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{f}  :: frog
{adj}  :: feminine singular form of réu
{f} [Brazil]  :: reverse (gear setting of an automobile that makes it travel backwards)
{f}  :: feminine noun of réu
{f} [nautical]  :: stern (rear part of a ship or vessel)
{m}  :: re (musical note)
{m}  :: rho (name of the Greek letter Ρ, ρ)
raça {f}  :: brood
raça {f}  :: race, breed
raça superior {f}  :: master race (race of people considered superior to others)
rabanada {f}  :: blast; gust (strong, abrupt rush of wind)
rabanada {f} [culinary, Portugal]  :: a kind of French toast, prepared as dessert during Christmas period
rabanete {m}  :: radish (Raphanus sativus, a plant)
rabanete {m}  :: radish (root of the Raphanus sativus)
Rabat {prop}  :: Rabat (placename)
Rabaul {prop}  :: Rabaul (placename)
rabbino {m}  :: obsolete spelling of rabino
rabdofano {m} [mineral]  :: rhabdophane
rabdologia {f} [arithmetic]  :: rabdology (practice of performing arithmetic using Napier's bones)
rabdomante {n} [divination]  :: dowser; rhabdomancer (one who uses a dowsing rod to find underground water)
rabeca {f} [musical instrument]  :: fiddle (simple, traditional violin)
rabecão {m}  :: hearse (vehicle for transporting dead)
rabequeiro {m}  :: fiddler (one who plays the fiddle)
rabequista {n}  :: fiddler (one who plays the fiddle)
rabeta {m} [pejorative, Portugal]  :: a male homosexual
rabeta {m}  :: tail
rabino {m} [Judaism]  :: rabbi (Jewish spiritual teacher)
rabirruivo {m}  :: redstart (any of various insectivorous birds of the genus Phoenicurus)
rabirruivo-de-testa-branca {m}  :: common redstart (Phoenicurus phoenicurus, a small passerine bird)
rabiscar {v}  :: to scrawl; to scribble (to write hastily or illegibly)
rabiscar {v}  :: to sketch; to doodle; to scribble (to make a rough drawing)
rabisco {m}  :: doodle (rough drawing)
rabisco {m}  :: scrawl; scribble (irregular handwriting)
rabínico {adj} [Judaism]  :: rabbinic; rabbinical (relating to rabbis)
rabo {m} [slang, vulgar]  :: arsehole, asshole; anus
rabo {m} [slang, vulgar]  :: ass, buttocks
rabo {m}  :: tail
rabo-de-cavalo {m}  :: ponytail
rabo-de-saia {m} [slang]  :: skirt (woman)
rabuda {adj}  :: feminine singular form of rabudo
rabudas {adj}  :: feminine plural of rabudo
rabudo {adj} [colloquial]  :: fat-arsed
rabudo {adj} [colloquial]  :: lucky
rabudo {adj}  :: having a long tail
rabugenta {adj}  :: feminine singular form of rabugento
rabugenta {f}  :: feminine noun of rabugento
rabugento {adj} [of a person or behavior]  :: crusty, surly, who constantly complains
rabugento {m}  :: a surly person
racha {f}  :: a piece of split wood
racha {f}  :: crack; fissure (thin break in previously solid material)
racha {f} [informal]  :: bit (small amount of something)
racha {f}  :: sliver; fragment (small piece broken out of something)
racha {f} [vulgar]  :: fanny; vulva (external female sexual organs)
racha {m} [Brazil]  :: schism (split or separation within a group)
racha {m} [Brazil, slang]  :: an illegal street race
racha {m} [Brazil, slang]  :: an informal football match played in an improvised location
rachado {v}  :: past participle of rachar
rachadura {f}  :: cleft, crack, split
rachadura {f}  :: leak (hole)
rachamento {m}  :: cleavage (the act of cleaving or the state of being cleft)
rachando {v}  :: gerund of rachar
rachar {v}  :: to crack
rachar {v}  :: to slit
rachar {v}  :: to split, cleave
rachar fora {v} [Brazil, slang]  :: to split; to piss off (to leave)
racial {adj} [biology]  :: Of or related to a race or subspecies of a population; racial
racial {adj}  :: Of or relating to a breed of animal; racial
racial {adj}  :: Of or relating to a race of people; racial
raciocinando {v}  :: gerund of raciocinar
raciocinar {v}  :: to reason
raciocínio {m}  :: logic
raciocínio {m}  :: rational discourse, line of thought
raciocínio {m}  :: reasoning, ratiocination
racional {adj}  :: rational (reasonable; not absurd)
racionalismo {m} [philosophy]  :: rationalism (theory that the basis of knowledge is reason)
racismo {m}  :: racism (discrimination based on race)
racista {adj}  :: Of, pertaining to or advocate of racism; racist
radar {m} [Brazil, informal]  :: a speed detection device used by policemen and traffic controllers
radar {m}  :: radar (radio device for detecting distant objects)
radiador {m} [automotive]  :: radiator (device that lowers engine coolant temperature)
radiano {m} [geometry]  :: radian (SI unit of angular measure)
radiante {adj}  :: radiant (visually dazzling)
radiação {f} [physics]  :: radiation
radiação {f}  :: radiancy
radiação {f}  :: ray
radiação alfa {f} [radiation]  :: alpha radiation (radiation of alpha particles)
radiação eletromagnética {f}  :: electromagnetic radiation (radiation consisting of oscillating electric and magnetic fields)
radiativa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of radiativo
radiativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of radiativo
radiativo {adj} [physics]  :: radiative
radical {adj} [Brazil, slang]  :: excellent; awesome; thrilling
radical {adj}  :: drastic; extreme
radical {adj}  :: radical (favouring fundamental change)
radical {adj} [sports]  :: extreme (dangerous)
radical {mf}  :: radical (person holding unorthodox views)
radical {m} [linguistic morphology]  :: root (primary lexical unit of a word)
radicalmente {adv}  :: radically
radióloga {f}  :: feminine noun of radiólogo
radiólogas {f}  :: feminine noun of radiólogo
radiólogo {m}  :: radiologist (practitioner of radiology)
radioactiva {adj}  :: feminine singular form of radioactivo
radioactivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of radioactivo
radioactividade {f}  :: alternative form of radioatividade
radioactivo {adj}  :: superseded spelling of radioativo
radioamador {m}  :: radio amateur (person who practises the hobby of amateur radio)
radioamadorismo {m}  :: amateur radio; ham radio (the hobby of communicating world-wide by two-way radio)
radioativa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of radioativo
radioativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of radioativo
radioatividade {f} [physics]  :: radioactivity
radioativo {adj}  :: radioactive
radiodiagnóstica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of radiodiagnóstico
radiodiagnósticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of radiodiagnóstico
radiodiagnóstico {adj}  :: radiodiagnostic
radiofarmacêutica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of radiofarmacêutico
radiofarmacêuticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of radiofarmacêutico
radiofarmacêutico {adj}  :: radiopharmaceutical
radiofarmacêutico {m}  :: radiopharmaceutical
radiofármaca {adj}  :: feminine singular form of radiofármaco
radiofármacas {adj}  :: feminine plural of radiofármaco
radiofármaco {adj}  :: radiopharmaceutical
radiofármaco {m}  :: radiopharmaceutical
radiografia {f}  :: X-ray (photograph made with X-rays)
radiográfica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of radiográfico
radiográficas {adj}  :: feminine plural of radiográfico
radiográfico {adj}  :: radiographic
radiográfico {adj}  :: X-ray (attributive)
radioisótopo {m} [physics]  :: radioisotope
radiológica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of radiológico
radiológicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of radiológico
radiológico {adj}  :: radiological
radiologia {f} [medicine]  :: radiology (the use of radiation in treatment)
radiologista {mf}  :: radiologist (practitioner of radiology)
radiomarcador {m}  :: radiolabel, radiomarker
radiométrica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of radiométrico
radiométricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of radiométrico
radiométrico {adj}  :: radiometric
radionovela {f}  :: radio drama (soap opera broadcast over the radio)
radionuclídeo {m} [physics]  :: radionuclide
radioquímica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of radioquímico
radioquímicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of radioquímico
radioquímico {adj}  :: radiochemical
radiotelescópio {m} [astronomy]  :: radio telescope (device that detects radio waves from space)
radiotraçador {m}  :: radiotracer, radiomarker
radônio {m}  :: alternative form of radão
radónio {m}  :: alternative form of radônio
radão {m}  :: radon
Rafa {prop}  :: female given name
Rafa {prop}  :: male given name
Rafael {prop} [biblical character]  :: Raphael (an archangel)
Rafael {prop}  :: male given name, Raphael
Rafaela {prop}  :: female given name, feminine form of Rafael
rafaelismo {m} [art]  :: Raphaelism
rafaelista {mf} [art]  :: Raphaelite
Rafael Jambeiro {prop}  :: Rafael Jambeiro (placename)
Rafard {prop}  :: Rafard (placename)
rafeira {adj}  :: feminine singular form of rafeiro
rafeiras {adj}  :: feminine plural of rafeiro
rafeiro {adj} [Portugal, of a domestic animal]  :: mongrel (of mixed breed)
Ragnarok {prop} [Norse mythology]  :: Ragnarok (end of the world in Norse mythology)
ragu {m}  :: ragout (stew of meat and vegetables)
Ragusa {prop}  :: Ragusa (placename)
Ragusa {prop}  :: Ragusa (placename)
raia {f}  :: border (the line or frontier area separating countries)
raia {f} [colloquial]  :: mistake
raia {f} [figuratively]  :: limit
raia {f}  :: ray (a marine fish with a flat body)
raiada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of raiado
raiadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of raiado
raiado {adj}  :: striped, striated, brindled
raiando {v}  :: gerund of raiar
raiano {m}  :: borderer (person who resides near a border)
raiar {vi} [of the day or the morning]  :: to break; to arrive
raiar {v}  :: to draw lines or a line
raiar {v}  :: to groove (to carve grooves in)
raiar {v}  :: to light up; to illuminate
raiar do sol {m}  :: daybreak; dawn; sunrise
rail shooter {m}  :: rail shooter
Raimundo {prop}  :: male given name, Raymond
rainha {f} [chess]  :: queen
rainha {f}  :: queen (monarch)
rainha consorte {f}  :: queen consort (wife of a reigning king)
raio {m}  :: beam, ray (of light or radiation)
raio {m}  :: lightning
raio {m} [mathematics]  :: radius
raio {m} [mathematics]  :: ray
raio alfa {m} [radiation]  :: alpha ray (stream of emitted alpha particles)
raio gama {m}  :: gamma ray (very high frequency electromagnetic radiation)
raio globular {m}  :: ball lightning (a short-lived, glowing ball that floats in the air)
raio laser {m}  :: laser beam
raio X {m}  :: X-ray (photograph made with X-rays)
raio X {m}  :: X-ray (short wavelength electromagnetic radiation)
Raipur {prop}  :: Raipur (placename)
raison d'être {f}  :: raison d'être (reason for existence)
raiva {f}  :: anger (a strong feeling of displeasure, hostility or antagonism towards someone or something)
raiva {f}  :: rabies (viral disease)
raivosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of raivoso
raivosamente {adv}  :: angrily (in an angry manner)
raivosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of raivoso
raivoso {adj}  :: enraged, furious
raivoso {adj}  :: rabid
raiz {f} [arithmetic]  :: root (a number which, when raised to a specified power, yields the specified number)
raiz {f} [botany]  :: root (part of a plant)
raiz {f} [computing]  :: root (highest directory of a directory structure)
raiz {f} [dentistry]  :: root (part of a tooth)
raiz {f} [figurative]  :: root (primary source)
raiz {f} [figurative, usually plural]  :: the place where one grew up
raiz {f} [graph theory]  :: root (the single node of a tree that has no parent)
raiz {f} [linguistics]  :: root (primary lexical unit of a word)
raiz {f} [linguistics]  :: root (word from which another word or words are derived)
raiz {f}  :: root (part of a hair)
raiz cúbica {f} [mathematics]  :: cube root (number whose cube is equal to a given number)
raiz-forte {f} [countable]  :: horseradish (Armoracia rusticana, a plant of the mustard family)
raiz-forte {f} [uncountable]  :: horseradish (condiment made from the root of the horseradish plant)
raiz quadrada {f} [mathematics]  :: square root (number whose square is equal to a given number)
rajá {m}  :: rajah (Hindu prince)
rajaa {m}  :: obsolete spelling of rajá
rajah {m}  :: archaic spelling of rajá
rajastani {m}  :: Rajasthani (Indo-Aryan language spoken in Rajasthan and Pakistan)
Rajastão {prop}  :: Rajasthan (placename)
ralé {f}  :: rabble, riff-raff
ralado {v}  :: past participle of ralar
ralador {adj}  :: which grates, shreds
ralador {m}  :: grater (a tool with which one grates)
ralando {v}  :: gerund of ralar
ralar {v}  :: to grate, scrape
ralhador {adj}  :: nagging
ralhador {adj}  :: scolding
ralhadora {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ralhador
ralhadoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of ralhador
ralhar {v}  :: to scold
ralho {m}  :: censure
ralho {m}  :: reprimand
rali {m} [motor racing]  :: rally
rally {m}  :: alternative spelling of rali
rallye {m}  :: alternative spelling of rali
ralo {adj}  :: sparse (few and far apart)
ralo {m}  :: drain (hole allowing liquid to flow out of a container)
ralo {m} [Portugal]  :: mole cricket (any of the large burrowing crickets of the family Gryllotalpidae)
ralo abaixo {adv} [idiomatic]  :: down the drain (wasted, squandered; irretrievable)
Rama {prop} [Hinduism]  :: Rama (avatar of Lakshmi)
Rama {prop} [Hinduism]  :: Rāma (avatar of Vishnu)
Ramadã {prop}  :: alternative form of Ramadão
Ramadan {prop}  :: alternative form of Ramadão
Ramadão {prop} [Islam]  :: Ramadan (holy ninth month of Islamic lunar calendar)
ramagem {f}  :: (especially in plural) foliage
ramal {m} [Brazil]  :: Each telephone number of a private network
ramalhete {m}  :: nosegay; bouquet (bundle of flowers or herbs)
rambutã {m}  :: rambutan (fruit of the Nephelium lappaceum tree)
rambutão {m}  :: alternative form of rambutã
rameira {f} [colloquial]  :: whore; hooker; prostitute
ramela {f}  :: alternative form of remela
ramelar {v} [Brazil, slang]  :: to fall into a hole, to not attend a commitment
ramen {m}  :: ramen (Japanese soup noodles)
ramificado {v}  :: past participle of ramificar
ramificando {v}  :: gerund of ramificar
ramificação {f}  :: branch, branching
ramificação {f}  :: offshoot
ramificação {f}  :: ramification
ramificar {v}  :: to branch
ramificar {v}  :: to ramify
raminho {m}  :: diminutive form of ramo
Ramiro {prop}  :: male given name
ramo {m}  :: bough
ramo {m}  :: bouquet
ramo {m}  :: branch
ramo {m}  :: subject, field, discipline (at school, university etc.)
rampa {f}  :: ramp (inclined surface that connects two levels; incline)
Ramsés {prop}  :: Ramesses (name of several Egyptian pharaohs)
ramulária {f} [plant disease]  :: ramularia (plant disease caused by Ramularia fungi)
rança {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ranço
ranças {adj}  :: feminine plural of ranço
Rancharia {prop}  :: Rancharia (placename)
Ranchi {prop}  :: Ranchi (placename)
rancho {m}  :: a group of people doing something together
rancho {m} [carnaval]  :: a representation of the pastoral lifestyle
rancho {m}  :: hut; rancho (primitive house)
rancho {m}  :: mess (food set for a group of people); especially in jail
rancho {m}  :: ranch (large plot for livestock); especially one in the western United States
Rancho Queimado {prop}  :: Rancho Queimado (placename)
rancor {m}  :: grudge (deep seated animosity)
rancor {m} [uncountable]  :: rancor
rancorosamente {adv}  :: rancorously
rancoroso {adj}  :: rancorous, spiteful (filled with spite)
rand {m}  :: rand (currency unit of South Africa)
randómica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of randómico
randômica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of randômico
randómicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of randómico
randômicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of randômico
randômico {adj}  :: alternative form of randómico
randómico {adj} [computing]  :: random
randomicamente {adv}  :: With unpredictable outcomes; at random; randomly; haphazardly
randomizar {v}  :: to randomise (to make random)
rangar {v} [slang]  :: to eat
ranger {vi}  :: to creak (to make a prolonged sharp squeaking sound)
ranger {vt}  :: to grind (one’s teeth)
rangífer {m}  :: alternative form of rangífero
rangífero {m}  :: reindeer (Rangifer tarandus)
rangido {m}  :: creak (the sound produced by anything that creaks; a creaking)
rango {m} [Brazil, colloquial]  :: meal
Rangum {prop}  :: Yangon (placename)
raínha {f}  :: obsolete spelling of rainha, now a common misspelling
ranho {m} [informal]  :: nasal mucus
ranhosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ranhoso
ranhosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ranhoso
ranhoso {adj}  :: snotty (running with snot)
ranhura {f}  :: slit; groove (narrow cut)
rani {f}  :: rani (Hindu princess or female ruler in India)
rani {f}  :: rani (wife of a rajah)
ranierita {f} [mineral]  :: renierite
ranúnculo {m}  :: buttercup (herb of the genus Ranunculus)
ranço {adj}  :: rancid
ranço {m}  :: rancidity
rançosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of rançoso
rançosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of rançoso
rançoso {adj}  :: stale (having lost its freshness)
ranqueada {adj}  :: feminine form of ranqueado
ranqueado {adj}  :: ranked (placed in a given rank)
ranquear {vt} [indtr, pt, em, ditr=1, .transitive, .or]  :: to rank (to put someone into a rank)
ranzinza {adj} [of a person]  :: crabby (given to complaining and becoming annoyed)
ranzinza {n}  :: a crabby person
ração {f}  :: feed (food given to animals)
ração {f}  :: food ration
rapé {m}  :: snuff (finely ground or pulverised tobacco for sniffing)
rap {m}  :: rap music (music genre)
rapa {mf} [slang, São Paulo]  :: A figure of authority who confiscates merchandise from street vendors
rapagão {m}  :: lad (big boy)
rapa nui {mf}  :: Easter Islander (person from Easter Island)
rapa nui {m}  :: Rapa Nui (eastern Polynesian language spoken in Easter Island)
rapanui {mf}  :: alternative spelling of rapa nui
rapar {v} [figurative]  :: to eat everything from a plate or pan
rapar {v}  :: to scrape (to draw a blade along a surface)
rapar {v}  :: to shave (to remove hair completely)
rapariga {f} [Brazil]  :: hooker, whore, prostitute
rapariga {f} [Portugal]  :: girl, young lady
rapaz {m}  :: boy
rapaziada {f}  :: a boy's unrestrained behaviour
rapaziada {f} [Brazil, informal]  :: folks
rapaziada {f}  :: jig
rapazinho {m}  :: little boy
rapazola {m}  :: big boy (for his age)
rapel {m}  :: rappel; abseiling (descending by means of a rope)
rapelar {v}  :: to abseil; to rappel (to descend a vertical drop using a rope)
rapeleiro {m}  :: abseiler (someone who abseils)
rapelista {n}  :: abseiler (someone who abseils)
rapidamente {adv}  :: With speed; rapidly; quickly
rapidez {f}  :: speed; rapidity
rapidim {adv}  :: eye dialect of rapidinho
rapieira {f}  :: rapier (sword)
rapina {f}  :: rapine (seizure of property by force)
raposa {f} [Brazil]  :: opposum (any American marsupial of the family Didelphidae)
raposa {f}  :: fox (any canid of the genus Vulpes)
raposa {f} [specifically]  :: vixen (female fox)
raposa {f} [usually, pejorative]  :: fox (a sly or cunning person)
raposa do Ártico {f}  :: alternative spelling of raposa-do-ártico
raposa-do-ártico {f}  :: arctic fox (Alopex lagopus)
raposa polar {f}  :: arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus)
raposa vermelha {f}  :: alternative spelling of raposa-vermelha
raposa-vermelha {f}  :: red fox (Vulpes vulpes)
raposa voadora {f}  :: flying fox (bat of the genera Pteropus or Acerodon)
raposinho {m}  :: fox cub
raposinho {m}  :: stink
raposo {adj}  :: foxlike in colour
raposo {m}  :: a male fox (animal)
raposo {m} [by extension]  :: crafty / wily person
Raposos {prop}  :: Raposos (placename)
rappel {m}  :: alternative spelling of rapel
rapper {n}  :: rapper (hip hop performer)
rapôsa {f}  :: obsolete spelling of raposa
raptado {v}  :: past participle of raptar
raptando {v}  :: gerund of raptar
raptar {v}  :: to abduct
rapto {m}  :: abduction; kidnap;
rapto {m}  :: theft
raptor {m}  :: abductor; kidnapper
Rapunzel {prop}  :: Rapunzel
raque {f}  :: rachis (main shaft of a feather)
raque {f}  :: rachis (main shaft of either a compound leaf, head of grain or fern frond)
Raquel {prop} [biblical character]  :: Rachel (younger daughter of Laban)
Raquel {prop}  :: female given name, Rachel
raquetada {f}  :: a strike with a racquet
raquete {f}  :: snowshoe (flat item of footwear worn to facilitate walking in deep snow)
raquete {f} [sports, chiefly, Brazil]  :: racquet (implement with a frame used to hit a ball)
raquette {f}  :: obsolete spelling of raquete
raquitismo {m} [pathology]  :: rickets (disorder that causes soft bones)
raquítico {adj} [pathology]  :: rickety (suffering from rickets)
raramente {adv}  :: infrequently, seldom
raramente {adv}  :: rarely
rarefazendo {v}  :: gerund of rarefazer
rarefazer {v}  :: to attenuate
rarefazer {v}  :: to rarefy
raridade {f}  :: rara avis
raridade {f}  :: rarity, rareness
raro {adj}  :: exceptional; extraordinary (much better than average)
raro {adj}  :: rare (very uncommon)
raro {adj}  :: sparse (few and far apart)
raís {f}  :: obsolete spelling of raiz
rasa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of raso
rasas {adj}  :: feminine plural of raso
rasca {adj} [colloquial, Portugal]  :: common, vulgar, of bad quality
rasca {f}  :: dragnet (net dragged across the bottom of the sea)
rascar {v}  :: to scrape (to draw a sharp object along a surface)
rascunhar {v}  :: to sketch (to create a sketch)
rascunho {m}  :: draft (early version of a written work)
rascunho {m}  :: sketch (drawing that is not intended as a finished work)
rasgar {vi}  :: to rip (to tear apart)
rasgar {vt}  :: to rip (to into parts, especially something flimsy such as paper or fabric)
rasgo {m}  :: tear (break caused by tearing)
raso {adj}  :: flat
raso {adj}  :: shallow
raspadeira {f}  :: rasp (coarse file)
raspagem {f}  :: the act of scraping
raspar {v}  :: to graze (to touch lightly in passing)
raspar {v}  :: to scrape off (to remove something by scraping)
raspar {v}  :: to scrape (to draw a sharp object along a surface)
rasteira {adj}  :: feminine singular form of rasteiro
rasteira {f} [by extension]  :: trap; trick
rasteira {f}  :: id=act (the act of tripping someone, or causing them to lose their footing)
rasteiras {adj}  :: feminine plural of rasteiro
rasteiro {adj} [by extension]  :: [[ground-level]]
rasteiro {adj} [by extension]  :: humble
rasteiro {adj}  :: crawling
rasteiro {adj}  :: creeping
rastejar {v}  :: to crawl, to creep (move slowly with the abdomen close to the ground)
rastejar {v}  :: to track (follow the tracks of)
rastel {m} [regional]  :: alternative form of rastelo
rastelar {v}  :: to rake (use a rake on)
rastelo {m} [South Brazil]  :: rake
rasto {m}  :: alternative form of rastro
rastreador {m}  :: tracker (device that records the location of something)
rastreador {m}  :: tracker (one who, or that which, tracks or pursues)
rastrear {vt}  :: to track (to discover the location of person or an object)
rastrear {vt}  :: to track (to follow the tracks of)
rastrejar {v}  :: alternative form of rastejar
rastro {m} [figuratively]  :: trace
rastro {m}  :: track; trail (mark left by something that has passed along)
rata {f}  :: feminine noun of rato
ratazana {f}  :: brown rat (Rattus norvegicus, a rodent)
ratazana {f} [irregular]  :: augmentative form of rata
rateadamente {adv}  :: proportionately (in proportion)
rateado {v}  :: past participle of ratear
rateando {v}  :: gerund of ratear
ratear {v}  :: to apportion
ratear {v}  :: to prorate
rateio {m}  :: apportionment
ratel {m}  :: honey badger (Mellivora capensis, a mustelid of Africa, Arabia and India)
ratificado {v}  :: past participle of ratificar
ratificando {v}  :: gerund of ratificar
ratificação {f}  :: ratification
ratificar {v}  :: to ratify
ratinho {m}  :: diminutive form of rato
Ratisbona {prop}  :: Regensburg (placename)
ratão {m}  :: augmentative form of rato
rato {m}  :: mouse
rato {m}  :: rat
rato almiscareiro {m}  :: muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus, a rodent of North America)
rato de biblioteca {m} [informal]  :: bookworm (avid reader)
ratão-d'água {m}  :: coypu (Myocastor coypus, a large, semiaquatic rodent of South America)
ratão-do-banhado {m}  :: coypu (Myocastor coypus, a large, semiaquatic rodent of South America)
rato-do-campo {m}  :: vole (any of several small rodents of the family Cricetida)
ratoeira {f}  :: mousetrap (device for killing mice)
rato-toupeira {m}  :: mole rat (any of several burrowing rodents)
rato-veadeiro {m}  :: deer mouse (any of the muroid rodents in the genus Peromyscus)
Raul {prop}  :: male given name, Ralph
Raul Soares {prop}  :: Raul Soares (placename)
ravina {f} [geology]  :: gorge; ravine (a deep narrow valley)
ravina {f} [geology]  :: gully (channel which was worn by water flow)
raynha {f}  :: obsolete spelling of rainha
razaõ {f}  :: obsolete spelling of razão
razão {f}  :: correctness; rightness (to condition of being right)
razão {f} [mathematics]  :: ratio (the relative magnitudes of two quantities)
razão {f}  :: reason; motive (the cause of an action or determination)
razão {f}  :: reason (the ability to think correctly)
razoabilidade {f}  :: reasonableness
razoamento {m}  :: reasoning (deduction of inferences or interpretations from premises)
razoavelmente {adv}  :: reasonably, not extremely
razoável {adj}  :: moderate
razoável {adj}  :: reasonable (all senses)
razoável {adj}  :: sensible
Rúben {prop} [biblical character]  :: Reuben (first son of Jacob)
Rúben {prop}  :: male given name, Ruben
rébus {m}  :: rebus (puzzle which uses pictures to represent words or parts of words)
récor {adj} [rare]  :: dated form of recorde
récor {m} [rare]  :: dated form of recorde
récord {adj}  :: alternative form of recorde
récord {m}  :: alternative form of recorde
rúcula {f}  :: arugula; rocket (edible Mediterranean herb of the mustard family)
Ródano {prop}  :: Rhone (placename)
rédea {f} [figuratively]  :: rein (command)
rédea {f}  :: rein (strap or rope used to control an animal)
rádio {f}  :: radio station
rádio {m}  :: radio (device)
rádio {m}  :: radio (technology)
rádio {m}  :: radium
rádio {m}  :: radius (bone)
ródio {m}  :: rhodium (chemical element)
rádio de galena {m}  :: crystal set (an early kind of radio receiver)
rádio-relógio {m}  :: clock radio (digital alarm clock that includes a radio)
rádon {m}  :: radon
re- {prefix}  :: re- (again)
reaça {adj} [Brazil, politics, neologism, derogatory] [clipping, reacionário]  :: (reactionary, a rightist or conservative person)
reaça {n} [Brazil, politics, neologism, derogatory] [clipping, reacionário]  :: (reactionary, a rightist or conservative person)
reabilitando {v}  :: gerund of reabilitar
reabilitação {f}  :: rehabilitation
reabilitar {v}  :: to rehabilitate (restore something to the former condition)
reabsorção {f}  :: reabsorption
reacionária {adj}  :: feminine singular form of reacionário
reacionárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of reacionário
reacionário {adj}  :: reactionary (opposing change)
reacção {f}  :: obsolete form of reação
reactivação {f}  :: obsolete spelling of reativação
reactividade {f}  :: reactivity
reactivo {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of reativo
reactor {m}  :: obsolete spelling of reator
reaes {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of reais
reaes {n}  :: obsolete spelling of reais
reafirmar {v}  :: to reaffirm (to affirm again)
reagente {m} [chemistry]  :: reagent
reagindo {v}  :: gerund of reagir
reagir {v}  :: to interact
reagir {v}  :: to react
reagir {v}  :: to respond
reagrupar {v}  :: to regroup (to get organised again)
reajuste {m}  :: readjustment (subsequent adjustment)
real {adj}  :: having the air or demeanour of a monarch; regal
real {adj} [mathematics, of a number]  :: being a member of the set of real numbers; real
real {adj}  :: of or relating to the monarchy; royal; regal
real {adj}  :: that has physical existence; real
real {adj}  :: true, real
real {m}  :: a former currency of Portugal and its colonies (the plural later became réis)
real {m}  :: a former Spanish currency
real {m}  :: a real number
real {m}  :: the current Brazilian currency
realçando {v}  :: gerund of realçar
realçar {v}  :: to highlight, enhance, emphasize
realçar {v}  :: to stress
realce {m}  :: highlight; emphasis
realejo {m}  :: street organ (small, mechanically played organ)
realeza {f}  :: royalty (a monarch and their families treated as a group)
realeza {f}  :: royalty (the status of a monarch)
realidade {f}  :: real life (life outside of a contrived or fantastical environment)
realidade {f} [sociology]  :: social condition
realidade {f} [uncountable]  :: reality (entirety of all that is real)
realidade {f} [uncountable]  :: reality (state of being actual or real)
realidade virtual {f}  :: virtual reality
realimentação {f} [electronics]  :: feedback (signal that is looped back into a system)
realimentação {f} [firearms]  :: the automatic reloading action in automatic firearms
realimentação {f}  :: refeeding (the act of feeding (giving food or resources) again)
realismo {m}  :: realism (concern for fact or reality)
realismo {m}  :: royalism (support for a king or royal house)
realista {mf}  :: realist (advocate of artistic realism)
realista {mf}  :: realist (one who sees things as they are)
realisticamente {adv}  :: realistically (in a realistic manner)
reality show {m}  :: reality show (a program of reality television)
realizador {m}  :: director
realização {f}  :: performance
realização {f}  :: realization
realizar {v}  :: to realize, execute, carry out, put into practice
realizável {adj}  :: realizable, achievable, doable
realmente {adv}  :: truly, really, actually
realojamento {m}  :: rehousing
realojando {v}  :: gerund of realojar
realojar {v}  :: to rehouse
realística {adj}  :: feminine singular form of realístico
realísticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of realístico
realístico {adj}  :: realistic (expressed or represented as being accurate)
reanalisar {vt}  :: To reanalyse or reanalyze
reanimação cardiopulmonar {f} [emergency medicine]  :: cardiopulmonary resuscitation (a first aid procedure for cardiac arrest)
reanimação cardiorrespiratória {f} [emergency medicine]  :: cardiopulmonary resuscitation (a first aid procedure for cardiac arrest)
reanimar {vt}  :: to cheer up someone who has lost their joy
reanimar {vt}  :: to revive; to reanimate (to make something return to life or consciousness)
reação {f} [chemistry]  :: reaction
reação {f}  :: reaction (action in response to an event)
reação de Abderhalden {f}  :: Abderhalden reaction (occurrence of proteolytic enzymes specific for foreign proteins introduced via parents)
reação de Arthus {f} [immunology]  :: Arthus reaction (hypersensitivity reaction involving the in situ formation of antigen/antibody complexes)
reação em cadeia {f}  :: chain reaction (series of events where each event causes the next)
reação em cadeia {f} [physics]  :: chain reaction (nuclear reaction in which particles produced by the fission of one atom trigger fissions of other atoms)
reação nuclear {f} [nuclear physics]  :: nuclear reaction (any reaction involving the nucleus of atoms)
reação química {f} [chemistry]  :: chemical reaction (process by which chemical substances are changed into others)
reaproveitando {v}  :: gerund of reaproveitar
reaproveitar {v}  :: to reuse, reutilize
reaproximação {f}  :: rapprochement (reestablishment of cordial relations)
reaquecer {v}  :: to reheat (heat something after it has cooled off)
rearranjar {vt}  :: to rearrange (to change the order or arrangement)
rearranjo {m} [chemistry]  :: rearrangement; rearrangement reaction (reaction in which an atom or bond moves)
rearranjo {m}  :: rearrangement (the act of arranging again)
rearrumar {v}  :: to rearrange
reassegurar {v}  :: to reassure (to restore confidence to)
reassistir {v}  :: to rewatch (to watch again)
reatamento {m}  :: the act of retying
reativa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of reativo
reativação {f}  :: reactivation
reativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of reativo
reatividade {f}  :: reactivity
reativo {adj}  :: reactive
reator {m}  :: reactor
reator nuclear {m} [physics]  :: nuclear reactor (device in which a controlled nuclear chain reaction is maintained)
reavivar {vip} [or]  :: to revive (to recover from a state of neglect)
reavivar {vip} [or]  :: to revive (to return to life, to recover life or strength)
reavivar {vt}  :: to revive (to bring someone or something back to life)
reays {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of reais
reays {n}  :: obsolete spelling of reais
rebaixar {vt}  :: to abase (to lower so as to hurt feelings)
rebaixar {vt}  :: to lower (reduce the height of, as a fence or chimney)
rebaixar {vt}  :: to reduce (to bring to an inferior rank)
rebaixe {m}  :: abasement (the act of abasing)
rebaixo {m}  :: area (open space, below ground level, between the front of a house and the pavement)
rebanho {m}  :: herd, flock
rebanho {m} [religion]  :: flock
rebarbadeira {f}  :: angle grinder (power tool with a perpendicular abrasive disc)
rebarbadora {f}  :: angle grinder (power tool with a perpendicular abrasive disc)
rebarbativa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of rebarbativo
rebarbativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of rebarbativo
rebarbativo {adj}  :: rebarbative
rebater {vi}  :: to bounce (to change direction of motion after hitting an obstacle)
rebater {vt}  :: to hit something so it bounces back
rebatida {f}  :: rebound (recoil of an object bouncing off another)
rebatismo {m}  :: rebaptism (the act or ceremony of baptising again)
rebatizando {v}  :: gerund of rebatizar
rebatizar {v}  :: to rename, rechristen
Rebeca {prop} [biblical character]  :: Rebekah (sister of Laban and wife to Isaac)
Rebeca {prop}  :: female given name, Rebecca and Rebekah
rebelar {v}  :: to cause to rebel
rebelar-se {vr}  :: to rebel (to resist or become defiant towards)
rebelde {adj}  :: rebellious
rebelde {adj}  :: recalcitrant
rebelde {adj}  :: untameable
rebelde {mf}  :: a recalcitrant individual
rebelde {mf}  :: rebel (person who resists an established authority)
rebelião {f}  :: rebellion (armed resistance)
rebentando {v}  :: gerund of rebentar
rebentação {f}  :: sprouting (the act of sprouting, germinating)
rebentação {f}  :: surf (area near the coast where the waves break)
rebentação {f}  :: the breaking of waves
rebentar {v}  :: to burst, explode
rebento {m}  :: bud; sprout
rebento {m}  :: fruit; result
rebento {m}  :: son; descendant
rebimboca da parafuseta {f} [Brazil, slang]  :: placeholder for a complex-named term or object; frequently a mechanical piece of a car, often fictitious like "headlight fluid"
rebitagem {f}  :: riveting
rebite {m}  :: rivet (cylindrical mechanical fastener)
rebobinar {v}  :: to rewind (to go back on a video or audio tape)
rebobinar {v}  :: to rewind (to wind again)
rebocador {m} [nautical]  :: tugboat, towboat
rebocar {v}  :: to tow
rebolando {v}  :: gerund of rebolar
rebolar {v}  :: to grind (wiggle one's hips)
rebolar {v}  :: to roll (like a ball)
reboot {m} [computing]  :: reboot (instance of rebooting)
reboque {m}  :: tow
reboque {m}  :: trailer
rebordo {m}  :: brim (a projecting rim)
rebrilhando {v}  :: gerund of rebrilhar
rebrilhar {v}  :: to be resplendent
rebrilhar {v}  :: to shine with increased intensity
rebuçada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of rebuçado
rebuçadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of rebuçado
rebuçado {adj}  :: disguised or hidden
rebuçado {adj}  :: hooded (covered with a hood)
rebuçado {m} [chiefly, Portugal]  :: candy (piece of sweet confectionery)
rebuçado {m}  :: something said or done with excessive care
rebuliço {m}  :: fuss (excessive activity, worry, bother, or talk about something)
rebuscada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of rebuscado
rebuscadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of rebuscado
rebuscado {adj}  :: well-educated, civilized, courteous
rebuscado {v}  :: past participle of rebuscar
rebuscando {v}  :: gerund of rebuscar
rebuscar {v}  :: to glean
rebuscar {v}  :: to rummage
recaída {f}  :: relapse (the act of relapsing: returning a previous, worse state)
recado {f}  :: message
recaído {v}  :: past participle of recair
recaindo {v}  :: gerund of recair
recair {v}  :: to fall again or often
recair {v}  :: to relapse, reoffend
recalcado {adj}  :: emotionally repressed
recalcado {adj}  :: trodden (crushed by being walked on)
recalcitrando {v}  :: gerund of recalcitrar
recalcitrar {v}  :: to be recalcitrant
recalculação {f}  :: recalculation (the process of calculating again)
recalcular {v}  :: to recalculate (to calculate again)
recall {m}  :: recall (return of faulty products)
recanto {m}  :: nook, den (quiet, comfortable place)
recapitulação {f}  :: recapitulation (enumeration of the major points of a work)
recapitular {v}  :: to recapitulate (to summarise or repeat in concise form)
Recaredo {prop} [historical given name, male, Reccared I, Visigothic king of Hispania]  ::
recarga {f}  :: [[ink reservoir]], [[ink holder]] (of a pen)
recarga {f}  :: refill; recharge
recarga {f} [sports]  :: [[rebound shot]]
recarregar {v}  :: to recharge (to charge an electric battery)
recarregar {v}  :: to recharge (to reload a gun)
recarregável {adj}  :: rechargeable
recatada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of recatado
recatadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of recatado
recatado {adj}  :: circumspect; prudent
recatado {adj}  :: modest; simple
recatado {adj}  :: reserved; bashful
receando {v}  :: gerund of recear
recear {v}  :: to fear, dread
recear {v}  :: to suspect
recebaõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of recebam
recebedor {m}  :: receiver (person who receives)
recebeo {v}  :: obsolete spelling of recebeu
receber {v} [telecommunications]  :: to receive (to detect a signal from a transmitter)
receber {v}  :: to be hit by something
receber {v}  :: to collect or receive payment
receber {v}  :: to get; to receive
receber {v}  :: to receive (to act as a host for guests)
receberaõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of receberam
receberaõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of receberão
receberão {v}  :: obsolete spelling of receberam
recebimento {m}  :: reception, receipt (act of receiving)
recebão {v}  :: obsolete spelling of recebam
receio {m}  :: concern, apprehension, trepidation
receio {m}  :: fear, awe
receita {f} [cooking]  :: recipe (instructions for making or preparing food dishes)
receita {f} [medicine]  :: formula for a medicine
receita {f} [medicine]  :: prescription (written order for the administration of a medicine)
receita {f} [money]  :: income (money one or an organisation earns)
receitando {v}  :: gerund of receitar
receitar {v}  :: to prescribe
receituário {m}  :: prescription
Received Pronunciation {prop}  :: Received Pronunciation (English pronunciation used by the educated classes southeastern England)
recenseamento {m}  :: census (official count of members of a population)
recente {adj}  :: Having happened a short while ago; recent
recente {adj}  :: Not old-fashioned or dated; recent; up-to-date
recentemente {adv}  :: recently
receção {f}  :: alternative form of recepção
receosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of receoso
receosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of receoso
receoso {adj}  :: afraid, fearful
receoso {adj}  :: apprehensive
receoso {adj}  :: shy, bashful
recepcionista {n}  :: receptionist (employee who receives visitors and/or calls)
recepção {f}  :: reception (act of receiving)
receptador {m}  :: receiver (person who accepts stolen goods)
receptividade {f}  :: receptivity (the state of being receptive)
receptivo {adj}  :: receptive (able to receive something)
receptivo {adj}  :: receptive (willing to accept new ideas or concepts)
receptor {adj}  :: alternative form of recetor
receptor {m}  :: alternative form of recetor
recessiva {adj}  :: feminine singular form of recessivo
recessivo {adj} [economy]  :: recession (attributive), recessionary
recessão {f}  :: recession (a period of reduced economic activity)
recesso {m} [chiefly, anatomy]  :: recess (inset, hole, space or opening)
recesso {m}  :: recess (a break, pause or vacation)
recetor {adj} [Portugal]  :: receiving
recetor {m} [Portugal]  :: receiver, receptor, recipient
recetora {adj}  :: feminine singular form of recetor
recetoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of recetor
receyo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of receio
receyo {v}  :: obsolete spelling of receio
receyta {f}  :: obsolete spelling of receita
receyta {v}  :: obsolete spelling of receita
rechaçar {vt}  :: to ward off; to repel
recheada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of recheado
recheadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of recheado
recheado {adj}  :: stuffed, filled (food etc)
recheado {adj}  :: wealthy
recheado {m}  :: stuffing, filling
recheio {m} [figurative]  :: cream (the best part of something)
recheio {m}  :: filling; stuffing (food inside another food item)
rechonchuda {adj}  :: feminine singular form of rechonchudo
rechonchudas {adj}  :: feminine plural of rechonchudo
rechonchudo {adj}  :: chubby (of a person, somewhat fat)
rechonchundo {adj} [often, euphemistic]  :: plump; chubby (slightly fat)
rechonchundo {adj}  :: plump; chubby (having a roughly round shape)
recibo {m} [money]  :: receipt (written acknowledgement)
reciclado {adj}  :: recycled
reciclado {v}  :: past participle of reciclar
reciclagem {f}  :: recycling
reciclando {v}  :: gerund of reciclar
reciclar {v}  :: to recycle
reciclável {adj}  :: recyclable (able to be recycled)
recidivista {adj}  :: recidivistic (relating to or engaging in recidivism)
recidivista {n}  :: recidivist; reoffender; repeat offender (one who falls back into prior habits, especially crime)
recife {m} [geography]  :: reef (rocks at or near surface of the water)
Recife {prop}  :: Recife (placename)
recipiente {adj}  :: in which objects may be stored and transported
recipiente {m}  :: vessel; container (item in which objects may be stored and transported)
recitado {v}  :: past participle of recitar
recital {m} [performing arts]  :: recital (live performance, especially by a soloist)
recitando {v}  :: gerund of recitar
recitação {f}  :: recital (the act of reciting)
recitar {v}  :: to recite, declaim
recitativo {adj}  :: intended for reciting
recitativo {m} [music]  :: recitative (dialogue in an opera)
reclamado {v}  :: past participle of reclamar
reclamando {v}  :: gerund of reclamar
reclamação {f}  :: complaint (act of complaining)
reclamar {v}  :: to claim
reclamar {v}  :: to complain
recálculo {m}  :: recalculation (act of recalculating)
recluso {adj}  :: secluded; isolated
recluso {m}  :: recluse (a person who lives in isolation)
recém {adv}  :: (especially in combination) freshly, recently
recém- {prefix}  :: newly
recém-chegada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of recém-chegado
recém-chegadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of recém-chegado
recém-chegado {adj}  :: recently arrived
recém-chegado {m}  :: someone who has recently arrived
recém-nascida {adj}  :: feminine singular form of recém-nascido
recém-nascidas {adj}  :: feminine plural of recém-nascido
recém-nascido {adj}  :: newborn (recently born)
recém-nascido {m}  :: newborn (recently born baby)
reco {m} [military slang]  :: FNG (new recruit)
recobrimento {m}  :: coating, covering
recobrindo {v}  :: gerund of recobrir
recobrir {v}  :: to cover (completely)
recobrir {v}  :: to overlay
recolha {f}  :: collection
recolhendo {v}  :: gerund of recolher
recolher {v}  :: to collect, gather
recolher {v}  :: to save
recolhimento {m}  :: moral restrictions
recolhimento {m}  :: retraction; withdrawal (the act of pulling back inside)
recolhimento {m}  :: the act of gathering things, especially things that had been spread around
recolocar {vt}  :: to return (to put something back where it had been)
recombinação {f}  :: recombination
recomeçando {v}  :: gerund of recomeçar
recomeçar {v}  :: to restart, recommence
recomendabilidade {f}  :: advisability (the quality of being advisable)
recomendado {v}  :: past participle of recomendar
recomendando {v}  :: gerund of recomendar
recomendação {f}  :: advice
recomendação {f}  :: commendation
recomendação {f}  :: recommendation
recomendar {v}  :: to advise
recomendar {v}  :: to recommend, commend
recomendável {adj}  :: recommendable
recomeço {m}  :: restart; rebeginning
recompensa {f}  :: bounty (reward for some specific act)
recompensa {f}  :: reward (something of value given in return for an act)
recompensa {f}  :: the act of rewarding
recompensar {v}  :: to reward (give a reward to)
recompor-se {vr}  :: reflexive form of recompor
recompor-se {vr}  :: to pull oneself together (to become mentally focused)
reconciliação {f}  :: reconciliation (the reestablishment of friendly relations)
reconciliação {f} [Roman Catholicism]  :: reconciliation (a sacrament involving contrition, confession, punishment and absolution)
reconciliar {v} [theology]  :: to cause reconciliation (end of estrangement between someone and a god)
reconciliar {v}  :: to reconcile (to recreate friendly relationships)
reconfirmar {v}  :: to reconfirm (to confirm again)
reconfortante {adj}  :: comforting
reconfortar {v}  :: to comfort (to relieve the distress or suffering of)
reconhecer {v}  :: to recognize
reconheceu-a {v}  :: contraction of reconheceu a
reconhecimento {m}  :: acknowledgement (act of acknowledging)
reconhecimento {m} [legal]  :: (the act of a man admitting a child as his own)
reconhecimento {m} [military]  :: reconnaissance
reconhecimento {m}  :: recognition (the act of recognising or the condition of being recognized)
reconhecimento {m} [uncountable]  :: thankfulness
reconhecível {adj}  :: recognizable
Reconquista {prop} [historical]  :: Reconquista (reconquest of Spain and Portugal by Christians)
reconquistar {v}  :: to reconquer (to conquer again)
reconquistar {v}  :: to regain something effortfully
reconsiderar {v}  :: to reconsider (to consider a decided matter again)
reconstituindo {v}  :: gerund of reconstituir
reconstituinte {adj}  :: restorative
reconstituição {f}  :: reconstitution
reconstituir {v}  :: to reconstitute
reconstruir {v}  :: to rebuild (to build again)
reconstrução {f} [historical linguistics]  :: reconstruction (unattested word conjectured from its descendants)
reconstrução {f}  :: reconstruction (act of restoring something by building it again)
reconstrução {f}  :: reconstruction (attempt to analyse in detail how something works or occurred)
reconstrução {f}  :: reconstruction (something reconstructed or restored)
recontagem {f}  :: recount (an instance of counting again)
recontar {v}  :: to recount (to count again)
recontar {v}  :: to recount (to tell over)
reconvocar {vt}  :: to recall (to call (someone) back to a specific place)
recopiado {v}  :: past participle of recopiar
recopiando {v}  :: gerund of recopiar
recopiar {v}  :: to recopy; to reproduce
record {adj}  :: alternative form of recorde
record {m}  :: alternative form of recorde
recordado {v}  :: past participle of recordar
recordando {v}  :: gerund of recordar
recordação {f}  :: memory, recollection
recordação {f}  :: souvenir, keepsake, memento
recordar {v}  :: to remember, recall, recollect
recordar {v}  :: to remind
recordar-se {vr}  :: to remember (to recall from one’s memory)
recorde {adj} [by extension]  :: extreme; intense; drastic
recorde {adj}  :: record-breaking (beating the previous record)
recorde {m}  :: record (most extreme known value of some achievement)
recordista {adj} [of an occurrence]  :: record-breaking (beating the previous record)
recordista {adj} [of a person or thing]  :: who is a record-holder
recordista {n}  :: record-holder (someone who holds a record)
recorrendo {v}  :: gerund of recorrer
recorrente {adj}  :: Recurring time after time; recurrent
recorrer {v}  :: rehash, revisit, go over, rerun, do over, return, copy, double up, repeat a route
recorrer {v}  :: resort (to have recourse out of necessity or frustration)
recorrido {v}  :: past participle of recorrer
recorrência {f}  :: recurrence
recorrência {f}  :: repetition
recortar {v}  :: to crop (remove outer parts of)
recortar {v}  :: to cut figures from a piece of material
recorte {m}  :: clipping; snippet (from a newspaper or magazine)
recorte {m}  :: cut-out
recozedor {m} [metallurgy, glassmaking]  :: annealer (device or process that anneals)
recozendo {v}  :: gerund of recozer
recozer {v}  :: to anneal
recozido {adj}  :: annealed
recozimento {m} [metallurgy, glassmaking]  :: annealing (the process of cooling metal or glass very slowly)
recíproca {adj}  :: feminine singular form of recíproco
recíprocas {adj}  :: feminine plural of recíproco
recíproco {adj} [grammar, of a verb]  :: reciprocal
recíproco {adj} [mathematics, of a number]  :: which is obtained by dividing 1 by the number
recíproco {adj}  :: reciprocal (done by each of two people towards the other)
recreação {f}  :: recreation (activity that diverts, amuses or stimulates)
recreio {m}  :: playground (for children)
recreio {m}  :: playtime (for scoolchildren)
recreio {m}  :: recreation (all senses)
Recreio {prop}  :: Recreio (placename)
recriando {v}  :: gerund of recriar
recriação {f}  :: recreation (act of recreating)
recriar {v}  :: to recreate
recristalizando {v}  :: gerund of recristalizar
recristalização {f}  :: recrystallization
recristalizar {v}  :: to recrystallize
recrudescendo {v}  :: gerund of recrudescer
recrudescer {v}  :: to exacerbate
recrudescer {v}  :: to intensify
recruta {n} [by extension]  :: any newly enlisted or enrolled person
recruta {n} [military]  :: recruit (a newly enlisted soldier)
recrutamento {m}  :: recruitment (the process of finding recruits)
recrutar {v}  :: to recruit (to enroll a new member into an organisation)
recta {adj}  :: feminine singular form of recto
rectangular {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of retangular
rectas {adj}  :: feminine plural of recto
rectificado {v}  :: past participle of rectificar
rectificando {v}  :: gerund of rectificar
rectificação {f}  :: alternative form of retificação
rectificar {v}  :: alternative form of retificar
rectângulo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of retângulo
recto {adj}  :: alternative form of reto
recto {m}  :: alternative form of reto
recuando {v}  :: gerund of recuar
recuar {v}  :: to indent
recuar {v}  :: to recede, retreat
recuar {v}  :: to recoil, flinch
recuo {m}  :: backward movement
recuo {m} [by extension]  :: hesitation
recuo {m} [military]  :: retreat
recuo {m}  :: recoil (of a firearm)
recuperado {v}  :: past participle of recuperar
recuperador {m}  :: recuperator
recuperador {m}  :: regenerator
recuperando {v}  :: gerund of recuperar
recuperação {f} [medicine]  :: recuperation (gradual restoration to health)
recuperação {f}  :: reclamation, regeneration, recycling
recuperação {f}  :: recovery
recuperação {f}  :: restauration, renovation (back to a previous condition, e.g. a building or painting)
recuperação {f}  :: retrieval
recuperar {v}  :: to recover
recuperar {v}  :: to restore, to renovate (bring back to a previous condition, e.g. a building or painting)
recursividade {f} [programming]  :: recursivity (the quality of being recursive: having a function that calls itself)
recursividade {f}  :: recursivity (the quality of being recursive: referring back to itself)
recursivo {adj} [computing, of a function or program]  :: recursive (that calls itself)
recursivo {adj} [mathematics, of an expression]  :: recursive (each term of which is determined by applying a formula to preceding terms)
recursivo {adj}  :: recursive (referring back to itself)
recurso {m} [legal]  :: appeal
recurso {m}  :: option; choice; resort; means
recurso {m} [plural]  :: resources
recurso natural {m}  :: natural resource (resources that can be extracted from the environment)
recursos humanos {m}  :: human resources department
recursos humanos {n}  :: short for gestão de recursos humanos
recurvado {v}  :: past participle of recurvar
recurvando {v}  :: gerund of recurvar
recurvar {v}  :: to lean into a corner
recurvar {v}  :: to recurve
recusa {f}  :: refusal (the act of refusing)
recusado {v}  :: past participle of recusar
recusando {v}  :: gerund of recusar
recusação {f}  :: refusal (the act of refusing)
recusar {v}  :: to refuse, decline, reject
redacção {f}  :: alternative form of redação
redação {f}  :: redaction
redação {f}  :: wording, text, composition
redarguir {v} [legal]  :: to answer (to file a response to a complaint)
redatar {v}  :: to redatar (to assign a new date)
redator {m}  :: copywriter
redator {m}  :: editor
rede {f}  :: hammock
rede {f}  :: net
rede {f}  :: network
redefinido {v}  :: past participle of redefinir
redefinindo {v}  :: gerund of redefinir
redefinir {v}  :: to redefine
redemoinho {m}  :: alternative form of remoinho
redempção {f}  :: obsolete spelling of redenção
rede neural {f} [artificial intelligence]  :: neural network (system designed to emulate the brain in its ability to learn how to assess imprecise data)
redenção {f}  :: redemption
redenção {f}  :: salvation
Redenção da Serra {prop}  :: Redenção da Serra (placename)
redentor {adj}  :: redeeming (which redeems)
redentor {m}  :: redeemer (one who redeems, saves from a state of sin)
Redentora {prop}  :: Redentora (placename)
redescobrindo {v}  :: gerund of redescobrir
redescobrir {v}  :: to rediscover
rede social {f} [Internet]  :: social network (an on-line network of personal or business contacts)
redigindo {v}  :: gerund of redigir
redigir {v}  :: to write, compose
redigitar {v}  :: to retype (to re-enter text using a keyboard)
redil {m}  :: a flock of sheep
redil {m} [figurative]  :: flock; congregation (people who gather in a place of worship)
redil {m}  :: sheepfold (enclosure for sheep)
redimir {v}  :: to redeem
redireccionar {v}  :: superseded spelling of redirecionar
redirecionamento {m} [Internet]  :: redirection (automated process of taking a user to a different site)
redirecionamento {m}  :: redirection (the act of sending to a different direction)
redirecionar {vt} [computing]  :: to redirect (to substitute an address or pointer to a new location)
redirecionar {vt}  :: to redirect (to instruct to go elsewhere)
redobrando {v}  :: gerund of redobrar
redobrar {v}  :: to redouble
redoma {f}  :: bell jar
redoma {f}  :: dome, cupola
redondo {adj} [figurative]  :: clear and definitive
redondo {adj} [of a number]  :: round (not having a fractional part or ending in zeroes)
redondo {adj}  :: round (circular, cylindrical or spherical in shape)
redondo {adv}  :: smoothly
Redondo {prop}  :: Redondo (placename)
redor {m}  :: the area surrounding someone or something
redundante {adj}  :: pleonastic
redundante {adj}  :: redundant
redundantemente {adv}  :: redundantly
redundância {f}  :: redundancy (something redundant)
redundância {f} [uncountable]  :: redundancy (state of being redundant)
redução {f}  :: curtailment
redução {f}  :: cutback
redução {f}  :: decrease
redução {f}  :: reduction (all senses)
redutase {f} [enzyme]  :: reductase
redutiva {adj}  :: feminine singular form of redutivo
redutivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of redutivo
redutivo {adj}  :: reductive
Reduto {prop}  :: Reduto (placename)
redutor {m}  :: reducer
redutível {adj}  :: reducible
redutível {adj}  :: reductive
reduzido {adj}  :: reduced, diminished
reduzido {adj}  :: restricted
reduzido {v}  :: past participle of reduzir
reduzindo {v}  :: gerund of reduzir
reduzir {v}  :: to decrease, lessen, diminish
reduzir {v}  :: to reduce, cut, shorten
reeleger {v}  :: to reelect (to elect again)
reembolsado {v}  :: past participle of reembolsar
reembolsando {v}  :: gerund of reembolsar
reembolsar {v}  :: to reimburse, refund, repay
reencarnada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of reencarnado
reencarnadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of reencarnado
reencarnado {adj}  :: reincarnated (reborn especially in a different body)
reencher {v}  :: to refill (to fill up again)
reencontrar {v}  :: to rediscover; to refind (to find again)
reenviado {v}  :: past participle of reenviar
reenviando {v}  :: gerund of reenviar
reenviar {v}  :: to forward, send on (a message)
reenviar {v}  :: to retransmit
reescrever {vt}  :: to rewrite
reestruturando {v}  :: gerund of reestruturar
reestruturação {f}  :: restructuring (an alteration of structure)
reestruturar {v}  :: to restructure
refazendo {v}  :: gerund of refazer
refazer {vt}  :: to redo
refeição {f}  :: meal (food that is prepared and eaten)
refeito {v}  :: past participle of refazer
refeitório {m}  :: refectory (a dining area, especially in an institution)
refeitura {f}  :: remake (of a film, of series)
referencial {adj}  :: referential
referenciando {v}  :: gerund of referenciar
referenciar {v}  :: to reference
referendo {m} [politics]  :: referendum (direct popular vote)
referente {adj}  :: referring (as in referente a = referring to, regarding)
referir {v}  :: to be about something; to have something as a subject
referir {v}  :: to refer (submit to an authority figure for consideration)
referir {v}  :: to refer (to allude to)
referir {v}  :: to refer (to direct to a source for help or information)
referir {v}  :: to relate (to tell in a descriptive way)
referir-se a {vr}  :: to refer to (to make a reference to)
referência {f}  :: reference
refúgio {m}  :: refuge, haven
refill {m}  :: a refill, especially a free refill of food or drink at a restaurant
refilmagem {f}  :: remake (of a film, of series)
refinado {adj}  :: cultivated
refinado {adj}  :: refined
refinado {v}  :: past participle of refinar
refinamento {m}  :: refinement, sophistication
refinamento {m}  :: refining
refinando {v}  :: gerund of refinar
refinação {f}  :: refinement
refinação {f}  :: refining
refinar {v}  :: to refine, purify
refinaria {f}  :: refinery
refirir {v}  :: obsolete spelling of referir
refle {m}  :: alternative form of rifle
reflectir {v}  :: superseded spelling of refletir
refletindo {v}  :: gerund of refletir
refletir {v}  :: to mirror
refletir {v}  :: to ponder, meditate
refletir {v}  :: to reflect
refletor {adj}  :: reflective
refletor {m}  :: reflector
refletora {adj}  :: feminine singular form of refletor
refletoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of refletor
reflexa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of reflexo
reflexas {adj}  :: feminine plural of reflexo
reflexivo {adj} [grammar]  :: reflexive (referring back to the subject)
reflexivo {adj}  :: who reflects (thinks seriously about something)
reflexão {f}  :: reflection (all senses)
reflexo {adj} [grammar]  :: reflexive
reflexo {adj} [optics]  :: reflected
reflexo {adj}  :: reflex (produced automatically by a stimulus)
reflexo {adj}  :: which is result of a previous quality or condition
reflexo {m} [optics]  :: reflection (something, such as an image, that is reflected)
reflexo {m}  :: quality or condition inherited or resulting from a previous quality or condition
reflexo {m}  :: reflex (automatic response)
reflorestamento {m}  :: reforestation (the replanting of trees in a region)
reflorestação {f}  :: reforestation (the replanting of trees in a region)
reflorestar {v}  :: to reforest (to replant trees in a region)
refluxo {m} [distilling]  :: reflux (liquid that returns to the fractionating column)
refluxo {m}  :: ebb (receding movement of the tide)
refluxo {m} [medicine]  :: reflux (leaking of stomach acid up into the oesophagus)
refluxo {m}  :: reflux (backwards flow of any fluid)
refém {m}  :: hostage
refogado {adj} [of food]  :: fried with oil or butter and seasonings
refogado {m}  :: food fried with oil or butter and seasonings
refogar {v}  :: to fry with oil or butter and seasonings
reforçando {v}  :: gerund of reforçar
reforçar {v}  :: to intensify
reforçar {v}  :: to reinforce
reforçar {v}  :: to strengthen
reforma {f}  :: pension (gratuity paid regularly as benefit due to a person in consideration of past services)
reforma {f}  :: reform
reforma {f}  :: renovation (repairs made to a building to improve or renew its appearance)
reforma {f}  :: retirement
reformação {f}  :: reformation
reformar {v}  :: to reform
reformatório {adj}  :: reforming (that reforms)
reformatório {m}  :: approved school; reformatory (prison for young offenders)
reformular {v}  :: to reformulate (to formulate in a different manner)
reforço {m}  :: intensification
reforço {m}  :: reinforcement
refractómetro {m}  :: superseded spelling of refratómetro
refractômetro {m}  :: superseded spelling of refratómetro
refractómetro de Abbe {m} [physics]  :: Abbe refractometer (instrument used to measure the refractive index of a liquid)
refractária {adj}  :: feminine singular form of refractário
refractárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of refractário
refractário {adj}  :: refractory
refração {f} [physics]  :: refraction
refratado {v}  :: past participle of refratar
refratando {v}  :: gerund of refratar
refratar {v}  :: to refract
refratômetro {m}  :: alternative form of refratómetro
refratómetro {m}  :: refractometer (instrument used to measure refractive index)
refratômetro de Abbe {m}  :: alternative spelling of refractómetro de Abbe
refratária {adj}  :: feminine singular form of refratário
refratárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of refratário
refratário {adj}  :: refractory
refrear {vt}  :: to curb; to restrain (to prevent from progressing)
refrega {f}  :: combat; battle; fight
refrega {f}  :: hard work
refrescante {adj}  :: refreshing (pleasantly fresh or different)
refrescar {v}  :: to freshen (to make fresh)
refrescar {v}  :: to refresh (to renew or revitalise)
refresco {m}  :: a refreshing drink
refresco {m}  :: solace (comfort or consolation in a time of distress)
refri {m} [Brazil]  :: short form of refrigerante
refrigerado {v}  :: past participle of refrigerar
refrigerador {m}  :: refrigerator (appliance that refrigerates food)
refrigerando {v}  :: gerund of refrigerar
refrigerante {adj}  :: refrigerant (that cools or freezes)
refrigerante {m}  :: refrigerant (that which makes cool or cold)
refrigerante {m}  :: soda (sweet, carbonated drink)
refrigeração {f}  :: refrigeration, cooling
refrigerar {v}  :: to cool; cool down
refrigerar {v}  :: to refrigerate
refrão {m} [music]  :: refrain (chorus burden of song)
refrão {m}  :: proverb; maxim
refugiado {adj}  :: seeking asylum
refugiado {m}  :: refugee (person seeking asylum)
refugiar {vt}  :: to shelter (to provide shelter)
refugo {m}  :: refuse (discarded material)
refulgente {adj}  :: refulgent (shining brightly and radiantly)
refulgência {f}  :: refulgence (the quality of being refulgent)
refutação {f}  :: refutation (an act of refuting)
refutar {vt}  :: to refute (to prove (something) to be false or incorrect)
rega {f}  :: irrigation
regador {m}  :: waterer (one who waters)
regador {m}  :: watering can (a container specific to carry and dispense water for plants usually with a sprout)
regalar {vir} [or]  :: to chill out (to relax or take time out)
regalar {vt}  :: to regale (to treat or entertain)
regalar {vt}  :: to treat (to reward with a present)
regaliz {m} [countable]  :: liquorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra, a leguminous plant from which a sweet, black liquor is extracted)
regalo {m}  :: gift (something given to another without charge)
regalo {m}  :: muff (a piece of fur or cloth for keeping the hands warm)
regalo {m}  :: pleasure; satisfaction; contentment
regaço {m}  :: a resting place or shelter
regaço {m}  :: bowels (the deepest or innermost part)
regaço {m}  :: lap (space in front of the lower abdomen, or over the legs of a seated person)
regaço {m}  :: lap (the lower part of a garment that hangs loosely)
regar {v} [figurative]  :: to provide beverages
regar {v}  :: to water (to pour water into the soil surrounding (plants))
regata {f}  :: regatta (boat racing)
regata {f}  :: wifebeater (kind of sleeveless shirt)
regatear {v}  :: to haggle over
regendo {v}  :: gerund of reger
regenerado {v}  :: past participle of regenerar
regenerando {v}  :: gerund of regenerar
regeneração {f}  :: reclamation
regeneração {f}  :: regeneration
regenerar {v}  :: to regenerate
regenerativa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of regenerativo
regenerativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of regenerativo
regenerativo {adj}  :: regenerative
regente {mf}  :: regent (one who rules in place of the monarch)
Regente Feijó {prop}  :: Regente Feijó (placename)
reger {v}  :: to govern, rule, administer
reggae {m} [music]  :: reggae (a music genre from Jamaica)
regiamente {adv}  :: regally
regicídio {m}  :: regicide (the killing of a king)
regicida {mf}  :: regicide (one who kills a king)
regido {adj}  :: governed, directed
regido {v}  :: past participle of reger
regime {m}  :: diet (controlled regimen of food and drink)
regime {m}  :: regime (form of government)
regime {m}  :: regime (mode of rule or management)
regime {m}  :: regime (period of rule)
regimental {adj}  :: regimental
regimento {m} [military]  :: regiment (army unit)
regimento {m}  :: statute (written law or norms)
regimento {m}  :: the act of ruling, governing
Reginópolis {prop}  :: Reginópolis (placename)
região {f}  :: region, district
Região Autónoma dos Açores {prop}  :: Autonomous Region of the Azores (placename)
regional {adj}  :: regional (pertaining or limited to a specific region)
regionalismo {m} [linguistics]  :: regionalism (word or feature peculiar to a dialect)
regionalismo {m}  :: regionalism (affection to one’s own region)
registando {v}  :: gerund of registar
registar {v}  :: (Portugal) to register, to record
registo {m} [Portugal]  :: register
registo {m} [Portugal]  :: registration
registrador {m}  :: a device or person who registers information
registrador {m} [computing]  :: register (part of the central processing unit used to store numbers)
registrar {v} [Brazil]  :: to register, to record
registro {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of registo
Registro {prop}  :: Registro (placename)
regímen {m}  :: regimen (all senses)
regência {f} [grammar]  :: valency (the relation between a verb and its arguments)
regência {f} [politics]  :: regency (government substituting that of a monarch)
regência {f}  :: the process of governing (controlling the actions or behaviour of)
rego {m} [Brazil, vulgar, slang]  :: crack (space between the buttocks)
rego {m}  :: ditch (drainage trench)
regolito {m} [geology]  :: regolith (layer of loose rock that constitutes the surface of most land)
regozijar {v}  :: to rejoice (to make happy)
regozijar-se {vr}  :: to rejoice (to be happy about something)
regozijo {m}  :: joy
regozijo {m}  :: rejoicing
regra {f}  :: rule (a regulation, law or guideline)
regra da mão direita {f} [physics]  :: right-hand rule (common mnemonic for understanding notation conventions for vectors in three dimensions)
regrar {v}  :: to regulate, to control
regrar {v}  :: to rule (to mark paper or the like with lines)
regras {fp}  :: menstruation, period
regredir {vi}  :: to regress (to move backwards to an earlier stage)
regressando {v}  :: gerund of regressar
regressar {v}  :: to return, revert, regress
regressão {f}  :: regression
regresso {m}  :: return (act of returning)
regrinha {f}  :: diminutive form of regra
Reguengos de Monsaraz {prop}  :: Reguengos de Monsaraz (placename)
regulador {adj}  :: which regulates
regulador {m}  :: regulator (device that controls or limits something)
regulamentando {v}  :: gerund of regulamentar
regulamentação {f}  :: regulation
regulamentar {v}  :: to regulate, control
regulamento {m}  :: regulation, rule
regulação {f}  :: regulation (all senses)
regular {adj}  :: average
regular {adj}  :: regular
regular {v}  :: to regulate
regular {v}  :: to set (a watch, clock)
regular {v}  :: to tune (an engine)
regularidade {f}  :: regularity
regularizador {m}  :: regulator (someone or something that regulates)
regularização {f}  :: regularisation (the act of regularising)
regularizar {v}  :: to regularise (to make regular)
regurgitar {v}  :: to regurgitate (to eject what has been swallowed)
rei {m} [chess, cards]  :: king
rei {m}  :: king [monarch]
Reia {prop} [astronomy]  :: Rhea (moon of Saturn)
Reia {prop} [Greek god]  :: Rhea (a titan, daughter of Uranus and Gaia)
Reich {m}  :: Reich (territory of a German empire or nation)
rei-dos-ratos {m} [chiefly, mediaeval folklore]  :: rat king (conglomeration of rats with intertwined tails)
reificação {f}  :: reification (consideration of an abstract thing as if it were concrete)
Reikiavik {prop} [obsolete]  :: rare spelling of Reykjavik
Reikjavik {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Reykjavik
Reikjavique {prop} [dated]  :: rare spelling of Reykjavik
rei morto, rei posto {proverb}  :: The king is dead, long live the king
reinado {m}  :: reign (the exercise of sovereign power)
reinado {m}  :: reign (the period during which a monarch rules)
reinar {v} [figurative]  :: to be influential or predominant
reinar {v}  :: to reign (to be the king)
reincarnação {f}  :: reincarnation; rebirth
reincidente {adj}  :: who is a repeat offender
reincidente {n}  :: recidivist; repeat offender (one who falls back into prior habits, especially crime)
reincidir {v} [indtr, pt, em, intr=1, .criminal law]  :: to reoffend (to commit a crime again)
reincidir {v} [indtr, pt, em, intr=1]  :: to relapse (to fall back on a prior habit)
reinício {m}  :: restart (act of starting something again)
reinha {f}  :: obsolete form of rainha
reiniciar {v} [computing]  :: to reboot (to restart a system)
reiniciar {v}  :: to restart (to start again)
reino {m} [biology, taxonomy]  :: kingdom
reino {m}  :: kingdom (nation having as supreme ruler a king and/or queen)
reino animal {m} [taxonomy]  :: animal kingdom (the taxonomic kingdom Animalia)
Reino Armênio da Cilícia {prop} [historical]  :: Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia (placename)
Reino da Arábia Saudita {prop}  :: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (placename)
Reino da Bélgica {prop}  :: Kingdom of Belgium (placename)
Reino da Dinamarca {prop}  :: Kingdom of Denmark (placename)
Reino da Espanha {prop}  :: Kingdom of Spain (placename)
Reino da Holanda {prop}  :: Kingdom of the Netherlands (placename)
Reino da Noruega {prop}  :: Kingdom of Norway (placename)
Reino da Suazilândia {prop}  :: Kingdom of Swaziland (placename)
Reino da Suécia {prop}  :: Kingdom of Sweden (placename)
Reino da Tailândia {prop}  :: Kingdom of Thailand (placename)
Reino de Aksum {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Reino de Axum
Reino de Axum {prop}  :: Kingdom of Aksum (placename)
Reino de Butão {prop}  :: alternative form of Reino do Butão
Reino de Camboja {prop}  :: Kingdom of Cambodia (placename)
Reino de Espanha {prop}  :: alternative form of Reino da Espanha
Reino de Lesoto {prop}  :: alternative form of Reino do Lesoto
Reino de Suazilândia {prop}  :: alternative form of Reino da Suazilândia
Reino do Butão {prop}  :: Kingdom of Bhutan (placename)
Reino do Camboja {prop}  :: alternative form of Reino de Camboja
Reino do Lesotho {prop}  :: alternative form of Reino do Lesoto
Reino do Lesoto {prop}  :: Kingdom of Lesotho (placename)
Reino do Meio {prop}  :: Middle Kingdom (a nickname for China)
Reino dos Céus {prop} [Christianity]  :: Kingdom of Heaven (Christian concept)
Reino dos Países Baixos {prop}  :: Kingdom of the Netherlands (placename)
Reino Hachemita da Jordânia {prop}  :: Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (placename)
Reino Haxemita da Jordânia {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Reino Hachemita da Jordânia
Reino Médio {prop}  :: Middle Kingdom (a nickname for China)
Reino Médio {prop}  :: Middle Kingdom (Egypt in the 12th and 13th dynasties)
Reino Unido {prop}  :: United Kingdom (placename)
Reino Unido da Grã-Bretanha e Irlanda do Norte {prop}  :: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (placename)
reinstalação {f}  :: reinstallation (the act or process of reinstalling)
reinstalar {v}  :: to reinstall (to install again)
reinventar {vt}  :: to reinvent
reinventar a roda {v} [idiomatic]  :: to reinvent the wheel (to redo work unnecessarily)
Reiquejavique {prop}  :: alternative form of Reykjavik
reis {n}  :: obsolete spelling of réis
reiterabilidade {f}  :: iterability (the capacity of being repeated)
reiteração {f}  :: reiteration (act of reiterating)
reiterar {v}  :: to reiterate (to say or do something for a second time)
reitor {m}  :: dean
reitor {m}  :: provost
reitor {m}  :: rector
reivindicado {v}  :: past participle of reivindicar
reivindicando {v}  :: gerund of reivindicar
reivindicação {f}  :: claim
reivindicação {f}  :: vindication
reivindicar {v}  :: to claim, assert
reivindicar {v}  :: to reclaim
reivindicar {v}  :: to vindicate
reixa {f}  :: alternative form of rixa
rejeição {f}  :: refusal
rejeição {f}  :: rejection
rejeitar {v} [medicine]  :: to reject a transplanted organ
rejeitar {v}  :: to despise (to regard with contempt or scorn)
rejeitar {v}  :: to disapprove (to refuse to approve)
rejeitar {v}  :: to reject (to refuse to accept)
rejeitar {vt}  :: to vomit something
rejeytar {v}  :: obsolete spelling of rejeitar
re-jogar {v}  :: alternative spelling of rejogar
rejogar {vit}  :: to replay
rejuvenescendo {v}  :: gerund of rejuvenescer
rejuvenescer {v}  :: to rejuvenate (to render young again)
rejuvenescimento {m}  :: rejuvenation (the process of rendering young again)
relé {m} [electronics]  :: relay (electrical actuator)
relacionabildade {f}  :: relatability (quality of being relatable)
relacionada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of relacionado
relacionado {adj}  :: related
relacionamento {m}  :: relationship (a romantic or sexual involvement)
relacionamento {m}  :: relationship (connection or association)
relacionamento {m}  :: the act of relating (making a connection)
relacionamento aberto {m}  :: open relationship (the relationship with possible additional relationships)
relacionando {v}  :: gerund of relacionar
relacionar {v}  :: to relate
relacionável {adj}  :: relatable (possible to relate)
relações públicas {n} [business]  :: public relations (relations between an organisation and the public)
relampejar {v}  :: to produce lightnings
relance {m}  :: glance
relação {f}  :: relation
relação sexual {f}  :: sexual intercourse (sexual interaction)
relapso {m}  :: relapse (the act of relapsing: returning a previous, worse state)
relatar {v}  :: to narrate; to relate (to tell in a descriptive way)
relatar {v}  :: to report (to recount an event or incident)
relativamente {adv}  :: relatively (in relation to some larger scale thing)
relativamente {adv}  :: relatively; somewhat
relatividade {f} [physics]  :: relativity (principle that the laws of physics should be the same for all observers)
relatividade {f}  :: relativity (the state of being relative)
relatividade especial {f} [relativity]  :: special relativity (physics theory)
relatividade geral {f} [relativity]  :: general relativity (theory extending special relativity and uniformly accounting for gravity and accelerated frames of reference)
relatividade restrita {f} [relativity]  :: special relativity (physics theory)
relativismo {m} [philosophy]  :: relativism (theory that truth and moral values are relative)
relativo {adj} [grammar]  :: relative
relativo {adj}  :: relative (depending on something else)
relato {m}  :: broadcast (usually in radio) of a sports event (mostly football)
relatório {m}  :: report (information describing events)
relaxado {adj}  :: irresponsible (lacking a sense of responsibility)
relaxado {adj}  :: relaxed (having an easy-going mood or temperament)
relaxado {adj}  :: relaxed (made less tight; loose)
relaxamento {m}  :: relaxation
relaxante {adj}  :: relaxing (which makes someone relaxed)
relaxante {m} [pharmacology]  :: relaxant (substance that relaxes the muscles)
relaxar {vi}  :: to relax
relembrando {v}  :: gerund of relembrar
relembrar {v}  :: to recall
relembrar {v}  :: to remember
reler {vt}  :: to reread
reles {adj}  :: despicable
reles {adj}  :: lousy, cheap
reles {adj}  :: vulgar, common
reles {adj}  :: worthless
relevante {adj}  :: relevant (directly related, connected, or pertinent to a topic)
relevância {f}  :: relevance (property or state of being relevant)
relevo {m}  :: importance; relevance
relevo {m}  :: relief (difference of elevations on a surface)
relevo {m}  :: relief; relievo (artwork in which shapes or figures protrude from a flat background)
relógio {m}  :: clock (instrument to measure or keep track of time)
relógio {m}  :: watch
relógio analógico {m}  :: analog clock (clock that displays the time using hands)
relógio atômico {m}  :: alternative form of relógio atómico
relógio atómico {m}  :: atomic clock (extremely accurate clock whose operation is based on an atomic process)
relógio de bolso {m}  :: pocket watch (watch with a cover and chain)
relógio de ponto {m}  :: time clock (a device that records the times that employees start and finish work)
relógio de pulso {m}  :: wristwatch
relógio de sol {m}  :: sundial (simple timekeeping device which makes use of sunlight)
relógio do sol {m}  :: alternative form of relógio de sol
relógio solar {m}  :: sundial (simple timekeeping device which makes use of sunlight)
relha {f}  :: coulter
relha {f}  :: ploughshare
relicário {m}  :: reliquary
relicário {m}  :: shrine
religião {f}  :: religion
religiosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of religioso
religiosamente {adv}  :: religiously
religiosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of religioso
religiosidade {f}  :: religiousness
religioso {adj}  :: religious
relinchar {v} [of a horse]  :: to neigh (to make its cry)
relincho {m}  :: neigh (the cry of a horse)
reliquiário {m}  :: rare form of relicário
relâmpado {m}  :: obsolete form of relâmpago
relâmpago {m}  :: lightning (flash of light caused by the discharge of atmospheric electrical charge)
relojeira {adj}  :: feminine singular form of relojeiro
relojeiras {adj}  :: feminine plural of relojeiro
relojeiro {adj}  :: alternative form of relojoeiro
relojeiro {m}  :: alternative form of relojoeiro
relojo {m} [nonstandard, eye-dialect, or, obsolete]  :: alternative form of relógio
relojoeira {adj}  :: feminine singular form of relojoeiro
relojoeiras {adj}  :: feminine plural of relojoeiro
relojoeiro {adj}  :: relating to clockmaking
relojoeiro {adj}  :: relating to clocks
relojoeiro {m}  :: clockmaker; watchmaker (person who makes and repairs clocks and watches)
relíquia {f}  :: heirloom
relíquia {f}  :: relic
relutando {v}  :: gerund of relutar
relutante {adj}  :: reluctant (not wanting to take some action)
relutantemente {adv}  :: reluctantly
relutar {v}  :: to be recalcitrant
relutar {v}  :: to be reluctant
relutar {v}  :: to resist
relutância {f}  :: reluctance (all senses)
reluzente {adj}  :: glittering
reluzir {v}  :: to glisten (to reflect light with a glittering luster)
relva {f}  :: grass, turf
relva {f}  :: herbage, hay
relvado {m}  :: lawn (ground covered with grass)
Relvado {prop}  :: Relvado (placename)
relvar {v}  :: to turf (to plant a lawn)
remake {m}  :: remake (new version of a production, such as a film or a videogame)
remala {f}  :: alternative form of remela
remandar {v}  :: to resend (to send again)
remanescente {adj}  :: remaining (which remains)
remanescente {adj}  :: which survived
remanescente {mf}  :: survivor (one who survived)
remanescente {m}  :: remainder (part or parts remaining)
remanescer {v}  :: to remain (to stay while others withdraw or are removed)
Remanso {prop}  :: Remanso (placename)
remar {v}  :: to row
rematada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of rematado
rematadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of rematado
rematado {adj}  :: full
rematado {adj}  :: unmitigated
rematando {v}  :: gerund of rematar
rematar {v}  :: to finish (off)
remédio {m} [figurative]  :: alcoholic beverages
remédio {m} [figurative]  :: remedy (something that corrects or counteracts)
remédio {m} [pharmacology]  :: medicine (substance which promotes healing)
remedar {v}  :: alternative form of arremedar
remediar {v} [figurative]  :: to remedy (to serve as a remedy for)
remediar {v}  :: to medicate (to administer medication)
remedio {m}  :: obsolete spelling of remédio
remela {f}  :: rheum; sleep (substance found in the corner of the eyes)
remendar {v} [by extension]  :: to repair something crudely
remendar {v}  :: to mend (to repair a tear in clothing)
remendo {m} [figurative]  :: patch (a repair intended to be used for a limited time)
remendo {m}  :: patch (piece of cloth used to repair something)
remessa {f}  :: shipment (load of transported goods)
remetendo {v}  :: gerund of remeter
remetente {mf}  :: sender (someone who is sending the mail)
remeter {v}  :: submit, mail, remit, send, ship, transfer
remeter {v}  :: suggest, refer
remexer {v} [indtr, pt, em, direct=1]  :: to rummage (to search hastily and carelessly)
remexer {vtp} [or, transitive with a part of the body, informal]  :: to swing; to move; to shake (to dance in a lively manner)
remexer {vt}  :: to stir; to agitate (to disturb the contents of)
remexida {adj}  :: feminine form of remexido
remexida {f} [informal]  :: stir; tumult; uproar
remexida {f} [informal]  :: swing (the act of dancing lively)
remexida {f}  :: stir (the act of stirring)
remindo {v}  :: gerund of remir
reminiscência {f}  :: reminiscence, recollection
remição {f}  :: remittance
remir {v}  :: to compensate
remir {v}  :: to forgive
remir {v}  :: to redeem, remit
remir {v}  :: to rehabilitate
remissão {f}  :: pardon
remissão {f}  :: remission
remitir {v}  :: to remit; to pardon; to forgive
remix {m} [music]  :: remix (piece of music formed by combining existing pieces of music together)
remixagem {m} [music]  :: remixing (the process of creating musical remixes)
remo {m}  :: oar (implement used to row a boat)
remo {m} [uncountable, sports]  :: rowing (the rowing of boats as a competitive sport)
Remo {prop} [Roman mythology] [historical given name, eq=Remus, male, one of the two founders of Rome]  ::
remoalho {m}  :: cud (portion of food brought back into the mouth by ruminating animals)
remodelação {f}  :: remodelling
remodelação {f}  :: renovation
remodelar {v}  :: to remodel
remoer {v} [figuratively]  :: to be preoccupied with, to brood over
remoer {v}  :: to chew
remoer {v}  :: to mill or grind repeatedly
remoinho {m}  :: eddy (air or water running in an opposite direction to the main current)
remoinho {m}  :: whirlpool, vortex
remoinho {m}  :: whirlwind
remontando {v}  :: gerund of remontar
remontar {v}  :: to reassemble
remontar {v}  :: to remount
remoção {f}  :: removal
remordimento {m}  :: remorse (feeling of regret or sadness for doing wrong or sinning)
remordimento {m}  :: the act of biting something again
remorso {m}  :: regret
remorso {m}  :: remorse
remota {adj}  :: feminine singular form of remoto
remotamente {adv}  :: distantly
remotamente {adv}  :: remotely
remoto {adj}  :: remote, far-flung (at a distance)
removendo {v}  :: gerund of remover
remover {v}  :: to remove
removido {v}  :: past participle of remover
remunerado {v}  :: past participle of remunerar
remunerando {v}  :: gerund of remunerar
remuneração {f}  :: payment
remuneração {f}  :: remuneration, pay, salary
remunerar {v}  :: to compensate
remunerar {v}  :: to remunerate
remuneratória {adj}  :: feminine singular form of remuneratório
remuneratórias {adj}  :: feminine plural of remuneratório
remuneratório {adj}  :: remunerative
Renã {prop}  :: male given name, spelling variant of Renan
rena {f}  :: reindeer
Renan {prop}  :: male given name
renano {adj}  :: Rhenish (pertaining to the river Rhine)
renano {m}  :: Rhenish (Germanic dialects spoken in the Rhineland)
renano {m}  :: Rhinelander (someone from the Rhineland)
renascença {f}  :: rebirth; revival
renascença {f}  :: Renaissance (any revival of older culture)
Renascença {prop}  :: Renaissance (14th century revival of classical art in Europe)
renascendo {v}  :: gerund of renascer
renascente {adj}  :: being reborn
renascentista {adj}  :: Renaissance (relating to the Renaissance)
renascentista {n}  :: an artist who was active during the Renaissance
renascer {v}  :: to revive
renascimento {m}  :: regeneration
renascimento {m}  :: renaissance
renascimento {m}  :: revival
Renata {prop}  :: female given name, Renata
renda {f}  :: a piece of fabric or clothes made of lace
renda {f} [economics]  :: income (money one earns by working)
renda {f}  :: rent (payment made by a tenant at intervals in order to occupy a property)
renda {f} [uncountable]  :: lace (light fabric containing patterns of holes)
rendar {v}  :: to rent
rendendo {v}  :: gerund of render
rendeo {v}  :: obsolete spelling of rendeu
render {v}  :: to dominate or command
render {v}  :: to render
render {v}  :: to subject
render {v}  :: to yield
renderizar {v} [computer graphics]  :: to render (to generate a display on a computer screen)
render-se {vr}  :: to surrender (to give up in defeat)
rendez-vous {m}  :: rendezvous (agreement to meet; a location or time agreed upon to meet)
rendido {v}  :: past participle of render
rendimento {m}  :: efficiency, productivity
rendimento {m}  :: income
rendimento {m}  :: revenue
rendimento {m}  :: yield, return
rendição {f}  :: surrender, capitulation
renegado {adj}  :: who has reneged (broken one’s promise or commitment)
renegado {m}  :: renegade (person who betrays or deserts his cause)
renegar {v}  :: to disown (to refuse to acknowledge as one’s own)
renegar {v}  :: to reject or detest
renegar {v}  :: to renege (to break a promise or commitment)
renegar {v}  :: to renounce an ideology
renmimbi {m}  :: alternative spelling of renminbi
renminbi {m}  :: renminbi (currency unit of China)
renúncia {f}  :: renunciation (act of rejecting or renouncing something as invalid)
renúncia {f}  :: resignation (act of resigning)
renúncia {f}  :: waiver (act of waiving)
Renânia {prop}  :: Rhineland (placename)
Renânia do Norte-Vestfália {prop}  :: alternative form of Renânia do Norte-Westfália
Renânia do Norte-Westfália {prop}  :: North Rhine-Westphalia (placename)
Renânia-Palatinado {prop}  :: Rhineland-Palatinate (placename)
Reno {prop}  :: Rhine (placename)
renomada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of renomado
renomadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of renomado
renomado {adj}  :: renowned; famous
renome {m}  :: renown (fame or wide recognition)
renomeando {v}  :: gerund of renomear
renomear {v}  :: to rename
renomear {v}  :: to renominate
renovado {v}  :: past participle of renovar
renovamento {m}  :: renewal (the act of renewing)
renovando {v}  :: gerund of renovar
renovação {f}  :: renewal
renovação {f}  :: renovation
renovação {f}  :: revival
renovar {v}  :: to renew, renovate, refurbish
renovável {adj}  :: renewable
renque {m}  :: row (line of evenly spaced people or objects)
rente a {prep}  :: very close to; almost touching
rente de {prep}  :: alternative form of rente a
rentista {n}  :: rentier (individual who receives income from assets and investments)
rentrée {f} [education, administration]  :: the return to school or work after a vacation (usually the summer break)
rentável {adj}  :: profitable
renunciar {v}  :: to renounce
reocorrer {vi} [rare]  :: to recur (to happen again)
reordenar {v} [religion]  :: to reordain (to ordain again)
reordenar {v}  :: to get something in order again
reordenar {v}  :: to resort (to repeat a sorting process)
reorganizado {v}  :: past participle of reorganizar
reorganizando {v}  :: gerund of reorganizar
reorganizar {v}  :: to reorganize
reoxidando {v}  :: gerund of reoxidar
reoxidar {v}  :: to reoxidize
reparador {adj}  :: which repairs
reparador {m}  :: repairer (person who repairs)
reparadora {adj}  :: feminine singular form of reparador
reparadoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of reparador
reparação {f}  :: repair
reparação {f}  :: reparation
reparar {v} [indtr, pt, em]  :: to realize, to become aware
reparar {vt}  :: to repair, to fix
reparo {m} [military]  :: defensive works, such as trenches
reparo {m} [military]  :: the support base of a piece of artillery
reparo {m}  :: note; notice (the act of noticing or noting something)
reparo {m}  :: repair (the act of repairing, fixing something)
repartido {v}  :: past participle of repartir
repartindo {v}  :: gerund of repartir
repartição {f}  :: allocation
repartição {f}  :: distribution
repartir {v}  :: to allocate, distribute
repartir {v}  :: to share, apportion
repassar {vt}  :: to forward (send (something received) to a third party)
república {adj}  :: feminine singular form of repúblico
república {f}  :: a rented house or apartment where various students live together
república {f} [political subdivision]  :: (a type of state-level subdivision used in Russia)
república {f} [politics]  :: republic (state where elected officials represent the citizens)
República Argelina Democrática e Popular {prop}  :: People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria (placename)
República Argentina {prop}  :: Argentine Republic (placename)
república bananeira {f} [politics]  :: banana republic (country dependent on a single export commodity with a corrupt dictatorial government)
República Centro-Africana {prop}  :: Central African Republic (placename)
República Checa {prop}  :: Czech Republic (placename)
República da Albânia {prop}  :: Republic of Albania (placename)
República da Armênia {prop}  :: alternative form of República da Arménia
República da Arménia {prop}  :: Republic of Armenia (official name of Armenia)
República da Botsuana {prop}  :: alternative form of República de Botsuana
República da Bulgária {prop}  :: Republic of Bulgaria (placename)
República da China {prop}  :: Republic of China (placename)
República da Coreia {prop}  :: Republic of Korea (placename)
República da Costa do Marfim {prop}  :: Republic of Côte d'Ivoire (placename)
República da Croácia {prop}  :: Republic of Croatia (placename)
República da Eslovênia {prop}  :: alternative form of República da Eslovénia
República da Eslovénia {prop}  :: Republic of Slovenia (placename)
República da Estónia {prop}  :: Republic of Estonia (placename)
República da Finlândia {prop}  :: Republic of Finland (placename)
República da África do Sul {prop}  :: Republic of South Africa (placename)
República da Gâmbia {prop}  :: Republic of the Gambia (placename)
República da Guiné {prop}  :: Republic of Guinea (formal name of Guinea)
República da Guiné Equatorial {prop}  :: Republic of Equatorial Guinea (placename)
República da Hungria {prop}  :: Republic of Hungary (placename)
República da Indonésia {prop}  :: Republic of Indonesia (placename)
República da Irlanda {prop}  :: Republic of Ireland (placename)
República da Islândia {prop}  :: Republic of Iceland (placename)
República da Letônia {prop}  :: alternative form of República da Letónia
República da Letónia {prop}  :: Republic of Latvia (placename)
República da Lituânia {prop}  :: Republic of Lithuania (placename)
República da Macedônia {prop}  :: alternative form of República da Macedónia
República da Macedónia {prop}  :: Republic of Macedonia (official name of Macedonia)
República da Moldávia {prop}  :: Republic of Moldova (placename)
República da Índia {prop}  :: Republic of India (placename)
República da Polônia {prop}  :: alternative form of República da Polónia
República da Polónia {prop}  :: Republic of Poland (placename)
República da Sérvia {prop}  :: Republic of Serbia (placename)
República das Seychelles {prop}  :: Republic of Seychelles (placename)
República da Turquia {prop}  :: Republic of Turkey (placename)
República da Áustria {prop}  :: Republic of Austria (placename)
República da Zâmbia {prop}  :: Republic of Zambia (placename)
República de Angola {prop}  :: Republic of Angola (placename)
república de banana {f}  :: alternative form of república de bananas
república de bananas {f} [politics, idiomatic]  :: banana republic (country dependent on a single export commodity with a corrupt dictatorial government)
República de Belarus {prop}  :: Republic of Belarus (placename)
República de Botsuana {prop}  :: Republic of Botswana (placename)
República de Botswana {prop}  :: alternative spelling of República de Botsuana
República de Burundi {prop}  :: alternative form of República do Burundi
República de Chipre {prop}  :: alternative form of República do Chipre
República de Malawi {prop}  :: alternative form of República do Malawi
República de Malta {prop}  :: Republic of Malta (placename)
República Democrática Alemã {prop}  :: German Democratic Republic (placename)
República Democrática do Congo {prop}  :: Congo (placename)
República Democrática Popular da Coreia {prop}  :: Democratic People's Republic of Korea (placename)
República Democrática Popular da Coréia {prop}  :: obsolete spelling of República Democrática Popular da Coreia
República Democrática Popular do Iêmen {prop}  :: People's Democratic Republic of Yemen (placename)
República Democrática Popular do Laos {prop}  :: Lao People's Democratic Republic (placename)
República Democrática Socialista do Sri Lanka {prop}  :: Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (placename)
República de Nagorno-Karabakh {prop}  :: Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (placename)
República de Níger {prop}  :: alternative form of República do Níger
República de San Marino {prop}  :: Republic of San Marino (placename)
República de Seychelles {prop}  :: alternative form of República das Seychelles
República de São Marino {prop}  :: alternative form of República de San Marino
República de Uganda {prop}  :: Republic of Uganda (placename)
República de Weimar {prop} [historical]  :: Weimar Republic (placename)
República de Zâmbia {prop}  :: alternative form of República da Zâmbia
República do Burundi {prop}  :: Republic of Burundi (placename)
República do Chipre {prop}  :: Republic of Cyprus (placename)
República do Congo {prop}  :: Congo (placename)
República do Kosovo {prop}  :: Republic of Kosovo (placename)
República do Malaui {prop}  :: alternative form of República do Malawi
República do Malawi {prop}  :: Republic of Malawi (placename)
República Dominicana {prop}  :: Dominican Republic (placename)
República do Níger {prop}  :: Republic of Niger (placename)
República do Sudão {prop}  :: Republic of the Sudan (placename)
República do Tadjiquistão {prop}  :: Republic of Tajikistan (placename)
República do Tajiquistão {prop}  :: alternative form of República do Tadjiquistão
República do Uzbequistão {prop}  :: Republic of Uzbekistan (placename)
República do Zaire {prop}  :: Republic of Zaire (placename)
República do Zimbabwe {prop}  :: Republic of Zimbabwe (placename)
República do Zimbábue {prop}  :: alternative spelling of República do Zimbabwe
República Eslovaca {prop}  :: Slovak Republic (placename)
República Federal da Alemanha {prop}  :: Federal Republic of Germany (placename)
República Federal da Nigéria {prop}  :: Federal Republic of Nigeria (placename)
República Federativa da Nigéria {prop}  :: Federal Republic of Nigeria (placename)
República Federativa do Brasil {prop}  :: Federative Republic of Brazil (placename)
República Francesa {prop}  :: French Republic (placename)
República Helênica {prop}  :: alternative form of República Helénica
República Helénica {prop}  :: Hellenic Republic (placename)
República Islâmica do Irã {prop}  :: alternative form of República Islâmica do Irão
República Islâmica do Irão {prop}  :: Islamic Republic of Iran (placename)
República Islâmica do Paquistão {prop}  :: Islamic Republic of Pakistan (placename)
República Italiana {prop}  :: Italian Republic (placename)
república marítima {f} [historical]  :: maritime republic (city-state which established colonies around the Mediterranean)
República Oriental do Uruguai {prop}  :: Oriental Republic of Uruguay (placename)
república popular {f}  :: people's republic (self-designation of states with Marxist-Leninist governments)
República Popular da China {prop}  :: People's Republic of China (placename)
República Popular do Bangladesh {prop}  :: People's Republic of Bangladesh (placename)
República Portuguesa {prop}  :: Portuguese Republic (placename)
República Árabe do Egipto {prop}  :: obsolete spelling of República Árabe do Egito
República Árabe do Egito {prop}  :: Arab Republic of Egypt (placename)
República Árabe Síria {prop}  :: Syrian Arab Republic (placename)
República Socialista do Vietnã {prop}  :: alternative form of República Socialista do Vietname
República Socialista do Vietname {prop}  :: Socialist Republic of Vietnam (placename)
República Socialista Federativa da Iugoslávia {prop} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of República Socialista Federativa da Jugoslávia
República Socialista Federativa da Jugoslávia {prop} [Portugal]  :: Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (placename)
república socialista soviética {f} [historical, political subdivision]  :: Soviet Socialist Republic (any of the republics forming the Soviet Union)
República Srpska {prop}  :: Republika Srpska (placename)
República Sérvia {prop}  :: Republika Srpska (entity within Bosnia and Herzegovina)
República Sérvia da Bósnia {prop}  :: Republika Srpska (placename)
República Tcheca {prop}  :: alternative form of República Checa
repúbrica {f}  :: obsolete form of república
repelido {v}  :: past participle of repelir
repelindo {v}  :: gerund of repelir
repelir {v}  :: to repel (to push away)
repensar {v}  :: to rethink (to think again about a problem)
repente {m}  :: attack, upsurge
repente {m}  :: sudden movement
repentina {adj}  :: feminine singular form of repentino
repentinamente {adv}  :: Happening quickly and without warning; suddenly; unexpectedly; out of nowhere; out of the blue
repentino {adj}  :: sudden (happening quickly and with little or no warning)
repercussão {f}  :: repercussion
repercussão {f}  :: reverberation
repertório {m}  :: repertoire (collection of items)
repertório {m}  :: repertoire (list of performances which a company or a person has rehearsed)
repertório {m}  :: repertoire (set of skills possessed by a person)
repescagem {f} [sports]  :: repechage (heat for competitors who have lost in a previous round)
repetidamente {adv}  :: repeatedly
repetido {v}  :: past participle of repetir
repetindo {v}  :: gerund of repetir
repetição {f}  :: duplication
repetição {f}  :: repetition
repetir {v}  :: to eat more than one plateful of something during a meal
repetir {v}  :: to flunk (to fail a class; to not pass)
repetir {v}  :: to repeat (to do again)
repetir {v}  :: to repeat (to say again)
repisando {v}  :: gerund of repisar
repisar {v}  :: to step back or again
repisar {v}  :: to trample
replantado {v}  :: past participle of replantar
replantando {v}  :: gerund of replantar
replantação {f}  :: replanting
replantar {v}  :: to replant
repleta {adj}  :: feminine singular form of repleto
repleto {adj}  :: replete; full
replicabilidade {f}  :: replicability (the ability to be replicated)
replicado {v}  :: past participle of replicar
replicando {v}  :: gerund of replicar
replicação {f}  :: replication
replicar {v}  :: to refute, contest
replicar {v}  :: to replicate
replicar {v}  :: to reply, answer, respond
replicão {m} [Portugal]  :: alternative form of replicon
replicon {m} [genetics]  :: replicon (region of DNA or RNA that replicates from a single origin)
replicável {adj}  :: replicable (that can be replicated)
repolho {m}  :: cabbage
repolho branco {m}  :: white cabbage (a cabbage cultivar)
repolho roxo {m}  :: red cabbage (a variety of cabbage having red leaves)
repolir {v}  :: to repolish (to polish again)
repor {v} [computing]  :: to reset
repor {v}  :: to put again
repor {v}  :: to put back
repor {v}  :: to restitute
reportado {adj}  :: reported
reportado {v}  :: past participle of reportar
reportagem {f}  :: reportage
reportando {v}  :: gerund of reportar
reportar {v}  :: to report
reposição {f}  :: the act of providing a replacement for something that is unavailable or was used up
repositório {m}  :: repository (a location for storage)
repousar {v}  :: to repose; to rest, to relax
repouso {m} [euphemistic, uncountable]  :: the state of being dead
repouso {m}  :: the act of resting
repouso {m} [uncountable]  :: repose; quietness
repouso {m} [uncountable]  :: repose; rest
repouso {m} [uncountable]  :: sleep (state of reduced consciousness for resting)
repreender {v}  :: to censure
repreender {v}  :: to reprimand, to reprehend
repreensão {f}  :: admonition
repreensível {adj}  :: reprehensible (deserving reprehension)
represa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of represo
represa {f}  :: dam (structure placed across a flowing body of water)
represa {f}  :: reservoir of a dam
representacionalismo {m} [arts]  :: representationalism (realistic representation of the world)
representacionalismo {m} [philosophy]  :: representationalism (the belief that the conscious perception of the world is actually an internal replica of the world of the mind of the beholder)
representacionismo {m} [philosophy]  :: representationalism (the belief that the conscious perception of the world is actually an internal replica of the world of the mind of the beholder)
representado {adj}  :: proprietary
representado {adj}  :: represented
representado {adj}  :: reproduced
representado {v}  :: past participle of representar
representando {v}  :: gerund of representar
representante {adj}  :: which represents
representante {mf}  :: representative (someone or something that is taken as typical of its class)
representante {mf}  :: representative (someone who may speak for another in a particular capacity)
representante {mf}  :: someone or something which represents
representação {f}  :: impersonation
representação {f}  :: portrayal
representação {f}  :: representation (all senses)
representar {v}  :: to depict
representar {v}  :: to represent
representar {v}  :: to typify
representativo {adj}  :: representative (which represents someone or something)
represália {f}  :: retaliation (act of responding violently to an act)
reprimenda {f}  :: reproach; reprimand (mild rebuke, or an implied criticism)
reprimendar {v}  :: to reprimand (to formally express disapproval)
reprimir {v}  :: to repress (to forcefully prevent an upheaval from growing)
reprimir {v}  :: to restrain (to control or keep in check)
reprimível {adj}  :: repressible
reprisar {vt}  :: to rerun, to re-air
reprise {f}  :: rerun or re-airing of a TV program
reprocessamento {m}  :: reprocessing
reprocessando {v}  :: gerund of reprocessar
reprocessar {v}  :: to reprocess
reprochar {v}  :: to reproach (to criticise or rebuke someone)
reproche {m}  :: reproach (mild rebuke, or an implied criticism)
reproducção {f}  :: obsolete spelling of reprodução
reprodução {f} [biology]  :: reproduction (the act of reproducing new individuals biologically)
reprodução {f}  :: reproduction (a copy of something)
reprodução {f}  :: reproduction (the act of making copies)
reprodutiva {adj}  :: feminine singular form of reprodutivo
reprodutivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of reprodutivo
reprodutivo {adj}  :: reproductive
reprodutor {adj}  :: reproductive
reprodutor {m}  :: breeder
reprodutora {adj}  :: feminine singular form of reprodutor
reprodutoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of reprodutor
reproduzindo {v}  :: gerund of reproduzir
reproduzir {v}  :: to copy
reproduzir {v}  :: to reproduce, breed, propagate
reprovando {v}  :: gerund of reprovar
reprovação {f}  :: disapproval
reprovação {f}  :: reprobation
reprovação {f}  :: reproof
reprovar {v}  :: to condemn
reprovar {v}  :: to disapprove
reprovar {v}  :: to reject
repórter {mf}  :: reporter (journalist)
republicanismo {m}  :: republicanism (the advocacy of a republic as a means of government)
republicano {adj} [politics]  :: republican (relating to a republic)
republicano {adj} [politics]  :: Republican (relating to or affiliated to a Republican Party)
republicano {m} [politics]  :: Republican (person affiliated to a Republican Party)
Republika Srpska {prop}  :: alternative form of República Srpska
repugnante {adj}  :: repugnant (arousing disgust or aversion)
repugnar {v}  :: to be repugnant
repugnância {f}  :: disgust; aversion; repugnance
repulsivo {adj} [physics]  :: repulsive (having the capacity to repel)
repulsivo {adj}  :: repulsive (arousing disgust or aversion)
repulsão {f}  :: repulsion
reputação {f}  :: name, reputation
reputar {vt}  :: to repute (to attribute or credit something or someone to something)
requeijão {m}  :: cottage cheese (cheese curd product with a mild flavor)
requentar {v}  :: to reheat (heat something again after it has cooled off)
requerendo {v}  :: gerund of requerer
requerente {mf}  :: applicant
requerente {mf}  :: claimant
requerer {vt}  :: to require, need; to request
requerido {v}  :: past participle of requerer
requerimento {m}  :: application
requerimento {m}  :: request
requestando {v}  :: gerund of requestar
requestar {v}  :: to ask, beg
requestar {v}  :: to court, woo
requiem {m}  :: alternative spelling of réquiem
Requião {prop}  :: Portuguese surname
Requião {prop}  :: Requião (placename)
Requiário {prop} dot= given name of historical usage: Rechiar, 5th century Suevic king of Gallaecia
requisição {f}  :: request
requisição {f}  :: requisition
requisitar {v}  :: to request (to make a request)
requisito {m}  :: requirement; necessity
rescaldar {v}  :: to overheat
rescaldo {m}  :: cinder (partially or mostly burnt material)
rescaldo {m}  :: ember (a glowing piece of coal or wood)
rescaldo {m} [figuratively]  :: aftermath, result
rescindir {vt}  :: to rescind (to repeal, annul or declare void)
rescisão {f}  :: rescission (undoing of a contract)
resídua {adj}  :: feminine singular form of resíduo
resíduas {adj}  :: feminine plural of resíduo
resíduo {adj}  :: remaining
resíduo {adj}  :: residual
resíduo {m}  :: remainder
resíduo {m}  :: residue
resecção {f}  :: obsolete spelling of ressecção
Resende {prop}  :: Portuguese surname
Resende {prop}  :: Resende (placename)
Resende {prop}  :: Resende (placename)
Resende Costa {prop}  :: Resende Costa (placename)
resenha {f}  :: detailed description
resenha {f}  :: enumeration
resenhar {vt}  :: to describe in detail
resenhar {vt}  :: to enumerate
resentimento {m}  :: obsolete spelling of ressentimento
reserva {f}  :: booking (a reservation for a service, such as accommodation in an hotel)
reserva {f} [military]  :: reserve (body of troops in the rear of an army)
reserva {f}  :: reserve (that which is reserved as for future use)
reserva {f}  :: reserve (the act of reserving, or keeping back)
reserva {f}  :: reserve (tract of land reserved for aboriginal people)
reserva {f}  :: reserve (tract of land reserved, or set apart, for a particular purpose)
reserva {f}  :: reserve (unexploited natural resource)
reserva {f}  :: stockpile (supply for future use)
reserva {mf} [sports]  :: reserve (player who does not participate from the start of the game)
reservado {adj}  :: concealed, hidden
reservado {adj}  :: reserved (set aside for later use)
reservado {adj}  :: reserved (slow to reveal emotion or opinions)
reservação {f}  :: reservation (the act of reserving something)
reservar {v}  :: to reserve (to book in advance)
reservar {v}  :: to reserve (to keep in store for future or special use)
reservatório {m}  :: container, vessel
reservatório {m}  :: deposit
reservatório {m}  :: reservoir, store
resfolegando {v}  :: gerund of resfolegar
resfolegar {vi}  :: to pant
resfriada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of resfriado
resfriadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of resfriado
resfriado {adj}  :: afflicted with the common cold
resfriado {adj}  :: cooled; refrigerated
resfriado {m} [pathology, Brazil]  :: common cold
resfriamento {m}  :: cooling
resfriar {vt}  :: to cool (to make colder)
resgatando {v}  :: gerund of resgatar
resgatar {v}  :: to ransom
resgatar {v}  :: to redeem
resgatar {v}  :: to rescue
resgate {m}  :: ransom
resgate {m}  :: rescue
resguardar {v}  :: to face (to have the front in a certain direction)
resguardar {v}  :: to observe (to follow or obey the custom, practice or rules)
resguardar {v}  :: to shelter or protect something
residencial {adj}  :: residential
residente {mf}  :: resident (graduate medical student receiving medical training)
residente {mf}  :: resident (persons living at a given location)
residido {v}  :: past participle of residir
residindo {v}  :: gerund of residir
residir {v}  :: to reside, dwell
residência {f}  :: residence (the place where one lives)
residência {f}  :: residency (position or term of a medical resident)
resignadamente {adv}  :: resignedly
resignado {adj}  :: despairing
resignado {adj}  :: long-suffering
resignado {adj}  :: resigned (to)
resignado {adj}  :: uncomplaining
resignado {v}  :: past participle of resignar
resignando {v}  :: gerund of resignar
resignação {f}  :: resignation (all senses)
resignação {f}  :: submission
resignar {v}  :: to resign
resiliente {adj}  :: resilient (able to weather tribulation without cracking)
resiliência {f}  :: resilience (the ability to recover quickly from negative circumstances)
resiliência {f}  :: resilience (the property of material of restoring its original shape)
resina {f}  :: resin (any viscous liquid secreted by plants)
resina {f}  :: resin (secretion of conifer trees)
resistencia {f}  :: obsolete spelling of resistência
resistente {adj}  :: resistent (capable of withstanding force)
resistente {adj}  :: resistent (not affected or overcome by negative circumstances)
resistente {mf}  :: resistor (person who fights against an occupying army)
resistido {v}  :: past participle of resistir
resistindo {v}  :: gerund of resistir
resistir {v}  :: to resist
resistividade {f} [physics]  :: resistivity
resistência {f}  :: resistance (act of resisting)
resistor {m}  :: resistor (component that implements electrical resistance)
resistível {adj}  :: resistible
resma {f}  :: ream (bundle of paper)
resmungar {vi}  :: to mutter
resmungão {adj}  :: who complains too much
resmungão {m}  :: nagger; grumbler (a person who complains too much)
resmungo {m}  :: muttering (words, specially complaints, uttered roughly or incompletely)
resmungona {adj}  :: feminine singular form of resmungão
resmungonas {adj}  :: feminine plural of resmungão
reúso {m}  :: reuse (the act of using again something that has been discarded)
reúso {m} [software engineering]  :: reuse (the use of components that have already been programmed)
resolução {f}  :: resolution
resolutamente {adv}  :: resolutely (in a resolute manner)
resoluto {adj}  :: resolute; determined; unyielding
resolver {vp} [indtr, pt, a, .optionally, ._, .pronominal, aux=impersonal infinitive]  :: to decide to do something
resolver {vp} [indtr, pt, em, .pronominal]  :: to consist
resolver {vp}  :: to fade away
resolver {vt}  :: to annul (to formally revoke the validity of)
resolver {vt}  :: to dissolve; to dissipate
resolver {vt}  :: to solve (to find an answer or solution)
resort {m}  :: resort (a relaxing environment for people on vacation)
respõdera {v} [obsolete]  :: abbreviation of respondera
respectiva {adj}  :: feminine singular form of respectivo
respectivamente {adv}  :: respectively
respectivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of respectivo
respectivo {adj}  :: own; personal
respectivo {adj}  :: respective
respeitabilidade {f}  :: respectability (quality of being respectable)
respeitando {v}  :: gerund of respeitar
respeitante {adj}  :: concerning
respeitar {v}  :: to honour
respeitar {v}  :: to respect, look up to
respeitar {v}  :: to revere, venerate
respeito {m}  :: respect (a particular aspect of something)
respeito {m} [uncountable]  :: respect (admiration for a person or entity because of perceived merit)
respeito {m} [uncountable]  :: submission
respeitosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of respeitoso
respeitosamente {adv}  :: respectfully
respeitosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of respeitoso
respeitoso {adj}  :: respectful
respeitável {adj}  :: reputable
respeitável {adj}  :: respectable
respetiva {adj}  :: feminine singular form of respetivo
respetivamente {adv}  :: alternative form of respectivamente
respetivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of respetivo
respetivo {adj}  :: respective
respeyto {m}  :: obsolete spelling of respeito
respeyto {v}  :: obsolete spelling of respeito
respigado {v}  :: past participle of respigar
respigando {v}  :: gerund of respigar
respigar {v}  :: to glean
respirador {m}  :: respirator (device to help with breathing)
respiradouro {m}  :: vent (an opening through which air can pass)
respiração {f}  :: breath
respiração {f}  :: breather (short break)
respiração {f}  :: respiration, breathing
respiração abdominal {f}  :: abdominal respiration (respiration controlled by the diaphragm)
respiração artificial {f} [medicine]  :: artificial respiration (manual or mechanical forcing of air into someone’s lungs)
respiração boca-a-boca {f}  :: mouth-to-mouth resuscitation (first-aid technique)
respiração de Kussmaul {f}  :: Kussmaul breathing (laboured breathing associated with metabolic acidosis, renal failure and diabetes)
respirar {v}  :: to breathe
respiratória {adj}  :: feminine singular form of respiratório
respiratórias {adj}  :: feminine plural of respiratório
respiratório {adj}  :: respiratory
resplandecente {adj}  :: blazing, ablaze
resplandecente {adj}  :: resplendent, glorious
resplandecer {v}  :: to excel (to be much better than others)
resplandecer {v}  :: to shine (to emit light)
resplandescer {v}  :: dated form of resplandecer
resplendecer {v}  :: dated form of resplandecer
resplendente {adj}  :: resplendent (shiny and pleasing to the eye)
resplendor {m}  :: resplendency (radiant beauty)
Resplendor {prop}  :: Resplendor (placename)
respondedor {m}  :: answerer (person or thing that answers)
respondeo {v}  :: obsolete spelling of respondeu
responder {vi} [legal]  :: to be a defendant
responder {vi}  :: to be responsible for something
responder {vi}  :: to retort frequently
responder {v}  :: to answer; to reply (to give a written or spoken response)
responder {v}  :: to correspond to (to be equivalent to)
responder {v}  :: to counterattack
responder por {vt}  :: to account to (to be responsible to)
respondimento {m}  :: answering (the act of giving an answer)
respondível {adj}  :: answerable (capable of being answered)
responsa {f} [slang] [clipping, responsabilidade]  ::
responsabilidade {f}  :: responsibility, responsibleness
responsabilizar {v}  :: to assign responsibility or accountability for something
responsável {adj}  :: liable, accountable, answerable
responsável {adj}  :: responsible
responsável por {prep}  :: in charge of or responsible for
resposta {f}  :: answer
resquício {m}  :: hint (small, barely detectable amount of something)
resquício {m}  :: residue (whatever remains after something else has been removed)
ressaca {f}  :: hangover
ressaca {f}  :: storm surge
ressaibo {m}  :: aftertaste (the persistence of the taste of something no longer present)
ressaltar {vt}  :: to highlight; to emphasise (to make prominent)
ressalvando {v}  :: gerund of ressalvar
ressalvar {v}  :: to caveat
ressalvar {v}  :: to note, indicate
Ressaquinha {prop}  :: Ressaquinha (placename)
ressarcido {v}  :: past participle of ressarcir
ressarcir {v}  :: to indemnify
ressarcir {v}  :: to reimburse
ressecado {v}  :: past participle of ressecar
ressecando {v}  :: gerund of ressecar
ressecar {v} [surgery]  :: To resect
ressecar {v}  :: to desiccate
ressecção {f} [Portugal]  :: alternative form of resseção
ressecção abdominoperineal {f} [surgery]  :: abdominoperineal resection (surgery to remove a portion of the large intestine)
ressentimento {m}  :: resentment (feeling of anger, indignation or extreme displeasure)
ressentir {v}  :: to be offended by something
resseção {f} [surgery]  :: resection (surgical excision of part of a tissue)
ressequida {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ressequido
ressequidas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ressequido
ressequido {adj}  :: extremely skinny
ressequido {adj}  :: parched (extremely dry)
ressoar {vi}  :: to resound (to reverberate with sound or noise)
ressoar {vit} [or]  :: to resound (to sound again)
ressoar {vt}  :: to resound (to echo a sound)
ressonado {v}  :: past participle of ressonar
ressonando {v}  :: gerund of ressonar
ressonar {v}  :: to resound, echo
ressonar {v}  :: to snore
ressonância {f}  :: resonance
ressorção {f} [physiology]  :: resorption (the loss and reassimilation of bone material)
ressurgindo {v}  :: gerund of ressurgir
ressurgir {v}  :: to reappear
ressurgir {v}  :: to resurge
ressurreição {f}  :: resurrection (the act of arising from the dead)
ressuscitando {v}  :: gerund of ressuscitar
ressuscitação cardiopulmonar {f} [emergency medicine]  :: cardiopulmonary resuscitation (a first aid procedure for cardiac arrest)
ressuscitação cardiorrespiratória {f} [emergency medicine]  :: cardiopulmonary resuscitation (a first aid procedure for cardiac arrest)
ressuscitar {vt}  :: to resurrect
restabelecendo {v}  :: gerund of restabelecer
restabelecer {v}  :: to reestablish, restore, reinstate
restado {v}  :: past participle of restar
restando {v}  :: gerund of restar
restante {adj}  :: remaining (which remains after something has been removed)
restante {m}  :: remainder (what remains after some has been removed)
restar {v}  :: to remain
restar {v}  :: to stay
restaurado {v}  :: past participle of restaurar
restaurando {v}  :: gerund of restaurar
restaurante {m}  :: restaurant (an eating establishment in which diners are served food at their tables)
restauração {f}  :: renovation
restauração {f}  :: restoration
restaurar {v}  :: to renovate
restaurar {v}  :: to restore
restinga {f}  :: reef (rocks at or near surface of the water)
restinga {f}  :: spit (narrow, pointed, sandy peninsula)
restinga {f}  :: vegetation next to a body of water
Restinga {prop}  :: Restinga (placename)
Restinga Seca {prop}  :: Restinga Seca (placename)
restituindo {v}  :: gerund of restituir
restituição {f}  :: refund
restituição {f}  :: restitution
restituir {v}  :: to repay, refund
resto {m} [arithmetic]  :: remainder (amount left over after subtracting the divisor as many times as possible from the dividend)
resto {m}  :: remainder; leftover (something left behind)
resto {m} [uncountable, usually with article o]  :: the rest (that which remains)
restolho {m}  :: stubble (short stalk left in a field after harvest)
restringir {v}  :: to restrict; to restrain; to limit
restrição {f}  :: restriction, limitation
restrita {adj}  :: feminine singular form of restrito
restritas {adj}  :: feminine plural of restrito
restritiva {adj}  :: feminine singular form of restritivo
restritivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of restritivo
restritivo {adj}  :: restrictive
restrito {adj}  :: restricted
resultado {m}  :: result
resultado {v}  :: past participle of resultar
resultando {v}  :: gerund of resultar
resultante {adj}  :: resultant
resultar {v}  :: to result
resumidamente {adv}  :: abridgedly (in an abridged manner)
resumidor {adj}  :: which or who abridges
resumidor {adj}  :: which or who summarises
resumidor {m}  :: abridger (one who abridges)
resumidor {m}  :: summariser (one who summarises)
resumidora {adj}  :: feminine singular form of resumidor
resumidoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of resumidor
resumir {v}  :: to diminish (to make smaller)
resumir {v}  :: to mostly destroy; to leave only remains of something
resumir {v}  :: to recapitulate; to review
resumir {v}  :: to show only the essential elements of something
resumir {v}  :: to summarize (to prepare a summary)
resumo {m}  :: summary, abstract, brief
resumível {adj}  :: abridgable (capable of being abridged)
resumível {adj}  :: summarisable (capable of being summarised)
resvalado {v}  :: past participle of resvalar
resvalando {v}  :: gerund of resvalar
resvalar {v}  :: to slide, slither
reta {adj}  :: feminine singular form of reto
reta {f}  :: a straight section of a path or road
reta {f} [geometry]  :: line (infinite one-dimensional figure)
reta final {f}  :: home stretch (final stretch of a race)
reta final {f} [idiomatic]  :: home stretch (final part of an effort)
retaguarda {f} [military]  :: rearguard
retaguarda {f}  :: rear
retal {adj}  :: rectal
retalhando {v}  :: gerund of retalhar
retalhar {v}  :: to firrow
retalhar {v}  :: to shred
retalhista {mf}  :: retailer
retaliação {f}  :: retaliation (act of responding violently to an act of harm or perceived injustice)
retaliar {vi}  :: to retaliate (to do something harmful to get revenge)
retangular {adj} [geometry]  :: rectangular (having a shape like a rectangle)
retangular {adj}  :: which has a rectangular base
retardada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of retardado
retardadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of retardado
retardado {adj}  :: Delayed in development; retarded
retardado {adj} [slang, by extension, of a person or thing]  :: Lacking intelligence; stupid; irrational; retarded
retardado {adj} [slang, of a person]  :: Having mental retardation; retarded
retardamento {m}  :: delay
retardando {v}  :: gerund of retardar
retardar {v}  :: to defer, delay
retardar {v}  :: to retard, slow
retábulo {m}  :: altarpiece
retábulo {m}  :: retable
retículo {m}  :: reticle
retículo {m}  :: reticule
retículo endoplasmático {m} [cytology]  :: endoplasmic reticulum (network of membranes within the cytoplasm of cells)
retendo {v}  :: gerund of reter
retenção {f}  :: detention
retenção {f}  :: retention
retentor {adj}  :: retaining (that retains)
retentor {m} [legal]  :: holder (person who holds a property)
retentor {m}  :: retainer (any thing or person that retains)
reter {vp}  :: to restrain oneself
reter {vt}  :: to retain, hold
reter {vt}  :: to withhold
retesada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of retesado
retesadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of retesado
retesado {adj}  :: taut (pulled tight, as in a rope)
reticente {adj}  :: reticent (keeping one’s thoughts to oneself)
reticência {f}  :: aposiopesis
reticência {f}  :: reluctance
reticência {f}  :: reticence
reticências {n} [typography]  :: ellipsis (mark used in printing to indicate an omission)
reticulada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of reticulado
reticuladas {adj}  :: feminine plural of reticulado
reticulado {adj}  :: reticulate (network-like in form or appearance)
reticulado {m}  :: mesh (structure made of interwoven strips, with evenly spaced openings between them)
reticulado {m} [order theory]  :: lattice (partially ordered set in algebra)
reticulado completo {m} [algebra]  :: complete lattice (partially ordered set)
reticular {adj}  :: reticular
reticuloendotelial {adj}  :: reticuloendothelial
retidão {f}  :: legality
retidão {f}  :: probity
retidão {f}  :: rectitude
retificador {m}  :: rectifier
retificando {v}  :: gerund of retificar
retificação {f}  :: adjustment
retificação {f}  :: correction
retificação {f}  :: rectification
retificar {v}  :: to correct, rectify, adjust
retiniana {adj}  :: feminine singular form of retiniano
retinianas {adj}  :: feminine plural of retiniano
retiniano {adj} [ophthalmology]  :: retinal (of or pertaining to the retina)
retinindo {v}  :: gerund of retinir
retinir {v}  :: to clank (make a metallic sound)
retinta {adj}  :: feminine singular form of retinto
retintas {adj}  :: feminine plural of retinto
retinto {adj}  :: (of a colour) dark, inky
retirado {v}  :: past participle of retirar
retiramento {m}  :: removal (the act of removing something)
retiramento {m}  :: retirement; seclusion (state of being secluded)
retirando {v}  :: gerund of retirar
retirar {v}  :: to remove
retirar {v}  :: to withdraw
Retirolândia {prop}  :: Retirolândia (placename)
retângulo {m}  :: rectangle
retínica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of retínico
retínicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of retínico
retínico {adj} [ophthalmology]  :: retinal (of or pertaining to the retina)
reto {adj} [geometry, of an angle]  :: Having ninety degrees; right
reto {adj}  :: Not crooked or bent; straight
reto {adj} [of a person or institution]  :: Not given to swindling, lying or fraud; honest; honorable; upright; righteous; just; fair
reto {m} [anatomy]  :: rectum (terminal part of the large intestine)
retocar {vt}  :: to retouch (to improve something by making small changes)
retomar {v}  :: to resume (start something again that has been stopped or paused)
retomar {v}  :: to retake something lost
retoque {m}  :: retouch (act of retouching)
retoque {m}  :: tweak (a slight adjustment or modification)
retornado {m} [Portugal]  :: a Portuguese settler who was forced to return to Portugal from Africa during the decolonisation process
retornar {vi}  :: to return (to come or go back)
retornar {vt} [computing]  :: to return (to pass back data to the calling procedure)
retornar {vt} [specifically]  :: to return (to take something back to the seller for a refund)
retornar {vt}  :: to return (give something back to its original holder or owner)
retorno {m}  :: return
retorquir {v}  :: to object, oppose
retorquir {v}  :: to retort, rejoin
retouçar {vi}  :: to frolic (to behave playfully and uninhibitedly)
retrô {adj}  :: retro (imitative of past trends)
retractação {f}  :: alternative form of retratação
retractar {v}  :: obsolete form of retratar
retrair {v}  :: to retract (to pull back inside)
retranca {f} [horse tack]  :: crupper (strap looped under a horse’s tail)
retranca {f} [nautical]  :: boom (spar extending the foot of a sail)
retranca {f} [sports]  :: defence (tactics employed to prevent the other team from scoring)
retratado {v}  :: past participle of retratar
retratando {v}  :: gerund of retratar
retratação {f}  :: retraction, recantation
retratação {f}  :: withdrawal
retratar {vp}  :: to recant (to withdraw or repudiate a statement)
retratar {vp}  :: to sit for one's portrait
retratar {vt} [by extension]  :: to describe
retratar {vt} [photography]  :: to photograph
retratar {vt}  :: to portray, to paint, to depict
retratar {vt}  :: to retract, to take back
retrato {m}  :: portrait
retrato-robô {m} [Portugal]  :: identikit, police sketch, composite sketch, facial composite
retrete {f}  :: toilet (device for depositing human waste and flushing it away)
retrógrada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of retrógrado
retrógradas {adj}  :: feminine plural of retrógrado
retrógrado {adj}  :: opposing progress
retrógrado {adj}  :: retrograde (moving backwards)
retrógrado {m}  :: someone who opposes progress
retribuição {f}  :: retribution
retribuir {v}  :: to retribute (to give retribution for)
retórica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of retórico
retórica {f}  :: rhetoric (art of using language for persuasion)
retórica {f}  :: rhetoric (meaningless language with an exaggerated style intended to impress)
retórico {adj}  :: rhetorical (relating to or reminiscent of rhetoric)
retroactiva {adj}  :: feminine singular form of retroactivo
retroactivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of retroactivo
retroactividade {f}  :: alternative form of retroatividade
retroactivo {adj}  :: alternative form of retroativo
retroalimentação {f} [computing, electronics]  :: feedback (the looping of a signal back into a system)
retroativa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of retroativo
retroativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of retroativo
retroatividade {f}  :: retroactivity
retroativo {adj}  :: retroactive
retroceder {v}  :: to regress (to revert to a previous state, especially one that is worse)
retrocontagem {f} [rare]  :: countdown (backward count to mark the start of an even)
retroflexa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of retroflexo
retroflexas {adj}  :: feminine plural of retroflexo
retroflexo {adj} [phonetics]  :: retroflex
retroiluminada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of retroiluminado
retroiluminadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of retroiluminado
retroiluminado {adj}  :: backlit (illuminated from behind)
retroprojector {m}  :: superseded spelling of retroprojetor
retroprojetor {m}  :: overhead projector
retrosaria {f}  :: haberdashery (a shop selling sewing goods)
retrospectiva {adj}  :: feminine singular form of retrospectivo
retrospectivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of retrospectivo
retrospectivo {adj}  :: retrospective (examining or contemplating the past)
retrospecto {m}  :: retrospect (consideration of past times)
retrospeto {m}  :: alternative form of retrospecto
retrovisor {m}  :: rear-view mirror (mirror in a vehicle giving view of the traffic behind)
retrovírus {m}  :: retrovirus
retrucando {v}  :: gerund of retrucar
retrucar {v}  :: to retort, reply
retuitar {v} [Internet]  :: to retweet (to repost or forward a Twitter message)
retumbante {adj}  :: sounding, resounding
retuíte {m}  :: alternative spelling of retweet
retwittar {v}  :: alternative spelling of retuitar
reumatóide {adj} [pt-superseded-paroxytone-ói, reumatoide]  ::
reumatismo {m} [pathology]  :: rheumatism (any painful disorder of muscles, tendons, joints, bones or nerves)
reumatoide {adj} [pathology]  :: rheumatoid (presenting analogies with rheumatism)
reumático {adj} [pathology]  :: rheumatic (relating to, suffering from or characterised by rheumatism)
reunido {v}  :: past participle of reunir
reunificação {f}  :: reunification (the act of unifying something again)
reunindo {v}  :: gerund of reunir
reunião {f}  :: meeting, reunion
Reunião {prop}  :: Réunion (placename)
Reunion {prop}  :: alternative form of Reunião
reunir {v}  :: to gather, collect
reunir {v}  :: to reunite
reusar {vt}  :: to reuse (to use something again)
reutilizar {v}  :: to reutilize
revanchismo {m}  :: revanchism (political policy of endeavouring to regain lost territory)
reveillon {m}  :: alternative spelling of réveillon
revelado {v}  :: past participle of revelar
revelador {adj}  :: which reveals
revelador {m}  :: developer (liquid used in chemical film processing)
revelador {m}  :: revealer (one who reveals)
reveladora {adj}  :: feminine singular form of revelador
reveladoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of revelador
revelando {v}  :: gerund of revelar
revelação {f} [photography]  :: the act of developing a photograph
revelação {f}  :: revelation (a great, sudden success)
revelação {f}  :: revelation (something that is revealed)
revelação {f}  :: revelation (the act of revealing or disclosing)
revelação {f} [theology]  :: revelation (manifestation of divine truth)
revelar {v}  :: to reveal, disclose
revenda {f}  :: resale (the action of selling something previously bought)
rever {vt}  :: To see again
reverb {m} [audio effects]  :: reverb (electronic effect mimicking reverberation)
reverberação {f}  :: reverberation (series of overlapping echos)
reverberar {v}  :: to reverberate (to ring with many echos)
reverenciado {v}  :: past participle of reverenciar
reverencial {adj}  :: reverential
reverenciando {v}  :: gerund of reverenciar
reverenciar {v}  :: to revere
Reverendo {m}  :: Reverend (an honorary title added to the names of Christian clergy)
reverência {f}  :: bow (gesture made by bending forward at the waist)
reverência {f}  :: reverence (form of address for some members of the clergy)
reverência {f}  :: reverence (profound awe and respect, normally in a sacred context)
reversa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of reverso
reversas {adj}  :: feminine plural of reverso
reversão {f}  :: reversal
reversão {f}  :: reversion
reverso {adj}  :: opposite; contrary
reverso {adj}  :: reversed; turned around
reverso {m}  :: back (the reverse side)
reverso {m}  :: opposite (the contrary of something)
reversível {adj}  :: reversible
reversível {adj}  :: reversionary
reverter {v}  :: to revert (to turn to the contrary)
revertério {m}  :: turn of events
revestimento {m}  :: covering, coating
revestimento {m}  :: jacket
revestimento {m}  :: revetment
revestir {v}  :: to coat, clothe
revestir {v}  :: to overlay
revezamento {m} [sports]  :: relay, relay race
revigorante {adj}  :: reinvigorating
revigorar {v}  :: to reinvigorate (to give new energy or strength)
reviravolta {f}  :: turn of events (deviation from the expected)
reviravolta {f}  :: volte-face (a reversal of policy, attitude or principle)
revisar {v}  :: to review (to look broadly over)
revisar {v}  :: to revise (to review, alter and amend, especially of written material)
revisionismo {m} [sciences]  :: revisionism (advocacy of a revision of some accepted theory, doctrine or view of historical events)
revisão {f}  :: revision
revisão por pares {f}  :: peer review (review by independent researchers of scientific manuscripts intended to be published)
revisor {m}  :: reviser (one who revises)
revista {f}  :: magazine (periodical publication)
revista {f}  :: review, inspection
revista {f}  :: search
revista em quadrinhos {m}  :: comics
revistar {v}  :: search, seek
revitalizado {v}  :: past participle of revitalizar
revitalizando {v}  :: gerund of revitalizar
revitalização {f}  :: revitalization
revitalizar {v}  :: to revitalize
revólver {m}  :: revolver (a handgun with revolving chambers)
revogando {v}  :: gerund of revogar
revogação {f}  :: countermand
revogação {f}  :: repeal, abrogation
revogação {f}  :: revocation
revogar {v}  :: to abrogate
revogar {v}  :: to countermand
revogar {v}  :: to revoke, repeal
revogável {adj}  :: revocable, reversible
revolta {adj}  :: feminine singular form of revolto
revoltante {adj}  :: revolting, repugnant
revoltar {v}  :: to cause to rebel
revoltar {v}  :: to revolt (to repel greatly)
revoltas {adj}  :: feminine plural of revolto
revolto {adj}  :: billowy
revolto {adj}  :: boisterous
revolucionista {adj} [uncommon]  :: revolutionary (relating to a revolution)
revolucionária {adj}  :: feminine singular form of revolucionário
revolucionárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of revolucionário
revolucionário {adj}  :: revolutionary
revolucionário {m}  :: revolutionary
revolução {f}  :: revolution
revolução do neolítico {f} [archaeology]  :: Neolithic Revolution (discovery of agriculture)
Revolução Industrial {prop}  :: Industrial Revolution (major technological change in the late 18th and early 19th century)
revolver {v}  :: to go through (e.g., archives)
revolver {v}  :: to roll [the eyes]
revolver {v}  :: to turn over (e.g., earth)
revérbero {m}  :: reflection
revérbero {m}  :: reflector
revérbero {m}  :: reverberation
revés {m}  :: backside (side opposite to the front)
revés {m}  :: setback (an event that delays progress)
revulsão {f} [medicine]  :: revulsion (the treatment of one diseased area by acting elsewhere)
revulsão {f}  :: revulsion (intense aversion)
revulsão {f}  :: revulsion (violent feeling of disgust)
rey {m}  :: obsolete spelling of rei
Reykiavik {prop} [dated]  :: rare spelling of Reykjavik
Reykjavik {prop}  :: Reykjavik (placename)
Reykjavík {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Reykjavik
Reykyavik {prop}  :: rare spelling of Reykjavik
reynha {f}  :: obsolete form of rainha
reyno {m}  :: obsolete spelling of reino
reys {n}  :: obsolete spelling of reis
reys {n}  :: obsolete spelling of réis
reytor {m}  :: obsolete spelling of reitor
rezaõ {f}  :: obsolete spelling of razão
rezaõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of rezam
rezador {m}  :: prayer (one who prays)
rezadora {f}  :: feminine noun of rezador
rezadoras {f}  :: feminine noun of rezador
rezar {vi} [religion]  :: to pray (to talk to a god)
rezar {vt} [Christianity]  :: to celebrate (to perform mass); the object is almost always [[missa mass]]
rezar {vt} [religion]  :: to pray (to recite a given prayer)
rezão {f}  :: obsolete spelling of razão
rezão {v}  :: obsolete spelling of rezam
rezoens {n}  :: obsolete spelling of rezões
rezoẽs {n}  :: obsolete spelling of rezões
RG {m}  :: ID card (ID card issued in Brazil)
RG {m}  :: The identification number printed on the ID card
rúgbi {m}  :: rugby
régia {adj}  :: feminine singular form of régio
régias {adj}  :: feminine plural of régio
rígida {adj}  :: feminine singular form of rígido
rígidas {adj}  :: feminine plural of rígido
rígido {adj}  :: rigid; stiff
rígido {adj}  :: rigorous; strict
régio {adj}  :: regal, royal
régua {f}  :: ruler (device)
régua de cálculo {f}  :: slide rule (analog calculator)
régua-tê {f}  :: T-square (ruler with a short perpendicular crosspiece at one end)
régua vazada {f} [rare]  :: synonym of estêncil
râguebi {m}  :: alternative spelling of rugby
RH {initialism}  :: recursos humanos
Rheia {prop}  :: obsolete spelling of Reia
rhetórica {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of retórica
rhetórica {f}  :: obsolete spelling of retórica
Rhode Island {prop}  :: Rhode Island (placename)
rhuibarbo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of ruibarbo
ri {v}  :: first-person singular indicative preterite of rir
ri {v}  :: second-person singular imperative of rir
ri {v}  :: third-person singular indicative present of rir
ria {f}  :: mouth of a river, estuary
ria {f}  :: ria
ria {f}  :: river branch
riça {adj}  :: feminine singular form of riço
Réia {prop}  :: obsolete spelling of Reia
riachinho {m}  :: diminutive form of riacho
Riachinho {prop}  :: Riachinho (placename)
riacho {m}  :: stream
Riacho de Santana {prop}  :: Riacho de Santana (placename)
Riachão do Jacuípe {prop}  :: Riachão do Jacuípe (placename)
Riacho dos Machados {prop}  :: Riacho dos Machados (placename)
Riad {prop}  :: Riyadh (placename)
Riade {prop}  :: alternative form of Riad
rial {m}  :: rial (currency of Iran, Oman, Yemen and Saudi Arabia)
riças {adj}  :: feminine plural of riço
Riazan {prop}  :: Ryazan (placename)
Riazan {prop}  :: Ryazan (placename)
ribaldo {adj} [of a person]  :: deceitful and unreliable
ribaldo {m}  :: rascal; rogue (deceitful and unreliable person)
ribalta {f} [figuratively]  :: limelight
ribalta {f} [theatre]  :: stage; forestage
ribeira {f}  :: bank [of a river]
ribeira {f} [Brazil]  :: stock breeding area
ribeira {f}  :: stream, rivulet
ribeira {f}  :: watering, irrigation
Ribeira {prop}  :: Ribeira (placename)
Ribeira Brava {prop}  :: Ribeira Brava (placename)
Ribeira de Pena {prop}  :: Ribeira de Pena (placename)
Ribeira do Amparo {prop}  :: Ribeira do Amparo (placename)
Ribeira do Pombal {prop}  :: Ribeira do Pombal (placename)
Ribeira Grande {prop}  :: A Portuguese city in the Azores
Ribeira Grande {prop}  :: Ribeira Grande (placename)
ribeirinha {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ribeirinho
ribeirinho {adj}  :: riverine
ribeiro {m}  :: a brook, creek or stream (small body of running water)
Ribeirão Bonito {prop}  :: Ribeirão Bonito (placename)
Ribeirão Branco {prop}  :: Ribeirão Branco (placename)
Ribeirão Corrente {prop}  :: Ribeirão Corrente (placename)
Ribeirão das Neves {prop}  :: Ribeirão das Neves (placename)
Ribeirão do Largo {prop}  :: Ribeirão do Largo (placename)
Ribeirão dos Índios {prop}  :: Ribeirão dos Índios (placename)
Ribeirão do Sul {prop}  :: Ribeirão do Sul (placename)
Ribeirão Grande {prop}  :: Ribeirão Grande (placename)
Ribeirão Pires {prop}  :: Ribeirão Pires (placename)
Ribeirão Preto {prop}  :: Ribeirão Preto (placename)
Ribeirão Vermelho {prop}  :: Ribeirão Vermelho (placename)
ribeyro {m}  :: obsolete spelling of ribeiro
ribitol {m} [carbohydrate]  :: ribitol (a sugar alcohol formed by the reduction of ribose)
ribombar {v}  :: to boom (to make a loud, resonant sound)
ribonucléica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ribonucléico
ribonucléicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ribonucléico
ribonucléico {adj} [biochemistry]  :: ribonucleic
ribose {f} [carbohydrate]  :: ribose (a naturally occurring pentose sugar)
ribossómica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ribossómico
ribossômica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ribossômico
ribossómicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ribossómico
ribossômicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ribossômico
ribossômico {adj}  :: alternative form of ribossómico
ribossómico {adj}  :: ribosomal (of or relating to ribosomes)
ribossoma {m}  :: alternative form of ribossomo
ribossomal {adj}  :: ribosomal (of or relating to ribosomes)
ribossomo {m} [biology]  :: ribosome (organelle involved in the production of proteins)
rica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of rico
ricamente {adv}  :: richly (in a rich manner, full of flavour or expression)
ricamente {adv}  :: richly; wealthily (in a rich, wealthy manner)
ricaço {m}  :: A very wealthy person
Ricardão {prop} [informal]  :: A nickname typically given to any man who is the extramarital partner of a woman
Ricardo {prop}  :: male given name, Richard
ricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of rico
rico {adj}  :: luxurious
rico {adj}  :: rich
rico {adj}  :: tasty
ricochetear {v}  :: to skim (rebound off something in a random direction)
ridícula {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ridículo
ridículas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ridículo
ridículo {adj}  :: ridiculous
ridicularizando {v}  :: gerund of ridicularizar
ridicularizar {v}  :: to ridicule, deride, mock
rifa {f}  :: raffle (drawing in which tickets are sold to win a prize)
Rifaina {prop}  :: Rifaina (placename)
Rife {prop}  :: Rif (placename)
rifle {m}  :: rifle
Riga {prop}  :: Riga (placename)
rigidamente {adv}  :: rigidly, stiffly
rigidez {f}  :: rigidity (the quality or state of being rigid)
rigor {m}  :: rigidity; inflexibility
rigor {m}  :: rigour (higher level of difficulty)
rigor {m}  :: rigour (severity or strictness)
rigor mortis {m} [physiology]  :: rigor mortis (stiffness of a body following death)
rigorosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of rigoroso
rigoroso {adj}  :: rigorous (scrupulously accurate)
rigoroso {adj}  :: rigorous (severe; intense; inclement)
rija {adj}  :: feminine singular form of rijo
rijas {adj}  :: Feminine plural form of rijo
rijo {adj}  :: hard, tough, stiff, wiry
rilhar {v}  :: to gnash (to grind one's teeth in pain or in anger)
rilhar {v}  :: to gnaw (to bite something persistently)
rim {m} [in the plural]  :: small of the back
rim {m}  :: kidney
rima {f}  :: rhyme
rimar {v}  :: to rhyme
Rincão {prop}  :: Rincão (placename)
rinencéfalo {m} [anatomy]  :: smell-brain, rhinencephalon (part of brain involved with smelling)
ring {m}  :: alternative form of ringue
ringgit {m}  :: ringgit (currency unit of Malaysia)
ringtone {m}  :: ringtone (sound made by a telephone when ringing)
ringue {m}  :: ring (place where some sports take place)
rinha de galo {f}  :: cockfight (contest, in a cockpit, between gamecocks)
rinha de galos {f}  :: alternative form of rinha de galo
rinite {f} [pathology]  :: rhinitis (inflammation of the mucous membranes of the nose)
rinite alérgica {f} [pathology]  :: allergic rhinitis (cold-like symptoms caused by allergens in the air)
rinoceronte {m}  :: rhinoceros
rinoceronte negro {m}  :: alternative spelling of rinoceronte-negro
rinoceronte-negro {m}  :: black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis, a species of rhinoceros)
rinoplastia {f} [surgery]  :: rhinoplasty (plastic surgery done to improve a person’s nose)
Rinópolis {prop}  :: Rinópolis (placename)
rinque {m}  :: rink (sheet of ice prepared for playing sports)
rinque de patinação {m}  :: ice rink (a surface for ice skating)
riço {adj} [of hair]  :: frizzy
riço {m}  :: a type of curly woollen cloth made of
rio {m} [figuratively]  :: a large amount of anything
rio {m}  :: river (large body of flowing water)
Rio Acima {prop}  :: Rio Acima (placename)
Rio Amarelo {prop}  :: Yellow River (placename)
Rio Bonito {prop}  :: Rio Bonito (placename)
Rio Branco {prop}  :: Rio Branco (placename)
Rio Casca {prop}  :: Rio Casca (placename)
Rio Claro {prop}  :: Rio Claro (placename)
Rio Claro {prop}  :: Rio Claro (placename)
Rio das Antas {prop}  :: Rio das Antas (placename)
Rio das Flores {prop}  :: Rio das Flores (placename)
Rio das Ostras {prop}  :: Rio das Ostras (placename)
Rio das Pedras {prop}  :: Rio das Pedras (placename)
Rio de Contas {prop}  :: Rio de Contas (placename)
Rio de Janeiro {prop}  :: Rio de Janeiro (placename)
Rio de Janeiro {prop}  :: Rio de Janeiro (placename)
Rio do Antônio {prop}  :: Rio do Antônio (placename)
Rio do Campo {prop}  :: Rio do Campo (placename)
Rio Doce {prop}  :: Rio Doce (placename)
Rio do Oeste {prop}  :: Rio do Oeste (placename)
Rio do Pires {prop}  :: Rio do Pires (placename)
Rio do Prado {prop}  :: Rio do Prado (placename)
Rio dos Cedros {prop}  :: Rio dos Cedros (placename)
Rio dos Índios {prop}  :: Rio dos Índios (placename)
Rio do Sul {prop}  :: Rio do Sul (placename)
Rio do Sul {prop}  :: short for Rio Grande do Sul
Rio Espera {prop}  :: Rio Espera (placename)
Rio Fortuna {prop}  :: Rio Fortuna (placename)
Rio Grande {prop}  :: In Brazil:
Rio Grande {prop}  :: In the USA:
Rio Grande da Serra {prop}  :: Rio Grande da Serra (placename)
Rio Grande do Norte {prop}  :: Rio Grande do Norte (placename)
Rio Grande do Sul {prop}  :: Rio Grande do Sul (placename)
rio-grandense {adj}  :: of, from or relating to the state of Rio Grande do Norte
rio-grandense {adj}  :: of, from or relating to the state of Rio Grande do Sul
rio-grandense {n}  :: someone from the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte
rio-grandense {n}  :: someone from the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul
Rioja {prop}  :: alternative form of La Rioja
Riolândia {prop}  :: Riolândia (placename)
Rio Maior {prop}  :: Rio Maior (placename)
Rio Manso {prop}  :: Rio Manso (placename)
Rio Negrinho {prop}  :: Rio Negrinho (placename)
Rio Novo {prop}  :: Rio Novo (placename)
Rio Paranaíba {prop}  :: Rio Paranaíba (placename)
Rio Pardo {prop}  :: Rio Pardo (placename)
Rio Pardo de Minas {prop}  :: Rio Pardo de Minas (placename)
Rio Piracicaba {prop}  :: Rio Piracicaba (placename)
rio-platense {adj}  :: Platine (of, from or relating to the region around River Plate in South America)
Rio Pomba {prop}  :: Rio Pomba (placename)
Rio Preto {prop}  :: Rio Preto (placename)
Rio Real {prop}  :: Rio Real (placename)
Rio Rufino {prop}  :: Rio Rufino (placename)
Rio Vermelho {prop}  :: Rio Vermelho (placename)
riozinho {m}  :: a brook, stream
Riozinho {prop}  :: Riozinho (placename)
ripador {m} [computing]  :: ripper (software that extracts content from storage media)
ripador {m}  :: hackle (instrument used to comb out flax)
ripando {v}  :: gerund of ripar
ripanço {m}  :: hackle (instrument used to comb out flax)
ripar {v}  :: to rip (all senses)
ripuária {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ripuário
ripuárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of ripuário
ripuário {adj} [historical]  :: Ripuarian (relating to the Ripuarian Franks)
ripuário {m} [historical]  :: Ripuarian (member of the Frankish people who lived in what is now Germany)
riqueza {f}  :: natural resources
riqueza {f}  :: the wealth of a person, organisation or location collectively
riqueza {f} [uncountable]  :: riches; wealth (valuable material possessions)
riqueza {f} [uncountable]  :: richness (state or quality of being rich)
riqueza {f} [uncountable]  :: sumptuousness (quality of what displays wealth)
riqueza {f} [uncountable]  :: wealth, abundance (great amount)
Riqueza {prop}  :: Riqueza (placename)
riquixá {m}  :: rickshaw (two-wheeled carriage)
rir {v} [indtr, pt, de, intr=1]  :: to laugh (to express mirth or derision by emitting chuckling sounds)
rir {v} [indtr, pt, de]  :: to laugh at; to make fun of (to make an object of ridicule)
rir {vi} [poetic]  :: to laugh (to be or appear mirthful)
rir é o melhor remédio {proverb}  :: laughter is the best medicine
rir para não chorar {v} [idiomatic]  :: to face a situation so tragic that one cannot help but laugh at their own misery
risada {f}  :: laugh
risada {f}  :: smile
risadinha {f}  :: giggle
risca-de-giz {f}  :: pinstripe (thin stripe on fabric)
risca-de-giz {m}  :: short for terno risca-de-giz
riscando {v}  :: gerund of riscar
riscar {v}  :: to scratch, delete, suppress
riscar {v}  :: to strike
riscas de giz {n}  :: alternative spelling of risca-de-giz
risco {m}  :: a draft of a blueprint
risco {m}  :: a risky situation
risco {m}  :: line (threadlike mark of writing instrument)
risco {m}  :: scratch (shallow cut on a surface)
risco {m} [uncountable]  :: risk (likelihood of a negative outcome)
risco de cabelo {m}  :: alternative form of risco do cabelo
risco do cabelo {m}  :: parting (line dividing hair)
risinho {m}  :: giggle
riso {m}  :: laughter, laugh
risonha {adj}  :: feminine singular form of risonho
risonhas {adj}  :: feminine plural of risonho
risonho {adj}  :: laughing, smiling
risota {f}  :: derision, scorn, ridicule
risoto {m}  :: risotto (Italian savoury dish made with rice)
rissol {m}  :: rissole (small croquette, enclosed in pastry or rolled in breadcrumbs, usually baked or deep fried)
rissole {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of rissol
risível {adj}  :: laughable
ritmada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ritmado
ritmadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ritmado
ritmado {adj}  :: rhythmed (having a rhythm)
ritmo {m}  :: rhythm
rito {m}  :: rite, ritual
rito de passagem {m} [anthropology]  :: rite of passage (ceremony to celebrate a transition)
Ritápolis {prop}  :: Ritápolis (placename)
ritual {adj}  :: ritual
ritual {m}  :: ritual
ritualisticamente {adv}  :: ritualistically (in a ritualistic manner)
ritualmente {adv}  :: ritually (in a ritual manner)
ritualístico {adj} [chiefly, religion]  :: ritual; ritualistic (in the manner of a ritual)
ritualístico {adj}  :: ritualistic (done in a specific and habitual manner)
rival {adj}  :: rival (standing in competition)
rival {mf}  :: rival (competitor with the same objective)
rivalidade {f}  :: antagonism
rivalidade {f}  :: jealousy
rivalidade {f}  :: rivalry
rivalizar {v}  :: to be a rival; to compete (against)
Riversul {prop}  :: Riversul (placename)
Rivotril {m}  :: clonazepam
rixa {f}  :: brawl; fight; quarrel
rixa {f}  :: feud (a state of long-standing mutual hostility)
Riyad {prop}  :: alternative form of Riad
Riyadh {prop}  :: alternative form of Riad
rizóbio {m}  :: rhizobium
rizoma {m}  :: rhizome
rizosfera {f} [soil science]  :: rhizosphere (soil region influenced by plant roots)
rizotónica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of rizotónico
rizotônica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of rizotônico
rizotónicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of rizotónico
rizotônicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of rizotônico
rizotônico {adj}  :: alternative form of rizotónico
rizotónico {adj} [linguistics]  :: rhizotonic (stressed in the stem)
RJ {abbr}  :: Rio de Janeiro (Brazilian state)
rôla {f}  :: obsolete spelling of rola
rômbica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of rômbico
rômbicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of rômbico
rômbico {adj}  :: rhombic
rímel {m}  :: mascara (eyelash cosmetic)
rúmen {m} [anatomy]  :: rumen (first stomach of ruminants)
RN {abbr}  :: abbreviation of Rio Grande do Norte (Brazilian state)
RNA {m} [biochemistry]  :: RNA; ribonucleic acid
RNAr {m} [genetics]  :: rRNA (ribosomal RNA)
râncida {adj}  :: feminine singular form of râncido
râncidas {adj}  :: feminine plural of râncido
râncido {adj} [figurative]  :: antiquated; obsolete
râncido {adj}  :: rancid (having a very strong and bad taste or odour)
rênio {m}  :: alternative form of rénio
rénio {m}  :: rhenium
RO {abbr}  :: Rondônia (Brazilian state)
roçando {v}  :: gerund of roçar
roçar {v}  :: to mow
roçar {v}  :: to rub
roçar {v}  :: to skim
roaz {m}  :: name for a group of cetacean animals such as the bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)
robô {m}  :: robot
robalo {m}  :: snook (any fish of the family Centropomidae, especially the Centropomus undecimalis)
Roberta {prop}  :: female given name, Roberta, feminine of Roberto
Roberto {prop}  :: male given name, Robert
robot {m}  :: alternative form of robô
robótica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of robótico
robótica {f}  :: robotics (the science and technology of robots)
robusto {adj}  :: robust (evincing strength; firmly built)
roca {f}  :: seacliff (cliff by the sea)
roca {f} [spinning]  :: distaff (part of a spinning wheel from which fibre is drawn to be spun)
rocambole {m}  :: Swiss roll (a type of sponge cake roll)
rocar {v} [chess]  :: to castle (to perform the move of castling)
Roca Sales {prop}  :: Roca Sales (placename)
rocha {f}  :: rock
rocha-mãe {f} [geology]  :: bedrock (underground layer of rock)
rochedo {m}  :: crag (rocky outcrop)
rochedo {m}  :: rock (island without vegetation)
Rochedo de Minas {prop}  :: Rochedo de Minas (placename)
rocim {m}  :: nag (useless horse)
rocinante {m}  :: nag (weak and useless horse)
rock {m}  :: rock (style of music)
rock alternativo {m} [music genre]  :: alternative rock (subgenre of rock music)
rock and roll {m}  :: rock and roll (style of music)
rock arte {m} [music genre]  :: art rock (experimental, intellectual rock music)
rock de arena {m} [music genre]  :: arena rock (rock music made to be played in large venues)
rockeiro {m}  :: rare spelling of roqueiro
rock pauleira {m} [dated]  :: heavy metal (genre of music)
rococó {adj}  :: rococo-styled
rococó {m}  :: a rococo-styled architectural piece
rococó {m} [uncountable]  :: rococo (18th century French style of baroque architecture and decorative art)
roda {f}  :: wheel
roda de fiar {f}  :: spinning wheel (device for spinning thread with a wheel and a spindle)
roda dentada {f}  :: gear wheel (wheel with a toothed rim)
roda d'água {f}  :: watermill (mill powered by water)
rodado {v}  :: past participle of rodar
rodagem {m}  :: spinning, rolling, turning
roda-gigante {f}  :: Ferris wheel (amusement ride consisting of a large, upright rotating wheel with seats)
rodamoinho {m}  :: alternative form of remoinho
rodando {v}  :: gerund of rodar
rodapé {m} [carpentry]  :: skirting board (panels on the angle between the floor and the wall)
rodapé {m} [printing]  :: foot (the bottom of a page)
rodapé {m}  :: short for nota de rodapé (footnote)
rodar {v} [Brazil, informal, computer]  :: to run a program
rodar {vt} [dated]  :: to copy (something written/drawn on paper) using a mimeograph
rodar {v}  :: to rotate, revolve, turn
roda-viva {f}  :: swarm (a mass of people or animals in turmoil)
Rode {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Rhode (the oldest Oceanid)
rodeado {adj}  :: surrounded; (enclosed)
rodear {v}  :: to move around something
rodear {v}  :: to surround; to encircle
rodeio {m}  :: detour
rodeio {m} [sports]  :: rodeo
Rodeio {prop}  :: Rodeio (placename)
Rodeio Bonito {prop}  :: Rodeio Bonito (placename)
Rodeiro {prop}  :: Rodeiro (placename)
rodela {f}  :: a round piece of food, such as a slice of banana or sausage
rodela {f} [Brazil, colloquial]  :: nonsense; malarkey
rodela {f} [historical]  :: a type of round infantry shield
rodela {f} [informal]  :: kneecap (bone of the knee)
Rodelas {prop}  :: Rodelas (placename)
Rodes {prop}  :: Rhodes (placename)
rodesiano {adj}  :: Rhodesian (of, from or relating to Rhodesia)
rodesiano {m}  :: Rhodesian (someone from Rhodesia)
rodinha {f}  :: diminutive form of roda
Rodínia {prop}  :: Rodinia (ancient world supercontinent)
rododendro {m}  :: rhododendron (flowering shrub in the genus Rhododendron)
Rodolfo {prop}  :: male given name, Rudolph
rodopsina {f} [biochemistry]  :: rhodopsin (a light-sensitive pigment in the rod cells of the retina)
rodovia {f}  :: highway (main, direct public road)
rodoviária {adj}  :: feminine singular form of rodoviário
rodoviárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of rodoviário
rodoviário {adj}  :: relating to highways
rodoviário {adj}  :: relating to road transport
Rodrigo {prop}  :: male given name, Roderick
Rodrigues {prop}  :: Portuguese surname
Rodésia {prop} [historical]  :: Rhodesia (placename)
Rodésia do Norte {prop} [historical]  :: Northern Rhodesia (placename)
Rodésia do Sul {prop} [historical]  :: Southern Rhodesia (placename)
rodízio {m}  :: a rodizio restaurant
roedor {m}  :: rodent
roendo {v}  :: gerund of roer
roentgen {m} [physics]  :: röntgen (unit of exposure to ionising radiation)
roentgénio {m}  :: roentgenium (chemical element)
roentgênio {m}  :: roentgenium (chemical element)
roer {v}  :: to gnaw
rogado {v}  :: past participle of rogar
rogando {v}  :: gerund of rogar
rogação {f}  :: rogation
rogar {v}  :: to beg;
rogar {v}  :: to curse
rogar {v}  :: to pray;
Rogério {prop}  :: male given name, Roger
rol {m}  :: list (enumeration or compilation of items)
rola {f}  :: A dove of the Streptopelia genus
rola {f} [vulgar, slang]  :: penis
rola-bosta {m} [vulgar]  :: roller (beetle that rolls dung into round balls)
Rolador {prop}  :: Rolador (placename)
rolagem {f}  :: roll (the act of rolling)
rolamento {m}  :: bearing (mechanical device)
Rolante {prop}  :: Rolante (placename)
rolar {v} [Brazil, slang]  :: to happen
rolar {v} [of a vehicle with wheels]  :: to move
rolar {v}  :: to roam; to wander
rolar {v}  :: to roll (to cause to revolve or to revolve)
rola-turca {f}  :: collared dove (Streptopelia decaocto, a dove of Eurasia)
roldana {f}  :: pulley (simple machine used to lift heavy objects)
roleta {f}  :: roulette wheel (slotted wheel)
roleta {f}  :: turnstile (rotating mechanical device)
roleta {f} [uncountable]  :: roulette (game of chance played with a roulette wheel)
roleta russa {f} [figurative]  :: any situation involving high risk
roleta russa {f}  :: Russian roulette (deadly game using a revolver)
roleta-russa {f}  :: alternative spelling of roleta russa
rolezinho {m}  :: diminutive form of rolé
rolezinho {m}  :: diminutive form of rolê
rolha {f}  :: cork (bottle stopper)
roliça {adj}  :: feminine singular form of roliço
roliças {adj}  :: feminine plural of roliço
rolimã {m}  :: ball bearing (bearing assembly with spherical balls)
rolinho primavera {m}  :: spring roll (shredded vegetables wrapped in a pancake)
roliço {adj}  :: chubby (of a person, somewhat fat)
roliço {adj}  :: cylindrical (shaped like a cylinder)
roller {m}  :: roller skate (a boot with small wheels)
rollerblade {m}  :: rollerblade (roller skate with wheels aligned in a row)
rolo compressor {m}  :: road roller (heavy engineering vehicle used to compact asphalt)
rolo da massa {m}  :: rolling pin (cylinder with a handle at each end, used to flatten dough)
rolo de carne {m}  :: meatloaf (dish of ground meat formed into a loaf shape)
rolo de massa {m}  :: alternative form of rolo da massa
rom {adj}  :: Romani (of or relating to the Roma people)
romã {f}  :: pomegranate (fruit)
rom {m}  :: a member of the Romani people
roma {adj}  :: relating to the Roma people
Roma {prop}  :: Rome (placename)
Roma {prop}  :: Rome (placename)
Roma {prop}  :: the Catholic Church (Christian church centred in the Vatican)
Roma Antiga {prop}  :: Ancient Rome (placename)
Roma e Pavia não se fizeram num dia {proverb}  :: Rome wasn't built in a day (it takes a long time to create something complicated or impressive)
romaji {m}  :: romaji (Romanisation of Japanese)
romana {adj}  :: feminine singular form of romano
romanamente {adv}  :: Romanly (in a Roman manner)
romanas {adj}  :: feminine plural of romano
romance {adj} [linguistics]  :: Romance (of the languages derived from Latin)
romance {m} [literature]  :: novel (work of prose fiction)
romance {m}  :: romance; love affair
romanche {adj}  :: of the Romansch language
romanche {m}  :: the Romansch language
romancista {mf}  :: novelist
romanhola {adj}  :: feminine singular form of romanholo
romanholas {adj}  :: feminine plural of romanholo
romanholo {adj}  :: of, from or relating to Romagna
romanholo {m}  :: a person from Romagna, Italy
romanholo {m} [uncountable]  :: Romagnol (Gallo-Italic language spoken in Romagna)
romani {adj}  :: relating to the Romani people
romani {m}  :: Romani (language)
romani {n}  :: Rom, Romani
romanicista {mf} [rare]  :: Romanicist (scholar of Romance languages)
romanização {f}  :: Romanization (transliteration of text into the Latin alphabet)
romanizar {vt}  :: to romanize
romano {adj} [history]  :: Roman (of, from or relating to the Ancient Roman civilisation)
romano {adj} [religion]  :: Roman (relating to the Roman Catholic Church)
romano {adj}  :: Roman (of, from or relating to the city of Rome)
romano {m} [history]  :: Roman (a citizen of ancient Rome)
romano {m}  :: Roman (a person from the city of Rome)
romanticamente {adv}  :: romantically (in a romantic manner)
romanticismo {m}  :: alternative form of romantismo
romantismo {m} [pejorative]  :: an idealistic but impractical act
romantismo {m}  :: romanticism (a romantic act or quality)
romantismo {m} [uncountable]  :: romanticism (the quality of being romantic)
Romantismo {prop}  :: Romanticism (18th century movement)
romaria {f} [by extension]  :: crowd
romaria {f} [Roman Catholicism]  :: pilgrimage
Romaria {prop}  :: Romaria (placename)
rombencéfalo {m}  :: hindbrain
rombencéfalo {m}  :: rhombencephalon
rombicosidodecaedro {m} [geometry]  :: rhombicosidodecahedron (Archimedean solid with 20 regular triangular faces, 30 regular square faces, 12 regular pentagonal faces, 60 vertices and 120 edges)
rombo {adj}  :: blunt (having a thick point; not sharp)
rombo {adj} [figurative]  :: obtuse; blunt (intellectually dull)
rombo {m}  :: a large hole or gap
rombo {m}  :: break-in (forceful entry into a place)
rombo {m} [figurative]  :: gap (lack of something)
rombo {m} [geometry]  :: rhombus (parallelogram having all sides of equal length)
romboide {m} [geometry]  :: rhomboid (parallelogram which is neither a rhombus nor a rectangle)
romeira {f}  :: alternative form of romãzeira
romeira {f}  :: feminine noun of romeiro
Romelândia {prop}  :: Romelândia (placename)
romena {adj}  :: feminine singular form of romeno
romenas {adj}  :: feminine plural of romeno
romeno {adj}  :: Romanian (of or relating to Romania or its people)
romeno {adj}  :: Romanian (of the Romanian language)
romeno {m}  :: Romanian (person from Romania)
romeno {m} [uncountable]  :: Romanian (language)
Romeu {prop}  :: male given name, Romeo
Romeu e Julieta {prop}  :: Romeo and Juliet (the tragedy written by Shakespeare about two lovers)
Romélia {prop}  :: alternative form of Rumélia
romêna {adj}  :: feminine singular form of romêno
romênas {adj}  :: feminine plural of romêno
români {adj}  :: alternative form of romani
români {n}  :: alternative form of romani
Romênia {prop}  :: alternative form of Roménia
Roménia {prop}  :: Romania (placename)
românica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of românico
românicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of românico
românico {adj} [architecture]  :: Romanesque (relating to an architectural style prevailing from the 8th century to the 12th)
românico {adj} [linguistics]  :: Romance (relating to languages descended from Latin)
romêno {adj} [rare]  :: superseded spelling of romeno
romêno {m} [rare]  :: superseded spelling of romeno
romântica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of romântico
românticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of romântico
romântico {adj}  :: romantic
Romão {prop}  :: male given name, Roman
rompendo {v}  :: gerund of romper
romper {v}  :: to break
rompido {v}  :: past participle of romper
romãzeira {f}  :: pomegranate (shrub/tree)
Ronaldo {prop}  :: male given name, Ronald
Ronaldo {prop}  :: Portuguese surname
roncar {v}  :: to make harsh noises (such as the sound of a car’s engine)
roncar {v}  :: to rumble (to make a low pitched noise)
roncar {v}  :: to snore (to breathe during sleep with harsh noises)
ronco {m}  :: rumble (low, heavy, continuous sound)
ronco {m}  :: snore (noise produced by snoring)
ronda {f}  :: patrol (the monitoring of an area)
ronda {f}  :: round (circular or repetitious route)
ronda {f}  :: round (song that is sung by groups of people with each subset of people starting at a different time)
Ronda Alta {prop}  :: Ronda Alta (placename)
rondante {adj}  :: patrolling
Rondinha {prop}  :: Rondinha (placename)
Rondônia {prop}  :: Rondônia (placename)
ronronar {v}  :: to purr (of a cat, to make a vibrating sound in its throat)
ronrono {n}  :: Purr. The vibrating sound made by a cat in its throat when contented
root {m} [computing]  :: root (user with complete access to the operating system)
root beer {f}  :: root beer (beverage made with sarsaparilla root)
roque {m}  :: alternative form of rock
roque {m} [chess]  :: castling (move in chess)
Roque {prop}  :: male given name, Rocco
Roque Gonzales {prop}  :: Roque Gonzales (placename)
roqueira {f}  :: alternative form of roqueiro (type of cannon)
roqueira {f}  :: feminine form of roqueiro (rocker)
roqueiro {m} [obsolete]  :: a type of cannon that fires rocks
roqueiro {m}  :: rocker (fan of rock music)
roqueyra {f}  :: obsolete spelling of roqueira
roqueyro {m}  :: obsolete spelling of roqueiro
Roraima {prop}  :: Roraima (placename)
rorqual {m}  :: rorqual (any whale species with long skin folds below mouth)
rosa {adj}  :: pink
rosa {f}  :: rose (flower)
rosa {m}  :: pink (color)
Rosa {prop}  :: female given name, Rose
Rosa {prop}  :: Portuguese surname
rosa-canina {f}  :: dog rose (Rosa canina, a wild species of rose)
rosada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of rosado
rosadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of rosado
rosa-de-cão {f}  :: dog rose (Rosa canina, a wild species of rose)
rosado {adj}  :: pink
rosa dos ventos {f}  :: compass rose (circle indicating compass directions)
rosa-dos-ventos {f}  :: alternative spelling of rosa dos ventos
Rosana {prop}  :: female given name, Roxanne and Rosanne
Rosana {prop}  :: Rosana (placename)
rosbife {m}  :: roast beef (beef cooked by roasting)
rosca {f}  :: any ring-shaped pastry
rosca {f}  :: screw thread
rosca {f} [slang]  :: anus
rosácea {f} [architecture]  :: rose window
rosácea {f} [pathology]  :: rosacea
Roseau {prop}  :: Roseau (placename)
roseira {f}  :: rosebush
Roseira {prop}  :: Roseira (placename)
roseta {f}  :: rosette (imitation of a rose used as an ornament or badge)
roseta {f}  :: rowel (small spiked wheel)
roseta {f} [South Brazil]  :: a small plant with thorny seeds
rosicler {adj}  :: pinkish-white
rosmaninho {m} [botany, nonstandard, colloquial]  :: rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)
rosmaninho {m} [botany]  :: Spanish lavender (Lavandula stoechas)
rosnado {m}  :: growl (deep, threatening sound)
rosnar {v}  :: to growl (to utter a deep guttural sound)
roséola {f} [pathology]  :: roseola (rosy rash that occurs with various fevers)
rosquinha {f}  :: diminutive form of rosca
rosquinha {f}  :: doughnut (deep-fried piece of dough)
rosário {m}  :: rosary (Catholic prayer beads)
Rosário da Limeira {prop}  :: Rosário da Limeira (placename)
Rosário do Sul {prop}  :: Rosário do Sul (placename)
rossio {m}  :: plaza (open area used for gathering in a city)
rosto {m}  :: face (part of head)
Rostov {prop}  :: Rostov (placename)
Rostov {prop}  :: Rostov (placename)
Rostov {prop}  :: Rostov (placename)
Rostov-do-Don {prop}  :: alternative form of Rostov-sobre-o-Don
Rostov-no-Don {prop}  :: alternative form of Rostov-sobre-o-Don
Rostov-sobre-o-Don {prop}  :: Rostov-na-Donu (placename)
rostral {adj} [anatomy]  :: rostral (in the direction of the rostrum)
rostral {adj}  :: rostral (serving as a rostrum)
rota {adj}  :: feminine singular form of roto
rota {f}  :: combat (a fight or battle)
rota {f}  :: feminine noun of roto
rota {f} [military]  :: defeat
rota {f} [musici]  :: rota (mediaeval string instrument)
rota {f}  :: rattan (any of several species of climbing palm of the genus Calamus)
rota {f} [Roman Catholicism]  :: rota (ecclesiastical court of appeal)
rota {f}  :: route (course or way travelled)
rotacionar {vi}  :: to rotate; to spin; to revolve
rotacionar {vt}  :: to rotate (to cause to spin)
Rota da Seda {prop}  :: Silk Road (mediaeval trade routes between Europe, Asia and northern Africa)
rotação {f}  :: gyration
rotação {f}  :: rotation
rotação de culturas {f} [agriculture]  :: crop rotation (farming practice in which the same land is used to grow different crops in successive seasons or years)
rotar {vi}  :: to rotate (to spin, turn or revolve)
rotar {vt}  :: to rotate (to spin, turn or revolve something)
rotativa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of rotativo
rotativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of rotativo
rotatividade {f}  :: turnover (rate of change or replacement)
rotativo {adj}  :: rotary, rotating, revolving
rotativo {adj}  :: rotational
rotatória {f}  :: roundabout
roteador {m} [networking]  :: router (device that directs packets of information using OSI layer 3)
rotear {v}  :: alternative form of arrotear
rotear {v} [Internet]  :: to route (to connect networks)
rotear {v}  :: to route (to direct or divert along a particular course)
roteirista {mf} [nautical]  :: person who chooses a maritime itinerary
roteirista {mf}  :: screenwriter (person who writes scripts for radio or television)
roteiro {m} [cinema]  :: screenplay, script (script for a movie or a television show)
roteiro {m}  :: guide book (book that provides guidance, especially for travellers)
roteiro {m}  :: itinerary (route or proposed route of a journey)
Roterdã {prop}  :: alternative form of Roterdão
Roterdão {prop}  :: Rotterdam (placename)
rotina {f}  :: habit
rotina {f}  :: routine (all senses)
rotineira {adj}  :: feminine singular form of rotineiro
rotineiras {adj}  :: feminine plural of rotineiro
rotineiro {adj}  :: routine; regular; habitual; not exceptional
roto falando do esfarrapado {m} [idiomatic]  :: pot calling the kettle black (somebody who accuses someone else of a fault shared by the accuser)
rotor {m}  :: rotor (a rotating part of a mechanical device)
rotor {m}  :: rotor (central part of a helicopter’s wings)
rottweiler {n}  :: Rottweiler (a large breed of dog)
rotular {vt} [figurative]  :: to label (to categorise a person or thing)
rotular {vt}  :: to label with an adhesive label
rotundo {adj}  :: rotund (roughly spherical in shape)
rotura {f}  :: breakage
rotura {f}  :: fracture
rotura {f}  :: rent, crack
rotura {f}  :: rupture
roubado {adj}  :: That has been stolen (from someone); robbed; stolen
roubado {adj}  :: Who illegally lost possession (of something); robbed
roubalheira {f}  :: generalised thievery
roubar {v} [figurative]  :: to deprive someone or something of its qualities
roubar {v} [figurative]  :: to seduce someone who is on another relationship
roubar {v}  :: to cheat (to violate rules in order to gain advantage from a situation)
roubar {v}  :: to steal (to take illegally or without permission)
roubo {m} [figurative, pejorative]  :: a price which is too expensive
roubo {m}  :: theft (act of stealing property)
roubo {m} [uncountable]  :: loot; swag (burglar’s or thief’s booty)
roubo {m} [uncountable]  :: robbery (the practice of robbing)
roubo da identidade {m}  :: alternative form of roubo de identidade
roubo de identidade {m}  :: identity theft (the deliberate assumption of another person’s identity)
rouca {adj}  :: feminine singular form of rouco
roucas {adj}  :: feminine plural of rouco
rouco {adj}  :: hoarse, husky
rouco {adj}  :: raucous
round {m} [martial arts]  :: round (segment of a fight)
roupa {f}  :: clothes
roupa {f}  :: clothing
roupa de baixo {f}  :: underwear (clothes worn beneath other clothes)
roupa de banho {f}  :: swimsuit (tight-fitting garment worn for swimming)
roupa de cama {f}  :: bedding (textiles placed on a bed)
roupa interior {f}  :: underwear (clothes worn beneath other clothes)
roupa íntima {f}  :: underwear (clothes worn beneath other clothes)
roupeiro {m}  :: a person in charge an organisation’s uniforms or outfits
roupeiro {m}  :: a wardrobe for clothes
roupeta {f}  :: cassock; a priest's traditional vest
roupeta {m} [pejorative]  :: a Catholic priest
roupão {m}  :: bathrobe
roupão {m}  :: dressing gown
rouquidão {f}  :: hoarseness
rouxinol {m}  :: nightingale (bird)
Rovaniemi {prop}  :: Rovaniemi (placename)
roxa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of roxo
Roxana {prop}  :: female given name, Roxana
Roxana {prop}  :: Roxana (the wife of Alexander the Great)
roxo {adj}  :: being bruised
roxo {adj} [figuratively]  :: Overcome with envy
roxo {adj}  :: having purple as its color
roxo {m}  :: purple (colour)
royal flush {m} [poker]  :: royal flush (ace-high straight flush)
RPG {m} [games]  :: roleplaying game (type of game in which the players assume the role of a character)
rápida {adj}  :: feminine singular form of rápido
rápidamente {adv}  :: rapidly, quickly
rápidas {adj}  :: feminine plural of rápido
rápido {adj}  :: fast (occurring or happening within a short time)
rápido {adv}  :: with speed; rapidly; quickly
réplica {f} [legal]  :: answer (document filed in response to a complaint)
réplica {f}  :: replica (an exact copy)
réplica {f}  :: replication (the act of replicating)
réplicon {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative spelling of replicon
réprobo {adj} [religion]  :: reprobate (rejected by God)
réprobo {adj}  :: reprobate; immoral
réprobo {m}  :: a reprobate, immoral person
réptil {m}  :: reptile (a cold-blooded vertebrate)
réquia {f}  :: alternative form of réquiem
réquie {f}  :: alternative form of réquiem
réquiem {m}  :: requiem (mass to honour and remember a dead person)
réquiem {m}  :: requiem (music composed to honour a dead person)
Réquila {prop} [historical given name, male, Rechila, 5th century Suevic king of Gallaecia]  ::
RR {prop}  :: abbreviation of Roraima (Brazilian state)
rRNA {m} [genetics]  :: rRNA (ribosomal RNA)
rês {f}  :: neat (food animal)
rs {interj} [Internet slang, texting]  :: laughs; lol; haha
RS {prop}  :: initialism of Rio Grande do Sul (a state of Brazil)
rés do chão {m}  :: ground floor (of a building)
rés-do-chão {m}  :: alternative spelling of rés do chão
rósea {adj}  :: feminine singular form of róseo
róseas {adj}  :: feminine plural of róseo
róseo {adj}  :: pink, rosy
ríspida {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ríspido
ríspidas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ríspido
ríspido {adj}  :: rude; impolite
ríspido {adj}  :: severe; strict; harsh
RSS {f}  :: initialism of república socialista soviética SSR
RSS da Armênia {prop}  :: alternative form of RSS da Arménia
RSS da Arménia {prop}  :: Armenian SSR (placename)
RSS da Bielorrússia {prop}  :: Byelorussian SSR (placename)
RSS da Estônia {prop}  :: alternative form of RSS da Estónia
RSS da Estónia {prop}  :: Estonian SSR (placename)
RSS da Letônia {prop}  :: alternative form of RSS da Letónia
RSS da Letónia {prop}  :: Latvian SSR (placename)
RSS da Moldávia {prop}  :: Moldavian SSR (placename)
RSS do Azerbaijão {prop}  :: Azerbaijan SSR (placename)
Rússia {prop}  :: Russia (placename)
rústica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of rústico
rústicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of rústico
rústico {adj}  :: crude
rústico {adj}  :: homely
rústico {adj}  :: rural
rústico {adj}  :: rustic
rústico {m}  :: peasant
rútila {f}  :: alternative form of rutilo
rítmica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of rítmico
rítmicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of rítmico
rítmico {adj}  :: rhythmic
rã-touro {f}  :: bullfrog (any of various large species of frog of North America)
rã-touro americana {f}  :: American bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana)
rótula {f} [regional, São Paulo, Bahia, South Brazil]  :: roundabout
rótula {f} [skeleton, dated]  :: kneecap
rótulo {m}  :: label in the form of a sticker
rótulo {m}  :: label (name categorising someone as part of a group)
réu {adj}  :: guilty
réu {m} [legal]  :: defendant (person prosecuted or sued)
rua {f}  :: street; road (paved path)
rua {f}  :: streets (urban areas outside buildings)
rua {interj}  :: out! (strong, impolite demand for someone to leave)
rua de mão única {f}  :: one-way street
Ruan {prop}  :: male given name
Ruanda {prop}  :: Rwanda (placename)
ruandesa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ruandês
ruandesas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ruandês
ruandês {adj}  :: Rwandan (of, from or relating to Rwanda)
ruandês {m}  :: Rwandan (a person from Rwanda)
rua sem saída {f}  :: cul-de-sac (blind alley)
rubato {m} [music]  :: rubato (timing played near, but not on the beat)
Rubelita {prop}  :: Rubelita (placename)
Rubem {prop}  :: alternative form of Rúben
Rubens {prop}  :: male given name, Reuben
rubi {adj}  :: ruby (deep red in colour)
rubi {m}  :: ruby (a deep red colour)
rubi {m}  :: ruby (a deep red corundum gemstone)
Rubiácea {prop}  :: Rubiácea (placename)
Rubim {prop}  :: Rubim (placename)
Rubineia {prop}  :: Rubineia (placename)
rublo {m}  :: ruble (Russian monetary unit)
rubéola {adj}  :: feminine singular form of rubéolo
rubéola {f}  :: rubella (disease caused by the Rubella virus infecting the respiratory tract)
ruborizar {v}  :: to blush (to redden in the face from excitement or embarrassment)
rubra {adj}  :: feminine singular form of rubro
rubrica {f}  :: initials or a simplified signature
rubricar {vt}  :: to sign with an abbreviated signature, with a small mark or with one’s initials; to initial
rubro {adj} [poetic]  :: red in colour
rubro {m} [poetic]  :: red (colour)
rude {adj}  :: rude; bad-mannered
rudemente {adv}  :: roughly (in a rough manner)
rudemente {adv}  :: rudely (in a rude manner)
rudeza {f}  :: rudeness
rudimentar {adj}  :: rudimentary, simple, crude, primitive
ruído {m}  :: clatter, din
ruído {m}  :: noise
ruído branco {m}  :: white noise (nondescript noise in the background)
ruído rosa {m}  :: pink noise
ruela {f}  :: alley (narrow street)
rufar {v} [percussion]  :: to roll (to beat with rapid, continuous strokes)
rufião {m}  :: pimp
rufião {m}  :: ruffian
rufo {m} [percussion]  :: roll (the fast, light, uniform beating of a drum)
ruga {f}  :: crease
ruga {f}  :: wrinkle
rugby {m}  :: rugby
rugby union {m}  :: rugby union (form of rugby)
rugido {m}  :: roar (loud, deep cry, such as that of a lion)
rugir {v}  :: to roar (to make a loud, deep cry)
rugoso {adj}  :: wrinkly (having wrinkles)
Rui {prop} given name, very common, etymologically equivalent to Rod, but used independently of Rodrigo
ruibarbo {m}  :: rhubarb (any plant of the genus Rheum)
ruidoso {adj}  :: noisy (generating noise)
ruim {adj}  :: bad
ruim {adj}  :: ruined
ruinoso {adj}  :: ruinous
ruir {v} [figuratively]  :: To collapse
ruir {v}  :: to collapse (to fall down suddenly; to cave in)
ruiva {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ruivo
ruiva {f}  :: feminine noun of ruivo
ruiva {f}  :: madder (Rubia tinctorum, a herbaceous plant)
ruiva-dos-tintureiros {f}  :: madder (Rubia tinctorum, a herbaceous plant)
ruivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ruivo
ruivo {adj}  :: auburn, ginger (hair colour)
ruivo {m}  :: mullet
ruivo {m}  :: redhead
rum {m}  :: rum
rumar {v} [nautical]  :: to veer a watercraft to a specified direction
rumar {v}  :: to head (move in a specified direction)
rumiar {v}  :: alternative form of ruminar
ruminante {adj}  :: ruminant (which chews cud)
ruminante {m}  :: ruminant (mammal which chews cud)
ruminar {v}  :: to ruminate (to chew cud)
ruminar {v}  :: to ruminate (to ponder over something)
Rumélia {prop} [historical]  :: Rumelia (territories of the Ottoman Empire in Europe)
rumo {m}  :: course, path
rumo {m} [nautical]  :: heading, bearing
rumo a {prep}  :: toward (in the direction of)
rumor {m}  :: continuous noise
rumor {m}  :: rumour (statement or claim from no known reliable source)
ruína {f}  :: ruin (construction withered by time)
ruína {f}  :: ruin (something which leads to serious troubles)
ruína {f}  :: the process of becoming financially ruined
ruína {f}  :: the process of becoming ruined
ruína {f} [uncountable]  :: ruin (the state of being a ruin, destroyed or decayed)
runa {f}  :: rune
rundi {m}  :: Rundi; Kirundi (Bantu language spoken in Burundi)
Réunion {prop}  :: alternative form of Reunião
ruão {adj} [of a horse]  :: roan (having a coat of a dark base colour with individual white hairs mixed in)
ruão {m}  :: a type of linen fabric historically made in Rouen, France
ruão {m}  :: commoner; pleb
ruão {m}  :: roan (horse with a roan coat)
ruona {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ruão
ruonas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ruão
rupia {f}  :: rupee (currency unit used in India, Pakistan and other countries)
ruptura {f}  :: alternative form of rotura
rural {adj}  :: rural
rus {m} [historical]  :: Rus (Scandinavian settlers and merchants in Eastern Europe)
rusalka {f} [Slavic mythology]  :: rusalka (female water spirit that leads handsome men to their deaths)
Rus' de Kiev {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Rus de Kiev
Rus de Kiev {prop} [history]  :: Kievan Rus (placename)
rusga {f} [colloquial]  :: raid [of police]
rusga {f}  :: noise, uproar
rusga {f}  :: quarrel, brawl
russa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of russo
russas {adj}  :: feminine plural of russo
russificação {f}  :: russification (assimilation into Russian culture)
russificar {v}  :: to Russify
russo {adj}  :: Russian
russo {m}  :: Russian (person from Russia)
russo {m} [uncountable]  :: Russian (the Russian language)
russo- {prefix}  :: Russo- (relating to Russia or the Russian language)
russo branco {m} [historical]  :: White Russian (Russian who supported the tsar in the Russian Civil War)
russofilia {f}  :: Russophilia (a strong interest in the country, culture, or people of Russia)
russofobia {f}  :: Russophobia (the fear of Russia or Russians)
rutabaga {f}  :: rutabaga (Brassica napus, a plant with an edible root)
Rute {prop} [biblical character]  :: Ruth (a woman from Moab)
Rute {prop} [biblical]  :: Ruth (book of the Bible)
Rute {prop}  :: female given name, Ruth
ruterfórdio {m}  :: rutherfordium (chemical element)
rutherfórdio {m}  :: rutherfordium
rutilo {m} [mineralogy]  :: rutile (mineral composed primarily of titanium dioxide)
Rutênia {prop}  :: alternative form of Ruténia
Ruténia {prop}  :: Ruthenia (placename)
rutênio {m}  :: alternative form of ruténio
rutura {f}  :: alternative form of rotura
Ruy {prop}  :: male given name; alternative form of Rui
Ruy Barbosa {prop}  :: Ruy Barbosa (placename)
réveillon {m}  :: a New Year’s Eve party, feast or celebration
Ryan {prop}  :: male given name, Ryan