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-e {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the third-person present of regular -ere verbs and those -ire verbs that don't take "isco"
e {n} :: letter: e; e
e {conj} :: and
E' {letter} :: alternative form of È
E' {letter} :: alternative form of É
E {letter} :: letter: e
{suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the third-person past historic of regular -ere verbs
e allora {interj} :: so what
eastwoodiano {adj} :: Eastwoodian
EAU {prop} :: UAE
ebanista {f} :: cabinetmaker
ebanisteria {f} :: cabinet making / cabinetmaking
ebanistico {adj} :: cabinetmaking (attributive)
ebanite {f} :: ebonite
ebano {m} :: ebony
ebbene {interj} :: well
ebbio {m} :: danewort
ebbrezza {f} :: intoxication, inebriation
ebbrezza {f} :: thrill
ebbro {adj} :: intoxicated, drunk
ebbro {adj} :: beside oneself, mad, enraptured
ebdomadario {adj} :: weekly
ebdomadario {m} :: weekly publication
ebdomadario {m} :: hebdomadary
Ebe {prop} [Greek god] :: Hebe
Eber {prop} [Biblical character] :: Eber
Eberardo {prop} :: given name
ebere {vi} :: To weaken
ebetaggine {f} :: stupidity
ebete {adj} :: idiotic, stupid
ebete {mf} :: idiot
ebetismo {m} :: stupidity
ebetudine {f} :: hebetude, dullness
ebevente {v} :: present participle of ebere
ebola {f} [diseases] :: Ebola
Eboli {prop} :: a town in the province of Salerno in Campania in Italy
ebolitano {adj} :: Of, or from, Eboli
ebolitano {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Eboli
ebollizione {f} :: boiling
ebollizione {f} :: ebullience
ebraicamente {adv} :: Hebraically, Jewishly
ebraicista {mf} :: Hebraist
ebraicità {f} :: The property of being Hebraic
ebraico {adj} :: Hebrew, Hebraic, Jewish
ebraico {m} :: Hebrew language
ebraismo {m} :: Semitism (all senses)
ebraista {mf} :: Hebraist
ebraizzante {v} :: present participle of ebraizzare
ebraizzare {vit} :: to Hebraize
Ebrei {prop} [biblical] :: Hebrews
ebreo {adj} :: Hebrew, Jewish
ebreo {m} :: Hebrew, Jew
ebrezza {f} :: alternative form of ebbrezza
Ebridi {prop} :: Hebrides
ebriosità {f} :: ebriosity
ebulliometro {m} :: ebulliometer
ebullioscopia {f} [physics] :: ebullioscopy
ebullioscopico {adj} :: ebullioscopic
ebullioscopio {m} [physics] :: ebullioscope
eburneazione {f} [pathology] :: eburnation
eburneo {adj} :: ivory (attributive)
eburneo {adj} :: Ivorian
eburno {adj} :: alternative form of eburneo
Ecate {prop} [Greek god] :: Hecate
ecatombe {f} [historical, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome] :: A great feast and public sacrifice to the gods (originally of a hundred oxen); hecatomb
ecatombe {f} [by extension] :: slaughter, massacre
ecc. {adv} :: etc.
eccecazione {f} [obsolete] :: blindness
eccedentario {adj} :: surplus
eccedente {v} :: present participle of eccedere
eccedente {m} :: excess, surplus
eccedenza {f} :: surplus, excess
eccedere {v} :: to exceed; to overstep
eccedere {vi} :: To go too far
ecceità {f} :: haecceity, thisness
eccellente {adj} :: excellent, superb, first-class
eccellente {adj} :: very important, prominent, high-ranking
eccellente {v} :: present participle of eccellere
eccellentemente {adv} :: excellently, optimally
eccellentissimo {adj} :: Most excellent
eccellenza {f} :: excellence, greatness, pre-eminence
eccellenza {f} :: (title) Excellence (often capitalized)
Eccellenza {f} :: Excellency
eccellere {vi} :: To excel
eccelsamente {adv} :: excellently
eccelso {adj} :: high
eccelso {adj} :: great, exceptional
Eccelso {n} :: the Almighty
eccentricamente {adv} :: eccentrically (all senses)
eccentricità {f} :: eccentricity
eccentrico {adj} :: eccentric
eccepente {v} :: present participle of eccepire
eccepibile {adj} :: questionable
eccepibilmente {adv} :: questionably
eccepire {v} :: to object (that)
eccepire {v} :: to raise an objection (to something or someone)
eccepito {adj} :: That has been objected to
eccessivamente {adv} :: excessively, too
eccessività {f} :: exorbitance
eccessivo {adj} :: excessive
eccesso {m} :: excess, surplus
eccesso {m} :: glut
eccetera {adv} :: et cetera, and so on, and so forth
eccetto {prep} :: except; excepting; apart from; but
eccettuabile {adj} :: That can be excepted
eccettuante {v} :: present participle of eccettuare
eccettuare {vt} :: To except, exclude or single out
eccettuativa {f} [grammar] :: exceptive proposition
eccettuativo {adj} :: exceptive
eccettuato {adj} :: excepted
eccettuazione {f} :: exception
eccezion {f} :: apocopic form of eccezione
eccezionale {adj} :: exceptional, extraordinary, special, remarkable
eccezionale {adj} :: banner (very good)
eccezionalità {f} :: exceptionality
eccezionalmente {adv} :: exceptionally
eccezione {f} :: exception
eccezione {f} :: criticism
eccezione {f} [law] :: objection, exception, plea
eccezione che conferma la regola {f} :: exception that proves the rule
eccezion fatta per {prep} :: Variant of fatta eccezione per
ecchimosi {f} :: bruise, ecchymosis
ecchimotico {adj} [medicine] :: ecchymotic
eccì {interj} :: atishoo!, achoo!
eccidio {m} :: A massacre, a mass murder, a slaughter, a carnage
eccimero {m} [chemistry] :: excimer
eccimplesso {m} :: exciplex
eccipiente {m} [pharmacology] :: excipient
eccitabile {adj} :: excitable, emotional
eccitabilità {f} :: excitability
eccitamento {m} :: excitement, frisson
eccitamento {m} :: arousal
eccitamento {m} :: provocation, incitement
eccitante {v} :: present participle of eccitare
eccitante {adj} :: exciting, thrilling, stimulating
eccitante {m} :: stimulant
eccitantesi {v} :: present participle of eccitarsi
eccitare {vt} :: to excite, arouse
eccitare {vt} :: to stimulate, stir up, flush
eccitarsi {v} :: reflexive of eccitare
eccitarsi {v} :: to get excited, get aroused
eccitatamente {adv} :: excitedly
eccitatamente {adv} :: nervously
eccitatissimo {adj} :: Very excited
eccitato {adj} :: excited, aroused, horny
eccitato {adj} :: thrilled, excited, nervous, high-strung
eccitato {adj} :: wrought-up
eccitatore {adj} :: exciting, stimulating (causing excitation rather than excitement)
eccitatore {m} :: exciter, stimulator (device)
eccitatorio {adj} :: excitatory
eccitatosi {v} :: past participle of eccitarsi
eccitazione {f} [sex] :: excitement, arousal
eccitazione {f} :: excitement, thrill, stir
eccitazione {f} :: excitation
eccitone {m} [physics] :: exciton
eccitotossicità {f} :: excitotoxicity
eccitotossico {adj} :: excitotoxic
ecclesiale {adj} :: ecclesial, ecclesiastical
ecclesiaste {m} :: ecclesiast
Ecclesiaste {prop} :: Ecclesiastes
ecclesiasticamente {adv} :: ecclesiastically
ecclesiasticità {f} :: ecclesiastical nature or quality
ecclesiastico {adj} :: ecclesiastical
ecclesiastico {m} :: ecclesiastic
ecclesiologia {f} :: ecclesiology (branch of theology)
ecclissi {f} :: eclipse (Variant of: eclissi)
ecco {adv} :: here
ecco {interj} :: Here it is!
eccoci {adv} :: here we are
eccola {adv} :: here it is
ecco là {phrase} :: there it is
eccole {adv} :: here they are
eccoli {adv} :: here they are
eccolo {adv} :: here it is
eccome {adv} :: (in answer to a question) certainly, rather
eccome {interj} :: you bet
eccomi {adv} :: here I am
eccone {adv} :: here are (number) of them
ecco qui {phrase} :: here it is
eccoti {adv} :: here you are
eccovi {adv} :: here you are (plural)
eccrino {adj} :: eccrine
ecdisi {f} :: ecdysis
ecfrasi {f} :: ekphrasis
echeggiamento {m} :: echoing, reechoing, resounding
echeggiante {v} :: present participle of echeggiare
echeggiare {vt} :: To echo
echeggiare {vi} :: (auxiliary essere or avere) To reverberate, to resonate, to resound
echidna {f} :: echidna
echino- {prefix} :: spiny
echino {m} :: echinus, sea urchin
echinocactus {m} :: barrel cactus (of genus Echinocactus)
echinocardio {m} :: echinocardium (sea urchins of genus Echinocardium)
echinocito {m} :: echinocyte
echinococco {m} [microbiology] :: echinococcus (tapeworms of genus Echinococcus)
echinococcosi {m} [medicine] :: echinococcosis, hydatid disease
echinoderma {m} [animals] :: echinoderm
echinofauna {f} :: echinofauna
echio {m} :: echium
ecidio {m} :: aecidium
eclampsia {f} [pathology] :: eclampsia
eclatante {adj} :: striking, impressive, resounding
eclatante {adj} :: evident
ecletticamente {adv} :: eclectically
ecletticità {f} :: eclecticism
eclettico {adj} :: eclectic
eclettico {m} :: An eclectic
eclettismo {m} [philosophy, arts] :: Eclecticism
eclettismo {m} :: Eclecticism (the quality of being eclectic)
eclissamento {m} :: eclipsing
eclissamento {m} :: overshadowing
eclissante {v} :: present participle of eclissare
eclissantesi {v} :: present participle of eclissarsi
eclissare {vt} :: To eclipse
eclissarsi {vr} :: To be eclipsed
eclissarsi {vr} :: To disappear or slip away
eclissatosi {v} :: past participle of eclissarsi
eclisse {f} :: alternative spelling of eclissi
eclisse lunare {f} :: alternative spelling of eclissi lunare
eclisse solare {f} :: alternative spelling of eclissi solare
eclissi {f} :: eclipse
eclissi lunare {f} [astronomy] :: lunar eclipse
eclissi solare {f} [astronomy] :: solar eclipse
eclittica {f} [astronomy] :: ecliptic
eclittico {adj} :: ecliptic
ecloga {f} :: alt form egloga
eco- {prefix} :: Forms words relating to echos
eco- {prefix} :: eco- (environmental)
eco {f} :: echo
eco {f} :: echoing sound
eco {f} [nautical] :: sounding (of the depth)
eco {f} [Short form of: ecografia, medicine] :: ultrasound, ultrasonography
Eco {prop} :: surname
Eco {prop} :: Umberto Eco, Italian writer and phylosopher
ecocardiografia {f} [medicine] :: echocardiography
ecocardiografo {m} [medicine] :: echocardiograph
ecocardiogramma {m} [medicine] :: echocardiogram
ecocatastrofe {f} :: ecological catastrophe or disaster
ecocidio {m} :: ecocide
ecoclima {m} :: ecoclimate
ecoclimatico {adj} :: ecoclimatic
ecocompatibile {adj} :: environmentally friendly
ecocompatibilità {f} :: environmental compatibility
ecodiesel {m} :: biodiesel
ecodoppler {m} [medicine] :: Doppler echography
ecoendoscopia {f} [medicine] :: endoscopic ultrasound, echoendoscopy
ecoetichetta {f} :: ecolabel
ecofagia {f} :: ecophagy
ecofobia {f} :: ecophobia, oikophobia
ecogenetica {f} :: ecogenetics, genecology
ecogenicità {f} :: echogenicity
ecogoniometria {f} :: echo ranging
ecogoniometro {m} :: sonar, asdic
ecografia {f} [medicine] :: ultrasound, ultrasonography, sonography; echography
ecografico {adj} :: echographic
ecografo {m} :: echographer
ecografo {m} :: echograph
ecogramma {m} :: echogram
ecogramma {m} :: sonogram
ecoguerriglia {f} :: ecowarrior
ecoguidato {adj} :: ultrasonographically guided, ultrasonography guided
ecoincentivo {m} :: eco-incentive
ecolalia {f} :: echolalia
ecolalico {adj} :: echolalic
ecolocazione {f} :: echolocation
ecologa {f} :: ecologist (female)
ecologia {m} :: ecology
ecologicamente {adv} :: ecologically
ecologico {adj} :: ecological
ecologismo {m} :: environmentalism
ecologista {adj} :: ecological, environmental
ecologista {m} :: ecologist, environmentalist
ecologistico {adj} :: ecological
ecologistico {adj} :: environmental
ecologo {m} :: ecologist
ecomafia {f} :: environmental organized crime; namely the mafia sector that manages activities dangerous to the environment
ecometria {f} :: echo ranging
ecometro {m} :: echosounder
ecomontone {m} :: A jacket made from imitation sheepskin
ecomostro {m} :: ecological eyesore
ecomuseo {m} :: ecomuseum
econo- {prefix} :: economics; economy
economa {f} :: bursar (female)
economale {adj} :: hardware, office supplies etc (attributive)
economato {m} :: The office of a bursar
econometria {f} :: econometrics
econometrica {f} [economics] :: econometrics
econometrico {adj} :: econometric
econometrista {mf} :: econometrician, econometrist
economia {f} :: economy
economia {f} :: economics
economia {f} :: saving
economicamente {adv} :: economically
economicismo {m} :: economism
economicissimo {adj} :: Very cheap
economicità {f} :: cheapness, inexpensiveness
economico {adj} :: economic, financial
economico {adj} :: inexpensive, cheap, economy
economismo {m} :: economism
economista {f} :: economist
economizzante {v} :: present participle of economizzare
economizzare {vt} :: To save or economize
economizzare {vi} :: To economize or reduce
economizzatore {m} :: economizer
economizzazione {f} :: economization
economo {adj} :: thrifty
economo {m} :: bursar
ecopacifismo {m} :: ecopacifism (ecological pacifism)
ecopacifista {mf} :: ecopacifist (ecological pacifist)
ecopelle {f} :: artificial leather, imitation leather, leatherette
ecoprassia {f} :: echopraxia
ecoprogettazione {f} :: ecodesign (ecological design)
ecoregione {f} :: ecoregion, eco-region
ecoscandaglio {m} [nautical] :: echo sounding
ecoscettico {adj} :: ecosceptical / ecoskeptical
ecosfera {f} :: ecosphere
ecosistema {m} :: ecosystem
ecosistemico {adj} :: ecosystemic
e così via {phrase} :: and so on, and so forth
ecosostenibile {adj} :: ecologically sustainable
ecosostenibilità {f} :: ecological sustainability
ecostoria {f} :: ecohistory
ecostorico {adj} :: ecohistoric
ecostrage {f} :: ecocide (desctruction of the environment)
ecotassa {f} :: eco-tax
ecoterrorismo {m} :: ecoterrorism
ecoterrorista {mf} :: ecoterrorist
ecotipo {m} [biology] :: ecotype
ecotonale {adj} [ecology] :: ecotone (attributive), ecotonal
ecotono {m} [ecology] :: ecotone
ecotopo {m} [ecology] :: ecotope
ecotossicologia {f} :: ecotoxicology
ecoturismo {m} :: ecotourism
ecoturista {mf} :: ecotourist
ecoturistico {adj} :: ecotourism (attributive)
ecovillaggio {m} :: ecovillage
ecozona {f} :: ecozone
ecpirosi {f} :: ekpyrosis
ecru {adj} :: ecru
ecru {mf} :: ecru
ecru {mf} :: colore naturale della tela
ectasia {f} [medicine] :: ectasis
ectasico {adj} :: ectatic
ectipografia {f} :: embossed printing
ecto- {prefix} :: ecto-
ectoblastico {adj} :: ectoblastic
ectoblasto {m} [dated, biology] :: ectoblast
ectoderma {m} :: ectoderm
ectodermico {adj} :: ectodermal
-ectomia {suffix} [surgery] :: -ectomy
ectomia {f} [surgery] :: excision, ectomy
ectoparassita {m} :: ectoparasite
ectopia {f} :: ectopia
ectopico {adj} [medicine] :: ectopic
ectoplasma {m} :: ectoplasm
ectoplasmatico {adj} :: ectoplasmic, ectoplasmatic, ectoplastic
ectoscopia {f} :: ectoscopy
ectotermia {f} :: ectothermy, heterothermy
ectotermo {m} :: ectotherm, heterotherm
Ecuador {prop} :: Ecuador
ecuadoregna {f} :: Variant of ecuadoriana
ecuadoregno {adj} :: Variant of ecuadoriano
ecuadoregno {m} :: Variant of ecuadoriano
ecuadoriana {f} :: Ecuadorian (female)
ecuadoriano {adj} :: Ecuadorian
ecuadoriano {m} :: Ecuadorian
Ecuba {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Hecuba
ecumene {f} :: ecumene
ecumenicamente {adv} :: ecumenically
ecumenicità {f} :: ecumenicity
ecumenico {adj} :: ecumenical
ecumenismo {m} :: ecumenicalism
eczema {m} :: eczema
eczematico {adj} [disease] :: eczematous
eczematoso {adj} [disease] :: eczematous
ed. {n} :: abbreviation of edilizia: the building trade, the construction trade
ed {conj} :: alternative form of e
edace {adj} [literary] :: edacious
edacità {f} [literary] :: State of being edacious; voraciousness
edafico {adj} :: edaphic
edafismo {m} :: edaphism
edafologia {f} :: edaphology
edafon {m} :: edaphon
edeago {m} [entomology] :: aedeagus
edema {m} [pathology] :: edema
edematico {adj} [pathology] :: edematous
edematoso {adj} [pathology] :: edematous
edenico {adj} :: Eden (attributive); paradisiacal
edera {f} :: ivy
ederoso {adj} :: ivied
edetico {adj} :: edetic
Edgardo {prop} :: Edgar
edibile {adj} :: edible
edicola {f} :: newsstand, newsagent, news kiosk
edicola {f} :: (arch.) aedicula
edicola {f} :: shrine
edicola {f} :: niche
edicolante {mf} :: newsagent, newsvendor
edicolante {mf} :: bookstall keeper
edificabile {adj} :: building (attributive), suitable for building
edificabilità {f} :: suitability for building
edificante {v} :: present participle of edificare
edificante {adj} :: edifying
edificantemente {adv} :: edifyingly
edificare {vt} :: to build, erect
edificare {vt} :: to edify
edificarsi {v} :: reflexive of edificare
edificarsi {v} :: to be enlightened [spiritually]
edificata {f} [obsolete] :: house, building
edificato {adj} :: built (on); developed
edificatore {m} :: builder
edificatorio {adj} :: building (attributive), construction (attributive)
edificatorio {adj} :: edifying
edificazione {f} :: building, construction
edificazione {f} :: edification
edificio {m} :: building
edificio {m} :: organisation
edifizio {m} :: alternative spelling of edificio
edilattoneria {f} :: The construction of metal hardware for the construction industry; a factory where it is produced
edile {adj} :: building (attribute), construction (attribute)
edile {m} :: building worker
edile {m} :: aedile
edilità {f} :: aedility
edilità {f} :: office or department of public works
edilizia {f} :: building (the trade)
edilizio {adj} :: building (attributive), construction (attributive)
edima {f} :: week
edimburghese {adj} :: Of or from Edinburgh
edimburghese {mf} :: Native or inhabitant of Edinburgh
Edimburgo {prop} :: Edinburgh
edipico {adj} :: Oedipus (attributive), Oedipal
edipo {m} :: Oedipus complex
Edipo {prop} :: Oedipus
edisonata {f} :: edisonade
editabile {adj} :: editable
editante {v} :: present participle of editare
editare {vt} :: to edit
editare {vt} :: to publish, print
edito {adj} :: published
editore {adj} :: publishing
editore {m} :: publisher
editore {m} :: editor
editoria {f} :: publishing, publishing industry, publishers
editoriale {adj} :: publishing (attributive)
editoriale {m} :: editorial, leader
editorialista {mf} :: leader writer
editrice {f} :: female publisher
editrice {f} :: female editor
edittale {adj} [legal] :: edictal; according to law
edittalmente {adv} :: edictally
editto {m} :: edict
edizione {f} :: edition
edizione {f} :: broadcast
Edmondo {prop} :: given name, the Italian equivalent of Edmund and Edmond
Edo {prop} [historical] :: Edo (now Tokyo)
Edo {prop} :: given name
edoardiano {adj} :: Edwardian
Edoardo {prop} :: given name
edochiana {f} :: A female native or inhabitant of Tokyo (ancient Edo); a Tokyoite
edochiano {adj} [chiefly literary] :: Of or from Edo (now Tokyo); Tokyoite
edochiano {m} [chiefly literary] :: A male native or inhabitant of Tokyo (ancient Edo); a Tokyoite
edonico {adj} :: hedonic
edonismo {m} :: hedonism
edonista {adj} :: hedonic
edonista {f} :: hedonist, binger
edonisticamente {adv} :: hedonistically
edonistico {adj} :: hedonistic
edotto {adj} :: informed
edredone {m} :: eider (duck)
-edrico {suffix} :: -hedric (adjectival form of -hedron)
-edro {suffix} [mathematics] :: -hedron
Eduardo {prop} [chiefly southern Italy] :: alt form Edoardo, given name
educabile {adj} :: educable, teachable
educabilità {f} :: educability
educanda {f} :: boarder (in a school)
educanda {f} :: (despective) a prude
educandato {m} :: boarding school for girls (typically run by nuns)
educante {v} :: present participle of educare
educantesi {v} :: present participle of educarsi
educare {vt} :: to bring up, to train, to teach
educare {vt} :: to educate
educarsi {v} :: reflexive of educare
educarsi {vr} :: to accustom oneself
educarsi {vr} :: to practise
educarsi {vr} :: to get up to speed
educatamente {adv} :: politely
educativo {adj} :: educational
educato {adj} :: well-mannered, polite
educatore {adj} :: educational, teaching
educatore {m} :: educator, teacher, educationalist, youth worker
educatosi {v} :: past participle of educarsi
educatrice {f} :: (female) educator, teacher, educationalist, youth worker
educazione {f} :: education, training
educazione {f} :: upbringing
educazione {f} :: manners, etiquette, politeness
educazione fisica {f} :: physical education
educente {v} :: present participle of edurre
educere {vt} :: to lead, draw, take out, forth, away
edulcorante {v} :: present participle of edulcorare
edulcorante {adj} :: sweetening
edulcorante {m} :: sweetener
edulcorare {vt} :: to sweeten
edulcorare {vt} :: to attenuate, mitigate
edulcorato {adj} :: sweetening
edulcorato {adj} :: attenuating or mitigating
edulcorazione {f} :: sweetening
edule {adj} :: edible
edurre {vt} :: [obsolete] Variant of educere
eduzione {f} :: leading or drawing away
eduzione {f} :: The removal of water from mines
Edvige {prop} :: Hedwig
efebico {adj} :: ephebic
efebico {adj} :: effeminate
efebo {m} :: ephebe, ephebus
efedrina {f} :: ephedrine
efelide {f} :: freckle
efemeride {f} :: ephemeris
efemeride {f} :: periodical
efemeride {f} :: almanac
efemero {adj} :: Variant of effimero
efemero {m} :: Variant of effimero
efemerottero {m} :: mayfly, shadfly (any insect of the order Ephemeroptera)
Efesini {prop} [biblical] :: Ephesians
efesino {adj} :: Ephesian
efesino {m} :: Ephesian
Efeso {prop} :: Ephesus
Efesto {prop} [Greek god] :: Hephaestus
effabile {adj} :: expressable, speakable, effable
effascinazione {f} [obsolete] :: enchantment, evil eye
effe {f} {m} :: letter: f; ef
effemeride {f} :: ephemeris
effeminante {v} :: present participle of effeminare
effeminantesi {v} :: present participle of effeminarsi
effeminare {vt} :: to emasculate
effeminare {vt} :: to enfeeble, weaken
effeminarsi {v} :: reflexive of effeminare
effeminarsi {v} :: to be emasculated
effeminarsi {v} :: to weaken, be enfeebled
effeminatamente {adv} :: effeminately
effeminatezza {f} :: effeminacy
effeminati {adj} :: plural of effeminato
effeminato {adj} :: effeminate
effeminatosi {v} :: past participle of effeminarsi
effeminazione {f} :: feminization
effemminatamente {adv} :: effeminately
effemminato {adj} :: effeminate
efferatamente {adv} :: ferociously
efferatamente {adv} :: cruelly, brutally
efferatezza {f} :: brutality, ferocity, atrocity
efferatezza {f} :: crime, atrocity
efferato {adj} :: heinous, ferocious, brutal
efferazione {f} :: alternative form of efferatezza
efferente {adj} :: efferent
effervescente {adj} :: effervescent, fizzy, sparkling
effervescenza {f} :: effervescence, fizz
effettivamente {adv} :: actually, really, quite, indeed
effettività {f} :: effectiveness
effettività {f} :: reality
effettività {f} :: permanence
effettivo {adj} :: efficacious
effettivo {adj} :: effective, real
effettivo {adj} :: permanent (tenure)
effettivo {adj} :: regular (troops)
effettivo {m} :: permanent staff
effettivo {m} :: strength (military numbers)
effettivo {m} :: sum total
effetto {m} :: effect (in all senses)
effetto {m} :: appearance, show (the way something looks out)
effetto {m} :: impression, sensation
effetto {m} [sports] :: spin (on a ball)
effetto collaterale {m} [medicine, computing, all other senses] :: side effect
effetto domino {m} :: domino effect
effetto farfalla {m} :: butterfly effect
effetto neve {m} [television] :: snow
effetto placebo {m} [pharmacology] :: placebo effect
effettore {m} :: effector
effettore {adj} :: effector (attributive)
effetto serra {m} :: greenhouse effect
effettuabile {adj} :: feasible, practicable
effettuabilità {f} :: feasibility, practicability
effettuale {adj} :: real, effective
effettualità {f} :: effectuality, effectualness
effettuante {v} :: present participle of effettuare
effettuantesi {v} :: present participle of effettuarsi
effettuare {vt} :: to effect, to carry out, to make
effettuarsi {vr} :: to take place, to be carried out
effettuato {adj} :: effected, carried out
effettuatosi {v} :: past participle of effettuarsi
effettuazione {f} :: carrying out, making, execution, realization
effezione {f} :: effect, efficacy
efficace {adj} :: effective
efficace {adj} :: efficacious
efficacemente {adv} :: effectively
efficacemente {adv} :: efficaciously
efficacia {f} :: effectiveness
efficacia {f} :: efficacy
efficacissimo {adj} :: Very effective
efficente {adj} :: Variant of efficiente
efficenza {f} :: Variant of efficienza
efficientamento {m} :: efficiency
efficientamento {m} :: streamlining; the process of making something more efficient
efficientante {v} :: present participle of efficientare
efficientare {v} :: To make (something) more efficient
efficiente {adj} :: efficient
efficiente {adj} :: effective
efficientemente {adv} :: efficiently, effectively
efficientismo {m} :: efficiency (as a cult or show)
efficientissimo {adj} :: Very efficient
efficientista {mf} :: stickler for efficiency
efficientistico {adj} :: efficiency (attributive)
efficienza {f} :: efficiency
efficienza paretiana {f} :: alternative form of ottimo paretiano
effige {f} :: alternative spelling of effigie
effigiante {v} :: present participle of effigiare
effigiare {vt} :: To portray or depict
effigie {f} :: effigy, image, portrait
effimerità {f} :: ephemerality
effimero {adj} :: ephemeral, fleeting, short-lived
effimero {m} :: ephemeral or short-lived thing
effingente {v} :: present participle of effingere
effingere {vt} [obsolete] :: to portray, depict, represent
efflorescente {adj} :: efflorescent
efflorescenza {f} :: efflorescence
effluente {m} :: effluent
effluente {adj} :: outflowing, effluent
effluente {v} :: present participle of effluire
effluire {v} :: To gush
efflusso {m} :: efflux
effluvio {m} :: scent, perfume (smell)
effluvio {m} :: stink
effondente {v} :: present participle of effondere
effondere {vt} :: To effuse
effrazione {f} :: breaking
effrazione {f} :: breaking and entering, burglary
effumazione {f} :: effumation
effusione {f} :: effusion (all senses)
effusivo {adj} :: effusive
effusore {m} :: nozzle, especially that at the rear end of a jet engine
Efialte {prop} :: Ephialtes (either the ancient Greek statesman or a mythological Giant)
efimero {adj} :: alternative form of effimero
Efisio {prop} :: given name, typical of Sardinia
eflornitina {f} [medicine] :: eflornithine
eforo {m} :: ephor
Efrem {prop} [Biblical character] :: Ephraim
Efrem {prop} :: given name
Egadi {prop} :: Aegadian Islands
egalitario {adj} :: Variant of egualitario
egalitarismo {m} :: egalitarianism
egemone {adj} :: hegemonic
egemone {adj} :: dominant, dominating, leading
egemonia {f} :: hegemony
egemonicamente {adv} :: hegemonically
egemonico {adj} :: hegemonic
egemonizzante {v} :: present participle of egemonizzare
egemonizzare {vt} :: to hegemonize
egemonizzato {adj} :: hegemonized
egemonizzazione {f} :: domination
egeno {adj} [obsolete] :: indigent, destitute
Egeo {prop} :: Aegean (sea)
-eggiante {suffix} :: Used to form adjectives expressing characteristics tending toward the root adjective; -ish, -like, -esque
-eggiare {suffix} :: Used to form verbs from adjectives or nouns
-eggiarsi {suffix} [intransitive] :: Used to form verbs from adjectives or nouns
eggregora {f} :: egregor / egregore
egida {f} :: aegis
Egidio {prop} :: given name, equivalent to English Aegidius and Giles
Egilio {prop} :: given name, alternative form of Egidio
Egina {prop} :: Aegina
egira {f} :: hegira, Hegira
Egisto {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Aegisthus
Egisto {prop} :: given name
Egisto {prop} :: An opera by Francesco Cavalli
Egitto {prop} :: Egypt (country in North Africa)
Egitto {prop} [historical] :: Egypt (civilization based around the river Nile)
egittologa {f} :: Egyptologist (female)
egittologia {f} :: Egyptology
egittologico {adj} :: Egyptological
egittologo {m} :: Egyptologist
egizia {f} :: Egyptian (female)
egiziaco {adj} :: Egyptian
egiziana {f} :: Egyptian (female)
egiziano {adj} :: Egyptian
egiziano {m} :: Egyptian
egiziano {m} :: the Egyptian language
egizio {adj} :: Egyptian
egizio {m} :: Egyptian
eglefino {m} :: haddock (especially smoked haddock)
egli {pron} [literary, subject form] :: he
eglino {pron} [obsolete, literary] :: they
egloga {f} [poetry] :: eclogue
ego- {prefix} :: ego- (both senses)
ego {m} :: ego
Ego {prop} :: given name
egocentrica {f} :: egocentric woman
egocentricamente {adv} :: egocentrically
egocentricità {f} :: egocentricity
egocentrico {adj} :: egocentric
egocentrico {m} :: An egocentric person
egocentrismo {m} [psychology] :: egocentrism
egofonia {f} :: egophony
egoismo {m} :: egoism, selfishness
egoista {adj} :: selfish
egoista {mf} :: selfish, egoist
egoisticamente {adv} :: selfishly, egoistically
egoistico {adj} :: selfish, egoistic
Egola {prop} :: A small river that flows in Tuscany
egolalia {f} :: The tendency to speak almost exclusively about oneself
egolatria {f} :: autolatry
egolatrico {adj} :: egolatric, autolatric
egopodio {m} :: ground elder (plant of genus Aegopodium)
egotista {mf} :: egotist
egotisticamente {adv} :: egotistically
egotistico {adj} :: egotistic
egr. {abbr} :: Dear (at the start of a letter)
egregiamente {adv} :: very well
egregiamente {adv} :: respectably
egregiamente {adv} :: excellently
egregio {adj} :: distinguished
egressivo {adj} :: egressive
egretta {f} :: egret
egretta {f} :: plume (in a military hat)
egretta {f} :: aigrette
egro {adj} [literary] :: sick, suffering
egro {adj} [literary] :: disturbed, troubled
eguagliabile {adj} :: Variant of uguagliabile
eguagliante {v} :: present participle of eguagliare
eguaglianza {f} :: Variant of uguaglianza
eguagliare {v} :: alternative spelling of uguagliare
egual {adj} :: apocopic form of eguale
eguale {adj} :: Variant of uguale
egualità {f} :: equality
egualitario {adj} :: egalitarian
egualitario {m} :: egalitarian
egualitarismo {m} :: egalitarianism
egualitarista {adj} :: egalitarian
egualizzazione {f} :: alternative form of equalizzazione
egualizzazione {f} :: alternative form of ugualizzazione
egualmente {adv} :: Variant of ugualmente
egumeno {m} :: hegumen
ehi {interj} :: hey! (Used to attract someone's attention)
ehilà {interj} :: Hey there! (Used to attract someone's attention)
ehm {interj} :: um, er (expressing hesitation)
-ei {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the first-person singular past historic of regular -ere verbs
ei {pron} [poetic, archaic, after the verb] :: alternative form of elli
ei {pron} [archaic] :: alternative form of elli
EI {prop} :: initialism of Esercito Italian
eiaculante {v} :: present participle of eiaculare
eiaculare {vi} :: to ejaculate, skeet
eiaculato {m} [physiology] :: ejaculate
eiaculatore {adj} :: ejaculatory
eiaculazione {f} :: ejaculation
eicosanoide {m} [biochemistry] :: eicosanoid
eicosapentaenoico {adj} :: eicosapentaenoic
eidetico {adj} :: eidetic
eiettabile {adj} :: ejection (attributive), ejector (attributive), ejectable
eiettante {v} :: present participle of eiettare
eiettare {vt} :: To eject
eiettore {m} :: ejector
eiezione {f} :: ejection
eikonale {adj} [mathematics, physics] :: eikonal
Einaudi {prop} :: surname
Einaudi {prop} :: Giulio Einaudi Editore, Italian publishers
einsteiniano {adj} :: Einsteinian, Einstein (attributive)
einsteinio {m} [chemistry] :: einsteinium
einstenio {m} :: alternative form of einsteinio
eiulazione {f} :: ululation
ekaboro {m} :: ekaboron
ekacesio {m} [obsolete] :: eka-caesium
ekasilicio {m} [obsolete, chemistry] :: ekasilicon
ekranoplano {m} :: ekranoplan
el {determiner} [before a consonant] :: apocopic form of ello
elaborante {v} :: present participle of elaborare
elaborare {vt} :: to elaborate, work out
elaborare {vt} [computing] :: to process data [by computer]
elaboratamente {adv} :: elaborately
elaboratezza {f} :: elaborateness
elaborativo {adj} :: elaborative
elaborato {adj} :: elaborate
elaboratore {adj} :: elaborating
elaboratore {adj} [computing] :: processing
elaboratore {m} :: electronic calculator
elaboratore {m} [computing] :: computer, processor
elaborazione {f} :: elaboration
elaborazione {f} [computing] :: processing (of data)
elaidico {adj} [chemistry] :: elaidic
elaidina {f} [chemistry] :: elaidin
elaidinico {adj} [chemistry] :: elaidic
elaidinizzazione {f} [chemistry] :: elaidinization
elaio- {prefix} :: Variant of eleo-
elaiometro {m} :: A instrument used to measure the oil content of seeds
elaiopolio {m} :: olive-grower's cooperative
elaiotecnica {f} :: vegetable oil technology
elamico {adj} :: Elamite
elargente {v} :: present participle of elargire
elargire {vt} :: To lavish, bestow or donate
elargitore {m} :: donor, giver (or largesse)
elargizione {f} :: donation
elastasi {f} [enzyme] :: elastase
elasticamente {adv} :: elastically
elasticino {m} [dentistry] :: elastic ligature
elasticità {f} :: elasticity
elasticità {f} :: flexibility
elasticizzante {v} :: present participle of elasticizzare
elasticizzare {vt} :: to elasticate
elasticizzato {adj} :: elasticated; stretch (attributive)
elastico {adj} :: elastic
elastico {adj} :: springy
elastico {adj} :: flexible
elastico {adj} :: accommodating
elastico {m} :: elastic
elastico {m} :: elastic band, rubber band
elastina {f} [protein] :: elastin
elastolefina {f} :: elastolefin
elastomerico {adj} :: elastomeric
elastomero {m} :: elastomer
elastomultiestere {m} :: elastomultiester
elaterina {f} :: elaterin
elaterio {m} :: squirting cucumber (Ecballium elaterium)
elaterio {m} :: elaterium
elaterio {m} :: click beetle, snapping beetle (of family Elateridae)
elativo {m} :: elative, elative case
elazione {f} [obsolete] :: pride, haughtiness, arrogance
Elba {prop} :: Elba (island)
Elba {prop} :: Elba (river)
elbaite {f} [mineral] :: elbaite
elce {mf} :: holm oak, live oak
elceto {m} :: holm oak wood (forest)
Elda {prop} :: given name
eleagno {m} [plant] :: oleaster, silverberry
eleatico {adj} [philosophy] :: Eleatic
eleatismo {m} [philosophy] :: Eleaticism
elefante {m} :: elephant
elefantesco {adj} :: elephantine
elefantessa {f} :: she-elephant
elefantiaco {adj} :: elephantiac
elefantiaco {adj} :: enormously exaggerated
elefantiasi {f} :: elephantiasis
elefantino {m} :: A young or small elephant
elefantino {adj} :: elephantine (all senses)
elefantino {adj} :: made of ivory
elegante {adj} :: elegant, dressed up
elegantemente {adv} :: smartly, elegantly, stylishly
elegantissimo {adj} :: Very elegant
elegantone {m} :: smart dresser
elegantone {m} :: fop, dandy
eleganza {f} :: elegance, style
eleggente {v} :: present participle of eleggere
eleggere {vt} :: to elect, nominate, appoint
eleggere {vt} [formal] :: to fix
eleggibile {adj} :: eligible
eleggibilità {f} :: eligibility
elegia {f} :: elegy
elegiaco {adj} :: elegiac
elementale {adj} :: elemental
elementale {m} :: elemental (occult)
elementare {adj} :: elementary
elementare {adj} :: elementary, easy, simple
elementare {adj} :: basic, fundamental
elementare {n} :: elementary school, primary school
elementaristico {adj} :: elementaristic
elementarità {f} :: simplicity, elementariness
elementarizzante {v} :: present participle of elementarizzare
elementarizzare {vt} :: to simplify [make elementary]
elementarmente {adv} :: elementarily, simply, easily
elemento {m} :: element
elemento chimico {m} [chemistry] :: chemical element
elemosina {f} :: charity
elemosina {f} [in the plural] :: alms
elemosinante {v} :: present participle of elemosinare
elemosinare {vi} :: To beg
elemosinare {vt} :: To beg for; to ask for
elemosiniere {m} :: The person, at a court or monastery, responsible for distributing relief to the poor etc
Elena {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Helen
elencabile {adj} :: Capable of being listed or enumerated; listable
elencante {v} :: present participle of elencare
elencare {vt} :: to list
elencare {vt} :: to enumerate
elencato {adj} :: listed
elencazione {f} :: listing, enumeration
elenco {m} :: list, pile
elenco {m} :: directory, phone book
elenco {m} :: calendar
elenco del telefono {m} :: phone book, telephone directory
elenco telefonico {m} :: phone book, telephone directory
Eleno {prop} :: Helenus
eleo- {prefix} [sciences] :: oil (attributive)
eleo- {prefix} [botany] :: marsh, bog (attributive)
eleomele {m} :: sweet oil
eleomele {m} :: A balsam from Syria
Eleonora {prop} :: given name
eleotesio {m} :: The place, in Ancient Roman baths, where bathers cleaned their skin using oil
Eletra {prop} :: medieval spelling of Elettra
elettamente {adv} :: elegantly, with refinement
elettivamente {adv} :: electively (by election or choice)
elettivamente {adv} :: preferably (by preference)
elettività {f} :: electability, eligibility
elettivo {adj} :: elective
eletto {adj} :: elected
eletto {adj} :: chosen
eletto {adj} :: select, selected
eletto {adj} :: sophisticated
eletto {m} :: Someone elected or chosen
elettorale {adj} :: election [attributive], electoral, ballot [attributive], polling
elettoralismo {m} :: electioneering
elettoralistico {adj} :: electioneering (attributive)
elettoralmente {adv} :: electorally
elettorato {m} :: electorate
elettorato {m} :: voters, electors
Elettorato del Palatinato {prop} :: Electorate of the Palatinate
elettore {m} :: voter, elector
Elettra {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Electra
Elettra {prop} :: given name
elettrauto {m} :: car electrician
elettrauto {m} :: car electrical repairs
elettricamente {adv} :: electrically
elettrice {f} [female] :: voter, elector
elettricista {f} :: electrician
elettricità {f} :: electricity
elettrico {adj} :: electric
elettrificante {v} :: present participle of elettrificare
elettrificare {vt} :: to electrify [a railway, etc.]
elettrificazione {f} :: electrification
elettrizzabile {adj} :: electrifiable
elettrizzabilità {f} :: Property of being electrifiable
elettrizzante {v} :: present participle of elettrizzare
elettrizzante {adj} :: electrifying (all senses)
elettrizzante {adj} :: thrilling
elettrizzare {vt} :: to electrify [all senses]
elettrizzato {adj} :: electrified (all senses)
elettrizzazione {f} :: electrification
elettro- {prefix} :: electro-
elettro {m} :: electrum
elettro {m} :: amber
elettroacustica {f} [physics] :: electroacoustics
elettroacustico {adj} :: electroacoustic
elettroaffinità {f} :: electron affinity
elettroanalisi {f} [physics, chemistry] :: electroanalysis
elettroanalitico {adj} [chemistry] :: electroanalytical
elettroattivo {adj} [physics, chemistry] :: electroactive
elettrobiologia {f} [physics, biology] :: electrobiology
elettrobisturi {m} [surgery] :: acusector (needle used for electrosurgery)
elettrocalamita {f} :: electromagnet
elettrocapillarità {f} :: electrocapillarity
elettrocardiografia {f} [medicine] :: electrocardiography
elettrocardiografico {adj} :: electrocardiographic
elettrocardiografo {m} [medicine] :: electrocardiograph
elettrocardiogramma {m} [medicine] :: electrocardiogram
elettrocardiologia {f} :: electrocardiology
elettrocauterio {m} [surgery] :: electrocautery
elettrochimica {f} [chemistry] :: electrochemistry
elettrochimicamente {adv} :: electrochemically
elettrochimico {adj} :: electrochemical
elettrochirurgia {f} [surgery] :: electrosurgery
elettrochirurgico {adj} :: electrosurgical
elettrochoc {m} [medicine] :: electroshock
elettrociclico {adj} [chemistry] :: electrocyclic
elettrocinetica {f} [physics] :: electrokinetics
elettrocoagulante {v} :: present participle of elettrocoagulare
elettrocoagulare {vt} :: [medicine] To electrocoagulate; to fulgurate
elettrocoagulatore {m} [surgery] :: electrocoagulator
elettrocoagulazione {f} [medicine] :: electrocoagulation, fulguration
elettroconduttore {m} [physics] :: electrical conductor
elettrocontabile {adj} :: electric accounting
elettroconvulsivo {adj} :: electroconvulsive
elettrocuzione {f} :: electrocution
elettrodebole {adj} [physics] :: electroweak
elettrodeposizione {f} :: electrodeposition
elettrodiagnostica {f} [medicine] :: electrodiagnosis
elettrodialisi {f} [chemistry] :: electrodialysis
elettrodico {adj} :: electrodic
elettrodinamica {f} [physics] :: electrodynamics
elettrodinamico {adj} :: electrodynamic
elettrodinamometro {m} :: electrodynamometer
elettrodo {m} :: electrode
elettrodomestico {m} :: home appliance, household appliance, appliance, (in plural) white goods
elettrodotto {m} :: power line (system of cables and pylons for transmitting electricity)
elettroencefalografia {f} [medicine] :: electroencephalography
elettroencefalografo {m} :: electroencephalograph
elettroencefalogramma {m} :: electroencephalogram
elettroesecuzione {f} :: electrocution
elettroesecuzione {f} :: electric shock
elettroferogramma {m} [biochemistry] :: electropherogram
elettrofilico {adj} :: electrophilic
elettrofilo {m} [physics, chemistry] :: electrophile
elettrofilo {adj} [physics, chemistry] :: electrophilic
elettrofisiologia {f} :: electrophysiology
elettrofisiologico {adj} :: electrophysiological
elettroflottazione {f} :: electroflotation
elettrofonia {f} :: electrophony
elettrofono {m} [musical instruments] :: electrophone
elettroforesi {f} [physics, chemistry] :: electrophoresis
elettroforetico {adj} :: electrophoretic
elettroformatura {f} :: electroform (electroformed product)
elettroforo {m} :: electrophorus
elettroforo {m} :: electric eel
elettrofrenico {adj} :: electrophrenic
elettrogeno {adj} :: generating (that produces electrical energy)
elettrografia {f} :: electrography
elettrogravimetria {f} [chemistry] :: electrogravimetry
elettroidraulico {adj} :: electrohydraulic
elettrolisi {f} :: electrolysis
elettrolita {m} :: Variant of elettrolito
elettroliticamente {adv} :: electrolytically
elettrolitico {adj} :: electrolytic
elettrolito {m} [physics, chemistry] :: electrolyte
elettrolizzante {v} :: present participle of elettrolizzare
elettrolizzare {vt} :: to electrolyze
elettrolizzatore {m} :: electrolyzer (electrolysis apparatus)
elettrolizzazione {f} :: electrolyzation
elettrologia {f} [dated, physics] :: The study of electricity and electromagnetism
elettrologico {adj} :: electrological
elettrologo {m} :: electrologist
elettroluminescente {adj} :: electroluminescent
elettroluminescenza {f} [physics, chemistry] :: electroluminescence
elettromagnete {m} :: electromagnet
elettromagnetico {adj} :: electromagnetic
elettromagnetismo {m} :: electromagnetism
elettromassaggio {m} :: electromassage
elettromeccanica {f} [physics] :: electromechanics
elettromeccanico {adj} :: electromechanical
elettrometallurgia {f} :: electrometallurgy
elettrometallurgico {adj} :: electrometallurgical
elettrometria {f} :: electrometry
elettrometrico {adj} :: electrometric
elettrometro {m} :: electrometer
elettromiografia {f} [medicine] :: electromyography
elettromiografico {adj} :: electromyographic
elettromiografo {m} :: electromyograph
elettromiogramma {m} :: electromyogram
elettromotore {adj} :: electromotive
elettromotore {m} :: electric motor
elettromotrice {adj} [physics] :: electromotive
elettromotrice {f} :: electric locomotive
elettronarcosi {f} [medicine] :: electronarcosis
elettrondenso {adj} :: dense under electron microscopy
elettrone {m} :: electron
elettronegatività {f} :: electronegativity
elettronegativo {adj} :: electronegative
elettronica {f} :: electronics
elettronicamente {adv} :: electronically
elettronico {adj} :: electronic
elettronico {adj} :: electron (attribute)
elettronucleare {adj} :: nuclear (method of generating electricity)
elettronvolt {m} [physics] :: electronvolt
elettrooculogramma {f} :: electrooculogram
elettroosmosi {f} :: electroosmosis
elettroosmotico {adj} :: electroosmotic
elettroottica {f} :: electrooptics
elettroottico {adj} :: electro-optical
elettropneumatico {adj} :: electropneumatic
elettropompa {f} :: electric pump
elettropositività {f} :: electropositivity
elettropositivo {adj} :: electropositive
elettroscopio {m} [physics] :: electroscope
elettroshock {m} :: electroshock
elettroshockterapia {f} [medicine] :: electric shock therapy, electroconvulsive therapy
elettrosincrotrone {m} [physics] :: electrosynchrotron, electron synchrotron
elettrosmog {m} :: electrosmog
elettrostatica {f} [physics] :: electrostatics
elettrostaticità {f} :: electrostatic nature
elettrostatico {adj} :: electrostatic
elettrostimolatore {m} :: electrostimulator
elettrostimolazione {f} :: electrostimulation
elettrostrittivo {adj} :: electrostrictive
elettrostrizione {f} :: electrostriction
elettrotecnica {f} :: electric technology
elettrotecnico {adj} :: electrical, electrotechnical
elettrotecnico {m} :: electrical technician
elettroterapia {f} [medicine] :: electrotherapy
elettroterapico {adj} :: electrotherapeutic
elettrotermia {f} [physics] :: electrothermics
elettrotermico {adj} :: electrothermic, electrothermal
elettrotrazione {f} :: electric traction (of trains)
elettrotreno {m} :: electric train (especially a high-speed one)
elettrottica {n} :: electro-optics
elettrottico {adj} :: electro-optical
elettroutensile {m} :: electric tool
elettrovalenza {f} [chemistry] :: electrovalency, electrovalence
elettrovalvola {f} :: solenoid valve
elettuario {m} :: electuary
Eleusi {prop} :: Eleusis
eleusino {adj} :: Eleusinian
Eleuterio {prop} :: given name
eleuterofobia {f} :: eleutherophobia
elevabile {adj} :: raisable (that may be raised)
elevamento {m} :: raising, raising
elevamento {m} :: elevation
elevamento {m} :: exaltation
elevante {v} :: present participle of elevare
elevare {v} :: to put up (a wall etc)
elevare {v} :: to raise or lift
elevare {v} :: to elevate
elevarsi {vr} :: To rise up; to rise (in importance); to be ennobled
elevatamente {adv} :: highly, loftily
elevatezza {f} :: hight, elevation
elevatezza {f} :: loftiness (character)
elevatezza {f} :: generosity, bounty
elevatissimo {adj} :: highest, loftiest
elevato {adj} :: high
elevato {adj} :: lofty
elevato {adj} :: elevated
elevatore {adj} [anatomy] :: elevator (attributive)
elevatore {adj} :: elevator (attributive), lift (attributive)
elevatore {m} :: elevator, hoist, lift
elevatore {m} [anatomy] :: elevator
elevatore del labbro superiore {m} [muscle] :: levator labii superioris, quadratus labii superioris
elevatore del labbro superiore e dell'ala del naso {m} [muscle] :: levator labii superioris alaeque nasi
elevatore dell'angolo della bocca {m} [muscle] :: levator anguli oris, caninus muscle
elevatore dell'ano {m} [muscle] :: levator ani
elevatore della palpebra superiore {m} [muscle] :: levator palpebrae superioris, levator muscle of upper eyelid
elevatore delle coste {m} [muscle] :: levatores costarum
elevatore del velo palatino {m} [muscle] :: levator veli palatini
elevazione {f} :: elevation, raising, uplifting
elevazione {f} :: rise, elevation, altitude, height
elezione {f} :: election
elezione {f} :: choice
elezïone {f} :: medieval spelling of elezione
elezione supplementare {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: by-election
elezione suppletiva {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: by-election
elfo {m} :: elf
Elia {prop} :: Elijah [biblical character]
Elia {prop} :: given name
eliaco {adj} :: heliacal
eliambulanza {f} :: helicopter ambulance
eliantemo {m} :: rock rose (of genus Helianthemum)
elianto {m} :: helianthus
elibus {m} :: helibus
elica {f} :: helix, spiral
elica {f} :: propeller, screw
elica {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: pasta spiral
elica di manovra {f} [nautical] :: bow thruster
elica di manovra poppiera {f} [nautical] :: stern thruster
elica di manovra prodiera {f} [nautical] :: bow thruster
elicasi {f} [enzyme] :: helicase
elicasico {adj} :: helicase (attributive)
elicicoltore {m} :: snail breeder / farmer
elicicoltore {adj} :: helicicultural
elicicoltura {f} :: heliciculture
elicità {f} [physics] :: helicity
elicoidale {adj} :: helicoid
elicoide {adj} :: helical, spiral
elicoide {m} [mathematics] :: helicoid
Elicona {prop} :: Helicon
elicone {m} [musical instruments] :: helicon
eliconio {adj} :: Heliconian
elicoplano {m} :: gyrodyne, gyroplane
elicotterino {m} :: A small helicopter
elicotterista {adj} :: helicopter (attributive)
elicotterista {f} :: helicopter pilot
elicottero {m} :: helicopter
elicriso {m} :: strawflower, everlasting (of genus Helichrysum)
Elide {prop} :: Elis, Ilia
Elide {prop} :: given name
elidente {v} :: present participle of elidere
elidentesi {v} :: present participle of elidersi
elidere {vt} :: to elide
elidersi {v} :: reflexive of elidere
elidersi {v} :: to cancel or annul each other
elidersi {v} :: to be elided
Eligia {prop} :: given name
Eligio {prop} :: given name
eliminabile {adj} :: eliminable
eliminacode {m} :: Machine that dispenses numbered tickets (as a queueing system)
eliminante {v} :: present participle of eliminare
eliminantesi {v} :: present participle of eliminarsi
eliminare {vt} :: to eliminate
eliminarsi {vr} :: To eliminate one another
eliminarsi {vr} :: To eliminate oneself
eliminatoria {f} :: heat (sport)
eliminatorio {adj} :: eliminatory
eliminatosi {v} :: past participle of eliminarsi
eliminazione {f} :: elimination
elio- {prefix} :: helio-
elio {m} [chemistry] :: helium
Elio {prop} [Greek god] :: Helios
Elio {prop} :: given name
eliocentrico {adj} :: heliocentric
eliocentrismo {m} :: heliocentrism
Eliodoro {prop} :: given name
elioelettrico {adj} :: helioelectric
eliofania {f} :: sunshine duration (hours of sunshine per day)
eliofanografo {m} :: heliophanograph, heliograph (sunshine recorder)
eliofilia {f} [botany] :: heliophilia
eliofilo {adj} [botany] :: heliophilous
eliofobia {f} [botany, medicine] :: heliophobia
eliofobo {adj} :: heliophobic
eliofobo {m} :: heliophobe
eliografia {f} :: heliography
eliografico {adj} :: heliographic
eliografista {mf} :: heliographer
eliografo {m} :: heliograph
eliogramma {m} :: heliogram
elioguaina {f} :: heliosheath
eliomagnetismo {m} :: heliomagnetism
eliometro {m} :: heliometer
elione {m} :: alpha particle
elione {m} :: helion
eliopausa {f} [astronomy] :: heliopause
Elios {prop} :: Helios
elioscopico {adj} :: helioscopic
elioscopio {m} :: helioscope
eliosfera {f} [astronomy] :: heliosphere
eliosferico {adj} :: heliospheric
eliosheath {m} :: synonym of elioguaina
eliosismologia {f} [astronomy] :: helioseismology
eliosismologico {adj} :: helioseismological
eliostato {m} :: heliostat
eliotassi {f} :: heliotaxis, phototaxis
eliotassia {f} :: heliotaxis, phototaxis
eliotattismo {m} :: heliotaxis, phototaxis
elioteismo {m} :: heliotheism (worship of the Sun)
elioterapia {f} :: heliotherapy
elioterapico {adj} :: heliotherapeutic
eliotipia {f} :: phototype, heliotype
eliotipico {adj} :: phototype, heliotype (attributive)
eliotropia {f} :: heliotropism, phototropism
eliotropico {adj} :: heliotropic, phototropic
eliotropio {m} [mineralogy] :: heliotrope
eliotropio {m} [botany] :: sunflower
eliotropio {m} :: sundial, solar clock
eliotropismo {m} :: heliotropism, phototropism
eliotropo {m} :: heliotrope (colour, plant)
eliozoo {m} :: heliozoan (protozoa of phylum Heliozoa)
eliporto {m} :: heliport
Elisa {prop} :: given name, short for Elisabetta
Elisa {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Elissa
Elisabetta {prop} :: given name
Elisabetta {prop} :: Elizabeth, Elisabeth (biblical characters)
elisabettiano {adj} :: Elizabethan
elisbarco {m} :: transport of troops by military helicopters
eliscalo {m} :: heliport
eliscalo {m} :: helipad
elisci {m} :: alternative form of eliski
Eliseo {prop} :: Elisha [biblical character]
Eliseo {prop} :: given name
elisio {adj} :: Elysian
Elisio {prop} :: Elysium
elisione {f} :: elision
elisir {m} :: elixir
eliski {m} :: heliskiing
eliskì {m} :: heliskiing
Eliso {prop} :: Elysium
elisoccorso {m} :: helicopter rescue
elisosi {v} :: past participle of elidersi
elissoidale {adj} :: ellipsoidal
elissoide {m} :: ellipsoid
elitario {adj} :: elitist
elitarismo {m} :: elitism
elitaxi {m} :: helitaxi
élite {f} :: elite
elitismo {m} :: elitism
elitra {f} [entomology] :: elytron
elitrasportante {v} :: present participle of elitrasportare
elitrasportare {vt} :: To transport by helicopter
elitrasportato {adj} :: borne or carried by helicopter
-ella {suffix} :: Used with female nouns to form diminutives, feminine of -ello
ella {pron} [literary, subject form] :: she
Ella {pron} [formal, polite] :: alternative case form of ella
Ellade {prop} :: Hellas
elladico {adj} :: Helladic
Elladio {prop} :: given name
elle {n} :: letter: l
elle {pron} [archaic] :: plural form of ella
Elle {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Helle
elleboro {m} :: hellebore
ellenicità {f} :: Hellenism
ellenico {adj} :: Hellenic
ellenismo {m} :: Hellenism
ellenista {adj} :: Hellenist
ellenista {adj} :: Hellenistic
ellenista {mf} :: Hellenist
ellenisticamente {adv} :: Hellenistically
ellenistico {adj} :: Hellenistic
ellenizzante {v} :: present participle of ellenizzare
ellenizzante {adj} :: Hellenizing
ellenizzare {vt} :: to Hellenize
ellenizzazione {f} :: Hellenization
elleno {adj} [literary, rare] :: Hellenic
elleno {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: Hellene
elleno {pron} [archaic] :: plural of ella
Elleno {m} :: Hellene
ellenofono {adj} :: hellenophone
Ellera {prop} :: A small town in the province of Perugia in Umbria, situated adjacent to Chiugiana
Ellesponto {prop} :: Hellespont
elletore {m} :: elector, voter
elli {pron} [archaic] :: they
-ellina {suffix} :: Feminine form of -ellino
-ellino {suffix} :: Used as a diminutive to form nouns with an added meaning of small, little, short etc
ellisse {f} :: ellipse
ellissi {f} :: ellipsis
ellissoidale {adj} :: ellipsoidal
ellissoide {m} [mathematics] :: ellipsoid
ellitticamente {adv} :: elliptically
ellitticità {f} :: ellipticity
ellittico {adj} :: elliptic, elliptical (all meanings)
-ello {suffix} :: Forms diminutives of words
ello {determiner} :: [archaic] he
Ello {prop} :: A small town in the province of Lecco in Lombardy
elmetto {m} :: helmet
elminta {m} :: helminth
elmintiasi {f} :: helminthiasis
elminticida {m} :: anthelmintic (drug)
elminticida {adj} :: helminthic
elmintico {adj} :: helminthic
elminto- {prefix} :: helminth-
elminto {m} [zoology] :: helminth
elmintologia {f} :: helminthology
elmintologico {adj} :: helminthic
elmintologo {m} :: helminthologist
elmo {m} :: helmet
elmo {m} [heraldry] :: helmet
Elnath {prop} :: Elnath, the second brightest star in the constellation of Taurus
elocutorio {adj} :: elocutionary
elocuzione {f} :: elocution
elofita {f} :: helophyte
elogiabile {adj} :: That deserves praise
elogiante {v} :: present participle of elogiare
elogiare {vt} :: to praise, commend
elogiativamente {adv} :: eulogistically
elogiativo {adj} :: eulogistic
elogiatore {adj} :: commendatory
elogiatore {m} :: praiser
elogiatrice {f} :: praiser (female)
elogio {m} :: praise, commendation
elogio {m} :: eulogy, oration
elogio {m} :: rave
Eloisa {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Eloise
Elon {prop} [Biblical character] :: Elon
elongazionale {adj} :: elongational
elongazione {f} [physics, astronomy] :: elongation
eloquente {adj} :: eloquent
eloquentemente {adv} :: eloquently
eloquentissimo {adj} :: Very eloquent
eloquenza {f} :: eloquence
eloquio {m} :: speech
Elpenore {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Elpenor
Elpidio {prop} :: given name
elsa {f} :: hilt
Elsa {prop} :: A river that flows in Tuscany
Elsa {prop} :: given name
El Salvador {prop} :: El Salvador
Elsinore {prop} :: Elsinore (city)
Eltanin {prop} :: Eltanin, the brightest star in the constellation of Draco
eluato {m} :: eluate
elucidante {v} :: present participle of elucidare
elucidare {v} :: To elucidate
elucidazione {f} :: elucidation
elucubrante {v} :: present participle of elucubrare
elucubrare {vt} :: to ponder [over or about]
elucubrazione {f} :: lucubration
eludente {v} :: present participle of eludere
eludere {vt} :: To evade or elude
eludere {vt} :: To shun or shirk
eludere {vt} :: To dodge or sidestep
eludibile {adj} :: avoidable
eluente {adj} :: eluting
eluente {m} :: eluant
eluente {v} :: present participle of eluire
eluire {vt} :: To elute
eluizione {f} :: elution
è l'uovo di Colombo {phrase} [idiomatic] :: it's as plain as the nose on your face; it's extremely clear and obvious
elusibile {adj} :: Variant of eludibile
elusione {f} :: elusion, evasion
elusivamente {adv} :: elusively
elusività {f} :: elusiveness
elusività {f} :: evasiveness
elusivo {adj} :: elusive
elusivo {adj} :: evasive
eluviale {adj} :: eluvial
eluviazione {f} :: leaching
eluvio {m} :: eluvium
elvella {f} :: miter mushroom (of genus Helvella
elvellico {adj} :: helvellic
elvetica {f} :: Swiss, Helvetic (female)
elvetico {adj} :: Swiss, Helvetic
elvetico {m} :: Swiss, Helvetic
Elvezi {prop} :: Helvetii
Elvezia {prop} :: Helvetia
Elvio {prop} :: given name
Elvo {prop} :: A river that flows in Piedmont
elzeviriano {adj} :: Elzevir (attributive)
elzevirista {mf} :: A writer of arts or culture features (in newspapers)
elzeviro {m} :: Elzevir (typeface)
elzeviro {m} :: arts or culture feature (in a newspaper)
Ema {prop} :: A small river that flows in Tuscany
emaciamento {m} :: (extreme) slimming
emaciante {v} :: present participle of emaciare
emaciantesi {v} :: present participle of emaciarsi
emaciare {vt} :: To emaciate
emaciarsi {vi} :: To emaciate
emaciato {adj} :: emaciated, thin, haggard
emaciatosi {v} :: past participle of emaciarsi
emaciazione {f} :: emaciation
emaferesi {f} :: hemapheresis, haemapheresis
emagglutinina {f} [biochemistry] :: hemagglutinin
e-mail {f} {m} :: e-mail (system, message)
e-mail {f} {m} :: e-mail address
email {mf} :: email
emanante {v} :: present participle of emanare
emanare {v} :: to give off or send out
emanare {v} :: to emanate or radiate
emanare {v} :: to promulgate or issue
emanarsi {vr} :: To emanate
emanatismo {m} :: emanationism
emanatista {mf} :: emanatist
emanatistico {adj} :: emanationist
emanato {adj} :: radiated
emanato {adj} :: promulgated
emanato {adj} :: issued
emanazione {f} :: emanation
emanazione {f} :: exhalation
emanazione {f} [legal] :: promulgation
emancipante {v} :: present participle of emancipare
emancipantesi {v} :: present participle of emanciparsi
emancipare {vt} :: To emancipate
emanciparsi {vr} :: To become emancipated, to free oneself
emancipato {adj} :: emancipated, free
emancipato {adj} :: open-minded
emancipato {m} :: freedman
emancipatore {adj} :: emancipatory
emancipatore {m} :: emancipator
emancipatosi {v} :: past participle of emanciparsi
emancipazione {f} :: emancipation
emancipazionistico {adj} :: emancipationist (attributive)
emangioma {m} [medicine] :: hemangioma
Emanuela {prop} :: given name
Emanuele {prop} :: given name, cognate to Emmanuel or Immanuel
Emanuelli {prop} :: surname
emarginante {v} :: present participle of emarginare
emarginare {vt} :: To marginalize or isolate
emarginata {f} :: outcast (female)
emarginato {adj} :: marginalized, excluded
emarginato {m} :: outcast
emarginazione {f} :: ostracism, exclusion, marginalisation
emartro {m} :: hemarthrosis
emasculazione {f} :: emasculation
ematemesi {f} [pathology] :: hematemesis
ematico {adj} :: haemic, hemic, blood
ematina {f} [biochemistry] :: hematin, haematin
ematite {f} [mineralogy] :: hematite
emato- {prefix} :: haemato-, hemato-
ematocele {m} :: hematocele
ematochimico {adj} [medicine, chemistry] :: hematochemical / haematochemical
ematocrito {m} :: hematocrit
ematoencefalico {adj} [anatomy] :: hematoencephalic
ematofago {adj} :: hematophagous
ematofobia {f} :: hematophobia
ematogeno {adj} :: hematogenic
ematologa {f} :: hematologist (female)
ematologia {f} :: haematology / hematology
ematologico {adj} :: hematologic, hematological
ematologo {m} :: hematologist
ematoma {m} :: haematoma, hematoma
ematopatia {f} :: hemopathy / haemopathy
ematopoiesi {f} :: hematopoiesis / haematopoiesis
ematopoietico {adj} :: hematopoietic / haematopoietic
ematosi {f} :: hematosis / haematosis
ematossilina {f} :: hematoxylin, haematoxylin
ematuria {f} [pathology] :: hematuria
emazia {f} :: red blood cell
embargo {m} :: embargo
emblema {m} :: emblem
emblematicamente {adv} :: emblematically
emblematicamente {adv} :: symbolically
emblematico {adj} :: emblematic
emblematico {adj} :: symbolic
embolia {f} [pathology] :: embolism
embolico {adj} :: embolic
embolismo {m} [pathology] :: embolism
embolitico {adj} :: embolic
embolizzazione {f} [surgery] :: embolization
embolo {m} [pathology] :: embolus
embricante {v} :: present participle of embricare
embricantesi {v} :: present participle of embricarsi
embricare {vt} :: to overlap
embricare {vt} :: to imbricate
embricarsi {v} :: reflexive of embricare
embricarsi {v} :: to overlap
embricato {adj} :: overlapping
embricato {adj} :: imbricate
embricatosi {v} :: past participle of embricarsi
embrice {m} :: A flat roof tile
embrio- {prefix} :: embryo-
embrioadozione {f} :: embryo adoption
embrioblasto {m} :: embryoblast
embriogenesi {n} :: embryogenesis
embriogenetico {adj} :: embryogenic
embriogenico {adj} :: embryogenic
embriologia {f} :: embryology
embriologicamente {adv} :: embryologically
embriologico {adj} :: embryologic, embryological
embriologo {m} :: embryologist
embrionale {adj} :: embryonic, embryonal
embrionario {adj} :: embryonic
embrione {m} :: embryo
embrionico {adj} :: embryonic
embrocazione {f} :: embrocation
eme {m} [biochemistry] :: heme
emendabile {adj} :: amendable
emendabile {adj} :: emendable
emendabilità {f} :: amendableness
emendamento {m} :: amendment (of a law)
emendamento {m} :: emendation (of a text)
emendante {v} :: present participle of emendare
emendantesi {v} :: present participle of emendarsi
emendare {vt} [government] :: to amend [a law]
emendare {vt} :: to emend [a text]
emendarsi {v} :: reflexive of emendare
emendarsi {v} :: to reform
emendarsi {v} :: to correct a defect
emendativo {adj} :: amendatory, corrective
emendativo {adj} :: emendatory
emendatore {m} :: amender (of a law etc)
emendatore {m} :: emendator, emender (of a text)
emendatosi {v} :: past participle of emendarsi
emendazione {f} :: emendation
Emera {prop} [Greek god] :: Hemera
emeralopia {f} [pathology] :: hemeralopia
emergente {v} :: present participle of emergere
emergente {adj} :: emergent, up-and-coming, nascent
emergenza {f} :: emergency
emergenza {f} :: emergence
emergenza {f} :: phenomenon, finding, act
emergenziale {adj} :: emergency (attributive)
emergere {vi} :: to emerge, come out, surface, appear
emerito {adj} :: emeritus
emerito {adj} :: distinguished
emerito {adj} :: egregious, absolute, first-class, regular
emeritrine {f} [biochemistry] :: haemerythrin / hemerythrin
emerocallide {f} :: daylily, hemerocallis
emerodromo {m} :: hemerodrome
emeroteca {f} :: newspaper or periodical library
emersione {f} :: emerging, emergence, surfacing
emerso {adj} :: surfaced
emerso {adj} :: above the sea level
emersoniano {adj} :: Emersonian
Emesa {prop} :: Emesa
emesena {f} :: feminine noun of emeseno
Emesene {prop} :: Emesene (region)
emeseniana {f} :: feminine noun of emeseniano
emeseniano {adj} :: Emesenian
emeseniano {m} :: Emesenian
emeseno {adj} :: Emesene
emeseno {m} :: Emesene
emesi {f} [pathology] :: emesis
emesso {adj} :: emissive
emetico {adj} :: emetic
emetico {m} [pharmacology] :: emetic
emetina {f} :: emetine
emetismo {m} [pathology] :: emesis
emettente {v} :: present participle of emettere
emettere {vt} :: to emit, give out, give off
emettere {vt} :: to utter
emettere {vt} :: to issue
emettitore {m} :: emitter
emettitore {m} :: transmitter (radio)
emettitrice {f} :: dispensing machine (especially of tickets)
emi- {prefix} :: hemi-
-emia {suffix} :: -emia, -aemia
emiacetale {m} [organic chemistry] :: hemiacetal
emiacetalico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: hemiacetalic
emiatrofia {f} [medicine] :: hemiatrophy
emicarpo {m} [botany] :: hemicarp
emicellulosa {f} [carbohydrate] :: hemicellulose
emichetale {m} [organic chemistry] :: hemiketal
emichetalico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: hemiketal (attributive)
emiciclo {m} :: semicircle, hemicycle
emiciclo {m} :: floor (of the Italian parliament)
emicrania {f} [pathology] :: migraine, hemicrania, megrim
emicranico {adj} :: splitting (headache)
emicriptofita {f} [biology] :: hemicryptophyte
emidattilo {m} [zoology] :: hemidactylus
emide {f} [zoology] :: turtle, terrapin
emidesmosoma {m} :: hemidesmosome
Emidio {prop} :: given name
emigrante {adj} :: emigrant
emigrante {m} :: emigrant (male)
emigrante {f} :: emigrant (female)
emigrare {vi} :: to emigrate
emigrata {f} :: emigrant
emigrato {m} :: emigrant
emigrato {adj} :: emigrant
emigratorio {adj} :: migratory
emigrazione {f} :: emigration
emigrazione {f} :: the emigrants
Emilia {prop} :: given name, cognate to Emily
emilianense {adj} :: Relating to the Spanish saint Emilian of Cogolla
emiliano {adj} :: Of, pertaining to, or from Emilia
Emiliano {prop} :: given name
Emilia-Romagna {prop} :: Emilia-Romagna
Emilio {prop} :: given name
emimascella {f} [anatomy] :: hemimaxilla
emimorfismo {m} :: hemimorphism
emimorfite {f} [mineral] :: hemimorphite
emimorfo {adj} :: hemimorphic
emina {f} [biochemistry] :: hemin / haemin
eminente {adj} :: high, lofty
eminente {adj} :: eminent, distinguished, outstanding, notable
eminentemente {adv} :: eminently
eminentissimo {adj} :: Very eminent
eminentissimo {adj} :: His Eminence, Your Eminince
eminenza {f} :: distinction, eminence, preeminence
emiolia {f} [music] :: hemiola
emione {m} :: hemione (Equus hemionus)
emiparassita {m} :: hemiparasite
emiparesi {f} [medicine] :: hemiparesis
emiplegia {f} [pathology] :: hemiplegia
emiplegico {adj} :: hemiplegic
Emirati Arabi Uniti {prop} :: United Arab Emirates (UAE)
emiratino {adj} :: Of or from an emirate; specifically, of or from the United Arab Emirates
emirato {m} :: emirate
emirima {f} [anatomy] :: meniscus (in the knee and similar joints)
emiro {m} :: emir
emisemestre {m} :: half-semester
emisferectomia {f} [surgery] :: hemispherectomy
emisferico {adj} :: hemispherical
emisferio {m} :: Variant of emisfero
emisfero {m} :: hemisphere
emisfero australe {m} :: southern hemisphere
emisfero boreale {m} :: northern hemisphere
emisimmetrico {n} [mathematics] :: skew-symmetric
emissaria {f} :: emissary (female)
emissario {m} :: effluent
emissario {m} :: A river that drains (leads out of) a lake
emissario {m} :: emissary
emissione {f} :: emission
emissione {f} :: transmission (radio, TV etc)
emissione {f} :: issue (of postage stamps etc)
emissività {f} [physics] :: emissivity
emissivo {adj} :: emissive
emistichio {m} :: hemistich
emiterpene {m} [organic chemistry] :: hemiterpene
emitiroidectomia {f} [surgery] :: hemithyroidectomy
emittente {adj} :: transmitting
emittente {adj} :: broadcasting
emittente {f} :: transmitter
emittenza {f} :: broadcasting
emittenza {f} :: broadcasters
emittero {m} :: hemipter
emivita {f} [chemistry, physics] :: half-life
emizigote {m} :: hemizygote
Emmanuele {prop} :: Immanuel [biblical character]
Emmanuele {prop} :: given name, more common in the form Emanuele
emme {f} {m} :: letter: m
emmenagogo {m} :: emmenagogue
emmetropia {f} :: emmetropia
emmetropico {adj} :: emmetropic
-emmo {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the first-person plural past historic of regular -ere verbs
emo- {prefix} :: haemo- (blood)
Emo {prop} :: surname
Emo {prop} :: A noble family of Venice
emoangioma {m} :: Variant of emangioma
emoblasto {m} :: hemoblast / haemoblast, hemocytoblast / haemocytoblast
emoblastoma {m} :: hemoblastoma / haemoblastoma
emocatartico {adj} [medicine] :: hemocathartic
emocele {m} [zoology] :: hemocoel
emoceloma {m} [zoology] :: hemocoel
emocianina {f} :: hemocyanin / haemocyanin
emocianine {f} [biochemistry] :: hemocyanin / haemocyanin
emocito {m} :: hemocyte / haemocyte
emocitoblasto {m} :: hemocytoblast / haemocytoblast
emocoltura {f} [medicine] :: hemoculture / haemoculture
emocromatosi {f} [pathology] :: hemochromatosis
emocromo {m} [biochemistry] :: hemochrome / haemochrome
emocromo {m} [medicine] :: complete blood count (CBC)
emocromocitometrico {adj} :: hemochromometry / haemochromometry (attributive)
emoderivato {m} :: haemoderivative / hemoderivative
emodialisi {f} [medicine] :: hemodialysis
emodializzato {adj} :: hemodialysis (attributive)
emodiluizione {f} [medicine] :: bloodletting, bleeding (therapeutic)
emodinamica {f} [medicine] :: hemodynamics / haemodynamics
emodinamico {adj} [medicine] :: hemodynamic / haemodynamic
emofilia {f} [disease] :: haemophilia
emofiliaco {adj} [disease] :: haemophiliac, hemophiliac
emofiliaco {m} :: haemophiliac, hemophiliac
emofilico {adj} :: hemophilic
emofobia {f} :: hemophobia
emoftalmo {m} :: hemophthalmus / haemophthalmus
emogas {m} :: arterial blood gas
emogasanalisi {f} [medicine] :: arterial blood gas analysis
emogenico {adj} :: hemogenic
emoglobina {f} :: hemoglobin, haemoglobin
emoglobinato {m} :: haemoglobinate
emoglobinopatia {f} [pathology] :: hemoglobinopathy
emoglobinuria {f} :: hemoglobinuria / haemoglobinuria
emolacria {f} [pathology] :: haemolacria
emolinfa {f} [zoology] :: hemolymph
emolisi {f} [physiology] :: hemolysis
emolitico {adj} :: hemolytic / haemolytic
emolliente {adj} :: emollient
emolliente {m} :: emollient
emolumento {m} :: emolument, fee, salary
emopatia {f} [disease] :: hemopathy
emopatologia {f} :: hemopathology / haemopathology
emoperfusione {f} [medicine] :: hemoperfusion
emopoiesi {f} [cytology] :: hematopoiesis
emopoietico {adj} [cytology] :: hematopoietic
emoproteina {f} [protein] :: hemeprotein
emoreologia {f} :: hemorheology
emorragia {f} :: hemorrhage, haemorrhage, bleeding
emorragico {adj} :: haemorrhagic, hemorrhagic
emorroidale {adj} :: hemorrhoidal / haemorrhoidal
emorroidario {adj} :: hemorrhoidal / haemorrhoidal
emorroide {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: hemorrhoids / haemorrhoids; piles
emorroidi {fp} :: hemorrhoids, haemorrhoids, piles
emorroissa {f} :: A woman with an "issue of blood" (See Mark 5:25 (New Testament))
emosiderina {f} [protein] :: hemosiderin
emosiderinico {adj} :: haemosideric / hemosideric
emostasi {f} [surgery, physiology] :: hemostasis / haemostasis
emostatico {adj} :: haemostatic / hemostatic
emostatico {adj} :: styptic
emoteca {f} :: blood bank
emoticon {m} :: emoticon
emotisi {f} [medicine] :: hemoptysis / haemoptysis
emotiva {f} :: emotional woman, emotionalist (female)
emotivamente {adv} :: emotionally
emotività {f} :: emotionalism, volatility, sensibility, sensitiveness
emotivo {adj} :: emotional, emotive
emotivo {m} :: emotional person, emotionalist
emottisi {f} [medicine] :: hemoptysis
emozionabile {adj} :: emotional, excitable
emozionabilità {f} :: emotionalism, excitability
emozionale {adj} :: emotional
emozionalità {f} :: emotionality
emozionalmente {adv} :: emotionally
emozionante {adj} :: emotional, moving, exciting, stirring
emozionantesi {v} :: present participle of emozionarsi
emozionare {vt} :: To excite, to move, to touch
emozionarsi {vr} :: To get excited, to get moved, to get touched
emozionatamente {adv} :: excitedly
emozionato {adj} :: excited, moved
emozionatosi {v} :: past participle of emozionarsi
emozione {f} :: emotion
emozione {f} :: excitement
empatia {f} :: empathy
empaticamente {adv} :: empathically, empathetically
empatico {adj} :: empathic, empathetic
Empedocle {prop} :: Empedocles
Empedoclès {prop} :: medieval spelling of Empedocle
emperipolesi {f} :: emperipolesis
empetigine {f} :: impetigo
empiamente {adv} :: impiously
empiamente {adv} :: pitilessly
empiamente {adv} :: wickedly
empiema {m} [pathology] :: empyema
empiente {v} :: present participle of empire
empiere {v} :: Variant of empire
empietà {f} :: impiety
empio {adj} :: impious, profane
empio {adj} :: cruel
empire {vt} [obsolete] :: to fill, to overflow
empireo {m} :: The ultimate region of heaven, the seat of God (according to Thomas Aquinas
empireo {adj} :: heavenly, celestial
empireumatico {adj} [obsolete, chemistry] :: empyreumatic
empiricamente {adv} :: empirically
empirico {adj} :: empirical, empiric
empirismo {m} :: empiricism
empirista {adj} :: empiricist
empirista {m} :: empiricist
empiristicamente {adv} :: empiristically
empiristico {adj} :: empiristic
empolese {adj} :: Of or relating to Empoli or the Empoli people
empolese {mf} :: A native or inhabitant of Empoli
Empoli {prop} :: A town in Tuscany, in the province of Florence
Empoli {prop} :: The letter E in the Italian phonetic alphabet
emporio {m} :: emporium (large retail store)
emù {m} :: emu
emula {f} :: emulator (female)
emulante {v} :: present participle of emulare
emulare {vt} :: To emulate
emulativo {adj} :: emulative
emulatore {adj} :: emulating
emulatore {m} [computing] :: emulator
emulatore {m} :: emulator
emulatrice {f} :: emulator (female)
emulazione {f} :: emulation
emulo {m} :: emulator
emulsificante {adj} :: emulsifying
emulsificante {m} :: emulsifier
emulsionabile {adj} :: emulsifiable
emulsionante {v} :: present participle of emulsionare
emulsionante {adj} :: emulsifying
emulsionante {m} :: emulsifier
emulsionare {vt} :: to emulsify
emulsionato {adj} :: emulsified
emulsione {f} :: emulsion
emulsione {f} :: lotion
emulsivo {adj} :: emulsive, emulsifying
emungente {v} :: present participle of emungere
emungere {vt} :: to drain
emungimento {m} :: drainage
emuntore {m} :: effluent
emuntorio {adj} :: emunctory
ENAL {initialism} :: Ente Nazionale Assistenza Lavoratori
enalista {mf} :: A member of the "Ente Nazionale Assistenza Lavoratori"
enalotto {m} :: alternative form of Enalotto
Enalotto {prop} :: The Italian state lottery
enantema {m} [pathology] :: enanthema
enantio- {prefix} :: enantio-
enantiomerico {adj} :: enantiomeric
enantiomero {adj} :: enantiomeric
enantiomero {m} [chemistry] :: enantiomer
enantiomorfismo {m} :: enantiomorphism
enantiomorfo {adj} :: enantiomorphic, enantiomorphous
enantiopatia {f} :: enantiopathy, allopathy
enantiosemia {f} :: enantiosemy
enantiotropia {f} :: enantiotropy, enantiotropism
enarmonia {f} [music] :: tetrachord
enarmonicamente {adv} :: enharmonically
enarmonico {adj} [music] :: enharmonic
enarmonico {adj} :: tetrachord (attributive)
enarrabile {adj} :: narratable, speakable, describable
enarrazione {f} :: exposition (detailed narration)
enartrosi {f} [anatomy] :: enarthrosis (ball and socket joint)
encarpo {m} :: encarpus
encaustico {adj} :: encaustic
encausto {m} [arts] :: encaustic (painting)
encefalico {adj} [anatomy] :: encephalic
encefalite {f} [pathology] :: encephalitis
encefalitico {adj} :: encephalitic
encefalo {m} [anatomy] :: encephalon
encefalografia {f} [medicine] :: encephalography
encefalogramma {m} :: encephalogram
encefalopatia {f} [disease] :: encephalopathy
encefalopatia spongiforme bovina {f} [disease] :: bovine spongiform encephalopathy
Encelado {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Enceladus
Encelado {prop} :: A moon of Saturn
enchiridio {m} :: enchiridion
enciclica {f} :: encyclical
enciclico {adj} :: encyclical
enciclopedia {f} :: encyclopedia
enciclopedicamente {adv} :: encyclopedically, encyclopaedically
enciclopedico {adj} :: encyclopedic, encyclopaedic
enciclopedismo {m} :: encyclopedism
enciclopedista {mf} :: encyclopedist
enclave {f} :: enclave
enclisi {f} [grammar] :: enclisis
enclitica {f} [grammar] :: enclitic
encliticamente {adv} :: enclitically
enclitico {adj} [grammar] :: enclitic
encomiabile {adj} :: commendable, praiseworthy
encomiabilmente {adv} :: commendably
encomiante {v} :: present participle of encomiare
encomiare {vt} :: to praise, commend
encomiasta {m} :: encomiast
encomiasticamente {adv} :: encomiastically
encomiastico {adj} :: encomiastic
encomio {m} :: commendation, praise
encondroma {m} [pathology] :: enchondroma
encratismo {m} :: Encratism
endecaedro {m} [geometry] :: hendecahedron
endecagonale {adj} :: hendecagonal
endecagono {m} :: hendecagon
endecasillabo {m} :: (in classical Italian verse) A line of verse, containing from ten to sixteen syllables, in which the stress falls on the tenth syllable
endemia {f} :: endemy
endemicamente {adv} :: endemically
endemicità {f} :: endemicity
endemico {adj} :: endemic
endemismo {m} [biology] :: endemism
endiadi {f} [rhetoric] :: hendiadys
endice {m} :: nest egg
Endimione {prop} :: Endymion
-endo {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the gerund of regular -ere and -ire verbs
-endo {suffix} :: used in some nouns and adjectives to express an idea of need or necessity
endo- {prefix} :: end-
endocardico {adj} :: endocardial
endocardio {m} :: endocardium
endocardite {f} [pathology] :: endocarditis
endocarpio {m} [botany] :: endocarp
endocarpo {m} [botany] :: endocarp
endocellulare {adj} :: intracellular
endocentrico {adj} :: endocentric
endocitante {v} :: present participle of endocitare
endocitare {v} :: To endocytose
endocitato {adj} :: endocytosed
endocitico {adj} :: endocytic
endocitosi {f} [biochemistry] :: endocytosis
endocranico {adj} [skeleton] :: endocranial
endocranico {adj} [skeleton] :: intracranial
endocranio {m} [anatomy] :: endocranium
endocrino {adj} [physiology] :: endocrine
endocrinologa {f} :: endocrinologist (female)
endocrinologia {f} [medicine] :: endocrinology
endocrinologico {adj} :: endocrinological
endocrinologo {m} :: endocrinologist
endocrinopatia {f} [pathology] :: disease of an endocrine gland; endocrinopathy
endoculare {adj} [anatomy] :: intraocular
endoderma {m} :: endoderm
endoderma {m} :: endodermis
endodermico {adj} :: endodermal
endodinamica {f} [geology] :: endogenic dynamics
endodonzia {f} :: endodontics
endoenergetico {adj} :: endoenergetic
endoentalpico {adj} [physics] :: endoenthalpic
endoergonico {adj} :: endoergic, endothermic
endoetnonimo {m} :: endoethnonym
endofasia {f} :: endophasia
endofita {f} :: endophyte
endofitico {adj} :: endophytic
endogamia {f} :: endogamy
endogamico {adj} :: endogamous
endogamo {adj} :: endogamous
endogenesi {n} :: endogenesis, endogeny
endogeno {adj} :: endogenous
endolagunare {adj} :: Within a lagoon (especially that of Venice)
endolinfa {m} :: endolymph
endolisosoma {m} :: endolysosome
endometriale {adj} [anatomy] :: endometrial
endometrio {m} [anatomy] :: endometrium
endometriosi {f} [pathology] :: endometriosis
endometrite {f} [diseases] :: endometritis
endomitosi {f} :: endomitosis
endomorfismo {m} [mathematics, geology] :: endomorphism
endomorfo {adj} :: endomorphic
endonartece {m} [architecture] :: endonarthex
endonimo {m} :: endonym
endonucleasi {f} [enzyme] :: endonuclease
endoparassita {m} :: endoparasite
endoplasma {m} :: endoplasm
endoplasmatico {adj} :: endoplasmic
endoplasmico {adj} :: endoplasmic
endoprocessuale {adj} [legal] :: Within the legal process
endoprotesi {f} :: endoprosthesis
endoreattore {m} :: rocket (engine)
endoreduplicazione {f} [genetics] :: endoreduplication
endoreico {adj} [geography] :: endorheic
endorfina {f} :: endorphin
endoscheletrico {adj} [skeleton, zoology] :: endoskeletal
endoscheletro {m} [zoology, skeleton] :: endoskeleton
endoscopia {f} [medicine] :: endoscopy
endoscopico {adj} :: endoscopic
endoscopio {m} [medicine] :: endoscope
endosimbionte {m} :: endosymbiont
endosimbiontico {adj} :: endosymbiotic
endosimbiosi {f} [biology] :: endosymbiont
endosimbiotico {adj} :: endosymbiotic
endosmosi {f} :: endosmosis
endosoma {m} :: endosome
endosomale {adj} :: endosomal
endosperma {m} [botany] :: endosperm
endospora {f} [botany] :: endospore
endostatina {f} :: endostatin
endostio {m} :: endosteum
endotecio {m} [botany] :: endothecium
endoteliale {adj} :: endothelial
endotelio {m} [anatomy] :: endothelium
endoteliocito {m} :: endotheliocyte
endotelioma {m} [medicine] :: endothelioma
endotermia {f} :: endothermy
endotermicità {f} :: endothermicity
endotermico {adj} :: endothermic
endotermo {adj} :: warm-blooded, homeothermic
endotossico {adj} :: endotoxic
endotossina {f} :: endotoxin
endotrofico {adj} :: endotrophic
endouterino {adj} :: intrauterine
endovena {adv} :: intravenously
endovena {f} :: intravenous injection
endovenosa {f} :: intravenous injection
endovenoso {adj} :: intravenous
Endrizzi {prop} :: surname
endurista {mf} :: endurance motorcyclist
enduro {m} :: Enduro; endurance motorcycling
Enea {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Aeneas
Enea {prop} :: given name
Eneide {prop} :: Aeneid
eneo {adj} :: Made of bronze; brazen
Eneo {prop} :: The river Rječina that flows in Croatia
eneolitico {adj} :: Eneolithic
eneolitico {m} :: Eneolithic (period)
energeticamente {adv} :: energetically, forcefully
energetico {adj} :: energetic
energetico {adj} :: energy (attrib.)
energia {f} :: energy
energia alternativa {f} :: alternative energy
energia di punto zero {f} [physics] :: zero-point energy
energia elettrica {f} :: electricity
energia elettrica {f} [physics] :: electric energy
energia eolica {f} :: wind power
energia nucleare {f} :: nuclear power, nuclear energy
energia nucleare {f} [physics] :: nuclear energy
energia rinnovabile {f} :: renewable energy
energia solare {f} :: solar energy
energicamente {adv} :: energetically, forcefully
energico {adj} :: energetic
energico {adj} :: vigorous, forceful
energico {adj} :: powerful
energivoro {adj} :: energy intensive
energizzante {v} :: present participle of energizzare
energizzante {adj} :: energy-giving
energizzare {vt} :: to energize
energizzato {adj} :: energized
energumena {f} :: muscle woman
energumena {f} :: wild woman
energumeno {m} :: muscle man
energumeno {m} :: wild man
energumeno {m} :: tank
enervazione {f} :: pithing (both senses)
enfant prodige {m} :: child prodigy, whiz kid
enfasi {f} :: emphasis
enfasi {f} :: stress
enfaticamente {adv} :: emphatically
enfatico {adj} :: emphatic
enfatico {adj} :: pompous
enfatizzante {v} :: present participle of enfatizzare
enfatizzare {vt} :: to emphasize or stress
enfatizzazione {f} :: emphasis, stress
enfiagione {f} :: inflation
enfiante {v} :: present participle of enfiare
enfiantesi {v} :: present participle of enfiarsi
enfiare {vt} :: To inflate, swell or distend
enfiare {vi} :: To become inflated
enfiarsi {vr} :: To become inflated
enfiato {adj} :: inflated, swollen, puffed up
enfiatosi {v} :: past participle of enfiarsi
enfisema {m} [pathology] :: emphysema
enfisematico {adj} :: emphysematous
enfisematoso {adj} :: emphysematous
enfiteusi {f} :: emphyteusis
enfiteuta {mf} :: Person who holds the right of enfiteusi
enfiteutico {adj} :: emphyteutic
Engadina {prop} :: Engadin, Engadine
engramma {m} :: engram
Enif {prop} :: Enif, the brightest star in the constellation of Pegasus
enigma {m} :: enigma, riddle, conundrum
enigmaticamente {adv} :: enigmatically
enigmaticità {f} :: The condition of being enigmatic
enigmatico {adj} :: enigmatic
enigmista {mf} :: A maker, or an enthusiast of, puzzles, rebuses etc
enigmistica {f} :: The creation and solving of puzzles (such as crosswords and so on) as a hobby
enigmistico {adj} :: puzzle (attributive)
enimma {m} :: alternative form of enigma
enimmistico {adj} :: alternative form of enigmistico
Enio {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Enyo, one of the Graeae
enna- {prefix} :: nona-
enna {f} :: alternative spelling of henna
Enna {prop} :: Enna (province)
Enna {prop} :: Enna (town)
ennacoordinato {adj} [chemistry] :: nonacoordinate
ennagonale {adj} :: nonagonal
ennagono {m} :: nonagon
-ennale {suffix} :: -ennial
-enne {suffix} :: -year-old
-enne {suffix} :: Also forms similar terms related to age
enne {n} :: letter: n
enne {n} :: plural of enna
enneagramma {m} [psychology, mathematics] :: enneagram
ennesimo {adj} [mathematics] :: nth
ennesimo {adj} [figuratively] :: nth, umpteenth
Ennio {prop} :: given name
eno- {prefix} :: oeno- (used to form terms related to grapes or wine)
Eno {prop} :: Inn (German river)
Enoch {prop} [Biblical character] :: Enoch
Enoch {prop} :: given name
enocianina {f} :: enocyanin / enocyanine
enofilo {adj} :: oenophilic / enophilic
enofilo {adj} :: wine (attributive)
enofilo {m} :: eonophile / enophile
enofilo {m} :: wine buf
enogastronomia {f} :: The study or appreciation of wine and food
enogastronomico {adj} :: wine and food (attributive)
enografia {f} :: oenography
enolato {m} [organic chemistry] :: enolate
enolico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: enolic
enolo {m} [organic chemistry] :: enol
enologa {f} :: (female) oenologist, enologist
enologia {f} :: oenology, enology, (art, science of) winemaking,
enologico {adj} :: oenological / enological
enologico {adj} :: wine (attributive)
enologo {m} :: oenologist, enologist
Enomao {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Oenomaus
enopolio {m} :: wine-grower's cooperative
enorme {adj} :: huge, enormous, immense, great
enormemente {adv} :: enormously
enormità {f} :: hugeness, enormity, vastness, enormousness
enormità {f} :: enormity, absurdity
enosalumeria {f} :: A delicatessen that sells wine and salami
enoteca {f} :: wine shop
enoteca {f} :: wine cellar (collection of wine)
enoteca {f} :: wine bar
enotecnica {f} :: wine production (or industry)
enotecnico {m} :: wine producer
enotecnico {m} :: wine-making expert
enotecnico {adj} :: wine-making (attributive)
enoteismo {m} :: henotheism
Enotria {prop} :: Oenotria
Enrica {prop} :: given name, modern feminine form of Enrico
Enrichetta {prop} :: given name, equivalent to English Henrietta
Enrico {prop} :: given name
enrosadira {f} [usually uncountable] :: alpenglow (rosy glow of mountains at sunset)
-ense {suffix} :: Used to create adjectives and nouns that denote ethnonyms, like parmense, from Parma or statunitense, from Stati Uniti
ensiforme {adj} [botany, anatomy] :: ensiform
enstatite {f} [mineral] :: enstatite
enstrofia {f} [physics] :: enstrophy
entactogeno {m} :: entactogen
entalpia {f} [chemistry, physics] :: enthalpy
entalpico {adj} [physics, chemistry] :: enthalpic
entanglement quantistico {m} :: alternative form of correlazione quantistica
entasi {f} [architecture] :: entasis
-ente {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the present participle of regular -ere and -ire verbs
-ente {suffix} :: Used to form many adjectives whose form is the same in masculine and feminine
ente {m} :: corporation, body
ente {m} :: being
ente {m} :: entity
entelechia {f} [philosophy] :: Entelechy
Entella {prop} :: A river that flows in Liguria
entello {m} :: langur
enterico {adj} :: enteric
enterite {f} [pathology] :: enteritis
entero- {prefix} :: entero-
enterocettore {m} [anatomy] :: enteroceptor
enterocezione {f} [physiology] :: enteroception
enterocito {m} :: enterocyte
enteroclisi {f} [medicine] :: enema
enteroclisma {m} :: enema
enteroclisma {m} :: enema syringe
enterococcico {adj} :: enterococcal
enterococco {m} [microbiology] :: enterococcus
enterocolite {f} [pathology] :: enterocolitis
enteroemorragico {adj} :: enterohaemorrhagic / enterohemorrhagic
enteroepatico {adj} [physiology] :: enterohepatic
enterologia {f} [medicine] :: enterology
enteropatia {f} :: enteropathy
enteropatico {adj} :: enteropathic
enteroptosi {f} :: enteroptosis
enterorragia {f} [medicine] :: enterorrhagia
enteroscopia {f} [medicine] :: enteroscopy
enterotomia {f} :: enterotomy
entesi {f} [anatomy] :: enthesis
entesite {f} [pathology] :: enthesitis
entesopatia {f} [pathology] :: enthesopathy
entità {f} :: entity
entità {f} :: extent (financial)
entità {f} :: size (of a population)
ento- {prefix} :: ento-
entomo- {prefix} :: entomo-
entomofago {adj} :: entomphagous, insectivorous
entomofago {m} :: insectivorous insect or plant
entomofago {m} :: anteater, pangolin - more often formichiere
entomofilia {f} [botany] :: entomophily
entomofilo {adj} :: entomophilic
entomologa {f} :: entomologist (female)
entomologia {f} [zoology] :: entomology
entomologico {adj} [zoology] :: entomological
entomologo {m} :: entomologist
entourage {m} :: entourage, retinue
entozoo {m} [zoology] :: entozoon
entraineuse {f} :: nightclub hostess
entrambe {adj} :: both
entrambe {pron} :: both
entrambi {adj} :: both
entrambi {pron} :: both
entrante {v} :: present participle of entrare
entrante {adj} :: next, coming
entrarci {vp} :: to have to do with
entrare {v} :: to enter
entrare {v} :: to go in
entrare {n} :: entrance, entry, place of entering
entrare {n} :: beginning, start
entrata {f} :: (the act of entering) entry, entrance, arrival, admission
entrata {f} :: (a place by which to enter) entrance, entry, way in, gateway
entrata {f} :: (a room inside the front door) hall, entry, vestibule
entrata {f} :: income, earning, revenue, take, (plural) receipts, takings
entrata {f} [sports] :: tackle
entrata {f} [music] :: entrance, cue
entrata di servizio {f} :: back door
entrata principale {f} :: front door
entratura {f} :: connections, familiar terms
entremets {m} :: entremets
entrismo {m} :: entryism, entrism
entro- {prefix} :: in, within, inside
entro {prep} :: by, no later than (time)
entro {prep} :: within, in, inside
entrobordo {adj} [nautical] :: inboard
entrobordo {m} [nautical] :: inboard motor or motorboat
entro breve {adv} :: soon, shortly
entro breve tempo {adv} :: Variant of entro breve
entro brevi tempi {adv} :: alternative form of entro breve tempo
entropia {f} [physics] :: entropy
entropico {adj} :: entropic
entro tempi brevi {adv} :: alternative form of entro breve tempo
entroterra {m} :: inland, hinterland
entusiasmante {v} :: present participle of entusiasmare
entusiasmante {adj} :: exciting
entusiasmantesi {v} :: present participle of entusiasmarsi
entusiasmare {vt} :: to excite, arouse enthusiasm, thrill
entusiasmarsi {v} :: reflexive of entusiasmare
entusiasmarsi {v} :: to get enthusiastic
entusiasmatosi {v} :: past participle of entusiasmarsi
entusiasmo {m} :: enthusiasm, excitement, ebullience
entusiasta {adj} :: enthusiastic
entusiasta {m} :: enthusiast (male)
entusiasta {f} :: enthusiast (female)
entusiasticamente {adv} :: enthusiastically
entusiastico {adj} :: enthusiastic
enucleabile {adj} :: explainable
enucleabile {adj} :: identifiable
enucleante {v} :: present participle of enucleare
enucleare {v} :: to explain
enucleare {v} :: to identify, pinpoint
enucleare {v} [surgery] :: To enucleate
enuclearsi {vr} :: To become clear; to manifest
enucleazione {f} :: detailed explanation or clarification
enucleazione {f} :: identification
enucleazione {f} :: enucleation
enumerabile {adj} :: enumerable
enumerante {v} :: present participle of enumerare
enumerare {vt} :: to enumerate
enumerativo {adj} [mathematics] :: enumerative
enumerazione {f} :: enumeration
enunciabile {adj} :: expressable, formulable
enunciante {v} :: present participle of enunciare
enunciare {vt} :: to express [one's thoughts, etc.]
enunciare {vt} :: to state [a fact]
enunciare {vt} :: to enunciate [a theory, etc.]
enunciativo {adj} :: enunciative, enunciating
enunciato {m} :: statement
enunciazione {f} :: enunciation, declaration
enunciazione {f} :: statement
enunciazione {f} :: expression
enunziazione {f} :: alternative form of enunciazione
enuresi {f} [pathology] :: enuresis
-enza {suffix} :: Forms nouns from adjectives or verbs (or even other nouns)
-enza {suffix} :: -ency; -ence, -ance
Enza {prop} :: A river that flows in Emilia-Romagna
Enza {prop} :: given name, feminine of Enzo
enzima {m} [biochemistry] :: enzyme
enzimaticamente {adv} :: enzymatically
enzimatico {adj} :: enzymatic
enzimologia {f} [biochemistry] :: enzymology
enzimologo {m} :: enzymologist [male]
enzimopatia {f} [medicine] :: enzymopathy
enzimopatie {n} :: plural of enzimopatia
enzimopenia {f} [medicine] :: Lack of one or more enzymes in the organism
enzimopenie {n} :: plural of enzimopenia
enzimoterapia {f} :: enzymotherapy
Enzo {prop} :: given name
-eo {suffix} :: Used to form adjectives referring to the qualities of the root noun; -en, -eous, -ean
-eo {suffix} :: Used to form adjectives and nouns expressing relation to the root noun; -an, -ean
e/o {conj} :: and/or
eo {pron} :: obsolete form of io
eocenico {adj} :: Eocene (attributive)
eolico {adj} :: aeolian, æolian, aeolian, wind (attributive)
eolico {adj} :: Aeolic
Eolide {prop} :: Aeolis
Eolie {prop} :: Aeolian Islands
eolio {adj} :: Aeolian (all senses)
Eolo {prop} :: Aeolus
Eolo {prop} :: Sneezy (Disney character)
eonaviegano {adj} :: Eonavian
eonaviego {adj} :: Eonavian
eone {m} [Gnosticism] :: aeon (Gnostic spirit)
eone {m} [geology] :: eon
eonismo {m} :: eonism
eosina {f} :: eosin
eosinofilia {f} [medicine] :: eosinophilia
eosinofilo {m} :: eosinophil
eosinofilo {adj} :: eosinophil, eosinophilic, eosinophilous
epa {f} [obsolete, literary] :: belly, stomach, abdomen
épagneul {m} :: spaniel
epagomeno {adj} :: epagomenic
Epaminonda {prop} :: Epaminondas
Epaminonda {prop} :: given name
epanadiplosi {f} :: epanadiplosis
epanalessi {f} :: epanalepsis
epanastrofe {f} :: epanastrophe
eparca {f} :: eparch
eparchia {f} :: eparchy
eparco {m} :: eparch
eparina {f} [carbohydrate] :: heparin
epatectomia {f} [surgery] :: hepatectomy
epatico {adj} [anatomy] :: hepatic, liver (attributive)
epatite {f} [diseases] :: hepatitis
epatite virale {f} [pathology] :: viral hepatitis
epatizzazione {f} :: hepatization
epato- {prefix} :: hepato-
epatobiliare {adj} [anatomy] :: hepatobiliary
epatocarcinoma {f} [medicine] :: hepatocellular carcinoma, malignant hepatoma
epatocellulare {adj} [anatomy] :: hepatocellular
epatocita {f} :: hepatocyte
epatocito {m} [biology] :: hepatocyte
epatografia {f} :: hepatography (radiological examination of the liver)
epatologia {f} [medicine] :: hepatology
epatologo {m} :: hepatologist
epatomegalia {f} [pathology] :: hepatomegaly
epatonefrite {f} [medicine] :: hepatonephritis
epatopatia {f} [pathology] :: hepatopathy; liver disease
epatopatico {adj} :: hepatopathic
epatoprotettore {adj} :: hepatoprotective
epatoprotettore {m} :: hepatoprotector
epatorenale {adj} [anatomy] :: hepatorenal
epatoscopia {f} :: hepatoscopy (all senses)
epatosi {f} [medicine] :: hepatosis
epatotomia {f} [surgery] :: hepatotomy
epatotossico {adj} :: hepatotoxic
epatta {f} :: epact
epeirogenesi {n} :: epeirogenesis (Variant of: epirogenesi)
epentesi {f} :: epenthesis
epentetico {adj} :: epenthetic
eperlano {m} :: sparling, smelt (Osmerus eperlanus)
epesegesi {f} :: epexegesis
epesegetico {adj} :: epexegetic
epi- {prefix} :: epi-
epiblasto {m} :: epiblast
epica {f} :: epic
epica {f} :: epic poetry
epica {f} :: epyllion
epicalice {m} [botany] :: epicalyx
epicamente {adv} :: epically
epicanto {m} [anatomy] :: epicanthic fold
epicardico {adj} :: epicardial, epicardiac
epicardio {m} [anatomy] :: epicardium
epicardite {f} [medicine] :: epicarditis (inflammation of the epicardium)
epicarpio {m} [botany] :: epicarp
epicarpo {m} [botany] :: epicarp
epicedico {adj} :: epicedial, elegiac
epicedio {m} :: epicede, epicedium
epiceno {adj} [grammar] :: common (gender)
epicentro {m} :: epicentre, epicenter
epicherema {m} [philosophy] :: epicheirema
epiciclo {m} :: epicycle
epicicloidale {adj} :: epicycloidal
epicicloide {f} [mathematics] :: epicycloid
epicità {f} :: The condition of being epic
epiclesi {f} [Christianity] :: epiclesis
epicloridrina {f} [organic chemistry] :: epichlorohydrin
epico {adj} :: epic
epicondilite {f} [pathology] :: epicondylitis
epicondilo {m} [skeleton] :: epicondyle
epicontinentale {adj} [geology] :: epicontinental
epicorico {adj} :: epichoric
epicorio {adj} :: indigenous
epicotile {m} [botany] :: epicotyl
epicranico {adj} [anatomy] :: Of the epicranium, epicranial
epicranio {m} [anatomy] :: epicranium
epicrasi {f} [obsolete, medicine] :: epicrasis
epicratico {adj} [obsolete, medicine] :: epicratic
epicureggiante {v} :: present participle of epicureggiare
epicureggiare {vt} :: To epicureanize
epicureismo {m} :: Epicureanism
epicureismo {m} :: epicurism
epicureo {m} :: epicurean, binger
epicureo {adj} :: epicurean
epicureo {adj} :: hedonistic
Epicuro {prop} :: Epicurus
Epidauro {prop} :: Epidaurus
epidemia {f} [diseases] :: An epidemic
epidemicamente {adv} :: epidemically
epidemicità {f} :: State of being epidemic; epidemicity
epidemico {adj} :: epidemic
epidemiologa {f} :: epidemiologist (female)
epidemiologia {f} [medicine] :: epidemiology
epidemiologicamente {adv} :: epidemiologically
epidemiologico {adj} :: epidemiologic
epidemiologo {m} :: An epidemiologist
epidermicamente {adv} :: superficially, in a skin-deep manner
epidermico {adj} :: epidermic, epidermal
epidermico {adj} :: superficial, skin-deep
epidermide {f} [anatomy, botany] :: epidermis
epidermide {f} :: skin, surface
epidermina {f} [protein] :: epidermin
epidermolisi {f} [pathology] :: epidermolysis
epidermolitico {adj} :: epidermolytic
epidiascopio {m} :: epidiascope
epididimite {f} [medicine] :: epididymitis (inflammation of the epididymus)
epididimo {m} [anatomy] :: epididymis
epidittico {adj} :: epideictic
epidoto {m} [mineral] :: epidote
epidurale {adj} :: epidural
epidurale {m} [medicine] :: An epidural
epifania {f} :: Epiphany
Epifania {f} :: Epiphany
Epifania {prop} :: given name for someone born around Epiphany
Epifanio {prop} :: given name for someone born around Epiphany
epifenomeno {m} :: epiphenomenon
epifillo {adj} [botany] :: epiphyllous (growing on a leaf)
epifisario {adj} [anatomy] :: epiphyseal
epifisi {f} [skeleton] :: epiphysis (rounded end of a bone)
epifisi {f} [anatomy] :: epiphysis (endocrine gland)
epifita {f} [botany] :: epiphyte
epifitia {f} :: epiphytia (epidemic that affects plants)
epifonema {m} [rhetoric] :: epiphonema
epifora {f} :: epiphora
epifora {f} :: epistrophe
epifrasi {f} :: epiphrasis, epexegesis
epifrenico {adj} [anatomy] :: epiphrenic
epigamia {f} [biology] :: epigamy
epigamico {adj} :: epigamic
epigastralgia {f} [pathology] :: epigastralgia
epigastrico {adj} [anatomy] :: epigastric
epigastrio {m} [anatomy] :: epigastrium
epigenesi {n} :: epigenesis
epigenetico {adj} :: epigenetic
epigenoma {m} [genetics] :: epigenome
epigeo {adj} :: epigeal (all senses)
epigeosfera {f} :: epigeosphere (geosphere plus troposphere)
epiglottale {adj} :: epiglottal
epiglottico {adj} [anatomy] :: epiglottic
epiglottidale {adj} [anatomy] :: pertaining to the epiglottis, epiglottal
epiglottidale {adj} [phonetics] :: epiglottal
epiglottidale {f} [phonetics] :: An epiglottal speech sound
epiglottide {f} [anatomy] :: epiglottis
epigona {f} :: (female) follower, imitator, epigone
epigonale {adj} :: epigonal
epigono {m} :: follower, imitator, epigone
epigrafe {f} :: epigraph
epigrafia {f} :: epigraphy
epigraficamente {adv} :: epigraphically
epigraficamente {adv} :: tersely, concisely
epigrafico {adj} :: epigraphic
epigrafico {adj} :: concise
epigrafista {mf} :: epigraphist
epigramma {m} :: epigram
epigrammaticamente {adv} :: epigrammatically
epigrammatico {adj} :: epigrammatic
epigrammatista {mf} :: Variant of epigrammista
epigrammista {mf} :: epigrammatist
epigravettiano {adj} [geology] :: Epigravettian
epilatore {m} :: epilator, depilator
epilatorio {adj} :: depilatory
epilazione {f} :: depilation
epilessia {f} [pathology] :: epilepsy
epilettica {f} :: epileptic (female)
epilettico {adj} :: epileptic
epilettico {m} :: epileptic
epilettoide {adj} :: epileptoid
epilimnio {m} :: epilimnion
epilitico {adj} [botany] :: epilithic
epillio {m} :: epyllion
epilobio {m} :: willowherb (of genus Epilobium)
epilogazione {f} [obsolete] :: summary, recapitulation
epilogo {m} :: epilogue
epilogo {m} :: conclusion
epimerico {adj} :: epimeric
epimerizzazione {f} [organic chemistry] :: epimerization
epimero {m} [organic chemistry] :: epimer
epimorfismo {m} :: epimorphism
epinefrina {f} [hormone] :: epinephrine, adrenaline
epinicio {adj} :: epinician
epiornite {m} :: elephant bird (of genus Aepyornis)
epipelagico {adj} :: epipelagic
epiploico {adj} [anatomy] :: epiploic
epiploon {m} [anatomy] :: omentum
Epiro {prop} :: Epirus
epirogenesi {n} :: epeirogenesis
epirogenetico {adj} :: epeirogenic
epirota {adj} :: Epirote, Epirot (attributive)
epirrema {m} :: epirrhema
episclerite {f} [medicine] :: episcleritis
episcopale {adj} :: episcopal, bishop's (attributive)
episcopaliano {adj} :: Episcopalian
episcopalismo {m} :: Episcopalianism
episcopalista {adj} :: Episcopalian
episcopalista {mf} :: Episcopalian
episcopato {m} :: episcopacy
episcopio {m} :: bishop's residence
episcopio {m} :: episcope
episcopo {m} :: bishop
episillogismo {m} [logic] :: episyllogism
episinalefe {f} :: episynalepha
episiorrafia {f} [surgery] :: episiorrhaphy
episiotomia {f} [surgery] :: episiotomy
episodicamente {adv} :: episodically
episodicità {f} :: episodic character
episodico {adj} :: episodic
episodico {adj} :: occasional
episodico {adj} :: one-off
episodio {m} :: episode
epispadia {f} [medicine] :: epispadias
epispastico {adj} :: epispastic, vesicant (attributive)
episperma {m} [botany] :: episperm
epistasi {f} [genetics] :: epistasis
epistassi {f} [pathology] :: epistaxis
epistatico {adj} :: epistatic
epistematico {adj} :: epistemic
episteme {mf} :: episteme
epistemico {adj} :: epistemic
epistemofilia {f} :: epistemophilia
epistemologia {f} :: epistemology
epistemologicamente {adv} :: epistemologically
epistemologico {adj} :: epistemological
epistemologo {m} :: epistemologist
epistilio {m} :: epistyle
epistola {f} :: epistle
epistolare {adj} :: epistolary
epistolario {m} :: papal letters (collection)
epistolarmente {adv} :: in an epistolary manner
epistolo- {prefix} :: Forms words relating to epistles
epistolografia {f} :: epistolography
epistolograficamente {adv} :: epistolographically
epistolografico {adj} :: epistolographic
epistolografo {m} :: A writer of epistles
epistomatico {adj} [botany] :: epistomatic
epistrofe {f} :: epistrophe
epistrofeo {m} [skeleton] :: axis, epistropheus
epitaffio {m} :: epitaph
epitalamico {adj} :: epithalamic
epitalamio {m} :: epithalamium
epitalamo {m} [anatomy] :: epithalamus
epitassia {f} :: epitaxy
epiteliale {adj} :: epithelial
epitelio {m} [anatomy, botany] :: epithelium
epitelioma {m} [oncology] :: epithelioma
epiteliopatia {f} [pathology] :: disease of the epithelium; epitheliopathy
epitelizzante {adj} :: epithelizing
epitesi {f} [linguistics] :: epithesis, paragoge
epitetico {adj} :: epithetic
epiteto {m} :: attribute
epiteto {m} :: epithet
epitochia {f} :: epitoky
epitome {f} :: epitome
epitopo {m} [immunology] :: epitope
epitrocasmo {m} :: epitrochasm
epizootico {adj} :: epizootic
epizoozia {f} :: epizootic
epoca {f} :: epoch, era, age, period
epoca {f} [geology] :: epoch
epoca {f} :: time, days
epocale {adj} :: epochal, epoch-making, momentous
epodico {adj} :: epodic
epodo {m} :: epode
e poi {interj} :: next
eponimia {f} :: eponymy
eponimo {m} :: eponym
eponimo {adj} :: eponymous
epopea {f} :: epic
epopeia {f} :: obsolete form of epopea
epoptea {f} :: epopteia
epopteia {f} :: alternative form of epoptea
epoptia {f} [uncommon] :: alternative form of epoptea
epoptica {f} [philosophy] :: The acroamatic part of Aristotle's teachings
epoptico {adj} :: epoptic
epopto {m} :: epopt
epopto {m} [literary] :: warden, guardian
eporediese {adj} :: Of or from Ivrea (Roman Eporedia)
epos {n} :: an epic
epos {n} :: The epics and legends of a particular population
epos {n} [rare] :: An event considered appropriate to an epic
epossidico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: epoxy
epossido {m} [organic chemistry] :: epoxide
epperò {conj} :: Variant of però
eppur {conj} :: apocopic form of eppure
eppure {conj} :: and yet, but, all the same, still
eppur si muove {phrase} :: The words allegedly uttered by Galileo Galilei after being forced to recant heliocentrism: “and yet it moves
epsilon {mf} :: epsilon (Greek letter)
epta- {prefix} :: alternative form of etta-
eptacordo {m} [music] :: heptachord
eptade {m} :: heptad
eptaedro {m} [mathematics] :: heptahedron
eptafonia {f} [rare, music] :: heptaphony
eptafonico {adj} [music] :: heptaphonic
eptagonale {adj} :: heptagonal
eptagono {m} :: Variant of ettagono
eptaidrato {m} [chemistry] :: heptahydrate
eptano {m} [organic compound] :: heptane
eptapartito {m} :: A coalition of seven political parties
eptasillabo {adj} :: heptasyllabic
eptathlon {m} [athletics] :: heptathlon
eptatleta {f} [athletics] :: heptathlete
eptatonico {adj} [music] :: heptatonic
eptavalente {adj} [chemistry] :: heptavalent
eptile {m} [organic chemistry] :: heptyl
eptonolattone {m} [organic compound] :: heptanolactone
epulone {m} :: epulo
epulone {m} :: glutton
epurabile {adj} :: That can be purged
epurante {v} :: present participle of epurare
epurare {vt} :: To purge (people from an organization)
epurato {m} :: purged
epurato {m} :: sucked
epurato {m} :: outcast
epuratore {adj} :: purging
epuratore {m} :: purger
epuratore {m} :: purifier
epurazione {f} :: purge
epurazione {f} :: purging, purification
e pur si muove {phrase} :: obsolete spelling of eppur si muove
equabile {adj} :: equable, uniform, constant
equabilità {f} :: equability, equableness
equabilmente {adv} :: equably
Equador {prop} :: obsolete spelling of Ecuador
equale {adj} :: Variant of uguale
equalità {f} :: Variant of ugualità
equalizzante {v} :: present participle of equalizzare
equalizzare {vt} :: to equalize
equalizzatore {m} :: equalizer
equalizzazione {f} :: equalization
equamente {adv} :: fairly, equitably, impartially
equanime {adj} :: fair, impartial
equanime {adj} :: level-headed
equanimemente {adv} :: impartially, justly, fairly
equanimità {f} :: fairness, impartiality, equanimity
equare {v} [obsolete] :: To equalize
equatoguineano {adj} :: Equatorial Guinean
equatore {m} :: equator
equatoriale {adj} :: equatorial
equazionale {adj} [biology, mathematics] :: equational
equazione {f} [mathematics, chemistry, astronomy] :: equation
equazione chimica {f} [chemistry] :: chemical equation
equazione cubica {f} [mathematics] :: cubic equation
equazione differenziale {f} [mathematics] :: differential equation
equazione diofante {f} [mathematics] :: Diophantine equation
equazione diofantea {f} [mathematics] :: Diophantine equation
equazione diofantina {f} [mathematics] :: Diophantine equation
equazione di secondo grado {f} [maths] :: quadratic equation (equation of the second degree)
equazione esponenziale {f} [mathematics] :: exponential equation
equazione integrale {f} [mathematics] :: integral equation
equazione lineare {f} [mathematics] :: linear equation
equazione logaritmica {f} [mathematics] :: logarithmic equation
equazione parametrica {f} [mathematics] :: parametric equation
equazione quadratica {f} [mathematics] :: quadratic equation
equazione quartica {f} [mathematics] :: quartic equation
equazione trigonometrica {f} [trigonometry] :: trigonometric equation
equestre {adj} :: equestrian
equi- {prefix} :: Meaning equal
equiangolare {adj} :: equiangular
equiangolarità {f} [mathematics] :: equiangularity
equiangolo {adj} [mathematics] :: equiangular
equiassico {adj} :: equiaxial
equiconcavo {adj} [optics] :: equiconcave
equiconvesso {adj} [optics] :: equiconvex
equicrure {adj} [mathematics] :: isosceles
equide {m} :: equid (mammal)
equidistante {adj} :: equidistant
equidistante {v} :: present participle of equidistare
equidistantemente {adv} :: equidistantly
equidistanza {f} :: equidistance, impartiality
equidistare {vi} :: To be equidistant
equifacciale {adj} [mathematics, botany] :: equifacial
equilaterale {adj} [biology] :: equilateral
equilateralità {f} [mathematics] :: equilaterality
equilatero {adj} [geometry] :: equilateral
equilibramento {m} :: balancing (of motorcar wheels)
equilibrante {v} :: present participle of equilibrare
equilibrantesi {v} :: present participle of equilibrarsi
equilibrare {vt} :: to balance, counterbalance
equilibrarsi {vr} :: To balance, to balance each other, to counterbalance each other
equilibratamente {adv} :: thoughtfully (after careful consideration)
equilibratissimo {adj} :: Very well-balanced
equilibrato {adj} :: balanced, well-balanced, even, stable
equilibratore {adj} :: balancing
equilibratore {m} :: equalizer, balancer
equilibratosi {v} :: past participle of equilibrarsi
equilibratura {f} :: balancing (of the wheels of a car)
equilibrio {m} :: balance, equilibrium
equilibrio {m} :: harmony
equilibrio {m} :: stability
equilibrio chimico {m} [chemistry] :: chemical equilibrium
equilibrio di Hardy-Weinberg {m} [genetics] :: Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium
equilibrio dinamico {m} [chemistry] :: dynamic equilibrium
equilibrio di Nash {m} [game theory] :: Nash equilibrium
equilibrio idrostatico {m} [physics] :: hydrostatic equilibrium
equilibrio meccanico {m} [classical mechanics] :: mechanical equilibrium
equilibrio statico {m} :: alternative form of equilibrio meccanico
equilibrio termodinamico {m} [physics] :: thermodynamic equilibrium
equilibrismo {m} :: tightrope walking
equilibrismo {m} :: balancing act (also figurative)
equilibrista {mf} :: tightrope walker
equimolare {adj} [chemistry] :: equimolar
equinismo {m} [medicine] :: equinism (foot deformity)
equino {adj} :: equine, horse (attributive), horsy
equino {m} :: equine, equid
equinoziale {adj} :: equinoctial
equinozio {m} [astronomy] :: equinox
equinozio d'autunno {m} [astronomy] :: autumnal equinox (the first point of Libra)
equinozio di primavera {m} [astronomy] :: vernal equinox (the first point of Aries)
equipaggiamento {m} :: equipping, fitting out, kitting out
equipaggiamento {m} :: equipment
equipaggiante {v} :: present participle of equipaggiare
equipaggiantesi {v} :: present participle of equipaggiarsi
equipaggiare {vt} :: to equip
equipaggiare {vt} :: to kit out
equipaggiarsi {v} :: reflexive of equipaggiare
equipaggiarsi {v} :: to equip oneself
equipaggiatosi {v} :: past participle of equipaggiarsi
equipaggio {m} [military, rowing, other senses] :: crew
equipaggio {m} :: aircrew
equiparabile {adj} :: equivalent
equiparabilità {f} :: equivalence
equiparante {v} :: present participle of equiparare
equiparare {vt} :: to make equal
equiparare {vt} :: to level
equiparazione {f} :: equalization, levelling
equipartizione {f} :: equipartition
equipe {f} :: team (sports)
equipollente {adj} :: equivalent
equipollentemente {adv} :: equivalently
equipollenza {f} :: equipollence, equivalence
equipotente {adj} :: equipotent
equipotenziale {adj} [physics] :: equipotential
equiprobabile {adj} [mathematics, logic] :: equiprobable
equiprobabilità {f} :: equiprobability
equiscomponibile {adj} :: That can be decomposed into equal parts
equiscomponibile {adj} [geometry] :: equidecomposable
equiscomponibilità {f} [geometry] :: equidecomposability
equisetacea {f} [botany] :: horsetail
equiseto {m} :: horsetail
equisonanza {f} [music] :: equisonance
equisono {adj} [music] :: equisonant
equità {f} :: equity, fairness
equitativamente {adv} :: equitably
equitativo {adj} :: equitable (based on fairness)
equitazione {f} :: riding, horse riding
equitazione {f} [sports] :: equestrian event, equestrian sport, equestrianism
equitazione {f} :: horsemanship, equitation
equivalente {adj} :: equivalent
equivalente {m} :: equivalent
equivalente {v} :: present participle of equivalere
equivalentemente {adv} [chemistry] :: equivalently
equivalenza {f} :: equivalence
equivalere {vi} :: To be equivalent; to correspond
equivocabile {adj} :: equivocal, ambiguous
equivocamente {adv} :: ambiguously, equivocally
equivocamente {adv} :: dubiously
equivocante {v} :: present participle of equivocare
equivocare {vi} :: to misunderstand
equivocazione {f} :: mistake
equivocazione {f} :: misunderstanding
equivocazione {f} :: equivocation
equivocità {f} :: ambiguity, equivocalness
equivocità {f} :: dubiousness, shadiness, suspiciousness
equivoco {adj} :: equivocal, ambiguous, shifty
equivoco {adj} :: dubious
equivoco {m} :: misunderstanding
equo {adj} :: fair, just, impartial, equitable, adequate
equoreo {adj} :: sea [attributive], marine
equosolidale {adj} :: fair
equosolidale {adj} :: fair trade (attributive)
era {f} :: age, epoch, period
era {f} [geology] :: era
Era {prop} [Greek god] :: Hera
Era {prop} :: A river that flows in Tuscany
-erà {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the third-person singular future of regular -are and -ere verbs
Eracle {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Heracles
eracleo {adj} :: of or pertaining to Hercules; Herculean
eracliano {adj} :: Heracles (attributive)
eracliteo {adj} :: Heraclitean
Eraclito {prop} :: Heraclitus
eradente {v} :: present participle of eradere
eradere {vt} :: to abrade
eradicamento {m} :: Variant of sradicamento
eradicante {v} :: present participle of eradicare
eradicare {vt} [obsolete] :: to uproot, eradicate
eradicazione {f} :: eradication
era glaciale {f} :: ice age
-erai {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the second-person singular future of regular -are and -ere verbs
Eraldo {prop} :: given name
-eranno {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the third-person plural future of regular -are and -ere verbs
era ora {adv} :: finally, about time
erarale {adj} :: alternative form of erariale
erariale {adj} :: tax, treasury (attributive)
erario {m} :: treasury (public finance)
erasmiano {adj} :: Erasmian
Erasmo {prop} :: given name, equivalent to Erasmus
erastianismo {m} :: Erastianism
Erato {prop} [Greek god] :: Erato
Eratostene {prop} :: Eratosthenes
erba {f} :: grass
erba {f} :: herb
erba {f} [slang, invariable] :: marijuana
Erba {prop} :: A town in the Como province of Lombardia
erba aromatica {f} :: herb (aromatic)
erbaccia {f} :: weed (unsightly, useless, or injurious plant)
erbaceo {adj} :: herbaceous
erba corsa {f} :: flax-leaved daphne (Daphne gnidium)
erba da spazzola {f} [plant] :: The plant Chrysopogon gryllus
erba gatta {f} [usually uncountable] :: catmint, catnip
erbaggio {m} :: herbage
erbaio {m} [agriculture] :: forage crop
erbale {adj} :: grassy
erba medica {f} [plant] :: alfalfa
erba medicinale {f} :: medicinal herb
erba renella {f} [plant] :: synonym of asaro europeo
erbario {m} :: herbarium
erbario {m} :: herbal (book which contains descriptions and illustrations of herbs and plants)
erbaspada {f} :: agave
erbatico {m} :: herbage (right to graze or pasture animals)
erbato {adj} :: grassy
erbato {adj} :: seasoned with herbs
erbato {m} :: pasture
erbato {m} :: a herb cake (or similar)
erba vescicaria {f} :: synonym of vescicaria
erbe {f} :: plural of erba
erbe {f} :: vegetables (plants raised for their edible leaves)
erbe {f} :: greens (green vegetables)
erbe renelle {n} :: plural of erba renella
erbese {adj} :: Of or from Erba
erbetta {f} :: new grass (possibly from erba appena nata)
erbetta {f} :: parsley
erbette {fp} :: aromatic herbs
erbicida {m} :: herbicide, weedkiller
erbicida {adj} :: herbicidal
erbio {m} [chemistry] :: erbium
erbivendolo {m} :: greengrocer
erbivora {f} :: herbivore (female)
erbivoro {m} :: herbivore
erbivoro {adj} :: herbivorous
erborante {v} :: present participle of erborare
erborare {vi} :: to herborize
erborazione {f} :: herborization (collecting medicinal herbs)
erborinato {adj} :: blue-veined (of cheese)
erborista {f} :: herbalist
erborista {f} :: herborist
erborista {f} :: herb doctor
erborista {f} :: herbal practitioner
erboristeria {f} :: herbalism, herbology, herbal medicine
erboristeria {f} :: herbalist’s shop
erboristico {adj} :: herbal, herb (attributive)
erborizzante {v} :: present participle of erborizzare
erborizzare {vi} :: to herborize
erborizzazione {f} :: herborization [collecting medicinal herbs]
erboso {adj} :: grassy
erboso {adj} :: grass (attributive)
ercinico {adj} :: Hercynian
Ercolano {prop} :: Herculaneum
Ercolano {prop} :: given name
ercole {m} :: A very strong person
Ercole {prop} :: Hercules, Heracles
Ercole {prop} :: given name
ercolino {adj} :: herculean
ercolino {adj} :: robust, sturdy
ercolino {m} :: A robust or sturdy child
Ercule {prop} :: medieval spelling of Ercole
erculeo {adj} :: of or pertaining to Hercules; Herculean
erculeo {adj} [by extension] :: having extraordinary strength or physical prowess; Herculean
erculeo {adj} [by extension] :: requiring extraordinary effort or work; Herculean
-ere {suffix} :: Used, with a stem, to form the infinitive of many Italian verbs
-erebbe {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the third-person singular conditional of regular -are and -ere verbs
-erebbero {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the third-person plural conditional of regular -are and -ere verbs
Erebo {prop} [Greek god] :: Erebus
erede {mf} :: heir, inheritor
eredità {f} :: inheritance, hereditament
eredità {f} [figuratively] :: legacy, heritage
eredità {f} [biology] :: inheritance, heredity
ereditabile {adj} :: inheritable, heritable
ereditabilità {f} :: heritability
ereditante {v} :: present participle of ereditare
ereditare {vt} :: To inherit
ereditariamente {adv} :: hereditarily
ereditarietà {f} :: hereditariness, inheritability
ereditarietà {f} [biology] :: heredity
ereditario {adj} :: hereditary
ereditiera {f} :: heiress
ereggente {v} :: present participle of ereggere
ereggere {v} :: obsolete form of erigere
-erei {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the first-person singular conditional of regular -are and -ere verbs
-erella {suffix} :: Used with female nouns to form diminutives; feminine of -erello
eremacausi {f} :: eremacausis
eremita {f} :: hermit
eremitaggio {m} :: hermitage
eremitano {m} :: hermit
eremitano {adj} :: hermit (attributive)
eremiticamente {adv} :: hermitically, ascetically
eremiticamente {adv} :: eremitically
eremitico {adj} :: hermitic, ascetic
eremitico {adj} :: eremitic
-eremmo {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the first-person plural conditional of regular -are and -ere verbs
-eremo {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the first-person plural future of regular -are and -ere verbs
eremo {m} :: hermitage
eremo {m} :: retreat (place)
eresia {f} :: heresy
eresiarca {m} :: heresiarch
eresiologia {f} :: heresiology
-ereste {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the second-person plural conditional of regular -are and -ere verbs
-eresti {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the second-person singular conditional of regular -are and -ere verbs
-erete {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the second-person plural future of regular -are and -ere verbs
eretica {f} :: heretic (female)
ereticale {adj} :: heretical
ereticamente {adv} :: heretically
ereticità {f} :: The condition of being heretical
eretico {adj} :: heretical
eretico {m} :: heretic
eretismo {m} [medicine] :: erethism
eretistico {adj} [medicine] :: erethistic
Eretteo {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Erechtheus
erettile {adj} :: erectile
erettilità {f} :: erectility
eretto {adj} :: erect, upright
erettore {m} [muscle] :: erector
erettore della colonna vertebrale {m} [muscle] :: erector spinae
ereutofobia {f} :: ereuthophobia
erezione {f} :: erection (all senses)
ergastolano {m} :: lifer (prisoner serving a life sentence)
ergastolo {m} :: a life sentence
ergastolo {m} :: the place where a life sentence is served
ergativo {adj} [grammar] :: ergative
ergente {v} :: present participle of ergere
ergentesi {v} :: present participle of ergersi
ergere {vt} :: to erect, raise
ergersi {v} :: reflexive of ergere
ergersi {v} :: to rise
ergersi {v} [figuratively] :: to stand up, set oneself up as
Ergino {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Erginus
ergo- {prefix} :: ergo-
ergo {conj} :: ergo
ergocalciferolo {m} [organic compound] :: ergocalciferol
ergodicità {f} [mathematics] :: ergodicity
ergodico {adj} [mathematics] :: ergodic
ergogenico {adj} :: ergogenic
ergol {m} :: propellant (for rockets etc)
ergologia {f} :: ergology
ergometria {f} :: ergometry
ergometrico {adj} :: ergometric
ergometro {m} :: ergometer
ergonometria {f} :: ergonometrics
ergonomia {f} :: ergonomics
ergonomicamente {adv} :: ergonomically
ergonomicità {f} :: ergonomic shape; ergonomics
ergonomico {adj} :: ergonomic
ergonomista {mf} :: ergonomist
ergonomo {m} :: ergonomist
ergosterina {f} [organic compound] :: ergosterol
ergosterolo {m} [organic compound] :: ergosterol
ergoterapeuta {mf} :: occupational therapist
ergoterapia {f} :: occupational therapy
ergoterapista {mf} :: occupational therapist
ergotina {f} :: ergot
ergotismo {m} [disease] :: ergotism
-eria {suffix} :: -ery
eribanno {m} :: arrière-ban
Eriberto {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Herbert
erica {f} :: heather
Erice {prop} :: A historic town in the Trapani province of Sicily
ericino {m} :: Any of several cheeses made around Erice in Sicily
ericino {m} :: A native or inhabitant or Erice
ericino {adj} :: Of or from Erice
Erico {prop} :: Eric
erigente {v} :: present participle of erigere
erigere {vt} :: to erect, raise
erigersi {v} :: reflexive of erigere
erigersi {v} :: to set oneself up
erigibile {adj} :: buildable
Erine {prop} :: medieval spelling of Erinni
eringio {m} :: sea holly (of genus Eryngium)
Erinni {prop} :: Furies, Erinyes
erinnofilia {f} :: The branch of philately concerning non-postal stamps
erinnofilo {m} :: A collector of non-postal stamps; someone engaged in erinnofilia
erio- {prefix} :: Used to form terms relating to wool or other fibres
erioforo {m} :: hare's-tail, cottongrass (Eriophorum vaginatum)
eriometro {m} :: eriometer
Eris {prop} [Greek god] :: Eris
erisimo {m} :: hedge mustard (Sisymbrium officinale)
erisipela {f} [disease] :: erysipelas
eristica {f} :: eristic
eristicamente {adv} :: eristically
eristicamente {adv} :: speciously, captiously
eristico {adj} :: eristic
eristico {adj} :: specious, captious
eritaurina {f} :: eritaurine
eritema {m} [pathology] :: inflammation, erythema
eritema solare {m} :: sunburn
eritematoso {adj} :: erythematous
Eritón {prop} :: medieval spelling of Eritone
Eritone {prop} :: Erichtho
eritorbato {m} [organic compound] :: erythorbate
eritorbico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: erythorbic
eritrasma {m} [disease] :: erythrasma
eritrea {f} :: feminine noun of eritreo
Eritrea {prop} :: Eritrea
eritremia {f} [pathology] :: erythremia
eritreo {adj} :: Eritrean
eritreo {m} :: Eritrean
eritricina {f} [medicine] :: erythrocin
eritrina {f} :: coral tree (of genus Erythrina)
eritrina {f} [mineralogy] :: erythrite
eritrite {f} [mineralogy] :: erythrite
eritrite {f} [organic compound] :: erythritol
eritritolo {m} [organic compound] :: erythritol
eritro- {prefix} :: erythro-
eritroblasto {m} [cytology] :: erythroblast
eritroblastosi {f} [medicine] :: erythroblastosis
eritrocentaurina {f} [medicine] :: erythrocentaurin
eritrocita {m} :: variant of eritrocito
eritrocitario {adj} :: erythrocytic
eritrocitico {adj} :: ertyhrocytic
eritrocito {m} :: erythrocyte, red blood cell
eritrocitosi {f} [medicine] :: erythrocytosis, polycythemia
eritrocloropia {f} [medicine] :: erythrochloropia
eritrodermia {f} [medicine] :: erythroderma
eritrodisestesia {f} [pathology] :: erythrodysesthesia
eritrofagocitosi {f} [medicine] :: erythrofagocytosis
eritrofobia {f} :: erythrophobia
eritrogenesi {f} :: erythrogenesis (generation of red blood cells)
eritrolisi {f} :: erythrolysis
eritrolitico {adj} :: erythrolytic
eritromelanismo {m} :: erythromelanosis
eritromicina {f} [medicine] :: erythromycin
eritronio {m} [obsolete, chemistry] :: erythronium
eritropoiesi {f} [physiology] :: erythropoiesis
eritropoietico {adj} :: erythropoietic
eritropoietina {f} :: erythropoietin
eritropsia {f} [medicine] :: erythropsia, erythropia
eritrosedimentazione {f} [medicine] :: erythrocyte sedimentation
erma {f} [historical, in Ancient Greece] :: herma; A bust of Hermes placed on a pillar and serving as a boundary stone
ermafrodismo {m} :: hermaphroditism
ermafroditismo {m} :: hermaphroditism
ermafrodito {adj} :: hermaphrodite, monoecious
ermafrodito {m} :: hermaphrodite
Ermanno {prop} :: given name, cognate to Herman
ermellino {m} :: stoat, ermine
Ermenegilda {prop} :: given name
Ermenegildo {prop} :: given name
ermeneuta {mf} :: hermeneut
ermeneutica {f} :: hermeneutics
ermeneutico {adj} :: hermeneutic, hermeneutical
Ermengarda {prop} :: given name, cognate to Ermengarde
Ermes {prop} [Greek god] :: Hermes
Ermete {prop} :: Hermes
ermeticamente {adv} :: hermetically
ermeticità {f} :: airtightness, tightness
ermeticità {f} :: crypticness
ermetico {adj} :: hermetic, watertight, airtight
ermetico {adj} :: obscure, cryptic, abstruse
ermetismo {m} :: Hermeticism
Erminio {prop} :: given name
Ermione {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Hermione
Ermione {prop} :: given name
ermo {adj} :: abandoned, deserted, solitary
ermo {adj} [rare] :: synonym of eremo: hermitage
Ermogene {prop} :: Hermogenes
Ermogene {prop} :: given name
Ermolao {prop} :: given name
Ernani {prop} :: given name
Ernesto {prop} :: given name
ernia {f} [pathology] :: hernia
erniaria {f} :: rupturewort, burstwort (of genus Herniaria)
erniario {adj} :: hernial
erniazione {f} :: herniation
erniosa {f} :: hernia sufferer (female)
ernioso {adj} [pathology] :: herniated
ernioso {m} [pathology] :: hernia sufferer
erniotomia {f} [surgery] :: herniotomy
ero {f} [slang] :: heroin
Ero {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Hero
-erò {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the first-person singular future of regular -are verbs
-erò {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the first-person singular future of regular -ere verbs
Erode {prop} [Biblical character] :: Herod
erodente {v} :: present participle of erodere
erodere {vt} :: to erode
Erodiade {prop} :: Herodias
erodiano {m} :: Herodian
erodibile {adj} :: erodible
erodoteo {adj} :: Herodotean
Erodoto {prop} :: Herodotus
eroe {m} :: hero
erogabile {adj} :: deliverable
erogabilità {f} :: deliverability
erogante {v} :: present participle of erogare
erogare {v} :: to supply (gas, electricity etc)
erogare {v} :: to distribute
erogato {adj} :: supplied
erogato {adj} :: distributed
erogatore {adj} :: supplying, distributing
erogatore {m} :: supplier, distributor, provider, dispenser
erogatore {m} :: diving regulator
erogatrice {f} :: (female) supplier, distributor, provider, dispenser
erogazione {f} :: supply
erogazione {f} :: distribution
erogeno {adj} :: erogenous
eroicamente {adv} :: heroically
eroicità {f} :: heroism
eroicizzante {v} :: present participle of eroicizzare
eroicizzare {vt} :: to heroize [treat someone as a hero]
eroico {adj} :: heroic
eroicomico {adj} :: mock-heroic
eroina {f} :: heroine
eroina {f} :: heroin [drug]
eroinomane {mf} :: heroin addict
eroinomania {f} :: Addiction to heroin
eroismo {m} :: heroism
erompente {v} :: present participle of erompere
erompere {vi} :: To erupt (from)
-erono {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the third-person past historic of regular -ere verbs
erosione {f} :: erosion
erosivo {adj} :: erosive
eroso {adj} :: eroded
eroso {adj} [literary, of coins] :: containing copper
eroticamente {adv} :: erotically
eroticità {f} :: sexiness
erotico {adj} :: erotic
erotismo {m} :: eroticism
erotizzante {v} :: present participle of erotizzare
erotizzare {vt} :: to eroticize
erotizzazione {f} :: eroticization
eroto- {prefix} :: eroto-
erotogeno {adj} :: erotogenic, erogenous
erotologia {f} :: erotology
erotologo {m} :: erotologist
erotomane {m} :: erotomaniac, erotomane
erotomania {f} :: erotomania
erotomanico {adj} :: erotomanic
erotopatia {f} :: erotopathy
erpete {m} :: herpes
erpete {m} :: shingles
erpetico {adj} :: herpetic
erpetologia {f} [zoology] :: herpetology
erpetologico {adj} :: herpetological
erpetologo {m} :: herpetologist
erpicante {v} :: present participle of erpicare
erpicare {vt} :: To harrow
erpicatura {f} :: harrowing
erpice {m} :: harrow
errabondo {adj} :: wandering, errant
errando s’impara {proverb} :: one learns from mistakes
Errani {prop} :: surname
Errani {prop} :: Sara Errani, Italian tennis player
errante {v} :: present participle of errare
errante {adj} :: errant
errante {adj} :: wandering
errare {vi} :: to wander, to roam, to ramble
errare {vi} :: to be mistaken, to be wrong, to err
errare {v} :: to goof
errare è umano perdonare divino {v} :: To err is human; to forgive is divine
errata corrige {m} :: errata (added page listing the errors which were discovered after printing)
erratamente {adv} :: wrongly, incorrectly, mistakenly
erraticità {f} :: The condition of being wandering or erratic
erratico {adj} :: erratic
erratico {adj} :: wandering
errato {adj} :: wrong, incorrect, mistaken
erre {n} :: letter: r
erre moscia {f} [colloquial, phonetics] :: The inability to pronounce the alveolar trill (or “rolled r”, /r/) correctly; the burr or, more generally, rhotacism
Errico {prop} :: given name, alternative form of Enrico
Errigo {prop} :: surname
Errigo {prop} :: Arianna Errigo, Italian fencer
Erro {prop} :: A river that flows in Piedmont
erroneamente {adv} :: erroneously, mistakenly
erroneità {f} :: wrongness, incorrectness
erroneo {adj} :: wrong, erroneous, mistaken
erroraccio {m} :: bad mistake
erroraccio {m} :: big mistake
errore {m} :: mistake, error, slip, howler, blunder, goof
-ersi {suffix} :: Forms a reflexive verb from a verb ending in -ere
Ersilia {prop} :: given name
ersosi {v} :: past participle of ergersi
erta {f} :: steep slope
erto {adj} :: steep
erubescente {adj} :: reddening
erubescente {adj} :: blushing
erucico {adj} :: erucic
eruciforme {adj} :: eruciform
erudente {v} :: present participle of erudire
erudentesi {v} :: present participle of erudirsi
erudibile {adj} :: educable
erudire {vt} :: to educate, teach or enlighten
erudirsi {vr} :: To become educated
erudita {f} :: feminine noun of erudito
eruditamente {adv} :: eruditely, learnedly
erudito {adj} :: learned, erudite, scholarly
erudito {m} :: scholar, learned person
eruditosi {v} :: past participle of erudirsi
erudizione {f} :: erudition
erudizione {f} :: scholarship
eruttante {v} :: present participle of eruttare
eruttare {vt} :: To erupt, belch, spew out or eject
eruttare {vi} :: To erupt or belch
eruttazione {f} :: eructation, belching
eruttivo {adj} :: eruptive
eruzione {f} :: eruption
eruzione {f} [pathology] :: rash (on the skin)
eruzione solare {f} :: alternative form of brillamento solare
eruzione stellare {f} :: alternative form of brillamento solare
erzegovese {adj} :: Herzegovinian
Erzegovina {prop} :: Herzegovina
erziano {adj} [physics] :: Hertzian
erzya {m} :: Erzya (language)
-esa {suffix} :: feminine singular of -ese
esa- {prefix} :: hexa-
esabromobenzene {m} [organic compound] :: hexabromobenzene
esacarbonile {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: hexacarbonyl
esacerbamento {m} :: exacerbation, exasperation
esacerbante {v} :: present participle of esacerbare
esacerbantesi {v} :: present participle of esacerbarsi
esacerbare {vt} :: To exacerbate, to worsen, to increase, to exasperate
esacerbarsi {vr} :: To worsen, to exacerbate
esacerbarsi {vr} :: To become exasperated
esacerbatamente {adv} :: exasperatedly
esacerbato {adj} :: exasperated
esacerbato {adj} :: exacerbated
esacerbato {adj} :: embittered
esacerbatosi {v} :: past participle of esacerbarsi
esacerbazione {f} :: exacerbation, exasperation
esacis- {prefix} :: hexakis-
esacisicosaedro {m} [mathematics] :: hexakis icosahedron
esacisottaedrico {adj} :: hexoctahedral, hexakisoctahedral
esacisottaedro {m} [mathematics] :: hexoctahedron, hexakis octahedron, hexakisoctahedron
esacistetraedro {m} [mathematics] :: hexakis tetrahedron, hexakistetrahedron
esacordale {adj} :: hexachordal
esacordo {m} :: hexachord
esadecagono {m} [mathematics] :: hexadecagon
esadecanolo {m} [organic compound] :: hexadecanol
esadecimale {adj} :: hexadecimal
esadeuterato {adj} [chemistry] :: hexadeuterated
esaedrico {adj} :: hexahedral
esaedro {m} [mathematics] :: hexahedron
esafagogastroduodenoscopia {f} [medicine] :: oesophagogastroduodenoscopy
esaferro {m} [mineralogy] :: hexaferrum
esafluoruro {m} [chemistry] :: hexafluoride
esafluoruro di iridio {m} [inorganic compound] :: iridium hexafluoride
esafluoruro di platino {m} [inorganic compound] :: platinum hexafluoride
esafluoruro di renio {m} [inorganic compound] :: rhenium hexafluoride
esafluoruro di rodio {m} [inorganic compound] :: rhodium hexafluoride
esafluoruro di tungsteno {m} [inorganic compound] :: tungsten hexafluoride
esafluoruro di uranio {m} [inorganic compound] :: uranium hexafluoride
esafluoruro di xeno {m} [inorganic compound] :: xenon hexafluoride
esafluoruro di zolfo {m} [inorganic compound] :: sulfur hexafluoride
esafonico {adj} :: hexatonic
esagerante {v} :: present participle of esagerare
esagerare {v} :: to exaggerate
esagerare {v} :: to go too far, to overdo it, to go overboard
esageratamente {adv} :: exaggeratedly, ridiculously
esagerato {adj} :: exaggerated
esagerazione {f} :: exaggeration
esagerazione {f} :: a bit much
esagerazione {f} [idiomatic, of undesirable behaviour] :: More than is reasonable; a bit too much
esagitante {v} :: present participle of esagitare
esagitare {vt} :: to trouble
esagitare {vt} :: to overexcite
esagitato {adj} :: troubled, restless
esagitato {adj} :: overexcited
esagitato {adj} :: frantic
esagitazione {f} :: agitation, restlessness, anxiety
esagonale {adj} :: hexagonal
esagono {m} [geometry] :: hexagon
esagramma {m} :: hexagram
esaidrato {m} [chemistry] :: hexahydrate
esaidrite {f} [mineralogy] :: hexahydrite
esaidroborite {f} [mineralogy] :: hexahydroborite
esaidrofenolo {m} [organic compound] :: hexahydrophenol, cyclohexanol
esaidruro {m} [chemistry] :: hexahydride
esalabile {adj} :: That can be exhaled
esalamento {m} :: exhalation
esalante {v} :: present participle of esalare
esalante {adj} :: exhaling
esalante {adj} :: (being) given off
esalare {vt} :: To exhale, give off or send off
esalare {vi} :: To exhale or come off
esalatore {m} :: roof vent, vent
esalazione {f} :: exhalation, fumes
esaltamento {m} :: exaltation
esaltante {v} :: present participle of esaltare
esaltante {adj} :: exciting, exultant, stimulating, arousing, thrilling
esaltantemente {adv} :: excitingly, thrillingly
esaltantesi {v} :: present participle of esaltarsi
esaltare {vt} :: to exalt, extol
esaltare {vt} :: to fire, excite [the imagination]
esaltarsi {v} :: reflexive of esaltare
esaltarsi {v} :: to get excited, get fired up
esaltarsi {v} :: to boast
esaltata {f} :: fanatic (female)
esaltato {adj} :: excited
esaltato {adj} :: deranged
esaltato {m} :: fanatic
esaltatore {m} :: enhancer (flavour etc)
esaltatosi {v} :: past participle of esaltarsi
esaltazione {f} :: extolling, exalting
esaltazione {f} :: exaltation, glorification
esame {m} :: examination, test
esame {m} :: (school) examination, exam
esame {m} :: check, control, checking
esame {m} :: inspection, investigation
esame del sangue {m} :: blood test
esamerico {adj} :: hexameric
esamero {adj} [botany] :: hexamerous
esamero {m} [chemistry] :: hexamer
esametilendiammina {f} [organic compound] :: hexamethylenediamine
esametilene {m} [organic chemistry] :: hexamethylene
esametilentetrammina {f} [organic compound] :: hexamethylenetetramine
esametro {m} :: hexameter
esaminabile {adj} :: examinable
esaminabilità {f} :: examinability
esaminanda {f} :: examinee (female)
esaminando {m} :: examinee (male)
esaminante {v} :: present participle of esaminare
esaminantesi {v} :: present participle of esaminarsi
esaminare {vt} :: to examine, vet
esaminare {vt} :: to observe, inspect, scrutinize
esaminare {vt} :: to test, check, control
esaminarsi {v} :: reflexive of esaminare
esaminarsi {v} :: to observe one's own behaviour, one's conscience
esaminatore {adj} :: examining
esaminatore {m} :: examiner
esaminatosi {v} :: past participle of esaminarsi
esaminatrice {f} :: examiner (female)
esaminazione {f} :: examination
esammina {f} [organic chemistry] :: hexamine
esamotore {adj} :: six-engined
esamotore {m} :: six-engined aircraft
esangue {adj} :: bloodless, anemic
esanime {adj} :: lifeless, dead
esanitrobenzene {m} [organic compound] :: hexanitrobenzene
esano {m} :: hexane
esanolo {m} [organic compound] :: hexanol
esanone {m} [organic compound] :: hexanone
esantema {m} [pathology] :: exanthem
esantematico {adj} [pathology] :: exanthematous, exanthematic
esapode {m} :: hexapod
esapodia {f} :: hexapody
esapodo {adj} :: hexapod
esapoli {f} :: hexapolis
esaprotico {adj} [chemistry] :: hexaprotic
esarazione {f} :: glacial erosion or scouring
esarca {m} :: exarch
esarcato {m} :: exarchate
esarchia {f} :: government by six people or parties
Esaro {prop} :: A river that flows in Calabria
esasperante {v} :: present participle of esasperare
esasperante {adj} :: exasperating, maddening
esasperantemente {adv} :: exasperatingly, maddeningly
esasperantesi {v} :: present participle of esasperarsi
esasperare {vt} :: to exasperate, perplex
esasperare {vt} :: to exacerbate, aggravate
esasperarsi {v} :: reflexive of esasperare
esasperarsi {v} :: to become exasperated or perplexed
esasperatamente {adv} :: exasperatedly, irritatedly (person)
esasperatamente {adv} :: exaggeratedly, extremely (thing)
esasperato {adj} :: exasperated, irritated (person)
esasperato {adj} :: exaggerated, extreme (thing)
esasperatosi {v} :: past participle of esasperarsi
esasperazione {f} :: exasperation, irritation
esasperazione {f} :: worsening, aggravation
esastico {adj} :: hexastical
esastico {adj} [botany] :: hexasticous
esastilo {adj} :: hexastyle
esatomico {adj} [chemistry] :: hexatomic
esatonale {adj} [music] :: hexatonic
esatonia {f} [music] :: hexatonic scale
esatonico {adj} [music] :: hexatonic
esattamente {adv} :: exactly, precisely, just
esattezza {f} :: exactness, accuracy
esattissimo {adj} :: Absolutely exact or correct
esattissimo {adj} :: on the dot
esatto {adj} :: exact, correct, right
esatto {adj} :: precise, accurate, diligent
esatto {adj} [of hours] :: sharp, exactly
esatto {interj} :: correct!; that's it!; just so!; spot on!
esattore {m} :: collector of rates, taxes etc
esattoria {f} :: tax office
esattoriale {adj} :: tax (attributive)
esattrice {f} :: Female collector of rates, taxes etc
Esaù {prop} [biblical character] :: Esau (son of Isaac and Rebekah)
esaudente {v} :: present participle of esaudire
esaudibile {adj} :: Easily granted
esaudimento {m} :: fulfilment
esaudimento {m} :: satisfaction
esaudire {vt} :: To grant
esaudizione {f} :: satisfaction; fulfillment
esaurente {v} :: present participle of esaurire
esaurentesi {v} :: present participle of esaurirsi
esauribile {adj} :: exhaustible
esauribilità {f} :: exhaustibility
esauriente {adj} :: exhaustive, thorough
esauriente {adj} :: complete, comprehensive
esaurientemente {adv} :: exhaustively
esaurientemente {adv} :: thoroughly
esaurimento {m} :: exhaustion
esaurire {v} :: to exhaust or use up
esaurire {v} :: to consume or expend
esaurire {v} :: to conclude
esaurirsi {vr} :: To run out, to be sold out, to be exhausted, to dry up
esaurirsi {vr} :: To exhaust oneself, to wear oneself out
esaurito {adj} :: exhausted
esaurito {adj} :: sold out
esaurito {adj} :: run-down
esaurito {adj} :: out of print
esauritosi {v} :: past participle of esaurirsi
esaustione {f} [maths] :: exhaustion (an exhaustive procedure)
esaustivamente {adv} :: exhaustively
esaustività {f} :: exhaustiveness
esaustivo {adj} :: exhaustive
esausto {adj} :: exhausted, worn out
esausto {adj} :: tired, stuffed
esautoramento {m} :: removal from office; deprivation of power
esautorante {v} :: present participle of esautorare
esautorare {vt} :: To deprive of authority or office
esautorazione {f} :: exauthoration
esavalente {adj} :: hexavalent
esazione {f} :: collection of taxes
esborsante {v} :: present participle of esborsare
esborsare {vt} :: To disburse or pay out
esborso {m} :: outlay, disbursement, payout, expenditure
esca {f} :: bait, lure
esca {f} :: tinder
escalation {f} :: escalation (all senses)
escamotage {m} :: expedient
escamotage {m} :: retraction (of undercarriage)
escandescenza {f} :: outburst of anger or rage
escape {m} [computing] :: The escape key
escapismo {m} :: escapism
escara {f} [medicine] :: scab, eschar
escardinazione {f} :: excardination
escatologia {f} :: eschatology
escatologicamente {adv} :: eschatologically
escatologico {adj} :: eschatological
escavatore {adj} :: excavating
escavatore {m} :: excavator (person or machine)
escavatorista {mf} :: excavator operator
escavazione {f} :: excavation, digging
escente {v} :: present participle of escire
eschia {f} :: A type of oak (Quercus robur subsp. sessiliflora, now Quercus petraea)
eschileo {adj} :: Aeschylean
Eschilo {prop} :: Aeschylus (greek tragedian)
eschimese {adj} :: Eskimo
eschimese {mf} :: Eskimo (people)
eschimese {m} :: Eskimo (language)
eschimo {m} :: Eskimo
Eschine {prop} :: Aeschines
eschio {m} :: A type of oak (Quercus robur subsp. sessiliflora, now Quercus petraea)
escire {vi} :: Variant of uscire
escissione {f} :: excision
esclamante {v} :: present participle of esclamare
esclamare {vi} :: To exclaim
esclamativamente {adv} :: exclamatorily
esclamativo {adj} :: exclamatory, exclamation (attribute)
esclamazione {f} :: exclamation
esclaustrazione {f} :: exclaustration
escludente {v} :: present participle of escludere
escludentesi {v} :: present participle of escludersi
escludere {vt} :: to exclude, to rule out, to lock out
escludere {vt} :: to leave out, to shut out, to debar
escludersi {v} :: reflexive of escludere
escludersi {vr} :: to not take part in something
escludersi {vr} :: to cancel out each other
escludibile {adj} :: excludable
escludibilità {f} :: excludability
esclusione {f} :: exclusion
esclusiva {f} :: exclusive, scoop, sole right, patent
esclusivamente {adv} :: exclusively, only, solely
esclusivismo {m} :: exclusivism
esclusivismo {m} :: monopolism
esclusivismo {m} :: franchising
esclusivissimo {adj} :: Very exclusive
esclusivista {adj} :: exclusivist
esclusivista {f} :: sole agent; exclusive agent
esclusivista {f} :: exclusive dealer; exclusive retailer
esclusivista {f} :: intransigent person
esclusivisticamente {adv} :: exclusively
esclusivistico {adj} :: exclusive
esclusività {f} :: exclusiveness, exclusivity
esclusività {f} :: exclusive, scoop, sole right
esclusivo {adj} :: exclusive, sole, select, unique
escluso {adj} :: excluded
escluso {adj} :: ruled out, out of the question
escluso {m} :: outcast
esclusorio {adj} :: exclusive
esclusorio {adj} :: exclusion (attributive)
esclusosi {v} :: past participle of escludersi
-esco {suffix} :: Forms adjectives (sometimes used as nouns) that indicate relationship, membership, quality. Example: dantesco (Dantesque), from Dante (the poet Dante Alighieri)
escogitabile {adj} :: thinkable
escogitante {v} :: present participle of escogitare
escogitare {v} :: to devise, think up, invent
escogitatore {m} :: inventor, deviser
escogitazione {f} :: excogitation
escomiante {v} :: present participle of escomiare
escomiare {vt} :: To evict
escomio {m} :: eviction
escoriante {v} :: present participle of escoriare
escoriantesi {v} :: present participle of escoriarsi
escoriare {vt} :: to excoriate
escoriare {vt} :: to graze
escoriarsi {v} :: reflexive of escoriare
escoriarsi {v} :: to peel
escoriatosi {v} :: past participle of escoriarsi
escoriazione {f} :: graze, abrasion, excoriation, chafe
escotente {v} :: present participle of escuotere
escreato {m} :: sputum, expectoration
escrementizio {adj} :: excremental
escremento {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: excrement, feces, dung
escrescenza {f} :: excrescence
escrescenza {f} :: outgrowth
escrescenza {f} :: growth (medical)
escrescenza {f} :: sting
escretivo {adj} :: excretory
escreto {adj} :: excreted
escreto {m} :: excreta
escretore {adj} :: excretory
escretorio {adj} :: Variant of escretore
escrezione {f} :: excretion
escudo {m} :: escudo (all senses)
Esculapio {prop} :: Aesculapius
esculento {adj} [literary, especially of plants] :: esculent, edible
esculo {m} :: horse chestnut (or similar tree of the genus Aesculus)
escuotente {v} :: present participle of escuotere
escuotere {vt} :: alternative spelling of scuotere
escursione {f} :: excursion, trip, hike
escursione {f} :: range
escursionismo {m} :: touring (for pleasure)
escursionismo {m} :: hiking, walking, rambling
escursionista {mf} :: tripper, day tripper
escursionista {mf} :: hiker, walker, backpacker
escursionistico {adj} :: excursion (attributive)
escursionistico {adj} :: tourist (attributive)
escusabile {adj} :: Variant of scusabile
escusazione {f} :: alternative form of scusazione
escussione {f} [legal] :: examination (process)
escutente {v} :: present participle of escutere
escutere {vt} [legal] :: to examine in a legal process
escutere {vt} [legal] :: to execute a legal action against a debtor
esdebitazione {f} [legal] :: liberation (of a bankrupt person) from the remaining debts to creditors
Esdra {prop} :: Ezra [biblical character]
Esdra {prop} :: the book of Ezra
Esdra {prop} :: given name
-ese {suffix} :: -ese, -er
esecrabile {adj} :: execrable, abominable, odious, hateful
esecrabilità {f} :: hatefulness, abominableness, execrableness
esecrabilmente {adv} :: execrably, odiously
esecrando {adj} :: loathsome, abhorrent, abominable
esecrante {v} :: present participle of esecrare
esecrare {vt} :: To loathe or abhor
esecratorio {adj} [obsolete] :: curse (attributive)
esecrazione {f} :: execration, abomination, loathing
esecutante {v} :: present participle of esecutare
esecutare {v} [obsolete] :: To execute (kill by execution)
esecutare {v} [legal] :: To punish according to the executive order of a magistrate
esecutivamente {adv} :: executively
esecutività {f} [legal] :: execution (of a court order etc.)
esecutivo {adj} :: executive
esecutivo {m} :: executive
esecutore {m} :: executor (of a will)
esecutore {m} :: performer
esecutoriato {adj} :: promulgated (put into effect)
esecutorietà {f} :: enforceability (of a law)
esecutorio {adj} :: executive (attributive), executory, enforceable
esecutrice {f} :: executrix (of a will)
esecutrice {f} :: performer
esecuzione {f} :: execution (all senses)
esecuzione {f} :: carrying out, performance
esedra {f} :: exedra (curved portico with benches)
esegesi {f} :: exegesis
esegeta {f} :: exegete, exegetist
esegeticamente {adv} :: exegetically
esegetico {adj} :: exegetic, exegetical
eseguente {v} :: present participle of eseguire
eseguente {adj} :: executed
eseguente {adj} :: carried out
eseguibile {adj} :: performable, executable
eseguibile {adj} :: feasible
eseguibile {m} [computing] :: An executable file
eseguibilità {f} :: feasibility
eseguibilità {f} :: executability
eseguibilità {f} :: playability
eseguire {vt} :: to execute, carry out, do, make, perform, fulfill, effect
eseguire {vt} [music] :: to play, execute
eseguito {adj} :: executed, carried out
eseguizione {f} :: execution
esempio {m} :: example
esempio {m} :: specimen
esemplare {adj} :: exemplary
esemplare {adj} :: model
esemplare {m} :: specimen
esemplare {m} :: example
esemplare {m} :: copy (of a book)
esemplarità {f} :: exemplar
esemplarmente {adv} :: exemplarily
esemplarmente {adv} :: perfectly
esemplificabile {adj} :: That can be exemplified or illustrated
esemplificante {v} :: present participle of esemplificare
esemplificare {vt} :: to illustrate, exemplify
esemplificativamente {adv} :: in a manner that illustrates or exemplifies
esemplificativo {adj} :: illustrating, exemplifying
esemplificato {adj} :: illustrated, exemplified
esemplificazione {f} :: exemplification
esene {m} [organic compound] :: hexene
esentante {v} :: present participle of esentare
esentare {v} :: to exempt (from)
esentasse {adj} :: tax-free
esente {adj} :: exempt (from)
esenterazione {f} :: exenteration
esenzione {f} :: exemption, immunity
esequiale {adj} :: funereal
esequie {fp} :: obsequies, funeral rites
esercente {mf} :: retailer
esercire {vt} :: to operate [an enterprise]
esercire {vt} :: to manage [shop, website, etc.]
esercitabile {adj} :: exercisable
esercitante {v} :: present participle of esercitare
esercitante {adj} :: exercising
esercitantesi {v} :: present participle of esercitarsi
esercitare {vt} :: to exercise, practice
esercitare {vt} :: to train
esercitare {vt} [military] :: to drill
esercitarsi {v} :: reflexive of esercitare
esercitarsi {v} :: to practice
esercitarsi {v} :: to drill, train
esercitato {adj} :: practised
esercitato {adj} :: exercised
esercitato {adj} :: exerted
esercitato {adj} :: trained
esercitatosi {v} :: past participle of esercitarsi
esercitazione {f} :: practical (class)
esercitazione {f} :: exercise (military)
esercito {adj} :: exercised
esercito {adj} :: practised
esercito {adj} :: trained
esercito {m} :: army
esercito {m} :: host (many people)
eserciziario {m} :: exercise book, workbook
esercizio {m} :: exercise (also military)
esergo {m} :: exergue
Esfahan {prop} :: Isfahan (city in Iran)
esfiltrazione {f} :: exfiltration
esfogliazione {f} :: exfoliation
esfoliante {adj} :: exfoliating
esfoliante {m} :: exfoliant
esfoliante {v} :: present participle of esfoliare
esfoliantesi {v} :: present participle of esfoliarsi
esfoliare {vt} :: To exfoliate
esfoliarsi {vr} :: To exfoliate
esfoliatosi {v} :: past participle of esfoliarsi
esfoliazione {f} :: exfoliation
eshalare {v} :: obsolete form of esalare
esibente {v} :: present participle of esibire
esibentesi {v} :: present participle of esibirsi
esibire {vt} :: To exhibit, display
esibirsi {v} :: reflexive of esibire
esibirsi {vr} :: to perform
esibirsi {vr} :: to show off
esibitosi {v} :: past participle of esibirsi
esibizione {f} :: performance, pageantry
esibizione {f} :: exhibition, showing off
esibizione {f} :: presentation (of a document)
esibizionismo {m} :: exhibitionism
esibizionismo {m} :: showing-off
esibizionista {m} :: exhibitionist (male)
esibizionista {m} :: bragger
esibizionista {f} :: exhibitionist (female)
esibizionistico {adj} :: exhibitionist (attributive), exhibitionistic
esicasta {m} :: Hesychast
esicastico {adj} :: hesychastic
esichia {f} :: Hesychasm
esigente {v} :: present participle of esigere
esigente {adj} :: demanding
esigentemente {adv} :: demandingly, exactingly
esigenza {f} :: requirement, need
esigere {vt} :: to demand, require, call for
esigere {vt} :: to collect
esigibile {adj} :: collectable, demandable (that can be legally demanded from someone)
esigibilità {f} :: Condition of being due, collectable, subject to payment, payable
esiglio {m} :: alternative form of esilio
esiguamente {adv} :: exiguously, meagerly, narrowly, poorly
esiguità {f} :: smallness, exiguity, meagreness
esiguo {adj} :: small, exiguous, meagre/meager, scant/scanty, narrow, slender, poor
esilarante {adj} :: funny, hilarious, amusing
esilarantesi {v} :: present participle of esilararsi
esilarare {vt} :: to exhilarate
esilarare {vt} :: to amuse
esilararsi {v} :: reflexive of esilarare
esilararsi {v} :: to be exhilarated
esilararsi {v} :: to be amused; to enjoy oneself
esilaratosi {v} :: past participle of esilararsi
esile {adj} :: slender, slim (person)
esile {adj} :: thin (all senses)
esile {adj} :: faint (sound)
esiliante {v} :: present participle of esiliare
esiliantesi {v} :: present participle of esiliarsi
esiliare {vt} :: To exile or banish
esiliarsi {vr} :: To go into exile
esiliarsi {vr} :: To cut oneself off (from something)
esiliata {f} :: exile (female)
esiliato {adj} :: exiled, banished
esiliato {m} :: exile (person)
esiliatosi {v} :: past participle of esiliarsi
esilio {m} :: exile (state)
esilità {f} :: slimness, slenderness
esilità {f} :: thinness
esilità {f} :: faintness
esilmente {adv} :: slenderly, thinly
esilmente {adv} :: faintly
esimente {v} :: present participle of esimere
esimentesi {v} :: present participle of esimersi
esimere {vt} :: To exempt someone (from) something
esimersi {vr} :: To get out of doing something
esimio {adj} :: distinguished, eminent, egregious
esimio {adj} :: dear (in letters)
-esimo {suffix} :: -th (used to form ordinal numbers)
-esimo {suffix} :: alternative form of -ismo
esinazione {f} :: kenosis
Esino {prop} :: A river that flows in Marche
Esiodo {prop} :: Hesiod
esipo {m} :: oesypum
esistente {adj} :: existing, in existence
esistenza {f} :: existence
esistenza {f} :: life
esistenziale {adj} :: existential
esistenziale {adj} :: ontological
esistenzialismo {m} :: existentialism
esistenzialista {adj} :: existentialist
esistenzialista {mf} :: existentialist
esistenzialisticamente {adv} :: existentialistically
esistenzialistico {adj} :: existentialist
esistere {vi} :: to exist, be
esistimazione {f} [obsolete] :: opinion; reputation, esteem
esitabile {adj} :: saleable, sellable
esitabilità {f} :: saleability
esitante {v} :: present participle of esitare
esitante {adj} :: hesitant
esitante {adj} :: faltering
esitare {vi} :: to hesitate, dither, waver
esitare {vi} [medicine] :: to resolve
esitare {vt} :: to sell, retail
esitare {vt} :: to deliver
esitazione {f} :: hesitation
esito {m} :: result, outcome, issue, upshot
esiziale {adj} :: ruinous, disastrous
esiziale {adj} :: fatal, mortal
esizialmente {adv} :: ruinously, disastrously
esizialmente {adv} :: fatally, mortally
esizio {m} :: destruction, ruin
esizio {m} [by extension] :: slaughter, carnage
eskimo {m} :: A parka coat
eslege {adj} :: extralegal
eslege {adj} :: outlaw (attributive)
eso- {prefix} :: exo-
Eso {prop} :: (island of Croatia)
esobiologia {f} :: exobiology
esobiologo {m} :: exobiologist
esocarpo {m} [botany] :: exocarp
esocelomatico {adj} :: exocoelomic
esocentrico {adj} :: exocentric
esoceto {m} :: flying fish (of family Exocoetidae)
esochinasi {f} [enzyme] :: hexokinase
esociclico {adj} [chemistry] :: exocyclic
esocitosi {f} :: exocytosis
esocitotico {adj} :: exocytotic
esocranico {adj} [skeleton] :: extracranial
esocrino {adj} [physiology] :: exocrine
esocrinologia {f} :: exocrinology
esodato {m} :: A worker (between the ages of 50 and 65) who has been made redundant but does not yet qualify for a pension
esoderma {m} :: ectoderm
esodo {m} :: exodus
Esodo {prop} [biblical] :: Exodus
esoenergetico {adj} :: exoenergetic
esoentalpico {adj} [physics] :: exoenthalpic
esoergonico {adj} :: exoergic, exothermic
esoetnonimo {m} :: exoethnonym
esofagectomia {f} [surgery] :: oesophagectomy
esofageo {adj} :: oesophageal, esophageal
esofagite {f} [diseases] :: oesophagitis
esofago {m} [anatomy] :: oesophagus, esophagus, gullet
esoftalmo {m} [pathology] :: exophthalmos
esogamia {f} :: exogamy
esogamicamente {adv} :: exogamically
esogamico {adj} :: exogamic
esogamo {adj} :: exogamous
esogenesi {n} :: exogenesis, exogeny
esogeno {adj} :: exogenous
esogeno {m} :: RDX
esogeologia {f} [geology] :: exogeology, astrogeology, planetary geology
esogeologico {adj} [geology] :: exogeological, astrogeological
esogeologo {m} [geology] :: exogeologist, astrogeologist, planetary geologist
esomorfismo {m} [geology] :: contact metamorphism, exomorphism
esomorfo {adj} :: exomorphic
esonartece {m} [architecture] :: exonarthex
esondante {v} :: present participle of esondare
esondare {vi} :: To overflow
esondazione {f} :: overflow, overflowing
esone {m} [genetics] :: exon
esonerante {v} :: present participle of esonerare
esonerare {vt} :: To exempt or excuse (from)
esonerarsi {vr} :: To be exempted or excused (from)
esonero {m} :: exemption
esonero {m} :: waiver
esonico {adj} :: exonic
esonimo {m} :: exonym
esonucleasi {f} [enzyme] :: exonuclease
esonucleasico {adj} :: exonucleasic
esonucleolitico {adj} :: exonucleolytic
esopianeta {m} [astronomy] :: exoplanet
Esopo {prop} :: Aesop
esorabile {adj} :: yielding, pliable, merciful, exorable
esorabilmente {adv} :: yieldingly, pliably
esorbitante {v} :: present participle of esorbitare
esorbitante {adj} :: exorbitant, excessive
esorbitantemente {adv} :: exorbitantly, excessively
esorbitanza {f} :: exorbitance, excessiveness
esorbitare {vt} :: To exceed or go beyond
esorcismo {m} :: exorcism
esorcista {m} :: Male exorcist
esorcista {f} :: Female exorcist
esorcistato {m} :: exorcistate
esorcistico {adj} :: exorcism (attributive)
esorcizzante {v} :: present participle of esorcizzare
esorcizzare {vt} :: to exorcise
esorcizzare {vt} :: to avert, ward off
esorcizzatore {m} :: exorcist
esorcizzatore {adj} :: exorcising
esorcizzazione {f} :: exorcizing
esordente {v} :: present participle of esordire
esordiente {mf} :: beginner, novice
esordiente {adj} :: Making a first appearance
esordio {m} :: debut, first appearance
esordire {vi} :: To make one's debut, to start out
esoreattore {m} :: jet (engine)
esoreico {adj} :: exoreic
esornativo {adj} :: decorative, ornamental
esortante {v} :: present participle of esortare
esortantesi {v} :: present participle of esortarsi
esortare {vt} :: To exhort or urge
esortarsi {vr} :: To encourage, or urge on each other
esortativo {adj} :: exhortatory
esortatore {m} :: exhorter
esortatore {adj} :: exhortative
esortatosi {v} :: past participle of esortarsi
esortazione {f} :: exhortation
esosamente {adv} :: greedily
esosamente {adv} :: excessively
esosano {m} [carbohydrate] :: hexosan
esoscheletrico {adj} [skeleton, zoology] :: exoskeletal
esoscheletro {m} :: exoskeleton
esosfera {f} :: exosphere
esosimbionte {m} [biology] :: exosymbiont
esosità {f} :: exorbitance, excessiveness
esosità {f} :: stinginess
esoso {adj} :: greedy, mean, stingy
esoso {adj} :: exorbitant, excessive
esoso {m} [organic chemistry] :: hexose (Variant of: esosio)
esospora {f} [botany] :: exospore
esotericamente {adv} :: esoterically
esoterico {adj} :: esoteric
esoterismo {m} :: esotericism, esoterism
esoterista {f} :: esotericist
esotermicità {f} :: exothermicity
esotermico {adj} :: exothermic
esoticamente {adv} :: exotically
esoticità {f} :: exoticism
esotico {adj} :: exotic
esotismo {m} :: exoticism
esotossico {adj} :: exotoxic
esotossina {f} :: exotoxin
esotrasferasi {f} [enzyme] :: exotransferase
espadrillas {n} :: espadrilles
espagnolo {m} :: Spanish (language)
espandente {v} :: present participle of espandere
espandente {adj} :: expanding
espandentesi {v} :: present participle of espandersi
espandere {vt} :: to expand
espandere {vt} :: to extend, spread
espandersi {v} :: reflexive of espandere
espandersi {v} :: to expand
espandibile {adj} :: expandable, expansible, collapsible
espandibile {adj} :: open-ended
espandibilità {f} :: Property of being expandable or expansible
espandibilità {f} :: Property of being open-ended
espandimento {m} :: expansion
espandimento {m} :: spread, extension
espansibile {adj} :: Variant of espandibile
espansibilità {f} :: Variant of espandibilità
espansione {f} :: expansion
espansionismo {m} :: expansionism
espansionista {adj} :: expansionist
espansionista {mf} :: expansionist
espansionistico {adj} :: expansionist
espansivamente {adv} :: expansively
espansivamente {adv} :: sociably
espansività {f} :: expansiveness
espansivo {adj} :: expansive
espansivo {adj} :: sociable
espansosi {v} :: past participle of espandersi
espargente {v} :: present participle of espargere
espargere {v} [obsolete] :: Variant of spargere
espatriante {v} :: present participle of espatriare
espatriare {vi} :: To expatriate (leave one's country)
espatrio {m} :: expatriation
espediente {f} :: expedient
Espedito {prop} :: given name
espedizione {f} :: alternative form of spedizione
espedizione {f} :: enterprise
espellente {v} :: present participle of espellere
espellere {vt} :: to expel (from)
espellere {vt} :: to deport (from)
espellere {vt} :: to send off (the field of play)
espellere {vt} :: to discharge (gas)
espellere {vt} :: to eject (cartridge)
esperantista {m} :: Esperantist (male)
esperantista {f} :: Esperantist (female)
esperanto {m} :: Esperanto (language)
esperanto {adj} :: Esperanto (attributive)
Esperanto {m} :: Esperanto
esperente {v} :: present participle of esperire
Esperia {prop} :: Hesperia
esperibile {adj} :: accomplishable
esperibile {adj} :: testable
esperibilità {f} :: testability
Esperidi {prop} :: Hesperides
esperidio {m} :: hesperidium, citrus fruit
esperidio {m} :: skipper (butterfly)
esperienza {f} :: experience
esperienziale {adj} :: experiential
esperimentante {v} :: present participle of esperimentare
esperimentare {vt} :: Variant of sperimentare
esperimento {m} :: experiment
esperimento {m} :: test, trial, examination
esperimento mentale {m} :: thought experiment
esperire {vt} [legal] :: to undertake legal proceedings
esperire {vt} :: to accomplish, carry out
esperire {vt} :: to test, try, attempt
Espero {prop} :: Hesperus
esperta {f} :: (female) expert, specialist, adept, insider
espertamente {adv} :: expertly
espertissimo {adj} :: Very experienced, very skilled
esperto {adj} :: experienced, expert, skilled
esperto {m} :: expert, specialist, adept, insider
espettazione {f} [obsolete] :: waiting, expectation
espettorante {m} [pharmacology] :: expectorant
espettorante {v} :: present participle of espettorare
espettorare {vt} :: To expectorate
espettorato {adj} :: expectorated
espettorato {m} [medicine] :: sputum
espettorazione {f} [medicine] :: expectoration
espiabile {adj} :: expiable
espiantante {v} :: present participle of espiantare
espiantare {vt} [botany] :: to cultivate cuttings in vitro
espiantare {vt} [medicine] :: to remove an organ for subsequent transplantation
espiantazione {f} :: explantation
espiante {v} :: present participle of espiare
espianto {m} [botany] :: cutting cultivated in vitro
espianto {m} [medicine] :: a transplanted organ
espiare {vt} :: to expiate
espiare {vt} :: to atone (for)
espiato {adj} :: expiated
espiato {adj} :: atoned (for)
espiatore {m} :: expiator
espiatore {adj} :: expiatory
espiatorio {adj} :: expiatory
espiazione {f} :: expiation (of)
espiazione {f} :: atonement (for)
espilazione {f} [obsolete] :: theft, embezzlement
espirante {v} :: present participle of espirare
espirare {vit} :: to breathe out, exhale
espiratore {adj} :: expiratory
espiratorio {adj} :: expiratory
espirazione {f} [physiology] :: expiration, exhalation
espletamento {m} [legal] :: carrying out or completion of legal formalities
espletante {v} :: present participle of espletare
espletare {vt} :: To carry out or perform a formality etc; to discharge a duty
espletazione {f} :: fulfilment, execution
espletivo {adj} :: expletive
esplicabile {adj} [literary] :: explicable
esplicante {v} :: present participle of esplicare
esplicantesi {v} :: present participle of esplicarsi
esplicare {vt} :: to carry out, perform [an activity]
esplicare {vt} :: to explain; to explicate; to expound; to interpret; to unfold or open
esplicarsi {v} :: reflexive of esplicare
esplicarsi {v} :: to be expressed or realized
esplicativo {adj} :: explanatory
esplicatosi {v} :: past participle of esplicarsi
esplicazione {f} :: explication
esplicitamente {adv} :: clearly
esplicitamente {adv} :: explicitly
esplicitante {v} :: present participle of esplicitare
esplicitare {vt} :: To make explicit
esplicitazione {f} :: clarifying; making explicit or plain
esplicito {adj} :: explicit
esplodente {v} :: present participle of esplodere
esplodente {m} :: (especially in plural) explosive
esplodere {v} :: to explode or blow up
esploditore {m} :: mine exploder
esplorabile {adj} :: explorable (that which can be explored)
esplorabilità {f} :: Property of being explorable
esplorare {vt} :: to explore
esplorare {vt} :: to search, investigate, probe
esplorare {vt} :: to analyse, analyze
esplorativo {adj} :: exploratory
esploratore {m} :: explorer
esploratore {m} :: scout (military)
esploratore {m} :: scout (member of the Scout Movement)
esploratrice {f} :: (female) explorer
esploratrice {f} :: (female) scout (military)
esploratrice {f} :: (female) scout (member of the Scout Movement)
esplorazione {f} :: exploration
esplorazione {f} :: reconnaissance
esplorazione {f} :: scan
esplosione {f} :: explosion, blast, burst, blow-up, outburst, outbreak
esplosione cambriana {f} :: Cambrian explosion
esplosivamente {adv} :: explosively
esplosività {f} :: explosiveness, explosivity
esplosivo {adj} :: explosive
esplosivo {m} :: explosive
esplotazione {f} :: exploitation (of natural resources)
espoliazione {f} :: dispossession (especially of a nation or territory)
esponente {v} :: present participle of esporre
esponente {mf} :: exponent, representative
esponente {m} :: exponent (maths)
esponentesi {v} :: present participle of esporsi
esponenziale {adj} :: exponential
esponenziale {m} [mathematics] :: exponential
esponenzialmente {adv} :: exponentially
esponibile {adj} :: displayable, manifestable
esporre {vt} :: to expose, put out, display, show
esporre {vt} :: to exhibit
esporre {vt} :: to expound, explain, present, tell
esporsi {v} :: reflexive of esporre
esporsi {v} :: to expose oneself
esporsi {v} [figuratively] :: to lay oneself open to
esporsi {v} :: to compromise oneself
esporsi {v} :: to incur debts
esportabile {adj} :: exportable
esportabilità {f} :: exportability
esportante {v} :: present participle of esportare
esportare {v} :: to export
esportatore {adj} :: exporting, export (attributive)
esportatore {m} :: exporter
esportatrice {f} :: exporter (female)
esportazione {f} :: export, exportation
esportina {f} [protein] :: exportin
esposimetro {m} :: exposure meter
espositi {n} :: plural of esposito
espositivamente {adv} :: expositorily, expositively
espositivo {adj} :: exposition (attributive), show (attributive)
espositivo {adj} :: expository, expositive
esposito {m} [obsolete] :: foundling
Esposito {prop} :: surname
espositore {adj} :: exhibiting
espositore {m} :: exhibitor
espositore {m} :: display stand
espositrice {f} :: exhibitor (female)
esposizione {f} :: exposure, display, pageant
esposizione {f} :: exhibition, exposition, show
esposizione {f} :: expounding, explaining, exposition, statement
esposizione {f} [music] :: statement
esposto {adj} :: facing (in a specified direction)
esposto {adj} :: compound (fracture etc)
esposto {m} :: statement, account (financial)
esposto {m} :: petition
espostosi {v} :: past participle of esporsi
espressamente {adv} :: expressly
espressamente {adv} :: explicitly
espressamente {adv} :: especially
espressione {f} [the act of expressing] :: expression
espressione {f} [mathematics, programming, genetics] :: expression
espressione {f} :: look, countenance, expression (on a face)
espressione {f} :: feeling, expression
espressione {f} :: phrase, idiom, expression
espressione genica {f} [genetics] :: gene expression
espressionismo {m} :: expressionism
espressionista {adj} [arts] :: expressionist
espressionista {mf} [arts] :: expressionist
espressionistico {adj} :: expressionist, expressionistic
espressivamente {adv} :: expressively
espressività {f} :: expressiveness
espressivo {adj} :: expressive
espresso {adj} :: express
espresso {m} :: espresso (coffee)
espresso {m} :: express letter
espresso {m} :: express train
espressosi {v} :: past participle of esprimersi
esprimente {v} :: present participle of esprimere
esprimentesi {v} :: present participle of esprimersi
esprimere {vt} :: to express
esprimere il proprio disappunto {v} :: (idiomatic) to give someone a piece of one's mind, give somebody what-for, read somebody the riot act
esprimere il proprio disappunto {v} :: to rebuke, scold, tell off
esprimere la proprio opinione {v} :: to speak one's mind
esprimersi {vr} :: To express oneself, especially one's own thoughts or state of mind
esprimibile {adj} :: expressible
espropriabile {adj} :: That can be expropriated
espropriante {v} :: present participle of espropriare
espropriare {vt} :: To expropriate
espropriativo {adj} :: expropriative
espropriato {adj} :: expropriated
espropriazione {f} :: expropriation
espropriazione {f} :: compulsory purchase
esproprio {m} :: expropriation
espugnabile {adj} :: conquerable
espugnante {v} :: present participle of espugnare
espugnare {vt} :: To conquer or take
espugnazione {f} :: conquest, taking
espulsione {f} :: expulsion
espulsione {f} :: deportation
espulsione {f} :: sending off (sport)
espulsione di massa coronale {f} [astronomy] :: coronal mass ejection
espulsivo {adj} :: expulsive
espulsivo {adj} :: delivery (attributive, stage of childbirth)
espulsore {m} :: ejector
espulsorio {adj} :: expulsive
espulsorio {adj} :: ejective, ejecting
espungente {v} :: present participle of espungere
espungere {vt} :: To expunge
espunzione {f} :: expunction, erasure
espurgabile {adj} :: That can be expurgated
espurgante {v} :: present participle of espurgare
espurgare {vt} :: To expurgate
espurgatorio {adj} :: expurgatory
espurgazione {f} :: expurgation
espurgazione {f} :: bowdlerization
Esquilino {prop} :: Esquiline (hill in Rome)
esquimese {adj} :: Eskimo (attributive)
esquimese {mf} :: Eskimo
-essa {suffix} :: -ess
essa {pron} :: it, she, her
-esse {suffix} :: Suffix forming the third-person singular imperfect subjunctive of -ere verbs
esse {f} {m} :: letter: s; ess
esse {pron} :: plural of essa; they, them (female)
esse lunga {n} :: letter: ſ; long s
esseno {m} :: Essene
esseno {adj} :: Essene (attributive)
essente {adj} :: existing (that exists)
essente {adj} :: exempt (Variant of: esente)
essente {m} :: being (thing that exists)
essente {v} [rare] :: present participle of essere
essentesi {v} :: present participle of essersi
essenza {f} :: essence, gist
essenza {f} :: essential oil
essenziale {adj} :: essential, fundamental, main, crucial, basic
essenziale {adj} [chemistry] :: essential
essenziale {adj} [of style etc] :: terse
essenziale {m} :: the essential thing, the kernel, the main point
essenzialismo {m} [philosophy] :: essentialism
essenzialissimo {adj} :: Very essential, very basic
essenzialità {f} :: essentiality
essenzialmente {adv} :: essentially, basically, fundamentally
essenziero {adj} :: essence (attributive)
esser {v} :: apocopic form of essere
esserci {v} :: be there; be around
esserci {v} :: there be, exist
esserci {v} :: be alive
essere {vi} [indicating existence, identity, location or state] :: to be, to stay
essere {v} [auxiliary, used to form composite past tense of many intransitive verbs] :: to have (done something); to be in the state of having (done something); See Category:Italian verbs taking essere as auxiliary.
essere {v} [impersonal, of a duration of time since an event] :: to have passed
essere {m} :: being
essere a corto di denaro {v} :: to be hard up
essere ai ferri corti {v} :: to be at daggers drawn
essere al di sopra della legge {v} :: to be above the law
essere ben coperto {v} :: to be wrapped up
essere capace {v} :: to be able (to do something)
essere capace di {v} :: To be able to
essere come un pesce fuor d'acqua {v} :: alternative form of essere un pesce fuor d'acqua
essere concentrato {v} :: to be focused
essere con l'acqua alla gola {v} [idiom] :: To be up to one's neck (be in a dangerous situation)
essere di bocca buona {v} [idiom] :: to eat everything
essere di mano {v} :: to lead (begin a game of cards or dominoes)
essere di troppo {v} :: to be in the way
essere di troppo {v} [idiomatic] :: obstructing, blocking, or hindering
essere fuori controllo {v} :: to get out of hand
essere fuori di testa {v} [idiomatic] :: Exhibiting disquiet or unsoundness of mind; not sane; mad, crazy; a few sandwiches short of a picnic
essere fuori di testa {v} [idiomatic] :: mentally deranged; demented; insane; one card shy of a full deck
essere guardingo {v} :: to look out
essere guardingo {v} :: to pay attention
essere guardingo {v} :: to stay aware
essere guardingo {v} :: to be aware
essere in cattive acque {v} [idiom] :: To be in hot water (a dangerous situation or trouble)
essere in testa {v} :: to lead (intransitive: have the highest interim score in a game)
essere passata molt'acqua sotto i ponti {v} [idiom] :: A lot of time has passed (a verb form of water under the bridge)
essere su questa terra {v} [idiom] :: To live (be alive)
essere umano {m} :: human being, human
essere un pesce fuor d'acqua {v} [idiomatic] :: to be like a fish out of water (to feel uncomfortable)
esserino {m} :: A little creature
esserino {m} :: A downtrodden little thing
-essero {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the third-person plural imperfect subjunctive of regular -ere verbs
essersi {vr} :: To exist; to be
-essi {suffix} :: Suffix forming the first-person singular and second-person singular imperfect subjunctive of -ere verbs
essiccabile {adj} :: That can not be dried up
essiccamento {m} :: desiccation
essiccante {v} :: present participle of essiccare
essiccante {adj} :: drying, desiccant
essiccantesi {v} :: present participle of essiccarsi
essiccare {vt} :: To dry, to dry up, to exsiccate
essiccarsi {vr} :: To dry up
essiccativo {adj} :: drying, siccative, desiccative
essiccato {adj} :: dried
essiccatoio {m} :: dryer (machine)
essiccatoio {m} :: drying room
essiccatoio {m} :: kiln
essiccatore {m} :: drier, dryer (machine or male person)
essiccatosi {v} :: past participle of essiccarsi
essiccazione {f} :: drying
essiccazione {f} :: desiccation
-essimo {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the first-person plural imperfect subjunctive of regular -ere verbs
esso {pron} :: it
essotericamente {adv} :: exoterically
essotericamente {adv} :: publicly, popularly
essoterico {adj} :: exoteric
essoterico {adj} :: public, popular
essoterismo {m} :: exotericism
essudativo {adj} :: exudative
essudato {m} [pathology] :: exudate
essudazione {f} [biology, pathology] :: exudation
est {m} :: east
estampida {f} :: alternative form of stampita
estasi {f} :: ecstasy
estasiante {v} :: present participle of estasiare
estasiantesi {v} :: present participle of estasiarsi
estasiare {vt} :: To send into raptures
estasiarsi {vr} :: To go into raptures
estasiatosi {v} :: past participle of estasiarsi
estate {f} :: summer
estaticamente {adv} :: ecstatically
estatico {adj} :: ecstatic
estatino {m} :: The cep mushroom Boletus aestivalis
estavolazione {f} [legal] :: A form of land tenure formerly used in the Venetian provinces when under the control of Austria
-este {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the second-person plural past historic and imperfect subjunctive of regular -ere verbs
estemporaneamente {adv} :: extemporaneously
estemporaneità {f} :: extemporaneousness
estemporaneo {adj} :: extemporaneous
estendente {v} :: present participle of estendere
estendentesi {v} :: present participle of estendersi
estendere {vt} :: to extend
estendersi {v} :: reflexive of estendere
estendersi {vr} :: to spread [of a disease, etc.]
estendersi {vr} :: to expand
estendersi {vr} :: to increase
estendersi {vr} :: to extend
estendibile {adj} :: Capable of being extended; extensible (Variant of: estensibile)
estendibilità {f} :: extensibility
estense {adj} :: Of or relating to Ferrara or the Ferrara people
estense {adj} :: Of or relating to House of Este, a noble family of Ferrara
estense {mf} :: A native or inhabitant of Ferrara
estense {mf} :: A member of Este family
estensibile {adj} :: stretchable, extensible
estensibile {adj} :: extendable, extendible
estensibilità {f} :: extensibility
estensimetrico {adj} :: extensimetric
estensimetro {m} :: extensometer
estensina {f} [protein] :: extensin
estensionale {adj} :: extensional
estensione {f} :: extension
estensione {f} :: expansion
estensione {f} :: extent
estensione {f} :: expanse
estensione {f} :: range (musical)
estensivamente {adv} :: extensively
estensivo {adj} :: extensive
estensore {m} :: extensor (muscle)
estensore {m} :: chest expander
estensore {m} [legal] :: A person who draws up a legal document
estenuante {adj} :: wearing, tiring
estenuante {v} :: present participle of estenuare
estenuare {vt} :: To wear out or tire out
estenuato {adj} :: exhausted, worn out
estenuazione {f} :: exhaustion, tiredness
Ester {prop} :: given name; equivalent to the English-language Esther
Ester {prop} :: Esther [biblical character]
Ester {prop} :: the book of Esther
esterasi {f} [enzyme] :: esterase
estere {m} [organic chemistry] :: ester
estereo {adj} [organic chemistry] :: ester (attributive)
esterificante {v} :: present participle of esterificare
esterificare {vt} [organic chemistry] :: to esterify
esterificazione {f} [organic chemistry] :: esterification
esteriore {adj} :: outward, external
esteriorità {f} :: outward appearance
esteriorizzante {v} :: present participle of esteriorizzare
esteriorizzare {vt} :: to show [an emotion]
esteriorizzazione {f} :: externalization
esteriormente {adv} :: externally, outwardly
esterminante {v} :: present participle of esterminare
esterminare {vt} :: Variant of sterminare
esterminazione {f} :: Variant of sterminazione
esternalità {f} :: externality (financial)
esternalizzante {v} :: present participle of esternalizzare
esternalizzare {vt} :: to outsource
esternalizzazione {f} :: outsourcing
esternamente {adv} :: externally, outside
esternante {v} :: present participle of esternare
esternare {vt} :: to express
esternare {vt} :: to speak out
esternazione {f} :: expression (of one's opinion etc)
esternazione {f} :: declaration
esterno {adj} [attributive] :: external, outer, outside, out, outward, outdoor
esterno {adj} [sports] :: away
esterno {m} :: exterior, outside
estero {adj} :: foreign
estero {adj} :: overseas
estero {m} :: foreign country
esterocezione {f} :: exteroception
esterofilia {f} :: xenophilia
esterofilo {adj} :: xenophilic
esterofilo {m} :: xenophile
esterofobia {f} :: xenophobia
esteromania {f} :: xenophilia
esterovestito {adj} [of tax liabilities] :: located abroad (so as to avoid paying national taxes); offshore
esterrefatto {adj} :: horrified
esterrefatto {adj} :: astounded
estesamente {adv} :: extensively
estesamente {adv} :: vastly
estesamente {adv} :: broadly, widely
estesio- {prefix} :: esthesio- / aesthesio- (forming terms related to sensation or perception)
estesiologia {f} :: esthesiology, aesthesiology
estesiometria {f} :: esthesiometry / aesthesiometry
estesiometro {m} :: esthesiometer / aesthesiometer
estesissimo {adj} :: Very extensive
esteso {adj} :: large, broad, wide, extensive, vast
esteso {adj} :: broad, widespread, wide-ranging
estesosi {v} :: past participle of estendersi
esteta {mf} :: aesthete
estetica {f} :: aesthetics
esteticamente {adv} :: aesthetically
esteticità {f} :: aesthetic character
estetico {adj} :: aesthetic
estetico {adj} :: beauty (attributive), cosmetic
estetico {adj} :: attractive
estetismo {m} :: aestheticism, estheticism
estetista {mf} :: beautician
estetistico {adj} :: aesthetical / esthetical
estetizzante {adj} :: aesthetical / esthetical
estetizzante {adj} :: overly refined
estetologia {f} :: aesthetics
-esti {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the second-person singular past historic of regular -ere verbs
Estia {prop} [Greek god] :: Hestia
estimabile {adj} :: valuable, estimable
estimale {adj} :: estimated
estimale {adj} :: rated
estimante {v} :: present participle of estimare
estimare {vt} :: Variant of stimare
estimativo {adj} :: estimative, evaluative; estimate (attributive)
estimatore {m} :: fan (of a person or thing)
estimatrice {f} :: feminine of estimatore
estimazione {f} :: esteem
estimazione {f} :: valuation, estimation
estimo {m} :: valuation
estimo {m} :: surveying
estinguente {v} :: present participle of estinguere
estinguente {adj} :: extinguishing
estinguere {vt} :: to put out, extinguish
estinguere {vt} :: to pay off [a debt]
estinguere {vt} :: to close [an account]
estinguere {vt} :: to quench
estinguere {vt} :: to slake
estinguersi {v} :: reflexive of estinguere
estinguersi {v} :: to go out [of a flame, etc.]
estinguersi {v} :: to die out
estinguersi {v} :: to fade away
estinguibile {adj} :: extinguishable
estinguibile {adj} :: repayable
estintivo {adj} :: extinguishable
estinto {adj} :: extinguished
estinto {adj} :: extinct
estinto {adj} :: paid off [debt]
estinto {adj} :: closed [account]
estintore {m} :: extinguisher
estintosi {v} :: past participle of estinguersi
estinzione {f} :: extinction
estinzione {f} :: payment (of a debt)
estinzione {f} :: closing (of an account)
estirpabile {adj} :: eradicable
estirpamento {m} :: extirpation, eradication
estirpante {v} :: present participle of estirpare
estirpare {vt} :: to uproot, pull up [plants]
estirpare {vt} :: to extract, pull [teeth]
estirpare {vt} :: to remove [a tumour, etc.]
estirpare {vt} :: to eradicate, extirpate
estirpatore {m} :: extirpator, eradicator
estirpatore {m} :: grubber
estirpatore {adj} :: extirpating, eradicating
estirpatura {f} :: grubbing, weeding, uprooting
estirpazione {f} :: extirpation, uprooting, eradication
estispicio {m} :: haruspicy
estivamente {adv} :: in the summer
estivante {v} :: present participle of estivare
estivare {vt} :: To summer (animals)
estivazione {f} :: estivation / aestivation
estivazione {f} :: summering (of animals)
estivo {adj} :: summer (attribute), summery
esto {pron} [demonstrative, archaic] :: this
estollere {vt} :: to extol, exalt, praise
estollere {vt} :: to raise, lift
estone {adj} :: Estonian
estone {mf} :: Estonian
estone {prop} :: The Estonian language
Estonia {prop} :: Estonia
estorcente {v} :: present participle of estorcere
estorcere {vt} :: to extort something from someone
estorcere {vt} :: to wrest
estorsione {f} :: extortion, extorting
estorsivo {adj} :: extortion (attributive)
estorsore {m} :: extortionist
estorto {adj} :: extorted
estortore {m} :: Variant of estorsore
estra- {prefix} :: Variant of extra-
estraconiugale {adj} :: Variant of extraconiugale
estracontrattuale {adj} :: Variant of extracontrattuale
estradabile {adj} [legal] :: That can be extradited; extraditable
estradabilità {f} [legal] :: Liability to extradition
estradante {v} :: present participle of estradare
estradare {vt} :: To extradite
estradiolo {m} [biochemistry] :: estradiol
estradizione {f} :: extradition
estradosso {m} [architecture] :: extrados
estradotale {adj} :: Variant of extradotale
estraente {v} :: present participle of estrarre
estraeuropeo {adj} :: Variant of extraeuropeo
estragalattico {adj} :: Variant of extragalattico
estragiudiciale {adj} :: Variant of extragiudiciale
estragiudiziale {adj} :: Variant of extragiudiziale
estragiudizialmente {adv} :: alternative form of extragiudizialmente
estragone {m} :: tarragon
estraibile {adj} :: removable, detachable, extractable, pull out (attributive)
estraibilità {f} :: extractability
estrale {adj} :: estrous
estralegale {adj} :: Variant of extralegale
estramurale {adj} :: Variant of extramurale
estranea {f} :: stranger (female)
estraneamente {adv} :: extraneously
estraneazione {f} :: Variant of estraniazione
estraneità {f} :: extraneity (something extraneous or unrelated)
estraneo {adj} :: extraneous, foreign
estraneo {adj} :: alien
estraneo {adj} :: unrelated (to), unconnected (with)
estraneo {m} :: stranger, outsider, random, nonentity
estraniante {v} :: present participle of estraniare
estraniantesi {v} :: present participle of estraniarsi
estraniare {vt} :: to estrange
estraniarsi {v} :: reflexive of estraniare
estraniarsi {v} :: to become estranged or cut off
estraniatosi {v} :: past participle of estraniarsi
estraniazione {f} :: alienation, estrangement
estraparlamentare {adj} :: Variant of extraparlamentare
estrapolabile {adj} :: extrapolatable
estrapolante {v} :: present participle of estrapolare
estrapolare {vt} :: To extrapolate
estrapolazione {f} :: extrapolation
estraprocessuale {adj} :: Variant of extraprocessuale
estrarre {vt} :: to extract
estrarre {vt} :: to mine, quarry
estrarre {vt} :: to draw [lots, etc.]
estrarre {vt} :: to express
estrasistole {f} :: Variant of extrasistole
estrasistolia {f} :: Variant of extrasistolia
estrasistolico {adj} :: Variant of extrasistolico
estrasolare {adj} :: Variant of extrasolare
estratemporale {adj} :: Variant of extratemporale
estraterritoriale {adj} :: Variant of extraterritoriale
estraterritorialità {f} :: Variant of extraterritorialità
estrattivo {adj} :: mining (attributive)
estratto {m} :: extract
estratto {m} :: essence
estratto {m} :: abstract
estratto {m} :: excerpt
estratto {m} :: summary
estratto conto {n} :: bank statement
estrattore {m} :: extractor (person or machine that extracts materials)
estrazione {f} :: extraction (all senses)
estrazione {f} :: mining
estrazione {f} :: quarrying
estrazione {f} :: drawing (lots)
Estremadura {prop} :: Extremadura
estremamente {adv} :: extremely, in the extreme
estremegno {adj} :: Extremaduran
estremismo {m} :: extremism
estremista {adj} :: extremist
estremista {m} :: extremist (male or of unspecified sex)
estremista {f} :: extremist (female)
estremisticamente {adv} :: in the manner of an extremist
estremistico {adj} :: extremist
estremità {f} :: end
estremità {f} :: point, tip (of a needle etc)
estremità {f} :: extremity, limit
estremità {f} :: (in plural) extremities
estremizzante {v} :: present participle of estremizzare
estremizzare {vt} :: to take to extremes
estremizzare {vt} :: to exacerbate
estremizzazione {f} :: exacerbation, exasperation
estremo {adj} :: extreme, (the) utmost, (the) farthest, terminal, (the) outermost
estremo {adj} :: drastic
estremo {adj} :: excessive, intense
estremo {m} :: extreme, extremity
estremo {m} :: height, depth
estremo {m} :: end, last, limit
estremo {m} [formal, legal] :: {p} details, particulars, data
estremo difensore {m} [sports] :: goalkeeper, goaltender, goalie, keeper
estremofilo {adj} :: extremophilic
estremofilo {m} [biology] :: extremophile
estremorientale {adj} :: Far East (attributive)
estrinsecamente {adv} :: extrinsically
estrinsecamento {m} :: expression, voicing, utterance, manifestation
estrinsecante {v} :: present participle of estrinsecare
estrinsecantesi {v} :: present participle of estrinsecarsi
estrinsecare {vt} :: to express
estrinsecarsi {v} :: reflexive of estrinsecare
estrinsecarsi {v} :: to be expressed
estrinsecatosi {v} :: past participle of estrinsecarsi
estrinsecazione {f} :: expression, manifestation
estrinseco {adj} :: extrinsic
estro {m} :: inspiration
estro {m} :: gift, bent
estro {m} [biology] :: estrus
estroflessione {f} :: eversion, extroversion, evagination
estrogenico {adj} :: estrogenic
estrogenismo {m} [medicine] :: estrogenism
estrogeno {m} :: estrogen
estrogeno {adj} :: estrogen (attributive)
estromettente {v} :: present participle of estromettere
estromettere {v} :: to sideline
estromettere {v} :: to expel or oust (from)
estromettere {v} :: to exclude (from)
estromissione {f} :: expulsion, ejection
estromissione {f} :: exclusion
estrorso {adj} [botany] :: extrorse
estrosamente {adv} :: creatively, imaginatively
estrosamente {adv} :: whimsically
estrosità {f} :: whimsy, fancy
estrosità {f} :: inspiration, talent
estroso {adj} :: whimsical, fanciful, flighty
estroso {adj} :: inspired, talented, creative, imaginative
estroversa {f} :: extrovert
estroversione {f} [psychology] :: extroversion
estroverso {adj} :: extrovert, extroverted
estroverso {m} :: extrovert
estrudente {v} :: present participle of estrudere
estrudere {vt} :: to extrude
estrudere {vt} :: to expel
estrusione {f} :: extrusion
estrusivo {adj} :: extrusive
estruso {adj} :: extruded
estruso {m} :: extrusion
estrusoma {m} [biology] :: extrusome
estrusore {m} :: extruder
estuario {m} [geography] :: estuary
estubante {v} :: present participle of estubare
estubare {vt} [medicine] :: To extubate
estubazione {f} :: extubation
estumulazione {f} :: exhumation of buried corpses
estuoso {adj} :: ardent, boiling
estuoso {adj} :: stormy
esuberante {v} :: present participle of esuberare
esuberante {adj} :: exuberant, high-strung, high-spirited
esuberantemente {adv} :: exuberantly
esuberanza {f} :: exuberance, ebullience
esubero {m} :: excess
esubero {m} :: exuberance
esulante {v} :: present participle of esulare
esulare {vi} :: To be beyond, to lie outside
esulceramento {m} :: exulceration, ulceration
esulceramento {m} :: exacerbation, exasperation
esulcerante {v} :: present participle of esulcerare
esulcerare {vt} :: To ulcerate
esulcerare {vt} :: To exacerbate
esulcerazione {f} :: exulceration, ulceration
esulcerazione {f} :: exacerbation, exasperation
esule {adj} :: exiled
esule {mf} :: exile (person)
esultante {v} :: present participle of esultare
esultante {adj} :: exultant
esultanza {f} :: exultation
esultare {v} :: to exult (with)
esultazione {f} :: exaltation
esumante {v} :: present participle of esumare
esumare {vt} :: To exhume, to disinter
esumazione {f} :: exhumation, disinterment
Esuperanzio {prop} :: given name
et {conj} [archaic, poetic] :: alternative form of e
-eta {suffix} :: wood, forest
-eta {suffix} :: orchard, grove, plantation
eta {mf} :: eta (Greek letter)
-età {suffix} :: -ity
età {f} :: age [of a person]
età {f} :: age, era, period
etacrinico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: etacrynic
etanale {m} [organic compound] :: ethanal
etano {m} :: ethane
etanoico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: ethanoic
etanolammina {f} [organic compound] :: ethanolamine
etanolato {m} :: ethoxide, ethanolate
etanolato di sodio {m} :: sodium ethoxide, sodium ethanolate
etanolo {m} [organic compound] :: ethanol
etate {f} :: obsolete form of età
etcì {interj} :: achoo!, atishoo!
-ete {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the second-person plural present and imperative of regular -ere verbs
Ete {prop} :: A river that flows in Marche
etene {m} [organic compound] :: ethene, ethylene
Eteocle {prop} :: Eteocles
Eteòcle {prop} :: medieval spelling of Eteocle
etera {f} :: hetaera, hetaira
etera {f} :: courtesan, prostitute
etere {m} :: ether [all senses]
Etere {prop} [Greek god] :: Aether
etere dietilico {m} [organic compound] :: diethyl ether
etere etilico {m} [organic compound] :: diethyl ether
etereo {adj} :: ethereal (all senses)
eterico {adj} :: etheric
eterificante {v} :: present participle of eterificare
eterificantesi {v} :: present participle of eterificarsi
eterificare {vt} :: to etherify
eterificarsi {v} :: reflexive of eterificare
eterificarsi {v} :: to be etherified
eterificatosi {v} :: past participle of eterificarsi
eterificazione {f} :: etherification
eterizzante {v} :: present participle of eterizzare
eterizzare {vt} [surgery] :: to etherize
eterizzazione {f} [surgery] :: etherization
eternabile {adj} :: That can be perpetuated or immortalized
eternale {adj} :: eternal
eternalità {f} :: eternality
eternalmente {adv} [obsolete, poetic] :: eternally, everlastingly
eternamente {adv} :: eternally
eternante {v} :: present participle of eternare
eternantesi {v} :: present participle of eternarsi
eternare {vt} :: To perpetuate or immortalize
eternarsi {vr} :: To become eternal, to last forever
eternatosi {v} :: past participle of eternarsi
eternità {f} :: eternity
eternizzante {v} :: present participle of eternizzare
eternizzare {v} :: To eternalize
eterno {adj} :: eternal
Eterno {prop} :: The Everlasting (God)
etero- {prefix} :: hetero-
etero {adj} :: heterosexual
etero {mf} :: heterosexual
etero {m} [historical] :: companion, partner
eteroaggressività {f} [psychology] :: aggressiveness towards others
eteroatomico {adj} [chemistry, physics] :: heteroatomic
eteroatomo {m} [chemistry] :: heteroatom
eterocariosi {f} [botany] :: heterokaryosis
eterocarpia {f} [botany] :: heterocarpy
eterocarpo {adj} [botany] :: heterocarpous
eterocentrismo {m} :: heterocentrism
eterocerco {adj} [zoology] :: heterocercal
eterociclico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: heterocyclic
eterociclo {m} [organic chemistry] :: heterocycle
eteroclisia {f} [grammar] :: heteroclisis
eteroclito {adj} [grammar] :: heteroclitic
eterocromatico {adj} :: heterochromatic
eterocromatina {f} [genetics] :: heterochromatin
eterocromatinico {adj} :: heterochromatinic
eterocromia {f} :: heterochromia
eterocrono {adj} :: heterochronic
eterodiegetico {adj} :: heterodiegetic
eterodimero {m} [chemistry] :: heterodimer
eterodina {f} :: heterodyne
eterodiretto {adj} :: other-directed
eterodonte {adj} :: heterodont
eterodonte {m} :: heterodont
eterodossia {f} [religion] :: heterodoxy
eterodosso {adj} :: heterodox
eteroduplex {m} [genetics] :: heteroduplex
eteroeducazione {f} :: education by teachers (rather than by parents)
eterofagia {f} [biology] :: heterophagy
eterofagosoma {m} :: heterophagosome
eterofillia {f} [botany] :: heterophylly
eterofillo {adj} [botany] :: heterophyllous
eterofonia {f} [music] :: heterophony
eteroforia {f} [medicine] :: heterophoria
eteroforico {adj} :: heterophoric
eterogamete {m} :: heterogamete
eterogamia {f} [biology] :: heterogamy
eterogamo {adj} :: heterogametic
eterogeneità {f} :: heterogeneity
eterogeneo {adj} :: heterogeneous
eterogenesi {f} [biology] :: heterogenesis
eterogenia {f} [biology] :: heterogenesis
eterogonia {f} [biology] :: heterogony
eteroinnesto {m} :: heterograft, allograft
eterointegrazione {f} [legal] :: The integration of gaps in the law by use of other parts of related regulations
eterolalia {f} :: heterolalia
eterolisi {f} :: heterolysis
eterologico {adj} :: heterological
eterologo {adj} :: heterologous
eteromane {adj} :: etheromaniac
eteromane {mf} :: etheromaniac
eteromania {f} :: etheromania (An addiction to intoxication using ether)
eteromero {adj} :: heteromeric (all senses)
eteromero {m} :: heteromer
eterometabolo {adj} :: heterometabolic
eteromorfismo {m} :: heteromorphism
eteromorfo {adj} :: heteromorphic
eteromorfosi {f} [biology] :: heteromorphosis
eteronimia {n} :: heteronymy
eteronimo {adj} :: heteronymous
eteronimo {m} :: heteronym
eteronomia {f} :: heteronomy
eteronomo {adj} :: heteronomous
eteropatico {adj} :: heteropathic, allopathic
eteropolare {adj} :: heteropolar
eteropoliacido {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: heteropoly acid
eteropolianione {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: heteropolyanion
eteropolimero {m} [chemistry] :: heteropolymer
eteropolimero {adj} [chemistry] :: heteropolymeric
eteropolisaccaride {m} [carbohydrate] :: heteropolysaccharide
eteroschedasticità {f} :: heteroskedasticity
eteroschedastico {adj} :: heteroscedastic
eterosessismo {m} :: heterosexism
eterosessuale {adj} :: heterosexual
eterosessuale {mf} :: heterosexual
eterosessualità {f} :: heterosexuality
eterosfera {f} :: heterosphere
eterosi {f} [genetics] :: heterosis
eterosillabico {adj} :: heterosyllabic
eterosoma {m} [genetics] :: heterosome, sex chromosome
eterosomico {adj} :: heterosomic
eterotassia {f} :: heterotaxis
eterotermia {f} :: heterothermy
eterotermo {adj} :: heterothermic
eterotico {adj} [physics] :: heterotic
eterotopia {f} :: heterotopia
eterotopico {adj} :: heterotopic
eterotrapianto {m} :: heterotransplant, allograft
eterotrimerico {adj} [chemistry] :: heterotrimeric
eterotrimero {m} [chemistry] :: heterotrimer
eterotrofia {f} :: heterotrophy
eterotrofico {adj} :: heterotrophic
eterotrofo {m} :: heterotroph
eterotrofo {adj} :: heterotrophic
eterozigosi {m} [genetics, biology] :: heterozygosis
eterozigote {adj} :: heterozygous
eterozigote {m} :: heterozygote
etesio {m} :: etesian wind
Ethalia {prop} [obsolete] :: synonym of Chio
etica {f} :: ethics
eticamente {adv} :: ethically
etichetta {f} :: label (all senses), tag
etichetta {f} :: etiquette, formality
etichetta discografica {f} :: record label (brand of a company that produces records)
etichettante {v} :: present participle of etichettare
etichettare {v} :: to label, to tag
etichettatore {m} :: labeller (machine)
etichettatrice {f} :: labeller (labelling machine)
etichettatura {f} :: labelling (practice and industry)
etichettificio {m} :: label factory
eticità {f} :: ethicality
-etico {suffix} :: -etic
etico {adj} :: ethical
etico {adj} [medicine] :: hectic
etidio {m} [organic chemistry] :: ethidium
etilato {m} :: ethoxide, ethanolate
etilato di sodio {m} :: etanolato di sodio
etilbenzene {m} [organic compound] :: ethylbenzene
etile {m} :: ethyl
etilene {m} [organic compound] :: ethylene (compound and radical)
etilenglicole {m} [organic compound] :: ethylene glycol
etilenico {adj} :: ethylene (attributive)
etilesile {m} [organic chemistry] :: ethylhexyl
etilfenolo {m} [organic compound] :: ethylphenol
etilico {adj} :: ethyl [used attributively], ethylic
etilismo {m} :: alcoholism
etilista {mf} :: alcoholic
etilometro {m} :: breathalyzer
etilotest {m} :: breath test (for alcohol)
etimo {m} [linguistics] :: etymon
etimologa {f} :: etymologist (female)
etimologia {f} :: etymology
etimologicamente {adv} :: etymologically
etimologico {adj} :: etymological
etimologista {f} :: etymologist
etimologizzante {v} :: present participle of etimologizzare
etimologizzare {vi} :: to etymologize
etimologo {m} :: etymologist
etino {m} [organic compound] :: ethyne
etiologia {f} :: aetiology
etiopatogenesi {n} :: etiopathogenesis (Variant of: eziopatogenesi)
etiope {adj} :: Ethiopian
etiope {mf} :: Ethiopian
Etiopia {prop} :: Ethiopia
Etïopia {prop} :: medieval spelling of Etiopia
etiopica {f} :: Ethiopian (female)
etiopico {adj} :: Ethiopian
etiopico {m} :: Ethiopian
etiopide {mf} :: Ethiopid
etisia {f} :: phthisis
etmoidale {adj} [skeleton] :: ethmoidal, ethmoid (attributive)
etmoide {m} [skeleton] :: ethmoid
Etna {prop} :: Etna (volcano)
Etna {prop} [Greek mythology, Roman mythology] :: Aetna (Sicilian nymph)
Etna {prop} [historical] :: Aetna (ancient Sicilian city)
etnea {f} :: feminine noun of etneo
etneo {adj} :: Of or relating to the Mount Etna; Etnean
etneo {adj} [by extension] :: Of or relating to Catania, the nearest city
etneo {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Catania
etnia {f} [sociology] :: An ethnic group
etnicamente {adv} :: ethnically
etnicità {f} :: ethnicity
etnico {adj} :: ethnic, ethnical
etno- {prefix} :: ethno-
etnoantropologico {adj} :: ethnoanthropological
etnobiologia {f} :: ethnobiology
etnobiologo {m} :: ethnobiologist
etnocentricamente {adv} :: ethnocentrically
etnocentrico {adj} :: ethnocentric
etnocentrismo {m} :: ethnocentrism
etnocidio {m} :: ethnocide
etnoculturale {adj} :: ethnocultural
etnografa {f} :: ethnographer (female)
etnografia {f} :: ethnography
etnograficamente {adv} :: ethnographically
etnografico {adj} :: ethnographic
etnografo {m} :: ethnographer
etnolinguistica {f} :: ethnolinguistics
etnolinguistico {adj} :: ethnolinguistic
etnologa {f} :: ethnologist (female)
etnologia {f} :: ethnology
etnologicamente {adv} :: ethnologically
etnologico {adj} :: ethnological
etnologo {m} :: ethnologist
etnomicologia {f} :: ethnomycology
etnomusicologa {f} :: ethnomusicologist (female)
etnomusicologia {f} :: ethnomusicology
etnomusicologo {m} :: ethnomusicologist
etnonazionalismo {m} :: ethnonationalism
etnonimo {m} :: ethnonym
etnoregionalismo {m} :: ethnoregionalism
etnoregionalista {adj} :: ethnoregionalist
-eto {suffix} :: wood, forest
-eto {suffix} :: orchard, grove, plantation
-eto {suffix} :: bed, field, yard
eto- {prefix} :: etho-
etoile {mf} :: étoile
Etolia {prop} :: Aetolia
etolica {f} :: feminine noun of etolico
etolico {adj} :: Aetolian
etolico {m} :: Aetolian
etolo {adj} :: synonym of etolico
etolo {m} :: synonym of etolico
etologa {f} :: ethologist (female)
etologia {f} [zoology] :: ethology
etologicamente {adv} :: ethologically
etologico {adj} :: ethological
etologo {m} :: ethologist
etossilante {v} :: present participle of etossilare
etossilare {vt} [organic chemistry] :: To ethoxylate
etossilazione {f} [organic chemistry] :: ethoxylation
etra {m} :: sky, air (literary)
e tre quarti {m} :: quarter to; quarter of
Etruria {prop} :: Etruria
etrusca {f} :: Etruscan (female)
etruscheria {f} :: A fascination with Etruscan culture
Etruschi {prop} :: (the) Etruscans
etrusco {adj} :: Etruscan
etrusco {prop} :: The Etruscan language
Etrusco {m} :: Etruscan (person)
etruscologia {f} :: Etruscology (study of the Etruscans, their language and culture)
etruscologico {adj} :: Relating to the study of Etruscan culture
etruscologo {m} :: Etruscologist
etta- {prefix} :: hepta-
ettacordo {m} [music] :: heptachord
ettaedrico {adj} :: heptahedral
ettaedro {m} [mathematics] :: heptahedron
ettagonale {adj} :: heptagonal
ettagono {m} [geometry] :: heptagon
ettagono {adj} :: heptagonal
ettariale {adj} :: Measured in hectares
ettaro {m} :: hectare
-ette {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the third-person singular past historic of regular -ere verbs
etternità {f} [obsolete] :: Variant of eternità
etterno {adj} [obsolete] :: Variant of eterno
-ettero {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the third-person past historic of regular -ere verbs
-etto {suffix} :: Used to form the diminutive of nouns (and sometimes adjectives), often with a positive emotional connotation
etto- {prefix} :: hecto-
etto {m} :: clipping of ettogrammo
ettogrammo {m} :: hectogram / hectogramme (100 grams)
ettolitrico {adj} :: hectolitre (attributive)
ettolitro {m} :: hectolitre
ettometrico {adj} :: people mover (short journey transport) (attributive)
ettometro {m} :: hectometre/hectometer
ettopascal {m} [metrology] :: hectopascal
Ettòr {prop} :: medieval spelling of Ettore
Ettore {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Hector
Ettore {prop} :: given name of Ancient Greek origin
eubatterio {m} :: eubacterium
Eubea {prop} :: Euboea
eubiotica {f} :: eubiotics
eucalipto {m} :: eucalyptus
eucaliptolo {m} [organic compound] :: eucalyptol
eucarestia {f} :: alternative spelling of eucaristia
eucariota {m} [biology] :: eukaryote
eucariote {m} [biology] :: eukaryote
eucariotico {adj} :: eukaryotic
eucaristia {f} [religion] :: Eucharist, Holy Communion (religious service in which this sacrament is enacted)
eucaristico {adj} :: eucharistic, eucharistical
Euclide {prop} :: Euclid
Euclide {prop} :: given name
euclideo {adj} :: Euclidean (all senses)
eucologia {f} :: eucology (the study of prayer)
eucromatico {adj} :: euchromatic
eucromatina {f} [genetics] :: euchromatin
eudemonismo {m} :: eudaemonism, eudaimonism
eudemonista {mf} :: eudaemonist
eudemonistico {adj} :: eudaemonic, eudaemonistic, eudemonistic
eudemonologia {f} :: eudaemonism
eudiometro {m} :: eudiometer
eudista {mf} :: Eudist
eudossiano {adj} :: Eudoxian
eufemia {f} :: euphemism
Eufemia {prop} :: given name
eufemismo {m} :: euphemism
eufemisticamente {adv} :: euphemistically
eufemistico {adj} :: euphemistic
eufonia {f} :: euphony
eufonicamente {adv} :: euphonically
eufonico {adj} :: euphonic
eufonio {m} [musical instruments] :: euphonium
euforbia {f} :: spurge
euforia {f} :: euphoria
euforicamente {adv} :: euphorically
euforico {adj} :: euphoric
euforizzante {v} :: present participle of euforizzare
euforizzante {adj} :: euphoriant
euforizzare {vt} :: to exhilarate
eufotico {adj} :: euphotic
eufrasia {f} :: eyebright (of genus Euphrasia)
Eufrate {prop} :: Euphrates (river in the Middle East)
Eufrosine {prop} [Greek god] :: Euphrosyne
eufuismo {m} :: euphuism
eufuista {mf} :: euphuist
eufuistico {adj} :: euphuistic
euganeo {adj} :: Euganean
eugenetica {f} [biology, philosophy] :: eugenics
eugeneticamente {adv} :: eugenically
eugenetico {adj} :: eugenic
eugenetista {adj} :: eugenicist
eugenetista {mf} :: eugenicist
eugenia {f} :: Eugenia (trees)
eugenico {adj} :: eugenic (Variant of: eugenetico)
Eugenio {prop} :: given name, cognate to Eugene
eugenista {mf} :: eugenicist, eugenist
eugenolo {m} [organic compound] :: eugenol
euglena {f} :: Any member of the Euglena taxonomic genus
euglene {n} :: plural of euglena
euglenofita {f} :: euglenophyte
eugubino {adj} :: Of or from Gubbio
Eulalia {prop} :: given name, equivalent to the Spanish Eulalia
euleriano {adj} :: Eulerian
Eulero {prop} :: Euler
eulogia {f} :: eulogy
eulogia {f} :: bread that has been blessed, then distributed to the poor
eumelanina {f} :: eumelanin
Eumenidi {prop} :: Eumenides, Erinyes
Eumeo {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Eumaeus
eumiceti {n} [botany] :: fungi (of group Eumycetes)
Eumolpo {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Eumolpus
è un piacere {phrase} :: it's a pleasure
e un quarto {m} :: quarter past
eunucheria {f} :: weakness, feebleness
eunucheria {f} :: emasculation
eunuchismo {m} :: eunuchism
eunuco {m} :: eunuch
eunuco {m} [slang] :: weakling or coward
eunucoide {adj} [pathology] :: eunuchoid
eunucoidismo {m} :: eunuchoidism
eupatorio {m} :: hemp agrimony (of genus Eupatorium)
eupepsia {f} :: eupepsia
eupeptico {adj} :: eupeptic
euploidia {f} [genetics] :: euploidy
EUR {prop} :: A town in the south of Rome
eurasiano {adj} :: Eurasian
eurasiatica {f} :: Eurasian (female)
eurasiatico {adj} :: Eurasian
eurasiatico {m} :: Eurasian
euregio {m} :: synonym of euregione
euregione {f} :: Euregion
eureka {interj} :: eureka
Euriale {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Euryale
eurialinità {f} [zoology] :: euryhalinity
eurialino {adj} [zoology] :: euryhaline
Eurialo {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Euryalus
Eurialo {prop} :: given name
Euriclea {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Eurycleia
Euridice {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Eurydice
Euriloco {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Eurylochus
Euripide {prop} :: Euripides
euripideo {adj} :: Euripidean
euripo {m} :: euripus
euripo {m} :: conduit
Euristeo {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Eurystheus
euristica {f} :: heuristics
euristico {adj} :: heuristic
euritmia {f} :: eurythmics
euritmia {f} :: eurythmia
euritmicamente {adv} :: eurhythmically
euritmicamente {adv} :: harmoniously
euritmico {adj} :: eurhythmic
euritmico {adj} :: harmonious
Eurito {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Eurytus
euro- {prefix} :: Euro- (forms words relating to Europe)
euro {m} :: euro (currency)
euroasiatico {adj} :: Variant of eurasiatico
euroassegno {m} :: Eurocheque
eurobanca {f} :: Eurobank
Eurobarometro {prop} :: Eurobarometer
eurobbligazione {f} :: Eurobond
eurocent {m} :: Eurocent (coin)
eurocentrico {adj} :: Eurocentric
eurocentrismo {m} :: Eurocentrism
eurochèque {m} :: Eurocheque
eurocomunismo {m} :: Eurocommunism
eurocomunista {adj} :: Eurocommunist
eurocomunista {mf} :: Eurocommunist
eurocrate {mf} :: Eurocrat
eurocratico {adj} :: Eurocratic
eurocrazia {f} :: Eurocracy
eurocredito {m} :: Eurocredit
eurodeputata {f} :: female MEP (member of the European parliament)
eurodeputato {m} :: MEP (member of the European parliament)
eurodivisa {f} :: Eurocurrency
eurodollaro {m} :: Eurodollar
euroemissione {f} :: Eurobond
euroentusiastico {adj} :: enthusiastic about membership of the European Union
eurogruppo {m} :: Eurogroup
eurolandia {f} :: Euroland
euromediterraneo {adj} :: Euro-Mediterranean
euromercato {m} :: Euromarket (financial)
euromissile {m} :: Euromissile
euromoneta {f} :: Eurocurrency
Europa {prop} :: Europe
Europa {prop} :: Europa
Europa centrale {prop} :: Central Europe
Europa Centrale {n} :: alternative case form of Europa centrale
Europa meridionale {prop} :: Southern Europe
europanto {m} :: Europanto
Europa occidentale {prop} :: Eastern Europe
Europa orientale {prop} :: Eastern Europe
europarlamentare {mf} :: MEP (member of the European parliament)
Europarlamento {ms} :: European Parliament
Europa settentrionale {prop} :: Northern Europe
europea {f} :: European woman
europeismo {m} :: Europeanism
europeista {adj} :: pro-European (attributive)
europeista {f} :: pro-European
europeistico {adj} :: Europeanism (attributive)
europeizzante {v} :: present participle of europeizzare
europeizzare {vt} :: to europeanize
europeizzazione {f} :: Europeanization
europeo {adj} :: European
europeo {m} :: European
europide {mf} :: Europid, Caucasian
europio {m} [chemistry] :: europium
europoide {adj} :: Europoid, Caucasian
europoide {mf} :: Europoid, Caucasian
Europol {prop} :: Europol
eurorealista {mf} :: eurorealist
euroregione {f} :: Euroregion
euroscettica {f} :: Euro-sceptic (female)
euroscetticismo {m} [politics] :: Euro-scepticism
euroscettico {adj} :: Euro-sceptic
euroscettico {m} :: Euro-sceptic
euroscudo {m} :: European Currency Unit (now replaced by the euro)
eurosocialismo {m} :: Eurosocialism
eurosocialista {mf} :: Eurosocialist
eurostrategico {adj} :: Euro-strategic
eurotassa {f} :: Eurotax
euroterrorismo {m} :: Euro-terrorism
euroterrorista {mf} :: Euro-terrorist
eurovaluta {f} :: Eurocurrency
eurovisione {f} :: Eurovision
eurovisivo {adj} :: Eurovision (attributive)
eurozona {f} :: Eurozone
Eusebio {prop} :: given name
eussenite {f} [mineral] :: euxenite
Eustachio {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Eustace
eustatico {adj} :: eustatic
eustatismo {m} :: eustasy
Eustorgio {prop} :: given name
eutanasia {f} :: euthanasia
eutanasico {adj} :: euthanasia (attributive) mercy-killing (attributive)
Euterpe {prop} [Greek god] :: Euterpe
eutettico {adj} [chemistry, physics] :: eutectic
eutettico {m} [chemistry, physics] :: eutectic
eutettoide {m} [chemistry] :: eutectoid
eutettoide {adj} :: eutectoid (attributive)
eutimia {f} :: euthymia
Eutimio {prop} :: given name
eutocia {f} :: eutocia
eutocico {adj} :: eutocic
eutrofia {f} :: eutrophy
eutrofico {adj} :: eutrophic
eutrofizzante {adj} :: eutrophicating
eutrofizzazione {f} [biology] :: eutrophication
euzone {m} :: evzone
-eva {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the third-person singular imperfect of regular -ere verbs
Eva {prop} :: Eve [biblical character]
Eva {prop} :: given name
evacuamento {m} :: evacuation
evacuante {v} :: present participle of evacuare
evacuante {adj} :: evacuating
evacuante {adj} :: evacuation (attributive)
evacuare {vt} :: to evacuate
evacuare {vt} :: to expel (from the body); to defecate
evacuativo {adj} :: evacuant, evacuative
evacuato {adj} :: evacuated
evacuatore {adj} :: evacuative
evacuatore {adj} :: purgative
evacuazione {f} :: evacuation
evadente {v} :: present participle of evadere
evadere {vi} :: To escape, to get away
evadere {vt} :: To evade, to dodge
evadere {vt} :: To clear, to dispatch, to deal with
evagazione {f} :: pastime
evaginazione {f} :: evagination, extroversion
-evamo {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the first-person plural imperfect of regular -ere verbs
Evandro {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Evander
Evandro {prop} :: given name
evanescente {adj} :: evanescent, fading
evanescente {adj} [linguistics, of a vowel] :: indistinct
evanescenza {f} :: evanescence, fading
evangelario {m} :: evangelistary
evangelicale {adj} :: Evangelical
evangelicalismo {m} :: evangelicalism
evangelicamente {adv} :: evangelically
evangelico {adj} :: evangelical
evangelismo {m} :: evangelism
evangelista {m} :: evangelist
evangelistico {adj} :: evangelistic
evangelizzante {v} :: present participle of evangelizzare
evangelizzare {vt} :: to evangelize or convert
evangelizzatore {m} :: evangelizer
evangelizzazione {f} :: evangelization
evangelo {m} :: Gospel
-evano {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the third-person plural imperfect of regular -ere verbs
evaporabile {adj} :: evaporable
evaporante {v} :: present participle of evaporare
evaporare {vi} :: To evaporate
evaporativo {adj} :: evaporative
evaporatore {m} :: evaporator
evaporazione {f} :: evaporation
evaporimetro {m} :: atmometer
evaporite {f} :: evaporite
evaporitico {adj} :: evaporitic
evapotraspirazione {f} :: evapotranspiration
Evaristo {prop} :: given name
evasa {f} :: escaped prisoner [female]
Evasio {prop} :: given name
evasione {f} :: escape, jailbreak, getaway, breakout
evasione {f} :: escapism, escape
evasione {f} :: tax evasion
evasione {f} :: clearing, dispatching
evasione fiscale {f} :: tax evasion
evasivamente {adv} :: evasively
evasività {f} :: evasiveness
evasivo {adj} :: evasive
evaso {adj} :: escaped
evaso {m} :: Escaped prisoner
evasore {m} :: evader, dodger
evasore fiscale {m} :: tax evader, tax dodger
-evate {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the second-person plural imperfect of regular -ere verbs
evellente {v} :: present participle of evellere
evellere {vt} :: to eradicate, uproot
evemerismo {m} :: euhemerism
evemeristo {adj} :: euhemeristic
evenemenziale {adj} :: evenemential, factual
evenienza {f} :: occurrence, eventuality, event
Eveno {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Evenus
eventista {mf} :: events organizer
evento {m} :: event
eventuale {adj} :: possible, potential, contingent
eventualità {f} :: eventuality, possibility
eventualmente {adv} :: in case of
eventualmente {adv} :: possibly
evergreen {adj} :: evergreen (always in style)
evergreen {m} :: A song or singer that is always in style
evergreen {m} [finance] :: revolving credit
eversione {f} :: subversion
eversivamente {adv} :: subversively
eversività {f} :: subversiveness
eversivo {adj} :: subversive
eversore {m} :: subversive, subverter
evezione {f} :: evection
-evi {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the second-person singular imperfect of regular -ere verbs
evidente {adj} :: obvious, evident
evidentemente {adv} :: evidently, obviously, clearly
evidentissimo {adj} :: Very obvious, very evident
evidenza {f} :: evidence, obviousness
evidenza {f} :: force, vividness
evidenziabile {adj} :: That can be shown or highlighted
evidenziabile {adj} :: detectable
evidenziamento {m} :: highlighting, stressing, emphasizing
evidenziamento {m} :: stress, emphasis
evidenziante {v} :: present participle of evidenziare
evidenziantesi {v} :: present participle of evidenziarsi
evidenziare {vt} :: To highlight, to stress, to emphasize, to underline, to point out
evidenziarsi {vr} :: To become evident
evidenziatore {m} :: highlighter
evidenziatosi {v} :: past participle of evidenziarsi
evidenziazione {f} :: highlighting (of text)
evincente {v} :: present participle of evincere
evincere {vt} :: to evince
evirante {v} :: present participle of evirare
evirare {vt} :: To emasculate
evirazione {f} :: emasculation
eviscerante {v} :: present participle of eviscerare
eviscerare {vt} :: to eviscerate, disembowel
eviscerazione {f} :: evisceration
e vissero per sempre felici e contenti {phrase} [fairy tales] :: and they lived happily ever after
evitabile {adj} :: avoidable
evitabilità {f} :: avoidability
evitamento {m} :: avoidance
evitantesi {v} :: present participle of evitarsi
evitare {v} :: to avoid or shy away from
evitare {v} :: to dodge
evitare {v} :: to ward off
evitarsi {v} :: reflexive of evitare
evitarsi {vr} :: to save
evitarsi {vr} :: to avoid
evitatosi {v} :: past participle of evitarsi
evitazione {f} :: evitation
evitico {adj} :: Eve (attributive)
evitico {adj} [colloquial] :: naked
evizione {f} :: eviction
-evo {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the first-person singular imperfect of regular -ere verbs
evo {m} :: era
evo {m} :: long period of time
evocabile {adj} :: evocable
evocante {v} :: present participle of evocare
evocare {vt} :: to evoke, conjure, call up, raise
evocare {vt} :: to recall, evoke
evocare {vt} :: to evocate
evocativamente {adv} :: evocatively
evocatività {f} :: evocativeness
evocativo {adj} :: evocative
evocatore {adj} :: evocative, evocatory
evocatorio {adj} :: evocative, evocatory
evocazione {f} :: evocation
-evole {suffix} :: -y, -ery, -able, -ible; used to form adjectives from verbs denoting action, etc
-evolmente {suffix} :: Used to form adverbs from adjectives that end in -evole
evoltosi {v} :: past participle of evolversi
evoluente {v} :: present participle of evoluire
evoluire {vi} :: To manoeuvre
evolutivamente {adv} :: evolutionarily
evolutivo {adj} :: evolutionary
evolutivo {adj} :: progressive (illness etc)
evoluto {adj} :: advanced, developed (civilization etc)
evoluto {adj} :: broad-minded
evolutosi {v} :: past participle of evolversi
evoluzionario {adj} :: evolutionary
evoluzione {f} :: evolution, progress, development
evoluzionismo {m} :: evolutionism
evoluzionista {adj} :: evolutionist
evoluzionista {mf} :: evolutionist
evoluzionistico {adj} :: evolutionist, evolutionistic
evolvente {v} :: present participle of evolvere
evolventesi {v} :: present participle of evolversi
evolvere {vt} :: to develop, expand
evolversi {v} :: reflexive of evolvere
evolversi {v} :: to evolve
evonimo {m} :: spindle (tree) (Euonymus europaeus)
evorsione {f} :: evorsion
evulsione {f} :: evulsion
evulso {adj} :: uprooted, eradicated
evvai {interj} :: alternative form of evviva
evviva {interj} :: hurray!, hurrah!
evviva {interj} :: long live!
evviva {m} :: cheer, hurray
ex- {prefix} :: ex-
ex {mf} :: ex (ex-boyfriend, girlfriend)
exametro {m} :: exametre
exarazione {f} :: alternative form of esarazione
excerpta {n} :: excerpts, extracts (literary)
exeresi {f} [surgery] :: exeresis, excision
exit poll {m} :: exit poll
ex novo {adv} :: from the beginning, from scratch
exonico {adj} :: exonic
exoterico {adj} :: exoteric
expertise {f} [arts] :: authentication
exploit {m} :: exploit, feat
exsecante {f} [trigonometry] :: exsecant
extra- {prefix} :: extra-
extra {adj} :: extra
extra {adj} :: select (best quality)
extra {m} :: extra (something additional)
extraagricolo {adj} :: nonagricultural
extraatmosferico {adj} :: extraatmospheric; outer (space)
extracellulare {adj} :: extracellular
extracircondariale {adj} :: outside a district
extracittadino {adj} :: outside a city
extracomunale {adj} :: unincorporated (not part of a commune or similar political division)
extracomunitaria {f} :: (female) non-EC immigrant, non-EU immigrant
extracomunitaria {f} :: (female) non-EC citizen, non-EU citizen
extracomunitario {adj} :: non-EC, non-EU
extracomunitario {m} :: A non-EC immigrant, a non-EU immigrant
extracomunitario {m} :: A non-EC citizen, a non-EU citizen
extraconiugale {adj} :: extramarital
extracontrattuale {adj} [legal] :: extracontractual
extracorporeo {adj} :: extracorporeal
extracromosomico {adj} :: extrachromosomal
extracurricolare {adj} :: extracurricular
extracurricolo {adj} :: extracurricular
extradoganale {adj} :: duty-free
extradolce {adj} :: Very mild (describing steel with a very low carbon content)
extradotale {adj} :: extradotal
extraembrionale {adj} :: extraembryonic
extraeuropeo {adj} :: extra-European
extrafusale {adj} :: extrafusal
extragalattico {adj} [astronomy] :: extragalactic
extragettito {m} [finance] :: earnings, income etc. greater than forecast
extragiudiciale {adj} :: extrajudicial
extragiudiziale {adj} [legal] :: extrajudicial
extragiudizialmente {adv} :: extrajudicially
extragiuridico {adj} :: extrajudicial
extraitaliano {adj} :: extraitalian
extralegale {adj} :: extralegal
extralinguistico {adj} :: extralinguistic
extramembranoso {adj} :: extramembranous
extramorale {adj} [philosophy] :: nonmoral, extra-moral
extramurale {adj} :: extramural
extranazionale {adj} :: extranational
extranet {f} [computing] :: extranet
extraoculare {adj} [anatomy] :: extraocular
extrapancreatico {adj} [anatomy, medicine] :: extrapancreatic
extraparlamentare {adj} :: extraparliamentary
extrapiramidale {adj} :: extrapyramidal
extrapolitico {adj} :: extrapolitical
extrapostale {adj} :: extrapostal (non-postal)
extraprocessuale {adj} :: extrajudicial
extraprofessionale {adj} :: extraprofessional
extraprofitto {m} :: extra or excess profit
extrarapido {adj} :: extra-rapid, high-speed
extrarapido {adj} [photography] :: ultrafast
extrarenale {adj} [anatomy] :: extrarenal
extrarete {adj} :: Outside of a normal (sales) network
extrascolastico {adj} :: extrascholastic
extrascolastico {adj} :: after-school (attributive)
extrasensibile {adj} :: extrasensory
extrasensibile {adj} :: ultrasensitive
extrasensoriale {adj} :: extrasensory
extrasettore {adj} :: extrasectorial
extrasistole {f} [pathology] :: extrasystole
extrasistolia {f} :: extrasystolia
extrasistolico {adj} :: extrasystolic
extrasolare {adj} [astrophysics] :: extrasolar
extrasportivo {adj} :: non-sporting
extrastallia {f} :: extra-demurrage
extrastrong {adj} :: extra-strong
extratariffario {adj} :: non-tariff
extratemporale {adj} :: extratemporal
extraterrestre {adj} :: extraterrestrial
extraterrestre {mf} :: extraterrestrial, alien
extraterritoriale {adj} :: extraterritorial
extraterritorialità {f} :: extraterritoriality
extrauniversitario {adj} :: off-campus; extramural
extraurbano {adj} :: suburban, extra-urban
extraurbano {adj} :: out-of-town
extrauterino {adj} :: extrauterine
extravascolare {adj} [anatomy] :: extravascular
extravecchio {adj} :: aged for longer than normal
extraveicolare {adj} :: extravehicular
extravergine {adj} :: extra-virgin
Ezechia {prop} :: Hezekiah [biblical character]
Ezechia {prop} :: given name
Ezechiele {prop} :: Ezekiel [biblical character]
Ezechiele {prop} :: the Book of Ezekiel
Ezechiele {prop} :: given name
eziam {adv} :: furthermore, besides
eziam {adv} :: yet
eziandio {conj} :: also, well, still
eziando {adv} :: newly
eziando {adv} :: still, again, even
eziando {conj} :: also, as well as
ezio- {prefix} :: etio-, aetio- (related to causes)
Ezio {prop} :: given name
eziolamento {m} [botany] :: etiolation
eziolato {adj} [botany] :: etiolated
eziologia {f} :: etiology
eziologico {adj} :: etiological
eziologo {m} :: etiologist / aetiologist
eziopatogenesi {f} :: etiopathogenesis
ezioplasto {m} :: etioplast
-ezza {suffix} :: -ity, -ness