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{m}  :: fa (musical note)
{mf}  :: fan (admirer or aficionado)
{f}  :: faith
{f}  :: obsolete spelling of fé
faça chuva ou faça sol {adv} [idiomatic]  :: rain or shine (regardless of the circumstances)
faça favor {adv}  :: please (used to make a polite request)
faça-me o favor {phrase}  :: do me a favour
faça-me o favor {phrase} [sarcastic]  :: please! (expression of annoyance or disbelief)
façanha {f}  :: feat, achievement; deed (rare or difficult accomplishment)
façanha {f}  :: prowess (distinguished bravery or courage)
FAB {abbr}  :: Força Aérea Brasileira (Brazilian Air Force)
Fabiano {prop}  :: male given name, Fabian
fabliau {m} [literature]  :: fabliau (genre of short farcical tales)
fabricada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fabricado
fabricadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fabricado
fabricado {adj}  :: manufactured, fabricated
fabricado {v}  :: past participle of fabricar
fabricando {v}  :: gerund of fabricar
fabricante {m}  :: manufacturer (one who manufactures a product)
fabricação {f}  :: fabrication, manufacture
fabricar {v}  :: to fabricate
fabricar {v}  :: to manufacture
fabulosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fabuloso
fabulosamente {adv}  :: fabulously (in a fabulous manner)
fabuloso {adj}  :: fabulous, great, wonderful
faca {f}  :: knife
facada {m}  :: stab, stabbing (blow with a knife or similar)
faca de dois gumes {f} [idiomatic]  :: double-edged sword (benefit that is also a liability)
face {f} [anatomy, geometry]  :: face
face {f} [anatomy]  :: the cheek
face a face {adv}  :: vis-à-vis; face to face; in person
Facebook {prop}  :: Facebook (a social-networking website)
faceiro {adj} [of a person]  :: joyous (full of joy)
faceta {f} [anatomy]  :: facet (component of a compound eye)
faceta {f}  :: facet (flat surface cut into a gem)
faceta {f} [figurative]  :: facet (one among many similar yet distinct things)
facetar {v}  :: to facet (to cut facets into an object)
fachada {f} [architecture]  :: façade (of a building)
fachada {f} [figuratively]  :: anything used to hide something, especially criminal activities
facial {adj}  :: facial (of the face)
facil {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of fácil
facilidade {f}  :: ease, facility, easiness
facilitado {v}  :: past participle of facilitar
facilitador {m}  :: enabler (one who helps something happen)
facilitando {v}  :: gerund of facilitar
facilitar {v}  :: to facilitate
facilmente {adv}  :: easily
facilíssima {adj}  :: feminine singular form of facilíssimo
facilíssimas {adj}  :: feminine plural of facilíssimo
facilíssimo {adj}  :: most or very easy
facílima {adj}  :: feminine singular form of facílimo
facílimas {adj}  :: feminine plural of facílimo
facílimo {adj}  :: superlative form of fácil
facínora {n}  :: thug (a criminal who treats others violently or roughly)
facão {m}  :: machete
facção {f}  :: faction (group of people)
facção {f} [politics]  :: a subdivision of a political party
facção {f} [religion]  :: sect
facochero {m}  :: alternative form of facoquero
facoquero {m}  :: warthog (a species of wild pig)
facêro {adj}  :: eye dialect of faceiro
facto {m}  :: fact (something which is real)
factor {m}  :: obsolete spelling of fator
factorial {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of fatorial
factorial {m}  :: obsolete spelling of fatorial
factoto {m}  :: alternative form of factótum
factótum {m}  :: factotum (person having many responsibilities)
factual {adj}  :: factual (consisting of facts)
factura {f}  :: obsolete spelling of fatura
facturar {v}  :: obsolete spelling of faturar
factível {adj}  :: feasible
factível {}  :: Brazil (Paulista): /fa.ˈtʃi.vew/
factível {}  :: Portugal: /fɐ(k).ˈti.vɛɫ/
facul {f} [colloquial]  :: uni; abbreviation of faculdade
faculdade {f}  :: college, school
faculdade {f}  :: faculty (all senses)
faculdade {f}  :: power, ability
facultado {v}  :: past participle of facultar
facultando {v}  :: gerund of facultar
facultar {v}  :: to facilitate
facultativa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of facultativo
facultativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of facultativo
facultativo {adj}  :: facultative; optional (not compulsory)
fada {f}  :: fairy
fada dos dentes {f}  :: tooth fairy (a figure of modern myth)
fada madrinha {f}  :: fairy godmother (benevolent female fairy)
fadiga {f}  :: fatigue, weariness
fadiga de combate {f} [historical]  :: shell shock (post-traumatic stress disorder in World War I soldiers)
fadigando {v}  :: gerund of fadigar
fadigar {v}  :: to tire (cause fatigue)
fado {m}  :: fate
fado {m} [music genre]  :: fado
Fael {prop}  :: A diminutive of the male given name Rafael
Faetão {prop}  :: alternative form of Faetonte
Faeton {prop}  :: alternative form of Faetonte
Faetonte {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Phaëthon (son of Helios)
Fafe {prop}  :: Fafe (placename)
fagócito {m}  :: phagocyte (cell of the immune system)
-fagia {suffix}  :: -phagy (the consumption of)
fagocitose {f} [immunology, cytology]  :: phagocytosis (the process by which a cell internalises foreign bodies)
fagote {m}  :: bassoon (musical instrument in the woodwind family)
fagotista {mf}  :: bassoonist (person who plays the bassoon)
fagotte {m}  :: obsolete spelling of fagote
fagópiro {m}  :: buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum, a plant)
fagueira {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fagueiro
fagueiras {adj}  :: feminine plural of fagueiro
fagueiro {adj}  :: affectionate
fagueiro {adj}  :: mild, gentle
fagueiro {adj}  :: pleasant
fagueiro {adj}  :: pleasurable
fagulha {f}  :: spark (particle of glowing matter)
fagulhar {v}  :: to spark (to emit sparks)
Fagundes Varela {prop}  :: Fagundes Varela (placename)
faia {f}  :: beech (tree of Fagus family)
faia branca {f}  :: American beech (Fagus grandifolia, a beech of North America)
faiança {f}  :: faience (type of tin-glazed earthenware ceramic)
faia-preta {f}  :: aspen (tree of genus Populus)
faiscar {vi}  :: to spark (to emit sparks)
faisão {m}  :: pheasant
faisquinha {contraction}  :: diminutive form of faísca
fait accompli {m}  :: fait accompli (an established fact)
faixa {f}  :: band, strip
faixa {f} [fashion]  :: belt, ribbon, strap, sash
faixa {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: fess (horizontal band across the middle of the shield)
faixa {f}  :: lane (on a road)
faixa {f} [music]  :: track (on a record)
Faixa de Gaza {prop}  :: Gaza Strip (placename)
faixa de ônibus {f}  :: bus lane
faixa de pedestres {f}  :: pedestrian crossing (place marked for pedestrians to cross a street)
faiz {v}  :: eye dialect of faz
fajã {f} [regional, Azores]  :: flat surface near the sea, created from collapsing cliffs or lava flows
fajr {m} [Islam, rare]  :: fajr (dawn prayer)
fajuta {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fajuto
fajutas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fajuto
fajuto {adj} [colloquial, Brazil]  :: tacky (of low quality)
fajuto {adj}  :: fake; false; falsified
fajuto {adj} [of a person]  :: untrustworthy
fake {m} [Internet slang]  :: a fake account in a social network
falá {v}  :: eye dialect of falar
fala {f}  :: accent (the way someone speaks)
fala {f}  :: a dialect or regional variant of a language
fala {f}  :: a line of dialogue in a screenplay or script
fala {f}  :: a speech, a discourse
fala {f} [uncountable]  :: speech (the ability to speak; the state of not being mute)
falacia {f}  :: fallacy
falaciosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of falacioso
falaciosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of falacioso
falacioso {adj}  :: fallacious (characterized by fallacy; false or mistaken)
falado {adj}  :: spoken
falador {adj}  :: talkative (tending to talk or speak freely or often)
fala inglês {phrase}  :: do you speak English?
falando do diabo {phrase} [idiomatic, humorous]  :: speak of the devil (expression used when a person mentioned in the current conversation happens to arrive)
falange {f} [military, historical, Ancient Greece]  :: phalanx
falange {f} [skeleton, dated]  :: proximal phalange
falange {f} [skeleton]  :: phalanx; phalange
falange distal {f} [skeleton]  :: distal phalange
falange média {f} [skeleton]  :: intermediate phalange
falange proximal {f} [skeleton]  :: proximal phalange
falangeta {f} [dated, skeleton]  :: distal phalange
falanginha {f}  :: diminutive form of falange
falanginha {f} [skeleton, dated]  :: intermediate phalange
falante {adj}  :: talking
falante {mf}  :: speaker
falante nativa {f}  :: feminine noun of falante nativo
falante nativo {m}  :: native speaker
falantes nativas {fp}  :: feminine plural of falante nativo
falar {m}  :: A cant, dialect or regional language
falar {v} [by extension]  :: to communicate by any means
falar {v} [indtr, pt, com]  :: to talk to
falar {v} [indtr, pt, de, sobre]  :: to talk about
falar {v} [indtr, pt, de]  :: to speak ill of
falar {v} [indtr, pt, para]  :: to tell (to convey by speech)
falar {vi}  :: to speak; to talk (to say words out loud)
falar {vt}  :: to say something
falar {vt}  :: to speak (to be able to communicate in a language)
falar com a porta {v} [idiom]  :: To speak while the interlocutor is not paying attention
falar em línguas {v}  :: to speak in tongues (to speak in an elaborate but apparently meaningless speech)
falar mais do que a boca {v}  :: alternative form of falar mais que a boca
falar mais que a boca {v} [idiom]  :: to talk or speak excessively
falar mal {v} [informal]  :: to badmouth (to criticise or malign)
falar pelos cotovelos {vi} [idiom]  :: to talk excessively
falar sério {vt}  :: to mean it (to have conviction in what one says)
falas português {phrase} [informal]  :: Do you speak Portuguese?
falatório {m}  :: chatter (talk, especially meaningless or unimportant talk)
falcata {f}  :: falcata (ancient Iberian sword)
falcatrua {f}  :: trickery, fraud, fiddle
falácia {f}  :: fallacy
falciforme {adj}  :: falciform (sickle-shaped)
falcão {m}  :: falcon, hawk
falcão-americano {m}  :: sparrow hawk (Falco sparverius, a bird of prey)
falcoar {vi}  :: to hawk (to hunt with a hawk)
falcoaria {f}  :: a place or cage where birds of prey are kept
falcoaria {f} [uncountable]  :: falconry (sport of hunting by using trained birds of prey)
falcoeiro {m}  :: falconer (a person who breeds or trains hawks)
falcoens {n}  :: obsolete spelling of falcões
falconete {m}  :: falconet
falcão peregrino {m}  :: peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus, a bird of prey)
falcoẽs {n}  :: obsolete spelling of falcões
falda {f}  :: border, edge
falda {f}  :: foot, lower slope (of a mountain)
falecendo {v}  :: gerund of falecer
faleceo {v}  :: obsolete spelling of faleceu
falecer {v}  :: to die
faleceraõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of faleceram
faleceraõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of falecerão
falecerão {v}  :: obsolete spelling of faleceram
falecimento {m}  :: death, demise
faleriense {adj}  :: Faliscan (of or relating to the Faliscans)
faleriense {mf}  :: Faliscan (member of an ancient Italic people who lived in southern Etruria)
faláfel {m}  :: falafel (a Middle Eastern dish made from ground chickpeas)
falha {f}  :: A flaw
falha {f} [geology]  :: A fault
faúlha {f}  :: spark (particle of glowing matter)
falhanço {m}  :: failure
falhar {v}  :: to fail
falicismo {m}  :: phallicism (phallus worship)
falida {adj}  :: feminine singular form of falido
falidas {adj}  :: feminine plural of falido
falido {adj}  :: bankrupt
falir {v}  :: to go bankrupt
falisca {adj}  :: feminine singular form of falisco
faliscas {adj}  :: feminine plural of falisco
falisco {adj}  :: Faliscan
falisco {m}  :: Faliscan
falla {f}  :: obsolete spelling of fala
falla {v}  :: obsolete spelling of fala
fallar {v}  :: obsolete spelling of falar
falleceo {v}  :: obsolete spelling of faleceu
fallecer {v}  :: obsolete spelling of falecer
falleceraõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of faleceram
falleceraõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of falecerão
falleceram {v}  :: obsolete spelling of faleceram
fallecerão {v}  :: obsolete spelling of faleceram
fallecerão {v}  :: obsolete spelling of falecerão
falleceu {v}  :: obsolete spelling of faleceu
falência {f}  :: bankruptcy (inability to pay creditors)
falou {interj} [Brazil, familiar]  :: see you; bye
falou e disse {phrase} [colloquial]  :: you said it (used to express total agreement to a previous statement)
falous {interj} [slang]  :: alternative form of falou
falow {interj} [internet slang]  :: alternative form of falou
falows {interj} [internet slang]  :: alternative form of falou
falsa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of falso
falsamente {adv}  :: In false context; not conforming to facts or reality; untruthfully; falsely
falsas {adj}  :: feminine plural of falso
falsear {v}  :: to fake; to falsify
falsete {m} [music]  :: falsetto (vocal register occupying the frequency range just above the modal voice)
falésia {f}  :: cliff (a (near) vertical rock face)
falsidade {f}  :: falsehood, falsity
falsidade ideológica {f}  :: fraud (assumption of a false identity to such deceptive end)
falsificado {adj}  :: bogus; counterfeit; fake; falsified
falsificador {adj}  :: which or who counterfeits
falsificador {m}  :: counterfeiter (a person who creates forgeries)
falsificação {f}  :: counterfeit; a fake object
falsificação {f}  :: the act of faking, counterfeiting something
falsificar {vt}  :: to falsify (to alter so as to be false)
falso {adj}  :: false; artificial; fake
falso {adj}  :: false; untrue; not factual; wrong
falso {adj} [logic]  :: false
falso {adj}  :: that which deceives or lies
falso amigo {m} amigo
falso amigo {m} [linguistics]  :: false friend (word in a foreign language bearing a deceptive resemblance to a word in a language)
falta {f}  :: lack (deficiency or need of something)
falta {f} [sports]  :: foul (breach of game rules)
falta de ar {f}  :: breathlessness (state of being breathless or out of breath)
falta de ar {f} de|ar
faltado {v}  :: past participle of faltar
faltando {v}  :: gerund of faltar
faltante {adj}  :: missing; lacking
faltar {v}  :: to lack, miss
falto {adj} [usually, with de]  :: in need (of) (lacking something)
faltosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of faltoso
faltosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of faltoso
faltoso {adj}  :: wrongful
falua {f} [nautical]  :: felucca
Falun Gong {prop}  :: Falun Gong (a spiritual practice founded in China in 1992)
falível {adj}  :: fallible (capable of making mistakes or being wrong)
fama {f}  :: fame
fama {f}  :: reputation
Fama {prop}  :: Fama (placename)
famigerada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of famigerado
famigeradas {adj}  :: feminine plural of famigerado
famigerado {adj}  :: notorious; famed; famous (known by many people)
familha {f}  :: obsolete form of família
familia {f}  :: obsolete spelling of família
familial {adj}  :: familial (relating to families)
familiar {adj}  :: familiar (known to one)
familiar {adj}  :: of or relating to a family
familiar {m}  :: familiar (attendant spirit)
familiar {m} [usually plural]  :: relative (person in the same family)
familiaridade {f}  :: familiarity; acquaintance (state of being familiar with something)
familiaridade {f}  :: familiarity (the state of being close friends)
familiarizado {v}  :: past participle of familiarizar
familiarizando {v}  :: gerund of familiarizar
familiarizar {v}  :: to familiarize
faminta {adj}  :: feminine singular form of faminto
famintas {adj}  :: feminine plural of faminto
faminto {adj}  :: hungry, famished
família {f}  :: a Mafia family
família {f}  :: family; bloodline; kin
família {f}  :: family; nuclear family (a father, mother and their sons and daughters)
família {f} [linguistics]  :: language family
família {f} [taxonomy]  :: family
família {f}  :: things which are classed together
família elementar {f}  :: nuclear family (father, mother and children)
família linguística {f} [linguistics]  :: language family (set of related languages)
família nuclear {f}  :: nuclear family (father, mother and children)
famosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of famoso
famosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of famoso
famoso {adj}  :: famous
fanatismo {m}  :: fanaticism (characteristic or practice of being a fanatic)
fanatismo {m}  :: fanatism (excessive or intolerance of opposing views)
fancaria {f}  :: fabric shop
fancaria {f} [mass noun]  :: low-quality goods
fanfarra {f}  :: fanfare (a flourish of trumpets or horns)
fanfarrão {adj}  :: who is a braggart; who often brags
fanfarrão {m}  :: braggart (one who boasts)
fanfarrona {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fanfarrão
fanfarronas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fanfarrão
fanfic {f}  :: fan fiction (fiction made by fans)
faniquito {m}  :: tantrum (or similar minor nervous breakdown)
fantasia {f}  :: costume (outfit or a disguise worn as fancy dress)
fantasia {f}  :: fantasy (imagining)
fantasia {f} [literature]  :: fantasy (literary genre)
fantasiada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fantasiado
fantasiadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fantasiado
fantasiado {adj}  :: wearing a costume
fantasiado {m}  :: person wearing a costume
fantasiar {vr} [usually in the reflexive]  :: to put a costume on someone
fantasiar {v}  :: to imagine (to use one’s imagination; to conjure in one’s mind)
fantasioso {adj}  :: fantastical (seemingly only possible in fantasy)
fantasma {mf}  :: ghost (spirit appearing after death)
fantasma de Pepper {m}  :: Pepper's ghost (an illusionary technique used to make objects appear or disappear)
fantasmagórico {adj}  :: spooky
fantasticamente {adv}  :: fantastically (in a fantastic manner)
fantasticamente {adv}  :: fantastically (to a fantastic extent)
fanática {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fanático
fanática {f}  :: feminine noun of fanático
fanático {m}  :: fanatic (one who is zealously enthusiastic)
fantochada {f}  :: a great amount of puppets
fantochada {f}  :: puppet show (theatrical performance with puppets)
fantoche {m}  :: puppet
fantocheiro {m}  :: puppeteer (person who uses a puppet)
fantástica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fantástico
fantásticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fantástico
fantástico {adj}  :: fantastic
fapar {v} [slang, mainly on Internet]  :: to fap; to masturbate
FAQ {m}  :: FAQ
faquir {m} [Hindu]  :: fakir (an ascetic mendicant)
faraó {m}  :: pharaoh (supreme ruler of Ancient Egypt)
farad {m} [physics]  :: farad (unit of capacitance)
Farc {prop}  :: FARC (Marxist guerrilla groups operating in Colombia)
FARC {prop}  :: alternative form of Farc
farda {f}  :: military uniform
fardado {adj}  :: in uniform; uniformed
fardado {v}  :: past participle of fardar
fardar {vp}  :: to put on one's uniform
fardar {vt}  :: to dress in uniform
fardo {m}  :: bale, truss, bundle
fardo {m} [by extension]  :: burden
fardo {m}  :: package, parcel
farejar {v}  :: to find out
farejar {v}  :: to sniff
farejar {v}  :: to sniff out
farelo {m}  :: an individual piece of crumb
farelo {m} [figuratively]  :: something insignificant
farelo {m} [uncountable]  :: bran (outside layer of a grain)
farelo {m} [uncountable]  :: crumbs (tiny pieces of baked food)
farfalhar {v} [figurative]  :: to speak excessively
farfalhar {v}  :: to rustle (to move with a soft crackling sound, as leaves in the wind)
Faria Lemos {prop}  :: Faria Lemos (placename)
faringe {f}  :: pharynx
faringiana {adj}  :: feminine singular form of faringiano
faringianas {adj}  :: feminine plural of faringiano
faringiano {adj}  :: pharyngeal (of or pertaining to the pharynx)
faringite {f} [pathology]  :: pharyngitis (inflammation of the pharynx)
farinha {f}  :: flour (ground cereal grains)
farinhento {adj}  :: mealy; floury (resembling flour in consistency or taste)
farinhento {adj} [of food]  :: containing a lot of flour
farisaico {adj}  :: pharisaic; self-righteous (piously self-assured and smugly moralistic)
fariseu {m}  :: Pharisee (member of a Jewish movement that flourished during the Second Temple Era)
farjuta {adj}  :: feminine singular form of farjuto
farjutas {adj}  :: feminine plural of farjuto
farjuto {adj}  :: alternative form of fajuto
farmacólogo {m} [pharmacology]  :: pharmacologist (person who studies pharmacology)
farmacológico {adj}  :: pharmacological (relating to pharmacology)
farmacologia {f}  :: pharmacology
farmacologista {n} [pharmacology]  :: pharmacologist (person who studies pharmacology)
farmacoterapia {f} [medicine]  :: pharmacotherapy (use of pharmaceuticals to treat disease)
farmacêutica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of farmacêutico
farmacêuticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of farmacêutico
farmacêutico {adj}  :: pharmaceutical
farmacêutico {m}  :: pharmacist
farmácia {f}  :: pharmacy (a place where prescription drugs are dispensed)
farmácia {f} [uncountable]  :: the science of creating medicine
faríngea {adj}  :: feminine singular form of faríngeo
faríngeas {adj}  :: feminine plural of faríngeo
faríngeo {adj}  :: pharyngeal
faríngica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of faríngico
faríngicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of faríngico
faríngico {adj}  :: pharyngeal (of or pertaining to the pharynx)
faro {m} [figurative]  :: the ability to recognise opportunities
faro {m}  :: sense of smell, especially that of an animal
Faroé {prop}  :: Faroe Islands (placename)
Faro {prop}  :: Faro (placename)
Faro {prop}  :: Faro (placename)
faroesa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of faroês
faroesas {adj}  :: feminine plural of faroês
faroeste {m}  :: western (a movie of western genre)
farofa {f}  :: bluster, bravado, swagger
farofa {f} [Brazil]  :: food made from manioc flour cooked in fat
farol {m}  :: automobile light
farol {m} [Brazil]  :: traffic light
farol {m}  :: lighthouse (building containing a light to warn or guide ships)
faroleiro {adj} [colloquial, dated]  :: bragging, ostentatious, proud
faroleiro {m}  :: lighthouse keeper (person who lives in a lighthouse and tends the light)
faroês {adj}  :: alternative form of feroês
faroês {m}  :: alternative form of feroês
farpa {f} [figuratively, chiefly, plural]  :: taunt, jibe (facetious or insulting remark)
farpa {f}  :: splinter (long, sharp fragment of material, often wood)
farra {f}  :: carousal (noisy feast or social gathering, especially one with alcohol)
farrapa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of farrapo
farrapas {adj}  :: feminine plural of farrapo
farrapo {adj}  :: of or relating to the Farroupilha Revolution
farrapo {m}  :: a person who wears rags; a shabby person
farrapo {m} [Brazil, historical]  :: a participant in the Farroupilha Revolution
farrapo {m}  :: rags (tattered clothes)
farrapo {m}  :: tatter; rag (piece of old, tattered cloth)
farro {m}  :: emmer (Triticum dicoccum, a species of wheat)
Farroupilha {prop}  :: Farroupilha (placename)
farta {adj}  :: feminine singular form of farto
fartando {v}  :: gerund of fartar
fartar {v}  :: to satiate
fartas {adj}  :: feminine plural of farto
farto {adj}  :: abundant, rich, hearty
farto {adj} [figurative]  :: fed up, tired, annoyed
farto {adj}  :: stuffed
Fartura {prop}  :: Fartura (placename)
faísca {f}  :: spark
fascículo {m}  :: bundle
fascículo {m}  :: fascicle
fascículo {m}  :: instalment
fasciite {f} [pathology]  :: fasciitis (inflammation of the fascia)
fascinante {adj}  :: fascinating
fascinação {f}  :: fascination
fascinar {v}  :: to fascinate (to evoke interest or attraction)
fascismo {m}  :: fascism (extreme totalitarian political regime)
fascista {adj}  :: fascist (of or relating to fascism)
fascista {adj}  :: fascist (supporting the principles of fascism)
fascista {adj} [informal]  :: fascist (unfairly oppressive or needlessly strict)
fascista {mf}  :: fascist (proponent of fascism)
fascínio {m}  :: amazement; fascination (overwhelming wonder)
fase {f}  :: period
fase {f}  :: phase
fase {f}  :: stage
fase {f} [video games]  :: level
fase aquosa {f} [chemistry]  :: aqueous phase (homogeneous part of a heterogeneous system that consist of water or a solution in water of a substance)
fase da lua {f}  :: lunar phase
fast food {m}  :: fast food (type of meal that is often pre-prepared and served quickly)
fast-food {m}  :: alternative spelling of fast food
fastio {m}  :: tedium (boredom or tediousness; ennui)
fatal {adj}  :: fatal
fatal {adj}  :: terrible, very bad
fatalidade {f}  :: fatality
fatalidade {f}  :: fate, fatefulness
fatalismo {m}  :: fatalism (doctrine that all events are subject to fate)
fatídica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fatídico
fatídicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fatídico
fatídico {adj}  :: fatal, tragic
fatídico {adj}  :: fateful
Fatec {f}  :: alternative spelling of FATEC
Fatec {prop}  :: alternative spelling of FATEC
FATEC {f}  :: Any of the FATEC units
FATEC {prop}  :: A technological college, with various units located in São Paulo, Brazil
fatífera {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fatífero
fatíferas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fatífero
fatífero {adj} [poetic]  :: deadly (likely to cause death)
fatia {f}  :: slice (thin, broad piece cut off)
fatia de mercado {f}  :: market share
fatiar {v}  :: to slice (to cut into slices)
fatigado {v}  :: past participle of fatigar
fatigando {v}  :: gerund of fatigar
fatigar {v}  :: to weary, tire, fatigue
fationa {f}  :: augmentative form of fatia
fato {m}  :: a set of clothing traditionally worn together, such as a uniform or national costume
fato {m}  :: a small herd of goats
fato {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of facto
fato {m} [Portugal]  :: entrails (internal organs of an animal, especially the intestines)
fato {m} [Portugal]  :: suit (formal clothing, male or female)
fato espacial {m} [European Portuguese]  :: space suit
fator {m}  :: factor; doer; maker
fator {m}  :: factor; influence
fator {m} [mathematics]  :: factor
fatorar {v} [mathematics]  :: to factorise (create a list of factors)
fatorar {v} [mathematics]  :: to factorise (divide an expression into listing items)
fatorial {adj} [mathematics]  :: factorial
fatorial {m} [mathematics, combinatorics]  :: factorial (mathematical operation or its result)
fatual {adj}  :: alternative form of factual
fatura {f}  :: invoice, bill
fatura {f}  :: manufacture
faturar {vi} [Brazil, slang]  :: to score (to have sexual intercourse)
faturar {vi}  :: to earn a lot of money
faturar {vt}  :: to earn an amount of money
faturar {vt}  :: to invoice (to send a bill)
fatwa {f} [Islam]  :: fatwa (legal opinion, decree or ruling issued by a mufti)
fauna {f}  :: fauna (animals of a region considered as a group)
fauno {m}  :: faun
Fausta {prop}  :: female given name, female equivalent of Faustus
fava {f}  :: fava bean (Vicia faba)
favela {f}  :: a species of tree, Cnidoscolus quercifolius, native to northeastern Brazil
favela {f} [Brazil]  :: slum (dilapidated neighborhood)
favelado {m}  :: someone who lives in a favela
favicon {m} [web design]  :: favicon (icon for a website)
favo {m}  :: honeycomb (bee's)
favor {m}  :: favour; goodwill (benevolent regard)
favor {m}  :: favour (instance of voluntarily assisting someone)
favoravelmente {adv}  :: In context of being convenient; favorably; conveniently
favorecendo {v}  :: gerund of favorecer
favorecer {v}  :: to favor / favour
favorecer {v}  :: to protect, support
favorecida {adj}  :: feminine singular form of favorecido
favorecidas {adj}  :: feminine plural of favorecido
favorecido {adj}  :: favoured
favoritismo {m}  :: favouritism (unfair favouring of a person or group)
favorito {adj}  :: favourite; preferred
favorito {m} [computing]  :: bookmark (record of the address of a file or page)
favorito {m}  :: favourite (contestant or competitor thought most likely to win)
favorito {m}  :: favourite (person who enjoys special regard or favour)
favorito {m}  :: favourite (person who is preferred or trusted above all others)
favorável {adj}  :: favorable
favoràvelmente {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of favoravelmente
fax {m}  :: fax (document transmitted by telephone)
faxina {f}  :: cleaning of a environment, specially a domestic one
Faxinal dos Guedes {prop}  :: Faxinal dos Guedes (placename)
Faxinal do Soturno {prop}  :: Faxinal do Soturno (placename)
Faxinalzinho {prop}  :: Faxinalzinho (placename)
faxinar {v}  :: to bottom the house (to clean a house extremely thoroughly)
faxinar {v}  :: to set up fascines in a location
faxineiro {m}  :: one who performs the cleaning or part of it; cleaner; janitor; sweeper
fayança {f}  :: obsolete spelling of faiança
fazedor {m}  :: doer, maker
fazenda {f}  :: a cloth
fazenda {f} [economics]  :: public finances
fazenda {f}  :: farm (a place where agricultural activities take place)
Fazenda Vilanova {prop}  :: Fazenda Vilanova (placename)
fazendeiro {m}  :: farmer
fazendeiro {m}  :: landowner
-fazer {suffix}  :: -ify (to produce verbs meaning to make)
fazer {v} [indtr, pt, por, ditr=1]  :: to sell for a given price (usually to make cheaper in a bargain)
fazer {vp} [indtr, pt, de, .pronominal]  :: to play; to pretend to be
fazer {vt} [auxiliary with a verb in the impersonal infinitive as the second object]  :: to cause to; to make
fazer {vt} [impersonal]  :: to be; to occur (said of a weather phenomenon)
fazer {vt} [impersonal]  :: to pass (said of time)
fazer {vt}  :: to arrange; to clean up; to tidy
fazer {vt}  :: to cook; to prepare; to fix
fazer {vt}  :: to do; to execute; to perform
fazer {vt}  :: to make; to create; to produce
fazer {vt}  :: to turn; to reach an age; to have a birthday
fazer a barba {vi}  :: to get a shave
fazer a barba {vi}  :: to shave one’s or someone else’s beard
fazer a cama {v}  :: to make the bed
fazer amor {v}  :: to make love, to have sex
fazer as pazes {v} [indtr, pt, com, intr=1, .idiomatic]  :: to make up, to make peace (to resolve, forgive or smooth over an argument or fight)
fazer bem {v}  :: to do well, to benefit, to favour
fazer cara feia {vi} [idiomatic]  :: to express dislike for something with a facial expression
fazer cócegas {vt}  :: to tickle (to touch in a manner that causes tingling sensation)
fazer cocô {v}  :: to poop; to defecate
fazer companhia {vt}  :: to accompany (to keep company)
fazer doce {vi}  :: To pretend to not want something while wanting it
fazer falta {v} [idiomatic]  :: to be missed, to be needed
fazer ideia {v} [usually in the negative]  :: to know at least a bit about something
fazer mal {v} mal
fazer mal {v}  :: to be unhealthy
fazer merda {v} [vulgar]  :: to fuck things up (to commit severe mistakes)
fazer pouco {v} pouco
fazer pouco {v} [indtr, pt, de]  :: to underestimate
fazer questão {v} [idiomatic]  :: to make a point (to make sure something is done)
fazer rodeios {v}  :: to beat around the bush (to treat a topic but omit its main points)
fazer sala {v} [idiomatic]  :: To entertain a guest
fazer sentido {vi}  :: to make sense (to be coherent)
fazer sexo {v}  :: to have sex (take part in a sexual act)
fazer tempestade em copo d'água {v} [idiomatic]  :: to make a mountain out of a molehill (to treat a problem as greater than it is)
fazer tipo {vi}  :: to pretend, to feign something
fazer vista grossa {v} [idiomatic]  :: to turn a blind eye (to ignore or deliberately overlook)
fazer voar {v}  :: to throw something or things angrily
fazer xixi {vi} [euphemistic]  :: to urinate
faz tudo {m}  :: alternative spelling of faz-tudo
faz-tudo {m}  :: handyman (man who does odd tasks)
fazível {adj}  :: doable (able to be done)
FB {prop} [chiefly, internet slang, or, text messaging]  :: abbreviation of Facebook
Fábio {prop}  :: male given name, Fabius
fábrica {f}  :: factory (manufacturing place)
fábula {f}  :: fable, myth
fíbula {f} [skeleton]  :: fibula
fáci {adj}  :: eye dialect of fácil
Fócida {prop}  :: Phocis (placename)
fácil {adj}  :: easy (requiring little skill or effort)
fácio {adj}  :: eye dialect of fácil
fácir {adj}  :: eye dialect of fácil
fáciu {adj}  :: eye dialect of fácil
fúcsia {adj}  :: fuchsia (purplish-red in colour)
fúcsia {f}  :: fuchsia (a popular garden plant)
fúcsia {f}  :: fuchsia (a purplish-red colour)
fécula {f}  :: starch (powdery substance extracted from plants)
f*der {v}  :: euphemistic spelling of foder
fdp {n}  :: initialism of filha da puta
fdp {n}  :: initialism of filho da puta SOB
FDP {abbr}  :: filho da puta
fds {m} [Internet slang, text messaging]  :: abbreviation of final de semana
fealdade {f}  :: ugliness
Febe {prop} [Greek god]  :: Phoebe (Titan)
febre {f} [figuratively]  :: craze (a temporary passion for a new amusement or fashion)
febre {f} [symptom]  :: fever (high body temperature due to disease)
febre aftosa {f} [disease]  :: foot-and-mouth disease
febre amarela {f} [pathology]  :: yellow fever (acute febrile illness of tropical regions)
febre catarral {f}  :: bluetongue (disease of ruminants)
febre de feno {f} [allergology]  :: hay fever (allergy to pollen)
febre de Lassa {f} [disease]  :: Lassa fever (deadly viral infection endemic to West Africa)
febre de ouro {f}  :: alternative form of febre do ouro
febre do ouro {f}  :: gold rush (period of heavy immigration into an area where gold has been discovered)
febre Q {f} [pathology]  :: Q fever (disease caused by the bacterium Coxiella burnetii)
febre reumática {f}  :: rheumatic fever (inflammation of joints and heart)
febre tifoide {f} [pathology]  :: typhoid fever (illness)
febril {adj}  :: febrile; feverish
fecal {adj}  :: fecal (relating to feces)
fechada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fechado
fechadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fechado
fechado {adj}  :: closed, shut
fechado {adj}  :: locked
fechadura {f}  :: lock (of a door)
fechamento {m}  :: close; conclusion (final part of an event or project)
fechamento {m}  :: the act of closing
fechar {v}  :: to close
fechar {v}  :: to conclude (an agreement)
fechar {v} [video games]  :: to complete all levels of a video game
fecho {m}  :: clasp
fecho {m}  :: closure
fecho {m}  :: latch
fecho {m}  :: zip, zipper
fecho algébrico {m} [field theory]  :: algebraic closure (field which is algebraically closed over another one)
fecho éclair {m}  :: zip fastener
fecho de correr {m}  :: zip fastener (a fastener used in clothing, bags)
fecho ecler {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of fecho éclair
fecho-relâmpago {m} [rare]  :: zip fastener
fecial {adj} [Ancient Rome]  :: of or relating to the Roman priests who dealt with enemies
fecundabilidade {f}  :: fecundability (condition of being fecund)
fecundação {f}  :: fertilization (act of fecundating)
fecundidade {f}  :: fecundity, fertility
fedelho {m}  :: brat (unruly or spoiled child)
feder {v}  :: to stink (have a strong bad smell)
federal {adj}  :: federal
federalismo {m} [politics]  :: federalism (system of government in which power is divided between a central authority and regions)
federalização {f}  :: federalization (unification of states to form a union)
federação {f}  :: federation
Federação Russa {prop}  :: Russian Federation (placename)
federativa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of federativo
federativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of federativo
federativo {adj}  :: federative
fedido {adj}  :: Of bad smell; stinky; smelly
fedor {m}  :: stench (a strong foul smell, a stink)
fedorenta {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fedorento
fedorenta {f}  :: feminine noun of fedorento
fedorentas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fedorento
fedorentas {n}  :: feminine plural of fedorento
fedorento {adj}  :: Of bad smell; stinky; smelly
fedorento {m}  :: stinker (a stinky person)
feed {m} [Internet]  :: feed (encapsulated online content that one can subscribe to)
feedback {m}  :: feedback (assessment on information produced)
feia {adj}  :: feminine singular form of feio
feias {adj}  :: feminine plural of feio
feieza {f}  :: ugliness
feijão {m}  :: bean (seed)
feijoa {f}  :: feijoa (shrub)
feijoada {f}  :: feijoada
feijão-com-arroz {adj}  :: ordinary, everyday, common, mundane
feijão-com-arroz {adj}  :: simple, basic
feijão comum {m}  :: alternative spelling of feijão-comum
feijão-comum {m}  :: common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris, a plant grown for its edible bean)
feição {f}  :: figure, form, aspect
feio {adj}  :: ugly
feio {m}  :: an ugly person
feiosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of feioso
feiosa {f}  :: feminine noun of feioso
feira {f}  :: confusion
feira {f}  :: designation for a weekday in Portuguese: e.g. segunda-feira for Monday, terça-feira for Tuesday, etc
feira {f}  :: fair
feira {f}  :: market
feiúra {f}  :: superseded spelling of feiura
feira da ladra {f} [Portugal]  :: flea market (an outdoor market selling inexpensive curiosities)
Feira da Mata {prop}  :: Feira da Mata (placename)
feira de comércio {f} [business]  :: trade fair (exhibition for companies in a specific industry to showcase their products)
Feira de Santana {prop}  :: Feira de Santana (placename)
Feira Mundial {prop}  :: World Exposition (a regular international exposition)
feirinha {f}  :: diminutive form of feira
feita {adj}  :: feminine singular form of feito
feita nas coxas {adj}  :: feminine singular form of feito nas coxas
feitas {adj}  :: feminine plural of feito
feitas nas coxas {adj}  :: feminine plural of feito nas coxas
feitiça {adj}  :: feminine singular form of feitiço
feitiçaria {f}  :: sorcery; witchcraft
feitiças {adj}  :: feminine plural of feitiço
feiticeira {f}  :: feminine noun of feiticeiro; sorceress
feiticeiro {m}  :: sorcerer, wizard
feitiço {adj}  :: feigned, false
feitiço {m}  :: amulet, charm
feitiço {m}  :: incantation
feitiço {m}  :: witchcraft, sorcery
feitio {m}  :: form; shape (visible structure of something)
feitio {m}  :: manner (the way something or someone acts of behaves)
feitio {m}  :: work (something done or made by someone)
feito {adj}  :: done, made, produced, created
feito {adv} [idiom]  :: like; just alike; similarly to
feito {interj}  :: deal (seals an agreement)
feito {m}  :: feat, deed, accomplishment
feito nas coxas {adj} [informal]  :: half-ass (produced in an incompetent manner)
feitor {m} [management]  :: overseer
feitoria {f} [history]  :: Portuguese trade post, usually fortified and built in coastal areas along the West and East African coasts, Indian Ocean and Brazil, from 1445 on, it served simultaneously as market, warehouse, navigation support and customs and was governed by a "Feitor" (factor) to dominate the local trade with the Portuguese kingdom (and thence to Europe). Originally Inspired in medieval European factories, "feitorias" were supplanted in the 16th century by rival Dutch and British colonial factories (trading posts)
feiura {f}  :: ugliness (condition of being ugly)
feixe {m}  :: bundle
feixe {m}  :: faggot (bundle of wood)
feixe {m}  :: portion
feixe {m}  :: sheaf
feiz {v}  :: eye dialect of fez
fel {f}  :: gall; bile
felação {f}  :: fellatio
Felício dos Santos {prop}  :: Felício dos Santos (placename)
felídeo {m}  :: felid
feldspato {m} [mineral]  :: feldspar (type of rock-forming mineral)
Felgueiras {prop}  :: Felgueiras (placename)
Felgueiras {prop}  :: Portuguese surname
felicidade {f}  :: happiness
felicitação {f}  :: congratulation (act of congratulating)
felina {adj}  :: feminine singular form of felino
felinas {adj}  :: feminine plural of felino
felino {adj}  :: feline
felino {m}  :: feline
Felipe {prop}  :: male given name, Philip
Felisburgo {prop}  :: Felisburgo (placename)
Felixlândia {prop}  :: Felixlândia (placename)
feliz {adj}  :: happy
Feliz {prop}  :: Feliz (placename)
feliz aniversário {interj}  :: happy birthday (good wishes for birthday)
feliz ano novo {phrase}  :: Happy New Year
felizarda {adj}  :: feminine singular form of felizardo
felizardas {adj}  :: feminine plural of felizardo
felizardo {adj} [colloquial]  :: lucky, happy
felizardo {m}  :: a lucky person
felizmente {adv}  :: fortunately
felizmente {adv}  :: In context of being happy; happily
Feliz Natal {phrase}  :: Merry Christmas
Feliz Natal e Bom Ano Novo {phrase}  :: alternative form of Bom Natal e Feliz Ano Novo
Feliz Natal e próspero Ano Novo {phrase}  :: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
felonia {f}  :: felony
felosa {f}  :: warbler (bird of the Sylviidae family)
felosa-comum {f}  :: chiffchaff (Phylloscopus collybita, a small species of warbler)
felpa {f}  :: fuzz (frizzy mass of hair or fibre)
felpudo {adj}  :: fluffy (covered with fluff)
felpudo {adj}  :: shaggy (rough with long or thick hair)
feltrar {vt}  :: to felt (to cover with felt)
feltrar {vt}  :: to felt (to make into felt)
feltro {m}  :: felt (cloth made of matted fibres of wool)
fementida {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fementido
fementidas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fementido
fementido {adj}  :: artful
fementido {adj}  :: treacherous
feminilidade {f}  :: femininity
feminina {adj}  :: feminine singular form of feminino
femininas {adj}  :: feminine plural of feminino
feminino {adj} [comparable]  :: Having womanly qualities; womanly; feminine
feminino {adj} [not comparable, grammar]  :: Of feminine gender; feminine
feminismo {m}  :: feminism (the social theory or political movement)
feminista {adj}  :: feminist (relating to or in accordance with feminism)
feminista {mf}  :: feminist (advocate of feminism)
femme fatale {f} [narratology]  :: femme fatale (seductive and dangerous woman)
femoral {adj}  :: femoral (of, pertaining to, or near the femur or thigh)
fenação {f} [agriculture]  :: haymaking (the process of cutting grass and turning it into hay)
fenar {v}  :: to hay (to cut green plants for fodder)
fenazona {f} [pharmaceutical drug]  :: phenazone (a particular analgesic)
fenícia {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fenício
Fenícia {prop}  :: Phoenicia (placename)
fenícias {adj}  :: feminine plural of fenício
fenício {adj}  :: Phoenician
fenício {m}  :: Phoenician (person from Phoenicia)
fenício {m} [uncountable]  :: Phoenician (language)
fenda {f} [slang]  :: female genitals; vagina
fenda {f}  :: slit, crack, cleft
fenda glútea {f} [anatomy]  :: anal cleft (groove between buttocks)
fenda interglútea {f} [anatomy]  :: anal cleft (groove between buttocks)
fendendo {v}  :: gerund of fender
fender {v}  :: to crack
fender {v}  :: to separate
fender {v}  :: to split, cleave, rip
feneco {m} [rare]  :: fennec (Vulpes zerda, a fox species of the Sahara)
fenestra {f} [dated, formal]  :: window
fenilalanina {f} [amino acid]  :: phenylalanine (an amino acid)
fenilmercúrio {m} [organic compound]  :: phenylmercury
fenólica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fenólico
fenólicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fenólico
fenólico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: phenolic (of, relating to or derived from phenols)
fenômeno {m}  :: alternative spelling of fenómeno
fenómeno {m} [figuratively]  :: a talented person
fenómeno {m}  :: phenomenon (observable fact or occurrence)
feno {m}  :: hay
fenobarbital {m} [pharmacology]  :: phenobarbital
feno-grego {m}  :: fenugreek (spice)
fenol {m} [organic compound]  :: phenol
fenoloxidase {f} [enzyme]  :: phenoloxidase (an enzyme which catalyzes phenol oxidation)
fenomenal {adj}  :: phenomenal; remarkable (extremely good)
fenomenologia {f}  :: phenomenology (philosphy based on intuitive experience of phenomena)
Fenoscândia {prop} [geography]  :: Fennoscandia (geographic area)
Fenoscândia {prop} [geology]  :: Fennoscandia (geological area)
fenotípica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fenotípico
fenotípicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fenotípico
fenotípico {adj}  :: phenotypic (of, or relating to a phenotype)
fenótipo {m} [genetics]  :: phenotype
fenóxido {m} [chemistry]  :: phenoxide (any metallic salt of a phenol)
Feodosia {prop}  :: Feodosiya (placename)
Feodosiya {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Feodosia
fera {f}  :: beast (non-human animal)
fera {f} [São Paulo]  :: nice person
ferberita {f} [mineral]  :: ferberite
Ferdinando {prop}  :: male given name, Ferdinand
fereza {f}  :: cruelty, barbarity, inhumanity
fereza {f}  :: ferocity, fierceness
fergusonita {f} [mineral]  :: fergusonite
feriaõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of feriam
feriada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of feriado
feriadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of feriado
feriado {adj} [of a day or period]  :: which is a holiday
feriado {m}  :: holiday
feriante {n} [rare]  :: holiday-maker (somebody on a holiday)
ferida {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ferido
ferida {f}  :: wound; injury
ferido {adj}  :: emotionally hurt
ferido {adj}  :: injured, hurt, sore, wounded
ferido {adj}  :: offended (having been insulted)
ferido {adj}  :: stricken (struck by something)
ferido {m}  :: injured person
ferimento {m}  :: blow (from a weapon)
ferimento {m}  :: injury, hurt, harm
ferimento {m}  :: wound
ferindo {v}  :: gerund of ferir
ferino {adj}  :: beastly (behaving like a beast; cruel or savage)
ferino {adj}  :: scathing (harshly or bitterly critical)
ferião {v}  :: obsolete spelling of feriam
ferir {v}  :: to hurt, injure
feriraõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of feriram
feriraõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of ferirão
ferirão {v}  :: obsolete spelling of feriram
fermata {f} [music]  :: fermata (holding a note beyond its usual duration or the notation representing it)
fermentado {adj}  :: fermented
fermentado {v}  :: past participle of fermentar
fermentando {v}  :: gerund of fermentar
fermentação {f}  :: ferment
fermentação {f}  :: fermentation
fermentar {v}  :: to ferment
fermento {m}  :: yeast (fungus)
fermento químico {m}  :: baking powder (a dry leavening agent used in baking)
fermião {m} [Portugal, particle]  :: fermion (a particle with totally antisymmetric composite quantum states)
Fernanda {prop}  :: female given name, feminine form of Fernando
Fernandes {prop}  :: Portuguese surname
Fernandes Tourinho {prop}  :: Fernandes Tourinho (placename)
Fernando {prop}  :: male given name, Ferdinand
Fernando Prestes {prop}  :: Fernando Prestes (placename)
Fernandópolis {prop}  :: Fernandópolis (placename)
Fernão {prop}  :: Fernão (placename)
Fernão {prop} [historical]  :: male given name, Ferdinand
feroesa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of feroês
feroesas {adj}  :: feminine plural of feroês
feromónio {m} [biochemistry]  :: pheromone (chemical secreted by an animal that affects the behaviour of other animals)
feromônio {m} [biology, chemistry]  :: pheromone
feroês {adj}  :: Faroese (of or relating to the Faroe islands or its people)
feroês {adj}  :: Faroese (of or relating to the Faroese language)
feroês {m}  :: Faroese (a language of the Faroe Islands)
feroês {m}  :: Faroese (person from the Faroe Islands)
feroz {adj}  :: fierce (extremely violent, severe, ferocious or savage)
feroz {adj}  :: fierce (threatening in appearance or demeanor)
ferozmente {adv}  :: ferociously
ferrada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ferrado
ferradas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ferrado
ferrado {adj} [Brazil, slang]  :: screwed (beset with difficult or impossible situation)
ferrado {adj}  :: fitted with horseshoes
ferrador {m}  :: farrier (person who trims and shoes horses’ hooves)
ferradora {f}  :: feminine noun of ferrador
ferradura {f}  :: horseshoe
ferragem {f}  :: hardware (individual implement)
ferragens {n}  :: hardware (metal implements)
ferramenta {f}  :: tool (mechanical device intended to make a task easier)
ferrar {v} [archaic, nautical]  :: to anchor (to cast a ship’s anchor)
ferrar {v} [Brazil, slang]  :: to screw (to beset with unfortunate circumstances)
ferrar {v}  :: to horseshoe (to apply horseshoes to a horse or other hooved animal)
Ferraz de Vasconcelos {prop}  :: Ferraz de Vasconcelos (placename)
ferreira {n}  :: feminine noun of ferreiro
Ferreira {prop}  :: Portuguese surname
Ferreira do Alentejo {prop}  :: Ferreira do Alentejo (placename)
Ferreira do Zêzere {prop}  :: Ferreira do Zêzere (placename)
ferreirinha {f}  :: accentor (bird of the genus Prunella)
ferreiro {m}  :: blacksmith (iron forger)
Ferreiro {prop}  :: Portuguese surname
ferrenha {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ferrenho
ferrenhas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ferrenho
ferrenho {adj}  :: staunch, steely, uncompromising
ferrimagnética {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ferrimagnético
ferrimagnéticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ferrimagnético
ferrimagnético {adj} [physics]  :: ferrimagnetic
ferrita {f} [mineral]  :: ferrite
ferritina {f} [protein]  :: ferritin (any of a family of iron-carrying globular protein complexes consisting of 24 protein subunits)
ferrão {m}  :: stinger (pointed portion of an insect)
ferro {m}  :: iron (metal)
ferro {m}  :: sword; blade, spearhead
ferroada {f}  :: sting (bite or sting (by an insect))
ferro corrugado {m}  :: corrugated iron (iron sheets used as building material)
ferro de engomar {m} [Portugal]  :: iron (for pressing clothes)
ferro de passar {m}  :: iron (for pressing clothes)
ferro de passar roupa {m}  :: iron (for pressing clothes)
ferro fundido {m}  :: cast iron (hard, brittle alloy of iron, carbon and silicon)
ferro gusa {m}  :: pig iron
ferrolho {m}  :: bolt (sliding pin or bar in a lock)
ferromagnetismo {m} [physics]  :: ferromagnetism (the phenomenon whereby certain substances can become permanent magnets)
ferromagnética {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ferromagnético
ferromagnéticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ferromagnético
ferromagnético {adj} [physics]  :: ferromagnetic
ferronióbio {m}  :: ferroniobium
Ferros {prop}  :: Ferros (placename)
ferrosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ferroso
ferrosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ferroso
ferroso {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: ferrous (all senses)
ferrovanádio {m}  :: ferrovanadium
ferro-velho {m}  :: scrapyard (a junkyard, a place where scrap is stored, discarded or resold)
ferro-velho {m} [uncountable]  :: scrap (discarded metal)
ferrovia {f}  :: railway (track, consisting of parallel rails)
ferroviária {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ferroviário
ferroviárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of ferroviário
ferroviário {adj}  :: railway; rail (attributively)
ferrugem {f} [plant disease]  :: rust; ferrugo (plant disease caused by fungus)
ferrugem {f}  :: rust (result of oxidation of iron)
ferrugento {adj}  :: rusty
ferrungenta {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ferrugento
fertilidade {f}  :: fertility
fertilizante {m}  :: fertiliser (substance used to make the ground more suitable for growing plants)
fertilização {f}  :: fertilization
fertilizar {v}  :: fertilize
Fervedouro {prop}  :: Fervedouro (placename)
fervente {adj}  :: boiling (that is boiling)
fervente {adj}  :: fervent (exhibiting enthusiasm, zeal, conviction, persistence or belief)
ferver {vi}  :: (figuratively) to be crowded with people
ferver {vi}  :: to boil (of a liquid); to turn into gas
ferver {vt}  :: to boil (heat a liquid until it begins to turn into a gas)
fervilhar {v}  :: to be swarming or teeming with something
fervilhar {v}  :: to boil (to cook in boiling water)
fervor {m}  :: fervour (passionate enthusiasm)
fervoroso {adj}  :: fervent; fervorous (having emotional warmth, fervour or passion)
fervoroso {adj}  :: fervent; fervorous (having particular enthusiasm, zeal, conviction, persistence or belief)
fervura {f}  :: the act of boiling (changing into vapour)
festa {f}  :: celebration
festa {f}  :: festival
festa {f}  :: party
festa {f} [religion]  :: feast
festa americana {f}  :: potlatch (meal to which guests bring dishes to share)
festa do sacrifício {f}  :: Eid al-Adha (Islamic festival)
festa julina {f}  :: An instance of the Brazilian "festa junina" (June party), (that is, having the same typical themes, decoration, costumes, music, food, etc.) only happening in July
festar {vi}  :: to party (to celebrate at a party)
festejado {v}  :: past participle of festejar
festejando {v}  :: gerund of festejar
festejar {v}  :: to celebrate (all senses)
festejo {m}  :: celebration
festim {m}  :: blank (firearm cartridge without a projectile)
festim {m}  :: diminutive form of festa
festim {m}  :: feast (large, ceremonial meal)
festinha {f}  :: diminutive form of festa
festival {m}  :: festival
festividade {f}  :: festivity; celebration
festivo {adj}  :: festive (having the atmosphere, decoration, or attitude of a festival or party)
Festo {prop}  :: Phaistos (placename)
feta {m}  :: feta (a variety of curd cheese)
fetal {adj}  :: fetal (pertaining to fetuses)
fetiche {m}  :: fetish (magical object)
fetichismo {m}  :: fetishism (belief that natural objects have supernatural powers)
fetichismo {m}  :: fetishism (sexual attraction to an inanimate object or a part of the body)
feto {f} [Portugal]  :: fern (any of a group of plants in the division Pteridophyta)
feto {m} [biology]  :: fetus (unborn or unhatched vertebrate showing signs of the mature animal)
feto {m} [embryology]  :: fetus (human embryo after the eighth week of gestation)
feto-águia {m}  :: bracken (any of several coarse ferns)
feudal {adj} [euphemism]  :: violent
feudal {adj}  :: feudal
feudalismo {m}  :: feudalism (social system)
feudo {m}  :: fief, fiefdom, manor
fevereiro {m}  :: February
Fevereiro {m}  :: superseded spelling of fevereiro
fevreiro {m} [obsolete, or, dialectal]  :: alternative form of fevereiro
feyra {f}  :: obsolete spelling of feira
fez {f} [rare]  :: a piece of faeces
Fez {prop}  :: Fez (placename)
FFLCH-USP {prop}  :: A group of units of the University of São Paulo in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, dedicated to some subjects of liberal arts (including linguistics, literature, philosophy, history and geography)
fígado {m}  :: liver (organ of human or animal; organ of animal used as food)
FHC {prop}  :: initialism of [[w:Fernando Henrique Cardoso (born 1931), 34th president of Brazil (1994–1998)
führer {m}  :: Führer (leader exercising the powers of a tyrant)
Führer {m}  :: alternative case form of führer
fi {m}  :: phi (name of the Greek letter Φ)
fiabilidade {f}  :: reliability (the quality or degree of being reliable, trustworthy)
fiacre {m}  :: fiacre (small carriage for hire)
fiador {m}  :: guarantee
fiador {m}  :: guarantor
fiador {m}  :: sponsor
fiador {m}  :: surety
fiambre {m}  :: cold cuts, cold meat
fiambre {m}  :: ham (cooked and sliced)
fiança {f}  :: bail (money payed for the release of an arrested person as a guarantee of that person’s appearance for trial)
fiação {f}  :: spinning (thread)
fiapo {m}  :: slender thread
fiar {v} [Portugal]  :: to trust
fiar {v}  :: to spin (thread)
fiasco {m}  :: fiasco (ludicrous or humiliating situation)
fibra {f}  :: fibre (single elongated piece of material)
fibra alimentar {f}  :: dietary fibre (substance which is not digested on passage through the alimentary tract)
fibra óptica {f}  :: obsolete spelling of fibra ótica
fibra ótica {f}  :: optical fibre (fibre used for transmitting light)
fibriloso {adj}  :: fibrillose (covered with hair-like appendages)
fibrodisplasia ossificante progressiva {f} [disease]  :: fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (disease in which fibrous tissue becomes ossified when damaged)
fibromialgia {f} [pathology]  :: fibromyalgia (chronic pain, stiffness, and tenderness of the muscles, tendons, and joints)
fibrosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fibroso
fibrosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fibroso
fibrose cística {f} [pathology]  :: cystic fibrosis (condition in which the exocrine glands produce abnormally viscous mucus)
fibroso {adj}  :: fibrous
fibroso {adj}  :: stringy (of meat)
ficante {n} [Brazil, slang]  :: friend with benefits
ficar {v} [auxiliary, followed by a verb in the gerund]  :: forms the habitual aspect
ficar {v} [copulative]  :: to become; to get; to end up
ficar {vi} [figurative]  :: not to go any further
ficar {v} [indtr, pt, com, intr=1, .Brazil, .slang]  :: to engage in a romantic relationship with someone for one night or some short period of time
ficar {v} [indtr, pt, em, -another locational preposition]  :: to be permanently on a location
ficar {v} [indtr, pt, em, intr=1]  :: to stay (at); to remain
ficar {v} [indtr, pt, em]  :: to stay (to remain in a particular place)
ficar {vi}  :: to remain (to be left over)
ficaraõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of ficaram
ficaraõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of ficarão
ficar chato {v} [idiom]  :: to cause an awkward, uncomfortable situation
ficar de cara {v} de|cara
ficar de cara {v} de cara
ficar de cara {v} [idiomatic]  :: to become angry or perplexed with someone or something
ficar de enrolação {v} [Brazil]  :: to putter around (to engage in meaningless activity)
ficar de fora {vi}  :: to abstain or be excluded from participation
ficar de olho em {v}  :: to keep an eye on
ficar em {vt}  :: to be located at
ficar enfiado {v}  :: stick (to remain close by)
ficar esperto {v} [slang]  :: to be alert
ficarão {v}  :: obsolete spelling of ficaram
ficar para trás {v} para|trás
ficar para trás {v} [idiomatic]  :: to be superseded
ficar para trás {v}  :: to stay behind (to remain where one is, whilst others leave)
ficha {f} [poker]  :: chip
ficha {f}  :: record
Ficha Limpa {prop}  :: The Supplementary Law no. 135 of 2010 in Brazil, designed to prevent some candidates from running for political office: those who have been impeached, convicted of corruption crimes or that have renounced a political office to avoid impeachment
ficheiro {m} [Portugal]  :: archive
ficção {f}  :: fiction
ficção científica {f}  :: science fiction
ficologia {f}  :: phycology (study of algae)
fictícia {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fictício
fictícias {adj}  :: feminine plural of fictício
fictício {adj}  :: fictitious
fidalgo {m}  :: nobleman
fidedigno {adj}  :: faithful, trustworthy, reliable
fideicomisso {m}  :: fideicommissum (inherited benefit subject to the obligation of bequeathing it to another)
fideicomissário {m}  :: trustee
fidelidade {f}  :: allegiance
fidelidade {f}  :: faithfulness
fidelidade {f}  :: fidelity
fiel {adj}  :: faithful, loyal
fiel {adj}  :: true, trustworthy, accurate
figo {m}  :: fig (fruit)
figo da Índia {m}  :: alternative spelling of figo-da-Índia
figo-da-índia {m}  :: alternative spelling of figo-da-Índia
figo-da-Índia {m}  :: prickly pear (cactus fruit)
figueira {f}  :: fig tree
Figueira da Foz {prop}  :: Figueira da Foz (placename)
figueira da Índia {f}  :: alternative spelling of figueira-da-Índia
figueira-da-índia {f}  :: alternative spelling of figueira-da-Índia
figueira-da-Índia {f}  :: prickly pear (any of various spiny cacti of the genus Opuntia)
figueira-de-bengala {f}  :: banyan (tropical Indian fig tree)
figueira de Bengala {f}  :: alternative spelling of figueira-de-bengala
figueira-de-Bengala {f}  :: alternative spelling of figueira-de-bengala
Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo {prop}  :: Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo (placename)
figueira-do-diabo {f}  :: thorn apple (Datura stramonium, a toxic herb used in traditional medicine)
figueira-do-inferno {f}  :: thorn apple (Datura stramonium, a toxic herb used in traditional medicine)
Figueiró dos Vinhos {prop}  :: Figueiró dos Vinhos (placename)
figura {f}  :: character (notable or eccentric person)
figura {f}  :: figure (graphical representation)
figura {f}  :: figure (shape of something)
figura de Lichtenberg {f}  :: Lichtenberg figure (branching patter on an insulator subject to an electric discharge)
figura de linguagem {f}  :: Figure of speech
figura de proa {f} [literally and figuratively]  :: figurehead
figurante {mf}  :: extra, bit player, walk-on (in a film, play, TV show etc.)
figuração {f}  :: form
figura pública {f}  :: public figure (person subject to public interest)
figurar {v} [indtr, pt, em, entre]  :: to figure among (to be a part of)
figurar {v} [indtr, pt, em]  :: to star in; to act in (to work as an actor in)
figurar {v} [indtr, pt, que, direct=1]  :: to consider (to assign some quality to)
figurar {vt}  :: to fake; to feign; to simulate (to make a false display of)
figurar {vt}  :: to look like; to resemble (to be similar in appearance to)
figurar {vt}  :: to symbolize; to represent (to be symbolic of)
figurativamente {adv}  :: figuratively (in a figurative manner)
figurativo {adj}  :: figurative (metaphorical; not literal)
figurinha {f} [Brazil]  :: trading card (collectible card featuring information of interest to purchasers)
figurinha {f}  :: diminutive form of figura
figurinista {mf}  :: costume designer
figurino {m} [chiefly, acting]  :: costume; outfit (set of clothing)
figurino {m} [haute couture]  :: a design or pattern of an item of clothing
figurão {m}  :: big cheese (an important figure)
Fiji {prop}  :: Fiji (placename)
fijiana {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fijiano
fijianas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fijiano
fijiano {adj}  :: Fijian (of or relating to Fiji)
fijiano {adj}  :: Fijian (of or relating to the Fijian language)
fijiano {m}  :: Fijian (a person from Fiji)
fijiano {m}  :: Fijian (language spoken in Fiji)
filé {m}  :: fillet (strip of deboned meat or fish)
fila {f} [computing]  :: queue (FIFO data structure)
fila {f}  :: queue (line of people)
fila {f}  :: queue (waiting list)
filaça {f}  :: fibres used to make textiles
Filadélfia {prop}  :: Filadélfia (placename)
Filadélfia {prop}  :: Philadelphia (placename)
fila indiana {f}  :: single file (line or queue one person wide)
filamento {m} [botany]  :: filament (stalk of a stamen in a flower)
filamento {m}  :: filament (fine thread or wire)
filamento {m}  :: filament (wire in an incandescent light bulb)
filantropia {f}  :: philanthropy (benevolent altruism with the intention of increasing the well-being of mankind)
filantropo {m}  :: philanthropist (person who loves mankind)
filantropo {m}  :: philanthropist (very generous person or institution)
filantrópica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of filantrópico
filantrópicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of filantrópico
filantrópico {adj}  :: philanthropic
filaríase {f}  :: alternative form of filariose
filarial {adj} [medicine]  :: filarial (pertaining to filaria)
filariose {f}  :: filariasis (disease caused by the infestation of the lymphatic system with nematodes)
filarmônica {adj}  :: feminine form of filarmônico
filarmónica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of filarmónico
filarmônica {f}  :: alternative form of filarmónica
filarmónica {f} [music]  :: philharmonic (full-sized symphonic orchestra)
filarmônico {adj}  :: alternative form of filarmónico
filarmónico {adj} [music]  :: philharmonic (appreciative of the performance of music)
filatelia {f}  :: philately (stamp collecting)
fileira {f}  :: file, row, line
filha {f}  :: daughter
filha da puta {f}  :: feminine noun of filho da puta
filharada {f}  :: collectively, sons and/or daughters
filhinha {f}  :: diminutive form of filha
filho {m}  :: child (any person or thing heavily influenced by something else)
filho {m}  :: child (offspring of any sex)
filho {m} [graph theory]  :: child (a node, of a tree, that has a parent node)
filho {m} [informal]  :: son (term of address for a younger male)
filho {m} [somewhat, poetic]  :: son; child (any descendant)
filho {m}  :: son (male offspring)
filho da mãe {m} [euphemism]  :: son of a gun; euphemism of filho da puta
filho da puta {m} [pejorative]  :: son of a bitch (objectionable person)
filho-da-puta {m}  :: rare spelling of filho da puta
filho de peixe, peixinho é {proverb}  :: apple does not fall far from the tree (a child is similar to its parents)
filho de peixe sabe nadar {proverb}  :: like father, like son (a child will have traits similar to its parents)
filho único {m}  :: only child (a person who has no siblings)
filho pródigo {m}  :: prodigal son (one who returns after living extravagantly)
filhote {m} [affectionate]  :: diminutive form of filho
filhote {m}  :: pup; cub (youth of an animal)
-filia {suffix} [pathology]  :: -philia (forming words denoting abnormal linking towards a given thing)
filial {adj}  :: filial (pertaining to a son or daughter)
filial {f}  :: branch (office of an organisation)
filiando {v}  :: gerund of filiar
filiação {f}  :: adoption
filiação {f}  :: filiation
filiar {v}  :: to adopt
filiar {v}  :: to join (a group)
filicídio {m}  :: filicide (the murder of one’s child)
filigrana {f}  :: filigree
filigrana {f}  :: watermark
Filipa {prop}  :: female given name, Philippa
Filipe {prop}  :: male given name, Philip
Filipe {prop}  :: Philip, the apostle
Filipenses {prop}  :: Philippians (a book of the Bible)
Filipinas {prop}  :: Philippines (placename)
filipino {adj}  :: Filipino (of or pertaining to the Philippines or its people)
filipino {m}  :: Filipino (native or inhabitant of the Philippines)
filipino {m}  :: Filipino (prestige register of the Tagalog language)
filisteu {m}  :: philistine
filisteu {m}  :: Philistine
filiável {adj}  :: affiliable (capable of being affiliated to)
filóloga {f}  :: feminine noun of filólogo
filólogas {f}  :: feminine noun of filólogo
filólogo {m}  :: philologist
filmagem {f}  :: filming, shooting
filmar {v}  :: to film
filme {m}  :: film (motion picture)
filme {m}  :: film (thin layer)
filme {m} [photography]  :: film
filme mudo {m} [cinematography]  :: silent film
filme trash {m} [colloquial, film]  :: B-movie (a low-budget motion picture, especially one with poor production values)
filão {m}  :: vein, lode, streak
filo {m} [taxonomy]  :: phylum (rank below kingdom and above class)
filogenia {f} [systematics]  :: phylogeny (evolutionary history of an organism)
filológica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of filológico
filológicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of filológico
filológico {adj}  :: philological
filologia {f}  :: philology
filologicamente {adv}  :: philologically
filologista {adj}  :: philological (pertaining to the history of literature)
filologista {mf}  :: philologist (person who engages in philology)
Filomena {prop}  :: female given name, Philomena
fi-lo porque qui-lo {phrase} [Brazil, nonstandard]  :: I did it because I wanted to do it
filosófica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of filosófico
filosóficas {adj}  :: feminine plural of filosófico
filosófico {adj}  :: philosophical
filosofal {adj}  :: having philosophical importance
filosofar {v}  :: to philosophise (to philosophically ponder or reason)
filosofia {f}  :: philosophy (academic discipline)
filosofia analítica {f} [philosophy]  :: analytic philosophy (style of philosophy emphasising argumentative clarity and precision)
filoxera {f}  :: phylloxera
filósofa {f}  :: feminine noun of filósofo
filósofas {n}  :: feminine plural of filósofo
filósofo {m}  :: philosopher (person who studies philosophy)
filtração {f}  :: filtration
filtração {f}  :: percolation
filtrar {vt}  :: to filter (to sort, sift, or isolate)
filtro {m}  :: filter (device for separating impurities from a fluid or other substance)
filtro labial {m}  :: philtrum (groove on upper lip)
filáucia {f}  :: philauty, selfishness
filáucia {f}  :: self-love (regard for oneself)
fim {m}  :: end
fim de jogo {phrase} de|jogo
fim de jogo {phrase}  :: game over (acknowledges the end of some ongoing situation, especially due to failure)
fim de mundo {m}  :: alternative form of fim do mundo
fim de mundo {m}  :: hellhole; shithole (unpleasant region)
fim de papo {phrase}  :: that’s that (there is nothing more to say or to do concerning the matter)
fim de semana {m}  :: weekend (break in the working week)
fim-de-semana {m} [dated spelling of, fim de semana]  ::
fim do mundo {m}  :: end of the world (destruction of the planet Earth or humans)
fina {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fino
finado {adj}  :: late, deceased, dead
finados {m}  :: short for Dia de Finados
final {adj}  :: final, ultimate, last
final {f} [sports]  :: final
final {m}  :: An end
final de semana {m}  :: weekend (break in the working week)
final-de-semana {m} [dated spelling of, final de semana]  ::
finale {m}  :: finale (grand end of something, especially something artistic)
final feliz {m} [literature]  :: happy ending (situation in which all main characters become content)
finalidade {f}  :: goal, objective
finalista {mf}  :: finalist
finalização {f}  :: ending; termination; conclusion
finalizar {v} [sports]  :: to score after arriving near the goal
finalizar {v}  :: to finalise (to finish or complete)
finalmente {adv}  :: eventually; at last (after a long time)
finalmente {adv}  :: lastly; finally; in the end (at the conclusion)
finalzinho {m}  :: diminutive form of final
finamente {adv}  :: slightly (in a manner to produce a fine result)
finanças {n}  :: finance (management of money and other assets)
finanças {n}  :: finances (monetary resources or a person or organisation)
finanças públicas {n}  :: public finance (field of economics)
financeira {adj}  :: feminine singular form of financeiro
financeiramente {adv}  :: financially (of or referring to finance or money)
financeiras {adj}  :: feminine plural of financeiro
financeiro {adj}  :: financial
financiamento {m}  :: funding (the act of providing funds)
financiar {vt}  :: to fund; to finance (to pay for)
finando {v}  :: gerund of finar
finar {v} [euphemistic]  :: to die (to become dead)
finar {v}  :: to debilitate; to enfeeble
finar {v}  :: to finish (to come to an end)
fincar {v}  :: to stick in
findando {v}  :: gerund of findar
findar {v}  :: to finish, terminate, conclude
findo {adj}  :: finished
finesa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of finês
finesas {adj}  :: feminine plural of finês
fineza {f}  :: a favour owed to someone
fineza {f}  :: finesse (property of having grace, elegance, skill, or balance)
fineza {f} [of metals and gems]  :: purity (state or degree of being pure)
fineza {f}  :: slenderness (state of being slender)
fineza {f}  :: suavity (quality of being sweet or pleasing to the mind)
fineza {f}  :: thinness (state of being thin)
finge {v}  :: second-person singular imperative of fingir
finge {v}  :: third-person singular indicative present of fingir
fingido {v}  :: past participle of fingir
fingimento {m}  :: camouflage
fingimento {m}  :: deception
fingimento {m}  :: hypocrisy
fingimento {m}  :: pretence
fingir {v}  :: to pretend (to act as though something is different from what it is)
Fiônia {prop}  :: alternative form of Fiónia
Fiónia {prop}  :: Funen (placename)
finidade {f}  :: finity (state or characteristic of being finite)
fininha {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fininho
fininhas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fininho
fininho {adj} dot=, very thin
finita {adj}  :: feminine singular form of finito
finitas {adj}  :: feminine plural of finito
finito {adj}  :: finished; over
finito {adj}  :: finite; limited
finlandesa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of finlandês
finlandesas {adj}  :: feminine plural of finlandês
finlandização {f} [politics]  :: Finlandization (the influence of a state on a smaller neighbouring state)
finlandizar {vt} [rare]  :: to Fennicize (to make Finnish)
finlandês {adj}  :: Finnish (pertaining to Finland or its people)
finlandês {m}  :: Finnish (language)
finlandês {m}  :: Finnish (person from Finland)
Finlândia {prop}  :: Finland (placename)
fino {adj}  :: exhibiting finesse; elegant; graceful
fino {adj}  :: fine (of superior quality)
fino {adj} [of sound]  :: high-pitched
fino {adj}  :: slender; slim (having little body fat or flesh)
fino {adj}  :: thin (having little thickness)
fino {m} [Portugal, regional]  :: [[draft beer]] (usually served in a small glass)
fino-úgrica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fino-úgrico
fino-úgricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fino-úgrico
fino-úgrico {adj} [linguistics]  :: Finno-Ugric (of or relating to the Finno-Ugric language family)
finória {adj}  :: feminine singular form of finório
finórias {adj}  :: feminine plural of finório
finório {adj}  :: wily; sly; cunning
finório {m}  :: a wily person
finês {adj}  :: Finnish (of Finland)
finês {adj}  :: Finnish (of the Finnish language)
finês {m}  :: Finnish (language)
finíssima {adj}  :: feminine singular form of finíssimo
finíssimas {adj}  :: feminine plural of finíssimo
finíssimo {adj}  :: superfine
fio {m}  :: chain
fio {m}  :: string
fio {m}  :: thread
fio {m}  :: wire
fio da meada {m}  :: train of thought (flow of thinking)
fio dental {m} [by extension]  :: microkini (a very skimpy bikini that covers just the genitals and nipples)
fio dental {m}  :: dental floss (floss used to clean the areas between the teeth)
fiofó {m} [colloquial]  :: anus
fiorde {m}  :: fjord (long, deep inlet)
fiquey {v}  :: obsolete spelling of fiquei
firewall {m} [computer security]  :: firewall (computer software that monitors traffic in a network)
firma {f}  :: company
firma {f} [legal]  :: signature
firmado {v}  :: past participle of firmar
firmamente {adv}  :: firmly, tightly
firmamente {adv}  :: resolutely
firmamento {m}  :: firmament (the vault of the heavens)
firmamento {m}  :: the act of making something firm, secure
firmando {v}  :: gerund of firmar
firmar {v}  :: to sign
firme {adj}  :: firm
firmemente {adv}  :: firmly (in a firm or definite or strong manner)
firmeza {f}  :: firmness
firmeza {f} [São Paulo, of a person]  :: fine
Firmino Alves {prop}  :: Firmino Alves (placename)
firmware {m} [computing]  :: firmware (software closely tied to the hardware on which it runs)
first-person shooter {m}  :: first-person shooter
fiscal de cu {mf} [Brazil, informal, vulgar, derogatory]  :: A homophobe; particularly one who disapproves anal sex between two men
fiscal do Sarney {mf} [historical]  :: In Brazil, in 1986–1987, a citizen who demanded the prices of products to remain frozen according to José Sarney's Plano Cruzado
fiscalizar {v}  :: to inspect
fisga {f}  :: slingshot (device for shooting small projectiles)
fisgar {vt}  :: to hook (to catch with a hook)
fisicamente {adv}  :: physically (in a physical manner)
fisiculturismo {m}  :: bodybuilding (sport of muscle development)
fisiólogo {m}  :: physiologist (person who studies or specialises in physiology)
fisio {f}  :: abbreviation of fisioterapia
fisioculturismo {m}  :: alternative form of fisiculturismo
fisiognomia {f}  :: physiognomy (the art or pseudoscience of deducing someone’s personality from their appearance)
fisiognomonia {f}  :: alternative form of fisiognomia
fisiológica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fisiológico
fisiológicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fisiológico
fisiológico {adj}  :: physiological
fisiologia {f}  :: physiology (branch of biology that deals with the functions and activities of life)
fisionômica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fisionômico
fisionômicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fisionômico
fisionômico {adj}  :: physiognomic / physiognomical
fisionomia {f}  :: face, semblance
fisionomia {f}  :: physiognomy
fisiopatológica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fisiopatológico
fisiopatológicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fisiopatológico
fisiopatológico {adj}  :: physiopathological
fisioterapeuta {n}  :: physiotherapist (therapist who treats physical dysfunction)
fisioterapia {f}  :: physiotherapy
fissil {adj}  :: alternative form of físsil
fissionando {v}  :: gerund of fissionar
fissionar {v}  :: to fission
fissionável {adj}  :: fissionable
fissão {f} [physics]  :: fission
fissão nuclear {f} [physics]  :: nuclear fission (nuclear reaction that releases energy)
fissípara {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fissíparo
fissíparas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fissíparo
fissíparo {adj} [biology]  :: fissiparous (that reproduces by splitting into two)
fissíparo {adj}  :: fissiparous (causing division or fragmenting something)
fissíparo {adj}  :: fissiparous (factious, tending to break into pieces)
fissurando {v}  :: gerund of fissurar
fissurar {v}  :: to fissure
fisting {m}  :: fisting (sexual practice of inserting a hand into the vagina or rectum)
fita {f}  :: act, deception, lie
fita {f} [colloquial]  :: film, movie
fita {f} [Portugal, education, slang]  :: a colored ribbon to indicate membership of a faculty
fita {f}  :: tape, ribbon, band
fita adesiva {f}  :: sticky tape (tape with glue on its surface)
fita-cola {f}  :: sticky tape (tape with glue on its surface)
fita crepe {f}  :: masking tape (sticky tape made of paper)
fita de Möbius {f} [topology]  :: Möbius strip (surface formed by connecting two opposite edges of a square in opposite directions)
fita-do-mar {f}  :: eelgrass (Zostera marina), a beach plant with long, slender leaves
fita gomada {f}  :: sticky tape (tape with glue on its surface)
fita magnética {f}  :: magnetic tape (acrylic tape used for recording data)
fita métrica {f}  :: measuring tape (tape with marks for measuring distance)
fitar {v}  :: to stare at; to gaze at
fitófago {adj} [zoology]  :: phytophagous (feeding on plants)
fitness {m} [artificial intelligence]  :: fitness (degree of appropriateness of an answer in a genetic algorithm)
fitness {m}  :: fitness (cultivation of an attractive and healthy physique)
fitoesterol {m} [biochemistry]  :: phytosterol (any of a group of steroid alcohols occurring in plants)
fito-hormônio {m}  :: alternative form of fitormônio
fito-hormona {f} [Portugal]  :: phytohormone (plant hormone)
fitopatógeno {m} [biology]  :: phytopathogen (anything that is pathogenic to plants)
fitormônio {m} [biochemistry]  :: phytohormone (plant hormone)
fiável {adj}  :: reliable (fit to be relied on)
fivela {f} [countable]  :: buckle (belt clasp)
fixador {adj}  :: fixative
fixador {m}  :: fixative
fixador {m}  :: fixer
fixador {m}  :: holder, retainer
fixadora {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fixador
fixadoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of fixador
fixamente {adv}  :: fixedly
fixando {v}  :: gerund of fixar
fixação {f}  :: fixation (all senses)
fixar {v}  :: to fix, fasten, secure
fixe {adj} [Portugal, informal]  :: cool (calmly audacious)
fixe {interj} [Portugal, informal]  :: cool!, great!
fixismo {m} [beekeeping]  :: the use of beehives with fixed honeycombs
fixismo {m} [biology]  :: fixism (the theory that species alive today were identical to those of the past)
fixo {adj}  :: fixed, immoveable
fixo {adj}  :: permanent
fizeraõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of fizeram
fizerão {v}  :: obsolete spelling of fizeram
flabelar {v}  :: to fan with a hand-held fan
flabelo {m}  :: fan (hand-held device waved back and forth to cool someone)
fla-flu {m} [association football, Brazil]  :: a match between Clube de Regatas do Flamengo and Fluminense Football Club
fla-flu {m} [Rio Grande do Sul]  :: foosball (table soccer)
flag {m} [programming]  :: flag (true-or-false variable)
flagelar {v}  :: to scourge (to strike with a scourge)
flagelo {m} [microbiology]  :: flagellum (whip-like appendage in bacteria and protists)
flagelo {m}  :: scourge (a persistent pest, illness, or source of trouble)
flagelo {m}  :: scourge; a whip, especially one used to hit people
flama {f}  :: flame (visible part of fire)
flamejante {adj}  :: flaming (on fire with visible flames)
flamengo {adj}  :: Flemish (of, from or relating to Flanders)
flamengo {adj}  :: Flemish (of or relating to the Flemish dialect)
flamengo {m}  :: alternative form of flamingo
flamengo {m}  :: someone from Flanders
flamengo {m} [uncountable]  :: Flemish (the Dutch dialect spoken in Flanders)
flamenguista {adj}  :: (Brazil) Pertaining to, or related to Clube de Regatas do Flamengo
flamenguista {mf}  :: (Brazil) A player or supporter of Clube de Regatas do Flamengo sports team, especially the association football (soccer) team
flamingo {m}  :: flamingo (bird)
flamingo andino {m}  :: Andean flamingo (Phoenicopterus andinus, a flamingo of Chile)
flanco {m}  :: flank
Flandres {prop}  :: Flanders (placename)
Flandres {prop} [historical]  :: Flanders (placename)
flanela {f}  :: flannel
flango {m}  :: eye dialect of frango
flanquear {vt}  :: to flank (to attack the flank(s))
flanquear {vt}  :: to flank (to be located by the side(s) of something)
flarte {m}  :: alternative form of flerte
flashback {m} [narratology]  :: flashback (earlier event inserted into the normal chronological flow of a narrative)
flash card {m}  :: flashcard (card with information serving as a memorisation aide)
flashcard {m}  :: alternative spelling of flash card
flato {m} [medical]  :: flatus (expulsion of gas through the anus)
flatulência {f}  :: flatulence (state of having gas in digestive system)
flauta {f} [musical instruments]  :: flute
flauta de Pã {f} [music instrument]  :: panpipes (wind instrument consisting of a series of tubes of different lengths)
flauta doce {f} [musici]  :: recorder (flute-like musical instrument)
flautim {m} [musici]  :: piccolo (musical instrument)
flautista {mf}  :: flautist
flautista de Hamelin {n}  :: pied piper (anyone or anything that draws many followers)
flavina {f} [organic chemistry]  :: flavin
flácido {adj}  :: flaccid; limp; flabby
fôlder {m}  :: alternative spelling of folder
flecha {f}  :: arrow (projectile)
flecha {f}  :: arrow (symbol)
flecha {f}  :: spire
flegma {n}  :: rare form of fleuma
fôlego {m}  :: breath
fôlego {m} [by extension]  :: impetus, spirit
fôlego {m}  :: wind (ability to breath properly)
Flensburg {prop}  :: Flensburg (placename)
Flensburgo {prop}  :: alternative form of Flensburg
flertar {v}  :: to flirt; to philander; to cocket; to dally
flerte {m}  :: flirtation; courtship
flerte {m}  :: flirt (instance of flirting, courting)
fleróvio {m} [neologism]  :: flerovium (chemical element with atomic number 114)
flete {m}  :: flat (apartment)
fleugma {n}  :: rare form of fleuma
fleuma {f}  :: phlegm (historical: humour)
fleuma {f} [uncountable]  :: tranquillity; calmness
fleumática {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fleumático
fleumáticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fleumático
fleumático {adj} [of a person]  :: phlegmatic (not easily excited to action)
Flevoland {prop}  :: Flevoland (placename)
Flevolândia {prop}  :: alternative form of Flevoland
flexibilidade {f}  :: flexibility
flexibilização quantitativa {f} [economics]  :: quantitative easing (monetary policy where the central bank buys assets from private institutions)
flexionar {vt} [grammar]  :: to inflect
flexão {f} [grammar]  :: an inflected form of a word
flexão {f} [grammar]  :: inflection (change in the form of a word that reflects a change in grammatical function)
flexão {f}  :: push-up (exercise performed by resting on one’s toes and hands and pushing one’s weight off the floor)
flexível {adj}  :: flexible (all senses)
flexível {adj}  :: pliant
flexível {adj}  :: supple, pliable
fúlgida {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fúlgido
fúlgidas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fúlgido
fúlgido {adj}  :: effulgent; shining
flibusteiro {m}  :: pirate; corsair; freebooter (criminal who plunders at sea)
fálica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fálico
fálicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fálico
fálico {adj}  :: phallic (having to do with the penis)
fólico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: folic
fliperama {m} [gaming]  :: arcade (establishment running coin-operated games)
flip-flop {m}  :: flip-flop (type of electronic circuit)
fliscorne {m} [musical instrument]  :: flugelhorn (a brass instrument)
Félix {prop}  :: male given name, Felix
flúmen {m}  :: alternative form of flume
flâmula {f}  :: pennant (type of small flag)
floco {m}  :: flake (a thin chiplike layer of anything)
floco {m}  :: tuft (bunch of feathers, grass or hair, etc., held together at the base)
floco de neve {n}  :: snowflake
flocos de milho {n}  :: corn flakes (breakfast cereal)
floculação {f}  :: flocculation
floema {m} [botany]  :: phloem (vascular tissue of plants)
flogisto {m} [chemistry, historical]  :: phlogiston (hypothetical fiery principle)
flogose {f} [medicine, dated]  :: phlogosis; inflammation
flogístico {adj}  :: phlogistic (pertaining to phlogiston)
flogístico {m} [chemistry, historical]  :: phlogiston (hypothetical fiery principle)
flood {m} [Internet slang]  :: A flood of superfluous text messages
floodar {v} [Internet slang]  :: to flood, to disrupt an online conversation by sending superfluous text
flor {f}  :: flower
flúor {m}  :: fluorine
flora {f}  :: flora (plants of a region considered as a group)
Flora {prop}  :: female given name, Flora
florada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of florado
florada {f}  :: blossom (state or season for such flowers)
floral {adj}  :: floral
floração {f}  :: blossom, bloom
floração {f}  :: flowering
floração {f}  :: inflorescence
Flora Rica {prop}  :: Flora Rica (placename)
flor de lis {f}  :: alternative spelling of flor-de-lis
flor-de-lis {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: fleur-de-lis (design representing a flower with three petals)
flor de lótus {f}  :: lotus (Nelumbo, a flower)
Flor do Sertão {prop}  :: Flor do Sertão (placename)
Floreal {prop}  :: Floreal (placename)
florear {v} [figuratively]  :: to embroider (to add imaginary detail to a narrative)
florear {v}  :: to blossom (to open into blossoms)
florear {v}  :: to plant flowers
floreio {m}  :: elegance of writing style
floreio {m}  :: flourish; ornamentation
floreira {f}  :: feminine noun of floreiro
floreira {f}  :: flower box (flower container)
floreiro {m}  :: florist (a person who sells flowers)
Florença {prop}  :: Florence (placename)
florentina {adj}  :: feminine singular form of florentino
florentinas {adj}  :: feminine plural of florentino
florentino {adj}  :: Florentine
florentino {adj} Flores Island, Azores
florentino {m}  :: Florentine
florentino {m}  :: Someone from Flores Island
florescente {adj}  :: blooming; thriving; growing
florescente {adj} [of a flower]  :: blooming; flowering (opening in blossoms)
florescer {v}  :: to adorn with flowers
florescer {v}  :: to flourish; to prosper
florescer {v}  :: to flower; to blossom (to put forth blooms)
florescer {v}  :: to spring (to start to exist)
florescimento {m}  :: flowering
florescência {f} [botany]  :: anthesis; blooming; flowering (the event of a flower opening)
Flores da Cunha {prop}  :: Flores da Cunha (placename)
floresta {f}  :: forest (dense collection of trees)
Floresta Azul {prop}  :: Floresta Azul (placename)
florestal {adj} [ecology]  :: relating to forests
Florestal {prop}  :: Florestal (placename)
florestamento {m}  :: alternative form of aflorestamento
floresta negra {f} [&oth, floresta, negra]  ::
floresta negra {m}  :: short for bolo floresta negra
Floresta Negra {prop}  :: Black Forest (placename)
floresta primária {f}  :: primeval forest (large forest unaffected by humans)
florestar {vt}  :: to forest; to wood (to plant trees in an area)
floresta tropical {f}  :: tropical rainforest
floresta virgem {f}  :: virgin forest (a forest being more or less free from human ecological disturbance)
florete {m} [fencing]  :: foil
Floriano Peixoto {prop}  :: Floriano Peixoto (placename)
florianopolitana {adj}  :: feminine singular form of florianopolitano
florianopolitanas {adj}  :: feminine plural of florianopolitano
florianopolitano {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Florianópolis
florianopolitano {m}  :: Someone from Florianópolis
Florianópolis {prop}  :: Florianópolis (placename)
floricultura {f}  :: a place where flowers are grown and/or sold
floricultura {f}  :: floriculture (the farming of flowers)
floridense {adj}  :: Floridian (of, from or relating to Florida)
floridense {n}  :: Floridian (inhabitant of Florida)
floridiana {adj}  :: feminine singular form of floridiano
floridianas {adj}  :: feminine plural of floridiano
floridiano {adj}  :: Floridian (of, from or relating to Florida)
floridiano {m}  :: Floridian (inhabitant of Florida)
florim {m}  :: guilder (unit of currency used in the Netherlands Antilles and in Suriname, and formerly in the Netherlands)
Florina {prop}  :: Florina (placename)
Floripa {prop} [informal]  :: Nickname for the city of Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brasil
florir {v}  :: to adorn with flowers
florir {v}  :: to flower; to blossom (to put forth blooms)
florista {mf}  :: florist
Florência {prop}  :: female given name, Florence
Florínea {prop}  :: Florínea (placename)
florão {m}  :: crocket (floral decoration)
florzinha {f}  :: diminutive form of flor
flotação {f}  :: flotation
flotilha {f} [nautical]  :: flotilla
flíper {m}  :: short for fliperama
flôr {f}  :: superseded spelling of flor
Flórida {prop}  :: Florida (placename)
Flórida Paulista {prop}  :: Flórida Paulista (placename)
flêrte {m}  :: superseded spelling of flerte
fluído {v}  :: past participle of fluir
fluente {adj}  :: flowing
fluente {adj}  :: fluent
fluentemente {adv}  :: fluently (expressing oneself easily)
fluentemente {adv}  :: fluently (having graceful movements)
flugelhorn {m} [musical instrument]  :: flugelhorn (a brass instrument)
fluidez {f}  :: flow (smoothness or continuity)
fluido {adj}  :: fluid (moving smoothly)
fluido {adj}  :: fluid (subject to change)
fluido {m} [physics]  :: fluid (any state of matter which can flow)
fluido pré-ejaculatório {m}  :: pre-ejaculate
fluindo {v}  :: gerund of fluir
fluir {v}  :: to flow, run
fluir {v}  :: to pour
flume {m} [obsolete, or, poetic]  :: river
fluminense {mf}  :: An inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
fluorando {v}  :: gerund of fluorar
fluorante {adj}  :: fluorinating
fluoração {f}  :: fluorination
fluorapatita {f} [mineral]  :: fluorapatite
fluorar {v}  :: to fluorinate
fluorídrica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fluorídrico
fluorídricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fluorídrico
fluorídrico {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: hydrofluoric
fluoretando {v}  :: gerund of fluoretar
fluoretação {f} [chemistry, public health]  :: fluoridation (the act or process of adding fluoride to something, especially water)
fluoretar {v}  :: to fluoridate
fluoreto {m} [chemistry]  :: fluoride
fluorfosfato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: fluorophosphate
fluoridreto {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: fluorohydride
fluorita {f} [mineral]  :: fluorite
fluortantalato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: fluorotantalate
flush {m} [poker]  :: flush (hand consisting of all cards with the same suit)
flutuador {m}  :: buoy
flutuador {m}  :: float
flutuando {v}  :: gerund of flutuar
flutuante {adj}  :: buoyant
flutuante {adj}  :: floating, afloat
flutuante {adj}  :: supernatant
flutuação {f}  :: fluctuation
flutuar {v}  :: to float
flutuar {v}  :: to fluctuate
flutuável {adj}  :: Able to float; floatable
fluvial {adj}  :: fluvial
fluxo {m}  :: flow
fluxograma {m}  :: flow chart (representation of how the different stages in a process are interconnected)
fluxo piroclástico {m} [volcanology]  :: pyroclastic flow
Flávia {prop}  :: female given name, feminine of Flávio
Flávio {prop}  :: male given name, Flavius, masculine of Flávia
flw {interj} [Internet slang, text messaging]  :: abbreviation of falou
flw {interj} [Internet slang, text messaging]  :: abbreviation of falow
fêmea {f}  :: female
FMI {prop}  :: IMF (International Monetary Fund)
fémur {m} [skeleton]  :: femur
fêmur {m} [skeleton]  :: femur; thighbone
fúnebre {adj}  :: funerary (relating to or similar in style or atmosphere to a funeral)
fúngica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fúngico
fúngicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fúngico
fúngico {adj}  :: fungal
fénice {f}  :: alternative form of fênix
fênice {f}  :: phoenix
fénix {f}  :: alternative form of fênix
fênix {f}  :: phoenix
Fênix {prop}  :: alternative form of Fénix
Fénix {prop} [mythology]  :: Phoenix (mythical firebird)
fônon {m} [physics]  :: phonon (quantum of acoustic or vibrational energy)
fío {m}  :: eye dialect of filho
fobia {f}  :: phobia
-fobia {suffix}  :: -phobia (used to form nouns meaning fear)
fobia social {f} [psychiatry]  :: social anxiety disorder (intense fear in social situations)
Fobos {prop} [Greek god]  :: Phobos (son of Ares)
Fobos {prop}  :: Phobos (moon of Mars)
foca {f} [mammals]  :: seal
foca da Groenlândia {f}  :: harp seal (a species of seal)
focal {adj} [medicine]  :: focal (limited to a small area)
focal {adj} [optics]  :: focal (relating to foci)
focalizar {vi} [of light rays]  :: to converge at a single point
focalizar {vt}  :: to focus (to adjust the lens of an optical instrument))
focalizar {vt}  :: to focus (to cause light to converge at a single point)
focalizar {v} [with em]  :: to focus (to concentrate one’s attention)
focar {v}  :: to focus; to concentrate
focar {vt} [optics]  :: to focus (to cause (rays of light, etc) to converge at a single point)
focinheira {f}  :: muzzle (device to stop an animal from biting, worn over its snout)
focinho {m}  :: snout
foco {m} [epidemiology]  :: the source of transmission of a disease
foco {m}  :: focus (concentration of attention)
foco {m} [geometry]  :: focus (point of a conic at which rays reflected from a curve or surface converge)
foco {m}  :: headquarters
foco {m}  :: objective; intent
foco {m} [optics]  :: focus (point at which rays of light converge)
foco {m} [photography]  :: focus (convergence of light on the photographic medium)
foco {m} [regional]  :: lamp
foda {adj} [slang]  :: awesome; amazing
foda {adj} [slang]  :: bad, annoying
foda {adj} [slang] [of a person]  :: badass, dumbass
foda {f} [slang]  :: fuck (an act of sexual intercourse)
foda-se {phrase} [slang, vulgar]  :: fuck it (expressing indifference)
fodedor {m} [vulgar]  :: fucker (one who fucks)
foder {v} [vulgar]  :: to fuck
foderosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of foderoso
foderosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of foderoso
foderoso {adj} [colloquial]  :: Badass and powerful
foder-se para {vr} [vulgar slang]  :: to give a shit; to care
fodeu {interj} [vulgar]  :: fucked-up - fodeu is short for agora fodeu tudo or agora fodeu geral, both expressions meaning "puta que pariu" or "now the situation is hopeless"
fodido {adj} [vulgar]  :: fucked, fucked up
fodinha {adj}  :: diminutive form of foda
fodástica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fodástico
fodásticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fodástico
fodástico {adj} [colloquial]  :: Badass and fantastic
fodível {adj}  :: fuckable
foe {v}  :: obsolete spelling of foi
fofas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fofo
fofo {adj} [informal]  :: cute
fofo {adj}  :: spongy, fluffy, soft
fofoca {f} [Brazil]  :: gossip (idle talk)
fofocar {v} [Brazil]  :: to gossip (to talk about someone else's private or personal business)
fofoqueira {adj}  :: feminine form of fofoqueiro
fofoqueira {f}  :: feminine noun of fofoqueiro
fofoqueiras {adj}  :: feminine plural of fofoqueira
fofoqueiras {n}  :: feminine plural of fofoqueira
fofoqueiro {m} [Brazil]  :: gossiper (one who gossips)
fogaréu {m}  :: an architectural ornament in the form of a flickering flame
fogaréu {m}  :: bonfire
fogaréu {m}  :: cresset
fogão {m}  :: fire (heater or stove)
fogo {m}  :: fire
fogo amigo {m}  :: friendly fire (fire from allied or friendly forces)
fogo corredor {m} [folklore]  :: will o' the wisp (strange ball of light)
fogo-corredor {m}  :: alternative spelling of fogo corredor
fogo cruzado {m} [figurative]  :: crossfire (heated confrontation)
fogo cruzado {m} [military]  :: crossfire (interlocking lines of fire)
fogo de artifício {m}  :: firework (exploding device used in celebrations)
fogo de palha {m} [idiomatic]  :: flash in the pan (transient occurrence with no long-term effect)
fogo de santelmo {m}  :: St. Elmo's fire (electrical discharge seen around pointed objects)
fogo-de-santelmo {m}  :: alternative spelling of fogo de santelmo
fogo de Santelmo {m}  :: alternative spelling of fogo de santelmo
fogo-fátuo {m} [folklore]  :: will o' the wisp (strange ball of light)
fogo grego {m} [historical]  :: Greek fire (flammable substance used to set fire to ships)
fogoso {adj}  :: enthusiastic
fogoso {adj}  :: hot-headed
fogoso {adj}  :: salacious (promoting sexual desire or lust)
fogueira {f}  :: blaze
fogueira {f}  :: bonfire
foguete {m}  :: firework
foguete {m}  :: rocket (non-guided missile)
foguista {n}  :: stoker (person who feeds coal into a boiler)
foi {interj}  :: indicates that an action has been undertaken; done
foice {f}  :: sickle
foice e martelo {f} [Soviet iconography]  :: hammer and sickle (symbol of the Soviet Union)
foie gras {m}  :: foie gras (fattened liver of geese or ducks)
foi mal {interj} [Brazil, informal]  :: sorry (expression of regret or sorrow)
foi mal {interj} mal
folclore {m}  :: folklore
folclorismo {m}  :: folkloristics (study of folklore)
folclorística {adj}  :: feminine singular form of folclorístico
folclorística {f}  :: folkloristics (study of folklore)
folículo {m} [anatomy]  :: follicle (small cavity or sac)
folículo {m} [botany]  :: follicle (type of primitive dry fruit)
folder {m} [Brazil]  :: leaflet (small piece of paper with information)
fole {m}  :: bellows (flexible container used to blow air)
folegar {v} [obsolete]  :: to breathe
folga {f}  :: respite; break (a brief interval of rest or relief)
folga {f}  :: rest, day off (from work)
folga {f}  :: slack (extent to which a part of a mechanism can move freely)
folgado {adj}  :: comfortable
folgado {adj}  :: free
folgado {adj}  :: happy, satisfied
folgado {adj}  :: loose
folgar {v}  :: To rest, rejoice, relax
folha {f} [botany]  :: leaf
folha {f}  :: sheet (of paper)
folhada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of folhado
folhadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of folhado
folhado {adj} [culinary]  :: flaky
folhado {adj}  :: leafy
folhado {m} [culinary]  :: puff pastry (pastry that is made by repeatedly folding the rolled pastry into many layers)
folhado {m}  :: foliage, leafage
folhagem {f}  :: foliage (the leaves of plants)
folheando {v}  :: gerund of folhear
folheação {f}  :: the budding of leaves
folheação {f}  :: the time of the year when leaves bud
folheação {f} [topology]  :: foliation (a set of subspaces coextensive with a manifold)
folhear {v}  :: to browse, leaf through, peruse
folhear {v}  :: to veneer
folheca {f}  :: snowflake (small snow crystal)
folhetim {m}  :: episode of a serialised novel
folhetim {m}  :: The bottom half of a newspaper page, containing other than news
folheto {m}  :: flyer; brochure; leaflet
folhinha {f}  :: leaflet
folhinha {f}  :: page / sheet of a calendar
folhosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of folhoso
folhosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of folhoso
folhoso {adj}  :: leafy (containing much foliage)
folia {f} [dance]  :: an old Portuguese dance
folia {f}  :: merriment
folia {f}  :: merrymaking
folia {f} [music]  :: folia
foliar {adj}  :: foliar
foliácea {adj}  :: feminine singular form of foliáceo
foliáceas {adj}  :: feminine plural of foliáceo
foliáceo {adj}  :: leafy (shaped like a leaf or leaves)
folicular {adj}  :: follicular (of or pertaining to the follicles)
folk {m}  :: folk music (contemporary music in traditional style)
folosa {f}  :: alternative form of felosa
Fomalhaut {prop} [star]  :: Fomalhaut (brightest star in the constellation Piscis Austrinus)
fome {f}  :: famine (extreme shortage of food in a region)
fome {f} [figurative]  :: hunger (any strong desire)
fome {f} [uncountable]  :: hunger (need or compelling desire for food)
fomentar {v}  :: to foment (to incite or cause)
fominha {adj} [sports, slang, of a player]  :: being a ball hog
fominha {f}  :: diminutive form of fome
fominha {n} [sports, slang]  :: ball hog (player who keeps the ball to themselves, rather than passing it)
fona {f}  :: spark (small particle of glowing matter)
fonação {f}  :: phonation
fondue {m}  :: fondue (dish of molten cheese)
fone {m}  :: headset
fone {m} [in plural]  :: headphones
fone {m}  :: phone (all senses)
fone de cabeça {m}  :: headphones (listening device)
fone de ouvido {m}  :: earphone (sound device held near the ear)
fonema {m} [phonetics]  :: phoneme (indivisible unit of sound)
fonemática {adj}  :: feminine form of fonemático
fonemática {f} [linguistics]  :: phonemics (the study of phonemes)
fones {n}  :: headphones (pair of speakers worn over or in the ears)
fonógrafo {m}  :: phonograph (device that plays cylinder records)
fonólogo {m}  :: phonologist (person who specialises in phonology)
fonômetro {m}  :: alternative form of fonómetro
fonómetro {m}  :: phonometer (instrument for measuring sound)
fonémica {adj}  :: feminine form of fonémico
fonêmica {adj}  :: feminine form of fonêmico
fonêmica {f}  :: alternative form of fonémica
fonémica {f} [linguistics]  :: phonemics (the study of phonemes)
fonoaudiólogo {m}  :: speech therapist (clinician who treats speech disorders)
fonográfica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fonográfico
fonográficas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fonográfico
fonográfico {adj}  :: phonographic
fonológica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fonológico
fonológicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fonológico
fonológico {adj}  :: phonological (of or relating to phonology)
fonologia {f} [linguistics, countable]  :: phonology (way sounds function within a given language)
fonologia {f} [linguistics, uncountable]  :: phonology (subfield of linguistics concerned with the way sounds function in languages)
fontanela {f}  :: fontanelle (soft spot on the head of babies)
fonte {f} [anatomy]  :: temple of the head
fonte {f}  :: fountain
fonte {f}  :: source (that from which something comes or is acquired)
fonte {f}  :: spring (water source)
fonte {f} [typography]  :: font
fonte batismal {f}  :: font (a receptacle in church for holy water)
fonética {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fonético
fonética {f} [linguistics]  :: phonetics (study of speech sounds and their representation by written symbols)
fonético {adj} [linguistics]  :: phonetic (relating to sounds of spoken language)
Fontoura Xavier {prop}  :: Fontoura Xavier (placename)
foot-ball {m} [dated spelling of, futebol]  ::
football {m} [dated spelling of, futebol]  ::
for {m} [programming]  :: for (a loop that uses a counter)
fora {adv}  :: away (to be discarded)
fora {adv}  :: out (away from home or one’s usual place)
fora {adv}  :: outside (on the outside of a building or location)
fora {adv}  :: overseas (in another country)
fora {interj}  :: out! (demanding that someone leave)
fora {m} [Brazil, slang]  :: rejection of a romantic proposal
foraõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of foram
fora {prep}  :: except (with the exception of)
força {f}  :: force; strength
força {f}  :: power
força aérea {f}  :: air force (branch of the military devoted to air warfare)
força Casimir {f} [quantum field theory]  :: Casimir force (attraction between very closely separated objects)
força centrífuga {f}  :: centrifugal force (force that seems to push all bodies away from the centre of rotation)
fora da caixa {adv} [idiomatic, most commonly used in pensar fora da caixa]  :: outside the box (beyond convention)
fora de {prep}  :: out of (towards the outside of)
fora de {prep}  :: outside (on the outside of)
fora de controle {adj}  :: out of control
fora de controle {adv}  :: out of control
fora de hora {adv} [idiomatic]  :: out of turn (in an inappropriate time)
fora-de-lei {mf}  :: outlaw (a fugitive from the law)
fora de linha {adj}  :: no longer being produced or supported
fora de linha {adj}  :: offline (of a system, not connected to a larger network)
fora de linha {adj}  :: unaligned
força de van der Waals {f} [chemistry]  :: van der Waals force (weak attraction between neutral atoms and molecules)
força de vontade {f}  :: willpower (strength of will)
forçado {adj}  :: forced
fora do comum {adj} [idiomatic]  :: out of the ordinary; unusual
fora do normal {adj} [idiomatic]  :: out of the ordinary; unusual
foragida {adj}  :: feminine singular form of foragido
foragidas {adj}  :: feminine plural of foragido
foragido {adj}  :: fugitive (fleeing or running away)
foragido {m}  :: fugitive (a person who is fleeing or escaping from something)
força maior {f} [legal]  :: force majeure (unavoidable occurrence, voiding legal obligation)
forçar {v}  :: to force
forças armadas {n}  :: armed forces (the military forces of a nation)
forasteira {adj}  :: feminine singular form of forasteiro
forasteira {f}  :: feminine noun of forasteiro
forasteiras {adj}  :: feminine plural of forasteiro
forasteiras {n}  :: feminine plural of forasteiro
forasteiro {adj}  :: foreign
forasteiro {m}  :: foreigner
forasteiro {m}  :: stranger
forca {f}  :: gallows (wooden framework on which persons are put to death by hanging)
forcado {m}  :: pitchfork (farm tool)
forense {adj}  :: forensic (relating to the scientific investigation of evidence for a court of law)
forja {f}  :: forge (workshop in which metals are shaped)
forjador {m}  :: forger (person who creates a forgery)
forjador {m}  :: forger (person who forges metals)
forjadura {f}  :: forgery (the act of forging, fabricating or producing falsely)
forjadura {f}  :: forgery (the act of forging metal into shape)
forjamento {m}  :: forgery (the act of forging, fabricating or producing falsely)
forjamento {m}  :: forgery (the act of forging metal into shape)
forjar {v} [metallurgy]  :: to forge (to shape a metal)
forjar {v}  :: to forge (to create a forgery of)
forma {f}  :: form (a conventional method way of doing something)
forma {f}  :: form; shape (the visible structure of a thing)
forma {f} [geometry]  :: shape; figure (a geometric object)
forma {f} [grammar]  :: form (each of the possible inflections of a lexeme)
forma {f} [military]  :: formation (alignment of troops)
forma {f}  :: mould (hollow object into which a liquid is poured so that it solidifies into a specific shape)
forma {f}  :: tin (metal pan used for baking)
forma {f} [typography]  :: type; sort (block used to print a character)
forma canônica {f}  :: alternative form of forma canónica
forma canónica {f} [mathematics]  :: canonical form (standard or normal presentation of a mathematical entity)
forma canónica {f} [&oth, forma, canónica]  ::
forma de vida {f}  :: lifeform (living organism)
formador {adj}  :: which forms things
formador {adj}  :: which graduates people
formador {m}  :: former (something or someone who forms something)
formador {m}  :: teacher (someone who teaches)
formadora {adj}  :: feminine singular form of formador
formadoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of formador
formai {v}  :: second-person plural present imperative form of formar
formal {adj}  :: formal (being in accord with established forms)
formal {adj}  :: formal (ceremonial)
formal {adj}  :: formal (official)
formal {adj}  :: formal (relating to the form or structure of something)
formal {adj} [logic]  :: formal (involving mere manipulations of symbols)
formaldeído {m} [organic compound]  :: formaldehyde
formalidade {f}  :: formality (quality of being formal)
formalística {adj}  :: feminine singular form of formalístico
formalísticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of formalístico
formalístico {adj}  :: formalistic
formação {f}  :: development
formação {f}  :: formation
formação {f}  :: organization
formação de quadrilha {f} [legal]  :: collaboration (cooperation in order to commit crime)
forma-pensamento {f} [spiritualism]  :: thought-form (a manifestation of the thoughts, ideas or emotions of someone)
formar {v}  :: to form
formara {v}  :: first-person singular pluperfect indicative form of formar
formara {v}  :: third-person singular pluperfect indicative form of formar
formas {v}  :: second-person singular present indicative form of formar
forma-sonata {f} [music]  :: sonata form (a form of classical music)
formatação {f}  :: formatting
formatar {v} [computing]  :: to format (to prepare a mass storage medium for initial use)
formatar {v}  :: to format (create or edit the layout of a document)
formato {m} [computing]  :: format (file type)
formato {m}  :: format (form of presentation)
formato {m}  :: format (layout of a document)
formatura {f}  :: a graduation party
formatura {f}  :: graduation (the act of receiving a diploma from an institution)
formei {v}  :: first-person singular preterite indicative form of formar
formicar-se {vr} [ornithology]  :: to engage in anting (rubbing live ants into the feathers)
formicário {m}  :: formicarium (vivarium with an ant colony)
formidável {adj}  :: fantastic; great; amazing
formiga {f}  :: ant
Formiga {prop}  :: Formiga (placename)
formiga argentina {f}  :: alternative spelling of formiga-argentina
formiga-argentina {f}  :: Argentine ant (an small, black ant belonging to the invasive species Linepithema humilis)
formiga-correição {f}  :: army ant
formiga-leão {f}  :: antlion (larva of the insects of the order Myrmeleon)
formigamento {m} [physiology]  :: tingling; formication (sensation similar to insects crawling over or within the skin)
formigar {vi}  :: to formicate; to tingle
formigar {v}  :: to be swarming or teeming with something
formigueira {adj}  :: feminine singular form of formigueiro
formigueiras {adj}  :: feminine plural of formigueiro
formigueiro {adj}  :: en masse (in a single body or group)
formigueiro {adj} [in animal names]  :: anteating
formigueiro {adj} [of a thief]  :: who steals objects of little value; petty
formigueiro {m}  :: ant colony
Formigueiro {prop}  :: Formigueiro (placename)
formiguenta {adj}  :: feminine singular form of formiguento
formiguentas {adj}  :: feminine plural of formiguento
formiguento {adj}  :: antlike (resembling an ant)
formiguinha {f}  :: diminutive form of formiga
formiguês {m} [childish]  :: "antese", language of ants
formosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of formoso
Formosa {prop}  :: Formosa (placename)
Formosa do Rio Preto {prop}  :: Formosa do Rio Preto (placename)
Formosa do Sul {prop}  :: Formosa do Sul (placename)
formosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of formoso
formoso {adj}  :: beautiful
Formoso {prop}  :: Formoso (placename)
formosíssima {adj}  :: feminine singular form of formosíssimo
formosíssimas {adj}  :: feminine plural of formosíssimo
formosíssimo {adj}  :: superlative form of formoso
formulado {v}  :: past participle of formular
formulando {v}  :: gerund of formular
formulação {f}  :: formulation
formular {adj}  :: formal
formular {adj}  :: formulaic
formular {v}  :: to formulate
formular {v}  :: to say, enunciate
formulário {m}  :: form (to be filled in)
formulário {m}  :: formulary
formulário {m}  :: missal
fornada {f}  :: batch (quantity of baked goods made at one time)
fornalha {f}  :: furnace
fornalheiro {m}  :: stoker (person who feeds coal into a boiler)
fornecedor {m}  :: provider, caterer, vendor, supplier
fornecedora {f}  :: provider, caterer, vendor, supplier (female)
fornecendo {v}  :: gerund of fornecer
fornecer {v}  :: to supply, provide, furnish
fornecimento {m}  :: supply, provision
fornicado {v}  :: past participle of fornicar
fornicando {v}  :: gerund of fornicar
fornicação {f}  :: fornication (sexual intercourse, especially on the part of an unmarried person)
fornicar {v}  :: to fornicate
forno {m}  :: oven
forno de micro-ondas {}  :: forno de microondas [superseded]
forno de micro-ondas {m}  :: microwave oven
forno de microondas {m}  :: superseded spelling of forno de micro-ondas
Fornos de Algodres {prop}  :: Fornos de Algodres (placename)
forão {v}  :: obsolete spelling of foram
forçosamente {adv}  :: By force; forcefully
forçosamente {adv}  :: In necessity; inevitably; necessarily
Forquetinha {prop}  :: Forquetinha (placename)
forquilha {f}  :: fork; bifurcation
forquilha {f}  :: pitchfork (farm tool with tines)
Forquilhinha {prop}  :: Forquilhinha (placename)
forró {m}  :: confusion
forró {m}  :: genre of Brazilian music that originated in Northeastern Brazil
forrado {adj}  :: covered
forrado {adj}  :: lined
forrado {adj}  :: padded
forrado {adj}  :: upholstered
forrado {adj}  :: wallpapered
forrado {v}  :: past participle of forrar
forragem {f}  :: forage (fodder for animals)
forrar {v}  :: to carpet
forrar {v}  :: to cover, to put a cover on
forrar {v}  :: to line, to insert a lining
forro {adj}  :: enfranchised
forro {m}  :: an individual tile or plank of a drop ceiling
forro {m}  :: drop ceiling (secondary ceiling, hung below the structural ceiling)
forro {m}  :: Forro; Sãotomense (a Portuguese-based creole spoken in São Tomé and Príncipe)
forro {m}  :: lining
forrobodó {m} [Brazil, colloquial]  :: a chaotic situation involving many people
fortalecendo {v}  :: gerund of fortalecer
fortalecer {v}  :: to strengthen, fortify
fortalecido {v}  :: past participle of fortalecer
fortalecimento {m}  :: fortification
fortaleza {f}  :: fortress
Fortaleza {prop}  :: Fortaleza (placename)
Fortaleza de Minas {prop}  :: Fortaleza de Minas (placename)
Fortaleza dos Valos {prop}  :: Fortaleza dos Valos (placename)
fortaleza moral {f}  :: character (moral strength)
forte {adj}  :: capable of producing great force; strong; forceful
forte {adj}  :: capable of withstanding great force; strong; durable
forte {adj} [euphemism]  :: fat
forte {adj}  :: highly stimulating to the senses; intense; extreme; strong
forte {m}  :: strength (pronounced quality)
fortemente {adv}  :: strongly
fortificado {adj}  :: to fortified (strengthened with fortifications)
fortificação {f}  :: fortification (the act of fortifying)
fortificação {f}  :: fortification (works erected to defend a place against attack)
fortificar {vt}  :: to fortify (to build fortifications in or around a place)
fortificar {vt}  :: to fortify; to strengthen (to make stronger)
fortim {m}  :: small fort
fortúnio {m}  :: fortune, prosperity or success
fortíssima {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fortíssimo
fortíssimas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fortíssimo
fortíssimo {adj} [music]  :: fortissimo
fortíssimo {adj}  :: very loud
fortuito {adj}  :: fortuitous (happening by chance, not necessarily a lucky one)
fortuna {f}  :: fortune (destiny)
fortuna {f}  :: fortune (good luck)
fortuna {f}  :: fortune (lots of riches)
Fortuna de Minas {prop}  :: Fortuna de Minas (placename)
fosca {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fosco
foscas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fosco
fosco {adj}  :: Not shiny; having a matte finish or no particular luster
fosfatando {v}  :: gerund of fosfatar
fosfatação {f}  :: phosphating
fosfatar {v}  :: to phosphate
fosfatase {f} [enzyme]  :: phosphatase (an enzyme that hydrolyzes phosphate esters)
fosfato {m}  :: phosphate (any salt or ester of phosphoric acid)
fosfo- {prefix} [chemistry]  :: phospho-
fosfocálcica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fosfocálcico
fosfocálcicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fosfocálcico
fosfocálcico {adj}  :: phosphocalcic
fosfodiéster {m} [biochemistry]  :: phosphodiester
fosfolipase {f} [enzyme]  :: phospholipase
fosfolipíde {m} [organic chemistry]  :: phospholipid
fosfolipídio {m} [organic chemistry]  :: phospholipid
fosfolípido {m}  :: alternative form of fosfolipíde
fosfonato {m} [organic chemistry]  :: phosphonate
fosforado {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: phosphide
fosforescendo {v}  :: gerund of fosforescer
fosforescer {v}  :: to phosphoresce
fosforescência {f}  :: phosphorescence
fosforilado {v}  :: past participle of fosforilar
fosforilando {v}  :: gerund of fosforilar
fosforilação {f} [chemistry]  :: phosphorylation
fosforilar {v} [chemistry]  :: to phosphorylate
fosforoso {adj} [chemistry]  :: phosphorous (of, pertaining to or containing phosphorus)
fosfotúngstica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fosfotúngstico
fosfotúngsticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fosfotúngstico
fosfotúngstico {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: phosphotungstic
fosfórea {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fosfóreo
fosfóreas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fosfóreo
fosfóreo {adj} [chemistry]  :: phosphorous (of, pertaining to or containing phosphorus)
fosfórica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fosfórico
fosfóricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fosfórico
fosfórico {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: phosphoric
Fossa das Marianas {prop}  :: Mariana Trench (trench in the North Pacific Ocean)
fossando {v}  :: gerund of fossar
fossar {v}  :: to grub (around)
fossar {v}  :: to nuzzle
fossar {v}  :: to probe, investigate
fotógrafa {f}  :: feminine noun of fotógrafo
fotógrafo {m}  :: photographer (person who takes photographs)
fotólise {f}  :: photolysis
fotômetro {m} [photography]  :: exposure meter
fotômetro {m}  :: photometer
fotómetro {m} [physics]  :: photometer (instrument that measures light intensity)
fotônica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fotônico
fotônicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fotônico
fotônico {adj} [physics]  :: photonic
fotão {m} [physics]  :: photon
foto {f}  :: photo; photograph
foto- {prefix}  :: photo-
fotocélula {f}  :: photocell
fotocondutor {m}  :: photoconductor
fotocopiar {v}  :: to photocopy (to make a copy using a photocopier)
fotocópia {f}  :: photocopy
fotodetetor {m}  :: photodetector
fotodiodo {m}  :: photodiode
fotoelétrica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fotoelétrico
fotoelétricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fotoelétrico
fotoelétrico {adj}  :: photoelectric
fotoemissor {m}  :: photoemitter
fotofobia {f}  :: photophobia
fotogênico {adj}  :: alternative form of fotogénico
fotogénico {adj}  :: photogenic (looking good when photographed)
fotografar {v}  :: to photograph; take a picture
fotografia {f} [figurative]  :: carbon copy (something that looks very similar to something else)
fotografia {f}  :: photograph (picture created by projecting an image onto a photosensitive surface)
fotografia {f}  :: photography (the art of taking photographs)
fotograficamente {adv}  :: photographically
fotográfica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fotográfico
fotográficas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fotográfico
fotográfico {adj} [of memory]  :: photographic (able to remember images in detail)
fotográfico {adj} [photography]  :: photographic (pertaining to photographs or photography)
fotooxidação {f}  :: photooxidation
fotoprotetor {m}  :: sunscreen; sunblock (cream to prevent sunburns)
fotorresistência {f}  :: photoresistance
fotosensível {adj}  :: photosensitive
fotosfera {f} [astronomy]  :: photosphere (the visible surface layer of a star)
fotossensível {adj}  :: photosensitive
fotossintética {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fotossintético
fotossintéticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fotossintético
fotossintético {adj}  :: photosynthetic
fotossistema {f}  :: photosystem
fotossíntese {f}  :: photosynthesis
fotovoltaica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fotovoltaico
fotovoltaicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fotovoltaico
fotovoltaico {adj}  :: photovoltaic
fouce {f}  :: alternative form of foice
foy {v}  :: obsolete spelling of foi
foz {f}  :: mouth of a river
Foz {prop}  :: short for Foz do Iguaçu
Foz do Iguaçu {prop}  :: Foz do Iguaçu (placename)
FPS {m}  :: FPS (initialism of "frames per second")
FPS {m} [video games]  :: FPS (initialism of "first-person shooter")
fêra {f}  :: eye dialect of feira
fôra {v}  :: superseded spelling of fora
fôrça {f}  :: superseded spelling of força
fraca {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fraco
fracamente {adv}  :: slightly
fracamente {adv}  :: weakly
fracas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fraco
fracassar {vi}  :: to fail (to be unsuccessful)
fracasso {m}  :: failure
fracasso {m}  :: the sound of objects crashing
fraccionado {v}  :: past participle of fraccionar
fraccionamento {m}  :: obsolete spelling of fracionamento
fraccionando {v}  :: gerund of fraccionar
fraccionar {v}  :: alternative form of fracionar
fracionador {m} [chemistry]  :: fractionator (apparatus used to separate the components of a mixture by fractionation)
fracionamento {m}  :: fractioning; fragmentation (act or instance of splitting something into fractions)
fracionando {v}  :: gerund of fracionar
fracionar {v}  :: to fractionate
fracção {f}  :: superseded spelling of fração
fraco {adj}  :: weak (lacking in force or ability)
fraco {adj}  :: weak (lacking in taste or potency)
fracote {mf}  :: weakling (weak person)
fractal {m} [mathematics]  :: fractal (self-similar geometric figure)
frade {m}  :: angelfish (a marine fish of the family Pomacanthidae)
frade {m}  :: friar
fraga {f}  :: clif
fragata {f}  :: frigate ship
fragilidade {f}  :: fragility
fragilização {f}  :: embrittlement
fragmentado {v}  :: past participle of fragmentar
fragmentadora {adj}  :: feminine form of fragmentador
fragmentadora {f}  :: shredder (machine that tears up objects into smaller pieces)
fragmentando {v}  :: gerund of fragmentar
fragmentação {f}  :: comminution
fragmentação {f}  :: fragmentation
fragmentar {v}  :: to fragment
fragrante {adj}  :: aromatic; fragrant (giving off a scent)
fragrância {f}  :: fragrance (pleasant smell or odour)
fragrância {f}  :: perfume
Fraiburgo {prop}  :: Fraiburgo (placename)
fralda {f}  :: diaper; nappy (an absorbent garment worn by a baby, or by someone who is incontinent.)
fralda {f}  :: foot of a mountain or hill
fralda {f}  :: the part of a shirt below the waist
framboesa {f}  :: raspberry (the fruit of Rubus idaeus)
framboeseira {f}  :: raspberry (plant)
frame {m}  :: frame (individual image emited by a projector or monitor)
frame {m} [Internet]  :: frame (individually scrollable region of a webpage)
frame {m} [networking]  :: frame (independent chunk of data)
França {prop}  :: France (placename)
França {prop}  :: Portuguese surname
Franca {prop}  :: Franca (placename)
francamente {adv} [manner]  :: frankly (in a frank, open or (too) honest manner)
francamente {adv} [speech act]  :: frankly (in truth, to tell the truth)
Frances {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of francês
Frances {m}  :: obsolete spelling of francês
francesamente {adv}  :: As said or written in French language; Frenchly
francesamente {adv}  :: In the manner of French people; in context of France; Frenchly
francesas {adj}  :: feminine plural of francês
francesidade {f}  :: Frenchness
francez {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of francês
francez {m}  :: obsolete spelling of francês
francófilo {adj}  :: Francophile (loving France, the French people or French culture)
francófilo {m}  :: Francophile (one who loves France)
francófono {adj}  :: Francophone (French-speaking)
francófono {m}  :: Francophone (a speaker of French)
franchise {m}  :: franchise (business licensed to operate under a given business model and brand)
franchising {m} [business]  :: franchise (authorisation granted to a company to use a given brand and business model)
Francisca {prop}  :: male given name, Frances
franciscana {adj}  :: feminine singular form of franciscano
franciscanas {adj}  :: feminine plural of franciscano
franciscano {adj}  :: Franciscan
Francisco {prop}  :: male given name, Francis
Francisco Badaró {prop}  :: Francisco Badaró (placename)
Francisco Dumont {prop}  :: Francisco Dumont (placename)
Francisco Morato {prop}  :: Francisco Morato (placename)
Francisco Sá {prop}  :: Francisco Sá (placename)
Franciscópolis {prop}  :: Franciscópolis (placename)
franckeita {f} [mineral]  :: franckeite
Francônia {prop}  :: alternative form of Francónia
Francónia {prop}  :: Franconia (placename)
franco {adj}  :: frank (bluntly honest)
franco {adj}  :: Frankish (referring to the Franks)
franco {m}  :: franc (any of several units of currency)
franco {m}  :: franc (former currency of France and Belgium)
franco {m}  :: Frank (one of the Franks)
franco- {prefix}  :: Franco- (relating to France or French)
Franco {prop}  :: male given name, Frank
franco-atirador {m} [military unit]  :: sniper (person who makes precise attacks from a far, concealed position)
Franco da Rocha {prop}  :: Franco da Rocha (placename)
francofonia {f}  :: Francophonie (French speakers or French-speaking countries and regions collectively)
Francoforte {prop}  :: Frankfurt (placename)
franco-maçom {n}  :: Freemason (member of the Free and Accepted Masons)
francomaçonaria {f}  :: Freemasonry (institution and ways of the Freemasons)
franco suíço {m}  :: Swiss franc (currency of Switzerland)
francês {adj}  :: French (of, from or relating to France)
francês {m}  :: Frenchman (person from France)
francês {m} [uncountable]  :: French (Romance language spoken in France, Belgium, Switzerland and former colonies of France)
francês antigo {m}  :: Old French
francês médio {m}  :: Middle French (language)
franga {f}  :: feminine noun of frango
frangalho {m}  :: tatter (shred of torn cloth)
frango {m} [association football]  :: a goal resulting from a grotesque missing by the part of the goalkeeper
frango {m}  :: a young chicken
frango {m}  :: chicken meat
frango {m} [figuratively, slang]  :: a frightened and weak person, specially a man
frango {m} [slang, Brazil]  :: a homosexual male
frango-d'água {m}  :: common moorhen
franguinha {f}  :: diminutive form of franga
franguinha {f} [slang]  :: chick (young woman)
frangível {adj}  :: frangible (able to be broken)
franjando {v}  :: gerund of franjar
franjar {v}  :: to fringe
Frankfurt {prop}  :: Frankfurt (placename)
franklinita {f} [mineral]  :: franklinite
franquear {vi}  :: to clear (to go through as payment)
franquear {vt}  :: to exempt from charge
franqueza {f}  :: frankness (sincere and open speech, honesty in expression)
franquia {f} [business]  :: franchise (business licensed to operate under a given business model and brand)
franquiar {vt} [business]  :: to franchise (to authorise a company to use a given brand and business model)
franquismo {m} [politics]  :: Francoism (the politics of Francisco Franco in Spain)
franquista {adj}  :: Franquist (pertaining to Francisco Franco)
franquista {mf}  :: Franquist (supporter of Francisco Franco)
franzimento {m}  :: the act of frowning one’s face
franzina {adj}  :: feminine singular form of franzino
franzinas {adj}  :: feminine plural of franzino
franzino {adj}  :: puny
franzino {adj}  :: thin
franzir {v}  :: to frown (to form wrinkles in forehead)
franzir o cenho {vi}  :: to frown (to have a frown on one’s face)
fração {f}  :: fraction
fraque {m}  :: morning dress, white tie and tails
fraqueando {v}  :: gerund of fraquear
fraquear {v}  :: alternative form of fraquejar
fraquejando {v}  :: gerund of fraquejar
fraquejar {v}  :: to weaken
fraqueza {f} [uncountable]  :: weakness (the condition of being weak)
fraqueza {f}  :: weakness; fault
fraquinha {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fraquinho
fraquinhas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fraquinho
fraquinho {adj}  :: diminutive form of fraco
frasal {adj} [grammar]  :: of or relating to sentences
frasal {adj} [grammar]  :: phrasal (being a phrase)
frasco {m}  :: bottle (for medicine, perfume)
frasco {m}  :: jar
frase {f}  :: phrase
frase {f}  :: sentence
fraseado {m}  :: wording; phrasing (choice and style of words)
frasear {v} [music]  :: to phrase (to perform a passage with the correct phrasing)
frasear {v}  :: to phrase (to express by means of words)
fraseologia {f}  :: phraseology (the style in which words and phrases are used in writing or speech)
frase preposicional {f} [grammar]  :: prepositional phrase (phrase that has both a preposition and its complement)
fraternal {adj}  :: brotherly (of or characteristic of brothers)
fraternidade {f}  :: brotherhood
fraternidade {f}  :: fraternity
fraterno {adj}  :: brotherly (of or characteristic of brothers)
fratricídio {m}  :: fratricide (killing of one’s sibling)
fratricida {n}  :: fratricide (person who kills his sibling)
fratura {f}  :: break, breakage
fratura {f}  :: fracture
fratura {f}  :: rift
fraturada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fraturado
fraturadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fraturado
fraturado {adj}  :: fractured; broken
fratura hidráulica {f} [oil drilling]  :: hydraulic fracturing (technique in which a mixture of water and sand is forced down an oil well)
fraturamento hidráulico {m} [oil drilling]  :: hydraulic fracturing (technique in which a mixture of water and sand is forced down an oil well)
fraturação hidráulica {f} [oil drilling]  :: hydraulic fracturing (technique in which a mixture of water and sand is forced down an oil well)
fraturar {v}  :: to fracture; to break
fraudador {m}  :: fraudster (one who performs fraud)
fraudar {v}  :: to defraud (to obtain money or property by fraud)
fraudar {v}  :: to falsify (to alter so as to make false)
fraude {f}  :: fraud (an act of deception)
fraude {f}  :: hoax (anything deliberately intended to deceive or trick)
fraudulento {adj}  :: fraudulent (dishonest; based on fraud or deception)
fraudulento {adj}  :: fraudulent (false; phony)
fórceps {m}  :: forceps (instrument used in surgery to grasp objects)
frear {vt}  :: to brake, to decelerate, to slow down, to rein in
frecha {f} [obsolete, or, dialectal]  :: alternative form of flecha
Frederico {prop}  :: male given name, Frederick
Frederico Westphalen {prop}  :: Frederico Westphalen (placename)
freegan {n}  :: freegan (a person who uses thown-out items as a challenge to consumerism)
freeganismo {m}  :: freeganism (the practice of living as a freegan)
freela {mf} [colloquial]  :: short for freelancer
freelancer {mf}  :: freelancer (someone who freelances)
freestyle {m}  :: freestyle (form of rapping)
Freetown {prop}  :: Freetown (placename)
freezer {m}  :: alternative spelling of frízer
freguesa {f}  :: feminine noun of freguês
freguesia {f} [business]  :: the customers of a business, taken collectively
freguesia {f} [political subdivision]  :: an administrative parish of Portugal
freguez {m}  :: obsolete spelling of freguês
freguês {m}  :: customer
freguês {m}  :: parishioner
frei {m}  :: alternative form of freire
Freia {prop}  :: alternative form of Freyja
freiar {vi}  :: to brake (to be stopped or slowed)
freiar {vt}  :: to brake (to operate brakes)
Freiburg im Breisgau {prop}  :: Freiburg (placename)
Frei Gaspar {prop}  :: Frei Gaspar (placename)
Frei Inocêncio {prop}  :: Frei Inocêncio (placename)
Frei Lagonegro {prop}  :: Frei Lagonegro (placename)
freio {m} [anatomy]  :: frenulum
freio {m}  :: bit (piece of metal placed in a horse's mouth and connected to reins to direct the animal)
freio {m}  :: brake (device used to slow or stop a vehicle)
freio ABS {m}  :: antilock brake; ABS brake (brake that compensates for overbraking)
freio de mão {m} [automotive]  :: handbrake (hand-operated brake in a car)
freira {f}  :: nun
freire {m}  :: friar
Frei Rogério {prop}  :: Frei Rogério (placename)
freixo {m}  :: ash (tree)
Freixo de Espada à Cinta {prop}  :: Freixo de Espada à Cinta (placename)
freixo-do-maná {m}  :: manna ash (Fraxinus ornis, a southern European species of ash)
frenesi {m}  :: frenzy (state of wild activity or panic)
frenesim {m}  :: alternate spelling of frenesi
freneticidade {f}  :: the quality of being frenetic
frenologia {f} [medicine, biology]  :: phrenology (the discredited science that studies the relationships between a person’s character and the morphology of the skull)
frente {f}  :: front (facing side)
frente {f}  :: front (main entrance side)
frente {f} [military]  :: front (area or line of conflict)
frente a {prep}  :: vis-à-vis (in relation to)
frente de batalha {f} [figurative]  :: battlefront (situations and contexts where two entities are in conflict)
frente de batalha {f} [military]  :: battlefront (place between opposing armies where they engage in combat)
frente ártica {f} [meteorology]  :: arctic front (southern boundary of the Arctic air mass)
frenético {adj}  :: frenetic
frentista {n}  :: an attendant at a gas station, who usually is responsible for filling up the vehicle
freqüentando {v}  :: gerund of freqüentar
freqüentar {v}  :: obsolete spelling of frequentar
freqüente {adj}  :: superseded spelling of frequente
freqüente {v}  :: superseded spelling of frequente
freqüentemente {adv}  :: superseded spelling of frequentemente
freqüência {f}  :: Obsolete alternative form of frequência
frequentador {m}  :: denizen (one who frequents a place)
frequentando {v}  :: gerund of frequentar
frequentar {v}  :: to frequent, attend, visit
frequente {adj}  :: frequent; common
frequentemente {adv}  :: frequently, often
frequência {f}  :: frequency (rate of occurrence of anything)
fresa {f}  :: milling cutter (rotary cutting tool)
fresador {adj}  :: milling (engineering)
fresadora {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fresador
fresadoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of fresador
fresco {adj}  :: cool (having a slightly low temperature)
fresco {adj}  :: fresh (new or clean)
fresco {adj} [of plant material]  :: fresh (of produce, not from storage)
frescura {f}  :: freshness
frescura {f} [slang]  :: overly sentimental, picky or effeminate behaviour
fressura {f}  :: offal (animal’s organs as food)
fresta {f}  :: a narrow window
fresta {f}  :: chink, crack; a small hole or crack in a wall, curtain or other objects by which one can see what is beyond or outside them
fretar {v}  :: to affreight (to hire for the transportation of freight)
frete {m}  :: freight
frete {m}  :: shipping (charge)
fáretra {f} [poetic]  :: quiver (arrow container)
freudianamente {adv}  :: Relative to the psychoanalysis methods of Sigmund Freud; Freudianly
freudiano {adj}  :: Freudian (relating to or influenced by Sigmund Freud)
freudiano {m}  :: Freudian (a follower of Sigmund Freud)
Freya {prop}  :: alternative form of Freyja
Freyja {prop} [Norse mythology]  :: Freya (goddess of love)
Frígia {prop} [historical]  :: Phrygia (placename)
frígido {adj}  :: cold (emotionally distant or unfeeling)
frígido {adj}  :: cold; frigid (having a low temperature)
frágil {adj}  :: Having a tendency to change; not stable; unstable
frágil {adj}  :: Not comfortable or confident in oneself; insecure
frágil {adj}  :: Prone to physically break easily; fragile; frail
frágua {f}  :: forge; furnace
féria {f}  :: holiday
fria {adj}  :: feminine singular form of frio
fúria {f}  :: rage
Friburgo {prop}  :: Freiburg (placename)
Friburgo {prop}  :: Fribourg (placename)
Friburgo {prop}  :: Fribourg (placename)
fricçaõ {f}  :: obsolete spelling of fricção
fricativa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fricativo
fricativa {f} [phonetics]  :: fricative (consonant produced by constricting the flow of air)
friccionar {vt}  :: to rub; to cause friction
fricção {f}  :: friction (the rubbing of objects)
frieira {f}  :: chilblain (inflammation due do cold)
frieira {f} [disease]  :: athlete's foot (fungal infection between toes)
frieza {f}  :: coldness, coolness
frieza {f}  :: frigidity
frieza {f}  :: indifference, insensitivity
frigideira {f}  :: frying pan
frigir {v}  :: to fry
frigorífica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of frigorífico
frigoríficas {adj}  :: feminine plural of frigorífico
frigorífico {adj}  :: refrigerated
frigorífico {m}  :: refrigerator
frila {mf}  :: freelance, freelancer
frila {m}  :: freelance job
frincha {f}  :: crack (narrow opening)
fringilídeo {m}  :: any bird of the family Fringillidae
frio {adj}  :: cold
frio {m}  :: cold
frio {m}  :: coldness
frioleira {f}  :: frivolity; trifle; futility (something frivolous, unimportant, of little worth)
frioleira {f} [sewing]  :: a type of lace (light fabric with patterns of holes) used to decorate clothing
frioleira {f}  :: stupidity (a stupid act)
frisada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of frisado
frisada {f}  :: gadwall (Anas strepera, a dabbling duck of the northern hemisphere)
frisando {v}  :: gerund of frisar
frisante {adj}  :: sparkling; effervescent; fizzy (containing dissolved carbon dioxide)
frisante {m}  :: sparkling wine (effervescent wine)
frisar {v}  :: to curl, crimp (the hair etc)
frisar {v}  :: to stress
frisbee {m}  :: Frisbee (a disk thrown for recreation)
frisão {adj} [rare]  :: Frisian (of, from or relating to Frisia)
frisão {m}  :: Friesian (a black breed of horse)
frisão {m} [rare]  :: Frisian (member of the Germanic ethnic group which is native to Frisia)
frisão {m} [rare]  :: Frisian (the Frisian language group)
friso {m} [architecture]  :: frieze
frisona {adj}  :: feminine singular form of frisão
frisonas {adj}  :: feminine plural of frisão
fritadeira {f}  :: deep fryer (vessel for deep frying)
fritar {v}  :: to fry
fritas {adj}  :: feminine plural of frito
fritas {n}  :: french fries
frito {adj} [cooking]  :: fried (cooked by frying)
frito {adj} [slang]  :: screwed (in unavoidable trouble)
Friul {prop}  :: Friuli (placename)
friulana {adj}  :: feminine singular form of friulano
friulanas {adj}  :: feminine plural of friulano
friulano {adj}  :: Friulian
friulano {m}  :: Friulian (inhabitant or native of Friulia)
friulano {m}  :: Friulian (language spoken in Friulia)
friuliana {adj}  :: feminine singular form of friuliano
friulianas {adj}  :: feminine plural of friuliano
friuliano {adj}  :: alternative form of friulano
friuliano {m}  :: alternative form of friulano
Friul-Venécia Juliana {prop} [rare]  :: Friuli-Venezia Giulia (placename)
friável {adj}  :: friable
frivolidade {f}  :: frivolity (frivolous act)
fôrma {f}  :: superseded spelling of forma
fármaco {m}  :: pharmaceutical
fórmico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: formic (relating to formic acid)
fórmico {adj} [zoology]  :: formic (relating to ants)
férmio {m}  :: fermium (chemical element)
férmion {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of fermião
frêmito {m}  :: shudder, shiver, thrill
fórmula {f}  :: formula (in all senses)
fórmula {f} [mathematics]  :: formula
Fórmula 1 {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Fórmula Um
fórmula de Euler {f} [complex analysis]  :: Euler’s formula
fórmula química {f}  :: molecular formula
Fórmula Um {prop}  :: Formula One (discipline in motor racing)
frâncica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of frâncico
frâncicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of frâncico
frâncico {adj}  :: Frankish (referring to the Franks)
frâncico {m}  :: Frankish (the Germanic language of the Franks)
frâncio {m}  :: francium
frângão {m} [obsolete]  :: a young chicken
frângão {m} [obsolete]  :: chicken meat
frênulo {m}  :: alternative form of frénulo
frénulo {m} [anatomy]  :: frenulum (fold of tissue that holds an organ)
Froila {prop} [historical given name, male, several kings of Christian kingdoms in Iberia]  ::
froixa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of froixo
froixas {adj}  :: feminine plural of froixo
froixo {adj}  :: alternative form of frouxo
frol {m} [dialectal]  :: alternative form of flor
frol {m}  :: water foam
fronde {f} [botany]  :: frond
frondosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of frondoso
frondosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of frondoso
frondoso {adj}  :: leafy (covered with leaves)
fronha {f}  :: pillow case (sheet for covering a pillow)
frontal {adj}  :: frontal
frontal {m}  :: frontal bone
frontaria {f}  :: front, frontage, facade
fronteira {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fronteiro
fronteira {f}  :: border (a line or frontier area separating regions)
fronteira {f} [figuratively]  :: limit; boundary
fronteira {f} [figuratively]  :: separation
fronteira {f}  :: the region near a border
Fronteira {prop}  :: Fronteira (placename)
Fronteira {prop}  :: Fronteira (placename)
Fronteira dos Vales {prop}  :: Fronteira dos Vales (placename)
fronteiriça {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fronteiriço
fronteiriças {adj}  :: feminine plural of fronteiriço
fronteiriço {adj}  :: located or living near a border
fronteiro {adj}  :: front
fronteiro {adj}  :: opposite
fronteyra {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of fronteira
fronteyra {f}  :: obsolete spelling of fronteira
frontispício {m} [architecture]  :: façade (front of a building)
frontispício {m} [publishing]  :: frontispiece (an illustration on the page before the title page of a book)
frontão {m}  :: gable, pediment (The triangular area of external wall adjacent to two meeting sloped roofs.)
frota {f}  :: fleet
frouxa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of frouxo
frouxamente {adv}  :: flexibly
frouxamente {adv}  :: loosely
frouxamente {adv}  :: softly
frouxas {adj}  :: feminine plural of frouxo
frouxo {adj}  :: flexible
frouxo {adj}  :: lax
frouxo {adj}  :: loose
frouxo {adj}  :: soft
férrea {adj}  :: feminine singular form of férreo
férreo {adj}  :: Made of or containing the properties of iron
férreo {adj}  :: Persistent, being determined; tenacious
férrica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of férrico
férricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of férrico
férrico {adj}  :: ferric
fôrro {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of forro
fôrro {m}  :: obsolete spelling of forro
frésia {f}  :: freesia (South African flower)
Frísia {prop}  :: Friesland (placename)
Frísia {prop}  :: Frisia (placename)
frísio {m}  :: Frisian (person from Frisia)
frísio {m} [uncountable]  :: Frisian (any language of the Frisian language group)
frísio {m} [uncountable, specifically]  :: West Frisian (language spoken in Friesland)
fértil {adj}  :: fertile (capable of growing abundant crops)
fértil {adj}  :: fertile (capable of reproducing)
fructo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of fruto
frugal {adj}  :: frugal, economical
frugalidade {f}  :: frugality; thrift (avoiding unnecessary expenditure)
frugívora {adj}  :: feminine singular form of frugívoro
frugívoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of frugívoro
frugívoro {adj} [ecology]  :: frugivorous (having a diet that consists mostly of fruit)
frugívoro {m} [ecology]  :: frugivore (animal that eats mostly fruit)
fruindo {v}  :: gerund of fruir
fruição {f}  :: fruition
fruir {v}  :: to enjoy
fruita {f} [obsolete, or, dialectal]  :: alternative form of fruta
fruiteira {f}  :: alternative form of fruteira
fórum {m}  :: A justice court
fórum {m}  :: An Internet forum; occasionally appended with the clarification "fórum de discussão" (discussion forum)
fórum {m}  :: The building where such court is located
frustração {f}  :: frustration (act of frustrating)
frustração {f}  :: frustration (feeling of annoyance when one’s actions are criticised or hindered)
frustração {f}  :: frustration (thing that frustrates)
frustrar {v}  :: to frustrate
frustrar {v}  :: to thwart
fruta {f}  :: An edible fruit or nut
frutada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of frutado
frutadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of frutado
Fruta de Leite {prop}  :: Fruta de Leite (placename)
frutado {adj}  :: fruity (in aroma, taste)
fruta-do-conde {f}  :: custard apple; sugar apple; sweetsop (Annona squamosa, a West Indian tree and its fruit)
Frutal {prop}  :: Frutal (placename)
fruta-pão {f}  :: breadfruit (tree)
fruteira {f}  :: feminine noun of fruteiro
fruteira {f}  :: fruit bowl
fruteira {f}  :: fruit tree
fruteira {f} [Rio Grande do Sul]  :: a store that sells fruits and sometimes other essential food products
frutífera {adj}  :: feminine singular form of frutífero
frutíferas {adj}  :: feminine plural of frutífero
frutífero {adj}  :: fruitful
fruto {m} [figuratively]  :: fruit; result; reward
fruto {m}  :: offspring (daughters and sons)
fruto {m} [poetic, antiquated]  :: fruit (biology term)
fruto-do-conde {m}  :: alternative form of fruta-do-conde
fruto do mar {m} [usually plural]  :: seafood
fruto proibido {m} [biblical]  :: forbidden fruit (the fruit forbidden to Adam)
fruto proibido {m} [figurative]  :: forbidden fruit (an illicit pleasure)
frutose {f} [carbohydrate]  :: fructose
frutuosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of frutuoso
frutuosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of frutuoso
frutuoso {adj}  :: fruitful (yielding benefits)
férvida {adj}  :: feminine singular form of férvido
férvidas {adj}  :: feminine plural of férvido
férvido {adj}  :: fervent (having emotional warmth, fervour or passion)
férvido {adj}  :: fervent (having particular enthusiasm, zeal, conviction, persistence or belief)
férvido {adj}  :: fervent (very hot)
frívola {adj}  :: feminine singular form of frívolo
frívolas {adj}  :: feminine plural of frívolo
frívolo {adj}  :: frivolous (of little importance)
frívolo {adj}  :: futile
frívolo {adj}  :: inconstant
frívolo {adj}  :: silly
frízer {m}  :: freezer (section of a refrigerator)
fáscia plantar {f}  :: plantar fascia (the thick connective tissue which supports the arch of the foot)
fósforo {m}  :: match (device to make fire)
fósforo {m}  :: phosphorus
física {adj}  :: feminine singular form of físico
física {f}  :: feminine noun of físico
física {f} [uncountable]  :: physics (branch of science)
física de partículas {f}  :: particle physics (branch of physics that studies the elementary constituents of matter)
física nuclear {f}  :: nuclear physics (branch of physics that studies the nucleus of the atom)
físico {adj}  :: physical (existing as an actual object or objects)
físico {adj}  :: physical (having to do with physics)
físico {adj}  :: physical (having to do with the body)
físico {m}  :: build; physique
físico {m}  :: physicist (scientist who studies of physics)
físsil {adj}  :: fissile
fóssil {m} [paleontology]  :: fossil
fútbol {m}  :: obsolete spelling of futebol
fítica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fítico
fíticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fítico
fático {adj} [linguistics]  :: phatic (which serves perform a social task, as opposed to conveying information)
fítico {adj}  :: phytic
fétido {adj}  :: fetid (foul-smelling)
fútil {adj}  :: futile, useless
fútil {adj}  :: unimportant, frivolous
Fátima {prop}  :: A town and place of Roman Catholic pilgrimage in Portugal, named from the Arabic given name
Fátima {prop}  :: Fátima (placename)
Fátima {prop}  :: female used by Muslims and Roman Catholics. given name
Fátima {prop} [Islam]  :: Fatima, the daughter of Muhammad
fóton {m} [Brazil, physics]  :: alternative form of fotão
fátua {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fátuo
fátuas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fátuo
fátuo {adj}  :: dull; foolish
fuçar {v} [of an animal]  :: to smell with its snout
fuçar {v}  :: to rummage (to hastily and messily search for something)
fubá {m}  :: a flour made with milled corn or rice pertaining to the Brazilian cuisine, often combined with corn meal
fufa {f} [slang, pejorative]  :: dyke; lesbian
fuga {f}  :: escape, flight (act of fleeing)
fuga {f}  :: evasion (of responsibility, tax etc.)
fuga {f}  :: leak (of water, gas, information etc.)
fuga {f} [music]  :: fugue (piece of music wherein a particular melody is played in a number of voices)
fuga de cérebros {f}  :: brain drain (emigration of educated people)
fuga de informação {f}  :: leak (disclosure of confidential information)
fugaz {adj}  :: fleeting
fugidia {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fugidio
fugidiça {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fugidiço
fugidias {adj}  :: feminine plural of fugidio
fugidiças {adj}  :: feminine plural of fugidiço
fugidiço {adj}  :: likely or tending to run away
fugidio {adj}  :: likely or tending to run away
fugir {v}  :: to escape; to run away; to flee
fugitivo {adj}  :: fugitive (fleeing or running away, especially from the police)
fugitivo {m}  :: fugitive (a person who is fleeing or escaping from something, especially from the police)
fugu {m}  :: fugu (blowfish, as a Japanese delicacy)
fuhrer {m}  :: alternative spelling of führer
Fuhrer {m}  :: alternative spelling of führer
fui {interj} [slang]  :: a farewell
fuinha {f}  :: beech marten
fuinha {f}  :: gossip
fuinha {f}  :: miser
fuinha {f}  :: skinny person
fuinha {f}  :: weasel
Fukushima {prop}  :: Fukushima (placename)
fulá {adj} [rare]  :: of or relating to the the Fula people
fulá {mf} [rare]  :: one of the Fula (west African people)
fula {m}  :: Fula (a language spoken in West Africa)
fula {n}  :: one of the Fula (West-African people)
fulano {m}  :: what's-his-name
Fulano {prop}  :: what's-his-name; so-and-so
fulcral {adj}  :: key, central (of crucial importance)
fulcro {m}  :: fulcrum (the pivot about which a lever turns)
fulereno {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: fullerene
fuligem {f}  :: soot (fine black or dull brown particles)
fuliginoso {adj}  :: fuliginous (pertaining to or resembling soot)
full house {m} [poker]  :: full house (three of a kind and a pair)
fulmar {m}  :: fulmar (seabird in the genus Fulmarus)
fulvo {adj}  :: tawny; fulvous (light brown to brownish orange in colour)
fulvo {m}  :: tawny (light brown to brownish orange)
fumaça {f}  :: smoke (particles and vapor/vapour given off by burning material)
fumador {m}  :: smoker (person who smokes tobacco habitually)
fumal {m}  :: tobacco plantation
fumante {mf}  :: smoker (person who smokes tobacco habitually)
fumar {vi}  :: to smoke, to deliberately inhale smoke
fumar {vt}  :: to smoke, to deliberately inhale smoke
fumarenta {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fumarento
fumarentas {adj}  :: feminine plural of fumarento
fumarento {adj}  :: smoky
fumarola {f}  :: fumarole (opening in the ground that emits gases)
fumegando {v}  :: gerund of fumegar
fumegar {v}  :: to smoke, steam, reek
fumo {m}  :: fume
fumo {m}  :: smoke
fumo {m}  :: tobacco
fumo {v}  :: eye dialect of fomos
fumo passivo {m}  :: second-hand smoke (smoke from cigarettes, that any person including non-smokers could breathe in)
funçaõ {f}  :: obsolete spelling of função
Funafuti {prop}  :: Funafuti (placename)
funcçaõ {f}  :: obsolete spelling of função
funccionalidade {f}  :: obsolete spelling of funcionalidade
funccionamento {m}  :: obsolete spelling of funcionamento
funccionar {v}  :: obsolete spelling of funcionar
funchal {m}  :: a field abounding in fennels
Funchal {prop}  :: Funchal (placename)
funcho {m}  :: fennel (bulb, leaves, or stalks eaten as a vegetable)
funcho {m}  :: fennel (Foeniculum vulgare, a plant)
funcho {m}  :: fennel (spice used in cooking)
funcional {adj}  :: Fulfilling a function; functional
funcional {adj}  :: In good working order; functional
funcionalidade {f} [computing]  :: feature
funcionalidade {f} [uncountable]  :: functionality (the ability to perform a task or function)
funcionamento {m}  :: functioning (manner by which something works)
funcionar {v}  :: to work; to function
funcionário {m}  :: functionary
funcionário {m}  :: official
funcionário-fantasma {m}  :: ghost employee (a registered employee receiving taxpayers' money without actually working)
funcionário público {m}  :: public officer (one who holds a public office)
funcção {f}  :: obsolete spelling of função
functor {m} [category theory]  :: functor (a mapping between categories)
funda {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fundo
funda {f}  :: catapult, slingshot (elastic weapon)
funda {f}  :: sling (cloth weapon)
funda {f}  :: sling (hanging bandage)
fundaõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of fundam
fundacionalismo {m} [epistemology]  :: foundationalism (the doctrine that beliefs derive justification from certain basic beliefs)
fundacionalista {n}  :: alternative form of fundacionista
fundacionismo {m}  :: alternative form of fundacionalismo
fundacionista {n} [philosophy]  :: foundationalist (a supporter of foundationalism)
fundado {adj}  :: founded (having a basis)
fundado {v}  :: past participle of fundar
fundador {m}  :: founder (one who founds, establishes)
fundamental {adj}  :: fundamental; essential (pertaining to the basic part or notion of something)
fundamentalismo {m} [religion]  :: fundamentalism
fundamentalista {mf}  :: fundamentalist (one who reduces religion to strict interpretation of core or original texts)
fundamentalmente {adv}  :: fundamentally
fundamento {m}  :: foundation (that upon which anything is founded)
fundamento {m}  :: the act of founding, establishing
fundando {v}  :: gerund of fundar
fundação {f}  :: foundation (endowed institution or charity)
fundar {v}  :: to found, establish
fundíbulo {m} [weapon]  :: sling (weapon used for throwing rocks)
fundeadouro {m} [nautical]  :: anchorage (place for anchoring)
fundente {m} [metallurgy]  :: flux (a chemical agent for cleaning metal prior to soldering or welding)
fundido {v}  :: past participle of fundir
fundidor {adj}  :: smelting
fundidor {m}  :: smelter
fundidora {adj}  :: feminine singular form of fundidor
fundidoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of fundidor
fundilho {m}  :: seat (part of trousers covering the buttocks)
fundilhos {n}  :: seat (part of trousers covering the buttocks)
fundindo {v}  :: gerund of fundir
fundição {f}  :: font (set of typefaces)
fundição {f}  :: foundry
fundir {v}  :: to smelt
fundão {m}  :: augmentative form of fundo
fundão {m} [Brazil]  :: the part of a classroom farthest from the teacher, associated with unruly students
fundão {v}  :: obsolete form of fundam
fundo {adj}  :: deep (having its bottom far down)
fundo {m}  :: bottom
Fundão {prop}  :: Fundão (placename)
fundo do poço {m} do|poço
fundo do poço {m} [idiomatic]  :: rock bottom (the very lowest possible level)
Fundo Monetário Internacional {prop}  :: International Monetary Fund
fundura {f}  :: depth (vertical distance below a surface)
fundível {adj}  :: fusible
Funen {prop}  :: Funen (placename)
funeral {adj}  :: funeral (relating to or similar in style or atmosphere to a funeral)
funeral {m}  :: funeral (ceremony to honour and bury a deceased person)
funerária {adj}  :: feminine singular form of funerário
funerárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of funerário
funerário {adj}  :: funerary (relating to a funeral)
funfar {v} [slang]  :: short of funcionar
fungar no cangote {v} no|cangote
fungar no cangote {v} [idiomatic]  :: to breathe down someone's neck (to follow or supervise too closely)
fungicida {adj}  :: fungicidal (having the ability to destroy or control fungus)
fungicida {m}  :: fungicide
fungo {m}  :: fungus
fungível {adj}  :: fungible
funicular {adj}  :: funicular (powered by a rope or cable)
funicular {m}  :: funicular (rail transit system which ascends an incline)
funil {m}  :: funnel (utensil used to guide poured liquids)
funileiro {m}  :: tinsmith (person who makes or repairs things with tin or other cheap metals)
Funilândia {prop}  :: Funilândia (placename)
funk {m}  :: funk (a genre of popular music derived from soul music)
funk {m}  :: funk carioca (Brazilian music genre derived from Miami bass)
funkeiro {m}  :: a person who likes, or who plays funk carioca music
funâmbulo {m}  :: tightrope walker (acrobat who practices tightrope walking)
função {f}  :: function
função algébrica {f} [algebra]  :: algebraic function (function that only uses the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and raising to a rational power)
função analítica {f} [analysis]  :: analytic function (real valued function which is uniquely defined through its derivatives at one point)
função caixa-negra {f} [optimization]  :: black-box function
função de Ackermann {f} [comptheory]  :: Ackermann function (a total computable function that is not primitive recursive)
função de onda {f} [physics]  :: wavefunction (function that describes the propagation of the quantum mechanical wave associated with a particle)
função derivada {f} [calculus]  :: derived function
função inversa {f} [mathematics]  :: inverse function (function that does the opposite of another)
função trigonométrica {f} [trigonometry]  :: trigonometric function (a function of an angle)
funérea {adj}  :: feminine singular form of funéreo
funéreas {adj}  :: feminine plural of funéreo
funéreo {adj}  :: funeral (relating to or similar in style or atmosphere to a funeral)
funtor {m}  :: alternative form of functor
funtorial {adj} [category theory]  :: functorial (pertaining to functors)
fuque-fuque {m} [vulgar, slang]  :: fucky-fucky (sexual intercourse)
fura-bolos {m} [humorous]  :: the index finger; literally: cake-piercer
furacão {m}  :: hurricane
furadeira {f}  :: drill (tool)
furado {adj} [colloquial]  :: containing mistakes, errors
furado {adj}  :: pierced, perforated
furado {v}  :: past participle of furar
furador {adj}  :: who or which perces
furador {m}  :: awl (a pointed instrument used for piercing small holes)
furador {m}  :: someone who or something which pierces
furadora {adj}  :: feminine singular form of furador
furadoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of furador
fura-greve {n}  :: strikebreaker (worker hired to replace a striking worker)
furando {v}  :: gerund of furar
furano {m} [organic chemistry]  :: furan (any of a class of aromatic heterocyclic compounds)
furar {v}  :: to break in line, break a strike
furar {v}  :: to fall into a hole
furar {v}  :: to pierce, puncture, make a hole in
furar a fila {v}  :: to jump the queue (move into a queue ahead of others)
furgão {m}  :: van (a covered vehicle used for carrying goods)
furgoneta {f}  :: a small van
furibundo {adj}  :: furious, wroth
furico {m}  :: anus
furicozinho {m}  :: diminutive form of furico
furiosamente {adv}  :: furiously
furiosamente {adv}  :: intensely
furioso {adj}  :: furious; enraged
furioso {adj}  :: furious (moving or occurring with violence)
furiquinho {m}  :: diminutive form of furico
furna {f}  :: cave, cavern
furna {f}  :: crater
furúnculo {m}  :: boil (accumulation of pus)
furão {m}  :: ferret
furão {m}  :: meddler
furão {v}  :: obsolete spelling of furam
furo jornalístico {m}  :: scoop (news learned and reported before anyone else)
furor {m}  :: furor; frenzy (state of intense excitement)
furor {m}  :: furor (general uproar or commotion)
furor {m}  :: fury (extreme anger)
furtar {v}  :: to steal (to illegally take possession of)
furtivamente {adv}  :: stealthily (in a stealthy manner)
furtividade {f}  :: furtiveness; stealth (the characteristic of acting in secrecy)
furtivo {adj}  :: furtive (exhibiting guilty or evasive secrecy)
furtivo {adj}  :: furtive; stealthy
furto {m}  :: theft (act of stealing property)
fusa {f} [music]  :: demisemiquaver (thirty-second note)
fusca {m}  :: Beetle (a line of Volkswagen cars)
fusco {adj}  :: dark-coloured
fuselagem {f}  :: fuselage
fuselo {m}  :: bar-tailed godwit
fusiforme {adj} [chiefly botany, zoology]  :: fusiform (spindle-shaped)
fusionar {v}  :: to fuse
fusão {f}  :: liquefaction
fusão {f}  :: merger
fusão {f} [physics]  :: fusion
fuso {m} [spinning]  :: spindle (rod used for spinning and winding thread)
fusão a frio {f}  :: cold fusion (hypothetical form of nuclear fusion)
fuso horário {m}  :: time zone
fusão nuclear {f} [physics]  :: nuclear fusion (the combining of the nuclei of small atoms to form the nuclei of larger ones)
fustigado {adj}  :: mistreated (treated badly)
fusível {adj}  :: fusible
fusível {m}  :: fuse (electrical)
futebol {m}  :: football, soccer
futebol americano {m} [sports]  :: American football
futebol canadense {m}  :: Canadian football (a form of gridiron football played in Canada)
futebol canadense {m} [&oth, futebol, canadense]  ::
futebol de mesa {m}  :: foosball (table soccer)
futebol de salão {m}  :: futsal (form of soccer)
futebolismo {m}  :: footballism
futebolista {mf}  :: footballer (a person who plays football)
futebol total {m} [association football]  :: total football (tactic in which the outfield players assume different roles during a game)
futiba {m} [Brazil, slang]  :: soccer
futibol {m} [dated spelling of, futebol, dot=]  :: , now used as eye dialect
futilidade {f}  :: futility (quality of being futile)
futsal {m}  :: futsal (form of soccer)
futura {adj}  :: feminine singular form of futuro
futuras {adj}  :: feminine plural of futuro
futurismo {m}  :: futurism (art movement)
futurista {adj}  :: futuristic (advanced far beyond what is modern)
futurista {n}  :: futurist (one who studies and predicts possible futures)
futuro {adj}  :: future
futuro {m}  :: future (the time ahead)
futuro {m} [grammar]  :: future tense
futuro do pretérito {m} [grammar, chiefly, Brazil]  :: a Portuguese verb form used to express the conditional tense, futurity from a past perspective or to make polite requests
futurologia {f}  :: futurology (forecasting of future trends in science, technology or society)
futurística {adj}  :: feminine singular form of futurístico
futurísticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of futurístico
futurístico {adj}  :: futuristic (advanced far beyond what is modern)
FUVEST {prop}  :: The institution responsible for the vestibular (admittance) tests for the University of São Paulo
fuxiqueiro {m} [informal, Brazil]  :: gossiper (person who gossips)
fuy {v}  :: obsolete spelling of fui
fuzil {m}  :: rifle
fuzilando {v}  :: gerund of fuzilar
fuzilar {v}  :: to shoot (with a gun)
fuzil de assalto {m}  :: assault rifle (a rifle)
fuzileiro {m}  :: rifleman, fusilier
fuzileiro naval {m}  :: marine (member of a marine corps)
fuzuê {m}  :: fuss (excessive complaining or noise)
fêvera {f}  :: fibre
Fyn {prop}  :: Funen (placename)
fêz {m}  :: fez