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g {noun}  :: letter
g {noun} [physics]  :: A unit of gravitational acceleration
g {abbr} [physics]  :: gram
G {letter}  :: The seventh letter of the Dutch alphabet
gaaf {adj}  :: whole, complete, not injured
gaaf {adj}  :: smooth
gaaf {adj} [colloquial]  :: cool, awesome
gaafrandig {adj} [botany, leaves]  :: with smooth edges, non-indented
gaai {m} [zoology]  :: The jaybird, Garrulus glandarinus, a woodland corvine species
gaai {m}  :: A wooden, somewhat bird-shaped target, often ornamented with bright plumes, used in archery competitions
gaai {m}  :: The high wooden stake or tower the above is mounted on
gaai {f} [uncommon]  :: A female spouse, notably (and mostly used in the diminutive):
gaai {f}  :: a female bird
gaai {f}  :: a female fish
gaai {f} [humorous]  :: a human mistress or wife
gaan {vi}  :: to go, to move from one place to another
gaan {vi}  :: to leave or depart, to move away
gaan {vi}  :: to lead (in a direction)
gaan {vi}  :: to proceed (well or poorly)
gaan {v} [auxiliary]  :: Forms the future tense of a verb
gaan {v} [auxiliary]  :: to start to, begin to, to be going to
gaande {v} [slang, said mainly of parties]  :: amazing, lit
gaander {m} [uncommon]  :: goer (one who goes)
gaandeweg {adv}  :: gradually, as time goes on
gaan over {vt}  :: to be about (in a story, narrative, song etc.)
gaap {m}  :: yawn
gaap {interj}  :: An exclamation of boredom or disinterest: yawn!
gaar {adj} [of food]  :: Well-cooked, such that it’s considered ready
gaar {adj} [figuratively, of a person]  :: finished, exhausted
gaard {m} [formal]  :: garden, yard
gaarde {f} [formal]  :: garden, yard
gaarne {adv} [literary, dialectal or humorous]  :: with pleasure, gladly
gaas {n}  :: gauze
gabardine {adj}  :: made from gabardine
gabardine {f}  :: The woolen [cloth] Gabardine
gabardine {f}  :: An overcoat or raincoat (of this material)
gabber {m}  :: A guy
gabber {m}  :: A friend; a pal
gabber {m}  :: Gabber music
gabber {m}  :: A gabber music lover, usually dressed in a tracksuit, often with a partially (women) or completely (men and women) shaven head. This appearance was seen primarily in the nineties
Gabon {prop} {n}  :: Gabon
gade {mf}  :: spouse (husband or wife)
gaden {vi} [obsolete]  :: to fit
gaden {vi} [obsolete]  :: to correspond
gaden {vi} [obsolete]  :: to belong with
gaderen {v}  :: alternative form of garen
gading {f}  :: satisfaction
gadolinium {n}  :: gadolinium
gadverdamme {interj}  :: shit, bah (this is a corrupted and less offensive version of godverdomme)
gadverdamme {interj}  :: eew serves as an expression of disgust
Gaelisch {adj}  :: Gaelic
Gaelisch {prop} {n}  :: Gaelic
gaffelpen {f}  :: clevis pin
gaggelen {v}  :: To make a sharp, broken noise or cry, like a goose does; to cackle
gaggelen {v}  :: to laugh sharply, to cackle
gajes {n} [colloquial]  :: riffraff, rabble
gal {f}  :: The bodily fluid bile
gala {n}  :: ball (formal dance)
galblaas {f}  :: gall bladder (an internal organ)
galderij {f}  :: rare form of galerij
galerie {f}  :: gallery
galerij {f}  :: covered walkway around a building, a gallery
galerijflat {m}  :: A tower block with exits on an open hallway or otherwise with interconnected balconies
galg {f} {m}  :: gallows, wooden framework on which persons are put to death by hanging
galg {f} {m} [metonymy]  :: the death sentence
galgenaas {n}  :: someone who seems to seek trouble despite consequences
Galicië {prop}  :: Galicia (region and historical kingdom in Iberia)
Galicië {prop}  :: Galicia (historical region in Central Europe)
Galicisch {adj}  :: Galician (of or pertaining to Galicia (the region) or Galician (the language))
Galicisch {n}  :: Galician (the language of Galicia, a region of the Northwestern Iberian peninsula)
galjoen {n}  :: Galleon
gallent {noun} [Brabantian]  :: rack, frame
Gallië {prop} {n}  :: Gaul (the region)
Galliër {m}  :: a Gaul
gallisch {adj}  :: nauseous
gallisch {adj}  :: angry, irritated
gallisch {adj}  :: hot, sensuous, horny
Gallisch {adj}  :: Gaulish
gallium {n}  :: gallium
galm {m}  :: echo, reverberation
galm {m}  :: backtalk
galmen {v}  :: to resound, to echo
galopperen {vi}  :: to gallop
galvanisch {adj}  :: galvanic
galvaniseren {vt}  :: to galvanize
gamba {f}  :: viola da gamba
gamba {f}  :: prawn
gambiet {n} [games]  :: gambit
gamen {vi}  :: to play a video game
gammahydroxybutaanzuur {n}  :: gamma-hydroxybutyric acid
gammahydroxybutyraat {n}  :: gamma hydroxybutyrate
gammel {adj}  :: shaky (unsound)
gander {m}  :: gander, male goose
Gandhiïsme {n}  :: Gandhism
gang {m}  :: passageway, alley
gang {m}  :: gait
gang {m}  :: journey
gang {m}  :: hallway, corridor
gang {m}  :: course
gang {m}  :: walk, way of stepping, running etc
gangbaar {adj}  :: prevailing
-ganger {suffix}  :: -goer
gangpad {n}  :: aisle (clear path through rows of seating)
gannef {m} [colloquial]  :: thief
gans {f}  :: goose (waterfowl)
gans {determiner}  :: whole, entire
gans {adv}  :: entirely
ganzenbord {n}  :: game of the goose
ganzerik {m} [zoology]  :: gander
ganzerik {mf} [botany]  :: potentilla, flowering plants related to the roses
ganzeveer {f}  :: feather from a goose
ganzeveer {f}  :: quill (for writing)
gap {n} [business]  :: gap
gapen {vi}  :: to yawn
gapen {vi}  :: to gape
gapend {adj}  :: wide open, gaping
gappen {vt} [colloquial]  :: to steal
gapper {m} [Netherlands, colloquial]  :: thief
garanderen {vt}  :: to guarantee
garantie {m}  :: guarantee
garantie {m}  :: warranty
garen {n}  :: yarn, thread
garen {v} [ergative]  :: to make/become ready (cooked)
garen {vt} [archaic]  :: to collect, to gather
garibaldi {m}  :: derby, bowler hat
garibaldi {m} [zoology]  :: garibaldi (fish)
garibaldihoed {m}  :: derby, bowler hat
garnaal {m}  :: shrimp
garçon {noun}  :: waiter in a bar, restaurant etc
garstig {adj}  :: rancid, smelly
gas {n}  :: gas
gas {n}  :: liquefied petroleum gas
gas {f}  :: unpaved street
GAS-boete {f}  :: an administrative sanction for minor offences in Belgium
gasleiding {f}  :: gas pipeline
gasmasker {n}  :: gas mask
gasolie {f}  :: diesel
gaspedaal {n} [automotive]  :: accelerator
gasrotonde {f} [Netherlands]  :: hub in the trade and transfer of natural gas
gassen {vi} [colloquial]  :: to hit the gas, to accelerate a motor vehicle
gassen {vi} [colloquial]  :: to drive wildly and at high speed
gast {m}  :: guest
gast {m} [chiefly in combinations]  :: knave, worker, apprentice, delivery boy
gast {m} [colloquial]  :: dude, chap
gastarbeider {mf}  :: guest worker
gastenverblijf {n}  :: guesthouse
gasterij {f} [obsolete]  :: feast, banquet
gasterij {f} [obsolete]  :: bacchanal, revelry
gasterij {f}  :: hotel and/or catering establishment [generic term that is used for hotels, restaurants and cafés, often in names]
gastheer {m}  :: A host, who receives (a) guest(s) in his residence, office etc
gastheer {m} [biology]  :: A host organism, in whose body a parasite etc. lives
gasthuis {n}  :: hospital
gastvrij {adj}  :: hospitable
gastvrij {adv}  :: welcomingly
gastvrijheid {f}  :: hospitality
gastvrouw {f}  :: Hostess (at a party or a venue)
gasveld {n}  :: gas field
gasvormig {adj} [chemistry]  :: gaseous (i.e. in the gaseous state)
gat {n}  :: A gap, hole
gat {n}  :: A godforsaken place, hamlet
gat {n} [vulgar]  :: An arsehole
gat {n} [archaic]  :: A port
gate {m}  :: airport gate
gate {m} [in compounds]  :: scandal
gatlikker {m} [vulgar]  :: sycophant, arse-kisser, shameless or even slavish flatterer
gauw {adv}  :: quickly
gauw {adv}  :: soon
gauwdief {m}  :: A fast-fingered, crafty thief
gauwdief {m} [by extension]  :: A clever crook, hustler
gave {f}  :: A gift, donation, present
gave {f}  :: A gift, talent
gaydar {m}  :: gaydar
gazelle {f}  :: gazelle
gazet {f}  :: newspaper
ge {pron}  :: Second-person singular, subjective, mute form: thou (dialectal)
ge- {prefix}  :: Used for forming the past participle
ge- {prefix} [obsolete, no longer productive]  :: Forms perfective verbs from other verbs with a sense of completeness, or simply as an intensifier
ge- {prefix}  :: Used with a verb stem to create a neuter uncountable noun referring to an action or its result, seen as a single collective whole. Comparable to English -ing (although that forms countable nouns, as it does in Dutch)
ge- {prefix}  :: See ge- -te
geaaid {adj}  :: petted
geaardheid {f}  :: nature, disposition
geaardheid {f}  :: (sexual) orientation
geadopteerde {mf}  :: adoptee
geaffecteerd {adj}  :: pretentious, false
geavanceerd {adj}  :: advanced
geaxeerd {adj}  :: based
geaxeerd op {prep}  :: based on
gebaar {n}  :: gesture
gebak {n} [collective]  :: pastry, cake
gebakje {n}  :: a little cake: a type of pastry
gebakje {n}  :: a slice of cake
gebakken lucht {f} [idiomatic]  :: hot air; something worthless that is given an impression of value (literally, "fried air")
gebakken rijst {m}  :: fried rice
gebalanceerd {adj}  :: balanced
gebaren {vi}  :: to gesture, to point
gebarentaal {mf}  :: A sign language, either in general (without article) or any codified medium for communication with the (nearly) deaf
gebbetje {noun}  :: joke, humorous remark
gebed {n}  :: prayer
gebedsdienst {m}  :: prayer service
gebedshuis {n}  :: house of worship (religious building)
gebedssnoer {n}  :: prayer beads (arranged in a necklace)
gebed zonder eind {n} [only singular, usually with indefinite article, figurative]  :: never-ending story (something that seems to go on forever)
gebed zonder eind {n}  :: See: gebed zonder eind
gebeente {n}  :: skeleton
gebeft {adj}  :: fitted with a bef (senses collar etc.), said of wearer or (especially formal) dress, notably in the expression gemanteld en gebeft, i.e. wearing a protestant minister's liturgic outfit
gebelgd {adj}  :: angry
gebergte {n}  :: mountain range
gebeuren {vi}  :: to happen
gebeuren {n}  :: Something which is happening or which happened; event
gebeurtenis {f}  :: event
gebied {n}  :: area
gebied {n}  :: region
gebieden {vt}  :: to command, order
gebieden {vi}  :: to be in command
gebiedend {adj}  :: imperative
gebiedende wijs {f} [grammar]  :: imperative mood
gebieder {m} [literally]  :: One who gives orders, commander
gebieder {m}  :: A commanding officer
gebieder {m} [poetic]  :: A ruler; master, lord
gebit {n}  :: Denture (set of teeth, also artificial)
gebladerte {noun}  :: foliage
geblinddoekt {adj}  :: blindfolded
geblindeerd {adj}  :: shielded, armoured (Commonwealth); armored (US)
geblokkeerd {adj}  :: blocked
geblokkeerd {adj} [nautical]  :: blockaded
gebluste kalk {m}  :: slaked lime
gebod {n}  :: commandment
gebod {n}  :: order
geboefte {n} [collective]  :: criminals, delinquents, crooks
geboefte {n} [collective]  :: scum, rabble
gebonden {adj}  :: tied-up, having no freedom, bound, constrained
gebondenheid {f}  :: lack of freedom, constraint
gebondenheid {f}  :: connectedness
gebons {n}  :: A thumping, knocking
gebons {n}  :: A throbbing, pulsation
geboomte {n}  :: woodland
geboorte {f}  :: birth
geboorteakte {f} {m}  :: birth certificate
geboortebewijs {n}  :: birth certificate
geboortedag {m}  :: day of a person's birth
geboortedatum {m}  :: date of birth
geboortehuis {n}  :: birthplace (note: only if the birthplace is a house), house of one's birth, house in which one was born
geboortejaar {n}  :: year of a person's birth
geboorteplaats {f} {m}  :: birthplace
geboorterecht {n}  :: birthright (inherited right)
geboren {adj}  :: born
geborene {mf}  :: baby
geboren en getogen {adj} [idiomatic]  :: born and bred, native
gebouw {n}  :: building, structure, construction
gebrandschilderd glas {n}  :: stained glass
gebrek {n}  :: lack
gebrek {n}  :: deficiency
gebrekkig {adj}  :: deficient, lacking
gebrekkigheid {f}  :: defectiveness
gebrekkigheid {f}  :: infirmity
gebroed {n}  :: brood, hatch, spawn
gebroed {n}  :: hatched offspring
gebroed {n} [humorous]  :: children, youth in general
gebroed {n} [pejorative]  :: riffraff, motley of people, scum
gebroeders {p}  :: brothers
gebroken hart {n}  :: broken heart
gebruik {n}  :: use
gebruik {n}  :: custom
gebruikelijk {adj}  :: usual
gebruikelijk {adj}  :: customary
gebruiken {vt}  :: to use
gebruiker {m}  :: user
gebruikersinterface {m} [computing]  :: user interface
gebruikersomgeving {f} [computing]  :: user interface
gebruikersonvriendelijk {adj}  :: user-unfriendly
gebruikersovereenkomst {f}  :: end-user licence agreement
gebruikersvriendelijk {adj}  :: user-friendly
gebruiksaanwijzing {f}  :: user guide, manual
gebruiksgemak {n}  :: Ease of use
gebruiksonvriendelijk {adj}  :: use-unfriendly, user-unfriendly
gebruikster {f}  :: female user
gebruiksvriendelijk {adj}  :: use-friendly, user-friendly
gebruikt u medicijnen {phrase}  :: are you taking any medications?
gebrul {n}  :: howl (prolonged cry of distress or anguish)
gebrul {n} [by extension]  :: holler (any communication to get somebody's attention)
gebukt {adj}  :: stooped
gecompliceerd {adj}  :: complicated, complex or convoluted
gecontroleerd {adj}  :: controlled
gedaagde {mf}  :: A summoned person, be it a party, witness or other
gedaante {f}  :: form, appearance
gedaanteverandering {f}  :: shapeshifting
gedaanteverwisseling {f}  :: shapeshifting
gedaantewisseling {f}  :: shapeshifting
gedacht {n} [colloquial, Belgium]  :: opinion
gedachte {f}  :: thought, idea
gedachtegang {m}  :: reasoning, way of thinking, line of reasoning
gedachtegoed {n}  :: body of thought, belief system
gedachtelijn {f}  :: line of thought, way of thinking
gedachteloos {adj}  :: inattentive, absent-minded
gedachtemisdaad {f}  :: thoughtcrime
gedachtenis {f}  :: commemoration
gedachtenis {f}  :: keepsake
gedachtestreep {f} {m}  :: em dash of en dash, used to denote a break in a sentence or to set off parenthetical statements
gedachtetrant {m} [Netherlands]  :: line of thought, thought process, way of thinking
gedachtewereld {f} {m}  :: belief system
gedachtewereld {f} {m}  :: mindset, set of thoughts
gedag {n}  :: a goodbye, adieu, farewell
gedane zaken nemen geen keer {proverb}  :: what's done is done, what's done cannot be undone
gedeeld {adj} [heraldry]  :: divided into two equal parts vertically, per pale
gedeelte {n}  :: part, section
gedeeltelijk {adj}  :: partial
gedeeltelijk {adv}  :: partially
gedegen {adj}  :: thorough, in-depth
gedenken {vt}  :: to remember, to commemorate
gedenkteken {n}  :: memorial stone, gravestone, commemorative monument
gedenkwaardig {adj}  :: memorable, worthy of remembering
gedeputeerd {adj}  :: deputed
gedetailleerd {adj}  :: detailed
gedetineerd {adj}  :: detained
gedicht {n}  :: poem
gedierte {n} [collective]  :: animals
gedierte {n} [countable, archaic]  :: animal
geding {n} [legal]  :: lawsuit
gedoe {n}  :: ado, doing, activity
gedogen {vt}  :: to tolerate, to permit, to condone
gedonder {n}  :: thundering
gedonder {n}  :: squabbling, bickering
gedoodverfd {adj}  :: predestined, favourite, expected
gedoogsteun {m} [politics]  :: support for the governing coalition from an opposition party (which is not officially a member of that coalition), typically to allow formation of a minority government
gedrag {n}  :: behaviour, conduct
gedragen {vr}  :: to behave, to behave oneself
gedragen {adj}  :: worn
gedragen {adj}  :: solemn (tone)
gedrocht {n}  :: monstrosity, monster, something or someone very ugly
gedrocht {n} [archaic]  :: apparition, chimera
gedrochtelijk {adj}  :: monstrous, hideous (resembling a monster)
gedrochtelijk {adj}  :: misshapen, deformed [often of congenital malformations]
gedrochtelijk {adj} [archaic]  :: chimeric, fabricated, delusional
gedrochtig {adj} [uncommon]  :: monstrous, hideous (resembling a monster)
gedrochtig {adj} [uncommon]  :: misshapen, deformed [often of congenital malformations]
gedrochtig {adj} [obsolete]  :: chimeric, fabricated, delusional
gedroogd {adj}  :: dried
geducht {adj}  :: fearsome
geduld {n}  :: patience
geduldig {adj}  :: patient (not losing one's temper while waiting)
gedurende {prep}  :: during
gedwee {adj}  :: submissive, humble, docile
gedwongen {adj}  :: forced, unnatural, artificial
gedwongen {adj}  :: uneasy, stiff, painfully posh
geel {adj}  :: yellow
geelachtig {adj}  :: yellowish
geelgroen {adj}  :: yellow-green
geeltje {noun}  :: A 25 guilder banknote
geelwortel {m}  :: Curcuma longa, turmeric (spice, plant)
geelwortel {m}  :: Xanthorhiza simplicissima, yellowroot
geelzucht {f} {m}  :: jaundice
geen {determiner}  :: no, not a, not an, not any
geen {determiner}  :: none
geen {adj} [archaic]  :: yonder, far
-geen {suffix}  :: -gen
geen boodschap hebben aan {v}  :: not be concerned (by something or someone)
geen kind hebben aan {v}  :: Have no difficulty with
geen oude koeien uit de sloot halen {vi}  :: to let bygones be bygones
geen probleem {interj}  :: no problem
geen sikkepit {pron} [colloquial, emphatic]  :: absolutely nothing, nothing at all
geenszins {adv}  :: in no way, not at all
geen zier {adv}  :: not at all
geen zier {pron}  :: nothing
geen zitvlees hebben {vi} [idiom]  :: to be restless, to move continually
geer {m}  :: spear
geer {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: gyron
geest {m}  :: ghost, spirit
geest {m}  :: mind, mental conscience
geest {m}  :: life force, vital energy
geest {m} [alchemy]  :: spirit, gas, distillate, essence
geest {m}  :: heath, heathland
geestdodend {adj}  :: mind-numbing
geestdrift {f}  :: enthusiasm, passion
geestdriftig {adj}  :: enthusiastic
geestelijk {adj}  :: spiritual
geestelijk {adj}  :: mental
geestelijk {adv}  :: spiritually
geestelijk {adv}  :: mentally
geestelijke {noun}  :: anyone whose profession has a spiritual component, such as a monk, a clergyman, a priest or an imam
geesteskind {n}  :: brainchild
geesteskrank {adj}  :: mentally ill
geestesoog {n}  :: mental faculty of visualisation or imagination, mind's eye
geesteswetenschap {f}  :: humanities
geesteswetenschap {f}  :: discipline within the humanities
geestesziek {adj}  :: mentally ill
geestgrond {m}  :: a particular type of soil, a mixture of sand and clay
geestig {adj}  :: funny, humorous
geestrijk {adj}  :: smart, witty
geestrijk {adj}  :: alcoholic
geest van salmiak {m}  :: ammonia
geestverwant {m}  :: like-minded person, someone with the same views
geestverwant {adj}  :: like-minded, congenial
geestverwantschap {f}  :: like-mindedness
geeuw {m}  :: yawn
geeuwen {vi}  :: to yawn
gefeliciteerd {interj}  :: congratulations!
geflikflooi {n}  :: (originally) Continuous flattery, sycophancy
geflikflooi {n}  :: Dubious business, muddling
geflipt {adj}  :: berserk; injuriously, maniacally, or furiously violent or out of control
gefluister {n}  :: a murmur
gefluit {n}  :: A whistling
gefluit {n}  :: A warbling
gefonkel {n} [rare]  :: shining (for example, of a diamond)
gefortuneerd {adj} [obsolete]  :: fortunate, favored by fate
gefortuneerd {adj}  :: possessing a fortune, very affluent
gegadigde {mf}  :: applicant, candidate
gegadigde {mf}  :: prospective client
gegeven {n}  :: datum
gegevensbestand {n}  :: data file
gegevensbestand {n}  :: database
gegevensdrager {m}  :: medium for data storage
gegoed {adj}  :: well-to-do
gegroet {interj}  :: greetings!
gegrond {adj}  :: well-founded
gegrond {adj}  :: justified
gehakt {n}  :: mince, finely chopped meat
gehaktbal {m}  :: mince ball
gehaktmolen {m}  :: meatgrinder (kitchen appliance for meat mincing)
gehalte {n}  :: content (numerical, as a fraction of a whole)
gehalte {n}  :: value, purity (if higher fractional content (of a valuable metal in an alloy) equals higher purity, less impurity; thus, higher value (of the alloy as a whole, per unit of weight))
gehandicapt {adj}  :: disabled, handicapped
gehandicapte {noun}  :: One who is handicapped
gehecht {adj}  :: attached, devoted
gehechtheid {f}  :: attachment
geheel {adj}  :: whole, entire
geheel {adv}  :: entirely
geheel {n}  :: whole, entirety
geheelal {n}  :: universe, world
geheel getal {n}  :: whole number, integer
geheid {adv}  :: certainly, surely
geheim {n}  :: secret
geheim {adj}  :: secret
geheim {adv}  :: secretly
geheimenis {f}  :: secret
geheimenis {f}  :: mystery
geheimzinnig {adj}  :: secretive, mysterious
geheugen {vi} [obsolete]  :: to remember, to recall
geheugen {n}  :: memory (ability to remember)
geheugen {n} [computing]  :: memory
gehoor {n}  :: hearing (faculty)
gehoor {n}  :: audience, interview
gehoorgang {m}  :: ear canal
gehoorzaam {adj}  :: obedient
gehoorzaamheid {f}  :: obedience
gehoorzamen {vt}  :: to obey
gehorig {adj} [historic, Middle Ages]  :: being in a serf-like relationship to a lord
gehorig {adj}  :: obedient
gehorig {adj}  :: being easy to hear the noises in the neighbouring rooms or buildings; noisy, thin-walled
gehucht {n}  :: hamlet
gehuisd en gehoofd {adj} [dated]  :: housed, having domicile
gehuisvest {adj}  :: housed
gehuwd {adj} [of a couple]  :: married, joined by marriage
gehuwd {adj} [of a person]  :: married, having a (living) spouse (or several)
gehuwde {f} {m}  :: A married person
geijkt {adj}  :: standard, serving as a model
geijkt {adj}  :: common, normal
geil {adj}  :: voluptuous, lusty
geil {adj}  :: horny, lusting, randy, sexually focused and/or aroused
geil {adj}  :: (about soil) too fat/ fertile
geil {adj}  :: (about vegetation) too abundantly growing, excessively luscious
geil {adj} [slang]  :: cool
geil {adj}  :: sexy, good looking, pretty
geilig {adj} [slang]  :: horny, turned on
gein {m} [colloquial]  :: fun, pleasure, joke
geinig {adj} [colloquial]  :: funny
geinponem {m} [Netherlands, colloquial]  :: jokester, wisecrack
geiser {m}  :: geyser
geiser {m}  :: boiler, water heater
geit {f}  :: goat
geitenneuker {m} [pejorative, offensive]  :: goatfucker, Muslim, Arab
gejoel {n}  :: outcry, clamour, vociferation
gek {adj}  :: crazy, mad
gek {adj}  :: ludicrous, farcical
gek {adj}  :: silly, playful
gek {m}  :: (male) lunatic, madman
gek {m}  :: cowl (on a chimney)
gekarteld {adj}  :: serrated
gekeerd {adj}  :: turned
gekheid {f}  :: craziness, a lack of common sense
gekhuis {n}  :: alternative form of gekkenhuis
gekkekoeienziekte {f}  :: The mad cow disease, BSE
gekkenhuis {n} [literally]  :: A madhouse, asylum for the insane
gekkenhuis {n} [figuratively]  :: A madhouse, crazy place and/or situation
gekkie {n} [Netherlands]  :: silly, silly person (used mostly as a term of endearment, as in English)
gekkigheid {f}  :: craziness, silliness, tomfoolery
geklad {n}  :: smearings, spattering, smudges
geklets {n}  :: waffle, chatter
geklets {n}  :: gossip
geknoei {n}  :: sloppy work
geknoei {n}  :: fraud
gekrakeel {n}  :: bickering
gekscheren {vi}  :: to jest, poke fun
gekscheren {vi}  :: to make fun, do something silly
gekte {f}  :: craziness, insanity
gekte {f}  :: -mania
gel {m} {n}  :: gel (suspension of solid in liquid)
gel {m} {n}  :: gel (cosmetic preparation)
gelaagd {adj}  :: layered, laminated
gelaarsd {adj}  :: booted, wearing boots
gelaat {n}  :: (Human) face, used in formal or poetic language
gelaatskleur {f}  :: facial color, colour of the face
gelaatskleur {f} [art]  :: the fleshy color carnation
gelaatsuitdrukking {f}  :: facial expression
gelach {n}  :: laughter (sound (as) of laughing)
geladen {adj}  :: charged up
geladen {adj}  :: electrically charged
geladen {adj}  :: loaded (with objects, ammunition, emotion, etc.)
geladen {adj}  :: agitated, tense
gelag {n}  :: drinking party
gelasten {vt}  :: to order, to command
gelatine {f} {m}  :: gelatine
geld {n}  :: money
geldautomaat {m}  :: automated teller machine (ATM)
geldboete {f} {m}  :: fine (pecuniary penalty)
gelden {vi}  :: to apply, to be applicable, to be in effect
gelden {vi}  :: to count (be estimated as valid, useful, or influential)
gelden {vi}  :: to be considered [+ als (object) = as], to be considered to be
Gelderland {prop} {n}  :: Gelderland, a province of The Netherlands
geldgierig {adj}  :: greedy for money
geldig {adj}  :: valid
geldigheid {f}  :: validity
geldingsdrang {m}  :: compulsive need to impose one's will and gain respect, ambition, self-assertion
geldmarkt {f} {m}  :: money market
geld stinkt niet {proverb}  :: pecunia non olet; where there's muck there's brass
geldstraf {f}  :: monetary -, financial punishment, fine
geldstuk {n}  :: coin (a piece of currency)
geldswaardig {adj}  :: salable, marketable (such as securities and bonds)
geldwezen {n}  :: finance
geldwisselaar {m}  :: money changer
geldwolf {m} [pejorative]  :: greedhead, somebody who is greedy for money
geleden {adv}  :: ago
geleed {adj}  :: articulated
geleedpotige {m}  :: arthropod
geleerd {adj}  :: learned
geleerd {adj}  :: educated
geleerde {m}  :: scholar
geleerdheid {f}  :: learning, studies
gelegenheid {f}  :: Occasion, opportunity
gelegenheid {f}  :: Venue such as a restaurant
geleidelijk {adj}  :: gradual
geleiden {vt}  :: to escort, to accompany
geleiden {vt}  :: to guide (along a certain path)
geleiden {vt}  :: to give guidance (especially moral)
geleiden {vi}  :: to conduct (electricity)
geleiden {vt} [obsolete]  :: to accompany (a piece, musician etc.)
geleider {m}  :: attendant, escort
geleider {m}  :: conductor (of electricity)
geleiding {f} [electricity]  :: conductivity
geleiwier {n} [obsolete]  :: Any of some certain species from the green algae that were once held to belong to the obsolete family Nostochinae
geleuter {n} [colloquial]  :: nonsense
gelid {n}  :: an organizational rank, especially a military rank
gelid {n}  :: a joint, a point of articulation
geliefd {adj}  :: beloved, object of love
geliefd {adj}  :: popular, widely liked
geliefde {mf}  :: loved one
gelieven {vt}  :: to please, to delight
gelieven {v} [impersonal]  :: to enjoy, love
gelig {adj}  :: yellowish
gelijk {n}  :: right
gelijk {n}  :: truth
gelijk {adj}  :: equal; like; alike; similar
gelijk {adj} [pertaining to rank, value, worth etc.]  :: equal, equivalent
gelijk {adv}  :: immediately, at once
gelijk {conj} [Belgium]  :: like, such as
gelijk {conj} [Belgium]  :: as, just like, just as, the way that
gelijke {mf}  :: An equal, e.g. in rank, experience, prestige
gelijke monniken, gelijke kappen {proverb}  :: what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander
gelijken {vi}  :: to resemble [+ op (object)]
gelijkenis {f}  :: likeness, similarity
gelijkenis {f}  :: parable
gelijk hebben {vt}  :: to be right, to be correct (of a person)
gelijkheid {f}  :: parity
gelijkheid {f} [mathematics]  :: equality
gelijk krijgen {vi}  :: to be found correct [+ van (object) = by], to win an argument [+ van (object) = over]
gelijk krijgen {vi} [law]  :: to be considered in the right [+ van (object) = by]
gelijkmaker {m}  :: equalizer
gelijkmatig {adj}  :: even
gelijkmatigheid {f}  :: evenness, constancy, steadiness
gelijkmoedigheid {f}  :: equanimity
gelijknamig {adj}  :: eponymous, similarly named
gelijkrichten {vt} [electricity]  :: to rectify
gelijkrichter {m} [electricity]  :: rectifier
gelijkschakelen {v}  :: to equate, to equalise
gelijkspanning {f} [electricity]  :: direct/continuous voltage (not alternating)
gelijkspel {n}  :: draw (a tie)
gelijkstroom {m} [electricity]  :: direct current
gelijktijdig {adj}  :: simultaneous
gelijktijdig {adv}  :: simultaneously
gelijktonig {adj}  :: unisonoric
gelijkvloers {adj}  :: at-grade
gelijkwaardig {adj}  :: equivalent
gelijkwaardigheid {f}  :: equality, equivalence
gelijkzijdig {adj}  :: equilateral
gelikt {adj} [colloquial]  :: sophisticated, great, good-looking
gelofte {f}  :: vow
geloof {n}  :: belief, conviction
geloof {n} [religion]  :: faith, religion
geloofsbelijdenis {f}  :: creed
geloofsovertuiger {m} [Netherlands, neologism, colloquial]  :: religious proselytiser (in particular door-to-door proselytisers like Jehovah's Witnesses)
geloofsovertuiging {f}  :: religious conviction, religious opinion
gelooft u in God {phrase} [formal]  :: do you believe in God?
geloofwaardigheid {f}  :: credibility
geloven {vi}  :: to believe, to hold a belief [+ in (object) = in]
geloven {vt}  :: to believe, to be convinced by
gelover {m}  :: A believer, who accepts something to be true, notably without solid proof
gelovig {adj}  :: religious
gelovige {f} {m}  :: believer
gelui {n}  :: the ringing of bells
geluid {n}  :: sound
geluiddemper {m}  :: silencer
geluidshinder {m}  :: noise pollution
geluidsoverlast {f} {m}  :: noise pollution (excessive noise)
geluidstape {m}  :: voice tape
geluk {n}  :: luck
geluk {n}  :: happiness
gelukkig {adj}  :: happy
gelukkig {adj}  :: pleased, satisfied
gelukkig {adj}  :: lucky
gelukkig {adv}  :: luckily
gelukkig {adv}  :: thankfully
gelukkige feestdagen {phrase}  :: synonym of fijne feestdagen
gelukkige verjaardag {interj}  :: happy birthday
Gelukkig Nieuwjaar {phrase}  :: Happy New Year!
gelukskoekje {noun}  :: fortune cookie
geluksvogel {m}  :: someone who is often lucky
gelukwens {m}  :: a congratulation
gelukzalig {adj}  :: overjoyed, blissful
gelul {n}  :: bullshit, empty talk
gemaakt {adj}  :: artificial, unnatural
gemaakt {adj}  :: fake, insincere
gemaal {m}  :: husband
gemaal {m} [in titles]  :: consort
gemaal {n}  :: grinding (of grain)
gemaal {n}  :: pump house; pumping-engine
gemak {n}  :: convenience
gemak {n}  :: ease, comfort
gemak {n} [euphemistic]  :: toilet
gemakkelijk {adj}  :: easy
gemakkelijk {adv}  :: easily
gemakshalve {adv}  :: for the sake of convenience
gemaksvoedsel {n}  :: fast food
gemakswinkel {m}  :: convenience store
gematigd {adj}  :: moderate, liberal
gematigde {noun}  :: A moderate, opponent of extremism
gember {m}  :: ginger (plant)
gember {m}  :: ginger (spice)
gemeen {adj}  :: mean, hurtful
gemeen {adj}  :: intense, extreme
gemeen {adv}  :: in common
gemeen {n} [often derogatory]  :: common people, plebs
gemeengoed {n}  :: common property
gemeengoed {n}  :: common practice, common feature
gemeenplaats {f}  :: commonplace, cliché
gemeenschap {f}  :: community
gemeenschap {f}  :: commonality
gemeenschap {f}  :: intercourse, sexual intercourse
gemeenschappelijk {adj}  :: common, mutual
gemeenschapszin {m}  :: community feeling
gemeenslachtig {adj} [grammar]  :: Of common gender, having no distinction between feminine and masculine
gemeente {f}  :: municipality, commune
gemeentebestuur {n}  :: local government (of a municipality)
gemeentehuis {n}  :: town hall
gemeentelijk {adj}  :: municipal
gemeenteraad {m}  :: municipal council
gemeenteraadslid {n}  :: council member (of a municipality)
gemeenzaam {adj} [literary]  :: familiar, intimate
gemeenzaam {adj} [literary]  :: ordinary, common
gemeenzaam {adj}  :: Of speech: colloquial, informal
gemelijk {adj} [Brabant]  :: cantankerous, crabbed
gemenebest {n}  :: commonwealth, voluntary grouping of sovereign nations; capitalized in named cases, notably Gemenebest van Naties and Gemenebest van Onafhankelijke Staten
gemenebest {n}  :: commonwealth, republic (but not state as in some of the USA states)
gemenerik {m} [childish]  :: meanie
gemengd {adj}  :: mixed
gemiauw {n}  :: The act, an instance or rather an (often annoying) episode of meowing
gemiauw {n}  :: The sound of meowing
gemiddeld {adj}  :: average
gemiddelde {n} [maths]  :: average, mean
gemoed {n}  :: feeling; heart; soul; mind
gemoedelijk {adj}  :: jovial
gemoeder {f} [rare]  :: godmother
gemoedsgesteldheid {f} [formal]  :: mood
gemoedstoestand {m}  :: mood
gemoet {n} [obsolete]  :: a meeting, an encounter
gemoeten {vt} [obsolete]  :: to meet, to encounter
geëmotioneerd {adj}  :: emotional
gems {f}  :: chamois (mountain goat)
gen {n}  :: gene
genaamd {adj}  :: named
genade {f} {m}  :: mercy
genade {f} {m}  :: grace (not countable, theology) Free and undeserved favour, especially of God
genadeloos {adj}  :: (of persons) merciless, ruthless; heartless
genadeloos {adj}  :: (things too) merciless, unforgiving, harsh
genadeslag {m}  :: coup de grâce (final blow)
genadig {adj}  :: lenient, clement
genadig {adj}  :: merciful
genaken {vi}  :: to approach, to draw near
genant {adj}  :: embarrassing
gender {c}  :: gender (mental analog of sex)
genderdysforie {f}  :: gender dysphoria
gendergeweld {n}  :: gender-based violence
genderneutraal {adj}  :: gender-neutral
geïndigneerd {adj} [formal]  :: indignant
geneesheer {m} [formal]  :: doctor
geneeskrachtig {adj}  :: medicinal
geneeskunde {f}  :: medicine (discipline)
geneeskundig {adj}  :: medical, of medicine (as a discipline)
geneeslijk {adj}  :: curable, healable
geneesmiddel {n}  :: medicine, medication
geneesmiddelenvergoedingssysteem {n}  :: a system for the reimbursement of the cost of medication
genegen {adj}  :: ready, prepared
genegen {adj}  :: inclined, predisposed
genegenheid {f}  :: fondness, inclination to like, affection
geneigd zijn {vi}  :: to tend, to be inclined, to have a tendency [+ tot (object) = to, towards]
generaal {adj}  :: general
generaal {m}  :: full general (rank higher than a colonel)
generaal {m}  :: general officer
generaal-majoor {m}  :: major-general, a high rank
generale repetitie {f}  :: dress rehearsal
generaliseren {vt}  :: to generalize
generatie {f}  :: generation, age
genereren {vt}  :: to generate
genereus {adj}  :: nobel, magnanimous, tolerant
genereus {adj}  :: generous, unselfish
generiek {adj}  :: generic
genese {f}  :: genesis
Genesis {prop}  :: Genesis (book of the Bible)
genetica {f}  :: genetics
genetisch {adj}  :: genetic
genetisch {adv}  :: genetically
geneugte {f}  :: pleasure, joy
genever {m}  :: alternative spelling of jenever
genezen {v} [ergative]  :: to heal
genezer {m}  :: healer
genezeres {f}  :: female healer
genezing {f}  :: healing, recovery
geniaal {adj}  :: genial, brilliant, genius
genialiteit {f}  :: brilliance, ingenuity
genie {n}  :: genius
genie {f}  :: military engineers (unit)
geniepig {adj}  :: sneaky, cunning, sly
genieten {vi}  :: to enjoy oneself, to have a pleasant experience
genieten {vi}  :: to enjoy [+ van (object)]
genieten {vt}  :: to enjoy, to use or benefit from
genitaliën {p}  :: genitals
genitief {adj}  :: genitive (of or pertaining to the case of possession)
genitief {m} [grammar]  :: genitive case
genitivisch {adj} [grammar]  :: genitive, genitival (related to the genitive)
genitivus {m} [grammar]  :: the genitive case or a word therein
genocide {f}  :: genocide
genoeg {determiner}  :: enough
genoeg {determiner}  :: plenty
genoeg {adv}  :: enough, to enough of a degree, with sufficient frequency
genoegen {n} [uncountable]  :: satisfaction
genoegen {n}  :: pleasure, delight[1]
genoegen nemen {vi}  :: to be content, to make do [+ met (object) = with]
genoemd {adj}  :: said, given
genoom {n}  :: genome (complete genetic information of an organism)
genoot {m}  :: companion
genootschap {n}  :: society, association
genot {n}  :: pleasure
genote {f}  :: companion, mate
genotype {n}  :: genotype
genotzucht {f}  :: seeking of pleasure, especially of luxury and sensuousness; hedonism
genre {n}  :: kind, type, genre
genster {f} [chiefly Belgium]  :: spark
Gent {prop} {n}  :: City of Ghent
geïnteresseerd {adj}  :: interested
geïnteresseerde {mf}  :: one who is interested, an interested party
geïnterviewde {mf}  :: interviewee
gentherapie {f}  :: gene therapy
Genua {prop} {n}  :: Genoa
genus {n} [botany]  :: a rank in a taxonomic classification, in between family and species
genus {n} [botany]  :: a taxon at this rank
genus {n} [linguistics]  :: gender
Genève {prop} {n}  :: Geneva (city)
Genève {prop} {n}  :: Geneva (canton)
geo- {prefix}  :: geo-
geodeet {m}  :: geodesist
geodetisch {adj}  :: geodesic
geograaf {m}  :: A geographer, student of or specialist in geography
geografie {f}  :: geography (study of physical structure and inhabitants of the Earth)
geografisch {adj}  :: geographic, geographical
geografisch {adv}  :: geographically
geologie {f}  :: geology
geologisch {adj}  :: geological, geologic
geoloog {m}  :: geologist (person skilled at geology)
geoorloofd {adj}  :: allowed, permitted
Georgië {prop} {n}  :: Georgia (country)
Georgia {prop} {n}  :: Georgia (US state)
Georgiër {m}  :: Georgian
Georgisch {adj}  :: Georgian
Georgisch {prop} {n}  :: Georgian (language)
georiënteerdheid {f}  :: orientation
gepaard {adj}  :: paired
gepast {adj}  :: appropriate
gepeins {n}  :: contemplation, rumination
gepensioneerde {mf}  :: pensioner
gepeperd {adj}  :: peppered, seasoned with pepper(s)
gepeperd {adj} [by extension]  :: spicy, strongly flavored
gepeperd {adj} [metonymy]  :: extreme, strong, etcetera
gepeupel {n} [pejorative]  :: rabble, plebs
geplaag {n}  :: teasing
geporteerd {adj}  :: well-disposed, fond, favourable
geprepareerd {adj}  :: prepared
geprononceerd {adj}  :: pronounced, clear
geprononceerd {adj}  :: striking
geraamte {n}  :: skeleton
geraamte {n} [construction]  :: frame
geraken {vt}  :: to reach, to attain
geraken {vi}  :: to end up
geraken {vt} [obsolete]  :: to touch
geraken {vt} [obsolete]  :: to hit, to strike (a target)
Gerard {prop}  :: given name
Gerardus {prop}  :: given name similar to Gerard
gerecht {n} [archaic]  :: justice; the judiciary
gerecht {n}  :: court of law
gerecht {n}  :: a meal, or a dish served alone or part of a meal as a course
gerecht {adj}  :: just, fair, deserved
gerechtelijk {adj}  :: Of or relating to the judiciary, judicial
gerechtelijk {adj}  :: forensic
gerechtigd {adj}  :: justified
gerechtigheid {f}  :: justice
gerechtsbode {m}  :: A bailiff, lowly court official
gerechtshof {n}  :: court of law, court of justice
gereed {adj}  :: ready for an action
gereed {adj}  :: finished an action
gereed {adj}  :: reasonable, serious
gereedschap {n} [countable]  :: tool
gereedschap {n} [uncountable]  :: tools
gereedschapskist {f}  :: toolbox (storage case for tools)
geregeld {adj}  :: regular
geregeld {adj}  :: controlled
geregeld {adv}  :: regularly
gerei {n}  :: equipment, tools, utensils
gerelateerd {adj}  :: related
geren {vt} [obsolete]  :: to covet
gerenommeerd {adj}  :: renowned
gerief {n}  :: comfort, ease
gerief {n}  :: use, utility
gerief {n} [especially in compounds]  :: equipment, tools
gerief {n}  :: things, stuff
geriefbos {n}  :: small tract of forest near a farm, usually among pastures, grown for firewood
geriefelijk {adj}  :: alternative form of gerieflijk
gerieflijk {adj}  :: very comfortable
gerimpeld {adj}  :: wrinkled, pursy, shrivelled
gering {adj}  :: (quantity) little
gering {adj}  :: (people or matters) insignificant, trivial
germaan {n}  :: germane (GeH4)
Germaan {m}  :: A person from the old Germanic people; a German
Germaans {adj}  :: Germanic
Germaans {prop} {n}  :: The Germanic or Proto-Germanic language
germanisme {n}  :: Germanism (a word or idiom of the German language)
germanist {m}  :: A practicioner of the -mostly linguistic- study of Germanic languages and the associated literatures and general cultures, sometimes including Germanic law
germanist {m}  :: A student of the German language, literature and culture of Germany and other Germanophone peoples and countries
germanistiek {f}  :: study of the language and literature of Germany
germanium {n}  :: germanium
geroezemoes {n}  :: murmur, chatter; a (subdued) disturbance
gerontologie {f}  :: gerontology
geroutineerd {adj}  :: experienced
Gerrit {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to English Gerard
gerst {f} {m}  :: barley (Hordeum vulgare)
gerst {f} {m}  :: barley seed, used for brewing beer
gerstenat {n} [colloquial]  :: beer (in the sense of the alcoholic drink only)
Gert {prop} {m}  :: given name derived from Gerhard
gerucht {n}  :: rumor
geruim {adj}  :: considerable
geruis {n}  :: rustling, rushing, noise
geruis {n} [pathology]  :: murmur (of the heart)
geruisloos {adj}  :: making no sound, silent
geruispeiler {m} [nautical]  :: sonar receiver, hydrophone
geruispeiler {m} [nautical]  :: sonar operator
geruit {adj}  :: checkered, marked in a pattern of squares or diamonds
geruit {adj}  :: shaped like a diamond (or rectangle or square)
geruit {adj}  :: fit with glass panes
gerundium {n}  :: gerund
Geräuschemacher {m}  :: foley artist
gerust {adj}  :: at ease; free of anxiety, without fear or worry
geruststellen {vt}  :: to put at ease
gerven {vt} [obsolete]  :: to tan (leather), to prepare
gerw {f}  :: yarrow (any of several pungent Eurasian herbs, of the genus Achillea)
geschat {adj}  :: estimated
gescheiden {adj}  :: physically separated, detached, severed
gescheiden {adj} [figuratively]  :: separate, distinct
gescheiden {adj}  :: [of a person or couple] divorced, no longer married
gescheld {n}  :: name-calling, abuse
geschenk {n}  :: gift, present
geschieden {vi}  :: to occur
geschiedenis {f}  :: history
geschiedenis {f}  :: event, happening
geschiedkunde {f}  :: history
geschiedkundige {mf}  :: historian
geschiedschrijving {f}  :: historiography
geschift {adj}  :: crazy
geschikt {adj}  :: adequate, suitable, appropriate
geschikt {adj}  :: friendly, amiable (when talking about a person)
geschil {n}  :: difference
geschil {n}  :: dispute, strife
geschoeid {adj}  :: shod
geschreeuw {n}  :: clamor (great outcry or vociferation)
geschreeuw {n}  :: holler (any communication to get somebody's attention)
geschreeuw {n}  :: din (loud noise)
geschrift {n}  :: writing
geschuind {adj} [heraldry]  :: divided into two equal parts diagonally, per bend
geschut {n}  :: one or more guns or cannons, generally of heavy calibre
geschut {n}  :: artillery
geschutmeester {m}  :: artillerist
geschutskoepel {m}  :: gun turret, cupola
gesel {m}  :: scourge (a whip often of leather)
geselen {vt}  :: to flog, to scourge (with a whip)
gesjirp {n}  :: chirping
gesjouw {n}  :: a (potentially onerous) carrying about, a lugging
geslaagd {adj}  :: successful
geslacht {n}  :: sex
geslacht {n}  :: gender
geslacht {n} [grammar]  :: gender
geslacht {n}  :: lineage
geslacht {n}  :: generation
geslacht {n} [biology, taxonomy]  :: genus
geslachtsdaad {f}  :: sexual intercourse
geslachtsgemeenschap {f}  :: sexual intercourse
geslachtsidentiteit {f}  :: gender identity
geslachtsidentiteitsstoornis {f}  :: gender identity disorder
geslachtsnaam {m}  :: family name
geslachtsroede {f}  :: A penis
geslachtsverkeer {n}  :: sexual intercourse, intercourse
geslachtsziekte {f} [formal]  :: venereal disease
gesloten {adj}  :: closed
gesmeerd {adj}  :: smooth, without problems (as if grease were applied to it)
gesmoord {adj}  :: dull, obtuse, muffled
gesneden {adj}  :: castrated, castrate
gesp {m}  :: buckle
gespannen {adj}  :: tense
gespen {vt}  :: to buckle
gespierd {adj}  :: muscular
gesprek {n}  :: talk, conversation
gesprekspartner {m} [literally]  :: One's counterpart in a conversation
gesprekspartner {m}  :: An interlocutor, person who takes part in dialogue or conversation
gespuis {n}  :: riffraff, the common people
gespuis {n}  :: playful and mischievous children
gestaag {adj}  :: steady, continuous
gestaag {adj}  :: gradual
gestalte {f}  :: figure, shape, appearance
gestalte {f}  :: stature
geste {} [literal]  :: gesture, movement of an appendix or body
geste {} [figurative]  :: gesture
geste {} [historical]  :: story, history
gesteente {n}  :: rock (aggregate of minerals)
gestel {n}  :: a system, a framework
gestel {n}  :: physical condition of the body, constitution
gesteldheid {f}  :: state, condition
gesteld zijn op {vt}  :: to feel affection for
gesternte {n}  :: all stars in the night sky
gesternte {n}  :: constellation
gesticht {n} [colloquial]  :: psychiatric ward, mental asylum
gesticht {n} [dated]  :: care home
gesticuleren {vi}  :: to gesticulate
gestoord {adj}  :: disturbed, crazy, mad
gestreept {adj}  :: striped
gestreng {adj}  :: stringent
gestreng {adv}  :: stringently
gestrengheid {f}  :: severity, strictness
gestresst {adj}  :: alternative spelling of gestrest
gestrest {adj}  :: stressed (mentally/emotionally)
getal {n} [mathematics]  :: number
getal {n} [grammar]  :: number
getalenteerd {adj}  :: talented
ge- -te {circumfix}  :: Creates a neuter noun which refers to a mass or a collection of objects
geteisem {n} [colloquial]  :: riffraff
getekend {adj}  :: scarred, both physically and emotionally
getijde {n}  :: tide
getijde {n} [Roman Catholicism]  :: canonical hour
getijdenboek {n}  :: book of hours
getijdengebed {n} [Roman Catholicism]  :: canonical prayer
getijdenverschil {n}  :: tidal range
getijdeverschil {n}  :: superseded spelling of getijdenverschil
getikt {adj}  :: crazy
getogen {adj}  :: brought up, grown up, raised
getouwtrek {n}  :: tug of war (usually used figuratively)
getralied {adj}  :: grilled (window etc...);
getrouw {adj}  :: faithful
getrouwd {adj}  :: married
getrouwe {noun}  :: the true (i.e. who is faithful, loyal)
getrouwe {noun}  :: bosom friend
getrouwheid {f}  :: faithfulness, loyalty
getto {n}  :: ghetto
getuige {m}  :: witness
getuige {prep}  :: as shown by, judging by, witness
getuigen {vi}  :: to testify, bear witness, give testimony, especially in court
getuigen {vt}  :: to prove, make apparent
getuigenis {f} {n}  :: A testimony: declaration/statement serving to bear evidence or proof in an inquiry and/or trial
getuigenis {f} {n}  :: hence also other proof
getuigenispartij {f}  :: political party that doesn't seek participation in government but only serves to express its principles, testimonial party
getweeën {adv}  :: by twos
geur {m}  :: A scent, smell, odour, odor
geur {m} [figuratively]  :: (notably the diminutive, with the indefinite article: een geurtje) An appearance, something associated, especially in a negative sense
geuren {vi}  :: to smell (have a particular smell)
geurig {adj}  :: fragrant, aromatic (not necessarily pleasant)
geus {adj}  :: belonging or related to the political party of the geuzen (see below)
geus {adj}  :: protestant
geus {mf} [mainly, in the plural]  :: a polemic term for the supporters of a political party in the Spanish Netherlands, who became the enemies of the Spanish crown, formalised in 1566
geus {mf}  :: as their 'heirs', the protestants in the Low Countries, especially as opposed to catholics
geus {mf}  :: shortened form of geuzelambiek , a beer type originally brewed in the 'rue des Gueux' in Brussels, hence the name
geus {mf}  :: (possibly of different etymology) or originally a geuzenvlag; now a small type of flag, flown at a ship's bowsprit
geuzelambiek {noun}  :: Belgian lambic made by fermenting a blend of young and old lambics
geuzennaam {m}  :: nickname or title that is carried with pride but originally given scornfully
geuzentempel {m} [Belgium, chiefly historical]  :: Protestant church
geuzentempel {m} [Belgium, dated]  :: Masonic lodge
geuzenvlag {f}  :: small flag consisting of a white erect cross with triangular elements and a diagonal cross with red and blue triangular or trapezoid elements, flown at the bowsprit or stem, associated with geuzen
gevaar {n}  :: danger, peril
gevaarlijk {adj}  :: dangerous
gevaarsdriehoek {m}  :: warning triangle
gevaarte {n}  :: a huge object, a colossus
gevader {m} [rare]  :: godfather
gevaderschap {f}  :: sponsorship
gevaderschap {f}  :: patronage
geval {n}  :: case, situation, instance
geval {n}  :: thing
gevang {n}  :: prison
gevangen {adj}  :: caught, captive
gevangenbewaarder {m}  :: prison guard, warden, jailor
gevangene {noun}  :: a prisoner
gevangenis {f}  :: jail, prison
gevangenisbewaarder {m}  :: prison guard, warden, jailor
gevangenisstraf {f} {m}  :: prison sentence
gevangennemen {vt}  :: to take prisoner
gevangenschap {f}  :: imprisonment
gevangenschap {f}  :: captivity
gevangenzetten {vt}  :: to incarcerate
gevarendriehoek {m}  :: warning triangle
gevat {adj}  :: witty
gevecht {n}  :: fight, struggle, battle
gevechtsrantsoen {n}  :: battle ration: ration for troops during a battle
gevederte {n}  :: plumage
gevel {m} [architecture]  :: façade (of a building)
geven {vt}  :: to give
gever {m}  :: giver, someone who gives
gevestigd {v}  :: to be based or headquartered in
gevleugeld {adj}  :: winged
gevoel {n}  :: feeling
gevoelen {vt} [formal]  :: to feel
gevoelen {n}  :: feeling
gevoelen {n}  :: belief, faith
gevoelig {adj}  :: sensitive
gevoeligheid {f}  :: sensitivity
gevoeligheid {f}  :: tenderness (discomfort when an affected area is touched)
gevogelte {n}  :: Aves
gevogelte {n} [food]  :: fowl, poultry
gevolg {n}  :: consequence, result
gevolg {n}  :: entourage
gevorderd {adj}  :: advanced
gevorderdheid {f}  :: advancement
gevreesd {adj}  :: feared
gevuld {adj}  :: filled
gewaad {n}  :: vestment, clothing
gewaagd {adj}  :: risky, daring
gewaar {adj} [archaic, except in fixed phrases]  :: aware, noticing something
gewaarworden {vtr} [sometimes]  :: to become aware of, to notice
gewaarwording {f}  :: sensation, experience
gewag {n} [archaic]  :: notification, notice
gewagen {vt} [archaic]  :: to report, to notify
gewapend {adj}  :: armed
gewapend {adj}  :: reinforced, strengthened
gewas {n}  :: crop
gewas {n}  :: plant, vegetation
geweer {n}  :: rifle
geweer {n} [by extension]  :: gun
geweer {n}  :: (absolute use only: het geweer) A defensive attitude or position
gewei {n}  :: a (set of) antler(s), the bony structure(s) on the head of deer, moose or other antilope species
geweide {n}  :: the whole of meadows
geweide {n}  :: intestines
geweld {n}  :: violence
gewelddadig {adj}  :: violent
gewelddadig {adv}  :: violently
geweldig {adj}  :: tremendous, great
geweldig {adj}  :: awesome, wonderful
geweldloos {adj}  :: non-violent
geweldloosheid {f}  :: non-violence
gewelf {n}  :: vault, cellar (secure storage area)
gewelf {n}  :: arch, vault (architectural component)
gewennen {v} [ergative]  :: to (make) feel comfortable, to (make) get used to
gewenst {adj}  :: wished for
gewerveld {adj}  :: vertebrate
gewervelde {noun}  :: vertebrate
gewest {n}  :: region
gewest {n}  :: an older term for provincie (province)
gewestelijk {adj}  :: regional
geweten {n}  :: conscience
gewetenloos {adj} [literally]  :: without a conscience; not minding one's conscience, amoral, unscrupulous, unprincipled
gewetenloos {adj} [figuratively]  :: ruthless, merciless, heartless
gewetensbeet {m}  :: compunction
gewezen {adj}  :: former
gewicht {n}  :: weight
gewichtig {adj}  :: heavy, weighty
gewichtig {adj}  :: important, weighty
gewichtloos {adj}  :: weightless
gewichtloosheid {f}  :: weightlessness
gewichtsverlies {n}  :: weight loss
gewiekst {adj}  :: smart, sly, cunning, clever
gewijd {adj}  :: dedicated
gewijd {adj}  :: sacred
-gewijs {suffix}  :: -wise
gewild {adj}  :: wanted, desired
gewillig {adj}  :: voluntary, showing readiness, willing
gewillig {adj}  :: compliant, yielding
gewillig {adv}  :: compliantly, pliantly
gewillig {adv}  :: readily, willingly
gewis {adj} [dated]  :: certain, sure
gewis {adv} [dated]  :: certainly, surely
gewonde {noun}  :: casualty, a wounded (person)
gewone es {m}  :: common ash, Fraxinus excelsior
gewone vos {m}  :: red fox (Vulpes vulpes) (in contrast to other fox species)
gewoon {adj}  :: regular, ordinary, usual
gewoon {adj}  :: normal
gewoon {adv}  :: simply, just
gewoonlijk {adv}  :: usually, normally
gewoonte {f}  :: wont, habit, custom
gewoonterecht {n} [legal]  :: common law
gewoonweg {adv}  :: utterly, downright
geworteld {adj}  :: rooted, ingrained
gewricht {n}  :: joint (part of the body where bones join)
gewrocht {adj}  :: wrought
gewrocht {n}  :: product
gezag {n}  :: authority
gezagdrager {m}  :: alternative spelling of gezagsdrager
gezagsdrager {m}  :: an authority figure, someone who represents the authority (e.g. someone acting on behalf of government, like a policeman)
gezamenlijk {adj}  :: all
gezamenlijk {adj}  :: joint, shared
gezang {n}  :: song (the act of singing)
gezang {n}  :: song (sung piece of music)
gezant {m}  :: envoy
gezantschap {n}  :: legation
gezegde {n}  :: expression (e.g. "All roads lead to Rome")
gezegde {n} [grammar]  :: predicate
gezegen {v}  :: slumped, downfallen
gezegen {n}  :: (the act of) blessing
gezeik {n} [colloquial, somewhat vulgar]  :: nagging, whining, bullshit
gezel {m}  :: companion
gezel {m} [archaic]  :: journeyman
gezellig {adj}  :: Having company with a pleasant, friendly ambience
gezellig {adj} [of an atmosphere]  :: Cozy
gezellig {adj}  :: Having an upbeat feeling about the surroundings
gezelligheid {f}  :: the state or fact of being cozy; Gemütlichkeit, coziness
gezellin {f}  :: female companion
gezellin {f}  :: girlfriend, female partner in a relationship
gezelschap {n}  :: company, business
gezelschap {n}  :: club, society, association
gezelschap {n}  :: social circle, company, companionship
gezet {adj}  :: stout, stocky
gezet {adj} [euphemistic]  :: obese, overweight
gezet {adj}  :: fixed, set, determined (said of mortgage terms, timeframe of a plan, etc)
gezeur {n}  :: sour mood
gezeur {n}  :: nagging
gezicht {n}  :: seeing, the ability to observe visually
gezicht {n}  :: face, front-side of a head
gezicht {n}  :: sight, visual impression; vision
gezichtsbedrog {n}  :: optical illusion
gezichtsuitdrukking {f}  :: facial expression
gezichtsveld {f}  :: field of view
gezichtsveld {f} [figuratively]  :: scope of one's comprehension
gezichtsverlies {n}  :: loss of face
gezin {n}  :: immediate family or nuclear family
gezind {adj}  :: inclined, of a certain disposition
gezindheid {f}  :: disposition
gezinsmoord {m}  :: familicide, murder of several family members often followed by suicide
gezinsmoord {m}  :: murder of any family member(s)
gezocht {adj}  :: Searched for, wanted
gezond {adj}  :: healthy
gezondheid {f}  :: health
gezondheid {interj}  :: gesundheit, bless you
gezondheidsschandaal {n}  :: health scandal (newspaper term)
gezondheidszorg {m}  :: healthcare
gezond verstand {n}  :: common sense
gezwel {n} [pathology]  :: tumour, neoplasm
gezwets {n}  :: small talk, banter
gezwets {n}  :: nonsense, tosh
gezwind {adj} [dated]  :: rapid, brisk
ghert. {abbr}  :: groothertogdom
ghetto {n} [nonstandard]  :: alternative spelling of getto
ghreline {f}  :: ghrelin
gibberen {v} [Brabant]  :: laugh, chuckle
gibbon {m}  :: gibbon
Gibraltar {prop} {n}  :: Gibraltar: overseas territory of the United Kingdom at the southern end of the Iberian peninsula
Gideon {prop}  :: Gideon (biblical character)
gideonsbende {f}  :: small militant band pretending to represent a much larger group
gids {m}  :: guide (person guiding others)
gids {m}  :: guide (text providing guidance)
giechelen {v}  :: to giggle
giecheltje {noun} [colloquial]  :: mouth
gier {m} [zoology]  :: vulture
gier {m}  :: (by extension) monster, notably hellspawn
gier {m} [figuratively]  :: human vulture, rapacious or predatory person
gier {m} [figuratively]  :: consuming desire
gier {m}  :: liquid manure
gier {m}  :: any swill, hogwash
gier {m}  :: A scream
gier {m}  :: A (notably sharp and:or wide) sway, turn, swerve, notably by a vessel or vehicle
gier {m} [figuratively]  :: A caprice, crazy/whimsical move
gier {m}  :: A gyre, circular motion, notably in astronomy
gieren {v} [nautical]  :: to yaw
gierig {adj}  :: miserly, covetous
gierigaard {m}  :: cheapskate, miser
gierst {f}  :: millet (any of a group of various types of grass or its grains used as food)
gierstmelde {f}  :: quinoa
gierzwaluw {f}  :: common swift, Apus apus
gieten {vt}  :: to pour
gieten {vt}  :: to mould or cast
gieten {v} [impersonal, of rain]  :: to pour down, to precipitate heavily
gieter {m}  :: A person who pours, e.g. a caster
gieter {m}  :: A watering can etc
gieterij {f}  :: foundry
gieterij {f} [dated]  :: the act of pouring
gietijzer {n}  :: [metallic alloy] cast iron
gieting {f}  :: casting (e.g. a mould)
gietvorm {m}  :: mold, cast
gif {n}  :: poison, venom, toxin
gif {m} [computing]  :: GIF (image format)
gifslang {f}  :: A venomous snake, poisonous serpent
gift {f}  :: donation; something given (away) voluntarily
gift {f} [dated]  :: poison
giftand {m}  :: A fang, a hollow type of tooth which venomous creatures use to inject poison in a prey or enemy
giftig {adj}  :: poisonous, venomous, toxic
giftslang {f}  :: alternative form of gifslang
giga- {prefix}  :: giga-
giga-ampère {m}  :: giga-ampere: 109 amperes
gigacandela {noun}  :: gigacandela
gigantisch {adj}  :: gigantic
gigaseconde {f}  :: gigasecond: 109 seconds
gigasteradiaal {m}  :: gigasteradian: 109 steradians
gij {pron} [dialectal, poetic]  :: Second-person singular, subjective: thou
gijle {pron}  :: alternative form of gijlui
gijlie {pron}  :: you (plural)
gijlieden {pron}  :: Second-person plural personal pronoun (subjective); you guys, you people, you lot, you all, y'all
gijlui {pron}  :: Second-person plural personal pronoun (subjective); you guys, you people, you lot, you all, y'all
Gijs {prop} {m}  :: given name
gijzel {m} [archaic, rare]  :: hostage
gijzelaar {m}  :: hostage
gijzelen {v}  :: to take hostage
gijzeling {f}  :: kidnapping
gijzeling {f}  :: taking of hostages
gijzeling {f}  :: hijacking
gijzelsoftware {m}  :: ransomware
gil {m}  :: scream
gilde {n} {f}  :: guild
gildehuis {n}  :: guildhall (building used by a guild)
gildekamer {f}  :: guildhall (room or hall used for guild activities)
gildemeester {n}  :: guild master
gildenhuis {n}  :: alternative spelling of gildehuis
gildenmeester {n}  :: alternative spelling of gildemeester
gildig {adj} [West Flemish]  :: big, large
gildig {adj} [West Flemish]  :: chubby
gildig {adv} [West Flemish]  :: hugely, massively
gildos {m}  :: a decorated ox, (to be) slaughtered for a meal at a guild
gillen {v}  :: to yell, scream
ginder {adv}  :: yonder; there; used to indicate something that is not here
ginds {adv}  :: Over there, yonder
gips {n}  :: plaster cast
gips {n} [mineral]  :: gypsum
gipsen {adj}  :: gypseous
gipsverband {n} [medicine]  :: (orthopedic) cast
gipsvlucht {f}  :: homeward flight for people who got injured (e.g. have fractures) on winter holidays
giraf {f}  :: giraffe
giraffe {f}  :: giraffe
Giraffe {prop} {f} [constellation]  :: Camelopardalis
gissen {v}  :: To make a guess, estimate, have a go
gissen {v}  :: To presume, reckon
gist {f}  :: yeast
gisten {v} [figuratively]  :: to be likely to cause commotion and restlessness; to be prone to rebellion
gisten {v}  :: to ferment (more often vergisten)
gister {adv} [colloquial]  :: yesterday
gisteravond {adv}  :: yesterday evening
gisteren {adv}  :: yesterday
gisterenavond {adv}  :: last evening
gisterjaar {n}  :: yesteryear
gisting {f}  :: fermentation
giswerk {n}  :: guesswork
git {n} {f} [neuter]  :: lignite
git {n} {f} [neuter]  :: jet (black, gemstone-like geological material)
git {n} {f} [masculine]  :: a stone made of this material
gitaar {f} {m} [musical instruments]  :: guitar
gitarist {m}  :: guitarist
GL {initialism}  :: GreenLeft, a left-wing green political party in the Netherlands
glaceren {v}  :: to frost, cover with icing
glaciaal {adj}  :: glacial
glaciatie {f}  :: glaciation
glaciologie {f}  :: glaciology
glacioloog {mf}  :: glaciologist
glad {adj}  :: smooth, polished
glad {adj}  :: slippery
gladheid {f}  :: slipperiness
gladheid {f}  :: smoothness
gladiator {m}  :: gladiator; entertainer who engages in mortal combat
gladiool {f} {m}  :: Any of several flowering plants, of the genus Gladiolus, having sword-shaped leaves and showy flowers on spikes; gladiola
gladiool {f} {m} [pejorative]  :: An idiot, fool, nitwit; generally preceded by a pejorative adjective such as achterlijk
gladius {m}  :: Roman short sword; gladius
Glagolitisch {adj}  :: Glagolitic
glamoureus {adj}  :: glamorous
glans {m}  :: glistening, shimmer, shine
glans {m} [optics]  :: gloss
glansrijk {adj}  :: fantastic, brilliant, with flying colours
glansrijk {adj}  :: shining, resplendent
glansrol {f} {m}  :: lead role in a performance
glanzen {v}  :: to (cause to) glimmer
glas {n} [uncountable]  :: glass [material]
glas {n} [countable]  :: glass [vessel]
glas {n} [countable]  :: glass [quantity]
glasachtig {adj}  :: glassy
glasbak {m}  :: bottle bank
glasblazer {m}  :: A glassblower
glashelder {adj} [literally]  :: crystal clear, very easy to see trough physically
glashelder {adj} [figuratively]  :: obvious, easily intelligible
glas in lood {n}  :: lead came stained glass
glas-in-loodraam {n}  :: lead came stained glass window
glasvezel {f}  :: fibreglass
glasvezel {f}  :: optical fiber
glaszetter {mf}  :: a glazier
glaucoom {n}  :: glaucoma
glazen {adj}  :: made of glass
glazen {adj}  :: glassy, resembling glass
glazen {vt}  :: to glaze, make look like glass
glazen {vt}  :: to polish
glazenier {m}  :: A glassmaker and - painter, who produces stained glass
glazenmaker {m} [dated]  :: a glazier
glazenmaker {m}  :: a hawker (any dragonfly of the Aeshnidae family)
glazuur {n}  :: (ceramic) glaze
glazuur {n}  :: icing (on a cake)
glazuur {n}  :: (tooth) enamel
gletsjer {m}  :: glacier
gletsjerkunde {f}  :: glaciology
gletsjermolen {m} [geology]  :: (glacial) moulin
gleuf {f}  :: slit (narrow cut or opening; a slot)
glibberen {v}  :: to slither, to slip
glibberig {adj}  :: slippery, slithery
glijbaan {f}  :: children's slide
glijboot {m}  :: a hydroplane
glijden {vi}  :: to slide
glijden {vt}  :: to slide
glijden {vi} [figuratively]  :: to lapse
glijmiddel {n}  :: A lubricant
glijvlucht {f}  :: a gliding flight
glimlach {m}  :: smile
glimlachen {v}  :: to smile
glimmen {v}  :: to shine, glow, shimmer
glimp {m}  :: glimpse
glimp {m}  :: deceptive appearance
glimworm {m}  :: firefly
globaal {adj}  :: general, not precise, rough
globaal {adj}  :: global, worldwide
globaliseren {v}  :: to globalize
globalisering {f}  :: globalization [US], globalisation [UK]
globalist {m}  :: globalist
gloed {m}  :: glow
gloednieuw {adj}  :: brand new
gloeidraad {m}  :: electric filament
gloeien {v}  :: to glow
gloeikous {f}  :: an incandescent gas mantle
gloeilamp {f} {m}  :: light bulb
gloeiwijn {m}  :: mulled wine
glooien {v}  :: to slope
glooiing {f}  :: slope, inclination
glooiingshoek {m}  :: (angle of) inclination
glorie {f}  :: glory, great beauty, renown or splendour
glossarium {n}  :: glossary, list of words with their definitions and/or other annotations
glosse {f}  :: gloss, margin note
glossolalie {f}  :: glossolalia
glottisslag {m}  :: A glottal stop, plosive sound formed in and articulated with the glottis
glucose {m}  :: glucose
gluiperig {adj}  :: sneaky, underhanded
glunderen {v}  :: to beam (with joy)
gluren {v}  :: To peek
gluten {n}  :: gluten
glycogeen {n}  :: The polysaccharide glycogen, the main form of carbohydrate storage in animals
gênant {adj}  :: embarrassing
gneis {n} {m}  :: gneiss
gniffelen {v}  :: to chuckle
gniffelen {v}  :: to snigger
gnoe {m}  :: gnu
gnoom {m}  :: gnome
gnosticisme {n}  :: Gnosticism
go {n} [board games]  :: go
goal {m}  :: goal, target in sports, especially soccer
goal {m}  :: a hit in it, a point scored
gobelin {m} {n}  :: Gobelin, a rich, textured type of hand-stitched tapestry, fit to decorate a wall
gobelin {m} {n}  :: a similar industrial fabric, used to cover furniture etc
god {m}  :: god
God {prop} {m}  :: God
goddelijk {adj}  :: divine, godlike
goddelijkheid {f}  :: divinity, divineness
goddeloos {adj}  :: atheistic; godless
goddeloos {adj}  :: evil and corrupted esp. due to the lack of faith; godless
Godelieve {prop}  :: given name
godenbeeld {n}  :: statue or figurine of a god
godenbrood {n}  :: ambrosia
godendrank {m} [Greek Mythology, Roman Mythology]  :: nectar (the Olympian's drink)
godendrank {m} [by extension]  :: any outstanding beverage
godgeleerdheid {f}  :: theology
godgelovig {adj}  :: theistic (believing in a god)
godgelovig {adj}  :: believing in a god but not practicing any faith
godheid {m}  :: A divinity, deity, male or female
godheid {m}  :: (often capitalized: Godheid) The divine nature of God, notably in monotheistic theology
godin {f}  :: goddess
god in het wit {m}  :: medic, MD [especially an arrogant one]
godinnelijk {adj} [rare]  :: goddessly
godloochening {f} [countable]  :: denial or rejection of the existence of any deities, atheism
godloochening {f} [countable, rare, dated]  :: action or specific occasion of denying any deities' existence
godloos {adj}  :: atheistic; godless
godsakker {m} [formal, poetic]  :: God's acre
Gods akker {m}  :: alternative form of godsakker
godsdienst {m}  :: religion
godsdienstig {adj}  :: religious
godsdienstigheid {f}  :: religiosity
godsdienstoefening {f}  :: religious service
godsdienstvrijheid {f}  :: freedom of religion
godse {adv}  :: very
godshuis {n}  :: house of worship (building for religious services)
godslastering {f}  :: blasphemy
godsloochening {f} [uncommon]  :: alternative form of godloochening
godsvrucht {f}  :: piety
godver {interj}  :: a contracted form of godverdomme
godverdomme {interj} [vulgar]  :: Goddamn!
godverdomme {interj} [vulgar]  :: fuck!
godverdomme {interj} [less vulgar]  :: damnation
godverdorie {interj}  :: I'll be damned, goddammit
godvrucht {f}  :: alternative form of godsvrucht
godvruchtig {adj}  :: God fearing, devout, pious
godvruchtigheid {f}  :: piousness
godzaligheid {f} [Protestantism, archaic]  :: devotion, piety
goed {adj}  :: good
goed {adj}  :: correct, right (factually or morally)
goed {adj}  :: all right, fine
goed {adv}  :: well
goed {n} [usually plural]  :: goods
goed {n} [archaic]  :: an estate, a manor
goedaardig {adj} [of tumour or swelling]  :: benign, not malignant
goedaardig {adj}  :: benign, good-natured
goedaardig {adj}  :: minor, unimportant
goeddeels {adv}  :: for the most part, mainly
goed doel {n}  :: charitable trust
goede {noun}  :: good person
goede {noun} [fiction, in the plural]  :: the good guys
goede {noun}  :: good (as a concept), that which is good
goededag {interj}  :: good day
Goedele {prop}  :: given name, a diminutive of Gudula
goedemiddag {interj}  :: good afternoon
goedemorgen {interj}  :: good morning
goeden {v} [obsolete]  :: to supply with material goods, to make prosperous
goedenacht {interj}  :: good night
goedenavond {interj}  :: good evening
goedendag {interj}  :: good day
goederentrein {m}  :: freight train
goedertieren {adj} [archaic]  :: charitable, benevolent
Goede Vrijdag {prop} {m}  :: Good Friday
goedgeefs {adj}  :: generous
goedheid {f}  :: goodness
goedheiligman {m} [de goedheiligman]  :: Sinterklaas
goedhoudertje {noun}  :: sop
goedje {noun}  :: stuff, liquid, usually said of a drink
goedkeuren {v}  :: to endorse, approve
goedkeuring {f}  :: approval
goedkoop {adj}  :: cheap, inexpensive, affordable
goedkoop {adj}  :: cheap (of inferior quality or being uncharitable)
goedlachs {adj}  :: given to laughter, joyful
goedlachs {adj}  :: cheerful, regardless whether there is any reason for joy
goedmens {m} [derogatory]  :: do-gooder; person who has a naïve and unreflected conviction of their own moral superiority
goedmens {m} [derogatory, in particular]  :: someone overly concerned with political correctness
goed, met jou? {phrase}  :: Fine, and you? (ossible response to the question "Hoe gaat het?" how are you)
goednieuwsshow {m} [pejorative]  :: a widely communicated story that minimalizes or negates the underlying problems
goed van pas komen {v}  :: to come in handy, to stand someone in good stead
goed vinden {v}  :: to approve of
goedwil {m}  :: goodwill
goed zo {interj}  :: well done!
goed zo {interj}  :: doing well!
goei {adj} [colloquial, chiefly attributive]  :: alternative form of goed; good
goeiedag {interj}  :: good day
goeiemiddag {interj}  :: good afternoon
goeiemorgen {interj}  :: good morning
goeienacht {interj}  :: good night
goelasj {m}  :: alternative spelling of goulash
Goele {prop}  :: given name, a diminutive of Goedele
goeroe {c}  :: guru
Goes {prop} {n}  :: A city in Zeeland, the Netherlands
Goes {prop} {n}  :: surname
Goes {prop} {n}  :: Willem Goes (1611–1686), Dutch writer who wrote frequently under the pseudonym “Lucius Verus”
goesting {f} [chiefly Belgium]  :: desire, appetite
goeverneur {m}  :: superseded spelling of gouverneur
goh {interj}  :: gosh, gee
Goidelisch {adj}  :: Goidelic
goj {m}  :: A goy, gentile in the Jewish sense of ethnic non-Jew
goj {m}  :: Criminal slang for manhood
gojims {adj}  :: goy, gentile in the Jewish sense of ethnic non-Jew
gojs {adj}  :: goy, gentile in the Jewish sense of ethnic non-Jew
gok {m}  :: gamble, guess
gok {m}  :: hooter, schnozzle
gokken {v}  :: to gamble
gokken {v}  :: to guess
gokker {m}  :: Gambler
gokschuld {mf}  :: (mostly in the plural: gokschulden) A gambling debt
goktent {mf}  :: A gambling joint, smaller or less mundane then a casino
gokverslaving {f}  :: gambling addiction
golden retriever {m}  :: Golden Retriever
golf {f}  :: wave
golf {f} [physics]  :: wave
golf {f} [geography]  :: gulf
golf {n}  :: golf
golfbal {m}  :: golf ball
golfbreker {m}  :: breakwater
golfen {v}  :: to play golf
golffunctie {f} [physics]  :: wavefunction
golflengte {f}  :: wavelength
golfpapier {n}  :: corrugated paper
Golf van Mexico {prop} {f}  :: Gulf of Mexico
golven {v}  :: to wave, to move like a wave or in waves, to undulate
gom {c}  :: gum, various viscous or sticky substances exuded by certain plants
gom {c}  :: an object made from/with it, especially:
gom {c}  :: an eraser, used to delete markings by rubbing off the ink etc
gondel {f}  :: gondola
gondellied {n}  :: barcarole
gong {m}  :: gong, disc-shaped metal percussion instrument
goniometrisch {adj}  :: trigonometric
gonorroe {f} [pathology]  :: The STD gonorrhea
gonzen {v}  :: to buzz (e.g. like bees), murmur
goo {?}  :: An alternative form of gouw 'region'
goochelaar {m}  :: magician
goochelen {v}  :: to perform magic tricks
goochem {adj} [colloquial]  :: smart, cunning, streetwise
googelen {vi}  :: To google, search for Internet info using search engine (market leader) Google
googelen {vt}  :: To google, research Internet info on something using search engine Google
googlen {v}  :: alternative spelling of googelen
gooien {v}  :: to throw
goor {adj}  :: dirty, filthy
goot {f}  :: gutter
gootsteen {m}  :: sink, basin
gordel {m}  :: belt, a (typically leather) band worn around the waist
gordel {m}  :: belt, roughly belt-shaped area
gordeldier {n}  :: armadillo
gorden {v}  :: to gird
gordijn {n}  :: curtain (piece of cloth covering a window)
gordijn {n} [Belgium]  :: net curtain
gorgelen {v}  :: to gargle
gorilla {m}  :: gorilla
Gorinchem {prop} {n}  :: A city in South Holland, the Netherlands
gort {m}  :: pearl barley
gortepap {m}  :: a kind of barley porridge
gortig {adj} [colloquial]  :: over the top, excessive, (ridiculously) demanding
gotisch {adj}  :: Gothic
Gotisch {prop} {n}  :: the Gothic language
gotspe {mf}  :: A grave insolence
goud {n} [chemistry]  :: gold
goud {n} [heraldry]  :: or, gold
Gouda {prop} {n}  :: Gouda (city)
goudblond {adj}  :: (hair) golden blond
goudbruin {adj}  :: golden brown
gouden {adj}  :: golden, made of gold
gouden {adj} [figuratively]  :: precious (as gold), of great (monetary or other) value
gouden medaille {f}  :: gold medal, gold
gouden medaille {f} [by extension]  :: first place, a win
gouden medaille {f} [metonymy]  :: gold medal winner; the best, champion
goudgeel {adj}  :: golden, having the color of gold
goudhamster {m}  :: golden hamster
goudkoorts {mf}  :: The gold fever, obsessional search for gold ore
goudkoorts {mf} [figuratively]  :: An excessive lust for profit
Goudkust {prop} {n}  :: the Gold Coast, a colonized coastal part of West Africa, most of which became Ghana
Goudlokjesgebied {n}  :: the habitable zone for a planet; the planetary area that is neither too warm nor too cold to sustain life; the Goldilocks zone
goudmijn {f} [literally]  :: goldmine (mine where gold ore is extracted)
goudmijn {f} [figuratively]  :: goldmine (source of rich, easy profit)
Gouds {adj}  :: of or related to Gouda
Goudse kaas {m}  :: Gouda cheese
goudsmid {m}  :: goldsmith
goudvink {m}  :: bullfinch
goudvis {m}  :: goldfish (fish)
Goudvis {prop} {m} [constellation]  :: Dorado
goudzoeker {m}  :: A gold prospector
goulash {m}  :: goulash
goulashsoep {f}  :: goulash soup
gouverneur {m}  :: governor (e.g. of a province)
gouw {f} [archaic]  :: geographical area; shire
gozer {m} [colloquial, Netherlands]  :: guy, boy
g-pion {m} [chess]  :: g-pawn: pawn placed on the g-file at the beginning of the game
Gr. {abbr}  :: abbreviation of Grieks
graad {m}  :: degree
graad {m} [geometry]  :: degree of angle
graaf {m}  :: earl, count
graaf {m} [graph theory]  :: graph
-graaf {suffix}  :: -grapher ("writer")
Graaf {noun} [uncommon]  :: alternative case form of graaf
graafschap {n}  :: county
graafschap {n}  :: shire
graag {adv}  :: willingly, gladly (meaning that the subject enjoys doing the action of the verb)
graag {interj}  :: please (when being offered something)
graag gedaan {idiom}  :: you're welcome; my pleasure (after being thanked); literally: gladly done
graaicultuur {f} [chiefly singular]  :: culture of self-enrichment
graaien {v}  :: to grab, to snatch
graal {m}  :: grail
graan {n}  :: grain
graan {n}  :: cereal
graanschuur {f}  :: granary
graanschuur {f}  :: food bowl
graat {f} {m}  :: fish bone
graatmager {adj}  :: extremely skinny, bony as if wasting to the bone
grabbelen {v}  :: to grabble, to scramble, to grope
gracht {f} {m} [Netherlands]  :: canal (in a city, with houses on each side)
gracht {f} {m} [Belgium]  :: ditch, trench (in the countryside, referring to both those that contain water and those that are dry)
gracht {n} [obsolete]  :: grave
grachtengordel {n}  :: canal belt; used mostly to refer to canal system of Amsterdam, and to lesser extent to similar systems in other Dutch cities
grachtengordel {n} [politics, figurative]  :: alleged abode of the elite
grachtenpand {n}  :: canal house
gradatie {f}  :: gradation
gradenboog {m}  :: protractor (measuring tool)
Gradus {prop}  :: Male given name short for Gerardus
graf {n}  :: grave
graf {adv} [slang]  :: very
grafeem {n} [linguistics]  :: A grapheme
grafheuvel {m} [archaeology]  :: tumulus
-grafie {suffix}  :: -graphy
grafiek {f}  :: graph, diagram
grafisch {adj}  :: graphical
grafische gebruikersinterface {m} [computing]  :: graphical user interface
grafische gebruikersomgeving {f} [computing]  :: graphical user interface
grafschennis {f}  :: desecration (of a grave)
grafsteen {m}  :: gravestone
graft {f} [chiefly Hollandic]  :: obsolete form of gracht
graft {n}  :: obsolete form of gracht
graftak {m} [colloquial, somewhat coarse]  :: bouquet, flower or plant on a grave
graftak {m} [pejorative]  :: nasty or ugly person [in particular an older one]
graftak {m} [derogatory]  :: dull, boring person
graftempel {m} [architecture, religion]  :: burial temple
gram {n}  :: gram (unit of mass)
gram {adj} [rare]  :: angry, irate
gram {m} [rare]  :: wrath
grammatica {f}  :: grammar (rules for speaking and writing a language)
grammatica {f} [metonymy]  :: grammatical manual
grammaticaal {adj}  :: grammatical
grammaticus {m}  :: grammarian
grammatische wisseling {f} [linguistics]  :: Verner alternation
grammofoon {m}  :: gramophone, record player
grammofoonplaat {f}  :: record, an LP or a single
gramschap {f} [formal or dated]  :: ire, anger, wrath
granaat {mf}  :: grenade
granaat {mf}  :: garnet
granaat {mf} [archaic]  :: pomegranate
granaat {mf} [archaic]  :: The plant Punica granatum
granaatappel {m}  :: The fruit pomegranate
granaatappel {m}  :: The plant Punica granatum, which produces it
grandioos {adj}  :: fantastic, great, wonderful
graniet {f} [rock]  :: granite
granulocyt {m}  :: granulocyte (blood cell)
grap {f}  :: joke
grapefruit {m}  :: grapefruit (tree of the species Citrus paradisi)
grapefruit {m}  :: grapefruit (fruit produced by the tree of the species Citrus paradisi)
grappig {adj}  :: funny
gras {n}  :: grass
grasdak {n}  :: roof with grass growing on it
grasduin {f}  :: grassy dune [historically considered a delightful place]
grasduinen {v}  :: to do something with relish [+ in (object)], to enjoy working [+ in (object) = on]; in particular:
grasduinen {v}  :: to enjoy searching [+ in (object) = through, in]
grasduinen {v}  :: to dabble [+ in (object) = at, in]
grasgroen {adj}  :: grass-green
grasmaaier {m}  :: a lawnmower
grasmodderpaard {n}  :: grass mud horse (Mythical Baidu deity used for circumventing censorship)
grasspriet {m}  :: blade of grass
grasveld {n}  :: field, lawn
gratenkut {f} [slang, vulgar, pejorative, offensive]  :: slim, scrawny woman
gratenkut {f} [slang, vulgar, pejorative, offensive]  :: slut (insult used of women, with sexual connotations)
gratis {adj}  :: free, without charge
gratuit {adj}  :: gratuitous, not obliged to
grauw {adj}  :: (literally) grey, not brightly colored, ashen, grubby, grimy
grauw {adj}  :: (figuratively) dreary, grim, gloomy, desperate
grauw {n} [uncountable]  :: the colour grey
grauw {n} [uncountable, chiefly in compounds]  :: grey stone or brick
grauw {n} [collective]  :: poor people
grauw {n} [collective, pejorative]  :: plebs
grauw {m}  :: growl, snap; a snappy, gruff statement
grauwen {v}  :: to be or become grey
grauwen {v} [by extension]  :: to dawn
grauwen {v}  :: to growl, to gruff
grauwheid {f}  :: grayness, greyness
grauwheid {f}  :: monotony
grauwheid {f}  :: gloom
grauwtje {noun}  :: donkey
grauwtje {noun}  :: grisaille
grauwvuur {n}  :: firedamp explosion
Graveerstift {prop} {f} [constellation]  :: Caelum
gravel {m} {n}  :: clay court (surface for playing tennis)
graven {vti}  :: to dig
graveren {v}  :: to engrave
gravida {f} [gynaecology]  :: A pregnant woman
gravin {f}  :: countess (feminine form of graaf)
gravitatie {f}  :: gravitation
gravitatieveld {n}  :: gravitational field
gravitationeel {adj}  :: gravitational
graviton {n} [physics]  :: graviton (hypothetical force-carrying particle)
grazen {vi}  :: to graze (to eat grass from a pasture)
Greense functie {f} [mathematics]  :: Green's function
greep {m}  :: grasp, clutches
greep {m} [figuratively]  :: consumed, obsessed with
greep {m} [figuratively]  :: guess
greep {m}  :: some samples that are reasonably representative for a larger collection
greep {f}  :: grip, handle
greeploos {adj}  :: handleless
gregoriaans {adj}  :: Gregorian
grein {n}  :: a small something; a grain
grendel {m}  :: bolt (of a door)
grendelen {v}  :: to bolt (a door); to lock a door by bolting it
grenen {n}  :: pinewood
grens {f}  :: border
grens {f}  :: limit
grensgebied {n}  :: border region
grenslaag {f} {m}  :: border layer
grensmark {f}  :: march (border region)
grenzeloos {adj}  :: borderless
grenzen {v}  :: to border
gretig {adj}  :: eager
gretig {adj}  :: keen
gretigheid {f}  :: keenness (often overly so)
gribus {f} [obsolete]  :: prison, clink, slammer
gribus {f}  :: rickety building
gribus {f} [by extension]  :: neglected area; poor neighbourhood
gribus {f} [by extension]  :: anything that is old or of inferior quality, especially items
gribus {f} [by extension, pejorative]  :: creepy person
grief {f} [chiefly plural]  :: grievance, axe to grind
Griek {m}  :: Greek (person)
Griekenland {prop} {n}  :: Greece
Grieks {adj}  :: Greek, Grecian
Grieks {prop} {n}  :: Greek (language)
Grieks vuur {n} [historical]  :: Greek fire
griend {m}  :: pilot whale
griend {m}  :: waterside area, overgrown with willows and reeds
griend {m}  :: wood harvested in such an area, especially willow branches
grienen {v}  :: to sob, to weep
griep {f} {m}  :: The contagious viral disease influenza, flu
griepachtig {adj}  :: flulike
griesmeel {n}  :: semolina (hard grains of flour left after milling)
griet {m}  :: alternative form of grutto (the bird godwit)
griet {f} [colloquial]  :: girl, (young or any) female, often derogatory: broad
griet {m}  :: short for margriet, an apple variety
griet {m}  :: euphemism for God, notable as an alternative for blasphemous cursing
griet {f}  :: Rhombus vulgaris, brill a fish species
griezel {m}  :: creep (creepy person)
griezelig {adj}  :: creepy, frightening, grisly
grif {adj}  :: prompt, without hesitation, ready
grif {adj}  :: eager
griffel {f} {m}  :: stylus
griffier {m} [law]  :: registar (official keeper of records)
grijmig {adj}  :: grimy
grijns {c}  :: grin
grijnzen {v}  :: to grin
grijpen {vt}  :: to grab
grijpgraag {adj}  :: grabby
grijs {adj} [literally]  :: grey, grey-colored
grijs {adj} [figuratively, referring to grey hair]  :: old
grijs {adj}  :: weathered, tarnished, affected by wear and tear
grijs {adj}  :: partially illegal
grijs {n}  :: the color grey, any mix of black and white
grijsaard {m}  :: greybeard; grey-haired old man
grijsachtig {adj}  :: grayish
grijsharig {adj}  :: grey-haired, having grey hair
grijsrijden {v}  :: to use public transport for a farther or more expensive destination that for which one has paid
grijs water {n}  :: alternative form of grijswater
grijswater {n}  :: greywater
grijze nacht {f} [astronomy]  :: a night with only twilight, where the sun does not go further than 18° below the horizon
grijze vos {m}  :: gray fox
grijzig {adj}  :: greyish, of a colour or shade which resembles or hinges on grey and/or contains some grey
gril {f} {m}  :: caprice, whim, impulse
grill {m}  :: grill
grillig {adj}  :: capricious, impulsive
grillig {adj}  :: unusual, irregular, strange
grimlach {m}  :: a scornful, grim or bitter smirk
grimmelen {vt} [obsolete]  :: to swarm, to abound
grimmelen {vi} [obsolete]  :: to teem [+ van (object) = with], to abound [+ van (object) = with]
grimmig {adj}  :: gruesome, grim
grimmigheid {f}  :: grimness, gruesomeness
grind {n} [geology]  :: The materials gravel, shingle
grind {n} [archaic, pathology]  :: The diseases scabies (human), mange (canine)
grindewal {m}  :: pilot whale
grip {m}  :: hold (to ensure control)
grissen {v}  :: to snatch, to grab
grissen {v}  :: to abduct, to kidnap
gristen {m}  :: obsolete spelling of christen
gristen {m} [pejorative]  :: Jesus freak, God botherer (pejorative for conservative Christians)
grizzlybeer {m}  :: grizzly bear
groef {f} {m}  :: wrinkle
groef {f} {m} [woodwork, metalwork etc...]  :: a groove carved into an object or a joint between two pieces of wood (such as a tongue and groove joint)
groei {c}  :: growth
groeien {vi}  :: to grow
groeipijn {f}  :: growing pains
groen {adj}  :: green
groen {adj} [politics]  :: green, relating to green parties or green politics
groenachtig {adj}  :: greenish
groenblauw {n}  :: teal, greenish blue
groenblauw {adj}  :: teal, teal-colored
groenblijvend {adj}  :: evergreen
groene {noun} [literally]  :: a green one, literally or in some figurative sense (e.g. greenhorn)
groene {noun}  :: ecologist, member of the greens (environmentally friendly movement or party)
Groene Hart {prop} {n}  :: "Green Heart": the non-urban area of the Netherlands that is surrounded by the Randstad
groene jongen {m}  :: (ideology) ecologist
groene jongen {m} [politics]  :: adherent of a green party or movement
groene kerst {m}  :: a Christmas day with exceptionally warm or mild weather
groene staar {m}  :: glaucoma
groene stroom {m}  :: green energy
groengeel {adj}  :: lime [color]
groenig {adj}  :: greenish, of a colour or shade which resembles or hinges on green and/or contains some green
groen lachen {v} [idiomatic, Belgium]  :: to smile wrily, to laugh desperately, (as in gallows humor)
Groenland {prop} {n}  :: Greenland, an island
Groenlands {adj}  :: Greenlandic, in or referring to Greenland, its people etc
Groenlands {adj}  :: in or relating to the Greenlandic native (Inuit) language (see below)
Groenlands {n}  :: The Greenlandic native (Inuit) language
groente {f}  :: vegetable
groenteboer {m}  :: greengrocer
groentekraam {f} {n}  :: vegetable stall
groentesoep {f} {m}  :: vegetable soup
groenwier {n}  :: green alga, chlorophyte (but see also groenwieren)
groep {f} {m}  :: group
groep {f} {m}  :: circuit in an electrical installation, protected by a circuit breaker
groeperen {v}  :: to group
groepsgewijs {adj}  :: in groups
groepsvordering {f}  :: class action
groet {m}  :: greeting
groeten {vt}  :: to greet
groeten {vt}  :: to salute
groetjes {interj} [colloquial]  :: regards (often used at the end of a letter/email)
groeve {f}  :: open grave
groeve {f}  :: quarry, pit
groeven {v}  :: to create a groove on an object
grof {adj}  :: rough, coarse
grof {adj}  :: rude
grofgrein {n}  :: grosgrain
grofweg {adv}  :: roughly
grol {f} {m}  :: joke, ribtickler
grommen {v}  :: to grumble, growl
grond {m}  :: ground
grond {m}  :: floor (op de grond --- on the floor/ground)
grondbezitter {mf}  :: landholder, landowner
gronden {vt}  :: to fathom, to determine the depth of
gronden {vt}  :: to put a foundation under
gronden {vt}  :: to found (an argument)
grondgebied {n}  :: territory
grondig {adj}  :: thorough
grondlegger {m}  :: founder, progenitor
grondoorzaak {f}  :: root cause
grondrecht {n}  :: fundamental right
grondsap {n} [historical, rare]  :: cardinal humour in Galenic medicine
grondsap {n}  :: alternative form of grondsop
grondslag {m}  :: foundation
grondstof {f}  :: raw material, natural resource
grondvesten {p}  :: foundations, basis
grondvesten {v}  :: to found, establish, to form a basis
grondwater {n} [geology]  :: ground water
grondwaterstand {m} [geology]  :: water table
grondwet {f}  :: constitution
grondwoord {n} [grammar]  :: primitive (word)
grondwoord {n} [linguistics]  :: stem, word stem
Groningen {prop} {n}  :: Groningen, a province of the Netherlands
Groningen {prop} {n}  :: Groningen, a city in the Netherlands
Gronings {n}  :: a Dutch Low Saxon dialect
groot {adj}  :: big, large, great
groot {adj}  :: tall
groot {adj}  :: adult
groot- {prefix} [family]  :: grand-
grootbrengen {vt} [literally]  :: To raise, bring up (a) young(ster)(s), from infancy to maturity
grootbrengen {vt} [figuratively]  :: To educate, rear, school, coach etc. offspring or other young charges on the path to adult life
grootbrengen {v}  :: the passive grootgebracht worden means to grow up, mature (to majority)
Groot-Brittannië {prop} {n}  :: Great Britain, an island
grootcommandeur {m}  :: knight grand commander, a high rank in certain orders of knighthood
grootduizend {n} [historical or archaic]  :: great thousand; 100 dozen, 1200
grootgrondbezitter {m}  :: landowner
grootgrutter {m} [ironic, uncommon]  :: supermarket
groothandel {m}  :: wholesale (business)
grootheid {f}  :: greatness
grootheid {f}  :: quantity
grootheidswaanzin {m}  :: megalomania
groothertog {m}  :: grand duke
groothertogdom {n}  :: grand duchy
groothertogdom {n}  :: grand dukedom
groothertogin {f}  :: grand duchess
groothonderd {n} [historical or archaic]  :: great hundred; 10 dozen, 120
grootkapitaal {n} [collective, somewhat, pejorative]  :: finance, in particular large and wealthy financial businesses, sometimes including financialised conglomerates in other sectors
grootmacht {f}  :: great power, superpower
grootmeester {m} [chess]  :: Grandmaster
grootmeester {m} [freemasonry]  :: Grand Master
grootmoeder {f} [formal]  :: grandmother
grootmoedig {adj}  :: magnanimous
grootoorkitvos {m}  :: kit fox (Vulpes macrotis)
Grootoosten {n} [freemasonry]  :: Grand Orient, Grand Lodge
grootouder {m}  :: grandparent, a parent of someone's parent
groots {adj}  :: grand, grandiose
grootschalig {adj}  :: large-scale
grootscheeps {adj}  :: large-scale
grootstad {f}  :: A big/major city, up to a metropolis
grootte {f}  :: size
grootteorde {c}  :: order of magnitude
grootvader {m}  :: grandfather
grootvee {n} [collective]  :: cattle and horses (sometimes also including pigs); defined as larger-sized livestock
grootvizier {m}  :: grand vizier, head of government under an oriental ruler
grootvorst {m} [literally]  :: Any great ruler, as of a mighty empire
grootvorst {m}  :: The princely ruler's title grand prince
grootvorst {m} [figuratively]  :: A master, champion in some discipline
grootvorstendom {n} [historical]  :: grand principality
grootvorstin {f}  :: grand duchess
grootzwaard {n}  :: any two-handed European sword including greatsword and longsword
gros {n}  :: gross; a dozen dozens, 144
gros {n}  :: largest part, largest proportion, majority
grosso modo {adv}  :: roughly, circa or approximately
grot {f}  :: cave, cavern
Grote Beer {prop} {m} [constellation]  :: Ursa Major
Grote Hond {prop} {m} [constellation]  :: Canis Major
grote mast {m} [nautical]  :: mainmast
Grote Meren {prop} {p}  :: Great Lakes
grotendeels {adv}  :: for the most part
Grote Oceaan {prop} {m}  :: Pacific Ocean (the world's largest body of water)
Grote Roerganger {prop} {m} [chiefly humorous]  :: Nickname for Mao Zedong
grote scherm {n}  :: cinema, big screen
grotesk {adj}  :: grotesque
Grotius {prop}  :: surname
grotschildering {f}  :: cave painting
grout {?}  :: grout
grs. {abbr}  :: graafschap
gruis {n}  :: grit, ground stone or rocks
grut {n} [countable and uncountable]  :: groat, broken-up or grinded grain
grut {n} [countable]  :: small stuff, little things
grut {n} [uncountable]  :: children
grutter {m} [dated, uncommon, chiefly historical]  :: grocer
grutto {c}  :: godwit
gruwel {m}  :: abomination, horror, something that is abhorrent
gruweldaad {f}  :: horrific action, abominable deed
gruwelijk {adj}  :: terrible, brutal
gruwelijk {adj} [colloquial]  :: awesome
gruwelijkheid {m}  :: atrocity
gruwzaam {adj}  :: gruesome
gruwzaam {adj}  :: cruel
gruwzaamheid {f}  :: gruesomeness
gruwzaamheid {f}  :: cruelty
gruzelementen {p}  :: smithereens (fragments or splintered pieces; numerous tiny disconnected items)
grvm. {abbr}  :: grootvorstendom
g-sleutel {m} [music]  :: G-clef
guanaco {m}  :: guanaco
Guatemala {prop} {n}  :: Guatemala
Gudula {prop}  :: given name
guil {m}  :: an old horse
guil {m}  :: (figurative) a lazy person
Guinee {prop} {n}  :: Guinea, especially the Republic of Guinea or its colonial precursor
Guinee-Bissau {n}  :: Guinea-Bissau
guirlande {c}  :: garland, festoon
guit {m}  :: tomboy, rascal, joker, troublemaker
guitig {adj}  :: mischievous, cheeky
gul {adj}  :: generous, unselfish
gul {adj}  :: unsparing, plentiful
gul {adj}  :: hearty, cordial
gul {mf}  :: young cod
gulden {adj}  :: golden, made of gold
gulden {adj} [metaphor]  :: precious, excellent
gulden {m}  :: gulden, guilder, the Dutch currency till the introduction of the Euro
gulheid {f}  :: munificence, generosity
gulle {pron} [Brabantian]  :: Second-person plural, subjective: you
gulp {f}  :: fly; opening in a man's pants to facilitate relieving himself
gulzig {adj}  :: gluttonous, avaricious
gulzigaard {m}  :: gormandizer, guzzler, glutton
gulzigheid {f}  :: gluttony
gunnen {v}  :: to think someone deserves something, to derive satisfaction from someone else's success
gunst {f}  :: favour
gunsteling {m}  :: beneficiary (someone who receives a favour or benefits)
gunstig {adj}  :: favourable
gup {c}  :: guppy, freshwater fish of the species Poecilia reticulata
gup {c} [by extension]  :: any small fish
gup {c} [by extension]  :: anything small
guppie {c} {n}  :: guppy
guppie {c} {n}  :: Sometimes reanalysed as a diminutive of gup
Gustaaf {prop}  :: given name, akin to Gustav
gutmensch {m} [derogatory]  :: do-gooder; person who has a naïve and unreflected conviction of their own moral superiority
gutmensch {m} [derogatory, in particular]  :: someone overly concerned with political correctness
guts {f} {m}  :: gouge, a suddenly flowing quantity of fluid
guts {f} {m}  :: a chisel type with a hollow beak
gutsen {v}  :: to gush, (especially precipitation) pour down, flow strongly irregularly
gutsen {v}  :: to gouge
guur {adj}  :: chillingly cold, rainy and windy
Guyana {prop} {n}  :: Guyana
gvd {interj}  :: abbreviation of godverdomme
GVD {abbr}  :: Abbreviation of godverdomme
gvd'en {v} [colloquial]  :: To curse
gym {n}  :: short for gymnasium, a special type of secondary school
gym {m}  :: short for gymnastiek, physical education class
gymles {f}  :: physical education
gymnasium {n}  :: a type of secondary school (for 12 to 18 year-olds) which prepares students for university or vocational school, and which offers classes in Latin and/or Greek
gymnasium {n}  :: school of sports which the Greeks had in antiquity
gymnast {m}  :: gymnast
gymnaste {f}  :: a female gymnast
gymnastiek {f}  :: gymnastics
gymp {c}  :: athletic shoe, sneaker, runner
gymschoen {m}  :: athletic shoe, sneaker, runner
gymtas {f}  :: drawstring backpack
gynocide {f}  :: femicide
gyros {m}  :: gyro (Greek sandwich)