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v {n}  :: See under V
v' {pron}  :: clitic form of vi
{f}  :: apocopic form of vita
V {letter}  :: letter: vu, vi
{prop}  :: alternative form of Vo'
va' {interj}  :: An expression of surprise, anger or resignation
Va. {n} [music]  :: abbreviation of viola
va beh {adv}  :: okay; never mind
va bene {interj}  :: OK!; okay!; all right!
va bene {interj}  :: fair enough
vacabile {adj}  :: That can become vacant
vacante {adj}  :: vacant
vacante {v}  :: present participle of vacare
vacanza {f}  :: holiday [British], vacation [US]
vacanziera {f}  :: (female) holidaymaker, holidayer, vacationer
vacanziere {m}  :: holidaymaker, holidayer, vacationer
vacanziero {adj}  :: holiday (attributive)
vacare {vi}  :: To be vacant
vacazione {f}  :: A period of work
vacazione {f} [legal]  :: period before a law comes into force
vacca {f}  :: cow
vacca {f} [slang, figurative, derogatory]  :: whore, slut
vaccaio {m}  :: cowherd
vaccareccia {f}  :: herd of cows
vaccareccia {f}  :: cowshed
vaccaro {m}  :: Variant of vaccaio
vaccata {f}  :: foolishness, nonsense
vaccheria {f}  :: cowshed
vaccheria {f}  :: dairy farm
vacchetta {f}  :: cowhide
vacchino {adj}  :: alternative form of vaccino
vacchino {m}  :: cheese made from cow's milk
vaccinabile {adj}  :: That can be vaccinated
vaccinale {adj}  :: vaccinal
vaccinante {v}  :: present participle of vaccinare
vaccinantesi {v}  :: present participle of vaccinarsi
vaccinare {vt}  :: To vaccinate someone against something
vaccinaro {m} [Rome]  :: tanner, skinner (usually of cow's skin)
vaccinaro {m} [Rome, dated]  :: butcher
vaccinarsi {vr}  :: To get vaccinated, to have a vaccination
vaccinatore {m}  :: vaccinator, inoculator
vaccinatosi {v}  :: past participle of vaccinarsi
vaccinazione {f} [medicine]  :: vaccination, immunization
vaccinico {adj} [immunology]  :: vaccinal
vaccino {adj}  :: cow (attributive)
vaccino {adj}  :: bovine
vaccino {m} [immunology]  :: vaccine
vaccinogeno {adj}  :: vaccinogenic
vaccinoprofilassi {f} [medicine]  :: prophylactic vaccination
vaccinostilo {m} [medicine]  :: vaccinostyle
vaccinoterapia {f} [medicine]  :: vaccine therapy
vaccinoterapico {adj} [medicine]  :: vaccine therapy (attributive)
vacillamento {m}  :: tottering, staggering, reeling, swaying
vacillamento {m}  :: wobbling, swaying, swinging, teetering
vacillamento {m}  :: flickering
vacillamento {m}  :: wavering
vacillante {v}  :: present participle of vacillare
vacillante {adj}  :: shaky, unsteady
vacillante {adj}  :: flickering
vacillantemente {adv}  :: shakily, unsteadily
vacillantemente {adv}  :: flickeringly
vacillare {vi}  :: to sway
vacillare {vi}  :: to totter or stagger along
vacillare {vi}  :: to flicker
vacillare {vi}  :: to waver, falter
vacillazione {f}  :: vacillation
vacillazione {f}  :: uncertainty, perplexity
vacillità {f}  :: inconstancy, fickleness
vacuamente {adv}  :: vacuously
vacuazione {f}  :: A form of pasteurization of milk under a partial vacuum
vacuista {mf} [philosophy]  :: vacuist
vacuità {f}  :: vacuousness, vacuity
vacuo {adj}  :: vacuous, vacant, empty, blank
vacuolare {adj}  :: vacuolar
vacuolizzante {v}  :: present participle of vacuolizzare
vacuolizzare {v}  :: To vacuolate
vacuolizzato {adj}  :: vacuolated
vacuolizzazione {f}  :: vacuolation
vacuolo {m} [biology]  :: vacuole
vacuoma {m}  :: A complex of vacuoles that form in the cytoplasm of a cell
vacuometro {m}  :: vacuum gauge
vacuoscopio {m}  :: vacuum gauge
vacuostato {m}  :: A pressure controller for use with a vacuum pump
vacuumterapia {f} [medicine]  :: vacuum therapy
va da sé {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: it goes without saying (that...)
vademecum {m}  :: vade mecum
Vadena {prop}  :: A small town in the Bolzano province of Trentino-Alto Adige
vadenese {adj}  :: Of or from Vadena
vadenoto {adj}  :: Of or from Vadena
vadense {adj}  :: Of or from Vo'
vadoso {adj}  :: vadose
va e vieni {m}  :: coming and going
vaffa {m}  :: Short and more polite form of vaffanculo
vaffanculo {interj} [vulgar, slang]  :: fuck you!, fuck off!, go fuck yourself!; get lost!
vafro {adj} [literary]  :: cunning, sly, wily, crafty
vagabile {adj}  :: wandering
vagabonda {f}  :: (female) vagabond, vagrant, tramp, hobo, wanderer
vagabonda {f}  :: (female) layabout, loafer
vagabondaggine {f}  :: vagrancy, vagabondage, vagabondism
vagabondaggio {m}  :: vagrancy
vagabondaggio {m}  :: wandering
vagabondaggio {m}  :: roaming
vagabondante {v}  :: present participle of vagabondare
vagabondare {vi}  :: To wander, roam, ramble or err
vagabondeggiante {v}  :: present participle of vagabondeggiare
vagabondeggiare {v}  :: To bum around (as a vagabond)
vagabonderia {f}  :: synonym of vagabondaggine
vagabondo {adj}  :: wandering
vagabondo {adj}  :: idle
vagabondo {m}  :: vagabond, vagrant, tramp, hobo, wanderer
vagabondo {m}  :: layabout, loafer
vagale {adj} [anatomy]  :: vagal
vagamente {adv}  :: vaguely
vagamondo {mf} [colloquial]  :: vagabond, wanderer
vagante {v}  :: present participle of vagare
vagante {adj}  :: wandering
vagante {adj}  :: rambling
vagare {vi}  :: to wander, ramble, roam, range
vagellamento {m}  :: delirium
vagellamento {m}  :: ranting
vagellante {v}  :: present participle of vagellare
vagellare {v}  :: To be delirious; to rant
vagello {m}  :: A small bath or similar vessel used for dying
vagente {v}  :: present participle of vagire
vagheggiamento {m}  :: loving or amorous gaze
vagheggiamento {m}  :: longing, yearning
vagheggiante {v}  :: present participle of vagheggiare
vagheggiare {vt}  :: To admire, contemplate or gaze at
vagheggiare {vt}  :: To long for, to yearn for
vagheggiare {vt}  :: To dream of, to dream about
vagheggiato {adj}  :: longed-for, yearned-for
vagheggiatore {m}  :: yearner
vagheggiatore {m}  :: suitor, wooer
vaghezza {f}  :: vagueness
vaghezza {f}  :: desire, longing
vaghissimo {adj}  :: Very vague, very faint
vagillante {v}  :: present participle of vagillare
vagillare {v}  :: alternative form of vacillare
vagina {f} [anatomy]  :: vagina
vaginale {adj} [anatomy]  :: vaginal
vaginalite {f}  :: vaginalitis
vaginalmente {adv}  :: vaginally
vaginismo {m}  :: vaginismus
vaginite {f}  :: vaginitis
vagire {vi} [but takes avere as its auxiliary]  :: to cry or wail (of a baby)
vagito {m}  :: cry or wail (of a baby)
vaglia {m}  :: money order
vagliante {v}  :: present participle of vagliare
vagliare {vt}  :: to sieve, sift, riddle
vagliare {vt}  :: to weigh up
vagliatore {m}  :: sifter, siever, screener
vagliatrice {f}  :: sifter (sifting machine)
vagliatura {f}  :: sifting, sieving, screening, riddling; winnowing
vagliatura {f}  :: the material so produced
vaglio {m}  :: sieve
vago {adj}  :: vague
vago {adj} [anatomy]  :: vagal
vago {m}  :: ambiguity
vago {m} [anatomy]  :: vagus, vagus nerve
vagolante {v}  :: present participle of vagolare
vagolare {vi}  :: To wander, roam or rove
vagolitico {adj}  :: vagolytic
vagolitico {m} [pharmacology]  :: vagolytic agent, vagolytic drug
vagonata {f}  :: wagonload
vagonata {f}  :: lot, heap, boatload
vagoncino {m}  :: trolley
vagoncino {m}  :: cablecar, gondola (hanging cabin)
vagoncino {m}  :: tram, truck, wagon (in a mine)
vagone {m}  :: truck, wagon, freight car
vagone {m}  :: carriage, car (railway)
vagone {m}  :: railroad car, railcar
vagone letto {n}  :: sleeping car (A railroad car with sleeping facilities for passengers travelling overnight)
vagone ristorante {n}  :: wagon-restaurant
vagonetto {m}  :: trolley, mule (e.g. at a railway station)
vagonetto {m}  :: tram, truck, wagon (in a mine)
vagonista {m}  :: carman (especially in a mine)
vagotomia {f} [surgery]  :: vagotomy
vagotonia {f} [pathology]  :: vagotonia
vagotonico {adj}  :: vagotonic
vah {interj}  :: alternative form of va'!
vaiaio {m}  :: person who tans or sells the fur of the gray-squirrel
vaiaio {m}  :: furrier
vai a quel paese {interj}  :: get lost!
vai a quel paese {interj} [idiomatic, colloquial, dismissal]  :: Used to tell somebody to go away or leave one alone
vaiato {adj} [heraldry]  :: vairy
vai e vieni {m}  :: coming and going
vainiglia {f}  :: alternative form of vaniglia
vaio {m}  :: vair (fur of the gray squirrel)
vaio {m}  :: dark grey (colour)
vaio {adj}  :: dark gray
vaio {adj}  :: dark speckled
vaiolato {adj}  :: speckled, spotted, variegated
vaiolato {adj}  :: pitted
vaiolato {adj}  :: blackish (of fruit)
vaiolatura {f}  :: pitting (of metal)
vaiolatura {f}  :: any of several rot-like diseases of plants
vaiolizzazione {f} [medicine]  :: A former treatment for smallpox involving the inoculation of pus
vaiolo {m}  :: smallpox
vaioloide {m} [medicine]  :: vaioloid
vaioloso {adj} [pathology]  :: variolous
vaioloso {adj} [pathology]  :: smallpox (attributive)
vairone {m}  :: vairone
vaiuolo {m}  :: alternative form of vaiolo
vaivoda {m}  :: alternative form of voivoda
val {f}  :: apocopic form of valle
valì {m}  :: wali
Valacchia {prop}  :: Walachia, Wallachia
valacco {adj}  :: Vlach, Wallachian
Valalla {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Walhalla
valanga {f}  :: avalanche
valangato {adj}  :: avalanche (attributive)
valcante {v}  :: present participle of valcare
valcare {v}  :: alternative form of valicare
valchiria {f} [Norse mythology]  :: Valkyrie, Walkyrie
valchiria {f} [figuratively]  :: virago, battleaxe (domineering woman)
Valcuvia {prop}  :: A valley in the north of the province of Varese in Lombardy
Valdagno {prop}  :: A town and commune in the province of Vicenza
Valdemaro {prop}  :: given name, cognate to English Waldemar
valdese {adj}  :: Waldensian
valdese {mf}  :: Waldensian
Valdichiana {prop}  :: A large alluvial basin in Tuscany and Umbria
valdismo {m}  :: Waldensian movement
Val di Sole {prop}  :: An alpine valley in the province of Trentino in Trentino-Alto Adige
Valdo {prop}  :: given name, comparable to English Waldo
valdostano {adj}  :: Of or relating to Valle d'Aosta or the Valle d'Aosta people
valdostano {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of the Valle d'Aosta
vale a dire {adv}  :: namely
vale a dire {conj}  :: that is to say
Valencia {prop}  :: Valencia
valenciano {adj}  :: Valencian
valenciano {m}  :: Valencian
valenciennes {m}  :: Valenciennes lace
valenciennes {adj}  :: Valenciennes (attributive)
valente {v}  :: present participle of valere
valente {adj}  :: able, talented
valente {adj} [inorganic chemistry, in combination]  :: valent (having a specified valency)
valentesi {v}  :: present participle of valersi
valentia {f}  :: skill, ability
valentina {f}  :: valentine (greeting card)
Valentina {prop}  :: given name, feminine form of Valentino
Valentini {prop}  :: an ancient people from Sardinia
Valentiniano {prop}  :: Valentinian
valentino {m} [colloquial]  :: boyfriend, fiancé
Valentino {prop}  :: given name, cognate to English Valentine
Valentino {prop}  :: surname
valentissimo {adj}  :: Very able, very good
valentuomo {m}  :: worthy or honest man
valenza {f}  :: value, worthiness
valenza {f} [chemistry, linguistics]  :: valence, valency
Valenza {prop}  :: Valencia (in Spain)
Valenza {prop}  :: Valence (in France)
valenzanese {adj}  :: Of or from Valenzano
valenzano {adj}  :: Valencian
Valenzano {prop}  :: A small town in the Bari province of Puglia
Valenzia {prop}  :: Valencia
valere {vit}  :: to be worth
Valeria {prop}  :: given name of Latin origin, equivalent to English Valeria and Valerie
valeriana {f}  :: valerian (plant of genus Valeriana)
valerianato {m} [organic chemistry]  :: valerianate
valerianella {f}  :: corn salad, lamb’s lettuce, rapunzel
valerianico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: valeric
Valeriano {prop}  :: Valerian, Valerianus
valerico {adj}  :: valeric
valerilene {m} [organic compound]  :: valerylene
Valerio {prop}  :: given name
valersi {v}  :: reflexive of valere
valersi {v}  :: to use
valersi {v}  :: to make use (of)
valetudinario {adj}  :: valetudinarian
valetudinario {m}  :: valetudinarian
valevole {adj}  :: valid
valevolmente {adv}  :: validly
Val Gardena {n}  :: A region in the Dolomites of Alto Adige
valgismo {m}  :: valgus deformity
valgo {adj}  :: valgus
Valhalla {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Walhalla
valicabile {adj}  :: passable
valicabilità {f}  :: passableness
valicante {v}  :: present participle of valicare
valicare {v}  :: To cross (a range of mountains etc)
valicare {v}  :: To overcome, surmount
valicare {v}  :: To switch over
valicare {v}  :: To transgress
valicatore {m}  :: surmounter
valicatore {m}  :: transgressor
valico {m}  :: pass (through mountains etc)
validamente {adv}  :: validly
validamente {adv}  :: effectively
validamente {adv}  :: really
validamente {adv}  :: substantially
validante {v}  :: present participle of validare
validare {vt}  :: to validate
validatrice {f}  :: validator (machine that datestamps tickets etc)
validazione {f}  :: validation
validissimo {adj}  :: Very valid, very good, very valuable
validità {f}  :: validity
valido {adj}  :: valid, effective, good, substantial, sound, strong
Valier {prop}  :: surname
Valier {prop}  :: A noble family of Venice
valigeria {f}  :: travel goods
valigeria {f}  :: travel goods factory
valigeria {f}  :: travel goods shop
valigetta {f}  :: briefcase, document case
valigia {n}  :: suitcase
valigiaia {f}  :: leather goods manufacturer or seller (female)
valigiaio {m}  :: leather goods manufacturer or seller
valigiona {f}  :: A big suitcase
valigione {m}  :: A big suitcase
valimento {m}  :: value
valimento {m}  :: virtue
valina {f} [amino acid]  :: valine
vallame {m}  :: synonym of avvallamento
vallante {m}  :: fish farmer (person who works in a fish farm)
vallarolo {m}  :: a native or inhabitant of Valle San Giovanni in the Province of Teramo in the Abruzzo Region of Italy
vallarolo {adj}  :: of, or relating to. the town of Valle San Giovanni
Vallassina {prop}  :: A valley in the Como province of Lombardia
vallassinese {adj}  :: Of or from Vallassina
vallata {f}  :: valley
valle {f}  :: valley
vallea {f}  :: valley
Valle d'Aosta {prop}  :: Valle d'Aosta (region)
Valle d'Aosta {prop}  :: Valle d'Aosta (province)
Valle dei Re {prop}  :: Valley of the Kings
Vallemaggia {prop}  :: A district of Ticino in Switzerland
valle perturbante {f}  :: uncanny valley
vallerano {adj} [Switzerland]  :: valley-dwelling; valley (attributive)
Valle San Giovanni {prop}  :: A suburb of Teramo, Italy
vallesano {adj}  :: Of or from Valais
Vallese {prop}  :: Valais
valletta {f}  :: small valley (diminutive of: valle)
valletta {f}  :: young lady assistant on a television show
valletto {m}  :: valet
valletto {m}  :: assistant (on TV programmes)
Vallettopoli {prop}  :: A wide-ranging criminal scandal, centered on alleged sexual extortion, that occurred in Italy in 2006–2007
vallicoltura {f}  :: lagoon fish breeding (Venice)
valligiano {adj}  :: valley (attributive)
valligiano {m}  :: inhabitant of a valley
vallisneria {f}  :: eelgrass
vallivo {adj}  :: (river) valley (attributive)
vallo {m}  :: wall
vallombrosano {adj}  :: Vallombrosan
vallone {adj}  :: Walloon
vallone {mf}  :: Walloon (person)
vallone {mf}  :: Deep valley {m}
vallone {m} [singular only]  :: Walloon (language)
vallonea {f}  :: valonia oak (Quercus trojana, syn. Quercus aegilops)
Vallonia {prop}  :: Wallonia (region of Belgium)
valloso {adj}  :: With many valleys
Valmarana {prop}  :: surname
Valmarana {prop}  :: A noble family of Venice
Valmontone {prop}  :: A small town in the Roma province of Lazio
Valona {prop}  :: Vlorë, a town in Albania
valore {m}  :: value
valore {m}  :: sense, meaning
valore atteso {m} [probability theory]  :: expected value
valore facciale {m}  :: face value
valore facciale {m}  :: denomination (of a postage stamp etc)
valore nominale {m}  :: face value
valoriale {adj}  :: value (attributive)
valorizzante {v}  :: present participle of valorizzare
valorizzante {adj}  :: enhancing
valorizzantesi {v}  :: present participle of valorizzarsi
valorizzare {vt}  :: to enhance, show off
valorizzare {vt}  :: to exploit, increase the value of, improve
valorizzarsi {v}  :: reflexive of valorizzare
valorizzarsi {vr}  :: to make the most of oneself
valorizzarsi {vr}  :: to increase [in value, in importance], appreciate
valorizzatore {m}  :: exploiter
valorizzatosi {v}  :: past participle of valorizzarsi
valorizzazione {f}  :: exploitation, utilization
valorizzazione {f}  :: improvement, enhancement
valorosa {f}  :: valiant or courageous woman
valorosamente {adv}  :: valiantly, courageously, valorously
valorosità {f}  :: valour
valoroso {adj}  :: courageous, valorous, valiant
valoroso {m}  :: valiant or courageous person
valpolicella {n}  :: alternative case form of Valpolicella
Valpolicella {m}  :: A dry red wine made in the region of Verona from various local grape varieties and consequently of variable quality
Valpurga {prop}  :: Walpurgis
valsente {m}  :: value, price
valsente {m}  :: money
valsente {m}  :: riches
Valsesia {prop}  :: An alpine valley in the Vercelli and Novara provinces of Piemonte
valsesiano {adj}  :: Of or from Valsesia
valsosi {v}  :: past participle of valersi
Valtellina {prop}  :: An alpine region in northern Lombardy
valtellinese {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Valtellina
valtellinese {mf}  :: Native or inhabitant of Valtellina
Valtravaglia {prop}  :: A valley in the province of Varese in Lombardy
valtzer {m}  :: alternative form of valzer
valuta {f}  :: currency
valutabile {adj}  :: That can be valued or estimated, measurable, assessable
valutabilità {f}  :: Property of being assessable; measurability
valutante {v}  :: present participle of valutare
valutantesi {v}  :: present participle of valutarsi
valutare {v}  :: to value
valutare {v}  :: to assess, evaluate or estimate
valutare {v}  :: to appreciate
valutare {v}  :: to weigh up
valutario {adj}  :: currency (attributive)
valutarsi {vr}  :: To value, esteem or appreciate oneself
valutativo {adj}  :: evaluative, of evaluation
valutato {adj}  :: valued
valutato {adj}  :: assessed, estimated
valutatore {m}  :: surveyor, assessor
valutatosi {v}  :: past participle of valutarsi
valutatrice {f}  :: (female) surveyor, assessor
valutazione {f}  :: valuation, estimation
valutazione {f}  :: estimate, assessment, appraisal
valutazione {f}  :: calculation, reckoning
valva {f} [anatomy, zoology]  :: valve, half shell
valvare {adj}  :: valve (attributive)
valvare {adj} [zoology]  :: valvular
valvare {adj} [botany]  :: valvate
valvassino {m}  :: vavasour's vassal
valvassore {m}  :: vavasor, vavasour
valvola {f} [mechanics, hydraulics, electronics, musical instruments]  :: valve
valvola {f} [electricity]  :: fuse
valvola {f} [anatomy]  :: valve, valvule
valvola a spillo {f}  :: needle valve
valvola cardiaca {f} [anatomy]  :: heart valve
valvolame {f}  :: valves
valvola mitrale {f} [anatomy]  :: mitral valve (in the heart)
valvolare {adj}  :: valve (attributive)
valvolare {adj}  :: valvular
valvola tricuspide {f} [anatomy]  :: tricuspid valve
valvulopatia {f} [medicine]  :: valvulopathy
valzer {m} [music]  :: waltz
vamp {f}  :: vamp (flirtatious woman)
vampa {f}  :: heat, flame
vampa {f}  :: hot flush (skin sensation)
vampa {f}  :: blush
vampante {adj}  :: flaming
vampata {f}  :: burst, flame, blush
vampiresco {adj}  :: vampire (attributive), vampirish
vampirismo {m}  :: vampirism
vampiro {m}  :: vampire
vampiro {m}  :: vampire bat (mammal)
vanadato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: vanadate
vanadico {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: vanadic
vanadio {m} [chemistry]  :: vanadium
vanagloria {f}  :: boastfulness, vainglory
vanagloriante {v}  :: present participle of vanagloriarsi
vanagloriantesi {v}  :: present participle of vanagloriarsi
vanagloriarsi {vr}  :: To boast (about oneself)
vanagloriatosi {v}  :: past participle of vanagloriarsi
vanagloriosa {f}  :: vainglorious or boastful woman
vanagloriosamente {adv}  :: vaingloriously, boastfully
vanaglorioso {adj}  :: vainglorious, boastful
vanaglorioso {m}  :: vainglorious or boastful person
vanamente {adv}  :: vainly, in vain
vanante {v}  :: present participle of vanare
vanare {v}  :: alternative form of vaneggiare
Vandali {prop}  :: Vandals (Germanic people)
vandalicamente {adv}  :: vandalically
vandalicamente {adv}  :: in an uncivilised manner
vandalico {adj}  :: of vandalism; vandalic
vandalismo {m}  :: vandalism
vandalizzante {v}  :: present participle of vandalizzare
vandalizzare {v}  :: To vandalise / vandalize
vandalo {adj}  :: Vandal (attributive)
vandalo {m}  :: Vandal
vandalo {m}  :: vandal
Vandea {prop}  :: Vendée
vandeano {adj}  :: Vendean
vanderù {m}  :: wanderoo, lion-tailed macaque (Macaca silenus)
vaneggiamento {m}  :: raving
vaneggiamento {m}  :: delirium
vaneggiante {v}  :: present participle of vaneggiare
vaneggiare {vi}  :: to rave
vaneggiare {vi}  :: to be delirious
vaneggiatore {m}  :: raver (delirious person)
vanello {m}  :: lapwing
vanente {v}  :: present participle of vanire
vanerello {adj} [of a person]  :: superficial, frivolous, lightweight
vanescente {adj}  :: alternative form of evanescente
vanesia {f}  :: vain woman
vanesiata {f}  :: vanity (action of a vain person)
vanesio {adj}  :: vain, conceited, foppish, big-headed
vanesio {m}  :: vain person, fop, dandy
vanesio {m}  :: bragger
vanessa {f}  :: red admiral, painted lady or any other butterfly of the genus Vanessa
Vanessa {prop}  :: given name recently borrowed from
vanezza {f}  :: synonym of vanità
vanga {f}  :: spade
vangaiola {f}  :: A type of small hand-held fishing net
vangante {v}  :: present participle of vangare
vangare {vt}  :: To dig (the earth with a spade)
vangatore {m}  :: digger
vangatura {f}  :: digging
vangelio {m}  :: alternative form of vangelo
vangelista {m}  :: alternative form of evangelista
Vangelista {m}  :: Evangelist
vangelizzante {v}  :: present participle of vangelizzare
vangelizzare {v}  :: alternative form of evangelizzare
vangelo {m}  :: gospel
vangelo {m}  :: gospel truth
vangheggia {f}  :: The blade of a spade or any similar agricultural implement
vanghetta {f}  :: (small) spade
vanghetta {f} [military]  :: entrenching tool
vanghetto {m}  :: (small) spade (used, especially, for gardening)
vangile {m}  :: A small, metal rod, near the base of a spade, used to sink the blade by using the foot
vanificante {v}  :: present participle of vanificare
vanificare {vt}  :: To frustrate, to thwart, to defeat, to nullify
vaniglia {f}  :: vanilla (all senses)
vanigliato {adj}  :: vanilla (attributive)
vanillico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: vanillic
vanillina {f}  :: vanillin
vanillina {f}  :: vanilla (flavour/flavor)
vaniloquio {m}  :: empty talk, raving, nonsense
vanire {v}  :: To vanish, disappear
vanire {v}  :: To dissolve
vanissimo {adj}  :: absolute superlative of vano
vanità {f}  :: vanity, conceit
vanità {f}  :: vainness, uselessness
vanitosamente {adv}  :: vainly
vanitosetto {adj}  :: rather vain or conceited
vanitoso {adj}  :: vain, conceited
vanitoso {m}  :: A vain or conceited person
vanni {mp} [poetic, often figuratively]  :: vans, wings
Vanni {prop}  :: diminutive of Giovanni
vannino {m}  :: A one-year-old colt
vano {adj}  :: vain, useless, idle
vano {adj}  :: quaint
vano {m}  :: space, opening, compartment, bay
vano {m}  :: room
vantadore {m}  :: alternative form of vantatore
vantaggiante {v}  :: present participle of vantaggiare
vantaggiare {v}  :: alternative form of avvantaggiare
vantaggio {m}  :: advantage, vantage
vantaggio {m}  :: favour, plus, benefit, edge
vantaggiosamente {adv}  :: profitably, advantageously
vantaggiosissimo {adj}  :: Very advantageous
vantaggiosissimo {adj}  :: Very favorable
vantaggioso {adj}  :: advantageous, favourable
vantagione {f}  :: alternative form of vantazione
vantamento {m}  :: boasting, bragging
vantante {v}  :: present participle of vantare
vantantesi {v}  :: present participle of vantarsi
vantare {vt}  :: to boast
vantare {vt}  :: to praise
vantare {vt}  :: to claim, lay claim
vantarsi {v}  :: reflexive of vantare
vantarsi {vr}  :: to boast or brag (about)
vantatore {m}  :: braggart
vantatosi {v}  :: past participle of vantarsi
vantazione {f}  :: boasting, bragging
vanteria {f}  :: boasting, bragging
vanto {m}  :: boast
vanto {m}  :: vaunt
vanto {m}  :: merit, virtue
Vanuatu {prop}  :: Vanuatu
vanvera {f}  :: Only in the phrase a vanvera
Vanvitelli {prop}  :: surname
Vanvitelli {prop}  :: Luigi Vanvitelli, Italian painter and architect
Vanzago {prop}  :: A small town in the province of Milano in Lombardy
vapoforno {m}  :: steam oven
vaporabile {adj}  :: evaporable
vaporabilità {f}  :: Property of being evaporable; evaporability
vaporante {v}  :: present participle of vaporare
vaporare {v}  :: To evaporate
vaporare {v}  :: To steam
vaporazione {f}  :: evaporation
vaporazione {f}  :: inhalation (of medicine etc) with steam
vapore {m}  :: steam
vapore {m}  :: vapour especially water vapour
vapore acqueo {m}  :: water vapor
vaporetto {m} [Venice]  :: vaporetto
vaporiera {f}  :: steam locomotive
vaporimetro {m}  :: vaporimeter
vaporissaggio {m}  :: evaporation
vaporizzabile {adj}  :: That can be vaporized; vaporizable
vaporizzante {v}  :: present participle of vaporizzare
vaporizzantesi {v}  :: present participle of vaporizzarsi
vaporizzare {vt}  :: to vaporize
vaporizzare {vt}  :: to atomize [spray perfume]
vaporizzare {vt}  :: to spray [e.g. a plant with water]
vaporizzare {vt}  :: to steam [treat industrially with steam]
vaporizzarsi {v}  :: reflexive of vaporizzare
vaporizzarsi {vr}  :: to vaporize, evaporate
vaporizzatore {m}  :: spray, atomizer
vaporizzatore {m}  :: evaporator
vaporizzatosi {v}  :: past participle of vaporizzarsi
vaporizzatura {f}  :: steaming (treatment of textiles)
vaporizzazione {f}  :: evaporation
vaporosamente {adv}  :: flimsily, gauzily, fluffily
vaporosità {f}  :: flimsiness, gauziness, fluffiness
vaporoso {adj}  :: flimsy, gauzy, fluffy, vaporous
Vara {prop}  :: A river that flows in Liguria
varabile {adj}  :: launchable
Varaita {prop}  :: A tributary of the Po river in Piemonte
varamento {m}  :: launching, launch
varamento {m}  :: The putting into place of the prefabricated parts of a building
varano {m}  :: monitor lizard
Varano {prop}  :: Any of several villages throughout Italy
Varano {prop}  :: surname
varante {v}  :: present participle of varare
varare {vt} [nautical]  :: to launch
varare {vt}  :: to launch, pass, approve
varcabile {adj}  :: passable
varcante {v}  :: present participle of varcare
varcare {vt}  :: to cross, pass
varcare {vt}  :: to exceed, overstep (go beyond)
varcare {vt} [of age]  :: to be over
varco {m}  :: passage, passageway
varea {f} [nautical]  :: yardarm
varecchi {m}  :: soda ash derived from seaweed
varecchina {f}  :: bleach (sodium hypochlorite solution)
varechina {f}  :: bleach, disinfectant (domestic)
varego {adj}  :: Varangian
varego {m}  :: Varangian
Varese {prop}  :: Varese (province)
Varese {prop}  :: Varese (town)
varesino {adj}  :: Of or relating to Varese or the Varese people
varesino {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Varese
varesotto {adj}  :: Of or from Varese
varesotto {m}  :: Native or inhabitant of Varese
variabile {adj}  :: changeable, varying, variable, unsteady, unsettled
variabile {f} [mathematics]  :: variable, placeholder
variabilità {f}  :: variability
variabilmente {adv}  :: variably, changeably
variadico {adj} [mathematics]  :: variadic
variago {adj}  :: Varangian
variago {m}  :: Varangian
varialuce {m}  :: dimmer
variamente {adv}  :: variously
variamento {m}  :: synonym of variazione
variante {v}  :: present participle of variare
variante {f}  :: variant
variantemente {adv}  :: variably
variantista {mf}  :: A philologist who specializes in the variants of a text
variantistica {f}  :: The branch of philology concerned with variants of a text
varianza {f}  :: variance
variare {v}  :: to change, to vary, to diversify
variatamente {adv}  :: varyingly (with variety or variation)
variato {adj}  :: varied
variatore {m}  :: variator
variatore {m}  :: changer, converter (electrical)
variazionale {adj}  :: variational
variazione {f}  :: variation (all senses)
variazione {f}  :: change
varice {f} [medicine]  :: varicose vein
varicella {f} [disease]  :: chickenpox, varicella
varicelloso {adj}  :: chickenpox (attributive); suffering from chickenpox
varichina {f}  :: alternative form of varechina
varicosità {f}  :: varicosis, varicosity
varicoso {adj}  :: varicose
varie ed eventuali {phrase}  :: any other business
variegatissimo {adj}  :: Very diversified, very variegated
variegato {adj}  :: variegated
variegato {adj}  :: diversified, varied
variente {f}  :: variant
varietà {f}  :: variety
varietà {f}  :: difference
varietà {f} [mathematics]  :: manifold
varietà {m}  :: variety show
varietà {m}  :: variety theatre
varietale {adj}  :: varietal
varifocale {adj} [optics]  :: multifocal, varifocal
variforme {adj}  :: variform
vario {adj}  :: varied, various
vario {m}  :: diversity
variografo {m}  :: A variometer equipped with a recorder
variolato {adj}  :: speckled
variometro {m}  :: variometer
variopinto {adj}  :: multicoloured / multicolored, varicoloured / varicolored
varisico {adj}  :: Variscan
varismo {m} [pathology]  :: varus deformity
varistore {m} [physics]  :: varistor
varmetro {m}  :: varmeter
varo {m} [nautical]  :: launch, launching
varo {m}  :: launching, passing
Varo {prop}  :: Varus
Varo {prop}  :: The river Var, that flows in France
Varrone {prop}  :: Varro
varroniano {adj}  :: Varronian
Varsavia {prop}  :: Warsaw (Capital city of Poland)
varsaviano {adj}  :: Varsovian
varsaviano {m}  :: Varsovian
varvassino {m}  :: synonym of valvassino
varvassore {m}  :: synonym of valvassore
vasaia {f}  :: potter (female)
vasaio {m}  :: potter
vasale {adj}  :: vascular
Vasari {prop}  :: surname
Vasari {prop}  :: Giorgio Vasari, Italian artist and art historian
vasaro {m}  :: synonym of vasaio
vasca {f}  :: basin, pond, tank, tub, vat
vasca {f}  :: bath, bathtub, tub
vasca {f}  :: length [length of a swimming pool]
vasca da bagno {f}  :: bathtub
vascellino {m}  :: A small barrel, made of juniper wood, in which balsamic vinegar is matured
vascello {m}  :: vessel, ship; especially a large warship in use during the 18th century
vaschetta {f}  :: diminutive of vasca
vaschetta {f}  :: tub
vaschetta {f}  :: basin, small basin
Vasco {prop}  :: given name
vascolare {adj} [anatomy, botany]  :: vascular
vascolare {adj}  :: vase (attributive)
vascolarizzato {adj}  :: vascularized
vascolarizzato {adj}  :: vascular
vascolarizzazione {f} [anatomy]  :: vascularization
vascolo {m}  :: vasculum
vascolopatia {f} [pathology]  :: vasculopathy
vascoloso {adj} [anatomy]  :: vascular
vasculite {f} [pathology]  :: vasculitis
vasculopatia {f} [disease]  :: vasculopathy
vasculopatico {adj} [medicine]  :: vasculopathic
vasectomia {f} [surgery]  :: vasectomy
vasectomizzante {v}  :: present participle of vasectomizzare
vasectomizzare {v}  :: To vasectomize
vaselina {f}  :: petroleum jelly
vasellaio {m}  :: synonym of vasaio
vasellame {m}  :: crockery
vasellame {m}  :: glassware
vasellamento {m}  :: synonym of vasellame
vasellina {f}  :: Variant of vaselina
vasello {m}  :: A small jar or vase
vasello {m}  :: The small container of water that the priest uses at Mass, to cleanse his fingers before touching the consecrated host
vaseria {f}  :: A collection of pots, especially those used for pot plants
vasetto {m}  :: jar
vasetto {m}  :: pot or small pot
vaso {m}  :: jar, pot
vaso {m}  :: vase
vasoattivo {adj} [medicine]  :: vasoactive
vasocostrittore {adj} [medicine]  :: vasoconstricting, vasoconstrictive
vasocostrizione {f} [medicine]  :: vasoconstriction
vaso da notte {m}  :: chamber pot
vaso deferente {m} [anatomy]  :: vas deferens
vasodilatatore {adj} [medicine]  :: vasodilatory
vasodilatazione {f} [medicine]  :: vasodilation
vasoformative {adj}  :: vasoformative
vasomotilità {f} [physiology]  :: vasomotion
vasomotore {adj} [physiology, pharmacology]  :: vasomotor
vasomotorio {adj}  :: vasomotor
vasomotricità {f} [physiology]  :: vasomotion
vasopressina {f} [biochemistry]  :: vasopressin
vasopressore {adj} [physiology, pharmacology]  :: vasopressor
vasopressore {m} [pharmacology]  :: vasopressor agent, vasopressor drug
vasopressorio {adj} [physiology, pharmacology]  :: vasopressor
vasoresezione {f} [surgery]  :: vasectomy
vaso sanguifero {m} [anatomy]  :: blood vessel
vaso sanguigno {m} [anatomy]  :: blood vessel
vasospasmo {m} [pathology]  :: vasospasm
vasospastico {adj}  :: vasospastic
vassallaggio {m}  :: vassalage
vassallaggio {m}  :: servitude, bondage
vassallatico {adj}  :: vassal (attributive)
vassallesco {adj}  :: vassalic
vassallo {m}  :: vassal
vassallo {adj}  :: vassalic
vassello {m}  :: synonym of vascello
vassoiata {f}  :: trayful
vassoio {m}  :: tray, platter
vastamente {adv}  :: vastly, hugely, immensely
vastasata {f}  :: A type of 18th-century Sicilian farce
vastaso {m}  :: synonym of facchino
vastese {adj}  :: Of or from Vasto
vastezza {f}  :: vastness
vastissimo {adj}  :: Very vast, huge or immense
vastità {f}  :: vastness
vasto {adj}  :: vast
Vasto {prop}  :: A town in the Chieti province of Abruzzo
vate {m}  :: prophet, fortune-teller
vate {m}  :: An inspired or prophetic poet or other writer
vaticanista {f}  :: Vatican correspondent
vaticano {adj}  :: Vatican (attributive)
Vaticano {prop}  :: The Vatican
vaticinante {v}  :: present participle of vaticinare
vaticinare {vt}  :: to predict, foretell, spell, forebode
vaticinato {adj}  :: predicted, foretold
vaticinatore {m}  :: vaticinator, prophet
vaticinazione {f}  :: divination, prediction
vattelapesca {adv}  :: who knows, God knows
vattelappesca {adv}  :: Variant of vattelapesca
Vattimo {prop}  :: surname
vau {n}  :: waw, specifically:
vau {n}  :: The name of the Phoenician-script letter 𐤅
vau {n}  :: The name of the Hebrew-script letter ו
Vc. {n} [music]  :: abbreviation of violoncello
ve {pron}  :: (to) you
vecchia {f}  :: An old woman
vecchiaccia {f}  :: pejorative of vecchia: crone, hag
vecchiaccio {m}  :: pejorative of vecchio: geezer (old man, especially a grumpy one)
vecchiaia {f}  :: old age
vecchiardo {m}  :: (grumpy) old man
vecchiarello {m}  :: alternative form of vecchierello
vecchierella {f}  :: diminutive of vecchia: little old woman
vecchierello {m}  :: diminutive of vecchio: little old man
vecchietta {f}  :: diminutive of vecchia: little old woman
vecchietto {m}  :: diminutive of vecchio: little old man
vecchiezza {f} [literary]  :: old age
vecchina {f}  :: (little) old woman
vecchio {adj}  :: old, outworn
vecchio {adj}  :: old-fashioned, out-of-date
vecchio {adj}  :: mature, ripe
vecchio {m}  :: An old man
vecchio {m}  :: only used in vecchio marino
vecchio marino {n}  :: seal [animal] (literally, “sea calf”)
vecchiona {f}  :: augmentative of vecchia, specifically:
vecchiona {f}  :: A very old woman
vecchiona {f}  :: An old woman of large build
vecchione {m}  :: augmentative of vecchio, specifically:
vecchione {m}  :: A very old man
vecchione {m}  :: An old man of large build
vecchio stampo {adj}  :: old school
vecchio stampo {m}  :: old school
vecchiotto {adj}  :: somewhat old
vecchissimo {adj}  :: Very old, very aged
vecchiume {m}  :: old rubbish or junk
veccia {f}  :: vetch
vecciato {adj}  :: Made with, or mixed with vetch
vecciola {f}  :: wild vetch
veccione {m}  :: spring vetch (Lathyrus vernus)
veccioso {adj}  :: synonym of vecciato
vecciule {m}  :: vetch stem (used as fodder)
vece {f}  :: change
vece {f}  :: vicissitude
vedantino {adj}  :: Vedantic
vedente {v}  :: present participle of vedere
vedente {adj}  :: seeing
vedente {adj}  :: sighted
vedentesi {v}  :: present participle of vedersi
veder {v}  :: apocopic form of vedere
vederci {v}  :: to possess the faculty of sight
vedere {v}  :: to see
vedere {v}  :: to look at
vedere {v}  :: to find out
vedere {v}  :: to meet
vedere {v}  :: to visit
vedere {v}  :: to grasp (an idea)
vedere doppio {v}  :: to see double
vedere la luce {v}  :: to see the light
vedere rosso {v}  :: to see red
vedersela {v}  :: to see to it
vedersi {v}  :: reflexive of vedere
vedersi {vr}  :: to see oneself or each other
vedersi {vr}  :: to realize, find oneself, be
vedersi {vr}  :: to show (be visible)
vedetta {f}  :: lookout (person on guard)
vedetta {f}  :: patrol ship
vedette {f}  :: star (actress)
vedibile {adj}  :: seeable
vedico {adj}  :: Vedic
vedi infra {phrase}  :: see below
vedi Napoli e poi muori {proverb}  :: see Naples and die (nothing compares to the beauty of Naples, so you can die after you've seen it)
vedismo {m}  :: Vedism
veditore {m}  :: observer, spectator
veditore {m}  :: overseer
vedova {f}  :: widow
vedova nera {f} [arachnids]  :: black widow
vedovante {v}  :: present participle of vedovare
vedovanza {f}  :: widowhood
vedovare {v}  :: To widow
vedovare {v}  :: To deprive, divest
vedovella {f}  :: young widow
vedovella {f}  :: sweet scabious, mourning bride (Scabiosa atropurpurea)
vedovella {f}  :: titi (Callicebus torquatus)
vedovile {adj}  :: widow / widower (attributive)
vedovile {m}  :: dower
vedovina {f}  :: Young widow
vedovina {f}  :: scabious (plant)
vedovità {f}  :: widowhood
vedovo {adj}  :: widowed
vedovo {m}  :: widower
vedretta {f}  :: hanging-cirque glacier
veduità {f}  :: widowhood (Variant of vedovità)
veduta {f}  :: view, vista, panorama
vedutismo {m} [arts]  :: landscape painting
vedutista {mf} [arts]  :: landscape painter
vedutosi {v}  :: past participle of vedersi
vee-jay {mf}  :: veejay
veemente {adj}  :: vehement, keen
veemente {adj}  :: vigorous
veemente {adj}  :: overwhelming
veementemente {adv}  :: vehemently
veemenza {f}  :: vehemence
Vega {prop}  :: Vega
veganesimo {m}  :: alternative form of veganismo
veganismo {m}  :: veganism
vegano {adj}  :: vegan (relating to vegans or veganism)
vegano {m}  :: vegan (person who follows a vegan diet)
vegetabile {adj}  :: That can vegetate
vegetabile {adj} [obsolete]  :: Variant of vegetale
vegetabile {m} [obsolete]  :: Variant of vegetale
vegetabilità {f}  :: Property of what can vegetate
vegetale {m}  :: vegetable
vegetale {adj}  :: vegetable
vegetalianismo {m}  :: alternative form of veganismo
vegetaliano {m}  :: vegetalian, vegan
vegetaliano {adj}  :: vegetalian, vegan
vegetante {v}  :: present participle of vegetare
vegetare {vt}  :: to vegetate
vegetarianesimo {m}  :: alternative form of vegetarismo
vegetarianismo {m}  :: alternative form of vegetarismo
vegetariano {m}  :: vegetarian
vegetariano {adj}  :: vegetarian
vegetarismo {m}  :: vegetarianism
vegetativo {adj}  :: vegetative (all senses)
vegetazionale {adj}  :: vegetation (attributive)
vegetazione {f}  :: vegetation
vegeto {adj}  :: luxuriant, thriving
vegeto {adj}  :: healthy, vigorous
vegetoanimale {adj}  :: vegetoanimal
vegetominerale {adj}  :: vegetomineral
Vegezio {prop}  :: Vegetius
veggente {v}  :: present participle of vedere
veggente {mf}  :: seer, clairvoyant
veggentesi {v}  :: present participle of vedersi
veggenza {f}  :: clairvoyance
vegghia {f}  :: alternative form of veglia
veggia {f}  :: barrel
veggia {f}  :: barrelful
veggiante {v}  :: present participle of veggiare
veggiare {v}  :: alternative form of vegliare
veggio {m}  :: hot water bottle (made from terracotta)
veglia {f}  :: vigil, watch
veglia {f}  :: An all-night party or other gathering
veglia {f}  :: wake, arval
veglia {f}  :: a period after a person's death before the body is buried
Veglia {prop}  :: Krk (island of Croatia)
vegliante {v}  :: present participle of vegliare
vegliarda {f}  :: respected old woman
vegliardo {m}  :: A respected old man
vegliare {vt}  :: To watch over
vegliare {vi}  :: To stay up; to keep a vigil
vegliatore {m}  :: A person who keeps a vigil
veglio {adj} [obsolete, literary]  :: old (referring specifically to a person)
veglione {m}  :: all-night party or celebration (especially one held on New Year's Eve)
veglionissimo {m}  :: A particularly solemn all-night celebration
vegnente {adj}  :: alternative form of veniente
vehemente {adj}  :: obsolete form of veemente
veicolante {v}  :: present participle of veicolare
veicolare {adj}  :: vehicular; vehicle [attributive]
veicolare {adj}  :: transmissive
veicolare {vt}  :: to transport, transmit
veicolazione {f}  :: vehiculation
veicolo {m}  :: vehicle
veicolo {m}  :: carrier (of germs etc.)
veicolo spaziale {m}  :: spacecraft
Veio {prop}  :: Veii (Etruscan site)
veivolo {m}  :: Variant of velivolo
vela {f} [nautical]  :: sail
vela {f} [nautical, sports]  :: sailing
velabile {adj}  :: That can be veiled or clouded
velacciere {m} [nautical]  :: barquentine
velaccino {m} [nautical]  :: fore-topgallant (sail)
velaccio {m} [nautical]  :: topgallant
velaio {m} [nautical]  :: sailmaker
velame {m} [literary, figuratively]  :: veil, covering
velante {v}  :: present participle of velare
velantesi {v}  :: present participle of velarsi
vela quadra {f} [nautical]  :: square sail
velare {adj} [anatomy, phonetics]  :: velar
velare {vt}  :: to veil, cover
velario {m}  :: velarium
velario {m}  :: curtain
velarizzante {v}  :: present participle of velarizzare
velarizzare {vt}  :: To velarize
velarizzazione {f} [phonetics]  :: velarization
velarsi {v}  :: reflexive of velare
velarsi {vr}  :: to become veiled or covered
velatamente {adv}  :: veiled
velatamente {adv}  :: covertly
velatamente {adv}  :: mistily
velatino {m}  :: A light, stiffened fabric used for modelling women's clothes
velatino {m}  :: A gauze filter used in cinematography to give a soft image
velato {adj}  :: veiled
velato {adj}  :: sheer (stockings etc)
velatosi {v}  :: past participle of velarsi
velatura {f}  :: covering, veiling
velatura {f}  :: a filmy layer
velatura {f}  :: opacity (of wine)
velatura {f}  :: the sails of a ship considered as a whole
velatura {f}  :: the wings etc of an aircraft considered as a whole
veleggiamento {m}  :: sailing
veleggiamento {m}  :: soaring, gliding, sailplaning
veleggiante {v}  :: present participle of veleggiare
veleggiare {vi}  :: To sail
veleggiare {vi}  :: To glide
veleggiatore {m}  :: sailplane
veleggiatore {m}  :: glider
velenifero {adj}  :: venomous
velenifero {adj}  :: poisonous (especially such a snake)
veleno {m}  :: poison
velenosamente {adv}  :: poisonously
velenosamente {adv}  :: acrimoniously, sharply, bitterly
velenosissimo {adj}  :: Very poisonous
velenosità {f}  :: poisonous nature
velenoso {adj}  :: poisonous
veleria {f}  :: sail loft
veleria {f} [nautical]  :: sails
veletta {f}  :: veil (of a hat)
velettante {v}  :: present participle of velettare
velettare {v}  :: To wear a veil (during mourning etc)
velia {f}  :: shrike, butcher bird
velico {adj}  :: sailing (attributive)
veliero {m} [nautical]  :: sailing ship
velificio {m}  :: sail factory, sail loft
velina {f}  :: tissue paper
velina {f}  :: carbon paper, more properly carta velina
velina {f}  :: tissue (paper handkerchief)
velina {f}  :: TV showgirl
velina {f}  :: press release, handout (originally carbon copies sent to news media during Musolinis regime)
velinante {v}  :: present participle of velinare
velinare {v}  :: To print an official press release (typically as ordered by government)
velinaro {m}  :: A journalist who publishes government statements without questioning them
Velino {prop}  :: A river that flows in Lazio
velismo {m} [sports]  :: sailing
velista {m}  :: sailor, yachtsman
velista {f}  :: sailor, yachtswoman
velite {m}  :: velite
velivolo {m}  :: aircraft, aeroplane
velleità {f}  :: fancy, velleity
velleità {f}  :: vain ambition, fanciful ambition
velleitariamente {adv}  :: fancifully, unrealistically
velleitario {adj}  :: fanciful, unrealistic
velleitarismo {m}  :: wishful thinking
velletrano {adj}  :: Of or from Velletri
Velletri {prop}  :: A town in the Roma province of Lazio
vellicamento {m}  :: tickling
vellicamento {m}  :: tickle
vellicante {v}  :: present participle of vellicare
vellicare {v}  :: to tickle
vellicare {v}  :: to titillate
vellicazione {f}  :: tickling
vellicazione {f}  :: titillation
vellichio {m}  :: A tickling feeling
vello {m}  :: hair
vello {m}  :: fleece
velloso {adj}  :: hairy
velloso {adj}  :: fleecy
vellutante {v}  :: present participle of vellutare
vellutare {vt}  :: To give a velvet finish to textiles
vellutata {f}  :: velouté (sauce)
vellutato {adj}  :: velvety
vellutato {adj}  :: mellow
vellutatrice {f}  :: napping machine
vellutatura {f}  :: napping (process of raising the nap on cloth)
vellutino {m}  :: light velvet (material)
vellutino {m}  :: velvet ribbon
vellutino {m}  :: birthwort (of genus Aristolochia)
velluto {m}  :: velvet (material)
velma {f}  :: A small, semi-submerged island
velo {m}  :: veil
velo {m} [anatomy]  :: velum
veloce {adj}  :: fast, quick, speedy, rapid
velocemente {adv}  :: quickly, speedily, fast, rapidly
velocipedastro {m} [colloquial]  :: A poor cyclist who is a danger to others
velocipede {m}  :: velocipede
velocipedista {mf}  :: velocipedist
velociraptor {m} [dinosaurs]  :: velociraptor
velocissimo {adj}  :: Very fast, very quick, very speedy
velocista {m} [sports]  :: sprinter
velocità {f}  :: speed, velocity, rate, pace, rapidity
velocità {f} [athletics, cycle racing]  :: sprint (race)
velocità della luce {f} [physics]  :: speed of light
velocità del suono {f} [physics]  :: speed of sound
velocità di fuga {f} [astrophysics]  :: escape velocity
velocizzante {v}  :: present participle of velocizzare
velocizzantesi {v}  :: present participle of velocizzarsi
velocizzare {vt}  :: to speed up, quicken
velocizzarsi {v}  :: reflexive of velocizzare
velocizzarsi {vr}  :: to speed up, quicken
velocizzatosi {v}  :: past participle of velocizzarsi
velocizzazione {f}  :: speeding up, acceleration
velocrespo {m}  :: chiffon
velocross {m} [sports]  :: cross-country cycling
velodromo {m}  :: velodrome
velopendulo {m}  :: soft palate
velopendulo {m}  :: palatine uvula
veltra {f} [literary, rare]  :: feminine of veltro: greyhound [female]
veltro {m} [literary]  :: greyhound [male]
Veltroni {prop}  :: surname
Veltroni {prop}  :: Walter Veltroni, Italian politician
veltroniano {adj}  :: Of or relating to Italian politician Walter Veltroni
veltroniano {m}  :: A supporter of Walter Veltroni
vemente {adj}  :: alternative form of veemente
vemenza {f}  :: alternative form of veemenza
vemenzia {f}  :: alternative form of veemenza
vena {f} [anatomy, botany, zoology]  :: vein (all senses)
vena {f}  :: grain (of wood)
vena {f}  :: talent, aptitude, gift, bent
vena {f}  :: inspiration
vena {f}  :: inclination, desire
vena {f}  :: lode, seam (of a mineral)
vena cava {f} [anatomy]  :: vena cava
vena cava inferiore {f} [anatomy]  :: inferior vena cava
vena cava superiore {f} [anatomy]  :: superior vena cava
Venafro {prop}  :: A town in the province of Isernia, in Molise
venagione {m}  :: hunt
vena giugulare {f} [anatomy]  :: jugular vein
venale {adj}  :: venal
venale {adj}  :: market, selling (attributive)
venale {adj}  :: commercial
venalità {f}  :: venality
venalmente {adv}  :: venally
venamento {m}  :: synonym of venatura
Venanzio {prop}  :: given name
venardì {m}  :: alternative form of venerdì
venare {vt}  :: To cover with veins of streaks (e.g. marble, wood etc.)
venato {adj}  :: veined, streaked (marble etc)
venato {adj}  :: grained (wood)
venatorio {adj}  :: hunting (attributive)
venatura {f}  :: vein or streak (in marble etc)
venatura {f}  :: grain (of wood)
vena varicosa {f} [pathology]  :: varicose vein
venazione {f} [botany]  :: venation
Venceslao {prop}  :: Wenceslaus, Wenceslas
vendemmia {f}  :: grape harvest
vendemmia {f}  :: vintage
vendemmiabile {adj}  :: That can be harvested (of grapes)
vendemmiaio {m} [historical]  :: Vendémiaire (the first month of the French Republican Calendar)
vendemmiale {adj}  :: grape-harvest, vintage (attributive)
vendemmiale {m} [rare]  :: synonym of vendemmiaio
vendemmiante {v}  :: present participle of vendemmiare
vendemmiare {vit}  :: to harvest grapes
vendemmiatore {m}  :: grape picker, reaper or harvester
vendemmiatore {m} [rare, masculine only]  :: synonym of vendemmiaio
vendemmiatrice {f}  :: harvester (machine)
vendente {v}  :: present participle of vendere
vendentesi {v}  :: present participle of vendersi
vendere {v}  :: to sell
vendereccio {adj}  :: saleable
vendersi {v}  :: reflexive of vendere
vendersi {vr}  :: to sell [, of a product]
vendersi {vr}  :: to prostitute (sell oneself)
vendesi {m}  :: for sale (sign or announcement)
vendetta {f}  :: revenge, vengeance
vendibile {adj}  :: That can be sold, saleable, salable
vendibilità {f}  :: saleability
vendicabile {adj}  :: That can be avenged
vendicante {v}  :: present participle of vendicare
vendicantesi {v}  :: present participle of vendicarsi
vendicare {vt}  :: To avenge or revenge
vendicarsi {vr}  :: To revenge or avenge oneself
vendicativamente {adv}  :: vindictively
vendicatività {f}  :: vindictiveness
vendicativo {adj}  :: vindictive
vendicatore {adj}  :: avenging
vendicatore {m}  :: avenger, revenger, vindicator
vendicatosi {v}  :: past participle of vendicarsi
vendicatrice {f}  :: avenger, revenger, vindicator
vendicchiante {v}  :: present participle of vendicchiare
vendicchiare {v}  :: To sell little, or for little profit
vendifrottole {mf}  :: liar
vendifumo {m}  :: boaster
vendifumo {m}  :: swindler
vendita {f}  :: sale
vendita {f}  :: shop
vendita {f} [football]  :: transfer (of a player, between clubs)
vendita {f}  :: A cell of Carbonari
vendita al dettaglio {f}  :: retail sale
vendita di oggetti usati {f}  :: rummage sale
venditore {m}  :: seller, vendor, monger, purveyor
venditrice {f}  :: seller, vendor (female)
Venditti {prop}  :: surname
Venditti {prop}  :: Antonello Venditti, Italian singer and songwriter
-vendolo {suffix}  :: used to form nouns that mean a person who sells a specified product
venducchiante {v}  :: present participle of venducchiare
venducchiare {v}  :: alternative form of vendicchiare
vendutissimo {adj}  :: best-selling
venduto {adj}  :: corrupt
vendutosi {v}  :: past participle of vendersi
Venedico {prop} [rare]  :: given name
venefico {adj}  :: poisonous
venefico {adj}  :: harmful
venenosità {f}  :: Variant of velenosità
venenoso {adj}  :: alternative form of velenoso
venentesi {v}  :: present participle of venirsi
Venera {prop}  :: given name
venerabile {adj}  :: venerable
venerabilità {f}  :: venerability
venerabilmente {adv}  :: venerably
Veneranda {prop}  :: given name
venerando {adj}  :: venerable
venerante {v}  :: present participle of venerare
venerare {vt}  :: to venerate, revere
veneratore {m}  :: venerator
venerazione {f}  :: veneration, reverence, worship
venerdì {m}  :: Friday
Venerdì Santo {prop}  :: Good Friday
venere {f}  :: a beautiful woman
venere {f}  :: a prostitute
Venere {prop}  :: Venus (planet)
Venere {prop}  :: Venus (Roman goddess)
venereamente {adv}  :: venereally
venereamente {adv}  :: sensually, lasciviously
venereo {adj} [pathology]  :: venereal
venereologia {f} [medicine]  :: venereology
venerevole {adj}  :: venerable
veneriano {adj}  :: Venusian
veneriano {m}  :: Venusian
veneticità {f}  :: The spirit or characteristics of the Veneto
venetico {adj}  :: Venetic
venetico {m}  :: Venetic
veneto {adj}  :: of Veneto (region of Italy); from Veneto
veneto {m}  :: native or inhabitant of Veneto
veneto {m}  :: Venetian (language)
Veneto {prop}  :: Veneto
Venezia {prop}  :: Venice
Venezia {prop}  :: The letter V in the Italian phonetic alphabet
veneziana {f}  :: feminine noun of veneziano
venezianità {f}  :: The property of being Venetian, Venetian spirit or essence
veneziano {adj}  :: Venetian
veneziano {m}  :: Venetian (male person)
veneziano {m}  :: Venetian (form or Venetian language spoken in Venice)
Venezuela {prop}  :: Venezuela
venezuelana {f}  :: Venezuelan (female)
venezuelano {adj}  :: Venezuelan
venezuelano {m}  :: Venezuelan
vengiante {v}  :: present participle of vengiare
vengiare {v}  :: synonym of vendicare
veniale {adj}  :: venial (sin)
veniale {adj}  :: pardonable, excusable
venialità {f}  :: veniality, the property of quality of being venial or excusable
venialmente {adv}  :: venially
venialmente {adv}  :: pardonably, excusably
veniente {adj}  :: coming, next
Venier {prop}  :: surname
Venier {prop}  :: A noble family of Venice
venir {v}  :: apocopic form of venire
venire {vi}  :: to come, arrive
venire {vi}  :: to be (see usage notes)
venire alla luce {v}  :: to come up
venire alla luce {v}  :: to emerge
venire a mancare {v}  :: to disappear
venire a mancare {v}  :: to pass away
venire dal niente {v}  :: to be a self-made man
venire fuori {v}  :: to come up
venire fuori {v}  :: to emerge
venire fuori senza un graffio {v}  :: to emerge unscathed (from an accident)
venire in aiuto {v}  :: to come to someone's aid / come to someone's rescue (help/rescue someone)
venirsene {v}  :: to arrive or come there
venirsene {v}  :: to come away; to leave
venirsene {v}  :: to come (have an orgasm)
venirsi {v}  :: reflexive of venire
venirsi {vr}  :: to come, arrive
veniticcio {adj}  :: alternative form of avventizio
Venoge {prop}  :: A river in Switzerland that flows into Lake Geneva
Venosa {prop}  :: A town in the province of Potenza in Basilicata
venosino {adj}  :: Of or from Venosa
venosità {f}  :: venosity
venoso {adj} [anatomy]  :: venous
venostano {adj}  :: Of or from Val Venosta
ventaglia {f}  :: ventail
ventagliaio {m}  :: fan maker or seller
ventagliante {v}  :: present participle of ventagliare
ventagliare {v}  :: To fan
ventaglio {m}  :: (hand-held device) fan
ventaglio {m} [figuratively]  :: series, range
vent'anni {contraction}  :: twenty years
ventarola {f}  :: fire fan
ventarola {f}  :: weathercock
ventata {f}  :: gust
ventata {f}  :: blow
ventatura {f}  :: rigging (set of wires and cables used to stabilize a structure (e.g. on a radio mast, but not nautical meaning))
ventavolo {m}  :: north wind
ventennale {adj}  :: Taking place every twenty years
ventennale {adj}  :: Lasting twenty years
ventennale {m}  :: A twentieth anniversary
ventenne {adj}  :: twenty-year-old
ventenne {mf}  :: twenty-year-old
ventennio {m}  :: A period of twenty years
ventennio {m}  :: The twenty years of Fascist rule (1922-1945)
ventesimo {adj}  :: twentieth
ventesimo {m}  :: twentieth (the one in 20th position)
ventesimo {m}  :: twentieth (fraction)
venti {adj}  :: twenty
venti {m}  :: twenty
venti {fp}  :: eight o'clock (p.m.)
venticello {m}  :: diminutive of vento: breeze
venticinque {adj}  :: twenty-five
venticinque {m}  :: twenty-five
venticinquemila {adj}  :: twenty-five thousand
venticinquemila {m}  :: twenty-five thousand
venticinquemilanovecento {adj}  :: twenty-five thousand nine hundred
venticinquemilanovecento {m}  :: twenty-five thousand nine hundred
venticinquennale {adj}  :: That lasts twenty-five years
venticinquennale {adj}  :: That happens every twenty-five years
venticinquennale {m}  :: A twenty-five year anniversary
venticinquenne {adj}  :: twenty-five-year-old
venticinquenne {mf}  :: twenty-five-year-old
venticinquennio {m}  :: A period of twenty-five years
venticinquennio {m}  :: A twenty-fifth anniversary
venticinquesimo {adj}  :: twenty-fifth
venticinquesimo {m}  :: twenty-fifth
venticinquina {f}  :: A collection of twenty-five things
venticinquina {f} [by extension]  :: About, or roughly twenty-five
ventidue {adj}  :: twenty-two
ventidue {m}  :: twenty-two
ventidue {m}  :: 22 calibre gun
ventidue {m}  :: ten o'clock (p.m.)
ventiduenne {adj}  :: twenty-two-year-old
ventiduenne {mf}  :: twenty-two-year-old
ventiduesimo {adj}  :: twenty-second
ventiduesimo {m}  :: twenty-second
ventiera {f}  :: ventilation tower (that opens onto a roof, to ventilate rooms below)
ventilabro {m}  :: An agricultural tool in the form of a fan used to separate grain from chaff
ventilamento {m}  :: synonym of ventilazione
ventilante {v}  :: present participle of ventilare
ventilare {vt}  :: to ventilate, air
ventilato {adj}  :: airy, windy, ventilated
ventilato {adj}  :: (of an oven) fan (attributive)
ventilatore {m}  :: fan (device for moving air)
ventilatorio {adj}  :: ventilatory
ventilatorista {mf}  :: ventilation engineer / installer
ventilazione {f}  :: ventilation
Ventimiglia {prop}  :: Ventimiglia
ventimigliese {adj}  :: Of, or from, Ventimiglia (town in Liguria)
ventimigliese {mf}  :: A native or inhabitant of Ventimiglia
ventimila {adj}  :: twenty thousand
ventimila {m}  :: twenty thousand
ventimillesimo {adj}  :: twenty-thousandth
ventimillesimo {m} [ordinal numbers]  :: twenty-thousandth
ventina {f}  :: About twenty; twentyish
ventino {m}  :: twenty-cent coin
ventinove {adj}  :: twenty-nine
ventinove {m}  :: twenty-nine
ventinovennale {adj}  :: That lasts for twenty-nine years
ventinovennale {adj}  :: That happens every twenty-nine years
ventinovenne {adj}  :: twenty-nine-year-old
ventinovenne {mf}  :: twenty-nine-year-old
ventinovesimo {adj}  :: twenty-ninth
ventinovesimo {m}  :: twenty-ninth
ventiquattrenne {adj}  :: twenty-four-year-old
ventiquattrenne {mf}  :: twenty-four-year-old
ventiquattresimo {adj}  :: twenty-fourth
ventiquattresimo {m}  :: twenty-fourth
ventiquattro {adj}  :: twenty-four
ventiquattro {m}  :: twenty-four
ventiquattro {m}  :: twelve o'clock (midnight)
ventiquattrore {fp}  :: 24 hours (period corresponding to a day)
ventiquattrore {f}  :: A sports event (such as a race) that lasts 24 hours
ventiquattrore {f}  :: A small folder for carrying tickets and other small documents
ventiquattrore {f}  :: An overnight bag
ventiquattr'ore {f}  :: alternative form of ventiquattrore
ventisei {adj}  :: twenty-six
ventisei {m}  :: twenty-six
ventiseienne {adj}  :: twenty-six-year-old
ventiseienne {mf}  :: twenty-six-year-old
ventiseiesimo {adj}  :: twenty-sixth
ventiseiesimo {m}  :: twenty-sixth
ventisettana {f}  :: The 1527 version of the Decameron by Boccaccio
ventisettana {f}  :: The 1827 version of I promessi sposi by Manzoni
ventisette {adj}  :: twenty-seven
ventisette {m}  :: twenty-seven
ventisettemila {adj}  :: twenty-seven thousand
ventisettemila {m}  :: twenty-seven thousand
ventisettenne {adj}  :: twenty-seven-year-old
ventisettenne {mf}  :: twenty-seven-year-old
ventisettesimo {adj}  :: twenty-seventh
ventisettesimo {m}  :: twenty-seventh
ventitré {adj}  :: twenty-three
ventitré {m}  :: twenty-three
ventitré {m}  :: eleven o'clock (p.m.)
ventitreenne {adj}  :: twenty-three-year-old
ventitreenne {mf}  :: twenty-three-year-old
ventitreesimo {adj}  :: twenty-third
ventitreesimo {m}  :: twenty-third
vento {m}  :: wind (movement of air caused by differences in atmospheric pressure)
Vento {prop}  :: surname
ventola {f}  :: fan, rotor, impeller
ventolante {v}  :: present participle of ventolare
ventolare {v}  :: alternative form of ventilare
ventolatura {f}  :: ventilation
ventolatura {f}  :: winnowing
ventosa {f}  :: suction cup
ventosa {f} [zoology]  :: sucker [organ]
ventosamente {adv}  :: windily, breezily
ventosamente {adv}  :: conceitedly
ventosità {f}  :: windiness
ventoso {adj} [weather]  :: windy, breezy
ventoso {adj}  :: conceited, inflated
ventoso {m} [historical]  :: Ventôse (the sixth month of the French Republican Calendar)
vento solare {m} [astronomy]  :: solar wind
vento stellare {m} [astronomy]  :: stellar wind
Ventotene {prop}  :: A small island off the coast of Lazio
ventottenne {adj}  :: twenty-eight-year-old
ventottenne {mf}  :: twenty-eight-year-old
ventottesimo {adj}  :: twenty-eighth
ventottesimo {m}  :: twenty-eighth
ventotto {adj}  :: twenty-eight
ventotto {m}  :: twenty-eight
ventraia {f}  :: belly
ventraia {f}  :: entrails (of a slaughtered animal), tripe
ventraiuola {f}  :: tripe seller (traditionally female)
ventrale {adj} [anatomy]  :: abdominal, ventral
ventralista {mf} [sport]  :: A high jumper who uses the old "belly-down" (either straddle or Western roll) technique
ventralmente {adv}  :: ventrally
ventralmente {adv}  :: abdominally
ventrata {f}  :: synonym of panciata
ventrata {f}  :: bellyful (binge eating)
ventre {m}  :: abdomen, tummy, belly, stomach
ventre {m}  :: womb
ventresca {f}  :: ventresca
ventresca {f}  :: bacon
ventricchio {m}  :: synonym of ventriglio
ventricolare {adj} [anatomy]  :: ventricular
ventricolo {m}  :: ventricle
ventricoso {adj}  :: ventricose
ventriera {f}  :: body belt
ventriglio {m}  :: ventriculus, midgut
ventriloquio {m}  :: ventriloquism
ventriloquo {adj}  :: ventriloquistic
ventriloquo {m}  :: ventriloquist
ventrobronco {m}  :: ventrobronchus
ventrolaterale {adj} [anatomy]  :: ventrolateral
ventromediale {adj} [anatomy]  :: ventromedial
ventun {m}  :: apocopic form of ventuno
ventun {adj}  :: apocopic form of ventuno
ventunenne {adj}  :: twenty-one-year-old
ventunenne {mf}  :: twenty-one-year-old
ventunesimo {adj}  :: twenty-first
ventunesimo {m}  :: twenty-first
ventuno {adj}  :: twenty-one
ventuno {m}  :: twenty-one (number and card game)
ventuno {m}  :: nine o'clock (p.m.)
ventunomila {adj}  :: twentyone thousand
ventunomila {m}  :: twentyone thousand
ventura {f}  :: fortune, chance, luck
Venturi {prop}  :: surname
venturiero {m}  :: adventurer
venturiero {m}  :: soldier of fortune
venturimetro {m}  :: venturi tube
venturo {adj}  :: next, coming
venturone {m}  :: citril finch, Carduelis citrinella
venturone corso {m}  :: Corsican finch
venturosamente {adv}  :: fortunately, luckily
venturoso {adj}  :: fortunate, lucky
venusiano {adj}  :: Venusian
venusiano {adj}  :: Venus (all senses, attributive)
venusiano {m}  :: A Venusian (male or of unspecified sex)
venustà {f} [literary]  :: beauty
venusto {adj} [literary]  :: beautiful
venuta {f}  :: coming, arrival
venuta {f}  :: female comer
venuto {adj}  :: coming
venuto {m}  :: comer
venutosi {v}  :: past participle of venirsi
vepraio {m}  :: synonym of roveto
vepre {m} [literary]  :: thornbush
vera {f}  :: wedding ring, wedding band
verace {adj}  :: genuine
verace {adj}  :: true
verace {adj}  :: truthful
veracemente {adv}  :: truly
veracità {f}  :: truthfulness
veracità {f}  :: accuracy, veracity
veracità {f}  :: genuineness
vera da pozzo {f}  :: wellhead, puteal
veramente {adv}  :: really, indeed, actually, truly
veranda {f}  :: verandah, porch
Verano {prop}  :: Vöran (in Trentino-Alto Adige)
veratro {m}  :: veratrum, white hellebore (Veratrum album)
verbale {adj}  :: verbal, spoken
verbale {m}  :: record
verbale {m}  :: minutes
verbalismo {m}  :: verbalism
verbalistico {adj}  :: verbalistic
verbalizzante {v}  :: present participle of verbalizzare
verbalizzare {v}  :: to verbalize
verbalizzare {v}  :: to give verbal evidence, etc
verbalizzatore {m}  :: witness (who gives verbal evidence)
verbalizzazione {f}  :: recording (putting on record, writing the minutes)
verbalmente {adv}  :: verbally, orally
verbanese {adj}  :: Of or from Verbania
Verbania {prop}  :: A town and associated province in Piemonte
Verbano {prop}  :: Lake Maggiore
Verbano-Cusio-Ossola {prop}  :: Verbano-Cusio-Ossola
verbasco {m}  :: mullein
verbena {f}  :: verbena, vervain
verbenone {m}  :: verbenone
verbicausa {adv}  :: synonym of verbigrazia
verbigerazione {f}  :: verbigeration
verbigrazia {adv}  :: for example, for instance
verbita {mf}  :: Verbite (missionary of the Society of the Divine Word)
verbo {m} [part of speech]  :: verb
verbo {m} [literary]  :: word
Verbo {n}  :: (The) Word
verbo difettivo {m}  :: defective verb
verbo pronominale {m}  :: pronominal verb
verbosamente {adv}  :: verbosely, long-windedly
verbo servile {m} [grammar]  :: modal verb
verbosità {f}  :: verbosity, wordiness
verboso {adj}  :: verbose, wordy
vercellese {adj}  :: Of or from Vercelli
Vercelli {prop}  :: Vercelli
Vercelloni {prop}  :: surname
Vercingetorige {prop}  :: Vercingetorix
verdacchio {adj}  :: greenish
verdacchio {m}  :: greengage
verdaccio {m}  :: A dark green colour
verdaccio {m}  :: Such a pigment used in fresco painting
verdastro {adj}  :: greenish
verdazzurro {adj}  :: blue-green (in colour)
verdazzurro {m}  :: blue-green (colour)
verde {adj}  :: green
verde {adj}  :: pale
verde {adj}  :: unripe
verde {m}  :: The colour green
verde {m}  :: Verdure, greenery
verde {m} [heraldry]  :: vert
verdeazzurro {adj}  :: alternative form of verdazzurro
verdebiondo {adj}  :: Pale yellowish-green (in colour)
verdebruno {adj}  :: greenish-brown (in colour)
verdecupo {adj}  :: Intensely dark green (in colour)
verdeggiamento {m}  :: greening (of foliage / vegetation)
verdeggiante {v}  :: present participle of verdeggiare
verdeggiante {adj}  :: green, verdant, lush
verdeggiare {vi}  :: To green (become green and lush)
verdegiallo {adj}  :: yellowish green
verdegrigio {adj}  :: grey-green
verdello {m}  :: summer lemon (light green Sicilian variety of lemon)
verdello {m}  :: greenfinch
verdemare {adj}  :: sea-green (in colour)
verdemare {m}  :: sea-green (colour)
verde militare {m}  :: olive drab (military fabric color)
verde oliva {m}  :: olive, olive green (colour)
verde olivastro {m}  :: A dull olive green colour (the colour of Italian soldier's uniforms in the Second World War)
verdeoro {adj}  :: green and gold
verderame {m}  :: verdigris
verdesca {f}  :: blue shark (Prionace glauca)
verdescuro {adj}  :: Dull, dark green (in colour)
verdeterra {m}  :: synonym of verdaccio
verdetto {m}  :: verdict
verdezza {f}  :: greenness
Verdi {prop}  :: surname
Verdi {prop}  :: Giuseppe Verdi, Italian composer
Verdi {prop} [colloquial]  :: Any of several Green political parties
verdiano {adj}  :: Verdian (of or pertaining to Giuseppe Verdi)
verdicante {v}  :: present participle of verdicare
verdicare {vi}  :: To be green, verdant or lush
verdicchio {m}  :: A variety of white grape grown in the Marche
verdicchio {m}  :: A white wine made from this grape
verdiccio {adj}  :: greenish
verdigno {adj}  :: Dull greenish (in colour)
verdino {adj}  :: pale green
verdino {m}  :: pale green
verdognolo {adj}  :: pale-green (in colour)
verdognolo {m}  :: pale-green (colour)
verdolino {adj}  :: Pale green (colour)
verdolino {m}  :: Pale green (colour)
verdolino {m}  :: A variety of green fig with small fruit
verdone {adj}  :: dark green
verdone {m}  :: a dark green color
verdone {m}  :: greenfinch
verdone {m}  :: greenback - US dollar
Verdone {prop}  :: surname
Verdone {prop}  :: Carlo Verdone, Italian actor and comedian
verdone di Cina {m}  :: oriental greenfinch
verdore {m}  :: verdancy
verduco {m}  :: A type of sword, originally from Spain, having a four-sided blade
verdugale {m}  :: synonym of guardinfante
verdume {m}  :: greenery (especially an excess of vegetation)
verdura {f}  :: vegetable(s)
Verdura {prop}  :: A river that flows in Sicily
verduraio {m}  :: greengrocer
verduraio {m}  :: greengrocer's (shop)
verduriere {m}  :: greengrocer or fruiterer
verduzzo {m}  :: A Friulian white grape variety
verecondamente {adv}  :: modestly
verecondamente {adv}  :: chastenedly
verecondia {f}  :: modesty
verecondo {adj}  :: modest
verecondo {adj}  :: chastened
verga {f}  :: cane, rod
verga {f}  :: crook (of a shepherd)
verga {f} [vulgar]  :: penis, dick
Verga {prop}  :: surname
Verga {prop}  :: Giovanni Verga (1840–1922), Italian writer
Vergada {prop}  :: Vrgada (island of Croatia)
vergaio {m}  :: A type of coppice in which the plants are cut low to the ground
vergante {v}  :: present participle of vergare
vergare {v}  :: To cane (beat with a rod)
vergare {v}  :: To write (on lined paper)
vergaro {m}  :: alternative form of vergaio
Vergassola {prop}  :: surname
vergatina {f}  :: flimsy (sort of typing paper)
vergatino {adj}  :: manifold (paper)
vergatino {m}  :: ticking (material)
vergato {adj}  :: lined (having a pattern of lines)
vergatura {f}  :: stripes (on material)
vergatura {f}  :: lineation (on maps etc)
vergella {f}  :: rod (of metal to be formed into wire)
vergello {m}  :: A stick, with indentations smeared with birdlime, used to trap birds
vergenza {f}  :: vergence
Vergerio {prop}  :: surname
Vergerio {prop}  :: Pietro Paolo Vergerio, Italian bishop
vergheggiante {v}  :: present participle of vergheggiare
vergheggiare {v}  :: To beat with a rod
verghettato {adj}  :: striped
verghiano {adj}  :: Relating to Italian writer Giovanni Verga (1840–1922), or characteristic of his writings
verginale {adj}  :: virginal
verginale {adj}  :: chaste
verginalmente {adv}  :: virginally, chastely
vergine {adj}  :: virgin
vergine {adj} [of film etc]  :: blank
vergine {f}  :: virgin, maiden
Vergine {prop}  :: Virgo, specifically:
Vergine {prop} [astronomy]  :: The Virgo (constellation) constellation
Vergine {prop} [astrology]  :: The Virgo (astrology) astrological sign (symbol )
verginella {f}  :: A wicked girl who pretends to be pure and innocent
Vergine Maria {prop}  :: Virgin Mary
vergineo {adj}  :: alternative form of virgineo
verginiano {adj}  :: Virgin Islander (attributive)
verginiano {m}  :: Virgin Islander
verginità {f}  :: virginity
verginità {f}  :: chastity
vergogna {f}  :: shame, disgrace, discredit, scandal
vergogna {f}  :: embarrassment, shyness
vergogna {f}  :: (plural) private parts
vergognante {v}  :: present participle of vergognare
vergognantesi {v}  :: present participle of vergognarsi
vergognare {vt}  :: to shame
vergognare {vt}  :: to embarrass
vergognarsi {v}  :: reflexive of vergognare
vergognarsi {vr}  :: to be ashamed, feel ashamed
vergognarsi {vr}  :: to feel embarrassed, be shy
vergognatosi {v}  :: past participle of vergognarsi
vergognosamente {adv}  :: shamefully
vergognoso {adj}  :: timid, shy
vergognoso {adj}  :: shameful
vergognoso {adj}  :: disgraceful
vergola {f}  :: silk thread
vergola {f}  :: gold or silver thread
vergolante {v}  :: present participle of vergolare
vergolare {v}  :: To decorate with threads of silk or precious metal
vergolato {adj}  :: decorated with silken (or precious metal) threads
veridicità {f}  :: truthfulness
veridicità {f}  :: veracity
veridico {adj}  :: truthful
veridico {adj}  :: true
verifica {f}  :: verification, test, control, check, inspection, examination
verificabile {adj}  :: verifiable
verificabilità {f}  :: verifiability
verificante {v}  :: present participle of verificare
verificantesi {v}  :: present participle of verificarsi
verificare {vt}  :: to verify, test, check, examine, inspect, survey
verificarsi {v}  :: reflexive of verificare
verificarsi {vr}  :: to occur, happen
verificarsi {vr}  :: to come true
verificatore {m}  :: checker, verifier (person)
verificatore {m}  :: comptroller
verificatosi {v}  :: past participle of verificarsi
verificatrice {f} [computing]  :: verifier (female person, device)
verificazione {f}  :: verification
verificazionismo {m} [philosophy]  :: verificationism
verificazionista {adj} [philosophy]  :: verificationist
verina {f} [nautical]  :: A hooked cable used to grapple the anchor chain
verismo {m}  :: verism, realism
verissimo {adj}  :: Very true, absolutely true
verista {adj} [art]  :: verist, veristic; realist (attributive)
veristicamente {adv}  :: veristically, realistically
veristico {adj} [art]  :: verist, veristic, realist
verità {f}  :: truth
veritabile {adj}  :: truthful
veritabile {adj}  :: true
veritevole {adj}  :: truthful
veritieramente {adv}  :: truthfully
veritieramente {adv}  :: truly
veritiero {adj}  :: truthful
veritiero {adj}  :: true
verme {m}  :: worm
verme di terra {m}  :: earthworm
vermena {f}  :: young branch
Vermentino {m}  :: A variety of white grape grown in Liguria, Tuscany and Sardinia
Vermentino {m}  :: A dry white wine made from these grapes
vermicaio {m}  :: A wriggling mass of worms
vermicelli {mp}  :: vermicelli
vermicello {m} [especially in plural]  :: vermicelli (type of pasta)
vermiciattolo {m}  :: vermicule
vermicolare {adj}  :: vermicular, vermiform, vermiculate, wormlike
vermicolazione {f}  :: vermiculation
vermicoloso {adj}  :: wormy
vermicoloso {adj}  :: verminous
vermiculite {f} [mineral]  :: vermiculite
vermiforme {m}  :: vermiform
vermifugo {adj}  :: vermifugal
vermifugo {m}  :: vermifuge
vermiglio {adj}  :: vermillion
vermiglio {m}  :: vermillion
vermiglione {m}  :: vermilion (pigment)
verminaio {m}  :: A place teeming with worms
verminaio {m}  :: (figuratively) A place filled with corruption
verminante {v}  :: present participle of verminare
verminare {v}  :: To be wormy (have intestinal worms)
verminazione {f}  :: vermination
verminoso {adj}  :: wormy
verminoso {adj}  :: verminous
vermocane {m}  :: staggers (disease of animals)
vermocane {m}  :: bearded fireworm (Hermodice carunculata)
vermouth {n}  :: vermouth
vermut {m}  :: vermouth
vernaccia {f}  :: Any of several varieties of white grape cultivated in Liguria, Tuscany and Sardinia
vernaccia {f}  :: Any of several white wines produced from these grapes
vernacolare {adj}  :: vernacular
vernacolo {m}  :: vernacular
vernale {adj}  :: vernal
vernalizzante {v}  :: present participle of vernalizzare
vernalizzare {vt}  :: To vernalize
vernalizzazione {f}  :: vernalization
vernazione {f}  :: vernation
vernengo {adj}  :: winter-ripening
vernice {f}  :: Paint
vernice {f}  :: (transparent paint) Varnish
vernice {f} [figuratively]  :: Veneer, gloss
vernice di fondo {n}  :: Primer paint
vernice molle {f} [art]  :: soft ground (etching material)
verniceria {f}  :: paint shop (part of a factory where things are painted)
verniciabile {adj}  :: paintable
verniciante {v}  :: present participle of verniciare
verniciante {adj}  :: varnishing, painting (attributive)
verniciare {vt}  :: To varnish or paint
verniciatore {m}  :: painter, varnisher (person or machine)
verniciatura {f}  :: painting (the action of applying paint)
verniciatura {f}  :: varnishing
verniero {m}  :: vernier
vernino {adj}  :: winter (attributive)
vernino {adj} [botany]  :: vernal
vernissage {m}  :: preview (private viewing)
verno {m} [literary]  :: Variant of inverno
vero {adj}  :: true
vero {adj}  :: real, genuine
vero {m}  :: truth
vero e proprio {adj}  :: real, veritable, true, downright, perfect, proper
Veroli {prop}  :: A town in the province of Frosinone, in Lazio
Verona {prop}  :: Verona (city)
Verona {prop}  :: Verona (province)
veronalismo {m}  :: veronalism
verone {m}  :: balcony
verone {m}  :: loggia
veronese {mf}  :: A native or inhabitant of Verona; a Veronese
veronese {adj}  :: Veronese; of or relating to Verona or the Verona people
veronica {f} [Roman Catholicism]  :: veronica (cloth)
veronica {f} [bullfighting]  :: veronica (movement of the cape)
veronica {f} [botany]  :: veronica (flower)
verosimigliante {adj}  :: synonym of verosimile
verosimiglianza {f}  :: likelihood, probability
verosimiglianza {f}  :: plausibility
verosimiglianza {f}  :: verisimilitude
verosimile {adj}  :: likely, plausible, probable
verosimilmente {adv}  :: probably, most likely, seemingly
verretta {f}  :: bolt fired from a crossbow
verrettata {f}  :: A blow from a crossbow bolt
verrettone {m}  :: Large bolt fired from a crossbow
Verri {prop}  :: surname
verricellista {m}  :: winchman
verricello {m} [nautical]  :: winch, windlass
verricello {m}  :: block
verrina {f}  :: auger
verrinante {v}  :: present participle of verrinare
verrinare {v}  :: To auger
verro {m}  :: boar (male pig)
verrocchio {m}  :: olive oil press
verruca {f} [medicine]  :: verruca
verrucaria {f}  :: The fungus Verrucaria rupestris
Verrucchio {prop}  :: alternative form of Verucchio
verrucoso {adj}  :: warty, verrucose
verruto {m}  :: synonym of verrettone
versabile {adj}  :: pourable
versaccio {m}  :: grimace (accompanied by a cry of disgust etc)
Versace {prop}  :: surname
Versace {prop}  :: Gianni Versace, Italian fashion designer
versaiolo {adj}  :: doggerel
versamento {m}  :: payment
versamento {m}  :: deposit
versamento {m} [medicine]  :: effusion
versante {v}  :: present participle of versare
versante {adj}  :: side (geographical)
versantesi {v}  :: present participle of versarsi
versare {vt}  :: to pour, to decant
versare {vt}  :: to spill
versare {vt}  :: to shed
versare {vt}  :: to empty
versare {vt}  :: to pay, to deposit
versare {vi}  :: to leak
versare {vt}  :: to beat in
versare {vi}  :: to be, to find oneself, to live
versare acqua {v}  :: To urinate
versarsi {v}  :: reflexive of versare
versarsi {vr}  :: to spill, to beat in
versarsi {vr}  :: to overflow, boil over
versarsi {vr}  :: to flow, run, empty
versarsi {vr}  :: to pour out
versatile {adj}  :: versatile
versatilità {f}  :: versatility
versato {adj}  :: versed, practiced
versatore {m}  :: pourer
versatore {m}  :: pitcher (used to contain water for washing the hands)
versatosi {v}  :: past participle of versarsi
Verscio {prop}  :: A small town in the Locarno district of Switzerland
verseggiabile {adj}  :: That can be put into verse
verseggiante {v}  :: present participle of verseggiare
verseggiare {vt}  :: To put into verse
verseggiare {vi}  :: To versify
verseggiatore {f}  :: versifier
verseggiatura {f}  :: versifying
verseggiatura {f}  :: versification
versetto {m}  :: line (of verse)
versetto {m}  :: verse (of the Bible)
versicolo {m}  :: Short, or worthless poem
versicolore {adj} [literary]  :: Having different colors; versicoloured, varicoloured
versiera {f}  :: witch, she-devil
versiera {f} [maths]  :: witch of Agnesi
versificabile {adj}  :: versifiable
versificante {v}  :: present participle of versificare
versificare {v}  :: To versify
versificatorio {adj}  :: versifying
versificazione {f}  :: versification, versifying
Versilia {prop}  :: A fashionable, coastal region of northern Tuscany
versiliberista {adj}  :: free verse (attributive)
versiliese {adj}  :: Of or from Versilia
versione {f}  :: version
versione {f}  :: translation from ancient languages (Latin, Ancient Greek) to a modern one
verso {m} [poetry]  :: verse
verso {m}  :: song
verso {m}  :: cackle (of a hen or goose)
verso {prep}  :: toward
verso {prep}  :: vicinity, proximity, nearby
verso {prep}  :: around, near to, close to
versoio {m}  :: mouldboard (of a plough)
versore {m} [maths]  :: unit vector, versor
versus {prep}  :: versus
versuzia {f}  :: cunning, guile, malice
vertù {f}  :: synonym of virtù
vertebra {f} [skeleton]  :: vertebra
vertebra cervicale {f} [skeleton]  :: cervical vertebra
vertebrale {adj} [anatomy]  :: vertebral
vertebra lombare {f} [skeleton]  :: lumbar vertebra
vertebrato {adj}  :: vertebrate
vertebrato {m}  :: vertebrate
vertebra toracica {f} [skeleton]  :: thoracic vertebra
vertebroplastica {f} [medicine]  :: vertebroplasty
vertente {v}  :: present participle of vertere
vertente {adj}  :: pending, pendent
vertenza {f}  :: lawsuit, case
vertenza {f}  :: dispute
vertenziale {adj}  :: dispute (attributive)
vertenzialità {f}  :: disputes
vertere {vi}  :: To be about, to turn on, to concern
vertere {vi}  :: To be pending
verticale {adj}  :: vertical
verticale {f}  :: vertical
verticale {f}  :: handstand, headstand (gymnastics)
verticale {f}  :: down (clue in a crossword)
verticalismo {m} [architecture]  :: verticalism
verticalità {f}  :: verticality, verticalness
verticalizzante {v}  :: present participle of verticalizzare
verticalizzare {vt}  :: to organize vertically
verticalizzare {vt} [sports]  :: to push (the ball) upfield
verticalizzazione {f} [economy]  :: vertical integration
verticalizzazione {f} [football]  :: long ball
verticalmente {adv}  :: vertically
vertice {m}  :: vertex
vertice {m}  :: summit, peak
vertice {m}  :: height
verticillate {adj} [botany]  :: verticillate
verticillo {m} [botany]  :: verticil, whorl
verticismo {m}  :: oligarchy
verticista {mf}  :: oligarch (or supporter of an oligarchy)
verticistico {adj}  :: oligarchic
vertigine {f}  :: dizziness, giddiness, (in plural) vertigo
vertigine {f} [obsolete]  :: revolution
vertiginosamente {adv}  :: dizzily
vertiginosamente {adv}  :: dramatically, rapidly
vertiginosità {f}  :: vertiginousness
vertiginoso {adj}  :: dizzy, dizzying, vertiginous, giddy
vertiginoso {adj}  :: enormous, stunning, staggering, plunging
vertiginoso {adj}  :: explosive, rapid, breakneck
vertiplano {m}  :: VTOL aircraft
vertute {f}  :: synonym of virtù
Verucchio {prop}  :: A town in the province of Rimini in Emilia-Romagna
verun {pron}  :: apocopic form of veruno
veruno {adj} [archaic, literary, following a negative statement]  :: no, not any
veruno {pron} [archaic, literary, following a negative statement]  :: no one, nobody
verve {f}  :: verve
verza {f}  :: Savoy cabbage
Verzasca {prop}  :: A river, and associated valley, in Ticino
verzaschese {adj}  :: Of or from Verzasca
verzellino {m}  :: serin
verzellino dal groppone bianco {m}  :: white-rumped seedeater
verziere {m}  :: garden, kitchen garden, orchard
verzotto {m}  :: Savoy cabbage
verzura {f}  :: vegetation (green plants)
veschio {m}  :: alternative form of vischio
vescia {f}  :: wind, flatulence
vescia {f}  :: puffball, giant puffball (Langermannia gigantea)
vesciaia {f}  :: A gossipy woman
vescica {f}  :: bladder
vescica {f}  :: blister
vescicale {adj}  :: vesical, bladder (attributive)
vescicante {adj}  :: vesicant
vescicaria {f}  :: bladder senna (Colutea arborescens)
vescicatorio {adj}  :: vesicatory, vesicant
vescicazione {f}  :: blistering, vesication
vescichetta {f} [anatomy]  :: vesicle
vescichetta seminale {f} [anatomy]  :: seminal vesicle
vescicola {f} [anatomy]  :: vesicle
vescicola biliare {f} [anatomy]  :: gall bladder
vescicolare {adj} [anatomy]  :: vesical
vescicolare {adj} [anatomy]  :: vesicular
vescicolare {adj}  :: vesicular (having vesicles)
vescicola seminale {f} [anatomy]  :: seminal vesicle
vescicolato {adj}  :: vesicular
vescicolazione {f}  :: vesiculation
vescicoso {adj}  :: blistery (full of blisters)
vescoso {adj}  :: alternative form of vischioso
vescovado {m}  :: bishopric
vescovado {m}  :: bishop's palace
vescovato {m}  :: bishopric
vescovile {adj}  :: episcopal, bishop's (attributive)
vescovilmente {adv}  :: episcopally
vescovo {m}  :: bishop (clergyman)
vespa {f}  :: wasp
vespa {f}  :: motor scooter (originally capitalised)
Vespa {f}  :: an Italian brand of motor scooter
Vespa {f}  :: also used as generic term for such scooters
vespaio {m}  :: wasp's nest (real and figurative)
vespaio {m}  :: anthrax
vesparia {f}  :: bee orchid (Ophrys apifera)
vespasiano {m}  :: urinal (building)
Vespasiano {prop}  :: Vespasian
vesperale {adj}  :: vesperal
vespero {prop} [astronomy]  :: Venus, evening star, Hesperus, Vesper
vesperone {m}  :: vespers (service)
vespertilio {m}  :: bat (flying animal)
vespertillo {m}  :: alternative form of vespertilio
vespeto {m}  :: wasp's nest
vespiere {m}  :: bee-eater
vespigno {adj}  :: stimulating, appetizing, piquant
vespino {n}  :: A low-power motor scooter (typically 50 cc)
vespista {mf}  :: Vespa (of any motor scooter) rider
vespoidale {adj} [zoology, rare]  :: wasp-like
vespone {m}  :: A high-powered motor scooter
Vespri siciliani {prop}  :: The rebellion known as the Sicilian Vespers
vespro {m}  :: evening (poetic)
vespro {m}  :: vespers
Vespucci {prop}  :: surname
Vespucci {prop}  :: Amerigo Vespucci, Italian navigator
vessante {v}  :: present participle of vessare
vessare {vt}  :: To oppress
vessatore {m}  :: oppressor, tormentor, maltreater
vessatore {adj}  :: oppressive, tormenting, harassing
vessatorio {adj}  :: oppressive
vessatorio {adj}  :: vexatious
vessazione {f}  :: oppression
vessazione {f}  :: vexation
vessica {f}  :: alternative form of vescica
vessillario {m}  :: vexillary
vessillario {m}  :: standard bearer
vessillazione {f}  :: vexillation
vessillifero {m}  :: vexillary (in Ancient Rome)
vessillifero {m}  :: standard-bearer
vessillifero {m}  :: forerunner, precursor
vessillo {m}  :: standard (military flag)
vessillo {m}  :: banner, ensign
vessillologia {f}  :: vexillology
vessillologo {m}  :: vexillologist
vestaglia {f}  :: dressing gown
vestaglietta {f}  :: house dress
vestaglietta {f}  :: simple frock
vestale {adj}  :: vestal
vestale {f}  :: vestal virgin
veste {f} [of a woman]  :: dress
veste {f} [in the plural]  :: clothes
veste {f} [by extension]  :: appearance, capacity
veste {f} [of a monk]  :: habit
vestente {v}  :: present participle of vestire
vestentesi {v}  :: present participle of vestirsi
Vestfalia {prop}  :: Westphalia
vestiario {m}  :: clothing, clothes
vestiarista {mf}  :: costumier
vestibilità {f}  :: wearability
vestibolare {adj} [anatomy]  :: vestibular
vestibolo {m} [architecture]  :: hall, lobby, vestibule
vestibolo {m} [anatomy, rail transportation]  :: vestibule
vestibolococleare {adj} [anatomy]  :: vestibulocochlear
vestigio {m}  :: vestige, trace
vestigio {m} [in the plural]  :: remains, ruins
vestimento {m}  :: garment
vestimento {m}  :: clothing
vestina {f}  :: baby dress
vestire {vt}  :: to dress
vestire {vt}  :: to clothe
vestire {vt}  :: to make somebody's clothes
vestire {vt}  :: to wear, put on
vestire {vt}  :: to fit
vestire {vi}  :: to be dressed, dress, wear
vestirsi {v}  :: reflexive of vestire
vestirsi {vr}  :: to get dressed, dress
vestirsi {vr}  :: to clothe oneself
vestirsi {vr}  :: to put on, wear, be dressed, dress, dress up
vestirsi a festa {v}  :: to dress up
vestirsi bene {v}  :: to dress up
vestirsi bene {v}  :: to spiff up
vestirsi bene {v}  :: to spruce up
vestitino {m}  :: clothes, dress (for children)
vestitino {m}  :: A short dress. (for women)
vestito {adj}  :: dressed, clothed
vestito {m}  :: suit, dress, frock, clothes
vestito {m} [in the plural]  :: clothing
vestito da sposa {m}  :: wedding dress
vestitore {adj}  :: dressing (attributive)
vestitosi {v}  :: past participle of vestirsi
vestitura {f}  :: dressing (act of putting on clothes)
vestitura {f}  :: covering, coating (material)
vestizione {f}  :: clothing, dressing (with religious habit)
Vesubia {prop}  :: The river Vésubie, that flows in France
vesuviano {adj}  :: Vesuvian
Vesuvio {prop}  :: Vesuvius
veterana {f}  :: veteran (female)
veterana {f}  :: old hand (female)
veterano {m}  :: veteran (all senses)
veterano {m}  :: old hand
veterinaria {f}  :: veterinary science
veterinaria {f}  :: female veterinarian
veterinario {adj}  :: veterinary
veterinario {m}  :: veterinarian, vet, veterinary, veterinary surgeon
vetero- {prefix}  :: original or old-fashioned (used, especially, in a religious or political context)
veterocattolico {adj}  :: Old Catholic
veterocomunismo {m}  :: The original, Marxist-Leninist, version of communism
veterotestamentario {adj}  :: Old Testament (attributive)
vetiver {m}  :: vetiver
vetiveria {f}  :: vetiver
veto {m}  :: veto
vetraio {m}  :: glassblower
vetraio {m}  :: glazier
Vetralla {prop}  :: a town in the province of Viterbo in Lazio in Italy
vetrame {m}  :: glassware
vetraria {f}  :: a building where glass is moulded mainly to create artistic pieces
vetrario {adj}  :: glass (attributive)
vetrata {f}  :: glass window
vetrata {f}  :: glass door, glass wall
vetrata {f}  :: stained glass window
vetrata {f}  :: windowpane
vetrato {adj}  :: glass (attributive)
vetratura {f}  :: glass, glazing
vetreria {f}  :: glassworks, glasshouse
vetreria {f}  :: glassware
vetriata {f}  :: synonym of vetrata
vetriato {adj}  :: glazed (having windows or glaze)
vetriciaia {f}  :: synonym of saliceto
vetriera {f}  :: glass window
vetriera {f}  :: glass display cabinet
vetrificabile {adj}  :: vitrifiable
vetrificante {v}  :: present participle of vetrificare
vetrificantesi {v}  :: present participle of vetrificarsi
vetrificare {vt}  :: to vitrify
vetrificare {vt} [ceramics]  :: to glaze
vetrificarsi {v}  :: reflexive of vetrificare
vetrificarsi {vr}  :: to vitrify
vetrificato {adj}  :: vitrified
vetrificatosi {v}  :: past participle of vetrificarsi
vetrificazione {f}  :: vitrification
vetrigno {adj}  :: vitreous, glassy
vetrigno {m}  :: vitrified paving brick
vetrina {f}  :: display window, shop window, window [of a shop]
vetrina {f}  :: showcase
vetrina {f}  :: display cabinet
vetrinante {v}  :: present participle of vetrinare
vetrinare {v}  :: To glaze (pottery)
vetrinatura {f}  :: glazing (of pottery)
vetrinetta {f} [furniture]  :: small glass showcase, hutch
vetrinista {mf}  :: window dresser
vetrinistica {f}  :: window dressing
vetrino {m}  :: slide (microscope)
vetriola {f}  :: synonym of parietaria
vetrioleggiante {v}  :: present participle of vetrioleggiare
vetrioleggiare {v}  :: To throw acid (vitriol) (especially into the face, or to deface something)
vetriolo {m}  :: vitriol
vetro {m}  :: glass (transparent material)
vetrocamera {f}  :: insulating glass (two sheets of glass, fused at the edges, with an insulating layer of air etc)
vetrocementista {m}  :: A person who makes vetrocemento
vetrocemento {m} [architecture]  :: A structure of squares of toughened glass in a framework of reinforced concrete
vetroceramica {f}  :: glass-ceramic
vetrocromia {f} [arts]  :: painting on glass
vetrofania {f}  :: decal
vetroflex {m}  :: rock wool, mineral wool
vetrofusione {f}  :: fused glass
vetrometallo {m}  :: A vitreous form of a metal alloy used as a structural material
vetrone {m}  :: black ice
vetroresina {f}  :: fibreglass
vetroso {adj}  :: glassy
vetta {f}  :: top, summit, crown (of a hill etc)
Vette {prop}  :: Vectis
vettina {f}  :: jug (especially of oil)
vettonica {f}  :: alternative form of bettonica
vettore {m}  :: vector
vettore {m}  :: carrier (transport, especially in combination)
vettore di bandiera {n}  :: flag carrier (A transportation company, such as a shipping or airline company, that is registered in a given state)
vettoriale {adj}  :: vectorial; vector (attributive)
vettovaglia {f}  :: (especially in plural) victuals
vettovagliamento {m}  :: provisioning, victualling
vettovagliante {v}  :: present participle of vettovagliare
vettovagliare {vt}  :: To provision or victual
vettovaglie {fp}  :: provisions, victuals, stores
vettrico {adj} [biochemistry, medicine]  :: vector, carrier (attributive)
vettura {f}  :: A car
vettura {f}  :: A carriage (in a train)
vettura {f}  :: A coach
vetturale {m}  :: carrier
vetturalesco {adj}  :: carrier (attributive)
vetturetta {f}  :: small car
vetturina {f}  :: melilot, sweet clover (of genus Melilotus)
vetturino {m}  :: coachman (driver of horse-drawn coach)
Vetulonia {prop}  :: A part of Castiglione della Pescaia in Tuscany; once an Etruscan town
vetuloniese {adj}  :: Of or from Vetulonia
vetustà {f} [literary]  :: ancientness, oldness
vetustà {f} [by extension]  :: obsolescence
vetusto {adj} [literary]  :: ancient, old
Vezzali {prop}  :: surname
Vezzali {prop}  :: Valentina Vezzali, Italian fencer
vezzato {adj}  :: smart, shrewd, cunning
vezzeggiamento {m}  :: fondling, pampering
vezzeggiamento {m}  :: caress
vezzeggiante {v}  :: present participle of vezzeggiare
vezzeggiantesi {v}  :: present participle of vezzeggiarsi
vezzeggiare {vt}  :: To pamper or coddle; to make a fuss of
vezzeggiarsi {vr}  :: To pamper oneself, to coddle oneself
vezzeggiarsi {vr}  :: To pamper each other, to coddle each other
vezzeggiativo {m}  :: pet name, term of endearment
vezzeggiatore {m}  :: pamperer
vezzeggiatosi {v}  :: past participle of vezzeggiarsi
vezzo {m}  :: habit, mannerism, quirk
vezzo {m}  :: bad habit
vezzosamente {adv}  :: prettily, charmingly
vezzosità {f}  :: affectation
vezzoso {adj}  :: pretty, charming
vezzoso {adj}  :: affected
VHS {mf}  :: VHS
vi {pron}  :: (second-person personal plural object pronoun): you, to you
vi {pron}  :: (second-person reflexive plural): yourselves
vi {pron}  :: it (often not translated); about it, of it, on it
vi {adv}  :: there
vi {adv}  :: here
via {f}  :: road, street, path
via {f}  :: way, route
via {f}  :: means [to an end]
via {f}  :: tract [in the body]
via {f}  :: start [of a race]
via {adv}  :: away
via {adv}  :: out
via {prep}  :: away from
via {interj}  :: come on!
via {interj}  :: go away!
via aerea {f} [anatomy, mostly in plural]  :: airway
viabile {adj}  :: road (attributive)
viabile {adj}  :: passable
viabilista {adj}  :: (road) traffic (attributive)
viabilista {adj}  :: road, highway (attributive)
viabilistico {adj}  :: road / traffic (attributive)
viabilità {f}  :: practicability
viabilità {f}  :: road conditions
viabilità {f} [in the plural]  :: roads
viabilità {f}  :: highway engineering
viaccia {f}  :: badly maintained road
viaccia {f}  :: street of ill-repute
viadana {f}  :: A strong, cotton canvas, used for making sails etc
Viadana {prop}  :: A town in the Mantova province of Lombardia
viadanese {adj}  :: Of or from Viadana
via di accesso {f}  :: doorway
via di accesso {f}  :: entry
viadotto {m}  :: viaduct
via ferrata {f}  :: via ferrata
viaggetto {m}  :: A short journey; a trip
viaggiante {v}  :: present participle of viaggiare
viaggiante {adj}  :: travelling
viaggiar {v}  :: apocopic form of viaggiare
viaggiare {v}  :: to travel, to journey, to tour, (by plane) to fly
viaggiare {v} [of a vehicle]  :: to run, to travel
viaggiatore {m}  :: traveller, voyager
viaggiatore {m}  :: passenger
viaggiatrice {f}  :: traveller, passenger (female)
viaggio {m}  :: journey, trip, tour, voyage
viaggio {m} [also in the plural]  :: travels, travel, travelling
viaggio di nozze {m}  :: honeymoon
Via Lattea {prop}  :: The Milky Way
Vialba {prop}  :: A district of Milan
vialbese {adj}  :: Of or relating to Vialba
viale {m}  :: boulevard, avenue, parkway
vialetto {m}  :: path, lane
via libera {m}  :: green light, go-ahead, clearance
vialone {m}  :: broad avenue
viandante {mf}  :: traveller
viandante {mf}  :: wayfarer
Vianello {prop}  :: surname
Vianello {prop}  :: Raimondo Vianello, Italian actor and television host
viante {mf}  :: synonym of viandante
viareggino {adj}  :: Of or from Viareggio
Viareggio {prop}  :: A coastal town in the province of Lucca in Tuscany
viario {adj}  :: street, road, highway (attributive)
viatico {m}  :: The communion administered as part of the last rites
viatico {m}  :: comfort or reassurance before an undertaking
viatico {m}  :: (idiomatic) stepping stone
viatorio {adj}  :: voyage (attributive)
viavai {m}  :: coming and going, bustle
vibice {f}  :: bruise
vibice {f}  :: stretch mark
vibice {f}  :: vibex
vibonese {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Vibo Valentia
vibonese {mf}  :: Native or inhabitant of Vibo Valentia
Vibo Valentia {prop}  :: Vibo Valentia
vibraculo {m}  :: vibraculum
vibrafonista {mf} [music]  :: vibraphonist
vibrafono {m} [musical instruments]  :: vibraphone
vibramento {m}  :: vibration
vibrante {v}  :: present participle of vibrare
vibrante {adj}  :: vibrating
vibrante {adj}  :: vibrant, resonant
vibrare {vi}  :: To vibrate
Vibrata {prop}  :: A small river that flows in Abruzzo
vibratezza {f}  :: vibrancy
vibratile {adj}  :: vibratory, vibrating
vibratilità {f}  :: The property of being vibratory or vibrating
vibrato {m} [music]  :: vibrato
vibratore {m}  :: vibrator
vibratorio {adj}  :: vibratory
vibratura {f}  :: vibration (applied to poured concrete)
vibrazionale {adj}  :: vibrational
vibrazionale {adj}  :: vibrating
vibrazione {f}  :: vibration
vibrione {m}  :: vibrio
vibrissa {f}  :: vibrissa
vibrissa {f} [in the plural]  :: A cat's whiskers
vibro- {prefix}  :: Forms words related to vibration
vibrofinitrice {f}  :: A machine that vibrates poured concrete to ensure that a mould is properly filled
vibrografo {m}  :: vibrograph
vibrogramma {m}  :: vibrogram
vibromassaggiatore {m}  :: vibromassager (massage vibrator)
vibromassaggio {m}  :: vibromassage
vibrometria {f}  :: vibrometry
vibrometro {m}  :: vibrometer
vibroscopio {m}  :: vibroscope
vibroterapia {f} [medicine]  :: vibrotherapy
vibrovaglio {m}  :: vibrating screen / sieve
vicariale {adj}  :: vicarial
vicariante {adj}  :: substituting
vicariante {adj}  :: vicarious
vicarianza {f}  :: vicariance
vicariare {v}  :: To substitute
vicariato {m}  :: vicarship
vicariato {m}  :: vicariate
vicario {m}  :: vicar
vice {mf}  :: deputy, substitute, vice
vice- {prefix}  :: vice-
vice allenatore {m}  :: alternative spelling of viceallenatore
viceallenatore {m} [sports]  :: deputy coach
vice-allenatore {m}  :: alternative spelling of viceallenatore
viceammiraglio {m} [nautical]  :: vice admiral
vicebrigadiere {m}  :: sergeant
vicecampione {m}  :: runner-up [in a championship]
vicecancelliere {m}  :: vice-chancellor
vicecapo {m}  :: deputy chief
vicecapogruppo {m}  :: vice-captain
vicecomandante {m}  :: deputy commander or captain
vicecomitale {adj}  :: viscount [attributive]
vicecommissario {m}  :: deputy commissioner or superintendent
viceconsole {m}  :: vice-consul
viceconte {m}  :: synonym of visconte
vicedirettore {m}  :: deputy manager, editor or headmaster; assistant manager
vicedomino {m}  :: synonym of visdomino
vicegovernatore {m}  :: deputy governor
vicegovernatrice {f}  :: deputy governor [female]
vicemadre {f}  :: foster mother
viceministro {m}  :: an undersecretary [in Italy: a second-in-command to a politically-appointed Minister]
vicenda {f}  :: affair, event, story
vicendevole {adj}  :: mutual
vicendevole {adj}  :: reciprocal
vicendevolezza {f}  :: mutuality
vicendevolezza {f}  :: reciprocity
vicendevolmente {adv}  :: mutually
vicendevolmente {adv}  :: reciprocally, each other, one another
vicennale {adj}  :: That occurs every twenty years
vicennale {m}  :: A twentieth anniversary
vicennale {m}  :: (in Ancient Rome) A celebration to mark the twentieth year of an Emperor's reign
vicennio {m}  :: synonym of ventennio
vicentino {adj}  :: Vicentine (of or relating to Vicenza or the Vicentine people)
vicentino {m}  :: Vicentine (a native or inhabitant of Vicenza)
Vicenza {prop}  :: Vicenza
viceolimpionica {f}  :: feminine noun of viceolimpionico
viceolimpionico {adj}  :: Olympic runner-up [attributive]
viceolimpionico {m}  :: Olympic silver medalist
vicepadre {m}  :: foster father
viceparroco {m}  :: curate
viceprefetto {m}  :: subprefect
viceprefetto {m}  :: deputy rector [of a college]
vicepremier {mf}  :: vice-president of a council
vicepreside {mf}  :: vice-president
vicepreside {mf}  :: vice-chairman
vicepresidente {m}  :: vice president
vicepresidente {m}  :: vice chairman
vicepresidenza {f}  :: vice-presidency, vice presidency
vicepretore {m}  :: deputy magistrate
vicepretore {m}  :: (in Ancient Rome) propraetor
vicepretura {f}  :: the office of a vicepretore
vicequestore {m}  :: deputy chief constable, deputy chief of police
viceré {m}  :: viceroy
vicereale {adj}  :: viceregal
vicereame {m}  :: viceroyalty
viceredattore {m}  :: assistant editor
viceregina {f}  :: vicereine
vicerettore {m}  :: assistant rector
vicerettore {m}  :: vice-chancellor
vicesceriffo {m}  :: deputy [assistant sheriff in US]
vicesegretario {m}  :: vice-secretary, deputy
vicesindaco {m}  :: assistant mayor
viceversa {adv}  :: vice versa; the other way around; and back
viceversa {conj}  :: but, instead
vicheria {f}  :: synonym of vicaria
vichianesimo {m} [philosophy]  :: The humanism of Giambattista Vico
vichiano {adj}  :: Relating to, or characteristic of Giambattista Vico
vichinga {f}  :: Viking (female)
vichingo {adj}  :: Viking
vichingo {m}  :: Viking
vicin {adj}  :: apocopic form of vicino
vicina {f}  :: neighbour (female)
vicinale {adj}  :: local
vicinale {adj}  :: nearby
vicinale {adj} [chemistry]  :: vicinal
vicinalità {f}  :: vicinality
viciname {m}  :: neighbours
vicinante {v}  :: present participle of vicinare
vicinante {adj}  :: close to home
vicinanza {f}  :: proximity, closeness, nearness
vicinanza {f} [in the plural]  :: vicinity, surroundings
vicinare {v}  :: To be nearby
vicinato {m}  :: neighbourhood
vicinato {m} [in the plural]  :: neighbours
viciniore {adj}  :: neighbouring (land etc)
vicinissimo {adj}  :: Very close, very near
vicinissimo {adj}  :: closest
vicinità {f}  :: closeness, proximity
vicino {adj}  :: near, close
vicino {adv} [with a]  :: near
vicino {m}  :: neighbour, neighbourhood
vicissitudine {f}  :: vicissitude
vicissitudinevolmente {adv}  :: interchangeably, reciprocally, mutually
vicitante {v}  :: present participle of vicitare
vicitare {v}  :: alternative form of visitare
vico {m} [archaic, literary]  :: village, hamlet
vico {m} [archaic, literary]  :: district
vico {m} [archaic, literary]  :: alley, lane
vicoletto {m}  :: A very small village
vicoletto {m}  :: A small alleyway
vicolo {m}  :: alley, alleyway
vicolo cieco {m}  :: blind alley
vicolo cieco {m}  :: dead end (all senses)
Vicopisano {prop}  :: A small town in the province of Pisa
videata {f} [computing]  :: screenful, screen, screenshot
video {m}  :: video (all senses)
video {m}  :: display (screen)
video {m}  :: monitor (TV)
video- {prefix}  :: video-
videoamatore {m}  :: amateur video maker
videoamatoriale {adj}  :: amateur video (attributive)
videoamplificatore {m}  :: video amplifier
videoarte {f}  :: video art
videoartista {mf}  :: video artist
videocamera {f}  :: video camera (portable, with a recorder)
videocassetta {f}  :: videocassette
videocellulare {m}  :: A mobile (cellular) videophone
videochattante {v}  :: present participle of videochattare
videochattare {v}  :: To video chat
videochiamante {v}  :: present participle of videochiamare
videochiamare {vit}  :: to call (someone) on a videophone
videochiamata {f}  :: videophone call
videocitofono {m}  :: video entryphone
videoclip {m}  :: music video
videocomunicante {v}  :: present participle of videocomunicare
videocomunicare {v}  :: To communicate using computers or phones equipped with cameras and screens
videocomunicazione {f}  :: video communication
videoconferenza {f}  :: video conference
videocontrollo {m}  :: control (of a system) via CCTV
videocrazia {f}  :: The power of the image over society; videocracy
videodipendente {mf}  :: TV addict; couch potato
videodipendenza {f}  :: addiction to television
videodisco {m}  :: video disc, laserdisc (various formats)
videodiscoteca {f}  :: A discotheque that displays music videos
videofilm {m}  :: video (film shot using video technology)
videofonino {m}  :: video mobile phone
videofono {m}  :: videophone
videofrequenza {f}  :: video / television frequency
videogame {m}  :: video game
videogiocante {v}  :: present participle of videogiocare
videogiocare {vi}  :: To play videogames
videogiocatore {m}  :: gamer, videogamer
videogioco {m} [video games]  :: video game
videogiornalismo {m}  :: videojournalism
videogiornalista {mf}  :: videojournalist
videografica {f}  :: video graphics
videografico {adj}  :: videographic
videogramma {m}  :: videogram
videointervista {f}  :: An interview via TV or videoconferencing
videolento {m}  :: videolink
videoleso {adj}  :: visually handicapped
videolettore {m}  :: video player
videolibro {m}  :: video (or electronic) book (any of several formats)
videoludico {adj}  :: video game (attributive)
videomagnetico {adj}  :: videotape (attributive)
videomania {f}  :: A passion for TV or videogames
videomessaggio {m}  :: A message sent via a webcam
videomessaggio {m}  :: An official message sent via TV
videomontaggio {m}  :: video montage
videomusic {m}  :: music played on a music video
video musicale {m}  :: music video
videonastro {m}  :: videotape
videonoleggiatore {m}  :: video rental business or its owner
videonoleggio {m}  :: video rental shop, video rental store, video shop, video store
videopirata {m}  :: video pirate (person who makes/sells illegal copies of videos, DVDs etc)
videopirateria {f}  :: video piracy (making/selling illegal copies of videos, DVDs etc)
videopoker {m}  :: Any electronic, console-based version of poker
videopredicatore {m}  :: TV preacher (especially in the US)
videoproiettore {m}  :: video projector
videoproiezione {f}  :: video projection
videoregistrante {v}  :: present participle of videoregistrare
videoregistrare {vt}  :: To videotape, tape, video (record on videotape)
videoregistratore {m}  :: video recorder; videocassette recorder
videoregistrazione {f}  :: video recording
videoreporter {mf}  :: TV reporter (especially one working alone, with mobile equipment)
videoripresa {f}  :: filming (on video)
videoriproduttore {m}  :: video recorder
videoriproduzione {f}  :: reproduction of video signals recorded on tape
videoscrittura {f}  :: word processing
videoscrivere {v}  :: To write using a word processor
videoscultura {f} [art]  :: artwork involving images displayed on TV screens or PC monitors
videosegnale {m}  :: TV signal
videosegnale {m}  :: picture (as a function of the TV signal quality)
videosimulazione {f}  :: A video simulation (especially of a dangerous situation, used for demonstration or training)
videosistema {m}  :: video system
videosorveglianza {f}  :: video surveillance; CCTV
videosorvegliato {adj}  :: Under video surveillance
videotape {m}  :: videotape
videoteca {f}  :: Shop that sells or rents videotapes
Videotel {prop}  :: An Italian videotex service utilising the telephone network, popular before and alongside the World Wide Web
videotelefonia {f}  :: videotelephony
videotelefonico {adj}  :: videotelephonic
videotelefonino {m}  :: A mobile phone that has a built-in video camera
videotelefono {m}  :: videophone
videoterminale {m} [computing]  :: (video) terminal, VDU
videotrasmettente {v}  :: present participle of videotrasmettere
videotrasmettere {vt}  :: to broadcast by television; to televise
vidiconoscopio {m}  :: vidicon
vidigrafo {m}  :: A device that transfers video to film
vidimante {v}  :: present participle of vidimare
vidimare {vt}  :: To authenticate
vidimatore {m}  :: authenticator
vidimazione {f}  :: authentication
vidovile {adj}  :: alternative form of vedovile
vidovità {f}  :: widowhood (Variant of vedovità)
viduile {adj}  :: alternative form of vedovile
viduità {f}  :: widowhood (Variant of vedovità)
viella {f} [musical instruments]  :: vielle
viemeglio {adv}  :: alternative form of viemmeglio
viemmeglio {adv}  :: even more
viemmeglio {adv}  :: even better
Vienna {prop}  :: Vienna (capital of Austria)
viennese {adj}  :: Viennese
viennese {mf}  :: Viennese
vie più {adj}  :: alternative spelling of viepiù
viepiù {adv}  :: more and more, increasingly
viepiù {adv}  :: much more (than)
vieppiù {adj}  :: alternative spelling of viepiù
Vieste {prop}  :: a town in the province of Foggia in Apulia in Italy
vietabile {adj}  :: That can be forbidden
vietabilità {f}  :: Property of what can be forbidden
vietamento {m}  :: synonym of divieto
vietante {v}  :: present participle of vietare
vietare {vt}  :: to forbid, to prohibit, to ban, to stop, to prevent
vietatissimo {adj}  :: strictly forbidden
vietativo {adj}  :: prohibiting
vietato {adj}  :: forbidden
vietatore {m}  :: prohibitor
vietcong {mf}  :: Vietcong (fighter)
Vietnam {prop}  :: Vietnam
vietnamita {m}  :: Vietnamese person
vietnamita {m} [uncountable]  :: Vietnamese language
vietnamita {adj}  :: Vietnamese
vieto {adj} [literary]  :: old
vieto {adj} [pejorative]  :: antiquated, outdated
vieto {adj} [regional, rare, of food]  :: rancid or stale
vietume {m}  :: A collection of old, outdated or antiquated things
vigecuplo {adj}  :: twentyfold
vigecuplo {m}  :: Something that is a twentyfold greater
vigente {adj} [legal]  :: in force, in effect
vigente {adj}  :: current, in use
vigente {v}  :: present participle of vigere
vigenza {f} [legal]  :: validity (state of being in force)
vigere {vi}  :: to be in force
vigere {vi}  :: to be current or in use
vigesimale {adj}  :: vigesimal (to base 20)
vigesimo {adj} [literary, ordinal]  :: twentieth
vigevanasco {adj}  :: Of or from Vigevano
Vigevanasco {prop}  :: synonym of Vigevano
vigevanese {adj}  :: Of, or from, Vigevano
vigevanese {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Vigevano
Vigevano {prop}  :: a town in the province of Pavia in Lombardy in Italy
Vigezzina {prop}  :: the railway from Domodossola in Italy to Locarno in Switzerland
vigilante {v}  :: present participle of vigilare
vigilante {adj}  :: vigilant, watchful, alert
vigilante {mf}  :: security guard
vigilante {mf}  :: vigilante
vigilanza {f}  :: supervision
vigilanza {f}  :: surveillance
vigilanza {f}  :: vigilance
vigilare {vt}  :: To supervise, to monitor, to guard, to keep an eye on
vigilare {vi}  :: (but takes avere as auxiliary) To keep watch, to look out
vigilata {f}  :: Woman on probation
vigilato {adj}  :: On probation
vigilato {m}  :: Person on probation
vigilatore {m}  :: supervisor
vigilatrice {f}  :: supervisor (female)
vigile {m}  :: (local) policeman, traffic cop, traffic warden
vigile del fuoco {m}  :: fireman, firefighter
vigile del fuoco {m}  :: (in plural) fire brigade, fire department, fire company
vigilessa {f}  :: local policewoman, (female) traffic cop, (female) traffic warden
vigilia {f}  :: vigil
vigilia {f}  :: eve (day before another specified)
Vigilia {prop}  :: Christmas Eve
vigilia di Natale {f}  :: Christmas Eve
vigiliare {adj}  :: vigil (attributive)
vigintivirato {m}  :: vigintivirate
viglia {f}  :: An agricultural broom (used to sweep a threshing floor)
vigliaccamente {adv}  :: cowardly
vigliaccata {f}  :: dirty trick
vigliaccata {f}  :: cowardly action
vigliaccata {f}  :: prank
vigliaccheria {f}  :: cowardice
vigliaccheria {f}  :: cowardly action
vigliaccio {m}  :: chaff (the remains of threshing activity)
vigliacco {adj}  :: cowardly
vigliacco {adj}  :: contemptible
vigliacco {m}  :: coward
vigliacco {m}  :: rogue, scoundrel
vigliante {v}  :: present participle of vigliare
vigliare {v}  :: To sweep up after threshing
vigliatura {f}  :: sweeping up (after threshing)
vigliatura {f}  :: sweepings (so obtained)
viglietto {m}  :: synonym of biglietto
vigna {f}  :: A vineyard
vignaiolo {m}  :: owner of a vineyard
vignaiolo {m}  :: vine dresser
vignaiuolo {m}  :: Variant of vignaiolo
vignato {adj}  :: (of land) cultivated with vines
vigneto {m}  :: A vineyard
vignetta {f}  :: illustration
vignetta {f}  :: cartoon (in a newspaper)
vignettatura {f}  :: vignetting (the making of a photograph with blurred edges)
vignettista {mf}  :: illustrator
vignettista {mf}  :: cartoonist
vignettistica {f}  :: vignetting (the making of vignettes)
Vignola {prop}  :: A small town in the province of Modena in Emilia-Romagna
vignuolo {m}  :: small vineyard
vigogna {f}  :: vicuña
vigore {m}  :: vigour, strength
vigore {m}  :: force, impetus
vigore {m}  :: force, validity, effectiveness
vigoreggiante {v}  :: present participle of vigoreggiare
vigoreggiare {v}  :: To be vigorous
vigoreggiare {v}  :: To flourish, to thrive
Vigorelli {prop}  :: surname
vigorente {v}  :: present participle of vigorire
vigoria {f}  :: vigour, force, strength, energy
vigorire {v}  :: To invigorate
vigorire {v}  :: To reinvigorate
vigorosamente {adv}  :: vigorously
vigorosissimo {adj}  :: Very vigorous, very strong
vigorosità {f}  :: force, vigour, vigorousness
vigoroso {adj}  :: vigorous, spanking
vigoroso {adj}  :: strong or powerful
vigoroso {adj}  :: energetic
vile {adj}  :: cowardly
vile {adj}  :: base, miserable, mean
vile {adj}  :: cheap, worthless, base
vile {mf}  :: coward
Vilfredo {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to Wilfred
vilificante {v}  :: present participle of vilificare
vilificare {v}  :: To vilify
vilificatore {adj}  :: despising, demeaning
vilificatore {adj}  :: mocking, sneering
vilificatore {adj}  :: vilifying
vilio {adj}  :: cheap, inexpensive
vilipendente {v}  :: present participle of vilipendere
vilipendere {vt}  :: To despise or scorn
vilipendio {m} [legal]  :: public insult, public defamation
vilipendio {m}  :: vilification, scorn
vilità {f}  :: Variant of viltà
villa {f}  :: mansion
villa {f}  :: detached house, residence
villa {f}  :: house in the country, villa
Villaco {prop}  :: Villach (town in Austria)
villaggio {m}  :: village, hamlet
villanamente {adv}  :: rudely, discourteously
villanamente {adv}  :: boorishly, uncouthly, grossly
villanata {f}  :: rude or impolite act
villaneggiamento {m}  :: alternative form of svillaneggiamento
villaneggiante {v}  :: present participle of villaneggiare
villaneggiare {vt}  :: alternative form of svillaneggiare
villaneggiatore {adj}  :: insulting
villanello {m}  :: A young peasant or farmer
villanescamente {adv}  :: rustically, crudely
villanescamente {adv}  :: impolitely
villanesco {adj}  :: redneck (attributive)
villanesco {adj}  :: boorish, rude, rough
villania {f}  :: rudeness, bad manners
villano {adj}  :: rude, bad-mannered
villano {m}  :: A rude or bad-mannered person; lout or boor
villano {m}  :: peasant
villanoviano {adj}  :: Villanovan
villanzone {m}  :: boor (rude person)
villata {f}  :: village
villeggiante {v}  :: present participle of villeggiare
villeggiante {mf}  :: holidaymaker, holidayer, vacationer
villeggiare {vi}  :: To holiday (spend one's holidays)
villeggiatura {f}  :: holiday, holidays, vacation
villereccio {adj}  :: rustic, rural, country (attributive)
villesco {adj}  :: rustic, rural
villetta {f}  :: detached house, house
villetta {f}  :: cottage
villetta a schiera {f}  :: row house
villico {m}  :: farmboy, countryman
villina {f} [protein]  :: villin
villino {m}  :: detached house, house
villino {m}  :: cottage
villo {m} [anatomy, botany]  :: villus
villocentesi {f} [medicine]  :: chorionic villus sampling, CVS
villona {f}  :: A large mansion
villona {f}  :: A large villa
villosità {f}  :: hairiness
villosità {f} [anatomy, botany]  :: villosity
villoso {adj}  :: hairy
villoso {adj} [anatomy, botany]  :: villous
villotta {f} [music]  :: villotta
vilmente {adv}  :: like a coward; cowardly
vilmente {adv}  :: meanly, miserably
viltà {f}  :: cowardice
viltà {f}  :: cowardly action
viltà {f}  :: pusillanimity
viltade {f}  :: alternative form of viltà
vilucchio {m} [plant]  :: The plant Convolvulus arvensis: bindweed, wild morning glory
vilucchione {m}  :: hedge bindweed (Calystegia sepium)
vilume {m}  :: synonym of volume
vilume {m}  :: A quantity of rubbish, tat etc
vilume {m}  :: mob (of peasants etc)
viluppo {m}  :: tangle
vimentina {f} [protein]  :: vimentin
Viminale {prop}  :: Viminal
Viminale {prop}  :: Italian Ministry of the Interior (housed in the Palazzo del Viminale
viminata {f}  :: trellis, wattle (woven twigs)
vimine {m}  :: osier
vimine {m}  :: wicker, wickerwork
vimpa {f}  :: vimpa
vin {m}  :: apocopic form of vino
vinaccia {f}  :: pomace (from grapes)
vinacciera {f} [nautical]  :: A tanker used to transport wine in bulk
vinacciolo {m}  :: grape seed / pip
vinaia {f}  :: (female) wine merchant, wine seller, vintner
vinaia {f}  :: (female) host, innkeeper
vinaio {m}  :: wine merchant, wine seller, vintner
vinaio {m}  :: host, innkeeper
vinaiola {f}  :: (female) wine merchant, wine seller, vintner
vinaiola {f}  :: (female) host, innkeeper
vinaiola {f}  :: (female) winemaker
vinaiolo {m}  :: wine merchant, wine seller, vintner
vinaiolo {m}  :: host, innkeeper
vinaiolo {m}  :: winemaker
vinarello {m} [art]  :: painting using red wine on paper
vinario {adj}  :: wine (attributive)
vinato {adj}  :: wine-coloured
vinattiera {f}  :: vintner (female)
vinattiera {f}  :: innkeeper (female)
vinattiere {m}  :: vintner
vinattiere {m}  :: innkeeper
vinavil {m}  :: A polyvinyl acetate glue (originally a trademark)
vin brulé {m} [alcoholic beverage]  :: mulled wine
vincaia {f}  :: osier plantation, osier grove
vincaia {f}  :: osier thicket
vincapervinca {f}  :: greater periwinkle (Vinca major)
vincastra {f}  :: alternative form of vincastro
vincastro {m}  :: crook (shepherd's staff, bishop's crozier)
vincente {adj}  :: winning
vincentesi {v}  :: present participle of vincersi
vincenziano {adj}  :: Vincentian
vincenzina {f}  :: A nun of the Figlie della carità di San Vincenzo de' Paoli
Vincenzo {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Vincent
vincer {v}  :: apocopic form of vincere
vincere {vit}  :: to win
vincere {vt}  :: to vanquish, defeat
vincersi {v}  :: reflexive of vincere
vincersi {vr}  :: to control oneself
vincersi {vr}  :: to win, be winnable
vincersi {vr} [rare, formal]  :: to be evident, be confirmed (by something)
vincheto {m}  :: osier plantation, osier grove
vincheto {m}  :: osier thicket
vinchio {m}  :: alternative form of vinco
Vinchio {prop}  :: A village in the province of Asti in Piemonte
Vinci {prop}  :: A small town in Tuscany, nearby which Leonardo da Vinci was born
vinciano {adj}  :: Of or from Vinci (town in Tuscany)
vinciano {adj}  :: Relating to Leonardo da Vinci
vincibile {adj}  :: winnable, vincible
vincibosco {m}  :: honeysuckle
vincido {adj}  :: flexible, pliable
vincido {adj}  :: limp, wilted
vinciglio {m}  :: withe, withy
vincigrassi {mp}  :: A form of lasagne, from Le Marche, made with chicken livers
vinciperdi {m}  :: A race or game in which the winner is the one who finishes last or has the fewest points
vincisgrassi {m}  :: A type of lasagne from Le Marche
vincita {f}  :: win, victory
vincita {f} [in the plural]  :: winnings
vincitore {adj}  :: winning, victorious
vincitore {adj}  :: defeating, vanquishing
vincitore {m}  :: winner
vincitore {m}  :: victor
vincitore del premio Nobel {m}  :: Nobel laureate (winner of a Nobel Prize)
vincitrice {m}  :: winner
vincitrice {m}  :: victor
vinco {m}  :: osier, wicker (flexible branch of willow)
vinco {m}  :: osier Salix viminalis
vinco {m} [by extension]  :: willow
vincolabile {adj}  :: bindable
vincolabile {adj}  :: limitable
vincolante {v}  :: present participle of vincolare
vincolante {adj}  :: binding
vincolare {vt} [legal]  :: to bind
vincolare {vt}  :: to tie down
vincolare {vt}  :: to limit [the movement of something]
vincolare {vt}  :: to curb, subjugate
vincolatività {f}  :: bindingness
vincolativo {adj}  :: binding
vincolato {adj}  :: bound
vincolato {adj}  :: tied down
vincolismo {m} [economics]  :: The advocacy of a regulated or an interventionist economy
vincolista {mf} [economics]  :: An advocate of a regulated or an interventionist economy
vincolistico {adj}  :: restriction, control (attributive)
vincolo {m}  :: bond, tie
vincolo {m}  :: encumbrance (legal)
vincolo {m}  :: constraint (scientific)
vincolo di sangue {m}  :: blood tie, family tie
vincotto {m}  :: Cooked grape must (from Puglia) used as a sauce for pouring
vindice {adj} [literary]  :: avenging, revenging
vindice {mf} [literary]  :: avenger, revenger
Vindonissa {prop}  :: (the site of) a Roman fort near Windisch in Switzerland
vinello {m}  :: light and pleasant wine
vinello {m}  :: A weak, watery wine made from grape pomace
vineria {f}  :: wine bar
Vinicio {prop}  :: given name
vinicolo {adj}  :: wine (attributive)
vinicolo {adj}  :: wine-producing (region)
vinifero {adj}  :: wine-producing
vinificante {v}  :: present participle of vinificare
vinificare {vi}  :: To make wine, to vinify
vinificatore {m}  :: winemaker
vinificatrice {f}  :: winemaker (female)
vinificazione {f}  :: winemaking, vinification
vinilacetato {m} [organic compound]  :: vinyl acetate
vinilacetilene {m} [organic compound]  :: vinylacetylene
vinilazione {f} [organic chemistry]  :: vinylation
vinilbenzene {m} [organic compound]  :: vinylbenzene
vinile {m} [organic chemistry]  :: vinyl
vinile {m}  :: vinyl (phonograph record)
vinilestere {m} [organic chemistry]  :: vinyl ester
vinilico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: vinyl (attributive)
vinilidene {m} [organic chemistry]  :: vinylidene
vinilite {f}  :: vinylite (an early form of polyvinyl chloride)
vinilpelle {f}  :: imitation (vinyl) leather
vinismo {m}  :: alcoholism (from excessive wine drinking)
viniziano {adj}  :: medieval spelling of veneziano
vino {m}  :: wine
vino bianco {m}  :: white wine
vino cotto {m}  :: A form of wine, from Le Marche, in which the must is reduced by boiling before fermentation
vino da dessert {m}  :: dessert wine
vino della casa {m}  :: house wine
vinolenza {f}  :: drunkenness
vinomele {m}  :: wine mixed with honey
vino rosato {m}  :: rosé wine
vino rosso {m}  :: red wine
vinosità {f}  :: vinosity
vinoso {adj}  :: vinous, winy, wine (attributive)
vinoterapia {f}  :: vinotherapy
vinsantaia {f}  :: A space under the roof in which barrels of vinsanto are fermented
vin santo {m}  :: vin santo
vinsanto {m}  :: vin santo
vinta {f}  :: loser [female]
vinto {m}  :: loser
vinto {adj}  :: defeated, beaten
vintosi {v}  :: past participle of vincersi
viola {adj}  :: purple, violet
viola {f}  :: viola, violet (plant)
viola {f}  :: violet, purple (color)
viola {f} [music]  :: viola
viola {f} [music]  :: fiddle
Viola {prop}  :: given name
Viola {prop}  :: surname
violabile {adj}  :: breakable
violabile {adj}  :: violable
violabilità {f}  :: violability
violabilità {f}  :: breakability
violabilmente {adv}  :: violably
violacciocca {f}  :: stock, wallflower (Matthiola incana)
violacciocco {m}  :: alternative form of violacciocca
violaceo {adj}  :: purplish, violet
violaciocca {f}  :: wallflower
viola da braccio {f} [musical instruments]  :: synonym of viola (instrument larger than a violin, smaller than a cello)
viola da gamba {f}  :: A viola da gamba
violaio {m}  :: A planting of violets
violamento {m}  :: synonym of violazione
violante {v}  :: present participle of violare
Violante {prop}  :: given name
viola pomposa {f} [musici]  :: viola pomposa
violare {vt}  :: to break, violate, infringe, profane, rape
violastro {adj}  :: violetish
violatore {m}  :: violator
violatore {m}  :: breaker
violatrice {f}  :: violator (female)
violazione {f}  :: violation
violazione {f}  :: infringement
violazione {f}  :: breach
violazione {f}  :: desecration
violenta {f}  :: feminine noun of violento
violenta {f}  :: violent woman
violentamente {adv}  :: violently
violentamento {m}  :: violation
violentante {v}  :: present participle of violentare
violentare {vt}  :: to rape, violate, do violence to
violentatore {m}  :: rapist
violentatore {m}  :: violator
violentazione {f}  :: violation
violentemente {adv}  :: violently
violentissimo {adj}  :: very violent
violentissimo {adj}  :: most violent
violento {adj}  :: violent
violento {m}  :: violent person
violenza {f}  :: violence
violetta {f}  :: violet (plant)
Violetta {prop} [rare]  :: given name
violetto {adj}  :: violet
violetto {m}  :: violet (colour)
violinaio {m}  :: violin maker or seller
violinante {v}  :: present participle of violinare
violinare {v}  :: synonym of sviolinare
violinata {f}  :: synonym of sviolinata
violinista {mf}  :: violinist
violinistico {adj} [music]  :: violin (attributive)
violino {m}  :: violin, fiddle
violino {m}  :: violin, violinist
violista {m}  :: violist (male)
violista {f}  :: violist (female)
violoncellista {mf} [music]  :: cellist
violoncello {m} [musical instruments]  :: violoncello, cello
violone {m} [musical instruments]  :: violone
viomicina {f}  :: viomycin
viottola {f}  :: lane (small road in the countryside)
viottola {f}  :: trail
viottolo {m}  :: path, track
vipera {f}  :: viper, adder
vipera {f} [figuratively]  :: A catty person
viperaio {m}  :: nest of vipers
viperaio {m}  :: viper catcher
vipereo {adj}  :: viperine
viperide {m}  :: viperid
viperino {adj}  :: viperine
viperino {adj}  :: venomous (real and figurative)
viperino {m}  :: Young viper
vipistrello {m}  :: obsolete form of pipistrello
vipitenese {adj}  :: Of or from Vipiteno
Vipiteno {prop}  :: A small town in the Bolzano province of Trentino-Alto Adige
vipla {n}  :: polyvinyl chloride
vipra {f}  :: alternative form of vipera
viradore {m}  :: alternative form of viratore
viraggio {m} [nautical]  :: coming about
viraggio {m}  :: turn (especially of an aircraft)
viraggio {m}  :: toning (photographic)
virago {f}  :: amazon
virale {adj}  :: viral (all senses)
viramento {m} [nautical]  :: tack
virante {v}  :: present participle of virare
virare {vi}  :: to veer, turn away
virare {vi} [nautical]  :: to come about, change course; to tack
virare {vi}  :: to bank [an aircraft]
virata {f}  :: turn
virata {f}  :: change of course
virata {f}  :: bank (of an aircraft)
viratore {m}  :: turning gear, jacking gear
virente {adj}  :: verdant
virente {adj}  :: thriving, vigorous
virescente {adj}  :: virescent
virescenza {f}  :: virescence
virgiliano {adj}  :: Virgil (attributive)
virgiliano {adj}  :: Of or relating to Mantua and its football team
Virgilio {prop}  :: Virgil (a Roman writer)
Virgilio {prop}  :: given name, cognate to English Virgil
Virgilio {prop}  :: surname
Virgilio {prop}  :: A village near Mantova where Virgil was born (originally named Andes)
virginale {m} [musical instruments]  :: virginal (early harpsichord)
virginale {adj}  :: Variant of verginale
virginalista {mf} [music]  :: virginalist
virgine {adj}  :: Variant of vergine
virgine {mf}  :: Variant of vergine
virgineo {adj} [dated]  :: virginly, maidenly, virgin-like
virgineo {adj} [dated, figuratively]  :: candid, chaste, virginal, verecund
virginia {adj}  :: (of tobacco) From Virginia
Virginia Occidentale {prop}  :: West Virginia
virginità {f}  :: Variant of verginità
virgola {f}  :: comma
virgola {f}  :: comma respectively point
virgolante {v}  :: present participle of virgolare
virgolare {v}  :: To place text within quotation marks
virgolato {adj}  :: placed within quotation marks
virgolatura {f}  :: Putting text in quotation marks
virgoleggiante {v}  :: present participle of virgoleggiare
virgoleggiare {v}  :: synonym of virgolare
virgoletta {f}  :: quotation mark, inverted comma
virgolettante {v}  :: present participle of virgolettare
virgolettare {vt}  :: To put in quotation marks, to put in quotes, to put in inverted commas
virgolettato {adj}  :: in quotation marks, in quotes, in inverted commas
virgolettato {adj}  :: quoted word for word, quoted verbatim
virgolettato {m}  :: A text quoted word for word, a text quoted verbatim
virgolettatura {f}  :: Putting text in quotation marks
virgolette {n}  :: plural of virgoletta
virgolette {n} [typography]  :: quotation marks, quotes, inverted commas, speech marks
virgulto {m}  :: shoot (of a plant)
virgulto {m}  :: scion
viricide {m} [medicine]  :: viricide
viridità {f}  :: viridity, greenness
virile {adj}  :: virile
virilismo {m}  :: virilism
virilità {f}  :: virility
virilizzante {v}  :: present participle of virilizzare
virilizzare {vt}  :: To make virile, to virilize
virilizzazione {f}  :: virilization
virilmente {adv}  :: In a manly way
virilocale {adj}  :: virilocal
virilocalità {f}  :: virilocality
viriloide {adj}  :: masculine
virione {m}  :: virion
viro {m} [poetic]  :: man (a male adult)
virofissaggio {m} [photography]  :: fixing
virogenesi {f}  :: virogenesis
viroide {m}  :: viroid
virola {f}  :: ferrule
virologa {f}  :: virologist (female)
virologia {f} [pathology]  :: virology
virologico {adj} [pathology]  :: virological
virologo {m}  :: virologist
virometro {m}  :: turn indicator (in an aircraft)
virosi {f} [pathology]  :: virosis
virtù {f}  :: virtue
virtù {f}  :: power
virtuale {adj}  :: virtual
virtualismo {m} [philosophy]  :: virtualism
virtualità {f}  :: virtuality
virtualizzante {v}  :: present participle of virtualizzare
virtualizzare {v}  :: To virtualize
virtualizzazione {f}  :: virtualization
virtualmente {adv}  :: potentially
virtudioso {adj}  :: synonym of virtuoso
virtuosa {f}  :: feminine noun of virtuoso
virtuosamente {adv}  :: virtuously
virtuosismo {m}  :: virtuosity
virtuosissimo {adj}  :: Very virtuous
virtuosissimo {adj}  :: Very skillful
virtuosistico {adj}  :: virtuosic, virtuoso
virtuosità {f}  :: virtuousness
virtuosità {f}  :: skill, skilfulness
virtuoso {adj}  :: virtuous
virtuoso {adj}  :: skilful
virtuoso {adj}  :: upright
virtuoso {m}  :: virtuoso, master (of an instrument)
virulento {adj} [biology, pathology]  :: virulent
virulento {adj}  :: virulent, bitter, acrimonious
virulenza {f} [biology, pathology]  :: virulence
virulenza {f}  :: virulence, acrimony, bitterness
virus {m}  :: virus
visaggio {m}  :: face
visaggio {m}  :: figure, shape, appearance
visagismo {m}  :: cosmetology (the art of maintaining a young-looking face by means of cosmetics etc)
visagista {mf}  :: beautician
viscaccia {f}  :: viscacha
viscerale {adj}  :: visceral
visceralmente {adv}  :: viscerally
viscere {m}  :: internal organ
viscere {m}  :: bowel (figurative)
viscere {m} [in the plural]  :: entrails, viscera, guts
visceropatia {f} [pathology]  :: visceropathy
visceroptosi {f}  :: visceroptosis
vischio {m}  :: mistletoe
vischio {m}  :: birdlime (extracted from mistletoe or other plants)
vischiosamente {adv}  :: viscously, stickily
vischiosità {f}  :: stickiness, viscosity
vischioso {adj}  :: viscous
vischioso {adj}  :: sticky
viscidamente {adv}  :: slimily
viscidamente {adv}  :: smarmily
viscidio {m}  :: viscidium
viscidità {f}  :: sliminess
viscidità {f}  :: smarminess
viscido {adj}  :: slimy (all senses)
viscido {adj}  :: smarmy
viscidume {m}  :: slime (slimy mess)
visciola {f}  :: sour cherry (Prunus cerasus)
visciolata {f}  :: sour cherry conserve
visciolata {f}  :: wine made of sour cherries and red grapes
visciolato {m}  :: sour cherry liqueur
visciolo {m}  :: sour cherry tree
visco {m} [obsolete]  :: bond, impediment
viscoelasticità {f} [physics]  :: viscoelasticity
viscoelastico {adj} [physics]  :: viscoelastic
viscontado {m}  :: viscounty
visconte {m}  :: viscount
visconteo {adj}  :: Visconti (attributive)
viscontessa {f}  :: viscountess
viscontino {m}  :: A young viscount
viscontino {m}  :: The son of a viscount
viscosa {f}  :: viscose
viscosimetrico {adj} [physics]  :: viscosimetric
viscosimetro {m} [physics]  :: viscosimeter, viscometer
viscosità {f}  :: viscosity
viscoso {adj}  :: viscous
visdominato {m}  :: The office of a visdomino
visdomino {m}  :: A person, in medieval times, who took the place of a lord or bishop in various situations
visetto {m}  :: small face
visetto {m}  :: pretty face
visibile {adj}  :: visible
visibile {adj}  :: evident, clear, apparent
visibile {adj}  :: viewable
visibile {m}  :: visible
visibilio {ms}  :: profusion
visibilio {ms}  :: ecstacy, rapture (Especially in the term: andare in visibilio)
visibilità {f}  :: visibility
visibilmente {adv}  :: visibly, noticeably, clearly
visiera {f}  :: peak, visor
visiera {f}  :: mask
Visigoti {prop}  :: Visigoths
visigotico {adj}  :: Visigothic
visigoto {adj}  :: Visigothic
visigoto {m}  :: Visigoth
visino {m}  :: small face
visino {m}  :: pretty face
Visintini {prop}  :: surname
Visintini {prop}  :: A small region of Portole in Croatia
visionabile {adj}  :: viewable
visionante {v}  :: present participle of visionare
visionare {vt}  :: to view, preview
visionare {vt}  :: to examine, eye
visionario {adj}  :: visionary
visionario {m}  :: visionary
visione {f}  :: vision (all senses)
visione {f}  :: sight
visione {f}  :: view
visir {m}  :: vizier
visirato {m}  :: vizierate
visire {m}  :: alternative form of visir
visirre {m}  :: alternative form of visir
visita {f}  :: visit
visitabile {adj}  :: visitable
visitabilità {f}  :: visitability
visitamento {m}  :: visit
visitandina {f}  :: Visitandine (member of the Order of the Visitation of Holy Mary
visitante {v}  :: present participle of visitare
visitantesi {v}  :: present participle of visitarsi
visitare {v}  :: to visit
visitare {v}  :: to examine
visitarsi {vr}  :: To make a visit (especially to the doctor)
visitatissimo {adj}  :: Most visited, very popular
visitatore {m}  :: visitor, caller
visitatosi {v}  :: past participle of visitarsi
visitatrice {f}  :: (female) visitor, caller
visitazione {f}  :: visitation
Visitazione {f}  :: The Visitation (of Mary and Elizabeth)
visitina {f}  :: quick visit, short visit, flying visit, dash
visivamente {adv}  :: visually
visivo {adj}  :: visual
Vismara {prop}  :: surname
Visnù {prop}  :: Vishnu
visnuismo {m}  :: Vaishnavism
visnuita {mf}  :: Vaishnavist
visnuitico {adj}  :: Vaishnavist
viso {m}  :: face
visone {m}  :: mink
visonetto {m}  :: imitation mink (fur)
visore {m}  :: viewer (slides, microfilm etc)
vispezza {f}  :: liveliness, vivacity
vispistrello {m}  :: obsolete form of pipistrello
vispo {adj}  :: lively
vispo {adj}  :: quick
vissuto {adj} [of a story etc]  :: From real life
vissuto {adj} [of a person]  :: experienced
vissutosi {v}  :: past participle of viversi
vista {f}  :: sight, eyesight
vista {f}  :: a view
vistante {v}  :: present participle of vistare
vistare {vt}  :: To visa
vistare {vt}  :: To approve, to okay, to endorse, to stamp
visto {m}  :: tick (sign)
visto {m}  :: approval
visto {m}  :: visa
Vistola {prop}  :: Vistula
vistosamente {adv}  :: gaudily, showily
vistosi {v}  :: past participle of vedersi
vistosità {f}  :: showiness, loudness, gaudiness
vistoso {adj}  :: gaudy, showy
visuale {adj}  :: visual
visuale {f}  :: view
visualità {f}  :: visuality
visualizzabile {adj}  :: visualizable
visualizzabile {adj}  :: imaginable
visualizzante {v}  :: present participle of visualizzare
visualizzare {vt}  :: to display
visualizzare {vt}  :: to visualize, show
visualizzatore {m} [computing]  :: display (unit), viewer
visualizzazione {f}  :: visualization
visualizzazione {f}  :: display
visualizzazione {f}  :: sight, view
visualizzazione volumetrica {f} [computing]  :: 3D visualization based on voxels
visualmente {adv}  :: visually
visura {f}  :: certification (especially of properties)
visurista {mf}  :: certification clerk
vita {f}  :: life
vita {f}  :: waist
vitaccia {f}  :: hard life
vitaiolo {m}  :: bon viveur, man about town, binger
Vitalïano {prop}  :: medieval spelling of Vitaliano
vitalba {f}  :: old man's beard, traveller's joy (Clematis vitalba)
vitalbaio {m}  :: A clump of old man's beard
vitale {adj}  :: vital, life [attributive], living
vitale {adj} [figuratively]  :: vital, crucial, essential
vitale {adj} [medicine, biology]  :: viable
vitale {adj}  :: lively, alive, vital
Vitaliano {prop}  :: given name
vitalismo {m}  :: vitalism
vitalissimo {adj}  :: Very lively, very vital
vitalistico {adj}  :: vitalistic
vitalità {f}  :: vitality, vigour
vitaliziante {v}  :: present participle of vitaliziare
vitaliziare {v}  :: To pay someone an annuity
vitalizio {m}  :: life annuity
vitalizio {adj}  :: lifelong
vitalizzante {v}  :: present participle of vitalizzare
vitalizzare {v}  :: To revitalize
vitame {m}  :: A collection of vines
vitamina {f}  :: vitamin
vitamina A {f}  :: vitamin A
vitamina B {f}  :: vitamin B
vitamina B1 {f}  :: vitamin B1
vitamina B2 {f}  :: vitamin B2
vitamina B3 {f}  :: vitamin B3
vitamina B4 {f}  :: vitamin B4
vitamina B5 {f}  :: vitamin B5
vitamina B6 {f}  :: vitamin B6
vitamina B7 {f}  :: vitamin B7
vitamina B8 {f}  :: vitamin B8
vitamina B9 {f}  :: vitamin B9
vitamina C {f}  :: vitamin C
vitamina D {f}  :: vitamin D
vitamina E {f}  :: vitamin E
vitamina K {f}  :: vitamin K
vitamina N {f}  :: vitamin N
vitaminico {adj}  :: vitamin (attributive), vitaminic
vitaminizzante {v}  :: present participle of vitaminizzare
vitaminizzare {vt}  :: to enrich with vitamins
vitaminizzazione {f}  :: vitamin enrichment
vitaminologia {f}  :: vitaminology
vite {f}  :: screw
vite {f}  :: vine
vite di Archimede {f}  :: Archimedes screw
vitella {f}  :: (female) calf
vitella {f}  :: veal
vitellaio {m}  :: A breeder of calves
vitellaio {m}  :: A tanner of calfskin
vitellino {adj} [anatomy]  :: vitelline
vitellino {m}  :: calf (baby cow)
vitellium {m}  :: An alloy of cobalt, chromium and molybdenum use to make prostheses etc
vitello {m}  :: calf [animal]
vitello {m}  :: veal
vitellone {m}  :: bullock
vitellone {m}  :: beef (from a young animal)
vitellone {m}  :: loafer (idle person)
viterbese {adj}  :: Of or from Viterbo
Viterbo {prop}  :: Viterbo
viteria {f}  :: screws
vite vergine {f} [plant]  :: Parthenocissus quinquefolia: Virginia creeper
viticchio {m}  :: synonym of vilucchione
viticcio {m} [botany]  :: tendril, cirrus
viticcioso {adj}  :: tendrilled
viticolo {adj}  :: viticultural
viticoltore {m}  :: viticulturist (vine grower)
viticoltura {f}  :: viticulture (vine growing)
viticultore {m}  :: alternative spelling of viticoltore
viticultura {f}  :: alternative spelling of viticoltura
vitifero {adj}  :: vine-bearing
vitifero {adj}  :: grape-producing
vitigno {m}  :: variety (of grape or wine only)
vitiligine {f} [disease]  :: vitiligo
vitina {f}  :: A small waist
vitina {f}  :: bodice, camisole
vitineo {adj} [art, architecture]  :: Decorated with twisted vines
vitino {m}  :: narrow waist
vitiperio {m}  :: alternative form of vituperio
vitivinicolo {adj}  :: viticultural
vitivinicoltore {m}  :: winegrower
vitivinicoltura {f}  :: winegrowing
Vito {prop}  :: given name
vitoperio {m}  :: alternative form of vituperio
vitrectomia {f} [surgery]  :: vitrectomy
vitreo {adj}  :: glassy, glass (attributive)
vitreo {adj}  :: vitreous, glazed
vitrescente {adj}  :: vitreous, glassy
vitrescenza {f}  :: vitrescence
vitrex {m}  :: A tempered glass used in construction
vitrificazione {f}  :: vitrification
vitronectina {f} [protein]  :: vitronectin
vitruviano {adj}  :: Vitruvian
Vitruvio {prop}  :: Vitruvius
vittima {f}  :: victim
vittimismo {m}  :: paranoia
vittimista {mf}  :: self-pitier
vittimistico {adj}  :: self-pitying
vittimizzante {v}  :: present participle of vittimizzare
vittimizzare {vt}  :: To victimize or bully
vittimizzazione {f}  :: victimization
vitto {m}  :: food
vitto {m}  :: board (in a lodging house)
vittore {adj}  :: victorious
Vittore {prop}  :: Victor
vittoria {f}  :: victory
Vittoria {prop}  :: given name, cognate to English Victoria
Vittoria {prop}  :: Victoria (the queen, the lake)
vittoria a tavolino {f}  :: walkover (unopposed victory)
vittoriale {adj}  :: triumphal
vittoriano {adj}  :: Victorian
Vittoriano {prop}  :: The monument to Vittorio Emanuele II d'Italia in Rome
vittoriato {m}  :: Victoriate
Vittorio {prop}  :: Victor
vittoriosamente {adv}  :: victoriously
vittorioso {adj}  :: victorious
vittorioso {adj}  :: triumphant
vittovaglia {f}  :: alternative form of vettovaglia
vittuaglia {f}  :: alternative form of vettovaglia
Vitturi {prop}  :: surname
vitulino {adj}  :: veal (attributive)
vitulino {adj}  :: calf (attributive)
vituperabile {adj}  :: blameworthy, vituperable
vituperabilmente {adv}  :: blameworthily, vituperably
vituperante {v}  :: present participle of vituperare
vituperare {vt}  :: To vituperate or vilify
vituperativo {adj}  :: dishonourable, ignominious
vituperativo {adj}  :: vituperative
vituperatore {adj}  :: vituperative, vilifying
vituperazione {f}  :: vituperation, vilification
vituperevole {adj}  :: shameful, despicable
vituperevolmente {adv}  :: shamefully, despicably, contemptibly
vituperio {m}  :: insult
vituperosamente {adv}  :: insultingly, vituperatively
vituperosamente {adv}  :: shamefully
vituperoso {adj}  :: vituperative, insulting
vituperoso {adj}  :: shameful
viuola {f} [musical instruments]  :: alternative form of viola
viuzza {f}  :: diminutive of via: alley, small road, narrow road
viva {interj}  :: hooray!
viva {interj}  :: long live ... !
viva {interj}  :: three cheers for ... !
vivacchiante {v}  :: present participle of vivacchiare
vivacchiare {vi}  :: To scrape a living
vivace {adj}  :: lively, vital, bright
vivace {adj}  :: keen, hardheaded
vivace {adj}  :: vivid
vivacemente {adv}  :: vivaciously
vivacemente {adv}  :: In a lively manner
vivacemente {adv}  :: vividly, brightly
vivacissimo {adj}  :: Very lively or bright
vivacità {f}  :: liveliness, vivacity
vivacità {f}  :: keenness
vivacità {f}  :: vividness, brilliance
vivacizzante {v}  :: present participle of vivacizzare
vivacizzare {vt}  :: to liven / spice up
vivacizzazione {f}  :: livening up
vivaddio {interj}  :: thank God
vivaddio {interj}  :: by God
vivagno {m}  :: selvage, selvedge
vivaio {m} [of plants and figuratively]  :: nursery, breeding ground
vivaio {m} [of fish]  :: farm, fishery, pond
vivaismo {m}  :: fish farming
vivaismo {m} [agriculture]  :: nursery gardening
vivaista {f}  :: nursery man/woman
vivaista {f}  :: fish farmer
vivaistico {adj}  :: plant nursery (attributive)
vivaistico {adj}  :: farm, fishery, pond (attributive)
Vivaldi {prop}  :: surname
Vivaldi {prop}  :: Antonio Vivaldi, Italian composer
vivamente {adv}  :: deeply, profoundly
vivamente {adv}  :: sincerely, warmly
vivamente {adv}  :: keenly
vivanda {f}  :: food, viand
vivanda {f}  :: dish (of food)
vivandante {v}  :: present participle of vivandare
vivandare {v}  :: To eat
vivandiere {m}  :: vivandier, sutler
vivavoce {m}  :: Variant of viva voce
vivavoce {adj}  :: Variant of viva voce
vivente {adj}  :: living
viventesi {v}  :: present participle of viversi
viventi {mp}  :: The living
vivenza {f}  :: living (being alive)
vivere {vit}  :: to live; to be alive
vivere {vit}  :: to subsist
vivere {vit}  :: to be
vivere {m}  :: living, life
vivere {m}  :: lifestyle
vivere allo stato brado {v}  :: to live in the wild state
vivere allo stato brado {v}  :: to live in a natural state
vivere allo stato brado {v}  :: to be free
viveri {mp}  :: supplies, provisions, victuals
viverna {f}  :: wyvern
viverna {f} [heraldry]  :: wyvern
viversi {vr}  :: To live (in a place)
viveur {m}  :: viveur
vivezza {f}  :: vivacity, liveliness, vividness
vivezza {f}  :: brightness
Viviana {prop}  :: Vivian, Vivien, Vivienne
Viviani {prop}  :: surname
vivibile {adj}  :: livable, liveable
vivibilità {f}  :: quality of life
vivibilmente {adv}  :: In a livable manner
vividamente {adv}  :: vividly
vividezza {f}  :: vividness
vivido {adj}  :: vivid, lively
vivido {adj}  :: vivid, bright
vivificamento {m}  :: synonym of vivificazione
vivificante {v}  :: present participle of vivificare
vivificantesi {v}  :: present participle of vivificarsi
vivificare {vt}  :: to vivify, animate
vivificarsi {v}  :: reflexive of vivificare
vivificarsi {vr}  :: to be revivified
vivificativo {adj}  :: vivifying, restorative
vivificatore {m}  :: vivifier
vivificatore {adj}  :: vivifying
vivificatore {adj}  :: invigorating, reviving, refreshing
vivificatosi {v}  :: past participle of vivificarsi
vivificazione {f}  :: vivification
vivificazione {f}  :: invigoration, reviving
vivinatalità {f} [statistics]  :: live birth rate
viviparità {f}  :: viviparity
viviparo {adj}  :: viviparous
vivisettore {adj}  :: vivisectionist
vivisettore {m}  :: vivisectionist
vivisettorio {adj}  :: vivisection (attributive)
vivisezionante {v}  :: present participle of vivisezionare
vivisezionare {vt}  :: To vivisect
vivisezione {f}  :: vivisection
vivissimo {adj}  :: superlative of vivo
vivissimo {adj}  :: very lively
vivissimo {adj}  :: very strong, very deep
vivissimo {adj}  :: deepest, warmest [thanks, congratulations, etc.]
vivo {adj}  :: alive, live
vivo {adj}  :: brisk, animate, vivacious
vivo {adj}  :: vivid, intense, brilliant
vivo {m}  :: living person
vivo e vegeto {adj}  :: alive and kicking
vivuola {f} [musical instruments]  :: synonym of viola
vivuto {adj} [archaic]  :: synonym of vissuto
viziante {v}  :: present participle of viziare
viziare {vt}  :: to spoil
viziare {vt}  :: to invalidate
viziare {vt}  :: to ruin
viziatamente {adv}  :: defectively, imperfectly
viziatissimo {adj}  :: Very spoilt
viziato {adj}  :: spoilt (person)
viziato {adj}  :: invalid, invalidated (legal)
viziato {adj}  :: spoiled, ruined
viziato {adj}  :: stale, foul (air)
viziatura {f}  :: spoilage
viziatura {f}  :: invalidation
viziatura {f}  :: defect (congenital)
vizietto {m}  :: flaw, weakness
vizio {m}  :: vice
vizio {m}  :: bad habit
vizio {m}  :: flaw, defect
vizio {m}  :: error, fault (grammatical)
vizio capitale {m}  :: (especially in plural) deadly sin
viziosa {f}  :: depraved woman
viziosa {f}  :: vicious woman
viziosamente {adv}  :: viciously
viziosità {f}  :: viciousness
viziosità {f}  :: degeneracy, depravation
viziosità {f}  :: defectiveness, faultiness
vizioso {adj}  :: depraved
vizioso {adj}  :: vicious
vizioso {adj}  :: defective, faulty
vizioso {m}  :: depraved person
vizioso {m}  :: vicious person
vizzato {m}  :: synonym of vitigno
vizzo {adj}  :: withered
vizzo {adj}  :: wrinkled
Vl. {n} [music]  :: abbreviation of violino
Vla. {n} [music]  :: abbreviation of viola
vladika {m}  :: An Orthodox bishop
vladika {m}  :: A Vladika
Vlc. {n} [music]  :: abbreviation of violoncello
Vn. {n} [music]  :: abbreviation of violino
Vo' {prop}  :: A small town in the province of Padova
vocabolariesco {adj}  :: Relating to a vocabulary
vocabolariesco {adj}  :: verbose and pedantic
vocabolarietto {m}  :: pocket-dictionary
vocabolario {m}  :: vocabulary, lexicon
vocabolario {m}  :: dictionary
vocabolarista {mf}  :: lexicographer (compiler of a dictionary)
vocabolarizzante {v}  :: present participle of vocabolarizzare
vocabolarizzare {v}  :: To build a vocabulary
vocabolarizzazione {f}  :: The compilation of a vocabulary
vocabolista {m}  :: lexicographer
vocabolo {m}  :: word, term
vocabulista {mf}  :: lexicographer
vocale {adj}  :: vocal; voice [attributive]
vocale {f}  :: vowel
vocalico {adj}  :: vowel [attributive], vocalic
vocalismo {m}  :: vocalism
vocalità {f}  :: vocality
vocalizzante {v}  :: present participle of vocalizzare
vocalizzare {vti}  :: to vocalize
vocalizzazione {f}  :: vocalization
vocante {v}  :: present participle of vocare
vocare {vt} [archaic]  :: to call, name; to invoke
vocativo {adj}  :: vocative
vocativo {m} [grammar]  :: vocative, vocative case
vocazionale {adj}  :: vocational
vocazionalità {f}  :: suitability (of the soil for a crop)
vocazione {f}  :: vocation
vocazione {f}  :: calling (religious)
voce {f}  :: voice
voce {f}  :: word, term
voce bianca {f}  :: Boy's voice before it has broken
voce bianca {f}  :: Voice of a castrato
vocerio {m}  :: chatter
vocianesimo {m} [art]  :: An artistic and literary movement, of the early 20th century, that sought to provincialize Italian culture
vociano {adj}  :: Relating to La Voce (periodico)
vociano {adj}  :: Relating to the artistic movement vocianesimo
vociante {v}  :: present participle of vociare
vociare {vi}  :: to shout; to chatter
vociare {vi}  :: to brawl
vociare {m}  :: shouting
vociatore {adj}  :: chattering
vociferante {v}  :: present participle of vociferare
vociferare {vt}  :: To be rumoured (that)
vociferare {vi}  :: To clamour, shout or vociferate
vociferatore {m}  :: shouter
vociferatore {m}  :: gossip (person)
vociferazione {f}  :: shouting, clamour, vociferation
vociferazione {f}  :: gossip, rumour
vocina {f}  :: feeble voice
vocio {m}  :: shouting, vociferation
vocio {m}  :: chatter
vocione {m}  :: A strong, hollow, or loud voice
vodù {m}  :: voodoo
vodese {adj}  :: Of or from Vaud
vodka {f}  :: vodka
voga {m}  :: rowing
voga {m}  :: vogue
vogalonga {f} [Venice]  :: A non-competitive rowing regatta in the form of a race between Venice and Burano
vogante {v}  :: present participle of vogare
vogare {vi}  :: To row (a boat)
vogata {f}  :: rowing
vogata {f}  :: stroke (of an oar)
vogatore {m}  :: oarsman
vogatore {m}  :: rowing machine (masculine only)
vogatura {f}  :: synonym of vogata
vogavanti {m} [nautical]  :: A rower, in ancient galleys, who set the rhythm for the other rowers to follow (the stroke)
Voghera {prop}  :: a town in the province of Pavia in Lombardy in Italy
vogherese {adj}  :: Of, or from, Voghera
vogherese {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Voghera
voglia {f}  :: wish, will, desire, longing
voglia {f}  :: birthmark
vogliente {adj}  :: alternative form of volente
voglievole {adj}  :: desirous
voglievole {adj}  :: attractive
voglioloso {adj}  :: eager
voglioloso {adj}  :: desirous
voglioloso {adj}  :: willing
vogliosamente {adv}  :: yearningly, longingly, eagerly
vogliosamente {adv}  :: wishfully
vogliosamente {adv}  :: lustfully
vogliosamente {adv}  :: eagerly, willingly, readily
vogliosità {f}  :: desire
vogliosità {f}  :: longing, craving
vogliosità {f}  :: willingness, readiness, eagerness
voglioso {adj}  :: longing, craving
voglioso {adj}  :: lustful
voglioso {adj}  :: wishful, desirous
voglioso {adj}  :: willing, eager
Vogorno {prop}  :: A village in the Locarno district of Ticino
voi {pron}  :: The second person plural familiar pronoun, voi refers to the persons who are spoken or written to: you
voialtri {pron}  :: you (everyone except me or us, "you lot")
voicemail {m}  :: voice mail
voile {m}  :: voile
voi stesse {pron}  :: yourselves
voi stessi {pron}  :: yourselves
voivoda {m}  :: vaivode, voivode
vojtiliano {adj}  :: Relating to the pontificate of w:Pope John Paul II (Karol Józef Wojtyła)
vojtilismo {m}  :: The religious doctrine and politics of w:Pope John Paul II (Karol Józef Wojtyła)
volanda {f}  :: flour dust (during milling)
volanda {f}  :: distributor (device)
volandiero {adj}  :: charter (flight etc)
volano {m}  :: shuttlecock
volano {m}  :: flywheel
volant {m}  :: frill, flounce
volante {adj}  :: flying
volante {adj}  :: loose (of a page)
volante {adj}  :: freelance
volante {m}  :: steering wheel (of a car)
volante {m}  :: Italian police car
volantinaggio {m}  :: leafleting, leaflet distribution, flyer distribution
volantinante {v}  :: present participle of volantinare
volantinare {vt}  :: To distribute brochures, leaflets, tracts etc
volantino {m}  :: A leaflet, pamphlet or flier
volantino {m}  :: handout
volantone {m}  :: A relatively large leaflet (especially a party political one)
volare {vi}  :: to fly
volare {vi}  :: to go quickly
volare via {v}  :: to fly away, flush
volare via {v}  :: to flee, escape
volata {f}  :: flight (of a bird etc)
volata {f}  :: final sprint (of a cycle race)
volatile {adj} [chemistry, physics]  :: volatile
volatile {adj}  :: flying
volatile {m}  :: bird
volatile {m}  :: fowl
volatilità {f}  :: volatility (all senses)
volatilizzabile {adj}  :: volatilizable
volatilizzante {v}  :: present participle of volatilizzare
volatilizzantesi {v}  :: present participle of volatilizzarsi
volatilizzare {vt}  :: to volatilize
volatilizzarsi {v}  :: reflexive of volatilizzare
volatilizzarsi {vr}  :: to volatilize
volatilizzarsi {vr}  :: to disappear [in a puff of smoke]
volatilizzatosi {v}  :: past participle of volatilizzarsi
volatilizzazione {f}  :: volatilization
volatona {f}  :: The final sprint in a cycle race
volatore {adj}  :: flying
volatore {m}  :: flyer (person or thing that flies)
vol-au-vent {m}  :: vol-au-vent
volemia {f} [medicine]  :: The volume of blood circulating in the body
volemico {adj} [medicine]  :: volemic
volente {adj}  :: willing
volente {adj}  :: willful
volente {adj}  :: unforced
volente o nolente {adj}  :: willing or not; whether one likes it or not
volenterosa {f}  :: willing woman, keen woman
volenterosamente {adv}  :: willingly
volenteroso {adj}  :: willing, keen
volenteroso {m}  :: willing person, keen person
volentesi {v}  :: present participle of volersi
volentieri {adv}  :: willingly, gladly, with pleasure
volentierissimo {adv}  :: with great pleasure, I'd be delighted to
volentiermente {adv}  :: synonym of volentieri
volentieroso {adj}  :: alternative form of volenteroso
volenti o nolenti {adj}  :: Plural form of volente o nolente
voler {v}  :: apocopic form of volere
volercene {vr} [impersonal]  :: To need or take a great effort or commitment
volerci {vr} [impersonal]  :: to take; to be needed; to be required
voler dire {vi}  :: To mean
volere {vt}  :: to want
volere {m}  :: will, wish, desire, want
volere bene {vi}  :: to be affectionate to someone, to feel affection or love for someone; to care for/about (literally, to wish good to); to be fond of
volere dire {v}  :: Variant of voler dire
volere è potere {proverb}  :: where there's a will, there's a way
volerne {v}  :: to hold a grudge, bear a grudge, or harbour a grudge (against)
volersi {v}  :: reflexive of volere
volersi {vr}  :: to love or be fond of each other
Volga {prop}  :: The river Volga
volgare {adj}  :: common, popular
volgare {adj}  :: vulgar, coarse
volgare {adj}  :: vernacular
volgare {m}  :: vernacular
volgarismo {m} [linguistics]  :: vulgarism
volgarissimo {adj}  :: Very vulgar, very coarse
volgarità {f}  :: vulgarity
volgarizzabile {adj}  :: That can be popularized
volgarizzamento {m}  :: translation (into the vernacular)
volgarizzante {v}  :: present participle of volgarizzare
volgarizzare {vt}  :: to popularize
volgarizzatore {m}  :: popularizer
volgarizzatore {m}  :: translator (into the vernacular)
volgarizzazione {f}  :: popularization
volgarizzazione {f}  :: translation into the vernacular
volgarmente {adv}  :: commonly
volgarmente {adv}  :: vulgarly, coarsely
volgente {v}  :: present participle of volgere
volgente {adj}  :: turning
volgentesi {v}  :: present participle of volgersi
volgere {vt}  :: to turn something
volgere {v} [intransitive, + a]  :: to turn to or towards something
volgere {v} [intransitive, + a]  :: to bend around something
volgersi {vr}  :: To turn or turn round
volgibile {adj}  :: turnable
volgimento {m}  :: turning
volgitore {adj}  :: turning
volgo {m}  :: common people
volicchiante {v}  :: present participle of volicchiare
volicchiare {v}  :: To make a series of short flights (as a bird leaving the nest for the first time)
voliera {f}  :: aviary
volitività {f}  :: volitivity
volitività {f}  :: volition
volitivo {adj}  :: volitive
volizione {f}  :: volition
volley {m}  :: volleyball
vollistico {adj}  :: volleyball (attributive)
volo {m}  :: flight (of a bird; trip in a plane)
volontà {f}  :: will, volition
volontariamente {adv}  :: voluntarily
volontariato {m}  :: voluntary service or work
volontarietà {f}  :: voluntary character; voluntariness
volontario {adj}  :: voluntary
volontario {m}  :: volunteer
volontarismo {m}  :: voluntarism
volontariste {mf}  :: voluntarist
volontaristico {adj}  :: voluntaristic
volonteroso {adj}  :: alternative form of volenteroso
volontieri {adv}  :: alternative form of volentieri
volo pindarico {m}  :: Pindaric flight
volovelismo {m} [sports]  :: gliding
volovelista {mf}  :: sailplane or glider pilot
volovelistico {adj}  :: sailplaning, gliding
volpacchiotto {m}  :: diminutive of volpe: fox cub (young fox)
volpacchiotto {m} [figuratively]  :: sly person
volpaia {f}  :: fox's den
volpante {v}  :: present participle of volpare
volpare {vi}  :: To be affected with smut (of a plant)
volpato {adj}  :: smutty, mildewy
volpe {f}  :: fox, vixen
volpe {f}  :: a crafty person
volpeggiante {v}  :: present participle of volpeggiare
volpeggiare {v}  :: To be crafty
volpicino {m}  :: fox cub (young fox)
volpigno {adj}  :: alternative form of volpino
volpinamente {adv}  :: cunningly
volpino {adj}  :: vulpine
volpino {adj}  :: fox (attributive)
volpino {m}  :: fox cub (young fox)
volpino {m}  :: Pomeranian (dog)
volpoca {f}  :: shelduck, properly the common shelduck
volpoca {f}  :: sheldrake (male of species)
volpone {m}  :: old fox - crafty person
volsco {adj}  :: Volscian
volsiniese {adj}  :: Of or from Volsinii
Volsinii {prop}  :: An ancient Etruscan town near modern Bolsena
volt {m}  :: volt
volta {f}  :: time, instance, occasion
volta {f}  :: turn
volta {f} [architecture, anatomy]  :: vault
Volta {prop}  :: surname
Volta {prop}  :: Alessandro Volta, Italian scientist
Volta {prop}  :: The river Volta
voltabile {adj}  :: turnable
voltafaccia {m}  :: volte-face, about turn, about-face
voltafieno {m}  :: tedder
voltagabbana {mf}  :: turncoat
voltagabbana {mf}  :: about-face
voltaggio {m} [physics]  :: voltage
Voltaggio {prop}  :: A village in the Alessandria province of Piemonte
voltaico {adj}  :: voltaic
voltaire {f}  :: A low armchair with a high back
voltaismo {m}  :: voltaism
voltamaschio {m}  :: monkey wrench
voltamento {m}  :: turn (action of turning)
voltametro {m}  :: voltammeter
voltammetria {f} [physics, chemistry]  :: voltammetry
voltamperometro {m}  :: voltammeter
voltamperora {m}  :: watt-hour
voltamperorametro {m}  :: watt-hour meter
voltante {v}  :: present participle of voltare
voltantesi {v}  :: present participle of voltarsi
voltapasta {m}  :: A blade, in the form of a ploughshare, used in kneading machines that are used to make pasta dough
voltapietre {m}  :: turnstone (Arenaria interpres)
voltar {v}  :: apocopic form of voltare
voltare {vt}  :: to turn
voltare {vt}  :: to translate (rare)
voltare {vi}  :: to turn
voltarsi {v}  :: reflexive of voltare
voltarsi {v}  :: to turn
voltastomaco {m}  :: disgust
voltastomaco {m}  :: nausea
voltastomaco {m}  :: the creeps
voltatosi {v}  :: past participle of voltarsi
volteggiamento {m}  :: circling
volteggiamento {m}  :: curve, turn
volteggiante {v}  :: present participle of volteggiare
volteggiare {vi}  :: to circle, hover [of birds, etc.]
volteggiare {vi}  :: to spin, gyrate
volteggiare {vi} [gymnastics]  :: to vault
volteggiatore {m}  :: vaulter
voltelettrone {m} [physics]  :: electron volt
volteriano {adj}  :: alternative form of volterriano
Volterra {prop}  :: A small town in the Pisa province of Tuscany
Volterra {prop}  :: surname; Vito Volterra, Italian mathematician and physician
volterrana {f} [architecture]  :: vault (having bricks laid flat)
volterrana {f}  :: hollow block (for building)
volterrano {adj}  :: Of or from Volterra
volterrano {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Volterra
volterriano {adj}  :: Voltairian
voltiano {adj}  :: Volta (attributive)
voltimetro {m}  :: alternative form of voltmetro
voltinismo {m} [biology]  :: voltinism
voltmetrico {adj}  :: voltmetric (measured using a voltmeter)
voltmetro {m} [physics]  :: voltmeter
volto {adj}  :: facing
volto {adj}  :: concerning
volto {m}  :: face
voltoio {m}  :: The part of a bridle to which bells and the reins are attached
voltolante {v}  :: present participle of voltolare
voltolantesi {v}  :: present participle of voltolarsi
voltolare {vt}  :: to roll over
voltolarsi {v}  :: reflexive of voltolare
voltolarsi {v}  :: to roll over
voltolino {m}  :: spotted crake
voltoloni {adv}  :: rolling about
voltometro {m}  :: alternative form of voltmetro
voltosi {v}  :: past participle of volgersi
Voltri {prop}  :: A small town in the Genova province of Liguria
voltura {f}  :: registration (of a property transfer)
voltura {f}  :: transfer
volturante {v}  :: present participle of volturare
volturare {vt}  :: To register (a transfer, especially that of a property)
volturare {vt}  :: To transfer
Volturno {prop}  :: A river that flows in Italy
volubile {adj}  :: inconstant, changeable, variable
volubile {adj}  :: fickle
volubilità {f}  :: fickleness, inconstancy, changeability, flightiness
volubilmente {adv}  :: inconstantly
volume {m}  :: volume
volumenometro {m}  :: volumenometer
volumetria {f}  :: volumetry
volumetricamente {adv}  :: volumetrically
volumetrico {adj}  :: volumetric
volumetto {m}  :: A small volume
volumico {adj}  :: volume (attributive)
volumico {adj}  :: volumetric
voluminizzante {v}  :: present participle of voluminizzare
voluminizzare {v}  :: To volumize
voluminizzazione {f}  :: volumizing, volumization
voluminosamente {adv}  :: voluminously, largely
voluminosità {f}  :: voluminousness, bulkiness, largeness
voluminoso {adj}  :: voluminous, very large, bulky
voluntà {f}  :: alternative form of volontà
voluta {f}  :: spiral, volute
voluta {f}  :: wreath
volutabro {m}  :: mire
volutabro {m}  :: filth
volutabro {m}  :: ugliness
volutamente {adv}  :: deliberately
voluto {adj}  :: deliberate, intentional
voluto {adj}  :: wanted, desired
volutoci {v}  :: past participle of volerci
volutosi {v}  :: past participle of volersi
voluttà {f}  :: pleasure (especially intense or sensual)
voluttabro {m}  :: alternative form of volutabro
voluttuario {adj}  :: unnecessary, luxury
voluttuosamente {adv}  :: voluptuously
voluttuosità {f}  :: voluptuousness
voluttuoso {adj}  :: voluptuous
voluttuoso {adj}  :: luxurious
voluttuoso {adj}  :: sensuous
volvente {v}  :: present participle of volvere
volvere {vt}  :: obsolete form of volgere
volverina {f}  :: wolverine (mammal)
volvolo {m}  :: volvulus
Vomano {prop}  :: A river that flows in Abruzzo
vombato {m}  :: wombat
vomente {v}  :: present participle of vomire
vomerale {m}  :: ploughshare
vomere {m}  :: ploughshare
vomere {m} [skeleton]  :: vomer, vomer bone
vomerese {adj}  :: Of or from Vomero
vomero {m}  :: ploughshare (Variant of: vomere)
Vomero {prop}  :: A district of central Naples
vomeronasale {adj} [anatomy]  :: vomeronasal
vomire {v}  :: To vomit
vomitamento {m}  :: vomiting
vomitamento {m}  :: regurgitation
vomitante {v}  :: present participle of vomitare
vomitare {vit}  :: to vomit, be sick, throw up
vomitaticcio {m}  :: vomit (material vomited)
vomitativo {adj}  :: emetic
vomitativo {m}  :: emetic
vomitatore {m}  :: vomiter
vomitatorio {adj}  :: synonym of vomitativo
vomitevole {adj}  :: nauseating, disgusting
vomito {m}  :: vomiting, emesis
vomito {m}  :: vomit, sick, vomitus
vomitossina {f}  :: vomitoxin
vomizione {f}  :: vomition, vomiting
vongola {f}  :: clam
vongolara {f}  :: A type of trawlnet used to collect clams
vongolaro {m}  :: clam fisherman
vongolista {m}  :: clam fisherman
voodoo {m}  :: voodoo
vopo {m}  :: A member of the Vopo
vora {f} [regional, Apulia]  :: A sinkhole formed by the erosion of water or by the collapse of a cave's vault
-vora {suffix}  :: Used to form feminine nouns corresponding to -vore
vorace {adj}  :: ravenous
vorace {adj}  :: voracious
voracemente {adv}  :: ravenously
voracemente {adv}  :: voraciously
voracità {f}  :: voracity, voraciousness
voragine {f}  :: chasm, abyss
voraginoso {adj} [literary]  :: abyssal, voraginous
vorago {f} [poetic]  :: alternative form of voragine: abyss, chasm
vorante {v}  :: present participle of vorare
vorare {v} [literary]  :: obsolete form of divorare
voratore {m} [obsolete, literary]  :: devourer
voratore {m} [obsolete, literary, figurative]  :: destroyer, annihilator
voratrice {f} [obsolete, literary]  :: devourer [female]
voratrice {f} [obsolete, literary, figurative]  :: destroyer, annihilator
Vormazia {prop}  :: Worms
-voro {suffix}  :: Used to form masculine nouns analogous to -vore
-voro {suffix}  :: Used to form adjectives analogous to -vorous
vortale {m} [computing]  :: vortal
vorticale {adj}  :: vortical
vorticale {m}  :: line of force
vorticante {v}  :: present participle of vorticare
vorticare {vi}  :: To whirl or swirl
vortice {m}  :: whirl
vortice {m}  :: vortex
vorticella {f}  :: Any protozoan of the genus Vorticella
vorticismo {m} [arts]  :: vorticism
vorticista {mf} [arts]  :: vorticist
vorticosamente {adv}  :: round and round, in whirls, vortically
vorticoso {adj}  :: vortical; vortex (attributive)
voscenza {f}  :: Your Excellency (as a title)
vosco {adv} [poetic, archaic]  :: with you [plural]
Vosgi {prop}  :: Vosges
vossignoria {fs}  :: Your Lordship, Your Ladyship
vostr {adj}  :: apocopic form of vostro
vostro {adj}  :: your; plural and polite forms
vostro {pron}  :: yours
votaborse {adj}  :: expensive
votaccio {m}  :: black mark (bad grade)
votacessi {mf}  :: alternative form of vuotacessi
votaggine {f}  :: alternative form of vuotaggine
votante {v}  :: present participle of votare
votante {adj}  :: voting
votante {mf}  :: voter
votantesi {v}  :: present participle of votarsi
votapozzi {m}  :: alternative form of vuotapozzi
votare {v}  :: to vote (for)
votare {v}  :: to devote or dedicate (to)
votare {v}  :: to vow
votarsi {v}  :: to devote oneself (to)
votato {adj}  :: That has been voted on or for
votato {adj}  :: consecrated
votato {adj}  :: devoted, dedicated
votato {adj}  :: destined, bound
votatosi {v}  :: past participle of votarsi
votazione {f}  :: voting
votazione {f}  :: mark (score in an exam)
votazza {f} [nautical]  :: bailer
votazza {f}  :: scoop (for handling flour etc)
votivo {adj}  :: votive
voto {m}  :: vow
voto {m}  :: vote, ballot
voto {m}  :: mark, grade
voto {m}  :: votive offering
voto {m}  :: wish
voto di sfiducia {m} [politics]  :: vote of no confidence
voucher {m}  :: voucher (piece of paper that entitles the holder to a discount)
vov {m}  :: A form of eggnog made with Marsala or other ingredients
voyeurismo {m}  :: voyeurism
voyeuristico {adj}  :: voyeuristic
vu {f}  :: letter: v; vee
vu' cumprà {m}  :: A street trader of North African origin
vucumprà {m}  :: A street trader of North African origin
vudù {m}  :: Variant of voodoo
vu doppia {f}  :: The letter W
vudu {m}  :: voodoo
vuduismo {m}  :: voodooism, voodoo
vuduista {mf}  :: voodooist
Vuelta {prop} [cycling, by ellipsis]  :: The Vuelta a España
Vuelta a España {prop} [cycling]  :: Vuelta a España (annual cycling race in Spain)
vulcanalie {f}  :: Vulcanalia
vulcanesimo {m}  :: alternative form of vulcanismo
vulcaniane {mf}  :: Vulcan (inhabitant of the fictional planet)
vulcaniano {adj} [science fiction]  :: Vulcan
vulcaniano {m} [science fiction]  :: Vulcan
vulcanicità {f}  :: volcanicity
vulcanico {adj}  :: volcanic
vulcanio {adj}  :: Vulcan (attributive)
vulcanismo {m}  :: volcanism
vulcanizzabile {adj}  :: vulcanizable
vulcanizzante {v}  :: present participle of vulcanizzare
vulcanizzante {adj}  :: vulcanizing
vulcanizzante {adj}  :: curing
vulcanizzante {m}  :: vulcanizing or curing agent
vulcanizzare {vt}  :: to vulcanize
vulcanizzare {vt}  :: to cure
vulcanizzato {adj}  :: vulcanized
vulcanizzato {adj}  :: cured
vulcanizzatore {m}  :: vulcanizer (machine or operator)
vulcanizzazione {f} [chemistry]  :: vulcanization
vulcano {m}  :: volcano
Vulcano {prop} [Roman god]  :: Vulcan
Vulcano {prop}  :: a small volcanic island in the Tyrrhenian Sea
vulcanoclastico {adj}  :: volcanoclastic
vulcanologa {f}  :: volcanologist (female)
vulcanologia {f}  :: volcanology, vulcanology
vulcanologico {adj}  :: volcanological
vulcanologo {m}  :: volcanologist
vulgarità {f}  :: Variant of volgarità
vulgata {f}  :: a common or popular saying
Vulgata {prop}  :: Vulgate (Latin Bible translation)
vulnerabile {adj}  :: vulnerable
vulnerabilità {f}  :: vulnerability
vulneraria {f} [botany]  :: kidney vetch, woundwort
vulnerario {adj}  :: curative, vulnerary
vulva {f} [anatomy]  :: The external female genitalia; vulva
vulva {f} [by extension, slang, humorous]  :: vagina
vulvare {adj} [anatomy]  :: vulvar
vulvaria {f} [botany]  :: stinking goosefoot (Chenopodium vulvaria)
vulvectomia {f}  :: vulvectomy
vulvite {f}  :: [medicine] vulvitis
vulvovaginale {adj} [anatomy]  :: vulvovaginal
vulvovaginite {f}  :: vulvovaginitis
vuotacessi {mf}  :: A person employed to clean toilets
vuotaggine {f}  :: vacuity
vuotaggine {f}  :: emptiness
vuotamele {m}  :: apple-corer
vuotamente {adv}  :: emptily
vuotamento {m}  :: emptying
vuotante {v}  :: present participle of vuotare
vuotantesi {v}  :: present participle of vuotarsi
vuotapozzi {m}  :: A person employed to empty cesspits (originally to clean wells)
vuotapozzi {m}  :: A slovenly person
vuotare {vt}  :: to empty
vuotare {vt}  :: to drain
vuotarsi {v}  :: reflexive of vuotare
vuotarsi {v}  :: to empty
vuotatore {m}  :: emptier
vuotatosi {v}  :: past participle of vuotarsi
vuotatura {f}  :: emptying
vuotazucchine {m}  :: A kitchen knife, with a hollow blade, used to remove the pulp from courgettes
vuotezza {f}  :: emptiness
vuotezza {f}  :: vacancy
vuoto {adj}  :: empty, vacant
vuoto {m}  :: gap
vuoto {m}  :: vacancy
vuoto {m}  :: vacuum
vuotometro {m}  :: vacuum gauge
vuvuzela {f}  :: vuvuzela