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d {letter} :: letter
d' {prep} [archaic, poetic] :: apocopic form of de: the
D {letter} :: letter
D66 {prop} {f} :: initialism of Democraten '66; Democrats 66, a social liberal political party in the Netherlands
daad {f} :: deed, act
daadkracht {f} :: resolve, will to enact policy, willpower
daadkracht {f} :: capability to enforce policy
daadkrachtig {adj} :: resolute, firm
daadwerkelijk {adv} :: effectively, actually
daadzaak {f} [archaic] :: fact
daag {interj} [Flanders] :: bye
-daags {suffix} :: -day, -daily; suffixed to numerals to create an adjective that indicates something that happens at a certain interval
daags {adv} :: daily, per day
daalder {m} [numismatics] :: thaler
daalder {m} [numismatics] :: the Dutch thaler, used in the Netherlands from the 17th century until 1816 and worth 30 stuivers = 1½ guldens
daalder {m} :: 1½ guilders (shorthand for the monetary value, not a physical coin)
Daan {prop} {m} :: given name, short for Daniël
daar {adv} :: there
daar {adv} [with a preposition] :: that
daar {conj} :: since (preceding a reason why something is like it is)
daaraan {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of aan + dat
daarachter {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of achter + dat
daarachteraan {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of achteraan + dat
daaraf {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of af + dat
daarbeneden {adv} :: down there
daarbij {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of bij + dat
daarbinnen {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of binnen + dat
daarboven {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of boven + dat
daarbuiten {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of buiten + dat
daardoor {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of door + dat
daardoorheen {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of doorheen + dat
daarentegen {adv} :: on the other hand
daarginder {adv} :: over there, yonder
daarheen {adv} :: thither, to there
daarin {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of in + dat
daarlangs {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of langs + dat
daarmee {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of met + dat; therewith
daarna {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of na + dat
daarnaar {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of naar + dat
daarnaartoe {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of naartoe + dat
daarnaast {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of naast + dat
daaro {adv} [colloquial, Hollandic] :: there, yonder, over there
daarom {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of om + dat
daarom {adv} :: therefore, so, that's why
daarom {adv} :: thereby, because of that
daarom {interj} :: exactly
daaromheen {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of omheen + dat
daaromtrent {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of omtrent + dat
daaronder {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of onder + dat
daarop {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of op + dat
daarop {adv} :: thereupon, following that
daarover {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of over + dat
daaroverheen {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of overheen + dat
daarrond {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of rond + dat
daarstellen {v} [obsolete] :: to represent
daarstraks {adv} :: earlier today
daartegen {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of tegen + dat
daartegenover {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of tegenover + dat
daartevoren {adv} :: theretofore; until that time; before that
daartoe {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of tot + dat, thereto
daartoe {adv} :: for that purpose, to that end
daartussen {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of tussen + dat
daartussendoor {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of tussendoor + dat
daaruit {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of uit + dat
daaruitvolgend {adj} :: consequent
daarvan {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of van + dat
daarvanaf {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of vanaf + dat
daarvandaan {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of vandaan + dat
daarvoor {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of voor + dat
daarvoorbij {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of voorbij + dat
daarzijn {n} [philosophy, theology] :: Dasein, existence, presence, being
daas {adj} :: foolish, dull, silly
daas {m} :: horse-fly
Daas {prop} :: given name, short for Daniël
Dacisch {prop} {n} :: Dacian (language)
dactyloscopie {f} :: dactyloscopy
dactyloscopisch {adj} :: dactyloscopic
dada {adv} [child language] :: away
dada {adj} :: Related to the dada art movement
dada {adj} :: bizarre, irrational, like dada art
dada {interj} [child language] :: bye-bye
dada {n} :: dada, the cultural movement
dadel {f} {m} :: date (fruit)
dadel {m} :: date palm
dadelboom {m} :: date tree, date palm
dadelijk {adv} :: at once
dadelkern {m} [archaic] :: date kernel, seed of a date fruit
dadeloos {adj} :: inaction, idleness
dadelpalm {m} :: date palm
dadelpit {m} :: date kernel, seed of a date fruit
dadelwijn {m} :: date wine (alcoholic beverage made from dates)
dadendrang {m} :: a desire to take action, often to achieve an ambitious goal
dader {m} :: Perpetrator
dag {m} :: day (period of 24 hours)
dag {m} :: daytime (time between sunrise and sunset)
dag {interj} :: hello, short for goedendag (good day) 'goodday; goodbye'
dag {interj} :: goodbye, same shortening
dag {f} :: A piece of rope, used to punish sailors with, on the spot or in running the gauntlet
dag {f} :: A line used to fasten young sailors while training boarding a hostile ship or climbing the rigging
dagactief {adj} [zoology] :: diurnal, active during the day
dagblad {n} :: daily newspaper
dagboek {n} :: diary
dagdagelijks {adj} :: day in day out
dagdeel {n} :: part of the day, time of day
dagdief {m} :: idler, one who wastes time
dagdromer {m} :: daydreamer
dagelijks {adj} :: daily
dagen {vi} :: to dawn
dagen {vt} :: to light, illuminate, color by lighting
dagen {vi} :: to rise
dagen {vi} :: to start, begin
dagen {vi} :: to begin to become understood
dagen {vt} [legal] :: to subpoena, summon to appear in court
dagen {vt} :: to call, summon to battle, notably against uproar
dagenlang {adv} :: for days
dag- en nachtevening {noun} :: alternative spelling of dag-en-nachtevening
dag-en-nachtevening {f} :: equinox
dageraad {m} :: dawn, daybreak
dagge {f} :: A dagger; probably also a spit
dagge {f} :: A jointer, pointing-trowel
dagge {f} :: A whipping rope to punish sailors
dagge {f} :: A line to secure training young sailers
daggelder {m} :: A dayworker, day labourer
dagjesmens {m} :: day-tripper
daglicht {n} :: daylight
dagloner {m} :: A dayworker, day-labourer; one who works for daily wages, and is employed on daily basis, without mid- or long-term job security
dagloon {n} :: daily pay, daily wages, as opposed to hourly or long-term
dagloon {n} :: remuneration
dag moeder {interj} [colloquial] :: an interjection indicating indignation
Dagobert Duck {prop} {m} :: Scrooge McDuck, Uncle Scrooge (Disney character)
dagobertducktaks {f} [Netherlands, neologism] :: A type of special tax for the wealthiest
dagreis {f} :: day trip
dagreis {f} :: distance travelled in one day [often used as a crude unit of measure]
dagschotel {m} :: A special, dish which is promoted on the menu of the day in a restaurant, cafeteria etc., as opposed to the a la carte items
dagvaarden {vt} :: to summon to court, to subpoena
dagvaarding {f} :: A summons, formal request/order to come/appear
dagvaarding {f} [legal] :: A subpoena, writ requiring someone to appear in court, e.g. to give testimony
dagvaart {f} :: juridical summoning to court, subpoena
dagverblijf {n} :: a place where children or people who have disability are cared for; daycare, nursery
dagvlinder {m} :: diurnal butterfly
dak {n} :: roof
dakconcert {n} :: rooftop concert
dakdekker {m} :: roofer
dakgoot {f} :: rain gutter
dakhaas {m} [humorous, euphemistic] :: cat, often when a cat is referenced as food
dakisolatie {m} :: insulation of the roof
dakje {noun} [colloquial] :: A circumflex diacritic
dakkapel {m} :: dormer, dormer window
daklekkage {f} :: leakage of the roof
dakloos {adj} :: homeless
dakloze {noun} :: homeless person
dakpan {f} :: roof tile
dakraam {n} :: roof window
dakriet {n} :: reed used for thatching roofs
dakterras {n} :: Roof terrace
daktuin {m} :: roof garden
dakwerker {m} :: roofer
dal {n} :: valley
dal {m} :: a type of stone to pave the floor with, flagstone
dalen {vi} :: to descend
dalen {vi} :: to decrease, drop
daling {f} :: decline, fall
daling {f} :: descent
daling {f} [poetic meter] :: a group of letters which are unstressed
Dalmatië {prop} {n} :: Dalmatia, an Adriatic coastal region in former Yugoslavia
dalmatiek {f} :: A dalmatic, notably as Catholic liturgic vestment
dalmatiër {m} :: A canine Dalmatian, a white, black-spotted breed of dog
Dalmatiër {m} :: An inhabitant of Dalmatia, an Adriatic coastal region, presently in Croatia
Dalmatiër {m} :: A member of the Dalmati, a people which lived there in Antiquity, before the Slavic immigration
Dalmatisch {adj} :: Dalmatian, from or relating to Dalmatia
daltonisme {n} :: daltonism
dam {m} :: dam
dam {f} [checkers] :: king (double draught/checker)
Damascus {prop} {n} :: Damascus, the capital city of Syria
damassé {n} :: The fabric damassé, which is woven figured like damask
damast {n} :: The fabric damask
damast {n} :: A similarly decorative, 'floral' pattern, notably made on finely worked metal using biting chemicals
damast {adj} :: alternative form of damasten 'made of damask'
damastachtig {adj} :: like damask
damasten {adj} :: made of damask
damastroos {f} [botany] :: The damask rose, Rosa × damascena, a source of attar and major rose breeding ancestor, notably of hybrid perpetual roses
dambord {n} [checkers] :: checkerboard, draughtboard
damclub {m} :: checker club
dame {f} :: lady
dame {f} [chess] :: queen
dames en heren {p} :: ladies and gentlemen
dames gaan voor {proverb} :: ladies first
damespistooltje {noun} :: small pistol (literally, lady’s pistol)
damhert {n} :: fallow deer (Dama dama)
dammen {vi} :: to play checkers
dammen {n} :: checkers
dammen {v} [obsolete] :: to dam
dammer {f} {m} :: alternative form of damar
dammer {m} :: A player of checkers
damp {m} :: vapour (UK), vapor (US)
dampdruk {m} :: vapor pressure
dampen {vi} :: to steam, to give off steam or smoke
dampkring {m} [Earth, by extension other planets] :: atmosphere
dampvormig {adj} :: vaporous
Damsko {prop} [slang] :: Amsterdam
damspel {n} :: The board game checkers
damspel {n} :: A set of board and pieces used for that game
dan {adv} :: then, at that time (in the future)
dan {adv} :: then, after that
dan {adv} :: then, in that case
dan {conj} :: than (in comparison)
dan {prep} :: but, except
dan {c} :: Unit of grading proficiency greater than black-belt in Japanese martial arts
dan en slechts dan als {conj} [logic] :: if and only if
Daniel {prop} :: Daniel (prophet)
Daniel {prop} :: Daniel (book of the Bible)
Daniel {prop} :: given name
danig {adj} :: considerable, serious
danig {adv} :: completely, thoroughly
Daniël {prop} :: Daniel [biblical prophet]
Daniël {prop} :: The book Daniel, named after the prophet
Daniël {prop} :: given name
dank {m} :: gratitude, thanks
dank {m} :: show/token of recognition
dank {m} :: reward, recompense
dankbaar {adj} :: thankful, grateful
dankbaar {adj} [figuratively] :: gratifying, rewarding
dankbaarheid {f} :: The quality gratefulness, gratitude
danken {vt} :: to thank
dank je {interj} :: thank you, thanks
dankje {interj} [colloquial] :: alternative spelling of dank je
dank je wel {phrase} :: thank you very much
dankloos {adj} :: thankless, ungrateful, yielding (little or) no gratitude or reward
dank u {interj} [formal] :: thank you
dank U {interj} [dated] :: alternative spelling of dank u
dank u wel {phrase} [formal] :: thank you very much
dankuwel {interj} :: alternative spelling of dank u wel
dankwoord {n} :: A speech of thanks
dankzegging {f} :: thanksgiving
dankzij {prep} :: thanks to
dans {m} :: dance
dansbaar {adj} :: danceable
dansen {vi} :: to dance
danser {m} :: dancer, person who dances
dansfeest {n} :: party involving dance
danshuis {n} :: dancehall
danshuis {n} [slang] :: brothel
dansmarieke {f} :: majorette
dansmarieke {f} :: girl who dances at a carnival celebration
dansplaat {f} [music] :: a record or CD that contains music suitable for dancing
dansvee {n} [collective, slightly, derogatory] :: dancers
dansvloer {m} :: dancefloor
danswoede {f} :: tarantism
danszaal {f} :: dancehall
dansziek {adj} :: prone to dancing, dance-happy
Dantumadeel {prop} :: Dantumadeel (municipality)
dan wel {conj} :: or (often used in conjunction with of)
dapper {adj} :: brave, courageous
dapperheid {f} :: Courage, braveness as a virtue
dar {m} :: drone
darink {m} :: saline peat
darm {m} :: intestine
darmbeen {n} [anatomy] :: ilium (pelvic bone)
darmjicht {f} [obsolete] :: An intestinal disease in horses, apparently equivalent or similar to horse colic
darmklier {f} [chiefly plural] :: intestinal gland
darmsap {n} :: intestinal juice
darmspoeling {f} :: enema, clyster
darmstadtium {n} :: darmstadtium
darmvlies {n} :: omentum, caul
darmvlies {n} :: mesentery
dart {m} :: dart
dartel {adj} :: frisky, frolic, playful, gamesome
dartelen {vi} :: to frolic, cavort
das {m} [zoology] :: A badger, various species of genera Meles and Taxidea
das {f} :: necktie
das {f} :: scarf
da's {contraction} :: contraction of dat is
dashcam {f} :: dashcam
dashond {m} :: A dachshund, a breed of dog ideal for hunting badgers
dassenburcht {f} :: badger burrow
dassenhol {n} :: badger burrow
dasspeld {f} :: tiepin
dat {determiner} :: that (neuter); referring to a thing or a person further away
dat {pron} [demonstrative] :: that, that there
dat {pron} [relative] :: who, which, that
dat {pron} [exophoric] :: that, those (regardless of gender and number)
dat {conj} :: that
databank {f} :: database (collection of computer-organised information)
databank {f} :: databank (organization)
database {f} :: database
dateline {m} [journalism] :: dateline
dateren {vt} :: to date, determine the age (of)
dateren {vi} :: to date (from), belong to an age
datering {f} :: dating (process of estimating the age of something)
dat het een aard heeft {adv} [idiom, adverbial phrase] :: extremely, intensely, immensely, a lot
datief {m} [grammar] :: dative case
dativus {m} [grammar] :: the dative case or a word therein
dat kan {phrase} :: that's possible; literally, "that can"
dato {n} :: the given date
dattie {contraction} [Netherlands, colloquial] :: contraction of dat ie
datum {m} :: date (point in time)
datum {n} :: datum (piece of information)
datzelfde {pron} [demonstrative] :: that same, the aforementioned
dauw {m} :: dew
dauwdruppel {m} :: dew drop, dew droplet
dauwpunt {n} :: dewpoint
dauwtrappen {vi} :: to hike early in the morning, especially as a custom on Ascension Day
dauwvorst {m} :: hoarfrost, rime
d.a.v. {abbr} :: daaraanvolgend (subsequent)
daven {vi} [obsolete] :: to rage, to rant
daven {vi} [obsolete] :: to shake, to tremble, to waver
daveren {vi} :: to boom, to roar
daveren {vi} [Belgium] :: to shake, to tremble
David {prop} :: David (biblical figure)
David {prop} :: given name
David {prop} :: A Dutch patronymic surname
dazelen {vi} [dialectal] :: to talk crazy
dazelen {vi} [dialectal] :: to act crazy
dazen {vi} [archaic] :: to talk nonsense, to engage in crazy talk
DDR {prop} {f} :: initialism of Duitse Democratische Republiek (German Democratic Republic, GDR)
de {art} :: the (definite article, masculine and feminine singular, plural)
de- {prefix} :: de-
-de {suffix} :: Forms ordinal numbers from cardinal numbers
de aanhouder wint {phrase} :: dogged does it; it's persistence that accomplishes something
deadline {m} :: deadline
deal {m} [colloquial] :: deal, a transaction or arrangement
deal {m} [colloquial] :: a deal, a bargain (a favourable transaction)
dealen {v} :: to sell drugs
debacle {mf} {n} :: debacle
debat {n} :: debate; argument or discussion, usually in an ordered or formal setting
debatteren {vi} :: to debate
de beer is los {interj} [idiom] :: Used to indicate a chaotic situation; hell broke loose
de beste stuurlui staan aan wal {proverb} :: It's easy to criticize other people's work when you're not the one doing it. Compare also a backseat driver
de Bie {prop} :: surname
debiel {adj} [psychology, dated] :: mildly mentally disabled [formally, with an IQ ranging from 50 to 80]
debiel {adj} [by extension, pejorative] :: stupid, idiotic
debiel {adj} [archaic] :: weak, lacking strength or capacity
debiel {m} [psychology, dated] :: person with a mild mental disability [formally, with an IQ ranging from 50 to 80]
debiel {m} [by extension, pejorative] :: idiot, imbecile
debiet {n} [hydrology] :: discharge
debiteur {m} :: A debtor, party with a debit (due) on an account
de Boer {prop} :: surname
de boter gevreten hebben {v} :: Be unfairly blamed
debrideren {v} :: to remove necrotic tissue; to debride
de brui geven {vi} [idiom] :: to stop doing [+ aan (object)] [+ van (object)]
debuteren {vi} :: to debut, make one's debut
debuut {n} :: debut
debuutalbum {n} :: debut album
dec- {prefix} [hydrocarbon chain prefix] :: dec-
deca- {prefix} :: deca-
deca-ampère {m} :: deca-ampere: 10 amperes
decaan {m} :: dean
decaan {n} [organic compound] :: decane
decade {f} :: a decade, period of ten years
decade {f} [history] :: a décade, 'week' of ten days in the French republican calendar; hence any ten consecutive days
decade {f} :: a set of ten book volumes, as part of a larger opus
decaseconde {f} :: decasecond: ten seconds
decasteradiaal {m} :: decasteradian: 10 steradians
deceen {n} [organic compound] :: decene
december {m} :: December
decennium {n} :: a period of ten years
decentraliseren {vt} :: to decentralize/decentralise
deceptie {f} :: disappointment, disillusion (quality of being disappointed)
deceptie {f} :: something that causes disappointment
deceptie {f} [obsolete] :: deception, deceit
deci- {prefix} :: deci-
deciampère {m} :: deciampere: one tenth of an ampere
decibel {m} :: decibel
decimeren {vt} :: to decimate, to weaken
decimeter {m} :: decimetre: one tenth of a metre
deciseconde {f} :: decisecond (one tenth of a second)
decisteradiaal {m} :: decisteradian: one tenth of a steradian
declareren {vt} :: to announce, to declare
declinatie {f} [astronomy] :: declination
declineren {vt} :: to decline, to refuse
declineren {vt} [grammar] :: to decline
decoderen {vt} :: to decode, transpose a coded message in (intel)legible form
decoderen {vt} :: to apply technological reversal of encryption, e.g. convert a compressed signal into the final (and original) form
decolleté {n} :: décolleté, cleavage, a low neckline
decompositie {f} :: decomposition
decor {n} :: decor; decoration
decor {n} :: scenery
decoratie {f} :: ornamental decoration, such as for various festivities
decoratie {f} :: honorary decoration, such as a medal
decoratief {adj} :: decorative
decoreren {vt} :: to decorate
de cost gaet voor de baet uyt {proverb} [early 17th century] :: archaic spelling of de kost gaat voor de baat uit
decreet {n} :: decree
decyl {n} [organic chemistry] :: decyl
decyn {n} [organic compound] :: decyne
de daad bij het woord voegen {v} :: to turn words into action
de dans ontspringen {vi} [idiom] :: to get away scot-free, to get away with murder
de Decker {prop} :: surname
de dood of de gladiolen {phrase} [idiom] :: all or nothing; do or die (used to indicate a win-or-lose situation with an uncertain outcome)
deduceren {vt} :: to deduce
de duvel en zijn ouwe moer {phrase} [idiom] :: everybody and his mother; everybody, anybody
deeg {n} :: dough
deeg {adj} [archaic] :: sound, good
deeg {mf} [archaic] :: benefit, advantage
deegroller {m} :: A rolling pin, rolling food preparation utensil fit to flatten dough
deel {n} :: part, piece
deel {n} :: volume (of a book or album)
deelbaar {adj} :: divisible
deelcertificaat {n} [education, Netherlands] :: certificate demonstrating qualification for a single course or subject at a given level, not for a complete education
deel en heers {phrase} :: divide and conquer, divide and rule
deelgemeente {f} :: part of a municipality with an own government
deelgemeente {f} [in Belgium] :: part of a municipality, which was formerly an own municipality and is now part of a fusiegemeente
deelgenoot {m} :: someone who shares something with you, an associate
deelname {f} :: participation
deelnemen {vi} :: to take part, to partake, to participate
deelnemer {m} :: participant
deelneming {f} :: participation
deelneming {f} :: sympathy, condolence
deels {adv} :: partly
deelstaat {m} :: state - of a federation or confederation
deelteken {n} [mathematics] :: division sign
deelteken {n} :: diaresis
deeltijds {adj} :: part-time
deeltje {noun} :: particle
deeltjesfysica {f} [science] :: The natural science branch particle physics, which studies the basic composition of particles of matter
deeltjesversneller {m} [physics] :: particle accelerator
deel uitmaken van {vt} :: to be part of
deelverzameling {f} [set theory] :: subset
deelwoord {n} [grammar] :: A participle, a verb form that may function nominally or adjectivally
deelwoordelijk {adj} :: participial
deem {m} [Brabantian] :: dumb person
deemoedigen {vt} :: to humble
deemster {m} :: twilight
deemstering {f} :: dusk, twilight
Deen {m} :: Dane (person from Denmark or of Danish descent)
Deen {m} [zoology] :: short for Deense dog, a canine race
Deens {adj} :: Danish
Deens {prop} {n} :: Danish (language)
deerne {f} [archaic, poetic, endearing in some areas, pejorative in others] :: girl
deerne {f} [archaic] :: maidservant, maid
deerne {f} [pejorative] :: promiscuous woman
deernis {f} :: pity, compassion
deerniswekkend {adj} :: meagre (UK), meager (US), paltry
deerniswekkend {adj} :: pitiful, pathetic
defaitisme {n} :: defeatism, acceptance of defeat or other misery without struggle
defaitist {m} :: defeatist
defecatie {f} [medicine] :: defecation
defect {adj} :: broken, not working
defenestreren {v} :: to defenestrate
defensief {adj} :: defensive
defilé {n} [military] :: parade, procession[1]
de Filistijnen over u {phrase} :: Said when noisy people (are about to) arrive
definiëren {vt} :: to define
definitie {f} :: definition (i.e. statement of the meaning of a term)
definitief {adj} :: definitive, conclusive
definitief {adj} :: final
De Friese Meren {prop} :: De Friese Meren (municipality)
deftig {adj} :: stylish, distinguished (showing high social class)
deftig {adj} :: pompous
de geest geven {vi} :: to give up the ghost, to die or to cease to function
de geest is uit de fles {phrase} [idiom] :: the genie's out of the bottle (matters are hard to reverse or beyond control now)
degelijk {adj} :: sound, solid
degelijk {adj} :: honest
degelijk {adv} :: roundly, squarely
degen {m} [fencing] :: epee
degen {m} [archaic] :: hero, warrior, soldier
degene {pron} :: that one who
degenen {pron} :: those
de goede oude tijd {m} [idiomatic] :: the days of yore
de Graaf {prop} :: surname
de groeten {interj} [colloquial] :: no way, screw that, yeah right
de Groot {prop} :: surname
degustatie {f} [Belgium] :: winetasting
De Haag {prop} {n} [Hague dialect] :: The Hague
de Haan {prop} :: surname
de Haas {prop} :: surname
de handdoek in de ring werpen {v} [idiom] :: to throw in the towel
de Heer {prop} :: surname
de hel breekt los {phrase} [idiomatic] :: all hell breaks loose
de huid niet verkopen voor de beer geschoten is {proverb} :: don't count your chickens before they're hatched
dehydratie {f} :: dehydration
deinen {vi} :: to bob (to move up and down with the motion of waves)
deining {f} :: swell (of the ocean)
deining {f} [figuratively] :: unrest
de Jong {prop} :: surname, the most common in the Netherlands
dek {n} :: surface
dek {n} :: deck
de kat in het donker knijpen {v} :: to secretly do harm
de kat sturen {phrase} :: not show up
de kat uit de boom kijken {vi} :: to wait and see; to not jump right into a situation, but observe and assess first
dekbed {n} :: duvet
deken {f} :: A blanket, warm textile cover
deken {f} [figuratively] :: A blanket, covering layer
deken {n} :: The permanent flooring of a fishery vessel
deken {m} :: A dean, certain priestly offices
deken {m} :: presiding over a chapter, as in a cathedral or collegiate church
deken {m} :: pastoral chief in a part of a diocese comprising several parishes
deken {m} :: A chairman in certain professional corporations
deken {m} :: A doyen, eldest, as in the corps diplomatique
deken {m} :: Some other presiding officers, e.g. of a neighborhood
dekhengst {m} :: stallion, male stud horse (male horse kept for breeding)
dekhengst {m} :: stallion, sex machine
dekken {vt} :: to cover
dekken {vt} :: to set (the table)
dekken {vt} :: to impregnate (horses, cows)
Dekker {prop} :: surname
dekking {f} :: cover
dekking {f} :: (animals) mating
dekking {f} :: (insurance) coverage
deklast {m} :: cargo stored on a ship's deck
deklat {f} [Belgium] :: crossbar
de Klerk {prop} :: surname derived from klerk
de klok hebben horen luiden maar niet weten waar de klepel hangt {vi} [idiom] :: to think one has an understanding of something, but fail to grasp the full story, the real essence or meaning
dekmantel {m} :: coverup (only used figuratively)
de knuppel in het hoenderhok gooien {vi} [idiom] :: to put the cat among the pigeons
de kogel is door de kerk {phrase} :: a decision has been made at last
de kont tegen de krib gooien {vi} :: to be obstinate, to resist
de kool en de geit sparen {v} [idiom] :: to compromise in order to keep all parties satisfied, to meet halfway
de kost gaat voor de baat uit {proverb} :: literally "Costs go before earnings" (Dutch Golden Age proverb). Often used in the same context as English proverb "no pain, no gain"
de krenten uit de pap halen {v} [idiomatic, Netherlands] :: to cherrypick
deksel {n} {m} :: lid (top or cover of a container)
deksels {interj} [dated] :: darn!
deksels {interj} [dated] :: boy!
del {n} :: dune valley
del {n} :: dell, small depression in a landscape
del {f} :: trollop, floozie
de lading dekken {vi} :: to be an appropriate description (for something)
de Leeuw {prop} :: surname
delegeren {v} :: to delegate
delen {vt} :: to divide, to split
delen {vt} :: to share
delen {vt} [arithmetic] :: to divide
deler {m} [arithmetic] :: divisor
deler {m} :: dealer (cardgames)
deleten {vt} :: to delete
delfstof {f} :: mineral
delfstoffelijk {adj} :: mineral, pertaining to mineral resources
delfstofkunde {f} :: mineralogy
Delft {prop} {n} :: Delft (city)
Delft {prop} {n} :: Delft (municipality)
delgen {vt} :: to void
delgen {vt} :: to pay off
delict {n} :: crime
delier {n} :: delirium
delirium {n} :: delirium
delta {f} :: The Greek letter delta
delta {f} :: A river delta, a network of one or more rivers and tributaries pouring out into a larger body of water
deltaplan {n} [Netherlands] :: A high-priority government project aimed at fundamentally addressing a societal risk or problem
Deltaplan {prop} {n} :: Delta Plan; the infrastructural project that led to the construction of the waterworks protecting the delta of the Scheldt, Rhine and Meuse against flooding
Deltaplan {n} :: Delta Plan, typically in references to a more conceptual stage or in plural uses
Deltaplan {n} :: alternative case form of deltaplan
delven {vt} :: to delve, dig, excavate
delving {f} :: digging, excavation
demagogie {f} :: demagoguery
demagogisch {adj} :: demagogic
demagoog {m} :: A demagogue
dement {adj} :: demented
dementie {f} :: dementia, dotage
demissionair {adj} :: demissionary
demiurg {m} :: Any being that made the universe out of primal matter, demiurge
democraat {m} :: democrat, supporter of democracy
democratie {f} [uncountable, countable] :: democracy
democratisch {adj} :: democratic
democratisering {f} :: democratisation (UK); democratization (US)
democratuur {f} :: a democracy with many characteristics of a dictatorship or a dictatorship with superficial characteristics of a democracy; an authoritarian democracy or pseudo-democracy
demoduleren {vt} :: to demodulate
demokratie {f} :: superseded spelling of democratie
demokratisch {adj} :: superseded spelling of democratisch
demo-liberaal {adj} [historical, pejorative, dated] :: liberal democratic [seen as too rationalistic or egalitarian]
demon {m} :: demon
demonstrant {m} :: demonstrator
demonstratie {f} :: demonstration, demo
demonstratie {f} :: demonstration (showing or explaining of something)
demonstratie {f} :: demonstration (group protest)
demonstratief {adj} :: demonstrative, expressive
demonstreren {vt} :: to demonstrate
demonteerbaar {adj} :: dismountable
de Moor {prop} :: surname
demotie {f} :: demotion
demotiveren {vt} :: to demotivate, to discourage
dempen {vt} :: to diminish, to dampen, to subdue, to dim, to make faint or less pronounced
dempen {vt} :: to fill in, to put material into to reduce depth
demper {m} :: damper
demper {m} :: suppressor, silencer
den {m} :: pine, pine tree
den {art} [archaic] :: Dative singular masculine form of de
den {art} [archaic] :: Dative singular neuter form of het
den {art} [archaic] :: Dative plural form (for all genders) of de and het
den {art} [archaic] :: Accusative singular masculine form of de
den {art} [Southern Dutch, dialectal] :: Masculine singular definite article, alternative form of de
Den Bosch {prop} {n} :: synonym of 's-Hertogenbosch
Dender {prop} {m} :: A river in Belgium, flowing through Aalst
denderen {vi} :: to roar, to make a thunderous noise
Denemarken {prop} {n} :: Denmark
Den Haag {prop} {n} :: Den Haag (city/and/capital)
Den Haag {prop} {n} :: Den Haag (municipality)
de Nijs {prop} :: surname
denim {n} :: denim
Denise {prop} :: given name, cognate to Denise
Dené-Jenisejisch {adj} :: Dene-Yeniseian
denkbaar {adj} :: conceivable, thinkable
denkbeeld {n} :: idea
denkbeeldig {adj} :: imaginary
denken {vi} :: to think [+ aan (object) = about, of]
denker {m} :: thinker
denkfout {f} {m} :: thinking error
denkpiste {f} [Belgium] :: hypothesis, hypothetical explanation
denkpiste {f} [Belgium] :: proposal, plan
denkraam {n} :: mental framework, frame of reference
denkrimpel {m} :: a wrinkle that becomes visible when a person is deep in thought and furrows their forehead, brow in centration
denneappel {m} :: superseded spelling of dennenappel
denneboom {m} [superseded] :: pine tree
dennenappel {m} :: pinecone
dennenboom {m} :: Official spelling of denneboom
denominatie {f} [literally] :: A denomination, designation
denominatie {f} [chiefly religion, also politics] :: A denomination; an organised religious association, an organised faction or formal ideological tendency
denominatie {f} :: A monetary or other financial denomination, the nominal value on a coin, banknote, stock or bond
denominatie {f} [obsolete] :: A (list of) nomination(s), e.g. as candidate
denominatie {f} [obsolete] :: A naming
denominatie {f} [obsolete] :: A constatation
dentist {m} :: dentist
deo {m} :: deodorant
De Panne {prop} {n} :: A municipality on the Belgian coast
de pan uit rijzen {vi} :: to get out of hand, to become excessive
de pest in hebben {vi} :: to be angry, to be in a bad mood
de plaat poetsen {vi} :: to leave, to go away
deplorabel {adj} :: pitiful
deponeren {vt} :: to deposit, lay down
deportatie {f} :: deportation
deporteren {vt} :: to deport
depot {f} {m} :: a depot, a storage warehouse
depot {f} {m} :: a compound
depressie {f} :: A physical depression
depressie {f} :: A psychologically 'low' state of mind, producing serious long-term lowering of enjoyment
depressie {f} :: A low physical pressure
depressie {f} :: A meteorological depression, (area of) low air pressure
depressie {f} :: A long low in the economic situation
depressie {f} :: A downward pressure, position or movement
depressief {adj} :: depressed
depressiviteit {f} :: tendency towards depression
depri {adj} :: abbreviation of depressief
deprimeren {vt} :: to depress, to sadden, to deject
der {adv} :: there
-der {suffix} :: Alternative form of -er, used with words ending in -r, and sometimes -l and -n
deracineren {v} :: to deracinate
derailleur {m} :: derailleur (mechanism to move from one gear to another)
derde {adj} :: third
derde {n} :: a third (part)
derde {noun} :: third party
derde naamval {m} [grammar] :: dative case
derde persoon {m} :: third person
derde stand {m} :: The third estate, the commoners as a represented (mainly bourgeoisie and/or cities as such) feudal estate below the privileged nobility and clergy; often excluding an even lowlier fourth estate, which is denied representation
Derde Wereldoorlog {m} :: a hypothetical world war following World War II; World War III
deren {vt} :: to harm
dergelijk {determiner} :: such, similar
dergelijk {determiner} :: of that kind
derhalve {adv} :: therefore
de Rijke {prop} :: surname
derivaat {n} :: derivative (something derived)
dermate {adv} :: so (to such an extent)
dermatologie {f} :: dermatology
dermatoloog {m} :: dermatologist, someone who is skilled in, professes or practices the medical specialism dermatology
derogatie {f} [legal] :: derogation of a law or part of a law either temporarily or permanently
derogeren {vt} :: to repeal, to annul (a law or a tradition)
derrie {f} [now, chiefly specialist, geology, geography] :: peat contaminated with clay
derrie {f} :: goop, slime, muck
dertien {num} :: thirteen
dertiende {adj} :: thirteenth
dertien in een dozijn {adj} [idiomatic] :: So common as to be practically worthless, dime a dozen
dertien-in-een-dozijn {adj} :: dime a dozen, run-of-the-mill
dertig {num} :: thirty
de Ruiter {prop} :: surname which means "the horseman", otherwise it means "the rider" or "the knight"
de Ruyter {prop} :: surname, an older spelling of de Ruiter
derven {vt} [archaic] :: to lack, want
des {conj} :: the ... the (used as an intensifier to indicate the degree of an action)
des- {prefix} :: des-
des- {prefix} :: dis-
desalniettemin {adv} :: nevertheless (in spite of what preceded)
desambigueren {vt} :: to disambiguate
desastreus {adj} :: disastrous
des avonds {adv} :: archaic spelling of 's avonds
de schijn ophouden {vi} :: to maintain appearance, to make something appear different from what it really is
de schoen zetten {vi} :: to put out one's shoe, traditionally at the fireplace, so that Sinterklaas can leave treats in it
de schone schijn ophouden {phrase} :: keep up appearances
desempaco {m} :: a wise man, someone who is extremely knowledgeable
deserteren {vt} :: to desert
desgevraagd {adv} [formal] :: when requested, upon request
desgewenst {adv} [formal] :: if desired, when wished for, optionally
des huizes {noun} :: definite genitive of huis: of the house, household, family
design {n} :: design
designer {m} :: designer
desinfecteren {vt} :: to disinfect
desinformatie {f} :: disinformation (dissemination of intentionally false information)
desktop {m} [computer hardware] :: desktop computer
desktop {m} [graphical user interface] :: main graphical user interface of a system
deskundig {adj} :: highly capable, expert
deskundige {noun} :: expert
des lands {phrase} :: archaic spelling of 's lands
deïsme {n} :: deism
des middags {adv} :: archaic spelling of 's middags
des morgens {adv} :: archaic spelling of 's morgens
des nachts {adv} :: archaic spelling of 's nachts
desnoods {adv} :: if need be
des ochtends {adv} :: archaic spelling of 's ochtends
desondanks {adv} :: despite that, nevertheless
desoriëntatie {f} :: disorientation
desoriënteren {vt} :: to disorientate
desoxyribonucleïnezuur {n} :: deoxyribonucleic acid
desp. {abbr} :: despotaat
de spuigaten uitlopen {v} :: not be acceptable
dessert {n} :: dessert
deïst {m} :: deist
destalinisatie {f} :: destalinization
des te meer {phrase} :: the more..
destijds {adv} :: then (at that time)
destillatie {f} :: distillation (separation of a substance)
destilleren {v} :: alternative spelling of distilleren
deïstisch {adj} :: deistic
de strijdbijl begraven {v} [idiom] :: to bury the hatchet, to end hostilities
des werelds {phrase} :: archaic spelling of 's werelds
des winters {adv} :: archaic spelling of 's winters
des zomers {adv} :: archaic spelling of 's zomers
detacheren {vt} :: to deploy, to assign
detacheringsbedrijf {n} :: a contracting company
detail {n} :: detail
detailhandel {m} :: retail business
detecteerbaar {adj} :: detectable
detecteren {vt} :: to detect
detector {m} :: detector
de teerling is geworpen {phrase} [idiom] :: the die is cast
detentie {f} :: detention, custody
de tijd nemen {vi} :: to take one's time
de tijd zal het leren {proverb} :: time will tell
de tijd zal 't leren {proverb} :: time will tell
detineren {vt} :: to detain
detonator {m} :: detonator
deugd {f} :: virtue
deugdelijk {adj} :: sound, solid
deugdgezinde {m} [archaic, chiefly plural] :: One who practices or supports virtue
deugdrijk {adj} :: virtuous, abundant in virtue
deugdzaam {adj} :: decent, virtuous
deugen {vi} :: to be good, well-behaved or moral etc..
deugen {vi} :: to be of good quality
deugniet {m} :: (originally) good-for-nothing
deugniet {m} :: (usually) rascal, scamp, a naughty boy
deugniet {m} :: (term of endearment) knave, amusing boy
deuk {f} :: dent
deun {m} :: tune
deur {f} :: door
deurbel {f} :: doorbell
deurduim {m} :: axis of a door hinge, connected to the doorpost
deurgreep {m} :: a fixed bar-like door handle
deurhamer {m} :: doorknocker (device for knocking on a door)
deurklink {f} :: door handle
deurklopper {m} :: doorknocker (device for knocking on a door)
deurknop {m} :: doorknob
deurmat {f} :: doormat
deuropening {f} :: door opening
deurpost {c} :: doorpost
deurraam {n} :: doorframe
deurraam {n} :: window or window frame in a door
deurstijl {m} :: doorpost, door pillar
deuterium {n} :: deuterium
deuteriumkern {f} [physics] :: deuteron, deuterium nucleus
deuteron {n} [physics] :: deuteron, deuterium nucleus
Deuteronomium {prop} :: Deuteronomy (book of the Bible)
deuvel {m} :: wooden dowel, small wooden peg in woodworking used for connecting pieces of wood
deuvik {m} [obsolete] :: bung (plug for a barrel)
Deventer {prop} :: Deventer (city)
Deventer {prop} :: Deventer (municipality)
devies {n} :: motto, slogan, watchword
devies {n} [finance] :: security (proof for ownership of bonds)
devoot {adj} :: devout, pious
de Vos {prop} :: surname
Devos {prop} :: surname
devotielicht {n} :: votive candle
de Vries {prop} :: surname which means "the West Frisian"; Vries is an older spelling of Fries
de wens is de vader van de gedachte {proverb} :: the wish is father to the thought
de wet voorschrijven {vt} :: to boss around
dewijl {conj} :: because
dewijl {conj} [obsolete] :: while
de Winter {prop} :: surname
de Wit {prop} :: surname
de Witt {prop} :: surname
De Wolden {prop} :: De Wolden (municipality)
deze {determiner} :: this (masculine, feminine); referring to a thing or a person closer by
deze {determiner} :: these (plural); referring to things or people closer by
dezelfde {determiner} :: the same (used to modify non-neuter nouns)
dezen {pron} [referring to a person] :: plural of deze
de Zwart {prop} :: surname
di- {prefix} :: Meaning two, twice or double
dia {m} [photography] :: slide
diabeet {mf} :: diabetic (person)
diabetes {m} :: diabetes
diabetica {f} :: female person with diabetes
diabeticus {m} :: diabetic (person)
diabolisch {adj} :: diabolic (showing wickedness typical of a devil)
diaconessenhuis {n} :: deaconess-house
diaconie {f} [Protestantism] :: a legal person responsible for the ecclesiastical administration of charity
diafragma {n} :: aperture (something which restricts the diameter of the light path through one plane in an optical system)
diafragma {n} :: diaphragm: the muscle between thorax and abdomen needed for breething
diagenese {f} [geology] :: diagenesis
diagnose {f} :: diagnosis
diagnosticeren {vt} :: to diagnose, to determine the root cause of a problem
diagram {n} :: diagram
diaken {m} [Protestantism] :: deacon, person involved in an ecclesiastical lay office for social affairs and charity
diaken {m} [Roman Catholicism] :: deacon, male in an unordained clerical office qualified for parish work
dialect {n} :: dialect
dialect {n} :: A dialect of a language perceived as substandard or wrong
dialectologie {f} :: dialectology (the study of dialects)
dialekt {n} :: superseded spelling of dialect
dialoog {m} :: dialogue, conversation or other discourse between two interlocutors
dialyse {f} :: dialysis
diamagnetisch {adj} [physics] :: diamagnetic
diamagnetisme {n} [physics] :: diamagnetism
diamant {n} [mineral] :: diamond (substance)
diamant {m} :: a diamond
diamant {m} [uncountable, printing, dated] :: The size of type between kwart cicero and parel, equivalent to English brilliant and standardized as 4 point
diamantmijn {f} :: diamond mine
diameter {m} :: diameter (length of diametrical chord)
diarree {f} :: diarrhea
diastole {f} [physiology] :: diastole
dicht {adj} :: thick, tight, dense
dicht {adj} :: close
dicht {adj} :: closed, shut
dicht {n} [literary] :: poem
dicht {n} [archaic, literary] :: poetry
dichtbij {adj} :: close, nearby
dichtbinden {vt} :: to tie up
dichtbundel {m} :: anthology of poems
dichtdoen {vt} :: to close
dichten {vt} :: to close
dichten {vt} :: to stop up
dichten {vi} :: to compose a poem
dichter {m} :: poet
dichteres {f} :: female poet; a poetess
dichtheid {f} :: density
dichtkunst {f} :: poetry
dichtslaan {v} [ergative] :: to slam shut, to be slammed shut
dichtslaan {vi} :: to lose composure or become confused so that one becomes unable to react
dichtstbijzijnd {adj} :: closest, nearest
dichtwerk {n} :: work of poetry
dictator {m} :: dictator (bossy senses)
dictatuur {f} :: dictatorship
dictee {n} :: dictation (the process of speaking for someone else to write down the words)
didgeridoo {m} :: didgeridoo
die {determiner} :: that (masculine, feminine); referring to a thing or a person further away
die {determiner} :: those (plural); referring to things or people further away
die {pron} [relative] :: who, whom, which, that
diedenweg {m} :: prehistoric road
dieet {n} :: diet
dief {m} :: A thief, who steals
dief {m} [figuratively] :: Any profit-seeking crook, e.g. a corrupt or 'partially budgetting' politician
diefijzer {n} :: set of metal bars on a window
diefstal {m} :: theft
diefte {f} [obsolete or dialectal] :: theft
diegene {pron} :: he who, she who
diegenen {pron} :: those who, those which
dien {pron} [archaic] :: whom; accusative singular masculine form of die
dienaar {m} :: servant
dienblad {n} :: service tray, as used to present and serve dishes, drinks etc
diender {mf} :: police officer
dienen {vt} :: to serve
dienen {v} [auxiliary, with te] :: to ought to, to be to, be expected to
diens {determiner} [demonstrative] :: his, the latter's (genitive masculine and neuter singular of die)
dienst {m} :: service
dienstbode {c} :: servant
dienstenproletariaat {n} :: service proletariat (impoverished class of low-waged and/or precariously employed service workers)
dienstensector {m} [economy] :: service sector (tertiary sector)
dienster {f} :: waitress, female server
dienstig {adj} :: useful
dienstman {m} [historical] :: ministerial (unfree noble)
dienstman {m} [historical] :: anyone with feudal duties to a liege
dienstman {m} [obsolete, rare] :: servant
dienstplicht {f} :: conscription
dienstplichtig {adj} [military] :: drafted, conscripted
dienstplichtige {m} :: draftee, non-volunteer (para)military recruit
dienstrooster {n} :: duty-roster
dienstverlening {f} :: (provision of) services
diep {adj} :: deep, down low
diep {adj} :: profound
dieperik {m} :: depth, any deep place, or in particular, drop
dieperik {m} [uncommon, Netherlands, dated, art] :: individual, usually an art critic, considered to be overly concerned with finding deep meanings
diepgaand {adj} :: profound, thorough
diepgang {m} :: profundity
dieplader {m} :: lowboy semi-trailer, low loader
dieplood {n} :: A lead or plummet fixed to a sounding line or lead line
diepspoeler {m} :: plateau-less toilet
diepte {f} :: depth
dieptepunt {n} :: low point, nadir
diepvries {m} :: deep-freezing
diepvries {m} :: freezer
diepvries {adj} :: deep-frozen
diepvrieskast {f} :: a freezer
diepvriezen {vt} :: to deep-freeze
diepvriezer {m} :: a freezer
diepzinnig {adj} :: (spiritually) profound
dier {n} :: animal
dier {determiner} [demonstrative] :: her, their, the latter's (genitive feminine singular and genitive plural of die)
dier {adj} [dialectal, archaic] :: alternative form of duur
dierbaar {adj} :: dear, prized by someone
dierbaar {adj} [archaic] :: precious, of great value
dierbaar {adj} [obsolete] :: pricy
dierbaar {adj} :: (in devotional circles) highly/morally moving, touching
dierdicht {n} :: poem about anthropomorphised animals
dierenarts {mf} :: A veterinarian; mostly used for one treating pets
dierenbescherming {f} :: protection of animals: i.e., (defense of) animal rights
dierenbeul {m} :: one who deliberately ill-treats / torments animals
dierendag {m} :: animal day (World Animal Day, celebrated on 4 October)
dierendicht {n} :: alternative form of dierdicht
dierenepos {n} :: An epic about anthropomorphised animals
dierengedicht {n} :: poem about anthropomorphised animals
dierengedicht {n} :: poem about animals
dierenmishandeling {f} :: animal abuse
dierenpsycholoog {m} :: animal psychologist
dierenrechten {p} :: animal rights
dierenriem {m} :: zodiac
dierenrijk {n} :: animal kingdom
dierentuin {m} :: zoo
dierepos {n} :: alternative form of dierenepos
diergaarde {f} [dated] :: zoo
diergedicht {n} :: alternative form of dierengedicht
diergeneeskunde {f} :: veterinary medicine
dierhalve {adv} :: obsolete form of derhalve
dierkunde {f} :: zoology
dierlijk {adj} [literally] :: animal -, relating to fauna
dierlijk {adj} :: made of animal(s) (parts), such as furs and edible species
dierlijk {adj} [pejorative] :: beastly, subhuman etc
dierlijk {adj} [figuratively] :: instinctive, primitive
dieronterend {adj} :: Violating the dignity of animals; extremely degrading to animals
dierrijk {adj} :: having many animals, full of animals
diersoort {f} :: animal species
diesel {m} :: diesel
dieselgate {prop} {c} [colloquial] :: The Volkswagen emissions scandal about diesel vehicles, often extended to revelations of similar practices by other automakers at the time
diesellocomotief {mf} :: diesel locomotive
dieselmotor {m} :: diesel engine
dieselolie {f} :: diesel
dieseltrein {m} :: diesel train
diet {n} :: people, folk
diet {n} :: person
Diets {adj} [obsolete] :: German, continental West Germanic
Diets {adj} [archaic] :: Dutch
Diets {adj} :: Middle Dutch
Diets {prop} {n} [obsolete] :: the "German", or continental West Germanic languages
Diets {prop} {n} [archaic] :: the Dutch language
Diets {prop} {n} :: the Middle Dutch language
dievegge {f} :: female thief
dieventaal {f} :: thieves' cant
dieverij {f} :: thieving, thievery; mostly used outside the judicial context
differentiaalquotiënt {n} :: difference quotient
differentiaalrekening {f} [chiefly uncountable] :: differential calculus
differentiaalvergelijking {f} :: differential equation
differentiatie {f} :: differentiation (creation or arising of difference)
differentiatie {f} [calculus, uncountable] :: differentiation (differentiating, calculating the derivative)
differentiëren {vi} :: to differentiate, to show a distinction
differentiëren {vt} [mathematics] :: to differentiate (calculate a derivative)
diftong {f} :: diphthong (a complex vowel sound)
digereren {vt} [archaic] :: to tolerate, to stand, to endure
digereren {vt} [archaic] :: to digest
digestief {adj} :: digestive
digestief {n} :: digestive
digibeet {m} :: person who is computer- and digital media-illiterate
digitaal {adj} :: digital
digitale camera {f} :: digital camera (still or moving)
digitaliseren {vt} :: to digitalize/digitalise
dij {f} :: thigh
dij {pron} [archaic, personal pronoun] :: Second-person singular, objective: thee
dijbeen {n} :: thighbone, femur
dijk {m} :: dike, levee, seawall
dijkbewaking {f} :: the act of guarding a dike during a storm
dijker {m} [historical, Amsterdam] :: a type of working-class nozem from Amsterdam inspired by pop culture and rock 'n' roll, similar to a rocker
dijkgraaf {m} [Netherlands] :: head of a water board
dijkleger {n} :: organisation of inspectors who patrol dikes at highwater or patrol duty during periods of highwater
dijkramp {f} :: cramp in the thigh
dijkramp {m} :: disaster involving damage to or collapse of a dyke
dijkschouw {f} {m} :: (annual) inspection of dikes
Dijkstra {prop} :: surname
dijkwacht {m} :: the act of guarding a dike during a storm
dijkwacht {m} :: a dike guard; someone who does the above
dijkwezen {n} :: dike construction and management, dike infrastructure
Dijle {prop} {f} :: Dyle (River flowing through Belgium)
dik {adj} :: thick
dik {adj} :: fat
dik {adv} :: fatly, thickly
dik {adv} [modifying "tevreden"] :: well, rather, considerably
dikhoornschaap {n} :: bighorn sheep
dikhuid {m} :: elephant
dikhuidig {adj} :: thick-skinned
dikken {vi} :: to thicken, to become thicker
dikkenek {m} [Belgium] :: arrogant, haughty, supercilious person
dikkerd {m} [pejorative] :: fatty
dikke vinger {interj} [Netherlands, vulgar, pejorative] :: Impolite way of turning down a request or expressing disagreement: fuck off, get lost
dikkop {m} :: A person with a big / fat head
dikkop {m} :: A tadpole, a frog or toad in its larval stage
dikoor {c} [Belgian] :: mumps
Diksmuide {prop} :: a Belgian city and municipality in the Flemish province of West Flanders
dikwerf {adv} [formal] :: often
dikwijls {adv} :: often (frequently, many times)
dikzak {m} [derogatory] :: fatass
dilemma {n} :: dilemma [between two alternatives]
dilettant {m} :: dilettante
dilettant {m} :: amateur
dilettantisch {adj} :: Like a dilettant(e), amateurish
dille {f} :: dill (herb)
dimensie {f} :: dimension (measure of spatial or analogous extent)
dimensionaal {adj} :: dimensional
dimensioneel {adj} :: alternative spelling of dimensionaal
dimmen {vt} :: to dim, to make darker (especially a light)
dimmen {vi} [colloquial] :: to tone down oneself, to pipe down, to be quiet
diner {n} :: dinner, supper
dineren {vi} :: to have a meal in the evening
dineren {vi} :: to dine, to have dinner
ding {n} :: matter, thing
dingdag {m} [historical] :: court session
dingdag {m} [historical] :: court day
dingen {vt} :: to solicit
dinges {m} {n} [object] :: thingamajig, whatchamacallit
dinges {m} {n} [person] :: whatshisname, whatshername
dinges {interj} :: Said when one can't or is too busy or distracted to think of the proper thing to say
dinosauriër {m} :: dinosaur
dinosaurus {m} :: dinosaur
dinsdag {m} :: Tuesday
dinsdagdip {c} [slang] :: Suicide Tuesday, that is, a delayed hangover occurring especially on Tuesdays due to the use of MDMA or similar drugs during the weekend
dinsdagmorgen {m} :: Tuesday morning
dinsdagochtend {m} :: Tuesday morning
dinsdags {adj} :: Tuesday
dinsdags {adv} :: Tuesday
dinsdagsochtends {adv} :: Tuesday morning
dioxide {n} :: dioxide
dioxyde {n} :: superseded spelling of dioxide
dip {c} [colloquial] :: A minor depression, a short-lived sadness
diploïd {adj} :: diploid (of a cell, having a pair of each type of chromosome)
diploma {n} :: diploma
diplomaat {m} :: A diplomat, accredited in diplomacy
diplomaat {m} :: A diplomatic person, who shows tact and insight
diplomatie {f} :: diplomacy
diplomatiek {adj} :: diplomatic
dipool {f} [physics] :: dipole
dipoolterm {m} [physics] :: dipole term
diptiek {f} {n} :: diptych
direct {adj} :: direct
direct {adv} :: immediately
directeur {m} :: general manager, CEO
directie {f} :: management (administration; the process or practice of managing)
directoraat {n} :: A directorate, the position of directeur (director), a term as such
directoraat {n} :: A directorate, department run by (a) director(s)
directrice {m} :: female general manager, CEO
dirigent {m} :: A conductor, person who musically directs an orchestra, choir or other music ensemble
dirigent {m} [figuratively] :: A director, person pulling the strings
dirigeren {vt} :: to direct, to lead
dirigeren {vt} [music] :: to conduct, to musically direct an orchestra, choir or other ensemble
dirigeren {vt} [archaic] :: to address, to send (to)
dirigeren {vt} [obsolete] :: to organize, to establish
Dirk {prop} :: given name, diminutive of Diederik
Dirkje {prop} :: given name, female equivalent of Dirk
Dirks {prop} :: surname
dis {m} [dated] :: table
dis {m} [rare] :: meal, dish
dis- {prefix} :: dis-
disch {m} :: obsolete spelling of dis
discipel {m} :: disciple
disciplinair {adj} :: disciplinary (pertaining to sanction, discipline)
discipline {f} :: discipline, self-control
discipline {f} :: discipline, regime of forcing compliance
discipline {f} :: discipline, sanction
discipline {f} :: discipline, branch
disciplineren {vt} :: to discipline (to subject to sanction or discipline, to punish)
disciplineren {vt} :: to discipline (to instill discipline, to make conform to discipline)
discoganger {m} :: disco-goer, someone who goes to a disco
discontinuïteit {c} :: discontinuity
discotheek {f} :: discotheque
discours {n} :: discourse (way of thinking involving certain concepts and terms)
discours {n} :: discourse (exposition of some length)
discreet {adj} :: discreet
discreet {adj} :: discrete
discrepantie {f} :: discrepancy (inconsistency)
discretie {f} :: discretion (the quality of being discreet or circumspect)
discriminant {m} [algebra] :: discriminant
discrimineren {vi} :: to discriminate (making decisions based on prejudice)
discus {m} :: discus
discussie {f} :: discussion, debate
discussiëren {vt} :: to discuss
discuswerpen {n} [sports] :: discus throw
disgenoot {m} :: A table companion, one of several people seated and eating at the same dinner table
diskette {f} [computer hardware] :: floppy disk, diskette
diskettestation {n} [computer hardware] :: floppy drive
diskrediet {n} :: discredit
display {f} {n} :: display (2)
disputatie {f} :: dispute, argument
disputeren {vt} :: to dispute
dissectie {f} :: dissection, autopsy
dissectie {f} [by extension] :: thorough examination, investigation or exposition
disselboom {m} :: the drawbar of a wagon, car or coach
dissen {vi} :: to leave, to go away
dissen {vt} :: to diss (to overwhelm someone with words)
dissertatie {f} :: dissertation
dissident {mf} :: dissident
dissociatie {f} :: dissociation (act of dissociating)
distel {m} :: thistle
distelvink {m} :: European goldfinch, Carduelis carduelis
distilleren {vt} :: to distill
distilleren {vt} :: to deduce, to extract (from words)
distomatose {f} [medicine] :: fascioliasis
distributie {f} :: A distribution, the act, process or an instance of distributing or being distributed, including the marketing and logistic senses of wide deliveries
distributie {f} :: Publicly controlled assignment/delivery of restricted goods, notably under rationing
distributie {f} :: An agency in charge of the above
distributie {f} :: Physical transmission of motion or energy
district {n} :: district
distro {m} :: distro
dit {determiner} :: this (neuter); referring to a thing or a person closer by
dit {pron} [demonstrative] :: this, this here
diëtist {m} :: dietitian, dietist
diëtiste {f} :: female dietitian, female dietist
ditmaal {adv} :: this time
dito {adj} :: aforesaid, named
dito {adj} :: identical
dito {n} [following a numeral] :: indicating the same month as above
dito {n} :: ditto, the aforesaid day or date
dito {adv} :: ditto, aforesaid, such
diva {f} :: A diva
divers {adj} :: diverse
divers {adj} [in the plural] :: several
diversen {p} [plurale tantum] :: miscellanies, sundry items
diversiteit {f} :: diversity
divisie {f} :: division (specific senses)
divisie {f} [military] :: a large military unit, usually with over 15,000 soldiers and divided into brigades
divisie {f} [business] :: a section of a company
divisie {f} [sports] :: a part of a sports competition
divisie {f} [mathematics] :: the process or calculation of dividing numbers
divisie {f} [grammar] :: hyphen
dizuurstof {c} [chemistry] :: dioxygen
djembé {m} :: A djembe, large hand drum played with both hands
djihaad {m} [Islam] :: struggle, effort
djihaad {m} [Islam, sometimes stereotypical] :: holy war, when (perceived to be) undertaken by Muslims
dju {interj} [Brabant] :: expression of disappointment or upsetness
d.m.v. {abbr} :: door middel van
DNA {initialism} :: desoxyribonucleïnezuur (deoxyribonucleic acid)
do {mf} :: do, the musical note
do {mf} [Belgium] :: C, the musical note
dobbelen {vi} :: to throw dice
dobbelen {vi} :: to gamble in a dice game
dobbelsteen {m} :: dice, polyhedron used in games of chance
dobbelziek {adj} :: prone to gambling with dice games
dobber {m} :: float (used when fishing)
dobberen {vi} :: to float in or on water or another fluid, generally without much control over direction
docent {m} :: teacher, docent
docente {f} :: Female teacher
doceren {vt} :: to teach, to instruct
doch {conj} :: yet, but, still, on the contrary, no, yes
doch {conj} :: but rather
dochter {f} :: daughter (female offspring)
dochter {f} [figurative] :: offshoot, something derivative or subordinate
dochtersman {m} [uncommon] :: the husband of one's daughter
doctor {m} :: doctor (person who has attained a doctorate)
doctoraat {n} :: doctorate
doctoranda {m} [historical] :: female doctorandus
doctorandus {m} [historical] :: doctorandus
doctorsgraad {m} :: doctorate
doctrine {f} :: doctrine
document {n} :: document
documentaire {m} :: A documentary (production, publication etc.)
documentatie {f} :: documentation (documents that explain the operation of a particular software program)
documenteren {vt} :: to document
doddelen {v} [Brabantian] :: stammer
dode {noun} :: A deceased person
dode {noun} :: A casualty, victim of a fatal killing, illness, accident etc
dodecaëder {m} :: dodecahedron
dodecaphonist {m} [music] :: An obsolete form of dodecafonist: dodecaphonist, practicioner or proponent of dodecaphony, i.e. use of the dodecaphonic musical scale, which has twelve tones per octave
dodelijk {adj} :: deadly, lethal
doden {vt} :: to kill
dodenakker {m} [formal, poetic] :: graveyard, churchyard
dodenboek {n} :: book of the dead, Egyptian funerary text
Dodendraad {prop} {m} :: The Wire of Death: the lethal electric fence that was placed along the border between Belgium and the Netherlands by the German occupiers during the First World War
dodenmis {mf} :: requiem (Catholic mass in honor and remembrance of a deceased person)
dodenrijk {n} :: realm of the dead, underworld
dodental {n} :: death toll, number of deaths, death tally
dodentol {m} [Belgium] :: death toll
dodenwake {f} :: wake
doder {m} :: killer
Dode Zee {prop} {f} :: Dead Sea
dodo {m} :: dodo, †Raphus cucullatus
dodo {m} [Belgium, child language] :: Sleep, nighty night
doedelzak {m} :: The musical wind instrument bagpipes
doedelzakspeler {m} :: A piper, who plays the bagpipes
doeg {interj} [Netherlands] :: bye
doei {interj} [Netherlands] :: bye, goodbye
doejong {m} :: dugong (Dugong dugon)
doek {m} {n} :: cloth, linen, fabric
doek {m} :: a piece of cloth
doek {n} :: screen, curtain (at the theater)
doek {n} :: canvas
doek {n} :: painting on canvas
doeken {v} [dialectal] :: to wrap in sheets or blankets
doeken {v} [obsolete] :: to cheat, to scam, to defraud
doekje voor het bloeden {n} :: band-aid, a make-shift solution that fails to address the underlying problem
doekoe {n} [Suriname, slang] :: money, similar to dough
doekoen {c} :: dukun, a Javan or Malay witch doctor or folk healer
doel {n} :: aim, purpose
doel {n} :: destination
doel {n} [sports] :: goal
doelbewust {adj} :: purposeful, deliberate
doelbewust {adj} :: resolute, determined
doelbewust {adv} :: purposefully
doeleinde {n} :: aim, objective
doelen {vi} :: to aim [+ op (object) = for, at]
doelen {vi} :: to allude, hint [+ op (object) = to, at]
doelgroep {f} {m} :: target group
doelloos {adj} :: aimless
doelman {m} [sports] :: male goalie, male goal keeper
doelmatig {adj} :: effective, efficacious
doelmatig {adj} :: suitable, appropriate
doelmond {f} :: goalmouth
doelpunt {n} :: Goal (scoring in sport)
doelrationaliteit {f} :: instrumental rationality, zweckrationality
doelrationeel {adj} :: zweckrational
doelsaldo {n} :: goal difference
doelschop {m} [football] :: goal kick
doelstelling {f} :: objective
doeltreffend {adj} :: effective, producing the desired effect
doelverdediger {m} [sports] :: goalie, goal keeper
doelvrouw {f} [sports] :: female goalie, goal keeper
doelwachter {m} [sports] :: goalie, goal keeper
doelwit {n} :: target (e.g. of a controversy), prey
doem {m} :: doom, condemnation
doemen {vt} :: to doom, to condemn
doem en gloem {adj} [idiomatic] :: doom and gloom
doemprofeet {m} :: doomsayer
doen {vt} :: to do
doen {vt} :: to put
doen {v} [auxiliary] :: to cause to, to make; forms causative verbs
doen {v} [with elkaar + indefinite pronoun, sometimes with postpositioned onder] :: to be different; to make a difference
doen {v} [colloquial, with an adjective] :: to behave or act in some way
doen {n} :: routine
doen alsof {vi} :: to act as if, to pretend
doen alsof zijn neus bloedt {vi} [idiom] :: to feign ignorance, to pretend that one hasn't noticed
doen en laten {n} :: one's comings and goings, one's activities; literally, [the things people] do and [those from which they] refrain
doenlijk {adj} :: doable, achievable, possible
doerak {m} [colloquial] :: rascal
doerian {m} :: durian (tree)
doerian {m} :: durian (fruit)
does {adj} :: sleepy, dozy, not fully awake or to one's senses
Doesburg {prop} :: Doesburg (city)
Doesburg {prop} :: Doesburg (municipality)
doet {m} :: obsolete spelling of dood
Doetinchem {prop} {n} :: Doetinchem (city)
Doetinchem {prop} {n} :: Doetinchem (municipality)
doe wel en zie niet om {proverb} :: do well and fear not
doezelen {vi} :: to doze
doezen {vi} :: to doze
doezoe {c} [slang] :: one thousand euros
dof {adj} [surface] :: dull, matte
dof {adj} [sound] :: dull, muffled
dof {adj} :: languid, apathetic
dof {m} :: A dull impact; a slam, a pound, a blow
doffer {m} :: male dove, a cock pigeon
d'office {adv} [Belgium] :: automatically
doft {f} :: bench for rowers
dog {m} :: A large dog, especially one of certain breeds
dogen {vt} [dialectal] :: to suffer through, to endure
dogen {vt} [dialectal] :: synonym of gedogen
dogger {m} :: dogger, fishing boat used for catching cod and haddock
dogger {m} [obsolete] :: cod and haddock fisherman who works from a fishing boat
dogger {m} [obsolete] :: tubular net or fish trap used for catching cod and haddock
Dogger {prop} {m} [nautical] :: Dogger, area near the Dogger Bank
Dogger {prop} {n} [geology] :: Dogger, Middle Jurassic, second period of the Jurassic
dogma {n} :: A dogma
dok {n} :: dock
dokken {vit} [colloquial] :: to pay, to pay up
dokken {vt} :: to dock, to place in a dock
dokken {vi} :: to dock, to go into a dock
doks {m} [Surinam] :: duck
dokter {m} :: doctor (physician, medical doctor)
dokwerker {m} :: dock worker
dol {adj} :: crazy, silly, mad
dol {adj} :: mindless, reckless; irate
dol {adj} :: out of control, gone wild, notably said of a tool or machine
dol {m} :: A thole(-pin); sometimes also used for a similarly functioning cutout in the gunwhale
dolboord {n} :: gunwale
dolen {vi} :: to wander, to roam
dolfijn {m} :: dolphin
dolfijn {adj} :: exceptionally amusing, wildly enjoyable
Dolfijn {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Delphinus
dolgaarne {noun} :: very gladly, eagerly
dolgraag {adv} :: very gladly, eagerly
dolheid {f} [pathology] :: Madness, insanity
dolheid {f} :: Mental craziness, folly
dolheid {f} :: Any strong, even excessive emotional state:
dolheid {f} :: extasis
dolheid {f} :: passion
dolheid {f} :: fury, rage
dolheid {f} :: (Nick)name of various diseases which cause excessive behavior such as rage
dolhuis {n} :: insane asylum, nuthouse (mental institution)
dolhuis {n} :: insane asylum, madhouse (crazy situation or location)
dolk {m} :: A dagger, a relatively small, two-sided knife, fit as a stabbing weapon
dolken {vt} :: to stab with a dagger
dolksteek {m} :: stab with a dagger [often connoting ignobility and treachery and also used figuratively]
dolkstoot {m} :: stab with a dagger [often connoting ignobility and treachery and also used figuratively]
dollar {m} :: dollar
dollekoeienziekte {f} :: The mad cow disease, BSE
dolleman {m} :: madman
dollemansrit {m} :: road rampage
dollen {vi} :: to tomfool, to fool around, to frolick, to play
dollen {vi} :: to mess with, take the mikey out of someone
dollen {vt} :: to stun (cattle) with a blow
dollen {vi} [obsolete] :: to rage, act outrageously
dollen {vt} :: to lift, dig up (as harvest)
dollen {vt} :: to lift and turn with a rake
dolletjes {adv} :: diminutive of dol; fun, enjoyable
dol op {adj} :: crazy about, extremely enthusiastic about, infatuated with
doloreus {adj} :: dolorous
dom {adj} :: dumb, brainless
dom {adj} :: stupid, silly
dom {m} :: domkerk, either an episcopal cathedral or another major church (often a basilica) which has been granted this high rank
dom {m} :: ecclesiastical form of address, notably for a Benedictine priest
dom {m} :: nobleman or clergyman in certain Catholic countries, notably Portugal and its colonies
dom {m} :: Archaic form of duim (thumb, pivot)
-dom {suffix} :: belonging to a domain or territory (e.g. groothertogdom (grandduchy); this sense is no longer productive)
-dom {suffix} :: quality or condition of the adjective stem (e.g. eigendom less productive than suffixes like -heid)
domein {n} :: domain, territory (land belonging to an individual, ruler or entity)
domein {n} :: area of expertise
domein {n} [mathematics] :: domain (range where a function is defined)
domein {n} [taxonomy] :: domain (superkingdom)
domein {n} [computing] :: domain name
domein {n} [historical, chiefly plural] :: manorial right
domesticatie {f} :: domestication
domesticeren {vt} :: to domesticate
domeyn {n} :: obsolete spelling of domein
domheid {f} :: stupidity
domiciliëring {noun} :: standing bank order
dominant {adj} :: dominant
dominantie {f} :: dominance
dominatie {f} :: domination
dominee {m} [religion] :: minister
domineren {vt} :: to dominate
Dominicaanse Republiek {prop} {n} :: Dominican Republic
dominostekker {m} [electricity, Belgium] :: A plug with three outlets integrated into it
domkerk {f} :: cathedral
domkop {m} :: A stupid person, a dunce, a duffer
domme gans {phrase} [denigrating] :: A silly person, usually referring to female; a silly goose
dommekracht {f} :: a jack suited for lifting heavy loads
dommekracht {f} [pejorative] :: dumb strong person, similar to gorilla
Dommel {prop} {?} :: Dommel (river)
dommelen {vi} :: to doze, to snooze
dommelen {vi} :: to buzz
dommelen {vi} :: to thump (sound)
Dommelen {prop} {n} :: Dommelen (village)
dommerik {m} :: dunce, dumbass
domoor {mf} :: fool, idiot
dompelen {vt} :: to immerse in a liquid
dompen {vt} [obsolete] :: to dip, to submerge
dompen {vt} [obsolete] :: to turn along the vertical axis, to point/aim in another direction
dompen {vt} [archaic] :: to extinguish, to dim, to put out [of light]
domper {m} :: conical candle extinguisher, snuffer
domper {m} [Netherlands, historical, Protestantism, pejorative, by extension] :: reactionary orthodox Protestant linked to the Réveil
domper {m} [Belgium, historical, Roman Catholicism, pejorative, by extension] :: reactionary Flemish Roman Catholic
domper {m} [by extension] :: damper, disappointment
dompneus {f} [archaic, colloquial] :: An outsize nose
dompteur {m} :: animal tamer
domrechts {n} [pejorative, internet slang, collective] :: elements of the political right that are considered stupid by the user, often including the populist right and the alt-right
domrechts {adj} [pejorative, internet slang] :: relating to elements of the political right disliked by the user
domweg {adv} :: simply
Don {prop} {m} :: Don, river in Russia
donatie {f} :: donation
Donau {prop} {f} [geography] :: The river Danube, which flows to the Black Sea
Donauzalm {m} :: Danube salmon, huchen
donder {m} :: thunder
donder {m} [colloquial] :: the head or body
donder {m} [colloquial] :: a thing (as in not a single thing)
donderbus {f} :: blunderbuss
donderdag {m} :: Thursday
donderdagmorgen {m} :: Thursday morning
donderdagochtend {m} :: Thursday morning
donderdags {adj} :: Thursday
donderdags {adv} :: Thursday
donderdagsochtends {adv} :: Thursday morning
donderen {vi} [impersonal] :: to thunder
donderen {vi} :: to make a thunderous sound, especially with one's voice
donderen {vi} :: to plummet, tumble
dondergod {m} :: god of thunder
donderpad {f} :: Any fish of the family Cottidae
donderroe {f} :: a lightning rod
donderroede {f} :: a lightning rod
donderslag {m} :: thunderclap
dondersteen {m} :: thunderstone, fulgurite or one of several objects (historically) thought to originate from lightning
dondersteen {m} :: rascal, scamp
donderstraal {f} :: tomboy, rascal, troublemaker
doneren {vt} :: to donate (give to charity, etc.)
dong {m} [dated, dialectal, Northern Dutch] :: dung, manure
dong {c} :: dong, the currency of Vietnam
dongel {m} :: dongle
Dongeradeel {prop} :: Dongeradeel (municipality)
donjon {m} :: donjon, keep
donk {f} :: A sandy hill, typically of glacial origin, protruding above a silty area
donker {adj} :: dark
donkerblauw {adj} :: dark blue
donkerbruin {adj} :: dark brown
donkere energie {f} [physics] :: dark energy
donkere materie {f} [physics] :: dark matter
donkergeel {adj} :: dark yellow
donkergrijs {adj} :: dark grey
donkergroen {adj} :: dark green
donkerrood {adj} :: dark red
donkerte {f} [poetic] :: darkness
donormoeheid {f} :: donor fatigue
dons {n} :: down, feathers of small birds used as insulation material in covers and sleeping bags
dons {m} :: bed cover filled with down
dons {m} [chiefly diminutive] :: piece of down or fluff
dood {adj} :: dead
dood {adv} [colloquial, Flemish] :: A lot
dood {m} :: death
doodbidder {m} :: undertaker's man (who comes to collect dead bodies)
doodbliksemen {vt} :: to kill by lightning
doodbliksemen {vt} :: to kill by electricity, a powerful flash of light, or anything else resembling lightning
doodbloeden {vi} :: to bleed to death, to bleed out
doodbloeden {vi} [figurative] :: to come to an end
doodcedel {f} [archaic] :: alternative form of doodceel
doodceel {f} [dated] :: death certificate
dooddoener {m} :: debate stopper, invalid argument
dooddoenerig {adj} :: having the capability or effect to kill discussion, while also clichéd
dood door schuld {m} :: involuntary manslaughter, culpable homicide
doode {noun} :: archaic spelling of dode
doode {adj} :: archaic spelling of dode
doodeenvoudig {adj} :: dead simple
doodeng {adj} :: extremely scary, terrifying
doodgaan {vi} :: to die
doodgeboren {adj} :: stillborn
doodgemoederd {adv} :: unconcernedly
doodgraver {m} :: gravedigger
doodgraver {m} :: sexton beetle, burying beetle; beetle of the genus Nicrophorus
doodgraver {m} [derogatory, colloquial] :: funeral director
doodkalm {adj} :: calm, cool
doodkist {f} :: alternative spelling of doodskist
doodkrank {adj} [archaic] :: terminally ill
doodleuk {adv} :: cold-bloodedly, flat out, calmly, coolly; in an unconcerned way; without showing care; heartlessly
doodleuk {adv} :: in a tongue in cheek or phlegmatic way; with a deadpan delivery
doodlopen {vi} :: to end in a dead end
doodlopen {vr} :: to exhaust oneself by running
doodlopen {vt} [nautical] :: to outsail another ship
doods {adj} :: dead, lacking life, having a dead appearance
doodsangst {f} [literally] :: A fear of death
doodsangst {f} [by extension] :: A mortal fear, extreme anguish
doodsbang {adj} [literally] :: fearing death, scared of dying
doodsbang {adj} [by extension] :: scared to death, gravely anguished
doodsbleek {adj} :: deathly pale, as pale as death
doodsch {adj} :: obsolete spelling of doods
doodseskader {n} :: death squad
doodshoofd {n} :: A death's-head, (human, notably emblematic) skull
doodshoofdaapje {n} :: squirrel monkey
doodshoofdvlag {f} :: a skull and crossbones flag; a Jolly Roger
doodsimpel {adj} :: dead simple
doodskamp {m} [obsolete] :: struggle/battle of life and death
doodskamp {n} [rare, calque] :: death camp, extermination camp
doodskist {f} :: coffin
doodskop {m} :: a death's-head, (human, notably emblematic) skull
doodskopvlag {f} :: a skull and crossbones flag; a Jolly Roger
doodsmoe {adj} :: completely exhausted, extremely tired
doodsoorzaak {f} :: cause of death
doodsstond {f} [archaic or poetic] :: hour of death
doodstraf {c} :: death sentence, capital punishment
doodstraffen {n} :: the act of executing a death penalty
doodsverachting {f} :: contempt of death (lack of regard for one's own survival, usually due to bravery)
doodswens {m} :: deathwish
doodvonnis {n} :: death sentence
doodziek {adj} [literally] :: terminally ill
doodziek {adj} :: very sick, as sick as a dog
doodziek {adj} [figuratively] :: in a very bad state or condition; especially, beyond help or nearly so
doodzonde {f} :: a terrible shame
doodzonde {f} [Roman Catholicism] :: mortal sin
doof {adj} :: deaf
doofheid {f} :: deafness
doofpot {m} :: an old-fashioned metal canister with a tight lid, in which remaining coals and other fuel were put to die down
doofpot {m} [metonym] :: a metaphorical place to put ideas or facts that one wishes to keep out of the public discussion, e.g. in an attempt to evade penalties; cover-up
doofpotaffaire {f} :: cover-up scandal
dooiaanval {m} :: A prolonged period of thaw
dooien {vi} :: to thaw, to melt
dooier {m} :: yolk (yellow part of an egg)
doolhof {m} {n} :: A maze, labyrinth
doolhof {m} {n} [figuratively] :: Any similarly complex and/or confusing construction, lay-out, situation etc
doop {m} :: baptism
doop {m} :: christening
doop {m} [Belgium] :: hazing
doopboek {n} :: baptismal register
doopnaam {m} :: baptismal name
door {prep} :: through
door {prep} :: across, around (within a certain space)
door {prep} :: because of, due to
door {prep} :: by, by means of
door {adv} :: through
door {adv} :: forward, on
door {adv} [postpositional] :: through (implying motion)
door {adv} [postpositional] :: across, around (within a certain space)
door {m} [now, Southern, archaic] :: fool, moron
door- {prefix} :: through
doorbladeren {vt} :: to leaf through
doorbladeren {vt} :: to browse
doorboren {vt} :: to pierce, to broach
doorboren {vt} :: to drill a hole through
doorboren {vi} :: to continue drilling
doorbraak {f} :: breakthrough
doorbreken {v} [ergative] :: to break, break through, break in half
doorbreken {vt} :: to break through
doorbrengen {vt} :: to spend (time)
doordat {conj} :: because (implying an external cause)
door de bomen het bos niet meer zien {vi} :: to not see the forest for the trees
doordenken {vt} :: to think through
doordenken {vi} :: to think further, to keep thinking
door de vingers zien {vt} :: to turn a blind eye to
doordeweek {adv} :: on a weekday
doordeweeks {adj} :: on a weekday
doordeweeks {adj} :: everyday, common
doordrammen {vi} :: to keep insisting to obtain what one wants, to nag
doordrijven {vt} :: to push through, to carry through (against resistance)
doordringen {vi} :: to penetrate
doordringen {vt} :: to get through to, to convince
door en door {adv} :: through and through, completely
doorgaan {vi} :: to go through (with), to proceed, to continue
doorgaans {adv} :: generally
doorgang {m} :: passage
doorgedraaid {adj} :: berserk, frenzied; injuriously, maniacally, or furiously violent or out of control
doorgedraaid {adj} :: mental
doorgeefluik {n} :: a hatch or a shutter in a wall, in particular between the dining room and the kitchen that allows the cook to relay the food easily to the people in the dining room
doorgeefluik {n} [figuratively] :: a medium, a broker
doorgeefluik {n} [law] :: mere conduit
doorgesnoven {adj} [slang] :: High from the use of insufflated recreational drugs, especially cocaine or ketamine
doorgestoken kaart {f} [idiom] :: collusion, put-up job
doorgeven {vt} :: to pass on
doorgeven {vt} :: to relay (a message)
doorgronden {vt} :: to see through, to comprehend, to unravel (mysteries)
doorhebben {vt} :: to have figured out, to see through
doorheen {circump} :: through
door het lint gaan {v} [idiom] :: not be capable of controlling one's emotions
doorkrijgen {vt} :: to receive, to be relayed, to be notified of (a message)
doorkrijgen {vt} :: to realise, to figure out
doorkruisen {vt} :: to go across, travel across
doorkruisen {vt} :: to compass (go about or round entirely)
doorkruisen {vt} :: to cross out
doorlaatpost {f} :: checkpoint
doorlaten {vt} :: to let through, to allow to pass
doorlatend {adj} :: permeable (e.g. of water)
doorlatend {adj} :: transmissive (e.g. of UV rays)
doorlezen {vt} :: to read completely, to peruse
doorlezen {vi} :: to continue reading, to resume reading
doorlopen {vt} :: to go through, to go from start to end
doorlopen {vi} :: to keep going, to move on, to carry on, to continue
doorlopend {adv} :: continuously, all the time
doorloper {m} :: A type of crossword puzzle where a blank rectangular grid must be filled with words horizontally and vertically, without any black or empty tiles (unlike a diagramless) and often without specific clues to word length
doorloper {m} :: A horizontal rule that spans the width of a page
doorloper {m} :: Someone who walks on or walks away
doorloper {m} :: short for Friese doorloper
door middel van {prep} :: by means of
doorn {m} :: thorn
doornhaai {m} :: spiny dogfish
doorprikken {vt} :: to puncture
doorprikken {vt} :: to expose as false
doorrekening {f} :: calculation, reckoning
doorrekening {f} :: transmission, transiting, the act of passing something through to a third party
doorschakelen {vt} :: to transfer, to put through, to reroute
doorschijnend {adj} :: translucent
doorschuiven {noun} :: to move, to pass
doorslag {m} :: carbon copy
doorslag {m} :: turn, final decision
doorslaggevend {adj} :: decisive
doorsnede {f} :: An intersection (in geometry, in arts, in set theory); intersecting line
doorsnede {f} :: A cross section
doorsnede {f} [geometry] :: diameter
doorsnede {f} [chiefly in compounds] :: A representative sample; average
doorsneden {adj} [heraldry] :: divided into two equal parts horizontally, per fess
doorsnee {adj} :: average
doorsnee {f} :: cross section
doorsnijden {vi} :: to keep cutting
doorsnijden {vt} :: to cut in two
doorsnijden {vt} :: to intersect, run through
doorspoelen {vt} :: to flush
doorspoelen {vt} :: to fast forward
doorstaan {vt} :: to endure, to weather, to withstand
doorstart {m} :: (aviation) go-around
doorstart {m} :: second beginning (of a company after bankrupcy)
doorsteken {vt} :: to pierce through
doorsteken {vt} :: to declog
doorstrepen {vt} :: to strike, to put a line through (so as to delete)
doorsturen {vt} :: to send onwards, to forward
doortastend {adj} :: vigorous, strong, energetic
doortikken {vi} :: to tick on, to continue ticking
doortocht {m} :: transit, passage
door toedoen van {prep} :: at the hands of, by the doings of
doortrapt {adj} :: shrewd, cunning
doortrapt {adj} :: mean, malevolent
doortrekken {vt} :: to flush (a toilet)
doortrekken {vt} :: to extend (make longer)
doorvallend {adj} :: (of light) penetrating
doorvertellen {vi} :: to continue telling (a story)
doorvertellen {vt} :: to pass on (by word of mouth)
doorvoeren {vt} :: to carry out
doorwaadbaar {adj} :: wadable, fordable
doorweekt {adj} :: soaked, drenched
doorwerken {vi} :: to continue working
doorwrocht {adj} :: elaborate, thorough, comprehensive
doorzagen {v} :: sawing through
doorzagen {v} [figurative] :: grinding on, continuing to nag about something
doorzetten {vi} :: to persevere, pull through
doorzetten {vi} :: to persist
doorzetten {vt} :: to continue, to push on with
doorzetter {mf} :: a go-getter, one who persists or perseveres
doorzettingsvermogen {n} :: perseverance, stamina
doorzichtig {adj} :: transparent
doorzichtigheid {f} :: transparency
doorzien {vt} :: to see through, detect (a lie)
doorzoeken {vt} :: to search through
doorzoeken {vi} :: to continue searching
doos {f} :: box
doos {f} [vulgar] :: vagina
doos {f} [vulgar] :: stupid female
doosch {adj} [rare] :: obsolete form of doods
doosvrucht {f} [botany] :: capsule
dop {m} :: a hemispherical container such as a thimble
dop {m} :: a shell (of an egg or a nut for example)
dop {m} :: a bottle cap
dop {m} :: eyelid
dopeling {m} :: A baptizand [US] or baptisand [Commonwealth]; someone who is to be baptised soon or who is being baptised
dopen {vt} :: to dip, to immerse
dopen {vt} [Christianity] :: to baptize, to christen
dopen {vt} :: to name (give a name to)
dophei {f} :: alternative form of dopheide
dopheide {f} :: heath, any plant of the genus Erica
dopheide {f} :: cross-leaved heath, Erica tetralix
doping {f} {m} :: doping
dopingarts {m} [sports, medicine] :: doctor specialised in administering doping
doppen {v} :: to pod (remove beans or peas from their pods)
doppen {v} [colloquial] :: To fuck
dor {adj} :: dry, wilted (having a relatively low or no liquid content)
Dordrecht {prop} {n} :: Dordrecht (city)
Dordrecht {prop} {n} :: Dordrecht (municipality)
Dordt {prop} {n} [colloquial] :: Dordt (city)
Dork {prop} :: surname Ellis Island records indicate people registering as early as 1907 with Dork as their last name. [2]
dorp {n} :: village, hamlet
dorpeling {m} :: villager
dorpeling {m} :: rustic, (simple) countryman
dorpeling {m} :: boor, country bumpkin, yokel
dorper {m} :: a male villager; a villageman
dorper {m} :: an uncouth person; a peasant
dorpsbewoner {m} :: villager
dorpsgek {m} [somewhat, offensive] :: village idiot
dorren {vi} [literary] :: to wither
dorren {v} [ergative, archaic] :: to dry
dorren {vi} [obsolete] :: to dry out
dorsen {vt} :: to thresh
dorsen {vit} :: to thrash
dorser {m} :: One who threshes
dorser {m} :: A threshing-machine
dorst {m} :: thirst, physical need/desire to drink
dorst {m} :: thirst, need, longing
dorsten {vi} :: to thirst
dorsten {vi} :: to long
dorstig {adj} :: thirsty
doseren {vt} :: to determine the dose
doseren {vt} :: to divide into proportions
dosis {f} :: dose
dossier {n} :: dossier
dossier {n} :: file, physical collection of documentation
dot {mf} :: cutie, something small and adorable
dot {mf} :: darling, sweetie (almost always used in its diminutive form - dotje)
dot {mf} [colloquial] :: a lot, a large amount
dot {mf} :: a swab
dou {pron} :: alternative form of du
douane {f} :: customs (service/authorities/administration)
douane {f} :: customs officer
douche {mf} :: shower
douchegordijn {n} :: shower curtain
douchen {vi} :: to shower, to take a shower
douloureus {adj} :: dolorous
douwen {v} [colloquial] :: alternative form of duwen
dove {mf} :: A deaf person
doven {v} [ergative] :: to extinguish
dovenschool {f} :: school for the deaf, where sign language is "spoken"
down {adj} :: down, depressed
downie {m} [colloquial] :: A Downie, a person with Down's syndrome
download {m} :: download
downloaden {v} [Internet] :: to download
dozijn {n} :: dozen, twelve
d-pion {m} [chess] :: d-pawn: pawn placed on the d-file at the beginning of the game
draad {m} :: thread
draad {m} :: wire
draad {m} [engineering] :: screw thread
draad {m} [Internet, colloquial] :: discussion thread, topic
Draad {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Dodendraad
draadloos {adj} :: wireless
draadschaar {f} :: wire cutter
draadschaartje {noun} :: thread scissors
draagbaar {adj} :: portable
draagbaar {f} :: stretcher
draagband {m} [clothing] :: carrying strap, shoulder strap
draaggolf {c} :: carrier wave
draagkoets {f} :: litter (platform designed to carry a person or a load)
draagkracht {f} :: carrying capacity
draaglijk {adj} :: bearable
draagster {f} :: (female) wearer
draagstoel {m} :: any kind of litter such as a sedan chair or a palanquin
draagstoeltje {noun} :: an infant capsule, a reversible baby car seat
draagvlak {n} :: Support: plane to carry things on
draagvlak {n} :: Airfoil, the carrying plane of an airplane
draagvlak {n} :: Support (within society or an organization)
draai {m} :: rotation, spin, turn
draaiboek {n} [literal and figurative] :: script, scenario
draaicirkel {m} :: turning circle
draaideur {f} :: revolving door
draaideurcrimineel {m} :: repeat offender
draaien {v} :: to turn, to turn round
draaien {v} :: to play (a record, CD, song etc.)
draaien {v} :: to run or throw (a party)
draaierig {adj} :: dizzy
draaierigheid {f} :: dizziness
draaiing {f} :: rotation
draaikolk {f} {m} :: whirlpool, vortex
draaikont {m} [colloquial] :: A U-turner; an inconsistent person, who readily changes position (literally, “butt-turner”)
draaikont {m} [colloquial] :: A fidget; someone who can't sit still
draailier {c} [musical instruments] :: hurdy-gurdy
draaimolen {m} :: carrousel, merry-go-round
draaiorgel {n} [musical instruments] :: barrel organ
draaisnelheid {f} :: rotational speed
draaitafel {f} {m} :: A rotating disk or table, of various types, especially:
draaitafel {f} {m} :: turntable (rotating rest for records in a record player, e.g. for DJ's)
draaitafel {f} {m} :: turntable, record player (appliance that can play records)
draaitafel {f} {m} :: DJ controller, DJ console, mixing controller or console
draaitafel {f} {m} :: turntable (rotating platform for turning vehicles such as locomotives)
draaitrap {m} :: spiral staircase
draak {m} :: a legendary large winged creature; a dragon
draak {m} :: a derogatory term for a woman, often considered large and ugly
draak {m} [obsolete] :: a male duck; a drake
Draak {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Draco
drab {f} {n} :: sediment, dregs, filth
dracht {f} :: the act of bearing or wearing something
dracht {f} [by extension] :: type of clothing that is typical for a time period or function
dracht {f} [by extension] :: state of pregnancy
dracht {f} [by extension] :: the foetus when carried in the womb
dracht {f} [radiation] :: range of radiation
dracht {f} :: a number of consecutive hits or blows in a brief interval
drachtig {adj} :: [now exclusively of animals, formerly also of women] gestating, pregnant
dragelijk {adj} :: Variant spelling of draaglijk
dragen {vt} :: to carry
dragen {vt} :: to wear (clothes)
dragen {vt} :: to transfer
drager {m} :: carrier
drager {m} :: wearer
dragon {m} :: The edible Mediterranean herb Artemisia dracunculus (tarragon), used as a salad spice
dragon {m} :: The plant Erysimum cheiranthoides
dragon {m} :: A (French) dragoon
dragonder {m} :: dragoon
dragonder {m} [pejorative] :: unfeminine woman
drakenvrucht {f} :: dragon fruit
dralen {vt} :: to dawdle, to move slowly, to not take action
drama {n} :: drama (theatrical work; anything involving play acting)
drama {n} :: Something tragic, a tragedy
dramaticus {m} :: playwright
dramatisch {adj} :: dramatic
dramatisch {adv} :: dramatically
dramaturg {m} :: dramatist, playwright, dramaturge
dramaturg {m} :: dramaturge, person in a coordinative function at theatre productions
drammen {vi} :: to nag incessantly
drammen {vi} :: to outstay one's welcome
drammer {mf} :: one who nags, someone who appears annoying
drammerig {adj} :: boring, wearisome
drang {m} :: pressure
drang {m} :: urge, longing
drang {m} [archaic] :: throng, multitude, mass
drank {m} :: beverage, drink
drankorgel {n} :: boozer, lush, someone who is constantly drunk
drankzucht {f} :: alcoholism (addiction to alcohol)
draperie {f} :: curtain [that blocks the light, ie. not a net curtain]
dras {adj} :: alternative form of drassig
drasland {n} :: wetland
drassig {adj} :: marshy, boggy, swampy, morassy
drastisch {adj} :: drastic
draven {v} :: to trot (of horses)
draven {v} :: to run fast
Dravidisch {adj} :: Dravidian
-drecht {suffix} :: A common element in Dutch placenames. The exact meaning is contested; see etymology
dreef {f} :: a river segment that is used or suitable for fishery with floating nets
dreef {f} :: the distance crossed by a floating net
dreef {f} :: wide rural lane with trees planted on both sides
dreigbrief {m} :: letter containing threats
dreigen {vi} :: to threaten
dreigen {vi} :: to be imminent, to loom
dreigend {adj} :: threatening
dreigend {adj} :: imminent
dreiging {f} :: threat
drek {m} :: dirt, filth
drek {adv} [regional] :: later, later today
drempel {m} :: threshold (the bottom part of a doorway)
drempel {m} :: speed bump
drenkeling {m} :: someone who has fallen into water, drowning person
drenken {vt} :: to drench, to soak
drenkplaats {f} :: pub
Drenthe {prop} {n} :: Drenthe, a province of the Netherlands
dresneger {m} [historical] :: A slave in Surinam tasked with treating and curing other slaves
dreumes {mf} :: young toddler; often defined as a child between one and two years old
dreumes {mf} [derogatory] :: infantile or immature person
dreun {m} :: smash, thud, blow
dreun {m} :: boom, bang
dreunen {vi} :: to boom, rumble
dribbelen {vi} :: to jog with small steps
dribbelen {vi} [sports, especially backetball and field hockey] :: to dribble
drie {num} [cardinal] :: three
driecilinder {m} :: A three-cylinder engine
driecilinder {m} :: A vehicle or vessel with a three-cylinder engine
driecilinder {m} :: A submarine with a hull consisting of three cylinders
driedimensionaal {adj} :: three-dimensional
drieduizend {num} :: three thousand
drie-eenheid {f} [Christianity] :: trinity
drie-eenheidsmannetje {n} [Judaism, uncommon] :: A rabbi who is simultaneously hazzan and shochet
driehoek {m} :: triangle
Driehoek {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Triangulum
driehoekig {adj} :: triangular
driehoeksgolf {f} [engineering, musical instruments] :: triangle wave
driehonderd {num} :: three hundred
driejarig {adj} :: three-year old
driekantig {adj} :: triangular
drieken {vi} [dialectal] :: to poop
drieklank {m} [music] :: A tierce, third or triad, spanning three tones in an octave
drieklank {m} [music] :: A triphthong, monosyllabic vowel combination usually involving a quick but smooth movement from one vowel to another that passes over a third one
drieklank {m} [phonetics] :: A triphthong
driekleur {f} :: tricolour
driekwart {adj} :: three-quarter, three-quarters
drieling {m} :: triplet; one of a group of three siblings born at the same time to the same mother
drieluik {n} :: triptych
drieluik {n} :: trilogy
driemaal {adv} :: thrice, three times
driemotorig {adj} :: [of motorised means of transport] having three engines
drieëndertig {num} :: thirty-three
drieënnegentig {num} :: ninety-three
drieëntachtig {num} :: eighty-three
drieëntwintig {num} :: twenty-three
drieënveertig {num} :: forty-three
drieënvijftig {num} :: fifty-three
drieënzestig {num} :: sixty-three
drieënzeventig {num} :: seventy-three
driepoot {m} :: tripod
drieërhande {adj} :: of three sorts
dries {m} :: fallow
driest {adj} :: bold, reckless
driesteling {m} :: hothead (impulsive person)
drietal {n} :: triplet, group of three
drietand {m} :: trident
drietandig {adj} :: tridental
drievoet {m} :: A tripod: vessel, stool, bench or stand on three legs
drievoud {n} :: threefold, triplicate
drievoudig {adj} :: triple, threefold
drievuldigheid {f} [Christianity] :: trinity
driewieler {m} :: tricycle
drift {f} :: passion
drift {f} :: strong and sudden upwelling of anger: a fit
drift {f} :: violent tendency
drift {f} :: flock (of sheep or oxen)
drift {f} :: deviation of direction caused by wind: drift
drift {f} :: path along which cattle are driven
driftbui {f} :: anger tantrum, fit of anger
driftig {adj} :: hot-tempered
driftig {adj} :: passionate
driftkikker {m} :: hothead (person who is easily angered)
drij {num} [Belgium, rare] :: alternative form of drie
drijfijs {n} :: floating ice, drift ice
drijfjacht {f} [hunting] :: hunt that involves driving
drijfsijs {m} [colloquial, humorous, chiefly Amsterdam] :: duck
drijfveer {f} :: motive, drive, motivation (something that motivates)
drijfvermogen {n} :: buoyancy, the ability to stay afloat
drijfzand {n} [literally] :: quicksand
drijfzand {n} [metaphor] :: a treacherous, tricky danger or risk
drijten {vi} [obsolete] :: to defecate
drijven {vi} :: to float
drijven {vt} :: to drive, to push (cattle e.g.)
drillen {vt} :: to make vibrate, as with a pneumatic drill
drillen {vi} :: to operate a pneumatic drill
drillen {vt} :: to drill, instruct by arduous exercise, notably in military context or style
drillen {vt} :: to domineer
drilmeester {m} :: drillmaster
dringen {vi} :: to press, push (into a tight space, a crowd etc)
dringen {vi} :: to insist
dringen {vi} :: to force entry
dringen {vi} :: to be short in supply (of time, etc)
dringend {adj} :: urgent
drinkbaar {adj} :: drinkable
drinkebroer {m} :: alcoholic
drinken {vt} :: to drink
drinken {n} :: drink, beverage
drinkgeld {n} :: a tip (a small amount of money left for a bartender or servant as a token of appreciation)
drinkrietje {n} :: A drinking straw
drinkwater {n} :: drinking water
droef {adj} :: sad, miserable
droefenis {f} :: sadness
droefheid {f} :: sadness, grief
droes {prop} {m} [obsolete] :: devil, Satan
droes {m} [obsolete] :: devil, demon
droes {m} [obsolete] :: madman, lunatic
droes {m} [obsolete] :: hothead, vandal
droes {m} [medicine, livestock] :: strangles (equine respiratory disease)
Droes {prop} {m} :: alternative case form of droes
droesem {m} :: sediment in a liquid, particularly in wine, dregs
droeven {v} [ergative] :: to be sad, to sadden
droevig {adj} :: sad, melancholy
droevig {adj} :: gloomy
drogen {v} [ergative] :: to dry
droger {m} :: dryer
drogreden {f} :: sophism
drol {m} :: turd
drol {m} [obsolete] :: mythological giant or evil spirit
drollenvanger {m} [colloquial] :: a type of baggy pants with tight cuffs and often a low crotch, including knickerbockers, harem pants and plus fours
drollenvanger {m} :: a nappy/diaper for horses or dogs
drom {m} :: flock (of people)
drom {m} :: crowd
dromedaris {m} :: dromedary, dromedary camel
dromen {vi} :: to dream
dromer {m} :: A dreamer, who has (a) dream(s)
dromer {m} :: A dreamy person, focused especially on dreaming, even at the expense of reality
dromer {m} [obsolete] :: A seeer in dreams
drone {m} [archaic] :: a male bee or wasp; a drone
drone {m} :: a remotely controlled aircraft; a drone
dronk {m} :: drink; draught
dronkaard {m} :: drunkard
dronkeman {m} :: superseded spelling of dronkenman
dronkemansmoed {m} :: Dutch courage
dronken {adj} :: drunk, drunken, in a state of intoxication after drinking alcohol beverages
dronkenman {m} :: male drunk, drunkard
dronkenschap {f} :: drunkenness
dronken slet {f} [obsolete] :: drunkard, alcoholic (one who is often drunk)
dronken slet {f} :: See: dronken slet
Dronten {prop} :: Dronten (village)
Dronten {prop} :: Dronten (municipality)
droog {adj} :: dry
droog {adj} :: arid
droogdok {n} :: drydock
droogkuis {m} [Belgium] :: dry cleaner
droogleggen {vt} :: to drain (water)
droogleggen {vt} :: to ban consumption of alcoholic drinks
drooglegging {f} :: alcohol ban
drooglegging {f} :: drainage of a polder
droogte {f} :: drought
droogzwierder {m} [Belgium] :: domestic centrifuge (appliance for drying objects by means of a centrifugal force)
droom {m} :: dream
droomhuis {n} :: dream house (ideal house)
droomoord {n} :: place of dreams, very idyllic location
droomprins {m} :: Prince Charming, prince of one's dreams
drop {f} :: droplet
drop {f} {n} :: licorice, especially a distinct form of very salty licorice sold as small candies
drost {m} :: [feudal title] reeve, steward
Drost {prop} :: surname
drs. {mf} :: abbreviation of doctorandus
druïde {m} :: druid
drugs {p} :: Recreational drugs
drugsbaron {m} :: drug baron
drugsgebruiker {m} :: drug user
drugsmisbruik {n} :: drug abuse
drugsverslaafde {m} :: A drug addict, person with a chemical and/or psychological dependency on drugs, notably narcotics
druif {f} {m} :: grape
druif {f} {m} [obsolete] :: grapeshot, shrapnel round
druil {m} [nautical] :: druilmast
druil {m} [nautical] :: the sail on a druilmast
druil {m} :: one who plods, works sluggishly
druilerig {adj} :: drizzling; mizzling
druilerig {adj} :: drowsy
druilmast {m} [nautical] :: The second mast on a ship with two masts when the first mast is taller
druipen {vi} :: to drip
druiper {m} :: the clap (disease)
druivensap {n} :: grape juice
druivensuiker {m} :: glucose
druiventros {m} :: cluster of grapes, bunch
druiventros {m} [historical] :: grapeshot
druk {adj} :: busy, crowded, hectic (of a place)
druk {adj} :: busy, preoccupied (of a person)
druk {adj} :: restless, uneasy
druk {m} [physics] :: pressure
druk {m} :: edition (e.g. of a book)
drukbaar {adj} :: printable
drukken {vi} :: to press
drukken {vt} [printing] :: to print
drukkend {adj} :: oppressive
drukker {m} :: printer (someone who prints)
drukker {m} :: snap (fastening device)
drukkerij {f} :: printing house, printing press, printworks
drukkingsgroep {mf} [Belgium] :: pressure group
drukpers {f} :: printing press
drukpers {f} [dated, collective] :: press (mass media)
druksluis {f} :: airlock
drukte {f} :: busyness
drukte {f} :: upheaval
drukte {f} :: zest
druktemaker {m} :: noisy fellow
druktemaker {m} :: loudmouth
druktoets {f} {m} :: push button (a button switch activated by pushing or pressing)
drum {m} [musical instruments] :: drum
drummer {m} [music] :: One who plays the drums
drumstel {n} [musical instruments] :: drum set
druppel {m} :: drop, dribble, droplet
druppelen {vi} :: to drip
Druten {prop} :: Druten (village)
Druten {prop} :: Druten (municipality)
Druze {m} :: Druze
dryade {f} :: dryad
dt-fout {f} :: a spelling error in Dutch verb forms where forms with d, t or dt are confused
d.t.v. {abbr} :: door tussenkomst van
du {pron} [obsolete or dialectal] :: Second-person singular, subjective; thou
dualis {m} [grammar] :: dual (number)
dualiteit {f} :: duality
dubbel {adj} :: double
dubbelagent {m} :: double agent
dubbelagente {f} :: female double agent
dubbelbloed {mf} :: a person of mixed-race, who has one lineage that is European or white
dubbelbloed {adj} :: of mixed race
dubbeldekker {m} :: biplane
dubbeldekker {m} :: double-decker bus
dubbelganger {m} :: doppelganger
dubbelhartig {adj} :: two-faced, duplicitous
dubbelklik {m} [computing] :: double-click
dubbelklikken {vi} [computing] :: to double-click
dubbelpunt {n} :: colon (punctuation mark)
dubbelspion {m} :: double agent
dubbelspionne {f} :: female double agent
dubbelster {mf} :: binary star
dubbeltje {noun} :: Dutch coin of 10 cents (0.10 guilders or euros)
Dubbelwit {prop} {m} :: alternative spelling of Dubbel Wit
Dubbel Wit {prop} {m} :: Nickname of Witte de With
dubbelzinnig {adj} :: ambiguous
dubbelzinnigheid {f} :: ambiguity
dubbelzinnigheid {f} :: double entendre
dubben {vi} :: to doubt, to vacillate [+ over (object) = about]
dubieus {adj} :: dubious, questionable
Dublin {prop} {n} :: Dublin
dubnium {n} :: dubnium
duchten {v} [archaic] :: to fear
duchtig {adj} :: considerable
duchtig {adj} :: large, sturdy
duchtig {adj} :: powerful
duel {n} :: A duel
duelleren {vi} :: to fight an armed duel
duelleren {vi} :: to be engaged in an unarmed (usually verbal, e.g. business - or legal) confrontation between two parties
duet {n} :: A duet
duet {n} :: A musical duo
duf {adj} :: unable to think clearly
duf {adj} :: boring, uninteresting
duf {adj} :: fusty, moldy
duffel {m} :: duffel coat
duffel {n} :: duffel (cloth)
Duffel {prop} {n} :: A small town in Belgium
duffels {adj} :: Made from duffel (cloth)
Duffels {adj} :: Originating from Duffel (town)
duidelijk {adj} :: clear, precise
duidelijk {adj} :: obvious, clear
duidelijk {adv} :: clearly
duidelijkheid {f} :: clarity, clearness
duiden {vt} :: to point to, refer to, suggest
duiden {vt} :: to explain, clarify
duiding {f} :: the act of providing meaning or context to help others understand
duif {f} :: pigeon, dove
duif {f} :: female dove or pigeon
Duif {prop} {f} [constellation] :: Columba
Duif {prop} {f} :: surname
duig {f} :: stave, plank of the wall of a barrel
duig {f} [figuratively] :: piece
duik {m} [diving] :: dive, the act of diving into the water
duik {m} [diving] :: dive, swimming under water
duik {m} :: deliberate jump or fall to the floor
duikboot {m} :: submarine
duikboot {m} [jargon, nautical] :: submarine that is designed to sail at the surface for most of the time but can submerge for limited periods
duikelen {vi} :: to tumble, to somersault
duiken {vi} :: to dive
duiker {m} :: an underwater diver
duiker {m} :: a gymnastic diver
duiker {m} :: a fairly narrow water passage under roads and dikes; a culvert
duiker {m} :: a type of waterbird; a loon (N-Am) or diver (UK)
duiker {m} :: a type of antilope; a duiker
duikplank {f} {m} :: springboard
duiksport {f} [sports] :: scuba diving
duim {m} :: thumb, the inner-most finger
duim {m} :: inch
duim {m} :: pintle (jointed pivot of a hinge, consisting of the pin and the non-moving leaf)
duimen {vi} :: to put one or both thumbs up, notably as a gesture of approval or when hitchhiking to ask for a ride
duimen {vi} :: to twiddle one's thumbs
duimen {vi} :: to keep one's fingers crossed (i.e. to show support)
duimen {vi} :: to suck on one's thumb
duimmuis {noun} :: ball of the thumb; thenar eminence
duin {f} :: dune
duinhagedis {m} :: sand lizard, Lacerta agilis
Duinkerke {prop} {n} :: Dunkirk
duinpan {f} :: dune valley; a bowl-shaped depression between dunes
Duisburg {prop} {} :: Duisburg (city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)
duister {adj} :: dark
duister {adj} :: bleak; gloomy
duister {adj} :: sinister
duister {adj} :: obscure
duisternis {f} :: darkness
duit {m} :: a Dutch coin from before the decimalization of the early 19th century, the value of which was 1/160th of a guilder
Duits {adj} :: German
Duits {adj} [archaic] :: Dutch
Duits {prop} {n} :: German (language)
Duitse {f} :: German woman
Duitse herder {m} :: German shepherd
Duitse herdershond {m} :: alternative form of Duitse herder
Duitse komma {f} :: scratch comma
Duitser {m} :: German (person)
Duitsland {prop} {n} :: Germany
Duitstalig {adj} :: German-speaking, germanophone
duivel {m} :: devil
duivelachtig {adj} :: malevolent
duivels {adj} :: devilish
Duiven {prop} :: Duiven (village)
Duiven {prop} :: Duiven (municipality)
duivenhuis {n} :: columbarium
duiventil {f} :: dovecote
duiver {m} :: male dove, a cock pigeon
duizelen {v} [ergative] :: to be/make dizzy
duizelig {adj} :: dizzy, experiencing equilibrium-trouble
duizeligheid {f} :: dizziness
duizeling {f} :: dizzy spell
duizelingwekkend {adj} :: dizzying
duizen {vi} [obsolete] :: to be dizzy, confused
duizend {num} :: thousand
duizend {n} :: a thousand
duizendjarig {adj} :: one thousand-year
duizendje {noun} :: A 1000 guilder banknote
duizendpoot {m} [zoology] :: centipede
duizendpoot {m} :: person of many talents, especially multi-tasking; jack of all trades
dukdalf {m} :: dolphin, post for mooring boats
dulden {vt} :: to tolerate
dulden {v} :: to endure
dumdumkogel {m} :: expanding bullet, dum dum bullet
dumpen {vt} :: to dump, to throw away
dun {adj} :: thin, slender
dun {adj} :: sparse
dun {adj} [liquid] :: runny
dunk {m} :: opinion
dunk {m} [basketball] :: dunk
dunken {v} [impersonal] :: to think, to consider
dunken {v} [copulative] :: to seem
dunken {vt} [basketball] :: to dunk
dunnen {v} [ergative] :: to thin, to become/make slender
dunnen {v} [ergative] :: to become/make sparse
duo {n} :: twosome
duodecimo {n} :: A size of paper, so called because it is originally made by folding and cutting a single sheet from a printing press into 12 leaves; (5 by 7¾ inches): 6.5 to 7.5 inches high, approximately 4.5 inches wide
duodecimo {n} :: A page of that size; hence, a whole book having pages of that size
duomoeder {f} [law] :: nonbirth mother, female partner of a birthmother
duomoeder {f} [colloquial] :: lesbian mother; any mother (whether biological or non-biological) in a lesbian relationship
dupe {m} :: victim
duplicaat {n} :: duplicate, copy
dupliceren {vt} :: to duplicate
duppie {n} [colloquial, Netherlands] :: dubbeltje
duren {vi} :: to last, to take (a certain time)
durf {m} :: valour, courage, daring
durfal {m} :: a daredevil
durfbank {f} :: A bank specialised (or otherwise engaging) in high-risk investment and speculation
durfloos {adj} :: cowardly, undaring, timid
durven {vt} :: to dare (do), to not be afraid (to do)
durven {v} [auxiliary, usually, with te] :: to dare (to), to not be afraid to
dus {adv} :: thus, so, ergo
dusdanig {adj} :: such
dusverre {adv} :: thus far
dutje {n} :: a nap, a doze, a light sleep
dutten {vt} :: to doze, to nap, to sleep lightly
duur {adj} :: expensive
duur {m} :: duration
duuren {v} :: obsolete spelling of duren
duurte {f} :: dearth; a period in which basic necessities such as food are overly expensive
duurzaam {adj} :: durable
duurzaam {adj} :: sustainable
Duut {prop} :: surname
duvel {m} :: devil
duvel {m} :: body, especially in op z'n duvel
duvel {m} :: impish child, rascal
duvelstoejager {m} :: jack of all trades, factotum
duvelstoejager {m} [nautical] :: heavy slip hook onto which the end of the anchor chain is locked
duw {m} :: a push
duwen {vt} :: to push
dvd {m} :: DVD
dwaalgast {m} :: vagrant (animal occurring outside its species' usual range), usually a vagrant bird
dwaalgeest {m} :: heretic, apostate
dwaallicht {n} :: will o' the wisp
dwaalspoor {n} :: wrong track (often used in the following phrase)
dwaalster {f} {m} [formal, dated] :: planet, wanderstar
dwaas {adj} :: foolish, stupid
dwaas {m} :: a (male) stupid person, fool
dwaasheid {f} :: stupidity, foolishness
dwalen {vi} :: to stray, wander
dwaling {f} [figuratively] :: error, unorthodox opinion, heresy
dwaling {f} [literally] :: (rare) wandering
dwang {m} :: coercion, compulsion
dwangarbeid {m} :: forced labor (US), forced labour (UK)
dwangbevel {n} :: warrant
dwangbevel {n} :: distress-warrant
dwangbuis {n} {f} :: straitjacket
dwangbuis {n} {f} [metonymy] :: tight, cumbersome constraints
dwangburcht {f} :: citadel built to press an area into obedience
dwangcultuur {f} [historical, of colonial agricultural products] :: forced cultivation (in colonies)
dwangmatig {adj} :: inexorable
dwangmatig {adj} :: relentless
dwangmatig {adj} :: compulsive
dwarrelen {vi} :: to whirl, to flutter
dwars {adj} :: in a crosswise direction, transverse, at right angles
dwars {adj} :: slantwise, diagonal, askew
dwars {adj} :: rebellious, stubbornly disobedient
dwarsfluit {f} :: transverse flute
dwarsgang {m} :: a traverse corridor, a cross aisle passage
dwarsliggend {adj} :: obstructive
dwarszitten {vt} :: to hinder, to impede
dwarszitten {vt} :: to bother, to irritate
dweepziek {adj} :: excessively adoring
dweepziek {adj} :: zealous, fanatical
dweil {m} :: floorcloth
dweil {m} :: worthless person; weakling
dweilen {vt} :: to clean the floor using a floorcloth, i.e. with water and soap
dweilen met de kraan open {proverb} :: treating the symptoms of a matter without dealing with the cause; counterproductive approach
dweilorkest {n} :: marching band or small band orchestra of wind and percussive instruments, especially at Carnival or other celebrations
dweperig {adj} :: fanatic
dwerg {m} :: dwarf (small human; small specimen, breed or species of animal)
dwerg {m} [fiction, folklore, fantasy, mythology] :: dwarf (small folkloristic humanoid)
dwergarend {m} :: booted eagle, Hieraaetus pennatus
dwergchimpansee {m} [uncommon] :: pygmy chimpanzee, bonobo
dwerghoen {n} :: bantam
dwergin {f} :: female dwarf
dwergmuis {f} :: harvest mouse, Micromys minutus
dwergnijlpaard {n} :: pygmy hippopotamus, Choeropsis liberiensis or Hexaprotodon liberiensis
dwergpinguïn {m} :: little penguin, Eudyptula minor
dwergplaneet {f} [astronomy] :: dwarf planet
dwergstaat {m} :: microstate
dwergster {c} [astronomy] :: dwarf star
dwergvalk {mf} :: Any falcon of the genera Microhierax and Polihierax; falconet or pygmy falcon
dwingeland {m} :: tyrant, despotic ruler who enforces his will upon the state
dwingeland {m} [metaphorically] :: dictatorial person, who is bossy and coerces others to obedient compliance
dwingelandij {f} :: tyranny, oppression
dwingen {vt} :: to force, coerce (someone)
dwingen {vt} :: to constrain, enforce, cause inevitably
dwingen {vt} :: to insist forcefully
dwingerig {adj} :: whiny, complaining (said of a child who can't obtain what he/she wishes to have)
d.w.z. {abbr} :: dat wil zeggeni.e.
dwz. {abbr} :: dat wil zeggeni.e.
dyn. {abbr} :: dynastie
dynamiet {n} :: dynamite
dynamisch {adj} :: dynamic
dynamiteren {vt} :: to dynamite
dynastie {f} :: dynasty
dynastiek {adj} :: dynastic, relating to a dynasty
dys- {prefix} :: dys-
dysenterie {f} :: dysentery
dysfagie {f} [symptom] :: dysphagia
dysfemisme {} :: dysphemism
dysforie {f} :: dysphoria
dyslectisch {adj} :: dyslectic
dyslexie {f} [pathology] :: dyslexia (a syndrome, causing inability of reading)
dysprosium {n} :: dysprosium
dystopie {f} :: dystopia
d.z.z. {abbr} [archaic] :: dezerzijds (on this side, on my part)