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f {letter}  :: letter: ef
F {letter}  :: The sixth letter of the Spanish alphabet
fa {m}  :: fa (musical note)
fa {interj} [Argentina]  :: ew, phew (expression of disgust)
fabada {f}  :: fabada
fabada asturiana {f}  :: fabada asturiana
fabela {f}  :: fabella
fabes con amasueles {n}  :: fabes con amasueles
Fabiana {prop} {f}  :: given name, feminine form of Fabián
Fabián {prop} {m}  :: given name, equivalent to Fabian
Fabio {prop} {m}  :: given name
fabla {f}  :: A pseudo-archaic style
fablar {v}  :: obsolete form of hablar
fabricación {f}  :: manufacturing (create goods from materials)
fabricante {mf}  :: fabricant
fabricar {v}  :: to manufacture
fabricar {v}  :: to build
fabricarse {v}  :: reflexive of fabricar
Fabricia {prop} {f}  :: given name
Fabricio {prop} {m}  :: given name
fabril {adj}  :: manufacturing
fabulación {f}  :: invention
fabulador {m}  :: storyteller
fabular {v}  :: to make up, think up (invent)
fabulista {mf}  :: fabulist (one who writes or tells fables)
fabulosamente {adv}  :: fabulously
fabuloso {adj}  :: fabulous (all senses)
FAC {prop} {f}  :: Colombian Air Force
facción {f}  :: faction
facción {f}  :: trait, feature (physical constituent of the face)
faccionalismo {m}  :: factionalism
facciones {fp}  :: plural of facción
facciones {fp}  :: features (physical constituents of the face)
faccioso {adj}  :: factious, rebellious
Facebook {prop} {m}  :: Facebook (a social-networking website)
facebookero {adj} [attributive]  :: Facebook
facebookero {m} [internet]  :: facebooker
facecia {f} [obsolete]  :: joke
facekini {m}  :: facekini
facelock {m} [wrestling]  :: facelock
facer {v}  :: obsolete form of hacer
faceta {f}  :: facet
face to face {adj}  :: face to face
facha {f}  :: clothing in poor condition because of overuse
facha {f}  :: clothing in good condition but too informal for a specific occasion
facha {adj} [slang]  :: fascist
facha {mf} [slang]  :: fascist
fachada {f} [architecture]  :: façade (of a building)
fachar {v} [Cuba]  :: to steal
fachar {v} [Ecuador]  :: to show off luxurious clothing
fachar {v} [Venezuela]  :: to roll a joint of cannabis
fachinal {m}  :: swamp; bog
facho {m} [Latin America]  :: Fascist
fachosa {f}  :: A person who often dresses very informally
fachosa {f}  :: A stuck-up person, a person (female) who believes they are better than everyone
fachoso {adj}  :: scruffy, unkempt
fachoso {m}  :: A person who often dresses very informally
facial {adj}  :: facial
facialmente {adv}  :: facially
facilidad {f}  :: ease (skill, facility)
facilismo {m}  :: apathy
facilitación {f}  :: facilitation
facilitador {m}  :: enabler
facilitador {m}  :: facilitator
facilitadora {f}  :: facilitator
facilitar {v}  :: to make easier; facilitate
facilitar {v}  :: to send, deliver
facilito {adj}  :: diminutive of fácil
facilón {adj}  :: easy, trivial, facile
facilísimo {adj}  :: superlative of fácil
facinerosa {f}  :: feminine of facineroso
facineroso {adj}  :: criminal
facineroso {m}  :: criminal
facistol {m}  :: lectern
facsimilar {adj} [attributive]  :: facsimile
facsímil {m}  :: facsimile
factibilidad {f}  :: feasibility
factible {adj}  :: feasible, doable
facticidad {f}  :: facticity
facto {particle}  :: only in de facto
factográfico {adj}  :: factographical
factor {m}  :: factor
factoría {f}  :: factory
factoraje {m}  :: agency
factorial {m} [mathematics]  :: factorial
factoring {m}  :: factoring
factorización {f} [mathematics]  :: factorization
factorizar {v} [mathematics]  :: to factorize
factor productivo {m}  :: factor of production
factótum {m}  :: factotum (person having many responsibilities)
factual {adj}  :: factual
factura {f}  :: bill, invoice
facturable {adj}  :: billable, chargeable
facturación {f}  :: billing
facturar {v}  :: to bill
facturar {vt}  :: to check in
facultad {f}  :: school, college, department
facultad {f}  :: power, authority, right
facultad {f}  :: ability, gift
facultad {f}  :: strength
facultar {vt}  :: to empower
facultativo {adj}  :: facultative
Facunda {prop} {f}  :: given name
facundia {f}  :: eloquence; gift of the gab
Facundo {prop} {m}  :: given name
fadista {mf}  :: fadista
fado {m} [music]  :: fado
Fadrique {prop} {m}  :: given name
faena {f}  :: a task or job; a duty
faena {f} [Latin America]  :: compulsory labour or work
faena {f}  :: a dirty trick
faena {f} [bullfighting]  :: a series of passes performed by a matador with cape or sword before the kill; faena
faenar {v}  :: to labor or toil
faenar {vi} [fishing]  :: To fish
faenero {m}  :: fisherman
faenero {m}  :: labourer, farm worker
Faetón {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of Faetonte
Faetonte {prop} {m} [Greek mythology]  :: Phaëthon (son of Helios)
-faga {suffix}  :: feminine noun of -fago
-fagia {suffix}  :: -phagy
-fago {suffix}  :: -phage
-fago {suffix}  :: -phagous
fagocitar {v} [biology]  :: to absorb, swallow up
fagocitosis {f} [cytology]  :: phagocytosis
fagocítico {adj}  :: phagocytic
fagot {m} [musical instruments]  :: bassoon
fagotización {f}  :: absorption
Fagundo {prop} {}  :: given name
fainá {mf}  :: farinata
faisanería {f}  :: pheasantry
faisanera {f}  :: feminine noun of faisanero
faisanero {m}  :: A person who breeds or rears pheasants
faisán {m}  :: pheasant
faj. {n} [initialism]  :: fajita
faja {f}  :: strip, band, sash
faja {f}  :: belt
faja {f}  :: corset
faja {f} [medicine]  :: bandage
faja {f} [military]  :: sash
faja {f} [geography]  :: strip, belt
faja {f}  :: lane (of highway)
faja {f} [broadcasting]  :: channel
faja {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: fess
fajar {v}  :: to wrap
fajar {v} [Latin America]  :: to smack, thwack, pummel (hit)
fajardismo {m}  :: The political beliefs, or support of, Sergio Fajardo, Colombian politician
Fajardo {prop}  :: surname
fajilla {f}  :: wrapper of printed material
fajita {f}  :: a fajita
fajo {m}  :: bundle, wad
falúa {f}  :: felucca
falacia {f}  :: fallacy
falafel {m}  :: falafel
falange {f} [skeleton]  :: phalange
falange {f} [politics]  :: phalange
falange {f} [military, historical, Ancient Greece]  :: phalanx
falangista {adj}  :: Falangist
falangista {mf}  :: Falangist
falaropo {m}  :: phalarope
falash {mf}  :: Falash
falaz {adj}  :: fallacious, false
falazmente {adv}  :: fallaciously; falsely
falbalá {m}  :: furbelow
falcacear {v} [nautical]  :: to whip (a knot), to lash the end of a rope
falcata {f}  :: falcata
falciforme {adj}  :: falciform
falciparum {m}  :: falciparum
falcón {m}  :: falcon (bird)
Falcón {prop}  :: surname
falconiano {adj}  :: Of or from Falcón, Venezuela
falconiano {m}  :: Someone from Falcón, Venezuela
falda {f}  :: skirt
falda {f} [slang]  :: bit of skirt, bird
falda {f} [butchery]  :: brisket, a cut of meat
falda de tubo {f}  :: pencil skirt
falda escocesa {f}  :: kilt
falda lápiz {f}  :: pencil skirt
faldellín {m}  :: shortish skirt
faldero {adj}  :: pertaining to the lap or skirt, skirting
faldero {adj}  :: (said of a man) skirt-chasing, womanizing
faldita {f}  :: diminutive of falda
faldón {m}  :: long skirt
faldón {m} [clothing]  :: shirttail, tail
falencia {f}  :: error, goof-up
falencia {f}  :: defect
falibilidad {f}  :: fallibility
falibilismo {m}  :: fallibilism
falible {adj}  :: fallible
falisco {adj}  :: Faliscan
falisco {m}  :: Faliscan
falla {f}  :: A flaw
falla {f}  :: A failure
falla {f}  :: An outage, such as a blackout
falla {f} [geology]  :: A fault
fallar {vt}  :: to fail
fallar {vi}  :: to crash or break down (a computer)
fallar {vt}  :: to let down (to disappoint)
fallar {v} [legal]  :: to rule, give (a verdict or sentence)
Fallas {prop} {fp}  :: An annual festival held in Valencia where effigies are made and burned
Fallas {prop} {fp}  :: surname
fallecer {v}  :: to pass away, die
fallecido {adj}  :: departed
fallecido {v}  :: past participle of fallecer
fallecimiento {m}  :: decease
fallero {adj}  :: Of or relating to the Fallas
fallero {m}  :: Someone who takes part in the Fallas
fallidamente {adv}  :: unsuccessfully
fallido {adj}  :: failed, unsuccessful
fallo {m}  :: failure
fallo {m}  :: verdict, decision
fallo {m}  :: ruling
fallo de mercado {m}  :: market failure
falo {m}  :: phallus, penis
falocrático {adj}  :: phallocratic
faloplastia {f} [surgery]  :: phalloplasty
falsabilidad {f}  :: falsifiability
falsación {f}  :: falsification
falsacionismo {m}  :: falsificationism
falsamente {adv}  :: falsely
falsa oronja {f}  :: fly agaric
falsar {v}  :: to falsify
falseamiento {m}  :: falsification
falsear {v}  :: to falsify
falsedad {f}  :: untruth, falsehood, untruism
falseo {m}  :: falsification
falsete {m}  :: falsetto
falsificación {f}  :: fake, falsification
falsificador {m}  :: forger
falsificadora {f}  :: feminine noun of falsificador
falsificar {vt}  :: to falsify
falsilla {f}  :: guide (for copying)
falso {adj}  :: false; untrue
falso {adj}  :: fake; counterfeit
falso amigo {m}  :: false friend
falta {f}  :: lack, shortage
falta {f}  :: fault
faltante {adj}  :: missing; lacking
faltar {vi}  :: to be lacking, lack, not have
faltar {vi}  :: to remain
faltar {vi}  :: to be absent
faltar {vi}  :: to miss (a date or an appointment)
faltar a la cita {v} [idiomatic]  :: to miss out
faltar el canto de un duro {v} [idiomatic]  :: to be this close
faltar el respeto {v} [idiomatic]  :: to have no respect
faltarle un hervor {v} [idiomatic]  :: to be a few sandwiches short of a picnic
faltarle un verano {v} [idiomatic]  :: to be a few sandwiches short of a picnic
falto {adj}  :: lacking, short
faltriquera {f}  :: pocket
faltriquera {f}  :: handbag
faluca {f}  :: felucca
falucho {m}  :: synonym of falúa
falucho {m}  :: A type of hat
fama {f}  :: reputation
fama {f}  :: fame
fambre {f}  :: obsolete form of hambre
fame {f}  :: obsolete form of hambre
Fameniano {prop} {m}  :: Famennian
Fameniense {prop} {m}  :: Famennian
familia {f}  :: family (nuclear family)
familia {f}  :: family (grouping of things possessing common characteristics)
familiar {adj}  :: familial, family
familiar {adj}  :: close, familiar
familiar {adj}  :: daily, plain
familiar {m}  :: relative
familiaridad {f}  :: familiarity
familiarización {f}  :: familiarization
familiarizado {v}  :: past participle of familiarizar
familiarizar {vt}  :: to familiarize
familiarizarse {v}  :: reflexive of familiarizar
familiarmente {adv}  :: familiarly
familiero {adj} [Paraguay]  :: devoted to one's family
famélico {adj}  :: ravenous, rapacious
famoso {adj}  :: famous, well-known
famoso {m}  :: celebrity, famous person
famoso por ser famoso {adj} [pejorative]  :: famous for being famous
famosísimo {adj}  :: superlative of famoso; extremely famous
fan {mf}  :: fan
FAN {prop} {f}  :: Fuerza Armada Nacional (National Armed Forces), the military of Venezuela
fanal {m} [nautical]  :: beacon
fanal {m}  :: bell glass
fanal {m}  :: headlight
fanaticada {f}  :: mob of fans
fanatismo {m}  :: fanaticism
fanatizar {v}  :: to turn into a fanatic
fandango {m} [music, dance]  :: fandango
fanega {f}  :: fanega (Measure of grain) (in Castile, it was equivalent to roughly 12 Imperial bushels or 55.5 liters)
fanega {f}  :: fanega (Measure of land) (the amount of land that could be sewn with one fanega of seed)
fanega {f}  :: bushel
Faneque {prop}  :: A particular rock in Tamadaba Park in the north-west of the island of Gran Canaria. The nearest town in Agaete
fanfarria {f}  :: fanfare
fanfarria {mf}  :: braggart
fanfarrón {adj}  :: boastful
fanfarrón {m}  :: swaggerer
fanfarrona {f}  :: feminine noun of fanfarrón
fanfarronada {f}  :: boast, swagger
fanfarroneada {f}  :: boast, swagger
fanfarronear {v}  :: to brag, boast
fanfarronería {f}  :: boast, swagger
fango {m}  :: mud (soil and water)
fangoso {adj}  :: muddy (covered with mud)
fangoso {adj}  :: mudlike (similar to mud)
fangote {m} [colloquial, Latin America]  :: shitload; shedload
fangoterapia {f}  :: mud bath treatment
fanpage {f}  :: fan page
fanshop {m} [Chile]  :: A beer mixed with Fanta
fantasía {f}  :: fantasy
fantasía {f}  :: costume jewellery
fantasear {v}  :: to fantasize
fantasioso {adj}  :: imaginative, fanciful
fantasioso {adj}  :: unbelievable, unrealistic
fantasma {m}  :: ghost, phantom
fantasmagoría {f}  :: phantasmagoria
fantasmagórico {adj}  :: phantasmagorical
fantasmal {adj}  :: phantasmal, imaginary
fantasmal {adj}  :: ghostly
fanática {f}  :: feminine noun of fanático
fanáticamente {adv}  :: fanatically
fanático {adj}  :: fanatical
fanático {m}  :: fan
fanático {m}  :: fanatic, zealot
fantoche {m}  :: puppet
fantásticamente {adv}  :: fantastically
fantástico {adj}  :: fantastic
fanzine {m}  :: fanzine
fanzinera {f}  :: feminine noun of fanzinero
fanzinero {adj} [attributive]  :: fanzine
fanzinero {m}  :: fanziner
faquín {m}  :: porter
fara {f}  :: Snake originating in Africa
farabundista {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Frente Farabundo Martí para la Liberación Nacional, a political party from El Salvador
farabundista {mf} [politics]  :: A member, or supporter, or Frente Farabundo Martí para la Liberación Nacional, a political party from El Salvador
faradio {m}  :: farad
faralá {m}  :: frill (of a dress)
farallón {m} [geology]  :: stack
faraón {m}  :: pharaoh
farandulear {v}  :: to swagger, boast, show off
farandulero {adj}  :: conniving
farandulero {m}  :: trickster, con artist
farandulero {m}  :: comedy actor
faraónico {adj}  :: pharaonic
faraona {f}  :: female pharaoh
faraona {f}  :: pharaoh's wife
fardar {v} [colloquial]  :: to show off
fardar {v} [colloquial]  :: to look great
fardo {m}  :: bundle
fardo {m}  :: stack
fardo {m}  :: burden
farero {m}  :: lighthouse keeper
farfalle {f}  :: farfalle
farfolla {f}  :: husk (of vegetable)
farfulla {f}  :: gibberish
farfulla {f}  :: jabber
farfullar {v}  :: to babble
farfullar {v}  :: to stutter
farfullar {v}  :: to splutter
faringe {f} [anatomy]  :: pharynx
faringitis {f}  :: pharyngitis
farisea {f}  :: Pharisee
fariseo {m}  :: Pharisee
fariseísmo {m}  :: pharisaism (rigid observance)
farlopa {f} [slang]  :: blow, snow (cocaine)
farmaceuta {mf} [Latin America]  :: pharmacist
farmacia {f}  :: drugstore, pharmacy
farmacóloga {f}  :: female pharmacologist
farmacólogo {m}  :: pharmacologist
farmacobotánica {f}  :: pharmacobotany
farmacocinética {f}  :: pharmacokinetics
farmacodependencia {f}  :: drug dependency
farmacológicamente {adv}  :: pharmacologically
farmacológico {adj}  :: pharmacological
farmacología {f}  :: pharmacology
farmacopea {f}  :: pharmacopoeia
farmacorresistente {adj}  :: pharmacoresistant
farmacéutica {f}  :: pharmaceutics
farmacéuticamente {adv}  :: pharmaceutically
farmacéutico {adj}  :: pharmaceutic, pharmaceutical
farmacéutico {m}  :: pharmacist
farándula {f}  :: milieu and people related to theater or show business
farándula {f} [pejorative, Argentina, Cuba, Venezuela, Uruguay, El Salvador]  :: nightlife milieu of celebrities
faríngeo {adj}  :: pharyngeal
faro {m}  :: lighthouse
faro {m}  :: headlight (of a vehicle)
faro antiniebla {m}  :: fog lamp
farol {m}  :: lantern
farol {m}  :: headlight (bike or automobile light)
farol {m}  :: streetlamp
farol {m}  :: lighthouse
farol {m}  :: bluff (act of bluffing)
farola {f}  :: lamppost, streetlight
farolear {v}  :: to swagger, boast, brag
farolera {f}  :: feminine noun of farolero
farolero {m} [dated]  :: lamplighter
farolero {m}  :: lamp maker
farolero {m}  :: swaggerer
farolillo {m}  :: diminutive of farol
farolillo rojo {m} [cycling]  :: lanterne rouge
farolito {m}  :: Small paper lantern
faroés {adj}  :: alternative form of feroés
faroés {m}  :: alternative form of feroés
faroés {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of feroés
Farré {prop}  :: surname a transcription of Ferrer
farra {f}  :: party, fun
farragoso {adj}  :: cumbersome
farrear {vi} [Latin America]  :: to party
farrear {vrt} [Latin America, colloquial]  :: to gamble away, waste, guzzle
farrista {adj}  :: party-loving
farrista {mf}  :: party animal
farruco {adj} [colloquial]  :: stroppy
farruco {adj}  :: pertaining to Galician or Asturian emmigrants
farsa {f}  :: farce (all senses)
farsante {adj}  :: hypocritical, fraudulent (person)
farsante {mf}  :: fraud, hypocrite
fascículo {m}  :: fascicle
fascinación {f}  :: fascination
fascinador {adj}  :: fascinating
fascinante {adj}  :: fascinating
fascinantemente {adv}  :: fascinatingly
fascinar {v}  :: to fascinate
fascismo {m}  :: fascism
fascista {adj}  :: fascist
fascista {mf}  :: fascist
fascistoide {adj}  :: fascistoid
fascitis {f} [pathology]  :: fasciitis
fascitis necrotizante {f}  :: necrotizing fasciitis
fascitis plantar {f}  :: plantar fasciitis
fase {f}  :: phase
fase {f}  :: stage
fase {f}  :: period
fashion {adj}  :: fashionable, trendy
fashion {m}  :: fashion
fashionista {mf}  :: fashionista
fasor {m} [maths]  :: phasor
fasta {prep}  :: obsolete spelling of hasta
fastidiar {v}  :: to cloy
fastidiar {v}  :: to annoy, to bother, to pester
fastidiar {v}  :: to disappoint
fastidio {m}  :: annoyance; irritation
fastidioso {adj}  :: annoying
fasto {adj}  :: allowed (not forbidden)
fasto {adj}  :: In accordance with the will of god
fasto {adj}  :: Of or relating to a Roman religious holiday
fastuosidad {f}  :: lavishness
fastuoso {adj}  :: lavish, sumptuous
Fatah {prop} {m}  :: Fatah
fatal {adj}  :: fatal
fatal {adj}  :: terrible, very bad
fatal {adv}  :: very badly, terribly
fatalidad {f}  :: misfortune
fatalismo {m}  :: fatalism
fatalista {adj}  :: fatalistic
fatalista {mf}  :: fatalist
fatalmente {adv}  :: fatally
fatalmente {adv}  :: disastrously
fatídicamente {adv}  :: fatefully, prophetically
fatídico {adj}  :: fateful, ominous
fatídico {adj}  :: dismal, baleful
fatídico {adj}  :: prophetic, fatidic
Fati {prop}  :: A nickname of Fatima
fatiga {f}  :: fatigue
fatigar {v}  :: to fatigue, wear out, tire
fatigarse {v}  :: (reflexive of fatigar)
fatigosamente {adv}  :: in a fatigued manner
fatigoso {adj}  :: fatiguing, tiring
fatimí {mf}  :: Fatimid
fatimí {adj}  :: Fatimid
fatua {f} [Islam]  :: fatwa (legal opinion, decree or ruling issued by a mufti)
fatuidad {f}  :: fatuousness
fatuo {adj}  :: fatuous, vain
fatwa {f}  :: alternative spelling of fatua
fauce {f} [usually in plural]  :: jaw (of animal)
fauce {f}  :: mouth (of volcano)
fauna {f}  :: fauna
fauno {m}  :: faun
faunístico {adj}  :: faunal
fausto {adj}  :: happy
fautor {adj}  :: acting as an accomplice
fautor {m}  :: accomplice
fautora {f}  :: feminine noun of fautor
fauvismo {m}  :: fauvism
favela {f}  :: favela
favelización {f}  :: slummification
favelizar {v}  :: to turn into a slum
favor {m}  :: favor
favorable {adj}  :: favorable
favorablemente {adv}  :: favorably
favor de {prep}  :: please [used before the infinitive of a verb]
favorecedor {adj}  :: flattering, becoming (congruent with standards of beauty)
favorecer {v}  :: to suit
favorecer {v}  :: to prefer
favorecer {v}  :: to favor / favour
favorecido {m}  :: favorite, favored, frontrunner
favorecimiento {m}  :: favouritism (preferential treatment)
favoritismo {m}  :: favoritism, favouritism
favorito {adj}  :: favorite
favorito {m}  :: favorite
fax {m}  :: fax
fayenza {f}  :: faience
faz {f} [antiquated, poetic]  :: face
faz {f}  :: (geometry) face (of a polyhedron or solid)
fóbicamente {adv}  :: phobically
fóbico {adj}  :: phobic
fúbol {m}  :: alternative spelling of fútbol
Fábregas {prop}  :: surname
fábrica {f}  :: factory
fábula {f}  :: fable, myth
fábula {f}  :: rumor
fíbula {f}  :: fibula (ancient kind of brooch)
fíbula {f} [uncommon]  :: fibula (bone)
fíbula {f} [mycology]  :: clamp connection
fócido {m}  :: earless seal
fácil {adj}  :: easy (requiring little effort)
fácil {adj} [slang]  :: easy (being readily available for sex)
fácilmente {adv}  :: easily
fáctico {adj}  :: factual
fécula {f}  :: starch (powdery substance extracted from plants)
Fdez {prop}  :: abbreviation of the surname Fernández
fe {f}  :: faith
fealdad {f}  :: ugliness
feamente {adv}  :: uglily
feamente {adv}  :: horribly
feble {adj}  :: feeble
febrero {m}  :: February
febril {adj}  :: febrile, feverish
febril {adj}  :: hectic
febrilmente {adj}  :: feverishly
feca {m} [vesre]  :: coffee
fecal {adj}  :: fecal
fecha {f}  :: date (time)
fechable {adj}  :: datable
fecha de caducidad {f}  :: sell-by date
fecha de nacimiento {f}  :: birthdate
fechado {adj}  :: dated (marked with a date)
fechar {v}  :: to date (determine when something happened)
feúcho {adj}  :: gaudy, ugly
fechoría {f}  :: misdeed
fecundabilidad {f}  :: fecundability
fecundable {adj}  :: fertilizable
fecundación {f}  :: fertilization, impregnation
fecundación in vitro {f}  :: in vitro fertilization
fecundar {v}  :: to fecundate
fecundidad {f}  :: fertility, fecundity
fecundidad {f}  :: fruitfulness
fecundizar {v}  :: rare form of fecundar
fecundo {adj}  :: fertile
fedataria {f} [legal]  :: notary
fedatario {m} [legal]  :: notary
fedatear {v}  :: to authenticate or certify by means of a notary
federación {f}  :: federation
Federación Rusa {prop} {f}  :: Russian Federation (Russia)
federal {adj}  :: federal
federal {m}  :: A federal law enforcement officer, usually belonging to the Mexican government
federalismo {m} [politics]  :: federalism (system of government in which power is divided between a central authority and regions)
federalista {adj}  :: federalist
federalista {mf}  :: federalist
federalización {f}  :: federalization
federalizante {adj}  :: federalist
federalizar {v}  :: to federalize
federar {v}  :: to federate
federativo {adj}  :: federative
federico {adj} [Cuba, El Salvador, Mexico, Guatemala]  :: ugly as sin
Federico {prop} {m}  :: given name
FEDME {initialism} [climbing]  :: Spain's governing body for mountain sports and climbing
Fedón {prop} {m}  :: Phaedo
feedback {m}  :: feedback
feeling {m}  :: feeling, hunch
feeza {f} [obsolete]  :: ugliness
fehaciente {adj}  :: reliable, indisputable
fehacientemente {adv}  :: reliably, indisputably
feijoa {f}  :: feijoa
felación {f}  :: fellatio
feldespato {m}  :: feldspar
Felices Reyes {phrase}  :: Happy Wise Men Day A phrase used to wish a happy "Wise Men Day", celebrated on January 6 in some Spanish-speaking countries
Feliciana {prop} {f}  :: given name
Feliciano {prop} {m}  :: given name
felicidad {f}  :: felicity, happiness
Felicidad {prop} {f}  :: given name, cognate to English Felicity or Latin Felicitas
felicitación {f}  :: congratulation
felicitar {v}  :: to congratulate
felicísimo {adj}  :: superlative of feliz
feligresa {f}  :: feminine noun of feligrés
feligresía {f}  :: parish
feligresía {f}  :: parishioners (collectively)
feligrés {m} [colloquial]  :: parishioner, churchgoer
feligrés {m} [colloquial]  :: regular (someone who often frequents an establishment, especially a bar)
felinario {m}  :: big cat enclosure
feliniforme {adj} [rare]  :: Having a feline shape
felino {adj}  :: feline (of or pertaining or similar to the cat or the members of zoological family Felidae)
felino {m}  :: feline (the members of zoological family Felidae)
Felipa {prop} {f}  :: given name, cognate to English Philippa
Felipe {prop} {m}  :: Philip [biblical apostle]
Felipe {prop} {m}  :: given name
felipismo {m}  :: The policies and ideology of Felipe González (Spanish prime minister from 1982-1996)
Felisa {prop} {f}  :: given name, cognate to the English Felicia
feliz {adj}  :: happy
feliz {adj}  :: pleased
feliz {adj}  :: innocent
feliz año nuevo {phrase}  :: Happy New Year
feliz como una perdiz {adj} [simile]  :: happy as a clam, happy as Larry
feliz como un regaliz {adj} [simile]  :: happy as a clam, happy as Larry
feliz cumpleaños {interj}  :: happy birthday
felizmente {adv}  :: happily
feliz Navidad {phrase}  :: Merry Christmas
Feliz Navidad y próspero Año Nuevo {phrase}  :: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
felón {adj}  :: treacherous
felón {adj}  :: wicked
felón {m}  :: villain (wicked person)
felonía {f}  :: disloyalty, treachery
felonía {f} [US]  :: felony
felpa {f}  :: (textile) plush, fleece
felpa {f}  :: (textile) felt
felpudo {m}  :: doormat
fembra {f}  :: obsolete form of hembra
femenil {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to women
femenino {adj}  :: feminine: of or relating to women
femenino {adj} [grammar]  :: feminine: of or in the feminine gender
femenino {m} [grammar]  :: feminine: the feminine gender
femicidio {m}  :: alternative form of feminicidio
feminazi {f}  :: feminazi
femineidad {f}  :: femininity
feminicida {mf}  :: femicide
feminicidio {m}  :: femicide
feminidad {f}  :: feminineness
feminismo {m} [feminism]  :: feminism (the social theory or political movement)
feminista {adj}  :: feminist
feminista {mf}  :: feminist
feminización {f}  :: feminization
feminizar {vt}  :: to feminize
feminología {f} [very, rare]  :: feminology
femoral {adj}  :: femoral
femtogramo {m}  :: femtogram
fenecer {vt} [rare]  :: to end, finish, conclude
fenecer {vi}  :: to end, conclude
fenecer {vi}  :: to die, perish
fenestra {f} [dated]  :: window
feng shui {m}  :: feng shui
fenicia {f}  :: feminine noun of fenicio
Fenicia {prop} {f}  :: Phoenicia (land of the Phoenicians)
fenicio {adj}  :: Phoenician
fenicio {m}  :: Phoenician person
fenicio {m}  :: Phoenician language
fenilalanina {f} [amino acid]  :: phenylalanine
fenilamina {f} [organic chemistry]  :: phenylamine
fenilcetonuria {f}  :: phenylketonuria
feniletilamina {f}  :: phenethylamine
fenilo {m} [organic chemistry]  :: phenyl
fenilpropano {m} [organic chemistry]  :: phenylpropane
fenólico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: phenolic
fenílico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: phenylic; phenyl (attributive)
fenómeno {m}  :: phenomenon
fenocristal {m} [mineralogy]  :: phenocryst
fenogreco {m}  :: fenugreek
fenol {m} [organic compound]  :: phenol (organic compound)
fenol {m} [organic chemistry]  :: compound derived from phenol
fenolftaleína {f} [organic compound]  :: phenolphthalein
fenológico {adj}  :: phenological
fenología {f}  :: phenology
fenomenal {adj}  :: phenomenal
fenomenalmente {adv}  :: phenomenally, brilliantly
fenomenalísimo {adj}  :: superlative of fenomenal
fenomenológico {adj}  :: phenomenological
fenomenología {f}  :: phenomenology
fenoménico {adj}  :: phenomenical, phenomenic
fenona {f} [organic chemistry]  :: phenone
fenotipo {m} [genetics]  :: phenotype
fenotípico {adj}  :: phenotypic (of, or relating to a phenotype)
fentanil {m}  :: fentanil
fentanilo {m}  :: fentanyl
fenética {f}  :: phenetics
fenético {adj}  :: phenetic
fentión {m}  :: fenthion
feo {adj}  :: ugly
feo {adj} [Mexico]  :: bad, gross, mean, nasty
feo {adj}  :: in poor condition
feracidad {f}  :: fertility; productivity
feral {adj}  :: feral
feraz {adj}  :: fertile
feria {f}  :: fair (celebration)
feria {f}  :: street market
feria {f} [slang]  :: money, dinero
feria de muestras {f}  :: trade fair
feriado {m}  :: holiday (day on which a festival, etc, is traditionally observed)
ferial {adj}  :: ferial, on a weekday
feriante {mf}  :: stallholder at a trade fair
feriante {mf}  :: fairgoer
ferino {adj}  :: wild
fermentación {f}  :: fermentation
fermentar {v}  :: to ferment
fermento {m}  :: ferment
fermión {m}  :: fermion
Fermina {prop} {f}  :: given name
fermiónico {adj}  :: fermionic
fermio {m}  :: fermium
Fermín {prop} {m}  :: given name
fermoso {adj}  :: obsolete form of hermoso
fermosura {f}  :: obsolete form of hermosura
Fernanda {prop} {f}  :: given name, feminine form of Fernando
fernandino {adj}  :: Of or relating to Fernando
fernandino {adj}  :: Of or relating to Ferdinand II of Aragon or other famous people called Ferdinand
fernandino {adj}  :: Of or from Fernando de la Mora, Paraguay
fernandino {m}  :: Someone from Fernando de la Mora, Paraguay
fernandino {m} [Equatorial Guinea]  :: A member of a multiethnic creole group from Bioko
fernandismo {m}  :: support of Ferdinand VII of Spain
Fernando {prop} {m}  :: given name
Fernán {prop} {m}  :: given name
Fernández {prop}  :: surname
ferocidad {f}  :: ferocity
ferodo {m}  :: brake lining
feromona {f} [biology]  :: pheromone
feroés {adj}  :: Faroese
feroés {m}  :: Faroese (person)
feroés {m}  :: Faroese (language)
feroz {adj}  :: fierce, ferocious, wild
ferozmente {adv}  :: ferociously
ferrallero {m}  :: Someone who makes or sells strengthened steel
Ferrando {prop} {m}  :: given name
ferrari {m}  :: Ferrari
ferredoxina {f} [protein]  :: ferredoxin
Ferrer {prop} {m}  :: surname
ferrería {f}  :: ironworks
ferrero {m}  :: obsolete form of herrero
ferreruelo {m}  :: alternative spelling of herreruelo
ferretería {f}  :: hardware store
ferretero {adj} [attributive]  :: iron
ferretero {m}  :: ironmonger
ferri {m}  :: ferry
ferritina {f} [protein]  :: ferritin
ferro- {prefix}  :: ferro-
ferro- {prefix}  :: Forms terms relating to railroads
ferrocarril {m}  :: railway
ferrocarrilera {f}  :: feminine noun of ferrocarrilero
ferrocarrilero {m}  :: railwayman (man who works on a railway)
ferroceno {m} [organic chemistry]  :: ferrocene
ferrocianuro {m}  :: ferrocyanide
ferroeléctrico {adj}  :: ferroelectric
ferroelectricidad {f}  :: ferroelectricity
ferrolano {adj}  :: Of or from Ferrol
ferrolano {m}  :: Someone from Ferrol
ferromagnésico {adj}  :: ferromagnesic
ferromagnético {adj}  :: ferromagnetic
ferroso {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: ferrous
ferrotipo {m}  :: ferrotype
ferrovía {f}  :: railway
ferrovaria {f}  :: feminine noun of ferrovario
ferrovario {adj}  :: railway
ferrovario {m}  :: railway worker
ferrovial {adj}  :: Of or relating to the railroads
ferroviaria {f}  :: feminine of ferroviario
ferroviario {adj}  :: Of or relating to the railways
ferroviario {m}  :: A railroad worker
ferruginoso {adj}  :: ferruginous
ferry {m}  :: ferry
fertilidad {f}  :: fertility
fertilización {f}  :: fertilization
fertilizante {m}  :: fertilizer
fertilizar {v}  :: to fertilize
ferviente {adj}  :: ardent; fervent
fervientemente {adv}  :: fervently
fervor {m}  :: fervor
fervorizar {v} [rare]  :: to cause fervor, to stir up
fervorosamente {adv}  :: fervently
fervoroso {adj}  :: fervent
feísimo {adj}  :: superlative of feo; very ugly
festejada {f}  :: Person who is celebrating a birthday or similar event
festejar {v}  :: to celebrate
festejar {v} [Latin America]  :: to beat mercilessly
festejo {m}  :: celebration
festera {f}  :: feminine noun of festero
festero {adj}  :: alternative spelling of fiestero
festero {m}  :: alternative spelling of fiestero
festinar {v}  :: to speed up
festival {m}  :: festival
festivalero {adj} [attributive]  :: festival
festivalero {m}  :: festivalgoer
festivamente {adv}  :: festively
festividad {f}  :: festivity
festividad {f}  :: holiday, bank holiday
festivo {adj}  :: festive
festivo {m}  :: holiday (day on which a festival, etc, is traditionally observed)
festín {m}  :: feast, banquet
festón {m} [architecture]  :: festoon
Festo {prop} {m}  :: Phaistos (ancient Minoan city in southern Crete)
festoneado {adj} [botany, mycology]  :: sinuate
festonear {v}  :: to festoon
fetal {adj}  :: fetal
fetiche {m}  :: fetish
fetichismo {m}  :: fetishism
fetichista {mf}  :: fetishist
fetichista {adj}  :: fetishistic
fetichización {f}  :: fetishization
fetichizar {v}  :: to fetishize
fetidez {f}  :: foul stench
fetish {m}  :: fetish
fetén {adj} [colloquial]  :: brilliant, awesome
fetén {adv}  :: great, brilliantly
feto {m}  :: fetus
feíto {adj}  :: diminutive of feo
fetoproteína {f} [protein]  :: fetoprotein
fetua {f}  :: alt form fatua
fetuchine {m}  :: fettucini
feudal {adj}  :: feudal
feudalidad {f}  :: feudality
feudalismo {m}  :: feudalism (social system)
feudalista {adj}  :: feudalist
feudalista {mf}  :: feudalist
feudatario {m}  :: feudatory
feudo {m}  :: fief
feudo {m}  :: stomping ground
feudo {m}  :: home, home ground, home soil
FEVE {prop}  :: A state-owned company that ran some of the Spanish narrow-gauge rail network in northern Spain
fexaramina {f}  :: fexaramine
fez {m}  :: fez (hat)
Fez {prop} {f}  :: Fez (city)
FF. AA. {abbr}  :: Armed Forces
fígaro {m}  :: barber, hairdresser
fígaro {m}  :: short jacket
fi {f}  :: phi; the Greek letter Φ, φ
fiabilidad {f}  :: reliability, trustworthiness
fiable {adj}  :: reliable
fiable {adj}  :: credible
fiable {adj}  :: trustworthy
fiaca {f} [Argentina, colloquial]  :: boredom, apathy, can't be arsed attitude
fiado {m}  :: credit (receiving goods and services without paying)
fiador {m}  :: fastener, retainer, toggle, catch
fiador {m}  :: bondsman, surety, guarantor, bailor, backer
fiador {m}  :: safety strap (for securing a sword)
fiador {m}  :: neck collar (on a horse)
fiador {m}  :: fastening cord [of a cape or cloak], chinstrap
fiador {m}  :: catch, latch
fiador {m}  :: lock tumbler
fiador {m}  :: safety catch, rifle sear
fiador {m}  :: gutter hook (for fastening a gutter to a building)
fiador {m} [colloquial]  :: boy’s buttock
fiadora {f}  :: feminine of fiador
fiambre {m} [colloquial, euphemistic]  :: corpse
fiambre {m}  :: cold cuts, cold meat
fiambrería {f}  :: A store selling cold meats, cheese, and other food products
fiambrera {f}  :: lunchbox
fiancheto {m}  :: alternative spelling of fianchetto
fianchetto {m} [chess]  :: fianchetto
fianza {f} [legal]  :: bail
fianza {f}  :: deposit (on a rental item)
fiar {v}  :: to guarantee
fiar {v}  :: to sell on credit, give credit, put on the slate
fiar {v}  :: to entrust
fiar {v}  :: to confide
fiar {vr} [fiarse de]  :: to trust
fiarse {v}  :: reflexive of fiar
fiasco {m}  :: fiasco
fibra {f}  :: fiber
fibra {f} [colloquial]  :: fiberglass
fibra de vidrio {f}  :: fibreglass
fibrado {m}  :: fiber bundle
fibrilación {f} [medical]  :: fibrillation
fibrilar {v}  :: to fibrillate
fibrilina {f} [protein]  :: fibrillin
fibrilla {f}  :: fibril
fibrina {f} [protein]  :: fibrin
fibrinógeno {f} [protein]  :: fibrinogen
fibroblasto {m}  :: sibroblast
fibrocemento {m}  :: fibre cement, fibrocement
fibroma {m}  :: fibroma
fibromialgia {f}  :: fibromyalgia
fibronectina {f} [protein]  :: fibronectin
fibrosis {f} [medicine]  :: fibrosis
fibroso {adj}  :: fibrous
fibroso {adj}  :: stringy, gristly
ficar {vi} [obsolete]  :: to stay
ficción {f}  :: fiction
ficcional {adj}  :: fictional
ficcionar {v}  :: to fictionalize
ficha {f}  :: chip
ficha {f}  :: index card
ficha {f}  :: leaflet, sheet (sheet of paper containing information)
ficha {f}  :: headshot
ficha {f}  :: voucher
fichaje {m}  :: signing
fichar {v}  :: to clock in or clock out
fichar {v}  :: to record, file, index (make a record of information)
fichar {v}  :: to book
fichar {v}  :: to sign
fichero {m}  :: file (collection of papers)
fichero {m} [computing]  :: file (aggregation of data)
ficología {f}  :: phycology
ficticio {adj}  :: fictitious
fidalgo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of hidalgo
fidedignidad {f}  :: trustworthiness
fidedigno {adj}  :: trustworthy, reliable
fideicomisaria {f}  :: feminine noun of fideicomisario
fideicomisario {m}  :: realtor (US), estate agent(UK)
fideicomiso {m} [legal]  :: trust, fideicommissum
fideicomitente {m}  :: trustor
Fidel {prop} {m}  :: given name
fidelidad {f}  :: loyalty, fidelity
fidelista {adj}  :: Supporting Fidel Castro
fidelista {mf}  :: Fidelista
fidelización {f}  :: loyalty
fidelizar {v}  :: to loyalize
fidelísimo {adj}  :: superlative of fiel
fideo {m}  :: noodle
fideísmo {m}  :: fideism
fideísta {mf}  :: fideist
fideuá {m}  :: a typical Valencian dish similar to paella but with noodles instead of rice
fido {adj}  :: faithful, loyal
fiduciaria {f}  :: feminine noun of fiduciario
fiduciario {adj}  :: fiduciary
fiduciario {m}  :: fiduciary
fiebre {f}  :: fever
fiebre aftosa {f}  :: foot-and-mouth disease
fiebre amarilla {f}  :: yellow fever
fiebre del oro {f}  :: gold rush
fiel {adj}  :: faithful
fiel {adj}  :: loyal
fielmente {adv}  :: faithfully
fieltro {m}  :: felt
fieltro {m}  :: an article made of felt
fiera {f}  :: wild animal
fieramente {adv}  :: fiercely, proudly
fiereza {f}  :: fierceness
fiereza {f}  :: cruelty
fiero {adj}  :: wild (of an animal, living in the wild)
fiero {adj}  :: wild, fierce, ferocious
fiero {adj}  :: biting, searing (pain)
fierro {m} [Latin America]  :: branding iron
fierro {m} [colloquial, Colombia, Uruguay]  :: firearm
fierro {m} [countable, Costa Rica]  :: tool (implement)
fierro {m} [Mexico]  :: penny, cent
fierro {m} [colloquial, Uruguay]  :: coin (money in the form of coins)
fierro {m} [archaic, dialectal]  :: iron (metal)
fierro {m} [colloquial, Mexico]  :: money (currency)
fiesta {f}  :: party
fiesta {f}  :: feast
fiestecita {f}  :: diminutive of fiesta
fiestero {adj} [attributive]  :: party
fiestero {m}  :: partyer, partygoer
fiestita {f}  :: diminutive of fiesta
Figueras {prop}  :: Figueras (city)
Figueras {prop}  :: surname
Figueroa {prop} {mf}  :: surname
figura {f}  :: figure
figura {f} [heraldry]  :: charge
figura {f} [theatre]  :: part, role
figura {f} [theatre]  :: actor
figuración {f}  :: imagination
figuración {f} [cinematography]  :: extra
figuradamente {adv}  :: figuratively
figurado {adj}  :: figurative
figurante {mf}  :: extra, bit player, walk-on (in a film, play, TV show etc.)
figurar {v}  :: to appear
figura retórica {f}  :: figure of speech
figurativamente {adv}  :: figuratively
figurativo {adj}  :: figurative
figurilla {f}  :: diminutive of figura
figurinista {mf}  :: costume designer
figurita {f}  :: diminutive of figura
figurita {f}  :: sticker
figurín {m} [colloquial]  :: smart dresser
figurón {m} [nautical]  :: figurehead
figurón {m}  :: figurehead (someone in a position of leadership with no actual power)
fijación {f}  :: obsession, fixation
fijación {f}  :: fixation
fijación {f}  :: fixing
fijador {adj}  :: fixative
fijador {m}  :: fixative
fijador {m}  :: gel, hair gel
fijamente {adv}  :: firmly
fijar {v}  :: to fix, to fasten, to set, to establish, to determine
fijarse {v}  :: to notice (followed by en)
fijeza {f}  :: stability, constancy
fijo {adj}  :: fixed
fijo {adj}  :: firm
fijo {adv} [colloquial]  :: certainly, of course, doubtless
fila {f}  :: line, row, rank, file
fila {f}  :: queue [British], line [US]
fila {f} [chess]  :: rank
-fila {suffix}  :: feminine noun of -filo
filacteria {f}  :: phylactery
Filadelfia {prop} {f}  :: Filadelfia (city)
filamento {m}  :: filament
filamentoso {adj}  :: filamentous
filantropía {f}  :: philanthropy
filantrópico {adj}  :: philanthropic
filar {v} [colloquial]  :: to cotton on, be onto
filariasis {f}  :: filariasis
filarmónica {f} [music]  :: philharmonic (full-size symphonic orchestra)
filarmónico {adj} [music]  :: philharmonic
filatelia {f}  :: philately (stamp collecting)
filatélico {adj}  :: philatelic
fildear {v} [baseball]  :: to field
Filemón {prop} {m} [bible]  :: Philemon (the book of the Bible)
filete {m}  :: fillet
filete {m}  :: thread of a screw
filetear {v}  :: to fillet
filetear {v}  :: to thread (a needle)
filete miñón {m}  :: filet mignon
-filia {suffix}  :: -philia
filiación {f}  :: filiation, lineage, ancestry
filiación {f}  :: personal details
filiación {f}  :: affiliation
filial {adj}  :: filial
filial {f}  :: subsidiary
filial {f} [sports]  :: B team
filiar {v}  :: to adopt; filiate
filibustera {f}  :: feminine noun of filibustero
filibusterismo {m}  :: filibustering
filibustero {m}  :: pirate, plunderer, freebooter
filicida {adj}  :: filicidal
filicida {mf}  :: filicide (a person who kills his or her own son)
filicidio {m}  :: filicide (killing of one's own son)
filicíneo {adj} [attributive]  :: fern
filigrana {f}  :: filigree
filigrana {f}  :: watermark
filiomaternal {adj}  :: son-mother
Filipenses {prop} {mp} [biblical]  :: Philippians (book of the Bible)
filipina {f}  :: feminine noun of filipino
Filipinas {prop} {f}  :: Philippines (Republic of the Philippines)
filipino {adj}  :: Filipino
filipino {m}  :: Filipino (person)
filipino {m}  :: Filipino (language)
filipéndula {f}  :: dropwort
Filipo {prop} {m} [history]  :: Philip
filisteo {adj}  :: philistine
filóloga {f}  :: feminine of filólogo
filólogo {m}  :: philologist
film {m}  :: alt form filme
filmación {f}  :: filming (making of a movie)
filmador {m}  :: filmer
filmadora {f}  :: filmer
filmar {v}  :: to film
filme {m}  :: film, motion picture
filmografía {f}  :: filmography
filmográfico {adj}  :: filmographic
filmoteca {f}  :: film library
filón {m} [mining]  :: lode, vein
filón {m}  :: gold mine
filántropo {adj}  :: philanthropic
filántropo {m}  :: philanthropist
filo {m}  :: edge (of the blade of an instrument)
filo {m}  :: edge (sharp terminating border)
filo {m} [colloquial, dated, Colombia, El Salvador]  :: hunger
filo {m} [Cuba]  :: fold
filo {interj} [Chile, colloquial]  :: whatever, I don't care
filo {m} [biology, taxonomy]  :: phylum
-filo {suffix}  :: -phile
filo- {prefix}  :: Friend of; pro-
filoetarra {adj}  :: Pro-ETA
filogenia {f}  :: phylogenetics
filogenéticamente {adv}  :: phylogenetically
filogenético {adj}  :: phylogenetic
filológicamente {adv}  :: philologically
filológico {adj}  :: philological
filología {f}  :: philology
Filomena {prop} {f}  :: given name, cognate to English Philomena
filoquinona {f} [organic compound]  :: phylloquinone
filosemitismo {m}  :: Philo-Semitism
filosóficamente {adv}  :: philosophically
filosófico {adj}  :: philosophical, philosophic
filosilicato {m}  :: phyllosilicate
filoso {adj} [Latin America]  :: sharp
filoso {adj} [Latin America]  :: wise, smart
filosofía {f}  :: philosophy
filosofía {f} [printing, dated]  :: A size of type between breviario and lectura chica, standardized as 10 point
filosofal {adj} [rare]  :: philosophical, philosopher (related to philosophy or philosophers)
filosofar {v}  :: to philosophize
filosofema {m}  :: philosopheme
filotráquea {f} [arachnology]  :: book lung
filoxera {f}  :: phylloxera
filósofa {f}  :: feminine noun of filósofo
filósofo {m}  :: philosopher
filtración {f}  :: filtration
filtración {f}  :: leak (disclosure of secret information)
filtrador {m}  :: filter
filtrar {v}  :: to filter
filtrar {v}  :: to leak (a secret)
filtro {m}  :: filter
filudo {adj}  :: sharp
fimosis {f}  :: phimosis
fin {m} [sometimes feminine]  :: end
fin {m}  :: purpose
finado {m}  :: deceased person
finado {adj}  :: deceased, late
final {adj}  :: final
final {m}  :: an end
final {m} [sports]  :: final
finalidad {f}  :: purpose
finalista {mf}  :: finalist
finalización {f}  :: finalization
finalizar {v}  :: to finalize, to finish
finalmente {adv}  :: finally, in the end
finalísimo {adj}  :: superlative of final
finamente {adv}  :: finely, delicately
financiable {adj}  :: financeable
financiación {f}  :: financing, funding, fundraising
financiador {m}  :: financer
financiamiento {m}  :: financing
financiar {v}  :: to finance
financiera {f}  :: finance company, financier company
financieramente {adv}  :: financially
financiero {adj}  :: financial
financista {mf}  :: financial adviser
finanza {f}  :: finance
finanza {f} [in plural]  :: treasury
finanza {f} [in plural]  :: finances (funds or other financial resources)
finar {v}  :: to pass on, pass away (die)
finar {vr}  :: to yearn, long
finca {f}  :: real estate (typically rural and surrounding land but also urban)
finca {f}  :: farm
fincar {vt} [archaic]  :: to thrust, to stick
fincar {vt} [archaic]  :: to plant, to cultivate
fincar {vi}  :: to acquire fincas
finde {m} [colloquial]  :: weekend
fin del mundo {m}  :: end of the world
fin de semana {m}  :: weekend (break in the working week)
fineza {f}  :: act of kindness
fineza {f}  :: compliment
fineza {f}  :: delicacy, finesse
finger {m} [food]  :: finger
fingidamente {adv}  :: deceptively
fingido {adj}  :: false, deceptive
fingidor {adj}  :: That pretends
fingidor {m}  :: pretender
fingimiento {m}  :: pretense, affectation
fingir {v}  :: to pretend (to act as though something is different from what it is)
fingir {v}  :: to fake, affect, feign
finidad {f}  :: finity
finiestra {f} [obsolete]  :: window
finiquitar {v}  :: to close, to terminate, to finish off
finiquito {m} [finance]  :: settlement, severance pay
finir {vi} [obsolete]  :: to end
finir {vi} [Colombia]  :: to end
finisecular {adj} [attributive]  :: fin de siècle
finisemanal {adj}  :: weekend
finitamente {adv}  :: finitely
finito {adj}  :: finite
finito {adj}  :: diminutive of fino
finitud {f}  :: finitude
finlandesa {f}  :: feminine noun of finlandés
Finlandia {prop} {f}  :: Finland
finlandización {f}  :: Finlandization
finlandés {adj}  :: Finnish (from or native to Finland)
finlandés {adj}  :: Finnish (pertaining to Finland)
finlandés {m}  :: a Finn
finlandés {m}  :: the Finnish language
fino {adj}  :: fine
finoúgrio {adj}  :: Finno-Ugric
finquera {f}  :: Someone who owns a finca
finquero {m}  :: Someone who owns a finca
finés {adj}  :: Finnish (from or native to Finland)
finés {adj}  :: Finnish (pertaining to Finland)
finés {m}  :: the Finnish language
finísimo {adj}  :: superlative of fino; very fine; of good quality
finta {f}  :: feint, dummy
fintar {v}  :: to feint
fintech {m}  :: fintech
finura {f}  :: fineness
finura {f}  :: politeness
fiordo {m}  :: fjord
fique {m}  :: fique, the fiber of the fique plant, Furcraea [fique is often confused with agave]
Fiquitiva {prop} {mf} [rare]  :: surname
firewall {m} [computing]  :: firewall
Firjas {prop} {m}  :: given name from the Canary Islands
firma {f}  :: signature
firma {f}  :: seal
firma {f} [business]  :: company
firmado {adj}  :: signed (having a signature)
firmamento {m} [poetic]  :: sky, heaven, skies
firmamento {m}  :: highest echelons (e.g. of society)
firmante {mf}  :: signatory
firmar {v}  :: to sign
firmarse {v}  :: reflexive of firmar
firmatón {m}  :: Mass pursuit of signatures
firme {adj}  :: firm
firmemente {adv}  :: firmly
firmeza {f}  :: firmness
firmísimo {adj}  :: superlative of firme
firmware {m}  :: firmware
féisbuc {prop} {m} [colloquial]  :: Facebook
fiscal {adj}  :: fiscal
fiscal {adj}  :: prosecuting
fiscal {mf} [legal]  :: prosecutor
fiscalía {f}  :: office of the public prosecutor
fiscala {f} [legal]  :: prosecutor
fiscalidad {f}  :: fiscality
fiscalista {mf}  :: tax consultant, tax lawyer
fiscalizable {adj}  :: inspectable
fiscalizable {adj}  :: criticizable
fiscalización {f}  :: audit, investigation, inquiry
fiscalizador {adj}  :: tax-inspecting
fiscalizador {m}  :: tax inspector
fiscalizadora {f}  :: feminine of fiscalizador
fiscalizar {v}  :: to inspect, to control
fiscalizar {v}  :: to supervise, to investigate, to pry into
fiscalizar {v}  :: to censure, to criticize
fiscalmente {adv}  :: By means of taxation; in a manner related to taxation
fisco {m}  :: fisc; exchequer; national treasury; public treasury
fisco {m}  :: national government
fisgón {adj}  :: nosy; snooping
fisgonear {v}  :: to snoop
fisiatra {mf}  :: physiatrist
fisicidad {f}  :: physicality
fisicoculturismo {m}  :: bodybuilding
fisicoculturista {mf}  :: A bodybuilder
fisicoquímica {f}  :: physical chemistry
fisicoquímica {f}  :: (female) physical chemist
fisicoquímico {adj}  :: physicochemical
fisicoquímico {m}  :: physical chemist
fisiculturista {mf}  :: bodybuilder
fisióloga {f}  :: (female) physiologist
fisiólogo {m}  :: physiologist
fisión {f}  :: fission
fisión nuclear {f}  :: nuclear fission
fisio- {prefix}  :: physio-
fisio {mf} [colloquial]  :: physio (physiotherapist)
fisiológicamente {adv}  :: physiologically
fisiológico {adj}  :: physiological
fisiología {f}  :: physiology
fisionar {v}  :: to fission
fisionomía {f}  :: physiognomy, appearance
fisiopatológico {adj}  :: physiopathological
fisiopatología {f}  :: physiopathology
fisioterapeuta {mf}  :: physiotherapist
fisioterapia {f}  :: physiotherapy
fisioterapista {mf}  :: physiotherapist
fisioterapéutico {adj}  :: physiotherapeutic
fisonomía {f}  :: appearance
fisonomía {f}  :: physical features
fisípedo {adj}  :: fissiped
fisípedo {m}  :: fissiped
fistol {m} [Mexico, New Mexico]  :: tiepin, scarfpin
fisura {f}  :: fissure, crack
fisurero {m} [climbing]  :: nut
fisurita {f}  :: diminutive of fisura
fiteogeográfico {adj}  :: geobotanical
fitófago {adj}  :: phytophagous
fitness {m}  :: fitness (cultivation of an attractive and healthy physique)
fito- {prefix}  :: phyto-
-fito {suffix}  :: -phyte
Fito {prop} {m}  :: given name
Fito {prop} {m}  :: given name
fitoclimático {adj} [ecology]  :: phytoclimatic
fitocromo {m} [biochemistry]  :: phytochrome
fitoestrógeno {m}  :: phytoestrogen
fitofarmacéutico {adj}  :: phytopharmaceutical
fitofarmacéutico {m}  :: phytopharmaceutical
fitogeografía {f}  :: phytogeography
fitogeográfico {adj}  :: phytogeographical, geobotanic
fitografía {f}  :: phytography
fitohemaglutinina {f} [protein]  :: phytohemagglutinin
fitohormona {f} [hormone]  :: plant hormone
fitomedicina {f}  :: herbalism, the study of medicinal plants
fitomejorador {m}  :: plant breeder
fitomejoramiento {m}  :: plant breeding
fitonutriente {m}  :: phytonutrient
fitopatología {f}  :: phytopathology
fitoplancton {m}  :: phytoplankton
fitoquímica {f}  :: phytochemistry
fitoquímico {adj}  :: phytochemical
fitosanitario {adj}  :: phytosanitary
fitosociología {f}  :: phytosociology
fitoterapia {f}  :: phytotherapy
fitotomía {f}  :: phytotomy
fitovirus {m} [virology]  :: plant virus
fixture {m} [sport]  :: fixture
Fiyi {prop}  :: Fiji (Republic of the Fiji Islands)
fiyiano {adj}  :: Fijian
fiyiano {m}  :: Fijian
flaca {f}  :: a skinny woman, my sweetheart, my skinny one, my fair one
flaccidez {f}  :: alternative form of flacidez
flacidez {f}  :: flaccidity
flaco {adj}  :: thin, skinny
flaco {m}  :: a thin man
flaco {m} [colloquial, euphemistic]  :: urine; urination; number one
flacucho {adj}  :: skinny, scrawny
flacura {f}  :: thinness
flagelación {f}  :: flagellation
flagelante {adj}  :: flagellating
flagelante {mf}  :: flagellant
flagelar {v}  :: to flagellate, to whip
flagelo {m}  :: A whip
flagelo {m} [biology]  :: flagellum
flagelo {m}  :: calamity, sorrow, affliction
flagelo {m}  :: disaster
flagrancia {f}  :: flagrancy
flagrante {adj}  :: flagrant
flagrantemente {adv}  :: flagrantly
flaite {m} [slang, Chile]  :: rascal, common, vulgar, riffraff, ghetto, chav
flama {f}  :: flame (visible part of fire)
flamable {adj}  :: flammable
flamante {adj}  :: brilliant, radiant
flamante {adj}  :: brand-new
flambear {v} [cooking]  :: to flambé, to flame
flameante {adj}  :: flaming
flamear {v}  :: to burn, to blaze, to flame
flamear {v}  :: to flutter, to wave (of boat sails)
flamear {v}  :: to sterilize (by burning in alcohol)
flamencólogo {adj}  :: flamencological
flamencólogo {m}  :: flamencologist
flamenco {adj}  :: Flemish
flamenco {adj} [attributive]  :: flamenco
flamenco {adj} [colloquial]  :: insolent, cheeky
flamenco {m}  :: flamingo (bird)
flamenco {m}  :: flamenco (music)
flamenco {m}  :: flamenco (dance)
flamenco {m}  :: A Flemish person
flamenco {m}  :: Flemish, the standard variety of Dutch used in Belgium
flamenco {m}  :: Flemish, a group of Dutch dialects spoken in Belgium
flamenco andino {m}  :: Andean flamingo
flamenco chico {m}  :: lesser flamingo
flamenco chileno {m}  :: Chilean flamingo
flamenco común {m}  :: greater flamingo
flamenco de James {m}  :: James's flamingo
flamenco del Caribe {m}  :: Caribbean flamingo; American flamingo
flamenco enano {m}  :: lesser flamingo
flamencología {f}  :: flamencology
flamenquismo {m}  :: like of flamenco dancing
flamenquín {m}  :: A dish from Cordoba consisting of jamón serrano rolled in pork loin, battered and fried
flamígero {adj}  :: flaming, blazing
flamingo {m}  :: flamingo
flan {m}  :: flan, sweet pudding
flancito {m}  :: diminutive of flan
flanco {m}  :: flank
Flandes {prop} {m}  :: Flanders
flanera {f}  :: tart bowl
flanquear {v}  :: to flank
flaperón {m}  :: flaperon
flaquear {v}  :: to weaken
flaquear {v}  :: to droop
flaquear {v}  :: to lose heart
flaquear {v}  :: to flag (mark)
flaqueza {f}  :: slimness, thinness
flaqueza {f}  :: weakness, frailty
flaquita {f} [Chile]  :: diminutive of flaca; sistergirl, homegirl, girlfriend, honey
flaquito {m}  :: diminutive of flaco
flash {m} [photography]  :: flash
flashazo {m}  :: flash
flashback {m}  :: flashback
flashmob {m}  :: flashmob
flato {m}  :: flatulence, flatus (gas generated in the digestive tract)
flatulencia {f}  :: flatulence
flatulente {adj}  :: flatulent, gassy
flatulento {adj}  :: flatulent
flatulista {mf}  :: flatulist
flaubertiano {adj}  :: Flaubertian (relating to Gustave Flaubert)
flauta {f} [musical instruments]  :: flute
flauta {f} [Mexico]  :: A type of fried cylindrical tortilla or taco
flauta de carrizo {f}  :: A type of panflute from Peru
flauta dulce {f} [musical instruments]  :: recorder (instrument)
flauta travesera {f} [musici]  :: flute; Western concert flute
flautista {mf}  :: flautist
flautín {m}  :: piccolo
Flavia {prop} {f}  :: given name
flavina {f} [organic compound]  :: flavin
flavona {f} [organic chemistry]  :: flavone
flavonoide {m} [organic chemistry]  :: flavonoid
flavonol {m} [organic chemistry]  :: flavonol
flavoproteína {f} [protein]  :: flavoprotein
flácido {adj}  :: flaccid
flebitis {f}  :: phlebitis
flebolinfología {f}  :: phlebolymphology
flebótomo {m}  :: sandfly
flecha {f}  :: arrow (projectile)
flecha {f}  :: arrow (symbol)
flechar {v}  :: to draw (a bow)
flechar {v}  :: to shoot with an arrow; to put an arrow through
flechar {v}  :: to sweep off someone's feet
flechaste {m} [nautical]  :: ratline
flechazo {m}  :: arrow wound
flechazo {m}  :: arrow shout
flechazo {m}  :: love at first sight, initial attraction
flechera {f}  :: fletcher
flechero {m}  :: fletcher
flechita {f}  :: diminutive of flecha
fleco {m} [mostly in plural]  :: tassel
fleco {m} [mostly in plural]  :: bangs, fringe
flectivo {adj}  :: inflectional
Flegetonte {prop} {m}  :: Phlegethon
flegma {f}  :: obsolete form of flema
flegmático {adj}  :: obsolete form of flemático
flema {f}  :: phlegm
flemón {m}  :: gumboil
flemoso {adj}  :: phlegmy
flemático {adj}  :: phlegmatic
flequillo {m}  :: diminutive of fleco
flequillo {m}  :: fringe, bangs
flerovio {m}  :: flerovium
fletamento {m}  :: charter or hire of a vehicle
fletamento {m}  :: affreightment
fletar {v}  :: to hire on; to reserve a commercial vehicle for private use
fletar {v}  :: to charter
fletar {vt}  :: to load, to freight
flete {m}  :: freight, cargo
flete {m}  :: charter (temporary hiring of a vehicle for transportation of freight)
fleteo {m} [Cuba]  :: streetwalking
fletera {f} [Cuba]  :: hooker; streetwalker (prostitute)
fletero {m} [Latin America]  :: chartered boat
fletero {m} [Latin America]  :: charterer
fletán {m}  :: halibut (fish of genus Hippoglossus)
fleto {m} [Chile, Cuba]  :: male homosexual
flexibilidad {f}  :: flexibility
flexibilización {f}  :: flexibility
flexibilizador {adj}  :: flexibilizing
flexibilizar {v}  :: to flexibilize
flexible {adj}  :: flexible (all senses)
flexiblemente {adv}  :: flexibly
flexión {f}  :: inflection (a change in the form of a word that reflects a change in grammatical function)
flexión {f} [weightlifting]  :: curl; exercise performed by flexing a joint on the exertion
flexión {f}  :: push-up
flexionar {vt}  :: to bend (knees, legs)
flexionar {vt}  :: to flex (muscles)
flexitarianismo {m}  :: flexitarianism
flexiteriano {adj}  :: flexitarian
flexografía {f}  :: flexography
fálico {adj}  :: phallic
fólico {adj}  :: folic
félido {m}  :: Felid
flipar {v} [Spain]  :: to go crazy
flipar {v} [Spain]  :: to flip out (when referring to excitement, not to anger)
flipar {v} [Spain]  :: to hallucinate
flipar {v} [Spain]  :: to take drugs or to be under the effects of a drug
flirt {m}  :: An episode of (or the act of) flirting
flirtear {v}  :: to flirt
fílmico {adj} [attributive]  :: film
floema {m} [botany]  :: phloem
floemático {adj}  :: phloem (attributive)
flogisto {m} [chemistry]  :: phlogiston
flogopita {f} [mineral]  :: phlogopite
flogosis {f}  :: phlogosis
flogístico {adj}  :: phlogistic
flojear {v}  :: to be lazy, to idle
flojear {v}  :: to weaken
flojedad {f}  :: weakness, limpness
flojedad {f}  :: laxity
flojera {f}  :: laziness
flojito {adj}  :: diminutive of flojo
flojo {adj}  :: loose
flojo {adj}  :: lazy
flojonazo {m}  :: One who is lazy
flor {f}  :: flower (structure in angiosperms)
flor {f}  :: bloom, blossom (an expanded bud)
flor {f} [figuratively]  :: best, finest, pick
flor {f}  :: compliment, flattery
flúor {m}  :: fluorine
flora {f}  :: flora
Flora {prop} {f} [Roman god]  :: Flora
Flora {prop} {f}  :: given name
floración {f}  :: flowering
floral {adj}  :: floral
florcita {f}  :: diminutive of flor
florícola {adj}  :: floriculture
flor de cananga {f}  :: ylang ylang (Cananga odorata)
flor de cempasúchil {f}  :: Mexican marigold
flor de lis {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: fleur-de-lis
flor de muertos {f} [Central America, Mexico]  :: Mexican marigold
flor de Nochebuena {f}  :: poinsettia
floreal {m}  :: Floréal
florear {v}  :: to flower
florecer {v}  :: to flower (to put forth blooms)
florecer {v}  :: to flourish, prosper
floreciente {adj}  :: blooming
florecilla {f}  :: diminutive of flor
florecimiento {m}  :: flourishing
florecita {f}  :: diminutive of flor
Florencia {prop} {f}  :: Florencia (city)
Florencia {prop} {f}  :: Florencia (city)
Florencia {prop} {f}  :: given name, cognate to Florence
florense {adj}  :: Of, from, or pertaining to Flores, El Petén
florense {mf}  :: Someone from Flores, El Petén
florentina {f}  :: feminine noun of florentino
florentinesco {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Florentino Perez Rodriguez
florentino {adj}  :: Florentine
florentino {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Florencia, Caquetá
florentino {m}  :: Florentine
florentino {m}  :: Someone from Florencia
floreo {m} [fencing]  :: flourish
floreo {m} [music]  :: flourish
floreo {m}  :: small talk
florería {f}  :: flower shop, florist's shop
florero {m}  :: vase
florero {m}  :: florist, flower vendor; one who sells flowers
Flores {prop}  :: surname
floresta {f}  :: woodland, greenwood, glad, dell, forest (dense collection of trees)
floresta {f}  :: collection or gathering of pleasant things
florete {m} [fencing]  :: foil
florífero {adj}  :: floriferous
Floria {prop} {f}  :: given name
Florida {prop} {f}  :: Florida
floridano {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Florida
floridano {adj}  :: Floridian descended from the original Spanish settlers of Florida
florido {adj}  :: flowery, ornate
florilegio {m}  :: anthology
florimulgo {m}  :: A milker of flowers
florimulgo {m}  :: A hummingbird
Florio {prop} {m}  :: given name
floripondio {m} [pejorative]  :: big unsightly flower or other decoration
florista {mf}  :: florist
floristería {f}  :: flower shop, florist's
floritura {f}  :: flourish
florín {m}  :: florin (any unit of currency called thus)
florín {m}  :: guilder (any unit of currency called thus)
florín húngaro {m}  :: forint
Floro {prop} {m}  :: given name
florístico {adj} [attributive]  :: flower
florístico {adj}  :: floral
flota {f}  :: fleet
flota {f} [Latin America]  :: crowd
flotabilidad {f}  :: buoyancy
flotación {f}  :: flotation
flotador {adj}  :: floating
flotador {m}  :: floater
flotador {m}  :: float
flotante {adj}  :: floating
flotar {v}  :: to float
flote {m}  :: floatation (action and effect of floating)
flotilla {f}  :: fleet, flotilla
flotista {adj} [attributive]  :: fleet
flow {m}  :: flow
Flórina {prop} {f}  :: Florina (city in Greece)
flósculo {m} [botany]  :: floret (small flower)
félsico {adj} [geology]  :: felsic
fluctuación {f}  :: fluctuation
fluctuante {adj}  :: fluctuating
fluctuar {v}  :: to fluctuate
fluctuar {v}  :: to waver
fludrocortisona {m}  :: fludrocortisone
fluencia {f}  :: yield (engineering)
fluentemente {adv}  :: fluently
fluidamente {adv}  :: fluidly
fluidez {f}  :: fluidity
fluidez {f}  :: fluency
fluidificación {f}  :: fluidification
fluido {adj}  :: fluid
fluido {adj}  :: fluent
fluido {m}  :: fluid
fluido {m}  :: electrical current
fluir {vi}  :: to flow
flujo {m}  :: flow
flujo {m}  :: flux
flujo {m}  :: discharge
fluorado {adj}  :: fluorated
fluorapatita {f} [mineral]  :: fluorapatite
fluorar {v}  :: to fluorinate
fluoresceína {f} [organic compound]  :: fluorescein
fluorescencia {f}  :: fluorescence
fluorescente {adj}  :: fluorescent
fluorhídrico {adj}  :: hydrofluoric
fluorina {f} [mineral]  :: fluorite
fluorita {f} [mineral]  :: fluorite
fluoroacetato {m}  :: fluoroacetate
fluorobórico {adj}  :: fluoroboric
fluorocarbono {m} [organic compound]  :: fluorocarbon
fluorodesoxiglucosa {f} [organic compound]  :: fludeoxyglucose
fluoroformo {m} [chemistry]  :: fluoroform
fluoruro {m} [chemistry]  :: fluoride
fluvial {adj}  :: fluvial
FMI {initialism}  :: Fondo Monetario Internacional; IMF (International Monetary Fund)
fémina {f}  :: female
fómite {m}  :: fomite
FMLN {initialism}  :: Farabundo Martí para la Liberación Nacional
fémur {m}  :: femur
fúnebre {adj}  :: funereal (relating to a funeral)
fénec {m}  :: fennec
fónico {adj}  :: phonic
fénix {m} [mythology]  :: phoenix
fénix {m}  :: Something or someone unique of its kind
Fénix {prop} {m}  :: Phoenix (mythical firebird)
fobia {f}  :: phobia
-fobia {suffix}  :: -phobia
-fobo {suffix}  :: -phobe
-fobo {suffix}  :: -phobic
fobofobia {f}  :: phobophobia
Fobos {prop} {m} [Greek god]  :: Phobos (son of Ares)
Fobos {prop} {m} [astronomy]  :: Phobos (moon of Mars)
foca {f}  :: seal (mammal)
focaccia {f}  :: focaccia
foca de Groenlandia {f}  :: harp seal
focal {adj}  :: focal
foca leopardo {f}  :: leopard seal
focalización {f}  :: focus; focusing
focalizar {v}  :: to focus
focalizar {v} [photography]  :: to focus
focalizar {v} [investment]  :: to target
foca pía {f}  :: harp seal
focha común {f}  :: The common coot, a water bird
foco {m}  :: focus
foco {m}  :: spotlight
foco {m}  :: headlight
foco {m}  :: light bulb (see this term for Spanish regional synonyms)
fodongo {adj} [Mexico]  :: lazy, filthy
fodongo {m} [Mexico]  :: lazy, filthy person
fofisano {adj} [colloquial, of a man]  :: husky, burly, stout
fofo {adj}  :: spongy
fofo {adj}  :: flabby
foforro {m} [Latin America]  :: party, shindig
fogata {f}  :: campfire (fire at a campground)
fogata {f}  :: bonfire
fogata {f}  :: fougasse (improvised explosive)
fogatita {f}  :: diminutive of fogata
fogón {m}  :: fireplace
fogón {m}  :: stove, range
fogón {m} [nautical]  :: galley, cuddy, caboose
fogón {m}  :: vent (as of a firearm)
fogón {m} [rail]  :: firebox, engine furnace
fogonadura {f} [nautical]  :: partners
fogonazo {m}  :: blaze
fogonero {m}  :: fireman (in steam engine)
fogosamente {adv}  :: ardently
fogosidad {f}  :: Excessive enthusiasm or liveliness
fogoso {adj}  :: ardent, especially sexually
fogueado {adj}  :: seasoned; veteran; well-experienced
foguear {v}  :: to inure
foguear {v}  :: to shoot a firearm with a blank
fogueo {m}  :: shot with a blank cartridge
fogueo {m} [sports]  :: friendly match
foie {m}  :: foie gras
foie gras {m}  :: foie gras
foilboard {m}  :: foilboard
foja {f} [obsolete]  :: leaf, sheet
foja {f} [Mexico, Peru]  :: leaf, sheet (of an official document)
folclor {m}  :: alternative form of folclore
folclore {m}  :: folklore
folclorista {mf}  :: alternative form of folklorista
folclórico {adj}  :: folk (relating to folklore)
folclórico {adj}  :: [of a custom] traditional; popular
folículo {m} [anatomy, botany]  :: follicle
folículo ovárico {m}  :: ovarian follicle
folgar {v}  :: obsolete spelling of holgar
foliación {f}  :: foliation
foliáceo {adj}  :: leafy (shaped like a leaf or leaves)
folicular {adj}  :: follicular
foliculitis {f}  :: folliculitis
foliculoestimulante {adj}  :: follicle-stimulating
folio {m}  :: folio
foliolo {m}  :: alternative spelling of folíolo
folk {m}  :: folk (music)
folkie {m}  :: folkie
folklore {m}  :: folklore
folklorista {mf}  :: folklorist
folklórico {adj}  :: alternative spelling of folclórico
folky {adj}  :: folky
folla-amiga {f} [vulgar, slang]  :: fuckbuddy
follable {adj}  :: fuckable
follador {m} [vulgar]  :: fucker, shagger
follaje {m}  :: foliage
follamiga {f}  :: fuckbuddy (feminine noun of follamigo)
follamigo {m}  :: fuck buddy, fuckbuddy
follar {v} [vulgar, Spain]  :: to fuck
follar {v}  :: to blow with a bellows
follar {v}  :: to compose something in sheets
follar {v}  :: to trample
follar {vr} [vulgar, Spain]  :: to fuck
follódromo {m} [vulgar]  :: fuckpad
folletear {v} [Spain, colloquial]  :: to screw around, to fuck (have sexual intercourse)
folletería {f}  :: leafleting, pamphleting
folletinista {mf}  :: novelist
folletín {m}  :: a novel (usually of sentimental nature) delivered in a series of installments in a newspaper or magazine
folleto {m}  :: pamphlet, brochure
follón {adj}  :: lazy, good-for-nothing
follón {m} [colloquial]  :: mess, fuss, snarl, confusion
follón {m} [colloquial]  :: uproar
follón {m} [fireworks]  :: dud, a rocket which fails to detonate
follonero {m} [colloquial]  :: shit stirrer
folíolo {m} [botany]  :: leaflet
Fomalhaut {prop} [star]  :: Fomalhaut (star)
fome {adj} [Chile, colloquial]  :: boring, lame, uncool
fomentar {v}  :: to foment (excite)
fomentar {v}  :: to foster, encourage, promote, advance
fomentar {v}  :: to feed, nourish
fomentar {v}  :: to provide
fomentar {v}  :: to apply a poultice
fomento {m}  :: stimulus, animus, impulse
fomento {m}  :: administrative action for promoting a useful result, development, promotion
fomento {m} [Medicine]  :: A wet cloth which is applied to the skin for medicinal purposes, usually accompanied by heat
fonación {f}  :: phonation (production of sound in an animal that carries meaning)
fonavista {m}  :: member of Fonavistas del Peru
fonda {f}  :: small, inexpensive restaurant
fonda {f}  :: boarding house, inn, or tavern providing lodging and meals
fonda {f}  :: stall or canteen where food and drinks are served
fondant {m}  :: fondant (confectionery)
fondeadero {m}  :: anchorage (place for anchoring)
fondear {v}  :: to sound
fondear {v}  :: to anchor
fondera {f}  :: feminine noun of fondero
fondero {m}  :: innkeeper
fondillo {m}  :: seat; crotch (of trousers)
fondillo {m}  :: bottom; rear end; derriere
fondista {mf}  :: long-distance runner
fondita {f}  :: diminutive of fonda
fondo {m}  :: bottom
fondo {m}  :: back
fondo {m}  :: fund, funding
fondo {m}  :: opposite side or extreme (of a house, store, room, corridor, street, field, tubing, piping, etc.), respect to the talker, entrance or beginning
fondo de inversión {m}  :: investment fund
Fondo Monetario Internacional {prop} {m}  :: International Monetary Fund
fondue {f}  :: fondue (dish)
fonema {m} [phonetics]  :: phoneme
fonemática {f}  :: phonemics
fonemático {adj}  :: phonemic
fonetista {mf}  :: phonetician
fonógrafo {m}  :: phonograph
fonóloga {f}  :: feminine of fonólogo
fonólogo {m}  :: phonologist
-fono {suffix}  :: -phone
fono- {prefix}  :: phono-
fono {m} [chiefly Chile]  :: telephone, blower
fono {m} [linguistics]  :: phone
fonograma {m}  :: phonogram
fonográfico {adj}  :: phonographic
fonológicamente {adv}  :: phonologically
fonológico {adj}  :: phonological
fonología {f}  :: phonology (subfield of linguistics concerned with the way sounds function in languages)
Fonseca {prop}  :: surname
Fontaine {prop}  :: surname
fontal {adj}  :: fontal
fontana {f} [poetic, formal, archaic]  :: fountain
fontanería {f} [Spain]  :: plumbing
fontanero {m}  :: plumber
Fontenot {prop}  :: surname
fonética {f}  :: phonetics
fonéticamente {adv}  :: phonetically
fonético {adj}  :: phonetic
footing {m}  :: jogging (as a form of exercise), running
foque {m} [nautical]  :: jib
foquismo {m}  :: focalism (revolutionary strategy)
foragido {m}  :: (outdated) a fugitive
forajido {adj}  :: outlawed
forajido {m}  :: outlaw
foral {adj}  :: Of or relating to the local government, or fueros
foralidad {f}  :: state of being an autonomous community
foramen {m} [anatomy]  :: foramen
foraminífero {m}  :: foraminifer
forasta {mf}  :: outsider
forastera {f}  :: feminine noun of forastero
forastero {adj}  :: foreign
forastero {m}  :: foreigner
forastero {m}  :: stranger
forbol {m}  :: phorbol
forcejear {v}  :: to struggle
forcejeo {m}  :: struggle
fordiano {adj}  :: Of or relating to Fordism
forense {adj}  :: forensic
forense {mf}  :: forensic examiner
foresta {f}  :: forest (dense collection of trees)
forestación {f}  :: forestation
forestal {adj}  :: forest
forestar {v}  :: to forest; to afforest
forestería {f}  :: forestry
forex {m}  :: forex
forfait {m}  :: ski pass
forfait {m}  :: flat rate, package price
for favor {interj}  :: eye dialect of por favor
forinto {m}  :: forint
forista {adj} [politics]  :: of or pertaining to Foro
forista {mf} [politics]  :: A member or supporter of Foro
forja {f}  :: forge
forja {f}  :: foundry
forjado {adj}  :: forged
forjador {m}  :: forger (person who forges metals)
forjadora {f}  :: forger
forjar {v}  :: to forge
forlón {m}  :: An old kind of four-seated coach
forma {f}  :: shape; form
formación {f}  :: formation
formación {f}  :: training, education
formación {f}  :: alignment (ordered group of people)
formador {adj}  :: forming, formative
formador {adj}  :: teaching
formador {m}  :: former (something or someone who forms something)
formador {m}  :: teacher, trainer (someone who teaches)
formadora {f}  :: feminine noun of formador
formal {adj}  :: formal
formaldehído {m} [chemistry]  :: formaldehyde
formaldehido {m}  :: formaldehyde
formalidad {f}  :: formality
formalismo {m}  :: formalism
formalista {adj}  :: formalist
formalista {mf}  :: formalist
formalización {f}  :: formalization
formalizar {v}  :: to formalize
formalizar {v}  :: to finalize
formalmente {adv}  :: formally
formamida {f} [organic chemistry]  :: formamide
formar {vt}  :: to form, to create
formar {vt}  :: to train, to educate
formar {vt}  :: to make up, to constitute
formar {vi}  :: to line up (to get in a line)
formarse {v}  :: reflexive of formar
formatear {v}  :: to format
formativo {adj}  :: formative
formato {m}  :: format
-forme {suffix}  :: -shaped, -form, -like
formiato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: formate
formidable {adj}  :: great, fantastic, tremendous
formidable {adj}  :: formidable
formidablemente {adv}  :: wonderfully, incredibly
formón {m}  :: chisel
formol {m}  :: formol
formoseño {adj}  :: of or from Formosa
formoseño {m}  :: Someone from Formosa
formulación {f}  :: formulation
formulador {m}  :: maker, former (one who forms)
formular {adj}  :: formulary
formular {v}  :: to formulate
formulario {adj}  :: formal
formulario {m}  :: form (to be filled in)
formulismo {m}  :: formulism
Fornax {prop} [constellation]  :: Fornax (constellation)
forúnculo {m}  :: boil; furuncle
foráneo {adj}  :: foreign
fornicación {f}  :: fornication
fornicador {m}  :: fornicator
fornicar {v}  :: to fornicate
fornicio {m}  :: fornication
fornido {adj}  :: strappy, well-built
forónido {m} [zoology]  :: phoronid
foro {m}  :: forum
Foro {prop} [politics]  :: A Spanish political party
Foro de Cooperación Económica Asia-Pacífico {prop} {m}  :: APEC (trade agreement)
forofa {f}  :: feminine of forofo
forofo {m}  :: fan, enthusiast
fororo {m} [Venezuela]  :: A type of flour made with toasted corn
forradito {adj}  :: diminutive of forrado
forrado {adj} [colloquial]  :: wealthy; rolling in it
forraje {m}  :: forage
forrajear {v}  :: to forage
forrajero {adj}  :: forage
forrar {vt}  :: to line, cover the inside
forrar {vt}  :: to put a cover on a book
forrar {vt}  :: to overlay
forrar {vr}  :: to make a fortune
forrarse {v} [colloquial]  :: to make a killing
forro {m}  :: lining
forro {m}  :: dust jacket
forro {m} [heraldry]  :: fur
forro {m} [Argentina]  :: (condom) raincoat, glove
forro {m} [Argentina]  :: said to refer to people that are obnoxious, sometimes treacherous. Full expression "Forro pinchado" ("Perforated condom") - as being the result of, hence the treacherous/obnoxious meaning
fortachón {adj}  :: strong
fortalecedor {adj}  :: fortifying, restorative, regenerative
fortalecer {vt}  :: to fortify, strengthen
fortalecerse {v}  :: reflexive of fortalecer
fortalecimiento {m}  :: fortifying, strengthening
fortalecimiento muscular {m}  :: strength training
fortaleza {f}  :: fortitude
fortaleza {f}  :: strength
fortaleza {f}  :: firmness
fortaleza {f}  :: fortress
fortificación {f}  :: fortification
fortificado {adj}  :: fortified
fortificar {v}  :: to fortify
fortín {m}  :: bunker, pillbox (small fort)
fortísimo {adj}  :: superlative of fuerte
fortuitamente {adv}  :: Fortuitously, by chance
fortuito {adj}  :: accidental
fortuna {f}  :: fortune
fortuna {f}  :: wealth
fortuna {f}  :: luck
fortunadamente {adv}  :: fortunately
forzadamente {adv}  :: forcefully
forzado {adj}  :: forced, forcible
forzado {adj}  :: far-fetched, unlikely
forzado {m}  :: convict
forzamiento {m}  :: forcing
forzar {vt}  :: to force, to break through
forzar {vt}  :: to violate, to rape, to ravish
forzar {vt}  :: to take by storm
forzar {vt}  :: to compel, to force
forzarse {v}  :: reflexive of forzar
forzosamente {adv}  :: compulsorily, obligatorily
forzoso {adj}  :: obligatory, compulsory
forzudo {adj}  :: strong, tough
fosa {f}  :: cavity
fosa {f}  :: grave
fosa {f}  :: pit
fosa {f}  :: moat
fosa común {f}  :: mass grave
Fosa de las Marianas {prop} {f}  :: Mariana Trench (trench in the North Pacific Ocean)
fosa nasal {f}  :: nasal cavity
fosfatasa {f} [enzyme]  :: phosphatase
fosfatidilcolina {f} [organic compound]  :: phosphatidylcholine
fosfatidilinositol {m}  :: phosphatidylinositol
fosfatidilserina {f}  :: phosphatidylserine
fosfato {m}  :: phosphate
fosfito {m}  :: phosphite
fosfodiesterasa {f} [enzyme]  :: phosphodiesterase
fosfofructoquinasa {f} [enzyme]  :: phosphofructokinase
fosfoglicérido {f} [organic compound]  :: phosphoglyceride
fosfogluconato {m} [organic compound]  :: phosphogluconate
fosfogluconolactona {f} [organic compound]  :: phosphogluconolactone
fosfogluconolactonasa {f} [enzyme]  :: phosphogluconolactonase
fosfolipasa {f} [enzyme]  :: phospholipase
fosfolípido {m} [organic chemistry]  :: phospholipid
fosfoproteína {f} [protein]  :: phosphoprotein
fosforado {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: phosphide
fosforano {m} [organic chemistry]  :: phosphorane
fosforecer {v}  :: alternative spelling of fosforescer
fosforera {f}  :: matchbox
fosforera {f} [Cuba]  :: lighter
fosforescencia {f}  :: phosphorescence
fosforescente {adj}  :: phosphorescent
fosforescer {vi}  :: to phosphoresce
fosforilación {f} [chemistry]  :: phosphorylation
fosforilado {adj}  :: phosphorylated
fosforilar {v}  :: to phosphorylate
fosforito {adj}  :: fluorescent
fosforito {m}  :: highlighter
fosforribosil {m} [organic compound]  :: phosphoribosyl
fosfórico {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: phosphoric
fosfuro {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: phosphide
fosilífero {adj}  :: fossiliferous
fosilización {f}  :: fossilization
fosilizarse {v}  :: to fossilize, to become a fossil
foso {m}  :: ditch, trench
foso {m}  :: moat
foso {m} [shooting]  :: trap
fotaza {f}  :: a great photo
fotógrafa {f}  :: feminine noun of fotógrafo
fotógrafo {m}  :: photographer
fotómetro {m}  :: photometer
fotón {m}  :: photon
fotón {m}  :: augmentative of foto, a great photo
fotónica {f}  :: photonics
fotónico {adj}  :: photonic
foto {f}  :: photo, photograph
foto- {prefix}  :: photo-
fotocopia {f}  :: photocopy
fotocopiadora {f}  :: photocopier
fotocopiar {v}  :: to photocopy
fotodepilación {f}  :: laser hair removal
fotodesintegración {f} [physics]  :: photodisintegration
fotoeléctrico {adj}  :: photoelectric
fotofosforilación {f}  :: photophosphorylation
fotogalería {f}  :: photo gallery
fotogenia {f}  :: photogenicity
fotogénico {adj}  :: photogenic (producing or emitting light)
fotogénico {adj}  :: photogenic (looking good in a photograph)
fotograbado {m}  :: photoengraving
fotografía {f}  :: photograph
fotografía {f}  :: photography
fotografiar {v}  :: to photograph, to take a photograph
fotograma {f}  :: frame (of a film)
fotogrametría {f}  :: photogrammetry
fotográficamente {adv}  :: photographically
fotográfico {adj}  :: photographic
fotolibro {m} [photography]  :: photobook
fotolito {m}  :: photolyte
fotomontaje {m}  :: photomontage
fotométrico {adj}  :: photometric
fotomulta {f}  :: traffic camera (camera that takes photos of cars violating traffic rules)
fotomultiplicador {f}  :: photomultiplier
fotoperiodismo {m}  :: photojournalism
fotoperiodista {mf}  :: photojournalist
fotoprotección {f}  :: photoprotection, UV protection
fotoprotector {adj}  :: photoprotectant
fotoprotector {m}  :: photoprotector
fotoquímica {m}  :: photochemistry
fotoquímico {adj}  :: photochemical
fotoreportera {f}  :: photojournalist
fotoreportero {m}  :: photojournalist
fotorradar {m}  :: photoradar, speed trap
fotorreceptor {m} [biology]  :: photoreceptor
fotorreportaje {m}  :: photoreportage
fotorreportero {m}  :: photojournalist
fotorresistencia {f} [physics]  :: photoresistance
fotorrojo {m}  :: red light camera
fotosensible {adj}  :: photosensitive
fotosintéticamente {adv}  :: photosynthetically
fotosintético {adj}  :: photosynthetic
fotosistema {m}  :: photosystem
fotosíntesis {f}  :: photosynthesis
fototaxia {f} [biology]  :: phototaxis
fototaxis {f} [biology]  :: phototaxis
fototipo {m}  :: phototype
fototropina {f} [protein]  :: phototropin
fototropismo {m} [biology]  :: phototropism
fototubo {m}  :: phototube
fotovoltaico {adj}  :: photovoltaic
fotuto {m} [Cuba]  :: horn (on the car)
foulard {m}  :: foulard
fovismo {m}  :: fauvism
foxberi {m}  :: lingonberry
foxista {adj}  :: of or relating to Vicente Fox Quesada, president of Mexico from 2000 to 2006
foxtrot {m}  :: foxtrot (dance)
foyer {m}  :: foyer
fr. {n}  :: abbreviation of fray
fr. {n}  :: abbreviation of francés
frac {m}  :: tailcoat
fracasada {f}  :: feminine noun of fracasado
fracasado {adj}  :: failed, unsuccessful
fracasado {m}  :: loser, failure, flop
fracasar {vi}  :: to fail, flop, lose
fracasar {vit} [obsolete]  :: to break into pieces
fracaso {m}  :: downfall, ruin, calamity, destruction
fracaso {m}  :: failure, flop, abortiveness
fracción {f}  :: fraction
fracción {f}  :: part, fragment
fracción {f} [politics]  :: faction, splinter group
fracción común {f}  :: common fraction
fraccionador {m}  :: fractionator
fraccional {adj}  :: fractional
fraccionamiento {m} [Mexico]  :: a kind of neighbourhood
fraccionar {v}  :: to divide
fraccionario {adj}  :: fractional
fracking {m}  :: fracking
fractal {adj}  :: fractal
fractura {f}  :: fracture
fracturación {f}  :: fracturing
fracturamiento {m}  :: fracturing
fracturar {vt}  :: to fracture
Fraga {prop} {mf}  :: surname
fragancia {f}  :: fragrance, perfume, scent
fragante {adj}  :: sweet, redolent
fragante {adj}  :: notorious
fraganti {particle}  :: only in in fraganti
fragata {f}  :: frigate
fragata {f}  :: frigatebird
fragüe {m}  :: grout (mortar used between tiles)
fragilidad {f}  :: fragility
fragilizar {vt}  :: to make fragile
fragmentación {f}  :: fragmentation
fragmentar {v}  :: to fragment
fragmentario {adj}  :: fragmentary
fragmento {m}  :: fragment
fragmento de Okazaki {m} [genetics]  :: Okazaki fragment
fragor {m}  :: clamour, din
fragoroso {adj}  :: deafening, thunderous
fragosidad {f}  :: craggedness, cragginess, rockiness
fragosidad {f}  :: roughness, unevenness (of the road)
fragoso {adj}  :: rocky, craggy
fragoso {adj}  :: rough, uneven
fragrante {adj}  :: aromatic; fragrant (giving off a scent)
fragua {f}  :: forge
fraguar {v}  :: to forge
fraguar {v}  :: to conceive of
fraguar {v}  :: to hatch
fraguar {vi}  :: to set
fraile {m}  :: friar
frailecillo {m}  :: puffin (seabird with a coloured beak)
frailuno {adj}  :: monkish
frambuesa {f}  :: raspberry
frambuesa de Logan {f}  :: loganberry
frambueso {m}  :: raspberry (plant)
fríamente {adv}  :: coldly
francamente {adv}  :: frankly
francesa {f}  :: Frenchwoman
francófila {f}  :: feminine noun of francófilo
francófilo {m}  :: francophile
francófono {adj}  :: Francophone
franchute {mf} [colloquial, pejorative, ethnic slur]  :: a Frenchman, a frog
Francia {prop} {f}  :: France
Francia {prop} {f}  :: The letter F in the Spanish phonetic alphabet
francio {m}  :: francium
franciscano {adj}  :: Franciscan
franciscano {m}  :: Franciscan
Francisco {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to Francis
Francisquito {prop} {m}  :: given name
francmasón {m}  :: freemason
francmasonería {f}  :: Freemasonry
franco {m}  :: franc (former currency of France and other countries)
franco {adj}  :: frank, candid
franco {adj}  :: generous, liberal, openhanded
franco {adj}  :: free, unimpeded, unencumbered
franco {adj}  :: exempt, free
franco {adj}  :: Frankish
Franco {prop} {m}  :: given name, cognate to Frank
Franco {prop} {m}  :: surname
francoalemán {adj}  :: Franco-German
franco bordo {m} [nautical]  :: freeboard
francocanadiense {adj}  :: French Canadian
francocanadiense {mf}  :: French Canadian
franco-español {adj}  :: Franco-Spanish
francofonía {f}  :: Francophony
francohablante {mf}  :: Francophone
francoincienso {m}  :: frankincense
franco-italiano {adj}  :: Franco-Italian
francolín {m}  :: francolin
franco-portugués {adj}  :: Franco-Portuguese
francoprovenzal {m}  :: Franco-Provençal (language)
francotirador {m}  :: sniper
francoturco {adj}  :: Franco-Turkish
francoturco {m}  :: Franco-Turk
francés {adj}  :: French (as in French food, clothing, etc.)
francés {m}  :: Frenchman, inhabitant of France
francés {m}  :: The French language
francés {m} [colloquial]  :: blowjob
francés antiguo {m}  :: Old French language
francés medio {m}  :: Middle French language
franela {f}  :: flannel
franela {f}  :: T-shirt
franelear {v} [Argentina, colloquial]  :: to feel up, touch up, grope
franelera {f}  :: feminine noun of franelero
franelero {adj}  :: sweettalking
franelero {m}  :: sweet-talker
franelero {m}  :: car park attendant (especially, an illegal one)
frangible {adj}  :: frangible, breakable
frangir {v}  :: to split
frangir {v}  :: to divide
franja {f}  :: strip
Franja de Aragón {prop} {f}  :: Aragon Strip (part of Aragon where Catalan is spoken)
franjear {v}  :: to flank
franqueña {f}  :: feminine noun of franqueño
franquear {v}  :: to clear
franqueo {m}  :: postage
franqueño {adj}  :: Of or from the Presidente Franco District of Paraguay
franqueño {m}  :: An inhabitant of the Presidente Franco District of Paraguay
franqueza {f}  :: directness, outspokenness
franquicia {f}  :: franchise
franquiciar {v}  :: to franchise
franquiciatario {m}  :: franchisee, franchisor
franquincienso {m}  :: frankincense
franquismo {m}  :: Francoism
franquista {adj}  :: Franquist (pertaining to Francisco Franco)
franquista {mf}  :: Franquist (supporter of Francisco Franco)
frapeado {adj}  :: crushed
frapita {f} [Argentina, slang, usually plural]  :: stuff (something too irrelevant to be specified)
frapita {f} [Argentina, slang, usually plural]  :: bullshit
frappuccino {m}  :: frappuccino
Frías {prop}  :: surname
frasco {m}  :: bottle (for medicine, perfume)
frase {f}  :: sentence
frase {f}  :: phrase
frasear {v}  :: to phrase
frasecita {f}  :: diminutive of frase
frase hecha {f}  :: a set phrase; a fixed phrase or collocation in common use; may be proverbial or have a figurative sense, but not necessarily idiomatic. An example of such a phrase in English would be, “like a duck takes to water.”
fraseo {m} [music]  :: phrasing
fraseo {m}  :: phrasing
fraseología {f}  :: phraseology
Frasniano {prop} {m}  :: Frasnian
Frasniense {prop} {m}  :: Frasnian
Frasquita {prop} {f}  :: A diminutive of the female given name Francisca
frasquito {m}  :: diminutive of frasco
fraternal {adj}  :: fraternal
fraternalmente {adv}  :: fraternally
fraternidad {f}  :: brotherhood
fraternidad {f}  :: fraternity
fraternización {f}  :: fraternization
fraternizar {v}  :: to fraternize
fraterno {adj}  :: brotherly, fraternal (of or charasteristic of brothers)
fratricida {adj}  :: fratricidal
fratricida {mf}  :: fratricide
fratricidamente {adv}  :: In a dog-eat-dog way
fratricidio {m}  :: fratricide
fraude {m}  :: fraud
fraude electoral {m}  :: electoral fraud
fraudulentamente {adv}  :: fraudulently
fraudulento {adj}  :: fraudulent
fray {m}  :: friar
fraybentina {f}  :: feminine singular of fraybentino
fraybentino {adj}  :: Of or from the Uruguayan city of Fray Bentos
fraybentino {m}  :: A person from Fray Bentos
frazada {f}  :: blanket
fórceps {m}  :: forceps
fúrcula {f} [ornithology]  :: furcula, wishbone
freaki {adj}  :: alternative form of friki
freaki {mf}  :: alternative form of friki
frecuencia {f}  :: frequency
frecuencia {f}  :: repetition
frecuencial {adj}  :: frequential
frecuencia respiratoria {f}  :: respiratory rate
frecuentar {v}  :: to frequent
frecuentativo {m}  :: frequentative
frecuente {adj}  :: frequent
frecuentemente {adv}  :: often, frequently
freelance {adj}  :: freelance
freestyle {m}  :: freestyle
Freetown {prop}  :: Freetown (capital of Sierra Leone)
freeware {m}  :: freeware
fregadero {m}  :: sink, kitchen sink
fregar {v}  :: to wash (dishes)
fregar {v}  :: to scrub
fregar {v} [colloquial, Latin America]  :: to peeve, annoy
fregón {adj} [Latin America]  :: silly; dumb
fregón {adj} [Latin America]  :: annoying
fregolismo {m}  :: High-paced frenetic acting
fregona {f}  :: dishwasher (person); kitchen maid
fregona {f}  :: mop
freidora {f}  :: fryer, deep-fat fryer
freiduría {f}  :: fried fish shop
frejol {m} [Peru]  :: bean seed
frejol {m} [Peru]  :: bean plant
freón {m}  :: Freon
frenar {vt}  :: to brake (a vehicle)
frenar {vt}  :: to restrain
frenazo {m}  :: brake, braking (act of braking e.g. a vehicle)
frenesí {m}  :: frenzy (state of wild activity or panic)
frenillo {m} [orthodontics]  :: braces
frenillo {m}  :: frenulum (fold of tissue that prevents an organ in the body from moving too far)
freno {m} [automotive]  :: brake (of a vehicle, etc.)
freno {m}  :: bridle
freno de tambor {m}  :: drum brake
frenología {f}  :: phrenology
frenopática {f}  :: feminine noun of frenopático
frenopático {adj}  :: psychiatric
frenopático {m} [colloquial]  :: lunatic asylum, loony bin
frente {f} [anatomy]  :: forehead
frente {m}  :: front
frente {m} [architecture]  :: front
frente {m} [military]  :: front
frente {m} [weather]  :: front
frente {m} [Politics]  :: front
frenteamplista {mf}  :: A member or supporter of Frente Amplio, a political party in various countries
frenteamplista {adj}  :: Supporting Frente Amplio
frentear {v}  :: to face
frente frío {m}  :: cold front
frentera {f}  :: face piece (of a horse's bridle)
frentero {adj}  :: in your face
frenéticamente {adv}  :: frenetically; furiously
frenético {adj}  :: frenetic, fast-paced
frentismo {m} [politics]  :: The creation of alliances
frentista {mf}  :: frontist
freqüentemente {adv}  :: obsolete form of frecuentemente
freír {v}  :: to fry
fresa {f}  :: strawberry
fresa {f}  :: milling cutter (rotary cutting tool)
fresa {f} [colloquial, Mexico]  :: snob
fresa {f}  :: endmill
fresadora {f}  :: milling machine
fresar {v}  :: to mill (using a milling cutter)
fresar {v}  :: to mix flour with water before kneading
fresar {v} [rare, dated]  :: to grunt, gripe, complain
frescales {mf} [colloquial]  :: cheek, cheeky bugger
frescamente {adv}  :: freshly
fresco {adj}  :: fresh
fresco {adj}  :: cool [temperature]
fresco {adj}  :: cheeky
fresco {m} [weather]  :: strong breeze
fresco {m}  :: fresco [painting]
frescor {m}  :: chill, coolness
frescura {f}  :: coolness; condition of being refreshing
fresero {m}  :: strawberry farmer, strawberry picker
fresita {f}  :: diminutive of fresa
fresón {m}  :: strawberry (fruit)
fresno {m}  :: ash tree
fresquete {m}  :: cold
fresquito {adj}  :: diminutive of fresco; chilly, cool
frete {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: fret
freático {adj} [geology]  :: phreatic
féretro {m}  :: coffin
freudiano {adj}  :: Freudian
frevo {m}  :: frevo
Férez {prop}  :: surname
frezar {v}  :: to excrete
frezar {v}  :: to spawn
frezar {v}  :: to clean (a beehive of mess)
fárfara {f}  :: coltsfoot
frígido {adj}  :: frigid
frágil {adj}  :: fragile
frágilmente {adv}  :: fragilely
friabilidad {f}  :: friability
friable {adj}  :: friable, crumbly
frialdad {f}  :: frigidity
friambre {m}  :: synonym of fiambre
Friburgo {prop} {f}  :: Freiburg
fricandó {m}  :: fricassee
fricativo {adj} [phonetics]  :: fricative
fricción {f}  :: rub
fricción {f}  :: friction
friccionar {v}  :: to rub
Frida {prop}  :: given name
friegaplatos {m}  :: dishwasher
friegaplatos {mf}  :: washer-upper
friend {m} [climbing]  :: cam
friera {f} [pathology]  :: chilblain
Frigia {prop} {f} [historical]  :: Phrygia (ancient kingdom)
frigánea {f}  :: caddis fly
frigobar {m} [Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru]  :: minibar
frigorífico {adj}  :: refrigerated
frigorífico {m} [Spain]  :: refrigerator
frijol {m} [Mexico, Central America, Peru]  :: bean, bean seed
frijol {m} [Mexico, Central America, Peru]  :: bean plant
frijolada {f}  :: A type of bean stew
frijolera {f}  :: feminine noun of frijolero
frijolero {m}  :: bean farmer
frijolero {m} [pejorative, racial slur, US]  :: beaner
frijolero {adj}  :: bean-farming
frijolito {m}  :: diminutive of frijol
friki {adj} [colloquial]  :: freaky
friki {adj} [colloquial]  :: nerdy; geeky
friki {mf} [colloquial]  :: nerd (a person, often very studious, with poor social skills)
friki {mf} [colloquial]  :: geek; freak (a person very interested and/or versed in a particular topic)
frikismo {m} [colloquial]  :: geekiness; nerdiness
frimario {m}  :: Frimaire
friolento {adj}  :: shivery (sensitive to cold)
friolero {adj}  :: sensitive to the cold, prone to easily feeling cold, cold-sensitive
frior {m} [archaic]  :: cold
friqui {adj}  :: alternative spelling of friki
friqui {mf}  :: alternative spelling of friki
frisa {f}  :: frieze
frisa {f} [Puerto Rico]  :: blanket
frisar {v} [age]  :: to approach, to border on
frisar {v} [people]  :: to get along with
frisar {v} [hair]  :: to curl, crimp
frisar {v}  :: to rub on
frisca {f} [Chile, colloquial]  :: beating
Frisia {prop} {f}  :: Friesland
frisón {adj}  :: West Frisian
frisón {m}  :: West Frisian
frisón {m}  :: West Frisian (language)
frisón antiguo {m}  :: Old Frisian language
friso {m} [architecture]  :: frieze
fritanga {f} [derogative]  :: fried food
fritanga {f} [derogative]  :: frying
fritar {v}  :: to fry
frito {adj}  :: fried
frito {adj}  :: broken, busted
frito {adj}  :: fed up
frito {m}  :: fry, fried dish
fritura {f}  :: fried food
friulana {f}  :: feminine noun of friulano
friulano {adj}  :: Friulian
friulano {m}  :: Friulian person
friulano {prop} {m}  :: Friulian language
Friuli-Venecia Julia {prop}  :: Friuli-Venezia Giulia (region)
frivolidad {f}  :: frivolity
frivolizar {v}  :: to trivialize, to play down
friz {m}  :: common beech, European beech
fríjol {m} [Colombia]  :: Variant of frijol: bean
fármaco {m}  :: medicine
fórmico {adj}  :: formic
fórmula {f}  :: formula
Fórmula 1 {prop} {f}  :: Formula One (discipline in motor racing)
fórmula de Euler {f} [complex analysis]  :: Euler’s formula
fórmula química {f}  :: molecular formula
Fórmula Uno {prop} {f}  :: Formula One (discipline in motor racing)
Fráncfort {prop} {m}  :: Fráncfort (city)
Fráncfort del Meno {prop}  :: Frankfurt-am-Main
fráncico {m}  :: Frankish language
frénico {adj}  :: phrenic
frío {adj}  :: cold
frío {m}  :: cold, coldness
froga {f}  :: brickworks, masonry factory
Froila {prop} {m}  :: given name
Froilana {prop} {f}  :: given name
Froilán {prop} {m}  :: given name
fronda {f} [botany]  :: frond
fronde {m}  :: alternative form of fronda
frondista {mf}  :: rebel
frondosidad {f}  :: leafiness
frondoso {adj}  :: leafy, luxuriant
frondoso {adj}  :: bushy (beard, hair)
frondoso {adj}  :: plentiful; abundant
frontal {adj}  :: frontal
frontal {m}  :: frontal bone
frontal {m}  :: frontalis, frontalis muscle
frontalidad {f}  :: frontality
frontalmente {adv}  :: frontally
frontalmente {adv}  :: head-on
frontera {f}  :: border
frontera {f}  :: frontier
frontera {f}  :: demarcation
fronterizo {adj}  :: relating to borders
fronterizo {m}  :: a person who lives on a national border
frontero {adj}  :: opposite
frontis {m}  :: façade
frontispicio {m}  :: frontispiece
frontman {m}  :: frontman
frontón {m} [Basque pelota]  :: fronton, wall
frontón {m}  :: A sport consisting of hitting a ball against a wall with the hand, or a racket
frontón {m}  :: A wall used in the sport of frontón
frontón {m} [architecture]  :: pediment
frontwoman {f}  :: frontwoman
frotamiento {m}  :: frottage
frotar {v}  :: to rub
frotarse {v}  :: reflexive of frotar
frotis {m}  :: swab; smear
fárrago {m}  :: farrago, hodgepodge, mishmash
férreamente {adv}  :: rigidly, strictly
férreo {adj}  :: Made of or containing the properties of iron
férreo {adj}  :: Persistent, being determined; tenacious
férreo {adj}  :: Powerful or hard
férreo {adj} [archaeology]  :: From the Iron Age
férrico {adj}  :: ferric
frústula {f} [anatomy]  :: frustule
fértil {adj}  :: fertile
fructíferamente {adv}  :: fruitfully
fructífero {adj}  :: fructiferous; frugiferous
fructífero {adj} [figuratively]  :: fruitful; prosperous
fructificación {f}  :: fruiting, fruition
fructificar {v}  :: to fructify, to bear fruit
fructooligosacárido {m} [organic compound]  :: fructooligosaccharide
fructosa {f} [carbohydrate]  :: fructose
fructosano {m} [organic compound]  :: fructan
fructuosamente {adv}  :: fruitfully
fructuoso {adj}  :: fruitful
frufrú {m}  :: rustle; rustling (of fabrics)
frugal {adj}  :: frugal, economical
frugalidad {f}  :: frugality
frugivoro {adj}  :: frugivorous
frugívoro {adj} [ecology]  :: frugivorous (having a diet that consists mostly of fruit)
frugívoro {m} [ecology]  :: frugivore (animal that eats mostly fruit)
fruición {f}  :: delight
fruir {v}  :: to enjoy
férula {f} [medicine]  :: splint
fruncimiento {m}  :: frown
fruncir {vt}  :: to pucker, wrinkle
fruncir {vt} [sewing]  :: to gather
fruncir {v} [set phrase]  :: to frown
fruslería {m}  :: trifle, trivial matter
frustración {f}  :: frustration
frustrado {adj}  :: unsuccessful; abortive
frustrante {adj}  :: frustrating
frustrar {v}  :: to frustrate
fruta {f}  :: an edible fruit
fruta {f} [gastronomy]  :: a dish or serving of fruit, ready for eating
frutal {adj}  :: related to fruit
frutal {adj}  :: fruit-bearing
frutal {m}  :: fruit company
frutar {v}  :: to fruit; bear fruit
frutícola {adj}  :: fruit
frutería {f}  :: A fruit market or stand
frutera {f}  :: fruit bowl
frutero {m}  :: fruit bowl
frutero {m}  :: fruit seller or salesman
fruticoso {adj} [botany]  :: fruticose
fruticultura {f}  :: fruit picking; fruit farming
frutihortícola {adj}  :: fruit-growing
frutilla {f}  :: strawberry
fruto {m} [botany]  :: any fruit from a plant, whether sweet or not (like avocado or tomato), edible or not
fruto {m}  :: any vegetable or produce that is grown
fruto {m} [economics]  :: profit from an activity
fruto {m}  :: result of an action, omission, attitude, etc
fruto {m} [figuratively]  :: offspring
fruto prohibido {m}  :: forbidden fruit
férvido {adj}  :: fervent, ardent
frívolamente {adv}  :: frivolously
frívolo {adj}  :: frivolous
fósforo {m}  :: phosphorus
fósforo {m}  :: matchstick
física {f}  :: physics (branch of science)
física {f}  :: feminine noun of físico
físicamente {adv}  :: physically
físico {adj}  :: physical
físico {m}  :: physique (natural constitution, or physical structure, of a person)
físico {m}  :: physicist
físicoculturismo {m}  :: bodybuilding
fósil {m}  :: fossil
fósil viviente {m} [biology]  :: living fossil
FSLN {initialism}  :: Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional
fásmido {m}  :: phasmid
fístula {f}  :: fistula
ftalato {m} [organic chemistry]  :: phthalate
ftalimida {f} [organic chemistry]  :: phthalimide
fútbol {m}  :: football (soccer)
fútbol americano {m}  :: American football
fútbol de bronce {m} [Spain, football]  :: third-division football (The Segunda División B)
fútbol sala {m}  :: futsal. five-a-side football
fótico {adj}  :: photic
fétido {adj}  :: stinking, fetid
fútil {adj}  :: insignificant
fútilmente {adv}  :: futilely, in vain
Fátima {prop} {f} [Islam]  :: Fatima, the daughter of Muhammad
Fátima {prop} {f}  :: given name used by Muslims and Roman Catholics
Fátima {prop} {f}  :: A town and place of Roman Catholic pilgrimage in Portugal, named from the Arabic given name
ftálico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: phthalic
fu {interj}  :: An indication of disgust
fu {interj}  :: The hissing of a cat
fuagrás {m}  :: foie gras
fucosa {m} [carbohydrate]  :: fucose
fucsia {f}  :: fuchsia (plant)
fucsia {f}  :: fuchsia (color)
fuculosa {f} [organic compound]  :: fuculose
fuego {m}  :: fire
fuego {interj}  :: fire! (cry of distress indicating that something is on fire)
fuego a discreción {phrase} [military]  :: fire at will!
fuego amigo {m}  :: friendly fire
fuego artificial {m}  :: firework (device emitting coloured flames, sparks, whistles or bangs)
fuego cruzado {m} [military]  :: crossfire
fuego de san Telmo {m}  :: St. Elmo's fire
fuego de Santelmo {m}  :: St. Elmo's fire
fuego fatuo {m}  :: will o' the wisp
fueguina {f}  :: feminine noun of fueguino
fueguino {adj}  :: Of or from Tierra del Fuego; Fuegian
fueguino {m}  :: Someone from Tierra del Fuego; Fuegian
fuel {m}  :: fuel oil
fuelle {m}  :: bellows (device for delivering pressurized air)
fuelle {m} [photography]  :: bellows (enclosures connecting the lensboard and the camera back)
fuelle {m}  :: the folding roof of a convertible vehicle
fuelle {m}  :: bag (of bagpipes)
fuelle {m}  :: stamina; steam
Fuenlabrada {prop}  :: Fuenlabrada (city)
fuenlabreño {adj}  :: from Fuenlabrada
fuenlabreño {m}  :: Someone from Fuenlabrada
fuente {f}  :: spring (water), fountain
fuente {f}  :: source
fuentecilla {f}  :: diminutive of fuente
Fuentes {prop}  :: surname
fuera {adv}  :: outside
fueraborda {f}  :: outboard motor
fuera de combate {adj} [idiomatic]  :: knocked-out
fuera de cuentas {adj} [idiomatic]  :: to be due (expecting to give birth)
fuera de la ley {adj} [idiom]  :: against the law
fuera de lugar {adj} [idiomatic]  :: out of place
fuera de quicio {adj}  :: beside oneself
fuera de sí {adj}  :: beside oneself (amazed)
fuera de serie {adj} [idiomatic]  :: exceptional
fuerista {adj}  :: relating to fueros
fuero {m}  :: charter
fuero {m}  :: law, local law (especially in Navarra or the Basque Country)
fuero {m} [historical, Spain]  :: law, laws
fuero {m} [historical]  :: lawbook
fuero {m}  :: privilege, a certain immunity
fuero {m}  :: jurisdiction
fuerte {adj}  :: strong
fuerte {adj}  :: loud
fuerte {m}  :: fort, stronghold
fuerte {m}  :: strong point, forte, strength
fuerte {m} [colloquial, Chile]  :: booze
fuertecito {adj}  :: diminutive of fuerte
fuertemente {adv}  :: strongly, hard, severely
Fuerteventura {prop} {f}  :: Fuerteventura (islands)
fuerza {f}  :: force
fuerza {f} [physics]  :: force
fuerza aérea {f}  :: air force (branch of the military devoted to air warfare)
fuerza centrífuga {f}  :: centrifugal force
fuerza centrípeta {f}  :: centripetal force
fuerza electromagnética {f}  :: electromagnetic force
fuet {m}  :: fuet (sausage)
fuetazo {m}  :: lash (of a whip)
fufar {v}  :: to make a hissing noise like an angry cat, to hiss
fufurufa {f} [colloquial, Colombia]  :: prostitute
fufurufo {adj} [colloquial, El Salvador]  :: stock-up, smug, conceited
fuga {f}  :: escape
fuga {f}  :: leak
fuga {f}  :: flight (act of fleeing)
fugacidad {f} [physics]  :: fugacity
fugacidad {f} [uncountable]  :: transience
fuga de cerebros {f}  :: brain drain
fugar {vr}  :: to escape
fugar {vr}  :: to flee
fugarse {v}  :: to flee, to run away, to escape
fugaz {adj}  :: fleeting
fugaza {f}  :: A type of pizza made with focaccia bread
fugazmente {adv}  :: fleetingly
fugitivo {adj}  :: fugitive
fuguista {mf}  :: jailbreaker, fugitive (one who breaks out of jail)
fuñingue {adj} [Cuba, Chile]  :: weak (lacking strength)
fuñir {v} [Dominican Republic, slang]  :: to get oneself in a mess
fujimorato {m}  :: The time during which Alberto Fujimori was president of Peru, from 1990 to 2000
Fujimori {prop}  :: surname
fujimorismo {m}  :: Fujimorism (the political ideology of Alberto Fujimori)
fujimorista {mf}  :: A supporter of Alberto Fujimori
fujimorista {adj}  :: Supporting Alberto Fujimori
Fujiwara {prop}  :: surname
fula {m} [Cuba, slang]  :: A U.S. dollar
fula {m} [Cuba, slang, pejorative]  :: A shady person; a person who cannot be trusted
fulana {f} [pejorative]  :: miss so-and-so
fulana {f} [pejorative]  :: harlot, slut
Fulana {prop} {f}  :: feminine noun of Fulano
Fulanas {prop}  :: feminine plural of Fulano
fulanita {f}  :: diminutive of fulana
Fulanita {prop} {f}  :: diminutive of Fulana
fulanito {m}  :: diminutive of fulano
Fulanito {prop} {m}  :: diminutive of Fulano
fulano {m}  :: alternative letter-case form of Fulano, what's-his-name, so-and-so
fulano {m} [pejorative]  :: guy, dude
fulano {m} [pejorative]  :: friend, buster, pal, buddy (sarcastic form of address used to warn someone)
Fulano {prop} {m}  :: Joe Schmoe, what's-his-name, so-and-so
Fulanos {prop}  :: plural of Fulano
Fulano, Zutano, Mengano y Perengano {mp}  :: Tom, Dick or Harry (anybody or everybody; random or unknown people)
fular {m}  :: neckerchief
Fulberta {prop} {f}  :: given name
Fulberto {prop} {m}  :: given name
fulbito {m} [Argentina, Uruguay]  :: noncompetitive football
fulbito {m} [Peru]  :: football played on a small pitch
Fulca {prop} {f}  :: given name
Fulco {prop} {m}  :: given name
fulcro {m} [physics]  :: fulcrum
fulgente {adj}  :: shining, glittering
fulgir {v}  :: to shine
fulgir {v}  :: to glow
fulgor {m}  :: shine, glow, splendor
fulguración {f}  :: flare
fulgurante {adj}  :: shimmering, shining
fulgurante {adj}  :: very quick, zooming
fulgurar {v}  :: to glow
fulgurar {v}  :: to fulgurate
fulgurita {f}  :: fulgurite
fulguroso {adj}  :: fulgurous
fuliginoso {adj}  :: fuliginous, sooty
fuliginoso {adj}  :: dark, obscure
fulita {m}  :: diminutive of fula
fullería {f}  :: trick
fulminante {adj}  :: sudden, fulminant
fulminante {adj}  :: blazing
fulminante {adj}  :: superb, tremendous
fulminante {m}  :: percussion cap
fulminantemente {adv}  :: surprisingly (without warning)
fulminar {v}  :: to strike down
fulminato {m}  :: fulminate
fulmineo {adj}  :: fulmineous
fulmínico {adj}  :: fulminic
fumada {f}  :: puff (of a cigarette)
fumadero {m}  :: smoking place
fumadero {m}  :: smoking house
fumadero {m}  :: smoking compartment, smoking room
fumado {adj} [colloquial]  :: high, smoked up, fried (intoxicated from smoking, especially marijuana)
fumador {m}  :: smoker
fumadora {f}  :: feminine noun of fumador
fumar {v}  :: to smoke (a cigarette)
fumarasa {f} [enzyme]  :: fumarase
fumarato {m}  :: fumarate
fumar como chino en quiebra {v} [idiomatic]  :: to smoke like a chimney
fumar como un carretero {v} [idiomatic]  :: to smoke like a chimney
fumarel común {m}  :: The black tern. A seabird
fumarola {f}  :: fumarole (opening in the ground that emits gases)
fumarse {v}  :: reflexive of fumar
fumata {f}  :: fumata (smoke signal used to declare if there's a new pope)
fumata {f} [slang]  :: smoke (smoking session, especially of pot)
fumata {mf} [slang]  :: pothead (someone who frequently smokes marijuana)
fumblear {v}  :: to fumble
fumigación {f}  :: fumigation
fumigador {m}  :: fumigator
fumigar {v}  :: to fumigate
fumón {m} [Peru, Ecuador]  :: marijuana smoker
fumona {f}  :: feminine noun of fumón
fumárico {adj} [chemistry]  :: fumaric
funa {f}  :: a protest
Funafuti {prop}  :: Funafuti (capital of Tuvalu)
funambulesco {adj} [attributive]  :: tightrope walking
funambulesco {adj}  :: extravagant, showy, over the top
funambulismo {m}  :: tightrope walking
funambulista {mf}  :: tightrope walker, funambulist
funar {v} [Chile]  :: to take part in a protest
función {f}  :: function
función {f} [theater]  :: showing
función armónica {f}  :: harmonic function
función elemental {f}  :: elementary function
función exponencial {f}  :: exponential function
funcional {adj}  :: functional
funcionalidad {f}  :: functionality
funcionalismo {m}  :: functionalism
funcionalista {mf}  :: functionalist
funcionalmente {adv}  :: functionally
funcionamiento {m}  :: functioning
funcionar {v}  :: to work, to function
funcionaria {f}  :: feminine of funcionario
funcionariado {m}  :: civil service
funcionarial {adj} [attributive]  :: civil service, civil servant
funcionario {m}  :: official, public official
funcionario {m}  :: officeholder
funda {f} [Dominican Republic, slang]  :: small bag
funda {f}  :: wrapping
fundación {f}  :: foundation
fundacional {adj}  :: foundational
fundadamente {adv}  :: reasonably
fundador {adj}  :: founding
fundador {m}  :: founder
fundadora {f}  :: feminine noun of fundador
fundamentación {f}  :: basis, foundation
fundamental {adj}  :: fundamental
fundamentalismo {m}  :: fundamentalism (religion)
fundamentalismo {m} [sometimes]  :: Islamic fundamentalism
fundamentalismo {m}  :: fundamentalism (Strict adherence to any set of basic ideas or principles.)
fundamentalista {mf}  :: fundamentalist
fundamentalmente {adv}  :: fundamentally
fundamentar {v}  :: to build the basis for
fundamento {m} [architecture]  :: foundation (lowest and supporting part or member of a wall)
fundamento {m}  :: cornerstone
fundar {v}  :: to found
fundarse {v}  :: reflexive of fundar
fundíbulo {m}  :: trebuchet
fundente {m} [metallurgy]  :: flux (a chemical agent for cleaning metal prior to soldering or welding)
FUNDER {prop}  :: Fundación para el Desarrollo Empresarial Rural (Honduras)
fundible {adj}  :: fusible
fundición {f}  :: smelting, melting, casting
fundición {f}  :: foundry, smelting plant
fundición {f}  :: an alloy of iron and carbon
fundición {f} [typography]  :: font
fundidor {adj}  :: smelting
fundidor {m}  :: smelter
fundillo {m}  :: seat; crotch (of trousers)
fundillo {m}  :: bottom; rear end; derriere
fundir {v}  :: to smelt
fundir {v}  :: to fade
fundo {m}  :: country estate, farm
funeral {adj}  :: funerary, funeral
funeral {m} [often, in the plural]  :: funeral (ceremony)
funeraria {f}  :: funeral undertaker
funerario {adj}  :: funeral
funestamente {adv}  :: gloomily
funesto {adj}  :: fateful
funesto {adj}  :: dismal
funesto {adj}  :: baleful
fungibilidad {f}  :: fungibility
fungicida {m}  :: fungicide
fungicida {adj}  :: fungicidal
fungicidal {adj}  :: fungicidal
fungir {v} [Central America]  :: to act as, to serve in a position
funicular {m}  :: funicular, cable car
funk {m} [music]  :: funk
funky {adj}  :: funky
funky {m}  :: funky (music or dance)
funámbulo {m}  :: tightrope walker
funtor {m}  :: functor
furano {m} [organic chemistry]  :: furan
furanosa {f} [carbohydrate]  :: furanose
furazolidona {f} [organic compound]  :: furazolidone
furcia {f} [colloquial, pejorative]  :: hooker, slut (prostitute)
furfural {m}  :: furfural
furgón {m}  :: van (a covered vehicle used for carrying goods or people)
furgo {f}  :: van
furgoneta {f}  :: a small van
furia {f}  :: fury
furia {f}  :: rage
furia {f}  :: Fury
furibundo {adj}  :: furious, enraged, irate
furiosamente {adv}  :: angrily, furiously
furioso {adj}  :: furious, raging, relentless
furánico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: furanic
furor {f}  :: fury, rage
furor {f}  :: frenzy
furtivamente {adv}  :: by stealth, furtively
furtivamente {adv}  :: clandestinely
furtivismo {m}  :: poaching
furtivista {m}  :: poacher
furtivo {adj}  :: furtive
furtivo {adj}  :: stealthy
furtivo {adj}  :: poacher-like
furtivo {m}  :: poacher
fusado {m} [heraldry]  :: fusil
fusca {f} [slang]  :: A gun
fuselaje {m}  :: fuselage
fusibilidad {f}  :: fusibility
fusible {m}  :: fuse (electrical component)
fusible {adj}  :: fusible
fusiforme {adj}  :: fusiform
fusil {m}  :: rifle
fusilamiento {m}  :: execution (by shooting)
fusilar {v}  :: to shoot
fusilería {f}  :: gunfire
fusilería {f} [collectively]  :: guns
fusilero {adj}  :: rifle [attributive] (relaed to rifles)
fusilero {n}  :: rifle man
fusión {f}  :: fusion
fusión de núcleo {f}  :: nuclear meltdown
fusión nuclear {f} [physics]  :: nuclear fusion
fusionar {v}  :: to fuse
fusionarse {v}  :: to fuse together; to become fused
fusta {f}  :: whip, crop
fustazo {m}  :: whip (strike with a whip)
fuste {m} [architecture]  :: shaft
fuste {m}  :: importance
fuste {m}  :: wood, timber
fáustico {adj}  :: Faustian
fustigar {vt}  :: to whip
fustán {m} [Central America, Mexico]  :: petticoat
futbol {m} [Mexico]  :: football (soccer)
futbolero {adj} [attributive]  :: football
futbolero {m}  :: football fan
futbolista {mf}  :: football player/soccer player
futbolito {m}  :: foosball
futbolización {f}  :: footballization
futbolín {m}  :: table football, foosball
futbolín {m}  :: foosball table
futbolísticamente {adv}  :: in reference to football
futbolístico {adj} [attributive]  :: football, footballing
futesa {f}  :: nonsense; nothingness; trifle
futilidad {f}  :: futility
futillo {m}  :: foosball
futsal {m}  :: futsal (form of soccer)
futura {f}  :: inheritance
futurible {adj}  :: forthcoming, upcoming, future
futurible {adj}  :: likely, probable
futurible {adj}  :: worthy of promotion
futurible {mf}  :: future potential leader
futurismo {m} [arts, literature, etc.]  :: futurism
futurista {mf}  :: futurist
futuróloga {f}  :: futurologist
futurólogo {m}  :: futurologist
futuro {adj}  :: future (occurring in the future)
futuro {m}  :: future (the time ahead)
futuro {m} [grammar]  :: future, future tense
futuro compuesto {m} [grammar]  :: future perfect tense
futuro de subjuntivo {m} [grammar]  :: future subjunctive
futuro imperfecto {m}  :: future simple
futurología {f}  :: futurology
futuro simple {m} [grammar]  :: simple future tense
futurístico {adj}  :: futuristic (advanced far beyond what is modern)
fuzz {m}  :: fuzz