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D {letter}  :: letter: de
da {adv} [local]  :: there; here
da {adv} [temporal]  :: then; so; at that moment
da {adv} [colloquial]  :: replaces any pronominal adverb when the context is clear
da {conj}  :: since; as; because; given that
da {conj} [literary, dated]  :: when
daß {conj}  :: obsolete spelling of dass
daß {art}  :: obsolete spelling of das
da- {prefix}  :: prefix form of da, meaning there-
dabei {adv}  :: pronominal adverb of bei (replaces bei + demonstrative or personal pronoun, unless referring to people)
dabei {adv}  :: with one, on one
dabei {adv}  :: (when) indeed, (but) actually (expressing a contradiction)
dabei {adv}  :: in the process of [followed by an infinitive clause]
dabey {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of dabei
Dach {n}  :: roof
Dach {prop} {mf}  :: surname
DACH {prop} {n}  :: Germany, Austria and Switzerland as a unit
DACH {prop} {n}  :: The German Sprachraum
Dachboden {m}  :: (a storage room in the) attic
Dachdecker {m}  :: tiler, roofer, slater, thatcher (male or of unspecified sex) (profession)
Dachdeckerin {f}  :: tiler, roofer, slater, thatcher (female) (profession)
Dachdeckung {f}  :: roofing
Dacheindeckung {f}  :: roofing (roof cladding)
Dachentwässerung {f}  :: roof drainage
Dachfenster {n} [architecture]  :: dormer, skylight
Dachgaube {f}  :: dormer
Dachgeschoss {n}  :: attic, loft, top floor
Dachhase {m}  :: roof rabbit; cat
Dachlawine {f} [larger amount of snow avalanching from roofs and endangering pedestrians]  :: roof avalanche
Dachlinie {f}  :: roofline
Dachreling {f}  :: roof rails
Dachrinne {f}  :: rain gutter
Dachs {m}  :: badger
Dachschaden {m}  :: roof damage
Dachschaden {m} [figuratively]  :: a mental problem
Dachshund {m}  :: dachshund (sausage dog, wiener dog)
Dachshund {m}  :: basset hound
Dachsprache {f} [countable, linguistics]  :: a dachsprache; an umbrella language, a language form that serves as a standard language in a country above other dialects (especially in France, Germany and Italy where one can find very distinct dialects and variations of the language in question)
Dachstube {f}  :: attic
Dachstuhl {m} [architecture]  :: roof truss, roof timbering
Dachswelpe {m}  :: young badger, badger puppy
Dachterrasse {f}  :: roof terrace
Dachverband {m}  :: umbrella organization / umbrella organisation
Dachzeile {f} [journalism]  :: kicker (a smaller line above the headline)
Dachziegel {m}  :: roof tile
Dackel {m}  :: dachshund, sausage dog
Dadaismus {m}  :: dadaism
dadaistisch {adj} [art]  :: dadaistic
Dadra und Nagar Haveli {prop}  :: Dadra and Nagar Haveli
dadurch {adv}  :: through it, through that
DaF {initialism} [education]  :: initialism of Deutsch als Fremdsprache (German as a foreign language)
dafür {adv}  :: for that, for it
dafür {adv}  :: instead, at least, as a compensation
dafür nicht {phrase}  :: don't mention it, you're welcome
dagegen {adv}  :: against it, against that, thereagainst
dagegen {adv}  :: however
dagehabt {v}  :: past participle of dahaben
Dagestan {prop} {n}  :: Dagestan
Dagmar {prop}  :: given name borrowed from Danish in the 19th century
Dagobert Duck {prop} {m}  :: Scrooge McDuck, Uncle Scrooge (Disney character)
Dagobert Duck {m} [figuratively]  :: Uncle Scrooge (rich miser)
dahaben {v} [colloquial]  :: to have available, to have in stock
dahaben {v} [colloquial]  :: to have someone visiting
daheim {adv}  :: home, at home (adverb)
daher {adv}  :: from there
daher {adv} [figuratively]  :: therefore; because of that; hence; thus
daher {adv} [with a verb of motion]  :: along
daherkommen {v}  :: to approach, come (up)
daherkommen {v}  :: to come up, arise
daherkommen {v}  :: to be a result (of) [with a clause]
daherreden {v}  :: To speak foolishly; to drivel
dahin {adv}  :: there (to or into that place; thither)
dahin gehend {adj}  :: alternative spelling of dahingehend
dahingehend {adj}  :: to that effect
dahinleben {v}  :: to exist
dahinleben {v} [pejorative]  :: to vegetate
dahinraffen {vt}  :: to kill (to cause a sudden death)
dahinter {adv}  :: behind it/that
Dahlie {f}  :: dahlia
Dahn {prop} {n}  :: A city in the Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Daimler {prop}  :: surname
daktylisch {adj}  :: dactylic
Daktyloskopie {f}  :: dactyloscopy
daktyloskopisch {adj}  :: dactyloscopic
Dalai Lama {m}  :: head of Tibetan Buddhism; Dalai Lama
daliegen {v}  :: to lie there
Dalken {noun} [Austria]  :: a type of sweet pastry similar to pancakes
dalli {adv} [colloquial]  :: quickly
Dalmatien {prop}  :: Dalmatia
damalig {adj}  :: then, former, erstwhile
damals {adv}  :: at that time; then
Daman und Diu {prop}  :: Daman and Diu
Damaskus {prop} {n}  :: Damascus (capital of Syria)
damasten {adj} [attributive]  :: damask
Damastgewebe {n}  :: damask
Damaszener {m}  :: Damascene (inhabitant of Damascus)
damaszenisch {adj}  :: Damascene
Dame {f}  :: lady (woman of good breeding and manners)
Dame {f}  :: lady; madam (polite term to refer to any woman)
Dame {f} [chess, playing card]  :: queen
Dame {f} [checkers]  :: king
Dame {n} [board games]  :: draughts; checkers
Damhirsch {m}  :: fallow deer (usually male)
damisch {adj}  :: synonym of dämlich
damit {adv}  :: pronominal adverb of mit
damit {conj} [subordinating]  :: so that, in order that
Damm {m}  :: dam
Damoklesschwert {n}  :: sword of Damocles (thing or situation which causes a prolonged state of impending doom or misfortune)
Dampf {m}  :: steam
Dampf {m}  :: vapor / vapour
Dampf ablassen {v} [idiom, colloquial]  :: to blow off steam
Dampfdruck {m}  :: vapor pressure
dampfen {v}  :: To steam, to fume
dampfend {adj}  :: steaming
Dampfer {m}  :: steamer (steamboat, steamship)
Dampferzeuger {m}  :: steam generator
dampfförmig {adj}  :: vaporous
Dampfkochtopf {m} [cookware]  :: pressure cooker
Dampflokomotive {f}  :: steam engine locomotive
Dampfmaschine {f}  :: steam engine
Dampforgel {f}  :: calliope (musical organ)
Dampfphase {f}  :: vapor/vapour phase
Dampfreformierung {f}  :: steam reforming
Dampfschiff {n}  :: steamboat, steamship
Dampfturbine {f}  :: steam turbine
Dampfwalze {f}  :: steamroller
Damwild {n}  :: fallow deer
danach {adv}  :: after it, after that; thereafter [formal], afterwards
danach {adv}  :: behind it/that
danach {adv}  :: accordingly, in accordance with that
dandyhaft {adj}  :: dandyish
daneben {adv}  :: next to it, next to that
Danelag {prop}  :: The Danelaw
Dangme {prop}  :: The Adangme (Dangme) language
Daniel {prop}  :: Daniel (biblical book and prophet)
Daniel {prop}  :: given name
Daniela {prop}  :: given name, a feminine form of Daniel
danisieren {v}  :: to Danicize
dank {prep}  :: thanks to, because of
Dank {m}  :: thanks
dankbar {adj}  :: grateful, thankful
dankbarer {adj}  :: comparative of dankbar
Dankbarkeit {f}  :: gratitude
dankbarsten {adj}  :: superlative of dankbar
danke {interj}  :: thanks!, thank you!
danken {vi} [with dative]  :: to thank
danke schön {interj}  :: thank you very much
dankeschön {interj}  :: alternative form of danke schön; thank you very much
Danksagung {f}  :: thanksgiving (expression of gratitude)
Danksagung {f}  :: acknowledgment (expression of thanks)
dann {adv}  :: then, after that
dann {adv}  :: then, in that case
dantesk {adj}  :: Dantesque
Danzig {prop} {n}  :: Gdańsk (city in Poland)
Danzig {prop} {mf}  :: surname
Daoismus {prop} {m}  :: Taoism, Daoism (a philosophy)
dar- {prefix}  :: there
daran {adv}  :: on it, on that
daran {adv}  :: at it, at that
darauf {adv}  :: after (behind; later in time; following)
darauf {adv}  :: on top of that
darauffolgend {adj}  :: subsequent, following
daraufhin {adv}  :: thereupon, consequently, subsequently
daraus {adv}  :: out of it, out of that, of it
daraus {adv}  :: hence, from that
darüber {adv}  :: above it, above that, thereover
darübergelegen {v}  :: past participle of darüberliegen
darüberliegen {v}  :: To overlay or cover
darüberliegen {v}  :: To top (offer or bid more than another)
darbieten {v}  :: to offer or present something (e.g. as a religious offering)
darbieten {v}  :: to exhibit a work of art or perform an artistic performance
Darbietung {f}  :: performance
Darbietung {f} [art]  :: skit
darbringen {v} [formal]  :: to sacrifice, to offer
darbringen {v} [formal]  :: to perform
dargestellt {adj}  :: shown, depicted, represented
dargestellt {adj}  :: posed
dargestellt {adj}  :: personated
dariñ {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of darin [actually scribal abbreviation of darinn, which is an obsolete spelling of darin]
darin {adv}  :: in it, in that, therein
darinn {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of darin
darinnen {adv} [literary]  :: synonym of darin
darlegen {v} [formal]  :: to present facts; to explain; to state
Darlegung {f}  :: explanation, analysis
Darlegung {f}  :: presentation, statement [of facts, etc.]
Darlehen {n}  :: loan
Darm {m}  :: intestine, gut
Darmausgang {m}  :: anus
Darmbein {n} [anatomy]  :: ilium
Darmentzündung {f} [pathology]  :: intestinal inflammation
Darmerkrankung {f} [pathology]  :: enteropathy
Darmflora {f}  :: gut flora, intestinal flora
Darmkrankheit {f} [pathology]  :: intestinal disease
Darmschleimhaut {f} [anatomy]  :: intestinal mucosa
Darmstadt {prop}  :: Darmstadt (independent city in Hesse, Germany)
Darmstadtium {n}  :: darmstadtium
Darmstädter {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Darmstadt
Darmzelle {f}  :: enterocyte
darnach {adv} [dated]  :: alternative form of danach
darstellbar {adj}  :: representable, depictable, describable, portrayable
darstellen {v}  :: to depict; represent
darstellen {v}  :: to personate
darstellen {v}  :: to pose
darstellen {v}  :: to show
Darsteller {m} [theater, film]  :: actor, player, performer
Darstellerin {f} [theater, film]  :: A female actor, player, performer
Darstellung {f}  :: exhibition
Darstellung {f}  :: depiction, presentation
Darstellung {f}  :: description, statement
Darstellung {f}  :: representation
Darstellung {f}  :: performance, production (theatrical)
Darstellung {f}  :: recital
Darstellungsverfahren {n}  :: method of presentation
darum {adv}  :: around it, around that
darum {adv}  :: therefore
darum {adv}  :: because! (non-answer to questions one does not wish to answer)
darunter {adv}  :: below it, below that, thereunder
darunterliegend {adj}  :: underlying
Darwinismus {m}  :: Darwinism
Darwinist {m}  :: Darwinist
Darwinistin {f}  :: a female Darwinist
darwinistisch {adj}  :: Darwinian, Darwinistic
das {pron}  :: who, that, which (relative) (In a subordinate clause, indicates a person or thing referenced in the main clause. Used with neuter singular referents)
das {pron}  :: this, that (demonstrative)
das {pron}  :: [colloquial] it
das {conj}  :: obsolete spelling of dass
das Beste ist der Feind des Guten {proverb}  :: "The best is the enemy of the good"
das Bett hüten {v} [of a sick person]  :: to stay in bed
das Blaue vom Himmel versprechen {v} [idiom]  :: To make a promise that cannot be fulfilled. (literally: to promise [someone] the Blue out of the Blue Sky)
da sei Gott vor {phrase}  :: God forbid; said when mentioning a possible and undesirable future event
da sein {v}  :: to be around
da sein {v}  :: to exist
Dasein {n}  :: being there, presence, existence
Daseinsberechtigung {f}  :: entitlement to exist, right to exist
Daseinsberechtigung {f}  :: raison d'être
das Gesicht verlieren {v}  :: to lose face
das Handtuch werfen {v} [idiomatic, literally: "to throw the towel"]  :: to throw in the towel
das heißt {adv}  :: that is, that is to say
das kann man wohl sagen {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: you can say that again
das kannst du laut sagen {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: you can say that again
das Kind beim Namen nennen {v} [idiom]  :: to call a spade a spade (to speak the truth)
das Kind mit dem Bade ausschütten {v} [idiom]  :: to throw the baby out with the bathwater
das Kriegsbeil ausgraben {v} [idiomatic]  :: to dig up the hatchet
das Kriegsbeil begraben {v} [idiomatic]  :: bury the hatchet
das macht nichts {v}  :: never mind, it doesn't matter (it is not important)
das Rad neu erfinden {v} [idiomatic]  :: reinvent the wheel
Das Reich {prop} {n}  :: See: das Reich
Das Reich {prop} {n} [military, historical]  :: Das Reich (the 2nd SS Division)
dass {conj} [subordinating]  :: that
dass {conj} [subordinating, chiefly colloquial]  :: so that
dass. {pron}  :: abbreviation of dasselbe
Dassel {prop} {n}  :: A town in Lower Saxony, Germany
Dasselfliege {f}  :: botfly
dastehen {v}  :: to stand there
das war's {phrase}  :: that's all, that's it
das war's {phrase}  :: See: das war es
das Wasser reichen können {v} [idiomatic]  :: to hold a candle (literally: to hand the water)
dat {art} [colloquial, dialectal]  :: alternative form of das
dat {pron} [colloquial, dialectal]  :: alternative form of das
dat {pron} [colloquial, dialectal, neuter nominative]  :: it
dat {conj} [colloquial, dialectal]  :: alternative form of dass
Dat. {noun}  :: abbreviation of Dativ
Dataset {m} [computing]  :: data set
Date {n} [colloquial]  :: date (romantic meeting)
Date {n} [colloquial]  :: date (person with whom one has such a meeting)
Date {n} [colloquial, rather rare]  :: date (non-romantic meeting)
Datei {f}  :: (computing) file
Dateiendung {f}  :: file extension
Dateiname {m} [computing]  :: filename
Dateipfad {m}  :: (computing) file path
Daten {np}  :: data
Datenbank {f} [databases]  :: database
Datenbankmodell {n} [databases]  :: database model
Datenbankschlüssel {m} [databases]  :: database key
Datenbanktabelle {f} [databases]  :: table (grid of data in rows and columns)
Datenbankverwaltungssystem {n} [software]  :: database management system
Datenblatt {n}  :: datasheet
Datensatz {m} [databases]  :: data record
Datenschutz {m}  :: data privacy
datenschutzrechtlich {adj}  :: data protection (attributive)
Datensicherung {f}  :: backup (the act of making a backup copy)
Datensicherung {f}  :: backup (the result of making a backup copy)
Datenspeicher {m} [computing]  :: memory (data storage)
Datenträger {m} [computing]  :: drive
Datentyp {m} [software]  :: data type
Datenverarbeitung {f} [computer]  :: data processing
Datenverlust {m}  :: dataloss, loss of data
datieren {v}  :: to date (ascribe a date to an object)
datiert {v}  :: past participle of datieren
datiert {adj}  :: dated, out of date
Datierung {m}  :: dating (age determination), (date stamping)
Dativ {m} [grammar]  :: the dative (case)
Datscha {f}  :: dacha
Datsche {f}  :: dacha
Dattel {f}  :: date (the fruit/palm tree)
Datum {n}  :: date, datum
Datum {n}  :: data, a fact, a piece of information about something
DAU {acronym}  :: dümmster anzunehmender User (“dumbest assumable user” ~ luser)
DAU {acronym}  :: Digital-Analog-Umsetzer (digital-to-analog converter (DAC))
Daube {f}  :: stave (of a barrel)
Daube {f}  :: daube
Dauer {f} [countable]  :: duration
Dauer {f} [uncountable]  :: permanence
Daueraufenthalt {m}  :: permanent residence
Dauerform {f}  :: living fossil
dauerhaft {adj}  :: permanent, lasting, enduring, durable
dauerkrank {adj}  :: critically ill
Dauerlutscher {m}  :: lollipop, "all-day sucker"
Dauermagnet {m}  :: permanent magnet
dauern {v}  :: to last, to continue over time
dauern {v}  :: to persist
dauern {v}  :: to take (time)
dauern {v} [archaic, with accusative]  :: to grieve; to arouse pity
Dauerwelle {f}  :: perm
Daumen {m}  :: thumb
Daumen drücken {v}  :: to wish good luck; to cross one's fingers; (literally) to press one's thumbs
Daumennagel {m}  :: thumbnail
Daumenregel {f}  :: rule of thumb
Daune {f} [always countable]  :: down (soft, immature feather)
David {prop} {m}  :: David (biblical figure)
David {prop} {m}  :: given name
davon {adv}  :: from it, from that, therefrom, off it, off that
davoneilen {vi}  :: to hurry away, to hasten away
davonfahren {vi}  :: to drive away; to pull away
davongeeilt {v}  :: past participle of davoneilen
davonkommen {v}  :: to get off, to get away (To escape, usually with mild consequences.)
davonkommen {v} [with preposition mit]  :: to get away with
davonlaufen {v}  :: to run away
davor {adv}  :: in front of that/it
davor {adv}  :: from that/it
davor {adv}  :: before that; beforehand
Dax {initialism}  :: alternative case form of DAX (German stock index)
DAX {prop}  :: The most important German stock market index, originally Deutscher Aktienindex (German stock market index)
DaZ {initialism} [education]  :: initialism of Deutsch als Zweitsprache (German as a second language)
dazu {adv}  :: in addition to it, in addition, besides
dazu {adv}  :: for that purpose
dazu {adv}  :: to it, to that
dazufügen {v}  :: to add to something
dazugeben {v}  :: to add to something
dazugegeben {v}  :: past participle of dazugeben - thrown in
dazugehörig {adj}  :: associated, corresponding
dazugehörig {adj}  :: appropriate, proper
dazwischen {adv}  :: between them
dazwischenkommen {vi}  :: to get in the way
Dübel {m}  :: dowel
DBVS {initialism} [software]  :: initialism of Datenbankverwaltungssystem
Dödel {m}  :: fool, idiot
Dödel {m}  :: dick, cock (penis)
DDR {prop} {f}  :: initialism of Deutsche Demokratische Republik (German Democratic Republic); the GDR
-de {suffix}  :: used to form abstract nouns from adjectives, no longer productive
deß {art}  :: obsolete spelling of des
deaktivieren {v}  :: to deactivate (to make something inactive)
deaktivieren {v}  :: to disable (to deactivate a function of an electronic or mechanical device)
Deaktivierung {f}  :: deactivation
Deal {m} [slang]  :: a deal
dealen {v}  :: to sell drugs
dealen {v}  :: to deal (cards)
Dealer {m}  :: A dealer (male or of unspecified sex) (somebody who peddles illicit drugs, especially to teenagers), drug dealer
Dealerin {f}  :: drug dealer (female)
Debakel {n}  :: debacle
Debatte {f}  :: debate
debattieren {v}  :: to debate
debil {adj} [dated, now offensive]  :: slightly mentally challenged; slightly retarded
Debitor {m}  :: debtor
debitorisch {adj}  :: debtor (attributive)
Debreciner {m}  :: alternative form of Debrecziner
Debrecziner {m}  :: debrecener (A Hungarian sausage)
Debreziner {m}  :: alternative form of Debrecziner
Debüt {n}  :: debut
debütieren {v}  :: to debut
debuggen {v}  :: to debug
Debuggen {n} [computing]  :: debugging
Debugging {n} [computing]  :: debugging
Decacarbonyl {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: decacarbonyl
Decahydrat {n} [chemistry]  :: decahydrate
Decan {n} [organic compound]  :: decane
Decarboxylase {f} [enzyme]  :: decarboxylase
dechiffrieren {v}  :: to decipher (to decode or decrypt a code or cipher)
Deck {n}  :: deck (of a ship or boat)
Deckchen {n}  :: diminutive of Decke
Deckchen {n}  :: doily (ornamental piece)
Decke {f}  :: cover, blanket, quilt
Decke {f}  :: ceiling, roof
Decke {f}  :: skin
Decke {f}  :: pretext
Deckel {m}  :: lid (the cover of a container)
deckeln {v}  :: to cap
decken {v}  :: to cover (a roof, a loss, with a blanket, etc.)
decken {v} [figuratively]  :: to cover
decken {v}  :: to lay (as in laying the table)
decken {v} [soccer]  :: to mark
decken {vr}  :: to be congruent, to coincide
Deckenfarbe {f}  :: ceiling color
Deckenfarbe {f}  :: ceiling paint
Deckenfluter {m}  :: uplight, torchiere
Deckenzapfen {m}  :: stalactite
Deckmantel {m} [figuratively]  :: cloak, disguise
Deckname {m}  :: code name
Deckung {f}  :: cover
Deckung {f}  :: coverage
deckungsgleich {adj} [maths]  :: congruent
Decorator {m} [software, design]  :: The decorator pattern
dediziert {adj}  :: dedicated
deduktiv {adj}  :: deductive
deduzibel {adj}  :: deducible
Deern {f} [Northern Germany]  :: girl
defekt {adj}  :: defective
Defekt {m}  :: defect
Defektelektron {f} [physics]  :: electron hole
defektiv {adj}  :: defective
defenestrieren {v}  :: to defenestrate
defensiv {adj}  :: defensive
Defensive {f}  :: defensive (means, attitude or position of defense)
defensiver {adj}  :: comparative of defensiv
defensives Programmieren {n} [programming]  :: defensive programming
defensivsten {adj}  :: superlative of defensiv
Defilee {n}  :: parade; march past
defilieren {v}  :: to march past; to parade past
definieren {v}  :: to define
definiert {adj}  :: defined
Definition {f}  :: definition
definitiv {adj}  :: definite, definitive
defizient {adj}  :: deficient
Defizit {n}  :: deficit
Defizit {n}  :: deficiency
defizitär {adj}  :: in deficit
defizitärer {adj}  :: comparative of defizitär
defizitärsten {adj}  :: superlative of defizitär
defäkieren {vi}  :: To defecate
Deflation {f} [economics]  :: deflation
Defloration {f}  :: defloration (the act of deflowering)
defragmentieren {v}  :: to defragment
deftig {adj}  :: firm, rough, coarse (most often of speech or behaviour)
deftig {adj} [food]  :: substantial, hearty, rustic
deftig {adj} [dated or regional]  :: solid, presentable
Defätismus {m}  :: defeatism
Defätist {m}  :: defeatist
defätistisch {adj}  :: defeatist
degagiert {adj}  :: uninhibited, free
degagiert {adj}  :: free-standing
Degen {m}  :: hero, warrior, soldier
Degen {m} [obsolete]  :: dagger
Degen {m}  :: rapier, smallsword
Degen {m} [fencing]  :: épée
Degeneration {f} [pathology]  :: degeneration, morbidity
degenerativ {adj}  :: degenerative, decaying, morbid
degoutant {adj}  :: disgusting
degressiv {adj}  :: degressive, decreasing
degustieren {v} [Switzerland]  :: to try (a food) critically, to determine how it tastes and smells
degustiert {v}  :: past participle of degustieren
Dehalogenierung {f} [chemistry]  :: dehalogenation
dehnbar {adj}  :: ductile, tensile
dehnbar {adj}  :: elastic, stretchy
Dehnbarkeit {f}  :: ductility
Dehnbarkeit {f}  :: tensile strength
Dehnbarkeit {f}  :: extensibility
dehnen {v}  :: to stretch
dehydrieren {v} [organic chemistry]  :: To dehydrogenate
dehydriert {v}  :: past participle of dehydrieren
dehydriert {adj}  :: dehydrated
Dehydrierung {f}  :: dehydrogenation
Dehydrogenase {f} [enzyme]  :: dehydrogenase
Deibel {m} [chiefly colloquial, in idioms, interjections etc.]  :: devil
Deich {m}  :: dike, permanent dam
Deichmann {prop}  :: surname
Deichsel {f}  :: pole
Deichsel {f}  :: shaft
Deichsel {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: pall
deiktisch {adj}  :: deictic
dein {determiner}  :: thy, your [esp. to friends, relatives, children, etc.]
Dein {pron}  :: alternative case form of dein (your (singular))
deinem {pron} [possessive]  :: Masculine dative singular form of dein
deinem {pron} [possessive]  :: Neuter dative singular form of dein
deiner {pron}  :: yours (substantival possessive)
deiner {pron} [personal]  :: genitive of du
deiner {determiner} [possessive]  :: dative feminine of dein, "your", "to your" (with the owned being feminine)
deiner {determiner} [possessive]  :: genitive feminine of dein, "your ... 's", "of your" (with the owned being feminine)
deiner {determiner} [possessive]  :: genitive plural of dein, "your ... s'", "of your" (with the owned being plural)
deiner {determiner} [possessive]  :: substantival nominative masculine of dein, "yours" (with the owned being masculine)
deines {pron} [possessive, only in substantival use]  :: nominative and accusative neuter of dein
deines {pron} [possessive, only in adjectival use]  :: genitive masculine and neuter of dein
deinetwegen {adv}  :: because of you [2nd person singular], for your sake
deinetwegen {adv}  :: as far as you [2nd person singular] are concerned (you don't mind if); for all you care
deins {pron} [in substantival use only, chiefly colloquial, but accepted in writing]  :: alternative form of deines
dein Wunsch ist mir Befehl {phrase}  :: your wish is my command
Deiodase {f} [enzyme]  :: deiodase
Deiodierung {f}  :: deiodination
Deismus {m}  :: deism
Deist {m}  :: deist
Deistin {f}  :: a female deist
deistisch {adj}  :: deistic
Dekade {f}  :: decade (10 years)
dekadent {adj}  :: decadent
dekadenter {adj}  :: comparative of dekadent
Dekadenz {f}  :: decadence
dekadisch {adj}  :: decadic, decadal
Dekagramm {n}  :: decagram (unit of mass)
dekagrammweise {adj}  :: in ten gram quantities
Dekan {m}  :: dean; deacon (senior official in college or university)
Dekan {m}  :: {n} alternative spelling of Decan
Deklamation {f}  :: declamation
deklamieren {v}  :: to declaim (to recite)
deklamiert {v}  :: past participle of deklamieren
Deklaration {f}  :: declaration (written or oral indication of a fact, opinion, or belief)
deklarativ {adj}  :: declarative
deklaratorisch {adj}  :: declaratory
deklarieren {v}  :: to declare (make a declaration; announce something formally or officially)
deklarieren {vt} [computing]  :: to declare (explicitly include as part of a list of variables)
deklinabel {adj}  :: declinable
Deklination {f} [grammar]  :: declination, declension
deklinierbar {adj} [grammar]  :: declinable
deklinieren {v} [grammar]  :: to decline
Dekohärenz {f}  :: (quantum) decoherence
Dekolleté {n}  :: cleavage (separation between breasts)
Dekolletee {n}  :: alternative spelling of Dekolleté
dekompilieren {v}  :: to decompile (to recreate the original source code)
Dekompression {f} [computing]  :: decompression
Dekompression {f} [diving]  :: decompression
Dekompressionskrankheit {f} [pathology, diving]  :: decompression sickness
Dekor {n}  :: decor / décor
Dekor {n}  :: decoration
Dekoration {f}  :: decoration
dekorativ {adj}  :: decorative, ornamental
dekorieren {v}  :: to decorate
Dekorierer {m}  :: Somebody who decorates
Dekorierer {m} [software, design]  :: synonym of Decorator
Dekorporation {n}  :: decorporation
Dekorverchromung {f}  :: decorative chromium plating
dekremental {adj}  :: decremental
Dekret {n}  :: decree
Dekubitus {m}  :: decubitus, bedsore (lesion caused by pressure)
delatorisch {adj}  :: slanderous, defamatory
Delbrück {prop} {mf}  :: surname
Delegation {f}  :: delegation
delegieren {v}  :: to delegate
Delegierter {m}  :: delegate, representative
delektabel {adj}  :: delectable, delightful
deletär {adj}  :: deleterious
Delfin {m}  :: alternative spelling of Delphin
delikat {adj}  :: delicate
delikat {adj}  :: delicious
delikater {adj}  :: comparative of delikat
Delikatesse {f}  :: delicacy (pleasing food)
Delikt {n}  :: crime, offense
Delinquent {m}  :: delinquent (one who breaks the law)
Delirium {n}  :: delirium
Delitzsch {prop}  :: surname
Delitzsch {prop}  :: A German city in Saxony, near Leipzig
deliziös {adj}  :: delicios
Delle {f}  :: dent
Delmenhorst {prop}  :: Delmenhorst (independent city in Lower Saxony, Germany)
Delokalisierung {f}  :: delocalization
Delphin {m}  :: dolphin
Delphin {m}  :: Delphinus
Delta {n}  :: delta (Greek letter)
de luxe {adj}  :: deluxe
Demagoge {m}  :: demagogue
Demagogie {f}  :: demagogy
Demagogin {f}  :: feminine noun of Demagoge
demagogisch {adj}  :: demagogic
demanten {adj} [poetic]  :: diamond (made of, or covered with diamonds)
dematerialisieren {v}  :: to dematerialize
dement {adj}  :: demented
Dementi {n}  :: denial
dementieren {v}  :: to deny (publicly or officially)
dementsprechend {adv}  :: accordingly
Demenz {f}  :: dementia
demgegenüber {adv}  :: in contrast to that
demgegenüber {adv}  :: compared to that
demgemäß {adj}  :: according to what is already known
demilitarisiert {adj}  :: demilitarized
Deminution {f} [chiefly archaic]  :: rare spelling of Diminution
Demiurg {m}  :: demiurge
Demiurg {m} [gnosticism]  :: Demiurge (inferior creator deity in Gnosticism)
demiurgisch {adj}  :: demiurgic
demnach {adv}  :: therefore
demnächst {adv}  :: soon, in a near time, in a short while, in near future
Demo {f} [politics]  :: clipping of Demonstration
Demo {n} [music]  :: clipping of Demotape
Demobilisation {f} [military]  :: demobilization
demobilisieren {v}  :: to demobilize
demobilisiert {v}  :: past participle of demobilisieren
Demobilisierung {f} [military]  :: demobilization
Demografie {f}  :: demography (study of human populations)
demografisch {adj}  :: alternative form of demographisch
demographisch {adj}  :: demographic
Demokrat {m}  :: democrat
Demokratie {f}  :: democracy
Demokratin {f}  :: a female democrat
demokratisch {adj}  :: democratic
demokratischer {adj}  :: comparative of demokratisch
Demokratische Republik Kongo {prop} {f}  :: Democratic Republic of the Congo
demokratischer Sozialismus {m}  :: democratic socialism
Demokratische Volksrepublik Algerien {prop} {f}  :: People's Democratic Republic of Algeria
Demokratische Volksrepublik Korea {prop} {f}  :: Democratic People's Republic of Korea (country in East Asia (official name))
Demokratische Volksrepublik Laos {prop} {f}  :: Lao People's Democratic Republic
demokratischsten {adj}  :: superlative of demokratisch
demokratisieren {v}  :: to democratize
Demokratisierung {f}  :: democratization
Demokrit {prop}  :: Democritus
Demonstrant {m}  :: demonstrator, protester
Demonstration {f} [politics]  :: demonstration, rally
Demonstrationskraftwerk {n}  :: demonstration power plant
Demonstrationsverbot {n}  :: ban on demonstrating, prohibition of protesting
demonstrativ {adj}  :: demonstrative
Demonstrativpronomen {n}  :: a demonstrative pronoun (a pronoun which replaces a noun), such as dieser in the sentence dieser ist rot (this one is red)
demonstrieren {v}  :: to demonstrate (to participate in or organize a public display of group opinion)
demonstriert {v}  :: past participle of demonstrieren
demonstriert {adj}  :: demonstrated
Demontage {f}  :: dismantling
demontieren {v}  :: to dismantle
demoralisieren {v}  :: to demoralize
Demoskop {m}  :: opinion pollster who is male
Demoskopin {f}  :: opinion pollster who is female
demoskopisch {adj}  :: public opinion polling (attributive)
demotisch {adj}  :: demotic
demotivieren {v}  :: to demotivate
dems. {pron}  :: abbreviation of demselben
Demüthigung {noun}  :: obsolete spelling of Demütigung
demütig {adj}  :: humble (thinking lowly of oneself)
demütigen {v}  :: to humiliate
demütigst {adv}  :: most humbly
Demütigung {f}  :: humiliation
Demut {f}  :: humility, meekness (comprehension or expression of one’s own lowliness)
demzufolge {adv}  :: therefore, hence
demzufolge {adv}  :: accordingly, according to that
den Ast absägen, auf dem man sitzt {v} [idiomatic]  :: to bite the hand that feeds you
denaturieren {v}  :: To denature
denaturiert {v}  :: past participle of denaturieren
Denaturierung {f}  :: denaturing, denaturation
den Bach runter gehen {v}  :: to go south (decline, fail)
den Bach runtergehen {v}  :: to go to hell in a handbasket (literally: to go down the stream)
den Bock zum Gärtner machen {v} [idiomatic]  :: put the fox in charge of the chickens
den Buckel hinhalten {v} [idiomatic]  :: to take the blame
Dendrit {m}  :: dendrite
dendritisch {adj}  :: branching
dendritisch {adj}  :: dendritic
Dendrologie {f}  :: dendrology
dendrologisch {adj}  :: dendrological
denen {pron} [relative]  :: dative plural of der; whom
denen {pron} [demonstrative]  :: dative plural of der
denen {art} [dated]  :: dative plural of der
den Faden verlieren {v} [idiomatic]  :: to lose the plot
den Geist aufgeben {v}  :: to give up the ghost
denglisch {adj}  :: Denglish (attributive)
Denglisch {prop} {n}  :: Denglish (mix of German and English)
den grünen Daumen haben {phrase}  :: to have a green thumb
Den Haag {prop} {n}  :: The Hague
Denis {prop}  :: given name borrowed from French, cognate to Dennis
Denise {prop}  :: given name of French origin
denjenigen {pron}  :: Dative plural of derjenige
denjenigen {pron}  :: Masculine accusative of derjenige
denkbar {adj}  :: cogitable
denkbar {adj}  :: imaginable
denkbar {adj}  :: thinkable
denken {vit}  :: to think
denken {vt}  :: to consider
denken {vr} [with dative]  :: to imagine
Denken {n}  :: thinking, thought(s)
Denker {m}  :: thinker
Denker {prop} {mf}  :: surname
Denkfabrik {f}  :: think tank
denkfaul {adj}  :: slow-witted
Denkmal {n}  :: monument, memorial
Denkmünze {f}  :: commemorative medal
Denkschrift {f}  :: memorandum
denkwürdig {adj}  :: memorable, notable
Denkzettel {m}  :: punishment, reprehension, beating (most often: so as to intimidate and deter)
den Löffel abgeben {v} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: to die; to bite the dust
denn {conj}  :: for; because; since
denn {conj} [after a comparative]  :: than
denn {adv} [in a question]  :: then; ever; but; used for general emphasis
den Nagel auf den Kopf treffen {v} [idiomatic]  :: to hit the nail on the head
Dennis {prop}  :: given name, an English type spelling of Denis
dennoch {adv}  :: anyhow, however
denominalis {adj} [grammar, with Latin or Latin-like substantives]  :: denominal, denominative
denotativ {adj}  :: denotative
den Rubikon überschreiten {v}  :: cross the Rubicon (to make an irreversible decision)
dens. {pron}  :: abbreviation of denselben
den Spieß umdrehen {v} [idiomatic]  :: turn the tables (literally: turn the pike)
dental {adj}  :: dental
Dentalfluorose {f}  :: dental fluorosis
Dentaltechnik {f}  :: synonym of Zahntechnik
den Teufel mit dem Beelzebub austreiben {v}  :: to ally oneself to or use an evil force in order to fight another
den Tod finden {v} [chiefly literary]  :: to die, usually in an accident or by homicide
Denunziant {m}  :: informer (Someone who denounces or informs against a person.)
Denunziantentum {n}  :: culture of denunciation
Denunziantin {f}  :: A female informer. (Someone who denounces or informs against a person.)
Denunziation {f}  :: denouncing, informing against
denunziatorisch {adj}  :: denunciatory
denunzieren {v}  :: to denounce, to inform against
denunziert {v}  :: past participle of denunzieren
Deo {n}  :: Short for Deodorant (deodorant)
Deodorant {n}  :: deodorant
deontisch {adj}  :: deontic
deontologisch {adj}  :: deontological
Departement {n} [administration]  :: department
Department {n} [of the US government or US/UK universities]  :: department
Dependance {f} [business]  :: branch
Dependency Injection {f} [computing]  :: dependency injection
Dependency-Inversion-Prinzip {prop} {n} [programming, object-oriented]  :: synonym of Abhängigkeits-Invertierungs-Prinzip
Depesche {f} [dated, telegram]  :: dispatch, despatch
Dephosphorylierung {f} [chemistry]  :: dephosphorylation
deplaciert {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of deplatziert
deplatziert {adj}  :: misplaced, out of place
deplaziert {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of deplatziert
Depolarisation {f}  :: depolarization
Deponens {n}  :: deponent (verb)
Deponie {f}  :: landfill, dumpsite
deponieren {v} [money]  :: to deposit; to place
deponieren {v} [waste]  :: to deposit; to landfill
Deportation {f}  :: deportation
Depositenbank {f}  :: commercial bank
Depot {n}  :: depot, repository
Depot {n} [banking]  :: deposit, depository
Depp {m} [pejorative]  :: fool, idiot, dork (quirky, silly and/or stupid, socially inept person, or one who is out of touch with contemporary trends)
Deppenapostroph {m}  :: greengrocer’s apostrophe
deppert {adj} [Southern Germany, Austria]  :: stupid, dumb
deprekativ {adj}  :: deprecative
Depression {f} [economics or psychology]  :: depression
depressiv {adj}  :: depressive
depretiativ {adj}  :: depreciative
deprimierend {adj}  :: depressing, dismal, melancholic
deprimiert {adj}  :: depressed
Deprotonierung {f} [chemistry]  :: deprotonation
der {art}  :: the; definite article for several declensions:
der {art}  :: Nominative singular masculine
der {art}  :: Genitive singular feminine
der {art}  :: Dative singular feminine
der {art}  :: Genitive plural for all genders
der {pron}  :: who; that; which
der {pron} [attributive, stressed]  :: that
der {pron} [indicative]  :: him, he
der {pron} [differential]  :: the one, him
der Amtsschimmel wiehert {phrase}  :: there is an excessive amount of bureaucracy; someone or some organization is being excessively bureaucratic
derangiert {adj}  :: disheveled, disarranged, deranged
der Apfel fällt nicht weit vom Stamm {proverb}  :: the apple does not fall far from the tree
der Apfel fällt nicht weit vom Stamm {}  :: der Apfel fällt nicht weit vom Birnbaum (satirical variation: the apple does not fall far from the pear tree)
der Apfel fällt nicht weit vom Stamm {}  :: Der Apfel fällt nicht weit vom Pferd (satirical variation: the road apple does not fall far from the horse)
derart {adv}  :: so, thus, in such a manner
derartig {adj}  :: such, suchlike
derb {adj}  :: rough, coarse, rude
derb {adj}  :: sturdy, tough
derbe {adj} [regional, chiefly northern Germany, chiefly colloquial, slang]  :: alternative form of derb
Derby {n} [sports]  :: local derby
Derby {n} [sports]  :: match between two teams who are rivals in the table
Derby {n} [sports]  :: horse race
deregulieren {v}  :: to deregulate
Deregulierung {f}  :: deregulation
deren {pron} [relative]  :: whose, of which (genitive of die, both inflected forms of der)
deren {pron} [demonstrative]  :: her, their, the latter's (genitive of die, both inflected forms of der)
derentwegen {adv} [archaic]  :: because of whom, because of which, on whose account, on account of whom
der frühe Vogel fängt den Wurm {proverb}  :: the early bird gets the worm
der frühe Vogel fängt den Wurm {}  :: I do not care about the succes in this case, mocking answer of a lazy person to the proverb above
der Glaube kann Berge versetzen {proverb}  :: faith will move mountains
dergleichen {pron}  :: such
dergleichen {pron}  :: such things
Derivat {n}  :: derivative (financial instrument whose value depends on the valuation of an underlying instrument)
Derivat {n} [linguistics]  :: derivative [word]
derivativ {adj}  :: derivative
derjenige {pron}  :: he (who)
derjenige {pron}  :: the one
derjenige {pron}  :: this one, that one
derjenigen {pron}  :: genitive plural of derjenige
derjenigen {pron}  :: dative feminine singular of derjenige
der Krug geht so lange zum Brunnen, bis er bricht {proverb}  :: the pitcher goes so often to the well, that it is broken at last
derlei {pron}  :: this kind / type / sort
dermal {adj}  :: dermal
Dermatitis {f} [pathology]  :: dermatitis
Dermatologe {m}  :: dermatologist
Dermatologie {f}  :: dermatology
Dermatologin {f}  :: a female dermatologist
Dermatozoenwahn {m} [psychiatry]  :: Delusional parasitosis (delusional disorder in which individuals incorrectly believe they are infested with parasites, insects, or bugs)
derogatorisch {adj}  :: derogatory
ders. {pron}  :: abbreviation of derselbe
ders. {pron}  :: abbreviation of derselben
derselbe {pron}  :: the same
derselbe {pron}  :: selfsame
derselbe {pron}  :: idem
derselbe {determiner}  :: the same
derselbe {determiner}  :: selfsame
der Tropfen, der das Fass zum Überlaufen bringt {m} [idiomatic]  :: final straw, last straw, the straw that broke the camel's back (literally: the drop that makes the barrel overflow)
der Tyrann braucht einen Pfaffen an seiner Seite, und der Pfaff einen Tyrann {proverb}  :: "The tyrant needs a pope at his side and the pope a tyrant"
der Weg zur Hölle ist mit guten Vorsätzen gepflastert {proverb}  :: the road to hell is paved with good intentions
derweil {adv}  :: meanwhile, meantime
derweil {conj}  :: while
Derwisch {m}  :: dervish
derzeit {adv}  :: at this time, currently, nowadays
derzeit {adv}  :: at that time, then
derzeitig {adj}  :: current, present, prevailing
der Zweck heiligt die Mittel {proverb}  :: the end justifies the means
Des {noun} [music]  :: D-flat
Desaster {n}  :: disaster
desaströs {adj}  :: disastrous
desavouieren {v}  :: to disavow
Descloizit {n} [mineral]  :: descloizite
desensibilisieren {v}  :: to desensitize (cause to become insensitive)
Desertation {f}  :: desertion
Deserteur {m}  :: deserter
desertieren {v} [military]  :: to desert
Desertion {f}  :: desertion
desfallsig {adj}  :: corresponding
Desferrioxamin {n} [medicine]  :: desferrioxamine
deshalb {adv}  :: therefore; for that (reason), because of that
desiderabel {adj}  :: desirable
Design {n}  :: design (creative profession or art)
Design by contract {prop} {m} [software, design]  :: design by contract
Design by Contract {n} [software, design]  :: design by contract
designieren {v}  :: to designate (mark out and make known; to point out; to name; to indicate)
Desillusion {f}  :: disillusion
desillusionieren {v}  :: to disillusion
desillusionierend {adj}  :: disillusioning
Desinfektion {f}  :: disinfection
Desinfektion {f}  :: fumigation
Desinfektionsmittel {n}  :: disinfectant
desinfizieren {v}  :: to disinfect
desinfizierend {adj}  :: disinfectant, disinfecting
Desinfizierung {f}  :: disinfection
desinteressiert {adj}  :: uninterested, indifferent
Desirée {prop}  :: given name, spelling variant of Désirée
desjenigen {pron}  :: genitive masculine singular of derjenige
desjenigen {pron}  :: genitive neuter singular of derjenige
deskriptiv {adj}  :: descriptive (describing)
Desktop {m}  :: desktop
Desktop {m} [computing]  :: desktop
Desktop-Computer {m}  :: desktop computer
desmal {adj}  :: chondral
desolat {adj}  :: wretched (in a miserable state)
desolat {adj}  :: desolate
Desorption {n}  :: desorption
Desoxidation {f} [chemistry]  :: deoxidation
Desoxidationsmittel {n}  :: deoxidizer
desoxidieren {v}  :: To deoxidize
desoxidiert {v}  :: past participle of desoxidieren
Desoxyglucose {f} [organic compound]  :: deoxyglucose
Desoxyribonukleinsäure {f}  :: deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)
Desoxyribonukleotid {n} [organic chemistry]  :: deoxyribonucleotide
despektierlich {adj}  :: disrespectful
Despot {m}  :: despot
despotisch {adj}  :: despotic
Despotismus {m}  :: despotism
dess. {pron}  :: abbreviation of desselben
dessen {pron} [relative]  :: whose, of which (genitive of der, das)
dessen {pron} [demonstrative]  :: his, its, the latter's (genitive of der, das)
dessentwegen {adv} [formal, dated]  :: because of or on account of which or whom
Dessert {n}  :: dessert
Dessertlöffel {m}  :: dessert spoon
Dessous {n}  :: lingerie
destabilisieren {v}  :: to destabilize
Destillation {f} [chemistry]  :: distillation (separation of a substance)
Destillationsgefäß {n}  :: alembic, still (distillation vessel)
destillieren {v} [chemistry]  :: to distil (subject a substance to distillation)
destilliert {adj}  :: distilled
Destination {f}  :: destination
desto {conj}  :: the (forming the parallel comparative with je)
destruktiv {adj}  :: destructive (causing destruction; damaging)
deswegen {adv}  :: therefore
des weiteren {phrase}  :: furthermore, in addition
desweiteren {adv} [proscribed or nonstandard]  :: furthermore; alternative form of des weiteren
det {art} [colloquial, Berlin-Brandenburg]  :: alternative form of das
det {pron} [colloquial, Berlin-Brandenburg]  :: alternative form of das
det {pron} [colloquial, Berlin-Brandenburg, neuter nominative]  :: it
Detail {n}  :: detail
detailliert {adj}  :: detailed
detailliert {adv}  :: detailedly
detaillierter {adj}  :: comparative of detailliert
detailverliebt {adj}  :: obsessed with detail
Detektei {f}  :: detective agency
detektieren {v}  :: To detect
detektiert {v}  :: past participle of detektieren - detected
Detektion {f}  :: detection
Detektionsgrenze {f}  :: detection limit
Detektiv {m}  :: detective, private investigator, sleuth (male or of unspecified sex)
Detektor {m}  :: detector
Determinante {f} [also math, biology]  :: determinant
Determination {f}  :: determination
Determinismus {m}  :: determinism
deterministisch {adj}  :: deterministic
Detlef {prop}  :: given name
Detlev {prop}  :: given name, a spelling variant of Detlef
Detonation {f}  :: detonation
Detonationsgeschwindigkeit {f}  :: detonation velocity
detsch {adj}  :: confused
detsch {adj}  :: awkward
Deut {m}  :: a Dutch coin, doit
Deut {m} [in adverbial constructions, usually in negation]  :: a bit, a little
deuten {v}  :: to interpret
Deuterid {n}  :: deuteride
Deuterium {n}  :: deuterium
Deuteriumverbindung {f} [chemistry]  :: deuterium (or deuterated) compound
Deuteron {n} [physics]  :: deuteron
Deuteronomium {prop}  :: Deuteronomy (book of the Bible)
deutlich {adj}  :: articulate, clear
deutlich {adj}  :: distinct
deutlich {adj}  :: considerable
deutlicher {adj}  :: comparative of deutlich
deutsch {adj}  :: German: of or pertaining to the German people
deutsch {adj}  :: German: of or pertaining to Germany
deutsch {adj}  :: German: of or pertaining to the German language
Deutsch {n}  :: the German language
deutschbaltisch {adj}  :: Baltic-German (referring to German-speaking people of Estonia and Latvia)
deutsch-deutsch {adj} [historical]  :: Pertaining to both East Germany and West Germany
deutsch-deutsch {adj} [historical]  :: Between East Germany and West Germany
Deutsche {f}  :: A female German
Deutsche Demokratische Republik {prop}  :: German Democratic Republic (GDR)
Deutsche Dogge {f}  :: Great Dane (dog breed)
Deutscher {m}  :: A (male) German, a German man or boy (or woman or girl)
Deutscher Herbst {prop} {m}  :: German Autumn
Deutsche Schabe {prop}  :: German cockroach, Blattella germanica
Deutsches Reich {prop} {n}  :: the German Empire [official name of the German state from 1871 through the mid 1940s]
Deutschkenntnis {f}  :: knowledge of the German language
Deutschland {prop} {n}  :: Germany (country in Europe)
Deutschlandlied {prop} {n}  :: The German national anthem, composed by August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben
deutschlandweit {adj}  :: Germany-wide; in all of Germany
deutschnational {adj}  :: German national
Deutschrussisch {prop} {n}  :: a pidgin using German and Russian words, also known as Quelia
deutschschweizerisch {adj}  :: Swiss German
deutschsprachig {adj}  :: germanophone
deutschstämmig {adj}  :: ethnically German
Deutung {f}  :: interpretation, analysis
deverbativ {adj}  :: deverbative
Devise {f}  :: motto
Devise {f} [finance, plural only]  :: foreign currency
Devon {prop}  :: Devon
Devon {prop}  :: the Devonian
devot {adj}  :: submissive, servile
Dewargefäß {n}  :: Dewar vessel, Dewar flask
Dextrin {n} [carbohydrate]  :: dextrin
Dextrose {f}  :: dextrose (naturally-occurring form of glucose)
deyn {pron}  :: obsolete spelling of dein
Dez {m} [regional]  :: head
Dezember {m}  :: December
dezent {adj}  :: discreet
dezent {adj}  :: unobtrusive
dezenter {adj}  :: comparative of dezent
dezentesten {adj}  :: superlative of dezent
dezentral {adj}  :: decentralized
dezentral {adj}  :: peripheral
Dezenz {f}  :: discreetness
Dezenz {f}  :: unobtrusiveness
Dezernat {n}  :: department (especially of a government, institution, or administration entity such as a police, a city government, or a university)
Dezibel {n}  :: decibel (a common measure of sound intensity)
dezidiert {adj}  :: determined, decided
Dezillion {num}  :: A long scale decillion, 1060; a short scale novemdecillion
dezimal {adj} [maths]  :: decimal
Dezimalstelle {f}  :: decimal place
Dezimalsystem {n}  :: decimal system
Dezimeter {m}  :: decimeter
dezisionistisch {adj}  :: decisionist
dezisiv {adj}  :: decisive
DFB {initialism}  :: Deutscher Fußball-Bund
DG {abbr} [apartment listing]  :: Abbreviation of Dachgeschoss
DGB {initialism}  :: Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund
dgl. {abbr}  :: abbreviation of dergleichen
DGS {prop}  :: Deutsche Gebärdensprache: German Sign Language
d. h. {abbr}  :: [abbreviation of das heißt] i.e.
DHH {abbr} [apartment listing]  :: Abbreviation of Doppelhaushälfte
Dühring {prop}  :: surname
d. i. {abbr}  :: das ist
Di. {abbr}  :: abbreviation of Dienstag "Tuesday"
DI {initialism}  :: initialism of Dipl.-Ing. (an abbreviation of Diplomingenieur or Diplomingenieurin.)
Dia {n}  :: slide (transparent image, to be projected to a screen)
Diabetes {m} [disease]  :: diabetes
diabetisch {adj}  :: diabetic
diabolisch {adj}  :: diabolic (showing wickedness typical of a devil)
diachron {adj}  :: synonym of diachronisch
diachronisch {adj}  :: diachronic
Diadem {n}  :: diadem
Diademsifaka {m}  :: Diademed Sifaka
Diagnose {f}  :: diagnosis
Diagnostik {f}  :: diagnostics
diagnostisch {adj}  :: diagnostic
diagnostizieren {v}  :: to diagnose
diagonal {adj}  :: diagonal
Diagonale {f}  :: diagonal (something arranged diagonally or obliquely)
Diagonale {f} [technology]  :: screen diagonal (measurement for the size of a screen)
Diagonale {f} [chess]  :: diagonal
Diagramm {n}  :: diagram
Diagramm {n}  :: chart
Diakon {m}  :: (Church) deacon
Diakonie {f} [Christianity]  :: (professional) social work (social welfare work) provided by churches
diakritisch {adj}  :: diacritical, diacritic
Dialekt {m}  :: dialect, regiolect
Dialektik {f}  :: dialectic
dialektisch {adj}  :: dialectical
dialektisch {adj} [rare]  :: dialectal
Dialektkontinuum {n}  :: dialect continuum
Dialog {m}  :: dialogue
dialogarm {adj}  :: Having little or no dialogue
Dialogfenster {n} [computing]  :: dialog box
dialogfähig {adj}  :: able to communicate
Dialyse {f} [chemistry]  :: dialysis
Dialysepatient {m}  :: dialysis patient (male or of unspecified sex)
Dialysepatientin {f}  :: dialysis patient (female)
diamagnetisch {adj} [physics]  :: diamagnetic
Diamagnetismus {m} [physics]  :: diamagnetism
Diamant {m} [uncountable]  :: diamond (allotrope of carbon)
Diamant {m}  :: diamond (gemstone)
Diamant {noun} [uncountable, printing, dated]  :: A small size of type, standardized as 4 point
diamantartig {adj}  :: diamondlike
diamanten {adj} [attributive]  :: diamond
diamantenhaltig {adj} [mineralogy]  :: diamond-bearing
Diamantgitter {n} [chemistry]  :: diamond lattice
diamanthart {adj}  :: diamond-hard
Diamantring {m}  :: diamond ring
Diamantringeffekt {m} [astronomy]  :: diamond ring effect
Diamantstempelzelle {f}  :: diamond anvil cell
diametrisch {adj}  :: diametric
Diana {prop} [Roman god]  :: Diana
Diana {prop}  :: given name
dianoetisch {adj} [philosophy]  :: dianoetic
Diaoyudaoit {m} [mineral]  :: diaoyudaoite
diaphan {adj}  :: diaphanous
diaphasisch {adj} [linguistics]  :: diaphasic
Diaphragma {n}  :: diaphragm (contraceptive device)
Diaphragma {n} [anatomy, medical terminology]  :: diaphragm
Diarrhö {f}  :: diarrhoea/diarrhea
Diarrhöe {f}  :: diarrhoea
Diarrhoe {f}  :: diarrhea
Diarsan {n} [inorganic compound, organic chemistry]  :: diarsane
Diaspora {f}  :: Diaspora
Diastole {f}  :: diastole
diastratisch {adj} [linguistics]  :: diastratic
Diatome {f}  :: diatom
diatopisch {adj} [linguistics]  :: diatopic
Diazoverbindung {f} [organic chemistry]  :: diazo compound
Dibenzodioxin {n} [organic compound]  :: dibenzodioxin
Dibenzofuran {n} [organic compound]  :: dibenzofuran
Diboran {n} [inorganic compound]  :: diborane
dich {pron} [personal]  :: accusative of du, you (direct object)
dich {pron} [reflexive]  :: accusative; yourself (direct object)
Dichlorid {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: dichloride
Dichlormethan {n} [organic compound]  :: dichloromethane, methylene chloride
Dichloroargentat {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: dichloroargentate
dichotom {adj}  :: dichotomous
Dichotomie {f}  :: dichotomy
dichotomisch {adj}  :: dichotomic
Dichromat {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: dichromate
Dichromatlösung {f}  :: dichromate solution
dicht {adj}  :: thick, tight, dense
dicht {adj}  :: impermeable, sealed, shut, locked (preventing passage or entrance)
dicht {adj} [with bei or an]  :: close to
dicht {adj} [colloquial]  :: drunk
dicht {adv}  :: closely
dicht auf den Fersen {adj} [idiomatic]  :: hot on the heels
Dichtband {n}  :: sealing tape
Dichte {f}  :: density
Dichteanomalie {f}  :: density anomaly (the anomaly of water having a maximum density just above its melting point)
dichten {v}  :: to compose (a text, almost always poetry)
dichten {v}  :: to caulk
dichter {adj}  :: comparative of dicht
Dichter {m}  :: poet (male or of unspecified sex)
Dichterin {f}  :: poet (female)
dichterisch {adj}  :: poetic
Dichteschwankung {f}  :: density fluctuation
Dichtigkeit {f}  :: tightness
Dichtigkeit {f}  :: density
dichtschließend {adj}  :: tightly-closed
Dichtstoff {m}  :: sealant
Dichtung {f}  :: poetry
Dichtung {f}  :: something designed to prevent liquids or gasses from leaking through a joint; a seal, a gasket
Dichtungsmaterial {n}  :: sealant
dick {adj}  :: thick
dick {adj}  :: fat
dickbäuchig {adj}  :: potbellied
Dickdarm {m} [anatomy]  :: large intestine
Dicke {f}  :: thickness
Dicken {m} [money]  :: a type silver coin of the early modern period
Dickenmessung {f}  :: measurement of thickness
Dickenrücklage {f} [aerodynamics]  :: location of maximum thickness [in an airfoil, the distance between the leading edge and the chord point of maximum thickness]
dicker {adj}  :: comparative of dick
dickflüssig {adj}  :: thick, viscous
Dickhornschaf {n}  :: bighorn sheep
Dickicht {n}  :: thicket (copse)
Dickkopf {m}  :: stubborn person; mule
Dickkopf {m}  :: stubbornness; intransigent attitude; unyielding attitude
Dickkopf {m} [regional]  :: European chub
Dickkopf {m}  :: abbreviation of Dickkopffalter
Dickkopf {m}  :: abbreviation of Dickköpfe
dickleibig {adj}  :: corpulent
dicklich {adj}  :: plump
Dickmacher {m}  :: thickener
Dickschnabelpinguin {m}  :: Fiordland penguin, Fiordland crested penguin
dicksten {adj}  :: superlative of dick
dickstielig {adj} [of plants]  :: having a thick stem
Dick und Doof {prop}  :: Laurel and Hardy
Dicyanoargentat {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: dicyanoargentate
Didaktik {f}  :: didactics
didaktisch {adj}  :: didactic (instructive or intended to teach or demonstrate)
die {pron} [in a subordinate clause as a relative pronoun]  :: That; which; who; whom; whose
die {pron} [as a demonstrative pronoun]  :: This one; that one; these ones; those ones; she; her; it; they; them
die Arme in die Hüften gestemmt {adv}  :: akimbo
die Arme in die Seite gestemmt {adv}  :: akimbo
Dieb {m}  :: thief
die Bank sprengen {v} [idiomatic]  :: to break the bank
die Beherrschung verlieren {v}  :: to lose one's temper
Dieberei {f}  :: thievery
die Bienchen und Blümchen {noun} [idiomatic]  :: the birds and the bees
Diebin {f}  :: female thief
die Brust geben {vi} [+ dative]  :: to nurse, to breastfeed (a baby)
Diebstahl {m}  :: theft
die Ecke {adv} [colloquial, idiomatic, postpositioned]  :: thereabout, approximately, roughly
die Flinte ins Korn werfen {v} [idiom]  :: to throw in the towel (to quit; to give up)
diegetisch {adj}  :: diegetic
Die Grünen {prop}  :: the German Green Party
die großen Diebe hängen die kleinen {proverb}  :: "The greatest thieves hang the small ones"; some evil people are more worse than others
die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: hope springs eternal
die Hosen anhaben {v} [idiom]  :: to wear the trousers [UK], to wear the pants [US]
diejenigen {pron}  :: Nominative and accusative plural of diejenige - those
die kalte Schulter zeigen {v}  :: to give somebody the cold shoulder
die Katze aus dem Sack lassen {v} [idiomatic]  :: to let the cat out of the bag
die Kirche im Dorf lassen {idiom}  :: to not get carried away, not over-do it ("leave the church in the village")
die Klingen kreuzen {v} [idiom]  :: to cross swords
die Kurve kratzen {v} [colloquial]  :: to hit the road, to clear off
die Kurve kratzen {v} [colloquial]  :: to take a turn, to escape (from an awkward position)
Diele {f} [usually plural]  :: plank (most often on a floor)
Diele {f}  :: hallway, hall, foyer (room)
Dielektrikum {n} [physics]  :: dielectric
die letzte Zeit {adv} [chiefly colloquial]  :: alternative form of in letzter Zeit
die Nase voll haben {v} [idiomatic]  :: to be fed up (with something)
dienen {v}  :: to serve [+ dat]
dienend {adj}  :: serving
dienend {adj}  :: ancillary
Diener {m}  :: agent noun of dienen; servant
Dienerin {f}  :: female servant
dienlich {adj}  :: useful, helpful
Dienst {m}  :: service
Dienst {m}  :: work, duty
Dienstag {m}  :: Tuesday
Dienstagabend {m}  :: Tuesday evening
Dienstagmittag {m}  :: Tuesday noon
Dienstagnachmittag {m}  :: Tuesday afternoon
dienstags {adv}  :: every Tuesday, on Tuesdays
Dienstagvormittag {m}  :: Tuesday morning (time before noon)
dienstbeflissen {adj}  :: officious
dienstbeflissen {adj}  :: assiduous, zealous
Dienstbote {m} [becoming dated]  :: servant, domestic (male or of unspecified sex)
dienstfähig {adj}  :: serviceable
Dienstgrad {m}  :: rank (a level in an organization such as the military)
Dienstleister {m}  :: service provider
Dienstleistung {f}  :: service, provision of services
Dienstmädchen {n}  :: maid, housemaid
dienstorientierte Architektur {f} [computing, architecture]  :: synonym of serviceorientierte Architektur
Dienstreise {f}  :: A business trip or other journey in an official or similar non-private capacity
Dienststellenleitung {f}  :: department leadership; the leadership of a department or agency
dienstunfähig {adj}  :: unserviceable
dienstunfähig {adj}  :: unfit (for work)
dienstverpflichtet {adj}  :: Obligated to perform a particular service in the event of an emergency
Diepgen {prop}  :: surname
die Radieschen von unten betrachten {v} [idiom, euphemistic]  :: pushing up daisies
dies {pron}  :: alternative form of dieses
dies. {pron}  :: abbreviation of dieselbe
dies. {pron}  :: abbreviation of dieselben
die Sau rauslassen {v}  :: to paint the town red
diesbezüglich {adv}  :: referring to this, in this regard
diesbezüglich {adj}  :: relevant (to this)
die Schnauze voll haben {v} [idiomatic]  :: to be fed up
Diesel {prop}  :: surname
Diesel {m} [fuel or automobile]  :: diesel
dieselelektrisch {adj}  :: diesel-electric
Dieselmotor {m}  :: diesel engine, diesel motor
dieser {pron}  :: this one, this
dieser {pron}  :: that one, that
diesig {adj} [regional, chiefly northern and central Germany]  :: hazy, foggy (thick with haze, fog)
diesjährig {adj}  :: of this year
diesmal {adv}  :: this time
die Sonne geht auf {phrase}  :: the sun rises
die Sonne geht auf {phrase}  :: (fig.) remark made when a particularly pleasant person appears
die Spreu vom Weizen trennen {v} [idiomatic]  :: to separate the wheat from the chaff (to select only that which is of value)
diesseits {prep}  :: this side of [+genitive]
die Tage {adv} [idiomatic, chiefly colloquial, prospective]  :: in the coming days, in a few days
die Tage {adv} [idiomatic, chiefly colloquial, retrospective]  :: in the past days, a few days ago
Dietemann {prop}  :: surname
Dieter {prop}  :: given name
Diethylether {m} [organic compound]  :: diethyl ether
Diethylzink {n} [organic compound]  :: diethylzinc
Dietlind {prop}  :: given name, variant of Dietlinde
Dietlinde {prop}  :: given name
Dietmar {prop}  :: given name
Dietrich {prop}  :: given name
Dietrich {prop}  :: surname derived from the given name
Dietrich {m}  :: picklock
die Würfel sind gefallen {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: the die is cast
die Zelte abbrechen {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: to pull up stakes
die zweite Geige spielen {v} [idiomatic]  :: to take a back seat, to play second fiddle (literally: to play the second violin)
diffamieren {v}  :: to vilify, to defame (say defamatory things about)
Differentialgleichung {f} [mathematics]  :: differential equation (equation involving the derivatives of a function)
Differentialrechnung {f} [mathematics]  :: differential calculus (calculus that deals with instantaneous rates of change)
Differentiation {f} [mathematics]  :: differentiation
Differenz {f} [mathematics or general]  :: difference
differenzierbar {adj} [maths]  :: differentiable (having a derivative)
differenzieren {v}  :: to differentiate
Differenzierung {f}  :: differentiation
diffizil {adj}  :: difficult
diffundieren {v} [chemistry, physics]  :: To diffuse
diffundiert {v}  :: past participle of diffundieren
diffundiert {adj}  :: diffused
diffus {adj}  :: diffuse, vague, unclear
diffusesten {adj}  :: superlative of diffus
diffusibel {adj}  :: diffusible
Diffusion {f}  :: diffusion (physics: the intermingling of the molecules of a fluid due to random thermal agitation)
Diffusionsgeschwindigkeit {f}  :: diffusion rate
Diffusionsvermögen {n} [physics]  :: diffusivity
Difluorid {n}  :: difluoride
Digamma {n}  :: digamma
digerieren {v}  :: To digest
digeriert {v}  :: past participle of digerieren
digeriert {adj}  :: digested
Digestif {m}  :: digestif
digestiv {adj}  :: digestive
digital {adj} [computing]  :: digital
digital {adj} [medicine]  :: digital
digitales Zeitalter {n}  :: Digital Era
Digitalisat {n}  :: digital copy (digitalized version)
Digitalkamera {f}  :: digital camera
Digitaltacho {m}  :: digital speedometer
Digitaltechnik {f}  :: digital technology
Digitaluhr {f}  :: digital clock
Diglycerid {n} [organic chemistry]  :: diglyceride
Digraph {m} [linguistics]  :: digraph
Dihydrat {n} [chemistry]  :: dihydrate
Dihydrogentrioxid {n} [inorganic compound]  :: trioxidane (dihydrogen trioxide)
Dikalium {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: dipotassium
dikasterial {adj}  :: dicasterial
Dikasterium {n}  :: dicastery
Diktat {n}  :: diktat
Diktator {m}  :: dictator (male or of unspecified sex)
diktatorisch {adj}  :: dictatorial
Diktatur {f}  :: dictatorship
diktieren {v}  :: to dictate
Diktiergerät {n}  :: A dictation machine
dilatorisch {adj}  :: dilatory
Dildo {m}  :: dildo
Dilemma {n}  :: dilemma (a situation with two (or more) alternatives to choose from, and where all alternatives are unsatisfactory or undesirable)
dilemmatisch {adj}  :: dilemmatic
Dilettant {m}  :: amateur, dabbler
dilettantisch {adj}  :: dilettante, amateurish
Dilettantismus {m}  :: dilettantism
Dilithium {n} [inorganic compound]  :: dilithium
Dill {m}  :: dill
Dimension {f}  :: dimension
dimensional {adj}  :: dimensional
dimer {adj}  :: dimeric
Dimer {n} [chemistry]  :: dimer
dimerisieren {v} [chemistry]  :: To dimerize / dimerise
dimerisiert {v}  :: past participle of dimerisieren
dimerisiert {adj} [chemistry]  :: dimerized / dimerised
Dimethylether {n} [organic compound]  :: dimethyl ether
Dimethylformamid {n} [organic compound]  :: dimethylformamide
Dimethylselenid {n} [organic compound]  :: dimethyl selenide
Dimethylsulfid {n} [organic compound]  :: dimethyl sulfide
Dimethylsulfoxid {n} [organic compound]  :: dimethyl sulfoxide
Diminution {f}  :: diminution (reduction; act or process of making smaller)
Diminution {f} [linguistics]  :: diminution (act or process of making diminutive)
Diminution {f} [music]  :: diminution
diminutiv {adj}  :: diminutive
Diminutiv {n}  :: diminutive (a noun or word expressing smallness)
dimmbar {adj}  :: dimmable
dimmen {v}  :: to dim
Dimmer {m} [electric light]  :: dimmer
Dinatriumhydrogenphosphat {n} [inorganic compound]  :: sodium hydrogen phosphate / disodium hydrogen phosphate
Diner {n}  :: diner (eatery)
Ding {n}  :: thing
Ding {n} [mildly disrespectful]  :: thing; girl; boy (young person)
Ding {n} [dated]  :: Thing (historic Germanic council)
dingen {v} [literary]  :: to hire for a crime
dingen {v} [archaic]  :: to hire (in general)
Dingen {prop} {n}  :: A municipality in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Dingenskirchen {noun}  :: so-and-so, thingamajig (placeholder name)
dingfest {adj}  :: arrested, controlled
dinglich {adj}  :: real, thinglike
Dingo {m}  :: dingo (Canis lupus dingo)
Dings {n}  :: thing, thingamajig, a strange or unspecified item
Dingsbums {n} {mf} [colloquial]  :: thingy, thingie, thingamajig, thingamabob (something whose name one cannot recall)
Dingsbums {n} {mf} [colloquial]  :: whosit, whatshisname (a person whose name one cannot recall)
Dingwort {n}  :: noun
dinieren {v}  :: to dine
Dinkel {m}  :: spelt, Triticum spelta
Dino {m} [colloquial]  :: dinosaur, dino
Dinosaurier {m}  :: dinosaur
Dinucleotid {n}  :: dinucleotide
Dinukleotid {n} [biochemistry]  :: dinucleotide
Diode {f}  :: diode
dionysisch {adj}  :: Dionysian
Dioptrie {f}  :: diopter
Diorama {n}  :: diorama
Dioskurides {prop}  :: Dioscorides (Pedanius Dioscorides)
Dioxid {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: dioxide
Dioxygenase {f} [enzyme]  :: dioxygenase
Diphenylamin {n} [organic compound]  :: diphenylamine
Diphenylether {n} [organic compound]  :: diphenyl ether
Diphosphat {n} [chemistry]  :: diphosphate
Diphosphonat {n} [chemistry]  :: diphosphonate
Diphosphorsäure {f} [inorganic compound]  :: diphosphoric acid
Diphtherie {f} [pathology]  :: diphtheria (infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract)
Diphthong {m} [phonetics]  :: diphthong
Dipinto {noun}  :: dipinto
Dipl.-Ing. {m}  :: abbreviation of Diplomingenieur
Dipl.-Ing. {f}  :: abbreviation of Diplomingenieurin
Diplodocus {m}  :: diplodocus
Diplom {n}  :: diploma (higher education only, e.g., Master’s degree)
Diplomat {m}  :: diplomat
Diplomatie {f}  :: diplomacy
diplomatisch {adj}  :: diplomatic
Diplomingenieur {m}  :: An engineer's degree given in several countries. (replaced by the Bologna process by Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Engineering)
Diplomingenieurin {f}  :: An engineer's degree given to females in Austria till 2008
Diplom-Volkswirt {m} [education]  :: A German university degree which is awarded to students of economics. It is comparable to a Master's Degree
Dippel {m} [Austria]  :: a bump, a lump
Diproton {n}  :: diproton
Dipsomane {m}  :: dipsomaniac
diptotisch {adj} [grammar]  :: diptotic
dir {pron} [personal]  :: dative of du; you, to you
dir {pron} [reflexive]  :: dative; yourself, to yourself
Dir {pron}  :: alternative case form of dir
Diracgleichung {f} [maths, physics]  :: Dirac equation
direkt {adj}  :: direct
direktional {adj}  :: directional
Direktor {m}  :: principal (administrator of a school)
Direktorin {f}  :: A female director (principal, head, headmistress)
Diärese {f} [linguistics, prosody]  :: diaeresis
Dirham {m}  :: dirham
Dirhem {m}  :: alt form Dirham
Dirigent {m}  :: director, conductor, maestro, choirmaster (male or of unspecified sex)
dirigieren {v} [music]  :: to conduct
dirigistisch {adj}  :: dirigiste
Dirk {prop}  :: given name, a Low German variant of Dietrich ( =Derek)
Dirndl {n} [Southern Germany, Austria]  :: girl
Dirndl {n}  :: dirndl (traditional dress in parts of Bavaria and Austria)
Dirne {f} [derogatory, dated, also Bible]  :: whore (prostitute or sexually unreserved woman)
Dirne {f} [archaic or dialectal]  :: girl; lass
dis {pron}  :: obsolete spelling of dies
Dis {noun} [music]  :: D-sharp
Disauerstoff {m}  :: dioxygen
Disauerstoffdifluorid {n} [inorganic compound]  :: dioxygen diflouride
Dischwefeldichlorid {n} [inorganic compound]  :: disulfur dichloride
Discount {m}  :: discount (reduction in price)
Discount {m}  :: discounter (shop)
Discounter {m}  :: discount shop / cut-price store
Diselan {n} [inorganic compound, organic chemistry]  :: diselane
Diselenid {n}  :: diselenide
diser {pron}  :: obsolete spelling of dieser
disjunkt {adj} [mathematics, set theory]  :: disjoint (having no members in common)
Disjunktion {f}  :: disjunction (logic)
Diskette {f}  :: diskette
Diskobolie {f} [rare]  :: discus throw
Diskokugel {f}  :: disco ball
Diskont {m}  :: discount
diskontinuierlich {adj}  :: discontinuous, intermittent
Diskontinuität {f}  :: discontinuity
Diskontrechnung {f}  :: account of discount
Diskontrechnung {f}  :: cash discount calculation
diskordianisch {adj}  :: Discordian
Diskordianismus {prop} {m}  :: Discordianism
Diskordier {m}  :: Discordian (male follower of Discordianism)
Diskordierin {f}  :: Discordian (female follower of Discordianism)
diskordisch {adj}  :: Discordian
Diskothek {f}  :: discotheque
diskreditieren {v}  :: to discredit
Diskrepanz {f}  :: discrepancy (inconsistency)
diskret {adj}  :: discreet
diskret {adj} [mathematics]  :: discrete
diskretionär {adj}  :: discretionary
diskriminieren {v}  :: to discriminate
Diskriminierung {f}  :: discrimination
Diskurs {m}  :: discourse (verbal exchange or conversation)
Diskursanalyse {f} [linguistics]  :: discourse analysis
diskursiv {adj}  :: discursive
Diskus {m}  :: discus (round plate-like object for throwing)
Diskussion {f}  :: discussion
Diskussionsfaden {m} [Internet]  :: thread
Diskussionsforum {n} [internet]  :: discussion forum; a forum for general discussion
Diskussionsseite {f}  :: talk page, discussion page
Diskuswerfen {n}  :: discus throw
Diskuswurf {m}  :: discus throw
diskutabel {adj}  :: debatable, worth discussing
diskutieren {v}  :: to discuss
dis legomenon {n}  :: alternative case form of Dis Legomenon
Dis Legomenon {n}  :: dis legomenon (a word occurring only twice in a given corpus)
disloziert {adj}  :: dislocated, displaced
Dismutase {f} [enzyme]  :: dismutase
disparat {adj}  :: disparate
dispers {adj}  :: dispersed
Dispersion {f}  :: dispersion, dispersal
Display {n}  :: display, screen
disponibel {adj}  :: available (ready for use)
Disposition {f}  :: disposal
dispositiv {adj}  :: dispositive
disproportioniert {adj}  :: disproportional
Disproportionierung {f} [chemistry]  :: disproportionation
Disput {m}  :: dispute
disputabel {adj}  :: disputable
disruptiv {adj}  :: disruptive
dissen {v}  :: to diss (to put someone down or show verbal disrespect)
Dissens {m}  :: dissent
dissentieren {v}  :: to dissent (to disagree)
Dissertation {f}  :: dissertation (for a doctoral degree)
Dissident {m}  :: dissident
dissidentisch {adj}  :: dissident
Dissimilation {f}  :: dissimilation
dissipativ {adj}  :: dissipative
dissonant {adj}  :: dissonant
dissozial {adj}  :: dissocial
Dissoziation {f}  :: dissociation
Dissoziationsenergie {f} [chemistry, physics]  :: dissociation energy
dissoziieren {v} [chemistry]  :: To dissociate
dissoziiert {v}  :: past participle of dissoziieren
dissoziiert {adj}  :: dissociated
distal {adj}  :: distal
Distanz {f}  :: distance
distanzieren {v}  :: to distance
distanzlos {adj}  :: distant
distanzlos {adj}  :: dismissive
Distel {f}  :: thistle
Distelfink {m}  :: European goldfinch
distelicht {adj}  :: thistlelike
Distiban {n} [organic chemistry]  :: distibine
Distickstoff {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: dinitrogen
Distickstoffmonoxid {n} [inorganic compound]  :: nitrous oxide
Distickstoffoxid {n} [inorganic compound]  :: nitrous oxide
Distickstoffpentoxid {n} [inorganic compound]  :: dinitrogen pentoxide
Distickstofftetroxid {n} [inorganic compound]  :: dinitrogen tetroxide
distinguiert {adj}  :: distinguished
distinkt {adj}  :: distinct
distinktiv {adj}  :: distinctive
Distribution {f}  :: distribution
Distrikt {m}  :: district
Disulfan {n} [organic chemistry]  :: disulfane
Disulfat {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: disulfate
Disulfid {n} [chemistry]  :: disulfide
Disulfidbrücke {f} [organic chemistry]  :: disulfide bridge
Disulfidbrückenbindung {f} [organic chemistry]  :: disulfide bond
Disulfit {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: disulfite
Disziplin {f}  :: discipline
disziplinarisch {adj}  :: disciplinary
disziplinübergreifend {adj}  :: interdisciplinary
disziplinenübergreifend {adj}  :: alternative form of disziplinübergreifend: interdisciplinary
disziplinieren {v}  :: to discipline
diszipliniert {adj}  :: disciplined
disziplinierter {adj}  :: comparative of diszipliniert
Diszipliniertheit {f} [state of acting disciplined]  :: discipline
Diät {f}  :: diet
Ditellurid {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: ditelluride
Dithiolan {n} [organic compound]  :: dithiolane
Dithionat {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: dithionate
Dithionit {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: dithionite
Dithionsäure {f} [inorganic compound]  :: dithionic acid
dito {noun}  :: ditto (the aforesaid)
ditrigonal {adj}  :: ditrigonal
Diuretikum {n}  :: diuretic
Diva {f}  :: A diva (vocal star)
divergieren {v} [literally, figuratively]  :: to diverge (to run apart)
divergieren {v} [mathematics]  :: to diverge
divers {adj}  :: various, diverse, miscellaneous
Diverses {noun} [singulare tantum]  :: miscellaneous
diversifizieren {v}  :: to diversify
Diversifizierung {f}  :: diversification
Diversität {f}  :: diversity
Dividend {m} [maths]  :: dividend
Dividende {f} [finance]  :: dividend
dividieren {v} [arithmetic]  :: to divide
divinatorisch {adj}  :: divinatory
Divis {n}  :: hyphen
divisibel {adj} [maths]  :: divisible
Division {f} [arithmetics]  :: division (arithmetic: process of dividing a number by another)
Division {f} [military]  :: division (military formation)
Divisor {m} [arithmetics]  :: divisor
Diwasserstoff {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: dihydrogen
Dixiklo {n}  :: portable toilet
diözesan {adj} [Christianity]  :: diocesan, metropolitan
Diözese {f}  :: diocese
diözisch {adj} [botany]  :: dioecious
Déjà-vu {n}  :: déjà vu
Déjà-vu-Erlebnis {n}  :: déjà vu
Düker {m}  :: culvert
DKP {initialism}  :: Deutsche Kommunistische Partei (German Communist Party)
DKP {initialism}  :: Deutsche Konservative Partei (German Conservative Party)
DLR {initialism} [aerospace]  :: initialism of w:German Aerospace Center (German Aerospace Center)
DLRG {f}  :: German Lifeguard Association (abbreviation of Deutsche Lebens-Rettungs-Gesellschaft)
dämlich {adj}  :: very stupid
dämlicherweise {adv}  :: foolishly, stupidly
dämmen {v}  :: to dam
dämmen {v}  :: to insulate (a building)
dümmer {adj}  :: comparative of dumm
Dämmerung {f}  :: dusk
Dämmerung {f}  :: dawn
Dämmerung {f}  :: twilight
Dämmerung {f}  :: nightfall
dämmerungsaktiv {noun}  :: active at twilight, crepuscular, twilight-active
dümmlich {adj}  :: asinine, dumb
Dümmlichkeit {f} [uncountable]  :: The state of asininity
Dümmlichkeit {f} [countable]  :: An act of asininity
dämmrig {adj}  :: twilit
dümmsten {adj}  :: superlative of dumm
Dämmung {f}  :: insulation
Dämon {m}  :: demon
dämonisch {adj}  :: demonic, demoniac
dämonisieren {v}  :: to demonize
Dämonologie {f}  :: demonology
dämonologisch {adj}  :: demonological
dümpeln {v} [of boats]  :: to be tied up bobbing up and down in the water
dümpeln {v} [figurative]  :: to be stuck; to be inactive or unsuccessful; to make no substantial progress
dämpfen {v}  :: to damp (to put out, as fire)
Dämpfer {m}  :: dampener
Dämpfer {m}  :: cushion
Dämpfer {m}  :: muffler
Dämpfer {m}  :: check
Dämpfer {m}  :: silencer
Dämpfer {m}  :: deadener
Dämpfer {m}  :: soft pedal (piano)
Dämpfer {m}  :: mute
Dämpfer {m}  :: bumper
Dämpfung {f}  :: attenuation
Dämpfung {f}  :: damping
Dämpfung {f}  :: decay
Düna {prop}  :: the Duna, the Daugava (river in eastern Europe)
Düne {f}  :: dune (usually by the sea)
Düne {prop} {f}  :: Düne [island close to Heligoland]
Däne {m}  :: Dane (person from Denmark)
Döneken {n} [regional, Westphalia]  :: anecdote
Dänemark {prop} {n}  :: Denmark
Dünengazelle {f}  :: slender-horned gazelle, rhim gazelle, sand gazelle, Gazella leptoceros
Döner {m} {n} [countable]  :: doner kebab (Oriental dish including meat roasted on a revolving spit; a common snack in Germany, usually served in a sandwich with salad and sauce)
Döner {m} {n} [uncountable]  :: the kind of meat used in döner kebap
Düngemittel {n}  :: fertilizer
Düngemittelindustrie {f}  :: fertilizer industry
düngen {v}  :: to fertilize (a field)
Dünger {m}  :: fertilizer
Düngung {f}  :: fertilization
Dänin {f}  :: Dane (person from Denmark, female)
dänisch {adj}  :: Danish
Dänisch {prop} {n}  :: Danish (language)
Dänische Dogge {f}  :: Great Dane (dog breed)
Dünkel {m}  :: conceit, smugness, arrogance
dünkelhaft {adj}  :: smug, vainglorious, arrogant
dünken {v} [archaic]  :: to seem (to appear)
Dünkirchen {prop} {n}  :: Dunkirk (Dunkerque), a coastal town in northern France, originally Flemish-speaking
dünn {adj}  :: thin, slender, slim
dünn {adj}  :: (in the sense of a beverage like coffee or beer) weak, not strong
dünn {adj}  :: flimsy
Dünnbrettbohrer {m}  :: (coll.) lightweight (person)
Dünndarm {m} [anatomy]  :: small intestine
dünner {adj}  :: comparative of dünn
Dünnfilmtransistor {m}  :: thin-film transistor
dünnflüssig {adj}  :: thin, runny, fluid
dünnhäutig {adj} [literally or figuratively]  :: thin-skinned
dünnhäutiger {adj}  :: comparative of dünnhäutig
Dünnhäutigkeit {f}  :: thin-skinnedness
dünnhäutigsten {adj}  :: superlative of dünnhäutig
Dünnpfiff {m}  :: diarrhea
Dünnschicht {f}  :: thin film
Dünnschichtsolarzelle {f}  :: thin-film solar cell
Dünnschichttransistor {m}  :: thin-film transistor
Dünnschiss {m}  :: diarrhea (as a disease)
Dünnschiss {m}  :: the fecal product of diarrhea
dünnwandig {adj}  :: thin-gauge, thin-walled
Düns {prop}  :: A municipality in Vorarlberg, Austria
DNS {initialism} [biology]  :: initialism of Desoxyribonukleinsäure (DNA)
DNS {initialism} [computer science]  :: initialism of Direkte Numerische Simulation (procedure to calculate unsteady streaming processes)
DNS {initialism} [chemistry]  :: initialism of Dinitrosalicylsäure
DNS {initialism} [Germany, politics]  :: initialism of Dachverband der Nationalen Sammlung
DNS {initialism} [Germany, norming]  :: initialism of Deutsche Normungsstrategie (strategic bias of the norming task)
DNS {initialism} [computer science]  :: initialism of Domain Name System
DNS {initialism} [sports]  :: initialism of did not start
dünsten {vt} [cooking]  :: to steam, to braise, to stew
Dünung {f}  :: swell (series of waves)
Do. {abbr}  :: abbreviation of Donnerstag "Thursday"
Dobermann {m}  :: Dobermann
doch {conj}  :: though; yet; but; however; nevertheless
doch {conj}  :: for all that; after all; but
doch {adv}  :: after all; yet; however; nevertheless
doch {adv}  :: really; just
doch {adv} [in response to a negative question or statement]  :: yes; surely; really; on the contrary
doch {adv}  :: indicates proposal; why don't you/we
Docht {m}  :: wick (porous cord that draws up liquid fuel for burning)
Dock {n}  :: dock (a construction in which ships are repaired)
Dodecylbenzol {n} [organic compound]  :: dodecylbenzene
Dodekaeder {n}  :: dodecahedron
dodekaedrisch {adj}  :: dodecahedral
Dodelschach {n} [games]  :: synonym of Tic Tac Toe
Dodo {m}  :: Dodo, Raphus cucullatus
Dodonowo {prop} {n}  :: Dodonovo
Doge {m}  :: doge
Dogge {f}  :: boarhound, mastiff
Dogma {n}  :: dogma
Dogmatiker {m}  :: dogmatist
dogmatisch {adj}  :: dogmatic
dogmatischer {adj}  :: comparative of dogmatisch
dogmatischsten {adj}  :: superlative of dogmatisch
Dogmatismus {m}  :: dogmatism
Dogon {prop}  :: Dogon
Dohle {f}  :: jackdaw
Doktor {m} [academia]  :: doctor
Doktor {m} [medicine, colloquial]  :: doctor
Doktorand {m}  :: doctorand (A postgraduate aiming to receive a doctorate)
Doktorandin {f}  :: feminine noun of Doktorand
Doktorarbeit {f}  :: A doctoral dissertation, a graduate's final thesis to obtain the academic degree of doctor
Doktorin {f}  :: (female) doctor, (woman) doctor
Doktorvater {m}  :: doctoral advisor / dissertation director / dissertation advisor / doctoral supervisor
Doktrin {f}  :: doctrine
Dokument {n}  :: document
Dokumentation {f}  :: documentation
Dokumentation {f}  :: documentary, a mainly informative product(ion), as opposed to fiction or 'day to day' event reporting
dokumentieren {v}  :: to document
Dolch {m}  :: dagger
Dolde {f} [botany]  :: corymb, umbel (cluster of flowers)
Dole {f}  :: covered ditch
Dole {f} [Switzerland]  :: gully; drain
doll {adj} [colloquial]  :: firm, hard, forceful, strong [of actions, also of emotions]
doll {adj} [colloquial, chiefly in negation or sarcastically]  :: good, great, satisfactory
doll {adj} [colloquial, with Ding]  :: extraordinary, remarkable
doll {adv} [colloquial]  :: firmly, hard, forcefully, vehemently, strong [of actions, also of emotions]
Dollar {m}  :: dollar
dolmetschen {v}  :: to interpret (to act as an interpreter)
dolmetschen {v} [archaic]  :: to translate
Dolmetscher {m}  :: interpreter (male or of unspecified sex) (as opposed to Übersetzer (translator))
Dolmetscher {m} [archaic]  :: translator (male or of unspecified sex)
Dolmetscherin {f}  :: interpreter (female) (woman who interprets speech in another language)
Dolomit {m} [mineral]  :: dolomite
Dom {m}  :: cathedral
Domain {f} [computing, Internet]  :: domain (DNS domain name)
Domestik {m}  :: domestic (house servant; a maid)
Domestikation {f}  :: domestication
domestizieren {v}  :: to domesticate
Domestizierung {f}  :: domestication
Domeykit {m} [mineral]  :: domeykite
Domina {f}  :: dominatrix
dominant {adj}  :: dominant
dominanter {adj}  :: comparative of dominant
dominantesten {adj}  :: superlative of dominant
Dominanz {f}  :: dominance
Dominic {prop}  :: given name, an English style spelling of Dominik
Dominica {prop} {n}  :: Dominica
Dominicaner {m}  :: Dominican
Dominicanerin {f}  :: female Dominican
dominicanisch {adj}  :: Dominican (from Dominica)
dominieren {v}  :: to dominate
dominierend {adj}  :: dominant
dominierend {adj}  :: commanding
Dominik {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Dominic
Dominikaner {m}  :: Dominican (male person from the Dominican Republic)
Dominikanerin {f}  :: Dominican (female person from the Dominican Republic)
dominikanisch {adj}  :: Dominican (from the Dominican Republic)
Dominikanische Republik {prop}  :: Dominican Republic (country in the Caribbean)
Dominoeffekt {m}  :: domino effect
Domizil {n}  :: domicile
Domkirche {f}  :: cathedral (church)
Domäne {f}  :: domain
domänenspezifisch {adj} [computing]  :: domain-specific
Dompfaff {m}  :: bullfinch [Pyrrhula pyrrhula]
Dompteur {m} [circus]  :: tamer, animal trainer
Dompteuse {f} [circus]  :: (female) tamer, animal trainer
Don {prop} {m}  :: Don (river in Russia)
Don {m}  :: don (honorific title, especially in Spain and Italy)
Donaldismus {m}  :: Donaldism
Donar {prop} {m}  :: Thor
Donatismus {m}  :: donatism
Donau {prop} {f} [geography]  :: The river Danube, which flows to the Black Sea
Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän {m}  :: obsolete spelling of Donaudampfschifffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän
Donaudampfschifffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän {m}  :: Danube steamship company captain
donauisch {adj}  :: Danubian; of, located by or pertaining to the Danube
Donauisch {adj}  :: alternative case form of donauisch
Donaulachs {m}  :: Danube salmon, huchen (Hucho hucho)
Donaumetropole {f}  :: metropolis on the Danube
Donaumetropole {f} [in particular, no plural]  :: Vienna
Donaustadt {prop}  :: Donaustadt, the twenty-second district of Vienna, covering the eastern quarter of the city
Donaustadt {prop} [archaic]  :: Donaustadt, an area of southern Vienna located by the banks of the Danube
Donaustadt {f}  :: city on the Danube
Donaustadt {f} [in particular]  :: Vienna
donjuanesk {adj}  :: donjuanist
Donner {m}  :: thunder
donnern {v}  :: to thunder
Donnern {n} [a sound resembling thunder]  :: thunder, rumbling
Donnersberg {prop}  :: A peak in the Pfalz region
Donnerschlag {m}  :: thunderclap, clap of thunder
Donnerstag {m}  :: Thursday
Donnerstagabend {m}  :: Thursday evening
Donnerstagmittag {m}  :: Thursdag noon
Donnerstagnachmittag {m}  :: Thursday afternoon
donnerstags {adv}  :: every Thursday, on Thursdays
Donnerstagvormittag {m}  :: Thursday morning (time before noon)
Donner und Doria {interj} [dated]  :: by Jove!
Donnervogel {m}  :: a thunderbird
Donnerwetter {n}  :: thunderstorm
Donnerwetter {n}  :: row (noisy argument)
Donnerwetter {interj}  :: gosh!
Donor {n} [chemistry]  :: donor, donator
Donquichotterie {f}  :: quixotry (a wild, visionary idea)
doof {adj} [colloquial]  :: stupid, dumb
doof {adj} [colloquial]  :: boring, annoying
doofer {adj}  :: comparative of doof
Dopamin {n} [neurotransmitter]  :: dopamine
dopaminerg {adj}  :: dopaminergic
dopen {v} [sports]  :: to dope
Doping {n} [sports]  :: doping
Doppel {n} [tennis]  :: doubles
Doppel {n}  :: duplicate
Doppelbett {n}  :: double bed
Doppelbindung {f} [chemistry]  :: double bond
Doppelblindstudie {f} [medicine, psychology]  :: double-blind experiment, double-blinded experiment
Doppeldecker {m} [aviation]  :: biplane
Doppeldecker {m}  :: double-decker bus
doppeldeutig {adj}  :: ambiguous
Doppelfehler {m} [tennis]  :: double fault (missing of both the first serve and second serve)
Doppelgänger {m}  :: doppelganger, doppelgänger
Doppelhaus {n}  :: semi-detached house
Doppelhaushälfte {f}  :: semi-detached house, semi
doppelherzig {adj}  :: false, two-faced (literally double-hearted)
Doppelklick {m} [computer]  :: double-click
Doppelköpfchen {n} [botany]  :: double capitulum
Doppellaut {m} [linguistics, phonetics]  :: diphthong
Doppellaut {m} [linguistics]  :: double vowel or double consonant
Doppellinie {f}  :: double line (road marking)
doppelläufig {adj}  :: double-barrelled
Doppelmoral {f}  :: double standard
Doppelmoral {f}  :: hypocrisy
doppeln {v}  :: to double
Doppelpunkt {m}  :: colon
Doppelsalz {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: double salt
Doppelschicht {f}  :: bilayer
doppelsinnig {adj}  :: ambiguous, equivocal
Doppelstern {m}  :: double star
doppelt {adj}  :: double (made up of two matching or complementary elements)
doppelt gemoppelt {adj} [colloquial]  :: redundant, tautological, tautologous
doppeltwirkend {adj}  :: double-acting
Doppelverabredung {f}  :: double date
doppelwandig {adj}  :: double-walled
Doppelzimmer {n}  :: double room
Dopplereffekt {m}  :: Doppler effect (change in frequency or wavelength)
Doppler-Effekt {m}  :: Doppler effect (change in frequency or wavelength)
Dora {prop}  :: given name, cognate to English Dora
Doren {prop} {n}  :: A municipality in Vorarlberg, Austria
Dorf {n}  :: village
Dorfbewohner {m}  :: villager
Dorfitter {prop}  :: A part of the Vöhl region
Dorfkirche {f}  :: village church, rural church
Dorfmatratze {f} [vulgar, pejorative slang]  :: village bike (local woman who sleeps with many men)
Doris {prop}  :: given name borrowed from English usage, popular in the mid-twentieth century
dorisch {adj}  :: Doric
Dorn {m}  :: thorn
Dornach {prop}  :: A neighbourhood in the west of Mulhouse, Alsace, France
Dornach {prop}  :: A town in Solothurn, Switzerland
Dorngesträuch {n}  :: thorny shrubbery
Dornhai {m}  :: spiny dogfish, spurdog, mud shark, or piked dogfish (Squalus acanthias)
dornig {adj}  :: thorny
Dornröschen {n}  :: A small, thorny rose
Dornröschen {prop} {n}  :: The fairy tale character Sleeping Beauty
Dorothea {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Dorothy
Dorpat {prop} [chiefly historical]  :: Tartu, a city in Estonia
dorsal {adj}  :: dorsal
Dorsch {m}  :: cod (marine fish of the family Gadidae)
dort {adv}  :: there, yonder
dorthin {adv}  :: there (to that place)
dortig {adj}  :: local
Dortmund {prop} {n}  :: Dortmund (city in western Germany)
Dortmunder {m}  :: A native or resident of Dortmund
Dosage {f}  :: dosage (in wine-making)
Dose {f}  :: box (container made from metal or plastic, less often wood)
Dose {f}  :: tin; can (air-tight container for food)
Dose {f} [colloquial, most often diminutive]  :: vagina; vulva
Dosenöffner {m}  :: can opener, tin opener [UK]
dosenförmig {adj}  :: boxy (box-shaped)
Dosierung {f}  :: dosage
Dosierung {f}  :: metering
Dosis {f}  :: dose
dosisabhängig {adj} [medicine]  :: dose-dependent
Dossier {n}  :: dossier
Dost {m}  :: tuft (of a plant), something that grows in tufts
Dost {m} [plural form Doste]  :: any plant of the genus Origanum
Dost {m}  :: oregano (Origanum vulgare)
Dotcom-Blase {prop} {f} [business, history]  :: dot-com bubble
Dotierelement {n}  :: doping element (added to a semiconductor)
dotieren {v}  :: To endow
dotieren {v}  :: To dope or contaminate
Dotieren {n}  :: doping
dotiert {v}  :: past participle of dotieren
dotiert {adj}  :: doped
dotiert {adj}  :: endowed
Dotierung {f}  :: endowment
Dotierung {f}  :: remuneration
Dotierung {f}  :: doping (of a semiconductor)
Dotter {m} {n}  :: yolk
dottergelb {adj}  :: yolk-yellow
Doublé {n}  :: alternative spelling of Dublee
doublieren {v}  :: alternative spelling of dublieren
down {adj}  :: down, depressed
Downer {m} [slang]  :: downer (drug)
downgeloadet {v}  :: past participle of downloaden
Download {m}  :: a download
downloaden {v} [computing]  :: download (to transfer data from a remote computer to a local one)
Downsyndrom {n}  :: Down syndrome
Doxologie {f}  :: doxology
Doyen {m}  :: most senior representative of a certain group, usually in diplomacy, academia or performing arts, doyen
Dozent {m}  :: lecturer, instructor (male or of unspecified sex) [at the university level]
DPA {prop}  :: initialism of Deutsche Presse-Agentur (German news agency)
Dépendance {f}  :: alternative spelling of Dependance
düpieren {vt}  :: to fool, to deceive, to dupe
Dr. {abbr}  :: abbreviation of Doktor (In the Plural: abbreviation of Doktores)
Drache {m}  :: dragon
Drache {prop} {m} [constellation]  :: Draco
Drachen {m}  :: kite; hang glider (any gliding construction of poles and fabric)
Drachen {m} [pejorative]  :: vixen, harpy (unkind woman, wife)
Drachenblut {n}  :: dragon's blood (color and resin)
Drachenblut {n}  :: A kind of alcoholic beverage
Drachenfahne {f}  :: a flag with an image of a dragon on it
Drachenfrucht {f}  :: dragon fruit
Drachenstatue {f}  :: statue of a dragon
Drachme {f}  :: drachma
Dragée {n}  :: alternative spelling of Dragee
Dragee {n}  :: dragée, sugar-coated pill
Dragoner {m}  :: a dragoon
Dragoner {m} [Austria]  :: the back clasp on a jacket
Draht {m}  :: wire
drahten {adj}  :: wire (attributive)
Drahtesel {m} [colloquial, humorous, literally: "wire donkey"]  :: bicycle
drahtig {adj}  :: wiry
drahtlos {adj}  :: wireless
Drahtseil {n}  :: cable, wire rope
Drahtseil {n}  :: tightrope
Drahtseilbahn {f}  :: cable railway
Drahtsieb {n}  :: wire sieve, wire screen
Drahtzaun {m}  :: wire fence
Drahtzieher {m} [idiomatic]  :: string puller (literally: wire puller)
Drainage {f}  :: alternative spelling of Dränage
Draisine {f}  :: [rail vehicle, bicycle] draisine
drakonisch {adj}  :: draconian
drakonischer {adj}  :: comparative of drakonisch
drall {adj}  :: tight (of a ball, sack: very full)
drall {adj}  :: buxom (of a woman: having a full, voluptuous figure)
Drall {m}  :: spin; twist
Drall {m} [firearms]  :: rifling
Drall {m} [physics]  :: angular momentum
Drama {n}  :: drama
dramatisch {adj}  :: dramatic
dramatischer {adj}  :: comparative of dramatisch
dramatisieren {v}  :: to dramatize
Dramaturgie {f}  :: dramaturgy
dramaturgisch {adj}  :: dramaturgic
dran {adv}  :: alternative form of daran
dran {adv}  :: (in the phrase dran sein) to be in a particular condition
dran {adv}  :: (in the phrase an (etwas) dran sein) to be (possibly) true
dran {adv}  :: (slang, in the phrase dran sein) to get it, to suffer consequences, punishment or retaliation
dran {adv}  :: (in the phrase dran sein) to be somebody's turn in a game
Drang {m}  :: pressure; stress
Drang {m} [figuratively]  :: urge; impulse; longing
drangehen {vi} [colloquial]  :: to accept a phone call
drankommen {v} [colloquial]  :: to touch
drankommen {v} [colloquial]  :: to be able to reach (an etwas + acc.)
drankommen {v} [colloquial]  :: to have one's go/turn
drapieren {v}  :: to drape
drapp {adj} [Austria, dated]  :: sandy-coloured
drastisch {adj}  :: drastic
Drau {prop} {f}  :: Drava (river in Europe, tributary of the Danube)
draußen {adv}  :: outside
draußen {adv}  :: out there
drauf {adv}  :: after (behind; later in time; following)
drauf {adv}  :: on top of
draufdrücken {v} [colloquial]  :: to press, to push
draufgegangen {v}  :: past participle of draufgehen
draufgehen {v}  :: to fall apart
Draufgänger {m}  :: daredevil, go-getter (person who doesn't hesitate to pursue his goals)
draufgängerisch {adj}  :: reckless, adventurous
draus {adv} [colloquial]  :: alternative form of daraus
draussen {adv}  :: alternative spelling of draußen
drüben {adv}  :: over there
drüben {adv}  :: on the other side
drüben {adv}  :: Either the (former) GDR or pre-1990 BRD, both as political entities and as geographical regions. The term describes the entity/area from which the speaker does not hail
Drückeberger {m}  :: (male) shirk, quitter
Drückebergerin {f}  :: (female) shirk
drücken {vt}  :: to press; to push (e.g., a door handle)
drücken {vir}  :: to shirk
Drechsler {m}  :: turner, lathe operator
Dreck {m}  :: dirt
Dreck {m}  :: filth
dreckig {adj}  :: dirty
Dreckkerl {m}  :: alternative form of Dreckskerl
Dreckloch {n}  :: hellhole
Drecksgöre {f} [vulgar, offensive]  :: filthy naughty girl, filthy naughty child
Dreckskerl {m} [pejorative]  :: swine, son of a bitch, bastard
Drecksnutte {f} [vulgar, offensive]  :: filthy whore
Dreh {m}  :: spin, twist
Dreh {m}  :: knack
Dreharbeit {f} [cinematography]  :: shooting, principal photography
Drehbank {f}  :: lathe
drehbar {adj}  :: rotatable, revolving
Drehbuch {n} [cinematography]  :: script
drehen {v}  :: to turn, to revolve, rotate or roll
drehen {v} [cinematography]  :: to shoot
drehen {v}  :: to veer
drehen {v}  :: to shape with a lathe
Dreher {m}  :: turner, lathe operator
Dreher {m}  :: A type of folk dance from Austria and southern Germany
Drehimpuls {m} [physics]  :: angular momentum
Drehleier {f} [musical instruments]  :: hurdy-gurdy
Drehmaschine {f}  :: lathe (machine tool used to shape a piece of material)
Drehmoment {n}  :: torque
Drehorgel {f}  :: barrel organ (pipe instrument with air controlled pins in a revolving barrel)
Drehort {m} [cinematography]  :: location (The place where a film or a scene is shot.)
Drehrohrofen {m}  :: rotary kiln
Drehscheibe {f} [railway]  :: turntable
Drehtür {f}  :: revolving door
Drehung {f}  :: rotation, turn
Drehzahl {f}  :: rotational speed, speed of rotation, (automotive) RPM, revolutions per minute
drei {num}  :: three
Drei {f}  :: three (digit/figure 3)
dreiarmig {adj}  :: three-armed
Dreibein {n}  :: tripod
Dreibein {n} [maths]  :: trihedron
dreibeinig {adj}  :: three-legged
dreiblättrig {adj}  :: trifoliate, three-leaved
dreidimensional {adj}  :: three-dimensional
Dreidimensionalität {f}  :: three-dimensionality
Dreieck {n}  :: triangle
dreieckig {adj}  :: triangular
Dreiecksnatter {f}  :: milk snake (Lampropeltis triangulum)
Dreiecksverhältnis {n}  :: love triangle
dreieinhalb {num}  :: three and a half
Dreieinigkeit {f} [Christianity]  :: Trinity
Dreier {m} [regional]  :: three
Dreier {m} [colloquial]  :: threesome
dreierlei {adj}  :: Of three different types
Dreierwette {f}  :: trifecta [betting]
dreifach {adj}  :: triple (made up of three matching or complementary elements)
Dreifachbindung {f} [chemistry]  :: triple bond
Dreifachblindstudie {f} [medicine, psychology]  :: triple-blind experiment, triple-blinded experiment
Dreifachklick {m} [computer]  :: triple-click
Dreifaltigkeit {f} [Christianity]  :: Trinity
dreifüßig {adj}  :: three-footed
Drei gewinnt {n} [games]  :: synonym of Tic Tac Toe
dreihundert {num}  :: three hundred
dreihundertste {adj} [ordinal]  :: three-hundredth
dreißig {num}  :: thirty
dreißigfach {adj}  :: thirtyfold
dreißigjährig {adj}  :: thirty-year (attributive)
dreißigprozentig {adj}  :: thirty-percent
dreißigste {ordinal num} [ordinal]  :: thirtieth
dreijährig {adj}  :: three-year-old
Dreiklang {m} [music]  :: A triad
Dreiklassenwahlrecht {n} [historical]  :: three-class suffrage, three-class franchise : a form of Suffrage#Census_suffrage used in Prussia in which voters were divided into three classes based on how much they paid in taxes, with the votes of those who paid more taxes (the rich) given more weight
Dreikönig {prop} [invariant, holiday]  :: Short for Dreikönigsfest (Epiphany)
Dreikönigsfest {noun}  :: Epiphany
dreiköpfig {adj}  :: three-headed
Dreikäsehoch {m}  :: tot, titch, half-pint (small child)
Dreilochnutte {f} [vulgar, offensive]  :: woman who participates in vaginal, oral and anal intercourse
Dreilochstute {f} [vulgar, offensive]  :: woman who participates in vaginal, oral and anal intercourse
dreimal {adv}  :: thrice, three times
dreimonatig {adj}  :: three-monthly
dreimotorig {adj}  :: three-engined
dreiprozentig {adj}  :: three-percent
Dreirad {n}  :: tricycle
dreisilbig {adj}  :: trisyllabic
dreisprachig {adj}  :: trilingual
dreispurig {adj}  :: three-lane (attributive)
dreissig {num}  :: alternative spelling of dreißig
dreist {adj}  :: bold, brash, audacious, impudent (without respect or restraint)
dreistöckig {adj}  :: three-storey
dreistellig {adj}  :: three-digit
dreistündig {adj}  :: three-hour (attributive)
dreistrahlig {adj}  :: three-engined (especially of a jet aircraft)
dreistufig {adj}  :: three-stage
Dreitagebart {m}  :: stubble grown after three days
dreiteilig {adj}  :: three-part, three-piece, tripartite
dreitägig {adj}  :: three-day (attributive)
dreitürig {adj}  :: three-door (attributive)
dreiundachtzig {num}  :: eighty-three (83)
dreiunddreißig {num}  :: thirty-three (33)
dreiundfünfzig {num}  :: fifty-three (53)
dreiundneunzig {num}  :: ninety-three (93)
dreiundsechzig {num}  :: sixty-three (63)
dreiundsiebzig {num}  :: seventy-three (73)
dreiundvierzig {num}  :: forty-three
dreiundzwanzig {num}  :: twenty-three
dreiundzwanzigste {adj} [ordinal]  :: twenty-third
dreiviertel {prep} [DDR, Bavaria, Austria]  :: quarter to, a quarter-hour before, 15 minutes before [used with the number of the following hour]
dreiwöchig {adj}  :: three-week (attributive)
dreiwertig {adj} [chemistry]  :: trivalent
Dreiwertigkeit {f} [chemistry]  :: trivalence
Dreizack {m}  :: trident
dreizehn {num} [cardinal]  :: thirteen
dreizehnte {ordinal num} [ordinal]  :: thirteenth
Dreizentrenbindung {f} [chemistry]  :: three-centred bond (especially a banana bond)
Düren {prop}  :: A district of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
dreschen {vti}  :: to thresh; to thrash
Dreschplatz {m}  :: threshing floor
Dresden {prop}  :: Dresden (capital city of Saxony)
Dresseur {m}  :: animal trainer
dressieren {v} [animals]  :: to train
drey {num}  :: obsolete form of drei
dürfen {v} [auxiliary, infinitive replaces past participle]  :: To be allowed (to do something); to be permitted (to do something); may
dürfen {vit} [past participle as above]  :: To be allowed or permitted to do something implied or previously stated; may
dürfen {v} [subjunctive present, modal auxiliary verb]  :: Expresses that something is estimated or probable
dörflich {adj}  :: rural, rustic
dürftig {adj}  :: meager, scanty, sparse
dürftig {adj}  :: tenuous
dürftig {adj}  :: poor; impoverished
dröge {adj} [regional, chiefly northern Germany]  :: dry
dröge {adj} [regional, chiefly northern Germany]  :: dull; boring; humdrum (of activities and people)
dröhnen {vi}  :: to boom; to thud; to roar (make a loud, dull sound; such as that of a military aircraft)
Drähtchen {n}  :: diminutive of Draht
dribbeln {v} [soccer]  :: To dribble (to run with the ball, controlling its path with the feet)
dribbeln {v} [basketball]  :: To dribble
Drift {f}  :: drifting (being moved by external powers; most often of a ship)
Drift {f}  :: violent stream or swell (of the sea)
driften {vi}  :: to drift
drillen {v}  :: to twist (a rope)
drillen {v} [military]  :: to drill
drillen {v} [technical, not general]  :: to bore
Drilling {m}  :: A triplet (one of three persons born to the same mother at the same time)
Drilling {m} [poker]  :: three of a kind
drin {adv}  :: inside
dringen {vi} [auxiliary: “haben”]  :: to insist; to press
dringen {vi} [auxiliary: “sein”]  :: to ooze; to seep
dringen {vi} [auxiliary: “sein”]  :: to force one’s way
dringend {adj}  :: urgent
dringender {adj}  :: comparative of dringend
dringlich {adj}  :: urgent
dringlicher {adj}  :: comparative of dringlich
Drink {m}  :: drink (alcoholic)
drinnen {adv}  :: inside
Driss {m} [colloquial, regional, Rhineland]  :: shit
dritt {particle}  :: only used in zu dritt
dritte {ordinal num} [ordinal]  :: third
Dritte Golfkrieg {prop} {m} [rare]  :: The 2003 invasion of Iraq, seen as the "Third Gulf War"
Drittel {n}  :: a third
drittelzahlig {adj}  :: three-digit
dritter Fall {noun} [grammar]  :: dative case
Drittes Reich {prop} {n}  :: The Third Reich
drittgrößte {adj}  :: third biggest, third largest
drittklassig {adj}  :: third-class, third-rate
drittletzt {adj}  :: antepenultimate
Drittsprache {f} [education]  :: A learned third language
drittwichtigste {adj}  :: third most important
Drive {m} [uncountable]  :: drive (self-motivation)
Drive {m} [golf, countable]  :: drive (stroke made with a driver)
Drive {m} [badminton, tennis, countable]  :: drive (ball struck in a flat trajectory)
Dürkheimer {m}  :: Native or inhabitant of Bad Dürkheim
Dränage {f}  :: drainage
Dörnchen {n}  :: diminutive of Dorn
drängen {v}  :: to press, to push
drängend {adj}  :: pressing
droben {adv}  :: up
droben {adv}  :: up there
Droge {f} [colloquial]  :: drug (psychoactive substance, especially opharmacologyne which is illegal)
Droge {f} [pharmacology]  :: drug (substance used to treat an illness)
Drogenabhängiger {noun}  :: drug addict (person with a chemical or psychological dependency on drugs)
Drogenbeauftragter {m}  :: commissioner/representative for drugs
Drogenberater {m}  :: drug advisor
Drogenfalle {f} [idiomatic]  :: trap relating to addiction to drugs
Drogenhandel {m}  :: drug trafficking, drug dealing, drug trade
Drogenkonsument {m}  :: drug user
Drogenkrieg {m}  :: The 'war on drugs'.
Drogenkrieg {m}  :: drug war
Drogenmissbrauch {m}  :: drug abuse
drogensüchtig {adj}  :: addictive (to a drug)
drogensüchtig {adj}  :: drug-related
Drogensüchtiger {m}  :: drug addict (person with a chemical or psychological dependency on drugs)
Drogentest {m}  :: drug test
Drogerie {f}  :: drugstore, chemist (retail store selling non-prescription medications and other health, beauty and household related products)
drohen {v}  :: to threaten
drohend {adj}  :: threatening, menacing, forbidding
Drohkulisse {f}  :: threatening posture
Drohne {f}  :: drone (male bee)
Drohne {f}  :: drone (unmanned aircraft)
Drohne {f} [dated]  :: sponger, parasite
Drohung {f} [expression of intent to injure or punish another]  :: threat
Droide {m}  :: droid, short form of Androide "android"
drollig {adj}  :: droll; endearing
drolliger {adj}  :: comparative of drollig
Dromedar {n}  :: dromedary
Dronte {f}  :: dodo (Raphus cucullatus)
Dropdown-Liste {f} [graphical user interface]  :: dropdown list
Drop-down-Liste {f} [graphical user interface]  :: alternative form of Dropdown-Liste (dropdown list)
Dropdown-Listenfeld {n} [graphical user interface]  :: synonym of Dropdown-Liste (dropdown list)
Droschke {f}  :: droshky
Droschke {f} [regional]  :: taxi
Drossel {f}  :: thrush (songbird of the family Turdidae)
Drossel {f}  :: throttle
Drossel {f} [dated]  :: throat
drosseln {v}  :: to curb, choke, throttle
Drosselung {f}  :: limiting, curbing, throttling, restriction
Dörpat {prop}  :: alternative form of Dorpat
Dörpt {prop}  :: alternative form of Dorpat
Dörptestnisch {prop} {n}  :: Tartu Estonian, the dialect of Estonian spoken in Tartu
dörptisch {adj}  :: of or pertaining to the city of Dorpat / Tartu in Estonia, or to its inhabitants
dörptisch {adj}  :: of or pertaining to the Tartu dialect of Estonian
Dörptisch {prop} {n}  :: the Tartu dialect of Estonian
dürr {adj}  :: dry
dürr {adj} [anatomy]  :: slender, slim
Dürre {f}  :: drought
dörren {vt}  :: to dry
Drüse {f} [anatomy]  :: gland
drüsig {adj}  :: glandular
Druck {m}  :: pressure [plural: Drücke]
Druck {m}  :: print [plural: Drucke]
Druckanstieg {m}  :: pressure rise
Druckbehälter {m}  :: pressure vessel
drucken {v}  :: to print
Drucker {m}  :: agent noun of drucken; printer (person, especially male, who prints)
Drucker {m}  :: printer (device)
Druckerei {f} [printing, countable]  :: printing house, printery
Druckerei {f} [printing, uncountable]  :: art of printing
Druckerpresse {f}  :: printing press
Druckfehler {m}  :: misprint
Druckgasflasche {f}  :: pressurised gas cylinder
Druckgießverfahren {n}  :: diecasting
Druckguss {m}  :: diecasting
Druckluft {f}  :: compressed air
Druckmittel {n} [figuratively]  :: lever, bargaining tool
Drucksache {f}  :: printed matter
Drucksache {f}  :: business letter
Drucksache {f}  :: circular
Drucktank {m}  :: pressure tank
Drucktopf {m} [cookware]  :: pressure cooker
Drucktype {f} [printing]  :: a printing form, a font die
Druckversion {f}  :: printed version
Druckwalze {f}  :: print roll, press cylinder, shaft
Druckwasserreaktor {m}  :: pressurized water reactor
Druide {m}  :: druid
drum {adv}  :: contraction of darum
Drumpf {prop}  :: surname derived from being a drummer. alternative form of Trump
Druse {m}  :: Druze
Druse {f}  :: geode
Dryade {f} [Greek mythology]  :: dryad
Döschen {n}  :: diminutive of Dose
Dschibuti {prop} {n}  :: Djibouti
dschibutisch {adj}  :: Djiboutian
Dschihadist {m}  :: jihadist
Dschihadistin {f}  :: A female jihadist
dschihadistisch {adj}  :: jihadist
Dschingis Khan {prop} {m} [historical]  :: a leader of the Mongolians; Genghis Khan
Dschungel {m} {n} {f}  :: jungle
Düse {f}  :: nozzle
dösen {v}  :: to doze (to be sleepy; to sleep lightly)
dösig {adj}  :: sleepy
dösig {adj}  :: not concentrated
dösig {adj}  :: stupid
Désirée {prop}  :: given name borrowed from French
Düsseldorf {prop} {n}  :: Düsseldorf [city]
Düsseldorfer {adj} [uninflected]  :: of Düsseldorf
Düsseldorfer {m}  :: inhabitant or native of Düsseldorf
düster {adj}  :: cheerless, melancholy, somber
düster {adj}  :: dark, obscure
dt. {adj}  :: deutschGerman (language)
DT {abbr}  :: Abbreviation of Dachterrasse
DTB {initialism}  :: Deutscher Tierschutzbund
Dötzchen {n}  :: little child
du {pron}  :: thou, you [singular familiar]
Du {pron}  :: alternative case form of du (you (singular)) [especially when used as a direct address in letters]
Du {n}  :: literally: the thou, the you [singular]
Dual {m} [grammar]  :: dual, dual number
Dualismus {m}  :: dualism
Dualität {f} [mathematics, physics]  :: duality
Dubbel {n} [colloquial, regional, parts of western Germany, including Westphalia]  :: sandwich
dubios {adj}  :: dubious
dubioser {adj}  :: comparative of dubios
Dublee {n} [metalworking]  :: rolled gold
Dublee {n} [billiards]  :: stroke off the cushion
Dublette {f}  :: duplicate
dublieren {v} [textiles]  :: to double
dublieren {v} [metalworking]  :: to double, to plate
dublieren {v} [billiards]  :: to cushion
Dubnium {n}  :: dubnium
ducken {vr}  :: to duck
Duckmäuser {m} [derogatory]  :: sneak, coward who avoids saying his own opinion
duckmäusern {v} [derogatory]  :: to be submissive, to sneak (to hide)
Duck-Typing {n} [programming, object-oriented]  :: duck typing
Dudelsack {m}  :: bagpipes
Duden {m}  :: a particular dictionary of the German language
Dudenhausen {prop}  :: surname
Duell {n}  :: duel (combat between two persons)
Duellant {m}  :: a duelist
duellieren {v}  :: to duel
Duett {n}  :: duet
Duft {m}  :: smell, scent
Duftanhänger {m}  :: An air freshener (commonly used in a car)
duften {v}  :: to smell very pleasantly
duftend {adj}  :: fragrant, sweet (having a pleasant smell)
duftig {adj}  :: perfumed, fragrant
duftig {adj}  :: delicate (hardly perceptible)
Duftrauchbrenner {m}  :: censer
Duftstoff {m}  :: perfume, scent, fragrance (aromatic substance)
du gibst ihnen die Hand, und sie nehmen dir deinen Fuß {proverb}  :: "You give them the hand and they take your foot"
Duisburg {prop} {n}  :: Duisburg (city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)
Dukat {m}  :: ducat (gold coin)
Dukatenfalter {m}  :: scarce copper, Lycaena virgaureae (butterfly)
duktil {adj}  :: ductile
Duktilität {f}  :: ductility
dulden {v}  :: to endure
dulden {v}  :: to condone; to tolerate
duldsam {adj}  :: tolerant, indulgent
duldsam {adj}  :: meek, submissive
Däumchen drehen {v} [idiomatic]  :: to twiddle one's thumbs
Däumling {prop} {m}  :: [fairy tale figure] Tom Thumb
Däumling {m}  :: thumbstall
Däumling {m}  :: [on glove] thumb
Däumling {m}  :: [technical] cam, dog
dumm {adj}  :: dumb, stupid
Dummdepp {m} [vulgar, offensive]  :: idiot, stupid idiot
dummdreist {adj}  :: audacious; impudent, stupid, inappropriate through lacking consideration
dumme Gans {f}  :: silly goose
Dummejungenstreich {m}  :: alternative spelling of Dumme-Jungen-Streich
Dumme-Jungen-Streich {m}  :: silly prank
dummerweise {adv}  :: unfortunately, stupidly
Dummheit {f}  :: stupidity
Dummheit und Stolz wachsen auf einem Holz {proverb}  :: "Stupidity and arrogance grow from the same tree"
Dummhirn {n} [vulgar, offensive]  :: idiot
Dummkopf {m}  :: a fool, an idiot, a ninny
dumpf {adj}  :: dull
dumpf {adj}  :: hollow, muffled, dead (sound)
dumpf {adj}  :: vague
dumpf {adj}  :: musty, stifling (atmosphere)
dumpf {adj}  :: nagging (pain)
Dumpfheit {f}  :: dullness
Dung {m}  :: dung
dunkel {adj}  :: dark
Dunkel {n}  :: dark
dunkelblau {adj}  :: dark blue
dunkelblau {adj}  :: blue-black
dunkelbraun {adj}  :: puce (in colour)
dunkelbrauner Ameisenwürger {m}  :: undulated antshrike
dunkelfarben {adj}  :: dark-coloured
dunkelgelb {adj}  :: dark yellow
dunkelgrau {adj}  :: dark grey (in colour)
dunkelgrün {adj}  :: dark green
Dunkelheit {f}  :: darkness
dunkelhäutig {adj}  :: swarthy, dark-skinned
Dunkelkammer {f} [photography]  :: darkroom
Dunkelmantel-Ameisenwürger {m}  :: chestnut-backed antshrike
Dunkelmantel-Ameisenwürger {m}  :: lined antshrike
dunkeln {v}  :: to darken
dunkelorange {adj}  :: dark-orange (coloured)
dunkelrot {adj}  :: dark red
dunkelschwarz {adj}  :: deep / intense black
Dunkelziffer {f}  :: dark figure
Dunkle Energie {f} [astrophysics, cosmology]  :: dark energy
Dunkle Materie {f} [astrophysics, cosmology]  :: dark matter
dunkler {adj}  :: comparative of dunkel
Dunst {m}  :: haze
Dunstabzugshaube {f}  :: extractor hood, range hood, cooker hood
dunstig {adj}  :: misty, hazy
dunstig {adj}  :: vaporous
Duo {n}  :: duo, pair
Duo {n}  :: duet
Duodenum {n} [anatomy]  :: The duodenum, first part of the small intestine
Duodezillion {num}  :: A long scale duodecillion, 1072
Duplikat {n}  :: duplicate
Duplikation {f}  :: duplication
Dur {n} [music]  :: major
Duraluminium {n}  :: duralumin
Duranusit {m} [mineral]  :: duranusite
durch {prep}  :: by means of; by; through
durch {prep}  :: through; entering, then exiting
durch {prep}  :: via
durch {prep}  :: owing to; because of
durch {prep} [mathematics]  :: divided by
durch {postp}  :: during; throughout; through
durch {postp} [colloquial, with a time]  :: past
durch- {prefix}  :: Separable verb prefix, through
durchaus {adv}  :: absolutely, definitely
durchaus {adv}  :: quite
durchaus {adv}  :: absolutely, thoroughly
durchblättern {v}  :: to thumb through (a book etc.)
durchbluten {v}  :: to bleed through
durchbluten {v}  :: to supply with blood
durchbrechen {v}  :: to break in two; snap in two
durchbrechen {v}  :: to break through
Durchbruch {m}  :: breakthrough
durch den Kakao gezogen {v}  :: past participle of durch den Kakao ziehen
durch den Kakao ziehen {v} [idiomatic]  :: to pull someone's leg, to make fun of somebody or something, to roast someone
durchdenken {v}  :: to think through, to reflect about, to deliberate
durch den Wind {adv}  :: for non-idiomatic uses, see the respective lemmas
durch den Wind {adv} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: dazzled; shocked; confused
durchdrehen {v}  :: to freak out
durchdringen {vi}  :: to penetrate [with durch]
durchdringen {vi}  :: to permeate [with durch]
durchdringen {vt}  :: to pervade, imbue
durchdringend {adj}  :: penetrating, pervasive, piercing
durchdrungen {v}  :: past participle of durchdringen
durcheinander {adj}  :: disordered, confused
Durcheinander {n}  :: mess, chaos
Durcheinander {n}  :: stew
durcheinanderbringen {v}  :: to jumble
durcheinanderbringen {v}  :: to bewilder, to confuse, to befuddle
durcheinanderbringen {v}  :: to confound, to confuse
durcheinanderwürfeln {v}  :: to jumble
durchfahren {v}  :: To drive through
Durchfall {m}  :: diarrhea
durchfallen {v}  :: (with bei + dative) to fail, e.g. an examination
durchfallen {v}  :: to fall flat; to flop
durchfallen {v}  :: (transitive, with lassen) to fail (a student, a candidate)
durchführbar {adj}  :: feasible
Durchführbarkeit {f}  :: feasibility
Durchführung {f}  :: performance (carrying into execution or action)
durchfärben {vt}  :: to imbue (to dye thoroughly)
Durchgang {m}  :: passage, passageway, corridor, aisle, thoroughfare
Durchgang {m}  :: transit
Durchgang {m}  :: transition
durchgeblutet {v}  :: past participle of durchbluten
durchgebraten {adj} [cooking]  :: well done (well cooked)
durchgedrungen {v}  :: past participle of durchdringen
durchgeführt {v}  :: past participle of durchführen
durchgeführt {adj}  :: implemented, realized, accomplished
durchgefärbt {v}  :: past participle of durchfärben
durchgegangen {v}  :: past participle of durchgehen
durchgehalten {v}  :: past participle of durchhalten
durchgehen {v}  :: to walk through
durchgehend {adj}  :: continuous
durchgehend {adv}  :: all the way
durchgeistigt {adj}  :: spiritual
durchgeknallt {adj}  :: crazy, freaked out
durchgekommen {v}  :: past participle of durchkommen
durchgelüftet {v}  :: past participle of durchlüften
durchgemacht {v}  :: past participle of durchmachen
durchgesagt {v}  :: past participle of durchsagen
durchgeschimmert {v}  :: past participle of durchschimmern
durchgesägt {v}  :: past participle of durchsägen
durchgeströmt {v}  :: past participle of durchströmen
durchgängig {adj}  :: general, universal
durchgreifen {v}  :: to grasp through
durchgreifen {v}  :: to take action
durchgreifend {adj}  :: drastic, far-reaching, heavy-handed
durchhalten {v} [separable prefix]  :: to hang on, preserve
Durchhaltevermögen {n}  :: stamina
durchkämmen {v}  :: to comb, to comb through [to search thoroughly]
durchkämmen {v}  :: to comb thoroughly
durchkommen {v}  :: to come through, to pass through
durchkommen {v} [of an exam, etc.]  :: to pass, to get through
durchkommen {v}  :: to get by, to get along
durchkommen {v}  :: to get away with
durchkommen {v}  :: to become apparent
durchlaufen {v} [literally]  :: to run through
durchlaufen {vt} [figuratively]  :: to go through
Durchlauferhitzer {m}  :: tankless heater
durchlüften {v}  :: to aerate
durchlüften {v}  :: to ventilate
durchlüften {v}  :: to air out thoroughly
durchlüftet {v}  :: past participle of durchlüften
Durchlüftung {f}  :: aeration, ventilation
durchlässig {adj}  :: penetrable
durchlässiger {adj}  :: comparative of durchlässig
Durchlässigkeit {f}  :: permeability
Durchlässigkeit {f}  :: porosity
durchmachen {v}  :: to go through, to endure, to suffer
durchmachen {v}  :: to undergo
durchmachen {v}  :: to finish, to complete
durchmachen {v} [colloquial]  :: to stay up all night, especially for a party all night
Durchmesser {m}  :: diameter
durchmischt {v}  :: past participle of durchmischen
durchmischt {adj}  :: mixed (together)
Durchmischung {f}  :: mixing throughout
Durchmischung {f}  :: diffusion
durchqueren {v}  :: to cross, to walk across
Durchreise {f}  :: transit, journey through
durchreisen {v}  :: to travel through
Durchreisevisum {n}  :: transit visa
durchringen {vr} [separable]  :: finally to make up one's mind
durchrütteln {vt}  :: to shake [a person back and forth]
durchs {contraction}  :: through the, by the
Durchsage {f}  :: An announcement over loudspeakers or on the radio
durchsagen {v}  :: To announce over loudspeakers or on the radio
durchschauen {v}  :: to see through (to look through something transparent)
durchscheinend {adj}  :: transparent, translucent
durchschimmern {v}  :: To gleam
durchschimmern {v}  :: To shimmer through
durchschimmernd {adj}  :: gleaming
Durchschlag {m}  :: punch
Durchschlag {m}  :: carbon copy
Durchschlag {m}  :: disruptive discharge
Durchschlag {m}  :: strainer
durchschlagend {adj}  :: sweeping, powerful, potent, decisive, significant, crucial
Durchschlagsfestigkeit {f} [physics]  :: dielectric strength
Durchschnitt {m} [statistics]  :: average
Durchschnitt {m} [set theory]  :: intersection
durchschnittlich {adj}  :: average, ordinary, mean, medium
Durchschnittseinkommen {n}  :: average income
Durchschnittstemperatur {f}  :: average / mean temperature
Durchschnittswert {m} [maths]  :: mean, average
durchschreiten {vt}  :: to cross, to traverse
durchschütteln {v}  :: to churn
durchsetzen {v}  :: to enforce
durchsetzen {vr}  :: to establish oneself
Durchsetzung {f}  :: enforcement, implementation
Durchsetzung {f}  :: assertion
Durchsetzung {f}  :: infiltration
durchsetzungsfähig {adj}  :: assertive, able to get one's way
durchsetzungsfähiger {adj}  :: comparative of durchsetzungsfähig
durchsetzungsfähigsten {adj}  :: superlative of durchsetzungsfähig
durchsägen {v}  :: to saw through
Durchsicht {f}  :: perusal, review, examination
durchsichtig {adj}  :: transparent, translucent, sheer
Durchsichtigkeit {f}  :: transparency
durchstreichen {v}  :: to cross out, strike through
durchströmbar {adj}  :: permeable
Durchströmbarkeit {f}  :: permeability
durchströmen {vi}  :: to perfuse or permeate [with durch]
durchströmen {vt}  :: to perfuse or permeate
durchströmt {v}  :: past participle of durchströmen
durchsuchbar {adj}  :: searchable
durchsuchen {vt} [a house, person, etc.]  :: to search
Durchsuchung {f} [of a house, person, etc.]  :: search, searching
Durchsuchungsbefehl {m} [law]  :: search warrant
durchtrieben {adj}  :: cunning
durch und durch {adv}  :: through and through
durchwachen {vt}  :: to spend awake
durchwachsen {adj}  :: streaky
durchwandern {v}  :: To walk, wander or hike through; to perambulate
durchwandern {v} [chemistry]  :: To transmigrate
durchwandert {v}  :: past participle of durchwandern
durchweg {adv}  :: all the way
durchwühlen {v} [to make a thorough search]  :: to ransack
durchziehen {vt}  :: to pass
durchziehen {vi}  :: to soak
durchziehen {vt}  :: to pull
durchziehen {vt}  :: to pull through
durchziehen {vi}  :: to run
durchziehen {vt}  :: to run through
durchziehen {vt}  :: to traverse
durchziehen {vt} [describing something static]  :: to run through, to pervade (a medium, structure, or organization)
durchzucken {v} [of flashes or other lights or figuratively]  :: to flash through
durchzwängen {v}  :: to squeeze through
Durian {f}  :: durian
Durkheim {prop}  :: synonym of Bad Dürkheim
duroplastisch {adj}  :: thermosetting
Durst {m}  :: thirst
durstig {adj}  :: thirsty
durstiger {adj}  :: comparative of durstig
Durstigkeit {f}  :: thirstiness
Dusche {f}  :: a shower
duschen {v}  :: to shower
Duschgel {n}  :: shower gel
Duschkopf {m}  :: shower head
Duschvorhang {m}  :: shower curtain
Dusel {m}  :: undeserved luck, fortune
Dusel {m} [now less common]  :: dizziness; also: tipsiness
Dussel {m} [colloquial, regional, chiefly northern and central Germany]  :: stupid or clumsy person (a mild or even affectionate word); knucklehead
dusselig {adj} [colloquial, regional, chiefly northern and central Germany]  :: mildly stupid and/or clumsy; more often in a particular situation than as a general quality
dusselig {adj} [colloquial, regional, chiefly northern and central Germany]  :: dizzy; lightheaded
dusslig {adj}  :: alternative form of dusselig
duster {adj}  :: alternative form of düster
Dutt {m}  :: chignon, bun (hairstyle)
dutzend {adj}  :: dozen (attributive)
Dutzend {n}  :: dozen
dutzendfach {adj}  :: in dozens; very frequent
duzen {v}  :: To address informally using the pronoun du, to thou
duzen {v}  :: To be on first-name terms
DVD {f}  :: DVD
DVD-Spieler {m} [film]  :: DVD player
DWB {initialism}  :: Deutsches Wörterbuch der Brüder Grimm, the largest dictionary of the German language
dyadisch {adj}  :: dyadic
Dynamik {f}  :: dynamics
dynamisch {adj}  :: dynamic
Dynamit {n}  :: dynamite
Dynamo {m}  :: dynamo
Dynastie {f}  :: dynasty
dynastisch {adj}  :: dynastic
Dysenterie {f}  :: dysentery
dysfunktional {adj}  :: dysfunctional
Dyskalkulie {f} [pathology]  :: dyscalculia
Dyslalie {f}  :: dyslalia (difficulty in talking due to a structural abnormality)
dysphorisch {adj}  :: dysphoric
dyspnoisch {adj} [pathology]  :: dyspneic
Dysprosium {n}  :: dysprosium
Dystopie {f}  :: dystopia (all senses)
dystopisch {adj} [pathology]  :: dystopic
Dystrophie {f} [pathology]  :: dystrophy
Dzongkha {n}  :: language of Bhutan; Dzongkha