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б. {adj} :: abbreviation of большой
б. {adj} :: abbreviation of бывший
б {letter} :: The second letter of the Russian Cyrillic alphabet. Its name is бэ /bɛ/ and it has the sound of English b. It is preceded by А and followed by В
б {particle} :: alternative form of бы
-ба {suffix} :: a noun forming suffix
баба {noun} [childish] :: grandma, granny [short for бабушка]
баба {noun} [colloquial or archaic] :: old woman [short for бабушка]
баба {noun} [colloquial, slang, pejorative] :: woman, female, broad; countrywoman
баба {noun} [obsolete] :: peasant’s wife, peasant woman
баба {noun} [pejorative] :: milksop, old woman (weak man)
баба {noun} [technical] :: ram [of a pile driver]
баба {noun} [technical] :: drop weight
баба {noun} [cooking] :: baba (tall, cylindrical cake), bundt cake, Gugelhupf
баба {noun} :: in expressions
бабай {noun} :: bogeyman (monster used to scare misbehaving children)
бабай {noun} [figuratively] :: A suspiciously-looking old man
баба с возу — кобыле легче {proverb} :: Good riddance to bad rubbish!
ба-бах {interj} :: kaboom (sound of an explosion)
бабах {interj} :: kaboom (sound of an explosion)
бабахать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to give a resounding slap, to go off with a bang, to pop, to explode (transitive and intransitive)
бабахнуть {v pf} [colloquial] :: to give a resounding slap, to go off with a bang, to pop, to explode (transitive and intransitive)
Баба-Яга {prop} :: old witch, hag
Баба-Яга {prop} [mythology] :: Baba Yaga
бабёнка {noun} [low colloquial] :: diminutive of баба: dame, babe, chick, broad
бабёнка {noun} [low colloquial] :: looker
бабёнка {noun} [low colloquial] :: a feisty girl or a woman
бабий {adj} :: womanish, effeminate
бабить {v impf} [regional, archaic, Novgorod, Pskov, Smolensk, Kaluga, Oryol, Kursk, Nizhegorod, Arkhangelsk, Perm, ] :: to work as a midwife
бабить {v impf} [regional, archaic, Kursk, Oryol, Nizhegorod, Perm, ] :: to heal, to cure
бабить {v impf} [regional, archaic, Oboyan, Kursk, Orlov, ] :: to do magic, to enchant
бабить {v impf} [regional, archaic, Vologda, ] :: to be married
бабка {noun} :: old woman, crone
бабка {noun} :: grandmother
бабка {noun} :: midwife
бабка {noun} [technology] :: mandrel
бабка {noun} :: pastern
бабка {noun} [anatomy] :: knucklebones (usually in the plural)
бабки {noun} [slang] :: money
бабло {noun} [slang] :: money (means of exchange and measure of value)
бабник {noun} :: lady's man, philanderer, womanizer
бабочка {noun} :: butterfly
бабочка {noun} :: bowtie
бабочка {noun} [colloquial] :: feisty, spirited woman
бабочка {noun} [colloquial] :: prostitute, hooker
бабуин {noun} :: baboon
бабулька {noun} :: diminutive of бабуля
бабуля {noun} [colloquial, endearingly] :: granny (grandmother)
бабуля {noun} [colloquial, endearingly] :: granny (old lady)
бабурить {v impf} [regional, archaic, Tula, ] :: to talk
бабуся {noun} :: granny, grandma
бабушка {noun} :: grandmother, grandma, granny
бабушка {noun} :: old lady
бабушкин {adj} :: granny's
бабье лето {noun} :: Indian summer (summerlike days in early autumn)
Бавария {prop} :: Bavaria
баварский {adj} :: Bavarian
-бавить {affix} :: Combining form used to form prefixed perfective verbs with various transitive meanings, e.g. "add, dilute, amuse, rid"
баг {noun} [computing, slang] :: bug (a problem that needs fixing; especially, an error in a computer program)
багаж {noun} :: luggage
багажник {noun} :: trunk [U.S.: luggage storage compartment of a sedan/saloon style car], boot [GB]
багажник {noun} :: rack, carrier [of a bicycle]
багажный {adj} [relational] :: baggage, luggage
Багамские Острова {prop} :: Bahamas
багамский {adj} :: Bahamian
Багамы {prop} :: Bahamas
багатур {noun} :: baghatur
Багдад {prop} :: Baghdad (the capital of Iraq)
багет {noun} :: baguette, French bread, French stick (a variety of bread that is long and narrow in shape)
багет {noun} [architecture] :: baguete
багор {noun} :: pike pole
багор {noun} :: gaff
багроветь {v impf} :: to grow/turn crimson/purple, to redden, to flush
багровый {adj} :: crimson, purple (deep, bluish shade of red)
багряный {adj} :: blood-red
бадан {noun} [botany] :: Bergenia, pigsqueak
бадминтон {noun} [sports] :: badminton (a racquet sport)
бадья {noun} :: tub, bucket, basin, pail (broad, flat-bottomed vessel)
бадяга {noun} :: alternative form of бодяга
баженовский {adj} [relational] :: Bazhenov (referring to anyone with this last name, or to anything named after such a person)
база {noun} :: base
база данных {noun} [computing] :: database
базальный {adj} [physiology, geology] :: basal
базальт {noun} :: basalt (hard rock)
базар {noun} :: market, bazaar
базар {noun} [figurative] :: row, uproar
базар {noun} [colloquial] :: talk, chatter
базарить {v impf} [colloquial, pejorative] :: to talk loudly, to babble
базарный {adj} [relational] :: market, marketplace
базарный {adj} [colloquial] :: noisy, loud, rude, prone to shouting or arguing (over insignificant matters)
базилик {noun} :: basil (plant)
базилика {noun} :: basilica (Christian church building having a nave)
базирование {noun} :: basing
базирование {noun} :: stationing
базировать {v impf} :: to base, to found, to ground (on or upon)
базироваться {v impf} :: to be based
базироваться {v impf} :: to be based somewhere, to set up base
базис {noun} [mathematics] :: basis (linearly independent set of vectors)
базис {noun} :: base, basis, foundation
базисный {adj} [relational, general or mathematics] :: basis
базисный {adj} [relational] :: base, foundation
базисный {adj} :: basic, foundational
базовый {adj} [relational] :: base
базовый {adj} :: basic
бай {noun} [historical, Central Asia] :: bay or bai, a rich man, lord, (by extension) exploiter
бай {interj} [colloquial] :: bye
бай-бай {interj} :: used when putting a baby to sleep
бай-бай {interj} [slang] :: bye-bye
байдара {noun} :: canoe
байдарка {noun} :: kayak, canoe
байка {noun} :: fable, fairy-tale, old wives' tales
байка {noun} :: baize, (thick) flannelette
Байкал {prop} :: Baikal
байкальский {adj} [relational] :: Baikal (large lake in Russia)
байковый {adj} [relational] :: baize, (thick) flannelette
байрам {noun} [Islam] :: Eid, Bayram (a Muslim religious festival), abbreviation of курбан-байрам (Eid al-Adha)
байрам {noun} [by extension] :: any Islamic festival
байт {noun} [computing] :: byte
байцзю {n inan} :: baijiu, clear Chinese alcoholic beverage
бак {noun} [nautical] :: forecastle
бак {noun} :: container, receptacle (for liquids)
бак {noun} :: tank
бак {noun} :: boiler
бак {noun} :: sideburn
бакалавр {noun} :: bachelor (degree)
бакалея {noun} :: grocery
бакен {noun} :: buoy, a moored float, sea mark, beacon
бакен {noun} :: sideburn (see also бакенбарда)
бакенбарда {noun} :: sideburn
бакенбарды {noun} :: (plural of бакенбарда) sideburns, side whiskers
бакинец {noun} :: resident of Baku
бакинский {adj} [relational] :: Baku (capital of Azerbaijan)
баклава {noun} :: baklava (dessert)
баклага {noun} :: a type of flask for carrying liquids with hooks on the sides for straps
баклага {noun} [colloquial] :: any flask for carrying liquids
баклажан {noun} :: aubergine (plant and vegetable)
баклажановый {adj} [relational] :: aubergine, eggplant
баклажановый {adj} :: aubergine (a dark purple colour)
баклажка {noun} [colloquial] :: diminutive of баклага: a (small) type of flask for carrying liquids, with hooks on the sides for straps
баклажка {noun} [colloquial] :: diminutive of баклага: any small flask for carrying liquids
баклан {noun} :: cormorant
баклан {noun} [colloquial] :: fool
бакланка {noun} :: female cormorant or gannet
бакланка {noun} [colloquial] :: fool (said of a female)
бакланка {noun} [slang] :: violent, drunken brawl or beating (usually committed by teenagers who cannot yet be tried as adults)
бакс {noun} [colloquial] :: buck, dollar
бактериальный {adj} :: bacterial
бактериолог {noun} :: bacteriologist
бактериологический {adj} :: bacteriological
бактериология {noun} :: bacteriology
бактериофаг {noun} :: bacteriophage
бактерия {noun} :: bacterium
бактриан {noun} :: Bactrian camel
Баку {prop} {m inan} :: Baku (capital of Azerbaijan)
бакшиш {noun} [dated] :: tip (money)
бал {noun} :: ball, dance
балаболка {m anim} {f anim} [colloquial] :: chatterbox, windbag
балаган {noun} :: booth, show-booth
балаган {noun} :: show; farce; low farce; buffoonery
балакать {v impf} [regional, South Russia, colloquial] :: to speak, to talk
балалайка {noun} [musical instruments] :: balalaika
баламут {noun} :: troublemaker
баланда {noun} [nautical, obsolete] :: skillygalee
баланда {noun} [colloquial] :: very thin, usually tasteless soup, prison swill
баланда {noun} [figuratively, colloquial] :: idle talk, nonsense, unnecessary or disingenuous chatter
баланс {noun} :: balance
баланс {noun} :: pulpwood
балансировать {v impf} :: to balance, to keep one's balance
балансировать {v impf} :: to balance, to equipoise
балансовый {adj} [relational] :: balance [in various senses]
балансовый {adj} [relational] :: balance sheet
балахон {noun} [historical] :: loose peasant overgarment made of sackcloth or twill
балахон {noun} [colloquial] :: loose-fitting robe
балачка {noun} [linguistics] :: Balachka (South Russian regional dialect in Don and Kuban regions)
балачка {noun} [regional, South Russia] :: conversation, talk; gossip
балбес {noun} :: fool, idiot, simpleton, booby
балда {f inan} {f anim} {m anim} :: sledgehammer
балда {f inan} {f anim} {m anim} :: m and f blockhead, dolt, dunderhead
балдахин {noun} :: baldacchin (canopy suspended over an altar or throne)
балдеть {v impf} [dated] :: to stop thinking clearly, to take leave of one's senses
балдеть {v impf} [slang] :: to get/be high;
балдеть {v impf} [slang] :: to have fun; to lead a fun life, to be idle
балдёж {noun} [slang] :: euphoria; (extreme) fun; enjoyment; idleness
балерина {noun} :: ballerina
балет {noun} :: ballet
балетмейстер {noun} :: ballet choreographer, ballet master
балетный {adj} [relational] :: ballet
Бали {prop} {m inan} :: Bali
балиториевые {noun} :: Balitoridae (a biological family that includes hillstream loaches and river loaches of the eastern part of Asia)
балка {noun} :: beam, girder, bar, baulk
балка {noun} :: gully, (narrow) gorge
балканский {adj} :: Balkan
Балканы {prop} :: the Balkans
Балканы {prop} :: the Balkan Mountains
балкон {noun} :: balcony
балконный {adj} [relational] :: balcony
балкончик {noun} :: diminutive of балкон
балл {noun} :: point
балл {noun} :: mark, grade, score
балл {noun} [historical] :: a ball used in the process of voting
баллада {noun} :: ballad
балласт {noun} :: ballast (heavy material placed in the hold of a vessel)
балласт {noun} [also, figuratively] :: dead weight
баллистика {noun} :: ballistics (science of the study of falling objects)
баллистическая ракета {noun} :: ballistic missile
баллистический {adj} :: ballistic
баллон {noun} :: balloon, cylinder, container
баллон {noun} :: inner tube (of a tire)
баллончик {noun} [colloquial] :: gas cartridge containing incapacitating liquid, for self-defense (e.g. pepper spray)
баллончик {noun} [colloquial] :: diminutive of баллон
баллончик {noun} [colloquial] :: endearing form of баллон
баллотировать {v impf} [literary] :: to put (a proposal) to a vote
баллотировать {v impf} :: to elect by secret ballot
баллотироваться {v impf} :: to run for an election, to stand for election
балованный {adj} [of a person] :: spoiled, indulgent
баловать {v impf} :: to indulge, to spoil, to pet, to pamper
баловать {v impf} :: to give a treat
баловаться {v impf} :: to frolic, to play about, to fool around, to get up to monkey tricks
баловаться {v impf} :: to amuse oneself (with), to dabble (in/at)
баловаться {v impf} :: to indulge (in), to treat oneself (to)
баловаться {v impf} [colloquial] :: to have sex, to fool about (with), to mess (with)
баловень {noun} [colloquial] :: favorite, darling, pet, coddle, cosset (a person or animal especially cherished, indulged or spoiled)
баловень {noun} [colloquial, rare] :: mischievous child
баловник {noun} :: mischievous child, imp, naughty child or animal
баловник {noun} :: piddler, frolicker, someone who screws around, someone who is being naughty
баловство {noun} :: naughtiness, mischievousness
баловство {noun} :: petting, spoiling, over-indulgence
баловство {noun} :: something not serious, e.g. not a serious hobby, infatuation, etc
балтийский {adj} :: Baltic
Балтийское море {noun} :: Baltic Sea
балык {noun} :: balyk (smoked or cured meat from the spine of the sturgeon or large salmon)
бальзам {noun} :: balsam; balm
бальзам на душу {noun} :: music to one's ears (unexpected good news)
бальный {adj} [relational] :: ball, ballroom
балюстрада {noun} [architecture] :: balustrade
балюстрада {noun} [architecture] :: banisters
бам {interj} :: bang (verbal percussive sound)
Бамако {prop} {m inan} :: Bamako (capital of Mali)
бамбук {noun} :: bamboo
бамбуковый {adj} [relational] :: bamboo
бамия {noun} :: okra, Abelmoschus esculentus
бампер {noun} :: bumper (impact absorber in an automobile)
бан {noun} [historical] :: ban (a noble title)
бан {noun} [computing] :: ban
бан {noun} :: ban (small coin of Romania and Moldavia)
банальность {noun} :: banality, triteness
банальность {noun} :: commonplace, platitude, banal remark
банальный {adj} :: banal, trivial (common, ordinary)
банан {noun} :: banana [tree or fruit]
банан {noun} :: joint of marijuana
банановый {adj} [relational] :: banana
Бангалор {prop} :: Bangalore (a city in India)
Банги {prop} {m inan} :: Bangui (capital of the Central African Republic)
Бангкок {prop} :: Bangkok (capital of Thailand)
Бангладеш {prop} {f inan} :: Bangladesh
бангладешец {noun} :: Bangladeshi person
бангладешский {adj} :: Bangladeshi
банда {noun} :: gang
бандаж {noun} :: surgical corset, (abdominal) support
бандаж {noun} [engineering] :: tyre, band
бандана {noun} :: bandana (large kerchief)
Бандар-Сери-Бегаван {prop} :: Bandar Seri Begawan (capital of Brunei)
бандеровец {noun} [often, pejorative] :: Banderite (a member of Stepan Bandera movement, by extension, a Ukrainian nationalist)
бандероль {noun} :: post package, small parcel
банджо {n inan} :: banjo (a musical instrument)
банджоист {noun} :: banjoist (person playing or performing on the banjo)
бандикут {noun} :: bandicoot
бандит {noun} :: bandit, gangster, brigand
бандитизм {noun} :: gangsterism, banditry
бандитский {adj} [relational] :: thug, bandit, highwayman
бандитский {adj} :: thug's, bandit's, highwayman's
бандитский {adj} :: like a bandit, thug, or highwayman
бандура {noun} :: bandura (old Ukrainian music instrument)
бандура {noun} [colloquial, pejorative] :: a large, bulky object
бандформирование {noun} :: armed gang
Банжул {prop} :: Banjul (capital of the Gambia)
банк {noun} :: bank (financial institution)
банка {noun} :: jar, pot
банка {noun} :: can, tin
банка {noun} [medicine] :: cupping glass
банка {noun} [marine] :: sandbank, shoal
банка {noun} [marine] :: устричная банка oyster bed
банка {noun} [boats] :: thwart (oarsman’s transverse seat)
банкет {noun} :: banquet
банкир {noun} :: banker
банкнот {noun} :: banknote
банкнота {noun} :: banknote
банковская выписка {noun} :: bank statement
банковский {adj} [relational] :: bank
банковский счёт {noun} :: bank account
Банкок {prop} :: obsolete spelling of Бангкок
банкомат {noun} :: ATM, automated teller machine, cash machine
банкрот {noun} :: bankrupt, defaulter, insolvent
банкротство {noun} :: bankruptcy (legally declared or recognized condition of insolvency)
банный {adj} [relational] :: bathhouse, bath
баночка {noun} :: diminutive of банка: a small jar, a small can/tin
бант {noun} :: bow; bowknot, ribbon (long, narrow strip of material)
бантик {noun} :: diminutive of бант: a (small) ribbon; a (small) bow
банши {f anim} :: banshee (in Irish folklore, a female spirit)
банщица {noun} :: bathhouse attendant
банька {noun} :: diminutive of баня: a bath (place or action), a (small) bathhouse
баньши {f anim} :: banshee (in Irish folklore, a female spirit)
баня {noun} :: banya
баня {noun} :: (public) bath
баня {noun} :: Turkish bath, steam bath
баобаб {noun} :: baobab
баоцзы {p} :: baozi
бар {noun} :: saloon, bar, snack bar
бар {noun} [technical] :: bar, jib
бар {noun} :: sandbar
бар {noun} [meteorology] :: bar (unit of pressure)
Бар {prop} :: Bar (port city of Montenegro)
Бар {prop} :: Bar (city in Ukraine)
Бар {prop} :: Bar (former French duchy)
барабан {noun} [musical instruments] :: drum
барабан {noun} :: drum, barrel, cylinder
барабанить {v impf} :: to beat a drum
барабанить {v impf} [colloquial] :: to drum, to thump
барабанный {adj} [relational] :: drum
барабанный бой {noun} :: roll, drumbeat, rataplan, rub-a-dub (the uniform beating of a drum)
барабанный бой {noun} :: A drum signal, used to issue relay an officer's command throughout a unit
барабанщик {noun} :: drummer
барак {noun} :: bunkhouse, barrack
баран {noun} :: ram (male domestic sheep)
баран {noun} :: sheep (an animal from the Ovis genus)
баран {noun} [figurative] :: mule; namely someone who is very stubborn and foolish
бараний {adj} [relational] :: sheep, ram
бараний {adj} [relational] :: sheepskin
бараний {adj} [relational] :: mutton
баранина {noun} :: lamb, mutton
баранка {noun} :: baranka (a ring-shaped cracknel), bagel
баранка {noun} [colloquial] :: steering wheel
барахло {noun} [uncountable] :: goods and chattels, belongings
барахло {noun} [uncountable] :: junk, trash, odds and ends
барахолка {noun} [colloquial] :: flea market
барахтаться {v impf} :: to flounder, to roll, to wallow
барашек {noun} [colloquial] :: diminutive of баран: little sheep, little ram, lamb
барашек {noun} [colloquial] :: endearing form of баран
барашек {noun} :: lambskin
барашек {noun} [engineering] :: wing nut, thumbscrew
Барбадос {prop} :: Barbados
барбакан {noun} :: barbican
барбекю {n inan} :: barbecue
барбершоп {noun} :: barbershop (for men only)
барбершоп {noun} [music] :: barbershop
барвинок {noun} :: periwinkle, vinca
бард {noun} :: bard
бард {noun} :: author singer
бардак {noun} [colloquial] :: brothel
бардак {noun} [colloquial] :: disorder, jumble, clutter, mess
бардачок {noun} [colloquial] :: diminutive of бардак
бардачок {noun} :: glove compartment, glove box
барельеф {noun} :: bas relief (a low or mostly-flat sculpture)
Баренцево море {noun} :: Barents Sea
баржа {noun} :: barge
барий {noun} :: barium
барин {noun} [historical] :: boyar, barin, nobleman, gentleman, landlord (a rank of aristocracy in Russia)
барин {noun} [archaic] :: a form of address to noble people, sir, master
барин {noun} :: a person who doesn't want to work
барион {noun} [physics] :: baryon
бариста {m anim} :: barista (person who prepares coffee in a coffee shop for customers)
баритон {noun} :: baritone
барка {noun} :: kind of a barge, specifically a wooden flat-bottomed river boat, usually undecked
барка {noun} :: genitive singular of барк
баркас {noun} :: launch (a big rowing boat)
баркас {noun} :: longboat
бармен {noun} :: barman, bartender
Барнаул {prop} :: Barnaul (city in Russia, administrative center of Altai Krai)
барокко {n inan} :: baroque
барокко {adj} :: baroque
барометр {noun} :: barometer
барон {noun} :: baron
баронесса {noun} :: baroness (female ruler of a barony)
барражирование {noun} :: air patrol
баррель {noun} :: barrel (unit of liquid measure equal to one-quarter of a pipe)
баррикада {noun} :: barricade
барс {noun} :: leopard
Барселона {prop} :: Barcelona (city in Catalonia, Spain)
барский {adj} :: master's, gentleman's
барский {adj} :: lordly, aristocratic
барский {adj} :: haughty
барсук {noun} :: badger (mammal)
барсучиха {noun} :: a female badger
барсучонок {noun} :: a baby badger, a young badger
бартер {noun} :: barter (an equal exchange)
бархан {noun} :: barchan, sand dune (wind blown into a crescent shape)
бархат {noun} :: velvet
бархатный {adj} [relational] :: velvet
бархатный {adj} :: velvety
барщина {noun} :: corvee, statute labor, gavel work (unpaid labor due to a feudal lord)
барыга {m anim} {f anim} [slang, pejorative] :: huckster, profiteer, fraud, scalper
барыня {noun} [historical] :: lady, madam, boyar's wife
барыня {noun} [archaic] :: a form of address to a noble woman or landlady, madam, ma'am
барыш {noun} [dated or colloquial, usually plural] :: profit, income
барышня {noun} [dated] :: young lady, miss
барьер {noun} :: barrier (structure that bars passage)
барьер {noun} [sport] :: hurdle
бас {noun} :: bass voice
бас {noun} :: bass singer
басенджи {m anim} :: Basenji
басить {v impf} :: to speak or sing in a deep voice, to speak or sing in a bass voice
баск {noun} :: Basque (member of a people)
баскетбол {noun} :: basketball (sport only)
баскетболист {noun} :: basketball player, basketballer
баскетбольный {adj} [relational] :: basketball
баской {adj} :: pretty
баской {adj} :: well-dressed
басконка {noun} :: Basque woman
басконский {adj} :: Basque (relative to the Basque people or their language)
баскский {adj} :: Basque
баскский {noun} :: Basque (language)
баскский язык {noun} :: Basque language
басмач {noun} :: mujahid (a Muslim engaging in jihad, Central Asia during 1917–26)
басмач {noun} :: Basmachi (Muslim anti-Bolshevik fighter in Central Asia during 1917-26)
басмач {noun} [humorous] :: a term of endearment, commonly used in reference to young people
басмачество {noun} :: Basmachi movement
баснописец {noun} :: fabulist (writer of fables)
баснословно {adv} :: fabulously, amazingly
баснословный {adj} [dated] :: legendary
баснословный {adj} :: fabulous, incredible
баснь {noun} [archaic] :: alternative form of басня
басня {noun} [literary genre] :: fable
басня {noun} [figuratively] :: fable, untruth, cock-and-bull story, fib
басоля {noun} :: basolia
бассейн {noun} :: swimming pool
бассейн {noun} :: basin
бассейновый {adj} [relational] :: basin
бассейновый {adj} [relational] :: swimming pool
баста {interj} :: basta (that's enough, stop)
бастард {noun} [history] :: bastard (person born to unmarried parents)
бастард {noun} [biology] :: bastard (mongrel)
Бастер {noun} :: Basseterre (capital of Saint Kitts and Nevis)
бастион {noun} :: bastion; bulwark (also figuratively)
бастовать {v impf} :: to go on strike
бастурма {noun} :: bastirma
басурманин {noun} [dated, derogatory] :: Muslim
басурманин {noun} [dated, derogatory] :: a person of a different religion (non-Christian or non-Orthodox)
бат {noun} :: baht (currency of Thailand)
баталия {noun} [dated, poetic] :: battle
баталия {noun} [colloquial, jocular] :: fight, clash, row, squabble
батальон {noun} :: battalion
батальонный {adj} [relational] :: battalion
батальонный {noun} [colloquial] :: batallion commander
батарейка {noun} :: small electric battery, baby battery
батарея {noun} :: (electrical) battery
батарея {noun} :: (artillery) battery
батарея {noun} :: (heating) radiator
батат {noun} :: sweet potato
батенька {noun} :: (endearing of батя) dad
батенька {noun} :: familiar and affectionate term of address
батискаф {noun} :: bathyscaphe
батон {noun} :: loaf (of bread), bread stick
батрак {noun} :: farm labourer; cotter
батрачонок {noun} :: boy farmhand, child farm laborer
баттл {noun} [slang] :: modern dance competition (such as rap, hip-hop, etc.)
батуд {noun} :: alternative form of батут
Батуми {prop} {m inan} :: Batumi, the capital city of Adjara (Adzharia), Georgia
батут {noun} :: trampoline
батька {m anim} [colloquial] :: father, dad
батька {m anim} [colloquial] :: "father", boss, master, lord, kingpin, number one, pro
батька {m anim} [colloquial] :: a nickname for president of Belarus Alyaksandr Lukashenka, also the Belarusian term бацька is used in this sense
батько {noun} [dated or colloquial or regional or Ukraine] :: father, dad
батюшка {noun} [obsolete] :: father [parent]
батюшка {noun} :: father [term of address for a priest], priest
батюшка {noun} :: dear friend; old boy [respectful and affectionate term of address]
батя {noun} [familiar] :: dad
батя {noun} :: familiar term of address for an elderly man
баул {noun} :: portmanteau
баул {noun} :: trunk, a large travel bag
Бафомет {prop} :: Baphomet
Баффинова Земля {prop} :: Baffin Island (a large island in Canada)
бах {interj} :: kaboom (sound of an explosion)
бахаи {n inan} [religion] :: Bahá'í
бахвалиться {v impf} [colloquial] :: to boast, to brag
бахвальство {noun} [colloquial] :: bragging, boasting
Бахрейн {prop} :: Bahrain
бахрейнский {adj} :: Bahraini
бахрома {noun} :: fringe (decorative border)
бахча {noun} :: a garden/field/plantation for watermelons, melons or pumpkins
Бахчисарай {prop} :: Bakhchisaray (city in Crimea)
бацилла {noun} :: bacillus (any bacteria in the genus Bacillus)
бациллоноситель {noun} :: bacilli-carrier
бачки {noun} [colloquial] :: diminutive of бак: (small) sideburns, side whiskers
бачки {noun} [colloquial] :: endearing form of бак
бачок {noun} :: diminutive of бак: a (small) cistern; a (small) tank
башенка {noun} :: turret
башенка {noun} :: mirador
башенка {noun} :: bartisan
башка {noun} [colloquial, pejorative] :: pate, noggin, bonce (slang word for head, part of the body)
башкир {noun} :: Bashkir
башкирский {adj} :: Bashkir
башкирский {noun} :: Bashkir (language)
Башкортостан {prop} :: Bashkortostan
башли {noun} [slang] :: money (usually a large sum)
башлык {noun} :: bashlyk, hood [cone-shaped]
башмак {noun} :: shoe
башмак {noun} :: boot
башмак {noun} :: chock
башмачник {noun} [archaic] :: shoemaker, cobbler
башня {noun} :: tower
башня {noun} :: turret
баюкать {v impf} :: to lull, to rock to sleep
баян {noun} :: bayan, button accordion
баян {noun} [Internet slang] :: an old joke
баян {noun} [slang] :: syringe
баянист {noun} :: bayan player; bayanist
баянист {noun} [internet slang] :: poster of old jokes
баянистка {noun} :: female bayan player; bayanist
баять {v impf} [archaic] :: to speak, to tell (also used in folklore or jocularly)
б/г {adv} :: initialism of будущего года: of next year
б. г. {adv} :: initialism of будущего года: of next year
б.г. {adv} :: initialism of будущего года: of next year
бдение {noun} :: vigil, wakefulness
бдеть {v impf} [dated] :: to be awake, not sleep
бдеть {v impf} [literary, dated] :: to keep watch, to keep vigil
БДИПЧ {n inan} :: acronym of Бюро по демократическим институтам и правам человека: ODIHR, Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights
бдительнее {adv} :: comparative of бдительный
бдительнее {adv} :: comparative of бдительно
бдительней {adv} :: comparative of бдительный
бдительней {adv} :: comparative of бдительно
бдительно {adv} :: watchfully, vigilantly
бдительность {noun} :: vigilance, watchfulness
бдительный {adj} :: vigilant, watchful
бе-бе {interj} [imitative] :: baa (sound a sheep makes)
беби {m anim} {f anim} [colloquial] :: baby (very young child)
беби {m anim} {f anim} [colloquial] :: baby (sweetheart, darling, also as a form of address)
бебиситтер {m anim} {f anim} :: alternative form of бэбиситтер: babysitter
бег {noun} :: run
бег {noun} [sports] :: running (as in athletics or track and field)
бега {noun} :: races, horse-race
бега {noun} :: hiding
бегать {v impf} :: to run
бегающий {adj} [of eyes] :: characterized by nystagmus
бегемот {noun} :: hippopotamus
бегемот {noun} [mythology] :: behemoth
бегемотиха {noun} :: a female hippopotamus
бегивать {v impf} :: to run [repeatedly or frequently]; iterative of бегать
беглец {noun} :: runaway, fugitive
беглец {noun} :: jailbreaker
бегло {adv} :: fluently (expressing oneself easily)
бегло {adv} :: superficially, cursorily
беглый {adj} :: fluent, quick, fast
беглый {adj} :: superficial, cursory
беглый {adj} :: fugitive
беглый {noun} :: fugitive
беговой {adj} [relational] :: running
беговой {adj} [relational] :: race, racing
беговой {adj} :: cross-country
бегом {adv} :: running, at a run
бегом {interj} :: run!
беготня {noun} :: running about
беготня {noun} :: trouble, bustle, cares
бегство {noun} :: flight, escape (act of fleeing)
бег трусцой {noun} :: jog (exercise)
бегун {noun} :: runner, one who runs
бегущий {adj} :: fleeing, running
беда {noun} :: misfortune, trouble, disaster, mischief
бедекер {noun} [dated] :: travel guidebook
бедж {noun} :: badge (nameplate)
бедлам {noun} :: bedlam (alternative name to Bethlem)
бедлам {noun} [religious] :: hell, afterlife
бедлам {noun} [colloquial] :: chaos, madhouse
беднеть {v impf} :: to become poor, to become difficult
бедно {adv} :: poorly
бедность {noun} :: poverty, poorness
бедность {noun} :: indigence, penury
беднота {noun} [collective] :: the poor
бедный {adj} :: poor (having no possessions or money)
бедный {adj} :: poor (having little of a desirable thing)
бедный {noun} :: poor person
бедняга {m anim} {f anim} :: poor fellow, poor devil, wretch
бедняжка {m anim} {f anim} [colloquial] :: diminutive of бедняга: poor thing, poor fellow, poor devil
бедняжка {m anim} {f anim} [colloquial] :: endearing form of бедняга
бедняк {noun} :: poor man, pauper
бедняк {noun} :: small farmer, poor peasant
бедолага {m anim} {f anim} [colloquial] :: poor devil
бедро {noun} [anatomy] :: thigh, hip
бедро {noun} :: [meat] leg, round, loin
бедственный {adj} [relational] :: disaster
бедственный {adj} :: disastrous
бедственный {adj} :: extremely serious, extremely severe
бедственный {adj} :: dangerous
бедствие {noun} :: calamity, disaster
бедствовать {v impf} :: to live in poverty, to be in misery
бедуин {noun} :: bedouin
беж {adj} :: beige
бежать {v both} [imperfective only] :: to run, to be running
бежать {v both} :: to flee, to be fleeing
бежать {v both} :: to avoid, to be avoiding, to shun, to be shunning
бежевый {adj} :: beige
беженец {noun} :: refugee
беженец {noun} :: asylum seeker (one who seeks asylum)
беженка {noun} :: female refugee
беженка {noun} :: female asylum seeker (one who seeks asylum)
без- {prefix} :: dis-, un-
без- {prefix} :: -less
без {prep} :: without
без {prep} :: minus
безалаберно {adv} :: carelessly (in a careless manner)
безалкогольный {adj} :: alcohol-free (containing no alcohol)
безбожие {noun} :: atheism
безбожие {noun} :: godlessness
безбожие {noun} :: ungodliness
безбожник {noun} :: atheist
безбожница {noun} :: atheist
безбожный {adj} :: godless
безболезненно {adv} :: painlessly (in a painless manner)
безболезненный {adj} :: painless (without pain or trouble)
безбородый {adj} :: beardless
безбрачие {noun} :: celibacy
безбрежный {adj} :: shoreless
безбрежный {adj} [by extension] :: boundless, vast
без ведома {adv} :: unbeknownst, without smb.'s knowledge (without the knowledge of) + genitive case
безвестность {noun} :: obscurity
безвестность {noun} [dated] :: absence of news
безвестный {adj} :: obscure, unknown
безветрие {noun} :: calm [absence of wind]
безвизовый {adj} :: visa-free (not requiring a visa)
безвкусие {noun} :: tastelessness, lack of taste, bad taste
безвкусица {noun} :: lack of good taste, tastelessness
безвкусица {noun} [colloquial] :: something tasteless, raunch
безвкусный {adj} :: tasteless
безвластие {noun} :: anarchy (absence of any form of political authority or government)
безвластный {adj} :: powerless (lacking legal authority)
безводье {noun} :: water shortage (due to droughts in rivers or lakes)
безвозвратно {adv} :: irretrievably, irrevocably
безвозвратный {adj} :: irretrievable, irrevocable
безвозвратный {adj} :: permanent, non-repayable
безвозмездно {adv} :: gratis, for free
безвозмездность {noun} :: gratuitousness
безвозмездный {adj} :: free (of charge), without compensation; gratuitous, unpaid
безволие {noun} :: weak will, lack of will, limpness
безволосый {adj} :: hairless
безвольный {adj} [pejorative] :: spineless, gutless, weak-willed
безвредный {adj} :: harmless
безвременье {noun} [literary] :: period of social and cultural stagnation
безвременье {noun} [literary] :: time of unhappiness or misery
безвыходность {noun} :: inability to exit
безвыходность {noun} [figurative] :: hopelessness, desperation
безвыходность {noun} [figurative] :: inalterability
безвыходный {adj} :: having no way out
безвыходный {adj} [figurative] :: hopeless, desperate
безвыходный {adj} [figurative] :: unalterable
безглазый {adj} :: eyeless
безграмотность {noun} :: illiteracy
безграмотность {noun} :: ignorance
безграмотный {adj} :: illiterate
безграмотный {adj} :: ignorant
безграничный {adj} :: infinite, boundless
безгрешный {adj} :: sinless, without sin
безгрешный {adj} :: pure, innocent
бездарно {adv} :: talentlessly, ineptly, in a mediocre manner
бездарно {adv} :: pointlessly, uselessly
бездарность {noun} [inanimate] :: lack of talent
бездарность {noun} [animate] :: person without talent, dullard
бездарный {adj} :: talentless, inept
бездарный {adj} :: pointless, useless
бездарь {noun} :: bungler, botcher
бездарь {noun} [collective, inanimate] :: bunglers, botchers
бездейственный {adj} :: inactive, idle
бездействие {noun} :: inaction
бездействовать {v impf} :: to be inactive, to do nothing, to stand idle, to be inactive/inoperative
безделушка {noun} :: knick-knack, trifle
безделье {noun} :: idleness, inactivity, shirking
бездельник {noun} :: idler, loafer, lazybones
бездельница {noun} :: idler, loafer, lazybones (female)
бездельничать {v impf} :: to do nothing, to idle, to laze, to loaf around
безденежье {noun} :: lack of money
бездетность {noun} :: childlessness (the state of being childless)
бездетный {adj} :: childless (not having any children)
бездеятельность {noun} :: inactivity, inertia, passivity, lethargy
бездна {noun} :: abyss, deep (a bottomless or unfathomed depth)
бездна {noun} :: vast number
бездоказательный {adj} :: unsubstantiated, unfounded, unproved
бездомный {adj} :: homeless
бездомный {noun} :: homeless person
бездонный {adj} :: bottomless,
бездонный {adj} :: unfathomable, fathomless
без доп. {adv} [grammar] :: abbreviation of без дополнения: without any object(s) or complement(s)
бездорожье {noun} :: impassability; mud-locked roads, lack or shortage of (good) roads
бездумно {adv} :: thoughtlessly, unthinkingly
бездумный {adj} :: thoughtless, unthinking, feckless
без дураков {adv} [speech act, idiomatic] :: all kidding aside (used to attempt to make a serious point in a jocular conversation, lit.: "without fools")
бездушный {adj} :: soulless, heartless
бездыханный {adj} :: lifeless
безжалостно {adv} :: ruthlessly, cruelly, mercilessly, without remorse
безжалостный {adj} :: ruthless, pitiless, merciless
безжизненный {adj} :: lifeless, inanimate
безжизненный {adj} :: lifeless, pallid, insipid, lacklustre
беззаботно {adv} :: light-heartedly, in a carefree way/fashion, with nothing to care about
беззаботность {noun} :: insouciance, nonchalance, unconcern, carelessness (lack of care)
беззаботный {adj} :: light-hearted
беззаботный {adj} :: carefree, untroubled, insouciant
беззаботный {adj} :: careless
беззаветно {adv} :: selflessly, devotedly, whole-heartedly
беззаветный {adj} :: whole-hearted, selfless, devoted [service, devotion, etc.]
беззаконие {noun} :: lawlessness
беззащитность {noun} :: defencelessness
беззащитный {adj} :: defenseless, unprotected
беззвёздный {adj} :: starless (without visible stars)
беззвучно {adv} :: soundlessly, noiselessly, silently
беззвучный {adj} :: silent, without sound
беззлобно {adv} :: goodnaturedly
беззубка {noun} :: river mussel
беззубый {adj} :: toothless
беззубый {adj} [figuratively, pejorative] :: insipid
без кота мышам раздолье {proverb} :: when the cat's away the mice will play
безликий {adj} :: faceless, featureless
безличный {adj} [grammar] :: impersonal (not representing a person)
безличный глагол {noun} :: impersonal verb (verb used only in the infinitive or in the third-person)
безлюдный {adj} :: unpopulated
безлюдный {adj} :: abandoned
безлюдный {adj} :: empty [of people]
безлюдный {adj} :: unmanned
безлюдье {noun} :: absence of people
безматок {noun} :: hive without a queen
безмездно {adv} [obsolete] :: gratis, for free
безмездный {adj} [archaic] :: free (of charge), without compensation; gratuitous, unpaid
безмерно {adv} :: infinitely, immensely, immeasurably, beyond all measure
безмерный {adj} :: immense, immeasurable, boundless, infinite, unbounded
безмозглый {adj} [colloquial] :: brainless, stupid
безмолвие {noun} :: silence
безмолвно {adv} :: silently
безмолвно {adv} :: mutely, speechlessly
безмолвный {adj} :: mute, silent, speechless
безмолвствовать {v impf} [literary] :: to be silent
безмятежно {adv} :: serenely, quietly
безмятежность {noun} :: insouciance, placidity, serenity
безмятежный {adj} :: serene, tranquil, placid
безнадёжно {adv} :: hopelessly
безнадёжность {noun} :: hopelessness
безнадёжность {noun} :: despair
безнадёжный {adj} :: hopeless
безнаказанно {adv} :: with impunity
безнаказанность {noun} :: impunity (freedom from punishment or retribution; security from any reprisal or injurious consequences of an action, behavior, etc.)
безнаказанный {adj} :: unpunished
безналичный {adj} :: cashless, noncash
безногий {adj} :: legless
безногий {adj} [zoology] :: apod, apodal
безномерной {adj} :: unnumbered
безнравственно {adv} :: immorally
безнравственность {noun} :: immorality
безнравственность {noun} :: dissoluteness
безнравственный {adj} :: immoral
безобидный {adj} :: harmless (incapable of causing harm or danger)
безобидный {adj} :: inoffensive
безоблачный {adj} :: cloudless
безоблачный {adj} [figurative] :: unclouded, serene
безоболочечный {adj} :: casing-free, skinless [e.g. sausages]
безобразие {noun} :: ugliness
безобразие {noun} :: deformity
безобразие {noun} :: mess
безобразие {noun} :: disgrace, outrage, scandal
безобразник {noun} [colloquial] :: hooligan, scamp
безобразница {noun} [colloquial] :: (female) hooligan, scamp
безобразный {adj} :: ugly, hideous
безобразный {adj} :: disgraceful, scandalous, shameful
безобразный {adj} [dated] :: formless, vague
безобразный {adj} [art] :: nonrepresentational, nonfigurative
безоговорочно {adv} :: unreservedly, without reserve, unconditionally
безоговорочный {adj} :: unreserved, unqualified, unconditional
безопасно {adv} :: safely (in a safe manner)
безопасность {noun} :: safety
безопасность {noun} :: security
безопасный {adj} :: safe, secure
безоружный {adj} :: unarmed
безоружный {adj} [figurative] :: defenseless
безосновательно {adv} :: groundlessly, without grounds
безосновательный {adj} :: baseless, groundless (not grounded in facts, not based on anything true)
безостановочно {adv} :: nonstop (without stopping)
безостановочный {adj} :: unceasing, nonstop
безответный {adj} :: unanswered, unrequited
безответный {adj} :: meek, submissive, resigned
безответный {adj} :: gentle
безответственность {noun} :: irresponsibility
безответственный {adj} :: irresponsible
безотказный {adj} :: reliable, faultless, trouble-free, dependable [machine, operation, etc.]
безотказный {adj} :: ever-willing, never refusing a request
безоткатное орудие {noun} :: recoilless gun, recoilless rifle
безоткатный {adj} :: recoilless
безотлагательный {adj} :: pressing, urgent, immediate
безотносительно {adv} :: not relatively; irrespective
безотносительный {adj} :: irrelative, irrespective, unconditional
безотрадный {adj} :: cheerless, dreary, dismal
безотцовщина {noun} [colloquial] :: fatherlessness
безотцовщина {m anim} {f anim} [colloquial] :: fatherless child
безотцовщина {m anim} {f anim} [colloquial, figuratively] :: uneducated person; without a senior, superior, sensei
безошибочно {adv} :: correctly, perfectly
безошибочно {adv} :: unerringly, infallibly
безошибочно {adv} :: unmistakably
безошибочный {adj} :: unerring, faultless
безошибочный {adj} :: correct, exact
безошибочный {adj} [computing] :: error-free
без поводка {adv} :: loose, not leashed, off leash
без посторонней помощи {adv} :: unaided, alone, single-handed (without outside help)
безработица {noun} :: unemployment
безработный {adj} :: unemployed, jobless
безработный {noun} :: unemployed person
безработный {noun} [plural] :: the unemployed
безрадостный {adj} :: bleak, joyless
безразличие {noun} :: indifference, nonchalance
безразличие {noun} :: invariance
безразлично {adv} :: indifferently
безразлично {pred} :: it doesn't matter, it's all the same
безразличный {adj} :: indifferent, apathetic, nonchalant
безрассудный {adj} :: reckless, thoughtless, rash
безрассудство {noun} :: recklessness, rashness, folly
безрассудство {noun} :: reckless act
безрезультатно {adv} :: futilely, to no avail, in vain
безрезультатный {adj} :: unsuccessful, futile
безропотно {adv} :: without a murmur, compliantly
безропотный {adj} :: unmurmuring, uncomplaining, resigned, submissive
безрукавка {noun} :: sleeveless jacket, sleeveless pullover, sleeveless cardigan
безрукавный {adj} :: sleeveless
безрукий {adj} :: armless (without arms)
безрукий {adj} [colloquial] :: awkward, clumsy, all thumbs
безрыбье {noun} :: lack of fish (usually only occurs in expressions)
безудержный {adj} :: unrestrained
безудержный {adj} :: impetuous
безудержный {adj} :: unchecked
безукоризненно {adv} :: flawlessly, perfectly, impeccably
безукоризненный {adj} :: perfect, impeccable, irreproachable, flawless
без ума {phrase} :: nuts, crazy
без ума {phrase} :: amorous, enamored
без ума {phrase} :: in awe of, wild about (someone or something)
безумец {noun} :: madman, lunatic
безумец {noun} :: madcap
безумие {noun} :: insanity, madness (state of being insane)
безумие {noun} :: folly
безумно {adv} :: madly, awfully
безумно {adv} :: terribly, dreadfully, extremely
безумный {adj} :: crazy, mad, insane
безумный {adj} :: rash, reckless
безумство {noun} :: insanity, madness, folly
безупречно {adv} :: perfectly, faultlessly
безупречный {adj} :: blameless, faultless
безупречный {adj} :: unstained, stainless, spotless
безусловно {adv} :: certainly, undoubtedly, absolutely
безусловно {adv} :: there is no doubt that..
безусловный {adj} :: absolute, unconditional
безусловный {adj} :: undoubted, indisputable
безуспешно {adv} :: unsuccessfully
безуспешный {adj} :: unsuccessful
безусый {adj} :: moustacheless, mustacheless
без утайки {adv} :: frankly
безутешный {adj} :: inconsolable
безучастно {adv} :: indifferently
безучастный {adj} :: indifferent [к + dative, to something or someone]
безъятие {noun} [dated, rare] :: The absence of the letter ѣ (called ять - yat) in modern Russian orthography
безыдейный {adj} :: lacking in ideas; idealess
безызвестный {adj} :: obscure, unknown, unfamiliar
безымённый {noun} [dialectal] :: nameless
безымянный {adj} :: anonymous, nameless
безымянный палец {noun} :: ring finger
безысходность {noun} :: hopelessness, despair
безысходный {adj} :: interminable, endless
безысходный {adj} :: hopeless
безысходный {adj} :: desperate
безысходный {adj} :: irreparable
бей {noun} :: bey (Turkish official)
бейгл {noun} [neologism] :: bagel (a toroidal bread roll that is boiled before it is baked)
Бейрут {prop} :: Beirut
бейсбол {noun} :: baseball (game)
бейсболка {noun} :: baseball cap
бек {noun} :: (title) bey, beg, bek, master
бек {noun} :: Turkish or Persian chieftain
бекас {noun} :: snipe
бекасёнок {noun} :: a young snipe
бекасиный {adj} [relational] :: snipe; snipe's
бекон {noun} :: bacon (cut of meat)
бел {noun} :: bel (unit of sound intensity)
Беларусь {prop} :: Belarus, Belorussia (country)
белая кость {noun} [archaic] :: blue blood
Белгород {prop} :: Belgorod, a city in Russia, administrative centre of Belgorod oblast
белгородский {adj} [relational] :: Belgorod (city in Russia)
Белград {prop} :: Belgrade (capital of Serbia)
белена {noun} :: henbane
беленький {adj} [colloquial] :: diminutive of белый
белеть {vi impf} :: to turn white, to whiten
белеть {v impf} [colloquial] :: to turn gray
белеть {v impf} [colloquial] :: to become brighter
белеть {v impf} [colloquial, impersonal] :: to dawn
белеть {v impf} [imperfective only] :: to gleam, to be visible [of something white]
белёсый {adj} :: whitish, off-white
белиберда {noun} [colloquial, pejorative] :: rubbish, nonsense, balderdash
Белиз {prop} :: Belize (formerly called British Honduras)
Белиз {prop} :: Belize City (the largest city in Belize)
белизна {noun} :: whiteness
белизский {adj} :: Belizean
белила {noun} :: ceruse, whitewash, whiting
белильня {noun} :: bleachery
белить {v impf} :: to blanch
белить {v impf} :: to whitewash
беличий {adj} [relational] :: squirrel
белка {noun} :: squirrel (mammal)
белковый {adj} [relational] :: egg-white, albumen; albuminous
белковый {adj} [relational] :: protein
белладонна {noun} [botany] :: belladonna, deadly nightshade (Atropa belladonna)
белладонна {noun} [pharmacy] :: belladonna (an alkaloid))
беллетристика {noun} :: easy reading, pulp fiction
беллетристика {noun} [dated] :: fiction, belles-lettres
белобрысый {adj} [colloquial] :: blond, having blond hair
белогвардеец {noun} [history] :: A member of the White Army, a white guardsman
белое вино {noun} :: white wine
Белое море {prop} :: the White Sea (arm of the Arctic Ocean, northwestern Russia)
белозубый {adj} :: having very white teeth
белок {noun} :: egg-white, albumen
белок {noun} :: sclera, white [of an eye]
белок {noun} :: protein
белокровие {noun} :: leukemia
белокурый {adj} :: having blond or fair hair
белорус {noun} :: Belarusian, Belarusan (person from Belarus or of Belarusian descent)
белоруска {noun} :: female Belarusian (person from Belarus)
Белоруссия {prop} :: Belarus, Byelorussia, Belorussia
Белорусская ССР {prop} :: Byelorussian SSR (a republic of the USSR from 1919 to 1991)
белорусский {adj} :: Belorussian (relating to Belorussia, former state of the Soviet Union)
белорусский {adj} :: Belarusian (relating to Belarus, current nation formed from the same territory)
белорусский {noun} :: Belarusian language
белорусский язык {noun} :: Belarusian (language)
белоручка {m anim} {f anim} :: person shirking rough or dirty (physical) work
Белоснежка {prop} :: Snow White
белоснежный {adj} :: snow-white
белошвейка {noun} :: seamstress
белуга {noun} :: beluga (the European sturgeon)
белуга {noun} [dated] :: beluga (white whale) (the term was used until the XIX century and is still sometimes confused with "белуха" - the modern term for "white whale")
белуджский {adj} :: Balochi
белуха {noun} :: beluga (white whale)
Белфаст {noun} :: Belfast
белый {adj} :: white
белый {adj} :: light, fair
белый {adj} :: secular
белый {adj} :: white, Caucasian
белый {noun} [history] :: a member of the White Guard, same as белогвардеец
белый {noun} :: white, Caucasian
белый карлик {noun} :: white dwarf (white dwarf star)
белый клевер {noun} :: white clover
белый медведь {noun} :: polar bear
бельгиец {noun} :: Belgian (Belgian, person from Belgium)
бельгийка {noun} :: female Belgian (Belgian, person from Belgium)
бельгийский {adj} :: Belgian
Бельгия {prop} :: Belgium
бельевой {adj} [relational] :: underwear, undergarments, bedclothes, linens
бельевой {adj} [relational] :: laundry
бельё {noun} :: underwear, skivvies, underclothes, undergarment, undies
бельё {noun} :: bedclothes, linen
бельё {noun} :: washing (textiles that have been or are to be washed)
бельмо {noun} :: walleye, albugo
Бельмопан {prop} :: Belmopan (capital of Belize)
бельчонок {noun} :: a baby squirrel, a young squirrel
беляк {noun} :: white hare, mountain hare, arctic hare
беляк {noun} [colloquial, history] :: a male member of the White Army, a white guardsman
беляш {noun} :: a type of pie
бемоль {noun} [music] :: flat
Бенгази {prop} {m inan} :: Benghazi
Бенгалия {prop} :: Bengal (region in South Asia)
бенгальский {adj} :: Bengali
бенгальский {noun} :: Bengali (language)
бенгальский огонь {noun} :: sparkler, Bengal light (hand-held firework)
бенгальский тигр {noun} :: Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris)
бенефис {noun} [theater] :: benefit (performance in honor of someone, to raise funds for him or her)
бензель {noun} [nautical] :: seizing (means of tying together two thin wires or cables)
бензель {noun} [rare] :: paintbrush
бензин {noun} :: gasoline, petrol
бензинка {noun} [historical, colloquial] :: heating device using gasoline as a fuel
бензинный {adj} [relational] :: benzene, gasoline
бензиновая колонка {noun} :: gasoline pump
бензиновый {adj} [relational] :: gasoline
бензинчик {noun} [colloquial] :: endearing form of бензин
бензобак {noun} :: gasoline tank, fuel tank
бензозаправка {noun} :: gas station, petrol station
бензозаправочная колонка {noun} :: gasoline pump
бензозаправочная колонка {noun} [colloquial] :: gas station
бензозаправочная станция {noun} :: gas station
бензоколонка {noun} :: gasoline pump
бензоколонка {noun} [colloquial] :: gas station
бензопила {noun} :: chainsaw
Бенин {prop} :: Benin (formerly, Dahomey)
бенинский {adj} :: Beninese
бенто {n inan} :: bento
бербер {noun} :: Berber, a representative of one of the nations that make up the indigenous population in Northwest Africa
Берд {prop} :: Berd (town in Armenia)
берданка {noun} :: Berdan rifle
бердыш {noun} :: bardiche
берег {noun} :: bank, shore, coast, beach
берег {noun} :: land
береговой {adj} [relational] :: beach, coast; coastal
Берег Слоновой Кости {prop} :: Ivory Coast (old name...the modern name is Кот-д'Ивуар)
бередить {v impf} :: to touch (a wound), causing pain
бередить {v impf} [figurative] :: to disturb, to stir up, to agitate (one's heart or soul, etc.), causing one to relive painful experiences
бережёного бог бережёт {proverb} :: better safe than sorry
бережливость {noun} :: thrift, economy
бережливость {noun} [dated] :: care
бережливый {adj} :: thrifty, economical
бережно {adv} :: carefully
бережный {adj} :: careful
бережный {adj} :: caring, attentive
бережный {adj} :: thrifty, economical
бережок {noun} [colloquial] :: diminutive of берег
бережок {noun} [colloquial] :: endearing form of берег
березняк {noun} :: birch forest
березняк {noun} :: birch wood (the wood of a birch tree)
беременеть {v impf} :: to get pregnant
беременность {noun} :: pregnancy
беременность {noun} :: childbearing
беременность {noun} [medicine] :: gravidity, gestation
беременный {adj} :: pregnant (carrying developing offspring within the body)
беременный {adj} [figurative] :: filled (with something, usually abstract)
беременный {adj} [colloquial, humorous] :: pregnant (having a profusion of ideas)
беремя {noun} [archaic, formal] :: burden
беремя {noun} [archaic] :: fetus, pregnancy
беремя {noun} [dated] :: load, heavy weight
берест {noun} :: elm (tree or wood) (Ulmus minor)
береста {noun} :: birchbark (bark of the birch tree, especially the paper birch)
Берестье {prop} [archaic] :: Brest (A city in Belarus)
берестяная грамота {noun} :: birchbark manuscript, birchbark letter (a document written on pieces of the inner layer of birch bark)
берестяной {adj} [relational] :: birchbark
берет {noun} :: beret
беречь {v impf} :: to guard, to take care of, to keep safe
беречься {v impf} :: to be careful, to guard oneself, to protect oneself
беречься {v impf} :: to beware, to take care, to be on one's guard
берёза {noun} :: birch (tree or wood)
берёзка {noun} [colloquial] :: diminutive of берёза: (small) birch(-tree); young birch(-tree)
берёзка {noun} [colloquial] :: endearing form of берёза
берёзовый {adj} [relational] :: birch; birchen
берилл {noun} :: beryl
бериллиевый {adj} [relational] :: beryllium
бериллий {noun} :: beryllium
берилловый {adj} [relational] :: beryllium
Берингово море {prop} :: the Bering Sea
беркелий {noun} :: berkelium
берклий {noun} :: berkelium
беркут {noun} :: golden eagle
Берлин {prop} :: Berlin (capital of Germany)
берлинский {adj} :: Berlin
берлога {noun} :: lair, burrow, den, cave (for bears)
берлога {noun} [figuratively, jocular] :: crib, pad
Берн {noun} :: Bern (capital of Switzerland)
Берн {noun} :: Bern (canton in Switzerland)
Берн {noun} :: Berne (town in the State of Indiana)
берно {noun} :: obsolete form of бревно
бес- {prefix} :: alternative form of без-
бес {noun} :: demon, devil
беседа {noun} :: conversation, talk
беседа {noun} :: conference, discussion
беседка {noun} :: arbor, gazebo, pavilion (a shady place for sitting)
беседливый {adj} [colloquial] :: talkative, loquacious, garrulous
беседовать {v impf} :: to converse, to talk
бесёнок {noun} :: imp
бесить {v impf} :: to madden, to infuriate, to exasperate
беситься {v impf} :: to become rabid
беситься {v impf} :: to rage, to be furious, to get/fly into a rage, to fly off the handle,to blow one's top
беситься {v impf} [colloquial] :: to horse around, to make whoopee, to roughhouse
бесклассовый {adj} :: classless
бескозырка {noun} [nautical, navy] :: a flat visorless sailor's cap; beskozyrka
бескомпромиссный {adj} :: uncompromising
бесконечно {adv} :: endlessly, infinitely
бесконечно {adv} :: boundlessly
бесконечно {adv} :: eternally
бесконечность {noun} :: infinity, endlessness, eternity
бесконечный {adj} :: endless, infinite
бесконечный {adj} :: unlimited, boundless
бесконечный {adj} :: eternal
бескорыстие {noun} :: unselfishness
бескорыстно {adv} :: unselfishly
бескорыстно {adv} :: in a disinterested manner
бескорыстный {adj} :: disinterested, unselfish
бескрайний {adj} [poetic] :: boundless, endless
бескровный {adj} :: bloodless
бескровный {adj} :: anemic
бескровный {adj} :: very pale, pallid
бескровный {adj} [dated] :: homeless
бесноватый {adj} [dated] :: possessed by demons
бесноватый {adj} [colloquial] :: furious, frantic, frenzied, raging
бесноватый {noun} :: possessed person, person possessed by demons
бесноваться {v impf} :: to rage, to rave, to be possessed
бесовский {adj} [relational] :: demon, devil; demon's, devil's
бесовский {adj} :: demonic, devilish
беспалевный {adj} [slang] :: inconspicuous, hard to bait out
беспамятство {noun} :: unconsciousness, swoon
беспамятство {noun} :: forgetfulness
беспамятство {noun} :: frenzy
беспартийный {adj} :: non-party, belonging to no party
бесперебойный {adj} :: uninterrupted
бесперспективность {noun} :: hopelessness, futility
бесперспективный {adj} :: having no prospects, unpromising, hopeless, futile, gloomy, dark
беспечно {adv} :: carelessly (in a careless manner)
беспечность {noun} :: carelessness, unconcern
беспечный {adj} :: careless, carefree, unconcerned
беспечный {adj} :: nonchalant
бесплатно {adv} :: gratis, free of charge
бесплатный {adj} :: free, gratuitous, rent-free
бесплодие {noun} :: infertility
бесплодие {noun} :: barrenness
бесплодно {adv} :: in vain, vainly, fruitlessly, unsuccessfully
бесплодный {adj} :: infertile, fruitless, barren, sterile
бесплотный {adj} :: incorporeal
бесповоротно {adv} :: definitively, irrevocably, first last and all the time, irreversibly
бесповоротный {adj} :: irrevocable, final
бесподобный {adj} :: peerless, incomparable, matchless
беспозвоночное {noun} :: invertebrate
беспозвоночный {adj} :: invertebrate
беспокоить {v impf} :: to bother, to disturb
беспокоиться {v impf} :: to worry (about)
беспокоиться {v impf} :: to be anxious (about), to be uneasy (about)
беспокойно {adv} :: anxiously
беспокойно {adv} :: fitfully
беспокойно {adv} :: unevenly
беспокойный {adj} :: uneasy, restive, anxious
беспокойный {adj} :: disturbing
беспокойный {adj} :: restless, fidgety
беспокойство {noun} :: anxiety, concern, uneasiness, nervousness
беспокойство {noun} :: trouble
бесполезно {adv} :: uselessly
бесполезность {noun} :: uselessness
бесполезный {adj} :: useless, unavailing, vain
бесполый {adj} :: asexual (without sexual action; having no distinct sex)
беспомощно {adv} :: blankly
беспомощность {noun} :: helplessness
беспомощность {noun} :: feebleness
беспомощный {adj} :: helpless (unable to defend oneself or to act without help)
беспорядок {noun} :: disorder
беспорядок {noun} :: confusion
беспорядок {noun} :: disarray
беспорядок {noun} :: untidiness
беспорядок {noun} :: mess
беспорядочно {adv} :: in confusion, in disorder, higgledy-piggledy
беспорядочный {adj} :: disorderly, confused, irregular, random
беспочвенный {adj} :: baseless, groundless (not grounded in facts, not based on anything true)
беспошлинный {adj} :: duty-free (exempt from duty, especially customs)
беспощадно {adv} :: mercilessly
беспощадность {noun} :: ruthlessness, mercilessness
беспощадный {adj} :: merciless
бесправие {noun} :: absence of rights; lawlessness
бесправный {adj} :: deprived of civil rights
беспредел {noun} [colloquial] :: lawlessness, outrage, arbitrary rule
беспредельный {adj} :: boundless
беспредельный {adj} :: infinite
беспрекословно {adv} :: unconditionally
беспрекословный {adj} :: unconditional
беспрекословный {adj} :: obeying unconditionally [of a person]
беспременно {adv} [dated] :: by all means, surely, necessarily
беспрепятственно {adv} :: without difficulty, without hindrance, without obstruction, freely
беспрепятственный {adj} :: without obstacles
беспрерывно {adv} :: continuously, uninterruptedly, without a break
беспрерывный {adj} :: continuous, uninterrupted
беспрестанно {adv} :: incessantly (in a manner without pause or stop)
беспрестанный {adj} :: incessant
беспрецедентный {adj} :: unprecedented, unparalleled
беспризорник {noun} :: waif, stray, homeless child, gamin
беспризорный {adj} :: homeless
беспризорный {adj} :: neglected
беспризорный {noun} :: waif, homeless child
беспринципность {noun} :: unscrupulousness, unprincipledness
беспринципный {adj} :: unprincipled, unscrupulous
беспристрастнее {adv} :: comparative of беспристрастный
беспристрастнее {adv} :: comparative of беспристрастно
беспристрастней {adv} :: comparative of беспристрастный
беспристрастней {adv} :: comparative of беспристрастно
беспристрастно {adv} :: impartially (in an impartial manner)
беспристрастность {noun} :: impartiality
беспристрастный {adj} :: impartial, unbiased, unprejudiced
беспричинный {adj} :: unreasonable, groundless, without cause
беспросветный {adj} :: pitch-black, pitch dark, black
беспросветный {adj} [figurative] :: cheerless, gloomy, hopeless
бессвязный {adj} :: incoherent [of speech, thoughts]
бессердечный {adj} :: heartless
бессилие {noun} :: impotence, asthenia, impuissance (loss of strength)
бессилие {noun} :: powerlessness
бессильно {adv} :: powerlessly
бессильно {adv} :: feebly, impotently
бессильный {adj} :: weak, feeble, powerless; impotent
бессистемный {adj} :: unsystematic
бесследно {adv} :: without a trace, completely, utterly [of a disappearance]
бесследный {adj} :: traceless
бессловесный {adj} :: mute (unable to speak)
бессловесный {adj} :: silent
бессловесный {adj} :: wordless
бессловесный {adj} :: meek, humble, lowly [especially in being unwilling to express one's opinion]
бессменный {adj} :: permanent, not temporary [of a worker]
бессменный {adj} :: usual, typical
бессменный {adj} :: continuous
бессмертие {noun} :: immortality
бессмертный {adj} :: immortal
бессмысленно {adv} :: senselessly; foolishly
бессмысленно {pred} :: there is no sense, it is pointless
бессмысленность {noun} :: senselessness, inanity, pointlessness
бессмысленный {adj} :: meaningless; pointless; nonsensical
бессмыслица {noun} :: nonsense
бессовестный {adj} :: conscienceless, lacking a conscience, immoral, inconsiderate
бессодержательность {noun} :: barrenness, emptiness, insignificance, inanity
бессодержательный {adj} :: empty; vapid
бессознательно {adv} :: unconsciously, unknowingly
бессознательно {adv} :: instinctively, involuntarily
бессознательное {noun} [psychology] :: unconscious
бессознательный {adj} :: unconscious
бессознательный {adj} :: involuntary, instinctive
бессонница {noun} :: insomnia, sleeplessness
бессонный {adj} :: sleepless, wakeful
бессоюзие {noun} :: asyndeton
бесспорно {adv} :: unquestionably (without doubt)
бесспорный {adj} :: indisputable, unquestionable
бессрочный {adj} :: perpetual, termless
бесстебельный {adj} [botany] :: stemless, acaulescent
бесстрастно {adv} :: impassively
бесстрастный {adj} :: impassive
бесстрашие {noun} :: fearlessness (quality of being fearless)
бесстрашно {adv} :: fearlessly
бесстрашный {adj} :: fearless (free from fear)
бесструнный {adj} :: stringless
бесстыдно {adv} :: brazenly, shamelessly, immodestly
бесстыдно {pred} :: one is shameless, one is brazen
бесстыдный {adj} :: brazen, shameless, immodest
бесстыдство {noun} :: shamelessness, brazenness, impudence, effrontery
бесстыжий {adj} :: shameless, brazen
бестактность {noun} :: indelicacy, tactlessness; social blunder, faux pas
бестактность {noun} :: indecorum
бестактный {adj} :: tactless, indelicate, indiscreet
бестия {noun} [colloquial] :: rogue, mischievous person, scoundrel
бестолково {adv} :: stupidly
бестолково {adv} :: incoherently, confusedly
бестолково {adv} :: pointlessly, uselessly
бестолковый {adj} :: muddle-headed, stupid
бестолковый {adj} :: confused, incoherent
бестолковый {adj} :: pointless, useless
бестолочь {noun} [colloquial] :: blockhead, dumbass
бестселлер {noun} :: bestseller (book or thing sold in large numbers)
бесфитильный {adj} :: wickless
бесформенный {adj} :: formless, shapeless
бесхарактерность {noun} :: spinelessness
бесхарактерный {adj} :: weak-willed, spineless
бесхитростный {adj} :: unsophisticated, artless, ingenuous, guileless
бесхозный {adj} :: ownerless, unowned
бесхозяйственность {noun} :: mismanagement, bad management, thriftlessness
бесхозяйственность {noun} :: negligence
бесхозяйственный {adj} :: unable to manage the economy; mismanaged
бесхозяйственный {adj} :: causing damage to the economy
бесхозяйствие {noun} [dated] :: mismanagement of the economy
бесцветный {adj} :: colourless (having no colour)
бесцельно {adv} :: aimlessly
бесцельность {noun} :: aimlessness
бесцельность {noun} :: idleness, pointlessness, futility
бесцельный {adj} :: aimless, idle, pointless
бесценный {adj} :: priceless, invaluable
бесценок {noun} :: only used in за бесценок
бесцеремонно {adv} :: abruptly, brusquely (in an abrupt manner)
бесцеремонность {noun} :: unceremoniousness, sans gêne, presumptuousness
бесцеремонный {adj} :: unceremonious, brusque, abrupt
бесчеловечный {adj} :: inhumane, cruel, brutal
бесчестие {noun} :: dishonor, disgrace
бесчинство {noun} :: excess, outrage
бесчисленный {adj} :: countless, innumerable
бесчувственный {adj} :: insensible, insensitive
бесчувственный {adj} :: unfeeling, callous, hard-hearted, heartless
бесчувствие {noun} [colloquial] :: loss of consciousness
бесчувствие {noun} [colloquial, figurative] :: indifference
бесчувствие {noun} [colloquial, figurative] :: lack of compassion, heartlessness
бесчувствие {noun} [colloquial, figurative] :: cruelty, ruthlessness
бесшабашный {adj} :: reckless, devil-may-care, daredevil
бесшумно {adv} :: noiselessly (in a quiet manner)
бесшумный {adj} :: noiseless
бета {noun} :: beta, the Greek letter, Β, β
бетон {noun} :: concrete
бетонировать {v impf} :: to concrete (to cover with concrete)
бетонный {adj} [relational] :: concrete (made of concrete)
бетономешалка {noun} :: concrete mixer
бечёвка {noun} :: twine, string, pack thread
бечь {v impf} [dialectal] :: alternative form of бежать
бешено {adv} :: madly
бешено {adv} :: frantically, amok
бешенство {noun} [disease] :: hydrophobia, rabies
бешенство {noun} :: madness, fury, rage
бешеный {adj} :: rabid, mad
бешеный {adj} :: furious, frantic, wild
бёдрышко {noun} :: diminutive of бедро: small thigh
бёрдо {noun} :: (textile industry) comb, reed (in a loom)
бздеть {v impf} [vulgar] :: to fart (silently, as opposed to пердеть)
бздеть {v impf} [slang, vulgar] :: to be scared or afraid of something, to panic
би {n inan} :: (English letter) B, b
би {m anim} {f anim} [colloquial] :: a bi person (someone who is bisexual)
биатлон {noun} :: biathlon (winter sport)
Би-би-си {prop} {f inan} :: initialism of Британская телерадиовещательная корпорация: BBC, British Broadcasting Corporation
библейский {adj} :: biblical
библиография {noun} :: bibliography
библиотека {noun} :: library
библиотекарша {noun} [colloquial] :: female librarian
библиотекарь {noun} :: librarian
библиотечный {adj} [relational] :: library
библиофил {noun} :: bibliophile
библия {noun} :: Bible
библия {noun} :: bible
бива {f inan} :: biwa (lute)
бивень {noun} :: tusk
бигамия {noun} :: bigamy (the state of having two spouses simultaneously)
биг-мак {noun} :: alternative form of биг-мэк
Биг Мак {noun} :: alternative form of биг-мэк
биг-мэк {noun} :: Big Mac
бигуди {m inanp} :: hair roller, hair curler
биде {n inan} :: bidet
бидон {noun} :: can (large metallic or plastic cylindrical container with lid or cover, intended to hold liquids)
биение {noun} :: beating, beat, throb, pulse
биение сердца {noun} :: heartbeat (rhythmic pulsation of the heart)
биеннале {m inan} {f inan} :: biennale (a biennial celebration or exhibition)
бижутерия {noun} :: costume jewelry (jewelry made from inexpensive materials)
бижутерия {noun} [figurative] :: paraphernalia [e.g. sports]
бижутерия {noun} [figurative] :: imitation, fake
бизнес {noun} :: business (commercial activity; enterprise)
бизнесвумен {f anim} :: businesswoman
бизнес-класс {noun} :: business class
бизнесмен {noun} :: businessman
бизнес-план {noun} :: business plan
бизнес-процесс {noun} :: business process
бизнес-сообщество {noun} :: business community
бизон {noun} :: bison, American buffalo
бикамерализм {noun} :: bicameralism
Бикин {prop} :: Bikin, a large city in the far East of Russia
бикини {n inan} :: bikini
бикса {noun} :: Bixa (a plant of the Bixaceae or achiote family)
бикса {noun} :: biksa (a kind of billiards on a small, inclined table in which the ball rolls back after being hit)
бикса {noun} [slang] :: girl, chick, slut
билборд {noun} :: billboard (large advertisement along side of highway)
билет {noun} :: ticket (admission to entertainment or transportation)
билет {noun} :: banknote
билет {noun} :: membership card
билетик {noun} [colloquial] :: diminutive of билет
билетик {noun} [colloquial] :: endearing form of билет
биллион {num} :: billion (1,000,000,000, 109)
било {noun} :: impact bar, beater
бильярд {noun} :: billiards, pool
бильярдная {noun} :: billiard room, room for playing billiards, pool hall
бильярдный {adj} [relational] :: billiards
-бина {suffix} :: Added to verbs and adjectives to form nouns indicating locations (relatively uncommon suffix)
бинарный {adj} :: binary, binomial
бинокль {noun} :: binocular
бинт {noun} :: bandage
бинтовать {v impf} :: to bandage
биограф {noun} :: biographer
биографический {adj} :: biographical (relating to an account of a person's life)
биография {noun} :: biography
биоинформатика {noun} :: bioinformatics
биолог {noun} :: biologist
биологически {adv} :: biologically
биологический {adj} :: biological
биология {noun} :: biology
биомаркер {noun} :: biomarker
биосфера {noun} :: biosphere
биотехнология {noun} :: biotechnology
биотоксичность {noun} [rare] :: biotoxicity
биохимический {adj} :: biochemical
биохимия {noun} :: biochemistry
-бирать {affix} :: Combining form used to form imperfective counterparts of prefixed derivatives of брать (to take)
бирать {v impf} [rare] :: to take [repeatedly or frequently]; iterative of брать
биржа {noun} [finance] :: exchange, market
биржевой {adj} [relational] :: stock market
бирка {noun} :: nameplate, label, tag
бирка {noun} [historical] :: tally stick (notched piece of wood used for keeping an account)
Бирма {prop} :: Burma
бирманец {noun} :: Burmese (a person from Myanmar or of Burmese descent)
бирманка {noun} :: female Burmese (a person from Myanmar or of Burmese descent)
бирманский {adj} :: Burmese
Бирмингем {prop} :: Birmingham (city and borough in England)
Биробиджан {prop} :: Birobidzhan, capital of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast, Russia
бирюза {noun} :: turquoise [stone]
бирюзовый {adj} [relational] :: turquoise [stone or color]
бирюк {noun} :: lone wolf, loner, unsociable person
Бисау {prop} {m inan} :: Bissau (the capital of Guinea-Bissau)
бисексуал {noun} :: bisexual (person)
бисексуалка {noun} :: bisexual (woman)
бисексуальность {noun} :: bisexuality
бисексуальный {adj} :: bisexual (sexually attracted to persons of either sex)
бисер {noun} :: beads
бисквит {noun} :: sponge cake
бисквит {noun} :: biscuit (form of earthenware)
биссектриса {noun} :: angle bisector
бистро {n inan} :: bistro
бит {noun} [mathematics, computing] :: bit (binary digit)
бита {noun} :: bat (club)
битва {noun} :: battle, fight, combat
биткойн {noun} :: Bitcoin
битком {adv} :: chockfull
битник {noun} :: beatnik (beatnik)
биток {noun} :: cue ball
биток {noun} [usually plural] :: round rissole, meatball
Битола {prop} :: Bitola (the second largest city in the Republic of North Macedonia)
битум {noun} :: bitumen
битый {adj} :: beaten
бить {v impf} :: to beat
бить {v impf} :: to chime [of a clock]
бить {v impf} :: to churn
бить баклуши {v impf} [idiomatic] :: to loiter, to twiddle one's thumbs
битьё {noun} :: beating
биться {v impf} :: to fight, to struggle
биться {v impf} :: to hit (against), to knock (against), to strike
биться {v impf} [of heart] :: to beat, to pulsate
биться {v impf} :: to writhe, to toss about
биться {v impf} :: to exercise oneself, to drudge, to toil
биться {v impf} :: to break, to smash
битюг {noun} :: Beetewk (a type of Russian heavy draft horse)
битюг {noun} [colloquial] :: a very strong, heavily built man
бифштекс {noun} :: steak, beefsteak
бифштекс {noun} :: hamburger, patty
бицепс {noun} [anatomy] :: biceps
бич {noun} :: whip, scourge
бич {noun} [Southern Russia] :: swipple
бич {noun} [colloquial] :: bum, hobo (homeless)
бичевать {v impf} :: to lash, to scourge, to whip, to flagellate
бичевать {v impf} :: to castigate
Бишкек {prop} :: Bishkek (the capital of Kyrgyzstan)
бишь {particle} [colloquial] :: now
-бище {suffix} :: Added to verbs to form nouns indicating locations
благо- {prefix} :: good-, well-
благо {noun} [poetic] :: good, blessing, benefit
благо {noun} [economics] :: good
благо {conj} [colloquial] :: since, now that
благо {conj} [colloquial] :: the more so because
благовещение {noun} [Christianity] :: Annunciation
Благовещение {prop} :: alternative case form of благовещение
Благовещенск {prop} :: Blagoveshchensk, a city in Siberia, Russia on the border with China, administrative centre of Amur oblast
благоволение {noun} :: goodwill, grace
благоволение {noun} :: condescension
благоволить {v impf} [literary] :: to favour someone
благоволить {v impf} [dated or ironic] :: to do someone a favour by agreeing to do something (used with an infinitive)
благовоние {noun} [literary] :: pleasant aroma, fragrance
благовоние {noun} [plural, dated] :: incense
благовонный {adj} :: aromatic
благоговейно {adv} [literary] :: reverentially, respectfully
благоговейный {adj} [literary] :: reverent, reverential, respectful
благоговение {noun} :: awe (feeling of fear and reverence)
благоговеть {v impf} :: to revere, to venerate, to be in awe of [перед + instrumental]
благодарение {noun} :: thanksgiving (an expression of gratitude)
благодарить {v impf} :: to thank
благодарно {adv} :: gratefully
благодарно {adv} :: in a worthwhile manner
благодарность {noun} :: gratitude, gratefulness, thankfulness
благодарный {adj} :: thankful (showing thanks)
благодарственный {adj} :: expressing gratefulness; thankful
благодарствовать {v impf} [dated, low colloquial] :: to thank
благодарю {interj} :: thanks! [conversational]
благодаря {prep} :: thanks to, owing to, through (by means of), due to
благодаря тому, что {conj} :: thanks to the fact that
благодаря чему {conj} :: so (has a literary sense)
благодатный {adj} [religion] :: full of divine grace, godsent, God-given
благодатный {adj} :: blissful, blessed, happy
благодатный {adj} :: beneficial, godsent
благодатный {adj} :: fertile
благодать {noun} :: divine grace, boon, bliss (a blessing or benefit)
благоденствие {noun} :: welfare, prosperity
благодетель {noun} :: benefactor
благодеяние {noun} :: benefit, boon
благодушие {noun} :: benevolence, kindheartedness
благодушие {noun} :: good humor
благодушный {adj} :: good-natured, kindhearted
благодушный {adj} :: in good spirits, pleased [of a person or mood]
благожелательный {adj} :: benevolent
благозвучие {noun} :: harmony, euphony
благозвучнее {adv} :: comparative of благозвучный: better sounding, more melodious, more harmonious
благозвучнее {adv} :: comparative of благозвучно
благозвучней {adv} :: comparative of благозвучный: better sounding, more melodious, more harmonious
благозвучней {adv} :: comparative of благозвучно
благозвучно {adv} :: euphoniously, mellifluously, in a pleasant-sounding manner
благозвучный {adj} :: euphonious, euphonic, pleasant-sounding
благой {adj} [stilted, ecclesiastic or poetic] :: good
благолепный {adj} [antiquated] :: extraordinarily beautiful, majestically beautiful, magnificent
благомыслящий {adj} [dated] :: reasonable
благомыслящий {adj} [dated] :: bien pensant, loyal, solid (citizen)
благообразный {adj} :: good-looking
благополучие {noun} :: well-being, prosperity, welfare (state of health, happiness and/or prosperity)
благополучно {adv} :: safely, well, successfully, happily (in a secure manner; without the possibility of injury or harm resulting)
благополучный {adj} :: successful; happy, safe
благоприличие {noun} :: decency, propriety, decorum
благоприобретенный {adj} [dated] :: acquired
благопристойность {noun} :: decency, propriety, decorum
благопристойный {adj} :: decent, modest, seemly
благоприятно {adv} :: auspiciously (in an auspicious way)
благоприятный {adj} :: favourable, auspicious, advantageous
благоприятствовать {v impf} [literary] :: to favor, to be favorable towards [+ dative]
благоразумие {noun} :: prudence, discretion
благоразумный {adj} :: judicious, wise, prudent
благородие {noun} :: nobleness
благородно {adv} :: nobly, generously, selflessly
благородно {adv} :: exceptionally
благородный {adj} :: noble, aristocratic (of the nobility, of the high-born class, especially in Russia before 1917)
благородный {adj} :: noble [in spirit], gentle
благородный {adj} :: selfless, generous
благородный {adj} :: exceptional, outstandingly elegant
благородный {adj} [science, figurative] :: noble (having some special quality)
благородный {noun} :: noble, aristocrat (member of the nobility, of the high-born class, especially in Russia before 1917)
благородный {noun} :: someone noble in spirit
благородный газ {noun} :: noble gas, inert gas (the elements of group 18 of the periodic table)
благородство {noun} :: nobility, nobleness, generosity
благосклонно {adv} :: favorably, with favor
благосклонность {noun} :: benevolence, favour, goodwill
благосклонный {adj} :: kind
благосклонный {adj} :: favorable
благословение {noun} :: benediction, blessing
благословенный {adj} :: blessed
благословить {v pf} [religion] :: to bless
благословить {v pf} [colloquial] :: to give one's blessing, to give permission
благословлять {v impf} [religion] :: to bless
благословлять {v impf} [colloquial] :: to give one's blessing, to give permission
благосостояние {noun} :: well-being, prosperity, welfare (state of health, happiness and/or prosperity)
благостный {adj} :: mellow, soft and pleasing
благостыня {noun} [archaic] :: gift, donation; charity; good deed, benefaction
благость {noun} [religion or dated] :: gentleness, kindness
благотворительность {noun} :: charity, philanthropy, welfare
благотворительный {adj} :: charitable, philanthropic
благотворный {adj} :: beneficial, salutary, wholesome (helpful or good to something or someone)
благоустраивать {v impf} :: to improve, to equip with modern amenities, (apartment) to face-lift, (city, park) to beautify, (street) to resurface
благоустраиваться {v impf} :: to become well-equipped
благоустроенный {adj} :: well-furnished, well-equipped, comfortable
благоустроить {v pf} :: to improve, to equip with modern amenities, (apartment) to face-lift, (city, park) to beautify, (street) to resurface
благоустроиться {v pf} :: to become well-equipped
благоустройство {noun} :: improvement of housing
благоухание {noun} :: fragrance, aroma (a pleasant smell)
благоуханный {adj} :: fragrant, sweet-smelling, perfumed, aromatic
благоухать {v impf} :: to be fragrant, to smell sweet
благочестивый {adj} :: devout, pious
благочестие {noun} :: godliness, piety
блаженно {adv} :: blissfully
блаженно {adv} :: blessedly
блаженно {adv} [colloquial] :: wackily
блаженный {adj} :: blissful
блаженный {adj} [church] :: beatified, saint
блаженный {adj} :: (as a noun) "God's fool", holy fool (idiot believed to possess the gift of prophecy)
блаженство {noun} :: bliss, beatitude, felicity
блаженствовать {v impf} :: to experience bliss
блажь {noun} :: whim, caprice, fancy, folly
бланк {noun} :: form, letterhead, sheet
блат {noun} :: blat, cronyism, pull (useful contacts to help in skirting the red tape and other barriers, usually illegal help or assistance to obtain a good post, job, enter the university, etc.)
блатной {adj} [slang] :: having good connections, well-connected; having a блат, based on the use of cronyism, etc
блатной {adj} [relational] :: thieves' underworld
блатной {noun} [slang] :: relative or friend of an important person; a representative of the criminal underworld of thieves
блатной {noun} [slang] :: thief
блато {noun} [archaic] :: synonym of болото
блат-хата {noun} [slang] :: joint (a place where people go to have drinks, use drugs or have sex, place where criminals get together and keep weapons or stolen goods)
блеать {interj} [slang, emphatic] :: eye dialect of блядь
блевануть {v pf} [colloquial, vulgar] :: to puke, to vomit
блевать {v impf} [colloquial, vulgar] :: to puke, to vomit
блевотина {noun} [colloquial] :: vomit, spew (regurgitated former contents of a stomach)
бледнеть {v impf} :: to pale, to fade
бледнеть {v impf} :: to turn white, to grow pale
бледнолицый {adj} :: with a pale face [usually in the context of American Indians]
бледнолицый {noun} :: paleface [usually in the context of American Indians]
бледность {noun} :: pallor, paleness
бледность {noun} :: insipidity, colorlessness
бледный {adj} :: pale
блейзер {noun} :: blazer (jacket)
блеклый {adj} :: alternative form of блёклый
блендер {noun} :: blender
блеск {noun} :: brilliance, glitter, lustre, shine
блесна {noun} :: minnow, spoon-bait
блеснуть {v pf} :: to shine, to glitter, to sparkle, to flash
блеснуть {v pf} [figuratively] :: to be gifted with, to shine with, to sparkle with (+ instrumental)
блеснуть {v pf} :: to flash across one's mind [perfective only]
блестеть {v impf} :: to shine, to glitter, to sparkle, to flash
блестеть {v impf} [figuratively] :: to be gifted with, to shine with, to sparkle with (+ instrumental)
блестяще {adv} :: brilliantly
блестящий {adj} :: shining, glittering, sparkling, flashing
блестящий {adj} :: brilliant
блестящий {adj} :: splendid, magnificent, fine
блеф {noun} :: bluff
блеяние {noun} :: bleat
блеять {v impf} :: to bleat
блёклый {adj} :: faded
блёкнуть {v impf} :: to fade, to wither
блёкнуть {v impf} :: to pale (beside / before), to pale into insignificance
блёстка {noun} :: sparkle, sparklet
блёстка {noun} :: paillette, spangle, tinsel
ближайший {adj} :: nearest
ближайший {adj} :: next
ближайший {adj} :: immediate
ближайший {adj} :: near
ближе {adv} :: comparative of близкий
ближе {adv} :: comparative of близко
ближневосточный {adj} [relational] :: Near East, Near Eastern; Middle East, Middle Eastern
ближний {adj} :: near, nearby
ближний {adj} :: neighboring
ближний {adj} :: short-range
ближний {adj} :: next
ближний {noun} :: fellow creature
Ближний Восток {prop} :: the Middle East
близ {prep} :: near, in the vicinity of
близиться {v impf} :: to draw near, to approach
близкие {noun} :: (one's) folks, (one's) family, the loved ones
близкий {adj} :: close, near
близкий {adj} :: dear, intimate [+ dative]
близкий {adj} :: directly concerning [+ dative]
близкий {adj} :: having free access [к + dative]
близкий {adj} :: similar [к + dative]
близко {adv} :: close, near [от + genitive, to someone/something]
близко {adv} :: close, intimate, near
близлежащий {adj} :: nearby, close by
близлежащий {adj} :: contiguous, adjacent, neighboring
близнец {noun} :: twin
Близнецы {prop} [constellation] :: Gemini (a constellation of the zodiac containing the stars Castor and Pollux, in the shape of a pair of twins)
Близнецы {prop} [astrology] :: Gemini (the zodiac sign for the twins, covering May 21–June 21)
близорукий {adj} :: nearsighted, myopic
близорукий {adj} :: shortsighted, lacking in foresight
близоруко {adv} :: short-sightedly
близорукость {noun} :: shortsightedness, nearsightedness, myopia
близорукость {noun} :: shortsightedness, lack of foresight
близость {noun} :: nearness, proximity, closeness
близость {noun} :: intimacy
блик {noun} :: glare, dazzle, flare
блин {noun} :: pancake (thin batter cake)
блин {noun} [figuratively] :: a flat round object
блин {noun} [computer slang] :: CD
блин {interj} [euphemistic, colloquial, exclamation] :: shoot! (expression of any strong emotion, euphemism for блядь!)
блиндаж {noun} [military] :: blindage, dugout
блинчик {noun} :: folded, stuffed pancake
блинчик {noun} [colloquial] :: diminutive of блин: small pancake
блинчик {noun} [colloquial] :: endearing form of блин
блинчик {noun} [photography] :: small lens
блинчик {noun} :: skipping stone
блистательно {adv} :: brilliantly, splendidly, magnificently
блистательный {adj} [also, figurative] :: brilliant, splendid, magnificent
блистать {v impf} :: to shine, to glitter, to sparkle
блистать {v impf} [figurative] :: to make a brilliant display, to shine, to be radiant (with), to be conspicuous (by)
блиц {noun} [photography] :: flashlight
блиц {noun} :: quick chess game, sudden-death game
блицкриг {noun} :: blitzkrieg
блог {noun} :: blog
блоггер {noun} :: blogger
блогер {noun} :: blogger
блогосфера {noun} :: blogosphere
блок {noun} :: block (cuboid object)
блок {noun} :: set, unit
блок {noun} :: block, section [of a prefabricated building]
блок {noun} [politics] :: bloc, coalition
блок {noun} :: pulley
блок {noun} [sports] :: block
блокада {noun} [military] :: siege, blockade
блокада {noun} [politics] :: blockade
блокада {noun} [medicine] :: block; blocking; obstruction
блокадный {adj} [military] :: under siege, blockade
блокадный {adj} [politics] :: blockade
блокадный {adj} [medicine] :: block; blocking; obstruction
блокбастер {noun} :: blockbuster (film or book, that sustains exceptional and widespread popularity and achieves enormous sales)
блокирование {noun} :: blocking
блокировать {v both} :: to block
блокировать {v both} :: to blockade
блокировка {noun} :: blocking, block, blockage
блокнот {noun} :: notebook (book)
блокнотик {noun} [colloquial] :: diminutive of блокнот
блокнотик {noun} [colloquial] :: endearing form of блокнот
блоковский {adj} [relational] :: Blok, Block, Bloch (Russian and Dutch surname, e.g. of Alexander Blok, Russian poet and Adriaen Block, Dutch explorer)
блоковский {adj} [relational] :: Block Island (island off the coast of Rhode Island)
блок питания {noun} [electronics] :: power supply unit
блокпост {noun} [military] :: checkpoint; signal box; roadblock
блондин {noun} :: blond (fair-skinned, fair-haired man)
блондинка {noun} :: blonde (fair-skinned, fair-haired girl or woman)
блоха {noun} :: flea
блохастый {adj} :: flea-ridden
блочный {adj} [relational] :: block (cuboid object)
блочный {adj} [relational] :: block (prefabricated piece of a building)
блочный {adj} :: blocky
блочный {adj} [relational] :: pulley
блошиный {adj} [relational] :: flea
блошиный рынок {noun} :: flea market (an outdoor market selling inexpensive antiques, curios)
блуд {noun} :: licentiousness, lechery, fornication
блудить {v impf} [somewhat dated] :: to wander, to roam
блудить {v impf} :: to fornicate, to whore around
блудник {noun} [colloquial, pejorative] :: rake, lecher, fornicator, immoral person
блудница {noun} [archaic] :: harlot, whore
блудный {adj} :: prodigal
блудный {adj} [dated] :: adulterous
блудный {adj} [dated] :: lascivious, lecherous
блуждание {noun} [often plural] :: wandering
блуждать {v impf} :: to roam, to wander, to rove, to ramble
блуждающий {adj} :: constantly changing location or direction of movement; wandering [of a light]
блуждающий {adj} :: shifting [of a look or glance]
блуждающий {adj} :: intermittent, appearing and disappearing
блуждающий {adj} [medicine] :: wandering (abnormally mobile)
блуза {noun} :: blouse (usually a working blouse)
блузка {noun} :: blouse
блузник {noun} [dated, colloquial] :: someone wearing a blouse [usually of French workmen and craftsmen]
Блумфонтейн {prop} :: Bloemfontein (the judicial capital of South Africa)
блэкаут {noun} [neologism] :: blackout (a large-scale power failure)
блюдечко {noun} :: diminutive of блюдце: small saucer, small jam dish
блюдо {noun} :: dish, plate
блюдо {noun} :: dish, course
блюдце {noun} :: saucer
блюз {noun} [music] :: blues (musical genre)
блюз {noun} [music] :: blues (musical composition)
блюсти {v impf} :: to guard, to keep
блюститель {noun} :: guardian, keeper, warden
блютус {noun} [networking] :: Bluetooth (personal area wireless network)
бля {interj} [vulgar] :: alternative form of блядь
блядёшка {noun} [vulgar] :: slut, whore, tramp
блядовать {v impf} [vulgar] :: to whore around (to regularly copulate with people that one is not in a relationship with)
блядский {adj} [vulgar] :: slutty, whorish
блядство {noun} [vulgar, slang] :: prostitution, depravity
блядство {noun} :: loose behaviour (of women)
блядство {noun} :: dirty trick
блядство {noun} :: stupid blunder
блядь {noun} [vulgar] :: whore, slut, prostitute
блядь {noun} [vulgar] :: bitch, slut, promiscuous person
блядь {noun} [vulgar] :: general-purpose insult — compare shithead, bastard, etc
блядь {interj} [vulgar] :: interjection (may be contracted to бля); compare shit!, fuck!, etc
блядь {interj} [vulgar, intensive] :: (may be contracted to бля); compare damn, fucking, etc
блядь {interj} [vulgar] :: discourse particle
блять {interj} [vulgar] :: fuck, shit, damn
блять {interj} [vulgar, intensive] :: compare fucking and damn
бляха {noun} :: badge, plaque
бляха {noun} :: metal plate used in a buckle or for decoration
бляшка {noun} [colloquial] :: diminutive of бляха
бляшка {noun} [colloquial] :: endearing form of бляха
бляшка {noun} [medicine] :: plaque
б/м {adv} :: initialism of будущего месяца: of next month, prox.
б. м. {adv} :: initialism of будущего месяца: of next month, prox.
б.м. {adv} :: initialism of будущего месяца: of next month, prox.
Б.М. {adv} :: initialism of Божьей Милостью
бн/о {adv} :: initialism of без нашей ответственности: without our responsibility
БНО {adv} :: initialism of без нашей ответственности: without our responsibility
бнопня {f inan} :: alternative spelling of бНОПНЯ
бНОПНЯ {f inan} :: mojibake
боа {m anim} :: boa (snake)
боа {n inan} {m inan} :: feather boa
боб {noun} :: bean, broad bean
боб {noun} [colloquial] :: bobsled
бобёр {noun} :: alternative form of бобр
бобина {noun} :: bobbin, spool, reel
бобовый {adj} [relational] :: bean; leguminous
бобр {noun} :: beaver (aquatic mammal)
бобр {noun} :: beaver pelt
бобрёнок {noun} :: beaverkin; a baby beaver
бобриха {noun} :: a female beaver
бобровый {adj} [relational] :: beaver
бобслей {noun} [sports] :: bobsleigh, bobsled (sport), the sled used for the sport
бобслейный {adj} [relational] :: bobsleigh, bobsled
бог {noun} :: God
бог {noun} :: god, idol
Бог {prop} :: God (in monotheistic religions)
богадельня {noun} :: almshouse
богатей {noun} [colloquial] :: rich man
богатеть {v impf} :: to grow rich
богато {adv} :: abundantly, prodigally, richly, sumptuously
богатство {noun} :: wealth, riches
богатство {noun} :: richness, resplendence, gorgeousness
богатый {adj} :: rich, wealthy
богатырский {adj} [relational] :: bogatyr (type of Russian heroic warrior)
богатырский {adj} [figurative] :: heroic, Herculean, athletic
богатырь {noun} :: bogatyr, a medieval Russian heroic warrior
богатырь {noun} :: strongly built man, hero
богач {noun} :: rich man
богаче {adv} :: comparative of богатый
богаче {adv} :: comparative of богато
бог весть какой {adj} [archaic] :: unprecedented, unheard-of, unimaginable
Богдан {prop} :: given name
богема {noun} :: bohemia, bohemianism
Богемия {prop} :: Bohemia (region of the Czech Republic)
богемный {adj} :: bohemian [lifestyle, behavior, etc.]
богемский {adj} :: Bohemian (relating to the Bohemia region of the Czech Republic)
бог знает какой {adj} :: unprecedented, unheard-of, unimaginable
бог из машины {noun} :: deus ex machina
богиня {noun} :: goddess
богоматерь {noun} :: alternative form of Богоматерь
Богоматерь {prop} :: Blessed Virgin, Our Lady
богомол {noun} :: devotionalist, pietist
богомол {noun} :: pilgrim
богомол {noun} :: praying mantis
богомолец {noun} :: pilgrim (traveler to a religious site)
богоносец {noun} :: God-bearer
богоподобный {adj} :: godlike
богородица {noun} :: alternative form of Богородица
Богородица {prop} :: Virgin Mary, Blessed Virgin, Our Lady
богослов {noun} :: theologian
богословие {noun} :: theology, divinity
богословский {adj} :: theological
богослужебный {adj} [religion] :: liturgical (related to worship services)
богослужение {noun} :: church service, divine service, public worship, worship service
богоспасаемый {adj} [colloquial, humorous] :: prosperous
богоспасаемый {adj} [historical, ecclesiastical] :: blessed [epithet]
Богота {prop} :: Bogota (capital of Colombia)
боготворить {v both} :: to worship, to deify, to idolize, to adore
богоубийца {m anim} {f anim} :: deicide (person)
богохульство {noun} :: blasphemy
бод {noun} :: baud
бодать {v impf} :: to butt, to gore, to hit with horns
бодибилдинг {noun} :: bodybuilding (sport of muscle development)
бодрить {v impf} :: to stimulate, to invigorate
бодро {adv} :: cheerfully, freshly
бодрость {noun} :: vivacity, sprightliness, cheerfulness
бодрство {noun} [rare, literary] :: vivacity
бодрствование {noun} :: wakefulness, vigil, arousal, keeping wake
бодрствовать {v impf} :: to stay awake
бодрствовать {v impf} :: to keep vigil
бодрствующий {adj} :: awake, wakeful (conscious)
бодрый {adj} :: cheerful
бодрый {adj} :: brisk
бодрый {adj} :: sprightly
бодрый {adj} :: awake
бодрый {adj} :: vigorous, vivacious
бодяга {noun} [animate] :: freshwater sponge
бодяга {noun} [inanimate] :: badyaga (folk medicine derived from the freshwater sponge, used for bruises)
бодяга {noun} [inanimate, criminal slang] :: diluted, surrogate or fake substance sold as the original, pure substance
бодяга {noun} [figurative, colloquial] :: nonsense; long-winded chatter
боевик {noun} :: a member of a terrorist organization, militant
боевик {noun} :: action film
боевое искусство {noun} :: martial art (fighting style)
боевой {adj} [relational] :: combat, battle, fighting
боевой {adj} [figurative] :: militant, bellicose, belligerent, active
боевой комплект {noun} [military] :: unit of fire (set amount of ammunition per weapon)
боевой комплект {noun} :: ammunition allowance, ammunition load
боевой порядок {noun} [military] :: combat formation, battle formation
боевой припас {noun} :: ammunition
боеголовка {noun} :: warhead
боеготовность {noun} [military] :: alertness
боекомплект {noun} [military] :: unit of fire (set amount of ammunition per weapon)
боекомплект {noun} :: ammunition allowance, ammunition load
боепитание {noun} [military] :: ammunition supply
боеприпас {noun} :: explosive ordnance, weapon, shell
боеприпас {noun} :: (plural) ammunition
боеприпасы {noun} :: ammunition
боеприпасы {noun} :: (singular) explosive ordnance, weapon, shell
боеспособность {noun} :: fight worthiness
боеспособный {adj} :: battleworthy
боестолкновение {noun} :: affair, clash (action or engagement not of sufficient magnitude to be called a battle)
боец {noun} :: warrior
боец {noun} :: fighter, soldier
боже мой {interj} :: oh my God!
боженька {m anim} :: endearing form of бог
божественность {noun} :: deity, divinity (essential nature of a god)
божественный {adj} :: divine, godly, godlike
божество {noun} :: deity
божество {noun} :: divinity, divine being, godhead
божество {noun} :: idol
божий {adj} :: God's, divine
божница {noun} :: icon box, icon shelf
божок {noun} :: diminutive of бог: (a little) god
божок {noun} [figuratively] :: idol, someone loved by the public
божок {noun} :: a figurine or a small statue of a god
божья коровка {noun} :: ladybug, ladybird
божья коровка {noun} :: meek creature, lamb (a harmless, quiet person who cannot defend himself)
боз {noun} [obsolete] :: elder [a shrub of the genus Sambucus]
бозон {noun} :: boson
бой {noun} :: beating, breakage
бой {noun} :: battle, combat, engagement
бой {noun} :: fight, fighting, struggle
бой {noun} :: striking (of a clock)
бой {noun} [archaic] :: boy (servant)
бойкий {adj} :: smart, clever
бойкий {adj} :: sharp
бойкий {adj} :: glib, fluent
бойкий {adj} :: animated, busy, brisk
бойко {adv} :: briskly
бойко {adv} :: glibly, fluently
бойкот {noun} :: boycott
бойкотирование {noun} :: boycott, boycotting
бойкотировать {v both} :: to boycott, to blackball
бойлер {noun} :: boiler water heater
бойница {noun} :: embrasure, loophole (slit in a castle wall)
бойня {noun} :: massacre (intentional mass killing)
бойня {noun} :: abattoir (public slaughterhouse)
бойскаут {noun} :: Boy Scout
бойфренд {noun} [colloquial] :: boyfriend
бойцовый {adj} :: having a solid, muscular build [said of fighting cocks, gamecocks]
бок {noun} :: side (various senses)
бокаж {noun} :: bocage
бокал {noun} :: glass, goblet
бок о бок {adv} :: side by side (close to each other, together)
боковой {adj} [relational] :: side, flank; lateral
бокс {noun} [sports] :: boxing
бокс {noun} [medicine] :: box (isolation ward in a hospital)
бокс {noun} :: box cut (men’s flattop hairstyle in which the hair at the temples and nape of the neck is shaved off)
бокс {noun} :: small box (such as for computer disks)
боксеры {noun} :: boxer briefs
боксёр {noun} :: boxer (breed of dog)
боксёр {noun} :: boxer (boxing-ring fighter)
боксировать {v impf} :: to box
боксит {noun} :: bauxite
бокситовый {adj} [relational] :: bauxite; bauxitic
бокчой {noun} :: bok choy (Chinese cabbage) Brassica rapa subsp. chinensis
бола {noun} :: bola
болван {noun} :: blockhead, dimwit (stupid person)
болван {noun} :: dummy (in card games)
болван {noun} :: block (for hats or wigs)
болванка {noun} :: pig, ingot, blank, block of wood, etc., serving as raw material for some product
болванка {noun} :: hat block, wig block, blockhead
болванка {noun} :: (artillery) solid projectile (either armor-piercing or used as a proof shot); penetrator round; shot
болванка {noun} :: draft outline, outline
болванка {noun} :: (wiki slang) stub
болванка {noun} :: (office slang) template, boilerplate
болванка {noun} :: stupid woman, dummy
болванка {noun} :: (computer slang) a blank CD-R /DVD-R / DVD+R etc. disk, or other blank optical media for burning data onto it
болгарин {noun} :: Bulgarian (native of Bulgaria)
Болгария {prop} :: Bulgaria
болгарка {noun} :: Bulgarian girl or woman
болгарка {noun} [colloquial] :: angle grinder, side grinder
болгарский {adj} :: Bulgarian (relating to Bulgaria, its people or the Bulgarian language)
болгарский {noun} :: Bulgarian language
болевой {adj} [relational] :: pain
болевой {adj} :: painful
более {adv} :: more
более {adv} :: more than (+ genitive case)
более всего {adv} :: most of all (to a greater extent than anything else)
более всего {adv} :: most (superlative of many and most)
более или менее {noun} :: more-or-less
более-менее {noun} :: alternative form of более или менее
болезненно {adv} :: painfully (in a painful manner)
болезненность {noun} :: sickliness, unhealthiness
болезненность {noun} :: painfulness
болезненный {adj} :: sickly, ailing, unhealthy
болезненный {adj} :: morbid
болезненный {adj} :: painful
болезнетворный {adj} :: malignant; causing disease
болезнь {noun} :: disease
болезнь {noun} :: sickness, illness
болезнь {noun} :: disorder
болезнь Аддисона {noun} :: Addison's disease (Addison's disease)
болезнь Альцгеймера {noun} :: Alzheimer's disease (mental disorder from brain tissue changes)
болельщик {noun} :: fan, supporter
Болеслав {prop} :: given name
болеть {v impf} :: to be sick, to be ill, to be ailing
болеть {v impf} :: to be anxious, to be apprehensive
болеть {v impf} :: to cheer, to root for
болеть {vi impf} :: to hurt, to ache
болеутоляющее {noun} :: analgesic, analgetic, anodyne
болеутоляющий {adj} :: analgesic, anodyne, pain-relieving
боливарианский {adj} :: Bolivarian
боливийский {adj} :: Bolivian
Боливия {prop} :: Bolivia
болид {noun} [astronomy] :: bolide, fireball (extremely bright meteor)
болид {noun} [figurative, sports] :: race car
болого {adv} [obsolete] :: well
болона {noun} :: excrescence, gall (on trees)
Болонья {prop} :: Bologna (a city in Emilia-Romagna, Italy)
болотистый {adj} :: swampy
болотный {adj} [relational] :: marsh
болотный {adj} [color] :: khaki, cossack green, hemp
болотный {adj} [eye color] :: hazel (mix of brown, green, and gold shades)
болото {noun} :: bog, swamp, marsh, quagmire, mire
болотце {noun} [colloquial] :: diminutive of болото
болотце {noun} [colloquial] :: endearing form of болото
болт {noun} :: bolt, screw
болт {noun} :: crossbow bolt
болт {noun} [colloquial] :: penis, male member
болтать {v impf} :: to dangle
болтать {v impf} :: to shake, to rock, to stir
болтать {v impf} [dated] :: to stir, to mix, to beat
болтать {v impf} [colloquial, pejorative] :: to babble, to talk needlessly or endlessly
болтать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to converse
болтаться {v impf} :: to dangle, to hang about
болтаться {v impf} :: to loaf, to lounge about
болтливый {adj} [colloquial] :: talkative
болтливый {adj} :: blabbing (prone not to keep secrets)
болтовня {noun} :: talk, chatter, jabber, gossip
болторезный {adj} :: bolt-threading
болтун {noun} :: an overly talkative person, chatterbox
боль {noun} :: pain, ache
боль {noun} :: pang, stab, stitch
больная {noun} :: female patient
боль не менее {adv} [colloquial] :: alternative form of более или менее
больница {noun} :: hospital
больничный {adj} [relational] :: hospital
больничный {noun} [colloquial] :: medical certificate, sick list
больничный {noun} :: sick leave
больно {adv} :: bad, badly
больно {adv} :: painfully
больно {adv} :: extremely, terribly
больно {adv} :: a bit too
больно {pred} [also, figurative] :: it is painful, it hurts
больной {adj} :: sick, ill
больной {adj} :: painful
больной {adj} :: weak
больной {adj} :: morbid
больной {noun} :: patient
большак {noun} [dated, inanimate] :: a large road in rural areas
большак {noun} [dated, animate] :: male head of a family
большая буква {noun} :: See: большой буква
большая буква {noun} :: capital letter (upper-case letter A B C (Latin) or А Б В (Cyrillic), etc.)
Большая Медведица {prop} [constellation] :: Ursa Major
больше {adv} :: comparative of большой, comparative of много: bigger, larger, more, greater
больше {adv} :: comparative of больший
больше {adv} :: any more
большевизм {noun} :: Bolshevism
большевик {noun} :: Bolshevik
большевистский {adj} :: Bolshevistic
большевицкий {adj} :: Bolshevistic
больше всего {adv} :: most of all (to a greater extent than anything else)
больше всего {adv} :: most (superlative of many and most)
большегрузный {adj} [relational] :: heavy-load; heavy
большее {noun} :: something bigger, larger
большее {noun} :: the biggest, the largest
большерукий {adj} :: big-armed
большие половые губы {noun} [anatomy] :: labia majora
больший {adj} :: bigger, greater (comparative degree of большой and великий)
большинство {noun} :: majority, most
большое спасибо {interj} :: many thanks, thank you very much
большой {adj} :: big, large, great
большой {adj} :: important
большой {adj} :: grown-up
большой {adj} :: big, outstanding
большой палец {noun} :: thumb
большой палец {noun} :: big toe, hallux
Большой Пёс {prop} [constellation] :: Canis Major
большой пожар {noun} :: conflagration
большому кораблю большое плавание {proverb} :: great ships require deep waters
большущий {adj} [colloquial] :: very large, huge, enormous, gigantic
болячка {noun} :: sore
болячка {noun} :: weak spot
бомба {noun} :: bomb
бомбардир {noun} [historical, military] :: a military rank in Russia (18-19 centuries)
бомбардир {noun} [military] :: bombardier; bomb aimer
бомбардир {noun} [sports] :: goal-scorer, shooter, striker
бомбардир {noun} :: bombardier beetle
бомбардировать {v both} :: to bomb (attack with bombs)
бомбардировать {v both} [also, figurative] :: to bombard
бомбардировка {noun} :: bombing, bombardment
бомбардировочный {adj} [relational] :: bombardment, bombing
бомбардировочный {adj} [relational] :: bomber
бомбардировщик {noun} [aviation] :: bomber
Бомбей {prop} :: Bombay (former name of Mumbai)
бомбёжка {noun} :: (air raid) bombing
бомбила {noun} [colloquial] :: gypsy cab driver
бомбист {noun} :: bomber (bomb maker)
бомбить {v impf} :: to bomb
бомбить {vi impf} [colloquial] :: to provide private taxi services without a license
бомбовой {adj} :: alternative form of бомбовый
бомбовый {adj} [relational] :: bomb
бомбометание {noun} :: bombing, bomb release
бомбомёт {noun} :: anti-submarine mortar
бомбомёт {noun} :: bomb thrower
бомбоубежище {noun} :: bomb shelter, air-raid shelter
бомж {noun} [colloquial] :: tramp, bum, hobo, slacker, homeless person
бомж {noun} [figuratively, colloquial] :: poorly dressed person
бомонд {noun} [dated] :: beau monde
бон {noun} :: voucher
бон {noun} :: bon (an early type of paper currency)
бон {noun} :: any paper currency collected by notaphilists
бон {noun} [slang] :: a neo-Nazi skinhead
бонбоньерка {noun} :: bonbonnière, candy box
бонг {noun} :: bong
бондарня {noun} :: cooperage
бондарь {noun} [dated] :: cooper (craftsman who manufactures large bowls, barrels or ship masts)
бонза {noun} [religion] :: bonze (a Buddhist priest in Japan or other Asian countries)
бонза {noun} [figuratively] :: a haughty high-ranking official; a self-important or pompous person; a bigwig
бонист {noun} :: notaphilist
бонистика {noun} :: notaphily
Бонн {prop} :: Bonn (a city in Germany)
бонобо {m anim} :: bonobo (pygmy chimpanzee)
бонсай {noun} :: bonsai
бонус {noun} [law, finance] :: bonus
бопомофо {m inan} {n inan} :: Zhuyin fuhao, bopomofo
бор {noun} :: boron
бор {noun} :: pinewood, pine forest
бор {noun} :: [dental] drill
бор {noun} :: millet grass
бор {noun} :: tidal bore
бора {noun} :: bora (wind)
бордель {noun} :: brothel
бордо {n inan} :: Bordeaux (type of wine)
бордо {adj} :: maroon, claret (color)
бордовый {adj} :: maroon, wine-colored
бордюр {noun} [architecture] :: border
бордюр {noun} :: curb, edge
бордюр {noun} :: edging
борение {noun} [literary or poetic] :: struggle, fight, confrontation
борец {noun} :: fighter, champion
борец {noun} :: wrestler
борец {noun} :: monkshood, wolfsbane, aconitum
боржоми {f inan} :: Borjomi (a brand, well-known in the USSR, of naturally carbonated mineral water from Georgia (country))
Боржоми {prop} {m inan} :: Borjomi (a town in Georgia; also famous for its mineral water)
борзая {noun} :: borzoi, Russian Wolfhound
борзая {noun} :: greyhound
борзой {adj} [dated] :: swift, fleet
борзой {adj} [relational] :: borzoi
борзой {adj} [low colloquial] :: cheeky, insolent
борзота {noun} :: audaciousness, brazenness, pushiness, aggressiveness
борзый {adj} :: swift, brisk
борзый {adj} :: [slang] impudent, brazen, nervy
борий {noun} :: bohrium
Борис {prop} :: given name, Boris
бормашина {noun} [medicine] :: drill used by dentists
бормотание {noun} :: muttering, mumbling
бормотать {v impf} :: to mutter, to murmur, to babble, to ramble
Борнео {prop} {m inan} :: Borneo
боров {noun} :: castrated male pig (usually fattened)
боров {noun} [colloquial] :: obese man
боров {noun} :: flue, breeching, chimney intake
боровик {noun} :: Boletus mushroom genus; boletus or bolete in general
боровик {noun} :: cep (Boletus edulis) specifically
боровичанин {noun} :: citizen of Borovichi
боровой {adj} [relational] :: pine forest, pinewood
борода {noun} :: beard
борода {noun} [colloquial] :: chin
бородавка {noun} [pathology] :: wart (type of growth occurring on the skin)
бородавочник {noun} :: warthog (a species of wild pig)
бородатый {adj} :: bearded
бородач {noun} :: a bearded man
бородёнка {noun} [colloquial] :: pejorative of борода
Бородино {prop} :: Borodino (a village in Russia, near the city of Mozhaysk)
бородка {noun} :: protrusion at the end of a key
бородка {noun} [colloquial] :: diminutive of борода: a (small) beard
бородка {noun} [colloquial] :: endearing form of борода
борозда {noun} :: furrow
бороздить {v impf} :: to furrow
бороздить {vi impf} :: to leave ruts
бороздить {v impf} [figuratively] :: to travel around, to gallivant (by car, train or ship, etc.)
бороздка {noun} [colloquial] :: diminutive of борозда
бороздка {noun} [colloquial] :: endearing form of борозда
бороздка {noun} :: groove
борона {noun} :: harrow
боронить {v impf} :: to harrow, to till
боронь {noun} [archaic] :: battle, fight
-бороть {affix} :: Combining form used to form verbs meaning approximately "to fight, to defeat"
бороться {v impf} :: to fight, to wrestle, to struggle, to strive
борошно {noun} [dialectal] :: rye flour
борсетка {noun} :: man-bag (small bag used by men)
борт {noun} [nautical, aviation] :: board, side
борт {noun} [aviation] :: aircraft, flight
борт {noun} :: breast [of a jacket or coat]
бортик {noun} [colloquial] :: diminutive of борт
бортик {noun} [colloquial] :: endearing form of борт
бортник {noun} :: (apiculture, obsolete) beekeeper who works in the forest with wild honeybees
борт о борт {adv} [nautical] :: abreast, side by side
бортовой {adj} :: onboard
борть {noun} [archaic] :: beehive in a hollow tree
борщ {noun} :: borscht, borsht, borshch, borsch (a soup made of beets and cabbage)
борщ {noun} [dated] :: hogweed (Heracleum sphondylium)
борщевик {noun} :: hogweed (Heracleum, any of a group of umbelliferous plants, some of which are poisonous)
борьба {noun} :: struggle, fight, conflict, combat
борьба {noun} [sports] :: wrestling
борьба на руках {noun} :: arm wrestling (a sport)
борющийся {adj} :: fighting, struggling, warring
босанский {adj} :: Bosnian
босиком {adv} :: barefoot
босниец {noun} :: Bosnian (person)
боснийка {noun} :: female Bosnian (person)
боснийский {adj} :: Bosnian
Босния {prop} :: Bosnia
Босния и Герцеговина {prop} :: Bosnia and Herzegovina
босой {adj} :: barefoot
босоногий {adj} :: barefoot, barefooted
босоножка {noun} :: sandal (open type of footwear)
босс {noun} :: boss
бостон {noun} :: high-grade woolen cloth
бостон {noun} :: Boston (old card game)
бостон {noun} :: Boston (dance) (type of dance)
Бостон {prop} :: Boston
Босфор {prop} :: Bosphorus (a strait that passes through Istanbul)
босяк {noun} :: hobo, tramp, vagabond
бот {noun} [nautical] :: boat
бот {noun} :: overshoe
бот {noun} :: a type of winter shoe with a zipper or Velcro fastener
бот {noun} [computing, video games] :: bot
ботаник {noun} :: botanist
ботаник {noun} [slang] :: nerd
ботаника {noun} :: botany
ботанический {adj} :: botanical (relating to botany)
ботать {v impf} [slang] :: to speak a (criminal) jargon, to slang
ботва {noun} :: leaves of root vegetables
ботинкометатель {noun} :: shoe thrower
ботинок {noun} :: lace-boot
ботинок {noun} :: high shoe
ботиночек {noun} [colloquial] :: diminutive of ботинок: (child's or small) lace-boot, high shoe
ботиночек {noun} [colloquial] :: endearing form of ботинок
Ботсвана {prop} :: Botswana
ботсванский {adj} :: Botswanan
боулинг {noun} :: bowling (game)
боулинг {noun} :: bowling alley
боцман {noun} :: boatswain (the officer (or warrant officer) in charge of sails, rigging, anchors, cables etc. and all work on deck of a sailing ship)
бочаг {noun} [regional, hydrology] :: deep pool, small pit filled with water, underwater hole in the bed of a river or lake (any wide or deep cavity of earth that is situated on a riverbed or at the bottom of a small river, a lake, or a swamp)
бочка {noun} :: barrel, keg, drum
бочка {noun} :: roll (aerobatic maneuver)
бочка {noun} :: bochka, ancient Russian measure of liquids equal to 491.96 liters (40 вёдер)
бочка {noun} :: (pejorative slang) overweight person
бочок {noun} :: flank
бочонок {noun} :: small barrel, keg, cask
боязливый {adj} :: timid, shy, fearful
боязно {pred} [colloquial] :: it is scary, one is afraid, one is scared
боязнь {noun} :: fear, dread
боярин {noun} [historical] :: boyar
боярский {adj} [relational] :: boyar
боярский {adj} :: boyar's
боярыня {noun} [historical] :: female boyar (a rank of aristocracy in Russia)
боярыня {noun} [archaic] :: a form of address to a noble woman or landlady, madam, ma'am
боярышник {noun} :: hawthorn
боярышня {noun} [historical, dated] :: young lady, miss, unmarried daughter of a boyar, older form of барышня
бояться {v impf} :: to fear, to be afraid [with genitive or infinitive]
бояться {v impf} :: to suffer from, to be vulnerable to
Бр. {n inan} :: abbreviation of брутто: gross weight
бра {n inan} :: sconce, light fixture on a wall
бравада {noun} [colloquial, pejorative] :: bravado
браво {interj} :: bravo!
бравый {adj} :: gallant, dashing
брага {noun} :: home brew (not distilled)
брада {noun} [archaic, poetic] :: synonym of борода
брадатый {adj} [dated or poetic] :: bearded
брадобрей {noun} :: barber
бражник {noun} [obsolete] :: reveler, drunkard
бражник {noun} :: butterfly of Sphingidae family
бражничать {v impf} [obsolete] :: to carouse, to revel, to drink
бразда {noun} [archaic, poetic] :: synonym of борозда
бразда {noun} [archaic, usually, in plural] :: reins
бразды {noun} :: horse bit, bridle, reins
бразды {noun} [figuratively] :: reins of power
Браззавиль {prop} :: Brazzaville
бразилец {noun} :: Brazilian (person)
Бразилиа {prop} {f} :: Бразилиа (Brasília)
Бразилия {prop} :: Brazil
бразильский {adj} :: Brazilian
бразильянка {noun} :: Brazilian (girl or woman)
Брайль {prop} :: Braille (writing system for the blind invented by Louis Braille)
брак {noun} :: marriage, matrimony
брак {noun} :: flaw, defect
брак {noun} [uncountable] :: defective goods, waste, spoilage, rejects
бракованный {adj} :: defective, flawed
браковать {v impf} :: to reject, to consider defective
браковать {v impf} :: to condemn
браконьер {noun} :: poacher (a person who trespasses in order to take game illegally)
бракоразводный {adj} [relational] :: divorce
бракосочетание {noun} :: marriage; wedding (official); nuptials
брак по договорённости {noun} :: arranged marriage
брамсель {noun} [nautical] :: topgallant sail
брандер {noun} :: fireship (a vessel full of explosives unleashed against the enemy vessel)
брандмауэр {noun} :: firewall, party wall
брандмауэр {noun} [computing] :: firewall
брандспойт {noun} :: fire pump
брандспойт {noun} :: hose mouthpiece
брандспойт {noun} :: nose-piece
брандспойт {noun} :: water cannon
бранивать {v impf} [dated or colloquial] :: to scold, to curse [repeatedly or frequently]; iterative of бранить
бранить {v impf} :: to scold
бранить {v impf} :: to abuse, to curse
бранить {v impf} [colloquial] :: to call names
браниться {v impf} :: to quarrel (with), to wrangle (with)
браниться {v impf} :: to abuse one another, to abuse each other
браниться {v impf} :: to swear, to curse
бранный {adj} :: abusive, offensive
бранный {adj} [dated or poetic] :: martial, military; [relational] war; battle
браный {adj} [dated, textiles] :: patterned, adorned with a pattern or design
брань {noun} :: scolding, invective, swearing
брань {noun} [obsolete] :: battle, fight
брань {noun} :: cloth with fancy patterns
браслет {noun} :: bracelet, bangle
брат {noun} :: brother
брат {noun} :: old boy, pal
братан {noun} [colloquial] :: older brother
братан {noun} [colloquial] :: brother
братан {noun} [colloquial] :: bro, a form of address to a friend
братан {noun} [slang] :: a member of a братва (a criminal group)
братва {noun} [slang] :: brotherhood (referring to criminal gangs in Russia and other ex-USSR states, especially those involved in organized crime); Russian mafia
братва {noun} [colloquial, collectively] :: friends, pals
брателло {m anim} [criminal slang, jocular] :: bro, brother, mate (form of address)
брателло {m anim} [criminal slang] :: gangster, mobster (member of a братва)
братец {noun} [colloquial] :: brother, bro, old fellow, dear friend [friendly or condescendingly, also as a form of address]
братик {noun} [colloquial] :: diminutive of брат: little brother
братик {noun} [colloquial] :: endearing form of брат
братик {noun} :: used as a friendly form of address to a man or boy
братина {noun} [historical] :: "Bratina", a traditional Russian wooden or copper pitcher for dispensing beer or kvass at festivals or large dinners, wine bowl, loving cup
Братислава {prop} :: Bratislava (capital of Slovakia)
братишка {noun} :: little brother
братишка {noun} :: buddy
братия {noun} [archaic, Christian usage] :: alternative form of братья
братия {noun} :: community of monks
братия {noun} [colloquial] :: fraternity, brotherhood, society
братов {adj} :: brother’s
браток {noun} [colloquial] :: brother, man, bro
браток {noun} [colloquial] :: mobster
братоубийца {m anim} {f anim} :: fratricide, killer of one's brother
братский {adj} :: brotherly, fraternal
братство {noun} :: brotherhood, fraternity
братыня {noun} :: obsolete form of братина
брать {v impf} :: to take
брать на откуп {v impf} [obsolete] :: to receive exclusive rights to something in exchange for money
брать на откуп {v impf} [colloquial] :: to claim, to take exclusive control over (a project, etc.)
браться {v impf} :: to take something with hands, to take (mutually, together) (e.g. each other's hands)
браться {v impf} :: to set about; to undertake (за + accusative case a task)
браться {v impf} [colloquial] :: to appear, to emerge
браузер {noun} :: (web) browser
браунинг {noun} :: Browning (automatic pistol)
брачный {adj} :: matrimonial, conjugal
брачущиеся {noun} [obsolete] :: bride and groom, couple, persons entering upon marriage
брачующиеся {noun} :: bride and groom, couple, persons entering upon marriage
брашно {noun} [archaic] :: food, sustenance
бревенчатый {adj} :: made of logs, timbered
бревно {noun} :: log, beam (trunk of dead tree, cleared of branches)
бревно {noun} [in the plural] :: lumber
бревно {noun} [gymnastics] :: beam, balance beam
бревно {noun} :: (epithet) stupid or unfeeling man
брег {noun} [archaic, poetic] :: bank, shore, coast
брегет {noun} :: Breguet watch (vintage Swiss pocket watch renowned for its accuracy...named for Abraham-Louis Breguet)
бред {noun} :: delirium, ravings
бред {noun} [figurative] :: gibberish
бредень {noun} [fishing] :: small dragnet, seine (for use in shallow water)
бредить {v impf} :: to be delirious, to talk deliriously
бредить {v impf} [figurative] :: to say nonsense
бредить {v impf} :: to rave, to be mad about
бредник {noun} [fishing] :: dragnet, seine
бредовый {adj} :: delirious
бредовый {adj} [figurative] :: crazy, insane [plan, idea, etc.]
бред сивой кобылы {noun} [colloquial, idiomatic] :: hogwash, bullshit
брежневский {adj} [relational] :: Leonid Brezhnev
брежневский {adj} [relational] :: Brezhnev era
брезгать {v impf} :: to be fastidious/squeamish [about]
брезгать {v impf} :: to disdain, to shrink [from] [usually negative]
брезгливо {adv} :: with disgust
брезгливость {noun} :: squeamishness
брезгливый {adj} :: squeamish, fastidious
брезговать {v impf} :: to be fastidious/squeamish (about)
брезговать {v impf} :: (usually negative) to disdain, to shrink (from)
брезент {noun} :: tarpaulin, canvas
брезентовый {adj} [relational] :: canvas, tarpaulin
брезжить {v impf} [also impersonal] :: to dawn
брезжить {v impf} :: to flicker faintly
брезжить {v impf} [figurative] :: to dawn, to emerge, to begin to manifest [of hope, a thought, etc.]
брейнсторминг {noun} [neologism] :: brainstorming
брелок {noun} :: key fob
брелок {noun} :: charm, fob
Бремен {prop} :: Bremen (German state)
Бремен {prop} :: Bremen (city in the German state of Bremen)
бремя {noun} :: burden, charge, load
бренд {noun} :: brand (a specific product, service, or provider so distinguished)
бренди {n inan} :: brandy
бренность {noun} [literary] :: caducity, frailty, transience
бренный {adj} [literary] :: perishable, fleeting, mortal, frail
бренчать {v impf} :: to jingle, to clink, to chink (to make a noise of metal or glass clattering against itself)
бренчать {v impf} :: to strum
Брест {prop} :: Brest (A city in Belarus)
Брест {prop} :: Brest (A city in Brittany, France)
брести {v impf} :: to plod, to lag
брести {v impf} :: to stroll
Бретань {prop} :: Brittany (a region and historical province of France)
бретонец {noun} :: Breton person
бретонский {adj} :: Breton
бретонский {noun} :: Breton
брехать {v impf} :: to yelp, to bark
брехать {v impf} :: to lie, to tell lies
брехло {noun} [colloquial, derogatory, usually, Ukraine, South Russia] :: liar, bullshitter
брехня {noun} [colloquial] :: lie (untruth)
брехня {noun} [colloquial] :: rigmarole (nonsense talk)
брехун {noun} [colloquial] :: liar
брешь {noun} :: breach, gap; break, tear
брёх {noun} [colloquial] :: dog's barking
брёх {noun} [colloquial] :: lies, nonsense, empty chatter
бриг {noun} :: brig
бригада {noun} :: crew, team, gang (group of people employed to work together on a common task)
бригада {noun} [military] :: brigade
бригада {noun} [criminal slang] :: gang, crew (group of criminals)
бригадир {noun} :: brigadier
бригадир {noun} :: foreman
бригадный {adj} [relational] :: team
бригадный {adj} [relational] :: brigade
бригантина {noun} :: brigantine
бридж {noun} [card games] :: bridge
Бриджтаун {prop} :: The capital of Barbados
Бриджтаун {prop} :: Various towns in UK, US, Canada and Australia
бриз {noun} :: sea breeze
бризантность {noun} :: brisance
бризантный {adj} :: explosive, brisant [of weapons]
БРИК {m inan} :: BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China)
брикет {noun} :: briquette
бриллиант {noun} :: (cut) diamond
бриллиантовый {adj} [relational] :: diamond
брильянт {noun} [colloquial] :: alternative form of бриллиант
Брисбен {prop} :: Brisbane
Бристоль {prop} :: Bristol (city)
британец {noun} :: Briton, Brit (citizen, resident)
Британия {prop} :: Britain
британка {noun} [historical] :: British woman
британка {noun} :: Englishwoman
Британская империя {prop} [history] :: British Empire
Британская телерадиовещательная корпорация {prop} :: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Британские острова {prop} :: British Isles
британский {adj} :: British
Британское Содружество наций {prop} :: British Commonwealth of Nations
бритва {noun} :: razor (also figurative)
бритва Оккама {noun} :: Occam's razor
бритоголовый {adj} :: shaven-headed
бритоголовый {noun} :: person with a shaven head
бритоголовый {noun} :: skinhead (extremist, white-supremacist)
бритт {noun} :: Briton (member of an ancient tribe)
бритый {adj} :: clean-shaven
бритый {adj} :: shaved
брить {v impf} :: to shave (transitive)
бритьё {noun} :: shave, shaving
бриться {v impf} :: to shave oneself (intransitive)
брифинг {noun} :: briefing
брифы {noun} :: briefs
бровка {noun} [colloquial] :: diminutive of бровь: (small) eyebrow
бровка {noun} [colloquial] :: endearing form of бровь
бровка {noun} [dated] :: nickname of a pet dog
бровка {noun} :: edge of a road, curb
бровка {noun} [geology] :: brow
бровка {noun} [sports] :: track shoulder
бровь {noun} :: eyebrow
брод {noun} :: ford
бродить {v impf} :: to wander, to roam, to ramble
бродить {v impf} :: to stroll
бродить {v impf} :: to ferment
бродяга {m anim} {f anim} :: tramp, vagabond
бродяжить {v impf} [colloquial] :: to wander, to ramble
бродячий {adj} :: wandering, itinerant, nomadic
бродячий {adj} :: stray [animal]
брожение {noun} :: fermentation
брожение {noun} [figurative] :: ferment, rumblings
брокат {noun} :: brocade
брокер {noun} :: broker
брокколи {f inan} :: broccoli (a plant of the cabbage family, Brassicaceae)
бром {noun} :: bromine
бром {noun} [colloquial] :: mixture with bromide
бромид {noun} :: bromide
бронеавтомобиль {noun} :: armored car
бронебашня {noun} [military] :: cupola
бронебойный {adj} :: armour-piercing
броневик {noun} :: armored car
броневик {noun} [rare] :: armored train
броневой {adj} [relational] :: armor
броневой {adj} :: armored (clad or equipped with arms or armor)
бронежилет {noun} :: bulletproof vest
бронекатер {noun} [military] :: armored gunboat
броненосец {noun} [military, inanimate] :: battleship (pre-dreadnought type), ironclad
броненосец {noun} :: [animate] armadillo
бронепоезд {noun} :: armoured train
бронесилы {noun} :: armour
бронестекло {noun} :: bulletproof glass, bullet-resistant glass
бронетанковые войска {noun} [military] :: armored troops, armoured troops
бронетанковый {adj} :: armored
бронетехника {noun} [collective] :: armored equipment, armored vehicles
бронетранспортёр {noun} :: armored carrier, armoured personnel carrier
бронза {noun} :: bronze
бронзовый {adj} [relational] :: bronze
бронирование {noun} :: reservation, booking
бронирование {noun} :: armor (armor protection, the protective plating covering military equipment and installations, vehicles, etc.)
бронированный {adj} :: armored (clad or equipped with armor)
бронированный {adj} :: bulletproof, armor (describing a material)
бронировать {v impf} :: to book, to reserve
бронировать {v both} :: to armour
Бронкс {noun} :: Bronx (borough of New York City)
бронный {adj} [historical, relational] :: armor
бронх {noun} :: bronchus
бронхит {noun} :: bronchitis
бронь {noun} [colloquial] :: alternative form of броня
бронь {noun} [archaic, poetic] :: alternative form of броня
бронь {noun} [dialectal] :: ripe ear of oat
броня {noun} [military] :: armor, armour, armoring, shell
броня {noun} :: reservation, booking
бросать {v impf} :: to throw, to drop
бросать {v impf} :: to send urgently
бросать {v impf} :: to abandon, to forsake
бросать {v impf} :: to give up, to quit, to leave off
бросать {v impf} :: to jilt
бросаться {vi impf} :: to fling (oneself), to dash, to rush
бросить {v pf} :: to throw
бросить {v pf} :: to send urgently
бросить {v pf} :: to abandon, to forsake
бросить {v pf} :: to give up, to quit, to leave off
бросить {v pf} :: to jilt
броситься {vi pf} :: to fling (oneself), to throw oneself on, to dash, to rush
броский {adj} [colloquial] :: bright, conspicuous, catchy
бросок {noun} :: throw
бросок {noun} :: rush, spurt
брось {interj} :: stop it!, pack it in! quit it!
броуновское движение {noun} :: Brownian motion
брошка {noun} :: brooch
брошь {noun} :: brooch
брошюра {noun} :: brochure, booklet
брошюрка {noun} [colloquial] :: diminutive of брошюра: (small) brochure, pamphlet, leaflet
брошюрка {noun} [colloquial] :: endearing form of брошюра
бр-р {interj} [colloquial] :: brr!, brrr! (it’s cold!)
бр-р {interj} [colloquial] :: ew (expresses disgust)
брудершафт {noun} :: (usually only in the expression)
Бруклин {noun} :: Brooklyn (borough of New York City)
Бруней {prop} :: Brunei (a country in Southeast Asia)
Бруней-Даруссалам {prop} :: Brunei (a country in Southeast Asia)
брунейский {adj} :: Bruneian
брус {noun} :: squared beam
брусника {noun} :: cowberry, red whortleberry, lingonberry
брусок {noun} :: bar, ingot, slab
брусок {noun} :: whetstone, hone
брусок мыла {noun} :: bar of soap, cake of soap
бруствер {noun} :: breastwork, parapet
брусчатка {noun} :: paving stone, cobble
брусчатка {noun} [colloquial] :: pavement, road, etc. paved with such stones
брусчатый {adj} [relational] :: beam
брусчатый {adj} :: made of beams
брусчатый {adj} [relational] :: paving stone
брусчатый {adj} :: paved with paving stones, cobbled
брусья {noun} [sport] :: parallel bars
брутальный {adj} :: brutal
брутальный {adj} :: displaying manliness
брутто {adj} :: gross [of weight]
брызгать {v impf} :: to sprinkle, to besprinkle, to spray
брызгать {v impf} :: to splash, to splatter
брызгать {v impf} [figuratively] :: to shed, to exhale, to pour, to spout
брызги {noun} :: splash; sputter; spray; (fine) drops
брызговик {noun} [automotive] :: mudflap, mudguard (flap behind a vehicle wheel)
брызнуть {v pf} :: to splash, to splatter
брызнуть {v pf} :: to sprinkle
брынза {noun} :: brined cheese, such as bryndza or feta, usually from sheep's milk, but can also be from cow's or goat's milk
брысь {interj} :: shoo! (to make something go away)
брэнд {noun} [dated or nonstandard] :: alternative form of бренд
брюзжать {v impf} :: to grumble, to growl, to grouch, to be peevish
брюква {noun} :: swede (Brassica napus, sometimes Brassica napus rapifera)
брюква {noun} :: rutabaga (the plant and the vegetable)
брюки {noun} :: pants, trousers
брюки-галифе {noun} [military] :: flared breeches
брюки клёш {noun} :: bell-bottoms (pants that are flared from the knee downwards)
брюнет {noun} :: male brunette
брюнетка {noun} :: female brunette
Брюссель {prop} :: Brussels (capital of Belgium)
брюссельская капуста {noun} :: Brussels sprouts
брюссельский {adj} [relational] :: Brussels
брюссельское кружево {noun} :: Brussels lace
брюхо {noun} [anatomy] :: belly
брюхо {noun} :: paunch
брюхоногие {noun} :: gastropods
брюхоногий {adj} :: gastropodous
брюхоногий {noun} :: gastropod
брючки {noun} [colloquial] :: diminutive of брюки
брючки {noun} [colloquial] :: endearing form of брюки
брючный {adj} [relational] :: pants, trousers
брюшина {noun} [anatomy] :: peritoneum
брюшина {noun} :: flank steak
брюшко {noun} :: abdomen (the posterior section of an arthopod's body)
брюшко {noun} [colloquial] :: endearing form of брюхо: belly
брюшная полость {noun} :: abdomen (cavity)
брюшной {adj} :: abdominal (relating to the abdomen)
брякать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to clatter, to clang, to clank
брякать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to bang down, to drop (let fall) with a bang/crash, to drop with a thud, to fling, to hurl
брякать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to blab, to blurt out
брякнуть {v pf} [colloquial] :: to clatter, to clang, to clank
брякнуть {v pf} [colloquial] :: to bang down, to drop (let fall) with a bang/crash, to drop with a thud, to fling, to hurl
брякнуть {v pf} [colloquial] :: to blab, to blurt out
Брянск {prop} :: Bryansk, a city in Russia, administrative centre of Bryansk oblast
брянский {adj} [relational] :: Bryansk (city in Russia)
Б-то. {n inan} :: abbreviation of брутто: gross weight
БТР {m inan} :: initialism of бронетранспортёр
Бтто. {n inan} :: abbreviation of брутто: gross weight
б/у {adj} :: initialism of бывший в употреблении
б.у. {adj} :: initialism of бывший в употреблении
бубен {noun} :: tambourine
буби {noun} [colloquial] :: diamonds (one of the four suits of playing cards, marked with the symbol ♦)
бублик {noun} :: bagel, bublik, sushka, baranka
бубна {noun} [cards] :: diamond
бубнить {v impf} [colloquial, deprecative] :: to mutter
бубнить {v impf} :: to drone on (about)
бубновый {adj} [relational] :: diamonds (suit in card games)
бубновый туз {noun} :: ace of diamonds (playing card)
бубны {noun} :: diamonds (one of the four suits of playing cards, marked with the symbol ♦)
Буг {prop} :: the Bug River (either of two rivers in Central Europe)
бугай {noun} [dialectal] :: uncastrated bull
бугай {noun} [low colloquial, pejorative] :: bull (a large, strong man)
бугель {noun} :: a bow-shaped device
бугель {noun} [rail transport] :: bow collector (type of current collector used on trams, formerly much more than today)
бугель {noun} [nautical] :: metal band around a spar to which the rigging is attached
бугель {noun} [skiing] :: tow gripper (removable device for attaching to a ski tow cable)
бугель {noun} [automotive] :: kangaroo bar
бугель {noun} [skiing, colloquial] :: ski tow, T-bar, J-bar
буги-вуги {n inan} :: boogie-woogie
бугор {noun} [inanimate] :: hill, hillock
бугор {noun} [inanimate] :: bump
бугор {noun} [animate, colloquial] :: big cheese, boss
бугорок {noun} [colloquial] :: diminutive of бугор: hillock, mound; knob, protuberance; tubercle
бугорок {noun} [colloquial] :: endearing form of бугор
Будапешт {prop} :: Budapest (capital of Hungary)
будда {m anim} :: buddha
Будда {prop} {m anim} :: Buddha
буддизм {noun} :: Buddhism
буддийский {adj} :: Buddhist
буддист {noun} :: Buddhist
будем здоровы {interj} :: cheers! (toast when drinking)
будет дождь {phrase} :: is it going to rain?
будет ли дождь {phrase} :: is it going to rain?
будёновка {noun} [military, history] :: budyonovka, budenovka (a distinctive type of hat and an essential part of the Red Army uniform during the Russian Civil War and later)
будильник {noun} :: alarm clock
будить {v impf} :: to wake up, to awake, to waken
будка {noun} :: booth, cabin, kiosk, box (very small building)
будка {noun} [history] :: small police facility (during pre-revolutionary Russia)
будка {noun} :: kennel, doghouse
будни {noun} :: weekday(s), working days
будни {noun} :: humdrum, colorless existence
буднично {adv} :: in an ordinary, mundane, workaday manner
будничный {adj} [relational] :: weekday
будничный {adj} :: day-to-day, dull, everyday, ordinary, mundane
будоражить {v impf} [colloquial] :: to agitate, to disturb, to excite
будочка {noun} :: diminutive of будка
будто {conj} :: as if, as though
будто {conj} :: allegedly, that (with some uncertainty)
будто бы {adv} :: allegedly, supposedly
будто бы {adv} :: as if
будущее {noun} :: the future
будущее время {noun} [grammar] :: future tense
будущий {adj} :: future
будущность {noun} [literary] :: future (events to come, or one's expected success or fate)
будь верен сам себе {phrase} :: to thine own self be true
будь здоров {interj} [colloquial, to a man/boy] :: gesundheit!, bless you!
будь здоров {interj} [colloquial, to a man/boy] :: good-bye (lit., "be healthy"), take care
будьте добры {interj} [formal or to a group] :: please, would you be so kind
будьте здоровы {interj} [formal or to a group] :: bless you (said to somebody who has sneezed)
будьте здоровы {interj} [formal or to a group] :: good-bye (lit., "be healthy"), take care
будь что будет {phrase} :: whatever will be, will be; whatever works (literally: "be what will be"); come what may
буево {noun} [regional, rare] :: (northern dialect) open, elevated cemetery or graveyard
буер {noun} :: iceboat, ice yacht
Бужумбура {prop} :: Bujumbura (capital of Burundi)
буза {noun} :: noisy row, uproar, fuss
буза {noun} :: boza (a fermented, malted beverage made from millet, buckwheat, oats, or barley, popular in the Crimea and Caucasus. It has a thick consistency and a low alcohol content, usually around 4–6%, and has a slightly acidic sweet flavor)
бузина {noun} :: elder (tree)
бузина {noun} :: elderberry
бузотёр {noun} :: troublemaker
бузулукчанин {noun} :: citizen of Buzuluk
буй {noun} :: buoy
буйвол {noun} :: buffalo
буйный {adj} :: impetuous, wild
буйный {adj} :: violent, vehement
буйный {adj} :: unbridled
буйный {adj} :: exuberant
буйство {noun} :: rage, outrage, tumult, unruly behavior
бук {noun} :: beech
бука {noun} :: bugaboo, boogieman
бука {noun} :: surly person, unsociable person
Букалему {prop} {m inan} :: Bucalemu (the Chilean town)
букашка {noun} [colloquial] :: bug, insect
букашка {noun} [colloquial] :: someone insignificant
буква {noun} :: letter (a symbol in an alphabet)
буквально {adv} :: literally or word for word
буквальный {adj} :: literal (exactly as stated; read or understood without additional interpretation)
букварь {noun} :: ABC book, primer
буквенный {adj} :: literal
буквица {noun} :: drop cap, versal
буквица {noun} :: Bukvitsa, Glagolitic
буквица {noun} :: betony
буквоед {noun} :: pedant, dryasdust
буквоедство {noun} :: pedantry, punctiliousness
буквочка {noun} :: diminutive of буква (a small) letter [a symbol in an alphabet]
букет {noun} :: bouquet, bunch of flowers, posy
букет {noun} :: bouquet, aroma
букетик {noun} :: diminutive of букет: a (small) bouquet, a bunch (of flowers)
буккакэ {n inan} [pornography, sexuality] :: bukkake
буккер {noun} [agriculture] :: old-fashioned agricultural implement for shallow plowing of soil
буклет {noun} :: booklet
букля {noun} [usually plural, dated] :: curl of hair
букля {noun} [architecture] :: ornament composed of a number of rings, sometimes with rosettes in the center
буковка {noun} :: diminutive of буква (a small) letter [a symbol in an alphabet]
букса {noun} [railways] :: axle-box, journal box
буксир {noun} :: tug, tugboat, towboat
буксир {noun} :: tow, towrope, towline
буксирный {adj} :: towing (used for towing)
буксировщик {noun} :: tow truck
буксовать {v impf} :: to skid, to spin around without traction [of a car or its wheels]
буксовать {v impf} [colloquial, figurative] :: to stall, to be in a gridlock
булава {noun} [weapons] :: mace
булава {noun} [sport] :: Indian club
булавка {noun} :: pin
булавочный {adj} [relational] :: pin
булат {noun} :: bulat, wootz steel, Damascus steel
булат {noun} [figuratively, poetic] :: sword, blade
булгаковский {adj} [relational] :: Bulgakov; Bulgakov's (referring to anyone with this name, especially Mikhail Bulgakov, Russian writer)
булгаковский {adj} [relational] :: Bulgakovo (name of several Russian localities)
булев {adj} :: Boolean
булево множество {noun} :: Boolean domain
булка {noun} :: roll of bread, small loaf
булка {noun} [Saint Petersburg] :: white bread
булка {noun} [usually, in the plural, colloquial] :: buttock
булла {noun} :: bull (document)
буллинг {noun} [neologism] :: bullying
булочка {noun} :: bun, roll
булочка с начинкой {noun} :: burger
булочная {noun} :: bakery, baker's
булыжник {noun} :: cobble, cobblestone
бульбаш {noun} [ethnic slur] :: a Belarusian
бульбоуретральная железа {noun} [anatomy] :: bulbourethral gland
бульбоуретральный {adj} :: bulbourethral
буль-буль {interj} :: Represents the sound of liquid bubbling or gurgling
бульвар {noun} :: boulevard, avenue
бульварный {adj} [relational] :: public walkway, promenade
бульдог {noun} :: bulldog
бульдозер {noun} :: bulldozer
бульканье {noun} :: gurgling, gurgle
булькать {v impf} :: to gurgle
бульон {noun} :: broth, bouillon (water in which food (meat or vegetable etc) has been boiled)
бульон {noun} :: clear soup
бум {noun} [media] :: sensation, racket
бум {noun} [economics] :: boom
бум {interj} :: thud, crash
бумага {noun} [obsolete] :: cotton wool
бумага {noun} :: paper
бумага {noun} :: document
бумагопрядильня {noun} :: cotton mill
бумажка {noun} :: diminutive of бумага
бумажник {noun} :: wallet
бумажник {noun} :: papermaker, worker in the paper industry
бумажный {adj} [relational] :: paper (made of paper)
бумер {noun} [slang] :: A BMW car, a bimmer
бумеранг {noun} :: boomerang
бунгало {n inan} :: bungalow
бункер {noun} :: bunker, underground shelter
Бункё {prop} {m inan} :: Bunkyō (one of twenty-three special wards in Tokyo)
бунт {noun} :: riot, mutiny, rebellion (armed resistance)
бунт {noun} :: bale, packet, bundle
бунтарь {noun} :: rebel
бунтарь {noun} [history] :: anarchistic rebel of the 1870s and 1880s in Imperial Russia
бунтовать {v impf} [imperfective only] :: to revolt, to rebel
бунтовать {v impf} :: to incite a revolt
бунтоваться {v impf} :: to rebel, to mutiny
бунтовщик {noun} :: rebel, mutineer, rioter, insurgent
бур {noun} :: Boer (white South African person of Dutch, or by extension other non-Anglo-Saxon, descent)
бур {noun} :: bore, drill, auger
бура {noun} :: borax
бурав {noun} :: drill, auger (carpenter's tool)
буран {noun} :: blizzard, snowstorm
Буратино {prop} {m anim} :: Buratino (the main character of the book "The Golden Key, or the Adventures of Buratino")
бурбон {noun} :: bourbon
бургер {noun} [colloquial] :: burger (hamburger)
бургомистр {noun} :: burgomaster
бургомистр {noun} :: glaucous gull
бургунд {noun} :: Burgundian (member of a Germanic tribe)
бурда {noun} [colloquial] :: dishwater, slops
буревестник {noun} :: petrel (type of bird)
бурелом {noun} [collective] :: windfall [of trees]; deadfall resulting from a storm
бурение {noun} :: drilling, boring (e.g. of wells, mines)
буржуа {m anim} {f anim} :: bourgeois (individual member of bourgeoisie)
буржуазия {noun} :: bourgeoisie
буржуазный {adj} :: bourgeois
буржуй {noun} [colloquial] :: bourgeois
буржуйка {noun} [colloquial, animate] :: female member of the bourgeoisie, bourgeoise
буржуйка {noun} [dated, colloquial, inanimate] :: a small metal stove used for heating
бурить {v impf} :: to bore (a hole)
бурка {noun} :: burka (male garment from the Caucasus)
буркать {v impf} :: to growl out, to bark out, to say something angrily or with dissatisfaction
буркать {v impf} :: to mumble out, to say something softly and unclearly
Буркина Фасо {prop} {n inan} :: Burkina Faso
Буркина-Фасо {prop} {f inan} :: Burkina Faso
буркнуть {v pf} :: to growl out, to bark out, to say something angrily or with dissatisfaction
буркнуть {v pf} :: to mumble out, to say something softly and unclearly
бурлак {noun} [historical] :: burlak, in old Russia, a man employed in dragging ships upstream
бурлить {v impf} :: to seethe, to boil up
бурлить {v impf} :: (people) to boil up
бурно {adv} :: violently
бурный {adj} :: stormy, turbulent, violent
буроватый {adj} :: brownish
буровой {adj} [relational] :: boring, drilling
бурозубка {noun} :: common shrew; sorex
бурун {noun} :: breaker, surf
бурун {noun} :: bow wave
Бурунди {prop} {f inan} :: Burundi
бурундийский {adj} :: Burundian
бурундук {noun} :: chipmunk
бурчать {v impf} :: to grumble, to rumble (to make a low growling or rumbling stomach noise)
бурчать {v impf} :: to grumble, to complain
бурчать {v impf} :: to mutter, to mumble
бурый {adj} :: brown [of bears, coal]
бурьян {noun} :: wild grass (steppe); (tall) weeds
буря {noun} [meteorology] :: storm, tempest
буря в стакане воды {noun} [idiomatic] :: storm in a tea-kettle (big fuss made in a small context, lit.: "storm in a glass of water")
буряк {noun} [regional] :: beetroot
бурят {noun} :: Buryat (person)
Бурятия {prop} :: Buryatia
бурятский {adj} :: Buryat, Buryatian
бусидо {n inan} :: bushido
бусина {noun} :: bead (pierced small round object)
бусинка {noun} :: diminutive of бусина: small bead
бусинка {noun} :: endearing form of бусина
буссоль {noun} :: compass
буссоль {noun} [military] :: aiming circle
буссоль {noun} [geodesy] :: circle, azimuth circle
бусы {noun} :: beads
бут {noun} :: rubble, quarry-stone
бутан {noun} :: butane
Бутан {prop} :: Bhutan
бутанский {adj} :: Bhutanese
бутафория {noun} [theater] :: mockup
бутафория {noun} [figurative] :: sham, fake
бутафорский {adj} [relational, theater] :: mockup
бутафорский {adj} [figurative] :: sham, fake
бутер {noun} [slang] :: sandwich, especially an open sandwich
бутерброд {noun} :: sandwich [especially an open sandwich]
бутик {noun} :: boutique
бутилировать {v both} :: to bottle (to seal (a liquid) into a bottle for later consumption)
бутилировать {v both} :: to butylate (to react so as to introduce one or more butyl groups into a molecule)
бутират {noun} :: butyrate, butanoate
бутират {noun} :: sodium oxybate
бутон {noun} :: (flower) bud
бутса {m inan} [usually, in the plural] :: sport boot, usually with hard leather
бутылка {noun} :: bottle
бутылочка {noun} :: diminutive of бутылка: a (small) bottle
бутылочка {noun} :: spin the bottle
бутыль {noun} :: a large bottle; carboy, demijohn, flask
бутырский {adj} [relational] :: Butyrsky (district in Moscow, etc.)
буфер {noun} :: buffer
буфер {noun} [automotive, dated] :: bumper (mechanical device to absorb impact)
буфер {noun} [colloquial, humorous, usually, in plural] :: boob
буфет {noun} :: sideboard
буфет {noun} :: bar, lunchroom, refreshment room, buffet
буфетчик {noun} :: barman, bartender
буфетчица {noun} :: barmaid
бух {interj} :: bang (verbal percussive sound)
буханка {noun} :: bread loaf
буханка {noun} [colloquial] :: UAZ-452 four-wheel drive van
Бухара {prop} :: Bukhara (city in Uzbekistan, founded in the 6th century BCE)
Бухарест {prop} :: Бухарест (capital city)
бухарец {noun} [historical] :: Bukharan
бухарец {noun} :: citizen of Bukhara
бухарец {noun} :: Bukharan Jew
бухарский {adj} :: Bukharan (relating to the city of Bukhara)
бухарский {adj} [historical] :: Bukharan (relating to the Bukharan ethnic group or their language)
бухарский {adj} :: Bukharan (relating to the Bukharan Jews or their language)
бухать {v impf} :: to thump, to bang
бухать {v impf} :: cannons to thunder, to thud
бухать {v impf} :: to let fall with a thud
бухать {v impf} :: to blurt out
бухать {v impf} [colloquial] :: to drink, to booze, to tipple
бухгалтер {noun} :: accountant, book-keeper
бухгалтерия {noun} :: bookkeeping
бухгалтерия {noun} :: accounting department
бухгалтерская книга {noun} :: account book (a book in which accounts are kept)
бухгалтерский {adj} [relational] :: bookkeeping
бухгалтерша {noun} :: female accountant (a reckoner, or someone who maintains financial matters for someone else)
бухло {noun} [colloquial, collective noun] :: booze, alcoholic drinks
бухма {noun} [obsolete, regionalism] :: see брюква
бухнуть {v pf} :: to thump, to bang
бухнуть {v pf} :: to thunder, to thud [of cannons]
бухнуть {v pf} :: to let fall with a thud
бухнуть {v pf} :: to blurt out
бухнуть {v impf} :: to swell up, to swell
бухнуть {v pf} [colloquial, vulgar] :: to booze, to drink alcohol
бухнуть {v pf} [colloquial, dated] :: to fling oneself, to fall to one's knees
бухой {adj} [colloquial] :: pissed, drunk
бухта {noun} :: bay, inlet
бухта {noun} [originally nautical] :: coil (of rope, wire, etc.)
бухтеть {v impf} [colloquial] :: to complain
бухтеть {v impf} [colloquial] :: to murmur
бухтеть {v impf} [slang] :: to speak
бухтеть {v impf} [dialect, slang] :: to babble
бухтеть {v impf} [dialect] :: to chatter
буча {noun} :: turmoil, commotion, disturbance
Буш-дю-Рон {prop} {m inan} :: Bouches-du-Rhône (French department)
бушевать {v impf} :: to rage, to storm
бушель {noun} :: bushel (dry measure)
бушлат {noun} :: (sailor's) jacket; pea-jacket; pilot jacket
бушма {noun} [obsolete, dialectal, rare] :: rutabaga (see брюква) [inanimate]
бушма {noun} [obsolete, figuratively, dialectal, rare] :: a fat woman [animate]
бушня {noun} [obsolete, regionalism] :: rutabaga
бушприт {noun} :: bowsprit
Буэнос-Айрес {prop} :: Buenos Aires (seaport and capital of Argentina)
буява {noun} [regional, ] :: (northern dialect) open, elevated cemetery or graveyard
буян {noun} :: brawler, rowdy, ruffian
бы {particle} :: A verbal particle used to render conditional and subjunctive patterns
бывало {particle} [colloquial] :: would (often), used to
бывалый {adj} [colloquial] :: worldly-wise, experienced
бывалый {adj} [colloquial] :: habitual, familiar
бывать {v impf} [imperfective only] :: to be
бывать {v impf} [imperfective only] :: to occur, to happen (rarely, sometimes, regularly, or often)
бывать {v impf} :: to be at, to visit, to stay with
бывший {adj} :: former, the late, ex-
быдло {noun} [obsolete] :: cattle
быдло {noun} [derogatory] :: rabble; uncultured or stupid people
быдло {noun} [derogatory] :: sheeple
бык {noun} [animate] :: bull, ox
бык {noun} [animate, colloquial] :: a big, strong, or stubborn man
бык {noun} [animate, slang] :: gangster, mobster, soldier (rank-and-file member of a criminal gang)
бык {noun} [inanimate] :: abutment, pier
былина {noun} :: bylina (traditional East Slavic oral epic narrative poem)
былинка {noun} :: a blade of grass
былица {noun} [archaic] :: blade of grass
быличка {noun} [antiquated] :: dirty but true anecdote
было {particle} :: nearly, on the point of, just about
былое {noun} :: the past; yore
былой {adj} :: bygone, former
быль {noun} :: true story, fact
быль {noun} :: bylina, epic story
быльё {noun} [dated or regional, collective] :: grass
быстрее {adv} :: comparative of быстрый
быстрее {adv} :: comparative of быстро
быстренько {adv} [affectionate] :: quickly
быстро {adv} :: fast, quickly, rapidly
быстровозводимый {adj} :: prefabricated (building)
быстродействие {noun} :: execution speed, performance [of instruments, devices, etc.]
быстрота {noun} :: quickness (rapidity of movement or activity)
быстроходный {adj} :: high-speed, fast
быстрый {adj} :: fast, quick, speedy, rapid
быт {noun} :: day-to-day life at home
бытие {noun} [philosophy, stilted] :: existence, being (the state of being, existing, or occurring)
бытиё {noun} :: alternative form of бытие
бытность {noun} [archaic] :: life, existence
бытность {noun} [archaic] :: stay, sojourn of somebody in some place or in the capacity of someone
бытование {noun} [dated] :: life, existence
бытование {noun} [dated] :: availability, spread (of species)
бытовать {v impf} :: to be current, to exist, to occur (in respect to social conditions)
бытовой {adj} :: domestic, household
бытовой {adj} :: common, everyday
быть {v impf} :: to be
бытьё {noun} [colloquial] :: alternative form of бытиё
быть на короткой ноге {v impf} [idiomatic] :: to be on friendly terms, to be well in; to be privy with
бычий {adj} [relational] :: bull, ox
бычить {v impf} [colloquial] :: to behave aggressively (like a bull), to bully (intransitive)
бычок {noun} [animate] :: diminutive of бык: bull calf, steer
бычок {noun} [animate] :: bullhead, miller's thumb, goby
бычок {noun} [slang, inanimate] :: cigarette butt, fag-end
бычок {noun} [colloquial, inanimate] :: ZIL-5301 light truck or related vehicle
бьеннале {m inan} {f inan} :: biennale (a biennial celebration or exhibition)
бэ {n inan} :: The Cyrillic letter Б, б
бэ {n inan} :: The Roman letter B, b
бэби-бокс {noun} :: baby hatch, baby box (a place where people (typically mothers) can bring babies, usually newborn, and abandon them anonymously)
бэби-бум {noun} :: baby boom (an increase in the birth rate)
бэбиситтер {m anim} {f anim} :: babysitter (baby or child caretaker)
бэ-бэ {interj} :: [imitative] baa (sound a sheep makes)
бэкграунд {noun} :: background, (person's or event's) history, prehistory (relevant information)
бэкграунд {noun} [computing] :: background
бэкдор {noun} [computing] :: back door
бэха {noun} [slang] :: a BMW
бюджет {noun} :: budget
бюджетник {noun} [colloquial] :: government employee (that is paid from the government budget)
бюджетный {adj} [relational] :: budget; budgetary
бюджетный {adj} :: budget (appropriate to a restricted budget)
бюллетень {noun} :: ballot paper
бюллетень {noun} :: bulletin (brief report)
бюллетень {noun} :: bulletin, journal
бюллетень {noun} [colloquial] :: medical certificate
Бюракан {prop} :: Byurakan (town in Armenia)
Бюрегаван {prop} :: Byureghavan (town in Armenia)
бюретка {noun} :: burette (glass tube with fine gradations and a stopcock used for titration, etc.)
бюро {n inan} :: office, bureau
бюро {n inan} [furniture] :: bureau, writing desk, secretary
бюрократ {noun} :: bureaucrat
бюрократизм {noun} :: bureaucracy
бюрократический {adj} :: bureaucratic
бюрократия {noun} [usually, uncountable] :: bureaucracy
бюро находок {n inan} :: lost and found, lost property (department where items that are found can be claimed by their owners)
бюст {noun} :: bust (sculptural portrayal of a person's head and shoulders)
бюст {noun} :: bust, bosom
бюстгальтер {noun} :: brassiere, bra
бяка {noun} [childish] :: no-no, something disgusting