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-s {suffix} :: used to form the regular plural nouns and adjectives which end in vowels
-s {suffix} [Brazil, slang, rare] :: used to form slangier forms of certain words
s {letter} :: letter
s {adv} [Internet slang, text messaging] :: abbreviation of sim
s {m} [Internet slang, text messaging] :: abbreviation of sim
s {interj} [Internet slang, text messaging] :: abbreviation of sim
s {n} :: abbreviation of segundo
s {n} :: Used to indicate any sequence of time in seconds
S. {adj} :: abbreviation of são as a title
S. {adj} :: abbreviation of santo as a title
S. {adj} :: abbreviation of santa as a title
S {letter} :: letter
{adj} /ˈsɐ̃/ :: feminine of são
saami {mf} :: alternative form of sami
saami {adj} :: alternative form of sami
Saara {prop} {m} [Brazilian orthography] /sa.ˈa.ɾɐ/ :: alternative form of Sara
Saara Ocidental {prop} {m} :: Saara Ocidental (country in North Africa)
Saaremaa {prop} {f} :: Saaremaa (island/and/county)
Saarland {prop} {m} :: Saarland (state)
Saarlândia {prop} {f} [rare] :: obsolete form of Saarland
sabá {m} :: Sabbath (biblical seventh day)
sabá {m} :: Sabbath (meeting of witches)
sabado {m} :: obsolete spelling of sábado
sábado {m} /ˈsa.βɐ.ðu/ :: Saturday
sábado {m} :: Sabbath, sabbath
sábado {adv} :: on a Saturday
Sábado de Aleluia {m} :: Holy Saturday (the Saturday immediately after Good Friday)
sabão {m} /sɐ.ˈβɐ̃w̃/ :: soap
Sabará {prop} :: Sabará (placename)
sabática {f} :: sabbatical (extended period of leave)
sabático {adj} :: sabbatical (relating to the Sabbath)
sabático {adj} :: sabbatical (being an extended period of leave)
sabatina {f} [education] :: revision of previous lessons through questions
sabatina {f} :: such revision when it traditionally happens on Saturday in reference to content of previous days
sabatina {f} :: question, matter; the subject of a discussion or debate
sabatina {f} [religion] :: Saturday's prayer
sabatina {f} [Brazil] :: an instance in which someone, usually a political candidate, has to answer questions
sabatinar {vt} [education] :: to recapitulate or review lessons
sabatinar {v} :: to perform such revision by asking students questions
sabatinar {v} :: to ask someone multiple questions
sabatinar {vi} :: to discuss a subject thoroughly
sabatino {adj} [attributive] :: Saturday
sabbado {m} :: obsolete spelling of sábado
sábbado {m} :: obsolete spelling of sábado
sabbat {m} :: alternative form of sabá
sabedor {adj} /sɐβɨˈðoɾ/ :: knowledgeable
sabedor {adj} :: wise
sabedor {m} :: scholar
sabedoria {f} /sɐ.βɨ.ðu.ˈɾi.ɐ/ :: wisdom
sabedoria {f} :: knowledge
sabedoria {f} :: scholarship
sabélico {adj} :: Sabellian (of or pertaining to the Sabellian peoples)
sabélio {m} :: Sabellian (Italic language once spoken in Umbria)
saber {v} /sɐ.ˈbeɾ/ :: to know
saber {vi} :: to be aware of a fact
saber {vt} :: to be aware of a value or piece of information
saber {v} [auxiliary with a verb in the impersonal infinitive] :: to know how to do something
saber {v} :: [de, sobre] to know about; to have heard about
saber {v} [Portugal] :: [a] to taste of (to have the same taste as)
saber {v} [Portugal] :: to have a pleasant taste
saber {m} :: knowledge; lore (intellectual understanding)
saber de coração {v} [idiomatic] :: to know by heart
saber é poder {proverb} :: knowledge is power
saber-fazer {m} :: know-how (the knowledge and skill to be able to do something correctly)
sabe-tudo {mf} [pejorative] :: know-it-all (someone who obnoxiously claims to be knowledgeable on a subject)
sabiá {m} :: thrush (any species of songbirds of the genus Turdus)
sabiamente {adv} :: wisely (in a wise manner)
sabiapoca {m} :: mockingbird (songbird of the family Mimidae)
sabichão {m} [pejorative] :: know-it-all (someone who obnoxiously claims to be knowledgeable on a subject)
sabichona {f} :: feminine noun of sabichão
sabido {adj} /sɐ.ˈβi.ðu/ :: known
Sabino {prop} :: Sabino (placename)
Sabinópolis {prop} :: Sabinópolis (placename)
sábio {adj} /ˈsa.βi.u/ :: wise; sage
sábio {m} :: sage (wise man)
sable {adj} [tincture] :: sable (of black colour on a coat of arms)
sable {m} [tincture] :: sable (the black colour on coats of arms)
saboeiro {m} :: soap dish (a container for soap)
sabonete {m} /sɐβuˈnetɨ/ :: soap
saboneteira {f} :: soap dish (a container for soap)
saboneteiro {m} :: alternative form of saboneteira
sabor {m} /sɐˈboɾ/ :: flavour (the quality produced by the sensation of taste)
sabor {m} [figurative] :: an enjoyable quality
saborear {v} /sɐ.bu.ˈɾjaɾ/ :: to taste (to sample the flavour of something)
saborear {v} :: to relish (to taste or eat with pleasure; to like the flavor of)
saborear {v} [figurative] :: to delight oneself with something
saborear {v} [rare] :: to season (to flavour food with spices)
saboroso {adj} /sɐβuˈɾozu/ :: savoury, tasty
sabotador {m} :: saboteur (a person who destroys property in order to hinder his enemy)
sabotador {adj} :: who sabotages
sabotagem {f} :: sabotage (deliberate action of subversion, obstruction, disruption or destruction)
sabotar {v} :: to sabotage (to deliberately destroy something to prevent success)
sabre {m} /ˈsa.βɾɯ̽/ :: sabre (military weapon)
sabre {m} :: sabre (fencing weapon)
sabre de luz {m} [science fiction] :: lightsaber (sword having a blade made of a powerful beam of light)
Sabrina {prop} {f} :: given name
Sabrosa {prop} {f} /sɐˈβɾɔzɐ/ :: Sabrosa (village/and/municipality)
Sabugal {prop} /sɐβuˈɣaɫ/ :: Sabugal (city/and/municipality)
sabugo {m} :: elderberry; elder (shrub of the genus Sambucus)
sabugo {m} :: elderberry (fruit of the elderberry shrub)
sabugo {m} :: corncob (core of an ear of corn)
sabugo {m} :: nailbed (area underneath the nail)
sabugo {m} :: the spongy substance inside horns
sabugueirinho {m} :: dwarf elder (Sambucus ebulus, a herbaceous species of elder)
sabugueiro {m} :: elderberry; elder (shrub of the genus Sambucus)
sabujo {m} :: hound (dog breed with a good sense of smell developed for hunting)
sabujo {m} [figurative] :: an excessively submissive person
SAC {acronym} :: acronym of serviço de atendimento ao cliente (customer service; customer relations)
saca {f} /ˈsakɐ/ :: sack
sacabuxa {m} :: sackbut
sacada {f} :: balcony (accessible structure extending from a building)
sacada {f} [Brazil, slang] :: an ingenious idea or understanding
sacada {f} [volleyball] :: serve (the act of putting the ball in play)
sacalão {m} :: wrench (a violent pulling movement)
Sacalina {prop} {f} :: Sacalina (island)
sacana {mf} [colloquial] /sa.ˈkɐ̃.nɐ/ :: bastard; rogue; scoundrel; trickster
sacana {mf} [colloquial] :: debauchee (somebody who is dissolute and acts without moral restraint)
sacana {mf} [vulgar, North Brazil] :: a passive pederast
sacana {mf} [vulgar, obsolete] :: a person who gives a handjob to another
sacana {adj} [colloquial] :: rogue; deceitful
sacana {adj} [colloquial] :: debauched
sacanagem {f} [slang] :: dirty trick
sacanagem {f} [slang, by extension] :: anything considered unfair, abusive or wrong
sacanagem {f} [slang] :: pornography or sexual promiscuity
sacanear {vt} [slang] :: to screw (to cheat or treat unfairly)
sacanice {f} [slang] :: dirty trick
sacar {v} /sɐ.ˈkaɾ/ :: to pull out; to extract; to snatch
sacar {v} :: to draw (to pull out a gun from a holster)
sacar {v} :: to withdraw (extract money from an account)
sacar {v} [Brazil, slang] :: to understand
sacar {v} [colloquial, computing, Internet] :: to download
sacar {v} [sports] :: to serve
saca-rabo {m} :: mongoose
sacari- {prefix} :: saccharo-
sacarídeo {m} [carbohydrate] :: saccharide
sacarímetro {m} :: saccharometer (device used to measure the sugar content of a liquid)
sacarina {f} [organic compound] :: saccharine
sacarose {f} /ˌsa.ka.ˈɾɔ.zi/ :: sucrose (a disaccharide)
sacarrolhas {m} /ˌsa.ka.ˈʁo.ʎɐs/ :: corkscrew (implement for removing corks from bottles)
sacar só {vt} [usually in the imperative, slang] :: to check out (to pay attention to something being shown)
saccharose {f} :: obsolete spelling of sacarose
sacerdócio {m} /sɐ.sɨɾ.ˈðɔ.sju/ :: priesthood
sacerdotal {adj} [religion] :: sacerdotal (relating to priests or a high religious order)
sacerdote {m} /ˌsɐsɨɾˈdɔtɨ/ :: priest
sacerdotisa {f} :: feminine noun of sacerdote; priestess
sachê {m} :: sachet (small, sealed packet)
sacho {m} /ˈsa.ʃu/ :: mattock (agricultural tool)
sachola {f} /sa.ˈʃɔ.lɐ/ :: a type of light hoe used in gardening
saci {m} :: Saci
Saci {prop} :: Saci
saciador {adj} :: sating; filling (that satisfies one’s appetite or desire)
saciar {v} :: to sate (to satisfy the hunger, thirst or desire of)
saciável {adj} :: satiable (capable of being sated)
saci-pererê {m} :: Saci
saco {m} /ˈsa.ku/ :: bag; sack
saco {m} [figuratively, vulgar] :: balls, nuts (the scrotum)
saco {m} [mildly vulgar] :: patience, tolerance (mostly used to state the interlocutor or someone else lacks it)
saco {m} [mildly vulgar] :: something very tedious or annoying
saco amniótico {m} [anatomy] :: amniotic sac (sac in which foetus develops)
saco-cama {m} [Portugal] :: sleeping bag (protective bag for a person to sleep in)
sacode {m} [slang] :: the act of beating or punching someone
saco de boxe {m} :: punching bag (device used to practice punching)
saco de dormir {m} :: sleeping bag (protective bag for a person to sleep in)
saco de pancada {m} :: punching bag (device used to practice punching)
saco de pancada {m} [figurative] :: punching bag (object of abuse)
sacola {f} /sɐˈkɔlɐ/ :: schoolbag
sacola {f} :: haversack
sacola {f} :: bag
sacolão {m} :: augmentative of sacola
sacolão {m} :: grocery store (fruit and vegetable market)
sacolé {m} :: A frozen dessert in a tube, freezepop, ice pop, freezie
sacolejante {adj} :: bumpy
sacolejar {v} :: to shake, agitate
saco plástico {m} :: plastic bag (packaging made of thin, flexible plastic)
sacra {f} [Catholicism] :: altar card (one of a set of three richly-ornamented cards, placed on the altar during a Tridentine mass, containing the texts of prayers)
sacramento {m} [Christianity] /sɐ.kɾɐ.ˈmẽ.tu/ :: sacrament
Sacramento {prop} {f} :: Sacramento (city/state capital)
Sacramento {prop} {f} :: Sacramento (placename)
sacrário {m} /sɐ.ˈkɾa.ɾju/ :: tabernacle (small ornamented cupboard or box used for the sacrament of the Eucharist)
sacrificar {v} :: to sacrifice (to offer as a gift)
sacrificar {v} [chess] :: to sacrifice (to intentionally give up a piece)
sacrificável {adj} :: sacrificeable (able to be used as sacrifice)
sacrificável {adj} :: expendable (not worth preserving or saving)
sacrifício {m} [religion] /sɐ.kɾi.ˈ :: sacrifice (something sacrificed)
sacrifício {m} [religion] :: sacrification (act of sacrificing)
sacrifício {m} [figurative] :: ordeal (painful or trying experience)
sacrifício {m} [Christianity, theology] :: the crucifixion of Jesus
sacrilegamente {adv} :: sacrilegiously
sacrilégio {m} :: sacrilege (desecration, profanation, misuse or violation of something sacred)
sacrílego {m} :: a person who commits sacrilege
sacrílego {adj} :: sacrilegious (committing or being sacrilege)
sacripanta {m} :: rascal
sacristão {m} :: sacristan (church official charged with care of the sacristy)
sacristia {f} /sa.kɾiʃ.ˈti.ɐ/ :: sacristy
sacro {adj} /ˈsa.kɾu/ :: sacred
sacro {m} :: sacrum [bone]
Sacro Império Romano {prop} {m} :: Sacro Império Romano (former empire)
Sacro Império Romano-Germânico {prop} {m} :: Sacro Império Romano-Germânico (former empire)
sacrossanto {adj} /sa.kɾu.ˈsɐ̃.tu/ :: sacrosanct
sacudida {f} :: shake (act of shaking something)
sacudir {v} /sɐ.ku.ˈðiɾ/ :: to shake, jolt, jar, jog
sacudir {v} :: to flip, toss
Sádão {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Sado
sádico {adj} [of a person] :: sadistic (feeling pleasure from the pain of others)
sádico {adj} [of an act or behaviour] :: sadistic (causing pain of others for the sake of pleasure)
sádico {m} :: a sadistic person
sadio {adj} /saˈði.u/ :: healthy
sadismo {m} [chiefly psychiatry] :: sadism (enjoyment of inflicting pain)
sadista {mf} :: sadist (one who derives pleasure from cruelty)
Sado {prop} {m} /ˈsa.ðu/ :: Sado (river)
sadomasoquismo {m} :: sadomasochism (sexual gratification from causing and receiving pain)
saduceu {m} :: Sadducee (member of an ancient Jewish sect)
safa {f} /ˈsafɐ/ :: eraser (piece of rubber used to erase writing)
safa {interj} :: expresses surprise, disgust or admiration
safadeza {f} /ˌsa.fa.ˈde.zɐ/ :: mischievousness (the characteristic of being mischievous)
safadeza {f} :: a mischievous act
safado {adj} :: worn out
safado {adj} [colloquial] :: shameless
safado {adj} [Brazil, colloquial] :: naughty
safado {m} [colloquial] :: rogue; trickster
safar {v} /sɐˈfaɾ/ :: to pull out
safar {v} :: to steal
safar {v} :: to erase
safar {v} :: to wear out
safar {v} [colloquial] :: to save
safar {vp} :: to escape
safar {vp} :: to avoid
safar {vp} :: to do well
safar {vp} :: to manage
safári {m} :: safari (a trip to a wild area to observe or hunt animals)
safira {f} :: sapphire (gem, colour)
safismo {m} :: sapphism; lesbianism
safista {f} /saˈfista/ :: sapphist; lesbian (homosexual female)
safista {adj} :: relating to lesbianism
Safo {prop} {f} :: Sappho (Greek female name)
safra {f} /ˈsa.fɾɐ/ :: harvest
safra {f} :: crop
saga {f} :: saga (Old Norse prose narrative)
saga {f} [by extension] :: saga (long, epic story)
sagacidade {f} :: sagacity (the quality of being sage, wise or able to make good decisions)
sagaz {adj} :: sagacious (having keen discernment)
sagitária {f} :: feminine noun of sagitário
sagitária {f} :: arrowhead (any plant in the genus Sagittaria)
sagitariano {m} [astrology] :: Sagittarian (someone with the Sagittarius star sign)
sagitário {m} [astrology] :: Sagittarian (someone with the Sagittarius star sign)
Sagitário {prop} {m} [zodiac constellations] /ˌsa.ʒi.ˈta.ɾju/ :: Sagittarius (constellation)
Sagitário {prop} {m} [astrology] :: Sagittarius (astrological sign)
Sagittario {prop} {m} :: obsolete spelling of Sagitário
sago {m} [historical] :: sagum (cloak worn by Gallic, Germanic and Roman soldiers)
Sagrada Escritura {prop} {f} :: Holy Writ (bible)
Sagrada Família {prop} :: Sagrada Família (placename)
sagrado {adj} /sɐˈɣɾaðu/ :: holy, sacred
sagrado da Birmânia {m} :: Burmese (cat breed)
sagrar {v} /sɐ.ˈɣɾaɾ/ :: to consecrate
sagrar {v} :: to dedicate
Sagres {prop} :: Sagres (placename)
sagu {m} :: sago (a powdered starch obtained from certain palms)
sagu {m} :: sago (any species of palm from which sago is extracted)
sagu {m} :: sago pudding (a dessert made by boiling small grains of sago)
saguão {m} /saˈɡwɐ̃w̃/ :: hall
saguaro {m} :: saguaro (a large species of cactus of the Sonoran Desert)
sagui {m} :: marmoset (any of several species of small, long-tailed monkeys)
sagüi {m} :: obsolete spelling of sagui
saguim {m} :: alternative form of sagui
Sahara {prop} {m} :: obsolete form of Saara
Sahara Ocidental {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Saara Ocidental
sahir {v} :: obsolete spelling of sair
saia {f} /ˈsajɐ/ :: a woman's skirt
saibro {m} /ˈsaj.βɾu/ :: a mixture of sand and clay used in construction
saibro {m} :: thick sand with pebbles
saibro {m} [tennis] :: clay (crushed stone or bricks used as the surface of the court)
saibro {m} [tincture] :: sable (the black colour on a coat of arms)
saída {f} /sɐ.ˈi.ðɐ/ :: exit; way (a passage to the outside)
saída {f} :: exit (the act of going out, getting out of a place)
saída {f} [specifically] :: an instance of going out of one’s house, workplace or similar to do something
saída à francesa {f} :: French leave (a sudden or unannounced departure)
saída de incêndio {f} :: fire exit (emergency exit in case of fire)
saída do armário {f} :: the act of coming out of the closet (admitting to being a homosexual)
saiga {f} :: saiga (Saiga tatarica, an antelope of Siberia)
Saigão {prop} {f} :: Saigão (city)
Saigon {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Saigão
sainete {m} :: skit, sketch, playlet
sair {v} [de] /sɐ.ˈiɾ/ :: to exit; to leave (to go away from a certain place or situation)
sair {vi} :: to go out (to leave one’s abode to go to public places)
sair {vi} [card games] :: to lead (to begin a game, round, or trick)
sair {v} [de] :: to leave (to stop being involved with)
sair {vi} :: to come out (to be published or issued)
sair {vi} [copulative or with an adverb] :: to come out; to end up
sair {v} [com] :: to go out (with) (to have a romantic relationship with someone)
sair de cima do muro {v} [idiom] :: to solve a previous conflict between (usually two) different opinions or decisions; to decide
sair de cima do muro {v} :: See: sair de cima do muro
sair do armário {v} [idiomatic] :: to come out of the closet (to tell others about being a homosexual)
sair do papel {v} [idiomatic, of a project] :: to be implemented, to advance from the planing phase
sair ganhando {vi} [idiomatic] :: to benefit from something
sair o tiro pela culatra {v} :: alternative form of sair pela culatra
sair pela culatra {v} [idiomatic] :: to backfire (to fail in a manner detrimental to the person who made the attempt)
saite {m} :: alternative form of site
sake {m} :: sake, Japanese rice wine
sakura {f} :: sakura (blossom of the Japanese cherry tree)
sal {m} /ˈsaɫ/ :: salt (sodium chloride, a substance used as a condiment and preservative)
sal {m} [chemistry] :: salt (any compound formed from the reaction of an acid with a base)
sal {m} [usually in the plural] :: bath salt (any of several inorganic salts sometimes added to bath water)
sal {m} [figurative] :: wit; the quality of being engaging
sal {m} [rare] :: sal (Shorea robusta, a dipterocarpaceous tree)
sala {f} /ˈsa.lɐ/ :: room (division in a building)
sala {f} [specifically] :: living room
sala {f} :: classroom
salá {f} [Islam] :: salat (Islamic prayer)
salacidade {f} [uncountable] :: salacity (the state or quality of being salacious)
salacidade {f} :: a salacious act
salada {f} /sɐ.ˈla.ðɐ/ :: salad (a food made primarily of a mixture of raw ingredients, typically vegetables)
salada {f} [uncountable] :: vegetables collectively
salada {f} :: mess (confusion of things)
salada {f} [Portugal, popular] :: lettuce (Lactuca sativa)
salada de batata {f} :: potato salad (cold dish made with chopped boiled potatoes)
salada de frutas {f} :: fruit salad (dessert made with chopped fruit)
salada russa {f} [usually uncountable] :: Olivier salad, Russian salad (traditional Russian salad of boiled vegetables with mayonnaise)
salada russa {f} [figurative] :: potpourri (collection of various things)
salada russa {f} [figurative] :: mess (chaotic situation)
sala de aula {f} :: classroom (room in a school)
sala de espera {f} :: lounge; waiting room (room for people to wait)
sala de estar {f} :: living room (room in a house used for social and leisure activities)
sala de jantar {f} :: dining room (room, in a home or hotel, where meals are eaten)
salafrário {m} :: rascal; scoundrel; villain (mean, worthless fellow)
salama {interj} :: salaam (a Muslim greeting)
salamaleque {interj} /sɐ.lɐ.mɐ.ˈlɛ.kɨ/ :: salaam alaikum (greeting used by Muslims)
salamaleque {m} :: exaggerated and affected reverence
salamandra {f} /sɐ.lɐ.ˈmɐ̃.dɾɐ/ :: salamander (amphibian)
salame {m} /sa.ˈlɐ.mi/ :: salami
salameminguê {interj} :: The second word spoken by a person playing the counting-out game of unidunitê
salamo {interj} :: alternative form of salama
salão {m} /sɐ.ˈlɐ̃w̃/ :: hall, salon, parlour, saloon
salão de beleza {m} :: beauty parlour (salon with hairdressers and beauticians)
Salão do Reino {m} [Jehovah's Witnesses] :: Kingdom Hall (place where Jehovah’s Witnesses meet)
salário {m} /sɐ.ˈla.ɾi.u/ :: salary (fixed amount of money paid on monthly or annual basis)
salário {m} :: clipping of salário mínimo
salário mínimo {m} [labour law] :: minimum wage (lowest rate of pay that an employer can legally pay)
salazar {m} [Portugal, colloquial] /sɐ.lɐ.ˈzaɾ/ :: a kitchen scraper
Salazar {prop} {mf} /sɐ.lɐ.ˈzaɾ/ :: Salazar (town)
Salazar {prop} {mf} :: surname
Salazar {prop} {mf} :: António de Oliveira Salazar, a Portuguese dictator
salazarismo {m} [politics, historical] :: Salazarism (the politics of former Portuguese prime minister António de Oliveira Salazar)
salbutamol {m} :: salbutamol (short-acting bronchodilator)
Saldanha Marinho {prop} :: Saldanha Marinho (placename)
sal da terra {m} [idiomatic] :: salt of the earth (a decent, dependable person)
sal de cozinha {m} :: table salt (sodium chloride, a salt used to season food)
saldo {m} :: balance
saleiro {m} :: salt cellar; salt shaker (a small container designed to hold salt and facilitate sprinkling)
Salekhard {prop} {f} :: Salekhard (town/regional capital)
salema {interj} :: alternative form of salama
Sales {prop} :: Sales (placename)
Sales {prop} {mf} :: surname
Sales Oliveira {prop} :: Sales Oliveira (placename)
Salesópolis {prop} :: Salesópolis (placename)
saleta {f} /sɐ.ˈle.tɐ/ :: small room
saleta {f} :: waiting room, foyer
Salete {prop} :: Salete (placename)
Salete {prop} {f} :: given name
salga {f} /ˈsal.ɣɐ/ :: salting (act of adding salt to something)
salgadinho {m} [Brazil] :: deep-fried snacks sold in sealed bags, such as chips and Cheetos
salgado {adj} /saɫ.ˈɣa.ðu/ :: salty (tasting of salt)
salgado {adj} :: salted; salty (containing salt)
salgado {adj} :: preserved or treated with salt
salgado {adj} [figurative, of language] :: salty (coarse, provocative, earthy)
salgado {adj} [slang] :: very expensive
salgado {m} :: chips
salgar {vt} :: to salt (to add salt to)
salgueiro {m} /saɫ.ˈɡɐj.ɾu/ :: willow (tree of the genus Salix)
salgueiro-chorão {m} :: weeping willow (Salix babylonica, a species of willow with very pendulous twigs)
salicilismo {m} [pathology] :: salicylism (toxic condition induced by excessive intake of salicylates)
saliência {f} :: protuberance (something that protrudes out)
saliência {f} :: salience; prominence; highlight
saliência {f} [Brazil, colloquial] :: a disrespectful act
salientando {v} :: gerund of salientar
salientar {v} :: to stress, accentuate
saliente {adj} :: protruding
salina {f} :: salt pan (flat expanse of ground naturally covered with salt)
salina {f} :: saltworks (place where salt is refined and prepared commercially)
Salinas {prop} :: Salinas (placename)
Salinas da Margarida {prop} :: Salinas da Margarida (placename)
salinidade {f} :: salinity
salino {adj} :: saline; salty (containing salt)
salino {adj} :: relating to salt
salino {adj} [biology] :: growing in or near saltwater
Salisburgo {prop} {f} /ˌsa.liz.ˈbuʁ.ɡu/ :: Salisburgo (city)
salitre {m} :: saltpetre (potassium nitrate)
salitre {m} :: saltpetre (sodium nitrate)
saliva {f} /saˈ :: saliva, spittle (liquid secreted into the mouth)
salivar {v} :: to salivate (to secrete saliva)
salmão {m} :: salmon (fish)
salmão atlântico {m} :: Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar, a species of fish)
salmo {m} /ˈsaɫ.mu/ :: psalm
salmoira {f} :: alternative form of salmoura
Salmos {prop} {m} [biblical] :: Psalms (book of the Bible)
salmoura {f} /saɫ.ˈmo(w).ɾɐ/ :: brine
salmoura {f} :: canister used for brining
salmoura {f} :: wet salt used for curing meats and fish
Salmourão {prop} :: Salmourão (placename)
salmourar {v} :: to brine (to preserve food in a salt solution)
salobre {adj} :: alternative form of salobro
salobro {adj} [of water] :: brackish (slightly salty)
saloio {adj} :: rustic
saloio {adj} [cooking, Portugal] :: said of a type of bread originally produced in or near Lisbon
saloio {m} :: peasant; villager
Salomaõ {prop} {m} :: obsolete spelling of Salomão
Salomão {prop} {m} [biblical character] /ˌsa.lo.ˈmɐ̃w̃/ :: Solomon (king of Israel)
Salomão {prop} {m} :: given name
Salonica {prop} {f} :: Salonica (city/and/regional unit/regional capital)
salpa {f} :: salp (free-swimming tunicate of the family Salpidae)
salpicão {m} [culinary] :: pork sausage
salpicar {v} :: to salt (to add salt to)
salpicar {v} :: to sprinkle (to cover with small particles)
Sal Rei {prop} :: Sal Rei
salsa {f} /ˈsaɫ.sɐ/ :: parsley (Petroselinum crispum, a herb)
salsa {f} [music genre, dance genre] :: salsa (a music and dance genre influenced by Cuban music, jazz and rock)
salsaparrilha {f} :: sarsaparilla; catbrier; greenbrier (any of several tropical American vines of the genus Smilax)
salsicha {f} /saɫ.ˈsi.ʃɐ/ :: sausage (food)
salsicha {m} [humorous] :: basset hound
salsichão {m} :: augmentative of salsicha
salsinha {f} :: parsley
salsola {f} :: salsola (any plant of the genus Salsola)
saltador {m} :: jumper (someone or something that jumps)
saltadora {f} :: feminine noun of saltador
saltadoras {f} :: feminine noun of saltador
saltar {vi} /saɫ.ˈtaɾ/ :: to leap; to jump
saltar {vi} :: [figurative] to jump (to change in value suddenly and greatly)
saltar {vi} :: [figurative] to be evident
salteador {m} :: marauder (one who moves about in roving fashion looking for plunder)
salteador {m} :: highwayman (person who robs travellers on roads)
salteador {adj} :: who marauds
salteando {v} :: gerund of saltear
saltear {v} :: to assault, assail
saltear {v} :: to sauté
salteio {m} :: sautéing
saltério {m} [musical instruments] :: psaltery (ancient musical instrument)
saltério {m} [biblical] :: psalter (the Book of Psalms)
saltério {m} [anatomy] :: psalterium; omasum (third part of the stomach of a ruminant)
Saltinho {prop} :: Saltinho (placename)
Saltinho {prop} :: Saltinho (placename)
saltitar {vi} :: to make a series of hops
saltitar {v} [figurative] :: to change the subject frequently
salto {m} /ˈsaɫ.tu/ :: jump, leap
salto {m} :: heel (part of shoe)
salto {m} :: waterfall
Salto {prop} :: Salto (placename)
Salto Angel {prop} {m} :: Salto Angel (waterfall)
salto á vara {m} [very rare] :: obsolete spelling of salto com vara
salto com vara {m} :: pole vault
Salto da Divisa {prop} :: Salto da Divisa (placename)
salto da fé {m} :: alternative form of salto de fé
salto de esqui {m} :: ski jumping (the sport of jumping from a ramp on skis)
salto de fé {m} [philosophy, religion] :: leap of faith (act of believing in something despite lack of proof)
Salto de Pirapora {prop} :: Salto de Pirapora (placename)
Salto do Jacuí {prop} :: Salto do Jacuí (placename)
salto em altura {m} :: high jump
salto em distância {m} :: long jump
Salto Grande {prop} :: Salto Grande (placename)
salto mortal {m} :: backflip (full backwards rotation of one’s body)
salto plataforma {m} :: platform (shoe with a thick sole)
saltos-altos {m} :: high heels
salto triplo {m} [Brazil] :: triple jump
Salto Veloso {prop} :: Salto Veloso (placename)
Salu {prop} {f} :: pet form of the given name Salustiana
Salu {prop} {m} :: pet form of the given name Salustiano
salubérrimo {adj} /ˌˈbɛ.ʁ :: superlative of salubre
salubre {adj} :: healthy, healthful, salubrious
saluçar {v} [dialectal, dated] :: alternative form of soluçar
saluço {m} [dialectal, dated] :: alternative form of soluço
saluki {m} :: Saluki (a Middle-Eastern breed of sighthound)
salutar {adj} :: salutary
salva {f} /ˈsaɫ.vɐ/ :: salvo (salute paid by simultaneous firing of cannons)
salva {f} [by extension] :: any noisy simultaneous salute
salva {f} :: charger (large platter)
salva {f} [Portugal] :: sage
salvaçam {f} :: obsolete spelling of salvação
salvaçaõ {f} :: obsolete spelling of salvação
salvação {f} /saɫ.vɐ.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: salvation, saving
salvação {f} :: redemption
salvador {m} :: saviour, savior
Salvador {prop} {m} [Portugal] :: El Salvador (country in Central America)
Salvador {prop} {m} :: Salvador (placename)
Salvador das Missões {prop} :: Salvador das Missões (placename)
Salvador do Sul {prop} :: Salvador do Sul (placename)
salvadorenho {adj} :: Salvadoran (of, from or pertaining to El Salvador)
salvadorenho {m} :: Salvadoran (person from El Salvador)
salvaguarda {f} :: safeguard (something that serves as a guard or protection)
salvaguardar {v} :: to safeguard (to protect, to keep safe)
salvamento {m} :: rescuing, saving
salvar {v} /saɫ.ˈvaɾ/ :: to save (to help someone to survive; to make sure something isn’t destroyed)
salvar {v} [computing, Brazil] :: to save (to write a file to disk)
salvar {v} [theology] :: to save (to redeem or protect someone from eternal damnation)
salvar {v} :: to greet with a salvo
salvar {v} [by extension] :: to greet
salvar pelo gongo {v} :: To save by the bell
Salvaterra de Magos {prop} {f} /ˌsaɫvɐˈtɛʁɐ ðɨ ˈmaɣuʃ/ :: Salvaterra de Magos (village/and/municipality)
salva-vidas {adj} :: life-
salva-vidas {mf} :: lifeguard (attendant employed to save swimmers)
salva-vidas {m} :: clipping of bote salva-vidas
salve {interj} [poetic] /ˈ :: hail! greetings
salve-se quem puder {m} :: alternative spelling of salve-se-quem-puder
salve-se quem puder {phrase} :: run for your lives!
salve-se-quem-puder {m} [idiomatic] :: an extremely chaotic situation
sálvia {f} [Brazil] /ˈ :: sage (a plant)
salvo {adj} :: safe
Salzburg {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Salzburgo
Salzburgo {prop} {f} :: Salzburgo (city)
samambaia {f} :: fern
Samara {prop} {f} :: Samara (oblast)
Samara {prop} {f} :: Samara (city/regional capital)
Samara {prop} {f} :: given name
sâmara {f} [botany] :: samara (winged indehiscent fruit of certain trees)
Samarcand {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Samarcanda
Samarcanda {prop} {f} :: Samarcanda (city)
Samarcande {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Samarcanda
Samaria {prop} {f} /ˌˈɾi.ɐ/ :: Samaria (ancient city/and/historical region)
samário {m} :: samarium (chemical element)
samaritano {adj} :: Samaritan (of, from or relating to Samaria)
samaritano {m} :: Samaritan (person from Samaria)
samaritano {m} :: clipping of bom samaritano
Samarkand {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Samarcanda
Samarkanda {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Samarcanda
Samarkande {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Samarcanda
samarskita {f} [mineral] :: samarskite
Samatra {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Sumatra
samba {m} :: samba (Brazilian genre of music and dance)
samba-canção {m} [music] :: a subgenre of samba
samba-canção {m} [Brazil] :: boxer shorts (shorts worn as underwear by men)
samba de roda {m} :: A variant of samba (the Brazilian genre of music and dance)
samba-exaltação {m} :: A genre of samba introduced in Brazil in the 1930s, with a more solemn and serious tone than most other forms of samba, and involving patriotic celebration of the nation, and its culture and values
sambo {m} :: Sambo (a Russian martial art)
sambódromo {m} [Brazil, neologism] /sɐ̃ˈbɔ.dɾ :: sambadrome (exhibition place for samba schools in Brazil)
samburá {m} :: creel
sami {mf} :: Saami; Lapp (member of nomadic people of Lapland)
sami {adj} :: of or relating to the Saami people
sâmi {mf} :: alternative spelling of sami
sâmi {adj} :: alternative spelling of sami
samiano {adj} :: Samian (of or pertaining to the island of Samos)
samiano {m} :: Samian (a native or inhabitant of Samos)
samica {m} :: alternative form of samicas
samicas {adv} [archaic] :: maybe (indicates lack of certainty)
samicas {m} :: weakling (a person of weak character, lacking in courage)
sâmio {adj} :: Samian (of or pertaining to the island of Samos)
sâmio {m} :: Samian (a native or inhabitant of Samos)
samizdat {m} [uncountable] :: samizdat (underground publishing in the Soviet Union)
samizdat {m} :: samizdat (a samizdat publication)
Sâmnio {prop} {m} :: Sâmnio (historical region)
samnita {mf} :: Samnite (a native of Samnium)
samnita {adj} :: of, from or relating to Samnium
samo {m} :: sapwood (soft, newer wood just under the bark)
Samoa {prop} {f} :: Samoa (archipelago)
Samoa {prop} {f} :: Samoa (country)
Samôa {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Samoa
Samoa Americana {prop} {f} :: Samoa Americana (overseas territory)
samoano {m} /ˌˈɐ.nu/ :: Samoan (person from Samoa)
samoano {m} [uncountable] :: Samoan (language)
samoano {adj} :: Samoan (of Samoa)
samoano {adj} :: Samoan (of the Samoan language)
Samoa Ocidental {prop} {f} :: Samoa Ocidental (country)
Samogícia {prop} {f} :: Samogitia (region of Lithuania)
samogiciano {m} :: Samogitian (language)
samogiciano {adj} :: Samogitian
samoiedo {m} :: Samoyed (member of the Samoyedic peoples of the Siberian Urals)
samoiedo {m} :: any Samoyedic language
Samos {prop} {f} :: Samos (island/city/municipality/and/regional unit)
Samosata {prop} {f} :: Samosata (ancient city)
samovar {m} :: samovar (metal urn used to make tea)
sampana {f} [nautical] :: sampan (flat-bottomed Chinese wooden boat propelled by two oars)
Samuel {prop} {m} :: given name (male given name)
Samuel {prop} {m} [biblical] :: Samuel (book of the Bible)
Samuel {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Samuel (a leader of ancient Israel)
samurai {m} [military unit, historical] /ˌsɐ.mu.ˈɾaj/ :: samurai (feudal Japanese warrior)
Sana {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Sanaa
Saná {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Sanaa
Sanaa {prop} {f} :: Sanaa (capital city)
Sananduva {prop} :: Sananduva (placename)
sanar {vt} /sɐ.ˈnaɾ/ :: to cure; to heal (to restore to health)
sanar {v} :: sanar dúvidas: [idiomatic, Brazil] answer to questions
sanatório {m} /sɐ.nɐ.ˈtɔ.ɾju/ :: sanatorium
sanável {adj} :: rectifiable
sanção {f} [legal] /sɐ̃.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: sanction
sanção {f} [legal] :: penalty
sancionar {vt} :: to sanction (to give official authorisation)
sancionar {vt} :: to sanction (to penalise a state, especially for violating international law)
sancto {adj} :: obsolete spelling of santo
sancto {m} :: obsolete spelling of santo
sanctuário {m} :: obsolete spelling of santuário
sandalha {f} :: obsolete form of sandália
sandália {f} /sɐ̃.ˈda.ljɐ/ :: sandal (type of footwear)
sandália havaiana {f} :: flip-flop; thong (sandal, usually of rubber, secured to the foot by two straps)
sandália japonesa {f} :: flip-flop; thong (sandal, usually of rubber, secured to the foot by two straps)
sandália japonesa {f} :: geta (Japanese raised wooden sandal)
sândalo {m} :: sandalwood (any of various tropical trees of the genus Santalum)
sândalo {m} :: sandalwood (the aromatic heartwood of sandalwood trees)
sandes {f} [Portugal] /ˈsɐ̃.dɨʃ/ :: sandwich (snack consisting of ingredients between slices of bread)
sandeu {adj} /sɐ̃.ˈdew/ :: daft; silly; foolish
sandeu {m} :: a silly or foolish person
sândi {m} [linguistics] :: sandhi (fusion of sounds across word boundaries)
sandice {f} :: folly, foolishness
sandilho {m} :: sand eel (fish of the genus Ammodytes)
sandinista {adj} :: relating to the Sandinista National Liberation Front
sandinista {mf} :: Sandinista (member of the Sandinista National Liberation Front)
Sandovalina {prop} :: Sandovalina (placename)
Sandra {prop} {f} :: given name
sanduba {m} [Brazil] :: sandwich (snack consisting of ingredients between slices of bread)
sanduíche {mf} /ˌsɐ̃.du.ˈi.ʃɨ/ :: sandwich (snack)
sanduíche {mf} [Brazil, slang] :: a situation where there are too many people or objects packed together
sanduicheira {f} :: pie iron, sandwich toaster
sandwicheira {f} :: pie iron, sandwich toaster
saneamento {m} :: sanitation
saneamento {m} :: purification
sanfeno {m} :: sainfoin (Onobrychis sativa, a perennial herb used as forage)
sanfona {f} [musical instruments] /sɐ̃.ˈfo.nɐ/ :: hurdy-gurdy (medieval instrument with a wheel that vibrates its strings)
sanfona {f} [musical instruments, Brazil] :: an accordion or concertina
sanfona {f} [figurative] :: bellows (any flexible container)
sanfonha {f} :: alternative form of sanfona
Sangão {prop} :: Sangão (placename)
sangramento {m} :: bleeding (the act of bleeding)
sangrar {v} /sɐ̃.ˈɡɾaɾ/ :: to bleed
sangrento {adj} /sɐ̃.ˈɡɾẽ.tu/ :: bloody (characterised by bloodshed)
sangria {f} /sɐ̃ˈɡɾi.ɐ/ :: bloodletting (medical practice of causing bleeding)
sangria {f} :: sangria (alcoholic drink)
sangue {m} /ˈsɐ̃.ɡɨ/ :: blood
sangue azul {m} :: blue blood (noble or aristocratic ancestry)
sangue-frio {m} :: sangfroid (composure in a dangerous situation)
sangue-frio {m} :: cruelty (indifference to suffering)
sangue-frio {m} :: alternative spelling of sangue frio
sangueira {f} :: bloodshed
sanguento {adj} /sɐ̃.ˈɡwẽ.tu/ :: bloody (characterised by bloodshed)
sangue ruim {mf} [derogatory] :: inferior bloodline
sanguessuga {f} {m} /sɐ̃.ɡɨ.ˈsu.ɣɐ/ :: leech (aquatic blood-sucking annelid of class Hirudinea)
sanguinária do Canadá {f} :: bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis, a North American poppy)
sanguinário {adj} [of a situation, event or work] :: sanguinary (accompanied by bloodshed)
sanguinário {adj} [of a person] :: sanguinary (eager for bloodshed)
sanguíneo {adj} :: sanguine
sanguíneo {adj} :: sanguineous (related to blood)
sangüíneo {adj} :: obsolete spelling of sanguíneo
sanguinho {m} [ecclesiastical] :: purificator (napkin used to wipe the lip of the chalice)
sanguinho {m} :: common dogwood (Cornus sanguinea, a shrub of Eurasia)
sanguinho {m} :: diminutive of sangue
sanguino {adj} :: alternative form of sanguíneo
sangüino {adj} :: obsolete spelling of sanguino
sanguinolento {adj} :: bloodthirsty (characterised by massive bloodshed)
sanguinolento {adj} :: sanguinolent (tinged with blood)
sanha {f} :: rage, infuriation, anger
sanidade {f} :: sanity (healthy mental state)
sanita {f} :: toilet
sanitário {adj} :: sanitary
sanitário {adj} :: health (attributive)
sanitário {m} :: toilet
San Jose {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of San José
San José {prop} {f} /ˈsɐ̃ ʁo.ˈsɛ/ :: San José (capital city)
San José {prop} {f} :: San José (city)
San Marino {prop} {m} :: San Marino (country)
San Marino {prop} {f} :: San Marino (town/capital city)
San Salvador {prop} {f} :: San Salvador (capital city)
Sansão {prop} {m} [biblical character] /sɐ̃.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: Samson (Israelite judge who performed feats of strength)
sânscrito {m} /ˈsɐ̃s.kɾi.tu/ :: Sanskrit (language)
sânscrito {adj} :: relating to the Sanskrit language
sânscrito {adj} [nonstandard] :: relating to the Proto-Indo-European language
sânscrito védico {m} :: Vedic Sanskrit (earliest form of Sanskrit)
Santa {f} :: title given to a female saint
Santa Adélia {prop} :: Santa Adélia (placename)
Santa Albertina {prop} :: Santa Albertina (placename)
Santa Bárbara {prop} {f} :: Saint Barbara
Santa Bárbara {prop} {f} :: Santa Bárbara (placename)
Santa Bárbara {prop} {f} :: Santa Bárbara (placename)
Santa Bárbara d'Oeste {prop} :: Santa Bárbara d'Oeste (placename)
Santa Bárbara do Leste {prop} :: Santa Bárbara do Leste (placename)
Santa Bárbara do Monte Verde {prop} :: Santa Bárbara do Monte Verde (placename)
Santa Bárbara do Sul {prop} :: Santa Bárbara do Sul (placename)
Santa Bárbara do Tugúrio {prop} :: Santa Bárbara do Tugúrio (placename)
Santa Branca {prop} :: Santa Branca (placename)
Santa Brígida {prop} :: Santa Brígida (placename)
Santa Catarina {prop} {f} :: Catherine of Alexandria, Saint Catherine
Santa Catarina {prop} {f} :: Santa Catarina (state)
Santa Cecília {prop} :: Santa Cecília (placename)
Santa Cecília do Sul {prop} :: Santa Cecília do Sul (placename)
Santa Clara d'Oeste {prop} :: Santa Clara d'Oeste (placename)
Santa Clara do Sul {prop} :: Santa Clara do Sul (placename)
Santa Comba Dão {prop} {f} /ˈsɐ̃tɐ ˈkõbɐ ˈðɐ̃w/ :: Santa Comba Dão (village/and/municipality)
Santa Cruz {prop} {f} [Christianity] /ˈsɐ̃tɐ ˈkɾuʃ/ :: Holy Cross; meaning the cross Jesus died on
Santa Cruz {prop} {f} :: Santa Cruz (city/and/municipality)
Santa Cruz {prop} {f} :: Santa Cruz (province)
Santa Cruz {prop} {f} :: Santa Cruz (municipality)
Santa Cruz {prop} {f} :: Santa Cruz (municipality)
Santa Cruz {prop} {f} :: Santa Cruz (municipality)
Santa Cruz Cabrália {prop} :: Santa Cruz Cabrália (placename)
Santa Cruz da Conceição {prop} :: Santa Cruz da Conceição (placename)
Santa Cruz da Esperança {prop} :: Santa Cruz da Esperança (placename)
Santa Cruz da Graciosa {prop} {f} /ˈsɐ̃tɐ ˈkɾuʒ ðɐ ɣɾɐsiˈɔzɐ/ :: Santa Cruz da Graciosa (village/and/municipality)
Santa Cruz das Flores {prop} {f} /ˈsɐ̃tɐ ˈkɾuʒ ðɐʃ ˈfloɾɨʃ/ :: Santa Cruz das Flores (village/and/municipality)
Santa Cruz das Palmeiras {prop} :: Santa Cruz das Palmeiras (placename)
Santa Cruz da Vitória {prop} :: Santa Cruz da Vitória (placename)
Santa Cruz de Minas {prop} :: Santa Cruz de Minas (placename)
Santa Cruz de Salinas {prop} :: Santa Cruz de Salinas (placename)
Santa Cruz do Escalvado {prop} :: Santa Cruz do Escalvado (placename)
Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo {prop} :: Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo (placename)
Santa Cruz do Sul {prop} :: Santa Cruz do Sul (placename)
Santa Efigênia de Minas {prop} :: Santa Efigênia de Minas (placename)
Santa Ernestina {prop} :: Santa Ernestina (placename)
Santa Fé {prop} {f} :: Santa Fé (city/state capital)
Santa Fé {prop} {f} :: Santa Fé (village/and/municipality)
Santa Fé de Minas {prop} :: Santa Fé de Minas (placename)
Santa Fé do Sul {prop} :: Santa Fé do Sul (placename)
Santa Gertrudes {prop} :: Santa Gertrudes (placename)
Santa Helena {prop} {f} :: Saint Helena (island and United Kingdom overseas territory in the Atlantic Ocean)
Santa Helena {prop} {f} :: Santa Helena (placename)
Santa Helena de Minas {prop} :: Santa Helena de Minas (placename)
Santa Inês {prop} :: Santa Inês (placename)
Santa Isabel {prop} :: Santa Isabel (placename)
Santa Juliana {prop} :: Santa Juliana (placename)
Santa Lúcia {prop} {f} :: Saint Lucia (country in the Caribbean)
Santa Lúcia {prop} {f} :: Santa Lúcia (placename)
Santaluz {prop} :: Santaluz (placename)
Santa Luzia {prop} :: Santa Luzia (placename)
Santa Luzia {prop} :: Santa Luzia (placename)
Santa Margarida {prop} {f} :: Margaret of Antioch, Saint Margaret
Santa Margarida {prop} {f} :: Santa Margarida (placename)
Santa Margarida do Sul {prop} :: Santa Margarida do Sul (placename)
Santa Maria {prop} {m} :: Mary (mother of Jesus), Saint Mary
Santa Maria {prop} {m} :: Santa Maria (placename)
Santa Maria da Feira {prop} {f} /ˈsɐ̃tɐ mɐˈɾiɐ dɐ ˈfɐjɾɐ/ :: Santa Maria da Feira (village/and/municipality)
Santa Maria da Serra {prop} :: Santa Maria da Serra (placename)
Santa Maria da Vitória {prop} :: Santa Maria da Vitória (placename)
Santa Maria de Itabira {prop} :: Santa Maria de Itabira (placename)
Santa Maria do Herval {prop} :: Santa Maria do Herval (placename)
Santa Maria do Salto {prop} :: Santa Maria do Salto (placename)
Santa Maria do Suaçuí {prop} :: Santa Maria do Suaçuí (placename)
Santa Maria Madalena {prop} {f} :: Saint Mary Magdalene
Santa Maria Madalena {prop} {f} :: Santa Maria Madalena (placename)
Santa Marta de Penaguião {prop} /ˈsɐ̃tɐ ˈmaɾtɐ ðɨ pɨnɐɣiˈɐ̃̃w/ :: Santa Marta de Penaguião (village/and/municipality)
Santa Mercedes {prop} :: Santa Mercedes (placename)
Santana {prop} {f} [biblical character] /sɐ̃ˈtɐnɐ/ :: Saint Anne (the mother of Virgin Mary)
Santana {prop} {f} :: Santana (city/and/municipality)
Santana {prop} {f} :: Santana (placename)
Santana {prop} {f} :: Santana (placename)
Santana {prop} {f} :: Santana (village)
Santana {prop} {mf} :: surname
Sant'Ana {prop} {mf} [chiefly obsolete] :: alternative spelling of Santana
Santana da Boa Vista {prop} :: Santana da Boa Vista (placename)
Santana da Ponte Pensa {prop} :: Santana da Ponte Pensa (placename)
Santana da Vargem {prop} :: Santana da Vargem (placename)
Santana de Cataguases {prop} :: Santana de Cataguases (placename)
Santana de Parnaíba {prop} :: Santana de Parnaíba (placename)
Santana de Pirapama {prop} :: Santana de Pirapama (placename)
Santana do Deserto {prop} :: Santana do Deserto (placename)
Santana do Garambéu {prop} :: Santana do Garambéu (placename)
Santana do Jacaré {prop} :: Santana do Jacaré (placename)
Santana do Livramento {prop} :: Santana do Livramento (placename)
Santana do Manhuaçu {prop} :: Santana do Manhuaçu (placename)
Santana do Paraíso {prop} :: Santana do Paraíso (placename)
Santana do Riacho {prop} :: Santana do Riacho (placename)
Santana dos Montes {prop} :: Santana dos Montes (placename)
santanário {adj} :: who pretends to be a saint;
santanário {adj} :: obsessively devout
santanense {adj} :: of, from or relating to Santana do Livramento, Brazil
santanense {mf} :: a person from Santana do Livramento
Santanópolis {prop} :: Santanópolis (placename)
Santarém {prop} {f} /sɐ̃.tɐ.ˈɾɐ̃j̃/ :: Santarém (district)
Santarém {prop} {f} :: Santarém (city/and/municipality/district capital)
Santarém {prop} {f} :: Santarém (city/and/municipality)
Santa Rita de Caldas {prop} :: Santa Rita de Caldas (placename)
Santa Rita de Cássia {prop} :: Santa Rita de Cássia (placename)
Santa Rita de Ibitipoca {prop} :: Santa Rita de Ibitipoca (placename)
Santa Rita de Jacutinga {prop} :: Santa Rita de Jacutinga (placename)
Santa Rita de Minas {prop} :: Santa Rita de Minas (placename)
Santa Rita d'Oeste {prop} :: Santa Rita d'Oeste (placename)
Santa Rita do Itueto {prop} :: Santa Rita do Itueto (placename)
Santa Rita do Passa Quatro {prop} :: Santa Rita do Passa Quatro (placename)
Santa Rita do Sapucaí {prop} :: Santa Rita do Sapucaí (placename)
Santa Rosa {prop} :: Santa Rosa (placename)
Santa Rosa da Serra {prop} :: Santa Rosa da Serra (placename)
Santa Rosa de Lima {prop} :: Santa Rosa de Lima (placename)
Santa Rosa de Viterbo {prop} :: Santa Rosa de Viterbo (placename)
Santa Rosa do Sul {prop} :: Santa Rosa do Sul (placename)
Santa Salete {prop} :: Santa Salete (placename)
Santa Sé {prop} {f} :: Holy See (jurisdiction of the Pope)
Santa Teresinha {prop} :: Santa Teresinha (placename)
Santa Tereza {prop} :: Santa Tereza (placename)
Santa Terezinha {prop} :: Santa Terezinha (placename)
Santa Terezinha do Progresso {prop} :: Santa Terezinha do Progresso (placename)
Santa Vitória {prop} :: Santa Vitória (placename)
Santa Vitória do Palmar {prop} :: Santa Vitória do Palmar (placename)
Santiago {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: James (name of two of the twelve apostles)
Santiago {prop} {m} :: given name
Santiago {prop} {m} :: surname
Santiago {prop} {f} :: Santiago (capital city)
Santiago {prop} {f} :: Santiago (placename)
Santiago do Cacém {prop} /sɐ̃tiˈaɣu ðu kɐˈsɐ̃j/ :: Santiago do Cacém (city/and/municipality)
Santiago do Sul {prop} :: Santiago do Sul (placename)
santidade {f} /sɐ̃.ti.ˈða.ðɨ/ :: sanctity, holiness
santificar {vt} :: to sanctify (to treat as holy)
santimonial {adj} :: sanctimonious (making a show of being morally better than others)
santinho {m} :: diminutive of santo
santinho {m} :: a small leaflet with the image of a saint and a prayer
santinho {m} [Brazil] :: a small leaflet with the picture of an election candidate and his voting number
santinho {interj} [Portugal] :: bless you (said to somebody who has sneezed)
santista {adj} :: Pertaining to, or relative to the city of Santos, Brazil
santista {adj} [Brazil, soccer] :: Pertaining to, or related to Santos Futebol Clube
santista {mf} :: An inhabitant of the city of Santos, Brazil
santista {mf} [Brazil, soccer] :: A player or supporter of Santos Futebol Clube
santo {adj} /ˈsɐ̃.tu/ :: Dedicated to a religious purpose or a god; holy; sacred
santo {adj} [religion] :: Flawless from a religious point of view; holy
santo {adj} :: Designed or exalted by a divine sanction; holy; venerable
santo {adj} :: Saintly; relating to saints
santo {adj} :: Inviolable; holy
santo {adj} [Of a day] :: during which one must dedicate himself to religion, rather than work
santo {m} [Roman Catholicism] :: someone who has been formally canonised by the Catholic Church
santo {m} :: saint (a virtuous or holy person)
santo {m} :: an extremely kind individual
Santo Amaro {prop} :: Santo Amaro (placename)
Santo Amaro da Imperatriz {prop} :: Santo Amaro da Imperatriz (placename)
Santo Anastácio {prop} :: Santo Anastácio (placename)
Santo André {prop} {m} :: Andrew the Apostle, Saint Andrew
Santo André {prop} {f} :: Santo André (placename)
Santo Ângelo {prop} :: Santo Ângelo (placename)
Santo Antônio da Alegria {prop} :: Santo Antônio da Alegria (placename)
Santo Antônio da Patrulha {prop} :: Santo Antônio da Patrulha (placename)
Santo Antônio das Missões {prop} :: Santo Antônio das Missões (placename)
Santo Antônio de Jesus {prop} :: Santo Antônio de Jesus (placename)
Santo Antônio de Pádua {prop} :: Santo Antônio de Pádua (placename)
Santo Antônio de Posse {prop} :: Santo Antônio de Posse (placename)
Santo Antônio do Amparo {prop} :: Santo Antônio do Amparo (placename)
Santo Antônio do Aracanguá {prop} :: Santo Antônio do Aracanguá (placename)
Santo Antônio do Aventureiro {prop} :: Santo Antônio do Aventureiro (placename)
Santo Antônio do Grama {prop} :: Santo Antônio do Grama (placename)
Santo Antônio do Itambé {prop} :: Santo Antônio do Itambé (placename)
Santo Antônio do Jacinto {prop} :: Santo Antônio do Jacinto (placename)
Santo Antônio do Jardim {prop} :: Santo Antônio do Jardim (placename)
Santo Antônio do Monte {prop} :: Santo Antônio do Monte (placename)
Santo Antônio do Palma {prop} :: Santo Antônio do Palma (placename)
Santo Antônio do Pinhal {prop} :: Santo Antônio do Pinhal (placename)
Santo Antônio do Planalto {prop} :: Santo Antônio do Planalto (placename)
Santo Antônio do Retiro {prop} :: Santo Antônio do Retiro (placename)
Santo Antônio do Rio Abaixo {prop} :: Santo Antônio do Rio Abaixo (placename)
Santo Augusto {prop} :: Santo Augusto (placename)
Santo Cristo {prop} :: Santo Cristo (placename)
Santo Domingo {prop} {f} :: Santo Domingo (capital city)
santo do pau oco {m} [idiomatic, derogatory] :: hypocritical person
Santo Estêvão {prop} {m} :: Saint Stephen
Santo Estêvão {prop} {f} :: Santo Estêvão (placename)
Santo Expedito {prop} :: Santo Expedito (placename)
Santo Expedito do Sul {prop} :: Santo Expedito do Sul (placename)
Santo Graal {prop} {m} [mediaeval folklore] :: Holy Grail (chalice used to catch Christ’s blood)
Santo Gral {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Santo Graal
Santo Hipólito {prop} :: Santo Hipólito (placename)
Santópolis do Aguapeí {prop} :: Santópolis do Aguapeí (placename)
Santos {prop} /ˈsɐ̃.tuʃ/ :: Santos (Santos)
Santos {prop} {f} {m} :: surname
Santos Dumont {prop} :: Santos Dumont (placename)
Santo Tirso {prop} /ˈsɐ̃tu ˈtiɾsu/ :: Santo Tirso (city/and/municipality)
santuário {m} /ˌsɐ̃.tu.ˈa.ɾi.u/ :: shrine (a place that is holy)
santuário {m} :: sanctuary (place of safety, refuge or protection)
santuário {m} :: a room where relics are kept
são {adj} /ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: sound, healthy (enjoying health and vigour of body, mind, or spirit)
são {adj} :: sane (mentally sound; possessing a rational mind)
são {adj} :: logically sound
São {adj} :: forms the titles of male saints whose names begin with a consonant
São Bento Abade {prop} :: São Bento Abade (placename)
São Bento do Sapucaí {prop} :: São Bento do Sapucaí (placename)
São Bento do Sul {prop} :: São Bento do Sul (placename)
São Bernardino {prop} :: São Bernardino (placename)
são bernardo {m} :: alternative spelling of são-bernardo
são-bernardo {m} :: Saint Bernard (a breed of dog)
São Bernardo {m} :: alternative spelling of são-bernardo
São Bernardo {prop} {f} :: clipping of São Bernardo do Campo
São Bernardo do Campo {prop} :: São Bernardo do Campo (placename)
São Bonifácio {prop} :: São Bonifácio (placename)
São Borja {prop} :: São Borja (placename)
São Brás de Alportel {prop} /sɐ̃w ˈβɾaʃ ðɨ ɐɫpuɾˈtɛɫ/ :: São Brás de Alportel (village/and/municipality)
São Brás do Suaçuí {prop} :: São Brás do Suaçuí (placename)
São Caetano do Sul {prop} :: São Caetano do Sul (placename)
São Carlos {prop} :: São Carlos (placename)
São Carlos {prop} :: São Carlos (placename)
São Cristóvão do Sul {prop} :: São Cristóvão do Sul (placename)
São Cristóvão e Neves {prop} {m} :: Saint Kitts and Nevis (a country in the Caribbean)
São Desidério {prop} :: São Desidério (placename)
São Domingos {prop} :: São Domingos (placename)
São Domingos {prop} :: São Domingos (placename)
São Domingos das Dores {prop} :: São Domingos das Dores (placename)
São Domingos do Prata {prop} :: São Domingos do Prata (placename)
São Domingos do Sul {prop} :: São Domingos do Sul (placename)
são e salvo {adj} /ˈsɐ̃w̃ ˈi ˈsaɫ.vu/ :: safe and sound
São Felipe {prop} :: São Felipe (placename)
São Félix {prop} :: São Félix (placename)
São Félix de Minas {prop} :: São Félix de Minas (placename)
São Félix do Coribe {prop} :: São Félix do Coribe (placename)
São Fidélis {prop} :: São Fidélis (placename)
São Francisco {prop} {m} [Roman Catholicism] :: Saint Francis
São Francisco {prop} {m} :: São Francisco (placename)
São Francisco {prop} {m} :: São Francisco (river)
São Francisco {prop} {f} :: São Francisco (city)
São Francisco {prop} {f} :: clipping of São Francisco do Sul
São Francisco {prop} {f} :: São Francisco (placename)
São Francisco de Assis {prop} {m} :: Francis of Assisi, Saint Francis
São Francisco de Assis {prop} {f} :: São Francisco de Assis (placename)
São Francisco de Itabapoana {prop} :: São Francisco de Itabapoana (placename)
São Francisco de Paula {prop} :: São Francisco de Paula (placename)
São Francisco de Paula {prop} :: São Francisco de Paula (placename)
São Francisco de Sales {prop} :: São Francisco de Sales (placename)
São Francisco do Conde {prop} :: São Francisco do Conde (placename)
São Francisco do Glória {prop} :: São Francisco do Glória (placename)
São Francisco do Sul {prop} :: São Francisco do Sul (placename)
São Gabriel {prop} :: São Gabriel (placename)
São Gabriel {prop} :: São Gabriel (placename)
São Geraldo {prop} :: São Geraldo (placename)
São Geraldo da Piedade {prop} :: São Geraldo da Piedade (placename)
São Geraldo do Baixio {prop} :: São Geraldo do Baixio (placename)
São Gonçalo {prop} :: São Gonçalo (placename)
São Gonçalo do Abaeté {prop} :: São Gonçalo do Abaeté (placename)
São Gonçalo do Pará {prop} :: São Gonçalo do Pará (placename)
São Gonçalo do Rio Abaixo {prop} :: São Gonçalo do Rio Abaixo (placename)
São Gonçalo do Rio Preto {prop} :: São Gonçalo do Rio Preto (placename)
São Gonçalo do Sapucaí {prop} :: São Gonçalo do Sapucaí (placename)
São Gonçalo dos Campos {prop} :: São Gonçalo dos Campos (placename)
São Gotardo {prop} :: São Gotardo (placename)
São Jerônimo {prop} :: São Jerônimo (placename)
São João Batista {prop} {m} :: John the Baptist
São João Batista {prop} {f} :: São João Batista (placename)
São João Batista do Glória {prop} :: São João Batista do Glória (placename)
São João da Barra {prop} :: São João da Barra (placename)
São João da Boa Vista {prop} :: São João da Boa Vista (placename)
São João da Lagoa {prop} :: São João da Lagoa (placename)
São João da Madeira {prop} /sɐ̃w ʒuˈɐ̃w ðɐ mɐˈðɐjɾɐ/ :: São João da Madeira (city/and/municipality)
São João da Mata {prop} :: São João da Mata (placename)
São João da Pesqueira {prop} /sɐ̃w ʒuˈɐ̃w dɐ pɨʃˈkɐjɾɐ/ :: São João da Pesqueira (village/and/municipality)
São João da Ponte {prop} :: São João da Ponte (placename)
São João das Duas Pontes {prop} :: São João das Duas Pontes (placename)
São João das Missões {prop} :: São João das Missões (placename)
São João da Urtiga {prop} :: São João da Urtiga (placename)
São João de Iracema {prop} :: São João de Iracema (placename)
São João del-Rei {prop} :: São João del-Rei (placename)
São João de Meriti {prop} :: São João de Meriti (placename)
São João do Itaperiú {prop} :: São João do Itaperiú (placename)
São João do Manhuaçu {prop} :: São João do Manhuaçu (placename)
São João do Manteninha {prop} :: São João do Manteninha (placename)
São João do Oeste {prop} :: São João do Oeste (placename)
São João do Oriente {prop} :: São João do Oriente (placename)
São João do Pacuí {prop} :: São João do Pacuí (placename)
São João do Paraíso {prop} :: São João do Paraíso (placename)
São João do Pau-d'Alho {prop} :: São João do Pau-d'Alho (placename)
São João do Polêsine {prop} :: São João do Polêsine (placename)
São João do Sul {prop} :: São João do Sul (placename)
São João Evangelista {prop} {m} :: John the Evangelist, John the Divine
São João Evangelista {prop} {f} :: São João Evangelista (placename)
São João Nepomuceno {prop} :: São João Nepomuceno (placename)
São Joaquim {prop} :: São Joaquim (placename)
São Joaquim da Barra {prop} :: São Joaquim da Barra (placename)
São Joaquim de Bicas {prop} :: São Joaquim de Bicas (placename)
São Jorge {prop} {m} :: George of Lydda, Saint George
São Jorge {prop} {f} :: São Jorge (placename)
São José {prop} {m} :: Saint Joseph
São José {prop} {f} :: alternative form of San José
São José {prop} {f} :: São José (placename)
São José da Barra {prop} :: São José da Barra (placename)
São José da Bela Vista {prop} :: São José da Bela Vista (placename)
São José da Lapa {prop} :: São José da Lapa (placename)
São José da Safira {prop} :: São José da Safira (placename)
São José das Missões {prop} :: São José das Missões (placename)
São José da Varginha {prop} :: São José da Varginha (placename)
São José da Vitória {prop} :: São José da Vitória (placename)
São José de Ubá {prop} :: São José de Ubá (placename)
São José do Alegre {prop} :: São José do Alegre (placename)
São José do Barreiro {prop} :: São José do Barreiro (placename)
São José do Cedro {prop} :: São José do Cedro (placename)
São José do Cerrito {prop} :: São José do Cerrito (placename)
São José do Divino {prop} :: São José do Divino (placename)
São José do Goiabal {prop} :: São José do Goiabal (placename)
São José do Herval {prop} :: São José do Herval (placename)
São José do Hortêncio {prop} :: São José do Hortêncio (placename)
São José do Inhacorá {prop} :: São José do Inhacorá (placename)
São José do Jacuípe {prop} :: São José do Jacuípe (placename)
São José do Jacuri {prop} :: São José do Jacuri (placename)
São José do Mantimento {prop} :: São José do Mantimento (placename)
São José do Norte {prop} :: São José do Norte (placename)
São José do Ouro {prop} :: São José do Ouro (placename)
São José do Rio Pardo {prop} :: São José do Rio Pardo (placename)
São José do Rio Preto {prop} :: São José do Rio Preto (placename)
São José dos Ausentes {prop} :: São José dos Ausentes (placename)
São José dos Campos {prop} :: São José dos Campos (placename)
São José do Sul {prop} :: São José do Sul (placename)
São José do Vale do Rio Preto {prop} :: São José do Vale do Rio Preto (placename)
São Leopoldo {prop} :: São Leopoldo (placename)
São Lourenço {prop} {m} :: Lawrence of Rome, Saint Lawrence
São Lourenço {prop} {m} :: Saint Lawrence River (river in Canada)
São Lourenço {prop} {f} :: São Lourenço (placename)
São Lourenço da Serra {prop} :: São Lourenço da Serra (placename)
São Lourenço do Oeste {prop} :: São Lourenço do Oeste (placename)
São Lourenço do Sul {prop} :: São Lourenço do Sul (placename)
São Ludgero {prop} :: São Ludgero (placename)
São Luís {prop} :: São Luís (placename)
São Luiz do Paraitinga {prop} :: São Luiz do Paraitinga (placename)
São Luiz Gonzaga {prop} :: São Luiz Gonzaga (placename)
São Manuel {prop} :: São Manuel (placename)
São Marcos {prop} {m} :: Mark the Evangelist; Saint Mark
São Marcos {prop} {f} :: São Marcos (placename)
São Marinho {prop} {m} :: alternative form of San Marino
São Marino {prop} {m} :: alternative form of San Marino
São Martinho {prop} :: São Martinho (placename)
São Martinho {prop} :: São Martinho (placename)
São Martinho da Serra {prop} :: São Martinho da Serra (placename)
São Miguel Arcanjo {prop} :: São Miguel Arcanjo (placename)
São Miguel da Boa Vista {prop} :: São Miguel da Boa Vista (placename)
São Miguel das Matas {prop} :: São Miguel das Matas (placename)
São Miguel das Missões {prop} :: São Miguel das Missões (placename)
São Miguel do Anta {prop} :: São Miguel do Anta (placename)
São Miguel do Oeste {prop} :: São Miguel do Oeste (placename)
São Nicolau {prop} {m} :: Nicholas of Myra, Saint Nicholas
São Nicolau {prop} {f} :: São Nicolau (placename)
São Nicolau {prop} {f} :: One of the ten islands of Cape Verde
são-paulino {adj} [Brazil] :: pertaining to, or related to São Paulo Futebol Clube
são-paulino {m} [Brazil] :: a player or supporter of São Paulo Futebol Clube sports team, especially the association football (soccer) team
São Paulo {prop} {m} /ˈsɐ̃w̃ ˈ :: Paul the Apostle, Paul of Tarsus, Saint Paul
São Paulo {prop} {f} :: São Paulo (placename)
São Paulo {prop} {f} :: São Paulo (placename)
São Paulo das Missões {prop} :: São Paulo das Missões (placename)
São Pedro {prop} {m} :: Peter the Apostle, Saint Peter
São Pedro {prop} {f} :: São Pedro (placename)
São Pedro da Aldeia {prop} :: São Pedro da Aldeia (placename)
São Pedro da Serra {prop} :: São Pedro da Serra (placename)
São Pedro das Missões {prop} :: São Pedro das Missões (placename)
São Pedro da União {prop} :: São Pedro da União (placename)
São Pedro de Alcântara {prop} :: São Pedro de Alcântara (placename)
São Pedro do Butiá {prop} :: São Pedro do Butiá (placename)
São Pedro dos Ferros {prop} :: São Pedro dos Ferros (placename)
São Pedro do Suaçuí {prop} :: São Pedro do Suaçuí (placename)
São Pedro do Sul {prop} /sɐ̃w ˈpeðɾu ðu ˈsuɫ/ :: São Pedro do Sul (city/and/municipality)
São Pedro do Sul {prop} :: São Pedro do Sul (placename)
São Pedro do Turvo {prop} :: São Pedro do Turvo (placename)
São Pedro e Miquelon {prop} {f} :: Saint Pierre and Miquelon (overseas territory of France)
São Petersburgo {prop} {f} :: São Petersburgo (federal city)
São Romão {prop} :: São Romão (placename)
São Roque {prop} :: São Roque (placename)
São Roque de Minas {prop} :: São Roque de Minas (placename)
São Roque do Pico {prop} /sɐ̃w ˈʁɔk(ɨ) ðu ˈpiku/ :: São Roque do Pico (village/and/municipality)
São Sebastião {prop} {m} :: Saint Sebastian
São Sebastião {prop} {f} :: São Sebastião (placename)
São Sebastião da Bela Vista {prop} :: São Sebastião da Bela Vista (placename)
São Sebastião da Grama {prop} :: São Sebastião da Grama (placename)
São Sebastião da Vargem Alegre {prop} :: São Sebastião da Vargem Alegre (placename)
São Sebastião do Alto {prop} :: São Sebastião do Alto (placename)
São Sebastião do Anta {prop} :: São Sebastião do Anta (placename)
São Sebastião do Caí {prop} :: São Sebastião do Caí (placename)
São Sebastião do Maranhão {prop} :: São Sebastião do Maranhão (placename)
São Sebastião do Oeste {prop} :: São Sebastião do Oeste (placename)
São Sebastião do Paraíso {prop} :: São Sebastião do Paraíso (placename)
São Sebastião do Passé {prop} :: São Sebastião do Passé (placename)
São Sebastião do Rio Preto {prop} :: São Sebastião do Rio Preto (placename)
São Sebastião do Rio Verde {prop} :: São Sebastião do Rio Verde (placename)
São Sepé {prop} :: São Sepé (placename)
são seus olhos {phrase} :: A phrase to humbly counter flattering by claiming that said good qualities are merely a distorting effect of the praiser's eyes
São Simão {prop} :: São Simão (placename)
São Thomé das Letras {prop} :: São Thomé das Letras (placename)
São Tiago {prop} :: São Tiago (placename)
São Tomás de Aquino {prop} :: São Tomás de Aquino (placename)
São Tomé {prop} {m} :: Thomas the Apostle, Saint Thomas
São Tomé {prop} {f} :: São Tomé (capital city)
São Tomé e Príncipe {prop} {m} :: São Tomé e Príncipe (archipelago/and/country)
são-tomense {adj} :: Sãotomense (of, from or relating to São Tomé and Príncipe)
são-tomense {mf} :: a person from São Tomé and Príncipe
são-tomense {m} :: Sãotomense; Forro (a Portuguese-based creole spoken in São Tomé)
São Valentim {prop} {m} :: Saint Valentine
São Valentim {prop} {f} :: São Valentim (placename)
São Valentim do Sul {prop} :: São Valentim do Sul (placename)
São Valério do Sul {prop} :: São Valério do Sul (placename)
São Vendelino {prop} :: São Vendelino (placename)
São Vicente {prop} {m} /sɐ̃w viˈsẽt(ɨ)/ :: Saint Vincent of Saragossa, patron saint of Lisbon
São Vicente {prop} {f} :: São Vicente (village/and/municipality)
São Vicente {prop} {f} :: São Vicente (municipality)
São Vicente {prop} {f} :: São Vicente (island)
São Vicente {prop} {f} :: São Vicente (city/and/municipality)
São Vicente {prop} {f} :: São Vicente (city)
São Vicente {prop} {f} :: São Vicente (island)
São Vicente {prop} {f} :: São Vicente (city)
São Vicente {prop} {f} :: São Vicente (island)
São Vicente de Minas {prop} :: São Vicente de Minas (placename)
São Vicente do Sul {prop} :: São Vicente do Sul (placename)
São Vicente e Granadinas {prop} :: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (country in the Caribbean)
sapador {m} [military unit] :: sapper (soldier responsible for digging underground galleries)
sapan {m} :: alternative form of sapão
sapang {m} :: alternative form of sapão
sapão {m} /sa.ˈpɐ̃w̃/ :: sapan (Caesalpinia sappan, a tree of southeast Asia)
sapão {m} :: augmentative of sapo
sapata {f} /sa.ˈpa.ta/ :: shoe (something resembling a shoe (e.g. brake shoe))
sapata {f} [construction] :: shallow foundation
sapata {f} [Brazil, pejorative] :: lesbian (female homosexual)
sapata {f} [regional, Rio Grande do Sul] :: hopscotch
sapata {f} :: a type of crude show
sapatão {f} [literally] :: big shoe
sapatão {f} [Brazil, slang, chiefly pejorative] :: lesbian woman; dyke
sapateado {m} /sɐ.pɐ.ˈtja.ðu/ :: tap dance (rhythmic dance in which the heels and toes of the dancer’s shoes make a series of clicks)
sapateira {f} [Portugal, zoology] :: edible crab (Cancer pagurus)
sapateira {f} [Brazil, zoology] :: tapir
sapateira {f} :: shoe cabinet (piece of furniture to store shoes)
sapateira {f} :: female shoemaker; feminine noun of sapateiro
sapateiro {m} :: cobbler; shoemaker (a person who makes or repairs shoes)
sapatilha {f} [footwear, Portugal] /sɐpɐˈtiʎɐ/ :: a sneaker
sapatinho {m} :: diminutive of sapato
sapatinho-de-judeu {m} :: jewbush (Euphorbia tithymaloides, a low-growing tropical American shrub)
sapatinho-do-diabo {m} :: jewbush (Euphorbia tithymaloides, a low-growing tropical American shrub)
sapato {m} /sɐ.ˈpa.tu/ :: shoe
Sapeaçu {prop} :: Sapeaçu (placename)
sapeando {v} :: gerund of sapear
sapear {v} [Brazil, slang] :: to spy; to observe while concealed
sapeca {adj} :: mischievous (causing mischief)
sapeca {mf} :: a mischievous child
sapecar {v} :: to scorch; to sear; to parch
sapiência {f} :: sapience; wisdom
sapiente {adj} /ˌsapiˈẽt͡ʃi/ :: wise; intelligent
Sapiranga {prop} :: Sapiranga (placename)
sapo {m} /ˈsa.pu/ :: toad (amphibian in Anura with drier skin)
sapo a engolir {m} [rare] :: hard pill to swallow (something that is difficult to accept)
saponina {f} :: saponin (steroid glycoside)
saporra {contraction} [slang, vulgar] :: contraction of essa porra
sappan {m} :: alternative form of sapão
sapucaia {f} :: sapucaia (any of several trees in the genus Lecythis)
Sapucaia {prop} :: Sapucaia (placename)
Sapucaia do Sul {prop} :: Sapucaia do Sul (placename)
Sapucaí-Mirim {prop} :: Sapucaí-Mirim (placename)
Saquarema {prop} :: Saquarema (placename)
saqué {m} :: sake (Japanese rice wine)
saquê {m} :: sake (Japanese rice wine)
saquear {v} :: to plunder; to sack; to loot (to take all the goods of a place by force)
Sara {prop} {f} :: given name
Sara {prop} {f} [biblical character] :: Sarah (wife of Abraham)
Sara {prop} {m} [Portugal] :: Sara (desert)
sarabatana {f} :: alternative form of zarabatana
Saragoça {prop} {f} /sɐ.ɾɐ.ˈɣɔ.sɐ/ :: Saragoça (province)
Saragoça {prop} {f} :: Saragoça (city/regional capital)
Saraievo {prop} {f} [Brazil] :: alternative form of Sarajevo
saraiva {f} /sɐ.ˈɾaj.vɐ/ :: hail (balls of ice)
Saraiva {prop} {mf} /sɐ.ˈɾaj.vɐ/ :: surname
saraivada {f} /sɐɾajˈvaðɐ/ :: hail storm
saraivar {v} /sɐ.ɾaj.ˈvaɾ/ :: to hail
Sarajevo {prop} {f} [Portugal] :: Sarajevo (capital city)
sarampão {m} :: violent attack of measles
sarampo {m} :: measles
Sarandi {prop} :: Sarandi (placename)
Saransk {prop} {f} :: Saransk (city/regional capital)
Sara Ocidental {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Saara Ocidental
sarapatel {m} /sa.ɾˈtɛw/ :: sarapatel (Portuguese meat dish)
sarapatel {m} [slang] :: commotion, tumult, hubbub
Sarapuí {prop} :: Sarapuí (placename)
sarar {v} /sɐˈɾaɾ/ :: to heal; to heal up
Saratov {prop} {f} :: Saratov (oblast)
Saratov {prop} {f} :: Saratov (city/regional capital)
sarau {m} :: soiree (formal evening reunion)
Sarawak {prop} {m} :: Sarawak (state)
sarça {f} /ˈsaɾ.sɐ/ :: thicket
sarça {f} :: blackberry bush
sarça {f} :: bramble
sarcasmo {m} /sɐɾ.ˈkaʒ.mu/ :: sarcasm
sarcástico {adj} /sar.ˈkas.tʃi.kʊ/ :: Containing sarcasm; sarcastic
sarcástico {adj} [of a person] :: Prone to use sarcasm; sarcastic
sarcófago {m} /sɐχˈkɔfɐɡu]/ :: sarcophagus
sarcómero {m} [European orthography] :: sarcomere (contractile unit in a striated muscle’s myofibril)
sarcômero {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of sarcómero
sarda {f} :: freckle (small pigmentation spot on the skin)
sarda {f} :: mackerel
sardão {m} /sɐɾ.ˈðɐ̃w̃/ :: ocellated lizard (Timon lepidus)
sardão {m} :: holm oak (Quercus ilex)
Sardenha {prop} {f} :: Sardenha (island/and/region)
sardenho {adj} :: Sardinian (of, from or relating to Sardinia)
sardenho {m} :: Sardinian (person from Sardinia)
sardenho {m} :: Sardinian (any of several Romance languages spoken in Sardinia)
sardento {adj} :: freckled
sardinha {f} /sɐɾ.ˈði.ɲɐ/ :: sardine (any of several small, edible species of herring)
sardinha {f} :: diminutive of sarda
sardo {adj} :: Sardinian
sardo {m} :: Sardinian (person)
sardo {m} [uncountable] :: Sardinian (language)
sardo {adj} :: freckled
Sardoá {prop} :: Sardoá (placename)
Sardoal {prop} {m} /sɐɾðuˈaɫ/ :: Sardoal (village/and/municipality)
sardo campidanês {m} :: Campidanese Sardinian (Sardinian lect spoken in Cagliari)
sardónico {adj} [European orthography] :: sardonic (scornfully mocking)
sardónico {adj} [European orthography] :: sardonic (ironically humorous)
sardônico {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of sardónico
sargaço {m} /sɐɾ.ˈɣ :: sargasso, gulfweed
Sargão {prop} {m} :: historical given name
sargento {mf} /sɐɾ.ˈʒẽ.tu/ :: sergeant
sari {m} :: sari (traditional dress used in India)
sarilho {m} /sɐ.ˈɾi.ʎu/ :: reel; spool (cylinder around which a cable is wound)
sarin {m} /sa.ˈɾĩ/ :: sarin (a neurotoxin used as a chemical weapon)
sarjeta {f} :: gutter
Sarmácia {prop} {f} :: Sarmácia (historical region)
sarna {f} [pathology] :: scabies; mange (an infestation of parasitic mites Sarcoptes scabiei)
sarna {mf} [slang] :: an irritating person
sarna {adj} [slang, of a person] :: irritating
sarnento {adj} :: mangy (afflicted with mange)
Sarney {prop} :: José Sarney, the 31st president of Brazil (1985–1990)
sarongue {m} :: sarong (garment made of printed cloth wrapped about the waist)
sarrabulho {m} /sɐ.ʁɐ.ˈβu.ʎu/ :: Coagulated and cooked pig's blood
sarrafo {m} [construction] :: beam (large piece of prepared timber)
Sarre {prop} {m} :: Sarre (state)
sarro {m} :: laugh (something that provokes mirth or scorn)
sarro {m} :: mockery (the act of mocking)
sarro {m} :: residue
sarro {m} :: dregs; sediment (solid particles that accumulate on the bottom of a liquid)
sarro {m} :: tobacco residue in a pipe
sarro {m} [firearms] :: residual gunpowder in a firearm
sarro {m} :: spot; stain
sarro {m} :: nicotine stain
sarro {m} [pathology] :: a white coating on the tongue that appears in sufferers of glossitis
sarro {m} [dentistry] :: tartar (hard yellow deposit on the teeth)
sartriano {adj} [philosophy] :: Sartrean (relating to Jean-Paul Sartre and his philosophical works)
sartriano {m} [philosophy] :: Sartrean (a follower of Sartre’s theory)
Sarutaiá {prop} :: Sarutaiá (placename)
Sarzedo {prop} :: Sarzedo (placename)
sashimi {m} /ˌsa.ʃi.ˈmi/ :: sashimi (Japanese dish of thinly sliced fish or meat)
Saskatchewan {prop} {m} :: Saskatchewan (province)
Saskatoon {prop} {f} :: Saskatoon (city)
sastre {m} :: alternative form of xastre
Satã {prop} {m} [Christianity] /sa.ˈtɐ̃/ :: Satan; the Devil
Satanás {prop} {m} [Christianity] /ˌsa.ta.ˈna(j)s/ :: Satan; the Devil
satânico {adj} [Christianity] :: satanic (relating to Satan)
satânico {adj} :: satanic; evil; diabolical
satânico {adj} :: satanic (relating to Satanism)
satanismo {m} :: Satanism (devil worship)
satanista {adj} :: satanic (relating to Satanism)
satanista {mf} :: satanist (one who worships Satan)
satanista {mf} :: satanist (follower of LaVeyan Satanism)
Sátão {prop} /ˈsatɐ̃w/ :: Sátão (village/and/municipality)
satay {m} :: satay (Indonesian and Malaysian meat dish)
satélite {m} /sɐ.ˈtɛ.li.tɨ/ :: satellite (object orbiting a celestial object)
sátira {f} [uncountable, literature] /ˈsa.t͡ʃi.ɾa/ :: satire (literary technique)
sátira {f} :: satire (a satirical work)
satiríase {f} /ˌsa.t͡ʃi.ˈɾi.a.zi/ :: satyriasis (uncontrollable sexual desire in men)
satírico {adj} :: satirical (of, pertaining to or being a satire)
sátiro {m} :: satyr
Sátiro Dias {prop} :: Sátiro Dias (placename)
satisfação {f} /sɐ.tiʃ.fɐ.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: satisfaction
satisfação {f} :: gratification, enjoyment
satisfatoriamente {adv} :: satisfactorily
satisfatório {adj} :: satisfactory
satisfazendo {v} :: gerund of satisfazer
satisfazer {v} /sɐ.tiʃ.fɐ.ˈzeɾ/ :: to satisfy
satisfazer {v} :: to give satisfaction
satisfazer {v} :: to be satisfied
satisfeito {adj} /sɐ.tiʃ.ˈfɐj.tu/ :: satisfied
sátrapa {m} [historical] :: satrap (governor of a Persian province)
satrapia {f} [historical] :: satrapy (province of the Persian empire)
saturação {f} :: saturation
saturação {f} :: impregnation
saturado {adj} :: saturated [all senses]
saturar {v} :: to saturate (to cause to become penetrated or soaked)
saturniano {adj} :: Saturnian
saturnino {adj} :: saturnine, melancholy
saturnino {adj} :: pertaining to the planet Saturn
Saturno {prop} {m} [Roman god] /sɐ.ˈtuɾ.nu/ :: Saturn (god of fertility and agriculture)
Saturno {prop} {m} [astronomy] :: Saturn (sixth planet of the Solar System)
satyríase {f} :: obsolete spelling of satiríase
Saubara {prop} :: Saubara (placename)
saudação {f} :: greeting
saudação romana {f} :: Roman salute (gesture in which the arm is held out straight, with palm down and fingers touching)
saudade {f} /saw.ˈða.ðɨ/ :: wistfulness, nostalgia, longing, the feeling of missing something or someone
Saudades {prop} :: Saudades (placename)
saudar {v} /sɐ.u.ˈðaɾ/ :: to hail; to greet
saudável {adj} /sɐw.ˈða.vɛɫ/ :: healthy; well (enjoying health)
saudável {adj} :: healthy; healthful (conducive to health)
saúde {f} /sɐ.ˈu.ðɨ/ :: health (state of being free from disease)
saúde {interj} :: cheers (toast when drinking)
saúde {interj} :: gesundheit; bless you (said to someone who has just sneezed)
Saúde {prop} :: Saúde (placename)
saudita {adj} :: Saudi (of, from or relating to Saudi Arabia)
saudita {mf} :: Saudi (person from Saudi Arabia)
saudosista {mf} :: A nostalgic, idealistic, or melancholy person
saudoso {adj} :: wistful (full of longing; missing)
sauí {m} :: alternative form of sagui
sauiá {m} :: cavy, guinea pig
sauim {m} :: alternative form of sagui
Saul {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Saul (first king of Israel)
Saulo {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Saul (original name of Paul)
Saulo {prop} {m} :: given name
sauna {f} :: sauna (room or a house designed for heat sessions)
saúva {f} :: leaf-cutter ant of the Atta_(genus) genus – a major agricultural pest
Sava {prop} {m} :: Sava (river)
savana {f} :: savanna (tropical grassland with scattered trees)
save {m} [colloquial, gaming] :: save file (of a video game or computer game)
saveiro {m} :: kind of wooden sailboat with one or two masts, usually with small draft and a relatively wide beam
sável {m} :: allis shad (Alosa alosa, a fish of the Northeast Atlantic)
saviá {m} :: alternative form of sauiá
savitu {m} :: A male leafcutter ant of Atta genus
Savoia {prop} {f} :: Savoia (historical region)
Savóia {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Savoia
saxão {m} /sak.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: Saxon (member of the Saxons, an ancient Germanic tribe)
saxão {m} [uncountable] :: Saxon (language of the Saxons)
saxão {m} :: Saxon (individual from the German state of Saxony)
saxão {adj} :: of the Saxons (ancient Germanic tribe)
saxão {adj} :: of Saxony
saxão {adj} :: of the Saxon language
saxão {adj} :: of England
saxífraga {f} :: saxifrage (any plant in the genus Saxifraga)
saxofone {m} /ˌˈ :: saxophone (a musical instrument of the woodwind family)
saxofonista {mf} :: saxophonist (person who plays the saxophone)
Saxónia {prop} {f} [European orthography] :: Saxónia (state)
Saxônia {prop} {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of Saxónia
saxónico {adj} [European orthography] :: alternative form of saxônico
saxônico {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: Saxon (of, from or relating to Saxony)
saxónio {m} [European orthography] :: Saxon (member of the ancient Saxon tribe)
saxónio {m} [European orthography] :: Saxon (native or inhabitant of Saxony)
saxónio {adj} [European orthography] :: Saxon (relating or belonging to the ancient Saxons)
saxónio {adj} [European orthography] :: Saxon (of, from or relating to Saxony)
saxônio {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of saxónio
saxônio {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of saxónio
sayr {v} :: obsolete spelling of sair
sazão {f} /sɐ.ˈzɐ̃w̃/ :: season (quarter of a year)
sazão {f} :: a period of time favourable for a given activity
sazonal {adj} :: seasonal
SC {prop} :: abbreviation of Santa Catarina (Brazilian state)
scaner {m} [uncommon] :: alternative form of escâner
scanner {m} :: alternative form of escâner
scenário {m} :: superseded spelling of cenário
scénico {adj} :: obsolete spelling of cénico
scênico {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: superseded spelling of cênico
sceticismo {m} :: superseded spelling of ceticismo
Schadenfreude {f} :: schadenfreude (malicious enjoyment derived from observing someone else's misfortune)
scheelita {f} [mineral] :: scheelite
Schleswig-Holstein {prop} {m} :: Schleswig-Holstein (state)
schmier {f} :: alternative form of chimia
schnapps {m} :: alternative spelling of schnaps
schnaps {m} :: schnapps (German distilled alcoholic liquor with fruit flavouring)
schnitzel {m} :: schnitzel (a meat dish)
Schroeder {prop} :: Schroeder (placename)
schwa {m} [phonetics] :: schwa (mid-central vowel)
sciencia {f} :: superseded spelling of ciência
scientificamente {adv} :: superseded spelling of cientificamente
scientifico {adj} :: superseded spelling of científico
scientífico {adj} :: superseded spelling of científico
sciêntífico {adj} :: superseded spelling of científico
scintilar {v} :: superseded spelling of cintilar
Scithia {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Cítia
Scitia {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Cítia
-scópico {suffix} :: -scopic
-scópio {suffix} :: -scope (forms the names of viewing instruments)
Scrabble {prop} {m} :: Scrabble (board game with interlocking words)
scrapie {mf} /ˈskɾej.pi/ :: scrapie (degenerative disease of sheep and goats)
screencast {m} :: screencast
screenshot {m} [computing] :: screenshot (image of computer screen output)
script {m} [acting] :: script (text of the dialogue and action for a drama)
script {m} [computing] :: script (source code that is interpreted rather than compiled)
Scythia {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Cítia
Scytia {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Cítia
se {pron} /sɨ/ :: third-person singular and plural reflexive pronoun; himself; herself; itself; themself; themselves
se {pron} :: third-person singular and plural reciprocal pronoun; each other; one another
se {pron} :: second-person singular and plural reflexive and reciprocal pronoun, when used with second-person pronouns other than tu and vós; yourself; yourselves
se {pron} :: forms the passive voice; be; get
se {pron} :: impersonal reflexive pronoun; oneself
se {conj} :: if (introduces a condition)
SE {prop} :: abbreviation of Sergipe (Brazilian state)
{f} [Roman Catholicism] /ˈsɛ/ :: see (the cathedral and region under the jurisdiction of a bishop)
{f} :: alternative form of
seabórgio {m} :: seaborgium (chemical element with atomic number 106)
Seabra {prop} :: Seabra (placename)
se a carapuça serviu {phrase} [idiomatic] :: if the shoe fits; if the cap fits
Sealand {prop} {f} :: Sealand (micronation)
se a montanha não vem a Maomé, Maomé vai à montanha {proverb} :: if the mountain won't come to Muhammad, Muhammad must go to the mountain
seara {f} /ˈsja.ɾɐ/ :: cornfield
seara {f} :: tilled land
seara {f} :: harvest
Seara {prop} :: Seara (placename)
Seattle {prop} {f} :: Seattle (city)
sebáceo {adj} [physiology] :: sebaceous (of or relating to sebum)
sebastianismo {m} [Portuguese and Brazilian folklore] /sɨ.βɐʃ.tjɐ.ˈniʒ.mu/ :: the belief that King Sebastian of Portugal (1554–1578) will return from the dead to lead the Portuguese or Brazilian people as a messiah
Sebastianismo {m} :: alternative case form of sebastianismo
Sebastianópolis do Sul {prop} :: Sebastianópolis do Sul (placename)
Sebastião {prop} {m} :: given name
Sebastião Laranjeiras {prop} :: Sebastião Laranjeiras (placename)
Sebastopol {prop} {f} :: Sebastopol (city)
sebe {f} /ˈsɛ.bi/ :: hedge (thicket of bushes planted in a row)
se bem que {conj} :: albeit (despite its being; although)
sebenta {f} :: notebook
sebenta {f} [Portugal] :: textbook (formal manual of instruction)
Seberi {prop} :: Seberi (placename)
sebo {m} /ˈse.βu/ :: sebum (oily substance produced by glands of the skin)
sebo {m} :: tallow (hard animal fat)
sebo {m} [loosely] :: grease; gunk; grime (sticky substance on the surface of things)
sebo {m} [Brazil] :: a store where used media (especially books, but also CDs, vinyl records, magazines and such) are sold
se bobear {adv} [idiomatic, colloquial] :: nevertheless (in spite of what preceded)
seboso {adj} :: covered in sebum
seboso {m} :: a filthy person
seca {f} /ˈse.kɐ/ :: act of drying
seca {f} [meteorology] :: drought (period of unusually low rainfall)
seca {f} [colloquial, figurative] :: nuisance; bore
secador {m} :: dryer (any device that removes humidity)
secador {m} :: clipping of secador de cabelo
secadora {f} :: dryer, clothes dryer (household appliance for drying clothing)
secador de cabelo {m} :: hairdryer (electrical appliance for drying hair)
secagem {f} :: drying
se calhar {adv} :: maybe; perhaps
secamente {adv} :: dryly
secante {f} :: secant
seção {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: section (a cutting, a division)
seção cônica {f} :: See main entry at cônica
seção rítmica {f} [music] :: rhythm section (musicians who provide the the accompaniment)
seção transversal {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of secção transversal
secar {vi} /sɨˈkaɾ/ :: to dry (to become dry)
secar {vt} :: to dry (to make dry)
secar {v} :: to dry up (to deprive someone of something vital)
secar {vi} :: to wither (to shrivel, droop or dry up)
secção {f} [European orthography] /sɛˈksɐ̃w̃/ :: section (a cutting, a division)
secção transversal {f} [European orthography] :: cross section (section formed by a plane cutting through an object)
seccar {v} :: obsolete spelling of secar
secessão {f} :: secession (the act of seceding)
seco {adj} /ˈse.ku/ :: Devoid of liquids; dry
seco {adj} :: Desiccated; of fruits and plants that have been desiccated
seco {adj} :: Withered
seco {adj} [figurative, of a person] :: Insensible, apathetic, cold
seco {adj} [of a person] :: Slender, thin
seco {adj} [of a person] :: Unpolite, rude
seco {adj} [of a place] :: Arid, desertic
se correr o bicho pega, se ficar o bicho come {phrase} [idiomatic] :: damned if one does and damned if one doesn't
secreção {f} :: secretion
secretamente {adv} /sɨˌkɾɛtɐˈmẽtɨ/ :: secretly
secretar {v} [physiology] :: to secrete (to produce and ooze a substance)
secretaria {f} /sɨ.kɾɨ.tɐ.ˈɾi.ɐ/ :: secretariat
secretaria {f} :: registry; registration desk
secretaria {f} :: secretary office
secretaria {f} :: registrar office
secretária {f} /sɨ.kɾɨ.ˈta.ɾjɐ/ :: feminine noun of secretário
secretária {f} :: secretary (a type of desk)
secretária {f} [computing] :: desktop (the main graphical user interface of an operating system)
secretária automática {f} :: answering machine (device that automatically records voice mail)
secretariado {m} :: secretaryship (the office or position of a secretary)
secretariado {m} :: the occupation of being a secretary
secretariado {m} :: secretariat (department of secretaries)
secretária electrónica {f} :: superseded spelling of secretária eletrónica
secretária eletrónica {f} [European orthography] :: answering machine (device that automatically records voice mail)
secretária eletrônica {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of secretária eletrónica
secretário {m} /sɨ.kɾɨ.ˈta.ɾju/ :: secretary (a person keeping records and handling clerical work)
secretário {m} :: secretary (head of a department of government)
secretário {m} :: secretary bird (Sagittarius serpentarius)
secretário-geral {m} :: Secretary General (chief administrator of an international body)
secreto {adj} /sɨˈkɾɛtu/ :: Being or kept hidden; secret
sector {m} /sɛk.ˈtoɾ/ :: alternative form of setor
se cuida {phrase} :: take care (a farewell)
secular {adj} :: secular
século {m} /ˈsɛ :: century (time)
secundando {v} :: gerund of secundar
secundanista {adj} :: sophomore (person in the second year of school)
secundar {v} :: to second
secundário {adj} :: secondary
secundário {adj} :: inferior
secundário {adj} :: subordinate
secundarista {adj} :: relating to high school
secundinas {fp} :: afterbirth (material expelled from the birth canal after childbirth)
seda {f} [uncountable] /ˈse.dɐ/ :: silk (a type of fiber)
seda {f} :: a piece of silken cloth or silken clothes
sedã {m} :: sedan; saloon (passenger car with separate compartments for engine, passenger and cargo)
sedan {m} :: alternative spelling of sedã
sedar {vt} :: to sedate (to tranquilise by giving a sedative)
sedativo {adj} :: sedative, soothing
sedativo {m} :: sedative, depressant
sede {f} /ˈse.ðɨ/ :: thirst (a feeling of the need to drink)
sede {f} :: [figurative] thirst; craving (eager desire)
sede {f} /ˈsɛ.ðɨ/ :: headquarters; seat (a building, office or place that serves as the centre of an organisation’s administration)
sede {f} :: [ecclesiastical] see; diocese (domain under a bishop’s jurisdiction)
sede {f} :: venue; host (a building or place where a given event is held)
sêde {f} :: obsolete spelling of sede (thirst)
Sede Nova {prop} :: Sede Nova (placename)
sedentário {adj} :: sedentary (not moving around much)
sedentário {m} :: a sedentary person
sedento {adj} :: Needing to drink (liquids); thirsty
sedento {adj} :: Craving (for something); thirsty
se Deus quiser {adv} :: God willing; A common expression of hope (that a certain fact shall become true) related to religiousness
sediado {adj} :: headquartered, based
sediar {v} [em] :: to base
sediar {vp} :: to establish, to settle
sedição {f} /ˌse.d͡ʒi.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: sedition (insurrection or rebellion)
sedicioso {adj} :: seditious (of, relating to or involved in sedition)
sedimentação {f} :: sedimentation
sedimentando {v} :: gerund of sedimentar
sedimentar {adj} :: sedimentary
sedimentar {v} :: to deposit a sediment
sedimento {m} :: sediment
sedimentologia {f} [geology] :: sedimentology (the study of natural sediments)
Sedna {prop} {f} :: Sedna (Inuit sea goddess)
Sedna {prop} {m} :: Sedna (trans-Neptunian object)
sedoso {adj} /sɨˈðozu/ :: silky
sedução {f} /sɨdʊˈsə̃ʊ̃/ :: seduction
sedutor {adj} :: Sexually attractive; sexy
sedutor {adj} :: That seduces; that attracts; attractive; seductive; alluring; tempting
sedutora {f} :: feminine noun of sedutor
seduzente {adj} :: that seduces, seductive; attractive
seduzir {v} /sɨdʊˈziɾ/ :: to seduce (induce someone to engage in a sexual relationship)
seduzir {v} :: to seduce (win over or attract someone)
se é que você me entende {interj} :: if you know what I mean (indicating a suggested or hinted idea)
se e somente se {conj} [logic] :: if and only if (implies and is implied by)
se eu fosse você {phrase} :: if I were you
sefardi {mf} /sɨ.fɐɾ.ˈði/ :: Sephardi (a Jew of Iberian ancestry)
sefardi {adj} :: Sephardic
sefardim {mf} /sɨ.fɐɾ.ˈðĩ/ :: alternative form of sefardi
sefardim {adj} :: alternative form of sefardi
sefardita {mf} /sɨ.fɐɾ.ˈði.tɐ/ :: alternative form of sefardi
sefardita {adj} :: alternative form of sefardi
segador {m} [agriculture] :: reaper (one who reaps the crop)
segar {v} /sɨ.ˈɣaɾ/ :: to scythe; to reap (to cut with a scythe)
segmentar {v} :: to segment
segmento {m} [geometry] /sɨɣ(ɨ)ˈmẽtu/ :: line segment
Segorbe {prop} :: Segorbe (municipality)
Segóvia {prop} {f} :: Segóvia (province)
Segóvia {prop} {f} :: Segóvia (city/provincial capital)
segredar {vti} /ˌse.ɡɾe.ˈda(ʁ)/ :: to whisper (to mention privately and confidentially, in a whisper)
segredo {m} /sɨˈɣɾeðu/ :: secret
Segredo {prop} :: Segredo (placename)
segrêdo {m} :: obsolete spelling of segredo
segredo de estado {m} :: state secret (restricted information of national importance)
segredo de estado {m} [figurative] :: a very well-kept secret
segregação {f} :: segregation (that act or practice of keeping things or people apart)
segregacionismo {m} [politics] :: segregationism (a policy of segregation)
segregar {vt} :: to secrete (to slowly leak a substance)
segregar {vt} :: to segregate (to keep apart)
segũdo {adv} [obsolete] :: abbreviation of segundo
segũdo {m} [obsolete] :: abbreviation of segundo
segueta {f} :: hacksaw (fine-toothed, frame-mounted saw used to cut metal)
seguidamente {adv} :: often
seguidor {m} /sɨɣiˈðoɾ/ :: follower (one who follows: moves in the path of another thing)
seguidor {m} :: follower (one who follows: adheres to the opinions, ideas or teachings of another)
seguidor de acampamento {m} :: camp follower (civilian who follows an army in order to provide services)
seguimento {m} :: follow-up
seguinte {adj} /sɨ.ˈɣĩ.tɨ/ :: next (following in a sequence)
seguinte {adj} :: following (about to be specified)
seguinte {m} :: next (one that follows after this one)
seguinte {m} :: following (something to be mentioned immediately after)
seguir {v} /sɨˈɡiɾ/ :: to follow (to go or come after in physical space)
seguir o baile {v} [idiomatic, colloquial] :: proceed, resume; go along with (a situation one does not understand etc.)
seguir-se {vr} :: to follow (to occur afterwards)
segunda {f} /sɨ.ˈɣũ.dɐ/ :: Shortening of segunda-feira: Monday
segunda {adv} :: Shortening of segunda-feira: on a Monday
segunda-feira {f} /sɨ.ɣũ.dɐ.ˈfɐj.ɾɐ]/ :: Monday (day of the week)
Segunda Guerra Mundial {prop} {f} :: World War II (war from 1939 to 1945)
segunda intenção {f} [usually in the plural] :: ulterior motive (secret motive for doing something)
segunda pessoa {f} [grammar] :: second person (the form of a verb used when the subject of a sentence is the audience)
segunda pessoa do plural {f} :: second-person plural
segunda pessoa do singular {f} :: second-person singular
segundo {m} /sɨ.ˈɣũ.du/ :: second (1/60 of a minute)
segundo {m} :: [loosely] second (extremely short period of time)
segundo {m} :: the second one (anything that comes immediately after the first)
segundo {adj} :: second (ordinal numeral for 2)
segundo {adj} :: [loosely] second; subsequent; other; further (coming after the first)
segundo {adj} :: secondary (lesser in importance or rank)
segundo {adv} :: second (in second place)
segundo {prep} :: according to (based on what is stated by)
segundo {conj} :: as (at the same time that)
segundo {conj} :: as (according to what)
segundo plano {m} :: backburner (state of having lower priority)
segundo plano {m} :: background (computing: activity not visible to the user)
segurador {m} :: insurer, underwriter
seguradora {f} /se.ˌɡu.ɾa.ˈdo.ɾɐ/ :: an insurance company
seguradora {f} :: feminine of segurador
seguramente {adv} :: certainly
segurança {f} /sɨ.ɣu.ˈɾɐ̃.sɐ/ :: security; safety (condition of not being threatened)
segurança {f} [by extension] :: any object related to the safety of something or some place
segurança {f} [military] :: a set of devices designed to help avoid surprise attacks
segurança {f} :: certainity; trust
segurança {f} [rare] :: the act of holding or sustaining
segurança {f} [zoology] :: the pregnancy of quadrupedals
segurança {mf} :: watch; guard; doorman (person hired to ensure security or protecting an individual, group or place)
segurança social {f} [chiefly Portugal] :: welfare (aid provided by a government to the poor)
segurar {v} /sɨ.ɣu.ˈɾaɾ/ :: to hold; to grasp
segurar {v} :: to make safe
segurar {v} :: to hold back (to act with reserve; to contain one’s full measure or power)
segurar {v} :: to hold back; to contain; to stop
segurar {v} :: to insure (to provide for compensation if some specified risk occurs)
segurar o rojão {v} [slang] :: to deal with a problem
segurelha {f} :: savory (any herb of genus Satureja)
seguridade {f} /sɨˌɣuɾiˈðaðɨ/ :: safety, security
seguridade social {f} [chiefly Brazil] :: welfare (aid provided by a government to the poor)
seguro {adj} /sɨ.ˈɣu.ɾu/ :: safe; secure (free from danger)
seguro {adj} :: sure; certain (without doubt)
seguro {adj} :: self-confident; selfsecure (confident in one’s abilities)
seguro {m} [finance] :: insurance (indemnity against a future occurrence of an uncertain event)
seguro {adv} :: safe; safely (in a manner free from danger)
seguro de si {adj} :: self-confident (confident in one’s abilities)
seguro de vida {m} :: life insurance (insurance on the life of a person)
sei {interj} [sarcastic] /sej/ :: yeah, right (sarcastic expression of disbelief)
Seia {prop} {f} /ˈsɐjɐ/ :: Seia (city/and/municipality)
seichelense {adj} :: Seychellois (of, from or relating the Seychelles)
seichelense {mf} :: Seychellois (person from the Seychelles)
Seicheles {prop} {fp} :: Seicheles (country/and/archipelago)
sei lá {phrase} [idiomatic, colloquial] :: (I have) no idea
sei lá {phrase} [idiomatic, colloquial] :: I don't know
seio {m} /ˈsɐj.u/ :: breast, bosom
seio {m} :: womb
seio {m} [figuratively] :: center, heart
seio {m} [anatomy] :: sinus
seio {m} [rare] :: chest
seio {m} [rare, geography] :: bay, gulf
seio de Abraão {m} [Christianity] :: Abraham's bosom (waiting place for the faithful dead)
seira {f} /ˈsɐj.ɾɐ/ :: wicker basket
seira {f} :: a basket for pressing olives
seis {num} /ˈsɐjʃ/ :: six
seis {m} :: six
seiscentésimo {ordinal num} :: six hundredths
seiscentos {adj} /sɐjʃ.ˈsẽ.tuʃ/ :: six hundred; 600
seiscentos {m} :: six hundred (the value of 600, or something with the value of 600)
seismologia {f} :: seismology (the study of earthquakes)
seita {f} [religion] /ˈsej.ta/ :: sect (religious movement)
seiva {f} :: sap (circulating fluid of plants)
seix {adj} :: obsolete spelling of seis
Seixal {prop} /sɐjˈʃaɫ/ :: Seixal (city/and/municipality)
seixo {m} /ˈsɐj.ʃu/ :: pebble (small stone)
seixo {m} [geology, Wentworth scale] :: pebble (particle from 4 to 64 mm in diameter)
seixoeira {f} :: knot (Tringa canutus, a species of wading bird)
seja como for {adv} [idiomatic] :: in any case; at any rate; be that as it may
sela {f} /ˈsɛ.lɐ/ :: saddle
selado {adj} :: sealed
selagem {f} :: stamp (act of stamping)
selagem {f} :: the act of sealing something
selando {v} :: gerund of selar
Selangor {prop} {m} :: Selangor (state)
selar {v} :: to seal; to stamp
selar {v} :: to saddle
Selbach {prop} :: Selbach (placename)
seleçaõ {f} :: obsolete spelling of seleção
seleção {f} /sɨlɛˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: selection (the process or act of selecting)
seleção {f} :: selection (the elements which are chosen in a selection)
seleção {f} [sports] :: a sports team that represents a region or organisation, such as a national sports team
seleção {f} [biology] :: a process by which certain beings are excluded from the chance of passing their genes to future generations
seleção artificial {f} [biology] :: artificial selection (intervention by humans in the genetic development of a species)
seleção natural {f} [evolutionary biology] :: natural selection (process by which beneficial traits tend to be passed on to succeeding generations)
selecçaõ {f} :: obsolete spelling of seleção
selecção {f} :: obsolete form of seleção
seleccionado {adj} :: obsolete spelling of selecionado
seleccionado {v} :: obsolete spelling of selecionado
selecionado {adj} /se.ˌle.sjo.ˈna.du/ :: selected (that has been selected or chosen)
selecionado {adj} :: select; hand-picked (specially chosen)
selecionado {adj} :: select (of exceptionally high quality)
selecionar {vt} /sɨ.lɛ.sju.ˈnaɾ/ :: to select; to choose
selecionar {vt} [computing] :: to select (define the objects or pixels to which operations will be applied)
selectar {v} :: superseded spelling of seletar
seleiro {m} :: saddler (person who makes or repairs saddles)
Selena {prop} {f} /se.ˈle.nɐ/ :: given name
selenato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: selenate
Selene {prop} {f} [Greek god] /se.ˈ :: Selene (goddess of the moon)
seleneto {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: selenide
selénio {m} [Portugal] :: selenium
selênio {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of selénio
selenografia {f} [astronomy, geography] :: selenography (study of the surface of the moon)
selenográfico {adj} :: selenographic (of or pertaining to selenography)
selenóloga {f} :: feminine noun of selenólogo
selenologia {f} /ˈʒi.ɐ/ :: selenology (the study of the Moon and moons)
selenólogo {m} [rare] :: selenologist (one practices selenology)
seletar {v} :: to select (to choose one or more elements from a set)
seletivamente {adv} :: selectively
seletivo {adj} :: selective
seleto {adj} :: selected (that has been selected or chosen)
seleto {adj} :: choice; select (especially good or preferred)
Selêucia {prop} {f} :: Selêucia (ancient city)
selêucida {adj} :: Seleucid (relating to the Macedonian dynasty that ruled parts of the Middle East from 312 BC – 63 BC)
selêucida {m} :: Seleucid (a member of the Seleucid dynasty)
Seleuco {prop} {m} :: Seleucus (Ancient Greek name)
selfie {f} {m} /ˈsɛ :: selfie (photographic self-portrait)
self-service {m} :: self-service (the practice of serving oneself)
selim {m} :: diminutive of sela
selim {m} :: saddle (seat of a bicycle or motorcycle)
selinho {m} :: diminutive of selo
selinho {m} [Brazil, colloquial] :: a quick, often sudden kiss on the mouth
Selma {prop} {f} /ˈsɛw.mɐ/ :: given name
selo {m} /ˈ :: seal (e.g., on a document)
selo {m} :: stamp
selo de segurança {m} :: seal (something which will be visibly damaged when a container is opened)
selva {f} /ˈsɛɫ.vɐ/ :: jungle
selva {f} :: woods, forest
selva {f} [figuratively] :: mass, multitude, forest
selvagem {adj} /sɛɫ.ˈva.ʒɐ̃j̃/ :: sylvan (of the woods)
selvagem {adj} :: wild (not domesticated or tamed)
selvagem {adj} [derogatory] :: savage; uncivilised
selvagem {adj} :: brutal, vicious, merciless
selvagem {mf} :: sylvan (one who resides in the woods)
selvagem {mf} :: an impolite person
selvagem {mf} [pejorative] :: savage (uncivilized or feral human; a barbarian)
selvageria {f} :: savagery
selvageria {f} :: ferocity, cruelty
sem {prep} /ˈsɐ̃j̃/ :: -less; without (not having, containing, characteristic of, etc.)
sem {prep} :: [followed by infinitive] without (not doing or not having done something)
sem-abrigo {adj} :: homeless (lacking a permanent residence)
semáforo {m} /sɨ.ˈma.fu.ɾu/ :: traffic light
semáforo {m} :: semaphore (visual signalling system)
semáforo {m} [computer architecture] :: semaphore (token used to restrict and allow access to a shared resource)
semana {f} /sɨ.ˈmɐ.nɐ/ :: week (7 days)
Semana de 22 {prop} {f} :: Semana de Arte Moderna
Semana de Arte Moderna {prop} {f} :: An arts festival in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, that ran from February 11 to February 18, 1922 and marked the beginning of the Brazilian Modernism
semana de trabalho {f} :: working week; workweek (Monday to Friday)
semanal {adj} /sɨ.mɐ.ˈnaɫ/ :: weekly (of or relating to a week)
semanal {adj} :: weekly (happening once a week)
semanalmente {adv} :: Every week; weekly
semanário {adj} :: weekly
Semana Santa {prop} {f} [Christianity] :: Holy Week (week preceding Easter)
semantema {m} [linguistics] :: semanteme (indivisible unit of meaning)
semântico {adj} :: semantic (of or relating to semantics or the meanings of words)
semba {f} [music genre] :: semba (genre of traditional music and dance from Angola)
semblante {m} :: countenance; face
semblante {m} :: aspect; outward appearance
sem comentários {interj} :: no comment (refusal to relay any further information)
sem dor, sem ganho {proverb} :: no pain, no gain (discomfort is necessary to achieve goals)
sem dúvida {adv} :: certainly; surely; without doubt (emphatic affirmative answer)
sêmea {f} /ˈse.mjɐ/ :: fine flour: what is left from wheat flour after the separation of the bran;
sêmea {f} :: fine bran: bran as a by-product of the production of refined grains
semeador {adj} /ˌsɨ.mjɐ.ˈðoɾ/ :: seeding
semeador {m} :: sower, seeder (person who plants seeds)
semeador {m} :: seeding machine
semeador {m} :: spreader
semeadura {f} [agriculture] :: broadcast (the act of scattering seed)
semear {v} /sɨˈmjaɾ/ :: to sow, to seed
sem eira nem beira {adj} [idiomatic] :: destitute; penniless (extremely poor)
semelfactivo {adj} [grammar] :: semelfactive (denoting a momentary or punctiliar action)
semelhança {f} [uncountable] /sɨ.mɨ.ˈʎɐ̃.sɐ/ :: resemblance (state of resembling)
semelhança {f} :: an aspect or characteristic which is similar in two people or objects
semelhança {f} :: appearance; aspect; look
semelhando {v} :: gerund of semelhar
semelhante {adj} /sɨ.mɨ.ˈʎɐ̃.tɨ/ :: Having characteristics or traces in common; alike; like; similar
semelhantemente {adv} :: similarly
semelhantemente {adv} :: alike
semelhar {v} /sɨ.mɨ.ˈʎaɾ/ :: to resemble
se melhorar, estraga {phrase} [idiom] :: Said of something that is very good, to a point that (literally or figuratively) it can't be improved further
sémen {m} [European orthography] :: alternative form of sêmen
sêmen {m} [Brazilian orthography] /ˈse.mẽj̃/ :: semen (male reproductory fluid)
semente {f} /sɨˈmẽtɨ/ :: seed
semente {f} [figurative] :: source, origin
sementeira {f} [agriculture] /sɨ.mẽ.ˈtɐj.ɾɐ/ :: sown land
sementeira {f} [agriculture] :: sowing season
sementeira {f} [agriculture] :: a plant nursery
sementeira {f} [figurative] :: origin, source
sementeira {f} [figurative] :: diffusion, dispersion, spreading
sementeira {f} :: feminine of sementeiro
semestral {adj} /sɨ.mɨʃ.ˈtɾaɫ/ :: Occurring at intervals of six months; biannual
semestralmente {adv} :: Every six months; half-yearly; biannually; semiannually
semestre {m} /sɨ.ˈmɛʃ.tɾɨ/ :: a period of six months
semestre {m} :: semester (half of school year)
sem falar de {conj} [idiomatic] :: not to mention (used to introduce another important point)
sem falar de {conj} :: See: sem falar de
sem graça {adj} :: unfunny; not amusing
sem graça {adj} [of a person] :: emotionally discomforted; embarrassed; ashamed
sem grilo {interj} :: See: sem grilo
sem grilo {interj} :: no problem (no thanks or apology is necessary)
semi- {prefix} :: semi- (half)
semi- {prefix} :: semi- (partially)
semianalfabeto {m} :: semiliterate
semianalfabeto {m} :: a pedant person
semianalfabeto {adj} :: semiliterate
semianalfabeto {adj} [figuratively] :: pedant (pretending to know things that one doesn't truly know)
semi-automática {f} :: alternative spelling of semiautomática
semiautomática {f} :: semi-automatic (a semi-automatic firearm)
semiautomático {adj} :: semi-automatic (partially automatic)
semiautomático {adj} [of a firearm] :: semi-automatic (loading the next shell automatically, but requiring the trigger to be squeezed for each shot)
semibreve {f} [music] :: semibreve (musical note four beats long in 4/4 time)
semicerrar {v} :: to partially close something
semicerrar {vi} :: to squint (to look with the eyes partly closed)
semicírculo {m} :: semicircle (half of a circle)
semicolcheia {f} [music] :: semiquaver (a sixteenth note, drawn as a crotchet with two tails)
semicondutor {m} [physics] :: semiconductor
semiconsciente {adj} :: semiconscious (partially conscious)
semi-deus {m} :: obsolete spelling of semideus
semideus {m} [mythology] /sɨ.mi.ˈðewʃ/ :: demigod
semifinal {f} [sports] :: semifinal (penultimate stage of a competition)
semifusa {f} [music] :: hemidemisemiquaver (note played for 1/64 of the duration of a whole note)
sem igual {adj} :: unique; without an equivalent
semiletrado {adj} :: Partially instructed in letters; partially able to read; semiliterate
semiletrado {adj} :: Partially educated
semilha {f} [regional, Portugal, Madeira] :: potato
semimetal {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: metalloid
seminal {adj} [botany] :: seminal (relating to seeds)
seminal {adj} [anatomy] :: seminal (relating to semen)
seminal {adj} :: seminal; creative; inventive
seminal {adj} :: seminal (highly influential)
seminário {m} :: seminary
seminário {m} :: seminar
seminarista {mf} [Roman Catholicism] :: seminarist (student at a seminary)
seminarista {mf} :: seminarian (person who presents a seminar)
semínima {f} [music] :: quarter note, crotchet
semi-nu {adj} :: obsolete spelling of seminu
seminu {adj} /sɨ.mi.ˈnu/ :: half-naked
semiologia {f} :: semiotics (study of communication signs)
semiológico {adj} :: semiological
semiótica {f} :: semiotics (study of communication signs)
semi-recta {f} :: obsolete spelling of semirreta
semi-reta {f} :: obsolete spelling of semirreta
semirreta {f} [geometry] /sɨ.mi.ˈʁɛ.tɐ/ :: ray (a line extending indefinitely in one direction from a point)
semita {mf} :: Semite (member of the Semites, an ethnic group of the Middle East)
semita {adj} :: Semitic (relating to the Semites)
semita {adj} [linguistics] :: Semitic (relating to the Semitic language family)
sémita {f} [European orthography] /ˈsɛ.mi.tɐ/ :: alternative form of senda
semítico {adj} :: synonym of semita
semitom {m} [music] :: semitone (interval between adjacent keys)
semivida {f} [physics] :: half-life
semivogal {f} [phonetics] :: semivowel
sem jeito {adj} :: gawky, clumsy; awkward;
sem jeito {adj} :: embarrassed
sem mais {interj} :: enough!
sem mais {interj} :: See: sem mais
sem mais nem menos {adv} [idiomatic] :: Happening quickly and without warning; suddenly; unexpectedly; out of nowhere; out of the blue
sêmola {f} :: semolina (hard grains of flour left after milling)
sem palavras {adj} :: speechless (not knowing what to say)
sem par {adj} :: nonpareil; unequalled; unique
sem parar {adv} :: See: sem parar
sem parar {adv} :: nonstop (extremely often)
sem pé e sem cabeça {adj} :: alternative form of sem pé nem cabeça
Sem-Peixe {prop} :: Sem-Peixe (placename)
sem pé nem cabeça {adj} [of a story or statement, colloquial] :: absurd, nonsensical or badly structured
sem pestanejar {adv} [idiomatic] :: undoubtfully and immediately
sempiterno {adj} /sẽ.pi.ˈtɛɾ.nu/ :: sempiternal, everlasting
sempre {adv} /ˈsẽ.pɾɨ/ :: always (at all times)
sempre {adv} :: always (regularly at stated intervals)
sem precedente {adj} :: alternative form of sem precedentes
sem precedentes {adj} :: unprecedented; unheard-of (never before seen or done)
sem problemas {interj} :: no problem (certainly (said when granting a request))
sem problemas {interj} :: no problem (no thanks (or apology) is necessary)
sem querer {adv} :: inadvertently, unintentionally, accidentally
sem querer querendo {adv} :: accidentally on purpose (deliberately but seemingly accidentally)
sem sal {adj} [idiom] :: boring, dull, tedious
sem sal {adj} :: See: sem sal
sem tamanho {adj} [idiom] :: massive, gigantic, humongous
sem-teto {mf} :: a homeless person
sem-teto {adj} :: homeless (lacking a permanent residence)
sem tirar nem pôr {adv} [idiomatic] :: nothing more, nothing less
sem vergonha {mf} :: alternative spelling of sem-vergonha
sem vergonha {adj} :: alternative spelling of sem-vergonha
sem-vergonha {mf} [Brazil, slang] :: sleazebag; scumbag (morally reprehensible person)
sem-vergonha {adj} [Brazil, slang, of a person] :: morally reprehensible
sena {f} [cards] /ˈse.nɐ/ :: six (a card with six spots)
Sena {prop} {m} :: Sena (river)
senado {m} :: senate
senador {m} /sɨ.naˈðoɾ/ :: senator (member of the senate)
senadora {f} :: feminine noun of senador
Senador Amaral {prop} :: Senador Amaral (placename)
Senador Cortes {prop} :: Senador Cortes (placename)
Senador Firmino {prop} :: Senador Firmino (placename)
Senador José Bento {prop} :: Senador José Bento (placename)
Senador Modestino Gonçalves {prop} :: Senador Modestino Gonçalves (placename)
Senador Salgado Filho {prop} :: Senador Salgado Filho (placename)
senão {conj} /sɨˈnɐ̃w̃/ :: else, otherwise; apart from, besides
se não pode vencê-los, junte-se a eles {proverb} :: if you can't beat them, join them (if your adversaries are stronger than yourself, it is better to join them)
senciência {f} :: sentience (a being's capacity of feeling)
senciente {adj} /sẽˈsjẽtɨ/ :: sentient (experiencing sensation, thought or feeling)
senda {f} /ˈsẽ.dɐ/ :: footpath
sendeiro {m} :: track; trail (small, beaten path)
sendinês {m} :: someone from the village of Sendim, Portugal
sendinês {m} [uncountable] :: the dialect of Mirandese spoken around Sendim
sendinês {adj} :: relating to the Mirandese dialect spoken in Sendim
sendo que {conj} :: whereas (it being the case that)
senectude {f} :: old age
Senegal {prop} {m} :: Senegal (country)
Senegal {prop} {m} :: Senegal (river)
senegalês {adj} :: Senegalese (of, from or relating to Senegal)
senegalês {m} :: Senegalese (person from Senegal)
senescência {f} :: senescence
senha {f} /ˈsɐj.ɲɐ/ :: password (a word used to gain access)
senha {f} :: shibboleth (a word to distinguish someone as belonging to a particular group)
senheiro {adj} [obsolete] /sɨ.ˈɲɐj.ɾu/ :: alone
senheiro {adj} [obsolete] :: single
senhor {m} /sɨ.ˈɲoɾ/ :: mister (title conferred to an adult male)
senhor {m} :: sir (address to any male)
senhor {m} [military] :: sir (address to a military superior)
senhor {m} :: an old man
senhor {m} :: an unspecified male
senhor {m} [historical] :: feudal lord
senhor {m} :: master (owner of a slave)
senhor {m} [honorific] :: Sir (title given to a knight)
Senhor {prop} {m} :: Lord (god)
Senhor {prop} {m} [Christianity] :: Lord (Jesus)
senhôr {m} :: obsolete spelling of senhor
senhora {f} /sɨ.ˈɲo.ɾɐ/ :: A lady
senhora {f} :: Mistress
Senhora {f} :: Lady (aristocratic title for a woman)
Senhora de Oliveira {prop} :: Senhora de Oliveira (placename)
Senhora do Porto {prop} :: Senhora do Porto (placename)
Senhora dos Remédios {prop} :: Senhora dos Remédios (placename)
senhoras e senhores {mp} :: ladies and gentlemen (used to address an audience)
Senhor do Bonfim {prop} :: Senhor do Bonfim (placename)
senhoria {f} /sɨ.ɲu.ˈɾi.ɐ/ :: landlady
senhoria {f} :: feminine noun of senhorio
senhorial {adj} :: manorial
senhorial {adj} :: seigniorial
senhorio {m} /sɨ.ɲu.ˈɾi.u/ :: lordship; jurisdiction; overlordship (the condition of having power over something)
senhorio {m} :: landlord (owner of a rented building)
senhorita {f} :: miss
senhorzinho {m} :: diminutive of senhor
senil {adj} :: senile (of, or relating to old age)
senil {adj} [often, offensive] :: senile (exhibiting the deterioration of the mind)
senilidade {f} :: senility
sénior {m} [European orthography] :: senior (someone older than someone else)
sénior {m} [European orthography] :: senior (someone deserving respect or reverence)
sénior {adj} [European orthography] :: senior; older
sénior {adj} [European orthography] :: senior (higher in rank, dignity or office)
sênior {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of sénior
sênior {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of sénior
seno {m} [mathematics] /ˈsenu/ :: sine
senoidal {adj} :: sinusoidal (in the form of a sine wave)
senologia {f} [medicine] :: Branch of medicine that specializes in problems of the breast
senra {f} /ˈsẽ.ʁɐ/ :: alternative form of seara
sensaboria {f} :: platitude
sensação {f} /sẽ.sɐ.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: sensation
sensacional {adj} :: sensational
sensacionalista {adj} :: sensationalist (characterised by sensationalism)
sensacionalista {mf} :: sensationalist (one who indulges in sensational behaviour)
sensatez {m} /ˌsẽ.sa.ˈte(j)s/ :: sensibleness; common sense (the ability to make good judgements based on reason)
sensato {adj} /sẽ.ˈsa.tu/ :: sensible
sensei {m} :: sensei (martial arts instructor)
sensei {m} :: sensei (a Japanese teacher or master)
sensibilidade {f} :: sensibility
sensibilidade {f} :: susceptibility
sensitivo {adj} :: sensitive (pertaining to the senses)
sensitivo {adj} :: sensitive (responsive to stimuli)
sensitivo {adj} [parapsychology] :: having or relating to psychic powers
sensitivo {m} [parapsychology] :: psychic (a person who possesses extra-sensory abilities)
sensível {adj} :: sensitive
sensível {adj} :: tender, sore
sensível {adj} :: sensible
sensível {adj} :: delicate
sensivelmente {adv} :: sensitively
sensivelmente {adv} :: sensibly, visibly
sensivelmente {adv} :: approximately, more or less
senso {m} /ˈsẽ.su/ :: sense (conscious awareness)
senso {m} :: sense (sound practical judgement)
senso {m} :: sense (natural appreciation or ability)
senso comum {m} :: common sense (ordinary understanding)
senso-comum {m} :: alternative spelling of senso comum
senso de humor {m} :: sense of humour (the quality of an individual to find certain things funny)
sensor {m} :: sensor (device or organ that detects certain external stimuli)
sensorial {adj} :: Of or pertaining to a sensation or the senses; sensorial; sensory
sensual {adj} :: Sexually attractive; sexy
sensualidade {f} :: sensuality
sensualizar {v} :: to sensualize
sensualizar {v} :: to act in a sexy way or appear sexy
sentada {f} /sẽ.ˈta.ðɐ/ :: sitting (period of time in which one is seated for a specific purpose)
sentado {adj} /sẽ.ˈta.ðu/ :: seated
sentado {adj} :: sitting
sentar {vt} /sẽ.ˈtaɾ/ :: to seat
sentar {vr} :: to sit
sentar {v} :: to twerk
sentença {f} [legal] /sẽ.ˈtẽ.sɐ/ :: sentence (decision of a jury)
sentença {f} :: quote; proverb; maxim (a wise or classic saying)
sentença {f} [obsolete, grammar] :: sentence (grammatically complete series of words)
sentenciar {v} :: to sentence
sentencioso {adj} :: sententious (tending to use aphorisms or maxims, especially given to trite moralising)
sentido {m} /sẽ.ˈti.ðu/ :: sense (animals’ means of gathering data)
sentido {m} :: sense (natural appreciation or ability)
sentido {m} :: purpose; intention
sentido {m} :: direction (path or course of a given movement)
sentido {m} [figurative] :: direction (how something is turning out to be)
sentido {m} :: point of view; standpoint; outlook
sentido {m} [semantics] :: meaning (objects or concept that a word or phrase denotes)
sentido {adj} :: felt (that has been experienced or perceived)
sentido {adj} :: emotionally hurt
sentido {adj} :: sad
sentido horário {m} :: clockwise direction
sentidor {m} [nonce] :: feeler (someone or something that feels something)
sentimental {adj} /sẽ.ti.mẽ.ˈtaɫ/ :: sentimental
sentimentalismo {m} [uncountable] :: sentimentalism (the condition of being overly sentimental)
sentimentalismo {m} :: an overly sentimental act
sentimentalista {mf} :: sentimentalist (person who is overly sentimental)
sentimentalista {adj} :: sentimentalistic (tending to be overly sentimental)
sentimento {m} /sẽ.ti.ˈmẽ.tu/ :: feeling, emotion, sentiment
sentina {f} [nautical] :: bilge (lowest part of a ship)
sentina {f} :: toilet (device for depositing human waste and flushing it away)
sentinela {mf} /sẽ.ti.ˈnɛ.lɐ/ :: sentinel, sentry
sentinela {mf} :: guard, warder
Sentinela do Sul {prop} :: Sentinela do Sul (placename)
sentir {vt} /sẽ.ˈtiɾ/ :: to sense; to feel (to perceive by means of biological senses)
sentir {vt} [specifically] :: to feel (to feel with the skin or hands)
sentir {vt} :: to feel (to experience an emotion or feeling [noun])
sentir {vp} [copulative] :: to feel (to experience an emotion or feeling [adjective])
sentir {v} [subordinating] :: to feel; to think (to vaguely expect that something is the case or will happen)
sentir {vt} :: to feel (to experience the consequences of)
sentir {vt} :: to be offended by (a comment)
sentir {vti} [chiefly sports] :: to be significantly harmed by
sentir {v} [por, .usually sentir muito] :: to be sorry, regretful
sentir {vt} [parapsychology or subordinating] :: to foretell; to foresee
Sento Sé {prop} :: Sento Sé (placename)
senzala {f} [Brazil] :: slave camp, slave quarters
sépala {f} [botany] :: sepal (part of the calyx)
separação {f} /sɨ.pɐ.ɾɐ.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: separation
separação {f} :: segregation
separadamente {adv} /sɨpɐˌɾadɐˈmẽtɨ/ :: separately (in a separate manner)
separado {adj} /ˌˈɾa.du/ :: separate; separated (apart from something)
separado {adv} :: separately (not together with the rest)
separador {m} :: (computer) tab
separar {v} /sɨ.pɐ.ˈɾaɾ/ :: to separate
separar o joio do trigo {v} [idiomatic] :: separate the wheat from the chaff (to select only that which is of value)
separar o trigo do joio {v} :: alternative form of separar o joio do trigo
separatismo {m} :: separatism (advocacy for the political separation of a region)
separatista {adj} :: separatist (seeking the separation of a country or territory)
separatista {mf} :: separatist (one seeking the separation of a country or territory)
separável {adj} :: separable
sépia {f} :: cuttlefish (any squid-like mollusc of the genus Sepia)
sépia {f} :: sepia (dark brown pigment)
Sepik Ocidental {prop} {m} [rare] :: Sepik Ocidental (province)
seppuku {m} :: seppuku (ritual Japanese suicide by disembowelment)
sepse {f} [pathology] :: sepsis (serious medical condition in which the whole body is inflamed)
sépsia {f} :: alternative form of sepse
sépsis {f} :: alternative form of sepse
septicemia {f} [pathology] /ˌsep.t͡ʃˈmi.ɐ/ :: septicemia (disease caused by pathogens in the bloodstream)
septicémico {adj} [European orthography, pathology] /ˌsep.t͡ʃi.ˈse.mi.ku/ :: septicaemic (pertaining to or affected with septicaemia)
septicêmico {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of septicémico
séptico {adj} :: septic
séptimo {ordinal num} :: [Portugal] superseded spelling of sétimo
septingentésimo {ordinal num} :: seven hundredths
septo nasal {m} [anatomy] :: nasal septum (septum separating the nostrils)
septuagésimo {ordinal num} :: seventieth
Septuaginta {prop} {f} :: Septuagint (an ancient translation of the Hebrew Bible into Greek)
sepulcro {m} :: sepulchre (burial chamber)
sepultar {v} /sɨpuɫˈtaɾ/ :: to entomb (to place in a tomb)
sepultar {v} [figurative] :: to bury (to put an end to)
sepultura {f} /sɨ.puɫ.ˈtu.ɾɐ/ :: grave (excavation for burial)
sequela {f} [pathology] :: sequela (condition caused by an earlier disease or problem)
sequela {f} :: consequence; effect
sequela {f} :: sequence; series; string
sequela {f} :: sequel (a following release in a series of films, books etc.)
sequela {f} :: entourage (retinue of attendants, associates or followers)
seqüela {f} :: obsolete spelling of sequela
sequência {f} /se.ˈkwẽ.sjɐ/ :: sequence; series (set of things that come one after the other)
sequência {f} :: follower (something that comes after another thing)
sequência {f} [Roman Catholicism] :: sequence (musical composition used in some masses between the readings)
sequenciado {adj} :: sequenced (made into a sequence)
sequenciado {adj} [genetics] :: sequenced (whose sequence has been determined)
sequenciador {m} [electronics] :: sequencer (device that activates components according to a preplanned sequence)
sequenciador {m} [music] :: sequencer (device that stores sound for playback)
sequenciador {m} [molecular biology] :: sequencer (device that determines the sequence of monomers in a polymer)
sequencial {adj} :: sequential
sequencialmente {adv} :: sequentially
sequer {adv} /sɨ.ˈkɛɾ/ :: at least, at the least
sequer {adv} [when used in the negative] :: even
sequestrador {m} :: abductor; kidnapper
sequestramento {m} :: sequestration
sequestrar {vt} :: to kidnap; to abduct (to seize and detain a person unlawfully)
seqüestrar {v} :: obsolete spelling of sequestrar
sequestro {m} /sɨ.ˈkwɛʃ.tɾu/ :: kidnapping (the crime of taking a person against their will, sometimes for ransom)
seqüestro {m} :: obsolete spelling of sequestro
séquiço {m} :: eye dialect of sexo
sequioso {adj} :: thirsty
sequioso {adj} :: avid
séquito {m} :: retinue; entourage (group of servants and followers)
sequoia {f} [sequoia] :: redwood (Sequoia sempervirens, a very large coniferous tree of North America)
sequóia {f} :: obsolete spelling of sequoia
ser {v} /ˈse(ɾ)]/ :: [copulative] to be (to have the given quality), especially a quality that is intrinsic or not expected to change, contrasting with estar which denotes a temporary quality
ser {vt} :: to be (to be an example or type of, or the same thing as)
ser {v} :: [auxiliary with a verb in the past participle] to be (forms the passive voice)
ser {v} :: [impersonal] to be (indicates a point in time)
ser {v} :: [em, -another locational preposition] to be in (to be located in)
ser {v} :: [de] to be from (to have as one’s place of origin)
ser {v} :: [de] to be (someone’s); to belong to
ser {v} :: [para, de, .transitive, .or] to be for; to be to (to have as its purpose)
ser {v} :: [para, .impersonal] to be supposed to; should (introduces an expected or demanded action)
ser {vt} :: to be; to cost (to be worth a given amount of money)
ser {vi} :: to happen; to take place; to occur
ser {v} :: [por, a favor de, contra] to be against or in favour of
ser {vi} :: [poetic] to exist; to be (a thing)
ser {vt} :: [impersonal] used for emphasis
ser {m} :: being (a living creature)
será {interj} /sɨ.ˈɾa/ :: used to indicate doubt or uncertainty of something said, where English uses the sentence’s auxiliary verb followed by a pronoun
serac {m} [glaciology] :: serac (a sharp ridge of ice between crevasses of a glacier)
seráfico {adj} [angelology] :: seraphic (relating to the seraphim)
seráfico {adj} :: seraphic (pure and sublime)
serafim {m} [biblical] :: seraph (highest order of angels)
Serafina Corrêa {prop} :: Serafina Corrêa (placename)
serão {m} /sɨˈɾɐ̃w̃/ :: overtime
serão {m} :: evening
serapilheira {f} :: burlap (strong, coarse cloth used to make sacks)
ser a praia de alguém {v} [idiomatic] :: to be someone’s area of interest
serbo-croata {m} :: alternative form of servo-croata
serbo-croata {adj} :: alternative form of servo-croata
ser de casa {v} [Brazil, of a person] /ˈse(ʁ) d͡ʒi ˈka.zɐ/ :: to be intimate enough that they can come to one’s house (or even go in or use things) without asking in advance
ser de comer rezando {v} [idiom, said of food] :: to be exceptionally delicious
Serdenha {prop} {f} :: obsolete form of Sardenha
sereia {f} /sɨ.ˈɾɐj.ɐ/ :: mermaid (mythological woman with a fish's tail)
sereia {f} [figurative] :: An attractive woman
sereio {m} :: merman (legendary creature, human male from the waist up, fishlike from the waist down)
serelepe {adj} :: peppy; energetic; lively
serelepe {m} :: Sciurus aestuans (Brazilian squirrel)
serenata {f} :: serenade
serendipidade {f} :: serendipity (unintended learning experience)
serendipismo {m} :: serendipity (unintended learning experience)
serendipitia {f} :: serendipity (unintended learning experience)
serenidade {f} /sɨ.ɾɨ.ni.ˈða.ðɨ/ :: serenity (state of being serene, calm)
serenidade {f} [of the sky] :: the state of being cloudless
sereno {adj} :: serene; peaceful; calm; tranquil
sereno {adj} [of the weather] :: serene, fair and unclouded
sereno {m} :: dew (morning moisture)
sereno {m} [Brazil] :: drizzle (light, short-lasting and thin rain)
sereno {m} [Brazil] :: the fresh night air
Sergei {prop} {m} :: alternative spelling of Serguei
Sergey {prop} {m} :: alternative spelling of Serguei
Sergio {prop} {m} :: given name, a spelling variant Sérgio
Sérgio {prop} {m} /ˈsɛʁ.ʒ(j)u/ :: given name
Sergipe {prop} /sɛʁˈʒipi]/ :: Sergipe (state)
Serguei {prop} {m} /seʁ.ˈɡej/ :: given name
Serguey {prop} {m} :: rare spelling of Serguei
ser humano {m} /se.ɾu.ˈmɐ.nu/ :: human being
seriação {f} /ˌse.ɾi.a.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: classification
seriação {f} :: serialization
seriação {f} :: ranking
seria cômico se não fosse trágico {proverb} :: A common saying to describe something tragicomic, i.e. having both comic and tragic aspects
seriado {m} :: series (television or radio programme)
seriado {adj} :: divided in series
serial killer {mf} :: serial killer (person who commits multiple murders)
seriamente {adv} /sɛɾjɐˈmẽtɨ/ :: seriously
seriar {v} /ˌse.ɾi.ˈa(ʁ)/ :: to classify
sericicultura {f} :: sericulture
Sericita {prop} :: Sericita (placename)
sérico {adj} :: silk (attributive); silky
sérico {adj} :: serum (attributive)
série {f} /ˈsɛ.ɾi.ɨ/ :: series (number of things or events that follow on one after the other)
série {f} :: a substantial quantity of things
série {f} [Brazil, education] :: grade (a level of pre-collegiate education)
série {f} [television, radio] :: series (a program in which several episodes are broadcast in regular intervals)
série {f} [publishing] :: book series (a series books having certain characteristics in common)
série {f} [mathematics] :: sequence (an ordered list of objects)
série {f} [mathematics] :: series (sum of the terms of a sequence)
seriedade {f} :: gravity
seriedade {f} :: seriousness
seriedade {f} :: importance
série temporal {f} [data processing] :: time series
serifa {f} [typography] /se.ˈɾi.fa/ :: serif (short line in a font)
serigaita {f} :: alternative form of sirigaita
seringa {f} :: syringe
seringa {mf} [colloquial] :: bore (boring person)
seringueira {f} :: rubber tree
serio {adj} :: obsolete spelling of sério
sério {adj} /ˈsɛ.ɾi.u/ :: serious; solemn (without humor or expression of happiness)
sério {adj} :: serious (leaving no room for play; needing great attention)
sério {adj} [of diseases and other medical conditions] :: dangerous
sério {adj} :: which can’t be joked about; no laughing matter
sério {adj} [of a disaster or accident] :: grave
sério {adv} :: concerning serious matters
sério {m} :: a game in which two people stare at each other and the first one to laugh loses
sério {interj} :: really? (indicating surprise at, or requesting confirmation of)
Sério {prop} :: Sério (placename)
sério-cómico {adj} [European orthography] :: seriocomic (having both serious and comedic qualities)
sério-cômico {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative spelling of sério-cómico
Seritinga {prop} :: Seritinga (placename)
ser mais {v} :: to like better, to prefer
ser mais fácil a cobra fumar do que {v} :: alternative form of ser mais fácil uma cobra fumar do que
ser mais fácil a cobra fumar que {v} :: alternative form of ser mais fácil uma cobra fumar do que
ser mais fácil uma cobra fumar do que {v} [dated, idiomatic, impersonal] :: indicates that something is extremely unlikely; when pigs fly; to find hen's teeth
sermão {m} /sɨɾˈmə̃ʊ/ :: sermon
Sernancelhe {prop} /sɨɾnɐ̃ˈsɐʎ(ɨ)/ :: Sernancelhe (village/and/municipality)
serôdio {adj} :: late
Seropédica {prop} :: Seropédica (placename)
seropositivo {adj} :: alternative form of soropositivo
serotonina {f} [neurotransmitter] :: serotonin (a neurotransmitter)
serotoninérgico {adj} :: alternative form of serotonérgico
Serpa {prop} {f} /ˈsɛɾpɐ/ :: Serpa (city/and/municipality)
serpe {f} /ˈsɛɾ.pɨ/ :: serpent, snake
serpe {f} [heraldry, mythology] :: wyvern
serpe {f} [figuratively] :: an ugly person
serpentão {m} [musical instruments] :: serpent (old bass wind instrument)
serpentária {f} [pharmacology, historical] :: serpentine (plant believed to cure snakebites)
serpentário {m} :: secretary bird (Sagitarius serpentarius, a terrestrial bird of Africa)
serpentário {m} :: a place where snakes are reared or kept
serpente {f} /sɨɾ.ˈpẽ.tɨ/ :: serpent
serpentear {vi} :: to snake (to move in a winding path)
serpentear {vi} :: to meander (to have a winding course)
serpentiforme {adj} :: serpentine; serpentiform (having the form of a snake)
serpentina {f} :: serpentine (coiled distillation tube)
serpentina {f} [mineral] :: serpentine (layered mineral consisting of magnesium and iron silicates)
serpentina {f} [historical] :: serpentine (early type of cannon)
serpentinita {f} :: alternative form of serpentinito
serpentinite {f} :: alternative form of serpentinito
serpentinito {m} [geology] :: serpentinite (a metamorphic rock)
serpentino {adj} :: serpentine; sinuous (having the form of a snake)
serra {f} /ˈsɛ.ʁɐ/ :: saw (tool)
serra {f} :: chain (of mountains)
Serra Alta {prop} :: Serra Alta (placename)
Serra Azul {prop} :: Serra Azul (placename)
Serra Azul de Minas {prop} :: Serra Azul de Minas (placename)
serra circular {f} :: circular saw (a power-saw with a circular cutting blade)
Serra da Saudade {prop} :: Serra da Saudade (placename)
serra de arco {f} :: hacksaw (fine-toothed, frame-mounted saw used to cut metal)
serra de recortes {f} :: jigsaw (narrow saw for cutting curves)
serra de vaivém {f} :: jigsaw (narrow saw for cutting curves)
Serra do Ramalho {prop} :: Serra do Ramalho (placename)
Serra dos Aimorés {prop} :: Serra dos Aimorés (placename)
Serra do Salitre {prop} :: Serra do Salitre (placename)
Serra Dourada {prop} :: Serra Dourada (placename)
serragem {f} :: sawdust (dust created by sawing)
serragem {f} :: wood scobs
Serra Leoa {prop} {f} :: Serra Leoa (country)
Serrana {prop} :: Serrana (placename)
Serra Negra {prop} :: Serra Negra (placename)
Serrania {prop} :: Serrania (placename)
Serranópolis de Minas {prop} :: Serranópolis de Minas (placename)
Serranos {prop} :: Serranos (placename)
Serra Preta {prop} :: Serra Preta (placename)
serrar {v} /se.ˈʁa(ɹ)/ :: to saw (to cut with a saw)
serra tico-tico {f} :: jigsaw (narrow saw for cutting curves)
serrilhado {m} :: serration (a row of tooth-like projections)
serrilhado {m} [graphics] :: aliasing (distortion caused by a low sampling rate)
serrilhado {adj} :: serrated (having a row of tooth-like projections)
serrilhamento {m} :: serration (a row of tooth-like projections)
serrilhamento {m} [graphics] :: aliasing (distortion caused by a low sampling rate)
Serrinha {prop} :: Serrinha (placename)
Serro {prop} :: Serro (placename)
Serrolândia {prop} :: Serrolândia (placename)
serrote {m} :: handsaw (hand tool used to saw wood)
sertã {f} /sərˈtɐ̃/ :: frying pan
Sertã {prop} /sɨɾˈtɐ̃/ :: Sertã (village/and/municipality)
sertanejo {adj} :: from or relating to a rural, semi-arid area
sertanejo {adj} [loosely] :: rural (from or relating to any less-populated area)
sertanejo {m} :: someone from a rural, semi-arid area
sertanejo {m} [loosely] :: rustic; countryman (someone from a less-populated area)
sertanejo {m} [music genre] :: sertanejo (a genre of Brazilian folk music)
sertanejo {m} :: a fan of sertanejo music
sertanojo {m} [derogatory] :: sertanejo (a genre of Brazilian folk music)
sertão {m} [geography] :: sertão
Sertão {prop} {m} :: Sertão (placename)
Sertão {prop} {m} :: Sertão (geographical region)
Sertão Santana {prop} :: Sertão Santana (placename)
Sertãozinho {prop} :: Sertãozinho (placename)
serva {n} /ˈsɛʁ.vɐ/ :: feminine noun of servo
serval {m} /sɨɾ.ˈvaɫ/ :: serval (Leptailurus serval)
servente {mf} :: assistant (one who is hired to perform regular, less important duties)
serventia {f} :: usefulness (the quality of being useful)
sérvia {f} :: feminine noun of sérvio
Sérvia {prop} {f} :: Sérvia (country)
Sérvia e Montenegro {prop} {f} :: Sérvia e Montenegro (former country)
serviçal {adj} /sɨɾviˈsaɫ/ :: serviceable
serviçal {adj} :: helpful
serviçal {m} :: servant
serviço {m} [economics] /sɨɾ.ˈ :: service (work that is produced, traded, sold, then consumed)
serviço {m} :: work; labour
serviço {m} :: job; a task
serviço {m} :: workplace
serviço {m} :: the way a commercial establishment serves the costumers
serviço {m} [religion] :: service (religious rite or ritual)
serviço de informações {m} :: intelligence agency (governmental agency devoted to gathering information for national security)
serviço de mesa {m} :: tableware (cutlery, crockery and glassware)
serviço secreto {m} :: intelligence agency (governmental agency devoted to gathering information for national security)
servidão {f} /sɨɾ.vi.ˈðɐ̃w̃/ :: serfdom
servidão {f} :: servitude
servidor {m} :: server, servant (one who serves)
servidor {m} [computing] :: server (computer or program which provides services to other programs or users)
servidor proxy {m} [computing] :: proxy server (server that acts as an intermediary between a user and another server)
servil {adj} :: servile
servil {adj} :: subservient
sérvio {adj} :: Serbian; Serb (pertaining to Serbia and Serbians)
sérvio {adj} :: Serbian (pertaining to the Serbian language)
sérvio {m} :: Serbian; Serb (person from Serbia)
sérvio {m} [uncountable] :: Serbian (Serbo-Croatian variety used in Serbia)
serviola {f} :: cathead (heavy piece of timber for holding an anchor in position)
servir {vt} /sɨɾˈviɾ/ :: to serve (to work as a servant for someone)
servir {vt} [religion] :: to serve (to worship a god)
servir {vt} :: to serve (to give out or place down food or drink)
servir {v} [em] :: to serve (to be part of an armed force)
servir {vi} :: to suffice; to do (to be good enough for a task)
servir {v} [para, .subordinating] :: to be for (to have as its purpose or utility)
servir como uma luva {v} :: to fit like a glove
servitude {f} :: servitude (the state of being a serf or slave)
servo {m} /ˈsɛɾvu/ :: servant
servo {m} :: serf
servo-croata {m} :: Serbo-Croatian (South Slavic language spoken in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia)
servo-croata {adj} :: Serbo-Croatian (pertaining to the Serbo-Croatian language)
sésamo {m} :: sesame (Sesamum indicum, a plant)
sésamo {m} :: sesame (seeds of the sesame plant)
Sesimbra {prop} {f} /sɨˈzĩbɾɐ/ :: Sesimbra (village/and/municipality)
sesquióxido {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: sesquioxide
sessão {f} :: session (a period devoted to a particular activity)
sessão espírita {f} :: séance (a ceremony where people try to communicate with spirits)
sessenta {num} /sɨ.ˈsẽ.tɐ/ :: sixty
sessenta {m} :: sixty
sesta {f} /ˈsɛʃ.tɐ/ :: nap (a short period of sleep, especially during the day)
sestércio {m} :: sestertius (Roman coin)
sestra {f} /ˈsɛʃ.tɾɐ/ :: the left hand or foot
sestra {f} :: feminine noun of sestro
sestro {adj} /ˈsɛʃ.tɾu/ :: Relating to or located on the left side
sestro {adj} :: inauspicious; ominous (being a bad omen)
sestro {m} :: habit (action performed repeatedly and automatically)
sestro {m} :: fate; destiny
set {m} [tennis, volleyball] :: set (subdivision of a match)
Set {prop} {m} [Egyptian mythology] :: Set (god of Chaos)
seta {f} /ˈsɛ.tɐ/ :: arrow
seta {f} :: weapon
seta {f} :: pointing symbol
seta do tempo {f} [physics] :: arrow of time (direction of time in four dimensions)
sete {num} /ˈsɛ.tɨ]/ :: seven
sete {m} :: seven
Sete {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Seth (the third son of Adam and Eve)
Sete Barras {prop} :: Sete Barras (placename)
setecentos {adj} /sɛ.tɨ.ˈsẽ.tuʃ/ :: seven hundred; 700
setecentos {m} :: seven hundred (the value of 700, or something with the value of 700)
Sete de Setembro {prop} {m} :: Independence Day, a national holiday in Brazil celebrated on September 7th to mark the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence from Portugal
Sete de Setembro {prop} {m} :: Sete de Setembro (municipality)
seteira {f} :: loophole
Sete Lagoas {prop} :: Sete Lagoas (placename)
setembro {m} /sɨ.ˈtẽ.bɾu/ :: September
Setembro {m} :: superseded spelling of setembro
setenta {num} /sɨ.ˈtẽ.tɐ/ :: seventy
setenta {m} :: seventy
setentrional {adj} :: northern (situated in or relating to the north)
sete pecados capitais {mp} [Christianity] :: seven deadly sins
sete vidas {fp} [idiomatic] :: nine lives (the ability to survive deadly situations)
sete vidas {fp} :: See: sete vidas
sete virtudes {fp} [theology] :: seven virtues (sacred counterparts of the seven deadly sins)
Seth {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Set
setilhão {m} :: septillion (1024)
setimanista {mf} :: a seventh-year student
sétimo {ordinal num} /ˈsɛ :: seventh
sétimo céu {m} :: seventh heaven; cloud nine (state of great joy and satisfaction)
setingentésimo {ordinal num} :: seven hundredths
setor {m} /sɛ.ˈtoɾ/ :: sector; section (part, piece, subdivision of anything)
setor {m} [geometry] :: sector (part of a circle, extending to the center)
setor {m} :: sector; zone (designated area)
setor {m} [military] :: sector (military operation area)
setor {m} [economics] :: sector (a part of the economy)
setor {m} [Portugal, colloquial] /sɨ.ˈtoɾ/ :: teacher
setra {f} [Brazil] :: slingshot (device for shooting small projectiles)
Setsuan {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Sichuan
setter irlandês {m} :: Irish Setter (a breed of gun dog)
setuagésimo {ordinal num} :: seventieth
Setubal {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Setúbal
Setúbal {prop} {f} /sɨˈtubaɫ/ :: Setúbal (district)
Setúbal {prop} {f} :: Setúbal (city/and/municipality/district capital)
Setúbal {prop} {mf} :: surname
Setubinha {prop} :: Setubinha (placename)
Setuval {prop} {f} :: obsolete form of Setúbal
Setúval {prop} {f} :: obsolete form of Setúbal
Setuvel {prop} {f} :: obsolete form of Setúbal
Setúvel {prop} {f} :: obsolete form of Setúbal
seu {pron} /sew/ :: 2. personsg. possessivepronoun your; yours (when using the second-person pronoun você)
seu {pron} :: 3. personsg. possessivepronoun his; her; its
seu {pron} :: 3. personpl. possessivepronoun their; theirs
seu {pron} :: 2. personpl. possessivepronoun your; yours (when using the second-person pronoun vocês)
seu {pron} :: you (used before epithets for emphasis)
seu {m} :: [familiar] mister (as a form of address)
Seul {prop} {f} /seˈuw/ :: Seul (capital city)
seus {pron} /sewʃ/ :: m. pl. form of possessive seu
seus {mp} [with article os] :: his kin, folks, fellows, kind or friends
Sevastopol {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Sebastopol
severamente {adv} :: severely (in a severe manner)
Sever do Vouga {prop} /sɨˈvɛɾ ðu ˈvowɣɐ/ :: Sever do Vouga (village/and/municipality)
Severiano de Almeida {prop} :: Severiano de Almeida (placename)
severidade {f} /sɨ.vɨ.ɾi.ˈða.ðɨ/ :: severity
Severínia {prop} :: Severínia (placename)
severo {adj} /sɨ.ˈvɛ.ɾu/ :: severe
severo {adj} :: strict
Sevilha {prop} {f} /sɨˈvi.ʎɐ/ :: Sevilha (province)
Sevilha {prop} {f} :: Sevilha (city/provincial capital)
se você não pode vencê-los, junte-se a eles {proverb} :: alternative form of se não pode vencê-los, junte-se a eles
sexagenário {adj} :: sexagenarian
sexagenário {m} :: sexagenarian
sexagésimo {ordinal num} :: sixtieth
sexagésimo {mf} :: sixtieth
sex appeal {m} :: sex appeal (sexual attractiveness)
sexar {v} [zoology] :: to sex (to determine the sex of)
sexcentésimo {ordinal num} :: six hundredths
sexismo {m} :: sexism (discrimination based on gender)
sexo {m} /ˈsɛksu/ :: gender
sexo {m} :: sex (the act)
sexo anal {m} :: anal sex
sexo, drogas e rock and roll {m} [idiomatic] :: sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll (indulgent and pleasurable activities)
sexo, drogas e rock 'n roll {m} :: alternative form of sexo, drogas e rock and roll
sexo, drogas e rock 'n' roll {m} :: alternative form of sexo, drogas e rock and roll
sexo frágil {m} [sometimes, offensive] :: fair sex; weaker sex (women collectively)
sexologia {f} :: sexology
sexo oral {m} /ˌsɛ.kswo.ˈɾaw]/ :: oral sex (stimulation of the genitals using the mouth)
sexo por telefone {m} :: phone sex (an erotic or sexual telephone conversation between two or more people)
sexo seguro {m} :: safe sex (sexual activity that minimises risks of STDs or pregnancy)
sex shop {m} :: sex shop (shop that sells sexual merchandise)
sex symbol {mf} :: sex symbol (person that embodies sexual ideals)
sexta {f} :: Shortening of sexta-feira: Friday
sexta {adv} :: Shortening of sexta-feira: on a Friday
sexta-feira {f} /sɐjʃ.tɐ.ˈfɐj.ɾɐ/ :: Friday (day of the week)
Sexta-Feira Negra {prop} {f} :: Black Friday (any of several catastrophic events that happened on a Friday)
Sexta-Feira Negra {prop} {f} [uncommon] :: Black Friday (period with widespread discounts after the fourth Tuesday of November)
sexta-feira santa {f} :: alternative spelling of Sexta-feira Santa
Sexta-feira Santa {f} [Christianity] :: Good Friday (the Friday before Easter Sunday, the commemoration of the day on which Christ was crucified)
Sexta-Feira Santa {f} :: alternative spelling of Sexta-feira Santa
sextante {m} :: sextant (navigational instrument used to measure the angle between any two visible objects)
sextante {m} [geometry] :: sextant (one sixth of a circle)
sextar {v} [Brazil, slang] :: to enjoy Friday; to have fun (especially on Friday)
sextar {v} [Brazil, slang, impersonal] :: to become Friday
sexteto {m} [music] :: sextet (composition for six voices or instruments)
sexteto {m} [music] :: sextet (group of six musicians)
sextilhão {m} :: sextillion (1021)
sextilião {m} :: alternative form of sextilhão
sexto {ordinal num} /ˈsɐjʃ.tu/ :: sixth
Sexto Mandamento {prop} {m} [Christianity] :: Sixth Commandment (the divine law against murder)
sexto sentido {m} [parapsychology] :: sixth sense (extrasensory perception)
sexuado {adj} [biology] :: involving sex
sexuado {adj} [biology, of a species] :: having individuals distinguished by sex
sexual {adj} /sɛˈkswaɫ/ :: sexual
sexualidade {f} :: sexuality
sexualização {f} :: sexualisation (act or process of sexualising)
sexualmente {adv} :: sexually
sexy {adj} [of a person] /ˈsɛ :: sexy (having sexual appeal)
Seychelles {prop} {fp} :: alternative spelling of Seicheles
seys {adj} :: obsolete spelling of seis
seyta {f} :: obsolete spelling of seita
seyxo {m} :: obsolete spelling of seixo
sezão {f} :: ague
Sfax {prop} {f} :: Sfax (city)
sgraffito {m} :: alternative form of esgrafito
shahada {f} :: alternative spelling of chahada
shaitan {m} [Arab mythology] :: shaitan (an evil djinn or devil)
Shakespeare {prop} {m} :: Shakespeare (William Shakespeare, English playwright)
shalom {interj} :: shalom (Jewish greeting or farewell)
shampoo {m} :: alternative spelling of xampu
Shangai {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Xangai
Shanghai {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Xangai
sharia {f} :: alternative spelling of charia
shashlik {m} :: alternative spelling of chachlik
Shavuot {prop} {m} [Judaism] :: Shavuot; Pentecost (Jewish spring festival)
shawarma {m} :: shawarma (Middle Eastern sandwich-like wrap)
Sheila {prop} {f} /ˈʃej.lɐ/ :: given name
shekel {m} :: sheqel (currency unit in Israel)
Shenzhen {prop} {f} :: Shenzhen (city)
's Hertogenbosch {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of 's-Hertogenbosch
's-Hertogenbosch {prop} {f} :: 's-Hertogenbosch (city/and/capital)
shift {m} :: shift (button on a keyboard)
shiitake {m} /ʃi.i.ˈ :: shiitake (Lentinula edodes, an edible mushroom)
Shimla {prop} {f} :: Shimla (city/state capital)
Shiraz {f} :: Shiraz (variety of black grape)
Shiraz {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Xiraz
shitake {m} :: alternative spelling of shiitake
Shiva {prop} {m} [Hindu god] /ˈʃi.vɐ/ :: Shiva (god of destruction and transformation)
Shiva Nataraja {prop} {m} [Hinduism] :: Nataraja (dancing posture of the Hindu god Shiva)
Shoá {prop} {f} [historical] :: Holocaust; Shoah (the mass murder of 6 million Jews by Nazi Germany)
shogunato {m} :: alternative spelling of xogunato
shopping {m} /ˈʃɔ.pĩŋ/ :: shopping center
shopping {m} :: mall
short {m} :: shorts (pants that do not go lower than the knees)
shorts {mp} :: alternative form of short
shoshone {m} :: Shoshone (member of the Shoshone people, a native ethnic group of the United States)
shoshone {m} [uncountable] :: Shoshone (the Uto-Aztecan language spoken by the Shoshone)
shoshoni {m} :: alternative form of shoshone
show {m} /ˈʃow/ :: show (a entertainment performance event)
show {m} [slang, often used in dar um show] :: the action of crying or yelling out loud in order to protest or complain about something, often in the context of a discussion or argument
show {adj} [Brazil, slang] :: amazing; awesome
show biz {m} :: alternative spelling of showbiz
show-biz {m} :: alternative spelling of showbiz
showbiz {m} :: showbusiness (the entertainment industry)
showbizz {m} :: alternative spelling of showbiz
show business {m} :: alternative spelling of showbusiness
showbusiness {m} :: showbusiness (the entertainment industry)
show de aberrações {m} :: freak show (shocking exhibition of people with unusual characteristics)
show de bola {adj} [Brazil, slang] :: awesome; amazing
show de bola {adj} :: See: show de bola
showmício {m} :: A political rally with a musical concert
showzinho {m} :: diminutive of show
shoyo {m} :: alternative form of shoyu
shoyu {m} :: soy sauce (condiment made from fermented soybeans)
shuriken {mf} :: shuriken (throwing blade with multiple points used by ninjas)
si {pron} [following a preposition] /ˈsi/ :: oneself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, yourselves, themselves
si {m} :: si (musical note)
si {conj} :: eye dialect of se
sialagogo {m} [pharmaceutical drug] :: sialogogue (any drug that increases the flow of saliva)
sialogogo {m} :: alternative form of sialagogo
siamês {adj} [historical] :: Siamese (of, from or relating to Siam)
siamês {m} [historical] :: Siamese (person from Siam)
siamês {m} :: Siamese cat (breed of domestic cat)
Sião {prop} {m} :: Sião (hill)
Sião {prop} {m} [historical] :: Siam (the former name of Thailand)
siba {f} :: cuttlefish (any squid-like mollusc of the genus Sepia)
Síbaris {prop} {f} :: Síbaris (ancient city/and/Greek colony)
sibarita {mf} [historical] :: Sybarite (person from Sybaris)
sibarita {mf} :: sybarite (person devoted to pleasure and luxury)
sibarita {adj} [historical] :: of, from or relating to Sybaris
sibarita {adj} [of a person] :: devoted to pleasure and luxury
Sibéria {prop} {f} [geography] :: Sibéria (geographical region)
Sibéria {prop} {f} [geopolitics] :: Sibéria (geographical region)
siberiano {adj} :: Siberian (from, of or pertaining to Siberia)
siberiano {m} :: Siberian (a person from Siberia)
sibila {f} :: sibyl
sibilante {adj} :: sibilant (characterised by a hissing sound)
sibilante {f} [phonetics] :: sibilant (a hissing sound)
sibilar {v} :: to hiss; to sibilate (to make a hissing sound)
sibilo {m} :: hiss (sound made by a snake, cat, escaping steam, etc.)
sic {adv} :: sic (used to indicated that a quoted word has been transcribed exactly as found in the source text)
sicário {m} :: hitman (person hired to kill someone)
Sichuan {prop} {m} :: Sichuan (province)
Sicília {prop} {f} :: Sicília (island/and/region)
siciliana {n} :: feminine noun of siciliano
siciliano {adj} :: Sicilian (of, from or relating to Sicily)
siciliano {m} :: Sicilian (person from Sicily)
siciliano {m} :: Sicilian (Romance language spoken in Sicily)
sicofanta {mf} :: sycophant
sicómoro {m} :: sycamore (Ficus sycomorus, a species of maple native to Europe and Southwestern Asia)
sicômoro {m} :: alternative form of sicómoro
sicrano {m} :: so-and-so; Jack (placeholder name)
SIDA {f} {m} :: AIDS; acronym of síndrome da imunodeficiência adquirida
Sidarta {prop} {m} [Buddhism] :: Siddhartha (name of Buddha)
sideral {adj} [astronomy] :: sidereal (of or relating to the stars)
sidéreo {adj} [astronomy] :: sidereal (of or relating to the stars)
siderita {f} [mineral] :: siderite
sideróforo {m} :: siderophore
Siderópolis {prop} :: Siderópolis (placename)
siderurgia {f} :: iron and steel industry
siderúrgico {adj} :: steel (especially the steel industry) (attributive)
Sidnei {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Sydney
Sidnei {prop} {m} :: alternative spelling of Sydney
Sídnei {prop} {m} /ˈsid͡ʒ.nej/ :: given name
Sidney {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Sydney
Sidney {prop} {m} :: alternative spelling of Sydney
Sidom {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Sídon
Sidon {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Sídon
Sídon {prop} {f} /ˈsi.dõ/ :: Sídon (ancient city-state)
sidónio {m} [European orthography] :: Sidonian (person from Sidon)
sidónio {adj} [European orthography] :: Sidonian (of or relating to Sidon)
sidônio {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of sidónio
sidônio {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of sidónio
sidra {f} :: cider (alcoholic beverage made from apples)
siemens {m} :: siemens
sievert {m} /ˈsi.vɐɾt/ :: sievert
sifaca {m} :: sifaka (a medium-sized lemur of the genus Propithecus)
sifão {m} :: siphon (a bent pipe or tube with one end lower than the other)
sifão {m} :: trap (bent tube used to prevent the flow of gases)
sífilis {f} :: syphilis
sifilítico {adj} :: Of or relating to syphilis; syphilitic
sifilítico {adj} :: Infected with syphilis; syphilitic
sifonado {adj} [of plumbing or an appliance connected to plumbing] :: having a trap (bent tube)
sigilo {m} /si.ˈʒ :: secrecy
sigiloso {adj} :: secretive (characterised by secrecy)
sigla {f} /ˈsi.ɡla/ :: acronym (word formed by initial letters)
sigla {f} :: monogram (letter or other symbol that stands for a word or name)
siglagem {f} :: acronymization (the act of turning a phrase into an acronym)
siglário {m} :: acronictionary (dictionary of acronyms)
siglas poveiras {fp} /ˈsiɡlɐʃ pɔˈvejɾɐʃ/ :: a protowriting system used in Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal, to identify families, fishing boats or ownership, as house marks, and for mystical purposes
siglomania {f} [rare] :: acronymania (enthusiastic creation and use of acronyms)
sigma {m} :: sigma (name of the Greek letter Σ, σ)
sigmatismo {m} :: lisp; sigmatism (speech impediment in which a person cannot articulate sibilants)
sigmatismo {m} [literature, poetry] :: excessive repetition of sibilants
signatário {adj} :: signatory
signatário {m} :: signatory
significação {f} :: significance
significado {m} /siɡˈka.ðu/ :: meaning, significance
significância {f} :: significance (the extent to which something matters)
significante {adj} :: meaningful
significante {m} [linguistics] :: meaning, significance, the thing that is signified
significantemente {adv} :: significantly
significar {vt} :: to mean (to have a particular meaning)
significar {vt} [often taking que and a subordinate clause] :: to mean; to signify (to indicate a consequence)
significativamente {adv} :: significantly
significativo {adj} :: significant
signo {m} /ˈsiɡ.nu/ :: zodiac sign
signo-de-salomão {m} [Portuguese folklore] :: a Star of David or pentagram used as a talisman to ward off evil entities
signo zodiacal {m} :: astrological sign
sikh {adj} :: Sikh (relating to Sikhism)
sikh {mf} :: Sikh (an adherent of Sikhism)
sikhismo {m} :: Sikhism (a monotheistic religion of northern India)
Sikkim {prop} {m} :: Sikkim (state)
sílaba {f} :: syllable
silabário {m} [orthography] :: syllabary (table or list of syllables)
silabário {m} [orthography] :: syllabary (writing system where each character represents a complete syllable)
silano {m} [chemistry] :: silane
silenciador {m} :: silencer (someone or something that silences other things or people)
silenciador {m} :: silencer (firearm attachment used to reduce firing noise)
silenciar {vt} :: to silence; to quiet (to make something or someone silent)
silêncio {m} /si.ˈlẽ.sju/ :: silence (the lack of any sound)
silenciosamente {adv} :: silently (in a silent manner)
silencioso {adj} /si.lẽ.ˈsjo.zu/ :: silent
silencioso {adj} :: quiet
silente {adj} /silˈẽtɘ/ :: silent
silente {adj} :: quiet
silepse {f} [rhetoric] :: syllepsis
Silésia {prop} {f} :: Silésia (historical region)
silesiano {adj} :: Silesian (of, from or relating to Silesia)
silesiano {m} :: Silesian (person from Silesia)
sílex {m} :: flint (hard, fine-grained quartz which generates sparks when struck)
sílex córneo {m} [geology] :: chert (fine-grained silica-rich sedimentary rock)
sílfide {f} /ˈ͡ʒi/ :: feminine noun of silfo
sílfide {f} :: sylph (slender woman or girl)
silfo {m} [mythology] :: sylph (the elemental being of air)
silhueta {f} /si.ˈʎwe.tɐ/ :: silhouette (representation of the outlines of an object filled in with a black color)
silhueta ampulheta {f} :: alternative form of silhueta de ampulheta
silhueta de ampulheta {f} :: hourglass figure (body with a narrow waist and wide bust and hips)
sílica {f} :: silica
silicatada {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: silicate
silicato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: silicate
sílice {m} :: alternative form of sílex
silício {m} :: silicon
siliconado {adj} [said of breasts] :: that underwent a breast augmentation procedure
silicone {m} [chemistry] :: silicone (any of a class of inert compounds of silicon)
silicoso {adj} :: siliceous
silo {m} [agriculture] :: silo (vertical building for storing grain)
silo {m} [military] :: silo (underground missile facility)
silogismo {m} [logic] /ˌsi.lo.ˈʒ :: syllogism (inference from two or more premises)
silte {m} [geology] :: silt (fine earth deposited by water)
silva {f} /ˈsiɫ.vɐ/ :: blackberry
Silva {prop} {mf} /ˈsiɫ.vɐ/ :: surname
Silva Jardim {prop} :: Silva Jardim (placename)
silvanita {f} [mineral] :: sylvanite
silvar {v} :: to hiss
silvar {v} :: to whistle
Silveira {prop} {mf} :: surname
Silveira Martins {prop} :: Silveira Martins (placename)
Silveirânia {prop} :: Silveirânia (placename)
Silveiras {prop} :: Silveiras (placename)
Silvério {prop} {m} :: given name
Silvério {prop} {mf} :: surname, the 427nd most common surname in Brazil
silver tape {mf} :: duct tape (multipurpose adhesive tape)
Silves {prop} :: Silves (city/and/municipality)
silvestre {adj} /siɫ.ˈvɛʃ.tɾɨ/ :: That has grown in a woodland; woodland
Silvestre {prop} {m} /siw.ˈvɛs.tɾi/ :: given name
Silvestre {prop} {mf} :: surname
Silvia {prop} {f} :: given name, a spelling variant of Sílvia
Sílvia {prop} {f} /ˈsiw.vjɐ/ :: given name
Silvianópolis {prop} :: Silvianópolis (placename)
silvicultor {m} :: silviculturist; forester (person who farms trees)
silvicultura {f} :: forestry; silviculture (the science and practice of growing trees)
silvina {f} [mineral] :: sylvite
Silvio {prop} {m} :: given name
Sílvio {prop} {m} :: given name
silvo {m} :: hiss; whistle
sim {interj} /sĩ/ :: yes (affirmative answer)
sim {adv} :: indeed; do (used for emphasis in affirmative expressions)
sim {m} :: yes; yea (an affirmative answer)
Simam {prop} {m} :: obsolete spelling of Simão
Simaõ {prop} {m} :: obsolete spelling of Simão
Simão {prop} {m} /si.ˈmɐ̃w̃/ :: given name
Simão Pereira {prop} :: Simão Pereira (placename)
simbiose {f} [biology] :: symbiosis
simbolicamente {adv} :: symbolically (in a symbolic manner)
simbólico {adj} /sĩ.ˈbɔ.li.ku/ :: symbolic (relating to symbols)
simbólico {adj} :: symbolic (being a symbol; representative of something)
simbólico {adj} :: symbolic (having an implicit meaning)
simbolismo {m} :: symbolism (representation of a concept)
simbolizando {v} /sĩˈzɐ̃.du/ :: gerund of simbolizar
simbolizar {v} /sĩˈzaɾ/ :: to symbolize, represent, typify
símbolo {m} /ˈsĩ :: symbol
Símbolo de Niceia {prop} {m} :: Nicene Creed (official creed of the early Christian church stating tenets of the Christian faith)
Símbolo de Nicéia {prop} {m} :: obsolete spelling of Símbolo de Niceia
Símbolo dos Apóstolos {prop} {m} [Christianity] :: Apostles' Creed (statement of Christian belief)
simbologia {f} /sî.bo.lo.ˈʒi.a/ :: symbology
simbolologia {f} :: alternative form of simbologia
Símbolo Niceno {prop} {m} [Christianity, historical] :: Nicene Creed (official creed of the early Christian church stating tenets of the Christian faith)
sim e não {phrase} :: yes and no (when answering a yes-no question, implies that the answer is relative and may be both yes and no)
sim e não {phrase} :: See: sim e não
simetria {f} [geometry] /ˌˈtɾi.a/ :: symmetry (correspondence on either side of a dividing line, plane, center or axis)
simetria {f} :: great similarity between two things
simétrico {adj} [geometry] /si.ˈmɛ.tɾi.ku/ :: symmetrical (exhibiting symmetry)
Simferopol {prop} {f} :: Simferopol (city/regional capital)
Simferópol {prop} {f} :: rare spelling of Simferopol
simiesco {adj} :: simian (resembling an ape)
similar {adj} /sɨmiˈlaɾ/ :: similar (having traits or characteristics in common)
similaridade {f} :: similarity
similaridade {f} :: resemblance
similarmente {adv} [manner] :: similarly (in a similar style or manner)
símile {m} :: simile (figure of speech in which one thing is compared to another)
símio {adj} :: simian
símio {m} :: ape, monkey, simian
Simões Filho {prop} :: Simões Filho (placename)
Simone {prop} {f} /si.ˈ :: given name
Simonésia {prop} :: Simonésia (placename)
simonia {f} [religion] /ˌˈni.a/ :: simony (act of buying and selling ecclesiastical offices and pardons)
Simónides {prop} {m} [European orthography] :: Simonides (ancient Greek poet)
Simônides {prop} {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of Simónides
simpatia {f} :: likeableness (quality of being likeable)
simpatia {f} [occult] :: ritual; rite (set of repeated actions, intending to produce a supernatural result)
simpaticamente {adv} :: sympathetically
simpático {adj} /sĩ.ˈpa.ti.ku/ :: Of or relating to sympathy; sympathetic
simpático {adj} :: Showing sympathy; sympathetic
simpático {adj} :: Prone to display sympathy; sympathetic; nice
simpatizante {adj} :: Who sympathizes (with something); sympathizer
simpatizar {v} :: to sympathize (to show sympathy for)
simpatizar {v} :: to support (to be in favour of)
simples {adj} /ˈsĩ.plɨʃ/ :: simple
simples assim {adv} [idiomatic] :: very simply
simplesmente {adv} /sĩ.plɨʒ.ˈmẽ.tɨ/ :: simply, merely
simplesmente {adv} :: purely
símplice {adj} :: simple
simplicidade {f} /sĩˈða.ðɨ/ :: simplicity
simplicidade {f} :: homeliness
simplificação {f} :: simplification (the act of simplifying)
simplificação {f} :: simplification (a simplified aspect of something)
simplificar {v} /sĩplifiˈkaɾ/ :: to simplify
simplório {adj} :: simple, humble
simplório {adj} :: facile
simpósio {m} :: symposium
simptoma {m} :: obsolete spelling of sintoma
simulação {f} :: simulation
simulacro {m} /ˈla.kɾu/ :: simulacrum (image or representation)
simulacro {m} :: ghost (spirit appearing after death)
simulacro {m} :: imitation
simulacro {m} :: simulation
simulando {v} :: gerund of simular
simular {v} :: to simulate
simultaneamente {adv} :: simultaneously, occurring at the same time
simultaneidade {f} :: simultaneity; simultaneousness (the quality or state of being simultaneous)
simultâneo {adj} :: simultaneous
simum {m} /si.ˈmũ/ :: simoom (hot and dry wind)
sina {f} /ˈsi.nɐ/ :: destiny
sinagoga {f} :: synagogue
Sinai {prop} {m} [Biblical] :: Sinai (mountain)
Sinai {prop} {m} :: Sinai (peninsula)
sinaíta {adj} :: Sinaic (of or relating to Mount Sinai)
sinal {m} /siˈnaɫ/ :: sign; mark; trace (a visible or otherwise perceivable indication of something)
sinal {m} :: mark (a blemish, stain, scratch, scar or similar on a surface, especially on the skin)
sinal {m} :: signal (a visual or audible indication made to give notice of some occurrence, command or danger)
sinal {m} :: sign; gesture (a motion of the hands or body used to express something)
sinal {m} [linguistics] :: sign (a linguistic unit of a sign language)
sinal {m} [deaf culture] :: name sign; sign name (a sign-language sign that identifies a person)
sinal {m} :: school bell (bell or siren used to announce the beginning and end of classes in schools)
sinal {m} :: traffic light (set of lights indicating when it is safe to cross a street)
sinal {m} [telephony] :: beep (tone played by an answering machine before it starts recording)
sinal {m} [telecommunications] :: signal (physical impulse used to convey data)
sinal {m} [finance] :: deposit; down payment (initial payment of a purchase)
sinal {m} [mathematics] :: sign (a symbol that represents a mathematical operation or relationship)
sinal da cruz {m} :: sign of the cross (gesture made by Christians)
sinal de mais {m} :: plus sign (name of the mathematical symbol +)
sinal de menos {m} :: minus sign (name of the mathematical symbol −)
sinal de pontuação {m} [orthography] :: punctuation mark (symbol that aids understanding and correct reading of text)
sinal de Romana {m} :: alternative spelling of sinal de Romaña
sinal de Romaña {m} :: Romana's sign (periorbital swelling associated with the acute stage of Chagas' disease)
sinal de trânsito {m} :: traffic light (set of lights indicating when it is safe to cross a street)
sinalização {f} /ˌsi.nɐ.ˌli.zɐ.ˈsɐ̃w/ :: signalling
sinalizador {m} :: someone or something that serves to emit signals
sinalizador {m} :: flare (brightly burning light used to attract attentions)
sinalizador {m} [computing] :: flag (boolean indicating a state)
sinalizador {adj} :: serving to signal
sinalizando {v} :: gerund of sinalizar
sinalizar {v} /si.nɐ.li.ˈzaɾ/ :: to furnish with signs
sinalizar {v} :: to signalise (to communicate with by means of a signal)
sinalizar {v} :: to signal; to indicate
sinal verde {m} :: green light (green traffic light)
sinal verde {m} [idiomatic] :: green light (permission to do something)
sinapse {f} [neuroanatomy, cytology] :: synapse (junction between neurons)
sináptico {adj} :: synaptic
Sinay {prop} {m} :: obsolete spelling of Sinai
sincelo {m} :: icicle (a spike of ice formed when dripping water freezes)
sincelo {m} :: syncellus (an office of the Eastern Orthodox Church)
sinceramente {adv} /sĩˌsɛɾɐˈmẽtɨ/ :: sincerely
sinceridade {f} /sĩ.sɨ.ɾi.ˈða.ðɨ/ :: sincerity
sincero {adj} /sĩ.ˈsɛ.ɾu/ :: Meaning what one says or does; truthful; sincere
sinclinal {adj} [geology] :: synclinal (formed by strata dipping toward a common line or plane)
sinclínio {m} [geology] :: syncline (concave-upward fold in rock strata)
sincopação {f} [music] :: syncopation (off-beat placement of rhythmic stresses or accents)
sincopando {v} :: gerund of sincopar
sincopar {v} :: to syncopate
síncope {f} [medicine] :: syncope (loss of consciousness)
síncope {f} [music] :: syncopation (off-beat placement of rhythmic stresses or accents)
síncope {f} [phonetics] :: syncope (loss of sounds in the middle of a word)
sincretizar {vt} :: to syncretize (to combine or reconcile different elements)
sincronia {f} [uncountable] :: synchronicity; synchrony (the state of being synchronous)
sincronicidade {f} [Jungian psychology] :: synchronicity (coincidences that seem to be meaningfully related)
sincronicidade {f} :: synchrony; synchronicity (the condition of being synchronous)
sincronização {f} :: synchronization
sincronizando {v} :: gerund of sincronizar
sincronizar {v} :: to synchronize
síncrono {adj} :: synchronous (occurring at the same time)
sindético {adj} [grammar, of a clause] :: having a conjunction
sindi {adj} :: Sindhi (from or relating to the Pakistani province of Sindh)
sindi {m} :: Sindhi (Indo-Aryan language spoken in Sindh)
sindical {adj} /sĩdiˈkaɫ/ :: syndical
sindicalização {f} [organized labor] :: unionization (the act of forming a labor union)
sindicância {f} :: inquiry, investigation, inquest
sindicato {m} /sĩdiˈkatu/ :: trade union (organization)
síndroma {f} {m} [Portugal] :: alternative form of síndrome
síndrome {f} {m} /ˈsĩ.dɾo.mi/ :: syndrome (recognisable pattern of symptoms or behaviours)
síndrome da explosão da cabeça {f} [pathology] :: exploding head syndrome (parasomnia characterised by the auditory hallucination of a loud bang)
síndrome da imunodeficiência adquirida {f} [disease] :: acquired immune deficiency syndrome (infectious disease caused by HIV)
síndrome de abstinência {f} :: abstinence syndrome (physical symptoms of an addict during withdrawal)
síndrome de Adie {f} [neurology] :: Adie syndrome (neurological disorder characterised by a tonically dilated pupil that reacts slowly to light)
síndrome de Aicardi {f} [genetic disorder] :: Aicardi syndrome (a rare genetic malformation syndrome)
síndrome de Alagille {f} [genetic disorder] :: Alagille syndrome (a rare genetic disorder affecting various organs and systems)
síndrome de Alice no país das maravilhas {f} [neurology] :: Alice in Wonderland syndrome (condition affecting the perception of size)
síndrome de Allan-Herndon-Dudley {f} [genetic disorder] :: Allan-Herndon-Dudley syndrome (a rare brain-development disorder)
síndrome de Angelman {f} [genetic disorder] :: Angelman syndrome (a neurogenetic disorder)
síndrome de Apert {f} [genetic disorder] :: Apert syndrome (a form of acrocephalosyndactyly)
síndrome de Asperger {f} :: Asperger's syndrome (autism-related developmental disorder)
síndrome de cri du chat {f} :: alternative form of síndrome do cri du chat
síndrome de Down {f} [genetic disorder] :: Down's syndrome (condition caused by chromosomal deficiency)
síndrome de Edwards {f} [genetic disorder] :: Edwards syndrome (genetic disorder caused by the presence of an extra 18th chromosome)
síndrome de Ehlers-Danlos {f} [genetic disorder] :: Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (inherited disorder caused by a defect in the synthesis of collagen)
síndrome de Estocolmo {f} [psychology] :: Stockholm syndrome
síndrome de Guillain-Barré {f} [neurology] :: Guillain-Barré syndrome (a disease of the nervous system)
síndrome de Möbius {f} :: alternative spelling of síndrome de Moebius
síndrome de Moebius {f} [neurology] :: Moebius syndrome (rare congenital disorder characterised by facial paralysis)
síndrome de vira-lata {f} :: The belief, held by a Brazilian, that Brazil is inferior to other countries
síndrome de Williams {f} [genetic disorder] :: Williams syndrome (a rare neurodevelopmental disorder)
síndrome do cri du chat {f} [genetic disorder] :: cri du chat (congenital syndrome caused by an absence of some genetic material on the fifth chromosome)
síndrome do túnel carpal {f} :: carpal tunnel syndrome (repetitive stress injury at the wrist)
síndrome unha-patela {f} [genetic disorder] :: nail-patella syndrome (disorder that results in poorly developed nails and kneecaps)
síndromo {m} [uncommon] :: alternative form of síndrome
sinecura {f} :: sinecure (a job that requires no work but still gives a payment)
sinédoque {f} :: synecdoche
sineiro {adj} /siˈnɐj.ɾu/ :: of a bell
sineiro {m} :: a bell ringer
sineiro {m} :: a bellmaker
sine qua non {adj} [of a prerequisite] /ˈsinɨ kwɐ ˈnɔn/ :: indispensable
sinergia {f} :: synergy
sinérgico {adj} :: synergistic
Sines {prop} /ˈsinɨʃ/ :: Sines (city/and/municipality)
sinestesia {f} [neurology, psychology] :: synaesthesia (phenomenon whereby a sensory stimulus triggers a different kind of sensation)
sinestesia {f} [narratology] :: synaesthesia (description of a sensation in the terms of another)
sinestésico {adj} :: synaesthetic
sinestético {adj} :: synaesthetic
sineta {f} /si.ˈne.tɐ/ :: a small bell, handbell
sinete {m} :: signet (object (especially a ring) used to impress a picture into sealing wax)
Sinferopol {prop} {f} :: rare spelling of Simferopol
sinfonia {f} /sĩ.fu.ˈni.ɐ/ :: symphony
sinfonista {mf} [music] /ˌsĩfuˈniʃtɐ/ :: symphonist
Singapura {prop} {f} [European orthography] :: Singapura (country)
singapurense {adj} [European orthography] :: Singaporean (of, from or pertaining to Singapore)
singapuriano {adj} :: Singaporean (of, from or pertaining to Singapore)
singapuriano {m} :: Singaporean (a person from Singapore)
singelamente {adv} :: simply
singelamente {adv} :: candidly, sincerely
singelamente {adv} :: naively
singeleza {m} :: simplicity
singeleza {m} :: sincerity
singeleza {m} :: naivety
singelo {adj} :: simple
singelo {adj} :: sincere
singelo {adj} :: naive
single {m} [music] /ˈsĩ.ɡow/ :: single (song released on its own or with an extra track)
singleto {m} [quantum mechanics] :: singleton (quantum state having zero spin)
singleton {m} [computing] :: singleton (class that may not be instantiated more than once)
singradura {f} :: crossing (voyage across a body of water)
singrando {v} :: gerund of singrar
singrar {v} [now poetic] /sĩ.ˈɡɾaɾ/ :: to sail; to cross the seas
singrar {v} [figurative] :: to thrive (to be successful)
singular {adj} :: singular (being the only one of a kind)
singular {adj} [grammar] :: singular (referring to only one thing)
singular {m} [grammar] :: singular (form of a word that refers to only one thing)
singularidade {f} :: singularity (peculiar state or occurrence)
singularidade {f} :: uniqueness (the quality of being unique)
singularidade {f} [cosmology] :: singularity (point in spacetime in which gravitational forces cause matter to have an infinite density)
sinhá {f} :: eye dialect of senhora
sinhô {m} :: eye dialect of senhor
Sinimbu {prop} :: Sinimbu (placename)
sininho {m} :: little bell
Sininho {f} :: Tinkerbell (fictional fairy)
sinistramente {adv} :: sinisterly (in a sinister manner)
sinistro {adj} /si.ˈniʃ.tɾu/ :: sinister (indicating lurking danger or harm)
sinistro {m} :: a disaster, accident or great loss
sinítico {adj} [linguistics] :: Sinitic (relating to the group of Chinese languages)
Sinkiang {prop} :: Sinkiang (autonomous region)
sino- {prefix} :: Sino- (relating to China)
sino {m} /ˈ :: bell (percussive instrument)
sinó {m} [United States] /si.ˈnɔ/ :: snow
sinocêntrico {adj} :: Sinocentric (focused on China)
sinocentrismo {m} [rare] :: Sinocentrism (focus on Chinese culture)
sínodo {m} [ecclesiastical] :: synod (ecclesiastic council or meeting)
sínodo {m} [ecclesiastical] :: synod (administrative division of church)
sino-japonês {adj} :: Sino-Japanese (involving China and Japan)
sinologia {f} :: sinology (study of China)
sinólogo {m} :: sinologist (person who studies Chinese culture or language)
sinónimo {adj} [European orthography] :: synonymous
sinónimo {m} [European orthography] :: synonym
sinônimo {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of sinónimo
sinônimo {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of sinónimo
sinople {m} [tincture] :: vert (the green colour)
sinopse {f} /si.ˈnɔ.psi/ :: synopsis, summary, synthesis (of a document, doctrine, etc.)
sinopse {f} :: summary of a plot, story (of a book, movie, etc.)
sinóptico {adj} :: synoptic (relating to synopses)
sinótico {adj} :: alternative form of sinóptico
Sinquião {prop} {m} :: Sinquião (autonomous region)
sinquisita {f} [mineralogy] :: synchysite
sintagma {m} [linguistics] :: syntagma (sequence of linguistic units)
sintático {adj} :: syntactic (relating to syntax)
sintaxe {f} /sĩ.ˈ :: syntax
sinterização {f} :: sintering
sinterizando {v} :: gerund of sinterizar
sinterizar {v} :: to sinter
síntese {f} /ˈsĩ.tɨ.zɨ/ :: synthesis
sintetase {f} [enzyme] :: synthetase
sintético {adj} :: synthetic
sintetizador {m} [music instrument] :: synthesizer (an electronic keyboard instrument)
sintetizador {adj} :: which synthesizes
sintetizar {v} :: to encapsulate; to epitomise; to exemplify; to summarize
sintetizar {v} :: to synthesise (to combine things to produce a new, more complex product)
sintetizar {v} [chemistry] :: to synthesise (to produce a substance by chemical synthesis)
sintetizar {v} :: to produce synthetic sound
sintoma {m} [medicine] /sĩ.ˈto.mɐ/ :: symptom (indicator of disease or disorder)
sintoma {m} [figurative] :: symptom (indicator of the presence of something else, especially of something bad)
sintomático {adj} [medicine] :: symptomatic (showing symptoms)
sintonia {f} [engineering, electronics] :: tuning
sintonia {f} :: simultaneity
sintonia {f} [figuratively] :: mutual agreement, harmony (between people or objects)
sintonizar {v} :: to tune in (radio or TV)
Sintra {prop} {f} /ˈsĩtɾɐ/ :: Sintra (village/and/municipality)
sinuca {f} :: snooker
sinuosidade {f} :: sinuosity
sinuoso {adj} :: sinuous; tortuous; winding (having many turns and twists)
sinusite {f} [pathology] :: sinusitis (inflammation of the paranasal sinuses.)
sionismo {m} :: Zionism (movement seeking a Jewish homeland in Israel)
sionista {adj} :: Zionist (relating to Zionism)
sionista {mf} :: Zionist (advocate of Zionism)
sipae {m} :: obsolete form of sipaio
sipai {m} :: alternative form of sipaio
sipaio {m} [historical, military unit] /si.ˈpaj.u/ :: sepoy (native soldier of the East Indies)
si-próprio {m} [philosophy, psychology] :: self (individual person as the object of his own reflective consciousness)
sique {adj} :: alternative form of sikh
sique {mf} :: alternative form of sikh
Siracusa {prop} {f} /ˌsi.ɾa.ˈku.zɐ/ :: Siracusa (city/and/province)
Siracusa {prop} {f} :: Siracusa (city)
sirdar {m} :: sirdar (high-ranking person in India and west-central Asia)
sirdar {m} :: sirdar (leader of a group of Sherpa mountain guides)
sirena {f} /si.ˈɾe.nɐ/ :: mermaid; siren
sirena {f} :: siren (alarm)
sirene {f} :: alternative form of sirena (alarm)
sirgo {m} /ˈsiɾ.ɣu/ :: silk
sirgo {m} :: silkworm
siri {m} :: crab
Síria {prop} {f} :: Síria (country)
Síria {prop} {f} :: [historical] Síria (traditional region/and/province)
siríaco {adj} :: Syrian (of, from or relating to Syria)
siríaco {m} :: Syrian (person from Syria)
siríaco {prop} {m} :: Syriac (Semitic language used as a liturgical language in Syriac Christianity)
siribeira {f} /ˌsi.ɾi.ˈbe(j).ɾɐ/ :: synonym of siriúba
sirigaita {f} :: minx (a pert, flirtatious or impudent woman)
sírio {adj} :: Syrian (of, from or relating to Syria)
sírio {m} :: Syrian (a person from Syria)
Sírio {prop} {f} [star] :: Sirius (star in the constellation Canis Major)
siriri {m} :: winged male or female termite during breeding season
siririca {f} [Brazil, slang] :: female masturbation
siriúba {f} :: black mangrove (Avicennia germinans, a tree of the Americas and western Africa)
siroco {m} :: sirocco (hot southerly to southeasterly wind on the Mediterranean)
sirte {m} :: A sandy reef that hinders the floating of ships
sirte {m} :: A sandbank, a shoal
sisar {v} [obsolete] :: to collect or charge a tax over sales
sisar {v} :: to shortchange (to give someone less than what they paid for)
sisar {v} :: to filch; to pinch (to steal, especially something small)
Sísifo {prop} {m} [Greek mythology] :: Sisyphus (king doomed to roll a boulder up a hill in Hades)
Sisipho {prop} {m} :: obsolete spelling of Sísifo
sísmico {adj} :: seismic (relating to earthquakes)
sismo {m} /ˈsiʒ.mu/ :: seism; earthquake (shaking of the earth)
sismogênico {adj} :: seismogenic
sismológico {adj} :: seismologic
sismologista {mf} :: seismologist (person who practices seismology)
sismólogo {m} :: seismologist (person who practices seismology)
siso {m} /ˈsi.zu/ :: sense, judgment
siso {m} [dentistry] :: wisdom tooth
sistema {m} /siʃˈtemɐ/ :: system
sistema circulatório {m} [physiology] :: circulatory system (the heart and blood vessels)
sistema de posicionamento global {m} [cartography] :: Global Positioning System, GPS
sistema imunológico {m} [anatomy, immunology] :: immune system (system that protects the body from foreign material and organisms)
Sistema Internacional {prop} {m} [science] :: International System of Units (standard set of basic units of measurement)
sistema nervoso {m} :: nervous system
sistema nervoso central {m} [neuroanatomy] :: central nervous system (the brain, brainstem and spinal cord)
sistema nervoso periférico {m} [neuroanatomy] :: peripheral nervous system (part of the nervous system other than the central nervous system)
sistema nervoso simpático {m} [neuroanatomy] :: sympathetic nervous system
sistema operacional {m} [Brazil] :: operating system
sistema operativo {m} [Portugal] :: operating system
sistema planetário {m} [astronomy] :: planetary system (group of objects orbiting a star)
sistema solar {m} [astronomy] :: Solar System
sistemática {f} :: systematics (the science of systematic classification)
sistemático {adj} :: systematic (methodical, regular and orderly)
sistematização {f} :: systematisation (act of making systematic)
sistematizado {adj} /ˌsis.te.ˌma.t͡ʃi.ˈza.du/ :: systematised (made to work like a system)
sistematizar {v} /siʃ.tɨ.mɐ.ti.ˈzaɾ/ :: to systematise (to arrange into a systematic order)
sistematizar {v} :: to make a process systematic, procedural, methodic
sistémico {adj} :: systemic
sistêmico {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of sistémico
sístole {f} [physiology] :: systole (contraction of the heart)
sistólico {adj} :: systolic (of or relating to systole)
sisudo {adj} :: serious
sisudo {m} :: serious person
sitar {mf} [musical instrument] /si.ˈtaʁ/ :: sitar (Indian string instrument)
sitcom {m} :: sitcom; situation comedy
site {m} :: site; web site (a collection of pages on the World Wide Web)
sitiar {vt} :: to siege (to surround with troops)
sítio {m} /ˈsi.tju/ :: site; location, place
sítio {m} [Portugal, internet] :: website
sítio {m} [Brazil, agriculture] :: a farm or rural property, especially a small one
sítio {m} [military] :: siege (military blockade of settlement)
Sítio do Mato {prop} :: Sítio do Mato (placename)
Sítio do Quinto {prop} :: Sítio do Quinto (placename)
situação {f} /sitwɐˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: situation (one's status with regard to circumstances)
situar {v} :: to situate, locate
siú {mf} :: a member of the Sioux people
siú {adj} :: relating to the Sioux
Siva {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Shiva
sizígia {f} [astronomy, astrology] :: syzygy (alignment of celestial bodies)
Skane {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Skåne
Skåne {prop} {f} :: Skåne (province)
skate {m} /ˈskejt͡ʃ/ :: skateboard (small platform on wheels)
skatista {mf} :: skateboarder (person who rides a skateboard)
skatista {mf} :: skater (member of skateboarding subculture)
skeleton {m} :: skeleton (type of tobogganing)
sketch {m} :: alternative form of esquete
ski {m} :: alternative form of esqui
skin {f} [computing] :: skin (image used as the background of a graphical user interface)
skin {f} [countable, video games] :: skin (alternate appearance (texture map or geometry) for a 3D character model in a video game)
skinhead {mf} /ˌskĩ.ˈhɛd͡ʒ/ :: skinhead (member of a punk subculture characterised by the use of a shaved head)
skipetar {adj} [obsolete, very rare] :: synonym of albanês
Skiros {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Skyros
Skopie {prop} {f} :: Skopie (capital city)
Skopje {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Skopie
skuterudita {f} [mineral] :: skutterudite
skyline {mf} :: skyline (silhouette of a city’s buildings)
skyrmion {m} [particle] :: skyrmion (hypothetical particle)
Skyros {prop} {f} :: Skyros (island)
slá {phrase} [Internet slang] :: abbreviation of sei lá
slalom {m} [skiing] :: slalom (skiing in a zigzag course)
slide {m} /iz.ˈlaj.d͡ʒi/ :: slide (transparent image for projecting)
slide {m} :: slide (a frame in a slideshow)
slide {m} [music] :: slide (device for playing slide guitar)
slide {m} [music] :: slide (guitar technique where the player moves finger up or down the fretboard)
slivovitz {mf} :: slivovitz (alcoholic beverage made of distilled, fermented plum juice)
slogan {m} [advertising] :: slogan (phrase associated with a product)
slogan {m} [by extension] :: any type of motto
smartphone {m} /ˌsmaʁt͡ʃ.ˈfown/ :: smartphone (mobile phone with greater computing capacity)
smash {m} [tennis] :: smash (overhead shot hit sharply downward)
smiley {m} :: smiley (simple representation of a smiling face)
smithsonita {f} [mineral] :: smithsonite
smog {m} :: smog (urban air pollution)
smoking {m} :: tuxedo (formal suit)
Smolensk {prop} {f} :: Smolensk (oblast)
Smolensk {prop} {f} :: Smolensk (city/regional capital)
SMS {m} :: SMS; text message (a text message sent on a cell phone)
sniper {mf} [military unit] :: sniper (person using long-range small arms for precise attacks from a concealed position)
snobe {mf} [European orthography] :: alternative spelling of esnobe
snorkel {m} :: snorkel (hollow tube used for breathing underwater)
snowboard {mf} :: snowboard (board used to slide downhill over snow)
snowmobile {m} :: snowmobile (vehicle with skis and rubber tracks for travelling over snow)
so- {prefix} :: sub- (under, beneath)
SO {m} [software] :: acronym of sistema operacional; OS; operating system
{adj} /ˈsɔ/ :: only; just (alone in a category)
{adj} :: only; just (no more than)
{adj} :: only; merely; just (introduces a number or object with the implication that it is small or insufficient)
{adj} :: alone (by oneself; not accompanied)
{adj} :: lonely; solitary (living or being by oneself)
{adv} :: [preceding the verb] only; just (indicates that no other action is/was/will be performed)
{adv} :: [preceding the verb] only; merely; just; simply (indicates that the action is not significant)
{adv} :: [somewhat, formal] alone (unaccompanied or without help)
{adj} :: obsolete spelling of
{adv} :: obsolete spelling of
{m} [Brazil, colloquial] :: alternative form of senhor (as a title)
soalheiro {adj} /swɐ.ˈʎɐj.ɾu/ :: sunny
soalho {m} /ˈswa.ʎu/ :: alternative form of assoalho
soar {v} /suˈaɾ/ :: make a sound
sob {prep} /ˈsob/ :: under
sobejamente {adv} :: widely
sobejar {v} [de, .impersonal] /ˌˈʒa(ʁ)/ :: to have too many of; to have more than enough of
sobejar {vi} :: to overabound; to be more than enough
sobejo {adj} /su.ˈβɐ.ʒu/ :: remaining, leftover
sobejo {adj} :: excessive
soberanamente {adv} :: regally, royally
soberania {f} [of a polity] /suβɨɾɐˈniɐ/ :: sovereignty (full right and power to govern itself)
soberania {f} :: sovereignty (supreme authority over all things)
soberano {adj} /ˌˈɾɐ.nu/ :: sovereign (exercising power to reign); regal, royal
soberano {adj} :: sovereign (having supreme, ultimate power)
soberano {adj} [figurative] :: sovereign (exceptional in quality)
soberano {m} :: monarch; sovereign (the ruler of a country)
soberba {f} :: pride
soberba {f} :: arrogance, presumption
soberbo {adj} :: proud (having a too high opinion of oneself)
sob medida {adj} :: custom-made (made according to the specifications of a particular individual)
soborô {m} [humorous] /ˌˈɾo/ :: leftovers (excess food from a meal saved to be eaten later)
sobra {f} [often, in the plural] /ˈsɔ.βɾɐ/ :: leftover; remainder (something that remains)
sobraçar {v} /so.bɾa.ˈsa(ɾ)/ :: to carry under one’s arm
sobraçar {v} [figurative] :: to support a cause or idea
sobradão {m} :: two-storey house
Sobradinho {prop} :: Sobradinho (placename)
Sobradinho {prop} :: Sobradinho (placename)
sobrado {m} [Brazil, Africa] :: a multiple-storey house, especially one with a balcony
sobral {m} :: a grove (or any aggregation) of cork oaks (Quercus suber)
Sobral de Monte Agraço {prop} /suˈβɾaɫ dɨ ˈmõt(ɨ) ɐˈɣɾasu/ :: Sobral de Monte Agraço (village/and/municipality)
Sobrália {prop} :: Sobrália (placename)
sobrançaria {f} :: arrogance, disdain
sobrançaria {f} :: sleaze
sobranceiro {adj} :: dominating
sobranceiro {adj} :: proud, arrogant, haughty, disdainful
sobrancelha {f} /su.bɾɐ̃.ˈse.ʎɐ/ :: eyebrow (hair that grows over the bone ridge above the eye socket)
sobranceria {f} :: alternative form of sobrançaria
sobrar {v} /suˈβɾaɾ/ :: to remain, be left
sobrar para {v} [used before a name or pronoun] :: to transfer a burden or blame to (someone)
sobrar pra {v} :: alternative form of sobrar para
sobre- {prefix} :: over-
sobre {prep} /ˈso.bɾɨ/ :: on; atop; on top of (located on the top surface of)
sobre {prep} :: over; above (in or through the space above)
sobre {prep} :: about; concerning (on the subject of)
sôbre {prep} :: obsolete spelling of sobre
sobreanca {f} :: saddlecloth (blanket placed under a saddle)
sobreaquecer {vt} :: to overheat (to heat excessively)
sobreaquecer {vi} :: to overheat (to become excessively hot)
sobrecapa {f} :: dust jacket (protective cover of a book)
sobrecarregando {v} :: gerund of sobrecarregar
sobrecarregar {v} :: to overload, overburden
sobrecarregar {v} :: to supercharge
sobrecasaca {f} /so.βɾɨ.kɐ.ˈza.kɐ/ :: overcoat (formal)
sobredito {adj} :: aforementioned; abovesaid (previously mentioned)
sobredose {f} :: overdose (excessive and dangerous dose of a drug)
sobre-estimar {v} :: alternative form of sobrestimar
sobre-humano {adj} :: superhuman (beyond what is possible for a human being)
sobreiro {m} :: cork oak (Quercus suber)
sobrejanela {f} :: an ornamental cloth placed above a window
sobrejeção {f} [set theory] :: surjection (many-to-one mapping relationship)
sobremaneira {adv} :: greatly, intensely
sobremesa {f} /so.βɾɨ.ˈme.zɐ/ :: dessert (sweet confection served as the last course of a meal)
sobremesa {f} [figurative] :: the last event in a series of good events
sobremodo {adv} :: greatly
sobrenatural {adj} [chiefly theology] :: supernatural (produced by God)
sobrenatural {adj} :: supernatural; paranormal (that cannot be explained scientifically)
sobrenatural {m} :: supernatural (supernatural beings and events collectively)
sobrenome {m} :: surname
sobrenome {m} :: nickname
sobre o meu cadáver {adv} [idiomatic, hyperbole] :: over my dead body (absolutely not)
sobrepassar {vt} :: to surpass; to exceed
sobrepeliz {f} :: surplice (white tunic used as a liturgical vestment)
sobrepondo {v} :: gerund of sobrepor
sobrepopulação {f} :: overpopulation (population larger than a region can hold)
sobrepor {v} :: to overlap, superimpose
sobrepor {v} :: to supersede
sobreposição {f} :: overlap
sobreposição {f} :: superposition
sobreposto {adj} :: which overlaps something else
sobrepovoação {f} :: overpopulation (population larger than a region can hold)
sobrepovoamento {f} :: overpopulation (population larger than a region can hold)
sobrepujando {v} :: gerund of sobrepujar
sobrepujar {v} :: to surpass, surmount, exceed
sobrepujar {v} :: to overcome
sobrerrepresentar {v} :: to overrepresent
sobresair {v} :: obsolete spelling of sobressair
sobre salto {m} :: obsolete spelling of sobressalto
sobre-salto {m} :: obsolete spelling of sobressalto
sobresalto {m} :: obsolete spelling of sobressalto
sobrescrito {m} :: superscript (text appearing above the normal line of type)
sobrescrito {m} :: name and address written on an envelope
sobrescrito {m} [by extension] :: envelope (wrapper for mailing)
sobressair {v} /ˌso.bɾˈi(ɻ)/ :: to shine (to distinguish oneself)
sobressalente {adj} :: spare (held in reserve)
sobressalente {m} :: spare part (component kept in reserve)
sobressaltar {v} :: to startle (to excite or frighten by sudden alarm, surprise, or apprehension)
sobressalto {m} :: start; jump (instance of jerking suddenly in surprise)
sobrestimar {v} :: to overestimate (to judge too highly)
sobretaxa {f} :: surcharge (extra charge on a price)
sobretaxar {v} :: to surcharge (to apply a surcharge)
sobretaxar {v} :: to overtax (to apply an excessive amount of taxes)
sobretudo {adv} /so.βɾɨ.ˈtu.ðu/ :: especially, above all
sobretudo {m} :: overcoat
sobreturismo {m} :: overtourism
sobrevalia {f} :: the condition of being worth too much
sobrevalor {m} :: the condition of being worth too much
sobrevida {f} :: survival
sobrevir {v} :: to supervene
sobrevir {v} :: to occur
sobrevivência {f} :: survival (continued existence or life)
sobrevivente {adj} :: surviving
sobrevivente {mf} :: surviving
sobreviver {v} /so.βɾɨ.vi.ˈveɾ/ :: survive
sobreviver {v} :: outlive
sobreviver {v} :: keep going, keep on
sobriedade {f} :: sobriety
sobrinha {f} /su.ˈβɾi.ɲɐ/ :: feminine noun of sobrinho; niece
sobrinha-neta {f} :: feminine noun of sobrinho-neto
sobrinho {m} /su.ˈβɾi.ɲu/ :: nephew
sobrinho-neto {m} :: grandnephew (grandson of a sibling)
sóbrio {adj} /ˈsɔ.bɾi.u/ :: sober (not drunk)
sóbrio {adj} :: moderate (not excessive; acting in moderation)
socalco {m} :: terrace, ledge (flat-topped bank of earth with sloping sides)
socapa {f} :: cunning
socapa {f} :: disguise
socar {v} :: to punch; to box (strike with the fists)
socceder {v} :: obsolete spelling of suceder
soceder {v} :: obsolete spelling of suceder
Sochi {prop} {f} :: Sochi (city)
sócia {f} :: feminine noun of sócio
sociabilidade {f} /ˈda.d(ʒ)i/ :: sociability
sociabilizar {vt} :: to socialize, to instruct about etiquette
social {adj} /su.ˈsjaɫ/ :: social (relating to society)
social {adj} [business] :: social (relating to business firms)
social {adj} :: social; outgoing; extroverted
social {adj} [ecology] :: social (living in large groups)
social {adj} :: for use by the residents of an apartment block, as opposed to maintenance workers or deliverymen
social {mf} [Brazil, colloquial] :: a small party between close people or friends
social-democracia {f} [politics] :: social democracy
social-democrata {adj} [politics] :: social democratic
social-democrata {mf} [politics] :: social democrat
socialismo {m} /ˌsu.sja.ˈliʒ.mu/ :: socialism (political philosophy of social and economic equality)
socialismo democrático {m} :: democratic socialism
socialista {mf} /ˌˈlis.ta/ :: socialist (one who practices or advocates socialism)
socialista {adj} :: socialist (of, promoting, practicing, or characteristic of socialism)
socialístico {adj} :: Socialist, socialist, socialistic
socialização {f} :: socialization (the act of interacting with others)
socialização {f} [sociology, psychology] :: socialization (the process of learning one’s culture)
socialização {f} [economics, politics] :: socialization (the process of taking something under government control as a form of implementing socialism)
sociável {adj} :: sociable
sociedade {f} /su.sjɐ.ˈða.ðɨ/ :: society (group of people sharing culture)
sociedade {f} :: society (group of persons who meet to engage in a common interest)
sociedade {f} [uncountable] :: society (people of one’s country or community taken as a whole)
sociedade {f} [business] :: partnership (association of two or more people to conduct a business)
Sociedade das Nações {prop} {f} :: League of Nations (international organization)
sociedade de responsabilidade limitada {f} [legal, business] :: limited liability company (type of company)
sociniano {m} [historical, theology, Christianity] /ˌˈɐ.nu/ :: Socinian (a member of a certain non-trinitarian Christian denomination)
sociniano {adj} :: Socinian (pertaining to the Socinians or Socinianism)
sócio {m} [business] :: partner, associate
sócio {m} :: member (of a club)
socioambiental {adj} :: socioenvironmental
sociocracia {f} :: sociocracy
socioeconómico {adj} [European orthography] :: alternative form of socioeconômico
socioeconômico {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: socioeconomic
sociofobia {f} :: social anxiety disorder (intense fear in social situations)
sociolecto {m} :: superseded spelling of socioleto
socioleto {m} [sociolinguistics] :: sociolect (a language variant used by a particular social group)
sociolinguística {f} [linguistics] :: sociolinguistics (the study of social and cultural effects on language)
sociolingüística {f} :: obsolete spelling of sociolinguística
sociolinguístico {adj} :: sociolinguistic (pertaining to sociolinguistics)
sociolingüístico {adj} :: obsolete spelling of sociolinguístico
socióloga {f} :: feminine noun of sociólogo
sociólogas {f} :: feminine noun of sociólogo
sociologia {f} /so.sjo.lo.ˈʒi.a/ :: sociology (study of society, human social interactions, etc.)
sociológico {adj} :: sociological (of or pertaining to sociology)
sociólogo {m} :: sociologist (scientist studying the field of sociology)
sociopata {mf} :: sociopath
soclo {m} :: die (cubical part of a pedestal)
soco {f} /ˈsoku]/ :: A hit with one's hand; a punch
soçobrando {v} :: gerund of soçobrar
soçobrar {v} [nautical] :: To capsize, keel over
soco-inglês {m} :: knuckle duster/brass knuckles
socorrendo {v} :: gerund of socorrer
socorrer {v} :: to help
socorrer {v} :: to rescue
socorrer {v} :: to succor
socorro {interj} /su.ˈko.ʁu/ :: help!
socorro {m} :: succour (aid, assistance or relief given to one in distress)
Socorro {prop} :: Socorro (placename)
Sócrates {prop} {m} :: Socrates (ancient Greek philosopher)
Sócrates {prop} {m} :: given name
socrático {adj} :: Socratic (characteristic of the philosopher Socrates)
socrático {m} :: Socratic (follower of Socrates)
soda {f} :: soda (carbonated water)
soda {f} :: soda (sweet, carbonated drink)
soda cáustica {f} :: soda (sodium carbonate)
soda limonada {f} :: lemonade (carbonated beverage made from lemon)
sódio {m} :: sodium
Sodoma {prop} {f} [biblical, quranic] :: Sodoma (ancient city)
sodomia {f} :: sodomy (anal sex)
sodomita {mf} :: sodomite (one who practices sodomy)
sodomizar {v} :: to sodomize
soer {v} [archaic] /ˈsweɾ/ :: to be accustomed, used to
soez {adj} :: vile, low, unworthy
sofá {m} /su.ˈfa/ :: sofa
sofá-cama {m} :: sofa-bed (sofa that unfolds into a bed)
soffrer {v} :: superseded spelling of sofrer
soffrimento {m} :: obsolete spelling of sofrimento
Sofia {prop} {f} :: given name
Sofia {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Sófia
Sófia {prop} {f} :: Sófia (capital city)
sofisma {m} [philosophy] :: sophism (flawed argument that is superficially correct)
sofisma {m} [colloquial] :: trick; fraud
sofismar {v} :: to engage in sophistry
sofista {mf} :: sophist (all senses)
sofisticado {adj} :: sophisticated; elegant; refined
sofisticado {adj} :: sophisticated; advanced; complex
sofisticado {adj} [obsolete] :: fake, falsified
sofito {m} [architecture] :: soffit (visible underside of an arch or other architectural element)
Sófocles {prop} {m} :: Sophocles (ancient Greek dramatic poet)
Sofonias {prop} {m} [book of the bible] :: Zephaniah (book of the Old Testament)
Sofonias {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Zephaniah (a prophet)
sofredor {m} :: sufferer (one who suffers)
sofredor {m} [pathology] :: sufferer (one who is afflicted with a given disease)
sofredor {m} [Brazil, football, humorous or slang] :: a supporter of a bad football team
sofredor {adj} :: suffering (who suffers)
sofredor {adj} [Brazil, euphemistic] :: poor (having little money)
sofregamente {adv} :: greedily
sôfrego {adj} /ˈso.fɾɨ.ɣu/ :: greedy
sofreguidão {f} /so.fɾɨ.ɣi.ˈðɐ̃w̃/ :: greed, greediness
sofreguidão {f} :: craving
sofreguidão {f} :: ambition
sofrer {v} /suˈfɾeɾ/ :: to suffer, endure, bear, undergo, put up with
sofrimento {m} [uncountable] /su.fɾi.ˈmẽ.tu/ :: suffering (the condition of someone who suffers)
sofrimento {m} :: a prolonged physical or emotional distress
sofrimento {m} [uncountable] :: poverty (quality or state of being poor)
sofrível {adj} :: tolerable
sofrível {adj} :: reasonable; acceptable
sofrologia {f} :: sophrology
softball {m} :: softball (a sport similar to baseball)
softbol {m} :: softball
softebol {m} :: softball
software {m} [computing] :: software (encoded computer instructions)
Sogdiana {prop} {f} :: Sogdiana (historical region/and/province)
sogra {f} /ˈsɔ.ɣɾɐ/ :: mother-in-law (spouse’s mother)
sogro {m} :: father-in-law
sogros {n} :: parents-in-law
soim {m} :: alternative form of sagui
soito {m} /ˈsoj.tu/ :: alternative form of souto
soja {f} :: soybean; soy (Glycine max, a legume plant)
soja {f} :: soybean; soy (seeds of the soybean plant)
sol {m} /ˈsɔɫ/ :: sun
sol {m} :: sunshine (a location on which the sun's rays fall)
sol {m} :: [uncountable] weather (state of the atmosphere at a specific time and place)
sol {m} :: sol [musical note]
Sol {prop} {m} [astronomy] /ˈsɔɫ/ :: the Sun
sola {f} :: sole [of the foot]
sola {f} :: sole [of a shoe or boot]
solado {m} :: sole (of a shoe or boot)
solapar {v} :: to undermine; to sap (to dig underneath a building)
solapar {v} [figuratively] :: to undermine (to hinder or sabotage)
solar {adj} [astronomy] /su.ˈlaɾ/ :: solar (relating to the Sun)
solar {adj} :: solar (relating to sunlight or solar energy)
solar {adj} [figurative] :: radiant (beaming with vivacity and happiness)
solar {m} :: mansion (large, luxurious house)
solar {vit} [music] :: to solo (to play a solo)
solar {vt} [sports] :: to hit someone with the sole of the shoe
solar {vt} [shoemaking] :: to sole (to put a sole on a shoe)
solarengo {adj} :: solar
solarengo {adj} :: sunny
solário {m} :: sundial (simple timekeeping device which makes use of sunlight)
solário {m} :: a place for sunbathing
solário {m} :: solarium (establishment where one can rent sunbeds)
solda de estanho {f} :: soldering iron (tool with a heated tip used to melt and apply solder)
soldado {mf} [military unit] /soɫ.ˈda.ðu/ :: soldier (member of an army)
soldado {mf} [figurative] :: soldier; warrior (person who fights for a cause)
soldado {adj} /sɔɫ.ˈda.ðu/ :: soldered (joined together by soldering)
soldado do fogo {m} [poetic] :: firefighter (person trained to extinguish fires and undertake rescue operations)
soldador {m} :: soldering iron
soldador {m} :: welder
soldadura {f} :: welding (the act of welding metal)
soldadura {f} :: weld (joint made by welding)
soldagem {f} :: welding
soldagem com arco {f} :: alternative form of soldagem por arco
soldagem por arco {f} [metallurgy] :: arc welding (welding with an electric arc)
sol da meia-noite {m} :: midnight sun (phenomenon occurring when the Sun does not set)
soldar {v} :: to weld (to join materials (especially metals) by applying heat)
soldo {m} [historical, numismatics] /ˈsow.du/ :: solidus (late Roman gold coin)
soldo {m} [historical, numismatics] :: a medieval Portuguese coin
soldo {m} :: salary or wage; any payment for a service
soldo {m} [Brazil, specifically] :: military salary
sôldo {m} :: obsolete spelling of soldo
Soledade {prop} :: Soledade (placename)
Soledade de Minas {prop} :: Soledade de Minas (placename)
soleira {f} /su.ˈlɐj.ɾɐ/ :: threshold, doorstep
solenidade {f} :: solemnity (instance of solemn behavior)
solenoide {m} [electromagnetism] :: solenoid (coil of wire that acts as an electromagnet)
solenóide {m} :: obsolete spelling of solenoide
soletração {f} :: spelling (the act of listing the letters of words)
soletrar {vt} :: to spell, to compose a word
solha {f} :: flatfish (any fish of the order Pleuronectiformes)
solho {m} :: alternative form of assoalho
solicitação {f} :: request (act of requesting)
solicitador {m} :: solicitor
solicitar {v} :: to request (to ask somebody to do something)
solidão {f} /ˈðɐ̃w̃/ :: loneliness
solidariedade {f} [sociology] /ˌˌda.ɾi.e.ˈda.d͡ʒi/ :: solidarity (unifying bond between individuals with common goal or enemy)
solidariedade {f} :: charity (benevolence to others)
solidário {adj} :: solidary, supportive, sympathising
solidéu {f} /sɔ.li.ˈðɛw/ :: zucchetto
solidéu {f} :: skullcap
solidez {f} /suliˈðeʃ/ :: solidness
solidificação {f} /ðɐ.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: solidification
solidificação {f} :: setting
solidificar {vt} /ðˈkaɾ/ :: to solidify (to make solid)
solidificar {vi} :: to solidify (to become solid)
sólido {adj} [chemistry, of matter] :: in the solid state
sólido {adj} :: solid (strong; unyielding; rigid; robust)
sólido {adj} :: solid (lacking errors or inconsistencies)
sólido {m} [geometry] :: solid (three-dimensional object)
sólido arquimediano {m} [geometry] :: Archimedean solid (any of a class of semi-regular convex polyhedra composed of two or more types of regular polygon meeting in identical vertices)
sólido de Arquimedes {m} [geometry] :: Archimedean solid (any of a class of semi-regular convex polyhedra composed of two or more types of regular polygon meeting in identical vertices)
soliloquiar {v} :: to soliloquize; monologue (to perform a soliloquy)
solilóquio {m} [drama] :: soliloquy (act of a character speaking to himself)
sólio {m} /ˈsɔ.li̯u/ :: throne; chair of king or pope
solipsismo {m} [philosophy] :: solipsism (theory that the self is all that exists)
solista {mf} [music] :: soloist (musician who performs alone)
solitário {adj} /ˈta.ɾju/ :: solitary, lone
solitário {m} :: solitaire (gemstone)
solito {adj} [Rio Grande do Sul] :: alone; unaccompanied
sóliton {m} [physics, mathematics] :: soliton (self-reinforcing travelling wave)
solo {m} [geology] /ˈsɔ.lu/ :: soil, ground
solo {m} [music] :: solo
solo franco {m} [soil science] :: loam (fertile soil consisting of sand, clay and silt)
Solomão {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Salomão
Sólon {prop} {m} /ˈsɔ.lõ/ :: historical given name
sol-pôr {m} :: sunset (time of day when the sun disappears below the horizon)
solstício {m} :: solstice
Soltam {m} :: obsolete spelling of sultão
Soltaõ {m} :: obsolete spelling of sultão
Soltão {m} :: obsolete form of sultão
soltar {v} /soɫˈtaɾ/ :: to release, to let go
solteirão {m} [sometimes, offensive] :: a man who remains single for too long
solteiro {adj} /soɫ.ˈtɐj.ɾu/ :: single
solteiro {adj} :: unmarried
solteiro {adj} :: celibate
solteiro {m} :: bachelor
solteirona {f} :: feminine noun of solteirão
solto {adj} /ˈsoɫ.tu/ :: loose; free
solubilidade {f} :: solubility
solubilidade aquosa {f} [pharmacology] :: aqueous solubility (equilibrium partitioning of a compound between its pure phase and water)
solubilização {f} :: solubilization
solubilizando {v} :: gerund of solubilizar
solubilizante {adj} :: solubilizing
solubilizar {v} :: to solubilize
solução {f} /ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: solution
solução final {f} :: See: solução final
solução final {f} [historical] :: final solution (the planned and attempted mass murder of the European Jews)
solução tampão {f} [chemistry] :: buffer solution (solution that maintains a constant pH)
solução-tampão {f} :: alternative spelling of solução tampão
soluçar {v} /ˈsaɾ/ :: to hiccup
solucionar {v} :: to solve (to find an answer or solution)
soluço {m} /su.ˈ :: hiccup
solúvel {adj} :: soluble
solvabilidade {f} :: solvency (ability to pay debts)
solvatado {adj} [chemistry] :: solvated
solvato {m} [chemistry] :: solvate
solvência {f} :: solvency
solvente {adj} :: solvent (able to pay all debts)
solvente {adj} [chemistry] :: able to dissolve
solvente {m} [chemistry] :: solvent (liquid that dissolves a something)
som {m} /ˈsõ/ :: sound
soma {f} [arithmetic] /ˈso.mɐ/ :: sum (quantity obtained by addition or aggregation)
soma {f} :: sum (quantity of money)
soma {m} [anatomy, cytology] /ˈso.mɐ/ :: soma
soma {m} [religion] /ˈsɔ.mɐ/ :: soma
somador {m} :: adder (someone or something that performs arithmetic addition)
somadora {f} :: feminine noun of somador
somali {mf} /so.ˈ :: Somali (person from Somalia)
somali {mf} :: Somali (a language of the Horn of Africa)
somali {adj} :: Somali (of Somalia or the Somali people)
somali {adj} :: Somali (of the Somali language)
Somália {prop} {f} /so.ˈɐ/ :: Somália (country)
somaliano {adj} :: Somali (of, from or relating to Somalia)
somaliano {m} :: Somali (person from Somalia)
Somaliland {prop} {mf} :: Somaliland (breakaway country)
Somalilândia {prop} {f} :: Somalilândia (historical region)
Somalilândia {prop} {f} :: Somalilândia (breakaway country)
somar {v} /so.ˈma(ɹ)/ :: to sum (to add together)
somar {v} [arithmetic] :: to add (to perform addition)
somar {v} :: to have the quantity specified by the grammatical object as the total amount of the subject
somatização {f} [medicine] :: somatisation (generation of physical symptoms for a psychiatric disorder)
sombra {f} /ˈsõ.bɾɐ/ :: shade
sombra {f} :: shadow
sombra {f} [figurative] :: a negative aspect of something
sombra {f} :: shadow (a faint silhouette)
sombra {f} :: shadow; trace; hint (a very small amount, especially of something abstract)
sombra {f} :: tail (someone who closely and persistently follows another)
sombra {f} [supernatural, fantasy] :: shadow; shade; ghost
sombra {f} :: eye shadow (makeup applied to the eyelids)
sombra {f} [painting, drawing] :: the darker parts of an image
sombra {f} [figurative] :: copycat (one who imitates someone without adding ingenuity)
sombra de dúvida {f} [idiomatic] :: shadow of a doubt (any minor doubt or hesitation)
sombreado {adj} :: shadowy or shaded
sombrear {vt} :: to shade (to shield from light)
sombreiro {m} /sõ.ˈbɾɐj.ɾu/ :: sombrero (wide Mexican hat)
sombreiro {m} :: a flowering plant species in the genus Clitoria (Clitoria fairchildiana)
sombriamente {adv} :: grimly; sinisterly; somberly
sombrinha {f} /sõ.ˈbɾi.ɲɐ/ :: umbrella (cloth-covered frame used for protection against rain or sunlight), especially a small, feminine one
sombrinha {f} :: diminutive of sombra
sombrio {adj} /sõ.ˈbɾi.u/ :: shady, gloomy, dark, dingy
Sombrio {prop} :: Sombrio (placename)
sombroso {adj} :: shady (abounding in shades)
someiro {m} :: lintel
someiro {m} [architecture] :: impost
someliê {mf} :: rare spelling of sommelier
somenos {adj} :: minor
somenos {adj} :: shoddy
somenos {adj} :: ordinary
somente {adv} /sɔ.ˈmẽ.tɨ/ :: just, only, merely
sommelier {mf} :: sommelier (wine steward)
sonâmbula {f} :: feminine noun of sonâmbulo
sonambular {vi} :: to somnambulate (to walk while sleeping)
sonambulismo {m} :: somnambulism, sleepwalking
sonâmbulo {adj} :: somnambulant
sonâmbulo {m} :: somnambulist, sleepwalker
sonar {m} [nautical] :: sonar (technique and device that uses sound propagation to detect underwater objects)
sonata {f} [music] :: sonata (a musical composition for one or a few instruments)
sonatina {f} :: sonatina (short or simple sonata)
sonda {f} /ˈsõ.dɐ/ :: probe (device or craft used for exploration)
sonda {f} :: sound (long, thin probe for sounding body)
sonda {f} :: a rope or rod used to fathom bodies of water
sonda espacial {f} :: space probe
sonda exploradora {f} :: explorer (hand tool with sharp point used in dentistry)
sondagem {f} :: sounding (test made with a probe)
sondagem {f} :: research done before committing oneself to something
sondagem {f} :: poll; survey (examination of the opinions of a group of people)
sondar {v} :: to investigate inconspicuously
sondar {v} :: to probe (to insert a probe into)
sondar {v} :: to fathom (to measure the depth of a body of water)
soneca {f} :: nap (short period of sleep)
Soneca {prop} :: A nickname, possibly given to a person who falls asleep often
sonegação {f} :: the act of unduly hiding or omitting (usually an information)
sonegação {f} [finance] :: tax evasion (illegal avoidance of tax)
sonegação fiscal {f} [finance] :: tax evasion (illegal avoidance of tax)
sonegar {v} :: to unduly hide or omit (usually an information)
sonegar {v} [finance] :: to commit tax evasion
soneto {m} :: sonnet
sonhador {adj} /suɲɐˈðoɾ/ :: dreaming
sonhador {m} :: dreamer
sonhador {m} :: daydreamer
sonhador {m} :: visionary
sonhar {v} [com] /suˈɲaɾ/ :: to dream (see imaginary events while sleeping)
sonhar {v} :: to dream (wish)
sonhar acordado {v} :: to daydream (to have a spontaneous and fanciful series of thoughts while awake)
sonhe com os anjos {phrase} [idiom] :: good night; sleep tight (farewell said before going to sleep)
sonhim {m} :: alternative form of sagui
sonho {m} /ˈso.ɲu/ :: dream (imaginary events seen while sleeping)
sonho {m} [figurative] :: dream (a deep hope or desire)
sonho {m} :: filled doughnut (a spherical piece of fried dough with a sweet filling)
sonho acordado {m} :: daydream (a spontaneous and fanciful series of thoughts)
sonho americano {m} :: American Dream (the idea that anyone can prosper)
sonho lúcido {m} :: lucid dream (dream where the person is aware he is dreaming)
sonho molhado {m} [slang] :: wet dream (ejaculation or orgasm while asleep)
Sónia {prop} {f} [Portugal] :: given name, the European form of Sônia
Sônia {prop} {f} [Brazilian orthography] /ˈɐ/ :: given name
sonial {adj} :: somnial (pertaining to dreams)
sónico {adj} :: sonic
sônico {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of sónico
sonífero {adj} :: somniferous; soporific (tending to induce sleep)
sonífero {m} :: soporific (sleep-inducing agent)
sono {m} /ˈ :: sleep
sono {m} :: sleepiness
sonolência {f} :: somnolence
sonolência {f} :: slumber
sonolento {adj} /sunuˈlẽtu/ :: Feeling the need to sleep; sleepy, drowsy
sonoplasta {mf} :: the professional or person who performs sonoplastia
sonoplastia {f} [arts] /ˈt͡ʃi.a/ :: the technique of creating musical ambients, soundscapes and other sound effects, often used in music, theaters, radio, etc
sonoridade {f} :: the quality of emitting sound
sonoro {adj} [acoustics] :: sound (relating to sound)
sonoro {adj} [phonetics, of a phoneme] :: voiced (pronounced with vibration of the vocal cords)
sonoro {adj} [of voice] :: melodious (pleasant-sounding)
sonoro {adj} :: sonorous (giving out a deep, resonant sound)
sonso {adj} [of a person] /ˈsõ.su/ :: stupid; dumb; foolish
sonso {adj} [of a person] :: feigning innocence
Sonya {prop} {f} :: given name, a spelling variant of Sônia
sonzeira {f} [colloquial] /sõ.ˈze(j).ɾɐ/ :: good music
só o tempo dirá {phrase} :: alternative form of o tempo dirá; literally only time will tell
sopa {f} /ˈsopɐ/ :: soup
sopa de letrinhas {f} :: alphabet soup (soup that contains noodles in the shape of alphabetical letters)
sopa de letrinhas {f} [figuratively] :: alphabet soup (an overabundance of acronyms and abbreviations)
sopesar {v} /ˈza(ɾ)/ :: to distribute equally
sopesar {v} :: to equilibrate
sopesar {v} [figuratively] :: to evaluate, to weigh up
Sophonias {prop} {m} :: obsolete spelling of Sofonias
sopitar {vt} :: to lull or soothe
só por cima do meu cadáver {adv} [idiomatic] /sɔ po(h) ˈsimɐ du mew kɐˈdavɛ(h)/ :: Definitely not; by no means; over my dead body
soporífero {adj} :: soporific (tending to induce sleep)
soporífero {m} :: soporific (sleep-inducing agent)
soporífico {adj} :: soporific (tending to induce sleep)
soporífico {m} :: soporific (sleep-inducing agent)
soprador {m} :: alternative form of assoprador
soprano {m} [music] :: soprano (the highest vocal range)
soprano {mf} :: soprano (person singing with a soprano voice)
soprar {v} /suˈpɾaɾ/ :: to blow
soprar {v} :: to whisper
sopro {m} /ˈso.pɾu/ :: a puff of air
sopro {m} [medicine] :: murmur
sôpro {m} :: obsolete spelling of sopro
só que {conj} :: but, however (implies that the following clause is contrary to prior belief)
soqueiro {m} :: one who punches; brawler
só que não {adv} [sarcastic] :: nope; used to negate or contradict a previous statement, often one made by the person who is speaking themselves
só que não {adv} :: See: só que não
soquete {m} [computing] :: socket (computing interprocess communication channel)
soquete {m} :: a light-bulb socket
soquete {m} :: rammer (tool used to ram the powder in a muzzle-loading cannon)
soquete {m} :: ankle sock
sorábio {adj} :: Sorbian (of or pertaining to the Sorbs)
sorábio {adj} :: Sorbian (of or pertaining to the Sorbian languages)
sorábio {m} [uncountable] :: Sorbian (group of Slavic languages spoken in Germany)
sorábio {m} :: Sorb (member of a Slavic people living in Lusatia)
sorbet {m} :: sorbet (frozen fruit juice)
sórbio {adj} :: alternative form of sorábio
sórbio {m} :: alternative form of sorábio
sórdido {adj} :: sordid; filthy
sórdido {adj} :: sordid (morally degrading)
sorgo {m} :: sorghum (a cereal)
soro {m} /ˈsoɾu/ :: serum (blood plasma from which the clotting proteins have been removed)
soro {m} :: whey (liquid remaining after milk has been curdled)
soro {m} [medicine] :: a solution of water, salt and sugar used to prevent dehydration from diarrhoea or vomiting
soro {m} [botany] /ˈsɔɾu/ :: sorus (cluster of sporangia)
Sorocaba {prop} :: Sorocaba (placename)
soropositivo {adj} :: seropositive (testing positive for a given pathogen, especially HIV)
soror {f} :: sister (female member of a religious community)
sóror {f} :: alternative form of soror
sororidade {f} :: sorority (a fraternal group composed exclusively of females)
sororidade {f} :: sisterhood (relation of friendship or similar types of affection among females)
sorrateiramente {adv} :: stealthily (in a stealthy manner)
sorrateiro {adj} :: cunning
sorrateiro {adj} :: stealthy; concealed
sorridente {adj} /suʁiˈðẽtɨ/ :: Who smiles; smiling
sorrir {v} /suˈʁiɾ/ :: to smile
sorrisinho {n} :: Diminutive of sorriso
sorriso {m} /su.ˈʁi.zu/ :: smile (a happy face expression using mouth, but without producing voice)
sorriso amarelo {m} :: forced smile
sorriso de uma orelha a outra {m} [idiom] :: smile from ear to ear (large smile)
sorte {f} /ˈsɔɾ.tɨ/ :: (dated) sort
sorte {f} :: fate
sorte {f} :: luck
sortear {v} :: to draw (to determine the result of a lottery)
sortear {v} :: to choose an option randomly
sorte grande {f} :: The highest available prize in the lottery
sorteio {m} :: draw (procedure by which the result of a lottery is determined)
sorteio {m} :: drawing (action where the outcome is selected by chance using a draw)
sortido {adj} :: assorted (composed of different kinds)
sortilégio {m} :: sortilege; magic; witchcraft; sorcery
sortílego {m} :: sorcerer; magician
sortílego {adj} :: involving sorcery, witchcraft
sortimento {m} :: assortment (collection of varying but related items)
sortuda {f} :: feminine noun of sortudo
sortudo {adj} :: lucky
sortudo {m} [colloquial] :: a lucky person
sorumbático {adj} /su.ɾũ.ˈba.ti.ku/ :: sombre
sorumbático {adj} :: glum, gloomy, moody
sorva {f} :: rowan (Sorbus aucuparia, a deciduous tree or shrub of Eurasia)
sorva {f} :: cow tree (Couma macrocarpa)
sorvedouro {m} :: whirlpool (swirling body of water)
sorvedouro {m} [figurative] :: drain (something consuming resources and providing nothing in return)
sorveira {f} :: rowan (Sorbus aucuparia, a deciduous tree or shrub of Eurasia)
sorver {v} :: to sip (to drink slowly, small mouthfuls at a time)
sorver {vt} :: to absorb; to suck up (to take in fluid)
sorvete {m} [Brazil] /soɹ.ˈve.t͡ʃi/ :: ice cream (dessert)
sorvete italiano {m} :: soft serve (a frozen dessert similar to ice cream, but softer)
sós {adv} [obsolete except in fixed expressions] /ˈsɔʃ/ :: alternative form of
sósia {mf} /ˈsɔzjɐ/ :: double (a person resembling or standing for another)
soslaio {m} :: sideways look
sospeita {f} :: obsolete spelling of suspeita
sospeitar {v} :: obsolete spelling of suspeitar
sospeyta {f} :: obsolete spelling of suspeita
sospeytar {v} :: obsolete spelling of suspeitar
sossegadamente {adv} :: quietly, placidly
sossegado {adj} /su.sɨ.ˈɣa.ðu/ :: calm, tranquil, quiet
sossegando {v} :: gerund of sossegar
sossegar {v} /susɨˈɣaɾ/ :: to settle, calm down, relax
sossego {m} /suˈseɣu/ :: quiet, peace, calm
sotaina {f} :: cassock (robe worn by priests)
sótão {m} /ˈsɔtɐ̃w]/ :: attic
sotaque {m} [linguistics] /su.ˈta.kɨ/ :: accent (the manner of speaking or pronouncing peculiar to a community)
sotavento {m} :: the direction towards which the wind is blowing, leeward side
Sotchi {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Sochi
Sótchi {prop} {f} :: rare form of Sochi
soteropolitano {m} :: A person from Salvador, capital city of Bahia
soteropolitano {adj} :: Of or relating to the city of Salvador
soterrar {vt} :: to bury, to cover in dirt, snow or rubble
soturno {adj} :: sombre, gloomy, sad, dismal
soturno {adj} :: ghastly, grim
sou brasileiro e não desisto nunca {phrase} [Brazil] :: I am Brazilian, therefore I don't ever give up anything
soufflé {m} :: alternative spelling of suflê
souk {m} :: alternative form of souq
soul {m} :: soul music (a music genre combining gospel music, rhythm and blues and often jazz)
souq {m} :: souq (a street market in Arab countries)
Soure {prop} /ˈsowɾ(ɨ)/ :: Soure (village/and/municipality)
Soure {prop} :: Soure (city)
Sousa {prop} {m} /ˈso(w).zɐ/ :: Sousa (river)
Sousa {prop} {mf} :: surname
sousafone {m} [musical instruments] :: sousaphone (a brass instrument)
Sousel {prop} /sowˈzɛɫ/ :: Sousel (village/and/municipality)
souto {m} /ˈso(w).tu/ :: a grove or plantation of chestnut trees
Souto Soares {prop} :: Souto Soares (placename)
sova {f} :: kneading (the act of kneading dough)
sova {f} :: the act of treading on grapes
sova {f} [colloquial] :: beating; spanking (act physically beating a person)
sovaco {m} [anatomy] :: armpit
sovar {v} :: to knead dough
sovar {v} :: to tread on grapes
sovar {v} :: to beat up (to attack someone)
soviete {m} [historical] :: soviet (governing council in the Soviet Union)
Soviete Supremo {prop} {m} :: Supreme Soviet (soviet parliament)
soviético {adj} /ˈɛ.tʃi.kʊ/ :: soviet
sovietismo {m} :: Sovietism (belief or practice of the Soviets)
sovina {mf} :: scrooge (miserly person)
sovina {adj} :: miserly; stingy (excessively cautious with money)
sozinho {adj} /sɔ.ˈzi.ɲu/ :: alone
sozinho {adj} :: on one’s own
sozinho {adv} :: by oneself, to oneself
SP {prop} :: initialism of São Paulo the Brazilian state
spa {m} :: spa (health resort near a spring)
spaghetti {m} :: alternative form of espaguete
spam {m} [computing, Internet] :: spam
spanglish {m} :: Spanglish (code-switching of English and Spanish)
spaniel {m} :: spaniel (any of several dog breeds bred to flush out game)
sperrilita {f} [mineral] :: sperrylite
spin {m} [physics] :: spin (quantum angular momentum of subatomic particles)
spina bifida {f} :: alternative form of espinha bífida
spina bífida {f} :: alternative form of espinha bífida
spinozista {adj} [philosophy] :: Spinozistic (pertaining to the philosophical doctrines of Baruch Spinoza)
spinozista {mf} [philosophy] :: Spinozist (adherent of the philosophical doctrines of Baruch Spinoza)
Spitsbergen {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Spitzbergen
Spitzbergen {prop} {f} :: Spitzbergen (island)
Split {prop} {f} :: Split (city)
spoiler {m} :: spoiler (document, review or comment that discloses the ending or some key surprise or twist in a story)
spoonerismo {m} :: spoonerism (phrase where sounds are transposed)
sportinguista {mf} [soccer] :: A supporter, player or coach of Sporting Clube de Portugal
spray {m} :: spray; atomizer (pressurised container with a nozzle that lets out a spray)
spray {m} :: spray (fine, gentle, disperse mist of liquid)
spray de pimenta {m} :: pepper spray (a non-lethal riot-control or self-defence chemical agent)
sputnik {m} :: sputnik (a Soviet robotic space satellite)
spyware {m} [computing] :: spyware (malicious program that monitors and reports activity)
sqn {n} [Internet slang] :: abbreviation of só que não
squash {m} :: squash (sport)
Sr. {m} :: Mr.; abbreviation of senhor
Sr {m} :: alternative form of Sr.
Sra {f} :: abbreviation of senhora as a title; Mrs
Sri Lanca {prop} {m} :: alternative spelling of Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka {prop} {m} :: Sri Lanka (country/and/island)
srilankês {adj} :: rare spelling of srilanquês
srilankês {m} :: rare spelling of srilanquês
srilanquês {adj} :: Sri Lankan
srilanquês {adj} :: A person from Sri Lanka or of Sri Lankan descent
srilanquês {m} :: Sri Lankan
srilanquês {m} :: A person from Sri Lanka or of Sri Lankan descent
Srinagar {prop} {f} :: Srinagar (city/summer capital)
ss {adv} [Internet slang, text messaging] :: alternative form of s
ss {n} [Internet slang, text messaging] :: alternative form of s
ss {interj} [Internet slang, text messaging] :: alternative form of s
sse {conj} [logic] :: iff (if and only if)
sss {abbr} [mathematics, logic] :: if and only if; used to show that the predicate that follows it has the same truth value as the predicate that precedes it
St. {abbr} :: abbreviation of Santo St
STAB {prop} {f} [rare] :: acronym of w:Sociedade dos Técnicos Açucareiros e Alcooleiros do Brasil Society of Sugar and Alcohol Technologists of Brazil.
stalinismo {m} :: Stalinism (communist philosophies espoused by Josef Stalin)
stalinista {adj} :: alternative form of estalinista
stalinista {mf} :: alternative form of estalinista
stalkear {v} :: to stalk on the Internet
stand {m} :: alternative form of estande
standardização {f} :: alternative form of estandardização
standardizar {v} :: alternative form of estandardizar
statu quo {m} :: alternative form of status quo
status {m} :: status; standing (a person’s importance relative to others)
status quo {m} :: status quo (the existing state of things)
Stavropol {prop} {f} :: Stavropol (krai)
Stavropol {prop} {f} :: Stavropol (city/regional capital)
Stepanakert {prop} {f} [rare] :: Stepanakert (capital city)
Stettin {prop} {f} :: Stettin (city)
stévia {f} :: alternative form of estévia
St. George's {prop} {f} :: St. George's (capital city)
stolzita {f} [mineral] :: stolzite
Stonehenge {prop} {m} /ˌstown.ˈhẽd͡ʒ/ :: Stonehenge (ancient group of standing stones in England)
stop {m} /ˈstɔp/ :: stop (function or button that causes a device to stop operating)
stop {m} [uncountable] :: A game in which the players write on paper one word from each category (animal, fruit, etc.), all beginning with the same letter, as quickly as possible. In Spanish: tutti frutti
stop {m} [stock market] :: stop loss order (order to close one’s position if the market drops to a specified price level)
stop {m} [Brazil, upper-class slang] :: stop; end (the act of putting a stop to something)
stop {interj} :: Said by a player of the game of stop to cease the current turn, after which the players count how many words they wrote
stor {m} :: alternative form of setor (teacher)
storytelling {m} :: storytelling
straight {m} [poker] :: straight (five cards in sequence)
straight flush {m} [poker] :: straight flush (a hand that is both straight and flush)
strass {m} :: paste (glass containing lead, used to imitate diamonds)
stress {m} :: alternative form of estresse
Stribog {prop} {m} :: Stribog (Slavic god)
stricto sensu {adv} /ˈstrik.tu ˈ :: In the narrow sense; narrowly
strike {m} [bowling] /ˈstɾajk/ :: strike (the act of knocking down all pins)
strike {m} [baseball] :: strike (the act of missing a swing at the ball)
string {m} [computing] /ˈstɾĩɡ/ :: string (sequence of consecutive text characters)
strip {m} :: abbreviation of striptease
stripper {mf} :: stripper (one who removes one’s clothes as entertainment)
strip poker {m} :: strip poker (variant of poker where the loser removes their clothes)
strip-poker {m} :: alternative spelling of strip poker
striptease {m} :: striptease (act of slowly taking off one’s clothes to sexually arouse the viewer)
strudel {m} :: strudel (layered pastry in Austrian cuisine)
strudel de maçã {m} :: apple strudel; apfelstrudel (Austrian pastry)
style {adj} [Brazil, slang] /is.ˈ :: stylish
sua {pron} /ˈsu.ɐ/ :: f. sg. form of possessive seu
sua {pron} :: feminine singular of seu
Sua Alteza {pron} [formal] :: His Highness, Her Highness (a title of respect used to address a prince or princess)
Suábia {prop} {f} /su.ˈɐ/ :: Suábia (traditional region)
suábio {adj} :: Swabian (of, from or relating to Swabia)
suábio {m} :: Swabian (person from Swabia)
suábio {m} [uncountable] :: Swabian (Alemannic lect spoken in Swabia)
suaçuapara {m} :: white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus, a deer of the Americas)
suador {m} :: sweater (a person who sweats)
suahíli {m} :: alternative spelling of suaíli
suahíli {adj} :: alternative spelling of suaíli
suaíle {m} :: alternative form of suaíli
suaíle {adj} :: alternative form of suaíli
suaíli {m} /su.a.ˈ :: Swahili (a language of Eastern Africa)
suaíli {adj} :: of the Swahili language
Sua Majestade {pron} [formal] :: His Majesty, Her Majesty (title of respect used for kings, queens, emperors and empresses)
suante {adj} [rare] :: which or who sweats
suante {adj} [rare] :: which makes people sweat
suar {v} /suˈaɾ/ :: to sweat
suarabácti {m} [linguistics, phonology] /ˌswa.ɾa.ˈbak.t͡ʃi/ :: svarabhakti; anaptyxis (epenthesis of a vowel)
suas {pron} /ˈsu.ɐʃ/ :: f. pl. form of possessive seu
sua santidade {pron} :: His Holiness (third-person form of address for high-ranking religious leader)
suástica {f} :: swastika (a cross with arms of equal length all bent halfway along at a 90° angle)
suave {adj} /ˈswa.vɨ/ :: soft, smooth
suave {adj} :: gentle, mild
suave {adj} [Brazil, slang] :: fine, okay
suavemente {adv} :: softly; gently (in a soft, gentle manner)
suavemente {adv} :: smoothly (in a smooth manner)
Suávia {prop} {f} [dated] :: rare form of Suábia
suavidade {f} /swɐviˈðaðɨ/ :: softness
suavidade {f} :: smoothness
suavidade {f} :: mildness, gentleness
suavizante {adj} :: which softens
suavizar {vt} :: to soften (to make soft)
suavizar {vi} :: to soften (to become soft)
suavizar {vt} [figurative] :: to sugar (to make something seem less unpleasant)
suazi {m} :: alternative spelling of swazi
suazi {mf} :: alternative spelling of swazi
suazi {adj} :: alternative spelling of swazi
suázi {m} :: alternative spelling of swazi
suázi {mf} :: alternative spelling of swazi
suázi {adj} :: alternative spelling of swazi
Suazilândia {prop} {f} :: Suazilândia (country)
sub- {prefix} :: sub- (under, beneath)
sub- {prefix} :: sub- (subsidiary, secondary)
suba {f} [Rio Grande do Sul] /ˈsu.βɐ/ :: an increase in price
subagudo {adj} :: subacute
subalterno {adj} :: subordinate
subalterno {m} :: subordinate
subalterno {m} :: subaltern
subaquático {adj} :: underwater (living or occurring beneath the water)
subarrendamento {m} :: subletting
subártico {m} :: subarctic (the region immediately outside of the Arctic Circle)
subártico {adj} :: subarctic (relating to, characteristic of or located in the subarctic)
subárvore {f} [graph theory] :: subtree (a tree wholly contained in another tree)
subatómico {adj} :: subatomic
subatômico {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative spelling of subatómico
subclasse {f} :: subclass (a class within another class)
subclasse {f} [taxonomy] :: subclass (rank directly below class)
subclasse {f} [object-oriented programming] :: subclass (class that inherits properties and methods of another class)
subclínico {adj} /subˈkliniku/ :: subclinical
subconjunto {m} [mathematics] :: subset
subconsciente {adj} :: subconscious (occurring without focal awareness)
subconsciente {m} :: subconscious (part of consciousness that is not currently in focal awareness)
subconscientemente {adv} :: Not aware of relevant facts; subconsciously; unknowingly
subcontinente {m} :: subcontinent (large landmass smaller than a continent)
subcrítico {adj} :: subcritical
subcultura {f} :: subculture
subcutâneo {adj} :: subcutaneous (pertaining to the fatty layer under the skin)
subdelegacia {f} [law enforcement] /ˌˌle.ɡa.ˈsi.ɐ/ :: substation (police station under the jurisdiction of another)
subdesenvolvido {adj} :: underdeveloped
subdiretório {m} [computing] :: subdirectory (directory located inside another directory)
subdivisão {f} :: subdivision
subdomínio {m} [computing, networks] :: subdomain (domain name prefaced with additional parts separated by a period)
subdução {f} [plate tectonics] :: subduction (the action where one tectonic plate is pushed beneath another)
subempreiteiro {m} :: subcontractor (contractor hired by another contractor)
subentendido {adj} :: implied (suggested without being stated directly)
subespécie {f} [taxonomy] :: subspecies (rank below a species)
subestação {f} :: substation (station where voltage is transformed between high and low)
subestimar {vt} :: to underestimate (to perceive as having lower value or capabilities)
subfamília {f} [taxonomy] :: subfamily (taxonomic category directly below family)
subgerente {mf} :: submanager (member of lower or middle management)
subgrupo {m} :: subgroup (group within a group)
subida {f} /su.ˈbi.dɐ/ :: rise, increase
subida {f} :: slope, hillside
subir {v} /su.ˈβiɾ/ :: to ascend, to go up
subir {v} :: to climb
subitamente {adv} /suβitɐˈmẽtɨ/ :: all of a sudden, suddenly (happening quickly and with little or no warning)
súbito {adj} /ˈsu.βi.tu/ :: sudden (happening quickly and without warning)
súbito {adv} [formal] :: suddenly
subjacente {adj} :: underlying; subjacent (lying beneath)
subjacente {adj} :: underlying; implicit
subjectivamente {adv} :: obsolete form of subjetivamente
subjectividade {f} :: superseded spelling of subjetividade
subjectivo {adj} :: obsolete spelling of subjetivo
subjetivamente {adv} /sub.ʒɛ.ti.vɐ.ˈmẽ.tɨ/ :: subjectively
subjetivar {vt} :: to subjectivize (to make subjective)
subjetividade {f} [uncountable] :: subjectivity (state of being subjective)
subjetividade {f} :: subjectivity (a subjective thought)
subjetivo {adj} /sub.ʒɛ.ˈ :: subjective
subjugar {v} :: to subjugate
subjunctivo {m} :: obsolete spelling of subjuntivo
subjunctivo {adj} :: obsolete spelling of subjuntivo
subjuntivo {m} [Brazil, uncountable, grammar] /ˌsub.ʒũ.ˈt͡ʃ :: subjunctive (subjunctive mood)
subjuntivo {m} [Brazil] :: a verb form in the subjunctive mood
subjuntivo {adj} [Brazil, grammar, of a verb form] :: subjunctive (inflected in the subjunctive mood)
sublevação {f} :: sublevation; uprising; insurrection
sublevação {f} [geology] :: uplift (tectonic upheaval)
sublimação {f} /su.βli.mɐ.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: sublimation
sublimando {v} :: gerund of sublimar
sublimar {v} /su.βli.ˈmaɾ/ :: to sublime
sublimar {v} :: to sublimate
sublime {adj} /su.ˈbli.mɨ/ :: sublime
sublime {mf} :: sublime
sublinha {f} :: underline (line placed underneath a line text)
sublinhar {v} :: to underline (to draw a line beneath text)
sublinhar {v} :: to stress (to emphasise (a point) in an argument or discussion)
submarinho {m} [uncommon] :: alternative form of submarino
submarinho {adj} [uncommon] :: alternative form of submarino
submarino {m} /ˌˈɾ :: submarine; U-boat (undersea boat)
submarino {adj} :: submarine; underwater
submergindo {v} :: gerund of submergir
submergir {v} :: to submerge
submerso {adj} :: underwater, submerged
submerso {adj} :: sunken
submetendo {v} :: gerund of submeter
submeter {v} :: to submit
submeter {v} :: to subjugate
submetido {adj} :: subject (to)
submetido {adj} :: subjugated
submetralhadora {f} /ˌɾa.ʎa.ˈdo.ɾa/ :: submachine gun
submissão {f} :: submission
submissão {f} :: dependency
submissão {f} :: humiliation
submissivo {adj} :: submissive (meekly obedient or passive)
submisso {adj} :: submissive (meekly obedient or passive)
submundo {m} :: underworld
subnível {m} :: sublevel
suboficial {m} :: subofficer (subordinate officer)
subordem {f} :: suborder
subordinação {f} :: subordination
subordinado {adj} :: subordinate (in a lower class or rank)
subordinado {adj} [grammar] :: subordinate (modifying or complementing the main clause)
subordinado {m} :: subordinate (person in a lower class or rank)
subordinar {vt} :: to subordinate (to make subservient)
subordinar {vt} :: to subordinate (to treat as of less value or importance)
subordinar {vt} [grammar] :: to be the main clause with regards to a subordinate clause
subornar {v} :: to bribe
suborno {m} :: bribe; bribery
subóxido {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: suboxide
subpasta {f} [computing] :: subdirectory (directory located inside another directory)
subproduto {m} :: byproduct
subproduto {m} :: spinoff
sub-rés-do-chão {m} :: basement
sub-rogação {f} [legal] :: subrogation (the substitution of a different person in place of a creditor)
sub-rotina {f} [programming] :: subroutine (section of code called by the main body of a program)
subscrevendo {v} :: gerund of subscrever
subscrever {v} :: to subscribe
subscrever {v} :: to underwrite
subscrever {v} :: to undersign
subscrição {f} :: subscription
subscrito {adj} :: underwritten (written below)
subscrito {m} :: underwritten text
subscrito {m} [typography] :: subscript (text written lower than the text around it)
subscritor {m} :: subscriber
subscritor {m} :: underwriter
subseção {f} :: subsection
subsecção {f} :: alternative form of subseção
subsequente {adj} :: subsequent, ensuing
subseqüente {adj} :: obsolete spelling of subsequente
subsequentemente {adv} :: subsequently (afterwards in time)
subserviência {f} :: subservience, submission
subserviente {adj} :: submissive; subservient (meekly obedient or passive)
subsidência {f} [geology] :: subsidence (sinking of ground due to underground excavation, seismic activity or groundwater depletion)
subsidiando {v} :: gerund of subsidiar
subsidiar {v} :: to subsidize
subsidiário {adj} :: subsidiary
subsidio {m} :: obsolete spelling of subsídio
subsídio {m} :: subsidy
subsistência {f} :: subsistence
subsistindo {v} :: gerund of subsistir
subsistir {v} :: to subsist
subsolo {m} :: underground
subsolo {m} :: basement
subsolo {m} [geology] :: subsoil
substância {f} /subʃ.ˈtɐ̃.sjɐ/ :: substance; physical matter
substância {f} :: substance (the essential part of anything)
substância {f} [of an idea or concept] :: the power to influence others or to be groundbreaking
substância cinzenta {f} [neuroanatomy] :: grey matter (collection of cell bodies with dendritic connections)
substância cinzenta {f} :: See: substância cinzenta
substancial {adj} /subʃtɐ̃ˈsjaɫ/ :: substantial
substancial {adj} :: basic, fundamental
substancialmente {adv} :: substantially
substância química {f} :: chemical (any specific element or chemical compound)
substanciar {vt} /ˌsubs.ˌtɐ̃.si.ˈa(ʁ)/ :: to substantiate (to verify something by supplying evidence)
substanciar {vt} :: to substantiate (to give substance (substantiability, firmness) to something)
substancioso {adj} :: substantial; strong; stout
substantivação {f} [grammar] :: nominalization (use of a non-noun as a noun)
substantivado {adj} :: substantivized (turned into a noun)
substantivar {vt} [linguistics] :: to substantivise (to convert into a substantive)
substantivo {m} [grammar] /subʃ.tɐ̃.ˈ :: noun, substantive (grammatical category)
substantivo {adj} :: substantive (of the essence or essential element of a thing)
substantivo {adj} [grammar] :: which is equivalent to a noun
substantivo abstrato {m} [grammar] :: abstract noun
substantivo verbal {m} [grammar] :: verbal noun (noun formed from or corresponding to a verb)
substituição {f} :: substitution, replacement
substituinte {f} :: substituent
substituir {vt} :: to replace, substitute
substituível {adj} :: replaceable
substituível {adj} :: interchangeable
substituível {adj} :: fungible
substituto {m} /ˌsubs.t͡ʃi.ˈtu.tu/ :: replacement; substitute
substituto {adj} :: which replaces
substrato {m} :: substrate
substrato {m} :: substratum
subtenente {m} [military] :: second lieutenant (the rank below a lieutenant)
subterfúgio {m} /sub.ter.ˈfu.ʒju/ :: subterfuge, evasion
subterrâneo {adj} :: subterranean, underground
subtil {adj} [European orthography] :: alternative form of sutil
subtilmente {adv} [European orthography] :: alternative form of sutilmente
subtítulo {m} :: subtitle (secondary title)
subtónico {adj} [European orthography, phonology] :: having secondary stress
subtônico {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of subtónico
subtração {f} :: subtraction
subtraendo {m} :: subtrahend
subtraindo {v} :: gerund of subtrair
subtrair {vt} :: to subtract
subtrópico {m} [geography] :: subtropic (region between a tropic and a temperate latitude)
suburbana {f} :: feminine noun of suburbano
suburbano {adj} :: suburban (relating to outskirts of a city)
suburbano {m} :: suburban (someone who lives in a suburb)
subúrbio {m} /su.ˈβuɾ.βju/ :: suburb
subúrbio {m} :: periphery
subvenção {f} :: subvention
subvenção {f} :: grant
subvenção {f} :: subsidy
subvencionar {v} /ˌsub.vẽ.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: to subsidize (to assist someone or something by granting a subsidy)
subversão {f} :: subversion (act of subverting)
subversivo {adj} /suβ(ɨ)vɨɾˈsivu/ :: In opposition to a civil authority or government; subversive; insurgent
subverter {vt} :: to subvert (to overthrow)
subverter {vt} :: to subvert (to pervert the mind)
subverter {vt} :: to subvert (to upturn convention by undermining it)
subwoofer {m} :: subwoofer (electronic speaker for low-frequency sounds)
sucata {f} :: waste, scrap
sucata {f} :: swarf
sucção {f} :: suction (the act of sucking)
succeder {v} :: obsolete spelling of suceder
succínico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: succinic
succo {m} :: obsolete spelling of suco
sucedâneo {adj} :: substitute
sucedâneo {m} :: substitute
suceder {v} /susɨˈðeɾ/ :: to happen
suceder {v} :: to succeed to, to follow
suceptibilidade {f} :: susceptibility
sucessão {f} /su.sɨ.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: succession
sucessão {f} :: sequence
sucessão apostólica {f} [Christianity] :: apostolic succession
sucessivamente {adv} :: successively
sucessível {adj} :: successive
sucessível {adj} :: successor (attributive)
sucessivo {adj} :: successive, consecutive
sucesso {m} /suˈsɛsu/ :: success; triumph
sucesso {m} :: event; happening
sucessor {m} :: successor
sucessor {m} :: heir
súcia {f} :: rabble (the mass of common people)
súcia {f} [Brazil] :: carousal (loud and noisy social gathering)
sucinto {adj} /su.ˈsĩ.tu/ :: succinct, brief, concise
suco {m} [Brazil] /ˈsu.ku/ :: juice (liquid from a plant, especially a fruit)
suco {m} [physiology] :: liquid produced by a gland
suçuarana {f} /ˈɾɐ.na/ :: cougar (Puma concolor)
súcuba {f} :: alternative form of súcubo
súcubo {m} :: succubus (female demon who has sex with men in their sleep)
suculento {adj} :: juicy (containing juice)
sucumbir {v} /su.kũ.ˈbiɾ/ :: to succumb
sucuri {f} :: anaconda
sudanês {adj} /ˌsu.dɐ.ˈne(j)s/ :: Sudanese
sudanês {m} :: Sudanese
sudanesa {f} /ˌsu.dɐ.ˈne.zɐ/ :: feminine noun of sudanês
Sudão {prop} {m} :: Sudão (country)
Sudão Anglo-Egípcio {prop} {m} [historical] :: Sudão Anglo-Egípcio (former country)
Sudão do Sul {prop} {m} :: Sudão do Sul (country)
sudário {m} :: shroud (dress for the dead)
sudeste {m} /su.ˈðɛʃ.tɨ/ :: southeast (compass point)
Sudetos {prop} {mp} :: Sudetos (range)
Sudetos {prop} {mp} :: Sudetos (historical region)
súdito {m} :: subject (person ruled over by another, especially a monarch)
Sud Mennucci {prop} :: Sud Mennucci (placename)
sudoeste {m} /su.ˈðwɛʃ.tɨ/ :: southwest
Sudoeste Africano {prop} {m} [historical] :: South West Africa (the colonial name of the area which is now Namibia)
sudoku {m} [puzzles] :: sudoku (a number puzzle)
sudorífero {adj} [pharmacology, physiology] :: sudorific (that produces sweat)
sudorífero {m} [pharmaceutical drug] :: sudorific (any medicine that produces sweating)
sudorífico {adj} [pharmacology, physiology] :: sudorific (that produces sweat)
sudorífico {m} [pharmaceutical drug] :: sudorific (any medicine that produces sweating)
sudoríparo {adj} :: sudoriparous, sudoriferous
sudueste {m} :: obsolete spelling of sudoeste
Suécia {prop} {f} /ˈswɛ.sjɐ/ :: Suécia (country)
sueco {m} /su.ˈɛ.ku/ :: Swede (person from Sweden)
sueco {m} [uncountable] :: Swedish (a Germanic language of Sweden)
sueco {adj} :: Swedish (of Sweden or its people)
sueco {adj} :: Swedish (of the Swedish language)
suéter {m} :: sweater (knitted jersey of thick wool)
sufete {m} :: suffete (a magistrate of Carthage)
suficiência {f} :: sufficiency, adequacy
suficiência {f} :: competence
suficiente {adj} /ˈsjẽ.tɨ/ :: sufficient; enough
suficiente {m} :: enough (a sufficient amount)
suficientemente {adv} /ẽ.tɨ.ˈmẽ.tɨ/ :: sufficiently
sufismo {m} :: Sufism (Islamic mysticism)
sufixar {vt} [linguistics] :: to suffix (to append a suffix to a word)
sufixo {m} :: suffix (letters or sounds added at the end of a word to modify the word's meaning)
suflé {m} :: alternative spelling of suflê
suflê {m} :: soufflé (baked dish made from beaten egg whites)
sufocamento {m} :: suffocation
sufocando {v} :: gerund of sufocar
sufocante {adj} :: suffocating, stifling, oppressive
sufocar {v} /su.fu.ˈkaɾ/ :: to choke, stifle
sufocar {v} :: to suffocate
sufragâneo {m} :: suffragan
sufragâneo {adj} :: suffragan
sufrágio {m} :: suffrage
sufragista {mf} :: suffragist/suffragette
sugador {m} :: sucker (someone or something that performs suction)
sugar {v} :: to suck
sugerir {v} /suʒɨˈɾiɾ/ :: to suggest
sugestão {f} /suʒɨʃˈtɐ̃w̃/ :: suggestion
sugestivo {adj} /su.ʒɨʃ.ˈ :: suggestive (suggesting or implying something)
sugestivo {adj} :: sexually suggestive
suggestivo {adj} :: obsolete spelling of sugestivo
suíça {f} :: Swissess
Suíça {prop} {f} /su.ˈi.sɐ/ :: Suíça (country)
suicida {mf} :: suicide (person)
suicidando {v} :: gerund of suicidar
suicidar {vr} :: To commit suicide
suicidar-se {vr} :: to commit suicide (to kill oneself)
suicídio {m} /ˌsu.i.ˈsi.d͡ʒi.u/ :: suicide
suicidologia {f} [psychology, sociology] :: suicidology (the study of suicide)
suíço {adj} /su.ˈ :: Swiss (pertaining to Switzerland or its people)
suíço {m} :: Swiss (person from Switzerland)
suíno {m} :: hog, pig, swine
suíno {adj} :: hog etc (attributive); porcine
suíte {f} :: suite (group of connected rooms)
suíte {f} [music] :: suite (musical form pre-dating the sonata)
suíte {f} :: a room, especially a hotel room, with its own bathroom
sujar {v} /su.ˈʒaɾ/ :: to dirty (to make dirty, filthy)
sujar {v} :: to smear (damage someone’s reputation)
sujar a imagem {v} [idiomatic] :: to besmirch the reputation of a person or thing
sujeição {f} :: subjection, subjugation
sujeira {f} [uncountable] /su.ˈʒe(j).ɾa/ :: filth; dirt
sujeira {f} :: something which causes things to become dirty, such as a speck of dust or a stain
sujeira {f} [uncountable, Brazil, figurative] :: corruption; disloyalty; dishonesty
sujeitando {v} :: gerund of sujeitar
sujeitar {v} :: to subject
sujeitar {v} :: to subjugate
sujeitar {v} :: to subordinate
sujeito {m} /su.ˈʒɐj.tu/ :: subject
sujeito {m} :: guy, bloke, person (unnamed individual)
sujeito {adj} :: subject
sujidade {f} :: dirtiness (state or quality of being dirty)
sujo {adj} /ˈsu.ʒu/ :: containing unpleasant substances such as dirt or grime; dirty; unclean
sujo {adj} :: offensive to current standards; dirty; obscene; immoral
Sukhumi {prop} {f} :: Sukhumi (capital city)
sul {m} /ˈsuɫ/ :: south
sul-africano {adj} :: South African (of, from or pertaining to South Africa)
sul-africano {m} :: South African (person from South Africa)
sul-americano {adj} :: South American (of, from or relating to South America)
sul-americano {m} :: South American (person from South America)
Sulawesi {prop} {f} :: Sulawesi (island)
Sul Brasil {prop} :: Sul Brasil (placename)
sulcar {vt} :: to furrow (to cut a groove into)
sulco {m} [agriculture] /ˈsuw.ku/ :: furrow (trench cut in the soil with a plough)
sulco {m} :: furrow (any trench, channel or groove on a surface)
sulco glúteo {m} [anatomy] :: anal cleft (groove between buttocks)
sulco interglúteo {m} [anatomy] :: anal cleft (groove between buttocks)
sulco nasolabial {m} :: philtrum (groove on the upper lip)
sul-coreano {adj} :: South Korean (of, from or pertaining to South Korea)
sul-coreano {m} :: South Korean (person from South Korea)
sulfamida {f} :: sulfamide
sulfato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: sulfate/sulphate
sulfeto {m} [chemistry] :: sulfide
sulfídrico {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: sulfhydric
sulfidrila {f} [chemistry] :: sulfhydryl
sulfidrilo {m} [chemistry] :: sulfhydryl
sulfito {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: sulfite
sulfossal {m} [mineralogy] :: sulfosalt
sulfúreo {adj} [chemistry] :: sulfurous (relating to or containing sulfur)
sulfureto {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: sulfide
sulfúrico {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: sulfuric
sulfurização {f} [chemistry] :: sulfurization
sulfuroso {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: sulfurous
sulista {adj} :: southern (of, from or pertaining to a southern region)
sulista {mf} :: southerner (someone from the south of a region)
sul-rio-grandense {mf} :: someone from the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul
sul-rio-grandense {adj} :: of, from or relating to the state of Rio Grande do Sul
sul-sudeste {m} :: south-southeast (compass point between south and southeast)
Sultam {m} :: obsolete spelling of sultão
sultana {f} :: sultana (wife of a sultan)
sultanado {m} :: alternative form of sultanato
sultanato {m} :: sultanate (state ruled by a sultan)
Sultaõ {m} :: obsolete spelling of sultão
sultão {m} /suɫ.ˈtɐ̃w̃/ :: sultan
sumaca {f} [nautical] :: smack (small, two-masted boat)
sumagre {m} :: sumac (any of various shrubs or small trees of the genus Rhus)
Sumaré {prop} :: Sumaré (placename)
sumariar {vt} :: to summarise (to prepare a summary)
sumário {m} :: summary (condensed presentation)
sumário {m} :: table of contents (list of the sections of a book or other document)
sumas sacerdotisas {f} :: feminine noun of sumo sacerdote
Sumatra {prop} {f} :: Sumatra (island)
Suméria {prop} {f} :: Suméria (ancient civilisation)
sumeriano {adj} :: Sumerian (of, from or pertaining to Sumer)
sumeriano {m} :: Sumerian (person from Sumer)
sumeriano {m} [uncountable] :: Sumerian (ancient language spoken in Sumer)
sumérico {adj} :: Sumerian (of, from or pertaining to Sumer)
sumérico {m} :: Sumerian (person from Sumer)
sumérico {m} [uncountable] :: Sumerian (ancient language spoken in Sumer)
sumério {adj} :: Sumerian
sumério {m} :: Sumerian
sumiço {m} /su.ˈ :: disappearance (action of disappearing or vanishing)
sumidade {f} :: top (uppermost part)
sumido {adj} :: missing; disappeared
sumido {m} [humorous, usually in the vocative] :: stranger (one who has not been seen for a long time)
sumidouro {m} :: a place where things mysteriously disappear
sumidouro {m} :: storm drain (hole designed to drain excess water from paved areas)
sumidouro {m} [figurative] :: drain (something consuming resources and providing nothing in return)
sumidouro {m} [graph theory] :: sink (destination vertex)
Sumidouro {prop} :: Sumidouro (placename)
sumir {vi} /suˈmiɾ/ :: to vanish, to disappear
sumir {v} :: to submerge, to sink
sumir {v} :: to be wasted or consumed
sumir {vt} [followed by com] :: to hide
sumo {adj} /ˈ :: highest, greatest
sumo {m} :: summit, top
sumo {m} [Portugal] :: juice
sumo {m} [martial arts, Portugal] :: sumo
sumô {m} [Brazil] :: alternative form of sumo (martial art)
sumo sacerdote {m} :: high priest (clergyman with the highest rank)
sumular {v} :: to summarize; to abridge (to shorten or contract by using fewer words)
sundanês {adj} /ˌsũ.dɐ.ˈne(j)s/ :: Sundanese (of, from or relating to Sunda)
sundanês {m} :: Sundanese (a member of the Sundanese ethnic group)
sundanês {m} [uncountable] :: Sundanese (Malayo-Polynesian language spoken by the Sundanese people)
sundanesa {f} /ˌsũ.dɐ.ˈne.zɐ/ :: feminine noun of sundanês
sunismo {m} [Islam] :: Sunni (a branch of Islam)
sunita {adj} :: Sunni (relating to the Sunni branch of Islam)
sunita {mf} :: Sunni (follower of the Sunni branch of Islam)
suntuário {adj} :: sumptuary
suntuoso {adj} :: sumptuous (magnificent, luxurious and splendid)
suor {m} /su.ˈɔɾ/ :: sweat (fluid that exits the body through pores)
suor {m} :: sweating (the bodily process of producing sweat)
super- {prefix} :: super- (superior in size, quality, number, degree, status, title or position)
super- {prefix} :: super- (relating to superheroes)
super {adv} [intensifier] :: very, excessively, exceedingly
super {adj} :: super
súper {adv} :: alternative spelling of super
superação {f} :: superation (the act of superating)
superação {f} :: the act or process of overcoming a difficulty
superácido {m} [chemistry] :: superacid
superado {adj} :: dominated
superado {adj} :: exceeded
superando {v} :: gerund of superar
superaquecido {adj} :: superheated
superaquecimento {m} :: overheating
superar {v} /su.pɨ.ˈɾaɾ/ :: to exceed
superar {v} :: to overcome
superavit {m} :: alternative spelling of superávit
superávit {m} /su.peˈʃ)i/ :: surplus (funds in public treasury greater than ordinary needs)
superavitário {adj} /ˈta.rju/ :: surplus
superciliar {adj} [anatomy] /ˌsu.peʁˈaʁ/ :: relating to or located in the supercilium (region of the eyebrows)
supercilioso {adj} :: supercilious; haughty (arrogantly proud)
supercomputador {m} [computing] :: supercomputer (computer that has great processing power)
supercondutividade {f} :: superconductivity
supercondutor {m} [physics] :: superconductor
supercondutor {adj} [physics] :: superconducting
supercontinente {m} :: supercontinent (very large continent in the Earth’s past)
supercorda {f} [physics] :: superstring (hypothetical, very small one-dimensional string that vibrates in ten or more dimensions)
supercrítico {adj} [physics] :: supercritical
superdose {f} :: overdose (excessive and dangerous dose of a drug)
superego {m} [psychoanalysis] :: superego (part of the mind that acts as a self-critical conscience)
superelasticidade {f} [physics] :: superelasticity
superestimar {v} :: to overestimate (to judge too highly)
superestrela {mf} :: superstar (very famous person)
supereu {m} :: alternative form of superego
superfamília {f} [taxonomy] :: superfamily (category above family and below order)
superfamília {f} [molecular biology] :: superfamily (group of related proteins or other molecules)
superfaturar {v} :: to over-invoice (to issue an invoice with a higher price than what was actually paid, with the intention of enabling someone to steal the difference in money)
superficial {adj} :: Shallow, lacking substance
superfície {f} /su.pɨɾ.ˈfi.sjɨ/ :: surface (up-side of a flat object or of a liquid)
superfície {f} [geometry] :: surface (outside hull of a tangible object)
superfície {f} [figurative] :: tip of the iceberg (only the beginning of a larger situation)
superfluido {adj} [physics] :: superfluid (exhibiting superfluidity)
superfluido {m} [physics] :: superfluid (substance that exhibits superfluidity)
supérfluo {adj} :: superfluous (more than what is sufficient)
supérfluo {m} :: superfluity (something that is superfluous)
supergigante azul {f} [star] :: blue supergiant
super-herói {m} [fiction] :: superhero (a hero with superpowers)
super-homem {m} [philosophy] :: superman; übermensch (person who has transcended his humanity)
super-homem {m} [fiction] :: superman (person of extraordinary or superhuman powers)
super-humano {adj} :: superhuman (beyond what is possible for a human being)
super-humano {m} [fiction] :: superhuman (person with superpowers)
superintendência {f} :: superintendence (the act of superintending)
superintendência {f} :: superintendency (the condition of being a superintendent)
superintendência {f} :: the office or department of a superintendent
superintendente {mf} [management] :: superintendent
superior {adj} /su.pɨˈɾjoɾ/ :: upper, higher
superior {adj} :: better
superior {adj} :: superior
superior {m} :: boss
superior {m} :: head of a monastery
superioridade {f} /su.pɨ.ɾju.ɾi.ˈða.ðɨ/ :: superiority
superlativo {adj} [grammar] :: Of or relating to the superlative degree; superlative
superlativo {m} :: superlative
superlativo absoluto {m} :: absolute superlative (Romance superlative formed with the suffix -íssimo or a cognate)
superliga {f} :: superalloy
superliga {f} :: superleague
supermercado {m} /ˌsu.pɛɾ.mɨɾ.ˈka.du/ :: supermarket (large self-service store)
supermodelo {mf} :: supermodel (famous fashion model)
supernova {f} :: supernova
superóxido {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: superoxide
superpetroleiro {m} :: supertanker
superplasticidade {f} [physics] :: superplasticity
superpoder {m} :: superpower (fictional extraordinary ability)
superpopulação {f} :: overpopulation (population larger than a region can hold)
superposição {f} :: superposition
superposto {adj} :: which overlaps something else
superpotência {f} [geopolitics] /ˌsu.peʁ.po.ˈtẽ.sjɐ/ :: superpower (sovereign state with dominant status on the globe)
superpovoação {f} :: overpopulation (population larger than a region can hold)
superpovoamento {f} :: overpopulation (population larger than a region can hold)
superpredador {m} [ecology] :: apex predator (an animal atop the food chain)
supersaturação {f} [physics, chemistry] :: supersaturation
supersimetria {f} [physics] :: supersymmetry (theory that attempts to unify the fundamental physical forces)
supersónico {adj} [European orthography] :: supersonic (faster than the speed of sound)
supersônico {adj} :: supersonic
superstição {f} :: superstition
supersticiosamente {adv} :: superstitiously
supersticioso {adj} /su.pɨɾʃ.ti.ˈsjo.zu/ :: superstitious
supérstite {adj} :: surviving
superveniência {f} /su.peɾ.ve.niˈẽ.sja/ :: the state of an event occuring after another
superveniência {f} [philosophy] :: supervenience
supervisão {m} :: supervision (the act or instance of supervising)
supervisar {vt} :: to supervise (to be in charge of)
supervisor {m} [management] /supɛɾviˈzoɾ/ :: supervisor
supervivente {adj} :: alternative form of sobrevivente
supervivente {mf} :: alternative form of sobrevivente
supimpa {adj} [Brazil] :: excellent, grandiose, exceedingly superior
supino {adj} :: supine (lying on its back)
supino {m} [grammar] :: supine (type of verbal noun found in Latin)
supino {m} [weightlifting] :: bench press (exercise preformed by pushing a barbell while lying on a bench)
suplantar {v} /ˌsu.plɐ̃.ˈta(ɹ)/ :: to overcome; to beat; to defeat
suplantar {v} :: to supplant (to replace, to take the place of)
suplantar {v} :: to exceed (to be better than something)
suplementação {f} :: supplementation
suplementando {v} :: gerund of suplementar
suplementar {adj} :: additional
suplementar {adj} :: supplementary
suplementar {v} :: to supplement
suplemento {m} :: supplement
suplente {mf} :: substitute, surrogate (person that acts as a substitute)
supletivo {adj} :: suppletive
súplica {f} /ˈsuplikɐ/ :: supplication (humble request)
suplicante {adj} :: supplicant; supplicating (who makes a supplication)
suplicante {mf} :: supplicant (someone who makes a supplication)
suplicar {v} :: to beg; to supplicate
suplício {m} :: torment, suffering
suplício {m} :: torture
supondo {v} :: gerund of supor
supor {v} /su.ˈpoɾ/ :: to suppose, to assume
suportando {v} :: gerund of suportar
suportar {v} /supuɾˈtaɾ/ :: to support
suportar {v} :: to tolerate; put up with; take
suportável {adj} /supuɾˈtavɛɫ/ :: supportable, bearable, tolerable
suporte {m} /su.ˈpɔɾ.tɨ/ :: support (something which supports)
suporte {m} :: support; help; aid
suporte {m} :: support (answers and resolution of problems)
suporte {m} [heraldry] :: supporter
suporte atlético {m} :: jockstrap (supporter worn by men around the genitals during exercise)
suposição {f} /su.pu.zi.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: assumption; supposition (act of assuming or supposing something)
suposição {f} :: assumption; supposition (the thing supposed)
supositório {m} :: suppository (medicine inserted into the anus or vagina)
supostamente {adv} :: supposedly
suposto {adj} :: supposed
suposto {adj} :: assumed
supplantar {v} :: obsolete spelling of suplantar
supporte {m} :: obsolete spelling of suporte
supposição {f} :: obsolete spelling of suposição
supprimir {v} :: obsolete spelling of suprimir
supraciliar {adj} :: alternative form of superciliar
supracitado {adj} :: aforementioned (previously mentioned)
supramencionado {adj} :: abovementioned (mentioned above or previously)
supranacional {adj} :: supranational (of greater than national scope)
suprarrenal {adj} :: suprarenal (located above the kidney)
suprarrenal {f} [anatomy] :: adrenal gland (endocrine gland situated above the kidney)
suprassumo {m} :: the cream of the crop (the very best)
supremacia {f} /su.pɾɨ.mɐ.ˈsi.ɐ/ :: supremacy
supremacismo {m} :: supremacism
supremacista {adj} :: supremacist
supremacista {mf} :: supremacist
supremamente {adv} :: supremely (to the highest degree)
supremo {adj} /su.ˈpɾ :: dominant; supreme
supremo {adj} :: extreme; supreme (at the greatest, most excellent, extreme, etc.)
Supremo {prop} {m} :: clipping of Supremo Tribunal Federal
supremo tribunal {m} :: supreme court (court of law representing the highest legal authority)
Supremo Tribunal Federal {prop} {f} :: The supreme court in Brazil
supressão {f} :: suppression
supressão {f} :: removal, termination, cancellation
supressor {m} :: suppressor
suprimento {m} :: supply, provision
suprimir {v} /ˌsu.pɾi.ˈmi(ɹ)/ :: to suppress (to prevent publication)
suprimir {v} :: to suppress (to hold in place, to keep low)
suprimir {v} :: to eliminate; to get rid of
suprindo {v} :: gerund of suprir
suprir {v} /su.ˈpɾiɾ/ :: to supply, provide
suprir {v} :: to feed, provision
supuração {f} [medicine] :: suppuration (decay in tissue producing pus)
supurar {v} :: to suppurate (to form or discharge pus)
supurativo {adj} [medicine] :: suppurative (causing the production of pus)
suque {m} :: alternative form of souq
Surabaia {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Surabaya
Surabaya {prop} {f} :: Surabaya (city)
surata {f} :: sura
surdez {f} :: deafness
surdina {f} [music] :: mute, sordino
surdir {v} :: to emerge from the earth like a spring
surdir {v} :: to sprout
surdir {v} :: to appear; to show up; to protrude
surdir {v} :: to come forward; to advance
surdir {v} :: to result
surdo {adj} /ˈsuɾ.ðu/ :: Unable to hear; deaf
surdo-mudo {adj} :: deaf-mute
surdo-mudo {m} :: deaf-mute
surfactante {m} [chemistry] :: surfactant (agent that reduces the surface tension of a liquid)
surfactante {m} [biochemistry] :: surfactant (lipoprotein in the tissues of the lung)
surfar {v} /suɹ.ˈfa(ɹ)/ :: to surf (to ride a wave on a surfboard)
surfar {v} :: to surf (to browse the internet)
surfista {adj} :: Who rides a surfboard; surfer
surfista {adj} :: Who surfs the internet; surfer
surgimento {m} :: appearance (act of appearing)
surgindo {v} :: gerund of surgir
surgir {v} :: to emerge
surgir {v} :: to appear
suricata {morf} :: alternative form of suricate
suricate {mf} /ˌsu.ɾi.ˈka.t͡ʃi/ :: meerkat (small carnivorous mammal)
suricato {m} :: alternative form of suricate
Suriname {prop} {m} :: Suriname (country)
surinamense {adj} :: Surinamese (of, from or pertaining to Suriname)
surinamense {mf} :: Surinamese (person from Suriname)
surinamês {adj} :: Surinamese (of, from or pertaining to Suriname)
surinamês {m} :: Surinamese (person from Suriname)
surpreendendo {v} :: gerund of surpreender
surpreendente {adj} :: surprising
surpreendente {adj} :: magnificent, wondrous
surpreendentemente {adv} :: surprisingly
surpreendentemente {adv} :: wondrously, magnificently
surpreender {v} /suɾpɾjẽˈdeɾ/ :: to surprise
surpreender {v} :: to astonish
surpreendido {adj} /suɾ.pɾjẽ.ˈdi.ðu/ :: surprised
surpreendido {adj} :: astonished, amazed
surpreendido {adj} :: startled, perplexed
surprehendente {adj} :: superseded spelling of surpreendente
surpresa {f} /suɾ.ˈpɾe.zɐ/ :: surprise (something not expected)
surpresa {f} [uncountable] :: surprise (feeling that something unexpected has happened)
surpresa {f} :: a present; a gift
surprêsa {f} :: obsolete spelling of surpresa
surpreso {adj} /suɾ.ˈpɾe.zu/ :: surprised, astonished
surpreza {f} :: superseded spelling of surpresa
surrando {v} :: gerund of surrar
surrão {m} /su.ˈʁɐ̃w̃/ :: a shepherd’s leather bag
surrar {v} :: to beat, whip
surreal {adj} :: surreal
surrealismo {m} :: surrealism (artistic movement and aesthetic philosophy)
surripiar {vt} [colloquial] :: to steal (to take something illegally)
surrupiar {v} :: alternative form of surripiar
surtar {v} :: to go postal (to start to behave in a hysterical, angry or irrational manner)
surto {m} :: surge; outbreak (sudden rush or increase of something)
surto {m} :: breakdown (lapse of mental stability)
Surtsey {prop} {f} :: Surtsey (island)
surtseyano {adj} [geology, of a volcanic eruption] :: Surtseyan (taking place in shallow seas or lakes)
surucuá {mf} [Brazil] :: trogon (bird of the family Trogonidae)
surucucu {m} :: bushmaster
sus {interj} :: come on! (inducing courage or willpower)
Susana {prop} {f} /su.ˈzɐ.nɐ/ :: given name
Susana {prop} {f} [biblical character] :: Susanna (woman falsely accused of adultery)
susceptibilidade {f} :: susceptibility
susceptível {adj} :: capable
susceptível {adj} :: susceptible
suscetível {adj} :: susceptible
suscetível {adj} :: sensitive
suscitar {vt} :: to provoke; to cause; to bring about
suserano {m} :: suzerain (feudal landowner to whom peasants were forced to pledge allegiance)
sushi {m} :: sushi (Japanese dish of rice with vinegar)
sushi {m} [proscribed] :: sushi (raw fish in Japanese cuisine)
suspeição {f} :: suspicion (act of suspecting something or someone)
suspeita {f} /suʃˈpɐjtɐ/ :: suspicion
suspeita {f} :: feminine noun of suspeito
suspeitamente {adv} :: suspiciously (to a degree that makes one suspect something)
suspeitando {v} :: gerund of suspeitar
suspeitar {v} :: to suspect
suspeito {adj} :: suspicious, suspect
suspeito {m} :: suspect
suspeitosamente {adv} :: suspiciously (in a manner suggesting suspicion)
suspeitoso {adj} :: suspicious (expressing suspicion)
suspender {vt} :: to suspend; to hang
suspender {vt} :: to suspend (to halt something temporarily)
suspensão {f} :: suspension (all senses)
suspensão {f} :: interruption
suspensão {f} :: postponement, stay
suspense {m} :: suspense (the excited anticipation of an outcome)
suspense {m} [fiction] :: thriller (a suspenseful, sensational genre of fiction)
suspensivo {adj} :: suspensive
suspensivo {adj} :: suspensory
suspenso {adj} /suʃ.ˈpẽ.su/ :: suspended
suspensório {m} :: suspender
suspeyta {f} :: obsolete spelling of suspeita
suspeytar {v} :: obsolete spelling of suspeitar
suspirando {v} :: gerund of suspirar
suspirar {v} /suʃ.pi.ˈɾaɾ/ :: to sigh
suspiro {m} /suʃ.ˈpi.ɾu/ :: sigh
suspiro {m} :: meringue
sussa {adj} [Brazil, slang] :: fine, okay
sussurrando {v} :: gerund of sussurrar
sussurrar {v} :: to whisper, murmur
sussurrar {v} :: to rustle
sussurro {m} /su.ˈsu.ʁu/ :: whisper (the act of speaking in a quiet voice)
sustança {f} :: nourishment (something that nourishes)
sustância {f} :: alternative form of sustança
sustando {v} :: gerund of sustar
sustar {v} :: to halt, suspend, interrupt
sustenido {adj} [music, of a note] :: sharp (played a semitone higher than usual)
sustenido {m} [music] :: sharp (sign for a sharp note on the staff)
sustentabilidade {f} :: sustainability (the ability to sustain something)
sustentabilidade {f} [ecology] :: sustainability (the ability to carry out human activities without affecting the natural environment)
sustentação {f} :: sustentation; sustainment (act of sustaining)
sustentação {f} :: lift (upward force that keeps aircraft aloft)
sustentação {f} :: support
sustentando {v} :: gerund of sustentar
sustentar {v} /suʃ.tẽ.ˈtaɾ/ :: to sustain
sustentar {v} :: to support, underpin
sustentável {adj} :: tenable
sustentável {adj} :: defensible
sustentável {adj} :: bearable
suster {v} /suʃ.ˈteɾ/ :: to support (to keep from falling)
suster {v} :: to sustain (to provide for or nourish something)
suster {v} :: to detain (to keep (someone) from proceeding)
suster {v} :: to contain; to enclose
susto {m} /ˈsuʃ.tu/ :: fright, scare
susto {m} :: fear, terror
sutiã {m} /su.ˈtjɐ̃/ :: bra; brassiere
sutil {adj} [Brazilian orthography] /su.ˈt͡ʃiw/ :: subtle (not obvious; barely noticeable)
sutil {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: subtle (cleverly contrived)
sutil {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: subtle; cunning, skillful
sútil {adj} /ˈsu.t͡ʃiw/ :: amended, made with conjoined pieces, sewn
sútil {adj} :: made with leather pieces that overlap over each other, especially of objects made by the Scythians
sútil {adj} :: formed by flowers that overlap over each other
sutileza {f} [uncountable] :: subtlety (the quality of being subtle)
sutileza {f} [countable] :: subtlety (a subtle thing or act)
sutilmente {adv} [Brazilian orthography] :: subtly
sutra {m} [linguistics] :: sutra (a rule or thesis in Sanskrit grammar)
sutra {m} [Buddhism, Hinduism] :: sutra (a scriptural narrative)
sutura {f} :: suture (seam formed by sewing two edges (especially of skin) together)
Suva {prop} {f} :: Suva (capital city)
suvenir {m} :: souvenir
Suzanápolis {prop} :: Suzanápolis (placename)
Suzano {prop} :: Suzano (placename)
Svalbard {prop} {f} :: Svalbard (archipelago/and/territory)
swahili {m} :: alternative form of suaíli
swahili {adj} :: alternative form of suaíli
Swansea {prop} {f} /ˈswɐ̃.si/ :: Swansea (city)
swazi {m} :: Swazi; Swati (Bantu language primarily spoken in Swaziland)
swazi {mf} :: Swazi (person from Swaziland)
swazi {adj} :: Swazi (of, from or relating to Swaziland)
swázi {m} :: alternative spelling of swazi
swázi {mf} :: alternative spelling of swazi
swázi {adj} :: alternative spelling of swazi
sweep {m} [electric guitar] /ˈswip/ :: sweep (arpeggio played with a single movement of the picking hand)
swell {m} [surfing] :: swell (series of waves)
swing {m} :: swing (a dance and music style)
swing {m} :: swinging (exchange of partners for sex)
switch {m} [networking] /ˈswit͡ʃ/ :: switch (device connecting multiple wires, allowing them to communicate simultaneously)
switch {m} [computing] :: switch (command line notation allowing specification of optional behaviour)
switch {m} [programming] :: switch (construct that takes different actions depending on the value of an expression)
sy {pron} :: obsolete spelling of si
Sydney {prop} {f} /ˈsid͡ʒ.nej/ :: Sydney (city)
Sydney {prop} {f} :: Sydney (former city)
Sydney {prop} {m} :: given name
syllogismo {m} :: obsolete spelling of silogismo
sylphide {f} :: obsolete spelling of sílfide
Sylt {prop} {f} :: Sylt (island)
Sylveira {prop} {mf} :: obsolete spelling of Silveira
Sylvia {prop} {f} :: given name, a spelling variant of Sílvia
symbolico {adj} :: obsolete spelling of simbólico
symbólico {adj} [uncommon] :: obsolete spelling of simbólico
symbolo {m} :: superseded spelling of símbolo
symmetria {f} :: obsolete spelling of simetria
symmétrico {adj} :: obsolete spelling of simétrico
symptoma {m} :: obsolete spelling of sintoma
syncope {f} :: obsolete spelling of síncope
Syracusa {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Siracusa
Syracuse {prop} {f} :: Syracuse (city)
Syrah {f} :: Shiraz (variety of black grape)
Syria {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Síria
Sysipho {prop} {m} :: obsolete spelling of Sísifo
systematizar {v} :: obsolete spelling of sistematizar
Szczecin {prop} {f} :: Szczecin (city)
Szechwan {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Sichuan
Szeged {prop} {f} :: Szeged (city)
Szegedin {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Szeged
szlachta {f} :: Szlachta (the nobility of Poland, Slovakia and Lithuania)