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P {letter} :: The sixteenth letter of the German alphabet
paar {determiner} :: some; few; a few
Paar {n} :: pair, couple
paaren {vr} [zoology] :: to mate, to pair
Paarerzeugung {f} [physics] :: pair production
Paarhufer {m} :: even-toed ungulate
paarig {adj} :: paired, pairwise
paarmal {adv} :: a few times
Paarung {f} [zoology] :: mating, pairing
Paarungsspiel {n} [zoology] :: courtship display
Paarungszeit {f} [zoology] :: mating season
paarweise {adj} :: pairwise (occurring in pairs)
Pabneukirchen {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Pachelbel {prop} :: surname
Pacht {f} :: lease
pachten {v} :: to lease
Pachtzins {noun} :: Payment for the rent of a business
Pack {m} {n} :: package, bundle, bunch, (unwieldy) bag
Pack {n} [pejorative or humorous] :: rabble, mob, vermin, rascals
Päckchen {n} :: packet, pack, package
Päckchen {n} :: small parcel
Päckchen {n} [German post office] :: A specific type of small parcel with a defined maximum weight and size
Packeis {n} :: pack ice
packen {vti} :: to pack (luggage, a bundle, etc.); to get packed
packen {vt} :: to grab, to grip, to take
packen {vt} [colloquial] :: to manage, to stand, to cope
packen {vt} [slang] :: to take (a bus, train, etc.)
packen {vr} [regional or dated] :: to beat it
Packen {m} :: pack, bunch, bundle, stack
Packesel {m} [zoology] :: packhorse, burro [Am.]
Packesel {m} [figuratively, colloquial] :: (of a person) packhorse
Packesel {m} [figurative] :: drudge, drone
Packgas {n} :: An inert gas used in food packaging
Packtasche {f} :: pannier
Packung {f} :: package
Pädagoge {m} :: pedagogue (teacher)
Pädagogik {f} :: pedagogy
pädagogisch {adj} :: pedagogical
Paddel {n} :: paddle
paddeln {v} :: to paddle
Päderast {m} :: pederast, paederast
Päderastie {f} :: pederasty
Pädken {n} [colloquial, regional, north-western Germany] :: small unpaved path
pädophil {adj} :: pedophile [attributive], pedophilic
Pädophiler {m} :: pedophile
Pädophilie {f} :: pedophilia (sexual feeling of desire directed towards children)
pädosexuell {adj} :: pedosexual
paffen {v} :: to puff, to emit smoke (of an oven, a machine)
paffen {v} :: to smoke (of a person)
paffen {v} :: particularly: to smoke without inhaling the smoke into the lungs
Paganismus {m} :: paganism
pagatorisch {adj} :: pagatoric
Page {m} :: page, page boy
paginieren {v} :: to paginate
Paginierung {f} :: pagination (act of numbering pages)
Paillette {f} [fashion] :: sequin
Pak. {abbr} :: abbreviation of Panzerabwehrkanone
Paket {n} :: a packet or package; the word is used almost exclusively for a package sent per post
Paket {n} [networking] :: data packet
Paketbombe {f} :: parcel bomb
Paketname {m} [software, object-oriented] :: package name
Pakistan {prop} {n} :: Pakistan
Pakistaner {m} :: Pakistani (a person from Pakistan or of Pakistani descent)
Pakistanerin {f} :: Pakistani (A female person from Pakistan or of Pakistani descent)
pakistanisch {adj} :: Pakistani (Of, from, or pertaining to Pakistan, or its people)
Pakt {m} :: pact, agreement
Paläanthropologie {f} [anthropology] :: synonym of Paläoanthropologie
Palais {n} :: palace
paläo- {prefix} :: paleo-
Paläoanthropologie {f} [anthropology] :: paleoanthropology
Paläoarchaikum {prop} :: the Paleoarchean
Paläogen {prop} :: the Paleogene
Paläontologe {m} :: paleontologist
Paläontologie {f} :: paleontology
paläontologisch {adj} :: paleontological
Paläoproterozoikum {prop} :: the Paleoproterozoic
Paläozoikum {prop} :: the Paleozoic
paläozoisch {adj} :: Paleozoic
Palas {m} [architecture] :: The imposing or prestigious building of a medieval castle that contained the great hall
Palast {m} :: palace
Palästina {prop} {n} :: Palestine
Palästinenser {m} :: a Palestinian (male or of unspecified sex)
Palästinenserin {f} :: a Palestinian (female)
palästinensisch {adj} :: Palestinian
palatal {adj} :: palatal
palatalisiert {adj} [linguistics, phonetics] :: palatalised
palatalisiert {v} :: past participle of palatalisieren
palatinal {adj} :: palatal
palato-alveolar {adj} :: palatoalveolar
Palatschinke {f} [Austria, chiefly in the plural] :: pancake
Palatschinken {m} :: alternative form of Palatschinke
Palau {prop} {n} :: Palau
palauisch {adj} :: Palauan
Palaver {n} :: palaver; idle talk
Palazzo Kitschi {prop} [pejorative, historical] :: the Haus der Deutschen Kunst (House of German Art, today “Haus der Kunst”) in Munich constructed by the Third Reich
Paldau {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Palette {f} :: pallet
Palette {f} :: palette
Palimpsest {m} {n} :: palimpsest
Palindrom {n} :: palindrome
Palisade {f} :: palisade
palisandern {adj} :: pallisander (attributive)
Palladium {n} :: palladium
Palladiumgehalt {m} [mineralogy, chemistry] :: palladium content
palladiumhaltig {adj} [mineralogy] :: palladium-bearing
Palladiumhydrid {n} [inorganic compound] :: palladium hydride
Palladiumkatalysator {m} [chemistry] :: palladium catalyst
Palladiumlegierung {f} :: palladium alloy
Palladiumverbindung {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: palladium compound
palliativ {adj} :: palliative
Palme {f} :: palm tree
Palmöl {n} :: palm oil
Palmsonntag {m} :: Palm Sunday
Palmwedel {m} :: palm frond, palm branch
Palstek {m} [nautical, climbing] :: bowline (kind of knot)
Palting {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Palynologie {f} :: palynology (study of spores, pollen etc.)
Pama {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Burgenland, Austria
Pamhagen {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Burgenland, Austria
Pampa {f} :: pampa
Pampa {f} [with the definite article, derogatory] :: the sticks, the boondocks, the middle of nowhere
Pampas {p} :: pampas, pampa
Pampas {p} :: (colloq.) a remote place
Pampaskatze {f} :: colocolo (Leopardus colocolo), a small striped cat native to the western central South America
Pampelmuse {f} :: pomelo (Citrus maxima)
Pampelmuse {f} [colloquial] :: grapefruit (Citrus paradisi)
Pampers {noun} [colloquial] :: diaper
pampig {adj} :: soggy, gooey, muddy
pan- {prefix} :: pan-
Panade {f} :: breading
Panama {prop} {n} :: Panama
Panamaer {m} :: Panamanian (A person from Panama or of Panamanian descent)
panamaisch {adj} :: Panamanian (pertaining to Panama)
Panamakanal {prop} {m} :: Panama Canal
panaschieren {v} [electoral law, Germany, Switzerland] :: to split one's vote
Panaschieren {n} [electoral law, Germany, Switzerland] :: vote-splitting
Panazee {f} :: panacea
Pancake {m} [especially on menus] :: an American-style pancake as a breakfast item
Panchatantra {prop} :: Panchatantra
Panchromium {n} :: panchromium
panchronisch {adj} :: panchronic
Panda {m} :: panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca)
Pandabär {m} [zoology] :: panda bear (Ailuropoda melanoleuca)
Pandeiro {?} :: pandeiro
Pan-deismus {noun} :: alternative spelling of Pandeismus
Pandeismus {m} :: pandeism
Pan-deist {noun} :: alternative spelling of Pandeist
Pandeist {m} :: Pandeist
Pandeistin {f} :: feminine of Pandeist
pandeistisch {adj} :: pandeistic
Pandemie {f} :: pandemic (pandemic disease)
pandemisch {adj} :: pandemic
Pandora {prop} {f} [Greek mythology] :: Pandora
Pandorabüchse {f} :: Pandora's box
Pandschabi {n} :: a language spoken in parts of India and Pakistan; Punjabi
Paneel {n} :: panel; panelling (wooden surface)
panegyrisch {adj} :: panegyrical
Panel {n} :: panel
Panel {n} :: Single image in a comics
Panendeist {m} :: panendeist
Panendeistin {f} :: female panendeist
panendeistisch {adj} :: panendeistic
Panentheismus {m} [religion] :: panentheism
Panentheist {m} :: panentheist
Panentheistin {f} :: female panentheist
panentheistisch {adj} :: panentheistic
paneuropäisch {adj} :: Pan-European
Panflöte {f} :: pan flute
Pangäa {prop} {f} :: Pangaea
Pangermanismus {m} :: Pan-Germanism
panhellenisch {adj} :: Panhellenic
panieren {v} :: to bread
Paniermehl {n} :: breadcrumbs
Panik {f} :: panic
panikartig {adj} :: panicky, in a panicked way
Panikattacke {f} :: panic attack
Panikmache {f} :: scaremongering, alarmism
panisch {adj} :: panic-inducing or panic-induced
panisch {adj} :: in a panicked way
panislamisch {adj} :: Pan-Islamic
Pankreas {n} :: pancreas
Pankreasfunktion {f} [physiology] :: pancreatic function
Panne {f} :: breakdown
Pannekuchen {m} [colloquial, regional, northern and western Germany] :: alternative form of Pfannkuchen
Panoptikum {n} :: Wax museum, waxworks
Panorama {n} :: panorama
Panoramafreiheit {f} :: freedom of panorama
Panormium {n} :: panormium
panphotometrisch {adj} [botany] :: panphotometric
Panpsychismus {m} [philosophy] :: panpsychism
Pansen {m} :: rumen, fardingbag, paunch
Pansexualität {f} :: pansexuality
pansexuell {adj} :: pansexual
Panter {m} :: alternative form of Panther
Pan-theismus {noun} :: alternative spelling of Pantheismus
Pantheismus {m} :: pantheism
Pan-theist {noun} :: alternative spelling of Pantheist
Pantheist {m} :: pantheist
Pan-theisten {noun} :: alternative spelling of Pantheisten
Pantheistin {f} :: female pantheist
pantheistisch {adj} :: pantheistic
Pantheon {n} :: pantheon
Panther {m} :: panther
Pantherpilz {m} :: panther cap, Amanita pantherina
Pantoffel {m} :: slipper (indoor shoe)
Pantoffelheld {m} :: a henpecked guy
Pantoffeltierchen {n} :: a unicellular ciliate protozoan of the Paramecium genus
Pantomime {f} :: pantomime (type of entertainment where players act out ideas without use of their voice)
pantomimisch {adj} :: pantomimic
Panz {m} [regional, in the Rhineland] :: child
Panzer {m} [historical] :: armor [US] / armour [UK]; suit of armour
Panzer {m} :: armor plating
Panzer {m} [military] :: tank, clipping of Panzerkampfwagen (literally: "armored combat vehicle")
Panzer {m} [zoology] :: shell, carapace
Panzer {m} [figurative] :: shield
Panzerabwehrkanone {f} :: An antitank gun
panzerartig {adj} :: armourlike
panzerbrechend {adj} :: armour-piercing
Panzerbüchse {f} [military, firearm] :: anti-tank rifle
Panzerfaust {f} :: Panzerfaust
Panzerjäger {m} [military] :: a lightly armored tank destroyer
Panzerkampfwagen {m} [military] :: Panzer, a tank, armoured fighting vehicle
panzern {vtr} :: to armor
Panzernashorn {n} :: Indian rhinoceros
Panzerschiff {n} :: ironclad ship
Panzerschokolade {f} [military slang, historical] :: methamphetamine
Panzerschrank {m} :: safe, vault
Panzerschreck {m} :: the unofficial nickname of the Raketenpanzerbüchse, a portable anti-tank rocket launcher developed by the German military during WW2
Panzerung {f} :: armour
Papa {m} :: dad, daddy
papabel {adj} :: papabile
Papagei {m} :: parrot
Papageitaucher {m} :: Atlantic puffin
Paparazza {f} :: paparazza, mamarazzi (female paparazzo)
Paparazzo {m} :: paparazzo (freelance photographer of celebrities)
Papaya {f} :: papaya, Carica papaya (fruit)
Papi {m} [usually, childish] :: daddy
Papier {n} :: paper (material)
Papier {n} :: paper (sheet)
Papier {n} :: wrapping (made of paper or a similar material)
Papier {n} [legal] :: paper, document
Papier {n} [finance, stock market] :: security
papierdeutsch {adj} :: German officialese (attributive)
Papierdeutsch {prop} {n} :: German officialese (a dry, overly complicated and sometimes legalistic variety of the German language)
papieren {adj} :: paper (made of paper)
Papierflieger {m} :: paper airplane (US), paper aeroplane (British), paper plane
Papierherstellung {f} :: papermaking
Papierindustrie {f} :: paper industry
Papierkorb {m} :: wastepaper basket (small indoors container for dry rubbish, i.e. chiefly old newspapers or writing paper)
Papierkram {m} [colloquial] :: paperwork, red tape
papierlos {adj} :: paperless (Using information without paper.)
papiern {adj} :: alternative form of papieren
Papierschneider {m} :: paper cutter
Papiertaschentuch {n} :: tissue handkerchief, tissue
Papiertiger {m} :: paper tiger
Pappbecher {m} :: paper cup
Pappdeckel {m} :: lid of a cardboard box
Pappdeckel {m} :: pasteboard (book cover)
Pappe {f} :: paperboard
Pappe {f} [drugs] :: a piece of paper laced with LSD
Pappel {f} :: poplar, cottonwood
Pappmaché {n} :: alternative spelling of Pappmaschee
Pappmaschee {n} :: papier-mâché
pappsatt {adj} :: full up (unable to eat any more)
pappsüß {adj} :: Very sweet (in taste)
Paprika {mf} [chiefly masculine] :: paprika (spice)
Paprika {mf} [chiefly feminine] :: bell pepper
Paprikaspeck {m} :: A type of charcuterie made by curing strips of fatback with salt and pepper and hot and sweet paprika. Eaten in sandwiches
Papst {m} :: pope (male or of unspecified sex) (head of the Roman Catholic Church; title of other religious leaders such as the Coptic Pope)
Papst {m} :: expert, pundit [used in various compounds]
papstfähig {adj} :: papabile
Päpstin {f} :: popess, pope (female)
Päpstin {f} :: expert, pundit [used in various compounds]
päpstlich {adj} :: papal
Papstwappen {n} :: papal coats of arms
Papua-Neuguinea {prop} {n} :: Papua New Guinea
papua-neuguineisch {adj} :: Papua New Guinean
Papyrus {m} :: papyrus (a plant in the sedge family)
Papyrus {m} :: papyrus (a material similar to paper made from the papyrus plant)
Papyrus {m} :: papyrus (a scroll or document written on papyrus)
Para {n} [colloquial] :: dough, dosh (money)
Parabel {f} [story] :: parable
Parabel {f} [mathematics] :: parabola
parabelförmig {adj} :: parabolic
Parade {f} :: parade (intentional, planned march)
Parade {f} [military] :: parade, march
Paradebeispiel {n} :: prime example; poster child
Paradeiser {m} [Austria] :: tomato
Paradiddle {m} :: paradiddle
Paradies {n} :: paradise
Paradies {n} [architecture] :: atrium
Paradiesapfel {m} :: tomato
Paradiesapfel {m} :: candy apple, toffee apple
paradiesisch {adj} :: paradisiacal, heavenly
Paradiesnuss {f} :: paradise nut (of genus Lecythis)
Paradiesvogel {m} :: bird of paradise
Paradigma {n} :: paradigm
paradigmatisch {adj} :: paradigmatic
Paradigmenwechsel {m} :: paradigm shift
Paradontitis {f} :: alternative spelling of Parodontitis
paradox {adj} :: paradoxical
Paradox {n} :: paradox
paradoxerweise {adv} :: paradoxically
Paradoxon {n} :: paradox
Paraffin {n} [organic chemistry] :: paraffin, alkane
Paraffinöl {n} :: paraffin (fuel), kerosene
Paragenese {f} [geology] :: paragenesis
Paragraf {noun} :: alternative spelling of Paragraph
Paragrafenreiter {m} :: alternative spelling of Paragraphenreiter
Paragraph {m} [legal] :: article, paragraph (section of a legal document)
Paragraphenreiter {m} :: legalist
Paragraphenzeichen {n} :: section sign
Paraguay {prop} {n} :: Paraguay
paraguayanisch {adj} :: synonym of paraguayisch
Paraguayer {m} :: Paraguayan (person from Paraguay)
Paraguayerin {f} :: Paraguayan (female person from Paraguay)
paraguayisch {adj} :: Paraguayan (pertaining to Paraguay)
Parahelium {n} :: parahelium
paralinguistisch {adj} :: paralinguistic
Paralipse {f} :: paralipsis
parallel {adj} :: parallel
parallel {adj} :: Serving the same purpose, leading to the same result
Parallele {f} [geometry] :: parallel
Parallelogramm {n} :: parallelogram
Paralleluniversum {n} :: parallel universe
paralympisch {adj} :: paralympic
Paralyse {f} :: paralysis (loss of muscle control)
paralysieren {v} :: to paralyze
paralytisch {adj} :: paralytic (affected by paralysis)
paramagnetisch {adj} [physics] :: paramagnetic
Paramagnetismus {m} [physics] :: paramagnetism
Parament {n} :: parament
Parameter {m} :: parameter
parametrisch {adj} :: parametric
parametrisieren {v} :: to parametrize
paramilitärisch {adj} :: paramilitary
Paranoia {f} :: paranoia
paranoid {adj} :: paranoid
paranormal {adj} :: paranormal
Paranuss {f} :: brazil nut
Paraphimose {f} :: paraphimosis
Paraphrase {f} :: paraphrase (restatement of a text in different words)
Paraphrase {f} :: artistic variation of a melody
paraphrasieren {v} :: to paraphrase (to compose a paraphrase)
paraphyletisch {adj} :: paraphyletic (excluding some descendants of the most recent common ancestor)
Parapsychologie {f} :: parapsychology
Parasätchen {n} :: diminutive of Parasit
Parasit {m} :: parasite
parasitär {adj} :: parasitic
parasitisch {adj} :: parasitic
Parasitismus {m} :: parasitism
Parasitologie {f} :: parasitology
Parasol {m} :: parasol mushroom
Parasol {m} [dated, sunshade] :: parasol
Parasol {n} {m} [dated, sunshade] :: parasol
parasprachlich {adj} :: paralinguistic
parat {adj} :: at hand
parat {adj} :: ready
Parathormon {n} [hormone] :: parathormone
Parbasdorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Pärchen {n} :: diminutive of Paar
Parcours {m} [show jumping] :: course
Pardelkatze {f} :: a cat of the genus Leopardus
Pardon {m} {n} :: pardon
parenchymatisch {adj} :: parenchymatous, parenchymal
parenchymatös {adj} :: parenchymatous
parenteral {adj} :: parenteral
Parfum {n} :: alternative form of Parfüm
Parfüm {n} :: perfume (generally only in the sense of “odorous substance”, not “pleasant smell”)
Parfümerie {f} :: perfumery
parfümieren {v} :: to perfume
parfümiert {adj} :: perfumed
Paris {prop} {n} :: Paris (capital city of France)
Pariser {prop} :: Parisian
Pariser {m} :: Parisian
Pariser {m} [colloquial] :: condom
pariserisch {adj} :: Parisian
Parität {f} :: parity, equality
paritätisch {adj} :: equal
Park {m} :: park (piece of ground in or near a city or town, enclosed and kept for ornament and recreation)
Park {m} :: park, grounds (tract of ground kept in its natural state, around a residence, for the enjoyment of its owner)
Parka {mf} :: a parka
parken {v} :: to park
Parkett {n} :: parquet
parkettieren {v} :: to parquet
Parkhaus {n} :: parking garage, car park (large building to store cars in)
parkieren {v} [Switzerland] :: to park
Parkinson {m} :: Parkinson's
Parklandschaft {f} :: parkland
Parkplatz {m} :: parking lot, car park
Parkuhr {f} :: parking meter
Parlament {n} [politics] :: parliament
Parlament {n} [architecture] :: legislative building
Parlamentarier {m} :: parliamentarian (member of parliament)
Parlamentarierin {f} :: parliamentarian (female member of parliament)
parlamentarisch {adj} :: parliamentary
Parlamentsgebäude {n} :: legislative building
Parlamentswahl {f} :: general election
parlieren {v} :: to chat
Parmesan {m} :: parmesan
Parmesankäse {m} :: parmesan
Parndorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Burgenland, Austria
Parodie {f} :: parody (expression making fun of something else)
Parodontitis {f} :: periodontitis (any of a number of inflammatory diseases affecting the periodontium)
Parodontologie {f} :: periodontics
Parole {f} [military] :: password
Parole {f} [politics] :: slogan
Paroxysmus {m} :: paroxysm (random or sudden outburst; explosive event during a volcanic eruption; sudden recurrence of a disease)
Parse {m} :: Parsi
Parsec {n} [astronomy] :: parsec (parallax second)
Partei {f} [politics] :: political party
Partei {f} [legal] :: party (person, company, or institution) participating in a legal action or contract
Parteichef {m} :: (political) party leader
Partei ergreifen {v} :: to take sides
parteiintern {adj} [politics] :: internal to a political party
parteiisch {adj} [in favour of one faction] :: partial, biased, one-sided
parteilos {adj} [politics] :: independent (not member of a political party)
parteinah {adj} :: Not of a political party
parteipolitisch {adj} :: party political
Parteitag {m} :: party conference (political convention)
parteiübergreifend {adj} :: cross-party, crossing party lines
Parterre {n} :: ground floor, first floor
parthenogenetisch {adj} :: parthenogenetic
parthisch {adj} :: Parthian
Partialdruck {m} :: partial pressure
Partie {f} :: match, game
Partie {f} :: part, area
partiell {adj} :: partial (existing in part)
Partikel {f} [linguistics] :: particle
Partikel {f} [Roman Catholicism] :: particle, a fragment of the eucharistic host
Partikel {f} [Roman Catholicism] :: a fragment of the True Cross venerated as a relic
Partikel {f} [physics] :: particle
Partikel {n} [physics] :: particle
Partikel {n} [linguistics, nonstandard] :: particle
Partikelgröße {f} :: particle size
partikular {adj} :: particularistic
partikulär {adj} :: alternative form of partikular
Partisan {m} :: partisan (member of a body of detached light troops)
Partisane {f} :: partisan (a spear with a triangular, double-edged blade)
Partisane {m} :: partisan (member of a body of detached light troops)
Partisanin {f} :: partisan (female member of a body of detached light troops)
Partition {f} [computing] :: partition (section of a hard disk separately formatted)
Partition {f} [mathematics] :: partition (collection of non-empty, disjoint subsets of a set whose union is the set itself)
partitionieren {v} [computing] :: to partition
Partitiv {m} :: partitive case (noun case)
Partitur {f} [music] :: full score, conductor's score, (rare: partitur)
Partizip {n} [grammar] :: participle
Partizipation {f} :: participation (act of participating)
partizipativ {adj} :: participatory
partizipatorisch {adj} :: participatory
Partizip I {n} [grammar] :: synonym of Partizip Präsens (present participle)
Partizip II {n} [grammar] :: past participle
Partizipium {n} [dated] :: alternative form of Partizip
Partizipium präsentis {noun} [grammar] :: synonym of Partizip Präsens (present participle)
Partizip Präsens {n} [grammar] :: present participle
Partner {m} :: partner, associate
Partnerin {f} :: partner
Partnerschaft {f} :: partnership
partnerschaftlich {adj} :: as partners, in partnership
partout {adv} :: absolutely [if an obstinate person refuses to do something]
partout {adv} :: constantly
Partschins {prop} :: A municipality in South Tyrol
Party {f} [colloquial] :: party (social gathering)
Partylöwe {m} :: party animal (person known for frequent, enthusiastic attendance at parties)
Parvenü {m} :: parvenu
parvenühaft {adj} :: parvenu
Parzelle {f} [division of land] :: parcel
parzellieren {v} :: to parcel (divide and distribute by parts or portions) (land)
Pascal {prop} :: given name borrowed from French
Pascal {n} :: pascal (unit)
Pasch {m} [dice] :: doubles, doublets
Pascha {m} :: pasha (title)
Pasching {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Paschtu {n} :: language mainly spoken in Afghanistan; Pashto
Paso Doble {m} :: paso doble (dance)
Paspelierung {f} :: piping as an edge embellishment in sewing
Pass {m} :: pass (between mountains)
Pass {m} :: pass (document granting permission to pass)
Pass {m} :: passport
Paß {m} :: Pass (unofficial spelling)
passabel {adj} :: acceptable, fair
Passage {f} :: Passage; a leg of a journey
Passagier {m} :: passenger
Passagierschiff {n} :: passenger ship
Passail {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Passant {m} :: passer-by
Passarge {prop} {f} :: the Passarge
Passargisch {adj} [rare] :: pertaining in some way to the river or towns named Passarge
Passat {m} :: trade wind
Passau {prop} {n} :: Passau (independent city in Bavaria, Germany)
Passbild {n} :: passport photo
passé {adj} :: past, over
passee {adj} :: Alternative spelling of passé
passen {v} :: to fit
passen {v} :: to suit, to be suitable
passen {v} [with zu] :: to go with (correspond or fit well with, to match)
passen {v} [card games] :: to pass
passend {adj} :: suitable, fitting, matching
Passepartout {m} :: master key (a key that opens a set of several locks)
Passepartout {m} :: mat (thick paper or paperboard border used to inset and center the contents of a frame)
Passes {noun} :: Genitive singular of Pass and Paß
passieren {v} [auxiliary sein] :: to happen
passieren {v} [formal, auxiliary haben] :: to move beyond; pass
passieren {v} [cooking, auxiliary haben] :: to pass through a sieve, to strain
Passierschein A38 {noun} :: An imaginary permit that is impossible to get
passiert {v} :: past participle of passieren
passiert {adj} :: sieved
Passion {f} :: passion, fervor
Passion {f} [Christianity] :: Passion
passioniert {adj} :: passionate [as in: passionate hobbyist]
Passionsfrucht {f} :: passion fruit
passiv {adj} :: passive
passiv {adj} :: being a bottom
Passiv {n} [grammar, no plural] :: passive voice
Passiv {n} [grammar] :: passive verb
passives Wahlrecht {noun} :: the right to be voted for (the right to be a candidate for an office and possibly be elected to it)
passivierend {adj} :: passivating
passiviert {v} :: past participle of passivieren - passivated
Passivierung {f} :: passivation (formation of a corrosion-inhibiting film)
passivisch {adj} [linguistics] :: passive
Passivität {f} :: passivity
Passivrauch {m} :: second-hand smoke
Passivrauchen {n} :: passive smoking, second-hand smoking
Passivschicht {f} [metallurgy] :: passive layer
Passus {m} :: passage (section of text or music)
Passwort {n} :: password
Paßwort {n} :: alternative spelling of Passwort
Paste {f} :: paste (a soft mixture)
Pastell {n} :: pastel
pastellen {adj} [attributive] :: pastel
Pastete {f} :: pâté
pasteurisieren {v} :: to pasteurize (to heat food in order to kill harmful organisms)
Pastille {f} [pharmacy] :: pastille
Pastor {m} [regional, chiefly northern and central Germany] :: pastor (clergyman who serves a parish)
pastoral {adj} :: pastoral
Pastorin {f} :: female pastor
Pastorin {f} :: wife of a pastor
pastös {adj} :: pasty
Patchwork {n} :: patchwork
Pate {m} :: godfather
Patenkind {n} :: godchild
patent {adj} :: clever
patent {adj} :: ingenious
Patent {n} :: patent
Patentanmeldung {f} [legal] :: caveat
Patentanmeldung {f} [legal] :: patent application
patenter {adj} :: comparative of patent
patentesten {adj} :: superlative of patent
patentieren {v} :: to patent (mostly used as in: to grant a patent; from the view of the applicant the passive form "patentieren lassen" is commonly used)
Patentierung {f} :: patenting
patentrechtlich {adj} [legal] :: patent law (attributive)
Pater {m} [Roman Catholicsm] :: father (monk who is a priest, as distinct from a Frater)
Pater {m} [Roman Catholicism] :: Father (address for a priest)
paternalistisch {adj} :: paternalistic
Paternion {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Carinthia, Austria
pathetisch {adj} :: histrionic; gushing; pompous; grandiose (excessively emotional, dramatic, or solemn)
-pathie {suffix} :: -pathy
-pathisch {suffix} :: -pathic
pathognomonisch {adj} :: pathognomonic (beyond any doubt diagnostic for a particular disease)
Pathologe {m} :: pathologist
Pathologie {f} :: pathology
pathologisch {adj} :: pathological, pathologic
Pathos {n} :: pathos
Patiens {n} [linguistics] :: patient
Patient {m} [medicine] :: patient (male or of unspecified sex or female)
Patientenverfügung {f} [medicine] :: advance health care directive
Patientin {f} [medicine] :: patient (female)
Patin {f} :: godmother
Patina {f} :: patina
Patio {m} :: patio
Patriarch {m} :: patriarch
patriarchalisch {adj} :: patriarchal
Patricia {prop} :: given name
Patrick {prop} :: given name borrowed from English
Patrik {prop} :: given name, a less common spelling of German Patrick
Patriot {m} :: patriot (male or of unspecified sex)
patriotisch {adj} :: patriotic
patriotischer {adj} :: comparative of patriotisch
patriotischsten {adj} :: superlative of patriotisch
Patriotismus {m} :: patriotism
Patrizia {prop} :: given name borrowed from Italian, or a German spelling variant of Patricia
Patrizier {m} :: patrician (member of Roman aristocracy)
patrologisch {adj} :: patrologic, patrological
Patron {m} :: patron
Patron {m} [religion] :: patron saint
Patronage {f} :: patronage
Patrone {f} :: cartridge (ammunition for a gun)
Patrone {f} :: ink cartridge (for a printer)
Patronit {m} [mineral] :: patronite
patronym. {adj} :: abbreviation of patronymisch
Patronym {n} [linguistics] :: patronym
Patronymikon {n} [linguistics] :: alternative form of Patronym
Patronymikum {n} [linguistics] :: alternative form of Patronym
patronymisch {adj} :: patronymic (of, pertaining to, or concerning a patronym)
patronymisch {adj} :: patronymic (derived from the name of the father)
Patrouille {f} :: patrol
patrouillieren {v} :: to patrol
patschnass {adj} :: soaked, soaking wet
Patt {n} [chess] :: stalemate
Patt {n} :: stalemate (blocked situation)
Pattigham {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
patzen {v} :: to blunder
Patzer {m} :: blunder
Patzer {prop} :: surname Jewish (Ashkenazic) and German (blunder)
patzig {adj} :: snotty, cheeky
Paudorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Pauke {f} :: kettledrum; timpani
pauken {v} :: to beat a drum
pauken {v} [with auf] :: to drum in; to emphasize
pauken {v} [colloquial] :: to swot (study with effort)
Paukenröhrchen {n} :: grommet (tympanostomy tube)
Paul {prop} {m} :: given name, cognate to English Paul
Paula {prop} :: given name
Pauli {prop} :: surname derived from the Latin genitive form of the given name Paulus
Paulina {prop} :: given name
Pauline {prop} :: given name derived from Paulina
paulinisch {adj} [religion] :: Pauline
Paulus {prop} :: Paul (biblical character)
Paulus {prop} :: given name, rare in this form
Paurisch {prop} {n} :: the East Central German dialect of Jablonec nad Nisou and the surrounding Jizera Mountains
Pausa {n} [linguistics] :: pausa
Pausbacke {f} [familiar, generally in the plural] :: chubby facial cheek with a red/reddish complexion (especially of a child)
pausbäckig {adj} :: chubby-cheeked
pauschal {adv} :: in total, in a lump sum, all-inclusive, flat (with units of time, distance, etc.: not exceeding)
pauschal {adv} :: generally, in an undifferentiated way
Pauschale {f} [finance] :: lump sum
pauschalisieren {v} :: to generalize
Päuschen {n} :: diminutive of Pause
Pauschenpferd {n} :: pommel horse
Pause {f} :: pause, break
pausenlos {adj} :: pauseless
Pavian {m} :: baboon (primate)
Pavillon {m} :: pavilion; gazebo
Payerbach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Pazifik {prop} {m} :: the Pacific Ocean
Pazifikinsel {f} :: Pacific island
pazifisch {adj} :: pacific
pazifisch {adj} :: Pacific (pertaining to the Pacific Ocean)
Pazifischer Ozean {prop} {m} :: Pacific Ocean (the world's largest body of water)
Pazifismus {m} :: pacifism
pazifistisch {adj} :: pacifistic, pacifistically
P.D. {m} :: abbreviation of Privatdozent
PD {m} :: abbreviation of Privatdozent
Peanuts {noun} :: peanuts (a small amount of money, especially a salary)
Pebibyte {n} :: pebibyte (250 bytes)
Pecannuss {f} :: alternative form of Pekannuss
Pech {n} [usually uncountable] :: pitch (sticky substance)
Pech {n} [uncountable] :: bad luck, misfortune
Pechblende {f} :: pitchblende
Pechnelke {f} :: campion
Pechnelke {f} [colloquial, jocular] :: person who is often unlucky
pechrabenschwarz {adj} :: pitch-black
pechschwarz {adj} :: pitch black
Pedal {n} :: pedal
Pedant {m} :: pedant (person who is overly concerned with formal rules and trivial points of learning)
pedantisch {adj} :: pedantic
pedantisch {adj} :: punctilious; meticulous
Pedelec {n} :: pedelec (motorized bicycle)
Pediküre {f} :: pedicure
Pegel {m} :: level (measurement of how high something is filled)
Peggau {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Pegmatit {m} [mineralogy] :: pegmatite
peilen {vt} [nautical] :: to take a bearing of, determine the direction, position, or depth of
peilen {vt} [colloquial] :: to understand, grasp
Pein {f} [literary or religion] :: torment; agony
Pein {f} [archaic or dialectal] :: pain
peinigen {v} :: to torment, harry
Peiniger {m} :: agent noun of peinigen; tormentor
peinlich {adj} [obsolete] :: Pertaining to torture
peinlich {adj} :: awkward (perverse; adverse; untoward)
peinlich {adj} :: embarrassing, cringeworthy
peinlich {adj} :: pathetic
peinlich {adj} :: meticulous
peinsam {adj} :: painful
peinsam {adj} :: embarrassing
Peitsche {f} :: whip
peitschen {v} :: to whip
Peitschenriemen {m} :: whiplash (lash of a whip)
Pekannuss {f} :: pecan (nut)
Pekari {n} :: peccary (Tayassuidae)
pekig {adj} [colloquial, regional, northern Germany] :: smudgy, mucky (covered with sticky dirt or fat residue)
Peking {prop} {n} :: Peking
pektoral {adj} :: pectoral
pekuniär {adj} :: pecuniary
pekzieren {v} [colloquial] :: to do something stupid
pekziert {v} :: past participle of pekzieren
Pelagianismus {m} [Christianity] :: Pelagianism
pelagisch {adj} :: pelagic
Pelikan {m} :: pelican
Pelle {f} :: skin, mostly with reference to sausages or vegetables, especially potatoes; peel
pellen {vt} :: to peel something (chiefly when the peel comes off in strips, as in a cooked potato rather than a raw one)
pellen {vr} :: to peel, to peel off (of skin, etc.)
Pelopium {n} :: pelopium
peloponnesisch {adj} :: Peloponnesian
Peloton {n} :: peloton
Peloton {n} :: platoon
Peloton {n} :: firing squad (a group of soldiers detailed to execute someone or to discharge weapons ceremonially)
Peluschke {f} :: field pea (Pisum sativum subsp. arvense syn. Pisum sativum convar. speciosum)
Pelz {m} [uncountable] :: fur
Pelz {m} :: fur (animal's pelt)
Pelz {m} :: fur (coat or other clothing item made from fur)
Pelz {m} [rare, slang] :: furry (member of furry fandom)
Pelz {m} [heraldry] :: fur
Pelzhandschuh {m} :: fur glove
pelzig {adj} :: furry, covered with fur
Pelzmantel {m} :: fur coat
Pelztier {n} :: fur bearing animal
Pendant {n} :: counterpart
Pendel {n} :: pendulum
pendeln {v} :: to commute across municipal boundaries
pendeln {vi} :: to oscillate
Pendeltür {f} :: swing door
Pendeluhr {f} :: pendulum clock
Pendler {m} :: commuter
penetrant {adj} [of a sound, voice, etc.] :: piercing
penetrant {adj} [of a smell, etc.] :: penetrating
penetrant {adj} :: pushy, obtrusive
penetrieren {v} :: to penetrate
peng {interj} :: bang (a verbal emulation of a sudden percussive sound)
penibel {adj} :: penible, meticulous
penil {adj} :: penile
Penis {m} :: penis
Penisknochen {m} :: baculum
Penisneid {m} :: penis envy
Penizillin {n} :: penicillin
Penne {f} [colloquial, dated] :: school
pennen {v} [slang] :: to sleep
Penner {m} [colloquial, pejorative] :: agent noun of pennen; bum (homeless person; lazy, incompetent, or annoying person)
Pennewang {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Pennsylvanien {prop} {n} :: Pennsylvania
pennsylvanisch {adj} :: Pennsylvanian
Penny {m} :: penny
Pension {f} :: boarding house, pension
Pension {f} :: (public service) retirement benefit, pension
Pensionär {m} :: pensioner (male or of unspecified sex)
pensionieren {v} [public service] :: to pension
Pentaborat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: pentaborate
Pentacarbonyl {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: pentacarbonyl
Pentachlorid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: pentachloride
Pentafluorid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: pentafluoride
Pentagon {n} :: the headquarters of the United States of America's Department of Defense
Pentagon {n} :: pentagon (a polygon with five sides and five angles)
Pentagramm {n} :: pentagram, pentacle
Pentakohlenstoffdioxid {n} [organic compound] :: pentacarbon dioxide
Pentamethylcyclopentadien {n} [organic compound] :: pentamethylcyclopentadiene
Pentamethylcyclopentadienyl {n} [organic chemistry] :: pentamethylcyclopentadienyl
Pentan {n} [organic compound] :: pentane (aliphatic hydrocarbon: C5H12)
Pentasulfid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: pentasulfide
pentelisch {adj} :: Pentelic
Pentoxid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: pentoxide
Penumbra {f} :: penumbra
Penunze {f} [slang] :: money
Pep {n} [slang] :: speed, (amphetamine)
Peperoncino {mf} [Switzerland, South Tyrol] :: chili pepper
Peperoni {f} :: chili pepper
Peperoni {f} [Switzerland, South Tyrol] :: bell pepper
Pepsin {n} :: pepsin (digestive enzyme)
Peptid {n} [organic chemistry] :: peptide
Peptidhormon {n} [biochemistry] :: peptide hormone
per {prep} :: per, via, by
Per {prop} :: given name
per Anhalter fahren {v} :: to hitchhike
Perborat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: perborate
Perbromsäure {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: perbromic acid
Percha {prop} {n} :: A municipality in South Tyrol
Perchlorat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: perchlorate
Perchlorsäure {f} [inorganic compound] :: perchloric acid
Perchtoldsdorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
perdu {adj} :: lost
peremptorisch {adj} :: alternative form of peremtorisch
peremtorisch {adj} :: peremptory
Peres {prop} :: surname
perfekt {adj} :: perfect
Perfekt {n} [grammar] :: perfect
Perfektion {f} :: perfection
perfektionieren {v} :: to bring to perfection, to perfect
Perfektionismus {m} :: perfectionism
Perfektionist {m} :: perfectionist
perfektiv {adj} :: perfective
perfektivisch {adj} :: synonym of perfektiv
perfide {adj} :: perfidious
Perfidie {f} :: perfidy
perfluoriert {adj} :: perfluorinated
perforieren {v} :: to perforate (to pierce or penetrate)
Performance {f} [art] :: performance
performativ {adj} :: performative
Perg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
pergamenisch {adj} :: Of or from Pergamum
Pergament {n} :: parchment (material)
Pergament {n} :: parchment (document made on such material)
pergamenten {adj} :: parchment (attributive)
Periastron {n} :: periastron
Perigäum {n} [astronomy] :: perigee
Perihel {n} [astronomy] :: perihelion
Perikambium {n} [botany] :: pericambium
Periklas {m} [mineral] :: periclase
perimortal {adj} :: perimortal
perinatal {adj} :: perinatal
Perineum {n} [anatomy] :: perineum
Periodat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: periodate
Periode {f} :: period (length of time with start and end point)
Periode {f} :: age (particular period of time in history)
Periode {f} :: menstruation
Periodennachbar {m} [chemistry] :: neighbour in the periodic table
Periodensystem {n} :: periodic table
periodisch {adj} :: periodic (all senses)
periostal {adj} :: periosteal
peripatetisch {adj} :: peripatetic
peripher {adj} :: peripheral
periphrastisch {adj} :: periphrastic
Perispomenon {n} [grammar] :: perispomenon
perkussiv {adj} :: percussive
perkutan {adj} :: percutaneous
Perl {noun} [uncountable, printing, dated] :: pearl: the small size of type standardized as 5 point
Perle {f} :: pearl (concretion from oysters or imitation thereof)
Perle {f} :: bead (any roundish object that is put on a string)
perlenförmig {adj} :: pearl-shaped
Perlenkette {f} :: pearl necklace
Perlenmantel-Ameisenwürger {m} :: spot-backed antshrike
Perlen vor die Säue werfen {phrase} [idiomatic] :: cast pearls before swine
Perlhuhn {n} :: guineafowl, guinea fowl, guineahen
Perlin {prop} :: the village of Perlin in Mecklenburg
Perlmutt {n} :: nacre (pearly substance on the interior of shells)
Perlmutter {n} {f} :: mother-of-pearl
perlmuttern {adj} :: mother-of-pearl
perlokutionär {adj} :: perlocutionary
perlokutiv {adj} :: perlocutive, perlocutionary
Perlschulter-Ameisenwürger {m} :: white-shouldered antshrike
Perm {prop} :: Perm (city in Russia)
Perm {prop} [geology] :: the Permian
Permafrostboden {m} :: permafrost
permanent {adj} :: permanent
permanent {adv} :: permanently, incessantly
Permanentmagnet {m} :: permanent magnet
Permanenz {f} :: permanence (the state of being permanent)
Permanganat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: permanganate
permeabel {adj} :: permeable
Permeation {f} :: permeation
permissiv {adj} :: permissive
permutabel {adj} :: permutable
Permutation {f} :: permutation
Pernau {prop} :: Pärnu
Pernegg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Pernersdorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Pernitz {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
perniziös {adj} [medicine] :: pernicious
peroral {adj} :: peroral
Perowskit {m} [mineral] :: perovskite
Peroxid {n} [chemistry] :: peroxide
Peroxidase {f} [enzyme] :: peroxidase
peroxidieren {v} :: To peroxide
peroxidiert {v} :: past participle of peroxidieren
Peroxidradikal {n} [chemistry] :: peroxide radical
Peroxisom {n} :: peroxisome
Peroxodiphosphat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: peroxodiphosphate
Peroxodiphosphorsäure {f} [inorganic compound] :: peroxodiphosphoric acid
Peroxomolybdat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: peroxymolybdate
Peroxophosphat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: peroxophosphate
Peroxophosphorsäure {f} [inorganic compound] :: peroxophosphoric acid
perpendikular {adj} :: perpendicular
perpetuell {adj} :: perpetual
Perpetuum mobile {n} :: perpetual motion machine
perplex {adj} [colloquial, rarely attributive] :: confused, perplexed, puzzled
Perron {m} [dated, outside, Austria and Switzerland] :: train platform
Perruthenat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: perruthenate
Perschling {prop} {f} :: A river in Lower Austria, Austria
Perschling {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Persenning {f} :: tarp, tarpaulin
Perser {m} :: Persian person
Perser {m} [colloquial] :: Persian carpet
Perser {m} [colloquial] :: Persian cat
Perserkatze {f} :: Persian cat
Perserteppich {m} :: Persian carpet
Persien {prop} {n} :: Persia
Persiflage {f} :: persiflage
persiflieren {v} :: to satirize
persisch {adj} :: Persian (pertaining to the Persian people, to the Persian language or to Persia)
Persisch {prop} :: Persian (Persian language)
Person {f} :: person
Personal {n} :: staff, personnel, employees
Personalabbau {m} :: downsizing (laying off of personnel)
Personalabteilung {f} :: personnel department, human resources
Personalausweis {m} :: identity card, ID card
Personalkosten {noun} :: labour / manpower costs
Personalpronomen {n} [grammar] :: personal pronoun
Personalversammlung {f} :: staff meeting
Persona non grata {f} :: persona non grata
personell {adj} :: personal
Personenfreizügigkeit {f} :: people's freedom of movement across national borders, and right to reside and work in other countries
Personenkraftwagen {m} :: car; passenger car
Personenschützer {m} :: bodyguard (male or of unspecified sex)
Personenwagen {m} [railway] :: passenger car
Personifikation {f} :: personification
personifizieren {vt} :: to personify
Personifizierung {f} :: personification
persönlich {adj} :: personal
persönlich {adj} :: friendly (atmosphere etc.)
persönlich {adv} :: personally, in person
persönlicher {adj} :: comparative of persönlich
Persönlichkeit {f} :: personality
Persönlichkeit {f} :: personage
persönlichsten {adj} :: superlative of persönlich
Perspektive {f} :: perspective
Perspektive {f} :: prospects
perspektivlos {adj} :: Without prospects for the future
persuasiv {adj} :: persuasive
Pertechnetat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: pertechnetate
Pertechnetiumsäure {f} [inorganic compound] :: pertechnetic acid
Peru {prop} {n} :: Peru
Peruaner {m} :: Peruvian (person from Peru)
Peruanerin {f} :: Peruvian (female person from Peru)
peruanisch {adj} :: Peruvian (pertaining to Peru)
Perücke {f} :: wig, peruke, hairpiece, toupee
Perückentaube {f} :: Jacobin or jacobin, Columba livia domestica (other names for this fancy pigeon are: the “Jacobin Pigeon”, “Jacobin pigeon”, “jacobin pigeon”; “Jacobine”, “Jacobine Pigeon”)
pervasiv {adj} :: pervasive
pervers {adj} :: perverse
perzeptiv {adj} :: perceptive
Pescher {m} :: pesher
pesen {v} [chiefly colloquial] :: to run quickly, usually implying haste or confusion
Peso {m} :: peso (currency)
Pessimismus {m} :: pessimism
Pessimist {m} :: pessimist
pessimistisch {adj} :: pessimistic
pessimistischer {adj} :: comparative of pessimistisch
pessimistischsten {adj} :: superlative of pessimistisch
Pest {f} :: plague
Pestarzt {m} :: Plague doctor
pestilenzartig {adj} :: pestilential
Pestizid {n} :: pesticide
Pesto {n} {m} :: pesto
Pestwurz {f} [plant] :: butterbur
Petabyte {n} :: petabyte (1,000,000,000,000,000 bytes)
Petalit {m} [mineral] :: petalite
Peter {prop} {m} :: given name
Peters {prop} :: surname common in northern Germany
Petersfisch {m} :: John Dory, St Pierre, Zeus faber (fish)
Petersilie {f} :: parsley, Petroselinum crispum
Petersiliensoße {f} :: parsley sauce
Peterskirchen {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Petitesse {f} :: bagatelle
Petition {f} :: petition (formal, written request made to a parliament or an official person)
Petra {prop} :: given name, feminine form of Peter
Petrischale {f} :: Petri dish
Petrochemie {f} :: petrochemistry
Petroleum {n} :: petroleum
Petroleum {n} :: paraffin, kerosene
Petrologie {f} :: petrology
Petrus {prop} :: Peter [biblical character]
Petrus {prop} :: given name, rare in this form. Standard form: Peter
Petschaft {n} :: seal, stamp
Pettenbach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Petting {n} :: petting (kissing, stroking, etc., in a sexual manner)
Pettnau {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Petunie {f} :: petunia, Petunia
Petze {f} :: tattler, tattletale
Petze {f} [dated] :: she-bear
Petze {f} [regional] :: female dog
petzen {v} :: to tattle
petzen {v} :: to snitch
Petzenkirchen {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
peu à peu {adv} [somewhat, dated] :: bit by bit, little by little
Peuerbach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
pexieren {v} :: alternative form of pekzieren
pexiert {v} :: past participle of pexieren
Pfad {m} :: path
Pfädchen {n} :: diminutive of Pfad
Pfadfinder {m} :: A boy scout, a scout (in the sense of member of the Scout Movement)
Pfaffe {m} [now, derogatory] :: cleric, clergyman
Pfaffing {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Pfaffing {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Bavaria, Germany
Pfafflar {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Pfaffstätt {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Pfaffstätten {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Pfahl {m} :: (thick) stake, picket, pale
Pfahl {m} [heraldiccharge] :: pale
Pfahl {prop} {mf} :: surname
Pfahlbau {m} :: house/building on stilts
Pfaltz {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Pfalz
Pfalz {prop} {f} :: Palatinate (region of Germany, used with a definite article)
Pfalz {f} [historic] :: palace (of certain mediaeval emperors and kings)
Pfalzen {prop} {n} :: A municipality in South Tyrol
Pfalzerzherzog {m} [medieval] :: Archduke Palatine (created by and for Rudolf IV, Duke of Austria, in the forged charter, the Privilegium Maius, this title was similar to the Elector Palatine of the Rhine, holder of an electoral vote)
pfälzisch {adj} :: palatine
Pfand {n} {m} :: pawn
Pfand {n} {m} :: pledge
Pfand {n} {m} :: can or bottle deposit
Pfandbrief {m} :: covered bond
pfänden {v} [legal] :: to distrain
Pfänder {prop} {m} :: A mountain in Vorarlberg of Austria
Pfandgeld {n} :: deposit
Pfandhaus {n} :: pawn shop
Pfanne {f} [generally] :: frying pan
Pfanne {f} [in context] :: short for any of the compounds below having -pfanne as their last component
Pfannekuchen {m} [colloquial, regional] :: alternative form of Pfannkuchen
Pfannenwender {m} :: spatula (kitchen utensil)
Pfannkuchen {m} :: a pancake
Pfannkuchen {m} [regional, Eastern Germany, especially Brandenburg and Berlin] :: a filled doughnut, a Berliner
Pfannkuchengesicht {n} [mildly derogatory] :: a very flat and broad face; pancake face (literal translation)
Pfannkuchengesicht {n} [by extension] :: a person with a very flat and broad face; a person with a pancake face
Pfarrer {m} [Christianity] :: pastor (clergyman who serves a parish)
Pfarrerin {f} [Christianity] :: female pastor (clergywoman who serves and heads a parish)
Pfarrwerfen {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Salzburg, Austria
Pfatten {prop} {n} :: A municipality in South Tyrol
Pfau {m} :: peacock
Pfau {m} [constellation] :: the constellation Pavo
pfauchen {v} [still sometimes in Austria, dated also in southern Germany] :: alternative form of fauchen
Pfautaube {f} :: [male or female] fantail / fantail pigeon (an old pigeon breed originally from India)
Pfeffer {m} :: pepper (plant of the family Piperaceae and spice made therefrom)
Pfeffer {m} [figurative] :: pep; intensity
pfefferig {adj} :: peppery
Pfefferkorn {n} :: peppercorn
Pfefferkuchenmann {m} :: gingerbread man
Pfeffermühle {f} :: pepper mill
Pfeffernuss {f} :: A gingerbread biscuit served traditionally around Christmas time
Pfefferoni {f} [Austria] :: chili pepper
Pfeffersack {n} :: [northern] A rich trader
Pfefferspray {n} :: pepper spray
Pfefferstreuer {m} :: pepper shaker
pfeffrig {adj} :: alternative form of pfefferig
Pfeife {f} :: whistle
Pfeife {f} :: pipe (for smoking)
pfeifen {vit} :: to whistle (with one's mouth or a whistle)
pfeifen {vit} [sports] :: to act as referee
pfeifen {vi} [colloquial with preposition auf] :: to be uninterested (in something or someone); to ignore; not to give a damn
Pfeifenreiniger {m} :: pipe cleaner
Pfeifente {f} :: widgeon, Anas penolope or Mareca penolope
Pfeifente {f} :: wigeon, some of the species of duck in the genus Anas or Mareca
Pfeiffer {prop} {mf} :: surname
Pfeil {m} :: arrow (missile)
Pfeil {m} :: arrow (sign)
Pfeil {m} [computing] :: mouse cursor [informally even when not in the form of an arrow]
Pfeiler {m} :: pillar
pfeilförmig {adj} :: sagittate (arrow-shaped)
pfeilschnell {adj} :: swift as an arrow
Pfeilspitze {f} :: arrowhead
Pfeiltaste {f} :: arrow key
Pfennig {m} :: pfennig
Pfennig {m} :: penny
Pfennigfuchser {m} :: penny pincher
pfenniggut {adj} :: that has some monetary value
Pferch {m} [for animals] :: a fold, a pen
Pferch {m} :: a small plot of land surrounded by a portable fence
Pferd {n} :: horse
Pferd {n} [chess] :: knight
Pferdchen {n} :: diminutive of Pferd
Pferdeantilope {f} :: roan antelope
Pferdeapfel {m} :: road apple
Pferdefleisch {n} :: horsemeat
Pferdegeschirr {n} :: harness
Pferdelein {n} :: diminutive of Pferd
Pferdeschwanz {m} [hair] :: ponytail
Pferdestall {m} :: stable (for horses)
Pferdestärke {f} :: horsepower (non-metric, approximately equal to 735.5 watts)
Pferdlein {n} :: diminutive of Pferd
Pfiff {m} :: a whistle (sound)
Pfifferling {m} :: chanterelle
pfiffig {adj} :: smart (clever)
Pfingsten {n} :: Pentecost
Pfingstmontag {m} :: Whit Monday, Pentecost Monday
Pfingstochse {m} [regional, colloquial, pejorative] :: to be dressed up to the nines
Pfingstrose {f} :: peony
Pfirsich {m} :: peach
Pfirsichbaum {m} :: peachtree
pfirsichfarben {adj} :: peach-coloured
Pfirsichstein {m} :: peach pit
Pfitsch {prop} {n} :: A municipality in South Tyrol
Pflach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Pflanze {f} :: plant
pflanzen {v} :: to plant
Pflanzenart {f} [biology] :: plant species
pflanzenfressend {adj} :: herbivorous
Pflanzenfresser {m} :: herbivore, plant-eater
Pflanzenkunde {f} :: botany, phytology, plant lore
Pflanzenöl {n} :: vegetable oil
Pflanzensaft {m} :: sap (of a plant)
Pflanzenschutz {m} :: plant/crop protection
Pflanzenschutzmittel {n} :: pesticide
Pflanzenstoff {m} [organic chemistry] :: phytochemical
Pflanzenwachstum {n} :: plant growth
pflanzlich {adj} :: herbal, vegetable
pflanzlich {adj} :: botanical
Pflaster {n} :: band-aid, sticking plaster (clipping of Heftpflaster)
Pflaster {n} :: plaster
Pflaster {n} :: (cobblestone) pavement
pflastern {v} :: to pave
pflastern {v} [rare] :: to bandage
Pflasterstein {m} :: paving stone
Pflaume {f} :: plum
Pflaume {f} [regional] :: damson
Pflaume {f} [colloquial, somewhat, vulgar] :: vulva
Pflaume {f} [colloquial] :: fool; klutz
Pflaumenbaum {m} :: plum tree
Pflaumensaft {m} :: plum juice
Pflege {f} :: care
Pflege {f} :: fostering (of a child)
Pflege {f} :: maintenance (i. e. of a machine)
Pflege {f} [figurative] :: cultivation (i. e. of art, language)
pflegebedürftig {adj} :: dependent (needing care)
pflegebedürftig {adj} :: high-maintenance
Pflegeheim {n} :: care home, nursing home
Pflegekind {n} :: foster child
pflegeleicht {adj} :: low-maintenance
pflegen {vt} :: to look after; to care for
pflegen {vt} [medicine] :: to nurse
pflegen {vi} [with “zu” followed by an infinitive verb] :: to perform habitually; to be accustomed [to doing something]; to be in the habit [of doing something]
Pfleger {m} :: male person who cares for or nurses other humans or animals
Pflegeversicherung {f} :: long-term (nursing) care insurance
pfleglich {adj} :: careful
Pflegling {m} :: foster child
Pflicht {f} :: duty
pflichtbewusst {adj} :: dutiful, conscientious
Pflichtbewusstsein {n} :: sense of duty
Pflichterfüllung {f} :: fulfillment of duty
-pflichtig {suffix} :: compulsory, obligatory
pflichtig {adj} :: liable
pflichtig {adj} :: obligatory, binding
Pflichtlektüre {f} :: required reading
pflichtmäßig {adj} :: dutiful
pflichtmäßig {adj} :: compulsory
pflichtschuldig {adj} :: dutiful
pflichtvergessen {adj} :: neglectful, negligent, irresponsible
pflichtversichert {adj} :: compulsorily insured
pflichtwidrig {adj} :: undutiful
Pflock {m} [regional] :: thick stake or wooden peg used to fasten something
pflücken {v} :: to pluck
Pflug {m} :: plough, plow
pflügen {v} :: to plow, to plough
Pflugschar {f} {n} :: plowshare
Pflugscharbein {n} [anatomy] :: vomer
Pfons {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Pforte {f} [literary] :: gate, large door
Pforte {f} :: reception area (especially in a hospital)
Pförtner {m} :: porter, concierge, custodian, doorman
Pfosten {m} :: post, pole
Pfötchen {n} :: diminutive of Pfote
Pfote {f} :: paw (soft foot/hand of a mammal)
Pfote {f} [colloquial] :: hand (of a human)
Pfriem {m} :: bodkin, awl
Pfropf {m} :: alternative form of Pfropfen
pfropfen {v} [regional] :: to plug
pfropfen {v} :: to graft (insert scions from one tree, or kind of tree, etc.)
Pfropfen {m} [regional] :: plug; something intended to plug
Pfropfen {m} [regional] :: plug; clot; something that happens to plug
Pfropfschizophrenie {f} [psychiatry] :: Pfropfschizophrenie: schizophrenia in individuals with premorbid cognitive impairment
Pfründe {f} [Christianity, historical] :: benefice (income attached to an ecclesiastical function)
Pfründe {f} [figurative, literary] :: lucrative position or possession
Pfuchahn {m} [obsolete] ::  great-great-grandfather (an ancestor of five generations ago or beyond)
Pfuhl {m} [dated] :: shallow pond, pool
Pfuhlschnepfe {f} :: bar-tailed godwit
pfui {interj} :: an exclamation of disgust, aversion, dislike, contempt, or annoyance
Pfund {n} :: 500 grams, half a kilogram
Pfund {n} :: any of the English (Anglophone) units of mass or currency called a "pound"
Pfund {n} [colloquial, football] :: a hard shot at the goal
Pfund {prop} {n} :: Fondo, Trentino, Italy
pfundig {adj} [slang] :: voluptuous, curvaceous, literally poundy
Pfunds {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Pfusch {m} [colloquial, pejorative] :: botch, bodge
pfuschen {v} :: to work unprofessionally
Pfütze {f} :: puddle, shallow pool
Phagozyt {m} :: phagocyte
phallisch {adj} :: phallic
Phallus {m} :: phallus
Phallussymbol {n} :: phallic symbol
phaneromer {adj} :: phaneromeric
Phanerozoikum {prop} :: the Phanerozoic
Phänomen {n} :: phenomenon
phänomenal {adj} :: phenomenal
phänomenologisch {adj} :: phenomenological
phänotypisch {adj} :: phenotypic
Phantasie {f} :: fantasy
Phantasie {f} :: imagination
Phantasmagorie {f} :: phantasmagoria (a dreamlike state)
phantastisch {adj} :: alternative spelling of fantastisch
Phantom {n} :: phantom
Pharao {m} :: pharaoh
Pharaoh {m} :: alternative spelling of Pharao
Pharisäer {m} :: Pharisee
Pharmainformation {f} :: pharmaceutical information / data
Pharmakologie {f} :: pharmacology
pharmakologisch {adj} :: pharmacological
Pharmakon {n} :: pharmacon, medicine, drug
Pharmazeut {m} [academic] :: pharmacist, druggist, apothecary [historical] (male or of unspecified sex)
Pharmazeutik {f} [uncountable] :: pharmaceutics
Pharmazeutik {f} [countable] :: pharmaceutical (drug)
pharmazeutisch {adj} :: pharmaceutical
Pharmazie {f} [medicine] :: pharmacy (branch of medicine)
pharyngalisieren {v} [linguistics] :: to pharyngealize
Pharyngalisierung {f} [linguistics] :: pharyngealization
Phase {f} :: phase
Phasendiagramm {n} :: phase diagram
Phasengrenze {f} [physics] :: phase boundary
Phasenhub {m} :: phase deviation
Phasenübergang {m} [physics] :: phase transition
Phasenumwandlung {f} [physics] :: phase change / transformation
Phenakit {m} [mineral] :: phenakite
Phenanthrolin {n} [organic compound] :: phenanthroline
Phenol {n} [organic compound] :: phenol
Phenolphthalein {n} [organic compound] :: phenolphthalein
Phenylalanin {f} [amino acid] :: phenylalanine
Pheromon {n} :: pheromone
Phi {n} :: phi (Greek letter)
-phil {suffix} :: -philic
Philanthrop {m} :: philanthropist
Philanthropie {f} :: philanthropy
philanthropisch {adj} :: philanthropic
Philatelie {f} :: philately (stamp collecting)
philatelistisch {adj} :: philatelic
Philerast {m} :: philerast
Philharmonie {f} :: philharmony, a philharmonic orchestra
-philie {suffix} :: -philia
Philip {prop} :: given name, an English style variant of Philipp
Philipp {prop} :: given name, equivalent to English Philip
Philippinen {prop} {p} :: Philippines
Philippinenadler {m} :: Philippine eagle
Philippiner {m} :: Filipino
philippinisch {adj} :: Filipino
Philippus {prop} :: Philip [biblical character]
philiströs {adj} :: bigoted, narrow-minded
philiströser {adj} :: comparative of philiströs
philiströsesten {adj} :: superlative of philiströs
Phillip {prop} :: given name
Phillipp {prop} :: given name, a less common spelling of Philipp
Phillumenie {f} :: phillumeny
Phillumenist {m} :: phillumenist
Philologe {m} :: philologist (person who engages in philology)
Philologie {f} :: philology
Philologin {f} :: a female philologist
philologisch {adj} :: philological
Philosoph {m} :: philosopher
Philosophaster {m} :: philosophaster (a pretender to philosophy; a petty or charlatan philosopher)
Philosophie {f} :: philosophy, the study of thoughts
Philosophie {f} :: philosophy, one's manner of thinking
philosophieren {v} :: to philosophize
Philosophin {f} :: female philosopher
philosophisch {adj} :: philosophical
Phiole {f} :: vial
phlegmatisch {adj} :: phlegmatic
phlegmatisiert {adj} :: desensitized
Phloem {n} [biology] :: phloem
Phloëm {n} :: obsolete form of Phloem
Phlöem {n} :: obsolete form of Phloem
Phlogiston {n} :: phlogiston
Phlogistontheorie {f} [chemistry] :: phlogiston theory
Phlogopit {m} [mineral] :: phlogopite
-phob {suffix} :: -phobic
-phobie {suffix} :: -phobia
Phobie {f} :: phobia
Phonem {n} [linguistics] :: phoneme
phonematisch {adj} :: phonematic
phonemisch {adj} :: phonemic
Phonetik {f} :: phonetics (study of speech sounds and their representation by written symbols)
phonetisch {adj} :: phonetic (phonetic)
phoniatrisch {adj} :: phoniatric
Phönix {m} :: phoenix
Phönix {m} [constellation] :: the constellation Phoenix
Phönizier {m} :: Phoenician (person from Phoenicia)
Phönizierin {f} :: female Phoenician (female person from Phoenicia)
phönizisch {adj} :: Phoenician (related to Phoenicia)
Phönizisch {n} :: Phoenician, the ancient language of Phoenicia
phönizisches Alphabet {n} :: Phoenician alphabet
phönizische Schrift {f} :: Phoenician alphabet
Phonologie {f} :: phonology (subfield of linguistics concerned with the way sounds function in languages)
phonologisch {adj} :: phonological
phonotaktisch {adj} :: phonotactic
Phosgen {n} [organic compound] :: phosgene
Phosphan {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: phosphane
Phosphat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: phosphate
Phosphatase {f} [enzyme] :: phosphatase
Phosphatgestein {n} [geology] :: phosphate rock
phosphathaltig {adj} :: phosphatic (containing phosphate)
Phosphatierung {f} :: phosphating
Phosphazen {n} [chemistry] :: phosphazene
Phosphid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: phosphide
Phosphin {n} [chemistry] :: phosphine
Phosphinat {n} [organic chemistry] :: phosphinate
Phosphinoxid {n} [organic chemistry] :: phosphine oxide
Phosphinsäure {f} [chemistry] :: phosphinic acid
Phosphit {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: phosphite
Phospholipid {n} [organic chemistry] :: phospholipid
Phosphonat {n} [chemistry] :: phosphonate
Phosphonsäure {f} [chemistry] :: phosphonic acid
Phosphor {m} :: phosphorus
Phosphor {m} :: phosphor
Phosphorbombe {f} [military] :: phosphorus bomb
Phosphoreszenz {f} :: phosphorescence
phosphorhaltig {adj} :: phosphoric, phosphorous (containing phosphorus)
Phosphorit {n} [geology] :: phosphorite
Phosphorkreislauf {n} :: phosphorus cycle
Phosphormolybdat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: phosphomolybdate
Phosphornekrose {f} [pathology] :: phosphonecrosis
Phosphoroxid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: phosphorus oxide
Phosphorpentachlorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: phosphorus pentachloride
Phosphorpentasulfid {n} [inorganic compound] :: phosphorus pentasulfide
Phosphorpentoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: phosphorus pentoxide
Phosphorsäure {f} :: phosphoric acid (the colourless liquid; H3PO4)
Phosphorsulfid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: phosphorus sulfide
Phosphorvergiftung {f} [pathology] :: phosphorus poisoning
Phosphorylierung {f} [chemistry] :: phosphorylation
Phosphorzyklus {m} :: phosphorus cycle
Photo {n} :: obsolete spelling of Foto
photoaktiv {adj} :: photoactive
photoaktiviert {v} :: past participle of photoaktivieren
photoaktiviert {adj} :: photoactivated
Photochemie {f} [chemistry] :: photochemistry
Photochemie {f} [photography, chemistry] :: photographic chemistry
photochemisch {adj} [chemistry] :: photochemical
Photodetektor {m} :: photodetector
Photogenität {f} :: alternative form of Fotogenität
Photograph {m} :: alternative spelling of Fotograf ("photographer")
Photographie {f} :: photography
Photographie {f} :: photograph, photo
Photolumineszenz {f} :: photoluminescence
Photolyse {f} [chemistry] :: photolysis
Photometrie {f} :: photometry
photometrisch {adj} :: photometric
Photon {n} :: photon
photonisch {adj} :: photon (attributive), photonic
Photooxidation {f} [physics, chemistry] :: photooxidation
Photopapier {n} [photography] :: photographic paper
photospektrometrisch {adj} :: photospectrometric
Photosynthese {f} :: photosynthesis
Photosystem {n} [biochemistry] :: photosystem
phototroph {adj} :: phototrophic
Photovoltaik {f} [physics] :: photovoltaics
photovoltaisch {adj} :: photovoltaic
Phrase {f} :: phrase
Phraseologie {f} [linguistics] :: phraseology (Study of set or fixed expressions.)
Phraseologismus {m} :: phraseology (A set or fixed expression.)
phrenisch {adj} :: phrenic
phrygisch {adj} :: Phrygian
Phykologie {f} :: algology (the scientific study of algae)
Phykologie {f} :: phycology
phyletisch {adj} :: phyletic
phylogenetisch {adj} :: phylogenetic
Physik {f} :: physics
physikalisch {adj} [physics] :: physical; physics (attributive)
Physiker {m} :: physicist
Physikerin {f} :: female physicist
Physiognomie {f} :: physiognomy
physiognomisch {adj} :: physiognomic
Physiologe {m} :: physiologist (someone who studies or specializes in physiology)
Physiologie {f} :: physiology
Physiologin {f} :: physiologist (woman who studies or specializes in physiology)
physiologisch {adj} :: physiological
physisch {adj} [body] :: physical
physisch {adj} :: material
Phytat {n} [organic chemistry] :: phytate
Phytinsäure {f} [organic compound] :: phytic acid
phyto- {prefix} :: phyto-
Phytomedizin {f} :: phytomedicine
Phytoplankton {n} :: phytoplankton
Phytosanierung {f} :: phytoremediation
phytosanitär {adj} :: phytosanitary
Phytotomie {f} :: phytotomy (dissection or anatomy of plants)
phytotoxisch {adj} :: phytotoxic
Pi {n} :: pi (Greek letter)
Pi {n} [mathematics] :: pi, an important constant
Pia {prop} :: given name recently popular
Pianist {m} :: pianist
Pianistin {f} :: pianist (female piano player)
Piano {n} [chiefly literary or exalted] :: piano (musical instrument)
Pianospieler {m} :: piano player, pianist (male or of unspecified sex)
Pians {prop} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Piaster {m} :: piastre (historical Spanish and Spanish-American currency)
Piaster {m} :: piastre (modern denomination in the Middle East)
Piberbach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
picardisch {adj} :: Picard (related to the region of Picardy, to its inhabitants or to the Picard language)
Picardisch {n} :: Picard (the Picard language)
Piccolo {m} :: piccolo (small bottle of wine, usually champagne)
picheln {v} :: to tipple (to drink alcohol regularly, but not to excess)
Pichler {prop} :: surname
Pickel {m} :: pimple
Pickel {m} :: pickaxe
Pickelhaube {f} :: pickelhaube
pickelig {adj} :: pimply
picken {v} :: to peck
picken {v} :: to pick
picklig {adj} :: pimply
Picknick {n} :: picnic
picknicken {v} :: to picnic, to have a picnic
Pickup {m} :: a car with a loading space; pickup truck
picobello {adj} :: spick-and-span
Picometer {n} :: picometre / picometer
Piedestal {n} :: pedestal
Piedestal {n} :: circus platform
piefig {adj} [colloquial, regional, chiefly northern and eastern Germany] :: narrow-minded, square, petit bourgeois, outmoded
piefig {adj} [colloquial, regional, chiefly western Germany] :: disgruntled, (unjustifiedly) offended, surly, unfriendly
Piefke {m} [derogatory, ethnic slur, Austria] :: Northern German
piekfein {adj} :: posh
pieksig {adj} :: prickly
Piemont {prop} {n} :: Piedmont (region of Italy)
Piemontese {m} :: A Piedmontese; a person from Piedmont
Piemonteser {m} :: A Piedmontese; a person from Piedmont
piepegal {adj} [colloquial] :: all the same, not mattering
piepen {v} :: to cheep (of a bird); to squeak (of a mouse)
piepen {v} :: to bleep (of machine etc.)
Piepen {noun} [slang] :: money
piepsen {v} :: To squeak
piepsen {v} :: to peep; beep
Pier {m} :: pier
Pierbach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Piercing {n} :: body piercing
Piercingschmuck {m} :: body piercing jewellery
Pieria {prop} :: Pieria
piesacken {v} :: to badger (annoy badly)
Piesendorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Salzburg, Austria
Pietà {f} :: pietà (sculpture or painting of the Virgin Mary holding and mourning the dead body of Jesus)
Pietät {f} :: reverence, piety, respect
pietätlos {adj} :: impious, (irreverent, disrespectful)
Pietätlosigkeit {f} :: impiety; irreverence; lack of respect
Pietismus {m} [Christianity] :: pietism
pietistisch {adj} [Christianity] :: pietistic
Piezoelement {n} :: piezo element (piezoelectric component)
Pigment {n} :: pigment
Pik {n} [card games] :: spades
pikant {adj} :: piquant
Pikanterie {f} :: piquancy
pikaresk {adj} :: picaresque
pikarisch {adj} :: picaresque
Pik-Ass {n} :: ace of spades
Pike {f} [weapons] :: pike
pikieren {v} [gardening] :: to pique
pikieren {v} [fashion, textiles] :: to pad
pikiert {adj} :: piqued, vexed (mildly annoyed)
piko- {prefix} :: alternative spelling of pico-
Pikrinsäure {f} :: picric acid
Piktogramm {n} :: pictogram
Pilger {m} :: pilgrim
Pilgermuschel {f} :: scallop, Pecten maximus (mollusc)
pilgern {v} :: to pilgrimage
Pilgersdorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Burgenland, Austria
Pilgersdorf {prop} {n} [historical] :: Pielgrzymów, Poland
Pill {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Pille {f} :: pill, tablet
Pille {f} :: (die Pille) the (contraceptive) pill
Pillepalle {f} [colloquial] :: piece of cake, duck soup (easy or simple task)
Pillichsdorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Pilot {m} :: pilot
Pilotprojekt {n} :: pilot project or experiment
Pils {n} :: pilsner beer
Pilsbach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Pilsen {prop} {n} :: Pilsen, city in the Czech Republic
Pilsener {m} {n} :: A particular style of lager beer, originally from the (former German) Bohemian city of Pilsen
Pilz {m} :: mushroom
Pilz {m} :: fungus
Pilzart {f} :: fungal species
pilzartig {adj} :: fungal
pilzartig {adj} :: mushroomlike
Pilzflora {f} :: mycoflora
pilzförmig {adj} :: mushroom-shaped
Pilzkunde {f} :: mycology
Pilzrahmsuppe {f} :: cream of mushroom soup
Pilzsoße {f} :: mushroom sauce
Pilzsuppe {f} :: mushroom soup
Pilzwolke {f} :: mushroom cloud (mushroom shaped cloud)
Pi mal Daumen {adv} [colloquial] :: roughly; according to an estimation or rule of thumb
Pimmel {m} [familiar, colloquial] :: A penis
pimpelig {adj} :: namby-pamby
pimpern {v} [vulgar] :: to fuck
Pimpf {m} :: a boy who has not grown up yet
Pimpf {m} :: (Nazism) member of the Hitler Youth
Pinakol {n} [organic compound] :: pinacol
Piñata {f} :: pinata, piñata
pingelig {adj} [formerly regional, now almost general at least in Germany, mildly, colloquial] :: finical; finicky; fussy; picky; nitpick; fastidious
Pinggau {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Pingo {m} :: a pingo
Pinguin {m} :: penguin (male or of unspecified sex)
Pinie {f} :: pine tree, Pinus pinea
Pinienkern {m} :: pine nut (edible seeds of evergreen pine)
pink {adj} :: coloured in a strong shade of pink
Pinkafeld {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Burgenland, Austria
pinkeln {v} :: to pee
Pinkepinke {f} [slang] :: money
Pinnchen {n} [regional, including western Germany] :: shot glass (small glass for liquor)
Pinnwand {f} :: pinboard
Pinscher {m} :: pinscher
Pinsdorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Pinsel {m} :: paintbrush
Pinselstrich {m} :: brushstroke
Pinswang {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Pint {n} :: pint (unit of volume)
Pinte {f} :: a pub
Pinte {f} :: a pint
Pinzette {f} :: tweezers
Pion {n} :: pion
Pionier {m} :: pioneer, trailblazer [fig.] (male or of unspecified sex)
Pionier {m} :: sapper, engineer (army engineer, combat engineer, military engineer) (male or of unspecified sex)
Pipeline {f} :: pipeline (conduit made of pipes used to convey petroleum or gas)
Pipette {f} :: pipette, pipet
pipettieren {v} :: to pipet
Pipi {n} [childish] :: urine (mostly child language)
Pique {n} :: alternative spelling of Pik
Piranha {noun} :: piranha [fish]
Pirat {m} :: pirate (a ciminal who plunders at sea)
Pirat {m} :: member of a pirate party
Piratenflagge {f} :: pirate flag, Jolly Roger
Piratenschiff {n} :: pirate ship
Piratensender {m} :: pirate radio station
Piraterie {f} :: piracy
Piratin {f} :: female pirate (a criminal who plunders at sea)
Piratin {f} :: female member of a pirate party
Piringsdorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Burgenland, Austria
Pirmasens {prop} {n} :: Pirmasens (independent city in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany)
Pirol {m} :: oriole
Pirouette {f} :: pirouette
Pirsch {f} :: [hunter′s jargon] hunting method for trying to track down, to spoor game, especially hoofed game, by stalking through a preserve/shoot and to approach it within range of fire; ≈ deerstalking, stalking
Pisa {prop} {n} :: Pisa (capital of the province of Pisa)
Pisse {f} [vulgar] :: urine
pissen {v} [colloquial, slightly, vulgar] :: to piss
Pisser {m} :: agent noun of pissen
Pisser {m} [slang] :: the penis
Pisser {m} [vulgar] :: general insult to a (male) person, used like asshole
Pissoir {n} :: urinal
pisswarm {adj} [vulgar, slang] :: piss-warm
Pistazie {f} :: pistachio (fruit)
Piste {f} [skiing] :: piste
Piste {f} [airport] :: runway
Piste {f} [racing] :: track
Pistole {f} [weaponry] :: pistol, gun
Pistole {f} :: gun (device operated by a trigger)
pithekoid {adj} :: pithecoid
pitschen {v} [regional, western Germany] :: to hurt someone with one’s fingers by pinching, twinging, flicking, flipping, or the like
pitschen {v} [regional, Ruhrgebiet, usually with reflexive dative] :: to drink; to booze
pitschepatschenass {adj} :: very wet
pitschnass {adj} :: soaking wet
Pitten {prop} {f} :: A river in Lower Austria, Austria
Pitten {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
pittoresk {adj} :: picturesque
pittoresker {adj} :: comparative of pittoresk
pittoreskesten {adj} :: superlative of pittoresk
Pitzenberg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Pixel {n} :: pixel
Pizza {f} :: pizza
Pizzateig {m} :: pizza dough
Pizzeria {f} :: pizzeria
Pjöngjang {prop} {n} :: Pyongyang
PKK {initialism} :: Partiya Karkerên Kurdistan, Kurdistan Workers Party
Pkw {m} :: alternative spelling of PKW
PKW {m} :: passenger car (abbreviation of Personenkraftwagen)
Placebo {n} :: placebo
Placeboeffekt {m} :: placebo effect
placieren {v} :: alternative spelling of platzieren
placiert {v} :: past participle of placieren
plädieren {v} :: to plead
Plädoyer {n} [law] :: closing argument
Plädoyer {n} [figuratively] :: plea
Plage {f} :: plague (affliction or hardship, particularly when seen as a divine punishment)
Plage {f} :: plague; epidemic
Plage {f} [colloquial] :: nuisance; annoyance; something annoying
Plagiat {n} :: plagiarism (a copying of someone's ideas, text or other creative work and claiming it as one's own)
Plagiator {m} :: plagiarist
Plagiatorin {f} :: (female) plagiarist
plagiieren {v} :: to plagiarize
Plakat {n} :: poster (piece of printed paper)
plakativ {adj} :: graphic, slogan-like
Plakette {f} :: sticker, tag
Plakette {f} :: plaque
plan {adj} :: planar
Plan {m} :: a project
Plan {m} :: plan (way of procedure)
Plan {m} :: a technical drawing or diagram
Plan {m} :: a detailed map
Plan {m} [colloquial] :: idea, clue (Insight or understanding)
Planalto-Tropfenameisenwürger {m} :: Planalto slaty antshrike
planar {adj} :: planar
Plane {f} :: tarpaulin
Plane {f} :: awning
planen {v} :: to plan
Planen {n} :: action of the verb planen
Planer {m} :: planner
Planer {m} :: organizer
Planer {prop} :: surname
Planet {m} [astronomy] :: A planet (each of the seven major bodies which move relative to the fixed stars in the night sky)
planetar {adj} :: planetary
planetarischer Nebel {m} [astronomy] :: planetary nebula
Planetarium {n} :: planetarium
Planetensystem {n} :: planetary system
Planetoid {m} :: planetoid
Planetologie {f} [planetology] :: planetology
Planierraupe {f} :: bulldozer (tractor)
Planke {f} :: plank (big or thick board of wood)
Planken {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Liechtenstein
Planktologie {f} :: planktology
Plankton {n} :: plankton
planlos {adj} :: without a plan, haphazard
planlos {adj} [slang] :: clueless
planmäßig {adj} :: on schedule
Planschbecken {n} :: paddling pool
planschen {v} :: to plash, to splash
Plansprache {f} :: constructed language (an artificially created language)
planstellenneutral {adj} :: not needing planning permission
Plantage {f} :: plantation
Plantschbecken {n} :: alternative spelling of Planschbecken
plantschen {v} :: alternative spelling of planschen
Planung {f} :: planning
Planwagen {m} :: covered wagon
Planwirtschaft {f} [economics] :: planned economy
plappern {v} :: to babble
Plaque {f} [dentistry or medicine] :: plaque
plärren {v} [of babies, sometimes animals] :: to cry or weep in a shrill and continuous manner
plärren {v} :: to sing unmelodiously or cacophonously
Pläsier {n} :: pleasure
Plasma {n} :: plasma
Plasmabegrenzung {f} :: plasma confinement
Plasmabrenner {m} :: plasma torch
Plasmaphysik {f} [physics] :: plasma physics
Plasmaspiegel {m} :: plasma level
Plastebecher {m} [colloquial, Eastern Germany] :: plastic cup
Plastik {n} :: plastic
Plastik {f} [arts] :: sculpture
Plastikbecher {m} :: plastic cup
Plastikbesteck {n} :: plastic cutlery
Plastikflasche {f} :: plastic bottle
Plastikgeld {n} :: plastic money; credit card or debit card
Plastiklöffel {m} :: plastic spoon
Plastikschwanz {m} :: dildo
plastisch {adj} :: plastic
plastisch {adj} :: malleable
plastisch {adj} :: vivid
Plastizität {f} :: plasticity
Platane {f} :: plane, planetree
Plateau {n} :: plateau
Platin {n} :: platinum
Platine {f} :: printed circuit board, PCB
Platinelektrode {f} :: platinum electrode
Platinerz {n} :: platinum ore
platinhaltig {adj} :: platiniferous
platiniert {adj} :: platinized
Platinkatalysator {m} :: platinum catalyst
Platinmetall {n} :: platinum metal
Platinmetallgruppe {f} :: platinum metal group (of the periodic table :- platinum, palladium, iridium, osmium, rhodium and ruthenium)
Platinoid {n} :: platinoid
Platintiegel {m} :: platinum crucible
Platitüde {f} :: Old spelling of Plattitüde
Platon {prop} {m} :: Plato (Greek philosopher)
platonisch {adj} :: platonic
platschen {v} :: to plash
plätschern {v} :: to trickle
plätschern {v} :: to babble (said of a river)
platt {adj} :: flat
platt {adj} :: bromidic
Platt {n} [regional, chiefly northern and central Germany] :: a "dialect" (regional language), usually a German (or Dutch) one
Plattbauchspinne {f} :: ground spider (Gnaphosidae)
Plättchen {n} :: platelet
plättchenförmig {adj} :: platelike
plattdeutsch {adj} :: Low German
Plattdeutsch {n} :: Low German, Plattdeutsch
Plattdeutsch {n} [rare, nonstandard] :: any German lect, especially if seen as a debased form of standard German
Platte {f} :: flat, thin, regularly (not necessarily circular) shaped object
Platte {f} [colloquial, computer] :: short for Festplatte; hard disk
Platte {f} [music] :: short for Schallplatte; vinyl record
Platte {f} [geology] :: tectonic plate
Platten {m} [colloquial] :: flat tire
Platten {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Platten {prop} {n} :: Blatno (village in Czechia)
Plattenladen {m} :: record store
Plattenspieler {m} :: record player
Plattentektonik {f} :: plate tectonics
Plattfisch {m} :: flatfish (fish of the order Pleuronectiformes)
Plattform {f} :: platform
plattformabhängig {adj} [computing] :: platform-dependent
plattformübergreifend {adj} [computing] :: cross-platform
plattformunabhängig {adj} [computing] :: platform-independent
plattfüßig {adj} :: flat-footed
Plattieren {n} :: plating
Plattieren {n} :: cladding
Plattitüde {f} :: platitude
plattmachen {v} :: to flatten
plattmachen {v} :: to destroy
Plattner {m} :: A blacksmith who specialised in making armour
Platz {m} [architecture] :: square
Platz {m} [architecture] :: circus
Platz {m} :: space; room
Platz {m} :: place; seat; spot; position (precise location someone or something occupies)
Platz {m} [archaic, except in fixed phrases] :: place (any location, e.g. a geographical one)
Platz {m} :: place (rank in a competition)
Platzangebot {n} :: placements, places, room, seating capacity, seats, space
Platzangst {f} [colloquial] :: claustrophobia
Platzangst {f} :: agoraphobia
Plätzchen {n} :: diminutive of Platz
Plätzchen {n} :: cookie, (chiefly british) biscuit
platzen {v} :: to burst
platzen {v} [banking, of cheque] :: to bounce
Platzhalter {m} :: placeholder
Platzhalter {m} [computing] :: wildcard
Platzhalter {m} [linguistics] :: placeholder
platzieren {v} :: to place, to plant
platziert {v} :: past participle of platzieren
platziert {adj} :: placed, seated
Platzkarte {f} :: seat reservation ticket (ticket for a special seat in a bus)
Platzkarte {f} :: table reservation card (ticket for a special place at a table)
platzmäßig {adj} :: spacewise (in terms of space)
Platzregen {m} :: downpour
plaudern {v} :: to chat
Plaudertasche {f} [jocular, derogatory] :: chatterbox
Plauderton {m} :: conversational tone, casual tone, chatty tone
Plauen {prop} :: Plauen (independent city in Saxony, Germany)
Plaus {prop} :: A municipality in South Tyrol
Plausch {m} :: chat
Plautdietsch {prop} {n} :: Plautdietsch, Mennonite Low German
Playlist {f} :: playlist
Plazebo {n} :: alternative spelling of Placebo
Plazenta {f} [anatomy] :: placenta
plazieren {v} :: obsolete spelling of platzieren
plaziert {v} :: past participle of plazieren
plebejisch {adj} :: plebeian
Plebiszit {n} {m} [chiefly formal, learned] :: referendum (direct vote on a proposed law or other political decision)
pleistozän {adj} :: Pleistocene
Pleistozän {prop} {n} :: Pleistocene
pleite {adj} :: broke
Pleite {f} :: bankruptcy
Pleite {f} :: flop, failure
Plejaden {prop} :: Pleiades, Messier 45 (star cluster)
Plektron {n} :: synonym of Plektrum
Plektrum {n} [music] :: plectrum
plemplem {adj} :: nuts, crazy
Pleonasmus {m} [rhetoric] :: pleonasm
Pleroma {n} [gnosticism] :: Pleroma
plerophor {adj} :: plerophoric
Plethysmografie {f} [healthcare] :: plethysmography
Pleuel {m} :: connecting rod, conrod
plinianisch {adj} :: Plinian
Plinius {prop} :: Pliny
Plinse {f} [in Saxony and historically also Prussia] :: A thin, flat cake made from a dough of milk, eggs and either flour or potatoes
Plissee {n} [window blind] :: pleated blind
Plissee {n} [textiles] :: pleated fabric
plissieren {v} [textiles] :: to pleat
Plodarisch {prop} {n} :: the Plodarisch or Sappadino lect
Plombe {f} :: seal, lead seal
Plombe {f} :: (dental) filling
Plörre {f} [regional, northern and central Germany] :: an unappetizing or disgusting liquid, often said pejoratively of a drink
plosiv {adj} :: plosive
Plötze {f} :: roach (Rutilus rutilus)
plötzlich {adj} :: sudden
plötzlich {adj} :: abrupt
plötzlich {adj} :: brusque
plötzlich {adv} :: suddenly
Pluderhose {f} :: plush trousers
plump {adj} :: crude, clumsy
plump {adj} :: squat, stumpy
plumpesten {adj} :: superlative of plump
plumpfen {v} [dated] :: to flop, to plump
plumps {interj} :: plop!, flop!, bump!
Plumps {m} :: bump, plop, flop
plumpsen {v} [colloquial] :: to flop, to plump
Plumpuddingmodell {n} [physics] :: synonym of Rosinenkuchenmodell (Used for the first atom model of Thompson (1903))
Plunder {m} [only singular] :: junk, rubbish
Plunder {m} :: Danish pastry
Plünderer {m} :: agent noun of plündern; looter
Plünderin {f} :: female looter
plündern {v} :: to loot, to plunder, to pillage, to raid
Plünderung {f} :: looting
Plur. {m} :: abbreviation of Plural
plural {adj} :: pluralistic
Plural {m} [grammar] :: plural
Pluraletantum {n} [grammar] :: plurale tantum (a noun without a singular form)
pluralisch {adj} :: plural
Pluralismus {m} :: pluralism
pluralistisch {adj} :: pluralistic
Pluralwort {n} [grammar] :: plurale tantum
plurizentrisch {adj} :: pluricentric
plus {adv} :: plus, increased by
Plus {n} :: plus
Plus {n} :: positive pole
Plus {n} :: increase
Plüsch {m} :: plush
plüschen {adj} :: plush
Plüschtier {n} :: plush animal
Plusquamperfekt {n} [grammar] :: pluperfect tense
Pluto {prop} {m} [Roman mythology] :: Pluto (Roman god)
Pluto {prop} {m} :: Pluto (dwarf planet)
Plutokratie {f} :: plutocracy
plutonisch {adj} :: plutonic (igneous rock that cooled and hardened below the surface of the Earth)
Plutonium {n} :: plutonium
Pluvialzeit {f} :: pluvial period
PLZ {abbr} :: abbreviation of Postleitzahl
PM {initialism} :: Pressemitteilung
PM {initialism} :: Papiermaschine
Pneu {m} [chiefly Switzerland] :: tyre
pneumatisch {adj} :: pneumatic
pneumatologisch {adj} :: pneumatological
Pneumaturie {f} [medicine] :: pneumaturia
Pneumonie {f} :: pneumonia
Pneumonitis {f} [pathology] :: pneumonitis
Po {m} :: buttocks
Po {prop} {m} :: Po (river in Italy)
Pobacke {f} [vulgar] :: asscheek
Pöbel {m} :: mob
Pöbel {m} :: riffraff
pöbeln {v} :: to swear
Pobolitze {f} [rare] :: a pobołłitsə, a sort of strudel-like cake traditionally baked by the Gottscheers
pochen {v} :: to thump, to throb
pochen {v} :: to insist
pochieren {v} :: to poach (cook in simmering water)
Pöchlarn {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Pocken {fp} :: smallpox (disease)
pockmas {interj} [nonstandard, uncommon] :: let's go; let's start
Podcast {m} :: podcast
Podex {m} :: posterior, behind [human buttocks]
Podium {n} :: podium
Podiumsdiskussion {f} :: panel discussion
Podiumsgespräch {n} :: panel discussion
poemisch {adj} :: eloquent, poetic
Poesie {f} :: poetry
Poesie {f} :: poem
Poesie {f} :: poetic mood
Poet {m} [literary or humorous] :: poet
poetisch {adj} :: poetic
Poggersdorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Carinthia, Austria
Pöggstall {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Pogo {m} [dance] :: pogo
Pogrom {m} {n} :: pogrom (riot)
Pohl {m} [colloquial, regional, chiefly North Rhine-Westphalia] :: a post or pole, particularly a traffic bollard
Pöhla {prop} :: Poehla
poikilohydrisch {adj} :: (biology, ecology) poikilohydric (plants that cannot prevent desiccation)
Pointe {f} :: punch line
pointiert {adj} [figuratively] :: pointed
Poissonzahl {f} :: Poisson's ratio
Pokal {m} :: goblet
Pokal {m} :: cup, trophy
Poker {n} :: poker (card game)
Pol {m} :: pole (geographical, electrical, magnetical)
polabisch {adj} :: Polabian (related to the Polabians or to the Polabian language)
Polabisch {n} :: Polabian (the Polabian language)
Polacke {m} [derogatory, ethnic slur] :: (male) Polack (Pole, person from Poland)
polar {adj} :: polar
Polarfuchs {m} :: arctic fox, (Alopex lagopus)
Polarhase {m} :: arctic hare
Polarisation {f} :: polarization
polarisieren {v} :: to polarize / polarise
polarisiert {adj} :: polarised / polarized
Polarisierung {f} :: polarization / polarisation
Polarlicht {n} :: aurora; polar light
Polarnacht {f} :: polar night
Polarografie {f} [chemistry] :: polarography
Polarographie {f} [chemistry, physics] :: polarography
polarographisch {adj} :: polarographic
Polarregion {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: polar region(s)
Polarstern {prop} {m} :: pole star, Pole Star, Polaris
Polder {m} :: polder (land reclaimed from the sea by means of dikes)
Pole {m} :: Pole
Polemik {f} :: polemics
Polemiker {m} :: polemicist (male or of unspecified sex)
polemisch {adj} :: polemical, polemic
polemogen {adj} :: polemic
Polen {prop} {n} :: Poland, a country in Central Europe
Polente {f} [slang, derogatory] :: police
Polentum {n} :: the character and culture of Poland
Police {f} :: insurance policy
Polier {m} :: foreman
polieren {v} :: to shine (to polish)
Poliermittel {n} :: polish
Polierstahl {m} :: polished steel
Polin {f} :: Pole (female)
Poliomyelitis {f} [pathology] :: poliomyelitis
Politbüro {n} :: politburo
Politesse {f} :: female traffic warden, traffic directrix
Politik {f} :: politics
Politiker {m} :: politician
Politikerin {f} :: a female politician
politikverdrossen {adj} :: apolitical (disenchanted with politics)
Politikwissenschaft {f} :: political science
Politikwissenschaftler {m} :: political scientist
Politikwissenschaftlerin {f} :: female political scientist
politikwissenschaftlich {adj} :: Pertaining to political science
politisch {adj} :: political
politischer {adj} :: comparative of politisch
politischsten {adj} :: superlative of politisch
politkorrekt {adj} [pejorative] :: politically correct
Politologe {m} :: political scientist
Politologie {f} :: political science
Politologin {f} :: female political scientist
politologisch {adj} :: Pertaining to political science
Politur {f} :: polish
Polizei {f} [law enforcement] :: police
polizeiähnlich {adj} :: policelike
Polizeiangabe {f} :: (almost always in plural) details (of an incident) released by the police
Polizeiauto {n} :: police car
Polizeibeamter {m} :: policeman, police officer
polizeibekannt {adj} :: known to the police
Polizeifunk {m} :: police radio
Polizeihund {m} :: police dog
Polizeikessel {m} :: kettling, a police tactic to surround and contain demonstrators
polizeilich {adj} :: of the police, by the police
Polizeischutz {m} :: police protection
Polizeisprecher {m} :: police spokesman
Polizeistaat {m} :: police state
polizeitaktisch {adj} :: police tactics (attributive)
Polizeiwache {f} :: police station (building of police force)
Polizist {m} :: police officer (male or female); policeman
Polizistin {f} :: policewoman, female police officer
Polka {f} :: polka (genre of dance and music)
Pölla {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Pöllau {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Pöllauberg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
pollen {v} [computing] :: to poll, to periodically check the status of a device or variable
Pollen {m} :: pollen
Poller {m} :: bollard (short post or pole, typically used to prevent vehicle access)
Poller {m} [nautical] :: mooring post; bollard
Pollham {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Pollution {f} :: nocturnal emission
polnisch {adj} :: Polish (of Poland or its language)
Polnisch {n} :: the Polish language
Polo {n} :: polo (ball game)
Polonaise {f} :: alternative spelling of Polonäse
Polonäse {f} [dance] :: polonaise
Polonistik {f} :: Polish studies (academic study of Polish language and literature)
Polonium {n} :: polonium
Pölstal {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Polster {n} {m} :: pad
Polster {n} {m} :: cushion
Polster {n} {m} :: upholstery
poltawisch {adj} :: of or pertaining to Poltava; Poltavian
Poltergeist {m} :: poltergeist
poltern {v} :: to rumble
poltern {v} [figuratively, ] :: to rant (To speak or shout at length in an uncontrollable anger.)
Polung {f} :: polarity
Polyamid {n} [chemistry] :: polyamide
Polyamorie {f} :: polyamory (practices involving relationships with multiple partners)
polybromiert {adj} :: polybrominated
polychloriert {adj} :: polychlorinated
polycyclisch {adj} :: polycyclic
Polydeismus {m} [archaic] :: polydeism
Polydeist {m} :: polydeist
Polydeistin {f} :: female polydeist
polydeistisch {adj} :: polydeistic
polydispers {adj} :: polydisperse
Polyeder {n} [geometry] :: polyhedron
Polyester {noun} :: polyester
Polyethylen {n} [chemistry] :: polythene [UK]; polyethylene [US]
Polyethylenterephthalat {n} [organic compound] :: polyethylene terephthalate
polygam {adj} :: polygamous
Polygamie {f} :: polygamy
Polygon {n} :: polygon
Polygynie {f} :: polygyny (marriage with several wives)
Polyhalit {m} [mineral] :: polyhalite
Polykarbonat {noun} :: polycarbonate
polykristallin {adj} :: polycrystalline
polymer {adj} :: polymeric
Polymer {n} :: polymer
Polymerase {f} [enzyme] :: polymerase
Polymerisat {n} [chemistry] :: polymerizate, polymer
Polymerisation {f} [chemistry] :: polymerization
polymerisieren {v} [chemistry] :: To polymerize
polymerisiert {v} :: past participle of polymerisieren
polymerisiert {adj} :: polymerized
polymorph {adj} :: polymorphous
Polymorphie {f} [computing] :: polymorphism
Polynesien {prop} {n} :: Polynesia
polynesisch {adj} :: Polynesian
Polynom {n} [mathematics] :: A polynomial
Polynucleotid {n} :: polynucleotide
Polyolefin {n} [organic chemistry] :: polyolefin
Polyp {m} :: polyp
Polyp {m} :: (derogative) policeman
Polyphosphat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: polyphosphate
polyphyletisch {adj} :: polyphyletic
Polypropylen {n} :: polypropylene
polysem {adj} :: polysemous
Polysem {n} [linguistics] :: polyseme
Polysemie {f} :: polysemy
Polysilan {n} [organic chemistry] :: polysilane
Polysilicium {n} :: polysilicon
Polystickstoff {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: polynitrogen
Polysulfan {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: polysulfane
Polysulfid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: polysulfide
Polysyndeton {n} [rhetoric] :: polysyndeton
polysynthetisch {adj} :: polysynthetic
polytechnisch {adj} :: polytechnic
Polytetrafluorethen {n} :: alternative form of Polytetrafluorethylen
Polytetrafluorethylen {n} :: polytetrafluoroethylene
Polytheismus {m} :: polytheism
Polytheist {m} :: polytheist
Polytheistin {f} :: female polytheist
polytheistisch {adj} :: polytheistic
polytoxikoman {adj} :: polytoxicomane (attributive)
polytrop {adj} :: polytropic
polyurisch {adj} :: polyuric
Polyvanadat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: polyvanadate
Polyvinylchlorid {n} [organic compound] :: polyvinyl chloride
polyzentrisch {adj} :: polycentric
polyzyklisch {adj} [chemistry] :: polycyclic
Pomade {f} :: pomade
pomadig {adj} :: pomaded
Pomeranze {f} :: bitter orange
pomm. {adj} :: abbreviation of pommersch, referring especially to either of the German or Slavic lects called Pomeranian
pommerisch {adj} :: Of or from Pommern
Pommern {prop} {n} :: Pomerania (region of Europe on the southern shores of the Baltic Sea)
pommersch {adj} :: alternative form of pommerisch
Pommes {f} [plural] :: fries, French fries, chips [UK]
Pommes {f} [singular, colloquial] :: a single fry, a single chip [UK]
Pommes {f} [singular, colloquial] :: a portion of fries
Pommes frites {fp} :: french fries, chips
Pomologe {m} :: pomologist
Pomologie {f} [botany] :: pomology
Pomologin {f} :: feminine noun of Pomologe
pomologisch {adj} :: pomological
Pomp {m} :: pomp
Pompon {m} [prop for cheerleeding] :: pompon
Pompon {m} [clothing accessoire] :: pompon, bobble
pompös {adj} :: pompous
ponderabel {adj} [obsolete] :: weighable, able to be weighed; computable
Pöndorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Pontifikat {m} {n} :: pontificate (state of a pontifex)
Ponton {m} :: pontoon (floating structure supporting a bridge or dock)
Pony {n} :: pony (horse)
Pony {m} :: bangs, fringe (haircut)
Pop {noun} :: pop music
Popanz {m} :: A scary person one shouldn’t take for serious, sometimes a funny figure, scarecrow or hay-man
Popanz {m} :: A being without will
Popanz {m} :: A person that is scared of others
Popanz {m} :: Bragger, fool
Popcorn {n} :: popcorn
Popel {m} :: booger, boogers, bogey (piece of solid or semisolid mucus in or removed from the nostril)
Popel {m} :: hickey (printing defect caused by foreign matter on the printing surface)
Popel {m} :: miserable person
popelig {adj} :: shabby, crummy (of poor quality)
popeln {v} :: to pick one's nose
poplig {adj} :: measly, half-assed
popliger {adj} :: comparative of poplig
popligsten {adj} :: superlative of poplig
Popo {m} [childish] :: bottom, buttocks, bum
poppen {v} [regional, colloquial, mildly vulgar, ] :: to have sex; to fuck
poppen {v} [Swiss] :: to play with dolls
poppen {v} [colloquial] :: to pop; to surprise; to impress
poppen {v} [colloquial] :: to pop as popcorn does
populär {adj} [beloved or approved by the people] :: popular
populärer {adj} :: comparative of populär
popularisieren {v} :: to popularize
Popularität {f} :: popularity
populärsten {adj} :: superlative of populär
Populärwissenschaft {f} :: popular science
populärwissenschaftlich {adj} :: popular science (attributive)
Population {f} [biology] :: population (collection of organisms)
Populismus {m} :: populism [usually in a negative sense, opportunistically taking advantage of current popular opinions or emotions]
Populist {m} :: populist [usually in a negative sense, one who opportunistically takes advantage of current popular opinions or emotions]
populistisch {adj} :: populist
Pore {f} :: pore
porig {adj} :: porous
Porigkeit {f} :: porosity
porno- {prefix} :: porn-
Porno {m} [slang] :: porn / a porn movie
Pornodarsteller {m} [film, pornography] :: pornstar
Pornodarstellerin {f} :: feminine noun of Pornodarsteller
Pornografie {f} :: pornography
pornografisch {adj} :: pornographic
Pornographie {f} :: alternative form of Pornografie
pornographisch {adj} :: pornographic
Pornokratie {f} :: pornocracy
porös {adj} :: porous (permeable)
Porphyrie {f} [disease] :: porphyria
Porphyrin {n} :: porphyrin
Porree {m} :: leek
Porsche {prop} {m} :: surname
Port {m} [computer hardware, networking] :: port
portabel {adj} :: portable
Portable Executable {m} [software] :: portable executable
Portal {n} [architecture] :: portal
Portefeuille {n} :: portfolio
Portemonnaie {n} :: wallet, purse
Portier {m} :: porter, doorman
Portion {f} :: portion
portionsweise {adv} :: in portions
Portmonee {n} :: alternative spelling of Portemonnaie
Porto {n} :: postage (charge)
portofrei {adj} :: postage-free
Portrait {n} :: obsolete spelling of Porträt
portraitieren {v} :: alternative spelling of porträtieren
Porträt {n} :: portrait
porträtieren {v} :: to paint a portrait of
porträtieren {v} :: to portray
Portugal {prop} {n} :: Portugal
Portugiese {m} :: male person from Portugal
Portugiesin {f} :: female person from Portugal
portugiesisch {adj} :: Portuguese
Portugiesisch {n} :: the Portuguese language
portugiesischer Wasserhund {m} :: Portuguese Water Dog
Portwein {m} :: port wine
Porz {prop} {f} :: A borough of Cologne, Germany
Porzellan {n} :: porcelain
porzellanen {adj} :: porcelain
Porzeln {noun} :: fried balls of dough (flour, yeast, milk, butter, sugar) with raisins and often apples in them; a sweet Prussian dish, which among the Mennonites in Russia and America developed into portzelky
porzin {adj} :: porcine
Pos. {noun} [music] :: abbreviation of Posaune
Pos 1 {abbr} :: Home
Posaune {f} :: trombone
Posaunenchor {m} :: trombone choir
Pose {f} [human body] :: pose
Poseidon {prop} {m} [Greek god] :: Poseidon
Posen {prop} {n} :: Posen (city)
posieren {v} [to assume or maintain a pose] :: to pose
Position {f} :: position
Positionierung {f} :: positioning
positiv {adj} :: positive
Positiv {n} [grammar] :: positive
positivistisch {adj} :: positivistic
Positron {n} :: positron
Posse {f} [theater or figuratively] :: farce, burlesque
Possen {m} [dated] :: joke, practical joke, antics
possessiv {adj} :: possessive
Possessivpronomen {n} :: possessive pronoun
Possessivsuffix {n} :: possessive suffix (suffix indicating possession)
possierlich {adj} :: cute and comical (especially of small animals)
post- {prefix} :: post-
Post {f} [method of sending mail or mail sent by this method] :: post
Post {f} :: post office
postalisch {adj} :: postal
Postamt {n} :: post office, postal service
postamtlich {adj} :: postal service (attributive)
postapokalyptisch {adj} :: postapocalyptic
Postbote {m} :: mailman, postman, postie, mail carrier, letter carrier, mailperson (male or of unspecified sex)
posten {v} [Internet] :: to post
Posten {m} :: post, station
Posten {m} :: job, position
Posten {m} [trade or accounting] :: lot, position
Posten {m} [mining] :: batch of ore for smelting
Posten {m} [firearms] :: buckshot, big dot
Poster {n} :: poster (A picture of a celebrity, an event etc., intended to be attached to a wall.)
Poster {m} :: Someone who writes something in a social network
Postfach {n} :: post-office box
postfaktisch {adj} :: postfact
postfaktisch {adj} :: post-truth
postfrisch {adj} :: mint (unused stamp)
Posthorn {n} :: post horn
Posthornschnecke {f} :: great ramshorn, Planorbarius corneus, a freshwater air-breathing snail
posthum {adj} :: alternative spelling of postum
Postille {f} :: rag (a newspaper or magazine comprising only a few pages; often used disparagingly for any printed materials of little journalistic value, such as advertising brochures)
Postille {f} :: book of prayers, sermons, postil, homily
Postillion {m} :: postilion
Postillion {m} [butterfly] :: Dark Clouded Yellow
Postillon {m} :: alternative form of Postillion
Postkarte {f} :: postcard
postkommunistisch {adj} :: postcommunist
postkranial {adj} :: postcranial
Postkutsche {f} :: stage-coach, post chaise
postlagernd {adj} :: poste restante (attributive)
Postleitzahl {f} :: postal code
Pöstler {m} [Swiss] :: postman
Postludium {n} :: postlude
postmenopausal {adj} :: postmenopausal
postmortal {adj} :: post mortem
postnatal {adj} :: postnatal
postoperativ {adj} :: postoperative
Postposition {f} :: postposition
postpostmodern {adj} :: postpostmodern
postsexuell {adj} :: postsexual
Postskriptum {n} :: post scriptum
postsynaptisch {adj} :: postsynaptic
Postulat {n} :: postulate
postulationsfähig {adj} [legal] :: postulatory
postulieren {v} :: to postulate
postum {adj} :: posthumous
postvulkanisch {adj} :: postvolcanic
postwendend {adj} :: by return mail
Potemkinsches Dorf {n} :: Potemkin village (any false construct devised to disguise a shortcoming or improve appearances)
potent {adj} :: potent
Potential {n} :: alternative spelling of Potenzial
Potentialdifferenz {f} [physics] :: potential difference
potentiell {adj} :: potential
potentiell {adv} :: alternative form of potenziell
Potentiometer {n} :: potentiometer
Potentiometrie {f} [chemistry, physics] :: potentiometry
potentiometrisch {adj} :: potentiometric
Potenz {f} :: potency
Potenz {f} :: virility
Potenz {f} :: power (maths)
Potenzial {n} :: potential
potenziell {adj} :: potential
potenziell {adv} :: potentially
potenzsteigernd {adj} :: (sexual) potency-enhancing
Potitze {f} [Austria] :: potica (a sweet cake made with yeast-leavened dough and a filling often with nuts or poppy)
Potpourri {n} :: potpourri
Potsdam {prop} {n} :: Potsdam (city close to Berlin, Germany)
Potsdamer {m} :: A native or resident of Potsdam
Pott {m} [regional] :: large cup
Pott {m} [regional] :: pot (cooking vessel)
Pott {m} [regional] :: pot; jar (storage vessel)
Pott {m} [colloquial] :: large ship
Pott {m} [colloquial] :: cup (sports trophy)
Pott {m} [gambling] :: pot
Pott {m} [colloquial] :: toilet
Pott {prop} {m} [colloquial, short for Kohlenpott] :: the Ruhr Area
Pottasche {f} :: potash
Pöttelsdorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Burgenland, Austria
Pottendorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Pottenstein {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Pottenstein {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Bavaria, Germany
Pöttgen {prop} :: surname
potthässlich {adj} :: very ugly
Pötting {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Pottsau {f} [vulgar] :: ~ 'filthy pig'
Pöttsching {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Burgenland, Austria
Pottwal {m} :: sperm whale
Poulet {n} [Switzerland] :: chicken (meat)
power {adj} :: poor, miserable
Power {f} [colloquial] :: power
Power {f} [statistics] :: power
Poysdorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
PPS {abbr} :: Produktionsplanung und -steuerung
PPS {abbr} :: PPS-System
PPS {abbr} :: Produktions-Planungs-System (ERP)
prä- {prefix} :: pre-, prae-
Präambel {f} :: preamble (a short statement or remark, especially an explanatory introduction to a formal document or statute)
Präantepänultima {noun} [rare] :: preantepenult
Präarchaikum {prop} :: synonym of Hadaikum; the Hadean
Pracht {f} :: splendor, magnificence
Pracht {f} :: resplendence
Pracht {prop} :: A municipality in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
prächtig {adj} :: splendid, wonderful
prächtiger {adj} :: comparative of prächtig
prächtigsten {adj} :: superlative of prächtig
Prachtstraße {f} :: avenue, boulevard
prachtvoll {adj} :: resplendent, gorgeous
Prachtweib {n} :: beautiful woman
Prädestination {f} [theology] :: predestination
prädestinieren {v} :: To predestine
prädestiniert {v} :: past participle of prädestinieren
prädestiniert {adj} :: predestined
prädial {adj} :: praedial
Prädialadel {m} :: nobility whose positions derived from granted land, landed gentry
Prädikat {n} [grammar] :: predicate
Prädikat {n} :: (positive) valuation of an object or a performance; Example: Prädikatswein (superior quality wine)
Prädikatenlogik {f} :: predicate logic
prädikativ {adj} :: predicative
prädiktabel {adj} :: predictable
Praeantepaenultima {noun} :: dated spelling of Präantepänultima
Praeteritio {f} [rhetoric, linguistics] :: paralipsis
Präfekt {m} :: prefect
Präfektur {f} :: prefecture
präferabel {adj} :: preferable
Präferenz {f} :: preference
Präfix {n} :: prefix
Prag {prop} {n} :: Prague (capital city of the Czech Republic, formerly of the Kingdom of Bohemia)
Prägeanstalt {f} :: mint
prägen {v} :: to mint
prägen {v} :: to characterize
Prager {m} :: A native or resident of Prague
Pragmatiker {m} :: pragmatist
pragmatisch {adj} :: pragmatic
Pragmatismus {m} :: pragmatism
prägnant {adj} :: concise
prägnant {adj} :: pithy
Prags {prop} {n} :: A municipality in South Tyrol
Prägung {f} :: coinage
Prägung {f} :: imprinting
prähistorisch {adj} :: prehistoric
prahlen {v} :: to brag
Prahlhans {m} [colloquial] :: braggart, blowhard, showoff
Prahm {m} :: a large flat-bottomed boat, having broad, square ends; scow
präjudiziell {adj} :: prejudicial
präkambrisch {adj} :: Precambrian
Präkambrium {prop} :: the Precambrian
Präkognition {f} :: precognition
präkolumbisch {adj} :: pre-Columbian
präkomatös {adj} :: precomatose
Praktik {f} :: practice, method, procedure
Praktik {f} [chiefly plural] :: practice, habit, custom
praktikabel {adj} :: practicable
Praktikant {m} [education] :: trainee
Praktikantin {f} [education] :: A female trainee
Praktikum {n} :: internship (job taken by a student)
Praktikum {n} :: work placement, practicum
praktisch {adj} :: practical
praktisch {adj} :: applied
praktisch {adj} :: convenient
praktisch {adv} :: virtually (almost but not quite)
praktiziert {v} :: past participle of praktizieren
praktiziert {adj} :: practiced / practised
präliminär {adj} :: preliminary
Praline {f} :: praline
prall {adj} :: full; firm; tight
Pram {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Pram {prop} {n} :: A river in Upper Austria
prämarital {adj} :: premarital
Prambachkirchen {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Pramet {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Prämie {f} :: bonus (extra earnings)
Prämie {f} :: premium (contribution to insurance)
prämiert {adj} :: award-winning
Prämisse {f} :: premise
prämonetär {adj} :: premonetary
pränatal {adj} :: prenatal, antenatal
prangen {v} :: to resplend
prangen {v} :: to show off, to flaunt
Pranger {m} :: pillory
präoperativ {adj} [surgery] :: preoperative
Präordnung {f} [mathematics] :: preorder
Präparat {n} :: preparation
Präparat {n} :: prepared specimen
Präparation {f} :: dissection
Präparation {f} :: preparation
präparativ {adj} :: preparative
Präparator {m} :: dissector
Präparator {m} :: A person who prepares biological specimens
präplanetar {adj} :: preplanetary
Präposition {f} [grammar, broad sense] :: adposition, preposition (broad sense)
Präposition {f} [grammar, narrow sense] :: preposition (narrow sense)
präpositional {adj} :: prepositional
Präpositionalphrase {f} [linguistics] :: prepositional phrase
präpostmodern {adj} :: prepostmodern
präpotent {adj} :: prepotent
präprandial {adj} :: preprandial
präpubertär {adj} :: prepubescent
präpubertierend {adj} :: prepubescent
Prärie {f} :: prairie
prärogativ {adj} :: prerogative
Präsens {n} [grammar, uncountable] :: present tense
Präsens {n} [grammar, countable] :: verb in the present tense
präsent {adj} :: present
Präsent {n} :: gift (something given to another voluntarily, without charge)
Präsentation {f} :: presentation
präsentieren {vt} :: present
präsentieren {vr} :: introduce
präsentieren {vt} [military] :: present arms
präsentiert {v} :: past participle of präsentieren
präsentisch {adj} [linguistcs] :: present
Präsenz {f} :: presence, attendance
Praseodym {n} :: praseodymium
Präservativ {n} [formal] :: condom
Präsident {m} :: president, chairman
Präsidentenwahl {f} :: presidential election, election of a president
Präsidentin {f} :: a female president or chairman, chairwoman
Präsidentschaft {f} :: presidency
Präsidentschaftskandidat {m} :: presidential candidate, candidate for president, candidate for a presidency
präsidiabel {adj} :: presidential
präsidial {adj} :: presidential (pertaining to a president)
Präsidium {n} :: presidium
Präsidium {n} :: headquarters
präskriptiv {adj} :: prescriptive
prasseln {v} :: to clatter
prasseln {v} :: to crackle
prasseln {v} [figuratively] :: to rain down, hail down
prassen {vi} :: to splurge, to live extravagantly
präsumtiv {adj} :: presumptive
prätentiös {adj} :: pretentious
Prater {prop} {m} :: Prater (large public park in Vienna)
präterital {adj} :: preterite
Präteritopräsens {n} :: preterite-present verb, preterite-present
Präteritum {n} [grammar] :: preterite (preterite tense; past tense)
Präteritumperfekt {n} [grammar] :: pluperfect
Prävalenz {f} :: prevalence
Prävention {f} :: prevention (the act of preventing or hindering)
präventiv {adj} :: preventive
Präverb {n} [grammar] :: preverb
Praxis {f} :: practice, praxis (opposite of theory)
Praxis {f} :: surgery (UK), doctor's office (US) (workplace of a self-employed doctor)
praxisfern {adj} :: theoretical (rather than practical)
praxisfremd {adj} :: theoretical (rather than practical)
praxisnah {adj} :: practical (rather than theoretical)
Präzedenzfall {m} [legal] :: precedent
präzis {adj} :: alternative form of präzise
präzise {adj} :: precise
Präzision {f} :: precision
Prechtl {prop} :: surname
predigen {v} :: to preach
Prediger {m} :: preacher
Predigt {f} :: sermon; preaching
Predigt {f} [archaic] :: proclamation
Preding {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Pregarten {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Prehnit {m} [mineral] :: prehnite
Preis {m} :: price
Preis {m} :: prize, award
Preisanstieg {m} [economics] :: inflation (price increase)
preisbewusst {adj} :: price-conscious
Preiselbeere {f} :: lingonberry, cowberry (vaccinium vitis-idaea)
preisen {v} :: to hail, to laud, to praise
Preisgabe {f} :: abandonment
preisgeben {v} :: to abandon, to forsake or betray
preisgeben {v} :: to disclose, to reveal, to no longer keep secret
preisgegeben {v} :: past participle of preisgeben
preisgekrönt {adj} :: award-winning, prizewinning
preisgünstig {adj} :: inexpensive
preislich {adj} :: price (attributive)
preislich {adj} :: praiseworthy
Preisnachlass {f} :: discount
Preisschild {n} :: price label, price tag
Preisträger {m} :: prize winner, laureate
preisverdächtig {adj} :: possibly award-winning
preiswert {adj} :: [more originally] worth its price
preiswert {adj} :: [commonly] inexpensive, cheap
Preitenegg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Carinthia, Austria
prekär {adj} :: precarious
prekärer {adj} :: comparative of prekär
Prekariat {n} :: (sociology) (neologism) precariat
Prekarisierung {f} :: precarity
prekärsten {adj} :: superlative of prekär
Prellenkirchen {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Prellung {f} :: bruise
Premier {m} :: premier, prime minister
Premiere {f} :: premiere
Premierminister {m} :: prime minister
Premierministerin {f} :: female prime minister
Premstätten {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Prenzlau {prop} :: A city in the Uckermark district of Brandenburg
Prenzlauer {m} :: A native or resident of Prenzlau
presbyterianisch {adj} :: Presbyterian
Pressbaum {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Pressburg {prop} {n} :: Bratislava (city)
Preßburg {prop} {n} :: obsolete spelling of Pressburg
Presse {f} :: press (device used to apply pressure)
Presse {f} [uncountable] :: press (printed media)
Pressefreiheit {f} :: freedom of the press
Pressekonferenz {f} :: press conference
Pressemitteilung {f} :: press release (an official written statement)
pressen {vt} :: to press
pressen {vi} [at birth] :: to push
pressen {vi} [at constipation] :: to strain oneself
Presseschau {f} :: press review
pressesprachlich {adj} :: journalese (attributive)
Pressesprecher {m} :: press officer / press secretary
pressieren {v} [impersonal, + dative, chiefly southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland] :: to be pressing and urgent (for)
pressieren {v} [chiefly southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland] :: to rush, to be in a hurry
Pressluftbohrer {m} :: pneumatic drill
Presslufthammer {m} :: jackhammer (powered by compressed air)
Pressstempelkanne {f} :: cafetière
Prestige {n} :: prestige
prestigeträchtig {adj} :: prestigious
Prettau {prop} {n} :: A municipality in South Tyrol
preuß. {adj} :: abbreviation of preußisch
Preussen {prop} {n} :: alternative spelling of Preußen
Preußen {prop} {n} :: Prussia (European kingdom and component part of Germany)
preußisch {adj} :: Prussian
priapeisch {adj} :: related to Priapus
priapeisch {adj} :: (dated) lewd, obscene
priapisch {adj} :: alternative form of priapeisch
Priapismus {m} [medicine] :: priapism
Priapswurm {m} :: penis worm
prickeln {v} :: to prickle
prickeln {v} :: to sparkle
prickelnd {adj} :: prickling, tingling
Priester {m} [religion, generally] :: priest
Priester {m} [Roman Catholicism] :: priest; presbyter (man who has received the sacrament of ordination)
Priester {m} [Christianity, chiefly Protestantism] :: priest (every believer)
Priesterin {f} :: (religion) priestess (female priest); churchwoman
priesterlich {adj} :: priestly, clerical
Prigglitz {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
prima {adj} :: great, super
Primadonna {f} :: prima donna
primär {adj} :: primary
Primärenergie {f} :: primary (source of) energy (i.e. natural, not converted to another form)
Primärreaktion {f} :: primary reaction
Primärreaktion {f} [immunology] :: primary immune response
Primas {m} [ecclesiastical, title] :: primacy
Primas {m} [ecclesiastical, position] :: primate
Primas {m} [music] :: the head fiddler of a Gypsy band
Primat {m} [ecclesiastical] :: primate
Primat {m} [zoology] :: primate
Primat {n} {m} :: primacy, supremacy
Primat {n} {m} [ecclesiastical] :: primacy
Primat {n} {m} [wine] :: Primat
Primatologe {m} :: primatologist
Primatologin {f} :: female primatologist
Primel {f} :: primrose, primula
Primfaktor {m} [math] :: prime factor (number contained in the set of prime numbers)
primitiv {adj} :: primitive
primordial {adj} :: primordial
Primzahl {f} [number theory] :: prime number
Primzahllücke {f} [mathematics] :: prime gap
Prinz {m} :: prince
Prinzersdorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Prinzess {f} :: obsolete form of Prinzessin
Prinzeß {f} :: obsolete spelling of Prinzess obsolete form of Prinzessin
Prinzessin {f} :: princess (female member of a royal family other than a queen, especially a daughter or granddaughter)
Prinzip {n} :: principle
Prinzip der geringsten Überraschung {n} [software, user interface, design] :: principle of least astonishment
prinzipiell {adv} :: fundamental, in principle, on principle, of principle
prinzipiell {adv} :: principled
prinzipiell {adv} :: as a matter of principle
prinzipienfrei {adj} :: devoid of principles, unprincipled
Prion {m} :: prion (etiologic agent of TSE)
Prior {m} :: prior (high-ranking member of a monastery)
Priorat {n} :: priory
priorisieren {v} :: to prioritize
prioritär {adj} :: priority
Priorität {f} :: priority
Prise {f} :: A pinch (of salt, flour, ...), a dash
Prise {f} :: A prize (captured ship)
Prisma {n} :: prism
prismenförmig {adj} :: prismatic (shaped like a prism)
privat {adj} :: private
Privatangelegenheit {f} :: private matter, private affair
Privatdetektiv {m} :: private investigator
Privatdozent {m} [academia] :: privatdozent (an academic who holds all formal qualifications to become a tenured university professor)
Privatier {m} :: independent gentleman, man of independent means
privatisieren {v} :: to privatize
Privatisierung {f} :: privatization
Privatleben {f} :: personal life, private life
Privatpatient {m} [Germany, healthcare, colloquial] :: A patient who is member of a private health insurance, as opposed to a member of an insurance that belongs to the national health insurance system
Privatpatientin {f} :: feminine noun of Privatpatient
Privatsache {f} :: private matter, private affair
Privatsender {m} :: commercial broadcaster
Privatsphäre {f} :: privacy
Privatstraße {f} :: private road
Privatwirtschaft {f} [economics] :: private sector
Priv.-Doz. {m} :: abbreviation of Privatdozent
Privileg {n} :: privilege
privilegieren {v} :: to privilege
privilegiert {adj} :: privileged
pro {prep} :: per
proaktiv {adj} :: proactive (acting in advance)
probabilistisch {adj} :: probabilistic
Proband {m} :: experimentee, guinea pig
Proband {m} :: proband
probat {adj} :: appropriate; suitable; proven
Probe {f} :: trial
Probe {f} :: test
Probe {f} :: rehearsal
Probe {f} :: sample
Probebohrung {f} :: test drilling
Probelösung {f} :: test solution
Probelösung {f} :: sample solution
proben {v} :: to rehearse
probieren {v} :: to try
probieren {v} :: to taste
probieren {v} :: to sample
Problem {n} :: problem
Problematik {f} :: problematics (problems, set of problems, problematic aspect or concern)
problematisch {adj} :: problematic, problematical
problematischsten {adj} :: superlative of problematisch
Problemchen {n} :: diminutive of Problem
problemlos {adj} :: trouble-free, hasslefree
Problemlösen {n} :: problem solving
Problemlöser {noun} :: problem solver
Problemlösung {f} :: troubleshooting (problem solving)
Procedere {n} :: alternative form of Prozedere
prodromal {adj} :: prodromal
producieren {v} :: obsolete spelling of produzieren
Produkt {n} [manufacturing] :: product
Produkt {n} [mathematics] :: product
Produktion {f} :: production
Produktionsanlage {f} :: manufacturing plant
Produktionskapazität {f} :: production / manufacturing capacity
Produktionsland {n} :: country of production
Produktionsmittel {n} [economics, Marxism] :: means of production
Produktionsort {m} :: production site
Produktionsverfahren {n} :: manufacturing / production process
produktiv {adj} :: productive
Produktivität {f} :: productivity
Produktregistrierung {f} :: product registration
Produktvergleich {m} :: product comparison
Produzent {m} [also biology] :: producer
Produzentin {f} :: feminine noun of Produzent
produzieren {v} :: to produce
produzierend {adj} :: producing
produzierend {adj} :: productive
produzierend {adj} :: secreting
produziert {adj} [especially, in combination] :: produced
proeuropäisch {adj} :: pro-European
profan {adj} :: profane
Profession {f} :: profession
Professionalismus {m} :: professionalism
professionell {adj} :: professional
Professionelle {mf} :: professional, pro
Professionelle {mf} [euphemistic] :: prostitute
Professioneller {noun} :: Inflected form of Professionelle
Professor {m} :: professor
Professorin {f} :: female professor
Professorin {f} [dated] :: professor’s wife
Profi {m} :: professional
Profil {n} :: profile
Profit {m} :: profit
profitabel {adj} :: profitable
Profiteur {m} :: profiteer
profitieren {v} :: To benefit
profitieren {v} :: To profit
profitiert {v} :: past participle of profitieren
profund {adj} :: profound
prognath {adj} :: prognathous
Prognose {f} :: prognosis
prognostizierbar {adj} :: predictable
prognostizieren {v} :: to predict
prognostizieren {v} [medicine] :: to prognose
Programm {n} :: program
Programm {n} :: (TV, radio) channel, network, station
programmatisch {adj} :: According to a predefined programme
programmatisch {adj} :: goal-setting
programmatisch {adj} [computing] :: programmatic
programmatisch {adv} [software] :: programmatically
programmierbar {adj} :: programmable
programmieren {v} :: to program (enter a program or other instructions into a computer)
Programmieren {n} [software] :: programming
Programmierer {m} :: programmer, one who designs software
Programmiererin {f} :: female programmer, one who designs software
Programmiergerüst {n} [software] :: software framework
Programmierprinzip {n} [software] :: programming principle
Programmierschnittstelle {f} :: application programming interface
Programmiersprache {f} :: programming language
Programmierung {f} :: programming (a computer)
progressiv {adj} :: progressive (favoring or promoting progress; advanced)
progressiv {adj} [medicine] :: progressive (gradually advancing in extent; increasing; advancing in severity)
progressiv {adj} [politics] :: progressive (promoting or favoring progress towards improved conditions; liberal)
progressiv {adj} [finance] :: progressive (increasing in rate as the taxable amount increases)
Prohibition {f} :: prohibition of alcohol / drugs
Prohibition {f} [history] :: Prohibition
proinflammatorisch {adj} :: proinflammatory
proiranisch {adj} :: pro-Iranian
Projekt {n} :: project
Projektil {n} :: projectile
Projektion {f} :: projection
Projektor {m} :: projector
projicieren {v} :: obsolete spelling of projizieren
projizieren {v} :: to project (cast (image/shadow))
Prokonsulat {n} :: proconsulate
pro Kopf {adj} :: per capita
pro Kopf {adv} :: per capita
prokrastinieren {v} :: To put off; to delay taking action; to wait until later, to procrastinate
Proleb {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Proletariat {n} :: proletariat
Proletarier {m} :: proletarian, worker
Proletarier aller Länder, vereinigt euch {phrase} :: Workers of all nations, unite!
proletarisch {adj} :: proletarian
prollig {adj} :: chavish
Promenade {f} :: promenade
Promenadenmischung {f} :: mixed-breed dog, mutt, mongrel, tyke, cur, bitzer, or random-bred dog
prometheisch {adj} :: Promethean
Prometheus {prop} {m} [mythology] :: Prometheus
Promethium {n} :: promethium
Promi {m} :: celeb
Promille {n} :: permille
Promille {n} [blood alcohol content] :: permille
prominent {adj} :: prominent
Prominenter {noun} :: celebrity
promisk {adj} :: promiscuous
promiskuitiv {adj} :: promiscuous
promotieren {v} [chemistry] :: To promote (a catalyst)
promotiert {v} :: past participle of promotieren
Promotion {f} :: granting of a doctorate, Ph.D.
Promotor {m} :: promoter
Promotor {m} [chemistry] :: promotor
promovieren {v} [education] :: to promote
promovieren {v} [university] :: to do a PhD
promoviert {adj} :: holding a PhD
promyelozytär {adj} :: promyelocytic
Pronom {n} [grammar, rare] :: pronoun
Pronomen {n} [grammar] :: pronoun (sensu lato); pronoun (sensu stricto), or pronominal adjective or determiner
prononciert {adj} :: pronounced
pronunzieren {v} [rare, formal] :: to pronounce
Propädeutik {f} :: propaedeutic
propädeutisch {adj} :: propaedeutic (providing preparatory or introductory teaching)
Propaganda {f} :: propaganda
propagandistisch {adj} :: propagandist, propagandistic
propagieren {v} :: to propagate
Propan {n} :: propane
Propanol {n} [organic compound] :: propanol
Propeller {m} :: propeller
proper {adj} [somewhat, colloquial] :: in good condition: clean; neat; well-kept; developed
proper {adj} [colloquial, euphemism] :: overweight; chubby
Prophet {m} :: prophet (male or of unspecified sex)
Prophetenzitat {n} :: a quotation from a prophet
prophezeien {v} :: to prophesy
Prophezeiung {f} :: prophecy
prophylaktisch {adj} :: prophylactic, preventive
Prophylaxe {f} :: prophylaxis
Propionat {n} [organic chemistry] :: propionate
Proportion {f} :: proportion
proportional {adj} :: proportional
Proposition {f} :: proposition
propositional {adj} :: propositional
Proppen {m} [colloquial, regional] :: alternative form of Pfropfen
proppenvoll {adj} :: overcrowded, congested, jammed
proppenvoll {adj} :: full up
proppevoll {adj} :: synonym of proppenvoll
proprietär {adj} [legal] :: proprietary, copyrighted
proprietär {adj} [software] :: proprietary
proprietäre Software {f} [software] :: proprietary software
propriozeptiv {adj} :: proprioceptive
Propylen {n} [organic compound] :: propylene
Propylenoxid {n} [organic compound] :: propylene oxide
prorussisch {adj} :: pro-Russian
Prosa {f} :: prose
prosaisch {adj} :: prosaic
prosit {interj} :: A toast used when drinking in company; cheers
Prosodie {f} :: prosody
Prosodie {f} [linguistics] :: prosody (study of rhythm and other attributes in speech)
prosodisch {adj} :: prosodic
Prosopagnosie {f} :: prosopagnosia
prosopografisch {adj} :: prosopographic
Prospekt {m} {n} :: brochure
Prospektion {f} :: prospecting
Prospektion {f} :: survey
prospektiv {adj} :: prospective
prost {interj} :: cheers (the usual toast when drinking alcohol)
Prostata {f} [anatomy] :: prostate
Prostatakrebs {m} [pathology] :: prostate cancer
Prostatakrebshäufigkeit {f} :: incidence of prostate cancer
Prostatamassage {f} :: prostate massage, digital stimulation of the prostate
prosten {v} :: to raise one's glass, to toast
prosthetisch {adj} :: prosthetic
prostituieren {vtr} :: to prostitute
Prostituierte {f} :: (female) prostitute
Prostitutierte {f} :: prostitute
Prostitution {f} :: prostitution
Prostylos {m} :: prostyle (building)
Protactinium {n} :: protactinium
Protagonist {m} :: protagonist (main character in a literary work or drama)
Protagonistin {f} :: protagonist (female)
Protegé {m} [chiefly learned] :: protégé
protegieren {v} :: to sponsor
Proteid {n} :: proteid
Protein {n} :: protein
proteinogen {adj} [biochemistry] :: proteinogenic
Proteinurie {f} [pathology] :: proteinuria
proteisch {adj} :: protean, Protean
protektionistisch {adj} :: protectionist
protektiv {adj} :: protective
Protektorat {n} :: protectorate
Proteobakterie {f} :: proteobacterium
Proterozoikum {prop} :: the Proterozoic
Protest {m} :: protest
Protestant {m} :: Protestant (person)
Protestant {m} :: protester
protestantisch {adj} :: protestant
Protestantismus {m} :: Protestantism
Protestbewegung {f} :: a protest movement
protestieren {v} :: to protest (to make a strong objection)
Protestzug {m} :: protest march
Prothese {f} [medicine] :: prosthesis (artificial replacement for a body part)
Prothese {f} [linguistics] :: prosthesis, prothesis (addition of a letter in the beginning of a word)
Protist {m} :: protist
Protium {n} :: protium
proto-indogermanisch {adj} :: Proto-Indo-Germanic
Protokoll {n} :: protocol
Protokoll {n} :: minutes (of a meeting)
protokollieren {v} :: to record, protocol, take minutes of
protokolliert {v} :: past participle of protokollieren
Protolyse {f} [chemistry] :: protolysis
Proton {n} :: proton
Protoneneinfang {m} [physics] :: proton capture
Protonengradient {m} :: proton gradient
Protonenzahl {f} [physics] :: proton number, atomic number
Protonierung {f} [chemistry] :: protonation
Protostern {m} :: protostar
prototürkisch {adj} :: Proto-Turkic
Prototyp {m} :: prototype
Prototyp {m} [programming] :: The prototype pattern
Prototypenentwicklung {f} :: synonym of Prototyping
Prototyping {n} :: prototyping
prototypisch {adj} :: prototypic
Protozoon {n} :: protozoan
Prottes {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Protuberanz {f} :: protuberance
Protz {m} :: splendor, magnificence
protzen {v} :: to flaunt, to show off
protzig {adj} :: pompous, pretentious
Proustit {m} [mineral] :: proustite
prov. {adj} :: abbreviation of provenzalisch
Prov. {abbr} [apartment listing] :: Abbreviation of Provision
Proveis {prop} :: A municipality in South Tyrol
Provenienz {f} :: provenance
provenzalisch {adj} :: Provençal
Proviant {m} :: provisions
Provinz {f} :: province (administrative subdivision)
Provinz {f} :: hinterland; backwater (remote area unaffected by new fashions and ideas)
Provision {f} :: commission [remuneration]
provisorisch {adj} :: provisional
Provisorium {n} :: provisional solution
provokant {adj} :: provocative, provoking
Provokateur {m} :: provocateur, agitator
Provokateurin {f} :: female provocateur, agitator
Provokation {f} :: provocation
provokativ {adj} :: provocative
Provost {m} :: provost
provozieren {v} :: to provoke
prowestlich {adj} :: pro-western
Proxyserver {m} [software] :: The proxy
Prozedere {n} :: procedure
Prozedur {f} :: usually cumbersome and disagreeable procedure or way of doing things
Prozent {n} :: percent
-prozentig {suffix} :: -percent
Prozentpunkt {m} :: percentage point
Prozentsatz {m} :: percentage
prozentual {adj} :: percent
Prozess {m} :: process
Prozess {m} :: lawsuit
Prozeß {noun} :: alternative spelling of Prozess
Prozessablauf {m} :: process operation
prozessieren {v} :: to litigate (to go to law)
Prozession {f} :: procession
Prozessor {m} [computing] :: processor, CPU
prüde {adj} :: prudish
Prüderie {f} :: prudery, prudishness
Prüfbericht {m} :: test report, inspection report, audit report
prüfen {v} :: to examine
prüfend {adj} :: searching
prüfend {adj} :: shrewd
Prüfgegenstand {m} :: test object, test item
Prüfling {m} :: examinee
Prüfling {m} :: specimen
Prüfstein {m} :: touchstone
Prüfung {f} :: a test or examination
Prügel {p} :: swats, a beating, notably as corporal punishment
Prügelei {f} :: fight; ruckus; brawl
Prügelknabe {m} :: whipping boy
prügeln {v} :: to beat (up), to strike
Prügelstrafe {f} :: A corporal punishment
Prüll {m} [colloquial, regional, western Germany] :: worthless stuff; junk
Prunk {m} :: magnificence, luxury, splendor
Prunksaal {m} [of a castle or palace] :: splendor hall
prunksüchtig {adj} :: addicted to luxury
prunkvoll {adj} :: magnificent, sumptuous
Prusikknoten {m} :: prusik, friction hitch
Prusse {m} :: alternative spelling of Pruße
Prußen {prop} {n} :: Prussia (former Baltic country)
prußisch {adj} :: Prussian, Old Prussian
prusten {v} :: to snort (especially with laughter)
prusten {v} :: to splutter
Prütt {m} [regional, western Germany, chiefly Westphalia] :: waste; grounds; residue
Prutz {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Przewalski-Pferd {n} :: Przewalski's horse (Equus ferus przewalskii)
PS {abbr} :: abbreviation of Pferdestärke (horsepower)
PS {abbr} :: abbreviation of Postskriptum (post scriptum)
Psalm {m} :: psalm
Psephologie {f} :: psephology
Pseudoephedrin {n} :: pseudoephedrine
pseudonym {adj} :: pseudonymous
Pseudonym {n} :: pseudonym
pseudo-riemannsche Mannigfaltigkeit {f} :: pseudo-Riemannian manifold
Pseudoskorpion {m} :: pseudoscorpion
Pseudowissenschaft {f} :: pseudoscience (any body of knowledge purported to be scientific or supported by science but which fails to comply with the scientific method)
pseudowissenschaftlich {adj} :: pseudoscientific
Psi {n} :: psi (Greek letter)
Psilocybin {n} :: psilocybin
Psoriasis {f} :: psoriasis
Psyche {f} :: Psyche
psychedelisch {adj} :: psychedelic
Psychiater {m} :: psychiatrist (male or of unspecified sex)
Psychiaterin {f} :: psychiatrist (female)
Psychiatrie {f} :: psychiatry
psychiatrisch {adj} :: psychiatric
psychiatrische Anstalt {f} :: psychiatric hospital
psychisch {adj} :: psychical
psychoaktiv {adj} :: psychoactive
Psychoanalyse {f} :: psychoanalysis (family of psychological theories)
Psychoanalytiker {m} :: psychoanalyst
psychoanalytisch {adj} :: psychoanalytical
psychogen {adj} :: psychogenic
Psychologe {m} :: psychologist (male or of unspecified sex)
Psychologie {f} :: psychology
Psychologin {f} :: psychologist (female)
psychologisch {adj} :: psychological
psychometrisch {adj} :: psychometric
Psychopath {m} :: psychopath
Psychopathie {f} :: psychopathy
Psychopathin {f} :: feminine noun of Psychopath
psychopathisch {adj} :: psychopathic
psychopatisch {adj} :: psychopathic
Psychopharmakologie {f} :: psychopharmacology
Psychopharmakon {n} :: psychoactive drug (psychiatric medication)
Psychophysik {f} :: psychophysics
Psychose {f} [psychiatry] :: psychosis
psychosomatisch {adj} :: psychosomatic
psychosozial {adj} :: psychosocial
Psychospielchen {n} [mildly colloquial] :: head game
psychotaktisch {adj} :: psychotactical
Psychotherapeut {m} :: psychotherapist (male or of unspecified sex)
Psychotherapeutin {f} :: psychotherapist (female)
Psychotherapie {f} :: psychotherapy
Psychothriller {m} :: psychothriller
Psychotiker {m} :: psychotic
Psychotikerin {f} :: (female) psychotic
psychotisch {adj} :: psychotic
psychrophil {adj} :: psychrophilic
ptolemäisch {adj} :: Ptolemaic
Ptolemäus {m} :: Ptolemy
Ptosis {f} :: ptosis
pubertär {adj} :: pubescent, pubertal
Pubertät {f} :: puberty (age at which a person becomes capable of sexual reproduction)
pubertieren {v} :: to go through puberty
pubertierend {adj} :: pubescent
pubertiert {v} :: past participle of pubertieren
pubisch {adj} :: pubic
Public Viewing {n} :: A public showing of a sports match or other event on a large television screen
Publikation {f} :: publication
Publikum {n} :: audience, crowd, readership, group of people seeing/hearing a performance or work
Publikum {n} :: public
publizieren {v} :: to publish
publiziert {v} :: past participle of publizieren
Publizistik {f} :: media studies
publizistisch {adj} :: journalistic
Puchenau {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Puchenstuben {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Puck {m} [ice hockey] :: puck
Pucking {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
puddeln {v} :: To puddle
Puddelverfahren {n} :: puddling
Pudding {m} :: thick custard; milk pudding, crème or mousse
Pudel {m} :: poodle
pudelnackt {adj} :: stark naked
pudelnass {adj} :: drenched, soaked through
Puder {m} {n} :: powder (for cosmetic purposes)
pudern {v} :: to powder
Puderzucker {m} :: powdered sugar
pueril {adj} :: puerile
Puff {m} {n} :: (colloquial) brothel, bordello
puffen {v} :: to puff
puffen {v} :: to nudge
Puffer {m} [computing] :: buffer
Puffersystem {n} [chemistry] :: buffer system
Puffmais {m} :: popcorn
Puffmutter {f} :: woman who owns or looks after a brothel; a madam
Puffotter {f} :: puffadder
Puffreis {m} :: puffed rice
puh {interj} :: phew!
Pühret {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
pulen {v} :: to pick, pick out
Pulk {n} :: an unorganized group of people, typically between ±7 and 100; a mob, but not necessarily aggressive
Pulk {n} [sports] :: main group of competitors in a race, e.g. of cycling or long-distance running; peloton
Pulkau {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Pulkau {prop} {f} :: A river in Lower Austria, Austria
Pulle {f} [colloquial] :: bottle
Pullermann {m} [regional] :: the male genital; penis, willy
pullern {v} [regional] :: to pee
Pulli {m} [colloquial] :: alternative form of Pullover
Pullover {m} :: sweater; pullover; jumper [UK]
Pullunder {m} :: sweater vest; sleeveless sweater
pulmologisch {adj} :: pulmonological
Puls {m} :: pulse
Pulsader {f} :: artery
Pulsar {m} [astronomy] :: pulsar
pulsieren {v} :: to pulsate
Pulsverlangsamung {f} [pathology] :: bradycardia
Pult {n} :: lectern; pulpit (desk or stand for a speaker, typically raised and with a tilted top)
Pult {n} :: teacher's or student's desk in a classroom or lecture theatre, sometimes raised
Pult {n} :: music stand, conductor's stand
Pult {n} :: control panel
Pulver {n} :: powder (in most of its senses)
Pulver {n} [colloquial] :: money
Pulverfass {n} :: powder keg
Pulverfass {n} [figurative] :: powder keg
Pulverform {f} :: powder form
pulverförmig {adj} :: powdery
pulverig {adj} :: powdery
Pulverkaffee {m} :: instant coffee
Pulvermetallurgie {f} :: powder metallurgy
Pulvermühle {f} :: powder mill, mill that manufactures black powder
Pulverschnee {m} :: powder snow
Pulverturm {m} :: powder tower, gunpowder magazine
pulvrig {adj} :: powdery
Puma {m} :: cougar (mountain lion)
pummelig {adj} :: tubby, chubby, plump
pummlig {adj} :: alternative form of pummelig
Pumpe {f} :: pump
Pumpe {f} [colloquial] :: heart
Pumpellyit {m} [mineral] :: pumpellyite
pumpen {v} :: to pump
pumperlgesund {adj} :: perfectly healthy
pumperlgsund {adj} :: alternative form of pumperlgesund
Pumpernickel {m} :: A type of sourdough rye bread, strongly flavored, dense, and dark in color
Pumps {m} :: pump (rather high-heeled women’s shoe which leaves the instep uncovered)
punisch {adj} :: Punic, Carthaginian
Punischer Krieg {m} :: Punic War
punitiv {adj} :: punitive
Punk {m} :: punk (social movement)
Punk {m} :: punk (member of the punk movement)
Punk {m} :: punk; punk rock (music genre)
Punker {m} :: punk (member of the punk movement)
Punker {m} :: punk rocker (musician)
Punkt {m} :: dot
Punkt {m} :: point
Punkt {m} :: spot
Punkt {m} :: item (on a list)
punkten {v} :: to score
punktförmig {adj} :: punctate, punctiform
pünktlich {adj} :: punctual, on time
pünktlicher {adj} :: comparative of pünktlich
Pünktlichkeit {f} :: punctuality
pünktlichsten {adj} :: superlative of pünktlich
Punktschweißen {n} :: spot welding
punktuell {adj} :: pointwise
punktuell {adj} :: selective
punktuell {adj} :: (linguistics) semelfactive
Punsch {m} :: [beverage] punch
Pupille {f} [anatomy] :: pupil
Püppchen {n} :: diminutive of Puppe
Püppchen {n} [colloquial] :: An attractive, slight-built women
Puppe {f} [toy] :: doll
Puppe {f} [zoology] :: pupa
Puppe {f} [slang] :: girl
Puppe {f} :: dummy
Puppenkernkeule {f} :: scarlet caterpillarclub, caterpillar fungus, caterpillar killer, (Cordyceps militaris)
Puppenspieler {m} :: puppeteer
Puppenspielerin {f} :: female puppeteer
Puppenstube {f} :: dollhouse
Pupping {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
pupsen {v} :: to fart (to emit flatulent gases)
pur {adj} :: pure (free of flaws or imperfections)
Püree {n} :: puree
purgieren {v} [dated] :: to purify, to cleanse
purgieren {v} [medicine] :: to purge (the bowels)
purgieren {vr} [dated, legal] :: to refute, under oath, a claim; to clear oneself of an accusation via oath
purgiert {v} :: past participle of purgieren
pürieren {v} :: to puree
Pürierstab {m} :: immersion blender
puristisch {adj} :: puristic
puritanisch {adj} :: puritan, puritanical
Puritanismus {m} :: puritanism
Purkersdorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Purpur {m} {n} :: the colour purple
Purpur {m} {n} [heraldry] :: purpure; purple in heraldry
purpurfarben {adj} :: crimson
purpurn {adj} :: purple
purpurrot {adj} :: crimson
Purpurschnecke {f} :: A marine gastropod mollusk, banded dye-murex, Hexaplex trunculus, Murex trunculus
Purzelbaum {m} [colloquial] :: somersault
Puschen {m} [regional, northern Germany] :: house or bedroom slipper
pusselig {adj} :: fussy, careful in detail
Pußta {f} :: obsolete spelling of Puszta
Pusteblume {f} :: dandelion
Pustekuchen {interj} :: it's not going to happen!, on the contrary!, forget about this!
Pustel {f} :: pimple
Pustel {f} :: papule
Pustel {f} :: spot
pusten {v} :: to blow (usually with one’s mouth)
Pusterwald {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Puszta {f} :: pusta
putativ {adj} :: putative
Pute {f} :: female turkey (bird)
Pute {f} :: turkey (meat)
Puter {m} :: a male turkey
Putsch {m} :: coup d'état, armed uprising, putsch
putschen {v} :: to organize a coup d'état
Putschist {m} :: coupist (one taking part in a putsch / coup d'état)
Putt {m} [golf] :: putt
Pütt {m} [regional, western Germany, particularly Ruhrgebiet] :: mine shaft, pit
Pütt {m} [regional, by extension] :: mine
Putz {m} :: anything adding to outer comeliness, especially:
Putz {m} :: groomed appearance of a human body
Putz {m} :: plaster, render applied to buildings (mixture for coating walls and ceilings)
Putze {f} [colloquial] :: charwoman, housekeeper
putzen {vti} :: to clean, especially by rubbing with something wet
putzen {vr} [of an animal] :: to groom oneself
putzen {vr} [dated, of a person] :: to beautify oneself by washing, styling, and putting on fancy clothes
Putzfrau {f} :: charwoman
putzig {adj} :: cute, sweet
putzig {adj} :: funny, comical
Putzlappen {m} :: cloth, floorcloth
Putzleinsdorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Putzmann {m} :: male cleaner
Putzmittel {n} :: cleaning agent
Putztuch {n} :: cloth, polishing cloth, cleaning cloth, rag, cleaning rag
Puwo {m} :: an experimental hybrid of poodle and wolf
Puzzle {n} [game] :: jigsaw puzzle
PV {abbr} [apartment listing] :: Abbreviation of Provision
P-vollständig {adj} [computing theory] :: P-complete
Pyhra {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Pyjama {m} :: pyjamas; pajamas (clothes for wearing to bed and sleeping in)
Pylon {m} :: pylon (traffic cone)
Pylon {m} :: pylon (A gateway to the inner part of an Ancient Egyptian temple)
Pylon {m} :: The tower-like structure in suspension bridges
Pyramide {f} :: pyramid
pyramidenförmig {adj} :: pyramidal
Pyramidologe {m} :: pyramidologist
Pyramidologie {f} :: pyramidology
Pyrargyrit {m} [mineral] :: pyrargyrite
Pyrazin {n} [organic compound] :: pyrazine
Pyrenäen {prop} :: Pyrenees
Pyridin {n} [organic compound] :: pyridine
Pyrit {n} [mineral] :: pyrite
Pyrochlor {m} [mineral] :: pyrochlore
Pyrogallol {n} [organic compound] :: pyrogallol
pyrogen {adj} :: pyrogenic
pyrogen {adj} :: pyretic
pyroklastisch {adj} :: pyroclastic
Pyrolusit {m} [mineral] :: pyrolusite
Pyrolyse {f} :: pyrolysis
Pyrolysetemperatur {f} :: pyrolysis temperature
Pyromane {m} :: pyromaniac
Pyromanie {f} :: pyromania
pyromanisch {adj} :: pyromaniacal
Pyrop {m} [mineral] :: pyrope
pyrophor {adj} [chemistry] :: pyrophoric
Pyrophosphat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: pyrophosphate
Pyrophosphatase {f} [enzyme] :: pyrophosphatase
Pyroskop {n} :: pyroscope
Pyrosulfit {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: pyrosulfite, metabisulfite
Pyrotechnik {f} :: pyrotechnics
pyrotechnisch {adj} :: pyrotechnic
Pyroxen {m} [mineral] :: pyroxene
pyrrhisch {adj} :: pyrrhic
Pyrrhotin {m} [mineral] :: pyrrhotine, pyrrhotite
Pyrrhussieg {m} :: Pyrrhic victory
Pyruvat {n} [organic chemistry] :: pyruvate
Python {m} :: python (snake)
Python {n} :: Python
pythonesk {adj} :: Pythonesque
Pz {m} [military] :: initialism of Panzer (tank)
PzB {f} [military, firearms] :: initialism of Panzerbüchse
PZE {noun} [management] :: initialism of Personalzeiterfassung (time and attendance)