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A major {n} (major key)  :: A-majeur, A-groot
A major {n} (major chord)  :: A-majeur, A-groot
A minor {n} (minor key)  :: a-mineur, a-klein
A minor {n} (minor chord)  :: a-mineur, a-klein
ABC {n} (alphabet) SEE: alphabet  ::
ABC {n} (rudiments)  :: ABC {n}
ABC book {n} (primer) SEE: primer  ::
ABS brake {n} (antolock brake)  :: ABS {n}, antiblokkeerremsysteem {n}
AC {initialism} (alternating current)  :: wisselstroom
AC {initialism} (alternating potential)  :: wisselspanning
AD {adv} (anno Domini)  :: n. Chr (na Christus)
AIDS {n} (acquired immune deficiency syndrome)  :: aids {m}
AKA {prep} (also known as)  :: oftewel, alias
ATV {initialism} (all-terrain vehicle)  :: quad {m}
Aachen {prop} (city in North Rhine-Westphalia)  :: Aken
Aaron {prop} (biblical brother of Moses)  :: Aäron
Aaron {prop} (male given name)  :: Aäron
Aaronic {adj} (pertaining to Aaron)  :: aäronitisch
Aaron's rod {n}  :: koningskaars {f}
Abaddon {prop} (the destroyer)  :: Apollyon
Abaddon {prop} (Hell)  :: de (diepten der) hel {m}
Abbas {prop} (A male given name)  :: Abbas
Abdon {prop} (biblical judge of Israel)  :: Abdon
Abdul {prop} (male given name)  :: Abdoel, Abdel
Abdullah {prop} (Muslim given name)  :: Abdoella
Abel {prop} (biblical character)  :: Abel {m}
Abel {prop} (male given name)  :: Abel {m}
Aberdeen {n} (fishhook)  :: aberdeen {m}, forelhaak {n}
Aberdeen Angus {prop} (breed of beef cattle)  :: Aberdeen Angus {m},
Aberdeen terrier {n} (breed of dog) SEE: Scottish terrier  ::
Abidjan {prop} (the largest city of Côte d'Ivoire)  :: Abidjan
Abigail {prop} (biblical wife of David)  :: Abigaïl
Abigail {prop} (female given name)  :: Abigail, Abigaïl
Abkhaz {adj} (of or pertaining to Abkhazia)  :: abchazisch {n}
Abkhaz {n} (person from Abkhazia)  :: Abchaze {m}
Abkhaz {prop} (a Northwest Caucasian language spoken in Abkhazia)  :: Abchazisch {n}
Abkhazia {prop} (territory in the Caucasus, see also: Republic of Abkhazia)  :: Abchazië
Abkhazian {adj} (Of or pertaining to Abkhazia) SEE: Abkhaz  ::
Abkhazian {n} (Abkhaz) SEE: Abkhaz  ::
Abkhazian {prop} (Abkhazian language) SEE: Abkhaz  ::
Abner {prop} (biblical cousin of Saul)  :: Abner
A-bomb {n} (atomic bomb)  :: atoombom {f}
Aboriginal {n} (aboriginal) SEE: aboriginal  ::
Aboriginal {n} (original inhabitant of Australia)  :: Aboriginal {m}
Aboriginal {n} (original inhabitant of any land)  :: inboorling {m}, inboorlinge {f}
Abraham {prop} (prophet in the Old Testament)  :: Abraham
Abraham {prop} (male given name)  :: Abraham
Abram {prop} (Old Testament patriarch)  :: Abram
Abruka {prop} (Estonian island located in the Gulf of Riga)  :: Abruka
Absalom {prop} (male given name)  :: Absalom
Abstract Expressionism {n} (genre of modern art)  :: abstract expressionisme {n}
Abu Dhabi {prop} (capital of UAE)  :: Abu Dhabi
Academy Award {n} (award)  :: Oscar {m}
Accra {prop} (capital of Ghana)  :: Accra
Aceh {prop} (language) SEE: Acehnese  ::
Acehnese {prop} (language)  :: Atjehs {n}
Achilles {prop} (Greek mythical hero)  :: Achilles
Achilles heel {n} (vulnerability in an otherwise strong situation)  :: achilleshiel
Achilles tendon {n} (strong tendon in the calf of the leg)  :: achillespees {f}
Acre {prop} (city)  :: Akko {n}
Acropolis {prop} (Athenian Acropolis)  :: Akropolis
Acts {prop} (Book of Acts) SEE: Acts of the Apostles  ::
Acts of the Apostles {prop} (fifth book of the New Testament)  :: Handelingen, Handelingen van de apostelen
Adam {prop} (first man in Abrahamic religions)  :: Adam
Adam {prop} (male given name)  :: Adam
Adam and Eve {prop} (the first man and woman (according to Genesis))  :: Adam en Eva
Adam's apple {n} (lump in the throat)  :: adamsappel {m}
Adelaide {prop} (female given name)  :: Adelheid {f}
Adelie penguin {n} (Pygoscelis adeliae)  :: adéliepinguïn {m}
Aden {prop} (seaport of Yemen)  :: Aden
Admiralty Islands {prop} (group of islands)  :: Admiraliteitseilanden
Adolf {prop} (male given name) SEE: Adolph  ::
Adolph {prop} (male given name)  :: Adolf
Adrian {prop} (male given name)  :: Adriaan
Adriatic {prop} (Adriatic Sea) SEE: Adriatic Sea  ::
Adriatic Sea {prop} (sea that stretches from the Ionian Sea to the Gulf of Venice)  :: Adriatische Zee
Advent calendar {n} (calendar used to count down the days of Advent)  :: adventskalender {m}
Aegean {prop} (Aegean Sea) SEE: Aegean Sea  ::
Aegean Sea {prop} (sea of the northeastern part of the Mediterranean Sea)  :: Egeïsche Zee
Aegidius {prop} (male given name)  :: Aegidius
Aeneid {prop} (Classic epic poem that tells the story of Aeneas fleeing Troy and settling in Italy.)  :: Aeneis {f}
Aeronian {prop}  :: Aeronien
Aeschylus {prop} (Greek tragedian)  :: Aischylos
Afar {prop} (language)  :: Afar {n}, Danakil {n}
Afghan {n} (person from Afghanistan)  :: Afghaan {m}, Afghaanse {f}
Afghan {prop} (Pashto language)  :: Afghaans
Afghan {adj} (pertaining to Afghanistan)  :: Afghaans
Afghan Hound {n} (Afghan Hound)  :: Afghaanse windhond {m}
Afghan hound {n} (Afghan Hound) SEE: Afghan Hound  ::
Afghani {n} (citizen or native of Afghanistan) SEE: Afghan  ::
Afghani {adj} (relating to Afghanistan) SEE: Afghan  ::
Afghanistan {prop} (country)  :: Afghanistan {n}
A-flat {n} (tone four fifths below C)  :: As
A-flat major {n} (A-flat major)  :: As majeur
Africa {prop} (continent south of Europe)  :: Afrika
African {adj} (Of or pertaining to Africa)  :: Afrikaans
African {n} (a native of Africa)  :: Afrikaan {m}, Afrikaanse {f}
African American {adj} (African-American) SEE: African-American  ::
African American {n} (African-American) SEE: African-American  ::
African Union {prop} (multinational organisation)  :: Afrikaanse Unie {f}
African-American {adj} (American and black)  :: Afro-Amerikaans
African-American {n} (A black American)  :: Afro-Amerikaan {m}
Afrikaans {prop} (language)  :: Afrikaans {n}
Afrikaans {adj} (of or pertaining to the Afrikaans language)  :: Afrikaans
Afrikaans {prop} (Afrikaner) SEE: Afrikaner  ::
Afrikaner {n} (member of ethnic group)  :: Afrikaner {m}, Zuid-Afrikaan {m}
Afro-American {n} (African-American) SEE: African-American  ::
Afro-American {adj} (African-American) SEE: African-American  ::
Afro-Asiatic {adj} (of or pertaining to a language family)  :: Afro-Aziatisch
Agatha {prop} (female given name)  :: Agatha, Aagje
Aglaia {prop} (female given name)  :: Aglaïa {f}
Agnes {prop} (female given name)  :: Agnes
Ahab {prop} (biblical king of Israel)  :: Achab
Ahaz {prop} (biblical king of Judah)  :: Achaz
Ainu {prop} (language)  :: Ainu
Ajax {prop} (either of two heroes of the Trojan War)  :: Ajax {m}
Akan {prop} (Niger-Congo language)  :: Akan {n}
Akan {prop} (language group spoken in Ghana)  :: Akan
Akkadian {prop} (Semitic language)  :: Akkadisch {n}
Al Jazeera {prop} (Arabic satellite TV news channel)  :: Al Jazeera
Al-Andalus {prop} (Islamic Spain)  :: Al-Andalus
Alan {prop} (male given name)  :: Alan, Alanus, Alain
Aland {prop} (archipelago)  :: Åland
Alaska {prop} (US state)  :: Alaska
Alban {prop} (male given name)  :: Alban
Albania {prop} (country in south-eastern Europe)  :: Albanië
Albanian {adj} (of or pertaining to Albania)  :: Albanees, Albanese
Albanian {n} (person from Albania)  :: Albanees {m}, Albanese {f}
Albanian {prop} (language)  :: Albanees
Albany {prop} (capital of New York)  :: Albany
Albert {prop} (male given name)  :: Albert
Alberta {prop} (province)  :: Alberta
Albin {prop} (male given name)  :: Albin
Alcoholics Anonymous {prop} (proper noun)  :: Alcoholics Anonymous
Aldebaran {prop} (star)  :: Aldebaran
Alejandro {prop} (cognates of Alejandro) SEE: Alexander  ::
Aletta {prop} (female given name)  :: Aletta
Alex {prop} (male given name) SEE: Alexius  ::
Alexander {prop} (male given name)  :: Alexander {m}
Alexander the Great {prop} (King of Macedonia)  :: Alexander de Grote {m}
Alexandria {prop} (city in Egypt)  :: Alexandrië
Alexandroupoli {prop} (city)  :: Alexandroupolis
Alexius {prop} (male given name)  :: Alexius
Alfonso {prop} (male given name)  :: Alfons
Alfred {prop} (Male given name)  :: Alfred
Algeria {prop} (country)  :: Algerije {n}
Algerian {n} (person from Algeria)  :: Algerijn {m}, Algerijnse {f}
Algerian {adj} (of Algeria or its people)  :: Algerijns
Algherese {prop} (Catalan dialect spoken in Alghero)  :: Algherees {n}
Algic {prop} (language family)  :: Algisch
Algiers {prop} (the capital of Algeria)  :: Algiers
Algonquian {adj} (relating to a group of North American languages)  :: Algonkisch
Ali {prop} (male given name from Arabic)  :: Ali
Alice {prop} (female given name)  :: Alice {f}
All Fools' Day {n} (April Fools' Day) SEE: April Fools' Day  ::
All Hallows' Day {prop} (All Saints' Day) SEE: All Saints' Day  ::
All Saints Day {prop} (All Saints Day) SEE: All Saints' Day  ::
All Saints' Day {prop} (feast day)  :: allerheiligen, Allerheiligen {m}
All Souls' Day {prop} (Christian feast day)  :: allerzielen {n}, Allerzielen {n}
Allah {prop} (God, in Islam)  :: Allah {m}
Allahu akbar {interj} (Muslim takbir (proclamation))  :: God is het grootst, Allahoe akbar
Almere {prop} (city in the Netherlands)  :: Almere
Alpha Centauri {prop} (brightest star in the southern constellation of Centaurus)  :: Alpha Centauri
Alps {prop} (a mountain range in Western Europe)  :: Alpen {m-p}
Alsace {prop} (region on the west bank of the upper Rhine)  :: Elzas
Altaic {adj} (pertaining to the group of languages)  :: Altaïsch
Altair {prop} (star)  :: Altair
Alvíssmál {prop} (tenth book of the Poetic Edda)  :: Alvíssmál
Alwin {prop} (male given name meaning "noble friend")  :: Adelwijn
Alzheimer's disease {n} (mental disorder from brain tissue changes)  :: ziekte van Alzheimer, alzheimer
Amazon {prop} (river)  :: Amazone {f}
Amazonian antshrike {n} (Thamnophilus amazonicus)  :: Amazone-mierklauwier
Amber {prop} (female given name)  :: Amber
America {prop} (United States of America) SEE: United States of America  ::
America {prop} (Americas) SEE: Americas  ::
American {n} (inhabitant of the Americas)  :: Amerikaan
American {n} (person born in or citizen of the USA)  :: Amerikaan {m}, Amerikaanse {f}
American {n} (1-point type)  :: achtste petit
American {adj} (of or pertaining to the Americas)  :: Amerikaans
American {adj} (of or pertaining to the U.S. or its culture)  :: Amerikaans
American Bulldog {n} (American Bulldog)  :: Amerikaanse buldog {m}
American English {prop} (English of the United States)  :: Amerikaans-Engels
American Indian {n} (a member of some indigenous peoples of the Americas) SEE: Indian  ::
American Samoa {prop} (US overseas territory in Oceania)  :: Amerikaans-Samoa
American Samoan {n} (person)  :: Amerikaans-Samoaan {m}, Amerikaans-Samoaanse {f}
American Samoan {adj} (pertaining to American Samoa)  :: Amerikaans-Samoaans
American Sign Language {prop} (language that uses hands, facial expressions, and other bodily behavior to communicate)  :: Amerikaanse gebarentaal
American badger {n} (Taxidea taxus)  :: zilverdas {m}
American bison {n} (mammal)  :: bizon {m}
American black bear {n} (Ursus americanus)  :: Amerikaanse zwarte beer {m}
American black vulture {n} (black vulture) SEE: black vulture  ::
American football {n} (American football)  :: Amerikaanse voetbal {n}, rugby {n}, American football {n}
American kestrel {n} (species)  :: Amerikaanse torenvalk
American sweetgum {n} (deciduous tree)  :: amberboom
Americanism {n} (linguistic feature)  :: amerikanisme {n}
Americanize {v} (to make American)  :: amerikaniseren
Americas {prop} (North and South America)  :: Amerika {n}
Amerindian {n} (an American Indian) SEE: Indian  ::
Amharic {prop} (language)  :: Amhaars {n}, Amharisch {n}
Amos {prop} (figure mentioned in the Old Testament)  :: Amos {m}
Amos {prop} (book of the Old Testament)  :: Amos {m}
Amsterdam {prop} (capital of the Netherlands)  :: Amsterdam {n}
Amsterdamer {n} (An inhabitant or a resident of Amsterdam)  :: Amsterdammer {m}, Amsterdamse {f}
Amur {prop} (the river between the Far East Russia and China)  :: Amoer
Anatolia {prop} (peninsula of Western Asia)  :: Anatolië {n}
Anatolian {adj} (of or pertaining to Anatolia or its people, culture, etc.)  :: Anatolisch
Ancient Greece {prop} (The ancient civilization of the Mediterranean)  :: Griekse oudheid, Oude Griekenland {n}
Ancient Greek {prop} (the Greek language of classical antiquity)  :: Oud-Grieks, Oudgrieks
Ancient Rome {prop} (civilization associated with Rome from the 9th century BC to the 5th century AD)  :: Oude Rome
Andalusia {prop} (autonomous community of Spain)  :: Andalusië {n}, Andaloesië {n}
Andalusian {adj} (from, or pertaining to, Andalusia)  :: Andalusisch, Andaloesisch
Andalusian {n} (someone from Andalusia)  :: Andalusiër {m}, Andaloesiër {m}
Andean condor {n} (Vultur gryphus)  :: andescondor {m}
Andean flamingo {n} (Phoenicopterus andinus)  :: andesflamingo {m}
Andes {prop} (mountain range in South America)  :: de Andes
Andorra {prop} (country)  :: Andorra {n}
Andorran {n} (person from Andorra)  :: Andorrees {m}, Andorrese {f}
Andrew {prop} (the Apostle)  :: Andreas {m}
Andrew {prop} (male given name)  :: Andreas, Andries
Andromeda {prop} (mythical daughter of Cepheus)  :: Andromeda {f}
Andromeda {prop} (constellation)  :: Andromeda
Andromeda {prop} (spiral galaxy)  :: Andromeda {n}
Angkor Wat {prop} (Cambodian temple complex)  :: Angkor Wat
Angle {n} (A member of the ancient Germanic tribe)  :: Angel
Anglian {n} (Angle) SEE: Angle  ::
Anglican {adj} (pertaining to the Church of England and related churches)  :: anglicaans
Anglican {n} (member of an Anglican church)  :: Anglicaan {m}
Anglican Communion {prop} (worldwide network of churches)  :: Anglicaanse Gemeenschap {f}
Anglicanism {n} (beliefs and practices of the Anglican Church)  :: anglicanisme {n}
Anglicist {n} (expert on Anglistics)  :: anglist {m} {f}
Anglo-Saxon {prop} (Old English) SEE: Old English  ::
Anglo-Saxon {n} ((member of the) Germanic peoples who settled in England during the early fifth century)  :: Angelsaksen {p}
Anglo-Saxon {adj} (related to the Anglo-Saxon peoples or language)  :: Angelsaksisch
Anglophone {adj} (English-speaking)  :: Engelssprekende
Anglophone {n} (one who speaks English)  :: Engelssprekende {m} {f}
Angola {prop} (country in Southern Africa)  :: Angola
Angolan {adj} (of, from or pertaining to Angola or its people)  :: Angolees
Angolan {n} (person from Angola or of Angolan descent)  :: Angolees {m}, Angolese {f}
Anguilla {prop} (British overseas territory in the Caribbean)  :: Anguilla
Ankara {prop} (capital of Turkey)  :: Ankara
Ann {prop} (female given name)  :: Anna, Anne,
Anna {prop} (given name) SEE: Ann  ::
Anne {prop} (given name) SEE: Ann  ::
Anno Domini {adv} (in the year of our Lord)  :: na Christus, in het jaar des Heren
Anselm {prop} (male given name)  :: Anselmus
Antarctic {adj} (pertaining to Antarctica)  :: Antarctisch, antarctisch
Antarctic Circle {prop} (geographical line)  :: Zuidpoolcirkel
Antarctic Peninsula {prop} (the northernmost part of the mainland of Antarctica)  :: Antarctisch Schiereiland {n}
Antarctica {prop} (southernmost continent)  :: Antarctica {n}
Antares {prop} (star)  :: Antares
Anthony {prop} (given name)  :: Anton
Antigua and Barbuda {prop} (country)  :: Antigua en Barbuda
Antiguan {n} (person)  :: Antiguaan {m}, Antiguaanse {f}
Antiguan {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Antigua, or the Antiguan people)  :: Antiguaans
Antillean {n}  :: Antilliaans, Antilliaan, [slang] Anti
Antonio {prop} (male given name) SEE: Anthony  ::
Antony {prop} (male given name) SEE: Anthony  ::
Antwerp {prop} (province)  :: Antwerpen {n}
Antwerp {prop} (city)  :: Antwerpen {n}
Antwerpian {n} (someone from Antwerp)  :: Antwerpenaar {m}
Antwerpian {adj} (of Antwerp)  :: Antwerps
Apennines {prop} (mountain range)  :: Apennijnen {p}
Aphrodite {prop} (Greek goddess)  :: Aphrodite {f}
Apocalypse {prop} (the written account of a revelation of hidden things given by God to a chosen prophet)  :: Openbaring {f}
Apocalypse {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Openbaring {f}
Apollo {prop} (the son of Zeus)  :: Apollo
Apollyon {prop} (The destroying angel of the underworld, the undoer or disintegrator)  :: Apollyon
April {prop} (fourth month of the Gregorian calendar)  :: april {m}, grasmaand {m} [archaic]
April Fools' Day {n} (First day of April)  :: één april
April fool {n} (practical joke played on April Fools' Day)  :: aprilgrap
April fool {n} (person subjected to a practical joke April Fools' Day)  :: aprilvis
Aptian {prop} (subdivision of the Early Cretaceous epoch)  :: Aptien
Apuleius {prop} (author in the Roman Empire)  :: Apuleius {m}
Apulia {prop} (region of Italy)  :: Apulië {f}
Aquarian {n} (Aquarius) SEE: Aquarius  ::
Aquarius {prop} (astrological sign)  :: Waterman {m}
Aquitaine {prop} (region of France)  :: Aquitanië {n}
Ara {prop} (constellation)  :: Altaar {n}
Arab {adj} (of or pertaining to Arabs and their nations)  :: Arabisch
Arab {n} (Semitic person)  :: Arabier {m}
Arab Republic of Egypt {prop} (Official name of Egypt)  :: Arabische Republiek Egypte
Arab World {prop} (Arabic speaking world)  :: arabische wereld {f}
Arabia {prop} (a peninsula between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf;)  :: Arabië
Arabian Peninsula {prop} (peninsula in the Middle East)  :: Arabisch Schiereiland
Arabian camel {n} (dromedary) SEE: dromedary  ::
Arabian oryx {n} (Oryx leucoryx)  :: Arabische oryx {m}, witte oryx {m}
Arabian tea {n} (khat) SEE: khat  ::
Arabic {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Arab countries or cultural behaviour)  :: Arabisch
Arabic {prop} (language)  :: Arabisch {n}
Aragon {prop} (an autonomous community in Spain)  :: Aragón
Aragonese {adj} (from Aragon)  :: Aragonees
Aragonese {n} (a person)  :: Aragonees {m}, Aragonese {f}
Aragonese {prop} (the language of Aragon)  :: Aragonees {n}
Aramaean {n} (member of a West Semitic semi-nomadic and pastoralist people)  :: Arameeër {m}
Aramaean {adj} (of or pertaining to Aramaeans or Aram)  :: Aramees
Aranese {prop} (dialect)  :: Aranees
Arcadia {prop} (A district or a prefecture in the central and mid SE Peloponnese)  :: Arcadië
Archangel {prop} (Arkhangelsk) SEE: Arkhangelsk  ::
Arctic Ocean {prop} (the smallest of the five oceans of the Earth, on and around the North Pole)  :: Arctische Oceaan, Noordelijke IJszee
Arctic cod {n} (Arctogadus glacialis)  :: arctische kabeljauw
Ardèche {prop} (French department)  :: Ardèche
Ardèche {prop} (French river)  :: Ardèche
Ares {prop} (the god of war, son of Zeus and Hera)  :: Ares {m}
Argentina {prop} (Argentine Republic)  :: Argentinië {n}
Argentine {prop} (Argentina) SEE: Argentina  ::
Argentine {adj} (Argentinian) SEE: Argentinian  ::
Argentine {n} (Argentinian) SEE: Argentinian  ::
Argentinean {adj} (Argentinian) SEE: Argentinian  ::
Argentinean {n} (Argentinian) SEE: Argentinian  ::
Argentinian {n} (person from Argentina)  :: Argentijn {m}, Argentijnse {f}
Argentinian {adj} (pertaining to Argentina)  :: Argentijns
Argonaut {prop} (member of the Argo crew)  :: Argonaut
Arian {n} (someone whose star sign is in Aries) SEE: Aries  ::
Aries {prop} (constellation)  :: Ram {m}
Aries {prop} (astrological sign)  :: Ram {m}
Ark of the Covenant {prop} (the sacred container, a gold-plated wooden chest)  :: verbondsark {m} {f}, Ark van het Verbond
Arkhangelsk {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Archangelsk
Arlon {prop} (city)  :: Aarlen {n}
Armenia {prop} (ancient kingdom and country in West Asia)  :: Armenië
Armenian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Armenia, Armenians, the language or alphabet)  :: Armeens
Armenian {n} (person)  :: Armeniër {m}, Armeense {f}
Armenian {prop} (language)  :: Armeens {n}
Armenian Highland {prop} (plateau in Transcaucasia)  :: Armeens Hoogland
Arminianism {n} (school of thought)  :: arminianisme {n}
Arnold {prop} (male given name)  :: Arnoud
Aromanian {prop} (language)  :: Aromaans {n}
Arthur {prop} (male given name)  :: Arthur
Artinskian {prop}  :: Artinskien
Artsakh Republic {prop} (Nagorno-Karabakh Republic) SEE: Nagorno-Karabakh Republic  ::
Aruba {prop} (territory in the Caribbean)  :: Aruba
Aruban {n} (person from Aruba)  :: Arubaan {m}, Arubaanse {f}
Aruban {adj} (of or pertaining to Aruba)  :: Arubaans
Arubian {n} (Aruban) SEE: Aruban  ::
Aruküla {prop} (small borough in Estonia)  :: Aruküla
Arvanitic {prop} (form of Albanian spoken in Greece) SEE: Arvanitika  ::
Arvanitika {prop} (form of Albanian)  :: Arvanitisch {n}
Arvanitika Albanian {prop} (form of Albanian spoken in Greece) SEE: Arvanitika  ::
Aryan {n} (in Nazism: a member of an alleged master race comprised of non-Jewish Caucasians)  :: Ariër {m}
Aryan {n} (used primarily by neo-Nazis: a white)  :: Ariër {m}
Aryan {n} (US, euphemistic: a Caucasian racist)  :: Ariër {m}
Aryan {n} (rare: an Indo-Iranian)  :: Ariër {m}, Indo-Iraan
Aryan {n} (rare: a Proto-Indo-European)  :: Ariër {m}, Indo-Iraan, Indo-Germaan, Indo-Europeaan {m}, Proto-Indo-Europeaan {m}
Aryan {n} (obsolete: in 19th century ethnography, a subdivision of the Caucasian race)  :: Ariër {m}
Aryan {adj} (pertaining to the (alleged) Aryan master race)  :: Arisch
Aryan {adj} (used primarily by neo-Nazis: pertaining to the Caucasian race)  :: Arisch
Aryan {adj} (euphemistic: pertaining to Caucasian racists)  :: Arisch
Aryan {adj} (of or pertaining to Indo-European or Aryan peoples, culture, and languages)  :: Arisch, Indo-Iraans, Proto-Indo-Europees, Indo-Europees, Indo-Germaans
Ascension {prop} (holiday celebrating Ascension of Jesus) SEE: Ascension Day  ::
Ascension {prop} (entering heaven alive)  :: hemelvaart {m} {f}
Ascension {prop} (Jesus' rise to heaven)  :: Hemelvaart {m} {f}
Ascension Day {prop} (the fortieth day of Easter)  :: Hemelvaartsdag {m}, Hemelvaart {m} {f}
Asclepius {prop} (Greek god of medicine and healing)  :: Asclepius
Ash Wednesday {n} (a Christian day of penitence)  :: Aswoensdag {m}
Asher {prop} (eighth son of Jacob)  :: Aser {m}
Asher {prop} (one of the Israelite tribes)  :: Aser
Asher {prop} (male given name)  :: Aser {m}
Ashoka {prop} (emperor)  :: Asoka {m}
Asia {prop} (the continent of Asia)  :: Azië {n}
Asia Minor {prop} (peninsula between the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea and the Black Sea;)  :: Klein-Azië {n}
Asian {n} (person from Asia)  :: Aziaat {m}, Azische {f}
Asian {n} (person from or descended from people from the Indian sub-continent)  :: Aziaat {m}, Azische {f}, Indiër {m}, Indische {f}
Asian {n} (person from or descended from people from east Asia)  :: Aziaat {m}, Azische {f}, Oost-Aziaat {m}, Oost-Azische {f}
Asian {adj} (of, relating to or from Asia)  :: Aziatisch
Asian lion {n} (species of lion that inhabited Asia)  :: Perzische leeuw {m}, Aziatische leeuw {m}
Asoka {prop} (Ashoka) SEE: Ashoka  ::
Asperger's syndrome {n} (autism related developmental disorder)  :: syndroom van Asperger
Assam {prop} (state in India)  :: Assam {n}
Assam {prop} (black tea)  :: Assamthee, Assam-thee (sometimes not capitalized)
Assamese {adj} (of, from or relating to Assam)  :: Assamees {n}, Assami {n}
Assamese {prop} (language)  :: Assamees {n}, Assami {n}, Assamitisch {n}
Asselian {prop}  :: Asselien
Assisi {prop} (city)  :: Assisi
Assyria {prop} (Semitic Akkadian kingdom)  :: Assyrië, Assyrische Rijk
Asturia {prop} (Translations)  :: Asturië {n}
Atayal {prop} (language)  :: Atayal
Athabascan {adj}  :: Athabaskisch
Athena {prop} (Greek goddess)  :: Athene {f}
Athenian {n} (an inhabitant, resident, or citizen of Athens, Greece)  :: Athener {m}
Athenian {adj} (of or pertaining to Athens, Greece)  :: Atheens
Athens {prop} (capital city of Greece)  :: Athene
Atlantic {prop} (the Atlantic Ocean)  :: Atlantisch
Atlantic {adj} (pertaining to the Atlantic Ocean)  :: Atlantisch
Atlantic Ocean {prop} (the ocean lying between the Americas to the west and Europe and Africa to the east)  :: Atlantische Oceaan
Atlantic tomcod {n} (Microgadus tomcod)  :: kabeljauw
Atlantis {prop} (mythical country said to have sunk into the ocean)  :: Atlantis
Atlas {prop} (Greek mythology)  :: Atlas {m}
Atlas {prop} (a moon of Saturn)  :: Atlas {m}
Atlas Mountains {prop} (Atlas Mountains)  :: Atlasgebergte {n}
Attic {adj} (related to Athens)  :: Attisch
Attic {prop} (Ancient Greek dialect)  :: Attisch
Attic salt {n} (pointed and delicate wit)  :: Attisch zout {n}
Attica {prop} (periphery)  :: Attica
Auckland {prop} (the largest conurbation in New Zealand)  :: Auckland
Augsburg {prop} (city in southern Germany)  :: Augsburg
August {prop} (male given name) SEE: Augustus  ::
August {prop} (eighth month of the Gregorian calendar)  :: augustus {m}
Augustine {prop} (male given name)  :: Augustinus {m}
Augustus {prop} (Roman emperor)  :: Augustus
Auriga {prop} (constellation)  :: Voerman
Aurora {prop} (Roman goddess of dawn)  :: Aurora
Australasia {prop} (Oceania) SEE: Oceania  ::
Australia {prop} (Commonwealth of Australia)  :: Australië
Australia {prop} (continent of Australia)  :: Australië
Australian {n} (a person from the country of Australia or of Australian descent)  :: Australiër {m}, Australische {f}
Australian {adj} (of or pertaining to Australia, the Australian people or languages)  :: Australisch, Australische
Australian Capital Territory {prop} (Territory of Australia)  :: Australisch Hoofdstedelijk Territorium
Australian magpie {n} (Cracticus tibicen)  :: zwartrugfluitvogel {m}
Australian white ibis {n} (species of wading bird)  :: Australische witte ibis
Austria {prop} (country in Central Europe)  :: Oostenrijk {n}
Austrian {adj} (related to Austria)  :: Oostenrijks
Austrian {n} (Austrian person)  :: Oostenrijker {m}, Oostenrijkse {f}
Austro-Asiatic {prop}  :: Austroaziatisch
Austronesian {adj} (of or pertaining to Austronesia)  :: Austronesisich
Auvergne {prop} (region of France)  :: auvergne
Avar {prop} (language)  :: Avaars {n}
Avar {n} (person)  :: Avaar {m}, Avaarse {f}
Avernus {prop} (underworld) SEE: underworld  ::
Avestan {prop} (Old Iranian language)  :: Avestisch {n}
Avogadro's number {n} (number of atoms present in 0.012 kilograms of isotopically pure carbon-12)  :: constante van Avogadro {f} {m}, getal van Avogadro {n}
Avraham {prop} (given name) SEE: Abraham  ::
Axis power {n} (fascist country of World War II)  :: as
Ayers Rock {prop} (Uluru) SEE: Uluru  ::
Aylmer {prop} (male given name)  :: Adelmar
Aymara {n} (indigenous people of South America)  :: Aymara {p}
Aymara {prop} (language of South America)  :: Aymara {n}
Ayyavazhi {prop} (religion)  :: Ayyavazhi
Azerbaijan {prop} (country in the Caucasus)  :: Azerbeidzjan
Azores {prop} (an archipelago and an autonomous region)  :: azoren
Azrael {prop} (angel of death)  :: Azraël {m}
a {article} (an) SEE: an  ::
a bad workman always blames his tools {proverb} (not the tools but how they're employed)  :: een kwaad werkman heeft altijd slecht getuig
a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush {proverb} (small but certain advantage is preferable)  :: beter één vogel in de hand dan tien in de lucht
a bit {adv} (a little) SEE: a little  ::
a cappella {adv} (performed by a choir with no instrumental accompaniment)  :: a capella
a chain is only as strong as its weakest link {proverb} (aphorism)  :: de keten is zo sterk als haar zwakste schakel
a fortiori {adv}  :: a fortiori
a friend in need is a friend indeed {proverb} (someone who helps you in your time of need is a real friend)  :: in nood leert men zijn vrienden kennen
a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step {proverb} (a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step)  :: een reis van duizend mijlen begint met een enkele stap
a leopard cannot change its spots {proverb} (one cannot change one's own nature)  :: een vos verliest zijn streken niet
a lie has no legs {proverb} (you can't get away with a lie)  :: l is de leugen nog zo snel, de waarheid achterhaalt haar wel
a little {adv} (to a small extent or degree)  :: een beetje, wat
a lot {n} (a large amount)  :: veel
a lot {n} (many things)  :: veel
a lot {adv} (very much)  :: veel
a lot {adv} (often)  :: vaak, veel
a new broom sweeps clean {proverb} (new management will often make radical changes)  :: nieuwe bezems vegen schoon
a picture is worth a thousand words {proverb} (visualisation is better than verbal description)  :: een afbeelding zegt meer dan duizend woorden
a picture paints a thousand words {proverb} (a picture is worth a thousand words) SEE: a picture is worth a thousand words  ::
a priori {adv} (derived by logic)  :: a priori
a stitch in time saves nine {proverb} (a timely effort can prevent larger problems)  :: werk op tijd maakt welbereid
aa {n} (a form of lava flow associated with Hawaiian-type volcanoes)  :: scherpe lava {m} {f}
aah {interj} (expressing amazement or surprise)  :: och
aardvark {n} (mammal)  :: aardvarken {n}
aardwolf {n} (the mammal species Proteles cristatus)  :: aardwolf {m}, maanhaarjakhals {m}
ab initio {adv} (referring to the time from when a legal document comes into force)  :: ab initio, vanaf het begin
ab intra {adv}  :: van binnenuit, insider-
aba {n} (coarse, often striped, felted fabric from the Middle East, woven from goat or camel hair)  :: aba {m}
aba {n} (loose-fitting sleeveless garment, made from aba or silk)  :: abaya {m}
abac {n} (mathematics)  :: nomogram {n}
abaca {n} (plant)  :: manillahennep {m}, abaca {m}
abaca {n} (fiber/fibre) SEE: Manila hemp  ::
aback {adv} (backwards)  :: achterwaarts, rugwaarts
aback {adv} (in the rear)  :: achteraan
aback {adv} (said of sails pressed backward)  :: bak, met een kopwind
aback {n} (abacus) SEE: abacus  ::
abacterial {adj} (not caused by bacteria, characterized by lack of bacteria)  :: abacterieel
abacterially {adv} (without the presence or use of bacteria)  :: abacterieel
abactinal {adj} (pertaining to the surface or end opposite to the mouth in a radiate animal)  :: abactinaal
abactor {n} (one who steals and drives away cattle or beasts by herds)  :: runderdief {m}, veedief {m}
abaculus {n} (a small tile)  :: mozaïekelement {n}
abacus {n} (calculating frame)  :: telraam {n}, abacus {m}
abacus {n} (uppermost member of the capital of a column)  :: abacus {m}
abaft {prep} ((nautical) behind; toward the stern relative to some other object or position; aft of)  :: achterlijker dan
abaft {adv} ((nautical) on the aft side)  :: naar achter, achteruit
abaka {n} (plant) SEE: abaca  ::
abaka {n} (fiber/fibre) SEE: Manila hemp  ::
abalienate {v} (to transfer the title of)  :: abaliëneren
abalienation {n} (act of abalienating)  :: abaliënatie {m}
abalone {n} (edible univalve mollusc)  :: zeeoor, abalone {m}
abandon {v} (to give up control of, surrender)  :: opgeven, prijsgeven
abandon {v} (to leave behind or desert; to forsake)  :: achterlaten, in de steek laten; verzaken, verlaten, begeven [to forsake]
abandon {v} (to cast out, expel, reject)  :: verwerpen, afwijzen, verbannen
abandon {v} (to no longer exercise a right, relinquish a claim to property)  :: afzien (van), afstand doen (van), terugnemen
abandon {n} (a giving up to natural impulses)  :: ongedwongenheid {f}
abandonable {adj} (able to be abandoned)  :: opgeefbaar
abandoned {adj} (wicked, self-abandoned, given to sin)  :: schaamteloos, verdorven, liederlijk
abandoned {adj} (no longer maintained, forsaken, deserted)  :: verlaten, in de steek gelaten
abandoned {adj} (free from constraint, uninhibited)  :: ongeremd
abandoned {adj} (geology: no longer being acted upon by the geologic forces that formed it)  :: geologisch stabiel
abandonee {n}  :: cessionaris,
abandonment {n} (act of abandoning)  :: achterlating, verlating, in de steek laten {n}
abandonment {n} (maritime law: relinquishment of a property to underwriters)  :: abandonnement, overlating
abandonment {n} (relinquishment of a right, claim or privilege)  :: opgave, afstand, overgave, overlating, het prijsgeven, het afstand doen van
abandonment {n} (voluntary leaving of a person)  :: achterlating, verlating, verwaarlozing, veronachtzaming, het in de steek laten {n}, het laten zitten van
abandonment {n} (refusal to receive freight)  :: vrachtweigering
abandonment {n} (careless freedom)  :: ongedwongenheid, uitbundigheid, nonchalence
abandonware {n} (software which has been abandoned by its developer)  :: abandonware {m}
abaptiston {n} (trepan with a conical shape)  :: kegelvormige schedelboor {m}
abase {v} (to lower)  :: neerhalen, strijken
abase {v} (to lower as in rank, so as to hurt feelings)  :: vernederen, kleineren
abased {adj} (humbled)  :: verlaagd, vernederd, gekleineerd,
abasement {n} (the act of abasing)  :: vernedering, kleinering {m}
abash {v} (to make ashamed, to embarrass)  :: beschamen, in verlegenheid brengen, van zijn stuk brengen
abashed {adj} (embarrassed)  :: beschaamd, verlegen, beteuterd, in verlegenheid, op zijn neus kijkend
abashment {n} (the state of being abashed; confusion from shame)  :: verlegenheid {f}, moeilijk parket
abasia {n} (incapacity to walk)  :: abasie {m}
abasic {adj} (of, pertaining to or caused by abasia)  :: met abasie, door abasie
abask {adv} (basking)  :: zich koesterend,
abatable {adj} (Capable of being abated)  :: vatbaar voor prijsverlaging
abatacept {n} (medicine)  :: abatacept
abatage {n} (abattage) SEE: abattage  ::
abate {v} (to bring down or reduce to a lower state)  :: verlagen, reduceren, verminderen, verlichten (pijn)
abate {v} (to bring down a person physically or mentally)  :: neerslaan (physically), vernederen (mentally), humiliëren
abate {v} (to decrease or make less in strength)  :: afnemen, verminderen, verzwakken, luwen, bedaren
abate {v} (to deduct, to omit)  :: aftrekken, overslaan, verminderen, weglaten
abate {v} (to bar, to except)  :: uitsluiten
abate {v} (to be defeated)  :: verliezen
abate {v} (to cut away)  :: uitkappen
abatement {n} (the act of abating or the state of being abated)  :: afname, afslag, inkrimping, korting, vermindering, verzachting
abatis {n} (means of defense)  :: verhakking {m}, prikkeldraadversperring {m}
abatjour {n}  :: lampenkap {n}, abat-jour {n},
abator {n}  :: kraker {m},; iemand die een ongerief uit de weg ruimt,
abattage {n} (slaughter)  :: slachten {n},
abattage {n} (anchoring)  :: verankering {m},
abattoir {n} (public slaughterhouse)  :: slachthuis {n}, abattoir {n}, slachterij {f}
abattoir {n} (a place likened to be a slaughterhouse)  :: slachtplaats {m}
abat-vent {n} (louvres)  :: windscherm {n},
abat-vent {n} (sloping roof)  :: afdak {n},
abat-vent {n} (chimney cap)  :: schoorsteenkap {m},
abat-voix {n}  :: klankbord {n},
abaxial {adj} (botany, zoology: of a side away from central line)  :: abaxiaal, dorsaal
abbé {n} (French clergy)  :: abbé {m},
abbatial {adj} (belonging to an abbey)  :: abbatiaal
abbe {n} (abbot)  :: abt
abbess {n} (female superior of a nunnery)  :: abdis
abbey {n} (monastery headed by an abbot)  :: abdij {f}
abbey {n} (church of a monastery)  :: abdijkerk {f}
abbot {n} (superior or head of an abbey or monastery)  :: abt
abbozzo {n} (rough drawing/model)  :: ruwe schets {m} ruw model {n}
abbreviate {v} (to make shorter)  :: afkorten, verkorten, inkorten
abbreviate {v} (to reduce to lower terms)  :: versimpelen
abbreviate {n} (abridgment) SEE: abridgment  ::
abbreviated {adj} (shortened)  :: afgekort, ingekort, verkort
abbreviation {n} (shortened or contracted form of a word or phrase)  :: afkorting {f}
abbreviation {n} (act or result of shortening or reducing)  :: afkorting {f}, verkorting {f}
abbreviator {n} (one who abbreviates)  :: afkorter {m}
abbreviatory {adj} (serving or tending to abbreviate; shortening; abridging)  :: afkortend, verkortend
abbreviature {n} (abbreviation) SEE: abbreviation  ::
abdicable {adj} (capable of being abdicated)  :: neerlegbaar
abdicate {v} (surrender or relinquish)  :: afstand doen (van)
abdicate {v} (reject)  :: weigeren, afwijzen, verstoten
abdicate {v} (disinherit)  :: onterven
abdicate {v} (renounce a throne)  :: aftreden, troonsafstand doen , abdiceren
abdication {n} (the act of abdicating; the renunciation of a high office, dignity, or trust, by its holder)  :: abdicatie, (troons)afstand
abdomen {n} (belly)  :: onderbuik {m}, abdomen {n}
abdominal {adj} (of or pertaining to the abdomen)  :: abdominaal, buik-
abdominal {adj} (having abdominal fins)  :: buikvinnig
abdominal cavity {n} (hollow portion of the torso, containing abdominal organs)  :: buikholte {m}
abdominal fin {n} (pelvic fin) SEE: pelvic fin  ::
abdominal ring {n} (either of two openings in the abdominal muscle wall)  :: liesring {m}
abdominoperineal {adj} (relating to the abdomen and the perineum)  :: abdominoperineaal
abdominoplasty {n} (surgery)  :: abdominoplastie
abdominous {adj} (pot-bellied)  :: gezet, corpulent, dikbuikig
abduce {v} (transitive, obsolete: to draw or conduct away; to withdraw; to draw to a different part)  :: abduceren, afvoeren
abducens nerve {n} (nerve)  :: nervus abducens {m}, afvoerende zenuw {m}
abducent {adj}  :: afvoerend
abduct {v} (to take away)  :: ontvoeren, kidnappen
abduct {v} (to draw away from its ordinary position)  :: abduceren
abductee {n} (abducted person)  :: ontvoerde persoon {m}
abduction {n} (leading away, carrying away)  :: afvoering {m}
abduction {n} (physiology: movement separating limb from axis)  :: abductie {f}
abduction {n} (logic: type of syllogism)  :: abductie {f}
abduction {n} (law: wrongful carrying off of a human being)  :: ontvoering {f}, kidnapping {f}, schaking {f}
abductor {n} (kidnapper)  :: ontvoerder {m}, kidnapper {m}
abductor {n} (muscle)  :: abductor {m}, afvoerder {m}
abeam {adv} (alongside)  :: dwarsscheeps
abearance {n} (behavior) SEE: behavior  ::
abecedarium {n} (a book used to teach the alphabet) SEE: primer  ::
abecedary {n} (the alphabet)  :: alfabet {n}, abc {n}
abed {adv} (in bed, or on the bed)  :: te bed, bedlegerig
abele {n} (Populus alba) SEE: white poplar  ::
abelian {adj} (math: of a group)  :: abels, commutatief
abelian group {n} (group in which the group operation is commutative)  :: Abelse groep {m}, Abelse ring {m}
abelmosk {n} (evergreen shrub)  :: abelmos {m}
abend {n} (abnormal end)  :: voortijdige beëindiging {m}
abend {v} (to terminate abnormally)  :: voortijdig beëindigen
abenteric {adj}  :: abenteraal
aberrance {n} (state of being aberrant; a wandering from the right way; deviation from truth, rectitude)  :: afwijking {f}, afdwaling {m}
aberrant {adj} (deviating from the norm)  :: onconventioneel
aberrant {adj} (straying from the right way)  :: aberrant, afwijkend
aberrant {adj} (deviating from the ordinary or natural type; exceptional; abnormal)  :: afwijkend, uitzonderlijk, atypisch
aberrant {adj}  :: aberrant, afdwalend
aberrant {n} (person wandering from the rest of the group)  :: vreemde apostel {m}, rare snuiter {m}
aberration {n} (act of wandering or deviation; abnormality)  :: aberratie, afwijking
aberration {n} (optics: convergence to different foci)  :: aberratie {m}
aberration {n} (astronomy: small periodical change of position of heavenly bodies)  :: aberratie {m}
aberration {n} (minor or temporary mental disorder)  :: aberratie
aberration {n} (zoology, botany: atypical development or structure)  :: aberratie {m}, afwijkend exemplaar {n}
aberration {n} (medicine: deviation from normal range)  :: aberratie {m}
aberration {n}  :: aberratie {m}
aberrational {adj} (characterized by aberration)  :: met aberratie
abessive {n} (the abessive case)  :: abessief {m}
abessive case {n} (case used to express the lack of something)  :: abessief {m}
abet {v} (to assist or encourage in crime)  :: aansporen, aanmoedigen, ophitsen, aanzetten
abet {v} (to support, uphold, or aid)  :: bijstaan, ondersteunen, meehelpen aan
abetment {n} (act of abetting a crime)  :: ophitsing {m}, aanstoken {n}
abettor {n} (accomplice)  :: medeplichtige {c}, handlanger {m}
abettor {n} (inciter)  :: aanstichter {m}, opstoker {m}, ophitser {m}
abeyance {n} (expectancy; condition of being undetermined)  :: onbeslistheid, onzekerheid, onbeheerdheid {m}
abeyance {n} (suspension; temporary suppression)  :: opschorting, uitstel
abeyance {n} (heraldry: expectancy of a title)  :: onbruik {n}
abhor {v} (to regard with horror or detestation)  :: verafschuwen, walgen van, gruwen van
abhor {v} (to reject with disdain)  :: verwerpen,
abhorrence {n} (extreme aversion)  :: afkeer {m}, afschuw {m}, afgrijzen {n}
abhorrence {n} (loathsome person or thing)  :: gruwel {m}, afgrijselijke zaak {m}
abhorrent {adj} (contrary or discordant)  :: onverenigbaar
abhorrent {adj} (detesting; showing abhorrence)  :: weerzinwekkend
abidance {n} (compliance)  :: naleving {m}, nakomen van {n},
abide {v} (to dwell)  :: verblijven, wonen
abide {v} (to await)  :: afwachten
abide {v} (to endure)  :: ondergaan, verdragen, doorstaan, uithouden
abide {v} (to tolerate)  :: tolereren, toelaten, verdragen
abide by {v} (to accept a decision or law and act in accordance with it; to conform to; to acquiesce)  :: zich schikken naar, zich neerleggen bij
abide by {v} (to remain faithful to something or someone; to stand to; to adhere)  :: zich houden aan, trouw blijven aan
abiding {adj} (continue)  :: voortdurend, blijvend
abiding-place {n}  :: woonplaats {m},
abietic acid {n} (a yellowish resin acid isolated from rosin and used in varnishes)  :: abiëtinezuur {n}
abigail {n} (lady's waiting-maid)  :: kamermeisje {n}
ability {n} (quality or state of being able)  :: vaardigheid {f}, vermogen {n}
ability {n} (a skill or competence)  :: bekwaamheid {m}
ability {n} (a high level of capability or skill)  :: talent {n}, begaafdheid {m}
ability {n} (suitability or receptiveness to be acted on)  :: geschiktheid {m}
ability to pay {n} (measure of tax rate)  :: draagkracht
abiogenesis {n} (origination of living organisms from lifeless matter)  :: abiogenese {m}, spontane generatie {m}
abiogenetic {adj} (pertaining to or originated by abiogenesis)  :: abiogenetisch
abiogenic {adj} (not produced or derived by means of living organisms)  :: abiogeen
abiological {adj} (pertaining to inanimate things)  :: niet-biologisch
abiosis {n} (absence of life)  :: abiose {m}
abiotic {adj} (Nonliving)  :: abiotisch, levenloos
abiotic {adj} (Of inorganic matter)  :: ongeschikt voor leven
abiotically {adv} (in an abiotic manner)  :: in afwezigheid van leven
abiotrophy {n} (premature degeneration)  :: abiotrofie {m}
abirritant {adj} (acting to diminish irritation)  :: antiprikkelend
abirritate {v} (to diminish the sensibility of)  :: verzachten
abject {adj} (Sunk to a low condition; down in spirit or hope)  :: diepgezonken, ellendig
abject {adj} (Cast down; rejected; low-lying)  :: hulpeloos, moedeloos
abject {adj} (showing resignation)  :: hulpeloos, gelaten
abject {n} (A person in the lowest and most despicable condition)  :: verworpeling {m}, infaam persoon {m}
abjection {n} (the act of bringing down or humbling)  :: vernedering {m}
abjection {n} (the state of being rejected or cast out)  :: verworpenheid {m}
abjection {n} (a low or downcast condition)  :: moedeloosheid {m}
abjectly {adv} (with great shame, desperately; in an abject fashion)  :: opgemene wijze, op verachterlijke wijze
abjuration {n} (a solemn recantation or renunciation on oath)  :: afzwering, herroeping {m}
abjuratory {adj} (involving abjuration)  :: herroepbaar
abjure {v} (to renounce upon oath)  :: afzweren, verzaken aan een eed
abjure {v} (to renounce with solemnity)  :: afzweren, herroepen, [aan] verzaken
abjurer {n} (one who abjures)  :: afzweerder {m}, verzaker {m}, herroeper,
ablactation {n} (weaning)  :: ablactatie {m}, spenen {n}
ablastemic {adj} (unable to form a blastema)  :: niet-kiemend
ablastin {n} (antibody efficient against some protozoans)  :: ablastine {m}
ablation {n} (amputation)  :: ablatie {m}
ablation {n} (progressive removal of material)  :: ablatie {m}, erosie {m}, afsmelting {m}
ablative {n} (ablative case) SEE: ablative case  ::
ablative absolute {n} (linguistic construction in Latin)  :: losse ablatief
ablative case {n} (grammatical case used to indicate movement away from something, removal, separation, source)  :: ablatief {m}
ablator {n}  :: ablatief materiaal {n}, hitteschild {n}
ablaut {n} (substitution of one root vowel for another)  :: ablaut {m}, klankwisseling {m}, klinkerwisseling {m}
ablaze {adj} (on fire)  :: in lichterlaaie, in vuur en vlam
ablaze {adj} (radiant with bright light and color)  :: stralend, flonkerend
ablaze {adj} (in a state of glowing excitement)  :: vol gloed, opgewonden
able {adj} (permitted to)  :: in staat (om), de mogelijkheid hebben (om te), bekwaam
able {adj} (skillful)  :: competent, handig, bedreven, kundig
able {adj} (legally qualified)  :: competent, in aanmerking komend, gerechtigd, bevoegd
-able {suffix} (able to be done)  :: -baar
-able {suffix} (fit to be done)  :: -baar
-able {suffix}  :: [before the infinitive] te
able {adj} (healthy) SEE: healthy  ::
able {v} (enable) SEE: enable  ::
able {v} (vouch for) SEE: vouch for  ::
able-bodied {adj} (having a sound, strong body; physically competent; robust)  :: volwaardig, lichamelijk geschikt, valide, robust
able-bodied {adj} ((Nautical))  :: volslagen, bevaren
able-bodied seaman {n} (seaman who has been trained in certain skills)  :: volmatroos {m}
abled {adj}  :: valide,
ablegate {n} (representative of the pope in foreign countries)  :: ablegaat {m}, pauselijke gezant {m}
able-minded {adj} (unimpaired mental capability)  :: goed bij zijn verstand, verstandig
abloom {adv} ((postpositive) in or into bloom; in a blooming state)  :: in bloei, in volle bloei
abluent {adj} (washing away)  :: reinigend
abluent {n} (detergent)  :: reinigingsmiddel {n}
ablush {adj} (blushing)  :: blozend
ablution {n} (the act of washing or cleansing)  :: rituele wassing, ablutie {m}
ablution {n} (Roman Catholic Church: a small quantity of wine and water)  :: ablutie {m}
abnegate {v} (to deny oneself something)  :: ontzeggen,
abnegate {v} (to reject, to deny)  :: verwerpen, ontzeggen, verzaken, afzweren
abnegation {n} (denial; renunciation)  :: verloochening, verwerping {m}, afwijzing
abnegator {n}  :: verloochenaar {m}, verwerper {m}
abneural {adj}  :: abneuraal,
abnormal {adj} (not conforming to rule or system)  :: abnormaal
abnormal {adj} (of or pertaining to behaviour that deviates from norms)  :: abnormaal, afwijkend
abnormal psychology {n} (academic study)  :: psychopathologie {m}
abnormality {n} (state of being abnormal)  :: abnormaliteit {m}
abnormality {n} (something abnormal)  :: abnormaliteit {m}, afwijking {m}, misvorming {m}
abnormalize {v} (to make abnormal)  :: abnormaal maken
abnormally {adv} (In an abnormal manner)  :: abnormaal
abnormalness {n} (abnormality) SEE: abnormality  ::
abnormity {n} (departure from the ordinary type)  :: abnormaliteit {m}
aboard {adv} (on board)  :: aan boord
aboard {adv} (nautical)  :: langszij
aboard {prep} (on board of)  :: aan boord
abode {n} (obsolete: act of waiting)  :: wachten
abode {n} (stay or continuance in a place; sojourn)  :: verblijf {n}, woonstee {f}
abode {n} (slightly dated: residence)  :: woonstee {f}, verblijf {n}, onderkomen {n}
abode {n} (omen) SEE: omen  ::
aboil {adj} (boiling)  :: aan de kook, kokend
aboil {adj} (excited)  :: opgewonden, in alle staten, over zijn toeren
abolish {v} (to end a law, system, institution, custom or practice)  :: afschaffen, opheffen
abolish {v} (to destroy)  :: vernietigen, buiten werking stellen
abolishable {adj} (capable of being abolished)  :: afschafbaar, ophefbaar
abolisher {n} (one who abolishes)  :: afschaffer
abolishment {n} (The act of abolishing)  :: afschaffing {f}, opheffing
abolition {n} (act of abolishing)  :: afschaffing {m}, opheffing {m}
abolition {n} (abolition of slavery and the slave trade)  :: abolitie
abolitionism {n} (opinion in favor of the abolition of something)  :: abolitionisme {n}
abolitionist {n} (person who favors the abolition)  :: abolitionist {m}
abomasum {n} (fourth or digestive stomach of a ruminant)  :: leb {f}, lebmaag {f}
abominable {adj} (hateful; detestable; loathsome)  :: abominabel, afstotelijk, verschrikkelijk, afschuwelijk, verfoeilijk
abominable {adj} (very bad or inferior)  :: onaangenaam, walgelijk
abominable snowman {n} (humanoid or apelike animal said to exist in the Himalayas)  :: verschrikkelijke sneeuwman {m}, yeti {m}
abominably {adv} (in an abominable manner)  :: op afschuwelijke wijze
abominate {v} (to feel disgust towards, to hate in the highest degree)  :: verachten, verafschuwen
abominate {v} (to dislike strongly)  :: gruwelen van, walgen van
abomination {n} (an abominable act)  :: gruwel {m}
abomination {n} (the feeling of extreme disgust)  :: afschuw, walging, afgrijzen {n}, gruwel {m}, abominatie {f}
abomination {n} (something abominable)  :: (een) afschuwelijk iets, gruwel {m}, abominatie {f}
abominator {n} (one who abominates)  :: verachter {m}, verfoeier {m}
aboral {adj} (situated away from the mouth)  :: aboraal
aboriginal {adj} (original; indigenous)  :: inheems, inheemse
aboriginal {adj} (living in a land before colonization)  :: autochtoon
aboriginal {n} (animal or plant native to a region)  :: inheems
aborning {adv} (coming in existence)  :: in het kraambed, in wording
abort {n} (event to abort a computer process)  :: voortijdige beëindiging
abort {v} (to miscarry)  :: (een) miskraam hebben, voortijdig bevallen
abort {v} (to cause a premature termination)  :: (doen) aborteren, beëindigen, doen mislukken
abort {v} (to stop or fail at something in the preliminary stages)  :: doen stoppen in een vroegtijdig stadium, voortijdig afbreken
abort {v} (biology: to become checked in normal development)  :: onvolgroeid blijven
abort {v} (aeronautics: to terminate a mission involving a missile or rocket)  :: afbreken, voortijdig beëindigen
abort {v} (computing: to terminate a process prior to completion)  :: annuleren, aborteren, stoppen, afbreken
aborted {adj} (brought forth prematurely)  :: geaborteerd, voortijdig geboren
aborted {adj} (rendered abortive or sterile)  :: rudimentair
aborticide {n} (feticide)  :: vruchtafdrijving {m}
aborticide {n} (abortifacient)  :: abortivum {n}
abortifacient {adj} (producing miscarriage)  :: abortief, vruchtafdrijvend
abortifacient {n} (agent that causes premature delivery)  :: abortivum {n}, vruchtafdrijvend middel {n}
abortion {n} (miscarriage)  :: miskraam {n}, abortus {m}
abortion {n} (induced abortion)  :: abortus {m}, afdrijving {f}, zwangerschapsonderbreking {f}, vruchtafdrijving {f}, vruchtafdrijving {f}
abortion {n} (act of inducing abortion)  :: abortie {m}, abortus {m}
abortion {n} (immature product of an untimely birth)  :: miskraam {n}
abortion {n} (biology: arrest of development of an organ)  :: onderbroken ontwikkeling {m}
abortion {n} (the act of aborting a project, etc)  :: voortijdige beëindiging {m}
abortion {n} (something ugly)  :: misbaksel {n}, miskraam {n}, wangedrocht {n}, miskleun {m}
abortion pill {n} (drug used to terminate pregnancy in early stage)  :: abortuspil {m}
abortionist {n} (one who performs an illegal (backstreet) abortion)  :: engeltjesmaker {m}, engeltjesmaakster {f}
abortionist {n} (one who performs a legal abortion)  :: aborteur {m}, aborteuse {f}
abortionist {n} (one who favors abortion being legal)  :: voorstander van abortus {m}
abortive {adj} (coming to naught; fruitless)  :: vruchteloos, tevergeefs
abortive {adj} (imperfectly formed or developed; rudimentary; sterile)  :: rudimentair
abortive {adj} (causing abortion)  :: afdrijvend
abortive {adj} (medicine: cutting short)  :: gestopt
abortiveness {n} (quality of being abortive)  :: abortief karakter
abortus fever {n} (brucellosis)  :: abortuskoorts {m},
abound {v} (to be full to overflowing)  :: zeer productief zijn, overvloedig voortbrengen
abound {v} (to be highly productive)  :: abortuskoorts {m}
abound {v} (to be plentiful)  :: overvloedig aanwezig zijn, wemelen [van], in grote aantallen voorkomen
abound {v} (to be copiously supplied)  :: wemelen [van], krioelen [van]
abound in {v} (to possess in abundance)  :: wemelen van, krioelen [van], zeer rijk zijn [aan]
abound with {v} (abound) SEE: abound  ::
abounding {adj} (ample, plenteous, plenty)  :: overvloedig, zeer productief, uiterst rijk, gevaarlijk gezwollen [said of a stream]
about {prep} (on every side of)  :: om, rond, rondom, eromheen
about {prep} (near, approximately, regarding time, size or quantity)  :: ongeveer, omtrent, omstreeks
about {prep} (on the point or verge of)  :: op het punt staan
about {prep} (on one's person; nearby the person)  :: bij, in de buurt van
about {prep} (over or upon different parts of)  :: rond
about {prep} (concerned with, engaged in)  :: over, aangaande, betreffende
about {prep} (concerning)  :: over, in verband met
about {prep} (in the immediate neighborhood of)  :: omheen, bij, in de buurt
about {adv} (on all sides)  :: rond
about {adv} (here and there)  :: rond-
about {adv} (nearly, approximately)  :: ongeveer, vrijwel, bijna
about {adv} (near; in the vicinity)  :: nabij, dichtbij
about {adv} (in succession; one after another)  :: afwisselend, beurtelings
about {adv} (to a reversed order, or opposite direction)  :: om-, in tegenovergestelde richting
about {adv} (nautical: to the opposite tack)  :: overstag
about {adv} (preparing; planning)  :: voornemens
about {adv} (in circuit)  :: rond
about {adv} (on the verge of; intending to)  :: voornemens
about sledge {n} (largest hammer)  :: voorhamer {m}, smidshamer {m}
about time {adv} (close to the right time)  :: ongeveer tijd, haast zover
about time {adv} (far past the desired time)  :: eindelijk
about to {phrase} (indicating imminence)  :: op het punt staan (om) te
about turn {n} (about face)  :: rechtsomkeert
about turn {n} (change of opinion)  :: koersverandering {m}, ommezwaai {m}
about-face {n} (military: abrupt turn to face the opposite direction)  :: rechtsomkeert
about-face {n} (reversal of direction or attitude)  :: koerswijziging {m}, ommezwaai {m}
about-face {v} (to turn 180 degrees)  :: rechtsomkeert maken
about-face {v} (to change opinion or attitude)  :: een totale ommekeer uitvoeren, het roer omgooien, zijn standpunt totaal wijzigen
above {prep} (over, on top of)  :: bovenop
above {prep} (in or to a higher place)  :: boven, hoger dan
above {prep} (farther north)  :: ten noorden van
above {prep} (superior to, surpassing)  :: over, meer dan
above {prep} (higher in rank)  :: een trapje hoger, met een hogere rang
above {prep} (in addition to)  :: bovendien, daarenboven
above {prep} (more)  :: over, meer dan
above {adv} (in a higher place)  :: boven, hierboven
above {adj} (heavenly)  :: hemels in de lucht
above {adj} (being located higher on the same page or on a preceding page)  :: bovenstaand, eerder genoemd, bovenvermeld
above all {prep} (of prime importance)  :: bovenal, vooral, voornamelijk
above average {prep} (Better than average)  :: bovengemiddeld
above board {prep} (openly)  :: openlijk, rechtuit, met de handen op tafel, niets onderhands
above board {prep} (honestly)  :: volgens het boekje, eerlijk, loyaal
above ground {adj} (aboveground) SEE: aboveground  ::
above one's paygrade {prep} (not suitable for one's rank)  :: boven zijn niveau
above stairs {prep} (on upper floor)  :: op de verdieping hoger
above the curve {prep}  :: zich onderscheidend van de rest
above the law {prep} (exempt from the laws that apply to everyone else)  :: boven de wet
above-board {adj} (straightforward, transparent)  :: op eerlijke wijze, openlijk
above-cited {adj} (cited before)  :: bovengenoemd bovenvermeld
abovedeck {adj} (on deck)  :: bovendeks
aboveground {adj} (on or above the surface of the ground)  :: bovengronds, aan de oppervlakte
aboveground {adj} (figuratively: not dead and buried; alive)  :: nog in leven, nog niet dood en begraven
aboveground {adj} (existing, produced, or published by or within the establishment)  :: openlijk, in klaarlichte dag; pen en bloot
above-mentioned {adj} (mentioned or named before; aforesaid)  :: bovenvermeld
above-named {adj} (mentioned or named before) SEE: above-mentioned  ::
abovesaid {adj} (mentioned before)  :: bovenvermeld
abovestated {adj} (stated earlier)  :: bovenvermeld
abox {adv} (braced aback)  :: vanachter aangespannen
abracadabra {n} (use of term abracadabra)  :: abracadabra {n}
abracadabra {n} (mumbo-jumbo)  :: wartaal {m}, onzin {m}
abradant {n} (material for grinding)  :: schuurmiddel {n}
abradant {adj} (abrasive)  :: wegschurend
abrade {v} ((transitive) to rub or wear off; to waste or wear away by friction)  :: schuren, afschuren, uitschuren
abrade {v} (to wear down)  :: afmatten uitputten
abrader {n} (tool or machine for abrading)  :: schuurmachine {f}, schuurwerktuig {n}
abranchial {adj} (gillless) SEE: gillless  ::
abranchiate {adj} (gillless) SEE: gillless  ::
abranchious {adj} (gillless) SEE: gillless  ::
abrasion {n} (act of abrading)  :: afschuring {m}
abrasion {n} (substance rubbed off)  :: abrasie {m}, brandingserosie {m}
abrasion {n} (medicine: superficial wound)  :: schaafwond {c}
abrasion platform {n} (sloping or nearly flat bedrock surface extending out from the foot of a marine cliff under shallow water of a breaker (wave) zone)  :: abrasieplat {n}, abrasievlak {n}
abrasive {adj} (producing abrasion; rough)  :: schurend
abrasive {adj} (rough and coarse in manner or disposition)  :: irritant, irriterend, ruw
abrasive {n} (substance used for cleaning, smoothing, or polishing)  :: schuurmiddel {n}, slijpmiddel {n}
abrasive disc {n} (rotating disc of abrasive material)  :: slijpschijf {m}
abrasive paper {n} (abrasive material)  :: schuurpapier {n}
abreact {v} (eliminate previously repressed emotions)  :: afreageren
abreaction {n} (psychoanalysis)  :: afreagering {m}, emotionele ontlading {m}
abreast {adv} (informed)  :: op de hoogte, bekend, goed ingelicht, welingelicht, met zijn tijd mee
abreast {adv} (side by side)  :: zij aan zij, naast elkaar
abreast {adv} (up to a certain level or line)  :: gelijke tred houdend
abrenunciation {n} (absolute renunciation; repudiation)  :: verzaking {m}, herroeping {m}
abridge {v} (to make shorter)  :: beperken, verkorten, inkorten, bekorten
abridge {v} (to shorten or contract by using fewer words)  :: verkorten, inkorten
abridge {v} (to deprive)  :: beroven (van), beknotten
abridged {adj} (cut or shortened, especially of a literary work)  :: verkort, beknopt
abridger {n} (one who abridges)  :: samenvatter {m}, inkorter {m}
abridgment {n} (act of abridging)  :: bekorting, verkorting
abridgment {n} (state of being abridged)  :: ingekorte versie {m}
abridgment {n} (shortened version)  :: ingekorte versie , uittreksel, korte inhoud , excerpt {n}
abrim {adj} (brimming)  :: boordevol, stampvol, bomvol, overlopend [van], afgeladen [met]
abristle {adj} (bristling)  :: overeind, rechtop
abroach {adj} (tapped)  :: aangestoken
abroach {adj} (astir)  :: verspreidensklaar
abroad {adv} (at large; widely; broadly; over a wide space)  :: wijd uiteen, ver van elkaar
abroad {adv} (without a certain confine; outside the house)  :: in het rond, naar alle kanten, buitenshuis
abroad {adv} (in foreign countries)  :: in het buitenland, naar het buitenland
abroad {adv} (astray)  :: verward, de kluts kwijt
abroad {adv} (played elsewhere)  :: op verplaatsing, uit-
abroad {n} (countries or lands abroad)  :: buitenland {n}
abroad {prep} (throughout)  :: alover, over de ganse lijn
abrogable {adj} (capable of being abrogated)  :: ophefbaar, intrekbaar, afschafbaar
abrogate {v} (to annul by an authoritative act)  :: afschaffen, opheffen, abrogeren
abrogate {v} (to put an end to)  :: tenietdoen
abrogation {n} (act of abrogating)  :: afschaffing {m}, intrekking {m}, opheffing {m}, ongeldigverklaring {m}
abrogator {n} (one who abrogates)  :: afschaffer {m}, opheffer {m}
abrupt {adj} (extremely steep)  :: steil
abrupt {adj} (without notice)  :: abrupt, plots, bruusk
abrupt {adj} (curt in manner)  :: kortaf, bruusk
abrupt {adj} (having sudden transitions from one state to next)  :: hortend, onsamenhangend
abrupt {adj} (botany: truncated)  :: afgeknot
abrupt {v} (to tear off or asunder)  :: afbreken, scheiden
abrupt {n} (abyss)  :: kloof {m}
abruptly {adv} (in an abrupt manner)  :: abrupt, bruusk
abruptly {adv} (precipitously)  :: plots, plotseling
abruptly-pinnate {adj} (with a pair of leaflets at the apex)  :: even geveerd
abruptness {n} (state of being abrupt)  :: abruptheid {f}, plotselinge {n}, onverwachtheid {m}
abruptness {n} (suddenness)  :: kortgebondenheid {m}, bruuskheid {m}
abs {n} (abdominal muscles)  :: buikspieren
abs {n} (absolute function)  :: abs
abscess {n} (cavity filled with pus)  :: abces {n}, etterbuil {m}, ettergezwel {n}
abscess {v} (to form an abscess)  :: een abces vormen
abscessed {adj} (of an abscess)  :: met een abces
abscind {v} (to cut off)  :: afsnijden, doorsnijden, couperen
abscise {v} (cut off)  :: afsnijden door abscissie
abscise {v} (botany: shed off)  :: afvallen
abscisic acid {n} (plant hormone that inhibits seed germination)  :: abscisinezuur {n}
abscissa {n} (first of two coordinates)  :: abscis {f}
abscission {n} (act of cutting off)  :: afsnijden {n}
abscission {n} (abrupt stop of speech)  :: afbreken {n}
abscission {n} (natural separation of a part of a plant)  :: abscissie {f}
abscond {v} (to withdraw from)  :: zich terugtrekken
abscond {v} (to depart secretly)  :: heimelijk vertrekken (van/uit), zich stilletjes uit de voeten maken, zijn biezen pakken
abscond {v} (to hide (something))  :: wegrennen
absconder {n} (one who absconds)  :: drosser {n}
abseil {v} (to descend a vertical drop using a rope)  :: abseilen
abseil {n} (a descent by abseil)  :: het abseilen, gezekerde afdaling
absence {n} (state of being away)  :: afwezigheid {f}, verstek {n}
absence {n} (lack; deficiency; non-existence)  :: afwezigheid {f}, ontbreken {n}, gemis {n}, tekort {n}
absence {n} (inattention to things present)  :: verstrooidheid {f}
absence makes the heart grow fonder {proverb} (when someone or something is faraway, you realise how much you love or miss them or it)  :: afwezigheid versterkt de liefde
absence of mind {n} (inattention)  :: verstrooidheid {n}, afwezigheid {f}
absence seizure {n} (term for a petit mal epileptic seizure)  :: petit mal {m}
absent {adj} (being away from a place)  :: afwezig, weg, absent
absent {adj} (not existing)  :: afwezig, ontbrekend, niet meer voorhanden, tekort
absent {adj} (inattentive)  :: afwezig, verstrooid, dromerig, elders met zijn gedachten
absent {prep} (without)  :: behalve, zonder, uitgezonderd, in afwezigheid van
absent {v} (to withhold from being present)  :: wegblijven van, zich absenteren, niet opdagen
absent {v}  :: afwezig zijn, zich verwijderen, vertrekken
absentation {n} (act of absenting oneself)  :: aanwezigheidsverzuim {n}
absentee {n} (person who is absent)  :: afwezige
absentee ballot {n} (postal ballot)  :: schriftelijke stem {m}, stemper brief {m}
absentee voting {n} (postal voting)  :: stemming per brief {m}
absenteeism {n} (state of being absent)  :: absenteïsme {n}, (arbeids)verzuim {n}, (school)verzuim {n}
absent-minded {adj} (absent in mind)  :: verstrooid, afwezig, elders met zijn gedachten, er niet bij
absent-minded professor {n} (fictional character)  :: verstrooide professor {m}
absent-minded professor {n} (person)  :: verstrooide professor {m}
absent-mindedness {n} (state or quality of being preoccupied)  :: verstrooidheid {m}
absinthe {n} (liquor)  :: absint
absinthe {n} (Artemisia absinthium)  :: alsem {m}, absintalsem {m}
absinthe green {n} (type of green)  :: absintgroen {n}
absinthin {n} (principal compound found in wormwood)  :: absintine {f}
absinthium {n} (Artemisia absinthium) SEE: wormwood  ::
absolute {adj} (loosed from any conditions or limitations)  :: absoluut
absolute {adj} (complete in itself, fixed)  :: volkomen
absolute {adj} (viewed apart from modifying influences or without comparison with other objects)  :: absoluut, volstrekt
absolute {adj} (loosed from any other being or comparison)  :: absoluut
absolute {adj} (capable of being thought or conceived by itself alone)  :: absoluut
absolute {adj} (rare: positive; clear)  :: absoluut, onbetwistbaar
absolute {adj} (rare: authoritative; peremptory)  :: absoluut, autoritair
absolute {adj} (chemistry: pure; unmixed)  :: absoluut, onvermengd, rein, puur, onversneden
absolute {adj} (grammar: not immediately dependent on the other parts of the sentence in government)  :: absoluut
absolute {n} (that which is independent of context-dependent interpretation)  :: absolute {n}
absolute address {n} (identification of a fixed location)  :: absoluut adres {n}
absolute advantage {n} (economics: capability)  :: absoluut voordeel {n}
absolute altitude {n} (vertical distance)  :: absolute hoogte {m}
absolute complement {n} (Ac for a given set A)  :: absoluut complement {n}
absolute humidity {n} (mass of water vapour in a given volume of air)  :: absolute vochtigheid {m}
absolute magnitude {n} (intrinsic luminosity of a celestial body)  :: absolute grootte {m}, absolute helderheid {m}
absolute majority {n} (A number of votes totalling over 50 per cent)  :: volstrekte meerderheid {m}, absolute meerderheid {m}
absolute monarchy {n} (state)  :: absolute monarchie {m}
absolute monarchy {n} (rule)  :: absolute monarchie {m}
absolute music {n} (music which depends solely on its rhythmic, melodic and contrapuntal structure)  :: abstracte muziek {m}
absolute pitch {n} (ability to identify and reproduce a tone) SEE: perfect pitch  ::
absolute pitch {n} (pitch established by its rate of vibration)  :: absolute toonhoogte {m}
absolute space {n} (physics)  :: absolute ruimte {m}
absolute space-time {n} (Newtonian concept of an unchangeable reference system of time and spatial coordinates)  :: absolute ruimte-tijd {m}
absolute temperature {n} (thermodynamic temperature)  :: absolute temperatuur {m}
absolute time {n} (unchangeable time)  :: absolute tijd {m}
absolute value {n} (numerical value of a real number)  :: absolute waarde {f}
absolute value {n} (modulus of a complex number)  :: modulus {m}
absolute zero {n} (coldest possible temperature)  :: absoluut nulpunt {n}
absolutely {adv} (in an absolute manner)  :: absoluut
absolutely {adv} (independently; viewed without relation to other things or factors)  :: absoluut, onafhankelijk
absolutely {adv} (in a manner that does not take an object)  :: geheel op zichzelf staand
absolutely {interj} (yes; certainly)  :: absoluut, werkelijk, echt, beslist, zeker, ontegenzeglijk
absoluteness {n} (the fact free from any conditions or other beings)  :: absoluutheid {m}, volstrektheid {m}, onbeperktheid {m}
absolution {n} (absolving or setting free from guilt, sin or penalty; forgiveness of an offense)  :: absolutie {f}, vergiffenis {f}
absolution {n} (acquittal, or sentence of a judge declaring an accused person innocent)  :: vrijspraak {m}
absolution {n} (exercise of priestly jurisdiction in the sacrament of penance, by which Catholics believe the sins of the truly penitent are forgiven)  :: absolutie {f}
absolution {n} (absolving from ecclesiastical penalties)  :: absolutie {f}, dispensatie {f}
absolutism {n} (theology: doctrine of preordination; doctrine of absolute decrees)  :: predestinatieleer {m}
absolutism {n} (political science: absolute or arbritary government; despotism)  :: absolutisme {n}, alleenheerschappij {f}
absolutism {n} (belief in a metaphysical absolute)  :: absolutisme {f}
absolutist {n} (one who favors autocratic government)  :: absolutist {m}
absolutistic {adj} (pertaining to absolutism)  :: absolutistisch
absolutive {adj} (grammatical case)  :: absolutief
absolutive case {n} (case used to indicate the patient or experiencer of a verb’s action)  :: absolutief {m}
absolutize {v} (to make absolute)  :: absoluuut maken
absolutory {adj} (serving to absolve)  :: absolutie gevend, vrijspraak verlenend
absolvable {adj} (that may be absolved)  :: vergevensvatbaar
absolve {v} (to set free)  :: vergeven, kwijtschelden, ontheffen, ontslaan van een verplichting
absolve {v} (obsolete: to resolve or explain)  :: uitleggen
absolve {v} (to pronounce free or give absolution)  :: vrijspreken, vergeven
absolve {v} (law: to pronounce not guilty; to grant a pardon for)  :: niet-schuldig verklaren, kwijtschelden [(van)]
absolve {v} (theology: to pronounce free or give absolution from sin)  :: vergeven, absolveren
absolve {v} (obsolete: to finish, accomplish)  :: beëindigen, afwerken
absolve {v} (to pass a course or test; to gain credit for a class; to qualify academically)  :: slagen [bij]
absolver {n} (one who absolves)  :: vergiffenis schenker {m}
absorb {v} (to include so that it no longer has separate existence)  :: absorberen, (in zich) opnemen
absorb {v} (to suck up or drink in)  :: absorberen, opzuigen
absorb {v} (to learn)  :: absorberen, laten doordringen, verteren
absorb {v} (to occupy fully)  :: verdiepen, bezighouden, in beslag nemen
absorb {v} (to consume completely)  :: consumeren, opgebruiken
absorb {v} (to endure)  :: ondergaan
absorb {v} (physics: to take up by chemical or physical action)  :: absorberen, in zich opnemen, intrekken
absorb {v} (finance: to assume or pay for)  :: in last nemen, overnemen
absorbability {n} (being absorbable)  :: absorbeerbaarheid {m}, opzuigbaarheid {m}
absorbable {adj} (capable of being absorbed)  :: absorbeerbaar, aanleerbaar
absorbance {n} (logarithmic measure)  :: absorbantie {m}, optische dichtheid {m}
absorbate {n} (absorbed substance)  :: geabsorbeerde stof {m}
absorbed {adj} (fully occupied with one's thoughts; engrossed)  :: inbeslaggenomen
absorbed {adj} (taken in by a body without reflection)  :: geabsorbeerd, opgenomen
absorbed {adj} (taken by through the pores of a surface)  :: geabsorbeerd
absorbed dose {n} (amount of energy imparted by nuclear radiation)  :: geabsorbeerde dosis {m}
absorbency {n} (quality of being absorbent)  :: absorptie {f}, absorptievermogen {n}
absorbent {adj} (absorbing)  :: absorberend, wateropnemend, opzuigend
absorbent {n} (anything which absorbs)  :: absorbens {n}
absorber {n} (one who, or that which, absorbs)  :: absorptiemiddel {n}
absorber {n} (absorber of neutrons)  :: neutronenvanger {m}
absorbing {adj} (engrossing)  :: boeiend, grijpend meeslepend
absorptance {n} (absorbed radiation)  :: absorptiefactor, absorptieverhouding
absorptiometer {n} (instrument that computes absorption rate)  :: absorptiemeter {m}
absorptiometry {n} (analysis using absorptiometer)  :: absorptiemetrie {m}
absorption {n} (act or process of absorbing or sucking in anything)  :: absorptie {f}, opzuiging {m},
absorption {n} (act or process of being absorbed and made to disappear)  :: absorptie {f} incorporatie {f}
absorption {n} (chemistry, physics: imbibing or reception by molecular or chemical action)  :: absorptie {f}, endosmose {f}
absorption {n} (physiology: process by which the materials of growth and nutrition are absorbed)  :: absorptie {f}, opname {f}, incorporatie {f}
absorption {n} (entire occupation of the mind)  :: het verdiept zijn in {n}, mentale concentratie {m}, het opgaan in {n}
absorption band {n} (absorbed wavelength)  :: absorptieband {m}
absorption coefficient {n} (measure of absorption)  :: absorptiecoëfficiënt {m}
absorption line {n} (a spectral line that corresponds to the absorption of electromagnetic radiation at a specific wavelength)  :: absorptielijn {m}, absorptiestreep {m}
absorption spectrum {n} (pattern)  :: absorptiespectrum {n}
absorptive {adj} (having capacity to imbibe)  :: absorberend
absorptiveness {n} (absorptivity) SEE: absorptivity  ::
absorptivity {n} (the quality of being absorptive)  :: absorptievermogen {n}
absquatulate {v} (to leave quickly or in a hurry; to take oneself off; to decamp; to depart)  :: er vanonder muizen, 'm smeren, zijn biezen pakken, wegwezen, er vanonder trekken
abstain {v} (refrain from)  :: zich onthouden (van), abstineren
abstain {v} (refrain from voting)  :: [van stemming] zich onthouden
abstain {v} (hinder, withhold)  :: verhinderen
abstainer {n} (one who abstains)  :: onthouder {m}
abstemious {adj} (not excessive in drinking alcohol or eating)  :: matig, karig, frugaal
abstemious {adj} (sparingly used; used with temperance or moderation)  :: sober
abstemious {adj} (marked by, or spent in, abstinence)  :: abstinent
abstemiousness {n} (austerity)  :: onthouding, gematigheid
abstention {n} (the act of abstaining)  :: onthouding {f}, abstinentie {f}
abstentionism {n} (policy of abstaining from political participation)  :: abstentionisme {n}
abstentionist {n} (advocate of not getting involved politically)  :: onthouder {m}
abstentious {adj} (abstemious)  :: (zich) onthoudend
abstergent {n} (a substance used in cleansing)  :: reinigingsmiddel {n}, zuiveringsmiddel {n}
abstersion {n} (the act of cleaning)  :: reiniging {f}, zuivering {f}
abstersive {adj} (cleansing, purging)  :: zuiverend, reinigend
abstinence {n} (the act or practice of abstaining)  :: onthouding {f}
abstinence {n} (specifically, abstinence from alcohol)  :: alcoholonthouding {f}, [more frequent] geheelonthouding {f}, abstinentie {f}
abstinence {n} (specifically, abstinence from sexual intercourse)  :: onthouding {f}, abstinentie {f}
abstinence {n} (the practice of self-denial)  :: onthouding {f}
abstinence {n} (delay of spending)  :: uitstel van betaling
abstinent {adj} (refraining from indulgence)  :: zich onthoudend, matig, bescheiden, sober
abstinent {n} (one who abstains)  :: abstinent {m}, onthouder {m}
abstract {n} (an abridgement or summary)  :: samenvatting {f}, korte inhoud {m}, resumé {n}
abstract {n} (something that concentrates in itself the qualities of something else)  :: essentie {f}
abstract {n} (an abstraction)  :: abstractie {f}, abstracte term {m}, abstract begrip {n}
abstract {n} (an abstract work of art)  :: abstract kunstwerk {n}
abstract {n} (that which is abstract)  :: abstract iets {n}, abstract begrip {n}
abstract {n} (an extract of a vegetable substance)  :: uittreksel {n}
abstract {adj} (extracted)  :: onttrokken
abstract {adj} (separate)  :: afgezonderd, gescheiden
abstract {adj} (absent in mind)  :: afwezig, verstrooid
abstract {adj} (apart from practice or reality; not concrete)  :: abstract, theoretisch
abstract {adj} (difficult to understand)  :: abstract, vaag, algemeen
abstract {adj} (art: free from representational qualities)  :: abstract
abstract {adj} (general as opposed to particular)  :: algemeen
abstract {v} (to separate; to disengage)  :: afzonderen
abstract {v} (to remove; to take away; to withdraw)  :: terugtrekken
abstract {v} (to steal)  :: ontvreemden
abstract {v} (to create an artistic abstraction of)  :: abstraheren
abstract {v} (to abridge, epitomize, or summarize)  :: samenvatten
abstract {v} (to consider abstractly)  :: abstraheren
abstract {v} (to draw off)  :: afleiden
abstract {v} (to extract by means of distillation)  :: onttrekken
abstract {v} (to withdraw oneself)  :: zich terugtrekken
abstract {v} (to perform the process of abstraction)  :: abstraheren
abstract algebra {n} (math)  :: abstracte algebra
abstract art {n} (art that does not depict objects in the natural world)  :: abstracte kunst {f}, non-figuratieve kunst {f}
abstract noun {n} (noun that denotes an abstract concept)  :: abstract substantief {n}, abstractum {n}
abstracted {adj} (separated or disconnected)  :: absent, afwezig, in gedachten verdiept
abstracted {adj} (inattentive to surrounding objects)  :: verstrooid
abstractedly {adv} (in an abstracted manner)  :: in abstracto, in theorie
abstractedness {n} (state of being abstracted)  :: verstrooidheid
abstraction {n} (act of abstracting)  :: abstractie {f}
abstraction {n} (purloining)  :: ontvreemding, toeëigening
abstraction {n} (idea of a visionary nature)  :: vage voorstelling, visionair begrip {n}
abstractionism {n} ((Philos.) principles of abstractions)  :: abstractionisme {m}
abstractionism {n} (abstract art)  :: abstracte kunst {n}
abstractionist {adj} (Related to abstract art)  :: abstractionistisch
abstractionist {n} (someone who paints or creates abstract art)  :: abstract kunstenaar {m}
abstractionist {n} (an idealist)  :: abstractionist {m}
abstractionistic {adj} (abstractionist) SEE: abstractionist  ::
abstractive {adj} (having an abstracting nature or tendency)  :: abstraherend, aftrekbaar
abstractive {adj} (derived by abstraction)  :: abstract, afgetrokken
abstractness {n} (the quality of being abstract)  :: abstractheid {f}, het abstracte {n}
abstruse {adj} (difficult to comprehend)  :: onbevattelijk, ondoorgrondelijk
abstruse {adj} (concealed)  :: verborgen, versluierd
abstruseness {n} (the property of being abstruse)  :: traag van begrip
absurd {adj} (contrary to reason or propriety)  :: absurd
absurd {n} (obsolete: an absurdity)  :: absurd {n}
abugida {n} (writing system)  :: abugida {c}
abulia {n} (absence of will-power or decisiveness)  :: willoosheid
abundance {n} (ample sufficiency)  :: overvloed
abundant {adj} (fully sufficient; plentiful)  :: overvloedig, rijkelijk voorhanden, abondant
abundantly {adv} (in an abundant manner)  :: overvloedig
abuse {n} (corrupt practice)  :: misbruik {n}
abuse {n} (improper usage)  :: misbruik {n}, verkeerd gebruik {n}
abuse {n} (insulting speech)  :: beschimpingen {f-p}
abuse {n} (physical maltreatment)  :: mishandeling {f}
abuse {n} (sexual violation or assault)  :: misbruik {n}
abuse {v} (to use improperly)  :: misbruiken, verkeerd gebruiken
abuse {v} (to hurt)  :: mishandelen
abuse {v} (to insult)  :: beschimpen, uitschelden
abuse {v} (to rape)  :: misbruiken, onteren, verkrachten
abuse {n} (delusion) SEE: delusion  ::
abuser {n} (one who abuses)  :: misbruiker {m}, misbruikster {f}
abusive {adj}  :: grof, ruw
abut {v} (to border on)  :: grenzen
abutment {n} (architecture: support for an arch or vault)  :: steunbeer {m}
abysm {n} (abyss) SEE: abyss  ::
abyss {n} (hell, bottomless pit)  :: afgrond {m}
abyss {n} (bottomless or unfathomed depth)  :: afgrond {m}, ravijn {n}
abyss {n} (moral depravity, vast intellectual or moral depth)  :: afgrond {m}, kloof {m} {f}
academian {n} (member of an academy)  :: academicus {m}
academic {adj} (belonging to the school or philosophy of Plato)  :: academisch
academic {adj} (belonging to an academy or other higher institution of learning)  :: academisch, universitair
academic {adj} (scholarly; literary or classical, in distinction from scientific)  :: academisch
academic {n} (Platonist)  :: academicus {m}
academic {n} (senior member of an academy, college, or university)  :: universitair {m}
academician {n} (member of an academy)  :: academielid {m}
academician {n} (collegian)  :: academicus {m}
academy {n} (learned society)  :: academie {f}
academy {n} (specialized school)  :: academie {f}
academy {n} (college or university)  :: academie {f}, universiteit, college
academy {n} (seminary)  :: academie {f}
academy {n} (place of training, school)  :: academie {f}
acajou {n} (wood from trees of Meliaceae family) SEE: mahogany  ::
acajou {n} (cashew tree) SEE: cashew  ::
acajou {n} (cashew nut) SEE: cashew nut  ::
acalculia {n} (condition of lacking basic mathematical skills)  :: acalculie
accede {v} (obsolete: to approach)  :: naderen
accede {v} (to enter upon an office or dignity)  :: aanvaarden, (throne) bestijgen
accede {v} (to join a group)  :: toetreden
accede {v} (to agree to a proposal or view)  :: toestemmen, aanvaarden, inwilligen
accelerate {v} (to cause to move faster)  :: versnellen
accelerate {v} (to quicken natural or ordinary progression or process)  :: versnellen
accelerate {v} (to hasten)  :: bespoedigen
accelerate {v} (to become faster)  :: versnellen, sneller gaan
acceleration {n} (act or state)  :: versnelling {f}, acceleratie {f}
acceleration {n} (amount)  :: versnelling {f}, acceleratie {f}
acceleration {n} ((physics))  :: versnelling {f}, acceleratie {f}
accelerator {n} (a device for causing acceleration)  :: versneller {m}
accelerator {n} (a substance which speeds up chemical reactions)  :: katalysator {m}
accelerator {n} (accelerator pedal)  :: gaspedaal {n}
accelerometer {n} (instrument for measuring acceleration)  :: versnellingsmeter {m}
accent {n} (stronger articulation)  :: accent {n}, klemtoon {m}
accent {n} (orthography: mark to indicate accent)  :: accent {n}, klemtoon {m}
accent {n} (distinctive pronunciation associated with a region, social group, etc.)  :: accent {n}, tongval {m}, uitspraak {f}
accent {n} (prosody: stress on syllables of a verse)  :: accent {n}
accent {n} (music: recurring stress on a tone)  :: accent {n}
accent {n} (music: special emphasis on a tone)  :: accent {n}
accent {n} (music: rhythmical accent)  :: accent {n}
accent {n} (music: expressive emphasis of a passage)  :: accent {n}
accent {n} (math: mark to distinguish magnitudes of similar kind)  :: accent {n}, accentteken {n}
accent {n} (mark to denote feet or inches)  :: accent {n}, accentteken {n}
accent {n}  :: accent {n}
accent {v} (to emphasize)  :: accentueren, beklemtonen
accent {v} (to express the accent of) SEE: accentuate  ::
accent {v} (to mark with written accents) SEE: accentuate  ::
accent {n} (utterance) SEE: utterance  ::
accentuate {v} (to pronounce with an accent)  :: beklemtonen, accentueren
accentuate {v} (to bring out distinctly)  :: benadrukken, beklemtonen
accentuate {v} (to mark with a written accent)  :: beklemtonen
accept {v} (to receive with consent)  :: aanvaarden, accepteren
accept {v} (to agree to)  :: aanvaarden, accepteren
accept {v} (to endure patiently)  :: aanvaarden, ondergaan
accept {v} (to receive officially)  :: ontvangen, aannemen
acceptable {adj} (capable, worthy or sure of being accepted)  :: aanvaardbaar, acceptabel
access {n} (way or means of approaching)  :: toegang, toegangsweg, passage
access {n} (act of approaching or entering)  :: benadering
access {n} (right or ability of approaching or entering)  :: toegang, toegangsrecht, toelating
access {n} (admission to sexual intercourse)  :: instemming
access {n} (increase by addition)  :: toevoeging, aanwinst
access {n} (onset, attack or fit of disease)  :: toeval, aanval
access {n} (outburst of an emotion)  :: aanval, uitval
access {n} (right to visit one's child)  :: bezoekrecht {n}
access {v} (to gain or obtain access to)  :: toegang hebben (tot), bereiken, verkrijgen
access {v} (computing: to have access to (data))  :: toegang hebben (tot)
accessibility {n} (the quality of being accessible, or of admitting approach)  :: toegankelijkheid {f}
accession {n} (a coming to)  :: toetreding {f}
accessory {adj} (having a supplementary function)  :: meegeleverd, toegevoegd
accessory {adj} (assisting a crime)  :: medeplichtig
accessory {n} (that which belongs to something else deemed the principal, attachment)  :: accessoire {n}, aanhangsel {n}, toebehoren {n}
accessory {n} (clothing accessory)  :: accessoire {n}, aanhangsel {n}, toebehoren {n}
accessory {n} (contributor to an offense)  :: medeplichtige {m} {f}, handlanger {m}, handlangster {f}
accident {n} (unexpected event with negative consequences)  :: ongeluk {n}, ongeval {n}
accident {n} (chance event)  :: toeval {n}
accident {n} (transport: unintended event that causes damage)  :: ongeval {n}
accident {n} (military: unplanned event resulting in injury)  :: toevallig
accidentally {adv} (unexpectedly, unintentionally)  :: toevallig
accidentally on purpose {adv} (deliberately but seemingly accidentally)  :: per ongeluk expres
accidently {adv} (unexpectedly, unintentionally) SEE: accidentally  ::
accismus {n} (Feigning disinterest in something while actually desiring it.)  :: accismus {m}
acclaim {v} (to shout)  :: uitroepen
acclaim {v} (to shout applause)  :: juichen, applaudiseren
acclaim {v} (to applaud)  :: toejuichen, prijzen, loven
acclaim {v} (to declare by acclamations)  :: uitroepen (tot)
acclamation {n} (applause)  :: gejuich, acclamatie
acclamation {n} (election of a standby)  :: zonder hoofdelijke stemming, met algemene instemming
acclimation {n} (acclimatization) SEE: acclimatization  ::
acclimatization {n} (the act of acclimatizing)  :: acclimatisatie {f}, aanpassing {f}
acclimatize {v} (to get used to a new climate)  :: acclimatiseren
acclimatize {v} (to make used to a new climate)  :: acclimatiseren
accoil {v} (nautical sense) SEE: coil  ::
accolade {n} (a salutation marking the conferring of knighthood)  :: accolade {f}
accolade {n} ((music) a brace used to join two or more staves)  :: accolade {f}
accommodate {v} (to provide housing for)  :: onderbrengen, herbergen
accommodate {v} (to adapt to fit)  :: aanpassen, accommoderen
accommodation {n} (lodging)  :: onderkomen {n}, logies {n}, onderdak {n}
accommodation {n} (adjustment of the eye)  :: accommodatie {f}
accompaniment {n} (music: that which gives support or adds to the background)  :: begeleiding {f}
accompany {v} (to perform an accompanying part or parts in a composition)  :: begeleiden
accompany {v} (to attend as a companion)  :: vergezellen, begeleiden
accompany {v} (to perform an accompanying part next to another instrument)  :: begeleiden
accompany {v} (to keep company)  :: zich samensluiten, samenwerken
accompany {v} (obsolete: to cohabit)  :: samenwonen
accompany {v} (obsolete: to cohabit with)  :: samenwonen met
accomplice {n} (cooperator)  :: handlanger {m}
accomplice {n} (associate in the commission of a crime)  :: medeplichtige {m} {f}, handlanger {m}
accomplish {v} (to finish successfully)  :: volbrengen
accomplish {v} (to bring to an issue of full success; to effect; to perform)  :: volbrengen
accomplishable {adj} (capable of being accomplished)  :: haalbaar
accomplished {adj} (completed)  :: voldaan, voldane, voltrokken
accomplisher {n} (one who accomplishes)  :: presteerder {m}, presteerster {f}, verwezenlijker
accomplishment {n} (the act of accomplishing)  :: voltooiing {f}
accomplishment {n} (that which completes)  :: prestatie {f}
accord {n} (harmony of sounds)  :: akkoord {n}
accordance {n} (agreement; harmony; conformity)  :: overeenstemming {f}
according as {adv} (precisely as)  :: zoals, volgens
according to {prep} (based on statement)  :: volgens
according to {prep} (in proportion)  :: overeenkomstig
accordion {n} (A small, portable, keyed wind instrument)  :: accordeon {n}, harmonica {m}
accost {v} (to approach and speak to boldly or aggressively, as with a demand or request)  :: aanklampen
accoucheur {n} (man who assists women in childbirth)  :: vroedmeester {m}, vroedman {m}
account {n} (a registry of pecuniary transactions)  :: rekening {f}
account {n} (a statement of facts or occurrences)  :: verslag, verhaal
account {n} (a statement and explanation or vindication)  :: rekenschap
account {n} (an authorization to use a service)  :: account (to an electronic service)
account {n} ((archaic) reckoning, calculation)  :: rekening, berekening, telling
account {v} (credit (to)) SEE: credit  ::
account {v} (account for) SEE: account for  ::
account for {v} (to constitute in amount or portion)  :: tellen voor, meetellen voor
account statement {n} (bank statement) SEE: bank statement  ::
accountability {n} (state of being accountable)  :: verantwoordelijkheid {n}
accountable {adj} (having accountability)  :: verantwoordelijk, aansprakelijk
accountable {adj} (requiring accountability)  :: verklaarbaar
accountancy {n} (the profession of accounting)  :: boekhouden {n}
accountant {n} (a reckoner, or someone who maintains financial matters for a person(s))  :: boekhouder {m}, accountant {m}
accountant {n} (one who is skilled in, keeps, or adjusts, accounts)  :: boekhouder {m}
accountant {n} (one whose profession includes organizing, maintaining and auditing the records of another)  :: boekhouder {m}
accounting {n} (development and maintenance of system for recording and analyzing financial transactions)  :: boekhouding {f}
accounts receivable {n} (total monetary amount)  :: vordering {f}
accourage {v} (encourage) SEE: encourage  ::
accouter {v}  :: voorzien, uitdossen
accretion disk {n} (structure formed by matter falling into a gravitational source)  :: accretieschijf
accrue {v} (increase)  :: verhogen, groeien
accumulate {v} (to pile up)  :: opstapelen, vermeerderen, accumuleren
accumulate {v} (to grow in number)  :: zich opstapelen, (zich) vermeerderen, accumuleren
accumulation {n} (act of accumulating, the state of being accumulated)  :: accumulatie {f}, opstapeling {f}, opeenhoping {f}
accumulator {n} (one who or that which accumulates)  :: verzamelaar {m}
accumulator {n} (wet-cell storage battery)  :: accu {m}
accumulator {n} (hydraulics: container which stores hydraulic power for release)  :: accumulator {m}
accumulator {n} (computer science: register for holding intermediate results)  :: accumulator {m}
accuracy {n} (state of being accurate)  :: nauwkeurigheid, precisie
accurate {adj} (exact or careful conformity to truth)  :: accuraat, precies, exact, trefzeker, nauwkeurig
accurately {adv} (exactly, precisely)  :: trefzeker
accurse {v} (to devote to destruction; to imprecate misery or evil upon; to curse; to execrate; to anathematize)  :: vervloeken
accusation {n} (act of accusing or charging with a crime)  :: beschuldiging
accusative {adj} (producing accusations; accusatory)  :: beschuldigend
accusative {adj} (related to accusative case)  :: accusatief
accusative {n} (accusative case)  :: accusatief {m}, vierde naamval {m}
accusative case {n} (case used to mark the immediate object) SEE: accusative  ::
accusatory {adj} (pertaining to, or containing, an accusation)  :: beschuldigend
accuse {v} (attribute blame to someone)  :: beschuldigen
accuser {n} (one who accuses)  :: aanklager {m}, beschuldiger {m}
accustom {v} (to make familiar by use)  :: doen wennen (aan), (to accustom oneself) wennen (aan)
accustom {v} (to be wont)  :: plegen
accustom {v} (cohabit) SEE: cohabit  ::
ace {n} (card with a single spot)  :: aas {m}
ace {adj} (excellent)  :: puik
ace of spades {n} (the playing card belonging to the spades suit and featuring one pip)  :: schoppenaas {m} {n}
acedia {n} (boredom) SEE: boredom  ::
acetamide {n} (amide of acetic acid)  :: aceetamide
acetaminophen {n} (drug)  :: paracetamol {m}
acetate {n} (salt or ester of acetic acid)  :: acetaat
acetic acid {n} (clear colourless organic acid, CH3COOH)  :: azijnzuur {n}
acetone {n} (the organic compound (CH3)2CO)  :: aceton {m} {n}
acetonuria {n} (presence of acetone in the urine)  :: acetonurie
acetylcholine {n} (the neurotransmitter compound)  :: acetylcholine {m} {f}
acetylene {n} (acetylene)  :: acetyleen {n}
acetylsalicylic acid {n} (acetate ester of salicylic acid; aspirin)  :: acetylsalicylzuur {n}
ache {n} (dull pain)  :: pijn {m}
ache for {v} (to desire or want very much)  :: verlangen, smachten naar
acheilous {adj} (lipless) SEE: lipless  ::
achene {n} (small dry fruit)  :: dopvrucht
achievable {adj} (capable of being achieved)  :: haalbaar, haalbare, bereikbaar
achieve {v} (to carry out successfully; to accomplish)  :: bereiken, realiseren
achieve {v} (to obtain, or gain as the result of exertion)  :: bereiken, realiseren, verwerven, winnen, verkrijgen
achievement {n} (act of achieving or performing)  :: prestatie
achievement {n} (great or heroic deed)  :: prestatie {f}, verwezenlijking {f}
achievement {n} (a reward in video games)  :: prestatie {f}
achoo {interj} (the sound of a sneeze)  :: hatsjoe, hatsjie
acid {adj} (sour, sharp, or biting to the taste)  :: zuur
acid {adj} (sour-tempered)  :: zuur
acid {n} (a sour substance)  :: zuur {n}
acid {n} (in chemistry)  :: zuur {n}
acid {n} (LSD)  :: lsd {m} {f} {n}
acid rain {n} (unusually acidic rain)  :: zure regen
acidification {n} (the act or process of making something sour (acidifying), or changing into an acid)  :: verzuring {f}
acidify {v} (to make something acidic)  :: verzuren
acidosis {n} (abnormally increased acidity of the blood)  :: acidose {f}
acidotic {adj} (having depressed alkalinity of blood or tissue)  :: acidotisch
acknowledge {v} (to admit the knowledge of)  :: bekennen, erkennen
acknowledge {v} (to admit the claims or authority of)  :: erkennen
acknowledge {v} (to own with gratitude)  :: erkentelijk zijn, erkennen
acknowledge {v} (to notify receipt)  :: ontvangst bevestigen/melden
acknowledge {v} (to own as genuine or valid)  :: erkennen
acknowledgment {n} (act of acknowledging)  :: erkenning, bekentenis {f}
acknowledgment {n} (act of owning or recognizing in a particular character or relationship)  :: erkenning {f}
acknowledgment {n} (award)  :: toekenning {f}, erkenning {f}
acknowledgment {n} (expression of thanks)  :: erkentelijkheid {f}
acknowledgment {n} (message informing that the originator's communication has been received and understood)  :: ontvangstbevestiging {f}
acknowledgment {n} (indication of a successful receipt of a transmission)  :: ontvangstbevestiging {f}, kwitantie {f}
acknowledgment {n} (act of a man admitting a child as his own)  :: erkenning {f}
acknowledgment {n} (formal statement or document recognizing the fulfilment or execution of a legal requirement or procedure)  :: bevestiging {f}
acme {n} (the highest point)  :: hoogtepunt {n}
acne {n} (a skin condition)  :: acne {f} {m}
acne vulgaris {n} (inflammatory disease of the skin)  :: jeugdpuistjes {n-p}
acolyte {n} (in general: assistant)  :: helper
aconite {n} (herb wolfsbane)  :: monnikskap
acorn {n} (fruit of the oak tree)  :: eikel {m}
acorn-shell {n} (barnacle of the genus Balanus)  :: zeepok {m}
acoustic {adj} (pertaining to hearing or the science of sounds)  :: akoestisch, akoestische
acoustic {adj} (producing or produced without electrical amplification)  :: akoestisch, akoestische
acoustic guitar {n} (hollow-body guitar)  :: akoestische gitaar {m} {f}
acoustical {adj} (of or pertaining to hearing or acoustics)  :: akoestisch, akoestische
acoustically {adv} (in an acoustic manner)  :: akoestisch
acoustics {n} (quality of a space for doing music)  :: akoestiek {m}
acoustics {n} (physics: a science of sounds)  :: akoestiek {m}
acquaintance {n} (state of being acquainted)  :: bekendheid {f}
acquaintance {n} (person)  :: kennis {m}, bekende {m}
acquaintanceship {n} (acquaintance) SEE: acquaintance  ::
acquainted {adj} (familiar)  :: bekend
acquiescent {adj} (willing to acquiesce)  :: welwillend, inschikkelijk
acquiescent {adj} (resting satisfied or submissive)  :: weltevreden, onderdanig
acquire {v} (to get)  :: verwerven, verkrijgen
acquire {v} (to gain, usually by one's own exertions; to get as one's own)  :: verwerven, verkrijgen, opdoen
acquisition {n} (act or process of acquiring)  :: verwerving {f}
acquisition {n} (thing acquired or gained; an acquirement; a gain)  :: verworvenheid
acquit {v} (to declare not guilty, innocent)  :: vrijspreken
acquit {v} (to discharge from an obligation)  :: vrijspreken, kwijtschelden, verlossen
acquit {v} (to pay or atone for)  :: betalen, afbetalen
acquit {v} (to discharge a claim or debt)  :: afbetalen, vervullen, aflossen
acquit {v} (to clear oneself)  :: zich bevrijden
acquit {v} (to perform one’s part)  :: vervullen, zich bewijzen
acquit {v} (to release, rescue)  :: bevrijden, verlossen, vrijlaten
acrimonious {adj} (angry, acid, and sharp in delivering argumentative replies)  :: verbitterd, bitsig, gemeen, acrimonieus, venijnig, rancuneus, bits, vinnig, scherp
acrobat {n} (an athlete who performs acts requiring skill, agility and coordination)  :: acrobaat {m}
acrocyanosis {n} (acrocyanosis)  :: acrocyanose
acromegaly {n} (chronic disease marked by enlargement of the bones)  :: acromegalie {f} {m}
acronym {n} (word formed by initial letters)  :: acroniem {n}, letterwoord {n}
acrophobia {n} (fear of heights)  :: hoogtevrees [informal], acrofobie [formal]
across {prep} (on the opposite side)  :: overheen, tegenover
across {prep} (from one side to another)  :: overheen
across {prep} (perpendicularly)  :: zijdelings
across {adv} (crosswords: horizontally)  :: horizontaal
acryl {n} (univalent radical)  :: acryl
acrylamide {n} (Amide of acrylic acid)  :: acrylamide
acrylic {adj} (derived from acrylic acid or acrylonitrile)  :: acryl-
acrylic {adj} (containing an acrylic resin)  :: acryl-
acrylic {n} (paint containing an acrylic resin)  :: acryl {n}, acrylverf {f}
acrylic {n} (painting made with acrylic paint)  :: acrylverftekening {f}
acrylic {n} (acrylic resin) SEE: acrylic resin  ::
acrylic resin {n} (acrylic resin)  :: acryl {n}
act {n} (deed)  :: handeling {f}, daad
act {n} (statute)  :: wet
act {n} (process of doing)  :: handeling {f}
act {n} (division of theatrical performance)  :: akte
act {v} (to do something)  :: handelen
act {v} (to perform a theatrical role)  :: optreden (on stage), spelen (general), opvoeren (on stage), acteren (general), toneelspelen (on stage)
act {v} (to behave in a certain way)  :: gedragen, optreden
act {v} (to respond to information)  :: handelen, reageren
act {v} (to have an effect on)  :: werken
actinium {n} (chemical element)  :: actinium {n}
action {n} (something done so as to accomplish a purpose)  :: handeling {f}, actie {f}
action {n} (way of motion or functioning)  :: beweging {f}, werking {f}
action {n} (fast-paced activity)  :: actie {f}
action {n} (mechanism)  :: mechanisme {n}, werking {f}
action {n} (slang: Intercourse)  :: actie {f}
action {n} (military: combat)  :: actie {f}
action {interj} (signifying the start of something)  :: actie {f}
action figure {n} (children's toy)  :: actiefiguur {f}
action word {n} (verb) SEE: verb  ::
actions speak louder than words {proverb} (it is more effective to act than speak)  :: geen woorden maar daden; daden zeggen meer dan woorden
actions speak louder than words {proverb} (actions indicate true sentiments)  :: daden zeggen meer dan woorden
activate {v} (to put into action)  :: activeren
activate {v} (to turn on)  :: aanzetten, inschakelen
activated carbon {n} (absorbent form of finely powdered carbon)  :: actieve kool {f}
active {adj} (having the quality or power of acting)  :: actief
active voice {n} (the form in which the subject of a verb carries out some action)  :: bedrijvende vorm, actief {n}, activum {n}
active volcano {n} (active volcano)  :: actieve vulkaan {m}
activism {n} (practice of using action to achieve a result)  :: activisme {n}
activity {n} (state or quality of being active)  :: activiteit {f}, actief {f}
activity {n} (something done as an action or a movement)  :: activiteit {f}, beweging {f}, werkzaamheid {f}
activity {n} (something done for pleasure or entertainment)  :: activiteit {f}
actor {n} (person who performs in a theatrical play or film, see also: actress)  :: acteur {m}, actrice {f}, toneelspeler {m}, toneelspeelster {f}
actor {n} (plaintiff) SEE: plaintiff  ::
actress {n} (female actor, see also: actor)  :: actrice {f}
actual {adj} (existing in act or reality, not just potentially)  :: werkelijk, daadwerkelijk, effectief, reëel
actual {adj} (factual, real, not just apparent or even false)  :: echt, reëel, werkelijk
actual {adj} (in action at the time being)  :: actueel, huidig
actual {adj} (emphasise a noun)  :: eigenlijk, feitelijk
actuality {n} (the quality of being actual or factual)  :: werkelijkheid, realiteit, feit
actually {adv} (In act or in fact; really; in truth; positively)  :: eigenlijk, in werkelijkheid, feitelijk
actuarial {adj} (pertaining to actuaries)  :: actuarieel
actuarial {adj} (relating to statistical calculation)  :: actuarieel
actuary {n} (maker of insurance calculations)  :: actuaris {m}
actuate {v} (to activate; put into motion)  :: aandrijven
actuate {v} (to incite to action)  :: aanzetten
acuity {n} (sharpness or acuteness)  :: scherpte {f}
acuity {n}  :: scherpzinnigheid
acumen {n} (quickness of perception)  :: scherpzinnigheid {f}
acupuncturation {n} (acupuncture) SEE: acupuncture  ::
acupuncture {n} (insertion of needles for remedial purposes)  :: acupunctuur {f}
acute {adj} (urgent)  :: dringend, acuut
acute {adj} (sensitive)  :: scherp, gevoelig
acute {adj} (quick, short)  :: kort
acute {adj} (geometry: less than 90 deg.)  :: scherp
acute {adj} (medicine: of an abnormal condition)  :: acuut
acute {adj} (medicine: of a short-lived condition)  :: acuut
acute {adj} (orthography: having acute accent)  :: met accent aigu
acyclic {adj} (not cyclic)  :: acyclisch
ad hoc {adj} (for this particular purpose)  :: ad hoc
ad hoc {adj} (special) SEE: special  ::
ad infinitum {adv} (endlessly)  :: in oneindigheid, voor altijd, in oneindigheid, voor altijd
ad nauseam {adv} (to a sickening degree)  :: ad nauseam
adage {n} (old saying)  :: gezegde
adamant {adj} (determined; unshakeable; unyielding)  :: onbuigzaam, onvermurwbaar
adamant {n} (rock or mineral)  :: adamant
adamant {n} (magnet or loadstone) SEE: magnet  ::
adapt {v} (to make suitable)  :: aanpassen
adapt {v} (to fit by alteration)  :: aanpassen, bewerken
adapt {v} (to make by altering)  :: bewerken
adaptable {adj} (capable of adapting or of being adapted)  :: aanpasbaar
adaptation {n}  :: aanpassing {f}
adapter {n} (device allowing plug to fit in an outlet of different type)  :: reisstekker {m}, verloopstekker {m}, wereldstekker {m}
add {v} (to make an addition)  :: toevoegen
add {v} (to perform the arithmetical operation of addition, to add up)  :: optellen, bijtellen
add fuel to the fire {v} (worsen a conflict)  :: olie op het vuur gieten, opstoken
add up {v} (be reasonable or consistent) SEE: make sense  ::
adder {n} (snake)  :: adder {f}
adder {n} (viper)  :: adder {m}
adder stone {n} (stone with a naturally formed hole)  :: heksensteen {m}
addict {n} (person who is addicted, especially to a harmful drug)  :: verslaafde
addict {n} (adherent or fan)  :: fan
addiction {n} (the state of being addicted)  :: verslaving {n}, verslaafdheid {n}
addictive {adj} (tending to cause addiction)  :: verslavend
addition {n} (act of adding)  :: toevoeging {f}
addition {n} (thing added)  :: toevoeging {f}
addition {n} (arithmetic: process of adding)  :: optellen {n}, sommeren {n}
addition {n} (arithmetic: thing added)  :: optelling {f}, sommering {f}
additional {adj} (Supplemental or added to)  :: bijkomend
additionally {adv} (by way of addition)  :: aanvullend
addled {adj} (rotten (of eggs))  :: rot
address {n} (direction for letters)  :: adres {n}
address {n}  :: rede
address bar {n} (bar in a web browser that displays the address)  :: adresbalk {m}
address book {n} (small book with addresses)  :: adresboek {n}
addressee {n} (person or organization to which something is addressed or sent)  :: geadresseerde
adenitis {n} (glandular inflammation)  :: adenitis {f}
adenohypophysis {n} (the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland)  :: adenohypofyse {f}, pars distalis
adenoma {n} (benign tumour)  :: adenoom {n}
adenomatous {adj} (of or pertaining to adenoma)  :: adenomateus
adenosine {n} (nucleoside)  :: adenosine
adept {adj} (well skilled)  :: bekwaam
adept {n} (one fully skilled or well versed in anything)  :: expert, deskundige
adeptness {n} (The quality of being adept)  :: bekwaamheid
adequacy {n} (sufficiency)  :: deugdelijkheid
adequate {adj} (equal to some requirement)  :: adequaat, voldoende, deugdelijk
adhan {n} ((Islam) The call to prayer)  :: ezan
adhere {v} (To stick fast or cleave)  :: kleven, plakken
adhere {v} (To hold, be attached, or be devoted)  :: vasthouden, aanhangen
adhere {v} (To be consistent or coherent; to be in accordance; to agree)  :: samenhangen
adherence {n} (union of two objects)  :: adhesie
adherence {n} (support for a cause)  :: trouw zijn aan
adhesive tape {n}  :: plakband {m} {n}
adicity {n} (number of arguments)  :: ariteit {f}, plaatsigheid {f}
adieu {interj} (farewell, goodbye) SEE: goodbye  ::
adieu {n} (a farewell)  :: adieu
adios {interj} (goodbye) SEE: goodbye  ::
adipose tissue {n} (tissue)  :: vetweefsel {n}
adiposity {n} (obesity)  :: vetzucht {m} {f}
adjacent {adj} (lying next to, close, or contiguous; neighboring)  :: aanpalend, er naast liggend, aangrenzend, belendend, aanliggend
adjacent {adj} (just before, after, or facing)  :: aanpalend, tegenoverstaand
adjectival {adj} (functioning as an adjective)  :: bijvoeglijk, adjectivisch
adjective {adj} (methods of enforcement and rules of procedure)  :: formeel
adjective {n} ((grammar) a word that modifies a noun or describes a noun’s referent)  :: bijvoeglijk naamwoord {n}, adjectief {n}
adjective {adj} (adjectival) SEE: adjectival  ::
adjoining {adj} (being in contact at some point)  :: naburig
adjourn {v} (to postpone)  :: uitstellen, verdagen
adjourn {v} (to defer)  :: onderbreken
adjourn {v} (to end or suspend an event)  :: stopzetten, afgelasten
adjudicate {v} (to settle a legal case or other dispute)  :: berechten
adjudication {n} (judgment)  :: vonnis
adjunct {n} (appendage)  :: bepaling {f}
adjust {v} (to modify)  :: aanpassen, verstellen
adjust {v} (to improve or rectify)  :: aanpassen, herzien, verbeteren
adjustable {adj} (capable of being adjusted)  :: aanpasbaar, regelbaar
adjustment {n} (result of adjusting, small change)  :: aanpassing {c}, bijstelling {c}
ad-lib {v} (to improvise)  :: improviseren
adminicle {n} (aid) SEE: aid  ::
adminicle {n} (auxiliary) SEE: auxiliary  ::
administer {v} (to cause to take by openly offering or through deceit)  :: toedienen
administrate {v} (administer) SEE: administer  ::
administration {n} (the act of administering)  :: administratie {f}
administration {n} (the executive part of government)  :: bestuur {n}
administration {n} (the act of administering or tendering something to another)  :: toediening {f}
administrative {adj} (of or relating to administering or administration)  :: bestuurlijk, administratief
administratively {adv} (in an administrative manner)  :: bestuurlijk
administrator {n} (one who administers affairs)  :: beheerder {m}
admirable {adj} (deserving of the highest esteem or admiration)  :: bewonderenswaardig
admirably {adv} (in an admirable manner)  :: bewonderenswaardig
admirably {adv} (to an admirable degree)  :: bewonderenswaardig, wonderbaarlijk
admiral {n} (naval officer of the highest rank)  :: admiraal {m}
admiralty {n} (office or jurisdiction)  :: admiraliteit, admiraalschap
admiration {n} (adoration; appreciation)  :: bewondering {f}
admire {v} (regard with wonder and delight)  :: bewonderen, aanbidden
admirer {n} (one who admires)  :: bewonderaar {m}, bewonderaarster {f}
admissible {adj} (capable or deserving to be admitted, accepted or allowed; allowable, permissible, acceptable)  :: aannemelijk, acceptabel
admit {v} (to allow to enter; to grant entrance)  :: toelaten, binnenlaten, toegang verlenen
admit {v} (to allow (one) to enter on an office or to enjoy a privilege)  :: toestaan, toelaten
admit {v} (to concede as true)  :: toegeven, bekennen
admit {v} (to be capable of, to permit)  :: toestaan, toelaten
admonish {v} (warn or notify of a fault; exhort)  :: vermanen
ado {n} (doing; trouble; difficulty; troublesome business; fuss; bustle; as, to make a great ado about trifles)  :: gedoe {n}
adobe {n} (unburnt brick)  :: adobe, steenklei
adopt {v} (to take by choice into relationship, as, child, heir, friend, citizen)  :: adopteren, aannemen
adopt {v} (to take or receive as one's own what is not so naturally)  :: goed keuren
adoptive father {n} (man who has adopted a child)  :: adoptie vader
adorable {adj}  :: schattig, snoezig, beeldig
adore {v} (worship)  :: aanbidden, adoreren
adore {v} (love with entire heart and soul)  :: aanbidden, adoreren
adorn {v} (to make more beautiful and attractive; to decorate)  :: sieren
adposition {n} (element combining with a phrase and indicating how to interpret the phrase in the context)  :: adpositie {f}
adrenal {n} (noun sense) SEE: adrenal gland  ::
adrenal gland {n} (endocrine gland situated above the kidney)  :: bijnier {f}
adrenalitis {n} (inflammation of one or both adrenal glands)  :: adrenalitis {f}
adroit {adj} (dexterous) SEE: dexterous  ::
adult {n} (fully grown human)  :: volwassene
adult {adj} (fully grown)  :: volwassen
adult {adj} (pornographic) SEE: pornographic  ::
adulterer {n} (husband or wife who commits adultery)  :: overspelige
adultery {n} (sexual intercourse by a married person with someone other than their spouse)  :: overspel {n}
adulthood {n} (time of life)  :: volwassenheid {f}
adumbrate {v} (To give a vague outline.)  :: de contouren vluchtig schetsen
adumbrate {v} (To obscure or overshadow.)  :: overschaduwen
advance {v} (to make earlier, as an event or date; to hasten)  :: vervroegen
advance {v} (to furnish, as money or other value, before it becomes due)  :: voorschieten
advance {v} (to move forwards, to approach)  :: optrekken, benaderen
advance {n} (forward move)  :: vooruitgang {m}
advance {n} (amount of money)  :: voorschot {n}, vooruitbetaling {f}, voorschot {n}
advance {n} (opening approach)  :: avances {p}
advance guard {n} (leading unit of an army)  :: voorhoede
advanced {adj} (at or close to state of the art)  :: gevorderd
advanced {adj} (late)  :: vergevorderd
advancement {n} (state of being advanced)  :: gevorderdheid {f}, vooruitgang {m}
advantage {n} (any condition, circumstance, opportunity, or means, particularly favorable to success)  :: voordeel {n}
advantage {n} (superiority; mastery)  :: voordeel {n}, overhand
advantage {n} (superiority of state, or that which gives it)  :: voordeel {n} [used with the definite article]
advantage {n} (the score where one player wins a point after deuce)  :: voordeel {n} [used without article]
advantage {v} (to provide with an edge)  :: begunstigen, bevoordelen
adventure {n} (encountering of risks)  :: avontuur {n}
adventure {n} (remarkable occurrence)  :: avontuur {n}
adventure {n} (mercantile or speculative enterprise of hazard)  :: risico {n}, avontuur {n}
adventure {n} (that which happens without design)  :: avontuur {n}
adventure {v} (to risk)  :: wagen, riskeren
adventure {v} (to run the risk of)  :: wagen, riskeren
adventurer {n} (one who enjoys adventures)  :: avonturier {m}
adventurous {adj} (inclined to adventure)  :: avontuurlijk, ondernemend
adventurous {adj} (full of hazard)  :: avontuurlijk, gewaagd
adverb {n} (lexical category)  :: bijwoord {n}
adverbial {adj} (of or relating to an adverb)  :: bijwoordelijk
adverbial accusative {n} (noun or adjective used in the accusative case as an adverb)  :: adverbiale accusativus {m}
adverbial clause {n} (a subordinate clause that functions as an adverb within a main clause)  :: bijwoordelijke bepaling {n}
adversary {n} (opponent)  :: tegenstander {m}
adversity {n} (state of being adverse)  :: tegenspoed, tegenslag
adversity {n} (adverse event)  :: ramp {f}, tegenval {m}
advert {n} (advertisement) SEE: advertisement  ::
advert {v} (To turn attention)  :: verwijzen, aandacht vestigen op
advertently {adv} (on purpose) SEE: on purpose  ::
advertisement {n} (commercial solicitation)  :: reclame {f} {m}, advertentie {f}
advertisement {n} (public notice)  :: aankondiging {f}
advertising agency {n} (business which handles advertising)  :: reclamebureau {n}
advice {n} (opinion recommended or offered, as worthy to be followed; counsel)  :: raad {m}, advies {n}
advice {n} (information or notice given)  :: aankondiging {f}
advisable {adj} (worthy of being recommended)  :: raadzaam
advisatory {adj} (advisory) SEE: advisory  ::
advise {v} (to give advice to; to offer an opinion; to counsel; to warn)  :: adviseren, raadgeven, advies geven
advise {v} (to give information or notice to; to inform)  :: informeren, inlichten
advisedly {adv} (With intentionality; deliberately)  :: doelbewust
adviser {n} (advisor) SEE: advisor  ::
advisor {n} (one who offers advice)  :: adviseur {m}, raadgever {m} {f}
advisory {adj} (able to give advice)  :: raadgevend
advisory {adj} (containing advice)  :: raadgevend
advocaat {n} (liqueur)  :: advocaat {m}, eierlikeur {m} {f}
advocate {n} (person who argues the case of another)  :: advocaat {m}, advocate {f}, verdediger {m}, verdedigster {f}
advocate {n} (person who speaks in support of something)  :: voorstander, verdediger
advocate {v} (argue for)  :: bepleiten
advocate {v} (encourage support for)  :: aanbevelen
adze {n} (cutting tool)  :: dissel
aerial {n} (device for receiving or transmitting)  :: antenne {f}
aerobic {adj} (living or occurring only in the presence of oxygen)  :: aeroob
aerobic {adj} (involving or improving oxygen consumption by the body)  :: aeroob
aerobiology {n} (the study of the dispersion of airborne biological materials)  :: aerobiologie {f}
aerodynamic {adj} (aerodynamic)  :: aerodynamisch
aerodynamical {adj} (aerodynamic)  :: aerodynamisch
aerodynamics {n} (The science of the dynamics of bodies moving relative to gases)  :: luchtstromingsleer {f}
aerophone {n} (musical instrument)  :: aerofoon
aeroplane {n} (airplane) SEE: airplane  ::
aerosol string {n} (sprayed coloured foam)  :: serpentinespray {m}, spuitserpentine {f}
aerothorax {n} (pneumothorax) SEE: pneumothorax  ::
aesir {n} (Æsir) SEE: Æsir  ::
aesthete {n} (someone who cultivates an unusually high sensitivity to beauty, as in art or nature)  :: estheet {m}
aesthetic {adj} (concerned with beauty)  :: esthetisch
aesthetic {n} (that which appeals to the senses)  :: esthetische {n}
aesthetic {n} (the study of art or beauty) SEE: aesthetics  ::
aesthetician {n} (someone who provides beauty treatments)  :: schoonheidsspecialist {m}
aesthetics {n} (study or philosophy of beauty)  :: esthetica {f}
aetiology {n} (study of causes or origins)  :: etiologie {f}
affect {v} (to influence or alter)  :: beïnvloeden
affect {v} (to move to emotion)  :: ontroeren, emotioneren, emotioneren
affect {v} (to infect or harm)  :: aantasten
affect {v} (to make a false display of)  :: veinzen
affection {n}  :: genegenheid
affidavit {n} (legal, signed document wherein an affiant makes a sworn statement)  :: affidavit {n}, beëdigde verklaring {f}
affiliate {v} (to adopt) SEE: adopt  ::
affinity {n} (natural attraction for something)  :: welgezindheid {f}, affiniteit
affirmative {n} (answer that shows agreement or acceptance)  :: bevestigende zin {m}
affirmative action {n}  :: positieve discriminatie {m},
affirmative action {n} (advantaging minority groups who have traditionally been discriminated) SEE: reverse discrimination  ::
affirmative sentence {n} (sentence that affirms)  :: bevestigende zin {m}
affix {n} (that which is affixed)  :: affix {n}, aanhangsel {n}
affix {n} (linguistics: a bound morpheme added to a word’s stem)  :: affix {n}
affix {n} (mathematics: the complex number associated to a point)  :: affix {n}
affix {v} (to attach)  :: vastmaken aan, aanhangen
affix {n} (suffix) SEE: suffix  ::
affixoid {n} (regular word that also works as an affix)  :: affixoïde {m}
affliction {n} (a state of pain, suffering, distress or agony)  :: lijden, pijn
affliction {n} (something which causes pain, suffering, distress or agony)  :: aandoening
affluence {n} (abundance of wealth)  :: rijkdom
affluent {n} (someone wealthy)  :: rijkaard {m}
affluent {adj} (abounding in goods or riches; materially wealthy)  :: welgesteld
affluent {n} (tributary) SEE: tributary  ::
affricate {n} (sound)  :: affricaat
affront {v} (to insult intentionally, especially openly)  :: belediging {f}
afire {adj} (literally on fire)  :: in brand
aflame {adj} (in flames, on fire)  :: in brand
afoot {adv} (means of locomotion, walking)  :: te voet, lopend
afoot {adv} (in progress)  :: op til, op komst
aforementioned {adj} (previously mentioned)  :: voorgenoemde
aforementioned {n} (one or ones mentioned previously)  :: eerder vernoemde, voornoemde
afraid {adj} (impressed with fear or apprehension; in fear; apprehensive)  :: bang, bevreesd
after {adv} (behind; later in time; following)  :: na, achter
after {prep} (subsequently; following in time; later than)  :: na
after {prep} (behind)  :: achter
after {prep} (in pursuit of, seeking)  :: achter aan
after {prep} (in allusion to, in imitation of; following or referencing)  :: naar
after {prep} (next in importance or rank)  :: na
after {prep} (as a result of)  :: vanwege, door
after {prep} (in spite of)  :: ondanks
after {conj} (Signifies that the action of its clause takes place before the action of the other clause)  :: nadat
after dark {prep} (after nightfall, at night)  :: na het donker (worden), nadat de nacht gevallen is, na het vallen van de avond
afterbirth {n} (material expelled after childbirth)  :: nageboorte {f}
afterbrain {n} (part of brain)  :: merghersenen
afterdeck {n} (part of a ship's deck from amidships toward the stern)  :: achterdek {n}
afterlife {n} (life after death)  :: onderwereld, leven na de dood
aftermath {n} (that which happens after, that which follows)  :: nasleep {m}
afternoon {n} (part of the day between noon and evening)  :: namiddag {m}
afterplay {n} (acts done after finishing sex)  :: naspel {n}
aftertaste {n} (The persistence of the taste of something no longer present)  :: nasmaak {m}
afterward {adv} (afterwards) SEE: afterwards  ::
afterwards {adv} (at a later or succeeding time)  :: nadien, achteraf
again {adv} (back to a former place or state)  :: weer, weder
again {adv} (another time)  :: opnieuw, nogmaals, weer, alweer, wederom
again {adv} (used in a question to ask something one has forgotten)  :: ook al weer
against {prep} (in a contrary direction to)  :: tegen (... in)
against {prep} (close to)  :: tegen (... aan)
against {prep} (in front of; before a background)  :: tegen, voor
against {prep} (in physical contact with)  :: tegen
against {prep} (in opposition to)  :: tegen
against {prep} (in competition with)  :: tegen
against {prep} (in exchange for)  :: tegen, voor
against {prep} (as protection from)  :: tegen
against {conj} (by the time that)  :: tegen dat, totdat, voordat
agate {n} (mineral)  :: agaat
age {n} (century) SEE: century  ::
age {n} (whole duration of a being)  :: leeftijd {m}, ouderdom {m}
age {n} (one of the stages of life)  :: leeftijd {m}
age {n} (particular period of time in history)  :: tijdperk {n}, era {f}, tijd {m}, epoch {m}
age {n} (great period in the history of the Earth)  :: tijdperk {n}, era {f}
age {n} (generation, see also: generation)  :: generatie {f}
age {n} (part of the duration of a being or thing between its beginning and any given time)  :: leeftijd {m}, ouderdom {m}
age {n} (advanced period of life; latter part of life)  :: ouderdom {m}
age {n} (time of life at which one attains full personal rights and capacities)  :: volwassenheid {f}, meerderjarigheid {f}
age {v} (transitive: cause to grow old)  :: oud doen worden, doen verouderen
age {v} (intransitive: become old)  :: oud worden, verouderen
ageful {n} (eternity) SEE: eternity  ::
ageful {adj} (aged, old) SEE: elderly  ::
ageism {n} (the treating of a person or people differently from others based on assumptions or stereotypes relating to their age)  :: leeftijdsdiscriminatie {f}
agency {n} (faculty of acting or of exerting power)  :: macht, kracht
agency {n} (office of an agent, or factor)  :: bureau
agency {n} (agent) SEE: agent  ::
agenda {n} (temporally organized plan)  :: schema {n}, programma {n}, plan {n}
agenda {n} (list of matters to be taken up)  :: agenda {m}, programma {n}
agent {n} (one who exerts power)  :: agent
agent {n} (one who acts in place of another)  :: vertegenwoordiger, agent, tussenpersoon
agent {n} (active power or cause)  :: bewerker
agent {n} (grammar: performer of the action in a sentence)  :: handelend persoon
agglomeration {n} (act of collecting in a mass)  :: agglomeratie {f}
agglomeration {n} (state of being collected in a mass)  :: agglomeratie {f}
agglomeration {n} (extended city area)  :: agglomeratie {f}
agglutinative {adj} (sticky)  :: agglutinerend
agglutinative {adj} (having words derived by combining parts)  :: agglutinerend
aggravate {v} (To make worse, or more severe)  :: verergeren
aggravation {n} (act of aggravating)  :: verergering
aggregate {n} (a mass, assemblage, or sum of particulars)  :: geheel, samenstel
aggregate {n} (a mass formed by the union of homogeneous particles)  :: massa
aggregate {n} (set (mathematics))  :: complex
aggregate {n} (the full chromatic or the set of all twelve pitch classes)  :: twaalftonenreeks chromatische toonladder
aggregate {n} (solid particles of low aspect ratio added to a composite material)  :: aggregaat
aggregate {n} (any of the five aspects constituting the sentient being in Buddhism)  :: khandha
aggregate {adj} (Formed by a collection of particulars into a whole mass or sum)  :: samengesteld
aggregate {adj} (consisting or formed of smaller objects or parts)  :: samengesteld
aggregate {v} (To bring together; to collect into a mass or sum)  :: samenvoegen
aggregate {v} (To add or unite, as, a person, to an association)  :: zich verenigen
aggregate {v} (To amount in the aggregate to)  :: bedragen Zijn inkomen bedraagt 100.000 €
aggression {n} (act of initiating hostilities or invasion)  :: agressie
aggression {n} (the practice or habit of launching attacks)  :: agressie
aggressive {adj} (tending or disposed to aggress)  :: agressief
aggressively {adv} (in an aggressive manner)  :: agressief
aggressor {n} (the person or country that first attacks or makes an aggression)  :: agressor
agile {adj} (having the faculty of quick motion in the limbs)  :: beweeglijk, lenig, behendig
agility {n} (quality of being agile)  :: wendbaarheid {f}
agitation {n} (act of agitating)  :: opwinding {f}, agitatie {f}, troebelen {p}
aglet {n} (catkin) SEE: catkin  ::
aglet {n} (cover of a shoelace) SEE: aiglet  ::
agnostic {adj} (of or relating to agnosticism)  :: agnostisch
agnostic {n} (one who holds to a form of agnosticism.)  :: agnosticus
ago {adj} (past; gone by; since)  :: geleden
agogic {n}  :: agogiek
agony {n} (extreme pain of mind or body)  :: ondraaglijke pijn
agony {n} (last struggle of life)  :: doodsstrijd {m}, agonie {f}
agoraphobia {n} (fear of open spaces)  :: agorafobie
agorism {n} (philosophy that advocates the creation of a voluntaryist society through counter-economics)  :: agorisme
agouti {n} (a rodent similar in appearance to a guinea pig but having longer legs)  :: agoeti
agrammatism {n} (inability to form sentences)  :: agrammatisme {n}
agree {v} (harmonize in opinion; be in unison or concord; be united; concur)  :: overeenkomen, instemmen, overeenstemmen, toestemmen, rijmen
agreeableness {n}  :: behaaglijkheid {f}
agreement {n} (understanding to follow a course of conduct)  :: afspraak, overeenkomst, goedkeuring {f}
agreement {n} (state whereby several parties share a view)  :: overeenstemming {f}
agreement {n} (legally binding contract)  :: contract {n}
agriculture {n} (the art or science of cultivating the ground)  :: landbouw {f}
agrimony {n} (plant of the genus Agrimonia)  :: agrimonie
ague {n} (intermittent fever, attended by alternate cold and hot fits)  :: koorts
ague {n} (malaria) SEE: malaria  ::
ah {interj} (an expression)  :: ah
aha {interj} (exclamation of understanding, realization, invention, or recognition)  :: aha
ahead {adv} (in or to the front)  :: voor ons, vooruit, voorop
ahead of one's time {prep} (in advance of commonly accepted ideas)  :: zijn tijd vooruit, zijn tijd ver vooruit
ahoy {interj} (used to hail a ship, etc)  :: ahoi
aid {n} (help; succor; assistance; relief)  :: hulp, bijstand
aid {n} (a person that promotes or helps in something being done; a helper)  :: helper, assistent, hulpje
aid {n} (something which helps; a material source of help)  :: hulpmiddel
aid {n} (subsidy granted to the crown by parliament)  :: bede, aide
aid {v} (to support)  :: helpen, bijstaan
aid {n} (aide-de-camp) SEE: aide-de-camp  ::
aid and abet {v}  :: hand- en spandiensten bewijzen
aide {n} (assistant) SEE: assistant  ::
aide {n} (military: officer who acts as an assistant to a more senior one) SEE: aide-de-camp  ::
aide-de-camp {n} (military officer)  :: vleugeladjudant {m}
aidman {n} (an army medical corpsman attached to a field unit)  :: hospik {m}
aiglet {n} (tip on a ribbon or cord)  :: malie {f}, nestel {m}
ail {v} (to cause to suffer)  :: schelen, mankeren
ail {v} (to be ill)  :: ziek zijn, iets mankeren, sukkelen
ailing {adj} (sick)  :: ziek
ailment {n} (something which ails one; a disease; sickness)  :: aandoening {f}
ailurophobia {n} (irrational fear or hatred for cats)  :: ailurofobie {f}
aim {n} (point intended to be hit)  :: doel {n}
aim {n} (Intention; purpose)  :: doel {n}, oogmerk {n}, bedoeling {n}
aim {v} (to point or direct a missile weapon)  :: richten
aimless {adj} (without aim)  :: doelloos
aimlessly {adv} (without an aim)  :: doelloos
air {n} (historical: one of the basic elements)  :: lucht
air {n} (mixture of gases making up the atmosphere of the Earth)  :: lucht {f}
air {n} (sense of poise, graciousness, quality)  :: air
air {n} (pretension, snobbishness)  :: air
air {n} (informal: absence of anything)  :: leegte {f}, leemte {f}
air {v} (to bring into contact with the air)  :: luchten
air {v} (to ventilate)  :: verluchten, luchten, ventileren
air {v} (to broadcast)  :: uitzenden
air base {n} (military airport)  :: vliegbasis
air bed {n} (A bed that inflated with air)  :: luchtbed {n}
air bladder {n} (swim bladder) SEE: swim bladder  ::
air bubble {n} (a small pocket of air)  :: luchtbel {c}
air cell {n} (air pocket at the bottom end of an egg)  :: luchtkamer {f}
air conditioner {n} (a machine that is used to control temperature and humidity in an enclosed space)  :: airconditioner {m}, klimaatregelaar {m}
air conditioning {n} (the state of temperature and humidity produced by an air conditioner)  :: klimaatregeling {m}, airconditioning {m}, airco {c}
air conditioning {n} (an air conditioner or system of air conditioners)  :: klimaatregelaar {m}, airconditioning {m}
air force {n} (branch of the military devoted to air warfare)  :: luchtmacht
air gun {n} (gun that propels a projective by compressed air)  :: luchtbuks {f}, luchtgeweer {n}
air hostess {n} (female flight attendant) SEE: stewardess  ::
air pollution {n} (contamination of the atmosphere by noxious gases and particulates)  :: luchtvervuiling {f}
air pressure {n} (atmospheric pressure) SEE: atmospheric pressure  ::
air show {n} (a public display of stunt flying, aerobatics, and historical aircraft)  :: vliegshow {m}
air ticket {n} (a pass entitling the holder to travel in an aeroplane)  :: vliegticket {m}
airbase {n} (airbase) SEE: air base  ::
air-conditioned {adj} (equipped with air-conditioning)  :: geklimatiseerd, airconditioned
aircover {n} (protection by aircraft)  :: luchtdekking {m}
aircraft {n} (machine capable of atmospheric flight)  :: luchtvaartuig {n}
aircraft carrier {n} (warship for launching aircraft)  :: vliegdekschip {n}
aircraft engine {n} (engine used to propel an aircraft)  :: vliegtuigmotor {m}
aircrew {n} (team that operates an aircraft)  :: vliegtuigbemanning {m}
airdrop {n} (act of dropping goods or personnel from an aircraft by parachute)  :: dropping {m}
airdrop {v} (to drop goods or personnel from an aircraft by parachute)  :: droppen, met valschermen afwerpen
airfield {n} (place where airplanes can take off and land)  :: vliegveld {n}
airfoil {n} (wing of an aircraft) SEE: wing  ::
airfoil {n} (structure shaped to produce lift when moving in air)  :: vleugelprofiel {n}
airlift {n} (the transportation of troops)  :: luchtbrug {m} {f}
airlift {n} (a flight)  :: luchtbrug {m} {f}
airlift {v} (to transport in an airlift)  :: per luchtbrug vervoeren
airline {n} (company that flies airplanes)  :: luchtvaartmaatschappij {f}
airliner {n} (passenger aircraft)  :: passagiersvliegtuig {n}, lijnvliegtuig {n}
airlock {n} (used to provide access to and from the sealed area)  :: druksluis {f}, luchtsluis {f}
airmail {n} (the system of conveying mail using aircraft)  :: luchtpost {m} {f}, airmail {m} {f}
airmail {n} (the items of mail carried using aircraft)  :: luchtpost {m} {f}, airmail {m} {f}
airmass {n} (a body of air with uniform characteristics)  :: lucht massa
airplane {n} (powered aircraft)  :: vliegtuig {n}
airport {n} (place designated for airplanes)  :: luchthaven {f}, vlieghaven {f}
airship {n} (self-propelled lighter-than-air aircraft that can be steered) SEE: dirigible  ::
airspace {n} (controlled portion of atmosphere)  :: luchtruim {n}
airspace {n} (part of sky used by aircraft)  :: luchtruim {n}
airspace {n} (broadcasting space)  :: zendruimte, bandbreedte
airtight {adj} (being impermeable to air or other gases)  :: luchtdicht, hermetisch
airtight {adj} (having no weak points or flaws)  :: sluitend, onweerlegbaar
airtime {n} (duration of transmission)  :: zendtijd
airway {n} (windpipe) SEE: windpipe  ::
airway {n} (trachea) SEE: trachea  ::
airworthiness {n} (the state of being airworthy)  :: luchtwaardigheid {f}
aisle {n} (wing of a building, notably in a church)  :: zijbeuk, vleugel
aisle {n} (clear path through rows of seating)  :: gangpad {n}
aisle {n} (corridor in a supermarket)  :: gangpad {n}
aisle {n} (any path through obstructed space)  :: doorgang
ajar {adv} (slightly turned or opened)  :: op een kier
ajar {adj} (slightly turned or opened)  :: op een kier
akimbo {adj} (with a crook or bend; with the hand on the hip and elbow turned outward)  :: met de handen
akin {adj} (of the same kin; related by blood)  :: verwant
akin {adj} (of the same kind; similar)  :: gelijkaardig, verwant
-al {suffix} (aldehyde)  :: -al
al {n} (Indian mulberry) SEE: Indian mulberry  ::
al dente {adj} (firm)  :: al dente
al-Qaeda {prop} (The global network of militant Islamic extremists.)  :: Al Qaida
al-Quds {prop} (Jerusalem) SEE: Jerusalem  ::
alabaster {n} (variety of gypsum)  :: albast {n}
alabaster {adj} (made of alabaster)  :: albasten
alacrity {n} (eagerness)  :: bereidwilligheid
alacrity {n} (promptness)  :: vlugheid
alarm {n} (summons to arms)  :: alarmkreet {n}, oproep te wapen
alarm {n} (notice of approaching danger)  :: alarm {n}, alarmsignaal {n}
alarm {n} (sudden surprise with fear or terror)  :: alarmstemming
alarm {n} (mechanical contrivance for awaking)  :: alarm {n}, alarmklok, wekker {m}
alarm {v} (to call to arms)  :: te wapen roepen
alarm {v} (to give notice (by sound or otherwise) of approaching danger)  :: alarmeren, alarm slaan
alarm {v} (to surprise with apprehension of danger)  :: alarmeren, beangstigen
alarm {v} (to keep in excitement; to disturb)  :: alarmeren, verontrusten
alarm clock {n} (type of clock)  :: wekker {m}
alarmed {adj} (worried) SEE: worried  ::
alas {interj} (exclamation of sorrow, etc.)  :: helaas, o wee, jammer genoeg
alb {n} (a long white robe worn by priests and other ministers)  :: albe
albatross {n} (seabird)  :: albatros {m}
albatross {n} (three under par)  :: albatros {m}
albeit {conj} (despite its being; although)  :: alhoewel, hoewel, ofschoon
albino {adj} (congenitally lacking melanin)  :: albino
albino {n} (one congenitally lacking melanin)  :: albino
album {n} (book for photographs, stamps, or autographs)  :: album {n}
album {n} (phonograph record (LP))  :: album {n}
album {n} (group of audio recordings on any media)  :: album {n}
albumen {n} (white part of an egg)  :: eiwit {n}
alburn {n} (bleak) SEE: bleak  ::
alchemist {n} (one who practices alchemy)  :: alchemist {c}, alchimist {c}
alchemy {n} (ancient chemistry)  :: alchemie {f}, scheikunde {f}
alcohol {n} (organic chemistry sense)  :: alcohol {m}
alcohol {n} (intoxicating beverage)  :: alcohol {m}, alcoholische drank {m}, sterke drank {m}
alcohol-free {adj} (containing no alcohol)  :: alcoholvrij
alcoholic {n} (a person addicted to alcohol)  :: alcoholist {m}, alcoholiste {f}, alcoholicus {m}
alcoholic {adj} (of or pertaining to alcohol)  :: alcoholisch
alcoholism {n} (chronic disease)  :: alcoholisme
alcove {n} (small recessed area)  :: alkoof {f} {m}
alder {n} (any tree or shrub of the genus Alnus)  :: els {m}
alderman {n} (member of a municipal legislative body in a city or town)  :: wethouder {m}, schepen {m},
aldosteronism {n} (condition marked by excessive aldosterone secretion)  :: aldosteronisme {n}, hyperaldosteronisme {n}
ale {n} (beer produced by warm fermentation)  :: donker bier {n}
aleatory {adj} (depending on the throw of a die; random, arising by chance)  :: aleatoir, aleatorisch
alembic {n} (chemical apparatus)  :: alambiek
alethic {adj} (logic: pertaining to the modalities of truth)  :: alethisch
alexandrine {n} (line of a twelve-syllable poetic meter)  :: alexandrijn {m}
alexia {n} (word blindness)  :: alexie {f}
alfalfa {n} (Medicago sativa)  :: luzerne
alga {n} (any of many aquatic photosynthetic organisms)  :: alg {m} {f}
algae {n} (plural of alga)  :: algen {m-p} {f-p}
algebra {n} (system for computation)  :: algebra {m}, stelkunde {f}
algebraic {adj} (relating to algebra)  :: algebraïsch
algid {adj} (cold, chilly)  :: kil, koud
algorithm {n} (well-defined procedure)  :: algoritme {n}
alibi {n} (criminal legal defense)  :: alibi {n}
alien {n} (person, etc. from outside)  :: vreemdeling
alien {n} (foreigner)  :: buitenlander, allochtoon, vluchteling
alien {n} (life form of non-Earth origin)  :: buitenaards
alienate {v} (to convey or transfer)  :: vervreemden
alienate {v} (to estrange)  :: vervreemden
alienation {n} (the act of alienating)  :: vervreemden
alienation {n} (the state of being alienated)  :: vervreemd
alienation {n} (emotional isolation or dissociation)  :: vervreemding
alienist {n} (psychiatrist) SEE: psychiatrist  ::
alienist {n} (psychologist) SEE: psychologist  ::
alike {adj} (having resemblance; similar)  :: gelijk, hetzelfde
alimony {n} (a court-enforced allowance)  :: alimentatie {f}, alimentatiegeld {n}
alimony {n} (the means to support life)  :: onderhoud {n}, dagelijks brood {n}, levensonderhoud {n}
alive {adj} (having life)  :: levend
alive {adj} (in a state of action)  :: levendig
alkali {n} (class of caustic bases)  :: alkali {n}
alkane {n} (saturated hydrocarbon of formula CnH2n+2)  :: alkaan {n}
alkyne {n} (hydrocarbon containing at least one carbon-carbon triple bond)  :: alkyn
all {adv} (intensifier)  :: helemaal, totaal, alles
all {adv} (apiece)  :: elk, per stuk
all {determiner} (every individual of the given class)  :: al, alle
all {determiner} (throughout the whole of (a stated period of time))  :: heel, hele [adjective], gans de +period of time , [adjective] de ganse +period of time
all {n} (everything possible)  :: alles {n}, zich helemaal
all {pron} (everyone) SEE: everyone  ::
all {pron} (everything) SEE: everything  ::
all along {adv} (duration)  :: allang
all cats are gray at night {proverb} (all cats are grey in the dark) SEE: all cats are grey in the dark  ::
all cats are grey in the dark {proverb} (proverb)  :: bij nacht zijn alle katten grauw
all hands on deck {interj} (order)  :: alle hens aan dek
all hell breaks loose {phrase} (the situation becomes chaotic)  :: de hel breekt los
all in all {adv} (generally)  :: al met al
all right {adj} (good)  :: in orde, prima
all right {adj} (in good health)  :: in een goede gezondheid
all right {adv} (fairly well)  :: vrij goed, wel degelijk
all rights reserved {phrase} (copyright notice formula)  :: alle rechten voorbehouden
all roads lead to Rome {proverb} (different paths can take to the same goal)  :: alle wegen leiden naar Rome
all that glitters is not gold {proverb} (things that appear valuable or worthwhile might not actually be so)  :: het is niet alles goud wat er blinkt
all the best {interj} (good luck)  :: het beste
all things come to those who wait {proverb} (good things come to those who wait) SEE: good things come to those who wait  ::
all too {adv} (way too) SEE: way too  ::
allative case {n} (case used to indicate movement onto, or to the adjacency of something)  :: allatief {m}
allay {v} (To make quiet or put at rest)  :: bedaren
allegation {n} (an assertion or accusation)  :: bewering
alleged {adj} (supposed)  :: verondersteld
allegement {n} (allegation) SEE: allegation  ::
allegiance {n} (loyalty to some cause, nation or ruler)  :: trouw, getrouwheid, loyaliteit, trouwhartigheid, aanhang {m}
allergen {n} (substance)  :: allergeen {n}
allergic {adj} (pertaining to allergy)  :: allergisch
allergic {adj} (having an allergy)  :: allergisch
allergic {adj} (excessively sensitive)  :: allergisch
allergist {n} (doctor who specializes in the treatment of allergies.)  :: allergoloog {m}, allergologe {f}
allergologist {n} (physician) SEE: allergist  ::
allergology {n} (the study of the causes and treatment of allergies)  :: allergologie {f}
allergy {n} (disorder of the immune system)  :: allergie {f}
allergy {n} (hypersensitivity)  :: allergie {f}
allergy {n} (antipathy)  :: allergie {f}
alleviate {v} (make less severe)  :: milderen, temperen, verlichten, verzachten
alley {n} (narrow street)  :: doorgang {m}, steeg {f}
alliance {n} (state of being allied)  :: alliantie {f}
alliance {n} (treaty between nations)  :: alliantie {f}
allicin {n} (organic compound)  :: allicine
alligator {n} (large amphibious reptile of genus Alligator)  :: alligator {m}
alligator clip {n} (electronics connector)  :: krokodillenklem {c}, krokodillenbek {m}
allocation {n} (The process or procedure for allocating things, especially money or other resources.)  :: allocatie, toewijzing
allomorph {n} (phonological representation of a morpheme)  :: allomorf {c}
allomorphic {adj} (pertaining to allomorphism)  :: allomorfisch
allophone {n} (alternative pronunciation for a phoneme)  :: allofoon, foonvariant, stemvariant
allot {v} (to distribute)  :: verloten
allot {v} (to assign)  :: verdelen, toekennen
allotment {n} (that which is alloted)  :: lot {n}, perceel {n}
allotment {n} (plot of land)  :: moestuin {m}
allow {v} (to grant, give, admit, accord, afford, or yield; to let one have)  :: laten doen
allowance {n} (a customary deduction from the gross weight of goods)  :: toestemming
allowance {n} (a child's allowance; pocket money) SEE: pocket money  ::
alloy {n} (metal combined of more elements)  :: legering {f}
alloy {v} (mix or combine)  :: legeren
all-rounder {n} (a person who has many skills)  :: manusje van alles
all's well that ends well {proverb} (A happy ending makes up for everything that has gone before...)  :: eind goed, al goed
allure {n} (the power to attract, entice; the quality causing attraction)  :: aantrekkelijkheid
allure {v} (to attempt to draw)  :: verleiden
alluring {adj} (having to power to allure)  :: aanlokkelijk
allusion {n} (indirect reference, hint)  :: allusie {f}, toespeling {f}, zinspeling {f}
ally {n} (one united to another by treaty or league)  :: bondgenoot {m}, bondgenote {f}
ally {n} (anything associated with another as a helper)  :: bondgenoot {m}, bondgenote {f}
almighty {adj} (unlimited in might)  :: almachtig
almond {n} (nut)  :: amandel {f}
almond {n} (tree)  :: amandelboom {m}
almond {adj} (resembling the colour of an almond nut)  :: amandelkleurig
almond paste {n} (paste made from ground almonds and sugar in equal quantities)  :: amandelspijs {f} {m}, spijs {f} {m}, amandelpers {f} {m}
almoner {n} (person who distributes alms)  :: aalmoezenier {m}
almost {adv} (very close to)  :: bijna, nagenoeg, vrijwel, zo goed als
almost doesn't count {proverb} (near success (or correctness) is not deemed success (or correctness))  :: bijna telt niet
alms {n} (something given to the poor as charity)  :: aalmoes {f}
aloe {n} (plant of the genus Aloe)  :: aloë
aloha {interj} (hello) SEE: hello  ::
aloha {interj} (goodbye) SEE: goodbye  ::
alone {adv} (by oneself)  :: alleen
alone {adv} (without outside help)  :: alleen
along {prep} (by the length of; in a line with the length of; lengthwise next to)  :: langs
along {prep} (in a line with, with a progressive motion on; onward on; forward on)  :: langs
along {adv} (in company, together)  :: mee
along {adv} (onward, forward)  :: door
alongside {prep} (together with or at the same time)  :: aan de zijde van
aloof {adv} (at or from a distance)  :: apart, afstandelijk
aloof {adv} (without sympathy)  :: afstandelijk, negatief
aloof {adj} (reserved and remote; either physically or emotionally distant)  :: gereserveerd, afstandelijk, terughoudend
aloofness {n} (the state of being aloof)  :: afstandelijkheid {f}, gereserveerdheid {f}
alopecia {n} (baldness) SEE: baldness  ::
alpaca {n} (camelid animal of the Andes)  :: alpaca {m}
alpenglow {n} (a reddish glow seen near sunset or sunrise on the summits of mountains)  :: alpengloei {m}, alpengloeien {n}
alpha {n} (name of the letter Α, α)  :: alfa {m} {f}
alpha male {n} (dominant male animal)  :: alfamannetje {n}
alpha privative {n} (the prefix a- expressing negation or absence)  :: privatieve a {f}, alpha privativum {n}
alpha radiation {n} (radiation of alpha particles)  :: alfastraling {f}
alphabet {n} (an ordered set of letters used in a language)  :: ABC {n}, alfabet {n}
alphabetic {adj} (alphabetical) SEE: alphabetical  ::
alphabetical {adj} (pertaining to the alphabet)  :: alfabetisch
alphabetical {adj} (in the sequence of the letters of the alphabet)  :: alfabetisch
alphabetically {adv} (arranged in the sequence of the alphabet)  :: alfabetisch
alphanumeric {adj} (consisting of letters and numbers)  :: alfanumeriek
alphanumerical {adj} (alphanumeric) SEE: alphanumeric  ::
alphorn {n} (musical instrument)  :: alpenhoorn {m}
alpine chough {n} (alpine chough)  :: alpenkauw {m}
alpine skiing {n} (sport)  :: alpineskiën {n}
already {adv} (prior to some time)  :: al, reeds, alreeds
also {adv} (in addition; besides; as well; further; too)  :: ook, eveneens [formal], tevens [formal]
also known as {adv} (used to introduce an alternative name) SEE: AKA  ::
altar {n} (flat-topped structure used for religious rites)  :: altaar {n}
altar boy {n} (A boy serving as an acolyte)  :: misdienaar {c}
altercation {n} (dispute)  :: woordenwisseling, dispuut
alterity {n} (otherness)  :: anders zijn
alternate {adj} (other; alternative)  :: alternatief
alternate {n} (substitute)  :: plaatsvervanger {m}
alternately {adv} (succeding by turns)  :: beurtelings
alternating {adj} (such that it alternates)  :: wissel- , afwisselend
alternating current {n} (electric current that reverses direction periodically)  :: wisselstroom {f}
alternation {n} (ablaut) SEE: ablaut  ::
alternative {adj} (Relating to a choice)  :: alternatief
alternator {n} (an electric generator which produces alternating current)  :: alternator, wisselstroomgenerator
although {conj} (in spite of the fact that)  :: hoewel, alhoewel, ofschoon
although {conj} (but)  :: hoewel, maar
altimeter {n} (an apparatus for measuring altitude)  :: hoogtemeter {m}
altitude {n} (absolute height)  :: hoogte
altitude {n} (distance measured upwards)  :: hoogte
altitude {n} (distance measured perpendicularly from a figure's vertex to the opposite side of the vertex)  :: hoogte
altitude {n} (distance measured angularly of a heavenly body)  :: hoogte
alto {n} (musical part)  :: alt
alto {n} (person or instrument)  :: alt
altogether {adv} (without exception; wholly; completely)  :: zonder uitzondering , geheel, totaal
altogether {adv} (on the whole; everything considered)  :: al met al, kortom
altoist {n} (1. someone who plays an alto instrument)  :: altist {m}
altophobia {n} (acrophobia) SEE: acrophobia  ::
altruism {n} (policy that benefits others' interests)  :: altruïsme {n}, onbaatzuchtigheid {f}
altruistic {adj} (regardful of others; beneficent; unselfish)  :: altruïstisch
aluminium {n} (silvery metal)  :: aluminium {n}
aluminum {n} (aluminium) SEE: aluminium  ::
always {adv} (at all times)  :: altijd, immer, altoos, steeds
always {adv} (constantly during a certain period, or regularly at stated intervals)  :: steeds, altijd, telkens
a.m. {adv} (before noon)  :: 's morgens, 's ochtends
amalgamation {n} (The process of amalgamating)  :: [formal] amalgamatie, vermenging {f}, versmelting {f}
amalgamation {n} (The result of amalgamating)  :: mengsel {n}, mix {m}
amalgamation {n} (The production of an alloy of mercury)  :: legering {f}
amanita {n} (mushroom of the genus Amanita)  :: vliegenzwam {m} {f}
amanuensis {n} (one employed to take dictation)  :: kopïist, schrijver op dictaat, secretaris
amanuensis {n} (a clerk, secretary or stenographer)  :: stenograaf
amaranth {n} (herb)  :: amarant {m}
amaranth {n} (color/ dye)  :: amarant {m}
amaretto {n} (a sweet almond-flavoured liqueur)  :: amaretto {m}
amateur {n} (person attached to a pursuit without pursuing it professionally)  :: amateur {m} {f}
amateur {n}  :: niet-professioneel
amazement {n} (the condition of being amazed; overwhelming wonder, as from surprise, sudden fear)  :: verwondering
amazing {adj} (very good) SEE: good  ::
amazing {adj} (causing wonder and amazement)  :: wonderbaarlijk, prachtig, verbluffend
amazingly {adv} (wonderfully)  :: geweldig
amazingly {adv} (difficult to believe)  :: verbazingwekkend
amazingly {adv} (to a wonder-inspiring extent)  :: opvallend
amœba {n} (amoeba) SEE: amoeba  ::
ambarella {n} (tree)  :: ambarella
ambassador {n} (minister)  :: ambassadeur {m}
ambassador {n} (representative)  :: gezant {m}, ambassadeur {m}
amber {n} (fossil resin)  :: barnsteen {m} {n}
amber {n} (colour)  :: barnsteengeel {n}, barnsteenkleur {f}, amber {n}
amber {n} (traffic light colour)  :: oranje {n}
amber {adj} (of a brownish yellow colour)  :: amberkleurig, amberkleurige
amber {n} (ambergris) SEE: ambergris  ::
amber seed {n}  :: bisamkorrel {m}, amberzaad {n}, muskuszaad {n}
ambergris {n} (waxy substance produced by sperm whales)  :: amber
ambigram {n} (design that reads as the same word or phrase in two different orientations)  :: ambigram
ambiguity {n} (something liable to more than one interpretation)  :: dubbelzinnigheid {f}, ambiguïteit {f}
ambiguous {adj} (open to multiple interpretations)  :: meerduidig, dubbelzinnig, ambigu
ambiguous {adj} (vague and unclear)  :: vaag, onduidelijk, ambigu
ambition {n} (desire)  :: eerzucht {m} {f}
ambitious {adj} (possessing, or controlled by, ambition)  :: eerzuchtig, ambitieus
ambitious {adj} (strongly desirous)  :: eerzuchtig
ambivalence {n} (coexistence of opposing attitudes)  :: ambivalentie
ambivalent {adj} (experiencing or expressing opposing feelings)  :: ambivalent, ambivalente
amble {v} (to stroll or walk slowly and leisurely)  :: slenteren
ambrosia {n} (food of gods or delicious foods)  :: ambrozijn, godenbrood {n}
ambulance {n} (emergency vehicle)  :: ziekenwagen {m}, ambulance {m}
ambulatory {adj} (Of, relating to, or adapted to walking)  :: ambulant
ambulatory {n}  :: ambulant, ambulante
ambush {n} (a disposition or arrangement of troops for attacking an enemy unexpectedly from a concealed station)  :: hinderlaag {m} {f}
ambush {n} (a concealed station)  :: hinderlaag {m} {f}
ameliorate {v} (to make better)  :: verbeteren, amelioreren
amen {adv} (so be it)  :: amen
amen {adv} (truly, verily)  :: amen
amen {adv}  :: amen
amen {interj} (expression of strong agreement)  :: amen, amen en uit
amen {n}  :: amen, beaming
amenable {adj} (Willing to respond to persuasion or suggestions)  :: aanspreekbaar, gevoelig, toegankelijk}
amend {v} (to make better)  :: verbeteren, corrigeren, aanpassen
amend {v} (to become better)  :: verbeteren
amend {v} (to make a formal alteration)  :: amenderen
amenity {n} (pleasantness)  :: geriefelijkheid, aangenaamheid
amenity {n} (something that makes life easier or more pleasant)  :: voorziening
amenity {n} (unit of community infrastructure)  :: faciliteit
amenorrhoea {n} (lack of a menstrual period)  :: amenorroe
amerce {v} (to make an exaction) SEE: punish  ::
amerce {v} (to impose a fine on) SEE: fine  ::
americium {n} (chemical element with atomic number 95)  :: americium {n}
amethyst {n} (gem)  :: amethist {m}
amicable {adj} (showing friendliness or goodwill)  :: goedhartig, vriendelijk
amid {prep} (surrounded by)  :: te midden van
amigo {n} (friend) SEE: friend  ::
amino acid {n} (any organic compound containing amino and carboxylic acid)  :: aminozuur {n}
amino acid {n} (any of the twenty α-amino acids)  :: aminozuur {n}
aminoacyl {n} (class of organic radicals)  :: aminoacyl
amiss {adj} (wrong) SEE: wrong  ::
ammeter {n} (device that measures an electric current)  :: stroommeter {m}, ampèremeter {m}
ammonia {n} (the compound NH3)  :: ammoniak {m}
ammonium chloride {n} (NH4Cl)  :: salmiakzout {n}, salmiak {m} {f}
ammunition {n} (articles used in charging firearms)  :: ammunitie, munitie, schietvoorraad
amnesia {n} (loss of memory)  :: amnesie {f}
amnesty {n} (forgetfulness)  :: amnestie {f}
amnesty {n} (act of the sovereign power)  :: amnestie {f}
amnion {n} (innermost membrane of the fetal membranes of reptiles, birds, and mammals)  :: amnion {n}
amoeba {n} (member of a genus of unicellular protozoa)  :: amoebe {f}
among {prep} (mingling or intermixing)  :: tussen, onder
among other things {adv} (inter alia) SEE: inter alia  ::
amongst {prep} (Used to denote a mingling or intermixing)  :: tussen, onder
amorous {adj} (inclined to love)  :: amoureus
amorous {adj} (of or relating to, or produced by, love)  :: amoureuze
amorous {adj} (affected with love)  :: verliefd
amorphous {adj} (lacking a definite form or clear shape)  :: vormeloos, amorf
amorphous {adj} (lacking organization or unity)  :: ongestructureerd
amorphous {adj} (physics: in the non-crystalline state of solid)  :: amorf
amount {n} (number of elements in a set) SEE: number  ::
amount {n} (total or sum of items)  :: hoeveelheid {f}, bedrag {n}, saldo {n}
amount {n} (quantity or volume)  :: hoeveelheid {f}
amount {v} (to total or evaluate)  :: bedragen, komen op, uitkomen op
amperage {n} (electric current) SEE: current  ::
ampere {n} (unit of electrical current)  :: ampère
ampersand {n} (the symbol &)  :: en-teken (also et-teken), ampersand
ampersat {n} (at sign) SEE: at sign  ::
amphetamine {n} (amphetamine)  :: amfetamine {f}
amphibian {n} (vertebrate)  :: amfibie {m}
amphibious {adj}  :: amfibisch
amphora {n} (type of jar)  :: amfoor {m} {f}
amphoteric {adj} (having the characteristics of both an acid and a base)  :: amfoteer
ample {adj} (fully sufficient; abundant)  :: overvloedig, abondant, rijkelijk voorhanden
amplitude {n} (magnitude)  :: omvang {m}
amplitude modulation {n} (method of sending information)  :: amplitudemodulatie
ampoule {n} (small glass vial hermetically sealed)  :: ampul {f}
amputate {v} (To surgically remove a body part)  :: afzetten, amputeren
amputee {n} (person who has had one or more limbs removed)  :: geamputeerde
amulet {n} (protective charm)  :: amulet
amuse {v} (to entertain or occupy in a pleasant manner)  :: zich amuseren
amuse {v} (to cause laughter)  :: amuseren
amusement {n} (entertainment)  :: amusement {n}, vertier {n}
amusement park {n} (commercially-operated collection of rides, games and other entertainment attractions)  :: pretpark {n}, attractiepark {n}
amylase {n} (enzyme, present in saliva, that breaks down carbohydrates such as starch)  :: amylase
amylum {n} (amylum) SEE: starch  ::
amyotrophic lateral sclerosis {n} (disease)  :: amyotrofische laterale sclerose {f}
an {article} (indefinite article)  :: een
an axe to grind {n} (a grievance, with implications of confrontation)  :: een appeltje te schillen
anabolism {n} (the constructive metabolism of the body)  :: anabolisme {n}
anachronistic {adj} (erroneous in date)  :: anachronistisch
anaconda {n} (any of various large nonvenomous snake of the genus Eunectes)  :: anaconda
anacrusis {n} ((music) an unstressed note (or notes) before the first strong beat of a phrase)  :: opmaat
anagram {n} (word or phrase created by rearranging letters from another word or phrase)  :: anagram, letterkeer
anal cleft {n} (groove between buttocks) SEE: gluteal cleft  ::
anal sex {n} (sex involving the anus)  :: anale seks {m}
analemma {n} (curve of the Sun's position in the sky throughout the year)  :: analemma {n}
analgesic {n} (medicine that reduces pain)  :: pijnstiller {m}
anally {adv} (Involving the anus)  :: anaal
analog {adj} (represented by a continuously variable physical quantity)  :: analoog
analogous {adj} (having analogy; corresponding to something else)  :: analoog, analoge
analogue {n} (analog) SEE: analog  ::
analogy {n} (relationship of resemblance or equivalence)  :: analogie {f}
analphabetism {n} (analphabetism)  :: analfabetisme {n}
analysis {n} (decomposition into components in order to study)  :: analyse {f}, ontleding {f}
analysis {n} (in mathematics)  :: analyse {f}
analysis {n} (chemistry: process of breaking down a substance or the result of this process)  :: analyse {f}
analyst {n} (person who analyses)  :: analist {m}, analiste {f}
analyst {n} (psychoanalysis practitioner)  :: psycho-analist {m}, psycho-analiste {f}
analyst {n} (systems analyst) SEE: systems analyst  ::
analyze {v} (to subject to analysis)  :: analyseren
anamnesis {n} (medical history of a patient)  :: anamnese
ananas {n} (pineapple) SEE: pineapple  ::
anaphor {n} (expression referring to other)  :: anafoor {f}, anafora {f}
anaphora {n} (repetition of a phrase used for emphasis)  :: anafoor {f}, anafora {f}
anaphora {n} (linguistics: expression that refers to another expression)  :: anafoor {f}, anafora {f}
anaphylactic shock {n} (severe allergic reaction)  :: anafylactische shock {m}
anaphylaxis {n} (severe and rapid systemic allergic reaction to an allergen)  :: anafylaxie
anarchic {adj} (relating to anarchy)  :: anarchistisch
anarchic {adj} (chaotic, without law or order)  :: anarchistisch
anarchical {adj} (anarchic) SEE: anarchic  ::
anarchism {n} (belief that proposes the absence and abolition of government in all forms)  :: anarchisme
anarchist {n} (believer in anarchism)  :: anarchist {m}
anarchist {n} (nihilist)  :: anarchist {m}, nihilist {m}
anarcho-capitalism {n} (philosophy that advocates the elimination of the state and a self-regulating free market)  :: anarchokapitalisme {n}
anarcho-syndicalism {n} (A branch or field of anarchy that focuses on the abolition of capitalism)  :: anarchosyndicalisme
anarchy {n} (absence of any form of political authority or government)  :: anarchie {f}, regeringsloosheid {f}
anarchy {n} (political disorder and confusion)  :: anarchie {f}
anathema {n} (ban or curse)  :: banvloek, vervloeking
anathema {n} (imprecation)  :: vervloeking, verwensing
anatomy {n} (art of studying the different parts of any organized body)  :: anatomie
ancestor {n} (one from whom a person is descended)  :: voorouder {m}
ancestor {n} (an earlier type)  :: voorloper {m}
ancestor worship {n} (veneration of the spirits of one’s ancestors)  :: voorouderverering {f}, vooroudercultus {m}, manisme {n}
ancestry {n} (condition as to ancestors)  :: voorouders, afstamming
anchor {n} (tool to moor a vessel into sea bottom)  :: anker {n}
anchor {v} (to hold an object to a fixed point)  :: het anker uitwerpen, verankeren, ankeren
anchor {v} (to provide emotional stability)  :: houvast bieden
anchor {v} (to perform as a TV anchorman)  :: een TV programma coördineren, bij mekaar praten
anchorage {n} (place for anchoring)  :: rede, ree
anchorite {n} (one who lives in seclusion)  :: kluizenaar {m}, heremiet {m}, anachoreet {m}
anchorman {n} (TV host)  :: nieuwslezer {m}, nieuwsanker {m}
anchovy {n} (small saltwater fish)  :: ansjovis {m}
ancient {adj} (having lasted from a remote period)  :: antiek, oeroud
ancient {adj} (existent or occurring in time long past)  :: eeuwenoud, oeroud, eertijds, weleers
ancient {adj}  :: antiek, oeroud
ancillary {adj} (subordinate, secondary, auxiliary, accessory)  :: ondergschikt, ondersteunend, ondersteunend
and {conj} (used to connect two similar words, phrases, et cetera)  :: en
and {conj} (used at the end of a list to indicate the last item)  :: en
and how {phrase} (strong confirmation of preceding)  :: en hoe!
and so forth {phrase} (indicating a list continues similarly)  :: en zo voorts, enzovoorts, enzovoort, enz.
and so on {phrase} (indicating a list continues) SEE: and so forth  ::
and then some {phrase} (confirming preceding)  :: en nog wat
and/or {conj} (inclusive "or")  :: en/of
androgynous {adj} (possessing qualities of both sexes)  :: tweeslachtig, androgyn, hermafrodiet
android {n} (robot with human form)  :: androïde {m}
android {adj} (possessing human qualities)  :: androïde {m}
andrologist {n} (person who studies andrology)  :: androloog, mannenarts
androsexual {adj} (sexually attracted to men)  :: androseksueel
androsexual {n} (a androsexual organism)  :: androseksueel {m} {f}
androsexuality {n} (sexual orientation)  :: androseksualiteit {f}
anecdote {n} (short account of an incident)  :: anekdote {f}
anechoic {adj} (anechoic)  :: galmvrij, echovrij, anechoïsch
anemia {n} (medical condition with decreased oxygen transport)  :: anemie {f}, bloedarmoede {f} {m}
anemia {n} (disease of condition with anemia as symptom)  :: anemie {f}
anemic {adj} (of or pertaining to anemia)  :: anemisch
anemone {n} (any plant of genus anemone)  :: anemoon
anesthetize {v} (administer anesthesia)  :: verdoven
aneurysm {n} (abnormal blood-filled swelling)  :: aneurysma {n}, aderverwijding {f}
aneurysmatic {adj} (of, pertaining to, or causing aneurysms)  :: aneurysmatisch
anew {adv} (again)  :: opnieuw
anfractuosity {n} (a winding channel or crevice)  :: kronkel, breuklijn
anfractuosity {n} (one of the fissures (sulci) separating the convolutions of the brain)  :: hersenkronkel
angel {n} (messenger from a deity)  :: engel
angel {n} (in Christian angelology, the lowest order of angels)  :: engel
angel {n} (selfless person)  :: engel {m}
angel of death {n} (personification of death in fiction and in art)  :: engel des doods {m}
angel shark {n} (a member of the unusual genus Squatina of sharks)  :: zee-engel
angelic {adj} (belonging to, proceeding from, or resembling an angel)  :: engelachtig
angelica {n} (plants of genus Angelica)  :: engelwortel {m}
angelical {adj} (resembling, characteristic of, an angel) SEE: angelic  ::
angelology {n} (study of angels)  :: angelologie
anger {n} (A strong feeling of displeasure, hostility or antagonism towards someone or something)  :: boosheid, woede
anger management {n} (ability to control temperament)  :: woedebeheersing, agressiebeheersing
angina {n} (angina pectoris) SEE: angina pectoris  ::
angina pectoris {n} (intermittent chest pain)  :: angina pectoris
angioedema {n} (swelling of the lower layers of the skin or of other tissues)  :: angio-oedeem {n}
angiopathy {n} (any disease of the blood vessels)  :: angiopathie {f}
angklung {n} (instrument)  :: angkloeng
angle {n} (geometrical figure)  :: hoek {m}
angle {n} (measure of such a figure)  :: hoek {m}
angle {n} (corner where two walls intersect)  :: hoek {m}
angle {n} (viewpoint)  :: invalshoek {m}, standpunt {n}
angle {v} (to fish with hook and line)  :: hengelen
angle bracket {n} (type of bracket)  :: hoekanker {n}
angle grinder {n} (power tool)  :: haakse slijper
anglicise {v} (make English)  :: verengelsen
anglicise {v} (become English)  :: verengelsen
anglicism {n} (word or other feature borrowed from English to another language)  :: anglicisme {n}
anglicism {n} (Briticism) SEE: Briticism  ::
angry {adj} (displaying anger)  :: kwaad, boos
angst {n} (feeling of acute anxiety or apprehension)  :: angst
angstrom {n} (A very small unit of length, 10-10 m)  :: ångström
anguish {n} (extreme pain)  :: doodsangst {m}, agonie {f}, doodsstrijd {m}, hevig lijden, martelgang
anguish {v} (suffer pain)  :: lijden
anguish {v} (cause to suffer pain)  :: martelen
angular acceleration {n} (rate of change of angular velocity)  :: hoekversnelling {f}
angular momentum {n} (angular momentum)  :: impulsmoment
angular velocity {n} (angle turned in a given time)  :: hoeksnelheid {f}
anhedonia {n} (inability to feel pleasure)  :: anhedonie
anhimid {n} (screamer) SEE: screamer  ::
anilingus {n} (form of oral sex)  :: anilingus, rimmen, baffen
animal {n} (organism)  :: dier {n}, beest {n}
animal {n} (person who behaves wildly)  :: beest {n}
animal {adj} (of animals)  :: dierlijk, dierlijke
animal magnetism {n} (magnetic fluid or ethereal medium said to reside in the bodies of animate beings)  :: magnetiseur
animal rights {n} (concept that animals are entitled to certain fundamental rights)  :: dierenrechten {p}
anime {n} (an animated work originated in Japan)  :: anime
animosity {n} (violent hatred leading to active opposition; active enmity; energetic dislike)  :: verbittering {f}
anisakiasis {n} (infection with Anisakis worms)  :: haringwormziekte {f}, anisakiasis {f}
anise {n} (plant)  :: anijs {m}
anise {n} (fennel) SEE: fennel  ::
aniseed {n} (the seed-like fruit of the anise)  :: anijszaad {n}
anisotropy {n} (the property of being directionally dependent)  :: anisotropie
ankle {n} (joint between foot and leg)  :: enkel {m}
ankle bracelet {n} (anklet) SEE: anklet  ::
anklebone {n} (the talus)  :: sprongbeen
anklet {n} (a bracelet at the ankle)  :: enkelband {m}
annals {n} (a relation of events)  :: annalen {p}
annals {n} (historical records; chronicles)  :: annalen {p}, jaarboeken {p}
annealing {n} (act of heating solid metal or glass)  :: gloeien
annex {n} (addition, an extension)  :: bijlage {f}
annex {n} (appendix)  :: aanhangsel {n}
annex {n} (addition or extension to a building)  :: uitbouw {m}
annex {v} (to add something to another, to incorporate into)  :: annexeren, inlijven
annex {n} (addition of territory) SEE: annexation  ::
annexation {n} (addition or incorporation of something)  :: annexatie {f}
annihilate {v} (to reduce to nothing, to destroy, to eradicate)  :: vernietigen
anniversary {n} (day an exact number of years since an event)  :: jubileum {n}
anno Domini {n} (in the year of our Lord) SEE: Anno Domini  ::
annosity {n} (fullness of years)  :: ouderdom {m}
announce {v} (to give public notice, or first notice of)  :: aankondigen, declareren, verkonden [archaic], verkondigen
announce {v} (to pronounce; declare by judicial sentence)  :: declareren, verklaren, uitspreken
announcement {n}  :: aankondiging {f}
announcer {n} (TV or radio announcer)  :: omroeper {m}
annoy {v} (to disturb or irritate)  :: ergeren, vervelen
annoying {v} (causing irritation or annoyance; troublesome; vexatious)  :: vervelend
annual {adj} (happening once a year)  :: jaarlijks, jaarlijkse
annual aberration {n} (deviation due to the Earth's orbital motion)  :: jaarlijkse aberratie {m}
annually {adv} (once every year)  :: jaarlijks
annuity {n} (right to receive amounts of money regularly)  :: lijfrente {f}, lijfrenteverzekering {f}
annul {v} (formally revoke the validity of)  :: annuleren
annul {v} (dissolve (a marital union))  :: ontbinden, annuleren
annulment {n} (act or instance of annulling)  :: tenietdoening {f}, annulatie {f}, annullering, herroeping {f}, annulering {f}
annulment {n} (invalidation; declaration of something as being invalid)  :: vernietiging {f}, nietigverklaring {f}
annulment {n} (legal invalidation of a marriage)  :: ontbinding, nietigverklaring {f} (van een huwelijk)
annulment {n} (total destruction)  :: vernietiging {f}
anoa {n} (a small Indonesian water buffalo)  :: anoa
anoda {determiner} (another) SEE: another  ::
anoint {v} (to smear or rub over with oil or an unctuous substance)  :: zalven
anoint {v} (to apply oil to or to pour oil upon)  :: zalven
anomalistic {adj} (irregular) SEE: irregular  ::
anomalistic {adj} (anomalous) SEE: anomalous  ::
anomalous {adj} (deviating from the normal)  :: abnormaal
anomaly {n} (deviation from norm)  :: afwijking, anomalie, abnormaliteit
anomaly {n} (something or someone that is strange or unusual)  :: rariteit, onregelmatigheid
anomaly {n} (science: any event, big or small, out of the ordinary)  :: anomalie {f}
anomaly {n} (dated: an irregularity or inconsistency)  :: anomalie {f}, onregelmatigheid {f}
anomaly {n} (biological defect or malformation)  :: afwijking, anomalie, misvorming
anomie {n} (alienation or social instability)  :: anomie {f}, wetteloosheid {f}
anonymity {n} (the quality or state of being anonymous)  :: anonimiteit {f}
anonymous {adj} (wanting a name, not named and determined)  :: naamloos, onbenoemd
anonymous {adj} (without any name (of responsible agent) acknowledged)  :: naamloos, anoniem
anonymous {adj} (of unknown name; whose name is withheld)  :: naamloos, anoniem
anopia {n} (medical condition)  :: anopsie, anopsia, anopie, anopia
anorexia {n} (anorexia nervosa) SEE: anorexia nervosa  ::
anorexia {n} (loss of appetite)  :: anorexie
anorexia nervosa {n} (disorder)  :: anorexia nervosa
anosognosia {n} (inability of a person to recognize personal defects)  :: anosognosie {f}
another {determiner} (one more, in addition to a former number)  :: nog een
another {determiner} (not the same; different)  :: een andere
anoxia {n} (condition in which a tissue or environment is totally deprived of oxygen)  :: anoxie {f}
answer {n} (response)  :: antwoord {n}
answer {v} (to make a reply or response to)  :: antwoorden
answer {v} (to respond to a call)  :: beantwoorden
answer {v} (to suit a need or purpose satisfactorily)  :: beantwoorden
answering machine {n} (device that automatically records voice mail)  :: antwoordapparaat
answerphone {n} (answering machine) SEE: answering machine  ::
ant {n} (insect)  :: mier {f}
anteater {n} (mammal)  :: miereneter {m}
antebrachium {n} (forearm) SEE: forearm  ::
antecedent {adj} (earlier in time or order)  :: voorafgaand, vroeger
antecedent {n} (any thing that precedes another thing)  :: antecedent {n}, voorafgaande {n}
antecedent {n} (ancestor)  :: voorouder {c}
antecedent {n} (word, phrase or clause referred to by a pronoun)  :: antecedent {n}
antecedent {n} (conditional part of a hypothetical proposition)  :: antecedent {n}
antedate {v} (To assign a date earlier than the actual date; to backdate)  :: antedateren
antediluvian {adj} (extremely ancient or antiquated; old; prehistoric)  :: antiek, prehistorisch
antediluvian {adj} (extremely dated)  :: zeer ouderwets
antediluvian {adj} (pertaining or belonging to the time period prior to a great or destructive flood or deluge)  :: antediluviaal, behorend tot de tijd voor de zondvloed
antelope {n} (mammal of the family Bovidae)  :: antilope
antenna {n} (feeler organ)  :: voelspriet {f}
antenna {n} (device to receive or transmit radio signals) SEE: aerial  ::
antepenultimate {adj} (two before the last)  :: derdelaatste
anterior {adj} (before or earlier in time)  :: anterieur
anterior chamber {n} (space between cornea and iris)  :: voorste oogkamer {f}
anterograde amnesia {n} (inability to remember new information)  :: anterograde amnesie {f}
anthelmintic {adj} (destructive to parasitic intestinal worms)  :: wormdodend, ontwormend
anthem {n} (national anthem)  :: volkslied {n}
anthem {n} (hymn of praise or loyalty)  :: strijdlied {n}
anthology {n} (collection of literary works)  :: bloemlezing {f}
anthrax {n} (disease)  :: miltvuur
anthropologic {adj} (anthropological) SEE: anthropological  ::
anthropological {adj} (relating to anthropology)  :: antropologisch
anthropologically {adv} (in a manner which pertains to anthropology)  :: antropologisch
anthropologist {n} (one who is versed in anthropology)  :: antropoloog {m}
anthropology {n} (the study of humanity)  :: antropologie {f}
anthropomorphic {adj} (having the form of a person)  :: antropomorfisch
anthropomorphic {adj} (given human attributes)  :: antropomorfisch
anthroposophy {n} (a spiritual philosophy)  :: antroposofie {f}
anti- {prefix} (anti-)  :: anti-
anti-European {adj} (opposing European integration and the European Union)  :: anti-Europees
anti-European {adj} (disliking Europe or Europeans)  :: anti-Europees
anti-Semite {n} (anti-Semite)  :: antisemiet {m}
anti-Semitism {n} (prejudice or hostility against Jews)  :: anti-semitisme {n}, jodenhaat {f}
antibiotic {n} (substance that destroys or inhibits bacteria)  :: antibioticum {n}
antibody {n} (protein that binds to a specific antigen)  :: antilichaam {n}, antideeltje {n}
antibrachium {n} (antibrachium) SEE: forearm  ::
antic {adj} (architecture: grotesque, incongruous)  :: grotesk, onpassend
antic {adj} (grotesque)  :: grotesk, bizar, absurd
antic {n} (caricature)  :: karikatuur {f}
antic {n} (ludicrous act or behaviour)  :: zotternij {f}, kuur {f}
antic {n} (grotesque performer or clown)  :: clown {m}
antic {v} (perform antics)  :: kuren uithalen, zot doen
anticarcinogenic {adj} (tending to inhibit or prevent the activity of a carcinogen)  :: anticarcinogeen, anticarcinogene
antichrist {n} (Someone that works against the teachings of Christ)  :: antichrist {m}
anticlimax {n} (break in the final climax)  :: anticlimax
anticline {n} (anticlinal fold)  :: anticline, anticlinaal
anticlockwise {adj} (in the opposite direction to the hands of an analogue clock)  :: tegen de klok in, in tegenwijzerzin
anticlockwise {adv} (in the opposite direction to the hands of an analogue clock)  :: tegen de klok in , linksom
anticlockwisely {adv} (anticlockwise) SEE: anticlockwise  ::
anticoagulant {n} (substance)  :: antistollingsmiddel {n}
antidepressant {n} (agent that prevents or counteracts depression)  :: antidepressivum
antidepression {adj} (antidepressant) SEE: antidepressant  ::
antidepressive {adj} (antidepressant) SEE: antidepressant  ::
antidepressive {n} (antidepressant) SEE: antidepressant  ::
antidotary {n} (antidote) SEE: antidote  ::
antidote {n} (remedy to counteract a poison)  :: tegengif {n}
antidote {n} (something that counteracts)  :: tegengif {n}
antiferromagnetic {adj} (exhibiting antiferromagnetism)  :: antiferromagnetisch
antiferromagnetism {n} (a phenomenon, similar to ferromagnetism)  :: antiferromagnetisme
antifibrinolytic {adj} (serving to inhibit fibrinolysis)  :: antifibrinolyticum
antifibrinolytic {n} (an antifibrinolytic agent)  :: antifibrinolytisch
antifreeze {n} (a substance used to lower the freezing point of water)  :: antivries {m}
antigypsyism {n} (prejudice or hostility against Romani people)  :: antiziganisme {n}
antihelminth {adj} (anthelmintic) SEE: anthelmintic  ::
antihelmintic {adj} (anthelmintic) SEE: anthelmintic  ::
antihero {n} (protagonist who proceeds in an unheroic manner)  :: antiheld {m}, antiheldin {f}
antimony {n} (chemical element)  :: antimonium {n}, antimoon {n}, stibium
antinomy {n} (contradiction)  :: antinomie
antiparallel {adj} (parallel of opposite direction)  :: antiparallel
antipathy {n} (contrariety or opposition in feeling)  :: antipathie {f}, afkeer {m}
antipope {n} (person who claims to be pope)  :: tegenpaus {m}
antique {adj} (old; out of date)  :: antiek
antique white {n} (colour)  :: gebroken wit
antiquity {n} (ancient times)  :: oudheid {f}
antirrhinum {n} (snapdragon) SEE: snapdragon  ::
antitheism {n} (active opposition to theism)  :: antitheïsme
antithesis {n} (proposition that is opposite to other proposition)  :: antithese
antithetic {adj} (antithetical) SEE: antithetical  ::
antithetical {adj} (pertaining to or being an antithesis)  :: contradictorisch, in tegenspraak met
antiziganism {n} (antigypsyism) SEE: antigypsyism  ::
antler {n} (bony structure on the head of deer, moose and elk)  :: gewei {n}
antonym {n} (word which has the opposite meaning)  :: tegendeel {n}, tegengestelde {n}, antoniem {n}
ants in one's pants {n} (agitated and fidgety state)  :: hebben de kriebel in zijn gat
antsy {adj} (restless, apprehensive and fidgety)  :: ongerust, opgewonden
anus {n} (lower opening of the digestive tract)  :: anus {m}, aars {m}
anvil {n} (block used in blacksmithing)  :: aambeeld {n}, aanbeeld {n}
anvil {n} (bone in inner ear)  :: aambeeld {n}, aanbeeld {n}, aambeeldsbeentje {n}, aanbeeldsbeentje {n}
anxietude {n} (anxiety) SEE: anxiety  ::
anxiety {n} (concern)  :: bezorgdheid {f}, ongerustheid {f}
anxiety {n} (eager desire)  :: verlangen
anxiety {n} (pathological condition)  :: angst, vrees
anxiety disorder {n} (disorder characterised by excessive anxiety)  :: angststoornis
anxious {adj} (full of anxiety)  :: bezorgd
anxiousness {n} (anxiety) SEE: anxiety  ::
any {adv} (at all)  :: enig, enkel
any {determiner} (at least one (kind))  :: enig
any {pron} (Any things or persons)  :: elk
any longer {adv} (any more) SEE: any more  ::
any more {adv} (in negative or interrogative constructions)  :: meer, langer
anyhow {adv} (in any way, in any manner)  :: hoe dan ook, in ieder geval
anyhow {adv} (in any case) SEE: in any case  ::
anyplace {adv} (anywhere) SEE: anywhere  ::
anyroad {adv} (anyway) SEE: anyway  ::
anything {pron} (any thing of any kind)  :: iets, alles, wat dan ook
anything else {pron} (any other thing)  :: anders nog iets
anytime {interj} (you're welcome) SEE: you're welcome  ::
anytime {adv} (at any time)  :: altijd, wanneer dan ook, op elk moment
anyway {adv} (in any way)  :: hoe dan ook
anyway {adv} (regardless)  :: toch, desondanks, trots dat [archaic]
anyway {adv} (used to indicate that a statement explains or supports a previous statement)  :: in elk geval, in ieder geval, hoe dan ook
anyway {adv} (used to indicate change of subject)  :: in elk geval, in ieder geval, maar goed
anywhere {adv} (any place)  :: overal, eender waar
a.o.b. {phrase} (abbreviation for "any other business")  :: w.v.t.t.k.
aorist {n} (a grammatical aspect)  :: aoristus {m}
aorist {adj} (pertaining to verb in aorist aspect)  :: aoristisch
aorist aspect {n} (a grammatical aspect)  :: aorist {m}, aoristus {m}
aoristic {adj} (aorist) SEE: aorist  ::
aorta {n} (great artery)  :: aorta {f} {m}, lichaamsslagader {f} {m}
apart {adv} (apart from) SEE: apart from  ::
apart from {prep} (except for)  :: afgezien van, behalve
apartment {n} (domicile occupying part of a building)  :: woning, appartement {n}, flat
apartment building {n} (residential building with multiple flats)  :: flatgebouw {n}
apathetic {adj} (void of feeling)  :: apathisch
apatheticness {n} (apathy) SEE: apathy  ::
apathistical {adj} (apathetic) SEE: apathetic  ::
apathy {n} (lack of emotion or motivation)  :: apathie {f}
apatite {n} (type of mineral)  :: apatiet
ape {n} (animal)  :: aap {m}, apin {f}, mensaap {m}
ape {v} (to imitate)  :: na-apen, nadoen, nabootsen, imiteren
aper {n} (someone who apes something) SEE: imitator  ::
aperture {n} (opening)  :: opening
aperture {n} (something which restricts the diameter of the light path through one plane in an optical system)  :: diafragma, opening
aperture {n} (diameter of the aperture (in the sense above))  :: diafragma, opening
apex {n} (highest point)  :: top {m}, spits {c}
apex {n} (moment of greatest success, expansion, etc)  :: top {m}
apex {n} (in geometry: topmost vertex of a cone or pyramid)  :: top {m}, spits {c}, punt {m}
apex {n} (pointed end)  :: spits {c}, punt {m}
apex {n} (botany: end of leaf)  :: spits {c}, punt {m}
apex court {n} (supreme court) SEE: supreme court  ::
aphasia {n} (pathological speech disorder)  :: afasie {f}
aphelion {n} (the point in the elliptical orbit of a planet where it is farthest from the Sun)  :: aphelium {n}
apheresis {n} (loss of letters or sounds from the beginning of a word)  :: aferesis, aferese
aphid {n} (insect)  :: bladluis {f}
aphis {n} (aphid) SEE: aphid  ::
aphobia {n} (fearlessness) SEE: fearlessness  ::
aphrodisiac {n} (food or drug)  :: afrodisiacum {n}
aphtha {n} (foot-and-mouth disease) SEE: foot-and-mouth disease  ::
aphtha {n} (oral thrush)  :: aft {m} {f}
aphthous ulcer {n} (ulcer in the mouth caused by break in mucous membrane)  :: afte, aft
apian {adj} (related to bees)  :: bijen-
apiarist {n} (beekeeper) SEE: beekeeper  ::
apiculturalist {n} (beekeeper) SEE: beekeeper  ::
apiculturist {n} (beekeeper) SEE: beekeeper  ::
apiece {adv} (apiece)  :: per stuk
apo- {prefix} (away from, or separate)  :: apo-
apo- {prefix} (without, or lacking)  :: apo-
apo- {prefix} (derived from, or related to)  :: apo-
apo- {prefix} (the apoprotein form of the protein)  :: apo-
apocalyptic {adj} (of or relating to an apocalypse)  :: apocalyptisch
apocalyptical {adj} (apocalyptic) SEE: apocalyptic  ::
apocalypticist {n} (apocalyptic) SEE: apocalyptic  ::
apocope {n} (loss or omission of a sound or syllable from the end of a word)  :: apocope
apocopic {adj} (of or pertaining to apocope)  :: apocopisch
apocryphal {adj} (of doubtful authenticity)  :: apocrief
apodictic {adj} (incontrovertible)  :: apodictisch
apologia {n} (apology) SEE: apology  ::
apologise {v} (apologise) SEE: apologize  ::
apologism {n} (apology) SEE: apology  ::
apologize {v} (to make an apology or defense)  :: verantwoorden
apologize {v} (to make an apology or excuse)  :: zich verontschuldigen
apologize {v}  :: verantwoorden
apology {n} (an expression of regret)  :: verontschuldiging {f}
apology {n} (formal justification, defence)  :: verweer {n}
apophony {n} (alternation of sounds within a word) SEE: ablaut  ::
apoplexy {n} (loss of consciousness)  :: apoplexie {f}
aporetic {adj} (tending to doubt)  :: twijfelachtig
aporetical {adj} (aporetic) SEE: aporetic  ::
aporia {n} (expression of doubt)  :: twijfel, onzekerheid
apostasy {n} (renunciation of set of beliefs)  :: afvalligheid {f}
apostle {n} (missionary or leader of a mission)  :: apostel {m}, zendeling {m}
apostle {n} (pioneer) SEE: pioneer  ::
apostrophe {n} (the character ’)  :: weglatingsteken {n}, apostrof {f}
apostrophe {n} (sudden piece of dialogue)  :: apostrof {f}
apothecary {n} (pharmacy) SEE: pharmacy  ::
apothecary {n} (pharmacist) SEE: pharmacist  ::
apothecium {n} (the ascigerous fructification of lichens)  :: apothecium
apotheosis {n} (deification; becoming a god)  :: apotheose, vergoding {f}, verheerlijking {f}
app {n} (small computer application)  :: app {m}
appalling {adj} (That appalls/appals or appall/appal)  :: ontzettend
apparatchik {n} (member of a Communist apparat)  :: apparatsjik {m}
apparatus {n} (complex machine or instrument)  :: apparaat
apparatus {n} (assortment of tools or instruments)  :: apparaat
apparatus {n} (bureaucratic organization)  :: apparaat
apparel {n} (clothing)  :: kleding
apparent {adj} (visible)  :: evident, klaar, duidelijk
apparent {adj} (clear)  :: ogenschijnlijk, klaar, duidelijk
apparent {adj} (seeming)  :: ogenschijnlijk, klaarblijkelijk
apparently {adv} (plainly)  :: blijkbaar, duidelijk
apparently {adv} (seemingly)  :: schijnbaar, ogenschijnlijk
apparently {adv} (according to what the speaker has read or been told)  :: blijkbaar, kennelijk, naar het schijnt
apparition {n} (act of becoming visible)  :: verschijning {f}
apparition {n} (thing appearing)  :: verschijning {f}
apparition {n} (unexpected, wonderful, or preternatural appearance)  :: verschijning {f}
appeal {v} (to accuse) SEE: accuse  ::
appeal {v} (to apply for the removal of a cause to a superior judge or court)  :: in beroep gaan, in hoger beroep gaan
appeal {v} (to call upon another)  :: beroep doen op, appeleren
appeal {v} (to be attractive)  :: aantrekkelijk zijn, aantrekken, aanspreken
appeal {v} (cricket: to ask an umpire for a decision)  :: appeleren
appeal {n} (application for the removal of a cause to a superior judge)  :: beroep {n}
appeal {n} (call upon a person or authority for help)  :: oproep {m}
appeal {v} (to invoke) SEE: invoke  ::
appear {v} (to appear, to seem) SEE: look  ::
appear {v} (to appear) SEE: seem  ::
appear {v} (To come or be in sight; to be in view; to become visible)  :: verschijnen
appear {v} (To come before the public)  :: verschijnen, zijn opwachting maken, haar opwachting maken, optreden
appear {v} (To stand in presence of some authority, tribunal, or superior person, to answer a charge, plead a cause, or the like)  :: verschijnen
appear {v} (To become visible to the apprehension of the mind)  :: blijken
appear {v} (To seem; to have a certain semblance; to look)  :: lijken
appearance {n} (The act of appearing or coming into sight)  :: verschijning {f}
appearance {n} (Semblance, or apparent likeness)  :: aanblik
appearances are deceptive {proverb} (it is not possible to judge one's character by their outward appearance)  :: kleren maken nee man
appearing {n} (appearance) SEE: appearance  ::
appease {v} (to make quiet; to calm; to reduce to a state of peace; to still; to pacify)  :: kalmeren
appellative {n} (common noun) SEE: common noun  ::
append {v} (to hang or attach to, as by a string)  :: hechten, aanhechten, vastmaken, bevestigen
append {v} (to add as an accessory)  :: toevoegen, bijvoegen
appendectomy {n} (surgical procedure)  :: appendectomie {f}
appendicectomy {n} (appendectomy) SEE: appendectomy  ::
appendicitis {n} (inflamation of the vermiform appendix)  :: blindedarmontsteking
appendix {n} (text added to the end of a book or an article)  :: aanhangsel, appendix
appendix {n} (vermiform appendix)  :: blindedarm
appetite {n} (desire of or relish for food)  :: honger, trek, appetijt, eetlust
appetizer {n} (small, light first course)  :: bittergarnituur, borrelhapjes {p}
applaud {v} (to express approval by clapping)  :: applaudisseren, klappen
applaud {v} (to praise, or express approval by words)  :: applaudisseren
applaudable {adj} (praiseworthy) SEE: praiseworthy  ::
applause {n} (act of applauding)  :: applaus, handgeklap {n}
apple {n} (fruit)  :: appel {m}
apple {n} (wood)  :: appelboom {m}, appelbomenhout {n}
apple {n} (tree) SEE: apple tree  ::
apple blossom {n} (the flower of an apple tree)  :: appelbloesem {m}
apple brandy {n} (brandy made from apples)  :: appelbrandewijn {m}, calvados {m}
apple butter {n} (preserved apple purée)  :: appeljam {m}
apple core {n} (the central portion of an apple)  :: klokhuis
apple dumpling {n} (baked dessert made from apples)  :: appelbol {m}
apple juice {n} (the juice of apples, often used as a drink)  :: appelsap {n}
apple of discord {n} (object which sows anger and dissension)  :: twistappel {m}
apple of love {n} (tomato)  :: tomaat {m}
apple of someone's eye {n} (favourite, a particular preference, or a loved one)  :: oogappel {m}
apple pie {n} (pie with apple filling)  :: appeltaart {m}
apple sauce {n} (nonsense) SEE: apple sauce  ::
apple sauce {n} (a food)  :: appelmoes {n}, appelcompote {m}
apple tree {n} (tree that bears apples)  :: appelboom {m}, appelaar {m}
apple turnover {n} (a pastry dessert filled with pieces of sweetened apples)  :: appelflap {f} {m}
apple wine {n} (cider)  :: cider {m}
apple-cheeked {adj} (having red cheeks)  :: met appelwangen
apple-corer {n} (a tool)  :: appelboor {f}
apple-green {adj} (apple-green)  :: appelgroen
apples and oranges {n} (non-comparable items)  :: appels met peren {p}
applesauce {n} (nonsense)  :: flauwekul {m}, zever {m}
applesauce {interj} (nonsense)  :: flauwekul!
applesauce {n} (apple sauce) SEE: apple sauce  ::
applewood {n} (apple) SEE: apple  ::
appliable {adj} (compliant) SEE: compliant  ::
appliable {adj} (applicable) SEE: applicable  ::
appliableness {n} (applicability) SEE: applicability  ::
appliance {n} (application) SEE: application  ::
appliance {n} (a device in its own right)  :: toestel {n}, (domestic) huishoudstoestel {n}
appliance {n} (to adapt other equipment)  :: hulpstuk {n}
applicability {n} (relevancy)  :: toepasbaarheid
applicable {adj} (suitable for application; relevant)  :: toepasselijk
applicableness {n} (applicability) SEE: applicability  ::
applicant {n} (one who applies)  :: aanvrager
application {n} (the act of applying or laying on, in a literal sense)  :: aanbrengen {n}
application {n} (the thing applied)  :: toepassing
application {n} (the act of applying as a means)  :: toepassing {f}
application {n} (the act of directing or referring something to a particular case)  :: toepassing {f} in de praktijk
application {n} (a computer program)  :: computerprogramma {n}, softwarepakket {n}, toepassing {f}, applicatie {f}
application {n} (a verbal or written request)  :: aanschrijven {n}, aanvraag {f}
applied {adj} (concerned with practical problems, rather that theoretical abstractions)  :: aangewend
applied mathematics {n} (area of mathematics)  :: toegepaste wiskunde
apply {v} (employ, apply) SEE: use  ::
apply {v} (to put to use for a purpose)  :: toepassen
apply {v} (to submit oneself as a candidate)  :: aanvragen
apply {v} (to be relevant to a specified individual)  :: gelden
appoint {v} (to fix (the time and place of))  :: beschikken, bepalen, vaststellen
appoint {v}  :: benoemen
appointment {n} (act of appointing; designation of a person to hold an office)  :: aanstelling {f}
appointment {n} (stipulation; agreement)  :: afspraak {f}
appointment {n} (arrangement for a meeting; an engagement)  :: afspraak {f}
apportion {v} (to apportion) SEE: distribute  ::
apposite {adj} (appropriate, relevant, well-suited)  :: treffend
appraisal {n} (judgement)  :: schatting {f}, taxatie {f}, raming {m}
appraise {v} (to set a value; to estimate the worth of)  :: taxeren, schatten, waarderen
appraisement {n} (appraisal) SEE: appraisal  ::
appraiser {n} (one who appraises)  :: taxateur {m}
appreciate {v} (to be grateful for something)  :: waarderen; appreciëren, dankbaar zijn voor
appreciate {v} (to value highly)  :: naar/op waarde schatten, waarderen
appreciate {v} (to be aware of)  :: beseffen
appreciate {v} (to increase in value)  :: in waarde stijgen
apprehend {v} (to understand; to recognize)  :: begrijpen, vatten, snappen
apprehension {n} (seizure)  :: grijpen {n},
apprehension {n} (arrest)  :: arrestatie {f}, grijpen {n}, vastgrijpen {n}
apprehension {n} (act of grasping with the intellect)  :: begrip {n}, begrijpen {n}
apprehension {n} (opinion)  :: begrip {n}, opinie {f}, gezichtspunt {n}, visie {f}
apprehension {n} (faculty by which ideas are conceived)  :: begrip {n}, verstand {n}
apprehension {n} (distrust or fear at the prospect of future evil)  :: vrees {f}, angst {f}
apprehensive {adj} (anticipating something with anxiety or fear)  :: bezorgd
apprentice {n} (one not well versed in a subject) SEE: newbie  ::
apprentice {n} (trainee, especially in a skilled trade)  :: leerjongen {m}, leermeisje {n}, gezel {m}
apprenticeship {n} (condition of, or the time served by, an apprentice)  :: stage {f} {m}
apprenticeship {n} (system by which a person learning a craft or trade is instructed)  :: stage {f} {m}
apprise {v} (to notify)  :: inlichten, "keep someone apprised" = iemand op de hoogte houden
approach {v} (to come or go near, in place or time; to draw nigh; to advance nearer)  :: naderen
approach {v} (To draw near, in a figurative sense)  :: benaderen
approach {v} (To come near to in place, time, or character)  :: benaderen, naderen
approach {v} (To take approaches to)  :: benaderen
approach {n} (the act of drawing near)  :: benadering {f}, aantocht {f}, komst {f}
approach {n} (an access, or opportunity of drawing near)  :: benadering {f}
approach {n} (movements to gain favor; advances)  :: benadering {f}, toenadering {f}
approach {n} (a way, passage, or avenue by which a place or buildings can be approached; an access)  :: toegang {m}, laan {f}
approach {n} (a manner in which a problem is solved or policy is made)  :: aanpak {m}
approach {n} (the advanced works, trenches, or covered roads made by besiegers in their advances toward a fortress or military post)  :: benadering {f}
approach {n} (the way a plane lands at an airport)  :: aanvliegen {n}
approachable {adj} (easy to talk to)  :: benaderbaar
approbation {n} (the act of approval)  :: bekrachtiging
appropinquation {n} (approach) SEE: approach  ::
appropriate {adj} (obsolete: set apart for a particular use or person)  :: aangewezen, geschikt
appropriate {adj} (peculiar, suitable, fit, proper)  :: geschikt, passend, toepasselijk
appropriate {adj} (suitable to social situation)  :: gepast
appropriate {v} (To take to oneself in exclusion of others)  :: zich toeëigenen
appropriate {v} (To set apart for)  :: toewijzen
appropriate {v} (To make suitable)  :: aanpassen
appropriation {n} (act of appropriating, or something appropriated)  :: toe-eigening {f}
approval {n} (permission)  :: goedkeuring {f}, toestemming {f}, instemming {f}, permissie {f}
approval {n} (acceptance)  :: goedkeuring {f}
approve {v} (To make proof of; to demonstrate; to prove or show practically)  :: goedkeuren
approve {v} (To sanction officially; to ratify; to confirm; as, to approve the decision of a court-martial)  :: goedkeuren
approve {v} (To regard as good; to commend; to be pleased with; to think well of)  :: goedkeuren
approve {v} (To make or show to be worthy of approbation or acceptance)  :: instemmen met
approximant {n} (mathematics: approximation) SEE: approximation  ::
approximate {adj} (Approaching; proximate; nearly resembling)  :: benaderend
approximate {adj} (Near correctness; nearly exact; not perfectly accurate;)  :: ongeveer, bij benadering
approximately {adv} (imprecise but close to in quantity or amount)  :: ongeveer
approximation {n} (act of approximating)  :: benaderen, schatten
approximation {n} (imprecise solution)  :: benadering, schatting
apricot {n} (fruit)  :: abrikoos {f}
apriori {adv} (a priori) SEE: a priori  ::
aprioristic {adj} (a priori) SEE: a priori  ::
apron {n} (clothing)  :: schort {n}
apropos {prep} (regarding or concerning)  :: betreffend
apropos {adv} (by the way)  :: terloops
apropos {adv} (timely, at a good time)  :: gepast
apse {n} (obsolete or dialectal: aspen tree) SEE: aspen  ::
apse {n} (case in which the relics were kept) SEE: reliquary  ::
apt {adj} (fit or fitted; suited; suitable; appropriate)  :: passend, gepast, toepasselijk, geschikt
apt {adj} (having an habitual tendency; habitually liable or likely; disposed towards)  :: geneigd
apt {adj} (ready; especially fitted or qualified (to do something); quick to learn; prompt; expert)  :: pienter, fit, slim
aptitude {n} (natural ability to acquire knowledge or skill)  :: aanleg
apurpose {adv} (on purpose) SEE: on purpose  ::
aqua fortis {n} (nitric acid) SEE: nitric acid  ::
aqua regia {n} (mixture of acids)  :: koningswater {n}
aquaponics {n} (system that combines aquaculture with hydroponics)  :: aquaponics
aquarium {n} (tank for keeping fish)  :: aquarium {n}
aquatic {adj} (relating to water; living in or near water, taking place in water)  :: aquatisch, aquatische
aquatile {adj} (aquatic) SEE: aquatic  ::
aqueduct {n} (an artificial channel conveying water)  :: aquaduct {n}
aqueduct {n} (a structure carrying water)  :: aquaduct {n}
aquifer {n} (an underground layer of water-bearing porous stone, earth, or gravel)  :: aquifer {m}
aquiline nose {n} (human nose with a hooked, bent shape)  :: arendsneus {m}, adelaarsneus {m}, haakneus {m}
arable {adj} (suitable for cultivation)  :: bebouwbaar
aration {n} (ploughing) SEE: ploughing  ::
arbitrament {n} (arbitration) SEE: arbitration  ::
arbitrary {adj} (based on individual discretion or judgment)  :: willekeurig, arbitrair
arbitrary {adj} (unrestrained by law; tyrannical)  :: arbitrair, willekeurig
arbitrary {adj} (determined by impulse)  :: willekeurig
arbitrary {adj} (chosen at random)  :: willekeurig
arbitrary {adj} ((mathematics))  :: willekeurig
arbitration {n} (the act or process of arbitrating)  :: arbitratie {f}
arbitration {n} (process through which two or more parties use an arbitrator or arbiter in order to resolve a dispute)  :: arbitratie {f}
arbitration {n} (form of justice)  :: arbitrage {f}
arboreous {adj} (woody) SEE: woody  ::
arborway {n} (avenue) SEE: avenue  ::
arbutus {n} (strawberry tree) SEE: strawberry tree  ::
arc {n} (geometry: part of a curve)  :: boog
arc {n} (curve)  :: boog {m}
arc lamp {n} (an electric arc arranged so as to produce useful light)  :: booglamp {f}
arcade {n} (covered passage, usually with shops on both sides)  :: winkelpassage {f}
arcade {n} (establishment running coin-operated games)  :: speelhal {m} {f}, automatenhal {m} {f}
arcane {adj} (understood by only a few; obscure)  :: geheim, duister
arc-boutant {n} (flying buttress) SEE: flying buttress  ::
arccosine {n} (inverse of the cosine function)  :: arccosinus {m}
arch {n} (inverted U shape)  :: boog {m}
arch {n} (architectural element)  :: boog {m}
-arch {suffix} (leading, leader)  :: -arch
arch- {prefix} (chief, highest, most extreme)  :: aarts-
arch bridge {n} (a bridge with abutments at each end shaped as an arch)  :: boogbrug {f}
archabbey {n} (abbey which is the seat of an archabbot)  :: aartsabdij
archabbot {n} (the title of the general superior in certain Catholic congretations)  :: aartsabt {m}
archaeologian {n} (archaeologist) SEE: archaeologist  ::
archaeologist {n} (someone who is skilled, professes or practices archaeology)  :: archeoloog {m}
archaeology {n} (scientific study of past remains)  :: archeologie {f}, oudheidkunde {f}
archaic {adj} (old-fashioned or antiquated)  :: archaïsch, ouderwets, verouderd
archaicism {n} (archaism) SEE: archaism  ::
archaism {n} (archaic word, language)  :: archaïsme {n}
archangel {n} (angel who leads other angels)  :: aartsengel {m}
archbishop {n} (senior bishop)  :: aartsbisschop {m}
archbishopdom {n} (archbishopric) SEE: archbishopric  ::
archbishophood {n} (archbishopric) SEE: archbishopric  ::
archbishopric {n} (jurisdiction of an archbishop)  :: metropool {m}, aartsbisdom {n}
archbishopship {n} (archbishopric) SEE: archbishopric  ::
archchancellor {n} (chief chancellor)  :: aartskanselier {m}
archdiocese {n} (area administered by an archbishop)  :: aartsbisdom {n}, metropool {m}
archduchess {n} (daughter or granddaughter of the Emperor of Austria-Hungary)  :: aartshertogin {f}
archduchy {n} (territory of an archduke)  :: aartshertogdom {n}
archduke {n} (rank)  :: aartshertog
archebiosis {n} (abiogenesis) SEE: abiogenesis  ::
archenemy {n} (a principal enemy)  :: aartsvijand {m}, aartsvijandin {f}
archeology {n} (archaeology) SEE: archaeology  ::
archeopteryx {n} (ancient bird)  :: archaeopteryx
archer {n} (one who shoots an arrow from a bow or a bolt from a crossbow)  :: boogschutter {m}
archeress {n} (a female archer)  :: boogschutster {f}, boogschutterin {f}
archerfish {n} (fish in the Toxotidae family)  :: schuttersvis {m}
archery {n} (the practice)  :: boogschieten {n}
archfiend {n} (Satan) SEE: Satan  ::
archiepiscopality {n} (archbishopric) SEE: archbishopric  ::
archiepiscopate {n} (archbishopric) SEE: archbishopric  ::
archipelago {n} (group of islands)  :: archipel {m}, eilandengroep {m}
architect {n} (designer of buildings)  :: architect {m}, bouwmeester {m}
architecture {n} (art and science of designing buildings and other structures)  :: architectuur {f}, bouwstijl {m}
architrave {n} (the lowest part of an entablature)  :: architraaf
archive {n} (place for storing earlier material)  :: archief {n}
archive {v} (to archive)  :: archiveren
archiver {n} (archivist) SEE: archivist  ::
archivist {n} (one who creates, maintains or controls archives)  :: archivaris
arcotarsium {n} (instep) SEE: instep  ::
arcsine {n} (inverse of sine)  :: arcsinus {m}
arctangent {n} (inverse of tangent function)  :: arctangens {m}
arctation {n} (stenosis) SEE: stenosis  ::
arctic hare {n} (Lepus arcticus)  :: poolhaas {m}
arcuate fasciculus {n} (bundle of axons forming part of the superior longitudinal fasciculus)  :: fasciculus arcuatus
ardent {adj} (full or ardour)  :: vurig, passioneel
ardent {adj} (glowing)  :: brandend
arduous {adj} (needing or using up much energy)  :: uitputtend, zwaar, moeizaam
arduous {adj} (hard to climb)  :: uitputtend, zwaar, steil, moeilijk te beklimmen
are {v} (be) SEE: be  ::
are {v} (second-person singular (informal) simple present indicative form of be)  :: bent, zijt
are {v} (second-person plural simple present indicative form of be)  :: zijn
are {v} (first-person plural simple present indicative form of be)  :: zijn
are {n} (unit of area)  :: are {m}
are you OK {phrase} (are you OK?)  :: gaat het?
are you allergic to any medications {phrase} (are you allergic to any medications?)  :: [polite] bent u allergisch voor medicijnen?, [familiar] ben je allergisch voor medicijnen?
are you feeling better {phrase} (are you feeling better?)  :: voel je je beter? [informal], voelt u zich beter? [formal]
are you married {phrase} (are you married?)  :: bent je getrouwd?, bent u getrouwd?
are you religious {phrase} (are you religious?)  :: [familiar] ben je godsdienstig?, [polite] bent u godsdienstig?
are you single {phrase} (are you single?)  :: [informal] ben je alleenstaand?, [formal] bent u alleenstaand?
are you taking any medications {phrase} (are you taking any medications?)  :: gebruikt u medicijnen?
area {n} (maths: measure of extent of a surface)  :: oppervlakte {f}
area {n} (particular geographic region)  :: regio, streek, gebied
area {n} (soccer: penalty area) SEE: penalty area  ::
arenarious {adj} (sandy) SEE: sandy  ::
arenose {adj} (sandy) SEE: sandy  ::
argent {n} (silver or metal tincture)  :: zilver {n}
argent {adj} (of white or silver tincture on a coat of arms)  :: zilver
argentine {n} (fish of the genus Argentina)  :: zilvervis
argentine {n} (Argentina sphyraena)  :: zilversmelt
argileh {n} (hookah) SEE: hookah  ::
arginine {n} (an amino acid)  :: arginine
argon {n} (a chemical element)  :: argon {n}
arguable {adj} (defensible in an argument)  :: verdedigbaar
arguable {adj} (open to argument)  :: betwistbaar
arguably {adv} (as can be supported or proven)  :: aantoonbaar, onderbouwbaar
argue {v} (intransitive: to debate, disagree, or discuss opposing or differing viewpoints)  :: redetwisten
argue {v} (transitive: present a viewpoint)  :: betogen
arguing {n} (argument) SEE: argument  ::
argument {n} (fact or statement used to support a proposition; a reason)  :: argument {n}
argument {n} (verbal dispute; a quarrel)  :: ruzie {f}, betoog {n}
argument {n} (process of reasoning)  :: argumentatie {f}
argument {n} (variable that is being passed to a function)  :: argument {n}
arid {adj} (very dry)  :: droog
arise {v} (get up, stand up)  :: opstaan
arise {v} (start to exist, originate)  :: ontstaan
arisen {v} (gotten up)  :: opstaan
arisen {v} (started to exist)  :: ontstaan
aristocracy {n} (the nobility or the hereditary ruling class)  :: aristocratie {f}, adel {m}
aristocracy {n} (government by such a class)  :: aristocratie
aristocracy {n} (class of people considered superior to others)  :: aristocratie
aristocrat {n} (one of the aristocracy)  :: aristocraat {m}
arithmetic {n} (mathematics of numbers, etc.)  :: aritmetica {f}, rekenkunde {f}
arithmetical {adj} (arithmetic) SEE: arithmetic  ::
arity {n} (number of arguments)  :: ariteit {f}, plaatsigheid {f}
ark clam {n} (edible saltwater clam)  :: arkschelp
arm {n} (upper appendage from shoulder to wrist)  :: arm {m}
arm {n} (weapon)  :: wapen {n}
arm {n} (heraldic bearings)  :: wapen {n}, wapenschild {n}
arm {v} (to supply with armour or weapons)  :: bewapenen
arm {n} (upper limb from shoulder to elbow) SEE: upper arm  ::
arm {n} (baseball: pitcher) SEE: pitcher  ::
arm and a leg {n} (an exorbitant amount)  :: een rib uit het lijf
arm in arm {adv} (arms linked)  :: arm in arm, gearmd
arm to the teeth {v} (to equip with weapons)  :: tot de tanden gewapend
arm up {v} (arm) SEE: arm  ::
arm wrestling {n} (a sport)  :: armworsteling {f}
armadillo {n} (burrowing mammal covered with bony, jointed, protective plates)  :: gordeldier {n}, armadillo {m}
armband {n} (A band worn around the arm)  :: rouwbandje {n} (mourning), protestbandje {n} (protest)
armband {n} (An inflatable band worn round the arms to keep afloat in water)  :: zwembandjes {n-p}, bandjes {n-p}
armchair {n} (a chair with supports for the arms or elbows)  :: fauteuil {m}
armchair general {n} (outspoken warmonger, and/or a self-appointed strategist)  :: visser-aan-wal
armchair hawk {n} (armchair general) SEE: armchair general  ::
armed {adj} (equipped, especially with a weapon)  :: gewapend
armed forces {n} (the military forces of a nation)  :: leger {n}, krijgsmacht {f}, strijdmacht {f}, strijdkrachten {p}, heer {n}, heir {n}, troep {m}, troepen {p}, armee {f}
armed police {n} (police) SEE: police  ::
armhole {n} (armpit) SEE: armpit  ::
armistice {n} (formal agreement to end fighting)  :: wapenstilstand {m}, wapenstand {m}
armor {n} (tank) SEE: tank  ::
armor {n} (protective layer over a body, vehicle, or other object intended to deflect or diffuse damaging forces)  :: pantser {n}, harnas {n}
armour {n} (tank) SEE: tank  ::
armour {n} (protective layer over a body, vehicle etc.)  :: pantser {n}, harnas {n}
armoured car {n} (automobile equipped with armour)  :: pantserwagen {m}
armoured train {n} (railway train protected with armour)  :: pantsertrein
armoured truck {n} (armoured car) SEE: armoured car  ::
armpit {n} (cavity beneath the junction of the arm and shoulder)  :: oksel {m}
armrest {n} (part of a seat)  :: armleuning
arm-wrestle {v} (to compete in an arm-wrestle)  :: armworstelen
arm-wrestle {v} (arm wrestling) SEE: arm wrestling  ::
arm-wrestler {n} (someone who arm-wrestles)  :: armworstelaar {m}, armworstelares {f}
army {n} (military force concerned mainly with ground operations)  :: leger {n}, landmacht, weermacht {f}
army {n} (government agency in charge of a state's army)  :: defensie, landsverdediging
army {n} (large group of people working towards the same purpose)  :: leger {n}, horde, bende
army {n} (large group of social animals working towards the same purpose)  :: leger {n}
army {n} (any multitude)  :: leger {n}, horde, menigte
aromatic {adj} (fragrant or spicy)  :: aromatisch, geurig, kruidig
aromatic {n} (fragrant plant or spice added to flavour a dish)  :: aromaat
around {prep} (defining a circle or closed curve containing)  :: om, rondom, rond
around {prep} (following a path)  :: om, omheen, langs
around {adv} (generally) SEE: generally  ::
arouse {v} (to stimulate feelings)  :: opwekken
arouse {v} (to sexually stimulate)  :: opwinden
arquebus {n} (firearm) SEE: harquebus  ::
arraign {v} (charge someone in a court of law)  :: voor het gerecht dagen
arraignment {n} (charging of a defendant)  :: voorgeleiding {f}
arrange {v} (to set up, organise)  :: regelen
arrange {v} (to put in order)  :: schikken
arrangement {n} (plural: preparations for some undertaking)  :: voorbereiding, afspraak, akkoord, regeling
arrangement {n} (agreement)  :: regeling {f}
arrant {adj} (errant) SEE: errant  ::
array {n} (any of various data structures)  :: array {m}
arrear {n} (work to be done)  :: achterstand
arrear {n} (unpaid debt)  :: achterstallige betaling
arrest {n} (condition of being stopped)  :: stilstand
arrest {n} (act of arresting a criminal, suspect etc)  :: arrestatie, aanhouding {f}
arrest {n} (confinement, as after an arrest)  :: arrest
arrest {v} (to stop (a process etc.))  :: stoppen, stuiten
arrest {v} (to seize attention of)  :: vatten, grijpen
arrest {v} (to take into legal custody)  :: aanhouden, arresteren, in hechtenis nemen, oppakken, vatten
arrival {n} (act of arriving or something that has arrived)  :: komst {f}, aankomst {f}
arrive {v} (to reach)  :: bereiken, aankomen, arriveren
arrive {v} (to get to a certain place)  :: aankomen, arriveren, bereiken
arrive {v} (to obtain a level of success or fame)  :: bereiken, het gemaakt hebben
arriviste {n} (upstart) SEE: upstart  ::
arrogance {n} (act or habit of arrogating, or making undue claims in an overbearing manner)  :: arrogantie {f}, aanmatiging {f}
arrogant {adj} (having excessive pride)  :: arrogant
arrow {n} (projectile)  :: pijl {m}
arrow {n} (symbol)  :: pijl {m}
arrowword {n} (crossword puzzle with the clues written in the grid, accompanied by arrows)  :: Zweeds raadsel {n}
arse {n} (arse) SEE: ass  ::
arsehole {n} (anus)  :: gat
arsehole {n} (inconsiderate or mean-spirited person)  :: lul {m}
arsenal {n} (military establishment)  :: arsenaal, wapenmagazijn, wapenopslagplaats
arsenic {n} (chemical element)  :: arseen {n}, arsenicum {n}
arson {n} (crime of setting a fire)  :: brandstichting {f}
arsonist {n} (one who has committed the act of arson, or illegally setting fire to property)  :: brandstichter {m}
arsonry {n} (arson) SEE: arson  ::
art {n} (human effort)  :: kunst {f}
art {n} (conscious production or arrangement)  :: kunst {f}
art {n} (skillful creative activity)  :: kunst {f}
art {n} (study)  :: kunst {f}
art {n} (aesthetic value)  :: kunstwerk
art {n} (skill)  :: kunst {f}
art dealer {n} (someone who buys and sells works of art)  :: kunsthandelaar {m}
art gallery {n} (space where works of art are placed on display)  :: kunstgalerij {f}, kunstgalerie {f}
art historian {n} (an expert in art history)  :: kunsthistoricus {m}
art history {n} (study of the history of the visual arts)  :: kunstgeschiedenis {f}
art nouveau {n} (style of art and architecture)  :: art nouveau, jugendstil
artefact {n} (artefact) SEE: artifact  ::
artery {n} (blood vessel from the heart)  :: slagader {m}, arterie {f}
arthromere {n} (any of the constitutive body segments of a jointed animal)  :: lichaamsgeleding, lichaamssegment
arthropod {n} (animal of Arthropoda)  :: geleedpotige
artichoke {n} (vegetable)  :: artisjok {m}
artichoke bottom {n} (edible fleshy receptacle at the bottom of an artichoke flower)  :: artisjokbodem {m}
article {n} (story, report, or opinion piece)  :: artikel {n}
article {n} (member of a group or class)  :: artikel {n}
article {n}  :: artikel {n}
article {n} (part of speech that specifies a noun)  :: lidwoord {n}
article {n} (section of a legal document)  :: artikel {n}
article {n} (object) SEE: object  ::
articulate {adj} (clear, effective)  :: duidelijk, klaar, efficiënt
articulate {adj} (speaking in a clear or effective manner)  :: welbespraakt, taalvaardig
articulate {adj} (able to bend or hinge at certain points or intervals)  :: geleed, gelede, geärticuleerd
articulate {v} (to clarify)  :: uitleggen
articulate {v} (to speak clearly)  :: articuleren, goed/correct uitspreken, uitspraak verzorgen
articulate {v} (to explain)  :: uitdrukken
articulate {v} (to hinge)  :: geleed zijn
articulate {v} (music: to attack a note)  :: benadrukken
articulate {v} (anatomy: to form a joint)  :: articuleren
articulated {adj} (Having one or more pivoted joints)  :: geleed
articulated {adj} (Describing a vehicle with such joints)  :: geleed
articulated bus {n} (articulated bus)  :: gelede bus {m}
artifact {n} (man-made object)  :: artefact {n}
artifact {n} (archaeological object)  :: artefact {n}
artifact {n} (something viewed as a product of human conception)  :: mensenwerk {n}
artificer {n} (inventor) SEE: inventor  ::
artificial {adj} (man-made)  :: artificieel, kunstmatig
artificial {adj} (false, misleading)  :: kunstmatig, nagemaakt, artificieel
artificial {adj} (unnatural)  :: kunstmatig, artificieel, onnatuurlijk, nagemaakt
artificial intelligence {n} (intelligence exhibited by an artificial entity)  :: kunstmatige intelligentie {f}
artificial intelligence {n} (branch of computer science)  :: kunstmatige intelligentie {f}
artificial sweetener {n} (sugar substitute) SEE: sugar substitute  ::
artillerist {n} (artilleryman) SEE: artilleryman  ::
artillery {n} (weapon)  :: geschut {n}, artillerie {f}
artilleryman {n} (soldier enlisted in an artillery unit)  :: geschutmeester {m}, artillerist {m}, kanonnier {m}
artist {n} (person who creates art)  :: kunstenaar {m}, kunstenares {f}
artist {n} (person who creates art as an occupation)  :: kunstenaar {m}, kunstenares {f}, artiest {m}
artist {n} (skilled person)  :: artiest {m}
artistic {adv} (having creative skill)  :: kunstzinnig, artistiek
artistic {adv} (relating to art or artists)  :: kunstzinnig, artistiek
artistic {adv} (aesthetically pleasing)  :: kunstzinnig, artistiek
artistical {adj} (artistic) SEE: artistic  ::
artmaker {n} (artist) SEE: artist  ::
arugula {n} (herb)  :: raketsla {f}, rucola {m} {f}
as {adv} (to such an extent or degree)  :: zo ...als
as {conj} (in the same way that)  :: zoals
as {conj} (at the same instant that)  :: toen
as {conj} (at the same time that)  :: terwijl
as {conj} (varying through time to the same proportion that)  :: naarmate
as {conj} (considering that, because)  :: omdat, want, aangezien
as {conj}  :: als ; The Hague dialect: as
as {prep} (Introducing a basis of comparison)  :: als; The Hague dialect: as
as {prep} (In the role of)  :: als, in de rol van; The Hague dialect: as, in de rol van
as {conj} (relative conjunction) SEE: that  ::
as {conj} (expressing concession) SEE: though  ::
as {conj} (than) SEE: than  ::
as {conj} (as if) SEE: as if  ::
as {adv} (for example) SEE: for example  ::
as a matter of fact {prep} (actually)  :: eigenlijk, in werkelijkheid
as a result {conj} (consequently)  :: als gevolg van
as far as one knows {adv} (to the best of my knowledge)  :: voor zo ver ik weet
as follows {adv} (in the manner described hereafter)  :: zo
as good as {adv} (almost completely)  :: zo goed als
as if {conj} (as though)  :: alsof
as if {conj} (in mimicry of)  :: alsof
as if {interj} (interjection)  :: als of
as it were {adv} (to indicate a word or statement is not exact)  :: als het ware
as long as {conj} (if, assuming)  :: zolang, mits
as long as {conj} (while)  :: zolang
as much {adv} (in a similar manner)  :: evenzo, desgelijks
as per usual {adv} (as usual) SEE: as usual  ::
as regards {prep} (regarding)  :: betreffende, met betrekking tot
as soon as {conj} (immediately after)  :: zodra
as soon as possible {adv} (as soon as is possible)  :: zo snel mogelijk
as such {adv} (per se) SEE: per se  ::
as the crow flies {adv} (in a straight line)  :: hemelsbreed
as though {conj} (as to suggest that)  :: alsof
as to {prep} (with reference or regard to)  :: over, wat betreft
as to {prep} (according to)  :: naar, volgens
as usual {adv} (as is usually the case)  :: zoals gewoonlijk
as well {adv} (in addition, also)  :: ook
as well {adv} (to the same effect)  :: net zo goed
as well as {conj} (and in addition)  :: alsmede
as well as {prep} (in addition to)  :: naast
as yet {adv} (up to the present)  :: nog steeds, tot nu toe
asafoetida {n} (resinous gum from wild fennel)  :: duivelsdrek
asbestos {n} (any of several fibrous mineral forms of magnesium silicate)  :: asbest {n}, asbest- [attributive]
ascend {v} (to fly, to soar)  :: stijgen, opgaan, opvaren
ascend {v} (to go up)  :: opstijgen
ascendancy {n} (supremacy; superiority; dominant control)  :: overwicht, overhand
ascension {n} (the act of ascending)  :: hemelvaart
ascent {n} (act of ascending; motion upwards)  :: stijging {f}
ascent {n} (degree of elevation of an object, or the angle it makes with a horizontal line)  :: stijging {f}
ascertain {v} (find out; discover or establish)  :: constateren, vaststellen
asceticism {n} (the principles and practices of an ascetic)  :: ascetisme {n}
ascribe {v} (attribute a cause or characteristic)  :: toeschrijven aan, wijten aan
ascribe {v} (attribute a book, etc)  :: toeschrijven aan
ascription {n} (act of ascribing a quality to someone or something)  :: toewijzing {f}
asepticize {v} (sterilize) SEE: sterilize  ::
asexual {adj} (having no distinct sex)  :: geslachtloos, asexueel
asexuality {n} (state of not experiencing sexual attraction)  :: aseksualiteit {f}
ash {n} (solid remains of a fire)  :: as {f}, asse {f}
ash {n} (wood)  :: essenhout {n}
ash {n} (tree) SEE: ash tree  ::
ash tree {n} (Fraxinus tree)  :: es {m}
ashamed {adj} (feeling shame or guilt)  :: beschaamd
ashcan {n} (container for ashes)  :: asbak, vuilnisemmer
ashlar {n} (masonry making use of such blocks)  :: blok natuursteen, parement
ashtray {n} (receptacle for ashes)  :: asbak {m}
asinine {adj} (failing to exercise intelligence or judgment)  :: oerdom, achterlijk
asinine {adj} (of or relating to a donkey)  :: ezelachtig
ask {v} (request an answer)  :: vragen
ask {v} (make a request)  :: vragen
ask for it {v} (provoke an unwanted action)  :: erom vragen
askance {adv} (of look: with disapproval)  :: misprijzend
askew {adj} (turned or twisted to one side)  :: scheef
asking price {n} (list or sticker price of an item)  :: vraagprijs
aslake {v} (mitigate) SEE: mitigate  ::
asleep {adj} (in a state of sleep)  :: slapend
asp {n} (aspen) SEE: aspen  ::
asparagus {n} (asparagus plant)  :: asperge {f}
asparagus {n} (asparagus shoots (food))  :: asperge {f}
aspartame {n} (the artificial sweetener)  :: aspartaam {n}
aspect ratio {n} (the ratio of an object's longest dimension to its next-longest dimension)  :: aspectverhouding {f}
aspect ratio {n} (the ratio of width to height in a flat surface or 2-dimensional abstract construction)  :: aspectverhouding {f}
aspen {n} (tree of genus Populus sect. Populus)  :: esp {m}, ratelpopulier {m}
asperity {n} (roughness as of stone)  :: ruwheid
asperity {n} (harshness, as of temper)  :: hardvochtigheid
asperity {n} (something that is harsh and hard to endure)  :: ondraaglijkheid
asperse {v} (scatter) SEE: scatter  ::
asperse {v} (sprinkle) SEE: sprinkle  ::
aspersion {n} (an attack on somebody's reputation or good name)  :: beschimping, belediging,
aspersion {n} (a sprinkling of holy water)  :: besprenkeling,
asphalt {n} (asphalt concrete)  :: asfalt {n}
asphalt {v} (to pave with asphalt)  :: asfalteren
asphyxia {n} (condition with extreme decrease of oxygen and increase of carbon dioxide)  :: asfyxie {f}
asphyxiation {n} (Death due to lack of oxygen)  :: verstikking {f}
aspirate {n} (linguistics: puff of air)  :: aspiratie {f}
aspire {v} (to hope or dream)  :: ambiëren, nastreven
aspirin {n} (analgesic drug)  :: aspirine
aspirin {n} (tablet containing acetylsalicylic acid)  :: aspirientje {n}
asplenia {n} (absence of normal spleen function)  :: asplenie {f}
ass {n} (animal, see also: donkey)  :: ezel {m}
ass {n} (buttocks)  :: kont {m} {f}, reet {m} {f}
assailant {n} (an attacker; someone who attacks another violently, or criminally)  :: aanrander {c}
assassin {v} (assassinate) SEE: assassinate  ::
assassin {n} (member of the historical Ismaili Muslim militant group)  :: Assassijn
assassin {n} (any ruthless killer)  :: moordenaar {m}
assassinate {v} (to murder by sudden or obscure attack)  :: vermoorden
assassinate {n} (assassination) SEE: assassination  ::
assassinate {n} (assassin) SEE: assassin  ::
assassination {n} (murder for political reasons or personal gain)  :: moord
assault {n} (a violent onset or attack)  :: aanranding {f}
assault {v} (to attack, threaten or harass)  :: aanranden, vergrijpen
assault rifle {n} (a rifle)  :: aanvalsgeweer {n}
assegai {n}  :: assagaai or assegaai {f} or {m}
assemble {v} (to put together)  :: in elkaar zetten
assemble {v} (to gather as a group)  :: samenkomen, zich verzamelen
assembly line {n} (system of workers and machinery in a series)  :: lopende band {m}
assert {v} (To affirm)  :: bevestigen
assert {v} (To maintain or defend, as a cause or a claim, by words or measures)  :: behouden, verdedigen
assertion {n} (affirmation; statement asserted)  :: bevestiging
assertive {adj} (boldly self-assured)  :: assertief, mondig
assess {v} (to determine the value of)  :: beoordelen, evalueren
assess {v} (to give or charge with)  :: belasten
assess {v} (to impose or subject to)  :: opleggen
assessment {n} (act of assessing a tax)  :: schatting {f}
assessment {n} (appraisal)  :: afweging {f}, beoordeling {f}, taxatie {f}, waardering {f}
asset {n} (something or someone of any value)  :: activa {p}, activum {n}
asset-backed {adj} (having assets as collateral)  :: door activa gedekt, op onderpand van activa
assets {n} (any property or object of value that one possesses)  :: activa
assfuck {n} (sodomy) SEE: sodomy  ::
assfucker {n} (jerk) SEE: jerk  ::
asshole {n} (anus)  :: kontgat, reet
asshole {n} (mean or rude person)  :: klootzak, hufter, lul
assiduous {adj} (hard-working, diligent)  :: ijverig, vlijtig, betrouwbaar
assiduously {adv} (in an assiduous manner)  :: volhardend,ijverig,vlijtig,
assign {v} (to allot or give something as a task)  :: toewijzen
assignee {n} (law: one to whom rights or property is being transferred)  :: cessionaris {c}
assignment {n} (act of assigning; allocation of tasks)  :: toewijzing {f}, toekenning {f}
assignment {n} (task)  :: opdracht {f}, taak {f}
assignment {n} (position)  :: benoeming {f}
assignment {n} (Typically a task given to students)  :: huiswerk {n}, opdracht {f}, taak {f}
assignment {n} (transfer)  :: cessie {c}
assignment {n} (document that effects this transfer)  :: akte van cessie {c}
assignor {n} (maker of an assignment)  :: cedent {c}
assimilate {v} (to absorb a group of people into a community)  :: assimileren, integreren
assimilate {v} (to compare something to another similar one)  :: vergelijken
assist {v} (help)  :: assisteren, bijstaan
assist {v} (to make a pass in a sport)  :: voorzetten, een voorzet geven
assistance {n} (aid; help; the act or result of assisting)  :: hulp {f}, assistentie {f}
assistant {n} (wizard) SEE: wizard  ::
assistant {n} (person who assists)  :: assistent {m}
assistant referee {n} (official at a football match)  :: assistent-scheidsrechter {m}
associate {v} (to spend time socially)  :: omgaan
associate {v} (to connect in the mind or imagination)  :: associëren
association {n} (state of being associated; connection to or an affiliation with something)  :: associatie {f}, verbinding {f}
association {n} (group of persons associated for a common purpose)  :: vereniging {f}
association football {n} (soccer)  :: voetbal {n}
assortment {n} (collection of varying but related items)  :: assortiment {n}
assuage {v} (mitigate, relieve)  :: troosten,verzachten
assume {v} (to suppose to be true)  :: aannemen, veronderstellen
assume {v} (take on a position)  :: innemen, aannemen
assume {v} (adopt an idea)  :: aannemen
assumption {n} (the act of assuming, or taking to or upon oneself)  :: op zich nemen
assumption {n} (supposition)  :: veronderstelling {f}, aanname {f}
assumption {n} (thing supposed)  :: veronderstelling {f}, aanname {f}
assumption {n} (taking of a person up into heaven)  :: hemelvaart {m}
assumption {n} (festival in honor of the ascent of the Virgin Mary into heaven)  :: Mariahemelvaart {m}, hemelvaart {m}
assure {v} (to make sure and secure)  :: verzekeren, afzekeren, beveiligen
assure {v} (to give someone confidence in the trustworthiness of something)  :: verzekeren
assure {v} (to reassure)  :: verzekeren, geruststellen
astatine {n} (the chemical element)  :: astatium {n}, astaat {n}
asterisk {n} (symbol used to highlight words or sentences)  :: asterisk {f}, sterretje {n}
asteroid {n} (astronomy)  :: planetoïde, asteroïde
asthma {n} (chronic respiratory disease)  :: astma
astonish {v} (to surprise, astound, flabbergast)  :: verbazen
astonished {adj} (amazed)  :: verbaasd
astound {v} (to astonish, bewilder or dazzle)  :: verbluffen
astounding {adj} (that astounds)  :: indrukwekkend,verbijsterend
astragalus {n} (anklebone) SEE: anklebone  ::
astride {adv} (with one’s legs on either side)  :: schrijlings, wijdbeens
astringent {n} (substance which draws tissue together)  :: samentrekkend middel {n}
astringent {adj} (sharp, caustic, severe)  :: scherp, bijtend, streng
astringent {adj} (having the effect of drawing tissue together)  :: samentrekkend
astrolabe {n} (astronomical and navigational instrument)  :: astrolabium {n}
astrologer {n} (one who studies astrology)  :: astroloog {m}, sterrenwichelaar {m}
astrological sign {n} (sign that is used as the basis of astrology)  :: sterrenbeeld {n}
astrologist {n} (astrologer) SEE: astrologer  ::
astrology {n} (star divination)  :: astrologie {f}, sterrenwichelarij {f}
astronaut {n} (member of the crew of a spaceship or other spacecraft, or someone trained for that purpose)  :: ruimtevaarder {m}, astronaut {m}
astronomer {n} (one who studies astronomy)  :: astronoom {m}, sterrenkundige {c}
astronomic {adj} (pertaining to astronomy) SEE: astronomical  ::
astronomic {adj} (incredibly large) SEE: astronomical  ::
astronomical {adj} (of or relating to astronomy)  :: astronomisch
astronomical {adj} (very large)  :: astronomisch
astronomical twilight {n} (period of partial darkness)  :: astronomische schemering {f}
astronomically {adv} (relating to astronomy)  :: astronomisch
astronomically {adv} (in the extreme)  :: astronomisch
astronomy {n} (study of the physical universe beyond the Earth's atmosphere)  :: astronomie {f}, sterrenkunde {f}
astrophysics {n} (interdisciplinary branch of astronomy and physics)  :: astrofysica
astute {adj} (Quick at seeing how to gain advantage)  :: scherpzinnig
asunder {adv} (into separate parts)  :: uiteen, uit elkaar
asylum {n} (place of safety)  :: asiel {n}
asylum {n} (mental asylum)  :: psychiatrische instelling {f}
asylum seeker {n} (one who seeks asylum)  :: asielzoeker {m}
asymmetric {adj} (not symmetric)  :: asymmetrisch
asymmetric bars {n} (uneven bars) SEE: uneven bars  ::
asymmetrical {adj} (not symmetrical)  :: asymmetrisch
asymmetry {n} (lack of symmetry or proportion)  :: symmetrie {f}
asymptomatic {adj} (not exhibiting any symptoms of disease)  :: asymptomatisch
asymptote {n} (a straight line which a curve approaches arbitrarily closely)  :: asymptoot {m}
at {prep} (in or very near a particular place)  :: op, bij
at {prep} (indicating time)  :: om
at {prep} (in the direction of)  :: op
at {prep} (denoting a price)  :: aan
at {n} (at sign) SEE: at sign  ::
at a time {prep} (in a continuous period)  :: tegelijk
at all {prep} (at all)  :: helemaal niet
at all costs {prep} (sparing no effort)  :: koste wat kost, tegen elke prijs
at any rate {prep} (in any case)  :: in ieder geval
at bay {prep} (unable to come closer)  :: op afstand
at bay {prep} (cornered)  :: in het nauw
at dark {prep} (during nightfall)  :: wanneer de avond valt
at first blush {prep} (upon first impression or consideration)  :: op het eerste gezicht
at first glance {prep} (after only a superficial examination or review)  :: op het eerste gezicht
at first sight {prep} (at first glance) SEE: at first glance  ::
at gunpoint {prep} (under coercion by someone with a firearm)  :: onder bedreiging van een vuurwapen, onder schot
at home {prep} (In one's place of residence)  :: thuis
at it {prep} (in the middle of a given activity)  :: bezig
at large {prep} (in general)  :: in het algemeen
at last {prep} (after a long time; eventually)  :: uiteindelijk
at last {prep} (in the end; finally; ultimately)  :: eindelijk
at latter Lammas {prep} (never)  :: met sint-juttemis
at least {prep} (at a lower limit)  :: minstens, tenminste, althans, op z'n minst
at length {prep} (for a long time)  :: lang, ellelang
at long last {prep} (at last) SEE: at last  ::
at most {prep} (at the most; at a maximum or upper limit)  :: hoogstens, maximaal
at night {adv} (during the night)  :: 's nachts, in de nacht
at no time {prep} (never) SEE: never  ::
at once {adv} (at the same time)  :: tegelijk, ineens, tegelijkertijd
at once {adv} (immediately)  :: meteen, direct, dadelijk, ineens
at sign {n} (name of the symbol @)  :: apenstaart, apenstaartje {n}
at stake {prep} (at issue, at risk)  :: op het spel
at symbol {n} (at sign) SEE: at sign  ::
at that {prep} (in addition)  :: ook, nog wel, nog ... ook
at the end of the day {prep} (in summary; ultimately)  :: uiteindelijk, aan het einde van de rit
at the expense of {prep} (by taking away from)  :: ten koste van
at the hands of {prep} (by the actions of)  :: door toedoen van
at the latest {prep} (not later than)  :: uiterlijk
at the moment {prep} (right now)  :: momenteel
at the same time {prep} (simultaneously)  :: tezelfdertijd, tegelijkertijd, tegelijk
at the time {prep} (at the time referred to in the past)  :: toen
atavistic {adj} (biology: of the recurrence of a trait after an absence of generations)  :: atavistisch
atavistic {adj} (of a throwback)  :: atavistisch
atavistic {adj} (of the return of earlier, more primitive behavior)  :: atavistisch
ataxia {n} (lack of coordination)  :: ataxie {f}
atheism {n} (rejection of belief that any deities exist (with or without a belief that no deities exist))  :: atheïsme {n}
atheist {n} (a person who believes that no deities exist)  :: atheïst {m}, atheïste {f} [rare], godloochenaar {m} {f} [pejorative, polemical], goddeloze {m} {f} [pejorative, polemical]
atheist {n} (a person who rejects belief that any deities exist, whether or not that person believes that deities do not exist)  :: atheïst {m} {f}, atheïste {f} [rare]
atherogenic {adj} (that initiates or accelerates atherogenesis)  :: atherogene
athlete {n} (person who actively participates in physical sports)  :: atleet
athletics {n} (physical activities)  :: atletiek {f}
athwart {adv} (From side to side, across)  :: van de ene kant naar de andere, dwars over
athwartships {adv} (athwartships)  :: dwarsscheeps
-ation {suffix} (-ation (suffix))  :: -tie {f}, -atie {f}
atlas {n} (bound collection of maps)  :: atlas {m}
atlas {n} (bound collection of tables, illustrations, etc., on any subject)  :: atlas {m}
atlas {n} ((anatomy) The uppermost vertebra of the neck)  :: atlas {m}
atmosphere {n} (gases surrounding the Earth)  :: atmosfeer {m}, dampkring
atmosphere {n} (air in a particular place)  :: atmosfeer {m}
atmosphere {n} (mood or feeling)  :: sfeer {m}
atmosphere {n} (a unit of measurement for pressure)  :: atmosfeer {m}
atmospheric pressure {n} (pressure caused by weight of the atmosphere)  :: luchtdruk {m}
atoll {n} (island)  :: atol
atom {n} (chemistry, physics: smallest possible amount of matter retaining its chemical properties)  :: atoom {n}
atom {n} (historical: theoretical particle of matter)  :: atoom {n}
atomic {adj}  :: atomisch
atomic bomb {n} (nuclear weapon)  :: atoombom {f}
atomic clock {n} (reference clock)  :: atoomklok {f}
atomic clock {n} (radio clock) SEE: radio clock  ::
atomic mass {n} (mass of an atom)  :: atoommassa
atomic nucleus {n} (nucleus of an atom)  :: atoomkern
atomic number {n} (number of protons)  :: atoomnummer {n}
atomizer {n} (instrument for reducing a liquid to spray)  :: flitspuit {f}; verstuiver
atonal {adj} (lacking a tonal center or key (music))  :: atonaal
atonality {n} (a style of music)  :: atonaliteit {f}
atone {v} (to make reparation, compensation, or amends, for an offence or a crime)  :: goedmaken, compenseren
atonement {n} (amends to restore a damaged relationship)  :: herstel {n}
atonement {n} (reconciliation of God and mankind)  :: boetedoening {f}
atonement {n}  :: herstel {n}
atopy {n} (hereditary disorder)  :: atopie {f}
atrium {n} (body cavity)  :: boezem {m}, atrium {n}
atrocious {adj} (frightful, evil, cruel, monstrous)  :: vreselijk, verschrikkelijk, monsterlijk, afgrijselijk
atrocious {adj} (offensive, heinous)  :: afschuwelijk
atrocious {adj} (very bad)  :: weerzinwekkend, afgrijselijk, verschrikkelijk
atrocity {n} (extremely cruel act)  :: wreedheid {f}
atrophic {adj} (pertaining to atrophy)  :: atrofisch
atrophy {n} (reduced functionality)  :: atrofie {f}
at-sign {n} (at sign) SEE: at sign  ::
attach {v} (to fasten, to join to)  :: vastmaken
attaché {n} (diplomatic officer)  :: attaché {m}
attachment {n} (dependence, especially a strong one)  :: gehechtheid {f}
attachment {n} (file sent along with an email)  :: bijlage {f}, attachment {n}
attachment {n} (legal: taking a person's property to satisfy a debt)  :: beslaglegging {f}
attack {n} (attempt to cause damage or injury)  :: aanval {m}
attack {n} (offense of a battle)  :: aanval {m}
attack {n} (cricket: bowlers of a cricket side)  :: aanvalszijde {f}
attack {n} (volleyball: hit other than serve or block that sends the ball over the net)  :: aanval {m}
attack {v} (to apply violent force)  :: aanvallen
attack {v} (to aggressively challenge with words)  :: aanvallen
attacker {n} (someone who attacks)  :: aanvaller {m}
attacking midfielder {n} (midfield player)  :: aanvallende middenvelder {c}
attain {v} (to accomplish; to achieve)  :: bereiken, realiseren
attainment {n} (the act of attaining; the act of arriving at or reaching)  :: het verkrijgen van
attempt {v} (to try)  :: pogen, proberen
attempt {n} (the action of trying at something)  :: poging {f} [an action], probeersel {n} (making something)
attempt {n} (attack)  :: aanslag {m}
attend {v} (to be present at)  :: volgen, bijwonen, aanwezig zijn
attention {n} (mental focus)  :: aandacht {f}
attention {n} (romantic interest)  :: attenties {p}
attention {n} (state of alertness in the standing position)  :: paraatheid {f}
attention {interj} (military command)  :: geef acht
attention whore {n} (someone craving attention)  :: aandachtshoer {f}
attentive {adj} (paying attention)  :: aandachtig
attentively {adv} (in an attentive manner)  :: oplettend
attenuate {v} (To weaken)  :: verzwakken
attest {v} (to affirm to be correct, true, or genuine)  :: attesteren
attested {adj} (in linguistics: of words or languages, proven to have existed by records)  :: getuigd
attic {n} (space, often unfinished and with sloped walls, directly below the roof)  :: zolder {m}
attitude {n} (position of the body or way of carrying oneself)  :: houding {f}, attitude {f}
attitude {n} (disposition or state of mind)  :: houding {f}, humeur {n}
attitude {n}  :: houding {f} , opstelling {f}
atto- {prefix} (unit of measure)  :: atto-
attorney {n} (lawyer)  :: advocaat {m} {f}
attract {v} (pull without touching)  :: aantrekken
attract {v} (arouse interest)  :: aandacht trekken
attract {v} (cause sexual excitement)  :: aantrekken
attract attention {v} (attract attention)  :: opvallen
attraction {n} (tendency to attract)  :: aantrekkingskracht {f}
attraction {n} (feeling of being attracted)  :: aantrekkingskracht {f}
attraction {n} (something which attracts)  :: attractie {f}, trekpleister {m}
attribute {n} (characteristic or quality)  :: attribuut {n}, eigenschap {f}
attribute {v} (to associate ownership or authorship with)  :: toeschrijven
attribute {v} (attribute a cause or characteristic) SEE: ascribe  ::
attributive {adj} (of, or being an attributive)  :: attributief
attributive {adj} (having the nature of an attribute)  :: attributief
attrition {n} (wearing by friction)  :: slijtage
attrition {n} (reduction in membership)  :: vrijwillig ontslag
attrition {n}  :: afvloeiingspolitiek
attune {v} (to tune an instrument)  :: stemmen
atychiphobia {n} (the fear of failure)  :: faalangst {m}
au contraire {adv} (on the contrary, see also: on the contrary)  :: integendeel
au pair {n} (a single girl or boy staying as a guest with a host family)  :: au pair {f}
aubade {n} (song or poem greeting dawn)  :: aubade {f}
aubergine {n} (eggplant) SEE: eggplant  ::
auburn {n} (reddish-brown)  :: kastanjebruin
auction {n} (public sales event)  :: veiling {f}
auction {v} (to sell at an auction)  :: veilen
audacious {adj} (showing willingness to take bold risks)  :: onvervaard, driest, koen, vermetel, waaghalzig
audacious {adj} (impudent)  :: schaamteloos, driest
audacity {n} (fearless daring)  :: moed {m}
audible {adj} (able to be heard)  :: hoorbaar
audience {n} (group of people seeing a performance)  :: publiek {n}
audience {n} (readership of a written publication)  :: publiek {n}, lezerspubliek {n}, lezers {p}
audience {n} (formal meeting with a dignitary)  :: audientie {n}, onderhoud {n}
audience {n} (following)  :: gevolg {n}
audiobook {n} (audiobook)  :: luisterboek {n}
audiology {n} (study of hearing and hearing defects)  :: audiologie {f}
audit {v} (to examine and adjust)  :: verifiëren
auditorium {n} (a large room for public meetings or performances)  :: gehoorzaal {c}, zaal {c}
auditory {adj} (of or pertaining to hearing)  :: auditief
auditory {n} (an assembly of hearers; an audience)  :: publiek {n}
auditory {n} (an auditorium)  :: gehoorzaal {f}
augment {v} (to increase, make larger or supplement)  :: vergroten, verhogen, aanvullen
augment {v} (to become greater)  :: verhogen
augment {v} (to slow the tempo or meter)  :: vergroten
augment {v} (to increase an interval by a half step)  :: vergroten
augment {n} (grammar: prefix indicating past tense of verb)  :: augment {n}
augmentation {n} (medicine: a surgical procedure to enlarge a body part, as breast augmentation)  :: vergroting {f}
augmentative {n} (a form of word that expresses large size, intensity, or seniority)  :: vergrootwoord {n}, augmentatief {n}
augur {n} (diviner who foretells events by unusual occurrences)  :: waarzegger {m}, wichelaar {m}
augur {v} (to foretell events; to exhibit signs of future events)  :: waarzeggen, voorspellen
auk {n} (seabird of the family Alcidae)  :: alk
aunt {n} (a parent’s sister or sister-in-law)  :: tante {f}
aunt {n} (affectionate term for an older woman, by means of fictive kin)  :: tante {f}
aunt {n} (great-aunt or grandaunt) SEE: great-aunt  ::
aura {n} (An invisible force surrounding a living creature.)  :: aura {f}
auricle {n} (smaller of the two types of heart chamber) SEE: atrium  ::
auricle {n} (outer ear) SEE: pinna  ::
aurochs {n} (European bison) SEE: European bison  ::
aurochs {n} (Bos primigenius)  :: oeros
aurora {n} (atmospheric phenomenon)  :: poollicht {n}
aurora borealis {n} (aurora of the northern hemisphere) SEE: northern lights  ::
auscultate {v} (to practice auscultation)  :: ausculteren
auspice {n} (patronage)  :: patronage {f}
auspice {n} (omen)  :: voorteken {n}, omen {n}
auspices {n} (patronage or protection)  :: auspiciën {p}
auspicious {adj} (indicating future success)  :: gunstig
austere {adj} (grim, stern, strict)  :: streng, droog
austere {adj} (not extravagant)  :: sober, karig
austerity {n} (policy of deficit-cutting: reduce spending and/or raise taxes)  :: bezuiniging {f}
autarchy {n} (autocratic government) SEE: autocracy  ::
autarky {n} (state of personal self-sufficiency)  :: gesloten staatshuishouding, autarkie
auteur {n} (creative artist)  :: auteur {m}
authenticate {v} (To render authentic)  :: authentiseren
authenticate {v} (To prove authentic)  :: authentiseren
authentication {n} (proof of the identity of a user logging on to some network)  :: authenticatie
author {n} (writer) SEE: writer  ::
author {n} (originator or creator of a work)  :: auteur {m}, schrijver {m} [especially literary], schrijfster {f} [especially literary]
authority {n} (power to enforce rules or give orders)  :: bevoegdheid {f}, gezag {n}
authority {n} (persons in command; specifically, government)  :: autoriteit {f}, autoriteiten {f-p} [usually plural], gezag {n}
authority {n} (person accepted as a source of reliable information on a subject)  :: autoriteit {f}
authorization {n} (act of authorizing)  :: machtiging {f}, volmacht {f}, vergunning {f}, authorisatie {f}
authorization {n} (formal sanction, permission or warrant)  :: machtiging {f}, volmacht {f}
authorization {n} (power or right to give orders)  :: volmacht {f}, vergunning {f}, authorisatie {f}
authorize {v}  :: machtigen, vergunnen, authoriseren
authorship {n} (quality or state of being an author)  :: schrijverschap {n}
autism {n} (neurological disorder)  :: autisme {n}
autist {n} (person with autism)  :: autist
autistic {adj} (having or pertaining to autism)  :: autistisch
autobiography {n} (biography of oneself)  :: autobiografie {f}
autochthon {n} (earliest inhabitant)  :: autochtoon {m}
autochthonous {adj} (native to the place where found)  :: autochtoon
autocracy {n} (form of government)  :: autocratie {f}
autocrat {n} (ruler with absolute power)  :: autocraat {m}
autograph {n} (signature)  :: handtekening
automagical {adj} (automatic, but with an apparent element of magic)  :: automagisch
automate {v} (to replace or enhance human labor with machines)  :: automatiseren
automated teller machine {n} (banking)  :: giromaat {f}, pinautomaat {f}, geldautomaat {f}, flappentap
automatic {adj} (capable of operating without external control)  :: automatisch
automatic {adj} (acting without conscious thought)  :: automatisch, gedachtenloos, mechanisch
automatic {adj} (describing a firearm which fires continuously)  :: automatisch
automatic {n} (A car with automatic transmission)  :: automaat {m}
automatic teller machine {n} (automated teller machine) SEE: automated teller machine  ::
automatically {adv} (In an automatic manner)  :: automatisch
automation {n} (converting the controlling of a machine to an automatic system)  :: automatisering
automatize {v} (automate) SEE: automate  ::
automaton {n} (machine or robot designed to follow a precise sequence of instructions)  :: automaat {m}
automobile {n} (passenger vehicle)  :: automobiel {m}, auto {m}
automorphic number {n} (number whose square ends in itself)  :: automorf getal {n}
autonomous {adj} (self-governing)  :: autonoom
autonomy {n} (self-government)  :: autonomie {f}
autopsy {n} (a dissection performed on a cadaver)  :: autopsie {f}
autopsy {v} (perform an autopsy)  :: een autopsie uitvoeren
autoteller {n} (automated teller machine) SEE: automated teller machine  ::
autumn {n} (season)  :: herfst {m}, najaar {n}
auxiliary {n} (auxiliary verb) SEE: auxiliary verb  ::
auxiliary {adj} (helping; giving assistance or support)  :: helpend, ondersteunend, hulp- [prefix]
auxiliary {adj} (supplementary or subsidiary)  :: extra, bijkomend, ondersteunend, hulp- [prefix]
auxiliary {adj} (held in reserve for exceptional circumstances)  :: reserve- [prefix]
auxiliary {adj} (of a ship, having both sails and an engine)  :: met hulpmotor
auxiliary {adj} (relating to an auxiliary verb)  :: hulp- [prefix]
auxiliary {n} (sailing vessel equipped with an engine)  :: zeilboot met hulpmotor
auxiliary language {n} (minority language) SEE: minority language  ::
auxiliary verb {n} (a helping verb)  :: hulpwerkwoord {n}
avail {v} (to turn to the advantage of)  :: profiteren, grijpen
avail {v} (to be of service to)  :: dienen
avail {v} (to promote; to assist)  :: bevorderen
avail {v} (to be of use (intransitive))  :: baten
availability {n} (the quality of being available)  :: beschikbaarheid {f}, voorhanden zijn {n},
availability {n} (that which is available)  :: beschikbaarheid {f}
available {adj} (capable of being used)  :: beschikbaar
available {adj} (readily obtainable)  :: beschikbaar, voorhanden
avalanche {n} (large sliding mass of snow and ice)  :: lawine {f}
avalanche {n} (fall of earth, rocks, etc.)  :: lawine {f}
avant-guard {n} (advanced body of an army)  :: voorhoede
avant-guard {n} (new and (usually) experimental)  :: voorhoede
avarice {n} (excessive or inordinate desire of gain)  :: hebberigheid {f}, hebzucht {m} {f}, inhaligheid
avaricious {adj} (actuated by avarice)  :: inhalig, avaricieus
avatar {n} (A digital representation of a person or being)  :: avatar {c}, [informal] ava {c}
avenge {v} (to take vengeance for)  :: wreken, wraak nemen
avens {n} (plant of Geum)  :: nagelkruid {n}
avenue {n} (broad street)  :: weg, laan
avenue {n} (principal approach to a house withdrawn from the road)  :: laan
average {n} (arithmetic mean)  :: gemiddelde {n}
average {adj} (constituting or relating to the average)  :: gemiddelde
aversion {n} (fixed dislike)  :: afkeer
avert {v} (to turn aside)  :: ontwijken
avert {v} (to ward off)  :: voorkomen, verhinderen
aviation {n} (art or science of flying)  :: luchtvaart {f}
avid {adj} (enthusiastic; passionate)  :: gretig
avocado {n} (fruit)  :: avocado {m}
avocado {n} (tree)  :: avocadoboom {m}
avocation {n} (that which calls one away from one's regular employment or vocation)  :: afleiding
avocet {n} (bird)  :: kluut {m}
avoid {v} (to keep away from)  :: vermijden
avoidable {adj} (capable of being vacated; liable to be annulled or made invalid; voidable)  :: leegbaar
avoidable {adj} (capable of being avoided, shunned, or escaped)  :: voorkoombaar, vermijdbaar
avoidance {n} (The act of avoiding or shunning)  :: vermijden {n}
avuncular {adj} (in the manner of an uncle)  :: vaderlijk
avuncular {adj} (kind, genial, benevolent or tolerant)  :: vriendelijk, welwillend, verdraagzaam
await {v} (transitive: to wait for)  :: verwachten, wachten op, afwachten
await {v} (transitive: to expect)  :: verwachten
await {v} (transitive: to be in store for)  :: klaarliggen, liggen te wachten
await {v} (to serve)  :: bedienen, dienen
await {v} (intransitive, to stay in waiting)  :: wachten op
await {v}  :: wachten op
awake {adj} (conscious)  :: wakker, ontwaakt
awake {v} (to gain consciousness)  :: ontwaken
awake {v} (to cause someone to stop sleeping)  :: wekken
awaken {v} (transitive: to cause to become awake)  :: wekken, wakker maken
awaken {v} (intransitive: to stop sleeping)  :: zich opwekken, wakker worden
aware {adj} (vigilant, on one's guard)  :: waakzaam, op zijn hoede
aware {adj} (having knowledge of something)  :: op de hoogte zijn
awareness {n} (the state of consciousness)  :: besef, bewustzijn
awareness {n} (the state or quality of being aware of something)  :: bewustzijn, zich bewust zijn van
awash {adj} (washed by the waves or tide)  :: blank, overspoeld
awayday {n} (meeting away from the office)  :: heidag {c}
awesome {adj} (causing awe or terror)  :: angstaanjagend, beangstigend
awesome {adj} (excellent, exciting)  :: indrukwekkend
awful {adj}  :: vreselijk
awfully {adv} (very) SEE: very  ::
awkward {adj} (lacking dexterity in the use of the hands)  :: onhandig
awkward {adj} (not easily managed or effected; embarrassing)  :: ongemakkelijk, genant
awkwardness {n} (the state or quality of being awkward)  :: onbeholpenheid {f}, onhandigheid {f}
awl {n} (pointed instrument)  :: els {m}, priem
awm {n}  :: aam
awning {n} (a rooflike cover)  :: luifel
awning {n} (that part of the poop deck which is continued forward beyond the bulkhead of the cabin)  :: luifel
axe {n} (tool)  :: bijl {f}, hakbijl {f}
axe {n} (weapon)  :: bijl {f}, strijdbijl {f}
axilla {n} (armpit)  :: axilla, oksel
axiological {adj} (Of or relating to value theory)  :: axiologisch, aangaande de waardentheorie,
axiom {n} (philosophy: supposed self‐evident or necessary truth)  :: axioma {n}
axiom {n} (mathematics: fundamental assumption)  :: axioma
axiom of choice {n} (axiom of choice)  :: keuzeaxioma
axiomatic {adj} (evident without proof or argument)  :: vanzelfsprekend
axis {n} (geometry: imaginary line)  :: as
axis {n} (basis of space or part of graph)  :: as
axis {n} (second cervical vertebra)  :: draaier {m}
axis of evil {n} (states sponsoring terrorism and seeking weapons of mass destruction)  :: as van het kwaad
axis of symmetry {n} (a line about which a geometric figure is symmetric)  :: symmetrieas
axolotl {n} (endangered salamander)  :: axolotl {m}
axon {n} (a nerve fibre)  :: axon {n}
ayatollah {n} (a religious leader)  :: ayatollah {m}
aye-aye {n} (nocturnal quadruped)  :: vingerdier
azalea {n} (plant)  :: azalea
azure {n} (blue colour on a coat of arms)  :: azuur
azure {n} (colour of the sky)  :: azuurblauw {n}, hemelsblauw {n}
azure {adj} (sky-blue coloured)  :: azuurblauw
azure {adj} (heraldry: of blue colour on a coat of arms)  :: azuur (blauw)
azure {n} (lapis lazuli) SEE: lapis lazuli  ::