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p {letter} :: letter
P {letter} :: The sixteenth letter of the Dutch alphabet
pa {m} :: pa, dad
paal {m} :: A post, stake, pole, pile
paal {m} [sports] :: A goalpost
paal {m} [heraldiccharge] :: A pale, perpendicular stripe
paal {m} [euphemistic] :: An erect phallus
paal {m} :: An Indonesian measure of distance
paal {f} :: A peel, baker's instrument
paal {adj} :: pale
paal {adj} :: faded, discolored
paaldanser {m} [literally] :: pole dancer, who uses a pole to dance around
paaldanser {m} :: [euphemism] commonly, a stripper using a pole on stage
paalsteek {m} :: bowline
paalwerk {n} :: fence (constructed from posts)
paap {m} [pejorative] :: papist (slur for a Roman Catholic cleric)
paap {m} [by extension, pejorative, now, chiefly humorous] :: papist (slur for a Roman Catholic)
paar {n} :: pair, couple
paar {n} [colloquial] :: a couple of (few, some)
paard {n} :: A horse, Equus caballus
paard {n} [chess] :: knight
paard {n} [gymnastics] :: A pommel horse
paardans {m} :: partner dance, dance in pairs
paardans {m} :: mating dance
paardebloem {m} :: superseded spelling of paardenbloem [official spelling of paardenbloem before 2006]
paardebloem {m} :: alternate spelling of paardenbloem [according to the Witte Boekje]
paardenbek {m} :: a horse's mouth
paardenbek {m} [pejorative, by extension] :: a mouth that bears resemblance to that of a horse, a broad mouth with a set of protruding teeth
paardenbloem {f} :: The wild flower species dandelion, of genus Taraxacum
paardenbloem {f} :: Its fluffy, complex flower
paardenkracht {m} :: A horsepower; abbreviated pk
paardenlul {m} [vulgar, slang] :: dickhead
paardenlul {m} [vulgar] :: horse cock (large penis)
paardenlul {m} [literal] :: equine dick, horse penis
paardenmiddel {n} :: A drastic, often desperate remedy or solution
paardenrookvlees {n} :: smoked horsemeat
paardenstaart {m} [literally] :: A horse's tail
paardenstaart {m} :: A ponytail, in the hair sense
paardenstaart {m} :: horsetail (Equisetum)
paardenstal {m} :: horse stable
paardenvijg {f} :: piece of horse dung
paardmens {m} [Greek mythology, fantasy] :: centaur or another fictional human-horse hybrid
paarlemoer {n} :: Alternative spelling of parelmoer
paars {adj} :: purple
paars {adj} [politics] :: relating to cooperation between liberals and social democrats of the third way
paars {n} :: The colour purple
paars {n} [politics] :: A coalition of third way social democrats and liberals
paarsig {adj} :: purplish, of a colour or shade which resembles or hinges on purple and/or contains some purple
paarsrood {adj} :: purplish red
paasbaken {n} [rare, dialectal] :: Easter fire
paasbloem {f} :: daffodil, a bulbaceous flowering plant of the genus Narcissus
paasbult {m} :: Easter fire
paasdag {m} :: Easter Day
paasei {n} :: Easter egg (dyed or decorated egg)
paasei {n} :: Easter egg (chocolate confection)
paasfeest {n} :: Easter
paashaas {m} :: the Easter Bunny
paashaasschaamhaarverzamelaar {m} [humorous, vulgar] :: A collector of pubic hair from the Easter Bunny
paasvuur {n} :: Easter fire
pachinko {m} :: pachinko
pachten {v} :: to lease
pachter {m} :: leaseholder, especially a tenant farmer
pact {n} :: pact
pad {n} :: path (narrow road, usually unpaved)
pad {f} :: toad (an amphibian similar to a frog with shorter legs and more ragged skin)
paddenstoel {m} :: mushroom
paddenstoel {m} :: mushroom-shaped signpost
paddentrek {m} :: the yearly migration of toads to a nearby pool to reproduce; toad migration
paddestoel {m} :: superseded spelling of paddenstoel
paddo {m} [slang] :: a magic mushroom
paert {n} :: obsolete spelling of paard
pagaai {f} {m} :: A short oar with a broad blade
pagadder {m} [Belgium] :: little kid, toddler
page {m} [obsolete] :: page (serving boy)
page {m} :: page (moth)
pagekapsel {n} :: (hairdo) bob
pagina {f} :: page
pagode {f} [Buddhism, architecture] :: pagoda
pak {n} :: package
pak {n} :: suit (set of clothes)
pakhuis {n} :: warehouse
pakjesavond {m} [Netherlands] :: The evening before 6 December, when Sinterklaas brings presents to children (in Belgium it is the morning after)
pakkage {f} [dated] :: luggage, baggage
pakkans {f} [law, police] :: probability of apprehension; probability of arresting the criminal guilty of a crime
pakken {vt} :: to grab, to take
pakken {vt} :: to get, to fetch
pakken {vt} :: to pack, to compact
pakken {vt} :: to wrap up
pakken {vt} [vulgar] :: to fuck
pakket {n} :: kit, packet
pakket {n} [computing] :: package, bundle
pak slaag {n} :: thrashing, a load of licks as painful punishment
pak voor de broek {n} :: a thrashing or spanking while the victim is clad in at least one layer of textile (trousers and/or underpants)
pakweg {adv} :: about, roughly, approximately, circa, to the tune of
pal {m} :: catch (mechanism which stops something from moving the wrong way)
pal {adv} :: firm, firmly
pal {adv} [with a preposition or adverb] :: right, immediately
paleis {n} :: palace
paleisbanket {n} [collective] :: A type of pastry containing almond paste and topped with a fondant icing
paleolithicum {n} :: Paleolithic, palaeolithic
paleontoloog {m} :: paleontologist
Palermo {prop} :: Palermo
Palestijn {prop} {m} :: A Palestinian, inhabitant of Palestine or member of its Arab diaspora
Palestijns {adj} :: Palestinian
palindroom {n} :: palindrome
paling {m} :: eel
palinka {f} :: Apricot brandy, preferably from Transleithania
palissade {f} :: palisade: fence made of wooden stakes
paljas {m} :: buffoon
palladium {n} :: palladium
pallet {m} :: pallet
pallieter {noun} :: (colloquial) bon vivant
Pallieterland {prop} {n} :: region around Lier and the river Nete in Flanders
palm {m} :: palm (tropical tree)
palm {m} :: palm (middle part of the hand)
palmkruis {n} [rare] :: palm frond cross
palmolie {f} :: palm oil
palmvrucht {f} :: fruit of a palm tree
Palmzondag {m} :: Palm Sunday
pal staan {v} :: stand firm
paltrokmolen {m} :: paltrok mill
palts {mf} [historical] :: type of palace, temporary imperial or royal residence for a sovereign without a fixed, centralised capital
palts {mf} [historical] :: county that surrounds and belongs to such a residence
pamflet {n} :: pamphlet
pamper {m} :: a diaper
pan- {prefix} :: pan-
pan {f} :: pan, especially for cooking
pan {f} [Netherlands] :: pot
panacee {f} :: panacea
Panama {prop} {n} :: Panama
panamahoed {m} :: A Panama hat, a lightweight straw hat type
Panamakanaal {prop} {n} :: The Panama Canal
Panamees {adj} :: Panamanian, from or relating to the Latin American country Panama
Panamees {m} :: A Panamanian, member or descendant of the population of Panama
pand {n} :: house
pand {n} :: pledge, pawn
pand {n} :: premises
panda {m} :: panda, giant panda, Ailuropoda melanoleuca
panda {m} :: red panda, Ailurus fulgens
pandemie {f} :: pandemic
pandemonium {n} :: pandemonium, residence of all demons/devils, hell
pandemonium {n} :: pandemonium, a 'hellish' chaos, notably terrible noise and disorder
pandeïsme {n} :: pandeism
pandgang {m} :: an aisle connecting two parts of one building
pandgang {m} :: a cloister aisle
pandjesbaas {m} :: pawnbroker, uncle (UK informal)
pandoer {m} [originally] :: A member of a 18th century Habsburg imperial Croatian regiment to fight the Ottoman Turks
pandoer {m} [figuratively, from their violent reputation] :: A ruffian, abusive person
pandoer {m} :: (also in the plural: pandoeren, also a verb) The name of a card game where a player can call pandoer!
pandoeren {vi} :: To play the card game pandoer
pandoering {f} [Belgium] :: a harsh/abusive beating, thrashing, roughing-up
Pandora {prop} {f} [Greek mythology] :: Pandora
paneel {n} :: panel (wooden surface)
paneel {n} :: control panel
paniek {f} :: panic
paniekerig {adj} :: panicky
panne {c} :: breakdown
pannekoek {m} :: superseded spelling of pannenkoek
pannendak {n} :: tiled roof
pannenkoek {m} :: pancake; pannekoek; flapjack [US]
pannenkoek {m} :: bungler
panorama {n} :: panorama, vista
panpsychisme {n} [philosophy] :: the doctrine that all matter has a mental aspect; panpsychism
panslavisme {n} :: Pan-Slavism
panslavist {m} :: Panslavist
panter {m} :: panther
panther {m} :: obsolete form of panter
pantheïsme {n} :: pantheism
pantheïstisch {adj} :: pantheistic
pantoffel {f} {m} :: slipper (bedroom or house slipper)
pantoffelheld {m} :: antihero, especially a henpecked one who merely talks the talk
pantoffelhout {n} [archaic] :: cork
pantoffelregering {f} [obsolete] :: A relation, often a marriage, in which the woman is dominant and the man is henpecked
pantograaf {m} :: pantograph (a tool for drawing)
pantograaf {m} :: pantograph (a current collector on trains)
pantser {n} :: armor (US), armour (UK)
pantseren {v} :: to armour
pantsersmid {mf} :: armorsmith (US), armoursmith (UK)
pantservoertuig {n} :: armored vehicle (US), armoured vehicle (UK)
pantserwagen {m} :: armoured car
panty {m} :: A pantyhose, nylon tights worn about legs by women
panty {m} [obsolete] :: Originally, short and/or legless undershorts worn by women and children
pap {m} :: mush
pap {m} :: porridge
papa {m} :: Dad (term of address for one’s father, especially used by young children)
papaja {m} :: papaya
papegaai {m} :: parrot
papegaaiduiker {m} :: puffin, a diving seabird with a coloured beak
Papiaments {prop} {n} :: Papiamento (creole language)
papier {n} :: paper (A material used for writing or printing on, made from cellulose pulp rolled into thin sheets.)
papier {n} [slang] :: money (cf. slang sense of paper)
papieren {adj} :: paper (made of paper)
papiermolen {m} :: paper mill
paplepel {m} :: Spoon which is used to give young children porridge
Papoea-Nieuw-Guinea {prop} {n} :: The island country Papua New Guinea in Oceanian Australasia
pappen {vt} :: to smear with paste
pappen en nat houden {v} :: alternative spelling of pappen en nathouden
pappen en nathouden {v} [idiomatic] :: to perfunctorily finish a task without consideration for results; to go through the motions
pappie {m} :: daddy, dad
paprika {f} :: pepper, bell pepper
papschool {f} [Belgian Dutch] :: kindergarten
papzak {m} [pejorative] :: fatso
para {f} {m} :: para (paratrooper)
paraat {adj} :: ready
paraatheid {f} :: preparedness
parabool {m} [math] :: parabola (a conic section)
parabool {m} [literature] :: understatement
paracetamol {m} :: acetaminophen (white crystalline compound used in medicine as an anodyne to relieve pain and reduce fever)
parachutist {m} :: parachutist
parachutiste {f} :: female parachutist
paraconsistent {adj} [logic] :: paraconsistent
paradigmawissel {m} :: paradigm shift
paradigmawisseling {f} :: paradigm shift
paradijs {n} :: paradise
paradijsvogel {m} :: bird of paradise
Paradijsvogel {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Apus
paradox {m} :: paradox
paradoxaal {adj} :: paradoxical
parafilosoof {m} :: Someone who philosophises without training in philosophy, without using traditional philosophical concepts or without affiliation with a philosophical school or tradition
parafimose {f} :: paraphimosis
parafyletisch {adj} [taxonomy] :: paraphyletic
paragnost {m} :: clairvoyant
paragraaf {m} [typography] :: section, a subdivision of a chapter, usually consisting of multiple paragraphs
Paraguay {prop} {n} :: Paraguay
parallel {adj} :: parallel
parallellepipedum {n} :: parallelepiped (solid figure)
parallellogram {n} :: parallelogram (convex quadrilateral in which each pair of opposite edges are parallel and of equal length)
parallelweg {m} :: frontage road, service road
paralympisch {adj} :: paralympic
paramagnetisch {adj} [physics] :: paramagnetic
paramagnetisme {n} [physics] :: paramagnetism
parament {n} :: parament
parameter {m} :: a parameter
paranoïcus {m} :: A paranoid person, a paranoid
paranoïde {adj} :: paranoid
paranoia {f} [psychology] :: paranoia
paranoia {adj} [colloquial] :: paranoid
paraplu {m} :: umbrella
parapluhandelaar {m} :: umbrella seller
parapluplant {f} :: umbrella papyrus, umbrella sedge, umbrella palm (Cyperus alternifolius)
parapluverkoper {m} :: umbrella salesman
parasiet {m} [biology] :: parasite (parasitic organism)
parasiet {m} [figuratively, pejorative] :: parasite, someone who relies on others to get things done
parasitair {adj} :: parasitic
parasitologie {f} :: parasitology
parasol {m} :: parasol
pardoes {adv} :: suddenly
pareerstang {f} :: the guard of a sword; quillon
parel {f} :: A pearl, a precious, round shelly concretion from oysters or other molluscs
parel {f} :: Its imitation
parel {f} :: Mother of pearl, the natural material pearls are made from
parel {f} :: Anything resembling a pearl's irregular ball-shape, notably a drop of liquid
parel {f} [figuratively] :: (One of) the best quality, first pick, the cream
parel {f} [printing, dated] :: The size of type between diamant and nonparel, equated with the English pearl and standardized as 5 point
parelhoen {n} :: guinea fowl, any fowl of the family Numididae
parelmoer {n} :: mother of pearl
parelvisser {m} :: pearl fisher, pearl diver
paren {vt} :: to pair
paren {vi} :: to mate, to copulate [+ met (object) = with]
parenclub {m} :: swingers' club
parendans {m} :: partner dance, dance in pairs
parenthese {f} :: A parenthesis, clause or digression within a phrase
parenthese {f} :: A pair of parenthetic brackets (or short vertical dashes: - --), as used to mark the above
parenthese {f} :: A pair of parenthetic brackets used to clarify a mathematical expression
parfum {n} :: perfume, pleasant scent
parfum {n} :: A perfume, luxury product providing such desirable smell
paria {m} :: pariah
Parijs {prop} {n} :: Parijs (capital city)
Parijs {adj} :: Parisian
paring {f} :: pairing (in a tournament)
paring {f} :: copulation, mating
paringsdans {m} :: mating dance
park {n} :: park
parkachtig {adj} :: resembling a park, having the features of a park
parkeergarage {f} :: parking garage; indoor car park (compare: parkeerterrein)
parkeerplaats {f} :: A parking space (space for one vehicle)
parkeerplaats {f} :: A parking lot (several spaces for vehicles)
parkeerterrein {n} :: parking lot, outdoor car park (compare: parkeergarage)
parkeren {v} [literally] :: to park, halt and leave a vehicle in a spot
parkeren {v} [figuratively] :: to position, leave; to side-track someone
parket {n} :: parquet (wooden floor)
parket {n} :: parquet (the branch of the administrative government that handles prosecutions)
parkiet {m} :: parakeet, budgie - A member of any of the various species of small parrots usually bred in Australia and Africa
parking {f} [Belgium] :: car park, parking lot
parlement {n} :: parliament
parlement {n} [obsolete] :: conversation, talking, discussion, talk
parlement {n} [obsolete] :: meeting, assembly
parlementariër {m} :: parliamentarian, member of a parliament
parlementsverkiezing {f} :: parliamentary election
parmantig {adj} :: Of or pertaining to astrant
parmantig {adj} :: perky
parodie {f} :: parody
parool {n} :: a slogan or simply a word
parricidium {n} :: parricide
part {n} :: part
parterretrap {mf} [nonce] :: a stairway positioned on the ground floor
Parthië {prop} {n} :: Parthia
participatie {f} [formal] :: participation
participeren {v} :: to participate
particulier {adj} :: private
partieel {adj} :: partial
partij {f} :: party, quantity
partij {f} :: party (group of people)
partij {f} :: party (festivity)
partij {determiner} [now, dialectal] :: some, a few, a small number of
partijdier {n} [politics, Netherlands] :: someone with strong ties to a political party
partijdig {adj} :: partial (biased)
partijganger {m} :: A political supporter, especially of a political party or faction
partijganger {m} [dated] :: A leader or member of a party of partisans, skirmishers, vigilantes or mercenaries
partijlijn {f} :: party line, official view
partijraad {m} :: the governing body of a political party; the party council
partner {m} :: partner, love interest, romantic and/or sexual companion
partner {m} :: partner, companion (someone whom one engages in business)
parttime {adj} :: part-time (of an activity, such as a job, that takes less time than usually)
party {f} {m} :: party
pas {adv} :: just
pas {adv} :: hardly
pas {adv} :: only
pas {adv} :: not until
pas {adv} :: now ... really
pas {m} :: pace, step; also as a measure of distance
pas {m} [geography] :: mountain pass
pas {m} :: fit of an object, notably depending on forms and/or dimensions
pas {m} :: (short for paspoort) pass, passport
pasbeurt {f} :: fitting session
pasen {v} [colloquial] :: To give, to pass
Pasen {prop} {mf} {n} :: Easter
pasgeboren {adj} :: newborn (recently born)
pasgeborene {mf} :: newborn
pasja {m} :: pasha
Pasjtoe {n} :: Pashto
pasklaar {adj} :: ready-made
pasklaar {adj} [figuratively] :: immediately applicable (said of answers and solutions)
paspoort {n} :: passport, official document, notably granting right of passage
paspoort {n} :: (document of) dismissal from military service
paspoort {n} [figuratively] :: ticket, solution
paspop {f} :: mannequin
pasquille {f} [historical] :: pasquin, satirical placard
passage {f} :: A paragraph or section of text with particular meaning. ~ of scripture
passage {f} :: a passage way in a city
passagier {m} :: passenger
passant {m} :: passer-by
passen {vi} :: to fit (have the right size)
passen {vt} :: to fit, try for size
passen {vi} :: to befit, suit, behoove, to be appropriate
passen {vt} [sports] :: to pass
passen {vt} [slang] :: to give, to pass something over to someone, e.g. a jonko
passend {adj} :: suitable, fitting, matching
passe-partout {m} :: mat (thick paper or paperboard border used to inset and center the contents of a frame)
passer {m} :: compass (device used with a pencil to draw an arc or circle on paper)
Passer {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Circinus
passeren {v} :: to pass by
passeren {v} [Belgium] :: to pass, to hand over
passeren {v} [Suriname] :: to pass as a white person
passie {f} :: passion (emotion)
passie {f} :: passion (something one enthuses about)
passie {f} [chiefly Christianity] :: passion (suffering)
passief {adj} :: passive (not active, but acted upon)
passievrucht {mf} :: passion fruit
passievruchtensap {n} :: passion fruit juice
passioneel {adj} :: passionate, enthusiastic
pasta {f} :: paste
pasta {f} :: pasta
pastinaak {f} :: parsnip (Pastinaca sativa)
pastinak {f} [archaic] :: alternative form of pastinaak
pastoor {m} :: priest, pastor
pasvorm {m} :: fit
paswoord {n} :: a password
pat {n} [chess] :: tie, draw, stalemate
Patagonië {prop} :: Patagonia
Patagonisch {adj} :: Patagonian
patat {f} [Northern Dutch, uncountable] :: chips, french fries
patat {f} [Southern Dutch, countable] :: a potato
patat oorlog {f} [Netherlands, uncountable] :: A fast food dish of fries (US)/chips (UK) with mayonnaise, peanut sauce and usually onion, sometimes also including curry ketchup
patat oorlog {f} [Netherlands, countable, rare except in the diminutive] :: A serving of the above
pateen {f} :: paten
patent {n} :: patent
pater {m} :: father (in the religious sense)
paternalisme {n} :: A paternalism
pathologie {f} :: pathology (the branch of medicine)
patholoog {m} :: pathologist
patina {n} :: The color or incrustation which age gives to works of art; especially, the green oxidation which covers aging coppers, bronzes, coins and medals
patiënt {m} [medicine] :: patient, someone who receives therapeutic treatment
patiënt {m} [figuratively] :: someone/something getting some help
patiëntenzorg {f} {m} :: patientcare
patriarch {m} :: patriarch
patriarchaal {adj} :: patriarchal
patriarchaat {n} :: patriarchy
patriciër {m} :: a (Roman) patrician
patriciër {m} :: an aristocrat in general
patricisch {adj} :: patrician
patrijs {f} :: partridge (a bird of the genera Perdix or Alectoris)
patrijs {f} :: negative of a matrix
patriot {m} :: patriot
patriot {m} [historical, chiefly Netherlands] :: A republican opponent of the House of Orange-Nassau during the second half of the eighteenth century, in favour of centralisation and administrative rationalisation
patriot {m} [obsolete] :: compatriot
patriot {adj} [obsolete] :: patriotic
patronaat {n} :: Patronage.
patroon {mf} :: patron saint
patroon {mf} :: patron, Maecenas
patroon {mf} :: boss
patroon {n} :: pattern, model
patroon {f} :: cartridge (of a firearm)
patrouille {c} :: patrol
patrouilleren {v} :: to patrol
pats {interj} :: clap, crash
patser {m} :: show-off, showboat
patta {c} [slang, chiefly plural] :: shoe, in particular sneaker
pauk {mf} :: kettledrum, usually in the plural: timpani
paus {m} :: pope
pauselijk {adj} :: papal
pausschap {n} :: papacy, popedom
pauw {m} :: peacock
Pauw {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Pavo
pauze {f} :: pause, break
pauzeregeling {f} :: break schedule (i.e. a schedule which says when the breaktimes are during a workday)
pauzeren {v} :: to pause, to hold temporarily
pauzeren {v} :: to take a break
paviljoen {n} :: pavilion
paviljoendak {n} :: tented roof
pech {m} :: bad luck; bad karma
pech {m} :: breakdown, e.g. of a car
pechvogel {m} :: A human jinx, unlucky person, who seems to attract bad luck
pedaal {n} :: pedal
pedagogie {f} :: pedagogy
pedagogiek {f} :: pedagogy
pedagogisch {adj} :: pedagogic
pedagoog {m} :: pedagogue
pedant {adj} :: pedantic
peddel {m} :: A paddle, two-handed, single-bladed oar which isn't fixed to the boat but hand-held
peddel {m} :: A spanking paddle
pedel {m} :: beadle
pederast {m} :: pederast
pederastie {f} :: pederasty
pederastisch {adj} :: pederastic
pedo- {prefix} :: pedo-
pedofiel {m} :: pedophile
pedofiel {adj} :: pedophilic
pedofilie {f} :: pedophilia
pedoseksualiteit {f} :: pedophilia
pedoseksueel {m} :: someone who has sexual tendency towards children, a pedophile
Peel {prop} {c} :: A region in the Netherlands located in Noord-Brabant and Limburg
peen {f} {m} :: carrot (orange root vegetable)
peer {f} :: pear
peer {f} :: light bulb
peervormig {adj} :: pear-shaped
peetkind {n} :: alternative form of petekind
peetoom {m} :: godfather
peettante {f} [Christianity] :: godmother
peetvader {m} :: godfather (mob boss)
peetvader {m} [uncommon] :: godfather (male godparent)
Pegasus {prop} {m} [Greek mythology] :: Pegasus
Pegasus {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Pegasus
pegel {m} :: icicle
pegel {m} [colloquial, Netherlands] :: a euro
peiger {adj} [slang] :: dead
peigeren {vi} [slang] :: to die
peigeren {vi} [slang] :: to kill
peil {n} :: level, literal or figurative
peilbuis {f} :: pipe or duct used to measure the water table
peilen {v} [originally] :: To fathom, by casting a lead and line in order to ascertain the depth of water
peilen {v} [by extension] :: To test, probe, get the feel of
peiler {m} :: pollster
peiling {f} [literally] :: measurement (of depth) by sounding
peiling {f} [by analogy] :: another test, e.g. by poll
peilstok {m} :: gauge used for measuring the water level
peinzen {vi} :: to ponder, meditate
peinzen {vi} [Belgium] :: to think
peis {f} {m} :: peace
pejoratief {m} :: pejorative
pejoratief {adj} :: pejorative
pek {m} :: pitch (sticky substance)
pekari {?} :: peccary
pekel {m} :: brine (salt water)
pekelen {v} :: to pickle (to preserve in salt or vinegar)
pekelzonde {f} :: a minor sin or inappropriate habit; a peccadillo
Peking {prop} {n} :: Peking
pelgrim {m} :: pilgrim
pelgrimage {f} :: pilgrimage
pelgrimstocht {m} :: pilgrimage
pelikaan {m} :: pelican
pellen {v} :: to peel
peloton {n} :: platoon
peloton {n} [cycling] :: peloton
pelterij {f} :: processed fur and pelts
pen {f} :: a pen (writing utensil)
pen {f} :: a pin
penaarde {f} [electricity] :: earth (UK)/ground (America) on a French type electrical socket, with earthing pins in the upper semicircle [common ground for sockets in Belgium]
penalty {m} :: penalty kick
penant {n} :: pier (piece of wall between two frames or openings, such as windows or doors)
penant {n} [mills] :: pedestal or pillar (support piece of a mill)
penantspiegel {m} :: long, narrow mirror to be placed on a pier [on a wall, between doors or windows]
pendelaar {m} :: commuter
pendelaar {m} :: person using a pendulum for divination or dowsing
pendelen {v} :: to commute
pendelen {v} :: (parapsychology/divination; of a pendulum) to oscillate
penetreren {v} :: to penetrate
penis {m} :: penis
penisbeen {n} :: baculum
penisbot {n} :: baculum
penisbreuk {m} :: penile fracture
peniskoker {m} :: codpiece made from dried-out gourds, worn by male members of some ethnic groups of New Guinea, known as penis gourd, koteka or horim
penisnijd {m} [psychoanalysis, literal] :: Penis envy, the alleged desire by a woman to possess male genitalia
penisnijd {m} [figuratively] :: Macho rivalry
penisplant {f} [chiefly Netherlands] :: titan arum, Amorphophallus titanum
pennenmes {n} :: penknife, small pocketknife
pennenstrijd {m} :: A polemic playing out in writing
pennenvrucht {f} :: literary work
pennenzak {m} :: pencil case, pencil box
penning {m} [historical] :: A small coin, usually made of silver but later also of gold; penny
penning {m} :: A medal or commemoration coin
penning {m} [figurative] :: money, cash
penning {m} [obsolete] :: coin
penningmeester {m} :: treasurer
penningmeesteres {f} :: female treasurer
pennoen {n} :: pennon (knight's vane or streamer affixed to a lance)
penopauze {f} :: penopause, reduction of male sexual functioning in mid-life
penoze {mf} [colloquial] :: underworld
pens {f} :: tripe
pens {f} [gastronomy] :: tripe filled with minced meat
pens {f} :: potbelly
penseel {n} :: brush used in art
pensioen {n} :: pension
pensioenbreuk {f} :: loss of pension value due to non-transferability of build-up between different pension policies
pensioenfonds {n} :: pension fund
pensioenstelsel {n} :: pension system, pension scheme
pension {n} :: A pension, boarding house
pension {n} :: A regularly made payment, as admission to certain boarding establishments
pension {n} :: The services such establishment provides, notably lodging and some meals
pensionaris {m} [literally] :: A pensioner, recipient of an annual pension; this may be an actual remuneration or rather a gratification for goodwill
pensionaris {m} [history] :: A pensionary, major public official receiving an annual fee for his important legal and other services, mainly as city legal counsel and often representative in the estates (assembly)
pensioneren {vt} :: to pension
pensioneren {vi} :: to take a pension, to pension oneself
pent- {prefix} [hydrocarbon chain prefix] :: pent-
pentaan {n} [organic compound] :: pentane
pentagoon {n} [geometry] :: pentagon
penteen {n} [organic compound] :: pentene
pentyl {n} [organic chemistry] :: pentyl
pentyn {n} [organic compound] :: pentyne
penvriend {m} :: penfriend, pen pal
pep {c} [slang] :: the drug speed
pepel {m} [Southern Dutch] :: butterfly
peper {m} :: pepper, a tropical major spice
peper {m} :: (short for peperplant) a plant which produces pepper
peperduur {adj} :: costly, extremely expensive, luxurious
pepermunt {f} :: peppermint
pepernoot {f} :: pepernoot
pepernoot {f} [proscribed] :: kruidnoot (see there)
peppraatje {noun} :: pep talk
pepsine {f} {m} :: pepsin
peptalk {m} :: pep talk
per {prep} :: For each; for every; per
per {prep} :: by means of
per abuis {adv} :: by mistake
peranakan {m} :: a person of Chinese ethnicity who is born in the country (notably Indonesia, the former Dutch East Indies), not immigrated
perceel {n} :: a parcel of land
perceel {n} :: building premises
pere {m} [Belgium] :: father
perenboom {m} :: pear tree
perenvuur {n} [obsolete] :: fire blight (plant disease)
perfect {adj} :: perfect
perfect {adv} :: perfectly
perfectioneren {vt} :: To (make (more) perfect
perfectioneren {v} :: (reflexive: zich perfectioneren (in ...)) To make oneself perfect (in something)
perforatie {f} :: perforation
perforator {m} :: perforator
per hoofd {prep} :: per capita
peri- {prefix} :: peri-
Pericles {prop} {m} :: Pericles
perifeer {adj} :: peripheral
periferie {f} :: periphery
perifrastisch {adj} :: periphrastic
perifrastisch {adj} :: using circumlocution, being needlessly long
perifrastisch {adj} [grammar] :: expressing meaning through free morphemes
perihelium {n} [astronomy] :: perihelion
perikel {n} :: problem, issue
perikel {n} :: danger, risk
perinataal {adj} :: perinatal
periode {f} :: period (of time)
periode {f} :: era
periodiek {f} :: periodical
periodiek {adj} :: periodic
periodiek {adv} :: periodically
periodiek systeem {n} :: periodic table
periost {n} :: periosteum
periosteum {n} :: periosteum
periscoop {m} :: periscope
periscoopdiepte {f} :: periscope depth
perk {n} :: a delimited piece of ground, e.g. a flowerbed
perkament {n} :: parchment (material, uncountable)
perkament {n} :: a document such as a certificate scribed on parchment
perken {vt} :: to enclose, to keep in check with fencing
perken {vt} :: to close off with barriers
perkenwet {f} :: area law, Kepler's second law
perlemoer {n} :: obsolete form of parelmoer
permeabiliteit {f} :: permeability, ability to transmit fluids
permeabiliteit {f} [physics] :: (magnetic) permeability
Permisch {adj} :: Permic
permissie {f} :: permission
permittiviteit {f} [physics] :: permittivity
permoeda {?} :: Indonesian nationalistic adolescent, used from 1945. Their battle cry was bersiap "be prepared"
per omgaande {adv} :: immediately (ASAP)
per ongeluk {adv} :: by accident
peroxide {n} :: peroxide
perpendiculair {adj} :: perpendicular
perpetuüm mobile {n} :: perpetuum mobile
perpetuum mobile {n} :: A perpetual motion machine (hypothetical contraption capable of remaining in perpetual motion without needing any additional energy ever)
perpetuum mobile {n} [figuratively] :: Something impossible, a figment of one's imagination
perron {n} :: platform on which passengers wait for a train: it is next to a spoor
pers {m} :: press
pers {m} :: Persian cat
pers {m} :: Persian carpet
Pers {prop} {m} :: A Persian, a person from Persia
persagentschap {n} :: news agency
persbureau {n} :: news agency
persconferentie {f} :: press conference
per se {adv} :: necessarily, absolutely, without fail
per se {adv} :: on purpose
per se {adv} [rare] :: per se
Perseïde {m} [astronomy] :: Perseid
persen {v} :: to press tight, to squeeze
persiflage {m} :: Lighthearted caricature or mockery, as in a comedy sketch
persiflage {m} [archaic] :: Ridiculing mispresenting or misconstruing
Persijn {prop} :: surname
persisteren {v} :: to persist, to persevere
perslucht {f} {m} :: compressed air
persmuskiet {m} :: newshawk
personage {n} :: Character in a work of fiction
personalia {p} :: General personal information (such as would be listed on e.g. a curriculum vitae), such as full name, age, place and date of birth, e-mail address, and telephone number
personaliseren {v} :: to personalize
personeel {n} :: staff (employees)
personeelsverloop {n} :: Staff turnover
persoon {mf} :: person, individual
persoon {mf} [fiction] :: person, character, personality
persoon {mf} [Christianity] :: person, hypostasis
persoonlijk {adj} :: personal
persoonlijkheid {f} :: personality
persoonlijk voornaamwoord {n} :: personal pronoun
persoonsnaam {m} :: A proper name identifying an individual person, especially the full name
perspectief {n} :: perspective
persrechter {m} :: magistrate who functions as a spokesperson
pertotal {noun} [Brabantian] :: total loss
Peru {prop} {n} :: Peru
Peruaan {m} :: a Peruvian
Peruaans {adj} :: Peruvian
pervers {adj} :: perverse
Perzië {prop} :: Persia
perzik {f} {m} :: peach
Perzisch {adj} :: Persian, Iranian, relating to Persia, its people and culture; mainly used for the periods before the Islamic Republic
Perzisch {adj} :: In or relating to the Persian language(s)
Perzisch {prop} {n} :: The Persian language
Perzische Golf {prop} {f} :: Persian Gulf
pessarium {n} :: pessary
pessimist {m} :: pessimist
pest {f} :: A plague, pest, pestilence
pest {f} :: A specific bovine plague
pest {f} :: An obnoxious person
pestbos {n} [Netherlands, chiefly diminutive] :: A small, densely grown tract of forest in a pasture, where livestock were buried after dying from a contagious disease
pesten {v} :: to bully, to annoy
pesten {v} :: to tease
pester {m} :: person who annoys somebody else
pesterij {f} :: bullying, teasing
pesthaard {m} :: pesthole
pesthekel {m} [colloquial] :: an intense hatred or dislike
pesticide {m} {n} :: pesticide
pestkop {m} :: bully
pet {m} :: cap [headwear with a peak at the front]
pet {adj} [slang] :: bad, crappy
peta- {prefix} :: peta-
petaohm {m} {n} :: petaohm: 1015 ohm
petaseconde {f} :: petasecond: 1015 seconds
petasteradiaal {m} :: petasteradian: 1015 steradians
petekind {n} :: godchild, godkid (child with a godparent)
petemoei {f} [colloquial, Christianity] :: godmother
Peter {prop} :: given name, cognate to Peter
peterolie {f} [somewhat, dated] :: petroleum
peterselie {f} [botany] :: parsley
peterselie {f} :: Some resembling plants
petoet {f} {m} [slang, Netherlands] :: prison
Petra {prop} {f} :: given name
Petraeus {prop} :: surname
petro- {prefix} :: petro-
petrochemie {f} :: Petrochemistry, the branch of chemistry working mainly with components of fossile oil
petrochemie {f} :: (absolute use, with the definite article: de petrochemie) The corresponding, petrochemical branch of industry
petrologie {f} :: petrology
petto {noun} :: only used in in petto
petulant {adj} [rare] :: exuberant
peul {f} {m} :: pea pod
peul {f} {m} [plant] :: snow pea
peulschil {f} {m} :: A pod, notably beans' or peas' natural casing
peulschil {f} {m} [figuratively] :: A pittance
peulschil {f} {m} [figuratively] :: A physically insignificant person
peuter {m} :: A toddler, preschooler, small child, little shaver, small fry, tyke, tot
peuteren {v} :: to poke around
peuzelen {v} :: to gnaw, to eat in small pieces
pezen {v} [colloquial] :: To run or walk quickly
pezen {v} [colloquial] :: To work with considerable effort
pezen {v} [slang] :: To have sexual intercourse
pezig {adj} :: sinewy, having muscles with prominent sinews
pezig {adj} [by extension] :: wiry; strong, tough and lean
phase {f} :: obsolete spelling of fase
philosopheren {v} :: obsolete spelling of filosoferen
Phoeniciër {m} :: alternative spelling of Feniciër
Phoenix {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Phoenix
Pia {prop} {f} :: given name
pianist {m} :: pianist
pianiste {f} :: pianist (female)
piano {c} :: piano
pianostemmer {m} :: piano tuner
pias {m} :: fool, clown
piccalilly {m} :: piccalilli
pièce de résistance {n} :: masterwork, masterpiece
pièce de résistance {n} :: The best achievement of an author or artist, representing his major life effort
pièce de résistance {n} :: main course of a meal
pickles {m} [Belgium] :: piccalilli
picknick {m} :: picnic
picknicken {v} :: to picnic, to have a picnic
pick-up {m} :: pickup (truck)
pick-up {m} :: pickup (electronic device to turn vibrations into an electric signal)
pick-up {m} :: record player
pico- {prefix} :: pico-
picoampère {m} :: pico-ampere: 10-12 amperes
pico-ohm {m} {n} :: pico-ohm: 10-12 ohm
pictogram {n} :: pictogram
pictogram {n} [graphical user interface] :: icon
piek {f} :: a highest point; a peak
piek {f} :: a pike (polearm)
piek {f} [colloquial] :: guilder (comparable to buck, quid)
piek {f} :: a tree-topper for a Christmas tree
piekbui {f} :: A sudden heavy rain shower
piekdrinken {v} :: to binge drink
pieken {v} [literally] :: to reach a peak, culminate
pieken {v} [figuratively] :: to climax, (have) reach(ed) the peak (level) etc
pieken {v} [literally] :: to pick, hack, hit and affect with a pointy instrument, especially a pickaxe
pieken {v} [literally] :: to stick, pin, with a sharp object which may penetrate
pieken {v} [figuratively] :: to sting, hurt
pieken {v} [figuratively] :: to stick out
piekenier {m} :: pikeman
piekeren {v} :: to worry, to mull
piekerig {adj} :: spiky, prickly (hair)
piekfijn {adj} :: mint, brand new
piekfijn {adj} :: elegant, very neat
piel {m} :: duckling
piel {m} [Netherlands, colloquial] :: penis
pielemuis {c} [Netherlands] :: penis [often suggesting a small size]
piemel {m} :: pecker, cock, dick, euphemism for penis
piemel {m} [metonymy] :: dude, guy
piemel {m} :: urine
piemelnaakt {adj} [vulgar] :: stark naked
Pien {prop} {f} :: given name. A Dutch pet form of Josephine
piep {interj} :: squeak, peep
piep {adj} [colloquial] :: clipping of piepjong
piepa {m} [colloquial, familiar] :: papa
piepen {v} :: to squeak, squeal
piepen {v} :: to creak
piepen {v} :: to wheeze (such as someone with asthma)
pieper {m} :: pipit
pieper {m} :: a small potato
pieper {m} :: beeper, buzzer
pieper {m} :: voyeur
pieper {m} [Belgium] :: kiss
piepjong {adj} :: very young
piepklein {adj} :: tiny, microscopic
pier {m} [zoology] :: A worm, earthworm [in Flanders]
pier {m} [architecture] :: A pier, jetty
pier {m} [archaic] :: A physical trap
pier {m} [archaic] :: A figurative trap, ambush
pier {m} [archaic] :: A place one is trapped in:
pier {m} :: a prison
pier {m} :: a rabbit den
Pier {prop} :: given name
piercen {vt} :: to pierce (to implement a piercing)
pierement {n} [Netherlands] :: A (large) street organ
pieren {vt} :: To trick, outsmart
pierewaaier {m} :: a superficial person, one who doesn't take things seriously
pierrot {m} :: A person dressed in a Pierrot costume
pies {m} [slang] :: alternative form of pis; piss
piet {m} :: An important person with a high position
piet {m} :: synonym of Zwarte Piet
piet {m} :: A canary
piet {m} [Netherlands, chiefly diminutive and plural diminutive] :: A louse
piet {m} [Belgium, childish, slang or slightly, vulgar] :: A penis
Piet {prop} {m} :: given name (Peter / Petrus)
Pieter {prop} :: given name, equivalent to English Peter
pieterman {m} :: weever, any individual fish or species of the family Trachinidae
pieterman {m} :: certain monetary units
pieterman {m} [Netherlands, slang] :: euro
pieterman {m} [historical, Netherlands, slang] :: guilder
pieterman {m} [historical, chiefly diminutive] :: a certain coin used in the Holy Roman Empire, issued from Trier
pieterman {m} [Belgium, historical] :: beer from Louvain
pieterman {m} [slang] :: dick, peen
Piet Snot {prop} {m} [fiction, personification] :: irrelevant person, a nobody
pigment {n} :: pigment, coloring substance
pij {m} :: cowl
pijl {m} :: arrow, projectile
pijl {m} :: arrow, indicator
Pijl {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Sagitta
pijler {m} :: pillar
pijlsnel {adj} :: very fast, lightning fast
pijlstaartrog {m} :: stingray
pijlstaartrog {m} :: A member of the Dasyatidae, a suborder of stingrays
pijltjesmethode {f} [linguistics] :: (little) arrows method; method in perceptual dialectology according to which dialects that have been judged similar by respondents are linked by arrows
pijn {f} :: physical pain, ache
pijn {f} :: psychological pain, hurt
pijn {m} [rare] :: pine (tree)
pijnappel {m} :: pinecone
pijnappel {m} [obsolete] :: pineapple
pijnappelklier {mf} :: pineal gland
pijnbank {c} :: rack (torturing device)
pijnboom {m} :: A pine, conifere of the genus Pinus
pijnboom {m} :: mainly the species Pinus silvestris
pijnboom {m} :: other species include firs and larch
pijnboompit {m} :: pine nut
pijnigen {v} :: to inflict pain upon
pijnlijk {adj} :: physically painful, inflicting bodily suffering
pijnlijk {adj} :: sore, pained
pijnlijk {adj} :: psychologically hurtful
pijnloos {adj} :: painless, painfree
pijnloos {adj} :: effortless, easy, comfortable
pijnstiller {m} :: painkiller
pijoet {m} :: alternative spelling of pioet
pijp {f} :: pipe
pijp {f} :: tube
pijpbeurt {f} [vulgar] :: blowjob
pijpen {vti} :: to whistle; to hum; to blow (as in to play a wind instrument)
pijpen {vti} [colloquial] :: to fellate, to blow, to suck [the object usually indicates the receiving person, but sometimes the member or item undergoing the action]
pijpen {vti} [dated] :: to smoke (a pipe)
pijpeneren {v} [obsolete] :: to smoke
pijpensteel {m} :: pipe handle
pijpenstelen regenen {v} [idiomatic, impersonal] :: to rain cats and dogs (to rain very heavily)
pijpenwisser {m} :: pipe cleaner
pijpewisser {m} :: superseded spelling of pijpenwisser
pijpleiding {f} :: pipeline
pijporgel {n} :: pipe organ
pijptang {f} :: pipe wrench
pik {c} :: pick, pickaxe
pik {c} [colloquial] :: penis
pik {c} :: A down, prejudiced attitude against someone who is thus 'picked on', especially from a position of authority
pik {n} {m} :: pitch, black material
pikaks {f} [Suriname] :: pickax
pikant {adj} :: hot, spicy, piquant
pikant {adj} :: piquant, savory
pikdonker {adj} :: pitch-dark
pikhouweel {n} :: pickax
pikken {v} :: To peck (as with a bird's beak), hammer
pikken {v} :: To steal, thieve
pikken {v} :: To tolerate, accept grudgingly
pikken {v} :: To pitch, tar
pikketanissie {n} :: jenever
pikol {m} :: each of the two loads which hang at each side of a carrying pole, called pikanol, which is fixed over the shoulders on/like a yoke, as used in Indonesia
pikol {m} :: a measure for dry wares, e.g. about 56 kilos of salt
pikol {m} :: a commercial weight, fixed by the (Dutch colonial) authorities of the Dutch East Indies at 125 Amsterdam pound, i.e. 61.7613 kilos, divided into 100 kati
pikollen {vt} :: To carry (something, about a pikol in weight) using a pikolan
pikorde {f} :: pecking order
pikzwart {adj} :: pitch-black
pikzwart {adj} :: pitch-dark
pil {f} :: a pill, an usually ball- or oval-shaped, coated portion of a drug to be taken orally
pil {f} :: (with definite article: de pil) 'the' contraceptive pill
pil {f} :: an analogous ball-shaped object
pil {f} [metonymy] :: an expert in pill use:
pil {f} :: a pharmacist
pil {f} :: an MD
pil {f} [military] :: a med student
pil {f} :: a thick sandwich
pil {f} :: a hard kick on a balk or other object
pil {f} :: a bitter experience
pil {f} :: a large book, a tome
pil {f} [Belgium] :: an electric battery
pil {mf} [obsolete] :: godchild
pilaar {m} :: pillar
pilaarheilige {mf} :: stylite
pilaarprent {f} :: hashira-e, pillar print; a Japanese narrow, elongated rectangular print
pilipili {c} :: alternative form of piri-piri
pillamp {f} :: flashlight
pillewegge {f} :: A loaf of wheat bread containing currants, traditionally given as a gift at baptisms
pillicht {n} :: flashlight
piloot {m} :: pilot
pils {m} {n} :: pilsner beer
pils {m} {n} [by extension] :: lager beer
pilus {m} :: pilus (bacterial appendage)
Pim {prop} :: given name. A Dutch pet form of Willem, ( William)
pimpel {m} :: clipping of pimpelmees
pimpelen {v} [of strong alcoholic drinks, dated] :: to drink with small sips
pimpelen {v} [Netherlands, of any alcoholic drinks] :: to drink (heavily)
pimpelen {v} [Belgium] :: to blink
pimpelmees {f} :: blue tit
pimpelpaars {adj} :: bluish purple
pimpeltje {noun} [Netherlands] :: small glass for drinking spirits, in particular gin
pin {f} :: peg, pin
PIN {m} :: PIN
pincet {n} :: A pair of tweezers, small (usually metal) pincers, used for handling small objects and in medicine
pinda {m} :: a peanut, the nut-like pod containing the edible seed(s) of a leguminous plant
pinda {m} [botany] :: the annual herb Arachnis hypogea, which produces the above
pinda {m} :: the above seeds, gathered to be eaten as a snack or processed into food products
pinda {m} [pejorative, ethnic slur] :: people from East Asia, most commonly Chinese and Indonesians
pindakaas {c} :: peanut butter (a spread made from ground peanuts)
pindarotsje {noun} :: chocolate filled with peanuts in the shape of a rock
pindasaus {f} :: peanut sauce
pingelen {vi} :: to wrangle, to try to get a better price
pingelen {vi} [obsolete] :: to do fine needlework
pingelen {vi} [pejorative, of bells] :: to ring, to resound like a bell
pingelen {vi} [pejorative] :: to play music [with the implication of poor quality]
pingelen {vi} [of engines] :: to knock, to misfire
pinguïn {m} :: penguin
pink {m} :: pinkie (little finger)
pink {m} :: one-year-old calf
pink {m} :: a pink (ship - see Etymology 2)
Pinkster {prop} {f} [now, slightly, colloquial] :: alternative form of Pinksteren
Pinksteren {prop} {n} :: Pentecost, Whitsun
pinnen {v} :: to pay by debit card
pinnen {v} :: to withdraw money with such a card
pino {c} [colloquial] :: Bloke, rando, guy
pino {c} [slang] :: Sex object. acronym of potentieel interessant neukobject
pint {f} [Belgium] :: A glass of beer (usually 25 cl or 33cl, not an imperial pint)
pintelieren {v} [Belgium] :: to drink heavily
pioet {m} [Judaism] :: piyyut, piyut (liturgical poem)
pion {m} [chess] :: pawn
pion {n} [physics] :: pion
pionier {m} :: pioneer
pip {m} :: Pip (any of various respiratory diseases in birds, especially infectious coryza)
pip {m} [humorous or colloquial] :: Of humans, a disease (particularly the common cold or the flu), malaise or depression
pipetteren {v} :: to pipet
pipo {m} :: oddball, whacko
piraat {m} :: A pirate, one who plunders at sea
piraat {m} :: A copyright pirate, who produces/ trades in illegal copies of protected products
piraatje {noun} [slang] :: A (cheap) cigarette
piramidaal {adj} :: pyramidal
piramide {f} :: pyramid
piramidedak {n} :: tented roof
piramidestelsel {n} :: pyramid scheme (fraudulent financial scheme in which earlier investors are (primarily) paid with investments from later investors)
piratenschip {n} :: pirate ship
piratenzender {m} :: pirate radio station
piraterij {f} :: piracy
piri-piri {c} :: African birdseye chile pepper
piripiri {c} :: alternative spelling of piri-piri
pis {m} [vulgar] :: piss
pis {m} [vulgar, slang] :: cheap beer
pisang {m} :: banana
pisang {m} :: weirdo
pisang {m} :: someone who is unlucky
pisbak {m} [colloquial] :: urinal
pisbloem {mf} :: dandelion
pisnijdig {adj} [colloquial] :: livid, furiously angry
pissebed {mf} :: isopod, pill bug, woodlouse: any member of the Isopoda
pissebed {mf} [dialectal] :: dandelion
pissebed {mf} [uncommon] :: someone who urinates in bed
pissen {v} [colloquial] :: to piss
pisser {m} [literally] :: one who pisses
pisser {m} [figuratively] :: penis
pisser {m} [figuratively] :: amateur
pissig {adj} :: pissed, irritable, angry
pissijn {n} :: urinal
pistache {c} :: The pistachio tree, Pistacia vera
pistache {c} :: Its greenish, edible nut-like fruit; also sugared etc. as candy
pistache {c} :: A sweet resembling the above candy
pistache {c} :: The fruit's taste, also as a flavor, notably of icecream
piste {f} [skiing] :: piste
piste {f} [circus] :: circus ring
piste {f} [Belgium] :: trail, track
pistolet {m} [Belgium] :: a type of small round bread bun
pistolet {m} [Netherlands] :: a bread bun shaped like a short baguette
pistool {n} :: pistol
piszuur {n} [archaic] :: uric acid
piszuur {adj} [archaic] :: Pertaining to uric acid
pit {mf} :: A seed inside a fruit
pit {mf} :: wick (of a candle, lamp or other implement)
pit {mf} :: burner (on a stove)
pit {mf} :: spirit, vigour
pit {m} [racing] :: pit (refueling station and garage at a race track)
pitaya {m} :: dragon fruit
pitbull {m} :: pit bull
piëtisme {n} [Christianity, chiefly Protestantism] :: pietism
pitrus {m} :: common rush, soft rush, Juncus effusus
pitspoes {f} :: attractive girl that promotes a certain car or motor bike, often at a car show, fair or race
pitstraat {f} :: pit lane
pittig {adj} [taste] :: piquant, spicy
pittig {adj} [person] :: energetic and having a strong character
pittig {adj} :: serious and difficult
pittig {adj} :: pithy, terse
pittoresk {adj} :: picturesque
pittoresque {adj} :: alternative spelling of pittoresk
pizza {f} :: pizza
-pje {suffix} :: Variant of -tje
PKN {prop} :: acronym of Protestantse Kerk in Nederland (Protestant Church in the Netherlands)
plaag {f} {m} :: plague
plaaggeest {m} :: bully
plaagletter {f} :: a letter that shifts the preceding vowel sound so that it deviates from its spelling
plaat {f} :: board, sheet, plate
plaat {f} :: record (e.g. an LP)
plaatje {noun} :: picture
plaatje {noun} [idiomatic] :: something adorable
plaats {f} :: place, position
plaats {f} :: town, city
plaats {f} :: place, location in a text
plaats {f} :: space, especially free space
plaats {f} [dialectal] :: square, plaza (paved open space of any size in a town or near a building)
plaats {f} [dialectal] :: farm
plaatsbekleder {m} :: incumbent
plaatsbepaling {f} :: the act of determining one's position and orientation
plaats delict {f} :: crime scene (often abbreviated as PD or peedee)
plaatselijk {adj} :: local
plaatsen {v} :: to place
plaatser {m} :: one who places
plaatser {m} [obsolete, grammar] :: a word in the locative case
plaatsgebrek {n} :: Lack of space
plaatsgenoot {m} :: a local, a townsman, someone who lives in the same general area
plaatsgenote {f} :: feminine noun of plaatsgenoot
plaatsigheid {f} :: arity (number of arguments)
plaatsnaam {m} :: toponym
plaatsvervangend {adj} :: substitute, surrogate
plaatsvervangende schaamte {f} :: vicarious embarrassment, also called empathic embarrassment, i.e. the uncomfortable sympathetic feeling experienced while watching someone else embarrass themselves
plaatsvervanger {m} :: substitute
plaatsvervanger {m} :: alternate
plaatsvinden {v} :: to take place, occur
plaatwerk {n} [uncountable] :: bodywork, exterior of a vehicle
plaatwerk {n} [countable] :: engraving
plaatwerk {n} [countable] :: campshedding
placemat {c} :: place mat
pladijs {f} [zoology] :: The plaice, the large marine flatfish, Pleuronectes platessa
plafon {n} :: alternative spelling of plafond
plafond {n} :: ceiling
plafond {n} :: maximum, upper limit
plagen {v} :: to tease
plagen {v} :: to trouble
plagen {v} :: to torment
plagerij {f} :: worry, concern
plagerij {f} :: teasing, chaff
plagiaat {n} :: Plagiarism
plak {c} :: A slice, rasher (of bacon or cheese), slab (of chocolate)
plak {c} :: Anything resembling such a slice
plak {c} :: A specific coin
plak {c} :: plaque on teeth
plak {c} :: A ferule, flat solid wooden punitive implement, usually applied on the hand(s)
plakband {n} {m} :: sticky tape
plakka {?} [slang] :: money
plakkaat {n} :: placard
plakken {vi} :: to stick
plakken {vt} :: to glue, to paste
plakken {vt} [computing] :: to paste (insert an item previously saved to memory)
plan {n} :: A set of intended actions, through which one expects to achieve a goal
plan {n} :: A technical drawing
plan {n} :: A detailed map
planeconomie {f} :: planned economy
planeet {f} [astronomy] :: a planet
planetair {adj} :: planetary
planetarium {n} :: planetarium
planetenstelsel {n} :: planetary system
planetoïde {f} [astronomy] :: asteroid
plank {f} :: a shelf
plank {f} :: a (wooden) plank
planken {adj} :: made of plank(s) and/or board(s)
plankenkoorts {f} {m} :: stage fright
planmatig {adj} :: planned
planmatig {adj} :: as planned, according to plan
plannen {v} :: to plan
planning {n} :: planning; schedule
plant {f} :: plant [organism]
plant {f} :: cabbage, vegetable [person with severe brain damage]
plantaardig {adj} :: vegetable
plantage {f} :: plantation
plantage {f} :: A small group of plants and trees; a small planted area
plantage {f} [obsolete] :: The act of planting
planten {v} :: to plant, place a seed or plant in suitably fertile substrate in order that it may live and grow
planten {v} [figuratively] :: to plant an inanimated object in the soil or a hard surface, e.g. a banner
planten {v} [figuratively] :: to plant an idea etc
planteneter {m} :: a herbivore (plant-eating animal)
plantenrijk {n} [biology, botany, taxonomy] :: Plant Kingdom, kingdom Plantae
plantensoort {f} {m} :: plant species
plantensterol {m} :: phytosterol
plantkunde {f} :: botany
plantsoen {n} :: park, public garden
plas {m} :: a body of still water, pool
plas {m} :: puddle
plas {m} :: urine
plasmide {n} :: plasmid
plasseks {m} :: pee sex (any sexual activity that involves urination or urine in noticeable quantities)
plassen {vi} :: urinate
plassen {vt} :: secrete (something) in urine
plasser {m} [childish] :: peepee
plasticiteit {f} :: plasticity
plat {adj} :: flat
plat {adj} :: of soft consistency
plat {n} :: One's local dialect
plat {adj} :: as one's local dialect
plat {adj} [by extension] :: common, rural, vulgar
platbranden {v} :: to burn down
Platduits {prop} {n} :: The Low German language
Platduits {adj} :: Low German
plateau {n} :: plateau
platencontract {n} :: recording contract
platendraaier {m} :: gramophone
platendraaier {m} :: turntable
platendraaier {m} :: disc jockey
platenlabel {m} {n} :: record label
platenspeler {m} :: record player
platenwinkel {m} :: record shop, record store
platenzaak {m} :: record shop, record store
platform {n} :: A platform, flat surface, notably a dais or stage
platform {n} :: A political platform, (electoral) program
platform {n} :: A plateau
platform {n} :: A flat roof
platform {n} [obsolete] :: A ground-plan
platina {n} :: platinum
platitude {f} :: platitude, cliché
platte broodjes bakken {v} [idiom, Belgium] :: to grovel, to fawn, especially after having said something bold or controversial before; to attempt to reingratiate
plattegrond {m} :: map (of an area), floor plan (of a building)
platte kaas {m} [Belgium] :: alternative form of plattekaas
plattekaas {m} [Belgium] :: the soft creamy cheese quark
platte kak {adj} :: (predicative) not very good
platte kak {} [sop] :: soft stool
platteland {n} :: country, countryside
plattelander {m} :: country-dweller, someone who lives outside (large) inhabited areas
platte uitdrukking {f} :: vulgar expression
platvis {m} :: flatfish (fish)
plaveien {v} :: to pave
plavuis {m} :: floor tile
plebaan {m} :: a priest (in the Roman Catholic Church or the Old Catholic Church) who serves the parish attached to a cathedral (in the bishop’s stead); dean
plebejer {m} :: a plebeian; a member of the lower social class
plebeïsch {adj} :: plebeian
plechtig {adj} :: formal, stiff
plechtig {adj} :: solemn, ceremonious
plechtigheid {f} :: ceremony
pledderen {v} [Belgium] :: play with water and mud [esp. of kids]
pledderen {v} :: walk through muddy terrain
plee {m} [colloquial] :: loo, john, bathroom
pleeggezin {n} :: foster home
pleegkind {n} :: A foster child, which is neither biological nor adoptive offspring but raised rather as if, temporarily or indefinitely
pleegmoeder {f} :: foster mother
pleegouder {m} :: foster parent
pleegzoon {m} :: A foster son, a male foster child, boy who is raised in a non-parent's family
pleegzorg {mf} :: A foster care
plegen {v} :: to do (something) habitually, customarily
plegen {v} :: to usually happen
plegen {v} :: to commit (a crime)
pleidooi {n} :: plea
plein {n} :: square, plaza
pleiner {m} [historical, Amsterdam] :: a type of middle-class nozem from Amsterdam inspired by modern art, French culture and jazz, similar to a mod
pleinvrees {f} :: agoraphobia
pleister {m} :: plaster, sticking plaster
pleister {n} :: plaster (lime mixture)
pleisteren {adj} :: (made of) plaster
pleisteren {adj} :: cast in plaster
pleisteren {vt} :: To (apply) plaster, stucco
pleisteren {vt} :: To apply a (medical) plaster
pleisteren {vt} [figuratively] :: To smear, cover (up) (notably cosmetically), hide
pleisteren {vt} :: To pave (a road)
pleisteren {vi} :: To interrupt a journey, take a rest, make a stop, notably to tend to the needs of traveler(s), vehicle(s), staff and/or working animal(s)
pleisteren {vi} :: To (take a) pause or rest in general
pleisteren {vi} :: To be, spend time, somewhere
pleisterkalk {m} :: The material plaster(ing chalk), stucco
pleisterwerk {n} :: The (construction) activity plastering
pleisterwerk {n} :: A plastering job; its stucco results
pleit {n} :: lawsuit
pleiten {vi} :: to plead
plek {f} :: spot, place
plek {f} :: bruise
plenair {adj} :: plenary
plengoffer {n} :: libation
plenzen {v} :: to bucket, to rain cats and dogs (to rain heavily)
pletten {v} :: to flatten
pletten {v} :: to crush, squash
pletteren {v} [obsolete] :: to crush, squash
pleuren {v} [colloquial] :: to fling or hurl, to throw forcefully
pleuren {v} [colloquial] :: to insert with force
pleuren {v} [colloquial] :: to plunge, to fall with noise
pleuren {v} [colloquial] :: to rain hard
plevier {m} :: plover, certain waders of the family Charadriidae
plexus {m} :: plexus
plezant {adj} [Belgium] :: pleasant
plezier {n} :: fun, leisure
plezier {n} :: pleasure
plezierig {adj} :: pleasant, fun
plicht {f} :: duty, obligation
plichtbewust {adj} :: alternative form of plichtsbewust
plichtsbewust {adj} :: conscientious
plint {f} :: a panel between floor and interior wall; a skirting board or baseboard
plint {f} :: a plinth
plint {f} :: a vaulting box
plisie {f} :: eye dialect of politie
ploeg {mf} :: team; crew
ploeg {mf} :: plough; coulter
ploegbaas {m} :: foreman, ganger, supervisor, team leader
ploegen {v} :: to plough
ploegendienst {m} :: shift (work schedule)
ploeger {m} :: A plower, plowman
ploeger {m} :: A farmer whose land is large enough to use/need a plow
ploeggeest {m} [chiefly Belgium] :: team spirit
ploeggenoot {m} :: teammate
ploeggenote {f} :: feminine noun of ploeggenoot
ploegijzer {n} :: plowshare/ploughshare
ploegjongen {m} :: A plowboy, boy who helps the plowman by driving the draught animals in front of the plow
ploegman {m} :: A plowman, male plower
ploegos {m} :: An ox used as draught animal to pull a plow
ploegschaar {f} :: plowshare/ploughshare
ploert {m} :: scoundrel, bounder
ploert {m} :: git, jerk
ploert {m} [historical, obsolete, student slang] :: Someone who doesn't study or hasn't studied at a university
ploert {m} [historical, obsolete, student slang] :: The landlady or landlord of a student's housing
ploertendoder {m} :: A cosh, blackjack or similar flexible blunt weapon containing heavy material, often but not necessarily covered with rubber or leather
ploeteren {v} :: to drudge
ploeteren {v} [figuratively] :: to toil, to drudge
ploffen {v} :: to thud; to make a dull sound (such as the sound made of an object falling on concrete)
ploffen {v} :: to burst, to explode
plofkip {f} :: broiler chicken that is made to grow unusually fast so as to speed up meat production
plofklank {m} :: plosive
plofkraak {m} :: (ATM) raid involving explosives
plofkraken {v} [usually of ATMs] :: to raid by means of explosives
plombe {f} :: lead seal
plombe {f} [dentistry] :: filling
plomp {adj} :: clumsy, oafish
plompzakken {v} :: To insert both the penis and the scrotum into the vagina during sex
plons {m} :: a splash, sound of a splash
plons {interj} :: the noise made from something splashing against a surface
plooi {f} {m} :: crease, fold
plooi {f} {m} :: wrinkle
plooibaar {adj} :: foldable
plooibaar {adj} [figuratively] :: pliable, flexible
plooien {v} :: to pleat, fold
plooien {v} :: to gather wrinkles
plooifiets {f} [Belgium] :: folding bicycle
PLORK {abbr} [slang] :: "nice body, ugly face" (short for prettig lichaam ontzettende rotkop)
P.L.O.R.K. {initialism} :: alternative form of PLORK
plosief {c} :: plosive
plots {adv} :: suddenly
plotseling {adv} :: suddenly
plotseling {adj} :: sudden
plotsklaps {adv} :: suddenly
plotsklaps {adj} :: sudden
plotten {v} :: to plot, to trace out
plu {m} [colloquial] :: umbrella, brolly
pluche {n} :: The velvety fabric plush
pluche {n} [metonymy] :: The plush, i.e. cosy, luxurious, seats of power, hence: (being in) office, governing majority
pluche {adj} :: (made of) plush
pluchen {adj} :: (made of) plush
plug {m} :: wall plug (used to hold nails and screws)
pluim {m} :: A plume, feather
pluim {m} :: (with indefinite article, often the diminutive: een pluim(pje)) A compliment, praise, a feather on one's cap
pluim {m} [figuratively] :: A plume-shaped object or part of another organ, e.g. on a butterfly's wings
pluim {m} :: (rather the diminutive plural: pluimpjes) down
pluimage {n} :: The plumage of a bird
pluimage {n} :: (rare) An object made of feathers, mostly ornamental; also a duster
pluimage {n} [figuratively] :: One's nature, typological category; notably in the expression van divers pluimage ('of varied types')
pluimage {n} [obsolete] :: The waving crest of a tree or wood
pluimbal {m} :: a shuttlecock
pluimen {vt} :: To remove the plumage from, as before cooking a bird
pluimen {vt} [figuratively] :: To skin financially
pluimstrijken {v} :: to fawn, to be a sycophant
pluimstrijkend {adj} :: sycophantic
pluimstrijker {m} [pejorative] :: a sycophant, a fawner
pluimvee {n} [collective] :: fowl
pluis {n} [uncountable] :: fluff, soft hairs
pluis {n} [countable, esp. diminutive] :: a piece of fluff or lint, a fluffball
pluis {n} [botany, agriculture] :: pedicel with flower; sessile (side branch with flower)
pluis {adj} :: in order, right, proper
pluizen {vt} [agriculture] :: to remove flowering side branches [from the main stem] from
pluk de dag {phrase} :: carpe diem, seize the day
plukken {v} :: to pluck (i.e. to pull something sharply or to pull something out)
pluksel {n} :: lint, pluff
pluksel {n} :: something that has been picked or plucked
plunder {c} :: One's property, (collective) possessions
plunder {c} :: Notably furniture and other (mainly small) home inventory
plunderen {v} :: to plunder, ransack
plusminus {adv} :: about, roughly, approximately, circa
pluspunt {n} :: Advantage, upside, positive characteristic
Pluto {prop} {m} [Greco-Roman mythology] :: Pluto (god of the underworld)
Pluto {prop} {m} [astronomy] :: Pluto (dwarf planet, former planet)
plutonium {n} :: plutonium
pluvier {m} :: superseded spelling of plevier
pluviograaf {m} :: A pluviograph, self-registring pluviometer
pneumonie {f} :: pneumonia
pneumothorax {m} :: pneumothorax
po {m} :: chamber pot
pochen {v} :: to brag
podium {n} [art, music, theatre] :: stage
podiumbeest {n} :: someone who enjoys being on stage and is often on stage
poedel {m} :: poodle (dog breed)
poedelnaakt {adj} :: buck naked, stark naked, butt-naked
poedelprijs {m} [Netherlands] :: booby prize, a prize awarded to the loser
poeder {n} :: powder
poederbrief {m} :: powder letter (letter containing some powder, intended for harming, threatening or hoaxing someone)
poedersuiker {m} :: powdered sugar, icing sugar
poef {m} :: a pouf
poef {interj} :: poof
poeha {m} {n} [colloquial] :: clamor, fuss
poel {m} :: a standing body of water; pool, puddle
poel {m} [obsolete, literary] :: abyss, chasm
poel {m} [obsolete] :: hell
poeldraak {m} [obsolete] :: hell dragon, infernal dragon
poeldraak {m} [obsolete, pejorative, figurative] :: infernally evil person
poema {m} :: puma
poen {f} {n} [colloquial] :: money
poenaal {adj} :: Pertaining to punishments
poep {f} [uncountable] :: shit
poep {f} :: fart
poep {f} [nautical] :: a vessel's stern
poep {f} [colloquial, Belgian] :: butt, bottom, behind, rear-end, hiney, tush
poepen {v} [Netherlands] :: to defecate; to shit
poepen {v} [obsolete] :: to fart
poepen {v} [vulgar, Belgium] :: to fuck (to copulate)
poepen {v} [Netherlands] :: to give birth
poeper {m} [colloquial, Netherlands] :: A butthole, arse/ass, anus
poeper {m} [colloquial, Netherlands] :: A shitter, a pooper, one who defecates
poeper {m} [Belgium] :: See met de poepers zitten
poepie {noun} :: alternative form of poepje
poepie {noun} :: sweetie, cutie (term of endearment, typically for young children or animals)
poepseks {m} [Netherlands] :: poop sex (scatological sexual activity)
Poerem {prop} {n} :: alt form Poerim
Poeriem {prop} {n} :: alt form Poerim
Poerim {prop} {n} [Judaism] :: Purim
poes {f} :: female cat
poes {f} :: cat of either sex
poes {f} [vulgar] :: vagina
poes {f} [derogatory] :: woman or girl
poeslief {adj} :: very friendly, nice or sweet
poeslief {adj} :: acting very nicely, but insincerely
poespas {m} :: fuss, ado, hubbub
poet {m} :: loot, stolen money
poëet {m} [formal, literary] :: poet
poetsen {v} :: to clean, shine
poetsen {v} :: to brush (teeth)
pofadder {f} {m} :: puffadder
poffertje {noun} :: small Dutch pancake
pogen {v} :: to attempt
poging {f} :: attempt
Pohnpeiaans {adj} :: Pohnpeian, in, from or otherwise relating to the island state Pohnpei, the former Ponape, in Micronesia, or its people
Pohnpeiaans {adj} :: Pohnpeian, in or otherwise relating to the (Micronesian) Pohnepian language
Pohnpeiaans {prop} :: The Pohnpeian (Micronesian) language
pointe {f} {m} [comedy] :: punchline
pointer {m} [programming] :: pointer
pok {m} :: pock, pimple
pokdalig {adj} :: pockmarked
poker {n} :: poker (card game)
poker {m} :: somebody who pokes a fire
pokeren {v} :: to play poker
pokken {noun} :: smallpox
pol {m} :: a bundle of plants, with the soil it stands on or that hangs from it
pol {m} [Belgium] :: a hand
Pol {prop} :: given name
polariseren {v} :: to polarize
polariseren {v} [figuratively] :: (said of a situation etc.) to polarize; to cause to have two extremes
polariteit {f} :: polarity
polariteit {f} [grammar, Semitic languages] :: gender polarity, the phenomenon of some numerals (3 to 10) having endings resembling those of the opposite gender
polder {m} [geography] :: polder
polderen {vi} [politics] :: to compromise, to engage in consensus politics
poldermodel {n} :: polder model; a form of economic decision making by consensus, including the government and the social partners, that is the trade unions and employers' organisations
poldermolen {m} :: polder windmill, used to pump water out of a polder
polemiek {f} :: polemic
Polen {prop} {n} :: Poland
policor {adj} [colloquial, derogatory, Netherlands] :: politically correct
polijsten {v} :: to polish
polis {f} :: insurance policy
polis {f} :: insurance plan
polis {f} [historical] :: A polis; an ancient, especially Ancient Greek, city state or city
politica {f} :: female politician
politicologie {f} :: political science
politicoloog {m} :: political scientist
politicus {m} :: politician
politie {f} :: police
politieagent {m} :: police officer
politieagent {m} :: spy
politieagente {f} :: female police officer
politieauto {m} :: police car
politiebureau {n} :: police station
politiehelikopter {m} :: police helicopter
politiek {f} :: politics
politiek {adj} :: political
politiek correct {adj} [derogatory] :: politically correct
politiekeling {m} [historical, pejorative, mainly used by the NSB] :: political opponent [of fascism, national socialism]
politiekeling {m} [slang] :: political animal, political junkie (someone enthusiastically interested in politics or a political fanatic)
politieker {m} :: politician
politieman {m} :: policeman
politiewagen {m} :: police car
politoeren {vti} :: to varnish with French polish
pollen {n} :: pollen
pollen {v} [computing] :: to poll, to periodically check the status of a device or variable
pollepel {m} :: [Netherlands] wooden spoon, a rather shallow spoon used to stir food while cooking
pollepel {m} :: [Belgium] ladle, a large deep spoon used to serve soup and other food
poller {m} :: a retractable road bollard
polonium {n} :: polonium
pols {m} :: wrist
pols {m} :: short for polsslag: pulse
polsband {m} :: wristband: mostly used in the diminutive
polsbandje {noun} :: wristband
polsbreuk {f} :: fracture of one's wrist
polshorloge {n} :: wristwatch
polsslag {m} :: pulse (felt at the wrist artery)
polsslagader {f} :: radial artery
polsstokspringen {n} :: pole vault
poltergeest {m} :: poltergeist
poly- {prefix} :: poly-
polyfyletisch {noun} [taxonomy] :: polyphyletic
polygaam {adj} :: polygamous
polygamie {f} :: polygamy
polyglot {m} :: A polyglot, who masters several languages
polyglot {m} :: A polyglot publication
polymeer {n} [chemistry] :: polymer
Polynesië {prop} :: Polynesia
Polynesisch {adj} :: Polynesian
polynomiaal {adj} :: polynomial
polynoom {n} {m} :: polynomial
polynoom {adj} :: polynomial
polytheïsme {n} :: polytheism
pomerans {f} :: Felt or leather tip of a cue
pomerans {f} :: Fruit of the bitter orange
pomerans {f} :: bitter orange tree
pomp {f} :: pump (device for moving liquid or gas)
pompelmoes {f} {m} :: pomelo (fruit of the tree Citrus maxima)
pompen {v} :: to pump
pompoen {m} :: pumpkin
pompstation {n} :: filling station, petrol station (UK), gas station (US)
pon {m} :: nightgown
pond {n} :: unit of mass, often broadly similar to 500 grams
pond {n} :: metric pound (500 grams)
pond {n} [imperial units] :: pound (453.6 grams)
pond {n} [historical] :: pound, any of several local units, with a range between 420 and 500 grammes, divided into 16 historical ounces
pond {n} [historical, Dutch metric system] :: kilogram
pond {n} :: one of several monetary units
pond {n} :: British pound, pound sterling (currency)
pond {n} :: Egyptian pound
pond {n} [historical] :: Flemish pound
ponem {n} {m} [colloquial, chiefly Netherlands] :: face
ponjaard {m} :: poniard
pont {c} :: ferry, ferryboat
pontificaal {adj} [Roman Catholicism] :: pontifical
pontificaal {adj} [figuratively] :: pompous
pony {m} :: pony, small horse
pony {m} [by extension] :: hairstyle with a fringe/bangs
pooier {m} :: male pimp
pooierbak {m} [colloquial] :: a pimpmobile, a pimped up car
pook {m} :: poker (stick to kindle the fire in a fireplace)
pook {m} :: gearstick
pool {c} :: magnetic pole (especially of the Earth and other celestial bodies)
pool {c} :: electrical pole (e.g. of a battery)
pool {c} [figuratively] :: an opposing side of a principle or a doctrine
pool {m} :: a gambling venture such as a football pool
pool {m} :: the stake involved in such a venture
pool {m} :: an arrangement where people pool in money to share one resource such as a carpool
pool {m} [sports] :: pool
pool {c} :: the pile (upstanding usually fine hair) on certain fabrics, velvet or carpeting
Pool {m} :: A Pole (male person)
poolbeer {m} :: polar bear
pooldag {m} :: polar day
poollicht {n} [astronomy] :: aurora
poolnacht {f} :: polar night
Pools {adj} :: Polish
Pools {prop} {n} :: Polish (language)
Poolse {f} :: Pole (female)
poolster {f} :: pole star
poolvos {m} :: arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus)
poort {f} {m} :: gate
poorter {m} [historical] :: A citizen of a city during the Ancien Regime, a burgher
poortgebouw {n} :: gatehouse, gate building
poos {f} :: undefined period of time
poos {f} :: (informal, hyperbolic) eternity
poot {m} :: limb (arm or leg) of an animal (sometimes human)
poot {m} :: [colloquial] leg or foot
poot {m} :: [colloquial] hand
poot {m} :: leg of an object, e.g. furniture
poot {m} [vulgar, derogatory] :: homosexual
pop {f} {m} :: doll
pop {f} {m} :: cocoon, pupa
pop {f} {m} [colloquial] :: guilder
pop {f} :: pop, pop music
popelen {v} :: to long for, yearn; to be eager to
popelen {v} :: to quiver
popelen {v} :: to flutter
popeye {m} :: a short, strong man
popiejopie {adj} [slang, pejorative, often in compounds] :: Trying excessively to come across as popular and ordinary
popiejopie {adj} [slang, pejorative, often in compounds] :: Related to ordinary people; plebeian, familiar, colloquial, vulgar, popular
Popie Jopie {prop} {m} [slang, derogatory] :: An irreverent nickname for Pope John Paul II
popmuziek {f} :: pop music
poppen {v} [obsolete] :: To play with puppets
poppen {v} :: To play (games etc.) in general
poppen {v} :: To court and/or have sex
poppen {v} :: To show off
poppen {v} :: To make or provide (a) puppet(s) etc
poppen {v} :: To make the sound of the bird koet
poppen {v} [figuratively] :: To stammer
poppenkast {mf} [literally] :: A portable miniature theatre and puppets for use in it
poppenkast {mf} :: A puppet-show, notably of the Punch and Judy type
poppenkast {mf} [figuratively] :: A bad, excessive or hilarious 'show', pointlessly theatrical conduct
poppenkasterij {f} :: clamor, theatrical misconduct
poppenspeelster {m} :: female puppeteer
poppenspel {n} :: A puppet show
poppenspeler {m} :: puppeteer
populair {adj} :: popular
populariteit {f} :: Popularity
populatie {f} :: A population, notably used in:
populatie {f} [biology] :: quantified presence of organisms on a territory
populatie {f} [statistics] :: any mass from which a sample can be drawn
populier {m} :: poplar
populist {n} :: populist (advocate or supporter of political populism, asserting that elites are out of touch with the common people)
populist {n} [pejorative] :: demagogue
porem {n} [colloquial] :: face
porie {f} :: pore (on the surface of skin)
porknokker {m} [slang, Suriname] :: A smallscale, one-man open pit gold mining operation
porno {f} :: porn
porno {adj} [Netherlands, slang] :: hot, attractive, sexy
pornograaf {m} :: pornographer
pornografe {f} :: female pornographer
pornografisch {adj} :: pornographic
pornografisch {adj} :: [by extension] lewd, obscene
porren {v} :: to prod, prick, poke
porrie {adj} :: rotten
porrie {f} {m} :: waste of a bulb nursery
porrie {f} {m} :: power
porrie {f} {m} :: force
porselein {n} :: The hard, translucent ceramic porcelain
porselein {n} :: A piece or set made of that material
port {m} {n} :: postage
port {m} :: (a glass of) port, port wine, Porto
portaal {n} [architecture] :: portal
porte-brisée {f} :: double-leaf door
portemonnee {m} :: wallet
portie {f} [food, drinks] :: serving, helping
portie {f} :: portion, part, amount
portiek {f} :: portico
portier {m} :: doorman, gatekeeper, porter, doorkeeper
portier {m} :: door of a vehicle, especially of a car or a coach
Port Moresby {prop} {n} :: Port Moresby: the capital of Papua New Guinea
portret {n} :: portrait
portretteren {v} :: to draw a portrait for, to portray
Portugal {prop} {n} :: Portugal
Portugees {adj} :: Portuguese
Portugees {m} :: A Portuguese man
Portugees {prop} {n} :: Portuguese (language)
Portugese {f} :: A Portuguese woman
Portugese waterhond {m} :: Portuguese Water Dog
pose {f} :: stance or pose
poseren {v} :: to pose
positie {f} :: position
positief {adj} :: positive
positivisme {n} [philosophy] :: positivism
positivisme {n} [colloquial, low prestige] :: positivity
positron {n} [physics] :: positron
posologie {f} :: posology
post {m} :: mail
post {m} :: mail office
post {m} :: location or station, when a soldier is op post, he is where he is supposed to be
post {m} :: post (position, office)
post- {prefix} :: post-
Post {prop} :: surname
postbode {m} :: postman, mailman (a person who delivers the post)
postduif {f} :: A homing pigeon, domesticated dove used as message courier
posten {v} :: To (send by) mail
posten {v} :: To post, place sentinels etc
poster {m} :: One who sets out posts, such as sentinels
poster {m} :: A billboard to be posted on a public or private place
posterij {f} [dated] :: post office
posterij {f} [dated] :: a postal system or organization
posthuum {adj} :: posthumous, after the death (especially of an author)
postimpressionisme {n} [arts] :: postimpressionism
postkantoor {n} :: post office
postmodernisme {n} [culture, art, science] :: postmodernism
postscriptum {n} :: post scriptum
postuleren {v} :: to postulate
postuum {adj} :: posthumous, after death
postuum {adv} :: posthumously, after death
postzegel {m} :: stamp
pot {m} :: jar, pot
pot {m} [Belgium] :: cooking pot
pot {m} [slightly, pejorative] :: dyke (lesbian)
pot {m} [Netherlands, vulgar] :: loo, crapper (toilet)
potas {f} {m} :: potash
potasch {f} {m} :: spelling before 1946/47 for potas (potash)
poëtaster {m} :: poetaster
poten {v} :: to set, plant, place a young plant or large seed individually in soil or other substrate where it can grow; sow
poten {v} :: to release young fish or - eggs to regulate the population for fishers' benefit
potenrammer {m} :: gay basher, somebody who engages in homophobic violence
potentieel {n} :: potential
potentieel {adj} :: potential
potentieel {adv} :: potentially
potig {adj} :: rugged, vigorous, robust
poëtisch {adj} :: poetic (related to poetry)
potjeslatijn {n} [medicine, now, historical] :: Latin used to label jars and bottles, originally to avoid confusion about the contents, but later as a form of jargon
potjeslatijn {n} :: Dog Latin, macaronic Latin
potlood {n} :: pencil
potlood {n} :: graphite
potloodrok {m} :: pencil skirt
potloodventer {m} [literally] :: pencil vendor
potloodventer {m} [euphemistic] :: flasher, an exhibitionist who suddenly exposes his phallus
potpourri {m} :: several songs strung together (medley)
potpourri {m} :: A mixture of dried fragrant plant material, often in a decorative bowl, used to scent a room
potpourri {m} :: A number of varied literary articles
potsierlijk {adj} :: ludicrous, absurd
pottecaree {m} [Brabantian] :: pots and pans
pottecaree {m} :: ornamental, stylish pot [for plants, flowers]
pottekestamp {m} [Brabantian] :: bad soccer game
potten {v} :: (snooker, pool, billiards, etc.) to pot: i.e. to knock a ball into a pocket
pottenstamper {m} :: rough, unskilled soccer player
potvis {m} :: sperm whale
pover {adj} :: poor, needy
pover {adj} :: meagre, unimpressive
poëzie {f} {m} :: poetry
Praag {prop} {n} :: Prague, the capital city of Bohemia, the Czech Republic and former Czechoslovakia
Praags {adj} :: of, from or related to the Czech capital Prague
praal {c} :: pomp
praal {c} :: (dim) beautiful object
praalhans {m} :: boaster, braggart
praalwagen {m} :: parade car, float
praalziek {adj} :: ostentatious, showy
praat {m} [uncountable] :: talk, talking
praatbarak {f} [Belgium, pejorative] :: an official body that is perceived as all talk and no action
praatbarak {f} [Belgium, pejorative] :: any meeting that is expected to be all talk and no action
praatprogramma {n} [television] :: talk show
praatziek {adj} :: loquacious, garrulous
pracht {f} :: splendor (US), splendour (UK)
prachtig {adj} :: splendid, marvelous
prachtkever {m} :: buprestid
prachtvoorbeeld {n} :: great example, very illustrative example
practicum {n} :: practicum (college course)
pragmatisch {adj} :: pragmatic
prairiehond {m} [zoology] :: The burrowing rodent species prairie dog, Arctomys ludovicianus
prakken {vt} :: to mash
prakkeseren {v} :: alternative form of prakkiseren
prakkezeren {v} :: alternative form of prakkiseren
prakkiseren {vi} :: to ponder, to mull, to ruminate
prakkizeren {v} :: alternative spelling of prakkiseren
praksel {n} :: mash (something mashed to a pulplike state, especially food)
praktijk {f} {m} [uncountable] :: practice (application of theory)
praktijk {f} {m} [countable] :: practice (doing(s) of something)
praktijk {f} {m} [countable] :: practice, clientèle (lawyer or doctor)
praktisch {adj} :: practical
praktisch {adv} :: practically, virtually (almost always)
praktiseren {vt} :: to carry out, to perform, to bring into practice
praktiseren {vti} :: to operate as a matter of profession
praktiseren {vti} :: to observe (a tradition or religion), to practise
pralen {vi} :: to shine, to radiate
pralen {v} [inergative] :: to display, to show off [with the intention of making a wealthy or successful impression]
praline {f} :: filled chocolate (small piece of confectionery made from chocolate)
praseodymium {n} :: praseodymium
prat {adj} :: (used with op) focused, bent, fixated
prat {adj} [obsolete] :: proud, haughty, arrogant
prat {f} :: A pride, arrogance
prat {f} :: the act of pouting or sulking
pratatief {adj} [archaic] :: talkative
praten {vi} :: to talk
praten als Brugman {v} [idiomatic] :: To talk vigorously, to try hard to convince
prater {m} :: A person who talks or likes to talk
precair {adj} :: precarious
precariaat {n} :: precariat
precedent {n} :: precedent
precies {adj} :: exact, precise
precies {adv} :: exactly, precisely
precies {adv} [Belgium] :: seemingly
precisie {f} :: accuracy, precision
precolumbiaans {adj} :: pre-Columbian
precursor {m} :: precursor, forerunner
predestinatie {f} [theology] :: predestination
predicatenlogica {f} :: predicate logic
predikant {m} :: preacher, minister (used in the Dutch Protestant church)
prediken {v} :: to preach
prediker {m} [religion] :: preacher
Prediker {prop} :: Ecclesiastes (book of the Bible)
prediking {f} :: preaching
preek {f} :: sermon
preek {f} :: lecture (spoken lesson, also in a negative sense)
prefix {n} {m} :: prefix
prefix {adj} [obsolete] :: fixed, predetermined
prehistorie {f} :: prehistory
prehistorisch {adj} :: prehistorical
prei {m} :: leek (vegetable)
preispelling {f} [colloquial] :: Sometimes the official (green) and sometimes the alternative (white) spelling. Like the colours of a leek
preken {v} :: to preach
prelaat {m} :: prelate
prematuur {adj} :: premature
premie {f} :: prize, reward
premie {f} :: money paid for eg. an insurance
premiejager {m} :: bounty hunter
premier {m} :: prime minister
premierschap {n} :: premiership
prent {f} {m} :: A print, a printed picture
prent {f} {m} [colloquial] :: A fine
prentenboek {noun} :: picture book
prepareren {v} :: to prepare
presenning {f} :: tarpaulin
presentatie {f} :: presentation
presentator {m} :: announcer, host
presentatrice {f} :: (female) presenter, master of ceremonies, emcee, compere, host
presentatrice {f} :: (female) presenter, bearer
presenteren {v} :: To present
presenteren {v} :: To show; to present
presenteren {v} :: To host (a show)
president {m} :: president
presidentsverkiezing {f} :: presidential election
presiderend {adj} :: presiding
preskop {m} [Belgium] :: head cheese, brawn
pressiegroep {f} {m} [chiefly Netherlands] :: pressure group
prestatie {f} :: feat, accomplishment, achievement
prestatie {f} :: performance
presteren {v} :: to perform
prestigieus {adj} :: prestigious
pret {c} :: fun
pretpark {n} :: amusement park
prettig {adj} :: merry, enjoyable
prettige kerstdagen {phrase} :: Merry Christmas
prettig kerstfeest {phrase} :: Merry Christmas
preuts {adj} :: prudish, exaggeratedly proper, modest
preuts {adj} [Belgium] :: proud, haughty
preuts {adj} [obsolete] :: bold, daring; courageous
preuts {adj} [obsolete] :: vivid, lively, fiery, elated
preuts {adj} [obsolete] :: unchaste, immodest
preuts {adj} [archaic] :: noble, righteous
prevalentie {f} :: prevalence, supremacy
prevelen {v} :: to mumble
priapisme {n} [medicine] :: priapism
prieel {n} :: open, roofed gazebo
prieel {n} [uncommon] :: pleasant region
prieelvogel {m} :: bower bird, any bird of the family Ptilonorhynchidae
priegelen {v} :: to fiddle around (with precision, i.e. something small and intricate)
priem {m} :: bodkin, awl
priem {m} :: punch, piercer
priem {m} :: squeezing mandrel
priemgetal {n} :: prime number (natural number, only divisible by 1 and itself)
priester {m} [religion] :: priest, clergyman, religious officiant
priesteres {f} :: priestess
priesterlijk {adj} :: priestly
priesterschap {f} :: priesthood (referring to priests as a whole)
priesterschap {n} [Roman Catholicism] :: one of the three major orders of the Roman Catholic Church - the priestly order
prijken {v} :: to be noticeable, to be easily seen
prijken {v} :: to show off [+ met (object)]
prijs {m} :: price, fare, charge
prijs {m} :: price, price tag, price ticket
prijs {m} :: prize, award, trophy
prijs {m} :: reward, prize
prijsgeven {v} :: to abandon, to give up something
prijsgeven {v} :: to disclose, to reveal something
prijskaartje {n} :: price tag
prijsschip {n} :: A ship that has been appropriated as loot
prijsstabiliteit {f} [economics] :: price stability
prijzen {vt} :: to praise
prijzen {vt} :: to price
prik {f} :: sting, prick (sting or bite from a bug, etc.)
prik {f} :: small pointy object, prong
prik {f} :: goad, prod
prik {f} [uncountable] :: fizz, carbonation
prik {f} :: lamprey, fish of the order Petromyzontiformes
prik {f} [medicine, colloquial] :: injection, jab, shot
prikbord {n} :: notice board
prikkel {m} :: stimulus
prikkel {m} :: impulse, prickle
prikkel {m} :: incentive, encouragement
prikkelbaar {adj} :: irritable
prikkelbaarheid {f} :: irritability
prikkeldraad {m} [chiefly uncountable, also, countable] :: barbed wire
prikkeldraad {m} [uncountable] :: A pain stimulus created by twisting the skin of the arm in two different directions
prikkelen {v} :: to prick, prod
prikkelen {v} :: to sting, burn
prikkelen {v} :: to urge, provoke
prikkelen {v} :: to irritate, bother
prikkeling {f} :: stimulation
prikken {vt} :: to sting, to prick
prikken {vt} :: to poke
prikkie {noun} [colloquial, Netherlands] :: A small amount of money
pril {adj} :: early
pril {adj} :: young, premature
pril {adj} [events] :: premature
prima {adj} :: excellent, fine
primaat {m} [religion] :: primate, high-ranking clergyman
primaat {m} [zoology] :: primate, such as humans, apes and monkeys
primaat {n} :: primacy, being first
primaatschap {n} :: primacy (as ecclesiastical office)
primair {adj} :: primary
primaire sector {m} [economy] :: primary sector (raw resources sector)
primeren {vti} :: to have priority, to prevail (over)
primeur {f} {m} :: first, the first instance of an occurrence
principaal {adj} [formal] :: principal, main
principaal {m} [obsolete] :: superior, leader
principaal {m} [historical] :: executive of the Dutch East India Company
principaal {n} [obsolete] :: original of an artwork [especially of paintings]
principaal {n} [obsolete, chiefly law] :: main matter, central issue
principe {n} :: principle
principieel {adj} :: fundamental
principieel {adv} :: fundamentally
prins {m} :: prince
prinsbisdom {n} :: prince-bishopric; the bishopric of a prince bishop
prins-bisschop {m} :: prince-bishop
prinsdom {n} :: principality (sovereign state)
prinsenvlag {f} :: the Prince’s Flag
prinses {f} :: princess
prins-gemaal {m} :: prince consort
prinsheerlijk {adv} :: very comfortably, delightfully
prinsheerlijk {adj} :: very comfortable, delightful
Prinsjesdag {m} :: the third Tuesday of September, when the Dutch monarch rides festively in a golden (i.e. gilded) coach to the staten-generaal (literally 'states-general', the upper house of parliament) to hold the troonrede ('throne speech'), announcing the government policy for the coming parliamentary session
printen {v} :: to print
printplaat {c} [electronics] :: printed circuit board
prioriteit {f} :: priority
prise {f} [Belgium] :: electrical plug
privé {adj} :: private
privacy {f} :: privacy
privébrief {m} :: private (unofficial) piece of correspondence
privéchauffeur {m} :: chauffeur: person employed to drive someone's private car
privécorrespondentie {c} :: private correspondence
privéles {f} :: private lesson
privéles {f} :: private tutoring
privé-post {c} :: private mail
privépost {c} :: private mail
pro-actief {adj} :: proactive
proactief {adj} :: proactive
proberen {v} :: to try, to attempt
probleem {n} :: problem
probleemjongere {m} :: troubled youth, problem youth
probleemkind {n} [literally] :: A problem child, troubled and/or troublesome youngster
probleemkind {n} [figuratively] :: A weak spot, source of grave/regular worries
problematiek {f} :: collectively referring to all the problems concerning a certain issue in a certain field
problematiek {adj} :: problematic
problematisch {adj} :: problematic
procedé {n} :: process, procedure
procederen {vi} :: To procede, start/follow a procedure, operate
procederen {vi} :: To litigate, resort to a legal procedure
procedure {f} :: procedure
procent {n} :: percent
proces {n} :: process
proces {n} :: trial; lawsuit
processie {f} :: procession (a group of people or thing moving along in an orderly manner)
processor {m} [computing] :: A microprocessor
proces-verbaal {n} :: complaint, law enforcement account or report
proclamatie {f} :: proclamation
proclamatie {f} [Belgium] :: announcement of school results
proclameren {v} :: to proclaim
procreatie {f} :: The process procreation in which an organism reproduces by gendering offspring
Procrustes {prop} {m} :: Procrustes (legendary Attic highwayman and misshaper of members)
procrustesbed {n} :: procrustean bed
producent {m} :: producer
producer {m} :: producer
produceren {v} :: to produce
product {n} :: product
productie {f} :: production
productief {adj} :: productive
productiefactor {m} [economics] :: factor of production
produkt {n} :: superseded spelling of product
produktie {f} :: superseded form of productie
produktief {adj} :: superseded form of productief
proef {f} :: test, experiment
proefballon {m} :: A balloon used as a probe or to carry some test - or experimental device
proefballon {m} [figuratively] :: (often in the diminutive: proefballonnetje) A feeler, kite, to test reactions
proefdier {n} :: laboratory animal (animal subject to animal testing)
proefkonijn {n} [literary] :: a rabbit used for animal testing
proefkonijn {n} [colloquial] :: guinea pig (test subject)
proefschrift {n} :: thesis, dissertation
proeksel {n} [dialectal, Groningen, Drenthe] :: goop, gunk, slush
proesten {v} :: to produce a throaty wheezy noise in the throat while trying to hold back from bursting out laughing
proesten {v} :: to sneeze
proeven {vt} :: to taste (something)
proeven {vt} :: to test by tasting
proeven {vt} :: to experience, taste, try
proeven {vt} [obsolete] :: To (provide) prove (for)
prof {m} :: professor
prof {m} :: (Flemish) doctor, physician
prof {m} :: professional
prof. {abbr} :: professor (professor)
profeet {m} :: a prophet, a messenger chosen by God
profeet {mf} :: a soothsayer, one who predicts the future
professional {m} :: a professional practicioner of a trade, métier..
professional {m} :: an expert in a (professional) field
professioneel {adj} :: professional (relating to one's profession or work; in accordance with the demands and duties of one's profession)
professor {m} :: professor
profete {f} :: female prophet
profeteren {v} :: to prophesy
profetes {f} :: female prophet
proficiat {interj} :: congratulations!
profiel {n} :: profile (such as an online profile)
profiel {n} :: profile (view from the side)
profiel {n} :: tread on a tyre or the sole of a shoe
profijt {n} :: profit
profijtelijk {adj} :: profitable, advantageous
profiteren {v} :: to profit, to benefit
profiteur {m} :: profiteer
proflecteren {v} :: To do for someone else what you can not do for yourself
prognosticeren {v} :: to forecast, to predict, to prognosticate
programma {n} :: literally, a program
programma {n} :: a show, especially a t.v show (television program)
programmablad {n} :: A program guide, usually a weekly
programmatuur {f} [computing] :: software
programmeren {v} :: to program
programmeur {m} :: programmer
project {n} :: project (planned endeavor)
projecteren {v} :: to project
projectontwikkelaar {m} :: project developer
proletariaat {n} :: the working class
proletaries {adj} [obsolete] :: nonstandard spelling of proletarisch
proletariër {m} :: proletarian
proletarisch {adj} :: proletarian
proletariseren {vi} :: to become a proletarian
proletariseren {vt} :: to cause to become a proletarian
prolongatie {f} :: prolongation, lengthening (especially the extension of a bank loan)
prolongeren {v} :: to prolong, lengthen, extend
proloog {m} :: prologue
proloog {m} :: first leg of a multi-stage cycling race like the Tour de France
promenade {f} :: promenade
promethium {n} :: promethium
promille {n} :: permille
prominent {adj} :: prominent
promotie {f} :: promotion
promovenda {f} :: female doctoral student or candidate
promovendus {m} :: doctoral student, doctoral candidate
promoveren {vi} :: to graduate
promoveren {vt} :: to promote
prompt {adv} :: immediately
pronken {v} [inergative] :: to display, to show off [with the intention of making an impression]
pronker {m} :: show-off
pronker {m} [historical] :: dandy
pronkstilleven {n} :: still-life, often of a larger size, depicting valuable objects, sometimes including food items and animals
pronkstuk {n} :: showpiece, centerpiece
pronkstuk {n} [figuratively] :: prize, gem, jewel
pronkziek {adj} :: ostentatious, showy
pronomen {n} [grammar] :: pronoun
prononceren {v} :: to pronounce
prooi {f} :: prey, catch
prooidier {n} :: prey (animal which typically serves as food for carnivores or flesh-eating plants)
proost {interj} :: cheers (toast when drinking)
proost {m} [Roman Catholicism] :: provost
prop {f} {m} :: A swab, plug made of paper, cloth, slime or some other suitable material
prop {f} {m} :: A piece of paper or similar which has been crumpled into a ball-like shape, usually though not necessarily with the intent of throwing it away. → A wad of paper. Usually used in the diminutive form propje. Often the material is assumed to be paper or unimportant, but it can be specified: propje papier (paper), propje plastic (plastic), propje huishoudfolie (household plastic foil), propje aluminiumfolie (aluminium foil), propje keukenpapier (kitchen paper), propje toiletpapier (toilet paper), propje gekleurd papier (coloured paper), propje crêpepapier (crepe paper) and so on
prop {f} {m} :: An embolism. Often used in the diminutive form propje. The substance of the embolism can be indicated: bloedpropje (blood clot), vetpropje (fatty substance), cholesterolpropje (cholesterol). Note however that the last two terms are also used as derogatory words for someone who eats too much, especially fatty food
prop- {prefix} [hydrocarbon chain prefix] :: prop-
propaan {n} [organic compound] :: propane
propadieen {n} :: propadiene
propaganda {f} :: propaganda
propageren {v} :: to propagate
propanon {n} [organic compound] :: propanone
propeen {n} [organic compound] :: propene
proper {adj} [chiefly Belgium] :: clean
prophylactisch {adj} [medical] :: prophylactic, serving to prevent or protect against an undesired effect or disease
proportioneel {adj} :: proportional, equal
proppen {v} :: to stuff, to pack
propvol {adj} :: completely full, abrim
propyl {n} [organic chemistry] :: propyl
propylon {n} :: propylon, monumental gate with pillars leading to the courtyard of a Greek or other ancient temple or palace
propyn {n} [organic compound] :: propyne
prosopagnosie {f} :: prosopagnosia
prostaat {m} :: prostate
prostaatkanker {m} :: prostate cancer
prostituee {f} :: prostitute
prostitutie {f} :: prostitution, offering sex for payment
prostitutie {f} [figuratively] :: any scandalous abuse for profit
prot. {abbr} :: protestants
prot {m} [chiefly Belgium] :: fart
protactinium {n} :: protactinium
protector {m} :: A protector, guardian, regent etc
protector {m} [rare] :: Title of certain orphanage governors
protectoraat {n} :: protectorate
protegeren {v} :: to protect
proteïne {f} [nutrition, biochemistry] :: protein
protesis {f} [linguistics] :: alternative spelling of prothesis
protest {n} :: protest (rally to express dissatisfaction)
protest {n} :: protest (expression of disagreement)
protestant {m} :: Protestant (a modern Christian denomination not belonging to the Catholic or Orthodox traditions)
protestantisme {n} [Christianity] :: Protestantism
proteststem {f} :: protest vote (vote cast in order to express dissatisfaction)
prothese {f} [literally] :: The act of artificially replacing a body part
prothese {f} [metonymy] :: A prosthesis, the artificial replacement for a body part
prothese {f} [linguistics] :: The addition of sound(s) at the beginning of a word after blurring of its semantics
protheticus {m} [medicine] :: prosthetician, one who fits prostheses
protium {n} :: protium
protocol {n} :: protocol (collection of rules and procedures)
protocol {n} :: protocol (book containing official documents)
protocol {n} :: protocol (official record of minutes or agreements)
protofascist {m} :: protofascist
Proto-Germaans {prop} {n} :: Proto-Germanic
Proto-Germaans {adj} :: Proto-Germanic
Proto-Indo-Europees {prop} {n} :: Proto-Indo-European
Proto-Indo-Europees {adj} :: Proto-Indo-European
proton {n} [physics] :: proton
Proto-Semitisch {prop} {n} :: Proto-Semitic
Proto-Semitisch {adj} :: Proto-Semitic
prov. {noun} :: abbreviation of provincie
prove {f} :: A gift out of love
prove {f} :: A life-long maintenance
provenier {m} [historical] :: Someone who had bought lifelong lodging at an institute of residence
proviand {f} {n} :: food supplies, edible provision, in particular when travelling
provinciaal {adj} :: provincial
provincie {f} :: province
provincie {f} :: countryside, hinterland
provinciehoofdstad {f} :: provincial capital
Provo {prop} {c} :: A Dutch counterculture movement of the 1960s
provocatie {f} :: provocation
provoceren {v} :: to provoke, to challenge
proza {n} :: prose
pruik {f} :: wig, peruke
pruikentijd {prop} {m} [Netherlands, colloquial, pejorative or humorous] :: the 18th century, the Enlightenment, particularly in reference to the Netherlands
pruim {f} {m} :: plum
pruim {f} {m} :: quid (piece of chewing tobacco)
pruimelaar {m} [Belgium] :: plum tree
pruimen {vti} :: to chew tobacco
pruimen {vt} :: to (like to) eat, to have taste for
pruimer {m} :: One who chews tobacco
Pruisen {prop} {n} :: Prussia
Pruisisch {adj} :: Prussian
prul {n} :: a useless or worthless object; [in the plural:] stuff, junk
prul {n} [pejorative] :: turd, loser, a useless or unpleasant man
prul {n} [diminutive, hypocoristic] :: a nickname or an affectionate term for a child, in particular a girl
prullaria {f} [collective] :: trinkets, trifles
prullarium {n} [chiefly plural] :: trinket, bauble, trifle
prullenbak {m} :: waste bin, wastebasket (often specifically wastepaper basket)
prullenmand {m} :: wastebasket (often specifically wastepaper basket)
prut {interj} :: Sound of a thick, almost-solid substance
prut {interj} :: cheers
prut {f} :: Any substance with a thick, gooey or almost-solid consistency, such as:
prut {f} :: gunk, mud
prut {f} :: slush (of snow)
prut {f} :: mash, stew, porridge
prut {f} :: grounds (in coffee) or any other thick residue
prutsen {v} :: to mess around, fiddle around
prutser {m} :: botcher (clumsy or incompetent worker; a bungler)
prutswerk {n} :: bungle, messed-up result
pruttelen {v} :: to simmer, cook slowly over low heat
pruttelen {v} [engine etc...] :: to make a low repeating noise, hum, purr
PS {initialism} :: post scriptum
P.S. {initialism} :: post scriptum
psalm {m} [music] :: psalm
pseudoniem {n} :: pseudonym
psyche {f} :: psyche, soul, spirit
psychedelisch {adj} :: psychedelic
psychiater {m} :: psychiatrist (doctor specializing in psychiatry)
psychiatrie {f} :: psychiatry
psychiatrisch {adj} :: psychiatric
psychisch {adj} :: psychical, mental
psycho- {prefix} :: psycho-
psychologe {f} :: female psychologist
psychologie {f} :: psychology
psycholoog {m} :: psychologist (male or female expert in the field of psychology)
psychometrie {f} :: psychometry
psychopaat {m} :: psychopath
psychose {f} [psychology] :: psychosis
psychotherapeut {m} :: psychotherapist
psychotherapeute {f} :: female psychotherapist
psychotherapie {f} :: psychotherapy
puber {mf} :: a pubescent child
puberaal {adj} :: Pertaining to puberty; pubescent
puberaal {adj} [derogatory] :: Resembling teenage behaviour; immature
puberen {v} :: to come into puberty
puberteit {f} :: puberty
publicatie {f} :: publication (something that has been published)
publicatie {f} :: publication (the act of publishing)
publiceren {v} :: to publish
publiciteit {f} :: publicity
publiciteitsagent {m} :: publicist
publiek {n} :: audience
publiek {adj} :: public
publiekrecht {n} [legal] :: public law
pudding {m} :: A pudding, dessert of the custard-type
puf {m} [uncountable] :: wish; desire
puf {m} :: belly wind
puffen {v} :: to puff, blow out (hot air, such as the chugging of a steam engine)
puimsteen {m} [uncountable, countable] :: pumice
puin {n} :: rubble, debris, wreckage; also as recycled building material
puin {n} [usually, in the plural] :: ruins
puinhoop {m} [literally] :: A pile of rubble; a ruin
puinhoop {m} [figuratively] :: A terrible mess, anything in a disastrous state; a rotten job or result
puinzooi {f} :: a mess, a pile of rubbish, a disaster
puist {f} {m} :: pimple
puit {m} [archaic, dialectal] :: A frog
puitebloot {adj} [Holland] :: starkers, completely naked, au naturel
pul {f} :: tankard
pul {f} :: duckling, usual in the diminutive
pulsar {c} [astronomy] :: pulsar
pulsen {v} [slang] :: to violently dispossess, to loot, to destroy property and environment, of Jews in particular
pulskor {f} :: An electronic pulse trawl
pulver {n} :: powder
pummel {m} :: bumpkin
Pun. {abbr} :: Punisch, Carthaags
punani {c} [slang] :: The female genitalia
puncteren {v} :: to puncture
Punjabi {adj} :: Punjabi, of, pertaining to, descended from the people or culture of the Punjab, or written in the Punjabi language
Punjabi {m} :: Punjabi (person)
Punjabi {prop} {n} :: Punjabi (language)
punt {n} :: point
punt {n} :: A position, place, or spot
punt {n} :: A moment in time
punt {n} :: A central idea, argument, or opinion of a discussion or presentation
punt {n} :: A tally of worth or score (such as in a game)
punt {n} :: A mark, note, or grade (as in for a class)
punt {n} [geometry] :: geometric point
punt {m} :: The terminal point of something
punt {m} :: dot
punt {m} :: full stop, period
puntbaard {m} :: pointed beard
puntdak {n} :: a pyramid-shaped roof
puntdak {n} :: a gable roof
puntgaaf {adj} :: undamaged
puntgevel {m} [architecture] :: gable
puntig {adj} :: Pointed, pointy, spiky
puntkomma {f} :: semicolon (punctuation mark ';')
puntmuts {mf} :: A pointed cap
puntschoen {m} :: pointy shoe
puntstuk {n} [rail] :: frog
Purmerend {prop} :: Purmerend (city)
Purmerend {prop} :: Purmerend (municipality)
pushback {m} :: the pushing back of a plane by a pushback tractor to help it manoeuver
pushback {m} :: the pushing back of refugees and migrants
put {m} :: pit, well
put {m} :: drain
putten {v} :: to extract, to derive
putten {v} [golf] :: to putt
Putten {prop} :: Putten (village)
Putten {prop} :: Putten (municipality)
putter {m} :: European goldfinch, Carduelis carduelis
puur {adj} :: pure
puur {adj} :: neat, free from contaminants; unadulterated, undiluted
puzzel {f} :: puzzle (game in which things must be put together)
puzzel {f} [figuratively] :: riddle, intellectual challenge
PvdA {prop} {f} :: initialism of Partij van de Arbeid; Labour Party, a left-wing social-democratic party in the Netherlands
PvdD {prop} {f} :: initialism of Partij voor de Dieren; Party for the Animals, an animal rights political party in the Netherlands
PVV {initialism} :: Party for Freedom, a conservative populist political party in the Netherlands
pycnisch {adj} :: alternative spelling of pyknisch
pyjama {m} :: pyjamas, a matching set of light material trousers and vest for wearing to bed and sleeping in
pyknisch {adj} :: short and stocky in figure, mesomorphic
Pyreneeën {prop} {p} :: Pyrenees
pyriet {n} :: pyrite, iron disulfide
pyrietziekte {f} :: pyrite disease (when pyrite, a form of iron sulphide, oxidises into iron sulphate its volume increases, causing fossils to crumble)
pyro- {prefix} :: pyro
pyromaan {m} :: pyromaniac
pyromanie {f} :: pyromania
pyrrhusoverwinning {m} :: alternative spelling of pyrrusoverwinning
pyrrusoverwinning {f} :: Pyrrhic victory
python {m} :: python, constrictor of the family Pythonidae