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b {letter} :: letter
{f} :: alternative form of babá
{interj} [Rio Grande do Sul] :: expression of surprise
{m} /be/ :: bee (name of the letter B, b)
{interj} [onomatopoeia] :: baa (cry of sheep)
{adj} [dialectal] :: alternative form of bom
béé {interj} :: alternative form of
bẽ {adv} [obsolete] :: abbreviation of bem
bééé {interj} :: alternative form of
B {letter} :: letter
B.ᵉˡ {abbr} :: bacharel
baú {m} /baˈu/ :: trunk, suitcase
BA {prop} {f} :: abbreviation of Bahia (Brazilian state)
baía {f} /bɐ.ˈi.ɐ/ :: bay (body of water mostly surrounded by land)
Baía {prop} {f} [dated in Brazil, occasionally used in Portugal] :: alternative form of Bahia
Baía de Guantânamo {prop} {f} :: Guantanamo Bay (US naval base in Cuba)
Baía de Guantánamo {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Baía de Guantânamo
babá {f} [Brazil] /baˈba/ :: nanny; babysitter (child’s nurse)
baba {f} /ˈba.bɐ/ :: drool, dribble
babaçú {mf} :: obsolete spelling of babaçu
babaca {mf} [Brazil] /baˈba.ka/ :: idiot, moron
babaca {mf} [Brazil] :: asshole
babaca {f} [Brazil] :: vulva
babado {m} [Brazil, colloquial, slang] :: gossip; hot new
babado {m} [Brazil, colloquial] :: nonsense (foolish or false statements)
babado {adj} [slang] :: (a woman) who quickly exchange partners
babador {m} :: bib (item of clothing for babies)
babando {v} :: gerund of babar
babar {v} :: to slobber, slaver
babar {v} :: to dribble
babassú {mf} :: obsolete spelling of babaçu
babassu {mf} :: obsolete spelling of babaçu
babassuê {m} :: alternative spelling of babaçuê
babau {interj} /ba.ˈbaw/ :: used when something is lost forever
babaçuê {m} /ˌˈe/ :: an Afro-Brazilian religion practised in Pará and Maranhão
babaçu {mf} /ˌˈsu/ :: babassu (Orbignya barbosiana, a tall Brazilian feather palm)
Baba Yaga {prop} {f} [Slavic mythology] :: Baba Yaga (hag who flies through the air in a mortar)
Babilônia {prop} {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of Babilónia
Babilónia {prop} {f} [European orthography] :: Babilónia (ancient kingdom)
Babilónia {prop} {f} [European orthography] :: Babilónia (ancient city/capital city)
babilônio {adj} :: Babylonian
babista {mf} /ba.ˈbis.tɐ/ :: Babist (follower of Babism)
babista {adj} :: Babist (following or relating to Babism)
babésia {f} [microbiology, epidemiology] :: babesia (any of the hematozoa of the genus Babesia)
babucha {f} :: babouche (Turkish or oriental slipper)
babujado {v} :: past participle of babujar
babujando {v} :: gerund of babujar
babujar {v} :: to drool
babujar {v} :: to bribe
babuíno {m} :: baboon (primate)
baby boom {m} [singulare tantum] :: baby boom (post-World War II baby boom (1946 to 1964))
baby boom {m} :: baby boom (any increase in the birth rate)
baby boomer {mf} :: baby boomer (person born after Second World War)
Babylónia {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Babilónia
Babylonia {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Babilónia
baby look {f} :: A T-shirt for women
bacalhau {m} /bɐ.kɐ.ˈʎaw/ :: cod
bacalhau polar {m} :: Arctic cod (Arctogadus glacialis, a fish of the northeast Atlantic)
bacalhoeiro {m} :: a fishing boat for catching cod
bacamarte {m} :: blunderbuss (old style of firearm with a large opening at the muzzle)
bacamarte {m} [figurative, colloquial, pejorative] :: tome (large old book)
bacana {mf} [Brazil, slang] /ba.ˈkɐ.na/ :: a rich person
bacanal {m} :: bacchanal
bacano {adj} :: nice, cool
bacante {f} :: bacchante
bacante {f} :: shameless woman
bacará {m} /ˌba.kɐ.ˈɾa]/ :: baccarat (card game)
bacelo {m} :: rootstock (especially of a grapevine)
Bach {prop} {m} :: surname
Bach {prop} {m} [music] :: Bach (German composer)
bacharel {m} /ˌbɐ.ʃɐ.ˈɾɛɫ/ :: bachelor (someone who has achieved a bachelor’s degree)
bacharelada {f} :: pretentious or pseudo-intellectual gibberish (needlessly obscure or overly technical language)
bacharelada {f} :: feminine noun of bacharelado
bacharelado {m} :: bachelor (someone who has achieved a bachelor’s degree)
bacharelado {m} :: bachelor’s degree
bacharelado {m} :: a course or programme in which student graduate with a bachelor’s degree
bacharelado {adj} :: who has achieved a bachelor’s degree
bacharelando {m} :: a student in a course or programme which gives a bachelor’s degree
bacharelar {v} :: to give someone a bachelor’s degree
bacharelar {v} [rare] :: to speak gibberish
bacharelato {m} :: bachelor’s degree
bacharelato {m} :: a course or programme in which students graduate with a bachelor’s degree
bacharelice {m} :: pretentious or pseudo-intellectual gibberish (needlessly obscure or overly technical language)
bacharelismo {m} :: pretentious or pseudo-intellectual gibberish (needlessly obscure or overly technical language)
bachquir {m} /ˈbaʃ.kɨɾ/ :: Bashkir (member of a Turkic ethnic group of central Asia)
bachquir {m} [uncountable] :: Bashkir (Turkic language spoken by the Bashkirs)
bachquir {adj} :: Bashkir (of or relating to the Bashkir people)
bacia {f} /bɐ.ˈsi.ɐ/ :: basin
bacia {f} [colloquial] :: pelvis
bacia hidrográfica {f} [hydrology] :: watershed (drainage basin or catchment basin)
bacilar {adj} :: bacillary
bacilo {m} :: bacillus (any bacteria in the genus Bacillus)
bacilofobia {f} :: bacillophobia
bacinete {m} [historical] :: morion (type of helmet)
backspace {m} :: backspace (computer key)
backup {m} [computing] :: backup (copy of file or record)
baclava {f} :: baklava (sweet pastry)
bacon {m} /ˈbej.kõ/ :: bacon (cured meat from the belly, sides or back of a pig)
baconiano {adj} [philosophy] :: Baconian (of or pertaining to Francis Bacon and his philosophical system)
bacteriano {adj} :: bacterial
bactericida {adj} :: bactericidal
bacteriófago {m} [microbiology, virology] :: bacteriophage (a virus that infects bacteria)
bacteriológico {adj} :: bacteriological
bacteriologia {f} /bɐk.ˌtɛ.ɾɨ.ʊ.lo.ˈʒi.ɐ]/ :: bacteriology (scientific study of bacteria)
bacteriologista {mf} :: bacteriologist (person who studies bacteria)
bacteriostático {adj} :: bacteriostatic
bactéria {f} /bɐk.ˈtɛ.ɾɨ.ɐ]/ :: bacterium
Bacu {prop} {f} /ˈba.ku]/ :: Bacu (capital city)
bacurau {m} :: nightjar (nocturnal bird of the family Caprimulgidae)
Badajoz {prop} {f} :: Badajoz (province)
Badajoz {prop} {f} :: Badajoz (city/provincial capital)
badalada {f} :: stroke; toll (of a bell etc.)
badalado {adj} [colloquial] :: famous
badalar {vi} :: to toll (to make the noise of a bell)
badalar {vi} [figuratively] :: to gossip
badalar {vt} :: to ring (a bell)
badalhoca {f} [slang] :: remaining of feces in the hairs near the anus
badalhoco {adj} [colloquial, pejorative] :: dirty
badalhoco {adj} [colloquial, pejorative] :: repulsive
badalhoco {m} [colloquial, pejorative] :: dirty or slovenly person
badalo {m} /bɐˈð :: clapper (of a bell)
badalo {m} [Portugal, colloquial, by extension] :: tongue (human)
badalo {m} [slang] :: penis
badameco {m} [colloquial] /ˌba.da.ˈmɛ.ku/ :: lad
badameco {m} [colloquial, pejorative] :: nobody (someone who is not important)
badameco {m} [dated] :: bookbag, satchel
badana {m} :: flap, dust jacket (of a book)
badana {m} [colloquial] :: fin (of a fish, especially cod)
badana {m} [colloquial, pejorative] :: simpleton
badana {m} [archaic] :: old, scrawny sheep
badejo {m} :: whiting (Merlangius merlangus, a fish similar to cod)
badeleyita {f} [mineral] :: baddeleyite
baderneiro {m} :: hooligan (person that causes trouble or violence)
badminton {m} :: badminton
badmintonista {mf} :: badminton player
badmínton {m} :: badminton
Bady Bassitt {prop} :: Bady Bassitt (placename)
Baependi {prop} :: Baependi (placename)
baeta {f} :: baize
bafafá {m} :: brouhaha (fuss, uproar)
bafejar {vt} :: to breathe into
bafejar {vt} [figuratively] :: to stimulate
bafejar {vt} [figuratively] :: to favor
bafejar {vi} :: to exhale
bafio {m} :: fug (mouldy smell)
bafómetro {m} [European orthography] :: breathalyzer (a device that measures alcohol in expired air)
bafômetro {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of bafómetro
bafo {m} /ˈba.fu/ :: bad breath
bafo {m} :: breath
Bagé {prop} :: Bagé (placename)
baga {f} [botany] /ˈba.ɡa/ :: berry (soft fruit which develops from a single ovary and contains seeds not encased in pits)
bagaça {f} [Brazil, slang] :: thingamajig, gizmo, thingy (something whose name is unknown)
bagaceira {f} :: marc (brandy made from grape pomace)
baga-de-freira {m} :: fruit of the plant Syzygium cumini; jambul
bagagem {f} :: luggage, baggage
bagagem de mão {f} :: carry-on (the luggage which is taken onto an airplane with a passenger)
bagagem de porão {f} :: hold luggage
bagaço {m} /bɐ.ˈɣ :: bagasse (residue from processing sugar cane after the juice is extracted)
bagaço {m} :: pomace (pulp that remains after a fruit has been pressed to extract the juice)
bagaço {m} :: marc (a type of brandy produced from grape residues)
bagarai {adv} [euphemistic, slang] :: contraction of para caralho
Bagdá {prop} {f} [Brazil] :: alternative form of Bagdade
Bagdade {prop} {f} [Portugal] :: Bagdade (capital city)
bagel {m} :: bagel (toroidal bread roll)
bagos {mp} [vulgar, slang] :: nut (testicle)
bagre {m} /ˈba.ɣɾɨ/ :: catfish (type of fish)
baguaçú {mf} :: obsolete form of babaçu
bagual {m} [South Brazil] :: an untamed or recently tamed horse
bagual {m} [Rio Grande do Sul] :: a term of address for a man
bagual {adj} [South Brazil, of a horse] :: untamed or recently tamed
bagual {adj} [South Brazil, of a person] :: uncouth; crude
baguassú {mf} :: obsolete form of babaçu
baguassu {mf} :: obsolete form of babaçu
baguaçu {m} :: fruit of the plant Syzygium cumini; jambul
baguaçu {mf} :: alternative form of babaçu
baguete {f} {m} :: baguette (long and narrow variety of bread)
bagulho {m} [Brazil, slang] :: a sample of a drug
bagulho {m} [Brazil, slang] :: thingamajig, gizmo, thingy (something whose name is unknown)
bagunça {f} [Brazil, colloquial] :: mess, disorder
bagunça {f} [Brazil, colloquial] :: clutter
bagunçado {adj} :: messy (in a disorderly state)
bagunceiro {adj} [of a person] :: messy (prone to causing mess)
bagunceiro {m} :: a messy person
Bahamas {prop} {fp} :: Bahamas (country/and/archipelago)
bahamense {adj} :: Bahamian (of, from or relating to the Bahamas)
bahamiano {adj} :: Bahamian (of, from or relating to the Bahamas)
bahaísmo {m} :: Bahá'í Faith (an Abrahamic monotheistic religion)
bahia {f} :: obsolete spelling of baía
Bahia {prop} {f} /baˈi.ɐ]/ :: Bahia (placename)
Bahrain {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Bahrein
Bahrein {prop} {m} :: Bahrein (island/and/country)
baht {m} :: baht (unit of currency)
baia {f} :: stall (compartment for a single animal)
baiacu {m} :: blowfish (any species of fish of the family Tetraodontidae that have the ability to inflate themselves to a globe)
baianada {f} [offensive, derogatory] :: Collectively, people from the state of Bahia in Brazil
baiano {adj} :: Bahian
baiano {m} :: Bahian
Baianópolis {prop} :: Baianópolis (placename)
baiúca {f} :: superseded spelling of baiuca
Baical {prop} {m} /baj.ˈkaɫ/ :: Baical (lake)
Baiconur {prop} {f} [rare] :: alternative spelling of Baikonur
Baikal {prop} {m} :: alternative spelling of Baical
Baikonur {prop} {f} :: Baikonur (city/and/cosmodrome)
bailando {v} :: gerund of bailar
bailanta {f} /bɐj.lã.ˈta/ :: town party
bailar {v} :: to dance
bailar {v} :: to jump (about)
bailarina {f} /baj.lɐ.ˈɾi.nɐ/ :: dancer (female), ballerina
bailarino {m} /baj.lɐ.ˈɾ :: dancer
bailarino {m} :: ballet dancer
baile {m} /ˈbaj.lɯ]/ :: ball (formal dance)
baile {m} [Brazil] :: any dancing event [not necessarily formal]
baile de formatura {m} :: prom (formal ball held near the end of the academic year)
baile de máscaras {m} :: masquerade (party of people wearing masks)
baile funk {m} [Brazil, music] :: A funk carioca dancing event, typical in favelas
baim {adv} :: eye dialect of bem
bainha {f} :: sheath, scabbard
bainha {f} [sewing] :: hem
bainhar {v} :: to sheathe (to put a weapon into a sheath)
bainhar {v} :: to hem (to put hem on an article of clothing)
baião {m} /baˈjɐ̃w/ :: baiao (South American dance)
Baião {prop} /baˈjɐ̃w/ :: Baião (village/and/municipality)
Baião {prop} {mf} :: surname
baião de dois {m} :: a dish made with rice, bean and cheese baked together
baioneta {f} /ˌbaj.o.ˈne.tɐ/ :: bayonet (dagger designed to be mounted on firearms)
bairro {m} /ˈbaj.ʁu/ :: neighborhood, area (of a city)
bairro de lata {m} [Portugal] :: slum (dilapidated neighbourhood)
baita {adj} [Brazil, colloquial, always precedes modified nouns] /ˈbaj.ta/ :: rather big or great
baita {adj} [Brazil, colloquial, always precedes modified nouns] :: great (very good at something)
baite {m} :: alternative form of byte
baitola {m} [Brazil, Ceará dialect, slang] :: Sissy, faggot
baiuca {f} :: A small, inexpensive and sometimes poorly managed tavern
baixa {f} /ˈbaj.ʃɐ/ :: downtown
baixa {f} :: medical discharge
baixa {f} :: temporary leave from work due to medical reasons
baixa {f} :: geographical depression
Baixa Califórnia {prop} {f} :: Baixa Califórnia (peninsula)
Baixa Califórnia {prop} {f} :: Baixa Califórnia (state)
Baixa Grande {prop} :: Baixa Grande (placename)
baixa-mar {f} :: ebb; low tide (the tide at its lowest level)
baixa-mar {f} :: low tide (the time of day when the sea has receded to its lowest level)
baixar {vt} /bajˈʃaɾ/ :: to lower (to move something to a lower position)
baixar {vi} :: to lower; to go down (to go to a lower position)
baixar {vi} :: to diminish; to abate (to become lower in intensity or value)
baixar {v} [em] :: to possess (to take control over someone supernaturally)
baixar {vt} [Brazil, internet] :: to download (to transfer data from a server to a local computer)
baixar {v} [em, .Brazil, .slang] :: to show up at (to go to a place, especially suddenly or en masse)
baixaria {m} :: low, despicable behaviour
Baixa Saxónia {prop} {f} [European orthography] :: Baixa Saxónia (state)
Baixa Saxônia {prop} {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of Baixa Saxónia
baixela {f} :: place setting
baixeza {f} :: baseness
baixeza {f} :: lowness
baixinho {m} [colloquial] :: shorty (a short person)
baixio {m} :: sandbank, shoal
baixista {mf} [musician] /ba(j).ˈʃis.tɐ/ :: bassist (musician who plays a bass instrument)
baixista {mf} [finance] :: bear (investor who sells commodities, securities or futures in anticipation of a fall in prices)
baixo {adj} /ˈbaj.ʃu/ :: low
baixo {adj} :: short
baixo {m} [musical instrument] :: bass (instrument that plays in the bass range)
baixo {m} [by extension] :: bassist (musician who plays the bass)
baixo {m} :: depression, hollow (of land or an object)
baixo {m} [plural] :: basement (of a house)
baixo alemão {m} [linguistics] :: Low German; Low Saxon (West Germanic language spoken in northern Germany and in the eastern Netherlands)
Baixo Egito {prop} {m} [Egyptology] :: Lower Egypt (northern part of ancient Egypt)
baixo-relevo {m} [sculpture] :: bas relief (a low or mostly-flat sculpture)
baixo saxão {m} :: Low Saxon (language or language group)
baixíssimo {adj} :: very low or short
Baja California {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Baixa Califórnia
Baja Califórnia {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Baixa Califórnia
bajulado {v} :: past participle of bajular
bajulador {m} :: sycophant; flatterer (one who flatters)
bajulando {v} :: gerund of bajular
bajulação {f} :: flattery; fawning
bajulação {f} :: adulation
bajular {v} :: to flatter, to fawn
bajular {v} :: to adulate
bakelite {f} :: alternative spelling of baquelite
baksheesh {m} [rare] :: baksheesh (bribe or tip paid to speed up services in the Middle East and SW Asia)
Baku {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Bacu
balé {m} :: ballet (classical form of dance)
bala {f} /ˈba.lɐ/ :: bullet, projectile (part of the ammunition for firearms)
bala {f} [Brazil] :: candy, sweet
bala {f} [Brazil, slang] :: ecstasy pill
balaõ {m} :: obsolete spelling of balão
balaclava {f} :: balaclava (headgear)
balada {f} /bɐ.ˈla.ðɐ/ :: ballad
balada {f} :: ballade
balada {f} [Brazil, colloquial] :: party
baladeira {f} :: slingshot (device for shooting small projectiles)
bala dum-dum {f} :: dum dum bullet (hollow bullet designed to pierce bullet-proof vests)
balaio {m} :: hamper (large basket)
balalaica {f} :: alternative spelling of balalaika
balalaika {f} [musical instruments] /ˌˈlaj.kɐ/ :: balalaika (Russian string instrument)
balança {f} /bɐ.ˈlɐ̃.sɐ/ :: balance
balança {f} :: scales (device for weighing goods for sale)
Balança {prop} {f} [Portugal] :: Libra (zodiac sign)
bala na agulha {f} [slang, idiom] :: ballsiness, toughness, courage
balançado {v} :: past participle of balançar
balançando {v} :: gerund of balançar
balançar {v} /bɐlɐ̃ˈsaɾ/ :: to swing; to rock, sway
balançar {v} :: to balance
balancé {m} /ˌba.lɐ̃.ˈsɛ]/ :: seesaw (structure)
balanceado {adj} :: balanced
balancear {vt} :: to balance (all senses)
balanco {m} :: animated oat (Avena sterilis, a species of grass weed)
balanite {f} [medicine] :: balanitis (inflammation of penis)
balanço {m} /ba.ˈlɐ̃.su/ :: swing (hanging seat)
balanço {m} :: sway (swaying motion)
balanço {m} [music, colloquial] :: rhythm (variation of strong and weak elements of sounds)
balanço {m} :: a scrupulous examination
balanço {m} [accounting] :: balance (list accounting for debits and credits)
balanço {m} :: equilibrium (condition of a system in which competing influences are balanced)
balanço de probabilidades {m} [legal] :: balance of probabilities (standard requiring that a dispute be decided in favour of the party whose claims are more likely to be true)
bala perdida {f} :: stray bullet (bullet that misses its target and risks hitting something else)
balar {v} :: to baa; to bleat (of sheep: to make its characteristic cry)
balaústre {m} :: banister (one of the vertical supports of a handrail)
balastro {m} :: ballast (material laid to form a bed for a road)
balaustrada {f} [architecture] :: balustrade (row of balusters)
Balbinos {prop} :: Balbinos (placename)
balbúrdia {f} :: pandemonium (an outburst; loud, riotous uproar)
balbuciação {f} :: babble (idle talk)
balbuciação {f} :: babble (inarticulate speech)
balbuciar {vi} :: babble (to utter words indistinctly)
balbuciar {vi} :: babble (to talk much)
balcanização {f} [political science] :: Balkanization (fragmentation of a region into several small states)
balcanizar {v} :: Balkanize (to break up a region)
balcânico {adj} :: Balkan (of or relating to the Balkan Peninsula)
balcão {m} :: counter
balcão {m} :: balcony
Balcãs {prop} {mp} :: alternative form of Bálcãs
baldaquino {m} [art, architecture] /baɫ.ðɐ.ˈ :: canopy, baldaquin
baldar {v} /baw.ˈda(ɾ)/ :: to make useless; to cause to fail
baldar {v} :: (Portugal, slang) to skive
balde {m} /ˈbaɫ.dɨ/ :: bucket (container)
baldeação {f} :: transference
baldeação {f} :: of liquids from one container to another
baldeação {f} :: of people or cargo from one vehicle to another
baldear {v} :: to pour liquids from a container to another
baldear {vi} :: change (to transfer people or cargo to another vehicle)
baldear {v} :: to wet, to water
baldear {v} :: to wash a ship's deck
baldear {v} :: to shake
baldear {v} [North Brazil] :: to vomit
baldear {v} :: to degrade morally
baldear {v} :: to fall
baldear {v} :: to lose one's job
Baldim {prop} :: Baldim (placename)
Baldrs draumar {prop} {m} [Nordic literature, rare] :: Baldrs draumar (eleventh book of the Poetic Edda)
baleação {f} :: whaling (practice of hunting whales)
balear {adj} :: Balearic
balear {v} /ˌba.le.ˈa(ʁ)/ :: to shoot
Baleares {prop} {fp} /ˌba.le.ˈɐ.ɾis/ :: Baleares (archipelago/and/autonomous community)
baleato {m} :: small or young whale
baleeiro {m} :: whaler (vessel or person)
baleia {f} /bɐ.ˈlɐj.ɐ/ :: whale (any of several species of large sea mammals of the order Cetacea, excluding smaller ones)
baleia {f} [derogatory] :: whale; land whale (a very obese woman)
baleia-anã {f} :: minke whale (balaenoptera acutorostrata or Balaenoptera bonaerensis)
baleia-assassina {f} :: killer whale
baleia-azul {f} :: blue whale
baleia-boreal {f} :: sei whale (Balaenoptera borealis, a rorqual whale)
baleia-comum {f} :: fin whale (Balaenoptera physalus, a rorqual whale)
baleia-fin {f} :: fin whale (Balaenoptera physalus, a rorqual whale)
baleia-franca {f} :: right whale (baleen whales belonging to the family Balaenidae)
baleia-jubarte {f} :: humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae)
baleia-piloto {f} :: pilot whale (either of two species of whale)
baleia-sei {f} :: sei whale (Balaenoptera borealis, a rorqual whale)
balela {f} [slang] :: lie
balela {f} [slang] :: nonsense talk
Bali {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Báli
balido {m} :: baa (bleating of sheep)
balinês {adj} :: Balinese (of, or relating to Bali, or its inhabitants, language)
balinês {m} :: Balinese (inhabitant of Bali)
balinês {m} :: Balinese (cat breed)
balir {v} :: alternative form of balar
balista {f} /ba.ˈlis.ta/ :: ballista (siege engine)
baliza {f} /bɐ.ˈli.zɐ/ :: boundary
baliza {f} [sports, Portugal] :: goal (an area into which the players attempt to put an object)
baliza {f} [nautical] :: buoy, marker
baliza {mf} :: person who goes ahead in a parade doing acrobatics with a baton: the baton twirler
ballaõ {m} :: obsolete spelling of balão
ballão {m} :: obsolete spelling of balão
Balneário Arroio do Silva {prop} :: Balneário Arroio do Silva (placename)
Balneário Barra do Sul {prop} :: Balneário Barra do Sul (placename)
Balneário Camboriú {prop} :: Balneário Camboriú (placename)
Balneário Gaivota {prop} :: Balneário Gaivota (placename)
Balneário Piçarras {prop} :: Balneário Piçarras (placename)
Balneário Pinhal {prop} :: Balneário Pinhal (placename)
Balneário Rincão {prop} :: Balneário Rincão (placename)
balão {m} /bɐ.ˈlɐ̃w̃/ :: balloon
balão {m} [chemistry] :: retort (flask used for distillation)
balão {m} [Brazil] :: roundabout (road junction)
balão {m} [Portugal, colloquial] :: breathalyzer
balão {m} [comics] :: speech bubble
balão {m} [football, slang] :: lob
balochi {m} :: Balochi (an Indo-Iranian language spoken in Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan)
balão de ar quente {m} :: hot-air balloon (a balloon-shaped aircraft filled with hot air.)
balofo {adj} [colloquial, pejorative] :: chubby
balofo {adj} :: spongy
balofo {adj} [figuratively] :: superficial, shallow
baloiço {m} :: alternative form of balouço
balão meteorológico {m} :: weather balloon (meteorological balloon)
balouçado {v} :: past participle of balouçar
balouçando {v} :: gerund of balouçar
balouçar {v} :: alternative form of balançar
balouço {m} :: swing
balãozinho {m} /ba.ˌlɐ̃w̃.ˈzi.ɲu/ :: diminutive of balão
balãozinho {m} :: balloon plant (Cardiospermum halicacabum, a tropical vine)
balípodo {m} [literary, rare] /ba.ˈli.po.du/ :: football; soccer (team sport)
balsa {f} :: ferry (boat)
balsamina {f} :: balsam (flowering plant of the genus Impatiens)
Balsa Nova {prop} {f} :: Balsa Nova (town/and/municipality)
balseiro {m} [nautical] :: waterman, boatman, ferryman
balseiro {m} :: winepress
balística {f} [physics] :: ballistics (science of the study of falling objects)
Baltimore {prop} {f} :: Baltimore (city)
baluarte {m} [figuratively] :: linchpin (central cohesive source of stability and security)
baluarte {m} :: bulwark (a defensive wall or rampart)
baluarte {m} :: bulwark (a defense or safeguard)
balun {m} :: balun (device that connects an unbalanced transmission to a balanced one)
balzaca {f} /ˈ :: a woman who is between 30 and 40 years old
balzaca {adj} [especially of a woman] :: between 30 and 40 years old
balzaquiano {adj} /ˈɐ.nu/ :: Balzacian (pertaining, related or similar to the writer Honoré de Balzac, his work or his style)
balzaquiano {adj} [of a person] :: over 30 years old
Bamaco {prop} {f} [uncommon] :: alternative spelling of Bamako
Bamako {prop} {f} :: Bamako (capital city)
bambara {m} /bɐ̃.ˈba.ɾɐ]/ :: Bambara (language)
bambi {m} [Brazil, pejorative, slang] :: gay, male homosexual
bambolê {m} :: hula hoop
bamboleado {v} :: past participle of bambolear
bamboleando {v} :: gerund of bambolear
bambolear {v} :: to waddle
bamboleio {m} :: swaying, rocking
bamboleio {m} :: waddling
bambu {m} /bɐ̃ˈbu/ :: bamboo
Bambuí {prop} :: Bambuí (placename)
bambual {m} :: canebrake
bambuzal {m} :: canebrake
bamdeira {f} :: obsolete spelling of bandeira
bamdeyra {f} :: obsolete spelling of bandeira
banal {adj} :: banal (common)
banal {adj} :: hackneyed (repeated too often)
banalidade {f} :: banality
banalidade {f} :: platitude
banalização {f} :: banalisation (the action of making something banal)
banalizar {vt} :: banalise (to make something banal)
banana {f} /bɐˈnɐnɐ/ :: banana (fruit)
banana {f} :: banana (plant)
banana {f} [colloquial] :: penis
banana {f} [Brazil, colloquial] :: bras d'honneur (obscene gesture)
banana {mf} [pejorative, slang] :: wimp (a weak or inconfident person)
Bananal {prop} :: Bananal (placename)
banana split {m} :: banana split (a dessert containing a banana cut in half)
bananeira {f} :: banana (plant)
bananeira {f} :: handstand (usually in the phrase plantar bananeira)
banca {f} :: stall (a small open-fronted shop)
banca {f} :: booth (a small stall for the display and sale of goods)
banca {f} :: newsstand (open stall where newspapers and magazines are on sale)
banca {f} :: jury (a group of people whose aim is to judge something)
bancada {f} :: workbench (sturdy table)
bancar {vt} /bɐ̃ᵑˈkaɾ/ :: to fund, to finance
bancar {v} [colloquial, copulative] :: to behave like [some kind of person], to play
bancarrota {f} :: bankruptcy (legally declared or recognized condition of insolvency)
banco {m} /ˈbɐ̃.ku/ :: bank (financial institution)
banco {m} :: bank (safe place for storage and retrieval of items)
banco {m} :: bench (long seat)
banco {m} [sports] :: bench (place where players of a sport sit when not playing)
banco {m} [hydrology] :: bank (a shallow area in a body of water)
banco {m} :: clipping of banco de dados
Banco Central Europeu {prop} {m} :: European Central Bank (central bank for the European Union)
banco de areia {m} :: shoal; sandbank (ridge of sand)
banco de dados {m} :: database (collection of information)
banco de igreja {m} :: pew (type of long bench used in churches)
bancário {adj} :: bank, banking (attributive)
banda {f} /ˈbɐ̃.dɐ/ :: band, stripe
banda {f} :: side
banda {f} [heraldiccharge] :: bend
banda {f} :: band (of people, musical, of frequencies)
banda cover {f} [music] :: cover band (band that only plays another band’s songs)
banda desenhada {f} :: comics
bandagem {f} :: bandage (medical binding)
band-aid {m} :: band-aid (adhesive bandage)
banda larga {f} [telecommunications] :: broadband (wide band of electromagnetic frequencies)
banda larga {f} [Internet] :: broadband (high-capacity internet connection)
bandalheira {f} :: dishonesty
bandalheira {f} :: horsetrading
bandalheira {f} :: racket
bandalho {m} :: scamp, rascal
bandana {f} :: bandana (piece of cloth worn as headgear)
bandarilha {f} [bullfighting] :: banderilla (stick with a sharp end used in bullfighting)
Bandar Seri Begawan {prop} {f} :: Bandar Seri Begawan (capital city)
banda sonora {f} [Portugal, cinema, television] :: soundtrack
banda sonora {f} :: speed bump
bandeide {m} :: alternative form of band-aid
bandeijão {m} :: common misspelling of bandejão
bandeira {f} /bɐ̃ˈdɐjɾɐ/ :: flag
bandeira {f} [historical] :: each journey or travel of the bandeirantes
bandeira {f} [figuratively] :: motto; ideal
bandeira {f} [figuratively] :: emblem
bandeira {f} [architecture] :: transom window (window above a door or another window)
Bandeira {prop} :: Bandeira (placename)
bandeira das quinas {f} [Portugal, colloquial] /bɐ̃.ˈdɐj.ɾɐ ðɐʃ ˈki.nɐʃ/ :: the national flag of Portugal
Bandeira do Sul {prop} :: Bandeira do Sul (placename)
bandeirante {mf} :: an European or European-descent explorer in the 17th century colonial Brazil
Bandeirante {prop} :: Bandeirante (placename)
Bandeirantes {prop} /ˌbɐ̃.de(j).ˈɾɐ̃.t͡ʃis/ :: Bandeirantes (town/and/municipality)
bandeja {f} /bɐ̃.ˈde.ʒɐ/ :: tray (object on which things are carried)
bandejão {m} :: A restaurant in a university
bandelete {f} :: alternative form of bandolete
bandera {f} :: eye dialect of bandeira
bandeyra {f} :: obsolete spelling of bandeira
bandicoot {m} :: bandicoot (small Australian marsupial of the family Peramelidae)
bandidagem {f} :: criminals, collectively
bandidagem {f} :: crime (criminal activity)
bandidinho {m} :: diminutive of bandido
bandido {m} /bɐ̃.ˈdi.ðu/ :: bandit
bandido {m} :: thug, gangster
bandido {m} :: criminal
banditismo {m} :: banditry, armed robbery
bando {m} [collective] /ˈbɐ̃.du/ :: band (group of people)
bando {m} [collective] :: flock, a large number of birds, especially gathered together for the purpose of migration
Bando dos Quatro {prop} {m} :: Gang of Four (leftist political faction)
bandolete {f} :: headband (curved, flexible accessory for holding one’s hair back)
bandolim {m} /bɐ̃.du.ˈlĩ/ :: mandolin (musical instrument)
bandêra {f} :: eye dialect of bandeira
Bandung {prop} {f} :: Bandung (provincial capital)
bang {m} [Brazil, slang, nonstandard] :: thingamajig, gizmo, thingy (something whose name is unknown)
bangalô {m} :: bungalow (small house or cottage)
Bangalore {prop} {f} :: Bangalore (state capital)
Bangkok {prop} {f} :: Bangkok (capital city)
Bangladeche {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Bangladesh
Bangladesh {prop} {m} :: Bangladesh (country)
bangladeshi {adj} :: Bangladeshi (of, from, or pertaining to Bangladesh)
bangladeshi {mf} :: Bangladeshi (person from Bangladesh or of Bangladeshi descent)
Bangladexe {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Bangladesh; adaptation of Bangladesh to Portuguese phonetics
bangue {interj} :: bang (verbal percussive sound)
Banguecoque {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Bangkok
banguela {adj} /bɐ̃ˈɡɛ.lɐ/ :: toothless (having no teeth)
banguela {mf} :: a toothless person
banguela {n} :: feminine noun of banguelo
banguelo {adj} :: alternative form of banguela
banguelo {m} :: alternative form of banguela
Bangui {prop} {f} :: Bangui (capital city)
banha {f} :: fat, grease
banha {f} :: a visibly fat part of the body
banhado {m} /ˈbɐ.ɲa.du/ :: swamp, marsh
banhando {v} :: gerund of banhar
banhar {vt} /bɐˈɲaɾ/ :: To bathe; to give a bath; to clean by using water
banhar {vt} [of an ocean or another water body] :: To bound the shore of a country, continent or other geographic region
banheira {f} /bɐ.ˈɲɐj.ɾɐ/ :: bathtub (a large container for holding water in which a person may bathe)
banheiro {m} [Brazil] /bɐˈɲɐjɾu/ :: bathroom
banheiro {m} [Portugal] :: lifeguard
banhista {mf} :: bather (one who bathes or swims)
banho {m} /ˈbɐ.ɲu/ :: bath (the act of bathing)
banho {m} :: the act of showering
banho {m} [Brazil] :: thrashing, bloodbath (heavy defeat)
banho de água fria {m} :: See: banho de água frio
banho de água fria {m} [figurative] :: a let-down, disappointment
banho de água fria {m} [figurative] :: eye-opener (a startling and shocking revelation)
banho de sangue {m} :: bloodbath (indiscriminate killing or slaughter)
banho de sol {m} :: sunbath (period of tanning)
banho-maria {m} :: bain-marie (cooking or heating something by putting its container in boiling water)
banho turco {m} :: Turkish bath (Middle Eastern style steam bath)
banhu {m} :: eye dialect of banho
baniana {f} :: banyan (type of loose gown worn in India)
baniane {m} :: alternative form of baniano
baniano {m} :: banyan (indian trader, merchant)
banido {adj} :: banned
banido {adj} :: banished
banimento {m} :: ban
banimento {m} :: banishment, exile
banir {v} /bɐ.ˈniɾ/ :: to ban, proscribe
banir {v} :: to banish, exile
banjo {m} [musical instruments] :: banjo (a musical instrument)
Banjul {prop} {f} :: Banjul (capital city)
banked slalom {m} :: banked slalom
banner {m} [Internet] :: banner (advertisement in a web page)
banqueiro {m} :: banker (one who conducts the business of banking)
banqueta {f} :: stool (a seat)
banquete {m} /bɐ̃.ˈke.tɯ/ :: feast, banquet (meal)
banqueteado {v} :: past participle of banquetear
banqueteando {v} :: gerund of banquetear
banquetear {v} :: to give, or take part in a banquet or feast
banquinho {m} :: diminutive of banco
banquisa {f} :: floe (a low, flat mass of floating ice)
banshee {f} [Irish folklore] :: banshee (a female spirit who warns of impending death)
banya {morf} :: banya (a Russian steam bath)
Banzaê {prop} :: Banzaê (placename)
banzo {m} /bˈɐ̃zu/ :: deep depression, intense nostalgia
banzo {adj} [Brazil] :: sad, thoughtful
banzo {m} :: flange; rung (of a ladder etc)
baço {m} /ˈ :: spleen
baço {adj} :: which has lost its lustre or shininess
baobá {m} :: baobab (Adansonia digitata, a large tree of tropical Africa)
baobab {m} :: alternative form of baobá
baobabe {m} :: alternative form of baobá
baptismo {m} :: superseded spelling of batismo
baptistério {m} :: alternative form of batistério
baptizado {m} :: superseded spelling of batizado
baptizado {adj} :: superseded spelling of batizado
baptizar {v} :: superseded spelling of batizar
baquelita {f} :: alternative form of baquelite
baquelite {f} :: Bakelite (a heat-resisting chemically inert resin)
baqueta {f} :: drumstick (stick to play drums)
bar {m} /ˈbaɾ/ :: pub; bar (establishment that serves alcoholic beverages primarily)
bar {m} :: bar (unit of pressure)
barafunda {f} :: swarm (a mass of people or animals in turmoil)
baralhado {v} :: past participle of baralhar
baralhando {v} :: gerund of baralhar
baralhar {v} :: to shuffle (cards)
baralhar {v} :: to muddle
baralho {m} /bɐˈɾa.ʎu/ :: deck (pack of playing cards)
baranga {f} [slang, pejorative] :: an ugly woman
baranga {adj} [slang, pejorative, a woman] :: ugly
baraço {m} :: twine (thin rope)
baraço {m} :: noose
baraço {m} :: tether
barata {f} :: cockroach
barata americana {f} :: American cockroach (Periplaneta americana, a species of cockroach)
barateado {v} :: past participle of baratear
barateando {v} :: gerund of baratear
baratear {v} :: to cheapen
baratear {v} :: to bargain
barateza {f} :: cheapness
baratinha {f} :: diminutive of barata
baratinho {adj} :: diminutive of barato
barato {adj} /bɐ.ˈɾa.tu/ :: cheap; inexpensive (low in price)
barato {adj} [by extension, colloquial] :: cheap; worthless (low in worth or quality)
barato {m} [Brazil, colloquial] :: fun (something that brings enjoyment)
barato {m} [Brazil, slang] :: high (period of excitement or relaxation caused by drug use)
barba {f} /ˈbaɾ.βɐ/ :: beard
Barba Azul {prop} {m} [French folklore] :: Bluebeard (nobleman who murders his wives)
barbacã {f} :: barbican (a tower at the entrance to a castle or fortified town)
Barbacena {prop} :: Barbacena (placename)
barbadiano {adj} :: Barbadian (of or relating to Barbados)
barbado {adj} :: bearded (having a beard)
Barbados {prop} {f} {mp} :: Barbados (island/and/country)
barbante {m} :: string
barbasco {m} :: figwort (plant of family Scrophulariaceae)
barbas de baleia {fp} :: baleen (plates in mouth of baleen whale)
barbatana {f} :: fin, flipper
barbeado {v} :: past participle of barbear
barbeador {m} :: shaver (electric razor)
barbeando {v} :: gerund of barbear
barbear {vtp} :: to shave (to remove someone’s or one’s own facial hair)
barbearia {f} :: barber shop (business which offers haircuts and shaving)
barbeiro {m} /bɐɾˈβɐjɾu/ :: barber (profession)
barbeiro {m} [slang] :: bad driver
barbeiro {m} :: kissing bug
barbeito {m} [agriculture] :: fallow (tilling of land without sowing it)
barbicha {f} :: stubble (short beard)
barbilho {m} [biology] :: barbel (whisker-like sensory organs of certain fish)
barbilho {m} :: a type of muzzle used to prevent animals from eating
barbilhão {m} [biology] :: barbel (whisker-like sensory organs of certain fish)
barbilhão {m} :: an appendix that hangs from the beak of certain birds
barbo {m} :: barbel (any freshwater fish of the genus Barbus)
Barbosa {prop} :: Barbosa (placename)
Barbosa {prop} {mf} :: surname
Barbosa Ferraz {prop} :: Barbosa Ferraz (town/and/municipality)
barbote {m} [historical] :: bevor (plate armour protecting the lower face and neck)
barbudo {adj} :: having a long beard
barca {f} /ˈbaɾkɐ/ :: boat
barca {f} :: barge
barca {f} :: barque
barcaça {f} [nautical] :: barge
Barcelona {prop} {f} :: Barcelona (city/regional capital)
Barcelos {prop} {f} /bɐɾˈsɛluʃ/ :: Barcelos (city/and/municipality)
Barcelos {prop} {mf} :: surname
barco {m} /ˈbaɾ.ku/ :: boat (water craft)
barco dragão {m} :: dragon boat (a type of boat raced in Chinese festivals)
barco-dragão {m} :: alternative spelling of barco dragão
barco salva-vidas {m} :: lifeboat (a boat to save shipwrecked people)
barda {f} :: hedge
bardana {f} :: burdock (any of the species of biennial thistles in the genus Arctium)
bardo {m} /ˈbaɾ.du/ :: bard
bardoto {m} :: hinny (hybrid offspring of a male horse and a female donkey)
Barein {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Bahrein
barganhar {vi} :: haggle (to argue for a better deal)
bar gay {m} :: gay bar (tavern or similar nightclub whose primary clientèle is homosexuals)
Bari {prop} {f} :: Bari (city/and/province)
bariónico {adj} :: alternative form of bariônico
bariônico {adj} [physics] :: baryonic
barião {m} [particle, Portugal] :: baryon (heavy subatomic particle)
Bariri {prop} :: Bariri (placename)
barista {mf} :: barista (person who serves in a coffee shop)
barlavento {m} /ˌbaɾ.lɐ.ˈvẽ.tu/ :: the direction from which the wind is blowing; windward side
barlavẽto {m} [obsolete] :: abbreviation of barlavento
Barém {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Bahrein
barman {m} /bɐɾˈmɛ̃/ :: barman, bartender
barômetro {m} :: barometer
Barnaul {prop} {f} :: Barnaul (city/regional capital)
barão {m} :: baron
Barão {prop} :: Barão (placename)
Barão de Antonina {prop} :: Barão de Antonina (placename)
Barão de Cocais {prop} :: Barão de Cocais (placename)
Barão de Cotegipe {prop} :: Barão de Cotegipe (placename)
Barão de Monte Alto {prop} :: Barão de Monte Alto (placename)
Barão do Triunfo {prop} :: Barão do Triunfo (placename)
barão-ladrão {m} [historical] :: robber baron (a feudal lord who charged exorbitant fees on travellers)
barão-ladrão {m} :: robber baron (morally questionable business tycoon)
barométrico {adj} :: barometric
baronato {m} :: barony
baronesa {f} :: baroness
baronete {m} :: baronet (hereditary title)
baronia {f} :: barony
baronial {adj} :: baronial
barqueiro {m} /bɐɾ.ˈkɐj.ɾu/ :: boatman (a man in charge of a small boat)
barquilha {f} [nautical] :: log (device for measuring the speed of a vessel)
barquinha {f} :: diminutive of barca
barquinha {f} :: alternative form of barquilha
barra {f} /ˈba.ʁɐ/ :: bar (solid object with uniform cross-section)
barra {f} :: bar, ingot
barra {f} :: cuff (the end of a pants leg, folded up)
barra {f} [typography] :: slash
barra {f} [heraldiccharge] :: bend sinister
Barra {prop} :: Barra (placename)
Barra {prop} :: Barra (placename)
Barra Bonita {prop} :: Barra Bonita (placename)
Barra Bonita {prop} :: Barra Bonita (placename)
barraca {f} /bɐ.ˈʁa.kɐ/ :: tent
barraca {f} :: hut
barraca {f} :: stall (at the fair)
barraca {f} :: sunshade
barracão {f} /ˌba.ʁa.ˈkɐ̃w̃/ :: shed
barracão {f} :: barrack
barraco {m} :: shack (crude hut)
barraco {m} [Brazil, slang] :: intense verbal conflict (maybe edging toward physical conflict), specially between two persons or sides and concerning personal matters, in the presence of more people
Barracão {prop} /ˌba.ʁa.ˈkɐ̃w̃/ :: Barracão (town/and/municipality)
Barracão {prop} :: Barracão (town/and/municipality)
barracuda {f} :: barracuda (large marine fish of the genus Sphyraena)
Barra da Estiva {prop} :: Barra da Estiva (placename)
barra de compasso {f} [music] :: bar line (vertical line across a staff)
barra de deslocamento {f} [computing, Portugal] :: scroll bar (graphical widget)
barra de endereço {f} [computing, graphical user interface] :: address bar (bar in a web browser that displays the address)
barra de estado {f} [computing, graphical user interface, Portugal] :: status bar (an information area typically found at the bottom of windows)
barra de ferramentas {f} [graphical user interface] :: toolbar (row of icons in a graphical user interface)
barra de rolagem {f} [computing, Brazil] :: scroll bar (graphical widget)
barra de status {f} [computing, graphical user interface, Brazil] :: status bar (an information area typically found at the bottom of windows)
Barra do Chapéu {prop} :: Barra do Chapéu (placename)
Barra do Choça {prop} :: Barra do Choça (placename)
Barra do Guarita {prop} :: Barra do Guarita (placename)
Barra do Jacaré {prop} {f} :: Barra do Jacaré (town/and/municipality)
Barra do Mendes {prop} :: Barra do Mendes (placename)
Barra do Piraí {prop} :: Barra do Piraí (placename)
Barra do Quaraí {prop} :: Barra do Quaraí (placename)
Barra do Ribeiro {prop} :: Barra do Ribeiro (placename)
Barra do Rio Azul {prop} :: Barra do Rio Azul (placename)
Barra do Rocha {prop} :: Barra do Rocha (placename)
Barra do Turvo {prop} :: Barra do Turvo (placename)
barra fixa {f} :: horizontal bar
Barra Funda {prop} :: Barra Funda (placename)
barragem {f} :: dam (structure placed across a flowing body of water)
barra lateral {f} [computing] :: sidebar (information placed at the side of a webpage)
Barra Longa {prop} {f} :: Barra Longa (placename)
Barra Mansa {prop} :: Barra Mansa (placename)
barramento {m} :: the act of barring (obstructing or prohibiting something)
barramento {m} :: bus (electrical conductor serving as a common connection for other circuits or components)
barranco {m} :: a dirt cliff, especially one at the edge of a river or road
barranco {m} :: gully (trench, ravine or narrow channel which was worn by water flow)
Barrancos {prop} /bɐˈʁɐ̃kuʃ/ :: Barrancos (village/and/municipality)
barraquinha {f} :: diminutive of barraca
barrar {v} :: to abate (to bar, to except)
barrar {v} :: to bar (to obstruct the passage of)
barrar {v} :: to debar (to exclude or shut out; to bar)
Barra Velha {prop} :: Barra Velha (placename)
barregã {f} /bɐ.ʁɨˈɣɐ̃/ :: concubine (a woman who lives with a man, but who is not a wife)
barreira {f} /bɐ.ˈʁɐj.ɾɐ/ :: barrier
barreira {f} :: hurdle
barreira hematoencefálica {f} [anatomy] :: blood-brain barrier (structure in the central nervous system)
barreira linguística {f} :: language barrier (barrier to communication)
Barreiras {prop} :: Barreiras (placename)
barreiro {m} /bɐˈʁɐjɾu/ :: slough (muddy area)
barreiro {m} :: clay pit (quarry where clay is extracted)
Barreiro {prop} {m} /bɐˈʁɐjɾu/ :: Barreiro (city/and/municipality)
Barreiro {prop} {mf} :: surname
barrete {m} :: cap (head covering)
Barretos {prop} :: Barretos (placename)
barrica {f} :: a keg for liquids
barricada {f} :: barricade (a barrier constructed across a road, especially as a military defence)
barrido {m} :: trumpet (the cry of an elephant)
barriga {f} /bɐ.ˈʁi.ɡɐ/ :: belly (abdomen)
barriga de aluguel {f} :: surrogate mother (woman who gives birth to a child not her own)
barril {m} /bɐ.ˈʁiɫ/ :: barrel (round vessel made from staves bound with a hoop)
barrilete {m} :: a small barrel
Barrinha {prop} :: Barrinha (placename)
barrir {vi} :: to trumpet (of an elephant: to make its characteristic call)
barrito {m} :: alternative form of barrido
barro {m} /ˈba.ʁu/ :: mud
barro {m} :: clay
barrão {m} :: boar (male pig)
Barro Alto {prop} :: Barro Alto (placename)
Barrocas {prop} :: Barrocas (placename)
Barroco {prop} {m} [art] :: Baroque (a style of art, music and architecture from the early modern era)
Barro Preto {prop} :: Barro Preto (placename)
Barros Cassal {prop} :: Barros Cassal (placename)
barroso {adj} :: muddy (full of mud)
Barroso {prop} :: Barroso (placename)
barrote {m} :: bar, crossbeam
barrote {m} :: bolt
Bartholomeu {prop} {m} :: obsolete spelling of Bartolomeu
Bartolomeu {prop} {m} /baʁ.ˌto.lo.ˈmew/ :: given name
Bartolomeu {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Bartholomew (one of the apostles)
barítono {m} :: baritone (male voice)
barítono {m} :: baritone (musical range)
Barueri {prop} :: Barueri (placename)
barulhento {adj} :: Making loud noises; noisy
barulhinho {m} /ba.ɾu.ˈʎi.ɲu/ :: diminutive of barulho
barulho {m} /bɐ.ˈɾu.ʎu/ :: noise (unwanted, cacophonous sounds)
basalisco {m} :: obsolete form of basilisco
basalto {m} /bɐ.ˈzaɫ.tu/ :: basalt (hard rock)
basco {m} [uncountable] /ˈbaʃ.ku/ :: Basque (language)
basco {m} :: Basque (member of the people)
basco {adj} :: Basque
base {f} /ˈbazɨ/ :: basis
base {f} :: base
base {f} [chemistry] :: base
base {f} :: groundwork
baseado {m} /ba.ˈzja.du/ :: joint (marijuana cigarette)
baseado {adj} :: based (on)
baseando {v} :: gerund of basear
basear {vt} :: to base (to be the basis of)
basear {v} [em, .pronominal] :: to be based on; to have as its basis
basebol {m} :: baseball
basebolista {mf} :: baseballer
base de dados {f} [computing] :: database (collection of information)
base de dados {f} [computing] :: database (software program)
basenji {m} :: Basenji (African breed of hunting dog)
bas fond {m} :: plebs (the common people, as a whole)
bas-fond {m} :: alternative spelling of bas fond
bashkir {m} :: alternative spelling of bachquir
bashkir {adj} :: alternative form of bachquir
Bashkortostão {prop} {m} :: Bashkortostão (republic)
basicamente {adv} :: basically
basidiomiceto {m} :: basidiomycete
basilar {adj} :: basic
Basileia {prop} {f} :: Basileia (city)
Basiléia {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Basileia
basilisco {m} :: basilisk (snake-like dragon type)
basílica {f} /bɐ.ˈɐ/ :: basilica (all senses)
basílico {m} :: basil (Ocimum basilicum, a herb used in cooking)
Basílio {prop} {m} /ba.ˈzi.lju/ :: given name
basquete {m} /bas.ˈkɛ.tʃi/ :: basketball (the sport)
basquetebol {m} /bas.ˌkɛ.tʃi.ˈbɔw/ :: basketball (the sport)
basquetebolista {mf} :: basketballer (basketball player)
basquetista {mf} :: alternative spelling of basquetebolista
Basquíria {prop} {f} :: Basquíria (republic)
bassê {mf} :: dachshund (breed of dog)
Basseterre {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Basse-Terre
Basse-Terre {prop} {f} :: Basse-Terre (capital city)
bassoira {f} :: obsolete form of vassoura
bassoura {f} [regional] :: alternative form of vassoura
basta {interj} /ˈbaʃ.tɐ/ :: enough
basta a cada dia o seu mal {proverb} :: sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof (today has provided enough to worry about)
bastando {v} :: gerund of bastar
bastante {adv} /bɐʃ.ˈtɐ̃.tɨ/ :: enough; sufficiently
bastante {adv} :: rather; fairly; quite
bastante {pron} :: many; a lot of; a large amount of
bastante {m} [with definite article o] :: enough things; a sufficient amount
bastante {adj} [chiefly legal] :: meeting requirements
bastar {v} /bɐʃˈtaɾ/ :: to suffice
bastar {v} :: to satisfy
bastardo {adj} /bɐʃ.ˈtaɾ.ðu/ :: bastard
bastardo {m} :: bastard
bastecendo {v} :: gerund of bastecer
bastecer {v} :: alternative form of abastecer
bastidor {m} :: frame, rack
bastidor {m} [theater] :: coulisse
bastidor {m} [theater, in the plural] :: wings (unseen areas on the side of the stage)
bastidor {m} [in the plural, also figuratively] :: backstage, behind the scenes
bastilha {f} :: bastille (castle tower, or fortified building; small citadel or fortress)
bastimento {m} :: alternative form of abastimento
bastião {m} :: bastion, bulwark
bastião {m} :: an old silver coin
bastir {v} :: to felt (a hat)
bastir {v} :: to pad, quilt
bastir {v} [archaic] :: to build
bastnasita {f} [mineral] :: bastnasite
bastão {m} /bɐʃ.ˈtɐ̃w̃/ :: stick (cylindrical form of material)
bastão {m} :: walking stick
bastão {m} :: wand
bastão {m} :: club (weapon)
bastão de beisebol {m} :: baseball bat
bastão de Esculápio {m} :: Aesculapian staff (symbol of the medical profession)
bastonário {m} :: president; chairperson (of a professional association)
Bastos {prop} :: Bastos (placename)
Bastos {prop} {mf} :: surname
batalha {f} /bɐ.ˈta.ʎɐ/ :: battle (general action, fight, or encounter; a combat)
Batalha {prop} {f} /bɐˈtaʎɐ/ :: Batalha (village/and/municipality)
batalha naval {m} :: See: batalha naval
batalha naval {m} :: battleship (guessing game)
batalhar {v} :: to battle, combat, war
batalhão {m} :: battalion
batalhão {m} :: swarm, crowd
batalhão de choque {m} [law enforcement] :: riot police (a unit of police trained to deal with riots)
batata {f} /bɐˈtatɐ/ :: potato
batata frita {f} :: chip; french fry (deep fried strip of potato)
batata frita {f} [uncountable] :: chips; french fries (deep fried strips of potato)
Batatais {prop} :: Batatais (placename)
batata suíça {f} :: rösti (Swiss dish of grated and cooked potatoes)
batatinha {f} :: diminutive of batata
batatinha {f} :: a small potato cultivar
batatinha {f} :: chips; french fries
batatinha frita {f} :: french fries (deep fried strips of potato)
batatona {f} /ˌba.ta.ˈto.nɐ/ :: augmentative of batata
batedeira {f} :: churn (vessel for churning)
batedeira {f} :: mixer (blender)
batedor {adj} :: beating, hitting
batedor {m} :: batter, batsman
batedor {m} :: scout
batedor {m} :: beater
batedor de carteira {m} :: pickpocket (one who steals from the pocket of a passerby)
batel {m} [nautical] /bɐˈtɛɫ/ :: (small) boat
batelada {f} :: load
batelada {f} [colloquial] :: loads, heaps (a large quantity)
batelão {m} [nautical] :: barge, lighter, hoy
batente {m} :: doorjamb
batente {m} :: knocker
bate-papo {m} [Brazil, colloquial] :: conversation (talking, exchanging of ideas)
bate-papo {m} [Brazil, by extension] :: chat (exchange of text or voice messages in real time)
bater {v} [em] /bɐ.ˈteɾ/ :: to beat; to beat up (to attack someone violently)
bater {v} [em, contra, -a reciprocal pronoun, .intransitive, .or] :: to hit; to strike (to collide with violently)
bater {vt} :: to crash (to cause something to collide)
bater {vt} :: to clap (to repeatedly strike two objects, especially the hands)
bater {v} [em, a] :: to knock on (to hit an object rhythmically in order to get someone’s attention)
bater {v} [em, .music] :: to beat (to play a percussion instrument)
bater {vt} :: to close something (such as a door or drawer) violently
bater {vt} [Brazil] :: to snap (to create a photograph)
bater {vt} [chiefly military] :: to scout (to explore a wide terrain)
bater {vt} [cooking] :: to whisk; to whip; to beat (to mix in a rapid aerating fashion)
bater {vt} :: to flail an object, such as a rug or piece of clothing, in order to remove dust or water from it
bater {vt} [Brazil, colloquial, impersonal] :: to get a feeling, especially one that is not very strong
bater {v} [para] :: to rush to (to go somewhere very fast)
bater {v} [em] :: to shine on (of a light); to be cast over (of a shadow)
bater {vi} :: of the heart: to beat; to pulsate
bater {vt} :: to beat; to flutter; to flap (to move one’s wings)
bater {vt} :: to beat; to defeat
bater {vt} :: to beat (to achieve a better value than)
bater {v} [em] :: to reach a value
bater {v} [em, .pronominal] :: to struggle (with) (to have difficulty in doing something)
bater {v} [com] :: to match (to be equal or corresponding)
bater {vt} [association football] :: to perform a game-restarting kick (such as a penalty kick or free kick)
bater {vt} [Brazil, slang] :: to pick; to pickpocket (to steal something by sleight of hand)
bater {v} [em] :: of a special occasion: to occur in a given date
bater {vi} [combat sports] :: to tap out (to punch or tap the floor, indicating submission)
bater {vt} :: to lock a padlock
batera {f} [slang, musical instrument] :: alternative form of bateria
batera {mf} [slang, musician] :: drummer (person who plays the drums)
bater a caçoleta {v} [idiomatic] :: To die
bater as botas {v} [idiomatic, euphemistic, colloquial] :: to give up the ghost; kick the bucket (to die)
bater bem {vi} [colloquial] :: to be sane
bater bola {v} [idiom] :: to play association football
bater cara {v} [idiom, childish] :: to close one's eyes and count, for the purposes of a children's game such as hide-and-seek
bater com as doze {v} [idiomatic] :: To die
bateria {f} :: battery (group of electrochemical cells used to power electric devices)
bateria {f} [military] :: battery (coordinated group of artillery weapons)
bateria {f} [figurative] :: a series of coordinated actions
bateria {f} [musical instrument] :: drum kit; drum set; drums (collection of drums and other percussion instruments played as a unit)
baterista {mf} [music] :: drummer (one who plays the drums)
bater na porta {v} :: alternative form of bater à porta
bater na porta errada {v} :: alternative form of bater à porta errada
bater o pé {v} [idiom] :: to insist (to demand continually)
bater palma {v} :: to clap; to applaud
bater palmas {v} :: alternative form of bater palma
bater papo {vi} [colloquial] :: to chat; to talk; to engage in a conversation
bater à porta {v} :: [de, -a possessive pronoun before porta, .idiomatic] to knock on someone's door (of a bad situation: to present itself to someone)
bater à porta {v} :: See: bater à porta
bater à porta errada {v} [idiomatic] :: to bark up the wrong tree (to take the wrong approach)
bater punheta {v} [slang] :: to wank; to jerk off; to masturbate
bater um fio {v} [slang] :: to make a phone call
Bate-Seba {prop} {f} [biblical character] :: Bathsheba (wife of Uriah and later of David)
batida {f} :: act of beating
batida {f} :: beat (of music, or heartbeat)
batida {f} [militar] :: reconnaissance
batidinha {f} :: diminutive of batida
batik {m} :: alternative form of batique
batimento {m} :: beat (pulsation or throb)
batimento {m} :: scout (act of scouting an area)
batimento cardíaco {m} :: heartbeat
batimetria {f} :: bathymetry (the measurement of the depths of the seas)
batimétrico {adj} :: bathymetric
batina {f} /bɐˈtinɐ/ :: cassock
batina {f} :: academic gown
batique {m} :: batik (a method of dyeing fabric)
batiscafo {m} :: bathyscaphe (self-propelled deep-sea submersible)
batismal {adj} :: baptismal
batismo {m} /ba.ˈtiʒ.mu/ :: baptism
batismo de fogo {m} [idiomatic] :: baptism of fire (the first experience of a severe ordeal)
batista {adj} /ba.ˈt(ʃ)is.tɐ/ :: Of, relating to, or adhering to the Baptist religious denomination
batista {mf} :: Baptist
batista {mf} :: baptist (one who baptizes)
batistério {m} :: baptistry
batizado {m} /ba.ti.ˈza.ðu/ :: baptism
batizado {adj} :: baptized
batizado {v} :: past participle of batizar
batizando {v} :: gerund of batizar
batizar {v} /bɐ.ti.ˈzaɾ/ :: to baptise
batizar {v} :: to christen
Batman {prop} {f} :: Batman (province)
Batman {prop} {f} :: Batman (city/provincial capital)
batímetro {m} :: bathometer
batom {m} /bɐ.ˈtõ/ :: lipstick (make-up for the lips)
batometria {f} :: alternative form of batimetria
batométrico {adj} :: alternative form of batimétrico
batoque {m} :: bung-hole
batoque {m} :: spigot
batota {f} :: cheating (at cards etc)
batráquio {m} [zoology] /ba.ˈtɾa.kju/ :: batrachian (a frog or toad)
batráquio {m} :: idiot; moron; twat (stupid person)
batucar {vi} :: drum (to beat a drum)
batucar {vit} :: drum (to beat with a rapid succession of strokes)
batuiruçu {m} :: American golden plover (Pluvialis dominic, a migratory plover of the Americas)
batuque {m} [musical instrument] :: type of African drum
batuque {m} [by extension, dance] :: type of dance accompanied by this instrument
batuta {f} [music] :: baton (conductor’s stick)
batuta {adj} [Brazil, colloquial] :: great; amazing; awesome
Batávia {prop} {f} [historical] :: Batávia (former colony)
Batávia {prop} {f} :: Batávia (historical region)
Batávia {prop} {f} :: Batávia (former country)
bauaçu {mf} :: rare form of babaçu
baud {m} [computing, telecommunications] :: baud (a rate defined as the number of signalling events per second)
baunilha {f} :: vanilla
Bauru {prop} :: Bauru (placename)
bauxita {f} [mineral] :: bauxite
bauzinho {m} /ba.ˌu.ˈzi.ɲu/ :: diminutive of baú
Baviera {prop} {f} :: Baviera (state)
Bavária {prop} {f} /ba.ˈva.ɾjɐ/ :: alternative form of Baviera
baxá {m} :: alternative form of paxá
baxâ {m} :: obsolete form of paxá
bayesiano {adj} [probability, statistics] :: Bayesian (of or pertaining to the methods created by Thomas Bayes)
bazar {m} /bɐ.ˈzaɾ/ :: bazaar (marketplace)
bazófia {f} /ba.ˈzɔ.fja/ :: excessive pride, bragging
bazuca {f} /ba.ˈzu.ka/ :: bazooka (weapon)
bê-á-bá {m} /beaˈba/ :: basics, ABCs
bêbado {adj} :: drunk; under the influence of alcohol
bêbado {m} :: one who is under the influence of alcohol
bêbado {m} :: one who is frequently under the influence of alcohol; a drunk
bêbado como um gambá {adj} [simile] :: pissed as a newt (extremely drunk)
BBB {prop} {m} :: Big Brother Brasil, the Brazilian version of the reality show Big Brother
BBB {mf} :: A participant in the show Big Brother Brasil
bêbedo {adj} /ˈbe.βɨ.ðu/ :: drunk, intoxicated
bóbi {m} :: alternative form of bobe
bíblia {f} /ˈbiβljɐ/ :: bible
bíblia {f} [figurative] :: a very extensive, often complex, book or text
bíblia {f} [figurative] :: a praised or well regarded book or text
Bíblia {prop} {f} [Christianity] /ˈbi.βljɐ/ :: Bible (Christian holy book)
bíblico {adj} :: biblical
BC {prop} {m} :: initialism of Central Bank of Brazil
búcaro {m} :: alternative form of púcaro
BCE {prop} {m} :: initialism of Banco Central Europeu
bíceps {m} [anatomy] :: biceps (any muscle having two heads)
bíceps braquial {m} [anatomy] :: biceps brachii (flexor muscle in the upper arm)
béchamel {m} :: béchamel sauce (white sauce made with butter, flour and milk)
bócio {m} [pathology] :: goitre (enlargement of the neck caused by inflammation of the thyroid gland)
bácoro {m} /ˈba.ku.ɾu/ :: piglet, suckling pig
Báctria {prop} {f} :: Báctria (historical region)
báculo {m} /ˈ :: crosier of a bishop
bãdeira {f} [obsolete] :: abbreviation of bandeira
bãdeyra {f} [obsolete] :: abbreviation of bandeira
búdico {adj} :: Buddhic
beça {f} :: only in à beça
beagle {mf} :: beagle (small breed of dog)
beata {f} [colloquial] :: butt, stub (of a cigarette)
beata {f} :: feminine noun of beato
beatificar {vt} [Roman Catholicism] :: beatify (take step in declaring a person a saint)
beatnik {mf} :: beatnik (person associated with the Beat Generation of the 1950s and 1960s)
Beatriz {prop} {f} /ˌbe.a.ˈtɾis/ :: given name
bebé {m} [Portugal] /bɛˈβɛ/ :: baby
bebê {m} [Brazil] /beˈbe/ :: baby
bebedeira {f} [uncountable] /ˈdej.ɾa/ :: drunkenness (state of being drunk)
bebedeira {f} :: binge drinking
bebedice {f} :: drunkenness
bebedice {f} :: alcoholism
bebedice {f} :: binge
bebedor {m} :: drinker (someone who drinks)
bebedor {m} :: water fountain (device that dispenses drinking water)
bebedouro {m} :: drinking fountain (device used to provide drinking water)
Bebedouro {prop} :: Bebedouro (placename)
bebemorado {v} :: past participle of bebemorar
bebemorando {v} :: gerund of bebemorar
bebemorar {v} :: to drink (usually alcoholic beverages) in celebration of something
beber {vt} /bɨ.ˈβeɾ/ :: to drink (something)
beber {vi} :: to consume alcoholic beverages
beber {vi} :: to drink something
beber como uma esponja {v} [simile] :: to drink like a fish (to drink a lot of alcohol)
bebericado {v} :: past participle of bebericar
bebericando {v} :: gerund of bebericar
bebericar {v} :: to sip
beberrão {m} :: drunkard (person who is habitually drunk)
bebida {f} /bɨˈβiðɐ/ :: drink
bebido {adj} [colloquial] :: drunk, tipsy (under the influence of alcohol)
bebum {mf} :: drunk (drinker)
bebível {adj} :: drinkable
bebêzinho {f} :: little baby
bebêzinho {f} :: cute baby
beca {f} /ˈbɛ.kɐ/ :: gown (official robe)
beca {f} [colloquial, Portugal] :: a bit (small quantity)
becape {m} [computing] :: backup (copy of file or record)
Bechuanalândia {prop} {f} [historical] :: Bechuanaland (former name for Botswana)
Beócia {prop} {f} :: Beócia (regional unit)
beócio {adj} :: Boeotian (of, from or relating to Boeotia)
beócio {adj} :: Boeotian (stupid, foolish)
beócio {m} :: Boeotian (inhabitant of Boeotia)
beócio {m} :: Boeotian (simpleton)
beck {m} :: alternative spelling of beque
beco {m} /ˈbe.ku/ :: alley
beco sem saída {m} :: dead end (a path that goes nowhere)
beco sem saída {m} :: dead-end (the end of a road)
beco sem saída {m} [figurative] :: stalemate (blocked situation without personal loss)
beduína {f} :: feminine noun of beduíno
beduíno {m} :: bedouin (desert-dweller)
Beemôt {prop} {m} [Bible] :: behemoth (mighty beast in the Book of Job)
bege {m} /ˈbɛ.ʒ(i)/ :: beige (colour)
begónia {f} [European orthography] :: begonia (any of the flowering plants of the genus Begonia)
begônia {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of begónia
bei {m} :: bey (governor of a Turkish dominion)
beibidol {n} :: babydoll; baby doll ‎(a style of women's nightdress or underdress)
beicinho {m} /bɐj.ˈsi.ɲu/ :: pout
beija-flor {mf} :: hummingbird
beijar {v} /bej.ˈʒaɾ/ :: to kiss
beijar de língua {v} :: to French kiss
beijinho {m} /be(j).ˈʒi.ɲu/ :: small kiss, peck
beijo {m} /ˈbɐj.ʒu/ :: kiss (touch with the lips)
beijoca {f} :: peck (short kiss)
beijo de língua {m} :: French kiss
beijoqueiro {adj} /be(j).ʒo.ˈke(j).ɾu/ :: who likes to kiss a lot
beijoqueiro {m} :: someone who likes to kiss a lot
beiju {m} :: Any of several types of cake or sweet biscuit made from corn meal or cassava
beijupirá {m} :: cobia (Rachycentron canadum)
beim {adv} :: eye dialect of bem
beiço {m} [chiefly pejorative, colloquial] /ˈbɐjsu/ :: lip
beirã {f} :: feminine noun of beirão
beira {f} /ˈbɐj.ɾɐ/ :: edge, margin, border
Beira {prop} {f} :: a historical comarca (administrative division) in central Portugal, roughly encompassing the districts of Castelo Branco, Viseu, Guarda, Coimbra and Aveiro
beirado {m} [architecture] :: eaves (underside of a roof)
beiral {m} [architecture] :: eaves (underside of a roof)
beira-mar {morf} :: seashore
beirando {v} :: gerund of beirar
beirar {vt} :: to border; to skirt (to be on the edge of something)
beirar {vt} :: to border on (to be almost like)
beirar {vt} :: to be almost; to be nearly
beirão {m} :: a native of Beira (historical region of Portugal)
beirão {adj} :: of or pertaining to Beira (historical region of Portugal)
beiroa {n} :: feminine noun of beirão
Beirute {prop} {f} /bej.ˈɾu.tʃi/ :: Beirute (capital city)
beisebol {m} :: baseball
beisebolista {mf} :: baseballer
Beja {prop} {f} /ˈbɛʒɐ/ :: Beja (district)
Beja {prop} {f} :: Beja (city/and/municipality)
belê {interj} [Brazil, colloquial] :: all right? okay? clipping of beleza (asks if the interlocutor understood or agrees with an instruction, warning or statement)
Bela {prop} {f} :: given name
beladona {f} /ˌbɛ.lɐˈdo.nɐ/ :: belladonna, deadly nightshade (Atropa belladonna)
belamente {adv} :: In context of beauty; beautifully
Belarmino {prop} {m} :: given name
Belarmino {prop} {m} :: surname, the 1,068th most common surname in Brazil
Belarus {prop} {f} :: Belarus (country)
belas artes {fp} :: fine arts (purely aesthetic arts)
belas-letras {fp} :: belles-lettres (literary works valued for their aesthetic qualities)
Bela Vista da Caroba {prop} {f} :: Bela Vista da Caroba (town/and/municipality)
Bela Vista de Minas {prop} :: Bela Vista de Minas (placename)
Bela Vista do Paraíso {prop} {f} :: Bela Vista do Paraíso (town/and/municipality)
Bela Vista do Toldo {prop} :: Bela Vista do Toldo (placename)
beldade {f} :: beauty; belle (beautiful female)
beldroega {f} :: purslane (a plant of the family Portulacaceae, especially Portulaca oleracea)
beleuza {interj} [familiar] :: alternative form of beleza; alrighty
beleza {f} /bɨ.ˈle.zɐ/ :: beauty (the condition of being beautiful)
beleza {f} :: beauty (a beautiful thing or person)
beleza {interj} [Brazil, colloquial] :: what's up? (informal greeting)
beleza {interj} [Brazil, colloquial] :: all right? okay? (asks if the interlocutor understood or agrees with an instruction, warning or statement)
beleza {interj} [Brazil, colloquial] :: all right (indicates consent or agreement)
beleza {interj} [Brazil, colloquial] :: a response to the greeting “Beleza?”
Belfast {prop} {f} :: Belfast (capital city)
Belford Roxo {prop} :: Belford Roxo (placename)
belga {adj} /ˈbɛɫ.ɣɐ/ :: Belgian (of, from or pertaining to Belgium)
belga {mf} :: Belgian (person from Belgium)
Belgorod {prop} {f} :: Belgorod (oblast)
Belgorod {prop} {f} :: Belgorod (city/regional capital)
Belgrado {prop} {f} :: Belgrado (capital city)
beliche {m} :: bunk bed (two or more beds fixed on top of one another)
belicista {mf} :: bellicist; warmonger (one who advocates war)
belicista {adj} :: relating to bellicism; advocating war
belicoso {adj} :: bellicose
beligerante {adj} :: belligerent
beliscar {vt} :: to pinch (to squeeze a small amount of skin)
beliz {adj} /bɨ.ˈliʃ/ :: devilish
beliz {adj} :: clever, sagacious
Belize {prop} {mf} :: Belize (country)
belizenho {adj} :: Belizean (pertaining to Belize)
belizenho {m} :: Belizean (person from Belize)
bellico {adj} :: obsolete spelling of bélico
bello {adj} :: superseded spelling of belo
Belém {prop} {f} /be.ˈlẽj̃/ :: Belém (city)
Belém {prop} {f} :: Belém (city/state capital)
Belém {prop} {f} :: Belém (parish)
Belém {prop} {f} [politics, Portugal] :: clipping of Palácio Nacional de Belém (Belém Palace, residency of the Portuguese president)
Belém do São Francisco {prop} :: Belém do São Francisco (placename)
Belmiro Braga {prop} :: Belmiro Braga (placename)
Belmonte {prop} {m} /ˌbɛɫˈmõt(ɨ)/ :: Belmonte (village/and/municipality)
Belmonte {prop} {m} :: Belmonte (town/and/municipality)
Belmonte {prop} {m} :: Belmonte (village/and/municipality)
Belmopan {prop} {f} :: Belmopan (capital city)
belo {adj} /ˈbɛ.lu/ :: beautiful; attractive (having beauty)
Belo Campo {prop} :: Belo Campo (placename)
Belo Horizonte {prop} :: Belo Horizonte (Belo Horizonte)
Belo Oriente {prop} :: Belo Oriente (placename)
Belo Vale {prop} :: Belo Vale (placename)
belíssimo {adj} :: very beautiful; stunning
beltrano {m} :: random (unimportant person)
beltrano {m} :: third placeholder name in a list
beluga {f} :: beluga (cetacean, Delphinapterus leucas)
belveder {m} :: alternative form of belvedere
belvedere {m} [architecture] /ˌbɛw.veˈdɛ.ɾi/ :: belvedere (raised structure offering a pleasant view of the surrounding area)
belver {m} :: alternative form of belvedere
Belzebu {prop} {m} :: Beelzebub
bem {adv} /bɐ̃j̃/ :: well; accurately; competently
bem {adv} :: well; fairly; rather (to a significant degree)
bem {adv} [familiar] :: very; really (to a high degree)
bem {adv} :: well; all right; fine; OK (healthy; not wounded or sick)
bem {adv} :: well; all right; fine; OK (feeling good)
bem {adv} :: fairly; justly (in a fair manner)
bem {adv} :: exactly; right on
bem {interj} :: used to express approval
bem {interj} :: well (used to introduce a new sentence, idea or line of thought)
bem {m} [chiefly narratology] :: good (the ensemble of forces that conspire for good, as opposed to evil)
bem {m} :: good; property (item that is owned by a person)
bem {m} [usually with a possessive pronoun] :: darling; dear (term of address for a loved one)
bem-afeiçoado {adj} :: good-looking (attractive)
bem-apessoado {adj} :: good-looking (attractive)
bem-assombrado {adj} [nonce word] :: haunted by a benign spirit
bem-aventurado {adj} /bẽŋ.a.vẽ.tu.ˈɾa.du/ :: blessed
bem-aventurado {m} :: saint
bem-aventurado {m} :: a happy and prosperous person
bem-disposto {adj} :: good-humoured, in a good mood
bem-disposto {adj} :: well (in good health)
bem durável {m} [economics] :: durable good (good that yields utility over time)
bem-estar {m} :: well-being (state of health, happiness and/or prosperity)
bem-falante {mf} /ˈbẽj̃ fa.ˈlɐ̃.t͡ʃi/ :: someone who speaks correctly and with fluency
bem feito {phrase} :: serves me/you/him/her/us/them right (indicates that an unpleasant consequence was deserved)
bem haja {interj} :: expresses contentment or gratitude
bem-intencionado {adj} :: well-meaning (with good intentions)
bem maior {m} :: greater good (benefit of the public)
bemol {adj} [music, note] /beˈmɔɫ/ :: flat (lowered by one semitone)
bemol {m} [music] :: flat (note played a semitone lower than a natural)
bem passado {adj} [idiomatic] :: well done (well cooked)
bem que {adv} :: Used to suggest a new idea that might change the previous course of events
bem-sucedido {adj} /bɐ̃j̃.su.sɨ.ˈði.ðu/ :: successful (resulting in success)
bem-vinda {interj} [said to a woman] :: welcome
bem-vindas {interj} [said to a group of women] :: welcome
bem-vindo {adj} /bɐ̃j̃.ˈvĩ.du/ :: welcome (whose arrival is a cause of joy)
bem-vindo {interj} :: welcome
bem-vindos {interj} [said to a group with at least one man or whose sexes are unknown or irrelevant] :: welcome
Benavente {prop} {f} /bɨnɐˈvẽt(ɨ)/ :: Benavente (village/and/municipality)
Benavente {prop} {mf} :: surname
bend {m} [music, electric guitar] /ˈbẽd͡ʒ/ :: bend (change in pitch produced by bending a string)
bendição {f} :: blessing (divine or supernatural aid or reward)
bendito {adj} :: blessed; holy (worthy of worship)
bendizer {v} :: to bless (to confer blessing on)
Benedicto {prop} {m} [chiefly obsolete] :: alternative form of Benedito
beneditino {m} :: Benedictine (monk)
Benedito {prop} {m} /ˌˈd͡ʒi.tu/ :: given name
Benedito Novo {prop} :: Benedito Novo (placename)
benefício {m} /bɨ.nɨ.ˈfi.sju/ :: benefit
benefício {m} :: advantage
benefício {m} :: profit, gain
benefício {m} :: boon, good
benefício da dúvida {m} :: benefit of the doubt (a favourable judgement given in the absence of full evidence)
beneficente {m} :: benefit (event to raise funds)
beneficente {adj} :: which benefits
beneficente {adj} :: which is undertaken to raise funds
beneficiamento {m} :: improvement, amelioration
beneficiamento {m} :: processing (industrial)
beneficiando {v} :: gerund of beneficiar
beneficiar {v} /bɨ.nɨ.fi.ˈsjaɾ/ :: to benefit, profit
beneficiar {v} :: to advantage
beneficiar {v} :: to avail
beneficiência {f} :: alternative form of beneficência
beneficio {m} :: obsolete spelling of benefício
beneficiário {m} :: beneficiary
beneficiário {m} :: recipient
beneficência {f} :: beneficence
beneficência {f} :: charity
beneficência {f} :: philanthropy
benemérita {f} /ˈmɛ.ɾi.tɐ/ :: feminine noun of benemérito
benemérito {m} :: contributor (a benefactor; someone who gives to charity or some cause)
Benevento {prop} {f} /ˌˈvẽ.tu/ :: Benevento (city/and/province)
benevolente {adj} :: benevolent
benevolência {f} :: benevolence
benfeitor {m} :: benefactor
benfeitoria {f} :: betterment, improvement
benfeitoria {f} :: boon, benefit
benfeitorizante {adj} :: bettering, improving
benéfico {adj} :: beneficial (helpful or good to something or someone)
benga {f} [slang] :: penis
bengala {f} /bẽ.ˈɡa.lɐ/ :: stick (cane or walking stick)
Bengala {prop} {f} :: Bengala (traditional region)
Bengala Ocidental {prop} {f} :: Bengala Ocidental (state)
bengaleiro {m} :: cloakroom
bengali {mf} /bẽ.ˈɡ :: Bengali (person from Bengal)
bengali {mf} :: Bengali (language)
bengali {adj} :: Bengali (of, or pertaining to Bengal)
Bengasi {prop} {f} :: Bengasi (city)
benignidade {f} /ˈda.d(ʒ)i/ :: benignity, generosity, benevolence
benignidade {f} :: goodness, kindness, affability, indulgence
benignidade {f} [medicine] :: a disease that is not malign or otherwise serious
benigno {adj} :: benign (kind, gentle, mild)
benigno {adj} [medicine] :: benign (not posing any serious threat to health)
Benim {prop} {m} :: Benim (country)
beninense {adj} :: Beninese (of, from, or pertaining to Benin)
beninense {mf} :: Beninese (person from Benin)
benjamim {m} :: lastborn
benjamim {m} [regional, Southeast Brazil] :: adaptor (device allowing more plugs at a socket)
Benjamim {prop} {m} [biblical] :: Benjamin (the youngest son of Jacob)
Benjamim {prop} {m} :: given name
Benjamin Constant do Sul {prop} :: Benjamin Constant do Sul (placename)
bençoens {n} :: obsolete spelling of bênções
bençoẽs {n} :: obsolete spelling of bênções
benquisto {adj} :: esteemed
bens {mp} /ˈbɐ̃j̃ʃ/ :: goods
benta {f} /ˈbẽ.ta/ :: feminine noun of bento
benta {f} [Portugal] :: a nasty looking boil or wart
bento {adj} /ˈbẽ.tu/ :: holy, sacred
bento {m} :: Benedictine monk
Bento {prop} {m} /ˈbẽ.tu/ :: given name
Bento de Abreu {prop} :: Bento de Abreu (placename)
Bento Gonçalves {prop} :: Bento Gonçalves (placename)
benvindo {interj} :: common misspelling of bem-vindo
Benvindo {prop} {mf} /bɐ̃j̃.ˈvĩ.du/ :: given name; Portuguese equivalent of Welcome
benévolo {adj} :: benevolent
benzendo {v} :: gerund of benzer
benzeno {m} [organic compound] /bẽ.ˈ :: benzene
benzer {v} /bẽ.ˈzeɾ/ :: to bless, consecrate, sanctify
benzido {v} :: past participle of benzer
benzimento {m} :: the act of blessing someone or something
benzina {f} :: petrol, gasoline
benzinho {m} :: diminutive of bem
benzinho {m} :: honey (a term of affection)
benzílico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: benzylic
benzoar {m} :: alternative form of bezoar
benzoato de sódio {m} [chemistry] :: sodium benzoate (the sodium salt of benzoic acid)
benzoico {adj} :: benzoic (pertaining to, or obtained from, benzoin)
benzoico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: benzoic (derived from benzoic acid or its derivatives)
beque {m} /ˈbɛ.kɯ/ :: back (a position behind most players on the team)
beque {m} :: joint (marijuana cigarette)
bóer {mf} [European orthography] :: Boer (South African of Dutch descent)
bôer {mf} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of bóer
berça {f} /ˈbeɾ.sɐ/ :: collard greens
berçar {vt} :: to cradle (to rock a baby to sleep)
berbequim {m} :: manual drill (tool for creating holes on hard material)
berbere {mf} :: Berber (member of northwest African ethnic group)
berbere {m} :: Berber (a group of closely related languages)
berbigão {m} :: cockle (any of various edible bivalve molluscs)
berdache {mf} :: two-spirit (native American who is transgender or belongs to a third gender)
bergamota {f} [regional, South Brazil] /ˌbeɻ.ɡa.ˈmɔ.ta/ :: mandarin (fruit)
bergamota {f} :: bergamot
bergamoteira {f} :: mandarin (tree)
bergantim {m} [nautical] :: brigantine
beribéri {m} :: beriberi
beriliose {f} [pathology] :: berylliosis
berilo {m} /bɯ.ˈɾ :: beryl (gem)
Berilo {prop} :: Berilo (placename)
berimbau {m} [musical instruments] :: berimbau
beringela {f} /bɨ.ɾĩ.ˈʒɛ.lɐ/ :: aubergine, eggplant (edible fruit)
beringela {f} :: aubergine, eggplant (plant)
berinjela {f} [Brazil] :: alternative form of beringela
Berizal {prop} :: Berizal (placename)
berkélio {m} :: alternative form of berquélio
Berlim {prop} {f} /beʁ.ˈlĩ/ :: Berlim (capital city)
Berlin {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Berlim
berlinde {m} :: marble (spherical ball)
berlinense {mf} :: Berliner (native of Berlin)
berlinense {adj} :: Berlinese (of, from or relating to Berlin)
berlinês {m} :: Berliner (native of Berlin)
berlinês {adj} :: Berlinese (of, from or relating to Berlin)
berílio {m} :: beryllium
berma {f} [Portugal] :: shoulder (part of a road where drivers may stop in an emergency)
berma {f} :: berm (raised path)
bermuda {f} /bɨɾ.mu.ðɐ/ :: swimming trunks (a pair of shorts or briefs worn for swimming or bathing)
bermuda {f} :: Bermuda shorts (a type of knee-high shorts)
Bermudas {prop} {fp} /bɨɾ.ˈmu.ðɐʃ/ :: Bermudas (archipelago/and/overseas territory)
Berna {prop} {f} :: Berna (capital city)
Bernardes {prop} {mf} :: surname
Bernardino {prop} {m} :: given name
Bernardino de Campos {prop} :: Bernardino de Campos (placename)
Bernardo {prop} {m} /beʁ.ˈnaʁ.du/ :: given name
bernardo-eremita {m} :: hermit crab
Bernícia {prop} {f} [historical] :: Bernícia (kingdom)
berne {m} :: bot (larva of a bot fly)
berço {m} /ˈbeɾ.su/ :: cradle, crib
berço {m} [historical] :: a type of short cannon
berquélio {m} /bɯɾ.ˈkɛ.li.u/ :: berkelium (transuranic chemical element)
berra {f} :: screaming
berra {f} :: heat (condition where a mammal is aroused sexually or where it is especially fertile)
berra {f} :: fashion
berrando {v} :: gerund of berrar
berrante {m} :: blowing horn
berrante {adj} :: gaudy
berrante {adj} :: garish
berrante {adj} [of clothing, decorations, etc.] :: loud
berrar {v} /bɯ.ˈʀaɾ]/ :: to yell loudly or angrily, to scream
berrar {v} :: to weep loudly
berrar {v} :: to play a blowing horn (berrante)
berrar {v} :: to make sound by certain animal (such as calves, goats and buffalos)
berçário {m} :: nursery
berro {m} :: shout
berro {m} :: roar
berruga {f} :: alternative form of verruga
Bertioga {prop} :: Bertioga (placename)
Bertópolis {prop} :: Bertópolis (placename)
bertrandita {f} [mineral] :: bertrandite
besante {m} [historical] :: bezant (coin minted at Byzantium)
besante {m} [heraldiccharge] :: bezant (heraldic representation of a gold coin)
Beslan {prop} {f} /bez.ˈlɐ̃/ :: Beslan (city)
besouro {m} /bɨ.ˈzow.ɾu/ :: beetle
besouro bombardeiro {m} :: bombardier beetle
besouro-da-batata {m} :: Colorado beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata, a pest of potato crops)
besouro do Colorado {m} :: Colorado beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata, a pest of potato crops)
Bessarábia {prop} {f} :: Bessarábia (historical region)
bessarábio {adj} :: Bessarabian (of, from or relating Bessarabia)
bessarábio {m} :: Bessarabian (person from Bessarabia)
besta {f} /ˈbeʃ.tɐ/ :: beast (any large animal)
besta {f} :: beast of burden (animal used to transport cargo)
besta {f} :: ass (any of several species of horse-like animals)
besta {f} [pejorative] :: fool; idiot (stupid person)
besta {f} [euphemistic] :: the Beast; Satan
besta {f} /ˈbɛʃ.tɐ/ :: crossbow (weapon consisting of a bow mounted on a stock)
besta negra {f} :: See: besta negra
besta negra {f} :: bête noire (an anathema)
besteira {f} :: nonsense
besteira {f} :: junk food
besteiro {m} [military unit, historical] /bes.ˈte(j).ɾu/ :: crossbowman (someone equipped with a crossbow)
besteirol {m} [theatre] /ˌbes.te(j)ˈɾɔw/ :: a genre of burlesque theatre that arose in Brazil during the 80s
besteirol {m} :: a word of vulgar comedy
besteirol {m} :: a bunch of nonsense; bullshit
bestial {adj} /bɨʃˈtjaɫ/ :: bestial; brutish
bestial {adj} :: beastly
bestialidade {f} :: beastliness
bestialidade {f} :: bestiality
bestialismo {m} :: bestiality
best-seller {m} /ˈbɛst ˈsɛ.leʁ/ :: bestseller (a top selling product, especially a book)
besuntado {v} :: past participle of besuntar
besuntando {v} :: gerund of besuntar
besuntar {v} :: to smear
beta {f} :: beta (all senses)
beta {f} :: beet (plant)
beterraba {f} /ˌbɨ.tɨ.ˈʀa.bɐ/ :: beet, beetroot
beterraba sacarina {f} :: alternative spelling of beterraba-sacarina
beterraba-sacarina {f} :: sugar beet (type of beet)
Betesda {prop} {f} [biblical] :: Bethesda (pool in Jerusalem)
Betim {prop} :: Betim (placename)
betinha {f} :: feminine noun of betinho
betinho {adj} [Portugal, slang, derogatory] /bɛ.ˈti.ɲu/ :: dandy, posh
betinho {m} [Portugal, slang, derogatory] :: dandy (a young, upper-class man very concerned about his clothes and his appearance)
betão {m} [chiefly Portugal] /bɨ.ˈtɐ̃w̃/ :: concrete (building material)
betoneira {f} :: cement mixer (device to make concrete)
Bettencourt {prop} {mf} :: surname
betume {m} /bɨ.ˈtu.mɨ/ :: bitumen
beudo {adj} :: eye dialect of bêbado
beudo {m} :: eye dialect of bêbado
bexiga {f} /bɨ.ˈʃi.ɣɐ/ :: bladder
bexiga {f} :: balloon
bexiga natatória {f} [anatomy] :: swim bladder (gas-filled sac within the bodies of fish)
bezerra {f} :: young cow; female calf; heifer
bezerro {m} /bɨˈze.ʁu/ :: calf (young cow or bull)
bezoar {m} :: bezoar (mass of undigested matter)
búfalo {m} :: buffalo
Búfalo {prop} {f} :: Búfalo (city)
búfalo africano {m} :: African buffalo (Syncerus caffer, a wild species of buffalo)
búfalo-asiático {m} :: water buffalo (large ungulate)
búfalo cafre {m} :: African buffalo (Syncerus caffer, a wild species of buffalo)
búfalo do Cabo {m} :: African buffalo (Syncerus caffer, a wild species of buffalo)
bófia {f} [slang] :: heat; the police
bófia {m} [slang] :: a police officer
bígamo {m} :: bigamist (someone who practices bigamy)
Bharat {prop} {m} :: Bharat (poetic name of India)
bóhrio {m} [rare] :: alternative spelling of bório
Bhubaneswar {prop} {f} :: Bhubaneswar (city/state capital)
bi {adj} :: bisexual (sexually attracted to persons of either sex)
bi {mf} :: bisexual (bisexual person)
bi- {prefix} :: bi- (two-)
bói {m} :: alternative spelling of boy
BI {m} :: initialism of Bilhete de Identidade
bia {f} [US, Brazil, rare] :: beer
bóia {f} :: superseded spelling of boia
bóia de arinque {f} :: obsolete spelling of boia de arinque
Biafra {prop} {f} :: Biafra (secessionist state)
biafrense {adj} :: Biafran (of, from or relating to Biafra)
biafrense {mf} :: Biafran (a person from Biafra)
Bialystok {prop} {f} :: Bialystok (city)
bianual {adj} :: biennial
bianualmente {adv} :: Every two years; biennially
bóia salva-vidas {f} :: superseded spelling of boia salva-vidas
Bias Fortes {prop} :: Bias Fortes (placename)
biatleta {mf} :: biathlete
biatlo {m} :: biathlon (winter sport)
biatómico {adj} [European orthography, chemistry, physics] :: alternative form of biatômico
biatômico {adj} [Brazilian orthography, chemistry, physics] :: diatomic
bibe {m} :: bib (item of clothing for babies)
biberão {m} [Portugal] /bi.βɨ.ˈɾɐ̃w̃/ :: baby bottle (babies’ milk container)
bibimbap {m} [rare] :: bibimbap (Korean dish of white rice topped with vegetables, beef, a whole egg, and gochujang)
bibliófago {m} :: bookworm (avid reader)
bibliófilo {m} :: bibliophile (person who loves books)
bibliógrafo {m} :: bibliographer (person who compiles bibliographies)
bibliólatra {mf} :: bibliolater (worshipper of books)
biblio- {prefix} :: biblio- (relating to books)
biblioclasta {adj} :: biblioclastic (destroying books)
biblioclasta {mf} :: biblioclast (one who destroys books)
biblioclepta {mf} :: biblioklept (a person who steals books)
bibliodrama {m} :: Bibliodrama (the acting of stories from the Bible)
bibliofilia {f} :: bibliophilia (love of books)
bibliofílico {adj} :: bibliophilic (having or pertaining to bibliophilia)
bibliofobia {f} :: bibliophobia (fear or dislike of books)
bibliografia {f} :: bibliography (section of a written work containing citations to all the books referenced in the work)
bibliografia {f} :: bibliography (list of books or documents relevant to a particular subject or author)
bibliografia {f} :: bibliography (study of the history of books)
bibliograficamente {adv} :: bibliographically (concerning bibliography)
bibliográfico {adj} :: bibliographic (of or pertaining to bibliography)
bibliolatria {f} :: bibliolatry (worship of the Bible or other books)
bibliológico {adj} :: bibliological (relating to bibliology)
bibliologia {f} :: bibliology (the study of the history of books and the art of printing)
bibliomaníaco {m} :: bibliomaniac (person who is obsessed with owning valuable books)
bibliomaníaco {adj} :: obsessed with books
bibliomancia {f} :: bibliomancy (divination by interpreting a passage from a book)
bibliomania {f} :: bibliomania (a passion for owning books)
bibliometria {f} :: bibliometry (quantitative analysis of text)
bibliométrico {adj} :: bibliometric (of or pertaining to bibliometrics)
bibliopola {mf} :: bibliopole (bookseller, especially of secondhand or rare books)
biblioteca {f} /biβljuˈtɛkɐ/ :: library
biblioteconomia {f} :: library science
bibliotecário {m} /biβljutɨˈkaɾju/ :: librarian (keeper or manager of a library)
bibliotecário {adj} :: of or relating to a library or libraries
biblioterapia {f} :: bibliotherapy (expressive therapy based on an individual’s relationship to the content of books)
biblioterapêutico {adj} :: bibliotherapeutic (relating to bibliotherapy)
bibliotheca {f} :: obsolete spelling of biblioteca
bibliothecário {m} :: obsolete spelling of bibliotecário
bibliothecário {adj} :: obsolete spelling of bibliotecário
biblista {mf} :: biblist (a Biblical scholar)
bibliótafo {m} [rare] :: bibliotaph (one who hides books and keeps them from use)
Biblo {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Biblos
Biblos {prop} {f} :: Biblos (city)
bica {f} :: spout, water pipe
bica {f} [Portugal, chiefly Lisbon and southern Portugal] :: espresso
bicado {v} :: past participle of bicar
bicameral {adj} [politics] :: bicameral (having two separate legislative chambers)
bicampeão {m} :: two-time champion
bicando {v} :: gerund of bicar
bicar {v} /bi.ˈkaɾ/ :: to hit with beak
bicar {v} :: to hit (also with) the sharp corner of an object
bicar {v} :: to eat little portions of food
bicarbonato {m} [chemistry] :: bicarbonate (the univalent anion HCO3)
bicarbonato de sódio {m} [chemistry] :: sodium bicarbonate; baking soda (salt of sodium hydroxide and carbonic acid)
Bicas {prop} :: Bicas (placename)
bicéfalo {adj} [zoology] :: bicephalous (having two heads)
bicha {f} /ˈbi.ʃɐ/ :: worm (any of several legless, elongated creatures), especially:
bicha {f} :: roundworm (intestinal parasite)
bicha {f} [dated] :: leech (bloodsucking parasite)
bicha {f} [dated] :: snake; serpent
bicha {f} [by extension] :: an elongated or writhing object or structure
bicha {f} [Portugal] :: queue; line
bicha {f} [obsolete] :: serpentine (coiled distillation tube)
bicha {f} :: a type of firework that moves randomly on the ground
bicha {f} :: a flexible tube
bicha {f} [obsolete] :: a type of earring shaped like a snake
bicha {f} [obsolete] :: a small boat used by customs officers
bicha {f} [uncommon] :: feminine noun of bicho (a female animal)
bicha {f} [colloquial] :: ascariasis (infection by Ascaris roundworms)
bicha {f} {m} [Brazil, colloquial, usually, derogatory] :: flamer; fairy; fag; poofter (a male homosexual, especially one who behaves flamboyantly or affectedly)
bicha {adj} [Brazil, often, derogatory] :: flaming (gay, homosexual, especially when behaving flamboyantly or affectedly)
bichado {adj} :: wormy (infested with worms)
bichano {m} [colloquial] :: pussy; cat
bichinho {m} /biˈʃiɲu/ :: diminutive of bicho
bichinho {m} [colloquial] :: pet (animal kept as a companion)
bichinho {m} [humorous] :: a very young child
bicho {m} /ˈbiʃu/ :: beast (non-human animal)
bicho {m} [pejorative] :: a severely aggressive person
bicho {m} [Brazil, slang, vocative] :: buddy (close friend)
bicho {m} :: bug
bicho da maçã {m} :: apple worm (the larva of the codling moth, Cydia pomonella)
bicho-da-seda {m} /bi.ʃu.ðɐ.ˈse.ðɐ/ :: silkworm
bicho-de-conta {m} :: woodlouse (isopod)
bicho de pelúcia {m} :: stuffed animal (a toy animal stuffed with straw, beans, cotton or other similar materials)
bicho de peluche {m} [rare] :: stuffed animal (a toy animal stuffed with straw, beans, cotton or other similar materials)
bicho de sete cabeças {m} [idiomatic] :: rocket science (anything overly complex)
bicho-de-sete-cabeças {m} :: alternative spelling of bicho de sete cabeças
bicho geográfico {m} [colloquial] /ˈbi.ʃu ˌʒe.o.ˈɡɾ :: either of two species of ancylostomatids (parasitic hookworms) which cause creeping eruption
bicho-geográfico {m} :: alternative spelling of bicho geográfico
bicho-homem {m} :: a human, on the same level as other animals
bicho-papão {m} :: bogeyman (menacing, ghost-like monster in children’s stories)
bicho-pau {m} :: stick insect; walking stick (any insect of the family Phasmatidae)
bicho-preguiça {m} :: sloth (any of various South American mammals of the families Megalonychidae and Bradypodidae)
bici {f} :: clipping of bicicleta; bike
bicicleta {f} /ˈklɛ.ta/ :: bicycle (vehicle)
bicicleta de montanha {f} :: mountain bike (bicycle especially designed for off-road riding)
bicicleta ergométrica {f} :: exercise bicycle (exercise device imitating a bicycle)
bicla {f} [colloquial] /ˈbi.klɐ/ :: bike
bico {m} /ˈbi.ku/ :: beak (structure projecting from a bird's face)
bico {m} [slang] :: side job
bico {m} [South Brazil] :: pacifier
bico de Bunsen {m} :: Bunsen burner (a small laboratory gas burner)
bico-de-lacre {m} :: waxbill
bico de mamadeira {m} :: nipple (artificial nipple for bottle feeding)
bicuda {f} [Brazil, zoology] /bi.ˈku.da/ :: any fish of the family Belonidae
bicuda {f} [slang] :: long and sharp knife
bicuda {f} [Brazil, slang] :: kick (hit or strike with foot, knee or leg)
bicuda {f} [Brazil, slang] :: an act of rejection, apathy or indifference
bicudo {adj} [of a bird] /bi.ˈku.du/ :: having a long beak
bicudo {adj} :: sharp, pointed
bicudo {adj} [figurative] :: complicated, difficult, hard to grasp
bicudo {adj} [Brazil] :: angry, annoyed
bicudo {adj} [Brazil] :: stoned (high on drugs) or drunk
bidé {m} [Portugal] /bi.ˈdɛ/ :: bidet (low-mounted plumbing fixture for cleaning the genitalia and anus)
bidê {m} [Brazil] /bi.ˈde/ :: bidet (low-mounted plumbing fixture for cleaning the genitalia and anus)
bidê {m} [South Brazil] :: A nightstand
bidimensional {adj} :: two-dimensional, bidimensional
bidirecional {adj} :: bidirectional (moving or operating in two directions)
bidão {m} :: jerrycan (can for fuel)
Biel {prop} {m} :: pet form of Gabriel
Biella {prop} {f} :: Biella (town/and/province)
Bielorrússia {prop} {f} /bjɛ.lɔ.ˈʁu.sjɐ/ :: Bielorrússia (country)
bielorrusso {m} [European orthography, uncountable] /ˌbjɛ.lo.ˈʁ :: Belarusian (the national language of Belarus)
bielorrusso {m} [European orthography] :: Belarusian (a person from Belarus)
bielorrusso {adj} [European orthography] :: Belarusian (of, from or relating to Belarus)
bielo-russo {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative spelling of bielorrusso
bielo-russo {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative spelling of bielorrusso
bienalmente {adv} :: Every two years; biennially
bifê {m} :: alternative spelling of buffet
bifana {f} [culinary, Portugal] :: pork sandwich
bife {m} /ˈbi.fɨ/ :: steak (slice of beef)
bife {m} [colloquial, derogatory, ethnic slur] :: English person
bife a cavalo {m} :: steak served with a fried egg on top
bifosfonato {m} [organic chemistry] :: bisphosphonate
bifurcação {f} :: fork; bifurcation
bifurcar {v} :: to bifurcate, to cause to fork off
biga {f} :: chariot (type of vehicle)
bigamia {f} :: bigamy (the state of having two spouses)
big bang {m} [astrophysics] :: big bang (explosion creating a universe)
Big Bang {prop} {m} [astrophysics] /ˌbiɡ ˈbɐ̃ɡ/ :: Big Bang (cosmic event that marked the beginning of time)
Big Ben {prop} {m} :: Big Ben (the hour bell in London)
Big Mac {m} :: Big Mac
bigode {m} /bi.ˈɣɔ.ðɨ/ :: moustache, mustache
bigode {m} [usually in plural] :: whisker (long projecting hair at the sides of the mouth of a cat)
bigorna {f} /bi.ˈɡɔɾ.nɐ/ :: anvil (block used in blacksmithing)
bigorna {f} :: anvil (ear bone)
biógrafo {m} :: biographer (the writer of a biography)
biguá {m} :: cormorant (seabird)
bigu {m} [Northeast Brazil] :: ride; lift (the act of transporting someone in a vehicle )
biguatinga {m} :: anhinga (Anhinga anhinga, a bird of the Americas)
Biguaçu {prop} :: Biguaçu (placename)
Bihar {prop} {m} :: Bihar (state)
bijeção {f} [set theory] :: bijection (function that is both a surjection and an injection)
bijupirá {m} :: alternative form of beijupirá
bijuteria {f} :: jewellery made from cheap materials
bilabial {adj} [phonetics] :: bilabial (articulated with both lips)
bilabial {f} [phonetics] :: bilabial (a sound articulated with both lips)
Bilac {prop} :: Bilac (placename)
bilateral {adj} :: bilateral
bilau {m} [colloquial, often, childish] :: wiener (penis)
bile {f} :: gall; bile
bilha {f} /ˈbiʎɐ/ :: clay jug
bilha {f} :: gas cylinder, container
bilhar {m} /bi.ˈʎaɾ/ :: billiards (game which has similarities to pool and snooker)
bilhete {m} /bi.ˈʎe.tɨ/ :: ticket
bilhete {m} :: note
bilheteira {f} /ˌbi.ʎe.ˈte(j).ɾa/ :: a container for holding tickets
bilheteira {f} [Portugal] :: ticket booth
bilheteira {f} :: feminine noun of bilheteiro
bilheteiro {m} /ˌbi.ʎe.ˈte(j).ɾu/ :: ticket salesman
bilheteria {f} :: box office (desk or booth in a cinema where tickets are sold)
bilhete só de ida {m} :: synonym of passagem só de ida
bilhete sem volta {m} :: synonym of passagem só de ida
bilhão {m} [Brazil] /biˈʎɐ̃w̃]/ :: billion (short scale, 109)
bilhão {m} [Portugal] :: trillion (long scale, 1012)
biliardário {m} :: billionaire
bilina {f} :: bylina (traditional East Slavic epic poem)
bilina {f} [biochemistry] :: bilin (pigment formed as a metabolic product of certain porphyrins)
bilinguismo {m} :: bilingualism (condition of being bilingual)
bilião {m} :: alternative form of bilhão
bilionário {m} :: billionaire (person whose wealth exceeds one billion)
bilionésimo {ordinal num} :: billionth
Bill {prop} {m} :: given name
bilíngue {adj} :: bilingual (speaking two languages)
bilíngue {adj} :: bilingual (written in two languages)
bilíngue {mf} :: bilingual (a person who is bilingual)
bilocação {f} [Forteana] :: bilocation (ability to be in two places at once)
biólogo {m} :: biologist (student of biology)
biólogo marinho {m} :: marine biologist (scientist who studies marine biology)
bilro {m} /bil.ʁu/ :: bobbin (in a sewing machine, the small spool that holds the lower thread)
bilro {m} :: bobbin lace (a hand-made lace in which the thread is wound around bobbins on a padded cushion)
biltre {adj} :: mean
biltre {mf} :: rascal, scoundrel
bãim {adv} :: eye dialect of bem
bimensal {adj} :: Occurring two times per month; biweekly; fortnightly
bimestral {adj} :: Occurring at intervals of two months; bimonthly
bimestralmente {adv} :: Every two months; bimonthly
binóculo {m} :: binoculars (hand-held device for looking at a distance)
bingo {m} [uncountable] :: bingo (game of chance)
binómio {m} [European orthography, algebra] :: binomial (polynomial with two terms)
binômio {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of binómio
binocular {adj} /ˈlaʁ/ :: binocular (using two eyes or viewpoints)
binocular {v} /ˈla(ʁ)/ :: to observe using binoculars
binomial {adj} :: binomial (consisting of two parts)
binário {adj} :: binary
binucleado {adj} :: binucleate
bio- {prefix} :: bio- (indicates life)
bioacumulado {v} :: past participle of bioacumular
bioacumulando {v} :: gerund of bioacumular
bioacumulação {f} :: bioaccumulation
bioacumular {v} :: to bioaccumulate
bioacumulativo {adj} :: bioaccumulative
bioantropólogo {m} :: bioanthropologist (specialist in bioanthropology)
bioantropológico {adj} :: bioanthropological (of or relating to bioanthropology)
bioantropologia {f} :: bioanthropology (biological anthropology)
biocida {f} :: biocide
biociência {f} :: bioscience
biocombustível {m} :: biofuel
biodegradável {adj} :: biodegradable
biodigestor {m} :: biodigester
biodinâmico {adj} :: biodynamic
biodinâmico {adj} :: organic (agriculture)
biodisponibilidade {f} :: bioavailability
biodiversidade {f} [biology] :: biodiversity (diversity of flora and fauna)
biofilia {f} :: biophilia (love of nature and all living things)
biofilme {m} [biology, medicine] :: biofilm (aggregation of microorganisms)
biofílico {adj} :: biophilic
biofísica {f} :: biophysics (the application of methods from physics to biology)
biogeografia {f} :: biogeography (study of the geographical distribution of living things)
biogeográfico {adj} :: biogeographic
biogênese {f} [Brazil] :: alternative form of biogénese
biogénese {f} [European spelling] :: biogenesis
biografia {f} :: biography (personal life story)
biográfico {adj} :: biographical
bioinformática {f} [biology, computer science] :: bioinformatics (field of science)
biológico {adj} :: biological, biologic
biologia {f} :: biology
biologia evolucionária {f} :: evolutionary biology (branch of biology concerned with evolution)
biologia evolutiva {f} :: evolutionary biology (branch of biology concerned with evolution)
biologia evolutiva do desenvolvimento {f} [biology] :: evolutionary developmental biology (branch of biology)
biologia marinha {f} [biology] :: marine biology (branch of biology studying sea creatures)
biologia molecular {f} [biology, biochemistry] :: molecular biology (branch of biology studying biological macromolecules)
biologicamente {adv} :: biologically
biologicamente {adv} :: organically
biologista {mf} /ˌbi.o.lo.ˈʒi.a/ :: biologist (one versed in biology)
bioluminescência {f} [biochemistry] :: bioluminescence (emission of light by a living organism)
biomarcador {m} [medicine] :: biomarker (substance that indicates a biological condition)
biomassa {f} :: biomass (total mass of living things)
biomassa {f} :: biomass (vegetation used as fuel)
biombo {m} /ˈbjõ.bu/ :: folding screen
biomédico {adj} :: biomedical
biomedicina {f} :: biomedicine (a branch of medical science)
biometria {f} :: biometrics (measurement of biological data)
biomolécula {f} [biochemistry] :: biomolecule
biométrico {adj} :: biometric (of, pertaining to or using biometrics)
biopirata {mf} :: biopirate (one who engages in biopiracy)
biopirataria {f} :: biopiracy (the patenting of naturally occurring substances)
bioprograma {m} [cognitive linguistics] :: bioprogram (a hypothetical program in the brain, responsible for the construction of a language)
biopsia {f} [medicine] :: biopsy (removal and examination of a sample of tissue)
bioquímica {f} [uncountable] /ˌbi.o.ˈki.mi.kɐ/ :: biochemistry (branch of chemistry that studies compounds and processes that occur in living organisms)
bioquímica {f} :: feminine noun of bioquímico
bioquímico {adj} :: biochemical (of or relating to biochemistry)
bioquímico {adj} :: biochemical (involving chemical processes in living organisms)
bioquímico {m} :: biochemist (chemist whose speciality is biochemistry)
bioreator {m} :: bioreactor
biorrisco {m} [ecology] :: biohazard (biological hazard)
biosfera {f} :: biosphere (part of Earth capable of supporting life)
biossíntese {f} [biochemistry] :: biosynthesis
biotecnologia {f} :: biotechnology (the use of living organisms in industrial, agricultural, medical applications)
biotita {f} [mineral] :: biotite
biotransformado {v} :: past participle of biotransformar
biotransformando {v} :: gerund of biotransformar
biotransformar {v} :: to biotransform
bipolar {adj} :: bipolar (involving both poles)
bipolar {adj} [psychiatry] :: bipolar (relating to or having bipolar disorder)
bipolaridade {f} :: bipolarity (state of being bipolar)
biópsia {f} :: alternative form of biopsia
biqueira {f} :: a covering for a bird’s beak
biqueira {f} :: toe (part of a shoe or sock covering the toe)
biqueira {f} :: spout (a tube through which liquid is poured or discharged)
Biquinhas {prop} :: Biquinhas (placename)
biquinho {m} :: diminutive of bico: small beak
biquíni {m} :: bikini (bathing suit)
birô {m} :: bureau
Birigui {prop} :: Birigui (placename)
birita {f} [slang] :: booze (any alcoholic beverage)
Biritiba Mirim {prop} :: Biritiba Mirim (placename)
Biritinga {prop} :: Biritinga (placename)
birmã {adj} :: Burmese (of, from, or pertaining to Burma)
birmã {mf} :: Burmese (a person from Myanmar or of Burmese descent)
birmã {m} :: Burmese (language)
birmane {adj} :: Burmese (of, from, or pertaining to Burma)
birmane {mf} :: Burmese (a person from Myanmar or of Burmese descent)
birmane {m} :: Burmese (language)
birmanês {adj} :: Burmese (of, from, or pertaining to Burma)
birmanês {m} :: a person from Burma
birmanês {m} :: Burmese (cat breed)
birmanês {m} [uncountable] :: Burmese (language)
Birmânia {prop} {f} :: Birmânia (country)
Birobidjan {prop} {f} :: Birobidjan (city/regional capital)
birra {f} [uncountable] /ˈbi.ʁa/ :: obstinacy (state of stubbornness)
birra {f} :: an act proper of a spoilt or stubborn person
birrento {adj} :: grumpy (unhappy and/or irritable)
biruta {f} :: windsock
biryani {m} :: biryani (dish of spiced rice)
bis {adv} /ˈbiʃ/ :: bis (shows that something is to be repeated)
bis {m} :: encore (brief extra performance)
bis {m} [by extension, colloquial] :: a second serving of something
bis {interj} :: encore! (used by an audience to request a second performance)
bisa {f} :: clipping of bisavó
bisa {m} :: clipping of bisavô
bisar {vt} :: to repeat
bisavô {m} /bi.zɐ.ˈvo/ :: great-grandfather, male great-grandparent
bisavó {f} /bi.zɐ.ˈvɔ/ :: great-grandmother, female great-grandparent
bisbilhotado {v} :: past participle of bisbilhotar
bisbilhotando {v} :: gerund of bisbilhotar
bisbilhotar {v} :: to snoop, pry
bisbilhotar {v} :: to gossip, tattle
bisbilhoteiro {adj} :: Inclined to snoop, spy, pry on someone else's private affairs
bisbilhotice {f} :: gossip (idle talk)
biscate {m} :: odd job
biscate {mf} [Brazil, colloquial] :: slut (promiscuous person)
biscatear {v} :: to do odd jobs
biscato {m} :: alternative form of biscate
biscoito {m} /biʃˈkojtu/ :: cookie
biscoito da sorte {f} :: fortune cookie (hollow biscuit with a message inside)
bisectriz {f} [geometry] :: bisector (a line or curve that bisects or divides a line segment, angle, or other figure into two equal parts)
Bishkek {prop} {f} /biʃ.ˈkɛk/ :: Bishkek (capital city)
bislama {m} :: Bislama (creole spoken in Vanuatu)
bismita {f} [mineral] :: bismite
bismutinita {f} [mineral] :: bismuthinite
bismuto {m} :: bismuth
bisnaga {f} :: tube (often containing paste-like substances)
bisnaga {f} [Brazil] :: refers to some types of bread, especially French bread
bisneta {f} :: great-granddaughter
bisneto {m} :: great-grandson
bisão {m} :: bison
bisão-americano {m} :: American bison
bisão europeu {m} :: wisent (the European bison, Bison bonasus)
bisão-europeu {m} :: European bison, aurochs
bisonho {adj} :: inexperienced in warfare
bisonho {adj} :: weird (having an unusually strange character)
bisonte {m} :: bison (a wild ox, Bison bonasus)
bisonte {m} :: bison (a similar American animal, Bison bison)
bisonte americano {m} :: American bison (mammal)
bisonte europeu {m} :: European bison; wisent (the species Bison bonasus)
bispado {m} :: bishopric, diocese
bispo {m} [religion, chess] /ˈbiʃ.pu/ :: bishop
Bissau {prop} {f} :: Bissau (capital city)
bissemanal {adj} :: biweekly; fortnightly (occurring once every two weeks)
bissemanal {m} :: biweekly; fortnightly (a publication issued every two weeks)
bissemanalmente {adv} :: biweekly; fortnightly (once every two weeks)
bissetriz {f} [geometry] :: angle bisector (ray that divides an angle into two equal parts)
bissexto {adj} :: bissextile
bissexto {m} :: leap year day (29th February)
bissexuado {adj} :: bisexual (having both male and female organs)
bissexual {adj} :: Sexually attracted to persons of either sex; bisexual
bissexualidade {f} :: bisexuality
bisteca {f} :: beefsteak (steak)
bistrô {m} :: bistro (small European-style restaurant)
bisturi {m} :: scalpel (small straight knife)
bit {m} [mathematics, computing] /ˈbit͡ʃ/ :: bit (binary digit)
biúta {f} [Angola] :: puffadder (Britis arietans, a venomous snake of subsaharan Africa)
bitaite {m} [colloquial, Portugal] /bi.ˈtaj.tɨ/ :: opinion, commentary (unfounded, or of little value)
bitate {m} :: alternative form of bitaite
bitcoin {m} :: bitcoin (a cryptocurrency)
Bitínia {prop} {f} :: Bitínia (historical region)
bitoca {f} :: peck (short kiss)
bitola {f} :: gauge (distance between the rails of a railway)
Bitola {prop} {f} :: Bitola (city)
biótopo {m} :: biotope (geographical area)
Bittencourt {prop} {mf} :: surname
bituca {f} :: butt (remnant of a smoked cigarette or cigar)
Bituruna {prop} {f} /ˌbi.tu.ˈɾu.nɐ/ :: Bituruna (town/and/municipality)
bivacar {v} :: to bivouac
bivalve {m} :: bivalve (any mollusc in the class Bivalvia)
bivalvo {m} :: alternative form of bivalve
bivaque {m} :: bivouac (encampment for the night, usually without tents or covering)
bióxido {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: dioxide
bixina {f} [organic compound] :: bixin (an apocarotenoid that is the active ingredient of annatto)
bizantino {adj} :: Byzantine (of or pertaining to Byzantium or the Byzantine empire)
bizantino {adj} [pejorative] :: pretentious and futile
bizantino {m} :: Byzantine (native of the Byzantine Empire)
bizarria {f} :: bizarreness, freakishness
bizarro {adj} :: bizarre, strange
bizarro {adj} :: exotic
Bizâncio {prop} {f} :: Bizâncio (ancient city)
bjo {m} [Internet slang, text messaging] :: abbreviation of beijo
bjs {n} [Internet slang, text messaging] :: kisses
bjs {interj} [Internet slang, text messaging] :: Used to close an informal message or e-mail, or as a goodbye on text messaging
blablablá {m} [colloquial] :: blah (nonsense talk)
blablablá {interj} :: imitating needless, irrelevant or boring conversation
black bloc {m} :: black bloc
Black Fraude {f} {m} [humorous, neologism] /ˈblɛk ˈfɾaw.d͡ʒi/ :: fake discounts offered on Black Friday
Black Friday {f} {m} [retailing, advertising] /ˈblɛk ˈfɹaj.dej/ :: Black Friday (period with widespread discounts after the fourth Tuesday of November)
black metal {m} [music] :: black metal (a subgenre of heavy metal)
black power {m} :: afro (a hairstyle)
Blagoveshchensk {prop} {f} :: Blagoveshchensk (city/regional capital)
blandícia {f} :: caress
blandícia {f} :: flattery
blandiciado {v} :: past participle of blandiciar
blandiciando {v} :: gerund of blandiciar
blandiciar {v} :: to caress, to fondle
blandiciar {v} :: to flatter
blasfemar {vi} :: to blaspheme (to speak against God or religious doctrine)
blasfemo {adj} :: blasphemous (lacking piety or respect for the sacred)
blasfémia {f} :: blasphemy (irreverence toward something sacred)
blasfêmia {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of blasfémia
blasonado {v} :: past participle of blasonar
blasonando {v} :: gerund of blasonar
blasonar {v} [heraldry] :: To emblazon
blasonar {v} :: to boast
blastoconídio {m} [mycology] :: blastoconidium (a holoblastic conidium that detaches at maturity)
blastoderma {m} [embryology] :: blastoderm (point from which the embryo develops)
blastoderme {m} :: alternative form of blastoderma
blazer {m} :: alternative spelling of blêizer
Bálcãs {prop} {mp} /ˈbaw.kɐ̃s/ :: Bálcãs (peninsula/and/range)
blecaute {m} :: blackout
blefar {v} :: to bluff (to attempt to deceive)
blefaroespasmo {m} [medicine] :: blepharospasm (spasm of the eyelid)
blefarospasmo {m} :: alternative form of blefaroespasmo
blefe {m} :: bluff (lie intended to deceive)
blenda {f} [mineral] /ˈblẽ.dɐ/ :: blende (a naturally-occurring sulfide of zinc)
búlgara {f} :: feminine noun of búlgaro
búlgaro {m} /ˈbuɫ.ɡɐ.ɾu/ :: Bulgarian (person from Bulgaria)
búlgaro {m} [uncountable] :: Bulgarian (Slavic language spoken in Bulgaria)
búlgaro {adj} :: Bulgarian (of or relating to Bulgaria and its people)
búlgaro {adj} :: Bulgarian (of or relating to the Bulgarian language)
Bélgica {prop} {f} /ˈbɛɫ.ʒi.kɐ/ :: Bélgica (country)
Báli {prop} {f} :: Báli (island/and/province)
blica {f} [Azores] /ˈbli.ka/ :: penis
bélico {adj} :: relating to war
blindado {adj} :: bulletproof (capable of withstanding a direct shot)
blindado {adj} :: protected from the effects of a magnetic or electrical field, or radiation
blindado {adj} [figurative] :: protected from external factors
blindado {m} [military] :: armoured car (armoured fighting vehicle)
blindagem {f} :: shield
blindagem {f} [electronics] :: screening
blindagem {f} [military] :: armor; armour plating
blindagem {f} [economics] :: voting cap
bílis {f} :: bile
bílis {f} :: gall
blitz {f} /ˈblits/ :: random checkpoint (a hastily set-up point along a road where the police stop random drivers)
blitzkrieg {f} {m} :: blitzkrieg (fast military offensive)
blêizer {m} :: blazer (a jacket)
blocagem {f} [statistics] /blo.ˈka.ʒẽj̃/ :: blocking (the arranging of experimental units in groups that are similar)
blocagem {f} [computing] :: blocking (the process of putting data into blocks)
blocagem {f} [publishing] :: the process of gluing pages together
blocagem {f} [bicycles] :: quick release (a mechanism for attaching a wheel to a bicycle)
bloco {m} /ˈblɔ.ku/ :: block
bloco {m} :: pad, notebook
bloco de notas {m} :: notepad (bound pad of paper)
Bloemfontein {prop} {f} :: Bloemfontein (judicial capital)
blog {m} :: alternative form of blogue
blogar {v} [blogging] :: to blog (to contribute to a blog)
blogosfera {f} [Internet] :: blogosphere (the totality of blogs)
blogue {m} [Internet] :: blog
blogueiro {m} [Internet] :: blogger (contributor to a blog)
bloguista {mf} [Internet] :: blogger (contributor to a blog)
bloody mary {m} :: bloody mary (a cocktail made from vodka and tomato juice)
Bloody Mary {m} :: alternative spelling of bloody mary
bloqueador {m} :: blocker (something or someone that blocks)
bloqueador {adj} :: blocking (that blocks)
bloqueador alfa {m} [pharmaceutical drug] :: alpha-blocker (drug which blocks α1-adrenergic receptors)
bloqueador alfa-adrenérgico {m} [pharmaceutical drug] :: alpha-blocker (drug which blocks α1-adrenergic receptors)
bloqueando {v} :: gerund of bloquear
bloquear {v} /bluˈkjaɾ/ :: to block
bálsamo {m} :: balsam (sweet-smelling oil or resin derived from some plants)
Bálsamo {prop} :: Bálsamo (placename)
blástico {adj} :: blastic
blástula {f} [embryology] :: blastula (an early form in the development of an embryo)
báltico {adj} :: Baltic (of the Baltic region or sea)
báltico {adj} :: Baltic (pertaining to the Baltic languages)
báltico {adj} :: Baltic (pertaining to the Balts)
Báltico {prop} {m} :: Báltico (sea)
blues {m} :: blues (musical form)
Bluetooth {prop} {m} [networking] /ˌbluwˈtuf/ :: Bluetooth (personal area wireless network)
Blumenau {prop} :: Blumenau (placename)
blusa {f} :: blouse (women's upper garment)
blusa {f} [obsolete] :: smock (men's large workshirt)
blush {m} /ˈblɐʃ/ :: blush (makeup used to redden the cheeks)
blusão {m} :: windbreaker
blz {adv} [Internet slang, text messaging] :: abbreviation of beleza
blz {interj} [Internet slang, text messaging] :: abbreviation of beleza
bênção {f} /ˈbẽsɐ̃w̃/ :: benediction, blessing
bênção {f} :: grace
bónus {m} [Portugal] /ˈbɔ.nuʃ/ :: bonus
bônus {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of bónus
bão {adj} [Brazil, chiefly Caipira] /ˈbɐ̃w̃/ :: pronunciation spelling of bom
bão {adj} [Portugal, hypercorrect] :: alternative form of bom
bão {interj} [colloquial, chiefly Caipira] :: how are you?
boa {f} /ˈbo.ɐ/ :: an interesting story, joke or news
boa {interj} :: good one!, well done!, all right! (expresses approval, applause or admiration)
boa {f} :: boa (any snake of the Boa genus)
boça {f} [nautical] :: cable (heavy rope or chain as used for mooring)
Boa Esperança {prop} :: Boa Esperança (town/and/municipality)
Boa Esperança {prop} :: Boa Esperança (village/and/municipality)
Boa Esperança do Iguaçu {prop} {f} :: Boa Esperança do Iguaçu (town/and/municipality)
Boa Esperança do Sul {prop} :: Boa Esperança do Sul (placename)
boa fé {f} [legal] :: good faith (good, honest intentions)
boa noite {m} /bo.ɐ.ˈnoj.tɨ/ :: goodnight
boa noite {m} :: good evening
boa noite Cinderela {m} [idiomatic] :: date rape drug
Boa Nova {prop} :: Boa Nova (placename)
boa pinta {adj} :: good-looking, elegant
boa-pinta {adj} :: alternative form of boa pinta
Boas Festas {phrase} :: Happy Holidays
boas novas {fp} [Christianity] :: good news (the message of Jesus concerning the salvation of the faithful)
boa sorte {interj} /ˈbo.ɐ ˈsɔɾ.tɨ/ :: good luck (wish of fortune or encouragement)
boas-vindas {fp} :: welcome (the act of greeting, of bidding someone welcome)
boa tarde {phrase} /ˈbo.ɐ ˈtaɾ.ðɨ/ :: good afternoon
boate {f} /bo.ˈa.tʃi/ :: nightclub (establishment that is open late at night)
boate {f} :: discotheque (a dance hall / club / party place)
boato {m} :: rumor
Boa Ventura de São Roque {prop} {f} :: Boa Ventura de São Roque (town/and/municipality)
Boa Vista {prop} :: Boa Vista (Boa Vista)
Boa Vista {prop} :: One of the ten islands of Cape Verde
Boa Vista da Aparecida {prop} {f} :: Boa Vista da Aparecida (town/and/municipality)
Boa Vista das Missões {prop} :: Boa Vista das Missões (placename)
Boa Vista do Buricá {prop} :: Boa Vista do Buricá (placename)
Boa Vista do Cadeado {prop} :: Boa Vista do Cadeado (placename)
Boa Vista do Incra {prop} :: Boa Vista do Incra (placename)
Boa Vista do Sul {prop} :: Boa Vista do Sul (placename)
Boa Vista do Tupim {prop} :: Boa Vista do Tupim (placename)
boa vontade {f} :: goodwill (favourably disposed attitude toward someone or something)
boazona {f} [slang] /ˌbo.a.ˈzo.nɐ/ :: stunner (attractive woman)
Bob {prop} {m} [cryptography] :: Bob (person or system receiving a message)
Bob {prop} {m} :: given name
bobagem {f} [Brazil] :: nonsense, rubbish, rot
bobalhão {m} [dated, childish, pejorative] :: A stupid person
bobalhona {f} :: feminine noun of bobalhão
bobalhonas {f} :: feminine noun of bobalhão
bobe {m} :: hair roller (a small tube that is rolled into a person’s hair)
bobear {v} :: to act in a silly way
bobear {v} [colloquial] :: to make a mistake or a wrong choice
bobeira {f} :: malarkey; nonsense; rubbish
bobeira {f} :: folly (foolishness)
bobeira {f} :: idleness
bobina {f} :: spool; bobbin
bobina {f} [electrical] :: coil
bobo {adj} [Brazil] /ˈbo.βu]/ :: silly, stupid
bobo {adj} [Brazil] :: naive
bobo {m} [historical] :: jester (person who amused a medieval court)
bobo {m} [chiefly Brazil] :: a stupid or naive person; a fool
bobão {m} :: augmentative of bobo
boboca {adj} /boˈbɔ.ka/ :: Showing a lack of good sense and wisdom; idiot, foolish; silly
boboca {mf} :: idiot person, foolish person
bobo da corte {m} :: jester (person in a mediaeval royal court)
bobo-pequeno {m} :: Manx shearwater (Puffinus puffinus, a seabird of the Atlantic)
boca {f} [anatomy] /ˈbo.kɐ/ :: mouth
boca {f} :: brim (of a bottle or any other container)
boca a boca {m} :: mouth-to-mouth (breathing into a person’s mouth as a first-aid technique)
boca a boca {m} :: word of mouth (verbal, personal transmission of information)
bocada {f} :: bite; mouthful
boca-de-leão {f} :: snapdragon (any plant of the genus Antirrhinum)
boca-de-lobo {f} :: snapdragon (any plant of the genus Antirrhinum)
boca de siri {f} :: sealed lips (the act of keeping a secret)
boca de urna {f} :: election poll
boca de urna {f} [pejorative] :: distribution of pamphlets during election day, which is a crime in some jurisdictions
bocadinho {m} /bu.kɐ.ˈði.ɲu/ :: modicum
bocadinho {m} :: mite
bocado {m} /bu.ˈka.ðu/ :: mouthful (amount that fits in a mouth)
bocado {m} :: delicacy (choice dish suggesting rarity and refinement)
bocado {m} :: a somewhat large amount of something
boca do estômago {f} [colloquial] :: epigastrium (the upper middle region of the abdomen)
Boca do Tigre {prop} :: The Bogue: an important strait in the Pearl River Delta between Guangzhou and the South China Sea
Bocaina {prop} :: Bocaina (placename)
Bocaina de Minas {prop} :: Bocaina de Minas (placename)
Bocaina do Sul {prop} :: Bocaina do Sul (placename)
Bocaiuva {prop} :: Bocaiuva (placename)
Bocaiúva do Sul {prop} {f} :: Bocaiúva do Sul (town/and/municipality)
bocal {m} :: bit (metal in horse’s mouth)
bocal {m} :: nozzle
boca livre {morf} [colloquial, Brazil] /ˈbo.kɐ ˈli.vɾi/ :: a party or other social event where there is free food
boca-livre {morf} :: alternative spelling of boca livre
boccia {f} :: dated spelling of bocha
bocejar {v} /bu.sɨ.ˈʒaɾ/ :: yawn (open the mouth and take a deep breath)
bocejo {m} /bu.ˈsɐ.ʒu/ :: yawn (the action of yawning)
boceta {f} [dated] /bu.ˈse.tɐ]/ :: box
boceta {f} [Brazil, slang, vulgar] :: pussy; the female sexual organs
boceta {f} [Brazil, slang, vulgar] :: fuck, shit (indicating something useless or annoying)
boceta {interj} [vulgar] :: shit, fuck
bocha {f} /ˈbɔ.ʃɐ/ :: bowls; lawn bowls (sport where players roll balls such that they stop as close as possible to another ball)
bocha {f} :: bowl (ball thrown by the player in lawn bowls)
Boche {mf} [pejorative, slang, ethnic slur] :: jerry
bochecha {f} /bu.ˈʃɐj.ʃɐ/ :: cheek (part of face)
boda {f} /ˈbo.ðɐ/ :: wedding (marriage ceremony)
bodas {fp} :: wedding anniversary
bodas de prata {f} :: silver wedding (anniversary celebration)
bode {m} /ˈbɔˑðɨ/ :: goat buck, billy goat
bode expiatório {m} :: scapegoat (someone punished for someone else's error(s))
bodega {f} :: A small, cheap and possibly insalubrious tavern
bodega {f} [Brazil] :: A small warehouse
bodega {f} :: Anything considered worthless, useless or somewhat very bad
bodoque {m} :: slingshot (Y-shaped device used to shoot projectiles)
Boeing {prop} {f} [aviation] /ˈbɔj̃ɡ/ :: Boeing (an American aerospace company)
Boeing {m} [aviation] :: an aeroplane produced by Boeing
bofe {m} [slang] :: an attractive young man, as referred by the other part in a romantic relationship
bofes {mp} [slang] :: bellows (the lungs)
bofes {mp} :: offal (animals’ organs as food)
bofetada {f} :: a slap or blow
Bofete {prop} :: Bofete (placename)
bogari {m} :: Arabian jasmine (Jasminum sambac), (a shrubby, fragrant vine)
bogatir {m} :: alternative spelling of bogatyr
bogatyr {m} :: bogatyr (medieval Russian heroic warrior)
bogomilismo {m} [religion, historical] :: Bogomilism (a dualist religiopolitical sect founded in the First Bulgarian Empire)
bogomilo {m} [religion, historical] :: Bogomil (a follower of Bogomilism)
Bogotá {prop} {f} :: Bogotá (capital city)
boi {m} /ˈboj/ :: ox
boia {f} :: float; buoy
boia {f} [colloquial] :: meal
boiada {f} :: cattle
boia de arinque {f} [nautical] :: anchor buoy (buoy attached to an anchor)
boi-almiscarado {m} :: musk ox (arctic mammal)
boiar {v} :: to float
boiar {v} :: to waft
boiar {v} :: to drown
boiardo {m} [historical] /boj.ˈaʁ.du/ :: boyar (rank of aristocracy below prince in Russia, Bulgaria and Romania)
boia salva-vidas {f} :: life preserver; life-buoy
boicotar {v} :: to boycott (to abstain from dealing with a person or organisation as a protest)
boicote {m} /boj.ˈkɔ.tʃi/ :: boycott (the act of boycotting)
boieiro {m} :: someone of drives or watches over cattle
boina {f} :: beret (type of brimless cap)
boiola {m} [Brazil, pejorative, slang] :: fruitcake; male homosexual
boiola {m} [Brazil, pejorative, slang] :: sissy (effeminate male)
Bois le Duc {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Bois-le-Duc
Bois-le-Duc {prop} {f} :: Bois-le-Duc (city)
Boituva {prop} :: Boituva (placename)
bojo {m} :: bulge (something sticking out)
bokmal {m} :: Bokmål (Norwegian written standard)
-bol {suffix} /ˈbɔw/ :: forms the names of sports
bola {f} /ˈbɔ.lɐ/ :: ball, sphere, round object
bola {f} [sports] :: ball
bola {f} :: fat person
bola {f} [slang] :: testicle
bola-ao-cesto {f} :: basketball (sport)
bolacha {f} /bu.ˈla.ʃɐ/ :: biscuit, cookie, cracker
bolacha {f} [slang] :: a slap or blow
bolacha-da-praia {f} :: sand dollar (any echinoderm of the order Clypeasteroida)
bolada {f} :: a blow with a ball
bolada {f} :: jackpot (accumulating money prize pool)
bola de berlim {f} [Portugal] :: Berliner (doughnut)
bola de Berlim {f} :: alternative spelling of bola de berlim
bola de cristal {f} :: crystal ball (a globe used to foretell the future)
bola de demolição {f} :: wrecking ball (heavy steel ball used for demolition)
bola de feno {m} :: tumbleweed (plant which breaks loose and rolls about)
bola de feno {m} :: See: bola de feno
bola de golfe {f} :: golf ball
bola do pé {f} :: ball (place where the toe joins the rest of the foot)
bola gato {m} [humorous, slang] :: alternative form of boquete
bolapé {m} [South Brazil] /ˌˈpɛ/ :: a ford that is shallow enough for a horse but not for a person
bolapé {m} [rare] /ˌbɔ.la.ˈpɛ/ :: football; soccer (team sport)
bola pra frente {interj} [colloquial] :: encouraging a person to ignore a problem and continue their life
bolas {interj} /ˈbɔ.lɐʃ/ :: oh no! (expresses frustration or irritation)
bolchevique {mf} :: Bolshevik
boleadeira {f} /bo.le.a.ˈde(j).ɾa/ :: bolas (a throwing weapon made of weights at the end of interconnected cords)
boleia {f} [Portugal] /bu.ˈlɐj.ɐ/ :: ride (in a vehicle, for free)
boleia {f} :: driver's seat
boleiro {m} [Brazil, pro football, slang] :: professional footballer
boletim {m} :: bulletin
boletim {m} :: report card (for a student)
boleto {m} /bo.ˈle.tu/ :: porcini (Boletus edulis, an edible mushroom)
boleto {m} :: ticket
boleto {m} :: short for boleto bancário
bolha {f} /ˈbo.ʎɐ/ :: bubble
bolha {f} :: blister
bolha das ponto-com {f} :: alternative form of bolha ponto-com
bolha das {f} :: alternative form of bolha ponto-com
bolha do ponto-com {f} :: rare form of bolha ponto-com
bolha ponto com {f} :: alternative spelling of bolha ponto-com
bolha ponto-com {f} [economics, historical] /ˈbo.ʎɐ ˌpõ.tu ˈkõ/ :: dot-com bubble (speculative bubble based around the Internet in the late 90s)
bolha {f} :: alternative spelling of bolha ponto-com
boliche {m} :: bowling (a game played by rolling a ball down an alley)
bolinha {f} :: diminutive of bola
bolinho {m} :: diminutive of bolo: small cake, for example a scone
bolita {f} [Rio Grande do Sul] :: marble (small spherical ball used as a toy)
bolita {f} [rare] :: diminutive of bola
bolivariano {adj} :: Bolivarian (Of or pertaining to Simón Bolívar.)
boliviano {adj} :: Bolivian
boliviano {m} :: Bolivian
Bollywood {prop} {m} /ˌbɔ.li.ˈwud͡ʒ/ :: Bollywood (Hindi film industry)
bolo {m} /ˈbolu/ :: cake
bolão {m} :: augmentative of bola
bolão {m} :: jackpot (accumulating money prize pool)
bolão {m} [regional, Rio de Janeiro] :: bumboozer
bolo de anjo {m} :: angel cake (cake with layers of sponge and a thin layer of white cream)
bolo de claras {m} :: angel cake (cake with layers of sponge and a thin layer of white cream)
bolo de gengibre {m} :: gingerbread (type of cake)
bolo floresta negra {m} :: Black Forest gâteau (a type of gâteau originating in the Black Forest)
bolo inglês {m} :: muffin (type of small cake)
bolo lunar {m} :: mooncake (Chinese pastry)
Bolonha {prop} {f} :: Bolonha (city/and/province)
bolonhesa {f} :: feminine noun of bolonhês
bolonhês {adj} :: Bolognese (native from Bologna)
bolonhês {m} :: a native from Bologna
bolor {m} :: mold (woolly or furry growth of tiny fungi)
bolorento {adj} :: mouldy (covered with mould)
bolota {f} /bu.ˈlɔ.tɐ/ :: acorn (fruit of the oak tree)
bolota {f} :: a small ball
bolota {f} :: a small, rigid, round object
bolsa {f} /ˈboɫ.sɐ/ :: stock exchange (building and the associated organization)
bolsa {f} [chiefly Brazil] :: purse, handbag, bag
bolsa {f} :: grant, scholarship (for scientific research)
bolsa carteira {f} :: clutch (a small handbag or purse with no straps or handle)
bolsa de estudos {f} :: scholarship (study allowance)
bolsa de valores {f} :: stock exchange
bolso {m} /ˈboɫ.su/ :: pocket
bolsão {m} :: augmentative of bolso
bolsão {m} :: pocket (enclosed volume of one substance surrounded by another)
Bolívia {prop} {f} /bo.ˈli.vjɐ/ :: Bolívia (country)
Bolzano {prop} {f} :: Bolzano (city/provincial capital)
bom {adj} /bõ/ :: good
bom {interj} :: well, very well
bom apetite {interj} /ˈbõ ɐ.pɨ.ˈti.tɨ/ :: bon appétit (used to wish someone enjoyment of the meal they are about to eat)
bomba {f} /ˈbõ.bɐ/ :: bomb
bomba {f} :: pump
bomba atómica {f} [European orthography] :: alternative form of bomba atômica
bomba atômica {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: atomic bomb
bomba de hidrogénio {f} [European orthography] :: hydrogen bomb (thermonuclear bomb)
bomba de hidrogênio {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of bomba de hidrogénio
bomba de neutrões {f} [Portugal] :: neutron bomb (atomic bomb that produces a greater amount of neutrons)
bomba de nêutron {f} [Brazil] :: neutron bomb (atomic bomb that produces a greater amount of neutrons)
bomba de nêutrons {f} :: alternative form of bomba de nêutron
bomba de profundidade {f} :: depth charge (bomb designed to detonate at a certain depth underwater)
bombaim {m} [rare] :: Bombay (cat breed)
Bombaim {prop} {f} /ˌbõ.ba.ˈĩ/ :: Bombaim (city/state capital)
bombar {v} [colloquial] :: to be very popular
bombarda {f} :: bombard (primitive mediaeval cannon)
bombardada {f} :: bombardment
bombardeado {v} :: past participle of bombardear
bombardeador {m} :: bomber (person)
bombardeador {m} :: bombardier
bombardeamento {m} :: bombardment
bombardeando {v} :: gerund of bombardear
bombardear {v} :: to bombard, bomb
bombardear {v} :: to shell
bombardeiro {m} /bõ.baɻ.ˈdej.ɾo/ :: bomber (aircraft)
bomba-relógio {f} :: time bomb (bomb with a timeout mechanism)
Bombarral {prop} {m} /bõbɐˈʁaɫ/ :: Bombarral (village/and/municipality)
bomba sexual {f} [colloquial] :: sex bomb (someone highly sexy)
bombazine {f} :: corduroy (heavy fabric with vertical ribs)
bombear {v} /bõ.bi.ˈa(ɾ)/ :: to pump (to use a pump)
bombeio {m} :: pump (act of pumping)
bombeira {f} :: feminine noun of bombeiro; firewoman
bombeiro {m} /bõ.ˈbɐj.ɾu/ :: firefighter (person trained to extinguish fires and undertake rescue operations)
bombeta {f} [Brazil] :: cap (baseball-style cap)
bombinha {f} :: diminutive of bomba
bombinha {f} :: a type of very small explosive
bombinha {f} :: inhaler (canister containing medicine)
Bombinhas {prop} :: Bombinhas (placename)
bomboca {f} :: A type of chocolate-coated treat filled with beaten egg whites and sugar; chocolate teacake [UK]
bombom {m} :: a type of chocolate candy
bombordo {m} [nautical] :: port (the left side of a ship)
bombril {m} /bõ.ˈbɾiw/ :: steel wool (pads of fine strips of steel used as an abrasive)
Bombril {prop} {m} /bõ.ˈbɾiw/ :: A Brazilian brand of hygiene and cleaning products, of which the iconic and most famous is its steel wool
bombástico {adj} :: bombastic
Bom Despacho {prop} :: Bom Despacho (placename)
bom dia {interj} /bõ ˈdiɐ/ :: good morning
bom dia {interj} :: hello, good day
Boémia {prop} {f} [European orthography] :: Boémia (macroregion)
Boêmia {prop} {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of Boémia
boêmio {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: Bohemian (native or resident of Bohemia)
boêmio {m} [Brazilian orthography, uncountable] :: Bohemian (dialect of the Czech language)
boêmio {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: someone who leads a careless lifestyle, having fun and carousing and without a serious job
boêmio {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: Bohemian (of, from or relating to Bohemia)
boêmio {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: bohemian (unconventional, especially in habit or dress)
boémio {m} [European orthography] :: alternative form of boêmio
boémio {adj} [European orthography] :: alternative form of boêmio
Bom Jardim {prop} :: Bom Jardim (placename)
Bom Jardim da Serra {prop} :: Bom Jardim da Serra (placename)
Bom Jardim de Minas {prop} :: Bom Jardim de Minas (placename)
Bom Jesus {prop} :: Bom Jesus (placename)
Bom Jesus {prop} :: Bom Jesus (placename)
Bom Jesus da Lapa {prop} :: Bom Jesus da Lapa (placename)
Bom Jesus da Penha {prop} :: Bom Jesus da Penha (placename)
Bom Jesus da Serra {prop} :: Bom Jesus da Serra (placename)
Bom Jesus do Amparo {prop} :: Bom Jesus do Amparo (placename)
Bom Jesus do Galho {prop} :: Bom Jesus do Galho (placename)
Bom Jesus do Itabapoana {prop} :: Bom Jesus do Itabapoana (placename)
Bom Jesus do Oeste {prop} :: Bom Jesus do Oeste (placename)
Bom Jesus dos Perdões {prop} :: Bom Jesus dos Perdões (placename)
Bom Jesus do Sul {prop} :: Bom Jesus do Sul (town/and/municipality)
Bom Natal e Feliz Ano Novo {phrase} :: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Bom Princípio {prop} :: Bom Princípio (placename)
Bom Progresso {prop} :: Bom Progresso (placename)
bom proveito {phrase} :: enjoy (used to wish someone enjoyment)
Bom Repouso {prop} :: Bom Repouso (placename)
Bom Retiro {prop} :: Bom Retiro (placename)
Bom Retiro do Sul {prop} :: Bom Retiro do Sul (placename)
bom samaritano {m} :: Good Samaritan (person who aids someone in distress)
bom senso {m} :: common sense (ordinary understanding)
Bom Sucesso {prop} {m} :: Bom Sucesso (town/and/municipality)
Bom Sucesso {prop} {m} :: Bom Sucesso (town/and/municipality)
Bom Sucesso de Itararé {prop} :: Bom Sucesso de Itararé (placename)
Bom Sucesso do Sul {prop} {m} :: Bom Sucesso do Sul (town/and/municipality)
boné {m} /bɔ.ˈnɛ/ :: cap (head covering)
Bona {prop} {f} :: Bona (city)
bonança {f} [nautical] :: calm (weather condition)
bonança {f} :: lull
bonança {f} :: peace, tranquillity
bonapartismo {m} :: Bonapartism (pratices of Napoleon Bonaparte)
bondade {f} /bõ.ˈda.ðɨ/ :: goodness, kindness, mildness
bondade {f} :: indulgence
bonde {m} [economics] /ˈbõ.də/ :: bond
bonde {m} [Brazil] :: tramway, streetcar, cable car
bonde {m} [Brazil, slang] :: group of friends; gang
bondoso {adj} :: good, kind, benevolent
boneca {f} {m} /bu.ˈnɛ.kɐ/ :: doll (a toy in the form of a human)
boneca de pano {f} :: rag doll
boneca russa {f} :: Russian doll
boneco {m} :: doll (of a male human character or animal)
boneco {m} :: dummy
boneco {m} :: stick figure
boneco {m} :: puppet (small model of a person or animal able to be moved by strings or rods)
boneco {m} [figurative, by extension] :: puppet (manipulable person)
boneco {m} [television, in the plural] :: cartoons
boneco de neve {m} :: snowman (figure made of snow)
boneco de palito {m} :: stick figure (a simple drawing)
Bonfim {prop} :: Bonfim (placename)
Bonfim {prop} {mf} :: surname
Bonfinópolis de Minas {prop} :: Bonfinópolis de Minas (placename)
bongô {m} :: bongo (type of small drum)
bongo {m} :: bongo (Tragelaphus eurycerus, an African antelope)
Bonifácio {prop} {m} :: given name
bonina {m} /bu.ˈni.nɐ/ :: daisy
bonina {m} [generalisation] :: any wildflower
bonina {m} [Brazil] :: marvel of Peru (Mirabilis jalapa)
Boninal {prop} :: Boninal (placename)
bonitez {f} :: alternative form of boniteza
boniteza {f} :: beauty; quality of what is beautiful
bonitinho {adj} /ˈt͡ʃi.ɲu/ :: diminutive of bonito
bonitinho {adj} :: cute (attractive or pleasing in a youthful, dainty, quaint or fun-spirited way)
bonitinho {adj} :: somewhat beautiful (attractive to a small extent)
bonito {adj} /bu.ˈni.tu/ :: pretty, lovely
bonito {adv} :: beautifully, in a beautiful way
bonito {m} :: various species of fish related to or sharing resemblance with the tuna, such as the albacore and the frigate tuna
Bonito {prop} :: Bonito (placename)
Bonito de Minas {prop} :: Bonito de Minas (placename)
bonitíssimo {adj} :: superlative of bonito
Bonn {prop} {f} :: Bonn (city)
bonobo {m} :: bonobo (Pan paniscus, a species of chimpanzee)
bonsai {m} /bõ.ˈsaj/ :: bonsai (a miniaturised tree or plant)
bonsai {m} [uncountable] :: bonsai (the art of growing miniaturised trees or plants)
boníssimo {adj} :: very good
bons sonhos {phrase} :: sweet dreams
bonzo {m} :: bonze (Buddhist monk)
booleano {adj} [logic] /ˌbu.le.ˈɐ.nu/ :: Boolean (pertaining to data items that can be either “true” or “false”)
booleano {m} [programming] :: Boolean; bool (a variable that can hold a true/false or 1/0 value)
boom {m} [economics, business] :: boom (period of prosperity)
boot {m} [computing] :: boot (the act or process of bootstrapping)
BOPE {prop} {m} /ˈbɔ.pi/ :: Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais
boqueirão {m} :: mouth of a river etc
Boqueirão do Leão {prop} :: Boqueirão do Leão (placename)
boquete {m} [slang] :: blowjob (oral sex performed on a man)
boquiaberto {adj} /bu.kjɐ.ˈβɛɾ.tu/ :: open-mouthed
boquiaberto {adj} :: gaping, agape
boqui-aberto {adj} :: obsolete spelling of boquiaberto
Boquira {prop} :: Boquira (placename)
Borá {prop} :: Borá (placename)
bora {interj} :: let's go
bora {interj} :: let's
Boraceia {prop} :: Boraceia (placename)
borano {m} [inorganic compound] :: borane
borato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: borate
Borba {prop} {f} /ˈbɔɾβɐ/ :: Borba (city/and/municipality)
Borba {prop} {mf} :: surname
borboleta {f} [entomology] /buɾ.βu.ˈle.tɐ/ :: butterfly
borboleta {f} [swimming] :: butterfly stroke
borboleteado {v} :: past participle of borboletear
borboleteando {v} :: gerund of borboletear
borboletear {v} /buɾ.βu.lɨ.ˈtjaɾ/ :: to flit
borboletário {m} /buɾ.bu.lɨ.ˈta.ɾju/ :: butterfly zoo (zoo which is specifically intended for the breeding and display of butterflies)
Borborema {prop} :: Borborema (placename)
borborinho {m} :: alternative spelling of burburinho
borbulha {f} :: bubble (of gas in a liquid)
borbulhante {adj} :: sparkly; effervescent
borbulhante {adj} :: bubbly
borbulhar {v} :: to bubble (to rise up in bubbles)
bordô {m} :: maroon (dark red, somewhat brownish colour)
borda {f} /ˈbɔɾ.ðɐ/ :: edge, border, margin
Borda da Mata {prop} :: Borda da Mata (placename)
bordado {adj} /buɾ.ˈða.ðu/ :: embroidered
bordado {m} :: embroidery
bordando {v} :: gerund of bordar
bordar {v} /buɾˈðaɾ/ :: to embroider
bordel {m} /buɾˈðɛɫ/ :: brothel
borderô {m} :: bordereau (a statement with listing)
border collie {mf} :: border collie (English breed of herding dog)
bordo {m} [nautical] /ˈbɔɾ.ðu/ :: board (each side of a ship)
bordo {m} :: border (outer edge of something)
bordo {m} [usually in a bordo] :: the inside of a craft
bordo {m} /ˈboɾ.ðu/ :: maple (tree of the Acer genus)
bordo {m} :: maple (wood of the maple tree)
bordão {m} :: staff, stave
bordão {m} :: support
bordoada {f} :: a hit, a blow
bordo comum {m} :: field maple (Acer campestre, a species of maple)
bordura {f} [heraldiccharge] :: bordure
Bordéus {prop} {f} :: Bordéus (city/and/municipality)
boreal {adj} :: boreal (relating to the north)
Borebi {prop} :: Borebi (placename)
boreste {m} :: starboard (right-hand side of a vessel)
Borgonha {prop} {f} :: Borgonha (region)
Borjomi {prop} {f} :: Borjomi (town)
borla {f} :: tassel (ball-shaped bunch of plaited or otherwise entangled threads)
borla {f} [colloquial] :: freebie, free entrance
borla {f} [nautical] :: truck (part of ship's rigging)
Borneo {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Bornéu
Bornholm {prop} {f} :: Bornholm (island/and/municipality)
Bornéu {prop} {f} :: Bornéu (island)
boro {m} :: boron
boroa {f} /buˈɾoɐ/ :: alternative form of broa
borossilicato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: borosilicate
borra {f} :: sediment, grounds (collection of small particles, particularly dirt, that precipitates from a body of water)
borracha {f} [uncountable] /bu.ˈʁa.ʃɐ/ :: rubber (pliable material derived from the sap of the rubber tree)
borracha {f} :: eraser (thing used to remove something written or drawn by a pen or a pencil)
borracha {f} :: wineskin (bag for holding wine)
borracho {adj} :: drunk (intoxicated by alcoholic beverages)
borracho {m} :: drunk (an individual who is currently or often drunk)
borracho {m} :: squab (baby pigeon)
borracho {m} :: squab (meat of a young pigeon or dove)
borracho {m} :: a Portuguese biscuit made with flour, eggs and white wine
borrachão {m} [derogatory, colloquial] :: drunk; alcoholic (person who is habitually drunk)
borrachão {m} :: augmentative of borracha
borra de café {f} :: coffee grounds
borragem {f} :: borage (Borago officinalis)
borralha {f} :: alternative form of borralho
borralho {m} :: ember (smouldering ash)
borrar {v} /bu.ˈʁaɾ/ :: to smudge (to smear ink, especially if accidentally)
borrasca {f} :: squall, storm
Borrazópolis {prop} {f} /ˌbo.ʁa.ˈzɔ.po.lis/ :: Borrazópolis (town/and/municipality)
borrego {m} :: lamb
borrego {m} [figurative] :: lamb (person)
borrelho {m} :: plover (any of the wading birds of the family Charadriidae)
borreliose {f} [disease] :: Lyme disease; borreliosis (infection by bacteria of the genus Borrelia)
borrifado {v} :: past participle of borrifar
borrifando {v} :: gerund of borrifar
borrifar {v} :: to spray
borrifar {v} :: to sprinkle, drizzle
borrifo {m} :: spray (fine, gentle, dispersed mist of liquid)
borrão {m} :: smear; smudge; blot; blur
Borôro {n} :: obsolete spelling of bororo
borsch {m} :: borscht (beetroot soup)
Borístenes {prop} {m} [historical] :: Borístenes (river)
borzegui {m} :: obsolete form of borzeguim
borzeguim {m} [historical] /buɾ.zɨ.ɣĩ/ :: buskin
borzói {m} :: borzoi (breed of dog)
borzoi {m} :: alternative form of borzói
Bosna {prop} {m} :: Bosna (river)
bosónico {adj} [European orthography, quantum physics] :: bosonic (of, pertaining to, or resembling a boson)
bosônico {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of bosónico
bosão {m} [European orthography, particle] :: boson
bosão de Higgs {m} [Portugal] :: alternative form of bóson de Higgs
Bosphoro {prop} {m} :: obsolete spelling of Bósforo
bosque {m} /ˈbɔʃ.kɨ/ :: grove
bosquete {m} [irregular] :: diminutive of bosque
bosquímane {mf} :: alternative form of bosquímano
bosquímane {adj} :: alternative form of bosquímano
bosquímano {m} /bos.ˈki.mɐ.nu/ :: Bushman; San (member of an ethnic group from southwest Africa)
bosquímano {m} :: Bushman; San (any of the Khoisian language spoken by the Bushmen)
bosquímano {adj} :: of or relating to the Bushmen people
bosquímano {adj} :: of or relating to the San languages
bossa {f} [anatomy] :: hump (rounded mass, as in a camel)
bossa {f} [anatomy] :: hunch (protuberance)
Bossoroca {prop} :: Bossoroca (placename)
bosta {f} [vulgar, slang] /ˈbɔs.tɐ/ :: shit
bostela {f} :: scab (incrustation over a wound)
Boston {prop} {f} /ˈbɔs.tõ/ :: Boston (city)
bot {m} [computing] /ˈbɔt͡ʃ/ :: bot (a piece of software for doing repetitive tasks)
bot {m} [video games] :: bot (a player controlled by software)
bota {f} /ˈbɔ.tɐ/ :: boot (shoe that covers part of the leg)
botadeira {f} :: layer (hen kept to lay eggs)
botafoguense {adj} [Brazil, soccer] :: Pertaining to, or related to Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas
botafoguense {mf} [Brazil, soccer] :: A player or supporter of Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas sports team
botando {v} :: gerund of botar
botanista {mf} :: botanist (a person engaged in botany)
botanizar {v} :: to botanize (do the work of a botanist)
botar {v} /buˈtaɾ/ :: to put
botar {v} :: to throw
botar {v} :: to lay (an egg)
botar casa {v} :: to give a home to somebody
botar casa {v} :: to give a home to a lover or concubine in exchange for sexual favors
botar o pau na mesa {v} [vulgar, idiom] :: to show who's boss (to assert oneself to be dominant)
botaréu {m} [architecture] :: buttress (brick or stone structure built against another structure to support it)
bote {m} /ˈbɔ.tɨ/ :: rowing boat (boat propelled only by oars)
bote {m} [by extension] :: any small boat
bote {m} [biology] :: an animal’s sudden thrust forward towards its prey
bote {m} [figurative] :: a sudden attack
bote {m} [Brazil, football] :: a goalkeeper’s jump to catch the ball
boteco {m} [Brazil] :: pub; bar (establishment where alcoholic beverages are bought and drunk)
botelha {f} :: bottle (container used for holding liquids)
Botelhos {prop} :: Botelhos (placename)
botequeiro {m} :: bartender
botequeiro {m} [colloquial] :: barfly (person who spends much time in a bar)
botequim {m} /bu.tɨ.ˈkĩ/ :: snack bar (serving drinks and light meals)
botequim {m} :: bar
botica {f} [archaic] :: general store (store which sells a large variety of useful things)
botica {f} [archaic] :: pharmacy (place where prescription drugs are dispensed)
Boticas {prop} {f} /buˈtikɐʃ/ :: Boticas (village/and/municipality)
Boticas {prop} {mf} :: surname
botija {f} :: hot water bottle
botija {f} :: cylinder; gas cylinder (container for pressurised gas)
botija {f} :: bottle; flask
botija {f} :: jar; jug (large stoneware)
botijão {m} :: cylinder (container for pressurised gas)
botina {f} :: (ankle) boot
botânica {f} :: botany (scientific study of plants)
botânico {adj} :: botanic
botânico {m} :: botanist
boto {m} /ˈbo.tu/ :: boto (Inia geoffrensis, a freshwater dolphin of the Amazon)
boto {m} [loosely] :: any dolphin, especially a freshwater one
boto {adj} :: dull (lacking a sharp edge or point)
boto {adj} :: dull; slow (unable to think quickly)
boto {m} [Hinduism] :: Bhat (Brahmin who has learned all the four Vedas)
botão {m} /buˈtɐ̃w̃/ :: button (knob or small disc serving as a fastener)
botão {m} :: button (which is pressed)
botão {m} :: bud (of flower)
botão de punho {m} :: cufflink (button used to hold a sleeve cuff together)
botoeira {f} :: buttonhole (hole for a button)
Botsuana {prop} {f} :: Botsuana (country)
bottom {m} :: button (a badge worn on clothes)
Botucatu {prop} :: Botucatu (placename)
botulismo {m} [pathology] :: botulism (medical condition)
Botumirim {prop} :: Botumirim (placename)
Botuporã {prop} :: Botuporã (placename)
Botuverá {prop} :: Botuverá (placename)
bouça {f} /ˈbo(w).sɐ/ :: fallow (uncultivated land)
bouba {f} :: yaws
bougainvillea {f} :: bougainvillea (flower)
boutique {f} :: boutique (a small shop, especially one that sells fashionable clothes, jewellery and the like)
bovarismo {m} [psychology] :: bovarysm, bovarism (anxiety to escape from an unsatisfactory condition)
bovídeo {m} :: bovid (animal of the family Bovidae)
bovino {adj} :: bovine
bovárico {adj} [psychology] :: Relating to bovarysm
bowls {m} :: bowls (precision sport)
box {m} /ˈbɔks/ :: the curtain or glass panes which separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom; shower stall
boxe {m} :: boxing
boxeador {m} :: (male) boxer
boxeadora {f} :: female boxer
boxear {v} :: to box (fight against (a person) in a boxing match)
boxer {m} :: boxer (breed of dog)
boxeur {m} :: boxer (participant in boxing)
Boxing Day {m} :: Boxing Day
boxímane {mf} :: alternative form of bosquímano
boxímane {adj} :: alternative form of bosquímano
boxímano {m} :: alternative form of bosquímano
boxímano {adj} :: alternative form of bosquímano
boy {m} :: office boy
boy {m} [Brazil, slang] :: a young, upper-class male
boy {m} :: obsolete spelling of boi
boyardo {m} :: obsolete spelling of boiardo
boy magia {m} [slang] :: someone's male crush or boyfriend
Bozano {prop} :: Bozano (placename)
béquer {m} :: beaker (laboratory apparatus)
braça {f} /ˈbɾa.sɐ/ :: fathom (measure of length)
braçada {f} [swimming] /bɾɐ.ˈsa.ðɐ/ :: a stroke of the arm
braçada {f} :: armful (amount an arm or arms can hold)
braçadeira {f} :: clamp (brace, band, or clasp for strengthening or holding things together)
braçal {adj} :: physical (involving bodily force)
braçal {n} :: vambrace
braçal {n} :: clamp, brace
Brabante do Norte {prop} {m} :: Brabante do Norte (province)
brabo {adj} /ˈbɾa.bu/ :: furious, annoyed
brabo {adj} :: prone to irritation, easily angered, bad-tempered, choleric
brabo {adj} :: hooligan, brawler, troublemaker
brabo {adj} :: rigorous, authoritarian
brabo {adj} :: uneducated, uncivilized
brabo {adj} :: (of a person, or situation) difficult, unmanageable
brabo {adj} :: (of an animal) undomesticated
brabo {adj} :: (of a plant, or vegetable) inedible, venomous
brabo {adj} :: (of the sea) stormy
brabo {adj} [colloquial] :: alternative form of bravo
brabo {m} :: a certain part of an oxcart
brabo {m} [North Brazil] :: a neophyte to rubber tapping, a novice seringueiro
bracelete {m} :: bracelet (a band or chain worn around the wrist as jewelry or an ornament)
bracteal {adj} [botany] :: bracteal (relating to bracts)
bractéola {f} [botany] :: bracteole (a bract subtending an inflorescence whose stalk itself is subtended by a bract)
bradado {v} :: past participle of bradar
bradando {v} :: gerund of bradar
bradar {v} :: to shout, cry, call out
brado {m} :: shout, cry, yell
brado {m} :: clamour
Braga {prop} {f} /ˈbɾaɣɐ/ :: Braga (district)
Braga {prop} {f} :: Braga (city/and/municipality)
Braga {prop} {f} :: Braga (village/and/municipality)
Braga {prop} {mf} :: surname
Bragança {prop} {f} /bɾɐˈɣɐ̃sɐ/ :: Bragança (district)
Bragança {prop} {f} :: Bragança (city/and/municipality)
Bragança {prop} {mf} :: surname
Bragança Paulista {prop} :: Bragança Paulista (placename)
Braganey {prop} /ˌbɾa.ɡa.ˈnej/ :: Braganey (town/and/municipality)
braguilha {f} :: fly (strip that hides the opening of trousers or underpants)
Brahman {prop} {m} :: alternative spelling of Brâman
braile {m} :: alternative spelling of braille
braille {m} :: braille (system of writing using raised dots)
bramir {v} :: to bellow (to make a noise like the deep roar of a large animal)
brana {f} [physics] :: brane (hypothetical object extending across a number of spatial dimensions)
Braúna {prop} :: Braúna (placename)
Braúnas {prop} :: Braúnas (placename)
Branca {prop} {f} :: given name
Branca de Neve {prop} {f} [European folklore] :: Snow White (beautiful princess placed into an sleeping enchantment)
branca ursina {f} :: hogweed (an umbelliferous plant of the genus Heracleum)
branca ursina {f} :: bear's breech (Acanthus mollis)
branco {m} /ˈbɾɐ̃.ku/ :: white (color)
branco {m} [tincture] :: argent
branco {m} :: a Caucasian male
branco {m} [Brazil, colloquial] :: failure in recalling something
branco {adj} :: white
branco do olho {m} [anatomy] :: white (white of the eye)
branco gelo {m} :: hoar (shade of white)
branco-neve {m} :: snow (colour)
brancura {f} :: whiteness (state of being white)
brandal {m} [nautical] :: shroud (rope or cable serving to support the mast sideways)
brandamente {adv} /bɾɐ̃.dɐ.ˈmẽ.tɨ/ :: softly, mildly, gently
brande {m} :: brandy (liquor)
Brandemburgo {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Brandenburgo
Brandenburgo {prop} {m} :: Brandenburgo (state)
Brandenburgo {prop} {f} :: Brandenburgo (city)
brandir {vt} :: to brandish (to move a weapon)
brando {adj} /ˈbɾɐ̃.du/ :: soft, mild, gentle
brando {adj} :: bland
brandão {m} :: torch, firebrand
brandura {f} :: mildness, gentleness
brandura {f} :: leniency
brandy {m} :: alternative form of brande
brannerita {f} [mineral] :: brannerite
branqueado {v} :: past participle of branquear
branqueador {m} :: bleacher, blancher
branqueamento {m} :: bleaching
branqueamento {m} :: whitening
branqueamento de corais {m} [ecology] :: coral bleaching (loss of colour in a coral reef)
branqueando {v} :: gerund of branquear
branquear {v} :: to bleach
braço {m} /ˈbɾ :: arm (upper limb)
braço {m} :: [specifically] upper arm; brachium (part of the arm between the elbow and shoulder)
braço {m} :: [loosely] any limb or tentacle
braço {m} :: arm (part of an object designed to be used with the arm)
braço {m} :: arm; sleeve (part of an item of clothing for the upper body that goes around the arm)
braço {m} :: arm (part of a furniture for sitting that one can rest one’s arm on)
braço {m} :: arm (anything that extends out from another thing)
braço {m} :: [musical instruments] neck (extended part of a stringed instrument)
braço {m} :: [geography] arm; inlet (small part of a body of water extending out from the main body)
braço {m} :: [geography] a smaller range extending from a mountain range
braço {m} :: [mechanics] the part of a lever on either side of the fulcrum
braço {m} :: [genetics] arm (part of a chromosome extending from the centromere)
braço {m} :: [astronomy] arm (outer part of a spiral galaxy)
braço {m} :: arm (person employed to do manual labour)
braço {m} :: [figurative] arm; might; power
braço de ferro {m} :: See: braço de ferro
braço de ferro {m} [sports] :: arm wrestling (a strength sport)
braço direito {m} [idiomatic] :: someone or something that provides great support; a helper
Braço do Norte {prop} :: Braço do Norte (placename)
Braço do Trombudo {prop} :: Braço do Trombudo (placename)
braqui- {prefix} :: brachy-
braquiador {m} :: brachiator (creature that moves by means of brachiation)
braquial {adj} :: brachial (pertaining or belonging to the arm)
braquial {m} [anatomy] :: brachialis (muscle that flexes the elbow joint)
braquialgia {f} [medicine] :: brachialgia (pain in the arm)
braquiação {f} [zoology] :: brachiation (movement by swinging arms between holds)
braquicefalídeo {m} [zoology] :: brachycephalid (any member of the Brachycephalidae)
braquicefalia {f} [pathology] :: brachycephaly (condition wherein the skull is flattened)
braquicefálico {adj} :: brachycephalic (having a head that is short from front to back)
braquicéfalo {adj} :: brachycephalic (having a head that is short from front to back)
braquidactilia {f} [medicine] :: brachydactyly (abnormal shortness of the fingers or toes)
braquidonte {adj} :: alternative form of braquiodonte
braquifacial {adj} [anatomy] :: brachyfacial (having a short face)
braquilogia {f} :: brachyology (abbreviated expression)
braquio- {prefix} :: brachio- (relating to the arm)
braquiodonte {adj} :: brachydont (having low-crowned, short teeth)
braquioníquia {f} :: brachyonychia (condition in which the end of the thumb is widened and flattened)
braquiorradial {m} [anatomy] :: brachioradialis (muscle that flexes the forearm)
braquiossauro {m} :: brachiosaurus (herbivorous dinosaur)
braquiópode {m} :: brachiopod (any of the many marine invertebrates of the phylum Brachiopoda)
braquiterapia {f} :: brachytherapy (type of radiotherapy)
braquíptero {adj} [zoology] :: brachypterous (having short wings)
brasa {f} /ˈbɾa.zɐ/ :: ember (a glowing piece of coal or wood)
brasa {f} [by extension] :: heat, hotness
brasa {f} [by extension, colloquial] :: hottie (attractive person)
brasil {m} /bɾɐ.ˈziɫ/ :: brazilwood
brasil {adj} [archaic] :: relating to embers, ember-coloured
Brasil {prop} {m} /bɾɐ.ˈziɫ/ :: Brasil (country)
brasileirismo {m} [linguistics] :: Brazilianism (word or expression specific to Brazilian Portuguese)
brasileiro {adj} /ˌbɾa.zi.ˈle(j).ɾu/ :: Brazilian (of, from or relating to Brazil)
brasileiro {m} :: Brazilian (person from Brazil)
brasilidade {f} :: Brazilianness
Brasilândia de Minas {prop} :: Brasilândia de Minas (placename)
Brasilândia do Sul {prop} {f} :: Brasilândia do Sul (town/and/municipality)
Brasis {prop} /bɾa.ˈzis/ :: Brazil in different periods of history
Brasis {prop} :: Brazil as experienced by different social groups
Brasília {prop} {f} /bɾa.ˈzi.ljɐ/ :: Brasília (placename)
Brasília de Minas {prop} :: Brasília de Minas (placename)
brasílico {adj} :: Brazilian
brasão {m} [heraldry] :: coat of arms
brasão de armas {m} [heraldry] :: coat of arms (a hereditary design depicted on an escutcheon)
brasonado {adj} :: blazoned, emblazoned
brassicácea {f} :: brassica (plant of the genus Brassica)
brasuca {adj} :: alternative spelling of brazuca
brasuca {mf} :: alternative spelling of brazuca
Bratislava {prop} {f} :: Bratislava (capital city)
báratro {m} :: pit, precipice (especially one at Athens behind the acropolis into which criminals were thrown)
báratro {m} :: abyss
bratwurst {mf} :: bratwurst (a small pork sausage)
braunita {f} [mineral] :: braunite
bravata {f} :: bravado, swagger
bravateador {m} :: one who boasts about their own braveness
bravatear {v} :: to boast about one's own braveness
braveza {f} :: bravery (quality of being brave)
bravio {adj} :: feral, wild
bravio {adj} :: uneducated, uncivilized
bravio {adj} :: (of the terrain) difficult to traverse, untraversable, impenetrable
bravio {adj} :: (of a plant, or tree) incapable of bearing fruits, unfruitful
bravio {adj} :: (of a plant, or vegetable) spontaneous, weed
bravio {adj} :: (of the land) uncultivated
bravio {adj} :: (of the sea) stormy
bravio {m} :: a patch of terrain which it is arid
bravio {m} :: a patch of terrain through which it is difficult to move
bravio {m} :: an uncultivated land
bravo {adj} /ˈbɾ :: valiant, courageous
bravo {adj} :: uneducated, uncivilized
bravo {adj} :: furious, annoyed
bravo {adj} :: prone to irritation, easily angered, bad-tempered, choleric
bravo {adj} :: rigorous, authoritarian
bravo {adj} :: (of a person, or situation) difficult, unmanageable
bravo {adj} :: (of an animal) undomesticated
bravo {adj} :: (of a plant, or vegetable) spontaneous, weed
bravo {adj} :: (of the land) uncultivated
bravo {adj} :: (of the sea) stormy
bravo {adj} [hypercorrect] :: alternative form of brabo
bravo {interj} :: bravo! well done!
bravura {f} /bɾɐ.ˈvu.ɾɐ/ :: courage, boldness, a display of daring
bravura {f} :: anger
bórax {m} :: borax (crystalline salt)
Brazil {prop} {m} :: obsolete spelling of Brasil
brazileiro {adj} :: obsolete spelling of brasileiro
brazileiro {m} :: obsolete spelling of brasileiro
Brazir {prop} {m} :: eye dialect of Brasil
Braziu {prop} {m} :: eye dialect of Brasil
Brazópolis {prop} :: Brazópolis (placename)
brazuca {adj} [slang] :: Brazilian
brazuca {mf} [slang] :: Brazilian
Brazzaville {prop} {f} :: Brazzaville (capital city)
Bárbara {prop} {f} :: given name
bárbaro {adj} :: barbarian (uncivilized)
bárbaro {adj} :: wicked (evil or mischevous)
bárbaro {m} :: barbarian (uncivilised person)
bérberis {f} :: barberry (Any of the thorny shrubs of genus Berberis)
Brício {prop} {m} /ˈbɾi.sju/ :: given name
brócoli {m} :: broccoli
brócolis {m} [Brazil] :: broccoli
brócolos {m} [Portugal] :: alternative form of brócolis
bráctea {f} [botany] :: bract (leaf associated with a flower or cone)
bróder {m} [Brazil, slang] /ˈbrɔ.deʁ/ :: bro (close friend)
bródi {m} :: alternative form of bróder
bôrdo {m} :: obsolete spelling of bordo
breaco {adj} [colloquial] :: drunk (alcoholized)
breakdance {m} /bɾejkiˈdẽsɪ/ :: breakdancing (style of dance)
Bóreas {prop} {m} [Greek god] :: Boreas (god of the north wind)
breca {f} /ˈbɾɛ.kɐ/ :: cramp (painful contraction of a muscle)
breca {f} [obsolete] :: a disease that makes the hair of goats fall off
breca {f} [rare] :: grey mullet (Mugil cephalus, a tropical and subtropical fish)
brecar {vt} :: to brake (to operate the brakes of a vehicle)
brecar {vi} :: to brake (to be slowed down)
brecar {vt} [figurative] :: to stunt (to check or hinder the growth or development of)
brechó {m} [Brazil] :: thrift shop (shop which sells used goods)
brecha {f} /ˈbɾɛ.ʃɐ/ :: breach, gap (opening allowing passage or entrance)
brecha {f} :: fissure
Breda {prop} {f} :: Breda (city)
brega {adj} [Brazil, colloquial] :: tacky; kitsch
bregueço {m} /bɾe.ˈɡ :: old and worn-out object
Brejões {prop} :: Brejões (placename)
Brejnev {prop} {mf} :: Brezhnev (surname)
brejo {m} /ˈbɾɛ.ʒu/ :: marsh, swamp
Brejo Alegre {prop} :: Brejo Alegre (placename)
Brejolândia {prop} :: Brejolândia (placename)
brema {f} :: bream (fish of the genus Abramis)
Brema {prop} {f} :: Brema (city/and/state)
brema do mar {f} :: alternative spelling of brema-do-mar
brema-do-mar {f} [rare] :: bream (Abramis brama)
Bremen {prop} {f} :: Bremen (city/and/state)
brenha {f} /ˈbɾɐ(j).ɲɐ/ :: scrub (thick vegetation)
brenha {f} :: complication
brenha {f} :: confusion
Breno {prop} {m} :: given name
Breslau {prop} {f} :: Breslau (city)
Breslávia {prop} {f} :: Breslávia (city)
Brest {prop} {f} :: Brest (city)
Brest {prop} {f} :: Brest (city)
Bretanha {prop} {f} /bɾɨ.ˈtɐ.ɲɐ/ :: Bretanha (peninsula)
Bretanha {prop} {f} :: Bretanha (region)
Bretanha {prop} {f} :: clipping of Grã-Bretanha
bretão {m} /bɾɨ.ˈtɐ̃w̃/ :: Breton (person from Brittany)
bretão {m} :: Breton (Celtic language spoken in north-western Brittany)
bretão {adj} :: Breton (of, from or relating to Brittany and its people)
bretão {adj} :: Breton (of or relating to the Breton language)
breu {m} :: tar, pitch
breve {adj} /ˈbɾɛ.vɨ/ :: brief, short
breve {adj} :: summarized
breve {adj} :: minute (very small)
breve {f} [music] :: a double whole note (US) or breve (UK)
breve {f} [phonetics] :: a syllable or vowel that is quickly pronounced
breve {m} :: a Papal brief
brevemente {adv} /bɾɛ.vɨ.ˈmẽ.tɨ/ :: briefly
breviador {m} [Roman Catholicism] :: abbreviator (papal officer)
brevidade {f} :: brevity
breviário {m} :: breviary (a book containing prayers and hymns)
Bérgamo {prop} {f} :: Bérgamo (city/and/province)
Brígida {prop} {f} /ˈbɾi.ʒi.dɐ/ :: given name
Briansk {prop} {f} :: Briansk (oblast)
Briansk {prop} {f} :: Briansk (city/regional capital)
BRIC {prop} {mp} [politics, economics] :: BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China)
bórico {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: boric
BRICS {prop} {mp} {m} [politics, economics] :: BRICS; (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa)
brida {f} :: bridle (headgear for horse)
bridge {m} [card games] :: bridge
Bridgetown {prop} {f} :: Bridgetown (capital city)
brie {m} :: brie (variety of French cheese)
briófita {f} :: bryophyte
briga {f} /ˈbɾi.ɡɐ/ :: fight (physical confrontation)
brigada {f} [military] :: brigade (military unit composed of several regiments)
brigadeiro {m} [military] :: brigadier (army rank)
brigadeiro {m} [culinary] :: a traditional Brazilian truffle
brigado {interj} :: pronunciation spelling of obrigado
brigandina {f} :: alternative form of brigantina
brigando {v} :: gerund of brigar
brigantim {m} [nautical] :: brig (two-masted vessel)
brigantina {f} [historical] :: brigandine (coat of armour)
brigar {v} :: to brawl, fight
brigar {v} :: to quarrel
briguinha {f} :: diminutive of briga
brilhante {adj} /bɾi.ˈʎɐ̃.tɨ/ :: Shining brightly; brilliant
brilhante {adj} :: Highly intelligent; brainy; ingenious; brilliant
brilhantemente {adv} :: brightly, brilliantly
brilhantismo {m} :: brilliance (all senses)
brilhar {vi} /bɾiˈʎaɾ/ :: to shine, to emit or reflect light
brilhar {vi} :: to seem it is shining, to have the effect of being shining
brilhar {vi} :: to shine, to excel
brilho {m} /ˈbɾi.ʎu/ :: shine (brightness from a source of light)
brilho aparente {m} [astronomy] :: apparent brightness (brightness of a star as measured by an observer)
briluz {m} [nonce] :: brillig (four o’clock in the afternoon)
brincadeira {f} /bɾĩ.kɐ.ˈðɐj.ɾɐ/ :: joke; prank
brincadeira {f} :: banter
brincadeira {f} :: frolic
brincadeira {f} :: game
brincadeira {interj} :: just kidding
brincadeira de criança {f} :: See: brincadeira de criança
brincadeira de criança {f} [idiomatic] :: child's play (something particularly simple or easy)
brincalhão {m} :: player (playful person, idler)
brincalhão {m} :: joker
brincalhão {adj} :: playful
brincalhão {adj} :: fun
brincando {v} :: gerund of brincar
brincar {v} /bɾĩ.ˈkaɾ/ :: to play
brincar com fogo {v} [idiomatic] :: to play with fire (put oneself in a precarious situation)
brinco {m} [jewellery] /ˈbɾĩ.ku/ :: earring
brinco-de-viúva {m} :: fruit of the plant Syzygium cumini; jambul
brindando {v} :: gerund of brindar
brindar {v} :: to toast (engage in a salutation)
brinde {m} /ˈbɾĩ.dɯ/ :: toast (a salutation while drinking alcohol)
brinde {m} :: freebie (giveaway)
Brindisi {prop} {f} :: Brindisi (city/and/province)
brinjela {f} :: alternative form of beringela
brinks {interj} [Internet slang] :: clipping of brincadeira
brinquedo {m} :: toy, plaything
brinquedoteca {f} :: A publicly accessible place, which holds toys for children to play
brio {m} /ˈbɾi.u]/ :: mettle; courage
brio {m} :: zeal; vigour; vivacity
brio {m} :: pride; dignity
bário {m} :: barium (chemical element)
bório {m} :: bohrium (chemical element)
brioche {m} :: brioche (type of bun)
brioco {m} [slang] :: anus
bárion {m} [Brazil] :: alternative form of barião
brioso {adj} :: proud
brioso {adj} :: brave
brioso {adj} :: generous
Bóris {prop} {m} /ˈbɔ.ɾis/ :: given name
brisa {f} [meteorology] /ˈbɾi.zɐ/ :: A gentle to moderate wind; breeze
brisa {f} [Brazil, slang] :: the state of musing and meditating or dreaming while awake; reverie, dreaminess, muse
brisa {f} [Brazil, slang] :: psychological effects of drugs (specially marijuana); high; trip
brisar {v} [Brazil, slang] :: to have spontaneous, fantastic fanciful thoughts while awake; daydream; to woolgather
Brisbane {prop} {f} :: Brisbane (city/state capital)
Bristol {prop} {f} /ˈbɾis.tow/ :: Bristol (city)
brita {f} :: crushed stone; gravel
britadeira {f} :: jackhammer (portable percussive drill device)
britagem {f} :: crushing (especially for rock/mineral processing)
britar {v} /bɾi.ˈta(ɾ)/ :: to brit (to break into pieces)
britar {v} :: to injure (to cause physical harm)
britar {v} :: to destroy; to crush
britar {v} [historical] :: to decrease a coin’s weight without decreasing its value
britónico {adj} [European orthography, historical] :: British (relating to the ancient Celts of southern Britain)
britânico {adj} :: British
britânico {m} :: Briton
britônico {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of britónico
Brito {prop} :: surname
brizolista {adj} :: Of or relating to Leonel Brizola (1922 – 2004), the 53rd governor in the state of Rio de Janeiro and 23rd governor in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Brâman {prop} {m} [Hinduism] :: Brahman (concept of Hinduism)
brâmane {m} :: brahmin (member of the Hindu priestly caste)
Brno {prop} {f} :: Brno (city)
brânquia {f} [animal anatomy] :: gill (breathing organ of fish)
brônquio {m} :: bronchus (either or two branches of the trachea)
brônzeo {adj} :: bronze (made of bronze)
brônzeo {adj} :: bronze (having a bronze colour)
broa {f} /ˈbɾo.ɐ/ :: broa (type of cornbread made in Portugal, Galicia and Brazil)
broca {f} :: drill
broca {f} :: bit, drill bit
broca {f} :: borer, auger
brocado {v} :: past participle of brocar
brocando {v} :: gerund of brocar
brocar {v} :: to drill, bore
brochado {v} :: past participle of brochar
brochando {v} :: gerund of brochar
brochar {v} :: to bind (a book)
brochar {v} :: to yoke (an ox, etc.)
broche {m} /ˈbɾɔ.ʃi/ :: brooch
broche {m} :: clasp
Brochier {prop} :: Brochier (placename)
brochura {f} :: brochure (booklet of printed informational matter)
brochura {f} :: paperback (book)
brodo {m} [countable] :: broth (soup made from broth)
Brodowski {prop} :: Brodowski (placename)
bromado {adj} [chemistry] :: brominated
bromação {f} [chemistry] :: bromination
bromato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: bromate
brometo {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: bromide
bromito {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: bromite
bromo {m} :: bromine
bromoso {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: bromous
bronca {f} :: scolding (critical remarks)
bronco {adj} :: obtuse (intellectually dull)
broncoespasmo {m} [pathology] :: bronchospasm
bronha {f} [Brazil, slang] :: wank (act of male masturbation)
bronquial {adj} :: bronchial (of or relating to the bronchi)
bronquite {f} :: bronchitis (inflammation of the lungs)
brontossauro {m} :: brontosaur; apatosaur (large, herbivorous dinosaur of the genus Apatosaurus)
Bronx {prop} {m} :: Bronx (borough)
bronze {m} /ˈbɾõ.zɨ/ :: bronze
bronze {m} :: skin tan
bronzeado {adj} :: bronze (having a bronze colour)
bronzeado {adj} :: tanned (having a suntan)
bronzeado {m} :: tan (darkening of skin)
bronzear {vi} :: to tan (to become tan due to exposure to sun)
bronze de alumínio {m} [metallurgy] :: aluminium bronze (alloy of copper with about 5% to 10% aluminium)
bronzina {f} :: bushing (mechanics, especially one made of brass)
brookita {f} [mineral] :: brookite
Brooklin {prop} {m} :: alternative spelling of Brooklyn
Brooklyn {prop} {m} :: Brooklyn (borough)
broquel {m} /bɾo.ˈkɛw/ :: buckler (a small type of shield)
brotando {v} :: gerund of brotar
brotar {v} :: to bud or sprout
Brotas {prop} :: Brotas (placename)
Brotas de Macaúbas {prop} :: Brotas de Macaúbas (placename)
brother {m} :: alternative spelling of bróder
broto {m} :: sprout (little plant)
broto {m} [dated, slang] :: gal, chick (girl, young woman)
brownie {m} :: brownie (type of small chocolate cake)
Brás {prop} {m} :: surname
Brás {prop} {m} :: A district of São Paulo, Brazil
Bréscia {prop} {f} :: Bréscia (city/and/province)
Brás Pires {prop} :: Brás Pires (placename)
bruaca {f} [Brazil] /bru.ˈa.ka/ :: a type raw-leather bag
bruaca {f} :: used above an animal's saddle for transportation of cargo
bruaca {f} :: used as a handbag
bruaca {f} [Brazil, pejorative] :: a degraded woman
bruaca {f} :: an old and ugly woman, sometimes malicious and gossipy
bruaca {f} :: an old and decadent prostitute
bruaca {f} [colloquial] :: an old and worn-off piece of cloth
brucelose {f} [pathology] :: brucellosis (infection by the bacterium Brucella)
brucita {f} [mineral] :: brucite
Bruges {prop} {f} :: Bruges (provincial capital)
bruguelo {m} :: chick, young bird
brulote {m} [historical] :: fire ship (wooden ship set afire and then sent floating into an enemy flotilla)
bruma {f} /ˈbɾumɐ/ :: mist (water or other liquid finely suspended in air)
Brumadinho {prop} :: Brumadinho (placename)
Brumado {prop} :: Brumado (placename)
bruna {f} :: feminine noun of bruno
Bruna {prop} {f} :: given name, feminine form of Bruno
brunch {m} :: brunch (meal eaten later than breakfast and earlier than lunch)
Brunei {prop} {m} :: Brunei (country)
brunir {v} /bɾu.ˈniɾ/ :: to burnish
brunir {v} :: to smooth
brunir {v} [Portugal] :: to iron (to unwrinkle clothes with an iron)
bruno {adj} :: (dark) brown
bruno {m} :: a dark-haired male or female
bruno {m} :: a dark man or a brunette
Bruno {prop} {m} /ˈbɾ :: given name
Brunópolis {prop} :: Brunópolis (placename)
bruços {mp} [swimming] /ˈbɾu.suʃ/ :: breaststroke
bruscamente {adv} /bɾuʃ.kɐ.ˈmẽ.tɨ/ :: suddenly, brusquely
bruscamente {adv} :: abruptly
brusco {adj} /ˈbɾuʃ.ku/ :: brusque, abrupt (broken off or very steep)
brusco {adj} :: sudden, unexpected
brusco {adj} :: harsh, rough to the touch
brusco {adj} :: harsh, cruel
Brusque {prop} {m} :: Brusque (placename)
brusqueta {f} :: bruschetta (Italian bread topped with garlic and tomatoes)
brustolar {v} [South Brazil, rare] :: to roast polenta
bruta bestia {mf} [South Brazil, derogatory] :: an irritating person
brutal {adj} /bɾuˈtaɫ/ :: brutal, brutish
brutal {adj} [colloquial] :: huge
brutal {adj} [colloquial] :: fantastic, extraordinary
brutalidade {f} /bɾu.tɐ.li.ˈða.ðɨ/ :: brutality
brutamonte {mf} :: alternative form of brutamontes
brutamontes {mf} :: lout; troublemaker
bruto {adj} :: ignorant, stupid
bruto {adj} :: uncouth, crude
bruto {adj} :: raw
bruxa {f} /ˈbɾu.ʃɐ/ :: witch
bruxaria {f} :: witchcraft
bruxedo {m} :: sorcery (magical power)
Bruxelas {prop} {f} /bɾu.ˈʃɛ.lɐs/ :: Bruxelas (capital city)
Bruxellas {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Bruxelas
bruxo {m} /ˈbɾuʃʊ/ :: wizard
bruxulear {vi} [of light or flame] :: to flicker (to burn or shine unsteadily)
bruxuleio {m} :: flicker (unsteady shining of light)
Bryansk {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Briansk
Bósforo {prop} {m} /ˈbɔɾu/ :: Bósforo (strait)
básico {adj} /ˈba.zi.ku/ :: basic
básico {adj} :: fundamental, essential
básico {adj} [chemistry] :: basic, alkaline
básico {m} :: basics, essentials (the basic part of something)
Bósnia {prop} {f} /ˈbɔɐ/ :: Bósnia (historical region)
Bósnia {prop} {f} :: clipping of Bósnia e Herzegovina
Bósnia e Herzegovina {prop} {f} /ˈbɔɐ i eʁ.ˌze.ɡo.ˈvi.nɐ/ :: Bósnia e Herzegovina (contry)
Bósnia-Herzegóvina {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Bósnia e Herzegovina
bósnio {m} /ˈbɔʃ.ni.u/ :: Bosnian person
bósnio {m} :: Bosnian (language)
bósnio {adj} :: Bosnian (of or pertaining to Bosnia and Herzegovina)
bóson {m} [Brazil, physics] :: boson
bóson de Higgs {m} [Brazil, physics] :: Higgs boson
Bósphoro {prop} {m} :: obsolete spelling of Bósforo
básquete {m} :: alternative form of basquete
bússola {f} /ˈbusulɐ/ :: compass (navigational compass)
bêsta {f} :: obsolete spelling of besta
bético {adj} :: Baetic
bútio-rabo-canela {m} [rare] :: long-legged buzzard (Buteo rufinus)
bôto {m} :: obsolete spelling of boto
bôto {adj} :: obsolete spelling of boto
BTT {n} :: mountain bike
bétula {f} :: birch (any of various trees of the genus Betula)
bu {interj} :: boo (loud exclamation intended to scare someone)
bué {adv} [Angola, Portugal, colloquial] /buˈɛ/ :: To a great extent or degree; extremely; exceedingly; very
buá {interj} [, onomatopoeia] :: expresses crying
buçaranha {f} :: (slang) vagina
buassú {mf} :: obsolete form of babaçu
bubão {m} [pathology] :: bubo (lymph node swelling)
bucal {adj} :: buccal
bucal {adj} :: oral
bucaneiro {m} :: buccaneer; pirate
Bucara {prop} {f} :: Bucara (region)
Bucara {prop} {f} :: Bucara (city)
Bucareste {prop} {f} /ˌbu.ka.ˈɾɛs.t͡ʃi/ :: Bucareste (capital city)
bucentauro {m} :: bucentaur (a supposed mythical monster, half ox, half man)
bucéfala {f} :: feminine of bucéfalo
bucéfalo {m} [rare, derogatory] :: idiot, stupid person
bucéfalo {m} [rare] :: horse
Bucéfalo {prop} {m} [historical] /bu.ˈsɛ :: Bucephalus (the warhorse of Alexander the Great)
bucha {f} :: wad
bucha {f} :: tampion
bucha {f} :: loofah (the vine's dried fibrous interior used as a sponge for bathing)
buchada {f} :: A Brazilian stew made with goat entrails
bucha de canhão {f} :: cannon fodder (military forces considered to be expendable)
bucha de canhão {f} [by extension] :: anything considered to be expendable
bucho {m} :: maw
bucho {m} :: tripe
buchuda {adj} :: pregnant
bucólico {adj} /bu.ˈkɔ.li.ku/ :: bucolic (rustic, pastoral, country-styled)
buda {m} :: Buddha (especially a statue or figurine)
Buda {prop} {m} /ˈbu.dɐ/ :: Buddha (founder of Buddhism)
Buda {prop} {f} :: Buda (mediaeval city)
Budapeste {prop} {f} /ˌbu.da.ˈpɛs.t͡ʃi/ :: Budapeste (capital city)
budismo {m} :: Buddhism (religion and philosophy)
budista {adj} :: Buddhist (of, relating to, or practicing Buddhism)
budista {mf} :: Buddhist (practitioner of Buddhism)
budístico {adj} :: Buddhistic
bueiro {m} :: manhole (a hole in the ground used to access the sewers or other underground vaults and installations)
bueiro {m} :: drain (hole, pipe or channel allowing water to flow out)
bueiro {m} [specifically] :: storm drain (drain for rainwater on the side of a road)
buenas tardes {phrase} [Rio Grande do Sul] :: good afternoon
Bueno Brandão {prop} :: Bueno Brandão (placename)
Buenos Aires {prop} {f} :: Buenos Aires (capital city)
Buenópolis {prop} :: Buenópolis (placename)
Buerarema {prop} :: Buerarema (placename)
bufê {m} /bˌufˈe/ :: alternative spelling of buffet
bufar {v} :: to blow
bufar {v} [by extension] :: to boast
Buffalo {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Búfalo
buffer {m} [computing] /ˈbɐ.feʁ/ :: buffer (memory for temporary storage)
buffet {m} /bi.ˈfe/ :: buffet (food laid out so diners may serve themselves)
bufo {m} /ˈbu.fu/ :: Eurasian eagle owl (Bubo bubo)
bufo {m} [Portugal, slang] :: police informant
bufo {adj} [of an actor or plot] :: comical or burlesque
bufo {m} :: an instance of puffing
bufão {m} :: buffoon; jester; fool
bufo-real {m} :: eagle owl (large owl of genus Bubo)
bufunfa {f} [slang] :: cheese; money
bug {m} [computing] /ˈbɐɡ/ :: bug (error in a program’s functioning)
bug {m} [slang] :: anything causing unusual behaviour
bugado {adj} [informatics, slang] :: (a computer software) suffering bugs or other technical difficulties; glitched
bugalha {f} :: alternative form of bugalho
bugalho {m} :: gall (blister or tumour-like growth found on the surface of plants)
bugar {v} [slang, informatics] /buˈɡaɾ/ :: (a computer software) to suffer bugs or other technical problems; to glitch
bugar {v} [slang, figuratively] :: (a person) to get confused or fail to understand something
bug do milénio {m} [European orthography, computing] :: millennium bug (a design flaw in computer systems which which could cause date calculations to fail after 1999)
bug do milênio {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of bug do milénio
bugiganga {f} /buʒiˈɡɐ̃ɡɐ/ :: trifle (thing of little importance or worth)
bugio {m} /bu.ˈʒi.u/ :: monkey (especially the howler monkey)
bugre {mf} [Brazil, ethnic slur] /ˈbu.ɡɾi/ :: savage (derogatory term for a Native American)
Bugre {prop} :: Bugre (placename)
buiti {m} :: alternative spelling of bwiti
buitre {m} :: alternative form of abutre
bujarrona {f} [nautical] :: jib (triangular staysail set forward of the foremast)
bujão {m} :: cylinder (container for pressurised gas)
Bujumbura {prop} {f} :: Bujumbura (capital city)
Bukhara {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Bucara
bukkake {m} :: bukkake
bula {f} /ˈbu.lɐ/ :: bull (document)
bulbo {m} /ˈbuɫ.bu/ :: bulb (rounded solid object)
bulbo {m} :: plant bulb
bulício {m} :: bustle
bulício {m} :: noise
bulcão {m} :: Dark and thick cloud that precedes heavy rain
buldogue {m} :: bulldog (breed of dog)
buldogue americano {m} :: American Bulldog
bule {m} /ˈbu.lɨ/ :: teapot
bulevar {m} :: boulevard (broad, landscaped thoroughfare)
Bulgária {prop} {f} /buɫ.ˈɣa.ɾjɐ/ :: Bulgária (country)
bulha {f} :: noise, clamour
bulha {f} :: disorder, riot
bulhado {v} :: past participle of bulhar
bulhando {v} :: gerund of bulhar
bulhar {v} :: to be noisy, disorderly
bulhar {v} :: to fight
bulimia nervosa {f} :: bulimia (eating disorder characterised by a binge-and-purge cycle)
bulionismo {m} [economics, historical] :: bullionism (an economic theory that defines wealth by the amount of precious metals owned)
bulir {v} /bu.ˈliɾ/ :: to fidget
bulir {v} :: to tease
bulldog {m} :: alternative form of buldogue
bullying {m} /ˈbu.lĩ/ :: bullying (persistent acts intended to make someone’s life unpleasant)
bum {interj} :: boom (sound of explosion)
bumbo {m} :: bass drum (large drum with a low pitch)
bumbum {m} [Brazil, childish] :: buttocks
bumerangue {m} :: boomerang (flat, curved aerofoil)
bunda {f} [colloquial] /ˈbũⁿda/ :: ass, butt
bunda-mole {adj} [colloquial] :: chicken; coward; wuss
bundão {m} [irregular] :: augmentative of bunda
bundão {m} [colloquial] :: chicken; coward; wuss
bundão {adj} [colloquial, of a person] :: cowardly
bundão {adj} [colloquial, of a person] :: stupid, dumb
bundona {n} :: augmentative of bunda
bundona {n} :: feminine singular of bundão
bundudo {adj} [colloquial, of a person] :: Having big buttocks
bungee jump {m} :: bungee jumping (the sport of jumping from a great height with a cord)
bungee jumping {m} :: bungee jumping (the sport of jumping from a great height with a cord)
bunker {m} :: bunker
buço {m} :: down (feathers or soft facial hair)
buquê {m} :: bouquet (bunch of flowers)
buquê {m} :: bouquet (wine aroma)
buraco {m} /buˈɾa.ku/ :: pit; hole (hollow spot in a surface)
buraco {m} :: burrow (a tunnel or hole dug by a creature)
buraco {m} [figurative, depreciative] :: a very filthy, crude or precarious house
buraco {m} [billiards, pool, snooker] :: pocket (cavity with a sack at each corner and one centered on each side of a pool or snooker table)
buraco {m} :: hole (an opening in a solid)
buraco {m} [figurative] :: gap (a vacant time)
buraco {m} [figurative] :: an emotional gap caused by someone’s death or absence
buraco {m} [slang] :: a difficult situation financially
buraco {m} [card games] :: canasta, especially its Brazilian variant
buraco branco {m} [astrophysics] :: white hole
buraco de minhoca {m} :: See: buraco de minhoca
buraco de minhoca {m} :: wormhole (a hole burrowed by a worm)
buraco negro {m} [astronomy] :: black hole
buraco negro supermassivo {m} [astronomy] :: supermassive black hole
burburinho {m} :: chatter (confusion of voices)
burca {f} /ˈbuɾ.kɐ/ :: burka (a garment that covers the whole body)
Burgenland {prop} {m} :: Burgenland (state)
burgo {m} [historical] /ˈbuɾ.ɣu/ :: burg (fortified town in medieval Europe)
burgomestre {m} :: burgomaster (the mayor of a town in certain countries)
burgrave {m} [historical] :: burggrave (commander of a German burg)
burguesia {f} :: bourgeoisie
burguesia compradora {f} [Marxism] :: comprador bourgeoisie (indigenous middle class allied with foreign investors)
burguês {adj} /buɾˈɣeʃ/ :: bourgeois
burguês {adj} :: philistine
burguês {m} [historical] :: burgher (inhabitant of a mediaeval burgh)
burguês {m} [Marxism] :: bourgeois (member of the upper class)
burguês {m} [derogatory] :: bourgeois (person with overly conventional and materialistic values)
burguês {m} [Brazil, slang] :: a rich person
Buri {prop} :: Buri (placename)
Buriatia {prop} {f} :: Buriatia (republic)
buril {m} :: burin
buril {m} :: engraving (type of picture often made with a burin)
buril {m} [figurative] :: an artistic or writing style that involves a great deal of details
burilada {f} :: a strike or stroke made with a burin
burilar {v} :: to engrave
Buritama {prop} :: Buritama (placename)
buriti {m} :: moriche palm (Mauritia flexuosa, a palm of tropical South America)
Buritirama {prop} :: Buritirama (placename)
Buritis {prop} :: Buritis (placename)
Buritizal {prop} :: Buritizal (placename)
Buritizeiro {prop} :: Buritizeiro (placename)
burka {f} :: alternative spelling of burca
burla {f} :: fraud
burla {f} :: mockery
burlar {vt} :: to cheat; to swindle
burlar {vt} :: to circumvent (to avoid having to follow a rule)
burlar {v} [de] :: to mock, to ridicule
burlesco {adj} :: comic, farcical
burlesco {m} :: burlesque, farce
Burúndi {prop} {m} :: Burúndi (country)
burocracia {f} [politics] :: bureaucracy
burocracia {f} [colloquial] :: the use or demand a big amount of documents
burocrata {mf} :: bureaucrat
burocrático {adj} :: bureaucratic
burqa {f} :: alternative spelling of burca
Burquina Faso {prop} {f} :: Burquina Faso (country)
burra {f} :: feminine noun of burro
burrego {m} :: burro (small donkey)
burrice {f} :: stupidity, foolishness
burrice {f} :: dullness
burrico {m} :: burro (small donkey)
burrinho {m} :: diminutive of burro
burrinho {adj} :: diminutive of burro
burrito {m} :: burrito (Mexican dish)
burro {m} /ˈbu.ʁu/ :: donkey
burro {m} [slang] :: idiot, dunce
burro {adj} :: stupid
burro como uma porta {adj} :: thick as a brick
burro de carga {m} :: See: burro de carga
burro de carga {m} [figurative] :: someone who carries an excessive amount of weight
Busan {prop} {f} :: Busan (city)
busca {f} /ˈbuʃ.kɐ/ :: searching
busca {f} :: quest
busca {f} :: research
busca {f} :: rummage
buscar {v} /buʃ.ˈkaɾ/ :: to search for
buscar {v} :: to fetch, to pick up
bushimo {m} :: Bushism (political philosophy)
busão {m} [São Paulo, slang] :: bus
bustiê {m} :: bustier (a tight-fitting women’s top)
busto {m} :: bust (sculptural portrayal of a person’s head and shoulders)
busto {m} :: bust (breasts and upper thorax of a woman)
butano {m} [organic compound] :: butane
butanona {f} [organic compound] :: butanone (the simple aliphatic ketone: CH3CH2COCH3)
butanês {adj} :: Bhutanese (of, from or relating to Bhutan)
butanês {m} :: Bhutanese (person from Bhutan)
butiá {m} /bu.t͡ʃi.ˈa/ :: the fruit of the jelly palm
Butiá {prop} :: Butiá (placename)
butil {m} [organic chemistry] :: butyl
butim {m} :: plunder (loot attained by plundering)
butique {f} :: alternative spelling of boutique
Butão {prop} {m} :: Butão (country)
butre {m} :: alternative form of abutre
buxeira {f} :: box (any of various evergreen shrubs or trees)
buxeiro {m} :: box (any of various evergreen shrubs or trees)
buxinho {m} :: common box (Buxus sempervirens, a species of box tree)
buxo {m} /ˈbu.ʃu/ :: box (any of various evergreen shrubs or trees)
buxo anão {m} :: common box (Buxus sempervirens, a species of box tree)
buzina {f} :: hunting horn
buzina {f} :: horn (on a car)
buzina {f} :: spokesperson
buzinar {vi} :: to honk, to use a car horn
buzzword {mf} :: buzzword (fashionable technical jargon)
bv {m} [Internet slang] :: alternative form of BV
bv {adj} [Internet slang] :: alternative form of BV
BV {m} [Brazil, slang] /be.ˈve/ :: the state of having never (romantically) kissed anyone's mouth
BV {adj} [Brazil, slang] :: (a person) kissless, having never romantically kissed anyone
bávaro {adj} :: Bavarian (of or pertaining to Bavaria)
bávaro {m} :: Bavarian (person from Bavaria)
bávaro {m} [uncountable] :: Bavarian (a Germanic language spoken in Bavaria)
bwiti {m} [religion] :: Bwiti (an animistic religion of Gabon and Cameroon)
Byblo {prop} {f} :: obsolete form of Biblos
Byblos {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Biblos
Bydgoszcz {prop} {f} :: Bydgoszcz (city)
bypass {m} [medicine] /ˌbaj.ˈpɛs/ :: bypass (a passage created around a damaged organ)
byte {m} [computing] :: byte (unit)
búzio {m} /ˈbu.zju/ :: conch; hence trumpet
búzio {m} :: whelk (edible sea snail)
búzio {m} [Brazil] :: pearl fisher
búzio {m} [Brazil] :: cowrie, cowry (any of the marine mollusks of the genus Cypraea)