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{adv}  :: there
l' {art} [before a vowel]  :: apocopic form of il/lo, la the
{adv}  :: there, in that place
l {n}  :: See under L
L {letter}  :: letter: elle
la {art}  :: the
la {m} [music]  :: A (musical note and scale)
la {m} [music]  :: la (musical note)
la {pron}  :: her (direct object)
la {pron}  :: it (feminine)
Labano {prop} [Biblical character]  :: Laban
Labano {prop}  :: given name
labarda {f}  :: alternative form of alabarda
labaro {m}  :: banner, standard
labaro {m}  :: labarum
labbia {f}  :: attitude, stance
labbia {f}  :: face
labbo {m}  :: Arctic skua
labbrata {f}  :: A slap in the mouth (literally, on the lips)
labbreggiante {v}  :: present participle of labbreggiare
labbreggiare {v}  :: To move the lips
labbreggiare {v}  :: To murmur; to mumble
labbriforme {adj}  :: lip-shaped
labbro {m} [anatomy]  :: lip
labbro {m}  :: labium
labbro leporino {m} [pathology]  :: hare lip
labbruto {adj}  :: thick-lipped
labdacismo {m}  :: alternative form of lambdacismo
labdano {m}  :: labdanum
La Befana {prop}  :: In Italian culture, a traditional Yuletide gift-bearing character, resembling an old witch and usually carrying a broomstick
labellato {adj}  :: labellate
labello {m} [botany]  :: labellum
labellofilia {f} [rare]  :: The collecting of labels
la bemolle maggiore {m}  :: A-flat major
labfermento {m} [enzyme]  :: rennin
labiale {adj} [anatomy]  :: labial, lip (attributive)
labiale {adj} [phonetics]  :: labial (whose articulation involves the lips)
labiale {f} [phonetics]  :: A labial consonant
labiale {m}  :: lip move
labializzante {v}  :: present participle of labializzare
labializzantesi {v}  :: present participle of labializzarsi
labializzare {vt}  :: To labialize
labializzarsi {vr}  :: To become labialized
labializzazione {f} [linguistics]  :: labialization
labiato {adj} [botany]  :: labiate
labiato {adj} [phonetics]  :: labialized
labile {adj}  :: fleeting, ephemeral
labilità {f}  :: fleetingness, transience
labilità {f}  :: lability
labilmente {adv}  :: fleetingly, ephemerally
labio- {prefix}  :: labio-
labiodentale {adj} [phonetics]  :: labiodental (articulated with the lower lip and the upper teeth)
labiodentale {f} [phonetics]  :: A labiodental speech sound
labiolettura {f}  :: lipreading
labionasale {adj} [anatomy]  :: labionasal
labiopalatale {adj}  :: labio-palatal
labiovelare {adj} [phonetics]  :: labiovelar
labirinteo {adj}  :: labyrinthine
labirintico {adj}  :: labyrinthine (all senses)
labirintiforme {adj}  :: labyrinthiform
labirintite {f} [disease]  :: labyrinthitis
labirinto {m} [anatomy]  :: labyrinth
labirinto {m}  :: labyrinth, maze
labirintopatia {f} [pathology]  :: labyrinthopathy
labirintosi {f} [pathology]  :: labyrinthosis
l'abito non fa il monaco {proverb} [idiomatic]  :: It is not possible to judge things by external appearances alone; similar to the English idiom you can't judge a book by its cover
l'abito non fa il monaco {proverb} [literally]  :: the habit doesn't make the monk
laborantina {f} [Switzerland]  :: laboratory assistant, worker or technician
laboratoriale {adj}  :: laboratorial; laboratory (attributive)
laboratorio {m}  :: laboratory, lab
laboratorio {m}  :: workshop, workroom
laboratorista {mf}  :: laboratory assistant, worker or technician
laboriosamente {adv}  :: industriously
laboriosamente {adv}  :: laboriously
laboriosissimo {adj}  :: Very industrious or hard-working
laboriosissimo {adj}  :: Very laborious
laboriosità {f}  :: industriousness
laborioso {adj}  :: busy
laborioso {adj}  :: hard-working, industrious
laborioso {adj}  :: laborious, difficult
labrace {m}  :: sea bass
labronico {adj}  :: Livornian (of or pertaining to Livorno, especially to its football team)
laburismo {m}  :: Labour political party or movement
laburista {adj} [politics]  :: Labour (attributive)
laburista {f} [politics]  :: A female Labour MP
laburista {f} [politics]  :: A female member of the Labour Party
laburista {m} [politics]  :: A Labour MP
laburista {m} [politics]  :: A member of the Labour Party
laburistico {adj} [politics]  :: Labour (attributive)
laburno {m}  :: laburnum
lacaniano {adj}  :: Lacanian
lacanismo {m}  :: Lacanianism
lacca {f} [archaic]  :: hole, pit
lacca {f}  :: varnish, lacquer
laccamuffa {f}  :: litmus
laccante {v}  :: present participle of laccare
laccare {vt}  :: To varnish or lacquer
laccato {adj}  :: lacquered, varnished, painted, polished
laccatore {m}  :: lacquerer, varnisher (person)
laccatura {f}  :: varnishing, lacquering
lacchè {m}  :: lackey
lacchezzo {m}  :: enticement, allurement
lacchezzo {m}  :: imbroglio, mess
laccia {f}  :: alternative form of alaccia
lacciaia {f}  :: lasso (rope with a loop at the end)
laccifero {adj}  :: laciferous
laccio {m}  :: lace (for a shoe etc)
laccio {m}  :: noose
laccio {m}  :: snare
laccio {m}  :: string
laccio {m}  :: thong
laccio emostatico {m} [medicine]  :: tourniquet
lacciola {f}  :: alternative form of alaccia
lacciolo {m}  :: small snare
laccolite {mf} [geology]  :: laccolith
lacedemone {adj}  :: Lacedaemonian (Spartan)
lacedemone {mf}  :: Lacedaemonian (Spartan)
lacerabile {adj}  :: Subject to lacerating or tearing
lacerabilità {f}  :: The property of being subject to lacerating or tearing
laceramento {m}  :: distress
laceramento {m}  :: lacerating, tearing, ripping, rending
laceramento {m}  :: laceration, tear, rip, rent
lacerante {adj}  :: piercing, shrill
lacerante {v}  :: present participle of lacerare
lacerantesi {v}  :: present participle of lacerarsi
lacerare {vt}  :: to lacerate
lacerare {vt}  :: to rip, tear
lacerarsi {v}  :: reflexive of lacerare
lacerarsi {v}  :: to rip, tear
lacerativo {adj}  :: lacerative, lacerating
lacerato {adj}  :: lacerated
lacerato {adj}  :: ripped, torn
laceratosi {v}  :: past participle of lacerarsi
lacerazione {f}  :: laceration
lacerazione {f}  :: tearing, ripping, scratching
lacerazione {f}  :: tear, rip, scratch
lacerna {f}  :: lacerna (cloak used by Romans)
lacero {adj}  :: lacerated
lacero {adj}  :: ragged
lacero {adj}  :: torn, ripped
lacertide {m}  :: lacertid (lizard of family Lacertidae)
lacertiforme {adj}  :: lizardlike
lacertoso {adj} [literary]  :: muscular
Lachesi {prop} [Greek god]  :: Lachesis
la ciliegina sulla torta {idiom}  :: the icing on the cake
laconicamente {adv}  :: laconically
laconicismo {m}  :: laconism
laconicità {f}  :: conciseness
laconico {adj}  :: concise
laconico {adj}  :: laconic
laconismo {m}  :: laconism
laconizzante {v}  :: present participle of laconizzare
laconizzare {v}  :: To laconize
lacrima {f}  :: tear (drop of fluid secreted from the eyes)
lacrimabile {adj} [literary]  :: heartrending, pitiful
lacrimale {adj}  :: lachrymal, tear (attributive)
lacrimante {v}  :: present participle of lacrimare
lacrimare {vi}  :: To cry or weep
lacrimare {vt}  :: To water
lacrimatoio {m} [anatomy]  :: lachrymal sac
lacrimatoio {m}  :: lachrymatory
lacrimatorio {adj}  :: synonym of lacrimale
lacrimazione {f} [medicine]  :: lachrymation
lacrimevole {adj}  :: heartrending, pitiful
lacrimevolmente {adv}  :: heartrendingly, pitifully
lacrimogeno {adj}  :: lachrymose, lachrimatory
lacrimogeno {m}  :: tear gas grenade
lacrimosamente {adv}  :: movingly
lacrimosamente {adv}  :: tearfully
lacrimoso {adj}  :: pathetic
lacrimoso {adj}  :: teary, tear-filled, wet
lacrimoso {adj}  :: weeping, whining
lacrosse {m} [sports]  :: lacrosse
lactagogo {adj}  :: alternative spelling of lattagogo
lactagogo {m}  :: alternative spelling of lattagogo
lacuale {adj}  :: lake (attributive)
lacuna {f}  :: blank (space)
lacuna {f}  :: gap
lacuna {f}  :: lapse (of memory)
lacuna elettronica {f} [physics]  :: electron hole
lacunare {m} [architecture]  :: lacunar
lacunosamente {adv}  :: incompletely
lacunosità {f}  :: incompleteness
lacunoso {adj} [botany]  :: lacunose
lacunoso {adj}  :: Full of gaps, gappy; incomplete
lacustre {adj}  :: lacustrine
ladano {m}  :: alternative form of labdano
laddove {adv}  :: In the place where
laddove {conj}  :: while
ladino {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the language or people
ladino {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of this region, or speaker of this language
ladino {m}  :: the Ladin language, a Rhaetian tongue of Northeastern Italy
ladinofono {adj}  :: Ladin-speaking
Ladislao {prop}  :: given name, cognate to English Ladislaus
ladra {f}  :: burglar (female)
ladra {f}  :: thief (female)
ladramente {adv}  :: dishonestly (as a thief)
ladreria {f}  :: robbery
ladrescamente {adv}  :: thievingly
ladresco {adj}  :: thieving
ladro {adj}  :: thieving, dishonest
ladro {m}  :: burglar
ladro {m}  :: thief
ladrocinio {m}  :: theft, robbery, larceny
ladron {m}  :: apocopic form of ladrone
ladrona {f}  :: augmentative of ladra; thief, robber [female]
ladronaia {f}  :: A band of robbers
ladronata {f}  :: thievery
ladroncella {f}  :: A young female thief
ladroncella {f}  :: diminutive of ladrona
ladroncello {m}  :: A young thief
ladroncello {m}  :: diminutive of ladrone
ladrone {m}  :: thief; robber (especially a highwayman)
ladroneccio {m}  :: robbery, theft (especially a series of thefts)
ladroneggiante {v}  :: present participle of ladroneggiare
ladroneggiare {v}  :: To lead the life of a thief
ladroneria {f}  :: robbery
ladronescamente {adv}  :: dishonestly, as a thief
ladronesco {adj}  :: thieving, dishonest
ladruncola {f}  :: Petty thief (female)
ladruncolo {m}  :: Petty thief
lady {f}  :: lady (wife of a lord; important woman)
Laerte {prop}  :: given name
Laerte {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Laertes
la gatta frettolosa fece i gattini ciechi {proverb}  :: more haste, less speed; haste makes waste
lagenorinco {m}  :: dolphin
lagerstroemia {f}  :: crape myrtle
laggiù {adv}  :: down there, down below
laggiù {adv}  :: over there
laggione {m}  :: A glazed earthenware tile, typical of Genoa
laghetto {m}  :: Small lake
laghista {m} [chiefly in the plural]  :: lake poet
lagna {f}  :: drag, bore
lagna {f} [in the plural]  :: whining, moaning
lagnante {v}  :: present participle of lagnarsi
lagnantesi {v}  :: present participle of lagnarsi
lagnanza {f}  :: complaint, grievance, grumble, bellyache, stink
lagnarsi {vr}  :: To complain or grumble (about)
lagnatosi {v}  :: past participle of lagnarsi
lagnio {m}  :: A continuous lament
lagno {m}  :: gripe, pain; sorrow
lagno {m}  :: lament
lagnona {f}  :: (female) complainer, whiner, bellyacher
lagnone {m}  :: complainer, whiner, bellyacher
lagnosamente {adv}  :: In a moaning way
lagnoso {adj}  :: moaning, whining, querulous
lagnoso {adj}  :: weepy
lago {m}  :: lake
Lago Averno {prop}  :: Lake Avernus
lago Erie {prop}  :: Lake Erie
lagoftalmo {m} [pathology]  :: lagophthalmos, lagophthalmia
La Goletta {prop}  :: La Goulette (port city in Tunisia)
lagomorfo {m}  :: lagomorph
lagone {m}  :: hot spring, fumarole (especially one associated with a geyser)
lagopo {m}  :: red grouse (of genus Lagopus)
lagostoma {m} [pathology]  :: hare lip
lagotrice {f}  :: woolly monkey (of genus Lagothrix)
lagotto {m}  :: A breed of dog, properly Lagotto Romagnolo
lagrangiana {f} [mathematics]  :: Lagrangian
lagrangiano {adj}  :: Lagrangian
lagrima {f} [archaic, poetic]  :: Variant of lacrima
lagrimabile {adj} [literary]  :: heartrending, pitiful (Variant of lacrimabile)
lagrimante {v}  :: present participle of lagrimare
lagrimare {v}  :: alternative form of lacrimare
lagrimevole {adj}  :: deplorable
lagrimevolmente {adv}  :: deplorably
lagrimogeno {adj}  :: Variant of lacrimogeno
lagrimosamente {adv}  :: alternative form of lacrimosamente
lagrimoso {adj}  :: alternative form of lacrimoso
laguna {f}  :: lagoon
lagunare {adj}  :: lagoon (attributive)
lagunare {adj}  :: Venetian
lagunare {m} [military]  :: Soldier belonging to the Lagunari regiment (amphibious troops of the Italian Army)
L'Aia {prop}  :: L'Aia (city)
laica {f}  :: lay sister
laica {f}  :: laywoman
laicale {adj}  :: lay, secular, laic
laicamente {adv}  :: secularly
laicato {m}  :: laity (or the condition of being a lay person)
laicismo {m}  :: laicism
laicista {adj}  :: lay (attributive), laicistic
laicista {f}  :: supporter of laicism
laicistico {adj}  :: lay (attributive), laical
laicità {f}  :: laity
laicizzante {v}  :: present participle of laicizzare
laicizzare {vt}  :: to secularize
laicizzazione {f}  :: laicization, secularization
laico {adj}  :: lay
laico {adj}  :: secular
laico {m}  :: lay brother
laico {m}  :: layman
laidamente {adv}  :: filthily, foully
laidamente {adv}  :: obscenely
laidezza {f}  :: filthiness
laidità {f}  :: filthiness
laido {adj}  :: filthy, foul
laido {adj}  :: obscene
laidume {m}  :: corruption, depravity
laidume {m}  :: filth, filthiness, dirt, dirtiness
lallà {interj}  :: A tuneless hum
lallazione {f}  :: lallation
lallera {interj}  :: synonym of lallà (humming sound)
lalofobia {f}  :: lalophobia
lalopatia {f} [pathology]  :: lalopathy
laloplegia {f} [pathology]  :: laloplegia
l'altr'ieri {adv}  :: (Variant of l'altro ieri) day before yesterday
l'altrieri {adv}  :: (Variant of l'altro ieri) day before yesterday
l'altro ieri {adv}  :: the day before yesterday
lama {f}  :: blade (of a razor or sword)
lama {f}  :: bog, fen
lama {m}  :: llama
lama {n}  :: lama (religious person)
la maggiore {m} [music]  :: A major
Lamagna {prop}  :: medieval spelling of Alemannia
lamaico {adj}  :: lamaistic
lamaismo {m}  :: lamaism (Tibetan Buddhism)
lamaistico {adj}  :: lamaistic
La Malfa {prop}  :: surname
La Malfa {prop}  :: Ugo La Malfa, Italian politician
lamantino {m}  :: manatee, lamantin
lamarckiano {adj}  :: Lamarckian
lamarckismo {m}  :: Lamarckism
lamaseria {f}  :: lamasery
lamasseria {f}  :: lamasery
lamatura {f}  :: levelling
lamatura {f}  :: scraping, sanding
lambda {m} [anatomy]  :: lambda
lambda {mf}  :: lambda (Greek letter)
lambdacismo {m} [linguistics]  :: lambdacism
lambdoideo {adj}  :: lambdoid
lambello {m} [heraldry]  :: lambel
lambente {adj}  :: lambent
lambente {v}  :: present participle of lambire
Lamberto {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Lambert
lambiccamento {m}  :: pondering
lambiccante {v}  :: present participle of lambiccare
lambiccantesi {v}  :: present participle of lambiccarsi
lambiccare {vt}  :: to distill [using an alembic]
lambiccare {vt}  :: to examine carefully
lambiccarsi {v}  :: reflexive of lambiccare
lambiccarsi {v}  :: to reflect carefully
lambiccarsi il cervello {v}  :: To rack one's brains
lambiccatore {adj}  :: distillation (attributive)
lambiccatosi {v}  :: past participle of lambiccarsi
lambiccatura {f}  :: distillation
lambiccatura {f}  :: refinement (all senses)
lambimento {m}  :: lapping (of water)
lambimento {m}  :: licking (of a flame)
lambire {vt} [of a flame]  :: to lick
lambire {vt} [of water]  :: to lap
lamblia {f}  :: lamblia
lambliasi {f}  :: giardiasis
Lamborghini {prop}  :: surname
lambrì {m} [architecture]  :: dado
lambrecchino {m} [heraldry, especially in plural]  :: lambrequin, mantling
lambretta {f}  :: scooter, motor scooter
Lambretta {prop}  :: A formerly popular make of motor scooter
lambrettista {mf}  :: scooterist
lambris {m} [architecture]  :: dado
Lambro {prop}  :: A river that flows in Lombardy
lambrusca {f}  :: A type of wild vine
lambrusco {m}  :: A black grape variety from Emilia. Used to make the Lambrusco wine
Lambrusco {m}  :: Lambrusco
lamburda {f}  :: sprig (especially on an apple or pear tree)
La Mecca {prop}  :: Mecca (city in Saudi Arabia)
Lamech {prop} [Biblical character]  :: Lamech
lamed {n}  :: lamedh, specifically:
lamed {n}  :: The name of the Hebrew script letter ל
lamed {n}  :: The name of the Phoenician-script letter 𐤋
lamella {f} [botany]  :: gill, lamella
lamella {f} [electronics]  :: wafer
lamella {f}  :: thin plate, lamella
lamellare {adj}  :: lamellate, lamellated, lamellar
lamellibranco {m}  :: lamellibranch
lamellipodio {m} [biology]  :: lamellipodium
lamentabile {adj}  :: lamentable
lamentabile {adj}  :: painful
lamentabile {adj}  :: plaintive, mournful
lamentabilmente {adv}  :: lamentably
lamentabilmente {adv}  :: painfully
lamentabilmente {adv}  :: plaintively, mournfully
lamentante {v}  :: present participle of lamentare
lamentantesi {v}  :: present participle of lamentarsi
lamentanza {f}  :: plaint, complaint
lamentare {vt}  :: to lament
lamentarsi {v}  :: ‎reflexive of lamentare
lamentarsi {v}  :: to complain (about)
lamentatosi {v}  :: past participle of lamentarsi
lamentazione {f}  :: lamentation
Lamentazioni {prop} [biblical]  :: Lamentations, Book of Lamentations
lamentela {f}  :: complaint, grumble, stink
lamentela {f} [in the plural]  :: complaining, grumbling
lamentevole {adj}  :: lamentable
lamentevole {adj}  :: plaintive, mournful
lamentevolmente {adv}  :: lamentably
lamentevolmente {adv}  :: plaintively, mournfully
lamentio {m}  :: wailing, lamenting (persistent)
lamento {m}  :: lament
lamento {m}  :: moan, groan
lamentosamente {adv}  :: plaintively, mournfully
lamentoso {adj}  :: plaintive, mournful
lametta {f}  :: razor blade
lamiera {f}  :: sheet (of metal etc)
lamierino {m}  :: lamination, sheet, latten
lamina {f} [anatomy]  :: lamina
lamina {f} [botany]  :: lamina, blade
lamina {f}  :: Thin sheet or layer; lamina
laminante {v}  :: present participle of laminare
laminare {adj}  :: laminar
laminare {vt}  :: to laminate, plate
laminaria {f}  :: oarweed, kelp
laminarina {f} [carbohydrate]  :: laminarin
laminato {adj}  :: laminated
laminato {m}  :: laminate (laminated material)
laminatoio {m}  :: rolling mill
laminatura {f}  :: lamination
laminatura {f}  :: rolling (metal process)
laminazione {f}  :: lamination
laminazione {f}  :: rolling (process, of metal)
laminectomia {f} [surgery]  :: laminectomy
la minore {m} [music]  :: A-minor
laminoso {adj}  :: laminar
lamio {m}  :: deadnettle
Lamon {prop}  :: A small town in the Belluno province of Veneto
Lamone {prop}  :: A river that flows through Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna
Lamone {prop}  :: A small town in the Lugano district of Ticino
lamonese {adj}  :: Of or from Lamon
lamonese {adj}  :: Of or from Lamone
lampa {f}  :: lamp
lampa {f}  :: light
lampada {f}  :: lamp, light
lampada al neon {f}  :: neon lamp
lampadario {m}  :: chandelier
lampadina {f}  :: light bulb
lampante {adj}  :: blatantly obvious, crystal clear
lampante {adj}  :: lamp (attributive)
lampara {f}  :: fishing boat fitted with such a lamp
lampara {f} [nautical]  :: fishing lamp
lampascione {m} [plant]  :: tassel hyacinth
lampassato {adj} [heraldry]  :: langued
Lampedusa {prop}  :: An Italian island between Sicily and Tunisia
lampedusano {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Lampedusa
lampedusano {m}  :: Native or inhabitant of Lampedusa
lampeggiamento {m}  :: flashing (of lights)
lampeggiante {adj}  :: flashing
lampeggiante {m}  :: blinker, indicator, flasher
lampeggiante {m}  :: flashing light (on police cars and other emergency vehicles)
lampeggiante {v}  :: present participle of lampeggiare
lampeggiare {vi}  :: to blink (flash on and off at regular intervals; flash headlights on a car)
lampeggiare {vi}  :: to flash
lampeggiatore {m}  :: indicator (on a car)
lampeggiatore {m} [photography]  :: flash, flashgun
lampionaio {m}  :: lamplighter (person employed to light streetlights)
lampioncino {m}  :: Chinese lantern (paper lantern)
lampione {m}  :: streetlight, streetlamp, lamppost
lampista {m}  :: lampman, lamplighter
lampisteria {f}  :: lamp room (in mines etc)
lampo {adj}  :: lightning (military)
lampo {m}  :: flash
lampo {m}  :: lightning
lampone {m}  :: raspberry
lampreda {f} [zoology, ichthyology]  :: lamprey
lampredotto {m}  :: A beef tripe dish from Florence, usually served with a green parsley sauce, pepper, olive oil and eaten with a bread roll
lampuga {f}  :: mahi-mahi
lana {f}  :: wool
lanario {m}  :: lanner or lanner falcon
lanca {f}  :: oxbow, oxbow lake
lancasteriano {adj}  :: Lancastrian
lancastriano {adj}  :: Lancastrian
lanceolato {adj} [botany]  :: lanceolate
lancetta {f}  :: hand (of a clock)
lancetta {f}  :: needle (of a barometer or other instrument)
lancia {f}  :: lance, spear
lancia {f}  :: launch (boat)
lancia {f}  :: nozzle
lanciabile {adj}  :: throwable
lanciabilità {f}  :: The property of being throwable
lanciabombe {m} [weaponry]  :: mortar
lanciafiamme {m}  :: flamethrower
lanciagranate {m}  :: grenade launcher
Lancialotto {prop}  :: medieval spelling of Lancillotto
lanciamento {m}  :: build-up, boost
lanciamento {m}  :: trailer (TV, film)
lanciamissili {m}  :: missile launcher
Lanciano {prop}  :: a town in the province of Chieti in Abruzzo in Italy
lanciante {v}  :: present participle of lanciare
lanciantesi {v}  :: present participle of lanciarsi
lanciar {v}  :: apocopic form of lanciare
lanciarazzi {m}  :: rocket launcher
lanciare {v}  :: to access or activate a program, to call up
lanciare {v}  :: to launch (also figuratively, e.g. a new product)
lanciare {v}  :: to throw, to chuck, to sling
lanciare la monetina {v}  :: to flip a coin
lanciare la monetina {v}  :: to toss a coin
lanciare una moneta {v}  :: to toss a coin
lanciarsi {vr} [~ (contro)]  :: to hurl oneself (at)
lanciarsi {v}  :: reflexive of lanciare
lanciarsi {vr} [~ (in)]  :: to launch (into), embark (upon)
lanciarsi {vr} [~ (in)]  :: to throw oneself (into)
lanciasagola {m} [nautical]  :: line-throwing gun
lanciasiluri {m}  :: torpedo tube
lanciatissimo {adj}  :: Very excited, very enthusiastic
lanciatissimo {adj}  :: Very famous, very popular
lanciato {adj}  :: excited, enthusiastic
lanciato {adj}  :: famous, well-known
lanciato {adj}  :: speeding (vehicle)
lanciato {adj}  :: thrown
lanciatore {m} [athletics]  :: thrower
lanciatore {m} [baseball]  :: pitcher
lanciatosi {v}  :: past participle of lanciarsi
lanciatrice {f} [athletics]  :: thrower (female)
lanciatrice {f} [baseball]  :: pitcher (female)
lanciere {m}  :: lancer (soldier)
Lancillotto {prop}  :: Lancelot
lancinante {adj}  :: painful (memory)
lancinante {adj}  :: piercing (noise)
lancinante {adj}  :: splitting (headache)
lancinante {adj}  :: stabbing, shooting, excruciating (pain)
lancio {m}  :: throw, drop, shot
lancio del disco {m} [athletics]  :: discus throw
lancio del giavellotto {m} [athletics]  :: javelin throw
lancio del martello {m} [athletics]  :: hammer throw
lancio del peso {m} [athletics]  :: shot put
Lancisi {prop}  :: surname
Lancisi {prop}  :: Giovanni Maria Lancisi, Italian doctor
landò {m}  :: landau
landa {f}  :: land
landa {f}  :: moor
landa desolata {n}  :: A waste land; an uninhabited desolate region; a wilderness or desert
landa desolata {n}  :: waste, moor
landamano {m}  :: landamman
landfogto {m} [Switzerland]  :: bailiff
Lando {prop}  :: given name
Landolfo {prop}  :: given name
laneria {f}  :: woolens
laneria {f}  :: woolens factory
laneria {f}  :: wool factory
lanetta {f}  :: A light wool or fabric made from this wool
Lanfranchi {prop}  :: surname
langarolo {m}  :: A dialect of Piedmontese spoken in the Langhe
Langobardia {prop}  :: Either of the two main regions of the Lombard kingdom, now Lombardy
langravio {m}  :: landgrave
languente {adj}  :: languishing
languente {v}  :: present participle of languire
languidamente {adv}  :: languidly
languidezza {f}  :: languor
languido {adj}  :: languid
languido {adj}  :: languishing
languire {vi} [of a conversation]  :: to flag
languire {vi}  :: to languish
languire {vi}  :: to pine
languore {m}  :: languor
languore {m}  :: weakness, faintness
languorino {n}  :: Only used in the phrase sentire un certo languorino
languorosamente {adv}  :: languorously
languoroso {adj}  :: languorous
laniccio {m}  :: fluff, lint
laniere {m}  :: wool or woollens manufacturer
laniero {adj}  :: woollen; wool (attributive)
lanificio {m}  :: wool mill, wool factory
lanina {f}  :: mixed wool (fabric)
lanolina {f}  :: lanolin
lanosità {f}  :: woolliness
lanoso {adj}  :: wooly
lantana {f}  :: wayfaring-tree, hoarwithy (plant of genus Viburnum lantana)
lantanide {adj}  :: lanthanide
lantanide {m} [chemistry]  :: lanthanide
lantanidico {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: lanthanide (attributive)
lantanio {m} [chemistry]  :: lanthanum
lanterna {f}  :: lantern (all senses)
lanterna {f}  :: lighthouse
lanterna magica {f}  :: magic lantern
lanternino {m}  :: Small lantern, especially one having coloured glass
lanternone {m}  :: A large lantern, carried on a pole in processions, often accompanying a crucifix etc
lantionina {f} [amino acid]  :: lanthionine
lanugine {f}  :: down, pile (soft hair)
lanugine {f}  :: fluff, fuzz
lanuginoso {adj}  :: downy
lanuto {adj}  :: woolly, lanate
lanzafina {f}  :: lanceleaf water plantain (Alisma lanceolatum)
lanzarda {f}  :: Spanish mackerel (of genus Scomberomorus)
lanzardo {m}  :: Spanish mackerel (of genus Scomberomorus)
lanzichenecco {m} [historical]  :: Landsknecht, lansquenet (German mercenary of the 15th or 16th century)
lanzichenecco {m}  :: lansquenet (gambling card game)
Lao {prop}  :: A river that flows in Calabria
Laocoonte {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Laocoön
Laos {prop}  :: Laos
laosiano {adj} [rare]  :: alternative form of laotiano
laosiano {m} [rare]  :: alternative form of laotiano
laotiana {f}  :: Laotian (female)
laotiano {adj}  :: Laotian
laotiano {m}  :: Laotian [male or unspecified gender]
laotiano {prop}  :: The Laotian language
lapalissianamente {adv}  :: obviously, self-evidently
lapalissiano {adj}  :: Lapalissian, obvious, self-evident
laparatomia {f}  :: Variant of laparotomia
laparo- {prefix} [anatomy]  :: laparo-
laparoscopia {f} [surgery]  :: laparoscopy
laparoscopico {adj}  :: laparoscopic
laparoscopio {m} [surgery]  :: laparoscope
laparotomia {f} [surgery]  :: laparotomy
lapazio {m}  :: dock (plant of genus Rumex)
lapidante {v}  :: present participle of lapidare
lapidare {vt}  :: to lap (burnish or polish)
lapidare {vt}  :: to stone (execute by stoning)
lapidariamente {adv}  :: concisely
lapidario {adj}  :: concise
lapidario {adj}  :: lapidary
lapidario {m}  :: lapidary
lapidario {m}  :: stone-cutter
lapidatore {m}  :: polisher (person)
lapidatore {m}  :: stoner (person)
lapidazione {f}  :: lapidation
lapide {f}  :: memorial
lapide {f}  :: tombstone, gravestone
lapidoso {adj} [literary]  :: lapideous, stony
lapin {m}  :: rabbit skin or fur
La Pira {prop}  :: surname
La Pira {prop}  :: Giorgio La Pira, Italian politician
lapis {m} [in the plural]  :: pencils
lapis {m}  :: pencil
lapis {m}  :: sanguine (red chalk)
lapislazzuli {m} [mineralogy]  :: lapis lazuli
lapislazzulo {m}  :: alternative form of lapislazzuli
laplaciano {adj} [mathematics]  :: Laplacian
laplaciano {m} [mathematics]  :: Laplacian
lappa {f}  :: burdock
lappante {v}  :: present participle of lappare
lappare {vti}  :: To lap or lap up
lappare {vt}  :: To polish or burnish
lappatore {m}  :: polisher (person)
lappatrice {f}  :: lapping (polishing) machine
lappatura {f}  :: lapping (polishing)
lappola {f}  :: burdock
lappone {adj}  :: Lapp, Sami
lappone {mf}  :: Laplander
lappone {m}  :: Sami (language)
Lapponia {prop}  :: Lapland
la prima generazione fa i soldi, la seconda se li gode e la terza li finisce {proverb}  :: clogs to clogs in three generations
lapsus {m}  :: slip of the tongue
lapsus digitis {m} [colloquial]  :: typo (typographical error)
lapsus freudiano {m}  :: A Freudian slip
la quiete prima della tempesta {idiom}  :: calm before the storm
L'Aquila {prop}  :: L'Aquila (province)
L'Aquila {prop}  :: L'Aquila (town)
Lara {prop}  :: given name
lardaceo {adj}  :: lardaceous, lardy
lardante {v}  :: present participle of lardare
lardare {vt}  :: To lard
lardatoio {m}  :: larding needle
lardatura {f}  :: larding
lardellante {v}  :: present participle of lardellare
lardellare {vt}  :: To lard
lardellatura {f}  :: larding
lardello {m}  :: crackling (piece of fried bacon)
Larderello {prop}  :: A village near Pomarance in the province of Pisa
lardo {m}  :: lard, fat (for cooking)
lardoso {adj}  :: fatty, fat
largamente {adv}  :: abundantly
largente {v}  :: present participle of largire
largheggiante {v}  :: present participle of largheggiare
largheggiare {vi}  :: to be benevolent
largheggiare {vi}  :: to be free (with) (money)
larghezza {f} [figuratively, abundance]  :: abundance, largeness
larghezza {f} [figuratively, generosity]  :: generosity, liberality
larghezza {f}  :: width, breadth
larghissimo {adj}  :: Very wide, broad ample
largire {vt}  :: to give generously
largità {f} [obsolete]  :: liberality
largizione {f}  :: largess
largo {adj}  :: ample, wide, large
largo {adj}  :: (generous) generous, free, open-handed
largo {adj} [of clothes]  :: oversized, loose-fitting, too loose
largo {adj}  :: wide, broad
largo {m} [music]  :: largo
largo {m}  :: open sea
largo {m}  :: square, largo
largo a {interj}  :: make way for
lariano {adj}  :: Of or relating to lake Como, also known as Lario
larice {m}  :: larch (tree)
larice {m}  :: the wood of that tree
lariceto {m}  :: larch wood (forest)
laringale {adj} [anatomy]  :: laryngeal
laringe {f}  :: larynx
laringectomia {f} [surgery]  :: laryngectomy
laringeo {adj} [anatomy]  :: laryngeal
laringismo {m}  :: laryngismus, laryngospasm
laringite {f} [disease]  :: laryngitis
laringo- {prefix} [anatomy]  :: laryngo-
laringofaringe {mf} [anatomy]  :: laryngopharynx
laringofaringite {f} [pathology]  :: laryngopharyngitis
laringofissura {f} [surgery]  :: thyrotomy, laryngofissure
laringofono {m}  :: throat microphone, laryngophone
laringografia {f} [medicine]  :: laryngography
laringoiatra {mf}  :: doctor who specializes in problems of the throat
laringoiatria {f} [medicine]  :: Branch of medicine that specializes in problems of the throat
laringoiatrico {adj} [pathology]  :: Of or relating to problems of the throat
laringologa {f}  :: laryngologist (female)
laringologia {f} [medicine]  :: laryngology
laringologico {adj} [medicine]  :: laryngological
laringologo {m}  :: laryngologist
laringopatia {f} [pathology]  :: disease of the larynx; laryngopathy
laringoplegia {f} [pathology]  :: paralysis of the larynx, laryngoplegia
laringoscopia {f} [medicine]  :: laryngoscopy
laringoscopico {adj} [medicine]  :: laryngoscopic
laringoscopio {m} [medicine]  :: laryngoscope
laringospasmo {m} [pathology]  :: laryngospasm
laringostenosi {f} [pathology]  :: laryngostenosis
laringotomia {f} [surgery]  :: laryngotomy
laringotomo {m} [surgery]  :: laryngotome
laringotracheale {adj} [anatomy]  :: laryngotracheal
laringotracheite {f} [pathology]  :: laryngotracheitis
laringotracheotomia {f} [surgery]  :: laryngotracheotomy
Larino {prop}  :: a town in the province of Campobasso in Molise in Italy
Lario {prop}  :: Lake Como
Larissa {prop}  :: given name
Larissa {prop}  :: Larissa (city/regional capital)
larssoniano {adj}  :: Larssonian
La Ruota Della Fortuna {prop}  :: The Italian incarnation of the U.S. origin game show Wheel of Fortune
larva {f} [figuratively]  :: shadow, skeleton
larva {f}  :: larva, grub
larvale {adj}  :: larval
larvatamente {adv}  :: In a veiled manner
larvato {adj}  :: veiled
larvicolo {adj}  :: larvicolous
larviparità {f} [zoology]  :: The condition of being larviparous; larviparity
larviparo {adj} [zoology]  :: larviparous
larvivoro {adj}  :: larvivorous
lasagna {f}  :: a flat sheet of pasta
lasalliano {adj}  :: Lasallian
lasca {f}  :: nase (fish of the family Cyprinidae)
lascante {v}  :: present participle of lascare
lascare {vt} [nautical]  :: alternative form of allascare
lasciante {v}  :: present participle of lasciare
lasciantesi {v}  :: present participle of lasciarsi
lasciapassare {m}  :: pass, permit
lasciar {v}  :: apocopic form of lasciare
lasciarci le cuoia {v} [idiomatic]  :: To bite the dust
lasciarci le cuoia {v}  :: to give up the ghost
lasciare {v}  :: to leave (leave something behind), let
lasciare in eredità {v}  :: to bequeath (To give or leave by will; to give by testament; especially of personal property)
lasciare questa terra {v} [idiom]  :: To die
lasciar perdere {v}  :: to get off, let alone, leave alone
lasciarsi {v}  :: [of a couple] to separate, split up
lasciarsi {v}  :: reflexive of lasciare
lasciarsi {v}  :: to leave each other, part, separate
lasciarsi {v}  :: to let oneself
lasciatosi {v}  :: past participle of lasciarsi
lascibile {adj} [obsolete]  :: lascivious
lascità {f} [obsolete]  :: moral weakness, cowardice
lascito {m}  :: legacy, bequest
lascivamente {adv}  :: lasciviously, lustfully
lascivia {f}  :: lasciviousness
lascività {f}  :: lasciviousness
lascivo {adj}  :: lascivious, wanton
lascivo {adj}  :: prurient
lasco {adj}  :: loose
lasco {adj}  :: slack
lasco {m}  :: slack
laserchirurgia {f} [surgery]  :: laser surgery
laserterapia {f}  :: laser therapy
La Spezia {prop}  :: La Spezia (province/and/city)
lassù {adv}  :: up above, in heaven
lassù {adv}  :: up North
lassù {adv}  :: up there
lassa {f} [obsolete]  :: lead, leash
lassa {f} [obsolete, poetry]  :: laisse, tirade
lassativo {adj}  :: laxative
lassativo {m}  :: laxative
lassezza {f}  :: lassitude, lethargy
lassismo {m}  :: laxity
lassista {adj}  :: lax
lassità {f} [medicine]  :: laxity
lasso {adj} [dated, literary, figuratively]  :: lax, lenient, permissive
lasso {adj} [dated, literary]  :: lax, loose
lasso {adj} [obsolete, literary]  :: miserable, unhappy, bleak
lasso {adj} [obsolete, literary]  :: tired, weary, fatigued, weak
lasso {m}  :: alternative form of lassa
lasso {m}  :: lariat, lasso
lasso {m} [only in the locution lasso di tempo]  :: flow, passage, period (of time)
lasso di tempo {n}  :: A period of time; interval
lasta {f}  :: A unit of measurement of Northern Europe for dry goods
lastra {f}  :: pane (of a window)
lastra {f}  :: plate (photographic etc)
lastra {f}  :: sheet (of ice etc)
lastra {f}  :: slab (of stone etc)
lastra {f}  :: X-ray
lastratura {f}  :: steel bodywork of a car
lastricamento {m}  :: paving
lastricante {v}  :: present participle of lastricare
lastricare {vt}  :: To pave
lastricato {m}  :: causeway
lastricato {m}  :: paving
lastricatore {m}  :: paver
lastricatura {f}  :: paving, flagging
lastrico {m}  :: paving, pavement
lastrina {f}  :: Small, glass plate
lastrone {m}  :: sheer rock face
la sua {pron}  :: his (that which belongs to him)
lasveghiano {adj}  :: Las Vegas (attributive)
latamente {adv} [figuratively]  :: in a broad sense; sensu lato
latamente {adv}  :: widely, extensively
latebra {f} [literary]  :: lair, den
latebroso {adj} [literary]  :: With many hiding places, isolated, secluded
latente {adj}  :: latent (all senses)
latentemente {adv}  :: latently
latenza {f}  :: latency
laterale {adj}  :: side, lateral
lateralità {f}  :: laterality
lateralizzazione {f}  :: lateralization
lateralmente {adv}  :: laterally
lateralmente {adv}  :: sideways
lateranense {adj}  :: Lateran
Laterano {prop}  :: Lateran (Basilica of St. John Lateran)
laterite {f}  :: laterite
lateritico {adj}  :: lateritic
laterizio {m}  :: brick (used for tiling etc)
lateroflessione {f}  :: lateroflexion
Laterza {prop}  :: A small town in the province of Taranto in Puglia
latice {m}  :: latex
laticifero {adj}  :: laticiferous
laticifero {m}  :: laticifer
laticlavio {m}  :: laticlave
latifoglia {f}  :: broadleaf (broad-leaved tree)
latifoglio {adj} [botany]  :: broad-leaved
latifondismo {m}  :: latifundism
latifondista {mf}  :: landowner (of a large agricultural estate)
latifondo {m}  :: A large farm or agricultural estate
latina {f}  :: Latin [female]
Latina {prop}  :: Latina (province)
Latina {prop}  :: Latina (town)
latinamente {adv}  :: clearly; easily
latinamente {adv}  :: in Latin
latineggiante {adj}  :: Latinizing
latineggiante {v}  :: present participle of latineggiare
latineggiare {vi}  :: To Latinize
latinismo {m}  :: Latinism
latinista {m}  :: Latin scholar; Latinist
latinità {f}  :: Latinity
latinizzante {v}  :: present participle of latinizzare
latinizzare {vt}  :: To Latinize
latinizzazione {f}  :: Latinization
latin lover {m} [colloquial]  :: Casanova, Don Juan, playboy, lady's man
latino {adj}  :: Latin
latino {m}  :: Latin (person)
latino- {prefix}  :: Latin- (meaning Spanish)
latino {prop}  :: Latin (language)
latinoamericana {f}  :: feminine noun of latinoamericano
latino-americano {adj}  :: alternative spelling of latinoamericano
latinoamericano {adj}  :: Latin American
latino-americano {m}  :: alternative spelling of latinoamericano
latinoamericano {m}  :: Latin American
latinofono {adj}  :: Latinophone
latinorum {m}  :: mumbo jumbo
latino volgare {m}  :: Vulgar Latin (language)
latiro {m}  :: spring vetch (Lathyrus vernus)
latitante {adj}  :: in hiding
latitante {adj}  :: on the run
latitante {mf}  :: fugitive
latitante {v}  :: present participle of latitare
latitanza {f}  :: hiding (condition of being in hiding, or on the run)
latitare {vi}  :: To abscond
latitare {vi}  :: To be absent
latitudinale {adj}  :: latitudinal
latitudinalmente {adv}  :: latitudinally
latitudine {f}  :: latitude
lato {adj} [literary, figuratively, of a meaning]  :: broad
lato {adj} [literary, rare]  :: wide, broad
lato {m}  :: side
latomia {f}  :: A quarry once used as a prison
latomistico {adj}  :: masonic
latomistico {adj}  :: Pertaining to the pigpen cipher
Latona {prop} [Greek god]  :: Leto
latore {m}  :: bearer (of a message)
latrante {v}  :: present participle of latrare
latrare {vi}  :: to howl
latrato {m}  :: howl
-latria {suffix}  :: -latry
latrina {f}  :: latrine
latrina {f}  :: lavatory (public)
latrina {f}  :: outhouse
latrocinio {m}  :: theft, robbery, larceny
latta {f}  :: tin, can
lattagogo {adj}  :: alternative form of galattagogo
lattagogo {m}  :: alternative form of galattagogo
lattaia {f}  :: milkwoman
lattaio {m}  :: milkman
lattamasi {f} [enzyme]  :: lactamase
lattame {m}  :: lactam
lattamico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: lactam (attributive)
lattante {adj}  :: breast-fed, breastfed
lattante {mf}  :: baby
Lattanzio {prop}  :: Lactantius (Lucius Caecilius Firmianus Lactantius)
lattare {v}  :: To lactate
lattario {m}  :: milk cap (the mushroom Lactarius deliciosus)
lattasi {f} [enzyme]  :: lactase
lattato {adj}  :: milky, lactic
lattato {m} [organic chemistry]  :: lactate
lattazione {f}  :: lactation
latte {m}  :: milk
latte artificiale {m}  :: formula (food for infants)
latte condensato {m}  :: condensed milk
latte di cocco {m}  :: coconut milk
latte di mandorla {m}  :: almond milk
latte di mandorle {m}  :: almond milk
latte di soia {m}  :: soy milk
latte in polvere {m}  :: milk powder, powdered milk
latte intero {m}  :: whole milk
latte materno {m}  :: breast milk
latte materno {m}  :: mother's milk
lattemiele {m}  :: whipped cream
latteo {adj}  :: milky (of or pertaining to milk)
latte parzialmente scremato {m} [foods]  :: semi-skimmed milk
latteria {f}  :: dairy (place where milk is processed)
latteria {f}  :: dairy (shop)
latteria {f}  :: milk bar
latterino {f}  :: smelt (especially Atherina boyeri)
lattescente {adj}  :: lactescent, milky, cloudy
lattescenza {f}  :: milkiness, cloudiness, lactescence
latte scremato {m} [foods]  :: skimmed milk
lattice {m}  :: latex
latticello {m}  :: buttermilk
latticinio {m}  :: dairy product
latticino {m}  :: dairy product
lattico {adj}  :: lactic
lattiera {f}  :: milk jug
lattiero {adj}  :: dairy (attributive)
lattiero {adj}  :: milk (attributive)
lattifero {adj}  :: lactiferous, milk (attributive)
lattigeno {adj}  :: lactogenic
lattiginoso {adj}  :: milky
lattilato {m} [organic chemistry]  :: lactylate
lattime {m}  :: milk crust
lattina {f}  :: small tin / can, especially one with a ring-pull used for drinks
lattivendolo {m}  :: milkman
latto- {prefix}  :: lacto-
lattoalbumina {f} [protein]  :: lactalbumin
lattobacillo {m}  :: lactobacillus
lattococco {m} [microbiology]  :: lactococcus
lattodensimetro {m}  :: lactometer, lactodensimeter
lattoflavina {f} [organic compound]  :: lactoflavin
lattogenesi {f}  :: lactogenesis
lattogenetico {adj}  :: lactogenic
lattogeno {adj}  :: lactogenic
lattone {m} [organic chemistry]  :: lactone
lattone {m}  :: suckling calf or pig
lattoneria {f}  :: A tinsmith's or sheet metal-worker's workshop or factory
lattoneria {f}  :: The work of a tinsmith; fabrication using sheet metal
lattoniere {m}  :: tinsmith, whitesmith
lattonzo {m}  :: suckling pig
lattonzolo {m}  :: suckling pig (or, rarely, other suckling animal)
lattoproteina {f} [protein]  :: lactoprotein
lattosio {m} [carbohydrate]  :: lactose
Lattuada {prop}  :: surname
lattucario {m}  :: lactucarium
lattuga {f}  :: lettuce
lattughina {f}  :: lamb's lettuce
laudabile {adj}  :: laudable, praiseworthy
laudante {v}  :: present participle of laudare
Laudara {prop}  :: Lavdar (island of Croatia)
laudare {vt}  :: alternative form of lodare
laudativamente {adv}  :: in a laudatory manner
laudativo {adj}  :: laudatory
laudevole {adj}  :: alternative form of lodevole
laudevolmente {adv}  :: alternative form of lodevolmente
Laura {prop}  :: given name
laurea {f}  :: degree (from university)
laureanda {f}  :: (university) A final year female student, a female student about to graduate
laureando {m}  :: (university) A final year student, a student about to graduate
laureante {v}  :: present participle of laureare
laureantesi {v}  :: present participle of laurearsi
laureare {vt} [figuratively]  :: to crown
laureare {vt}  :: to confer a university degree
laurearsi {v} [education]  :: to graduate, take a degree
laurearsi {v} [figuratively]  :: to be crowned
laurearsi {v}  :: reflexive of laureare
laureata {f}  :: A female graduate
laureato {adj}  :: graduated, having a degree
laureato {m}  :: A graduate
laureatosi {v}  :: past participle of laurearsi
laurenziano {adj}  :: Laurentian
laurenzio {m} [chemistry]  :: lawrencium
lauretano {adj}  :: Of, or from, Loreto
lauretano {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Loreto
laureto {m}  :: laurel thicket
laurico {adj}  :: lauric
lauro {m}  :: Any plant of the genus Laurus
lauro {m}  :: laurel
lauroceraso {m} [plant]  :: Prunus laurocerasus; cherry laurel
lautamente {adv}  :: abundantly, profusely
lautezza {f}  :: richness, abundance, lavishness
lauto {adj}  :: rich, abundant, large, lavish
lava {f}  :: lava
lava- {prefix}  :: Used to derive nouns related to washing
lavaauto {n}  :: car wash
lavabiancheria {f}  :: washing machine
lavabicchieri {m}  :: glass-washer (machine, in a bar, for washing glasses)
lavabile {adj}  :: washable
lavabilità {f}  :: washability
lavabo {m}  :: lavabo
lavabo {m}  :: washbasin, in particular of bathroom
lavabottiglie {m}  :: bottle-washer (machine for washing bottles)
lavacristallo {m}  :: windscreen washer (of a car)
lavacro {m}  :: basin for washing
lavacro {m}  :: washing (ritual cleansing or purification)
lavadita {m}  :: finger bowl
lavafari {m}  :: headlight washer (on a car)
lavafrutta {m}  :: A bowl for washing fruit just before it is eaten
lavaggio {m}  :: washing, wash
lavaggio del cervello {m}  :: brain-washing
lavagna {f}  :: blackboard
lavagna {f}  :: slate
La Valletta {prop}  :: Valletta (city in Malta)
lavamacchine {m}  :: car wash
lavamano {m}  :: washstand
L'Avana {prop}  :: Havana
lavanda {f}  :: lavender
lavanda {f} [medicine]  :: lavage
lavanda {f}  :: wash, washing
lavandaia {f}  :: washerwoman, washer, laundress
lavandaio {m}  :: washer, laundryman
lavanderia {f}  :: laundry (Shop or room where the clothes are washed and ironed)
lavanderia {f}  :: washhouse
lavandeto {m}  :: lavender grove, lavender field
lavandino {m}  :: A kitchen sink, a sink
lavandino {m}  :: A washbasin
lavante {v}  :: present participle of lavare
lavantesi {v}  :: present participle of lavarsi
lavapavimenti {m}  :: mop (for washing the floor)
lavapiatti {f}  :: dishwasher (machine)
lavapiatti {mf}  :: dishwasher (person)
lavare {vt}  :: to wash
lavarello {m}  :: lavaret (Coregonus lavaretus)
lavare via {v}  :: to whitewash (To cover over errors or bad actions)
lavarsi {v}  :: reflexive of lavare
lavarsi {v}  :: to wash (oneself)
lavasciuga {f}  :: washer-dryer (domestic appliance)
lavasecco {f}  :: dry-cleaning machine
lavasecco {m}  :: dry-cleaner's (shop)
lavastoviglie {n}  :: dishwasher
lavata {f}  :: wash
lavataccia {f}  :: A quick wash, especially in communal surroundings
lavataccia {f} [colloquial]  :: A situation in which people are forced into close proximity
lavatergifaro {m}  :: headlight washer/wiper (on a car)
lavativo {m}  :: cop-out
lavativo {m}  :: enema
lavativo {m}  :: shirker, idler, good-for-nothing
lavatoio {m}  :: Public washhouse
lavatore {m}  :: scrubber (equipment)
lavatore {m}  :: washer (person)
lavatosi {v}  :: past participle of lavarsi
lavatrice {f}  :: washing machine
lavatura {f}  :: dirty water
lavatura {f}  :: washing (act of)
lavavetri {m}  :: squeegee
lavavetri {m}  :: window cleaner
lavavetri {m}  :: windscreen washer (on a car)
lavello {m}  :: A kitchen sink, a sink
la vendetta è un piatto che va servito freddo {proverb}  :: revenge is a dish best served cold
lavico {adj}  :: lava (attributive)
lavina {f}  :: snowslide
Lavina {prop}  :: Lavinia
Lavino {prop}  :: A small river in Emilia-Romagna
lavorabile {adj}  :: workable
lavorabilità {f}  :: machinability
lavorabilità {f}  :: workability
lavoracchiante {v}  :: present participle of lavoracchiare
lavoracchiare {vi}  :: To work little, or only now and again
lavoraccio {m}  :: chore, fag, challenge
lavoraccio {m}  :: pig's ear, mess-up, balls-up
lavorante {mf}  :: worker
lavorante {v}  :: present participle of lavorare
lavorantesi {v}  :: present participle of lavorarsi
lavorar {v}  :: apocopic form of lavorare
lavorare {vi}  :: To run or operate (a business etc)
lavorare {vi}  :: To work
lavorare {vt}  :: To cultivate
lavorare {vt}  :: To knead (dough)
lavorare {vt}  :: To work or carve (a material)
lavorare di malavoglia {v}  :: to slog
lavorare di malavoglia {v}  :: To work slowly and deliberately (overcoming significant boredom)
lavorare d'intaglio {v}  :: to fret
lavorarsi {vr}  :: To work on something
lavorativo {adj} [agriculture]  :: tillable, arable
lavorativo {adj}  :: working, work (attributive)
lavorato {adj}  :: carved
lavorato {adj}  :: cultivated [land]
lavorato {adj}  :: finished [product]
lavorato {adj}  :: tooled
lavorato {adj}  :: worked [gold, etc.]
lavorato {adj}  :: wrought [iron, etc.]
lavoratore {adj}  :: working
lavoratore {m}  :: worker, workman
lavoratosi {v}  :: past participle of lavorarsi
lavoratrice {f}  :: worker (female)
lavorazione {f}  :: manufacturing, manufacture, working, work, workmanship, processing
lavorazione {f}  :: tillage, cultivation
lavoretto {m}  :: A simple piece of work, or one of little importance
lavoricchiante {v}  :: present participle of lavoricchiare
lavoricchiare {vi}  :: to do odd jobs
lavoricchiare {vi}  :: to potter about
lavoriero {m}  :: A V-shaped fishing net used in the Venetian lagoon to catch fish migrating to the sea
lavorio {m}  :: Intense activity or work
lavorista {mf} [legal]  :: Expert in labour law
lavoro {m}  :: job, task
lavoro {m}  :: labour
lavoro {m}  :: work (all senses)
lavoro d'intaglio {m}  :: fretwork
lavoro d'intarsio {m}  :: fretwork
lavoro d'ornato {m}  :: fretwork
lavorone {m}  :: A heavy workload
lavoro occasionale {m}  :: odd job
lawrentio {m}  :: alternative form of laurenzio
laziale {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Lazio
laziale {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the S.S. Lazio, the Italian football team based in Rome
laziale {mf}  :: A S.S. Lazio player or supporter
laziale {mf}  :: Native or inhabitant of Lazio
laziale {m}  :: The dialect of Lazio
Lazio {prop} [historical]  :: Latium
Lazio {prop}  :: Lazio
lazo {m}  :: lariat, lasso
lazulite {f} [mineralogy]  :: lazulite
lazzaretto {m}  :: A leper hospital
lazzaretto {m}  :: A place of quarantine; a lazaretto
lazzarista {adj}  :: Lazarist
lazzarista {f}  :: Lazarist
lazzaro {m} [historical, derogatory]  :: A supporter of the Bourbon monarchy in the south of Italy during the Risorgimento
lazzaro {m} [obsolete]  :: leper
Lazzaro {prop}  :: given name
Lazzaro {prop}  :: Lazarus [biblical character]
lazzaronata {f}  :: The action of a scoundrel; a dirty trick
lazzarone {m} [obsolete]  :: leper
lazzarone {m}  :: scoundrel, rogue
lazzaronesco {adj}  :: Of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a lazzarone (in all senses)
lazzaronismo {m}  :: The attitude and behaviour of a lazzarone (in all senses)
lazzaruola {f}  :: alternative form of lazzeruola
lazzerone {m}  :: alternative spelling of lazzarone
lazzeruola {f}  :: azarole, mosphilla, Mediterranean medlar (fruit of the plant Crataegus azarolus)
lazzeruolo {m}  :: azarole, mosphilla, Mediterranean medlar (plant Crataegus azarolus)
lazzo {m}  :: jest
LC {abbr}  :: Lecco (Italian town in Lombardy)
LCD {m}  :: LCD
le {art}  :: the
le {pron} [dative]  :: her, to her
le {pron} [dative]  :: you, to you
le {pron}  :: them [third-person plural feminine]
LE {prop} [government, abbreviation]  :: abbreviation of Lecce (Italian town in Puglia)
leader {mf}  :: leader (chief; one in front)
leaderino {m}  :: A leader of an unimportant group (especially of a youth organization)
leaderismo {m}  :: The behaviour or attitude of a leader
leadership {f}  :: leadership
leale {adj}  :: honest
leale {adj}  :: loyal, faithful
lealismo {m}  :: loyalism
lealista {adj}  :: loyalist
lealista {f}  :: loyalist
lealmente {adv}  :: honestly
lealmente {adv}  :: loyally, faithfully
lealtà {f}  :: fairness, honesty
lealtà {f}  :: loyalty, faithfulness
Leandro {prop}  :: given name
Leandro {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Leander
Learco {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Learchus
leardo {adj}  :: grey (especially of horses)
lebbra {f}  :: leprosy
lebbrosa {f}  :: leper (female)
lebbrosario {m}  :: leper colony
lebbroso {adj}  :: leprous
lebbroso {m}  :: leper (male)
Lebedo {prop}  :: Lebedus
leccaciuffi {f} [vulgar]  :: rug muncher (lesbian)
leccaculo {mf}  :: lackey
leccaculo {mf} [pejorative, vulgar]  :: ass-licker, arse-licker, brown-noser
leccaculo {mf}  :: toady
lecca lecca {m}  :: alternative spelling of lecca-lecca
leccalecca {m}  :: alternative spelling of lecca-lecca
lecca-lecca {m}  :: lollipop, lolly
leccante {v}  :: present participle of leccare
leccantesi {v}  :: present participle of leccarsi
leccapiedi {mf}  :: bootlicker, crawler, brown-noser, flunky
leccar {v}  :: apocopic form of leccare
leccarda {f}  :: dripping pan (under roasting meat)
leccare {vt}  :: To lick
leccarsi {vr}  :: To lick oneself
leccata {f}  :: lick
leccatamente {adv}  :: affectedly
leccato {adj}  :: affected
leccatosi {v}  :: past participle of leccarsi
leccatura {f}  :: licking (especially repetitively)
Lecce {prop}  :: Lecce (province)
Lecce {prop}  :: Lecce (town)
leccese {adj}  :: Of or relating to Lecce or the Lecce people
leccese {mf}  :: A native or inhabitant of Lecce
lecceta {f}  :: (Variant of: lecceto) holm oak wood (forest)
lecceto {m}  :: holm oak wood (forest)
lecchese {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Lecco
lecchese {mf}  :: Native or inhabitant of Lecco
lecchino {m} [offensive]  :: ass-licker (person who attempts to please those in authority)
leccia {f}  :: greater amberjack (Seriola dumerili)
leccia {f}  :: holm oak acorn
leccia {f}  :: leerfish (Lichia amia)
leccia {f}  :: seal shark (Scymnorhinus licha)
leccio {m}  :: holm oak, ilex (Quercus ilex)
Lecco {prop}  :: Lecco (province)
Lecco {prop}  :: Lecco (town)
leccornia {f}  :: delicacy, dainty (food)
lechitico {adj}  :: Lechitic
lechito {m}  :: Lechite
lecitamente {adv}  :: lawfully
lecitamente {adv}  :: rightly, correctly
lecitina {f} [organic chemistry]  :: lecithin
lecito {adj}  :: allowed
lecito {adj} [law]  :: lawful, legal, licit
lecito {m}  :: what is right, allowed
lectina {f} [protein]  :: lectin
Leda {prop}  :: given name
Leda {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Leda
ledente {v}  :: present participle of ledere
ledere {vt}  :: to hurt, infringe
ledere {vt}  :: to injure, damage
lega {f}  :: alloy
lega {f}  :: association, society
lega {f}  :: league (length)
lega {f}  :: league (politics, sport, distance), gang
legaccio {m}  :: lace (of a shoe)
legaccio {m}  :: string
legale {adj}  :: juridical, juristic
legale {adj}  :: lawful, legitimate
legale {adj}  :: legal, law (attribute)
legale {mf}  :: lawyer, attorney
legalismo {m}  :: legalism
legalista {adj}  :: legalist
legalista {mf}  :: legalist
legalistico {adj}  :: legalistic
legalità {f}  :: legality, lawfulness
legalitario {adj}  :: law-abiding
legalitario {adj}  :: legal
legalizzante {v}  :: present participle of legalizzare
legalizzare {vt}  :: to authenticate
legalizzare {vt}  :: to legalize
legalizzazione {f}  :: legalization
legalmente {adv}  :: legally, lawfully
legame {m}  :: connection, relationship, tie
legame {m}  :: link, bond
legame chimico {m} [chemistry]  :: chemical bond
legame covalente {m} [chemistry]  :: covalent bond
legame dativo {m} [chemistry]  :: dative bond
legame idrogeno {m} [chemistry]  :: hydrogen bond
legame ionico {m} [chemistry]  :: ionic bond
legamento {m}  :: liaison
legamento {m}  :: ligament
legamento {m}  :: link, connection
legamento {m} [music]  :: ligature, slur
legamento {m}  :: string, tape
legamento {m}  :: tying, binding
legamentoso {adj} [anatomy]  :: ligamental
legame peptidico {m} [biochemistry, chemistry]  :: peptide bond
Lega Nord {prop}  :: A rightist Italian political party that presses for the secession of Padania from Italy
legante {adj}  :: bound, tied
legante {adj} [chemistry, of an orbital]  :: bonding
legante {adj}  :: connected, linked
legante {m} [chemistry]  :: ligand
legante {m}  :: thickener [for food sauces, etc.]
legantesi {v}  :: present participle of legarsi
legare {vi}  :: to alloy
legare {vi}  :: to get on (with someone)
legare {vt}  :: to bind or tie
legare {vt}  :: to connect
legare {vt}  :: to unite
legarsi {v}  :: reflexive of legare
legarsi {v}  :: to become attached to
legata {f}  :: tying up
legataria {f}  :: The beneficiary of a legacy (female)
legatario {m}  :: legatee (the beneficiary of a legacy)
legatissimo {adj}  :: Very attached, very close
legatizio {adj}  :: legate (attributive)
legato {adj}  :: awkward, stiff
legato {adj}  :: close, attached, involved
legato {adj}  :: linked, connected, tied
legato {m}  :: legacy, bequest, background
legato {m}  :: legate
legato pontificio {m}  :: papal legate
legatore {m}  :: bookbinder
legatosi {v}  :: past participle of legarsi
legatrice {f}  :: binder (agricultural machine)
legatrice {f}  :: bookbinder (female)
legatura {f}  :: binding (of a book)
legatura {f}  :: ligature
legatura {f}  :: logotype
legazione {f}  :: legation
legenda {f}  :: key (to a diagram etc)
legenda {f}  :: legend (text)
legge {f}  :: law
legge di conservazione {f} [physics]  :: conservation law
leggenda {f}  :: legend (myth, and explanatory inscription)
leggenda {f}  :: old wives' tale
leggendariamente {adv}  :: legendarily
leggendario {adj}  :: legendary
leggendario {m}  :: A collection of legends, especially about the saints
leggente {v}  :: present participle of leggere
leggentesi {v}  :: present participle of leggersi
leggere {vti}  :: to read
leggere fra le righe {v}  :: alternative form of leggere tra le righe
leggere tra le righe {v} [idiomatic]  :: to read between the lines
leggerezza {f}  :: lightness
leggerezza {f}  :: nimbleness
leggerezza {f}  :: thoughtlessness
leggerissimo {adj}  :: Very light, slight, nimble etc
leggermente {adv}  :: lightly, nimbly
leggermente {adv}  :: mildly, gently
leggermente {adv}  :: slightly
leggermente {adv}  :: thoughtlessly
leggero {adj}  :: light (in weight)
leggero {adj} [music]  :: pop
leggero {adj}  :: slight
leggero {adj}  :: thin (thicker than sottile)
leggerone {m}  :: scatterbrain
leggersi {v}  :: reflexive of leggere
leggersi {v}  :: to be read [in a particular way]
leggersi {v}  :: to read
leggiadramente {adv}  :: prettily, gracefully
leggiadria {f}  :: elegance
leggiadria {f}  :: loveliness, prettiness
leggiadro {adj}  :: elegant, graceful
leggiadro {adj}  :: lovely, pretty
leggibile {adj}  :: legible, readable
leggibilità {f}  :: legibility, readability, readableness
leggibilmente {adv}  :: legibly, readably
leggicchiante {v}  :: present participle of leggicchiare
leggicchiare {vt}  :: To skim through (read in a cursory manner)
leggiero {adj}  :: archaic spelling of leggero
leggina {f} [legal]  :: bylaw
leggio {m}  :: bookrest
leggio {m}  :: lectern
leggio {m}  :: music stand
leggiucchiante {v}  :: present participle of leggiucchiare
leggiucchiare {vt}  :: alternative form of leggicchiare
leghismo {m}  :: A tendency to form associations between political parties and trade unions etc
leghista {adj}  :: league (attributive)
leghista {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the Lega Nord
leghista {mf}  :: A member or supporter of the Lega Nord
legiferante {v}  :: present participle of legiferare
legiferare {vi}  :: To legislate, to pass laws
legiferazione {f}  :: legislation
legionario {m}  :: legionnaire
legione {f}  :: host, multitude
legione {f}  :: legion (of troops)
legione {f} [taxonomy]  :: order (more normal is ordine)
legionella {f}  :: bacteria of the genus Legionella
legionellosi {f} [pathology]  :: legionellosis, Legionnaires' disease
legislativamente {adv}  :: legislatively
legislativo {adj}  :: legislative
legislatore {m}  :: legislator, lawmaker
legislatura {f}  :: legislature
legislazione {f}  :: legislation
legismo {m} [philosophy]  :: legalism (in Chinese philosophy)
legista {mf} [legal]  :: jurist
legittimabile {adj}  :: That can be legitimized
legittimamente {adv}  :: legitimately
legittimante {adj}  :: legitimizing
legittimante {v}  :: present participle of legittimare
legittimare {vt}  :: To legitimize
legittimario {m} [legal]  :: forced heir (one who cannot be disinherited)
legittimazione {f}  :: legitimation
legittimismo {m} [legal]  :: legitimism
legittimista {mf} [legal]  :: legitimist
legittimistico {adj}  :: legitimistic
legittimità {f}  :: legitimacy
legittimizzante {v}  :: present participle of legittimizzare
legittimizzare {v}  :: To legitimize
legittimizzazione {f}  :: legitimization
legittimo {adj}  :: legitimate, legal, rightful
legittimo {adj}  :: legitimate, proper, fair
legna {f}  :: firewood
legnaceo {adj}  :: ligneous
legnaia {f}  :: woodshed
legnaiolo {m}  :: woodcutter
legname {m}  :: timber, wood
legnamistico {adj}  :: timber, wood (attributive)
legnanese {adj}  :: Of or from Legnano
Legnano {prop}  :: A town in the Milano province of Lombardy
legnante {v}  :: present participle of legnare
legnantesi {v}  :: present participle of legnarsi
legnare {vt}  :: To beat with a stick
legnarsi {vr}  :: To be beaten with a stick
legnata {f}  :: A blow or a beating with a stick
legnata {f} [in the plural]  :: A good hiding
legnatico {m}  :: The ancient right to collect firewood
legnatosi {v}  :: past participle of legnarsi
legno {m}  :: (plural) woodwind instrument
legno {m}  :: sailing ship
legno {m}  :: wood (the material, or a piece of wood)
legnolo {m} [nautical]  :: strand (of a rope or cable)
legnosamente {adv}  :: stiffly
legnosità {f}  :: stiffness
legnosità {f}  :: woodiness
legnoso {adj}  :: stiff, wooden
legnoso {adj}  :: woody
legnuolo {m}  :: Variant of legnolo
leguleio {m}  :: pettyfogger
legume {m}  :: peas, beans, lentils and similar pulses
legumiera {f}  :: vegetable dish
leguminosa {f}  :: legume (peas and beans)
lei {pron}  :: her, herself
lei {pron}  :: (normally capitalised as Lei) you (form of courtesy)
lei {pron}  :: she
Lei {pron}  :: you (polite, formal)
leibniziano {adj}  :: Leibnizian
Leida {prop}  :: Leida (city)
leishmaniosi {n} [pathology]  :: Leishmaniasis
leitmotiv {m}  :: leitmotif (musical or otherwise)
lemanico {adj}  :: Lake Geneva (attributive)
Lemano {prop}  :: Lake Geneva / Lake Léman
lembello {m} [heraldry]  :: lambel
lembo {m}  :: hem
lembo {m}  :: strip (of material or land)
Lemene {prop}  :: A river that flows in Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia
lemma {m}  :: entry (in a dictionary)
lemma {m}  :: lemma
lemmario {m}  :: A list of all the words in a dictionary
lemmatizzante {v}  :: present participle of lemmatizzare
lemmatizzare {vt}  :: To list (a word) in a dictionary
lemmatizzazione {f}  :: listing in a dictionary
lemme {adv}  :: Used only in the phrase lemme lemme
lemme lemme {adv}  :: Very slowly
lemna {f}  :: duckweed
lemnisco {m}  :: lemniscus
Lemno {prop}  :: Lemnos (island of Greece)
lemure {m}  :: lemur
lena {f}  :: breath
lena {f}  :: force, energy, vigour
Lendava {prop}  :: A small town in the Oltremura statistical region of Slovenia
lendine {m}  :: nit
lendinoso {adj}  :: nitty (having nits in one's hair)
lene {adj}  :: light
lene {adj}  :: mild, gentle, soft
lenemente {adv}  :: lightly
lenemente {adv}  :: mildly, gently, softly
lenente {v}  :: present participle of lenire
lenimento {m}  :: soothing, relief, alleviation
Leningrado {prop}  :: Leningrad
leninismo {m} [politics]  :: Leninism
leninista {adj}  :: Leninist
leninista {mf}  :: Leninist
lenire {vt}  :: to soothe, relieve
lenità {f} [literary]  :: lenity
lenitivo {adj} [medicine]  :: lenitive
lenitivo {m} [medicine]  :: lenitive
lenizione {f}  :: lenition
Lenno {prop}  :: A small lakeside town in the province of Como in Lombardy
lenone {m} [colloquial]  :: pimp
lentaggine {f}  :: laurestine (Viburnum tinus)
lentamente {adv}  :: slowly
lente {f}  :: lens
lente a contatto {f}  :: contact lens
lente d'ingrandimento {f}  :: magnifying glass
lentezza {f}  :: slowness, sluggishness
lentezza {f}  :: slow-wittedness
lenticchia {f}  :: lentil
lenticolare {adj}  :: lenticular, lentiform
lentiggine {f}  :: freckle
lentigginoso {adj}  :: freckled
lentinese {adj}  :: Of, or from, Lentini
lentinese {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Lentini
Lentini {prop}  :: a town in the province of Syracuse in Sicily in Italy
lentisco {m}  :: mastic (plant Pistacia lentiscus)
lentissimamente {adv}  :: Very slowly
lentissimo {adj}  :: Very slow
lento {adj}  :: slow
lento come una lumaca {adj} [simile]  :: Extremely slow
lento come una lumaca {adj}  :: slow as a snail
lenza {f}  :: fishing line
lenzuolo {m}  :: sheet, bedsheet
leonardesco {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Leonardo da Vinci; Leonardesque
Leonardo {prop}  :: given name
Leonardo {prop}  :: Leonardo da Vinci, Italian polymath
leonato {adj}  :: tawny, fawn (similar to the fur of a lion)
Leoncavallo {prop}  :: surname
Leoncavallo {prop}  :: Ruggero Leoncavallo, Italian composer
leoncello {m}  :: Small or young lion
leoncino {m}  :: lion cub
leoncino {m}  :: small lion
leone {m} [astrology]  :: Leo, the Zodiac sign for the lion, covering July 23 - August 22
leone {m} [heraldry]  :: lion
leone {m}  :: lion
Leone {prop}  :: Leo (the constellation)
Leone {prop}  :: Leo (the star sign)
Leone {prop}  :: surname
Leone {prop}  :: Giovanni Leone, Italian politician and sixth President of Italy
leone marino {m}  :: eared seal
leone marino {m}  :: otary
leone marino {m}  :: sea lion
leonese {m}  :: Leonese (language)
leonessa {f}  :: lioness
Leonessa {prop}  :: A small town in the province of Rieti in Lazio
leoniceno {adj}  :: Of or from Lonigo
Leonida {prop}  :: given name
Leonida {prop}  :: Leonidas
Leonilde {prop}  :: given name
leonino {adj}  :: leonine
leonino {adj}  :: lion (attributive)
Leonora {prop}  :: given name; diminutive form of Eleonora
leontopetalo {m}  :: lion’s leaf (Leontice leontopetalum)
leontopodio {m}  :: edelweiss
leopardato {adj}  :: leopard-skin (attributive)
Leopardi {prop}  :: Giacomo Leopardi (1798–1837), Italian poet
Leopardi {prop}  :: surname
leopardiano {adj}  :: Leopardian (of or pertaining to Giacomo Leopardi)
leopardo {m} [heraldry]  :: leopard
leopardo {m}  :: leopard
leopoldino {adj}  :: Leopold (attributive)
Leopoldo {prop}  :: Leopold
Leopoli {prop}  :: Lviv
lepade {f}  :: gooseneck barnacle
Lepanto {prop}  :: Naupactus (the Greek town)
Lepanto {prop}  :: The Battle of Lepanto
lepidamente {adv}  :: wittily
lepidezza {f} [literary]  :: wit, wittiness
lepidio {m}  :: lepidium
lepidità {f} [literary]  :: wit, wittiness
lepido {adj} [literary]  :: witty
lepidottero {m}  :: lepidopter (butterfly or moth of the order Lepidoptera)
lepisma {m}  :: silverfish (a small wingless insect)
Leponzi {prop}  :: Lepontii
leporino {adj}  :: harelike; hare (attributive)
leppo {m}  :: stench, stink (smelly gas)
lepre {f}  :: hare (mammal, meat)
lepre {f}  :: pacemaker
lepre artica {f}  :: arctic hare
leprechaun {m}  :: leprechaun
leprechaunismo {m} [medicine]  :: leprechaunism, Donohue syndrome
lepre in salmì {f}  :: A ragout of hare in a rich sauce
Lepre Marzolina {prop} [Alice in Wonderland]  :: the March hare
leprologia {f} [medicine]  :: leprology
leproso {adj} [pathology]  :: leprous (relating to the disease leprosy)
leprotto {m}  :: leveret
leptina {f} [biochemistry]  :: leptin
leptocefalo {m}  :: leptocephalus (transparent larva of an eel)
leptoclasi {f} [geology]  :: leptoclase
leptomeningeo {adj}  :: leptomeningeal
leptone {m} [physics]  :: lepton
leptonico {adj}  :: lepton (attributive)
leptospirosi {f} [pathology]  :: leptospirosis
l'erba del vicino è sempre più verde {proverb}  :: the grass is always greener on the other side (the others' circumstances seem more desirable)
lerciamente {adv}  :: filthily, foully
lercio {adj}  :: filthy, foul
lerciume {m}  :: filth
Lerner {prop}  :: surname
Lerner {prop}  :: Gad Lerner, Italian journalist and anchorman
Lero {prop}  :: Leros (Greek island)
lesbica {f}  :: lesbian
lesbico {adj}  :: lesbian
lesbio {adj}  :: Lesbian (of or from Lesbos)
lesbio {m}  :: Lesbian (native of Lesbos)
lesbismo {m}  :: lesbianism
Lesbo {prop}  :: Lesbos
lesena {f} [architecture]  :: lesene (shallow decorative pilaster on a wall)
lesina {f}  :: avarice
lesina {f}  :: bradawl
lesina {f}  :: stinginess
Lesina {prop}  :: A small town in the province of Foggia in Puglia
lesinante {v}  :: present participle of lesinare
lesinare {v}  :: to begrudge
lesinare {v}  :: to be stingy
lesinare {v}  :: to skimp
lesionante {v}  :: present participle of lesionare
lesionantesi {v}  :: present participle of lesionarsi
lesionare {vt}  :: to damage
lesionare {vt}  :: to lesion
lesionarsi {v}  :: reflexive of lesionare
lesionarsi {v}  :: to be damaged or lesioned
lesionato {adj}  :: damaged
lesionato {adj}  :: lesioned
lesionatosi {v}  :: past participle of lesionarsi
lesione {f}  :: damage
lesione {f}  :: injury
lesione {f}  :: lesion
lesivamente {adv}  :: detrimentally, injuriously
lesività {f}  :: harmfulness
lesivo {adj}  :: detrimental or damaging (to); injurious
leso {adj}  :: damaged
leso {adj}  :: injured
lesothiana {f}  :: Woman from Lesotho
lesothiano {adj}  :: Lesotho [attributive], of Lesotho
lesothiano {m}  :: Mosotho, person from Lesotho
Lesotho {prop}  :: Lesotho
lessante {v}  :: present participle of lessare
lessare {vt}  :: To boil (to cook in boiling water), to stew
lessatura {f}  :: boiling (cooking of food in boiling water)
lessema {m}  :: lexeme
lessepsiano {adj}  :: Lessepsian
lessicale {adj}  :: lexical
lessicalmente {adv}  :: lexically
lessico {m}  :: dictionary, lexicon
lessico {m}  :: vocabulary, lexicon
lessicografa {f}  :: lexicographer (female)
lessicografia {f}  :: lexicography (art or craft of writing dictionaries)
lessicografico {adj}  :: lexicographic
lessicografo {m}  :: lexicographer
lessicologa {f}  :: lexicologist (female)
lessicologia {f} [linguistics]  :: lexicology
lessicologicamente {adv}  :: lexicologically
lessicologico {adj} [linguistics]  :: lexicological
lessicologo {m}  :: lexicologist
lessicostatistica {f}  :: lexicostatistics
lesso {adj}  :: boiled
lesso {m}  :: boiled meat
lesso {m}  :: boiling meat
lestamente {adv}  :: hastily
lestamente {adv}  :: quickly, nimbly
lestezza {f}  :: promptness, readiness
lestezza {f}  :: speed, velocity
lesto {adj}  :: quick, fast
lestofante {mf}  :: swindler, con man
le sue {pron}  :: his (that which belongs to him)
Letè {prop}  :: medieval spelling of Lete
letale {adj}  :: lethal, deadly
letalità {f}  :: lethality
letalmente {adv}  :: lethally
letamaio {m}  :: dunghill, dungheap, muckheap
letamaio {m}  :: pigsty, pigpen, piggery (dirty place)
letamazione {f}  :: manuring
letame {m} [figuratively]  :: dirt
letame {m}  :: manure
letargia {f} [by extension]  :: drowsiness, sleepiness
letargia {f} [pathology]  :: lethargy
letargico {adj}  :: lethargic
letargo {m}  :: hibernation
letargo {m}  :: lethargy
Lete {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Lethe
leteo {adj}  :: inducing death or oblivion
leteo {adj}  :: Lethean
Leteo {prop}  :: Lethe
Letimbro {prop}  :: A small river that flows in Liguria
letizia {f}  :: joy, happiness
Letizia {prop}  :: given name, cognate to the English Letitia
letta {f}  :: A brief reading of a text; a glance
Letta {prop}  :: surname
Letta {prop}  :: Enrico Letta, Italian politician
lettera {f}  :: letter (all senses)
lettera citatoria {f} [legal]  :: subpoena, summons
letterale {adj}  :: literal
letteralismo {m}  :: literalism
letteralità {f}  :: literalness
letteralmente {adv}  :: literally
lettera maiuscola {f}  :: capital letter; capital
lettera minuscola {f}  :: lower case letter
letterariamente {adv}  :: literarily
letterario {adj}  :: literary
letterata {f}  :: scholar (female)
letterato {adj}  :: lettered, educated, cultured
letterato {adj}  :: literate
letterato {adj}  :: well-read
letterato {m}  :: scholar
letteratura {f}  :: bibliography
letteratura {f}  :: literature
letterina {f}  :: Any of the young, female presenters of the Italian TV quiz show Passaparola
lettiera {f}  :: litter (bedding material for animals or absorbent material for animal excrement)
lettiera per gatti {f}  :: cat litter
lettiga {f}  :: litter (wheel-less vehicle)
lettiga {f}  :: stretcher, (rescue) litter
lettighiera {f}  :: stretcher-bearer (female)
lettighiere {m}  :: stretcher-bearer
lettino {m}  :: A camp bed or similar lightweight bed, especially one used for sunbathing
lettino {m}  :: A small bed, especially one for children
lettisternio {m}  :: lectisternium
letto {m} [furniture]  :: bed
letto a baldacchino {m} [furniture]  :: canopy bed, four-poster bed
letto a castello {m} [furniture]  :: bunk, bunkbed, bunk bed
letto a due piazze {m} [furniture]  :: double bed
letto ad una piazza {m} [furniture]  :: single bed
letto matrimoniale {m} [furniture]  :: double bed
lettone {adj}  :: Latvian
lettone {m}  :: [augmentative of letto] double bed
lettone {mf}  :: Latvian
lettone {m}  :: The Latvian language
Lettonia {prop}  :: Latvia
lettor {m}  :: apocopic form of lettore
lettorato {m}  :: course in foreign language
lettorato {m}  :: lectorate
lettorato {m}  :: lectorship, assistantship (at a university)
lettore {m}  :: (device) player, reader, scanner
lettore {m}  :: (person who reads) reader (feminine lettrice)
lettore {m} [religion]  :: lector (feminine lettrice)
lettore {m}  :: (university) lecturer, reader, lector (feminine lettrice)
lettore CD {m}  :: CD player
lettore della mano {m}  :: fortuneteller
lettore DVD {m}  :: DVD player
lettore MP3 {m}  :: MP3 player
lettosi {v}  :: past participle of leggersi
letto singolo {m} [furniture]  :: single bed
lettrice {f}  :: (person who reads) reader
lettrice {f} [religion]  :: lector
lettrice {f}  :: (university) lecturer, reader, lector
lettuccio {m}  :: cot (child's bed)
lettura {f}  :: lecture
lettura {f} [printing, dated]  :: cicero, 12-point type
lettura {f}  :: reading (all senses)
letturista {mf}  :: meter reader
leucemia {f} [oncology]  :: leukemia
leucemico {adj} [oncology]  :: leukemic
leucemico {m}  :: Person suffering from leukemia
leucina {f} [amino acid]  :: leucine
leucippeo {adj}  :: Leucippean
leucismo {m}  :: leucism
leuco- {prefix}  :: leuco-, leuko- (all senses)
leucoblasto {m}  :: leukoblast
leucocita {m}  :: Variant of leucocito
leucocitico {adj} [cytology]  :: leukocytic
leucocito {m}  :: leukocyte, white blood cell
leucocitolisi {f} [cytology]  :: leukocytolysis
leucocitosi {f} [medicine]  :: leukocytosis
leucocoria {f} [pathology]  :: leukocoria
leucodermia {f} [medicine]  :: leukoderma, vitiligo
leucoencefalopatia {f} [pathology]  :: leukoencephalopathy
leucoma {m} [medicine]  :: leucoma
leucopatia {f} [pathology]  :: leucopathy, albinism
leucopenia {f} [pathology]  :: leukopenia
leucoplachia {f} [pathology]  :: leukoplakia
leucoplasto {m}  :: leucoplast
leucorrea {f} [pathology]  :: leukorrhea
leucosi {f}  :: leucosis
leucotriene {m} [medicine]  :: leukotriene
leva {f}  :: lever
leva {f} [military, called up soldiers]  :: those called-up, conscripts
leva {f} [military]  :: call-up, conscription, draft
levabile {adj}  :: removable
levacapsule {m}  :: bottle opener (especially a crown cap remover)
leva del cambio {f}  :: gear lever, gear shift
levanoccioli {m}  :: fruit-stone remover
levante {adj}  :: rising
levante {m}  :: east
levante {m}  :: East (wind), levanter
Levante {prop}  :: Levant
levantesi {v}  :: present participle of levarsi
levantino {adj}  :: Levantine
levantino {adj}  :: unscrupulous
levantino {m}  :: Levantine
Levanzo {prop}  :: One of the Egadi islands
levapunti {mf}  :: staple remover
levar {v}  :: apocopic form of levare
levare {vt}  :: to except
levare {vt}  :: to raise, put up, lift
levare {vt}  :: to take, take away, take off, move away, remove, have something out
levare le tende {v}  :: to up sticks
levarsi {v}  :: reflexive of levare
levarsi {v}  :: to get out of
levarsi {v}  :: to get up, stand up
levarsi {v}  :: to rise
levarsi {v}  :: to take flight, take off
levarsi dai piedi {v}  :: to get out sb's way
levarsi in volo {vr}  :: to flush To take suddenly to flight, especially from cover
levata {f}  :: collection (postal)
levata {f}  :: rising (especially in the military)
levataccia {f}  :: early rise
levata di scudi {n} [figuratively]  :: outcry
levati di torno {interj}  :: clear off
levati di torno {interj} [idiomatic, colloquial, dismissal]  :: Used to tell somebody to go away or leave one alone
levati di torno {interj} [idiomatic, colloquial, dismissal]  :: Used to tell somebody to go away or leave one alone
levatoio {adj}  :: rising
levatosi {v}  :: past participle of levarsi
levatrice {f}  :: midwife
levatura {f}  :: intellect
Leventina {prop}  :: A district of the canton of Ticino in Switzerland
leventinese {adj}  :: Of or from Leventina
leveraggio {m}  :: compound lever
leveraggio {m}  :: leverage
levetta {f}  :: diminutive of leva
levetta {f}  :: small lever, lever
Levi {prop} [Biblical character]  :: Levi
Levi {prop}  :: given name
leviatano {m}  :: leviathan
Leviatano {prop}  :: Leviathan
levigabile {adj}  :: That can be smoothed, polishable
levigante {v}  :: present participle of levigare
levigare {vt}  :: to polish
levigare {vt}  :: to smooth
levigatezza {f}  :: polish
levigatezza {f}  :: smoothness (all senses)
levigato {adj}  :: flawless
levigato {adj}  :: polished
levigato {adj}  :: smooth
levigatore {m}  :: polisher
levigatrice {f}  :: lapping machine
levigatura {f}  :: sandpapering
levigatura {f}  :: smoothing, dressing, polishing
levirato {m}  :: levirate
levistico {m}  :: lovage
levità {f}  :: lightness, levity
Levita {m}  :: Levite
levitante {v}  :: present participle of levitare
levitare {vi}  :: To levitate
levitazione {f}  :: levitation
levitico {adj}  :: levitical (all senses)
Levitico {prop} [biblical]  :: Leviticus
levogiro {adj} [chemistry]  :: levorotatory
levogiro {adj}  :: going leftward
levotiroxina {f} [biochemistry]  :: levothyroxine
Levrera {prop}  :: Zeča (island of Croatia)
levriere {m}  :: Variant of levriero
levriero {m}  :: greyhound (and similar dogs)
levulosio {m} [carbohydrate]  :: levulose or laevulose
lezghiano {m}  :: Lezgian (language)
lezio {m} [especially in plural]  :: mawkishness, sentimentality
lezione {f}  :: lesson (also figuratively), class, lecture
leziosaggine {f}  :: affectation
leziosamente {adv}  :: affectedly
leziosità {f}  :: affectation
lezioso {adj}  :: affected
lezzo {m}  :: stink, stench
li {art}  :: Form of i before a vowel, impure s, gn, pn, ps, x, and z, and also with the plural noun dei; the
li {pron}  :: them
Lia {prop}  :: given name
Lia {prop}  :: Leah [biblical character]
liana {f}  :: liana (vine)
liana {f}  :: plot (complicated)
lianoso {adj}  :: liana-like, vinelike, sarmentose
lianoso {adj}  :: Rich in lianas
liasi {m} [enzyme]  :: liase
libagione {f}  :: libation
libanese {adj}  :: Lebanese
libanese {mf}  :: Lebanese
Libano {prop}  :: Lebanon
libare {vt}  :: To sip
libazione {f}  :: Variant of libagione
libbra {f}  :: pound (weight)
libecciata {f}  :: southwester (wind)
libeccio {m}  :: southwest wind
libellista {mf}  :: libeller
libellistica {f}  :: The production and dissemination of political pamphlets
libello {m}  :: libel
libellula {f}  :: dragonfly
liberabile {adj}  :: That can be vacated
liberalconservatore {adj}  :: Liberal-Conservative
liberaldemocratico {adj}  :: Liberal Democratic
liberaldemocratico {m}  :: Liberal Democrat
liberaldemocrazia {f}  :: liberal democracy (capitalized in the case of specific political parties)
liberale {adj}  :: liberal (all senses)
liberaleggiante {adj}  :: liberalistic
liberalismo {m}  :: liberalism
liberalista {adj}  :: liberalist
liberalistico {adj}  :: liberalistic
liberalità {f}  :: generosity
liberalizzante {v}  :: present participle of liberalizzare
liberalizzare {vt}  :: to liberalize
liberalizzatore {adj}  :: deregulatory
liberalizzatore {adj}  :: liberalizing
liberalizzazione {f}  :: liberalization
liberalmente {adv}  :: liberally, generously, freely
liberaloide {mf}  :: A would-be or fair-weather liberal
liberalsocialismo {m}  :: Liberal Socialism
liberalsocialista {mf}  :: Liberal Socialist
liberamente {adv}  :: freely
liberamente {adv}  :: liberally
liberante {v}  :: present participle of liberare
liberantesi {v}  :: present participle of liberarsi
libera professionista {f}  :: (female) self-employed professional; freelancer
liberare {vt}  :: to clear, vacate, free
liberare {vt}  :: to free, set free, release, liberate, deliver, rid
liberarsi {v}  :: reflexive of liberare
liberarsi {vr}  :: to become free, become vacant
liberarsi {vr}  :: to defecate, urinate
liberarsi {vr}  :: to free oneself, break free, shake off
liberarsi {vr}  :: to get rid of, rid oneself
liberatore {adj}  :: liberating
liberatore {m}  :: liberator
liberatoria {f}  :: receipt
liberatorio {adj}  :: liberating
liberatorio {adj}  :: releasing, freeing
liberatosi {v}  :: past participle of liberarsi
liberatrice {f}  :: liberator (female)
liberazione {f}  :: release, liberation, freeing
libercolo {m}  :: A cheap or worthless book
Liberia {prop}  :: Liberia
liberiana {f}  :: Liberian (female)
liberiano {adj}  :: Liberian
liberiano {m}  :: Liberian
liberico {adj}  :: Liberian
liberismo {m}  :: laissez-faire, liberism
liberissimo {adj}  :: Absolutely free, completely free (to do something)
liberista {adj}  :: laissez-faire (attributive)
liberista {f}  :: An advocate of laissez-fair
liberistico {adj}  :: laissez-faire (attributive)
libero {adj}  :: clear, unobstructed (without blockages)
libero {adj}  :: free (as in "free software")
libero {adj}  :: free (not imprisoned or enslaved)
libero {adj}  :: free (that does not have to be paid for)
libero {adj}  :: free (without obligations)
libero {m} [football]  :: sweeper
libero professionista {m}  :: self-employed professional; freelancer
liberoscambismo {m}  :: free trade
liberoscambista {adj}  :: free trade (attributive)
libertà {f}  :: freedom; liberty
libertaria {f}  :: libertarian (female)
libertarianismo {m}  :: libertarianism
libertarianista {adj}  :: libertarian
libertarianista {mf}  :: libertarian
libertariano {adj}  :: libertarian
libertario {adj}  :: libertarian
libertario {m}  :: libertarian
libertarismo {m} [politics]  :: libertarianism
liberticida {adj}  :: liberticidal
liberticida {mf}  :: liberticide (person)
liberticidio {m}  :: liberticide
libertinaggio {m}  :: libertinage, libertinism
libertinaggio {m}  :: licentiousness
libertinismo {m}  :: libertinism
libertino {m}  :: libertine
liberto {m}  :: A freed slave (in ancient Rome)
liberto {m}  :: freedman, freedperson
libertà provvisoria {f} [law]  :: bail
liberty {m}  :: art nouveau
Libia {prop}  :: Libya
libica {f}  :: Libyan (female)
libico {adj}  :: Libyan
libico {m}  :: Libyan
Libicocco {prop}  :: A fictional devil in the Divine Comedy
libidico {adj}  :: libidinal
libidine {f}  :: lust, lechery
libidinosamente {adv}  :: lustfully
libidinosità {f}  :: libidinousness, lustfulness, lasciviousness
libidinoso {adj}  :: libidinous, lustful, lewd, lecherous
libido {f} [psychoanalysis]  :: libido
libito {m}  :: pleasure, desire, lust, volition
libito {m}  :: That which pleases
libra {f}  :: pound
libraia {f}  :: bookseller (female)
libraio {m}  :: bookseller
librantesi {v}  :: present participle of librarsi
librario {adj}  :: book (attributive)
librarsi {vr}  :: To hover
libratosi {v}  :: past participle of librarsi
librazione {f} [astronomy]  :: libration
librazione {f}  :: hovering
libreria {f}  :: bookshop, bookstore, bookhouse, library
libreria {f} [computing]  :: library
libreria {f} [furniture]  :: bookcase, bookshelf, bookshelves
libresco {adj}  :: bookish
librettino {m}  :: booklet
librettista {mf} [music]  :: librettist
librettistica {f} [music]  :: librettistics
librettistico {adj} [music]  :: librettistic
libretto {m}  :: booklet
libretto di risparmio {m} [banking]  :: savings account
libretto universitario {m}  :: A booklet in which the activities, courses and grades of a university student are recorded
libriccino {m}  :: Variant of libricino
libricino {m}  :: A small book, a booklet
libro {m}  :: book
libro {m} [botany]  :: phloem
libro {m}  :: omasum
libro contabile {m} [accounting]  :: account book
libro di testo {m}  :: textbook
libro mastro {m} [accounting]  :: account book
libro mastro {m}  :: ledger, ledger book
Lica {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Lichas
licantropa {f}  :: lycanthrope (female)
licantropa {f}  :: werewolf (female)
licantropia {f}  :: lycanthropy
licantropo {m}  :: lycanthrope
licantropo {m}  :: werewolf
licaone {m}  :: African hunting dog
Licata {prop}  :: a town in the province of Agrigento in Sicily in Italy
licatese {adj}  :: Of, or from, Licata
licatese {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Licata
licciaiola {f}  :: saw set
liccio {m}  :: heddle, heald
liceale {adj}  :: secondary school (attributive)
liceale {mf}  :: pupil of a secondary school
liceità {f}  :: allowability, legality, lawfulness
liceità {f}  :: liceity
liceità {f}  :: permission
licenza {f}  :: licence, permit
licenza {f}  :: pass (military)
licenza {f}  :: permission, leave
licenza {f}  :: school-leaving certificate
licenziabile {adj}  :: dismissible
licenziabilità {f}  :: Property of being dismissible
licenziamento {m}  :: dismissal, sack
licenziando {m}  :: licentiate
licenziante {m}  :: licensor
licenziante {v}  :: present participle of licenziare
licenziantesi {v}  :: present participle of licenziarsi
licenziare {vt}  :: to dismiss, fire, give the sack
licenziare {vt}  :: to make redundant
licenziarsi {v}  :: reflexive of licenziare
licenziarsi {vr}  :: to resign, give notice
licenziarsi {vr}  :: to take one's leave
licenziataria {f}  :: licensee (female)
licenziatario {m}  :: licensee
licenziatosi {v}  :: past participle of licenziarsi
licenziosamente {adv}  :: licentiously
licenziosità {f}  :: licentiousness
licenzioso {adj}  :: licentious
liceo {m}  :: secondary school, high school, lyceum
liceo classico {m}  :: grammar school
liceo scientifico {m}  :: comprehensive school
lichene {m}  :: lichen
lichene islandico {m}  :: The lichen Cetraria islandica: Iceland moss
lichenico {adj}  :: lichen (attributive)
lichenificazione {f} [pathology]  :: lichenification
lichenologia {f} [botany]  :: lichenology
lichenoso {adj}  :: lichenous
Licia {prop}  :: given name
Licida {prop}  :: Lycidas
Licinio {prop}  :: Licinius
licitazione {f}  :: auction
licitazione {f}  :: bid, bidding
licito {adj}  :: obsolete form of lecito
licnide {f}  :: lychnis
licopene {m} [organic compound]  :: lycopene
licopina {f}  :: alternative form of licopene
licopodio {m}  :: club moss, lycopodium
Licurgo {prop}  :: Lycurgus
lidense {adj}  :: Of or from the Venice Lido
Lidia {prop}  :: given name
Lidia {prop}  :: Lydia [biblical character]
lido {m}  :: shore
Lido {prop} [Venice]  :: A long sandy island (a sandbar) in the Venice lagoon; it has many hotels and a long beach
Liechtenstein {prop}  :: Liechtenstein
liechtensteinese {adj}  :: Of or from Liechtenstein
Liegi {prop}  :: Liège
lietamente {adv}  :: happily, gladly, joyously, joyfully
lietissimo {adj}  :: Very happy, very glad
lieto {adj}  :: happy, cheerful, delighted, glad, joyous, joyful
lieto fine {m}  :: happy ending (of a movie, etc.)
lievamente {adv}  :: softly, lightly
lieve {adj}  :: light
lieve {adj}  :: light, delicate, gentle
lieve {adj}  :: mild (punishment, sentence)
lieve {adj}  :: slight, minor
lievemente {adv}  :: slightly
lievissimo {adj}  :: lightest
lievità {f}  :: lightness, slightness, faintness
lievitante {v}  :: present participle of lievitare
lievitare {vi}  :: To rise (bread, etc.)
lievitare {vt}  :: To leaven
lievitatura {f}  :: leavening (process)
lievitatura {f}  :: rise (e.g. in proces)
lievitazione {f}  :: rising
lievito {m}  :: leaven, leavening
lievito {m}  :: yeast
lievito madre {m}  :: sourdough
lievito naturale {m}  :: sourdough
lift {m}  :: lift / elevator operator
lift {m} [tennis]  :: topspin
liftante {v}  :: present participle of liftare
liftare {vt} [tennis]  :: to hit the ball with topspin
lifting {m} [surgery]  :: face-lift, lifting
ligando {m} [chemistry]  :: ligand
ligasi {f} [enzyme]  :: ligase
ligazione {f}  :: ligation
ligia {f}  :: sea slater (Ligia oceanica)
ligio {adj}  :: faithful, loyal or devoted (to)
lignaggio {m}  :: descent, lineage
lignatico {adj}  :: Handed down from the old to the young
ligneo {adj} [dated]  :: wooden
lignificante {v}  :: present participle of lignificare
lignificantesi {v}  :: present participle of lignificarsi
lignificare {vt}  :: to lignify
lignificarsi {vr}  :: To lignify
lignificatosi {v}  :: past participle of lignificarsi
lignificazione {m}  :: lignification
lignina {f} [biochemistry]  :: lignin
ligninasi {f} [enzyme]  :: ligninase
lignocellulosico {adj}  :: lignocellulosic
lignocerico {adj}  :: lignoceric
ligrittiere {m}  :: The Siennese equivalent of rigattiere
ligroina {f}  :: ligroin
ligulato {adj}  :: ligulate
Liguori {prop}  :: surname
liguorino {m}  :: Redemptorist
ligure {adj}  :: Ligurian
ligure {mf}  :: Ligurian
Liguria {prop}  :: Liguria
ligustico {m}  :: lovage (Levisticum officinale)
ligustro {m} [plant]  :: privet
liliacea {f} [botany]  :: liliaceous plant
liliaceo {adj} [botany]  :: liliaceous
liliale {adj}  :: lily-white
Liliana {prop}  :: given name, cognate to English Lilian
Lilibeo {prop}  :: An ancient Roman city in western Sicily on the site of modern Marsala
lilibetano {adj}  :: Of or from Lilibeo (modern Marsala)
lillà {adj}  :: lilac
lillà {f}  :: lilac (color)
lillà {f}  :: lilac (plant)
lilla {adj}  :: lilac
lilla {f}  :: lilac
lilla {f}  :: the lilac, Syringa
Lilla {prop}  :: Lille (French city)
lillipuziano {adj}  :: lilliputian (very small)
lillipuziano {m}  :: lilliputian
lima {f}  :: file
limaccia {f}  :: great slug
limaccio {m}  :: sludge, slime, mud
limaccioso {adj}  :: muddy
limaccioso {adj}  :: slimy
limacologia {f} [zoology]  :: study of slugs, limacology
limanda {f}  :: dab (fish)
limante {v}  :: present participle of limare
limantria {f}  :: nun moth, black-arched moth
limare {vt}  :: to file
limare {vt}  :: to polish, perfect [text]
limatrice {f}  :: shaper (engineering machinem tool)
limatura {f}  :: filing (operation)
limatura {f} [in the plural]  :: filings (material)
limbico {adj} [anatomy]  :: limbic
limburghese {m}  :: Limburgish (the Germanic language)
Limburgo {prop}  :: Limburg
lime {m}  :: lime (citrus tree)
Limentra {prop}  :: The name of two rivers that flow in Emilia-Romagna
limetta {f}  :: lime (citrus tree or fruit)
limetta {f}  :: nailfile
limicolo {adj}  :: limicolous (mud-dwelling)
limiere {m}  :: bloodhound
liminare {adj}  :: liminal
limine {m}  :: limen
Limisso {prop}  :: Limassol (city in Cyprus)
limitabile {adj}  :: limitable
limitabilità {f}  :: Property of being limitable
limitante {adj}  :: limiting
limitante {v}  :: present participle of limitare
limitantesi {v}  :: present participle of limitarsi
limitare {v}  :: to bound
limitare {v}  :: to limit or restrict
limitarsi {v}  :: reflexive of limitare
limitarsi {vr}  :: to limit or confine oneself to something
limitatamente {adv}  :: To a limited extent
limitatezza {f}  :: limitedness
limitatissimo {adj}  :: Very limited or scarce
limitativamente {adv}  :: limitingly, restrictively
limitativo {adj}  :: limiting, restrictive
limitato {adj}  :: limited
limitato {adj}  :: scarce
limitatore {adj}  :: limiting
limitatore {m}  :: limiter
limitatosi {v}  :: past participle of limitarsi
limitazione {f}  :: limitation
limite {m}  :: boundary, border
limite {m} [geography]  :: line
limite {m}  :: limit, limitation, bounds
limitrofo {adj}  :: neighbouring, neighboring, adjacent, bordering, adjoining
limivora {f}  :: limivore (female)
limivoro {adj}  :: limivorous
limivoro {m}  :: limivore
limnologia {f} [ecology]  :: limnology
limnologico {adj}  :: limnological
limnologo {m}  :: limnologist
limnonimo {m}  :: limnonym
limo {m}  :: mud, slime
limo {m}  :: silt
limonaia {f}  :: lemonary
limonaia {f}  :: lemon or lemonade seller (female)
limonaio {m}  :: lemon or lemonade seller
limonante {v}  :: present participle of limonare
limonantesi {v}  :: present participle of limonarsi
limonare {vi}  :: To snog, make out, spoon, smooch or neck
limonarsi {vr}  :: To snog or make out
limonata {f}  :: lemonade
limonata {f}  :: snogging, snog, making out
limonato {adj}  :: lemon (coloured or flavoured)
limonatosi {v}  :: past participle of limonarsi
limoncello {m}  :: limoncello
Limoncello {prop}  :: Any of several brands of limoncello made in Sicily or other parts of Italy
limoncina {f} [plant]  :: lemon verbena
limoncino {m}  :: limoncello
limone {m}  :: lemon (fruit & tree)
limoneto {m}  :: lemon orchard
limonicolo {adj}  :: lemon-growing (attributive), lemon (attributive)
limonicoltore {m} [agriculture]  :: lemon grower
limonicoltrice {f}  :: lemon grower (female)
limonicoltura {f}  :: lemon growing
limosino {adj}  :: Limousin (attributive)
Limosino {prop}  :: Limousin
limosità {f}  :: sliminess, muddiness
limoso {adj}  :: loamy
limoso {adj}  :: slimy, muddy
limpidamente {adv}  :: clearly, limpidly
limpidezza {f}  :: clearness, limpidity, limpidness
limpidissimo {adj}  :: Very clear, clean or limpid
limpidità {f}  :: clearness, limpidity, limpidness
limpido {adj}  :: clear, limpid, bright, transparent
Limpopo {prop}  :: Limpopo
Lina {prop} [colloquial]  :: synonym of Carmela
linaiolo {m}  :: flax dresser
linaiolo {m}  :: linen trader
lince {f}  :: lynx, catamount
linceo {adj}  :: lyncean, lynx (attributive); acute (of eyesight)
lince persiana {f}  :: caracal
linciaggio {m}  :: lynching
linciante {v}  :: present participle of linciare
linciare {vt}  :: To lynch
linciatore {m}  :: lyncher
lindamente {adv}  :: neatly, cleanly, tidily, prettily
lindano {m}  :: lindane
lindo {adj}  :: clean
lindo {adj}  :: neat
lindo {adj}  :: tidy
line {f}  :: editing (of a TV programme)
line {f}  :: line management
linea {f}  :: dash (Morse code symbol)
linea {f}  :: line
linea acline {f}  :: magnetic equator, aclinic line
linea d'arrivo {f} [sports]  :: finish line
linea di arrivo {f}  :: Variant of linea d'arrivo
lineamento {m} [chiefly in the plural]  :: feature, element
lineante {v}  :: present participle of lineare
linea nucale {f} [anatomy]  :: nuchal line
lineare {adj}  :: consistent (figurative)
lineare {adj}  :: linear, one-dimensional
lineare {vt}  :: to delineate
lineare {vt}  :: to plot, draw or trace with lines
lineare {vt}  :: to represent, describe
linea retta {f} [geometry]  :: straight line
linearismo {m} [arts]  :: linearism (linear artistic style)
linearità {f}  :: linearity
linearizzante {v}  :: present participle of linearizzare
linearizzare {vt}  :: [mathematics] to linearize
linearizzato {adj}  :: linearized
linearmente {adv}  :: consistently
linearmente {adv}  :: linearly
lineetta {f}  :: dash
lineetta {f}  :: hyphen
lineico {adj}  :: lineic (per unit length)
lineria {f}  :: linen (goods)
lineto {m}  :: flax field
linfa {f} [anatomy]  :: lymph
linfa {f} [botany]  :: sap
linfadenite {f} [pathology]  :: lymphadenitis
linfadenoma {m} [pathology]  :: lymphadenoma, Hodgkin's disease
linfadenopatia {f} [pathology]  :: lymphadenopathy
linfangite {f} [pathology]  :: lymphangitis
linfatico {adj}  :: lymphatic
linfatismo {m} [pathology]  :: lymphatism
linfo- {prefix}  :: lympho-
linfoadenopatia {f}  :: Variant of linfadenopatia
linfochina {f} [biochemistry]  :: lymphokine
linfocita {m}  :: lymphocyte
linfocitario {adj}  :: lymphocyte (attributive)
linfocitico {adj}  :: lymphocytic
linfocito {m}  :: lymphocyte
linfocitosi {f} [medicine]  :: lymphocytosis
linfodrenaggio {m} [medicine]  :: lymphatic drainage
linfoghiandola {f}  :: lymph gland
linfografia {f}  :: lymphography, lymphangiography
linfogranuloma {m}  :: lymphogranuloma
linfoide {adj}  :: lymphoid
linfologia {f} [medicine]  :: lymphology
linfoma {m} [oncology]  :: lymphoma
linfonodo {m} [anatomy]  :: lymph node
linfopenia {f}  :: lymphopenia
linforragia {f} [medicine]  :: lymphorrhagia
linfosarcoma {m}  :: lymphosarcoma
lingeria {f}  :: alternative form of lingerie
lingerie {f}  :: lingerie
lingottiera {f}  :: mold / mould (for casting metal ingots)
lingottino {m}  :: A small bar, a small ingot
lingotto {m}  :: ingot, bar, bullion
Lingotto {prop}  :: An industrial district of Turin
lingua {f} [anatomy]  :: tongue
lingua {f}  :: {especially in plural) A type of Italian flatbread
lingua {f} [in the plural]  :: foreign languages
lingua {f}  :: language, tongue
lingua {f}  :: strip, tongue [of land]
lingua {f}  :: the square horn of an anvil
lingua artificiale {f}  :: constructed language, artificial language
lingua blu {f}  :: bluetongue
linguaccia {f}  :: Spiteful gossip (words or person)
linguacciuto {adj}  :: gossipy, loose-tongued
linguacciuto {m}  :: gossip
lingua centum {f}  :: centum (group of languages)
lingua di gatto {f}  :: a cat's tongue: a buttery cookie shaped like a cat's tongue
Linguadoca {prop}  :: Languedoc
lingua franca {f}  :: The Mediterranean Lingua Franca, a common language spoken in Mediterranean ports in centuries past (consisting of Italian mixed with French, Spanish, Arabic and some Greek words and used by sailors of different countries to communicate with one another)
linguaggio {m}  :: language
linguale {adj} [anatomy]  :: lingual, tongue (attributive)
linguale {adj} [phonetics]  :: lingual
linguamadre {f}  :: mother tongue
linguata {f}  :: lick
linguella {f}  :: stamp hinge
linguellato {adj}  :: hinged (of a postage stamp fixed with a stamp hinge)
linguetta {f}  :: bootstrap
linguetta {f}  :: diminutive of lingua
linguetta {f}  :: flap [of an envelope]
linguetta {f} [music]  :: reed
linguetta {f}  :: ring pull
linguetta {f}  :: tongue [of a shoe]
linguiforme {adj}  :: tongue-shaped, linguiform
linguina {f} [rare]  :: diminutive of lingua
linguina {f} [usually in the plural]  :: a single ribnon of linguine
linguista {mf}  :: linguist
linguistica {f}  :: linguistics
linguisticamente {adv}  :: linguistically
linguistico {adj}  :: linguistic
lingula {f} [anatomy]  :: lingula
lingula {f}  :: ancient roman leaf-shaped sword
linguolabiale {adj} [phonetics]  :: linguolabial (articulated with the tongue and the upper lip)
linguolabiale {f} [phonetics]  :: A linguolabial speech sound
liniero {adj}  :: flax, linen (attributive)
linificio {m}  :: flax mill, linen mill, linen factory
linimento {m}  :: liniment
link {m} [computing]  :: link [hyperlink]
linkante {v}  :: present participle of linkare
linkare {vt}  :: [computing] To link
linneano {adj}  :: Linnaean
Linneo {prop}  :: Linnaeus
lino {m}  :: flax (plant and fiber)
lino {m}  :: linen (thread or cloth made from flax fiber)
Lino {prop}  :: given name
linoleico {adj}  :: linoleic
linoleina {f} [organic compound]  :: linolein
linoleista {mf}  :: A person who lays linoleum
linolenico {adj}  :: linolenic
linoleum {m}  :: linoleum
linone {m}  :: leno, lawn (textile weave)
linosa {f}  :: linseed, flaxseed
Linosa {prop}  :: A small island between Sicily and Lampedusa
linotipia {f}  :: linotype workshop
linotipia {f}  :: linotyping
linotipista {mf}  :: linotyper, linotypist
linsango {m}  :: linsang
linseme {m}  :: linseed
liocorno {m}  :: unicorn
liofilizzante {v}  :: present participle of liofilizzare
liofilizzare {vt}  :: To freeze-dry or lyophilize
liofilizzato {adj}  :: freeze-dried
liofilizzato {m} [often, in the plural]  :: Freeze-dried products
liofilizzatore {m}  :: freeze dryer
liofilizzazione {f}  :: lyophilization, freeze-drying
liofilo {adj}  :: lyophilic
liofobo {adj}  :: lyophobic
lionato {adj}  :: tawny
lione {m}  :: Variant of leone
Lione {prop}  :: Lyons
Lionello {prop}  :: given name, cognate to English Lionel
lionese {adj}  :: lyonnaise
liparese {adj}  :: Of or relating to Lipari or the Lipari people
liparese {mf}  :: A native or inhabitant of Lipari
Lipari {prop}  :: The main island of the Aeolian Islands
liparide {f}  :: the widelip orchid
liparite {f} [geology]  :: rhyolite
liparota {adj}  :: Of or relating to Lipari or the Lipari people
liparota {f}  :: A native or inhabitant of Lipari
lipasi {f} [enzyme]  :: lipase
lipemania {f}  :: melancholia
lipide {m} [biochemistry]  :: lipid
lipidemia {f} [medicine]  :: lipidemia
lipidico {adj}  :: lipidic
lipizzano {m}  :: Lipizzan, Lipizzaner
lipo- {prefix}  :: lipo-
lipoadenoma {m} [medicine]  :: lipoadenoma
lipoblasto {m}  :: lipoblast
lipodistrofia {f} [pathology]  :: lipodystrophy
lipofila {f} [chemistry]  :: lipophile
lipofilia {f}  :: lipophilicity
lipofilo {adj}  :: lipophilic
lipogramma {m}  :: lipogram
lipoico {adj}  :: lipoic
lipoide {m} [biology]  :: lipoid
lipoiperplasia {f} [medicine]  :: lipohyperplasia
lipolisi {f} [biochemistry, organic chemistry]  :: lipolysis
lipoma {m} [oncology]  :: lipoma
lipomatosi {f}  :: lipomatosis, adiposis
lipopolisaccaride {m} [carbohydrate]  :: lipopolysaccharide
lipopolisaccaridico {adj}  :: lipopolysaccharide (attributive)
lipoproteico {adj}  :: lipoprotein (attributive)
lipoproteina {f} [protein]  :: lipoprotein
lipoproteina lipasi {f} [enzyme]  :: lipoprotein lipase
lipoproteinemia {f} [medicine]  :: lipoproteinemia
lipoproteinlipasi {f}  :: Variant of lipoproteina lipasi
liposarcoma {m} [oncology]  :: liposarcoma
liposcultura {f}  :: liposculpture
liposolubile {adj}  :: liposoluble (fat-soluble)
liposoma {m} [biochemistry]  :: liposome
liposomiale {adj}  :: liposomal
liposuzione {f} [medicine]  :: liposuction
Lipsia {prop}  :: Leipzig
liquabile {adj}  :: meltable
liquabilità {f}  :: The property of being meltable
liquame {m}  :: Liquid sewage
liquazione {f}  :: liquation
liquefacente {v}  :: present participle of liquefare
liquefacentesi {v}  :: present participle of liquefarsi
liquefacibile {adj}  :: liquefiable
liquefare {vt}  :: To liquefy
liquefarsi {vr}  :: To liquefy or melt
liquefativo {adj}  :: liquefactive
liquefattibile {adj}  :: liquefiable (Variant of liquefacibile)
liquefatto {adj}  :: liquefied
liquefatto {adj}  :: melted
liquefattosi {v}  :: past participle of liquefarsi
liquefazione {f}  :: liquefaction
liquerizia {f}  :: liquorice (plant, powder or sweet)
liquidabile {adj}  :: That can be got rid of
liquidabile {adj}  :: That can be liquidated
liquidabilità {f}  :: The property of what can be liquidated
liquidamente {adv}  :: liquidly
liquidante {v}  :: present participle of liquidare
liquidare {vt}  :: To get rid of
liquidare {vt}  :: To liquidate
liquidare {vt}  :: To solve, to settle
liquidatore {m}  :: liquidator
liquidatorio {adj} [legal]  :: liquidation (attributive)
liquidazione {f}  :: clearance (of goods)
liquidazione {f}  :: liquidation
liquidazione {f}  :: settlement, payment
liquidazione {f}  :: severance (pay)
liquidissimo {adj}  :: Very liquid or fluid
liquidità {f}  :: liquidity
liquido {adj}  :: liquid (all meanings)
liquido {adj}  :: runny
liquido {m}  :: liquid, fluid
liquido {m}  :: ready money
liquido amniotico {m}  :: amniotic fluid
liquigas {m}  :: liquefied natural gas in containers for domestic use; Calor gas [British]
liquirizia {f}  :: liquorice
liquore {m} [in the plural]  :: spirits
liquore {m}  :: liqueur
liquore {m}  :: tincture
liquoreria {f}  :: distillery
liquoreria {f}  :: off-licence
liquoreria {f}  :: pub, bar
liquorista {mf}  :: distiller
liquorista {mf}  :: spirit seller
liquoristico {adj}  :: liquor, spirits (attributive)
liquoroso {adj}  :: Describing wine that has a higher alcoholic content and a denser aroma; often a dessert wine
lira {f}  :: lira
lira {f}  :: lyre
lira sterlina {f}  :: pound sterling
Liri {prop}  :: A river that flows in Lazio and Abruzzo
lirica {f}  :: lyric
lirica {f}  :: lyric poetry
lirica {f} [music, ]  :: opera
liricità {f}  :: lyricism
lirico {adj}  :: lyrical, lyric
lirico {adj} [music]  :: opera
liriodendro {m}  :: tulip tree
lirismo {m}  :: lyricism
Lisa {prop}  :: given name, diminutive of Elisabetta
Lisandro {prop}  :: Lysander
lisante {v}  :: present participle of lisare
lisantesi {v}  :: present participle of lisarsi
lisare {vt}  :: [biology] To lyse
lisarsi {vr}  :: [biology] To lyse
lisato {adj}  :: lysated
lisato {m}  :: lysate
lisatosi {v}  :: past participle of lisarsi
Lisbona {prop}  :: Lisbon
lisca {f}  :: fishbone (individual, or the complete spine)
lisciamente {adv}  :: simply
lisciamente {adv}  :: smoothly, sleekly
lisciamento {m}  :: flattery, fawning
lisciamento {m}  :: smoothing, stroking
lisciante {v}  :: present participle of lisciare
lisciantesi {v}  :: present participle of lisciarsi
lisciare {vt}  :: to flatter
lisciare {vt}  :: to smooth
lisciarsi {v}  :: reflexive of lisciare
lisciarsi {v}  :: to preen oneself
lisciatoio {m}  :: smoothing tool
lisciatore {m}  :: flatterer
lisciatore {m}  :: smoother (operator of smoothing machine)
lisciatosi {v}  :: past participle of lisciarsi
lisciatrice {f}  :: flatterer (female)
lisciatrice {f}  :: polisher (machine)
lisciatrice {f}  :: smoother (female operator of smoothing machine)
lisciatura {f}  :: honing
lisciatura {f}  :: smoothing
liscio {adj} [figuratively]  :: simple
liscio {adj} [of an alcoholic beverage]  :: neat, straight
liscio {adj}  :: smooth, sleek, polished
liscio {adv}  :: smoothly
liscio {m}  :: ballroom dancing
liscio {m}  :: country music
lisciva {f}  :: Variant of liscivia
liscivia {f}  :: lye (caustic soda)
lisciviante {v}  :: present participle of lisciviare
lisciviare {vt}  :: To leach or lixiviate
lisciviatura {f}  :: digesting, boiling (especially in the manufacture of paper from rags etc.)
lisciviazione {f}  :: leaching
lisciviazione {f}  :: lixiviation
liscoso {adj}  :: bony (of a fish)
lisergico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: lysergic
liseuse {f}  :: a nightgown
lisi {f}  :: lysis
-lisi {suffix}  :: -lysis
Lisimaco {prop}  :: Lysimachus
lisina {f} [amino acid]  :: lysine
Lisippo {prop}  :: Lysippus
liso {adj}  :: worn (out), threadbare
liso- {prefix}  :: lyso-
lisoformio {m} [medicine]  :: lysoform
lisogeno {adj}  :: lysogenic
lisolo {m}  :: Lysol
lisosoma {m} [cytology]  :: lysosome
lisosomale {adj}  :: lysosomal
lisosomiale {adj} [cytology]  :: lysosomal
Lissa {prop}  :: Vis (island of Croatia)
lissofobia {f}  :: lyssophobia (fear of going insane)
lista {f}  :: list, pile
lista {f}  :: strip, stripe
lista a cascata {f} [computing]  :: drop-down list
lista civica {f}  :: A list of candidates for election as mayor who do not belong to a political party
lista d'attesa {f}  :: waiting list
lista di attesa {f}  :: alternative spelling of lista d'attesa
lista di nozze {f}  :: bridal registry, wedding registry
listante {v}  :: present participle of listare
listare {vt}  :: to border, edge
listare {vt}  :: to list
listello {m}  :: listel, fillet
listerella {f}  :: listeria
l'istesso {adj} [music]  :: The same
listino {m}  :: list
listone {m}  :: A long list
listone {m}  :: An alliance of the fascists and Liberal Democrats in the 1924 Italian general election
litania {f}  :: litany
litania {f}  :: string (of names etc)
litantrace {m}  :: bituminous coal
litargirio {m} [mineral]  :: litharge (lead monoxide)
litchi {m}  :: lychee (tree & fruit)
lite {f}  :: A quarrel, row, altercation, fight
lite {f} [legal]  :: A suit, lawsuit
-lite {suffix}  :: -lite
-lite {suffix}  :: -lith
litiasi {f} [medicine]  :: lithiasis
litico {adj} [biochemistry]  :: lytic
litico {adj} [chemistry]  :: lithic
litico {adj}  :: lithic, stone (attributive)
-litico {suffix}  :: -lithic
-litico {suffix}  :: -lytic
litiemia {f} [pathology]  :: lithaemia
litificato {adj}  :: lithified
litigante {mf}  :: litigant
litigante {mf}  :: quarreler
litigante {v}  :: present participle of litigare
litigare {vi}  :: to litigate
litigare {vi}  :: to quarrel, fight, fall out, argue, squabble
litigata {f}  :: strife, toil, quarrel, row, tiff, squabble
litighio {m}  :: quarrelling, wrangling
litigio {m} [legal]  :: litigation
litigio {m}  :: quarrel, row, altercation, tiff, squabble, toil, strife
litigiosamente {adv}  :: argumentatively, quarrelsomely
litigiosità {f}  :: quarrelsomeness
litigioso {adj}  :: litigious, contentious
litigioso {adj}  :: quarrelsome
litio {m} [chemistry]  :: lithium
litiorganico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: organolithium
litioso {adj}  :: Of, relating to, or containing lithium; lithic
litisconsorte {m} [legal]  :: coplaintiff; codefendant
litisconsorzio {m} [legal]  :: joinder of parties
litispendenza {f} [legal]  :: simultaneous pendency of two identical suits; lis pendens
lito- {prefix}  :: litho-
-lito {suffix}  :: -lith (variant of -lite)
-lito {suffix} [physics, chemistry]  :: -lyte
litoclasi {f} [geology]  :: lithoclase
litofago {adj}  :: lithophagous
litofita {f} [botany]  :: lithophyte
litogenesi {f} [geology]  :: lithogenesis
litogenetico {adj}  :: lithogenic
litografante {v}  :: present participle of litografare
litografare {vt}  :: To lithograph
litografia {f}  :: lithograph
litografia {f}  :: lithography
litograficamente {adv}  :: lithographically
litografico {adj}  :: lithographic
litografo {m}  :: lithographer
litoide {adj}  :: lithoid
litolisi {f} [medicine]  :: litholysis
litologia {f} [geology]  :: lithology
litologo {m}  :: lithologist
litorale {m}  :: coast, littoral
litoralizzazione {f}  :: littoralization
litoranea {f}  :: coast road
litoraneo {adj}  :: littoral, coastal, coast (attributive)
litosfera {f}  :: lithosphere
litosferico {adj}  :: lithospheric
litosoma {m} [geology]  :: lithosome
litostratigrafia {f} [geology]  :: lithostratigraphy
litostroto {m}  :: mosaic pavement
litotamnio {m}  :: lithotamnion (red alga of genus Lithothamnion)
litote {f}  :: Litotes
litoteca {f} [geology]  :: collection of rocks, minerals and fossils
litotipo {m} [geology]  :: lithotype
litotomia {f} [surgery]  :: lithotomy
litotripsia {f} [surgery]  :: lithotripsy
litotritore {m} [surgery]  :: lithotripter
litro {m}  :: litre; liter [US]
Littizzetto {prop}  :: surname
Littizzetto {prop}  :: Luciana Littizzetto, Italian comedy actress
littorale {m}  :: Variant of litorale
littore {m}  :: lictor
littoriale {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the fasces (fascio littorio) of fascist Italy
littorina {f}  :: A type of slow, lightweight, Diesel-powered railway (used especially around Etna)
littorina {f}  :: winkle
littorio {adj}  :: lictorial
lituana {f}  :: Lithuanian (female)
Lituania {prop}  :: Lithuania
lituano {adj}  :: Lithuanian
lituano {m}  :: Lithuanian
lituano {prop}  :: The Lithuanian language
liturgia {f}  :: liturgy
liturgia {f}  :: ritual
liturgicamente {adv}  :: liturgically
liturgico {adj}  :: liturgical
liturgista {mf}  :: liturgist
liutaia {f}  :: luthier (female)
liutaio {m}  :: luthier
liuteria {f}  :: A workshop where stringed instruments are made and repaired
liuteria {f}  :: lutherie
liutista {f}  :: lutist (female)
liutista {m}  :: lutist (male)
liuto {m} [musical instruments]  :: lute
live {adj}  :: Performed or recorded live
livella {f}  :: level (tool for finding whether a surface is level)
livellabile {adj}  :: levelable
livellamento {m}  :: levelling
livellante {v}  :: present participle of livellare
livellantesi {v}  :: present participle of livellarsi
livellare {vt}  :: to level
livellario {adj}  :: level (attributive)
livellarsi {v}  :: reflexive of livellare
livellarsi {vr}  :: to balance out
livellarsi {vr}  :: to become level; to level out
livellato {adj}  :: levelled
livellatore {adj}  :: levelling
livellatosi {v}  :: past participle of livellarsi
livellatrice {f}  :: road roller, steam roller, grader
livellazione {f}  :: levelling (of ground)
livelletta {f}  :: A stretch of road or railway line of constant slope between two sections at a different slope
livello {m} [Education]  :: grade
livello {m} [figuratively]  :: level, standard
livello {m}  :: level
livello {m}  :: plane
livello {m}  :: (tier) level, tier
livello del mare {m}  :: sea level
livello scolastico {m} [Education]  :: grade
livello trofico {m} [ecology]  :: trophic level
liventino {prop}  :: A dialect of Venetian spoken in the north of Veneto
Livenza {prop}  :: A river that flows in Veneto
livermorio {n} [chemistry]  :: livermorium
Liverotti {prop}  :: surname
Livia {prop}  :: given name derived from Latin Livia
lividamente {adv}  :: lividly
lividastro {adj}  :: livid (in colour)
lividezza {f}  :: lividness (ghastly pallor)
livido {adj}  :: leaden (sky)
livido {adj}  :: livid
livido {m}  :: bruise
lividura {f}  :: livid bruise
livignasco {adj}  :: Of or from Livigno
livignese {adj}  :: Of or relating to Livigno or the Livigno people
livignese {mf}  :: A native or inhabitant of Livigno
Livigno {prop}  :: A small town in the Sondrio province of Lombardy
livinallese {adj}  :: Of or from Livinallongo
livinallese {m}  :: A dialect of Ladin spoken in Livinallongo
Livio {prop}  :: given name derived from Latin Livius
Livïo {prop}  :: medieval spelling of Livio
livone {mf}  :: Livonian; a person from Livonia
Livonia {prop}  :: Livonia (historical region)
livoniano {m}  :: Livonian (language)
livonio {m}  :: Livonian (language)
livonio {m}  :: Livonian (person)
livore {m}  :: venom
livornese {adj}  :: Of or relating to Livorno or its inhabitants
livornese {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Livorno
Livorno {prop}  :: Livorno (province, town)
Livorno {prop}  :: The letter L in the Italian phonetic alphabet
livorosamente {adv}  :: enviously, resentfully
livoroso {adj}  :: envious, resentful
livrea {f}  :: coat (of an animal)
livrea {f}  :: livery
livrea {f}  :: plumage
lizza {f}  :: A large sled used to transport large blocks of stone from a quarry; the track along which the sleds moved
lizza {f}  :: lists (in jousting)
lizzanese {adj}  :: Of or from Lizzano
Lizzano {prop}  :: A small town in the Taranto province of Puglia
lizzante {v}  :: present participle of lizzare
lizzare {v}  :: to drag large blocks of stone on sleds
lizzatura {f}  :: The transportation of large blocks of stone from a quarry on large sleds
lo {art}  :: (the form of il that is used before the so-called impure consonants, that is, s+consonant, gn, pn, ps, x or z; before a vowel it becomes l’) the
lo {pron}  :: him
lo {pron}  :: this or that thing, it
lob {m}  :: lob (in ball games)
lobare {adj}  :: lobar; lobate
lobare {adj}  :: lobe (attributive)
lobato {adj}  :: lobate
lobbia {f}  :: Homburg hat
lobbismo {m}  :: lobbyism
lobbista {mf}  :: lobbyist
lobbistico {adj}  :: lobby, lobbying (political, attributive)
lobby {f}  :: lobby (group of people; hall of a bank)
lobbysta {f}  :: alternative spelling of lobbista
lobbystico {adj}  :: Variant of lobbistico
lobectomia {f} [surgery]  :: lobectomy
lobo {m} [anatomy, botany, architecture]  :: lobe
lobo parietale {m} [anatomy]  :: parietal lobe
lobotomia {f} [surgery]  :: lobotomy
lobotomia prefrontale {f} [surgery]  :: prefrontal lobotomy
lobotomizzante {v}  :: present participle of lobotomizzare
lobotomizzare {vt}  :: To lobotomize
lobulare {adj}  :: lobulate
lobulato {adj}  :: lobulate
lobulo {m}  :: lobule
locale {adj}  :: local
locale {m}  :: room
localismo {m}  :: localism
localistico {adj}  :: localist
localistico {adj}  :: localistic
località {f}  :: locality
localizzabile {adj}  :: localizable
localizzante {v}  :: present participle of localizzare
localizzantesi {v}  :: present participle of localizzarsi
localizzare {vt}  :: to confine
localizzare {vt}  :: to locate
localizzarsi {v}  :: reflexive of localizzare
localizzarsi {vr}  :: ‎ to become localized (in)
localizzativo {adj}  :: locational
localizzato {adj}  :: confined
localizzato {adj}  :: localized
localizzatore {adj}  :: locating
localizzatore {m}  :: locator, detector
localizzatosi {v}  :: past participle of localizzarsi
localizzatrice {f}  :: (female) locator, detector
localizzazione {f}  :: localization (all senses)
localmente {adv}  :: locally
locanda {f}  :: An inn (offering both food and accommodation)
locanda {f}  :: A simple hotel
locandiera {f}  :: innkeeper, landlady
locandiere {m}  :: innkeeper, landlord
locandina {f}  :: poster (for a film etc)
locante {v}  :: present participle of locare
locare {vt}  :: to let, rent, hire
Locarno {prop}  :: A town and associated district in the Ticino canton of Switzerland
locataria {f}  :: lodger (female)
locataria {f}  :: tenant (female)
locatario {m}  :: lodger
locatario {m}  :: tenant
locativo {adj}  :: rentable
locatizio {adj} [legal]  :: Relating to a lease
locatore {m}  :: landlord (of rented property)
locatrice {f}  :: landlady (of rented property)
locavore {adj}  :: locavorous
locavoro {m}  :: locavore
locazione {f}  :: lease
locazione {f}  :: renting, leasing
locello {m}  :: alternative form of loculo
lochiazione {f} [physiology]  :: lochia
lockiano {adj}  :: Lockian; Locke (attributive)
locomotilità {f}  :: locomotility
locomotiva {f}  :: locomotive, engine (railway)
locomotiva a vapore {f}  :: (informal, dated) pufferbelly
locomotiva a vapore {f}  :: steam engine
locomotiva a vapore {f}  :: steam locomotive
locomotore {adj}  :: locomotive, locomotor
locomotore {m}  :: locomotive, engine (of a train)
locomotorio {adj} [anatomy]  :: locomotor, locomotory, locomotive
locomotorista {mf}  :: engine driver (of a train)
locomozione {f}  :: locomotion
locoregionale {adj}  :: locoregional
locrese {adj}  :: Of, or from, Locri
locrese {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Locri
Locri {prop}  :: a town in the province of Reggio Calabria in Calabria in Italy
loculare {adj}  :: locular
loculo {m} [botany]  :: cavity
loculo {m}  :: burial niche or recess; loculus
loculo {m} [literary]  :: A small niche or cavity
locupletare {v} [literary]  :: To enrich
locusta {f}  :: locust
locustone {m}  :: wart-biter (Decticus verrucivorus)
locutore {adj}  :: speaking (a specified language, dialect etc)
locutore {m}  :: announcer (radio, TV)
locutore {m}  :: speaker
locuzione {f}  :: idiom
locuzione {f}  :: phrase, expression
lodabile {adj}  :: laudable, praiseworthy
lodabilità {f}  :: laudableness, praiseworthiness
lodabilmente {adv}  :: laudably, praiseworthily
lodante {v}  :: present participle of lodare
lodantesi {v}  :: present participle of lodarsi
lodare {vt} [religion]  :: to praise, laud
lodare {vt}  :: to praise, commend
lodarsi {v}  :: reflexive of lodare
lodarsi {v}  :: to praise oneself; to boast, brag
lodatissimo {adj}  :: superlative of lodato - highly praised, highly commended
lodativo {adj}  :: laudatory, laudative, eulogistic
lodatore {m}  :: praiser, lauder
lodatosi {v}  :: past participle of lodarsi
lode {f}  :: praise
Loderingo {prop} [rare]  :: given name
lodevole {adj}  :: praiseworthy
lodevolissimo {adj}  :: Very praiseworthy
lodevolmente {adv}  :: commendably, praiseworthily, laudably
Lodi {prop}  :: Lodi
lodigiano {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Lodi
lodigiano {m}  :: A cheese from Lodi
lodigiano {m}  :: The dialect of Lodi
lodo {m} [legal]  :: arbitrator’s award
lodolaio {m}  :: the hobby or Eurasian hobby (Falco subbuteo)
Lodovico {prop}  :: given name, alternative form of Ludovico.
loffa {f}  :: wind (flatulence)
loffio {adj}  :: flabby
lofio {m}  :: anglerfish
lofotrico {adj}  :: lophotrichous
logaritmico {adj}  :: logarithmic
logaritmo {m}  :: logarithm
loggante {v}  :: present participle of loggare
loggare {v} [computing]  :: To log in, log on
loggato {adj} [Internet]  :: logged in, logged on
loggetta {f}  :: A small loggia or lodge
loggia {f}  :: lodge (Masonic)
loggia {f}  :: loge
loggia {f}  :: loggia
loggiato {m} [architecture]  :: arcade, open gallery
loggione {m}  :: gallery, gods (in a theatre)
loggionista {mf}  :: spectator in the gallery (of a theatre)
-logia {suffix}  :: -logy
logica {f}  :: logic
logica matematica {f} [maths, logic]  :: mathematical logic
logicamente {adv}  :: logically
logicamente {adv}  :: naturally, obviously
logicismo {m}  :: logicism
logicista {mf}  :: logicist
logicità {f}  :: logicality
logico {adj}  :: logical
-logico {suffix}  :: -logical
logismografia {f}  :: logismography
logistica {f}  :: logistics
logisticamente {adv}  :: logistically
logistico {adj}  :: logistic
loglio {m}  :: chaff
loglio {m}  :: darnel, tare
logo {m} {m}  :: logo (symbol)
logo {m} {m}  :: logotype
logo- {prefix}  :: logo-
-logo {suffix}  :: -logist, -ist, -er (member of a profession etc)
Logodoro {prop}  :: medieval spelling of Logudoro
logografia {f}  :: logography
logografo {m}  :: logographer
logogramma {m}  :: logogram, logograph
logogrifo {m}  :: logogriph
logomachia {f}  :: logomachy
logon {m} [computing]  :: logon
logopatia {f}  :: speech disorder; logopathy
logopedia {f}  :: speech therapy, logopedics
logopedico {adj}  :: speech (therapy) (attributive)
logopedista {mf}  :: speech therapist, logopedist
logoplegia {f}  :: logoplegia
logorabile {adj}  :: vulnerable to wear and tear
logorabilità {f}  :: The property of what is vulnerable to wear and tear
logoramento {m}  :: wear (of clothes etc)
logorante {adj}  :: exhausting, wearing, trying
logorante {v}  :: present participle of logorare
logorantesi {v}  :: present participle of logorarsi
logorare {vt}  :: to ruin
logorare {vt}  :: to wear away
logorare {vt}  :: to wear down
logorare {vt}  :: to wear out, exhaust
logorarsi {v}  :: reflexive of logorare
logorarsi {v}  :: to ruin
logorarsi {v}  :: to wear out, exhaust
logorato {adj}  :: exhausted
logorato {adj}  :: worn out, worn down, worn away
logoratosi {v}  :: past participle of logorarsi
logorio {m}  :: strain
logorio {m}  :: wear and tear
logoro {adj}  :: exhausted
logoro {adj}  :: ruined
logoro {adj}  :: worn
logoro {adj}  :: worn out, threadbare
logorrea {f} [medicine]  :: logorrhoea
logorroicamente {adv}  :: logorrheically
logorroicamente {adv}  :: verbosely
logorroico {adj}  :: logorrheic
logorroico {adj}  :: verbose
logos {m}  :: logos
logoterapeuta {mf}  :: speech therapist
logoteta {f}  :: logothete
logotipo {m}  :: ligature (typographic)
logotipo {m}  :: logotype, logo
logout {m} [computing]  :: logout
logudorese {adj}  :: of or from Logudoro
logudorese {n}  :: Logudorese (dialect of Sardinian)
Logudoro {prop}  :: A region of northern Sardinia
loia {f} [Tuscan]  :: dirt, filth on clothes or skin
Loiano {prop}  :: A small town in the Bologna province of Emilia-Romagna
loiolescamente {adv}  :: hypocritically
loiolescamente {adv}  :: Jesuitically
loiolesco {adj}  :: hypocritical
loiolesco {adj}  :: Jesuitic
Loira {prop}  :: Loire, Loire River
lokum {m}  :: Turkish delight
lolita {f}  :: A sexually provocative young girl; a Lolita
lolla {f}  :: chaff, husk
lollardo {m}  :: Lollard
Lollobrigida {prop}  :: surname
Lollobrigida {prop}  :: Gina Lollobrigida, Italian actress (and sex symbol)
lolloso {adj} [Internet]  :: very funny
lolz {interj} [Internet slang]  :: Used to express laughter
lombaggine {f} [pathology]  :: lumbago
lombalgia {f} [pathology]  :: lumbago, low back pain
lombarda {f}  :: Lombard (female)
Lombardi {prop}  :: surname
Lombardia {prop}  :: Lombardy
lombardo {adj}  :: Lombard
lombardo {m}  :: Lombard
Lombardo {prop}  :: surname
lombare {adj} [anatomy]  :: lumbar
lombata {f}  :: loin (of meat)
lombo {m}  :: loin
lombosacrale {adj} [anatomy]  :: lombosacral
lombricicoltore {m}  :: earthworm breeder
lombricicoltura {f}  :: earthworm breeding
lombrico {m}  :: earthworm
lombricoltore {m}  :: earthworm breeder
lombricoltura {f}  :: earthworm breeding
lombrosiano {adj}  :: Lombrosian
Lombroso {prop}  :: surname
Lombroso {prop}  :: Cesare Lombroso, Italian anthropologist
Lomellina {prop}  :: A region of western Lombardy
lomellino {adj}  :: Of or from Lomellina
Lomello {prop}  :: a town in the province of Pavia in Lombardia in Italy
lomento {m} [botany]  :: loment
lompo {m} [zoology, ichthyology]  :: lumpsucker
londinese {adj}  :: London (attributive), Londonish (of, relating to, or from London)
londinese {mf}  :: Londoner, Londonite (person from or inhabitant of London)
Londra {prop}  :: London
longanime {adj}  :: forbearing
longanimemente {adv}  :: forbearingly
longanimità {f}  :: patience
longanimità {f}  :: tolerance, indulgence
longarina {f}  :: iron girder
longarina {f}  :: sleeper (railway)
longarone {m}  :: longeron
longevità {f}  :: longevity
longevo {adj}  :: long-lived
Longhena {prop}  :: A township in the province of Brescia in Lombardy
Longhena {prop}  :: surname
longheniano {adj}  :: Relating to Baldassare Longhena or to Mario Longhena
longherina {f}  :: iron girder
longherina {f}  :: sleeper (railway)
longherone {m}  :: longeron, stringer, stiffener
longilineo {adj}  :: rangy; long-limbed
longinquità {f}  :: A great distance
longinquità {f}  :: A long duration
longità {f} [obsolete]  :: length
longitudinale {adj}  :: longitudinal
longitudinalmente {adv}  :: longitudinally
longitudine {f}  :: longitude
Longobardi {prop}  :: Lombards
longobardo {adj}  :: Lombard
longobardo {m}  :: Lombard
long play {m}  :: LP; long-playing record
longuette {f}  :: midi, midiskirt
Lonigo {prop}  :: A town in the province of Vicenza in Veneto
lontanamente {adv}  :: far away, distantly
lontanamente {adv}  :: remotely
lontananza {f}  :: absence
lontananza {f}  :: distance
lontanissimo {adj}  :: Very distant
lontano {adj}  :: distant
lontano {adv}  :: far
lontra {f}  :: otter
lonza {f}  :: a term used in the Middle Ages to describe a type of wild cat, possibly a lynx or leopard
lonza {f}  :: loin of pork
Lonza {prop}  :: A river in Switzerland that is a tributary of the Rhone
lonzo {adj}  :: floppy, flabby
lonzo {adj}  :: weak
loppide {m}  :: dog, specifically any domestic animal descended from a wolf
loppio {m}  :: maple, field maple (Acer campestre)
loquace {adj}  :: eloquent
loquace {adj}  :: talkative; loquacious
loquacemente {adv}  :: loquaciously, talkatively
loquacità {f}  :: talkativeness, loquacity
loquela {f}  :: language
loquela {f}  :: loquacity
-loquio {suffix}  :: -loquy; used to forms nouns related to speech and talking
lord {m}  :: gentleman
lord {m}  :: lord [British aristocrat]
lordamente {adv}  :: dirtily, filthily
lordamente {adv}  :: grossly
lordante {v}  :: present participle of lordare
lordantesi {v}  :: present participle of lordarsi
lordare {vt}  :: to besmirch
lordare {vt}  :: to dirty, soil
lordarsi {v}  :: reflexive of lordare
lordarsi {v}  :: to dirty or soil oneself
lordatosi {v}  :: past participle of lordarsi
lordo {adj}  :: dirty, filthy
lordo {adj}  :: gross (all senses)
lordosi {f} [pathology]  :: lordosis
lordotico {adj}  :: lordotic
lordume {m}  :: filth, dirt
lordura {f}  :: dirtiness
lordura {f}  :: Moral dirtiness: obscenity
Loredan {prop}  :: A noble family of Venice
Loredan {prop}  :: surname
Lorena {prop}  :: given name
Lorena {prop}  :: Lorraine (region)
lorenese {adj}  :: Lorraine (attributive)
Loreno {prop}  :: given name
lorentziano {adj} [maths]  :: Lorentzian
Lorenza {prop}  :: given name, feminine form of Lorenzo
Lorenzo {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to Lawrence/Laurence in English
Loreto {prop}  :: a town in the province of Ancona in Marche in Italy, famous for its sanctuary
lornio {adj}  :: cross-eyed
lornio {adj}  :: one-eyed (blind in one eye)
loro {adj} [possessive, often capitalised]  :: your (polite plural form)
loro {adj} [possessive]  :: their
loro {pron} [often, capitalised]  :: your (polite plural form)
loro {pron}  :: theirs
loro {pron}  :: them, to them
loro {pron}  :: they
Loro {adj} [uncommon, very, formal or polite, possessive]  :: your
Loro {pron} [uncommon, very, formal or polite]  :: you
loro stesse {pron}  :: themselves
loro stessi {pron}  :: themselves
losanga {f} [heraldry]  :: lozenge
losanga {f}  :: lozenge, diamond, rhombus (shape)
losangato {adj} [heraldry]  :: lozengy
losangelino {adj}  :: Of or from Los Angeles
losangelino {m}  :: Angelino (native or inhabitant of Los Angeles)
Losanna {prop}  :: Lausanne
loscamente {adv}  :: shadily, suspiciously
loscamente {adv}  :: sullenly
losco {adj}  :: shady, suspicious (person)
losco {adj}  :: sullen, surly
Losone {prop}  :: A small town in the Locarno district of Ticino
lossodromia {f}  :: rhumb line, loxodrome
lossodromico {adj}  :: loxodromic
lo stesso {adj} [music]  :: alternative spelling of l'istesso
Lot {prop} [Biblical character]  :: Lot
Lotario {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to Lothario
lotico {adj} [ecology]  :: lotic
loto {m}  :: lotus
lotofago {m}  :: lotus eater
lotta {f}  :: conflict
lotta {f}  :: fight, struggle
lotta {f} [sports]  :: wrestling
lottante {v}  :: present participle of lottare
lottare {v}  :: to fight
lottare {v}  :: to struggle
lottatore {m}  :: fighter
lottatore {m} [sports]  :: wrestler
lottatrice {f}  :: fighter (female)
lottatrice {f}  :: wrestler (female)
lotteria {f}  :: lottery
lotteria {f}  :: sweepstake (horse racing)
lottizzabile {adj}  :: divisable into lots
lottizzante {v}  :: present participle of lottizzare
lottizzare {vt}  :: to subdivide [divide into lots]
lottizzazione {f}  :: subdivision [division into lots]
lotto {m}  :: lot
lotto {m}  :: lottery
lotto {m}  :: plot (of land)
Lousonna {prop}  :: alternative form of Losanna
Lovanio {prop}  :: Louvain
lovastatina {f} [biochemistry]  :: lovastatin
Lovato {prop}  :: surname
lovecraftiano {adj}  :: Lovecraftian
lozione {f}  :: lotion
LT {abbr}  :: Latina (Italian town in Lazio)
luì {m}  :: Any of several warblers, including the chiffchaff
Luana {prop}  :: given name
Lubecca {prop}  :: Lübeck
Lubiana {prop}  :: Ljubljana
luì bianco {m}  :: Bonelli's warbler
Lublino {prop}  :: Lublin
lubricamente {adv}  :: lewdly
lubricità {f}  :: lubricity
lubrico {adj}  :: lewd, lubricious, lubricous
lubrificante {adj}  :: lubricating
lubrificante {m}  :: lubricant
lubrificante {v}  :: present participle of lubrificare
lubrificare {vt}  :: to lubricate
lubrificatore {adj}  :: lubricating
lubrificazione {f}  :: lubrication
lubrorefrigerante {m}  :: cutting fluid
Luca {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to the English-language Luke or Lucas
Luca {prop}  :: Luke [biblical character]
Luca {prop}  :: the Gospel of Luke
Lucani {prop}  :: An ancient tribe from Lucania
Lucania {prop}  :: Lucania
lucano {adj}  :: Of or from Lucania
lucano {m}  :: Dialect of the Lucania region (masculine only)
lucano {m}  :: Native or inhabitant of Lucania
Lucano {prop}  :: Lucan
Lucca {prop}  :: Lucca (province)
Lucca {prop}  :: Lucca (town)
lucchese {adj}  :: Of or relating to Lucca or the Lucca people
lucchese {mf}  :: A native or inhabitant of Lucca
lucchettante {v}  :: present participle of lucchettare
lucchettare {vt}  :: To padlock
lucchetto {m}  :: padlock
luccicante {adj}  :: glittering, shiny, sparkling
luccicante {v}  :: present participle of luccicare
luccicare {vi}  :: to glitter, glisten
luccicare {vi}  :: to sparkle, twinkle
luccichio {adj}  :: glittering, glistening
luccichio {adj}  :: sparkling, twinkling
luccichio {m}  :: scintillation
luccichio {m}  :: shimmer
luccicone {m} [usually, in the plural]  :: tear, teardrop
luccio {m}  :: pike, Esox lucius (fish)
lucciola {f}  :: firefly, glowworm
lucciola {f}  :: prostitute
lucco {m}  :: A hood for a falcon or similar bird used for hunting
luce {f}  :: clearance
luce {f}  :: light [visible electromagnetic wave; electrical device providing light]
luce di Drummond {f}  :: Drummond light, limelight
lucente {adj}  :: shining, bright, brilliant
lucente {v}  :: present participle of lucere
lucentemente {adv}  :: brilliantly
lucentezza {f}  :: shine
Lucera {prop}  :: A town in the province of Foggia, in Apulia
lucere {vi} [obsolete]  :: to shine
lucerna {f}  :: oil lamp
Lucerna {prop}  :: Lucerne (city and canton)
lucernaio {m}  :: skylight
lucernario {m}  :: skylight
lucernese {adj}  :: Of or from Lucerne
lucernetta {f}  :: Small oil lamp
lucerniere {m}  :: A form of candlestick with several holes for placing a candle at different heights
lucertola {f}  :: lizard
lucetta {f}  :: A small light, a small light source
lucherino {m}  :: siskin, aberdevine
lucherino d'America {m}  :: American goldfinch
lucherino dei pini {m}  :: pine siskin
lucherino di yarrell {m}  :: yellow-faced siskin (Spinus yarrellii)
lucherino dorso nero {m}  :: lesser goldfinch
lucherino eurasiatico {m}  :: Eurasian siskin or spruce siskin (Spinus spinus, formerly Carduelis spinus
lucherino testa nera {n}  :: hooded siskin
Luchino {prop}  :: given name
Lucia {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Lucy
Luciana {prop}  :: given name, feminine form of Luciano
Luciano {prop}  :: given name, cognate with Lucian
Luciano {prop}  :: Lucian, the Sophist
lucidabile {adj}  :: polishable
lucidalabbra {m}  :: lip gloss
lucidamente {adv}  :: lucidly
lucidante {adj}  :: polishing
lucidante {m}  :: polish (material used for polishing)
lucidante {v}  :: present participle of lucidare
lucidare {vt}  :: to glaze [tanning]
lucidare {vt}  :: to polish
lucidare {vt}  :: to trace [a design]
lucidato {adj}  :: polished
lucidatoio {m}  :: tracing table
lucidatore {m}  :: polisher (person)
lucidatrice {f}  :: floor polisher
lucidatura {f}  :: polishing
luci della ribalta {fp}  :: footlights, limelights
lucidezza {f}  :: shine, brightness, sheen, gloss
lucidista {mf}  :: tracer (person)
lucidità {f}  :: lucidity
lucido {adj}  :: bright, shiny
lucido {adj}  :: lucid
lucido {m}  :: lustre, polish
lucido {m}  :: shoe polish
luciferasi {f} [enzyme]  :: luciferase
luciferico {adj}  :: Luciferic
luciferino {adj}  :: satanic, fiendish
luciferismo {m}  :: Luciferianism
lucifero {adj}  :: bearing or giving off light
lucifero {m} [poetic]  :: name for the planet Venus as the morningstar, daystar
Lucifero {prop}  :: Lucifer
lucignolo {m}  :: wick
lucilia {f}  :: greenbottle (Lucilia caesar)
lucina {f}  :: A small light, a small light source
Lucio {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to Lucius
lucioperca {f}  :: zander
lucivago {n} [botany]  :: heliophilous
luco {m} [Ancient Rome]  :: A grove sacred to the gods
luco {m}  :: A small grove, particularly:
lucrabile {adj}  :: That can be gained
lucrabilità {f}  :: The property of what can be gained
lucrante {v}  :: present participle of lucrare
lucrare {vt}  :: To gain, earn or profit
lucrativo {adj}  :: lucrative, profitable, gainful
Lucrezia {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to English Lucretia
Lucrezio {prop}  :: Lucretius
lucro {m}  :: profit, gain
lucrosamente {adv}  :: profitably, lucratively
lucroso {adj}  :: lucrative, profitable
luculente {adj}  :: luminous
luculente {adj}  :: splendid
luculentemente {adv}  :: luminously
luculentemente {adv}  :: splendidly
luculento {adj}  :: bright, shining, luculent
luculleo {adj}  :: Relating to Lucullo
lucullianamente {adv}  :: lavishly, sumptuously
luculliano {adj}  :: lavish, sumptuous (feast)
Lucullo {prop}  :: Lucullus
lucumone {m}  :: lucumo
luddismo {m}  :: Luddism
luddista {mf}  :: Luddite
ludibrio {m}  :: laughing stock
ludibrio {m}  :: mockery, scorn
ludicamente {adv}  :: recreationally
ludico {adj}  :: recreational
ludione {m}  :: Cartesian diver, Cartesian devil
ludo {m}  :: game, sport
ludo {m}  :: pastime
ludobus {m}  :: playbus
ludologo {m}  :: play therapist
ludopatia {f}  :: addiction to gambling
ludoteca {f}  :: games room
ludoteca {f}  :: playroom
ludoterapia {f} [medicine]  :: play therapy
Ludovica {prop}  :: given name
Ludovico {prop}  :: given name
lue {f}  :: syphilis
luetico {adj} [disease]  :: luetic
luffa {f}  :: loofah (a kind of tropical vine)
luganega {f}  :: A thin pork sausage from the Veneto
luganese {adj}  :: Of or from Lugano
luganiga {f}  :: synonym of luganega
Lugano {prop}  :: A town in the Ticino canton of Switzerland
lugarino {m}  :: siskin
lugliatico {adj} [of fruit etc.]  :: that ripens in July
luglienga {f}  :: A particular grape variety that ripens in July
luglio {m}  :: July
luì grosso {m}  :: willow warbler
lugubre {adj}  :: gloomy, dismal, lugubrious
lugubremente {adv}  :: mournfully, dismally, lugubriously
lui {pron}  :: he
lui {pron}  :: him (indirect form of lui used after a preposition)
luigi {m} [historical numismatics]  :: louis (any coin issued by the French Kingdom)
Luigi {prop}  :: given name
Luigi {prop}  :: historical given name
luigi d'oro {m} [historical numismatics]  :: louis d'or (any gold coin introduced in France by Louis XIII)
luigino {m} [historical numismatics]  :: luigino (imitation coin)
luigino {m} [numismatics]  :: luigino (currency of unrecognised Seborga)
Luisa {prop}  :: given name
lumaca {f} [chiefly in the plural]  :: type of pasta shaped like a snail's shell
lumaca {f}  :: (familiar or regional) snail
lumaca {f} [figuratively]  :: slowcoach
lumaca {f}  :: slug
lumachella {f} [mineralogy]  :: lumachel, fire marble
lumacone {m}  :: slowcoach
lumacone {m}  :: slug (large)
lumaio {m}  :: A manufacturer, repairer or seller of lamps
lumbard {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the Lega Nord
lumbard {mf}  :: A member or supporter of the Lega Nord
lume {m} [anatomy]  :: lumen
lume {m}  :: lamp
lume {m}  :: light
lumeggiamento {m}  :: highlighting
lumeggiante {v}  :: present participle of lumeggiare
lumeggiare {v}  :: to highlight
lumeggiare {v}  :: to shade (a map etc)
lumia {f}  :: citron (plant and fruit)
lumicino {m}  :: A faint, distant light
lumicino {m}  :: A funereal candle
lumiera {f}  :: chandelier
luminanza {f} [physics]  :: luminance
luminare {m}  :: luminary
luminaria {f} [chiefly in the plural]  :: illuminations
luminello {m}  :: nipple of a percussion cap
luminescente {adj}  :: luminescent
luminescenza {f}  :: glow
luminescenza {f}  :: luminescence
luminifero {adj}  :: luminiferous
luminiscente {adj}  :: luminescent
luminismo {m} [arts]  :: luminarism
luminista {mf} [arts]  :: luminarist
luministica {f}  :: lighting effects (art and practice of, on stage and in film/TV)
lumino {m}  :: Small lamp or light
luminosamente {adv}  :: brightly
luminosamente {adv}  :: clearly
luminosamente {adv}  :: luminously
luminosissimo {adj}  :: Very bright
luminosissimo {adj}  :: Very brilliant
luminosità {f}  :: brightness
luminosità {f}  :: luminosity
luminosità {f}  :: radiance
luminoso {adj}  :: bright
luminoso {adj}  :: clear
luminoso {adj}  :: luminous, light (attributive)
luna {f} [alchemy]  :: silver
luna {f} [archaic, figuratively, by extension]  :: a time of the year
luna {f} [archaic, literary, figuratively]  :: a month, moon
luna {f} [by extension]  :: a planet's natural satellite; moon
luna {f} [heraldry]  :: a full moon (as opposed to a crescent)
luna {f}  :: the Moon
luna di miele {f}  :: honeymoon
lunamoto {m}  :: moonquake
luna park {m}  :: amusement park
lunare {adj}  :: lunar
lunare {adj}  :: moon (attributive)
lunaria {f}  :: moonstone
lunaria {f} [plant]  :: honesty
lunario {m}  :: almanac
lunarista {mf}  :: compiler of almanacs
lunatica {f}  :: A quirky or temperamental woman
lunatico {adj}  :: lunar
lunatico {adj}  :: quirky, temperamental and unstable
lunatico {m}  :: A quirky or temperamental person
lunato {adj}  :: lunate, crescent-shaped
lunato {m} [skeleton]  :: lunate, lunate bone
lunazione {f}  :: lunation
Luneburgo {prop}  :: Lüneburg
lunedì {m}  :: Monday
lunedì dell'Angelo {prop}  :: Easter Monday
lunedì di Pasqua {prop}  :: Easter Monday
lunello {m} [heraldry]  :: A charge consisting of four crescents arrranged in a ring
lunetta {f}  :: lunette, fanlight
lunettato {adj}  :: Having lunettes (crescent-shaped recesses)
lunga {f} [linguistics, phonetics]  :: long
lungaggine {f}  :: slowness (especially of officialdom, etc.)
lungagnata {f}  :: rigmarole
lungamente {adv}  :: a long time, for a long time, for ages
lungamente {adv}  :: at length
lungargine {m}  :: A path along the bank or embankment of a river
lungarno {m}  :: Road or embankment along the Arno river
lunghezza {f}  :: length
lunghezza d'onda {f} [physics]  :: wavelength
lunghino {m} [Switzerland]  :: white bread roll
lunghissimo {adj}  :: Very long; longest
lungi {adv} [followed by da]  :: far (from)
lungi {adv} [literary]  :: distant, far
lungiforme {adj}  :: Having a long, slender shape; long-shaped
lungimirante {adj}  :: farsighted, farseeing
lungimiranza {f}  :: farsightedness
lungo {adj}  :: long
lungo {m}  :: length
lungo {prep}  :: along
lungocosta {adj}  :: coastal
lungocosta {m}  :: coastline
lungodegente {mf}  :: long-stay patient
lungodegenza {f}  :: long-term hospitalization
lungo del collo {m} [muscle]  :: longus colli, longus colli muscle
lungo della testa {m} [muscle]  :: longus capitis, longus capitis muscle
lungofiume {m}  :: Road or embankment along a river
lungolago {m}  :: A road or promenade that winds around a lake
lungolinea {m} [tennis]  :: A stroke that sends the ball along one of the lines at the side of the court
lungomare {m}  :: A road or promenade that runs along a seashore
lungometraggio {m}  :: A film that lasts about one to two hours
lungotevere {m}  :: Road or embankment along the Tiber (Tevere) river
Lunigiana {prop}  :: A historic region of Italy in parts of modern Tuscany and Liguria
lunigianese {adj}  :: Of or from Lunigiana
lunisolare {adj} [astronomy]  :: lunisolar
lunotto {m}  :: rear window (of a car)
lunula {f}  :: lunette, half-moon, lunula
luogo {m}  :: place
luogo comune {m}  :: commonplace, cliché, platitude
luogo comune {m}  :: the toilet
luogonatività {m} [statistics]  :: The ratio of native-born people to the total population of a place
luogotenente {m}  :: lieutenant
luogotenenza {f}  :: lieutenancy
luogotenenziale {adj}  :: Of, pertaining to, or in the role of a lieutenant
lupa {f}  :: feminine noun of lupo (she-wolf)
lupacchiotto {m}  :: wolf cub (young wolf)
lupanare {m}  :: lupanar, brothel
lupara {f}  :: A sawn-off shotgun
lupara {f}  :: A shotgun cartridge used for hunting wolves
luparia {f}  :: wolfsbane
lupescamente {adv}  :: wolfishly
lupesco {adj}  :: wolfish, lupine, wolflike
lupetto {m}  :: cub scout
lupetto {m}  :: wolf cub (young wolf)
luì piccolo {m}  :: chiffchaff
lupico {adj}  :: lupus (attributive)
lupinaio {m}  :: lupin grower or seller
lupinella {f}  :: sainfoin
lupino {m}  :: lupin
lupinosi {f}  :: lupinosis
lupo {m}  :: wolf
Lupo {prop}  :: surname
lupo di mare {m}  :: seadog (experienced sailor, old salt)
lupo mannaro {m}  :: werewolf
luppolato {adj}  :: hoppy (having a flavour of hops)
luppolatura {f}  :: hopping (addition of hops during beer brewing)
luppoleto {m}  :: hop field
luppolina {f}  :: lupulin
luppolizzante {v}  :: present participle of luppolizzare
luppolizzare {v}  :: to hop (add hops as a flavouring agent during the production of beer)
luppolizzazione {f}  :: hopping (addition of hops to beer)
luppolo {m} [plant]  :: hop (Humulus lupulus)
lupus {m} [disease]  :: lupus
Lura {prop}  :: A river that flows in Lombardy
Luria {prop}  :: surname
Luria {prop}  :: Salvatore Luria, Italian microbiologist, winner of the 1969 Nobel Prize in Medicine
luridamente {adv}  :: filthily, foully
luridezza {f}  :: filth
lurido {adj}  :: filthy, foul
luridume {m}  :: filth
Lusazia {prop}  :: Lusatia
lusaziano {adj}  :: Lusatian
luscengola {f}  :: three-toed skink (Chalcides chalcides)
lusco {m}  :: obsolete form of losco
lusco {m}  :: Used in the phrase tra il lusco e il brusco
luscosità {f} [pathology, rare]  :: eyesight defect
lusiade {adj}  :: Lusitanian
lusignolo {m}  :: nightingale
lusignolo {m}  :: warbler
lusinga {f}  :: flattery
lusingante {v}  :: present participle of lusingare
lusingar {v}  :: apocopic form of lusingare
lusingare {vt}  :: To flatter
lusingatore {adj}  :: flattering
lusingatore {m}  :: flatterer
lusingatore {m}  :: wheedler
lusinghevole {adj}  :: flattering, satisfying
lusinghevolmente {adv}  :: flatteringly, satisfyingly
lusinghieramente {adv}  :: flatteringly
lusinghiero {adj}  :: flattering
lusitano {adj}  :: lusitanian, Lusitanian
lusitano {m}  :: Lusitanian
lusitano {m}  :: Portuguese
lusorio {adj}  :: lusorious, recreational
lussante {v}  :: present participle of lussare
lussare {vt}  :: To dislocate
lussazione {f}  :: dislocation
lussemburghese {adj}  :: Luxembourger, Luxembourgian, Luxembourgish
lussemburghese {mf}  :: Luxembourger, Luxembourgian
lussemburghese {m} [singular only]  :: The Luxembourgish language
Lussemburgo {prop}  :: Luxembourg
Lussino {prop}  :: Lošinj (island of Croatia)
lusso {m}  :: excess, surplus
lusso {m}  :: luxury
Lussu {prop}  :: surname
Lussu {prop}  :: Emilio Lussu, Italian politician, soldier and writer
lussuosamente {adv}  :: luxuriously, sumptuously
lussuosissimo {adj}  :: Very luxurious, very opulent, very sumptuous
lussuoso {adj}  :: luxurious, luxury, opulent
lussureggiante {adj}  :: luxuriant, lush
lussureggiante {adj}  :: rich
lussureggiare {vi}  :: To luxuriate
lussuria {f}  :: lust
lussuriosa {f}  :: lustful or lascivious woman
lussuriosamente {adv}  :: lustfully
lussurioso {adj}  :: lustful, lascivious
lussurioso {m}  :: lustful or lascivious person
lustrale {adj}  :: lustral, purifying
lustrante {v}  :: present participle of lustrare
lustrantesi {v}  :: present participle of lustrarsi
lustrare {vt}  :: to polish, shine
lustrarsi {vr}  :: Only used in the verbs lustrarsi gli occhi and lustrarsi la vista
lustrarsi gli occhi {vr}  :: To be thrilled, to be captivated, to be delighted
lustrarsi la vista {vr}  :: Variant of lustrarsi gli occhi
lustrascarpe {mf}  :: bootblack
lustrascarpe {mf}  :: shoeblack
lustrascarpe {mf}  :: shoeshine boy
lustrascarpe {mf}  :: shoeshiner
lustrastivali {mf}  :: shoeblack, shoeshine
lustratosi {v}  :: past participle of lustrarsi
lustratura {f}  :: polishing, shining
lustrino {m}  :: sequin, spangle
lustro {adj}  :: glossy
lustro {adj}  :: shiny
lustro {m}  :: five-year period; lustrum
lustro {m}  :: prestige
lustro {m}  :: shine, gloss
Lutazio {prop}  :: Lutatius
luteale {adj}  :: luteal
luteina {f} [organic chemistry]  :: lutein
luteinico {adj}  :: luteinic
luteinizzante {adj} [biochemstry]  :: luteinizing
luteo {adj}  :: saffron-coloured
luteolisi {f} [physiology]  :: luteolysis
luterana {f}  :: Lutheran (female)
luteranesimo {m}  :: Lutheranism
luteranismo {m}  :: Lutheranism
luterano {adj}  :: Lutheran
luterano {m}  :: Lutheran
Lutero {prop}  :: Luther
lutezia {f} [chemistry]  :: lutecia
Lutezia {prop}  :: Lutezia (ancient town)
lutezio {m} [chemistry]  :: lutetium
lutoterapia {f}  :: fangotherapy (thermal mud treatment)
lutreola {f}  :: mink (Neovison vison)
lutto {m}  :: mourning
luttuosamente {adv}  :: mournfully, sorrowfully, dolefully
luttuoso {adj}  :: mournful, sad, tragic
luì verde {m}  :: wood warbler (Phylloscopus sibilatrix)
Luxardo {prop}  :: surname
Luxardo {prop}  :: Franco Luxardo, Italian entrepreneur
luxmetro {m}  :: luxmeter, light meter
Luzi {prop}  :: surname
Luzi {prop}  :: Mario Luzi, Italian writer
Luzzone {prop}  :: A dam (and associated reservoir) in the Blenio district of Ticino