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r {letter}  :: letter
R {letter}  :: The eighteenth letter of the Dutch alphabet
raad {m}  :: advice
raad {m}  :: council; committee that leads or governs
raadgever {m}  :: advisor
raadpensionaris {m}  :: grand pensionary
raadplegen {v}  :: to consult
raadsel {n}  :: riddle
raadsel {n}  :: mystery
raadselachtig {adj}  :: puzzling, mysterious
raadselachtigheid {f}  :: mysteriousness
raadsman {m} [law, male]  :: lawyer, legal counsel
raadspensionaris {m}  :: grand pensionary
raadsvrouw {f} [law, female]  :: lawyer, legal counsel
raad van bestuur {mf}  :: board of directors
raaf {mf}  :: raven (a large black bird)
Raaf {prop} {m} [constellation]  :: Corvus
raak {adj}  :: hitting; to the point
raak {adj}  :: on target; scoring; counting
raak {adj} [colloquial, used impersonally]  :: pregnant
raaklijn {f} [geometry]  :: tangent line
raakpunt {n} [geometry]  :: point of tangency
raam {n}  :: window
raam {n}  :: frame, framework, context
raam {m}  :: estimate
raam {m}  :: run, as preparation (notably for a jump)
raamloos {adj}  :: windowless
raamwerk {n}  :: framework
raap {m}  :: turnip
raapolie {f}  :: oil from the seed of Brassica rapa subsp. oleifera
raapzaad {m}  :: field mustard seed
raapzaadolie {f}  :: oil from the seed of Brassica rapa subsp. oleifera
raar {adj}  :: strange, not normal
raarling {m} [rare]  :: screwball, odd person
raaskallen {v}  :: to babble incoherently, to talk gibberish, to rave
rabbi {m} [Judaism]  :: rabbi
rabbijn {m} [Judaism]  :: rabbi
race {m}  :: Speed contest, race
racefiets {f} {m}  :: A racing bicycle/road bike
racen {v}  :: have a speed contest, race
race naar de bodem {m}  :: race to the bottom
racisme {n}  :: racism
racist {m}  :: racist
racistisch {adj}  :: racist
racket {m}  :: racket (sports implement)
rad {n}  :: wheel
rad {adj}  :: quick, swift
radbraken {v}  :: to break upon the wheel
raddraaier {m}  :: scoundrel, troublemaker
radeloos {adj}  :: desperate
raden {vt}  :: to guess
raden {vt}  :: to advise
raderboot {mf}  :: paddle steamer
raderschip {n}  :: paddle steamer
raderstoomboot {f} {m}  :: paddle steamboat, paddle steamer
raderwerk {n}  :: cogwheel mechanism
radiaal {adj}  :: radial
radiaal {m} [geometry]  :: radian
radiator {m}  :: radiator (device to emit heat)
radicaal {m}  :: radical
radicaal {adj}  :: radical, fundamental, thorough-going
radicalisering {f}  :: radicalization
radijs {m}  :: radish
radio {m}  :: radio, tuner
radio- {prefix}  :: radio-
radioactief {adj}  :: radioactive
radioactiviteit {f}  :: radioactivity
radioactiviteit {f}  :: radio activity: active work on radio broadcasting (usually plural)
radiochemie {f}  :: radiochemistry
radiogolf {f}  :: radio wave
radioklok {f}  :: radio clock
radioknop {m} [graphical user interface]  :: radio button
radiomaker {m}  :: producer of radio programs
radiostilte {f}  :: radio silence
radiotherapeut {m}  :: radiotherapist
radiotherapeute {f}  :: female radiotherapist
radiotherapie {f}  :: radiotherapy
radium {n}  :: radium
radja {m}  :: The Hindu princely title rajah, in various meanings, yet often rendered as king
radjah {m}  :: rajah
radon {n}  :: radon
rafel {f}  :: frayed thread
rafel {f} [archaic]  :: type of game played with three dice
rafel {f} [archaic]  :: a throw of three dice
rafelsteen {m} [archaic, East Flanders]  :: a polyhedron used in games of chance; a die
raffinaderij {f}  :: refinery
rag {n}  :: spider silk
rag {n}  :: A piece of ragtime music
ragbak {m} [Netherlands, colloquial]  :: a run-down car
rage {f} {m}  :: craze, fad, fashion
rail {f}  :: rail
raison d'État {f}  :: A state interest, especially when invoked as politically superior to moral or even legal considerations
raison d'être {f}  :: raison d'être
raja {m} [rare]  :: alternative form of radja
rakel {m}  :: A rake
rakel {?}  :: A squeegee (printing tool)
raken {vt}  :: to touch
raken {vt}  :: to hit (to not miss)
raken {vt}  :: to suffer (from pain or physical wounds)
raken {v} [copulative]  :: to become
raket {f} {m}  :: rocket, missile
raket {f} {m}  :: firework
raket {f} {m}  :: a type of ice cream in the shape of a rocket
raket {f} {m} [botany]  :: a rocket (type of plant)
raket {f} {m} [rare]  :: a racket (sports implement)
raketsla {f}  :: rocket salad
rakker {m}  :: rascal, scamp
rakoen {m} [obsolete]  :: raccoon
Raków {prop}  :: Raków (Polish town 1569–1869 and village 1869–present, important centre of Socinianism in the 16th–17th CC.)
ram {m}  :: ram (male sheep)
ram {m}  :: male rabbit
ram {m}  :: battering ram
Ram {prop} {m} [zodiac constellations, astrology]  :: Aries
ramen {vt}  :: to make an estimate
ramen {vt}  :: to fix an estimate, to budget
ramen {vt} [obsolete]  :: to guess, to reckon, to deduce
ramen {vt} [obsolete]  :: to take aim (at), to watch, to observe
ramen {vt} [obsolete]  :: to hit
ramen {vt}  :: to stretch on a frame, as done with cloth to be dried
ramen {vt}  :: to arrange bushels of cereals on the field in a certain way
ramen {vt}  :: to tie a bird's wings together to prevent it flying away
ramkraak {m}  :: (esp. bank) ramraid: robbery, theft where the premises are rammed with a vehicle to gain access
rammeien {vt}  :: to knock, to pound
rammel {}  :: beating
rammel {}  :: a gossip
rammelaar {m}  :: rattle, baby's toy that creates sound when shaken
rammelaar {m}  :: rabbit buck, male rabbit
rammelen {vti}  :: to shake
rammelen {vti}  :: to clatter, to rattle
rammelen {vt} [regional]  :: to beat, to hit, to beat up, [historically] to whip
rammelen {vi}  :: to be shaky, to be incoherent
rammelen {vti} [in particular in relation to lagomorphs]  :: to copulate
rammeling {noun}  :: beating
rammen {vt}  :: To ram, to intentionally collide with (a ship or car or building) with the intention of damaging or sinking it
rammen {vt}  :: To strike (something) hard, especially with an implement
ramp {f}  :: disaster, catastrophe
ramp {f}  :: an accident
ramp {f}  :: a ramp
ramp {f}  :: a driveway
ramp {m} [skating]  :: A construction to do skating tricks, usually in the form of one half of a pipe, a half-pipe
rampeneren {vt}  :: to destroy, to demolish
rampeneren {vi} [obsolete, Netherlands]  :: to dine, to eat
rampspoed {m}  :: disaster, catastrophe
rampzalig {adj}  :: disastrous
ramsj {c}  :: junk
ramsj {c} [by extension]  :: sale of new, hard-to-sell books at reduced prices
ramsteven {m}  :: ram bow, rostrum
ranch {m}  :: ranch, notably livestock breeding farm, especially in North America and in other English-speaking countries
rancune {c}  :: resentment, grudge; rancour
rand {m}  :: edge, brink, rim
randaarde {f} [electricity]  :: earth (UK)/ground (America) on a Schuko type electrical socket, with earth clips on the edge [common ground for sockets in the Netherlands]
randdebiel {m} [pejorative]  :: idiot, moron, imbecile
randfiguur {f}  :: outsider, marginal person
randgeval {n} [literally]  :: A borderline/ atypical case
randgeval {n} [figuratively]  :: A maverick, outsider, freak
randidioot {m} [slang, pejorative]  :: wingnut, idiot with extreme views
Randstad {prop} {f}  :: Randstad
randvoorwaarde {f}  :: boundary condition
rang {m}  :: rank
rangaku {} [historical]  :: study of Western knowledge. Dutch authorities from Deshima passed on Western knowledge and history of the world outside Japan onto the Japanese court in annual tea-sessions
ranglijst {f}  :: A ranking in the form of a list
rangorde {f}  :: An ordered sequence by rank
rangorde {f}  :: An ordering in ranks
rangorde {f}  :: A rank, especially numbered
rangschikken {v}  :: to sort, to order (to put something in order),
rangschikken {v}  :: to classify
rangtelwoord {n}  :: An ordinal number word; a word indicating an item's relative place (rank) in an ordered sequence
rank {adj}  :: slender, svelte
rank {f}  :: tendril, a thin winding stem
ransel {m}  :: satchel
ransel {m}  :: beating, usually in the combination pak ransel, a 'load' of licks
ranselen {v}  :: to beat up, to flog
ransig {adj}  :: alternative spelling of ranzig
ransomware {m}  :: ransomware
Ranstad {prop} {f} [Hague dialect]  :: Randstad
rantsoen {n}  :: ration
rantsoeneren {v}  :: to ration, to provide with supplies
ranzig {adj}  :: rancid
ranzig {adj} [colloquial]  :: dirty, unclean
rap {adj}  :: quick, fast
rap {m}  :: rap music
rapen {vt}  :: to gather, to pick up
rapier {n}  :: rapier
rapmuziek {f}  :: rap music
rappen {v}  :: to rap (speak lyrics in the style of rap music)
rapper {m}  :: rapper (performer of rap music)
rapport {n}  :: a report
rapporteren {v}  :: to report
rare {m}  :: weird person
rare vogel {m}  :: a rare bird, a strange, unusual or exceptional person
ras {n}  :: race, breed
ras {adj} [dated]  :: quick
rasecht {adj}  :: natural, born
rasecht {adj} [race, breed]  :: pure
rasp {f}  :: grater, for example for cheese
rasp {f}  :: surform tool
raspen {v}  :: to grate
rassenleer {f}  :: racial theory (pseudoscientific theory about the subdivision of humanity into races)
rassenrelatie {f}  :: race relation
rassenscheiding {f}  :: racial segregation
rassensegregatie {f}  :: racial segregation
raster {n}  :: grid
raster {n}  :: raster
rat {f}  :: rat
ratatouille {f}  :: ratatouille: a traditional French Provençal stewed vegetable dish consisting primarily of tomatoes, zucchini and eggplant, with other ingredients
ratel {f} {m} [music]  :: ratchet, rattle
ratel {f} {m}  :: ratchet (tool or mechanism)
ratel {f} {m}  :: socket wrench
ratel {f} {m}  :: rattle (organ for making noise, such as a rattlesnake's)
ratel {f} [Belgium]  :: honeycomb
ratel {f} [uncommon]  :: ratel
ratelen {v}  :: to rattle
ratelen {v}  :: to talk incessantly
ratelslang {f} [zoology]  :: rattlesnake (poisonous snake with a rattling tail)
ratificatie {f}  :: ratification
rationaliteit {f}  :: rationality
rationeel {adj}  :: rational
rauw {adj}  :: raw, uncooked
rauw {adj}  :: raw, in a roughed up state, e.g. skinned or infected
rauw {adj}  :: hard, cruel, gross, rude
rauwkost {m}  :: raw food, such as salads
rauzen {vi}  :: to rage, to be noisy and agitated
rauzen {vi}  :: to move fast without regard for others
ravage {f}  :: havoc, damage
raven {v}  :: to (hold a) rave, to party wildly
ravenmoeder {f} [pejorative]  :: a mother who neglects her children; a bad mother
ravenzwart {adj}  :: raven [color]
ravijn {n}  :: ravine
ravotten {v}  :: to play heartily, esp. outdoors
razen {v}  :: to rage, to race
razend {adj}  :: raging
razendsnel {adj}  :: superfast
razernij {f}  :: rage, fury
R'dam {abbr}  :: Rotterdam
re {f} [Netherlands, music]  :: re [second note of a major scale]
re {f} [Belgium, music]  :: d [tone]
reaal {}  :: reaal
reactie {f}  :: reaction (action in response to an event)
reactie {f} [collective, politics]  :: political reaction (reactionaries collectively)
reagens {n} [chemistry]  :: reagent
reageren {v}  :: to react
reaguurder {m} [Netherlands, colloquial]  :: somebody who reacts hatefully and anonymously online to content, similar to a troll
reaktie {f}  :: superseded spelling of reactie
realiseerbaar {adj}  :: realizable (US); realisable (UK)
realiseren {vt}  :: to realize, to achieve, to bring about
realiseren {vr}  :: to realise [UK], realize [US], to become aware of
realistisch {adj}  :: realistic
realiteit {f}  :: reality
rebel {m}  :: rebel
rebellie {f}  :: rebellion
recensent {m}  :: reviewer
recensie {f}  :: review
recent {adj}  :: recent
recentelijk {adv}  :: recently
recept {n}  :: recipe
recept {n}  :: prescription
recessie {f}  :: economic recession
rechaud {m}  :: burner, warmer
rechercheur {m}  :: police detective
recht {adj}  :: right (direction)
recht {adj}  :: straight
recht {n}  :: a right, privilege
recht {n}  :: justice
recht {n}  :: jurisprudence, the law
rechtbank {c} [legal]  :: court
rechtdoor {adv}  :: straight, straight ahead
recht door zee {adj}  :: alternative spelling of rechtdoorzee
rechtdoorzee {adj} [personal quality]  :: frank, straightforward, outspoken
rechte klimming {f} [astronomy]  :: right ascension
rechtelijk {adj} [law]  :: legal, constitutional
rechten {v}  :: To seek justice, notably:
rechten {v}  :: To sue judicially
rechten {v}  :: To contend by argument etc
rechten {v}  :: To straighten
rechten {v}  :: To erect, raise
rechtens {adv}  :: by rights
rechter {m} [legal]  :: judge
rechter {adj}  :: right
rechterhand {f}  :: right hand, part of the arm
rechterhand {f}  :: lieutenant
rechterhand {f} [figuratively]  :: a trustworthy friend or subordinate, a right-hand man / woman
rechterkant {m}  :: right-hand side
rechterlijke macht {f}  :: judiciary (the court system and judges considered collectively, the judicial branch of government)
Rechters {prop}  :: Judges (book of the Bible)
rechthoek {m} [geometry]  :: rectangle
rechthoekig {adj}  :: orthogonal
rechtlijnig {adj}  :: rectilinear
rechtlijnig {adj} [figuratively]  :: stiff, rigid, inflexible
rechtmatig {adj}  :: legitimate
rechtop {adv}  :: upright (erect)
rechts {adv}  :: on the right
rechts {adv}  :: to the right
rechts {adj} [not comparable]  :: right
rechts {adj}  :: rightist, belonging to the ideological right
rechts {adj} [predicatively]  :: right-handed
rechtsaf {adv}  :: towards the right (while turning)
rechtsgang {m}  :: judicial process
rechtsgebied {n}  :: A (territorial) jurisdiction, area of legal competence
rechtsgeding {n}  :: lawsuit
rechtsgeleerde {mf}  :: jurist, jurisconsult
rechtsgeleerdheid {f}  :: jurisprudence
rechtsgeschiedkundige {m}  :: legal historian
rechtshandig {adj}  :: right-handed
rechtsmacht {f} {m}  :: jurisdiction
rechtsom {adv}  :: clockwise
rechtsomkeert {adv}  :: (only used with maken) rechtsomkeert maken: do an about-turn, do an about-face; turn on one's heels, make a U-turn
rechtsomkeert maken {v}  :: to turn around, to about-turn
rechtsorde {f}  :: legal order
rechtspleging {f} [legal]  :: judicial procedure
rechtspraak {f}  :: jurisdiction
rechtspraak {f}  :: case law
rechtsprocedure {f} {m} [legal]  :: judicial process
rechtsstaat {m}  :: constitutional state: a state which has rule of law
rechtstreeks {adj}  :: direct
rechtstreeks {adv}  :: directly
rechtswetenschap {f}  :: jurisprudence
rechtszaak {f} {m} [law]  :: lawsuit
rechtszaal {f} {m}  :: courtroom
rechttrekken {v}  :: to straighten
rechttrekken {v}  :: to correct (of facts, statements)
rechtuit {adj}  :: straightforward
rechtvaardig {adj}  :: fair, just
rechtvaardigen {vt}  :: To justify, provide an acceptable motivation or explanation
rechtvaardigheid {f}  :: justice (state or instance of being just or fair)
rechtvaardigheidsgevoel {n}  :: feeling of justice, feeling of fairness
rechtvaardiging {f}  :: justification
rechtzaak {f} {m}  :: alternative spelling of rechtszaak
rechtzaal {f}  :: courtroom
rechtzetten {vt}  :: to stand up, to set upright
rechtzetten {vt}  :: to rectify, to correct (a mistake)
reciteren {v}  :: to recite
reclame {f}  :: publicity
reclame {f}  :: advertisement or ads
reclamebureau {n}  :: advertising agency
reclamecampagne {f}  :: advertisement campaign
reclamefolder {m}  :: leaflet with advertising
reclassering {f}  :: rehabilitation of ex-convicts
recommandatie {f}  :: recommendation
reconstrueren {v}  :: to reconstruct
record {n}  :: record
recreant {m}  :: someone who practices or enjoys recreation
recreatie {f}  :: recreation (activity that diverts, amuses or stimulates)
rectaal {adj}  :: rectal (of -, via - or related to the rectum)
rectificatie {f}  :: rectification
rectificeren {v}  :: to rectify, to correct
redacteur {m}  :: editor
redactie {f}  :: editorial staff
redactrice {m}  :: Female editor
redden {v}  :: to save, rescue
redder {m}  :: savior, rescuer
redding {f}  :: rescue, rescuing
reddingsactie {f}  :: rescue operation
reddingsboot {f}  :: A lifeboat, boat to save shipwrecked people
reddingsoperatie {f}  :: rescue operation
reddingsplan {n}  :: rescue plan
reddingsvest {n}  :: life vest
rede {f}  :: reason (as a concept)
rede {f}  :: address, discourse
rede {f}  :: place to anchor, anchorage
redekunde {f}  :: rhetoric
redelijk {adj}  :: reasonable
redelijk {adv}  :: reasonably, fairly, rather
redelijkerwijs {adv}  :: reasonably
redeloos {adj}  :: irrational, without reason
redemptorist {m}  :: A redemptorist
reden {f}  :: reason, ground
reden {f}  :: rescue
reden {m} [mathematics]  :: proportion
reden {v} [nautical]  :: to equip (a ship)
redenaar {m}  :: orator
redeneerkunde {f}  :: logic
redeneerkunde {f}  :: rhetoric
redenen {vi} [obsolete]  :: to speak
redenen {vi} [obsolete]  :: to discuss
redenen {vi} [obsolete]  :: to reason
redeneren {vi}  :: to reason
redeneren {vi} [archaic]  :: to speak
redenering {f}  :: reasoning
reder {m}  :: shipowner
rederij {f}  :: shipping company
rederijker {m} [historical]  :: rhetorician, especially one involved in theatre
redetwisten {v}  :: to argue, quarrel
redevoering {f}  :: speech
reduceren {vt}  :: To reduce
redundantie {f}  :: redundancy
ree {f} {n}  :: roe
reeds {adv} [chiefly formal]  :: already
reef {f}  :: line drawn on the ground, furrow
reef {n}  :: alternative form of reef (shallows; strip of sail)
reeks {f}  :: series
reep {m}  :: a strip, resulting from ripping, cutting etc
reep {m}  :: a rope
reep {m}  :: a hoop, ring
reep {m}  :: an edible bar, esp. a candy bar
rees {?} [colloquial]  :: diarrhea
reet {f}  :: A ripped-up spot, tear; cleft, crack, crevice
reet {f} [vulgar]  :: The butt crack, arse, anus
reet {f} [by extension, vulgar]  :: The butt, behind
reet {f} [by extension, vulgar]  :: (in geen reet nothing at all) nothing
reetveter {m} [slang, colloquial]  :: G-string, thong
referendum {n}  :: referendum
referentie {f}  :: A reference, person who vouches for another, character witness
referentie {f}  :: A quoted or otherwise consulted, preferably reliably or authoritative source, as for writing an academic document
referentiekader {n}  :: frame of reference
referentiekader {n}  :: system of organising thought containing prior beliefs
referentiekader {n} [physics]  :: diagram or system from where an observer observes (relative) motion
refereren {v} [with aan]  :: to refer to
referte {f} [legal]  :: not contest charges (of a suspect or involved party)
referte {f} [letter]  :: reference (number)
reflecteren {v}  :: to reflect
reflecterend {adj}  :: reflecting
reflectie {f}  :: reflection
reflectie {f}  :: thought about something
reflector {m}  :: reflector (reflecting disk on the rear of a vehicle; chiefly a bicycle)
reformatie {f}  :: reformation
reformator {m}  :: reformer
refractie {f} [optics]  :: refraction
refrein {n} [music]  :: a refrain, a chorus
refter {m} {n} [Belgium]  :: mess hall
refuteren {v}  :: to refute
regeerakkoord {n}  :: coalition agreement
regeerzucht {f} [pejorative, dated]  :: pathological desire to rule
regeerzucht {f} [pejorative]  :: pathological desire to govern
regel {m}  :: line of writing, verse; (pre-printed) straight line to write it on
regel {m}  :: rule, regulation, custom, prescript
regel {m}  :: narrow slat; especially a ruler
regelbaar {adj}  :: adjustable
regelen {v}  :: to regulate, to control
regelen {v}  :: to arrange
regelgeving {f}  :: regulations
regeling {f}  :: arrangement (as in practical agreement)
regelmaat {f} {m}  :: regularity
regelmatig {adj}  :: regular
regelneef {m}  :: a petty, rules-obsessed person; a stickler for rules; control freak
regelnicht {f}  :: petty, rules-obsessed woman, e.g. a woman trying to keep everything under control
regelrecht {adj}  :: downright
regen {m}  :: rain
regenachtig {adj}  :: rainy, prone to rain
regenboog {m}  :: rainbow
regenboogvlies {n}  :: iris, a membrane in the eye
regenbui {f}  :: rain shower, incidence of rain
regendruppel {m}  :: A raindrop, drop(let) of rainwater
regenen {v} [impersonal]  :: To rain, to precipitate
regenen {v} [impersonal, figuratively]  :: To accumulate in large amounts, as though by rain
regenen {vi} [figuratively]  :: To pour down, to fall out of the sky in large amounts
regenjack {n}  :: raincoat
regenjas {m}  :: raincoat
regenmantel {m}  :: mantle, cloak to protect against the rain
regenpijp {f}  :: drainpipe, downspout
regenscherm {n}  :: umbrella
regenseizoen {n}  :: wet season
regent {m}  :: regent
regentenstuk {n} [painting]  :: group portrait of regents
regentes {f}  :: regentess (female ruling in somebody else's stead)
regentes {f} [historical]  :: female member of patrician and aristocratic circles
regentesse {f}  :: alternative form of regentes
regentessenstuk {n} [painting]  :: group portrait of regentesses
regenton {f}  :: rain barrel
regenval {m}  :: rainfall
regenworm {m}  :: earthworm
regenwoud {n}  :: rainforest
regeren {vti}  :: to rule, reign, govern
regeren {vt} [archaic]  :: to control, to conduct, to direct, to govern
regering {f}  :: The act of governing, ruling a state or similar political entity
regering {f} [legal]  :: A government, a governing council: especially the executive branch of government
regering {f}  :: The rule, reign of a prince etc
regeringsleider {m}  :: head of government
regie {f}  :: production [of a film or a play]
regie {f} [figurative]  :: the management, being in charge
regime {n}  :: regime
regime {n}  :: regimen, diet
regiment {n}  :: regiment (division of an army)
regiment {n} [obsolete]  :: rulership, governance, rule
regio {f}  :: region
regiolect {n}  :: regiolect
regionaal {adj}  :: regional
regisseren {v}  :: to direct (e.g. a film)
regisseur {m}  :: director (e.g. of film, TV, or theater)
regisseuse {f}  :: female director
registratie {f}  :: A registration, the act of registering or being registered
registratie {f}  :: An office in charge of registrations, especially when it also receives correlated payment of tax or other levies
registratie {f} [music]  :: A registration, the act of selecting stops on an organ
registratie {f} [music]  :: A specific setting thus achieved
registrator {m}  :: A registrant or registrar, person (notably clerk) charged with keeping (a) register(s), possibly combined with other secretarial work; also as a specific title in various civilian and military uses
registrator {m}  :: A recorder, registring device or person taking notes as if automatically registring
registreren {v}  :: to register
rehabiliteren {v}  :: to free from guilt (of a previous crime), rehabilitate
rei {m}  :: circle dance
reidans {m}  :: circle dance
reidansen {v}  :: to dance in a circle, to circle dance
reiger {m}  :: heron
reiken {vi}  :: to reach, to extend out, to stretch
reikwijdte {f}  :: range, reach, scope
rein {adj} [formal]  :: clean, spotless
rein {adj}  :: pure, sheer
reinigen {v}  :: to clean
reis {f} {m}  :: travel
reis {f} {m}  :: trip, tour
reisbureau {n}  :: travel agency
reischeque {m}  :: traveller's cheque
reisgenoot {m}  :: A travel companion, who shares one's company on a journey
reisgids {m}  :: travel guide
reisroman {m}  :: novel in the shape of an itinerary, travelogue novel
reisspiegel {m}  :: travelling mirror
reisstekker {m}  :: plug adapter
reisverhaal {n}  :: travelogue
reisverzekering {f}  :: travel insurance
reizen {v}  :: to travel
reiziger {m}  :: traveller, voyager
reiziger {m}  :: (endonym) Dutch people who live in wagons or mobile homes, predominantly descended from 19th century displaced agricultural workers
rek {n}  :: A rack or stand
rek {m}  :: The ability for a material to stretch
rekel {m}  :: male of a canine species, notably dog, fox or wolf
rekel {m}  :: insolent person
rekels {adj} [literally, rare]  :: relating to a rekel (male of certain species, notably canine such as fox)
rekels {adj}  :: (commonly; metaphorically) scampish, impish
rekels {adj} [by extension]  :: damned, blasted
rekenaar {m}  :: someone who makes calculations; a calculator
rekenaar {m} [rare]  :: computer
rekenen {vi}  :: to count
rekenen {vi}  :: to reckon
rekenen {vi}  :: to calculate
rekenfout {f}  :: miscalculation
rekening {f}  :: reckoning, account
rekening {f}  :: account (at a bank)
rekening {f}  :: check, bill
rekening {f}  :: invoice
rekeningnummer {n}  :: account number
rekenkunde {f}  :: arithmetic
rekenmachine {f}  :: calculator
rekentoestel {n} [Belgium]  :: calculator
rekest {n} [archaic]  :: request
rekken {v}  :: to stretch
rekken {v}  :: to prolong (in duration)
rekwireren {v}  :: to requisition, to demand for supplies
rel {m}  :: riot
relateren {v}  :: to relate
relatie {f}  :: relation
relatie {f}  :: relationship
relatief {adj}  :: relative
relatief {adv}  :: relatively
relativeren {v}  :: to relativize (US), relativise (UK)
relativiteit {f}  :: relativity
relativiteitstheorie {f} [physics]  :: theory of relativity
relevant {adj}  :: relevant
reliek {f} {n}  :: relic
reliekhouder {m}  :: reliquary
reliekschrijn {n} [Roman Catholicism]  :: a coffin-like reliquary
religie {f} [religion]  :: faith, religion, a system of beliefs dealing with soul, deity and/or life after death
religie {f}  :: religious denomination, such as an organized church
religie {f} [figuratively]  :: something one adheres to devotedly
religieus {adj}  :: religious
religiositeit {f}  :: religiosity
relikwie {f} {n}  :: relic
reling {f}  :: rail (a horizontal bar)
rellen {v}  :: to riot
relmuis {f}  :: edible dormouse, Glis glis
relschopper {m}  :: a troublemaker, a menace
rem {f}  :: brake
remake {m}  :: remake (of a film)
remise {f}  :: carriage house
remise {f}  :: tram house
remise {f} [chess]  :: a tie, draw
remkabel {m}  :: a bicycle's brake cable
remlamp {f}  :: (uncommon) brake light
remmen {vi}  :: to brake, slow down
remonstrant {m}  :: Remonstrant (Arminian)
remonstrants {adj}  :: Arminian, following or belonging to the Arminian religion
remontada {f} [football]  :: comeback
remork {noun} [Belgium]  :: trailer [esp. for cars]
rempedaal {n} [automotive]  :: brake pedal
remvloeistof {f}  :: brake fluid
ren {m}  :: The place where chickens are kept
renaal {adj}  :: Pertaining to the kidneys
Renaat {prop}  :: given name, a diminutive of Renatus, the Latin of René
Renaissance {prop} [history]  :: Renaissance
Renate {prop}  :: given name, from Latin Renata, the feminine form of Renatus meaning reborn
reïncarnatie {f}  :: reincarnation
rendabel {adj}  :: profitable
rendement {n}  :: yield, performance
rendement {n} [physics]  :: efficiency (of energy conversion)
rendier {n}  :: reindeer
rendiermos {noun}  :: reindeer lichen, Cladonia rangiferina
renegaat {m}  :: renegade, outlaw
renegeren {v}  :: to renounce one's belief, renege
renium {n}  :: rhenium
renkoekoek {m}  :: roadrunner, bird of the genus Geococcyx
rennen {vi} [about people or animals]  :: to run, to move fast
rennen {vi} [about fluids]  :: to run, flow, stream
rennen {vi} [about fluids]  :: to flow together, combine, thicken
rennen {vi}  :: to leak, seep trough
renner {m}  :: runner, one who runs
renner {m}  :: racer; especially short for a competitive wielrenner 'cyclist'
renovatie {f}  :: renovation
rente {f}  :: interest
renunciatie {f}  :: renunciation, the act of resigning, abandoning [property or rights]
renunciatie {f} [religion]  :: asceticism
rep. {abbr}  :: republiek, republikeins
repareren {v}  :: To repair
repercussie {f}  :: repercussion, consequence
repeteren {v}  :: to repeat
repeteren {v}  :: to rehearse
repetitie {f}  :: (school) test
repetitie {f}  :: repetition
repetitie {f}  :: rehearsal
repetitie {f} [programming]  :: loop
reppen {v}  :: to bring up, to mention (often used with van or over)
reppen {v}  :: to hurry
representatief {adj}  :: representative, characteristic
representatief {adj}  :: trying to make an impression, impressive
representeren {v}  :: to represent
repressie {f}  :: repression
reptiel {n}  :: reptile
reptielachtigheid {f}  :: reptilianness
reptieligheid {f}  :: reptilianness
republiek {f}  :: republic (a type of state)
Republiek Macedonië {prop} {f}  :: Republic of Macedonia: the constitutional name of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
republikein {m}  :: Someone who favours a republic as a form of government; a republican
republikein {m} [politics]  :: Member of the - usually US - Republican Party
reputatie {f}  :: reputation
research {f}  :: research
reservaat {n}  :: A tract of land reserved for a particular purpose; a reserve or reservation
reserve {f} {m}  :: reserve (that which is reserved, or kept back, as for future use)
reservedeel {n}  :: spare part
reserveonderdeel {n}  :: spare part
reserveren {v}  :: reserve
reserveren {v}  :: book (reserve)
reservoir {n}  :: reservoir
residentie {f}  :: residence (usually of someone with important political or social status such as the head of state)
resolutie {f}  :: resolution
resp. {abbr}  :: abbreviation of respectievelijk
respect {n}  :: respect
respectabel {adj}  :: respectable, deserving respect
respecteren {v}  :: to respect
respectief {adj}  :: respective
respectievelijk {adj}  :: respective
respectievelijk {adv}  :: respectively
respectloos {adj}  :: disrespectful
respectvol {adj}  :: respectful, showing respect
respijt {n}  :: (short) delay
respiratie {f}  :: respiration
respons {f} {n}  :: response
ressource {f} [often, in the plural]  :: resource, means (of existence)
ressource {f}  :: A way to turn the course of the game, notably in chess
ressource {f} [in the plural]  :: possibilities, capabilities
rest {f}  :: rest (that which remains)
restant {n} {mf}  :: remnant, remainder
restaurant {n}  :: restaurant
restauratie {f}  :: buffet at a railway station
restauratie {f}  :: the restoration of an object of artistic or historical significance
restaureren {v}  :: to restore
resteren {v}  :: to remain
resterend {adj}  :: remaining, left-over
resterend {adj}  :: odd (left over after others have been grouped)
resultaat {n}  :: Result
resulteren {v}  :: to result
retarderen {v}  :: to delay, to hold up
retentie {f} [legal]  :: The retention, act of retaining something rather then returning it
retentie {f} [history]  :: The confiscation of a fief by the feudal lord
retentie {f}  :: A remembrance, (retention in) memory
retentie {f}  :: The abilty retentiveness, to retain, to remember
retentie {f}  :: The inability to secrete a substance, notably as a medical condition or concerning a delay in the passage of water
retentie {f}  :: The preservation of the shape of (a corrected set of) teeth
retentor {m} [legal]  :: The holder of a right of retensio, i.e. to keep something one doesn't own
retina {f} {m}  :: retina
retireeren {v}  :: obsolete spelling of retireren
retireren {vtr} [formal]  :: to withdraw, to retire
retorica {f}  :: rhetoric
retoriek {f}  :: rhetoric
retorisch {adj}  :: rhetorical
retoucheren {v}  :: to retouch, touch up
retour {adv}  :: back to whence one came
retour {n}  :: return
retour {n}  :: return ticket for a train
retraite {c}  :: [religious] retreat
reçu {n}  :: receipt
reu {m}  :: male dog or other canine
reuk {f}  :: smell
reukwater {n}  :: scented watery liquid, notably toilet water
reukwerk {n}  :: An incense, product to spread a smell when burned, either as a cultic, as a therapy or for secular pleasure
reukwerk {n} [by extension]  :: Any perfume, luxury product to provide a scent
reukwerkbrander {m}  :: A fireproof device to burn incense in, so as to release the scented smoke
reukzin {m}  :: sense of smell
reuma {n}  :: rheumatism
reumatiek {f}  :: rheumatism
reumatisch {adj}  :: rheumatic
reuring {f}  :: pleasant unrest or bustle
reus {m}  :: giant
reusachtig {adj}  :: giant, huge, enormous in any sense, e.g. great, extremely good
reuze- {prefix} [added to a noun]  :: giant, giant-sized
reuze- {prefix} [added to an adjective]  :: very, extremely, hugely
reuze {adj} [colloquial]  :: fantastic, great, awesome
reuzel {m}  :: lard (fat from the abdomen of a pig)
reuzenaronskelk {m}  :: titan arum, Amorphophallus titanum
reuzenrad {n}  :: Ferris wheel
reuzenstap {m}  :: giant step
revelatie {f}  :: A revelation, the act or an instance of revealing or disclosure; especially divine revelation
revelatie {f} [metonymy]  :: The divinely revelead truth, as from the Bible and/or Coran in Judeo-Christianity namely Islam
revelatie {f} [figuratively]  :: A discovery, find, notably one who surprises positively, e.g. with a great performance
reventer {m} {n} [Netherlands, chiefly historical]  :: mess hall in (former) monasteries
revers {m}  :: revers, lapel
revindiceren {v}  :: to revindicate
reviseren {v}  :: to revise
revolteren {v}  :: to revolt
revolutie {f}  :: Revolution
revolutiebouw {m} [Netherlands, historical]  :: speculative construction of slum housing
revolutionair {m}  :: revolutionary
revolutionair {adj}  :: revolutionary
revolutionairenveldbed {n}  :: stretcher for revolutionaries
revolver {m}  :: revolver
revue {f} {m}  :: revue
revue {f} {m}  :: review
rexist {m}  :: Rexist
Rhijn {prop} {m}  :: obsolete spelling of Rijn
Rhijnvis {prop} {m}  :: given name [mostly used in the Feith family]
rhodium {n}  :: rhodium
rhonchus {f}  :: rhonchus
rib {m}  :: rib
rib {m}  :: a truss (wooden frame)
ribbenboog {m}  :: Costal arch, the medial ends of the seventh to tenth costal cartilages that join to form a cartilaginous costal margin on each side [arcus costalis]
ribbenkast {f}  :: rib cage
ribfluweel {n}  :: corduroy
ribstuk {n}  :: entrecôte
RIBW {abbr}  :: initialism of Regionale Instelling voor Beschermd Wonen, "Regional Institute for Protected Living"
richel {f}  :: ridge, ledge
richten {vt}  :: to direct, aim
richter {m}  :: aimer, one who aims (e.g. a projectile weapon)
richter {m} [dated, Protestantism]  :: biblical judge [the usual plural is richteren]
richting {f}  :: direction
richting {f} [formal]  :: movement, tendency
richtlijn {f} {m}  :: directive
ridder {m}  :: knight
ridderen {v}  :: to knight:
ridderen {v}  :: to dub someone a knight
ridderen {v}  :: to confer a knighthood (membership of an order) upon
ridderlijk {adj}  :: knightly, chivalrous (pertaining to knights)
ridderlijk {adj}  :: chivalrous, gallant (according to gendered courteous conduct)
ridderorde {f}  :: chivalric order, order of knighthood
ridderorde {f}  :: knighthood (decoration)
ridderschap {n}  :: knighthood (state of being a knight)
ridderschap {f}  :: knighthood (body of knights)
Rie {prop}  :: given name, diminutive of Marie
riek {f}  :: pitchfork
rieken {v} [formal]  :: to stink
rieken {v} [Belgium, colloquial]  :: to smell (i.e. to produce, give off a smell)
rieken {v} [Belgium, colloquial]  :: to smell (i.e. to sense a smell)
riem {m}  :: belt, strap, thong, collar
riem {m}  :: oar, paddle
riem {m}  :: ream (paper measure)
riemslag {m} [rowing]  :: oar stroke
riemslag {m} [rowing]  :: lash with a belt
riet {n}  :: reed
rieten {adj}  :: made of straw or reed
rietje {noun} [euphemistic]  :: cane, hickory, or other stick used for corporal punishment
rietje {noun}  :: drinking straw
rietkat {f}  :: jungle cat, Felis chaus
rietsuiker {m}  :: cane sugar
Rietveld {prop}  :: surname
rif {n}  :: reef: a chain or range of rocks lying at or near the surface of the water
rif {n} [nautical]  :: reef: an arrangement to reduce the area of a sail in a high wind
rifhaai {m}  :: Name used for certain sharks in the family Carcharhinidae; reef shark
Riga {prop} {n}  :: Riga
rigide {adj}  :: rigid
rigoreus {adj}  :: alternative form of rigoureus
rigoureus {adj}  :: full-on, rigorous
rigoureus {adv}  :: rigorously, strictly, harshly
rigoureus {adv}  :: exactly, precisely
rij {f}  :: row, line
rij {f}  :: row (entries in a table going left to right)
rij {f}  :: line, queue of people waiting for something
rij {f} [mathematics]  :: series
rij {f} [chess]  :: rank
rijbaan {c}  :: carriageway
rijbewijs {n}  :: driver's license
rijden {vi}  :: to ride
rijden {vi}  :: to drive
rijden {vt}  :: to drive
rijder {m}  :: A rider, someone who rides
rijdier {n}  :: A riding-animal or mount, a domesticated animal used to carry a rider on its back, as opposed to pets, draught animals and wild animals
rijen {vt}  :: to form a row, line up into a row
rijfelen {vti} [archaic, Belgium]  :: to rub
rijfelen {vi} [historical]  :: to play a gambling game with three dice
rijgedrag {n}  :: driving behaviour (behaviour while driving a vehicle)
rijgen {v}  :: to pierce, impale
rijgen {v}  :: to baste (to sew a thread through something)
rijk {adj}  :: rich
rijk {adj}  :: wealthy
rijk {adj}  :: abundant
rijk {n}  :: realm, kingdom
rijk {n}  :: empire
rijk {n}  :: state
rijkaard {m}  :: A rich, wealthy man
rijkbedeeld {adj}  :: richly endowed, well-served, given a generous portion etc
rijkdom {m}  :: wealth
rijkdom {m}  :: prosperity
rijke {m} [literally]  :: a rich one
rijke {m}  :: a wealthy person
rijksambtenaar {m}  :: A (national) state official in public service in a monarchy
rijksappel {m}  :: A (golden) orb, one of the insignia of monarchy: globus cruciger
rijksdaalder {m} [numismatics]  :: coin used until the decimalization of 1816 worth 50 stuivers rather than 30 (daalder)
rijksdaalder {m}  :: after 1816: a coin worth 2.50 guilders
rijksdag {m}  :: An imperial diet, notably:
rijksdag {m}  :: of the Holy Roman Empire
rijksdag {m}  :: of imperial (Hohenzollern) Germany
rijksdag {m}  :: of the Third Reich, Nazi Germany
rijksdag {m}  :: as upper house (senate) in the empire Japan since the Meiji reform
rijkswacht {f}  :: Belgian gendarmerie that existed until 2001
rijm {m}  :: hoarfrost, rime
rijm {n}  :: rhyme, rhyming
rijmen {v}  :: to rhyme (to have a rhyme with another word)
rijmen {v}  :: to rhyme, to speak or write rhymes
rijmen {v}  :: to agree, to correspond
rijmen {v}  :: to bring into agreement, to reconcile
rijmschema {n} [poetry]  :: rhyme scheme
Rijn {prop} {m}  :: the Rhine
Rijnland-Palts {prop} {n}  :: Rhineland-Palatinate
Rijnsburg {prop} {n}  :: a town in the western Netherlands
rijp {adj}  :: ripe (of fruit etc.)
rijp {m}  :: hoarfrost
rijpen {v}  :: to ripen
rijs {n} [archaic]  :: A young twig, or a bundle of twigs; bush
Rijsbrack {prop}  :: surname
rijschool {f}  :: driving school
Rijsel {prop} {n}  :: Lille, a city in northern France
rijst {m}  :: rice
rijstpapier {n}  :: rice paper
rijstrook {f} {m}  :: Each of several parallel driving lanes on a (broad) road
rijsttafel {f}  :: rijsttafel
rijstveld {n}  :: a rice field, a paddy
rijstwijn {m}  :: rice wine
rijten {vt}  :: to rip, to tear
rijtjeshuis {n}  :: Terraced house
rijtuig {n}  :: A carriage or coach, such as in a train
rijtuig {n} [dated]  :: A horse-drawn carriage
rijweg {m}  :: road or portion of a road intended for use by (motorised) vehicles; roadway
rijwiel {n} [formal]  :: bicycle
rijzen {v}  :: to rise
rijzig {adj}  :: tall, risen high; mainly used in positive descriptions of living beings and architecture
rijzweep {f}  :: crop, riding-crop, horsewhip
Rik {prop} {m}  :: given name
riksja {m}  :: rickshaw (light, two-wheeled or three-wheeled human-powered carriage)
rillen {v}  :: to shiver
rimboe {m}  :: jungle, wilderness
rimpel {m}  :: wrinkle
rimpeling {f}  :: ripple
rimpelloos {adj}  :: peaceful, carefree
ring {m}  :: ring, hollow circular object
ring {m}  :: beltway
ringbaard {m}  :: Van Dyke beard
ringslang {f} {m}  :: grass snake
ringvinger {m}  :: The ring finger, between the middle finger and little finger
rins {adj}  :: mildly or pleasantly sour
Rinus {prop}  :: given name, diminutive of Marinus
rioleren {v}  :: to discharge through a sewer; to drain
riool {n}  :: sewer
rioolbuis {f} {m}  :: sewer pipe
riooljournalistiek {f}  :: yellow journalism
Ripuariër {m}  :: A Ripuarian (Frank)
Ripuarisch {adj}  :: belonging or relating to the Ripuarian Franks
Ripuarisch {adj}  :: in or relating to the Ripuarian dialect
Ripuarisch {prop} {n}  :: Ripuarian, the West Germanic dialect of the abovementioned Frankish tribes
risee {f}  :: laughing stock
risico {n}  :: risk
riskeren {v}  :: to risk
rit {m}  :: a short ride on horseback or on a vehicle
ritme {n}  :: rhythm, beat
ritmisch {adj}  :: rhythmic
rits {f} {m}  :: zipper (US), zip fastener (UK)
ritselaar {m}  :: facilitator
ritsen {v} [traffic]  :: to merge
ritsig {adj}  :: randy, in heat
ritten {v} [archaic]  :: to run back and forth playing (said of children)
ritten {v} [archaic]  :: to tear one's clothes while running
rittenwedstrijd {noun} [cycling]  :: stage race
rituaal {n} [Roman Catholicism, freemasonry]  :: an instruction text for performing rituals, a liturgy book
ritueel {adj}  :: ritual
ritueel {n}  :: ritual
ritus {f}  :: rite
rivaal {mf}  :: rival, opponent
rivaliteit {f}  :: rivalry
rivier {f} {m}  :: river
rivierbed {n}  :: riverbed, bed of a river
rivierbekken {n}  :: catchment basin of a river
rivierkreeft {m}  :: crayfish, a freshwater crustacean resembling a marine lobster
riviermond {m}  :: mouth of a river
r.k. {abbr}  :: rooms-katholiek
römertopf {m}  :: Römertopf
röntgen {m}  :: röntgen
röntgenapparaat {n}  :: X-ray machine
röntgenfoto {mf}  :: radiograph, X-ray photograph
röntgenfotografie {f}  :: radiography, X-ray photography
röntgenstraling {f} [physics]  :: X-ray radiation
rob {m}  :: seal (sea mammal)
robe {f}  :: gown, robe
robijnen {adj}  :: made of ruby
robijnen {adj} [color]  :: ruby
robijnrood {adj} [color]  :: ruby
Robin {prop}  :: given name borrowed from English
robinsonade {f}  :: robinsonade
Robinsonade {f}  :: alternative case form of robinsonade
robot {m}  :: robot
rocambolesk {adj} [chiefly Belgium]  :: incredible, unbelievable, fantastic
rock {m}  :: rock (style of music)
rockband {m}  :: rock band
roddel {c}  :: gossip, idle talk
roddelblad {n}  :: tabloid
roddelen {v}  :: to gossip
rode biet {f}  :: beetroot, red beet
rode kool {f} [uncountable, countable]  :: red cabbage
Rode Kruis {prop} {n}  :: Red Cross
rode loper {m}  :: red carpet
rode vos {m}  :: red fox (Vulpes vulpes)
rode wijn {m}  :: red wine, such as claret
Rode Zee {prop}  :: Red Sea (sea between Africa and Arabia)
rododendron {}  :: rhododendron
roe {f} {m}  :: alternative form of roede
roe {f} {m}  :: bundle of twigs, especially in Sinterklaas folklore
roede {f}  :: a rod (for curtain)
roede {f} [archaic]  :: penis
roedel {m}  :: group of animals (such as a pack of wolfs)
roeiboot {mf}  :: A rowing boat
roeien {v}  :: to row (with oars)
roeier {m}  :: rower
roeimachine {f}  :: rowing machine (fitness device simulating rowing)
roeipen {f}  :: thole (pin for keeping an oar in place)
roeiriem {m}  :: oar
roek {m}  :: rook (bird)
roekeloos {adj}  :: reckless
roekeloosheid {f}  :: Recklessness
roem {m}  :: glory (honour and valour)
Roemeens {adj}  :: Romanian
Roemeens {prop} {n}  :: Romanian (language)
roemen {v}  :: to praise, to laud
Roemenië {prop} {n}  :: Romania
roemrucht {adj}  :: renowned, glorious
roemruchtig {adj}  :: glorious
roentgenium {n}  :: roentgenium
roep {m}  :: call, shout, cry
roep {m}  :: reputation
roep {m}  :: call, demand
roepen {vti}  :: to cry, shout
roepen {vt}  :: to call, summon, invite etc
roeping {f}  :: vocation, calling
roepletters {p} [plural only]  :: callsign
roepnaam {m}  :: usual given name (i.e. by which one is usually called)
roeptoeter {m} [colloquial]  :: loudhailer, blowhorn, megaphone
roeptoeter {m} [colloquial]  :: mouthpiece, something that relays discourse, especially opinion
roeptoeter {m} [colloquial, pejorative]  :: loudmouth, blowhard [usually connoting that one proclaims simplistic opinions]
roeptoeteren {vti} [colloquial]  :: to proclaim loudly (simplistic opinions) [+ over (object) = about]
roer {n}  :: A rudder, device to steer a vessel
roer {n} [figuratively]  :: (used absolutely, with the definite article: het roer) control
roerdomp {m}  :: bittern
roerei {n}  :: scrambled eggs
roeren {vt}  :: to stir, scramble
roeren {vt}  :: to move, budge
roeren {vt} [figuratively]  :: touch, move (to cause emotion)
roeren {vt} [music]  :: to play an instrument
roerganger {m}  :: helmsman
roerig {adj}  :: restless
roerloos {adj}  :: motionless
roes {m}  :: intoxication
roes {m}  :: haze
roes {m}  :: high
roest {m}  :: rust (result of oxidation)
roest {m}  :: roost (resting place of birds)
roesten {v}  :: to rust (to oxidise)
roesten {v}  :: to roost
roestig {adj}  :: rusty
roestig {adj}  :: of the colour of rust
roestplaats {f}  :: roost (resting place of birds)
roestvrij {adj}  :: free of rust
roestvrij {adj}  :: stainless
roet {n}  :: soot, fine dark particles of amorphous carbon and tar, produced by the incomplete combustion of coal, oil etc.; especially when released trough a chimney
roet {n}  :: a fungus type
roetpiet {m}  :: black pete
roetsjen {vi} [chiefly Belgium]  :: to rapidly glide or slide
rof {adj} [slang]  :: rough
Roffa {prop} {n} [slang]  :: Rotterdam
rog {m}  :: ray
rog {m}  :: stingray
rog {m}  :: skate
rogge {c}  :: rye
roggebrood {n}  :: rye bread
Rogier {prop} {m}  :: given name, (re-)borrowed from Old French, like English Roger
rok {m}  :: skirt (clothing)
rok {o} {m}  :: alternative form of rokken
rokade {f}  :: castling
roken {v}  :: to smoke
rokeren {v}  :: To castle (perform the chess move of castling, in which one exchanges the king and a castle)
rokke {n} {m}  :: alternative form of rokken
rokken {n} {m}  :: distaff, rock
rokken {v}  :: alternative form of rokkenen
rokkenjager {m}  :: Womanizer
rol {m}  :: role, function (as in actions or tasks that a person or a group is expected to perform)
rol {m} [theater]  :: role, character
rolbezetting {f}  :: cast (group of people performing a play)
rolgordijn {n}  :: roller blind
rollator {m}  :: rollator
rollebollen {v}  :: to frolic
rollen {v} [ergative]  :: to roll
rollerbank {?}  :: dynamometer
rolluik {n}  :: roller shutter
rolmops {m}  :: rollmops
rolmops {m}  :: a pug dog
rolprent {f}  :: film, movie
rolschaats {f} {m}  :: roller-skate
rolschaatsen {v}  :: to roller-skate
rolstoel {m}  :: wheelchair
roltrap {m}  :: escalator
rolverdeling {f} [literally]  :: cast distribution (casting procedure)
rolverdeling {f}  :: (commonly) cast list
Rom. {abbr}  :: Romeins, Romeinen
Romaan {prop} {m}  :: A native speaker of a Romance language
Romaan {prop} {m}  :: A member or descendant of one of those peoples, or of the Latin sub()race
Romaan {prop} {m}  :: given name, cognate with Manus, Romein, German and Polish Roman, Italian Romano and Romeo, French Romain
Romaan {prop} {m}  :: A Rhetoroman
Romaans {adj}  :: Romance (of the language family)
roman {m}  :: novel (work of fiction)
romancier {m}  :: novelist
romanisatie {f}  :: romanization, process of either acculturation to the Romance culture or of phonetic notation and transliteration to Roman script
romanschrijver {m}  :: novelist
romantiek {f}  :: Romanticism
romantisch {adj}  :: romantic
romantiseren {v}  :: to romanticize (US), romanticise (UK)
Rome {prop} {n}  :: Rome
Romein {m}  :: a Roman (an inhabitant of Rome)
Romeins {adj}  :: Roman
Romeinse {f}  :: a female inhabitant of the city of Rome; a female Roman
Romeinse Rijk {prop} {n}  :: the Roman Empire
rommel {m}  :: trash, garbage, rubbish
rommel {m}  :: junk, low-quality stuff
rommel {m}  :: mess, disorder
rommelen {v}  :: to mess around, fiddle
rommelen {v}  :: to rumble (make a rumbling sound)
rommelig {adj}  :: messy, disorderly
rommelmarkt {c}  :: flea market
romp {m}  :: trunk, torso
romp {m}  :: (ship) hull
romper {m}  :: a one-piece garment for an infant or small child; a onesie or romper
romper {m}  :: an adult loungewear jumpsuit; a onesie or romper
rompstaat {m}  :: rump state
romusha {?}  :: Literally 'economic soldier'; Indonesian who had to perform penal servitude for the Japanese
rond {adj}  :: round, circular
rond {adj}  :: finished, completed
rond {adv}  :: around, about
rond {adv} [postpositional]  :: around (implying motion)
rond {prep}  :: around
rond {prep}  :: concerning, related to
rond {n}  :: round - of a race or of a tournament
rondborstig {adj}  :: busty, literally round-breasted
rondborstig {adj}  :: honest, straightforward
ronddraven {v}  :: to trot about
ronde {f}  :: round
ronde {f}  :: lap
rondedans {m}  :: circle dance
ronden {vt}  :: to make round
ronden {vt} [nautical]  :: to go around
rondgang {m}  :: a tour
rondhangen {v}  :: to hang around, to loiter
rondhout {n} [nautical]  :: wood that is cut into a round shape, such as a mast, which a sail can be attached to
rondist {f} {m} {n}  :: girdle (of a brilliant-cut diamond)
rondje {noun}  :: an O in the game of tic-tac-toe
rondje {noun}  :: a round of drinks bought by someone in a bar
rondleiding {f}  :: guided tour
rondlopen {v} [Netherlands]  :: to walk about
rondlopen {v} [Belgium]  :: to run about
rondom {prep}  :: around, round, in the vicinity of
rondreis {f} {m}  :: tour
rondscharrelen {v}  :: to nose about, to snoop
rondscharrelen {v}  :: to wander about
rondtrekken {v}  :: wander (move without purpose)
ronduit {adv}  :: frankly
rondzweven {v}  :: to float around
ronselen {v}  :: to draft (to conscript a person e.g. for a military service)
rood {adj}  :: red
rood {adj} [politics]  :: labor
roodachtig {adj}  :: reddish
roodborst {m} [zoology]  :: A vernacular name for an animal species with a charactistic red (spot on) the chest, notably:
roodborst {m}  :: (commonly in the diminutive roodborstje) The robin, Erithacus rubecula
roodborst {m}  :: (less common, but also usually in the diminutive) Phoenicurus phoenicurus
roodborstje {noun} [zoology]  :: the songbird robin (Erithacus rubecula)
roodborstlijster {f} [zoology]  :: Turdus migratorius, a thrush species (after a charactistic red chest) robin (not the more common, smaller namesake)
roodgloeiend {adj}  :: red-hot, heated to the point of glowing red
roodgloeiend {adj}  :: hotly blushing
roodharig {adj}  :: redheaded
roodharige {mf}  :: A redheaded person, ginger
Roodkapje {prop}  :: Little Red Riding Hood
roodkop {m}  :: common pochard, Aythya ferina
roodsel {n}  :: eosin
roodverschuiving {f} [astronomy]  :: redshift
roof {m}  :: robbery, robbing, banditry, rapine
roofdier {n}  :: predator
roofdier {n}  :: carnivore
roofgier {m}  :: rapaciousness
roofgier {m} [figurative, , literary]  :: vulture
roofgier {m}  :: rapacious person
roofgierig {adj}  :: rapacious
roofridder {m} [historical]  :: robber baron
roofvogel {m}  :: bird of prey
roofvogelnest {n}  :: nest of a bird of prey; eyrie
roofzucht {f}  :: rapaciousness, proclivity to stealing
roofzuchtig {adj}  :: rapacious
rooi {adj} [colloquial, chiefly attributive]  :: alternative form of rood
rooibos {m}  :: rooibos plant
rooibos {m}  :: rooibos tea
rooie {mf}  :: A redheaded person
rooie {mf}  :: A socialist, a communist
rooie {mf} [colloquial]  :: A thousand-guilder bill, short for rooie rug 'red back' (the colour of the underside of the bill)
rooien {v}  :: to dig, dig up, excavate
rooien {v}  :: to clear (especially of trees)
rook {m}  :: smoke
rookgordijn {n}  :: smokescreen
rookkaas {m}  :: smoked cheese
rookmelder {m}  :: smoke detector
rookontwikkeling {f}  :: cloud of smoke
rookverbod {m}  :: smoking ban
rookwolk {c}  :: cloud of smoke
rookworst {f}  :: smoked sausage
room {m}  :: cream (of milk)
roomboter {f}  :: butter, made by churning the cream of milk
roomijs {n}  :: ice cream
Rooms {adj}  :: Roman
roomser dan de paus {adj}  :: more Catholic than the Pope
roomwit {adj}  :: cream [color]
roos {f}  :: rose, ornamental plant of the genus Rosa
roos {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: rose, used as a heraldic charge
roos {f}  :: bullseye, the center of a target, as used at shooting practice
roos {f}  :: dandruff
roosten {vt} [uncommon]  :: to roast
rooster {n} {m}  :: grill, grid a metallic maze-structure; some things containing one
rooster {n} {m}  :: a device for roasting
rooster {n} {m}  :: roster, timetable
rooster {n} {m}  :: (crystallographic) lattice
roosteren {v}  :: to roast (to cook food by heating in an oven or fire)
ros {n}  :: horse
ros {n}  :: steed
ros {adj}  :: of a colour between red and yellow:
ros {adj}  :: red-haired
rosbief {m}  :: roast beef
rosemaling {f}  :: rosemaling
roskam {m}  :: currycomb
roskop {m} [pejorative]  :: A redhead, ginger
rosse buurt {phrase}  :: red-light district
rossen {v} [colloquial]  :: To beat, to rough up
rossig {adj} [of hair]  :: reddish
Rossum {prop}  :: A town in Gelderland, The Netherlands
Rossum {prop}  :: A town in Overijssel, The Netherlands
rot {adj}  :: rotten, spoiled, decayed, putrid
rot {adj}  :: rotten, tedious, unkind, mean
rot {n}  :: rot, something rotten, something rotting
rot {n} [military]  :: a file (of men)
rot- {prefix}  :: rotten, damned, cursed, blasted
rotatie {f}  :: rotation
rotatie {f} [mathematics]  :: curl
rotatiesnelheid {f}  :: rotational speed
roten {v} [ergative, of flax, hemp, jute, etc.]  :: to ret (to soak in water to prepare for further processing)
roteren {v}  :: to rotate
roterend {adj}  :: rotating
roti {m}  :: roti
Rotjeknor {prop} {n} [slang, pejorative]  :: Nickname for Rotterdam
rotonde {f}  :: roundabout (road junction at which traffic streams circularly around a central island)
rotor {m}  :: rotor
rots {f}  :: a rock
rotsachtig {adj}  :: rocky
rotsig {adj}  :: rocky
rotsklimmen {n}  :: rock climbing
rotslawine {f}  :: rockslide
rotsplateau {n}  :: rock plateau
rotsvast {adj}  :: rock-solid
rotsvast {adv}  :: firmly
rotswoestijn {f}  :: rock desert (desert (region) with a surface mostly consisting of rock)
rotten {v}  :: to rot, to go bad, to decay
Rotterdam {prop} {n}  :: Rotterdam (city)
rotzak {m}  :: scumbag, fiend
rotzooi {f} [colloquial]  :: mess
rotzooi {f} [colloquial]  :: rubbish, garbage
routepunt {n}  :: waypoint
routineus {adj}  :: routine, habitual (pertaining to or resulting from repetition)
rouw {m}  :: mourning
rouw {m}  :: sorrow, grief
rouwdag {m}  :: day of mourning
rouwen {vi}  :: to mourn, to grieve
rouwklacht {c}  :: lamentation
rouwkleur {f} [literally]  :: A mournful colour, as befits funeral proceedings
rouwkleur {f} [figuratively]  :: A sad or depressing colour
rouwmoed {m}  :: grief, state of mourning
rouwrand {m}  :: A black border on a piece of paper (often on envelopes) to signify mourning
rouwrand {m} [by extension]  :: A connotation of grief to an event or occasion
rouwstemming {f}  :: mournful mood, as befits a funeral
rouwstemming {f}  :: grave gloom, dark mood
roven {vt}  :: to rob
rover {m}  :: robber
roversbende {f}  :: gang/band of robbers
rovershol {n}  :: den of thieves
royaal {adj}  :: generous, munificent
royaal {adj}  :: large, huge
royaliteit {f}  :: generosity, munificence
royeren {v}  :: to dismiss, discharge, expel, fire, sack
roze {adj}  :: pink
rozebottel {f}  :: superseded spelling of rozenbottel
rozemarijn {m} [botany]  :: the mint-related plant rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)
rozemarijn {m}  :: its aromatic leaves, used as a culinary spice (often still on the branch) and in perfume
rozenbottel {f}  :: rosehip, hip
rozenhout {n}  :: rosewood
rozenhouten {adj}  :: made of rosewood
rozenkrans {m} [literally]  :: A wreath of roses
rozenkrans {m}  :: The rosary, a Catholic prayer sequence, consisting of repetitions of Our Lady and Our Father
rozenkrans {m}  :: A rosary, Catholic or Anglican prayer beads used to keep track of the above
rozenkrans {m}  :: An object resembling the wreath:
rozenkrans {m}  :: a deer's antlers' knobby edges
rozenkrans {m}  :: the plant Gnaphalium dioicum, now Antennaria dioica
rozenkrans {m}  :: A symbolical meaning of the wreath:
rozenkrans {m}  :: youth
rozenkrans {m}  :: virginity
rozenkransvormig {adj} [biology]  :: moniliform
rozenrood {adj}  :: rose-red, having the color of a red rose
rozenwater {n}  :: The rose-scented liquid rosewater
rozerood {adj}  :: flesh-colored
rozijn {f} [Belgium]  :: raisin, a dried grape
rubber {n} [uncountable]  :: rubber (pliable material derived from the sap of the rubber tree)
rubber {n}  :: piece of rubber used in machines
rubber {n}  :: a condom
rubidium {n}  :: rubidium
rubriceren {v}  :: to divide into sections; to bring under headings; to classify into different subjects
rubriek {f}  :: rubric, header
rucht {noun}  :: bad, disgusting people; scum
ruchtbaarheid {f}  :: public knowledge, publicity, limelight
ruft {m} [vulgar]  :: fart
rug {m}  :: back
rug {m} [geology]  :: ridge
rugby {n}  :: rugby (sport)
ruggegraat {f} {m}  :: superseded spelling of ruggengraat
ruggengraat {f} {m}  :: vertebral column
ruggengraat {f} {m}  :: spine, backbone
ruggengraat {f} {m} [figuratively]  :: backbone, fundamental support, core of an organization
ruggenmerg {n}  :: spinal cord
ruggespraak {f} {m}  :: consultation, giving of advice
rugvin {f}  :: dorsal fin
rugvinnig {adj}  :: having dorsal fins
rugzak {m}  :: rucksack, backpack
rugzaktoerist {m}  :: A backpacker, tourist who carries all his luggage in a backpack
rui {f}  :: moat
rui {f}  :: creek, ditch
rui {m}  :: molt (of feathers, fur)
ruien {v}  :: to moult
ruig {adj}  :: rough, rugged
ruigpootuil {m}  :: boreal owl (US & Canada), Tengmalm's owl, Aegolius funereus
ruiken {v}  :: To smell (i.e. to perceive a smell)
ruiken {v}  :: To smell (i.e. to emit a smell)
ruil {m}  :: swap, exchange
ruilen {v}  :: to swap, exchange
ruilen {v}  :: to trade
ruilmiddel {n}  :: currency, medium of exchange
ruilverkaveling {f}  :: land consolidation
ruim {adj}  :: spacious, roomy
ruim {adj}  :: large, wide
ruim {adj}  :: ample, generous
ruim {adv}  :: more than, over, easily
ruim {n} [with definite article]  :: The wide, open space
ruim {n} [nautical]  :: A cargo hold
ruimen {vt}  :: to make more spacious
ruimen {vt}  :: to empty, evacuate
ruimen {vt}  :: to put away, tidy up
ruime sop {n}  :: sea, ocean
ruimte {f}  :: space; outer space, the universe
ruimte {f}  :: a room in a building
ruimte {f}  :: room for a physical object to occupy
ruimtehaven {f}  :: spaceport
ruimtekromme {f} [mathematics]  :: three-dimensional or any multidimensional line (including curves); a space curve
ruimteopera {f}  :: space opera
ruimteschip {n}  :: spaceship
ruimtesonde {f}  :: space probe
ruimtestation {n}  :: space station
ruimte-tijd {m} [relativity]  :: spacetime
ruimtetijd {m} [relativity]  :: spacetime
ruimtetuig {n}  :: A spacecraft, vehicle traveling through space
ruimtevaarder {m}  :: astronaut
ruimtevaart {f}  :: space travel
ruimtevaarttijdperk {n}  :: space age
ruimtevaartuig {n}  :: spacecraft
ruimteveer {n}  :: space shuttle, vehicle capable of travelling repeated between Earth and outer space
ruimtewandeling {f} [aeronautics]  :: spacewalk
ruimteziek {adj}  :: spacesick
ruin {m}  :: gelding
ruis {m}  :: noise, rushing sound
ruis {m}  :: sound or signal generated by random fluctuations; static
ruisen {v}  :: to rustle (e.g. of leaves)
ruisonderdrukker {m}  :: squelcher
ruit {mf} [geometry]  :: The shape rhombus, an equilateral parallelogram
ruit {mf} [heraldiccharge]  :: A lozenge
ruit {mf} [card games]  :: A diamond; mostly used in the plural: ruiten, for that card suit
ruit {mf}  :: A glass panel (as) in a window; hence, the whole window
ruit {mf} [botany]  :: A plant of the genus Ruta
ruit {mf}  :: Similar plants, notably the related Thalictrum flava
ruit {mf} [rare]  :: Any weed
ruiten {mf} [uncountable, cards]  :: diamonds
ruiten {mf}  :: a playing card of the diamonds suit
ruitenwisser {m}  :: windshield wiper
ruiter {m}  :: rider, horseman
ruiterij {m}  :: cavalry
ruiven {v} [Belgium, of feathers, fur]  :: to molt
ruk {m}  :: pull, jerk
rukbunker {m} [colloquial]  :: bed
rukken {v}  :: to jerk
rukken {v} [colloquial]  :: to jerk off
rukker {m} [literally]  :: A yanker, one who pulls hard
rukker {m} [slang]  :: A wanker, jerker: euphemism for a masturbator
rukker {m} [slang, by extension]  :: A jerk; any person
rukwind {m}  :: gust, blast
rul {adj}  :: grainy, granular
rumboon {f}  :: a bean-shaped praline with a rum filling
rumoerig {adj}  :: noisy, loud
rumoerig {adj}  :: boisterous, audibly restless, tumultuous to riotous
rund {n}  :: any bovine animal
rund {n}  :: idiot, stupid person
runderpest {f} {m}  :: rinderpest
rundvee {n} [collective]  :: cattle
rundveehouderij {f} [uncountable]  :: cattle husbandry
rundveehouderij {f}  :: cattle farm (farm where cows are raised)
rundvlees {n}  :: beef
rundvleessoep {f}  :: beef soup
rune {f}  :: rune
ruïne {f}  :: ruin
ruïneren {v}  :: To ruin, destroy
ruïneren {v}  :: To ruin financially
runnen {v}  :: to run (a business or household)
Rupel {prop} {f}  :: river in northern Belgium
rups {c}  :: caterpillar
rupsband {m}  :: caterpillar track
rupsvoertuig {n}  :: any vehicle with caterpillar tracks
rus {m}  :: A sod, turf of soil, grass, reed or other vegetation
rus {m}  :: The graminal plant Armeria vulgaris or Armeria maritima
rus {m}  :: A grass-like plant, (bul)rush, notably of the genera Juncus and Luzula
rus {m} [slang]  :: police detective
rus {adj}  :: alternative form of ruis
Rus {m}  :: Russian
Rus {m}  :: [Bargoens] detective
Rusland {prop} {n}  :: Russia
russenpol {m}  :: turf of rush
Russin {f}  :: a female Russian
Russisch {adj}  :: Russian, referring to Russia
Russisch {n}  :: Russian, language of Russia
Russische Federatie {prop} {f}  :: Russian Federation
rust {f} {m}  :: rest, calm, peace
rust {f} {m} [sports]  :: half-time
rusteloos {adj}  :: restless
rusten {vi}  :: to rest
rusten {vi}  :: to lie, be supported (by something)
rusten {vt} [obsolete]  :: to equip, to provide with what is needed
rustiek {adj}  :: rustic
rustiek {adj}  :: unrefined, uneducated, uncivilised
rustig {adj}  :: calm, tranquil, quiet
rustig {adj}  :: taking one's time, not hurried
Ruth {prop}  :: The eighth book of the Bible
ruthenium {n}  :: ruthenium
rutherfordium {n}  :: rutherfordium
Rutte {prop}  :: surname
Ruud {prop} {m}  :: given name
ruw {adj}  :: rough, crude
ruwen {v}  :: to roughen
ruwheid {f}  :: roughness, crudity
ruwweg {adv}  :: roughly
ruzie {f}  :: quarrel
ruziën {v}  :: to quarrel
Rwanda {prop} {n}  :: Rwanda
ryden {v}  :: obsolete spelling of rijden