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baa {interj} (cry of sheep)  :: bee
baa {n} (bleating of sheep)  :: beczenie
baa {v} (to make the cry of sheep)  :: beczeć
baba {n} (holy man, spiritual leader)  :: baba {m}
Baba Yaga {prop} (hag who flies through the air in a mortar)  :: Baba Jaga {f}, Baba-Jaga {f}, Baba Jędza {f}
babble {n} (idle talk)  :: bełkot {m}, paplanie {n}
babble {n} (inarticulate speech)  :: gwar {m}, gaworzenie {n}
babble {n} (the sound of flowing water)  :: szmer {m}
babble {v} (to make a continuous murmuring noise)  :: szemrać
babble {v} (to talk much)  :: paplać
babble {v} (to utter words indistinctly)  :: gaworzyć
babby {n} (baby) SEE: baby  ::
babe {n} (baby or infant) SEE: baby  ::
babe {n} (darling) SEE: baby  ::
babehood {n} (babyhood) SEE: babyhood  ::
babka {n} (coffee cake)  :: babka {f}
baboon {n} (primate)  :: pawian {m}
babushka {n} (matryoshka) SEE: Russian doll  ::
baby {n} (form of address to a man or a woman considered to be attractive)  :: bejbe, mała {f} [to a woman]
baby {n} (immature or infantile person)  :: dzieciuch {m-an}, maluch {m-an}
baby {n} (term of endearment)  :: kochanie
baby {n} (very young human being)  :: niemowlę {n}, niemowlak {m-an}, maluch {m-an}
baby blue {adj} (pale blue color)  :: jasno błękitny
baby bottle {n} (bottle with a teat)  :: butelka {f}
baby carriage {n} (pram) SEE: pram  ::
baby formula {n} (artificial substitute for human breast milk) SEE: infant formula  ::
Babylonian {adj} (of or pertaining to the city of Babylon)  :: babiloński
Babylonian {adj} (of or pertaining to the kingdom of Babylonia)  :: babiloński
Babylonian {n} (person from the city of Babylon)  :: babilończyk {m}, babilonka {f}
Babylonian {n} (person from the kingdom of Babylonia)  :: babilończyk {m}, babilonka {f}
baby massage {n} (massage therapy for infants) SEE: infant massage  ::
baby seat {n} (child safety seat) SEE: child safety seat  ::
baby tooth {n} (tooth which will be replaced) SEE: milk tooth  ::
baby weight {n} (weight of a baby at birth) SEE: birth weight  ::
baccalaureate {n} (bachelor's degree) SEE: bachelor's degree  ::
baccarat {n} (card game)  :: bakarat
bachelor {n} ((Canada) single room apartment)  :: kawalerka {f}
bachelor {n} (unmarried man)  :: kawaler {m}
bachelordom {n} (bachelorhood) SEE: bachelorhood  ::
bachelorette party {n} (bachelorette party)  :: wieczór panieński {m}
bachelor party {n} (party)  :: wieczór kawalerski {m}
bachelors' button {n} (plant and button) SEE: bachelor's button  ::
bachelorship {n} (bachelorhood) SEE: bachelorhood  ::
bacillus {n} (any bacteria in the genus Bacillus)  :: laseczka {f}
back {adv} (to or in a previous condition or place)  :: z powrotem, nazad
back {n} (that which is farthest away from the front)  :: tył {m}, koniec {m}
back {n} (the part of something that goes last)  :: tył {m}, koniec {m}
back {n} (the rear of body)  :: plecy {p}
back {n} (the reverse side)  :: tył {m}
backbone {n} (any fundamental support, structure, or infrastructure)  :: trzon {m-in}
backbone {n} (courage, fortitude, or strength)  :: charakter, kręgosłup {m-in}
backbone {n} (series of vertebrae that encloses the spinal cord)  :: kręgosłup {m-in}
backchat {n} (backtalk) SEE: backtalk  ::
backchat {v} (backtalk) SEE: backtalk  ::
backdate {v} (to backdate) SEE: antedate  ::
back door {n} (subsidiary entrance to building)  :: drzwi kuchenne {p}
backdoor {n} (backdoor (all definitions)) SEE: back door  ::
backdrop {n} (stage scenery)  :: zasłona {f}, kotara {f}
back-formation {n} (linguistic process)  :: derywacja wsteczna {f}
backgammon {n} (board game)  :: tryktrak {m}
background {n} (activity not visible to the user)  :: tło {n}
background {n} (computer background)  :: tapeta {f}
background {n} (less important feature)  :: drugi plan, dalszy plan
background {n} (part of picture)  :: tło {n}
background {n} (relevant information)  :: kontekst {m}
background {n} (social heritage)  :: doświadczenie
backheel {n} (soccer)  :: piętka {f}, zagranie piętą {m}
backlash {n} (mechanical: distance of free movement between connected parts)  :: luz {m}
backlash {n} (violent or abrubt reaction)  :: sprzeciw {m}
backlog {n} (an accumulation or buildup)  :: zaległości {f-p}
backlog {n} (a reserve source or supply)  :: zapas {m}
backlog {v} (to acquire something as a backlog, or to become a backlog)  :: zalegać
backpack {n} (worn on a person's back, e.g., for hiking)  :: plecak {m}
backpackers {n} (hostel) SEE: hostel  ::
back page {n} (final page) SEE: back cover  ::
backslash {n} (punctuation mark)  :: odwrotny ukośnik {m}
backstitch {n} (backstitch)  :: stębnówka {f}, ścieg stębnowy {m}
backstitch {v} (to sew with a backstitch)  :: stębnować {impf}
backup {n} (copy of file or record)  :: kopia zapasowa {f}
backward {adj} (of an outdated value)  :: przestarzały {m}, archaiczny {m}
backward {adj} (of the direction reverse of normal)  :: w tył, do tyłu
backward {adj} (of the direction towards the back)  :: w tył
backward {adv} (in the direction towards the back)  :: do tyłu, z powrotem
backwater {n} (a remote place; somewhere that remains unaffected by new events, progresses, ideas, etc.)  :: prowincja {f}, zaścianek {m}
bacon {n} (cut of meat)  :: boczek {m}, bekon {m}
bacteria {n} (bacteria)  :: bakterie
bactericide {n} (Any substance that kills bacteria)  :: bakteriobójczy {m}, bakteriobójcza {f}
bacteriochlorophyll {n} (photosynthetic pigment)  :: bakteriochlorofil
bacterium {n} (single celled organism with no nucleus or organelles)  :: bakteria {f}
Bactria {prop} (Greek name for ancient country)  :: Baktria {f}
bad {adj} (evil, wicked)  :: zły {m}, zła {f}, złe {n}
bad {adj} (faulty; not functional)  :: uszkodzony, wadliwy
bad {adj} (not good)  :: zły {m}, kiepski
bad {adj} (not suitable or fitting)  :: zły {m}, zła {f}, złe {n}
bad {adj} (of breath: malodorous)  :: nieświeży
bad {adj} (seemingly non-appropriate, in manners)  :: zły {m}, zła {f}, złe {n}
bad {adj} (spoilt, rotten, overripe) SEE: spoilt  ::
bad {adj} (tricky; stressful; unpleasant)  :: zły {m}, zła {f}, złe {n}
bad {adv} (badly) SEE: badly  ::
badass {adj} (having extreme appearance, attitude, or behavior that is considered admirable (slang))  :: zajebisty [vulgar], zarąbisty, kozacki, hardkorowy
badass {n} (slang: mean or belligerent person)  :: kozak, hardkor, sukinkot
bad check {n} (bad check) SEE: bounced cheque  ::
badge {n} (distinctive mark)  :: odznaka {f}
badger {n} (mammal)  :: borsuk {m}, jaźwiec {m}
badger {n} (native or resident of Wisconsin) SEE: Wisconsinite  ::
badger {v} (fart) SEE: fart  ::
bad luck {n} (misfortune)  :: pech {m}
badly {adv} (in a bad manner)  :: źle
bad trip {n} (psychedelic crisis)  :: zła podróż
badware {n} (malware) SEE: malware  ::
baffle {v} (to totally bewilder; confuse or perplex)  :: wprawiać w zakłopotanie
bag {n} (backpack) SEE: backpack  ::
bag {n} (flexible container)  :: torba {f}, torebka {f}, worek {m}
bag {n} (suitcase) SEE: suitcase  ::
bag {n} (ugly woman)  :: babsztyl {f}
bagel {n} (toroidal bread roll that is boiled and then baked)  :: bajgiel {m}, bajgeł {m}
baggage {n} (luggage) SEE: luggage  ::
baggage cart {n} (luggage cart) SEE: luggage cart  ::
baggage reclaim {n} (designated location for receiving checked luggage) SEE: baggage claim  ::
Baghdad {prop} (city)  :: Bagdad {m}
Baghdadian {adj} (Baghdadi) SEE: Baghdadi  ::
Baghdadian {n} (Baghdadi) SEE: Baghdadi  ::
baglady {n} (bag lady) SEE: bag lady  ::
bagpipe {n} (bagpipes) SEE: bagpipes  ::
bagpiper {n} (one who plays the bagpipes)  :: dudziarz {m}
bagpipes {n} (musical wind instrument)  :: dudy {p}
baguette {n} (a variety of bread that is long and narrow in shape)  :: bagietka {f}
Bahamas {prop} (country in the Caribbean)  :: Bahamy {p}
Bahrain {prop} (country in the Middle East)  :: Bahrajn {m}
Bahraini {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Bahrain or the Bahraini people)  :: bahrajński {m}, bahrański {m}
Bahraini {n} (a person from Bahrain or of Bahraini descent)  :: Bahrajńczyk {m}, Bahrajnka {f}
Baikal {prop} (a large lake in Russia)  :: Bajkał {m}
Baikonur {prop} (city and cosmodrome in Kazakhstan)  :: Bajkonur {m}
bail {n} (bucket or scoop)  :: czerpak {m}
bail {n} (security)  :: kaucja {f}
bailiff {n} (steward) SEE: steward  ::
bailiwick {n} (precincts within which a bailiff has jurisdiction)  :: baliwat
bait {n} (substance used in catching fish)  :: przynęta {f}
Bajan {adj} (Barbadian) SEE: Barbadian  ::
Bajan {prop} (Barbadian) SEE: Barbadian  ::
Bajocian {prop}  :: Bajos
bake {v} (to cook in an oven)  :: piec {impf}
bake {v} (to dry by heat)  :: wypalać
Bakelite {n} (a heat-resisting chemically inert resin)  :: bakelit {m}
baker {n} (person who bakes and sells bread, etc)  :: piekarz {m}, piekarka {f}
Baker {prop} (Occupational surname)  :: Piekarz
baker's {n} (bakery) SEE: bakery  ::
bakery {n} (a shop in which bread and such is baked and sold)  :: piekarnia {f}
baking powder {n} (a dry leavening agent used in baking)  :: proszek do pieczenia {m}
baking soda {n} (common name for sodium bicarbonate)  :: soda oczyszczona {f}
baklava {n} (sweet pastry)  :: bakława {f}
baksheesh {n} (bribe or tip)  :: bakszysz {m}
Baku {prop} (the capital of Azerbaijan)  :: Baku {n}
balaclava {n} (headgear)  :: kominiarka {f}
balalaika {n} (Russian instrument)  :: bałałajka {f}
balance {n} (accounting: list of credits and debits)  :: saldo {n}
balance {n} (astrology: Libra) SEE: Libra  ::
balance {n} (equilibrium)  :: równowaga {f}
balance {n} (scales)  :: waga {f}
balance {v} (to estimate) SEE: estimate  ::
balaphone {n} (balafon) SEE: balafon  ::
balconette bra {n} (balcony bra) SEE: balcony bra  ::
balcony {n} (structure extending from a building)  :: balkon {m}
balcony {n} (structure overlooking a stage)  :: balkon {m}
bald {adj} (having no hair)  :: łysy
bald cypress {n} (Taxodium distichum)  :: cypryśnik błotny {m}
baldie {n} (somebody who is bald)  :: łysol {m}
bale {v} (to remove water from a boat) SEE: bail  ::
Balearic Islands {prop} (group of Mediterranean islands)  :: Baleary {p}
baleful {adj} (ominous)  :: złowieszczy
Bali {prop} (name of island)  :: Bali
Balkan {adj} (Of or relating to the Balkan Peninsula)  :: bałkański {m}
Balkanian {adj} (Balkan) SEE: Balkan  ::
Balkanic {adj} (of or relating to Balkan peninsula) SEE: Balkan  ::
Balkanization {prop} (fragmentation of a region into several small states)  :: bałkanizacja {f}
Balkans {prop} (geographical region in the southeast of Europe, see also: Balkan Peninsula)  :: Bałkany
ball {n} (ballistics: a solid nonexplosive missile)  :: kula {f}
ball {n} (formal dance)  :: bal {m}
ball {n} (in plural - mildly vulgar slang - nonsense)  :: jaja {n-p}
ball {n} (in plural — slang — courage)  :: jaja {p}
ball {n} (mathematics: set of points in a metric space lying within a given distance of a given point)  :: kula {f}
ball {n} (object, generally spherical, used for playing games)  :: piłka {f}
ball {n} (quantity of string, thread, etc., wound into a spherical shape)  :: kłębek {m}
ball {n} (solid or hollow sphere)  :: kula {f}
ball {n} (testicle)  :: jajo {n}, jaja {p}
ballast {n} (heavy material placed in the hold of a vessel)  :: balast {m}
ball bearing {n} (bearing assembly with spherical balls)  :: łożysko kulkowe {n}
ball boy {n} (A male person responsible for retrieving balls)  :: chłopiec do piłek {m}
ballerina {n} (female ballet dancer)  :: balerina {f}
ballet {n} (form of dance)  :: balet {m}
ballista {n} (crossbow-like military engine for hurling large missiles)  :: balista {f}
ballistic {adj} (relating to ballistics)  :: balistyczny
ballistic missile {n} (missile)  :: rakietowy pocisk balistyczny {f}
ballistics {n} (science of the study of falling objects)  :: balistyka {f}
ballistic vest {n} (bulletproof vest) SEE: bulletproof vest  ::
ball lightning {n} (a short-lived, glowing ball sometimes observed to float in the air)  :: piorun kulisty {m}
balloon {n} (child’s toy)  :: balon {m}
balloon {n} (inflatable object)  :: balon {m}
balloon {n} (inflatable object to transport people through the air)  :: balon {m}
balloon {n} (speech bubble) SEE: speech bubble  ::
balloonfish {n} (blowfish) SEE: blowfish  ::
ball pen {n} (ballpoint pen) SEE: ballpoint pen  ::
ballpoint pen {n} (pen)  :: pióro kulkowe {n}
ballroom {n} (large room used for dancing)  :: sala balowa {f}
balls {n} (bravery)  :: jaja {p}
balls {n} (follow the translations in the entry "ball") SEE: ball  ::
balls {n} (testicles)  :: jaja {p}
balls-up {n} ( or maybe cock up) SEE: or maybe cock up  ::
balm {n} (figurative: something soothing) SEE: balsam  ::
balm {n} (plant or tree yielding such substance) SEE: balsam  ::
balm {n} (soothing lotion) SEE: balsam  ::
balm {n} (sweet-smelling oil or resin derived from some plants) SEE: balsam  ::
Balochistan {prop} (region on the Iranian plateau in south-western Asia)  :: Beludżystan {m}
baloney {n} (nonsense)  :: nonsens
balrog {n} (fiery demonic creature)  :: balrog {m}
balsam {n} (balsam fir) SEE: balsam fir  ::
balsam {n} (flowering plant of the genus Impatiens)  :: niecierpek {m}
balsam {n} (soothing ointment)  :: balsam {m}
balsam {n} (turpentine from the resin of balsam fir) SEE: Canada balsam  ::
Balt {n} (inhabitant of one of the modern Baltic states)  :: Bałt {m}
Baltic {adj} (of the Baltic region or sea)  :: bałtycki {m}
Baltic {adj} (pertaining to the Baltic languages)  :: bałtycki {m}
Baltic {adj} (pertaining to the Balts)  :: bałtycki {m}
Baltic {prop} (Baltic Sea) SEE: Baltic Sea  ::
Baltic herring {n} (Clupea harengus membras)  :: sałaka
Baltic Sea {prop} (a sea)  :: Morze Bałtyckie {n}, Bałtyk {m}
Balto-Slavic {adj} (of or pertaining o the Balto-Slavic language, people or culture)  :: bałtosłowiański
Balto-Slavic {prop} (Proto-Balto-Slavic language) SEE: Proto-Balto-Slavic  ::
baluster {n} (banister)  :: tralka {f}, balas {m}, balaska {f}
balustrade {n} (row of balusters)  :: balustrada {f}
Bambara {prop} (language)  :: bambara, bamana
bamboo {adj} (made of bamboo)  :: bambus {m}
bamboo antshrike {n} (a passerine bird)  :: zebrzak czubaty
Bamboo Curtain {prop} (political barrier between communist and capitalist in Asia)  :: Bambusowa kurtyna {f}
ban {n} (a subdivision of currency)  :: ban {m}
ban {n} (prohibition)  :: zakaz {m}
ban {n} (title used in several states in central and south-eastern Europe)  :: ban {m}
ban {v} (forbid)  :: zakazywać {impf}, zakazać {pf}
Banach space {n} (vector space)  :: przestrzeń Banacha {f}
banal {adj} (common)  :: banalny
banana {n} (colour)  :: bananowy
banana {n} (fruit)  :: banan {m-an}
banana {n} (plant)  :: bananowiec {n}
banana peel {n} (outermost layer of the banana)  :: skórka od banana {f}
banana republic {n} (country)  :: republika bananowa {f}
banana skin {n} (banana skin) SEE: banana peel  ::
band {n} (group of musicians)  :: zespół {m}, zespół muzyczny {m}, grupa muzyczna {f}
band {n} (group of people loosely united for a common purpose)  :: banda {f}
band {n} (part of radio spectrum)  :: pasmo {n}
band {n} (strip along the spine of a book where the pages are attached)  :: grzbiet {m}
band {n} (strip of material wrapped around things to hold them together)  :: taśma {f}
bandage {n} (adhesive bandage) SEE: band-aid  ::
bandage {n} (medical binding)  :: bandaż {m}
bandage {v} (to apply a bandage to something)  :: bandażować
band-aid {n} (adhesive bandage)  :: plaster {m}
bandeaux {n} (a bandeau) SEE: bandeau  ::
banded anteater {n} (numbat) SEE: numbat  ::
Banderite {adj} (of or related to Stepan Bandera or his political movement)  :: banderowski
Banderite {n} (a member of Stepan Bandera movement)  :: banderowiec {m}, banderowka {f}
bandicoot {n} (small Australian marsupial with a long snout)  :: jamraj {m}
bandit {n} (one who robs others)  :: bandyta {m}, rozbójnik {m}
bandoleer {n} (bandolier) SEE: bandolier  ::
band-tailed antshrike {n} (bird)  :: mrowiec czarny {m}
bandura {n} (Ukrainian musical instrument)  :: bandura {f}
bandwagon {n} (Large wagon to carry a band)  :: platforma
bandwidth {n} (width of a frequency band)  :: szerokość pasma
bandy {adj} (bowlegged)  :: krzywonogi, szpotawy
bandy {n} (winter sport played on ice)  :: bandy {m}
bane {n} (killer) SEE: killer  ::
bane {v} (to (kill by) poison) SEE: poison  ::
baneberry {n} (plant)  :: czerniec {m}
baneful {adj} (Exceedingly harmful)  :: zgubny {m}
bang {n} (An explosion)  :: wybuch {m}
bang {n} (A sudden percussive noise)  :: huk {m}, trzask {m}, łoskot {m}
bang {n} (hair that hangs down over the forehead)  :: grzywka {f}
bang {n} (The symbol !)  :: wykrzyknik
Bangalore {prop} (state capital of Karnataka, India)  :: Bangalur {m}
banger {n} (cylinder) SEE: cylinder  ::
Bangkok {prop} (the capital of Thailand)  :: Bangkok {m}
Bangla {prop} (Bengali) SEE: Bengali  ::
Bangladesh {prop} (country)  :: Bangladesz {m-in}
Bangladeshi {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Bangladesh)  :: bangladeski
banjo {n} (a musical instrument)  :: banjo {n}
bank {n} (branch office of such an institution)  :: bank {m-in}
bank {n} (edge of river or lake)  :: brzeg {m-in}
bank {n} (institution)  :: bank {m-in}
bank {n} (storage for important goods)  :: bank {m-in}
bankable {adj} (reliable) SEE: reliable  ::
bank account {n} (fund deposited by a customer for safekeeping in a bank)  :: rachunek bankowy {m}
bank machine {n} (automated teller machine) SEE: automated teller machine  ::
banknote {n} (paper currency)  :: banknot {m}
bankrupt {adj} (having been legally declared insolvent)  :: zbankrutowany {m}
bankruptcy {n} (legally declared or recognized condition of insolvency)  :: bankructwo {n}
bank statement {n} (statement of transactions and balances)  :: wyciąg bankowy {m}
bankster {n}  :: bankster {m}
banner {adj} (exceptional; very good)  :: znakomity
banner {n} (flag)  :: sztandar {m}, flaga {f}
banner {n} (large piece of cloth with a device or motto borne in a procession)  :: sztandar {m}, transparent {m}
banner {n} (large sign)  :: transparent {m}
bannerette {n} (banneret) SEE: banneret  ::
banquet {n} (a large celebratory meal; a feast)  :: bankiet {m}
banshee {n} (in Irish folklore, a female spirit)  :: szyszymora {f}
banter {n} (good humoured conversation)  :: przekomarzanie się
banter {v} (to engage in banter)  :: przekomarzać się
banter {v} (to tease mildly)  :: przekomarzać się
banya {n} (a Russian steam bath)  :: bania {f}, łaźnia {f}
banyan {n} (tropical Indian fig tree)  :: banian {m}, figowiec bengalski {m}
banzai {interj} (hurrah) SEE: hurrah  ::
baobab {n} (Adansonia digitata)  :: baobab {m}
baptise {v} (baptise) SEE: baptize  ::
baptism {n} (Christian sacrament with water)  :: chrzest {m}
baptismal font {n} (a basin used for baptism)  :: chrzcielnica {f}
baptize {v} (Perform the Christian sacrament of baptism)  :: chrzcić
bar {n} (business licensed to sell intoxicating beverages)  :: bar {m}
bar {n} (heraldry: one of the ordinaries) SEE: fess  ::
bar {n} (music: section of a staff) SEE: measure  ::
bar {n} (music: vertical line across a staff) SEE: bar line  ::
bar {n} (soccer: crossbar) SEE: crossbar  ::
bar {n} (strikethrough) SEE: strikethrough  ::
bar {n} (vertical bar mark) SEE: pipe  ::
bar {prep} (with the exception of) SEE: except  ::
barb {n} (beard or something that resembles a beard) SEE: beard  ::
barb {n} (bit for a horse) SEE: bit  ::
barb {n} (kingfish) SEE: kingfish  ::
Barbados {prop} (country in the Caribbean)  :: Barbados {m-in}
Barbara {prop} (cognates and transliterations of female given name)  :: Barbara {f}
barbarian {adj} (uncivilized)  :: barbarzyński {m}
barbarian {n} (a derogatory term for someone from a developing country)  :: barbarzyńca {m}
barbarian {n} (an uncivilized person)  :: barbarzyńca {m}
barbariousness {n} (barbarousness) SEE: barbarousness  ::
barbarity {n} (state of being barbarous)  :: barbarzyństwo {n}
Barbary ape {n} (tailless monkey) SEE: Barbary macaque  ::
barbary dove {n} (Streptopelia risoria) SEE: ringneck dove  ::
barbecue {n} (cooking instrument)  :: grill {m}, ruszt {m}
barbecue {n} (meal)  :: grill {m}, grillowanie {n}
barbecue {v} (grill) SEE: grill  ::
barbecue {v} (to cook food on a barbecue)  :: grillować
barbecue sauce {n} (type of sauce)  :: sos barbecue {m}
barbed wire {n} (twisted strands of steel wire)  :: drut kolczasty {m}
barbel {n} (fish)  :: brzana
barbell {n} (wide steel bar with premeasured weights)  :: sztanga {f}
barber {n} (person whose profession is cutting (usually male) customers' hair and beards)  :: fryzjer {m}, balwierz {m}, golarz {m}, fryzjerka {f}
barberry {n} (Berberis)  :: berberys {m}
barber shop {n} (business which offers haircuts to men) SEE: barbershop  ::
barbershop {n} (barber's shop)  :: zakład fryzjerski {m}
barbican {n} (A tower at the entrance to a castle or fortified town)  :: barbakan {m}
Barcelona {prop} (capital of Catalonia)  :: Barcelona {f}
Barcelonan {adj} (from Barcelona) SEE: Barcelonian  ::
Barcelonan {n} (someone from Barcelona) SEE: Barcelonian  ::
barchan {n} (arc-shaped sand ridge)  :: barchan {m}
barcode {n} (set of machine-readable parallel bars)  :: kod kreskowy {m-in}, kod paskowy {m-in}
bar-crested antshrike {n} (a passerine bird of the antbird family)  :: chronka pasiasta
bardiche {n} (weapon)  :: berdysz {m}
bare {adv} (barely) SEE: barely  ::
bareback {adv} (without a saddle)  :: na oklep
barefoot {adj} (wearing nothing on the feet)  :: bosy
barefoot {adv} (wearing nothing on the feet)  :: boso
barefooted {adj} (barefoot) SEE: barefoot  ::
barefooted {adv} (barefoot) SEE: barefoot  ::
barely {adv} (almost not at all)  :: ledwo, ledwie
barely {adv} (by a small margin)  :: ledwo, ledwie
Barents Sea {prop} (part of the Arctic Ocean)  :: Morze Barentsa {n}
barfly {n} (person who spends much time in a bar)  :: ćma barowa, bywalec barów
barge {n} (coastal trading vessel)  :: barka {f}
barge {n} (flat-bottomed bulk carrier mainly for inland waters)  :: tratwa {f}
barge {n} (One of the boats of a warship having fourteen oars)  :: szalupa {f}
bari {n} (baritone saxophone) SEE: baritone saxophone  ::
baritone horn {n} (baritone horn) SEE: baritone  ::
barium {n} (chemical element)  :: bar {m}
bark {n} (exterior covering of a tree)  :: kora {f}
bark {n} (in medicine) SEE: Jesuit's bark  ::
bark {n} (short, loud, explosive utterance)  :: szczekanie {n}
bark {n} (similar sound of other animals)  :: szczekanie {n}
bark {v} (to girdle) SEE: girdle  ::
bark {v} (to make a loud noise (dogs))  :: szczekać
bark beetle {n} (beetle of Scolytinae)  :: kornik {m}
barking deer {n} (muntjac) SEE: muntjac  ::
barking dogs seldom bite {proverb} (people who make threats rarely carry them out)  :: pies, co bardzo szczeka, nie bardzo kąsa, krowa, która dużo ryczy, mało mleka daje
barley {n} (Hordeum vulgare or its grains)  :: jęczmień {m}
barman {n} (bartender) SEE: bartender  ::
barn {n} (building)  :: stodoła {f}
barn {n} (child) SEE: child  ::
barn {n} (unit)  :: barn {m}
Barnabas {prop} (An early Christian)  :: Barnaba {m}
Barnabas {prop} (male given name)  :: Barnaba {m}
barnacle {n} (barnacle goose) SEE: barnacle goose  ::
barnacle {n} (marine crustacean)  :: pąkla {f}, wąsonóg {m}
Barnaul {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Barnauł {m}
barn owl {n} (An owl of the genus Tyto)  :: płomykówka
barn swallow {n} (species of swallow)  :: jaskółka dymówka {f}
barometer {n} (an instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure)  :: barometr {m}
Baroque {prop} (period in architecture)  :: barok {m}
Baroque {prop} (period in art)  :: barok {m}
Baroque {prop} (period in music)  :: barok {m}
baroscope {n} (barometer) SEE: barometer  ::
barquentine {n} (sailing vessel)  :: Barkentyna
barrack {n} (a building for soldiers)  :: koszary {f-p}
barracks {n} (buildings used by military personnel) SEE: barrack  ::
barracuda {n} (predatory competitor) SEE: shark  ::
barrel {n} (jar) SEE: jar  ::
barrel {n} (metallic tube of a gun)  :: lufa {f}
barrel {n} (round vessel made from staves bound with a hoop)  :: beczka {f}
barrel {n} (tube) SEE: tube  ::
barrel organ {n} (pipe instrument with air controlled pins in a revolving barrel)  :: katarynka {f}
barren {adj} (infertile)  :: bezpłodny, jałowy
barren {adj} (unable to bear children; sterile)  :: bezpłodny, niepłodny
barren {adj} (unproductive)  :: jałowy
barren {n} (area of low fertility and habitation, a desolate place)  :: pustkowie
barricade {n} (a barrier constructed across a road, especially as a military defence)  :: barykada {f}
barrister {n} (lawyer with the right to speak as an advocate in higher lawcourts)  :: adwokat {m}
barrow {n} (castrated boar)  :: kastrowany wieprz {m}
barrow {n} (mound of earth and stones raised over a grave)  :: kurhan {m}, kopiec {m} [archeology]
barrow {n} (small vehicle used to carry a load and pulled or pushed by hand)  :: taczka {f}, taczki {p}
barstool {n} (bar stool) SEE: bar stool  ::
bar-tailed godwit {n} (bar-tailed godwit)  :: szlamnik, szlamnik rdzawy
bartender {n} (person who works in a bar)  :: barman {m}, barmanka {f}
Bartholomew {prop} (male given name)  :: Bartłomiej {m}, Bartosz {m}
Bartholomew {prop} (the Apostle)  :: Bartłomiej {m}
Bartonian {prop}  :: Barton
barycentre {n} (barycenter) SEE: barycenter  ::
baryon {n} (heavy subatomic particle)  :: barion {m}
Barysaw {prop} (A city in Belarus)  :: Borysów
barytes {n} (barite) SEE: barite  ::
basalt {n} (hard rock)  :: bazalt {m}
base {n} (apron) SEE: apron  ::
base {n} (bass) SEE: bass  ::
base {n} (chemical compound that will neutralize an acid)  :: zasada {f}
base {n} (electronics: controlling terminal of a transistor)  :: baza {f}
base {n} (housing of a horse) SEE: housing  ::
base {n} (math: number raised to the power of an exponent)  :: podstawa {f}
base {n} (radix) SEE: radix  ::
base {n} (something from which other things extend)  :: podstawa {f}, fundament {m}
baseball {n} (ball game)  :: baseball {m}
baseball cap {n} (cap)  :: bejsbolówka {f}
baseboard {n} (panel or molding between floor and interior wall) SEE: skirting board  ::
baseboard {n} (similar panel at the base of piece of furniture)  :: cokolik {f}
Basel {prop} (city in Switzerland)  :: Bazylea {f}
baseless {adj} (based on something that is not true) SEE: unfounded  ::
basement {n} (floor below ground level)  :: piwnica {f}
bash {v} (collide) SEE: collide  ::
Basheer {prop} (Bashir) SEE: Bashir  ::
Bashkir {adj} (of or relating to Bashkortostan or its people)  :: baszkirski {m}
Bashkir {n} (a Bashkir person)  :: Baszkir {m}, Baszkirka {f}
Bashkir {prop} (language)  :: baszkirski {m}
Bashkiria {prop} (Bashkortostan) SEE: Bashkortostan  ::
Bashkortostan {prop} (federal subject of Russia)  :: Baszkiria {f}, Baszkortostan {m}
basic {adj} (chemistry: of a base)  :: zasadowy {m}
basil {n} (herb)  :: bazylia {f}
basil {n} (plant)  :: bazylia {f}
basilean {n} (partisan of a king) SEE: royalist  ::
basileolatry {n} (basileiolatry) SEE: basileiolatry  ::
basilica {n} (Christian church building having a nave)  :: bazylika {f}, bazyliki {f-p}
basilisk {n} (snake-like dragon type)  :: bazyliszek {m}
basilolatry {n} (basileiolatry) SEE: basileiolatry  ::
basin {n} (area of land that drains into a river)  :: basen {m}
basin {n} (bowl for washing)  :: umywalka {f}
basis {n} (starting point for an argument)  :: podstawa {f}
basket {n} (basketball: act of putting the ball through the basket)  :: kosz {m}
basket {n} (basketball: hoop from which a net is suspended)  :: kosz {m}
basket {n} (container)  :: kosz {m}, koszyk {m}
basket {n} (notional place to store items before ordering them online)  :: koszyk {m}
basket {n} (wire or plastic container for carrying articles for purchase) SEE: shopping basket  ::
basketball {n} (the ball used in the sport)  :: piłka do koszykówki {f}
basketball {n} (the sport)  :: koszykówka {f}
basketball player {n} (person who plays basketball)  :: koszykarz {m}, koszykarka {f}
basketmaker {n} (person who weaves baskets)  :: koszykarz {m}, koszykarka {f}
Basque {adj} (relative to the Basque people or their language)  :: baskijski {m}
Basque {n} (member of a people)  :: Bask {m}, Baskijka {f}
Basque {prop} (language)  :: baskijski {m}
bass {adj} (low in pitch)  :: basowy {m}
bass {n} (clef sign)  :: klucz basowy {m}
bass {n} (low spectrum of sound)  :: bas {m}
bass {n} (musical instrument)  :: bas {m}
bass {n} (perch)  :: okoń {m}
bass clarinet {n} (bass instrument in the clarinet family)  :: klarnet basowy {m}
bass clef {n} (music symbol)  :: klucz basowy {m}
basset horn {n} (alto instrument of the clarinet family)  :: rożek basetowy {m}
bass fiddle {n} (instrument) SEE: double bass  ::
bass guitar {n} (stringed musical instrument)  :: gitara basowa {f}
bassist {n} (musician)  :: basista {m}, basistka {f}
bassline {n}  :: linia basowa {f}, bassline {m}
bassoon {n} (musical instrument in the woodwind family)  :: fagot {m}
bassoonist {n} (person who plays the bassoon)  :: fagocista {m}, fagocistka {f}
bass viol {n} (musical instrument) SEE: double bass  ::
bass violin {n} (instrument) SEE: double bass  ::
basswood {n} (linden)  :: lipa {f}
bast {n} (fibre made from the phloem of certain plants)  :: łyko {n}
bastard {n} (contemptible etc. person)  :: sukinsyn {m}, [vulgar] skurwiel {m}, [vulgar] skurwysyn {m}
bastard {n} (longsword) SEE: longsword  ::
bastard {n} (person born to unmarried parents)  :: bękart {m}
bastille {n} (citadel) SEE: citadel  ::
bastille {n} (fortress) SEE: fortress  ::
bastille {n} (prison) SEE: prison  ::
bat {n} (club used for striking the ball in sports)  :: kij {m}
bat {n} (small flying mammal)  :: nietoperz {m}
batch {n} (computing)  :: stos {m}
batch {n} (quantity of anything produced in one operation)  :: wsad
bate {v} (masturbate) SEE: masturbate  ::
bate {v} (simple past of beat) SEE: beat  ::
bath {n} (act of bathing)  :: kąpiel {f}
bath {n} (room)  :: łazienka {f}
bath {n} (tub)  :: wanna {f}
bath {v} (To wash a person or animal in a bath)  :: kąpać {impf}, wykąpać {pf}
bathe {v} (to clean oneself)  :: kąpać się
bathe {v} (to sunbathe) SEE: sunbathe  ::
bathhouse {n} (a building where swimmers change clothes)  :: szatnia {f}, przebieralnia {f}
bathhouse {n} (a building with baths for communal use)  :: łaźnie {p}
bathing box {n} (beach hut) SEE: bathing hut  ::
bathing cap {n} (cap worn by swimmers) SEE: swim cap  ::
bathing suit {n} (tight fitting garment for swimming) SEE: swimsuit  ::
bathing trunks {n} (pair of shorts or briefs) SEE: swimming trunks  ::
Bathonian {prop}  :: Baton
bathos {n} (anticlimax) SEE: anticlimax  ::
bathos {n} (depth) SEE: depth  ::
bathos {n} (nadir) SEE: nadir  ::
bathrobe {n} (terrycloth robe)  :: szlafrok {m}
bathroom {n} (a room with a bathtub)  :: łazienka {f}
bathroom {n} (room with a toilet) SEE: toilet  ::
bathtub {n} (large container in which a person may bathe)  :: wanna {f}
bathymeter {n} (bathometer) SEE: bathometer  ::
bathyscaphe {n} (self-propelled deep-sea submersible)  :: batyskaf {m}
batik {n} (A method of dyeing fabric)  :: batik, batik
baton {n} (club of the police)  :: pałka {f}
baton {n} (military staff of office)  :: pałka {f}
baton {n} (music: conductor's stick)  :: batuta {f}
baton {n} (sports: object transferred by relay runners)  :: pałeczka {f}
Bats {prop} (a Northeast Caucasian language spoken in Georgia)  :: bacbijski
batten {n} (nautical: long strip that keeps a sail flat)  :: listwa {f}
batten {n} (thin strip of wood used in construction)  :: listwa {f}
batter {n} (beaten mixture of flour and liquid)  :: ciasto {n}
batter {n} (player attempting to hit the ball)  :: pałkarz {m}
battering ram {n} (type of siege engine used to smash gates and walls)  :: taran {m}
battery {n} (device producing electricity)  :: bateria {f}
battle {n} (general action, fight, or encounter; a combat)  :: walka {f}, bitwa {f}, bój {m}, batalia {f}
battle {n} ((obsolete) a division of an army; a battalion)  :: batalion {m}
battle {n} (struggle; a contest; as, the battle of life)  :: walka {f}
battle-ax {n} (other senses) SEE: battle axe  ::
battle axe {n} (belligerent woman) SEE: battle-ax  ::
battle axe {n} (electric guitar) SEE: electric guitar  ::
battle-cruiser {n} (type of warship)  :: krążownik liniowy {m}
battle cry {n} (Something the troops yell out when going to war or battle)  :: okrzyk bojowy {m}
battleground {n} (location) SEE: battlefield  ::
battleship {n} (guessing game)  :: okręty
battleship {n} (warship)  :: pancernik
bauble {n} (small shiny spherical decoration, commonly put on Christmas trees)  :: bombka {f}, bańka {f}
baud {n} (A rate defined as the number of signalling events per second)  :: bod {m}
Bautzen {prop} (city in Germany)  :: Budziszyn {m}
bauxite {n} (ore)  :: boksyt {m}
Bavaria {prop} (state)  :: Bawaria {f}
Bavarian {adj} (of or pertaining to Bavaria)  :: bawarski {m}
Bavarian {n} (person from Bavaria or of Bavarian descent)  :: Bawar {m}, Bawarczyk {m}, Bawarka {f}
bavette {n} (flank steak) SEE: flank steak  ::
bawdy {adj} (obscene)  :: sprośny, obleśny
bay {adj} (of reddish-brown color)  :: gniady
bay {n} (body of water)  :: zatoka {f}
bay {n} (brown colour/color)  :: maść gniada {f}
bay {n} (compartment)  :: luk {m}
bay {n} (distance between two supports in a vault)  :: luka {f}, nisza {f}
bay {n} (reddish-brown horse)  :: gniady, gniadosz
bayan {n} (a Russian accordion)  :: bajan {m}
bay leaf {n} (herb)  :: liść laurowy {m}
bayonet {n} (weapon)  :: bagnet {m}
bazaar {n} (marketplace)  :: rynek {m}, bazar {m}
BBC {prop} (British Broadcasting Corporation)  :: BBC {n}
BBS {initialism} (bulletin board system)  :: BBS {m}
BC {initialism} (before Christ)  :: p.n.e. (przed naszą erą)
bcc {initialism} (blind carbon copy)  :: UDW
BCE {initialism} (before the common era)  :: p.n.e. [przed naszą erą]
Będzin {prop} (the lake Będzin)  :: Będzin {m}
Będzin {prop} (the town Będzin)  :: Będzin {m}
Będzin {prop} (the village Będzin)  :: Będzin {m}
be {v} (elliptical form of "be here", or similar)  :: być
be {v} (exist)  :: być
be {v} (have a certain age)  :: mieć
be {v} (occupy a place)  :: być
be {v} (occur, take place)  :: być
be {v} (used to connect a noun to an adjective that describes it)  :: być
be {v} (used to form the continuous forms of various tenses)  :: być
be {v} (used to form the passive voice)  :: być, zostać
be {v} (used to indicate that the subject and object are the same)  :: być, to
be {v} (used to indicate that the subject has the qualities described by a noun or noun phrase)  :: być
be {v} (used to indicate that the subject plays the role of the predicate nominal)  :: być
be {v} (used to indicate that the values on either side of an equation are the same)  :: być, równać się
be {v} (used to indicate weather, air quality, or the like)  :: być
be {v} (used to link a subject to a count or measurement)  :: mieć
be able to {v} (have ability to)  :: móc, być w stanie
beach {n} (sandy shore)  :: plaża {f}
beachgrass {n} (Ammophila arenaria) SEE: marram  ::
beach hut {n} (building for changing into swimming clothes) SEE: bathing hut  ::
beach volleyball {n} (sport)  :: siatkówka plażowa
bead {n} (pierced small round object)  :: koralik {m}, paciorek {m}
bead {n} (rosary ball)  :: paciorek {m}, koralik {m}
beak {n} (slang: human nose) SEE: schnozzle  ::
beak {n} (structure projecting from a bird's face)  :: dziób
beaker {n} (drinking vessel without a handle)  :: kubek {m}
beaker {n} (flat-bottomed vessel)  :: zlewka {f}
beaker {n} (mug)  :: kubek {m}
beam {n} (large piece of timber or iron)  :: belka {f}
beam {n} (ray)  :: promień {m}
bean {n} (guinea coin) SEE: guinea  ::
bean {n} (seed)  :: fasola {f}
bean curd {n} (tofu) SEE: tofu  ::
beany {adj} (beanlike) SEE: beanlike  ::
bear {n} (large mammal of family Ursidae)  :: niedźwiedź {m}, niedźwiedzica {f}, miś {m} [diminutive]
bear {v} (to be equipped with)  :: nosić
bear {v} (to carry)  :: nosić
bear {v} (to declare as testimony)  :: zeznawać
bear {v} (to give birth) SEE: give birth  ::
bear {v} (to put up with)  :: znosić {impf}, znieść {pf}, cierpieć [obsolete]
bearable {adj} (able to be borne)  :: znośny, do wytrzymania
bearberry {n} (the genus Arctostaphylos)  :: mącznica {f}
bearcat {n} (binturong) SEE: binturong  ::
bear cub {n} (young bear)  :: niedźwiadek {m}
beard {n} (facial hair)  :: broda {f}
bearded {adj} (having a beard)  :: brodaty
bearded vulture {n} (vulture) SEE: lammergeier  ::
beardless {adj} (without a beard)  :: bez brody, bez zarostu, ogolony
bearer bond {n} (negotiable instrument)  :: obligacja na okaziciela {f}
bear garlic {n} (ramsons) SEE: ramsons  ::
bearing {n} (mechanical device)  :: łożysko {m}
bear oneself {v} (behave and conduct oneself) SEE: carry oneself  ::
beast {n} (non-human animal)  :: zwierzę {n}, bestia {f}
beast {n} (violent/antisocial person)  :: bestia {f}, bydlak {m}, bydlę {n}
beast of burden {n} (animal that carries or pulls heavy loads)  :: zwierzę juczne {n}
beat {n} (act of reporting before a rival) SEE: scoop  ::
beat {n} (rhythm)  :: rytm
beat {v} (to hit, to knock, to pound, to strike)  :: uderzać {impf}, uderzyć {pf}; bić {impf}, pobić {pf}
beat a dead horse {v} (continue far beyond reason) SEE: flog a dead horse  ::
beat around the bush {v} (to delay or avoid talking about something difficult or unpleasant)  :: owijać w bawełnę (wrap in cotton)
beaten {adj} (defeated) SEE: defeated  ::
beater {n} (in a hunting party, the group of men used to drive game towards the shooters)  :: naganiacz
Beatrice {prop} (female given name)  :: Beata
beau {n} (boyfriend) SEE: boyfriend  ::
beau {n} (dandy)  :: dandys {m}
Beaufort scale {prop} (measure for the intensity of the wind)  :: Beauforta skala {f}
beautiful {adj} (possessing charm and attractive)  :: piękny
beautifully {adv} (In a beautiful manner)  :: pięknie, ślicznie, uroczo, urodziwie, ładnie
beauty {n} (beautiful female)  :: piękność {f}
beauty {n} (quality of pleasing appearance)  :: piękno {n}, uroda {f}
beauty {n} (something particularly good or pleasing)  :: piękność {f}
beauty contest {n} (beauty pageant) SEE: beauty pageant  ::
beauty is in the eye of the beholder {proverb} (people have different ideas of what is beautiful)  :: nie to ładne, co ładne, ale to co się komu podoba
beauty is only skin deep {proverb} (a person's character is more important than their outward appearance)  :: pozory mylą
beauty parlor {n} (salon with hairdressers and beauticians)  :: salon urody
beauty salon {n} (beauty salon) SEE: beauty parlor  ::
beauty spot {n} (birthmark) SEE: mole  ::
beaver {n} (aquatic rodent)  :: bóbr {m}
beaver {n} (coarse slang: pubic hair/vulva of a woman)  :: bóbr {m}
beazle {n} (bezel) SEE: bezel  ::
be born {v} (to come into existence through birth)  :: rodzić się {impf}, urodzić się {pf}
be born yesterday {v} (to be inexperienced)  :: spaść z księżyca [fall down from the Moon]
becak {n} (cycle rickshaw) SEE: cycle rickshaw  ::
be called {v} (to have a specific name)  :: nazywać się {impf}
because {adv} (on account)  :: ponieważ, bo [informal, spoken]
because {conj} (by or for the cause that; on this account that; for the reason that)  :: bo, ponieważ, dlatego że, gdyż
because of {prep} (on account of, by reason of, for the purpose of)  :: z powodu
Bechuanaland {prop} (former name for Botswana)  :: Beczuana
become {v} (to begin to be)  :: zostawać {impf}, zostać {pf}
becquerel {n} (unit of radioactive activity)  :: bekerel {m}
bed {n} (piece of furniture)  :: łóżko {n}
bed {n} (shaped piece of timber to hold a cask clear) SEE: pallet  ::
bed and breakfast {n} (guesthouse providing breakfast)  :: pokój ze śniadaniem {m}
bedbound {adj} (unable to leave one's bed) SEE: bedridden  ::
bedbug {n} (small nocturnal insects)  :: pluskwa {f}
bedcover {n} (decorative cover for a bed) SEE: bedspread  ::
beddable {adj} (sexually attractive)  :: seksowny {m}, atrakcyjny seksualnie
bedeck {v} (deck, ornament, adorn)  :: zdobić {impf}, ozdobić {pf}, okrasić {pf}, stroić {impf}
bedfast {adj} (unable to leave one's bed) SEE: bedridden  ::
bedlinen {n} (cloth items used to make up a bed)  :: pościel {m}
bedouin {n} (desert-dweller)  :: beduin {m}
bedrock {n} (underground solid rock)  :: skała macierzysta
bedroom {n} (room in a house where a bed is kept for sleeping)  :: sypialnia {f}
bedsheet {n} (a sheet, a piece of cloth cut and finished as bedlinen)  :: prześcieradło {m}
bedside table {n} (nightstand) SEE: nightstand  ::
bedspread {n} (coverlet) SEE: coverlet  ::
bedtime story {n} (story read to children before they sleep)  :: opowieść na dobranoc {f}
bee {n} (gathering)  :: spotkanie {n}
bee {n} (insect)  :: Apiformes, pszczoła {f}
bee {n} (name of the letter B, b)  :: be {n}
beech {n} (tree of Fagus family)  :: buk {m}
beechnut {n} (nut of the beech tree)  :: bukiew {f}
bee-eater {n} (bird in the family Meropidae)  :: żołna {f}
beef {n} (cow, bull) SEE: cow, bull  ::
beef {n} (meat)  :: wołowina {f}
beefsteak {n} (steak)  :: befsztyk {m}
beef up {v} (to strengthen or reinforce) SEE: strengthen  ::
beefy {adj} (muscular) SEE: muscular  ::
beefy {adj} (robust) SEE: robust  ::
beehive {n} (home of bees)  :: ul {m}
beehive {n} (man-made structure in which bees are kept for their honey)  :: ul {m}
beekeeper {n} (someone who keeps bees)  :: pszczelarz {m}
beekeeping {n} (raising bees)  :: pszczelarstwo {n}
beer {n} (alcoholic drink made of malt)  :: piwo {n}
beer gut {n} (beer belly) SEE: beer belly  ::
beer parlor {n} (beer parlour) SEE: beer parlour  ::
beer parlour {n} (a bar, selling beers, that has tables)  :: piwiarnia {f}
beestings {n} (first milk drawn from an animal) SEE: colostrum  ::
beeswax {n} (wax secreted by bees)  :: wosk pszczeli {m-in}
beet {n} (Beta vulgaris)  :: burak {m}
Beethovenian {adj} (of or pertaining to Ludwig van Beethoven)  :: beethovenowski
beetle {n} (insect)  :: chrząszcz {m}, żuk {m}
Beetle {n} (Volkswagen car)  :: garbus {m}
beetroot {n} (a normally deep red coloured cultivar of the beet)  :: burak {m}, burak ćwikłowy {m}
before {prep} (earlier than in time)  :: przed
before {prep} (in front of according to an ordering system)  :: przed
before {prep} (in front of in space)  :: przed
beforehand {adv} (at an earlier time)  :: uprzednio, wcześniej, zawczasu, z góry
before long {adv} (soon) SEE: soon  ::
beforesaid {adj} (previously said) SEE: aforesaid  ::
befriend {v} (make friends) SEE: make friends  ::
beg {v} (to request the help of someone, ask for money)  :: żebrać
beg {v} (to supplicate, to plead with someone for help)  :: prosić, błagać
beget {v} (to cause, to produce)  :: spowodować
beggar {n} (person suffering poverty)  :: biedak
beggar {n} (person who begs)  :: żebrak {m}
beggars can't be choosers {proverb} (when resources are limited, one must accept even substandard gifts)  :: na bezrybiu i rak ryba, jak się nie ma co się lubi to się lubi co się ma, lepszy wróbel w garści niż gołąb na dachu, lepszy wróbel w ręku niż cietrzew na sęku, lepszy wróbel w ręku niż sokół na sęku, lepszy rydz niż nic, z braku laku dobry kit, jak się nie ma co się lubi, to się lubi co się ma, żebracy nie mogą wybierać
beggar-ticks {n} (Bidens)  :: uczep {m}
begin {v} (to start, to initiate or take the first step into something.)  :: zaczynać {impf}, zacząć {pf} [transitive], zaczynać się {impf}, zacząć się {pf} [intransitive]
beginning {n} (act of doing that which begins anything)  :: początek {m}
beginning {n} (initial portion of some extended thing)  :: początek {m}
beginning {n} (that which begins or originates something)  :: początek {m}
begonia {n} (plants of the genus Begonia)  :: begonia
beguine {n} (ballroom dance)  :: beguine
behalf {n} (stead) SEE: stead  ::
behave {v} (to act in a specific manner)  :: zachowywać się {impf}, zachować się {pf}; postępować {impf}, postąpić {pf}
behave oneself {v} (to act in a polite or proper way) SEE: behave  ::
behavior {n} (way an animal or human behaves or acts)  :: zachowanie {n}
behavior {n} (way matter or systems behave)  :: zachowanie {n}
behaviorism {n} (approach to psychology focusing on behavior)  :: behawioryzm {m}
behaviour {n} (the way matter moves or acts)  :: zachowanie {n}, postępowanie {n}, maniery {p}
behaviour {n} (way an animal or human behaves or acts)  :: zachowanie {n}, behawior {m}
behead {v} (to remove the head)  :: ściąć głowę {pf}
beheadal {n} (beheading) SEE: beheading  ::
beheading {n} (an instance of beheading)  :: ścięcie {n}, kęsim {n}
behind {n} (butt, buttocks)  :: dupa {f}, zad {m}
behind {n} (rear, back-end)  :: tył {m}, zad {m}
behind {prep} (after, time- or motion-wise)  :: po
behind {prep} (at the back of)  :: za
behind {prep} (in support of)  :: (być) za
behind {prep} (responsible for)  :: za
behind {prep} (to the back of)  :: z tyłu
behind bars {prep} (in jail or prison)  :: za kratkami
behind closed doors {prep} (in private)  :: za zamkniętymi drzwiami
behind the scenes {prep} (in secret; out of public view)  :: za kulisami
beige {adj} (having a slightly yellowish gray colour)  :: beżowy
beige {n} (colour)  :: beżowy
Beijing {prop} (capital of China)  :: Pekin {m}
Beijinger {n} (Pekingese) SEE: Pekingese  ::
Beijingese {adj} (Pekingese) SEE: Pekingese  ::
Beijingese {n} (Pekingese) SEE: Pekingese  ::
Beijing opera {n} (Peking opera) SEE: Peking opera  ::
being {n} (a living creature)  :: stwór {m}, istota {f}
being {n} (the state or fact of existence)  :: istnienie, bycie {n}
Beirut {prop} (capital of Lebanon)  :: Bejrut
Belarus {prop} (country)  :: Białoruś {f}
Belarusian {adj} (pertaining to Belarus)  :: białoruski
Belarusian {n} (person from Belarus or of Belarusian descent)  :: Białorusin {m}, Białorusinka {f}
Belarusian {prop} (language)  :: [język] białoruski {m}
belated {adj} (later in relation to the proper time)  :: opóźniony
belch {v} (expel gas from the stomach through the mouth)  :: bekać {impf}, beknąć {pf}
Belfast {prop} (capital of Northern Ireland)  :: Belfast {m}
Belgian {adj} (of or pertaining to Belgians or Belgian people)  :: belgijski
Belgian {adj} (of or pertaining to Belgium)  :: belgijski {m}
Belgian {n} (Belgian, person from Belgium)  :: Belg {m}, Belgijka {f}
Belgian Sheepdog {n} (Belgian Groenendael) SEE: Belgian Groenendael  ::
Belgian Sheepdog {n} (Umbrella term for the four Belgian sheepdog variants)  :: owczarek belgijski {m}
Belgium {prop} (country in Europe)  :: Belgia {f}
Belgorod {prop} (a city in Russia)  :: Biełgorod {m}, Białygród {m}
Belgrade {prop} (capital of Serbia)  :: Belgrad, Białygród {m}
Belgradian {adj} (of, from or pertaining to Belgrade)  :: belgradzki {m}
Belgradian {n} (someone from Belgrade)  :: belgradczyk {m}, belgradka {f}
belief {n} (a wishing of case or circumstance to be true)  :: wiara {f}
belief {n} (mental acceptance of a claim as truth)  :: przekonanie {n}, wiara {f}
belief {n} (religious faith)  :: wiara {f}, wierzenie {n}
belief {n} (religious or moral convictions)  :: wiara {f}, wierzenie {n}
belief {n} (something believed)  :: wiara {f}, przekonanie {n} [conviction]
belief {n} (the quality or state of believing)  :: wiara {f}
believe {v} (to accept that someone is telling the truth (object: person))  :: wierzyć
believe {v} (to consider likely)  :: sądzić, przypuszczać
believe {v} (to have religious faith; to believe in a greater truth)  :: wierzyć
believer {n} (person who believes)  :: wierzący {m}
belittle {v} (to knowingly say that something is smaller or less important than it actually is)  :: umniejszać, pomniejszać, zmniejszać, lekceważyć, bagatelizować
Belize {prop} (country)  :: Belize {n}
Belizian {adj} (Belizean) SEE: Belizean  ::
Belizian {n} (Belizean) SEE: Belizean  ::
bell {n} (informal: telephone call)  :: dzwonek {m}
bell {n} (percussive instrument)  :: dzwon {m}, dzwonek {m}
bell {n} (signal at a school)  :: dzwonek {m}
bell {n} (the flared end of a brass or woodwind instrument)  :: czara {f}
belladonna {n} (a plant, Atropa belladonna) SEE: deadly nightshade  ::
bell curve {n} (bell shaped curve typical of the normal distribution)  :: krzywa dzwonowa {f}
belle {n} (beautiful woman)  :: piękność {f}
belles-lettres {n} (belles-lettres)  :: beletrystyka {f}, literatura piękna {f}
belles-lettres {n} (humanities) SEE: humanities  ::
bellflower {n} (plant of genus Campanula)  :: dzwonek {m}
bellicist {n} (warmonger) SEE: warmonger  ::
belligerence {n} (state of being belligerent)  :: wojowniczość {f}
belligerent {adj} (eager to go to war)  :: wojowniczy
belligerent {adj} (engaged in warfare)  :: walczący
belligerent {adj} (hostile, eager to fight)  :: napastliwy
belligerent {adj} (of or pertaining to war)  :: wojenny
belligerent {n} (state or other armed participant in warfare)  :: strona konfliktu {f}
bellows {n} (air blower)  :: miech {m}
bells and whistles {n} (extra features added for show rather than function)  :: wodotryski {p}
bell the cat {v} (to undertake a dangerous action in the service of a group)  :: narazić się (dla dobra grupy)
bell tower {n} (tower in which a bell (or set of bells) is hung; a belfry)  :: dzwonnica {f}
belly {n} (abdomen)  :: brzuch {m}
bellybutton {n} (the navel or umbilicus) SEE: navel  ::
belly dance {n} (form of dance)  :: taniec brzucha {m-in}
Belmopan {prop} (Belmopan)  :: Belmopan {m}
belong {v} (be part of a group)  :: należeć do
belong {v} (be the property of)  :: należeć {impf}
belongings {n} (plural form of belonging)  :: dobytek {m}
beloved {adj} (loved)  :: ukochany, umiłowany
beloved {n} (someone who is loved)  :: ukochany {m}, ukochana {f}
below {prep} (lower in spatial position than)  :: pod, poniżej
belowstairs {adv} (downstairs) SEE: downstairs  ::
belt {n} (band used for safety purposes)  :: pas {m}, pasek {m}
belt {n} (band worn around the waist)  :: pas {m}, pasek {m}
belt loop {n} (highway) SEE: beltway  ::
beltway {n} (a freeway that encircles a city) SEE: ring road  ::
beluga {n} (cetacean, Delphinapterus leucas)  :: białucha {f}
beluga {n} (fish, Huso huso)  :: bieługa {f}
bemock {v} (mock) SEE: mock  ::
bemuse {v} (to confuse or bewilder)  :: speszyć, zdeprymować
bench {n} (long seat)  :: ławka {f}
bench {n} (sports: where players sit when not playing)  :: ławka {f}
bench {n} (workbench) SEE: workbench  ::
benchlet {n} (stool) SEE: stool  ::
bend {n} (heraldry: one of the ordinaries)  :: skos {m}
bend {v} (to cause to shape into a curve)  :: zgiąć {pf}, zginać {impf}, giąć {impf}
bender {n} (simple shelter) SEE: bender tent  ::
bender {n} (slang: bout of heavy drinking)  :: popijawa {f}
bends {n} (nautical: thickest and strongest planks on the sides of a ship) SEE: wales  ::
bend someone's ear {v} (talk too long)  :: zanudzać {impf}
beneath {adv} (below or underneath)  :: pod, poniżej
Benedict {prop} (male given name)  :: Benedykt {m}
benefactor {n} (on who gives gifts or help)  :: dobroczyńca, ofiarodawca
beneficiary {n} (one who benefits from the distribution, especially of an estate)  :: beneficjent {m}
Benevento {prop} (town and capital of Benevento)  :: Benewent {m}
Bengali {prop} (language)  :: bengali; język bengalski {m}
Bengal tiger {n} (Panthera tigris tigris)  :: tygrys bengalski {m}
Benghazi {prop} (Benghazi, Libya)  :: Bengazi
benign {adj} (kind, gentle, mild)  :: łagodny
benign {adj} ((medicine) not posing any serious threat to health)  :: łagodny, nieszkodliwy
Benin {prop} (country)  :: Benin
Benjamin {prop} (male given name)  :: Beniamin {m}
Benjamin {prop} (the youngest son of Jacob)  :: Beniamin {m}
Ben Sira {prop} (Ecclesiasticus) SEE: Ecclesiasticus  ::
bent {adj} (Homosexual)  :: przegięty {m}
bent {n} (area) SEE: grassland  ::
bent {n} (grass) SEE: bentgrass  ::
bent grass {n} (grass of the genus Agrostis) SEE: bentgrass  ::
benumb {v} (deaden) SEE: deaden  ::
benumb {v} (make numb) SEE: numb  ::
benzaldehyde {n} (C6H5CHO)  :: aldehyd benzoesowy {m}
benzene {n} (aromatic compound C6H6)  :: benzen {m}
benzene {n} (the phenyl group) SEE: phenyl  ::
benzine {n} (benzene) SEE: benzene  ::
benzoin {n} (spicebush) SEE: spicebush  ::
be prepared {phrase} (motto)  :: czuwaj [lit.: watch!], bądź gotów
be quiet {interj} (remain silent) SEE: silence  ::
Berber {adj} (of the Berber people)  :: berberyjski {m}
Berber {n} (Member of northwest African ethnic group)  :: Berber {m}, Berberyjka {f}
berdache {n} (person who identifies with a gender identity not exclusively corresponding to their biological sex) SEE: two-spirit  ::
Berdichev {prop} (city in Ukraine)  :: Berdyczów {m}
bereave {v} (To take away someone or something important or close)  :: zabierać, pozbawiać, odbierać
beret {n} (type of brimless cap)  :: beret {m}
Bergamo {prop} (province of Italy)  :: Bergamo {n}
Bergamo {prop} (town and capital of Bergamo)  :: Bergamo {n}
beriberi {n} (pathology: ailment caused by deficiency of vitamin B)  :: beri-beri {n}
be right back {phrase} (indicate speaker will return in a moment)  :: zaraz wracam
Bering Sea {prop} (sea)  :: Morze Beringa {n}
berkelium {n} (transuranic chemical element)  :: berkel {m}
Berlin {prop} (capital city of Germany)  :: Berlin {m}
Berlin Wall {prop} (Berlin Wall)  :: Mur Berliński {m}
Bermuda {prop} (island group)  :: Bermudy {p}
Bermuda shorts {n} (a type of knee-high shorts)  :: bermudy {f-p}
Bermudian {adj} (of, from or pertaining to Bermuda)  :: bermudzki {m}
Bermudian {n} (person from Bermuda or of Bermudian descent)  :: Bermudczyk {m}, Bermudka {f}
Bern {prop} (canton)  :: Berno {n}
Bern {prop} (city)  :: Berno {n}
Bernese {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Bern)  :: berneński {m}
Bernice {prop} (female given name) SEE: Berenice  ::
berry {n} (small fruit)  :: jagoda {f}
berry sugar {n} (caster sugar) SEE: caster sugar  ::
bersagliere {n} (marksman or rifleman in Italian regiments)  :: bersalierzy {m-p}
beryl {n} (gem)  :: beryl {m}
beryllium {n} (chemical element)  :: beryl {m}
be sick {v} (to be ill)  :: chorować {impf}, niedomagać {impf}
be sick {v} (vomit) SEE: vomit  ::
beside {prep} (next to)  :: obok, przy
beside {prep} (not relevant to)  :: poza
besides {adv} (also; in addition)  :: poza tym
besides {prep} (in addition to)  :: oprócz, poza
be silent {v} (refrain from speaking)  :: milczeć {impf}
be silent {v} (silent) SEE: silent  ::
bespoke {adj} (individually or custom made)  :: uszyty na miarę
Bessarabia {prop} (region)  :: Besarabia {f}
best {adj} (superlative of the adjective good)  :: najlepszy
best friend {n} (an especially close and trusted friend)  :: przyjaciel {m}, przyjaciółka {f}
bestiary {n} (A medieval treatise of animals)  :: bestiariusz {m}
best man {n} (primary attendant to the groom)  :: drużba {m}
best regards {n} (polite closing of a letter)  :: załączam pozdrowienia, z poważaniem
bestride {v} (dominate) SEE: dominate  ::
bestseller {n} (book or thing sold in large numbers)  :: bestseller {m}
bet {n} (a wager)  :: zakład {m}
bet {v} (To be sure of something)  :: stawiać na
bet {v} (To stake or pledge upon the outcome of an event)  :: postawić, zakładać się
be taken ill {v} (to become ill) SEE: take sick  ::
Betelgeuse {prop} (supergiant)  :: Betelgeza {f}
Bethlehem {prop} (City)  :: Betlejem {m}
betray {v} (to deliver into the hands of an enemy)  :: wydać, zdradzić {pf}
betray {v} (to prove faithless or treacherous)  :: zdradzić
betrayal {n} (treason) SEE: treason  ::
betroth {v} (to promise to give in marriage)  :: zaręczyć się
betrothal {n} (mutual promise)  :: zaręczyny {p}
betrothed {n} (agreed to be married)  :: narzeczony {m}, narzeczona {f}
betrothed {v} (past of betroth)  :: zaręczony {m}
betrothment {n} (betrothal) SEE: betrothal  ::
betta {n} (Fish of the genus Betta)  :: bojownik {m}
better {adj} (comparative of the adjectives good or well)  :: lepszy {m}
better {adv} (comparative form of the adverb well)  :: lepiej
better {v} (to improve)  :: poprawiać / poprawić, polepszać / polepszyć
better an egg today than a hen tomorrow {proverb} (a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush) SEE: a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush  ::
better half {n} (spouse or lover)  :: lepsza połowa {f}
better late than never {adv} (it’s better to do something late, than to never do it at all)  :: lepiej późno niż wcale
better safe than sorry {proverb} (it is preferable to be cautious)  :: strzeżonego Pan Bóg strzeże
between {prep} (in the position or interval that separates two things)  :: pomiędzy, między
between {prep} (in transit from one to the other)  :: między, pomiędzy
between {prep} (one of, representing a choice)  :: pomiędzy, między
between {prep} (shared in confidence by)  :: między
between a rock and a hard place {prep} (between a rock and a hard place)  :: między młotem a kowadłem
between the hammer and the anvil {prep} (with the choice between two unpleasant or distasteful options)  :: między młotem a kowadłem
beverage {n} (a drink)  :: napój {m}
beware {v} (use caution, pay attention (to))  :: strzeż się
bewitch {v} (to cast a spell)  :: czarować
beyond {n} (afterlife) SEE: afterlife  ::
beyond {n} (unknown) SEE: unknown  ::
beyond {prep} (further away than)  :: poza
beyond {prep} (on the far side of)  :: poza
Bharat {prop} (India) SEE: India  ::
Bhubaneshwar {prop} (Bhubaneswar) SEE: Bhubaneswar  ::
Bhubaneswar {prop} (capital of Odisha, India)  :: Bhubaneśwar {m}
Bhutan {prop} (Himalayan country)  :: Bhutan
biannual {adj} (occurring every two years) SEE: biennial  ::
biathlete {n} (athlete in biathlon)  :: biathlonista {m}
biathlon {n} (winter sport)  :: biathlon {m}
Białystok {prop} (city)  :: Białystok {m}
bib {n} (bibcock) SEE: bibcock  ::
bib {n} (item of clothing for babies)  :: śliniak {m}, śliniaczek {m}
bib {n} (Trisopterus luscus) SEE: pouting  ::
bib {v} (to drink heavily) SEE: tipple  ::
bibimbap {n} (Korean dish of white rice topped with vegetables, beef, a whole egg, and gochujang)  :: bibimbap {m}
bible {n} (comprehensive manual)  :: Biblia {f}
Bible {prop} (Christian holy book)  :: Biblia {f}
biblical {adj} (Of or relating to the Bible)  :: biblijny
bibliography {n} (list of books or documents)  :: bibliografia {f}
bibliography {n} (section of a written work)  :: bibliografia {f}
bibliography {n} (study of the history of books)  :: bibliografia
bibliophage {n} (person who loves books) SEE: bookworm  ::
bibliophily {n} (bibliophily) SEE: bibliophilia  ::
biblist {n} (a biblical scholar)  :: biblista {m}
bibulously {adv} (drunkenly) SEE: drunkenly  ::
bicameral {adj} (having two separate legislative chambers)  :: dwuizbowy, bikameralny
bicameralism {n} (principle of dividing legislative body into two groups)  :: bikameralizm {m}, dwuizbowość {f}
bicarbonate {n} (chemistry)  :: wodorowęglan {m}
bicarbonate {n} (of soda)  :: soda oczyszczona {f}
bicarbonate of soda {n} (sodium bicarbonate) SEE: sodium bicarbonate  ::
bicephalous {adj} (Having two heads)  :: dwugłowy {m}
biceps {n} (biceps brachii) SEE: biceps brachii  ::
biceps femoris {n} (the flexor of the knee)  :: mięsień dwugłowy uda {m}
bichon {n} (Bichon Frisé) SEE: Bichon Frisé  ::
bicuspid {n} (tooth)  :: przedtrzonowiec {m}
bicycle {n} (vehicle)  :: rower {m}
bicycle kick {n} (exercise)  :: rowerek {m}
bicycle kick {n} (kick)  :: przewrotka {f}
bicycle lane {n} (part of a roadway designated for use by cyclists)  :: ścieżka rowerowa {f}
bicycle rack {n} (rack in which bicycles may be parked) SEE: bicycle stand  ::
bicyclist {n} (rider of bicycle) SEE: cyclist  ::
bid {n} (offer at an auction)  :: oferta {f}
bidet {n} (low-mounted plumbing fixture for cleaning the genitalia and anus)  :: bidet {m}
bidimensional {adj} (two-dimensional) SEE: two-dimensional  ::
bidirectional {adj} (moving in two directions)  :: dwukierunkowy
bidirectional {adj} (operating in two directions)  :: dwukierunkowy
bid price {n} (bidding price) SEE: bidding price  ::
bier {n} (litter to transport the corpse of a dead person)  :: mary
bier {n} (platform or stand where a body or coffin is placed)  :: katafalk
bifurcation {n} (a place where two roads, tributaries etc. part or meet)  :: rozwidlenie {n}
big {adj} (adult)  :: dorosły
big {adj} (of a great size, see also: large)  :: duży, wielki
bigamist {n} (someone who practices bigamy)  :: bigamista {m}
bigamy {n} (state of having two spouses simultaneously)  :: bigamia {f}
Big Apple {prop} (nickname for New York City)  :: Wielkie Jabłko {n}
Big Bang {prop} (cosmic event)  :: Wielki Wybuch {m}
big brother {n} (a sibling's older brother) SEE: elder brother  ::
Big Brother {prop} (character in Nineteen Eighty-Four)  :: Wielki Brat
big cheese {n} (an important figure)  :: gruba ryba {f}, szycha {f}, rekin {m}
Big Dipper {prop} (bright circumpolar asterism of the northern sky)  :: Wielki Wóz {m}
big eater {n} (glutton) SEE: glutton  ::
bigger {adj} (comparative of big)  :: większy
big league {adj} (major league) SEE: major league  ::
big league {n} (major league) SEE: major league  ::
Big Mac {n} (burger)  :: Big Mac {m}
bigotedness {n} (bigotry) SEE: bigotry  ::
big screen {n} (surface)  :: wielki ekran {m}
big shot {n} (person with reputation or importance) SEE: big cheese  ::
big sister {n} (a sibling's older sister) SEE: elder sister  ::
big-time {adj} (bigtime) SEE: bigtime  ::
big-time {adv} (bigtime) SEE: bigtime  ::
big wheel {n} (Ferris wheel) SEE: Ferris wheel  ::
bijection {n} (function that is both a surjection and an injection)  :: bijekcja {f}, funkcja wzajemnie jednoznaczna {f}
bike {n} (bicycle)  :: rower {m}
bike {n} (motorcycle)  :: motocykl {m}
bike cab {n} (cycle rickshaw used as taxi) SEE: pedicab  ::
bike lane {n} (bicycle lane) SEE: bicycle lane  ::
bike path {n} (bicycle path) SEE: bicycle path  ::
biker {n} (person who rides a bicycle) SEE: cyclist  ::
bike rack {n} (bicycle stand) SEE: bicycle stand  ::
bikini {n} (bathing suit)  :: bikini {n}
bilabial {adj} (articulated with both lips)  :: dwuwargowy
bilateral {adj} (having two sides)  :: dwustronny {m}
bilberry {n} (the shrub of this plant)  :: borówczany
bilberry {n} (type of blueberry from the cowberry family)  :: borówka {f}
bile {n} (bitterness of temper; ill humour)  :: żółć {f}
bile {n} (secretion produced by the liver)  :: żółć {f}
bile duct {n} (structure carrying bile)  :: drogi żółciowe
bilinear {adj} ((mathematics) linear in each variable)  :: dwuliniowy
bilingual {adj} (speaking two languages)  :: dwujęzyczny {m}
bilingual dictionary {n} (translation dictionary) SEE: translation dictionary  ::
bilingualism {n} (condition of being bilingual)  :: dwujęzyczność {f}
bill {n} (bird's beak)  :: dziób
bill {n} (draft of a law)  :: projekt ustawy {m}
bill {n} (invoice)  :: faktura {f}, rachunek {m}
bill {n} (piece of paper money) SEE: banknote  ::
bill {n} (weapon of infantry)  :: halabarda {f}
billet-doux {n} (love letter) SEE: love letter  ::
billfold {n} (wallet) SEE: wallet  ::
billhook {n} (agricultural implement)  :: sierpak {m}
billiards {n} (a cue sport)  :: bilard {m}
billion {num} (a million million; 1,000,000,000,000)  :: bilion
billion {num} (a thousand million; 1,000,000,000; a milliard)  :: miliard {m}
billionaire {n} (wealth exceeding one billion (10⁹))  :: miliarder {m}, miliarderka {f}
billow {n} (large wave)  :: bałwan {m}
billy goat {n} (male goat)  :: kozioł {m}
bilocation {n} (paranormal ability)  :: bilokacja {f}
bimbo {n} (physically attractive woman who lacks intelligence)  :: słodka idiotka {f}, karyna {f} [internet slang]
bimetallism {n} (a monetary standard)  :: bimetalizm {m}
binary {adj} (using binary number system)  :: dwójkowy {m}, binarny {m}
binary star system {n} (binary star) SEE: binary star  ::
binary system {n} (astronomy: system of two celestial objects) SEE: binary star  ::
bind {v} (transitive put together in a cover, as of books)  :: oprawiać {impf}, oprawić {pf}
bindle {n} (tramp's or itinerant's bundle)  :: węzełek {m}
bindweed {n} (Convolvulaceae)  :: powój {m}
binge eating disorder {n} (medical disorder)  :: napady objadania się, BED
bingo {interj} (to claim a win in bingo)  :: bingo {n}
bingo {interj} (when finding something)  :: bingo {n}, proszę bardzo
bingo {n} (game of chance)  :: bingo {n}
bingo {n} (win)  :: bingo {n}
binitarianism {n} (belief)  :: binitarianizm {m}
binky {n} (pacifier) SEE: pacifier  ::
bin man {n} (garbage collector) SEE: garbage collector  ::
binnacle {n} ((nautical) the wooden housing for a ship's compass)  :: naktuz {m}
binoculars {n} (hand-held device for looking at a distance.)  :: lorneta {f}
binomial {adj} (consisting of two parts)  :: dwumianowy {m}
binomial {n} (algebra: polynomial with two terms)  :: dwumian {m}
bioaccumulation {n} (the process by which substances accumulate in the tissues of living organisms)  :: bioakumulacja {f}
biocenosis {n} (biocoenosis) SEE: biocoenosis  ::
biochemical {adj} (involving chemical processes in living organisms)  :: biochemiczny
biochemical {adj} (of or relating to biochemistry)  :: biochemiczny
biochemistry {n} (the chemistry of those compounds that occur in living organisms, and the processes that occur in their metabolism and catabolism)  :: biochemia {f}
biodiversity {n} (diversity of flora and fauna)  :: bioróżnorodność {f}
bioelectrical {adj} (bioelectric) SEE: bioelectric  ::
biofact {n} (in archaeology)  :: biofakt {m}
biofuel {n} (biofuel)  :: biopaliwo {n}
biogenesis {n} (biosynthesis) SEE: biosynthesis  ::
biogeography {n} (study of geographical distribution of living things)  :: biogeografia {f}
biographer {n} (the writer of a biography)  :: biograf {m}
biographic {adj} (biographical) SEE: biographical  ::
biographical {adj} (relating to an account of a person's life)  :: biograficzny
biography {n} (personal life story)  :: biografia {f}
biohazard {n} (biological risk)  :: zagrożenie biologiczne
bioinformatics {n} (field of science)  :: bioinformatyka {f}
bioinspired {adj} (bio-inspired) SEE: bio-inspired  ::
biological {adj} (of biology)  :: biologiczny {m}
biologist {n} (student of biology)  :: biolog {m}
biology {n} (study of living matter)  :: biologia {f}
biomedicine {n} (a branch of medical science)  :: biomedycyna {f}
bionic ear {n} (cochlear implant) SEE: cochlear implant  ::
bionics {n} (engineering based on biological systems)  :: bionika {f}
biopsy {n} (removal and examination of a sample of tissue for diagnostic purposes)  :: biopsja {f}
biopsychology {n} (biological psychology) SEE: biological psychology  ::
biotite {n} (dark brown mica)  :: biotyt {m}
biotope {n} (geographical area)  :: biotop
bipartite {adj} (divided into two at the base)  :: dwudzielny
bipartite {adj} (graph theory)  :: dwudzielny
bipartite {adj} (having two participants; joint)  :: dwustronny
bipartite {adj} (having two parts)  :: dwuczęściowy
bipedal {adj} (having two feet or two legs)  :: dwunożny {m}, dwunożna {f}, dwunożone {n}
bipennate {adj} (pinnate with a pinnate leaflet) SEE: bipinnate  ::
biphenyl {n} (organic compound)  :: bifenyl {m}
bipolar disorder {n} (psychiatric diagnostic category)  :: zaburzenie afektywne dwubiegunowe
birch {n} (punishment device)  :: rózga {f}
birch {n} (tree)  :: brzoza {f}
birchen {adj} (made of birch)  :: brzozowy
birch sap {n} (the sap extracted from a birch tree)  :: sok brzozowy {m}, oskoła {f}
bird {n} (animal)  :: ptak {m-an}
birdbrain {n} (someone who is not intelligent)  :: ptasi móżdżek {m}
bird cherry {n} (Prunus padus)  :: czeremcha {f}
bird dog {n} (gun dog) SEE: gun dog  ::
bird dog {n} (tout) SEE: tout  ::
bird flu {n} (avian influenza) SEE: avian influenza  ::
birdhouse {n} (aviary) SEE: aviary  ::
birdie {n} (badminton: shuttlecock) SEE: shuttlecock  ::
birdie {n} (bird, birdling)  :: ptaszyna {f}, ptaszek {m}
birdlime {n} (serving of a prison sentence) SEE: time  ::
birdlover {n} (one who loves birds) SEE: ornithophile  ::
bird of paradise {n} (bird)  :: rajski ptak {m}, cudowronka {f}
bird of passage {n} (bird) SEE: migrant  ::
bird of prey {n} (carnivorous bird)  :: ptak drapieżny {m}
bird's-eye view {n} (view from directly or high above)  :: z lotu ptaka
birds of a feather flock together {proverb} (people of similar character, etc. tend to associate)  :: ciągnie swój do swego
birds of the feather flock together {proverb} (birds of a feather flock together) SEE: birds of a feather flock together  ::
birdsong {n} (musical sound made by a bird)  :: trel {m}
bird table {n} (construction for supplying food for birds)  :: karmnik {m}
biro {n} (ballpoint pen) SEE: ballpoint pen  ::
Birobidzhan {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Birobidżan {m}
birth {n} (process of childbearing; beginning of life)  :: urodzenie {n}
birth control {n} (voluntary control of the number of children conceived)  :: antykoncepcja {f}
birthdate {n} (date of birth) SEE: date of birth  ::
birthday {n} (anniversary)  :: urodziny {p}
birthday {n} (date of birth)  :: data urodzenia {f}
birthday cake {n} (a cake made to celebrate a birthday)  :: tort urodzinowy {m}
birthday party {n} (a party held to celebrate a birthday)  :: urodziny {m-p}, przyjęcie urodzinowe {n}
birthday suit {n} (nakedness)  :: strój Adama {m}
birthmark {n} (a mark on the skin formed before birth)  :: znak szczególny {m}
birthplace {n} (location)  :: miejsce urodzenia {n}
birthwort {n} (Aristolochia)  :: kokornak {m}
Biscay {prop} (Bay of Biscay) SEE: Bay of Biscay  ::
biscuit {n} (cracker) SEE: cracker  ::
biscuit {n} (small, flat baked good, see also: cookie)  :: ciastko {n}, herbatnik {m}
bisector {n} (A line or curve that bisects or divides a line segment, angle, or other figure into two equal parts)  :: dwusieczna {f}
bisexual {adj} (hermaphrodite) SEE: hermaphrodite  ::
bisexual {adj} (sexually attracted to both men and women)  :: biseksualny {m}
bisexual {n} (bisexual person)  :: biseksualista {m}, [colloquial] bi
Bishkek {prop} (capital of Kyrgyzstan)  :: Biszkek {m}
bishop {n} (chess piece)  :: goniec {m}, laufer {m}
bishop {n} (church official, supervisor of priests and congregations)  :: biskup {m}
bishopric {n} (diocese)  :: diecezja {f}
bishopric {n} (function of being bishop)  :: biskupstwo {n}
bismuth {n} (chemical element)  :: bizmut {m}
bison {n} (A similar American animal, Bison bison)  :: bizon {m}
bison {n} (A wild ox, Bison bonasus)  :: żubr {m}
bistro {n} (small restaurant)  :: bistro
bisyllabic {adj} (comprising two syllables) SEE: disyllabic  ::
bit {n} (coin) SEE: coin  ::
bit {n} (metal in horse's mouth)  :: wędzidło {n}
bit {n} (portion)  :: kawałek {m-in}, porcja {f}
bit {n} (small amount of something)  :: kawałek {m-in}
bit by bit {adv} (small amount at a time)  :: po trochu
bitch {n} (complaint) SEE: complaint  ::
bitch {n} (disagreeable, aggressive person, usually female)  :: suka {f}
bitch {n} (female canine)  :: suka {f}, wilczyca (wolf), lisica (fox)
bitch {n} (playful variation on dog (sense "man")) SEE: dog  ::
bitch {v} (complain (about something) spitefully)  :: psioczyć
bitch fight {n} ((vulgar) a fight between gay men)  :: walka ciot {f}, walka pedałów {f}
bitch fight {n} ((vulgar) a fight between women)  :: walka dziwek {f}
bitchwork {n} (undesirable and demeaning work) SEE: McJob, grunt work  ::
bite {v} (to cut off a piece by clamping the teeth)  :: gryźć
bite one's tongue {v} (prevent oneself from uttering a word)  :: ugryźć się w język
bite the dust {v} (to die)  :: kopnąć w kalendarz
Bithynia {prop} (ancient region)  :: Bitynia {f}
bitmap {n} (a series of bits)  :: bitmapa {f}
Bitola {prop} (city)  :: Bitola
bitstock {n} (drill bit-carrying crank for boring holes)  :: korba stolarska {f}
bitter {adj} (cynical and resentful)  :: zgorzkniały {m}
bitter {adj} (having an acrid taste)  :: gorzki
bitter cucumber {n} (colocynth) SEE: colocynth  ::
bitterling {n} (Rhodeus amarus) SEE: European bitterling  ::
bitter melon {n} (fruit)  :: przepękla ogórkowata {f}, balsamka ogórkowata {f}
bitter melon {n} (plant)  :: przepękla ogórkowata {f}, balsamka ogórkowata {f}
bittern {n} (bird of the subfamily Botaurinae)  :: bąk {m}
bitterness {n} (quality of being bitter in taste)  :: gorzkość {f}, gorycz {f}
bittersweet {n} (a vine, of the genus Celastrus)  :: dławisz {m}
bittersweet {n} (the bittersweet nightshade, Solanum dulcamara)  :: psianka słodkogórz
bivouac {n} (encampment for the night, usually without tents or covering)  :: biwak {m}
bizarre {adj} (strangely unconventional)  :: dziwny {m}, cudaczny {m}
blab {n} (gossip) SEE: gossip  ::
black {adj} (absorbing all light)  :: czarny
black {adj} (relating to persons of African descent)  :: czarny, czarnoskóry, murzyński
black {n} (colour/color)  :: czerń {f}
black {n} (person)  :: murzyn {m-pr}, murzynka {f}
black {v} (to blacken) SEE: blacken  ::
black alder {n} (American winterberry) SEE: American winterberry  ::
black alder winterberry {n} (American winterberry) SEE: American winterberry  ::
black and white {adj} (black-and-white) SEE: black-and-white  ::
black-and-white {adj} (displaying images in shades of grey/gray)  :: czarno-biały, monochromatyczny
black-and-white {adj} (using shades of grey/gray)  :: czarno-biały, monochromatyczny
black antshrike {n} (bird)  :: chronka czarna
black art {n} (witchcraft, sorcery, black magic, etc.)  :: czarna magia {f}
black bag {n} (plastic bag for the disposal of household waste) SEE: garbage bag  ::
blackberry {n} (blackcurrant) SEE: blackcurrant  ::
blackberry {n} (fruit)  :: jeżyna
blackbird {n} (common thrush, Turdus merula)  :: kos {m}
blackboard {n} (a surface that can be written upon with chalk)  :: tablica {f}
blackbody {n} (an idealized object that absorbs all electromagnetic radiation that falls on it)  :: ciało doskonale czarne {n}
black box {n} (recorders in an aircraft)  :: czarna skrzynka {f}
black box {n} (theoretical construct or device)  :: czarna skrzynka {f}
blackcap {n} (Sylvia atricapilla)  :: kapturka
black cat {n} (Martes pennanti) SEE: fisher  ::
black-crested antshrike {n} (bird)  :: mrowiec czarnoczuby
blackcurrant {n} (berry)  :: czarna porzeczka {f}
blackcurrant {n} (shrub)  :: czarna porzeczka {f}
Black Death {prop} (the Black Death)  :: czarna śmierć {f}
Black Ditch {prop} (Taiwan Strait) SEE: Taiwan Strait  ::
black earth {n} (chernozem) SEE: chernozem  ::
black elder {n} (Sambucus nigra) SEE: elder  ::
black eye {n} (bruised eye)  :: podbite oko, limo
black grouse {n} (Lyrurus tetrix)  :: cietrzew {m}
blackguard {n} (scoundrel) SEE: scoundrel  ::
black-headed gull {n} (Chroicocephalus ridibundus)  :: mewa śmieszka {f}, śmieszka {f}
black hole {n} (celestial body)  :: czarna dziura {f}
black-hooded antshrike {n} (passerine bird)  :: chronka żałobna {f}
black humor {n} (subgenre of comedy)  :: czarny humor {m}
blacking {n} (shoe polish) SEE: shoe polish  ::
blackish {adj} (somewhat black)  :: czarnawy
blackish-gray antshrike {n} (passerine bird)  :: chronka ciemna
black lead {n} (graphite) SEE: graphite  ::
blackleg {n} (cheater)  :: szuler {m}
black locust {n} (Robinia pseudoacacia)  :: robinia {f}
black magic {n} (magic derived from evil forces)  :: czarna magia {f}
blackmail {n} (payment of money exacted by means of intimidation)  :: szantaż {m}
blackmail {v} (to extort money)  :: szantażować {impf}
black market {n} (trade that is in violation of restrictions, rationing or price controls)  :: czarny rynek
black mulberry {n} (fruit)  :: morwa czarna {f}
black mulberry {n} (tree)  :: morwa czarna {f}
blackness {n} (state, property or quality)  :: czerń {f}
blackout {n} (a temporary loss of consciousness)  :: zamroczenie {n}
blackout {n} (a temporary loss of memory)  :: zanik pamięci {m}
black pepper {n} (spice)  :: czarny pieprz {m}
black redstart {n} (a small passerine bird)  :: kopciuszek {m}
black rhinoceros {n} (Diceros bicornis)  :: nosorożec czarny
Black Sea {prop} (an inland sea between southeastern Europe and Asia Minor)  :: Morze Czarne {n}
black sheep {n} (disliked person)  :: czarna owca {f}
blacksmith {n} (farrier (colloquial))  :: kowal {m}
blacksmith {n} (iron forger, see also: smith)  :: kowal {m}
black swan {n} (Cygnus atratus)  :: łabędź czarny {m}
black tea {n} (tea leaves which have been "fermented")  :: czarna herbata {f}
blackthorn {n} (Prunus spinosa)  :: tarnina {f}
black-throated antshrike {n} (passerine bird)  :: mrówkodzierzb czarnogardly
black vulture {n} (Aegypius monachus) SEE: Eurasian black vulture  ::
black woodpecker {n} (Dryocopus martius)  :: dzięcioł czarny {m}
bladder {n} (flexible sac in zoology)  :: pęcherz {m}
bladder {n} (urinary bladder) SEE: urinary bladder  ::
bladder infection {n} (urinary tract infection) SEE: urinary tract infection  ::
bladdernut {n} (Staphylea)  :: kłokoczka {f}
bladderpod {n} (Lobelia inflata, indian tobacco, Puke weed)  :: lobelia rozdęta
bladderwort {n} (Utricularia)  :: pływacz {m}
blade {n} (part of a propeller)  :: łopata {f}
blade {n} (sharp-edged or pointed working end of a tool or utensil)  :: ostrze {n}
blade {n} (slang term for a weapon such as a dagger)  :: ostrze {n}
blade {n} (the flat part of a leaf or petal)  :: źdźbło {n}
Blagoveshchensk {prop} (city in Siberia)  :: Błagowieszczeńsk {m}
Blaise {prop} (male given name)  :: Błażej {m}
blame {n} (censure) SEE: censure  ::
blame {n} (culpability) SEE: culpability  ::
blame {n} (responsibility) SEE: responsibility  ::
blame {n} (state of having caused a bad event)  :: wina {f}
blame {v} (place blame upon)  :: winić
Blanche {prop} (female given name)  :: Blanka
bland {adj} (Having a soothing effect; not irritating or stimulating)  :: uspakajający {m}
bland {adj} (Lacking in taste or vigor)  :: bezbarwny {m}, mdły {m}, nijaki {m}, bez smaku
bland {adj} (Mild; dull; soft; gentle; smooth in manner; suave)  :: delikatny, łagodny {m}
blank {adj} (free from writing, printing or marks)  :: czysty {m}, pusty {m}, niewypełniony {m}, niezapisany {m}, niezadrukowany {m}
blank {adj} (without color)  :: bezbarwny {m}
blank {n} (simulation cartridge)  :: ślepy nabój {m}
blank {n} (space character)  :: spacja {f}
blank {n} (space to be filled in on a form or template)  :: puste miejsce {n}
blank {n} (void space on a paper)  :: puste miejsce {n}
blanket {n} (fabric)  :: koc {n}
blaspheme {v} (to speak against God or religious doctrine)  :: bluźnić
blasphemer {n} (One who commits blasphemy)  :: bluźnierca
blasphemy {n} (Irreverence toward something sacred)  :: blasfemia {f}, bluźnierstwo {n}
blast {n} (explosion)  :: wybuch, eksplozja
blast furnace {n} (furnace where iron ore is smelted)  :: wielki piec {m}
blat {n} (connections; relationships; one's social or business network (Russia))  :: blat
blay {n} (bleak) SEE: bleak  ::
blazon {n} (a description of a coat of arms)  :: blazonowanie {n}
bleach {n} (chemical)  :: wybielacz {m}
bleach {v} (to treat with bleach)  :: bielić, wybielić
bleacher {n} (seating for spectators)  :: trybuna {f}
bleachers {n} (tiered, exposed spectator seating)  :: trybuny {p}
bleak {n} (small European river fish)  :: ukleja {f}
blear {adj} (dim)  :: mętny
blear {v} (make blurred or dim)  :: zamglić {pf}
bleary {adj} (Tired, having senses dulled by exhaustion)  :: wyczerpany {m}, zmęczony {m}
bleed {v} (lose blood)  :: krwawić
bleed dry {v} (to bleed white) SEE: bleed white  ::
blend {n} (mixture)  :: mieszanka {f}
blender {n} (machine)  :: mikser {m}, blender {m}
bless {v} (confer blessing on)  :: błogosławić
blessing {n} (act of declaring, seeking or bestowing favor)  :: błogosławieństwo {n}
blessing {n} (divine or supernatural aid or reward)  :: błogosławieństwo {n}
blessing {n} (good fortune)  :: błogosławieństwo {n}
blessing {n} (prayer before a meal) SEE: grace  ::
blessing {n} (pronouncement invoking divine aid)  :: błogosławieństwo {n}
blessing {n} (thing one is glad of)  :: błogosławieństwo {n}
bless you {interj} (said to somebody who has sneezed)  :: na zdrowie
bless you {interj} (short for "God bless you") SEE: God bless you  ::
blimp {n} (airship)  :: sterowiec ciśnieniowy
blind {adj} (unable to see)  :: ślepy {m}, niewidomy {m}
blind {adj} (without any prior knowledge)  :: w ciemno, na ślepo
blind {n} (covering for a window)  :: zasłona {f}
blind alley {n} (a street that leads nowhere)  :: ślepa uliczka {f}
blind carbon copy {n} (copy of an email message)  :: ukryta kopia {f}, kopia ukryta {f}, ukryte do wiadomości {n}
blind date {n} (romantic meeting between two people who have never met before, see also: miai)  :: randka w ciemno {f}
blind gut {n} (caecum) SEE: caecum  ::
blindingly {adv} (extremely) SEE: extremely  ::
blind man's buff {n} (game where someone is blindfolded and tries to touch the others)  :: ciuciubabka {f}, ślepa babka {f}
blindness {n} (condition of being blind)  :: ślepota {f}
blindside {n} (in rugby union) SEE: blindside flanker  ::
blind spot {n} (place where the optic nerve attaches to the retina)  :: plamka ślepa {f}, plamka Mariotte'a {f}
blind tiger {n} (speakeasy) SEE: speakeasy  ::
blindworm {n} (slowworm) SEE: slowworm  ::
blini {n} (buckwheat pancakes)  :: bliny {m-p}
blink {v} (to close and reopen both eyes quickly)  :: mrugać (continuously), mrugnąć (once)
blink {v} (to flash headlights)  :: migać (continuously), mignąć (once)
blink {v} (to flash on and off at regular intervals)  :: migać, mrugać
blink {v} (to send a signal with a lighting device)  :: mrugnąć
bliss {n} (perfect happiness)  :: błogość {f}
blister {n} (bubble on the skin)  :: pęcherz {m}
blithely {adv}  :: beztrosko, niefrasobliwie
blitzkrieg {n} (fast military offensive)  :: blitzkrieg {m}
blizzard {n} (figuratively: large amount of paperwork)  :: nawał {m}, nawała {f}
blizzard {n} (large number of similar things)  :: nawał {m}, nawała {f}
blizzard {n} (severe snowstorm)  :: zamieć {f}, zadymka {f}, śnieżyca {f}, blizzard {m}
block {n} (cellblock) SEE: cellblock  ::
block {n} (cricket: blockhole) SEE: blockhole  ::
block {n} (cricket: popping crease) SEE: popping crease  ::
block {n} (simplified head model) SEE: wig block  ::
block {n} (solitary confinement) SEE: solitary confinement  ::
block {n} (stupid fellow) SEE: blockhead  ::
block {n} (substantial often approximatey cuboid piece)  :: blok {m}
block {n} (volleyball: defensive play)  :: blok {m}
block {v} (to prevent an action)  :: blokować
block {v} (to prevent passing)  :: blokować
blockade {n} (the isolation of something)  :: blokada {f}
blockade {v} (to create a blockade against)  :: blokować
blockchain {n} (shared record)  :: łańcuch bloków {m}
blockhead {n} (stupid person)  :: przygłup {m}, dureń {m}
block of flats {n} (apartment building) SEE: apartment building  ::
Bloemfontein {prop} (city)  :: Bloemfontein {m}
blog {n} (a personal or corporate website)  :: blog {m}
blog {v} (to contribute to a blog)  :: blogować
blogger {n} (contributor to a blog)  :: bloger, blogger {m}
blogosphere {n} (the totality of blogs)  :: blogosfera {f}
bloke {n} (man)  :: facet {m}, koleś {m}
blond {n} (a pale yellowish color)  :: blond {m}
blond {n} (fair-haired person)  :: blondyn {m}, blondynka {f}
blonde {adj} (blond) SEE: blond  ::
blonde {n} (blond) SEE: blond  ::
blood {n} (family relationship due to birth, e.g. between siblings)  :: krew {f}
blood {n} (vital liquid flowing in animal bodies)  :: krew {f}, jucha {f}, posoka {f}, farba {f}
blood {v} (to cause to be covered with blood)  :: krwawić
blood cell {n} (any of the cells normally found in the blood)  :: krwinka {f}
blood clot {n} (thrombus) SEE: thrombus  ::
blood corpuscle {n} (blood cell) SEE: blood cell  ::
blood feud {n} (feud between clans or families) SEE: vendetta  ::
blood fluke {n} (schistosome) SEE: schistosome  ::
blood group {n} (blood type) SEE: blood type  ::
bloodhound {n} (dog)  :: ogar
blood is thicker than water {proverb} (relationships are stronger within the family)  :: krew nie woda
bloodless {adj} (taking place without loss of blood)  :: bezkrwawy
blood pressure {n} (pressure exerted by the blood against the walls of the arteries and veins)  :: ciśnienie krwi {n}
blood pudding {n} (blood sausage) SEE: blood sausage  ::
blood relation {n} (a relation through birth)  :: pokrewieństwo {n}
blood relative {n} (blood relation) SEE: blood relation  ::
bloodshed {n} (shedding or spilling of blood)  :: rozlew krwi {m}
bloodsucker {n} (animal that drinks the blood of others)  :: krwiopijca {m}
bloodsucker {n} (one who attempts to take as much from others as possible)  :: krwiopijca {m}
bloodsucker {n} (parasite) SEE: parasite  ::
bloodsucker {n} (vampire) SEE: vampire  ::
bloodthirsty {adj} (eager to resort to violence)  :: krwiożerczy
blood type {n} (blood classification)  :: grupa krwi {f}
blood vessel {n} (component of the circulatory system that carries blood)  :: naczynie krwionośne {n}
bloodwork {n} (blood test) SEE: blood test  ::
bloody {adj} (characterised by great bloodshed)  :: krwawy {m}
bloody {adj} (covered in blood)  :: krwawy {m}
bloody {adj} (intensifier)  :: pieprzony {m}, cholerny {m}
bloody mary {n} (cocktail made from vodka and tomato juice)  :: krwawa mary {f}
bloom {n} (blossom) SEE: blossom  ::
bloom {n} (flower) SEE: flower  ::
bloom {v} (open its blooms) SEE: blossom  ::
blossom {n} (flowers on trees)  :: kwiat {m}
blossom {n} (state or season for such flowers)  :: kwitnienie {n}, okres kwitnienia {m}
blossom {v} (have or open into blossoms)  :: kwitnąć {impf}
blot {n} (Southern blot analysis) SEE: Southern blot analysis  ::
blotter {n} (piece of blotting paper) SEE: blotting paper  ::
blotting paper {n} (absorbent paper used to dry ink)  :: bibuła
blouse {n} (an outer garment, usually loose, that is similar to a shirt)  :: bluza {m}
blow {n} (cocaine) SEE: cocaine  ::
blow {v} (blossom) SEE: blossom  ::
blow {v} (to explode )  :: wybuchać {impf}, wybuchnąć {pf}
blow {v} (to fellate )  :: robić loda, lizać pałę, obciągać loda, obciągać fiuta, obciągać chuja
blow {v} (to produce an air current )  :: dmuchać, dąć, wiać
blow {v} (to propel by an air current )  :: zdmuchnąć
blow-dryer {n} (an electrical device used for drying hair) SEE: hairdryer  ::
blower {n} (device)  :: dmuchawa
blower {n} (telephone) SEE: telephone  ::
blowfish {n} (any species of fish of the family Tetraodontidae that have the ability to inflate themselves to a globe)  :: ryba rozdymkowata {f}
blowgun {n} (weapon)  :: dmuchawka
blowjob {n} (the act of fellatio)  :: ssanie pały {n} [vulgar], ssanie fiuta {n} [vulgar], ssanie chuja {n} [vulgar], obciąganie {n}, robienie loda
blow one's nose {v} (to expel mucus from nose)  :: smarkać się
blow one's top {v} (lose one's temper) SEE: lose one's temper  ::
blow out {v} (extinguish)  :: zdmuchnąć
blowpipe {n} (weapon) SEE: blowgun  ::
blow up {v} (to explode (intransitive))  :: wybuchać
blow up {v} (to explode (transitive))  :: wysadzać
bludgeon {n} (short heavy club)  :: pałka {f}
bludgeon {v} (to club, hit with a bludgeon)  :: walnąć
blue {adj} (blue-colored)  :: niebieski, błękitny [sky blue]
blue {n} (argument) SEE: argument  ::
blue {n} (bluefish) SEE: bluefish  ::
blue {n} (blue uniform) SEE: blues  ::
blue {n} (bluing) SEE: bluing  ::
blue {n} (colour)  :: niebieski, błękit {m-in} [sky blue]
blue {n} (sky, literally or figuratively) SEE: sky  ::
Bluebeard {prop} (the famous fairytale)  :: Sinobrody {m}
Bluebeard {prop} (the title character)  :: Sinobrody {m}
bluebell {n} (flowering plants of the genus Hyacinthoides)  :: dzwonek
blueberry {n} (fruit)  :: borówka {f}
bluebottle {n} (blue ant) SEE: blue ant  ::
bluebottle {n} (cornflower) SEE: cornflower  ::
bluebottle {n} (man-of-war) SEE: man-of-war  ::
blue-eyed {adj} (having blue eyes)  :: niebieskooki {m}, niebieskooka {f}
blue-eyed soul {n} (white soul) SEE: white soul  ::
blue jay {n} (Species of North American jay)  :: modrosójka błękitna {f}
blue screen {n} (blue screen of death) SEE: blue screen of death  ::
blue screen {n} (film technique) SEE: chromakey  ::
blue screen of death {n} (screen indicating a system error)  :: niebieski ekran śmierci {m}
bluestone {n} (basalt) SEE: basalt  ::
bluestone {n} (limestone) SEE: limestone  ::
bluestone {n} (slate) SEE: slate  ::
blue-tongued skink {n} (blue-tongue lizard) SEE: blue-tongue lizard  ::
blue whale {n} (a whale, Balaenoptera musculus)  :: płetwal błękitny
blue-winged kookaburra {n} (Dacelo leachii)  :: kukabura modroskrzydła {f}
blunderbuss {n} (old style of firearm with a distinctive large opening at the muzzle)  :: garłacz {m}, gardłacz {m}; szturmak {m}, tromblon {m}
blunt {adj} (Having a thick edge or point, not sharp)  :: tępy
blur {n} (A smear, smudge or blot)  :: rozmaz {m}, plama {f}
blur {n} (Something that appears hazy or indistinct)  :: rozmazany
blur {v} (become indistinct)  :: rozmazywać się {impf}, rozmazać się {pf}
blur {v} (make indistinct or hazy, to obscure or dim)  :: rozmazywać {impf}, rozmazać {pf}, zamglić {pf}
blur {v} (smear, stain or smudge)  :: mazać {impf}, rozmazywać {impf}, rozmazać {pf}, smużyć {impf}
blurred {adj} (Out of focus)  :: zamazany
blurry {adj} (Not clear, crisp, or focused; having fuzzy edges)  :: rozmyty, nieostry, zamglony, rozmazany
blurt out {v} (blurt) SEE: blurt  ::
boa {n} (snake)  :: boa {m}
boar {n} (male pig)  :: knur {m}
boar {n} (wild boar) SEE: wild boar  ::
board game {n} (game played on a board)  :: gra planszowa {f}
boarding house {n} (boarding school building)  :: internat {m}
boarding house {n} (private house for paying guests)  :: pensjonat {m}, kwatera {f}
boast {v} (to brag; to talk loudly in praise of oneself)  :: przechwalać się, szczycić się, chlubić się
boat {n} (poker slang: full house)  :: ful
boat {n} (water craft)  :: łódź {f}, łódka {f}
boatswain {n} (the officer (or warrant officer) in charge of sails, rigging, anchors, cables etc. and all work on deck of a sailing ship)  :: bosman {m}
bob {n} (bobber) SEE: float  ::
bob {n} (curtsey) SEE: curtsey  ::
bobber {n} (buoyant fishing device) SEE: float  ::
bobby pin {n} (type of hair pin) SEE: hairgrip  ::
bobsled {n} (the sled) SEE: bobsleigh  ::
bobsled {n} (the sport) SEE: bobsleigh  ::
bobsleigh {n} (sled)  :: bobslej {m}
bobsleigh {n} (sport)  :: bobsleje {p}
Boche {n} (derogatory: German) SEE: Fritz  ::
Boche {n} (German) SEE: German  ::
bodge {v} (do a clumsy or inelegant job) SEE: botch  ::
bodhi tree {n} (Indian fig tree) SEE: sacred fig  ::
bodily {adj} (relating to the body)  :: cielesny
body {n} (any physical object or material thing)  :: ciało {n}
body {n} (corpse)  :: zwłoki {p}, ciało {n}
body {n} (fleshly or corporeal nature of a human)  :: ciało {n}
body {n} (group having a common purpose or opinion)  :: grupa {f}, grono {n}, oddział {m}
body {n} (largest or most important part of anything (e.g. car bodywork))  :: korpus {m}, kadłub {m}, karoseria {f}
body {n} (organisation, company or other authoritative group)  :: ciało {n}, organ {m}
body {n} (physical structure of a human or animal)  :: ciało {n}, organizm {m}
body {n} (section of a dress)  :: góra {f}
body {n} (torso)  :: tułów {m}
bodybuilder {n} (a person who uses diet and exercise to build an aesthetically muscular physique)  :: kulturysta {m}, kulturystka {f}
bodybuilding {n} (sport of muscle development)  :: kulturystyka {f}
body double {n} (film stand-in)  :: dubler {m}
bodyguard {n} (person responsible for protecting an individual)  :: (person) ochroniarz {m}, (group of persons) ochrona {f}
bodypainting {n} (body painting) SEE: body painting  ::
Boeotia {prop} (a district in Greece)  :: Beocja {f}
Boeotian {adj} (pertaining to Boeotia)  :: beocki
bog {n} (coarse slang for toilet) SEE: shitter  ::
bog {n} (expanse of marshland)  :: torfowisko {n}
bogatyr {n} (medieval Russian heroic warrior)  :: bohater {m}
Bogdan {prop} (Male given name)  :: Bogdan
bogey {n} (booger) SEE: booger  ::
bogey {n} (Devil) SEE: Devil  ::
bogeyman {n} (any make-believe threat)  :: czarny lud {m}, straszydło {n}
bogeyman {n} (menacing, ghost-like monster in children's stories)  :: czarny lud {m}
bogie {n} (bogey) SEE: bogey  ::
bogie {n} (booger) SEE: booger  ::
bogie {n} (cigarette) SEE: cigarette  ::
bogie {n} (ghost) SEE: ghost  ::
bogie {n} (railway carriage) SEE: railway carriage  ::
bog iron {n} (bog iron ore) SEE: bog iron ore  ::
bog myrtle {n} (Myrica gale) SEE: gale#Etymology 3  ::
Bogotá {prop} (Bogota) SEE: Bogota  ::
Bogota {prop} (capital of Colombia)  :: Bogota {f}
bog rosemary {n} (Andromeda)  :: modrzewnica {f}
bogue {n} (bayou) SEE: bayou  ::
bogus {adj} (counterfeit or fake; not genuine)  :: fałszywy, zmyślony
Bohemia {prop} (The region of the Czech Republic)  :: Czechy {f-p}
bohemium {n} (rhenium) SEE: rhenium  ::
bohrium {n} (chemical element)  :: bohr {m}
boil {n} (accumulation of pus)  :: czyrak {m}
boil {n} (point at which fluid begins to change to a vapour)  :: wrzenie {n}
boil {v} (begin to turn into a gas)  :: wrzeć, zagotować
boil {v} (cook in boiling water)  :: gotować
boil {v} (heat (a liquid) until it begins to turn into a gas)  :: gotować, wrzeć
boiled {adj} (angry) SEE: angry  ::
boiled {adj} (drunk) SEE: drunk  ::
boiled egg {n}  :: zgotowane jajo {n}
boiled sweet {n} (hard sweet) SEE: hard candy  ::
boiler {n} (device for heating circulating water)  :: kocioł {m}
boiler {n} (hot water heater with storage)  :: bojler {m}
boiler {n} (steam boiler) SEE: steam boiler  ::
boilerplate {n} (standard text used routinely)  :: gotowiec, szablon {m}
boiler suit {n} (one-piece suit)  :: kombinezon {m}
boisterous {adj} (full of energy; noisy)  :: hałaśliwy {m}
Bokmål {prop} (language)  :: bokmål {m}
bold {adj} (courageous, daring)  :: odważny, śmiały
bold {adj} (having thicker strokes than the ordinary form of the typeface)  :: tłusty, pogrubiony
bold {adj} (presumptuous) SEE: presumptuous  ::
boldly {adv} (in a bold manner)  :: śmiało, odważnie
bole {n} (the trunk or stem of a tree)  :: pień {m}
boletus {n} (a type of edible mushroom)  :: borowik {m}
bolide {n} (extremely bright meteor)  :: bolid {m}
Bolivia {prop} (country in South America)  :: Boliwia {f}
boll {n} (the rounded seed-bearing capsule of a cotton or flax plant)  :: torebka {f}
Bologna {prop} (city)  :: Bolonia {f}
Bologna {prop} (province)  :: Bolonia {f}
Bolognese {adj} (of or relating to Bologna)  :: boloński
Bolognian {adj} (of or relating to Bologna) SEE: Bolognese  ::
Bolshevik {n} (Bolshevik)  :: bolszewik {m}
bolt {n} (bar to prevent a door from being forced open)  :: rygiel {m}
bolt {n} (lightning spark)  :: piorun {m}, grom {m}
bolt {n} (metal fastener)  :: śruba {f}
bolt {n} (short, stout, blunt-headed arrow)  :: bełt {m}
bolt {n} (sliding pin or bar in a lock)  :: zasuwa {f}, zasuwka {f}, rygiel {m}
bolt {v} (to secure a door)  :: ryglować
bolt from the blue {n} (something totally unexpected)  :: grom z jasnego nieba {m}
bomb {n} (device filled with explosives)  :: bomba {f}
bomb {n} (success) SEE: success  ::
bomb {v} (attack with bombs)  :: bombardować
bombastic {adj} (high-sounding but with little meaning)  :: górnolotny
bombastic {adj} (inflated, overfilled)  :: napuszony
bombastic {adj} (pompous or overly wordy)  :: pompatyczny
Bombay {n} (Mumbai) SEE: Mumbai  ::
Bombay cat {n} (Bombay) SEE: Bombay  ::
bomber {n} (aircraft)  :: bombowiec {m}
bombproof {n} (air-raid shelter) SEE: air-raid shelter  ::
bombshell {n} (someone who is very attractive)  :: seksbomba {f}
bombshell {n} (something that is very surprising, shocking, amazing or sensational)  :: sensacja {f}
bomb shelter {n} (air-raid shelter) SEE: air-raid shelter  ::
bona fides {n} (good faith) SEE: good faith  ::
Bonapartism {n} (pratices and ideology of Napoleon Bonaparte)  :: bonapartyzm {m}
Bonapartist {adj} (relating to Bonapartism)  :: bonapartystyczny
Bonapartist {n} (one attached to Napoleon's policy)  :: bonapartysta {m}, bonapartystka {f}
bon appétit {interj} (used to wish someone enjoyment of the meal they are about to eat)  :: smacznego
Bonaventure {prop} (male given name)  :: Bonawentura {m}
bond {n} (bail bond) SEE: bail bond  ::
bond {n} (binding agreement, a covenant)  :: więź {f}
bond {n} (documentary obligation to pay a sum or to perform a contract)  :: zobowiązanie {n}
bond {n} (in chemistry, a link or force between neighbouring atoms in a molecule)  :: wiązanie {n}
bond {n} (link, connection or union)  :: więź {f}
bond {n} (specific pattern of bricklaying.)  :: wątek {m}
bond {n} (that which binds, a band)  :: więzy {p}
bone {n} (component of a skeleton)  :: kość {f}
bone {n} (fishbone)  :: ość {f}
bone {n} (material)  :: kość {f}
bone dry {adj} (bone-dry) SEE: bone-dry  ::
bone marrow {n} (bone marrow)  :: szpik kostny {m}
bone of contention {n} (Something that continues to be disputed)  :: kość niezgody {f}
boner {n} (erect penis)  :: gafa {f}, wzwód {m}
boner {n} (rigid state of penis or clitoris) SEE: erection  ::
bone tissue {n} (osseous tissue) SEE: osseous tissue  ::
bonfire {n} (fire to burn unwanted items or people)  :: stos {m}
bonfire {n} (large, outdoor controlled fire)  :: ognisko {n}
bongo drum {n} (bongo) SEE: bongo  ::
Boniface {prop} (male given name) SEE: Bonifatius  ::
bonito {n} (Katsuwonus pelamis) SEE: skipjack tuna  ::
bonjour {interj} (hello) SEE: hello  ::
bon mot {n} (clever saying, phrase or witticism)  :: bon mot {m}
bonnet {n} (cover over the engine of a motor car)  :: maska
bonnie {adj} (Beautiful; pretty; attractive)  :: piękny {m}
bonnie {adj} (Gay; merry; frolicsome; cheerful; blithe)  :: wesoły {m}
bonsai {interj} (a miniaturized tree or plant)  :: bonsai {n}
bon voyage {interj} (wish of good journey)  :: szczęśliwej podróży, szczęśliwej drogi
boo {interj} (loud exclamation intended to scare someone)  :: bu
boob {n} (breast (colloquial))  :: cycek {m}
booby {n} (bird)  :: głuptak {m}
booby {n} (stupid person)  :: głupek {m}, gapa {m}
booger {n} (a piece of solid or semi-solid mucus)  :: koza {f} [colloquial]
book {n} (collection of sheets of paper bound together containing printed or written material)  :: książka {f}, księga {f}
book {n} (ebook) SEE: e-book  ::
book {n} (usually in plural: records of the accounts of a business)  :: księgi
book {v} (to reserve)  :: zarezerwować {pf}, zabukować {pf}
book {v} (to write down, register, record)  :: spisać
bookbinder {n} (person whose profession is binding books)  :: introligator {m}
bookbindery {n} (building where books are assembled and bound)  :: introligatornia {f}
bookcase {n} (furniture displaying books)  :: regał {m}, biblioteczka {f}
bookie {n} (bookmaker) SEE: bookmaker  ::
booking {n} (A reservation for a service, such as accommodation in an hotel)  :: rezerwacja
bookish {adj} (characterized by a method of expression generally found in books)  :: książkowy
bookish {adj} (given to reading; fond of study)  :: dużo czytający
bookjacket {n} (jacket of a book) SEE: dust jacket  ::
booklet {n} (small book)  :: książeczka {f}, broszura {f}
booklover {n} (booklover) SEE: [[{{l|en|book lover]]  ::
bookmaker {n} (a person who calculates odds and accepts bets; a bookie)  :: bukmacher {m}
bookmark {n} (strip used to mark a place in a book)  :: zakładka {f}
bookrack {n} (rack for books) SEE: bookshelf  ::
book-scorpion {n} (pseudoscorpion) SEE: pseudoscorpion  ::
bookseller {n} (business)  :: księgarnia {f}
bookseller {n} (person)  :: księgarz {m}, bukinista {m}
bookshelf {n} (shelf for storing books)  :: półka na książki {f}
bookshop {n} (shop that sells books)  :: księgarnia {f}
bookstand {n} (rack for holding books) SEE: bookrack  ::
bookstore {n} (bookshop) SEE: bookshop  ::
bookworm {n} (avid reader)  :: mól książkowy {m}
Boolean {adj} (logic: pertaining to data items that have values “true” and “false”)  :: boolowski
boom {interj} (sound of explosion)  :: bum
boom {n} (abrupt, low-pitched sound)  :: grzmot {m-in}, huk {m-in}
boom {n} (period of prosperity)  :: boom {m-in}
boom {n} (spar extending the foot of a sail)  :: bom {m-in}
boom {v} (to be prosperous)  :: prosperować
boomerang {n} (flat curved airfoil)  :: bumerang {m-in}
boor {n} (a Boer, white South African of Dutch or Huguenot descent)  :: Bur {m}
boor {n} (an uncultured person)  :: prostak {m}, cham {m}
boorish {adj} (behaving as a boor)  :: prostacki {m}, chamski, gburowaty {m}
boorishness {n} (the state or characteristic of being a boor or of being boorish)  :: chamstwo {n}
boost {n} (push from behind)  :: wzmocnienie {n}
boost {v} (to lift or push from behind)  :: zwiększać, zasilać
boot {n} (heavy shoe that covers part of the leg)  :: but {f}
boot {n} (kick) SEE: kick  ::
boot {n} (luggage storage compartment of a sedan/saloon style car) SEE: trunk  ::
boot {n} (parking enforcement device)  :: blokada na koło
bootblack {n} (shoeshiner) SEE: shoeshiner  ::
bootleg {n} (that part of a boot that is above the instep)  :: cholewa {f}, cholewka {f}
bootstrap {n} (the process by which the operating system of a computer is loaded into its memory)  :: rozruch {m}
booty {n} (plunder)  :: łup
bopomofo {prop} (Zhuyin fuhao) SEE: Zhuyin fuhao  ::
borate {n} (salt of boric acid)  :: boran {m}
Bordeaux {prop} (a city in France)  :: Bordeaux {n}
bordello {n} (brothel) SEE: brothel  ::
border {n} (the line or frontier area separating regions)  :: granica {f}
border {v} ((transitive) to lie on, or adjacent to a border)  :: graniczyć
Border Collie {n} (Border Collie) SEE: border collie  ::
borderline {adj} (not clearly on one side or other of a boundary)  :: pograniczny
bordure {n} (contrasting border round a shield)  :: skraj {m}
bore {n} (One who inspires boredom)  :: nudziarz {m}
boreal owl {n} (Tengmalm's owl) SEE: Tengmalm's owl  ::
Boreas {prop} (Greek god)  :: Boreasz {m}
bored {adj} (suffering from boredom)  :: znudzony {m}
boredom {n} (state of being bored)  :: nuda {f}
boric {adj} (pertaining to the element boron)  :: borowy {m}
boric acid {n} (White crystalline solid soluble as a weak acid)  :: kwas borowy {m}
boring {adj} (inciting boredom)  :: nudny
Boris {prop} (male given name)  :: Borys {m}
Borjomi {prop} (resort town)  :: Bordżomi
born {v} (be born) SEE: be born  ::
born with a silver spoon in one's mouth {adj} (born rich or in a wealthy family)  :: być w czepku urodzonym (born wearing a bonnet)
boro {v} (borrow) SEE: borrow  ::
boron {n} (chemical element)  :: bor {m}
borrow {v} (adopt (an idea) as one's own)  :: zapożyczać, zapożyczyć
borrow {v} (receive temporarily)  :: pożyczać {impf}, pożyczyć {pf}
borrow {v} (to copy a word from another language)  :: zapożyczać, zapożyczyć
borrowing {n} (loanword) SEE: loanword  ::
borscht {n} (beetroot soup)  :: barszcz {m}
borstal {n} (juvenile institution) SEE: reform school  ::
Bose-Einstein condensate {n} (gaseous superfluid)  :: kondensat Bosego-Einsteina {m}
Bosnia {prop} (short for 'Bosnia and Herzegovina')  :: Bośnia {f}
Bosnia and Herzegovina {prop} (country on the Balkan peninsula)  :: Bośnia i Hercegowina {f}
Bosniak {n}  :: Bośniak {m}, Bośniaczka {f}
Bosnian {adj} (of or pertaining to Bosnia)  :: bośniacki {m}
Bosnian {n} (the people)  :: Bośniak {m}, Bośniaczka {f}
boson {n} (particle)  :: bozon {m}
Bosphorus {prop} (a strait that passes through Istanbul)  :: Bosfor {m}
boss {n} (person in charge)  :: szef {m}, naczelnik {m}
boss {n} (supervisor)  :: brygadzista {m}
bossy {adj} (tending to give orders to others)  :: rządzący się {m}
bosun's chair {n} (boatswain's chair) SEE: boatswain's chair  ::
bot {n} (robot) SEE: robot  ::
bota bag {n} (wineskin bag)  :: bukłak {m}
botanic {adj} (pertaining to botany) SEE: botanical  ::
botanical {adj} (Of or pertaining to botany)  :: botaniczny
botanical garden {n} (a place where a variety of plants are grown for scientific reasons)  :: ogród botaniczny {m}
botanic garden {n} (botanical garden) SEE: botanical garden  ::
botanist {n} (a person engaged in botany)  :: botanik {m}
botany {n} (scientific study of plants)  :: botanika {f}, roślinoznawstwo
botch {n} (a mistake that is very stupid or embarrassing)  :: kwiatek {m-an}, wielbłąd {m-an}
botch {n} (An action, job, or task that has been performed very badly)  :: partanina {f}, chałtura {f}, fuszerka {f}, amatorszczyzna {f}
botch {n} (a ruined, defective, or clumsy piece of work; mess; bungle)  :: fuszerka {f}
botch {v} (to perform (a task) in an unacceptable or incompetent manner)  :: partaczyć {impf}, spartaczyć {pf}, partolić {impf}, spartolić {pf}
Boötes {prop} (a constellation)  :: Wolarz {m}
botfly {n} (insect)  :: gzowate, gzy
both {conj} (both...and...)  :: zarówno ..., jak i ...
both {determiner} (each of two; one and the other)  :: oba, oboje
bother {n} (trouble, inconvenience)  :: kłopot {m}
bother {v} (to annoy, disturb)  :: niepokoić, naprzykrzać się
bothersome {adj} (causing bother or perplexity)  :: kłopotliwy {m}
bo tree {n} (sacred fig) SEE: sacred fig  ::
Botswana {prop} (Republic of Botswana)  :: Botswana {f}
bottle {n} (container)  :: butelka {f}
bottle {n} (container with a rubber nipple) SEE: baby bottle  ::
bottle {n} (contents of such a container)  :: butelka {f}
bottle crate {n} (a container used for transport of beverage containers)  :: skrzynka (na butelki) {f}
bottle green {adj} (of a dark green color)  :: butelkowozielony {m}
bottle green {n} (Dark green color)  :: butelkowa zieleń {f}
bottle opener {n} (device to open bottles)  :: otwieracz do butelek {m}
bottom {n} (abyss) SEE: abyss  ::
bottom {n} (character, reliability, staying power, dignity, integrity or sound judgment)  :: dno {n}
bottom {n} (euphemistic: buttocks or anus)  :: zadek {m}, tyłek {m}
bottom {n} (lowest part)  :: dno {n}
bottom {n} (physics: bottom quark) SEE: bottom quark  ::
bottom {n} (valley)  :: dolina
boudoir {n} (woman's private room) SEE: bower  ::
bougainvillea {n} (flower)  :: bugenwilla {f}
bough {n} (tree branch)  :: gałąź {f}, konar {m}
boulder {n} (large mass of stone)  :: głaz {m}
boulevard {n} (broad, landscaped thoroughfare)  :: bulwar {m}, aleja {f}
bounced check {n} (bad check) SEE: bounced cheque  ::
bounce house {n} (bouncy castle) SEE: bouncing castle  ::
bouncer {n} (member of security personnel)  :: bramkarz {m}, wykidajło {m}
bouncy castle {n} (inflatable structure) SEE: bouncing castle  ::
bound {n} (boundary, border of territory)  :: granica {f}
boundary {n} (dividing line or location between two areas)  :: granica {f}
bounded {adj} (type of set)  :: ograniczony {m}
bounded function {n} (function)  :: funkcja ograniczona {f}
boundless {adj} (without bounds, unbounded)  :: bezgraniczny {m}
bounty {n} (generosity) SEE: generosity  ::
bounty hunter {n} (person who catches criminals in return for a reward)  :: łowca nagród {m}
bouquet {n} (bunch of flowers)  :: bukiet {m}, wiązanka {f}
bourdon {n} (bumblebee) SEE: bumblebee  ::
bourgeoisie {n} (class)  :: burżuazja {f}, mieszczaństwo {n}
bourse {n} (stock exchange) SEE: stock exchange  ::
boutique {n} (a small shop, especially one that sells fashionable clothes, jewelry and the like)  :: butik {m}
Bouvet Island {prop} (uninhabited volcanic island in the South Atlantic Ocean)  :: Wyspa Bouveta {f}
Bouyei {prop} (a language) SEE: Yay  ::
bouzouki {n} (lute)  :: buzuki {n}
bovarysm {n} (anxiety to escape from an unsatisfactory social or sentimental condition)  :: bovaryzm {m}, bowaryzm {m}
bovine {adj} (of, relating to or resembling cattle)  :: bydlęcy {m}
bovine {adj} (sluggish, dull, slow-witted)  :: gamoniowaty {m}
bovine spongiform encephalopathy {n} (bovine spongiform encephalopathy)  :: gąbczasta encefalopatia bydła {f}, chorobą szalonych krów
bovver boots {n} (bovver boots)  :: glany
bow {n} (bend in a rod or planar surface)  :: zgięcie {n}, zagięcie {n}
bow {n} (front of a boat or ship)  :: dziób {m}
bow {n} (gesture made by bending forward at the waist)  :: ukłon {m}
bow {n} (musical bow) SEE: musical bow  ::
bow {n} (rod used for playing stringed instruments)  :: smyczek {m}
bow {n} (type of knot with two loops)  :: kokarda
bow {n} (weapon used for shooting arrows)  :: łuk {m}
bow {v} (to become bent)  :: wygiąć się
bow {v} (to bend a thing)  :: zgiąć
bow {v} (to bend oneself as a gesture of respect or deference)  :: kłaniać się {impf}, skłonić się {pf}
bow {v} (to play music on using a bow)  :: prowadzić smyczek
bowel {n} (large intestine)  :: jelito {n}
bower {n} (a woman's bedroom or private apartments, especially in a medieval castle)  :: buduar {m}
bowfin {n} (Amia calva)  :: amia {f}
bowhead whale {n} (a whale, Balaena mysticetus) SEE: bowhead  ::
bowl {n} (as much as is held by a bowl) SEE: bowlful  ::
bowl {n} (container)  :: misa {f}
bowl {n} (haircut) SEE: bowl cut  ::
bowl {n} (lawn bowls) SEE: bowls  ::
bowleg {n} (leg that curves outward from the knee)  :: kolano szpotawe {n}
bowler {n} (bowler hat) SEE: bowler hat  ::
bowler {n} (pitcher) SEE: pitcher  ::
bowling {n} (a game played by rolling a ball down an alley)  :: kręgle {p}
bowman {n} (archer) SEE: archer  ::
bowsprit {n} (spar projecting over the prow of a sailing vessel)  :: bukszpryt {m}
bowstring {n} (string of an archer's bow)  :: cięciwa {f}
bowtie {n} (necktie shaped like a bow)  :: muszka {f}
bow wow {n} (sound of a dog barking)  :: hau
bow-wow {interj} (bow wow) SEE: bow wow  ::
box {n} (any of various evergreen shrubs or trees)  :: bukszpan {m}
box {n} (compartment to sit in)  :: loża {f}
box {n} (cricket: hard protector for the genitals)  :: ochraniacz na jądra {m}
box {n} (cuboid container)  :: pudło {n}, pudełko {n}, skrzynia {f}, futerał {f}
box {n} (input field on an electronic display) SEE: text box  ::
box {n} (slang: with "the": television)  :: pudło
box {n} (small rectangular shelter)  :: budka {f}
box {v} (place inside a box)  :: zapakować
box {v} (to hem in) SEE: hem in  ::
boxcutter {n} (utility knife) SEE: utility knife  ::
boxer {n} (breed of dog)  :: bokser {m}
boxer {n} (participant in a boxing match)  :: bokser {m}
boxer {n} (type of internal combustion engine) SEE: [[{{l|en|boxer engine]]  ::
boxers {n} (boxer shorts) SEE: boxer shorts  ::
boxer shorts {n} (underwear)  :: bokserki {p}
boxing {n} (the sport of boxing)  :: boks {m}
Boxing Day {n} (Boxing Day)  :: drugi dzień świąt {m}
boxwood {n} (Buxus sempervirens)  :: bukszpan {m}
boxwood {n} (the hard, close-grained wood of this tree)  :: bukszpan {m}
boy {n} (young male)  :: chłopiec {m-pr}, chłopak {m-pr}
boyar {n} (rank of aristocracy)  :: bojar {m}
boy band {n} (pop group whose members are all young men)  :: boysband {m}
boycott {n} (the act of boycotting)  :: bojkot
boycott {v} (to abstain from dealing with a person or organisation as a protest)  :: bojkotować
boyfriend {n} (male friend)  :: przyjaciel {m}, kumpel {m}
boyfriend {n} (male partner in a romantic relationship)  :: chłopak {m}, [colloquial, boyfriend or girlfriend] sympatia {f}, przyjaciel {m}
boy genius {n} (wunderkind) SEE: wunderkind  ::
boyhood {n} (The state or period of being a boy)  :: chłopięctwo {n}, lata chłopięce {n-p}
boyish {adj} (like a boy)  :: chłopięcy
boykin {n} (a little boy)  :: chłopczyk {m}, chłopiec {m}
boys will be boys {proverb} (boys are mischievous by nature)  :: chłopcy zawsze będą chłopcami
bra {n} (brassiere)  :: biustonosz {m}, stanik {m}
Brabant {prop} (former province of central Belgium)  :: Brabancja {f}
Brabant {prop} (historical region)  :: Brabancja {f}
Brabantian {adj} (pertaining to Brabant)  :: brabancki
brace {n} (bitstock) SEE: bitstock  ::
brace {n} (curly bracket) SEE: curly bracket  ::
brace {n} (harness) SEE: harness  ::
brace {n} (system to correct crooked teeth) SEE: braces  ::
bracelet {n} (a band or chain worn around the wrist as jewelry or an ornament)  :: bransoletka {f}
braces {n} (device for straightening teeth)  :: aparat ortodontyczny, aparat na zęby {m}
braces {n} (handcuffs) SEE: handcuffs  ::
braces {n} (keyboard symbols)  :: klamry {p}
brachiation {n} (movement by swinging arms between holds)  :: brachiacja {f}
brachiosaurus {n} (herbivorous dinosaur)  :: brachiozaur {m}
brachium {n} (upper arm) SEE: upper arm  ::
brachygrapher {n} (stenographer) SEE: stenographer  ::
bracket {n} (generically any of "(", ")", "[", "]", "{", "}", "<" and ">")  :: nawias {m}
bracket {n} (round bracket) SEE: round bracket  ::
bracket {n} (square bracket) SEE: square bracket  ::
brackish {adj} (repulsive) SEE: repulsive  ::
bract {n} (leaf or leaf-like structure)  :: przykwiatek {m}
brad {n} (paper fastener) SEE: paper fastener  ::
bradoon {n} (type of snaffle bit) SEE: bridoon  ::
brag {n} (boast) SEE: boast  ::
braggadocio {n} (braggart) SEE: braggart  ::
Brahman {prop} (Brahmin) SEE: Brahmin  ::
braid {n} (weave of three or more strands)  :: warkocz {m}, kosa [obsolete]
braid {v} (to intertwine)  :: pleść {impf}, splatać {impf}, spleść {pf}
braid group {n} (braid group)  :: grupa warkoczy {f}
brain {n} (organ)  :: mózg {m}
brain drain {n} (emigration of educated people)  :: drenaż mózgów {m}
brains {n} (as food)  :: móżdżek {m}
brain stem {n} (part of the brain that connects the spinal cord to the forebrain and cerebrum)  :: pień mózgu {m}
brainstorm {n} (brainstorming) SEE: brainstorming  ::
brainstorming {v} (method of problem solving)  :: burza mózgów {f}
brainwash {n} (effect upon one's memory, belief or ideas)  :: pranie mózgu
brainwash {v} (to affect one's mind)  :: robić pranie mózgu
brake {n} (device used to slow or stop a vehicle)  :: hamulec {m}
brake {v} (to operate brakes)  :: hamować
bramble {n} (blackberry)  :: jeżyna {f}
branch {n} (area in business or of knowledge, research)  :: gałąź {f}, dział {m}
branch {n} (location of an organization with several locations)  :: oddział, filia
branch {n} (part that divides like the branch of a tree)  :: rozgałęzienie {n}
branch {n} (rail transport: branch line) SEE: branch line  ::
branch {n} (woody part of a tree arising from the trunk)  :: gałąź {f}
branch {v} (to arise from the trunk or a larger branch of a tree)  :: rozgałęziać się
branch {v} (to jump to a different location in a program, especially as the result of a conditional statement)  :: rozgałęziać się
branch {v} (to produce branches)  :: rozgałęziać się
branched {adj} (Having branches)  :: rozgałęziony {m}, rozwidlony {m}
brand {n} (marker for cattle) SEE: branding iron  ::
brandish {v} (to move a weapon)  :: wymachiwać
brand name {n} (trade name) SEE: trade name  ::
bras d'honneur {n} (obscene gesture)  :: gest Kozakiewicza {m}, wał {m}
brash {adj} (insensitive or tactless)  :: nietaktowny
Brasília {prop} (The capital of Brazil)  :: Brazylia {f}
brass {n} (alloy of copper and zinc)  :: mosiądz {m}
brass {n} (class of wind instruments)  :: instrument dęty blaszany {m}
brass {n} (made of brass (attributive use))  :: mosiężny {m}
brass {n} (spent shell casings)  :: łuska {f}
brass band {n} (group of musicians who play brass instruments)  :: orkiestra dęta {f}
brassic {adj} (boracic) SEE: boracic  ::
brassiere {n} (bra) SEE: bra  ::
brass knuckles {n} (weapon which reinforces the fist)  :: kastet {m}
brat {n} (a selfish, spoiled, or unruly child)  :: bachor {m}
brat {n} (bratwurst) SEE: bratwurst  ::
Bratislava {prop} (The capital of Slovakia)  :: Bratysława {f}
Bratislavan {adj} (of, from or pertaining to Bratislava)  :: bratysławski {m}
Bratislavan {n} (someone from Bratislava)  :: bratysławianin {m}, bratysławianka {f}
Bratslav {prop} (town in Ukraine)  :: Bracław
Braunschweig {prop} (Brunswick) SEE: Brunswick  ::
brave {adj} (strong in the face of fear)  :: odważny {m}
bravery {n} (being brave)  :: odwaga {f}, śmiałość {f}
bravo {interj} (interjection)  :: brawo
brawl {n} (A fight or quarrel)  :: bijatyka {f}, burda {f}
braze {v} (The joining together of two metal pieces, without melting them, using heat and diffusion of a jointing alloy of capillary thickness)  :: zgrzewać
brazen {adj} (pertaining to, made of, or resembling brass)  :: mosiężny {m}
brazen bull {n} (ancient torture device consisting of a hollow brass bull where victims were imprisoned and burned to death)  :: byk z brązu {m}, byk Falarisa {m}, byk sycylijski {m}, byk spiżowy {m}
Brazil {prop} (Portuguese-speaking country in South America)  :: Brazylia {f}
Brazilian {adj} (pertaining to Brazil)  :: brazylijski
Brazilian {n} (person from Brazil)  :: Brazylijczyk {m-pr}, Brazylijka {f}
brazil nut {n} (tree)  :: orzesznica wyniosła, bertolecja {f}
breach {n} (break of a law or obligation)  :: naruszenie {n}
breach {n} (gap)  :: wyrwa {f}, wyłom {m}
bread {n} (baked dough made from cereals)  :: chleb {m}
bread {n} (countable: any variety of bread)  :: pieczywo {n}
bread and circuses {n} (food and entertainment provided by the state)  :: chleba i igrzysk [only in genitive case]
bread basket {n} (food bowl) SEE: food bowl  ::
breadbasket {n} (stomach) SEE: stomach  ::
breadbox {n} (a container for storing bread)  :: chlebak {m}
breadcrumb {n} (Internet) SEE: breadcrumbs  ::
bread machine {n} (household appliance which makes dough) SEE: bread maker  ::
breadmaker {n} (baker) SEE: baker  ::
breadmaker {n} (bread maker) SEE: bread maker  ::
bread roll {n} (round piece of bread)  :: bułka {f}
breadstick {n} (slander loaf of crisp bread)  :: paluszek {m}, grissini {m}, paluch {m}
breadth {n} (width) SEE: width  ::
breadth-first search {n} (a search algorithm)  :: przeszukiwanie wszerz {n}
break {n} (rest or pause, usually from work)  :: przerwa
break {n} (tennis: game won by receiving party)  :: przełamanie {n}
break {v} (intransitive, of a bone: to crack)  :: złamać się
break {v} (intransitive: to separate into (to end up in) two or more pieces)  :: [two pieces] łamać się {impf}, złamać się {pf}, rozbić się, [more pieces] połamać się
break {v} (transitive: to cause (a bone) to crack)  :: złamać
break {v} (transitive: to separate into (to cause to end up in) two or more pieces)  :: łamać {impf}, złamać {pf}, rozbijać
breakable {adj} (fragile) SEE: fragile  ::
break a leg {v} (expression of best wishes to a performer)  :: połamania nóg
breakaway {adj} (having broken away from a larger unit)  :: oderwany {m}
break bad {v} (to go wrong, to turn toward immorality or crime)  :: zejść na złą drogę
breakdancing {n} (Style of dance)  :: breakdance {m}
breaker {n} (breakdancer) SEE: breakdancer  ::
break-even point {n} (The point where total costs equal total sales revenue)  :: próg rentowności
breakfast {n} (first meal of the day)  :: śniadanie {n}
breakfast {v} (to eat the morning meal)  :: [archaic] śniadać
break in {v} (to enter by force or illicitly)  :: włamywać się / włamać się
breaking news {n} (news that just happened or is happening)  :: łamiąca wiadomość {f}, wiadomość z ostatniej chwili {f}
break of dawn {n} (daybreak) SEE: daybreak  ::
break one's fast {v} (archaic: to eat breakfast)  :: jeść śniadanie
break ranks {v} (military)  :: wyłamać się
break the ice {v} (to start to get to know people, by avoiding awkwardness)  :: przełamać lody {pf}
break up {v} (to end a relationship)  :: zerwać
breakup {n} (breakdown) SEE: breakdown  ::
breakwater {n} (construction in or around a harbour)  :: falochron {m}
bream {n} (Abramis brama)  :: leszcz
bream {n} (fish of the genus Abramis)  :: leszcz {m}
breast {n} (female organ)  :: pierś {f}, biust {m}
breastbone {n} (the central narrow bone in the front of the chest)  :: mostek {m}
breast cancer {n} (cancer of the breast)  :: rak piersi {m}
breastfeed {v} (feed a baby milk via the breasts)  :: karmić piersią {impf}
breastfeeding {n} (activity)  :: karmienie piersią {n}
breastplate {n} (armor)  :: napierśnik {m}, kirys {m}
breath {n} (act or process of breathing)  :: oddech {m}
breathe {v} (figuratively: to live)  :: oddychać swobodnie
breathe {v}  :: odetchnąć
breathe {v} (to draw air in and out)  :: oddychać {impf}, odetchnąć {pf}
breathe {v} (to draw into lungs)  :: wdychać
breathe {v} (to exchange gases in similar way)  :: oddychać
breathe {v} (to whisper quietly)  :: szeptać
breathlessness {n} (difficult respiration) SEE: shortness of breath  ::
breeches {n} (a garment worn by men, covering the hips and thighs)  :: bryczesy
breed {n} (all animals or plants of the same species or subspecies)  :: gatunek {m}
breed {n} (race or lineage)  :: rasa {f}
breed {v} (to keep animals and have them reproduce)  :: hodować
breed {v} (to propagate or grow plants)  :: hodować
breed {v} (to sexually produce offspring)  :: płodzić, rozmnażać się
breed {v} (to take care of in infancy and through childhood)  :: hodować, wychowywać
breeding {n} (copulation) SEE: sexual intercourse  ::
breezefly {n} (horsefly) SEE: horsefly  ::
Bremen {prop} (city)  :: Brema {f}
Bremen {prop} (state)  :: Brema {f}
Brescia {prop} (city and province of Italy)  :: Brescia {f}
Breslau {prop} (Wroclaw) SEE: Wroclaw  ::
Brest {prop} (A city in Belarus)  :: Brześć {m}
Brest {prop} (A city in Brittany)  :: Brest {m}
brethren {n} (the body of members)  :: bractwo {n}
Breton {adj} (pertaining to Brittany)  :: bretoński
Breton {n} (person from Brittany)  :: Bretończyk {m}, Bretonka {f}
Breton {prop} (the language)  :: (język) bretoński {m}
breviary {n} (a book containing prayers and hymns)  :: brewiarz {m}
brew {v} (to prepare liquor)  :: warzyć {impf}
brewer {n} (someone who brews)  :: piwowar {m}
brewery {n} (building where beer is produced)  :: browar {m}
brewski {n} (informal: beer)  :: browar {m}
briar {n} (any thorny plant)  :: wrzosiec
bribe {n} (inducement to dishonesty)  :: łapówka {f}
bribe {v} (to give a bribe)  :: dawać łapówkę
BRIC {prop} (Brazil, Russia, India, and China)  :: BRIC {m}
brick {adj} (made of brick(s))  :: ceglany
brick {n} (a building material)  :: cegła {f}
brick {n} (hardened block used for building)  :: cegła {f}
bricklayer {n} (craftsman)  :: murarz {m}
brickyard {n} (factory where bricks are produced or distributed)  :: cegielnia {f}
bride {n} (bride)  :: panna młoda {f}, narzeczona {f}
bridegroom {n} (bridegroom, groom)  :: pan młody {m}, nowożeniec {m}
bride price {n} (sum paid to the family of the bride)  :: wiano {n}
bridesmaid {n} (woman who attends the bride at a wedding ceremony)  :: druhna {f}
bridge {n} (bony ridge of the nose)  :: grzbiet {m}
bridge {n} (card game)  :: brydż {m}
bridge {n} (construction or natural feature that spans a divide)  :: most {m}
bridge {n} (nautical)  :: mostek kapitański {m}
bridge {n} (replacement for teeth)  :: most {m}, mostek {m}
Bridget {prop} (female given name)  :: Brygida {f}
bridle {n} (headgear for horse)  :: uzda {f}, ogłowie {n}, tranzelka {f}
bridle {v} (to show hostility)  :: żachnąć się {n}
brief {adj} (concise)  :: zwięzły {m}
brief {adj} (of short duration)  :: krótki
briefcase {n} (case used for carrying documents)  :: teczka {f}, aktówka {f}
briefs {n} (male underwear)  :: majtki {p}, slipy {p}, gacie {f-p} [colloquial], gatki {f-p}
brig {n} (two-masted vessel)  :: bryg {m}
brigand {n} (bandit)  :: bandyta {m}, zbój {m}
brigantine {n} (square-rigged foremast with main mast rigged fore-and-aft, sailing vessel)  :: brygantyna {f}
brilliant {adj} (highly intelligent)  :: genialny
brilliant {adj} (of surpassing excellence)  :: znakomity, świetny
brilliant {adj} (shining brightly)  :: błyszczący
brimstone {n} (sulfur) SEE: sulfur  ::
bring {v} (to transport toward somebody/somewhere)  :: [a thing, on foot] przynosić {impf}, przynieść {pf}, [a person, on foot] przywodzić {impf}, przywieść {pf}, [a thing or person, by vehicle] przywozić {impf}, przywieźć {pf}
bring about {v} (To accomplish)  :: dokonywać
bring about {v} (To cause to take place)  :: powodować, wywoływać
bring forth {v} (to give birth) SEE: give birth  ::
bring home the bacon {v} (to make a living)  :: przynosić mamuta do domu
bring up {v} (to raise children)  :: wychowywać {impf}, wychować {pf}
brinjal {n} (an aubergine) SEE: eggplant  ::
briny {n} (sea) SEE: sea  ::
brisk {adj} (full of liveliness and activity)  :: energiczny
bristle {n} (hair or straw of a brush, broom etc.)  :: włosie {n}
bristle {n} (stiff or coarse hair)  :: szczecina {f}, sierść {f}
bristle {v} (to be on one's guard)  :: zjeżyć się {pf}
bristle {v} (to rise or stand erect, like bristle)  :: najeżyć {pf}
Brit {n} (British person) SEE: Briton  ::
Britain {prop} (Brittany) SEE: Brittany  ::
Britain {prop} (island, see also: Great Britain, see also: British Isles)  :: Brytania {f}
Britain {prop} (United Kingdom) SEE: United Kingdom  ::
britches {n} (breeches) SEE: breeches  ::
britches {n} (pants) SEE: pants  ::
British {adj} (colloquial: of the UK)  :: brytyjski {m}
British {adj} (of Britain)  :: brytyjski {m}
British {prop} (citizens or inhabitants of Britain)  :: Brytyjczycy {p}
British {prop} (the citizens or inhabitants of the UK)  :: Brytyjczycy {p}
British Columbia {prop} (Province in western Canada)  :: Kolumbia Brytyjska {f}
British Commonwealth {prop} (Commonwealth of Nations) SEE: Commonwealth of Nations  ::
British English {prop} (English language as in Britain, especially in England)  :: brytyjski angielski {m}
British Isles {prop} (group of islands)  :: Wyspy Brytyjskie {f-p}
British Virgin Islands {prop} (a British overseas territory in the Caribbean)  :: Brytyjskie Wyspy Dziewicze {f-p}
Briton {n} (inhabitant of Great Britain)  :: Brytyjczyk {m}, Brytyjka {f}
Brittany {prop} (region of North West France)  :: Bretania
brittle {adj} (able to break or snap easily under stress or pressure)  :: kruchy {m}
bro {n} (a male comrade or friend; one who shares one’s ideals)  :: brach {m}, braciak {m}
bro {n} (a male sibling) SEE: brother  ::
broach {n} (brooch) SEE: brooch  ::
broad {adj} (wide) SEE: wide  ::
broad {n} (whore) SEE: whore  ::
broad bean {n} (edible bean that has broad seeds)  :: bób {m}
broadcast {n} (a program transmitted)  :: audycja {f}
broadcast {v} (to transmit a message or signal via radio waves or electronic means)  :: nadawać {impf}
broadcaster {n} (organisation)  :: nadawca {m}
broad-winged hawk {n} (Buteo platypterus)  :: myszołów szerokoskrzydły
brocade {n} (fabric)  :: brokat {m}
broccoli {n} (plant Brassica oleracea var. italica)  :: brokuł {m}
brochure {n} (booklet of printed informational matter)  :: broszura {f}, ulotka {f}
broiler chicken {n} (a chicken suitable for broiling)  :: brojler {m-an}
broke {adj} (lacking money; bankrupt)  :: spłukany [informal]
brokeback {adj} (derelict) SEE: derelict  ::
brokeback {adj} (hunchbacked) SEE: hunchbacked  ::
broken {adj} (fragmented)  :: połamany
broken-down {adj} (no longer in working order)  :: uszkodzony {m}
broken heart {n} (feeling of grief or loss)  :: złamane serce {n}
bromide {n} (chemistry: binary compound of bromine and another element)  :: bromek {m}
bromide {n} (platitude) SEE: platitude  ::
bromine {n} (nonmetallic chemical element)  :: brom {m}
bromoacetone {n} (CH3-CO-CH2Br)  :: bromoaceton {m}
bromoform {n} (CHBr3)  :: bromoform {m}
bronchitis {n} (inflammation of the lungs)  :: zapalenie oskrzeli {n}
bronchus {n} (Either or two branches of the trachea)  :: oskrzela (plural)
bronze {adj} (having a bronze colour)  :: brązowy
bronze {adj} (made of bronze)  :: brązowy
bronze {n} (alloy)  :: brąz {m-in}
bronze {n} (bronze medal) SEE: bronze medal  ::
bronze {n} (colour)  :: brąz {m-in}
bronze {v} (to tan) SEE: tan  ::
Bronze Age {prop} (archaeology)  :: epoka brązu {f}
bronze medal {n} (medal made of, or having the colour of, bronze)  :: brązowy medal {m}
bronze whaler {n} (copper shark) SEE: copper shark  ::
bronzewing pigeon {n} (Australian pigeon) SEE: bronzewing  ::
brooch {n} (jewellery with pin)  :: broszka {f}, brosza {f}
brook {v} (tolerate) SEE: tolerate  ::
brook alder {n} (American winterberry) SEE: American winterberry  ::
broom {n} (domestic utensil)  :: miotła {f}, szczotka {f}
broom {n} (Fabaceae shrub)  :: janowiec {m}
broom {v} (to sweep)  :: zamiatać
broomcorn millet {n} (proso millet) SEE: proso millet  ::
broomrape {n} (plant of the genus Orobanche)  :: zaraza {f}
broth {n} (soup made from broth)  :: rosół {m}, bulion {m}
broth {n} (water in which food (meat or vegetable etc) has been boiled)  :: rosół, bulion {m}
brothel {n} (house of prostitution)  :: burdel {m}, dom publiczny {m}
brother {n} (male fellow member of a religious community)  :: brat {m-pr}
brother {n} (male having parents in common)  :: brat {m-pr}
brother {n} (male sibling)  :: brat {m-pr}
brotherhood {n} (an association of any purpose, a fraternity)  :: bractwo {n}
brotherhood {n} (state of being brothers or a brother)  :: braterstwo {n}
brother-in-arms {n} (fellow combatant or soldier)  :: towarzysz broni {m}
brother-in-law {n} (one's husband's brother)  :: szwagier {m-pr}, dziewierz {m-pr} [obsolete]
brother-in-law {n} (one's husband's sister's husband)  :: szwagier {m-pr}
brother-in-law {n} (one's sister's husband)  :: szwagier {m-pr}
brother-in-law {n} (one's wife's brother)  :: szwagier {m-pr}
brother-in-law {n} (one's wife's sister's husband)  :: szwagier {m-pr}
brotherly {adj} (of or characteristic of brothers)  :: braterski
brothers {n} (male siblings)  :: bracia {m-p}
brow {n} (eyebrow) SEE: eyebrow  ::
brow {n} (forehead) SEE: forehead  ::
browbeat {v} (to bully in an intimidating way)  :: zastraszyć, zastraszać
brown {adj} (having a brown colour)  :: brązowy
brown {n} (colour)  :: brąz {m-in}
brown {v} (to tan) SEE: tan  ::
brown bear {n} (Ursus arctos)  :: niedźwiedź brunatny {m}
brown bread {n} (type of bread)  :: ciemne pieczywo {n}
brown coal {n} (lignite) SEE: lignite  ::
brown dwarf {n} (starlike object)  :: brązowy karzeł {m}
brown falcon {n}  :: sokół brunatny
brown hare {n} (brown hare) SEE: European hare  ::
brownish {adj} (of a colour which resembles brown; somewhat brown)  :: brązowawy {m}
brownnose {v} (fawn) SEE: fawn  ::
brown noser {n} (one who brownnoses)  :: wdupowłaz {m}
brown rat {n} (Rattus norvegicus)  :: szczur wędrowny {m}
Brownshirt {n} (a uniformed member of the Nazi party)  :: brunatna koszula {f}
browse {v} (scan, casually look through)  :: przeglądać {impf}
browser {n} (web browser) SEE: web browser  ::
brr {interj} (expression to show shivering)  :: brr
bruise {n} (medical: mark on the skin)  :: siniak {m}
Brunei {prop} (a country in Southeast Asia)  :: Brunei
brunette {n} (A girl or woman with brown or black hair)  :: brunetka {f}
brunion {n} (nectarine) SEE: nectarine  ::
Brunswick {prop} (Braunschweig, Germany)  :: Brunszwik {m}
brush {n} (act of brushing)  :: czesanie {n}, szczotkowanie {n}
brush {n} (electrical contact)  :: szczotka {f}
brush {n} (furry tail)  :: kita {f}
brush {n} (implement)  :: szczotka {f}
brush {v} (to clean (with a brush))  :: szczotkować
brushtail {n} (brushtail possum) SEE: brushtail possum  ::
brush up {v} (to improve a rusty or underdeveloped skill)  :: odświeżyć {pf}, odświeżać {impf}
brushwood {n} (fallen branches and twigs)  :: chrust {m}
brushwood {n} (small trees and shrubs)  :: zarośla {p}
brusque {adj} (rudely abrupt, unfriendly)  :: opryskliwy {m}, szorstki {m}
Brusselian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to, Brussels)  :: brukselski {m}
Brusselian {n} (someone from Brussels)  :: brukselczyk {m}, brukselka {f}
Brussels {prop} (capital of Belgium)  :: Bruksela {f}
brutality {n} (a state of being brutal)  :: brutalność {f}
brutalize {v} (brutalise) SEE: brutalise  ::
brute {n} (animal destitute of human reason)  :: bestia {f}
brute {n} (brutal person)  :: brutal {m}
Brutus {prop} (Roman cognomen)  :: Brutus
Bryansk {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Briańsk {m}
bubble {n} (Greek) SEE: Greek  ::
bubble {n} (someone who has been fooled) SEE: dupe  ::
bubble {n} (spherically contained volume of air or other gas)  :: bańka {f}
bubble {v} (to cheat, delude) SEE: cheat  ::
bubble {v} (to cry, weep) SEE: weep  ::
bubble cake {n} (chocolate crackle) SEE: chocolate crackle  ::
bubble level {n} (tool) SEE: spirit level  ::
Bucharest {prop} (The capital of Romania)  :: Bukareszt {m}
Bucharestian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Bucharest)  :: bukareszteński {m}
Bucharestian {n} (someone from Bucharest)  :: bukareszteńczyk {m}, bukaresztenka {f}
buck {n} (ram) SEE: ram  ::
buckberry {n} (Vaccinium stamineum) SEE: deerberry  ::
bucket {n} (container)  :: wiadro {n}, kubeł {m}, ceber {m}
Buckingham Palace {prop} (the official London residence of the British monarch)  :: pałac Buckingham {m}
buckle {v} (to buckle down) SEE: buckle down  ::
buck's party {n} (bachelor party) SEE: bachelor party  ::
buckthorn {n} (plant of the genus Rhamnus)  :: szakłak {m}
buckwheat {n} (fruit of this plant as cereal)  :: gryka {f}
Budapest {prop} (the capital city of Hungary)  :: Budapeszt {m}
Budapestian {adj} (of, from or pertaining to Budapest)  :: budapeszteński {m}
Budapestian {n} (someone from Budapest)  :: budapeszteńczyk {m}, budapesztenka {f}
Buddha {n} (Buddha)  :: Budda {m}
Buddhism {n} (religion and philosophy)  :: buddyzm {m}
Buddhist {adj} (of, relating to, or practicing Buddhism)  :: buddyjski
Buddhist {n} (practitioner of Buddhism)  :: buddysta {m}, buddystka {f}
buddy {n} (friend or casual acquaintance)  :: kumpel {m}
buddy {n} (informal address to a stranger)  :: kolega {m}, koleś {m}
buddy {n} (partner for a particular activity)  :: kolega {m}
budge {v} (intransitive: to move)  :: przesuwać się / przesunąć się, poruszyć się, drgnąć
budge {v} (transitive: to move)  :: przesunąć, poruszyć
budgerigar {n} (species of parakeet)  :: papużka falista {f}
budget {adj} (appropriate to a restricted budget)  :: tani {m}
budget {adj} (of, or relating to a budget)  :: budżetowy {m}
budget {n} (amount of money or resources)  :: budżet {m}, preliminarz {m}
budget {n} (itemized summary of intended expenditure)  :: preliminarz {m}
budget {v} (plan for the use of in a budget)  :: gospodarować, przewidywać wydatki
budyonovka {n} (a Red Army hat (during the Russian Civil War))  :: budionowka {f}
Buenos Aires {prop} (capital of Argentina)  :: Buenos Aires {n}
buffalo {n} (North American bison)  :: bizon {m}
buffalo {n} (Old World mammals)  :: bawół {m}
buffalo {v} (hunt buffalo)  :: polować na bawoły
buffer {n} (portion of memory in computing)  :: bufor {m}
buffer {n} (solution to stabilize pH)  :: bufor {m}
bufflehead {n} (a duck in the goldeneye genus, Bucephala albeola)  :: gągołek
buffoon {n} (one who acts in a silly or ridiculous fashion)  :: pajac {m}
bug {n} (a colloquial name for insect)  :: robak {m}, robal {m}, owad {m}, insekt {m}
bug {n} (an electronic listening device)  :: pluskwa {f}
bug {n} (an insect of the order Hemiptera)  :: pluskwiak {m}
bug {n} (a small image placed in a corner of a television program)  :: logo {n}
bug {n} (problem that needs fixing (especially in computing))  :: byk {m}, bug {m}
bug {v} (to annoy)  :: [informal and usually impolite] wkurzać
bug {v} (to install an electronic listening device in)  :: zakładać pluskwę {impf}, założyć pluskwę {pf}, podkładać pluskwę {impf}, podłożyć pluskwę {pf}
Bug {prop} (river between Belarus and Poland)  :: Bug
bugger {n} (heretic) SEE: heretic  ::
bugger {n} (whippersnapper) SEE: whippersnapper  ::
bugger factor {n} (Murphy's law) SEE: Murphy's law  ::
bugger off {interj} (go away) SEE: get lost  ::
buggy {n} (pushchair) SEE: pushchair  ::
bughouse chess {n} (variant of chess)  :: Kloc
bugle {n} (music: simple brass instrument)  :: róg
bug screen {n} (window screen) SEE: window screen  ::
build {v} ((transitive) to form by combining materials or parts)  :: budować {impf}, zbudować {pf}
builder {n} (a bodybuilder) SEE: bodybuilder  ::
builder {n} (a person who builds or constructs things)  :: budowniczy {m}, budowlaniec {m}
building {n} (act or process of building)  :: budowanie {n}, budowa {f}
building {n} (closed structure with walls and a roof)  :: budynek {m}, budowla {f}, dom {m}, gmach {m}
building worker {n} (construction worker) SEE: construction worker  ::
Bukhara {prop} (city in Uzbekistan)  :: Buchara {f}
bukkake {n} (pornographic genre)  :: bukkake {n}
bulb {n} (bulb-shaped root)  :: cebulka {f}
bulb {n} (light bulb) SEE: light bulb  ::
bulbil {n} (bulb-shaped bud)  :: bulwka {f}
bulbul {n} (bird of the family Pycnonotidae)  :: bilbil {m}
Bulgaria {prop} (country)  :: Bułgaria {f}
Bulgarian {adj} (relating to Bulgaria, its people or the Bulgarian language)  :: bułgarski {m}
Bulgarian {n} (native of Bulgaria)  :: Bułgar {m}, Bułgarka {f}
Bulgarian {prop} (language)  :: bułgarski {m}
bulgur {n} (Middle Eastern food)  :: bulgur {m}
bulimia {n} (eating disorder)  :: bulimia nervosa, żarłoczność psychiczna
bulimia nervosa {n} (eating disorder) SEE: bulimia  ::
bulk {n} (size, mass or volume)  :: wielkość, masa, objętość
bulkhead {n} (partition on ship)  :: gródź {f}
bulky {adj} (large in size, mass, or volume)  :: masywny
bull {n} (document)  :: bulla {f}
bull {n} (uncastrated adult male bovine)  :: byk {m}
bull {v} (lie) SEE: lie  ::
bullcrap {n} (bullshit) SEE: bullshit  ::
bulldog {n} (British bulldog) SEE: British bulldog  ::
bulldozer {n} (tractor)  :: buldożer {m}
bullet {n} (projectile)  :: pocisk {m}, kula {f}
bulletproof {adj} (capable of withstanding a bullet)  :: kuloodporny
bull fiddle {n} (instrument) SEE: double bass  ::
bullfight {n} (public spectacle)  :: korrida {f}
bullfinch {n} (Pyrrhula pyrrhula)  :: gil {m}
bullhead {n} (Europe, Asia: the European bullhead) SEE: European bullhead  ::
bullhead {n} (rail transport: bullhead rail) SEE: bullhead rail  ::
bullhook {n} (ankus) SEE: ankus  ::
bull ring {n} (bullring) SEE: bullring  ::
bullroarer {n} (musical instrument)  :: czurynga
bullseye {n} (thick glass set into the side of a ship to let in light)  :: bulaj {m}
bullshit {interj} (expression of disbelief)  :: pierdolisz!, gówno prawda!
bullshit {n} (deceitful statements, etc)  :: gówno prawda, pierdoły {p}, pieprzenie {n}
bullshit {v} (to have casual conversation with no real point)  :: pierdolić, pieprzyć
bullshit {v} (to tell lies, exaggerate)  :: pierdolić, pieprzyć
bull thistle {n} (spear thistle) SEE: spear thistle  ::
bully {n} (bully beef) SEE: bully beef  ::
bully {n} (pimp) SEE: pimp  ::
bulwark {n} (a breakwater)  :: falochron {m}
bum {n} (informal: buttocks or anus)  :: pupa {f}
bumblebee {n} (genus of bee)  :: trzmiel {m}
bumfodder {n} (toilet paper) SEE: toilet paper  ::
bumfuck {n} (assfuck) SEE: assfuck  ::
bumfuck {n} (sodomy) SEE: sodomy  ::
bumfuck {v} (sodomize) SEE: assfuck  ::
bump {n} (a light blow or jolting collision)  :: stłuczka {f}
bump {n} (a protuberance on a level surface)  :: wybój {m}
bump {n} (a swelling on the skin caused by illness or injury)  :: guz {m}
bump {n} (the sound of such a collision)  :: bum, łup
bump {n} (the swollen abdomen of a pregnant woman)  :: brzuch {m}
bumper {n} (impact absorber on a vehicle)  :: zderzak {m}
bumper {n} (mechanical device to absorb impact)  :: zderzak {m}
bum wine {n} (cheap, low quality wine)  :: jabol {m}, alpaga {f}, siara {f}
bun {n} (A small bread roll, often sweetened or spiced)  :: drożdżówka {f}
bun {n} (A tight roll of hair worn at the back of the head)  :: kok {m}
bun {n} (newbie) SEE: newbie  ::
bunch {n} (a group of a number of similar things)  :: bukiet {m}, kiść {f}, pęk {m}
bunch {n} (an informal body of friends)  :: paczka {f}
bundle {n} (biology: cluster of closely bound muscle or nerve fibres)  :: pęczek {m}
bundle {n} (colloquial: large amount, especially of money)  :: kupa {f}
bundle {n} (group of objects held together by wrapping or tying)  :: wiązka {f}, pęk {m}
bundle {n} (quantity of paper)  :: ryza austriacka {f}
bung {n} (bribe) SEE: bribe  ::
bungee {n} (elastic cord used in bungee jumping) SEE: bungee rope  ::
bungee cord {n} (elastic cord used in bungee jumping) SEE: bungee rope  ::
bungee cord {n} (elastic strap with hooks) SEE: bungee  ::
bungee line {n} (elastic cord used in bungee jumping) SEE: bungee rope  ::
bunk {n} ((nautical) built-in bed on board ship)  :: koja {f}
bunk bed {n} (two or more beds fixed on top of one another)  :: łóżko piętrowe {n}
bunkbed {n} (bunk bed) SEE: bunk bed  ::
bunker {n} (truant) SEE: truant  ::
bunny {n} (women in a costume of rabbit ears and tail)  :: króliczek {m}
bunny {n} (young rabbit)  :: króliczek {m}
bunny girl {n} (club hostess in provocative costume suggestive of a rabbit)  :: króliczek {m}
bunny hug {n} (sweatshirt with hood) SEE: hoodie  ::
buoyance {n} (buoyancy) SEE: buoyancy  ::
bur {n} (prickly husk) SEE: burr  ::
burbot {n} (a freshwater fish: Lota lota)  :: miętus {m}
burclover {n} (plant of the genus Medicago) SEE: medick  ::
burden {n} (cause of worry)  :: brzemię {n}, ciężar {m}
burden {n} (heavy load)  :: ciężar {m}
burden {n} (responsibility, onus)  :: brzemię {n}
burden {v} (encumber)  :: obciążać {impf}, obarczać {impf}
burdensome {adj} (of or like a burden; arduous or demanding)  :: uciążliwy {m}
Burdigalian {prop}  :: Burdygal
burdock {n} (any of the species of biennial thistles in the genus Arctium)  :: łopian {m}, łopuch {m}
bureau {n} (desk)  :: biurko {n}, biurka {n-p}
bureau {n} (office (room)) SEE: office  ::
bureau {n} (translations to be checked)  :: biuro {n}, biura {n-p}
bureaucracy {n} (system of administration)  :: biurokracja {f}
bureau de change {n} (a place where foreign currency can be exchanged)  :: kantor {m}, kantor walutowy {m}
burgeon {v} (of plants, to bloom, bud)  :: pączkować, rozkwitać
burgeon {v} (to grow or expand)  :: rozkwitać
burgeon {v} (to swell to the point of bursting)  :: pęcznieć
burglar {n} (thief who steals from premises)  :: włamywacz {m}, włamywaczka {f}
burglary {n} (the crime of breaking into)  :: kradzież z włamaniem
burgrave {n} (governor)  :: burgrabia {m}
burgundy {adj} (color)  :: burgundowy {m}
Burgundy {prop} (region)  :: Burgundia {f}
burial {n} (interment)  :: pogrzeb {m}, pochówek {m}
burial ground {n} (cemetery) SEE: cemetery  ::
buried {adj} (Placed in a grave at a burial)  :: pogrzebany {m}
burka {n} (female garment that covers the whole body)  :: burka {f}
Burkina Faso {prop} (country)  :: Burkina Faso {f}
burlak {n} (a man employed in dragging ships upstream)  :: burłak {m}
Burma {prop} (Myanmar) SEE: Myanmar  ::
Burma {prop} (Southeast Asian country (former name))  :: Birma {f}
Burmese {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to Burma)  :: birmański {m}
Burmese {n} (a person from Myanmar or of Burmese descent)  :: Birmańczyk {m}, Birmanka {f}
Burmese {prop} (language)  :: [język] birmański {m}
burn {n} (act of burning something)  :: palenie {n}, spalenie {n}
burn {n} (physical injury)  :: oparzenie {n}
burn {v} (become overheated)  :: spalić się, (of food, meal) przypalić się
burn {v} (be consumed by fire)  :: palić się {impf}, płonąć {impf}
burn {v} (betray)  :: spalić
burn {v} (cause to be consumed by fire)  :: palić, spalić {pf}
burn {v} (feel hot)  :: płonąć
burn {v} (injure (a person or animal) with heat or caustic chemicals)  :: oparzyć {pf}
burn {v} (overheat)  :: spalić {pf}
burn {v} (slang: insult or defeat)  :: pojazd, wjazd
burn {v} (sunburn) SEE: sunburn  ::
burn {v} (waste (time))  :: tracić {impf}, stracić {pf}, marnować {impf}, zmarnować {pf}
burn {v} (write data)  :: wypalać {impf}, wypalić {pf}
burn down {v} (to cause a structure to burn to nothing)  :: spalić doszczętnie
burner {n} (computing: device that allows data or music to be stored on a CD)  :: nagrywarka {f}
burnisher {n} (implement)  :: froterka
burn one's bridges {v} (burn one's bridges)  :: palić za sobą mosty
burnoose {n} (a thick hooded cloak)  :: burnus
burnout {n} (experience of long-term exhaustion)  :: wypalenie {n}
burn the midnight oil {v} (work through the night)  :: pracować po nocach [work at night(s)], zarywać nocki
burocracy {n} (structure and regulations in place to control activity)  :: biurokracja {f}
burp {n} (a softer belch)  :: beknięcie {n}
burp {v} (to emit a burp)  :: bekać {impf}, beknąć {pf}
burqa {n} (burka) SEE: burka  ::
burr {n} (mispronouncion of "r")  :: reranie {n}, grasejowanie {n}
burr {v} (to pronounce "r")  :: rerać, grasejować
burrow {n} (A tunnel or hole)  :: jama {f}, nora {f}, tunel {m}
burrow {v} (to dig a hole)  :: kopać
burst {v} (to break from internal pressure)  :: pękać {impf}, pęknąć {pf}; rozsadzać
burstwort {n} (rupturewort) SEE: rupturewort  ::
Burundi {prop} (A country in Eastern Africa)  :: Burundi
Burundian {adj} (pertaining to Burundi)  :: burundyjski
bury {v} (hide or conceal as if by covering with earth)  :: zakopywać {impf}, zakopać {pf}
bury {v} (inter a corpse in a grave or tomb)  :: chować {impf}, pochować {pf}, grzebać {impf}, pogrzebać {pf}
Buryat {adj} (from, of, or pertaining to, Buryatia)  :: buriacki {m}
Buryat {n} (language)  :: język buriacki {m}
Buryat {n} (person)  :: Buriat {m}, Buriatka {f}
Buryatia {prop} (Buryatia, Russia)  :: Buriacja {f}
bury the hatchet {v} (to stop fighting or arguing)  :: zakopać topór wojenny
bus {n} (electrical conductor)  :: szyna {f}, magistrala {f}
bus {n} (medical slang: ambulance) SEE: ambulance  ::
bus {n} (vehicle)  :: autobus {m} [city transport], autokar {m}
Busan {prop} (Busan, South Korea)  :: Pusan {m}
busbar {n} (electrical conductor)  :: szynoprzewód, szyna prądowa
bush {n} (category of woody plant)  :: krzak {m}, krzew {m}
bush antelope {n} (bushbuck) SEE: bushbuck  ::
bush hammer {n} (a square-headed hammer with spikes)  :: groszkownik
bushido {n} (ethical code of the samurai)  :: bushido {n}
Bushism {prop} (political philosophy)  :: buszyzm {m}
business {n} (commercial enterprise or establishment)  :: interes, firma, biznes
business {n} (commercial, industrial or professional activity)  :: biznes {m}
business {n} (occupation, work or trade of a person)  :: zajęcie {n}, zawód {m}
business {n} (something involving one personally)  :: sprawa {f}, interes {m}
business before pleasure {proverb} (discharging one's obligations should come before one's own gratification)  :: najpierw obowiązek, potem przyjemność
business card {n} (small card)  :: wizytówka {f}
businessman {n} (a man in business, one who works at a commercial institution)  :: biznesmen {m}, przedsiębiorca {m}
business plan {n} (a summary of how a business owner, manager, or entrepreneur intends to organize an entrepreneurial endeavor)  :: biznesplan {m}
businesswoman {n} (woman of business)  :: businesswoman, bizneswoman, bizneswomen, [collectively] biznesmenka {f}
bus stop {n} (a stop for public transport buses)  :: przystanek {m}
bust {n} (breasts and upper thorax of a woman)  :: pierś {f}
bust {n} (sculptural portrayal of a person's head and shoulders)  :: popiersie {n}
bust {n} ((slang) act of arresting someone for a crime, or raiding a suspected criminal operation)  :: nalot {m} (police raid)
bust {n} ((slang) failed enterprise)  :: klapa {f}, fiasko {n}
bustard {n} (any of several birds of the family Otididae)  :: drop {m-an}
busted {adj} (caught in the act)  :: przyłapany
busted {adj} (having no money)  :: spłukany
busting {adj} (urgently needing to urinate) SEE: bursting  ::
busy {adj} (complicated)  :: skomplikowany
busy {adj} (doing a great deal)  :: zajęty
busy {adj} (engaged)  :: zajęty
but {conj} (although)  :: ale, chociaż
but {conj} (except)  :: oprócz, z wyjątkiem
but {conj} (rather)  :: ale
butane {n} (the organic compound)  :: butan {m}
butch {adj} (of a man)  :: twardziel
butcher {n} (a person who prepares and sells meat)  :: rzeźnik {m}, masarz {m}
butcher {v} (to kill brutally)  :: masakrować
butcher {v} (To ruin something)  :: rujnować
butchery {n} (abattoir) SEE: abattoir  ::
butene {n} (any of several forms of butylene)  :: buten {m}
butt {n} (butt hinge) SEE: butt hinge  ::
butt {n} (butt joint) SEE: butt joint  ::
butt {n} (buttocks)  :: tyłek, zadek {m}, dupa {f} [vulgar]
butt {n} (hassock) SEE: hassock  ::
butt {n} (larger or thicker end of anything; e.g., the blunt end of a rifle)  :: kolba {f}
butt {n} (remnant of a smoked cigarette or cigar)  :: niedopałek {m}, pet {m}
butt {n} (slang: body; self)  :: skóra {f}
butt chin {n} (cleft chin) SEE: cleft chin  ::
buttcrack {n} (butt crack) SEE: butt crack  ::
butter {n} (soft foodstuff made from milk)  :: masło {n}
butter {v} (to spread butter on, see also: spread, see also: butter)  :: smarować masłem
buttercup {n} (flower of the genus Narcissus) SEE: daffodil  ::
buttercup {n} (herb of the genus Ranunculus)  :: jaskier
butterfish {n} (Maccullochella macquariensis) SEE: trout cod  ::
butterfly {n} (insect)  :: motyl {m}
butterfly {n} (swimming stroke) SEE: butterfly stroke  ::
butterfly effect {n} (technical notion of sensitive dependence on initial conditions in chaos theory)  :: efekt motyla {m}
butterfly nut {n} (butterfly nut) SEE: wing nut  ::
butterfly stroke {n} (swimming stroke)  :: motylek {m}, styl motylkowy {m}, delfin {m}
buttermilk {n} (traditional buttermilk)  :: maślanka {f}
butternut {n} (butternut squash) SEE: butternut squash  ::
butterwort {n} (plant of the genus Pinguicula)  :: tłustosz {m}
buttfuck {n} (sodomy) SEE: sodomy  ::
buttfuck {v} (sodomize) SEE: assfuck  ::
butt-fucking {adj} (anal sex)  :: rżnięcie w dupę {n}, ruchanie w dupę {n}, jebanie w dupę {n}, pierdolenie w dupę {n}
butt-fucking {adj} (Engaging in anal sex)  :: rżnięcie w dupę {n}, ruchanie w dupę {n}, jebanie w dupę {n}, pierdolenie w dupę {n}
butthole {n} (anus) SEE: anus  ::
buttkisser {n} (someone who kisses ass) SEE: asslicker  ::
buttlicker {n} (a contemptible person) SEE: asslicker  ::
buttock {n} (each of the two large fleshy halves of the posterior part of the body)  :: pośladek {m}, pośladki {p}
button {n} (a mechanical device meant to be pressed with a finger)  :: guzik {m}, przycisk {m}
button {n} (in computer software, an on-screen control that can be selected)  :: przycisk {m}
button {n} (knob or small disc serving as a fastener)  :: guzik {m}
button {v} (to fasten with a button)  :: zapinać
buttonbush {n} (common buttonbush) SEE: common buttonbush  ::
button man {n} (professional assassin) SEE: contract killer  ::
buttonwood {n} (American sycamore) SEE: American sycamore  ::
buttonwood {n} (California sycamore) SEE: California sycamore  ::
buttonwood {n} (mangrove) SEE: mangrove  ::
buttress {n} (anything that serves to support something)  :: podpora {f}
buttress {n} (brick or stone structure built against another structure to support it)  :: przypora
butyric acid {n} (normal butyric acid)  :: kwas masłowy {m}
buy {n} (purchase) SEE: purchase  ::
buy {v} (to obtain something with money)  :: kupować {impf}, kupić {pf}
buying power {n} (purchasing power) SEE: purchasing power  ::
buzz {n} (feeling of energy or excitement)  :: faza {f}
buzz {n} (humming noise)  :: bzyczenie {p}, gwar, wrzawa
buzzard {n} (bird of the genus Buteo)  :: myszołów {m}
buzzard {n} (scavenging bird) SEE: vulture  ::
buzzard {n} (slang or derogatory term for a person)  :: piernik {m}, zgred {m}
buzzer {n} (device)  :: brzęczyk
buzzword {n} (word drawn from or imitative of technical jargon)  :: buzzword {m}
by {prep} (indicates a rule followed)  :: według
by {prep} (indicates creator of a work)  :: przez
by {prep} (indicating amount of progression)  :: o
by {prep} (indication of passive voice)  :: przez
by {prep} (near, or next to)  :: przy, obok
by {prep} (not later than)  :: do
by {prep} (steady progression)  :: po, za
by {prep} (with the authority of)  :: na
by accident {adv} (accidentally) SEE: accidentally  ::
by all means {prep} (emphatically yes, definitely)  :: zdecydowanie
by and by {adv} (soon) SEE: soon  ::
Byblos {prop} (port city in Lebanon)  :: Byblos
by chance {prep} (Accidental(ly) or unexpected(ly))  :: przypadkowo
Bydgoszcz {prop} (a city in Poland)  :: Bydgoszcz {f}
by dint of {prep} (because of) SEE: because of  ::
by dint of {prep} (by means of) SEE: by means of  ::
bye {interj} (short for goodbye)  :: (colloquial) na razie; (familiar) pa, pa pa
Byelorussian SSR {prop} (Soviet republic)  :: Białoruska SRR
by foot {adv} (on foot) SEE: on foot  ::
by hand {prep} (manually)  :: ręcznie
by hand {prep} (manually) SEE: manually  ::
by heart {prep} (knowing completely)  :: na pamięć
bylaw {n} (law or rule governing the internal affairs of an organization)  :: przepis wewnętrzny {m}
bylaw {n} (local custom or law)  :: prawo miejscowe {n}
bylaw {n} (rule made by a local authority)  :: rozporządzenie władz lokalnych {n}
bylina {n} (traditional East Slavic oral epic narrative poem)  :: bylina {f}
by mistake {prep} (mistakenly) SEE: mistakenly  ::
bypass {n} (road)  :: obwodnica {f}
byproduct {n} (secondary or additional product)  :: produkt uboczny {m}
Byron {prop} (famous English poet)  :: Bajron {m}, Byron {m}
bystander {n} (a person who, although present at some event, does not take part in it; an observer or spectator)  :: naoczny świadek {m}
byte {n} (unit)  :: bajt {m}
by the Grace of God {prep} (By divine right)  :: z Bożej łaski
by the time {phrase} (when) SEE: when  ::
by the way {prep} (incidentally)  :: swoją drogą, (a) tak w ogóle
by turns {adv} ( is in turn a synonym? in this case: one after the other) SEE: is in turn a synonym? in this case: in turn  ::
Byzantine {adj} (of or pertaining to Byzantium)  :: bizantyjski, bizantyński
Byzantine {n} (native of Byzantine Empire)  :: Bizantyjczyk {m}, Bizantyńczyk {m}, Bizantyjka {f}
Byzantine Empire {prop} (an ancient Greek-speaking empire of Eastern Europe)  :: Cesarstwo bizantyjskie {n}
Byzantinology {n} (Byzantine studies) SEE: Byzantine studies  ::
Byzantium {prop} (ancient Greek city)  :: Bizancjum {n}
Byzantium {prop} (Byzantine Empire) SEE: Byzantine Empire  ::