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g {n}  :: See under G
G {letter}  :: letter: gi
gabapentin {m} [medicine]  :: gabapentin
gabardine {m}  :: The woolen cloth gabardine
gabardine {m}  :: An overcoat or raincoat, (originally) of this material
gabba {f}  :: alternative form of gabbo
Gabba {prop}  :: surname
gabbacompagno {m}  :: crook
gabbacristiani {mf}  :: trickster
gabbana {f}  :: An overcoat with a hood
Gabbana {prop}  :: surname
Gabbana {prop}  :: Stefano Gabbana, Italian designer
gabbanella {f}  :: white coat
gabbanella {f}  :: housecoat, dressing gown
gabbano {m}  :: Loose overcoat
gabbano {m}  :: overall
gabbante {v}  :: present participle of gabbare
gabbare {vt}  :: to deceive, trick
gabbare {vt}  :: to cheat, dupe, diddle
gabbeo {m}  :: A board where salt is left to drain and dry
gabbia {f}  :: cage, hutch
gabbia {f}  :: clink (gaol)
gabbia {f}  :: crate, skip
gabbia {f}  :: muzzle
gabbia {f}  :: lookout, watch tower
gabbia {f} [nautical]  :: crow's nest
gabbianella {f}  :: little gull
gabbianello {m}  :: little gull (Larus minutus)
gabbiano {m}  :: gull, seagull
gabbiano comune {m}  :: black-headed gull
gabbiano reale {m}  :: herring gull
gabbiano tridattilo {m}  :: kittiwake, properly the black-legged kittiwake
gabbiata {f}  :: cageful of animals
gabbia toracica {f} [skeleton]  :: rib cage
gabbiere {m} [nautical]  :: topman
gabbietta {f}  :: A small cage
gabbio {m} [slang]  :: jail, prison
gabbionata {f}  :: gabionade
gabbione {m}  :: gabion
gabbione {m}  :: dock (for a prisoner in a court)
gabbiotto {m}  :: porter's lodge
gabbo {m}  :: joke, trick, prank
gabella {f} [obsolete]  :: duty (tax on goods)
gabellante {v}  :: present participle of gabellare
gabellare {vt}  :: to tax, excise
gabellare {vt}  :: to pass off (as)
gabelliere {m}  :: excise officer, tax collector
gabellotto {m}  :: A type of sharecropper in Sicily
gabinetto {m}  :: cabinet
gabinetto {m}  :: ministry, government
gabinetto {m}  :: toilet, lavatory
gabola {f}  :: hassle
Gabon {prop}  :: Gabon
gabonese {adj}  :: Gabonese
gabonese {mf}  :: Gabonese
Gabriele {prop}  :: Gabriel [biblical character]
Gabriele {prop}  :: given name of biblical origin
Gabrieli {prop}  :: surname
Gabriella {prop}  :: given name, feminine form of Gabriele
Gadda {prop}  :: surname
Gadda {prop}  :: Carlo Emilio Gadda, Italian writer
Gaddo {prop} [rare]  :: given name; a short form of Gherardo, Girardo, etc
gadget {m}  :: gadget (small device)
gaditano {adj}  :: Gaditanian
gadolinio {m} [chemistry]  :: gadolinium
gadopentetico {adj}  :: gadopentetic
gadoterico {adj}  :: gadoteric
gaelico {adj}  :: Gaelic (all senses)
gaelico {m}  :: Gaelic (Scottish and Irish languages)
Gaeta {prop}  :: A coastal town in the province of Latina in Lazio
Gaetano {prop}  :: given name
gaettone {m}  :: dogwatch
gaffa {f} [nautical]  :: gaff (hooked pole)
gaffe {f}  :: gaffe, blunder, boob
gagà {m}  :: fop, dandy
gagate {f} [mineralogy]  :: jet
gaggia {f}  :: acacia
gaggianese {adj}  :: Of or from Gaggiano
Gaggiano {prop}  :: A small town in the province of Milano in Lombardia
Gaggini {prop}  :: surname
gaggio {m} [obsolete]  :: pledge, guarantee
gaggio {m} [obsolete, law, finance]  :: deposit, security, guaranty (guarantee that debt will be paid; property relinquished to ensure this)
gaggio {m} [obsolete]  :: wage, salary
gaggio {m} [obsolete, figurative]  :: reward, prize
Gaggiolo {prop}  :: An area around the town of Cantello in Lombardy
Gaggiolo {prop}  :: Any of several rivers and villages throughtout Italy
gaginesco {adj}  :: Gaginesque
Gagliano {prop}  :: surname
gagliarda {f} [printing, dated]  :: Galliard: the size of type between piccolo testo and Garamone, standardized as 8 Didot points (3.00 or 3.01 mm)
gagliarda {f}  :: The galliard, a 16th-century European dance
gagliardamente {adv}  :: strongly, robustly
gagliardamente {adv}  :: vigorously
gagliardetto {m}  :: pennant
Gagliardi {prop}  :: surname
gagliardia {f}  :: strength, vigour
gagliardo {adj}  :: strong, robust, spanking
gagliardo {adj}  :: vigorous
gaglioffaggine {f}  :: foolishness
gaglioffaggine {f}  :: loutishness
gaglioffo {adj}  :: loutish
gaglioffo {adj}  :: clumsy
gaiamente {adv}  :: gaily, cheerfully, merrily
gaiezza {f}  :: gaiety, cheerfulness, playfulness, frolic
gaiezza {f}  :: brightness (of colour)
gaio {adj}  :: cheerful, happy
gaio {adj}  :: bright (colours)
gaio {adj}  :: gay (original meaning)
gala {f}  :: bow (ornament on a dress etc)
gala {f}  :: bow tie (large)
gala {f}  :: frill (guarnizione di trine o stoffa increspata)
gala {m}  :: gala
gala {m}  :: festivity
galactomannano {m} [carbohydrate]  :: galactomannan
galagone {m}  :: bush baby (of genus Galago)
galalite {f}  :: galalith
galanga {f}  :: galangal
galano {m}  :: (especially in plural) synonym of chiacchiera (dessert)
galante {adj}  :: gallant, chivalrous
galante {adj}  :: amorous, romantic
galante {m}  :: gallant
galanteria {f}  :: gallantry
galanteria {f}  :: gentlemanliness
galantina {f}  :: galantine
galantuomo {m}  :: gentleman
Galaso {prop}  :: A river that flows in Puglia
galassia {f}  :: galaxy
galassia {f}  :: Milky Way
galassia a spirale {f}  :: spiral galaxy
galassia nana {f} [astronomy]  :: dwarf galaxy
galassia spirale {f} [astronomy]  :: spiral galaxy
galata {adj}  :: Galatian
galateo {m} [chiefly uncountable]  :: etiquette, good manners
Galati {prop} [biblical]  :: Galatians
galattagogo {m} [medicine]  :: galactagogue
galattagogo {adj} [medicine]  :: galactagogic
galattano {m} [carbohydrate]  :: galactan
galatticamente {adv}  :: galactically
galattico {adj}  :: galactic
galattina {f} [biochemistry]  :: galactin
galatto- {prefix}  :: galacto-
galattofago {adj}  :: galactophagous
galattoforo {adj}  :: galactophorous
galattogeno {adj}  :: galactagogic
galattogeno {m} [carbohydrate]  :: galactogen
galattomannano {m} [carbohydrate]  :: galactomannan
galattometro {m}  :: galactometer
galattopoiesi {f}  :: galactopoiesis
galattorrea {f} [pathology]  :: galactorrhea
galattosammina {f} [organic compound]  :: galactosamine
galattosemia {f} [medicine]  :: galactosemia
galattosio {m}  :: galactose
galatturonano {m} [carbohydrate]  :: galacturonan
galatturonato {m}  :: galacturonate
galatturonico {adj}  :: galacturonic
galatturonide {m} [carbohydrate]  :: galacturonide
galaverna {f} [weather]  :: soft rime
galbano {m}  :: galbanum
galbula {f}  :: jacamar
galbulo {m} [botany]  :: cone
galea {f} [nautical]  :: galley (slender Mediterranean ship propelled primarily by oars and sails)
galea {f}  :: helmet (roman leather helmet)
galea aponeurotica {f} [anatomy]  :: galea aponeurotica
Galeati {prop}  :: surname
galeazza {f} [nautical]  :: galleass
galectina {f} [protein]  :: galectin
galenico {adj}  :: galenical
galenico {m} [pharmacology]  :: galenical
Galeno {prop}  :: Galen (the physician)
Galïeno {prop}  :: medieval spelling of Galeno
galeone {m}  :: galleon
galeopiteco {m}  :: galeopithecus
galeotta {f}  :: convict (female)
galeotto {m}  :: (historically) galley slave
galeotto {m}  :: convict
Galeotto {prop} [rare]  :: given name corresponding to the French Galehault
galera {f} [colloquial]  :: prison, jail, jug
galera {f} [nautical]  :: galley (long ship propelled primarily by oars)
galero {m}  :: galero
galestro {m} [geology]  :: marl
galestroso {adj} [geology]  :: marly
Galiazzo {prop}  :: surname
Galiazzo {prop}  :: Marco Galiazzo, Italian archer
Galilea {prop}  :: Galilee
Galilei {prop}  :: surname
Galilei {prop}  :: Galileo Galilei, famous Italian scientist and "father of observational astronomy"
galileiano {adj}  :: Galilean
Galileo {prop}  :: given name
Galizia {prop}  :: Galicia
galiziano {adj}  :: Galician
galiziano {m}  :: Galician
galla {f}  :: gall
galla {f}  :: acorn
galla {f}  :: round pill
galla {f}  :: pimple (caused by sunburn)
galla {f}  :: hairgrip
gallante {v}  :: present participle of gallare
Gallarate {prop}  :: a town in the province of Varese in Lombardy in Italy
gallaratese {adj}  :: Of, or from, Gallarate
gallaratese {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Gallarate
gallare {vt} [rare]  :: To fertilize an egg
gallare {vi} [rare]  :: To be fertilized an egg
gallato {adj}  :: fertilized
gallatura {f}  :: fertilization
galleggiabilità {f}  :: buoyancy
galleggiamento {m}  :: floating
galleggiante {v}  :: present participle of galleggiare
galleggiante {adj}  :: floating
galleggiante {m}  :: float
galleggiante {m}  :: barge
galleggiante {m}  :: buoy
galleggiare {vi}  :: To float
gallego {m}  :: Galician [language]
galleina {f} [organic compound]  :: gallein
galleria {f}  :: tunnel
galleria {f}  :: gallery, arcade
galleria {f}  :: balcony or circle (in a theatre)
galleria d'armi {f}  :: armoury
galleria d'arte {f}  :: art gallery
galleria del vento {f}  :: wind tunnel
gallerista {mf}  :: gallerist
gallerista {mf}  :: art dealer
Galles {prop}  :: Wales
gallese {adj}  :: Welsh
gallese {m}  :: Welshman
gallese {m}  :: (in plural, referring to the people of Wales: i gallesi) the Welsh
gallese {f}  :: Welshwoman
galletta {f}  :: cracker (biscuit)
galletta {f} [nautical]  :: ship's biscuit
galletto {m}  :: cockerel
galletto {m}  :: cocky young man
galletto {m}  :: wing nut
galletto {m} [mushrooms]  :: chanterelle, golden chanterelle, girolle (Cantharellus cibarius)
Galli {prop}  :: Gauls
gallicanesimo {m}  :: Gallicanism
gallicano {adj}  :: Gallic, Gallican
Gallicano {prop}  :: A small town in the province of Lucca in Tuscany
galliciano {adj}  :: Galician (pertaining to the people or language of Galicia)
gallicismo {m}  :: gallicism
gallicizzante {v}  :: present participle of gallicizzare
gallicizzare {vt}  :: to gallicize
gallico {adj}  :: Gallic, French
gallico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: gallic
gallico {m} [singular only]  :: Gaulish (language)
gallicolo {adj}  :: gallicolous
galligeno {adj}  :: galligenic, gallogenic (producing galls)
gallina {f}  :: hen
gallinaccio {m}  :: chanterelle
gallinaccio {m}  :: turkey
gallinaceo {adj}  :: gallinaceous
gallinaceo {m}  :: gallinacean
gallina dalle uova d'oro {f} [figuratively, idiomatic]  :: the golden goose (something that generates profit or gives great advantages)
gallinaio {m}  :: synonym of pollaio
gallina prataiola {f}  :: little bustard
gallinella {f}  :: young hen
gallinella {f}  :: gurnard
gallinella d'acqua {f}  :: moorhen
gallio {m} [chemistry]  :: gallium
Gallipoli {prop}  :: A town in the Lecce province of Puglia
Gallipoli {prop}  :: Gallipoli (town and peninsula in Turkey)
gallipolino {adj}  :: Of or from Gallipoli (town in Puglia)
gallismo {m}  :: machismo
gallo {m}  :: rooster, cock
gallo {adj}  :: Gallic
gallo- {prefix}  :: Gallo-
galloccia {f} [nautical]  :: cleat, kevel
gallo cedrone {m}  :: capercaillie or wood grouse
gallofobia {f}  :: Gallophobia
galloitalico {adj}  :: Variant of gallo-italico
gallo-italico {adj}  :: Gallo-Italian
gallomania {f}  :: Francomania, Gallomania
gallonante {v}  :: present participle of gallonare
gallonare {vt}  :: To braid
gallonato {adj}  :: braided; gallooned
gallonato {adj}  :: liveried
gallonato {adj}  :: brass
gallone {m}  :: stripe, chevron (military insignia)
gallone {m}  :: braid, galloon
gallone {m}  :: gallon
galloromanzo {adj}  :: Gallo-Romance
galloromanzo {m}  :: Gallo-Romance (language)
gallozzola {f}  :: blister
gallozzola {f}  :: bubble (in a liquid)
Gallura {prop}  :: A historic region of Sardinia, once an independent state
gallurese {adj}  :: of or from Gallura
gallurese {mf}  :: a native or inhabitant of Gallura
gallurese {m}  :: Gallurese (lect)
galoche {f}  :: galosh(es)
galoppante {v}  :: present participle of galoppare
galoppante {adj}  :: galloping
galoppare {vi}  :: to gallop
galoppare {vi}  :: to rush around
galoppata {f}  :: gallop
galoppata {f}  :: run
galoppatoio {m}  :: riding track
galoppatore {m}  :: galloper
galoppino {m}  :: errand boy, gofer
galoppino {m}  :: canvasser
galoppo {m}  :: gallop
galoscia {f}  :: galosh
Galtarossa {prop}  :: surname
Galtarossa {prop}  :: Rossano Galtarossa, Italian rower
Galuppi {prop}  :: surname
Galuppi {prop}  :: Baldassare Galuppi, Italian composer
Galvani {prop}  :: surname
Galvani {prop}  :: Luigi Galvani, Italian physician and anatomist
galvanico {adj}  :: galvanic
galvanismo {m}  :: galvanism
galvanizzante {v}  :: present participle of galvanizzare
galvanizzare {vt}  :: to galvanize [all senses]
galvanizzatore {m}  :: galvanizer
galvanizzazione {f}  :: galvanization (all senses)
galvano- {prefix}  :: electricity or galvanism
galvano {m}  :: electrotype
Galvano {prop}  :: Gawain
Galvano {prop}  :: Gavin
galvanometria {f} [physics]  :: galvanometry
galvanometro {m} [physics]  :: galvanometer
galvanoplastica {f}  :: galvanoplasty
galvanoplastica {f}  :: galvanoplastics
galvanoplastico {adj}  :: galvanoplastic
galvanoscopio {m}  :: galvanoscope
galvanostegia {f}  :: electroplating
galvanostegista {mf}  :: electroplater
galvanotecnica {f}  :: electroplating (science and technology of)
galvanoterapia {f}  :: electrotherapy
galvanotipia {f}  :: electrotype
galvanotipista {mf}  :: electrotypist
gamba {f}  :: leg [from knee to ankle]
gamba {f}  :: leg [of furniture]
gamba {f}  :: stroke [of a letter]
gambacorta {mf}  :: lame person
gambacorta {mf}  :: short-legged person
Gambadilegno {prop}  :: Peg Leg Pete, Black Pete (Disney character)
gambale {m}  :: legging
gambale {m}  :: bootleg (part of a boot that covers the leg)
gambalesta {mf} [colloquial]  :: A fast runner
gambaletto {m}  :: knee sock
gambaletto {m}  :: leg cast
gambaletto {m}  :: air cast
gambalunga {mf}  :: A person with long legs
Gambarogno {prop}  :: A small town in the Ticino canton of Switzerland
gambasecca {n}  :: fairy ring mushroom (of genus Marasmius)
gambecchio {m}  :: Any of several small birds, but especially the little stint (Calidris minuta); more fully gambecchio comune
gamberetto {m}  :: shrimp
gambero {m}  :: prawn
gamberone {m}  :: Any of various large prawns
gambese {adj}  :: Gambian
gambesecche {f} [mushrooms]  :: scotch bonnet, fairy ring mushroom (Marasmius oreades)
gambetta {f}  :: Little leg
gambetto {m}  :: gambit (in chess)
Gambia {prop}  :: Gambia
gambiana {f}  :: Gambian (female)
gambiano {adj}  :: Gambian
gambiano {m}  :: Gambian
gambiera {f}  :: greave
gambina {f}  :: Little leg
gambino {m}  :: A ditch supplying water to a paddy field
gambino {m}  :: The rear part of the upper of a shoe
gambino {m}  :: A short pit prop
gambista {mf} [music]  :: A person who plays the viola da gamba
gambizzante {v}  :: present participle of gambizzare
gambizzare {vt}  :: to kneecap [shoot in the leg]
gambizzato {adj}  :: kneecapped (shot in the leg)
gambizzazione {f}  :: kneecapping (shooting in the leg)
gambo {m}  :: stem, stalk, stipe
gambotta {f} [colloquial, especially in plural]  :: Muscular upper leg(s) (especially of a woman)
gambusia {f}  :: gambusia
gamella {f}  :: mess tin
gamella {f}  :: billy, billycan
gamete {m} [cytology]  :: gamete
gametico {adj}  :: gametic
gametocita {m}  :: gametocyte
gametofitico {adj} [biology]  :: gametophytic
gametofito {m} [biology]  :: gametophyte
gametogamia {f} [biology]  :: gametogony
gametogenesi {n}  :: gametogenesis
-gamia {suffix}  :: -gamy
gamia {f} [biology]  :: gamic (sexual) reproduction
gamico {adj} [biology]  :: gamic
gamma {mf}  :: The name of the Greek-script letter Γ/γ; gamma
gamma {f}  :: range, gamut
gammaglobulina {f} [protein]  :: gamma globulin
gammaglobulinemia {f} [medicine]  :: gammaglobulinemia
gammato {adj}  :: Only used in the term croce gammata
gammopatia {f} [disease]  :: gammopathy
-gamo {suffix}  :: -gamous
gamopetalo {adj} [botany]  :: gamopetalous
gamosepalo {adj} [botany]  :: gamosepalous
gamurra {f}  :: a long shabby coat
ganascia {f}  :: jaw
ganascino {m}  :: cheek (of the face)
gancetto {m}  :: Little hook
gancetto {m}  :: háček
gancino {m} [dentistry]  :: Any of several small hooks used to hold a dental appliance / brace in position
gancio {m}  :: hook (all senses)
Gand {prop}  :: Ghent, the capital city of the province of East Flanders, Belgium
gandarico {adj}  :: Gandharan
gandhismo {m}  :: Gandhism
Gandolfo {prop}  :: given name
Ganellone {prop}  :: Ganelon
gang {n}  :: gang, specifically:
gang {n} [dated]  :: A group of people
gang {n} [dated]  :: A group of laborers under one foreman
gang {n}  :: A criminal group
ganga {f} [rare]  :: A criminal group
ganga {f} [jocular]  :: A group of people
Gange {prop}  :: Ganges (river)
Gangemi {prop}  :: surname
gangetico {adj}  :: Gangetic
gangherella {f}  :: eye (for a hook)
ganghero {m}  :: hinge
ganghista {mf} [colloquial]  :: A member of a gang
gangliare {adj}  :: ganglial
gangliforme {adj} [anatomy]  :: gangliform
ganglio {m} [anatomy]  :: ganglion
ganglioma {m} [pathology]  :: ganglioneuroma
ganglioside {m} [biochemistry]  :: ganglioside
gangliosidosi {f} [pathology]  :: gangliosidosis
gangrena {f}  :: alternative form of cancrena; gangrene
gangrenoso {adj}  :: gangrenous
gangster {mf}  :: gangster
gangsterismo {m}  :: gangsterism
gangsteristico {adj}  :: gangster, gangsterism (attributive)
ganimede {m}  :: dandy, fop, beau
Ganimede {prop}  :: Ganymede
ganzo {adj} [archaic]  :: extra-marriage lover
ganzo {adj} [colloquial]  :: smart, clever, cool
gappista {adj}  :: Relating to the resistance movement Gruppi di Azione Patriottica
gara {f}  :: competition (the act of competing)
gara {f} [sports]  :: competition; contest; event; race
gara d'appalto {f} [legal]  :: tender (formal offer to buy or sell something)
garage {m}  :: garage (domestic storage for a car; motor repair facility)
garagista {mf}  :: owner or manager of a garage
garagista {mf}  :: car mechanic
garante {adj}  :: guarantee, guarantor (attributive)
garante {mf}  :: guarantor
garantente {v}  :: present participle of garantire
garantentesi {v}  :: present participle of garantirsi
garantire {vt}  :: to guarantee, warrant, ensure, assure
garantire {vt}  :: to vouch for, stand guarantor for
garantirsi {v}  :: reflexive of garantire
garantirsi {v}  :: to secure oneself, insure oneself
garantismo {m} [legal]  :: The guarantee of civil liberties
garantista {adj}  :: respectful of civil liberties
garantista {f}  :: advocate of civil liberties
garantistico {adj}  :: respectful of civil rights or civil liberties
garantito {adj}  :: guaranteed
garantito {adj}  :: certain
garantitosi {v}  :: past participle of garantirsi
garanza {f}  :: madder
garanzia {f}  :: guarantee, warrant, security
garbante {v}  :: present participle of garbare
garbare {vi}  :: to like, to suit
garbatamente {adv}  :: politely, courteously
garbatezza {f}  :: courtesy, politeness
garbatezza {f}  :: kindness
garbato {adj}  :: courteous, polite
garbato {adj}  :: kind
garbino {m}  :: the south-west wind that blows on the Adriatic coasts
garbo {m}  :: politeness, gentleness, tact, grace
garbo {m}  :: graceful form
garbo {m} [nautical]  :: curvature of the hull
garbuglio {m}  :: tangle
garbuglio {m}  :: muddle, mess
garbuglione {m}  :: muddler
Garda {prop}  :: A small town, on the shore of Lake Garda, in the Verona province of veneto
gardenese {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Val Gardena; Gardenese
gardenese {mf}  :: A native or inhabitant of Val Gardena; a Gardenese
gardenese {m}  :: Gardenese (Ladin dialect spoken in Val Gardena)
gardenia {f}  :: gardenia
gardense {adj}  :: Of or from Lake Garda
gardesano {adj}  :: Of or from Garda or the area around Lake Garda
gareggiamento {m}  :: competition
gareggiante {v}  :: present participle of gareggiare
gareggiare {vi}  :: to compete, vie
garenna {f}  :: rabbit warren
Garfagnana {prop}  :: A historic region of central Italy within the modern province of Lucca in Tuscany
garfagnino {adj}  :: Of or from the Garfagnana
garganella {f}  :: Used only in the phrase "bere a garganella" - to drink from the bottle
garganico {adj}  :: Of or from Gargano
Gargano {prop}  :: A peninsula on the coast of Puglia (often represented as the spur of the boot of Italy)
gargantuesco {adj}  :: gargantuan
gargarismo {m}  :: gargle
gargarizzante {v}  :: present participle of gargarizzare
gargarizzare {vi}  :: To gargle
gargarozzo {m} [colloquial]  :: throat, gullet
gargolla {f}  :: gargoyle (grotesque water spout)
gargouille {f}  :: gargoyle (grotesque water spout)
Garibaldi {prop}  :: surname
Garibaldi {prop}  :: Giuseppe Garibaldi, Italian general and patriot
Garibaldi {prop}  :: Anita Garibaldi, Italian patriot and wife of Giuseppe Garibaldi
garibaldina {f}  :: A supporter of Giuseppe Garibaldi
garibaldino {adj}  :: Garibaldian (of or pertaining to Giuseppe Garibaldi)
garibaldino {m}  :: A supporter of Garibaldi
gariga {f}  :: garrigue
Garigliano {prop}  :: A river that flows in Lazio
gariglio {m}  :: alternative form of gheriglio
garitta {f}  :: sentry-box
garnettante {v}  :: present participle of garnettare
garnettare {v}  :: to garnett
garnettatrice {f}  :: garnett (machine)
garnettatura {f}  :: garnetting (process)
Garobbio {prop}  :: surname
garofanino {m}  :: synonym of epilobio
garofano {m}  :: (Dianthus) pink
garofano {m}  :: (Dianthus caryophyllus) carnation, clove pink
Garonna {prop}  :: Garonne (river)
garçonnière {f}  :: bachelor pad
garçonnière {f}  :: love nest
Garozzo {prop}  :: surname
garrente {v}  :: present participle of garrire
garrese {m}  :: withers
garretto {m}  :: hock (of a quadruped)
garrire {vi}  :: to chirp (of birds)
garrire {vi} [obsolete]  :: to chatter
garrito {m}  :: chirping (of birds)
Garrone {prop}  :: surname
Garrone {prop}  :: Matteo Garrone, Italian film maker
garrota {f}  :: garrote
garrotante {v}  :: present participle of garrotare
garrotare {v}  :: To garrote
garrotta {f}  :: garrote
garrulità {f}  :: garrulity
garrulo {adj}  :: chirping (bird)
garrulo {adj}  :: talkative, garrulous
garza {f}  :: gauze
garzante {v}  :: present participle of garzare
garzare {v}  :: to teasel
garzatore {m}  :: teaseler (person)
garzatrice {f}  :: teaseler (machine, female person)
garzatura {f}  :: teaseling (operation)
garzetta {f}  :: little egret (Egretta garzetta)
garzo {m}  :: teasel
garzone {m}  :: boy (that assists, or runs errands in a shop)
garzone {m}  :: errand boy
garzone {m}  :: apprentice
gas {m}  :: gas (state of matter, petroleum)
gas {m}  :: petrol
gas {m}  :: poison gas
gasante {v}  :: present participle of gasare
gasare {vt}  :: to aerate (add fizz to liquid)
gasare {vt}  :: to gas (kill by gassing)
gasato {adj}  :: aerated
gasato {adj}  :: killed by gassing
gasato {adj}  :: high (slang: stoned)
gascromatografia {f} [chemistry]  :: gas chromatography
gascromatografico {adj}  :: gas chromatography (attributive)
gascromatografo {m} [chemistry]  :: gas chromatograph
gasdinamica {f} [physics]  :: gas dynamics
gasdotto {m}  :: gas pipeline
gas esilarante {m} [chemistry, ]  :: laughing gas, nitrous oxide
gas ideale {m} [physics]  :: ideal gas
gasiera {f}  :: gasworks
gasindio {m}  :: A feudal vassal of the king in the time of the Lombards
gasista {m}  :: A gas mechanic or engineer
gas naturale {m}  :: natural gas
gas naturale liquefatto {m}  :: liquefied natural gas
gasogeno {m}  :: gas producer
gasolina {f}  :: petrol / gasoline
gasolio {m}  :: diesel oil, derv
gasometrico {adj}  :: gasometric
gasometro {m}  :: gasometer (large storage container)
gasoso {adj}  :: gaseous (Variant of: gassoso)
Gaspare {prop}  :: given name, cognate to the English Caspar and Jasper
Gaspare {prop}  :: Caspar of the Magi
gas perfetto {m} [physics]  :: ideal gas
Gasperi {prop}  :: surname
gassa {f} [nautical]  :: stopper knot
gassante {v}  :: present participle of gassare
gassare {vt}  :: To aerate or carbonate
gassare {vt}  :: To gas (to kill with poisonous gas)
gassato {adj}  :: carbonated, fizzy, sparkling
gassatura {f}  :: aeration, carbonation (of a liquid)
gassatura {f}  :: gassing (killing with gas)
gas serra {m}  :: greenhouse gas
gassificante {v}  :: present participle of gassificare
gassificare {v}  :: to gasify
gassificatore {m}  :: gasifier
gassificazione {f}  :: gasification (of coal)
gassista {mf}  :: gas fitter or engineer
gassogeno {m}  :: Variant of gasogeno
gassometria {f}  :: gasometry
gassometro {m}  :: Variant of gasometro
gassosa {f}  :: fizzy drink; pop
gassoso {adj}  :: gaseous
gastaldo {m}  :: chamberlain (in a medieval court)
gasteropode {m}  :: gastropod
Gastone {prop}  :: given name, cognate to French Gaston
gastr- {prefix}  :: gastr-
gastralgia {f} [pathology]  :: gastralgia, stomach pain
gastrectasia {f} [medicine]  :: gastrectasia
gastrectomia {f} [surgery]  :: gastrectomy
gastrico {adj}  :: gastric
gastrina {f} [biochemistry]  :: gastrin
gastrite {f} [pathology]  :: gastritis
gastro- {prefix}  :: gastro-
gastrocele {m} [pathology]  :: gastrocele
gastrodinia {f} [pathology]  :: gastrodynia
gastroduodenale {adj} [anatomy]  :: gastroduodenal
gastroenterico {adj} [medicine]  :: gastroenteric, gastrointestinal
gastroenterite {f} [disease]  :: gastroenteritis
gastroenterologa {f}  :: gastroenterologist (female)
gastroenterologia {f} [medicine]  :: gastroenterology
gastroenterologico {adj}  :: gastroenterological
gastroenterologo {m}  :: gastroenterologist
gastroepatico {adj}  :: gastrohepatic
gastroepatite {f}  :: gastrohepatitis
gastroesofageo {adj} [anatomy]  :: gastroesophageal
gastro-esofageo {adj}  :: alternative spelling of gastroesofageo
gastroestetico {adj}  :: Concerning the beauty or aesthetics of food
gastrointestinale {adj} [anatomy]  :: gastrointestinal
gastrolabile {adj}  :: Not resistant to the action of gastric juices
gastrologia {f} [medicine]  :: gastrology
gastronoma {f}  :: (female) gastronome, gourmet
gastronomia {f} [foods and drinks]  :: gastronomy
gastronomia {f}  :: delicatessen, deli
gastronomicamente {adv}  :: gastronomically
gastronomico {adj}  :: gastronomic
gastronomo {m}  :: gastronome, gourmet
gastropatia {f} [pathology]  :: disease of the stomach; gastropathy
gastropessi {f} [surgery]  :: gastropexy
gastroresezione {f} [surgery]  :: gastroresection
gastroresistente {adj} [medicine]  :: gastro-resistant (of drugs, resistant to stomach acids)
gastrorragia {f} [medicine]  :: gastrorrhagia
gastroscopia {f} [medicine]  :: esophagogastroduodenoscopy, EGD
gastroscopio {m} [medicine]  :: gastroscope
gastrotomia {f} [surgery]  :: gastrotomy
gastrovascolare {adj} [anatomy]  :: gastrovascular
gastrulazione {f}  :: gastrulation
gatta {f}  :: female, (queen) cat
gatta {f}  :: sex kitten
gattabuia {f} [colloquial, humorous]  :: clink, slammer (prison)
gatta ci cova {interj}  :: I smell a rat!
gatta da pelare {f}  :: thankless task
gatta da pelare {f} [idiomatic]  :: a hard row to hoe, a tough nut to crack
gattaia {f} [usually uncountable]  :: catmint, catnip
gattaiola {f}  :: cat flap
gatta morta {f}  :: alternative spelling of gattamorta
gattamorta {f}  :: A shallow and manipulative person, especially a woman; a tease or slyboots
gattara {f} [regional, colloquial, sometimes derogatory]  :: A woman catlover who feeds alley cats or spends time with domestic cats; a cat lady
gattaro {m} [regional, colloquial, sometimes derogatory]  :: A catlover who feeds alley cats or spends time with domestic cats
gatta siamese {f}  :: Siamese cat (female)
gatteggiamento {m}  :: glittering, glinting
gatteggiante {v}  :: present participle of gatteggiare
gatteggiare {vi}  :: To glitter or glint (like cat eyes)
gattello {m}  :: A short shelf that supports a purlin
gattesco {adj}  :: catlike, catty, cattish
gattice {m}  :: white poplar (tree)
gattile {m}  :: cat shelter (for stray cats)
gattina {f}  :: female kitten
gattina {f}  :: pussy
gattinara {f}  :: A red wine made from Nebbiolo grapes in the region of Vercellese
Gattinara {prop}  :: A town in the province of Vercelli in Piedmont
gattinarese {adj}  :: Of or from Gattinara
gattinarese {mf}  :: Native or inhabitant of Gattinara
gattino {m} [irrespective of sex]  :: kitten
gattino {m}  :: (male) kitten
gattino {m}  :: catkin (botany)
gatto {m}  :: cat
gatto {m}  :: (male) tom, tomcat
Gatto {prop}  :: surname
gatto a nove code {m}  :: cat-o'-nine-tails
Gatto con gli Stivali {prop}  :: Puss in Boots
gatto dai piedi neri {m}  :: black-footed cat
gatto del deserto della Cina {m}  :: Chinese desert cat
gatto della giungla {m}  :: jungle cat or swamp lynx
gatto delle foreste norvegesi {m} [domestic cat]  :: Norwegian Forest Cat
gatto delle nevi {m}  :: snow groomer, snowcat
gatto delle sabbie {m}  :: sand cat
gatto domestico {m}  :: domestic cat, house cat
gatto dorato asiatico {m}  :: Asiatic golden cat
gattofila {f}  :: cat lover (female)
gattofilo {adj}  :: cat-loving, cat lover (attributive)
gattofilo {m}  :: cat lover
gatto mammone {m}  :: bogeyman
gattomammone {m}  :: alternative spelling of gatto mammone
gattonamento {m}  :: crawling (of a baby)
gattonante {v}  :: present participle of gattonare
gattonare {vi}  :: To crawl (of a baby)
gattonare {vi}  :: To stalk
gattone {m}  :: big cat (pet)
gattoni {adv}  :: on all fours
gattoni {mp} [disease, plurale tantum, colloquial]  :: mumps
gattoni {mp}  :: plural of gattone
gattopardesco {adj}  :: relating to gattopardismo
gattopardismo {m}  :: The creation of political reforms that are only apparent rather than substantial
gattopardo {m}  :: serval (cat)
gattopardo {m}  :: ocelot (cat)
gattopardo {m}  :: nursehound (fish)
gattopardo {m}  :: catfish (fish)
gatto randagio {m}  :: stray cat, alley cat
gatto selvatico {m}  :: wild cat (type of cat)
gatto siamese {m}  :: Siamese cat (male)
gatto siberiano {m} [domestic cat]  :: Siberian cat
gattuccio {m}  :: diminutive of gatto; kitty
gattuccio {m}  :: dogfish
gauchisme {m} [politics]  :: leftism
gauchiste {mf}  :: leftist (person of the left wing in politics)
gaudente {adj}  :: pleasure-seeking, pleasure-loving
gaudente {mf}  :: pleasure-seeker
gaudente {mf}  :: binger
Gaudenzio {prop}  :: given name
gaudio {m}  :: joy, happiness
gaudiosamente {adv}  :: joyfully
gaudioso {adj}  :: joyful
Gaudo {prop}  :: An archaeological site near Paestum
gaullismo {m}  :: Gaullism
gaullista {mf}  :: Gaullist
gaulterina {f} [organic compound]  :: gaultherin
gaussiano {adj}  :: Gaussian
gavetta {f}  :: mess tin (portable version of a saucepan)
gavetta {f} [military]  :: stint (period of time spent in the ranks of the army before being promoted)
gavettone {m} [military]  :: Large cooking vessel (see gavetta)
gavettone {m}  :: water bomb (balloon filled with water)
gavettone {m} [nautical]  :: dogwatch
Gavi {prop}  :: A comune in the province of Alessandria in Piedmont
Gavi {m}  :: A delicate white wine made from Cortese grapes
gaviale {m}  :: gavial
gavigliano {m}  :: quillon
Gaville {prop}  :: A village near Figline Valdarno in the province of Firenze
gavina {f}  :: common gull (Larus canus)
Gavino {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to English Gavin
gavitello {m} [nautical]  :: buoy
gavone {m} [nautical]  :: peak
gavone di poppa {m} [nautical]  :: afterpeak
gavone di prua {m} [nautical]  :: forepeak
gavotta {f}  :: gavotte
gazante {v}  :: present participle of gazare
gazare {v}  :: to gas or singe (textiles)
gazatore {m}  :: gasser
gazatrice {f}  :: singer (singeing machine)
gazatura {f}  :: singeing, gassing (of textiles)
gazometro {m}  :: alternative form of gasometro
gazoso {adj}  :: gaseous (Variant of gassoso)
gazza {f}  :: magpie
gazza marina {f}  :: razorbill
gazzara {f}  :: din, racket
gazzarra {f}  :: racket, hullabaloo, hubbub, noise
gazzella {f}  :: gazelle (mammal)
gazzella {f}  :: police car (Carabinieri)
gazzera {f}  :: Variant of gazza
gazzetta {f}  :: gazette
gazzetta {f}  :: ancient Venetian money (one "gazzetta" to buy local newspaper)
gazzettiere {m}  :: hack (local reporter)
gazzettiere {m}  :: scribbler
gazzettino {m}  :: gazette
gazzettino {m}  :: page, section (of a newspaper)
gazzettino {m}  :: gossip
gazzettistico {adj}  :: newspaper (attributive)
gazzettistico {adj}  :: sensationalist
gazzettone {m}  :: 17th century Venetian copper coin
gazzosa {f}  :: soda, fizzy drink
GdF {initialism} [armed forces]  :: initialism of Guardia di Finanza (GdF)
GdF {initialism}  :: The arm of the Italian armed forces responsible for fighting financial crime, tax evasion and smuggling
GDR {initialism} [gaming]  :: gioco di ruolo {m} (role-playing game)
GE {abbr}  :: Genova
Gea {prop} [Greek god]  :: Gaea
geastro {m}  :: earthstar
geco {m}  :: gecko
gedanese {adj}  :: Of or from Gdańsk (city in Poland)
Gedda {prop}  :: Jeddah (city in Saudi Arabia)
Gedeone {prop}  :: Gideon [biblical character]
Gedeone {prop}  :: given name
geenna {f}  :: gehenna
Geenna {prop}  :: Gehenna
gefirina {f} [protein]  :: gephyrin
geiger {m}  :: Geiger counter
geisha {f}  :: geisha
Gela {prop}  :: a town in the province of Caltanissetta in Sicily in Italy
gelante {v}  :: present participle of gelare
gelare {vt}  :: To freeze, to chill, to frost
gelare {vi}  :: To freeze
gelare {vi}  :: (impersonal) To be freezing
gelata {f}  :: frost, freezing
gelataia {f}  :: ice cream seller
gelataio {m}  :: ice cream seller
gelateria {f}  :: A gelateria, a shop that sells ice cream or gelato (Italian-style ice cream)
gelatiera {f}  :: ice cream worker
gelatiera {f} [rare]  :: ice cream seller
gelatiera {f} [feminine only]  :: ice cream maker (machine used for homemade ice cream)
gelatiere {m}  :: ice cream worker
gelatiere {m} [rare]  :: ice cream seller
gelatina {f}  :: gelatine
gelatinasi {f} [enzyme]  :: gelatinase
gelatinizzante {v}  :: present participle of gelatinizzare
gelatinizzante {adj}  :: gelatinizing, jelling
gelatinizzante {m}  :: jelling agent
gelatinizzantesi {v}  :: present participle of gelatinizzarsi
gelatinizzare {vt}  :: to gelatinize
gelatinizzarsi {vr}  :: To gelatinize or gel
gelatinizzatosi {v}  :: past participle of gelatinizzarsi
gelatinizzazione {f}  :: gelatinization
gelatinoso {adj}  :: gelatinous
gelato {adj}  :: icy, frozen, very cold
gelato {m} [also uncountable]  :: ice cream, gelato
gelese {adj}  :: Of, or from, Gela
gelese {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Gela
gelicidio {m}  :: glaze, glaze ice (caused by freezing rain)
gelicolo {adj}  :: gelicolous
gelidamente {adv}  :: icily, frostily
gelido {adj}  :: icy, freezing, gelid
gelido {adj}  :: frosty
gelificante {v}  :: present participle of gelificare
gelificante {adj}  :: gelling
gelificante {m}  :: gelling agent
gelificare {vit}  :: to gel (form or become a gel)
gelificazione {f}  :: gelatinization
Gelindo {prop}  :: given name
gellaba {f} [clothing]  :: djellaba
gellano {m}  :: gellan
Gelli {prop}  :: surname
gelo {m}  :: intense cold
gelo {m}  :: frost
gelo {m}  :: cold weather
gelo {m}  :: icy water
gelo {m}  :: coldness (lack of enthusiasm etc)
gelone {m}  :: chilblain
Gelone {prop}  :: Gelo
gelosamente {adv}  :: jealously
gelosia {f}  :: jealousy
gelosia {f}  :: shutter (of a Venetian blind)
gelosissimo {adj}  :: Very jealous
geloso {adj}  :: jealous
gelseto {m}  :: mulberry grove
gelsicoltore {m}  :: mulberry grower
gelsicoltura {f}  :: mulberry growing
gelso {m}  :: mulberry (plant)
gelsolina {f} [protein]  :: gelsolin
Gelsomina {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to English Jasmine
gelsomino {m}  :: jasmine, jessamine (plants and the perfume obtained from them)
Geltrude {prop}  :: Gertrude
gemebondo {adj}  :: mournful, plaintive
gemella {f}  :: twin (female)
gemellaggio {m}  :: town twinning
gemellante {v}  :: present participle of gemellarsi
gemellantesi {v}  :: present participle of gemellarsi
gemellanza {f}  :: twinship
gemellare {adj}  :: twin (attributive)
gemellarità {f}  :: twin birth or pregnancy
gemellarsi {vr}  :: To twin (to form links between towns etc)
gemellatosi {v}  :: past participle of gemellarsi
Gemelli {prop}  :: Gemini (the constellation)
Gemelli {prop}  :: Gemini (the star sign)
gemellina {f}  :: A baby twin girl
gemellina {f}  :: A young twin (female)
gemellino {m}  :: A baby twin
gemellino {m}  :: A young twin
gemellipara {f}  :: A mother of twins
gemelliparo {adj}  :: gemelliparous (bearing twins)
gemello {adj}  :: twin
gemello {adj} [anatomy]  :: gemellus
gemello {m}  :: twin
gemello {m} [in the plural]  :: cufflinks
gemello {m} [anatomy]  :: gemellus muscle
gemello {m} [in the plural]  :: twinset
gemellologia {f}  :: gemellology
gemente {v}  :: present participle of gemere
gemere {vi}  :: to groan, wail or moan
gemere {vi}  :: to whine (of a dog)
gemere {vi}  :: to creak (of a wheel etc)
gemere {vi}  :: to coo (of a bird)
gemicante {v}  :: present participle of gemicare
gemicare {v}  :: To drip
geminale {adj} [chemistry]  :: geminal
geminante {v}  :: present participle of geminare
geminare {v}  :: to redouble
geminare {v}  :: to geminate
geminazione {f}  :: twinning
geminazione {f}  :: gemination
geminina {f} [protein]  :: geminin
gemino {adj}  :: twin (attributive)
gemino {adj}  :: geminous
gemitio {m}  :: Continuous dripping or oozing
gemito {m}  :: groan, moan
Gemito {prop}  :: surname
Gemito {prop}  :: Vincenzo Gemito, Italian sculptor
gemma {f}  :: bud
gemma {f}  :: gem, jewel
Gemma {prop}  :: given name, notably of Dante's wife, and of a 19th/20th century saint
gemmante {v}  :: present participle of gemmare
gemmare {vi}  :: To bud
gemmazione {f} [botany]  :: gemmation, budding
gemmifero {adj}  :: gemmiferous
gemmiparo {adj}  :: gemmiparous
gemmologa {f}  :: gemologist (female)
gemmologia {f}  :: gemology
gemmologico {adj}  :: gemological
gemmologo {m}  :: gemologist
gemmoso {adj} [botany]  :: Having lots of buds
gemmoso {adj}  :: gemmiferous
Gemona {prop}  :: A town in the Udine province of Friuli-Venezia Giulia
gemonese {adj}  :: Of or from Gemona
gendarme {m}  :: policeman (armed)
gendarmeria {f}  :: police station
gendarmeria {f}  :: gendarmerie
gene {m} [genetics]  :: gene
genealogia {f}  :: genealogy
genealogicamente {adv}  :: genealogically
genealogico {adj}  :: genealogical
genealogista {mf}  :: genealogist
genepì {m}  :: wormwood, mugwort
genepì {m}  :: A liqueur flavoured with wormwood
generabile {adj}  :: generative
generabile {adj}  :: generable
generabilità {f}  :: Property of being generative or generable
generalato {m}  :: generalship
generale {adj}  :: general
generale {m}  :: general
generalesco {adj}  :: military-like; authoritarian
generalessa {f}  :: battle-axe (belligerent woman), virago
generalismo {m}  :: generalism
generalissimo {m}  :: commander in chief
generalista {adj}  :: generalist
generalista {adj} [Switzerland]  :: general (not specialized) [used especially of TV programmes that appeal to a general audience]
generalità {f}  :: generality
generalità {f}  :: majority
generalità {f}  :: (in plural) particulars
generalizio {adj}  :: superior general (attributive)
generalizio {adj}  :: general (attributive)
generalizzabile {adj}  :: generalizable
generalizzabilità {f}  :: generalizability
generalizzante {v}  :: present participle of generalizzare
generalizzare {vt}  :: to generalize, spread
generalizzare {vi} [but takes avere as auxiliary verb]  :: to generalize
generalizzato {adj}  :: general
generalizzato {adj}  :: common, widespread
generalizzazione {f}  :: generalization
generalmente {adv}  :: generally, normally
generante {v}  :: present participle of generare
generantesi {v}  :: present participle of generarsi
generare {v}  :: to procreate, to beget, to breed, to create
generare {v}  :: to generate, to cause, to breed, to foster, to produce, to beget
generarsi {vr}  :: to be produced, to be born
generarsi {vr}  :: to be generated, to be caused, to arise
generativismo {m}  :: generative grammar
generativista {adj} [linguistics]  :: generative
generativo {adj}  :: generative
generatore {m}  :: generator (especially electrical)
generatosi {v}  :: past participle of generarsi
generatrice {f} [mathematics]  :: generatrix
generazionale {adj}  :: generation (attribute), generational
generazionalmente {adv}  :: generationally
generazione {f}  :: generation, procreation, production
generazione {f}  :: breed progeny, generation
genere {m}  :: kind
genere {m} [grammar]  :: gender (of nouns, adjectives, pronouns)
genere {m} [grammar]  :: gender, voice (of verbs)
genere {m} [taxonomy]  :: genus
genere {m}  :: genre
genere {m}  :: product
genericamente {adv}  :: generically
genericamente {adv}  :: vaguely, imprecisely
genericità {f}  :: vagueness, generality
generico {adj}  :: generic
generico {adj}  :: vague, imprecise
generico {m}  :: generality
genero {m}  :: son-in-law
generosamente {adv}  :: profusely, lavishly, generously, liberally
generosissimo {adj}  :: Very generous
generosità {f}  :: generosity, liberality
generoso {adj}  :: generous
generoso {adj}  :: liberal, prodigal
generoso {adj}  :: rich, fertile (soil)
Generoso {prop}  :: given name
Genesì {prop}  :: medieval spelling of Genesi
genesi {f}  :: genesis
-genesi {suffix}  :: -genesis
Genesi {prop} [biblical]  :: Genesis
genetica {m} [genetics, biology]  :: genetics
geneticamente {adv}  :: genetically
genetico {adj} [genetics]  :: genetic
genetista {m}  :: geneticist (male o irrespective of sex)
genetista {f}  :: geneticist (female)
genetliaco {m}  :: birthday
genetta {f}  :: genet (mammal)
gengiva {f} [anatomy]  :: gum, gingiva
gengivale {adj}  :: gingival, gum (attributive)
gengivario {m}  :: medicine for gum disease
gengivectomia {f} [surgery]  :: gingivectomy
gengivite {f} [diseases]  :: gingivitis
genia {f}  :: mob, gang
geniaccio {m} [colloquial]  :: genius
genialata {f}  :: brainwave (bright idea)
geniale {adj}  :: genius (attributive)
geniale {adj}  :: brilliant, inspired
genialità {f}  :: genius
genialmente {adv}  :: ingeniously
genialmente {adv}  :: smartly, brightly, niftily
genialoide {mf}  :: eccentric genius
genico {adj}  :: genic
-genico {suffix}  :: -genic
genicolato {adj} [anatomy, botany]  :: geniculate
geniere {m}  :: sapper
geniere {m}  :: engineer (military)
genietto {m}  :: figurine of a cupid
genietto {m}  :: Little genius (often used ironically)
genio {m}  :: genius
genio {m}  :: spirit, genie
genio {m} [military]  :: the engineers
genioglosso {m} [muscle]  :: genioglossus
genioideo {adj} [anatomy]  :: geniohyoid
genioideo {m} [muscle]  :: geniohyoid muscle, geniohyoid
genitale {adj}  :: genital
genitali {mp} [pluralonly]  :: genitalia, genitals
genitalità {f}  :: genitality
-genito {suffix}  :: -genital
genitofemorale {adj} [anatomy]  :: genitofemoral
genitore {m}  :: parent
genitoriale {adj}  :: parental
genitorialità {f}  :: parenting
genitourinario {adj} [anatomy]  :: genitourinary
genitrice {f} [dated]  :: parent [female]
gennaio {m}  :: January
gennaro {m}  :: obsolete form of gennaio
Gennaro {prop}  :: given name, typical of Naples
geno- {prefix}  :: geno-
-geno {suffix}  :: -genic, -genous [scientific adjectives]
-geno {suffix}  :: -gen [scientific nouns]
genoano {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the Genoa Cricket and Football Club
genoano {m}  :: A member of this team
genocidio {m}  :: A genocide
genoma {m}  :: genome
genomico {adj}  :: genomic
genotipico {adj}  :: genotypic
genotipo {m} [genetics]  :: genotype
genotossicità {f}  :: genotoxicity
genotossico {adj}  :: genotoxic
Genova {prop}  :: Genoa
Genova {prop}  :: The letter G in the Italian phonetic alphabet
Genoveffa {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to English Genevieve
genovese {adj}  :: Of or from Genoa
genovese {mf}  :: A native of inhabitant of Genoa (sometimes capitalised)
genovese {mf}  :: (singular only) The dialect spoken in Genoa
Genovese {mf}  :: A native or inhabitant of Genoa
Genserico {prop}  :: A historic king of the Vandals
Genserico {prop} [rare]  :: given name of mainly historical use
gentaglia {f}  :: rabble
gentaglia {f}  :: scum
gente {f}  :: people, guys, folks
gente d'arme {f}  :: soldiers
gentil {adj}  :: apocopic form of gentile
gentildonna {f}  :: gentlewoman, lady
gentile {adj}  :: kind, courteous
gentile {adj}  :: gentle
gentile {adj}  :: lovely
gentile {m}  :: Gentile
gentilemente {adv}  :: Variant of gentilmente
Gentileschi {prop}  :: surname
Gentileschi {prop}  :: Artemisia Gentileschi or Orazio Gentileschi, both Italian painters from the early 17th century
gentilezza {f}  :: kindness, courtesy
gentilezza {f}  :: delicacy, grace
Gentili {prop}  :: surname
Gentilini {prop}  :: surname
gentilissimo {adj}  :: dear (formal way of addressing somebody at the beginning of a letter)
gentilissimo {adj}  :: Very kind, very polite
gentilità {f}  :: The property of belonging to a gens
gentilità {f}  :: pagans
gentilizio {adj}  :: aristocratic
gentilizo {adj}  :: (of a name) noble (in origin)
gentilmente {adv}  :: kindly, courteously
gentilmente {adv}  :: finely, delicately
gentilmente {adv}  :: gently
gentiluomo {m}  :: gentleman
gentrificante {v}  :: present participle of gentrificare
gentrificare {v}  :: to gentrify
gentrificazione {f}  :: gentrification
gentucola {f}  :: The common people (considered as a group)
genuflessione {f}  :: genuflexion
genuflesso {adj}  :: On bended knees, on one's knees
genuflessosi {v}  :: past participle of genuflettersi
genuflettente {v}  :: present participle of genuflettersi
genuflettentesi {v}  :: present participle of genuflettersi
genuflettersi {vr}  :: To genuflect or kneel
genuinamente {adv}  :: genuinely
genuinità {f}  :: genuineness, authenticity
genuino {adj}  :: natural
genuino {adj}  :: genuine, sincere
genziana {f}  :: gentian
genzianella {f}  :: gentianella, stemless gentian (Gentiana acaulis)
genziopicrina {f}  :: gentiopicrin
geo- {prefix}  :: geo-
geoambientale {adj}  :: geoenvironmental
geobiocenosi {f} [biology]  :: geobiocenosis
geobiologia {f}  :: geobiology
geobotanica {f}  :: geobotany, phytogeography
geobotanico {adj}  :: geobotanic, phytogeographical
geocentrico {adj}  :: geocentric
geocentrismo {m}  :: geocentrism
geochimica {f} [chemistry]  :: geochemistry
geochimica {f}  :: geochemist (female)
geochimico {adj}  :: geochemical
geochimico {m}  :: geochemist
geocinesi {f}  :: geokinesis
geocronologia {f}  :: geochronology
geocronologico {adj}  :: geochronological
geocronometria {m}  :: geochronometry
geocronometro {m}  :: geochronometer
geodato {m} [especially, in plural]  :: geodata
geode {m}  :: geode
geodesia {f}  :: geodesy
geodeta {mf}  :: geodesist
geodetica {f}  :: geodesic (line)
geodetico {adj}  :: geodetic (all senses)
geodinamica {f}  :: geodynamics
geodinamico {adj}  :: geodynamic, geodynamical
geofagia {f}  :: geophagia, geophagy
geofisica {f} [geology, physics]  :: geophysics
geofisicamente {adv}  :: geophysically
geofisico {adj}  :: geophysical
geofita {f}  :: geophyte
geoglaciologia {f}  :: geoglaciology
geoglifo {m}  :: geoglyph
geognostico {adj}  :: geognostical
geografa {f}  :: geographer (female)
geografia {f}  :: geography
geograficamente {adv}  :: geographically
geografico {adj}  :: geographical, geographic
geografo {m}  :: geographer
geoidale {adj}  :: geoidal
geoide {m}  :: geoid
geolinguistica {f}  :: geolinguistics (linguistic geography)
geolitologico {adj}  :: geolithological
geolocalizzazione {f}  :: geolocalization
geologa {f}  :: geologist (female)
geologia {f}  :: geology
geologicamente {adv}  :: geologically
geologico {adj}  :: geological, geologic
geologo {m}  :: geologist
geomagnetico {adj}  :: geomagnetic
geomagnetismo {m}  :: geomagnetism
geomante {mf}  :: geomancer
geomantico {adj}  :: geomantic
geomanzia {f}  :: geomancy
geomateriale {f}  :: geomaterial
geomeccanica {f}  :: geomechanics
geomeccanico {adj}  :: geomechanical
geometra {mf}  :: surveyor
geometra {mf}  :: chartered surveyor
geometra {mf}  :: geometer
geometria {f}  :: geometry
geometria {f}  :: structure
geometria algebrica {f} [maths]  :: algebraic geometry
geometria analitica {f} [maths]  :: analytic geometry
geometria differenziale {f} [maths]  :: differential geometry
geometricamente {adv}  :: geometrically
geometricità {f}  :: geometric quality
geometrico {adj}  :: geometrical, geometric
geometride {m}  :: inchworm (of family Geometridae)
geometrizzante {v}  :: present participle of geometrizzare
geometrizzare {v}  :: to geometrize
geometrizzazione {f} [mathematics]  :: geometrization
geomorfologia {f}  :: geomorphology
geomorfologico {adj}  :: geomorphological
geopaleontologia {f}  :: geopaleontology
geopaleontologico {adj}  :: geopaleontological
geopedologia {f}  :: geopedology
geopedologico {adj}  :: geopedological
geopolitica {f}  :: geopolitics
geopoliticamente {adv}  :: geopolitically
geopolitico {adj}  :: geopolitical
geoportale {f}  :: geoportal
geopotenziale {m}  :: geopotential
georeferenziante {v}  :: present participle of georeferenziare
georeferenziare {v}  :: to georeference
georeferenziato {adj}  :: georeferenced
georeferenziazione {f}  :: georeferencing
Georgia {prop}  :: Georgia (a country in Eastern Europe)
Georgia {prop}  :: Georgia (a US state)
georgiana {f}  :: Georgian [female]
georgiano {adj}  :: Georgian (all senses)
georgiano {m}  :: Georgian (all senses)
georgiano {prop}  :: Georgian (language)
georgico {adj}  :: georgic, georgical (rural or agricultural)
georisorsa {f}  :: geological resource
geoscienza {f}  :: geoscience
geosfera {f}  :: geosphere
geosinclinale {f}  :: geosyncline
geostazionario {adj}  :: geostationary
geostrategico {adj}  :: geostrategic
geostratigrafia {f}  :: geostratigraphy
geotecnica {f}  :: geotechnics
geotecnico {adj}  :: geotechnical
geotermale {adj}  :: geothermal
geotermia {f}  :: geothermal science and technology
geotermico {adj}  :: geothermal, geothermic
geotermoelettrico {adj}  :: geothermoelectric
geotettonica {f}  :: tectonics
geotropico {adj}  :: geotropic
geotropismo {m} [biology]  :: geotropism
geotrupe {m}  :: dung beetle
Geova {prop}  :: Jehova
Geppino {prop}  :: given name
Geraci {prop}  :: surname
Geraldina {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Geraldine
geranio {m}  :: geranium, pelargonium
geranio {m}  :: geranium, cranesbill
gerarca {m}  :: hierarch
gerarca {m} [historical]  :: party official [under Fascism and Nazism]
gerarchia {f}  :: hierarchy
gerarchicamente {adv}  :: hierarchically
gerarchico {adj}  :: hierarchical
gerarchizzante {v}  :: present participle of gerarchizzare
gerarchizzare {v}  :: to arrange into a hierarchy
gerarchizzazione {f}  :: hierarchization
Gerardo {prop}  :: given name, cognate to English Gerard
gerbillo {m} [rodent]  :: gerbil
gerboa {m}  :: jerboa, rodent of the family Dipodidae
Geremia {prop}  :: Jeremiah [biblical figure]
Geremia {prop}  :: the Book of Jeremiah
Geremia {prop}  :: given name
geremiade {f}  :: jeremiad
gerente {mf}  :: manager / manageress
gerenza {f}  :: management
gergale {adj}  :: slang
gergale {adj}  :: jargon [attributive]
gergalismo {m}  :: slang (term)
gergalismo {m}  :: jargon
gergalità {f}  :: slang character
gergalità {f}  :: use of slang terms or expressions
gergalmente {adv}  :: By using a particular jargon or slang
gergo {m}  :: slang
gergo {m}  :: jargon
gergo {m}  :: cant
geriatra {mf}  :: geriatrician
geriatria {f} [medicine]  :: geriatrics
geriatrico {adj}  :: geriatric
Gerico {prop}  :: Jericho (city in Palestine)
Gerione {prop}  :: Geryon
gerla {f}  :: conical wicker basket, with two straps, for carrying goods
Gerlando {prop}  :: given name
gerlo {m}  :: gasket
germanesimo {m}  :: Germanism
Germania {prop}  :: Germany. Official name: Repubblica Federale Tedesca
germanico {adj} [historical]  :: Germanic, Teutonic
germanico {adj}  :: German
germanico {adj} [linguistics]  :: Germanic; related to the Germanic language or language group
germanico {n} [linguistics]  :: The Germanic language
germanio {m} [chemistry]  :: germanium
germanismo {m}  :: Germanism
germanista {f}  :: Germanist
germanistica {f}  :: German studies
germaniuro {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: germanide
germanizzante {v}  :: present participle of germanizzare
germanizzare {v}  :: to Germanize
germanizzazione {f}  :: Germanization
germano {adj} [historical]  :: Germanic; related to the Germanic peoples
germano {adj} [literary]  :: German
germano {m} [zoology]  :: mallard
germano {adj}  :: born from same parents
germano {m} [poetic]  :: brother
Germano {prop}  :: surname
germanofilia {f}  :: Germanophilia
germanofilo {m}  :: Germanophile
germanofobia {f}  :: Germanophobia
germanofobo {m}  :: Germanophobe
germanofono {m}  :: German speaker, Germanophone
germanofono {adj}  :: German-speaking, Germanophone
germano reale {m}  :: mallard
germe {m}  :: germ
germe {m}  :: seed
germe di grano {m}  :: wheat germ
germicida {adj}  :: germicidal
germicida {m} [pharmacology]  :: germicide
germile {m} [rare]  :: synonym of germinale
germinabile {adj}  :: germinable
germinabilità {f}  :: germinability
germinale {adj}  :: germinal
germinale {m} [historical]  :: Germinal (the seventh month of the French Republican Calendar)
germinante {v}  :: present participle of germinare
germinare {vi}  :: to germinate
germinativo {adj} [botany]  :: germinative
germinatoio {m}  :: germinator
germinazione {f}  :: germination
germinello {m}  :: seedling
germogliabile {adj}  :: suitable for sprouting
germogliamento {m}  :: germination
germogliante {v}  :: present participle of germogliare
germogliare {vi}  :: to germinate
germogliare {vi}  :: to sprout
germogliazione {f}  :: germination, sprouting
germoglio {m}  :: bud, sprout, shoot
germoplasma {m} [biology]  :: germ plasm
Geroboamo {prop}  :: Jeroboam [biblical character]
gerocomio {m}  :: Old people's home (Variant of gerontocomio)
geroglifico {adj}  :: hieroglyphic
geroglifico {m}  :: hieroglyph, hieroglyphic
Gerolamo {prop}  :: given name, cognate to English Jerome
Gerïone {prop}  :: medieval spelling of Gerione
Gerone {prop}  :: Hiero
Gerone {prop}  :: given name
Geronimo {prop}  :: Hieronymus
geronto- {prefix}  :: Forms terms related to old age or the elderly
gerontocomio {m}  :: retirement home, rest home
gerontocrata {mf}  :: gerontocrat
gerontocratico {adj}  :: ruled by the elderly; gerontocratic
gerontocrazia {f}  :: gerontocracy
gerontofilia {f}  :: gerontophilia
gerontoiatria {f}  :: geriatrics
gerontologia {f}  :: gerontology
gerontologico {adj}  :: gerontological
gerontologo {m}  :: gerontologist
Gerosa {prop}  :: A village in the Bergamo province of Lombardy
gerosolimitano {adj}  :: Jerusalem (attributive)
gerosolimitano {m}  :: Jerusalemite, a person from or an inhabitant of Jerusalem (male)
gerotrofio {m}  :: care home or nursing home for the elderly
gerundio {m} [grammar]  :: gerund
gerundivo {m}  :: gerundive
Gerusalemme {prop}  :: Jerusalem
Gervasio {prop}  :: given name, cognate to English Gervase
Gervaso {prop}  :: given name, a variant of Gervasio, cognate to English Gervase
Gesù {prop} [Christianity]  :: Jesus
Gesù {interj}  :: Jesus!
Gesù Bambino {prop}  :: Christ child, baby Jesus, Jesus child
Gesù Cristo {prop}  :: Jesus Christ
gessaia {f}  :: chalk or gypsum pit or quarry
gessaio {m}  :: plasterer
gessante {v}  :: present participle of gessare
gessare {vt}  :: to plaster [walls, etc.]
gessare {vt}  :: to treat with gypsum
gessato {adj}  :: pin-striped
gessatura {f}  :: plastering (walls etc)
gessatura {f}  :: applying gypsum or chalk (to the soil)
gessetto {m}  :: Piece of chalk (for use on a blackboard etc)
Gessica {prop}  :: Jessica
gesso {m}  :: chalk
gesso {m}  :: a cast
Gesso {prop}  :: A river that flows in Piedmont
gessoso {adj}  :: chalky
gesta {f} {p} [literary, humorous]  :: deeds, exploits, achievements
gestaccio {m}  :: rude gesture, vulgar gesture
gestaltico {adj} [psychology]  :: Gestalt (attributive)
gestaltismo {m} [psychology]  :: Gestalt psychology
gestaltista {adj}  :: gestalt
gestante {f}  :: A pregnant woman, an expectant mother
Gestapo {prop}  :: Gestapo
gestatorio {adj}  :: gestatorial
gestazionale {adj}  :: gestational
gestazione {f}  :: pregnancy, gestation
gestazione {f}  :: gestation, development
gestente {v}  :: present participle of gestire
gestentesi {v}  :: present participle of gestirsi
gesti {mp}  :: plural of gesto
gesti {mp} [archaic, plural only]  :: exploits, adventures
gestibile {adj}  :: manageable
gestibilità {f}  :: manageability
gesticolamento {m}  :: gesticulation
gesticolante {v}  :: present participle of gesticolare
gesticolare {vi}  :: To gesticulate
gesticolazione {f}  :: gesticulation
gesticolio {m}  :: continuous gesticulation
gestionale {adj}  :: administrative
gestionale {adj}  :: management (attributive)
gestione {f}  :: management
gestire {vt}  :: To manage, run or administer
gestire {vi}  :: To gesticulate
gestirsi {vr}  :: To manage oneself or one's own affairs
gestitosi {v}  :: past participle of gestirsi
gesto {m}  :: a gesture, an act
gesto {m}  :: a gesture, a sign, a movement
gesto dell'ombrello {m}  :: bras d'honneur
gestore {m}  :: manager
gestosi {f} [pathology]  :: gestosis (toxic disorder during pregnancy)
gestrice {f}  :: manager (female)
gestuale {adj}  :: gestural
gestualità {f}  :: gesturality
gestualmente {adv}  :: gesturally, by means of gestures
gesturale {adj}  :: gestural
Gesualdo {prop}  :: A commune in the province of Avellino
Gesualdo {prop}  :: A habitational surname derived from the place
Gesualdo {prop}  :: given name derived from the surname
gesuato {adj}  :: Jesuate
gesuato {m}  :: Jesuate
gesuita {m}  :: Jesuit
gesuiticamente {adv}  :: Jesuitically
gesuitico {adj}  :: Jesuitic, Jesuitical
gesuitismo {m}  :: Jesuitism
gesuitismo {m}  :: Jesuitry, hypocrisy
gesummaria {interj}  :: good heavens!, good Lord!
Getsemani {prop}  :: Gethsemane
gettante {v}  :: present participle of gettare
gettantesi {v}  :: present participle of gettarsi
gettar {v}  :: apocopic form of gettare
gettare {v}  :: to throw
gettare {v}  :: to shower
gettare {v}  :: to launch
gettare {v}  :: to sling
gettare acqua sul fuoco {v} [idiom]  :: To throw cold water on something
gettare l'esca e vedere chi abbocca all'amo {v}  :: run something up the flagpole (to see who salutes)
gettare perle ai porci {v} [idiomatic]  :: cast pearls before swine
gettar fumo negli occhi {v} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: to pull the wool over someone's eyes
gettar fumo negli occhi {v}  :: to deceive (someone)
gettarsi {v}  :: reflexive of gettare
gettarsi {vr}  :: to throw oneself
gettarsi {vr}  :: to pounce
gettarsi {vr} [of a river]  :: to flow into
gettata {f}  :: cast (in bronze etc)
gettata {f}  :: range (of a missile etc)
gettata {f}  :: jetty
gettatosi {v}  :: past participle of gettarsi
gettito {m}  :: yield
gettito {m}  :: revenue, income
getto {m}  :: throwing
getto {m}  :: throw, cast
getto {m}  :: jet [of water, etc.]
getto {m}  :: shoot [of a plant]
getto {m}  :: casting [metal]
getto {m}  :: blast
getto d'acqua {m}  :: water jet
getto del peso {m} [athletics]  :: shot put
gettonante {v}  :: present participle of gettonare
gettonare {vt}  :: to call, ring or phone someone [especially from a payphone]
gettonare {vt}  :: to feed a jukebox (put money in)
gettonatissimo {adj}  :: Very popular (song)
gettonato {adj}  :: popular (of records selected in a jukebox)
gettone {m}  :: token
gettone {m}  :: counter (games)
gettone {m}  :: chip (gambling)
gettoniera {f}  :: slot machine
gettoniera {f}  :: token dispenser
gettopropulsione {f}  :: jet propulsion
Gezabele {prop}  :: Jezebel [biblical character]
Ghana {prop}  :: Ghana
ghanese {adj}  :: Ghanaian
ghanese {mf}  :: Ghanaian
Ghati {n}  :: Ghats
ghebo {m} [Venice]  :: A natural or artificial canal that connects the lagoon with the areas of fishing situated inland
gheddafiano {adj}  :: Relating to Muammar Gaddafi
gheiscia {f}  :: geisha
Gheldria {prop}  :: Gelderland (region of The Netherlands)
ghenga {f} [rare]  :: A criminal group
ghenga {f} [jocular]  :: A group of people
ghepardo {m}  :: cheetah
gheppio {m}  :: kestrel, windhover
gheppio americano {m}  :: American kestrel (Falco sparverius)
Gherardo {prop}  :: given name, cognate to English Gerard
gheriglio {m}  :: kernel
gherlino {m} [nautical]  :: hawser
ghermente {v}  :: present participle of ghermire
gherminella {f}  :: sleight of hand
gherminella {f}  :: trick
ghermire {vt}  :: To grasp, clasp or clutch
gheronato {adj} [heraldry]  :: gyronny
gherone {m}  :: gusset
gherone {m} [nautical]  :: gore (triangular piece of fabric)
gherone {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: gyron
ghetta {f}  :: gaiter, spat
ghettine {p}  :: leggings (for babies)
ghettizzante {v}  :: present participle of ghettizzare
ghettizzare {vt}  :: to ghettoize
ghettizzazione {f}  :: ghettoization
ghettizzazione {f}  :: segregation
ghetto {m}  :: A ghetto
Ghetto {prop} [Venice]  :: A small area of Venice where the Jews of the city were once forced to live
ghezzo {adj}  :: swarthy (dark-skinned)
ghia {f} [nautical]  :: whip, gantline
ghiaccia {f} [archaic]  :: ice
ghiaccia {f} [rare, foods]  :: icing, frosting
ghiacciaia {f}  :: icebox
ghiacciaio {m}  :: glacier
ghiacciante {v}  :: present participle of ghiacciare
ghiacciante {adj}  :: freezing
ghiacciare {vi}  :: to freeze
ghiacciare {vi}  :: to ice over
ghiacciato {adj}  :: frozen, icy
ghiaccio {m}  :: ice
ghiaccio {adj}  :: icy, frozen, (very) cold, gelid
ghiacciolo {m}  :: icicle
ghiacciolo {m}  :: ice lolly [British], popsicle [US]
ghiado {m}  :: dagger
ghiaia {f}  :: gravel
ghiaiata {f}  :: layer of gravel (e.g. in roadmaking)
ghiaieto {m}  :: gravel bed
ghiaietto {m}  :: fine gravel
ghiaione {m}  :: scree
ghiaioso {adj}  :: gravelly
ghianda {f}  :: acorn
ghiandaia {f}  :: jay, properly the Eurasian jay
ghiandifero {adj} [heraldry]  :: acorned
ghiandola {f} [anatomy, botany]  :: gland
ghiandola di Meibomio {f}  :: meibomian gland
ghiandola endocrina {f} [anatomy]  :: endocrine gland
ghiandola esocrina {f} [anatomy]  :: exocrine gland
ghiandola mammaria {f} [anatomy]  :: mammary gland
ghiandola parotide {f} [anatomy]  :: parotid gland
ghiandola pineale {n}  :: pineal gland
ghiandolare {adj} [anatomy]  :: glandular
ghiandola salivare {f} [anatomy]  :: salivary gland
ghiandola sebacea {f} [anatomy]  :: sebaceous gland
ghiara {f} [obsolete]  :: alternative form of ghiaia
ghiara {f}  :: gravel
ghiareto {m}  :: (Variant of: ghiaieto) gravel bed
ghiaroso {adj}  :: alternative form of ghiaioso
ghiaroso {adj}  :: gravelly
ghibellina {f} [history]  :: Ghibelline (female)
ghibellinismo {m} [history]  :: Ghibellinism
ghibellino {m} [history]  :: Ghibelline
ghibli {m}  :: ghibli
ghiera {f}  :: ferrule
ghierato {adj}  :: ferruled
ghigliottina {f}  :: guillotine
ghigliottinante {v}  :: present participle of ghigliottinare
ghigliottinare {vt}  :: To guillotine
ghignante {v}  :: present participle of ghignare
ghignare {vi}  :: to sneer
ghignare {vi}  :: to laugh derisively
ghignata {f}  :: laugh
ghigno {m}  :: sneer
ghimberga {f} [architecture]  :: Gothic pediment or gable; a wimperg
ghimel {n}  :: gimel, specifically:
ghimel {n}  :: The name of the Phoenician-script letter 𐤂
ghimel {n}  :: The name of the Hebrew-script letter ג
ghinda {f} [nautical]  :: hoist
ghindante {v}  :: present participle of ghindare
ghindare {vt} [nautical]  :: to hoist (a flag etc)
ghindazzo {m} [nautical]  :: top rope (on a hoist)
ghinea {f}  :: guinea (British gold coin)
ghingheri {mp}  :: Only ever used in the phrase in ghingheri
ghiottamente {adv}  :: greedily
ghiottamente {adv}  :: deliciously
ghiotto {adj}  :: greedy (said of people)
ghiotto {adj}  :: appetising, delicious (said of food)
ghiotto {adj}  :: juicy (said of news)
ghiottona {f}  :: glutton (female)
ghiottone {m}  :: glutton
ghiottone {m}  :: wolverine (mammal)
ghiottoneria {f}  :: greed, gluttony
ghiottoneria {f}  :: delicacy, titbit
ghiozzo {m}  :: goby (of family Gobiidae)
ghirba {f}  :: water bag
ghirba {f}  :: skin, hide
ghiribizzo {m}  :: whim
ghiribizzoso {adj}  :: whimsical
ghirigoro {m}  :: doodle, scribble
ghirigoro {m}  :: flourish, whorl
ghirlanda {f}  :: garland
ghirlanda {f}  :: wreath
ghiro {m}  :: dormouse (especially the edible dormouse), loir
ghiro {m}  :: sleepyhead
ghironda {f} [musical instruments]  :: hurdy-gurdy
ghisa {f}  :: cast iron
Ghisolabella {prop} [rare]  :: given name
ghitarra {f}  :: alternative form of chitarra
gi {n}  :: letter: g; gee
già {adv}  :: already, yet
già {adv}  :: former, ex-
già {adv} [colloquial]  :: yes, yeah
già {adv}  :: an expletive, a word that adds to the strength of a phrase without affecting its meaning and is usually left untranslated
giù {adv}  :: down, downstairs, below
giù {adv} [figuratively]  :: low, depressed, weak
Giacarta {prop}  :: Jakarta
giacca {f}  :: jacket, coat
giacché {conj}  :: since, as
giacchetta {f}  :: jacket
giacchio {m}  :: A type of circular fishing net thrown over the water
giaccone {m}  :: Heavy jacket; parka
Giacconi {prop}  :: surname
Giacconi {prop}  :: Riccardo Giacconi, Italian astrophysicist
giacente {v}  :: present participle of giacere
giacente {adj}  :: unsold
giacente {adj}  :: undelivered
giacente {adj}  :: unclaimed
giacente {adj}  :: idle, uninvested
giacenza {f}  :: Something (such as stock) that is unsold or uninvested
giacere {vi}  :: to lie, to be lying down
giaciglio {m}  :: (makeshift) bed, bunk, pallet
giaciglio {m} [figurative]  :: doghouse
giacimento {m}  :: deposit, field, mine, body, seam
Giacinta {prop}  :: given name, feminine form of Giacinto
giacinto {m}  :: hyacinth
Giacinto {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Hyacinthus
Giacinto {prop}  :: given name, comparable to the rare English Hyacinth
giacitura {f}  :: lying (act of telling a lie)
giacitura {f}  :: lie (falsehood, terrain)
giacitura {f} [mathematics]  :: inclination of a plane with respect to three axes
giacitura {f} [geology]  :: disposition of a rock with respect to the surroundings
giaco {m}  :: coat of mail, gambeson
Giacobbe {prop}  :: Jacob [biblical character]
Giacobbe {prop}  :: given name
giacobinismo {m}  :: Jacobinism
giacobino {adj}  :: Jacobin
giacobino {m}  :: Jacobin
giacobita {mf}  :: Jacobite
Giacometti {prop}  :: surname
Giacomina {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to Jacqueline
giacomo {n}  :: Used only in the verb fare giacomo giacomo
Giacomo {prop}  :: given name, cognate to James and Jacob
Giacomo {prop}  :: James [biblical character]
Giacomo {prop}  :: the Epistle of James
giaculatoria {f}  :: Short repeated prayer
giaculatoria {f}  :: Monotonous and repetitive words
giada {f}  :: jade
Giada {prop}  :: given name of modern usage
giadeite {f} [mineral]  :: jadeite
Giaele {prop} [Biblical character]  :: Jael
Giaele {prop}  :: given name
Giaffa {n}  :: Jaffa (city in Israel)
giaggiolo {m}  :: (botanic) iris
giaguaro {m}  :: jaguar
giaietto {m} [mineralogy]  :: jet
giainismo {m}  :: Jainism
giainista {adj}  :: Jainist
gialappa {f}  :: jalap (plant and purgative)
giallastro {adj}  :: yellowish
giallastro {adj}  :: sallow
gialliccio {adj}  :: pale yellow
giallino {adj}  :: light yellow
giallino {adj}  :: yellowish
giallista {f}  :: crime writer
giallistica {f}  :: crime fiction
giallo {adj}  :: yellow
giallo {adj} [of a story]  :: involving crimes and detective work
giallo {m}  :: the colour yellow
giallo {m}  :: amber, yellow (traffic signals)
giallo {m}  :: mystery, (police) case
giallo {m}  :: detective fiction, detective novel, detective story; crime fiction; whodunit; pulp fiction
gialloblu {adj}  :: yellow and light blue
giallo dahlien {m}  :: dahlia yellow (colour)
giallognolo {adj}  :: yellowish
giallopallido {adj}  :: pale yellow
giallore {m}  :: yellowness
giallore {m}  :: sallow complexion
giallorosa {adj}  :: romantic (of a film etc.)
giallorosso {adj}  :: yellow-red
giallorosso {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the Roma Football Club, the famous Italian football team based in Rome
giallorosso {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to any other sporting team wearing a yellow-red shirt
giallorosso {m}  :: A Roma Football Club player or supporter
giallorosso {m}  :: A player or supporter of any sporting club wearing a yellow-red shirt
gialloviola {adj}  :: yellow and violet
Giamaica {prop}  :: Jamaica
giamaicana {f}  :: Jamaican (female)
giamaicano {adj}  :: Jamaican
giamaicano {m}  :: Jamaican
Giambattista {prop}  :: given name
giambico {adj}  :: iambic
giambo {m}  :: iamb
giambonito {adj}  :: Relating to Giovanni Bono
giamburrasca {mf}  :: naughty child
giammai {adv}  :: never
Gian {prop}  :: Part of compound given names such as Gianmarco or Gianluca; John
Gianbattista {prop}  :: alternative form of Giambattista
Giancarlo {prop}  :: given name
gianduia {m} [usually uncountable]  :: gianduja (Piedmontese chocolate preparation)
gianduiotto {m}  :: A single chocolate of gianduja in the shape of an upturned boat
gianduja {m} [usually uncountable]  :: dated spelling of gianduja
Gianduja {prop}  :: A stock character from the commedia dell'arte depicted as a jovial, wine-drinking peasant from Piedmont, somewhat similar to a Toby jug
Gianetti {prop}  :: surname
Gianfranco {prop}  :: given name
gianicolense {adj}  :: pertaining to the Janiculum hill area in Rome; Janiculum [attributive]
gianicolense {adj}  :: The Gianicolense zone of Rome
Gianicolo {prop}  :: Janiculum (hill in Rome)
gianiforme {adj} [arts]  :: janiform
Gianinazzi {prop}  :: surname
Gianluca {prop}  :: given name
Gianluigi {prop}  :: given name
Gianmarco {prop}  :: given name
Gian Marco {prop}  :: given name
Gianmaria {prop}  :: given name
Gianni {prop}  :: Johnny. given name, diminutive of Giovanni
Giannina {prop}  :: Ioannina (city in Epirus)
giannizzero {m}  :: janissary
giannizzero {m}  :: henchman
Giannutri {prop}  :: An island of the Tyrrhenian Sea, situated near the coast of Tuscany
Giano {prop}  :: Janus
Gianpaolo {prop}  :: given name
Giansenio {prop}  :: Jansen (especially Cornelius Jansen)
giansenismo {m}  :: Jansenism
giansenista {adj}  :: Jansenist
giansenista {mf}  :: Jansenist
giansenistico {adj}  :: Jansenistic
Gianvecchio {prop}  :: surname
Giapeto {prop} [Greek god]  :: Iapetus
Giapeto {prop} [astronomy]  :: A moon of Saturn
Giappone {prop}  :: Japan
giapponese {adj}  :: Japanese
giapponese {mf}  :: A person from Japan
giapponese {m}  :: Japanese (language)
giapponeseria {f} [arts]  :: a Japanese artefact, a japonaiserie
giapponesità {f} [usually uncountable]  :: Japaneseness (quality of being Japanese)
giapponio {m} [rare]  :: japonium
giapponismo {m} [art]  :: Japonism
giara {f}  :: jar
giara {f}  :: crock
giarda {f}  :: spavin
giardinaggio {m}  :: gardening
giardinetta {f}  :: estate car [British], station wagon [US]
giardinetto {m}  :: Small garden
giardinetto {m}  :: park (in a town)
giardiniera {f}  :: Diced, mixed vegetables cooked and then pickled
giardiniera {f}  :: gardener (female)
giardiniere {m}  :: gardener
giardino {m}  :: garden
giardino botanico {m}  :: botanical garden
giargone {m}  :: a kind of colourless zircon, perfectly transparent
giarrettella {f}  :: garter, suspender
giarrettiera {f}  :: garter
giarrettiera {f}  :: garter belt, suspender belt
Giasone {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Jason
Giasone {prop}  :: given name
giaurra {f}  :: giaour (female)
giaurro {m} [derogatory]  :: giaour
giava {f}  :: java (dance)
Giava {prop}  :: Java (island of Indonesia)
giavanese {adj}  :: Javanese
giavanese {mf}  :: Javanese (person; language (masculine singular only)
Giavarino {prop}  :: obsolete form of Győr
giavazzo {m} [mineralogy]  :: jet
giavazzo {adj}  :: jet-black
giavellottista {mf}  :: javelin thrower
giavellotto {m}  :: javelin
giazzista {mf}  :: alternative form of jazzista
gibassiera {f}  :: A bag where hand grenades are stored
gibbone {m}  :: gibbon
gibbosità {f}  :: bump, protrusion
gibbosità {f}  :: bumpy ground
gibboso {adj}  :: gibbous
gibboso {adj}  :: bumpy (ground)
gibboso {adj}  :: crooked (nose)
giberna {f}  :: cartridge box
gibetto {m}  :: gallows, gibbet
gibigiana {f}  :: flash of reflected light
gibigianna {f}  :: alternative form of gibigiana
Gibilisco {prop}  :: surname
Gibilterra {prop}  :: Gibraltar
gibilterrina {f}  :: Gibraltarian
gibilterrino {adj}  :: Gibraltarian
gibilterrino {m}  :: Gibraltarian
gibollante {v}  :: present participle of gibollare
gibollare {vt}  :: to dent
gibollare {vt}  :: to batter
gibollo {m}  :: dent
Gibuti {prop}  :: Djibouti
gibutiana {f}  :: Djiboutian (female)
gibutiano {adj}  :: Djiboutian
gibutiano {m}  :: Djiboutian
gieffina {f}  :: A woman who has appeared on the Italian reality show Grande Fratello
gieffino {m}  :: A man who has appeared on the Italian reality show Grande Fratello
gielo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of gelo
Gienah {prop}  :: Epsilon Cygni, a star in the constellation of Cygnus
giga- {prefix}  :: giga-
giga {f}  :: gigue
giga {f}  :: jig
gigabit {m}  :: gigabit
gigabyte {m} [computing]  :: gigabyte
gigaflop {m}  :: gigaflop
gigahertz {m}  :: gigahertz
gigajoule {m}  :: gigajoule
gigametro {m}  :: gigametre / gigameter
gigante {adj}  :: huge, giant (attribute), gigantic, colossal
gigante {m}  :: giant
giganteggiante {v}  :: present participle of giganteggiare
giganteggiare {vi}  :: to tower (over)
giganteggiare {vi}  :: to excel
gigantescamente {adv}  :: gigantically, hugely, colossally
gigantesco {adj}  :: gigantic, giant (attribute), huge, colossal
gigantessa {f}  :: giantess
gigantismo {m} [medicine]  :: gigantism
gigantista {mf}  :: A skier who participates in giant slalom
gigantografia {f}  :: blow-up, giant poster
gigantomachia {f}  :: gigantomachy
gigaro {m}  :: cuckoopint (Arum maculatum)
gigawatt {m}  :: gigawatt
gigawattora {m}  :: gigawatt hour
Giggi {prop}  :: given name
gigiona {f}  :: Female gigione
gigionata {f}  :: hamming, overacting
gigione {m}  :: ham (actor with a showy or exaggerated style)
gigione {m}  :: presumptuous person, conceited person
gigioneggiante {v}  :: present participle of gigioneggiare
gigioneggiare {vi}  :: To ham or overact
gigionesco {adj}  :: ham (acting, attributive)
gigionismo {m}  :: hamming, overacting
Gigli {prop}  :: surname
Gigli {prop}  :: Beniamino Gigli, Italian tenor
gigliaceo {adj} [botany]  :: liliaceous
gigliato {adj}  :: lilied (marked with a lily)
giglio {m}  :: lily
giglio {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: fleur-de-lis
Giglio {prop}  :: An island (in the province of Grosseto) off the coast of Tuscany
gigolò {m}  :: gigolo
gihad {f}  :: jihad
gilè {m}  :: waistcoat
gilè {m}  :: jumper, pullover
Gilardoni {prop}  :: surname
gilbertino {m}  :: Gilbertese (language)
Gilberto {prop}  :: given name
gilda {f}  :: guild
giù le zampe {interj} [colloquial]  :: hands off! (don't touch)
giliegia {f} [regional]  :: alternative form of ciliegia
Gillo {prop}  :: given name
gillotaggio {m}  :: zincography
gimcana {f}  :: alternative form of gincana
gimkana {f}  :: alternative form of gincana
gimnofobia {f}  :: gymnophobia (fear of nudity)
gimnosperma {f} [botany]  :: gymnosperm
gimnoto {m}  :: electric eel (Electrophorus electricus)
ginandromorfismo {m} [biology]  :: gynandromorphism
ginandromorfo {adj} [biology]  :: gynandromorphous, gynandromorphic
ginandromorfo {m} [biology]  :: gynandromorph
ginarchia {f}  :: gynarchy
gincana {f}  :: gymkhana
gine- {prefix}  :: gyno-, gyn-
gineceo {m} [botany]  :: gynoecium
gineco- {prefix}  :: gyneco-
ginecofobia {f}  :: gynaecophobia
ginecologa {f}  :: female gynecologist, female gynaecologist
ginecologia {f} [medicine]  :: gynecology, gynaecology
ginecologicamente {adv}  :: gynecologically
ginecologico {adj}  :: gynecological, gynæcological
ginecologo {m}  :: gynecologist, gynaecologist
ginecomania {f}  :: gynaecomania [UK], gynecomania [US]
ginecomastia {f} [pathology]  :: gynaecomastia
ginepraio {m}  :: thicket (especially of juniper etc); briar-patch
ginepraio {m}  :: intricate situation
ginepreto {m}  :: juniper thicket
ginepro {m} [plant]  :: juniper (Juniperus)
ginepro {m} [plant]  :: juniper (Juniperus communis)
ginepro articolato {m} [plant]  :: sandarac (Tetraclinis articulata)
ginestra {f}  :: broom (plant)
ginestrella {f}  :: dyer's broom, dyer's greenweed (Genista tinctoria)
ginestreto {m}  :: ticket (of broom)
ginestrino {m}  :: cinquefoil (genus Potentilla)
ginestrone {m}  :: furze, gorse
Ginevra {prop}  :: Geneva
Ginevra {prop}  :: given name; Guinevere of Arthurian legend
ginevrino {adj}  :: Genevan
ginevrino {m}  :: Genevan
gingillante {v}  :: present participle of gingillare
gingillantesi {v}  :: present participle of gingillarsi
gingillare {v}  :: to procrastinate, dawdle
gingillarsi {v}  :: to dillydally, to waste time
gingillatosi {v}  :: past participle of gingillarsi
gingillino {m}  :: trinket
gingillino {m}  :: dawdler
gingillo {m}  :: knick-knack, trinket, bauble
gingillo {m}  :: plaything
ginnante {v}  :: present participle of ginnare
ginnare {vt}  :: To gin (remove seeds etc)
ginnasiale {mf}  :: grammar school (or high school) student
ginnasiarca {m}  :: gymnasiarch
ginnasio {m}  :: gymnasium (in classical Greece)
ginnasio {m}  :: The first and second years in a secondary school
ginnasta {mf} [gymnastics]  :: gymnast
ginnastica {f}  :: exercise, exercises, work out, physical education, physical training, gymnastics, gym
ginnastica {f} [gymnastics]  :: gymnastics
ginnastica a corpo libero {f}  :: freestyle gymnastic
ginnastica artistica {f} [gymnastics]  :: artistic gymnastics
ginnastica ritmica {f} [gymnastics]  :: rhythmic gymnastics
ginnastico {adj}  :: gymnastic
ginnastico {adj}  :: gym (attributive)
ginnatrice {f}  :: gin (machine), especially a cotton gin
ginnatura {f}  :: ginning (removing seeds etc)
ginnico {adj}  :: gymnastic
Gino {prop}  :: given name
ginocchiata {f}  :: A blow made with the knee; a kneeing
ginocchiata {f}  :: A blow on the knee
ginocchiello {m}  :: knee pad (or similar piece of armour)
ginocchiello {m}  :: leg (or knuckle) of pork
ginocchiera {f}  :: kneepad
ginocchiera {f}  :: elasticated bandage for the knees
ginocchio {m} [anatomy]  :: knee
ginocchioni {adv}  :: kneeling; on one's knees
ginoforo {m} [botany]  :: gynophore
ginogenesi {n}  :: gynogenesis
ginoide {adj}  :: gynoid
ginoide {m}  :: gynoid, gynaecoid
Ginosa {prop}  :: a town in the province of Taranto in Apulia in Italy
ginosino {adj}  :: Of, or from, Ginosa
ginosino {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Ginosa
ginostemio {m}  :: gynostemium
ginsenoside {m}  :: ginsenoside
Gioacchino {prop}  :: Joachim ( father of the Virgin Mary)
Gioacchino {prop}  :: given name
Gioachino {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Joachim
Giobbe {prop} [biblical]  :: Job, Book of Job
Gioberti {prop}  :: surname
Gioberti {prop}  :: Vincenzo Gioberti, Italian patriot and phylosopher
giobertiano {adj}  :: Relating to, or characteristic of Vincenzo Gioberti
giocabile {adj}  :: playable
giocabilità {f}  :: playability, gameplay
giocante {v}  :: present participle of giocare
giocantesi {v}  :: present participle of giocarsi
giocar {v}  :: apocopic form of giocare
giocare {vit}  :: to play
giocare {vit}  :: to gamble, bet
giocare {vit}  :: to game
giocare con il fuoco {v}  :: To play with fire (do something risky)
giocarsi {v}  :: reflexive of giocare
giocarsi {v}  :: to risk, to lose something when gambling
Giocasta {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Jocasta
giocata {f}  :: game
giocata {f}  :: bet, wager
giocatore {m}  :: player (one who amuses himself, plays games or a musical instrument)
giocatosi {v}  :: past participle of giocarsi
giocatrice {f}  :: Female player (one who amuses oneself, plays games or a musical instrument)
giocattolaia {f}  :: A woman who makes or sells toys; toy seller
giocattolaio {m}  :: A person who makes or sells toys; toy seller
giocattolino {m}  :: small toy
giocattolo {m}  :: toy
giocherellante {v}  :: present participle of giocherellare
giocherellare {vi}  :: To play, fumble or fiddle (with)
giocherellone {m}  :: joker
giocherellone {adj}  :: playful; skittish
giocheria {f}  :: toy shop
giochetto {m}  :: game
giochetto {m}  :: child's play
giochetto {m}  :: trick
giochi d'acqua {m}  :: A fountain with moving jets of water (that splash people)
giochino {m}  :: pastime, romp
giochi olimpici {p} [sports]  :: Olympic Games, Olympics
gioco {m}  :: game
gioco {m}  :: backlash
gioco da ragazzi {m}  :: a trifle, doddle, piece of cake
gioco da tavolo {m}  :: board game
gioco d'azzardo {m}  :: gambling (the act of playing games of chance)
gioco d'azzardo {m}  :: game of chance
gioco di carte {m} [games]  :: card game
gioco di parole {m}  :: pun; play on words
gioco di prestigio {m}  :: conjuring trick
gioco di prestigio {m} [in the plural]  :: conjuring
giocoforza {adv}  :: inevitably
giocolante {v}  :: present participle of giocolare
giocolare {vi}  :: to juggle
giocolatore {m}  :: juggler
giocolatrice {f}  :: (female) juggler
giocoleria {f}  :: juggling
giocoliera {f}  :: juggler (female)
giocoliere {m}  :: juggler
Gioconda {prop}  :: the Mona Lisa (painting by Leonardo da Vinci)
Gioconda {prop}  :: given name
giocondamente {adv}  :: cheerfully, merrily, joyfully
giocondità {f}  :: cheerfulness
giocondo {adj}  :: cheerful, smiling
giocosamente {adv}  :: playfully
giocosità {f}  :: jocosity, jocularity, playfulness
giocoso {adj}  :: playful, jocular
Gioele {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to English-language Joel
Gioele {prop}  :: Joel [biblical character]
Gioele {prop}  :: the Book of Joel
gioello {m}  :: jewel
gioello {m}  :: treasure
gioente {v}  :: present participle of gioire
giogaia {f}  :: mountain chain
giogatico {m}  :: A medieval tax on cattle
giogo {m} [also figuratively]  :: yoke
giogo {m}  :: summit, ridge (of a mountain)
gioia {f}  :: joy, delight
Gioia {prop}  :: given name, an equivalent of the English Joy
gioielleria {f}  :: The art or craft of making jewellery
gioielleria {f}  :: A jeweller's shop
gioielleria {f}  :: jewellery
gioielliera {f}  :: jeweller (female)
gioielliere {m}  :: jeweller
gioiellino {m}  :: A little jewel
gioiello {m}  :: jewel (literal or figurative)
gioiosamente {adv}  :: joyfully, happily
gioiosità {f}  :: joyfulness, happiness
gioioso {adj}  :: joyful, happy
gioioso {adj}  :: mirthful
gioire {vt}  :: To rejoice (in) or (at), or be delighted (by)
Giolitti {prop}  :: surname
Giolitti {prop}  :: Giovanni Giolitti (1842–1928), Italian politician and prime minister of the Kingdom of Italy
giolittiano {adj}  :: Giolittian (of or relating to Giovanni Giolitti, Italian politician)
Giona {prop} [Biblical character]  :: Jonah, the prophet Jonah
Giona {prop} [biblical]  :: Jonah, Book of Jonah
Giona {prop}  :: given name
Gionata {prop}  :: Jonathan [biblical character]
Gionata {prop}  :: given name
-gione {suffix}  :: alternative form of -zione
gionglante {v}  :: present participle of gionglare
gionglare {v}  :: To juggle
giordana {f}  :: Jordanian (female)
Giordania {prop}  :: Jordan
giordano {adj}  :: Jordanian
giordano {m}  :: Jordanian
Giordano {prop}  :: Jordan (river)
Giorgetti {prop}  :: surname
Giorgia {prop}  :: given name, feminine form of Giorgio, equivalent to the English given name Georgia
Giorgio {prop}  :: given name, George
Giorgione {prop}  :: The pseudonym of Italian painter "Giorgio Gasparini"
giornalaccio {m}  :: rag (poor quality newspaper)
giornalaia {f}  :: newsagent (female)
giornalaio {m}  :: newsagent
giornale {m}  :: newspaper [publication]
giornale {m}  :: newspaper office
giornale {m}  :: journal, review
giornale di bordo {m}  :: logbook
giornalese {m}  :: journalese
giornaletto {m}  :: comic (children's newspaper)
giornaliero {adj}  :: daily, everyday (attribute)
giornalino {m}  :: comic (children's newspaper)
giornalismo {m}  :: journalism
giornalista {m}  :: journalist (male)
giornalista {f}  :: journalist (female)
giornalisticamente {adv}  :: journalistically
giornalistico {adj}  :: journalistic, news (attributive), newspaper (attributive)
giornalmastro {m}  :: master ledger
giornalmente {adv}  :: daily
giornante {mf}  :: daily help
giornante {mf}  :: day labourer
giornata {f}  :: day
giornataccia {f}  :: A day of bad weather or when things go wrong
giornataccia {f}  :: A bad hair day
giorni alcionii {m}  :: halcyon days
Giornico {prop}  :: A small town in the Ticino canton of Switzerland
giorno {m}  :: day
giorno solare {m}  :: solar day
Giosafat {prop}  :: Jehoshaphat
Gioseffo {prop}  :: given name
Gioseppo {prop}  :: medieval spelling of Giuseppe
Giosia {prop}  :: Josiah [biblical character]
Giosia {prop}  :: given name
giostra {f}  :: merry-go-round [British], carousel [US]; ride (at a theme park etc)
giostra {f}  :: joust (knightly contest)
giostraia {f}  :: merry-go-round owner (female)
giostraia {f}  :: merry-go-round operator (female)
giostraio {m}  :: merry-go-round owner
giostraio {m}  :: merry-go-round operator
giostrante {v}  :: present participle of giostrare
giostrantesi {v}  :: present participle of giostrarsi
giostrare {vi}  :: To joust or tilt
giostrarsela {v}  :: to turn every situation to one's advantage
giostrarsi {vr}  :: To manage
giostratore {m}  :: jouster
giostratosi {v}  :: past participle of giostrarsi
Giosuè {prop}  :: given name; equivalent to the English-language Joshua
Giosuè {prop}  :: Joshua [biblical character]
Giosuè {prop}  :: the Book of Joshua
giottesco {adj}  :: Giottesque (in the manner of Giotto)
Giotto {prop}  :: given name
Giotto {prop}  :: "Giotto di Bondone", Italian painter
giovamento {m}  :: benefit, help
giovanaglia {f}  :: A multitude of young people
giovane {adj}  :: young
giovane {adj}  :: youthful
giovane {mf}  :: a youth
giovane {mf}  :: a young man or woman
giovaneggiante {v}  :: present participle of giovaneggiare
giovaneggiare {v}  :: To act youthfully
giovanesco {adj}  :: youthful
giovanetta {f}  :: Young woman
giovanetta {f}  :: girl
giovanetto {m}  :: Young man
giovanetto {m}  :: boy, youth
giovanezza {f}  :: alternative form of giovinezza
giovanile {adj}  :: youth [attributive]
giovanile {adj}  :: youthful
giovanile {adj}  :: early
giovanilismo {m}  :: wanting to appear youthful
giovanilista {adj}  :: trying to appear young
giovanilista {f}  :: Such a person
giovanilistico {adj}  :: attempting to appear young
giovanissimo {adj}  :: Very young; youngest
Giovanna {prop}  :: given name, feminine form of Giovanni ( =John), cognate to Jane
Giovanna {prop}  :: Joanna [biblical character]
giovanneo {adj}  :: St John (attributive)
giovanneo {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Papa Giovanni XXIII
Giovanni {prop}  :: given name, cognate to John
Giovanni {prop}  :: John [biblical character]
Giovanni {prop}  :: the Gospel of John
Giovanni Battista {prop}  :: John the Baptist
giovanotta {f}  :: augmentative of giovane: young woman
giovanotto {m}  :: diminutive of giovane: young man
giovante {v}  :: present participle of giovare
giovantesi {v}  :: present participle of giovarsi
giovare {vi}  :: to be useful (to)
giovare {vi}  :: to be good (for)
giovarsi {v}  :: reflexive of giovare
giovarsi {v}  :: to make use (of)
giovatosi {v}  :: past participle of giovarsi
Giove {prop} [Roman god]  :: Jupiter, Jove
Giove {prop} [astronomy]  :: Jupiter
giovedì {m}  :: Thursday
giovedì santo {m}  :: Holy Thursday, Maundy Thursday
Giovenale {prop}  :: Juvenal
giovenca {f}  :: heifer
giovenco {m}  :: bullock
gioventù {f}  :: youth
gioventù {f}  :: young people, the youth
gioventude {f}  :: obsolete form of gioventù
gioventudine {f}  :: alternative form of gioventù
gioventute {f}  :: obsolete form of gioventù
giovevole {adj}  :: advantageous, profitable, beneficial
giovevole {adj}  :: good for the health
gioviale {adj}  :: jolly, jovial
giovialità {f}  :: jollity, joviality
giovialmente {adv}  :: jovially, genially, heartily
giovialona {f}  :: jolly or jovial person (female)
giovialone {m}  :: jolly or jovial person
gioviano {adj}  :: Jupiter (attributive)
giovin {adj}  :: apocopic form of giovine
giovinaccia {f}  :: pejorative of giovine: a youngster [female]
giovinaccio {m}  :: pejorative of giovine: a youngster [male]
giovinastra {f}  :: young thug (female)
giovinastro {m}  :: young thug
giovincella {f} [mainly jocular]  :: diminutive of giovine: a young lass
giovincello {m} [mainly jocular]  :: diminutive of giovine: a young lad
giovine {adj}  :: alternative form of giovane
giovine {mf}  :: alternative form of giovane
Giovine {prop}  :: surname
giovinetta {f}  :: Young girl
giovinetto {m}  :: Young boy
giovinezza {f}  :: youth
giovinotta {f}  :: alternative form of giovanotta: young woman
giovinotto {m}  :: alternative form of giovanotto: a young man
gipeto {m}  :: lammergeier (or lammergeyer)
gippone {m}  :: large jeep (or similar)
gipsicolo {adj}  :: That thrives in a chalky soil
gipsoteca {f}  :: plaster cast gallery
girabacchino {m}  :: brace (tool), brace and bit
girabile {adj}  :: endorsable
giracapo {m}  :: dizziness, giddiness
giracapo {m}  :: annoyance, vexation
giradischi {m}  :: turntable, record player, phonograph
giradito {m}  :: whitlow, paronychia
giraffa {f}  :: giraffe
giraffa {f}  :: boom (pole supporting a microphone)
giraffista {mf}  :: boom operator (film, TV)
giragiare {m}  :: Any of various types of grinding mill, but especially a ball mill
giramaschio {m}  :: tap wrench
giramento {m}  :: turning (movement or sensation)
giramento {m}  :: dizziness
giramondo {mf}  :: globetrotter
giranastri {m}  :: cassette player
girandola {f}  :: Catherine wheel
girandola {f}  :: windmill pinwheel (child's toy)
girandola {f}  :: weathercock, weathervane
girandolante {v}  :: present participle of girandolare
girandolare {vi}  :: to wander, stroll (about)
girandolare {vi}  :: to saunter, ramble
girandolona {f}  :: rambler, wanderer (female)
girandolone {m}  :: rambler, wanderer
girante {v}  :: present participle of girare
girante {mf}  :: endorser
girantesi {v}  :: present participle of girarsi
girarci intorno {v} [idiomatic]  :: to beat around the bush
girare {vt}  :: to turn, stir, wind
girare {vt}  :: to tour, travel, go round
girare {vt}  :: to pass
girare {vt}  :: to endorse, transfer
girare {vt} [cinema]  :: to shoot, film, act in
girare {vi}  :: to turn, spin, revolve, run
girare {vi}  :: to be on the go, ramble, roam, wander, go around
girare alla cieca {v}  :: to twist in the wind
girarrosto {m}  :: spit or rotisserie (for cooking)
girarsi {v}  :: reflexive of girare
girarsi {v}  :: to turn, turn round, turn over
girasi {f} [enzyme]  :: gyrase
girasole {m}  :: sunflower
girata {f}  :: endorsement (on a cheque etc)
giratario {m}  :: endorsee
girato {adj}  :: turned
girato {adj}  :: endorsed
giratore {m}  :: gyrator (electrical device)
giratosi {v}  :: past participle of girarsi
giratubi {m}  :: A tool used to screw or unscrew threaded pipes
giravite {m}  :: screwdriver (tool)
giravolta {f}  :: spin, turn, twirl
giravolta {f}  :: U-turn
giravolta {f}  :: sharp bend in a road
giravolta {f}  :: about turn
giravolta {f}  :: turncoat
gire {v} [obsolete, regional]  :: to go
girellante {v}  :: present participle of girellare
girellare {vi}  :: To wander or stroll about
girello {m}  :: walker (for babies)
girello {m}  :: silverside or topside (of beef or pork)
girellona {f}  :: wanderer, stroller (female)
girellone {m}  :: wanderer, stroller
giretto {m}  :: stroll (short walk)
giretto {m}  :: spin (short drive in a car)
girevole {adj}  :: revolving
girevole {adj}  :: swivel (chair etc)
girfalco {m}  :: gyrfalcon, gerfalcon (Falco rusticolus)
girigogolo {m}  :: flourish
girigogolo {m}  :: doodle
girigogolo {m}  :: scrawl
girigogolo {m}  :: scribble
girino {m}  :: tadpole
girio {m}  :: hustle and bustle
girio {m}  :: coming and going
giro {m}  :: turn, twist, rotation, revolution
giro {m}  :: detour
giro {m}  :: lap (of a race)
giro {m}  :: tour, trip, stroll
giro {m} [in the plural]  :: rounds (of a postman etc)
giro {m}  :: period, space, course, time, run
giro {m}  :: ring (illicit)
giro {m}  :: turn, round
giro {m}  :: circulation (of money)
giro {m}  :: row (of knitting)
giro- {prefix}  :: gyro-
Giro {prop} [cycling, by ellipsis]  :: The Giro d'Italia
girobussola {f}  :: gyrocompass
girocollo {m}  :: necklace, choker
girocollo {m}  :: crew neck
giroconto {m}  :: credit transfer
giroconto {m} [banking]  :: A transfer of funds between banks
girocottero {m}  :: autogiro
Giro di Francia {prop} [cycling]  :: Tour de France (annual cycling race through France)
giro di parole {m}  :: circumlocution
Giro di Spagna {prop} [cycling]  :: Vuelta a España (annual cycling race in Spain)
Giro d'Italia {prop} [cycling]  :: Giro d'Italia (annual cycling race in Italy)
giro di vite {m}  :: turn of the screw
giro di vite {m} [figuratively]  :: clampdown, crackdown
girofaro {m}  :: Rotating beacon (normally orange) on an emergency vehicle
girofondo {m}  :: interbank money transfer
Girolamo {prop}  :: given name, cognate to English Jerome
giroletto {m}  :: bed frame
giromagnetico {adj} [physics]  :: gyromagnetic
giromanica {f}  :: armhole
gironcino {m} [sports]  :: round robin
gironda {f}  :: alternative form of ghironda
Gironda {n}  :: Gironde (department, river system)
girondino {m}  :: Girondist
girondolante {v}  :: present participle of girondolare
girondolare {vi}  :: to wander about
girondolare {vi}  :: to saunter or ramble
girone {m}  :: circle
girone {m}  :: round (sports)
gironzolante {v}  :: present participle of gironzolare
gironzolare {vi}  :: to wander about
gironzolare {vi}  :: to loiter
giropilota {m}  :: autopilot
giroplano {m}  :: gyroplane, gyrodyne
giroscopico {adj}  :: gyroscopic
giroscopico {adj}  :: gyro (attributive)
giroscopio {m}  :: gyroscope
girostabilizzato {adj}  :: gyrostabilized
girostabilizzatore {m}  :: gyrostabilizer
girostato {m}  :: gyrostat
girotondino {m}  :: A participant in a girotondo
girotondo {m}  :: ring a ring o' roses (game)
girotondo {m}  :: A former Italian form of political protest (involving the game)
girotta {f}  :: vane
girotta {f}  :: weathercock, weather vane
girovagante {v}  :: present participle of girovagare
girovagante {adj}  :: wandering
girovagare {vi}  :: To wander about, stroll, saunter
girovago {adj}  :: wandering, strolling
girovago {m}  :: wanderer
girovago {m}  :: tramp
girovago {m}  :: pedlar, peddler
girovita {m}  :: waist measurement
Girtab {prop}  :: Girtab, an asterism in the constellation of Scorpius
gisarma {f}  :: alternative form of giusarma
gita {f}  :: trip, excursion, hike, outing
gitana {f}  :: (female) gypsy, traveller
gitano {m}  :: Gypsy (Romani)
gitante {mf}  :: member of a tour; tripper
gittaione {m}  :: corncockle
gittata {f}  :: range (effective distance of a gun or missile)
giu. {abbr}  :: June (Abbreviation of giugno)
giuba {f}  :: mane
giubato {adj}  :: maned
giubato {m}  :: A thick horse's mane
giubba {f}  :: jacket
giubba {f}  :: tunic
giubbato {m}  :: A thick mane (of a horse)
giubbato {adj}  :: (of a horse's mane) thick
giubbetto {m}  :: Short jacket
giubbetto {m}  :: vest
giubbino {m}  :: Short jacket
giubbone {m}  :: Heavy jacket
giubbotto {m}  :: jacket
giubbotto {m}  :: jerkin
Giubiasco {prop}  :: A small town in the Bellinzona district of Ticino
giubilante {v}  :: present participle of giubilare
giubilante {adj}  :: jubilant
giubilare {vi}  :: To rejoice
giubilazione {f}  :: pensioning off, retirement
giubileo {m}  :: jubilee
giubilo {m}  :: rejoicing
giubilo {m}  :: shout of joy
giucco {adj}  :: Variant of ciucco
giuda {m}  :: Judas, traitor
Giuda {prop}  :: given name; equivalent to English-language Jude
Giuda {prop} [biblical]  :: Jude (Epistle of Jude); Judas
giudaico {adj}  :: Judaic
giudaico {adj}  :: Jewish
giudaismo {m}  :: Judaism
giudea {f}  :: Jew (female), Jewess
Giudea {prop}  :: Judea
giudecca {f} [obsolete]  :: A neighborhood in any of several Italian cities once reserved to the Jews; a ghetto
Giudecca {prop}  :: Giudecca (long island in the Venetian Lagoon)
Giudecca {prop} [literature]  :: Judecca, a zone in Dante's Inferno (Dante) reserved to the traitors to masters and benefactors, named after Judas Iscariot
giudeo {adj}  :: Jewish
giudeo {m}  :: Jew
giudesmo {m}  :: Judaeo-Spanish
giudicabile {adj} [law]  :: justiciable, triable
giudicabile {mf} [law, rare]  :: defendant
giudicabilità {f} [law]  :: justiciability
giudicale {adj} [historical]  :: Of or pertaining to a medieval kingdom (giudicato) in Sardinia
giudicamento {m}  :: The act of judging, judgement
giudicante {v}  :: present participle of giudicare: that judges, judging
giudicante {adj}  :: judging, judgemental
giudicantesi {v}  :: present participle of giudicarsi
giudicare {vt}  :: to judge
giudicare {vi}  :: to judge
Giudicarie {prop}  :: An area of western Trentino
giudicariese {adj}  :: Of or from Giudicarie
giudicarsi {vr}  :: To consider oneself (to be something)
giudicativo {adj} [obsolete]  :: Of or pertaining to judging or judgement; judgemental
giudicato {m} [literary]  :: judgement
giudicato {m} [law]  :: synonym of cosa giudicata
giudicato {m} [rare]  :: judgeship
giudicato {m} [historical]  :: One of four kingdoms in medieval Sardinia
giudicatore {m}  :: He who judges; judger [male]
giudicatore {adj}  :: judging
giudicatorio {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to judging or judgement; judgemental
giudicatosi {v}  :: past participle of giudicarsi
giudicatrice {f}  :: She who judges; judger [female]
giudicatura {f} [obsolete]  :: The office of a judge; judgeship
giudicatura {f} [historical]  :: The authority held by a monarch over a state (giudicato) in medieval Sardinia
giudicatura {f} [historical]  :: Any district, with an extension similar to that of a bailiwick or governorate, in the Kingdom of Sardinia
giudice {mf} [legal]  :: judge, magistrate
giudice {mf} [sports]  :: umpire, judge
giudice {mf} [history]  :: A monarch of a medieval kingdom (giudicato) in Sardinia
giudice togato {m}  :: magistrate
giudice togato {f}  :: magistrate (female)
Giudici {prop} [biblical]  :: Judges, Book of Judges
giudicio {m}  :: obsolete form of giudizio
giudicioso {adj}  :: judicious (Variant of: giudizioso)
Giuditta {prop}  :: Judith [biblical character]
Giuditta {prop}  :: the Book of Judith
Giuditta {prop}  :: given name
giudiziale {adj}  :: judicial
giudizialmente {adv}  :: judicially
giudiziariamente {adv}  :: judicially
giudiziario {adj}  :: legal, judicial
giudizio {m}  :: judgment, wisdom, sense
giudizio {m} [legal]  :: trial, proceedings, judgment, verdict
giudizio {m}  :: opinion, judgement
giudizio {m} [school]  :: evaluation, assessment, mark
giudiziosamente {adv}  :: judiciously
giudizioso {adj}  :: judicious, specifically:
giudizioso {adj}  :: Showing good judgement and common sense
giudizioso {adj}  :: Done with good judgement and common sense
giudizio universale {n}  :: Last Judgment, doomsday
Giudizio universale {prop}  :: last judgement
Giudizio universale {prop}  :: the crack of doom
giuggiola {f}  :: jujube (fruit)
giuggiolo {m}  :: jujube (tree, Ziziphus jujuba)
giuggiolona {f}  :: simpleton, fool (female)
giuggiolone {m}  :: simpleton, fool
giugno {m}  :: June
giugolo {m} [anatomy]  :: jugulum
giugulare {adj}  :: jugular
giugulare {f} [anatomy]  :: jugular
giugulo {m} [anatomy]  :: jugulum
giugurtino {adj}  :: Jugurthine
giulebbante {v}  :: present participle of giulebbare
giulebbantesi {v}  :: present participle of giulebbarsi
giulebbare {vt}  :: To cook in syrup
giulebbarsi {vr}  :: To (have to) put up with
giulebbe {m}  :: julep
giulebbe {m}  :: syrup
Giulia {prop}  :: given name, cognate to English Julia
Giuliana {prop}  :: given name,cognate to Juliana and Gillian
giuliano {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Julian March (in Italian Venezia Giulia)
giuliano {adj}  :: Of or relating to Julian March or its people
giuliano {adj}  :: Julian
Giuliano {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Julian
Giulianova {prop}  :: A town in the Teramo province of Abruzzo
Giulie {prop}  :: Julian Alps
giuliese {adj}  :: Of or from Giulianova
Giulietta {prop}  :: Juliet
Giulietti {prop}  :: surname
Giulio {prop}  :: given name
giulivamente {adv}  :: joyously, joyfully, gaily, blithely
giulivo {adj}  :: jolly, merry, gay, joyous
giullare {m}  :: minstrel
giullare {m}  :: juggler
giullare {m}  :: jester, fool, court jester (person who entertained a sovereign)
giullare {m}  :: clown
giullarescamente {adv}  :: as a troubadour or minstrel
giullarescamente {adv}  :: clownishly
giullaresco {adj}  :: troubadour, minstrel [attributive]
giullaresco {adj} [by extension]  :: clownish
giumella {f}  :: two handfulls
giumenta {f}  :: mare
giumento {m}  :: pack animal, beast of burden
giunca {f} [nautical]  :: junk (vessel)
giuncaceo {adj}  :: rush (attributive), cane (attributive)
giuncaceo {adj}  :: rushy, rushlike, canelike
giuncaia {f}  :: reed bed
giuncata {f}  :: junket, curds and whey
giuncata {f}  :: A soft curd cheese that retains some of the whey
giuncheto {m}  :: reed bed
giunchiglia {f}  :: daffodil
giunchiglia {f}  :: jonquil
giunco {m}  :: rush
giunco {m}  :: cane
giunco di palude {m}  :: bulrush
giungente {v}  :: present participle of giungere
giungere {vi}  :: to arrive, reach, come
giungere {vt}  :: to join, put together
giungimento {m} [literary, rare]  :: arrival
giungimento {m} [literary, rare]  :: connecting, joining, linking
giungla {f}  :: (also figuratively) jungle
Giunio {prop}  :: given name
giuniore {adj}  :: junior
giunone {f}  :: A Junoesque woman
giunone {f}  :: A proud and jealous woman
Giunone {prop} [Roman god]  :: Juno
giunonico {adj}  :: Junoesque
giunta {f}  :: feminine noun of giunto
giunta {f}  :: council, committee, assembly
giunta {f}  :: junta [all senses]
giunta {f}  :: addition
giuntante {v}  :: present participle of giuntare
giuntare {vt}  :: to join [things together]
giuntatore {m}  :: joiner, jointer (person)
giuntatrice {f}  :: editor, splicer (machine used to edit film)
Giunti {prop}  :: surname
giuntista {mf}  :: cable joiner (telephone or fibre-optic)
giunto cardanico {m}  :: universal joint
giuntura {f} [anatomy, point where two components join]  :: joint
giunzionale {adj}  :: junctional
giunzione {f}  :: junction
giuocare {v}  :: alternative spelling of giocare
giuoco {m}  :: alternative spelling of gioco
giurì {m}  :: jury
giura {f}  :: guild (group of tradespeople)
Giura {prop}  :: Jura
giurabbacco {interj} [dated]  :: euphemistic form of giuraddio
giurabile {adj}  :: That can be sworn
giuracchiante {v}  :: present participle of giuracchiare
giuracchiare {v} [archaic]  :: To thoughtlessly take oaths
giuracchiare {v} [archaic]  :: To abuse swearing oaths
giuraddiana {interj}  :: euphemistic form of giuraddio
giuraddio {interj} [dated]  :: Used to express resentment or irritation, or resolution
giuraddio {m} {m} [dated]  :: An expression of resentment or irritation
giuramento {m}  :: oath
giuramento di Ippocrate {m} [medicine]  :: Hippocratic oath
giurante {v}  :: present participle of giurare
giurantesi {v}  :: present participle of giurarsi
giurare {vt}  :: to swear, vow
giurarsi {vr} [legal]  :: to be linked by a pact or an oath
giurassico {adj} [geology]  :: Jurassic
giurata {f}  :: juror (female)
giurata {f}  :: jurywoman
giurativo {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to swearing an oath
giurato {adj} [law]  :: juratory
giurato {adj}  :: sworn
giurato {m}  :: juror (male)
giurato {m}  :: juryman
giuratorio {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to swearing an oath
giuratosi {v}  :: past participle of giurarsi
giure {n} [literary, legal]  :: law, jurisprudence
giureconsulto {m} [law, especially historical]  :: jurist
giuria {f}  :: jury
giuria {f}  :: panel of judges
giuridicamente {adv}  :: legally, lawfully
giuridicità {f}  :: legality
giuridico {adj} [law]  :: legal
giurisdizionale {adj}  :: jurisdictional
giurisdizionalismo {m} [politics]  :: jurisdictionalism
giurisdizionalista {mf} [politics]  :: A supporter of jurisdictionalism
giurisdizionalista {adj}  :: supporting or practising jurisdictionalism
giurisdizionalista {adj}  :: synonym of giurisdizionalistico
giurisdizionalistico {adj} [politics]  :: Of or pertaining to jurisdictionalism or its supporters
giurisdizionalità {adj}  :: The condition of being jurisdictional
giurisdizionalizzazione {f} [law]  :: The attribution of jurisdictional characteristics
giurisdizionalmente {adv}  :: jurisdictionally
giurisdizione {f}  :: jurisdiction
giurisperito {m} [literary]  :: jurist
giurisprudente {m}  :: jurist
giurisprudenza {f}  :: jurisprudence
giurisprudenza {f}  :: case law
giurisprudenziale {adj}  :: jurisprudential
giurista {f}  :: jurist [expert in law or jurisprudence]
giuristico {adj}  :: juristic
gius {n}  :: synonym of giure: law, jurisprudence
giusarma {f} [weaponry]  :: gisarme
giuscanonista {mf} [legal]  :: An expert in canon law
giuscibernetica {f} [Internet]  :: cyberlaw
giuscibernetico {adj} [Internet]  :: Of or pertaining to cyberlaw
giuscivilista {mf} [legal]  :: An expert in civil law
giusdicente {m} [literary]  :: judge
giusdicente {adj}  :: that judges, judging
Giuseppe {prop}  :: Joseph [biblical character]
Giuseppe {prop}  :: given name, cognate with English Joseph
Giuseppina {prop}  :: given name, feminine diminutive form of Giuseppe, cognate to English Josephine
giuseppinismo {m}  :: Josephinism
giuslavorista {mf} [legal]  :: An expert in labour law
giusnaturalismo {m}  :: natural law, specifically:
giusnaturalismo {m} [philosophy]  :: An ethical theory that posits the existence of a law whose content is set by nature and that therefore has validity everywhere
giusnaturalismo {m} [legal]  :: A generally accepted concept of the philosophical system of legal and moral principles purportedly deriving from a of natural or divine justice and not from a position of positive law but of ideas of right and wrong
giusnaturalista {mf}  :: An advocate of natural law
giusnaturalistico {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to natural law or its advocates; natural law [attributive]
giuso {adv}  :: synonym of giù
giuspatronato {m} [law, archaic]  :: ecclesiastical patronage
giuspositivismo {m} [law]  :: legal positivism
giusquiamo {m}  :: henbane, especially black henbane (Hyoscyamus niger)
giusrealismo {m} [law]  :: legal realism
giusta {f}  :: feminine noun of giusto
giustacore {n}  :: alternative form of giustacuore
giustacorpo {n}  :: synonym of giustacuore: jerkin
giustacuore {n} [historical, literary]  :: jerkin
giustamente {adv}  :: justly, fairly
giustapponente {v}  :: present participle of giustapporre
giustapporre {vt}  :: To juxtapose
giustapporsi {v}  :: To juxtapose oneself
giustapposizione {f}  :: juxtaposition
giustapposto {adj}  :: juxtaposed
giustappunto {adv}  :: in fact, precisely
giustezza {f}  :: accuracy
giustezza {f}  :: soundness
giustezza {f}  :: aptness
giustezza {f}  :: justification (of text)
Giusti {prop}  :: surname
giustificabile {adj}  :: justifiable, excusable
giustificabilità {f}  :: justifiability
giustificabilmente {adv}  :: justifiably
giustificante {v}  :: present participle of giustificare
giustificantesi {v}  :: present participle of giustificarsi
giustificare {vt}  :: to justify
giustificare {vt}  :: to account for
giustificarsi {v}  :: reflexive of giustificare
giustificarsi {v}  :: to justify or excuse oneself
giustificatamente {adv}  :: justifiedly
giustificatezza {f}  :: The property of being justified; justifiedness
giustificativo {adj}  :: justificatory
giustificativo {m} [business]  :: A document that accounts for something (e.g. an expense)
giustificato {adj}  :: justified (also of a text)
giustificato {adj}  :: excused
giustificatore {adj}  :: justificatory
giustificatorio {adj} [uncommon]  :: justificatory
giustificatosi {v}  :: past participle of giustificarsi
giustificazione {f}  :: justification, explanation
giustificazione {f}  :: proof
giustificazionismo {m}  :: The tendency to justify everything, even crimes, through various reasons
Giustina {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Justine and Justina
giustinianeo {adj}  :: Justinian
Giustiniano {prop}  :: Justinian
Giustino {prop}  :: given name, cognate to English Justin
giustissimo {adj}  :: Very fair, very correct, quite right
giustizia {f}  :: justice, fairness, equity
giustizia {f} [legal]  :: law, justice, law enforcement
giustizialismo {m} [historical]  :: Peronism, justicialism
giustizialismo {m}  :: The position of someone who calls for strict (and usually swift) justice upon the perpetrator(s) of certain types of crimes
giustizialista {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Peronism
giustizialista {mf}  :: An advocate of the politicization of the judiciary
giustiziante {v}  :: present participle of giustiziare
giustiziare {vt}  :: To execute (someone)
giustiziera {f}  :: avenger (female)
giustiziera {f}  :: executioner (female)
giustizierato {m}  :: judicature (administrative district)
giustiziere {m}  :: avenger
giustiziere {m}  :: executioner
giustiziere {m}  :: judge
giusto {adj}  :: just, right
giusto {m}  :: righteous person
giusto {adv}  :: just, exactly
Giusto {prop}  :: given name, cognate to English Justus
Gizio {prop}  :: A small river that flows in Abruzzo
glabella {f} [anatomy]  :: glabella
glabro {adj}  :: hairless, glabrous
glacette {f}  :: glacette
glaciale {adj}  :: glacial
glaciale {adj}  :: icy, freezing, cold, Arctic
glacialità {f}  :: iciness (lack of warmth, both physical and emotional)
glaciazione {f}  :: glaciation
glaciologa {f}  :: glaciologist (female)
glaciologia {f}  :: glaciology
glaciologico {adj}  :: glaciological
glaciologo {m}  :: glaciologist
gladiatore {m}  :: gladiator
gladiatorio {adj}  :: gladiatorial
gladiatrice {f}  :: gladiatrix, female gladiator [in a TV gameshow, etc]
gladio {m}  :: rapier, sword
gladiolo {m}  :: gladiolus, gladiola
glagolitico {adj}  :: Glagolitic
glamourizzante {v}  :: present participle of glamourizzare
glamourizzare {vt}  :: To glamorize
glamourizzazione {f}  :: glamorization
glande {m}  :: glans
glandola {f} [anatomy]  :: gland
glandolare {adj}  :: Variant of ghiandolare
glandula {f}  :: alternative form of ghiandola
glandulare {adj}  :: glandular
glanduloso {adj}  :: glandular, glandulous
Glarona {prop}  :: Glarus
glaronese {adj}  :: Of or from Glarona
glassa {f} [foods]  :: glaze, icing, frosting
glassante {v}  :: present participle of glassare
glassare {vt}  :: To glaze, to ice, to frost
glassarmonica {f} [musical instruments]  :: glass harmonica
glassatura {f}  :: frosting, icing (on a cake etc.)
glasto {m}  :: woad
Glauca {prop}  :: A female given name
glauco {adj}  :: glaucous (all senses)
Glauco {prop} [Greek god]  :: Glaucus
Glauco {prop}  :: given name
glaucodoto {m} [mineral]  :: glaucodot
glaucoma {m} [disease]  :: glaucoma
glaucopide {adj}  :: glaucope-like
glaucopide {adj}  :: blue-green-eyed (ancient Greek epithet of the goddess Athena)
glaucopide {mf}  :: glaucope
gleba {f}  :: a clod of earth
gleboso {adj}  :: cloddy
glena {f} [anatomy]  :: glenoid (cavity)
glenoidale {adj}  :: glenoid, glenoidal
glenoide {f} [anatomy]  :: glenoid (cavity)
gli {art}  :: Form of the article i (the) used before a vowel, impure s, gn, pn, ps, x, and z, and also with the plural noun dei (gods); the
gli {pron} [dative]  :: him, to him; it; to it
gli {pron} [dative, colloquial, nonstandard]  :: her, to her
gli {pron} [dative]  :: them, to them
glia {f}  :: glia
gliadina {f} [protein]  :: gliadin
gliale {adj}  :: glial
gli amici si vedono nel momento del bisogno {phrase}  :: a friend in need is a friend indeed
gliare {adj}  :: glial
glicano {m} [organic chemistry]  :: glycan
glicazione {f} [organic chemistry]  :: glycation
glicemia {f}  :: glycemia, glycæmia
glicemico {adj}  :: glycemic, glycæmic
glicemizzante {adj} [pathology]  :: glycaemic
gliceraldeide {f} [organic compound]  :: glyceraldehyde
glicerato {m} [organic chemistry]  :: glycerate
glicerico {adj}  :: glyceric
gliceride {m} [organic chemistry]  :: glyceride
glicerile {m} [organic chemistry]  :: glyceryl
glicerina {f}  :: glycerine
glicerinoso {adj}  :: glycerinated, glycerinous
glicerofosfato {m} [organic chemistry]  :: glycerophosphate
glicerofosfolipide {m} [organic chemistry]  :: glycerophospholipid
glicerolo {m} [organic compound]  :: glycerol
glicidico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: glycidic
glicina {f} [amino acid]  :: glycine
glicine {m}  :: wistaria, wisteria
glicinergico {adj}  :: glycinergic
glico- {prefix}  :: glyco-
glicocolla {f} [amino acid]  :: glycine
glicoforina {f} [protein]  :: glycophorin
glicogenesi {n}  :: glycogenesis
glicogeno {m} [biochemistry]  :: glycogen
glicogenolisi {f} [biochemistry]  :: glycogenolysis
glicogenosi {f} [medicine]  :: glycogenosis (glycogen storage disease)
glicogenosintesi {f} [biochemistry]  :: glycogenesis
glicol {m}  :: glycol
glicolato {m} [organic chemistry]  :: glycollate
glicole {m} [organic chemistry]  :: glycol
glicol etilenico {m}  :: ethylene glycol
glicolico {adj}  :: glycolic
glicolipide {m} [biochemistry]  :: glycolipid
glicolipidico {adj}  :: glycolipid (attributive)
glicolipidosi {f} [pathology]  :: glycolipidosis
glicolisi {f} [biochemistry]  :: glycolysis
glicolitico {adj} [biochemistry]  :: glycolytic
glicolo {m}  :: glicol etilenico
glicopirronio {m}  :: glycopyrronium
glicoproteico {adj}  :: glycoproteic
glicoproteina {f} [carbohydrate, protein]  :: glycoprotein
glicorrachia {f}  :: glycorrhachia
glicosaminoglicano {m} [carbohydrate]  :: glycosaminoglycan
glicosidasi {f} [enzyme]  :: glycosidase
glicosidazione {f}  :: glycosidation, glycosylation
glicoside {m} [carbohydrate]  :: glycoside
glicosidico {adj}  :: glycosidic
glicosilasi {f} [enzyme]  :: glycosylase
glicosilato {adj}  :: glycosylated
glicosilazione {f} [biochemistry]  :: glycosylation
glicosilico {adj}  :: glycosylic
glicoso {m}  :: Variant of: glucosio
glicosoaminoglicano {m} [carbohydrate]  :: glycosaminoglycan
glicosoma {m} [biology]  :: glycosome
glicosuria {f} [pathology]  :: glycosuria
glie {pron}  :: alternative form of le
glie {pron}  :: alternative form of gli
gliel' {pron} [sometimes before a vowel]  :: apocopic form of gliela
gliel' {pron} [sometimes before a vowel]  :: apocopic form of glielo
gliel {pron}  :: apocopic form of glielo
gliela {pron}  :: it to him, her or them
gliele {pron}  :: them to him, her or them
glieli {pron}  :: them to him, her or them
glielo {pron}  :: it to him, her or them
glien' {pron} [sometimes before a vowel or an h]  :: apocopic form of gliene
glien {pron}  :: apocopic form of gliene
gliene {pron}  :: some (of it/them) to him/her/it/them
gliene {pron}  :: about it/them to him/her/it/them
glifo {m}  :: glyph (all senses)
glioblastoma {m} [oncology]  :: glioblastoma
glioma {m} [medicine]  :: glioma
gliommero {m}  :: A Neapolitan dialect poem having eleven-syllable verses with internal rhyme and containing puns, jokes etc
gliossale {m} [organic compound]  :: glyoxal
gliossilato {m} [organic chemistry]  :: glyoxalate
gliossilico {adj}  :: glyoxylic
gliossisoma {m} [biology]  :: glyoxysome
gliotico {adj} [anatomy]  :: glial
gliotico {adj} [pathology]  :: gliotic
gliptogenesi {n}  :: glyptogenesis
gliptoteca {f}  :: alternative form of glittoteca
gliraria {f}  :: glirarium
glissando {adv}  :: In the style of a glissando
glissando {m}  :: glissando
glissante {v}  :: present participle of glissare
glissare {vt} [music]  :: to play a glissando
glissare {vt}  :: to wilfully avoid a topic
glissato {m}  :: glissando
glissoniana {f} [anatomy]  :: Glissonian sheaf / Glissonian capsule
glittica {n}  :: glyptics
glittico {adj}  :: glyptic
glitto- {prefix}  :: glypto-
glittografia {f}  :: glyptography
glittografico {adj}  :: glyptographic
glittografo {m}  :: glyptograph
glittografo {m}  :: glyptographer
glittoteca {f}  :: collection of glyptographs
glittoteca {f}  :: glyptotheca
globale {adj}  :: overall, inclusive
globale {adj} [of income etc]  :: total
globale {adj} [of a view etc]  :: global
globalismo {m}  :: globalism
globalista {mf}  :: globalist
globalità {f}  :: entirety
globalizzante {v}  :: present participle of globalizzare
globalizzare {vt}  :: to globalize
globalizzatore {adj}  :: globalizing
globalizzazione {f}  :: globalisation
globalmente {adv}  :: inclusively
globalmente {adv}  :: totally
globalmente {adv}  :: globally
globicefalo {m}  :: right whale
globigerina {f}  :: Any foraminiferan of the order Globigerinida
globina {f} [protein]  :: globin
globo {m}  :: globe
globo di neve {m}  :: snow globe
globoide {m}  :: globoid
globo oculare {m}  :: eyeball
globosità {f}  :: globosity, sphericity
globoso {adj}  :: globular, globose
globo terrestre {m}  :: globe of the world
globulare {adj}  :: globular
globulare {adj}  :: corpuscular
globulina {f} [protein]  :: globulin
globulo {m}  :: globule
globulo {m}  :: blood cell, corpuscle
globulo bianco {m} [cytology]  :: white blood cell
globulo rosso {m} [cytology]  :: red blood cell
globuloso {adj}  :: globular
globuloso {adj}  :: spherical
gloglottante {v}  :: present participle of gloglottare
gloglottare {vi}  :: To gobble (especially of a turkey)
gloglottare {vi}  :: To gurgle
gloglottio {m}  :: gobbling (of a turkey)
gloglottio {m}  :: gurgle, gurgling
glomerulare {adj}  :: glomerular
glomerulo {m} [medicine]  :: glomerulus
glomerulonefrite {f} [medicine]  :: glomerulonephritis, glomerular nephritis
glomerulopatia {f} [disease]  :: glomerulopathy
gloria {f}  :: glory
gloria {f}  :: praise
Gloria {prop}  :: given name
gloriante {v}  :: present participle of gloriare
gloriantesi {v}  :: present participle of gloriarsi
gloriare {vt} [literary]  :: to exalt or praise
gloriarsi {vr}  :: To pride oneself (on); To take pride (in)
gloriarsi {v}  :: to swagger
gloriatosi {v}  :: past participle of gloriarsi
gloriette {f}  :: gloriette
glorificante {v}  :: present participle of glorificare
glorificare {v}  :: to glorify
glorificarsi {vr}  :: to boast or brag (about)
glorificarsi {vr}  :: To pride oneself (on); To take pride (in)
glorificato {adj}  :: glorified
glorificatore {m}  :: glorifier
glorificazione {f}  :: glorification
gloriosamente {adv}  :: gloriously
gloriosissimo {adj}  :: Very glorious, very illustrious
glorioso {adj}  :: glorious, illustrious
glorioso {adj} [religion]  :: glorified
gloriuccia {f}  :: The petty glory of an insignificant victory
gloriuzza {f}  :: synonym of gloriuccia
glossa {f}  :: gloss (explanatory note)
glossante {v}  :: present participle of glossare
glossare {v}  :: to gloss or annotate
glossario {m}  :: glossary
glossatore {m}  :: glossarist, commentator
glossectomia {f} [surgery]  :: glossectomy
glossema {m} [linguistics]  :: glosseme
glossematica {f} [linguistics]  :: glossematics
glossite {f} [pathology]  :: glossitis
glosso- {prefix}  :: gloss-
glossodinia {f} [pathology]  :: glossodynia
glossofaringeo {adj}  :: glossopharyngeal
glossofobia {f}  :: glossophobia
glossografia {f}  :: glossography
glossografico {adj}  :: glossographical
glossografo {m}  :: glossographer
glossopoeta {mf}  :: conlanger
glossopoiesi {f}  :: glossopoeia
glottale {adj}  :: glottal
glottidale {adj} [anatomy]  :: pertaining to the glottis, glottal
glottidale {adj} [phonetics]  :: glottal
glottidale {f} [phonetics]  :: A glottal speech sound
glottide {f} [anatomy]  :: glottis
glotto- {prefix}  :: Variant of glosso-
glottocronologia {f}  :: glottochronology
glottodidattica {f}  :: language teaching
glottologia {f}  :: linguistics
glottologico {adj}  :: linguistic
glottologo {m}  :: linguist
glottotecnica {f}  :: applied linguistics (especially the study of neologisms)
glottoteta {mf}  :: applied linguist (especially one who studies neologisms)
glucagone {m} [biochemistry]  :: glucagon
glucagonico {adj}  :: glucagonic
glucanasi {f} [enzyme]  :: glucanase
glucano {m} [carbohydrate]  :: glucan
glucide {m} [carbohydrate]  :: carbohydrate, saccharide, glycose
glucidico {adj}  :: saccharidic; carbohydrate (attributive)
glucinio {m} [obsolete]  :: glucinium
glucoamilasi {f} [enzyme]  :: glucoamylase
glucocorticoide {m} [organic chemistry]  :: glucocorticoid
glucomannano {m} [organic compound]  :: glucomannan
gluconato {m} [organic chemistry]  :: gluconate
gluconeogenesi {f} [biochemistry]  :: gluconeogenesis
gluconico {adj}  :: gluconic
glucooligosaccaride {m} [biochemistry]  :: glucooligosaccharide
glucopiranosio {m} [carbohydrate]  :: glucopyranose
glucosamina {f} [organic compound]  :: glucosamine
glucosammina {f} [organic compound]  :: glucosamine
glucosidasi {f} [enzyme]  :: glucosidase
glucoside {m} [biochemistry]  :: glucoside
glucosio {m} [carbohydrate]  :: glucose
glucuronato {m} [organic chemistry]  :: glucuronate
glucuronico {adj}  :: glucuronic
glucuronoarabinoxilano {m} [carbohydrate]  :: glucuronoarabinoxylan
gluma {f} [botany]  :: glume
glumetta {f} [botany]  :: glumella, palea (small scale of chaff)
gluone {m} [physics]  :: gluon
gluonico {adj}  :: gluonic
glutammato {m}  :: glutamate
glutammato monosodico {m} [organic compound]  :: monosodium glutamate
glutammico {adj}  :: glutamic
glutammina {f} [amino acid]  :: glutamine
glutarico {adj}  :: glutaric
glutatione {m} [biochemistry]  :: glutathione
glutenina {f} [protein]  :: glutenin
gluteo {m} [anatomy]  :: buttock, bum
gluteo {adj}  :: gluteal
glutinato {adj}  :: Containing more gluten than usual (of foods)
glutine {m}  :: gluten
glutinosità {f}  :: glutinousness, glutinosity
glutinoso {adj}  :: glutinous
gnà {n}  :: alternative spelling of gna
gna {n} [regional, Calabria, Sicily, colloquial]  :: A title of address for women
gnagnera {f}  :: singsong
gnagnera {f}  :: itching, tingling
gnagnera {f}  :: whim, desire
gnam gnam {interj}  :: nom nom nom
gnatologia {f} [medicine]  :: gnathology
gnocca {f} [vulgar]  :: A pussy, a cunt
gnocca {f} [vulgar]  :: A dish, a babe, a doll, a fox, a piece of ass
gnocchetto {m}  :: (especially in plural) Small dumpling
gnocco {m} [cooking]  :: Italian variety of dumpling
gnocco {m} [by extension]  :: knot, lump
gnocco {m} [figurative]  :: goof, idiot
gnocco {m} [slang]  :: A handsome male
gnocco {adj} [slang]  :: handsome, good looking
gnoma {f}  :: Female gnome
gnomico {adj}  :: gnomic
gnomo {m}  :: gnome
gnomologia {f}  :: sententious eloquence
gnomone {m}  :: gnomon
gnomonica {f}  :: gnomonics
gnomonista {mf}  :: gnomonist
gnorri {mf}  :: A person who pretends not to understand
gnoseologia {f}  :: gnosiology, epistemology
gnoseologico {adj}  :: gnosiological
gnosi {f}  :: gnosis
gnosticismo {m}  :: Gnosticism
gnostico {adj}  :: gnostic
gnu {m}  :: gnu
gnucca {f} [Northern Italy, colloquial]  :: head
gnucco {adj} [Northern Italy]  :: dull, dim-witted
gnudo {adj}  :: Variant of nudo
gnudo {m}  :: (especially in plural) A light, fluffy form of gnocchi made with ricotta and little or no flour or potato
go {m} [board games]  :: go
GO {prop}  :: abbreviation of Gorizia, an Italian town in Friuli-Venezia Giulia
goal {m}  :: alternative spelling of gol
gobannese {adj}  :: Gobannian
gobannese {mf}  :: Gobannian
gobba {f}  :: hump, hunch
gobba {f}  :: hunchback, humpback (female)
gobbo {adj}  :: hunchbacked
gobbo {m}  :: hunchback
gobbo elettronico {m}  :: teleprompter
gobione {m}  :: gudgeon (fish)
goccetto {m}  :: A tiny drop or spot (of liquid)
goccia {f}  :: drop
goccia {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: goutte
gocciante {v}  :: present participle of gocciare
gocciar {v}  :: apocopic form of gocciare
gocciare {vi}  :: To drip or trickle
gocciare {vi}  :: To run (of the nose)
goccio {m}  :: drop, spot, dash (small amount of liquid)
gocciol {f}  :: apocopic form of gocciola
gocciola {f}  :: drop
gocciolamento {m}  :: dripping
gocciolamento {m}  :: drizzling
gocciolante {v}  :: present participle of gocciolare
gocciolare {vi}  :: To drip
gocciolare {v} [impersonal]  :: To drizzle
gocciolatoio {m} [architecture]  :: dripstone
gocciolina {f}  :: droplet
gocciolio {m}  :: dripping (continuous)
gocciolone {m}  :: large drop
godente {v}  :: present participle of godere
godentesi {v}  :: present participle of godersi
godere {v}  :: to enjoy
godere {v} [slang]  :: to have an orgasm; to come
godereccio {adj}  :: pleasure-seeking, pleasure-loving
godereccio {adj}  :: pleasant, pleasurable
godersi {vr}  :: to enjoy oneself
godersi {vr}  :: to benefit from something
godezia {f}  :: godetia, evening primrose
godibile {adj}  :: enjoyable
godibilissimo {adj}  :: Very enjoyable
godibilità {f}  :: enjoyableness
godimento {m}  :: pleasure, enjoyment
godimento {m}  :: possession (legal)
godronante {v}  :: present participle of godronare
godronare {v}  :: to knurl
godronare {m}  :: knurling (knurled pattern)
godrone {m}  :: knurler (knurling tool)
goduria {f}  :: pleasure
godurioso {adj}  :: pleasurable, very pleasant
godutosi {v}  :: past participle of godersi
godwiniano {adj}  :: Godwinian
goethiano {adj}  :: Goethean; Goethe [attributive]
goffaggine {f}  :: clumsiness
goffaggine {f}  :: awkwardness
goffamente {adv}  :: clumsily, awkwardly
goffo {adj}  :: clumsy, awkward, ungainly, gauche
goffo {adj}  :: inelegant
goffrante {v}  :: present participle of goffrare
goffrare {v}  :: to emboss
goffrato {adj}  :: embossed
goffratrice {f}  :: embosser (embossing machine)
goffratura {f}  :: embossing
Goffredo {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to English Geoffrey and Godfrey
gogna {f}  :: pillory
gol {m} [sports]  :: goal (act of placing the ball into the goal)
gola {f}  :: throat
gola {f}  :: gluttony, greed: one of i sette peccati capitali
gola {f}  :: gorge, defile
gola {f}  :: stack, flue
Golan {prop}  :: Golan
Golasecca {prop}  :: A small town in the Varese province of Lombardia
golasecchiano {adj}  :: Of or from Golasecca
Golden Gate Bridge {prop}  :: Golden Gate Bridge
Goldoni {prop}  :: surname
Goldoni {prop}  :: Carlo Goldoni, Italian playwright
goldoniano {adj}  :: Goldonian
goleada {f} [soccer]  :: barrage of goals
goleador {m} [football]  :: goal scorer; attacker (who scores many goals)
golena {f}  :: floodplain
golenale {adj}  :: floodplain (attributive)
golenale {adj}  :: alluvial
goletta {f}  :: schooner
golf {m}  :: golf
golf {m}  :: jumper, cardigan
golfara {m} [nautical]  :: A metal ring, fixed to the deck of a ship, through which cables are passed
golfare {m}  :: ringbolt
golfista {f} [sports]  :: golfer
golfistico {adj}  :: golf (attributive)
golfo {m}  :: gulf
Golfo {prop}  :: The (Persian) Gulf
Golgi {prop}  :: surname
Golgi {prop}  :: Camillo Golgi, Italian scientist, winner of the 1906 Nobel Prize in Medicine
golgiano {adj}  :: Golgi (attributive)
Golgota {prop}  :: Golgotha
Golia {prop}  :: Goliath [biblical character]
goliardata {f}  :: joke
goliardia {f} [historical]  :: goliardery
goliardia {f}  :: the carefree lifestyle of a university student, free from responsibility or worries
goliardia {f}  :: students' lightheartedness
goliardicamente {adv}  :: as a student
goliardico {adj} [historical]  :: goliardic (relating to the mediaeval goliards)
goliardico {adj} [attributive]  :: student, university (relating to modern university student life in respect to goliardic themes or traditions)
goliardo {m}  :: university student (usually one with a carefree or lax way of life)
goliardo {m} [historical]  :: Goliard
Golino {prop}  :: surname
gollismo {m}  :: Gaullism
gollista {adj}  :: Gaullist
gollista {mf}  :: Gaullist
Golo {prop}  :: A river that flows in Corsica
golosamente {adv}  :: greedily
goloseria {f}  :: greed, gluttony
golosissimo {adj}  :: Very greedy or gluttonous
golosità {f}  :: greed, gluttony
goloso {adj}  :: greedy, voracious (for)
goloso {m}  :: glutton, gourmand, gormandizer
golpe {f}  :: mildew, smut
golpe {m}  :: a military coup or putsch
golpista {mf}  :: Leader of a coup
gombito {m}  :: obsolete form of gomito
gombo {m}  :: okra (Abelmoschus esculentus)
gomena {f} [nautical]  :: hawser
gomitata {f}  :: poke, dig (especially with the elbow)
gomitiera {m}  :: elbow guard
gomito {m} [anatomy]  :: elbow
gomito {m}  :: bend in a tube
gomito {m}  :: crank (in engineering)
gomitolo {m}  :: ball (of wool, cotton etc)
gomma {f}  :: rubber, india rubber, caoutchouc
gomma {f}  :: (substance; chewing-gum) gum
gomma {f}  :: eraser, rubber
gomma {f}  :: tyre, tire
gomma {f} [medicine]  :: gumma
gomma a terra {f}  :: flat tyre, flat tire
gommagutta {f}  :: gamboge
gommalacca {f}  :: lac
gommalacca {f}  :: shellac
gommante {v}  :: present participle of gommare
gommapiuma {f}  :: foam rubber
gommare {v}  :: to rubberize
gommato {adj}  :: rubberized
gommato {adj}  :: gummed
gommatura {f} [automobiles]  :: tyres
gommatura {f}  :: gumming, rubberizing
gommifero {adj}  :: gummiferous
gommificio {m}  :: rubber factory
gommina {m}  :: hair gel
gommino {m}  :: rubber tip or washer
gommista {mf}  :: tyre / tire specialist, dealer or changer
gommone {m}  :: rubber dinghy
gommoresina {f}  :: gum resin
gommosità {f}  :: gumminess
gommoso {adj}  :: gummy, rubbery
Gomorra {prop}  :: Gomorrah
gonade {f} [anatomy]  :: gonad
gonadico {adj} [anatomy]  :: gonadic, gonadal
gonadotropico {adj}  :: gonadotropic, gonadotrophic
gonadotropina {f} [biochemistry]  :: gonadotropin
gonadotropinico {adj}  :: gonadotropinic
gonadotropo {adj} [physiology]  :: gonadotropic
-gonale {suffix}  :: -gonal
gonalgia {f} [pathology]  :: gonalgia
gonartrite {f} [pathology]  :: gonarthritis
gondola {f}  :: gondola (narrow boat in Venice)
gondoletta {f}  :: diminutive of gondola: a small gondola
gondoliere {m}  :: gondolier (Venetian boatman)
gondolino {m}  :: diminutive of gondola
gondolino {m} [nautical]  :: A small, two-man gondola used in racing
gondolone {f}  :: synonym of barchetta (gondola ferryboat)
gonfalone {m}  :: banner (historical)
gonfaloniere {m}  :: gonfalonier
gonfaloniere {m}  :: standard-bearer
gonfiabile {adj}  :: inflatable
gonfiaggio {m}  :: inflation, pumping up
gonfiante {v}  :: present participle of gonfiare
gonfiantesi {v}  :: present participle of gonfiarsi
gonfiar {v}  :: apocopic form of gonfiare
gonfiare {v}  :: to blow up
gonfiare {v}  :: to swell
gonfiarsi {vr}  :: to swell
gonfiarsi {vr}  :: to rise (of a river)
gonfiato {adj}  :: swollen
gonfiatoio {m}  :: pump (for inflating tyres etc)
gonfiatosi {v}  :: past participle of gonfiarsi
gonfiatura {f}  :: swelling (up)
gonfiatura {f}  :: inflation
gonfiatura {f}  :: exaggeration
gonfiezza {f}  :: swelling
gonfiezza {f}  :: pomposity
gonfio {adj}  :: swollen
gonfio {adj}  :: bombastic (person)
gonfio {adj}  :: inflated (tire)
gonfiore {m}  :: swelling
gonfiore {m}  :: bump
gonfosi {f} [anatomy]  :: gomphosis
gonfrena {f}  :: gomphrena, globe amaranth
gongolante {v}  :: present participle of gongolare
gongolare {vi}  :: To be visibly very satisfied or pleased (with or about)
Gongolo {prop}  :: Happy (Disney character)
gongorismo {m}  :: Gongorism
gonidio {m} [biology]  :: gonidium
gonio- {prefix}  :: Used to form terms relating to (the measurement of) angles
goniometria {f} [mathematics, topography]  :: goniometry
goniometrico {adj} [mathematics, topography]  :: goniometric
goniometro {m}  :: goniometer
gonioscopia {f} [medicine]  :: gonioscopy
gonioscopico {adj}  :: gonioscopic
goniotomia {f}  :: goniotomy
gonna {f}  :: skirt
gonnella {f}  :: skirt
gonnella {f} [figuratively]  :: girl, woman
gonnellina {f}  :: miniskirt
gonnellino {m}  :: A short skirt
gonnellino {m}  :: kilt
gonnellino {m}  :: A traditional Scottish garment, usually worn by men, having roughly the same morphology as a wrap-around skirt, with overlapping front aprons and pleated around the sides and back, and usually made of twill-woven worsted wool with a tartan pattern
gono- {prefix}  :: Used to form terms relating to sexual reproduction
-gono {suffix} [geometry]  :: -gon (forms the names of plane figures containing a given number of angles)
gonococcico {adj}  :: gonococcal
gonococco {m} [microbiology]  :: gonococcus
gonorrea {f} [disease]  :: gonorrhea
gonorroico {adj}  :: gonorrheal
Gonzaga {prop}  :: surname
Gonzaga {prop}  :: A noble family from Mantova
gonzo {m}  :: simpleton, dolt
gonzo {m}  :: dupe
googlante {v}  :: present participle of googlare
googlare {vt}  :: to google
Google {prop}  :: Google (search engine or company)
gora {f}  :: canal (for irrigation)
gora {f}  :: mill race
gorano {adj}  :: Goran
gorbia {f}  :: ferrule
gordiano {adj}  :: Gordian
Gordiano {prop}  :: given name
goretex {m}  :: Gore-Tex
gorgheggiamento {m}  :: trilling, warbling
gorgheggiante {v}  :: present participle of gorgheggiare
gorgheggiare {vi}  :: to warble
gorgheggiare {vi} [music]  :: to trill
gorgheggiatore {m}  :: triller
gorgheggiatore {m}  :: warbler (bird is masculine only)
gorgheggio {m} [music]  :: trill
gorgia {f}  :: throat
Gorgia {prop}  :: Gorgias (Greek philosopher)
gorgiera {f}  :: gorget
gorgiera {f}  :: bib
gorgiera {f}  :: ruff
gorgieretta {f}  :: gorget (armour for the throat)
Gorgón {f}  :: medieval spelling of Gorgone
gorgo {m}  :: whirlpool
gorgo {m}  :: vortex, eddy
gorgogliamento {m}  :: gurgling
gorgogliante {v}  :: present participle of gorgogliare
gorgogliare {vi}  :: To gurgle
gorgogliatore {m}  :: fermentation lock
gorgoglio {m}  :: gurgling
gorgoglio {m}  :: gurgle
gorgoglione {m}  :: aphid
Gorgona {prop}  :: An island between Corsica and Livorno
gorgone {f}  :: gorgon
Gorgone {f}  :: alternative case form of gorgone
gorgonia {f}  :: gorgonian, sea whip, sea fan (cnidarian of order Alcyonacea, syn. Gorgonacea)
gorgonzola {m}  :: gorgonzola cheese
Gorgonzola {prop}  :: a commune in the province of Milan
Gori {prop}  :: surname
gorilla {m}  :: gorilla
gorillone {m}  :: A giant ape; a King Kong
Gorizia {prop}  :: Gorizia
goriziano {adj}  :: Of or relating to Gorizia or the Gorizia people
goriziano {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Gorizia
Goriziano {prop}  :: Gorizia
Gornalunga {prop}  :: A river that flows in Sicily
gospel {m} [music]  :: gospel (style of music)
gossip {m}  :: gossip (especially concerning famous or important people)
gossiparo {adj}  :: gossip (attributive)
gossiparo {m}  :: gossiper
gossipolo {m} [organic compound]  :: gossypol
gota {f}  :: cheek (human or meat-animal), jowl
gotha {m}  :: The local aristocracy of a region
gotha {m}  :: The elite of a particular business or entertainment sector
Gotha {prop}  :: Gotha
gotico {adj}  :: Gothic
gotico {m}  :: Gothic language or style
goto {adj}  :: Gothic
gotta {f}  :: gout
gottante {v}  :: present participle of gottare
Gottardo {prop}  :: Gothard
gottare {vt} [nautical]  :: to bail out
gottazza {f} [nautical]  :: bailer (bailing scoop)
Gottinga {prop}  :: Göttingen
gotto {m}  :: mug, mugful
gotto {m}  :: glass, glassful
gottosa {f}  :: gout sufferer (female)
gottoso {adj} [pathology]  :: gouty, gout (attributive)
gottoso {m} [pathology]  :: gout sufferer
goulotte {f}  :: An Alpine gulley that is too narrow to be skied through
gourmet {mf}  :: gourmet
governabile {adj}  :: governable
governabile {adj}  :: steerable
governabilità {f}  :: governability
governale {f}  :: vane (of a bomb etc.)
governante {adj}  :: governing, ruling
governante {f}  :: governess
governante {f}  :: housekeeper
governare {v}  :: to govern, to rule, to control, to manage
governare {v} [of animals]  :: to feed, to groom, to look after
governativo {adj}  :: government (attributive)
governativo {adj}  :: governmental
governativo {adj}  :: pro-government (media)
governatorato {m}  :: governorship (office)
governatorato {m}  :: governorate (territory)
governatore {m}  :: governor
governatoriale {adj}  :: governor (attributive), gubernatorial
governatrice {f}  :: governor (female)
governatura {f}  :: tending, feeding (of animals)
governatura {f}  :: grooming (of horses)
governatura {f}  :: manuring, fertilizing (of land)
governissimo {m} [colloquial]  :: A government that has a large parliamentary majority or has very influential politicians
governo {m}  :: government, administration, rule
governo {m}  :: running, management, direction
governo {m} [of animals]  :: feeding, tending
Govoni {prop}  :: surname
Govoni {prop}  :: Corrado Govoni, Italian poet
goyesco {adj}  :: Goyaesque
Gozo {prop}  :: Gozo
Gozzano {prop}  :: surname
Gozzano {prop}  :: Guido Gozzano, Italian poet
Gozzi {prop}  :: surname
Gozzi {prop}  :: Gasparo Gozzi, Italian dramatist
gozziano {adj}  :: Gozzian
gozzo {m}  :: crop (of a bird)
gozzo {m} [anatomy]  :: throat
gozzo {m} [medicine]  :: goitre
gozzo {m} [nautical]  :: fishing boat (with oars and sometimes a small sail)
gozzoviglia {f}  :: merrymaking, revelry
gozzovigliante {v}  :: present participle of gozzovigliare
gozzovigliare {vi}  :: To make merry; To carouse
gozzuto {adj}  :: throaty
gozzuto {adj}  :: goitrous, goitred
grabar {m}  :: Old Armenian (language, script)
gracchia {f} [archaic, literary]  :: alternative form of gracchio
gracchia {f} [archaic, figurative]  :: chatterbox, windbag
gracchiamento {m}  :: croaking
gracchiante {v}  :: present participle of gracchiare
gracchiare {vi}  :: To caw or croak; To crackle
gracchio {m}  :: chough
gracchio {m}  :: caw (sound of a crow)
gracchio {m}  :: chatter (sound of a magpie)
gracchio alpino {m}  :: Alpine chough
gracchio corallino {m}  :: chough, red-billed chough or Cornish chough
gracidamento {m}  :: croak
gracidante {v}  :: present participle of gracidare
gracidante {adj}  :: croaking
gracidar {v}  :: apocopic form of gracidare
gracidare {vi}  :: To croak (as a frog)
gracidio {m}  :: croaking
gracile {adj}  :: delicate, frail, weakly
gracile {adj}  :: slender, thin
gracilità {f}  :: delicateness
gracilità {f}  :: frailty
gracilmente {adv}  :: delicately, frailly, weakly
gradare {vt} [archaic]  :: to divide by degrees; to graduate
gradare {vi} [literary]  :: To have a gradual structure
gradare {v} [figurative, by extension]  :: To slope down or incline downward
gradassata {f}  :: bravado
gradassata {f}  :: boasting, bragging
gradasso {m}  :: braggart
gradasso {m}  :: loudmouth
gradasso {m}  :: flippant
gradatamente {adv}  :: gradually; by degrees
gradazione {f}  :: gradation
gradazione alcolica {f}  :: alcoholic content or strength (of beer or wine etc)
Gradenigo {prop}  :: surname
Gradenigo {prop}  :: A noble family from Venice
gradente {v}  :: present participle of gradire
gradese {m}  :: A dialect of Venetian spoken in Grado
gradese {mf}  :: A native or inhabitant of Grado
gradese {adj}  :: Of or from Grado
gradevole {adj}  :: pleasant, enjoyable, agreeable
gradevolezza {f}  :: pleasantness, agreeableness
gradevolmente {adv}  :: pleasantly, agreeably
gradevolmente {adv}  :: nicely, fairly
gradiente {m} [mathematics, physics]  :: gradient
gradimento {m}  :: liking
gradimento {m}  :: satisfaction
gradimento {m}  :: approval
gradina {f}  :: gradine
gradinamento {m}  :: chiselling
gradinamento {m}  :: step cutting (by mountaineers)
gradinante {v}  :: present participle of gradinare
gradinare {v}  :: to chisel
gradinare {v}  :: to cut steps (while mountaineering)
gradinata {f}  :: flight of steps
gradinata {f}  :: terracing (in a stadium)
gradinata {f}  :: stairway
gradinatura {f}  :: chiselling
gradino {m}  :: step
gradino {m}  :: foothold
gradino {m}  :: rung
gradire {v}  :: to accept something with pleasure
gradire {v}  :: to want or desire
graditissimo {adj}  :: Much welcome, much appreciated
graditissimo {adj}  :: Very pleasant
gradito {adj}  :: welcome, appreciated
gradito {adj}  :: pleasant
grado {m}  :: degree
grado {m}  :: level
grado {m}  :: rank
grado {m}  :: grade
grado {m} [literary]  :: satisfaction, liking, will
Grado {prop}  :: A small town in the province of Gorizia in Friuli-Venezia Giulia
gradone {m}  :: terrace (agricultural, or in an arena etc)
graduabile {adj}  :: gradable
graduabilità {f}  :: gradability
graduale {adj}  :: gradual
gradualismo {m}  :: gradualism
gradualista {mf}  :: gradualist
gradualistico {adj}  :: gradualistic
gradualità {f}  :: gradualness
gradualizzante {v}  :: present participle of gradualizzare
gradualizzare {v}  :: to modify gradually
gradualmente {adv}  :: gradually
graduante {v}  :: present participle of graduare
graduare {vt}  :: to graduate [a scientific instrument, etc.]
graduato {adj}  :: graduated
graduatore {adj}  :: graduated (having graduations)
graduatoria {f}  :: list (of people in some sort of order)
graduatoria {f}  :: ranking, grading
graduazione {f}  :: graduation (all senses)
grafema {m}  :: grapheme
grafematica {n} [linguistics]  :: graphemics
grafematicamente {adv}  :: graphemically
grafematico {adj} [linguistics]  :: graphemic
grafemico {adj}  :: graphemic
grafene {m} [organic compound]  :: graphene
graffa {f}  :: brace (punctuation)
graffa {f}  :: staple, clip
graffante {v}  :: present participle of graffare
graffare {v}  :: to staple
graffare {v}  :: to cramp (restrict movement)
graffare {v}  :: to seam
graffatrice {f}  :: stapler
graffatrice {f}  :: seamer (device)
graffatura {f}  :: stapling
graffatura {f}  :: seaming
graffente {v}  :: present participle of graffire
graffetta {f}  :: clip, staple
graffetta {f}  :: paperclip
graffettatrice {f}  :: stapler
Graffiacane {prop}  :: A fictional devil in the Divine Comedy
graffiante {v}  :: present participle of graffiare
graffiante {adj}  :: biting, scathing, caustic
graffiantesi {v}  :: present participle of graffiarsi
graffiare {v}  :: to scratch
graffiare {v} [figuratively]  :: to bite
graffiarsi {v}  :: reflexive of graffiare
graffiarsi {v}  :: to get scratched, scratch oneself, scratch each other
graffiata {f}  :: scratching
graffiata {f}  :: scratch
graffiatosi {v}  :: past participle of graffiarsi
graffiatura {f}  :: scratch
graffietto {m}  :: little scratch
graffietto {m}  :: scriber, marking gauge
graffio {m}  :: scratch
graffire {v}  :: to graffiti
graffitaro {m}  :: graffiti artist
graffitato {adj}  :: graphited
graffitismo {m} [art]  :: graffiti, street art
graffitista {mf}  :: graffiti artist
graffito {m}  :: graffiti
grafia {f}  :: spelling
grafia {f}  :: handwriting
-grafia {suffix}  :: -graphy
grafica {f}  :: graphic arts
grafica {f}  :: graphics
grafica bitmap {f}  :: bitmap graphics
graficamente {adv}  :: graphically
graficante {v}  :: present participle of graficare
grafica raster {f}  :: raster graphics
graficare {v} [computing]  :: To create computer graphics
grafica tridimensionale {f} [computing]  :: 3D graphics
grafica vettoriale {f}  :: vector graphics
grafico {adj}  :: graphic
grafico {m}  :: graph, plot
grafico {m}  :: graphics artist
-grafico {suffix}  :: -graphic
grafitante {v}  :: present participle of grafitare
grafitare {v}  :: to graphitize (convert to, or coat with graphite)
grafitazione {f}  :: graphitization
grafite {f}  :: graphite
grafitico {adj}  :: graphitic
grafitizzazione {f} [geology]  :: graphitization
grafo {m}  :: graph
-grafo {suffix}  :: -grapher
grafo- {prefix}  :: grapho-
grafoanalisi {f}  :: graphoanalysis
grafologa {f}  :: Female graphologist
grafologia {f}  :: graphology
grafologicamente {adv}  :: graphologically
grafologico {adj}  :: graphological
grafologo {m}  :: graphologist
grafomane {mf}  :: graphomane (insistent scribbler)
grafomania {f}  :: graphomania
grafometria {f}  :: graphometry
grafometro {m}  :: graphometer
grafospasmo {m}  :: graphospasm, writer's cramp
gragnola {f}  :: hail, shower, flood, torrent (figurative, of abuse etc.)
Graie {prop}  :: Graeae
Gral {prop}  :: Grail, Holy Grail
gramaglia {f}  :: mourning (dark clothing)
gramicidina {f} [medicine]  :: gramicidin
gramigna {f} [plant]  :: Bermuda grass
graminacea {f} [botany]  :: gramineous plant, grass
graminaceo {adj} [botany]  :: gramineous, graminaceous
gramma {m}  :: gram (Variant of: grammo)
-gramma {suffix}  :: -gram
grammatica {f}  :: grammar
grammatica {f}  :: grammarian (female)
grammaticaggine {f}  :: Exaggerated grammatical pedantry
grammaticale {adj}  :: grammatical
grammaticalità {f}  :: grammaticality
grammaticalmente {adv}  :: grammatically
grammaticheria {f}  :: Exaggerated grammatical pedantry
grammatico {m}  :: grammarian
grammatologia {f} [linguistics]  :: grammatology
grammatura {f}  :: weight in grams per square metre, especially of cloth or paper
grammo {m}  :: gramme/gram, unit of mass
grammo-atomo {m} [chemistry]  :: gram atom
grammofonico {adj}  :: gramophone (attributive)
grammofono {m}  :: gramophone, phonograph
grammo-molecola {f} [chemistry]  :: mole, gram molecule
gram-negativo {adj}  :: gram-negative
gramo {adj}  :: wretched
gramola {f}  :: brake
gramola {f}  :: kneading machine
gramolante {v}  :: present participle of gramolare
gramolare {v}  :: to brake (knead or crush)
gramolare {v}  :: to knead
gramolatrice {f}  :: scutch
gramolatura {f}  :: braking
gramolatura {f}  :: kneading
Grampiani {prop}  :: Grampians
grampo {m}  :: kind of grey dolphin (Grampus griseus)
gram-positivo {adj}  :: gram-positive
Gramsci {prop}  :: surname
Gramsci {prop}  :: Antonio Gramsci, Italian politician, philosopher etc
gramscianesimo {m}  :: The political ideology of it
gramsciano {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Antonio Gramsci and his works; Gramscian
gramscismo {m}  :: synonym of gramscianesimo
grana {f}  :: grain
grana {f} [idiomatic]  :: trouble
grana {f} [idiomatic]  :: cash
grana {m}  :: a cheese similar to parmesan
Grana {prop}  :: A river that flows in Piedmont
granadiglia {f}  :: granadilla
granaglia {f} [chiefly in the plural]  :: corn (seeds of cereals for food use)
granaglia {f}  :: granulated gold or silver
granagliante {v}  :: present participle of granagliare
granagliare {v}  :: to granulate (precious metal)
granaio {m}  :: granary, barn
granaio {m} [figuratively]  :: region that produces much grain; a breadbasket
granaiolo {adj}  :: grain-eating (bird)
granata {f}  :: grenade, hand grenade
granata {f}  :: pomegranate
granata {f}  :: member or supporter of Torino FC
granata {f}  :: maroon
Granatelli {prop}  :: surname
granatiere {m}  :: grenadier
granatiglio {m}  :: granadilla (tree, wood)
granatina {f}  :: pomegranate syrup
granato {m}  :: garnet (gemstone)
granbestia {f}  :: moose or elk (whose claws were worn as an amulet)
Gran Bretagna {prop}  :: Great Britain
grancancelliere {m}  :: High Chancellor
grancassa {f} [musical instruments]  :: bass drum
granceola {f}  :: spiny spider crab (Maja squinado)
grancevola {f}  :: spiny spider crab (Maja squinado)
granché {pron} [only used in negative sentences]  :: Nothing notable, or particularly interesting; not much
granché {m} [singular only, only used in negative sentences]  :: Nothing notable, or particularly interesting
granché {adv} [only used in negative sentences]  :: Not that much, not very much; not really
granchio {m}  :: crab (animal)
granchio {m} [figuratively]  :: mistake
granciere {m}  :: The bailiff on a Benedictine estate
granciporro {m}  :: edible crab
grand' {adj} [sometimes before a vowel]  :: apocopic form of grande
grandangolare {adj} [of a lens]  :: wide-angle
grandangolo {m}  :: wide-angle lens
grande {adj}  :: [size] big
grande {adj}  :: [quantity] large
grande {adj}  :: [height] tall
grande {adj}  :: [width] wide, broad
grande {adj}  :: [length] long
grande {adj}  :: [importance] great
grande {mf}  :: an adult or grownup
grande {mf}  :: a great or influential person
grande {m}  :: grandee
grande ammiraglio {m} [nautical]  :: admiral of the fleet (approximate equivalent)
Grande Carro {prop}  :: Big Dipper (constellation)
grande dorsale {m} [muscle]  :: latissimus dorsi, broadest muscle of back
grandeggiante {v}  :: present participle of grandeggiare
grandeggiare {vi}  :: to tower (over)
grandeggiare {vi}  :: to put on airs or give oneself airs
grandeggiare {vi}  :: to show off
Grande Macchia Rossa {prop}  :: Great Red Spot
grande male {m} [pathology]  :: grand mal
Grande Mela {prop} [colloquial]  :: Big Apple (nickname for New York City)
grandemente {adv}  :: greatly
grandemente {adv}  :: much
Grande muraglia cinese {prop}  :: The Great Wall of China
grande osso {m} [skeleton]  :: capitate bone
grande trocantere {m} [Variant of: gran trocantere, skeleton]  :: greater trochanter
grandezza {f}  :: size
grandezza {f}  :: magnitude (astronomy)
grandezza {f}  :: quantity (maths)
grandezza {f}  :: greatness
grandezza {f}  :: grandeur
grandguignolesco {adj}  :: Grand Guignol (attributive)
grandicello {adj}  :: somewhat grown-up
grandiloquenza {f}  :: grandiloquence
grandinante {v}  :: present participle of grandinare
grandinare {v}  :: to hail (down)
grandinata {f} [weather]  :: hailstorm
grandine {f}  :: hail
grandinifugo {adj}  :: anti-hail
grandinigeno {adj}  :: grandinous (producing hail)
grandinoso {adj}  :: mixed with hail (of rain)
grandiosamente {adv}  :: grandly, magnificently, grandiosely
grandiosità {f}  :: grandeur, magnificence
grandioso {adj}  :: grandiose, magnificent
grandissimo {adj}  :: Very large, tall, high, wide, deep, great
gran dorsale {m} [muscle]  :: latissimus dorsi, broadest muscle of back
granduca {m}  :: grand duke
granducale {adj}  :: grand ducal
granducato {m}  :: grand duchy
granduchessa {f}  :: grand duchess
grandula {f}  :: sandgrouse
granella {f}  :: alternative form of granello
granellante {v}  :: present participle of granellare
granellare {vt}  :: To granulate
granellino {m}  :: speck (of dust etc)
granello {m}  :: grain [of sand, salt, etc.]
granello {m}  :: speck [of powder, etc.]
granello {m}  :: testicle [of an animal, when used for food]
granellosità {f}  :: granularity
granelloso {adj}  :: granular
granente {v}  :: present participle of granire
granfatto {adv}  :: a lot, too
granfia {f}  :: claw, talon
grangia {f}  :: grange (outlying land belonging to a monastery)
Granico {prop}  :: The Biga çay, that flows in Turkey
granicolo {adj}  :: wheat-growing (attributive)
granicoltore {m}  :: wheat grower or farmer
granicoltura {f} [agriculture]  :: wheat growing
granifero {adj}  :: wheat-producing
granigione {f}  :: granulation (formation of cereal grains)
graniglia {f}  :: grit
granigliatrice {f}  :: shot blasting / sandblasting machine
granire {vt}  :: to granulate
granire {vi}  :: to form grains or seeds
granita {f}  :: granita
granitico {adj}  :: granite (attributive)
granitico {adj}  :: rock-like
granitiforme {adj}  :: granitiform
granito {m}  :: granite
granitura {f}  :: seeding
granitura {f}  :: graining
granivoro {adj}  :: granivorous
grano {m}  :: wheat, corn
grano {m}  :: grain [of cereal, or small piece of something]
grano {m}  :: bead [of the rosary]
grano {m}  :: peppercorn
grano {m}  :: money
grano {m}  :: pin
granoblastico {adj}  :: granoblastic
grano di pepe {m}  :: peppercorn
grano duro {m} [plant]  :: durum, durum wheat
grano saraceno {m}  :: buckwheat
granoso {adj}  :: grain- or corn-producing
granoso {adj} [colloquial]  :: loaded (rich)
granoturco {m}  :: maize
gran parte {f}  :: a great deal
Gran Premio {m}  :: Grand Prix
gran trocantere {m} [skeleton]  :: greater trochanter
granturco {m}  :: alternative form of granoturco
granturismo {f} [automobiles]  :: grand tourer
granulante {v}  :: present participle of granulare
granulare {adj}  :: granular
granulare {vt}  :: To granulate
granularità {f}  :: granularity
granulato {adj}  :: granulated
granulato {m}  :: chip (small piece of material, such as marble, stone, etc.)
granulazione {f}  :: granulation
granulo {m}  :: granule
granulocita {m} [cytology, immunology]  :: granulocyte
granulocitico {adj} [cytology, immunology]  :: granulocytic
granulocito {m}  :: granulocyte
granulocitopenia {f} [pathology]  :: granulocytopenia
granuloma {m} [pathology]  :: granuloma
granulomatoso {adj} [pathology]  :: granulomatous
granulometria {f}  :: granulometry
granulometrico {adj}  :: granulometric
granulosità {f}  :: granularity
granuloso {adj}  :: granular
granuloso {adj}  :: granulation (attributive)
grappa {f}  :: grappa
grappa {f}  :: brace (A cord, ligament, or rod, for producing or maintaining tension)
grappaiolo {m}  :: grappa maker
grappino {m} [nautical]  :: grapnel
grappino {m}  :: tot of grappa
grappo {m}  :: bunch (Variant of: grappolo or graspo)
grappoletto {m}  :: diminutive of grappolo
grappoletto {m}  :: a small bunch or cluster [of grapes, etc.]
grappolo {m}  :: bunch, cluster [grapes, etc.]
graptolito {m}  :: graptolite
grascella {f}  :: alternative form of grassella
grascia {f}  :: An official in charge of rations
grascia {f}  :: wealth, abundance
grascia {f}  :: provisions (at a monastery)
grasciere {m}  :: An official in charge of rations
graspo {m}  :: (Venetian) bunch (of grapes etc)
grassaggio {m}  :: greasing (lubricating with grease)
grassatore {m}  :: robber, highwayman
grassazione {f}  :: armed robbery
grassella {f}  :: stifle
grassello {m}  :: lump of fat
grassello {m}  :: slaked lime
grassetto {adj}  :: bold (typeface)
grassetto {m}  :: boldface
grassezza {f}  :: fatness, stoutness
grassezza {f}  :: greasiness
Grassi {prop}  :: surname
grasso {adj}  :: fat
grasso {adj}  :: fatty, greasy (containing fat)
grasso {adj} [botany, of plants]  :: succulent
grasso {adj} [figuratively]  :: rich, abundant
grasso {adj} [figuratively]  :: useful, advantageous
grasso {adj} [figuratively, of a person]  :: well-off, well-to-do
grasso {adj}  :: fatty, greasy, unctuous (having a greasy consistence)
grasso {adj} [by extension, of air]  :: thick
grasso {adj}  :: fatty, greasy, unctuous (having a greasy surface)
grasso {adj} [figuratively, of a way of speaking]  :: licentious, raunchy, vulgar
grasso {m}  :: fat (animal tissue)
grasso {m} [by extension]  :: Any greasy substance
grasso {m} [nautical]  :: The concavity of a sail under the effect of the wind
Grasso {prop}  :: surname
grassoccio {adj}  :: plump, podgy, tubby
grassona {f}  :: A fat person
grassone {m}  :: A fat person
grasso siliconico {m}  :: silicone grease
grassottello {adj}  :: chubby
grassume {m}  :: fat, grease
grassume {m}  :: greasiness
grata {f}  :: grating
grata {f}  :: grid
gratella {f}  :: grid, grating, grill
graticcia {f}  :: flies (in a theatre); rigging loft
graticciante {v}  :: present participle of graticciare
graticciare {v}  :: to trellis
graticciata {f}  :: trelliswork
graticciato {m}  :: mat, rack (for drying fruit)
graticcio {m}  :: trellis
graticcio {m}  :: mat (of rushes)
graticcio {m}  :: lattice
graticola {f}  :: grill (for cooking on)
graticola {f}  :: gridiron
graticolante {v}  :: present participle of graticolare
graticolare {v}  :: to graticulate
graticolato {adj}  :: Shaped like a grille or grating
graticolato {m}  :: grating
graticolato {m}  :: trellis (for plants)
gratifica {f}  :: bonus
gratificante {v}  :: present participle of gratificare
gratificante {adj}  :: gratifying, rewarding
gratificante {adj}  :: pleasurable
gratificantesi {v}  :: present participle of gratificarsi
gratificare {v}  :: to gratify, reward
gratificarsi {v}  :: reflexive of gratificare
gratificarsi {v}  :: to be gratified or rewarded
gratificatosi {v}  :: past participle of gratificarsi
gratificazione {f}  :: gratification
gratile {m} [nautical]  :: bolt rope
gratinante {v}  :: present participle of gratinare
gratinare {vt}  :: To cook au gratin
gratis {adv}  :: gratis
gratis {adj}  :: free
gratissimo {adj}  :: Very grateful
gratitudine {f}  :: gratitude
grato {adj}  :: grateful
grattabugia {f}  :: A rotating wire- or fibreglass brush used by jewellery-makers to polish gold or silver
grattacapo {m}  :: poser, worry, nuisance, headache
grattacielo {m}  :: skyscraper
gratta e vinci {m}  :: scratch card
grattante {v}  :: present participle of grattare
grattantesi {v}  :: present participle of grattarsi
grattare {vt}  :: To scratch, to scrape
grattare {vt}  :: To grate (to shred foodstuffs)
grattare {vi}  :: but takes avere as auxiliary To grind, to strip (the gears)
grattarsi {vr}  :: To scratch oneself
grattata {f}  :: scratching
grattata {f}  :: scraping
grattata {f}  :: grating
grattatoio {m}  :: scratching post (for cats)
grattatosi {v}  :: past participle of grattarsi
grattatura {f}  :: scratching, scraping (action)
grattatura {f}  :: scratch, scrape (result)
grattino {m}  :: caress performed with fingernails
grattugia {f}  :: grater
grattugiante {v}  :: present participle of grattugiare
grattugiare {v}  :: to grate (to shred foodstuffs)
grattugiato {adj}  :: grated (cheese, etc)
gratuggia {f}  :: grater (for grating cheese etc)
gratuità {f}  :: gratuitousness
gratuitamente {adv}  :: for free, gratis
gratuitamente {adv}  :: gratuitously
gratuito {adj}  :: free, free of charge, gratis
gratuito {adj}  :: gratuitous, unjustified
gravabile {adj}  :: taxable
gravame {m}  :: burden, load, weight
gravame {m}  :: any onerous tax
gravante {v}  :: present participle of gravare
gravare {vt}  :: To burden, to load
gravare {vi}  :: To rest, to weigh
gravare di ipoteca {v}  :: To encumber (to add a legal claim or other obligation)
gravattaro {m}  :: loan shark
grave {adj}  :: grave, serious
grave {adj}  :: heavy
grave {adj}  :: solemn
gravemente {adv}  :: seriously, critically, severely
graveolente {adj}  :: foul-smelling
graveolenza {f}  :: foul smell
gravezza {f}  :: heaviness, weight, weightiness
gravi- {prefix}  :: Forms terms relating to weight, and thus to both gravity and pregnancy
gravicembalo {m} [musical instruments]  :: gravicembalo
gravidanza {f}  :: pregnancy
gravidico {adj}  :: pregnancy (attributive)
gravido {adj}  :: pregnant, gravid
gravido {adj}  :: fraught, full, heavily laden
gravimetria {f}  :: gravimetry
gravimetrico {adj} [chemistry, geology]  :: gravimetric
gravimetro {m}  :: gravimeter
gravina {f}  :: mattock
gravina {f} [geology]  :: gorge, ravine
Gravina {prop}  :: surname
gravissimo {adj}  :: Very severe or serious; dire
gravissimo {adj}  :: Very heavy
gravissimo {adj}  :: Very solemn
gravità {f}  :: gravity (all meanings)
gravità {f}  :: seriousness, graveness, solemnity
gravità {f}  :: heaviness, weightiness
gravitante {v}  :: present participle of gravitare
gravitare {vi}  :: to gravitate
gravitazionale {adj}  :: gravitational
gravitazionalmente {adv}  :: gravitationally
gravitazione {f}  :: gravitation
gravitino {m} [physics]  :: gravitino
gravitomagnetico {adj}  :: gravitomagnetic
gravitomagnetismo {m} [physics]  :: gravitomagnetism
gravitone {m}  :: graviton
gravosamente {adv}  :: heavily
gravosamente {adv}  :: onerously
gravosità {f}  :: heaviness
gravosità {f}  :: stuffiness
gravoso {adj}  :: heavy
gravoso {adj}  :: onerous
grazia {f}  :: grace
grazia {f} [legal]  :: pardon
grazia {f}  :: favour, kindness
grazia {f} [chiefly in the plural]  :: serif
Grazia {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to English Grace
graziabile {adj}  :: pardonable
Graziano {prop}  :: given name
graziante {v}  :: present participle of graziare
graziare {vt}  :: To pardon (law)
grazie {interj}  :: thank you, thanks!
grazie {m}  :: thanks, thank-you (an expression of gratitude)
grazie {m} [uncommon]  :: gratitude
grazie a {prep}  :: thanks to
Graziella {prop}  :: given name, a diminutive form of Grazia (Grace)
grazie mille {phrase}  :: thank you very much, thanks a lot
graziosamente {adv}  :: graciously
graziosamente {adv}  :: gracefully
graziosissimo {adj}  :: Very cute, very pretty, very nice
graziosissimo {adj}  :: Very kind
graziosità {f}  :: gracefulness
grazioso {adj}  :: cute, pretty, nice, graceful
grazioso {adj}  :: delightful, graceful
grazioso {adj} [literary]  :: kind, gracious
grazioso {adj} [literary, poetic]  :: gracious, merciful, compassionate
grazioso {adj} [music]  :: grazioso
Gr.Cassa {n} [music]  :: abbreviation of gran cassa
greca {f}  :: (Feminine form of greco) Greek woman
greca {f}  :: meander, Greek key, Greek fret, fretwork
grecale {adj}  :: north-east (attributive)
grecale {m}  :: gregale (wind from the north-east)
grecanico {adj}  :: Griko (attributive)
grecheggiante {v}  :: present participle of grecheggiare
grecheggiare {vit}  :: to Hellenize
Grecia {prop}  :: Greece
grecismo {m} [linguistics]  :: grecism
grecista {mf}  :: A Greek scholar (person who studies Ancient Greek language and literature)
grecità {f}  :: Greekness; Greek nature, culture or spirit
grecizzante {v}  :: present participle of grecizzare
grecizzare {vit}  :: to Hellenize
greco {adj}  :: Greek
greco {m}  :: Greek (individual)
greco {m}  :: Greek (language)
greco- {prefix}  :: Greco-
Greco {prop}  :: surname
greco-ortodosso {adj}  :: Greek Orthodox
greco-romano {adj}  :: Graeco-Roman, Greco-Roman
gregaria {f} [cycling, female]  :: domestique
gregario {adj}  :: pertaining or relative to a follower; unable of showing any enterprise or autonomy
gregario {adj} [of an animal]  :: living in flocks, packs or likes
gregario {adj} [of a plant]  :: with many specimina growing in the same place
gregario {m} [derogatory]  :: one who passively follows other's instructions, never acting on his own, follower
gregario {m} [cycling]  :: domestique
gregario {m}  :: (old) grunt
gregarismo {m}  :: gregariousness
gregge {mf}  :: flock
greggio {adj}  :: raw, unrefined
greggio {adj}  :: crude (petroleum)
greggio {adj}  :: rough, uncut (gemstones)
greggio {adj}  :: untanned (leather)
greggio {adj}  :: unbleached
greggio {m}  :: crude oil
Greggio {prop}  :: surname
Greggio {prop}  :: Ezio Greggio, Italian anchorman and comedian
Gregori {prop}  :: surname
gregoriano {adj}  :: Gregorian
Gregorio {prop}  :: given name
Gregorio {prop}  :: surname
grelina {f} [biochemistry]  :: ghrelin
grembiale {m}  :: alternative form of grembiule
grembiulata {f}  :: apronful (as much as an apron will hold)
grembiule {m}  :: apron
grembiule {m}  :: overall, coverall
grembiulino {m}  :: pinafore
grembiulone {m}  :: Large apron or similar clothing
grembo {m}  :: lap
grembo {m}  :: womb
grembo {m} [by extension]  :: the inner part of something
gremente {v}  :: present participle of gremire
grementesi {v}  :: present participle of gremirsi
Gremese {prop}  :: surname
gremire {vt}  :: To fill up; to pack (into)
gremirsi {vr}  :: To become crowded (with)
gremito {adj}  :: crammed or packed (with)
gremitosi {v}  :: past participle of gremirsi
Grenada {prop}  :: Grenada
grenadina {f}  :: Grenadian (female)
grenadino {adj}  :: Grenadian
grenadino {m}  :: Grenadian
greppia {f}  :: manger
gres {m}  :: stoneware
greto {m}  :: dry bed of a river
gretola {f}  :: bar (of a cage etc.)
grettamente {adv}  :: meanly, stingily
grettamente {adv}  :: pettily
grettezza {f}  :: pettiness
grettezza {f}  :: meanness, stinginess
gretto {adj}  :: petty, narrow-minded
gretto {adj}  :: mean, stingy
greve {adj}  :: heavy
greve {adj}  :: coarse, vulgar
Greve {prop}  :: A town in the province of Florence, Tuscany
grevemente {adv}  :: heavily
grevemente {adv}  :: coarsely, vulgarly
grevità {f}  :: coarseness, vulgarity
grezzo {adj}  :: Variant of greggio
griccio {m}  :: whim, caprice
griccio {m}  :: joke
griccio {adj}  :: curled, wrinkled
griccio {adj}  :: stingy
grico {m}  :: alternative form of griko
gridante {v}  :: present participle of gridare
gridar {v}  :: apocopic form of gridare
gridare {vti}  :: to shout or cry
gridare {vti}  :: to scream or yell
gridare {vi}  :: To squall
gridio {m}  :: shouting, screaming, calling out
grido {m}  :: cry, shout (made by a human)
grido {m}  :: cry (made by an animal)
grido {m}  :: cry, call (the characteristic sound of an animal)
grido di guerra {m}  :: war cry (literally “shout of war”)
gridolino {m}  :: squeak or grunt (accompanying exertion)
grifagno {adj}  :: predatory, rapacious
grifagno {adj}  :: fierce, threatening
griffante {v}  :: present participle of griffare
griffare {vt}  :: To put a brand on a product
griffato {adj} [of clothes etc]  :: designer (attributive)
griffe {f}  :: designer label
griffone {m}  :: griffon (dog)
grifo {m}  :: griffin
grifo {m}  :: snout
grifone {m}  :: griffon or griffin, properly the griffon vulture
grifone {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: griffin
grifosi {f} [pathology]  :: gryphosis
grigiastro {adj}  :: grayish, dun
grigio {adj}  :: grey
grigio {adj}  :: dismal, murky, sombre
grigio {adj}  :: drab
grigio {m}  :: grey
grigio ardesia {n}  :: slate grey (colour)
grigio brunastro {m}  :: brownish grey color
grigione {m}  :: grison
grigionese {adj}  :: Grisons (attributive)
Grigioni {prop}  :: Grisons
grigiore {m}  :: greyness / grayness
grigiore {m}  :: drabness, dreariness
grigioverde {adj}  :: grey-green
griglia {f}  :: A grill, grille, or grate
griglia {f}  :: A grid
griglia {f}  :: lattice
grigliante {v}  :: present participle of grigliare
grigliare {vt}  :: to grill
grigliare {vt}  :: to barbecue
grigliata {f} [foods]  :: grill, mixed grill
grigliata {f}  :: barbecue, cookout
griko {m}  :: Griko
grilletto {m}  :: trigger
grilletto {m} [colloquial]  :: clitoris
grilletto {m}  :: diminutive of grillo
grillino {adj}  :: of or relating to Italian activist Beppe Grillo
grillo {m}  :: cricket (insect)
grillo {m}  :: whim, fancy
grillo {m}  :: shackle (U-shaped piece of metal secured with a pin or bolt across the opening)
grillotalpa {mf}  :: mole cricket (Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa)
grimaldello {m}  :: picklock
grimaldello {m}  :: skeleton key
Grimani {prop}  :: surname
Grimani {prop}  :: A noble family of Venice
grimorio {m}  :: grimoire
grinfia {f}  :: claw (or a clawed foot)
grinfia {f} [in the plural]  :: clutches
grinta {f}  :: determination, grit
grintosamente {adv}  :: grittily, resolutely
grintoso {adj}  :: gritty, resolute, determined
grinza {f}  :: wrinkle
grinza {f}  :: crease
grinzosità {f}  :: wrinkledness
grinzosità {f}  :: crease, wrinkle
grinzoso {adj}  :: wrinkled
grinzoso {adj}  :: creased
grippaggio {m}  :: seizure (seizing up of a mechanism)
grippante {v}  :: present participle of grippare
grippantesi {v}  :: present participle of gripparsi
grippare {vt}  :: To seize up or jam
gripparsi {vr}  :: To seize up or jam
grippatosi {v}  :: past participle of gripparsi
grippia {f} [nautical]  :: buoy rope (anchors a buoy to the seabed)
grippiale {m} [nautical]  :: anchor buoy
grisù {m}  :: firedamp
grisaglia {f}  :: A form of cloth, made with small black and white patches, that appears to be grey
grisaglia {f}  :: Variant of grisaille
grisaille {f}  :: grisaille
grisaille {f}  :: Variant of grisaglia
grisantemo {m}  :: chrysanthemum
grisatoio {m}  :: A type of file used by glassmakers to smooth the edges of glass that has been cut
grisella {f} [nautical]  :: ratline
Grisoni {prop}  :: surname
Grisoni {prop}  :: A noble family of Venice
grisou {m}  :: firedamp
grisoumetria {f}  :: The measurement of the amount of firedamp in the air of a mine
grisoumetrico {adj}  :: Relating to the measurement of firedamp in the air of mines
grisoumetro {m}  :: An analyzer that determines the amount of firedamp in the air of a mine
grisoutina {f}  :: grisoutine
grisoutite {f}  :: grisoutite
grissinificio {m}  :: breadstick factory
grissino {m}  :: breadstick
grisumetro {m}  :: firedamp detector
grisutoso {adj}  :: Of, pertaining to, or containing firedamp
Gritti {prop}  :: surname
Gritti {prop}  :: A noble family of Venice
groccante {v}  :: present participle of groccare
groccare {vt}  :: to grok
groenlandese {adj}  :: Greenlandic
groenlandese {mf}  :: Greenlander
Groenlandia {prop}  :: Greenland
grola {f} [regional]  :: Any bird of the family Corvidae
grolla {f}  :: A wooden goblet with a lid, characteristic of Valle d'Aosta
groma {f}  :: groma
gromma {f}  :: tartar, argol (incrustation)
gromma {f}  :: fur, scale (in a kettle etc.)
gromma {f}  :: sediment
grommante {v}  :: present participle of grommare
grommare {vi}  :: To become encrusted, or coated with tartar
grommato {adj}  :: encrusted (with fur, tartar etc.)
grommoso {adj}  :: encrusted with fur, scale, tartar etc
gronda {f}  :: eaves
gronda {f}  :: eavesdrop
gronda {f}  :: eaves trough, eavestrough
gronda {f}  :: gutter
grondaia {f}  :: gutter (to collect rain from a roof)
grondaia {f} [in the plural]  :: eaves
grondante {v}  :: present participle of grondare
grondante {adj}  :: dripping
grondante {adj}  :: soaking (wet)
grondare {vi}  :: To pour
grondare {vt}  :: To drip with
grondone {m}  :: gutter
grongo {m}  :: conger eel
Groninga {prop}  :: Groninga (province)
Groninga {prop}  :: Groninga (city)
groppa {f}  :: back or rump (of an animal)
groppa {f}  :: back or shoulders (of a person)
groppata {f}  :: buck (of a horse)
groppiera {f}  :: crupper strap
groppo {m}  :: tangle
groppone {m}  :: rump (especially of an animal)
groppone {m}  :: back and shoulders
grosella {f}  :: currant (fruit of bushes of the genus Ribes)
gros-grain {m}  :: grosgrain, petersham (rough woolen cloth)
grossa {f}  :: gross (12 dozen)
grossetano {adj}  :: Of or relating to Grosseto or the Grosseto people
grossetano {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Grosseto
Grosseto {prop}  :: Grosseto (province)
Grosseto {prop}  :: Grosseto (town)
grossezza {f}  :: size
grossezza {f}  :: thickness
Grossi {prop}  :: surname
grossissimo {adj}  :: Very big, very large
grossista {mf}  :: wholesaler
grosso {adj}  :: big, large
grosso {adj}  :: thick
grosso {adj}  :: heavy
grosso {m}  :: the main part of something
grosso {m}  :: groschen
grossolanamente {adv}  :: roughly, approximately, about
grossolanamente {adv}  :: coarsely
grossolanità {f}  :: coarseness
grossolano {adj}  :: coarse (all senses)
grossolano {adj}  :: crude
grossolano {adj}  :: stupid (mistake)
grossolano {adj}  :: gross
grosso modo {adv}  :: alternative spelling of grossomodo
grossomodo {adv}  :: roughly, approximately
grossomodo {adv}  :: coarsely
grotta {f}  :: cave
grotta {f}  :: grotto
Grottaferrata {prop}  :: A town in the Roma province of Lazio
grottescamente {adv}  :: grotesquely
grottesco {adj}  :: grotesque
grotticella {f}  :: diminutive of grotta: small cave
groviera {f}  :: gruyère (cheese)
groviglio {m}  :: tangle
groviglio {m}  :: muddle
gru {f}  :: crane (bird)
gru {f}  :: crane (machinery)
gruccia {f}  :: crutch
gruccia {f}  :: coathanger
gruccione {m}  :: bee-eater, properly the European bee-eater
grufolante {v}  :: present participle of grufolare
grufolare {vi}  :: To root about
grugante {v}  :: present participle of grugare
grugare {v} [onomatopoeic]  :: to coo (make the sound of a pigeon)
grugnente {v}  :: present participle of grugnire
grugnire {v}  :: to grunt
grugnire {v}  :: to grumble
grugnire {v}  :: to mutter
grugnito {m}  :: grunt
grugno {m}  :: snout (of a pig)
grugno {m}  :: mug (the face)
gruista {mf}  :: crane operator
grullaggine {f}  :: silliness, foolishness
grullagine {f}  :: stupidity
grulleria {f}  :: stupidity
grulleria {f}  :: nonsense
grullo {adj} [dialectal, Tuscany]  :: stupid, silly
grullo {m}  :: fool, idiot
gruma {f}  :: tartar, argol
gruma {f}  :: fur, scale (in a kettle etc.)
gruma {f}  :: incrustation
grumereccio {m}  :: late-harvested hay (typically, the third cut)
grumo {m}  :: clot (of blood etc)
grumo {m} [food]  :: lump
grumolo {m}  :: heart, core (of a lettuce etc.)
grumoso {adj}  :: lumpy
grupetto {n} [music]  :: grupetto
grupetto {n}  :: A small group
gruppale {adj}  :: group (attributive)
gruppettaro {m}  :: A member of a small political faction
gruppetto {m}  :: diminutive of gruppo: small group
gruppetto {m} [music]  :: A trill
gruppetto {m} [cycle racing]  :: groupetto
gruppo {m}  :: group, cluster, party, team, covey
gruppo {m} [sports]  :: pack
gruppo {m} [cycling]  :: peloton
gruppo {m} [music]  :: band
gruppo abeliano {m} [mathematics]  :: abelian group
gruppo commutativo {m} [mathematics]  :: commutative group, abelian group
gruppo d'assalto {n}  :: boarding party
gruppo etnico {m} [sociology]  :: An ethnic group
gruppo musicale {m} [music, ]  :: band
gruppo rock {m}  :: rock group, rock band
gruppuscolo {m}  :: small group
gruppuscolo {m}  :: splinter group (often an extremist one)
gruppuscolo {m}  :: pressure group
gruviera {f}  :: Variant of groviera
gruzzo {m} [obsolete]  :: heap, pile
gruzzoletto {m}  :: A small nest egg
gruzzolo {m}  :: hoard (of money)
gruzzolo {m}  :: nest egg
guadabile {adj}  :: fordable
guadagnabile {adj}  :: That can be earned
guadagnabile {adj}  :: profitable
guadagnante {v}  :: present participle of guadagnare
guadagnantesi {v}  :: present participle of guadagnarsi
guadagnar {v}  :: apocopic form of guadagnare
guadagnare {vt}  :: to earn, make
guadagnare {vt}  :: to gain, get, win, reach
guadagnare {vi}  :: to rise
guadagnarsi {v}  :: reflexive of guadagnare
guadagnarsi {v}  :: to obtain something useful
guadagnarsi {v}  :: to win thanks or merit
guadagnatosi {v}  :: past participle of guadagnarsi
guadagno {m}  :: (in plural) earnings
guadagno {m}  :: advantage, gain
Guadalupa {prop}  :: Guadeloupe
guadante {v}  :: present participle of guadare
guadare {vi}  :: to wade
guadare {vt}  :: to ford (ford used rarely as verb)
Guadiana {prop}  :: Guadiana
guado {m}  :: ford
guado {m}  :: wade
guado {m}  :: woad, glastum (the plant Isatis tinctoria)
guado {m}  :: woad, indigo (blue dye)
guadoso {adj}  :: fordable
guaente {v}  :: present participle of guaire
guai {interj}  :: woe!
guaiaco {m}  :: guaiacum, lignum vitae
guaiacolo {m} [organic compound]  :: guaiacol
guaiava {f}  :: guava
guaime {m}  :: fog (unmowed grass)
guaime {m}  :: rowen
guaina {f}  :: sheath
guaina {f}  :: girdle
guaina {f}  :: vagina (botanical sense)
guainante {adj} [botany]  :: vaginant, vaginal
guaio {m} [archaic, chiefly in the plural]  :: lament, lamentation, cry
guaio {m} [archaic, by extension]  :: hardship, misfortune
guaio {m} [by extension]  :: trouble, difficulty, mess, pickle, fix, woe, jam
guaiolante {v}  :: present participle of guaiolare
guaiolare {vi}  :: To whimper
guaire {vi}  :: To yelp or whine
guaito {m}  :: yelp, whine
guaito {m}  :: yelping, whining
Gualandi {prop}  :: surname
gualcare {vt}  :: To full cloth, to waulk
gualcente {v}  :: present participle of gualcire
gualchiera {f}  :: a water-powered machine for fulling (or walking) cloth; a fulling mill
gualcibile {adj}  :: not crease-resistant
gualcibilità {f}  :: Property of not being crease-resistant
gualcire {vt}  :: Variant of sgualcire
gualdo {f} [archaic]  :: wood, forest
Gualdo Tadino {prop}  :: a town in the province of Perugia in Umbria in Italy
Gualdrada {prop} [rare]  :: given name
gualdrappa {f}  :: caparison
gualdrappato {adj}  :: caparisoned
gualmo {adj} [obsolete]  :: dirty, filthy
Gualtiero {prop}  :: given name
guanaco {m}  :: guanaco
guancia {f}  :: cheek
guancialata {f}  :: blow with a pillow
guanciale {m}  :: pillow
guanciale {m}  :: fatty bacon prepared from the cheeks of a pig
guancialetto {m}  :: pad, padding (in clothing)
guanidina {f} [organic compound]  :: guanidine
guanidinio {m} [organic chemistry]  :: guanidinium
guaniera {f}  :: guano deposit
guanilico {adj}  :: guanylic
guanina {f} [organic compound]  :: guanine
guano {m}  :: guano
guanosina {f} [organic compound]  :: guanosine
guantaia {f}  :: glover, glovemaker, or glove seller
guantaio {m}  :: glover, glovemaker, or glove seller
guantaria {adj}  :: gloves (attributive)
guantato {adj} [of a hand]  :: covered by a glove
guantato {adj} [of a person]  :: gloved, wearing gloves
guanteria {f}  :: glove factory or shop
guantiera {f}  :: glove box (or similar tray in a car)
guantificio {m}  :: glove factory
guanto {m}  :: glove
guanto {m} [slang]  :: condom
Guanto {prop}  :: medieval spelling of Gand
guantone {m}  :: boxing glove
guappo {m}  :: thug, hooligan, especially a member of the Camorra
guappo {adj}  :: arrogant and impudent
guaragno {m} [archaic]  :: A stallion
Guarana {prop}  :: surname
Guarana {prop}  :: Jacopo Guarana, Italian painter
guarano {m}  :: guar gum
guarda- {prefix}  :: Used to derive nouns of people or objects with a function of custody, surveillance or protection
guardabarriere {mf}  :: level crossing keeper
guardabile {adj}  :: sightly, pleasant
guardaboschi {m}  :: forester
guardabuoi {m}  :: cattle egret (Bubulcus ibis)
guardacaccia {m}  :: gamekeeper, game warden, a guardian of animals meant to be hunted
guardacorpo {m} [nautical]  :: lifeline
guardacoste {m}  :: coastguard
guardacoste {m}  :: coastguard patrol boat
guardafili {mf} [football]  :: linesman, lineswoman, assistant referee
guardalinee {mf}  :: linesman (sports)
guardamacchine {mf}  :: car park attendant
guardamano {m}  :: guard, trigger guard, haft, hilt
guardamano {m}  :: glove (protective)
guardamano {m} [nautical]  :: handrail
guardante {v}  :: present participle of guardare
guardantesi {v}  :: present participle of guardarsi
guardaparco {mf}  :: forester, game warden
guardapesca {mf}  :: water bailiff
guardaporto {m} [nautical]  :: guard ship
guardaportone {m}  :: doorman, doorkeeper
guardare {vt}  :: to look at, to watch, to glance or gaze at
guardare {vt}  :: to examine
guardare {vt}  :: to look after, to guard
guardare {vi}  :: to look
guardare {vi}  :: to try to
guardaroba {m} [furniture]  :: wardrobe
guardaroba {m}  :: cloakroom
guardarobiera {f}  :: housekeeper
guardarobiere {m}  :: cloakroom attendant
guardarsene {v}  :: to beware or be careful
guardarsene {v}  :: to think twice (before doing something)
guardarsi {vr}  :: To look at oneself
guardarsi {v}  :: to beware
guardasala {mf}  :: museum attendant
guardasala {mf}  :: waiting room attendant (in a railway station)
guardascambi {mf}  :: pointsman / switchman (railway) (or -woman)
guardasigilli {m} [historical]  :: keeper of the seals
guardasigilli {m}  :: A formal title of the Italian minister of justice
guardaspalle {mf}  :: bodyguard
guardatosi {v}  :: past participle of guardarsi
guardavia {m}  :: guardrail (on a road)
guardia {f}  :: guard (all senses)
guardia {f}  :: watch, guard duty, sentry duty
guardiacaccia {m}  :: alternative form of guardacaccia
guardia carceraria {f}  :: prison guard, jailer
guardia del corpo {f}  :: bodyguard
Guardia di Finanza {prop}  :: The arm of the Italian armed forces responsible for fighting financial crime, tax evasion and smuggling
guardialinee {m}  :: alternative form of guardalinee
guardiamarina {m}  :: second lieutenant in the Italian navy
guardiamarina {m}  :: ensign (us navy)
guardiana {f} [female]  :: keeper, caretaker, ward, surveyor
guardiana {f} [female]  :: shepherd, herd
guardianato {m}  :: guardianship
guardiania {f}  :: guardianship
guardiania {f}  :: security guard (at the entrance to a factory etc)
guardiano {m}  :: keeper, caretaker, ward, watchman, surveyor
guardiano {m}  :: shepherd, herdsman, herd
guardiano del faro {m}  :: lighthouse keeper
guardiaparco {m}  :: alternative form of guardaparco
Guardia Piemontese {prop}  :: A small town in the province of Cosenza in Calabria
guardina {f}  :: cell (prison)
guardina {f}  :: guardhouse
guardinfante {m}  :: farthingale
guardingamente {adv}  :: cautiously, warily, guardedly
guardingo {adj}  :: wary, cautious
guardiola {f}  :: porter's lodge
guardiola {f}  :: lookout tower (in a fortification)
guardiolo {m}  :: A dialect of Occitan spoken in Guardia Piemontese
guardolo {m} [regional, Northern Italian]  :: welt (strip of leather reinforcement in a shoe)
guardone {m}  :: peeping tom; voyeur
guardrail {m}  :: guardrail
guarente {v}  :: present participle of guarire
guarentigia {f} {f}  :: guarantee, security
guari {adv}  :: very, much
guari {adv}  :: long
guaribile {adj}  :: curable
Guariento {prop}  :: surname
Guariento {prop}  :: Guariento di Arpo, Italian painter
guarigione {f}  :: recovery
guarire {vi}  :: to recover, to get well, to get over
guarire {vi}  :: (figuratively) to be cured of, to get rid of
guarire {vt}  :: to cure, to heal
guaritore {m}  :: healer
guaritrice {f}  :: healer (female)
guarnacca {f}  :: a kind of cloak used in the medieval time
guarnente {v}  :: present participle of guarnire
guarnigione {f}  :: garrison
guarnire {vt}  :: to trim
guarnire {vt}  :: to garnish
guarnire {vt}  :: to plate (to place the various elements of a meal on the diner's plate prior to serving)
guarnizione {f}  :: trimming, garnish
guarnizione {f}  :: gasket (of a car's engine)
guarnizione {f}  :: frill (guarnizione di trine o stoffa increspata)
Guascogna {prop}  :: Gascony
guasconata {f}  :: gasconade
guascone {adj}  :: Gascon
guascone {m}  :: Gascon
guastada {f}  :: carafe
guastafeste {mf}  :: spoilsport
Guastalla {prop}  :: A town in the Reggio Emilia province of Emilia-Romagna
guastallese {adj}  :: Of or from Guastalla
guastamestieri {mf}  :: bungler, botcher
guastante {v}  :: present participle of guastare
guastantesi {v}  :: present participle of guastarsi
guastare {vt}  :: to spoil
guastare {vt}  :: to ruin
guastare {vt}  :: to break
guastarsi {v}  :: reflexive of guastare
guastarsi {v}  :: to break down [of a machine]
guastarsi {v}  :: to go off, spoil [of food, etc.]
guastatore {m} [military]  :: sapper, saboteur
guastatosi {v}  :: past participle of guastarsi
guasto {adj}  :: spoilt, damaged, ruined
guasto {adj}  :: rotten, bad, gone bad
guasto {adj}  :: broken, out of order
guasto {m}  :: breakdown, failure, fault
guasto {m}  :: damage
guatante {v}  :: present participle of guatare
guatare {vt} [obsolete, literary]  :: To look askance at
guatare {vt} [obsolete, literary]  :: to stare at (in fear or curiosity)
guatare {vt} [obsolete, literary]  :: to consider, contemplate, look at
Guatemala {prop}  :: Guatemala
guatemalteca {f}  :: Guatemalan (female)
guatemalteco {adj}  :: Guatemalan
guatemalteco {m}  :: Guatemalan
guazza {f}  :: heavy dew
guazzabuglio {m}  :: muddle, confusion
guazzabuglio {m}  :: mishmash
guazzabuglio {m}  :: rummage, jumble
guazzante {v}  :: present participle of guazzare
guazzare {vi}  :: To wallow
guazzetto {m}  :: stew
guazzo {m}  :: gouache
gubana {f}  :: A kind of dessert typical of Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Gubbio {prop}  :: A small town in Umbria
Gucci {prop}  :: surname
Gucci {prop}  :: Guccio Gucci, Italian designer
gucciniano {adj}  :: Characteristic of Italian singer-songwriter Francesco Guccini
guebro {m}  :: a disciple of the Zoroastrianism
gueia {f} [regional]  :: A kind of big hawk
guelfa {f} [historical]  :: Guelph (female)
guelfismo {m} [history]  :: Guelph ideology or culture
guelfo {m} [historical]  :: Guelph
Guendalina {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to Gwendolen and Gwendoline
guepiere {f}  :: basque (female underwear)
guercio {adj}  :: cross-eyed
guercio {adj}  :: one-eyed (blind in one eye)
guercio {m}  :: A cross-eyed person; squinter
guercio {m}  :: A one-eyed person
Guernsey {prop}  :: Guernsey (island)
guerra {f} [also figuratively]  :: war, warfare
guerra atomica {f}  :: synonym of guerra nucleare
guerra biologica {f}  :: biological warfare
guerra civile {f}  :: civil war
guerrafondaia {f}  :: warmonger (female)
guerrafondaio {adj}  :: warmongering
guerrafondaio {m}  :: warmonger
guerra fredda {f}  :: cold war
guerra mondiale {f}  :: world war
guerra nucleare {f}  :: nuclear war
guerra santa {f}  :: holy war
guerrazziano {adj}  :: Guerrazzian
guerreggiante {v}  :: present participle of guerreggiare
guerreggiante {adj}  :: belligerent
guerreggiante {mf}  :: a belligerent
guerreggiare {v}  :: to wage war
guerreggiatore {m}  :: A warrior
guerresco {adj}  :: warlike
guerriera {f}  :: warrior (female)
guerriero {adj}  :: warlike
guerriero {m}  :: warrior
guerriglia {f}  :: guerrilla warfare
guerrigliera {f}  :: guerrilla (female)
guerrigliero {m}  :: guerrilla
gufaggine {f}  :: misanthropy
gufante {v}  :: present participle of gufare
gufare {vit} [colloquial]  :: To bring bad luck, to jinx
gufare {vi}  :: To hoot (of an owl)
gufo {m}  :: owl
gufo comune {m}  :: long-eared owl
gufo delle nevi {m}  :: snowy owl
gufo reale {m}  :: eagle owl
gufo sghignazzante {m}  :: laughing owl
guglia {f}  :: spire
guglia {f}  :: needle (of rock)
gugliata {f}  :: A length of thread (for sewing)
Guglielma {prop}  :: given name, feminine of Guglielmo
Guglielmi {prop}  :: surname
Guglielmina {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to Wilhelmina
Guglielmo {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to William
Guiana {prop}  :: Guyana
Guicciardini {prop}  :: surname
Guicciardini {prop}  :: A noble Florentine family
Guicciardini {prop}  :: Francesco Guicciardini, Italian writer and politic
guida {f}  :: guide
guida {f}  :: driving
guida {f}  :: handbook, manual
guidabile {adj}  :: driveable
guidabilità {f}  :: drivability
guidalesco {m}  :: wound or sore left on a beast of burden by the harnesses
guidanavetta {f}  :: shuttle guide (in a sewing machine, loom etc)
guidante {v}  :: present participle of guidare
guidantesi {v}  :: present participle of guidarsi
guidare {vt}  :: to guide, lead, escort
guidare {vt}  :: to manage, run
guidare {vt}  :: to drive (operate a vehicle)
guidarsi {v}  :: reflexive of guidare
guidarsi {v}  :: to regulate one's own behaviour
guidatore {m}  :: driver (of a vehicle)
guidatosi {v}  :: past participle of guidarsi
guidatrice {f}  :: female driver (of a vehicle)
guiderdone {m}  :: reward, guerdon
Guido {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Guy
guidone {m}  :: guidon, pennant
guidone {m}  :: burgee
Guidonia {prop}  :: A town, formally Guidonia Montecelio, in the Roma province of Lazio
guidoslitta {f}  :: bobsled, bobsleigh
guidrigildo {m}  :: weregild
Guienna {prop}  :: Guyenne, Guienne
guiggia {f}  :: armstrap
guiggia {f}  :: sandal strap
Guiglielmo {prop}  :: medieval spelling of Guglielmo
guigliottina {f}  :: alternative form of ghigliottina
guindolo {m}  :: winder, especially for silk
Guinea {prop}  :: Guinea
Guinea-Bissau {prop}  :: Guinea-Bissau
Guinea Equatoriale {prop}  :: Equatorial Guinea
guineana {f}  :: Guinean (female)
guineano {adj}  :: Guinean
guineano {m}  :: Guinean
Guinizzelli {prop}  :: surname
Guinizzelli {prop}  :: Guido Guinizzelli, Italian poet
guinzaglio {m}  :: lead, leash, rein
guinzaglio {m}  :: tether (a rope, cable etc. that holds something in place whilst allowing some movement)
guisa {f} [literary]  :: manner, way
guisarma {f}  :: alternative form of giusarma
Guiscardo {prop}  :: given name, Guiscard
guitto {m}  :: strolling player
guitto {m}  :: ham actor
guitto {adj}  :: poor, destitute
guitto {adj}  :: mean, petty
Guittone {prop}  :: given name
Guittone {prop}  :: Guittone d'Arezzo, Italian poet and friar
guizzante {v}  :: present participle of guizzare
guizzante {adj}  :: flickering (flame)
guizzante {adj}  :: darting, flashing (fish etc)
guizzare {vi}  :: to dart [fish, etc.]
guizzare {vi}  :: to flicker [flame]
guizzo {m} [of animals]  :: dart, fast movement
guizzo {m} [of light]  :: flash
guizzo {m} [of persons]  :: spring, leap
gulasch {m}  :: goulash
Gullotta {prop}  :: surname
Gullotta {prop}  :: Leo Gullotta, Italian actor
Gulotta {prop}  :: surname
guêpière {f}  :: girdle, corset
guêpière {f}  :: basque
guru {m}  :: A guru (religious or spiritual leader; influential person)
guscio {m}  :: shell (of an animal, nut etc)
Gussoni {prop}  :: surname
gustabile {adj}  :: tastable
gustante {v}  :: present participle of gustare
gustare {vt}  :: to taste
gustare {vt}  :: to enjoy
gustarsi {v}  :: To enjoy with great pleasure
gustativamente {adv}  :: gustatorily
gustativo {adj}  :: taste (attributive); gustatory
gustatore {m}  :: connoisseur
gustatorio {adj}  :: gustatory
Gustavo {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Gustav and Gustavus
gusto {m}  :: taste [the sense]
gusto {m}  :: taste, flavour
gusto {m}  :: gusto, enjoyment, relish
gusto {m}  :: fancy, whim
gusto {m}  :: (plural) preferences
gustosamente {adv}  :: tastily
gustosamente {adv}  :: deliciously
gustosità {f}  :: tastiness
gustoso {adj}  :: tasty, savoury, savory
gustoso {adj}  :: (figuratively) amusing
guttaperca {f}  :: gutta-percha
guttazione {f} [botany]  :: guttation
gutturale {adj}  :: guttural, specifically:
gutturale {adj}  :: Sounding harsh and throaty
gutturale {adj} [phonetics, uncommon]  :: Articulated at the back of the mouth (velar, uvular, pharyngeal, laryngeal)
gutturale {adj} [medicine, anatomy]  :: Of, relating to, or connected to the throat
gutturalismo {m}  :: gutturalism
gutturalizzazione {f} [linguistics]  :: gutturalization
gutturalmente {adv}  :: gutturally
gutturnio {m}  :: A red wine made using Barbera and Bonarda grapes
Guyana {prop}  :: Guyana
guyanese {adj}  :: Guyanese
guyanese {mf}  :: Guyanese