancient Greek epic poem about the Trojan War)
ilação {f} :: illation
ilativo {m} [grammar] :: illative case (case used to indicate movement into something)
ilícito {adj} [formal] :: illicit; unlawful; illegal
Ilda {prop} {f} :: given name
ilegal {adj} /i.lɨ.ˈɣaɫ/ :: illegal; unlawful (forbidden by the law)
ilegalidade {f} :: illegality
ilegalizar {vt} :: to criminalise (to make something be a crime)
ilegitimidade {f} :: illegitimacy
ilegítimo {adj} :: illegitimate [all senses]
ilegítimo {adj} :: illegal, unlawful
ilegível {adj} :: illegible, unreadable
ileso {adj} :: uninjured (that did not suffer lesion)
iletrado {adj} :: No or little instructed in letters; no or little able to read; illiterate; unlettered
iletrado {adj} :: Not well educated
ilógico {adj} :: illogical (contrary to logic; lacking sense or sound reasoning)
ilhó {m} :: eyelet (a small hole to receive a cord or fastener)
ilha {f} [geography] /ˈi.ʎɐ/ :: island
ilha {f} [slang] :: A group of houses in a poor area of a town
ilha {f} [figuratively, popular] :: A person who stands alone in defense of an idea
Ilhabela {prop} :: Ilhabela (placename)
Ilha Bouvet {prop} {f} :: Ilha Bouvet (island/and/dependency)
Ilha Christmas {prop} {f} :: Ilha Christmas (island/and/territory)
Ilha Comprida {prop} :: Ilha Comprida (placename)
ilha de coral {f} :: coral island (island made of coral detritus)
Ilha de Man {prop} {f} :: Ilha de Man (island/and/dependency)
Ilha de Páscoa {prop} {f} :: Ilha de Páscoa (island/and/province)
Ilha de São Domingos {prop} {f} :: Ilha de São Domingos (island)
Ilha de Vera Cruz {prop} {f} :: The first name given to Brazil upon discovery in 1500. 2nd name: Terra de Santa Cruz
Ilha de Wight {prop} {f} :: Ilha de Wight (island/and/county)
Ilha do Natal {prop} {f} :: Ilha do Natal (island/and/territory)
Ilha do Príncipe Eduardo {prop} {f} :: Ilha do Príncipe Eduardo (island/and/province)
Ilha Formosa {prop} {f} :: synonym of Formosa
ilha Norfolk {prop} {f} :: ilha Norfolk (island/and/territory)
Ilha Norfolk {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of ilha Norfolk
Ilha Norte {prop} {f} :: Ilha Norte (island)
Ilha Prince Edward {prop} {f} :: Ilha Prince Edward (island/and/province)
ilhar {vt} :: to isolate (to cut off from others)
ilharga {f} [anatomy] /i.ˈʎaɾ.ɣɐ/ :: flank (flesh between the last rib and the hip)
ilharga {f} [by extension] :: side
Ilhas Aaland {prop} {fp} :: alternative spelling of Ilhas Åland
Ilhas Aland {prop} {fp} :: alternative spelling of Ilhas Åland
Ilhas Aleutas {prop} {fp} :: Ilhas Aleutas (archipelago)
Ilhas Andamã {prop} {fp} :: Ilhas Andamã (archipelago)
Ilhas Andamão {prop} {fp} :: alternative form of Ilhas Andamã
Ilhas Aran {prop} {fp} :: Ilhas Aran (archipelago)
Ilhas Baleares {prop} {fp} :: Ilhas Baleares (archipelago)
Ilhas Barlavento {prop} {fp} :: alternative form of Ilhas de Barlavento
Ilhas Britânicas {prop} {fp} :: Ilhas Britânicas (archipelago)
Ilhas Caimã {prop} {fp} :: alternative form of Ilhas Cayman
Ilhas Canecas {prop} {fp} [rare] :: the Ilhas Canecas (archipelago)
Ilhas Canárias {prop} {fp} :: Ilhas Canárias (archipelago/and/autonomous community)
Ilhas Carolinas {prop} {fp} :: Ilhas Carolinas (archipelago)
Ilhas Cayman {prop} {fp} :: Ilhas Cayman (archipelago/and/overseas territory)
Ilhas Cook {prop} {fp} :: Ilhas Cook (archipelago/and/autonomous territory)
Ilhas Curilas {prop} {fp} :: Ilhas Curilas (archipelago/and/disputed territory)
Ilhas de Barlavento {prop} {fp} :: Ilhas de Barlavento (archipelago)
Ilhas do Almirantado {prop} {fp} :: Ilhas do Almirantado (archipelago)
Ilhas do Canal {prop} {fp} :: Ilhas do Canal (archipelago)
ilhas Falkland {prop} {fp} :: ilhas Falkland (archipelago/and/overseas territory)
Ilhas Faroé {prop} {fp} :: Ilhas Faroé (archipelago/and/territory)
Ilhas Faroe {prop} {fp} :: alternative form of Ilhas Faroé
Ilhas Feroé {prop} {fp} :: alternative form of Ilhas Faroé
Ilhas Feroe {prop} {fp} :: alternative form of Ilhas Faroé
Ilhas Åland {prop} {fp} :: Ilhas Åland (archipelago/and/autonomous province)
ilhas Malvinas {prop} {fp} :: ilhas Malvinas (archipelago/and/overseas territory)
Ilhas Marshall {prop} {fp} :: Ilhas Marshall (archipelago/and/country)
Ilhas Nicobar {prop} {fp} :: Ilhas Nicobar (archipelago)
Ilha Solteira {prop} :: Ilha Solteira (placename)
Ilhas Orkney {prop} {fp} :: Ilhas Orkney (archipelago/and/council area)
Ilhas Pitcairn {prop} {fp} :: Ilhas Pitcairn (archipelago/and/overseas territory)
Ilhas Salomão {prop} {fp} /ˈi.ʎɐʃ. ˌsɐ.lu.ˈmɐ̃w/ :: Ilhas Salomão (archipelago/and/country)
Ilhas Shetland {prop} {fp} :: Ilhas Shetland (archipelago/and/council area)
ilhas Turcas e Caicos {prop} {fp} :: ilhas Turcas e Caicos (overseas territory)
Ilha Sul {prop} {f} :: Ilha Sul (island)
Ilhas Virgens {prop} {fp} :: Ilhas Virgens (archipelago)
Ilhas Virgens Americanas {prop} {fp} :: Ilhas Virgens Americanas (dependency)
Ilhas Virgens Britânicas {prop} {fp} :: Ilhas Virgens Britânicas (overseas territory)
ilheo {m} :: obsolete spelling of ilhéu
-ilho {suffix} /ˈi.ʎu/ :: forms diminutives
ilhota {f} [irregular] :: diminutive of ilha
Ilhota {prop} :: Ilhota (placename)
ilhote {m} :: islet, eyot
ilhós {m} :: alternative form of ilhó
ilhéu {m} :: islander (person who lives on an island)
Ilhéus {prop} :: Ilhéus (placename)
ilicitamente {adv} :: illicitly
ilicitude {f} :: wrongfulness
ilicitude {f} :: illegality
Ilicínea {prop} :: Ilicínea (placename)
ilidindo {v} :: gerund of ilidir
ilidir {v} :: to rebut, refute
ilimitado {adj} :: unlimited; limitless; unrestricted
iliquidez {f} :: illiquidity
illegal {adj} :: obsolete spelling of ilegal
Illinois {prop} {m} /ˌˈnɔj/ :: Illinois (state)
illusionista {mf} :: obsolete spelling of ilusionista
illusorio {adj} :: obsolete spelling of ilusório
illustração {f} :: obsolete spelling of ilustração
ilmenita {f} [mineral] :: ilmenite (a weakly magnetic dark gray mineral)
Ilópolis {prop} :: Ilópolis (placename)
ilíquido {adj} [economics] :: illiquid
Ilíria {prop} {f} :: Ilíria (historical region)
Ilírico {prop} {m} :: Ilírico (province)
ilírio {adj} :: Illyrian (of or pertaining to Illyria or Illyrians)
ilírio {m} :: Illyrian (inhabitant of the ancient Illyria)
ilírio {m} [uncountable] :: Illyrian (ancient Indo-European language spoken in Illyria)
iludir {v} /ˈðiɾ/ :: to elude (to escape or evade by using cunning)
iludir {v} :: to delude (to deceive into believing something which is false)
iluminado {v} :: past participle of iluminar
iluminando {v} :: gerund of iluminar
iluminação {f} /ɐ.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: illumination
iluminação {f} :: lighting
iluminação {f} :: enlightenment
iluminação pública {f} :: streetlighting (illumination by streetlights)
iluminar {v} /ˈnaɾ/ :: to illuminate
iluminar {v} :: to enlighten
Iluminismo {prop} {m} /i.ˌlu.mi.ˈ :: Enlightenment (17th and 18th-century philosophical movement in Europe)
ilusionista {mf} /ˈniʃ.tɐ/ :: illusionist (one who works with illusion)
ilusão {f} /iluˈzɐ̃w̃/ :: illusion
ilusão {f} :: delusion
ilusão {f} :: fantasy
ilusão {f} :: chimera
ilusório {adj} /ˌˈzɔ.ɾi.o/ :: illusory; deceptive
ilustrado {adj} /i.luʃ.ˈtɾa.ðu/ :: illustrated
ilustrado {adj} :: enlightened
ilustrado {adj} :: savant
ilustrado {v} :: past participle of ilustrar
ilustrando {v} :: gerund of ilustrar
ilustração {f} /i.luʃ.tɾɐ.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: illustration (picture designed to decorate)
ilustração {f} :: illustration (act of illustrating: making clear by example)
ilustração {f} :: illustration (that which illustrates)
ilustração {f} :: knowledge
ilustrar {v} /iluʃˈtɾaɾ/ :: to illustrate
ilustrar {v} :: to ennoble
ilustrar {v} :: to clarify
im- {prefix} :: a form of the prefix in-, used before b, m and p
-im {suffix} [uncommon] /ˈĩ/ :: forms diminutives
-im {suffix} :: pronunciation spelling of -inho
imã {m} :: imam
imaculada conceição {f} [theology, Roman Catholicism] :: Immaculate Conception (the conception of Virgin Mary in her mother’s womb free from original sin)
Imaculada Conceição {prop} {f} [Roman Catholicism] :: Immaculate Conception (doctrine that the Virgin Mary was conceived free from original sin)
imaculado {adj} :: immaculate; unsullied (pure, especially morally)
imagem {f} /i.ˈma.ʒɐ̃j̃/ :: image; picture; figure (optical representation of an object)
imagem {f} :: image (mental representation of something seen or imagined)
imagem {f} :: image (outward appearance)
imagem {f} :: image; face (characteristics that are first perceived by others)
imagem {f} :: [computing] image (file containing all data of a storage medium)
imagem {f} :: [religion] icon (small object of religious devotion)
imagem {f} :: [geometrical optics] image (a group of emitted, reflected or refracted rays of light)
imagem {f} :: [mathematics] image (values mapped to by a function)
imagem inversa {f} [mathematics] :: inverse image (set of points that map to a given set of points under a specified function)
imagem inversa {f} :: See: imagem inversa
imagem recíproca {f} [mathematics] :: inverse image (set of points that map to a given set of points under a specified function)
imagem recíproca {f} :: See: imagem recíproca
imagina {interj} :: no problem; don't mention it (polite response to a thank you)
imaginação {f} /i.mɐ.ʒi.nɐ.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: imagination
imaginar {v} /imɐʒiˈnaɾ/ :: to imagine [all senses]
imaginativo {adj} :: Having a lively and creative imagination; imaginative
imaginário {adj} /i.mɐ.ʒi.ˈna.ɾi.u/ :: imaginary
imaginável {adj} :: imaginable
imame {m} :: imam (Muslim leader)
imanar {v} :: alternative form of imantar
imanejável {adj} :: unwieldy (difficult to manage)
imanente {adj} /ˈnẽ.t(ʃ)i/ :: immanent, inherent, intrinsic
imanente {adj} [philosophy] :: immanent
imanizar {v} :: alternative form of imantar
imanência {adj} /ˈnẽ.sja/ :: immanence/immanency, inherence
imanência {adj} [philosophy] :: immanence
imantado {v} :: past participle of imantar
imantando {v} :: gerund of imantar
imantar {v} :: to magnetize
imanuseável {adj} :: unwieldy (difficult to handle)
Imaruí {prop} :: Imaruí (placename)
imaterial {adj} /i.mɐ.tɨ.ˈɾjaɫ/ :: immaterial, incorporeal
imaturidade {f} :: immaturity
imaturo {adj} :: immature (not fully formed)
imaturo {adj} :: immature (childish)
Imbé {prop} :: Imbé (placename)
imbaíba {f} :: alternative form of ambaíba
imbaúba {f} :: alternative form of ambaíba
imbahuba {f} [rare] :: obsolete spelling of ambaíba
imbaiba {f} :: alternative form of ambaíba
imbatível {adj} /ˌĩ.ba.ˈt͡ʃi.vew/ :: unbeatable (unable to be defeated)
imbauba {f} :: alternative form of ambaíba
imbauva {f} :: rare form of ambaíba
imbaúva {f} :: alternative form of ambaíba
Imbé de Minas {prop} :: Imbé de Minas (placename)
imbecil {adj} /ĩ.bɨ.ˈsiɫ/ :: imbecile
imberbe {adj} :: beardless, cleanshaven
imbúia {f} :: obsolete spelling of imbuia
iâmbico {adj} [prosody] :: iambic (consisting of iambs or characterised by their predominance)
Imbituba {prop} :: Imbituba (placename)
imbróglio {m} :: imbroglio (complicated situation)
imbuia {f} :: imbuia (Ocotea porosa, a tree)
Imbuia {prop} :: Imbuia (placename)
imbuir {v} :: to imbue (to wet or stain completely)
imbuir {v} :: to imbue (to permeate or impregnate completely)
imbuya {f} :: obsolete spelling of imbuia
imediatamente {adv} /i.mɨ.ðja.tɐ.ˈmẽ.tɨ/ :: immediately
imediato {adj} /͡ʒi.ˈ :: immediate (without delay)
imediato {m} [nautical] :: first mate
imedível {adj} [rare] :: unmeasurable; immeasurable (incapable of being measured)
imemorável {adj} :: immemorable; not memorable
Iémen {prop} {m} [European orthography] :: Iémen (country)
Iêmen {prop} {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of Iémen
Iémen do Sul {prop} {m} [European orthography] :: Iémen do Sul (former country)
Iêmen do Sul {prop} {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of Iémen do Sul
imensamente {adv} :: immensely (hugely; extremely; vastly)
imensidade {f} :: immensity
imensidão {f} :: vastness; infinity (something of immeasurable size or greatness)
imenso {adj} /i.ˈmẽ.su/ :: immense
imenso {adv} [Portugal] :: immensely, very much
imensurável {adj} :: unmeasurable; immeasurable (incapable of being measured)
imensurável {adj} :: immeasurable (too great to be measured)
-imento {suffix} :: alternative form of -mento
imergir {vt} :: to immerse (to put under the surface of a liquid)
imersão {f} :: immersion
imerso {adj} :: immersed
imerso {adj} :: submerged
imigrante {mf} /i.mi.ˈɣɾɐ̃.tɨ/ :: immigrant (person who comes to a country to settle)
Imigrante {prop} :: Imigrante (placename)
imigração {f} :: immigration
imigrar {vi} :: to immigrate (to move in from another country or area)
iminente {adj} :: imminent, impending
iminentemente {adv} :: In context of being about to happen, occur or take place; about to; imminently
iminência {f} :: imminence
imiscuindo {v} :: gerund of imiscuir
imiscuir {v} :: to interfere, meddle
imisericordioso {adj} :: merciless (showing no mercy; cruel and pitiless)
imitado {v} :: past participle of imitar
imitador {m} :: imitator (one who imitates or apes another)
imitadora {f} :: feminine noun of imitador
imitando {v} :: gerund of imitar
imitação {f} :: imitation (act of imitating)
imitação {f} :: imitation; mock; copy
imitar {v} /imiˈtaɾ/ :: to imitate, mimic
immediato {adj} :: obsolete spelling of imediato
immenso {adj} :: obsolete spelling of imenso
imobiliário {adj} :: real estate (attributive)
imobilizado {v} :: past participle of imobilizar
imobilizando {v} :: gerund of imobilizar
imobilização {f} :: immobilization
imobilização {f} :: standstill
imobilizar {v} :: to immobilize
imobilizar {v} :: to paralyze
imoderado {adj} :: immoderate
imoderado {adj} :: intemperate
imoderado {adj} :: unreserved
imodesto {adj} :: immodest (lacking in modesty)
imolar {v} :: to immolate (to kill as sacrifice)
imolar {v} :: to immolate (to destroy, especially by fire)
imoral {adj} :: immoral
imortal {adj} /imuɾˈtaɫ/ :: immortal
imortal {mf} :: one immortal person
imortalidade {f} :: immortality
imortalidade biológica {f} :: biological immortality (stable or decreasing rate of mortality from cellular senescence)
impaciente {adj} [of a person] /ĩ.pɐ.ˈsjẽ.tɨ/ :: impatient (intolerant of delay or having to wait)
impaciente {adj} [of an act or behaviour] :: impatient (prompted by, or demonstrating, impatience)
impacientemente {adv} :: impatiently (without patience)
impaciência {f} :: impatience (lack of patience)
impactado {v} :: past participle of impactar
impactando {v} :: gerund of impactar
impactar {v} :: to impact
impacto {m} /ĩ.ˈpak.tu/ :: impact; collision; shock
impacto {m} [figurative] :: impact (significant or strong influence or effect)
impagável {adj} :: priceless (all senses)
impala {mf} :: impala
impalanca {f} :: alternative form of palanca (roan antelope)
impaludismo {m} :: impaludism, malaria
imparcial {adj} :: impartial, unprejudiced
imparcial {adj} :: neutral
imparcialidade {f} :: impartiality
imparcialidade {f} :: neutrality
imparcialmente {adv} :: impartially; fairly (in an impartial, fair manner)
imparável {adj} :: unstoppable (unable to be stopped)
impasse {m} /ĩ.ˈ :: impasse (a situation in which no progress can be made)
impassível {adj} :: impassive (having or revealing no emotion)
impúdico {adj} :: shameless, wanton or impudent
impecável {adj} :: impeccable
impecável {adj} :: flawless
impecável {adj} :: immaculate
impedimento {m} :: impediment (that which impedes progress)
impedimento {m} [sports] :: offside (illegal position ahead of the ball)
impedir {v} /ĩ.pɨ.ˈðiɾ/ :: to prevent
impedir {v} :: to impede, stop
impedir {v} :: to hinder, block
impeditivo {adj} :: deterrent
impeditivo {adj} :: preventive
impedância {f} [physics] :: impedance (measure of opposition to flow of current)
impelente {adj} :: impellent (which impels, drives)
impelido {v} :: past participle of impelir
impelindo {v} :: gerund of impelir
impelir {v} :: to impel
impenetrabilidade {f} :: impenetrability (quality, state of being impenetrable)
impenetrável {adj} /ĩ.pɨ.nɨ.ˈtɾa.vɛɫ/ :: impenetrable (that one cannot penetrate)
impensável {adj} :: unimaginable; unthinkable (unable to be imagined)
imperador {m} /ĩ.pɨ.ɾɐ.ˈðoɾ/ :: emperor (ruler of an empire)
imperador {m} :: alfonsino (Beryx decadactylus, a deep-sea fish)
imperar {v} :: to reign, to rule
imperativamente {adv} :: imperatively
imperativo {adj} :: imperative (expressing a command)
imperativo {m} [grammar] :: imperative mood
imperativo {m} :: order; command
imperatória {f} :: masterwort (Peucedanum ostruthium, a herb of Europe)
imperatriz {f} :: empress (female monarch of an empire)
imperatriz {f} :: empress (wife or widow of an emperor)
imperceptível {adj} :: imperceptible
imperceptível {adj} :: inconspicuous
imperdoável {adj} :: unforgivable (not able to be forgiven)
imperdível {adj} /ˌĩ.peʁ.ˈd͡ʒi.vew/ :: unmissable
imperecibilidade {f} /ĩˈda.d(ʒ)i/ :: perishability
imperecível {adj} :: imperishable
imperecível {adj} :: undying
imperfectivo {m} [grammar] :: imperfective aspect (verbal aspect that denotes an action that does not have a fixed temporal boundary)
imperfeição {f} :: imperfection
imperfeitamente {adv} :: imperfectly
imperfeito {adj} :: imperfect
imperfeito {adj} :: defective
imperial {adj} / ĩ.pɨ.ˈɾjaɫ / :: imperial
imperial {f} [Portugal, regional] :: draft beer
imperialismo {m} [politics] /ĩ.ˌpe.ɾi.a.ˈ :: imperialism (the policy of extending power, by force)
imperialmente {adv} :: imperially
imperio {m} :: obsolete spelling of império
imperiosamente {adv} :: imperiously
imperioso {adj} :: imperious; authoritarian
impermeável {adj} :: waterproof; watertight (which doesn’t let water in)
imperscrutável {adj} :: unfathomable
impersonalidade {f} :: impersonality
impersonificar {v} :: to stop having personal attributes
impertinente {adj} :: impertinent (insolent, ill-mannered)
impertinência {f} /ĩ.peʁ.t͡ʃi.ˈnẽ.sjɐ/ :: impertinence; irrelevance (lack of pertinence)
impertinência {f} :: impertinence; insolence (lack of due respect)
impessoal {adj} /ĩmpswal/ :: impersonal
impessoal {adj} [grammar, of a verb] :: impersonal
impessoalidade {f} /ĩˈda.dʒi./ :: impersonality
impessoalidade {f} [grammar, of verbs] :: the quality of not using personal subjects
impessoalidade {f} :: generalness, vagueness (the quality of being unspecific)
impessoalidade {f} [by extension] :: banality, triviality
impessoalizar {v} :: to stop having personal attributes
impessoalmente {adv} :: impersonally
impetigo {m} [pathology] :: impetigo (contagious bacterial skin disease)
impeto {m} :: obsolete spelling of ímpeto
impetrar {vt} :: to impetrate (to procure upon request)
impetuoso {adj} /ĩpe̞ˈtwo̞zu/ :: impetuous, rash
impetuoso {adj} :: spirited, lively, vehement
impiedoso {adj} :: ruthless, merciless, pitiless
impingir {vt} /ĩ.pĩ.ˈʒiɾ/ :: to force or obligue someone to do or to accept something
impingir {vt} :: to apply (something) with great force and/or intensity
impingir {vt} :: to sell something for a price higher than what is considered fair
impingir {vi} :: to make someone believe untrue things
implacável {adj} :: Not able to placate or appease; implacable
implanejado {adj} [rare, Brazil] :: unintended; unplanned
implantado {v} :: past participle of implantar
implantando {v} :: gerund of implantar
implantação {f} :: implantation (introduction of an idea)
implantação {f} [surgery] :: implantation (act of inserting an implant)
implantação {f} [embryology] :: implantation (attachment of a fertilised ovum to the uterus)
implantação de íons {f} [physics] :: implantation (insertion of ions into crystal structure)
implantar {v} :: to implant
implantar {v} :: to install
implausibilidade {f} :: implausibility
implausível {adj} /ĩ.plaw.ˈzi.vew/ :: implausible (unlikely, unacceptable)
implícito {adj} :: implicit (implied indirectly)
implementação {f} :: implementation (process of moving an idea from concept to reality)
implementar {v} /ĩ.ple.mẽ.ˈtaɾ/ :: to implement
implicando {v} :: gerund of implicar
implicante {adj} :: captious (having a disposition to find fault unreasonably or to raise petty objections)
implicação {f} :: implication
implicar {v} :: to imply
implicar {v} :: to involve
implicar {v} :: to implicate
implicatura {f} [pragmatics] :: implicature (an implied meaning)
implicância {f} :: implication
implodir {v} :: to implode (to collapse or burst inward)
implorar {v} :: to implore (to beg for)
implosão {f} :: implosion
impolido {adj} :: impolite (not polite)
impolido {adj} :: unpolished (not polished)
imponderável {adj} :: imponderable
imponente {adj} :: imposing (magnificent and impressive because of appearance, size, stateliness or dignity)
impopular {adj} :: unpopular (lacking popularity)
impopularidade {f} :: unpopularity (property of being unpopular)
impor {v} /ĩˈpoɾ/ :: to impose
importado {v} :: past participle of importar
importador {m} :: importer (a person who imports goods)
importador {adj} :: which imports goods
importadora {f} :: importer (company that imports goods)
importadora {f} :: feminine noun of importador
importando {v} :: gerund of importar
importante {adj} /ĩ.puɾ.ˈtɐ̃.tɨ/ :: important (having relevant and crucial value)
importante {adj} :: influential
importação {f} :: importation (act or practice of importing)
importar {vt} /ĩ.puɾ.ˈtaɾ/ :: to import
importar {vi} :: to matter (be important)
importar {vip} :: to mind
importar {v} [de, que, .pronominal] :: to mind (to do something)
importar {v} [com, .pronominal] :: to care (about something)
importar-se {vr} :: to care (to be concerned about)
importância {f} /ĩ.puɾ.ˈtɐ̃.sjɐ/ :: importance
importância {f} :: significance, relevance
importunar {v} :: to bother; to harass; to importune
imposição {f} :: imposition, obligation
imposição {f} :: enforcement
impossibilidade {f} /ĩβˈða.ðɨ/ :: impossibility
impossibilitado {v} :: past participle of impossibilitar
impossibilitando {v} :: gerund of impossibilitar
impossibilitar {v} /ĩpusiβiliˈtaɾ/ :: to preclude
impossibilitar {v} :: to forbid
impossivelmente {adv} :: impossibly (in an impossible manner)
impossuível {adj} :: unownable (that cannot be personal property)
impossível {adj} /ĩ.pu.ˈsi.vɛɫ/ :: impossible
imposto {m} /ĩ.ˈpoʃ.tu/ :: tax
imposto {adj} :: imposed
imposto de consumo {m} :: excise tax (tax levied on the production or sale of certain goods)
imposto de renda {m} :: income tax
imposto de sangue {m} :: blood tax (derogatory term for military conscription)
impostor {m} :: impostor (someone who uses a false identity)
impostora {f} :: feminine noun of impostor
impotente {adj} :: powerless (lacking sufficient power or strength)
impotente {adj} :: impotent (unable to achieve an erection)
impotência {f} :: impotence (all senses)
impraticabilidade {f} /ĩ.pra.t(ʃ)ˈda.d(ʒ)i/ :: impracticability, unfeasibility, unviability
impraticável {adj} /ĩ.pra.t(ʃ)i.ˈka.vew/ :: impracticable, unviable
imprecado {v} :: past participle of imprecar
imprecando {v} :: gerund of imprecar
imprecação {f} :: imprecation
imprecar {v} :: to imprecate; to curse
impreciso {adj} :: imprecise (containing some error, uncertainty or ambiguity)
impreciso {adj} [of a shooter or firearm] :: inaccurate (unable to shoot straight)
imprecisão {f} :: imprecision (lack of precision)
impredizivelmente {adv} :: In context of lack of anticipation or expectation; unpredictably
impregnar {vt} :: to impregnate (to saturate, to infuse)
imprensa {f} /ĩˈpɾẽ.sɐ/ :: the press (collective term for printed media)
imprensa {f} :: publisher
imprensa {f} [uncountable] :: printing (process or business of producing printed material)
imprensa {f} :: printing press
imprescindível {adj} :: indispensable (absolutely necessary)
imprescritível {adj} /ĩ.pɾes.kri.ˈt(ʃ)i.vew/ :: imprescriptible
impressaõ {f} :: obsolete spelling of impressão
impressam {f} :: obsolete spelling of impressão
impressionante {adj} /ĩ.pɾɨ.sjuˈnɐ̃.tɨ/ :: impressive
impressionantemente {adv} :: impressively
impressionar {v} /ĩpɾɨsjuˈnaɾ/ :: to impress
impressionismo {m} [arts] :: impressionism (movement in art characterised by visible brush strokes, ordinary subject matters, and an emphasis on light)
impressionista {adj} [arts] :: impressionistic (relating to impressionism)
impressionista {mf} [arts] :: impressionist (artist involved in impressionism)
impressionável {adj} :: impressionable
impresso {adj} :: printed (having text or images produced by printing)
impressão {f} /ĩpɾɨˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: impression
impressão digital {f} :: fingerprint (the pattern of ridges on the tips of the fingers)
impressão digital {f} :: fingerprint (pattern left on surfaces)
impressor {m} :: printer (operator of a printing press)
impressora {f} /ĩpɾɨˈsoɾɐ/ :: printer (device used to print)
impressora {f} :: feminine noun of impressor
impressora a laser {f} :: alternative form of impressora laser
impressora de jato de tinta {f} :: inkjet printer (device that prints using droplets of ink)
impressora laser {f} :: laser printer (computer printer using a laser beam)
imprestável {adj} :: worthless; useless
imprevisibilidade {f} [uncountable] :: unpredictability (the quality of being unpredictable)
imprevisibilidade {f} :: unpredictability (something which is unpredictable)
imprevisivelmente {adv} :: In context of lack of anticipation or expectation; unpredictably
imprevisto {adj} /ĩpɾɨˈviʃtu/ :: Not foreseen; unforeseen
imprevisível {adj} :: Unable to be predicted; unpredictable
imprimir {v} /ĩpɾiˈmiɾ/ :: to print
império {m} /ĩ.ˈpɛ.ɾju/ :: empire
Império Alemão {prop} {m} :: German Empire (Germany between 1871 and 1918)
Império Bizantino {prop} {m} [history] :: Império Bizantino (mediaeval empire)
Império Britânico {prop} {m} :: British Empire (the United Kingdom together with its dominions, colonies, dependencies, trust territories and protectorates)
Império Otomano {prop} {m} :: Ottoman Empire (empire existing from 1299 to 1923, centred in Turkey)
Império Persa {prop} {m} [historical] :: Persian Empire
Império Romano {prop} {m} [historical] :: Roman Empire (empire centred in Italy that existed between 27 BCE and 476 CE)
Império Russo {prop} {m} [historical] :: Russian Empire
improbabilidade {f} :: improbability
improcedente {adj} :: inappropriate
improcedente {adj} :: groundless
improdutivo {adj} :: unproductive
impropriedade {f} :: impropriety
impropério {m} :: insult, affront, diss
improvado {adj} :: unproven (not proved)
improvavelmente {adv} :: unlikely; improbably (in an improbable manner)
improvisado {adj} :: improvised; makeshift (made to work or suffice)
improvisar {v} :: to improvise (to make something up or invent it as one goes on)
improviso {m} :: improvisation (act or art of composing and rendering music, poetry, and the like, without prior preparation)
improviso {m} :: makeshift (a temporary, usually insubstantial, substitution for something else)
improvável {adj} /ĩpɾuˈvavɛɫ/ :: unlikely
impróprio {adj} /ĩ.ˈpɾɔ.pɾi.o/ :: improper; inadequate (unsuitable to needs or circumstances)
impróprio {adj} :: improper; indecent
impróprio {adj} :: inconvenient
imprudente {adj} :: imprudent (not attentive to consequence)
imprudentemente {adv} :: imprudently (without prudence)
imprudência {f} [uncountable] :: imprudence (quality or state of being imprudent)
imprudência {f} :: imprudence (imprudent act)
impérvio {adj} :: impervious (preventative of any penetration)
impublicável {adj} :: unpublishable (not suitable for publication)
impudente {adj} :: impudent (not showing due respect)
impudentemente {adv} :: Without shame; impudently; shamelessly
impudência {f} :: impudence (quality of being impudent)
impudência {f} :: impudence (impudent language, conduct or behaviour)
impudor {m} :: impudence (impudent language, conduct or behaviour)
impugnado {adj} :: contested
impugnando {v} :: gerund of impugnar
impugnação {f} :: impeachment
impugnação {f} :: impugnment
impugnar {v} :: to contest
impugnar {v} :: to impugn
impugnável {adj} :: impugnable
impulsionado {v} :: past participle of impulsionar
impulsionamento {m} :: boosting
impulsionamento {m} :: boost
impulsionando {v} :: gerund of impulsionar
impulsionar {v} /ĩ.puɫ.sju.ˈnaɾ/ :: to boost
impulsivamente {adv} :: impulsively
impulsividade {f} :: impulsivity
impulsivo {adj} :: impulsive (giving an impulse)
impulsivo {adj} :: impulsive (inclined to make rapid decisions without due consideration)
impulso {m} :: thrust (force due to propulsion)
impulso {m} :: impulse (sudden force that impels)
impulsão {f} :: impulsion
impulsão {f} :: thrust
impulsão {f} :: buoyancy
impulsor {adj} :: impulsive; impellent (which impels, drives)
impulsor {m} :: impulsor; inciter; instigator
impune {adj} :: unpunished
impunidade {f} [legal] :: impunity (exemption from punishment)
impunidade {f} [uncountable] :: impunity (freedom from punishment or retribution)
impureza {f} :: impurity
impuridade {f} :: impurity (the condition of being impure)
impuridade {f} :: impurity (a component or additive that renders something impure)
impuro {adj} :: impure (lacking purity)
imputabilidade {f} :: imputability
imputabilidade {f} :: accountability
imputado {v} :: past participle of imputar
imputando {v} :: gerund of imputar
imputação {f} /ĩ.pu.ta.ˈsɐ̃õ/ :: imputation (act of imputing or charging)
imputar {v} :: to impute
imputável {adj} :: imputable
imputável {adj} :: attributable, chargeable
impávido {adj} [poetic] :: fearless (free from fear)
imundícia {f} :: alternative form of imundície
imundície {f} :: filth, dirt
imundice {f} :: alternative form of imundície
imundo {adj} /i.ˈmũ.du/ :: filthy
imune {adj} :: immune
imunidade {f} :: immunity
imunidade diplomática {f} :: diplomatic immunity (diplomat’s legal immunity)
imunitário {adj} :: immune (relating to the immune system or response)
imunização {f} :: immunization
imunizar {vt} :: to immunise (to make someone or something immune to something)
imunodeficiência {f} [immunology] :: immunodeficiency
imunoglobulina {f} [protein, immunology] :: immunoglobulin (glycoprotein protecting the host)
imunológico {adj} :: immunological
imunologia {f} [medicine] :: immunology (branch of medicine that studies the immune system)
imóveis {m} :: real estate
imóvel {adj} /i.ˈmɔ.vɛɫ/ :: still, motionless
imóvel {adj} :: immobile, immovable
imóvel {m} :: building, property
in {prep} :: found in the given reference
in {adj} :: in fashion
in- {prefix} :: un-; not
inabalável {adj} :: unshakeable
inabilidade {f} :: inability, incapability
inabilidade {f} :: disability, incapacity
inabitado {adj} :: uninhabited (not inhabited)
inabitável {adj} :: uninhabitable
inacabado {adj} :: unfinished (not finished)
inaceitável {adj} :: unacceptable
inacentuado {adj} :: unaccented; accentless (having no diacritical mark)
inacessível {adj} :: inaccessible
inacreditavelmente {adv} :: unbelievably
inacreditável {adj} :: unbelievable; incredible
inactivado {v} :: past participle of inactivar
inactivando {v} :: gerund of inactivar
inactivação {f} :: inactivation
inactivar {v} :: to inactivate
inadequadamente {adv} :: inadequately
inadequado {adj} :: inadequate
inadimplência {f} [law] :: breach of contract (failure to perform under the terms of a contract)
inadmissível {adj} :: inadmissible
inadvertido {adj} :: inadvertent (not aware of something)
inafetividade {f} :: affectionlessness (lack of affection)
inafetivo {adj} :: affectionless (without affection)
inalador {m} [medicine] :: inhaler (canister containing medicine)
inalação {f} :: inhalation
inalar {v} /ˌˈla(ɹ)/ :: to inhale (draw air into the lungs)
inalatório {adj} :: inhalant; inhaling [attributive]
inalienabilidade {f} :: inalienability
inalienável {adj} :: inalienable (incapable of being alienated)
inalienável {adj} [grammar] :: inalienable (belonging to a class in which the possessive construction differs from the norm)
inalterado {adj} :: unaltered (remaining in its initial state)
inalterável {adj} :: unalterable
inambíguo {adj} :: unambiguous (having no ambiguity)
inambigüidade {f} :: obsolete spelling of inambiguidade
inambiguidade {f} :: unambiguity (the quality of being unambiguous)
inambu {m} :: tinamou (any of the American flightless birds of the family Tinamidae)
inamu {m} :: alternative form of inambu
inane {adj} :: inane (lacking sense or meaning)
inanidade {f} :: inanity
inanição {f} :: inanition; starvation (a condition of severe suffering due to a lack of nutrition)
inanição {f} :: inanition; emptiness (especially of the stomach)
inanulável {adj} :: indelible (incapable of being annulled)
inação {f} :: inaction (lack of action or activity)
inapagável {adj} :: inextinguishable (incapable of being extinguished)
inapagável {adj} :: unerasable (incapable of being erased)
inapaziguável {adj} :: unappeasable (not able to be appeased)
inapelável {adj} :: Not appealable; unappealable
inapetência {f} [pathology] :: inappetence (lack of appetite)
inapropriadamente {adv} :: inappropriately (in an inappropriate manner)
inapropriado {adj} :: inappropriate
inapto {adj} :: inept (not able to do something)
Inari {prop} {f} :: Inari (municipality and village in northern Finland)
Inari {prop} {m} :: Inari (lake in northern Finland)
inarmónico {adj} [European orthography] :: disharmonious; inharmonic (not harmonious)
inarmônico {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of inarmónico
inarrável {adj} :: that cannot be narrated
inatividade {f} :: inactivity; idleness (state of being idle)
inativo {adj} :: inactive (not active)
inato {adj} :: innate; inborn (present since birth)
inatual {adj} :: Not current
inaudivelmente {adv} :: In context of impossibility of being heard; inaudibly
inaudível {adj} :: inaudible
inaugural {adj} :: being a first occurrence or event
inaugural {adj} :: occurring during an inauguration
inaugurando {v} :: gerund of inaugurar
inauguração {f} :: inauguration (act of inaugurating)
inaugurar {v} :: to inaugurate
Inúbia Paulista {prop} :: Inúbia Paulista (placename)
inábil {adj} :: awkward
inábil {adj} :: unskilful
incaico {adj} :: Incan (of or relating to the Inca people)
incalculavelmente {adv} :: incalculably (in an incalculable manner)
incalculável {adj} :: incalculable (very great or numerous)
incalculável {adj} [mathematics] :: incalculable (unable to be calculated)
incandescente {adj} :: incandescent
incansável {adj} :: tireless; indefatigable
incapacidade {f} :: inability
incapacidade {f} :: incapacity
incapacidade {f} :: disability
incapacitar {v} :: to disable (to deactivate a function of a device)
incapacitar {v} [of a person] :: to disable (to impair the physical abilities of)
incapaz {adj} /ĩ.kɐ.ˈpaʃ/ :: incapable, unable
incauto {adj} :: dupe, gullible, unwary, naive
incauto {adj} :: careless
incauto {m} :: gullible or unwary person
incendiado {v} :: past participle of incendiar
incendiando {v} :: gerund of incendiar
incendiar {vt} /ĩ.sẽ.ˈdjaɾ/ :: to set something on fire
incendiário {adj} /ĩ.sẽ.ˈdja.ɾju/ :: incendiary
incendiário {adj} :: inflammatory
incendiário {m} :: incendiary
incenso {m} /ĩ.ˈsẽ.su/ :: incense
incensário {m} :: censer (container for burning incense)
incensório {m} :: alternative form of incensário
incentivado {v} :: past participle of incentivar
incentivando {v} :: gerund of incentivar
incentivar {v} :: to provide incentive; to foster, to encourage, to motivate
incerteza {f} /ĩsɨɾˈtezɐ/ :: uncertainty
incerto {adj} / ĩ.ˈsɛɾ.tu / :: uncertain (subject to doubt)
incessante {adj} :: incessant (without pause or stop)
incessantemente {adv} :: incessantly (without pause or stop)
incesto {m} :: incest (sexual relations between close relatives)
incestuoso {adj} :: incestuous
incógnita {f} [mathematics] :: an unknown value
incógnita {f} :: an instance of unknown information
incógnito {adj} :: incognito (without being known; in disguise; in an assumed character, or under an assumed title)
inchação {f} :: swelling
inchação {f} :: bump
inchação {f} :: pock
inchação {f} :: tumor
inchação {f} [figurative] :: arrogance, vanity, pride
inchaço {m} :: swelling (abnormally swollen part of the body)
inchar {v} /ĩ.ˈʃa(ɹ)/ :: to swell (become bigger)
inchar {v} :: to swell due to oedema
incidental {adj} :: incidental (existing by chance)
incidentalmente {adv} [manner] :: incidentally (in an incidental manner)
incidente {adj} :: incidental
incidente {m} :: incident
incidentemente {adv} :: incidentally
incidido {v} :: past participle of incidir
incidindo {v} :: gerund of incidir
incidir {v} :: to shine on
incidir {v} :: to focus
incidir {v} :: to incur
incidir {v} :: to affect
incidir {vi} :: To happen, occur
incidência {f} :: incidence
incinerado {v} :: past participle of incinerar
incinerador {m} :: incinerator
incinerando {v} :: gerund of incinerar
incineração {f} :: incineration
incinerar {v} :: to incinerate
início {m} /iˈnisju/ :: beginning (initial portion of some extended thing)
Inácio {prop} {m} /i.ˈna.sju/ :: given name
incipiente {adj} /ĩ.ˌsi.pi.ˈẽ.te/ :: incipient; beginning; starting
incisar {v} [surgery] :: to cut (to perform an incision)
incisivo {adj} :: incisive (able to pierce or cut)
incisivo {adj} :: incisive (forceful in expression)
incisivo {m} :: incisor (front tooth of mammals)
inciso {m} :: subheading, especially within law
incisão {f} / ĩ.si.ˈzɐ̃w̃ / :: incision (cut)
incitador {m} :: inciter (one who incites)
incitador {adj} :: inciting (who or which incites)
incitar {v} :: to incite (to rouse, stir up or excite)
inclinado {adj} /ĩkliˈnaðu/ :: At an angle to the horizontal; sloped; slanted; inclined
inclinado {adj} :: Having a tendency, preference, likelihood or disposition; inclined
inclinando {v} :: gerund of inclinar
inclinação {f} /ĩklinɐˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: inclination (all senses)
inclinar {v} /ĩkliˈnaɾ/ :: to tilt, tip
inclinar {v} :: to incline, slope
incluir {v} :: to include
incólume {adj} :: unscathed (not injured or harmed)
inclusive {adv} :: also (in addition)
inclusive {adv} :: even (indicating an extreme example of the case mentioned)
incluso {adj} /ĩ.ˈklu.zu/ :: included
inclusão {f} :: inclusion
incómodo {adj} [European orthography] /ĩ.ˈkɔ.mu.ðu/ :: uncomfortable
incómodo {m} [European orthography] :: discomfort
incómodo {m} [European orthography] :: annoyance
incômodo {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of incómodo
incômodo {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of incómodo
incêndio {m} /ĩ.ˈsẽ.di.u/ :: fire (occurrence of fire in a certain place)
incêndio {m} :: arson (criminal fire)
incêndio florestal {m} :: wildfire (fire that affects an wildland area)
incônscio {adj} :: unconscious (in a mental state that involves lack of responsiveness)
incônscio {adj} :: unconscious (without directed thought or awareness)
incoerente {adj} :: incoherent (lacking coherence)
incolor {adj} :: colourless
incolumidade {f} /ĩˈda.d(ʒ)i/ :: the condition of being unharmed
incolumidade {f} :: safety
incomensurável {adj} :: immeasurable (too great to be measured)
incomestível {adj} :: inedible (not appropriate, worthy or safe to eat)
incomodar {v} /iɲˈkomodu/ :: to bother; to annoy
incomparável {adj} /ĩ.kõ.pɐ.ˈɾa.veɫ/ :: incomparable
incompatibilidade {f} :: incompatibility
incompatível {adj} :: incompatible
incompetente {adj} :: incompetent (lacking normally expected degree of ability)
incompetente {mf} :: an incompetent person
incompetência {f} :: incompetency
incompletamente {adv} :: incompletely
incompleto {adj} :: incomplete, unfinished
incompletude {f} :: incompleteness (the condition of being incomplete)
incompletude {f} :: an incomplete aspect of something
incompreendido {adj} :: misunderstood
incompreensão {f} :: incomprehension
incompreensível {adj} :: incomprehensible
incompreensível {adj} :: unaccountable
incomum {adj} :: uncommon, unusual
inconcebível {adj} :: inconceivable (unable to be conceived, unbelievable)
inconciliável {adj} :: irreconcilable
inconcluso {adj} :: unfinished (not finished; not over)
incondicional {adj} :: unconditional (without conditions)
inconducente {adj} [rare] :: unconducive (not likely to produce an outcome)
inconfessado {adj} :: unconfessed, hidden, concealed
inconfessado {adj} :: ulterior
inconfidente {adj} :: untrustworthy, unloyal
inconfidente {mf} :: an informer, a snitcher
inconfidente {mf} [historical] :: a participant of the Inconfidência Mineira
Inconfidentes {prop} :: Inconfidentes (placename)
inconfidência {f} :: infidelity
inconfidência {f} [dated] :: conspiracy
inconfidência {f} [historical] :: Inconfidência Mineira
inconfiável {adj} :: unreliable; untrustworthy
inconformista {mf} :: nonconformist (someone who does not conform to accepted beliefs, customs or practices)
inconfundível {adj} :: unmistakeable
incongruente {adj} :: incongruous (not matching)
incongruência {f} :: incongruity
inconsciente {adj} /ˌĩ.kõ.si.ˈẽ.t͡ʃi/ :: unconscious (not awake)
inconsciente {adj} :: unconscious (without directed thought or awareness)
inconsciente {adj} [of animals or objects] :: having no consciousness
inconsciente {m} :: the unconscious mind
inconscientemente {adv} :: Not aware of relevant facts; subconsciously; unknowingly
inconsciência {f} /ĩ.kõ.si.ˈẽ.si.ɐ/ :: unconsciousness (the state of lacking consciousness)
inconsciência {f} :: unconsciousness (ignorance of something, especially due to innocence)
inconsequente {adj} :: inconsequent, illogical
inconsequente {adj} :: imprudent, irresponsible
inconsequente {mf} [derrogatory] :: an imprudent, irresponsible, negligent person
inconsistente {adj} :: inconsistent (not consistent)
inconsistência {f} [uncountable] :: inconsistency (state of being inconsistent)
inconsistência {f} :: inconsistency (an inconsistent part or aspect of something)
inconstante {adj} :: inconstant (not constant)
inconsútil {adj} [of clothing] :: seamless, one-piece (having no seams)
inconstitucional {adj} :: unconstitutional (contrary to the constitution)
inconstitucionalmente {adv} :: unconstitutionally
inconstância {f} :: infrequency
inconstância {f} :: inflexibility
inconstância {f} :: indetermination
inconstância {f} :: instability
inconstância {f} :: infidelity
incontestavelmente {adv} :: incontestably (in an incontestable way; without doubt)
incontestável {adj} :: incontestable (beyond doubt)
incontinência {f} :: incontinence (lack of self-restraint)
incontinência {f} [medicine] :: incontinence (inability to restrain discharge of urine or faeces)
incontornável {adj} :: unavoidable
incontornável {adj} [by extension] :: unmissable
incontável {adj} :: countless; innumerable (too many to count)
incontável {adj} [mathematics] :: uncountable (incapable of being enumerated by natural numbers)
incontável {adj} [grammar, of a noun] :: uncountable (about a noun which cannot be counted)
inconveniente {m} /ĩ.kõ.vɨ.ˈnjẽ.tɨ/ :: nuisance; inconvenience (minor annoyance)
inconveniente {adj} :: inconvenient (not convenient; not expedient)
inconvenientemente {adv} :: Not pleasing nor approving; inconveniently; unfavorably
inconveniência {f} :: inconvenience (something inconvenient or bothering)
incorporado {v} :: past participle of incorporar
incorporando {v} :: gerund of incorporar
incorporação {f} :: incorporation
incorporar {v} :: to incorporate
incorporar {v} :: to include, integrate
incorporar {v} [of a ghost or spirit] :: to enter the physical body of a person and control it as their own
incorpóreo {adj} :: incorporeal (having no material form or physical substance)
incorrectamente {adv} :: obsolete spelling of incorretamente
incorrecto {adj} :: obsolete spelling of incorreto
incorrendo {v} :: gerund of incorrer
incorrer {v} :: to incur
incorretamente {adv} /ĩ.ku.ʁɛ.tɐ.ˈmẽ.tɨ/ :: incorrectly
incorreto {adj} /ĩ.ku.ˈʁɛ.tu/ :: incorrect
incorrido {v} :: past participle of incorrer
incrédulo {adj} :: incredulous, unbelieving
incrédulo {adj} :: sceptical
incrédulo {m} :: unbeliever
incrédulo {m} :: sceptic
incredulidade {f} :: disbelief (unwillingness or inability to believe in something)
incrementar {v} /ĩ.kre.mẽ.ˈta(ɾ)/ :: to increment
incriminar {v} /ĩ.kɾi.mi.ˈna(ɹ)/ :: to incriminate (to accuse or bring criminal charges against)
incrivelmente {adv} :: incredibly
incrivelmente {adv} :: amazingly
incruento {adj} :: bloodless; incruent (taking place without bloodshed)
incrustado {adj} :: encrusted
incrustado {v} :: past participle of incrustar
incrustando {v} :: gerund of incrustar
incrustação {f} :: incrustation
incrustação {f} :: inlay
incrustar {v} :: to embed, encrust
incrível {adj} /ĩ.ˈkɾi.vɛɫ/ :: incredible; amazing
incubadeira {f} :: incubator (apparatus used to hatch eggs)
incubado {v} :: past participle of incubar
incubadora {f} :: incubator (apparatus used to maintain environmental conditions suitable for the hatching of eggs)
incubadora {f} [medicine] :: incubator (apparatus used to maintain environmental conditions suitable for a newborn baby)
incubadora {f} [business] :: incubator (support programme for the development of entrepreneurial companies)
incubando {v} :: gerund of incubar
incubação {f} :: incubation
incubar {v} :: to incubate
inculcar {vt} :: to drill; to inculcate (to teach by repeated instruction)
inculto {adj} [of land] :: uncultivated (not cultivated)
inculto {adj} [of a person] :: uncultivated; unrefined (lacking art or knowledge)
incumbido {v} :: past participle of incumbir
incumbindo {v} :: gerund of incumbir
incumbir {v} :: to delegate
incumbência {f} :: an incumbent obligation
incumprimento {m} /ĩ.kũ.pɾi.ˈmẽ.tu/ :: non-fulfilment
incunábulo {m} :: incunable; incunabulum (very early type of printed book)
inócuo {adj} /i.ˈnɔ.ku.o/ :: innocuous; harmless
incursão {f} :: incursion, foray, raid
incurável {adj} :: incurable (unable to be cured)
inda {adv} [obsolete or regional] :: alternative form of ainda
indagado {v} :: past participle of indagar
indagando {v} :: gerund of indagar
indagar {v} :: to inquire, investigate
indagar {v} :: to question
Indaiabira {prop} :: Indaiabira (placename)
Indaial {prop} :: Indaial (placename)
Indaiatuba {prop} :: Indaiatuba (placename)
indício {m} :: indication
indício {m} :: hint
indício {m} :: sign, signal
indecente {adj} :: indecent (offensive to good taste)
indecifrável {adj} :: indecipherable
indeciso {adj} [of a person] :: indecisive (not marked by promptness or decision)
indeciso {adj} [of a contest or event] :: indecisive (having no clear result)
indecisão {f} :: indecision (inability to decide on a course of action)
indeclinável {adj} [grammar, of a word] :: indeclinable (not inflected)
indecoroso {adj} :: improper (not in keeping with conventional mores or good manners)
indefenso {adj} :: alternative form of indefeso
indeferido {adj} [law] :: rejected, denied
indeferimento {m} :: rejection, dismissal
indeferimento {m} :: denial
indefeso {adj} :: helpless (unable to defend oneself or to act without help)
indefinidamente {adv} :: indefinitely
indefinido {adj} /ĩˈni.du/ :: indefinite (without limits)
indefinido {adj} :: undefined (lacking a definition)
indefinido {adj} [mathematics] :: undefined (that does not have a meaning)
indefinido {adj} :: indefinite; undecided; uncertain
indefinido {adj} [grammar or a pronoun or article] :: indefinite (which specifies an undetermined object)
indefinido {m} :: that which is undefined
indefinido {m} [grammar] :: an indefinite pronoun or article
indefinito {adj} :: obsolete form of indefinido
indefinível {adj} :: indefinable (incapable of being define)
indelicadamente {adv} :: indelicately (in an indelicate manner)
indelicado {adj} :: indelicate (improper or immodest)
indelével {adj} :: indelible (difficult to remove or wash away)
indemne {adj} [European orthography] /ĩ.ˈdẽ.nɨ/ :: unhurt, undamaged, unscratched, uninjured
indemnização {f} :: indemnity
indemnização {f} :: compensation
indemnizar {v} [European orthography] :: to indemnify, to compensate, to reimburse
indene {adj} [Brazilian orthography, Brazil] :: unhurt, undamaged, unscratched, uninjured
indenidade {f} :: the state of not being damaged
indenidade {f} :: indemnity; indemnification (reimbursement of loss, damage or penalty)
indenização {f} :: indemnity, indemnification
indenizar {vt} [Brazilian orthography] :: to indemnify, to compensate, to reimburse
indentação {f} :: indentation (small notch or recess)
independendo {v} :: gerund of independer
independente {adj} /ĩ.de.pẽ.ˈdẽ.te/ :: independent (not dependent; not contingent or depending on something else; free)
independente {prep} :: regardless (regardless of)
independentemente {adv} :: independently
independentemente {adv} :: apart
independentismo {m} :: independentism
independer {v} :: to be independent (of)
independido {v} :: past participle of independer
independência {f} /ĩ.de.pẽ.ˈdẽ.si.a/ :: independence (state or quality of being independent)
Independência {prop} :: Independência (placename)
indesbotável {adj} [of dyes or colours] :: fast (not running or fading)
indescritível {adj} :: ineffable (beyond expression)
indescritível {adj} :: indescribable (impossible to describe)
indesejado {adj} :: unwanted
indesejado {adj} :: unintended
indesejável {adj} :: undesirable
indesejável {adj} :: unwelcome
indestrutível {adj} :: indestructible (not able to be destroyed)
indetectável {adj} :: undetectable
indeterminado {adj} :: indeterminate
indeterminado {adj} :: indefinite
indeterminável {adj} :: indeterminable
indevidamente {adv} :: unduly
indevido {adj} :: undue
indexar {v} :: to index
indígena {adj} :: indigenous (born or engendered in, native to a land or region)
indígena {adj} :: Indian (of, or related to, the aboriginal people of the Americas)
indígena {mf} :: native (person who is native to a place)
indígena {mf} [specifically] :: Indian (individual of, or related to, the aboriginal people of the Americas)
India {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Índia
Indiana {prop} {f} :: Indiana (state)
Indiana {prop} {f} :: Indiana (placename)
indianismo {m} [Brazil] :: indianism
indiano {adj} /ˌĩ.d͡ʒi.ˈɐ.no/ :: Indian (of or pertaining to India)
indiano {m} :: Indian (someone from India)
Indianápolis {prop} {f} :: Indianápolis (city/state capital)
Indianópolis {prop} :: Indianópolis (placename)
Indiaporã {prop} :: Indiaporã (placename)
indicado {v} :: past participle of indicar
indicador {adj} /ĩ.di.kɐ.ˈðoɾ/ :: which indicates
indicador {m} :: indicator (someone or something that indicates something)
indicador {m} :: forefinger (finger next to the thumb)
indicando {v} :: gerund of indicar
indicação {f} :: indication
indicar {v} :: to indicate, designate
indicar {v} :: to display
indicar {v} :: to advise
indicativo {adj} :: indicative (serving as a sign of something)
indicativo {adj} [grammar] :: indicative (relating or belonging to the indicative mood)
indicativo {m} [grammar] :: indicative (verbal mood used for ordinary factual or objective statements)
indicativo {m} [broadcasting] :: call sign (sign used to identify a station)
indiciado {v} :: past participle of indiciar
indiciando {v} :: gerund of indiciar
indiciar {v} :: to indict, accuse
indiferença {f} /ĩ.di.fɨ.ˈɾẽ.sɐ/ :: indifference
indiferença {f} :: nonchalance
indiferença {f} :: aloofness
indiferente {adj} /ĩ.di.fɨ.ˈɾẽ.tɨ/ :: indifferent
indiferentemente {adv} :: indifferently
indiferentismo {m} [religion] :: indifferentism (the doctrine that all religions are equally valid)
indiferentismo {m} :: indifference (the habit of being indifferent, of not caring)
indiferentista {mf} [religion] :: indifferentist (an advocate of indifferentism)
indigente {adj} :: indigent (extremely poor)
indigente {mf} :: pauper; indigent (one who is extremely poor)
indigestão {f} :: indigestion (condition caused by eating too quickly)
indignado {adj} :: indignant (angry, infuriated, mad, resentful); aggravated
indignação {f} :: indignation (anger aroused by an offence or injustice)
indigência {f} :: indigence (extreme poverty)
indignidade {f} :: indignity
indigno {adj} :: unworthy (lacking value or merit)
indigueira {f} :: indigo; anil (shrub from which indigo dye is obtained)
indirectamente {adv} :: alternative form of indiretamente
indireta {f} [colloquial] :: A hint, a suggestion avoiding direct statement
indiretamente {adv} :: indirectly
indireto {adj} :: indirect
indiscreto {adj} :: indiscreet (not discreet; wanting in discretion)
indiscrição {f} /ĩdiʃkɾiˈsə̃ʊ/ :: indiscretion
indiscutivelmente {adv} :: unquestionably; undeniably; beyond doubt
indiscutível {adj} :: unquestionable, undeniable, irrefutable
indispensável {adj} /ĩ.diʃ.pẽ.ˈsa.vɛɫ/ :: indispensable, necessary
indisponibilidade {f} :: unavailability
indisponível {adj} :: unavailable
indisposição {f} :: indisposition
indisposição {f} :: malaise
indissociável {adj} /ĩ.d(ʒ)ˈa.vew/ :: inseparable, that cannot be separated or put apart
indistinguível {adj} :: indistinguishable (not distinguishable)
indistintamente {adv} :: indistinctly (in an indistinct manner)
indistinto {adj} :: indistinct (not clearly defined)
inédito {adj} :: not published, unpublished
inédito {adj} :: unprecedented; unexampled; never seen or done before
indivíduo {adj} /ĩ.di.ˈvi.du.u/ :: indivisible
indivíduo {m} :: individual (person considered alone)
indivíduo {m} :: individual (object considered alone)
individual {adj} :: individual
individualidade {f} :: individuality (characteristic of being individual, unique)
individualismo {m} :: individualism
individualmente {adv} :: individually
indivisibilidade {f} :: indivisibility
indivisível {adj} :: indivisible
indizível {adj} :: unspeakable; unutterable
indómito {adj} [European orthography] :: indomitable (incapable of being subdued, overcome or vanquished)
indômito {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of indómito
-indo {suffix} /-ˈĩ.du/ :: forms the gerund of 3rd conjugation verbs
Indo {prop} {m} :: Indo (river)
Indochina {prop} {f} :: Indochina (peninsula)
Indocuche {prop} {m} [uncommon] :: alternative form of Hindu Kush
indo-europeística {f} :: Indo-European studies
indoeuropeu {adj} :: alternative spelling of indo-europeu
indoeuropeu {m} :: alternative spelling of indo-europeu
indo-europeu {adj} :: Indo-European (of or relating to languages originally spoken in Europe and Western Asia)
indo-europeu {adj} :: Indo-European (of or relating to hypothetical parent language of Indo-European language family)
indo-europeu {adj} :: Indo-European (of or relating to hypothetical group of peoples having spread Indo-European languages)
indo-europeu {m} :: Indo-European (member of Proto-Indo-European ethnolinguistic group)
indolente {adj} /ĩ.du.ˈlẽ.tɨ/ :: indolent, lazy
indolente {adj} :: slothful, sluggish
indolência {f} :: indolence (habitual laziness or sloth)
indolor {adj} :: painless
indolor {adj} :: indolent
indomabilidade {f} :: indomitability (the quality of being indomitable)
indomável {adj} :: indomitable (incapable of being tamed or subdued)
Indonésia {prop} {f} :: Indonésia (country)
indonésio {adj} :: Indonesian
indonésio {m} :: Indonesian person
indonésio {prop} {m} :: Indonesian language
indostani {adj} :: alternative form of hindustani
indostani {m} :: alternative form of hindustani
Indra {prop} {m} [Hinduism] :: Indra (Hindu god of war and weather)
indústria {f} /ĩ.ˈduʃ.tɾjɐ/ :: industry
indústria {f} :: mill, factory
indústria leve {f} :: light industry (industry that does not require high capitalisation or heavy machinery)
indústria pesada {f} :: heavy industry (industry involving large products, equipment and/or facilities)
indubitavelmente {adv} :: undoubtedly, undoubtfully, without doubt
indubitável {adj} :: indubitable, incontestable, unquestionable
indulgencia {f} :: obsolete spelling of indulgência
indulgente {adj} :: indulgent (prone to indulge)
indulgência {f} :: indulgence (the act of yielding to temptation)
indultar {vt} [legal] :: to pardon (to grant an official pardon for an offence)
indulto {m} [legal] :: pardon (forgiveness for an offence)
indumento {m} [formal] :: garment (single item of clothing)
indumentária {f} :: costume (set of clothes characteristic of a particular country, period, people or occupation)
indução {f} :: induction (all senses)
industria {f} :: superseded spelling of indústria
industrial {adj} /ĩ.duʃ.ˈtɾjaɫ/ :: industrial
industrializado {v} :: past participle of industrializar
industrializado {adj} :: industrialized
industrializando {v} :: gerund of industrializar
industrialização {f} [sociology, economics] :: industrialization (social and economic change associated with the adoption of manufacturing industries)
industrializar {v} :: to industrialize
industriosidade {f} :: industry (tendency to work persistently)
industrioso {adj} :: industrious (hard-working and persistent)
indutivo {adj} [logic] :: inductive (relating to logical induction)
indutivo {adj} [physics] :: inductive (relating to or arising from induction or inductance)
indutância {f} :: inductance (property by which a voltage is induced in an electric circuit by a changing magnetic field)
induzir {v} /ˌĩ.du.ˈzi(ɹ)/ :: to induce (to cause; persuade; force)
induzível {adj} :: inducible (able to be induced)
inebriamento {m} :: inebriation; drunkenness (intoxication caused by drinking alcoholic beverages)
inebriando {v} :: gerund of inebriar
inebriação {f} :: inebriation; drunkenness (intoxication caused by drinking alcoholic beverages)
inebriar {v} :: to inebriate, intoxicate
ineficaz {adj} :: ineffective
ineficácia {f} :: ineffectiveness
inegavelmente {adv} :: undeniably
inegável {adj} :: undeniable
inenarrável {adj} :: that cannot be narrated
inequação {f} [mathematics] :: inequality (statement that one quantity is not necessarily equal to another)
inequivocamente {adv} :: unequivocally
inequívoco {adj} :: unequivocal (without ambiguity or error)
inerente {adj} :: inherent
inerentemente {adv} :: inherently
inerir {v} :: to inhere (to be an essential or intrinsic part of)
inerência {f} /i.neˈɾẽ.sja/ :: inherence
inerte {adj} :: inert
inerte {adj} :: inactive
inescrupuloso {adj} :: unscrupulous (without scruples)
inescrutável {adj} :: inscrutable (difficult or impossible to comprehend)
inesgotável {adj} :: inexhaustible
inesperadamente {adv} :: unexpectedly (in an unexpected manner)
inesperado {adj} :: unexpected (not expected, anticipated or foreseen)
inesquecível {adj} :: unforgettable
inesterilizável {adj} :: Unable to become sterilized; unsterilizable
inestimável {adj} :: unable to be estimated
inestimável {adj} :: priceless (extremely precious)
inestético {adj} :: inaesthetic / inesthetic
inevitavelmente {adv} :: inevitably
inevitável {adj} :: inevitable
inexactamente {adv} :: inexactly
inexactidão {f} :: inexactness, inaccuracy
inexatidão {f} :: inexactness
inexato {adj} :: inexact, inaccurate
inexequibilidade {f} /ˈda.d(ʒ)i/ :: the quality of not being executable; unfeasibility, impracticability, unviability
inexequível {f} /ˈkwi.vew/ :: inexecutable; unfeasible, impracticable, inviable
inexigível {adj} :: unenforceable
inexistente {adj} :: nonexistent (which doesn’t exist)
inexistência {f} :: inexistence
inexoravelmente {adv} :: inexorably
inexorável {adj} :: inexorable
inexperiente {adj} :: inexperienced (having little or no experience)
inexperiência {f} :: inexperience
inexplicavelmente {adv} :: inexplicably, unaccountably
inexplicável {adj} :: inexplicable
inexportável {adj} :: nonexportable (not exportable)
inexpressivo {adj} :: inexpressive (lacking expression or emotion)
inexpugnável {adj} :: inexpugnable (impossible to eliminate or destroy)
inextinguível {adj} :: inextinguishable (incapable of being extinguished)
inextingüível {adj} :: obsolete spelling of inextinguível
inextricável {adj} /iʃplikɐˈsõj̃ʃ/ :: inextricable
infalibilidade {f} :: infallibility
infalibilidade papal {f} [Roman Catholicism] :: papal infallibility (concept that the Pope is spiritually protected from being able to err)
infalivelmente {adv} :: infallibly (in an infallible manner)
infalível {adj} :: infallible (without fault or weakness; incapable of error or fallacy)
infame {adj} /ĩ.ˈfa.mɨ/ :: infamous
infamemente {adv} :: infamously
infanta {f} :: princess, infanta (the daughter of a king in Spain and Portugal)
infantaria {f} /ĩ.fɐ̃.tɐ.ˈɾi.ɐ/ :: infantry
infantaria de marinha {f} :: marine corps (infantry that fights on or from ships)
infantaria naval {f} :: marine corps (infantry that fights on or from ships)
infante {m} / ĩ.ˈfɐ̃.tɨ / :: infant (very young human being)
infante {m} [military unit] :: a soldier of the infantry
infante {m} :: prince, infante (the son of a king in Spain and Portugal)
infante {adj} :: infant
infanticídio {m} :: infanticide (the murder of an infant)
infanticida {mf} :: infanticide (a person who kills a child)
infantil {adj} [attributively] :: child (relating to a child, suitable for a child)
infantil {adj} :: immature, childish (behaving immaturely)
infantilmente {adv} /ĩ.fɐ̃.t͡ʃiw.ˈmẽ.t͡ʃi/ :: childishly (in a childish manner)
infarto {m} :: infarct (area of dead tissue)
infatigável {adj} :: indefatigable, tireless, unflagging
infeccionamento {m} [pathology, uncommon] :: infection (the process of infecting)
infecciosidade {f} :: infectiousness (state or condition of being infectious)
infeccioso {adj} :: infectious
infeccioso {adj} :: contagious
infecção {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: infection (uncontrolled growth of harmful microorganisms in a host)
infectando {v} :: gerund of infectar
infectar {v} :: to infect
infelicidade {f} /ˌĩ.fe.ˌˈda.d͡ʒi/ :: unhappiness (the state of not being happy)
infelicidade {f} :: misfortune (unfortunate occurrence)
infeliz {adj} :: unhappy (not happy; sad)
infelizmente {adv} /ĩ.fɨ.liʒ.ˈmẽ.tɨ/ :: unfortunately
infelizmente {adv} :: In context of being unhappy; unhappily
infeção {f} [European orthography] /ĩ.fɛ.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: alternative form of infecção
inferido {v} :: past participle of inferir
inferindo {v} :: gerund of inferir
inferior {adj} /ĩ.fɨˈɾjoɾ/ :: inferior
inferioridade {f} :: inferiority
inferiormente {adv} :: inferiorly
inferir {v} :: to infer
infernal {adj} [Christianity] :: hellish; infernal (from or relating to hell)
infernal {adj} :: diabolical; evil; infernal
inferência {f} :: inference
inferninho {m} :: diminutive of inferno
inferninho {m} [slang] :: dive (seedy bar)
inferno {m} [Christianity] /ĩ.ˈfɛɾ.nu/ :: hell (where sinners go)
inferno {m} [figurative] :: a very unpleasant or negative situation
inferno {m} [figurative] :: a very hot place
inferno {interj} :: hell (expressing discontent, unhappiness, or anger)
infertilidade {f} :: infertility
infestar {v} :: to infest (to inhabit a place in unpleasantly large numbers)
infestar {v} [pathology, of a parasite] :: to infest (to invade a host)
infetuosidade {f} :: infectiousness (state or condition of being infectious)
inffante {m} :: obsolete spelling of infante
infidelidade {f} :: infidelity (unfaithfulness in marriage or other moral obligation)
infiel {mf} :: infidel (non-believer)
infiltrado {v} :: past participle of infiltrar
infiltrando {v} :: gerund of infiltrar
infiltração {f} :: infiltration
infiltração {f} :: percolation, seepage
infiltrar {v} :: to infiltrate
infindo {adj} /ĩ.ˈfĩ.du/ :: endless
infindável {adj} :: endless (having no end)
infinidade {f} :: infinity
infinidade {f} [idiomatic] :: a number; a very large amount of something
infinitamente {adv} :: infinitely (to an infinite extent)
infinitismo {m} [philosophy] :: infinitism (the view that knowledge may be justified by an infinitely long chain of reasoning)
infinitivo {m} [grammar] :: infinitive (non-finite verb form)
infinito {adj} / ĩ.fi.ˈni.tu / :: infinite (boundless, endless)
infinito {m} [grammar] :: infinitive (non-finite verb form)
infinito {m} [uncountable] :: infinity (endlessness or unlimitedness)
infirmado {v} :: past participle of infirmar
infirmando {v} :: gerund of infirmar
infirmar {v} :: to invalidate
infirmar {v} :: to weaken
infixo {m} [linguistics] :: infix (morpheme inserted in the middle of a word)
inflamação {f} /ĩ.flɐ.mɐ.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: inflammation
inflamação {f} :: ignition
inflamar {vt} :: to inflame (to set on fire)
inflamar {vi} :: to catch fire
inflamar {v} :: to inflame (to produce morbid heat, congestion or swelling)
inflamatório {adj} /ĩ.flɐ.mɐ.ˈtɔ.ɾju/ :: inflammatory
inflamento {m} :: the act of inflating (pushing air into an object)
inflamável {adj} /ĩ.flɐ.ˈma.vɛɫ/ :: Capable of burning; inflammable
inflação {f} :: inflation
inflar {v} :: to inflate
inflexibilidade {f} :: inflexibility (quality of being inflexible)
inflexivelmente {adv} :: inflexibly
inflexão {f} :: inflection (change in pitch or tone of voice)
inflexão {f} [mathematics] :: inflection (change in curvature from concave to convex or from convex to concave)
inflexão {f} :: inflection (turning away from a straight course)
inflexão {f} [grammar] :: inflection (change in the form of a word that reflects a change in grammatical function)
inflexível {adj} /ĩ.flɛk.ˈsi.vɛɫ/ :: inflexible
inflexível {adj} :: unbending
inflorescência {f} :: inflorescence (inflorescence)
influencia {f} :: superseded spelling of influência
influenciado {v} :: past participle of influenciar
influenciado {adj} :: influenced, affected
influenciando {v} :: gerund of influenciar
influenciar {v} :: to influence
influenciável {adj} :: influenceable (capable of being influenced)
influente {adj} :: influential
influindo {v} :: gerund of influir
influir {v} :: to influence
influência {f} /ĩ.ˈflwẽ.sjɐ/ :: influence
influência {f} :: leverage, power
influência {f} :: preponderance
influência {f} :: prestige
influtuável {adj} :: Not floatable; nonfloatable
inflável {adj} :: inflatable (able to be inflated)
infâmia {m} /ĩ.ˈfɐ.mjɐ/ :: infamy
infâmia {m} :: ignominy
infâmia {m} :: villainy
infância {f} :: infancy
infância {f} :: childhood
informador {m} :: informer
informal {adj} :: informal (not formal or ceremonious)
informalidade {f} :: informality (condition of being informal)
informante {mf} :: informant (one who relays confidential information)
informação {f} /ĩfuɾmɐˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: information
informar {v} :: to inform
informática {f} /ˌĩ.foɹ.ˈma.t͡ʃi.ka/ :: computer science [study of computers and their architecture]
informática {f} :: informatics
informático {adj} :: informatic
informático {m} :: computer scientist
infortúnio {m} :: adversity; misfortune (undesirable event)
infortunado {adj} :: unfortunate, wretched
infortunio {m} :: obsolete spelling of infortúnio
infracção {f} :: alternative form of infração
infractor {m} :: obsolete spelling of infrator
infraestructura {f} :: obsolete form of infraestrutura
infraestrutura {f} :: infrastructure
infração {f} :: infraction, infringement, violation
infração {f} :: breach
infra-sónico {adj} :: obsolete form of infrassónico
infra-som {m} :: obsolete form of infrassom
infrassónico {adj} /ĩfɾɐˈsɔniku/ :: infrasonic
infrassônico {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of infrassónico
infrassom {m} /ĩfɾɐˈsõ/ :: infrasound
infrator {m} /ˌĩ.fɾa.ˈtoɹ/ :: infringer (one who infringes)
infravermelho {m} /ˌĩ.fɾa.veɻ.ˈme.ʎo/ :: infrared (infrared radiation)
infravermelho {adj} :: infrared
infra-vermelho {m} :: obsolete spelling of infravermelho
infringir {vt} :: to infringe (to violate a treaty, a law, a right etc.)
infértil {adj} [of land] :: infertile (not capable of growing abundant crops)
infértil {adj} [of a person or living organism] :: infertile (not capable of having children)
infrutífero {adj} :: fruitless
infrutífero {adj} :: unfruitful
infundado {adj} :: unfounded (not based on solid reasons or facts)
infungível {adj} :: infungible
infusão {f} :: infusion
infusão {f} :: "tea" (drink made from plants other than tea)
ing. {m} :: abbreviation of inglês
Ingaí {prop} :: Ingaí (placename)
ingenuidade {f} :: ingenuousness
ingenuidade {f} :: naivety
ingenuidade {f} :: gullibility
ingenuidade {f} :: candour
ingerindo {v} :: gerund of ingerir
ingerir {v} :: to ingest
ingerir {vr} :: to interfere, to meddle with
ingerência {f} /ĩ.ʒeˈɾẽ.sja/ :: interference, intromission
ingestão {f} :: ingestion
Inglaterra {prop} {f} /ĩ.ɡlɐ.ˈtɛ.ʁɐ/ :: Inglaterra (country)
Inglaterra {prop} {f} [sometimes, proscribed] :: the United Kingdom
inglesa {f} :: Englishwoman
inglesamente {adv} :: In the manner of English people; in context of England; Englishly
inglesamente {adv} :: As said or written in English language; Englishly
inglesismo {m} :: Briticism (word or expression used in Britain)
inglesmente {adv} :: nonstandard spelling of inglesamente
inglez {m} :: superseded spelling of inglês
inglez {adj} :: superseded spelling of inglês
inglês {m} /ĩ.ˈɡleʃ/ :: Englishman
inglês {m} [uncountable] :: The English language
inglês {adj} :: English
inglês americano {m} :: American English (English of the United States)
inglês antigo {m} :: Old English (ancestor language of modern English)
inglês britânico {m} :: British English (English language as used in Britain)
inglês indiano {m} :: Indian English
inglês médio {m} :: Middle English (language spoken in England and southern Scotland from 1100 AD to 1500 AD)
inglês sul-africano {m} :: South African English
ingênuo {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of ingénuo
ingénuo {adj} :: naive
ingénuo {adj} :: ingenuous
ingramatical {adj} [linguistics] :: ungrammatical (in violation of a language’s grammar)
ingratidão {f} [uncountable] /ĩ.ɡɾɐ.ti.ˈðɐ̃w̃/ :: ingratitude; thanklessness
ingratidão {f} :: an ungrateful act
ingrato {adj} :: ungrateful (not grateful)
ingrato {m} :: an ungrateful person
ingrediente {m} /ˌĩ.ɡɾe.d͡ʒi.ˈẽ.te/ :: ingredient (substances present in a mixture)
ingrediente {m} [figuratively] :: element which forms a concept or situation
ingresso {m} :: entry ticket
ingresso {m} :: ingression (act or process of entering or joining)
Ingrid {prop} {f} /ˈĩ.ɡɾid͡ʒ/ :: given name
inguche {mf} :: Ingush (person from Ingushetia, Russia)
inguche {adj} :: Ingush (of, from or relating to Ingushetia)
Inguchétia {prop} {f} /ˌĩ.ɡu.ˈʃɛ.t͡ʃjɐ/ :: Inguchétia (republic)
ingurgitamento {m} /ĩ.ɡuʁ.ʒi.ta.ˈmẽ.tu/ :: engorgement (the process or the condition of becoming engorged)
Ingushétia {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Inguchétia
-inha {suffix} /i.ɲɐ/ :: feminine noun of -inho
Inhacorá {prop} :: Inhacorá (placename)
Inhaúma {prop} :: Inhaúma (placename)
inhambu {m} :: alternative form of inambu
Inhambupe {prop} :: Inhambupe (placename)
inhame {m} :: yam (edible root of Dioscorea vine)
inhapa {f} [Brazil] /i.ˈɲa.pɐ/ :: lagniappe; tilly (an extra good to a buyer along with a costlier purchase)
Inhapim {prop} :: Inhapim (placename)
inherente {adj} :: obsolete form of inerente
inhibir {v} :: obsolete spelling of inibir
-inho {suffix} /ˈi.ɲu/ :: forms the diminutive of nouns
-inho {suffix} :: indicates smallness, shortness, youth, fewness, etc
-inho {suffix} :: belittles the suffixed noun
-inho {suffix} [somewhat colloquial] :: forms the diminutive of adjectives, roughly equivalent to English somewhat or kind of
-inho {suffix} [colloquial] :: forms the diminutive of pronouns
-inho {suffix} :: indicates smallness
-inho {suffix} :: intensifies or emphasises personal pronouns
-inho {suffix} [Brazil, colloquial] :: forms the diminutive of gerunds, indicating a lack of intensity or seriousness
inhumano {adj} :: obsolete spelling of inumano
iôni {m} :: yoni (symbol of the female sexual organs in some Asian cultures)
Iónia {prop} {f} [European orthography, historical] :: Iónia (historical region)
Iônia {prop} {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of Iónia
inibidor {m} :: inhibitor
inibidor {adj} :: inhibitory
inibindo {v} :: gerund of inibir
inibição {f} :: inhibition
inibir {v} :: to inhibit
inibir {v} :: to prevent
inibir {v} :: to prohibit
inibitivo {adj} :: inhibitive (that inhibits)
inibitório {adj} :: inhibitory
iniciador {adj} :: initiative (serving to initiate)
iniciador {m} :: initiator (one who initiates)
iniciador {m} [genetics] :: primer (molecule required for replication of DNA)
inicial {adj} :: initial
inicial {adj} :: primitive
inicializado {v} :: past participle of inicializar
inicializando {v} :: gerund of inicializar
inicialização {f} :: initialization
inicialização {f} [computing] :: booting
inicializar {v} :: to initialize
inicialmente {adv} :: At the beginning; initially; firstly
iniciando {v} :: gerund of iniciar
iniciante {adj} :: initiating
iniciante {mf} :: beginner, novice, newbie
iniciação {f} :: initiation
iniciar {v} :: to start, begin, initiate
iniciativa {f} :: initiative (willingness to act first or on one’s own)
iniciativo {adj} :: initiative (serving to initiate)
iónico {adj} [European orthography] :: alternative form of iônico
iônico {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: ionic
inigualável {adj} :: nonpareil; unequalled; unique
inimaginável {adj} :: unimaginable; unthinkable (unable to be imagined)
inimigo {m} /ˈmi.ɣu/ :: enemy
inimizade {f} /ˈza.ðɨ/ :: enmity
Inimutaba {prop} :: Inimutaba (placename)
ininteligível {adj} :: unintelligible (not intelligible; not comprehensible)
ininterruptamente {adv} :: uninterruptedly, continuously, constantly
ininterruptivelmente {adv} :: Within context of impossibility of being interrupted; noninterruptedly
ininterrupto {adj} :: uninterrupted, continuous, constant (not ceasing or stoping)
iniquidade {f} /ˈda.d(ʒ)i/ :: iniquity, unrighteousness
iniquidade {f} :: wickedness, malevolence
iniquidade {f} :: an unlawful act, a crime
injecção {f} :: alternative form of injeção
injeção {f} :: injection
injetado {adj} :: injected
injetado {adj} :: bloodshot
injetando {v} :: gerund of injetar
injetar {v} :: to inject
injetivo {adj} [mathematics] :: injective (relating to or being an injection)
injúria {f} /ĩ.ˈʒu.ɾjɐ/ :: injury
injúria {f} :: offence
injúria {f} :: trauma
injungir {v} :: to enjoin; to command; to order
injunção {f} :: injunction
injunção {f} :: obligation, imposition
injuriado {adj} [Brazil] :: enraged
injuriante {adj} :: insulting (which insults; which is an insult)
injuriar {v} :: to slander (utter a slanderous statement)
injurioso {adj} :: injurious, harmful
injurioso {adj} :: offensive
injurioso {adj} :: slanderous
injustamente {adv} :: unjustly, unfairly
injustamento {m} :: injustice
injustiça {f} :: injustice
injustiçar {v} :: to wrong (to treat unjustly)
injustificadamente {adv} :: unjustifiably
injustificadamente {adv} :: unreasonably
injustificado {adj} :: unjustified
injustificado {adj} :: unworthy
injustificável {adj} :: unjustifiable (that cannot be justified)
injusto {adj} :: unfair
injusto {adj} :: unjust
inúmero {adj} :: countless, numberless
inânia {f} :: inanity
inânia {f} :: inanition (exhaustion caused by lack of nourishment)
inânia {f} :: trifle (thing of little importance or worth)
innocuo {adj} :: obsolete spelling of inócuo
-ino {suffix} :: -ine [on adjectives]
-ino {suffix} :: Used to form some demonyms
-ino {suffix} [chemistry] :: -yne
inobservado {adj} :: unobserved (not seen or observed)
inobservância {f} :: inobservance, nonobservance
inocentar {v} :: to acquit (to declare innocent)
inocente {adj} /ˈsẽ.tɨ/ :: innocent
inocentemente {adv} :: innocently (in an innocent manner)
inocência {f} /ˈsẽ.sjɐ/ :: innocence
inocuidade {f} :: harmlessness (the characteristic of being harmless)
inodoro {adj} :: odorless
inofensividade {f} :: harmlessness (the characteristic of being harmless)
inofensividade {f} :: inoffensiveness (the characteristic of being inoffensive)
inofensivo {adj} :: harmless; inoffensive (incapable of causing harm or danger)
inolvidável {adj} :: unforgettable
inominado {adj} :: unnamed; nameless (having no name)
inominado {adj} :: unnominated (not nominated)
Inominado {prop} {m} [Christianity] :: an epithet for the Devil
inoperável {adj} :: inoperable
inoportuno {adj} :: inopportune (inconvenient or occurring at an inappropriate time)
inorgânico {adj} :: inorganic
inospito {adj} :: inhospitable (not welcoming; not comfortable)
inovado {v} :: past participle of inovar
inovador {adj} :: innovative (creating new ideas or things)
inovando {v} :: gerund of inovar
inovação {f} /ɐ.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: innovation
inovar {v} /ˈvaɾ/ :: to innovate
inovativo {adj} :: innovative (creating new ideas or things)
inoxidável {adj} :: stainless (steel)
input {m} [computing] :: input (data fed into a process)
inquebrantável {adj} :: unflagging
inquebrável {adj} :: unbreakable (impossible to break)
inquestionável {adj} :: unquestionable
inquietação {f} :: restlessness (state or condition of being restless)
inquietar {v} :: to unsettle; to alarm
inquietude {f} :: restlessness; inquietude (state or condition of being restless)
inquilino {m} :: tenant (one who pays a fee to use land or live somewhere)
inquilino {m} [biology] :: inquiline (animal that lives commensally in the dwelling place of another animal)
inquirido {v} :: past participle of inquirir
inquirindo {v} :: gerund of inquirir
inquirir {v} :: to inquire / enquire, query
Inquisição {prop} {f} /ĩ.ki.zi.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: Inquisition (tribunal of the Roman Catholic Church created to investigate heresy)
inquisitivo {adj} :: inquisitive (eager to acquire knowledge)
inquisitivo {adj} :: inquisitive (too curious)
iníquo {f} /i.ˈni.kwu/ :: iniquitous, wicked
inquérito {m} :: inquiry (a seeking of information by asking questions)
inquérito {m} :: a formal investigation
inquérito {m} :: poll; survey (examination of the opinions of a group of people)
inércia {f} :: inertia (all senses)
Inês {prop} {f} /i.ˈne(j)s/ :: given name
insaciável {adj} :: insatiable (incapable of being satisfied or appeased)
insalubre {adj} :: unhealthy; insalubrious (conducive to poor health)
insanamente {adv} :: insanely, madly
insanidade {f} :: insanity (state of being insane)
insano {adj} /ĩ.ˈsɐ.nu/ :: insane, crazy
insano {adj} [figuratively] :: difficult, arduous
insanável {adj} :: incurable, irremediable
insatisfeito {adj} :: dissatisfied (not satisfied with the quality of something)
insaturado {adj} :: unsaturated (all senses)
insaturação {f} [chemistry] :: unsaturation
inscrevendo {v} :: gerund of inscrever
inscrever {v} :: to register
inscrever {v} :: to inscribe
inscrição {f} /ĩʃ.kɾi.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: registration, enrolment
inscrição {f} :: inscription, lettering
inscrito {adj} :: registered, enrolled (in a course)
inscrito {adj} :: inscribed, engraved
inscrito {adj} [geometry] :: circumscribed
inscrito {m} :: one who is registered; a registrant
inscrito {m} :: subscriber
insecticida {m} :: obsolete spelling of inseticida
insecto {m} :: obsolete spelling of inseto
insectologia {f} :: [Portugal] superseded spelling of insetologia
insectívoro {adj} [European orthography] :: insectivorous (that eats insects)
insectívoro {m} [European orthography] :: insectivore (animal that feeds on insects)
insegurança {f} [uncountable] /ĩ.se.ɡu.ˈɾɐ̃.sa/ :: insecurity (lack of security)
insegurança {f} :: something one is not self-confident about
insegurança {f} :: vulnerability
inseguro {adj} :: unsafe; dangerous
inseguro {adj} :: unsure; uncertain (not sure that something is true)
inseguro {adj} :: insecure (not comfortable in certain situations)
inseminação {f} :: insemination (the act of making pregnant)
inseminação artificial {f} [medicine] :: artificial insemination (surgical insemination without sexual intercourse)
insensato {adj} [of a person or act] /ĩ.sẽ.ˈsa.tu/ :: senseless; unwise; insensate
insensato {m} :: an unwise person
insensibilidade {f} :: insensibility (the property of being insensible: unable to feel something)
insensibilidade {f} :: insensibility (the property of being insensible: lacking emotions)
insensibilidade congénita à dor {f} [European orthography, disease] :: congenital insensitivity to pain (disease that makes sufferers unable to feel pain)
insensibilidade congênita à dor {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of insensibilidade congénita à dor
insensivelmente {adv} /ĩ.sẽ.si.vɛɫ.ˈmẽ.tɨ/ :: insensitively
insensivelmente {adv} :: apathetically
insensivelmente {adv} :: indifferently
insensivelmente {adv} :: impassively
insensível {adj} :: Not having normal emotional feelings; cold; tactless; undiplomatic; insensitive
inseparavelmente {adv} :: inseparably (in an inseparable manner)
inseparável {adj} :: inseparable
inserindo {v} :: gerund of inserir
inserir {v} :: to insert
inserção {f} :: insertion
inseticida {m} /ĩ.sɛ.ti.ˈsi.ðɐ/ :: insecticide
inseto {m} /ĩ.ˈsɛ.tu/ :: insect
insetológico {adj} :: pertaining or relating to insects or insectology; insectologic; insectological
insetologia {f} :: insectology
inseto social {m} :: social insect (insect species whose members form colonies)
insetívoro {adj} :: alternative form of insectívoro
insetívoro {m} :: alternative form of insectívoro
insígnia {f} :: insignia
insígnia {f} :: ensign, banner
insidiador {adj} :: insidious (alluring but harmful)
insidiador {m} :: an insidious person
insidioso {adj} :: insidious (producing harm in a stealthy manner)
insignificante {adj} :: insignificant (not significant; not important)
insignificância {f} /ĩ.ˌsiɡˈkɐ̃.si.a/ :: insignificance (quality of being insignificant)
insignificância {f} :: trifle; trinket (worthless or insubstantial thing)
insinar {v} :: obsolete spelling of ensinar, now an eye dialect or a misspelling
insincero {adj} :: Not sincere; untruthful; insincere
insinuado {v} :: past participle of insinuar
insinuando {v} :: gerund of insinuar
insinuação {f} :: insinuation (a suggestion or intimation by distant allusion)
insinuar {v} :: to insinuate
insinuar {v} :: to intimate
insipidez {f} :: insipidity, insipidness, vapidity
insipidez {f} :: baldness
insipidez {f} :: flatness
insipidez {f} :: platitude
insipidez {f} :: washiness
insistente {adj} :: insistent
insistir {v} /ĩ.siʃ.ˈtiɾ/ :: to insist
insólito {adj} :: unusual, weird, strange
insómnia {f} :: obsolete spelling of insónia
insômnia {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: obsolete spelling of insônia
insônia {f} [Brazilian orthography, pathology] /ĩ.ˈ :: insomnia (sleeping disorder)
insónia {f} [European orthography] /ĩ.ˈsɔ.njɐ/ :: alternative form of insônia
insânia {f} :: madness, insanity
insónia familiar fatal {f} [European orthography] :: fatal familial insomnia (a very rare autosomal-dominant inherited prion disease of the brain)
insônia familiar fatal {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of insónia familiar fatal
insofismável {adj} /ĩ.ˌso.fis.ˈma.vew/ :: clear; obvious
insolação {f} /ĩˈsɐ̃õ/ :: sunstroke (heatstroke caused by an excessive exposure to the sun's rays)
insolente {adj} :: insolent (insulting in manner or words)
insolência {f} :: insolence (arrogant conduct; insulting, bold behaviour or attitude)
insolubilidade {f} :: insolubility
insolúvel {adj} :: insoluble
insolvente {adj} [finance] :: insolvent (unable to pay one’s debt)
insolvência {f} :: insolvency, bankruptcy
insondável {adj} /ĩ.sõ.ˈda.vew/ :: unfathomable; incomprehensible (impossible or very difficult to understand)
insondável {adj} :: unprobeable (which cannot be probed)
insone {adj} :: insomniac (suffering from insomnia)
insophismável {adj} :: obsolete spelling of insofismável
insosso {adj} :: bland (lacking in taste or vigor)
inspecionar {v} :: to inspect (to examine critically or carefully)
inspecção {f} :: obsolete spelling of inspeção
inspeção {f} :: inspection
inspeção {f} :: survey
inspetor {m} :: inspector, examiner
inspetor {m} :: surveyor
insípido {adj} /ĩ.ˈ :: insipid; flavorless
insípido {adj} [figuratively] :: boring; dull
inspirado {adj} /ĩʃ.pi.ˈɾa.ðu/ :: inspired
inspiração {f} /ĩʃ.pi.ɾɐ.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: inspiration (stimulating influence upon the intellect or emotions)
inspiração {f} :: inspiration (breathing in)
inspirar {v} /ĩʃ.pi.ˈɾaɾ/ :: to inspire
inspirar {v} :: to inhale
inóspito {adj} [of people and places] :: inhospitable
instabilidade {f} :: instability (quality of being unstable)
instalação {f} /ĩʃ.tɐ.lɐ.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: plant, installation (industrial apparatus or machinery)
instalar {vt} /ĩʃ.tɐ.ˈlaɾ/ :: to install, to set up for use
instalável {adj} :: installable (capable of being installed)
instanciar {vt} [object-oriented programming] :: to instantiate (to create an instance of an object)
instantaneamente {adv} :: instantaneously
instantaneamente {adv} :: momentarily
instante {m} /ĩʃ.ˈtɐ̃.tɨ/ :: instant; moment (very brief period of time)
instante {m} :: instant (single point in time)
instantâneo {adj} :: instantaneous
instantâneo {adj} :: instant
instantâneo {adj} :: momentary
instigador {m} :: instigator
instigar {v} :: to instigate
instigar {v} :: to incite
instigar {v} :: to stimulate
instintivo {adj} :: instinctive (related to or prompted by instinct)
instintivo {adj} :: instinctive (driven by impulse, spontaneous and without thinking)
instinto {m} /ĩs.ˈt͡ʃĩ.tu/ :: instinct (a natural or inherent impulse or behaviour)
institucional {adj} :: institutional (of, pertaining to or characteristic of institutions)
institucionalização {f} :: institutionalization
instituidor {m} :: founder
instituindo {v} :: gerund of instituir
instituição {f} :: institution (all senses)
instituição {f} :: foundation (all senses)
instituir {v} :: to found, institute, establish
instituto {m} :: institute (organisation founded to promote a cause)
instância {f} /ĩʃ.ˈtɐ̃.sjɐ/ :: instance; urgency
instância {f} :: perseverance; insistence
instância {f} :: jurisdiction (power to exercise authority)
instância {f} [computing] :: instance (a created object in object-oriented programing)
instructor {m} :: obsolete spelling of instrutor
instruído {v} :: past participle of instruir
instruído {adj} :: learned
instruindo {v} :: gerund of instruir
instruir {v} /ĩʃ.tɾu.ˈiɾ/ :: to instruct, teach
instrumental {adj} [music] :: instrumental (having no singing)
instrumental {adj} [grammar] :: instrumental (pertaining to the instrumental case)
instrumental {m} [uncountable, grammar] :: instrumental (grammatical case)
instrumental {m} [countable, music] :: instrumental (composition without singing)
instrumento {m} :: tool (mechanical device intended to make a task easier)
instrumento {m} :: musical instrument (device used to produce music)
instrumento de corda {m} [musical instruments] :: stringed instrument (musical instrument whose sounds are produced by strings)
instrumento de sopro {m} [music] :: wind instrument
instrumento musical {m} :: musical instrument (a device, object, contrivance or machine used to produce musical notes or sounds)
instrução {f} /ĩʃ.tɾu.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: instruction, education, teaching, training, schooling
instrutor {m} /ĩʃ.tɾu.ˈtoɾ/ :: instructor, teacher
instrutor {adj} :: instructing, teaching
instrutora {f} :: feminine noun of instrutor
instável {adj} /ĩs.ˈta.vew/ :: unstable; unsteady (tending to change)
instável {adj} :: unstable; unsteady (tending to collapse)
insubordinação {f} /ĩ.su.boɾ.d(ʒ)ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: insubordination, disobedience, rebellion; including in military, legal and labor contexts
insubstancial {adj} :: insubstantial (not real or strong enough)
insubstituível {adj} :: irreplaceable (that cannot be replaced)
insuficiente {adj} :: insufficient (not sufficient)
insuficientemente {adv} :: insufficiently (not sufficiently)
insuficiência {f} :: insufficiency, inadequacy
insuficiência {f} :: failure
insuficiência {f} :: shortcoming, defect
insuficiência {f} :: incompetence
insuficiência {f} :: scarcity, paucity, shortfall
insuficiência cardíaca {f} [cardiology] :: heart failure (inability of the heart to pump the sufficient amount of blood)
insulação {f} :: insulation (the act of insulating)
insulina {f} /ĩ.su.ˈli.nɐ/ :: insulin
insultando {v} :: gerund of insultar
insultante {adj} :: insulting (which insults; which is an insult)
insultar {v} :: to insult
insulto {m} /ĩ.ˈ :: insult (action or speech deliberately intended to be rude)
insuperável {adj} :: insuperable, insurmountable
insuportável {adj} /ĩsupuɾˈtavɛɫ/ :: unsupportable, unbearable, intolerable
insuprimível {adj} :: insuppressible
insurgente {mf} /ĩnsuɾˈʒẽnt͡ʃɪ]/ :: insurgent, rebel
insurgente {adj} :: insurgent, rebellious
insurgência {f} :: insurgency (a rebellion or revolt)
insurreição {f} :: insurrection (mutiny or rebellion)
insusceptível {adj} :: incapable
insuscetível {adj} /ĩˈt(ʃ)i.vew/ :: insusceptible, unsusceptible
insustentável {adj} :: untenable
insustentável {adj} :: indefensible
insustentável {adj} :: unbearable
int {m} [programming] /ˈĩt͡ʃ/ :: int (integer variable)
int {adj} [lexicography] :: abbreviation of intransitivo
inté {prep} :: eye dialect of até
intacto {adj} /ĩ.ˈtak.tu/ :: intact; untouched; unscathed (not damaged or hurt)
intangível {adj} :: intangible
intato {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of intacto
integerrimamente {adv} /ˌĩ.te.ˌʒɛ.ʁi.mɐ.ˈmẽ.t͡ʃi/ :: superlative of integramente
integral {adj} /ˌĩ.t̪e.ˈɡɾaw/ :: integral; whole; entire
integral {adj} [of food] :: whole (from which none of its constituents has been removed)
integral {f} [mathematics] :: integral (limits of sums)
integral {f} [mathematics] :: antiderivative
integral indefinida {f} [mathematics] :: indefinite integral (function whose derivative is a given function)
integração {f} :: integration (in analysis)
integrar {vt} :: to make up; to compose
integrar {vt} :: to complete
integrar {vt} [mathematics] :: to integrate
integridade {f} :: integrity (all senses)
integridade {f} :: honesty, probity, virtue
integrina {f} [protein] :: integrin (protein functioning as a receptor)
integérrimo {adj} /ˌĩ.te.ˈʒɛ.ʁ :: superlative of íntegro
inteiramente {adv} /ĩ.tɐj.ɾɐ.ˈmẽ.tɨ/ :: entirely, fully, wholly
inteirar {vt} :: to complete (to make whole or entire)
inteirar {v} [usually in the reflexive] :: to inform (to make aware of some fact)
inteiro {adj} /ĩ.ˈtɐj.ɾu/ :: whole; entire; in full (with nothing missing)
inteiro {adj} :: whole (uninjured or undamaged)
inteiro {adj} [often, before the noun] :: complete (without limitations or exceptions)
inteiro {adj} [mathematics] :: integral (being or relating to integers)
inteiro {m} :: integer (number without a fractional component)
intelecto {m} :: brain [intellect]
intelectual {adj} :: intellectual
inteligente {adj} /ĩ.tɨ.li.ˈʒẽ.tɨ/ :: intelligent (of high or especially quick cognitive capacity, bright)
inteligentemente {adv} :: intelligently
inteligência {f} /ĩ.tɨ.li.ˈʒẽ.sjɐ/ :: intelligence (capacity of mind)
inteligência {f} [military, espionage] :: intelligence; intel (secret information about the enemy)
inteligência {f} :: intelligence agency (governmental agency devoted to gathering information for national security)
inteligência artificial {f} :: artificial intelligence (intelligence exhibited by an artificial entity)
inteligência artificial {f} [computing] :: artificial intelligence (branch of computer science)
inteligível {adj} :: intelligible (capable of being understood)
intelligente {adj} :: obsolete spelling of inteligente
intelligentsia {f} :: intelligentsia (intellectual élite)
intelligência {f} :: obsolete spelling of inteligência
intemperismo {m} [geology] :: weathering (natural breaking down of rocks)
intempestivamente {adv} :: inopportunely, untimely
intempérie {f} [usually in the plural] :: any destructive weather event
intencionado {v} :: past participle of intencionar
intencionado {adj} :: intentional
intencional {adj} :: Done deliberately; intentional
intencionalmente {adv} :: intentionally; on purpose
intendente {mf} :: comparable to a superintendent
intendeu {interj} :: eye dialect of entendeu
intenção {f} /ĩ.tẽ.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: intention, intent
intensamente {adv} :: intensely
intensidade {f} :: intensity
intensificar {vt} :: to intensify (to make more intense)
intensificar {vi} :: to intensify (to become more intense)
intensivamente {adv} :: intensively
intensivo {adj} :: intensive
intenso {adj} / ĩˈtẽ.su / :: intense, strong
intenso {adj} :: intensive, concentrated
interacção {f} :: interaction
interacção electromagnética {f} [physics] :: electromagnetic interaction
interacção forte {f} [physics] :: strong interaction
interacção fraca {f} [physics] :: weak interaction
interacção fundamental {f} [physics] :: fundamental interaction
interacção gravitacional {f} [physics] :: gravitational interaction
interacção nuclear forte {f} [physics] :: strong nuclear interaction
interacção nuclear fraca {f} [physics] :: weak nuclear interaction
interagido {v} :: past participle of interagir
interagindo {v} :: gerund of interagir
interagir {vt} :: to interact
interação {f} :: interaction
interação eletromagnética {f} [physics] :: electromagnetic interaction
interação forte {f} [physics] :: strong interaction
interação fraca {f} [physics] :: weak interaction
interação fundamental {f} [physics] :: fundamental interaction
interação gravitacional {f} [physics] :: gravitational interaction
interação nuclear forte {f} [physics] :: strong nuclear interaction
interação nuclear fraca {f} [physics] :: weak nuclear interaction
interatividade {f} :: interactivity (quality of being interactive)
interativo {adj} :: interactive (interacting with each other)
interativo {adj} :: interactive (responding to the user)
interbases {mf} [baseball] :: shortstop (player that stands between the second baseman and the third baseman)
intercalado {v} :: past participle of intercalar
intercalado {adj} :: intercalary
intercalado {adj} :: intercalated
intercalado {adj} :: parenthetical
intercalando {v} :: gerund of intercalar
intercalação {f} :: intercalation
intercalar {adj} :: intercalary
intercalar {v} :: to intercalate
intercalar {v} :: to alternate
intercambiar {v} :: to swap (exchange or give (something) in exchange for)
intercambiável {n} :: interchangeable
interceder {v} :: to intervene; to intercede (to get involved between to opposing parties)
interceptar {v} [Brazilian orthography, superseded in European orthography] :: to intercept (to catch something before it reaches its target)
intercessor {m} :: intercessor (one who intercedes)
intercetar {v} [European orthography] :: alternative form of interceptar
intercílio {m} [anatomy] :: glabella (the space between the eyebrows and the nose)
intercâmbio {m} :: interchange, exchange
intercâmbio {m} :: communion
intercâmbio {m} :: reciprocity
Intercâmbio Colombiano {prop} {m} [history, ecology] :: Columbian Exchange (the exchange between the Americas and Afro-Eurasia after the journeys of Christopher Columbus)
intercolúnio {m} :: intercolumniation (spaces between adjacent columns of a colonnade)
interconversão {f} :: interconversion
interconversível {adj} :: interconversive
intercorrência {f} /ĩ.teɾ.ko.ˈʁẽ.sja/ :: intercurrence (occurence in between)
intercorrência {f} :: irregularity, variability, flexibility
interdição {f} :: prohibition
interdição {f} :: interdiction
interdisciplinar {adj} :: interdisciplinary (encompassing multiple academic disciplines)
interditar {v} :: to interdict
interditar {v} :: to seal off (prohibit access)
interdito {adj} :: prohibited
interdito {adj} :: interdicted
interdito {m} :: prohibition, ban
interdito {m} :: interdict
interessante {adj} /ĩ.tɨ.ɾɨ.ˈsɐ̃.tɨ/ :: interesting (arousing or holding someone’s interest)
interessante {adj} :: entertaining; amusing
interessante {adj} :: worthy of consideration; in one’s interest
interessante {adj} :: unique, strange or unexpected; curious
interessante {m} :: the interesting aspects of something
interessantemente {adv} :: interestingly (in an interesting way)
interessar {v} /ĩ.tɨ.ɾɨ.ˈsaɾ/ :: to interest (to attract attention or concern)
interesse {m} /ĩ.tɨ.ˈɾe.sɨ/ :: interest
interesseira {f} :: feminine noun of interesseiro
interestadual {adj} :: interstate (relating to or occurring in multiples states)
interestadual {f} :: interstate (United States freeway)
interestelar {adj} :: interstellar (between or among stars)
interface {f} :: interface (point of interconnection between entities)
interface {f} [computing] :: interface (point of interconnection between systems or subsystems)
interface {f} [computing] :: interface (connection between a user and a machine)
interface {f} [object-oriented programming] :: interface (piece of code defining a set of operations that other code must implement)
interface de programação de aplicações {f} [Portugal, programming] :: application programming interface (set of tools for building software applications)
interface de programação de aplicativos {f} [Brazil, programming] :: application programming interface (set of tools for building software applications)
interface de usuário {f} [countable] :: user interface (the part of a software application that a user sees and interacts with)
interface gráfica {f} [computing] :: graphical user interface (user interface with images and widgets)
interferido {v} :: past participle of interferir
interferindo {v} :: gerund of interferir
interferir {v} :: to interfere (to get involved or involve oneself, causing disturbance)
interferir {v} [physics, of a wave] :: to interfere (to overlap another wave)
interferir {v} :: to prevent something from being done as well as it could be
interferência {f} :: interference (all senses)
interferão {m} [Portugal, biochemistry] :: interferon (glycoprotein that prevents viral replication in infected cells)
interferon {m} [Brazil] :: alternative form of interferão
interfone {m} :: intercom (an electronic communication system between rooms in a building)
intergaláctico {adj} [European orthography] :: intergalactic (occurring between galaxies)
intergalático {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of intergaláctico
interinidade {f} :: interim
interino {adj} :: acting (temporarily assuming duties or authority)
interior {adj} /ĩ.tɨ.ɾi.ˈoɾ/ :: inner; interior (located in the inside)
interior {m} :: interior; inside
interior {m} :: country; countryside; interior (regions outside major cities)
interiormente {adv} :: internally
interjeição {f} :: interjection
Interlaken {prop} {m} :: Interlaken
interligado {v} :: past participle of interligar
interligando {v} :: gerund of interligar
interligação {f} :: interlinking
interligação {f} :: interrelation
interligar {v} :: to interlink, interconnect, interrelate
interlíngua {f} :: Interlingua
interlocutor {m} :: interlocutor (a person who takes part in dialogue or conversation)
intermédio {adj} :: intermediate
intermédio {m} :: medium (communicating material)
intermediado {v} :: past participle of intermediar
intermediando {v} :: gerund of intermediar
intermediação {f} :: intermediation
intermediar {v} :: to intermediate
intermediário {adj} :: intermediate
intermediário {adj} :: intermediary
intermediário {m} :: intermediate
intermediário {m} :: intermediary, go-between, broker, middleman
interminado {adj} :: unfinished (not finished)
interminável {adj} :: interminable (existing or occurring without interruption or end)
intermissão {f} :: intermission (break between performances or sessions)
intermitente {adj} :: intermittent
intermitentemente {adv} :: intermittently
internacional {adj} /ĩtɨɾnɐsjuˈnaɫ/ :: international (between, concerning, or transcending multiple nations)
internacionalismo {m} [politics] :: internationalism (cooperation between nations)
internacionalização {f} :: internationalization (the process of making something international)
internacionalização {f} [software engineering] :: internationalization (act of making something suitable for international markets, especially by translating)
internacionalizar {v} :: to internationalise (to make something international)
internacionalmente {adv} :: internationally (in an international manner; to an international extent)
internado {m} [healthcare] :: inpatient (patient who stays in a hospital)
internado {adj} :: being an inpatient
internalização {f} /ˈĩ.teɾˈsɐ̃w̃ / :: internalization, introjection
internato {m} :: boarding school (school which provides board and lodging)
internauta {mf} [computing] :: netizen (Internet user)
internet {f} /ĩtɛɾˈnɛt/ :: internet
Internet {prop} {f} :: World Wide Web (an information space on the Internet)
Internet {prop} {f} :: Internet (specific internet consisting of the global network of computers)
internet a cabo {f} :: cable internet (Internet connectivity received through coaxial cables)
Internet das coisas {prop} {f} :: Internet of Things (proposed Internet-like structure connecting everyday physical objects)
internetês {m} :: internet slang
interno {adj} /ĩ.ˈtɛʁ.nu/ :: [comparable] internal; interior; inner (inside of something)
interno {adj} :: [comparable] internal; interior (inside a building)
interno {adj} :: [anatomy, not comparable] internal (inside the body)
interno {adj} :: [management, comparable] internal (concerned with the non-public affairs of an organisation)
interno {adj} :: [geopolitics, comparable] internal; civil (within a country; not involving foreign countries)
interno {m} :: [medicine] intern (physician working in a hospital as a final part of medical training)
interpelado {v} :: past participle of interpelar
interpelando {v} :: gerund of interpelar
interpelação {f} :: interpellation
interpelar {vt} :: to question, to interrogate
interpelar {vt} :: to interpellate
interpelar {v} :: to apostrophize
interpessoal {adj} :: interpersonal
interplanetário {adj} :: interplanetary (existing or occurring between planets)
interpor {vt} :: to interpose (to insert something (or oneself) between other things)
interpretador {m} :: someone who interprets
interpretador {m} [computing] :: interpreter (program which executes a script)
interpretação {f} /ˌĩ.teɻ.ˌpɾe.ta.ˈsɐ̃õ/ :: interpretation (act of interpreting)
interpretação {f} :: interpretation (sense given by an interpreter)
interpretação {f} [translation studies] :: interpretation (discipline of translating spoken language)
interpretação {f} [acting] :: an actor's theatrical performance of a character
interpretação {f} [music] :: a performance of music written by somebody else
interpretação {f} [computing] :: act of interpreting (running a program without compiling the source code)
interpretar {v} :: to interpret (to explain or tell the meaning of)
interpretar {v} :: to interpret (to apprehend and represent by means of art)
interpretar {v} [computing] :: to interpret (to run a script)
interpretativamente {adv} :: interpretively
interpretativo {adj} :: interpretative
interregno {m} :: interregnum (period of time between the end of a sovereign’s reign and the accession of another sovereign)
interrobang {m} [rare] /ĩtɛʁuˈbɐ̃ɡɨ/ :: interrobang (the punctuation mark ‽)
interrogado {v} :: past participle of interrogar
interrogador {m} :: interrogator (one who interrogates)
interrogando {v} :: gerund of interrogar
interrogação {f} :: interrogation
interrogação {f} :: questioning
interrogar {v} :: to interrogate
interrogativamente {adv} :: interrogatively
interrogativo {adj} :: interrogative (asking or denoting a question)
interrogatório {m} /ˈi.ejs/ :: interrogation, questioning
interrompendo {v} :: gerund of interromper
interromper {v} :: to interrupt
interromper {v} :: to discontinue
interrompido {v} :: past participle of interromper
interrupção {f} :: interruption, suspension
interruptivelmente {adv} :: Within context of possibility of being interrupted; interruptedly
interruptivo {adj} :: interruptive
interruptor {m} /ˌĩ.te.hup.ˈtoɻ/ :: interrupter (that which interrupts)
interruptor {m} :: switch (device to turn electric current on and off or direct its flow)
intersecção {f} [European orthography] :: alternative form of interseção
intersectar {v} :: to intersect (to cross each other; to cut each other)
intersectar {v} [mathematics, of sets] :: to intersect (to have elements or points in common)
interseção {f} :: intersection (junction of two or more paths, etc)
interseção {f} [geometry] :: intersection (point or points common to two objects)
interseção {f} [set theory] :: intersection (set containing every element common to multiple sets)
intersetar {v} :: alternative form of intersectar
intersexual {mf} [biology] :: intersex (individual with characteristics of both sexes)
intersexualidade {f} :: intersexuality (physical features of both sexes)
interstício {m} :: interstice (small space between objects)
intersticial {adj} :: interstitial (of, relating to or situated in an interstice)
intervalo {m} :: interval (distance in space)
intervalo {m} :: interval (period of time)
intervalo {m} [music] :: interval (difference in pitch between two notes)
intervalo {m} :: intermission (a break between two performances or sessions)
intervalo {m} :: pause, break
intervalo {m} [sport] :: half-time
intervalo de confiança {m} [statistics] :: confidence interval (a particular kind of interval estimate of a population parameter)
intervenção {f} :: intervention
interventivo {adj} :: interventive (which intervenes)
intervindo {v} :: gerund of intervir
intervindo {v} :: past participle of intervir
intervir {v} :: to intervene
intervir {v} :: to interfere
intervir {v} :: to interpose
intestinal {adj} :: intestinal
intestino {m} /ˌĩ.tes.ˈt͡ʃ :: intestine (alimentary canal)
intestino delgado {m} [anatomy] :: small intestine (upper part of the intestine)
intestino grosso {m} [anatomy] :: large intestine (last part of the intestine)
intifada {f} /ˌĩ.t͡ʃi.ˈfa.dɐ/ :: intifada (insurrection by Palestinians against Israel)
inútil {adj} /i.ˈnu.tiɫ/ :: useless
inútil {mf} :: a useless person
intimação {f} [legal] :: subpoena (writ requiring someone to appear in court to give testimony)
intimar {v} [legal] :: to summon (to order someone to appear in court)
intimidade {f} /ĩ.ti.mi.ˈða.ðɨ/ :: intimacy
intimidação {f} :: intimidation (The act of scaring someone with threats)
intimidar {vt} :: to frighten [disturb with fear]
intimidar {vt} :: to intimidate
intitular {v} /ĩ.ˌt͡ʃi.tu.ˈla(ɹ)/ :: to entitle (to give a title or name to)
intocável {adj} :: Not touchable; untouchable
intolerante {adj} [physiology] :: intolerant (inability to withstand or digest something)
intolerante {adj} [pejorative] :: intolerant (indisposed to tolerate contrary opinions or beliefs)
intolerância {f} :: intolerance (all senses)
intolerável {adj} :: intolerable (not tolerable)
intoxicado {v} :: past participle of intoxicar
intoxicando {v} :: gerund of intoxicar
intoxicação {f} :: intoxication
intoxicação {f} :: poisoning
intoxicação alimentar {f} [pathology] :: food poisoning (any food-borne disease)
intoxicar {v} :: to intoxicate
intoxicar {v} :: to poison
intracelular {adj} :: intracellular
intracraniano {adj} [anatomy, medicine] /ˌĩ.tɾa.kɾɐ.ˈnjɐ.nu/ :: intracranial (pertaining to or taking place inside the skull)
intraduzível {adj} :: untranslatable (not able to be translated)
intra-específico {adj} [biology] :: intraspecific (occurring among members of the same species)
intransferível {adj} :: untransferrable (that cannot be transferred)
intransigente {adj} /ĩ.tɾɐ̃.zi.ˈʒẽ.te/ :: intransigent (unwilling to compromise or moderate a position)
intransigência {f} /ĩ.trãŋ.zi.ˈʒẽ.sja/ :: intransigence, intolerance, strictness
intransitivo {adj} [grammar, of a verb] :: intransitive (not taking a direct object)
intransitável {adj} :: impassable
intransmissível {adj} :: intransmissible
intransponível {adj} :: impassable
intranuclear {adj} :: intranuclear
intraocular {adj} [ophthalmology] :: intraocular (inside or within the eye)
intravenosa {f} [medicine] :: intravenous (medicine administered directly into a patient’s vein)
intravenoso {adj} :: intravenous (inside the veins)
intrigante {adj} :: intriguing (causing a desire to know more)
intrigar {vt} :: to puzzle; to perplex
intrincado {adj} :: knotty
intrincado {adj} :: puzzling
intrincar {v} :: to puzzle
intrincar {v} :: to complicate
intrinsecamente {adv} :: intrinsically (in an intrinsic manner)
intróito {m} :: obsolete spelling of introito
intrínseco {adj} :: intrinsic; inherent (inseparable from the thing itself)
intro {f} [music] :: abbreviation of introdução intro
introdução {f} /ĩtɾʊdʊˈsə̃ʊ/ :: introduction
introdutório {adj} :: introductory (serving as an introduction)
introduzido {v} :: past participle of introduzir
introduzindo {v} :: gerund of introduzir
introduzir {v} :: to introduce
introito {m} :: introduction; beginning
introito {m} [Roman Catholicism] :: introit
introjeção {f} [psychology] /ˈĩ.tɾo.ʒe.ˈsɐ̃w̃ / :: introjection
introjetar {n} [psychology] /ˈĩ.tɾo.ʒe.ˈta(ɾ)/ :: to introject
intrometendo {v} :: gerund of intrometer
intrometer {v} [em] :: to put in between or in the midst of
intrometer {v} [em, .pronominal] :: to intrude in between or in the midst of
intrometer {v} :: to concern oneself with unduly; to meddle in
intrometer-se {vr} :: to meddle in other people’s affairs
intrometido {v} :: past participle of intrometer
intromissão {f} :: intrusion; meddling
introspectivo {adj} :: introspective (examining one’s own perceptions and sensory experiences)
introvertida {f} :: feminine noun of introvertido
introvertido {adj} :: introverted (lacking interest or comfort in social interactions)
introvertido {m} :: introvert (an introverted person)
intrépido {adj} :: fearless
intrépido {adj} :: bold
intrépido {adj} :: adventurous
intérprete {mf} :: interpreter (one who interprets speech in another language)
intrusivo {adj} :: intrusive
intruso {m} :: intruder; trespasser (someone who intrudes)
intruso {adj} :: being an intruder
intrusão {f} :: intrusion (forceful entry)
intuição {f} / ĩ.tu.i.ˈsɐ̃w̃ / :: intuition
intuição {f} :: hunch, feeling, presentment
intuitivo {adj} /ĩ.ˌtu.i.ˈt͡ʃ :: intuitive (easily understood by intuition)
intuitivo {adj} :: intuitive (relating to intuition)
intuito {m} :: purpose, goal
intumescente {adj} :: tumescent (swollen or distended with fluid)
intumescer {vi} [of a wound or body part] :: to swell, to swell up
intumescer {vt} :: to cause (a wound or body part) to swell
intumescer {vt} [figurative] :: to cause excessive pride
inuktitut {m} :: Inuktitut (Eskimo-Aleut language spoken by the Inuit)
inumanidade {f} :: inhumanity
inumano {adj} :: inhumane (cruel and savage, not humane)
inumação {f} :: burial (act of burying a dead body)
inundação {f} :: flood (overflow of water)
inundação {f} :: inundation (act of inundating)
inundar {v} [of water or a body of water] :: to flood
inundar {v} [figuratively] :: to flood (to provide with a large number of quantity)
inusitadamente {adv} :: unusually
inusitado {adj} :: unusual
inusitado {adj} :: unpredictable
inusual {adj} :: unusual (not usual)
inuíte {m} :: Inuk (native of the arctic coast of North America)
inuíte {adj} :: Inuit (of or pertaining to Inuit people)
inutilidade {f} :: uselessness (quality of being useless)
inutilizando {v} :: gerund of inutilizar
inutilização {f} :: destruction, cancellation, invalidation
inutilização {f} :: frustration
inutilizar {v} :: to disable
inutilizar {v} :: to cancel, invalidate
inutilizável {adj} :: unusable (that can’t be used)
inutilmente {adv} :: uselessly (in a useless manner)
inutilmente {adv} :: in vain (without success)
invadido {v} :: past participle of invadir
invadindo {v} :: gerund of invadir
invadir {v} /ĩ.va.ˈðiɾ/ :: to invade
invalidado {v} :: past participle of invalidar
invalidado {adj} :: invalidated
invalidado {adj} :: nullified
invalidando {v} :: gerund of invalidar
invalidação {f} :: invalidation (the act declaring something invalid)
invalidar {v} :: to invalidate
invalidar {v} :: to nullify
invariante {adj} :: invariant (that does not vary)
invariante {adj} [mathematics] :: invariant (that is not affected by a specified operation)
invariante {mf} :: invariant (invariant value, quantity or function)
invariavelmente {adv} /ĩ.vɐ.ɾja.vɛɫ.ˈmẽ.tɨ/ :: invariably
invariável {adj} :: invariable (no variable; not able to change)
invariável {adj} [grammar] :: indeclinable (no declinable; not having grammatical inflections)
invasivo {adj} [military] :: invasive (that invades a foreign country)
invasivo {adj} [biology, of a species] :: invasive (not native to a given location)
invasivo {adj} [medicine, of a tumour] :: invasive (that invades healthy tissue)
invasivo {adj} [medicine, of a procedure] :: invasive (in which the body is entered)
invasivo {adj} :: invasive (intrusive on someone’s privacy)
invasão {f} /ĩ.va.ˈzɐ̃w̃/ :: invasion
invasor {adj} :: invasive
invasor {m} :: invader (one who invades)
invasora {f} :: feminine noun of invasor
invectiva {f} :: offense, verbal aggression
invectivado {v} :: past participle of invectivar
invectivando {v} :: gerund of invectivar
invectivar {v} :: to insult
invectivar {v} :: to objurgate
inveja {f} /ĩ.ˈvɛ.ʒɐ/ :: envy
invejado {v} :: past participle of invejar
invejando {v} :: gerund of invejar
invejar {v} :: to envy
invejar {v} :: to begrudge
invejoso {adj} :: envious
invejável {adj} :: enviable
invencionice {f} :: a made-up fact or story
invencivelmente {adv} :: invincibly
invencível {adj} /ˌĩ.vẽ.ˈsi.vɛɫ/ :: invincible (that cannot be defeated)
invenção {f} /ĩ.vẽ.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: invention
invenção {f} :: fabrication
inventado {v} :: past participle of inventar
inventado {adj} :: invented, devised
inventado {adj} :: created
inventar {v} /ĩ.vẽ.ˈtaɾ/ :: to invent, devise
inventar {v} :: to imagine
inventariar {v} :: to inventory
inventividade {f} :: invention (ability to invent)
inventivo {adj} :: inventive (skilful at inventing)
inventor {m} :: inventor (one who invents things)
inventora {f} :: feminine noun of inventor
inventário {m} [operations] /ˌĩ.vẽ.ˈta.ɾju/ :: inventory (stock of an item on hand at a particular location or business)
inventário {m} [operations] :: inventory (detailed list of all of the items on hand)
inventário {m} [videogames] :: inventory (space containing the items available to a character for immediate use)
inverdade {mf} :: untruth
inverídico {adj} :: untrue
invernal {adj} :: wintry (suggestive or characteristic of winter)
invernar {v} :: to winter (spend the winter, as in a particular place on holiday)
invernáculo {adj} :: not vernacular, non-native
Inverness {prop} {f} :: Inverness (city)
inverno {m} /ĩ.ˈvɛɾ.nu/ :: winter (the coldest of the four seasons)
inverno {m} [figurative] :: winter (a period of decay or inactivity)
invernoso {adj} :: wintry (suggestive or characteristic of winter)
inverossímel {adj} :: unlikely, improbable
inverossímil {adj} :: alternative form of inverossímel
inverso {adj} :: inverse; opposite
inversão {f} :: inversion
invertebrado {adj} :: invertebrate (lacking backbone)
invertebrado {m} :: invertebrate (animal without backbone)
invertendo {v} :: gerund of inverter
inverter {v} :: to invert
invertido {v} :: past participle of inverter
invertível {adj} :: invertible (able to be inverted)
invertível {adj} [mathematics, of a function or matrix] :: invertible (having an inverse)
investida {f} :: assault; charge
investida {f} [figurative] :: attempt
investidor {m} :: investor
investigado {v} :: past participle of investigar
investigador {m} :: investigator (one who investigates)
investigando {v} :: gerund of investigar
investigação {f} :: investigation
investigação {f} :: research
investigar {v} :: to research
investigar {v} :: to investigate
investimento {m} [finance] :: investment (a placement of capital in expectation of deriving income or profit from its use)
investir {v} /ˌĩ.ves.ˈti(ɹ)/ :: to invest (commit money or effort)
investir {v} :: to charge (move forward quickly and forcefully, particularly in combat)
investir {v} :: to invest (ceremonially install someone in some office)
inviabilidade {f} /ĩˈda.d(ʒ)i/ :: inviability
inviabilidade {f} :: impassability
invicto {adj} / ĩ.ˈvik.tu / :: invincible, undefeated, unbeaten
inviolável {adj} :: inviolable (not violable; not to be infringed)
inviolável {adj} :: inviolable (incapable of being injured or invaded)
invisibilidade {f} :: invisibility
invisivelmente {adv} :: invisibly (in a way that cannot be seen)
invisível {adj} /ĩ.vi.ˈzi.vɛɫ/ :: invisible (not visible; which can't be seen)
invitação {f} :: invitation (act of inviting)
in vitro {adj} :: in vitro (in an artificial environment, outside the living organism)
inviável {adj} :: impracticable
inválido {adj} /ĩ.ˈ :: void (having lost all legal validity)
inválido {adj} :: invalid (not valid)
inválido {adj} [of an individual] :: unable to work for health reasons
inválido {adj} [of an individual] :: handicapped; disabled
inválido {m} :: someone unable to work for health reasons
inválido {m} :: invalid (someone who is disabled)
invocacional {adj} [uncommon] :: invocational (of or relating to invocation)
invocado {v} :: past participle of invocar
invocado {adj} :: invoked
invocando {v} :: gerund of invocar
invocação {f} :: invocation
invocar {v} :: to invoke
invocar {v} :: to evoke
invocável {adj} :: enforceable
involuntariamente {adv} :: involuntarily (in an involuntary manner)
involuntário {adj} :: involuntary; unintentional (without intention)
involuntário {adj} :: involuntary; unconscious (without directed thought or awareness)
invés {m} :: opposite, reverse
invés de {prep} :: alternative form of ao invés de
invulgar {adj} :: uncommon
invulgarmente {adv} :: uncommonly
ião {m} [chemistry, physics] :: ion (electrically charged atom)
Io {prop} {f} [Greek mythology] :: Io (a lover of Zeus)
Io {prop} {f} [astronomy] :: Io (moon of Jupiter)
iodado {adj} :: iodized
iodando {v} :: gerund of iodar
iodar {v} :: to iodize
iodato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: iodate
iodeto {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: iodide
iodo {m} :: iodine
ioga {f} /ˈjɔ.ɣɐ/ :: yoga (a Hindu discipline)
iogui {mf} :: alternative spelling of yogi
iogurte {m} /jɔ.ˈɣuɾ.tɨ/ :: yoghurt (a milk-based product thickened by a bacterium-aided curdling process)
ioiô {m} :: yo-yo
Iolanda {prop} {f} /joˈlɐ̃.dɐ/ :: given name
iole {f} :: yawl (a fore-and-aft rigged sailing vessel with two masts, main and mizzen)
Iomerê {prop} :: Iomerê (placename)
ionóforo {m} :: ionophore
ionizante {adj} :: ionising / ionizing
ionização {f} :: ionization
ionosfera {f} [meteorology, planetology] /jo.nos.ˈfɛ.ɾa/ :: ionosphere (layer of Earth's atmosphere)
Iorque {prop} {f} :: Iorque (city)
Iorque {prop} {mp} :: York (English royal dynasty)
iorubá {m} :: Yoruba (a Niger-Congo language spoken in western Africa)
ioruba {m} :: alternative form of iorubá
iota {m} :: iota (the ninth Greek letter: ι, Ι)
iotacismo {m} [phonology] :: iotation (palatalisation in Slavic languages)
iotacismo {m} [phonology] :: iotacism (shift of a phoneme into /i/)
Iowa {prop} {m} :: Iowa (state)
Ipê {prop} :: Ipê (placename)
Ipaba {prop} :: Ipaba (placename)
Ipanema {prop} :: Ipanema (placename)
Ipanema {prop} :: Ipanema (placename)
Ipatinga {prop} :: Ipatinga (placename)
Ipaussu {prop} :: Ipaussu (placename)
ipecacuanha {f} :: ipecacuanha (flowering plant)
Ipecaetá {prop} :: Ipecaetá (placename)
Ipeúna {prop} :: Ipeúna (placename)
Iperó {prop} :: Iperó (placename)
Iápeto {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Jápeto
iPhone {m} :: iPhone (smartphone produced by Apple Inc.)
iúpi {interj} [colloquial] :: yay (an expression of happiness)
Ipiaú {prop} :: Ipiaú (placename)
Ipiaçu {prop} :: Ipiaçu (placename)
Ipiguá {prop} :: Ipiguá (placename)
Ipirá {prop} :: Ipirá (placename)
Ipira {prop} :: Ipira (placename)
Ipiranga do Sul {prop} :: Ipiranga do Sul (placename)
iPod {m} :: iPod (portable music player produced by Apple Inc.)
Iporanga {prop} :: Iporanga (placename)
Iporã do Oeste {prop} :: Iporã do Oeste (placename)
ipsilão {m} :: alternative form of ípsilon
ipsilone {m} :: alternative form of ípsilon
ipsis litteris {adv} :: verbatim (word for word)
ipsis litteris {adv} :: literally (word by word)
ipsílon {m} :: alternative form of ípsilon
Ipuã {prop} :: Ipuã (placename)
Ipuaçu {prop} :: Ipuaçu (placename)
Ipuiúna {prop} :: Ipuiúna (placename)
Ipumirim {prop} :: Ipumirim (placename)
Ipupiara {prop} :: Ipupiara (placename)
iquebana {f} :: ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement)
ir {v} /ˈiɾ/ :: [para, a, até] to go (to move to a destination)
ir {v} :: [auxiliary, with an infinitive] will; to be going to; forms the future tense
ir {v} :: [auxiliary, with a gerund] to keep on; to go on; ~ on; forms the continuative aspect
ir {vp} :: to go; to leave; to depart
ir {v} :: [para, em, a] to attend; to go to (to be present in an event)
ir {v} :: [até] to go on until; to last to
ir {v} :: [em] to do; to fare (to have a good or bad result)
ir {vi} :: to be doing (formula used in greetings)
ir {vp} :: to be gone (depleted, destroyed; no longer usable)
ir {vp} :: [euphemistic] to leave us; to depart (to die)
ir {vi} :: to go (to begin an action or process)
ir {v} :: [com] to match; to go with (to form a good combination with)
ir {v} :: [com] to like or tolerate someone or something
ir {v} :: [por] to follow (to take into account when making choices)
ir {v} [de] :: to range from (to encompass values between two given extremes)
ir {vi} :: [poker] to call (to match the amount of chips in the pot)
ir- {prefix} :: alternative form of in-, used before R
-ir {suffix} :: A verb ending for infinitives
Irã {prop} {m} :: Irã (country)
ira {f} /ˈi.ɾɐ/ :: anger, rage (a strong feeling of displeasure, hostility or antagonism towards someone or something)
Iraí {prop} :: Iraí (placename)
Iraceminha {prop} :: Iraceminha (placename)
Iracemápolis {prop} :: Iracemápolis (placename)
Iraí de Minas {prop} :: Iraí de Minas (placename)
irado {adj} :: angry
irado {adj} [Rio de Janeiro, colloquial] :: radical, cool, nice
Irajuba {prop} :: Irajuba (placename)
Iramaia {prop} :: Iramaia (placename)
irando {v} :: gerund of irar
Irani {prop} :: Irani (placename)
iraniano {adj} :: Iranian (of, from or pertaining to Iran)
iraniano {m} :: Iranian (person from Iran or of Iranian descent)
iraniano {m} :: Persian (Indo-European language spoken in Iran)
Irapuã {prop} :: Irapuã (placename)
Irapuru {prop} :: Irapuru (placename)
Iraquara {prop} :: Iraquara (placename)
Iraque {prop} {m} :: Iraque (country)
iraquiano {adj} :: Iraqi (of, from or pertaining to Iraq)
iraquiano {m} :: Iraqi (person from Iraq)
irar {v} :: to anger
Irará {prop} :: Irará (placename)
irascível {adj} :: irascible (prone to anger)
Irati {prop} :: Irati (placename)
Irauadi {prop} {m} :: alternative spelling of Irrawaddy
Irauádi {prop} {m} :: rare spelling of Irrawaddy
Irawaddy {prop} {m} :: rare form of Irrawaddy
Irawadi {prop} {m} :: dated spelling of Irrawaddy
Irbil {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Erbil
ir com a cara {v} [idiom, usually in negative] :: to have a good impression of a person (or by extension, a concept or object) at first glance
ir com a cara {v} :: See: ir com cara
ir dessa para melhor {v} [idiomatic] :: To die
ir desta para a melhor {v} [idiomatic, euphemistic] :: to bite the dust (to die)
Irecê {prop} :: Irecê (placename)
ir embora {v} :: to go away (to leave a place)
ir em frente {v} :: See: ir em frente
ir em frente {v} :: to go ahead; to proceed
Irene {prop} {f} /i.ˈɾ :: given name
Iria {prop} {f} [historical] :: given name
iridiósmio {m} :: iridiosmium
Irineópolis {prop} :: Irineópolis (placename)
iris {f} :: obsolete spelling of íris
irisado {adj} :: rainbow-coloured
irisado {adj} :: iridescent
Irkutsk {prop} {f} :: Irkutsk (oblast)
Irkutsk {prop} {f} :: Irkutsk (city/regional capital)
Irlanda {prop} {f} /iɾ.ˈlɐ̃.dɐ/ :: Irlanda (island)
Irlanda {prop} {f} :: Irlanda (country)
Irlanda do Norte {prop} {f} /iɾ.lɐ̃.dɐ.ðu.ˈnɔɾ.tɨ/ :: Irlanda do Norte (country)
irlandez {adj} :: obsolete spelling of irlandês
irlandez {m} :: obsolete spelling of irlandês
irlandês {adj} /iɾ.lɐ̃.ˈdeʃ/ :: Irish (of, or relating to Ireland)
irlandês {m} :: Irish (person from Ireland)
irlandês {m} [uncountable] :: Irish language
irlandês médio {m} :: Middle Irish (Gaelic language spoken in Ireland during the 10th, 11th and 12th centuries)
irmã {f} /iɾˈmɐ̃/ :: sister
irmandade {f} /iɾ.mɐ̃.ˈda.ðɨ/ :: brotherhood
irmandade {f} :: fraternity
ir à merda {v} [vulgar] :: to get into a dire situation
ir à merda {v} [vulgar] :: eat shit (used to express discontent or aggravation to another party)
irmão {m} /iɾ.ˈmɐ̃w̃/ :: brother (male sibling)
irmão {m} :: sibling (person having the same parents as another)
irmão {m} :: brother (member of a brotherhood)
irmão {m} :: brother; bro (close friend)
irmão de sangue {m} :: blood brother (brother by birth)
irmão de sangue {m} :: blood brother (someone bound to another person in commitment and friendship)
irmão leigo {m} [ecclesiastical] :: lay brother (a layman who is a member of a brotherhood without the intention to become a priest)
irmãozinho {m} :: little brother
irónico {adj} [European orthography] :: ironic (characterised by irony)
irônico {adj} :: ironic
Irão {prop} {m} [Portugal] :: alternative form of Irã
ironia {f} :: irony
ironicamente {adv} :: ironically
iroquesa {f} :: feminine noun of iroquês
iroquês {m} :: Iroquois (a person belonging to an Iroquois tribe of North America)
iroquês {m} [uncountable] :: Iroquois (any of the Iroquois languages)
iroquês {adj} :: of or relating to the Iroquois people
iroquês {adj} :: of or relating to the Iroquois languages
ir por água abaixo {v} :: to go down the drain (to be ruined; to become useless)
irracional {adj} [comparable] :: Not rational; irrational; unfounded; nonsensical; absurd
irracional {adj} [not comparable, of a living being] :: That is of a non-human species, thus inherently not rational; nonhuman and irrational
irracional {adj} [not comparable, of a real number] :: That cannot be written as the ratio of two integers
irracionalidade {f} :: irrationality (lack of reason)
irradiado {v} :: past participle of irradiar
irradiador {m} :: radiator (anything which radiates or emits rays)
irradiando {v} :: gerund of irradiar
irradiação {f} :: irradiation
irradiar {v} :: to irradiate
Irrauadi {prop} {m} :: dated spelling of Irrawaddy
Irrawaddy {prop} {m} :: Irrawaddy (river)
Irrawady {prop} {m} :: alternative spelling of Irrawaddy
irreal {adj} :: unreal (not real)
irreconhecível {adj} :: unrecognizable (that cannot be recognized)
irredentismo {m} :: irredentism (doctrine advocating annexation of foreign land by country with historic links)
irrefreável {adj} :: unstoppable (unable to be stopped)
irrefutável {adj} :: irrefutable
irregular {adj} :: irregular; nonstandard
irregular {adj} [grammar] :: irregular (not following an inflectional paradigm)
irregularidade {f} [uncountable] :: irregularity (the condition of being irregular)
irregularidade {f} :: irregularity (something that is irregular)
irregularidade {f} :: irregularity (a minor violation of regulation)
irrelacionável {adj} :: nonrelatable (not relatable)
irrelevante {adj} :: irrelevant (not related to a topic, not applicable, unimportant)
irrelevância {f} :: irrelevance (lack of relationship with the topic at hand or lack of importance)
irreligioso {adj} :: irreligious; atheistic (not following any religion)
irreligioso {adj} :: irreligious; antireligious (contrary to religion)
irreligioso {adj} :: irreligious; secular (having no relation to religion)
irremediavelmente {adv} :: irremediably
irremediável {adj} :: irremediable
irreparável {adj} :: Unable to be repaired; irreparable
irreplicável {adj} :: unanswerable; irrefutable (impossible to dispute or rebut)
irreplicável {adj} :: irreplicable (incapable of being replicated)
irrepreensível {adj} /i.ʁe.pɾe.ẽ.ˈsi.vew/ :: that cannot be reproached
irrepreensível {adj} :: perfect, flawless, faultless
irreprimível {adj} :: irrepressible
irreprochável {adj} :: irreproachable (free from blame or criticism)
irresistivelmente {adv} :: irresistibly
irresistível {adj} :: irresistible
irrespondível {adj} :: unanswerable
irresponsabilidade {f} /iʁɨʃpõsɐβiliˈðaðɨ/ :: irresponsibility
irresponsável {adj} :: irresponsible (lacking a sense of responsibility)
irrestrito {adj} :: unrestricted (lacking conditions or limitations)
irreverente {adj} :: irreverent (lacking respect or seriousness)
irreversível {adj} :: irreversible
irrevertível {adj} :: alternative form of irreversível
irrevocável {adj} :: irrevocable (unable to be retracted or reversed)
irrevogável {adj} :: irrevocable, irreversible
irrigação {f} :: irrigation
irrigar {v} :: to irrigate (to supply with water directly)
irritabilidade {f} :: irritability
irritadiço {adj} :: prickly (easily irritated)
irritado {adj} :: feeling anger; angry; irritated; furious
irritado {adj} [of a wound] :: inflamed and painful; angry
irritador {m} :: annoyer (one who annoys)
irritante {adj} /ˌi.ʁi.ˈtɐ̃.t͡ʃi/ :: irritating, annoying
irritação {f} :: irritation, aggravation, provocation
irritação {f} :: irritancy
irritar {v} :: to irritate
irritar {v} :: to excite
irritar {v} :: to annoy, to bother
irritar {v} :: [reflexive] to become angry
irritar-se {vr} :: to become irritated
irritável {adj} :: irritable
irritável {adj} :: testy, tetchy
ir à Roma e não ver o papa {phrase} [idiomatic] :: To lose a chance
irromper {v} :: to storm (to move quickly and noisily into a place)
ir às alturas {v} :: to skyrocket (to increase suddenly and extremely)
ir às compras {v} [idiomatic] :: to go shopping
ir-se {vr} :: to depart; to leave
ir-se {vr} [euphemistic] :: to pass away; to depart; to die
Irtish {prop} {m} :: Irtish (river)
ir tomar banho {v} :: See: ir tomar banho
ir tomar banho {v} [colloquial, impolite, usually in the imperative: vai tomar banho] :: to scram; to get lost; to buzz off (to go away)
Irtysh {prop} {m} :: alternative spelling of Irtish
Isaías {prop} {m} /ˌˈi.ɐs/ :: given name
Isaías {prop} {m} [book of the bible] :: Isaiah (book of the Bible)
Isaías {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Isaiah (Old Testament prophet)
Isabel {prop} {f} /ˌˈbɛw/ :: given name
Isabela {prop} {f} :: given name, variant of Isabel
Isabele {prop} {f} :: given name, variant of Isabel
isabelino {adj} :: Elizabethan (pertaining to Elizabeth I of England)
isabelino {adj} :: pertaining to Elizabeth of Portugal
Isabell {prop} {f} :: given name, less common variant of Isabel
Isabella {prop} {f} :: given name, variant of Isabel
Isabelle {prop} {f} :: given name, variant of Isabel
Isaque {prop} {m} [biblical] :: Isaac (son of Abraham and Sarah)
Isaque {prop} {m} :: given name
Isaura {prop} {f} :: given name
isca {f} [chiefly fishing] /ˈis.kɐ/ :: bait (substance used in catching fish or other animals)
isca {f} [by extension] :: lure; bait (something that tempts or attracts, especially one with a promise of reward or pleasure)
isca {f} [culinary, Portugal, chiefly plural] :: a dish made with very thin slices of liver
isca {f} :: a bite-sized piece of fried meat, usually fish
isca {f} :: tinder; charcloth (combustible material in a tinderbox)
iscar {vt} :: to bait (to affix bait to an object)
iscar {vt} :: to bait (to attract with bait)
Ischia {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Ísquia
isco {m} :: bait (substance used in catching fish or other animals)
iscravo {m} :: eye dialect of escravo
isempto {adj} :: obsolete spelling of isento
isenção {f} /i.zẽ.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: exemption (state of being exempt)
isentar {v} /i.zẽ.ˈtaɾ/ :: to exempt
isento {adj} /i.ˈzẽ.tu/ :: exempt (free from duty or obligation)
isento {adj} :: free from (not containing or including something)
Isfaã {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Isfahan
Isfahã {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Isfahan
Isfahan {prop} {f} :: Isfahan (city)
Isfaão {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Isfahan
ISIS {prop} {m} /ˈi.zis/ :: ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria)
islã {m} [Brazil] :: alternative form of islão
Islamabad {prop} {f} :: Islamabad (capital city)
Islamabade {prop} {f} [uncommon] :: alternative form of Islamabad
islame {m} :: alternative form of islão
islamófobo {adj} :: Islamophobic
islamófobo {m} :: Islamophobe
islamismo {m} :: Islam (Abrahamic religion founded by Muhammad)
islamismo {m} :: Islamism (Islamic fundamentalism)
islamização {f} [sociology] /ˌiz.lɐ.ˌˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: Islamization (the conversion of a society to Islam)
islamofóbico {adj} :: homophobic
islamofóbico {m} :: homophobe
islamofobia {f} :: Islamophobia (the fear or hatred of Islam or Muslims)
islandez {adj} :: obsolete spelling of islandês
islandez {m} :: obsolete spelling of islandês
islandês {adj} /ˌiz.lɐ̃.ˈde(j)s/ :: Icelandic (of, from or relating to Iceland)
islandês {m} :: Icelander (person from Iceland)
islandês {m} [uncountable] :: Icelandic (North Germanic language spoken in Iceland)
islâmico {adj} :: Islamic, Muslim
Islândia {prop} {f} /iʒ.ˈlɐ̃.di.ɐ/ :: Islândia (island/and/country)
islão {m} :: Islam (monotheistic Abrahamic religion based on the teachings of Muhammad)
Ismael {prop} {m} [biblical character] /ˌˈɛw/ :: Ishmael (eldest son of Abraham)
Ismael {prop} {m} :: given name
isômero {m} [chemistry, physics] :: isomer
isômero {adj} [chemistry, physics] :: isomeric
-ismo {suffix} :: -ism
ismo {m} :: ism (any ideology, system of thought or practice)
isobarométrico {adj} :: isobarometric
isobutano {m} [organic compound] :: isobutane (a hydrocarbon: C4H10)
isoforma {f} [biochemistry] :: isoform (any of several different forms of the same protein)
isoglossa {f} [linguistics] :: isogloss (line indicating geographical boundaries of a linguistic feature)
isolacionismo {m} :: isolationism (policy of non-interaction)
isoladamente {adv} :: singly
isolado {adj} /ˌi.zo.ˈ :: isolated (in isolation)
isolado {adj} :: insulated (separated from other conducting materials)
isolamento {m} :: insulation (the act of insulating)
isolamento {m} :: isolation (state of being isolated)
isolamento {m} :: isolation (act of isolating)
isolamento {m} [diplomacy, of a country] :: isolation (state of avoiding diplomatic relations)
isolando {v} :: gerund of isolar
isolante {m} :: insulator (material that doesn’t transmit electricity)
isolante {adj} :: which isolates, cuts off from others
isolante {adj} :: which insulates, prevents electrical contact
isolação {f} :: isolation (state of being isolated)
isolação {f} :: isolation (act of isolating)
isolar {v} :: to isolate, insulate
isolar {v} :: to seclude
isolar {v} :: to segregate
isomero {m} [chemistry, physics] :: isomer
isometria {f} [mathematics] :: isometry (function in which the distance between two images is equal to the distance between their pre-images)
isomorfismo {m} [biology] /ˌi.zo.moɻ.ˈ :: isomorphism (the similarity in form of organisms of different ancestry)
isomorfismo {m} [algebra] :: isomorphism (bijection f such that both f and its inverse f−1 are homomorphisms)
isomorfismo {m} [chemistry] :: isomorphism (similarity in the crystal structures of similar chemical compounds)
isomorfismo {m} [computing] :: isomorphism (one-to-one correspondence between all the elements of two sets)
isomorfo {adj} :: isomorphic (exhibiting isomorphism)
isomorphismo {m} :: obsolete spelling of isomorfismo
isomórfico {adj} :: isomorphic (exhibiting isomorphism)
isonomia {f} :: isonomia
isooctano {m} [organic compound] :: isooctane
isopor {m} [Brazil] /i.zo.ˈpoɾ/ :: expanded polystyrene, styrofoam
isopreno {m} [organic compound] :: isoprene
isoterma {f} :: isotherm (line representing equal or constant temperature)
isotónico {adj} [European orthography, chemistry, of two solutions] :: isotonic (having the same osmotic pressure)
isotónico {adj} [European orthography, medicine, of a solution] :: isotonic (having the same concentration as human blood)
isotónico {adj} [European orthography, physiology, of muscles] :: isotonic (having equal tension)
isotônico {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of isotónico
isotopia {f} [mathematics] :: isotopy (form of homotopy that is always an embedding)
isotópico {adj} :: isotopic
isotrópico {adj} [physics] :: isotropic (having properties which are equivalent regardless of direction)
Ispaã {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Isfahan
Ispaan {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Isfahan
Ispahã {prop} {f} :: rare form of Isfahan
Ispahan {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Isfahan
Ispahão {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Isfahan
Ispaão {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Isfahan
isópode {m} :: isopod (crustacean of the order Isopoda)
isópodo {m} :: alternative form of isópode
isqueiro {m} /iʃ.ˈkɐj.ɾu/ :: lighter (fire making device)
isquemia {f} [pathology, cardiology] :: ischemia (local disturbance in blood circulation)
isquémico {adj} [European orthography, pathology] :: ischemic (relating to or suffering from ischemia)
isquêmico {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of isquémico
Israel {prop} {m} /iʒ.ʁɐ.ˈɛɫ/ :: Israel (historical region)
Israel {prop} {m} :: Israel (country)
Israel {prop} {m} :: given name
israelense {adj} [chiefly Brazil] :: Israeli (of, from or pertaining to Israel)
israelense {mf} [chiefly Brazil] :: Israeli (person from Israel or of Israeli descent)
israelita {mf} [chiefly Portugal] :: someone from the State of Israel
israelita {mf} :: Israelite; Jew; Hebrew
israelita {adj} [chiefly Portugal] :: of, from or relating to the State of Israel
israelita {adj} :: Jewish (relating to Judaism)
Isérnia {prop} {f} :: Isernia (town and province in Molise, Italy)
Issacar {prop} {m} [biblical] :: Issachar (ninth son of Jacob)
isóscele {adj} :: alternative form of isósceles
isósceles {adj} [geometry, especially of a triangle] :: isosceles (having two sides of equal length)
isso {pron} /ˈ :: [demonstrative] that (the thing near you; the thing mentioned that concerns you)
isso {pron} :: [demonstrative, colloquial, Brazil] this (the thing near me; the thing mentioned that concerns me)
isso {interj} :: correct, that's it; that's right
isso {interj} :: yeah! (expresses joy or celebration)
isso aí {interj} :: all right! (used to indicate gladness with an outcome)
-ista {suffix} :: -ist (person with a particular creative or academic role), appended to the name of this role, or its corresponding adjective
-ista {suffix} :: -ist; -man (person who uses or works with a particular tool, instrument or technique), appended to the name of the tool
-ista {suffix} :: -ist; -ista (one who proscribes to a particular doctrine), appended to the etymon of the doctrine’s name
-ista {suffix} :: -istic (of or relating to a particular doctrine), appended to the etymon of the doctrine’s name
-ista {suffix} [chiefly Brazil] :: of, from or relating to a location
-ista {suffix} [chiefly Brazil] :: someone from a location
-ista {suffix} :: a supporter of a sports team
Istambul {prop} {f} /iʃ.tɐ̃.ˈbuɫ/ :: Istambul (city)
Istanbul {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Istambul
istera {f} :: eye dialect of esteira
istmo {m} [anatomy, geography] /ˈiʃ :: isthmus
isto {pron} /ˈiʃ.tu/ :: this (the thing here)
isto {pron} :: this (the thing being discussed; the current situation)
isto {pron} :: (obsolete, literature) this sentence, this word, this dictum
isto {interj} :: [Brazil] that’s right; that’s correct
isto {interj} :: [Brazil] yeah! (expresses happiness with an outcome)
-istão {suffix} /is.ˈtɐ̃w̃/ :: -stan (forms place names associated with Central and Southern Asia)
isto é {adv} [conjunctive] :: that is; in other words
isótopo {m} :: isotope
istriota {m} :: Istriot (an Italo-Romance language spoken in Istria)
isótropo {adj} :: alternative form of isotrópico
istro-romeno {m} :: Istro-Romanian (an Eastern Romance language spoken in Istria)
Itá {prop} :: Itá (placename)
-ita {suffix} /ˈi.tɐ/ :: -ite (a follower or adherent of a given person or thing)
-ita {suffix} :: -ite (a descendant of a given historical person)
-ita {suffix} :: -ite (forms the names of natives of a given place, and adjectives referring to the place)
-ita {suffix} [geology] :: -ite (forms the names of rocks and minerals)
Itaí {prop} :: Itaí (placename)
Itaara {prop} :: Itaara (placename)
Itabela {prop} :: Itabela (placename)
Itaberá {prop} :: Itaberá (placename)
Itaberaba {prop} :: Itaberaba (placename)
Itabira {prop} :: Itabira (placename)
Itabirinha {prop} :: Itabirinha (placename)
Itabirito {prop} :: Itabirito (placename)
Itaboraí {prop} :: Itaboraí (placename)
Itabuna {prop} :: Itabuna (placename)
Itacambira {prop} :: Itacambira (placename)
Itacaré {prop} :: Itacaré (placename)
Itacarambi {prop} :: Itacarambi (placename)
itacense {adj} :: Ithacan (of, from or pertaining to Ithaca)
itacense {mf} :: Ithacan (inhabitant of Ithaca)
Itacurubi {prop} :: Itacurubi (placename)
Itaú de Minas {prop} :: Itaú de Minas (placename)
Itaetê {prop} :: Itaetê (placename)
Itagi {prop} :: Itagi (placename)
Itagibá {prop} :: Itagibá (placename)
Itagimirim {prop} :: Itagimirim (placename)
Itaguaí {prop} :: Itaguaí (placename)
Itaguara {prop} :: Itaguara (placename)
Itaguaçu da Bahia {prop} :: Itaguaçu da Bahia (placename)
Itaipé {prop} :: Itaipé (placename)
Itaiópolis {prop} :: Itaiópolis (placename)
Itajaí {prop} :: Itajaí (placename)
Itajobi {prop} :: Itajobi (placename)
Itaju {prop} :: Itaju (placename)
Itajubá {prop} :: Itajubá (placename)
Itaju do Colônia {prop} :: Itaju do Colônia (placename)
Itajuípe {prop} :: Itajuípe (placename)
italianamente {adv} :: In the manner of Italian people; in context of Italy; Italianly
italianamente {adv} :: As said or written in Italian language; Italianly
italianismo {m} :: Italianism (loanword from the Italian language)
italiano {adj} /i.ˌɐ.nu/ :: Italian (of, from or pertaining to Italy)
italiano {adj} :: Italian (relating to the Italian language)
italiano {m} :: Italian (person from Italy or of Italian descent)
italiano {m} [uncountable] :: Italian (Romance language spoken in Italy)
italiano {m} [uncountable] :: the Venetian dialect spoken in Brazil
Italva {prop} :: Italva (placename)
Itamaraju {prop} :: Itamaraju (placename)
Itamarandiba {prop} :: Itamarandiba (placename)
Itamarati de Minas {prop} :: Itamarati de Minas (placename)
Itamaraty {prop} {m} [Brazil, politics] /ɾa.ˈt(ʃ)i/ :: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Brazil)
Itamari {prop} :: Itamari (placename)
Itambé {prop} :: Itambé (placename)
Itambacuri {prop} :: Itambacuri (placename)
Itambé do Mato Dentro {prop} :: Itambé do Mato Dentro (placename)
Itamogi {prop} :: Itamogi (placename)
Itamonte {prop} :: Itamonte (placename)
Itaúna {prop} :: Itaúna (placename)
Itanagra {prop} :: Itanagra (placename)
Itanhaém {prop} :: Itanhaém (placename)
Itanhandu {prop} :: Itanhandu (placename)
Itanhém {prop} :: Itanhém (placename)
Itanhomi {prop} :: Itanhomi (placename)
Itaobim {prop} :: Itaobim (placename)
Itaoca {prop} :: Itaoca (placename)
Itaocara {prop} :: Itaocara (placename)
Itapé {prop} :: Itapé (placename)
Itapagipe {prop} :: Itapagipe (placename)
Itaparica {prop} :: Itaparica (placename)
Itapebi {prop} :: Itapebi (placename)
Itapecerica {prop} :: Itapecerica (placename)
Itapecerica da Serra {prop} :: Itapecerica da Serra (placename)
Itapema {prop} :: Itapema (placename)
Itaperuna {prop} :: Itaperuna (placename)
Itapetinga {prop} :: Itapetinga (placename)
Itapetininga {prop} :: Itapetininga (placename)
Itapeva {prop} :: Itapeva (placename)
Itapeva {prop} :: Itapeva (placename)
Itapevi {prop} :: Itapevi (placename)
Itapicuru {prop} :: Itapicuru (placename)
Itapira {prop} :: Itapira (placename)
Itapiranga {prop} :: Itapiranga (placename)
Itapirapuã Paulista {prop} :: Itapirapuã Paulista (placename)
Itapitanga {prop} :: Itapitanga (placename)
Itapoá {prop} :: Itapoá (placename)
Itaporanga {prop} :: Itaporanga (placename)
Itapuí {prop} :: Itapuí (placename)
Itapuca {prop} :: Itapuca (placename)
Itapura {prop} :: Itapura (placename)
Itaquaquecetuba {prop} :: Itaquaquecetuba (placename)
Itaquara {prop} :: Itaquara (placename)
Itaqui {prop} :: Itaqui (placename)
Itarantim {prop} :: Itarantim (placename)
Itararé {prop} :: Itararé (placename)
Itariri {prop} :: Itariri (placename)
Itati {prop} :: Itati (placename)
Itatiaia {prop} :: Itatiaia (placename)
Itatiaiuçu {prop} :: Itatiaiuçu (placename)
Itatiba {prop} :: Itatiba (placename)
Itatiba do Sul {prop} :: Itatiba do Sul (placename)
Itatim {prop} :: Itatim (placename)
Itatinga {prop} :: Itatinga (placename)
Itaverava {prop} :: Itaverava (placename)
-ite {suffix} [pathology] :: -itis (forms the names of diseases characterised by inflammation)
-ite {suffix} [geology] :: -ite (forms the names of rocks and minerals)
item {m} /ˈi.tɛm/ :: item
item {m} :: A matter for discussion in an agenda or elsewhere
item {m} :: A line of text with some meaning
iterativo {adj} /ˌi.te.ɾa.ˈt͡ʃi.vo/ :: iterative (of a procedure that involves repetition)
iterativo {adj} [grammar] :: iterative (expressive of an action that is repeated with frequency)
iterativo {adj} [programming] :: which is implemented using a loop
iéti {m} :: alternative spelling of yeti
Itiúba {prop} :: Itiúba (placename)
itinerario {m} :: obsolete spelling of itinerário
itinerário {m} :: itinerary (route of a journey)
Itinga {prop} :: Itinga (placename)
Itirapina {prop} :: Itirapina (placename)
Itirapuã {prop} :: Itirapuã (placename)
Itiruçu {prop} :: Itiruçu (placename)
Itália {prop} {f} /i.ˈta.ljɐ/ :: Itália (country)
Itália {prop} {f} :: Itália (peninsula)
itálico {adj} :: italic
-ito {suffix} [geology] :: -ite (forms the names of rocks and minerals)
-ito {suffix} :: -ie (forms diminutives)
Itobi {prop} :: Itobi (placename)
Itororó {prop} :: Itororó (placename)
Itápolis {prop} :: Itápolis (placename)
itérbio {m} :: ytterbium (chemical element)
Itu {prop} :: Itu (placename)
Ituaçu {prop} :: Ituaçu (placename)
Ituberá {prop} :: Ituberá (placename)
-itude {suffix} /i.ˈtu.d͡ʒi/ :: -itude; -ness (forms abstract nouns, from adjectives, indicating a state or condition)
Itueta {prop} :: Itueta (placename)
Ituiutaba {prop} :: Ituiutaba (placename)
Itumirim {prop} :: Itumirim (placename)
Itupeva {prop} :: Itupeva (placename)
Ituporanga {prop} :: Ituporanga (placename)
Iturama {prop} :: Iturama (placename)
Itutinga {prop} :: Itutinga (placename)
Ituverava {prop} :: Ituverava (placename)
iuane {m} :: alternative form of yuan
Iucatã {prop} {m} :: Iucatã (peninsula)
Iucatã {prop} {m} :: Iucatã (state)
iucateco {adj} :: Yucatec (of, from or relating to the Yucatán peninsula)
iucateque {adj} :: alternative form of iucateco
iugoslavo {adj} [Brazil] :: alternative form of jugoslavo
iugoslavo {m} [Brazil] :: alternative form of jugoslavo
Iugoslávia {prop} {f} [Brazil] :: alternative form of Jugoslávia
Iuiú {prop} :: Iuiú (placename)
Iujno-Sakhalinsk {prop} {f} [rare] :: Iujno-Sakhalinsk (city/regional capital)
Iunã {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Yunnan
iurta {f} :: alternative form of iurte
iurte {f} :: yurt (large, round tent with vertical walls and conical roof)
Ivã {prop} {m} :: given name, a spelling variant of Ivan
IVA {m} [taxation] :: acronym of imposto sobre o valor acrescentado
Ivalo {prop} {f} :: Ivalo (village)
Ivan {prop} {m} /i.ˈvɐ̃/ :: given name
Ivanovo {prop} {f} :: Ivanovo (oblast)
Ivanovo {prop} {f} :: Ivanovo (city/regional capital)
-ivo {suffix} :: -ive (relating to)
-ivo {suffix} :: -ive (of the nature of)
Ivonei {prop} {m} :: given name
Ivorá {prop} :: Ivorá (placename)
Ivoti {prop} :: Ivoti (placename)
Iwojima {prop} {f} [uncommon] :: alternative spelling of Iwo Jima
Iwo Jima {prop} {f} :: Iwo Jima (island)
Ixião {prop} {m} [Greek mythology] :: Ixion (king of Lapiths)
Ixião {prop} {m} :: Ixion (a Kuiper Belt object)
Izabel {prop} {f} :: given name, variant of Isabel
Izabela {prop} {f} :: given name, variant of Isabel
Izabele {prop} {f} :: given name, variant of Isabel
Izabell {prop} {f} :: given name, rare variant of Isabel
Izabella {prop} {f} :: given name, variant of Isabel
Izabelle {prop} {f} :: given name, uncommon variant of Isabel
-ização {suffix} :: -ization (act, process, or result of doing something)
-izar {suffix} :: -ise/-ize
Izhevsk {prop} {f} :: Izhevsk (city/regional capital)
íleo {m} [anatomy] :: ileum (last division of small intestine)
Ílhavo {prop} {f} /ˈiʎɐvu/ :: Ílhavo (city/and/municipality)
ílio {m} [skeleton] /ˈ :: ilium
ímã {m} /ˈimɐ̃]/ :: magnet
ímpar {adj} :: odd
ímpeto {m} /ˈĩ.pe.tu/ :: impetus (a stimulating factor)
ímpeto {m} :: impetus (force that impels)
ímpeto {m} :: a sudden, harsh movement
ímpio {adj} :: godless (not acknowledging any deity or god; without belief in any deity or god)
íncola {mf} [formal] :: resident; inhabitant (person living in a given location)
íncubo {m} :: incubus (an evil spirit)
índex {m} :: alternative form of índice
Índia {prop} {f} /ˈĩ.djɐ/ :: Índia (country)
Índias Ocidentais {prop} {fp} :: Índias Ocidentais (archipelago)
Índias Orientais Holandesas {prop} {fp} :: Índias Orientais Holandesas (former colony)
índice {m} :: index (alphabetical list)
índice {m} [computing, database] :: index (data structure to improve the performance of table operations)
índice {m} [mathematics] :: index (raised suffix indicating a power)
índice {m} :: index (number representing a property or ratio)
índice de Apgar {m} [medicine] :: Apgar score (a zero to ten point score given to newborns based on their APGAR vitals)
índice de massa corporal {m} :: body mass index (the measure of the weight in comparison with the height of a person)
Índico {prop} {m} :: Índico (ocean)
índigo {adj} :: indigo
índigo {m} :: indigo
índio {adj} :: Indian (Of or relating to the aboriginal people of the Americas)
índio {m} :: Indian (indigenous person of the Americas)
índio {m} :: indium
índole {f} :: temperament (a person’s normal manner of thinking, behaving or reacting)
ínfimo {adj} :: very small
ínfimo {adj} :: lowest, least
íngreme {adj} :: steep (near-vertical)
íngrime {adj} :: alternative form of íngreme
íngua {f} :: boil (accumulation of pus)
ínio {m} [anatomy] :: the external occipital protuberance; the inion
ínsua {f} /ˈĩ.swɐ/ :: river islet, eyot
íntegro {adj} :: complete (not lacking any part)
íntegro {adj} [figuratively] :: upright (having good morals)
íntimo {adj} /ˈĩ :: intimate
íntimo {adj} :: private
íntimo {adj} :: familiar, cosy
íntimo {adj} :: close
íntron {m} [genetics] :: intron (portion of a split gene that is included in pre-RNA transcripts but is removed during RNA processing)
íon {m} [Brazil, chemistry, physics] /ˈi.õ/ :: ion (electrically charged atom)
ípsilo {m} [rare] :: dated form of ípsilon
ípsilon {m} /ˈɔn/ :: wye (name of the letter Y, y)
ípsilon {m} :: upsilon (name of the Greek letter Υ, υ)
íris {f} [botany] /ˈi.ɾis/ :: iris (plant of the genus Iris), or its flower
íris {f} [anatomy] :: iris (part of the eye)
íris {m} :: rainbow (multicoloured arch in the sky)
Íris {prop} {f} /ˈi.ɾis/ :: given name
Íris {prop} {f} [Greek god] :: Iris (Greek messenger of the gods)
íschio {m} :: obsolete spelling of ísquio
Ísis {prop} {f} [Egyptian mythology] :: Isis (mother-goddess)
Ísis {prop} {f} :: given name
Ísquia {prop} {f} :: Ísquia (island/and/city)
ísquio {m} [skeleton] /ˈ :: ischium
-íssimo {suffix} :: forms the absolute superlative
Ístria {prop} {f} /ˈis.tɾi.ɐ/ :: Ístria (peninsula)
Ítaca {prop} {f} :: Ítaca (island/and/regional unit)
ítaco {adj} :: Ithacan (from, or pertaining to Ithaca)
ítaco {m} :: Ithacan (inhabitant of Ithaca)
ítalo {adj} :: Italian (of or pertaining to Italy or the Italians)
ítalo {m} :: Italian (person from Italy)
ítria {f} [mineral] :: yttria
-ível {suffix} /ˈi.vew/ :: alternative form of -ável, used with 2nd- and 3rd-conjugation verbs