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G {letter}  :: The seventh letter of the Spanish alphabet
gabacha {f} [Central America]  :: A work shirt (usually short-sleeved and not tucked in), or a smock or apron worn by people such as kindergarten children, gardeners, doctors, physiotherapists, spa workers, chefs, or housekeepers
gabacha {f}  :: feminine form of gabacho
gabacho {adj}  :: Gallic, frenchified
gabacho {adj} [geography]  :: Pyrenean
gabacho {f}  :: a villager from the Pyrenees
gabacho {f} [colloquial, pejorative]  :: a Frenchman, a frog
gabacho {f} [colloquial, pejorative, Mexico]  :: foreigner, gringo
gabacho {f} [colloquial, pejorative, Texas]  :: a white American
gabapentina {f} [medicine]  :: gabapentin
gabarra {f}  :: barge, boat
gabán {m}  :: overcoat
Gabón {prop}  :: Gabon (Gabonese Republic)
gabonés {adj}  :: Gabonese
gabonés {f}  :: Gabonese
Gabriel {prop}  :: Gabriel (Archangel)
Gabriel {prop}  :: male given name
Gabriela {prop}  :: female given name, feminine form of Gabriel
gacela {f}  :: gazelle
gaceta {f}  :: a kind of container used in cooking
gaceta {f}  :: gazette; newspaper
gachas {fp} [colloquial]  :: mud
gachas {fp}  :: porridge, mush (food comprising cracked or rolled grains cooked in water or milk)
gacho {adj}  :: bent, crooked downwards
gacho {adj} [Mexico]  :: bad, mean, nasty, sleazy, raunchy, gross
gachupín {m} [Mexico]  :: Spaniard
Gad {prop}  :: Gad (Biblical character and tribe)
gaditano {adj}  :: From Cádiz , Gaditanian
gaditano {f}  :: Someone from Cádiz , a Gaditanian
gadolinio {m}  :: gadolinium
gaetano {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Gaeta
gaetano {f}  :: Someone from Gaeta
gafa {f} [chiefly in the plural]  :: eyeglasses
gafa {f}  :: clamp
gafa {f}  :: grapple
gafapasta {m}  :: hipster
gafar {vr}  :: To poke fun at
gafar {v}  :: to jinx
gafas {fp}  :: glasses, eyeglasses
gafe {adj}  :: jinxed (bringing bad luck)
gafe {m}  :: spoiler, hoodoo, jinx (something or someone believed to bring bad luck)
gaguear {v}  :: to stutter
gañido {m}  :: A yip, yelp, yap
gañir {v}  :: to caw
gañir {v}  :: to yelp
gaita {f} [colloquial]  :: gullet (neck)
gaita {f} [colloquial]  :: tripe, nonsense
gaita {f}  :: gullet
gaita {f} [musical instruments]  :: bagpipes
gaitero {m} [musical instruments]  :: bagpiper
gañivete {m} [obsolete]  :: penknife
gajes del oficio {m} [idiom]  :: occupational hazards
gajo {m} [Argentina, botany]  :: cutting
gajo {m}  :: slice or segment of a fruit
gajo {m}  :: small cluster of grapes
gajo {m}  :: spur of mountains
gajo {m}  :: tine
gajo {m}  :: tree branch
galactosa {f} [carbohydrate]  :: galactose
galactosamina {f} [organic compound]  :: galactosamine
galacturónico {adj}  :: galacturonic
galaico {adj}  :: Galician
galaico {m}  :: Galician (person)
galaicoportugués {m}  :: Galician-Portuguese
galanamente {adv}  :: elegantly, gracefully
galanteada {v} [feminine past participle of, galantear]  ::
galanteadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, galantear]  ::
galanteados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, galantear]  ::
galantear {v}  :: to court
galantear {v}  :: to flirt with
galantear {v}  :: to make love with
galantemente {adv}  :: gallantly
galantería {f}  :: gallantry
galapagueño {adj}  :: Galapagoan
galapaguito {m}  :: diminutive form of galápago
galardón {m}  :: award, prize
galardón {m}  :: reward
galardonar {v}  :: to award
galaxia {f}  :: galaxy
galáctico {adj}  :: galactic
galeón {m}  :: galleon
galera {f}  :: galley
galería {f}  :: gallery
galería {f}  :: passage
galerista {m}  :: art dealer
galerista {m}  :: galerist (art gallery owner)
Gales {prop}  :: Wales (country)
galesa {f}  :: feminine form of galés
galgo {m}  :: greyhound
galguear {v}  :: (dialect) To be hungry (Central America, Mexico, Argentina)
Galia {prop}  :: Gaul [region]
Galicia {prop}  :: Galicia (region in Spain)
gaélico {adj}  :: Gaelic (relating to the Gaels or their language)
galillo {m}  :: uvula
galimatías {f}  :: jabber
Galindo {prop}  :: Spanish surname
galio {m}  :: gallium
galla {f} [Chile, colloquial]  :: feminine form of gallo, broad [US], chick, gal (woman)
gallardía {f}  :: gracefulness
gallardía {f}  :: nobility
gallardamente {adv}  :: gracefully
gallardamente {adv}  :: nobly
gallardo {adj}  :: gallant; brave
gallardo {adj}  :: sleek; elegant
gallear {v}  :: to show off
gallego {adj}  :: Galician
gallego {f} [Argentina, Uruguay, pejorative, ethnic slur]  :: A Spanish person
gallego {f}  :: Galician
gallegohablante {adj}  :: Galician-speaking
gallegohablante {m}  :: Galician speaker
Gallegos {prop}  :: Spanish surname
gallera {f}  :: cockfight arena
gallera {f}  :: henhouse for gamecocks
galleta {f}  :: cookie
galletina {f}  :: diminutive form of galleta
galletita {f}  :: diminutive form of galleta; small cookie
gallillo {m}  :: alternative form of galillo
gallina {f} [colloquial]  :: chicken (coward)
gallina {f}  :: hen
gallinazo {m}  :: turkey vulture
gallinazo {m}  :: vulture
gallinero {m}  :: henhouse, chicken coop
gallinero {m}  :: kip (very untidy house or room)
gallinero {m}  :: one who treats in hens
gallipavo {m}  :: A turkey
gallito {m}  :: diminutive form of gallo, little cock
gallito {m} [Venezuela, chiefly in the plural]  :: popcorn
gallitos {mp} [Venezuela]  :: popcorn
gallo {f} [boxing]  :: bantamweight (boxing class)
gallo {f} [Chile, colloquial]  :: guy, dude
gallo {f}  :: crack, the squawk a male voice sometimes makes when changing at puberty
gallo {f}  :: megrim (genus Lepidorhombus, a kind of fish)
gallo {f}  :: rooster
gallo de la peña {m}  :: cock-of-the-rock
gallo lira {m}  :: The black grouse, a type of bird
gallo pinto {m}  :: alternative spelling of gallopinto
gallopinto {m} [Costa Rica, Nicaragua]  :: A food made of rice and beans mixed together, and fried with onions, garlic, and sometimes other herbs
galán {adj} [colloquial, Mexico, El Salvador]  :: nice, enviable, without worries (said of a situation)
galán {adj}  :: gallant
galán {adv} [colloquial, El Salvador]  :: without worries, enjoying it (said of an enviable situation)
galán {adv} [colloquial, Mexico, El Salvador]  :: copiously, in a great and unmeasured quantity
galán {m}  :: an attractive young man, gallant
galán {m}  :: beau
galón {m}  :: braid
galón {m}  :: gallon
galón {m} [military]  :: stripe, chevron
galo {adj} [colloquial, Spain]  :: French
galo {adj}  :: Gallic
galopar {v}  :: to gallop
galope {m}  :: gallop, the fastest gait of a horse
galápago {m} [Ecuador]  :: giant tortoise
galápago {m}  :: Name given to several species of turtle
Galápagos {prop}  :: Galápagos
galpón {m} [historical, in the plural]  :: slave quarters
galpón {m} [Latin America]  :: barn, shed
galpón {m} [Latin America]  :: storehouse
galés {adj}  :: Welsh (from or native to Wales)
galés {adj}  :: Welsh (pertaining to Wales)
galés {f}  :: a Welshman
galés {prop}  :: the Welsh language
galvanización {f}  :: galvanization
galvanizador {adj}  :: galvanizing
galvanizar {v}  :: to galvanize
galvanómetro {m}  :: galvanometer
galvanométrico {adj}  :: galvanometric
galvánico {adj}  :: galvanic
gama {f}  :: (female) fallow deer
gama {f}  :: range
gamba {f} [Argentina]  :: leg
gamba {f} [Chile, colloquial]  :: 100 pesos
gamba {f} [Spain]  :: shrimp
gamberro {m}  :: hooligan, yob, lout (troublemaker)
Gambia {prop}  :: Gambia
gambiano {adj}  :: Gambian
gambiano {f}  :: Gambian
gamborimbo {m} [vulgar]  :: dingleberry (Mexico: a piece of excrement or dirty toilet paper stuck to the anus or the hairs of the anus)
gambusino {m}  :: prospector
gamello {m}  :: obsolete form of camello
gameto {m} [cytology]  :: gamete
gametocito {m} [cytology]  :: gametocyte
gamita {f}  :: young female fallow deer
gamma {f}  :: gamma; the Greek letter Γ, γ
gamo {m}  :: fallow deer
gamuza {f}  :: chamois (goat-antelope)
gamuza {f}  :: chamois (leather)
gañán {m} [pejorative, Spain]  :: stupid and bad-mannered rural man from the Spanish countryside
gana {f}  :: desire to do something
ganable {adj}  :: winnable
ganache {f}  :: ganache
ganada {f} [Argentina]  :: profit, gain, earnings
ganadería {f}  :: cattle raising
ganadero {f}  :: livestock or cattle farmer
ganado {adj}  :: earned
ganado {m} [colloquial]  :: swarm (mass of people in a turmoil)
ganado {m}  :: herd (group of animals)
ganado {m}  :: livestock
ganado {m}  :: swarm (group of bees)
ganador {adj}  :: winning
ganador {f}  :: winner
ganadora {f}  :: feminine form of ganador
ganancia {f}  :: earnings
ganancia {f}  :: gain
ganancia {f}  :: profit
gananciales {m}  :: joint property
ganar {vr} [Chile]  :: to position oneself, to situate oneself
ganar {v} [sports]  :: to win
ganar {vt}  :: to defeat, to beat
ganar {vt}  :: to earn
ganar {vt}  :: to gain
ganar {vt}  :: to reach; to attain
ganarle {v} [es-compound of, gan, ar, ganar, le, mood=inf]  ::
ganarme {v} [es-compound of, gan, ar, ganar, me, mood=inf]  ::
ganarse {vt}  :: to earn (something) for oneself
ganarse la vida {v}  :: to make a living
ganarse los garbanzos {v} [idiomatic]  :: to make a living
ganarte {v} [es-compound of, gan, ar, ganar, te, mood=inf]  ::
ganchillo {m}  :: crocheting
gancho {m} [boxing]  :: hook
gancho {m}  :: difficult situation
gancho {m}  :: hook, peg
gancho al mentón {f} [boxing]  :: uppercut
ganchoso {adj}  :: hooked
ganchudo {adj}  :: hooked, hooklike
gandola {f} [Latin America]  :: articulated lorry
gandujada {v} [feminine past participle of, gandujar]  ::
gandujadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, gandujar]  ::
gandujados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, gandujar]  ::
gandujar {vt}  :: to pleat
gandujar {vt}  :: to shirr
gandul {adj}  :: loafing, lazy
gandul {m}  :: loafer, idler
gandulear {v}  :: to idle
gandulear {v}  :: to loaf
ganga {f}  :: bargain (advantageous purchase)
ganga {f}  :: gangue
ganga {f} [Puerto Rico]  :: gang
ganga {f}  :: sandgrouse (bird of the family Pteroclididae)
ganglio {m} [anatomy]  :: ganglion
ganglio linfático {m} [anatomy]  :: lymph node
ganglionar {adj}  :: ganglial
gangoso {adj}  :: That speaks nasally
gangrena {f}  :: gangrene
gangrenar {vt}  :: to gangrene
gangrenoso {adj}  :: gangrenous
gangster {m}  :: alternative spelling of gángster
ganguear {v}  :: to speak nasally
gangueo {m}  :: A nasal voice
ganguero {adj}  :: That searches for good deals
ganguero {f}  :: Bargain hunter
ganosamente {adv} [rare]  :: desiringly
ganso {adj}  :: stupid, slow-witted
ganso {f}  :: gander
ganso {f}  :: goose
ganso {f}  :: idiot, fool (stupid or slow-witted person)
ganso común {m}  :: wild goose (Ansar ansar)
Gante {prop}  :: Ghent (capital city of the province of East Flanders, Belgium)
garúa {f}  :: A very fine mist or drizzle that visits the Andean region, especially Ecuador and Peru
garabateada {v} [feminine past participle of, garabatear]  ::
garabateadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, garabatear]  ::
garabateados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, garabatear]  ::
garabatear {v}  :: to scribble
garabato {m}  :: A type of hoe
garabato {m}  :: A type of hook
garabato {m}  :: doodle, scribble (small mindless sketch)
garabato {m}  :: swearword
garaje {m}  :: garage (car repair shop)
garaje {m}  :: garage (domestic storage for a car or motor repair facility)
garañón {m}  :: a goat chosen to become a sire
garañón {m}  :: a machoman; a sexually successful and virile man
garañón {m}  :: an ass, camel, or horse that is a stud
garantía {f}  :: guarantee
garantir {v}  :: to guarantee
garantizado {adj}  :: guaranteed, secured
garantizar {v}  :: to guarantee
garapiñar {v}  :: to coat with sugar
garbanzo {m}  :: chickpea; garbanzo (plant, seed)
garbanzo negro {m} [idiomatic]  :: black sheep
garbo {m}  :: grace
garbo {m}  :: style
garbosamente {adv}  :: gracefully
garbosamente {adv}  :: stylishly
garboso {adj}  :: jaunty, airy
garboso {adj}  :: magnanimous, generous
García {prop}  :: Spanish surname
garchada {v} [feminine past participle of, garchar]  ::
garchadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, garchar]  ::
garchados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, garchar]  ::
garchar {v}  :: to fuck
garcilla bueyera {f}  :: The cattle egret. A bird
gardenia {f}  :: gardenia
garete {m}  :: only used in the idiomatic expression irse al garete
garfio {m}  :: gaff
garfio {m}  :: hook
garganta {f} [anatomy]  :: throat
garganta profunda {f}  :: deep throat
garganta profunda {f}  :: deepthroat(ing)
gargarizada {v} [feminine past participle of, gargarizar]  ::
gargarizadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, gargarizar]  ::
gargarizados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, gargarizar]  ::
gargarizar {v}  :: to gargle
garita {f}  :: hut, cabin, lodge
garita {f}  :: watchtower, guard post
garito {m}  :: club, nightclub
garito {m}  :: gambling den, gambling house (especially an illicit one)
garnatí {adj}  :: Granadan
garnatí {m}  :: Granadan
garra {f}  :: claw, talon
garra {f} [figuratively]  :: clutches
garra {f}  :: hook
garrafa {f}  :: carafe
garrafal {adj} [of an error]  :: huge, colossal
garrapata {f}  :: tick (parasitic arachnid)
garrapatear {v}  :: to scrawl, to scribble
garrapiñar {v}  :: alternative form of garapiñar
garridamente {adv}  :: beautifully
garridamente {adv}  :: gracefully
garrocha {f}  :: goad
garrocha {f}  :: pole (used in pole vault)
garrochista {m}  :: pole vaulter
garrote {m}  :: club
garrote {m}  :: garrote
garza {f}  :: heron
Garza {prop}  :: Spanish surname
garzón {m}  :: young man, boy
garzo {adj} [literary]  :: blue-eyed
gas {m}  :: gas
gasa {f}  :: chiffon
gasa {f}  :: gauze
gasear {v}  :: to gas
gaseoducto {m}  :: alternative form of gasoducto
gaseosa {f} [El Salvador, Spain]  :: soda pop (US), soda (US), pop (US), fizzy drink (UK), soft drink (Aus)
gaseoso {adj}  :: gaseous
gaseoso {adj}  :: gassy
gasificación {f}  :: gasification
gasificar {v}  :: to gasify
gas lacrimógeno {m}  :: tear gas
gasóleo {m}  :: diesel oil
gasómetro {m}  :: Gasometer
gas natural {m}  :: natural gas
gas noble {m}  :: noble gas
gasoducto {m}  :: gas pipeline
gasolina {f}  :: petrol / gasoline
gasolinera {f}  :: petrol station, or (UK) garage
gasístico {adj} [attributive]  :: gas
gastado {adj}  :: hackneyed
gastado {adj}  :: used up
gastado {adj}  :: worn out
gastamiento {m}  :: spending, consumption
gastamiento {m}  :: waste
gastar {v}  :: to consume, use up (energy, water etc.)
gastar {v}  :: to have or wear
gastar {v}  :: to play (jokes)
gastar {v}  :: to spend (money)
gastar {v}  :: to wear, wear out (deteriorate by using)
gasto {m}  :: cost
gastrectomía {f} [surgery]  :: gastrectomy
gastritis {f}  :: gastritis
gastroenterólogo {f}  :: gastroenterologist
gastroenterología {f}  :: gastroenterology
gastromancia {f}  :: gastromancy
gastronómico {adj}  :: gastronomic, gastronomical
gastronomía {f}  :: gastronomy
gastrostomía {f} [surgery]  :: gastrostomy
gata {f}  :: car-jack, jack
gata {f}  :: female cat
gatazo {m}  :: Huge cat
gateamiento {m}  :: crawling, creeping
gatear {v}  :: to crawl (on hands and knees like a baby or toddler)
gatear {v}  :: to walk like a cat
gatera {f}  :: cat flap (small hinged panel cut into a door where a cat can come in)
gatera {f} [nautical]  :: fairlead
gatillar {v} [Argentina, colloquial]  :: to shell out, fork out (pay)
gatillazo {m} [colloquial]  :: Inability to get it up; floppiness (said of a man who loses his erection at the moment of coitus)
gatillazo {m}  :: Recoil of a trigger
gatillero {m}  :: gunman
gatillo {m}  :: trigger [of a gun]
gatita {f}  :: feminine form of gatito
gatito {f}  :: diminutive form of gato
gatito {f}  :: kitten (young cat)
gato {f}  :: cat, tomcat (male or unspecified gender)
gato {f} [Mexico]  :: servant
gato atigrado {m}  :: tabby cat
gato escaldado del agua fría huye {proverb}  :: once bitten, twice shy
gato montés {m}  :: wildcat
gatuno {adj} [attributive]  :: cat
gatuno {adj}  :: catlike
gauchesco {adj}  :: gauchesque
gauchismo {m}  :: The gauchesque literary movement
gaucho {m} [Argentina]  :: cowboy
gaulteria {f}  :: teaberry
gaveta {f}  :: A drawer
gavial {m}  :: gavial, gharial
gavilán {m} [Latin America]  :: ingrown toenail
gavilán {m}  :: nib of a pen
gavilán {m}  :: sparrow hawk
gavilán pescador {m}  :: osprey (pandion haliaetus)
gaviota {f}  :: gull, seagull
gaviota reidora {f}  :: The black-headed gull. A seabird
gaviotín negro {m}  :: The black tern. A seabird
gay {adj}  :: gay, homosexual
gay {m}  :: a homosexual person, gay person
gayo {m}  :: Eurasian jay, jay, Garrulus glandarius
Gayo {prop}  :: Gaius
gayola {f} [colloquial]  :: clink (prison)
gayola {f} [colloquial]  :: handjob, wank
gayumbos {m} [informal]  :: underpants, pants
gazapo {f}  :: bunny, young rabbit
gazapo {m}  :: misprint, error
gazatí {adj}  :: Gazan
gazeta {f}  :: obsolete spelling of gaceta: newspaper
gazmoñería {f}  :: prudery, sanctimony
gazmoño {adj}  :: prudish, sanctimonious
gaznápira {f}  :: feminine form of gaznápiro
gaznápiro {f}  :: simpleton, yokel, dolt
gazpacho {m}  :: gazpacho
gazuza {f} [colloquial]  :: intense hunger; famishment
ge {f}  :: Name of the letter g
geco {m}  :: gecko
geófago {adj}  :: geophagous; earth-eating
geógrafo {m}  :: geographer (a specialist in geography)
gelatería {f}  :: gelateria (gelato shop)
gelatina {f}  :: gelatine
gelatinoso {adj}  :: gelatinous
gelificarse {v}  :: to gel
gelignita {f}  :: gelignite
geliofobia {f}  :: geliophobia
geólogo {f}  :: geologist
gema {f} [botany]  :: bud, shoot
gema {f}  :: gem
Gema {prop}  :: female given name
gemación {f}  :: gemmation, budding
gemela {f}  :: (female) twin
gemela {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: gemel
gemelo {adj}  :: twin
gemelo {f}  :: calf (leg)
gemelo {f}  :: cuff link, cufflink
gemelo {f}  :: monozygotic twin
gemelo {f}  :: twin; identical twin
gemelos {mp}  :: binocular, opera glass
geómetra {m}  :: geometer
gemido {m}  :: moan, groan
geminación {f}  :: gemination
geminar {v}  :: to geminate
gemir {v}  :: to groan, to moan, to wail
gen {m}  :: gene
Genaro {prop}  :: male given name
gendarme {m} [police]  :: policeman (armed)
gendarmería {f}  :: gendarmerie
gene {m}  :: gene
genealógico {adj}  :: genealogical
genealogía {f}  :: genealogy
genealogista {m}  :: genealogist
generación {f}  :: generation
generacional {adj}  :: generational
generador {adj}  :: generating
generador {m}  :: generator
general {adj}  :: general
general {f} [military ranks]  :: general
generalidad {f}  :: a generalization, an unspecific, or vague statement
generalidad {f}  :: generalness; non-specificness
generalidad {f}  :: the general mass of people; the majority
generalismo {m}  :: generalism
generalización {f}  :: generalization
generalizar {v}  :: to generalize
generalmente {adv}  :: generally, normally
generar {v}  :: to create
generar {v}  :: to generate
generosamente {adv}  :: generously
generosidad {f}  :: generosity
generoso {adj}  :: generous
genetista {m}  :: geneticist
genial {adj}  :: ingenious, genial
genial {adj}  :: splendid, gorgeous, great
genialidad {f}  :: ingeniousness, ingenuity
genialmente {adv}  :: genially
genialmente {adv}  :: ingeniously
genio {m}  :: genius
geniogloso {m}  :: genioglossus
geniohioideo {m}  :: geniohyoid
genital {adj}  :: genital
genital {m} [Usually plural]  :: genital
genitales {mp}  :: genitalia
genitivo {adj} [grammar]  :: genitive (of or pertaining to the case of possession)
genitivo {m} [grammar]  :: genitive case
genómica {f}  :: genomics
genómico {adj}  :: genomic
-geno {suffix}  :: -gen
-geno {suffix}  :: -genic
güeno {adj} [slang]  :: good, alright
genocidio {m}  :: genocide
genol {m} [nautical]  :: futtock
genoma {m}  :: genome (complete genetic information of an organism)
genovés {f}  :: Genovese
genéricamente {adv}  :: generically
genérico {adj}  :: generic
gente {f}  :: people
gentecilla {f} [pejorative]  :: The proletariat
genética {f}  :: genetics
genéticamente {adv}  :: genetically
genético {adj}  :: genetic
gentil {adj}  :: kind, nice
gentileza {f}  :: kindness
gentilhombre {m}  :: gentleman
gentilicio {m}  :: demonym
gentilmente {adv}  :: kindly
gentío {m}  :: throng, crowd
gentualla {f}  :: despicable person, lowlife, rabble
gentuza {f} [pejorative]  :: rabble, riffraff, the common people
genuflexión {f}  :: genuflection
genuino {adj}  :: genuine, sincere
geo {m}  :: a member of the Grupo Especial de Operaciones
geo- {prefix}  :: geo-
geobotánica {f}  :: geobotany
geobotánico {adj}  :: geobotanic, phytogeographical
geocentrismo {m}  :: geocentrism
geocéntrico {adj}  :: geocentric
geocronología {f}  :: geochronology
geoda {f}  :: geode
geodesia {f}  :: geodesy
geodesta {f}  :: geodesist
geodésico {adj}  :: geodetic
geoestacionario {adj}  :: geostationary
geoestratégico {adj}  :: geostrategic
geofísico {adj}  :: geophysical
geofísico {f}  :: geophysicist
geografía {f}  :: geography
geográficamente {adv}  :: geographically
geográfico {adj}  :: geographic
geológicamente {adv}  :: geologically
geológico {adj}  :: geologic
geología {f}  :: geology (the study of earth and land)
geometría {f}  :: geometry (branch of mathematics)
geométricamente {adv}  :: geometrically
geométrico {adj}  :: geometric
geopolítico {adj}  :: geopolitical
geoquímico {adj}  :: geochemical
geoquímico {m}  :: geochemist
Georgia {prop}  :: Georgia (country)
Georgia {prop}  :: Georgia (US state)
georgiana {f}  :: feminine form of georgiano
georgiano {adj}  :: Georgian (all senses)
georgiano {f}  :: Georgian (all senses)
georgiano {prop}  :: Georgian (language)
geosmina {f} [organic compound]  :: geosmin
geotérmico {adj}  :: geothermal
geranio {m}  :: geranium, cranesbill
geranio {m}  :: geranium, pelargonium
geraniol {m} [organic compound]  :: geraniol
gerencia {f}  :: management
gerencial {adj}  :: managerial; of or relating to management
gerente {m}  :: manager
geriatra {m}  :: geriatrician
geriatría {f}  :: geriatrics
gerifalte {m}  :: gyrfalcon, Falco rusticolus
gerigonza {f}  :: alternative form of jerigonza
geriátrico {adj}  :: geriatric
geriátrico {m}  :: nursing home, rest home
germanio {m}  :: germanium
germanización {f}  :: Germanization
germanizar {v}  :: to Germanize
germen {m}  :: germ
germen {m}  :: microbe, microorganism
germinación {f}  :: germination
germinados {mp}  :: sprouts, seeds sprouted for the purpose of eating
germinal {adj}  :: germinal
germinal {m}  :: Germinal
germinar {v}  :: to germinate
Germán {prop}  :: male given name, in Spanish speaking countries
germánicamente {adv}  :: Germanically
germánico {adj}  :: Germanic
güero {adj} [Mexico]  :: having light skin and/or blond hair
güero {f} [Mexico]  :: a person with light skin and/or blond hair
Gerona {prop}  :: Girona
Gerona {prop}  :: The letter G in the Spanish phonetic alphabet
Geronymo {prop}  :: obsolete spelling of Jerónimo
Gershu {prop}  :: male given name, diminutive of Germán
Gertrudis {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to English Gertrude
gerundense {adj}  :: of or pertaining to Girona
gerundense {m}  :: someone from Girona
gerundese {adj}  :: Gironan
gerundese {m}  :: Gironan
gerundio {m} [grammar]  :: A certain impersonal form of a verb in various languages
gerundio {m} [grammar]  :: Specifically, the Latin gerund
gerundio {m} [grammar]  :: Specifically, the Spanish verbal adverb, ending in -ando, -iendo, or -yendo
gerundivo {m} [grammar]  :: The Latin gerundive
gestación {f}  :: gestation; pregnancy
gestar {v}  :: to carry out (progeny)
gestar {v}  :: to develop, generate (a feeling)
gestar {v}  :: to gestate
gesticulación {f}  :: gesticulation
gesticular {v}  :: to gesticulate
gestión {f}  :: management
gestión {f}  :: process
gestión {f}  :: step
gestionar {v}  :: to file (commit official papers to some office)
gestionar {v}  :: to manage
gestionar {v}  :: to negotiate
gestionar {v}  :: to prosecute
gesto {m}  :: expression
gesto {m}  :: gesture
gestor {m}  :: solicitor, attorney, barrister
gestoría {f}  :: an office of the gestor
Getafe {prop}  :: Getafe (city)
getafense {adj}  :: Of or from Getafe
getafense {m}  :: Someone from Getafe
güey {f} [colloquial]  :: dude, guy, buddy
güey {f} [Mexico, colloquial slang]  :: chump, punk, dumbass, idiot, jerk
gúgol {m}  :: A googol
Ghana {prop}  :: Ghana
ghanés {adj}  :: Ghanaian (of, from, or pertaining to Ghana or the Ghanaian people)
ghanés {f}  :: Ghanaian (person)
giba {f} [colloquial]  :: nuisance
giba {f}  :: hump
giboso {adj}  :: humped
Gibraltar {prop}  :: Gibraltar: overseas territory of the United Kingdom at the southern end of the Iberian peninsula
gibraltareña {f}  :: Gibraltarian
gibraltareño {adj}  :: Gibraltarian
gibraltareño {f}  :: Gibraltarian
giennense {adj}  :: alternative spelling of jiennense
giennense {m}  :: alternative spelling of jiennense
gigante {adj}  :: giant, gigantic
gigante {f}  :: giant
gigante azul {f}  :: blue giant
giganteo {adj}  :: giant, gigantic
gigante roja {f}  :: red giant
Gigantes {prop} [baseball]  :: The baseball team, the San Francisco Giants
gigantesco {adj}  :: gigantic, gigantesque; of a giant
gigantez {f}  :: hugeness
gigantografía {f}  :: blow-up, giant poster
gigatón {m}  :: gigaton
gigavatio {m}  :: gigawatt
gigámetro {m}  :: gigametre
gigánticamente {adv}  :: gigantically
gigoló {m}  :: gigolo
güija {f}  :: Ouija
güija {f}  :: Ouija board
Gijón {prop}  :: Gijón
gijonense {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Gijón
gijonense {m}  :: Someone from Gijón
gijonés {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Gijón
gijonés {f}  :: Someone from Gijón
gil {adj} [Argentina, Chile, Uruguay]  :: naïve, innocent, dumb, dummy
gilí {adj} [colloquial, Spain]  :: stupid
güila {f} [Mexico, slang]  :: prostitute
güila {m} [Costa Rica, slang]  :: child, kid
Gilberto {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to English Gilbert
gilipollas {adj} [Spain, vulgar]  :: silly, fatheaded
gilipollas {m}  :: pompous ass
gilipollas {m} [Spain, vulgar]  :: dickhead, wanker
gilipollez {f} [Spain, vulgar]  :: asshattery, arseholery
gimnasia {f}  :: gymnastics
gimnasia aeróbica {f}  :: sport aerobics, aerobic gymnastics
gimnasia artística {f}  :: artistic gymnastics
gimnasia rítmica {f} [gymnastics]  :: rhythmic gymnastics
gimnasio {m}  :: gymnasium (a room or building equipped for indoor sports)
gimnasta {m}  :: gymnast
gimnospermo {adj} [botany]  :: gymnospermous
gimotear {v}  :: to whine
gimoteo {m}  :: whine, whining
ginebra {f} [drinks]  :: gin
Ginebra {prop}  :: Geneva
ginecóloga {f}  :: feminine form of ginecólogo
ginecólogo {f}  :: gynecologist
ginecológico {adj}  :: gynecological
ginecología {f}  :: gynecology
gingivitis {f}  :: gingivitis
Ginés {prop}  :: male given name
gira {f}  :: tour
güira {f} [Antilles]  :: Guira tree, a tropical tree of the family bignoniáceas, e.g. Crescentia cujete
güira {f} [Antilles]  :: the fruit of the Guira tree
güira {f} [Dominican Republic]  :: güira (percussion instrument)
güira {f}  :: feminine form of güiro, female kid, girl
giramiento {m}  :: turning
girar {v}  :: to turn
girasol {m}  :: sunflower (flower)
giro {m}  :: tour
giro {m}  :: turn
güiro {f} [Mexico]  :: kid
güiro {m} [South America]  :: gourd
güiro {m} [South America, musical instruments]  :: guiro
girobirrotonda {f} [geometry]  :: gyrobirotunda
giroide {adj} [geometry]  :: gyrate
gis {f} [education]  :: piece of chalk
géiser {m}  :: geyser
güisquería {f}  :: alternative form of whiskería
güisqui {m}  :: whisky, whiskey
gitana {f}  :: gypsy
gitanamente {adv}  :: fawningly, flatteringly
gitano {adj}  :: of or like a Gypsy
gitano {f}  :: Gypsy
glacial {adj} [figuratively]  :: frigid, chilly, not cordial
glacial {adj}  :: glacial
glacialmente {adv}  :: coldly
glacialmente {adv}  :: glacially
glaciar {m}  :: glacier
gladiador {f}  :: gladiator
gladiadora {f}  :: feminine form of gladiador
glamoroso {adj}  :: glamorous
glamour {m}  :: glamour (charm)
glamouroso {adj}  :: glamorous
glamuroso {adj}  :: glamorous
glande {m} [anatomy]  :: glans penis
glandular {adj}  :: glandular
glasear {v}  :: to glaze
glauco {adj}  :: glaucous; having a green colour
glauco {m}  :: Glaucus atlanticus, a species of sea slug
glaucoma {m}  :: glaucoma
glóbulo {m}  :: blood cell
glóbulo {m}  :: globule
glúcido {m} [carbohydrate]  :: carbohydrate
gleba {f}  :: clod (lump of earth)
gleba {f}  :: land, soil
gliadina {f} [protein]  :: gliadin
glial {adj}  :: glial
gálibo {m} [transport]  :: An arch or similar structure used to determine the clearance of a moving vehicle (in a drive-through, a railway station, etc.)
glical {m} [organic compound]  :: glycal
glicemia {f}  :: glycemia
gliceraldehído {m} [organic compound, carbohydrate]  :: glyceraldehyde
glicerol {m} [organic compound]  :: glycerol
glicina {f} [amino acid]  :: glycine
glicocólico {adj}  :: glycocholic
glicocolato {m}  :: glycocholate
glicol {m} [organic compound]  :: glycol
glicoproteína {f} [protein]  :: glycoprotein
glicosil {m} [organic compound]  :: glycosyl
glicosoaminoglicano {m} [carbohydrate]  :: glycosaminoglycan
glicérido {f} [organic compound]  :: glyceride
gélido {adj}  :: distant (of a person)
gélido {adj}  :: gelid, frosty (temperature)
glifo {m}  :: glyph
glifosato {m} [organic compound]  :: glyphosate
glioxisoma {m} [cytology]  :: glyoxysome
glándula {f} [anatomy]  :: gland
glándula lagrimal {f} [anatomy]  :: lacrimal gland
glándula mamaria {f} [anatomy]  :: mammary gland
glándula pineal {f} [anatomy]  :: pineal gland
glándula pituitaria {f}  :: pituitary gland
glándula prostática {f} [anatomy]  :: prostate gland, prostate
glándula salival {f} [anatomy]  :: salivary gland
glándulas de Skene {f} [anatomy]  :: Skene's gland
glándula sebácea {f} [anatomy]  :: sebaceous gland
global {adj}  :: global (worldwide)
globalidad {f}  :: globality
globalización {f}  :: globalisation
globalizar {v}  :: to globalize
globo {m}  :: balloon
globo {m}  :: globe
globo ocular {m}  :: eyeball
globular {adj}  :: globular
globulina {f} [protein]  :: globulin
gloria {f}  :: glory
Gloria {prop}  :: female given name
gloria de la mañana {f}  :: morning glory
gloriar {v}  :: to glorify
glorieta {f} [horticulture]  :: arbor, bower
glorieta {f}  :: roundabout, traffic circle (road junction at which traffic streams circularly around a central island)
glorieta {f}  :: summerhouse, alcove, pavilion
glorificación {f}  :: glorification
glorificada {v} [feminine past participle of, glorificar]  ::
glorificadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, glorificar]  ::
glorificados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, glorificar]  ::
glorificar {v}  :: to adore
glorificar {v}  :: to glorify, exalt, extol
gloriosamente {adv}  :: gloriously
glorioso {adj}  :: glorious, proud
glosar {v}  :: to gloss
glosario {m}  :: glossary
glotis {f}  :: glottis (organ of speech)
glotón {adj}  :: gluttonous
glotón {m}  :: glutton (one who eats voraciously, obsessively, or to excess)
glotón {m}  :: glutton, wolverine (mammal)
glotonamente {adv}  :: gluttonously
glotonear {v}  :: to be gluttonous
glotonear {v}  :: to gormandize
glotonería {f}  :: gluttony
glúteo {adj}  :: Related to the buttock
glúteo {m}  :: gluteo
glucal {m} [organic compound, carbohydrate]  :: glucal
glucemia {f}  :: glycemia
glucógeno {m} [carbohydrate]  :: glycogen
glucólisis {m} [biochemistry]  :: glycolysis
glucómetro {m}  :: glucometer
glucémico {adj}  :: glycemic
glucosa {f} [carbohydrate]  :: glucose
glucosamina {f} [organic compound]  :: glucosamine
glucosaminaglicano {m} [carbohydrate]  :: glycosaminoglycan
glucosaminoglucano {m} [organic compound]  :: glycosaminoglycan
glucosídico {adj}  :: glycosidic
glucosidasa {f} [enzyme]  :: glucosidase
glucósido {m} [organic compound]  :: glycoside
glucurónico {adj}  :: glucuronic
glucuronato {m}  :: glucuronate
glucuronolactona {f} [organic compound]  :: glucuronolactone
gluglú {m}  :: gobble (the sound a turkey makes)
gluglú {m}  :: gurgle
gluón {m}  :: gluon
glutamato {m} [organic chemistry]  :: glutamate
glutamato monosódico {m}  :: monosodium glutamate
glutamina {f} [amino acid]  :: glutamine
glutaminasa {f} [protein]  :: glutaminase
gluten {m} [protein]  :: gluten
glutenina {f} [protein]  :: glutenin
Gómez {prop}  :: Spanish surname
góming {m}  :: bungee jumping
Géminis {prop}  :: Gemini (astrological sign)
gónada {f} [anatomy]  :: gonad
góndola {f}  :: gondola (boat)
género {m} [biology]  :: gender, sex
género {m} [classification]  :: kind
género {m} [clothing]  :: cloth, material (woven fabric)
género {m} [grammar]  :: gender
género {m} [music, cinema, theatre, TV]  :: genre
género {m}  :: style
género {m} [taxonomy]  :: genus
género humano {m}  :: humankind, mankind, humanity
génesis {f}  :: genesis
-génesis {prefix}  :: -genesis
gángster {m}  :: gangster
génico {adj}  :: genic
gnomo {m}  :: gnome
gnosticismo {m}  :: Gnosticism
Génova {prop}  :: Genoa
gánster {m}  :: alternative form of gángster
gnóstico {adj}  :: gnostic
gnóstico {f}  :: gnostic
gobernabilidad {f}  :: governability
gobernación {f}  :: government, governance
gobernada {v} [feminine past participle of, gobernar]  ::
gobernadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, gobernar]  ::
gobernador {m}  :: governor
gobernados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, gobernar]  ::
gobernamiento {m}  :: governing, government
gobernante {adj}  :: ruling
gobernante {m} [colloquial]  :: governor
gobernante {m}  :: ruler, leader
gobernar {v}  :: to govern
gobernar {v}  :: to guide
gobernar {v}  :: to steer (a vehicle or watercraft)
gobierno {m}  :: government
gobio {m}  :: gudgeon
goce {m}  :: enjoyment
godo {adj}  :: Gothic
godo {m}  :: Goth
godo {m} [Latin American Spanish, pejorative]  :: Spaniard, loyalist
gofre {m}  :: waffle (flat pastry)
gol {m}  :: goal (in football)
golaveraje {m}  :: goal average
golazo {m} [football]  :: spectacular goal, scorcher
goldre {m}  :: quiver (for arrows)
goleador {f} [soccer]  :: goal scorer; attacker (who scores many goals)
golear {v}  :: to rout
goleta {f}  :: schooner, clipper (sailing boat)
golf {m}  :: golf
golfa {f} [pejorative, Mexico, Spain, slang]  :: a slut, tramp, or whore
golfista {m}  :: golfer
golfín {m}  :: dolphin
golfín {m}  :: gangster
golfo {adj}  :: dishonest
golfo {adj}  :: nasty
golfo {adj}  :: promiscuous
golfo {f}  :: sluggard
golfo {f}  :: slut
golfo {m}  :: gulf
golfo de Bengala {prop}  :: Bay of Bengal
golfo de México {prop}  :: Gulf of Mexico (gulf between USA and Mexico)
golfo Pérsico {m}  :: Persian Gulf
golilla {f} [colloquial]  :: ruff (collar)
golondrina {f}  :: swallow (bird)
golosina {f}  :: candy
goloso {adj}  :: greedy, gluttonous (given to excessive eating)
goloso {adj}  :: horny an easily aroused
goloso {adj}  :: sweet-toothed, having a sweet tooth (fond of sweets)
golpéame {v} [es-compound of, golpe, ar, golpea, me, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
golpe {m}  :: blast (of music)
golpe {m}  :: bump, bang
golpe {m}  :: bunch of seedlings (in one hole)
golpe {m}  :: crowd, multitude (of people)
golpe {m}  :: gush (of water), gust (of wind)
golpe {m}  :: heartbeat
golpe {m}  :: hit, blow, knock
golpe {m}  :: hole (for planting seedlings)
golpe {m}  :: shot, stroke (in billiards)
golpe {m}  :: surprise
golpeado {adj}  :: beaten
golpeador {m}  :: kicker; hitter (someone who kicks or hits)
golpear {v}  :: to hit
golpearlo {v} [es-compound of, golpe, ar, golpear, lo, mood=inf]  ::
golpearme {v} [es-compound of, golpe, ar, golpear, me, mood=inf]  ::
golpearte {v} [es-compound of, golpe, ar, golpear, te, mood=inf]  ::
golpe bajo {m}  :: low blow
golpecito {m}  :: diminutive form of golpe
golpe de estado {m}  :: coup d'état
golpetear {v}  :: to rattle
golpeteo {m}  :: drumming, rapping, rat-a-tat-tat
golpismo {m}  :: coup d'état mentality
golpismo {m}  :: tendency to military coups
golpista {m}  :: Leader of a coup
golpiza {f} [Latin American]  :: beating, bashing
goma {f} [Central America]  :: hangover (illness caused by a previous bout of heavy drinking)
goma {f}  :: chewing gum
goma {f}  :: condom
goma {f}  :: glue
goma {f}  :: gum (substance exuded by certain plants)
goma {f}  :: rubber band
goma {f}  :: rubber (substance)
gomía {m} [vesre]  :: friend
goma de borrar {f}  :: eraser (thing used to erase or remove something written or drawn by a pen or a pencil)
gomas {fp} [Argentina, Chile, vulgar]  :: women’s breast
gomina {f}  :: gel, hair cream
gomita {f} [Mexico]  :: jelly candy
gomita {f}  :: rubber band
gonadotrofina {f} [hormone]  :: gonadotropin
gonadotropina {f} [hormone]  :: gonadotropin
gonorrea {f}  :: gonorrhea
Gonzales {prop}  :: Spanish surname, variant of González, from the Spanish male given name Gonzalo
Gonzalo {prop}  :: male given name
Gonzalo {prop}  :: Spanish surname
González {prop}  :: Spanish surname, son of Gonzalo
googlear {v}  :: to google (search using Google)
gorda {f}  :: fat woman
gordi {m} [colloquial]  :: honey, darling
gordinflón {adj} [colloquial]  :: chubby
gordinflón {f} [colloquial]  :: chubby, fatso (overweight person)
gordita {f}  :: A thick tortilla made in Mexico, frequently stuffed and made of corn flour
gordito {adj}  :: diminutive form of gordo
gordo {adj}  :: fat
gordo {m} [affective]  :: Honey
gordo {m}  :: fat man
gordo {m} [informal, euphemistic]  :: feces, the act of defecation, number two
gordo {m}  :: The grand prize in a lottery
gordura {f}  :: fatness
gorgojo {m} [colloquial]  :: small person
gorgojo {m}  :: grub
gorgojo {m}  :: weevil
gorgor {m}  :: gurgle
gorgotear {v}  :: to gurgle
gorgoteo {m}  :: gurgle
gorila {m}  :: bouncer
gorila {m}  :: gorilla
gorjear {v}  :: to chirp
gorjeo {m}  :: gurgle, gurgling (sound)
gorjeo {m}  :: tweet, twirp (bird song)
gorra {f}  :: cap, baseball cap
gorrear {v}  :: to cheat (on one's spouse or partner)
gorrear {v}  :: to scrounge
gorrión {m}  :: sparrow
gorrito {m}  :: bonnet, baby's bonnet
gorrón {f}  :: freeloader
gorro {m}  :: cap
gorro {m}  :: (Chile) condom
gorro {m}  :: hat
gorrona {f}  :: freeloader
gorronear {v}  :: to scrounge, sponge
gosipol {m} [organic compound]  :: gossypol
gota {f}  :: a drop or small amount of
gota {f}  :: gout
gota {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: goutte
gota de lluvia {f} [usually, in the plural]  :: raindrop
gota fría {f}  :: A very heavy downpour, or cloudburst
gotear {v}  :: to drip
Gotemburgo {prop}  :: Gothenburg (Swedish city)
gotemburgués {adj}  :: From or native to Gothenburg, Sweden
gotemburgués {adj}  :: Pertaining to Gothenburg, Sweden
gotemburgués {f}  :: A resident of native of Gothenburg, Sweden
gotera {f}  :: A gutter
gotera {f}  :: leak (hole which lets escape a fluid)
gotera {f}  :: leak in the roof which lets water drop into the house)
gozador {adj} [Latin America, informal]  :: funloving
gozador {adj} [Latin America, informal]  :: sex-mad
gozar {v}  :: to enjoy oneself
gozne {m}  :: hinge
gozo {m}  :: joy
gozo {m}  :: pleasure, enjoyment
gozoso {adj}  :: pleased, joyous (happy)
gozoso {adj}  :: pleasurable, joyful, enjoyable (causing happiness)
GPS {m}  :: an electronic device using GPS for navigation
GPS {m}  :: Global Positioning System
GR {abbr}  :: Guerrero (Mexican state)
grúa {f}  :: crane (machine)
grúa {f}  :: obsolete form of grulla
grúa {f}  :: tow truck
grabable {adj}  :: recordable
grabación {f}  :: recording (an activity or result)
grabada {v} [feminine past participle of, grabar]  ::
grabadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, grabar]  ::
grabado {adj}  :: recorded
grabado {m}  :: An engraving
grabador {m}  :: tape recorder
grabadora {f}  :: recorder
grabados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, grabar]  ::
grabar {v}  :: to record
gracia {f}  :: good humor
gracia {f}  :: grace
gracia {f}  :: mercy
gracia {f}  :: pardon
gracia {f}  :: punch line of a joke or story
gracias {fp}  :: expression of thanks
gracias {interj}  :: thank you
Gracias {prop}  :: A colonial town in the Lempira department of Honduras
gracias a Dios {phrase}  :: thanks be to God
gracias por su ayuda {phrase} [polite]  :: thanks for your help
gracias por tu ayuda {phrase} [familiar]  :: thanks for your help
gracias un montón {phrase}  :: thanks a lot
Graciela {prop}  :: female given name, diminutive of Gracia, cognate to Italian Graziella
graciosidad {f}  :: gracefulness
gracioso {adj}  :: funny
gracioso {adj}  :: graceful
gracioso {adj}  :: pleasing
gracioso {adj} [sarcasm]  :: annoying; graceless
gracioso {adj}  :: silly (playful; giggly)
grada {f}  :: step (of a staircase)
gradación {f}  :: gradation
gradado {adj}  :: graded; having gradings or steps
gradar {v}  :: to harrow
gradería {f}  :: stands, bleachers (of an amphitheater)
gradilla {f}  :: test tube holder
grado {m}  :: degree
grado {m}  :: grade
grado {m}  :: liking, preference
grado {m}  :: step
grado {m} [Venezuela]  :: graduation
grado {m}  :: will, wish
grado Celsius {m}  :: degree Celsius
grado centígrado {m} [colloquial]  :: degree Celsius
graduable {adj}  :: adjustable
graduación {f}  :: graduation
graduado {adj}  :: graduated
graduado {f}  :: graduate
graduador {m}  :: graduator, gauger
gradual {adj}  :: gradual
gradual {m} [Roman Catholic Church]  :: gradual
gradualmente {adv}  :: gradually
graduar {v}  :: to calibrate, adjust (an instrument)
graduar {v}  :: to graduate
-grafía {suffix}  :: -graphy
grafeno {m}  :: graphene
grafitear {v} [colloquial]  :: to graffiti
grafitera {f}  :: feminine form of grafitero
grafitero {f}  :: graffitist
grafiti {m}  :: graffiti
grafito {m}  :: graphite
grafómana {f}  :: feminine form of grafómano
grafómano {f}  :: One affected with or exhibiting graphomania
grafómetro {m}  :: graphometer, semicircle (surveying instrument)
grafo {m}  :: graph
-grafo {suffix}  :: -graph
-grafo {suffix}  :: -grapher
grafomanía {f}  :: graphomania
grajilla {f}  :: jackdaw
grajo {m}  :: rook (Corvus frugilegus)
Gral. {abbr}  :: abbreviation of general
grama {f}  :: grass
-grama {suffix}  :: -gram
gramatical {adj}  :: grammatical
gramaticalmente {adv}  :: grammatically
gramófono {m}  :: gramophone
grammatica {f}  :: obsolete spelling of gramática
gramo {m}  :: gram
gramola {f}  :: gramophone
gramola {f}  :: jukebox
gramática {f}  :: grammar (rules for speaking and writing a language)
gramático {adj}  :: grammatical
gramático {m}  :: grammarian
granadí {adj}  :: Granadan
granadí {m}  :: Granadan
granada {f}  :: hand grenade
granada {f}  :: pomegranate (fruit)
granada {f}  :: shell (artillery)
Granada {prop}  :: Granada (city in Spain)
Granada {prop}  :: Grenada (Caribbean country)
granadilla {f}  :: passion fruit
granadino {adj}  :: Grenadian
granadino {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Granada
granadino {f}  :: Grenadian
granadino {f}  :: Someone from Granada
granado {m}  :: pomegranate tree
granar {v}  :: become rich
granar {v}  :: produce or develop grains or seeds
granate {adj}  :: garnet
granate {m}  :: garnet (mineral, color)
Gran Bretaña {prop}  :: Great Britain
Gran Canaria {prop}  :: Gran Canaria
grancanario {adj}  :: of or from Gran Canaria
grancanario {f}  :: Someone from Gran Canaria
grande {adj} [about human age]  :: aged, old
grande {adj} [after the noun or predicatively]  :: big, large
grande {adj} [before a plural noun]  :: great
grande {m}  :: grandee
grandeza {f}  :: grandeeship
grandeza {f}  :: grandeur
grandilocuente {adj}  :: grandiloquent
grandioso {adj}  :: great
grandílocuo {adj}  :: grandiloquent
grandote {adj} [colloquial]  :: huge
grandísimo {adj}  :: superlative form of grande
grandullón {adj}  :: augmentative form of grande: very tall (especially kids)
grandulón {f}  :: giant, hulk (very tall person)
granel {m} [colloquial]  :: bulk
granero {m}  :: barn (farm building)
granero {m}  :: granary
granito {m}  :: granite
granizado {m}  :: A semi-frozen soft drink, a typical summer drink, usually made with crushed ice and citric juice (the most popular being lemon juice, which is called: 'granizado de limón')
granizar {vi} [impersonal]  :: to hail
granizo {m} [countable]  :: hailstone
granizo {m} [uncountable]  :: hail
granja {f}  :: farm
granjear {v}  :: to earn
granjera {f}  :: feminine form of granjero
granjero {f}  :: farmer
grano {m}  :: closed comedo, blackhead
grano {m}  :: corn
grano {m}  :: grain
grano {m}  :: kernel
grano {m}  :: pimple
grano {m}  :: seed
granodiorita {f} [geology]  :: granodiorite
grano en el culo {m} [idiomatic]  :: pain in the ass
Gran Premio {m}  :: Grand Prix
gran tiburón blanco {m}  :: great white shark
granuja {f} [colloquial]  :: rabble, riffraff (group of rascals)
granuja {f}  :: grains (especially of grape)
granuja {m}  :: scoundrel, rascal, yob
granulación {f}  :: granulation
granular {adj}  :: granular
granular {v}  :: to granulate
granulocito {m} [cytology, immunology]  :: granulocyte
granuloma {f} [pathology]  :: granuloma
grapa {f}  :: clamp
grapa {f} [medicine]  :: stitch
grapa {f}  :: staple (fastener)
grapadora {f}  :: stapler
grapar {v}  :: to staple
grapo {m}  :: A member of GRAPO,a Spanish clandestine Maoist group aiming for the formation of a Spanish Marxist-Leninist Republican state, based on the model of Maoist China
grasa {f}  :: fat or grease used in cooking
grasa {f}  :: nutritional fat
grasiento {adj}  :: greasy
graso {adj}  :: greasy, fatty
grasoso {adj}  :: fatty, greasy
gratificación {f}  :: gratification
gratificante {adj}  :: gratifying
gratificar {v}  :: to gratify
gratificar {v}  :: to reward
gratinar {v}  :: to grill or toast
gratis {adj}  :: free, without charge
gratis {adv}  :: free, without charge
gratitud {f}  :: gratitude
grato {adj}  :: grateful
grato {adj}  :: pleasing
gratuidad {f}  :: The quality of being free
gratuitamente {adv}  :: for free, gratis
gratuitamente {adv}  :: gratuitously; without basis or cause
gratuito {adj}  :: free (as in price)
gratulación {f}  :: congratulation
grava {f}  :: gravel
gravar {v}  :: to encumber
grave {adj}  :: bass [sound]
grave {adj} [grammar]  :: stressed in the penultimate syllable: paroxytone
grave {adj}  :: serious, grave
grave {adj}  :: solemn
gravedad {f} [physics]  :: gravity
gravedad {f}  :: seriousness
gravidez {f}  :: heaviness
gravidez {f}  :: pregnancy, gravidity
gravilla {f}  :: gravel (small fragments of rock)
gravimétrico {adj}  :: gravimetric
gravitación {f}  :: gravitation (fundamental force of attraction)
gravitacionalmente {adv}  :: gravitationally
gravitar {v}  :: to gravitate
gravitatorio {adj}  :: gravitational
gravitón {m}  :: graviton
gravoso {adj}  :: heavy
gravoso {adj}  :: onerous
graznar {v}  :: to caw
graznar {v}  :: to squawk
graznido {m}  :: cackle
graznido {m}  :: caw (the sound a crow makes) or squawk
graznido {m}  :: croak
grácil {adj}  :: delicate
grácil {adj}  :: graceful
grácil {adj}  :: slender
greña {f}  :: entanglement
greña {f}  :: tangled mess of hair
Grecia {prop}  :: Greece
grecorromano {adj}  :: Greco-Roman
greda {f}  :: fuller's earth
gregario {adj}  :: gregarious, sociable
gregario {f} [cycling]  :: domestique
gregoriano {adj}  :: Gregorian
Gregorio {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to Gregory
grelo {m}  :: turnip greens
gremio {m}  :: guild
gremio {m}  :: union
grey {f} [obsolete, poetry]  :: flock, herd
grey {f} [religion]  :: flock (people served by a pastor, priest, etc., also all believers in a church or religion)
gráficamente {adv}  :: graphically
gráfico {adj}  :: graphic
gárgara {f}  :: gargle
gárgola {f}  :: gargoyle
górgoro {m} [Mexico]  :: sip, small drink
grial {m}  :: grail
griega {f}  :: feminine form of griego
griego {adj}  :: Greek, Grecian (from or native to Greece)
griego {adj}  :: Greek, Grecian (pertaining to Greece)
griego {f}  :: a Greek
griego {f}  :: anal sex; anal
griego {f} [colloquial, masculine only]  :: An unintelligible language
griego {prop}  :: the Greek language
griego antiguo {prop}  :: Ancient Greek
grieta {f}  :: chap
grieta {f}  :: crack, chink, crevice
grifo {m}  :: griffin
grifo {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: griffin
grifo {m}  :: tap, faucet (device used to dispense liquids)
grillar {v} [of a cricket]  :: to sing, chirp; to make noise
grillete {m} [in the plural]  :: jougs
grillete {m}  :: shackle
grillo {m}  :: cricket (insect)
gringa {f}  :: feminine form of gringo
gringa {f} [Mexico]  :: a type of taco
gringo {f} [sometimes, pejorative, Latin America]  :: foreigner, outlander
Gringolandia {prop}  :: Gringolandia
Gringotenango {prop}  :: Derogatory nickname for Panajachel, Guatemala, due to the large number of foreign expats living and running businesses there
gripa {f} [Colombia, Mexico]  :: The flu, influenza
gripal {adj}  :: flu (attributive)
gripal {adj}  :: flulike
gripe {f}  :: The flu, influenza
gripe aviar {f}  :: avian influenza
gripe porcina {f}  :: swine flu (influenza caused by orthomyxoviruses)
gris {adj}  :: grey, gray
grisú {m}  :: firedamp
grisalla {f}  :: grisaille
grisáceo {adj}  :: grayish (somewhat gray)
gritar {v}  :: to jeer at
gritar {v}  :: to shout, to scream, to cry out, to call out
gritarme {v} [es-compound of, grit, ar, gritar, me, mood=inf]  ::
gritería {f}  :: outcry, uproar
grito {m}  :: a cry, a yell, a scream
Groenlandia {prop}  :: Greenland
groenlandés {adj}  :: Greenlandic
groenlandés {f}  :: Greenlander
groenlandés {f} [uncountable]  :: Greenlandic (language)
grogui {adj}  :: groggy
Groninga {prop}  :: Groningen, a city in the Netherlands
Groninga {prop}  :: Groningen, a province of the Netherlands
grosella {f}  :: currant (fruit of bushes of the genus Ribes)
grosella roja {f}  :: redcurrant
grosería {f}  :: crudeness, rudeness
grosería {f}  :: discourtesy, lack of respect
grosería {f}  :: stupidity
grosería {f}  :: vulgarity, curse word
groseramente {adv}  :: with rudeness; rudely
grosero {adj}  :: rude, cheeky, fresh
grosor {m}  :: thickness
grotesco {adj}  :: grotesque
gárrulo {adj}  :: garrulous
gruesa {f}  :: gross
grueso {adj}  :: thick, fat
grueso {adj}  :: wide
grueso {m} [uncountable]  :: majority
grueso {m} [uncountable]  :: width, breadth
gruñido {m}  :: grunt
gruñido {m}  :: oink
gruñimiento {m}  :: grunting
gruñir {v}  :: to grunt
grulla {f}  :: crane
grullo {adj} [Mexico, said of horses]  :: haven an ashen color
grumete {m}  :: crew (non-officer nautical personnel)
grumo {m}  :: lump
grumoso {adj}  :: lumpy
gruñón {adj}  :: grumpy
gruñón {f}  :: grumbler, grouch
grupera {f}  :: pillion
grupo {m} [Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, colloquial]  :: guile, lie
grupo {m}  :: group
grupo abeliano {m}  :: abelian group
gruta {f}  :: grotto
grávido {adj}  :: pregnant
grévol {m}  :: hazel grouse
gástrico {adj}  :: gastric
GT {abbr}  :: Guanajuato (Mexican state)
gótico {adj}  :: Gothic (of or relating to the Goths)
gótico {m}  :: Gothic language
guía {f}  :: cocket
guía {f}  :: directory
guía {f}  :: guidebook
guía {m}  :: guide (person)
guacal {m}  :: calabash tree
guacal {m}  :: wooden crate
guacamaya {f} [Central America, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela]  :: macaw
guacamaya {f} [Cuba, Honduras]  :: candle bush (Senna alata)
guacamayo {m} [El Salvador, Honduras]  :: macaw
guacamol {m} [Central America and Cuba]  :: alternative spelling of guacamole
guacamole {m}  :: guacamole
guacarear {v} [Mexico, informal]  :: to vomit
guachaca {adj} [Chile, slang]  :: rascal
guachinango {m} [Cuba, Mexico]  :: red snapper
guacho {adj} [Chile]  :: single, mismatched, odd (orphaned part of a pair)
guacho {adj} [Chile]  :: wild-growing (plant)
guacho {adj} [Latin America]  :: bastard
guacho {adj} [Latin America]  :: fatherless
guacho {adj} [Latin America]  :: orphaned
guacho {f}  :: bastard
guacho {f}  :: orphan
guadaña {f}  :: scythe
guadañar {v}  :: to scythe; mow
Guadalajara {prop}  :: A city and province in Spain
Guadalajara {prop}  :: The capital city of the state of Jalisco, in the center of Mexico
guadalajarense {adj}  :: From Guadalajara, Mexico
guadalajarense {m}  :: Someone from Guadalajara, Mexico
guadalajareño {adj}  :: From Guadalajara, Spain
guadalajareño {f}  :: Someone from Guadalajara, Spain
Guadalquivir {prop}  :: A river in southern Spain
Guadalupe {prop}  :: female given name However it is sometimes used as a male name. In some cases it is a family name that is passed down to the first born whether they are male or female
Guadalupe {prop}  :: Guadalupe (island off Baja California)
Guadalupe {prop}  :: Guadeloupe (overseas department of France)
guagua {f} [Andean]  :: A baby, infant, or child
guagua {f} [Carribean, Canary islands, Spain]  :: A bus with a fixed route
guajalote {m}  :: alternative form of guajolote
guaje {adj}  :: foolish, stupid
guaje {m}  :: bottle gourd
guaje {m}  :: fool, useless person, good-for-nothing
guaje {m}  :: kid, child, kiddy
guaje {m}  :: Leucaena esculenta
guajira {f}  :: feminine form of guajiro
guajiro {f} [Cuba]  :: peasant, farmer, rural person
guajiro {f}  :: Wayuu
guajolote {m} [El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico]  :: turkey (bird)
gualardón {m}  :: Obsolete form of galardón
guamil {m}  :: fallow, bush fallow, forest fallow (cultivated land that has been abandoned to natural regrowth for at least five years; the vegetation consists of tall grasses, thorny shrubs and small trees)
guanaco {adj} [colloquial, Central America]  :: Salvadoran, pertaining to El Salvador
guanaco {m}  :: guanaco
guanajo {m} [Cuba]  :: fool (moron)
guanajo {m} [Cuba]  :: turkey (bird)
guanajuatense {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the Mexican state of Guanajuato
Guanajuato {prop}  :: A state of Mexico
guanábana {f}  :: soursop, custard apple (fruit, Annona montana)
guanábano {m}  :: soursop tree
guanche {m}  :: Guanche (ancient inhabitant of the Canary Islands)
guandul {m}  :: pigeon pea
guanero {adj}  :: relating to guano
guanina {f} [organic compound]  :: guanine
guante {m}  :: glove (hand-wear)
guantera {f}  :: glove compartment, glove box
guaperas {m} [slang]  :: spunk (good-looking man)
guapetón {adj}  :: handsome, pretty (person)
guapetón {f}  :: Adonis (handsome man)
guapito {adj}  :: diminutive form of guapo
guapito {m}  :: diminutive form of guapo
guapo {adj}  :: bold, fearless
guapo {adj}  :: good-looking or handsome (unisex)
guapo {adj}  :: smart or elegant
guapo {m}  :: arrowroot
guapísimo {adj}  :: superlative form of guapo, very beautiful, gorgeous
guar {m}  :: guar
guarache {m}  :: alternative form of huarache
guarachear {v}  :: to go on a spree
guaraguao {m} [Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico]  :: red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis)
guarda {m} [Argentina]  :: conductor (on public transportation)
guarda {m}  :: endpaper
guarda {m}  :: guard, ward, keeper
guardabarros {m}  :: fender (shield to protect a vehicle from mud)
guardabosque {m}  :: A park ranger
guardabosques {m}  :: forester, ranger
guardabosques {m}  :: gamekeeper, game warden
guardacaza {m}  :: A game warden
guardacostas {m}  :: coastguard
guardacostas {m}  :: coastguard boat
guardacárcel {m}  :: alternative form of guardiacárcel
guardado {vm} [Mexico]  :: hoard, secret saving
guardaespaldas {m}  :: bodyguard
guardagujas {m} [railway]  :: switchman, switchwoman
guardameta {m}  :: goalkeeper (player that protects a goal)
guardamiento {m}  :: saving, keeping
guardaparque {m}  :: A park ranger
guardapesca {m}  :: game warden
guardapolvo {m}  :: overalls
guardar {v}  :: to clean
guardar {v}  :: to keep
guardar {v}  :: to order
guardar {v}  :: to put away
guardar {v}  :: to save
guardarrío {m}  :: kingfisher
guardarropa {m}  :: wardrobe
guardería {f}  :: nursery school
guardia {f}  :: custody
guardia {f}  :: watch, guard duty, sentry duty
guardia {m}  :: custodian, warden (male)
guardia civil {m}  :: A civil guard. A military style national police force which evolved from 1844 to 1855 in Spain
guardiacárcel {m}  :: prison guard
guardián {m}  :: guardian
guarecer {v}  :: to give shelter, protect, preserve from harm
guarecida {v} [feminine past participle of, guarecer]  ::
guarecidas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, guarecer]  ::
guarecidos {v} [masculine plural past participle of, guarecer]  ::
guarida {f}  :: A cave, den, or thicket that an animal uses to hide
guarida {f}  :: A popular or recurring hideout or lair
guarida {f} [archaic]  :: medicine, refuge
guarida {f}  :: A shelter or safehouse
guarismo {m}  :: figure, character
guarismo {m}  :: number, digit
guarén {m} [Chile]  :: big rat
guarnecer {v}  :: to garnish
guarnición {f}  :: garnish
guarnición {f}  :: garrison
guarnicionero {f}  :: saddler (someone who makes, repairs and sells saddles, harnesses etc)
guaro {m} [colloquial, El Salvador]  :: booze, rotgut (cheap alcoholic drink)
guaro {m} [colloquial, Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Guatemala]  :: guaro, a clear liquor distilled from sugar cane juice
guaro {m} [ornithology]  :: small parrot
guarrada {f} [colloquial]  :: dirty talk
guarrada {f} [colloquial]  :: disgusting thing
guarrilla {f} [vulgar]  :: slut, slag
guarrindongada {f}  :: A food made with leftovers of others foods and is almost always disgusting
guarrón {m}  :: augmentative form of guarro
guarro {adj}  :: filthy, dirty
guarro {adj}  :: obscene
guarro {f} [figuratively]  :: pig (dirty, disgusting or obscene person)
guarro {f}  :: pig
guasa {f}  :: dullness
guasa {f}  :: joking
guasón {adj}  :: dull, boring
guasón {adj}  :: funny, joking
guasón {m}  :: joker
guata {f} [colloquial, Latin America, especially Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru]  :: belly
guata {f} [colloquial, Latin America, especially Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru]  :: paunch
guata {f}  :: padding, cotton padding
Guatemala {prop}  :: A department of Guatemala
Guatemala {prop}  :: Guatemala
Guatemala {prop}  :: Guatemala City
guatemalteco {adj}  :: Guatemalan
guatemalteco {f}  :: Guatemalan
guateque {m} [Spain, Cuba]  :: party (social gathering)
guatón {adj} [colloquial, Latin America, especially west of the Andes]  :: fat
guatón {f} [Chile]  :: one million pesos (currency)
guatón {f} [colloquial, Latin America, especially west of the Andes]  :: fat man, fatso
guatoncito {f}  :: diminutive form of guatón, a fatty, fatso
guau {interj}  :: bow wow, woof (the sound a dog makes when barking)
guau {interj}  :: wow (expressing astonishment or admiration)
guau guau {m}  :: bow wow
guay {adj} [Spain, slang]  :: cool
guay {adv} [Spain, slang]  :: cool
guayaba {f}  :: guava fruit
guayabera {f}  :: guayabera
guayabo {m}  :: guava tree
guayaco {adj}  :: guaiac
Guayaquil {prop}  :: Guayaquil
guayaquileño {adj}  :: From Guayaquil
guayar {v}  :: to bump and grind
guayar {v}  :: to grate
guaymense {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Guaymas
guaymense {m}  :: Someone from Guaymas
guaymeño {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Guaymas
guaymeño {f}  :: Someone from Guaymas
guayo {m} [Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, slang]  :: grater
gubernamental {adj}  :: of, or relating to, the government; governmental
guácala {interj} [Latin America, colloquial]  :: To indicate displeasure, disgust, or revulsion
guácara {f}  :: vomit
guepardo {m}  :: cheetah
guerra {f}  :: war, warfare
Guerra {prop}  :: Spanish surname
guerra civil {f}  :: A civil war
guerra coreana {f}  :: Korean War
Guerra de las Malvinas {prop}  :: Falklands War
guerra mundial {f}  :: world war
guerrear {v}  :: to wage war
guerrera {f}  :: Army jacket
guerrera {f}  :: (female) warrior
guerrerense {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the Mexican state of Guerrero
guerrero {adj}  :: bellicose, warlike
guerrero {f}  :: warrior
Guerrero {prop}  :: A state of Mexico
Guerrero {prop}  :: Spanish surname
guerrilla {f}  :: guerrilla (small official or unofficial military troop)
guerrilla {f}  :: guerrilla war
guerrillero {adj}  :: guerrilla, guerilla
guerrillero {f}  :: guerrilla, guerilla
gueto {m}  :: ghetto
guglear {v}  :: to google (search using Google)
guiñapo {m}  :: rag (cloth)
guiar {v}  :: to advise, to counsel, to guide
guiar {v}  :: to drive, to steer
guiar {v}  :: to guide
guiar {v}  :: to lead, to conduct
guiar {v}  :: to show the way
guiar {v}  :: to sprout (of plants)
guiar {v}  :: to train (plants)
guiñar {v}  :: to wink
guija {f}  :: pebble
guijarro {m}  :: pebble (stone)
guijarroso {adj}  :: pebbly
guijuelense {adj}  :: of or from Guijuelo
guijuelense {m}  :: Someone from Guijuelo
Guillermina {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to English Wilhelmina
Guillermo {prop}  :: male given name, equivalent to English as William
Guillermo {prop}  :: Spanish surname denomination from Guillaume
guillotina {f}  :: guillotine
guillotinar {v}  :: to guillotine
guión {m} [deprecated]  :: alternative spelling of guion
guión bajo {m}  :: alternative spelling of guion bajo
guincho {m}  :: osprey
guinda {f}  :: cherry (sour cherry, fruit of Prunus cerasus)
guinda de la tarta {f} [idiom]  :: icing on the cake
guindar {v}  :: to hang up
guindilla {f} [Spain]  :: chili pepper
guindo {m}  :: sour cherry tree (Prunus cerasus)
Guinea {prop}  :: Guinea
Guinea-Bissau {prop}  :: Guinea-Bissau
Guinea Ecuatorial {prop}  :: Equatorial Guinea
guineano {adj}  :: Guinean (relating to Guinea)
guineano {adj}  :: of, from, or relating to Guinea-Bissau
guineano {f}  :: Guinean (from Guinea)
guineano {f}  :: Guinean (from Guinea-Bissau)
guineo {m}  :: banana
guiño {m}  :: wink, blink
guion {m}  :: hyphen, dash
guion {m}  :: script, scenario
guion bajo {m}  :: underscore
guionista {m}  :: screenwriter
guipur {m}  :: guipure
guipuzcoano {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Gipuzkoa
guipuzcoano {f}  :: Someone from Gipuzkoa
Guipúzcoa {prop}  :: Guipúzcoa (province)
guiri {m}  :: A type of plant
guiri {m} [dated]  :: A Carlist
guiri {m} [Spain]  :: A foreign tourist, normally referring to fair-skinned tourist on package holidays on the Spanish Mediterranean coast from the mid-twentieth century.
guiri {m} [Spain]  :: police agent from la Guardia Civil
guirnalda {f}  :: garland
guirnalda {f}  :: worm (something helical, especially the thread of a screw)
guirnalda {f}  :: wreath
guisa {f}  :: manner, habit
guisado {m}  :: stew
guisante {f} [Spain]  :: pea
guisar {v}  :: to stew
guiso {m}  :: stew
guita {f} [Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, colloquial]  :: money
guitarra {f}  :: guitar
guitarra acústica {f}  :: acoustic guitar
guitarra eléctrica {f}  :: electric guitar
guitarrear {v} [Argentina, colloquial]  :: to waffle, bullshit
guitarrear {v}  :: to play guitar
guitarrero {f}  :: guitarist
guitarrero {f}  :: guitar maker
guitarrista {m}  :: guitarist
gula {f}  :: gluttony (habit of eating in excess)
gula {f}  :: gourmandizing
gules {adj} [heraldry]  :: gules
gulosa {f} [carbohydrate]  :: gulose
guímel {f}  :: gimel; the Hebrew letter ג
gurú {m}  :: guru
guárdala {v} [es-compound of, guard, ar, guarda, la, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
guárdalo {v} [es-compound of, guard, ar, guarda, lo, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
guárdate {v} [es-compound of, guard, ar, guarda, te, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
gusanillo {m}  :: bug, bugbear
gusanillo {m}  :: diminutive form of gusano
gusanillo {m}  :: spiral binding
gusano {m}  :: a maggot
gusano {m}  :: an insect larva, such as a grub or caterpillar
gusano {m}  :: a worm
gusano {m} [Cuba, derogatory]  :: a person who has defected from Cuba
gusano de seda {m}  :: silkworm
gustación {f}  :: tasting, gustation
gustar {vi} [dated]  :: to taste
gustar {vi}  :: to like
gustarle {v} [es-compound of, gust, ar, gustar, le, mood=inf]  ::
gustarme {v} [es-compound of, gust, ar, gustar, me, mood=inf]  ::
gustarte {v} [es-compound of, gust, ar, gustar, te, mood=inf]  ::
gustativo {adj}  :: taste (attributive)
Gustavo {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to Gustav
gustillo {m}  :: flavor, taste
gusto {m}  :: fancy, whim
gusto {m}  :: liking, preference, aesthetic preference
gusto {m}  :: pleasure, enthusiasm
gusto {m}  :: taste (flavour)
gusto {m}  :: taste (sense)
gustoso {adj}  :: glad, willing
gustoso {adj}  :: tasty, delicious
gutapercha {f}  :: gutta-percha; an inelastic natural latex, produced from the sap of several tropical trees of the genera Palaquium and Payena
Gutiérrez {prop}  :: Spanish surname
Guyana {prop}  :: Guyana
guyanesa {f}  :: feminine form of guyanés
guyanés {adj}  :: Guyanese
guyanés {f}  :: Guyanese
Guzmán {prop}  :: Spanish surname
Gzlez {abbr}  :: abbreviation of the surname González