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B {letter}  :: The second letter of the Spanish alphabet
bañada {v} [feminine past participle of, bañar]  ::
bañadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, bañar]  ::
bañadera {f} [Argentina, Cuba, Paraguay]  :: bathtub
bañador {m}  :: swimming costume, bathing costume
bañador {m}  :: swimming trunks
bañados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, bañar]  ::
bañar {v}  :: to bathe
bañarme {v} [es-compound of, bañ, ar, bañar, me, mood=inf]  ::
bañarse {vr}  :: To bathe oneself
bañarte {v} [es-compound of, bañ, ar, bañar, te, mood=inf]  ::
baba {f}  :: drool, dribble
babaco {m}  :: The babaco
babeada {v} [feminine past participle of, babear]  ::
babeadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, babear]  ::
babeados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, babear]  ::
babear {v}  :: to drool
babero {m}  :: bib
babilla {f}  :: the stifle, or hind knee, of a quadruped
babilónico {adj}  :: Babylonic
Babilonia {prop}  :: Babylon
babilonio {adj}  :: Babylonian
babilonio {f}  :: Babylonian
bable {m}  :: Asturian (language)
babélico {adj}  :: Babel (attributive)
babélico {adj}  :: chaotic, confused
babor {m}  :: port (side)
babosa {f}  :: slug
baboso {adj} [colloquial]  :: mushy
baboso {adj}  :: dribbling
baboso {adj}  :: foolish, stupid
baboso {adj}  :: immature, callow
baboso {m}  :: blenny (fish)
baboso {m}  :: dribbler
baboso {m} [figuratively]  :: slimeball, groper (contemptible flatterer)
baboso {m}  :: immature or callow person
baboso {m}  :: moron, fool, stupid person
babucha {f}  :: slipper
babuino {m} [primate]  :: baboon
baca {f} [Spain]  :: luggage rack
bacalao {m}  :: cod
bacallao {m}  :: alternative form of bacalao
bacará {m}  :: baccarat (card game)
bacarrá {m}  :: alternative form of bacará
bachata {f} [Antilles]  :: party
bachata {f}  :: bachata
bache {m}  :: pothole, bump
bache {m}  :: rut, tricky/barren spell
bacheletista {adj}  :: Being a supporter of the Chilean president Michele Bachelet
bacheletista {adj}  :: Of or relating to the Chilean president Michele Bachelet
bacheletista {m}  :: A supporter of the Chilean president Michele Bachelet
bachiller {f}  :: bachelor (person with bachelor degree)
bachiller {f}  :: graduate (person)
bachiller {m}  :: bachelor (university degree)
bachiller {m}  :: graduate (school degree)
bachillerato {m}  :: graduation certificate (degree from high school)
bacilo {m}  :: bacillus
bacina {f}  :: vessel
bacinilla {f}  :: chamber pot
bacán {adj} [colloquial, Argentina, Uruguay]  :: luxurious, refined
bacán {adj} [colloquial, Argentina, Uruguay]  :: posh
bacán {adj} [colloquial, Argentina, Uruguay]  :: snobbish
bacán {adj} [colloquial, Chile, Colombia, Cuba]  :: cool, awesome
bacán {m} [colloquial, Argentina, Uruguay]  :: pimp
bacán {m} [colloquial, dated, Argentina, Uruguay]  :: boss, owner
bacán {m} [colloquial, dated, Argentina, Uruguay]  :: concubine
bacán {m} [colloquial, dated, Argentina, Uruguay]  :: lover of a kept woman
bacón {m}  :: bacon
Baco {prop}  :: Bacchus
bacteria {f}  :: bacterium
bacteriano {adj}  :: bacterial
bacteriófago {m} [bacteriology]  :: bacteriophage
bacteriólogo {f}  :: bacteriologist
bacteriológico {adj}  :: bacteriological
bacteriología {f}  :: bacteriology
bacteriorodopsina {f} [protein]  :: bacteriorhodopsin
badajo {m}  :: clapper (the tongue of a bell)
badajo {m} [vulgar, slang]  :: dong, winkie, wiener (penis)
Badajoz {prop}  :: Badajoz (city)
Badajoz {prop}  :: Badajoz (province)
Badalona {prop}  :: Badalona
badalonés {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Badalona
badalonés {f}  :: Someone from Badalona
badana {f}  :: sheepskin
badmintonista {m}  :: badminton player
baenero {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Baena
baenero {f}  :: Someone from Baena
bañera {f}  :: bathtub
baezano {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Baeza
baezano {f}  :: Someone from Baeza
bagaje {m}  :: baggage, luggage
bagaje {m}  :: cultural knowledge
bagatela {f}  :: bagatelle, trifle (an unsubstantial thing)
bagdadí {adj}  :: Baghdadi
Bagdad {prop}  :: Baghdad
bagre {m}  :: catfish
bagual {adj} [lb, es, Uruguay, Paraguay]  :: uncivil
bagual {m} [lb, es, Argentina, Uruguay]  :: an untamed horse
baguala {f} [lb, es, music]  :: a genre of folk music of northeastern Argentina
baguet {f}  :: alternative form of baguete
baguete {f}  :: baguette (a variety of bread)
bah {interj}  :: indicates disdain or unbelief
bahía {f}  :: bay (geographical feature)
Bahamas {prop}  :: Bahamas
bahameño {adj}  :: Bahamian
bahameño {f}  :: Bahamian
baho {m}  :: A dish made with rice and yucca
bahreiní {adj}  :: Bahraini
bahreiní {m}  :: Bahraini
Bahréin {prop}  :: Bahrain (country in the Middle East)
bailaor {f}  :: flamenco dancer
bailaora {f}  :: flamenco dancer
bailar {v} [soccer]  :: to dribble (the ball)
bailar {v}  :: to dance
bailarina {f}  :: (female) dancer
bailarín {f}  :: dancer
baile {m}  :: dance
baile del caño {m}  :: pole dance
baile del tubo {m}  :: pole dance
baile de salón {m}  :: ballroom dance
baile en tubo {m}  :: pole dance
baipás {m} [medicine]  :: bypass
bañista {m}  :: bather
baja {f}  :: A casualty, loss
baja {f}  :: drop, fall, reduction
baja {f}  :: sick leave (absence for illness)
baja {f}  :: withdrawal, retirement
Baja California {prop}  :: A state of Mexico
bajacaliforniano {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the Mexican state of Baja California
Baja California Sur {prop}  :: A state of Mexico
bajada {f}  :: declivity
bajada {f}  :: drop, descent
bajada {v} [feminine past participle of, bajar]  ::
bajadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, bajar]  ::
bajados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, bajar]  ::
bajamar {f}  :: low tide
bajamente {adv}  :: basely
bajamiento {m} [obsolete]  :: lowering
bajar {v}  :: to descend
bajar {v}  :: to download
bajar {v}  :: to go down
bajar al pilón {v} [vulgar, idiomatic]  :: To eat pussy; to go down on
bajarlo {v} [es-compound of, baj, ar, bajar, lo, mood=inf]  ::
bajarme {v} [es-compound of, baj, ar, bajar, me, mood=inf]  ::
bajarse {v} [es-compound of, baj, ar, bajar, se, mood=inf]  ::
bajarse al pilón {v}  :: alternative form of bajar al pilón
Baja Verapaz {prop}  :: A department of Guatemala
bajez {f}  :: obsolete form of bajeza
bajeza {f}  :: base act
bajeza {f}  :: baseness
bajeza {f}  :: meanness
bajista {m} [finance]  :: bear
bajista {m} [music]  :: bassist
bajito {adj}  :: diminutive form of bajo, very low
bajón {m}  :: bassoon
bajón {m}  :: bassoonist
bajón {m}  :: blues, slump (lack of spirit)
bajón {m}  :: lull, low, dip, drop (decline)
bajío {m}  :: shoal, shallows, sandbank
bajo {adj}  :: low
bajo {adj}  :: mean, low, despicable
bajo {adj} [music]  :: bass
bajo {adj}  :: short, in both literal and figurative senses
bajo {adv}  :: low
bajo {m} [music]  :: bass (sound, voice or instrument)
bajo {prep}  :: under, in both literal and figurative senses
bajo alemán {m}  :: Low German (language)
bajo cuerda {adv} [idiomatic]  :: underhandedly, under the counter
bajorrelieve {m}  :: bas relief
bajo sajón {m}  :: Low Saxon (language or language group)
baúl {m} [Argentina, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Puerto Rico]  :: (of a car) trunk [US], boot [UK, Australia]
baúl {m}  :: chest, trunk
bala {f}  :: bullet
balacera {f}  :: shootout
baladí {adj}  :: trivial, banal, of no importance, meaningless
balance {m} [accounting]  :: balance
balanceado {adj}  :: balanced, even keeled
balancear {v}  :: to balance
balancín {m}  :: seesaw
balanza {f} [astronomy, constellations]  :: Libra
balanza {f}  :: balance, scale (device used to measure weight)
balanza {f} [figuratively]  :: comparative estimate, judgment
balar {v}  :: to bleat
balata {f}  :: brake lining
balaustrada {f}  :: balustrade
balazo {m}  :: gunshot, shot
balboa {m}  :: balboa
balbuceada {v} [feminine past participle of, balbucear]  ::
balbuceadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, balbucear]  ::
balbuceados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, balbucear]  ::
balbucear {v}  :: to lisp
balbucear {v}  :: to mutter
balbucear {v}  :: to prattle
balbucear {v}  :: to stutter
balbucida {v} [feminine past participle of, balbucir]  ::
balbucidas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, balbucir]  ::
balbucidos {v} [masculine plural past participle of, balbucir]  ::
balbucir {v}  :: to stammer
balcón {m}  :: balcony
balcánico {adj}  :: Balkan
balconing {m}  :: balconing
balconismo {m}  :: balconing
balda {f}  :: shelf
baldaquín {m}  :: baldachin
baldar {v}  :: to cripple
balde {m}  :: bin, bucket
baldear {v} [nautical]  :: to bail out
baldear {v}  :: to hose down, wash
baldío {adj}  :: barren, waste,
baldío {adj}  :: lazy, idle
baldío {m}  :: wasteland
baldosa {f}  :: tile, slab
balduque {m}  :: red tape
balear {v}  :: to shoot
Baleares {prop}  :: Balearics; Balearic Islands
baleario {adj}  :: alternative form of baleárico
baleárico {adj}  :: Balearic
balido {m}  :: The sound of a sheep, lamb, goat, deer; baa, bleat
balista {f}  :: ballista
balita {f} [Paraguay]  :: marble (toy)
baliza {f} [aerial]  :: beacon, marker
baliza {f} [nautical]  :: buoy, marker
ballena {f}  :: baleen, whalebone
ballena {f}  :: whale
ballena asesina {f}  :: orca, killer whale
ballena azul {f}  :: blue whale
ballena jorobada {f}  :: humpback whale
ballenato {m}  :: whale calf
ballenero {adj}  :: whaling (attributive)
ballenero {m}  :: whaler
ballenero {m}  :: whaling ship; whaler
ballesta {m}  :: ballista
ballesta {m}  :: crossbow
ballesta {m}  :: leaf spring
ballet {m}  :: ballet
balón {m}  :: ball
balón {m}  :: balloon
balneario {m}  :: seaside resort, bathing resort
balneario {m}  :: spa
balompié {m}  :: football (soccer)
baloncestista {m}  :: basketballer (basketball player)
baloncesto {m}  :: basketball (sport)
balonmanista {m}  :: handballer
balonmano {m}  :: handball
balonvolea {f}  :: volleyball
balonvoleísta {m}  :: volleyballer
balota {f}  :: ballot
balotar {v} [rare]  :: to vote
balotar {v}  :: to ballot
balsa {f}  :: balsa (tree)
balsa {f}  :: ferry
balsa {f}  :: raft
balsear {vt}  :: to ferry, to raft
balsámico {adj}  :: balsamic
balística {f}  :: ballistics (study of the motion of projectiles)
balístico {adj}  :: ballistic
baluarte {m}  :: bastion
bambú {m}  :: bamboo (plant)
bambú {m}  :: bamboo (wood)
bamba {f}  :: a Latin American dance
bamba {f}  :: flip-flop, thong, jandal
bamba {f}  :: hit, strike (in a game)
bamba {f}  :: sneaker
bambalina {f}  :: backdrop
bambara {f}  :: Bambara (language)
bambara {f}  :: Bambara (people)
bambi {m} [colloquial]  :: deer
bambolear {v}  :: to sway, to wobble
bambolear {v}  :: to swing
banal {adj}  :: banal
banalidad {f}  :: banality
banana {f}  :: banana (fruit)
bananero {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to bananas
bananero {m}  :: banana (plant)
banano {m} [Colombia, Central America]  :: banana (fruit)
banca {f}  :: financial system
banca {f}  :: seat (in an elective body)
banca {f}  :: small bench
bancada {f}  :: bench for government officials
bancario {adj}  :: related to banks (financial institution)
bancarrota {f}  :: bankruptcy
banco {m}  :: bank
banco {m}  :: bench
banco {m}  :: school of fish
banco de datos {m}  :: database
banco de prensa {m} [weightlifting]  :: bench press
banda {f}  :: badge
banda {f}  :: band
banda {f}  :: gang or group
banda {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: bend
bandada {f}  :: flock (of birds)
bandada {f}  :: flock, swarm (of people)
bandada {f}  :: shoal (of fish)
bandada {f}  :: swarm (of insects)
Banda Oriental {prop} [Argentina, obsolete]  :: The country of Uruguay
Banda Oriental {prop} [historical]  :: A colonial territory disputed between Spain and Portugal that covered modern Uruguay and Rio Grande do Sul
Bandar Seri Begawan {prop}  :: Bandar Seri Begawan
banda sonora {f}  :: soundtrack
bandazo {m}  :: swerve
bandeja {f}  :: tray
bandera {f}  :: banner
bandera {f}  :: flag
banderilla {f}  :: banderilla
banderillero {m} [bullfighting]  :: banderillero
bandicut {m}  :: bandicoot
bandida {f}  :: feminine form of bandido
bandido {f}  :: outlaw, bandit
bando {m}  :: edict
bando {m}  :: faction, party, side
bando {m}  :: swarm, flock (of fish, birds, etc.)
bandolero {m}  :: bandit, outlaw
bandoneón {m}  :: bandoneon
bandoneonista {m}  :: bandoneon player
banesto {m} [Spain]  :: Someone who banks with Banesto, a Spanish bank,
banfileño {adj}  :: of or from Banfield
banfileño {f}  :: Someone from Banfield
bangaña {f}  :: gourd
bangladesí {adj}  :: Bangladeshi
bangladesí {m}  :: Bangladeshi
Bangladesh {prop}  :: Bangladesh
Bangladés {prop}  :: Bangladesh
baniano {m}  :: banyan
banjo {m}  :: banjo
banquero {f}  :: banker (conducting the business of a bank)
banquero {f}  :: banker (dealer in a gambling house)
banqueta {f} [furniture]  :: footstool
banqueta {f} [furniture]  :: small bench
banqueta {f} [Guatemala, Mexico]  :: sidewalk
banquete {m}  :: banquet
banquete {m}  :: catering
banquillo {m}  :: bench
banquisa {f}  :: floe
banquisa {f}  :: sea ice
banquito {m}  :: stool
baño {m}  :: bath
baño {m}  :: bathroom
baño {m}  :: toilet
baobab {m}  :: baobab
baño turco {m}  :: Turkish bath
baptisterio {m}  :: A baptismal font
baptisterio {m}  :: A baptistery. (place where a baptismal font is located)
baquelita {f}  :: Bakelite (a heat-resisting chemically inert resin)
baqueta {f}  :: drumstick (stick to play drums)
baqueta {f}  :: ramrod
baquetazo {m}  :: A hit with a drum stick
baquetear {v}  :: to batter, beat up
baquetear {v}  :: to pester, bother
baquiada {v} [feminine past participle of, baquiar]  ::
baquiadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, baquiar]  ::
baquiados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, baquiar]  ::
baquiar {v} [Latin America]  :: to train
Baquílides {prop}  :: Bacchylides
bar {m}  :: bar, pub
Barça {prop} [soccer]  :: Shortened form of Futbol Club Barcelona
baracaldés {adj}  :: From Baracaldo
baracaldés {f}  :: Someone from Baracaldo
baraja {f}  :: deck (of cards)
barajado {adj}  :: shuffled
barajadura {f}  :: shuffling (of cards)
barajar {v}  :: to shuffle
barajear {v} [Cuba, Mexico]  :: to shuffle (mix up cards in a random order)
baraka {f}  :: good fortune
baranda {f}  :: balustrade
baranda {f}  :: banister, handrail
baranda {f}  :: railing
barandilla {f}  :: handrail, banister (the handrail on the side of a staircase)
barata {f} [Chile]  :: cockroach
baratada {v} [feminine past participle of, baratar]  ::
baratadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, baratar]  ::
baratados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, baratar]  ::
baratar {v}  :: to barter
barato {adj}  :: cheap; inexpensive; sold at a low price
barba {f}  :: beard
barba {f}  :: chin
barbacoa {f}  :: barbecue
barbacoa {f}  :: Meat steamed until tender (most common present use)
barbacoa {f}  :: meats (traditionally from the inside of a cow's cheek or jaw) or a whole sheep slow cooked over an open fire, or more traditionally, in a hole dug in the ground covered with maguey leaves, although the interpretation is loose
barbadense {adj}  :: Barbadian
barbadense {m}  :: Barbadian
Barbados {prop}  :: Barbados
barba partida {f}  :: cleft chin
barbar {v}  :: to beard (to grow hair on the chin and jaw)
barbaridad {f}  :: a lot, a large amount
barbaridad {f}  :: barbarity
barbaridad {interj}  :: incredible!, unbelievable!
barbarie {f}  :: barbarity
barbarismo {m}  :: barbarism
barbarizar {v}  :: to barbarize
barbas de ballena {fp}  :: baleen, whalebone
barbastrense {adj}  :: alternative form of barbastrino
barbastrense {m}  :: alternative form of barbastrino
barbastrino {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Barbastro
barbastrino {f}  :: Someone from Barbastro
barbechar {vt}  :: to fallow
barbecho {m}  :: fallow
barbería {f}  :: barbershop
barbero {m}  :: barber
barbiblanco {adj}  :: Having a gray beard
barbicano {adj}  :: Having a gray beard
barbiespeso {adj}  :: Having a thick beard
barbilla {f}  :: chin
barbilla {f} [sports]  :: pull-up
barbilla partida {f}  :: cleft chin
barbirrojo {adj}  :: Having a red beard
barbitúrico {m}  :: barbiturate
barbudo {adj}  :: bearded
barca {f}  :: bark (boat), a small boat
barcaza {f}  :: barge
Barcelona {prop}  :: Barcelona
Barcelona {prop}  :: The letter B in the Spanish phonetic alphabet
barcelonista {m} [football, attributive]  :: A person connected with FC Barcelona, as a player, fan, coach etc
barcelonés {adj}  :: Barcelonan
barcelonés {f}  :: Barcelonan
barcinonense {adj}  :: Barcelonan
barcinonense {m}  :: Barcelonan
barcito {m}  :: small bar
barco {m}  :: boat
barco de vapor {m}  :: steamboat
barda {f}  :: (Mexico) fence
bardana {f}  :: burdock (any of the species of biennial thistles in the genus Arctium)
bar de ambiente {m}  :: gay bar
bar de copas {m}  :: bar, wine bar
bardo {m}  :: bard
baricentro {m} [physics]  :: barycenter
barión {m}  :: baryon
bariónico {adj}  :: baryonic
bario {m}  :: barium
barman {m}  :: barman, bartender
barómetro {m}  :: barometer
barón {f}  :: baron
Barna {prop}  :: A nickname of Barcelona
barnacla canadiense {f}  :: The Canada goose
barnacla cariblanca {f}  :: The barnacle goose, a freshwater bird
barnacla carinegra {f}  :: The brent goose (UK), or brant goose (US). A water bird
barniz {m}  :: varnish, gloss
barnizada {v} [feminine past participle of, barnizar]  ::
barnizadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, barnizar]  ::
barnizados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, barnizar]  ::
barnizar {v}  :: to varnish
baro- {prefix}  :: baro-
barométrico {adj}  :: barometric
baronía {f}  :: barony
baronesa {f}  :: baroness
barquero {f}  :: boatman, ferryman (man who operates a boat)
barquillo {m}  :: ice cream cone
barra {f}  :: bar
barra {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: bend sinister
barra {f}  :: (iron) rod
barra {f}  :: slash ("/" symbol)
barra {f} [weightlifting]  :: barbell
barra americana {f}  :: singles bar
barraca {f}  :: barrack
barraca {f}  :: storage shed
barraca {f}  :: tent, hut
barracón {m}  :: bunkhouse
barra con pesas {f}  :: barbell
barracudina {f}  :: barracudina
barra de equilibrio {f}  :: balance beam
barra fija {f} [gymnastics]  :: horizontal bar
barragán {adj} [obsolete]  :: brave
barragán {f} [obsolete]  :: companion
barragán {f}  :: The lover of a married person; a concubine
barragán {m}  :: A coat made of this fabric
barragán {m}  :: Barracan; a waterproof woolen fabric
barranca {f}  :: barranca, canyon, ravine
barranco {m}  :: ravine
barrancoso {adj} [of terrain]  :: broken, uneven, full of cliffs or ravines
barras asimétricas {n} [gymnastics]  :: uneven bars
barrena {f}  :: drill, a tool for creating holes in a workpiece
barrena {f}  :: tailspin
barreno {m}  :: drill, a tool for creating holes in a workpiece
barrer {v}  :: to sweep
barrera {f}  :: barrier
Barrera {prop}  :: Spanish surname
barrera de hielo {f}  :: ice dam
barrera de hielo {f}  :: ice shelf
barreta {f}  :: batten
barreta {f}  :: crowbar
barricada {f}  :: barricade (barrier constructed across a road, especially as a military defence)
barrida {f} [Latin America]  :: police raid
barrida {f}  :: sweeping (instance of sweeping)
barrido {adj}  :: swept
barrido {m}  :: sweep (act of sweeping)
barriga {f}  :: belly, paunch
barrigón {adj} [colloquial]  :: potbellied
barrigudo {adj}  :: plump
barrigudo {adj}  :: potbellied
barriguita {f}  :: diminutive form of barriga, tummy
barriguita {f}  :: pot belly
barril {m}  :: barrel
barril de oro {m}  :: the barrel cactus, (Echinocactus grusonii)
barrio {m} [Mexico]  :: any neighbourhood of the original or ancient part of a city (usually excluding new growths after 30s, 40s or 50s, depending on the state or city)
barrio {m}  :: neighbourhood
barrio {m} [Venezuela, Dominican Republic]  :: slum
barrio bajo {m}  :: slum (dilapidated neighborhood)
barritada {v} [feminine past participle of, barritar]  ::
barritadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, barritar]  ::
barritados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, barritar]  ::
barritar {v}  :: to trumpet (to make an elephant call)
barrito {m}  :: (elephant noise) trumpet
barro {m}  :: clay
barro {m}  :: mud
barro {m}  :: pustule (caused by acne), closed comedo
barroco {adj}  :: Baroque
barros jarpa {m} [Chile]  :: a sandwich made with ham and melted cheese
barros luco {m} [Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru]  :: a sandwich made with grilled steak and melted cheese
Barros Luco {m}  :: alternative form of barros luco
barroso {adj}  :: muddy
barrote {m}  :: bar, crossbeam
barrote {m}  :: bolt
barruntar {v}  :: to foresee
Bartolomé {prop}  :: Bartholomew, the apostle
Bartolomé {prop}  :: male given name
barullo {m}  :: uproar
basalto {m}  :: basalt (hard rock)
basamento {m}  :: the base of a column or another structure, plinth
basar {v}  :: to base
basca {f}  :: nausea
base {f}  :: base
base {f}  :: basis
base {f} [basketball]  :: point guard
base {f}  :: foundation
base {f}  :: grounding
base {f} [linear algebra]  :: basis
base de datos {m}  :: database
basidio {m} [mycology]  :: basidium
basidiomiceto {m} [mycology]  :: basidiomycete
Basilea {prop}  :: Basel
basiliense {adj}  :: of or from Basel
basiliense {m}  :: Basler
Basilio {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to English Basil
basilisco {m} [mythology]  :: basilisk
basílica {f}  :: basilica (all senses)
basílica {f} [poetic]  :: palace
basáltico {adj}  :: basaltic
basta {f} [sewing]  :: basting
basta {interj}  :: enough
bastante {adj}  :: enough; sufficient
bastante {adj}  :: quite some; quite a bit (of)
bastante {adv}  :: Enough; sufficiently
bastante {adv}  :: quite
bastante {adv}  :: quite a bit; to a considerable degree
bastar {vi}  :: to be enough; to suffice
bastardo {adj}  :: bastard
bastardo {f}  :: bastard
bastar y sobrar {v} [idiomatic]  :: to be more than enough
bastedad {f}  :: crudeness, coarseness, roughness
bastedad {f}  :: rudeness, vulgarity
bastidor {n} [architecture]  :: sash, casement
bastidor {n} [automotive]  :: chassis
bastidor {n}  :: frame, framework
bastidor {n} [painting]  :: stretcher
bastidor {n} [theater]  :: wing, coulisse, slip
bastilla {f}  :: bastille
bastilla {f} [sewing]  :: hem
bastión {m}  :: bastion, bulwark
bastitano {adj} Baza
bastitano {f}  :: Someone from Baza
bastón {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: riband
bastón {m}  :: walking stick, staff
basto {adj}  :: rough
bastonazo {m}  :: A hit with a walking stick or staff
bastonear {v}  :: to hit with a staff or stick
basura {f}  :: something trashy or undesirable
basura {f}  :: trash, waste, garbage, rubbish, nonsense
basural {m}  :: landfill, dump (place where waste or garbage is left)
basurero {f}  :: dust bin
basurero {f}  :: dustman
basurero {f}  :: landfill, dump (place where waste or garbage is left)
bata {f}  :: dressing gown
bata {f}  :: lab coat
batalla {f}  :: battle
batallada {v} [feminine past participle of, batallar]  ::
batalladas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, batallar]  ::
batallados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, batallar]  ::
batallar {v}  :: to battle
batallita {f}  :: yarn, story
batallón {m}  :: battalion
batamanta {f}  :: Snuggie, sleeved blanket
batará lineado {m}  :: fasciated antshrike
batará luctuoso {m}  :: glossy antshrike
batata {f}  :: sweet potato
batatal {m}  :: piece of land cultivating sweet potato
bate {m} [Honduras, slang]  :: reefer, joint (a marijuana cigarette)
bate {m} [sports]  :: bat
batea {f}  :: shallow pan (wide receptacle used in gold washing)
batea {f}  :: tray (for foods such as shellfish, fruit)
bateada {v} [feminine past participle of, batear]  ::
bateadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, batear]  ::
bateador {f}  :: batter
bateadora {f}  :: feminine form of bateador
bateados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, batear]  ::
batear {v}  :: to bat
batería {f}  :: drummer
batería {f}  :: drum set
batería {f}  :: large battery
baterista {m}  :: drummer
batey {m}  :: The Caribbean name for a residential area on a plantation for its workers
batiburrillo {m}  :: mishmash, motley
batido {adj}  :: chatoyant, variegated, shot (silk)
batido {adj}  :: trodden, beaten (path)
batido {m}  :: beating (of metal, batter, wool, etc.)
batido {m} [cooking]  :: batter
batido {m}  :: smoothie (fruit drink), milkshake
batido {m}  :: whipped cocktail
batidor {m}  :: whisk
batidora {f}  :: mixer, blender (electrical)
batidora {f}  :: whisk (hand-powered)
batiese {v}  :: The third-person singular of batir in the imperfect subjunctive
batimento {m}  :: alternative form of esbatimento
batimétrico {adj}  :: bathymetric
batir {vt} [cooking]  :: to beat, whisk
batir {vt}  :: to beat, overcome (an opponent, record, etc.)
batir {vt}  :: to beat, to pound repeatedly
batir {vt}  :: to coin (a word, etc.)
Batista {prop}  :: Spanish surname
batistiano {adj}  :: of or pertaining to Fulgencio Batista
batistiano {f}  :: a supporter of Fulgencio Batista
batímetro {m}  :: bathometer
batán {m} [textile]  :: fulling mill
batín {m}  :: dressing gown, nightgown
bato {m} [dated]  :: dork, dimwit
bato {m} [Latin America, informal]  :: young man, youth
bato {m} [Mexico, colloquial]  :: chump, punk
bato {m} [Mexico, colloquial]  :: dude, guy, buddy
bato {m} [Spain, slang]  :: father
batucada {f}  :: batucada
batuta {f}  :: baton (stick used by conductors)
batuta {f}  :: rule, sway
bauprés {m} [nautical]  :: bowsprit
bautismal {adj}  :: baptismal
bautismo {m}  :: baptism (rite, ceremony)
bautista {m}  :: baptist (person who baptizes)
bautizada {v} [feminine past participle of, bautizar]  ::
bautizadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, bautizar]  ::
bautizados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, bautizar]  ::
bautizar {v}  :: to baptize
bautizo {m}  :: baptism, christening
Baviera {prop}  :: Bavaria (German state, state in southern Germany)
baxo {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of bajo
baya {f}  :: berry (a small fruit)
baya de enebro {f}  :: juniper berry
baya de junípero {f}  :: juniper berry
bayamés {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Bayamo
bayamés {f}  :: Someone from Bayamo
bayeta {m}  :: baize
bayoneta {f}  :: bayonet
bayonetazo {m}  :: A wound caused by a bayonet
bayunco {adj} [colloquial, somewhat pejorative, El Salvador]  :: being silly
bazar {m}  :: bazaar (marketplace)
bazo {m} [anatomy]  :: spleen
bazofia {f} [pejorative]  :: pigswill, hogwash, slop (low-quality food)
búbalo {m}  :: water buffalo
bíblico {adj}  :: biblical
BCB {initialism}  :: Bloque Central Bolívar
BCE {prop}  :: ECB
bíceps {adj} [muscle]  :: bicipital
bíceps {adj}  :: two-headed; having two peaks or extensions
bíceps {m}  :: biceps, especially the biceps brachii
bíceps braquial {m}  :: biceps brachii
bíceps crural {m}  :: biceps femoris
BCN {prop}  :: abbreviation of Baja California, a state of Mexico
BCN {prop}  :: abbreviation of Barcelona
báculo {m}  :: staff (long, straight stick, especially one used to assist in walking)
bádminton {m}  :: badminton
be {f}  :: Name of the letter b
be {m}  :: baa (bleating of a sheep)
beaterio {m}  :: beguinage
beatificar {v}  :: to beatify
beatitud {f}  :: blessedness, beatitude
beatitud {f}  :: bliss
beato {adj}  :: having too much beatitude, goody goody, pious, sanctimonious
Beatriz {prop}  :: female given name, equivalent to Beatrice
bebé {m}  :: baby
bebécito {f}  :: diminutive form of bebé, little baby
bebedor {adj}  :: drinking
bebedor {adj}  :: hard drinking bibulous (drinking alcohol)
bebedor {f}  :: drinker (one who drinks)
bebedor {f}  :: drunkard (one who drinks alcohol)
beber {v}  :: to drink
bebida {f} [Chile]  :: soda (soft drink)
bebida {f}  :: drink
bebida {v} [feminine past participle of, beber]  ::
bebidas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, beber]  ::
bebido {adj}  :: drunk
bebido {m}  :: obsolete form of bebida
bebidos {v} [masculine plural past participle of, beber]  ::
bebita {f}  :: diminutive form of bebé
bebito {f}  :: diminutive form of bebé, little baby
beca {f}  :: grant, stipend
becado {f}  :: one who has been granted a scholarship
becar {v}  :: to grant a stipend or scholarship for studying
becaria {f}  :: feminine form of becario
becario {f}  :: grant-holder, scholarship-holder
becerro {m}  :: calfskin
becerro {m}  :: calf; young cow
bedel {m}  :: janitor, porter
beduino {adj}  :: bedouin
beduino {f}  :: bedouin
beethoveniano {adj}  :: Beethovenian, Beethoven (attributive)
befa {f}  :: jeering
Begoña {prop}  :: female given name
begonia {f}  :: begonia
beige {adj}  :: beige
beisbolista {m}  :: baseballer
bejuco {m}  :: liana (any climbing tropical vine)
Belau {prop}  :: Palau
beldad {f} [countable]  :: belle
beldad {f} [uncountable]  :: feminine beauty
belenismo {m}  :: The art of making nativity scenes
belenista {m}  :: nativity scene artist
beleño {m}  :: henbane (plant)
belga {adj}  :: Belgian (from or native to Belgium)
belga {adj}  :: Belgian (pertaining to Belgium)
belga {m}  :: a Belgian
Belgrado {prop}  :: Belgrade
Belice {prop}  :: Belize (country)
beliceño {adj}  :: Belizean (pertaining to Belize)
beliceño {f}  :: Belizean (person)
belicoso {adj}  :: bellicose
beligerancia {f}  :: belligerence
beligerante {adj}  :: belligerent
bellaco {adj} [Peru]  :: plantain (banana)
bellaco {adj}  :: scoundrel, rascal
bellamente {adv}  :: beautifully, finely, prettily
bellas artes {fp}  :: fine arts
belleza {f}  :: beauty
bello {adj}  :: beautiful
bellota {f}  :: acorn (fruit of the oak)
bellísimo {adj}  :: superlative form of bello, very beautiful
belén {m}  :: crib, nativity (nativity scene)
Belén {prop}  :: Bethlehem, the town in Palestine
Belén {prop}  :: female given name derived from the place name
Beltrán {prop}  :: male given name; cognate to English Bertram
Beltrán {prop}  :: Spanish surname
bemol {adj} [music]  :: flat
bemol {m} [music]  :: flat symbol
benceno {m} [organic compound]  :: benzene
bencenodiol {m} [organic compound]  :: benzenediol
bencina {f}  :: gasoline
bendecida {v} [feminine past participle of, bendecir]  ::
bendecidas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, bendecir]  ::
bendecidos {v} [masculine plural past participle of, bendecir]  ::
bendecir {v}  :: to bless
bendición {f}  :: blessing
bendito {adj}  :: blessed
bendito sea Dios {phrase}  :: good Lord, good heavens
beneficencia {f}  :: beneficence, charity
beneficiar {v}  :: to benefit
beneficio {m}  :: benefit
beneficio {m}  :: profit
beneficioso {adj}  :: beneficial
beneplácito {m}  :: approval
benevolencia {f}  :: benevolence
benevolente {adj}  :: benevolent
benéfico {adj}  :: beneficent
benéfico {adj}  :: beneficial
benéfico {adj}  :: charitable
bengalí {adj}  :: Bengali
bengalí {m}  :: Bengali (person)
bengalí {prop}  :: Bengali (language)
bengala {f}  :: flare (light signal)
Bengala {prop}  :: Bengal
benignidad {f}  :: benignity
beninés {adj}  :: Beninese
beninés {f}  :: Beninese
Benita {prop}  :: female given name
Benito {prop}  :: male given name, equivalent to English Benedict
benjamín {f}  :: baby (lastborn of a family)
Benjamín {prop}  :: Benjamin [biblical character]
Benjamín {prop}  :: male given name
benjuí {m}  :: benzoin (aromatic balsam, a medicinal plant)
Benín {prop}  :: Benin (country)
Benítez {prop}  :: Spanish surname
benzfetamina {f} [pharmaceutical drug]  :: benzphetamine
benzoato {m} [organic compound]  :: benzoate
benzofurano {m} [organic compound]  :: benzofuran
benzoico {adj}  :: benzoic
benzonitrilo {m} [organic compound]  :: benzonitrile
benzopireno {m} [organic compound]  :: benzopyrene
benzoquinona {f} [organic compound]  :: benzoquinone
beoda {f}  :: feminine form of beodo
beodo {adj}  :: drunk, drunken
beodo {f}  :: drunk, drunkard
berberecho {m}  :: cockle
berbiquí {m}  :: brace, bitstock
berengo {adj} [Mexico]  :: stupid, naive
berenjena {f}  :: aubergine, eggplant
berenjenal {m}  :: aubergine field or plantation
berenjenal {m}  :: mess, trouble
bergantín {m}  :: brig
berilio {m}  :: beryllium
berilo {m}  :: beryl
berkelio {m}  :: berkelium
berlina {f}  :: a sedan
berlinés {adj}  :: from Berlin
berlinés {f}  :: Berliner
berlín {m} [Chile]  :: donut (fried pastry, usually in an ellipsoidal shape and filled with cream)
Berlín {prop}  :: Berlin (capital of Germany)
berma {f}  :: A berm
Bermúdez {prop}  :: Spanish surname
bermejo {adj}  :: reddish, vermilion
bermejo {adj}  :: russet, auburn
bermellón {m}  :: vermillion (color)
bermellón {m}  :: vermillion (pigment)
Bermudas {prop}  :: Bermuda
bermudeño {adj}  :: Bermudian
bermudeño {f}  :: Bermudian
Berna {prop}  :: Bern (city)
Bernabé {prop}  :: Barnabas [biblical character]
Bernal {prop}  :: Spanish surname
Bernardino {prop}  :: male given name
Bernardo {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to Bernard
berreada {v} [feminine past participle of, berrear]  ::
berreadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, berrear]  ::
berreados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, berrear]  ::
berrear {v}  :: to bellow
berrinche {m}  :: tantrum, skirmish
berrinchudo {adj} [informal]  :: one who throws tantrums all the time
berro {m}  :: cress
berro {m}  :: watercress
berro chino {m}  :: Chinese cabbage
Berta {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to English Bertha
berza {f}  :: cabbage
besada {v} [feminine past participle of, besar]  ::
besadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, besar]  ::
besador {m}  :: kisser
besados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, besar]  ::
besante {m}  :: bezant
besante {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: bezant
besar {v}  :: to kiss
besarla {v} [es-compound of, bes, ar, besar, la, mood=inf]  ::
besarme {v} [es-compound of, bes, ar, besar, me, mood=inf]  ::
besarte {v} [es-compound of, bes, ar, besar, te, mood=inf]  ::
besito {m}  :: diminutive form of beso
beso {m}  :: kiss
beso blanco {m}  :: snowball (sex act in which ejaculated semen is passed between the mouths of two people)
beso francés {m}  :: French kiss
beso negro {m}  :: anilingus
besote {m}  :: augmentative form of beso, big kiss
bestia {f}  :: animal
bestia {f} [pejorative]  :: a person who acts stupidly
bestia de carga {f}  :: a beast of burden
bestialidad {f}  :: beastliness
bestialidad {f}  :: bestiality
bestialismo {m}  :: bestiality
besucón {adj}  :: being fond of kissing
besucón {m}  :: one who is fond of kissing
besucona {f}  :: feminine form of besucón
besugo {m}  :: blackspot sea bream Pagellus bogaraveo
besugo {m}  :: booby, dummy, yokel, clumsy (awkward or stupid person)
besuqueada {v} [feminine past participle of, besuquear]  ::
besuqueadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, besuquear]  ::
besuqueados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, besuquear]  ::
besuquear {v}  :: to cover with kisses
besuquee {v}  :: The third-person singular of besuquear in the present subjunctive.
bet {f}  :: beth; the Hebrew letter ב
beta {f}  :: beta; the Greek letter Β, β
betahidroxibutirato {m}  :: betahydroxybutyrate
betahidroxibutírico {adj}  :: betahydroxybutyric
betaína {f} [organic compound]  :: betaine, trimethylglycine
betarraga {f} [Chile]  :: beet, beetroot
betún {m}  :: bitumen
betún {m}  :: pine sap
betún {m}  :: pipe joint compound
betún {m}  :: shoe polish
Beto {prop}  :: A diminutive of male given names ending in -berto, such as Roberto and Alberto
betulense {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Badalona
betulense {m}  :: Someone from Badalona
betulina {f} [organic compound]  :: betulin
beudo {adj}  :: obsolete form of beodo
beyako {adj} [Puerto Rico, informal, vulgar]  :: slang spelling of bellaco
bïez {m}  :: BS
bezoar {m}  :: bezoar
búfalo {m}  :: buffalo (Old World bovine)
búfalo {m}  :: buffalo, the American bison
bígamo {adj}  :: bigamous
bígamo {f}  :: bigamist
búho {m} [colloquial]  :: informant, a squealer
búho {m}  :: owl, eagle owl
bi- {prefix}  :: bi-
bianual {adj}  :: biennial
biatlón {m}  :: biathlon
biaumentado {adj} [geometry]  :: biaugmented
biberón {m}  :: bottle (for a baby)
biblia {f}  :: bible
Biblia {prop}  :: Bible
bibliófila {f}  :: feminine form of bibliófilo
bibliófilo {f}  :: bibliophile
bibliómano {adj}  :: bibliomaniac
bibliómano {m}  :: bibliomaniac
biblio- {prefix}  :: biblio-
bibliofilia {f}  :: bibliophilia
bibliografía {f}  :: bibliography
bibliográfico {adj}  :: bibliographic; bibliographical
biblioteca {f}  :: bookcase
biblioteca {f}  :: library
bibliotecaria {f}  :: A female professional librarian
bibliotecario {m}  :: A male professional librarian
bicampeón {m}  :: two-time champion; double winner
bicarbonato {m}  :: bicarbonate
bicentenario {adj}  :: bicentenary, bicentennial
bicentenario {adj}  :: two-hundred-year-old
bicentenario {m}  :: bicentenary, bicentennial
bicho {m}  :: bug
bicho {m} [Honduras, El Salvador, pejorative, colloquial]  :: kid, boy
bicho {m} [Nicaragua, vulgar]  :: vulva
bicho {m} [Puerto Rico, vulgar]  :: penis
bicho {m}  :: vermin
bicho raro {m} [colloquial]  :: oddball, weirdo
bici {f}  :: short word for bicycle: bike
bicicleta {f}  :: bicycle, pushbike, cycle
bicicleta estática {f}  :: exercise bike
bicóncavo {adj}  :: biconcave
bicoca {f}  :: bargain
bicoca {f}  :: piece of cake, duck soup (task that is pleasant, easy or simple)
bicúpula {f} [geometry]  :: bicupola
bidé {m}  :: bidet
BID {abbr}  :: Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo, Inter-American Development Bank
bidimensional {adj}  :: bidimensional, two-dimensional
bidimensionalidad {f}  :: bidimensionality
bidisminuido {adj} [geometry]  :: bidiminished
bidón {m}  :: drum, can, jerrycan (barrel for liquid)
Bielorrusia {prop}  :: Belarus
bielorruso {adj}  :: Belarusian (pertaining to Belarus)
bielorruso {f}  :: Belarusian (person)
bielorruso {prop}  :: Belarusian (language)
bien {adj}  :: fine; OK
bien {adv}  :: properly
bien {adv}  :: very
bien {adv}  :: well
bien {adv}  :: willingly
bien {m}  :: good (as opposed to evil)
bien {m}  :: goodness
bien {m}  :: (plural) goods, property, possessions, assets, wealth, estate
bien {m}  :: welfare, benefit
bienaventuranza {f}  :: beatitude (happiness)
bienaventuranza {f} [Christianity]  :: beatitude
bien cuidado {m} [Latin America]  :: A, usually self-employed, parked automobile attendant intended to prevent vandalism and theft
bienes {mp}  :: property, goods
bienes raíces {mp}  :: real estate
bienes raices {f}  :: real estate
bienestar {m}  :: well-being
bienhadado {adj}  :: happy, fortunate
bienhechor {f}  :: benefactor, welldoer
bienhechora {f}  :: feminine form of bienhechor
bien inmueble {m} [legal]  :: real property, real estate
bienio {m}  :: A period of two years; biennium
bien mueble {m} [legal]  :: chattel, personal property
bien nacido {adj}  :: well-born, well-bred
bien predica quien bien vive {phrase}  :: He who preaches well is he who lives well
bienvenida {f}  :: welcome
bienvenida {interj}  :: welcome (when saying this to a female)
bienvenido {adj}  :: welcome
bienvenido {interj}  :: welcome (to a male)
biesfenocíngulo {m} [geometry]  :: disphenocingulum
biesfenoide {m} [geometry]  :: disphenoid
biez {m}  :: BS
bifaz {m} [archaeology]  :: biface (tool)
bifenilo {m} [organic compound]  :: biphenyl
bifenol {m} [organic compound]  :: biphenol
bifosfato {m}  :: biphosphate
bifurcación {f}  :: bifurcation
bifurcación {f}  :: fork; split
bifurcada {v} [feminine past participle of, bifurcar]  ::
bifurcadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, bifurcar]  ::
bifurcados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, bifurcar]  ::
bifurcar {vr}  :: To diverge, fork off
bifurcar {vt}  :: to bifurcate, to cause to fork off
bifurcarse {v}  :: to split, divide, fork, branch off
Big Mac {m}  :: Big Mac
bigote {m}  :: moustache, mustache; moustaches, mustaches
bigote {m}  :: whisker, whiskers
bigotudo {adj}  :: moustachio'd
bigotudo {m}  :: The bearded tit. A bird
biógrafa {f}  :: feminine form of biógrafo
biógrafo {f}  :: biographer
bigudí {m}  :: hair curler
bija {f} [Dominican Republic, Cuba]  :: annatto
bikini {m}  :: bikini
bilateral {adj}  :: bilateral
bilbaíno {adj}  :: Bilbaoan
bilbaíno {f}  :: Bilbaoan
Bilbao {prop}  :: Bilbao
bilbilitano {adj}  :: of or from Calatayud
bilbilitano {m}  :: A person from Calatayud
biliar {adj}  :: biliary
-bilidad {suffix}  :: Form of -dad used generally for adjectives ending in -ble; Comparable generally to English suffix -ity
bilingüe {adj}  :: bilingual
bilingüismo {m}  :: bilingualism
bilioso {adj}  :: bilious
bilirrubina {f} [organic compound]  :: bilirubin
bilis {f}  :: bile
billar {m}  :: An establishment accommodating billiard tables; a billiard room
billar {m}  :: billiards
billar {m}  :: pool (game)
billete {m}  :: banknote, bill (paper currency)
billete {m} [colloquial, uncountable]  :: money
billete {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: billet
billete {m}  :: ticket
billetera {f}  :: wallet
billetito {m}  :: diminutive form of billete
billón {numm}  :: 1012; a trillion (short system); a billion (obsolete, long system).
bilocación {f}  :: bilocation
bióloga {f}  :: (female) biologist
biólogo {f}  :: biologist
bilunabirrotonda {f} [geometry]  :: bilunabirotunda
bimotor {adj}  :: twin-engine
binacional {adj}  :: binational
bingo {m}  :: bingo (game)
biónico {adj}  :: bionic
binocular {adj}  :: binocular
binomial {adj}  :: binomial
binomio {m} [mathematics]  :: binomial
binuclear {adj}  :: binuclear
bio- {prefix}  :: bio-
biocida {f}  :: biocide
biociencia {f}  :: bioscience
biocombustible {m}  :: biofuel, ecofuel
biodegradable {adj}  :: biodegradable
biodinamica {f}  :: biodynamics
biogenético {adj}  :: biogenetic
biogénesis {f}  :: biogenesis
biografía {f}  :: biography
biográfico {adj}  :: biographic
biológicamente {adv}  :: biologically
biológico {adj}  :: biologic
biología {f}  :: biology
bioma {m} [biology]  :: biome
biomasa {f}  :: biomass
biombo {m}  :: folding screen
biometría {f}  :: biometrics
biomolécula {f}  :: biomolecule
biopsia {f} [medicine]  :: biopsy
bioquímica {f}  :: biochemistry
bioquímico {adj}  :: biochemical
biorremediación {f}  :: bioremediation
biosfera {f}  :: biosphere
biosintético {adj}  :: biosynthetic
biosíntesis {f}  :: biosynthesis
biotecnológica {f}  :: biotechnology
bioética {f}  :: bioethics
biotina {f} [vitamin]  :: biotin
biotita {f} [mineral]  :: biotite
bipartidista {adj}  :: two-party
bipartito {adj}  :: Divided into two; having two parts
bipedal {adj}  :: bipedal
bipersonal {adj}  :: bipersonal; involving exactly two people
bipirámide {f} [geometry]  :: dipyramid
biplaza {adj}  :: two-seated
bipolar {adj}  :: bipolar
biquini {m}  :: alternative spelling of bikini
birlada {v} [feminine past participle of, birlar]  ::
birladas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, birlar]  ::
birlados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, birlar]  ::
birlar {v}  :: to swipe, pinch or steal
Birmania {prop}  :: Burma (Southeast Asian country)
birmano {adj}  :: Burmese (pertaining to Burma)
birmano {f}  :: Burmese (person)
birmano {prop}  :: Burmese (language)
birrectangular {adj}  :: birectangular; containing two right angles
birrefringencia {f}  :: birefringence
birrete {m}  :: biretta
birrotonda {f} [geometry]  :: birotunda
bis- {prefix}  :: bis-
bis- {prefix}  :: great-
bisabuelo {f}  :: great-grandparent; great-grandfather (great-grandmother for the feminine form)
bisagra {f}  :: hinge
bisbisada {v} [feminine past participle of, bisbisar]  ::
bisbisadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, bisbisar]  ::
bisbisados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, bisbisar]  ::
bisbisar {v}  :: to mutter
béisbol {m}  :: baseball (ballgame)
biscocho {m}  :: alternative spelling of bizcocho
bisecar {vt}  :: to bisect
bisectriz {f} [geometry]  :: bisection
biselada {v} [feminine past participle of, biselar]  ::
biseladas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, biselar]  ::
biselados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, biselar]  ::
biselar {v}  :: to bevel
bisele {v}  :: The third-person singular of biselar in the present subjunctive.
bisexual {adj}  :: bisexual
bisexual {m}  :: bisexual
bisexualidad {f}  :: bisexuality
bisiesto {m}  :: leap year
bislama {m}  :: Bislama (language)
bismuto {m}  :: bismuth
bisnieta {f}  :: feminine form of bisnieto
bisnieto {f}  :: great-grandchild; great-grandson (great-granddaughter for the feminine form)
bisoñé {m}  :: toupee
bisonte {m}  :: bison
bisonte americano {n}  :: American bison
bisonte europeo {m}  :: wisent
bisté {m}  :: steak (food)
bistec {m}  :: steak, beefsteak
bisturí {m}  :: scalpel, bistoury
bisulfato {m} [chemistry]  :: bisulfate
bisulfuro {m} [chemistry]  :: bisulphide, bisulfide
bisutería {f}  :: Fake jewellery, or costume jewellery
bit {m}  :: bit (binary digit)
bitácora {f}  :: a captain's log or journal on a ship
bitácora {f}  :: the closet where aforementioned journal is kept; binnacle
bitácora {f}  :: weblog, blog
biótico {adj}  :: biotic
Bitinia {prop}  :: Bithynia
bituminoso {adj}  :: bituminous
biuora {f}  :: obsolete spelling of víbora
bividí {m} [Ecuador, Peru, slang]  :: sleeveless undershirt, singlet
biyección {f} [mathematics]  :: bijection
bizarro {adj} [Argentina]  :: bizarre, strange, weird
bizarro {adj}  :: dashing, brave, spirited, gallant
bizarro {adj}  :: generous, magnanimous, noble
bizco {adj}  :: crosseyed
bizcocho {m}  :: bisque (fired unglazed pottery)
bizcocho {m}  :: sponge cake
biznaga {f}  :: khella, toothpickweed (Ammi visnaga)
biznaga {f} [Mexico]  :: A generic name for several species of small, prickly cacti, especially barrel cacti
bizquear {v}  :: to cross one's eyes
bizquear {v}  :: to squint
bizquear {v}  :: to wink
bájala {v} [es-compound of, baj, ar, baja, la, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
bájalo {v} [es-compound of, baj, ar, baja, lo, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
bájame {v} [es-compound of, baj, ar, baja, me, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
bájate {v} [es-compound of, baj, ar, baja, te, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
bájense {v} [es-compound of, baj, ar, bajen, se, mood=imp, person=ustedes]  ::
bájese {v} [es-compound of, baj, ar, baje, se, mood=imp, person=usted]  ::
bla {m}  :: blah (idle talk)
blada {f}  :: sycamore
Blanca {prop}  :: female given name
Blancanieves {prop}  :: Snow White
Blanca Nieves {prop}  :: Snow White, an alternative spelling of Blancanieves
blanca y en botella, leche {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: no doubt about it, no question
blanco {adj} [heraldry]  :: argent
blanco {adj}  :: white
blanco {m}  :: target
blanco {m}  :: white
Blanco {prop}  :: Spanish surname
blancura {f}  :: whiteness
blancuzco {adj}  :: whitish
blandir {vt}  :: to brandish
blando {adj}  :: bland
blando {adj}  :: cowardly
blando {adj}  :: flabby
blando {adj} [music]  :: flat
blando {adj}  :: soft
bálano {m}  :: glans (apex of the penis)
blanqueada {v} [feminine past participle of, blanquear]  ::
blanqueadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, blanquear]  ::
blanqueador {m}  :: bleach
blanqueados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, blanquear]  ::
blanquear {v} [sports]  :: to win without allowing rival to get points
blanquear {v}  :: to bleach
blanquear {v}  :: to whiten; to turn white
blanquear {v}  :: to whitewash
blanquecino {adj}  :: whitish
blanqueo {m} [uncountable]  :: whitening, whitewashing, bleaching
blanqueo de capitales {m}  :: money laundering
blanquiazul {adj}  :: blue and white
blanquiazul {adj}  :: Of or related to RCD Espanyol, a football team in Barcelona
blanquiazul {m}  :: A fan, player, or other person connected to RCD Espanyol
blanquinegro {adj}  :: black-and-white
blanquinegro {adj}  :: black and white
blanquinegro {adj} [football]  :: Of or pertaining to Real Balompédica Linense, a football team in La Línea de la Concepción, Andalusia
blanquinoso {adj}  :: whitish
blanquito {adj}  :: diminutive form of blanco
blanquitos {adj}  :: Very clean or well bleached
blanquitos {m}  :: pearly whites
blanquivioleta {adj} [football]  :: Related or connected to Real Valladolid, a football team in Valladolid, Spain
blanquivioleta {m} [football]  :: A player, fan, coach or other person connected to Real Valladolid, a football team in Valladolid, Spain
Blas {prop}  :: male given name
blasfemamente {adv}  :: blasphemously
blasfemar {v}  :: to blaspheme
blasfemia {f}  :: blasphemy
blasfemo {adj}  :: blasphemous
blasfemo {f}  :: blasphemer
blasón {m} [heraldry]  :: blazon
blasón {m} [heraldry]  :: coat of arms
blasón {m} [heraldry]  :: heraldry
blasón {m}  :: honor, glory
blasonar {v} [heraldry]  :: to emblazon
blasonar {v}  :: to blazon
blasonar {v}  :: to boast
blaugrana {adj} [football, attributive]  :: of or relating to FC Barcelona, a football club from Barcelona
búlder {m}  :: bouldering
bledo {m}  :: common amaranth, red-root amaranth, pigweed (Amaranthus retroflexus)
bledo {m} [figuratively]  :: something insignificant
blefaroplastia {f} [surgery]  :: blepharoplasty
blenorragia {f}  :: gonorrhea
blenorrea {f}  :: gonorrhea
búlgara {f}  :: feminine form of búlgaro
búlgaro {adj}  :: Bulgarian (from or native to Bulgaria)
búlgaro {adj}  :: Bulgarian (pertaining to Bulgaria)
búlgaro {f}  :: a Bulgarian
búlgaro {prop}  :: the Bulgarian language
Bélgica {prop}  :: Belgium
bélgico {adj} [rare]  :: Belgian (from or native to Belgium)
bélgico {adj} [rare]  :: Belgian (pertaining to Belgium)
Bélice {prop}  :: Belize (country)
bélico {adj}  :: bellicose, belligerent
bólido {m}  :: racecar
bólido {m}  :: speedboat
blindado {adj}  :: armoured
blindado {m}  :: armoured car
blindaje {m}  :: shield, amor
blindar {vt}  :: to shield
bloc {m}  :: pad (such as of paper)
blocao {m} [military]  :: movable blockhouse
block {m} [Guatemala]  :: cement block
blockera {f} [Guatemala]  :: Place where cement blocks are sold
blofeada {v} [feminine past participle of, blofear]  ::
blofeadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, blofear]  ::
blofeados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, blofear]  ::
blofear {v}  :: to bluff
blogosfera {f} [Internet]  :: blogosphere
bloguera {f} [Internet]  :: blogger
bloguero {m} [Internet]  :: blogger
blonda {f}  :: lace
bloque {m}  :: bloc
bloque {m}  :: block (street block or a piece of something)
bloquear {vt}  :: to block
bloqueo {m}  :: blockade
bloqueo {m}  :: blockage
bloqueo {m}  :: freeze
bloqueo {m}  :: locking
bloquera {f} [Guatemala]  :: Place where cement blocks are sold
bálsamo {m}  :: balsam
bálsamo {m}  :: balsam (tree or shrub)
báltico {adj}  :: Baltic
báltico {f}  :: Balt
bluejeans {m}  :: jeans (trousers)
blujins {m}  :: blue jeans
blusa {f}  :: blouse
BM {abbr}  :: Banco Mundial: World Bank
búmeran {m} [Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico]  :: boomerang
búnker {m}  :: bunker
boa {m}  :: boa (snake)
Boaco {prop}  :: Boaco
bobada {f}  :: nonsense, tosh (stupid act)
bobalicón {m}  :: buffoon, prat, idiot
bobería {f}  :: folly, foolishness, something foolish
bobina {f}  :: electrical coil
bobina {f}  :: reel, bobbin, spool
bobo {adj}  :: stupid, naïve, naive
bobo {m}  :: A stupid or naive person; a fool
boca {f}  :: entrance
boca {f}  :: estuary
boca {f}  :: mouth, oral cavity
boca a boca {m} [idiom]  :: mouth-to-mouth
boca a boca {m} [idiom]  :: word of mouth
bocacalle {f}  :: turning (into a street)
boca de dragón {f}  :: The snapdragon plant
bocadillo {m} [Spain]  :: sandwich
bocado {m}  :: bit
bocado {m}  :: mouthful
bocado {m}  :: snack
bocado de Adán {m}  :: Adam's apple
bocado del león {m} [idiomatic]  :: lion's share
bocana {f}  :: estuary
bocanada {f}  :: gasp
bocanada {f}  :: gust
bocanada {f}  :: mouthful
bocanada {f}  :: puff
bocanadas {fp}  :: puff, whiff
bocazas {mpfp} [colloquial, pejorative]  :: big mouth, chatterbox (someone who talks too much)
boceto {m}  :: draft
boceto {m}  :: sketch, outline
bochinche {m}  :: A mouthful of food, particularly that which has been masticated
bochinche {m}  :: A tumultuous or riotous situation
bochinche {m} [Domican Republic]  :: The sound or noise resulting from a group of people in an event or party.
bochinche {m} [Panama, Puerto Rico]  :: Gossip , particularly that which is malicious, spread deliberately with the intention to defame the victim and amuse others, or disseminated by a busybody or meddler
bochinche {m} [Venezuala, Uruquay]  :: A social gathering, particularly a lively one
bochorno {m}  :: blush (reddened face)
bochorno {m}  :: hot summer wind
bochorno {m}  :: suffocating heat
bocina {f}  :: horn (loud alarm, especially on a motor vehicle)
bocina {f}  :: loudspeaker
bocinar {v}  :: to honk the horn (on a car)
bocio {m}  :: goiter
bocón {adj}  :: bigmouthed, bragging, boastful
bocón {m}  :: bigmouth, blabbermouth, braggart
bocón {m}  :: black fly of the species Simillidae, found in Central America
bocota {f}  :: augmentative form of boca, a big mouth
bocoy {m}  :: hogshead
boda {f}  :: wedding
bode {m}  :: goat buck
bodega {f}  :: cellar
bodega {f}  :: stockroom, storeroom
bodega {f} [US]  :: corner store owned by Hispanics
bodega {f}  :: winery
bodegón {m}  :: still life
bofetada {f}  :: a slap in the face
bofeteada {v} [feminine past participle of, bofetear]  ::
bofeteadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, bofetear]  ::
bofeteados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, bofetear]  ::
bofetear {v}  :: to slap
boga {f}  :: a species of ray-finned fish, Leporinus obtusidens
bogada {v} [feminine past participle of, bogar]  ::
bogadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, bogar]  ::
bogados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, bogar]  ::
bogar {vi}  :: to row
bogavante {m}  :: lobster (specifically the European lobster Homarus gammarus)
Bogotá {prop}  :: Bogota; Bogotá
bohemio {adj}  :: bohemian
bohrio {m}  :: bohrium
boicot {m}  :: boycott
boicoteada {v} [feminine past participle of, boicotear]  ::
boicoteadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, boicotear]  ::
boicoteados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, boicotear]  ::
boicotear {v}  :: to boycott
boina {m}  :: beret
boj {m}  :: box (tree), boxwood
bojar {vi}  :: to have a perimeter
bojar {vt}  :: to circumnavigate an island
bojar {vt}  :: to measure the perimeter of an island
bola {f}  :: ball
bola {f} [Dominican Republic, slang]  :: hitchhiking, free ride
bola {f} [slang]  :: testicle
bola de nieve {f}  :: snowball
bolardo {m}  :: bollard (post preventing vehicles from entering pedestrian area)
bolardo {m} [nautical]  :: bollard
bolazo {m}  :: big ball; augmentative form of bola
bolazo {m}  :: whopper, tall tale (lie)
bolchevique {m}  :: Bolshevik
Bolduque {prop}  :: 's-Hertogenbosch
boleada {v} [feminine past participle of, bolear]  ::
boleadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, bolear]  ::
boleados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, bolear]  ::
bolear {v}  :: to knead
bolear {v}  :: to make into balls
bolear {v}  :: to polish
bolera {f}  :: bowling alley
boleta {f} [Chile]  :: bill, receipt
boleta {f} [Latin America]  :: ticket
boleta {f} [Lunfardo]  :: death
boletear {v} [Lunfardo]  :: to kill; to murder
boletín {m}  :: bulletin
boletín {m}  :: newsletter
boletín de noticias {m}  :: newsletter
boletín informativo {m}  :: newsletter
boleto {m}  :: porcini (Boletus edulis)
boleto {m}  :: ticket
bolígrafo {m}  :: A ballpoint pen
boli {m} [Spain, informal]  :: short for bolígrafo, pen
boliche {m} [Argentina]  :: bar, disco
boliche {m} [Argentina]  :: small store, small shop
boliche {m}  :: bowling
boliche {m}  :: bowling alley
bolillo {m}  :: bobbin
bolillo {m} [Mexico]  :: type of bread
bolillo {m} [regional]  :: bread roll
bolillo {m} [regional, pejorative]  :: Someone of Caucasian race
bolita {f}  :: marble
bolita {f}  :: small ball
bolivariano {adj}  :: Bolivarian (Of or pertaining to Simón Bolívar.)
Bolivia {prop}  :: Bolivia
boliviano {adj}  :: Bolivian
boliviano {f}  :: Bolivian
bollera {f} [slang, pejorative, Spain]  :: dyke, lez (lesbian)
bollería {f}  :: A bakery that sells rolls, usually sweet rolls
bollo {m}  :: bump on the head
bollo {m}  :: bun
bollo {m} [colloquial]  :: confusion, chaos
bollo {m} [colloquial, Cuba]  :: vulva
bollo {m} [colloquial, Spain]  :: {f} dyke
bollo {m} [in clothing]  :: puff, tuft
bolo {adj} [colloquial, El Salvador]  :: drunkard
bolo {m}  :: bolus
bolo {m} [Venezuela, slang]  :: A bolívar (Venezuelan unit of currency)
bolon {m}  :: bolon (traditional harp)
Bolonia {prop}  :: Bologna (city)
bolos {m}  :: bowling, skittles
bolsa {f}  :: bag
bolsa {f}  :: coin purse
bolsa {f} [Mexico, Central America]  :: pocket (in clothing)
bolsa {f}  :: pouch (of marsupials)
bolsa {f}  :: purse, handbag
bolsa {f}  :: stock exchange
bolseada {v} [feminine past participle of, bolsear]  ::
bolseadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, bolsear]  ::
bolseados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, bolsear]  ::
bolsear {v} [colloquial, Chile]  :: to sponge, scrounge
bolsear {v} [colloquial, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico]  :: to pickpocket
bolsillo {m}  :: pocket
bolsita {f}  :: (small) bag
bolsón {m}  :: bag
bolso {m}  :: purse
boludez {f} [Argentina, Uruguay]  :: nonsense, bullshit (something that is stupid, dumb)
boludo {adj} [Argentina, Uruguay, vulgar]  :: jackass, moron, immature
boludo {adj} [El Salvador]  :: wealthy
boludo {adj} [Nicaragua, lang=es]  :: lazy
bolívar {m}  :: bolívar
bomba {f}  :: adjustable metal slide used to tune brass instruments
bomba {f}  :: bomb
bomba {f}  :: high-hat
bomba {f}  :: lamp globe
bomba {f} [Latin America]  :: firecracker
bomba {f}  :: pump
bomba {f}  :: smash hit
bomba {f}  :: Something extraordinary
bomba {f}  :: something unusual producing excitement
bomba atómica {f}  :: atomic bomb
bombacha {f} [Latin America]  :: panties, knickers
bomba de hidrógeno {f}  :: hydrogen bomb
bomba de la taquilla {f}  :: box office bomb, flop, turkey, dud
bomba de racimo {f}  :: cluster bomb
bomba H {f}  :: H-bomb
bombardear {v}  :: to bomb, to bombard
bombardeo {m}  :: bombardment
bombardero {m}  :: bomber
bombazo {m} [colloquial]  :: bombshell
bombazo {m}  :: explosion from a bomb
bombear {v}  :: to bomb
bombear {v}  :: to cheat
bombear {v}  :: to pump
bombee {v}  :: The third-person singular of bombear in the present subjunctive.
bombera {f}  :: feminine form of bombero
bombero {f}  :: firefighter
bombilla {f}  :: diminutive form of bomba
bombilla {f}  :: light bulb
bombillo {m} [Central America, Colombia]  :: light bulb, light globe
bombín {m}  :: bowler hat, or (US) derby
bombón {m} [Colombia]  :: lollipop
bombón {m} [figuratively]  :: hottie, cutie (attractive woman or man)
bombón {m} [Mexico]  :: marshmallow
bombón {m}  :: praline, chocolate confection
bombo {adj} [colloquial, of a person]  :: reckless
bombo {adj} [Cuba, of fruit]  :: bland, insipid, flavorless
bombo {adj} [Cuba, of liquids]  :: having a mild temperature
bombo {interj}  :: attention!
bombo {m}  :: barge
bombo {m}  :: bass drum
bombo {m}  :: bass drum player
bombo {m} [colloquial]  :: the bump (stomach of a pregnant woman)
bombo {m}  :: noisy or excessive praise
bombona {f}  :: bottle, canister (especially for gas)
bomboncito {m}  :: diminutive form of bombón
bombonería {f}  :: candy store (especially chocolate)
bombástico {adj}  :: bombastic
bonachón {adj}  :: good-natured
bonaerense {adj}  :: Of the Province of Buenos Aires
bonaerense {m}  :: An inhabitant of the Province of Buenos Aires
bondad {f}  :: affability
bondad {f}  :: good deed
bondad {f}  :: goodness
bondadoso {adj}  :: kind
Bondi {prop}  :: A colectivo in Buenos Aires, Argentina (Lunfardo argot)
bongó {m} [musical instruments]  :: bongo
bonga {f} [Colombia]  :: silk-cotton tree
bongo {m}  :: bongo (Tragelaphus eurycerus)
bongo {m}  :: large canoe
boniato {m}  :: sweet potato
Bonifacio {prop}  :: male given name
bonificación {f}  :: bonus (extra amount of money given as a premium)
bonificación {f}  :: bonus point
bonificación {f}  :: discount, rebate
bonificada {v} [feminine past participle of, bonificar]  ::
bonificadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, bonificar]  ::
bonificados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, bonificar]  ::
bonificar {v}  :: credit
bonificar {v}  :: discount
bonificar {v}  :: improve, meliorate (make better)
bonificar {v}  :: refund, reimburse
bonito {adj}  :: pretty, lovely
bonito {m} [fish]  :: skipjack
bonito {m} [fish]  :: tuna; bonito
bono {adj} [obsolete]  :: good
bono {m}  :: bond (bank)
bono {m}  :: bonus
bono {m}  :: voucher
bonsái {m}  :: bonsai
bonzo {m}  :: bonze (Buddhist monk)
booleano {adj}  :: Boolean
boom {m}  :: boom (period of prosperity or high market activity)
boqueada {v} [feminine past participle of, boquear]  ::
boqueadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, boquear]  ::
boqueados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, boquear]  ::
boquear {v}  :: to gape
boquear {v}  :: to gasp
boquear {v}  :: to pronounce
boquear {v}  :: to utter
boquera {f}  :: cold sore
boquerón {m}  :: anchovy
boquete {m}  :: gap, small opening
boquiabierto {adj}  :: open-mouthed
boquifresco {adj}  :: outspoken, mouthy
boquilla {f}  :: cigarette holder
boquilla {f}  :: leg opening (in pants or a dress)
boquilla {f}  :: mouthpiece of a wind instrument
boquilla {f}  :: nozzle
borbollada {v} [feminine past participle of, borbollar]  ::
borbolladas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, borbollar]  ::
borbollados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, borbollar]  ::
borbollar {v}  :: to bubble
borbotada {v} [feminine past participle of, borbotar]  ::
borbotadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, borbotar]  ::
borbotados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, borbotar]  ::
borbotar {v}  :: to boil
borbotare {v}  :: The third-person singular of borbotar in the future subjunctive
borboteada {v} [feminine past participle of, borbotear]  ::
borboteadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, borbotear]  ::
borboteados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, borbotear]  ::
borbotear {v}  :: to bubble
bordó {adj} [Argentina]  :: maroon in colour
bordó {m} [Argentina]  :: The colour maroon
borda {f} [nautical]  :: gunwale; rail (of a boat)
bordado {adj}  :: embroidered
bordado {m}  :: embroidery
bordar {v} [lb, es, colloquial]  :: to do something very well
bordar {v}  :: to embroider
borde {adj}  :: bastard (born out of wedlock)
borde {adj} [colloquial]  :: impertinent
borde {m}  :: border, boundary, rim
bordeada {v} [feminine past participle of, bordear]  ::
bordeadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, bordear]  ::
bordeados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, bordear]  ::
bordear {v}  :: to border
bordee {v}  :: The first-person singular of bordear in the present subjunctive.
bordee {v}  :: The third-person singular of bordear in the imperative
borderline {m} [colloquial]  :: Someone with borderline personality disorder
bordillo {m}  :: kerb [UK], curb [US]
bordo {m} [Latin America]  :: dam
bordo {m} [Latin America]  :: ridge
bordo {m} [nautical]  :: side, board
bordo {m} [nautical]  :: tack
bordura {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: bordure
boreal {adj}  :: boreal, north, northern
borgeano {adj}  :: Borgesian
borgesiano {adj}  :: Borgesian
borgiano {adj}  :: Borgesian
borgoña {m}  :: burgundy
Borgoña {prop}  :: Burgundy
boricua {adj} [colloquial]  :: Puerto Rican
boricua {f} [colloquial]  :: Puerto Rican
borla {f}  :: tassel (ball-shaped bunch of plaited or otherwise entangled threads)
boro {m}  :: boron
borojó {m}  :: A South American fruit tree, Borojoa patinoi
borra {f}  :: cotton waste
borra {f}  :: flock (for mattress)
borra {f}  :: rough wool
borra {f}  :: stuffing (for cushions)
borra {f}  :: young she-sheep
borrable {adj}  :: deletable
borracha {f}  :: wineskin
borrachazo {m}  :: augmentative form of borracho; drunk
borrachera {f}  :: drunkenness
borrachín {adj}  :: drunkard
borrachín {m}  :: drunkard, alcoholic
borracho {adj}  :: drunk
borracho {f}  :: drunkard
borracho como una cuba {adj} [colloquial, idiomatic]  :: drunk as a skunk
borrado {adj}  :: deleted
borrado {m}  :: delete, deletion key
borrado {m}  :: deletion
borrador {m}  :: chalkboard eraser
borrador {m}  :: eraser, rubber
borraj {m}  :: borax
borraja {f}  :: borage
borrar {v}  :: to erase
borrasca {f}  :: squall, storm
borrascoso {adj}  :: stormy, squally
borrascoso {adj}  :: tempestuous
borrega {f}  :: feminine form of borrego
borrego {f}  :: A sheep around its second year of age
borrego {f}  :: A woolly, white cloud reminiscent of a sheep
borrego {f}  :: sheep (person)
borreguera {n}  :: shepherdess (of yearling lambs)
borreguero {adj}  :: pastoral
borreguero {f}  :: shepherd (of yearling lambs)
borreguil {adj}  :: Pertaining or relating to sheep
borrico {m}  :: A stubborn, lazy, or stupid person
borrico {m}  :: donkey
borriquero {f}  :: donkey-keeper, donkey-driver, donkey-drover
borriquito {m}  :: diminutive form of borrico
borrón {m}  :: blot, smudge
borrón {m}  :: draft, sketch
borroneada {v} [feminine past participle of, borronear]  ::
borroneadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, borronear]  ::
borroneados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, borronear]  ::
borronear {v}  :: to blot
borroso {adj}  :: blurry, fuzzy
bortsch {m}  :: borscht
boruga {f} [Dominican Republic]  :: A fermented milk drink similar to yogurt
borujo {m}  :: alternative spelling of burujo
borujo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of orujo
boruro {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: boride
boscoso {adj}  :: woody, wooded
bosón {m}  :: boson
bosón de gauge {m}  :: gauge boson
bosón de Higgs {m}  :: Higgs boson
Bosnia-Herzegovina {prop}  :: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia y Herzegovina {prop}  :: alternative form of Bosnia-Herzegovina
bosónico {adj}  :: bosonic
bosnio {adj}  :: Bosnian
bosnio {f}  :: Bosnian
bosnioherzegovino {adj}  :: pertaining to Bosnia and Herzegovina
bosnioherzegovino {f}  :: someone from Bosnia and Herzegovina
bosón W {m}  :: W-boson
bosón Z {m}  :: Z-boson
bosque {m}  :: forest
bosquejar {v}  :: sketch (to create a sketch)
bosquejo {m}  :: stub, outline, sketch
bosquímano {f}  :: Bushman
bostezada {v} [feminine past participle of, bostezar]  ::
bostezadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, bostezar]  ::
bostezados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, bostezar]  ::
bostezar {v}  :: to yawn
bostezo {m}  :: yawn (the action of yawning)
bostoniano {adj}  :: Bostonian
bostoniano {f}  :: Bostonian
bota {f}  :: boot
bota {f}  :: bota bag; soft pouch, usually suspended from a cord or lanyard, for carrying wine or other beverages (Similar to a canteen.)
botaba {v}  :: The first-person singular of botar in the imperfect indicative.
botanista {m}  :: botanist
botanizada {v} [feminine past participle of, botanizar]  ::
botanizadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, botanizar]  ::
botanizados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, botanizar]  ::
botanizar {v}  :: to botanize
botar {v}  :: to bounce
botar {v}  :: to throw, to throw away
botara {v}  :: The first-person singular of botar in the imperfect subjunctive
botarata {adj} [Chile, Colombia, Peru, Puerto Rico]  :: wasteful, thriftless, unthrifty
botarate {adj}  :: wasteful
botare {v}  :: The first-person singular of botar in the future subjunctive.
botarel {m} [architecture]  :: buttress
botase {v}  :: The first-person singular of botar in the imperfect subjunctive.
boîte {f}  :: nightclub
bote {m}  :: boat
bote {m}  :: vessel, container
botella {f}  :: bottle
botellazo {m}  :: hit with a bottle
botellón {m}  :: street binge drinking (social gathering in the street with the purpose of drinking alcoholic beverages from bottles)
botica {f}  :: drug, medicament
botica {f}  :: drugstore, pharmacy
boticario {f}  :: pharmacist
botillería {f} [Chile, Peru]  :: bottle shop, beverage store (store selling alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages)
botiquín {m}  :: first aid box
botiquín {m}  :: medicine cabinet
botiquín {m}  :: medicine chest
botita {f}  :: little boot
botín {m}  :: booty, prey
botón {m}  :: bud (newly formed leaf or flower that has not yet unfolded)
botón {m}  :: button (clothing, mechanical)
botón {m}  :: key (on a musical instrument)
botánica {f}  :: botany
botánica {f}  :: (female) botanist
botánico {adj}  :: botanical, botanic
botánico {f}  :: botanist
boto {adj}  :: blunt
botones {m}  :: bellboy
Botsuana {prop}  :: Botswana (Republic of Botswana)
botsuano {adj}  :: Botswanan (person)
botsuano {adj}  :: Botswanan (thing)
botsuano {f}  :: Botswanan (person)
Botswana {prop}  :: Botswana
botulismo {m} [pathology]  :: botulism
bouldering {m}  :: bouldering
bovino {adj}  :: bovine (of, relating to or resembling cattle)
bovino {m}  :: bovine
boxeaba {v}  :: The first-person singular of boxear in the imperfect indicative.
boxeador {f}  :: (male) boxer
boxeadora {f}  :: female boxer
boxear {v}  :: to box (the sport)
boxeo {m}  :: boxing
boxístico {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to boxing
boya {f}  :: buoy
boyante {adj}  :: buoyant
boyante {adj}  :: prosperous
boysena {f}  :: boysenberry
boysenberi {m}  :: boysenberry
bozal {m}  :: A muzzle; device to stop an animal from biting
bozal {m}  :: A noseband, usually on a horse bridle or halter
bpd {abbr}  :: abbreviation of barriles por día (barrels per day)
bípedo {m}  :: A biped
bíper {m} [Latin America]  :: pager (device for receiving alpha-numeric messages)
báquico {adj}  :: bacchic
bracamante {m}  :: falchion
bracamarte {m}  :: falchion
braceada {v} [feminine past participle of, bracear]  ::
braceadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, bracear]  ::
braceados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, bracear]  ::
bracear {v}  :: to stroke (while swimming)
braceo {m}  :: swing, swinging
bracero {m}  :: labourer, farmhand, navvy
bradiquinesia {f}  :: bradykinesia
bradiquinina {f}  :: bradykinin
braga {f} [Spain]  :: woman's slip
braga {f}  :: underpants
bragas {fp} [Spain]  :: panties
bragueta {f} [colloquial]  :: zip fastener (fastener used in clothing, bags)
bragueta {f}  :: fly (strip that hides the opening of trousers/pants or underpants)
braguetazo {m} [colloquial]  :: A marriage between a poor man and a rich woman
braguitas {fp} [colloquial, Spain]  :: panties
brahmán {m}  :: brahman
braille {prop}  :: Braille
brama {f} [zoology]  :: rut, mating season
bramada {v} [feminine past participle of, bramar]  ::
bramadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, bramar]  ::
bramados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, bramar]  ::
bramar {v}  :: to roar, to bellow, to trumpet
bramara {v}  :: The first-person singular of bramar in the imperfect subjunctive.
bramare {v}  :: The first-person singular of bramar in the future subjunctive
bramase {v}  :: The first-person singular of bramar in the imperfect subjunctive.
bramido {m}  :: roar
Brandeburgo {prop}  :: Brandenburg
braquial {adj}  :: brachial
braquioproctal {adj}  :: brachioproctic
braquiorradial {m}  :: brachioradialis
braquiosaurio {m}  :: brachiosaur
braquiovaginal {adj}  :: brachiovaginal
brasa {f}  :: hot coal, ember
brasca {f}  :: brasque
Brasca {prop}  :: Spanish surname
brasero {m} [Argentina, Mexico]  :: campfire; camp stove, barbecue
brasero {m}  :: brazier, heater
brasil {m}  :: brazil, brazilwood
Brasil {prop}  :: Brazil
brasileño {adj}  :: Brazilian
brasileño {f}  :: Brazilian
brasilero {adj}  :: Brazilian
brasilero {f}  :: Brazilian (person from Brazil)
bravo {adj}  :: agitated (sea)
bravo {adj}  :: angry, furious
bravo {adj}  :: bold, courageous
bravo {adj}  :: good, excellent
bravo {interj} [at the theatre, etc]  :: bravo!
bravo {interj} [in general use]  :: well done!, good show!
bravura {f}  :: anger
bravura {f}  :: bravura
bravura {f}  :: courage, boldness, bravery (a display of daring)
bravura {f}  :: ferocity, fierceness, wildness
bórax {m}  :: borax
braza {f}  :: breaststroke
braza {f}  :: (measure) fathom About 1.67 metres. Twice a vara
brazada {f} [swimming]  :: stroke
brazado {m}  :: armful
brazal {m}  :: armlet
brazal {m}  :: bracelet
brazal {m}  :: vambrace
brazalete {m}  :: bracelet
brazo {m}  :: arm
brazo {m}  :: branch
bárbara {f}  :: feminine form of bárbaro
Bárbara {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to Barbara
bárbaro {adj}  :: barbaric
bárbaro {adj} [colloquial]  :: cool
bárbaro {adj} [colloquial]  :: enormous
bárbaro {adj} [colloquial]  :: stupendous
bárbaro {f}  :: barbarian
brécol {m}  :: broccoli
brócoli {m}  :: broccoli
bróculi {m}  :: broccoli
brea {f}  :: tarpaulin
brea {f}  :: tar, pitch
breada {v} [feminine past participle of, brear]  ::
breadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, brear]  ::
breados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, brear]  ::
brear {v}  :: to abuse, to mistreat
brear {v}  :: to make fun of
brebaje {m}  :: potion, concoction
brecha {f}  :: breach
brecha {f}  :: impression
bregada {v} [feminine past participle of, bregar]  ::
bregadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, bregar]  ::
bregados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, bregar]  ::
bregar {v}  :: to toil
Brema {prop}  :: Bremen
Bretaña {prop}  :: Brittany, Bretagne
brete {m}  :: an unavoidable and inescapable predicament
brete {m} [Costa Rica]  :: job
brete {m}  :: difficult situation
bretón {adj}  :: Breton
bretón {f}  :: Breton (person)
bretón {prop}  :: Breton (language)
breva {f}  :: black fig, breba (first fruit of the fig tree)
breve {adj}  :: brief, short
brevedad {f}  :: brevity, shortness
brevemente {adv}  :: briefly
breviario {m}  :: breviary
breviario {m}  :: compendium
brezo {m}  :: heath
brígido {adj} [Chile, colloquial]  :: dangerous, difficult
brígido {adj} [Chile, colloquial]  :: terrible
briba {f}  :: vagabondage
bribón {adj}  :: mischievous
bribón {f}  :: rascal, villain, bad guy
bribona {f}  :: feminine form of bribón
bricolaje {m}  :: bricolage
bricolaje {m}  :: do-it-yourself handicraft
brida {f}  :: bridle
brida {f}  :: cable tie
bridar {v}  :: to truss, tie with twine
bridge {m} [card games]  :: bridge (card game)
brigada {f}  :: brigade
brigantina {f}  :: brigandine
brillaba {v}  :: The first-person singular of brillar in the imperfect indicative
brillada {v} [feminine past participle of, brillar]  ::
brilladas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, brillar]  ::
brillados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, brillar]  ::
brillante {adj}  :: bright, brilliant, lustrous
brillante {adj}  :: excellent
brillantez {f}  :: brilliance
brillantina {f}  :: brilliantine
brillar {v}  :: to shine
brillara {v}  :: The first-person singular of brillar in the imperfect subjunctive
brillase {v}  :: The first-person singular of brillar in the imperfect subjunctive.
brille {v}  :: The first-person singular of brillar in the present subjunctive
brille {v}  :: The third-person singular of brillar in the imperative
brillo {m}  :: sheen
brillo {m}  :: shine
brincar {v}  :: jump, frolic, bounce
brinco {m}  :: jump, hop
brindar {v}  :: to offer, provide
brindar {v}  :: to toast, drink a toast to
brindis {m}  :: toast (e.g., to one’s health)
briofita {f}  :: bryophyte
brioso {adj}  :: lively, energetic, zestful
briquet {m} [Colombia]  :: lighter
brisa {f}  :: breeze
británica {f}  :: feminine form of británico
británico {adj}  :: British (from or native to Britain, in both the historical and modern senses)
británico {adj}  :: British (pertaining to Britain)
británico {f}  :: A Briton
britónico {adj}  :: Brythonic
brizna {f}  :: blade (of grass etc.)
brizna {f}  :: little bit, grain
brújula {f}  :: compass
Brújula {prop}  :: Pyxis (constellation)
bróker {m}  :: realtor
brío {m}  :: vigour; mettle; zest; zeal
brocal {m}  :: parapet (of well)
broche {m} [Argentina]  :: clothes peg
broche {m}  :: clasp, brooch
broche {m}  :: cuff link, cufflink
broche {m}  :: paperclip
brocheta {f}  :: skewer
broli {m} [vesre]  :: book
broma {f}  :: joke, practical joke
bromeada {v} [feminine past participle of, bromear]  ::
bromeadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, bromear]  ::
bromeados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, bromear]  ::
bromear {v}  :: to fool; to trick
bromear {v}  :: to joke
bromelina {f} [enzyme]  :: bromelain
bromista {adj}  :: joking
bromista {m}  :: joker, one who jokes
bromo {m}  :: brome
bromo {m}  :: bromine
bromobenceno {m} [organic compound]  :: bromobenzene
bromocriptina {f}  :: bromocriptine
bromosuccinimida {f} [organic compound]  :: bromosuccinimide
bromuro {m}  :: bromide (chemistry: binary compound of bromine and another element)
bronca {f}  :: hassle, dispute, quarrel, argument
bronca {f} [Mexico]  :: problem
bronca {f}  :: reprimand, earful
bronce {m}  :: bronze
bronceada {v} [feminine past participle of, broncear]  ::
bronceadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, broncear]  ::
bronceador {adj}  :: tanning
bronceador {f}  :: suntan lotion
bronceados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, broncear]  ::
broncear {v}  :: to tan, bronze
broncearse {v}  :: to become brown
broncearse {v}  :: to tan
broncoespasmo {m} [pathology]  :: bronchospasm
bronquitis {m}  :: bronchitis
brotar {v}  :: to bud or sprout
brotara {v}  :: The first-person singular of brotar in the imperfect subjunctive
brotare {v}  :: The first-person singular of brotar in the future subjunctive.
brotase {v}  :: The first-person singular of brotar in the imperfect subjunctive.
brote {m}  :: outbreak (of a disease)
brote {m}  :: sprout
brote {v}  :: The first-person singular of brotar in the present subjunctive
brote {v}  :: The third-person singular of brotar in the imperative
brownie {m}  :: brownie
bártulos {m}  :: belongings
bruñida {v} [feminine past participle of, bruñir]  ::
bruñidas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, bruñir]  ::
bruñidos {v} [masculine plural past participle of, bruñir]  ::
bruñir {v}  :: to burnish
bruja {f}  :: crone
bruja {f}  :: knifetooth dogfish (the shark species Scymnodon ringens)
bruja {f}  :: owl (bird)
bruja {f}  :: witch, sorceress
Brujas {prop}  :: Bruges (city in Belgium)
brujería {f}  :: a spell
brujería {f}  :: sorcery, witchcraft
brujilla {f}  :: diminutive form of bruja
brujita {f}  :: Term of affection for a wife or girlfriend
brujo {f}  :: sorcerer (warlock or witch)
brujulear {vi}  :: to wander, walk aimlessly
brujulear {vt} [colloquial, rare]  :: to infer, determine from context
bruma {f}  :: haze
brunch {m}  :: brunch
bruneano {adj}  :: Bruneian
bruneano {f}  :: Bruneian
Brunéi {prop}  :: Brunei
Brunilda {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to German Brunhilde
bruscamente {adv}  :: suddenly, brusquely
brusco {adj}  :: sudden, brusque
Bruselas {prop}  :: Brussels (capital of Belgium)
brutal {adj}  :: brutal
brutalidad {f}  :: brutality
brutalizar {v}  :: to brutalize
brutalmente {adv}  :: brutally
brutalmente {adv}  :: extremely
bruto {adj}  :: ignorant, stupid
bruto {adj}  :: uncouth
bruto {f}  :: brute
bruto {f}  :: ignorant, stupid person
bruto {f}  :: uncouth person
BS {abbr}  :: (Mexican state) Baja California Sur
bésame {v} [es-compound of, bes, ar, besa, me, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
Bs.As. {abbr}  :: Buenos Aires
búscalo {v} [es-compound of, busc, ar, busca, lo, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
búscame {v} [es-compound of, busc, ar, busca, me, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
búscate {v} [es-compound of, busc, ar, busca, te, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
báscula {f}  :: scale (device used to measure weight)
básicamente {adv}  :: basically
básico {adj}  :: basic
búsqueda {f}  :: quest
búsqueda {f}  :: search
básquet {m}  :: basketball
básquetbol {m}  :: basketball (the sport)
bético {adj} [football]  :: of or relating to Real Betis, a Spanish football team from Seville
bético {adj}  :: of or from Baetica
bético {m} [football]  :: A fan, player, coach or person associated with Real Betis
bubón {m}  :: bubo
bubónico {adj}  :: bubonic
Bucalemo {prop}  :: Bucalemo
Bucalemu {prop}  :: Bucalemu
bucanero {m}  :: buccaneer
Bucarest {prop}  :: Bucharest
bucatini {m}  :: bucatini
buccinador {m}  :: buccinator
buceaba {v}  :: The first-person singular of bucear in the imperfect indicative.
buceada {v} [feminine past participle of, bucear]  ::
buceadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, bucear]  ::
buceador {adj}  :: diving
buceador {m}  :: diver (someone who dives underwater)
buceados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, bucear]  ::
bucear {v} [figuratively]  :: to delve into
bucear {v}  :: to dive, to swim under water
bucear {v}  :: to snorkel
bucear {v}  :: to work as a diver
buceo {m}  :: dive
buceo {m}  :: diving
bucle {m}  :: lock of hair
bucle {m}  :: loop
bucólico {adj}  :: bucolic, pastoral (all senses)
Buda {prop}  :: Buddha
budismo {m}  :: Buddhism
budista {adj}  :: Buddhist
budista {m}  :: Buddhist
budín {m} [desserts]  :: pudding (sweet or salty)
buena fama hurto encubre {phrase}  :: good reputation covers over a theft
buena fe {f}  :: goodwill, good faith, bona fides
buena gente {f}  :: good person
buenamente {adv}  :: best
buenamente {adv}  :: easily
buenamente {adv}  :: willingly
buena onda {adj} [Chile, Argentina, slang]  :: cool, good vibe
buena onda {adj} [Mexico, slang]  :: Literally, “estar en buena onda” means “being on a good vibe/note.”, and “tener buena onda” is “giving off good vibes.”
buena onda {f}  :: good vibe
buen apetito {interj}  :: enjoy your meal; bon appetit!
buena racha {f}  :: winning streak
buenas noches {interj}  :: good evening
buenas tardes {interj}  :: good evening; good afternoon
buenaventura {f}  :: Good fortune
buenazo {adj}  :: good-natured
buen día {phrase}  :: good morning
buen gusto {m}  :: good taste; preference for beautiful, aesthetic or artistic things
buen gusto {m}  :: preference for beautiful or attractive people
buenón {m} [slang]  :: hunk (attractive man)
bueno {adj}  :: fine
bueno {adj}  :: good
bueno {interj} [interrogatively, Mexico]  :: Expression used when answering the phone,
bueno {interj}  :: okay; fine
bueno {interj} [used at the start of a phrase]  :: well; a short pause in a sentence
Bueno {prop}  :: Spanish surname
buenos días {interj}  :: good day, good morning
buen provecho {interj}  :: bon appétit, enjoy your meal
buenísimo {adj}  :: superlative form of bueno
buey {m} [Mexico]  :: cuckold
buey {m}  :: ox, bullock
buey {m} [Puerto Rico]  :: packet, large amount of money
buey almizclero {m}  :: musk ox
buey de mar {m}  :: brown crab (Cancer pagurus)
buey viejo surco derecho {phrase}  :: an old ox, a straight furrow (it makes)
buf {interj}  :: expresses unpleasantness
bufada {v} [feminine past participle of, bufar]  ::
bufadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, bufar]  ::
bufados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, bufar]  ::
bufanda {f}  :: scarf
bufar {v}  :: to snort
bufete {m}  :: lawyer's office
bufón {m}  :: jester
bufonada {f}  :: antic, clowning
bufoneada {v} [feminine past participle of, bufonear]  ::
bufoneadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, bufonear]  ::
bufoneados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, bufonear]  ::
bufonear {v}  :: to jest, to clown
buga {adj} [Mexico, colloquial]  :: Of or pertaining to heterosexuality
buga {m} [Mexico, colloquial]  :: heterosexual (person)
buga {m} [Spain, colloquial]  :: automobile
buganvilia {f} [chiefly Latin America]  :: bougainvillea
buganvilla {f} [chiefly Spain]  :: bougainvillea
buhardilla {f}  :: attic
buharro {m}  :: the scops owl, Otus scops
Buin {prop}  :: Buin (the Chilean city)
buitre {m}  :: vulture
buitrear {v} [colloquial, Chile, Peru, Bolivia]  :: to vomit
bujía {f}  :: candle
bujía {f}  :: spark plug (device that forms a high-voltage spark for fuel ignition)
bula {f}  :: bull (document)
bula papal {f}  :: papal bull
bula pontificia {f}  :: papal bull
bulbo {m} [botany]  :: bulb
bulbocavernoso {m}  :: bulbospongiosus
bulboesponjoso {m}  :: bulbospongiosus
bulboso {adj}  :: bulbous (all senses)
bulder {m}  :: bouldering
buldog {m}  :: a bulldog
bulevar {m}  :: boulevard
Bulgaria {prop}  :: Bulgaria
bulla {f}  :: rowdiness, racket, ruckus
bullectomía {f}  :: bullectomy
bullicioso {adj}  :: tumultuous
bullida {v} [feminine past participle of, bullir]  ::
bullidas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, bullir]  ::
bullidos {v} [masculine plural past participle of, bullir]  ::
bullir {v}  :: to boil
bullir {v}  :: to bubble (e.g. with ideas)
bullir {v}  :: to budge
bullir {v}  :: to spring, to well
bullir {v}  :: to teem, to abound
bullying {m}  :: school bullying
bulín {m} [Argentina]  :: bachelor pad
bulín {m} [Argentina]  :: room (used for sex); room in a brothel
bulín {m}  :: bowline
bulo {m}  :: canard, hoax (false or misleading report or story, especially if deliberately so)
bulto {m}  :: bulge
bulto {m}  :: lump, volume or an indeterminate object
bulto {m}  :: Piece of luggage
bum {interj}  :: boom
bumerang {m}  :: boomerang
bumerán {m}  :: boomerang
bungaló {m}  :: alternative form of bungalow
bungalow {m}  :: bungalow
bungy {m}  :: bungee jumping
bungy jumping {m}  :: bungee jumping
buque {m}  :: ship, vessel
buque cisterna {m}  :: tanker ship
buró {m}  :: writing desk
burbuja {f}  :: bubble
burbuja {f} [economy]  :: bubble (period of intense speculation)
burbuja {f} [economy]  :: excessive value due to speculation
burbujeada {v} [feminine past participle of, burbujear]  ::
burbujeadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, burbujear]  ::
burbujeados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, burbujear]  ::
burbujeante {adj}  :: bubbly, fizzy
burbujear {v}  :: to bubble
burócrata {m}  :: bureaucrat
burdel {m}  :: brothel, whorehouse
burdeos {adj}  :: burgundy
burdeos {m}  :: Bordeaux wine
burdeos {m}  :: burgundy colour
Burdeos {prop}  :: Bordeaux (city in France)
burgalés {adj}  :: Of, from or pertaining to Burgos (city and province of Spain)
burgalés {f}  :: A person from Burgos (city and province of Spain)
Burgos {prop}  :: Burgos
burguesía {f}  :: bourgeoisie
burgundio {adj}  :: Burgundian
burgundio {m}  :: Burgundian (person)
burgundio {m} [uncountable]  :: Burgundian (language)
burgués {adj}  :: bourgeois
burgués {f}  :: bourgeois
burka {m}  :: burka or burqa
Burkina Faso {prop}  :: Burkina Faso
burkinés {adj}  :: Burkinese
burkinés {f}  :: Burkinese
burla {f}  :: mockery, taunt, ridicule
burla {f}  :: prank
burladero {m} [bullfighting]  :: a protective barrier behind which people in the bullring protect themselves from the bull
burlar {vr}  :: to mock
burlar {vt}  :: to trick, to deceive
burlarse {vr}  :: to ridicule; to mock
burlarse {vr} [with de]  :: to deceive oneself
burlón {adj}  :: mocking
burlón {f}  :: mocker, joker
burocracia {f} [politics]  :: bureaucracy
burqa {m}  :: burqa or burka
burra {f}  :: she-ass
burro {f}  :: donkey, especially one used as a pack animal
burro {f}  :: sawhorse
burro {f} [slang]  :: an idiot, dunce
burro {f} [slang, figuratively]  :: a well hung man
bursátil {adj} [attributive]  :: stock market
burujo {m}  :: alternative form of orujo
burujo {m}  :: lump
Burundi {prop}  :: Burundi
burundés {adj}  :: Burundian
burundés {f}  :: Burundian
bus {m} [Latin America]  :: bus
busca {f}  :: search
buscador {m}  :: prospector
buscador {m}  :: seeker
buscapleitos {m} [colloquial]  :: troublemaker, shitstirrer
buscar {v}  :: to seek, to search for, to look for
buscarla {v} [es-compound of, busc, ar, buscar, la, mood=inf]  ::
buscarlo {v} [es-compound of, busc, ar, buscar, lo, mood=inf]  ::
buscarlos {v} [es-compound of, busc, ar, buscar, los, mood=inf]  ::
buscarme {v} [es-compound of, busc, ar, buscar, me, mood=inf]  ::
buscarnos {v} [es-compound of, busc, ar, buscar, nos, mood=inf]  ::
buscar pelos en la sopa {phrase}  :: to look for excuses to complain; literally "to search for hair in the soup"
buscarte {v} [es-compound of, busc, ar, buscar, te, mood=inf]  ::
buscavida {m}  :: go-getter
buscavidas {m}  :: One who is good at finding easy employment, and who can easily exploit any ability he has to succeed in life and earn money
buscándolo {v} [es-compound of, busc, ar, buscando, lo, mood=part]  ::
buscándote {v} [es-compound of, busc, ar, buscando, te, mood=part]  ::
bus de cortesía {f}  :: shuttlebus
Bustamante {prop}  :: Spanish surname
busto {m}  :: bust
bustrófedon {m}  :: boustrophedon
bustrofedon {m}  :: alternative form of bustrófedon
butaca {f}  :: armchair
butaca {f}  :: seat (in theatre, cinema etc.)
butaca {f}  :: stool
butadieno {m} [organic compound]  :: butadiene
butanero {m}  :: A person who delivers gas bottles of butane to houses
butano {m}  :: Common term for a gas cylinder of butane for household use
butano {m} [organic compound]  :: butane
butanol {m} [organic compound]  :: butanol
butanona {f} [organic compound]  :: butanone
butanés {adj}  :: Bhutanese
butanés {f}  :: Bhutanese
buteno {m} [chemistry]  :: butene
butifarra {f}  :: a sausage from Catalonia
butino {m} [organic compound]  :: butyne
butirato {m}  :: butyrate
butirilcolinesterasa {f} [enzyme]  :: butyrylcholinesterase
Bután {prop}  :: Bhutan (Himalyan country)
butírico {adj}  :: butyric
buñuelo {m}  :: beignet (type of donut)
buzón {m}  :: mailbox [US], letterbox [UK]
buzo {m} [Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay]  :: sweatshirt (loose shirt, usually made of a knit fleece, for athletic wear and now often used as casual apparel)
buzo {m} [Chile, Peru]  :: tracksuit, joggers (garment consisting of a top and trousers for sports and casual wear)
buzo {m}  :: diver (someone who dives underwater)
buzo {m}  :: overall
bávaro {adj}  :: Bavarian
bávaro {f}  :: Bavarian person
bóveda {f} [architecture]  :: arch
bóveda {f} [architecture, El Salvador]  :: bridge
bóveda {f} [architecture]  :: vault
bóveda {f}  :: crypt, sepulture
bóvido {m}  :: Bovid
bóxer {m}  :: boxer (a breed of dog)
bóxer {m}  :: boxer shorts
bóxer {m} [historical]  :: Boxer (a participant in the Boxer Rebellion in China)
bóxers {mp}  :: boxer shorts