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Quốc Ngữ Regular Common Other Variants Definition
tôi I, my, me
không no; not; without; (closed-question marker)
một 𠬠 𠬠 one
một 【to have not; to sink】
罖𪜀罗 to be
𣎏 there is; to have; sure, of course
của 𧵑 𧵑 𧶮 of; to belong to; properties, belongings
𡝕 and, also
anh elder brother
người 𠊛 𠊛 people; person; human
cho to give
được to get; to obtain; to be able to
đã already
cũng also; too
trong 𥪝 𥪝 𥪞冲 in; within
với (together) with
ông man; Mr
con 𡥵 𡥵 child
đi 𠫾 𠫾 𪠞 to go; to walk
𦓡 𦓡 but
ra 𦋦 𦋦 𠚢 to get out
lại also; to come; again, re-
đến 𦤾 𦤾 𦥃 to arrive, to come
như as; like; alike; similar to
về 𧗱 𧗱 𡗅 to return; about; (back) to
vào 𠓨 𠓨 in; into
cái a; the; (numeral)
to be (somewhere); at; to live
he, she, it (colloquial)
Ms, young woman; father's sister; husband's mother
còn still; remaining; besides, also
rồi already; then; after
để to place; to set; to leave; to keep
woman; Mrs
nhưng, những (plural marker); some; as many as
phải right; to have to; must; should
mình 𠵴 𠵴 𨉓𨉟 we; us
nói to speak; to say; to talk
đó 𪦆 there; that
hai 𠄩 𠄩 two
này, nài this; here
lên 𨖲 𨖲 to rise; to ascend; to go up
làm to do; to make
em younger sibling
khi when, while; case, circumstance
nhà 茄庌 house; home; building
chỉ only; merely
các each; every; all
biết, biệt to know
trên 𨕭 𨕭 𨑗 above; at the top
thấy 𧡊 𧡊 to see; to feel
thấy teacher, master; father, dad
chị sister; young woman
năm 𢆥 𢆥 year
mẹ mother; mom
ấy 𧘇 𧘇 𠂎 that
because; as; for
mới new; fresh
sẽ 𠱊 𠱊 to be going to; will; shall
cả, kỳ strange; unusual
cả all; in total; completely
nhìn 𥆾 𥆾 to look
nào which; any
vẫn still, yet
đang currently; just; now
nhiều 𡗉 𡗉 𡗊 many; much; a lot of
lúc 𣅶 𣅶 moment, time
tay 𢬣 𢬣 arm; hand; side
ba 𠀧 𠀧 three
ba father
ngày 𣈜 𣈜 𣈗㝵 day
hơn more than; better than
sau 𡢐 𡢐 𪢈 after; following
tiếng sound; noise; language
qua to cross; to pass
ai who; someone, somebody
nghe 𦖑 𦖑 to hear
theo to follow; according to
rất very; quite
đầu head; top (of a multitude)
đầu 【to throw, to fling, to send】
nên 𢧚 𢧚 to ought to, shall; to become
bị to befall; (passive preposition)
vợ 𡞕 𡞕 wife
việc, dịch job; work; business
vừa 𣃣 𣃣 𣃤 suitable, fitting
mắt eye; expensive
nhau 𠑬 one another, each another, together
sao how
đây here; this
đâu where; somewhere
chưa 𣗓 𣗓 𣠕 not yet; already (used in questions)
trước 𠓀 𠓀 𫏾 before; ahead (of)
mấy, với 𠇍 𠇍 some, several, quite a few; how many, how much
xuống 𨑜 𨑜 to descend; to go down
hay or; good; well
họ, hộ they
thế, thể world; era
thế to substitute; to replace
thế position, power; like that, such, so
muốn to desire, to want, to wish
lần, lận time, times
lấy 𥙩 𥙩 to take
thật, thực true, real, actual
lắm 𡗋 𡗋 very
sự matter, business; occurrence, event
cứ, cớ to continue, to keep on; 【ground, base】
nước water; country; nation
xe vehicle; car
tới to arrive, to come
ta 咱𢧲 we, us
quá very; too (much); to exceed, to pass
bạn friend; fellow; comrade
mặt 𩈘 𩈘 𫖀 face
bên side; edge
sống 𤯩 𤯩 to live; alive; raw
học to learn, to study
khác other; another; further
chuyện 𡀯 𡀯 matter; talk, story
chiếc unit, entity, object; (classifier for vehicles or certain objects)
nhỏ 𡮈 𡮈 small
ăn 𫗒 𩛖 to eat
bằng by, with
cười to laugh; to smile
đường street; road; way; route
đường sugar
đường 【house, bureau, palace】
đưa to give
đồng same; similar
đồng (currency unit); copper; brass; bronze
đồng field; countryside, country; rural
hỏi 𠳨 𠳨 to ask; to question, to inquire
rằng that; so that
hết 𣍊 to be over; to end; to expire; to be used up
vậy so; thus
thành citadel; city
thành to become; to change into
thành sincere; honest
thứ order, rank; sort, type, category; next, subsequent
lòng 𢚸 𢚸 soul, mind, heart; feeling
tiền front
tiền money, currency
tìm to search, to look for
trời 𡗶 𡗶 sky; heaven; weather
cách way; method; manner
cách reform; revolution
bảo 【to protect, to safeguard】
bảo, bảu 𠸒 𠸒 to say
mỗi each, every
điều occurrence; condition; terms
xa far, distant
lớn 𡘯 𡘯 big; large
mọi 𤞦 𤞦 each, every
trường school; field; ground
vui 𢝙 𢝙 amusing, funny, merry, joyful, gay
nay 𠉞 𠉞 this (year or day); now; today
mất 𠅍 𠅍 to lose; lost; to die, to vanish
thương to be fond of, to love
thêm, thiêm to add, to increase; additional
tuổi, tuế age; year of age
tên 𠸜 𠸜 𠸛 name
tên 𥏌 𥏌 𥏋 arrow
nhớ 𢖵 𢖵 to remember; to recall; to call in mind
yêu 𢞅 𢞅 腰夭 to love
hiểu to understand
đều, điều 調 調 even; equally
lời 𠳒 𠳒 word
ngay 𣦍 𣦍 straight, direct
cần to need
đất 𡐙 earth; soil; land; ground
cháu 𡥙 𡥙 grandchild, grandchildren, grandson, granddaughter
nơi place, location, site
ngoài, ngoại out; outside; external
giờ 𣇞 𣇞 time
gần 𧵆 𧵆 near; nearly, almost
cây 𣘃 𣘃 tree, plant
tháng 𣎃 𣎃 𪱚 month
tại at, in; because, because of
cuộc, cục match, game; 【circumstances】
chạy 𧼋 𧼋 𧼌 to run
tin, tín 𠒷 to believe; news, information
thường frequent; common, normal, usual
𡮣 𡮣 𡮤 small, little, tiny
giữa 𡨌 𡨌 𡧲 between, in the middle of, amid
xin to beg; to ask for
gọi to call
chân foot, leg
dưới 𤲂 𤲂 𠁑 below; at the bottom
chính main
chính government; political affairs
【non-, negative】
nếu 𡀮 𡀮 if
cửa 𨷶 𨷶 𨷯 door, gate, entrance
số number; fate
phòng room, chamber
phòng 【to prevent】
trẻ 𥘷 𥘷 𪨅 young; children
áo blouse/shirt/jacket
áo Austria; austrian
nhất first
trắng 𤽸 𤽸 white, clear, bare, blank
tự, từ from, since
tự character; letter; word
cao high; tall
xem to see, to observe
hoa flower
hoa chinese
chúng masses; multitude
bố linen, canvas, heavy duty fabric
bố 【publicize, announce】
bố 𢂞 𢂞 father, dad
đẹp 𢢲 𢢲 beautyful
máy 𣛠 𣛠 𢵯 machine; engine
gái 𡛔 𡛔 female; girl
thời, thì 【time; era, period】
bác, uncle; aunt
tình feeling, emotion
tối 𣋁 night; dark; obscure; 【extremely, exceedingly】
viết to write, to record; pen
sáng, rậng 𤎜 𤎜 創灲 bright, light, clear; morning
chơi 𨔈 𨔈 to play
bốn 𦊚 𦊚 four
đời 𠁀 𠁀 existence; world; generation; era
mua 𧷸 𧷸 to buy
văn literature; culture
bay 𠖤 𠖤 to fly
kể 𠸥 𠸥 to tell; in relation to, with respect to
vàng gold; yellow
bỏ 𠬃 𠬃 to leave, to abandon, to neglect; to let, to put
cha father
hàng, hãng, hành, hạnh company, firm
hàng 【sail; navigate】
ảnh image, photo
hôm 𣋚 𣋚 day
thích to like
thích 【to explain】
ngủ 𥄬 𥄬 to sleep, asleep
câu sentence
bắt to catch
màu color
sáu 𦒹 𦒹 six
hoặc or; either
dài 𨱽 𨱽 𨱾 long
chiều, triều 【dynasty】
hình appearance, shape; picture, photo
mười, mươi 𨑮 𨑮 ten
thân body; trunk; intimate, close
tính to calculate; to plan
giúp 𠢞 𠢞 to help, to assist
bộ 【to step, to walk】
bộ set; part, section, division
đọc to read; to pronounce
chú uncle; 【to focus, to concentrate】
bàn table; to discuss
bàn 【to transfer, to move】
bóng, bụng abdomen
do reason; cause
mỹ beautiful; America; american
già 𦓅 𦓅 𫅷 old, aged
quan 【frontier, barrier, gate】
bán 𧸝 𧸝 to sell
bán 【half, semi-】
thanh sound, voice, noise
thanh juvenile; 【green, blue】
thanh pure, clear, clean
trái 𣡚 left; to the left
trái 𣛤 𣛤 fruit
tàu ship, boat
đánh, đả to beat, to hit; to fight, to combat, to play
gió 𩙋 𩙋 𫖾𩙍 wind; air
tâm 【heart; mind】
nhận to agree, to accept; to recognize
mặc 【silent, quiet; dark】
mai 【to bury】
, dầu 𠶢 𠶢 however, though
xanh 𩇢 𩇢 green; blue
trung center; central
công work; labour
uống to drink
đông east; eastern
khách guest, visitor
tỉnh province
to 𡚢 𡚢 big, large, wide
mưa 𩅹 𩅹 rain
kỳ 【period, time, age】
kỳ 【border, boundary】
hồng rose, pink; rosy
cổ old, ancient, antique
phần, phân centimeter; to separate
đá to kick
đá 𥒥 𥒥 stone; rock
chữ 𡨸 𡨸 script; letter (of a script or alphabet); word
chi to spend money, to pay
nhạc music
bảy 𦉱 𦉱 seven
𫇰 𫇰 old; ancient; second-hand
bình 【to criticize】
bình 【flat, even, level; peaceful】
bình vase, vessel, jar
bởi 𤳄 𤳄 because
nguyên whole, entire; 【original, initial, source, root】
thư book
báo to report, to tell; newspaper
tiên fairy, immortal
tiên first, firstly
đỏ 𧹼 𧹼 𧺃𣠶𧹦𪜕 red
miệng 𠰘 𠰘
coi 𥋳 to look; to watch
cơm (cooked) rice
đem 𨑻 𨑻 to bring; to carry
đối, đỗi facing, opposing
liên 【to connect】
liên 【to join, to associate】
thu autumn, fall
định to intend to, to decide
kêu to call; to cry
nam south; southern
sách book
biển 𣷷 𣷷 ocean
giữ 𡨹 𡨹 𪧚 to keep; to retain; to hold; to maintain
việt vietnamese
dân people; citizen
tiếp to continue, to proceed; to connect
mạnh strong, powerful
trở 𧿨 𧿨 to turn, to change
thiếu, thiểu to lack
loại class, group, kind, category
điểm point, mark, score
kiếm sword
da skin; leather; pelt
thi poetry
chủ, chúa owner; chief; lord
nội inside; paternal
thuộc to belong to, subordinate of; to know by heart; to tan
minh bright; clear
trả to return, to pay back
trưởng, trường leader
nguyễn (surname Nguyen)
ngài, người 𠊚 𠊚 gentleman; Mr
trang, trương page, sheet; (surname); 【to open up, to spread, to extend】
trang 【to dress up, to make up】
trăm 𤾓 𤾓 hundred
cảnh scene, scenery; landscape
cảnh 【guard】
thay to change, to replace
dạy 𠰺 𠰺 to teach, to educate, to train
bao bag; to wrap, to bundle
khó 𧁷 𧁷 difficult
ý, ấy idea, opinion, thought; Italy; italian
giá price, value
xưa 𠸗 𠸗 ancient, old
đại 【big; great; very, much】
đại 【era, generation】
mùi, vị 【flavor, taste】
𩵜 𩵜 fish
hương perfume; fragrancy
hương 【rural, village】
hiện to appear
bản 【root, origin, source; basis】
bản copy, edition; printing blocks
viên member; employee; personnel
khu area, district, zone
đỡ to support, to relieve; to hold up
quân army, military
bắc north; northern
chim 𪀄 𪀄 bird
tây 西 西 west; western
buổi 𣇜 𣇜 time of day; time, period, duration; working shift
bạc silver
vụ 【matter, affair, business】
an safe; secure; peaceful
núi 𡶀 𡶀 mountain; hill
phố 庯舖 street; house, apartment
cấp rank, level, class; (school) grade
môi 【medium, intermediary, agent, go-between】
đàn troop, band; to move sth; to play on stringed instruments, stringed music instrument
phát to deliver, to distribute, to issue
gây 𢲧 𢲧 to quarrel; to cause, to excite, to initiate
thức awake; 【food; type, style】
logic; reason
máu 𧖱 𧖱 blood
dạ, duy yes (a polite response: Yes, sir!)
ít 𠃣 𠃣 less; little; few
quốc 【country, nation】
sinh life; birth
trai 𤳆 𤳆 𤳇 male; boy, young man
toàn all, whole, entire
cầu 【to seek, to demand】
vật thing, object
nghề, nghệ work, craft; occupation, profession
trăng 𦝄 𦝄 𫆢 moon
triệu million
miền region; district
nghĩa meaning
sơn 【mountain】
bệnh ill, sick; disease
đèn lamp, light
lửa fire
trận battle, fight
tài talent, gift
tài 【wealth, richness】
tài 【material, stuff】
công public; common
độ degree, measure
dễ easy
tuy though
ấm warm
khổ, khó painful, hard, bitter
đội to wear (on the head); team
opportunity; 【machine, engine】
【foundation, base】
giấy paper
chào to greet
mạng, mệnh fate; destiny
pháp law; France; french
anh England; english; 【brave, hero; petal, flower】
tử 【child】
tám 𠔭 𠔭 eight
dương ocean, sea
chín 𠃩 𠃩 𢒂 nine
lập to form, to establish, to set up
nghiệp profession; trade
a, à 【prefix in people's name】
trần (surname Tran)
𤙭 𤙭 cow, ox, beef
ban time
hội to meet; meeting
niên, nên 【year】
bị 【to prepare】
cắt to cut; to cut off
ngắn 𥐉 𥐉 short; abbreviate
vị 【measure word for persons; throne; seat; rank, status】
tạo to create; to make; to form
trọng to value, to respect; 【weight, heavy】
đồ thing, opject; 【chart, map】
đồ 【way, road, path】
dầu, oil, fat, grease
khắp all, all of
tổng 【alltogether】
【society, company】
điện electricity
đạo method, way; road, street
tức 【to rest, to end, to cease】
bông flower
trình to submit, to show, to present
trình schedule, agenda
sài, thầy
tiếc to regret, to be sorry, to grudge
lan orchid
quả fruit; result
phủ government; prefecture; prefect
thử, thi to compete, to race, to take an examination
thử 【this; then】
thị 【to look, to see】
thị 【to show, to demonstrate】
thị 【city; market; town; trade】
dây rope; cord; wire; string
cứu 【to examine, to investigate】
châu continent
châu 【gem, pearl, precious stone】
động to move
đức virtue, ethics, morality; Germany, german
mây 𩄲 𩄲 cloud
cộng, cùng all, total; together with
đổi 𢷮 𢷮 to change, to exchange, to switch, to convert
thuyền ship, boat, vessel
đảo island
lỗi 𥓹 mistake; fault; error
giáo to teach, to educate
thiệt, thực true, real, genuine
thần 【spirit, supernatural being】
nhân 【person, people; man, mankind】
nữ, nữa 【female, woman】
truyện, truyền story
âu just, perhaps; 【european】
ngon 𤯆 𤯆 tasty, delicious; well, easy
danh name
nhóm to group, to aggregate, to concentrate
ơn, ân favour, grace; 【kindness, mercy】
hạt grain, seed
tổ group, team; to form, to organize
tổ 【ancestor, forefather; grandfather】
phi 【to fly】
non young, tender, green; premature; mild
non 𡽫 𡽫 mountain
tục vulgar, crude; 【social customs】
hải 【sea, ocean】
kinh classic works, prayer book
phản to betray, to be disloyal to
giao to deliver, to hand over, to exchange; 【to communicate】
cảm, cám 【to feel】
lâm 【forest, woods】
thông 【intelligent; bright】
thông 【clear, open; common; to communicate】
phương direction
chia 𢺺 𢺺 𢺹 to share; to divide, to split
bất 【non-, un-, not】
xây 𡏦 𡏦 to build
án (legal) case, sentence; small table
giải to solve, to answer, to explain
tinh 【pure, clear; essence; spirit; perfect】
quyền right; authority
sợi 𥾘 𥾘 fibre; filament
cờ, kỳ flag, banner
cờ chess
trị to cure, to treat; 【to regulate, to administer】
trị 【value, worth】
tiểu 【small, tiny】
âm sound; noise
âm 【lunar; female】
mềm 𣟮 𣟮 soft; tender
quang clear; brilliant
từ word; phrase
thủ 【head】
thủ 【hand】
yếu, yêu 【to need, to require, to demand; necessary】
thiên 【sky, heaven】
nhật sun; Japan; japanese
khăn towel
tướng officer, general; minister
cử to raise; to elect
in, ấn to print
lễ holiday; festival; 【manners, courtesy, etiquette】
vâng, bang nation, country, state
vâng 𠳐 𠳐 yes, all right
dắt 𢩮 𢩮 to lead; to tow; to guide
thượng 【top, above, superior】
viện institute; court
độc 【alone, single】
tạm temporary, provisional
á Asia (continent)
luật law, rule, regulation
chí will, ambition
dự 【before, in advance】
tiệm shop
vương 【king, ruler; royal】
tiêu pepper
scholar; feudal intellectual
liệu 【materials, ingredients】
kết to tie, to knot
quỳnh 【jade; rare, precious; elegant】
trà tea; tea plant
tham to be greedy, to crave something
tham 【to take part, to attend】
chỉ to show, to indicate, to instruct
gia 【house, home; family】
gia to increase, to add
nhiên 【so, like that】
quan 【to see】
gian 【space, interval; between】
tớ servant; I, my, me
chức office; 【to organize】
toán 【to count, to calculate, to plan】
sắc color; beauty
đấu to fight, to compete
đấu peck, bushel
nghìn, ngàn 𠦳 𠦳 thousand
vực 【area, region, domain, field】
xuất 【to go out; to produce】
hợp to fit; to join
khoa field of study, subject of study
công 【achievement】
phật Buddha
dựa to lean on; to stand against
hòn 𡉕 𡉕 hill; small island; ball, piece
dãy 𧿆 𧿆 row, chain, series
đa many; much; numerous
nhập to join, to enter; to import
khí 【air, steam】
cõi 𡎝 𡎝 world; country, region
vạn ten thousand
đình communal house in the village
chiến war
phẩm 【product, article】
hộp box, case
thất 【to lose; to make a mistake】
gấp, cấp pressing, urgent
đề topic, subject
đề 【to hold】
vua 𤤰 𤤰 king
bằng diploma, certificate; evidence, proof
thái 【very, much; big; extreme】
hạnh 【luck, fortunate】
hạnh apricot tree
lực force, strength
tác 【to make, to work, to compose】
đảng party; gang, band
【teacher, master】
dịch to translate, to decode
trí 【to place, to set aside】
phạm to violate, to offend, to commit (a crime)
nguy 【dangerous】
kiến 【to see】
hoá to become, to change, to transform
dựng 𥩯 𥩯 to erect, to raise, to set up, to put up
lượng quantity, measure
hạn limit; term
năng 【ability, capability, to be able to】
áp to press against, to oppress
lãnh, lĩnh to receive; 【to lead】
luận to debate, to discuss; essay
thống 【to govern, to control】
giới limit; world; society
đệ 【sequence, number】
tất all, whole; 【finish, complete】
tất surely, of course
khẩu 【mouth; entrance; gate】
tiết, tết 【segment, part】
dụng, dùng to use, to employ
hậu 【after, behind】
thập 【ten】
hoà 【harmony, peace】
chế to manufacture, to produce
năm 𠄼 𠄼 five
tra to seek, to look up (in a dictionary); to investigate
đặc, được, đực
địa 【earth, soil, ground】
hưởng 【to make noise; sound】
【house, dwelling】
phường ward, urban subdistrict
quyết to decide, to determine
chứng evidence, proof
sử history
nhì, nhị 【two】
bây 𣊾 𣊾 【this, that】
vệ 【to guard, to protect】
mục section, topic; program item; 【eye】
trong 𤄯 𤄯 clear, pure
hận hatred; resentiment
sẻ 𢩿 𢩿 to divide, to share
quỳ to kneel
ngữ 【language】
cân to weigh; scale, balance; weight; kilogram
nhiêu how many; (quantity)
cập to land, to lay alongside; 【to reach, to arrive】
sôi 𤉚 to boil
ngân 【money, cash】
ty service, administration; 【to manage, to govern, to regulate】
rồng, long 龙竜 【dragon】
kiện item; case; matter; to sue
lịch calendar
lịch 【history, past】
ngói tile
giáp bordering, adjacent, near
bậy wrong
chương chapter, section
chấp 【to execute; to grasp, to seize】
chỉ 𥿗 𥿗 thread; yarn
cải to change, to alter, to reform, to correct
cận near, close
doanh 【to manage; barracks, casern, encampment】
dược, ước medicine, pharmacy
hiểm dangerous, risky
hán 【Chinese; Chinese language】
hạch, cây nucleus
hệ 【to relate to, to connect】
hệ system, branch
hối to repent; to regret; to rue
hỗ 【mutually, reciprocally】
khoẻ healthy, strong
khảo 【to verify, to test, to examine】
khổng 【emptiness, hollow, hole, opening】
kỷ period
lại (iteration mark)
nghiên 【study, research】
ngôn 【speech; to speak】
ngũ 【five】
nhân kernel, filling; 【humane】
nôm nôm
phèn 𥽢 𥽢 alum
rồ 𠱋 𠱋
sen lotus, water lily
sản 【to give birth】
sứ, sử 使 使 ambassador; 【envoy, ambassador; to make, to cause, to use】
thuật art, technique
thuỷ 【water, liquid】
thể 【body】
thổ earch; soil
triển 【to open, to extend】
trợ 【to help, to assist】
tế to run
tế 【border, boundary】
vói 𢭲 𢭲 to reach sth
vấn 【to ask, to inquire】
xảy (see: xảy ra)
điển classic written source
đán, đến 【day, dawn, morning】