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wack {n} /wæk/ (eccentric)  :: kumma tyyppi, kummajainen, outo lintu
wacky {adj} (zany) SEE: zany  ::
wad {n} (compact mass)  :: tuppo
wad {n} (substantial pile (normally of money))  :: nippu, tukku
wad {n} (soft plug)  :: tuppo
wadding {n} (wads collectively)  :: pehmusteet {p}
wadding {n} (soft fibrous cotton or wool)  :: vanu
waddle {v} /ˈwɑ.dəl/ (To walk with short steps, tilting the body from side to side)  :: vaappua
wade {v} /we͡ɪd/ (to walk through water or something that impedes progress)  :: kahlata, rämpiä, tarpoa
wade {v} (to progress with difficulty)  :: rämpiä, tarpoa
wade {n} (act of wading)  :: kahluu
Wade-Giles {prop} (transcription system for Mandarin)  :: Wade-Giles-järjestelmä
wader {n} (one who wades)  :: kahlaaja
wader {n} (boot)  :: kahluusaapas
wader {n} (bird)  :: kahlaaja
wadi {n} (a valley, gully, or stream-bed in northern Africa and southwest Asia that remains dry except during the rainy season)  :: vadi
wading bird {n} (long-legged bird)  :: kahlaaja
wading pool {n} (shallow pool)  :: kahluuallas
wafer {n} /ˈweɪfə/ (biscuit)  :: vohveli
wafer {n} (religious token)  :: ehtoollisleipä, öylätti
wafer {n} (electronics)  :: piikiekko
waffle {n} /ˈwɑ.fl/ (flat pastry)  :: vohveli
waffle {n} (speech or writing that is vague)  :: jaaritus, jaarittelu
waffle {v} (vacillate) SEE: vacillate  ::
waffle iron {n} (a cooking appliance used to make waffles)  :: vohvelirauta
waft {v} /wɑft/ (to float easily and gently on the air)  :: leijua, lehauttaa, lehahtaa
waft {v} (to be moved on a buoyant medium)  :: leijua, kellua
waft {v} (to give notice to by waving something)  :: vilkuttaa
wag {v} /wæɡ/ (to swing from side to side)  :: heiluttaa, huiskuttaa [transitive]; heilua [intransitive]
wag {n} (oscillating movement)  :: heilutus
wag {n} (witty person)  :: neropatti
wage {n} /weɪd͡ʒ/ (money paid to a worker)  :: palkka, ansiotulo, liksa
wage {v} (to conduct or carry out)  :: ryhtyä
wage earner {n} (someone who works for wages)  :: palkansaaja
wager {n} (a stake; a pledge)  :: panos, veto
wager {n} (an agreement)  :: veto, vedonlyönti
wager {n} (the subject of a bet)  :: vedonlyöntikohde
wager {v} (put up as collateral)  :: lyödä vetoa
wage scale {n} (system of remuneration)  :: palkka-asteikko
wage slave {n} (one who feels compelled to work for wage)  :: palkkaorja
waggon {n} (wagon) SEE: wagon  ::
wagon {n} /wæɡ.ən/ (4-wheeled cart, see also: cart)  :: vaunu, vankkuri
wagon {n} (child's riding toy)  :: kärry
wagtail {n} (various small passerine birds)  :: västäräkki
wail {n} /weɪl/ (loud cry or shriek)  :: ulina
wail {v} (to cry out)  :: ulista, itkeä
wail {v} (to weep, lament)  :: ulista, itkeä
wail {v} (to make a sound like crying)  :: ulvoa, ulista, valittaa
waist {n} /weɪst/ (part of the body between the pelvis and the stomach)  :: vyötärö
waistband {n} /ˈweɪst.ˌbænd/ (band of fabric encircling the waist)  :: vyötärönauha
waistcoat {n} /ˈweɪs(t)kəʊt/ (a sleeveless, collarless garment)  :: liivi
waisted {adj} /ˈweɪstɪd/ (having some specific type of waist)  :: -vyötäröinen
waistline {n} (line around the body at the waist; its measurement)  :: vyötärölinja
waistline {n} (narrowest part of a garment)  :: vyötärölinja
wait {v} /weɪt/ (delay until some event)  :: odottaa
wait {v} (to serve customers)  :: tarjoilla
wait {n} (a delay)  :: odotus
wait {v} (transitive: delay until) SEE: await  ::
waiter {n} /ˈweɪt̬ɚ/ (a server in a restaurant or similar)  :: tarjoilija
wait for {v} (wait) SEE: wait  ::
wait for the other shoe to drop {v} (defer action pending another resolution)  :: odottaa seuraavaa vaihetta
wait for the other shoe to drop {v} (to await an undesirable inevitability)  :: odottaa seuraavaa iskua
waiting {n} /ˈweɪtɪŋ/ (the act of staying or remaining in expectation)  :: odotus, odottaminen
waiting game {n} (strategy of refraining from action until circumstances change)  :: odotuspeli
waiting list {n} (ordered list of people waiting to obtain a good or service)  :: jonotuslista, odotuslista
waiting move {n} (chess: passive move)  :: odotussiirto
waiting room {n} (room)  :: odotushuone
waitlist {n} (waiting list) SEE: waiting list  ::
waitlist {v} (to place on a waiting list)  :: laittaa jonotuslistalle
wait on {v} (wait for an event)  :: odottaa
wait on {v} (wait for a person to do something)  :: odottaa
wait on {v} (serve)  :: tarjoilla, palvella
wait on hand and foot {v} (attend to someone's every need)  :: hemmotella pilalle
waitress {n} (female waiter)  :: tarjoilija, tarjoilijatar
waitstaff {n} (waiters collectively)  :: tarjoiluhenkilökunta, tarjoilijat {p}
wait upon {v} (wait on; serve)  :: palvella
waive {v} /weɪv/ (to relinquish; to give up claim to)  :: luopua
waive {v} (to put aside, avoid)  :: luopua
waiver {n} /ˈweɪ.vɚ/ (the act of waiving)  :: luopuminen
waiver {n} (legal document)  :: vastuuvapautussopimus [contract]; vastuuvapauslauseke [clause]
waiver {n} (something that releases a person from a requirement)  :: erivapaus, poikkeuslupa, vastuuvapautus
wake {v} /ˈweɪk/ (to stop sleeping)  :: herätä
wake {v} (to make somebody stop sleeping)  :: herättää
wake {n} (period after death)  :: ruumiinvalvojaiset, vainajan valvojaiset
wake {n} (path left behind a ship on the surface of the water)  :: vanavesi, peräaalto
wake {n} (turbulent air left behind a flying aircraft)  :: vana
wakeboarding {n} /ˈweɪkbɔɹdɪŋ/ (water sport)  :: vesilautailu
wake up {v} (to (become) awake)  :: herätä
wake up {v} (to awaken (someone else))  :: herättää
wake up {v} (to become more aware of a real-life situation.)  :: herätä
wake-up {n} (act or instance of waking up)  :: herääminen
wake-up {n} (act or instance of being awakened)  :: herätys
wake up and smell the coffee {v} (stop deluding oneself)  :: herätä todellisuuteen
wake-up call {n} (morning courtesy call)  :: herätyssoitto
wake up on the wrong side of bed {v} (to be irritable) SEE: get up on the wrong side of the bed  ::
Waldemar {prop} (male given name)  :: Valto, Valdemar
waldmeister {n} (herb) SEE: sweet woodruff  ::
Waldorf salad {n} (type of salad)  :: waldorfinsalaatti
Wales {prop} /weɪlz/ (a constituent nation of the UK)  :: Wales
walk {v} /wɔk/ (to move on the feet)  :: kävellä
walk {v} (colloquial: to be stolen)  :: lähteä kävelemään
walk {v} (to travel a distance by walking)  :: kävellä
walk {v} (to take for a walk)  :: kävelyttää, ulkoiluttaa, taluttaa [to take for a walk]; saattaa [to accompany]
walk {v} (baseball: to allow to advance after four balls)  :: antaa vapaataival
walk {v} (move something by shifting between two positions)  :: kävelyttää, taluttaa
walk {v} (to full cloth)  :: vanuttaa, huovuttaa
walk {v} (to traverse by walking (or analogous gradual movement))  :: kävellä
walk {v} (colloquial: to leave, resign)  :: lähteä
walk {v} (to push vehicle alongside oneself)  :: taluttaa
walk {v} (to behave)  :: käyttäytyä
walk {v} (to be stirring)  :: vaeltaa, kulkea
walk {v} (to be in motion)  :: olla liikkeellä, liikkua, kulkea
walk {n} (trip made by walking)  :: kävely, kävelyretki
walk {n} (distance walked)  :: kävely, kävelymatka
walk {n} (manner of walking)  :: kävelytyyli
walk {n} (maintained place on which to walk)  :: kävelytie
walk {n} (baseball: instance of walking a batter)  :: vapaataival
walk a tightrope {v} (to undertake a precarious course)  :: taiteilla
walkaway {n} (easy victory) SEE: walkover  ::
walker {n} (person who walks)  :: kävelijä
walker {n} (shoe designed for comfortable walking)  :: kävelykenkä
walker {n} (person who walks cloth)  :: huovuttaja
walkie-talkie {n} (portable radio)  :: radiopuhelin
walking {n} /wɔkɪŋ/ (gerund of walk)  :: käveleminen
walking cane {n} (walking stick) SEE: walking stick  ::
walking dictionary {n} (person familiar with a wide range of specialized terms)  :: kävelevä sanakirja
walking fish {n} (fish that can travel over land)  :: kävelevä kala
walking frame {n} (framework device)  :: kävelytuki, dallari
walking stick {n} (cane)  :: kävelykeppi
walking stick {n} (slang a playing card with the rank of seven)  :: seiska
walking stick {n} (insect) SEE: stick insect  ::
walk in the park {n} (something easy or pleasant)  :: helppo nakki, leivänheitto
walkman {n} (any personal cassette player)  :: korvalappustereot {p}
walk of life {n} (occupation, role, class, or lifestyle)  :: ammatti [occupation], elämänala [field of life], elämäntapa [lifestyle]
walk-on {n} (actor with a small part)  :: sivuosan esittäjä
walk-on {n} (small part in a play or film)  :: sivuosa
walk on eggshells {v} /ˌwɔːk ɒn ˈɛɡʃɛlz/ (to act carefully to avoid upsetting someone)  :: pitää kuin kukkaa kämmenellä
walk on eggshells {v} (to handle sensitive matters delicately)  :: käsitellä silkkihansikkain
walkout {n} (strike)  :: lakko
walkout {n} (similar mass action)  :: ulosmarssi
walkover {n} (easy victory)  :: murskavoitto
walkover {n} (tennis: victory awarded when a scheduled opponent fails to play)  :: luovutusvoitto
walkover {n} (someone easy to defeat)  :: heittopussi
walkover {n} (type of railroad passenger car seat)  :: kääntöistuin
walk the plank {v} (to be forced to resign from a position in an organization)  :: savustaa ulos [to make walk the plank]
walk the talk {v} (to act in accordance with one's words)  :: pitää puheensa
walk through {v} (explain step by step)  :: käydä läpi
walk through {v} (rehearse casually)  :: käydä läpi
walkthrough {n} /wɔːk.θɹuː/ ((software engineering) process of inspecting algorithms and source code)  :: läpikävely
walkthrough {n} ((video games) playthrough detailing the steps involved in winning the game)  :: läpipeluuohje
walkthrough {n} (type of financial audit)  :: läpikulku
wall {n} /wɔl/ (defensive rampart)  :: valli
wall {n} (structure built for defense surrounding an area)  :: muuri
wall {n} (substantial structure acting as side or division in a building)  :: seinä
wall {n} (point of desperation)  :: seinä
wall {n} (point of defeat or extinction)  :: seinä
wall {n} (impediment to free movement)  :: muuri
wall {n} (butterfly Lasiommata megera)  :: ruostepapurikko
wall {n} (barrier)  :: muuri
wall {n} (barrier to vision)  :: näköeste
wall {n} (something with the apparent solidity and dimensions of a building wall)  :: seinämä, seinä
wall {n} (anatomy, zoology, botany: divisive or containing structure)  :: seinämä, seinä
wall {n} (fictional bidder at an auction)  :: valehuutaja
wall {n} (soccer: line of defenders)  :: muuri
wall {n} (internet: personal notice board)  :: seinä
wallaby {n} /ˈwɒləbi/ (Any of several species of Marsupial)  :: vallabi, kenguru
Wallachia {prop} /wɒlˈeɪ.kiː.ə/ (region in Romania)  :: Valakia
Wallachian {n} /wɒlˈeɪ.kiː.ən/ (person from Wallachia or of Wallachian descent)  :: valakki
Wallachian {adj} (related to Wallachia)  :: valakialainen
wallaroo {n} (any of three intermediate-size macropods)  :: kenguru
wallaroo {n} (Macropus robustus)  :: vuorikenguru
wall barley {n}  :: hiirenohra
wall bars {n} (exercise equipment)  :: puolapuut
wallboard {n} (a construction material of premade boards used for walls and ceilings)  :: kipsilevy
wall brown {n} (butterfly)  :: ruostepapurikko
wall chaser {n} (power tool)  :: roilokone, uraleikkuri
wall clock {n} (clock mounted on a wall)  :: seinäkello
wallet {n} /ˈwɒlɪt/ (case for keeping money)  :: lompakko
walleye {n} (sideways-looking misaligned eye)  :: kiero silmä
walleye {n} (Sander vitreus)  :: valkosilmäkuha, hietakuha
wallflower {n} /ˈwɔl.ˌflɑʊ.ɚ/ (any of several short-lived herbs or shrubs of the Erysimum)  :: ukonnauris
wallflower {n} (socially awkward person)  :: seinäkukkanen, seinäruusu
wall hanging {n} (wall decoration)  :: seinäkoriste
Wallis and Futuna {prop} (an overseas territory of France in Oceania)  :: Wallis ja Futuna
wall knot {n} (type of knot)  :: punos
wall lizard {n} (lizard of the genus Podarcis)  :: muurisisilisko
Walloon {prop} /wəˈluːn/ (Romance language)  :: valloni
Walloon {n} (an inhabitant of Wallonia)  :: valloni
Walloon {adj} (referring to the French-speaking people of southern Belgium)  :: vallonien [genitive of noun]
Walloon {adj} (referring to the Romance language)  :: valloninkielinen
wallow {v} /ˈwɒləʊ/ (to roll oneself about, as in mire; to tumble and roll about; to move lazily or heavily in any medium; to flounder; as, swine wallow in the mire)  :: kieriskellä
wallow {v} (to immerse oneself in, to occupy oneself with, metaphorically)  :: rypeä
wallpaper {n} (decorative paper for walls)  :: tapetti
wallpaper {n} (computing: image used to cover a desktop)  :: taustakuva
wallpaper {v} (to cover with wallpaper)  :: tapetoida
wall plate {n} (horizontal piece of timber on a wall)  :: juoksu
wall plug {n} (fixing)  :: seinätulppa
wall plug {n} (electric socket)  :: pistorasia
wall railing {n} (hand railing attached to a wall)  :: seinäkaide
walls have ears {proverb} (be careful about what you say)  :: seinilläkin on korvat
wall socket {n} (electricity power point)  :: pistorasia
wall-to-wall {adj} (that covers all of the floor)  :: kokolattia-
wall-to-wall {adj} (pervasive, ubiquitous, unremitting; see also pervasive, ubiquitous, unremitting)  :: kattava
wall wart {n} (power supply)  :: verkkolaturi
walnut {n} /ˈwɑlnət/ (tree)  :: pähkinäpuu
walnut {n} (nut)  :: saksanpähkinä
walnut {n} (wood)  :: pähkinäpuu
walrus {n} /ˈwɑl.ɹəs/ (large Arctic marine mammal)  :: mursu
Walter {prop} /ˈwɔltɚ/ (male given name)  :: Valtteri
waltz {n} /wɔːlts/ (a ballroom dance)  :: valssi
waltz {n} (piece of music)  :: valssi
waltz {n} (simple task)  :: tanssi
waltz {v} (dance)  :: tanssia valssia, valssata
waltz {v} (accomplish with little effort)  :: tanssia
waltz {v} (move briskly and unhesitatingly)  :: tanssia, viedä [someone]
wan {adj} /wɒn/ (pale, sickly-looking)  :: kelmeä, kalmea, riutunut
wan {adj} (dim, faint)  :: kelmeä
wan {adj} (bland, uninterested)  :: vaisu
wand {n} (hand-held narrow rod)  :: sauva
wander {v} /ˈwɑndɚ/ (to move without purpose or destination)  :: vaeltaa, vaellella, kierrellä, harhailla
wander {v} (to stray from one's course)  :: harhautua, eksyä, ajautua sivuun
wander {v} (to commit adultery)  :: pettää, käydä vieraissa, tehdä aviorikos, olla uskoton, [religious/archaic] tehdä huorin
wander {v} (to go somewhere indirectly)  :: kierrellä, kaarrella, kiertää, vaeltaa
wander {v} (of the mind, to lose focus or clarity of argument or attention)  :: harhailla
wanderer {n} (one who wanders)  :: kuljeksija, kulkuri
wandering Jew {n} (Tradescantia zebrina)  :: juorukki
Wandering Jew {prop} (the Jewish shoemaker from the Christian legend)  :: vaeltava juutalainen
wanderlust {n} /ˈwɑndɚˌlʌst/ (a strong impulse or longing to travel)  :: vaellushalu, kaukokaipuu
wane {n} /weɪn/ (gradual diminution)  :: hiipuminen
wane {n} (end of a period)  :: loppu
wane {v} (to progressively lose its splendor, value, ardor, power, intensity, etc.)  :: hiipua
waned {adj} (having wanes)  :: vajaakanttinen
wangle {v} (falsify) SEE: falsify  ::
waning {adj} /ˈweɪ.nɪŋ/ (becoming weaker or smaller)  :: hupeneva
wank {v} /weɪŋk/ (intransitive: to masturbate)  :: runkata, vetää käteen, vemputtaa
wank {v} (transitive: to masturbate)  :: runkata, vemputtaa
wank {n} (act of masturbation)  :: runkku, runkki, runkkaus, omakiva
wank {n} (rubbish, nonsense)  :: paskapuhe
Wankel engine {n} (type of engine)  :: wankelmoottori
wanker {n} /ˈwæŋkə(ɹ)/ (person who wanks)  :: runkkari
wanker {n} (idiot)  :: runkkari
want {v} /wʌnt/ (desire)  :: tahtoa, haluta
want {n} (lack (of))  :: puute
want {n} (poverty)  :: köyhyys
want {v} (lack) SEE: lack  ::
want ad {n} (type of ad)  :: työpaikkailmoitus
wanted {adj} /ˈwɑntʰɪd]/ (desired)  :: etsitty, haluttu, toivottu
wanted {adj} (subject to immediate detainment)  :: etsintäkuulutettu
wanted poster {n} (printed announcement)  :: etsintäkuulutus
wanton {adj} /ˈwɑntən/ (undisciplined (obsolete))  :: huikentelevainen, kuriton
wanton {adj} (lewd, immoral; sexually open/free)  :: irstas, rietas, siveetön
wanton {adj} (playful, carefree)  :: riehakas, leikkisä
wanton {adj} (capricious, reckless of morals or justice)  :: vastuuton, holtiton, hätäinen
wanton {adj} (extravagant (of speech or thought) (obsolete))  :: huikentelevainen
wanton {n} (pampered or coddled person)  :: lellikki
wanton {n} (overly playful person)  :: pelle
wanton {v} (to waste or squander)  :: tuhlata, haaskata
wapiti {n} (the American elk)  :: vapiti, kanadanhirvi
war {n} /wɔː/ (conflict involving organized use of arms)  :: sota
war {n} (rhetorical: campaign against something)  :: sota
war {n} (card game)  :: kina
war {v} (to engage in conflict)  :: sotia
warble {v} /ˈwɔɹbl̩/ (to sing like a bird, especially with trills)  :: livertää
warbler {n} (bird of the Sylviidae family)  :: kerttu
warbler {n} (bird of the Parulidae family)  :: kerttuli
war bond {n} (type of bond)  :: sotaobligaatio
war bonnet {n} (ceremonial headdress)  :: sotapäähine
war bride {n} (woman)  :: sotamorsian
war chest {n} (fund to finance a war)  :: sotakassa
war chest {n} (fund for some specific campaign)  :: rahasto; vaalikassa [funds for an electoral campaign]
war child {n} (child who has grown up in wartime)  :: sotalapsi
war crime {n} (offense for violations of the law of war)  :: sotarikos
war criminal {n} (person guilty of a war crime)  :: sotarikollinen
ward {n} /wɔɹd/ (action of a watchman)  :: vartio, vahti
ward {n} (person under guardianship)  :: holhokki, holhottava
ward {n} (section of a prison)  :: osasto
ward {n} (administrative subdivision of cities)  :: kaupunginosa
ward {n} (part of a hospital where patients reside)  :: potilassali, potilashuone, osasto
ward {n} (minor looked after by a guardian)  :: holhokki, holhottava
ward {n} (on a lock or key)  :: haitta
ward {v} (To keep in safety; to watch; to guard)  :: suojella
ward {v} (To defend; to protect)  :: suojella
ward {v} (To fend off; to repel; to turn aside)  :: suojella
war dance {n} (ceremonial dance performed before a major battle or after a victory)  :: sotatanssi
warden {n} /ˈwɔɹdən/ (a chief administrative officer of a prison)  :: vankilanjohtaja
ward off {v} (to parry, or turn aside)  :: torjua
ward off {v} (to avert or prevent)  :: torjua
wardrobe {n} (lavatory) SEE: toilet  ::
wardrobe {n} (outhouse) SEE: outhouse  ::
wardrobe {n} / ˈwɔːdɹəʊb/ (movable furniture for storing clothes)  :: vaatekaappi
wardrobe {n} (costume department)  :: puvusto
wardrobe {n} (collection of clothing)  :: vaatekaappi
wardrobe malfunction {n} ((euphemism) an accidental instance of indecent exposure)  :: vaatemoka
ware {n} /wɛɚ/ (product)  :: tavara, kauppatavara
-ware {suffix} (denoting items made from a particular substance)  :: -esineet {p}, -tavara
-ware {suffix} (denoting items of a particular kind or for a particular use)  :: -esineet {p}, -tavara
-ware {suffix} (denoting specific classes of computer software)  :: -ohjelmat {p}
warehouse {n} (A place for storing large amounts of products)  :: varasto
warehouse store {n} (type of retailer)  :: laatikkomyymälä
warez {v} (copy illegally)  :: warettaa
warfare {n}  :: sodankäynti, sota
warfighter {n} (soldier, especially in the military of one's own country)  :: taistelija
war film {n} (film set in wartime)  :: sotaelokuva
war game {n} (military simulation)  :: sotaharjoitus, taisteluharjoitus, karttaharjoitus, sotapeli
warhead {n} (part of a missile, projectile, torpedo, rocket, or other munition)  :: taistelukärki
warhorse {n} (horse used in horse-cavalry)  :: sotahevonen, sotaratsu
warhorse {n} (experienced person)  :: sotaratsu
warlike {adj} /ˈwɔɹlaɪk/ (belligerent)  :: sotaisa
warlike {adj} (bellicose)  :: sotaisa, sotaintoinen
warlock {n} /ˈwɔɹ.lɑk/ (male magic-user)  :: velho
warlord {n} (high military officer in a warlike nation)  :: sotapäällikkö
warlord {n} (local ruler or bandit leader where the government is weak)  :: sotaherra
warlordism {n} (behaviours and practices of warlords)  :: sotaherruus
warm {adj} /wɔɹm/ (having a temperature slightly higher than usual)  :: lämmin, lämpöinen
warm {adj} (being something that causes warmth)  :: lämmin
warm {adj} (caring, of relation to another person)  :: lämmin
warm {adj} (ardent, zealous)  :: palava
warm {v} (to make or keep warm)  :: lämmittää, lämmitellä
warm {v} (to increasingly favour)  :: lämmetä
war machine {n} /ˈwɔː məˌʃiːn/ (weapon)  :: sotakone
war machine {n} (resources)  :: sotakone, sotakoneisto
warm-blooded {adj} (passionate)  :: kuumaverinen
warm-blooded {adj} (maintaining constant body temperature) SEE: endothermic  ::
war memorial {n}  :: sotamuistomerkki
warm front {n} (the trailing edge of a mass of cold air)  :: lämmin rintama
warmly {adv} (in a manner maintaining warm temperature)  :: lämpimästi
warmonger {n} /ˈwɔː(ɹ).mʌŋ.ɡə(ɹ)/ (one who advocates war)  :: sodanlietsoja
warmonger {v} (to advocate war)  :: lietsoa sotaa
warmth {n} /wɔɹmθ/ (moderate heat; sensation of being warm)  :: lämpö; lämmin
warmth {n} (friendliness, affection)  :: lämpö
warmth {n} (intensity of emotion or expression)  :: kiihko
warmth {n} (arts: effect)  :: lämpö
warm the cockles of someone's heart {v} (to provide happiness to someone)  :: lämmittää jonkun sydäntä
warm up {v} (to make an audience enthusiastic)  :: lämmittää, lämmitellä
warm up {v} (to reach a normal operating temperature)  :: lämmittää [transitive], lämmetä [intransitive]
warm up {v} (to reheat food)  :: lämmittää
warm up {v} (to become warmer)  :: lämmitellä
warm up {v} (to do some additional practice)  :: lämmitellä
warm-up {n} (The act of exercising or stretching in preparation for strenuous activity)  :: lämmittely
warm-up {n} (Any act of preparation for a performance)  :: lämmittely
warm-up {n} (A period of time allocated for performing warm-ups)  :: lämmittely
warmup jacket {n} (type of jacket)  :: lämmittelytakki, urheilupusakka
warn {v} /wɔːn/ (to make someone aware of impending danger)  :: varoittaa
warn {v} (to notify someone of something untoward)  :: varoittaa
Warner {prop} (male given name of Germanic origin)  :: Verneri
warning {n} /ˈwɔɹnɪŋ/ (instance of warning someone)  :: varoittaminen
warning {n} (something spoken or written that is intended to warn)  :: varoitus
warning {interj} (warning of danger in signs)  :: Vaara
war of aggression {n} (military conflict waged without the justification of self-defense, usually for territorial gain and subjugation)  :: hyökkäyssota
war of conquest {n} (war of conquest, see also: war of aggression)  :: valloitussota
war of nerves {n} (conflict in which demoralizing and frightening tactics are used)  :: hermosota
war of nerves {n} (situation in which opposed parties maintain a tense, contentious relationship)  :: hermosota
war of words {n} (heated exchange of statements)  :: sanasota
War on Terrorism {prop} (ongoing campaign by the US and its allies)  :: sota terrorismia vastaan
War on Terrorism {prop} (common term for conflict against Islamic terrorism)  :: sota terrorismia vastaan
warp {n} (state of being bent out of shape)  :: vääntyminen
warp {n} (distortion or twist)  :: vääntymä, vääristymä
warp {n} (threads)  :: loimi
warp {n} (nautical: line used in warping)  :: varppi
warp {n} (theoretical construct)  :: poimu
warp {v} (to twist or turn something out of shape)  :: vääristää, vääristyä
warp {v} (to move a vessel)  :: varpata
war paint {n} (pigment)  :: sotamaalaus
warp and woof {n} (threads in a woven fabric)  :: loimi ja kude
warp and woof {n} (fundamental structure)  :: perusrakenne, ydin; tuki ja turva, kulmakivi
war party {n} (group of people)  :: sotajoukko
warpath {n} (course of action that leads to hostility)  :: sotapolku, sotajalka
warped {adj} (distorted by warping)  :: vääntynyt
warped {adj} (in figurative sense)  :: kieroutunut
warphan {n} (orphan due to having lost one's parents in war)  :: sotaorpo
warplane {n} (aircraft for combat)  :: sotilaslentokone
warpower {n} (capacity to wage war)  :: sotapotentiaali
warrant {n} /ˈwɒɹ.ənt/ (obsolete: protector or defender)  :: suojelija
warrant {n} (authorization by a superior)  :: valtuutus
warrant {n} (something that provides assurance or confirmation)  :: todistus
warrant {n} (order that serves as authorization)  :: valtakirja
warrant {n} (legal: judicial writ)  :: määräys
warrant {n} (finance: option to buy a security)  :: merkintäoikeus, warrantti
warrant {n} (warrant of fitness of a motor vehicle)  :: katsastustodistus
warrant {n} (warrant officer) SEE: warrant officer  ::
warrant {v} (to justify) SEE: justify  ::
warrant {v} (to authorize) SEE: authorize  ::
warrant officer {n} (member of military)  :: vääpeli
warranty {n} /ˈwɔɹ.ən.ti/ (a guarantee that a certain outcome or obligation will be fulfilled; security)  :: takuu, takuusitoumus
warranty {n} (legal: an agreement which states that the goods or property in question will be in exactly the same state as promised)  :: takuu
warranty {n} (justification or mandate to do something)  :: valtuutus
warren {n} /ˈwɒɹən/ (the system of burrows where rabbits live)  :: koloverkosto
warren {n} (labyrinthine place)  :: sokkelo
war reparations {n} (compensation to cover war damages)  :: sotakorvaus
warring {adj} (engaged in war; belligerent)  :: sotaakäyvä, sotiva
Warring States {prop} (era in ancient Chinese history)  :: taistelevien läänitysvaltioiden kausi
Warring States {prop} (era in ancient Japanese history)  :: Sengoku-kausi, taistelevien valtioiden aikakausi
warrior {n} /ˈwɔɹiɚ/ (person actively engaged in battle, conflict or warfare)  :: taistelija, sotilas, [literary, poetic] soturi
warrior {n} (person aggressively, courageously, or energetically involved in an activity)  :: taistelija
war room {n} (command center)  :: komentokeskus
war room {n} (location from which an activity is directed)  :: komentokeskus
Warsaw {prop} /ˈwɔɹsɔ/ (capital city of Poland)  :: Varsova
Warsaw Convention {prop} (international treaty)  :: Varsovan sopimus
Warsaw Pact {prop} (pact)  :: Varsovan sopimus
Warsaw Pact {prop} (military alliance)  :: Varsovan liitto
warship {n} /ˈwoɚˌʃɪp/ (ship built or armed for naval combat)  :: sota-alus, sotalaiva
Warsovian {adj} (Varsovian) SEE: Varsovian  ::
Warsovian {n} (Varsovian) SEE: Varsovian  ::
wart {n} /wɔɹt/ (type of growth occurring on the skin)  :: syylä
warthog {n} (a species of wild pig)  :: pahkasika
wartime {n} (period of a war)  :: sota-aika
war torn {adj} (subjected to the ravages of war)  ::  ; sodan runtelema
warts and all {adj} (of a description which does not conceal shortcomings or imperfections)  :: kaunistelematon
warts and all {adv} (in a manner which does not conceal shortcomings or imperfections)  :: kaunistelematta
war veteran {n} (person who has served in the armed forces during a war)  :: sotaveteraani
wary {adj} /wɛəɹ.i/ (cautious of danger; timorously or suspiciously prudent; circumspect; scrupulous)  :: pelätä [verb: to be wary]
wary {adj} (characterized by caution; guarded; careful)  :: varovainen
war zone {n} (region of ongoing war)  :: sotatoimialue
wasabi {n} /wəˈsɑːbi/ (green Japanese condiment)  :: wasabi
wash {v} /wɒʃ/ (to clean with water)  :: pestä; tiskata [dishes], pyykätä [clothes]
wash {v} (to move or erode by the force of water in motion)  :: huuhtoa
wash {v} (mining: to separate valuable material)  :: huuhtoa
wash {v} (to clean oneself)  :: peseytyä
wash {v} (to cover with liquid; to wet, moisten)  :: huuhtoa [to cover with water]; kastella [to wet]; kostuttaa [to moisten]
wash {v} (to be eroded)  :: huuhtoutua
wash {v} (to be convincing)  :: vakuuttaa
wash {v} (to bear washing without injury)  :: kestää pesua [generally]; kestää pesun [particular instance of washing]
wash {v} (to be wasted or worn away)  :: huuhtoutua
wash {v} (to tint lightly and thinly)  :: sävyttää
wash {v} (to overlay with a thin coat of metal)  :: silata
wash {n} (process or an instance of washing or being washed by water)  :: pesu
wash {n} (liquid for washing)  :: huuhde, pesuneste
wash {n} (clothes washed at a time)  :: pyykki
wash {n} (painting)  :: laveeraus
wash {n} (sound of breaking seas)  :: (aaltojen) kohina
wash {n} (wake of a ship)  :: vanavesi, peräaalto
wash {n} (turbulence left by airplane)  :: jättöpyörre
wash {n} (lotion)  :: -vesi (e.g. suuvesi), -huuhde (e.g. silmähuuhde), -saippua (e.g. käsisaippua)
wash {n} (ground washed away to the sea or a river)  :: huuhtouma
wash {n} (piece of ground washed by the action of water)  :: särkkä
wash {n} (shallow body of water)  :: matalikko
wash {n} (normally dry bed of an intermittent or ephemeral stream)  :: jokiuoma, wadi
wash {n} (situation in which losses and gains are equivalent)  :: tasapeli
wash {n} (distilling: fermented wort)  :: rankki
wash {n} (mixture of dunder, molasses, water, and scummings)  :: mäski
wash {n} (thin coat of metal laid on anything)  :: metallointi
wash {n} (nautical: blade of an oar)  :: lape
wash {n} (architecture: structure shaped so as to receive and carry off water)  :: kouru
washbasin {n} (basin used for washing, sink)  :: pesuallas, lavuaari [permanently installed]; pesuvati [movable]
washboard {n} (board to do laundry)  :: pyykkilauta
washboard {n} (percussion instrument)  :: pyykkilauta
washbowl {n} (a sink in a bathroom, connected to a supply of water and a drain)  :: pesuallas
washbowl {n} (a basin for washing the face and hands)  :: pesuvati
washcloth {n} /ˈwɔʃklɔθ/ (cloth used to wash)  :: pesulappu
washer {n} (something that washes)  :: pesukone, pesuri, pesin
washer {n} (person who washes for a living)  :: pesijä, pesijätär [woman], pyykkäri [clothes]
washer {n} (flat disk)  :: aluslevy, aluslaatta; [colloquial] prikka
washer {n} (face cloth)  :: pesulappu
washing {n} /ˈwɑʃɪŋ/ (action of the verb "to wash")  :: pesu, peseminen, huuhdonta, huuhtominen
washing {n} (textiles that have been or are to be washed)  :: pyykki
washing machine {n} (machine that washes clothes)  :: pesukone; pyykkikone [informal]
washing powder {n} (powder for washing clothes)  :: pesujauhe, pesupulveri
washing soda {n} (sodium carbonate)  :: pesusooda
Washington {prop} /ˈwɑʃɪŋtən/ (Washington)  :: Washington
Washington, D.C. {prop} (federal capital of the United States of America)  :: Washington
Washington State {prop} (state of Washington)  :: Washingtonin osavaltio
wash one's hands of {v} (absolve oneself of responsibility)  :: pestä kätensä
washroom {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet  ::
washtub {n} (tub used for washing clothes)  :: pesusoikko
wash up {v} (wash one's hands and/or face (US))  :: peseytyä
wash up {v} (be carried on to land by water)  :: huuhtoutua
wash up {v} (clean utensils, dishes, etc.) SEE: do the dishes  ::
wasp {n} /wɑsp/ (insect)  :: ampiainen
waspish {adj} /ˈwɑ.spɪʃ/ (suggestive of the behaviour of a wasp)  :: ampiaismainen
waspish {adj} (spiteful or irascible)  :: äkäinen
wasp waist {n} (waist like that of a wasp)  :: ampiaisvyötärö
wasp-waisted {adj} (having very slim waist)  :: ampiaisvyötäröinen
waste {n} /weɪst/ (loss, ineffective use)  :: hukka, jätös
waste {n} (useless products, garbage)  :: jäte, jätös
waste {n} (excrement)  :: jätös
waste {v} (to decay)  :: hukata, tuhlata
waste {v} (to squander)  :: hukata, tuhlata
waste {v} (slang: to kill)  :: listiä
waste {v} (to weaken)  :: kuihtua
waste away {v} (lose energy)  :: kuihtua, riutua
wastebasket {n} (wastepaper basket) SEE: wastepaper basket  ::
wastebasket {n} (garbage can) SEE: garbage can  ::
waste breath {v} (to speak futilely)  :: puhua joutavia
wasted {adj} (very drunk or stoned)  :: kännissä, pilvessä
wasteful {adj} /ˈweɪstfəl/ (inclined to waste)  :: tuhlaava
wasteland {n} (region with no remaining resources; desert)  :: autiomaa, erämaa, kitumaa
wasteland {n} (barren and uninteresting place)  :: joutomaa
waste of time {n} (meaningless or fruitless activity)  :: ajanhukka
wastepaper {n} (unwanted paper that has been discarded)  :: jätepaperi
wastepaper basket {n} (small open container for discarded paper)  :: roskakori
waste picker {n} (person who salvages materials thrown away)  :: roskienkerääjä
waster {n} /ˈweɪstə/ (one that wastes)  :: tuhlaaja, haaskaaja, tuhlari
waster {n} (destroyer in Proverbs)  :: tuhontekijä
waste time {v} (to allow time to elapse in an unproductive manner)  :: hukata aikaa, haaskata aikaa
wastewater {n} (water containing waste products)  :: jätevesi
watch {n} /wɑt͡ʃ/ (portable or wearable timepiece)  :: kello [general], rannekello [wrist], taskukello [pocket]
watch {n} (particular time period)  :: vahti
watch {n} (person or group of people who guard)  :: vahti, vartio
watch {n} (group of sailors and officers)  :: vahti
watch {n} (period of time on duty)  :: vahti
watch {v} (to look at for a period of time)  :: katsoa, katsella
watch {v} (to observe)  :: tarkkailla, katsoa
watch {v} (to attend or guard)  :: vahtia, katsoa
watch {v} (to be wary)  :: olla varuillaan, tarkkailla
watchable {adj} (that can be watched)  :: katsottava
watchable {adj} (that bears watching)  :: katsottava
watch cap {n} (knitted cap) SEE: beanie  ::
watchdog {n} (person)  :: vahtikoira
watchdog {v} (to guard and warn)  :: vartioida, olla vartiossa
watchdog {n} (dog) SEE: guard dog  ::
watcher {n} (guard) SEE: guard  ::
watcher {n} /ˈwɒtʃə(ɹ)/ (someone who watches or observes)  :: katsoja; tarkkailija
watcher {n} (someone who keeps vigil)  :: vartija, valvoja
watchhouse {n} (small prison)  :: putka
watchlist {n} /ˈwɒtʃˌlɪst/ (list for special attention)  :: tarkkailulista
watchman {n} (guard)  :: vartija
watch one's step {v} (to move cautiously)  :: katsoa eteensä
watch one's step {v} (to be cautious)  :: katsoa eteensä
watch out {v} (to use caution)  :: varoa
watch over {v} (to guard and protect)  :: vahdata, kaita
watch pocket {n} (pocket for carrying pocket watch)  :: kellotasku
watchtower {n} (observation tower)  :: vartiotorni
watchword {n} (a prearranged reply to the challenge of a sentry or a guard)  :: tunnussana
watchword {n} (word used as expressive of a principle)  :: motto, tunnus
watchword {n} (rallying cry)  :: iskulause
water {n} (amniotic fluid) SEE: amniotic fluid  ::
water {n} (mineral water) SEE: mineral water  ::
water {n} /ˈwɔtəɹ/ (clear liquid H₂O)  :: vesi
water {n} (spa water)  :: kylpy
water {n} (one of the basic elements)  :: vesi
water {n} (body of water, or specific part of it)  :: vedet {p}
water {n} (urine)  :: vesi
water {n} (figuratively: state of affairs; conditions)  :: tuulet {p}
water {n} (serving of water)  :: vesi
water {n} (medical: fluids in the body, especially when causing swelling)  :: vesi, neste
water {n} (finance: excess valuation of securities)  :: ilma
water {v} (to pour water into the soil surrounding (plants))  :: kastella
water {v} (to provide (animals) with water)  :: juottaa
water {v} (colloquial: to urinate)  :: heittää vettä
water {v} (dilute)  :: laimentaa
water {v} (to fill with or secrete water)  :: vuotaa, valua, kastua, kostua
water bear {n} (A member of the phylum Tardigrada)  :: karhukainen
water birth {n} (form of childbirth)  :: vesisynnytys
waterbody {n} (significant accumulation of water) SEE: body of water  ::
water boiler {n} (electric device)  :: vedenkeitin
water bottle {n} (A bottle used for carrying water)  :: vesipullo
water break {n} (rest period during the business day)  :: juomatauko
water buffalo {n} (large ungulate)  :: vesipuhveli
water bug {n} (member of infraorder Nepomorpha)  :: vesilude
water bug {n} (other true bug living around water)  :: vesilude
water bug {n} (Periplaneta americana)  :: sokeritorakka, amerikantorakka
water bug {n} (Blatta orientalis)  :: ruotsintorakka
water butt {n} (barrel for holding rainwater)  :: sadevesisäiliö
water caltrop {n} (Trapa bicornis)  :: vesipähkinä
water cannon {n} (device shooting water)  :: vesitykki
water carrier {n} (Aquarius) SEE: Aquarius  ::
water carrier {n} (domestique) SEE: domestique  ::
water carrier {n} (person)  :: vedenkantaja
water carrier {n} (pipe or tube)  :: vesijohto
water carrier {n} (ship)  :: vesitankkeri
water carrier {n} (individual doing simple, ordinary work)  :: duunari
water chestnut {n} (Eleocharis dulcis)  :: vesikastanja
water chestnut {n} (corn of this species)  :: vesikastanja
water chestnut {n} (water caltrop) SEE: water caltrop  ::
water clock {n} (device for measuring time)  :: vesikello
water clock {n} (clepsydra) SEE: clepsydra  ::
water closet {n} (room with a toilet) SEE: toilet  ::
water closet {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet  ::
watercolor {n} (a painting technique) SEE: watercolour  ::
watercolor {n} (an artwork) SEE: watercolour  ::
watercolor {n} (any paint used in this method) SEE: watercolour  ::
watercolor {adj} (pertaining to the methods or products of watercolor) SEE: watercolour  ::
watercolour {n} /ˈwɔ.tɜ.ˌkʌ.lɜ/ (pigment)  :: vesiväri, akvarelliväri
watercolour {n} (painting)  :: vesivärimaalaus, akvarelli
watercolour {n} (genre)  :: vesivärimaalaus
watercolour {adj} (pertaining to the methods or products of watercolor)  :: vesiväri-
watercourse {n} (channel through which water flows)  :: uoma
watercress {n} /ˈwɔtəɹkɹɛs/ (Nasturtium officinale)  :: vesikrassi
water cycle {n} (the natural cycle of water through evaporation, condensation and precipitation)  :: veden kiertokulku
water diviner {n} (water diviner) SEE: dowser  ::
water dog {n} (water dog)  :: vedestä noutava lintukoira
water down {v} (to dilute)  :: laimentaa
water down {v} (to make weaker)  :: vesittää
water down {v} (to simplify)  :: yksinkertaistaa
waterdrop {n} (single drop of water)  :: vesipisara
water dropwort {n} (plant of the genus Oenanthe)  :: pahaputki
waterfall {n} /ˈwɑtɚfɔl/ (flow of water over the edge of a cliff)  :: vesiputous
waterfall {n} (waterfall-like outpouring)  :: hyöky
water flea {n} (crustacean of the order Cladocera)  :: vesikirppu
water fountain {n} (device designed to dispense drinking water)  :: juoma-allas
waterfowl {n} (birds that spend most of their non-flying time on water)  :: vesilintu
waterfront {n} (land alongside a body of water)  :: vesiraja, ranta
waterfront {n} (dockland district of a town)  :: ranta
Watergate {prop} /ˈwɑtəɹˌɡeɪt/ (scandal)  :: Watergate, Watergate-skandaali
water glass {n} (water-soluble silicates)  :: vesilasi
water heater {n} (appliance for heating water)  :: vedenlämmitin
water hemlock {n} (plant in the genus Cicuta) SEE: cowbane  ::
waterhole {n} (depression in which water collects)  :: vesikuoppa
waterhole {n} (part of the electromagnetic spectrum)  :: vesikuoppa
water horsetail {n} (plant)  :: järvikorte
watering can {n} (utensil for watering plants)  :: kastelukannu
watering pot {n} (watering can) SEE: watering can  ::
waterjug {n} (jug used to hold water)  :: vesikannu
water law {n} (branch of law)  :: vesioikeus
water-lettuce {n} (tropical duckweed)  :: pistia, vesisalaatti
water lily {n} (Any members of Nymphaeaceae)  :: lummekasvi, lumme
waterline {n} (line on the hull of a ship)  :: vesilinja
waterline {n} (line on the land)  :: vesiraja
watermark {n} (translucent design impressed on paper)  :: vesileima
watermark {v} (to mark paper with a watermark)  :: vesileimata
watermark {v} (to mark a datafile with a digital watermark)  :: vesileimata
watermelon {n} /ˈwɔtəɹˌmɛlən/ (plant)  :: vesimeloni
watermelon {n} (fruit)  :: vesimeloni, arbuusi
water meter {n} (device for measuring water volume usage)  :: vesimittari
watermilfoil {n} (plant of the genus Myriophyllum)  :: ärviä
water mint {n} (herb in mint family)  :: vesiminttu
water of crystallization {n} (water present in crystals)  :: kidevesi
water park {n} (aquapark) SEE: aquapark  ::
water pipe {n} (water conduit)  :: vesijohtoputki
water pipe {n} (tobacco smoking device)  :: vesipiippu
water police {n} (police department charged with patrolling harbours and waterways)  :: venepoliisi
water pollution {n} (water pollution)  :: veden saastuminen, vesien {p} saastuminen
water polo {n} (a water sport)  :: vesipoolo, vesipallo
waterproof {adj} (unaffected by water)  :: vedenkestävä
waterproof {adj} (made or covered with material that doesn't let water in)  :: vedenpitävä, vesitiivis
waterproof {v} (to make waterproof or water-resistant)  :: tiivistää, vesitiivistää, kosteussuojata
water rail {n} (Rallus aquaticus)  :: luhtakana
water scooter {n} (recreational watercraft)  :: vesiskootteri
water's edge {n} (the part of a beach on which the waves are breaking)  :: rantaviiva
watershed {n} /ˈwɔtɚʃɛd/ (boundary between adjacent catchment basins)  :: vedenjakaja
watershed {n} (critical point marking a change in course or development)  :: vedenjakaja, h
watershed {n} (drainage basin) SEE: drainage basin  ::
water shrew {n} (Eurasian water shrew)  :: vesipäästäinen
water ski {n} (ski used for water skiing)  :: vesisuksi
water ski {v} (ride on water skis)  :: hiihtää vesisuksilla
water skiing {n} (water sport)  :: vesihiihto
waterskin {n} (container)  :: nahkaleili
water slide {n} (a recreational slide with water flowing down it)  :: vesiliukumäki
water snake {n} (type of snake)  :: vesikäärme
water softener {n} (device which reduces the calcium and magnesium concentration of hard water)  :: vedenpehmennin
water-soluble {adj} (dissolving easily in water)  :: vesiliukoinen; vesiohenteinen [of paint]
watersport {n} (sport)  :: vesiurheilu
watersport {n} (sexual practice)  :: pissaleikki
water strider {n} (any of a number of predatory insects in the family Gerridae)  :: vesimittari
water tank {n} (large container used to store water)  :: vesisäiliö
water taxi {n} (boat that will transport small groups of passengers for a fee)  :: vesitaksi, taksivene
watertight {adj} /ˈwɔː.tə.taɪt/ (tightly made)  :: vedenpitävä, vesitiivis
watertight {adj} (impossible to defeat, evade or nullify)  :: vedenpitävä
watertightness {n} (condition of being watertight)  :: vesitiiveys
water tower {n} (tank of water)  :: vesitorni
water turbine {n} (device)  :: vesiturbiini
water under the bridge {n} (something in the past that cannot be controlled but must be accepted)  :: mennyt
water vapor {n} (water in a gaseous state)  :: vesihöyry
water vapor {n} (steam)  :: vesihöyry
water vole {n} (Old World vole)  :: vesimyyrä
water vole {n} (Microtus richardsoni)  :: amerikanvesimyyrä, kalliovuortenpuromyyrä; vesimyyrä
waterway {n} (navigable body of water)  :: vesitie
waterweed {n} (genus of aquatic herbs)  :: vesirutto
water wheel {n} (wheel propelled by water)  :: vesipyörä
water wheel {n} (wheel to raise water)  :: vesipyörä
water works {n} (system of supplying water)  :: vesilaitos
waterworks {n} (the water supply system of a town etc., including reservoirs, pumps and pipes)  :: vesilaitos
waterworks {n} (any single facility, such as a filtration plant, within such a system)  :: vesilaitos
watery {adj} (wet, soggy or soaked with water)  :: läpimärkä
watery {adj} (diluted or having too much water)  :: vetinen
watery {adj} (of light: thin and pale)  :: kelmeä
watery {adj} (weakand insipid)  :: ponneton
watery {adj} (discharging water or similar)  :: vuotava
watery {adj} (tearful) SEE: tearful  ::
watt {n} /wɑt/ (derived unit of power)  :: watti
wattle {n} /ˈwɒtəl/ (fold of skin hanging from the neck of birds)  :: heltta
wattle {n} (fleshy appendage on the neck of goat)  :: heltta
wattle {n} (loose hanging skin)  :: heltta
wattle {n} (Australian acacia)  :: akasia
wattmeter {n} (device for measuring electric power)  :: wattimittari
waulk {v} (full) SEE: full  ::
wave {v} /weɪv/ (to move back and forth repeatedly)  :: aaltoilla, hulmuta
wave {v} (to wave one’s hand)  :: vilkuttaa, heiluttaa
wave {v} (to have an undulating or wavy form)  :: aaltoilla
wave {v} (to produce waves to the hair)  :: kähertää
wave {v} (baseball: to swing and miss at a pitch)  :: vilkuttaa
wave {v} (to cause to move back and forth repeatedly)  :: heiluttaa
wave {v} (to signal with a waving movement)  :: vilkuttaa
wave {n} (moving disturbance, undulation)  :: aalto
waveform {n} (mathematics)  :: aaltomuoto
waveform {n} (physics)  :: aaltomuoto
wavefunction {n} /ˈweɪv.fʌŋ(k).ʃən/ (notion in quantum mechanics)  :: aaltofunktio
waveguide {n} (a structure which guides waves)  :: aaltojohto
wavelength {n} /ˈweɪvˌlɛŋ(k)θ/ (the length of a single cycle of a wave)  :: aallonpituus
wavelet {n} (a small wave; a ripple)  :: kare, liplatus
wavelet {n} (a fast-decaying oscillation)  :: aalloke
wavelike {adj} (having some properties or characteristics of a wave)  :: aaltomainen
wave mechanics {n} (mathematical basis for quantum mechanics)  :: aaltomekaniikka
wave-particle duality {n} (concept applying to matter and radiation)  :: aalto-hiukkasdualismi
wave pool {n} (swimming pool with waves)  :: aaltoallas
wave power {n} (transport and harnessing of energy by ocean surface waves)  :: aaltovoima
waver {v} /ˈweɪ.vɚ/ (to sway back and forth)  :: huojua, liehua
waver {v} (to flicker, glimmer, quiver)  :: lepattaa
waver {v} (to fluctuate or vary)  :: heilua
waver {v} (to shake or tremble)  :: täristä, väristä
waver {v} (to falter; become unsteady; begin to fail or give way)  :: horjua
waver {v} (to be indecisive between choices; to feel or show doubt or indecision; to vacillate)  :: horjua, epäröidä
waver {n} (act of wavering, vacillating)  :: heilunta, huojunta, värinä, epäröinti, horjunta, lepatus, liehunta
waver {n} (someone who waves)  :: viittoilija, vilkuttaja
waver {n} (someone who specializes in waving)  :: kähertäjä
waver {n} (tool that accomplishes hair waving)  :: käherrin
waviness {n} (quality of being wavy)  :: aalloittaisuus, aaltomaisuus
waviness {n} (of hair: tendency to form waves)  :: aaltoilevuus
wavy {adj} /ˈweɪvi/ (rising or swelling in waves)  :: aaltoileva, vellova
wavy {adj} (full of waves)  :: aaltoinen
wavy {adj} (undulating)  :: aaltoileva, vellova
wavy {adj} (waved)  :: aaltoinen
wavy {adj} (botany)  :: aaltoileva
wax {n} /wæks/ (oily, water-resistant substance)  :: vaha
wax {n} (preparation containing wax, used as a polish)  :: vaha
wax {n} (phonograph record)  :: savikiekko
wax {adj} (made of wax)  :: vaha-, vahasta tehty
wax {v} (apply wax to)  :: vahata
wax {v} (remove hair from)  :: poistaa vahalla
wax {v} (to assume specified characteristic)  :: tulla, muuttua
wax {v} (literary: grow)  :: kasvaa
wax {v} (of the moon: appear larger each night)  :: kasvaa
wax {n} (process of growing)  :: kasvu
wax {n} (beeswax) SEE: beeswax  ::
wax {n} (earwax) SEE: earwax  ::
waxflower {n} (plant of he genus Hoya)  :: posliinikukka
waxflower {n} (Hoya carnosa)  :: isoposliinikukka
wax gourd {n} (vine) SEE: winter melon  ::
wax gourd {n} (fuzzy melon fruit) SEE: winter melon  ::
waxing {n} (the action of the verb to wax)  :: vahaus
waxing {n} (cosmetic procedure)  :: vahaus
waxlike {adj} (waxy) SEE: waxy  ::
wax paper {n} (semi-translucent, moisture-proof paper made with a waxy coating)  :: voipaperi
waxwing {n} (songbird of genus Bombycilla)  :: tilhi
waxwork {n} (a wax figure, an effigy of a famous person)  :: vahakuva, vahapatsas
waxy {adj} /ˈwæksi/ (Resembling wax in texture or appearance)  :: vahamainen
way {adv} (very) SEE: very  ::
way {adv} (far) SEE: far  ::
way {n} /weɪ/ (road, direction, path)  :: tie, matka
way {n} (means to enter or leave)  :: tie, reitti; see also kautta
way {n} (roughly-defined geographical area)  :: tienoo
way {n} (method or manner)  :: tapa
way {n} (state or condition)  :: kunto
way {n} (possibility)  :: mahdollisuus
way {n} (determined course)  :: tahto
way {n} (paganism: dedication to a specific deity or craft)  :: usko
way {n} (nautical: speed, progress, momentum)  :: vauhti
way {n} (degree, amount, sense)  :: tapa, mieli
way {n} (as the head of an interjectory clause)  :: hyvä tapa
way {n} (timbers of shipyard stocks that slope into the water)  :: ramppi
way {n} (longitudinal guiding surfaces on the bed of a planer, lathe, etc.)  :: johde
way {adv} (much) SEE: much  ::
waybill {n} (document that lists the final destination (and other details) of each part of a cargo)  :: rahtikirja
wayfarer {n} (traveller)  :: kulkija
waylay {v} /ˈweɪleɪ/ (to lie in wait for and attack from ambush)  :: väijyä [to lie in wait]; hyökätä väijyksistä [to attack from ambush]
waylay {v} (to accost or intercept unexpectedly)  :: yllättää
way of life {n} (style of living)  :: elämäntapa
way to go {interj} (expression of congrats, encouragement or approval)  :: sillä lailla
way to go {n} (right route)  :: oikea tie
way to go {n} (preferred decision)  :: paras vaihtoehto
way too {adv} (all too, much too, to a degree that is very excessive)  :: aivan liian
wayward {adj} /ˈweɪwɚd/ (given to wilful, perverse deviation from the expected norm; tending to stray)  :: kuriton
wayward {adj} (obstinate, contrary and unpredictable)  :: arvaamaton
WC {initialism} (abbreviation for water closet)  :: WC, vessa
we {pron} /wi/ (the speakers, or the speaker(s) and other person(s) not being addressed (exclusive we: he or she or they and I))  :: me
weak {adj} /wiːk/ (lacking in force or ability)  :: heikko
weak {adj} (dilute, lacking in taste or potency)  :: laimea, mieto
weak {adj} (grammar: regular in inflection)  :: säännöllinen
weak {adj} (physics: one of the four fundamental forces associated with nuclear decay)  :: heikko
weak {adj} (slang: bad or uncool)  :: huono
weaken {v} /ˈwikən/ (to make weaker)  :: heikentää
weaken {v} (to become weaker)  :: heikentyä, heiketä
weaker sex {prop} (women regarded collectively)  :: heikompi astia
weaker vessel {n} (a woman; women collectively)  :: heikompi astia
weakest link {n} (the part of a system that is most likely to fail or cause problems)  :: heikoin lenkki
weakest link {n} (in reality show)  :: heikoin lenkki
weakling {n} /ˈwijkˈlɪŋɡ/ (person of weak or even sickly physical constitution)  :: rääpäle, reppana
weakling {n} (person of weak character)  :: reppana, surkimus
weakly interacting massive particle {n} (hypothetical class of particle)  :: wimp
weakness {n} /ˈwiːk.nəs/ (condition of being weak)  :: heikkous, voimattomuus
weakness {n} (fault)  :: heikkous
weakness {n} (special fondness)  :: heikkous
weak nuclear interaction {n} (fundamental interaction)  :: heikko vuorovaikutus
weal {n} /wiːl/ (community welfare)  :: hyvinvointi, hyvä
wealth {n} /wɛlθ/ (riches; valuable material possessions)  :: rikkaus, varallisuus, rikkaudet {p}
wealth {n} (great amount; an abundance or plenty, usually of money)  :: rikkaus
wealth {n} (power, of the kind associated with a great deal of money)  :: rikkaus
wealthy {adj} /ˈwɛlθ.i/ (rich)  :: varakas, äveriäs
wealthy {adj} (abundant)  :: varakas, äveriäs
wean {v} /wiːn/ (to cease giving milk)  :: vieroittaa
wean {v} (to cease to depend on the mother for nourishment)  :: vieroittua
wean {v} (to cease to depend)  :: vieroittua
weapon {n} /ˈwɛpən/ (instrument of attack or defense in combat)  :: ase
weapon of mass destruction {acronym} (weapon causing large-scale death or destruction)  :: joukkotuhoase
weaponry {n} (weapons collectively)  :: aseistus
wear {v} /wɛə/ (to have on (clothes))  :: olla yllään, pitää, käyttää
wear {v} (to diminish due to use)  :: kulua
wear {v} (to exhaust physically)  :: väsyttää
wear {v} (to bring to other tack)  :: jiipata
wear {n} (clothing)  :: asu
wear {n} (damage)  :: kuluminen
wearable {adj} /ˈweəɹəbl/ (able to be worn)  :: puettava
wear and tear {n} /ˈwɛəɹənˈtɛəɹ/ (damage or depreciation)  :: kuluminen
wear away {v} (erode gradually)  :: hivuttaa
wear down {v} (to cause physical or mental fatigue)  :: rasittaa
wearing {adj} /ˈwɛɹɪŋ/ (causing tiredness)  :: kuluttava, uuvuttava, väsyttävä
wearing {adj} (causing erosion)  :: kuluttava
wearing {n} (process of eroding or grinding)  :: kuluminen
wear one's heart on one's sleeve {v} (to be transparent or forthright about one's emotions)  :: olla kuin avoin kirja
wear out {v} (to cause to become damaged, useless, or ineffective through continued use)  :: kuluttaa
wear out {v} (to deteriorate or become unusable or ineffective due to continued use, exposure, or strain)  :: kulua
wear out {v} (to exhaust; to cause or contribute to another's exhaustion, fatigue, or weariness)  :: kuluttaa, väsyttää, uuvuttaa
wear out {v} (to become exhausted, tired, fatigued, or weary)  :: väsyä
wear out one's welcome {v} (to make one's presence unwanted)  :: lakata olemasta tervetullut (to cease being welcome)
wear rose-colored glasses {v} (to be excessively optimistic)  :: katsoa asioita ruusunpunaisten silmälasien läpi
wear something on one's sleeve {v} (to habitually aggressively express a thought, attitude, or belief)  :: ilmaista avoimesti
wear the pants {v} (wear the trousers) SEE: wear the trousers  ::
wear the trousers {v} (to be the dominant partner)  :: pitää housuja
wear thin {v} (to lessen or weaken over time, as from overuse)  :: kulua
weary {adj} /ˈwɪɹi/ (tired, fatigued)  :: väsynyt, lopen uupunut
weary {adj} (expressive of fatigue)  :: väsynyt
weasel {n} /ˈwiːzəl/ (least weasel, Mustela nivalis)  :: lumikko
weasel {n} (any mammal of the genus Mustela)  :: kärppä
weasel {n} (any mammal of the family Mustelidae)  :: näätäeläin
weasel {v} (to weasel out of doing something)  :: lusmuilla, kiemurrella
weasel {v} (to weasel something out of somebody)  :: huiputtaa, kieroilla
weasel out {v} (to weasel out of doing something)  :: lusmuilla, kiemurrella
weasel out {v} (to weasel something out of someone)  :: huiputtaa, kieroilla
weather {adj} /ˈwɛðə/ (state of the atmosphere)  :: sää
weather {adj} (unpleasant or destructive atmospheric conditions)  :: säät {p}
weather {adj} (nautical: windward side of a ship)  :: ylähanka
weather {v} (to pass to windward)  :: nostaa tuuleen
weather {v} (to endure an event)  :: selvitä (jostakin)
weather {adj} (situation) SEE: situation  ::
weather balloon {n} (meteorological balloon)  :: sääpallo, säähavaintopallo
weatherboard {n} (nautical: windward side of vessel)  :: ylähanka, luuvartti
weatherboard {n} (clapboard)  :: ulkolauta
weathercock {n} (weather vane)  :: tuuliviiri [general]; tuulikukko [cockerel-formed]
weathercock {n} (a fickle, inconstant person)  :: tuuliviiri
weather deck {n} (uncovered deck, deck open to weather, uppermost deck)  :: sääkansi
weather eye {n} (ability to predict short-term weather)  :: säänlukutaito
weather eye {n} (monitoring device)  :: sääasema, säätutka
weather forecast {n} (prediction of future weather)  :: säätiedotus, sääennustus, sääennuste
weather forecaster {n} (person who forecasts the weather)  :: säätiedottaja
weather forecasting {n} (science of using meteorology to predict future weather)  :: sään ennustaminen
weather front {n} (boundary between two masses of air)  :: säärintama
weatherize {v} (to protect against weather) SEE: weatherproof  ::
weatherman {n} (weather forecaster)  :: säätiedottaja
weather map {n} (map showing the analysis of meteorological quantities)  :: sääkartta
weatherperson {n} (weatherman) SEE: weatherman  ::
weatherproof {adj} (Capable of resisting damage caused by the weather)  :: säänkestävä
weatherproof {v} (To make something resistant to damage caused by the weather)  :: suojata säältä
weather report {n} (translations)  :: säätiedotus
weather shore {n} (nautical: shore to windward)  :: suojainen ranta
weather shore {n} (protection creating relative calm)  :: tuulensuoja
weather speak {n} (conversation)  :: sääpuhe
weather speak {n} (jargon)  :: sääpuhe
weather station {n} (station for meteorological observations)  :: sääasema, säähavaintoasema
weatherstrip {n} (material used to prevent cold air from entering)  :: tiivistenauha, tiiviste
weatherstrip {v} (to apply such a strip)  :: tiivistää
weather the storm {v} (idiomatic)  :: selvitä tilanteesta
weather vane {n} (a device showing the direction of the wind)  :: tuuliviiri
weave {v} /wiːv/ (to form something by passing strands of material over and under one another)  :: kutoa
weave {v} (to spin a cocoon or a web)  :: kutoa
weave {n} (a type or way of weaving)  :: kudos
weave {v} (to weave)  :: mutkitella, kiemurrella, puikkelehtia
weaver {n} /ˈwi.vɚ/ (one who weaves)  :: kutoja
weaver ant {n} (ant of the genus Oecophylla)  :: kutojamuurahainen
weaving {n} /ˈwiːvɪŋ/ (process of making woven material)  :: kutominen
weaving {n} (piece of such material)  :: kudonnainen
weaving {n} (unsteady motion back and forth)  :: horjahtelu
web {n} /wɛb/ (any interconnected set of persons, places, or things)  :: verkosto
web {n} (the World Wide Web (also spelled Web))  :: verkko
web {n} (the part of a baseball mitt between the forefinger and thumb, the webbing)  :: verkko
web {n} (a latticed or woven structure)  :: ristikko, punos
web {n} (the thinner vertical section of a railway rail between the top and bottom of the rail)  :: varsi
web {n} (a fold of tissue connecting the toes of certain birds)  :: räpylä
web {n} (a continuous strip of material carried by rollers during processing)  :: nauha
web {n} (a long sheet of paper)  :: nauha
web {n} (spiderweb) SEE: spiderweb  ::
Web 1.0 {prop} (first generation of the WWW)  :: Web 1.0
Web 2.0 {prop} /ˈwɛbˈtuː.pɔɪntˈoʊ/ (second generation of the WWW)  :: Web 2.0
Web 3.0 {prop} (third generation of the WWW)  :: Web 3.0
web address {n} (URL)  :: web-osoite
webbed {adj} /ˈwɛbd/ (with the digits connected by a thin membrane)  :: räpylä-
webbed {adj} (resembling a web)  :: verkkomainen
webbed {adj} (connected to the World Wide Web)  :: internetiin liitetty
web browser {n} /wɛb.bɹaʊ.zə(ɹ)/ (a computer program used to navigate the World Wide Web)  :: selain, WWW-selain
webcam {n} /ˈwɛbˌkæm/ (video camera viewed over a network)  :: verkkokamera, webbikamera
webcap {n} (mushroom of the genus Cortinarius)  :: seitikki
web conference {n} (meeting, presentation or communication conducted via the World Wide Web)  :: verkkokonferenssi
web design {n} (creation of web pages)  :: verkkosivujen suunnittelu
weber {n} /ˈwɛbɚ/ (derived unit of magnetic flux)  :: weber
webfoot {n} (foot)  :: räpyläjalka
webfoot {n} (animal)  :: räpyläjalkainen
webfooted {adj} (having webbed feet)  :: räpyläjalkainen
webfootedness {n} (quality)  :: räpyläjalkaisuus
web hosting {n} (service)  :: verkkopalvelu
webinar {n} (interactive seminar conducted via the World Wide Web)  :: webinaari
weblog {n} (blog) SEE: blog  ::
webmaster {n} (the person responsible for maintaining a website)  :: webmaster
web page {n} (a single page in a website)  :: verkkosivu, web-sivu, www-sivu, nettisivu
web server {n} (software)  :: verkkopalvelin
web server {n} (computer)  :: verkkopalvelin
website {n} /ˈwɛbˌsaɪt/ (a collection of pages on the World Wide Web)  :: verkkosivusto, sivusto, www-sivu, nettisivu
wed {v} /ˈwɛd/ (to join in matrimony)  :: vihkiä (avioliittoon)
wed {v} (transitive: to take as one's spouse)  :: naida, avioitua jonkun kanssa, mennä naimisiin jonkun kanssa, ottaa puolisokseen
wed {v} (intransitive: to take a spouse)  :: avioitua, mennä naimisiin
wedding {n} /ˈwɛdɪŋ/ (marriage ceremony)  :: häät {p}
wedding {n} (joining of two or more parts)  :: yhdistäminen, liitos, liittäminen
wedding cake {n} (cake used as part of a wedding ceremony)  :: hääkakku
wedding day {n}  :: hääpäivä
wedding dress {n} (the clothing worn by a bride during a wedding ceremony)  :: hääpuku, morsiuspuku
wedding gown {n} (wedding dress) SEE: wedding dress  ::
wedding ring {n} (a ring symbolizing marriage)  :: vihkisormus
wedge {n} /wɛdʒ/ (simple machine)  :: kiila
wedge {n} (piece of food etc.)  :: kolmio [food]; kiila
wedge {n} (geometry: type of five-sided polyhedron)  :: kiila
wedge {n} (figurative: something that creates a division)  :: kiila
wedge {n} (flank of cavalry)  :: kiila
wedge {n} (type of golf club)  :: wedge
wedge {n} (group of birds flying in V formation)  :: aura
wedge {n} (one of a pair of wedge-heeled shoes)  :: kiilakorkokenkä
wedge {n} (colloquial: quantity of money)  :: massi, paalu
wedge {n} (mathematics: the symbol ∧)  :: konjunktio, ja
wedge {v} (to support or secure using a wedge)  :: kiilata
wedge {v} (to force into a narrow gap)  :: kiilata
wedge {n} (typography: háček) SEE: háček  ::
wedgelike {adj} (shaped like a wedge)  :: kiilamainen
wedge product {n} (in differential geometry)  :: kiilatulo
wedge-tailed eagle {n} (eaglehawk) SEE: eaglehawk  ::
wedgewise {adv} (in the manner of a wedge)  :: kiilamaisesti
wedgy {adj} (shaped like a wedge) SEE: wedgelike  ::
Wednesday {n} /ˈwɛnzdeɪ/ (day of the week)  :: keskiviikko
wee {adj} /wiː/ (small, little)  :: pikkuruinen
wee {n} (urine)  :: pissa
wee {n} (act of urination)  :: pissaaminen
wee {v} (to urinate)  :: pissata, pissiä
weed {n} (cigar) SEE: cigar  ::
weed {n} (the weed) SEE: tobacco  ::
weed {n} /wiːd/ (unwanted plant)  :: rikkakasvi
weed {n} (underbrush; low shrubs)  :: varvikko
weed {n} (slang: marijuana)  :: ruoho [slang]
weed {n} (weak horse)  :: luuska
weed {n} (informal: puny person)  :: hukkapätkä
weed {n} (figuratively: something useless)  :: turhake
weed {v} (to remove weeds from)  :: kitkeä
weed {n} ((archaic) apparel)  :: vaate
weed {n} (duckweed) SEE: duckweed  ::
weed eater {n} (string trimmer) SEE: string trimmer  ::
weedkiller {n} (chemical that destroys unwanted plants)  :: rikkaruohomyrkky
weed out {v} (to remove unwanted elements)  :: karsia, kitkeä
week {n} /wiːk/ (period of seven days)  :: viikko
weekday {n} (weekday)  :: arkipäivä
weekend {n} /ˈwiːˌkɛnd/ (break in the working week)  :: viikonloppu
weekly {adv} /wiː (once every week)  :: viikoittain
weekly {adv} (every week)  :: viikoittain
weekly {adj} (of or relating to a week)  :: viikoittainen, viikko-
weekly {adj} (happening once a week or every week)  :: viikoittainen
weekly {n} (publication that is published once a week)  :: viikkolehti
weenie {n} (A hot dog, wiener, wurst or sausage)  :: makkara
weenie {n} (A penis)  :: penis
weenie {n} (Someone considered weak and unimportant)  :: nynny
weep {v} /wiːp/ (to cry, shed tears)  :: itkeä, kyynelehtiä
weeping willow {n} (Salix babylonica)  :: itkupaju, itkuraita
weeping willow {n} (hybrids of Salix babylonica)  :: itkupaju
weevil {n} /ˈwiːv(ə)l/ (beetle in the superfamily Curculionoidea)  :: kärsäkäsmäinen
weevil {n} (beetle in the family Curculionidae)  :: kärsäkäs
wee-wee {n} (urine, urination (childish))  :: pissa, pissaaminen, piipi, pisu, liri
wee-wee {n} (childish: male or female genitalia)  :: pippeli [male], pimppi [female]
wee-wee {v} (to urinate)  :: pissata
weft {n} /wɛft/ (horizontal threads)  :: kude
weft {n} (fill)  :: kudelanka
weigh {v} /weɪ/ (to determine the weight of an object)  :: punnita
weigh {v} (to weigh out)  :: punnita, mitata
weigh {v} (to determine the intrinsic value or merit of an object)  :: punnita, arvioida
weigh {v} (to consider a subject)  :: punnita, puntaroida
weigh {v} (to have a certain weight)  :: painaa
weigh {v} (nautical: to raise an anchor)  :: [ankkuri] nostaa
weigh anchor {v} (raise the anchor)  :: nostaa ankkuri
weighbridge {n} (weighing platform)  :: ajoneuvovaaka
weigh down {v} (to act as ballast)  :: painaa, olla painolastina
weigh down {v} (to be too much to handle)  :: painaa liikaa
weigher {n} (one who weighs)  :: punnitsija
weighing machine {n} (a mechanical device for determing the weight of an object or person)  :: vaaka
weight {n} (physics: mass) SEE: mass  ::
weight {n} /weɪt/ (force due to gravity)  :: paino
weight {n} (object to make something heavier)  :: paino
weight {n} (standardized measuring weight)  :: punnus
weight {n} (importance or influence)  :: painoarvo, merkitys
weight {n} (weight for training muscles)  :: paino
weight {n} (statistics: multiplier)  :: painokerroin, paino
weight {n} (typography: boldness of a font)  :: paksuus
weight {n} (line weight)  :: paksuus
weight {n} (thickness and opacity of paint)  :: peitto, peittävyys
weight {v} (add weight)  :: lisätä painoa
weight {v} (oppress)  :: kuormittaa, raskauttaa
weight {v} (in mathematics)  :: painottaa
weight {v} (to bias, to slant)  :: painottaa
weight {v} (to handicap a horse)  :: lisätä paino
weighted average {n} (arithmetic mean of values biased according to agreed weightings) SEE: weighted mean  ::
weighted graph {n} (graph)  :: painotettu graafi
weighted mean {n} (average calculated after biasing values)  :: painotettu keskiarvo
weight gain {n} (increase in weight)  :: painonnousu, lihominen
weightless {adj} (which has no weight)  :: painoton
weightless {adj} (which is not being affected by gravity)  :: painoton
weightlessness {n} (having zero weight)  :: painottomuus
weight-lift {v} (to engage in weightlifting)  :: nostaa painoja
weightlifting {n} (form of exercise)  :: painonnosto
weightlifting {n} (sport in which competitors lift heavy weights)  :: painonnosto
weight loss {n} (reduction of body mass)  :: painonpudotus (desirable); painonmenetys [unwanted]
Weimar Republic {prop} /ˈvaɪmɑː(ɹ) ɹɪˈpʌblɪk/ (Germany between 1919 and 1933)  :: Weimarin tasavalta
weir {n} /wɪɹ/ (adjustable dam)  :: säännöstelypato, ylivuotopato
weir {n} (fence to catch fish)  :: kalapato
weird {adj} /wiɚd/ (having supernatural or preternatural power)  :: yliluonnollinen
weird {adj} (having an unusually strange character or behaviour)  :: outo
weird {adj} (deviating from the normal; bizarre)  :: outo, kummallinen
weird number {n} (natural number)  :: outo luku
Wei River {prop} (major river in west-central China's Gansu and Shaanxi provinces)  :: Wei
weissbier {n} (specialty beer)  :: vehnäolut
welcome {adj} /ˈwɛlkəm/ (whose arrival is a cause of joy)  :: tervetullut
welcome {interj} (greeting given upon someone's arrival)  :: tervetuloa!
welcome {n} (act of greeting someone's arrival)  :: tervetulotoivotus, tervehtiminen, vastaanotto
welcome {n} (utterance of such a greeting)  :: tervetulotoivotus
welcome {v} (affirm or greet the arrival of someone)  :: toivottaa tervetulleeksi
welcome {v} (to accept willingly)  :: toivottaa tervetulleeksi
welcome back {phrase} (welcome back)  :: tervetuloa takaisin
welcome home {phrase} (welcome home)  :: tervetuloa kotiin
Welcome to Country {n} (protocol)  :: tervetuloseremonia
weld {v} /wɛld/ (to bind, unite)  :: hitsata
weld {v} (to join materials (especially metals) by applying heat)  :: hitsata
welder {n} /ˈwɛldə(ɹ)/ (one who welds)  :: hitsari
welding {n} (action or process of welding)  :: hitsaaminen, hitsaus
welfare {n} /ˈwɛlˌfɛɚ/ (health, safety, well-being, happiness and prosperity)  :: hyvinvointi
welfare {n} (aid, provided by a government, etc.)  :: sosiaaliavustus, sosiaalituki
welfare capitalism {n} (form of capitalism)  :: hyvinvointikapitalismi
welfare parasite {n} (person who is seen as living on the welfare of others)  :: sosiaalipummi
welfare state {n} (social system in which the state takes overall responsibility for the welfare of its citizens)  :: hyvinvointivaltio
welfare state {n} (country in which such a system operates)  :: hyvinvointivaltio
welfare trap {n} (situation)  :: kannustinloukku
welkin {n} (sky) SEE: sky  ::
well {adv} /wɛl/ (accurately; competently)  :: hyvin
well {adv} (completely; fully)  :: hyvin, kunnolla
well {adv} (to a significant degree)  :: hyvin
well {adv} ((slang) very)  :: tosi
well {adj} (in good health)  :: terve, hyvässä kunnossa
well {interj} (used to introduce a statement that may be contrary to expectations)  :: no, tuota
well {interj} (exclamation of surprise)  :: jopas, jopas jotakin
well {interj} (used in conversation to fill space)  :: tuota, niinku
well {n} (hole sunk into the ground)  :: kaivo
well {n} (spring)  :: lähde
well {n} (small depression)  :: vesikuoppa (waterhole)
well {v} (to issue forth)  :: pursua, pursuta; kummuta
well {v} (to have something seep out of the surface)  :: pursuttaa
well-balanced {adj} (properly balanced; in equilibrium)  :: tasapainoinen
well-balanced {adj} (mentally stable and free from psychological disorder)  :: tasapainoinen
well begun is half done {proverb} (proverb)  :: hyvin aloitettu on puoliksi tehty
well-behaved {adj} (having good manners and acting properly)  :: hyvätapainen, hyväkäytöksinen, hyvin käyttäytyvä
well-behaved {adj} (having a finite derivative)  :: derivoituva
well-being {n} (state of health, happiness and/or prosperity)  :: hyvinvointi
well done {adj} (well cooked)  :: kypsä
well done {interj} (exclamation of praise)  :: hyvin tehty
well-dressed {adj} (that dresses well)  :: hyvin pukeutunut, hyvinpukeutuva
well-earned {adj} (deserved)  :: ansaittu
well-educated {adj} (highly educated)  :: hyvin koulutettu
Wellerism {n} (proverb)  :: wellerismi
well-established {adj} (well-known) SEE: well-known  ::
well-established {adj} (having been established for a long period of time)  :: vakiintunut
well-founded {adj} (based on reasoning, evidence and good judgement)  :: perusteltu, aiheellinen
well-founded {adj} (properly substantiated)  :: perusteltu
well-grounded {adj} (having extensive knowledge)  :: perehtynyt
well-grounded {adj} (based on good judgment)  :: perusteltu, aiheellinen
well-heeled {adj} (rich; affluent)  :: varakas
well, I never {interj} (exclamation of great surprise)  :: en olisi ikinä odottanut
well-informed {adj} (furnished with knowledge)  :: hyvin informoitu, hyvin perillä asioista
Wellington {prop} /ˈwɛlɪŋtən/ (capital of New Zealand)  :: Wellington
Wellington boot {n} (Wellington boot) SEE: Wellington boots  ::
Wellington boots {n} (waterproof rubber boot)  :: kumisaapas
well-intentioned {adj} (having good intentions)  :: hyväntahtoinen, hyvää tarkoittava
well-known {adj} /ˌwɛlˈnoʊn/ (familiar, widely known)  :: tuttu, tunnettu
well-mannered {adj} (having good manners)  :: hyvätapainen, hyvin käyttäytyvä
well-matched {adj} (of comparable strength or power)  :: tasaväkinen
well-matched {adj} (suitable to be in a relationship with one another)  :: yhteensopiva
wellness {n} (The quality or state of being in good health.)  :: hyvinvointi
well off {adj} (being in fortunate circumstances)  :: hyväosainen, varakas
well-preserved {adj} (healthy and ageing gracefully)  :: hyvin säilynyt
well-read {adj} (well informed and knowledgeable because of having read extensively)  :: lukenut
well-rounded {adj} /ˌwɛlˈɹaʊndɪd/ (having a balanced variety of attributes)  :: monipuolinen
well-rounded {adj} (plumb, shapely or curvaceous)  :: muodokas
well-rounded {adj} (using words which have been carefully chosen)  :: selkeäsanainen
well said {interj} (expression of approval to something said)  :: hyvin sanottu
well-to-do {adj} /ˌwɛltəˈdu/ (rich)  :: varakas, rikas, vauras, varoissaan
wellwater {n} /ˈwɛlwɔːtə(ɹ)/ (water taken from a well)  :: kaivovesi
well, well, well {interj} (indicating consideration)  :: jaa-ha, kappas vain
well-wisher {n} (someone who extends good wishes)  :: onnentoivottaja, onnittelija
well-wisher {n} (someone who expresses sympathy)  :: osanottaja
well-wishing {n} (act of extending good wishes)  :: onnittelu
well-wishing {adj} (extending good wishes)  :: onnitteleva
wels catfish {n} (Silurus glanis)  :: säkiä, monni
Welsh {adj} /wɛlʃ/ (of or pertaining to Wales)  :: walesilainen, Walesin
Welsh {adj} (of or pertaining to the Welsh language)  :: walesinkielinen, kymrinkielinen
Welsh {prop} (language)  :: wales, walesin kieli, kymri, kymrin kieli
Welsh {prop} (collectively, people of Wales)  :: walesilaiset {p}
Welsh corgi {n} (breed of dog)  :: walesincorgi
Welshman {n} (native or inhabitant of Wales)  :: walesilainen, kymri
Welsh onion {n} (Allium fistulosum)  :: pillisipuli, talvisipuli
Welshwoman {n} (woman who is a native or inhabitant of Wales)  :: walesilainen, kymri, walesilaisnainen
weltanschauung {n} (worldview) SEE: worldview  ::
welter-weight {n} (boxer)  :: välisarja
weltschmerz {n} /ˈvɛltʃmɛːts/ (world-weariness)  :: maailmantuska
wen {n} /wɛn/ (a cyst on the skin)  :: rakkula, rakko, kysta
Wend {n} (Slav) SEE: Slav  ::
Wend {n} (member of a Slavic people from the borders of Germany and Poland)  :: vendi
Wendish {adj} (Sorbian) SEE: Sorbian  ::
Wendish {prop} (Sorbian) SEE: Sorbian  ::
Wendy house {n} (toy house for children to play in)  :: leikkimökki
werewolf {n} /ˈwɛəɹwʊlf/ (wolflike human)  :: ihmissusi
west {n} /wɛst/ (compass point)  :: länsi
west {adj} (towards the west)  :: länteen päin
west {adj} (western)  :: läntinen
west {adj} (occidental)  :: länsimaalainen
West Africa {prop} (An area of west Africa, spanning 16 African countries)  :: Länsi-Afrikka
West Bank {prop} (territory)  :: Länsiranta
West Bengal {prop} /wɛst bɛŋˈɡɔːl/ (state)  :: Länsi-Bengali
West Berlin {prop} (western Berlin between 1949 and 1990)  :: Länsi-Berliini
West Coast {prop} (the western seaboard of the United States)  :: länsirannikko
western {adj} /ˈwɛstɚn/ (pertaining to the west)  :: länsi-, läntinen [concretely], länsimainen [culturally or politically]
western {adj} (blowing from the west)  :: länsi-, läntinen
western {n} (film or other dramatic work)  :: lännenfilmi [film]; lännentarina [story]; länkkäri [any dramatic work]
Western {adj} (of, situated in, or related to the West) SEE: western  ::
Western {n} (work of a genre dealing with Old West) SEE: western  ::
Western {adj} (of or pertaining to a genre dealing with the Old West)  :: lännen-
Western Africa {prop} (West Africa) SEE: West Africa  ::
Western Asia {prop} (subregion of Asia)  :: Länsi-Aasia
Western Australia {prop} (state of Australia)  :: Länsi-Australia
western capercaillie {n} (Tetrao urogallus)  :: metso
Western concert flute {n} (transverse woodwind instrument made of metal or wood)  :: poikkihuilu
western diamondback rattlesnake {n} (Crotalus atrox)  :: teksasinkalkarokäärme
westerner {n} (inhabitant of Europe and North America)  :: länsimaalainen
Western Europe {prop} (Western Europe)  :: Länsi-Eurooppa
Western Isles {prop} (Outer Hebrides) SEE: Outer Hebrides  ::
westernization {n} (assimilation of the western culture)  :: länsimaistuminen, länsimaistaminen
westernize {v} (make something western)  :: länsimaistaa
western osprey {n} (Pandion haliaetus) SEE: osprey  ::
Western Sahara {prop} (a territory in northern Africa)  :: Länsi-Sahara
western slaty antshrike {n} (bird)  :: panamanpuumuura
Western Wall {prop} (ancient wall in Jerusalem, remnant of the Jewish Second Temple)  :: Länsimuuri, Itkumuuri, Valitusmuuri
West Frisian {prop} (language spoken in Friesland)  :: länsifriisi
West Frisian {prop} (the Western Frisian dialect of Dutch)  :: länsifriisiläinen murre
West Germany {prop} (former European country)  :: Länsi-Saksa
West Greece {prop} (periphery)  :: Länsi-Kreikka
West Indies {prop} (islands of the Caribbean sea)  :: Länsi-Intia
West Macedonia {prop} (periphery)  :: Länsi-Makedonia
Westminster Abbey {prop} (large Gothic church)  :: Westminster Abbey
Westminster Cathedral {prop} (chuerch)  :: Westminsterin katedraali
Westminster system {n} (democratic parliamentary system)  :: Westminster-järjestelmä
west northwest {n} (the compass point)  :: länsiluode
west-northwest {n} (compass point)  :: länsiluode
Westphalian {adj} (pertaining to Westphalia or its people and culure)  :: westfalenilainen
Westphalian {n} (someone from Westphalia)  :: westfalenilainen
Westphalian {n} (breed of Westphalian_horse)  :: westfaleninhevonen
west-southwest {n} (compass point)  :: länsilounas
West Virginia {prop} /ˈwɛst vɚˈdʒɪn.jə/ (state of the United States of America)  :: Länsi-Virginia
wet {adj} /wɛt/ (of an object: covered with or impregnated with liquid)  :: märkä
wet {adj} (of weather: rainy (See rainy))  :: märkä
wet {adj} (made of liquid or moisture)  :: märkä
wet {adj} (of a woman: sexually aroused)  :: märkä
wet {v} (cover or impregnate with liquid)  :: kastella
wet {v} (urinate accidentally in or on)  :: kastella
wet {v} (become wet)  :: kastua
wet behind the ears {adj} (inexperienced, not seasoned)  :: märkäkorva
wet blanket {n} (someone who takes the fun out of a situation or activity)  :: ilonpilaaja
wet dream {n} (literally)  :: märkä uni
wet dream {n} (figuratively)  :: märkä uni
wet dream {n} (ejaculation or orgasm while asleep) SEE: nocturnal emission  ::
wet end {n} (section of a paper machine)  :: märkäpää
wet fish {n} (fresh fish)  :: tuore kala
wet fly {n} (type of fly)  :: uppoperho
wether {n} /ˈwɛðɚ/ (castrated buck goat)  :: salvupukki
wether {n} (castrated ram)  :: oinas
wether {v} (to castrate a male sheep or goat)  :: kuohita, salvaa
wetland {n} (land that is covered mostly with water, with occasional marshy and soggy areas)  :: kosteikko
wet nurse {n} (woman hired to suckle another woman's child)  :: imettäjä
wet oneself {v} (lose control of one's bladder)  :: laskea alleen
wet one's pants {v} (wet oneself) SEE: wet oneself  ::
wet one's whistle {v} (to have drink)  :: kostuttaa kurkkuaan
wet season {n} (rainy season) SEE: rainy season  ::
wetsuit {n} /ˈwɛtˌs(j)ut/ (close fitting, insulating garment)  :: märkäpuku
wet the bed {v} /wɛt ðə ˈbɛːd/ (to urinate in one's bed during sleep)  :: kastella vuoteensa
wet t-shirt competition {n} (event) SEE: wet t-shirt contest  ::
wet t-shirt contest {n} (contest in which women wear wet t-shirts)  :: märkä T-paita -kisa
wet wipe {n} (moistened piece of paper or cloth)  :: kosteuspyyhe
whack {n} /wæk/ (A blow, impact or slap)  :: mäjäys, täräytys, isku, läimäytys
whack {v} (to hit, slap or strike)  :: mäjäyttää, iskeä, täräyttää, läimäyttää
whack {v} (to kill)  :: tappaa
whack {v} (to share or parcel out)  :: jakaa
whale {n} /weɪl/ (large sea mammal)  :: valas
whale {v} (hunt for whales)  :: pyytää valaita
whale louse {n} (parasitic crustacean of the family Cyamidae)  :: valaantäi
whale oil {n} (oil or fat extracted from whale blubber)  :: valaanrasva [fat]; valaanöljy [oil]
whaler {n} /ˈweɪlə/ (person who hunts whales)  :: valaanpyytäjä
whaler {n} (vessel for hunting whales)  :: valaanpyyntialus
whale watching {n} (observing whales in their natural habitat)  :: valaiden katselu, valaiden tarkkailu
whaling {n} /ˈweɪlɪŋ/ (practice of hunting whales)  :: valaanpyynti
whaling {n} (whale watching) SEE: whale watching  ::
whaling station {n} (dock in which the carcasses of hunted whales are processed)  :: valaanpyyntiasema
whangdoodle {n} /ˈwæŋ.duː.dl̩/ (whimsical monster in folklore and children's fiction)  :: menninkäinen
whangdoodle {n} (term of disparagement)  :: menninkäinen
wharf {n} /wɔɹf/ (man-made landing place)  :: laituri
wharfie {n} (wharf laborer or stevedore)  :: telakkatyöntekijä [wharf labourer]; ahtaaja [stevedore]
what {pron} /wɔt/ (What? (interrogative pronoun))  :: mikä, mitä
what {pron} (relative pronoun: that which; those that; the thing that)  :: mikä
what {adv} (such)  :: kuinka
what {interj} (expression of surprise)  :: [1] mitä!
what {determiner} (which)  :: mikä
what {determiner} (how much! (in an exclamation))  :: mikä, millainen
what about {adv} (used to make a suggestion)  :: conditional + -ko, mitä jos + conditional
what about {adv} (used to ask someone to consider something or someone that they have apparently not considered)  :: entä
what about {adv} (used to repeat a question)  :: entä
what about {adv} (used to express approval)  :: entäpä, entä
what a lovely day {phrase} (what a lovely day)  :: onpa ihana päivä
what a pity {phrase} (used to express regret)  :: sääli, ikävää, harmi
what are you doing {phrase} (what are you doing)  :: mitä sinä teet?
what date is it today {phrase} (what date is it today?)  :: monesko päivä tänään on
what day is it today {phrase} (what day is it today? (current day of the week or of the month))  :: mikä päivä tänään on
what does XX mean {phrase} (what does XX mean?)  :: mitä XX tarkoittaa
what do you know {phrase} (what a surprise)  :: kappas kummaa, mikä yllätys
what do you mean {phrase} (what do you mean?)  :: mitä tarkoitat
what do you say {phrase} (used to ask someone if they are willing to do something)  :: mitä sanot
what do you say {phrase} (used to remind a child to say a polite expression)  :: mitä sanotaan
whatever {determiner} /wʌtˈɛvɚ/ (no matter which; for any)  :: minkä tahansa
whatever {determiner} (anything)  :: mitä tahansa, mikä ikinä
whatever {interj} (indicating the speaker does not care what someone says)  :: miten vain, ihan sama [colloquial]
whatever {pron} (anything)  :: mitä tahansa, mikä ikinä
what for {adv} (For what reason; why)  :: miksi, minkä takia, minkä vuoksi, mitä varten
what for {n} (An unspecified punishment or rebuke)  :: isän kädestä
what goes around comes around {proverb} (the status returns to its original value)  :: se, mikä menee ylös, tulee myös alas, ympäri käydään, yhteen tullaan
what goes around comes around {proverb} (actions have consequences)  :: minkä taakseen jättää, sen edestään löytää
whath {determiner} (which ordinal number) SEE: whatth  ::
what have you {pron} (any of several additional things)  :: jokin
what if {adv} (used to introduce suggestion)  :: mitä jos, entä jos
what if {adv} (used to introduce speculation about future)  :: mitä jos, entä jos
what if {adv} (used to introduce speculation about past)  :: mitä jos, entä jos
what is her name {phrase} (what is her name?)  :: mikä hänen nimensä on
what is his name {phrase} (what is his name?)  :: mikä hänen nimensä on
what is more {adv} (furthermore)  :: kaiken lisäksi, lisäksi
what is that {phrase} (what is that?)  :: mikä tuo on
what is the Wi-Fi password {phrase} (what is the Wi-Fi password?)  :: mikä on WiFi-verkon salasana
what is your name {phrase} (what is your name?)  :: mikä teidän nimenne on? [formal], mikä sinun nimesi on? [casual]
what kind of music do you like {phrase} (what kind of music do you like?)  :: millaisesta musiikista pidät
what languages do you speak {phrase} (what languages do you speak?)  :: [informal] mitä kieliä puhut, [formal] mitä kieliä puhutte
what number {adv} (what number, which (in a numbered series))  :: kuinka mones, monesko
what of it {interj} (so what)  :: entä sitten, mitä sitten; mitä välii
what's good {phrase} (what's up) SEE: what's up  ::
what's good {phrase} ((colloquial) what is good, especially in reference to food)  :: mikä on hyvää
what should I do {phrase} (what should I do?)  :: mitä minun pitäisi tehdä
what's it to you {phrase} ((defensively) why are you asking?)  :: mitä se sinulle kuuluu
what's new {phrase} (informal greeting asking what has happened recently)  :: mitä uutta?, mitä kuuluu?
what's new {phrase} (implies that the situation is and always has been unsatisfactory)  :: onko mitään uutta
whatsoever {adj} /ˌwʌtsoʊˈɛvɚ/ (in any way)  :: minkäänlainen
what's on your mind {phrase} (what is bothering you?)  :: mitä mietit
what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander {proverb} (If something is acceptable for one person, it is acceptable for another)  :: ei köyhänkään suu tuohesta ole
what's that {phrase} (what is that)  :: mikä tuo on
what's that {phrase} (what was that)  :: mikä tuo oli
what's the matter {phrase} (what's wrong?)  :: mikä hätänä, mistä on kysymys
what's up {phrase} (informal, How are you?)  :: miten menee?, mitä kuuluu?, kuinkas hurisee?, mikä on?, mitäs [person's name]?
what's your job {phrase} (what's your job?)  :: mitä teet työksesi?
what's your phone number {phrase} (what's your phone number?)  :: mikä on puhelinnumerosi?, mikä sinun puhelinnumerosi on? [informal]; mikä on teidän puhelinnumeronne? [formal]
what's your poison {phrase} (used to ask someone what alcoholic beverage they would like to drink)  :: mitä haluat juoda
what's yours {phrase} (what's your poison) SEE: what's your poison  ::
whatth {n} /wʌtθ/ (which ordinal number)  :: mones, monesko
what the Devil {interj} (used to add emphasis to "what" when beginning question)  :: mitä pirua
what the fuck {phrase} (An intensive form of what)  :: mitä vittua
what the fuck {interj} (expressing astonishment)  :: mitä vittua
what the heck {phrase} (softer form of "what the hell")  :: mitä hittoa?, mitä helkkaria?
what the hell {phrase} (an intensive form of what)  :: mitä helvettiä?, mitä hittoa?
what the hell {phrase} (why not?)  :: mitä hittoa
what time is it {phrase} (what is the time of day?)  :: mitä kello on?, paljonko kello on?
what was that {phrase} (What did you just say)  :: mitä sanoit
what you see is what you get {proverb} ((idiomatic, computing) the screen image resembles the printed output)  :: WYSIWYG
wheal {n} (small raised swelling on the skin) SEE: weal  ::
wheat {n} /wiːt/ (grain)  :: vehnä
wheater {n} (bird)  :: kivitasku
wheatfield {n} (wheat field)  :: vehnäpelto
wheat flour {n}  :: vehnäjauho
wheat germ {n} (embryo of the wheat kernel)  :: vehnänalkio
wheatgrass {n} (young grass of common wheat plant)  :: vehnänoras
wheatgrass {n} (Agropyron)  :: harjasvehnä
wheedle {v} /ˈʍiː.dəl/ (cajole)  :: lirkutella
wheel {n} /wiːl/ (a circular device facilitating movement or transportation)  :: pyörä, ratas
wheel {n} (steering device in a vessel)  :: ruori, ratti, ruoriratti
wheel {v} (To roll along as on wheels)  :: rullata
wheel {v} (To travel around in large circles, particularly in the air)  :: kaartaa, kaarrella
wheel {n} (steering wheel and its implied control of a vehicle) SEE: steering wheel  ::
wheel and axle {n} (simple machine)  :: pyörä ja akseli
wheelbarrow {n} (a small cart)  :: kottikärryt
wheelbase {n} (distance btw. axles)  :: akseliväli
wheelchair {n} /ˈwiːltʃɛə(ɹ)/ (chair)  :: pyörätuoli
wheeled {adj} /wiːld/ (having wheels)  :: pyörillä varustettu, pyörällinen
wheeled {adj} (having specified number or type of wheels)  :: -pyöräinen
wheelhouse {n} /ˈʍiːlˌhaʊs/ (compartment for navigating)  :: ohjaushytti
wheelhouse {n} (cover for paddlewheels)  :: siipirattaan suojus
wheelie {n} (stunt)  :: keulinta
wheel of Fortune {prop} (Tarot card)  :: kohtalonpyörä, onnenpyörä
Wheel of Fortune {prop} (television game show)  :: Onnenpyörä
wheelset {n} /wiːlsɛt/ (A wheel and axle combination)  :: pyöräkerta
wheelwright {n} (person who builds and repairs wheels)  :: vaunuseppä
wheeze {n} /wiːz/ (piping or whistling sound caused by difficult respiration)  :: pihinä; kähinä [coarse sound]
wheeze {n} (exaggerated whisper)  :: teatterikuiskaus
wheeze {v} (breathe hard)  :: hengittää pihisten, pihistä, korista
wheezy {adj} (that wheezes)  :: vinkuva, pihisevä
whelk {n} (edible sea snail of the family Buccinidae)  :: kuningaskotilo
when {adv} /ʍɛn/ (direct question)  :: milloin, koska
when {conj} (at what time)  :: milloin, mihin aikaan, sitten, kun
when {conj} (at such time as)  :: kun
when {conj} (as soon as)  :: kun
when {conj} (at a time in the past)  :: kun
when {pron} (what time; which time)  :: mistä
when {n} (the time)  :: milloin
when {interj} (that's enough)  :: riittää
when all is said and done {phrase} (in the end)  :: loppujen lopuksi
when, as, and if {conj} (conjugation indicating time and contingency)  :: jos ja kun
whence {adv} /ʍɛns/ (from where; from which place or source)  :: mistä
whence {conj}  :: mistä; mistä
whenever {conj} (when) SEE: when  ::
whenever {conj} /wəˈnɛvɚ/ (at any time that)  :: milloin tahansa, koska vaan
whenever {conj} (every time that)  :: joka kerta kun, aina kun
when Hell freezes over {adv} (never)  :: kun helvetti jäätyy
when in Rome {proverb} (adjust to local customs) SEE: when in Rome, do as the Romans do  ::
when in Rome, do as the Romans do {proverb} (behave as those around do)  :: maassa maan tavalla
when is closing time {phrase} (when is closing time?)  :: milloin on sulkemisaika
when pigs fly {adv} (never, expressed by an idiom)  :: kun lehmät lentävät
when push comes to shove {phrase} (when the pressure is on)  :: kun on pakko; tosipaikan tullen
when the cat's away {proverb} (People take advantage of the absence of authority)  :: kun kissa on poissa
when the cat's away the mice will play {proverb} (in the absence of a controlling entity, subordinates will take advantage of circumstances)  :: kun kissa on poissa, hiiret hyppivät pöydällä
where {conj} /ʍɛɚ/ (while on the contrary, although, whereas)  :: siinä missä
where {conj} (at or in which place)  :: jossa, missä, siellä missä
where {conj} (to which place or situation)  :: sinne missä
where {conj} (wherever)  :: minne, sinne minne
where {conj} (legal: in the situation in which)  :: mikäli
where {adv} (at what place; to what place; from what place)  :: missä, mistä, mihin, minne
where {adv} (in what situation)  :: missä
where {pron} (the place in which)  :: siellä missä, sieltä missä, sinne missä
where {n} (the place in which something happens)  :: missä
whereabouts {n} (location)  :: olinpaikka, sijainti
where are we {phrase} (where are we)  :: missä me olemme
where are we going {phrase} (where are we going?)  :: minne olemme menossa
where are you {phrase} (where are you?)  :: missä olet
where are you from {phrase} (in which country or region were you born or raised)  :: mistä olet kotoisin
whereas {conj} /wɜəɹˈæz/ (but in contrast; whilst on the contrary…)  :: kun taas, kun sitä vastoin
whereat {conj} /wɛəɹˈæt/ (translation)  :: joten
where can I find a hotel {phrase} (where can I find a hotel)  :: mistä löytäisin hotellin
where does it hurt {phrase} (where does it hurt?)  :: mihin sattuu
where does this bus go {phrase} (where does this bus go)  :: mihin tämä bussi menee?
where does this train go {phrase} (where does this train go)  :: minne tämä juna menee?
where do you live {phrase} (where do you live?)  :: missä asut [informal], missä asutte [formal]
where have you been {phrase} (where have you been?)  :: missä olet ollut
where is the toilet {phrase} (where is the toilet?)  :: missä on vessa?
wherenot {n} (wherever) SEE: wherever  ::
where there is a will there is a way {phrase} (if someone wants or wills something strongly enough, a way can be found)  :: jos tahtoa on
whereupon {conj} (after which)  :: jolloin
whereupon {conj} (in consequence of which)  :: joten
whereupon {conj} (upon something)  :: jolla
wherever {adv} /(h)wɛɹˈɛvɚ/ (emphatic form of "where")  :: missä ihmeessä, missä kummassa
wherever {conj} (in any place, anywhere)  :: missä tahansa, missä vain, missä ikinä, mihin tahansa, mihin vain, mihin ikinä
wherever {conj} (in all places, everywhere)  :: missä tahansa, missä vain, missä ikinä
wherewithal {n} /ˈwɛəɹ.wɪ.ðɔl/ (the ability and means to accomplish some task)  :: kyky
wherewithal {adv} (in what way; how)  :: kuinka, miten
where you at {phrase} (where are you) SEE: where are you  ::
whether {conj} /ˈwɛðə(ɹ)/ (introducing indirect questions)  :: -ko / -kö (particle appended to the verb)
whether {conj} (if, whether or not)  :: n/a (different structure is used)
whetstone {n} (stone used to hone tools)  :: hiomakivi
whey {n} /ʍeɪ/ (liquid remaining after milk has been curdled)  :: hera
which {determiner} /wɪt͡ʃ/ ((interrogative) what, of those mentioned or implied)  :: mikä, kumpi
which {determiner} ((relative) the one(s) that)  :: joka, mikä
which {pron} ((interrogative) what one or ones)  :: mikä, kumpi
which {pron} ((relative) who, whom, what)  :: joka
whichever {determiner} /wɪtʃˈɛvɚ/ (any number of a group)  :: mikä tahansa, kumpi tahansa
whichever {pron} (any number of a group)  :: mikä tahansa, kumpi tahansa
whiff {n} /wɪf/ (waft; brief, gentle breeze; light gust of air)  :: tuulahdus
whiff {n} (odour carried briefly through the air)  :: tuoksahdus
whiff {n} (short inhalation of breath)  :: henkäys
whiff {n} (megrim)  :: lasikampela
whiff {v} (waft)  :: tuulahtaa
whiff {v} (sniff)  :: nuuhkaista
whiff {v} (attempt to strike and miss)  :: lyödä ohi
whiff {v} (baseball sense) SEE: strike out  ::
while {n} /waɪl/ (uncertain duration of time, a period of time)  :: aika
while {conj} (during the same time that)  :: sillä aikaa kun, samaan aikaan kun
while {conj} (although)  :: vaikka
while {conj} (until) SEE: until  ::
while away {v} (spend time idly)  :: viettää aikaansa
whim {n} /ʍɪm/ (fanciful impulse)  :: oikku
whimbrel {n} /ˈʍɪmbɹɜl/ (a large wading bird, Numenius phaeopus)  :: pikkukuovi
whimper {v} (to cry or sob softly and intermittently)  :: vikistä, uikuttaa
whimsical {adj} /ˈwɪmzɪkəl/ (Given to whimsy; capricious; odd; peculiar; playful; light-hearted or amusing)  :: oikutteleva, oikukas, huvittava
whimsicality {n} (caprice) SEE: caprice  ::
whimsicality {n} (state)  :: oikullisuus (quality), oikuttelu (activity)
whimsy {n} (idea)  :: oikku
whimsy {n} (character)  :: oikuttelija
whine {n} /waɪn/ (a long-drawn, high-pitched complaining cry or sound)  :: ulvonta
whine {v} (to utter a whine)  :: vikistä, vinkua, uikuttaa
whine {v} (to make a sound resembling such a cry)  :: ujeltaa
whine {v} (to complain or protest with a whine or as if with a whine)  :: kitistä, vinkua, vikistä
whine {v} (to move with a whining sound)  :: ujeltaa
whinge {n} /(h)wɪn(d)ʒ/ (to complain or protest)  :: kitistä, narista, inistä
whip {n} /wɪp/ (rod or rope)  :: piiska, ruoska
whip {n} (party policy enforcer)  :: piiskuri
whip {v} (to hit with a whip)  :: ruoskia, piiskata
whip {v} (by extension, to hit with any flexible object)  :: piiskata
whip {v} (to defeat)  :: piestä
whip {v} (to mix food in a rapid aerating fashion)  :: vatkata, vispata
whip {v} (to urge into action)  :: piiskata
whip {v} (nautical: to bind the end of a rope with twine)  :: rihmata
whip {v} (to throw at high velocity)  :: paiskata
whip {v} (to fish by making repeated casts)  :: piiskata
whip {v} (to snap back and forth like a whip)  :: piiskata [transitive structure used in Finnish]
whip {v} (to move very fast)  :: piiskata [transitive structure used in Finnish]
whip {n} (whipped cream) SEE: whipped cream  ::
whiplash {n} (lash of a whip)  :: piiskanisku
whiplash {n} (whiplash injury)  :: piiskaniskuvamma
whipped cream {n} (thick cream that has had air incorporated into it by rapid beating)  :: kermavaahto
whippersnapper {n} /ˈwɪpəɹˌsnæpəɹ/ (young, cheeky person)  :: räkänokka, märkäkorva
whipper snipper {n} (string trimmer) SEE: string trimmer  ::
whipping {n} /ˈwɪpɪŋ/ (punishment)  :: ruoskinta
whipping {n} (defeat)  :: murskatappio
whipping {n} (cooking technique)  :: vatkaaminen
whipping {n} (nautical term)  :: rihmos
whipping cream {n} (cream suitable for whipping)  :: vispikerma
whippoorwill {n} /ˈ(h)wɪp.ɚ.ˌwɪl/ (bird)  :: amerikankehrääjä
whipsaw {n} (saw)  :: tukkisaha, hirsisaha, justeeri
whipworm {n} (Trichuris trichiura)  :: piiskamato
whirligig {n} /ˈwɝ.lɪ.ɡɪɡ/ (anything that whirls or spins around, such as a toy)  :: väkkyrä
whirlpool {n} /ˈwɝlpul/ (swirling body of water)  :: pyörre, syöveri, kurimus
whirlpool {n} (jacuzzi) SEE: jacuzzi  ::
whirlwind {n} (a violent windstorm of limited extent characterised by an inward spiral motion of the air)  :: pyörremyrsky, pyörretuuli
whirlwind {n} (figuratively: a body of objects or events sweeping violently onward)  :: pyörremyrsky
whirlybird {n} (helicopter)  :: vispilä
whirr {v} /ʍɝ/ (To move or vibrate (something) with a buzzing sound)  :: hurista, surista
whirr {n} (A sibilant buzz or vibration)  :: hurina, surina
whish {interj} /ʍɪʃ/ (whisht)  :: hys
whish {n} (a sibilant sound)  :: viuhahdus, suhahdus
whish {v} (to make such a sound)  :: viuhahtaa, suhahtaa
whisht {interj} (shush, silence, be quiet)  :: hys
whisk {n} /(h)wɪsk/ (quick, light sweeping motion)  :: pyyhkäisy, huiskaus
whisk {n} (kitchen utensil)  :: vispilä
whisk {n} (bunch of twigs or hair etc, used as a brush)  :: luuta, vasta
whisk {n} (small handheld broom with a small (or no) handle)  :: huisku, pölyhuisku
whisk {v} (to move something with quick light sweeping motions)  :: pyyhkiä, pyyhkäistä
whisk {v} (in cooking, to whip e.g. eggs or cream)  :: vispata, vatkata
whisk {v} (to move something rapidly and with no warning)  :: kiidättää, lennättää
whisk {v} (to move lightly and nimbly)  :: rientää
whisker {n} /ʍɪskə(r)/ (part of the beard)  :: parta, leukaparta
whisker {n} (hair of the beard)  :: partakarva
whisker {n} (long projecting hair at the sides of the mouth of a cat)  :: viiksikarva
whisker {n} ((colloquial) very small distance between two things)  :: hiuskarva
whiskey {n} /ˈwɪski/ (alcoholic drink)  :: viski
whiskey {n} (the letter "W" in ICAO spelling alphabet)  :: wiski
whisky {n} (whiskey) SEE: whiskey  ::
whisper {n} /ˈ(h)wɪspɚ/ (act of speaking in a quiet voice)  :: kuiskaus
whisper {n} (rumor)  :: kuiskailu
whisper {n} (faint trace or hint)  :: aavistus
whisper {n} (internet: private message in a chat room)  :: yksityisviesti
whisper {v} (to talk in a quiet voice)  :: kuiskata
whist {n} /ʍɪst/ (card game)  :: visti, tuppi
whistle {n} /ʍɪsl̩/ (device used to make a whistling sound)  :: pilli
whistle {n} (sound made by whistling)  :: vihellys, vislaus
whistle {n} (sound similar to the sound made by whistling)  :: vihellys
whistle {v} (to produce a whistling sound)  :: viheltää
whistle {v} (to move in such a way as to make a whistling sound)  :: viheltää
whistle {n} (slang: a suit) SEE: suit  ::
whistle-blower {n} (one who reports a problem or violation to the authorities)  :: ilmiantaja
whistleblowing {n} (disclosure of wrongdoing)  :: ilmiantaminen
whistle Dixie {v} (to engage in idle conversational phantasies)  :: puhua joutavia
whistle in the dark {v} (make a show of bravery)  :: vislailla
whistle in the dark {v} (speak without knowledge)  :: puhua läpiä päähänsä
whistle past the graveyard {v} (to try to be cheerful in the face of one's fears)  :: pitää päänsä pystyssä
whistle past the graveyard {v} (to ignore a bad situation)  :: lähteä soitellen sotaan
whistler {n} (someone or something that whistles)  :: viheltäjä (man or animal), vihellin (device)
whistler {n} (goldeneye)  :: telkkä
whistler {n} (physics: audio-frequency electromagnetic wave)  :: matalataajuinen radioaalto
whistler {n} (whistling marmot) SEE: hoary marmot  ::
whistle-stop {n} (small train station)  :: seisake
whistle-stop {adj} (extremely brief)  :: pikainen, pika-
whistling duck {n} (bird of the genus Dendrocygna)  :: viheltäjäsorsa
whit {n} /wɪt/ (smallest part imaginable)  :: rahtunen, hitunen, hiukkanen
white {adj} /waɪt/ (bright and colourless)  :: valkoinen, valkea
white {adj} (of or relating to Caucasians)  :: valkoinen, valkoihoinen
white {adj} (designated for use by Caucasians)  :: valkoinen
white {adj} (relatively light or pale in colour)  :: vaalea; vihreä [of grapes]
white {adj} (pale or pallid)  :: kalpea
white {adj} (lacking tan)  :: vaalea
white {adj} (of coffee or tea, containing milk etc.)  :: maidolla, maito- [with milk]; kermalla [with cream]
white {adj} (board games: deemed to belong to the white set)  :: valkoinen
white {adj} (honourable, fair, decent)  :: puhdas
white {adj} (grey, as from old age)  :: harmaa
white {adj} (characterized by freedom from that which disturbs)  :: rauhallinen
white {adj} (favourite; darling)  :: rakas
white {adj} (politics: anti-revolutionary)  :: valkoinen
white {adj} (of tea: made from immature leaves and shoots)  :: valkoinen
white {adj} (typography: not containing characters)  :: tyhjä
white {n} (color/colour)  :: valkoinen, valkea
white {n} (Caucasian person)  :: valkoinen, valkoihoinen
white {n} (albumen)  :: valkuainen
white {n} (white of the eye)  :: valkuainen, silmänvalkuainen
white {n} (common name for the Pieris genus of butterflies)  :: kaaliperhonen
white {n} (cue ball)  :: valkea
white {n} (street name for cocaine)  :: lumi
white {n} (archery: central part of the butt)  :: häränsilmä
white {n} ("green" in snow golf)  :: valkio
white {n} (white pigment)  :: valkoinen
white {n} (white wine) SEE: white wine  ::
white admiral {n} (white and black butterfly)  :: kuusamaperhonen
white as a sheet {adj} (pale as if suffering from shock)  :: kalpea kuin lakana
white as snow {adj} (very white)  :: lumivalkoinen
white bacon {n} (salt pork) SEE: salt pork  ::
white-beaked dolphin {n} (Lagenorhynchus albirostris)  :: valkokuonodelfiini
white bear {n} (polar bear) SEE: polar bear  ::
white-bearded antshrike {n} (passerine bird)  :: valkopartamuura
white blood cell {n} (cytology: a type of blood cell that is involved with an immune response)  :: leukosyytti, valkosolu
whiteboard {n} /ˈwaɪtbɔːd/ (large vertical writing area)  :: valkotaulu
white bread {n} (bread made from white flour)  :: vaalea leipä, valkoinen leipä
white bream {n} (European fish)  :: pasuri
white cabbage {n} (Brassica oleracea var. capitata f. alba)  :: valkokaali, keräkaali
white clover {n} (Trifolium repens)  :: valkoapila
white coffee {n} (coffee with milk added)  :: kahvi maidolla, maitokahvi
white-collar {adj} (of or pertaining to office work and workers)  :: valkokaulus-
white-collar crime {n} (non-violent crime)  :: valkokaulusrikollisuus
white-collar worker {n} (type of worker)  :: valkokaulustyöntekijä
whitecurrant {n} /waɪtˈkʌɹənt/ (shrub)  :: valkoherukkapensas
whitecurrant {n} (berry)  :: valkoherukka, valkoinen viinimarja
white dwarf {n} (white dwarf star)  :: valkoinen kääpiö
whiteface {n} (bird)  :: valkonaamamaluri
whiteface {n} (person of European origin)  :: valkonaama
whitefin dolphin {n} (baiji) SEE: baiji  ::
white fir {n} (Abies concolor)  :: harmaapihta
whitefish {n} (whiting) SEE: whiting  ::
whitefish {n} (menhaden) SEE: menhaden  ::
whitefish {n} (beluga) SEE: beluga  ::
whitefish {n} (fish of the genus Coregonus)  :: siika
white flour {n} (flour made of endosperm of the grain)  :: ydinjauho
white fox {n} (arctic fox) SEE: arctic fox  ::
white gold {n} (A precious metal alloy consisting of gold and a platinum group metal)  :: valkokulta
white goods {n} (linens)  :: kodintekstiilit {p}
white goods {n} (appliances)  :: suuret kodinkoneet {p}
white goods {n} (colorless spirits)  :: kirkkaat viinat {p}
white gourd {n} (vine) SEE: winter melon  ::
white gourd {n} (fuzzy melon fruit) SEE: winter melon  ::
white-handed gibbon {n} (lar gibbon) SEE: lar gibbon  ::
White House {prop} (the official residence of the President of the United States of America)  :: Valkoinen talo
White House {prop} ((idiomatic) the US presidency)  :: Valkoinen talo
White Hun {n} (Hephthalite) SEE: Hephthalite  ::
white iron {n} (kind of cast iron that contains carbon as cementite)  :: valkoinen valurauta
white lie {n} (deliberate untrue statement which is intended to produce a favorable result)  :: valkoinen valhe
white light {n} (light perceived as having no colour)  :: valkoinen valo
white lightning {n} (illegally distilled whiskey) SEE: moonshine  ::
white magic {n} (magic derived from benign forces)  :: taikuus, taikuruus
white man {n} (Caucasian) SEE: Caucasian  ::
white man {n} (whites collectively)  :: valkoinen mies
white man's burden {n} (supposed responsibility of whites)  :: valkoisen miehen taakka
white marriage {n} (unconsummated marriage)  :: seksitön avioliitto
white matter {n} (region of the central nervous system)  :: valkea aine
white millet {n} (proso millet) SEE: proso millet  ::
white mulberry {n} (mulberry tree)  :: valkomulperi
whiten {v} /ˈ(h)waɪtn̩/ (to make white or whiter; to bleach or blanch)  :: vaalentaa; (to whiten completely) valkaista
whiten {v} (to become white or whiter; to bleach or blanch)  :: vaaleta, vaalentua
whiteness {n} (state of being white)  :: valkoisuus
white night {n} (night with only civil twilight)  :: valkea
whiteout {n} (heavy snowstorm)  :: myräkkä
whiteout {n} (weather condition)  :: whiteout
whiteout {n} (correction fluid) SEE: correction fluid  ::
white pages {n} (phone directory that lists residential numbers)  :: valkoiset sivut
white paper {n} (parliamentary document)  :: valkoinen kirja
white paper {n} (EU document)  :: valkoinen kirja
white pepper {n} (Light-colored seed of pepper)  :: valkopippuri
white petrolatum {n} (petroleum jelly) SEE: petroleum jelly  ::
white phosphorus {n} (most common allotrope of phosphorus)  :: valkoinen fosfori
white pointer {n} (great white shark) SEE: great white shark  ::
white poplar {n} (Populus alba)  :: hopeapoppeli
white poplar {n} (Populus grandidentata)  :: hammashaapa
white poplar {n} (Populus tremuloide)  :: amerikanhaapa
white rhinoceros {n} (Ceratotherium simum)  :: valkosarvikuono, leveähuulisarvikuono
white rice {n} (rice with the hull polished off)  :: valkoinen riisi
white roe {n} (milt) SEE: milt  ::
White Russian {n} (Belarusian person) SEE: Belarusian  ::
White Russian {prop} (Belarusian language) SEE: Belarusian  ::
White Russian {n} (cocktail)  :: valkovenäläinen, valkea ryssä
white sauce {n} (mayonnaise) SEE: mayonnaise  ::
white sauce {n} (béchamel sauce) SEE: béchamel sauce  ::
White Sea {prop} (a sea to the northwest of Russia)  :: Vienanmeri
white-shouldered antshrike {n} (passerine bird)  :: koukkunokkamuura
whitesmith {n} (tinsmith) SEE: tinsmith  ::
white smoke {n} (event of reaching an agreement)  :: valkoinen savu
white soul {n} (rhythm and blues or soul music performed by white artists)  :: sinisilmäinen soul
white space {n} /ˈwaɪtˌspeɪs/ (white area between written characters and graphic regions on a produced page)  :: tyhjä tila
white space {n} (single character or series of characters)  :: tyhjätilamerkki
white spirit {n} (solvent)  :: mineraalitärpätti, lakkabensiini
white stork {n} (large wading bird, Ciconia ciconia)  :: kattohaikara
white supremacist {n} (advocate of white supremacy)  :: valkoisen ylivallan kannattaja
white supremacy {n} (ideology)  :: valkoinen ylivalta
white-tailed deer {n} (type of deer)  :: valkohäntäpeura
white-tailed eagle {n} (Haliaeetus albicilla)  :: merikotka
white tea {n} (leaves)  :: valkoinen tee
white tea {n} (drink)  :: valkoinen tee
whitethroat {n} (Sylvia communis)  :: pensaskerttu
white tie {n} (men's most formal eveningwear)  :: frakki, frakkipuku
white tie {n} (dress code)  :: frakki, juhlapuku
white trash {n} (white person or people of low social status (pejorative))  :: valkoinen roskaväki
white vinegar {n} (vinegar that has been distilled)  :: valkoviinietikka
white water {n} (turbulent or frothy water)  :: kuohut {p}
white water {n} (turbulent conditions)  :: kuohut {p}
whitewater rafting {n} (traveling by raft)  :: koskenlasku kumiveneellä
white wedding {n} (wedding routine)  :: valkoiset häät
white whale {n} (a cetacean, Delphinapterus leucas) SEE: beluga  ::
white willow {n} (Salix alba)  :: valkopaju
white wine {n} (light coloured wine)  :: valkoviini
whither {adv} /ˈʍɪðɚ/ (to which place)  :: minne, jonne
whiting {n} (fine white chalk)  :: liitujauho
whiting {n} (fish, Merlangius merlangus)  :: valkoturska
whitish {adj} /ˈwaɪtɪʃ/ (somewhat white)  :: valkeahko
whitlow {n} /ˈwɪt.loʊ/ (an infection)  :: kynsinauhantulehdus
whittle {n} /ˈwʰɪtəl/ (large knife)  :: leuku
whittle {v} (cut or shape wood with a knife)  :: vuolla, veistää
whittle {v} (reduce or gradually eliminate something)  :: leikata
whiz {v} /wɪz/ (to make a whirring or hissing sound)  :: suhista, sihistä, sähistä
whiz {v} (to rush or move swiftly with such sound)  :: suhahtaa
whiz {v} (to throw or spin rapidly)  :: sujauttaa
whiz {v} (slang: wiz to urinate)  :: suhuttaa, suhauttaa
whiz {n} (whirring or hissing sound)  :: suhahdus, sihinä, sihahdus, sähinä, sähähdys
whiz {n} (someone remarkably skilled at something)  :: taituri, taitaja, taitoniekka
who {pron} /huː/ (who? (interrogative pronoun))  :: kuka
who {pron} (who (relative pronoun))  :: joka
WHO {prop} /ˈdʌbəljuː ˈeɪt͡ʃ ˈəʊ/ (World Health Organization)  :: WHO
whoa {interj} /ʍoʊ/ (stop, said to a horse)  :: ptruu
whoa {interj} (expression of surprise)  :: oho
who are you {phrase} (who are you?)  :: kuka sinä olet [informal], kuka Te olette [formal]
who cares {phrase} (reply to an unimportant statement) SEE: so what  ::
whodunit {n} /ˌhuːˈdʌn.ɪt/ (a crime novel or drama)  :: salapoliisitarina, dekkari
whoever {pron} /huˈɛvɚ/ (whatever person or persons)  :: kuka tahansa, kuka ikinä
who knows {phrase} (rhetorical question: one doesn't know)  :: kukapa tietää
who knows {phrase} (rhetorical question: anything is possible)  :: kukapa tietää
whole {adj} /hoʊl/ (entire)  :: koko, kokonainen
whole {adv} (colloquial: in entirety)  :: kokonaan, täysin
whole cloth {n} (complete fabrication)  :: tuulesta temmattu
whole cloth {n} (something not based on anything else)  :: tyhjä
wholehearted {adj} /ˌhəʊlˈhɑː(ɹ)t.əd/ (having no reservations; having unconditional and enthusiastic support)  :: täysi
wholeheartedly {adv} /ˌhəʊlˈhɑː(ɹ)t.ədli/ (in a wholehearted manner; with one's whole heart; enthusiastically)  :: täysin rinnoin, täysin sydämin
whole milk {n} (milk from which nothing has been removed)  :: täysmaito
wholeness {n} (quality of being whole)  :: kokonaisuus, eheys, koskemattomuus, jakamattomuus
whole note {n} (semibreve) SEE: semibreve  ::
whole number {n} (integer) SEE: integer  ::
whole number {n} (natural number) SEE: natural number  ::
wholesale {n} (sale of products, often in large quantities, to retailers or other merchants)  :: tukkukauppa
wholesale {adj} (of or relating to sale in bulk or large quantity)  :: tukku-
wholesale {adv} (in bulk or large quantity)  :: tukuttain
wholesaler {n} (person or company that sells goods wholesale to retailers)  :: tukkukauppias
whole shebang {n} (the entire thing)  :: koko repertoaari, koko roska, koko hoito, ihan kaikki
wholesome {adj} /ˈhoʊlsəm/ (promoting good health, and well-being)  :: terveellinen
wholesome {adj} (sound and healthy)  :: terve
wholly {adv} (to the fullest extent) SEE: completely  ::
whom {pron} /huːm/ (what person; object of a verb (accusative))  :: kenet, kenelle
whom {pron} (what person or people, object of a preposition (dative))  :: kenelle
whom {pron} (relative pronoun)  :: joka, jonka, jollekulle
whoop {n} /huːp/ (An exclamation, a cry, usually of joy)  :: kiljahdus
whoop {v} /wʊp/ (to beat, to strike)  :: hakata
whoop {v} (to defeat thoroughly)  :: hakata, piestä
whoopee {interj} (expression of delight)  :: jippii
whoopee cushion {n} (inflatable bag used as practical joke)  :: pierutyyny
whooper {n} (whooping crane) SEE: whooping crane  ::
whooper {n} (whooper swan) SEE: whooper swan  ::
whooper swan {n} /ˈhuːpə(ɹ) swɒn/ (the species of swan Cygnus cygnus)  :: laulujoutsen
whoopie cushion {n}  :: pierutyyny
whooping cough {n} (a contagious disease)  :: hinkuyskä
whooping crane {n} (Grus americana)  :: trumpettikurki
whoosh {n} /ʍʊʃ/ (breathy sound)  :: humahdus, suhahdus
whoosh {v} (breathy sound)  :: humista, humahtaa
who pays the piper calls the tune {proverb} (one who pays for something controls it)  :: kenen leipää syöt, sen lauluja laulat
whopper {n} (something remarkably large)  :: jätti
whopper {n} (outrageous lie)  :: emävale
whopping {adj} /ˈ(h)wɒpɪŋ/ (exceptionally great or large)  :: valtava
whore {n} /hɔɹ/ (prostitute)  :: huora
whore {n} (sexually promiscuous person)  :: huora, lutka
whore {v} (to prostitute oneself)  :: huorata, myydä itseään
whore {v} (to engage a prostitute)  :: huorata
whore {v} (to pimp) SEE: pimp  ::
whore around {v} (to regularly copulate with people that one is not in a relationship with)  :: huorata
whoremaster {n} (pimp) SEE: pimp  ::
whoremonger {n} (frequent customer of whores)  :: huoripukki
whoremonger {n} (pimp)  :: sutenööri
whorey {adj} (Of or resembling a slut)  :: huoramainen
whorish {adj} /ˈhɔɹɪʃ/ (resembling a whore)  :: huorahtava
whorl {n} /wɜː(ɹ)l/ (pattern of concentric circles.)  :: pyörre
who's calling {phrase} (who is calling?)  :: kuka soittaa
whose {determiner} /huːz/ (of whom (interrogative))  :: kenen
whose {determiner} (of whom (relative))  :: jonka
whose {determiner} (of which (relative))  :: jonka
why {adv} /ʍaɪ/ (for what reason)  :: miksi
why {adv}  :: miksi
why {n} (the reason)  :: miksi
why {interj} (exclamation of surprise)  :: no mutta
why not {adv} (why is that not true)  :: miksi ei, miksei
why not {adv} (to state one has no objection)  :: miksipä ei, mikä ettei
why not {adv} (to introduce a proposal)  :: miksi ei
Wicca {prop} /wɪkə/ (neo-pagan religion)  :: wicca
Wiccan {adj} (of or pertaining to Wicca)  :: wiccalainen
Wiccan {n} (follower of Wicca)  :: wiccalainen, wicca
wick {n} /wɪk/ (the porous cord that draws up liquid fuel for burning)  :: sydän, sydänlanka
wicked {adj} /ˈwɪkɪd/ (evil or mischevous)  :: ilkeä, häijy, paha, pahanilkinen
wicked {adj} (slang: awesome)  :: siisti, paha
wicked {adv} (slang: very)  :: pirun, vähän
wicker {n} /ˈwɪkɚ/ (flexible branch or twig)  :: vitsa
wicker {n} (wickerwork) SEE: wickerwork  ::
wickerwork {n} (things made of wicker)  :: korityö
wicket {n} /ˈwɪkɪt/ (small door or gate)  :: sivuovi, pikkuovi [door]; veräjä [gate]
wicket {n} (small window or other opening)  :: luukku [with cover of some sort]; aukko [open]
wicket {n} (service window)  :: luukku
wicket {n} (cricket: wooden structure at each end of the pit)  :: hila
wicket {n} (cricket: dismissal)  :: palo
wicket {n} (cricket: pitch)  :: keskialue
wicket {n} (cricket: area around the stumps where the batsmen stand)  :: pesä
wicket {n} (croquet: small arch)  :: portti
wicket {n} (shelter made from tree boughs)  :: laavu
wicket {n} (Internet: angle bracket)  :: kulmasulku
widdershins {adv} /ˈwɪ.dɚ.ʃɪnz/ (anticlockwise, counter-clockwise)  :: vastapäivään
wide {adj} /waɪd/ (having a large physical extent from side to side)  :: leveä, laaja
wide {adv} (extensively)  :: laajasti
wide {adv} (completely (with awake))  :: täysin
wide {adv} (away from the given goal)  :: ohi
wide-angle {adj} (having angle of view greater than 70°)  :: laajakulma
wide-angle lens {n} (short focal length lens)  :: laajakulmaobjektiivi
wide area network {n} (network)  :: laajaverkko
wide awake {adj} (awake and very alert)  :: täysin hereillä
widebodied {adj} (An airliner that can seat more than six passengers in each row, in economy seating.)  :: leveärunkoinen
wide-eyed {adj} (astonished or surprised)  :: silmät levällään
widely {adv} /ˈwaɪdli/ (commonly, generally)  :: laajalti
widely {adv} (separated by a large distance)  :: suuresti
widen {v} (to become wider)  :: laajentua
widen {v} (to make wider)  :: laajentaa
widen {v} (to let out clothes)  :: leventää
widen {v} (to broaden or extend)  :: laajentaa
wideness {n} (state orquality of being wide)  :: laajuus, leveys
wideness {n} (large extent, breadth)  :: laajuus, leveys
wide open {adj} (open completely)  :: apposen auki, ammollaan
wide open {adj} (lawless)  :: villi
wide open {adj} (unresolved)  :: avoinna
wide open {adj} (vulnerable)  :: altis
wide receiver {n} (American football: offensive player position)  :: laitahyökkääjä
widescale {adj} (involving all or most of the relevant area)  :: laajamittainen
widescreen {n} (screen with a wider than normal aspect ratio)  :: laajakuva
widescreen {adj} (filmed in a greater aspect ratio)  :: laajakuva-, panoraama-
widespread {adj} (affecting a large area)  :: laajalle levinnyt, laaja
widget {n} (unnamed, unspecified, or hypothetical manufactured good or product)  :: vempain, vekotin, härveli
widget {n} (component of a graphical user interface that the user interacts with)  :: widgetti [colloquial], pienoisohjelma
widow {n} /ˈwɪ.dəʊ/ (woman whose spouse has died)  :: leski
widow {n} (woman whose husband is often away)  :: leski
widow {n} (single line of type carried over to the next page)  :: leskirivi
widow {n} (spider of the genus Latrodectus)  :: Latrodectus; mustaleski [Latrodectus mactans]
widower {n} /ˈwɪdoʊɚ/ (a man whose spouse has died and who has not remarried)  :: leski, leskimies
widowerhood {n} (The period of being a widower)  :: leskeys
widowhood {n} (The period of being a widow)  :: leskeys
widow-maker {n} (something which or someone who takes the lives of men)  :: leskentekijä
widow's mite {n} (numismatics: lepton) SEE: lepton  ::
widow's mite {n} (small donation)  :: lesken ropo
width {n} /ˈwɪtθ/ (state of being wide)  :: laajuus, leveys
width {n} (measurement of something from side to side)  :: leveys
width {n} (piece of fabric measured from side to side)  :: leveys
wield {v} /wiːld/ (to handle with skill and ease)  :: hallita
wield {v} (to exercise authority or influence)  :: hallita
wiener {n} (sausage)  :: nakki
wiener {n} (childish word for the penis)  :: pippeli
Wiener schnitzel {n} (veal cutlet)  :: wieninleike
wife {n} /waɪf/ (married woman)  :: vaimo, aviovaimo
wifebeater {n} (singlet) SEE: singlet  ::
wife-beating question {n} (loaded question)  :: "joko olet lakannut hakkaamasta vaimoasi" -kysymys
wife carrying {n} (Scandinavian sport)  :: eukonkanto, akankanto
wifelet {n} (mistress)  :: vaimoke
wifelet {n} (diminutive of wife)  :: pikkuvaimo
Wi-Fi {n} /ˈwaɪ.faɪ/ (computing: wireless data communication standard)  :: Wi-Fi, langaton verkko
wig {n} /wɪɡ/ (head of artificial hair)  :: peruukki
wigeon {n} (a kind of duck)  :: haapana
wiggle {v} (to move with irregular motions)  :: tytistä, hytistä, tutista, hytkyä, hyllyä [intransitive]; hytisyttää, tutisuttaa, hytkyttää [transitive]
wiggle {n} (wiggling movement)  :: tutina, hytinä, hytke
wiggly {adj} /ˈwɪ.ɡə.ˌli/ (constantly moving)  :: vääntelehtivä, tempoileva
wiggly {adj} (made of many curves)  :: kiemurteleva, kiemurainen
wiki {n} /ˈwɪki/ (collaborative website)  :: wiki
wikify {v} /ˈwɪkifaɪ/ (to adapt (text) to a wiki, see also: wiki; -ify)  :: wikittää
Wikipedia {prop} /ˌwɪkiˈpiːdi.ə/ (online encyclopedia)  :: Wikipedia
Wikipedia {n} (source of abundant knowledge)  :: tietosanakirja
Wiktionarian {n} (A person who contributes to Wiktionary)  :: Wiktionaristi
Wiktionary {prop} /ˈwɪkʃənɹɪ/ (the collaborative project; a particular version of this project written in a certain language)  :: Wikisanakirja
wild {adj} /waɪld/ (not domesticated or tamed)  :: villi, kesytön
wild animal {n} (animal living in a natural, undomesticated state)  :: villieläin
wild-ass {n} /wɪld æs/ (mammal)  :: villiaasi
wild-ass {n} (slang: uneducated person)  :: juntti
wild boar {n} /ˈwaɪld ˈboɹ/ (Sus scrofa)  :: villisika
wild buckwheat {n} (plant of the genus Eriogonum)  :: pumissi
wild cabbage {n} (Brassica oleracea)  :: villikaali
wild card {n} (special card)  :: jokeri
wild card {n} (competitor or team)  :: villi kortti
wildcard {n} (special character)  :: jokerimerkki
wildcard {n} (uncontrolled or unpredictable element)  :: kysymysmerkki, avoin kysymys
wild cat {n} (Felis silvestris) SEE: wildcat  ::
wild cat {n} (undomesticated cat)  :: villikissa
wild cat {n} (domesticated cat returned to the wild) SEE: feral cat  ::
wild cat {n} (Lynx rufus) SEE: bobcat  ::
wildcat {n} /ˈwaɪldˌkæt/ (Felis silvestris)  :: villikissa, metsäkissa
wildcat {n} (person who acts like a wildcat)  :: villikissa
wildcat {adj} (unauthorized by the proper authorities)  :: villi, luvaton
wildcat {n} (undomesticated cat) SEE: wild cat  ::
wildcat {n} (domesticated cat returned to the wild) SEE: feral cat  ::
wildcat {n} (Felix rufus) SEE: bobcat  ::
wildcat {n} (wildcat strike) SEE: wildcat strike  ::
wildcat strike {n} (a labour strike that has not been authorized by the leaders of the union)  :: korpilakko
wild cherry {n} (Prunus avium tree)  :: imeläkirsikka, linnunkirsikkapuu
wild cherry {n} (Prunus avium fruit)  :: villikirsikka
wild child {n} (headstrong young person)  :: villi lapsi, kauhukakara
wildebeest {n} (gnu) SEE: gnu  ::
wilderness {n} /ˈwɪl.dəɹ.nəs/ (uncultivated tract of land)  :: erämaa, korpi, kaira
wildfire {n} /ˈwaɪəldˌfaɪɝ/ (rapidly spreading fire)  :: maastopalo, kulovalkea
wildfire {n} (something that acts quickly and uncontrollably)  :: kulovalkea
wildfire {n} (Greek fire) SEE: Greek fire  ::
wildfowl {n} /ˈwaɪldfaʊl/ (waterfowl)  :: vesilintu
wild goose {n} (species of wildlife goose)  :: villihanhi
wild-goose chase {n} (fruitless, futile pursuit)  :: neulan etsiminen heinäsuovasta, hukkareissu
wild horse {n} (Equus ferus)  :: villihevonen
wild horse {n} (feral horse)  :: villihevonen
wild horse {n} (untamed horse)  :: villi hevonen
wild leek {n} (Allium ampeloprasum)  :: hillosipuli
wildlife {n} /ˈwaɪldlaɪf/ (animals and plants in their natural environment)  :: villieläimet {p}
wildlife reserve {n} (nature reserve) SEE: nature reserve  ::
wildlife sanctuary {n} (nature reserve) SEE: nature reserve  ::
wildly {adv} (in a wild manner)  :: villisti
wildness {n} (the quality of being wild or untamed)  :: villiys
wild oats {n} (non-cultivated oats)  :: villikaura; hukkakaura [Avena fatua]
wild oats {n} (Chasmanthium latifolium)  :: nuokkutähkä
wild rice {n} (any species of Zizania)  :: intiaaniriisi, villiriisi
wild rye {n} (grass)  :: villivehnä [Elymus]; rantavehnä [Leymus]
wild strawberry {n} (Fragaria vesca)  :: ahomansikka, metsämansikka
wild turkey {n} (Meleagris gallopavo)  :: kalkkuna
Wild West {prop} (western United States during the 19th-century era of settlement)  :: Villi länsi
Wild West {prop} (place or situation in which disorderly behaviour prevails)  :: villi länsi
wile {n} /waɪl/ (trick or stratagem)  :: kikka
wilful {adj} /ˈwɪlfʊl/ (intentional)  :: tahallinen, tarkoitettu, harkittu, tietoinen
wilful {adj} (stubborn)  :: itsepintainen, itsepäinen, jääräpäinen, joustamaton, omapäinen
Wilhelmina {prop} (female form of William)  :: Vilhelmiina
will {v} /wɪl/ (indicating future action)  :: Use the present tense
will {n} (one's independent faculty of choice)  :: tahto
will {n} (intention or decision)  :: tahto
will {n} (act of choosing to do something; conscious intent or volition)  :: tahto, halu
will {n} (legal document)  :: testamentti, viimeinen tahto
will {v} (To bequeath)  :: testamentata
willet {n} (Tringa semipalmata)  :: preeriaviklo
William {prop} /ˈwɪljəm/ (male given name)  :: Vilho, Vilhelm (of historical persons)
Williams {prop} (surnames derived from the equivalents of "William")  :: Vilhunen
willie wagtail {n} (bird)  :: valkokulmamonarkki
willing {adj} /ˈwɪlɪŋ/ (ready to do something that is not a matter of course)  :: halukas
willingly {adv} (of one’s own free will)  :: vapaaehtoisesti
willingness {n} /ˈwɪlɪŋnəs/ (state of being willing)  :: halukkuus
willing suspension of disbelief {n} (suspension of disbelief) SEE: suspension of disbelief  ::
will o' the wisp {n} (strange light)  :: virvatuli, aarnituli, aarnivalkea
will o' the wisp {n} (delusionary goal)  :: virvatuli
willow {n} /ˈwɪloʊ/ (tree)  :: paju
willow grouse {n} (Lagopus lagopus)  :: riekko
willowherb {n} (Epilobium)  :: horsma
willow ptarmigan {n} (Lagopus lagopus) SEE: willow grouse  ::
willow tit {n} (bird)  :: hömötiainen
willowy {adj} /ˈwɪloʊi/ (tall, slender, graceful)  :: sorea
willowy {adj} (having willows)  :: pajukkoinen
willpower {n} /ˈwɪlˌpaʊɚ/ (strength of will)  :: tahdonvoima, sisu
willy {n} (The penis)  :: pippeli, kikkeli, pili
willy-nilly {adv} /ˌwɪliˈnɪli/ (whether desired or not)  :: halusimme tai emme
willy-nilly {adv} (without regard for consequences or wishes of those involved)  :: miten sattuu
willy-nilly {adv} (seemingly at random, haphazardly)  :: miten sattuu
will you marry me {phrase} (marriage proposal)  :: menisitkö naimisiin kanssani; tuletko vaimokseni [man to woman]
Wilson's disease {prop} (autosomal-recessive genetic disorder)  :: Wilsonin tauti
Wilson's storm petrel {n} (small seabird)  :: etelänkeiju
wilt {v} /wɪlt/ (to droop)  :: lakastua, kuihtua, näivettyä, nuutua
wilt {v} (to fatigue)  :: väsyä, nuutua, uupua
wilt {v} (to cause to droop)  :: lakastuttaa, kuihduttaa, näivettää, nuuduttaa
wilt {v} (to cause to fatigue)  :: väsyttää, nuuduttaa, uuvuttaa
wilt {n} (drooping)  :: lakastuminen, kuihtuminen, näivettyminen, nuutuminen
wilt {n} (disease)  :: näivetystauti
wily {adj} /waɪ.liː/ (sly, cunning)  :: ovela, viekas, juonikas, kiero, luihu, kavala
wimp {n} (someone who lacks confidence)  :: nössö, nynny, nysväke, nahjus
win {v} /wɪn/ (transitive: achieve victory in)  :: voittaa
win {v} (intransitive: achieve by winning)  :: voittaa
win {n} (individual victory)  :: voitto
wince {n} /wɪns/ (gesture of shrinking away)  :: vavahdus, sävähdys, kavahdus
wince {v} (to flinch as if in pain)  :: vavahtaa, kavahtaa
wince {v} (to kick or flounce)  :: tempoilla, potkia, tempoa
winch {n} /wɪntʃ/ (machine)  :: vinssi, vintturi
winch {v} (use a winch)  :: vinssata
wind {n} /ˈwɪnd/ (movement of air)  :: tuuli
wind {n} (the force developed by the movement of air)  :: tuuli, tuulenpaine
wind {n} (ability to exert oneself without feeling short of breath)  :: henki
wind {n} (flatus)  :: pieru, ilmavaivat {p}
wind {v} (blow air through (a wind instrument))  :: puhaltaa
wind {v} /waɪnd/ (to turn coils of something around)  :: keriä, kelata
wind {v} (to tighten a clockwork mechanism)  :: vetää
wind {v} (to entwist; enfold; encircle)  :: kietoa
wind {v} (to travel in a way that is not straight)  :: kiemurrella, mutkitella [road], kierrellä
wind {v} (to have complete control over)  :: pyörittää
wind {v} (to cover or surround with something coiled about)  :: rihmata [to wind a rope with twine]; kietoa jonkin ympäri
wind {v} (to introduce by insinuation) SEE: insinuate  ::
wind back {v} (to wind towards the beginning)  :: kelata takaisin
windbag {n} /ˈwɪndˌbæɡ/ (someone who talks excessively)  :: suupaltti
windbreaker {n} (thin outer coat)  :: tuulitakki
windcheater {n} (a heavy weatherproof jacket) SEE: windbreaker  ::
wind chimes {n} (chime made from suspended wooden, metal, etc. tubes, bells and rods that tinkle when moved by the wind)  :: tuulikello
windfall {n} (something that has been blown down by the wind)  :: tuulenkaato
windfall {n} (fruit fallen off a tree naturally)  :: pudokas
windfall {n} (sudden large benefit)  :: jättipotti
wind farm {n} (collection of wind turbines)  :: tuulipuisto
windflower {n} (Anemone nemorosa) SEE: wood anemone  ::
wind harp {n} (aeolian harp) SEE: aeolian harp  ::
wind horse {n} (allegory for the human soul)  :: tuulihevonen
windhover {n} (common kestrel) SEE: common kestrel  ::
windiness {n} (state of being windy)  :: tuulisuus
winding {n} /ˈwaɪndɪŋ/ (something wound around something else)  :: käämi, kela
winding {n} (the manner in which something is wound)  :: käämintä, kelaus
winding {n} (one complete turn of something wound)  :: kierros
winding {n} (length of wire wound around the core of an electrical transformer)  :: käämi, käämitys
winding {adj} (twisting, turning or sinuous)  :: kiemurteleva, mutkikas, mutkitteleva
winding cloth {n} (burial shroud)  :: käärinliina
winding sheet {n} (burial shroud)  :: käärinliina
wind instrument {n} (type of musical instrument)  :: puhallin, puhallinsoitin, puhallussoitin
windlass {n} /ˈwɪnd.ləs/ (winch)  :: vintturi
windle {n} (redwing) SEE: redwing  ::
windles {n} (windlass) SEE: windlass  ::
windmeter {n} (an instrument for measuring and recording the speed of the wind) SEE: anemometer  ::
windmill {n} /ˈwɪnd.mɪl/ (machinery)  :: tuulimylly
windmill {n} (structure)  :: tuulimylly
windmill {n} (child's toy)  :: tuulihyrrä
windmill {n} (type of dunk)  :: tuulimylly
windmill {v} (to rotate with a sweeping motion)  :: pyörittää, kieputtaa, huiskia
windmill {v} (to rotate freely)  :: pyöriä, kieppua
window {n} /ˈwɪndoʊ/ (opening for light and air)  :: ikkuna
window {n} (period of time)  :: jakso, ikkuna
window {n} (area on a computer screen)  :: ikkuna
window {n} (shop window) SEE: shop window  ::
window cleaner {n} (person)  :: ikkunanpesijä
window cleaner {n} (product)  :: ikkunanpesuaine
window frame {n} (framework around a window)  :: ikkunankehys, ikkunanpoka, poka, ikkunanpuite
windowfront {adj} (next to window)  :: ikkuna-, see ikkunapöytä
window of opportunity {n} (suitable period)  :: mahdollisuus, etsikkoaika
windowpane {n} (piece of glass filling a window)  :: ikkunaruutu
window screen {n} (mesh set in a frame and covering the opening of a window)  :: hyttysverkko
window-shop {v} (browse shops with no intention of buying)  :: olla ikkunaostoksilla
window-shopping {n} (browsing shops with no intention of buying)  :: ikkunaostokset {p}
windowsill {n} (the horizontal member protruding from the base of a window frame)  :: ikkunalauta
windpipe {n} (anus) SEE: anus  ::
windpipe {n} (trachea)  :: henkitorvi
windpipe {n} (duct)  :: torvi, kanava, putki
wind power {n} (power harnessed from the wind)  :: tuulivoima, tuulisähkö
windpump {n} (windmill applied for pumping water)  :: tuulipumppu
wind rose {n} (meteorological diagram)  :: tuuliruusu
windrow {n} (row of cut grain or hay)  :: karhe
windscreen {n} (windshield) SEE: windshield  ::
windscreen washer {n} (device to clean windscreens)  :: tuulilasin pesulaite, (slightly vulgar) pissapoika, tuulilasinpesin
windscreen wiper {n} (a device to clear a windscreen) SEE: windshield wiper  ::
windshield {n} (screen located in front of a vehicle to protect from wind and weather)  :: tuulilasi
windshield wiper {n} (device to clear a windshield)  :: tuulilasinpyyhin
windsock {n} (tube designed to indicate wind direction and relative wind speed)  :: tuulipussi
Windsor knot {n} (knot of a particular sort)  :: Windsorin solmu
windsurf {v} (ride a surfboard with a sail)  :: purjelautailla
windsurfer {n} (a person who windsurfs)  :: purjelautailija
wind turbine {n} (device)  :: tuuliturbiini
wind up {v} (to end up; to arrive or result)  :: joutua, päätyä
wind up {v} (to conclude, complete, or finish)  :: päättää, lopettaa
wind up {v} (to tighten by winding or twisting)  :: vetää
wind up {v} (to excite)  :: innostaa
wind up {v} (to play a prank, to take the mickey or mock)  :: vedättää
wind up {v} (to dissolve a partnership or corporation and liquidate its assets)  :: purkaa
windward {adj} /ˈwɪndwəd/ (towards the wind)  :: tuulenpuoleinen
windy {n} (fart) SEE: fart  ::
windy {adj} /ˈwɪndi/ (accompanied by wind)  :: tuulinen
windy {adj} (unsheltered and open to the wind)  :: tuulinen, tuulen pieksämä
windy {adj} (empty and lacking substance)  :: tyhjä, tuulesta temmattu
windy {adj} (flatulent)  :: ilmavaivainen
windy {adj} /ˈwaɪndi/ (having many bends)  :: mutkainen, kiemurteleva
wine {n} /waɪn/ (alcoholic beverage made from grapes)  :: viini
wine {n} (alcoholic beverage made from other fruit or vegetables)  :: viini
wine {n} (serving of wine)  :: viini, viinilasillinen
wine {n} (wine colour)  :: viininpunainen
wine bar {n} (drinking establishment where only wine is served)  :: viinibaari
wine bottle {n} (bottle for holding wine)  :: viinipullo
winebox {n} (box)  :: viinilaatikko
wine cellar {n} (underground place for storing wine)  :: viinikellari
wine cellar {n} (collection of wine)  :: viinikellari
wine cooler {n} (piece of equipment)  :: viininjäähdytin, viinikaappi
wine cooler {n} (drink)  :: wine cooler
winecup {n} (vessel from which wine is drunk)  :: viinipikari, viinimalja
wine glass {n} (glass vessel for drinking wine from)  :: viinilasi
wine list {n} (list of wines available at a restaurant or bar)  :: viinilista
winemaker {n} (a person or company that makes wine) SEE: vintner  ::
wine rack {n} (set of shelves for wine)  :: viinipulloteline
winery {n} /ˈwaɪnəɹi/ (a place where wine is made, or a company that makes wine)  :: viinitila [farm], viinitalo [firm], viininvalmistamo [processing plant]
wine vinegar {n} (vinegar made from wine)  :: viinietikka
wing {n} /wɪŋ/ (part of an animal)  :: siipi
wing {n} (slang: human arm)  :: siipi
wing {n} (part of an aircraft)  :: siipi
wing {n} (extension to a main body)  :: siipi
wing {n} (fraction of a political movement)  :: siipi
wing {n} (air force unit)  :: lennosto
wing {n} (panel of a car which encloses the wheel area)  :: lokasuoja
wing {n} (extension of a ship's bridge)  :: siipi
wing {n} (sports: position in many team sports)  :: laitahyökkääjä, laituri
wing {n} (sports: person in such position)  :: laitahyökkääjä, laituri
wing {v} (to injure slightly)  :: antaa siipeen
wing {v} (to add a wing (extra part) to)  :: lisätä siipi
wing {v} (to be extemporaneous)  :: innostua
wing {v} (to fly) SEE: fly  ::
wing {v} (to throw) SEE: throw  ::
wing collar {n} (type of collar)  :: frakkikaulus
wingding {n} (fit or spasm)  :: kohtaus
wingding {n} (party)  :: bileet {p}
winger {n} (offensive player)  :: laitahyökkääjä
wingless {adj} (lacking wings)  :: siivetön
wingman {n} (pilot partner)  :: siipimies
wingman {n} (friend that gives support)  :: taistelupari
wing nut {n} (nut with wing-like projections)  :: siipimutteri, lehtimutteri
wingnut {n} (nut with winglike projections) SEE: wing nut  ::
wingnut {n} /ˈwɪŋˌnʌt/ (genus Pterocarya (botany))  :: siipipähkinä
wingnut {n} (odd, eccentric, and/or extreme person)  :: kummajainen, hörhö
wink {v} /ˈwɪŋk/ (To blink with only one eye as a message, signal, or suggestion)  :: iskeä silmää, vilkuttaa
wink {v} (To twinkle)  :: vilkkua, tuikkia
wink {n} (a blink)  :: silmänisku
wink {n} (an instant)  :: silmänräpäys
winkle {n} (gastropod) SEE: periwinkle  ::
winnable {adj} (able to be won)  :: voitettavissa
winner {n} /ˈwɪnɚ/ (one who has won or often wins)  :: voittaja
winner {n} (point, goal (etc.) which wins a contest)  :: voittomaali
Winnie the Pooh {prop} (the fictional bear)  :: Nalle Puh
winning {adj} /ˈwɪnɪŋ/ (that constitutes a win)  :: voitto-
winning {adj} (attractive)  :: valloittava, hurmaava
winning streak {n} (an uninterrupted sequence of wins)  :: voittoputki
winnow {v} /ˈwɪnoʊ/ (to separate the heavier and lighter with a current of air)  :: tuultaa, viskata
winnow {v} (figuratively: to separate, sift, analyze, test)  :: seuloa
winnowing {n} (act of separating chaff from grain)  :: viskaaminen
winnowing basket {n} (basket used to winnow)  :: viskain, viskin
win over {v} (to persuade) SEE: persuade  ::
winter {n} /ˈwɪntɚ/ (fourth season, marked by short days and lowest temperatures)  :: talvi
winter {v} (spend the winter, as in a particular place on holiday)  :: viettää talvi, talvehtia
winter {v} (store over winter)  :: pitää talven yli
winterberry {n} (Ilex verticillata)  :: kesäorjanlaakeri
winter break {n} (time off in winter)  :: talviloma, joululoma
winter cherry {n} (bladder cherry) SEE: bladder cherry  ::
winter coat {n} (warm coat)  :: talvitakki
winter coat {n} (seasonal appearance)  :: talviturkki, talvipuku
winter depression {n} (disorder)  :: kaamosmasennus
wintergreen {n} (evergreen) SEE: evergreen  ::
wintergreen {n} (evergreen perennial of the genus Pyrola)  :: talvikki
wintergreen {n} (Gaultheria procumbens)  :: lamosalali
winterless {adj} (without winter)  :: talveton
winter melon {n} (vine)  :: talvimeloni, vahakurpitsa
winter melon {n} (fuzzy melon fruit)  :: talvimeloni, vahakurpitsa
winters {adv} (in the winter)  :: talvella, talvisin
winter solstice {n} (the moment when the hemisphere is most inclined away from the sun)  :: talvipäivänseisaus
winter sport {n} (sport played on ice or snow)  :: talviurheilu, talviurheilulaji
winter storm {n} /ˈwɪntɚ stɔɹm/ (A winter storm)  :: talvimyrsky, lumimyrsky
wintertide {n} (wintertime) SEE: wintertime  ::
wintertime {n} (the season of winter)  :: talvisaika
Winter War {prop} (war)  :: talvisota
winter warmer {n} (strong beer brewed in winter)  :: talviolut
winter wheat {n} (type of wheat)  :: syysvehnä
wintry {adj} /ˈwɪnt(ə)ɹɪ/ (suggestive or characteristic of winter; cold, stormy)  :: talvinen
wintry {adj} (aged, white(-haired etc.))  :: harmaahapsinen
win-win {adj} (of a situation that benefits two parties)  :: win-win, yhteisvoitto
wipe {v} /waɪp/ (remove surface substance)  :: pyyhkiä
wipe {v} (erase a computer disk)  :: tyhjentää
wipe out {v} (to destroy or obliterate)  :: tuhota, pyyhkäistä pois
wipe out {v} (to erase)  :: pyyhkiä
wipe out {v} (to crash or fall)  :: kaatua
wipeout {n} (The action of the verb "wipe out")  :: pyyhintä, pyyhkiminen, poispyyhkäisy, kaatuminen
wiper {n} (someone who wipes)  :: pyyhkijä
wiper {n} (something used for wiping)  :: pyyhe [towel]; pyyhin
wiper {n} (something designed for wiping)  :: pyyhin, pyyhkijä
wiper {n} (movable electric contact)  :: pyyhkäisykosketin
wipe the slate clean {v} /ˌwaɪp ðə sleɪt ˈkliːn/ (to make a fresh start, forgetting differences)  :: aloittaa puhtaalta pöydältä
wire {n} /ˈwaɪɚ/ (thin thread of metal)  :: lanka, metallilanka
wire {n} (metal conductor that carries electricity)  :: sähköjohto, johdin
wire {n} (fence made of usually barbed wire)  :: piikkilanka-aita
wire {n} (sports: finish line of a racetrack)  :: maalinauha
wire {v} (to fasten with wire)  :: sitoa
wire {v} (to string on a wire)  :: pujottaa
wire {v} (to equip with wires for use with electricity)  :: johdottaa
wire {v} (to add something into an electrical system by means of wiring)  :: kytkeä
wire {n} (informal: telegraph) SEE: telegraph  ::
wire {n} (informal: message transmitted by telegraph) SEE: telegram  ::
wire cutters {n} (hand tool)  :: sivuleikkurit {p}
wire fox terrier {n} (breed of fox terrier)  :: karkeakarvainen kettuterrieri
wire-haired {adj} (having coarse hair)  :: karkeakarvainen
wireless {adj} /ˈwaɪ.ə(ɹ).ləs/ (not having any wires)  :: langaton
wireless {adj} (of or relating to wireless telegraphy)  :: langaton
wireless {n} (radio)  :: radio, radioviestintä
wire rope {n} (strong cable)  :: köysi, teräsköysi
wiretap {n} (concealed device)  :: salakuuntelulaite, kuuntelulaite
wiretap {n} (the act of installing such a device)  :: kuuntelulaitteen asentaminen
wiretap {v} (to install or to use such a device)  :: asentaa salakuuntelulaite, salakuunnella
wire transfer {n} (electronic transfer of funds)  :: tilisiirto
wiry {adj} (thin, muscular and flexible)  :: jäntevä
Wisconsin {prop} /wəˈskɑnsən/ (state of the United States of America)  :: Wisconsin
Wisconsinite {n} (person from Wisconsin)  :: wisconsinilainen
wisdom {n} /ˈwɪzdəm/ (element of personal character)  :: viisaus
wisdom {n} (piece of wise advice)  :: viisaus
wisdom {n} (discretionary use of knowledge for the greatest good)  :: viisaus
wisdom {n} (ability to apply relevant knowledge in an insightful way)  :: viisaus
wisdom {n} (ability to make a decision based on the combination of knowledge, experience, and intuitive understanding)  :: viisaus
wisdom {n} (ability to know and apply spiritual truths)  :: viisaus
wisdom tooth {n} (rearmost molar in humans)  :: viisaudenhammas
wise {adj} /waɪz/ (showing good judgement)  :: viisas
wise guy {n} (one who is insolent or flippant)  :: neropatti, viisastelija
wisely {adv} /ˈwaɪzli/ (in a wise manner)  :: viisaasti
wisent {n} /ˈwɪzənt/ (The European bison, Bison bonasus)  :: visentti
wish {n} /wɪʃ/ (desire)  :: toive
wish {v} (to hope for an outcome)  :: toivoa
wish {v} (to bestow a thought)  :: toivottaa
wishable {adj} (desirable) SEE: desirable  ::
wishbone {n} (bird's bone)  :: toivomusluu, hankaluu
wishbone {n} (spar)  :: haarukkavipu
wishful thinking {n} (illusion that what one would like is true)  :: toiveajattelu
wishing well {n} (well where wishes were thought to be granted)  :: toivomuskaivo
wish list {n} (list of desired things)  :: toivomuslista, toivelista
wishlist {n} /ˈwɪʃlɪst/ (a list of desired things)  :: toivelista
wish you well {v} /ˌwɪʃ ju ˈwɛl/ (polite way of saying goodbye)  :: kaikkea hyvää sinulle
wisteria {n} (a genus of about ten species of woody climbing vines)  :: visteri
wistful {adj} /ˈwɪstfəl/ (full of longing)  :: kaihoisa, haikea
wistful {adj} (sad and thoughtful)  :: haikea, mietteliäs
wit {n} /wɪt/ (Ability to think quickly)  :: sukkeluus, nokkeluus, sutkaus
wit {n} (intelligence) SEE: intelligence  ::
witch {n} /wɪtʃ/ (person who uses magic)  :: noita
witch {n} (derogatory: ugly or unpleasant woman)  :: akka, ämmä
witch {n} (Wiccan) SEE: Wiccan  ::
witch {n} (Glyptocephalus cynoglossus) SEE: Torbay sole  ::
witchcraft {n} /ˈwɪtʃkɹæft/ (the practice of witches)  :: noituus
witch doctor {n} (someone believed to heal through magic)  :: poppamies, noitatohtori
witches' Sabbath {n} (supposed meeting of witches at midnight to practice sorcery or to take part in a demonic orgy)  :: noitasapatti
witchgrass {n} (couch grass) SEE: couch grass  ::
witchgrass {n} (grass of genus Panicum)  :: hirssi
witch-hunt {n} (persecution of persons believed to be using magic)  :: noitavaino
witch-hunt {n} (campaign to punish dissident persons)  :: noitavaino
with {prep} /wɪθ/ (in the company of)  :: kera, luona, [comitative case] -ineen, kanssa
with {prep} (in addition to)  :: kera, [comitative case] -ineen
with {prep} (in support of)  :: avulla
with {prep} (by means of)  :: -lla, [adessive case] -llä, [instructive case] -in
with a grain of salt {adv} (with common sense and skepticism)  :: varauksin, varauksellisesti, varauksella, varovasti
with all due respect {prep} (phrase used before disagreeing with someone)  :: kaikella kunnioituksella
with bated breath {prep} /wɪð ˈbeɪtɪd ˈbɹɛθ/ (holding one's breath)  :: henkeä pidätellen
with bated breath {prep} (eagerly)  :: henkeä pidätellen
with child {prep} (pregnant)  :: pieniin päin
withdraw {v} /wɪðˈdɹɔː/ (pull back)  :: vetää takaisin
withdraw {v} (take back)  :: ottaa takaisin, perua
withdraw {v} (remove, stop providing)  :: perua
withdraw {v} (extract (money from an account))  :: nostaa
withdraw {v} (retreat)  :: perääntyä, vetäytyä
withdrawal {n} /wɪðˈdɹɔːəl/ (receiving from someone's care what one has earlier entrusted to them)  :: nosto [money from a bank], otto [money from a bank], poisvetäminen
withdrawal {n} (method of birth control)  :: keskeytetty yhdyntä
withdrawal {n} (type of metabolic shock)  :: vierotusoireet {p}
withdrawal {n} (act of withdrawing)  :: vetäytyminen, vieroitus
withdrawal symptom {n} (symptom associated with the discontinuance of a drug)  :: vieroitusoire
withdrawn {adj} /wɪðˈdɹɔːn/ (introvert)  :: fisisäänpäinkääntynyt, sulkeutunut
withe {n} /waɪð/ (twig or shoot)  :: varpu, vitsa, vitsas
wither {v} /ˈwɪðɚ/ ((intransitive) shrivel, droop, dry up)  :: lakastua, kuihtua
wither {v} ((intransitive) to become helpless due to emotion)  :: jäykistyä, jähmettyä
wither {v} ((transitive) to cause to shrivel or dry up)  :: kuihduttaa, lakastuttaa
withered {adj} /ˈwɪðə(ɹ)d/ (shrivelled)  :: kuihtunut, kitulias
withering {adj} (tending to destroy, devastate, overwhelm or cause complete destruction)  :: musertava, murskaava
withering {adj} (diminishing rapidly)  :: kuihtuva
withering {adj} (tending to make someone feel small)  :: vähättelevä
withers {n} /ˈwɪð.ɚz/ (part of the back of a draft animal)  :: säkä
with flying colors {prep} ((idiom) extremely well)  :: liput liehuen, mennen tullen
withhold {v} /wɪθˈhoʊld/ (to keep an object)  :: pitää (itsellään)
withhold {v} (to keep information)  :: pitää omana tietonaan
withhold {v} (to retain)  :: evätä
withholding {n} (deduction of taxes from employees' salary)  :: ennakonpidätys
withholding {n} (tax so deducted)  :: ennakonpidätys
within {prep} /wɪðˈɪn/ (spatial enclosure)  :: sisällä
within living memory {prep} (in living memory) SEE: in living memory  ::
within reach {prep} (at a distance close enough to touch by reaching)  :: ulottuvilla, käsillä, käden ulottuvilla
within reach {prep} (at a close distance to)  :: käden ulottuvilla
with no further ado {prep} (with no further ado)  :: ilman enempiä muodollisuuksia
with one voice {prep} (in unison)  :: yhteen ääneen
without {prep} /wɪθˈaʊt/ (not having)  :: ilman, -tta/-ttä (abessive case), vailla
without a doubt {prep} (certainly) SEE: certainly  ::
without a doubt {prep} (probably) SEE: probably  ::
without a doubt {prep}  :: epäilemättä, ilman epäilystäkään
without doubt {prep} (without a doubt) SEE: without a doubt  ::
without exception {prep} (exceptionless)  :: poikkeuksetta
without prejudice {prep} (not considering)  :: huomioimatta, ottamatta huomioon
without prejudice {prep} (law: not affecting)  :: puuttumatta, koskematta
without prejudice {prep} (law: allowing return to earlier position)  :: sitoumuksetta
with pleasure {prep} /wɪθ.plɛ.ʒʌɹ/ (willingly, without argument)  :: ilomielin, kernaasti, mielellään
with respect {prep} (mild apology)  :: kaikella kunnioituksella
with respect to {prep} (pertaining to)  :: suhteen, suhteessa, liittyen
withspeak {v} (speak against) SEE: oppose  ::
withspeak {v} (contradict) SEE: contradict  ::
withstand {v} (to resist)  :: kestää
withstand {v} (to oppose)  :: vastustaa
withy {n} (osier) SEE: osier  ::
withy {n} (long, flexible twig of the osier) SEE: osier  ::
witless {adj} (Without wit or understanding)  :: järjetön, älytön
witness {n} /ˈwɪtnəs/ (attestation of a fact or event)  :: todistus
witness {n} (one who has a personal knowledge of something)  :: todistaja
witness {n} (someone called to give evidence in a court)  :: todistaja
witness {n} (something that serves as evidence)  :: todiste
witness {v} ((transitive) to furnish proof of)  :: todistaa
witness {v} ((transitive) to take as evidence)  :: todistaa, osoittaa
witness {v} ((transitive) to see or gain knowledge of through experience)  :: todistaa
witness {v} ((intransitive) to preach presenting personal testimony)  :: todistaa
wits' end {n} (at (one's) wits' end) SEE: perplexed  ::
wittedness {n} (condition)  :: älyisyys
witticism {n} /ˈwɪ.tɪ.sɪz.əm/ (witty remark)  :: sukkeluus
wittiness {n} (the quality of being witty)  :: nasevuus
wittle {adj} (babytalk for little)  :: piäni
witty {adj} /ˈwɪti/ (possessing a strong intellect or intellectual capacity)  :: terävä
witty {adj} (clever; amusingly ingenious)  :: naseva, sukkelasanainen
witty {adj} (full of wit)  :: välkky
witty {adj} (quick of mind; insightful; in possession of wits)  :: välkky
wizard {n} /wɪ.zɚd/ (person skilled with magic)  :: velho
wizard {n} (person skilled or unusually talented in a particular field)  :: velho
wizard {n} (computing: program or script used to simplify complex operations)  :: apuri
wizard {n} (wise man; sage)  :: tietäjä
wizardess {n} (sorceress) SEE: sorceress  ::
wizardry {n} (art of a wizard; sorcery)  :: noitataito, taikuus
wizardry {n} (something that gives the appearance of magic)  :: taikuus
wizardry {n} (great ability)  :: taituruus, taikuus, noituus
wizen {adj} /ˈwɪzən/ (lean and wrinkled by shrinkage)  :: kurttuinen
wizen {v} (to become lean and wrinkled by shrinkage)  :: kurtistua, kurttuuntua, mennä kurttuun
wizened {adj} /ˈwɪzənd/ (withered)  :: kuihtunut, kurttuinen
woad {n} (Isatis tinctoria)  :: morsinko
wobble {n} /ˈwɑbl̩/ (unsteady motion)  :: vaappuminen, huojunta, horjunta
wobble {v} (move with an uneven or rocking motion)  :: vaappua, horjua, huojua
wobble {v} (quaver)  :: väristä
wobble {v} (vacillate)  :: olla kahden vaiheilla
wobbler {n} (tantrum) SEE: tantrum  ::
wobbly {adj} (unsteady and tending to wobble)  :: horjuva
woe {n} /woʊ/ (grief; sorrow; misery; heavy calamity)  :: suru, tuska
woe is me {interj} /woʊ ɪz mi/ (interjection)  :: voi minua
wog {n} /wɒɡ/ (an offensive term for a dark-skinned person)  :: laku
wog {n} (person of Italian descent) SEE: wop  ::
woggle {n} (Boy Scout’s neckerchief clasp or slide)  :: huiviholkki, osmonsolmu
wok {n} /wɒk/ (large round pan)  :: wokkipannu
wok {v} (to use a wok)  :: wokata
wolf {n} /wʊlf/ (animal)  :: susi, hukka
wolf {n} (unpleasant musical tone)  :: susisävel
wolf {v} (to devour)  :: hotkia, ahmia
wolf {n} (constellation) SEE: Lupus  ::
wolfberry {n} (plant)  :: pukinpensas
wolfberry {n} (fruit)  :: goji-marja
wolf cub {n} /ˈwʊlfkʌb/ (young wolf)  :: sudenpentu
wolf down {v} (consume quickly)  :: [as a long-term act, the amount of the object not confined] hotkia, ahmia, [as a short-term act, the amount of the object confined] hotkaista, ahmaista
wolffish {n} /ˈwʊlfːɪʃ/ (fish)  :: merikissa
Wolfgang {prop} /ˈwʊlf.ɡæŋ/ (male given name)  :: Wolfgang
wolf in sheep's clothing {n} (a disguised danger)  :: susi lampaan vaatteissa
wolfish {adj} /ˈwʊlfiʃ/ (pertaining to wolves)  :: suden-
wolfish {adj} (akin to the characteristics or habits of a wolf)  :: suden-
wolfish {adj} (fierce, savage, menacing)  :: petomainen
wolfkin {n} (young or small wolf) SEE: wolf cub  ::
wolfling {n} (wolf cub) SEE: wolf cub  ::
wolfpack {n} (group of wild wolves, see also: pack)  :: susilauma
wolfram {n} (tungsten) SEE: tungsten  ::
wolfram {n} (wolframite) SEE: wolframite  ::
wolframite {n} (wolframite)  :: wolframiitti
wolfsbane {n} /ˈwʊlfsbeɪn/ (herbs of the genus Aconitum)  :: ukonhattu
wolfskin {n} (skin of wolf)  :: sudennahka, sudentalja
wolf spider {n} (any of several spiders of the family Lycosidae)  :: susihämähäkki
wolf whelp {n} (young, esp. infant, wolf) SEE: wolf cub  ::
wollastonite {n} (grey inosilicate mineral)  :: wollastoniitti
wolverine {n} /ˈwʊlvəˌɹiːn/ (Gulo gulo)  :: ahma
woman {n} /ˈwʊmən/ (adult female person)  :: nainen
woman {n} (wife) SEE: wife  ::
womanhater {n} (hater of women) SEE: misogynist  ::
womanhood {n} (state of being a woman)  :: naiseus
womanhood {n} (qualities considered typical for a woman)  :: naisellisuus
womanhood {n} (women as a group)  :: naiset, naisväki
womanish {adj} /ˈwʊmənɪʃ/ (characteristic of a woman)  :: naismainen
womanizer {n} /ˈwʊmənaɪzəɹ/ (habitual seducer of women)  :: pelimies, naistenmies
womb {n} /wuːm/ (uterus)  :: kohtu
womb {n} (figuratively: place where something is made or formed)  :: kehto
womb {n} (belly) SEE: belly  ::
wombat {n} /ˈwɑmˌbæt/ (marsupial)  :: vompatti
womenfolk {n} (women collectively)  :: naisväki
womenfolk {n} (adult female members of a community)  :: akkaväki
women's refuge {n} (women's shelter) SEE: women's shelter  ::
women's shelter {n} (temporary refuge for women)  :: turvakoti
women's studies {n} (academic field)  :: naistutkimus
wonder {n} /ˈwʌndɚ/ (something that causes amazement or awe, a marvel)  :: ihme
wonder {n} (informal: thought)  :: ihmettely
wonder {v} (to ponder about something)  :: ihmetellä
wonderful {adj} /ˈwʌn.dɚ.fl̩/ (excellent, extremely impressive)  :: hieno, mainio, loistava, ihana
wonderfully {adv} /wʌn.də(ɹ).fli/ (in a wonderful manner)  :: loistavasti
wonderfully {adv} (to an extent inspiring wonder)  :: ihmeellisen
wonderland {n} (Imaginary or real place full of wonder or marvels)  :: ihmemaa
wonderous {adj} (wondrous) SEE: wondrous  ::
Wonder Woman {prop} /ˈwʌndə ˈwʊmən/ (DC Comics character)  :: Ihmenainen
Wonder Woman {n} (woman of extraordinary powers) SEE: superwoman  ::
wondrous {adj} (amazing, inspiring awe)  :: ihmeellinen, vaikuttava
wont {n} /wəʊnt/ (habitual way of doing things)  :: tapa
wont {adj} (accustomed or apt)  :: tapana
wonton {n} /ˈwɑntɑn/ (Chinese dumpling)  :: wonton
woo {v} /wuː/ (to endeavor to gain someone's affection)  :: kosiskella, riiata, vokotella
wood {n} /wʊd/ (substance)  :: puu
wood {n} (wood from a particular species)  :: puulaji
wood {n} (woodland)  :: metsä, metsikkö
wood {n} (firewood)  :: puut {p}, polttopuu
wood {n} (type of golf club)  :: puu, puumaila
wood {n} (music: woodwind instrument)  :: puupuhallin
wood {n} (slang: an erection)  :: stondis, kanki
wood {v} (to cover or plant with trees)  :: metsittää, istuttaa metsää
wood alcohol {n} (methanol)  :: puusprii
wood anemone {n} (Anemone nemorosa)  :: valkovuokko
wood anemone {n} (Anemone quinquefolia)  :: n.a.
wood anemone {n} (Anemone sylvestris)  :: arovuokko
woodblock printing {n} (technique for printing text, images or patterns)  :: puupiirrospaino
woodbox {n} (bof for firewood)  :: halkolaatikko, puulaatikko
woodcarver {n} (a person who is skilled at woodcarving)  :: puunleikkaaja
wood carving {n} (art)  :: puunleikkaus
wood carving {n} (object)  :: puuleikkaustyö
wood carving {n} (decoration)  :: puuleikkaus
woodchip {n} (chip of wood)  :: lastu, hake [chips as mass]
woodchip {n} (fibre of wood)  :: puukuitu
woodchipper {n} (woodchip making machine)  :: haketin, hakkuri
woodchuck {n} /ˈwʊd.tʃʌk/ (rodent of the family Sciuridae)  :: metsämurmeli
woodcock {n} /ˈwʊd.kɒk/ (wading bird in the genus Scolopax)  :: lehtokurppa, kurppa
woodcraft {n} (art or skill) SEE: wood carving  ::
woodcraft {n} (skills related to a woodland habitat)  :: erätaito, erätaidot {p}
wood cudweed {n} (Gnaphalium sylvaticum)  :: ahojäkkärä
woodcut {n} (printmaking)  :: puukaiverrus
woodcutter {n} (lumberjack) SEE: lumberjack  ::
woodcutter {n} (person who cuts wood)  :: puunhakkaaja
woodcutter {n} (person who makes woodcuts)  :: puunkaivertaja, puunleikkaaja
wood ear {n} (black fungus)  :: juudaksenkorva
woodedness {n} (state or degree of being wooded)  :: metsäisyys
wooden {adj} /ˈwʊdən/ (made of wood)  :: puinen
wooden {adj} (figuratively)  :: puiseva
wooden spoon {n} (spoon made from wood)  :: kapusta, puukauha
wooden spoon {n} (prize for coming last in a competition)  :: lohdutuspalkinto
wood fern {n} (fern of the genus Dryopteris)  :: alvejuuri
woodfree {adj} (Made from chemically processed (as opposed to mechanical pulping process) wood pulp.)  :: puuvapaa
wood grouse {n} (Tetrao urogallus) SEE: western capercaillie  ::
wood-hewer {n} (one who earns a living by splitting wood)  :: halonhakkaaja
wood horsetail {n} (plant)  :: metsäkorte
woodland {adj} /ˈwʊd.lənd/ (of or pertaining to a creature or object existing in a woodland)  :: metsän, metsä-
woodland {n} (land covered with woody vegetation)  :: metsämaa, metsä
wood lemming {n} (wood lemming)  :: metsäsopuli
wood lot {n} (area of land)  :: metsäpalsta
woodlouse {n} /ˈwʊd.ˌlaʊs/ (any species of suborder Oniscidea)  :: siira, saunamaija [colloquial]
wood mouse {n} (European rodent)  :: pikkumetsähiiri
wood nuthatch {n} (Sitta europaea) SEE: Eurasian nuthatch  ::
woodpecker {n} /ˈwʊdˌpɛkɚ/ (bird in Picinae)  :: tikka
wood pigeon {n} (Columba palumbus)  :: sepelkyyhky
woodpile {n} (pile of cut wood)  :: halkopino
wood pulp {n} (pulp from trees used to make paper)  :: paperimassa
woods {n} (forest) SEE: forest  ::
woodshed {n} (enclosed structure for storing firewood)  :: puuvaja, liiteri
wood sorrel {n} /ˈwʊdˌsɒɹəl/ (a white-flowered woodland plant, Oxalis acetosella)  :: käenkaali, ketunleipä
wood sorrel {n} (any of several other species of the genus Oxalis)  :: käenkaali
wood spirit {n} (spiritual being)  :: metsänhenki
wood spirit {n} (alcohol)  :: metanoli
wood strawberry {n} (Fragaria vesca) SEE: wild strawberry  ::
woodwind {n} (musical instrument)  :: puupuhallin
woodwind instrument {n} (musical instrument)  :: puupuhallin
woodwork {n} (handiwork of wood)  :: puutyö, puuesine
woodwork {n} (wood product)  :: puutuote
woodwork {n} (working with wood)  :: puutyöt {p}
woodwork {n} (a woodworking shop or factory)  :: puusepänliike
woodwork {n} (goalpost or crossbar)  :: maalitolppa, ylärima
woodworm {n} (larvae that bore into wood)  :: jumi
woody {n} (erection) SEE: erection  ::
woody {adj} (non-herbaceous)  :: puuvartinen
woody {adj} (lignified)  :: puu-, puinen
woof {n} /wʊf/ (set of yarns placed crosswise in a loom)  :: kude
woof {n} (sound of a dog)  :: hau, vuh
woof {v} (to make the sound of a dog)  :: haukahtaa, haukkua
woofer {n} /ˈwʊfɚ/ (low-frequency audio speaker)  :: bassokaiutin
wooing {n} (courting) SEE: courtship  ::
wool {n} /wʊl/ (hair of sheep, etc.)  :: villa
wool {n} (cloth or yarn)  :: villa
wool {n} (anything with a texture like that of wool)  :: villa
woolen {adj} (made of wool)  :: villa- [in compounds], villainen
woolly back {n} (slang: unsophisticated person from the countryside)  :: landepaukku, turvenuija, bönde, heinähattu
woolly hat {n} (beanie) SEE: beanie  ::
woolly mammoth {n} (Mammuthus primigenius)  :: villamammutti
Woop Woop {prop} (an extremely remote area)  :: Perähikiä
wop {n} /wɒp/ (person of Italian descent)  :: italiaano, makaroni, Luigi
Worcestershire sauce {n} /ˈwʊs.tɚ.ʃɚ ˈsɔːs/ (English condiment)  :: Worcestershire-kastike
word {n} /wɜːd/ (unit of language)  :: sana
word {n} (telegraphy: unit of text)  :: sana
word {n} (computing: fixed-size group of bits handled as a unit)  :: sana
word {n} (computer science: finite string which is not a command or operator)  :: sana
word {n} (group theory: kind of group element)  :: sana
word {n} (something which has been said)  :: sana, puhe
word {n} (news, tidings)  :: uutiset {p}
word {n} (order, request, expression of will, see also: order; request)  :: sana
word {n} (promise)  :: sana
word {n} (discussion)  :: pari sanaa
word {n} (an angry debate; argument)  :: riita, kiista
word {n} (Christ)  :: Sana
word {n} (the word of God)  :: sana
word {v} (say or write using particular words)  :: muotoilla
word {n} (proverb) SEE: proverb  ::
word {n} (watchword) SEE: watchword  ::
word association {n} (activity in which the participant is presented with a word)  :: sana-assosiaatiopeli [game], sana-assosiaatio [method]
wordbook {n} (lexicon) SEE: lexicon  ::
wordbook {n} (libretto) SEE: libretto  ::
word count {n} (number of words in a passage)  :: sanamäärä
word for word {adv} (in exactly the same words)  :: sanasta sanaan
word-for-word {adj} (Using exactly the same words as were originally used)  :: sanasta sanaan
word-hoard {n} (vocabulary) SEE: vocabulary  ::
wordless {adj} (unspoken)  :: sanaton
wordless {adj} (unable or unwilling to speak)  :: mykkä
wordlessness {n} (state of being wordless)  :: sanattomuus
wordlist {n} (collection of all words from a particular source)  :: sanalista
word of honor {n} (a promise, or a pledge of one's good faith)  :: kunniasana
word of honour {n} (word of honor) SEE: word of honor  ::
word of mouth {n} (verbal means of passing of information)  :: suupuhe
word order {n} (order of syntactic constituents)  :: sanajärjestys
word processing {n} (The creation, input, editing and formatting of documents and other text using software on a computer)  :: tekstinkäsittely
words {n} /wɜːdz/ (angry debate or conversation)  :: sanaharkka
words {n} (lines in a script for a performance)  :: sanat {p}, vuorosanat {p}
word search {n} (a word game)  :: sanalaatikko
wordsmith {n} /wɝdsmɪθ/ (one who uses words skillfully)  :: sanataituri, sanaseppo, sanaseppä
wordsmith {v} (apply craftsman-like skills to word use)  :: sanaseppoilla
wordsmithery {n} (skillful use of words)  :: sanaseppoilu
word-stock {n} (vocabulary) SEE: vocabulary  ::
work {n} /wɜɹk/ (labour, employment, occupation, job)  :: työ
work {n} (place where one is employed)  :: työ, työpaikka
work {n} (effort expended on a particular task)  :: työ
work {n} (result of a particular manner of production)  :: työ
work {n} (something produced using the specified material or tool)  :: työ
work {n} (literary, artistic, or intellectual production)  :: teos
work {n} (measure of energy expended in moving an object)  :: työ
work {n} (thermodynamics: energy in transit between one form or repository and another)  :: työ
work {n} (fortification)  :: varustus
work {v} (to do a specific task)  :: työskennellä, tehdä työtä, olla töissä
work {v} (effect by gradual degrees (transitive))  :: tunkeutua, hivuttaa
work {v} (set into action)  :: käyttää
work {v} (exhaust)  :: käyttää loppuun
work {v} (shape, form, or improve a material)  :: työstää, muokata
work {v} (operate in a certain place, area, or specialty.)  :: työskennellä
work {v} (to operate in or through)  :: käyttää
work {v} (provoke or excite)  :: aiheuttaa
work {v} (use or manipulate)  :: käyttää, ohjata
work {v} (cause to happen)  :: aiheuttaa, tehdä
work {v} (cause to work)  :: teettää, teettää työtä
work {v} (function correctly)  :: toimia
work {v} (influence)  :: vaikuttaa
work {v} (behave in a certain way when handled.)  :: muokkautua
workability {n} (ease with which something can be worked)  :: työstettävyys
workable {adj} (capable of functioning)  :: toimiva, käyttökelpoinen
workaholic {n} (person)  :: työnarkomaani
workaholic {adj} (in the nature or manner of a workaholic)  :: työnarkomaaninen, työnarkomaani
workbench {n} (sturdy table)  :: penkki, höyläpenkki, työstöpenkki, työpöytä
workday {n} (Those days of a week on which work is done)  :: työpäivä
workday {n} (That part of a day on which work is done)  :: työpäivä
worked up {adj} (excessively emotional)  :: kiihtynyt
worker {n} /ˈwɝ.kɚ/ (person who performs labor)  :: työläinen
worker {n} (insect)  :: työläinen
worker bee {n} (sterile bee)  :: työläinen
workers' compensation {n} (insurance )  :: työtapaturmavakuutus
workers of the world, unite {phrase} (workers of the world, unite)  :: kaikkien maiden proletaarit, liittykää yhteen!
work ethic {n} (value that one ought to work hard at one's job or duties)  :: työmoraali
work ethic {n} (tendency to work hard at one's job or duties)  :: ahkeruus
work experience {n} (short unpaid period of time at a workplace)  :: työharjoittelu
workflow {n} (A process or procedure in which tasks are completed)  :: työnkulku
workforce {n} (workers employed by an organization)  :: työvoima
workgroup {n} /ˈwəːkɡɹuːp/ (a group of workers engaged in a series of collaborative tasks)  :: työryhmä
workgroup {n} (a computer network created for use by such groups)  :: työryhmäverkko
workhorse {n} (a horse used primarily for work)  :: työhevonen
workhorse {n} (anyone that does a lot of work)  :: työjuhta
working {n} /ˈwɝkɪŋ/ (operation; action)  :: työ, työskenteleminen, työn tekeminen, toimiminen
working {n} (method of operation)  :: toimintatapa, työskentelytapa
working {n} (fermentation)  :: käyminen
working {n} (becoming full of a vegetable substance)  :: rehevöityminen
working {adj} (functioning)  :: toimiva
working {adj} (suffices but requires additional work)  :: työ-, keskeneräinen
working {adj} (in paid employment)  :: työssäkäyvä; työtätekevä [working class]
working {adj} (of or relating to employment)  :: työ-
working {adj} (enough to allow one to use something)  :: riittävä
working animal {n} (animal kept for work)  :: työjuhta
working class {n} (social class doing physical work)  :: työväenluokka
working-class {adj} (relating to the working class)  :: työväenluokkainen
working conditions {n} (environment in which one works)  :: työskentelyolosuhteet {p}, työympäristö, työolot {p}
working day {n} (day of a week in which work is done)  :: työpäivä
working day {n} (part of a day in which work is done)  :: työpäivä
working dog {n} (type of dog breed)  :: käyttökoira
working end {n} (end of rope)  :: vapaa pää
working group {n} (any more or less formal team working for joint purpose)  :: työryhmä
working life {n} (period spent in employment)  :: työelämä
working order {n} (state or condition of being operational)  :: käyttökunto
working time {n} (law: time spent at occupational labor)  :: työaika
working week {n} (range of days of the week) SEE: workweek  ::
work in progress {n} (work)  :: kesken [adverb]
work in progress {n} (project)  :: keskeneräinen työ, kesken [adverb]
work in progress {n} (accounting: value of unfinished goods)  :: keskeneräinen tuotanto
work-intensive {adj} (labor-intensive) SEE: labor-intensive  ::
workloom {n} (tool or implement)  :: työkalu
workmanship {n} /ˈwɜːk.mən.ʃɪp/ (the skill of an artisan or craftsman)  :: ammattitaito
workmanship {n} (the quality of something made by an artisan or craftsman)  :: työn laatu
workmate {n} (coworker) SEE: coworker  ::
work of art {n} (product of the fine arts)  :: taideteos
work of art {n} (something beautiful or exquisite)  :: taideteos
work one's butt off {v} (to work excessively)  :: raataa
work out {v} /ˌwɚk ˈaʊt/ (to calculate)  :: laskea
work out {v} (to succeed)  :: toimia
work out {v} (to habitually exercise rigorously)  :: treenata
workout {n} /ˈwɚk.aʊt/ (an exercise session; a period of physical exercise)  :: treenit
work permit {n} (authorization to work in a foreign country)  :: työskentelylupa [law], työlupa
workplace {n} (place where someone works)  :: työpaikka
work placement {n} (practicum) SEE: practicum  ::
work product {n} (something created by an employee that is considered the property of the employer)  :: työn tulos
workroom {n} (A room where work is done)  :: työhuone
works {n} /wɝks/ (A mechanism or machine; the means by which something happens)  :: kone
works council {n} (organization)  :: yritysneuvosto ("luottamusmiesneuvosto", "kollektiivinen luottamusmies")
worksheet {n} (sheet on which problems are worked out)  :: tehtäväpaperi, tehtävämoniste [paper]; tehtäväsivu [on computer]
workshop {n} /ˈwɝk.ʃɑp/ (small manufacturing room)  :: työpaja, verstas, paja
workshop {n} (intensive course of education)  :: työpaja, ryhmätyökurssi
workshop {n} (academic conference)  :: työpaja, workshop
worksite {n} (site of work, especially in reference to construction work)  :: työmaa
worksome {adj} (industrious) SEE: industrious  ::
work someone's arse off {v} (to work excessively) SEE: work someone's ass off  ::
work someone's ass off {v} (to work excessively)  :: raataa
workspace {n} (area allocated for someone to work in)  :: työpaikka
workstation {n} (powerful desktop computer)  :: työasema
workstation {n} (area for single worker)  :: työpiste
workstead {n} (laboratory) SEE: laboratory  ::
workstead {n} (place for work)  :: työpaikka, työpiste, työtila
workstead {n} (place of employment)  :: työpaikka
worktable {n} (table)  :: työpöytä
work the crowd {v} (work the room) SEE: work the room  ::
work the room {v} (to interact with attendees at social event)  :: ottaa yleisönsä
work the room {v} (to interact with one's audience)  :: ottaa yleisönsä
work to rule {v} (to work slowly by strictly following all rules)  :: olla hidastuslakossa
work-to-rule {n} (protest)  :: hidastuslakko
work up {v} (To develop) SEE: develop  ::
workweek {n} (range of days of the week)  :: työviikko
world {n} /wɝld/ (human collective existence)  :: maailma
world {n} (the universe)  :: maailma, maailmankaikkeus
world {n} (the Earth)  :: maailma, maapallo, maa
world {n} (inhabited planet)  :: maailma
world {n} (individual or group perspective or social setting)  :: maailma
World Bank {prop} (group of five financial organization)  :: Maailmanpankki
world champion {n} (winner of world cup or world championship)  :: maailmanmestari
world-class {adj} /wɜː(ɹ)ldˈklæs/ (of a standard that ranks among the best in the world)  :: maailmanluokan
world cup {n} (event; competition)  :: maailmanmestaruuskilpailut {p}, MM-kisat {p}
world cup {n} (trophy)  :: MM-pokaali
World Exposition {n} (a regular international exposition)  :: maailmannäyttely
world-famous {adj} (renowned in many parts of the world)  :: maailmankuulu
World Heritage Site {n} (place listed by UNESCO as being of significance)  :: maailmanperintökohde
world literature {n} (comparative literature) SEE: comparative literature  ::
worldly {adj} /ˈwɜː(ɹ)ldli/ (concerned with the human, earthly or physical rather than spiritual)  :: maallinen, mainen
worldly {adj} (concerned with the secular rather than sacred)  :: maallinen, sekulaarinen
worldly {adj} (versed in the ways of the world)  :: maallinen
world music {n} (traditional music, as opposed to popular music or classical music)  :: kansanmusiikki
world music {n} (music that combines elements from traditional styles with popular elements)  :: maailmanmusiikki
world music {n}  :: maailmanmusiikki
world order {n} (structure that manages the world's stability)  :: maailmanjärjestys
world peace {n} (ideology of universal global understanding and nonviolence)  :: maailmanrauha
world record {n} (the world's best score or time)  :: maailmanennätys
world-renowned {adj} (of worldwide renown)  :: maailmankuulu
world's oldest profession {n} (euphemism for prostitution)  :: maailman vanhin ammatti
World Trade Organization {prop} (World Trade Organization)  :: Maailman kauppajärjestö
worldview {n} (personal view of the world)  :: maailmankatsomus
worldview {n} (totality of one's beliefs about reality)  :: maailmankatsomus
worldview {n} (general philosophy or view of life)  :: maailmankatsomus, elämänkatsomus
world war {n} (a war involving the major nations of the world)  :: maailmansota
World War I {prop} (war)  :: ensimmäinen maailmansota
World War II {prop} (war from 1939 to 1945)  :: toinen maailmansota
World War III {prop} (hypothetical world war (World War III))  :: kolmas maailmansota
World War One {prop} (World War I) SEE: World War I  ::
World War Two {prop} (World War II) SEE: World War II  ::
world-weariness {n} (characteristic of being world-weary)  :: maailmantuska
worldwide {adj} (affecting every place in the world)  :: maailmanlaajuinen
worldwide {adv} (throughout the world)  :: maailmanlaajuisesti
World Wide Web {prop} (An information space on the Internet)  :: web, WWW, maailmanlaajuinen tietoverkko
worm {n} /wɝm/ (animal)  :: mato
worm {n} (contemptible being)  :: luihu
worm {n} (self-replicating program)  :: mato
worm {n} (something helical, especially the thread of a screw)  :: jengat {p}, kierre
worm {n} (dragon or mythological serpent)  :: käärme
worm {v} (to move with one's body dragging the ground)  :: madella
wormfish {n} (Microdesmidae)  :: nuolikko
wormhole {n} (a hole burrowed by a worm)  :: madonreikä
wormhole {n} (a shortcut between distant parts of space)  :: madonreikä
wormwood {n} /ˈwə(ɹ)m.wʊd/ (Artemisia absinthium)  :: koiruoho, mali
wormwood {n} (that which causes bitterness)  :: karvasaine
worried {adj} /ˈwʌɹid/ (thinking about unpleasant things that have happened or that might happen)  :: huolestunut
worrisome {adj} /ˈwʌɹiˌsəm/ (causing worry; perturbing or vexing)  :: huolestuttava
worrisome {adj} (of a person: inclined to worry)  :: huolestuvainen
worry {v} /ˈwʌɹi/ (be troubled)  :: huolehtia, huolia
worry {v} (disturb the peace of mind of)  :: huolestuttaa, tehdä huolestuneeksi
worry {v} (harass, irritate)  :: ärsyttää
worry {n} (strong feeling of anxiety)  :: huoli, harmi
worrying {adj} /ˈwʌɹijˌɪŋ/ (inducing worry)  :: huolestuttava
worry wart {n} (one who worries excessively)  :: huolehtija
worsen {v} (transitive: make worse)  :: pahentaa, huonontaa
worsen {v} (intransitive: get worse)  :: huonontua, pahentua
worship {n} /ˈwɝʃɪp/ (devotion accorded to a deity or to a sacred object)  :: palvonta
worship {n} (the religious ceremonies that express this devotion)  :: jumalanpalvelus, palvontamenot {p}
worship {n} (the ardent love of a person)  :: palvonta
worship {v} (to honor and adore, especially as a deity)  :: palvoa
worshipper {n} (person who worships)  :: palvoja; jumalanpalvelukseen osallistuva [participant in a Christian ceremony]; kirkkokansa [collectively]
worst {adj} /wɝst/ (Most inferior)  :: pahin
worst comes to worst {adv} (if a bad situation develops)  :: pahimmassa tapauksessa
worsted {n} /ˈwʊs.tɪd/ (yarn made from wool)  :: kampalanka
worsted {n} (fine smooth wool fabric)  :: kampalankakangas
worsted {adj} /ˈwɝ.stɪd/ (defeated, overcome)  :: lyöty
wort {n} /wɝt/ (any of various plants or herbs)  :: ruoho, yrtti
wort {n} (liquid extract)  :: vierre
worth {adj} (obsolete: valuable, worthwhile) SEE: worthwhile  ::
worth {adj} /wɜɹθ/ (equal in value to)  :: arvoinen
worth {adj} (deserving of)  :: arvoinen, väärti
worth {adj} (making a fair equivalent of)  :: arvoinen
worth {n} (value)  :: arvo
worthless {adj} /ˈwɝθləs/ (not having worth and use, without value, inconsequential)  :: arvoton
worthlessness {n} (quality of lacking worth)  :: arvottomuus
worth one's salt {adj} (competent or adept)  :: palkkansa arvoinen
worth one's while {adj} (important enough to spend time, effort or money on)  :: vaivan arvoinen
worthwhile {adj} /wɜː(ɹ)θˈwaɪl/ (good and important enough to spend time, effort, or money on)  :: vaivan arvoinen
-worthy {suffix} (of sufficient worth for)  :: -kelpoinen, -arvoinen
-worthy {suffix} (suitable or safe for)  :: -kelpoinen, -kestävä
-worthy {suffix} (able or fit to be)  :: -kelpoinen, -arvoinen
-worthy {suffix} (having the right, power, permission, or freedom to)  :: vapaa [tekemään jotakin: "to do something"]
would {v} /wʊd/ (used to express a polite request)  :: Use the conditional
would {v} (used to express a polite request)  :: Would you please turn off the TV? - Sulkisitko television?
would like {v} (transitive)  :: conditional forms of haluta
would like {v} (intransitive)  :: conditional forms of haluta
would you mind putting on your seat belt {phrase} (would you mind putting on your seat belt?)  :: laittaisitko turvavyön kiinni
wound {n} /wund/ (injury)  :: haava
wound {n} (something that offends a person’s feelings)  :: loukkaus
wound {n} (an injury to a person by which the skin is divided)  :: haava
wound {v} (hurt or injure)  :: haavoittaa
wound {v} (hurt (someone's feelings))  :: loukata
wounded {adj} /ˈwuːndɪd/ (suffering from a wound)  :: haavoittunut
wounded {adj} (suffering from an emotional injury)  :: loukkaantunut, haavoittunut
wounded {n} (people who have suffered wounds)  :: haavoittuneet {p}
wounding {n} (act of inflicting a wound)  :: haavoittaminen
wounding {n} (instance of being wounded)  :: haavoittuminen
wow {interj} /waʊ̯/ (excitement)  :: vau!
wow {interj} (amazement)  :: vau!, o-ho!
wrack {v} (rack) SEE: rack  ::
wraith {n} /ɹeɪθ/ (A ghost or specter, especially seen just after a person's death)  :: henki, haamu
wramp {v} (to sprain a part of the body) SEE: sprain  ::
wramp {n} (wrench, twist, sprain)  :: nyrjähdys
wramp {n} (twisted or distorted understanding)  :: väärä käsitys; ajatusnyrjähdys [informal]
wrangle {v} /ˈɹeɪŋ.ɡəl/ (to bicker)  :: riidellä, rähistä, torailla, kiistellä
wrangle {v} (to herd livestock)  :: paimentaa
wrangle {n} (act of wrangling)  :: riitely, kiistely, torailu, rähinöinti
wrangle {n} (angry dispute)  :: riita, kiista, tora, rähinä, sanasota
wrap {v} /ɹæp/ (to enclose completely in fabric, paper, etc)  :: kääriä
wrap {v} (to enclose or coil around an object or organism)  :: kiertää
wrap {v} (figuratively: to conceal by enveloping or enfolding; to hide)  :: kätkeä
wrap {v} (to finish shooting a video, television show, or movie)  :: purkittaa
wrap {n} (garment)  :: peitto
wrap {n} (food)  :: rulla, wrap, wrappi
wrap around one's little finger {v} (to successfully control or influence)  :: kietoa pikkusormensa ympärille
wrapped {adj} /ɹæpt/ (encased in a wrapping)  :: kääritty, paketoitu
wrapping {n} (material) SEE: packaging  ::
wrapping paper {n} (paper used for wrapping parcels or presents)  :: käärepaperi
wrap up {v} (To fold and secure something to be the cover or protection)  :: paketoida
wrap up {v} (To finish off a task completely)  :: päättää, saada valmiiksi
wrap up {v} (To wear abundant clothing as protection from the weather)  :: pukeutua lämpimästi
wrap up {v} (To summarize or recapitulate)  :: tehdä yhteenveto, tiivistää
wrap-up {n} /ˈɹæpʌp/ (brief final summary)  :: yhteenveto
wrath {n} /ɹæːθ/ (great anger)  :: viha, raivo
wreak {v} /ɹiːk/ (to cause or inflict causing injury)  :: [of havoc] aiheuttaa, [of anger] kohdistaa
wreak {v} (to take vengeance)  :: kurittaa
wreath {n} /ɹiːθ/ (something twisted and curled)  :: kiehkura
wreath {n} (ornamental circular band)  :: seppele, kranssi
wreath {n} (heraldry: support of a crest)  :: lakipunos
wreath {v} (to place a wreath around something)  :: seppelöidä
wreath {v} (to wrap around something in a circle)  :: ympäröidä
wreck {n} /ˈɹɛk/ (ruined object or person)  :: raunio, ihmisraunio
wreck {n} (remains)  :: romu, raato, jäännökset, hylky
wreck {n} (collision)  :: törmäys, yhteentörmäys, kolari
wreck {v} (to cause severe damage)  :: tuhota, särkeä, romuttaa
wreck {v} (to ruin)  :: tuhota, särkeä
wreck {v} (to dismantle wrecked objects)  :: romuttaa
wreckage {n} (something wrecked)  :: romu
wrecker {n} (tow truck) SEE: tow truck  ::
wreckfish {n} (perciform marine fish of the family Polyprionidae)  :: hylkyahven
wrecking ball {n} (heavy steel ball used for demolition)  :: murskauspallo
wreck yard {n} (location of dismantling business)  :: hajottamo, romuttamo, autopurkamo
wren {n} /ɹɛn/ (bird of family Troglodytidae)  :: peukaloinen
wrench {n} (screw) SEE: screw  ::
wrench {n} /ɹɛnt͡ʃ̩̩/ (trick or artifice)  :: temppu
wrench {n} (deceit; guile; treachery)  :: petos, petkutus, huijaus
wrench {n} (violent twisting movement)  :: vääntö
wrench {n} (injury caused by a violent twisting or pulling of a limb)  :: nyrjähdys
wrench {n} (winch or windlass)  :: vinssi, vintturi
wrench {n} (hand tool)  :: kiintoavain
wrench {n} (means, contrivance)  :: keino
wrench {v} (to pull or twist)  :: kiskaista, riuhtaista, tempaista; (to (try to) pull or twist continuously) kiskoa, riuhtoa, tempoa
wrench {v} (to sprain a joint)  :: nyrjäyttää
wrestle {n} (wrestling bout)  :: paini, painiottelu
wrestle {n} (struggle)  :: paini, kamppailu
wrestle {v} (to contend, with an opponent, by grappling and attempting to throw)  :: painia
wrestle {v} (to struggle or strive)  :: painia, kamppailla
wrestle {v} (to take part in wrestling match)  :: painia
wrestle {v} (to move or lift with difficulty)  :: punnertaa
wrestle {v} (to throw an animal for branding)  :: kaataa
wrestle {v} (to fight)  :: painia, tapella
wrestler {n} (person who wrestles)  :: painija
wrestling {n} (sport)  :: paini
wrestling {n} (tumbling act)  :: showpaini
wretch {n} (exile) SEE: exile  ::
wretch {n} /ɹɛtʃ/ (unhappy, unfortunate, or miserable person)  :: ressukka, raasu, poloinen
wretched {adj} /ˈɹɛtʃɪd/ (very miserable)  :: kurja, viheliäinen, surkea, onneton
wretched {adj} (worthless)  :: kurja, pahainen, surkea
wretched {adj} (hatefully contemptible)  :: riivattu
wriggle {v} (to twist one's body and move the limbs)  :: kiemurrella
wriggle {v} (to make or cause to wriggle)  :: kiemurteluttaa
wriggle {n} (wriggling movement)  :: kiemurtelu
wring {v} /ɹɪŋ/ (to squeeze or twist tightly so that liquid is forced out)  :: vääntää
wring {v} (to obtain by force)  :: puristaa
wring {v} (to hold tightly and press or twist)  :: väännellä [hands], vääntää niskat nurin [neck]
wrinkle {n} (furrow in a smooth surface)  :: ryppy, juonne
wrinkle {n} (line or crease in the skin)  :: ryppy
wrinkle {n} (fault, imperfection or bug)  :: vika, virhe, bugi, lastentauti
wrinkle {v} (to make wrinkles in; to cause to have wrinkles)  :: rypistää, kurtistaa
wrinkle {v} (to pucker or become uneven or irregular)  :: rypistyä, kurtistua
wrinkly {adj} (having wrinkles)  :: ryppyinen, kurttuinen, ruttuinen
wrist {n} /ɹɪst/ (wrist)  :: ranne
wristband {n} (the cuff of a sleeve that wraps around the wrist)  :: ranneke
wristwatch {n} (watch worn on the wrist)  :: rannekello
writ {n} /ɹɪt/ (a written order)  :: oikeuden määräys
write {v} /ɹaɪt/ (to form letters, etc.)  :: kirjoittaa
write {v} (to send a letter to)  :: kirjoittaa
write {v} (to be the author of)  :: kirjoittaa
write {v} (to show (information))  :: kirjoittaa
write {v} (to be an author)  :: kirjoittaa
write {v} (record (data))  :: kirjoittaa
write down {v} (to set something down in writing)  :: kirjoittaa ylös, kirjoittaa muistiin, merkitä muistiin
write down {v} (to make a downward adjustment in the value of an asset)  :: alaskirjata
write off {v} (to reduce an asset's book value to zero)  :: alaskirjata
write off {v} (to record an expenditure as an expense)  :: kirjata kuluksi
write off {v} (to record a notional expense)  :: alaskirjata
write off {v} (to assign a low value to something)  :: alaskirjata
write-off {n} (cancellation)  :: alaskirjaus
write-off {n} (something worthless)  :: romu, hylkytavara
write out {v} (To write in full length.)  :: kirjoittaa auki
writer {n} /ˈɹaɪtə/ (person who writes; an author)  :: kirjoittaja, kirjailija
writhe {v} /ɹaɪð/ (to twist or contort the body)  :: vääntelehtiä tuskissaan [to writhe in pain]
writing {n} /ˈɹaɪtɪŋ/ (written letters or symbols)  :: kirjoitus
writing {n} (something written)  :: kirjoitus
writing {n} (process of representing a language)  :: kirjoittaminen
writing {n} (work of an author)  :: kirjoitus, teos
writing {n} (style of writing)  :: käsiala
writing {n} (made for or used in writing)  :: kirjoitus-
writing desk {n} (desk)  :: kirjoituspöytä
writing on the wall {n} /ˈɹaɪtɪŋ ɒn ðə ˈwɔːl/ (ominous warning)  :: vaaran merkit {p}
writing system {n} (system for writing one or more languages)  :: kirjoitusjärjestelmä
writing system {n} (basic type of system for writing langauges)  :: kirjoitusjärjestelmä
written {adj} /ˈɹɪtn̩/ (of, relating or characteristic of writing)  :: kirjoitettu, kirjallinen
Wroclaw {prop} /ˈvɹɔts.wɑf/ (a city in southwestern Poland)  :: Wrocław
wrong {adj} /ɹɔŋ/ (incorrect)  :: väärä
wrong {adj} (immoral)  :: väärä
wrong {adj} (improper)  :: väärä, huono, sopimaton
wrong {adj} (not working)  :: vialla, vikaa
wrong {adj} (designed to be worn or placed inward)  :: nurja
wrong {adv}  :: väärin
wrong {n} (something immoral)  :: vääryys
wrong {n} (instance of wronging someone)  :: vääryys, väärinteko
wrong {n} (incorrect opinion or position)  :: väärä, virhe
wrong {n} (opposite of right)  :: vääryys, väärä
wrong {v} (to treat unjustly)  :: tehdä väärin, tehdä vääryyttä
wrong {v} (to deprive of a right)  :: tehdä vääryyttä
wrong {v} (to slander or impute evil)  :: tehdä vääryyttä
wrong {adv} (wrongly) SEE: wrongly  ::
wrong crowd {n} (group of people thought to have a negative influence)  :: huono seura
wrongdoing {n} (violation of standards)  :: rikkomus, pahanteko
wrongdoing {n} (instance of doing wrong)  :: pahanteko
wrongly {adv} /ˈɹɔŋli/ (In an unfair or immoral manner; unjustly)  :: epäoikeudenmukaisesti
wrongly {adv} (incorrectly; by error)  :: virheellisesti, väärin
wrong number {n} (A call with a mistake in the number dialled)  :: väärä numero
wrong side of the tracks {n} (poor part of town)  :: laitakaupunki
wrought {adj} /ˈɹɔt/ (Having been worked or prepared somehow)  :: työstetty
wrought iron {n} (form of iron that is not cast)  :: takorauta
wry {adj} /ɹaɪ/ (contorted)  :: poispäin kääntynyt
wry {adj} (dryly humorous)  :: kuiva
wry {adj} (twisted)  :: kiero, vääntynyt
wry {v} (to turn away)  :: kääntyä pois
wry {v} (to divert)  :: johtaa harhaan
wry {v} (to twist)  :: vääntää
wryneck {n} /ˈɹaɪnɛk/ (either of two small woodpeckers, Jynx torquilla and Jynx ruficollis)  :: käenpiika
wryneck {n} (torticollis) SEE: torticollis  ::
WSC {prop} (Mandarin) SEE: Mandarin  ::
WTO {prop} (World Trade Organization)  :: WTO
Wu {prop} (one of the families of the Chinese language)  :: wu-kiina
Wu {prop} (Chinese surname)  :: Wu
wuderove {n} (herb) SEE: sweet woodruff  ::
wudu {n} (ritual washing before contact prayer)  :: rukouspesu
wunderkind {n} /ˈvʊn.dɚ.kɪnt/ (highly talented individual who is successful at a young age)  :: ihmelapsi
wunderkind {n} (child prodigy) SEE: child prodigy  ::
wurtzite {n} (zinc iron sulfide mineral)  :: wurtziitti
wuss {n} /wʊs/ (weak, ineffectual person)  :: pelkuri, mammanpoika, nynny, nyhverö
wussy {n} (wuss) SEE: wuss  ::
Wusun {n} (ancient nomadic steppe people)  :: wusun-kansa
wuther {v} (To make a rushing sound; to whizz)  :: humista
wuther {v} (To shake vigorously)  :: täristä, väristä
WW1 {prop} (World War I) SEE: World War I  ::
WW2 {prop} (WWII) SEE: WWII  ::
WWII {prop} (Abbreviation for WWII)  :: 2. MS
WWW {initialism} /ˈdʌb.əl.juː ˈdʌb.əl.juː ˈdʌb.əl.juː/ (World Wide Web (abbreviation))  :: www
wy {n} (name of the letter Y, y) SEE: wye  ::
wye {n} /waɪ/ (name of the letter Y, y)  :: yy
Wyoming {prop} /waɪˈoʊmɪŋ/ (US state)  :: Wyoming
WYSIWYG {n} /ˈwɪz.iˌwɪɡ/ (computer program that allows editing on screen what the printed version would be like)  :: WYSIWYG
wyvern {n} /ˈwaɪvə(ɹ)n/ (mythical dragon-like creature)  :: traakki, lohikäärme