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öö {interj}  :: er, uh
ödeema {n} [medicine]  :: oedema
ööga {n} [Helsinki slang]  :: An eye
öh {n}  :: uh (expression of uncertainty)
ööh {interj}  :: uh, erm, um (expression of confusion or uncertainty)
öinen {adj}  :: nocturnal
öisin {adv}  :: in the night, at night
öitä {interj} [colloquial]  :: night, good night
öky {adj}  :: rich, powerful, mighty; used chiefly as modifier in compound terms
ökyrikas {adj} [colloquial]  :: Extremely rich
ökytalo {n}  :: mansion (large house or building, built for the wealthy in order to show their wealth)
Öölanti {prop}  :: Öland
ööli {n} [slang]  :: beer
ölinä {n}  :: bawling
ölistä {vi} [colloquial]  :: To make voices (loudly)
öljy {n}  :: crude oil
öljy {n}  :: oil
öljy {n}  :: Oscar Echo (the letter "Ö" in the Finnish spelling system similar to ICAO spelling alphabet)
öljyala {n}  :: oil industry
öljyalue {n}  :: oil area (area with crude oil reserves)
öljyauto {n} [rare]  :: fuel tanker, petrol tanker, road tanker (tanker for liquid fuels)
öljyšeikki {n}  :: An oil sheikh
öljyemulsio {n}  :: oil emulsion
öljyesiintymä {n}  :: oil deposit
öljyhana {n}  :: oil tap
öljyhappo {n}  :: oleic acid
öljyhiekka {n}  :: tar sand
öljyhoito {n}  :: oil treatment
öljyinen {adj}  :: oily
öljyinen {adj}  :: oleaginous
öljyisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of öljyinen
öljyisyys {n}  :: oiliness
öljyjohto {n}  :: oil pipeline
öljyjäte {n}  :: oil waste
öljykakku {n}  :: oil cake (cake made with vegetable oil instead of butter)
öljykakku {n}  :: oil cake (solid residue remaining after any oilseed has been pressed to remove the vegetable oil; used as animal food)
öljykalvo {n}  :: oil film
öljykamiina {n}  :: oil stove (stove which uses heating oil or kerosene as fuel)
öljykangas {n}  :: oilskin (cloth made from cotton and treated with oil and pigment to make it waterproof)
öljykangastakki {n}  :: oilcloth coat
öljykangastakki {n}  :: oilcloth jacket
öljykanisteri {n}  :: oil canister
öljykankainen {adj}  :: Made of oilcloth
öljykannu {n}  :: oil can
öljykastike {n}  :: oil dressing (salad dressing with vegetable oil as main ingredient, with vinegar, salt, spices and herbs as seasoning)
öljykasvi {n}  :: oil plant (plant cultivated for raw material of vegetable oil)
öljykatastrofi {n}  :: oil catastrophe
öljykeitin {n}  :: oil cooker (cooker in which the food is cooked in heated oil)
öljykeitin {n}  :: oil cooker (cooker using oil as fuel)
öljykenttä {n}  :: oilfield
öljykerrostuma {n}  :: oil stratum
öljykriisi {n}  :: oil crisis
öljykulttuuri {n} [rare]  :: oil culture (culture and way of life based on excessive consumption of mineral oil)
öljylaiva {n} [rare]  :: oil tanker (vessel used to transport large quantities of oil or oil products)
öljylamppu {n}  :: oil lamp
öljylasti {n}  :: oil cargo
öljylautta {n}  :: oil slick
öljylähde {n}  :: oil well
öljyläikkä {n}  :: oil slick, oil spot
öljyläiskä {n}  :: oil spot, oil slick (unwanted small amount of oil on a surface etc.)
öljyliuske {n} [geology]  :: oil shale
öljylämmitin {n}  :: oil heater (heating device that uses oil as fuel)
öljylämmitteinen {n}  :: oil heated
öljylämmitys {n}  :: oil heating
öljylöytö {n}  :: oil find
öljymaa {n}  :: An oil-producing country
öljymaalaus {n}  :: oil painting
öljymaali {n}  :: oil paint
öljymarja {n} [dated]  :: olive
öljymäinen {adj}  :: oily, greasy
öljymittari {n}  :: oil meter, oil pump
Öljymäki {prop}  :: Mount of Olives (mountain on which the garden of Gethsemane lied)
öljymylly {n}  :: oil mill (mill for crushing oil-bearing seeds to prepare them for the pressing stage of the oil-producing process)
öljynetsintä {n}  :: oil exploration
öljynimeytysaine {n}  :: oil absorbent (any solid material used to absorb an oil spill)
öljynjalostamo {n}  :: oil refinery
öljynjalostus {n}  :: oil refining
öljynjalostusteollisuus {n}  :: oil refining industry
öljynkeräysalus {n}  :: oil spill recovery vessel, oil spill response vessel, skimmer (vessel equipped to collect spilled oil from the surface of a body of water)
öljynkestävä {adj}  :: oilproof
öljynkuljetus {n}  :: oil transport, oil transportation
öljynkulutus {n}  :: oil consumption
öljynpaine {n}  :: oil pressure
öljynpainemittari {n}  :: oil pressure meter
öljynporaaja {n}  :: oil driller
öljynporaus {n}  :: oil drilling
öljynporauslautta {n}  :: An oil platform, oil rig
öljynporaustorni {n}  :: rig (special apparatus used for drilling oil wells)
öljynpuhdistamo {n} [dated]  :: oil refinery
öljynpuhdistamo {n}  :: oil purification plant
öljynpuristamo {n}  :: oil pressing plant (facility for extracting crude vegetable oil from oil-rich seeds or other raw material by pressing)
öljynsekainen {adj} [of liquids]  :: oil-contaminated
öljynsuodatin {n}  :: oil filter
öljyntorjunta {n}  :: oil spill control
öljyntuonti {n}  :: oil import
öljyntuotanto {n}  :: oil production
öljyntuottaja {n}  :: oil producer
öljyntuottajamaa {n}  :: oil producing country
öljynvaihto {n}  :: oil change
öljynviejä {n}  :: oil exporter
öljynviejämaa {n}  :: oil exporting country
öljynvienti {n}  :: oil export
öljynvälitys {n}  :: oil trading
öljynäyte {n}  :: oil sample
öljyonnettomuus {n}  :: oil accident
öljypalmu {n}  :: oil palm
öljyparoni {n}  :: oil baron
öljypastelli {n} [painting]  :: oil pastel
öljypellava {n}  :: Any cultivar of flax that is specifically bred to produce raw material for linseed oil production
öljypisara {n}  :: oil drop, drop of oil
öljypitoinen {adj}  :: oil-containing, oil-bearing, oil-rich
öljypitoisuus {n}  :: oil content
öljypohatta {n}  :: oil tycoon, oil baron
öljypohja {n}  :: oil pan, crank pan (lowest part of crankcase which acts as lubricating oil reservoir for an engine)
öljypohjainen {n}  :: oil-based
öljypolitiikka {n}  :: oil politics
öljypoltin {n}  :: oil burner
öljypumppu {n}  :: oil pump
öljypuomi {n}  :: containment boom (temporary floating barrier used to contain an oil spill)
öljyputki {n}  :: oil pipe
öljypuu {n}  :: olive tree
öljypuukasvi {n}  :: Any plant in this family
öljypuukasvi {n} [botany, in plural]  :: Oleaceae (family of 25 genera of generally oil-rich shrubs and trees)
öljyraha {n}  :: oil money, petrodollar
öljysampoo {n}  :: oil shampoo
öljysatama {n}  :: oil harbor
öljysheikki {n}  :: alternative spelling of öljyšeikki
öljysäiliö {n}  :: oil tank
öljysora {n}  :: tarmac
öljysorapäällyste {n}  :: tarmac paving
öljysorapäällysteinen {adj}  :: tarmac-paved, tarmac-laid, tarmac paved, tarmac laid
öljysorastaa {v}  :: to pave with tarmac
öljysorastus {n}  :: tarmac paving (act of paving with tarmac)
öljysoratie {n}  :: tarmac road (road paved with tarmac)
öljysuoni {n}  :: oil vein
öljytä {vt}  :: To lubricate
öljytä {vt}  :: To oil (grease)
öljytä {vt}  :: To oil (lubricate)
öljytahra {n}  :: oil stain
öljytakki {n}  :: oilcloth coat
öljytakki {n}  :: oilcloth jacket
öljytankkeri {n}  :: oil tanker
öljytankki {n}  :: oil tank
öljytempera {n}  :: tempera grassa (painting made with this technique)
öljytempera {n}  :: tempera grassa (painting technique)
öljyteollisuus {n}  :: oil industry
öljyterminaali {n}  :: oil terminal
öljytikku {n}  :: dipstick
öljytila {n}  :: A farm that specializes in cultivation of oil producing plants
öljytila {n}  :: engine oil space (the volume at the bottom of crank case in which lubricating oil accumulates when the engine is not running)
öljyttyä {vi}  :: To be spoiled by oil
öljytuho {n}  :: oil disaster
öljytuikku {n}  :: oil candle (small light comparable to a candle, consisting of an oil bottle or vessel and a wick that goes through the cap of the bottle)
öljytulo {n}  :: oil income
öljytuote {n}  :: oil product
öljyturma {n}  :: oil accident
öljytyö {n}  :: short for öljyvärityö
öljytyöläinen {n}  :: oil worker
öljytynnyri {n}  :: oil barrel (unit of measure)
öljytyöntekijä {n}  :: oil worker
öljyvaate {n} [dated]  :: oilskin
öljyvahinko {n}  :: oil accident
öljyvalaistus {n}  :: oil lighting (lighting arranged with oil lights)
öljyvalo {n}  :: oil lamp
öljyvaltio {n}  :: oil producing country
öljyvaluutta {n}  :: oil currency (currency of an oil producing country)
öljyvaranto {n}  :: oil reserve
öljyvarasto {n}  :: oil storage
öljyvarat {n}  :: oil reserves
öljyvernissa {n}  :: oil varnish (varnish that consists chiefly of processed oils and solvents, i.e. lacking resin component)
öljyväkirehu {n}  :: oil fodder (fodder with high concentration of vegetable or animal oils)
öljyvoimala {n}  :: oil plant
öljyvoimalaitos {n}  :: oil fired power plant
öljyväri {n}  :: oil paint
öljyväriliitu {n}  :: oil pastel, wax oil crayon (crayon made of pigments, oil base and wax binder)
öljyvärimaalaus {n}  :: oil painting
öljyvärityö {n}  :: oil painting
öljyvuoto {n}  :: oil spill
öljy-yhtiö {n}  :: An oil company
öljyyntyä {vi}  :: To be spoiled with oil
öllöttää {v}  :: to loll (to act lazily or indolently, or not at all)
Ö-mappi {n}  :: A figurative binder into which any unwanted proposals are archived in order to be forgotten
-ön {suffix}  :: Suffix variant for the illative singular: see -Vn
-o {suffix}  :: Forms result or action nouns from verbs
-o {suffix}  :: Forms variants from a few nominal roots
oaasi {n} [dated]  :: oasis
OAJ {initialism}  :: Opetusalan Ammattijärjestö (trade union representing the majority of teachers in the public sector, excluding university professors)
oas {n}  :: thorn
O-aukko {n}  :: O neckline, O-neckline (O-shaped neckline)
O-aukkoinen {adj}  :: O-neckline, o-neckline (having an O-shaped neckline, in English this is a case of attributive use of a noun)
Obadja {prop}  :: Obadiah
Obadja {prop}  :: the book of Obadiah
obduktio {n}  :: autopsy
obdusoida {v}  :: To conduct an autopsy
obeliski {n}  :: obelisk
obesiteetti {n} [medicine]  :: obesity
obinugrilainen {adj}  :: Ob-Ugrian
objekti {n}  :: object
objektiivi {n}  :: objective (lens or system of lenses)
objektiivi {n}  :: objective, objective case (grammatical case in some languages)
objektiivinen {adj}  :: objective
objektiivinen genetiivi {n} [linguistics]  :: genitive-accusative
objektiivisesti {adv}  :: objectively
objektiivisuus {n}  :: objectivity
oblaatti {n} [Christianity, archaic]  :: A wafer
oblasti {n}  :: An oblast
obligaatio {n} [economics]  :: bond
obligaatio {n}  :: obligation
obligaatiokauppa {n} [finance]  :: bond trade
obligaatiolaina {n} [finance]  :: bond loan
obligaatiomarkkina {n} [finance, usually in plural]  :: bond market
obligaatiomeklari {n} [finance]  :: bond trader
obligatorinen {adj}  :: obligatory
obliikvisija {n} [grammar]  :: oblique case
oboe {n} [musical instruments]  :: oboe
oboekonsertto {n}  :: oboe concerto
oboensoitto {n}  :: oboe playing
oboesonaatti {n}  :: oboe sonata
oboesoolo {n}  :: oboe solo
oboisti {n}  :: oboist
obseeni {adj}  :: obscene
observaatio {n}  :: observation (record)
observaatio {n}  :: observation (the act of observing)
observaattori {n}  :: observer
observatorio {n}  :: observatory
observoida {v}  :: To observe
observoija {n}  :: observer
observointi {n}  :: observation
obsessio {n} [psychology]  :: obsession
obsidiaani {n}  :: obsidian
obskuuri {adj}  :: obscure
obstetriikka {n} [medicine]  :: obstetrics
obstruentti {n} [phonetics]  :: obstruent
obstruktio {n}  :: obstruction
Occamin partaveitsi {n}  :: Occam's razor
odelma {n} [agriculture]  :: aftergrass
odelmikko {n} [agriculture]  :: The grass grown after haymaking
odontiitti {n} [pathology]  :: odontitis
odontologi {n}  :: odontologist, dentist
odontologia {n}  :: odontology, dentistry
odontologinen {adj}  :: odontological
odota {interj}  :: wait up
odote {n}  :: expectancy
odotella {v}  :: To wait about
odotettavissa {v}  :: olla odotettavissa: to be expected
odotettu {adj}  :: expected
odotetunlainen {adj}  :: expected
odotetusti {adv}  :: expectedly
odottaa {vt}  :: to expect (someone = genitive, to do something = active present participle singular in genitive, -van/-vän); to anticipate
odottaa {vt} [transitive + partitive]  :: to be expecting, be pregnant
odottaa {vt} [transitive + partitive]  :: to wait for, await, expect, anticipate
odottaja {n}  :: One who waits; waiter
odottamaton {adj}  :: unexpected, unheralded, unannounced, abrupt (without prior warning)
odottamatta {adv}  :: unexpectedly
odottamattomasti {adv}  :: unexpectedly
odottamattomuus {n}  :: unexpectedness
odottava {adj}  :: expectant (marked by expectation)
odottava {adj}  :: expecting, expectant, pregnant
odottava {adj}  :: waiting
odottelu {n}  :: waiting
odotuksenmukainen {adj}  :: anticipated, expected (corresponding with the expectations)
odotuksenmukaisesti {adv}  :: as expected
odotuksenvastainen {adj}  :: unanticipated, unexpected (being against the expectations)
odotuksenvastaisesti {adj}  :: unexpectedly (against the expectations)
odotus {n}  :: expectation, anticipation
odotus {n}  :: wait, waiting
odotusaika {n}  :: pregnancy
odotusaika {n}  :: waiting time, waiting period
odotusarvo {n} [statistics]  :: expected value
odotushalli {n}  :: waiting hall
odotushuone {n}  :: waiting room
odotuskatos {n}  :: waiting shelter
odotuskierros {n} [aviation]  :: holding pattern (path taken by an aircraft waiting to land)
odotuslisä {n}  :: waiting time allowance (extra payment for having to wait for work)
odotuslista {n}  :: waiting list
odotuspäivä {n}  :: waiting day
odotussali {n}  :: waiting hall
odotussiirto {n} [chess]  :: waiting move (passive move that puts the burden to move on the opposing player)
odotustila {n}  :: waiting space
odotuttaa {vt}  :: To cause someone to wait
odysseia {n}  :: odyssey
offensiivi {n}  :: offensive
offensiivinen {adj}  :: offensive
offsetlitografia {n} [printing]  :: offset lithography
offsetmenetelmä {n}  :: offset (printing method)
offsetpainate {n} [printing]  :: A printed matter produced with offset printing
offsetpaino {n}  :: offset (printing method)
offshorerakenne {n}  :: offshore structure
offshoretekniikka {n}  :: offshore technology
offshoreteollisuus {n}  :: offshore industry
offshore-yhtiö {n}  :: offshore company
ofikleidi {n} [musical instruments]  :: ophicleide
oftalmia {n} [disease]  :: Any eye inflammation
oftalmiatriikka {n}  :: ophthalmiatrics
oftalmiitti {n} [disease]  :: Any eye inflammation
oftalminen {adj}  :: ophthalmic
oftalmo- {prefix}  :: ophthalmo-
oftalmologi {n}  :: ophthalmologist
oftalmologia {n}  :: ophthalmology
oftalmometria {n}  :: ophthalmometry
oftalmopatia {n}  :: ophthalmopathy
oftalmoplegia {n}  :: ophthalmoplegia
oftalmoskooppi {n}  :: ophthalmoscope
oftalmoskopia {n}  :: ophthalmoscopy
oftalmotonometria {n}  :: ophthalmotonometry
ogilbynsukeltaja-antilooppi {n}  :: Ogilby's duiker, Cephalophus ogilbyi (West African species of antelope)
oglala {n} [in plural]  :: This tribe
oglala {n}  :: Oglala Lakota (member of a subtribe of the Lakota people, who belong to the Great Sioux Nation)
ogoni {n}  :: Ogoni (language)
ogoni {n}  :: Ogoni (member of SE Nigerian ethnic group)
ohari {n} [colloquial]  :: overtaking
ohari {n} [medicine, colloquial]  :: bypass
ohdake {n}  :: thistle
ohdakeperhonen {n}  :: painted lady [UK], cosmopolitan [North America], Vanessa cardui, alt. Cynthia cardui (common butterfly)
ohdakkeinen {adj} [figuratively]  :: thorny
ohdakkeinen {adj}  :: having many thistles
oheinen {adj}  :: enclosed, attached
oheinen {adj}  :: supplementary
oheisaineisto {n}  :: supplementary material
oheisilmiö {n}  :: supplementary phenomenon
oheiskulu {n}  :: incidental expense (minor expense incurred in the course of an activity)
oheislaite {n} [computing]  :: peripheral device
oheislaitteisto {n} [collectively]  :: peripheral devices
oheislaji {n}  :: supplementary sports activity (sport activity that is supplementary to one's main sport)
oheislukemisto {n}  :: supplementary reading material, supplementary reading
oheismateriaali {n}  :: supplementary material
oheismyynti {n}  :: supplementary sales
oheisohjelma {n}  :: supplementary program
oheispalvelu {n}  :: supplementary service, ancillary service
oheissakko {n} [criminal law]  :: supplementary fine (fine as supplementary punishment, see oheisseuraamus)
oheisseuraamus {n} [criminal law]  :: supplementary punishment, ancillary sanction (punishment, such as a fine or community service, given in addition to a main punishment, typically a suspended imprisonment)
oheistaa {v}  :: To enclose (to add as enclosure, as to a letter or e-mail)
oheistapahtuma {n}  :: supplementary event
oheistarvike {n}  :: accessory (something that belongs to part of another main thing; something additional and subordinate, an attachment)
oheistilaisuus {n}  :: supplementary event
oheistoiminta {n}  :: supplementary activity
oheistuote {n}  :: supplementary product
oheisviestintä {n}  :: supplementary communication
ohella {postp} [figuratively]  :: together with, alongside, along with, while
ohenema {n}  :: alternative term for ohentuma
ohenne {n}  :: thinner (liquid substance used to thin the consistency of another liquid)
ohennin {n}  :: thinner (liquid substance used to thin the consistency of another liquid)
ohennus {n}  :: thinning (act of making thinner)
ohennusaine {n}  :: thinner (substance, usually a liquid, used to thin the consistency of another liquid)
ohentaa {vt}  :: To dilute
ohentaa {vt}  :: To thin
ohenteinen {adj}  :: soluble, thinnable (of paint, capable of being thinned with something, always used with a modifier which specifies the type of thinner)
ohentua {vi}  :: to thin, to grow thinner
ohentuma {n}  :: thin, thin point, thin area, thin spot etc. (part of an object that is, has become or has been made thinner than its environment)
ohessa {adv}  :: attached, enclosed
ohessa {postp}  :: by, at the side, alongside
ohessa {postp} [figuratively]  :: together with, alongside, along with, while
ohestalyönti {n} [chess]  :: en passant
oheta {v}  :: to thin (out), become/get thinner
ohhoh {interj}  :: uh-oh (exclamation of error, concern, awareness of a problem, or surprise)
ohhoijaa {interj}  :: sigh (expression of fatigue, exhaustion, grief, sorrow, frustration, or the like)
ohi {adv} [spatial]  :: used to indicate movement past or beyond a certain point
ohi {adv} [temporal]  :: over
ohi {interj}  :: miss! (used like an interjection to indicate that a shot missed the target)
ohi {n} [archaic]  :: side, flank
ohi {postp} [spatial]  :: by, past (when one goes through the space that is next to something):
ohi {postp} [spatial]  :: wide
ohi- {prefix}  :: by-
ohi {prep}  :: (spatial) past
ohikiitävä {adj}  :: fleeting, transient
ohikulkija {n}  :: passer-by
ohikulkutie {n}  :: bypass, bypass road (road that passes around something)
ohimarssi {n} [military]  :: march-past
ohimenevä {adj}  :: transient, transitory, passing
ohimennen {adv}  :: in passing, passing (done only in passing; vague, cursory)
ohimo {n} [anatomy]  :: temple
ohimohius {n}  :: temple hair (individual hair on the temple of a person)
-ohimoinen {adj}  :: -templed
ohimokihara {n}  :: sidelock (lock of hair worn at the side of the head, such as that worn by some orthodox Jews)
ohimolihas {n}  :: temporal muscle, temporalis
ohimolohko {n} [anatomy]  :: temporal lobe
ohimoluu {n} [skeleton]  :: The temporal bone
ohitella {v}  :: To overtake (repeatedly)
ohitse {postp} [with genitive]  :: by, past (when one goes through the space that is next to something):
ohittaa {v}  :: To pass, overtake
ohittua {vi}  :: To be passed
ohitus {n}  :: bypass
ohitus {n}  :: overtaking
ohituskaista {n}  :: overtaking lane
ohituskielto {n}  :: no overtaking (traffic sign)
ohituskielto {n}  :: prohibition of overtaking
ohituskirurgia {n} [medicine]  :: bypass surgery (class of surgeries involving rerouting a tubular body part)
ohituskolari {n}  :: overtaking collision, overtaking accident
ohitusleikkaus {n}  :: bypass operation (surgical operation involving rerouting a tubular body part)
ohitusonnettomuus {n}  :: overtaking accident
ohitustie {n}  :: bypass, bypass road (road that passes around something)
ohitustilanne {n} [motoring]  :: overtake situation
ohivalintanumero {n} [telephony]  :: direct number, direct dial number
ohivirtausmoottori {n}  :: A turbofan
ohja {n}  :: [usually plural] rein (strap or rope attached to the bridle or bit, used to control a horse or other animal)
ohjaaja {n}  :: director
ohjaaja {n}  :: driver, pilot
ohjaaja {n}  :: tutor, mentor, counselor, adviser, instructor, for example camp counselor, guidance counselor, physical education instructor
ohjaaminen {n}  :: diversion
ohjaaminen {n}  :: instructing
ohjaaminen {n}  :: steering
ohjaamo {n}  :: cockpit
ohjailla {v}  :: To steer
ohjain {n} [computing]  :: a piece of hardware such as a video card
ohjain {n} [computing]  :: in Microsoft Windows, a device driver
ohjain {n}  :: controller, a controlling mechanism
ohjainpinta {n} [aeronautics]  :: A control surface
ohjanta {n}  :: alternative form of ohjaus
ohjas {n}  :: A rein (strap or rope attached to the bridle or bit, used to control a horse or other animal)
ohjasdelfiini {n}  :: pantropical spotted dolphin, Stenella attenuata
ohjaskelkka {n}  :: luge (type of racing sled)
ohjaskelkkailija {n}  :: luger (one who rides a luge)
ohjaskelkkailu {n}  :: luge (the sport of racing with luges)
ohjastaa {vt}  :: To rein; to direct a horse
ohjata {v}  :: to control, monitor, oversee, govern, steer, regulate, supervise, direct an activity, task, organization, operations (in general and medical operations), government authorities, the enforcement of (and implementation of and compliance with) laws and regulations, etc
ohjata {v}  :: to control, regulate a device, appliance, or system
ohjata {v}  :: to direct a play, film, etc
ohjata {v}  :: to direct, guide, conduct, lead, channel a moving object, flowing substance, traffic, etc
ohjata {v}  :: to give information to, give instructions to, give directions to, tell someone what to do, counsel, instruct, guide, direct, tutor, mentor, encourage people, patients, employees, students, studies, traffic, etc
ohjata {v}  :: to show the way, give directions, show to somewhere, usher, direct, guide, lead
ohjata {v}  :: to steer, pilot, navigate, drive a vehicle (car, ship, airplane, etc.)
ohjaus {n} [cinema, theater]  :: direction
ohjaus {n} [ice hockey]  :: deflection (practice of changing the direction of the puck with the stick without actually shooting)
ohjaus {n}  :: the action noun of the verb ohjata; control, guidance, steering, instruction etc
ohjauspyörä {n}  :: steering wheel
ohjausryhmä {n}  :: steering group (a group charged with developing an agenda or policy for a legislative assembly or other organisation)
ohjaussauva {n}  :: stick (control column of an aircraft)
ohjaustanko {n}  :: handlebar (bar for steering)
ohjaustehostin {n}  :: power steering
ohjautua {vi}  :: To move into (unwanted) direction; to drift
ohje {n}  :: help, instruction
ohjeistaa {vt}  :: To instruct; to give instructions
ohjeistus {n}  :: instructions, rubric
ohjekirja {n}  :: manual (book)
ohjelma {n}  :: cycle (program on a washing machine)
ohjelma {n}  :: playbill (program for theater or other performance)
ohjelma {n}  :: program, programme
ohjelma {n}  :: show (broadcast program)
ohjelma {n}  :: software, program (piece of software)
ohjelmaformaatti {n}  :: format (form of presentation of a radio or TV program)
ohjelmaidea {n}  :: program idea
ohjelmajohtaja {n}  :: program director
ohjelmajulistus {n}  :: manifesto, program declaration
ohjelmakaavio {n}  :: program schedule
ohjelmakirjasto {n} [computing]  :: program library
ohjelmalaskuri {n} [computing]  :: program counter
ohjelmalehtinen {n}  :: program sheet
ohjelmaluonnos {n}  :: draft program
ohjelmamusiikki {n}  :: program music (form of art music)
ohjelmanjulistus {n}  :: alternative term for ohjelmajulistus
ohjelmanmuutos {n}  :: change in the program
ohjelmanumero {n}  :: number (performance, especially as part of a larger show)
ohjelmanvalitsin {n}  :: program selector
ohjelmaopas {n}  :: program guide
ohjelmapolitiikka {n} [radio, TV]  :: programming policy
ohjelmasarja {n} [TV, radio]  :: series (television or radio program which consists of several episodes that are broadcast in regular intervals)
ohjelmasuunnittelu {n}  :: program planning
ohjelmatarjonta {n}  :: program supply
ohjelmatoimisto {n}  :: talent agency, booking agency (firm who finds jobs for artists and other people in various entertainment or broadcast businesses)
ohjelmatuotanto {n}  :: program production
ohjelmatuotantoyhtiö {n}  :: program production company
ohjelmatuottaja {n}  :: program producer
ohjelmavihkonen {n}  :: program booklet
ohjelmisto {n}  :: repertoire
ohjelmisto {n}  :: software
ohjelmistoinsinööri {n}  :: software engineer
ohjelmistokehitys {n}  :: software development
ohjelmistostandardi {n}  :: software standard
ohjelmistosuunnittelu {n}  :: software design
ohjelmistotalo {n}  :: software house
ohjelmistotekniikka {n}  :: software technology
ohjelmistoteollisuus {n}  :: software industry
ohjelmistotuotanto {n}  :: software production
ohjelmistoyhtiö {n}  :: a software company
ohjelmistoyritys {n}  :: software company
ohjelmoida {vt}  :: To program
ohjelmoija {n}  :: A programmer (one who designs software)
ohjelmointi {n} [computing]  :: programming
ohjelmointikieli {n} [computing]  :: programming language
ohjelmointivirhe {n}  :: programming error
ohjelmointiympäristö {n}  :: programming environment
ohjemerkki {n}  :: A type of traffic sign that deliver information and instructions on local circumstances, such as signs for parking, bus stop, reserved lane, change of type of road etc
ohjenopeus {n}  :: advisory speed, recommended speed
ohjenuora {n}  :: guideline
ohjepaketti {n}  :: instruction package
ohjepalkka {n}  :: recommended salary
ohjesääntö {n}  :: guideline, directive
ohjeteksti {n}  :: instructional text
ohjevähittäishinta {n}  :: recommended retail price, manufacturer's suggested retail price, list price
ohjus {n}  :: missile, guided missile
ohjusase {n} [inaccurately]  :: missile (self-propelled projectile whose trajectory can be adjusted after having been launched)
ohjusase {n}  :: missiles (missiles collectively as weapon class)
ohjushyökkäys {n}  :: missile attack
ohjusjärjestelmä {n}  :: missile system
ohjusristeilijä {n}  :: guided missile cruiser
ohjussiilo {n}  :: missile silo
ohjussukellusvene {n}  :: missile submarine
ohjustentorjuntaohjus {n}  :: anti-missile missile
ohjustukikohta {n}  :: missile base
ohjustyyppi {n}  :: missile type
ohjusvene {n}  :: missile boat
ohkainen {adj} [rare]  :: thin
ohkolevy {n}  :: relief foil (aluminum foil typically less than 0.1 mm thick but clearly thicker than ordinary household foil, used chiefly for art and handicrafts)
ohmi {n} [physics, electronics]  :: ohm
Ohmin laki {prop} [physics]  :: Ohm's law
oho {interj}  :: Acknowledging a minor mistake: oops, whoops-a-daisy
oho {interj}  :: An indication of excitement or surprise: wow, whoa, oh, ooh, ay, chihuahua
ohoh {interj}  :: uh-oh
ohoi {interj}  :: ahoy
Ohotanmeri {prop}  :: The Sea of Okhotsk
ohra {n}  :: barley
ohrahiutale {n}  :: barley flake
ohrahiutalepuuro {n}  :: barley flake porridge
ohrainen {adj}  :: (made of) barley
ohraisesti {adv} [idiomatic]  :: käydä ~ : to end up unluckily or unfortunately, to be unlucky
ohrajauho {n}  :: barley flour
ohrajauhovelli {n}  :: barley gruel
ohraleipä {n}  :: barley bread
ohraleipä {n}  :: ottaa ohraleipä = to undergo hard or tough times
ohramallas {n}  :: barley malt
ohrana {n} [informal, derogative]  :: policeman
ohrana {n} [informal]  :: police, especially the Russian secret police corps of 1866 to 1917
ohranjyvä {n}  :: barley grain
ohranjyvä {n} [idiomatic]  :: ~ silmässä ("barley grain in the eye"): drunk
ohransiemen {n}  :: barley seed
ohrantähkä {n}  :: barley ear
ohranverkkolaikku {n}  :: barley net blotch (disease of barley caused by the fungus Pyrenophora teres a.k.a. Drechslera teres)
ohranviljely {n}  :: barley growing
ohrapelto {n}  :: barley field
ohrapirtelö {n} [humorous]  :: beer
ohrapuuro {n}  :: barley porridge
ohrarieska {n}  :: A "rieska" -bread made of barley
ohraruumen {n}  :: barley husk
ohraryyni {n}  :: barley groat
ohraryynipuuro {n}  :: barley groat porridge, barley porridge
ohrasuurimo {n}  :: barley groat
ohravelli {n}  :: barley gruel
Ohto {prop} [rare]  :: male given name
ohuehko {adj}  :: quite thin
ohuelti {adv}  :: in a thin layer
ohuempi {adj}  :: comparative form of ohut
ohuesti {adv}  :: thinly
ohuin {adj}  :: superlative form of ohut
ohuinen {adj}  :: thin (being of certain thinness)
ohukainen {n}  :: A thin pancake resembling crepe / crêpe
ohukaisjauhe {n}  :: pancake mix
ohukaispannu {n}  :: pancake pan
ohukaispino {n}  :: stack of pancakes
ohukaistaikina {n}  :: pancake dough
ohukas {n}  :: A type of pancake resembling crêpe
ohut {adj}  :: thin
ohuthuulinen {adj}  :: thin-lipped
ohutkalvo {n} [technology]  :: thin film
ohutkalvotekniikka {n}  :: thin film technology
ohutkaulainen {adj}  :: thin necked
ohutkuorinen {n}  :: thin-barked (of a tree)
ohutkuorinen {n}  :: thin-crusted (of bread, Earth)
ohutkuorinen {n}  :: thin-shelled
ohutkuorinen {n}  :: thin-skinned (of fruit or vegetable)
ohutlevy {n}  :: sheet metal (metal worked into a thin, flat sheet, used widely as construction material and raw material for a multitude of industrial products)
ohutneulabiopsia {n} [medicine]  :: fine-needle biopsy, fine-needle aspiration (procedure of taking a sample of cells from an internal organ with a fine and long needle)
ohutneulanäyte {n} [medicine]  :: fine-needle aspiration sample, FNA sample, fine-needle sample
ohutpiikkipiikkisika {n}  :: alternative term for bahianpiikkirotta, Chaetomys subspinosus
ohutpäällyste {n}  :: low coat
ohutpohjainen {adj}  :: thin-bottomed
ohutrunkoinen {adj}  :: thin-trunked
ohutsarvilammas {n}  :: Dall sheep (species of sheep native to northwestern North America, Ovis dalli')
ohutsuoli {n} [anatomy]  :: small intestine
ohutsuolisairaus {n}  :: disease of the small intestine
ohutsuolisyöpä {n}  :: small intestine cancer
ohuttukkainen {adj}  :: thin-haired
ohuus {n}  :: rarity (e.g. of air)
ohuus {n}  :: thinness
oi {interj} [poetic]  :: o, oh
-oida {suffix}  :: Forms verbs from nouns or adjectives
oidipaalinen {adj} [psychoanalysis]  :: oedipal
oidipuskompleksi {n} [psychoanalysis]  :: Oedipus complex
oieta {vi}  :: To straighten (up/out)
oijoi {interj}  :: ouch
oikaista {vi}  :: To take a shortcut
oikaista {vt}  :: To straighten, correct, rectify, amend, revise
oikaista koipensa {v} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: To check out, die (literally: "to straighten (up) one's legs")
oikaisu {n}  :: A correction
oikaisu {n} [aeronautics]  :: A recovery from an abnormal flight state such as stall or spin
oikaisu {n}  :: A shortcut (method to accomplish something that omits one or more steps)
oikea {adj}  :: appropriate, proper, fitting
oikea {adj}  :: just, fair
oikea {adj}  :: real, true
oikea {adj}  :: right, correct (morally good, acceptable; free from error, true; opposite of wrong)
oikea {adj}  :: right (opposite of left)
oikea-aikainen {adj}  :: timely
oikeakielinen {adj}  :: grammatically correct
oikeakätinen {adj}  :: right-handed
oikeakätisyys {n}  :: right-handedness
oikealla {adv}  :: On the right
oikealle {adv}  :: To the right
oikealta {adv}  :: From the right
oikeamielinen {adj}  :: righteous
oikeamielisesti {adv}  :: righteously
oikeamielisyys {n}  :: righteousness
oikeammin {adv}  :: comparative form of oikein
oikeampi {adj}  :: comparative form of oikea
oikeanpuoleinen {adj}  :: right, right-hand
oikeanpuoleisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of oikeanpuoleinen
oikeanpuoleisin {adj}  :: superlative form of oikeanpuoleinen
oikeaoppinen {adj}  :: orthodox
oikeaoppisesti {adv}  :: orthodoxly
oikeaoppisuus {n}  :: orthodoxy
oikeassa {adv}  :: olla ~ to be right/correct, have the correct view
oikeastaan {adv}  :: actually, in fact
oikeasti {adv}  :: correctly
oikeasti {adv}  :: really
oikeauskoinen {adj}  :: orthodox
oikein {adv} [of a view, opinion]  :: only used in olla oikea (to be correct, correspond to the reality)
oikein {adv}  :: properly
oikein {adv}  :: right (in a correct manner)
oikein {adv}  :: right (in a morally correct/upright way)
oikein {adv}  :: very, really
oikeinkirjoituksen tarkistin {n} [computing]  :: spell checker
oikeinkirjoitus {n}  :: spelling, orthography
oikein-merkki {n}  :: A symbol consisting of a slash (/) and two dots, one on the upper left side of the slash and the other on the lower right side. Alternative way to describe the symbol is that it's like a %-sign in which the o's are replaced with dots. This symbol is used in Finland to indicate agreement, correctness or acknowledgement. When ticking a box, an X (rasti) is normally used as the sign of acceptance
oikein-merkki {n}  :: checkmark, tick (mark made to indicate agreement, correctness or acknowledgement); see also "Usage notes" below
oikeisto {n} [politics]  :: The right
oikeistohallitus {n}  :: right-wing government
oikeistolainen {adj}  :: right-wing
oikeistolainen {n}  :: rightwinger
oikeistolaistua {vi}  :: To move right (politically)
oikeistopoliitikko {n}  :: A right-wing politician
oikeistopuolue {n}  :: right-wing party
oikeistosiipi {n} [politics]  :: right wing
oikeudellinen {adj}  :: forensic
oikeudellinen {adj}  :: judicial
oikeuden halventaminen {n} [legal]  :: contempt of court (open disrespect of a court of law)
oikeudenkäymiskaari {n} [legal, in Finnish legislation]  :: The Code of Judicial Procedure
oikeudenkäynti {n}  :: A trial, (legal) process, judicial proceedings {p}
oikeudenkäyntiasiamies {n} [legal]  :: An attorney
oikeudenkäyntikulu {n}  :: legal cost (all costs caused by a judicial process)
oikeudenkäyntimenettely {n} [legal]  :: A (judicial) procedure
oikeudenkäyttö {n}  :: judicature (administration of justice by judges and courts)
oikeudenmukainen {adj}  :: Just, fair
oikeudenmukainen oikeudenkäynti {n} [legal]  :: fair trial
oikeudenmukaisesti {adv}  :: justly, fairly
oikeudenmukaisuus {n}  :: fairness, justice; rectitude
oikeudentunto {n}  :: sense of justice
oikeus {n}  :: court (place, where justice is administered)
oikeus {n} [in the plural]  :: license
oikeus {n}  :: justice, law
oikeus {n}  :: law (legal system)
oikeus {n}  :: rightness, fairness
oikeus {n}  :: right (to something = illative; to do something = infinitive)
oikeus {n} [social security]  :: entitlement
oikeusala {n}  :: judicature
oikeusapu {n}  :: legal advice
oikeusapu {n}  :: legal aid (free or low-cost service in the field of law, for the indigent)
oikeusasiamies {n}  :: ombudsman
oikeusavustaja {n}  :: legal assistant
oikeushammaslääketiede {n}  :: Forensic dentistry
oikeushammaslääkäri {n}  :: Forensic dentist
oikeushenkilö {n} [legal]  :: Body corporate, legal person
oikeushistoria {n}  :: legal history
oikeusjuttu {n}  :: lawsuit, suit, case
oikeuskansleri {n}  :: (the official full name: eduskunnan oikeuskansleri) the Attorney General:
oikeuskäsittely {n} [legal]  :: judicial process (series of actions required in order to deliver justice in a court)
oikeuskäsitys {n}  :: Concept of justice
oikeuskäytäntö {n} [legal]  :: Legal praxis (within one jurisdiction)
oikeuslaitos {n}  :: judiciary, judicial system
oikeuslääketiede {n}  :: forensic medicine
oikeuslääketieteellinen {adj}  :: forensic
oikeuslääketieteellinen kuolemansyyn selvittäminen {n} [legal]  :: inquest (a formal investigation into the cause of death)
oikeusministeri {n}  :: (where there are "Ministers" in the Cabinet, e.g. in Finland) Minister of justice; (in the USA) attorney general (in the Cabinet)
oikeusministeriö {n}  :: (referring to countries where that governmental branch is called "Ministry", e.g. Finland) the Ministry of Justice; (referring to the USA) the Department of Justice
oikeusmurha {n}  :: miscarriage of justice (error at a trial which led to an unjust outcome)
oikeusoppinut {n}  :: law scholar
oikeussali {n}  :: courtroom
oikeussubjekti {n} [legal]  :: legal subject (entity - natural person or legal person - capable of interacting legally, i.e. of holding rights, duties and capacities)
oikeustalo {n}  :: courthouse (public building housing courts of law)
oikeustiede {n}  :: jurisprudence, law
oikeustieteen kandidaatti {n} [historical]  :: Master of Laws
oikeustieteen tohtori {n}  :: Doctor of Jurisprudence, Doctor of Law, Juris Doctor
oikeustoimi {n} [legal]  :: Legal act/transaction, judicial act/transaction (an action by which a right to something or to do something is established, revised or invalidated)
oikeusturva {n}  :: due process, protection under the law
oikeusvaltio {n}  :: constitutional state
oikeuteen {n}  :: illative singular of oikeus
oikeutettu {adj}  :: justifiable (that can be justified)
oikeutetusti {adv}  :: justly
oikeuttaa {vt}  :: to entitle
oikeuttaa {vt}  :: to justify
oikeutus {n}  :: justification
oikku {n}  :: quirk, whim, fancy, freak, caprice, vagary
oikkuilija {n}  :: alternative form of oikuttelija
oikkuilla {vi}  :: To be whimsical
oikkuilu {n}  :: whimsicality (whimsical activity)
oikoa {vt}  :: To correct, rectify
oikoa {vt}  :: To make a shortcut
oikoa {vt}  :: To straighten
oikohöylä {n}  :: surface planing machine
oikoilla {vt}  :: to straighten (legs etc.)
oikokulma {n} [geometry]  :: straight angle
oikolukea {vt}  :: To proofread
oikolukija {n}  :: proofreader
oikoluku {n} [computing]  :: spell checker; short for oikolukuohjelma
oikoluku {n}  :: proofreading (act or art)
oikolukuohjelma {n} [computing]  :: spell checker
oikomishoito {n} [dentistry]  :: orthodontics
oikopolku {n}  :: shortcut
oikopäätä {adv}  :: straight away
oikosarvinen {n}  :: orthocone
oikosulkea {v} [electronics]  :: To short circuit, to short
oikosulku {n} [electronics]  :: short circuit (a connection of low resistance or impedance in a circuit)
oikosulkumoottori {n}  :: induction motor
oikosulkupala {n} [electronics]  :: jumper
oikotie {n}  :: shortcut
oikukas {adj}  :: moody
oikukas {adj}  :: whimsical, capricious
oikullinen {adj}  :: whimsical, capricious
oikullisuus {n}  :: whimsicality (the quality of being whimsical)
oikutella {vi}  :: to act up
oikutteleva {adj}  :: temperamental, whimsical
oikuttelija {n}  :: whimsy (character)
oikuttelu {n}  :: whimsicality (whimsical activity)
Oili {prop}  :: female given name
oinas {n} [archaic]  :: ram (male sheep)
oinas {n} [astrology]  :: person born under the sign of Aries
oinas {n}  :: wether (castrated ram)
Oinas {prop} [astrology]  :: The zodiac sign Aries
Oinas {prop} [constellation]  :: Aries, the Ram
oionta {n}  :: correcting, rectifying
oionta {n}  :: straightening
oire {n}  :: symptom
oireellinen {adj}  :: symptomatic
oireeton {adj}  :: symptomless
oirehtia {vi} [of a person or a person's medical condition]  :: To show symptoms
oirehtia {vt} [of a sign or behaviour + partitive]  :: To be symptomatic of
oireilla {vi}  :: (of a person or a person's medical condition) To show symptoms
oireilla {vt}  :: (of a sign or behaviour, + partitive) To be symptomatic of
oireisto {n}  :: syndrome
oirekirjo {n}  :: spectrum of symptoms
oireyhtymä {n} [pathology]  :: syndrome
ois {v} [colloquial]  :: alternative form of olisi
oitis {adv}  :: at once, right now, immediately
oiva {adj}  :: fine, splendid
Oiva {prop}  :: male given name
Oiva {prop} [rare]  :: Finnish surname
oivallinen {adj}  :: excellent, outstanding
oivallinen {adj}  :: fine (of superior quality)
oivallisesti {adv} [academic degree]  :: summa cum laude
oivallisesti {adv}  :: excellently
oivallus {n}  :: idea, inspiration, realization
oivaltaa {vt} [transitive + genitive-accusative]  :: To realise/realize, become aware of, understand, perceive, recognise/recognize
oivin {adj}  :: superlative form of oiva
Oivio {prop}  :: Finnish surname
oja {n}  :: ditch, trench
oja {n}  :: (Uusimaa) small natural brook
Ojala {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Ojala {prop}  :: Finnish surname
ojaleinikki {n}  :: lesser spearwort, Ranunculus flammula (a flowering plant in the genus Ranunculus)
ojennella {vi}  :: To stretch (hands etc.)
ojennus {n}  :: reprimand
ojennus {n}  :: stretching
ojentaa {v}  :: to chastise, scold, chew out, yell at
ojentaa {v}  :: to dress (troops)
ojentaa {v}  :: to hand, give, reach, pass; to present (a price)
ojentaa {v}  :: to lend, in the expressions lend a hand, lend a helping hand, which may translated into Finnish as ojentaa auttava käsi or simply with the verb auttaa
ojentaa {v}  :: to straighten (out), stretch (out), reach (out)
ojentautua {vi}  :: To stretch, straighten oneself
ojentua {vi}  :: To stretch oneself
ojikko {n}  :: A recently drained swamp
ojittaa {v}  :: To ditch, to cut a trench
ojitus {n}  :: ditching, trenching, draining
ojuke {n}  :: wild blackcurrant
oka {n}  :: thorn
okahaarake {n} [skeleton]  :: spinous process
okahiiri {n}  :: Cairo spiny mouse, Acomys cahirinus
okainen {adj}  :: thorny
okakuusi {n}  :: Colorado blue spruce, blue spruce, Picea pungens
okapi {n}  :: okapi
okapäämato {n}  :: A mud dragon, an animal of the phylum Kinorhyncha
okarausku {n}  :: thornback ray, thornback skate, Raja clavata
okariina {n} [music]  :: ocarina
okariinansoittaja {n}  :: ocarinist
okasolu {n} [anatomy]  :: squamous cell
okei {interj}  :: okay
okkluusio {n} [dentistry]  :: occlusion
okkluusio {n} [medicine]  :: occlusion
okkultaatio {n} [astronomy]  :: occultation
okkultismi {n}  :: occultism
okkultisti {n}  :: occultist
okkultistinen {adj}  :: occultic
okkulttinen {adj}  :: occultic
okluusio {n}  :: occlusion
okluusiorintama {n} [meteorology]  :: occlusion front
okra {adj}  :: ochre (having a yellow-orange colour)
okra {n}  :: ochre (color)
okra {n}  :: ochre (pigment)
okra {n}  :: okra
okrankeltainen {adj}  :: ochre (having a yellow-orange colour)
okranväri {n}  :: ochre (colour)
okranvärinen {adj}  :: ochre (having a yellow-orange colour)
okraseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius ochrophyllus
okratulkku {n}  :: orange bullfinch, Pyrrhula aurantiaca
okraväri {n}  :: alternative form of okranväri
oksa {n}  :: bough (firm branch)
oksa {n}  :: branch (woody part of a tree arising from the trunk)
oksa {n}  :: knot (a whorl left in lumber)
oksaalihappo {n} [chemistry]  :: oxalic acid
oksahanka {n}  :: alternative form of oksanhanka
oksainen {adj}  :: branchy; of trees with many branches
oksaisa {adj}  :: alternative term for oksainen
oksaisuus {n}  :: branchiness
oksakas {adj}  :: branchy
oksakiehkura {n}  :: whorl of branches (group of branches growing on the same height in a trunk of a tree)
oksalakka {n}  :: knotting varnish
oksamainen {adj}  :: branchlike
Oksanen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
oksanhaara {n}  :: alternative term for oksanhanka
oksanhanka {n}  :: fork of branch (point where a branch separate from a tree's trunk or from its parent branch)
oksankanta {n}  :: branch collar (swelling in a woody plant that forms at the base of a branch where it is attached to its parent branch or to the tree's trunk)
oksanreikä {n}  :: knothole
oksapahvi {n} [dated]  :: cheap, brittle paperboard quality, made of branches and similar pieces of wood not ideally suited for paper making
oksapaperi {n} [dated]  :: cheap, brittle paper quality, made of branches and similar pieces of wood not ideally suited for paper making
oksapistokas {n}  :: branch cutting (branch removed from a tree for growing a new tree out of it)
oksasaha {n}  :: pruning saw
oksasakset {n}  :: pruning shears
oksasilppuri {n}  :: branch shredder
oksastaa {v} [gardening]  :: To graft (to insert a graft in a branch or stem of another tree)
oksasto {n}  :: alternative form of oksisto
oksennella {vi}  :: To vomit (repeatedly)
oksennos {n}  :: alternative form of oksennus
oksennus {n}  :: vomit
oksennuslääke {n}  :: antiemetic
oksennuslääke {n}  :: emetic drug
oksennuspallo {n}  :: pellet (compressed byproduct of digestion regurgitated by owls)
oksennuspussi {n}  :: sick bag, sick bag, vomit bag
oksennustauti {n} [pathology]  :: vomiting
oksennuttaa {vi}  :: to feel ill (to have an urge to vomit)
oksennuttaa {vt}  :: to make to vomit
oksentaa {vit}  :: to vomit, regurgitate, throw up, puke, barf, bowk
oksentelu {n}  :: (repeated) vomiting
oksete {n}  :: emetic, vomitive, vomitory
oksettaa {vi}  :: to feel sick (to have an urge to vomit)
oksettaa {vt}  :: to make sick (to make vomit)
oksettava {adj}  :: disgusting
oksettava {adj}  :: emetic
oksettava {adj}  :: nauseating, sickening
oksetus {n}  :: nausea (feeling of illness or discomfort in the digestive system characterized by an urge to vomit)
oksetusaine {n}  :: emetic, vomitive, vomitory (substance that causes vomiting)
oksetuslääke {n}  :: emetic, vomitive, vomitory (substance that causes vomiting)
oksetuttaa {vt}  :: To cause to vomit
oksi {n} [archaic]  :: bear (Ursus arctos)
oksia {v}  :: To trim (a tree), remove branches from
oksidaatio {n}  :: oxidation
oksidantti {n}  :: oxidant
oksidentalismi {n}  :: occidentalism
oksidi {n}  :: oxide
oksidoida {vt} [chemistry]  :: To oxidize
oksidoitua {vi} [chemistry]  :: To become oxidized
oksikodoni {n} [pharmaceutical drug]  :: oxycodone
oksimetoloni {n}  :: oxymetholone (an anabolic steroid)
oksinta {n}  :: trimming (of trees)
oksipitaalilohko {n} [anatomy]  :: occipital lobe
oksisto {n}  :: branches of a tree
oksitaani {n}  :: The Occitan language
oksittua {vi} [of a tree]  :: to grow branches
oksoniumioni {n} [chemistry]  :: oxonium ion
oksymoron {n} [rhetoric]  :: oxymoron
oktaalinen {adj}  :: octal
oktaani {n} [chemistry]  :: octane
oktaanihappo {n} [fatty acid]  :: caprylic acid
oktaaniluku {n}  :: octane number
-oktaaninen {adj}  :: octane
oktaavi {n} [music]  :: octave
oktaedri {n} [geometry]  :: octahedron
oktagoni {n} [geometry]  :: octagon
oktanitrokubaani {n} [chemistry]  :: octanitrocubane
oktanoli {n} [chemistry]  :: octanol
oktantti {n}  :: octant
Oktantti {prop}  :: The constellation Octans
oktetti {n} [music, computing, physics, chemistry]  :: octet
oktetto {n} [music]  :: octet
okulaari {n}  :: eyepiece
olake {n}  :: A shoulder structure
olakkain {adv}  :: shoulder-to-shoulder
olantsapiini {n} [pharmaceutical drug]  :: olanzapine
olas {n}  :: The long groove on the bottom of a ski
Olavi {prop}  :: male given name
oleanteri {n}  :: oleander
oleanteripuu {n} [botany]  :: oleander, Nerium oleander (poisonous shrub in the family Apocynaceae, widely grown as an ornamental)
oleellinen {adj}  :: Essential; relevant
oleellisesti {adv}  :: essentially
ole hyvä {phrase}  :: here you are, there you go
ole hyvä {phrase}  :: you’re welcome
oleiinihappo {n}  :: oleic acid
oleilla {vi}  :: alternative form of oleskella
oleilu {n}  :: loitering
oleilu {n}  :: stay
oleksia {v}  :: alternative form of oleskella
olemalla {v} [fi-infinitive of, t=3a, olla, c=ade]  ::
oleman {v} [fi-infinitive of, t=3a, olla, c=ins]  ::
olemassa oleva {adj}  :: existing
olemassa oleva {adj}  :: preexisting
olemassaolo {n}  :: Existence
olematon {adj}  :: negligible
olematon {adj}  :: nonexistent
olemattomuus {n}  :: nothingness
oleminen {n}  :: Behaving, acting (as if...)
oleminen {n}  :: Being
oleminen {n}  :: Constituting, making up, forming
oleminen {n}  :: (olemassa) ~ = existing, existence
olemista {v} [fi-infinitive of, t=4, olla, c=par]  ::
olemistapa {n} [philosophy]  :: dasein, Dasein
olemus {n}  :: essence
olemus {n}  :: general appearance of a person
olemus {n}  :: substance
olen hetero {phrase}  :: I'm straight
olennainen {adj} [accounting]  :: material
olennainen {adj}  :: essential, relevant
olennainen {adj}  :: integral (being a non-omittable or removable part of a whole)
olennaisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of olennainen
olennaisesti {adv}  :: essentially
olennaisin {adj}  :: superlative form of olennainen
olennaisuus {n}  :: essentialness
olennoituma {n}  :: personification
olento {n}  :: being
olento {n}  :: creature
olento {n} [grammar, rarely used]  :: essive
ole rehellinen itsellesi {phrase}  :: to thine own self be true
oleskella {v}  :: To stay, linger
oleskella {v}  :: To stay, sojourn, live, reside (temporarily)
oleskelu {n}  :: sojourn
oleskelu {n}  :: stay
oleskelulupa {n}  :: residence permit (document that proves the above right)
oleskelulupa {n}  :: residence permit (right to legally reside in a country)
oleskelulupakortti {n}  :: residence permit (card that proves the cardholder's right to legally reside in a country)
oletettavasti {adv}  :: presumably, supposedly
oletettu {adj}  :: putative
olet mitä syöt {proverb}  :: you are what you eat
olettaa {v} [logic]  :: to premise, postulate
olettaa {v}  :: to assume, suppose, presuppose
olettaa {v}  :: to hypothesize (in empiric research)
olettamus {n}  :: hypothesis
olettamus {n}  :: presumption
oletus {n}  :: assumption, supposition
oletusarvo {n}  :: default value
oletustehtävä {n}  :: default task
oletustieto {n}  :: default information
oleutua {vi} [rare]  :: To adjust, adapt, conform, get used (to = illative), fall into the habit (of = illative or the verb as active 3rd infinitive in illative, -maan/-mään)
olevainen {n}  :: existence
olevaisuus {n}  :: existence
Olga {prop}  :: female given name
olifantti {n} [musical instruments]  :: olifant
oligarkia {n}  :: oligarchy
oligarkki {n}  :: oligarch
oligarkkinen {adj}  :: oligarchic
oligofagi {n}  :: oligophage
oligofagia {n}  :: oligophagy
oligomeeri {n} [chemistry]  :: oligomer
oligonukleotidi {n}  :: oligonucleotide
oligopoli {n}  :: oligopoly
oligosakkaridi {n}  :: oligosaccharide
oligoseeni {n}  :: the Oligocene
oligoseenikausi {n} [geology]  :: The Oligocene epoch
oligoseenikautinen {adj}  :: Oligocene
oligospermia {n} [pathology, ]  :: oligospermia
oliivi {n}  :: olive
oliivihapero {n}  :: A brittlegill, Russula postiana
oliivikultarinta {n}  :: olive-tree warbler, Hippolais olivetorum
oliivilehto {n}  :: olive grove
oliiviöljy {n}  :: olive oil
oliivinvihreä {n}  :: olive (colour)
oliivipaviaani {n}  :: olive baboon, Papio anubis
oliivipuu {n}  :: olive tree
oliiviruostegueretsa {n}  :: olive colobus, Procolobus verus
oliiviseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius olivaceofuscus
olija {n}  :: Agent noun of the verb [[olla to be]]; one who is
oli miten oli {phrase}  :: be that as it may
olingo {n}  :: olingo
olinpaikka {n}  :: whereabouts, location (place where somebody or something is located)
olio {n}  :: creature, being, thing
olio {n} [philosophy]  :: object
olio {n} [programming]  :: object
oliokeskeinen {adj} [computing, programming]  :: object-oriented ‎(using entities called objects that can process data and exchange messages with other objects)
oliokeskeisyys {n} [programming] object-orientation
olio-ohjelmointi {n}  :: object-oriented programming
olioperustainen {adj} [computing, programming]  :: object-oriented ‎(using entities called objects that can process data and exchange messages with other objects)
olioperustaisuus {n} [programming] object-orientation
olipa kerran {phrase}  :: once upon a time there was (traditional way to begin a fable)
olisi parasta {phrase}  :: had better (ought to; need to)
Oliver {prop}  :: male given name
Olivia {prop}  :: female given name of modern usage, cognate to Olivia
oliviini {n} [mineral]  :: olivine
oljenkeltainen {adj}  :: straw, straw-colored (of a pale, yellowish beige colour, like that of a dried straw)
oljenkeltainen {n}  :: straw (pale, yellowish beige colour, like that of a dried straw)
oljenkorsi {n}  :: straw
oljenvaalea {n}  :: straw (color)
olka {n} [anatomy]  :: shoulder
olkaa hyvä {phrase}  :: [politely] here you are, there you go
olkaa hyvä {phrase}  :: [politely] you’re welcome
olkaa hyvät {phrase}  :: [addressed to more than one person] here you are, there you go
olkaa hyvät {phrase}  :: [addressed to more than one person] you’re welcome
olka-akseli {n}  :: swivel pin (short axle into which the front wheel of a car is attached)
olkahermopunos {n} [anatomy]  :: alternative term for hartiapunos
olkahermopunosvaurio {n} [dated]  :: Erb's palsy
olkahihna {n}  :: shoulder strap
olkaimellinen {adj}  :: braced (having braces or similar supports)
-olkaiminen {n}  :: -braced (having certain type of braces or suspenders)
olkain {n}  :: brace, suspender; normally used in plural olkaimet
olkain {n}  :: epaulet
olkalaukku {n}  :: satchel (rectangular bag with one or sometimes two straps, meant for carrying books and papers)
olkalaukku {n}  :: shoulder bag (any bag with a single strap designed to be carried on the shoulder)
olkalihas {adv} [anatomy]  :: brachialis (muscle in the upper arm that flexes the elbow joint)
olkalinja {n} [tailoring]  :: shoulder line (imaginary line that connects the tops of the shoulders)
olkalisäke {n} [anatomy]  :: acromion
olkaluu {n} [skeleton]  :: humerus
olkanauha {n}  :: shoulder ribbon
olkanivel {n} [skeleton]  :: A shoulder joint, glenohumeral joint or humeral joint
olkapää {n} [anatomy]  :: shoulder
olkapäälihas {n} [anatomy]  :: alternative term for hartialihas
olkapääohjus {n}  :: shoulder-fired missile
olkatappi {n} [automotive]  :: A kingpin
olkatoppaus {n}  :: shoulder pad
olkavarsi {n} [anatomy]  :: upper arm
olki {n}  :: As modifier in compound terms: straw, thatched
olki {n}  :: straw
olki {n}  :: thatch (straw etc. as material for building roofs)
olkihattu {n}  :: straw hat
olkihimmeli {n}  :: alternative term for himmeli, specifically one made with straw
olkijauho {adv}  :: straw flour (flour made of straw, historically used during famines together with ordinary grain flour for baking bread and making gruel, now various agricultural and industrial uses)
olkikatto {n}  :: thatched roof
olkikattoinen {n}  :: thatched roof
olkikukka {adv}  :: strawflower, everlasting (flowering plant of the genus Helichrysum)
olkileipä {adv}  :: straw bread (bread made with straw flour, see olkijauho)
olkimaja {n}  :: straw hut
olkimatto {n}  :: straw mat
olkinen {n}  :: straw (made of straw)
olkinukke {n} [dialectics]  :: straw man (type of argument based on deliberate misrepresentation of an opponent's position)
olkinukke {n}  :: straw man, straw doll (doll or scarecrow stuffed with or made of straw)
olkipaali {n}  :: straw bale
olkipatja {n}  :: palliasse, straw mattress
olkipelletti {n}  :: straw pellet
olkipuriste {n}  :: straw briquet
olkisilppuri {n}  :: straw shredder
olkituppo {n}  :: tuft of straw
olkityö {n}  :: straw work
olkiukko {n} [dialectics]  :: straw man (type of argument based on deliberate misunderstanding of the opponent)
olkivelli {n}  :: straw gruel (gruel made with straw flour, see olkijauho)
olkkari {n} [colloquial]  :: living room
olla {v} [copular]  :: To be, constitute, make up, form
olla {v} [copular]  :: To be (indicating that the subject and the complement of the verb form the same thing)
olla {vi}  :: adessive + 3rd-pers. singular + nominative/partitive/accusative = to have; to own, to possess
olla {vi}  :: genitive + 3rd-pers. singular + passive present participle, -tava/-tävä = to have to do something, must do something; be obliged/forced to do something
olla {vi}  :: missä + 3rd-pers. singular + nominative/partitive = there is / are + subject + where?
olla {vi}  :: ~ (olemassa) = to exist - the subject often indefinite = in partitive case -> verb in 3rd-pers. singular
olla {vi}  :: To behave, act (as if...) (when followed by a subordinate clause beginning with (ikään,) kuin, requiring conditional mood)
olla {vi}  :: To be (to occupy a place)
olla {vt} [auxiliary]  :: To have (a verb to build active present perfect tense and active past perfect tense, taking active past participle, ending -nut/-nyt (singular) or -neet (pl.))
olla {vt} [auxiliary]  :: To have (a verb to build impersonal simple past tense, impersonal passive present perfect tense and impersonal passive past perfect tense, taking passive past participle, ending -tu/-ty)
olla eri mieltä {v}  :: to disagree
olla hengissä {v}  :: To be alive, to breathe (to live)
olla häpeissään {vi}  :: To be ashamed
olla hukassa {}  :: to be lost; see olla and hukassa
olla ihan pihalla {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: To not know which end is up; to lack common sense
olla jollekin oikein {phrase}  :: To serve somebody right
olla jonkun kannoilla {v} [idiomatic]  :: at one's heels, on one's heels
olla jonkun kintereillä {v} [idiomatic]  :: at one's heels, on one's heels
olla järkeä {phrase}  :: To make sense (to be coherent or reasonable)
olla jumissa {v}  :: to be stuck; see olla and jumissa
olla kadoksissa {}  :: to be lost; see olla and kadoksissa
olla kateissa {vi}  :: To be lost
olla kiihdyksissä {}  :: to be upset; see olla and kiihdyksissä
olla kiikarissa {v} [idiomatic, figuratively]  :: to have one's eye on, seek, pursue, aim at
olla lukossa {vi}  :: To be locked
olla nukuksissa {vi}  :: To be asleep
olla olemassa {vi} [idiomatic]  :: To exist - the subject often indefinite = in partitive case → verb in 3rd-pers. sg.
olla olemassa {v}  :: to preexist
olla olevinaan {phrase}  :: To feign, fake, pretend
olla olevinaan {phrase}  :: To think or believe to be something
olla omillaan {v}  :: to break even (to neither gain nor lose money)
olla pahoillaan {v}  :: to be sorry, to regret
olla pakko {v} [impersonal]  :: to have to, must
olla pihkassa {v} [informal]  :: To have fallen in love; to be taken, enamored. The object of the amorous feelings is in illative case
olla pinteessä {vi}  :: To be in a trouble
olla poissa tolaltaan {} [idiomatic]  :: to be out of one's mind, to be out of one's right mind (to be temporarily mentally unstable; very distressed)
olla pulla uunissa {v}  :: to have a bun in the oven (same meaning)
olla rästissä {v} [informal]  :: to have unfinished work to do
olla saatavilla {v}  :: To be available
olla samaa mieltä {v}  :: To agree, concur
olla sanomista {v}  :: to find fault (to criticize excessively)
olla sukua {phrase}  :: to be kin to, be relative of (gloss|to belong to same family)
olla varaa {v}  :: to afford (with an auxiliary verb: to incur, stand, or bear without serious detriment, to have sufficient funds for)
olla yllään {v}  :: to wear
ollenkaan {adv}  :: at all
ollenkaan {adv}  :: never
olleti {adv} [very rare]  :: especially; normally used with suffixes -kin, -kaan, see olletikin, olletikaan
olletikaan {adv} [rare, chiefly in literature]  :: not especially, not particularly, not notably
olletikin {adv} [rare, chiefly in literature]  :: especially, particularly, notably
Olli {prop}  :: male given name, also used as a diminutive of Olavi
Olli {prop} [rare]  :: Finnish surname based on the given name
Ollila {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Ollila {prop}  :: Finnish surname
ollut {adj}  :: As an attribute indicates past, ended action; in English the same idea is expressed with a different kind of structure
olmeekki {n}  :: An Olmec
olmi {n}  :: An olm, (Proteus anguinus)
olmi {n} [colloquial]  :: nerd
olo {n}  :: being, the action of the verb olla
olo {n}  :: feeling
oloaika {n}  :: stay
oloasu {n}  :: leisurewear
-ologi {suffix}  :: -ologist
olohuone {n}  :: living room
oloinen {adj}  :: appearing to be something, -like; always used with a qualifier, which is usually an adjective in genitive case
olomuoto {n}  :: state of matter
olomuotoalue {n} [physics, chemistry]  :: alternative term for faasi
oloneuvos {n} [humorous]  :: pensioner
olosuhde {n}  :: singular of olosuhteet
olosuhteet {n}  :: circumstances, conditions
olot {n} [pluralonly]  :: conditions, circumstances
oltaman {v} [fi-infinitive of, t=3p, olla, c=ins]  ::
oltavat {n} [pluralonly]  :: conditions, circumstances; always with an attribute; various other ways of translating into English exist
oltermanni {n}  :: An honorary title in many student organizations, usually granted to one person at a time, often a professor
oltermanni {n} [chiefly historical]  :: master of guild
oluenjuonti {n}  :: beer drinking
oluenmyynti {n}  :: beer sales, beer selling
oluenpano {n}  :: beer brewing
oluenvalmistus {n}  :: beer production
olut {n}  :: A beer; a portion (glass, bottle, etc.) of such beverage
olut {n}  :: A fermented beverage made of malt: beer, ale
olut {n}  :: Compounded with a prefix that defines the raw material, a fermented or nowadays usually carbonated drink made, for example, of roots: a beer or an ale. Examples: ginger ale = inkivääriolut, root beer = juuriolut
olutastia {n}  :: beer vessel (any vessel or container containing beer)
olutbaari {n}  :: beer bar
olutfestivaali {n}  :: beer festival
oluthana {n}  :: beer tap
oluthiiva {n}  :: beer yeast
oluthumala {n}  :: beer drunk, beer high (high caused by beer)
oluthumala {n}  :: beer hop (variety of hop used in beer brewing)
oluthuuruinen {n}  :: drunken (characterized by drunkenness caused by consumption of beer; may be used of a person, his behavior or atmosphere in a party, pub etc.)
olutjuhla {n}  :: beer party
olutjuoppo {n}  :: beer drunkard, beer drunk
olutkapakka {n}  :: beer tavern
olutkauppias {n}  :: beer trader
olutkolpakko {n}  :: beer jug
olutkori {n}  :: beer box
olutkulttuuri {n}  :: beer culture
olutlasi {n}  :: beer glass
olutlippu {n}  :: beer ticket (slip of paper that entitles the bearer to get a serving of beer)
olutmaa {n}  :: beer drinking nation
olutmakkara {n}  :: A strongly flavoured German sausage often served with beer
olutmerkki {n}  :: beer brand
olutpaikka {n}  :: beer spot (pub or bar of low standard in which beer is the main attraction)
olutpanimo {n}  :: brewery
olutpanimosuku {n}  :: beer brewing family
olutpubi {n}  :: beer pub
olutpullo {n}  :: beer bottle
olutpöytä {n}  :: A table from which beer is served, such as in a garden party
olutpöytä {n}  :: A type of traditional beer party
olutravintola {n}  :: beer restaurant (restaurant that specializes in offering a good selectionn of beers)
olutsarvi {n}  :: beer horn (beer drinking vessel made out of a horn, or into the shape of a horn)
oluttankki {n}  :: beer tank
oluttarvike {n}  :: beer accessory
oluttaverna {n}  :: beer tavern
oluttehdas {n}  :: beer factory
olutteltta {n}  :: A beer tent
olutteollisuus {n}  :: beer industry
oluttölkki {n}  :: beer can
oluttuoppi {n}  :: A beer stein, both as a container and as a drink
oluttupa {n}  :: A beer parlour
oluttynnyri {n}  :: keg
olvi {n} [dated]  :: beer
olympia- {adj}  :: Truncated form of [[olympialainen Olympic]], used as modifier in compound terms
olympia-aate {n}  :: Olympic ideology
olympiadi {n}  :: Olympiad (period of four years between the Olympic games)
olympiaedustaja {n}  :: Olympic representative, Olympic participant (one who participates in the Olympic Games as competitor)
olympiaedustus {n}  :: Olympic representation {gloss|the manner in which a nation is represented in the Olympic Games}}
olympiaennätys {n}  :: Olympic record
olympiafanfaari {n}  :: Olympic fanfare
olympiahistoria {n}  :: Olympic history
olympiahopea {n}  :: Olympic silver medal
olympiahuuma {n}  :: Olympic fever
olympiahymni {n}  :: Olympic Hymn
olympiajoukkue {n}  :: Olympic team
olympiakarsinta {n}  :: Olympic qualification (process, tournament or competition through which the participants in the Olympic Games are selected; the process is usually national but in the case of team sports it's international)
olympiakatsastus {n}  :: alternative term for olympiakarsinta
olympiakelpoinen {adj} [figuratively]  :: Olympic-class (of high standard)
olympiakelpoinen {adj} [sports]  :: Olympic (of a sports event, included in the Olympic program)
olympiakelpoisuus {adj} [sports]  :: of a sports event, state of being included in the Olympic program
olympiakesä {n}  :: The summer of 1952, when the Olympic Games were held in Helsinki
olympiakilpailija {n}  :: Olympic participant , Olympic contestant
olympiakilpailu {n}  :: Olympic contest (individual contest within the Olympic Games)
olympiakisat {n} [colloquial]  :: The Olympic Games
olympiakomitea {n}  :: Olympic committee
olympiakulta {n}  :: Olympic gold medal
olympiakuume {n}  :: Olympic fever
olympiakävijä {n}  :: alternative term for olympiaedustaja, especially one who already took part in the games but didn't win a medal
olympiakylä {n}  :: Olympic village
olympialainen {adj}  :: in plural (olympialaiset) also the Olympic Games
olympialainen {adj}  :: Olympic (of or pertaining to Olympic Games)
olympialainen {adj}  :: Olympic (of or pertaining to the mountain Olympus)
olympialaiset {n} [pluralonly]  :: Olympic Games
olympialaji {n}  :: Olympic event
olympialiike {n}  :: Olympic movement
olympialippu {n}  :: Olympic flag
olympialuokka {n} [sports]  :: Olympic class (class of standardized rowing boats, sailing boats, canoes etc. in which an Olympic event is held)
olympiamitali {n}  :: Olympic medal
olympiamitalisti {n}  :: Olympic medalist
olympianiemenmurmeli {n}  :: Olympic marmot, Marmota olympus
olympiaohjelma {n}  :: Olympic program
olympiapaikka {n}  :: Olympic site, Olympic venue (sports facility for Olympic games)
olympiapistooli {n}  :: 25 metre rapid fire pistol (Olympic shooting event)
olympiapistooliammunta {n}  :: 25 metre rapid fire pistol (Olympic shooting event)
olympiapronssi {n}  :: Olympic bronze medal
olympiarenkaat {n}  :: Olympic Rings (graphic symbol of the Olympic games)
olympiasankari {n}  :: Olympic hero
olympiasoihtu {n}  :: Olympic torch
olympiastadion {n}  :: Olympic stadium
olympiatuli {n}  :: Olympic flame
olympiaurheilija {n}  :: Olympic athlete (athlete who participates in the Olympic Games)
olympiaurheilu {n}  :: Olympic sports (sports contested in the Olympic Games)
olympiavala {n}  :: Olympic oath
olympiavalmennus {n}  :: Olympic training program (training program into which the potential Olympic athletes are invited in order to maximize their chance for success)
olympiavene {n}  :: Olympic boat (sailing boat or rowing boat built according to the standards of an Olympic class of boats)
olympiavoittaja {n}  :: Olympic winner
olympiavoitto {n}  :: Olympic victory
olympiavuosi {n}  :: Olympic year (year in which Olympic games are held)
olympolainen {adj}  :: Olympian (of or pertaining to the mountain Olympus)
oma {adj} [military]  :: friendly
oma {adj}  :: own
oma {n} [military]  :: Usually in plural (omat, omia), friendly (someone/s on the same side)
oma-aloitteinen {adj}  :: self-imposed (voluntarily imposed upon oneself)
oma-aloitteinen {adj}  :: spontaneous (done by one's own free choice)
oma-aloitteinen {adj}  :: unprompted (without prompting, out of one's own initiative)
oma-aloitteisesti {adv}  :: spontaneously
oma-aloitteisuus {n}  :: initiative (the ability to act first or on one's own)
oma-apuryhmä {n}  :: self-help group, support group (group in which members provide each other with various types of help for a particular shared characteristic)
omaa sukua {adv}  :: nee, née
omaehtoinen {adj}  :: spontaneous (done by one's own free choice)
omaehtoinen {adj}  :: voluntary
omaelämäkerrallinen {adj}  :: autobiographical
omaelämäkerta {n}  :: autobiography
Omaha-pokeri {n}  :: Omaha hold 'em (variant of poker)
oma harkinta {phrase}  :: discretion, one's own decision making
omahyväinen {adj}  :: self-satisfied, smug (irritatingly pleased with oneself)
omahyväisyys {n}  :: smugness, self-righteousness
omaijadi {n}  :: alternative spelling of umaijadi
omainen {adj}  :: genitive + ~ : resembling, -like, -ish; often used to form compound terms
omainen {n}  :: close relative/relation (member of the same family)
omainen {n} [in plural]  :: the (immediate) family
omaisuus {n}  :: one's properties (combined), possessions, assets; estate:
omaisuus {n}  :: wealth, fortune
omaisuusrikos {n}  :: crime against property
omaisuusvakuudellinen {n} [finance]  :: asset-backed
omaisuusvero {n} [dated]  :: property tax
omaisuusveroaste {n}  :: property tax rate, millage (the rate at which fixed and/or movable property is taxed)
omakohtainen {adj}  :: personal (done or experienced in person)
omakotitalo {n}  :: detached house
omakotitontti {n}  :: small house lot (lot for a small detached house intended for one family)
omaksua {vt}  :: To adopt, absorb, embrace (ideas etc.)
omakuva {n}  :: selfie (photographic self-portrait)
omakuva {n}  :: self-portrait
omalaatuinen {adj}  :: Peculiar, odd, strange
omalaatuinen {adj}  :: Special, of its own kind, out of the ordinary
omaleimainen {adj}  :: original, unique
omaleimaisuus {n}  :: originality, uniqueness
omalitsumabi {n} [medicine]  :: omalizumab (monoclonal antibody used in allergy-related asthma therapy)
omalta osaltaan {phrase}  :: for one's part; as far as one is concerned
oma maali {} [figuratively]  :: own goal
oma maali {} [sports]  :: own goal
Oman {prop}  :: Oman
omaneduntavoittelija {n}  :: self-seeker
omanilainen {adj}  :: Omani
omanilainen {n}  :: An Omani person
oman onnensa seppä {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: self-made person, one's own man
oman tiensä kulkija {phrase}  :: free spirit
omanto {n} [grammar, rare]  :: genitive
omantunnon tuska {n}  :: compunction
omaperäinen {adj}  :: original (fresh, different)
omapäinen {adj}  :: opinionated, set (fixed in one’s opinion)
omapäinen {adj}  :: self-willed, obstinate
oma pääoma {n} [accounting]  :: equity (ownership interest in a company as determined by subtracting liabilities from assets)
omari {n} [colloquial]  :: own goal
omassa elementissään {adv}  :: in one's element
omata {vt}  :: to have
oma tuli {n} [military]  :: friendly fire
omatunto {n}  :: conscience
omavarainen {adj} [biology]  :: autotrophic
omavarainen {adj}  :: self-sufficient, self-contained, materially independent (and therefore autonomous)
omavaraistaa {vt}  :: To make self-contained
omavaraistalous {n}  :: subsistence economy (non-monetary economy characterized by minimal exchange of goods and services, low division of labor and rudimentary technology)
omavaraistua {vi}  :: To become self-contained
omavaraisuus {n}  :: self-sufficiency
omavastuu {n} [insurance]  :: deductible; excess [UK] (the amount of expenses that the insured party must pay out of pocket before an insurer will pay any expenses)
ombi {n}  :: obsolete spelling of ompi
omeletti {n}  :: An omelette
omena {n}  :: apple
omenahappo {n}  :: malic acid
omenahillo {n}  :: apple jam
omenahyve {n}  :: A dessert consisting of pieces of apple baked with oat flakes, ground almonds, sugar, butter and cinnamon
omenahyve {n}  :: A type of crumbly apple pie, often decorated with meringue
omenakaira {n}  :: apple-corer
omenakakku {n}  :: apple cake
omenakemppi {n}  :: apple sucker, apple psyllid, pear leaf sucker (Cacopsylla mali)
omenakirva {n}  :: green apple aphid, Aphis pomi
omenakääriäinen {n}  :: codling moth (Cydia pomonella)
omenalajike {n}  :: apple cultivar
omenaleivos {n}  :: apple pastry
omenalihavuus {n}  :: central obesity (type of obesity in which the overweight concentrates in the belly rather than the bottom)
omenalohko {n}  :: apple slice (slice of apple cut lengthwise so that its cross-section resembles a triangle)
omenamato {n}  :: apple worm
omenamehu {n}  :: apple juice
omenankara {n}  :: apple core
omenankukka {n}  :: apple blossom
omenanlohko {n}  :: alternative term for omenalohko
omenanraakile {n}  :: raw apple
omenansiemen {n}  :: apple seed
omenantuottaja {n}  :: apple producer
omenanvihreä {n}  :: apple green
omenanviipale {n}  :: alternative form of omenaviipale
omenanviljelijä {n}  :: apple grower
omenanviljely {n}  :: apple growing
omenapiirakka {n}  :: apple pie
omenapiirakka {n}  :: apple strudel
omenapora {n}  :: apple-corer
omenaposkinen {n}  :: rose-cheeked
omenapuu {n}  :: apple tree
omenapuutarha {n}  :: apple garden
omena-riisipuuro {n}  :: apple-rice porridge
omenarupi {n}  :: apple scab
omenasammal {n}  :: apple moss, Bartramia pomiformis
omenasato {n}  :: apple harvest
omenasose {n}  :: apple purée
omenatarha {n}  :: apple orchard
omenatorttu {n}  :: apple tart
omenatuote {n}  :: apple product
omenavaras {n}  :: apple thief
omenavartalo {n}  :: apple-shaped body (body type which has the tendency of accumulating fat in the middle, i.e. on the waist)
omenaviina {n}  :: apple spirit
omenaviini {n}  :: apple wine
omenaviinietikka {n}  :: apple vinegar
omenaviipale {n}  :: apple slice (slice of apple cut "across" such that it is round in shape)
ometta {n} [dialectal]  :: barn (for cows), cattle shed
omia {v}  :: To take control or possession of something arbitrarily
omiaan {adv}  :: apt to
omikron {n}  :: omicron (Greek letter)
ominainen {adj}  :: typical, characteristic
ominaisarvo {n}  :: eigenvalue
ominaisavaruus {n}  :: eigenspace
ominaisfunktio {n}  :: eigenfunction
ominaislämpökapasiteetti {n} [physics]  :: specific heat capacity
ominaispaino {n} [physics]  :: specific gravity
ominaistila {n}  :: eigenstate
ominaisuus {n}  :: feature
ominaisuus {n}  :: property
ominaisuus {n}  :: quality
ominaisvektori {n} [mathematics]  :: eigenvector
omintakeinen {adj}  :: original (fresh, different)
omissa oloissaan {adv}  :: minding one's own business, on one's own, alone
omistaa {vt}  :: To dedicate, inscribe (a book, to someone = allative)
omistaa {vt}  :: To devote, dedicate
omistaa {vt}  :: To own, have, possess
omistaja {n}  :: owner
omistaminen {n}  :: ownership
omistautua {v}  :: ~ + allative: to devote oneself to, dedicate oneself to (to commit oneself to a particular course of thought or action)
omiste {n}  :: dedication (note)
omistus {n}  :: ownership
omistuskirjoitus {n}  :: acknowledgment
omistusliite {n} [linguistics]  :: Possessive suffix
omistusoikeus {n}  :: right of ownership
omistusosuus {n}  :: share of ownership
omituinen {adj}  :: bizarre, peculiar, strange
omituinen {adj} [dialectal]  :: own
omituinen {adj}  :: zany, wacky, kinky, oddball
omituisesti {adv}  :: strangely
omituisuus {n}  :: quirk
omituisuus {n}  :: strangeness, bizarreness
ommatidi {n} [zoology]  :: ommatidium
ommel {n}  :: seam, suture (seam formed by sewing two edges (especially of skin) together)
ommel {n}  :: stitch (single pass of a needle in sewing; the loop or turn of the thread thus made)
ommella {vt}  :: to sew
ommella {vt}  :: to suture
omnipotenssi {n}  :: omnipotence
omnipresenssi {n} [theology]  :: omnipresence (the ability of God to be at all places at the same time)
omnipresentti {adj}  :: omnipresent
omnivori {n} [science, jargon]  :: omnivore
ompele {n}  :: alternative form of ommel
-ompeleinen {n}  :: -stitched (sewn with certain type of stitch)
ompelija {n}  :: dressmaker
ompelija {n}  :: sewer
ompelijatar {n}  :: seamstress
ompelimo {n}  :: dressmaker's shop
ompelu {n}  :: dressmaking
ompelu {n}  :: sewing
ompeluhalli {n}  :: sewing hall (hall in which sewing machines have been arranged for industrial-scale production)
ompelukehys {n}  :: tambour, embroidery frame, taboret
ompelukerho {n}  :: sewing club
ompelukone {n}  :: sewing machine
ompelukoneöljy {n}  :: sewing machine oil
ompelukori {n}  :: sewing basket
ompelukurssi {n}  :: sewing course
ompelulanka {n}  :: sewing thread
ompeluneula {n}  :: sewing needle
ompelus {n}  :: needlework, embroidery (decoration)
ompelus {n}  :: sewing work (sewn item, especially one under work)
ompelusauma {n}  :: sewn seam
ompeluseura {n}  :: sewing circle (social meeting of women, who congregate to sew and talk together)
ompeluseura {n}  :: sewing club
ompelusilkki {n}  :: silk sewing thread (sewing thread made of silk)
ompelutarvike {n}  :: An item of haberdashery, sewing good
ompelutarvikkeet {n}  :: haberdashery
ompeluttaa {vt}  :: to have sewn by somebody else, to let be sewn
ompelutyö {n}  :: sewing work
omppu {n} [colloquial]  :: apple
-on {suffix}  :: Suffix variant for the illative singular, see -Vn
onageri {n}  :: An onager, Equus onager or Equus hemionus hemionus (Asian wild ass)
onageri {n}  :: An onager (siege weapon)
onania {n}  :: onanism
onanoida {vi}  :: To masturbate
oneirologia {n} [rare]  :: oneirology
oneiromantia {n}  :: oneiromancy
Onerva {prop}  :: female given name
ongelma {n}  :: problem, trouble
ongelma {n}  :: puzzle
ongelma-alue {n}  :: problem area
ongelmaiho {n}  :: problem skin
ongelmainen {adj}  :: problematic (having problems)
ongelmajäte {n}  :: hazardous waste (dangerous waste that can not be dumped in a normal dump)
ongelmajäteauto {n}  :: hazardous waste truck
ongelmajätelaitos {n}  :: hazardous waste treatment plant
ongelmakenttä {n}  :: field of problems, problematics
ongelmakeskeinen {adj}  :: problem-centered
ongelmakimppu {n}  :: bundle of problems
ongelmakohta {n}  :: problem spot
ongelmakäyttö {n}  :: abuse (of substances)
ongelmakäyttäjä {n}  :: abuser (of substances)
ongelmalapsi {n}  :: problem child (child who is particularly difficult to raise or educate)
ongelmalapsi {n} [rare]  :: problem child (something difficult to deal with)
ongelmalähtöinen {adj}  :: problem-oriented
ongelmallinen {adj}  :: problematic
ongelmallisesti {adv}  :: problematically
ongelmallisuus {n}  :: The quality of being problematic
ongelmanasettelu {n}  :: problem setting
ongelmanratkaisija {n}  :: problemsolver
ongelmanratkaisu {n}  :: problem solving (act of solving a problem)
ongelmanratkaisukyky {n}  :: problem solving ability
ongelmanratkaisutaito {n}  :: problem solving skill
ongelmanuori {n}  :: problem youth (young person whose behavior is problematic from the point of view of the rest of society)
ongelmaperhe {n}  :: problem family
ongelmasyöjä {n} [euphemism]  :: problem eater (person to whom eating is a problem one way or other, such as e.g. a glutton)
ongelmatilanne {n}  :: problematic situation
ongelmaton {adj}  :: trouble-free
ongelmavanki {n}  :: problem prisoner, problem inmate
ongelmavuori {n}  :: mountain of problems
ongelmavyyhti {n}  :: bundle of problems
ongelmayhtiö {n}  :: troubled firm
ongelmayritys {n}  :: troubled firm
ongelmisto {n} [rare]  :: field of problems, problematics (the problems or difficulties experienced in a given field as a whole)
ongenkoho {n}  :: angling float
ongenkoukku {n}  :: A fishhook
ongenkoukku {n}  :: A hook (fishhook)
ongenvapa {n}  :: fishing rod
onginta {n}  :: angling
ongintalammikko {n}  :: angling pond
on jotain mätää Tanskanmaalla {phrase}  :: something is rotten in the state of Denmark (something is not right)
onka {n} [dialectal]  :: steam
onkalo {n}  :: cavity, pit
onki {n}  :: fishing rod, fishing pole
onki {n} [ichthyology]  ::  esca (growth from an anglerfish's head that acts as a lure)
onkia {v}  :: To angle, fish using a rod and line
onkija {n}  :: angler
onkiliero {n} [colloquial]  :: angleworm (any earthworm species used as bait)
onkiliero {n} [zoology]  :: red earthworm, Lumbricus rubellus (earthworm species)
onkimato {n} [fishing]  :: angleworm (worm, usually earthworm, used as bait)
onkimies {n}  :: angler
onkivapa {n} [fishing]  :: fishing rod, especially an angling rod
onkivehkeet {n} [fishing]  :: tackle (angling gear)
onko- {prefix}  :: onco-
onkogeeni {n} [oncology, genetics]  :: oncogene
onkogeeninen {adj}  :: oncogenic
onkogeenisuus {n} [medicine]  :: oncogenicity
onkologi {n}  :: oncologist
onkologia {n}  :: oncology
online {adv}  :: online; used also as modifier in compound terms, often with a hyphen and as uninflected attribute
onlinejärjestelmä {n}  :: online system
onnahdella {v} [figuratively]  :: to be somewhat illogical or inconsistent
onnahdella {v}  :: to limp; occasionally but repetitively
onnahdus {n} [figuratively]  :: minor inconsistency in a story etc
onnahdus {n}  :: limping (act of taking one individual limping step)
onnahtaa {v}  :: to limp once or just a little
onnahtelu {n} [figuratively]  :: minor inconsistencies in a story etc
onnahtelu {n}  :: limping (irregular limping, such that one doesn't limp on every step)
onnekas {adj}  :: lucky, fortunate
onnekkaasti {adv}  :: luckily
onnekkain {adj}  :: superlative form of onnekas
onnekkuus {n}  :: luckiness
onneksi {adv}  :: fortunately
onneksi {adv}  :: luckily
onneksi olkoon {interj}  :: congratulations!
onnela {n} [figuratively]  :: paradise, Eden
onnellinen {adj}  :: happy
onnellinen luku {n} [mathematics]  :: happy number
onnellisesti {adv}  :: happily
onnellistaa {vt}  :: to make happy
onnellistuttaa {vt}  :: To create happiness; to make someone happy
onnellisuus {n}  :: happiness
onnellisuuspilleri {n} [science fiction]  :: happiness pill (hypothetical pill the taking of which would result in happiness)
onnellisuustutkija {n}  :: happiness researcher
onnenaika {n}  :: golden age, halcyon days
onnenapila {n}  :: four-leaf clover
onnenapila {n}  :: iron cross, lucky clover, four-leaf sorrel, Oxalis tetraphylla (house plant)
onnenhattu {n}  :: caul (remnants of amnion which sometimes shrouds a baby’s head at birth)
onnenhetki {n}  :: moment of happiness, happy moment
onnenkantamoinen {n}  :: stroke of luck (especially in sports, a feat resulting from luck rather than skill)
onnenkauppa {n}  :: game of luck, lottery (activity whose outcome depends on one's luck)
onnenkeksi {n}  :: A fortune cookie
onnenkäpy {n}  :: Mexican shrimp plant, shrimp plant, false hop, Justicia brandegeeana
onnenluku {n}  :: lucky number
onnenmaa {n}  :: alternative term for onnela
onnenmyyrä {n}  :: lucky duck, lucky dog, lucky devil, happy camper
onnennumero {n}  :: lucky number
onnenonginta {n}  :: fortune hunting (activity of seeking wealth without working to earn it)
onnenonkija {n}  :: fortune hunter (person who eagerly seeks wealth without working to earn it)
onnenpekka {interj}  :: lucky!, lucky you!
onnenpekka {n}  :: lucky duck, lucky dog, lucky devil, happy camper
onnenpeli {n}  :: game of chance (game in which the outcome is determined by random variables rather than by strategy or skill of the players)
onnenpensas {n}  :: forsythia (plant of the genus Forsythia)
onnenpäivä {n}  :: lucky day
onnenpoika {n}  :: lucky duck, lucky dog, lucky devil, happy camper
onnenpotkaus {n}  :: alternative term for onnenpotku
onnenpotku {n}  :: stroke of luck
onnenpyörä {n}  :: spinner
onnenpyörä {n}  :: wheel of Fortune
onnentoivottaja {n}  :: congratulator (one who congratulates)
onnentoivotus {n}  :: congratulation
onnentunne {n}  :: feel of joy, happiness
onnestaa {v}  :: alternative form of onnistaa
onnetar {n}  :: Lady Luck
onnetar {n}  :: The one who selects the winners in a draw
onneton {adj}  :: unhappy
onnettomasti {adv}  :: unhappily
onnettomin {adj}  :: superlative form of onneton
onnettomuus {n}  :: accident (event caused by non-human factors with negative consequences)
onnettomuusaltis {adj}  :: accident-prone
onnettomuusalue {n}  :: accident scene
onnettomuusauto {n}  :: A vehicle involved in an accident
onnettomuushetki {n}  :: The moment when an accident takes place
onnettomuusjakautuma {n}  :: accident distribution
onnettomuuskone {n}  :: An airplane involved in an accident
onnettomuuskonetyyppi {n}  :: An airplane type involved in an accident
onnettomuuskronologia {n}  :: accident chronology (detailed timeline description of the sequence of events leading to an accident)
onnettomuuspaikka {n}  :: accident site, accident scene, site of an accident, scene of an accident
onnettomuuspaikkatutkimus {n}  :: accident scene investigation
onnettomuusraportti {n}  :: accident report
onnettomuustapaus {n} [euphemism]  :: accident
onnettomuustilanne {n}  :: accident situation (circumstances in which an accident takes place or right after the accident)
onnettomuustutkija {n}  :: accident investigator
onnettomuustutkinta {n}  :: accident investigation
onnettomuusuutinen {n}  :: news of an accident
onni {n}  :: happiness
onni {n}  :: luck
Onni {prop}  :: male given name
onnikka {n} [dialectal]  :: coach, bus
-onninen {adj}  :: Having luck
onnistaa {vi}  :: to luck
onnistua {v}  :: To manage, succeed (as opposed to fail)
onnistuminen {n}  :: success
onnistumisprosentti {n}  :: success rate
onnistuneesti {adv}  :: successfully
onnistuneisuus {n}  :: successfulness
onnistunut {adj}  :: successful
onnitella {v}  :: To congratulate
onnittelu {n}  :: congratulation
onnittelukortti {n}  :: greeting card
onnittelukäynti {n}  :: congratulation visit
onnittelulaulu {n}  :: congratulation song
onnittelupuhe {n}  :: congratulation speech
onnittelusähke {n}  :: congratulation telegram
onnittelutilaisuus {n}  :: congratulation event
onnitteluviesti {n}  :: congratulation message
onnunta {n}  :: alternative term for ontuminen
onomastiikka {n}  :: onomastics (branch of lexicology devoted to the study of names and naming)
onomatopoeettinen {adj}  :: onomatopoetic
onomatopoeettisuus {n}  :: onomatopoeia
onomatopoesia {n}  :: onomatopoeia
onomatopoieettinen {adj}  :: alternative form of onomatopoeettinen
onsilla {n}  :: oncilla, Leopardus tigrinus
onsilo {n} [geology]  :: cirque, cwm (curved depression in a mountainside)
ontelo {n} [anatomy]  :: sinus
ontelo {n}  :: cavity
ontelo {n} [zoology]  :: coelenteron (body cavity of a coelenterate - onteloeläin)
onteloammus {n} [military]  :: shaped charge, hollow charge
onteloeläin {n} [label, en, dated]  :: coelenterate; any animal of the phyla Ctenophora or Cnidaria
onteloharmaa {n} [anatomy]  :: central gray matter
onteloida {vt}  :: to hollow out (to make hollow)
onteloinen {adj}  :: cavitied (having cavities)
onteloitua {vi}  :: to hollow out (to become hollow)
ontelokangas {n}  :: A technical term for a textile sewn together from two or more layers of fabric leaving a space between them. The space may be filled with insulating or padding. When padded, ontelokangas may be called quilted fabric in English
ontelolaatta {n} [construction]  :: hollow core slab, voided slab, hollow core plank, concrete plank (precast slab of prestressed concrete typically used in the construction of floors in multi-story buildings)
onteloluu {n} [skeleton]  :: A pneumatic bone (bone that contains hollows)
ontelomainen {adj} [anatomy]  :: sinusoid (resembling a sinus)
ontelosyylä {n} [pathology]  :: molluscum contagiosum
ontologia {n}  :: ontology
ontologinen {adj}  :: ontological
ontosti {adv}  :: hollowly
ontto {adj}  :: hollow
onttojalkainen {adj}  :: hollow-legged
onttolaskimo {n} [anatomy]  :: A vena cava
onttosarvinen {n}  :: A bovid
onttous {n}  :: hollowness
ontua {vi}  :: to limp
ontuminen {n}  :: limping (motion)
ontuva {adj}  :: limping
onykogryfoosi {n} [pathology]  :: onychogryphosis
onyksi {n} [mineral]  :: onyx
oo- {prefix}  :: oo-
oodi {n}  :: ode
ooforiitti {n} [medicine]  :: oophoritis
oogeneesi {n} [biology]  :: oogenesis
Oolannin sota {n}  :: A British-French naval campaign along the Finnish coasts during the Crimean War in 1854 and 1855
Oolanti {prop} [obsolete]  :: Aland (archipelago and province)
ooliitti {n} [geology]  :: An oolith (granule)
ooliittinen {adj}  :: Consisting of ooliths
oologi {n}  :: oologist
oologia {n}  :: oology
oomega {n}  :: omega (Greek letter)
Oona {prop}  :: female given name. Popular in the 1990s and the 2000s
oopiumi {n}  :: opium
oopiumihumala {n}  :: opium high
oopiumiluola {n} [historical]  :: opium den (establishment where opium was sold and smoked)
oopiuminpolttaja {n}  :: opium smoker
oopiumipiippu {n}  :: opium pipe (pipe designed for vaporization and inhalation of opium)
oopiumiunikko {n}  :: opium poppy (Papaver somniferum)
ooppera {n}  :: opera
ooppera-aaria {n}  :: opera aria
ooppera-alkusoitto {n}  :: opera prelude, opera overture
oopperaelokuva {n}  :: opera movie
oopperafestivaali {n} [often in plural]  :: opera festival
oopperajuhla {n} [usually in plural]  :: opera festival
oopperakapellimestari {n}  :: opera conductor
oopperakilpailu {n}  :: opera competition, opera contest
oopperakirjallisuus {n}  :: opera literature
oopperakohtaus {n}  :: opera scene
oopperakonsertti {n}  :: opera concert
oopperakoulutus {n}  :: opera education
oopperakuoro {n}  :: opera choir
oopperalaulaja {n}  :: opera singer
oopperalaulajatar {n}  :: female opera singer
oopperalava {n}  :: opera stage
oopperamaailma {n}  :: world of opera
oopperamelodia {n}  :: opera melody
oopperamonttu {n}  :: opera pit (in an opera house, the pit in which the orchestra plays)
oopperamusiikki {n}  :: opera music
oopperamuusikko {n}  :: opera musician
oopperanäyttämö {n}  :: opera stage
oopperaorkesteri {n}  :: opera orchestra
oopperarakennus {n}  :: opera building
oopperarepertoaari {n}  :: opera repertoire
oopperarooli {n}  :: opera role
oopperaserenadi {n}  :: opera serenade
oopperaseurue {n}  :: opera company
oopperasävellys {n}  :: opera composition
oopperasävelmä {n}  :: opera melody
oopperasäveltäjä {n}  :: opera composer
oopperataide {n}  :: opera (opera as art form)
oopperataiteilija {n}  :: opera artist
oopperatalo {n}  :: opera house
oopperateatteri {n}  :: opera theater
oopperatenori {n}  :: opera tenor
oopperatähti {n}  :: opera star
oopperavieras {n}  :: opera guest
oopperaväki {n}  :: opera folks (the people involved with opera collectively, including the audience, sponsors, cast and supporting personnel)
oopperavoileipä {n}  :: A sandwich consisting of toasted white bread, hamburger patty and fried egg sunny side up, decorated with parsley and sometimes served with pickles on side
oopperayleisö {n}  :: opera audience
Oortin pilvi {prop} [astronomy]  :: The Oort cloud
oosyytti {n} [cytology]  :: oocyte (cell that develops into an egg or ovum)
ootheka {n} [zoology, rare]  :: ootheca
ootrata {v}  :: To grain (to imitate the grain of wood by painting)
ootraus {n}  :: graining (art and practice of producing imitated wood surfaces by painting)
opaakki {adj}  :: opaque
opaali {n}  :: opal
opaalilasi {n}  :: opal glass (type of glass)
opalisoida {v}  :: To opalize (to make opalescent)
opas {n}  :: A guide book, guide (book)
opas {n}  :: A guide (person)
opaskartta {n}  :: tourist map
opaskirja {n}  :: guidebook
opaskirjanen {n}  :: (small) guidebook, leaflet
opaskoira {n}  :: guide dog; seeing-eye dog [US]
opaskoira {n}  :: sometimes also used of a [[kuulokoira hearing dog]]
opastaa {v}  :: to guide, help
opastaa {v}  :: to lead
opastaa {v}  :: to mentor
opastaja {n}  :: adviser
opaste {n}  :: guide, sign, guidepost
opastus {n}  :: guiding, instruction
opasvihko {n}  :: guide booklet
opasvihkonen {n}  :: guide booklet
ope {n} [school, colloquial]  :: teacher
operaatio {n}  :: operation
operaattori {n}  :: operator
operatiivinen {adj}  :: operational
operatiivisesti {adv}  :: operatively
operationaalinen {adj}  :: operational
operetti {n} [music]  :: operetta
operoida {v}  :: To operate
operoija {n}  :: operator (one who operates)
operointi {n}  :: operation (act of operating)
opetella {vi}  :: To (gradually) learn (to do something = active 3rd infinitive in illative, -maan/-mään)
opetella {vt}  :: To (gradually) learn (something), study (something)
opettaa {vt}  :: To teach someone (= allative) about something (= elative)
opettaa {vt}  :: To teach someone (= partitive) to do something (= active 3rd infinitive in illative, -maan/-mään)
opettaja {n}  :: teacher
opettajakokelas {n}  :: student teacher
opettajakunta {n}  :: The teachers of a school etc
opettajatar {n}  :: Female teacher
opettaminen {n}  :: teaching
opettava {adj}  :: teaching
opettavainen {adj}  :: didactic
opettavainen {adj}  :: instructive
opettavaisesti {adj}  :: instructively, didactically
opetuksellinen {adj}  :: educational
opetus {n}  :: education (process or art of imparting knowledge, skill and judgment)
opetus {n}  :: lesson (something learned or to be learned)
opetus {n}  :: lesson (something that serves as a warning or encouragement)
opetus {n}  :: moral (of a narrative: its ethical significance or practical lesson)
opetus {n}  :: teaching (something taught by a religious or philosophical authority)
opetus {n}  :: tuition (training or instruction provided by a teacher or tutor)
opetuselokuva {n}  :: educational film
opetusfilmi {n}  :: educational film
opetushallitus {n}  :: A similar agency in another country
opetushallitus {n}  :: National Board of Education (an agency subordinate to the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, responsible for all government business concerning education from pre-primary to secondary level)
opetusharjoittelija {n}  :: student teacher
opetuskieli {n}  :: teaching language
opetuslapsi {n}  :: Disciple
opetuslupa {n}  :: teaching license
opetusmateriaali {n}  :: teaching material
opetusmenetelmä {n}  :: teaching method
opetusmetodi {n}  :: teaching method
opetusministeri {n}  :: minister of education, secretary of education
opetusministeriö {n}  :: ministry of education
opetussuunnitelma {n}  :: curriculum (set of courses, coursework, and their content, offered at a school or university)
opetustaito {n}  :: teaching skills
opetustapa {n}  :: teaching method
opetustapahtuma {n}  :: teaching event
opetustilanne {n}  :: teaching situation
opiaatti {n}  :: opiate
opinahjo {n} [figuratively]  :: school
opinnot {n}  :: studies (academic field of study concerning a given subject)
opin sauna {idiom} [idiomatic, archaic]  :: The school, as institution
opinto {n}  :: study; normally used in plural, see opinnot
opinto- {prefix}  :: study
opintojakso {n}  :: study module
opintolaina {n}  :: student loan (type of loan designed to help students pay for their studying costs, often specifically regulated by law)
opintomenestys {n}  :: study success
opinto-ohjaaja {n}  :: student counsellor
opinto-ohjaaja {n}  :: study advisor
opinto-ohjaaja {n}  :: tutor
opinto-ohjaaja {n}  :: vocational counsellor
opinto-ohjaus {n}  :: student counselling
opintopiste {n}  :: credit, academic credit, course credit
opintoraha {n}  :: student grant, allowance
opintotuki {n}  :: student allowance
opioidi {n}  :: opioid
opiskeleminen {n}  :: studying
opiskelija {n}  :: A student
opiskelija-alennus {n}  :: student discount
opiskelija-asunto {n}  :: student apartment
opiskelija-asuntola {n}  :: student dormitory
opiskelijaliike {n}  :: student movement
opiskelijavaihto {n}  :: student exchange
opiskella {vit}  :: To study something (to pursue studies of, e.g. at a university)
opiskelu {n}  :: coursework (work carried out by students of a particular course)
opiskelu {n}  :: study (act of acquiring knowledge)
opiskeluaika {n}  :: study time
opiskelupaikka {n}  :: degree place, place (spot for studying in a university, college or other learning institution)
opisto {n}  :: institute
O-pääntie {n}  :: O neckline, O-neckline (O-shaped neckline)
opo {n} [colloquial]  :: guidance counsellor
opossumi {n}  :: opossum
oppi {n}  :: doctrine
oppi {n}  :: knowledge
oppi {n}  :: study, -logy; in this sense usually the head of a compound term
oppia {vi}  :: To learn (to do something = active 3rd infinitive in illative, -maan/-mään)
oppia {vt}  :: To learn (something)
oppia ikä kaikki {proverb}  :: live and learn
oppiaine {n}  :: subject (particular area of study)
oppia kantapään kautta {v}  :: to learn the hard way
oppiarvo {n}  :: A degree, as an award bestowed by a university or a college as an indication of academic achievement (an honorary degree is referred to as arvo)
oppi-isä {n}  :: mentor
oppikirja {n}  :: A textbook
oppikoulu {n}  :: Formerly in the Finnish school system an 8-year grammar school. In order to go to oppikoulu the pupil had to do four years of kansakoulu and pass an exam
oppilaanohjaaja {n}  :: school counselor (professional member of an educational team who assists students in their personal, social, academic, and career development)
oppilaanohjaus {n}  :: student/pupil counselling
oppilainen {adj}  :: student (having x-number of students)
oppilaitos {n}  :: A learning institution; anything from elementary school to university
oppilas {n}  :: pupil
oppilaskunta {n}  :: student body, students' union
oppilasmäärä {n}  :: number of students, student count
oppilas-opettajasuhde {n}  :: student-teacher relationship
oppimaton {adj}  :: uneducated
oppiminen {n}  :: learning
oppimiskyky {n}  :: learning skill
oppimiskäyrä {n}  :: learning curve
oppimisprosessi {n}  :: learning process
oppimistavoite {n}  :: learning objective
oppinut {adj}  :: learned
oppinut {n}  :: scholar
oppipoika {n}  :: apprentice
oppiprosessi {n}  :: learning process
oppisali {n} [dated]  :: classroom
oppisopimus {n}  :: (apprentice) indenture
oppisopimusaika {n}  :: apprenticeship time
oppitunti {n}  :: lesson
oppituoli {n}  :: academic chair
oppivelvollisuus {n}  :: A person's liability to participate in compulsory education
opponentti {n}  :: An opponent, especially in an academic public examination, where a respondent defends his/her doctoral dissertation
opponoida {v}  :: To oppose, especially in an academic dissertation
opportunismi {n}  :: opportunism
opportunisti {n}  :: opportunist
opportunistinen {adj}  :: opportunistic
oppositiivi {n} [grammar]  :: oppositive
oppositio {n} [astronomy]  :: opposition
oppositio {n} [politics]  :: opposition
oppositiojohtaja {n}  :: opposition leader
oppositiopuolue {n}  :: opposition party
optiikka {n}  :: optics
optikko {n}  :: optician
optillinen {adj} [dated]  :: optic, optical
optimaalinen {adj}  :: optimal
optimi {n}  :: optimum
optimiarvo {n}  :: optimal value
optimismi {n}  :: optimism
optimisti {n}  :: optimist
optimistijolla {n}  :: optimist (dinghy), oppy
optimistinen {adj}  :: optimistic
optimistisesti {adv}  :: optimistically
optimistisuus {n}  :: optimism
optimoida {vt}  :: To optimise/optimize
optimointi {n}  :: optimization
optinen {adj}  :: optical
optio {n} [finance]  :: Option (a contract giving the holder the right to buy or sell an asset at a set strike price)
optisesti {adv}  :: optically
optoelektroniikka {n}  :: optoelectronics
optoelektroninen {adj}  :: optoelectric
optometria {n}  :: optometry
optometristi {n}  :: optometrist
opuntia {n}  :: opuntia (flower)
ora {n}  :: thorn
oraakkeli {n}  :: oracle
oraakkelimainen {adj}  :: oracular
oraakkelimaisesti {adv}  :: oracularly
oraali {n} [phonetics]  :: An oral phoneme
oraali- {prefix}  :: oral
oraalinen {adj}  :: oral
orahytykkä {n}  :: toothed jelly fungus, false hedgehog mushroom or white jelly mushroom, Pseudohydnum gelatinosum
orakas {n} [mushroom]  :: A tooth fungus, type of mushroom, especially in the genus Hydnum
oralehti {n} [botany]  :: spike leaf
orangutangi {n} [obsolete]  :: An orangutan
oranialainen {adj}  :: Orange
oranialaisveljeskunta {n}  :: Orange Order (organization in North Ireland)
oranki {n}  :: orangutan (ape of the genus Pongo)
oranssi {adj}  :: of the colour orange
oranssi {n}  :: color orange
oranssikaviokuonoyökkö {n}  :: orange leaf-nosed bat (Rhinonicteris aurantia)
oranssikeltano {n} [botany]  :: An orange hawkweed, Hieracium aurantiacum
oranssinen {adj}  :: Having orange colour
oranssinkeltainen {adj}  :: orange yellow (shade of yellow with some orange in it)
oranssinpunainen {adj}  :: orange red (shade of red with some orange in it)
oranssinuppiseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius elegantissimus
oranssinvärinen {adj}  :: orange (of the colour orange)
oranssirousku {n}  :: A milk-cap, Lactarius mitissimus
oranssisuomuseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius rubicundulus
orapaatsama {n}  :: buckthorn, common buckthorn, purging buckthorn (Rhamnus cathartica)
orapihlaja {n} [plant]  :: hawthorn (any bush of the genus Crataegus)
orapihlaja-aita {n}  :: hawthorn hedge
orapihlajanmarja {n}  :: haw (fruit of hawthorn)
oras {n} [botany]  :: shoot or shoots of cereal or cultivated hay, usually collectively
oraspelto {n}  :: A cereal or hay field with a growth of shoots
orastaa {v}  :: to dawn
orastaa {v}  :: to emerge
orastaa {v}  :: to sprout
orastoukka {n}  :: cutworm (larva of turnip moth, Agrotis segetum, notorious for eating the shoots of cereals)
orastua {vi}  :: to sprout
orastus {n}  :: dawning
orastus {n}  :: emergence
orastus {n}  :: sprouting
orasyökkönen {n}  :: turnip moth, Agrotis segetum (moth of the family Noctuidae)
oratorio {n}  :: oratorio
oratuomi {n}  :: blackthorn, sloe, Prunus spinosa
orava {n}  :: squirrel
orava {n}  :: The European red squirrel, Sciurus vulgaris
oravanmarja {n} [plant]  :: false lily of the valley, May lily, Maianthemum bifolium
oravannahka {n}  :: A squirrel fur
oravannahka {n} [colloquial]  :: money
oravannahka {n} [heraldry]  :: vair
oravannahkainen {adj}  :: Made of squirrel fur
oravannahkakauppa {n} [colloquial]  :: barter (trade by exchange, instead of money)
oravanpesä {n}  :: drey, squirrel's nest
oravanpoika {n}  :: A young of squirrel (of either sex)
oravanpoikanen {n}  :: A young of squirrel
oravanpyörä {n}  :: rat race
oravanpyörä {n}  :: treadmill
oravanseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius variecolor
oravasaimiri {n}  :: common squirrel monkey, Saimiri sciureus
orbitaali {n} [chemistry]  :: orbital
orda {n} [historical]  :: Mongol horde
ordinaali {n}  :: alternative term for ordinaaliluku
ordinaali {n}  :: alternative term for ordinaalilukusana
ordinaali {n} [mathematics]  :: ordinal number (generalized kind of number to denote the length of a well-order on a set)
ordinaali {n}  :: ordinal (book used in the ordination of Anglican ministers)
ordinaaliluku {n} [grammar]  :: ordinal number
ordinaalilukusana {n}  :: ordinal numeral, ordinal number (word that expresses the relative position of an item in an ordered sequence)
ordinaalinen {adj}  :: ordinal (indicating position in a sequence)
ordinaatta {n} [mathematics]  :: ordinate
ordoviikki {n}  :: Ordovician (geological period)
ordoviikkikausi {n}  :: Ordovician, Ordovician period (geological period)
ordoviikkinen {adj} [geology]  :: Ordovician (of a geologic period within the Paleozoic era; comprises lower, middle and upper epochs from about 488 to 443 million years ago)
ordoviki {n}  :: The Ordovician period
ordovikikausi {n}  :: The Ordovician period
ordovikikautinen {adj}  :: Ordovician
oreksiini {n} [biochemistry]  :: orexin
orellaniini {n} [chemistry]  :: orellanine
Orfeus {prop}  :: Orpheus
orfeuskerttu {n}  :: Orphean warbler (Sylvia hortensis)
orgaani {n}  :: organ
orgaaninen {adj} [biology]  :: organic
orgaaninen {adj} [chemistry]  :: organic
orgaaninen kemia {n}  :: organic chemistry
orgaaninen yhdiste {n} [chemistry]  :: organic compound
orgaanisesti {adv}  :: organically
orgaanisuus {n}  :: organicity (state of being organic)
organdi {n}  :: organdy
organisaatio {n}  :: organization
organisaatioilmasto {n}  :: organizational climate
organisaatiokaavio {n}  :: organization chart, organigram
organisaatiokulttuuri {n}  :: organizational culture
organisaatiokäyttäytyminen {n}  :: organizational behavior
organisaatiomalli {n}  :: organizational model
organisaatiomuutos {n}  :: organizational change
organisaatiopsykologia {n}  :: organizational psychology
organisaatiorakenne {n}  :: organizational structure
organisaatiorikos {n}  :: organizational crime
organisaatiososiologia {n}  :: organizational sociology
organisaatiotiede {n}  :: organizational science, organization science
organisaatiotutkimus {n}  :: organizational research
organisaatiouudistus {n}  :: organizational reform
organisaatioviestintä {n}  :: organizational communication
organisaattori {n}  :: organizer
organisatorinen {adj}  :: organizational
organismi {n}  :: organism
organisoida {v}  :: To organise/organize
organisoija {n}  :: organizer
organisointi {n}  :: organizing
organisointikyky {n}  :: organizational skill
organisointikykyinen {n}  :: capable of organizing
organisoitua {vi}  :: To become organized
organoboraani {n} [chemistry]  :: organoboran
organogeeninen {adj} [geology, biology]  :: organogenic
organologia {n}  :: organology
orgasmi {n}  :: orgasm
orgastinen {adj}  :: orgiastic
orgiat {n}  :: orgy, debauch
orhi {n}  :: alternative form of ori
ori {n}  :: stallion
oribletti {n} [rare]  :: alternative term for resoribletti
orientaalinen {adj}  :: oriental
orientaatio {n}  :: orientation
orientalismi {n}  :: orientalism
orientalisti {n}  :: orientalist
orientalistiikka {n} [linguistics]  :: orientalism
orientoida {vt}  :: to orientate
orientointi {n}  :: orientation
orientoitua {vi}  :: To orientate
orientoituminen {n}  :: orientation
orientti {n}  :: the Orient
originaali {n}  :: original
originaalikappale {n}  :: original (object or other creation from which all later copies and variations are derived)
originaalinen {adj}  :: original
originaalisuus {n}  :: originality
originaliteetti {n}  :: originality
originelli {adj}  :: original (fresh, different)
origo {n}  :: (coordinate) origin
orija {n}  :: The Oriya language
Orion {prop} [constellation]  :: The constellation Orion
Orion {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Orion
Orionin sumu {prop} [astronomy]  :: The Orion Nebula
orisilla {n} [dated]  :: oncilla, little spotted cat, tigrillo, tiger cat, Leopardus tigrinus (small spotted cat native to montane and tropical rainforests of Central and South America)
orja {n}  :: slave
orjailla {vi}  :: to act or behave slavishly
orjailu {n}  :: slavish behavior
orjakauppa {n}  :: slave trade
orjalaiva {n}  :: slaver, slave ship
orjallinen {adj} [usually, figuratively]  :: slavish
orjallisesti {adv}  :: slavishly
orjallisuus {n}  :: slavishness
orjamainen {adj}  :: slavish
orjamaisesti {adv}  :: slavishly
orjamaisuus {n}  :: slavishness
orjamarkkinat {n}  :: slave market
orjanlaakeri {n}  :: holly (any of various shrubs or small trees of the genus Ilex)
orjanomainen {adj}  :: slavelike (resembling conditions of slavery)
orjanomistaja {n}  :: slaveowner, slaveholder
orjanomistuksellinen {adj}  :: slave ownership, slaveholding (of or related to the practice of owning slaves)
orjanomistus {n}  :: slaveholding, slave ownership (practice ow owning slaves)
orjanomistusyhteisö {n}  :: slave owning society
orjanruusu {n}  :: glaucous dog rose, Rosa dumalis
orjantappura {n} [biblical]  :: thorn (any shrub or small tree that bears thorns)
orjantappura {n}  :: glaucous dog rose, Rosa dumalis
orjantappurakruunu {n}  :: crown of thorns
orjantappurapensaikko {n}  :: thornbush, thorn (relatively large growth of thorny bushes)
orjapiiskuri {n}  :: slave driver (employer who demands excessive work from the employee)
orjapiiskuri {n}  :: slave driver (overseer of slaves at work)
orjatar {n}  :: female slave
orjatyö {n}  :: slave work
orjatyövoima {n}  :: slave labor
orjuus {n}  :: slavery
orjuuttaa {vt}  :: to enslave
orjuuttaja {n}  :: enslaver (one who enslaves)
orjuutus {n}  :: enslaving (act or process of enslaving)
orkaani {n} [meteorology, rare]  :: A hurricane-speed wind; hurricane, typhoon
orkesteri {n}  :: An orchestra
orkesteri {n}  :: An orchestra (semicircular space in front of the stage used by the chorus in ancient Greek theatres)
orkesterikappale {n} [music]  :: orchestral piece
orkesteriklassikko {n} [music]  :: orchestral classic
orkesterikonsertti {n} [music]  :: orchestral concert
orkesterilaulu {n} [music]  :: orchestral song (genre of classical music for solo voices and orchestra)
orkesterimonttu {n}  :: orchestra pit (the pit in which the orchestra plays during opera and musical performances)
orkesterimusiikki {n}  :: orchestral music
orkesterimuusikko {n}  :: orchestral musician
orkesterinjohtaja {n} [music]  :: conductor (of an orchestra)
orkesterisarja {n} [music]  :: orchestral suite (musical composition for an orchestra, consisting of a string of pieces)
orkesterisäestys {n} [music]  :: orchestral accompaniment
orkesterisoitin {n}  :: orchestral instrument
orkesterisovitus {n}  :: orchestration (arrangement of music for performance by an orchestra)
orkesterisovitus {n}  :: orchestration (composition that has been orchestrated)
orkesterisävellys {n}  :: orchestral composition
orkesterisyvennys {n}  :: orchestra pit
orkesteritaide {n} [music]  :: orchestral art
orkesteritausta {n} [music]  :: orchestral background
orkesteriteos {n} [music]  :: orchestral work
orkesteritoiminta {n} [music]  :: orchestral activity
orkestra {n}  :: An orchestra (semicircular space in front of the stage used by the chorus in ancient Greek theatres)
orkestraalinen {adj}  :: orchestral
orkestraatio {n} [music]  :: orchestration (arrangement of music for performance by an orchestra)
orkestraatio {n}  :: (music) orchestration (composition that has been orchestrated)
orkestroida {v} [music]  :: To orchestrate
orkestrointi {n} [music]  :: orchestration (arrangement of music for performance by an orchestra)
orkestrointi {n}  :: orchestration (control of diverse elements)
orkidea {n}  :: An orchid
orkidektomia {n}  :: orchidectomy
orkiitti {n} [pathology]  :: orchitis
orkku {n} [colloquial]  :: orgasm
orkku {n} [colloquial]  :: squirrel
ormio {n} [botany]  :: pillwort (Pilularia globulifera)
ornamentaalinen {adj}  :: ornamental
ornamentiikka {n}  :: ornamentation
ornamentoida {vt} [rare]  :: to ornament (to add to)
ornamentti {n}  :: ornament
ornamenttitaide {n}  :: ornament art, ornamentation (art form)
orneerata {v}  :: to decorate, ornament, especially with ornaments or excessively
ornitologi {n}  :: ornithologist
ornitologia {n}  :: ornithology
ornitologinen {adj}  :: ornithological
ornitopteri {n}  :: ornithopter (aircraft)
oro {n} [rare, poetic]  :: stallion
orogenia {n} [geology]  :: orogeny
oromo {n}  :: An Oromo
oromo {n}  :: The Oromo language
oromon kieli {n}  :: Oromo (language)
orongo {n}  :: Tibetan antelope, chiru, Pantholops hodgsonii (medium-sized bovid native to the Tibetan plateau)
orpana {n} [dated, dialectal]  :: orphan
orpana {n} [dialectal]  :: cousin
orpo {adj} [figuratively]  :: lonely
orpo {n}  :: orphan
orpokoti {n} [dated]  :: orphanage
orpolapsi {n}  :: orphan
orpopoika {n}  :: orphan boy
orpotyttö {n}  :: orphan girl
orpous {n}  :: orphanhood
orpovauva {n}  :: orphan baby
orsi {n}  :: A balance beam (in a balance)
orsi {n}  :: A perch, roost (for a bird)
ortodoksi {n}  :: An Orthodox person
ortodoksia {n}  :: orthodoxy
ortodoksijuutalaisuus {n} [religion]  :: Orthodox Judaism
ortodoksikirkko {n}  :: An Orthodox church
ortodoksiliturgia {n}  :: An Orthodox liturgy
ortodoksiluostari {n}  :: An Orthodox monastery
ortodoksimunkki {n}  :: An Orthodox monk
ortodoksinen {adj}  :: orthodox
ortodoksinen {adj}  :: Orthodox (of or pertaining to Orthodox Judaism)
ortodoksinen {adj}  :: Orthodox (of or pertaining to the Eastern Orthodox Church)
ortodoksinen kirkko {n} [Christianity]  :: The Eastern Orthodox Church
ortodoksiseurakunta {n}  :: An Orthodox parish
ortodoksisuus {n}  :: orthodoxy (correctness in doctrine and belief, conformity to established and accepted beliefs)
ortodoksisuus {n} [religion]  :: Orthodoxy (Eastern Orthodoxy)
ortodontia {n}  :: orthodontics
ortogonaalinen {adj} [mathematics]  :: orthogonal
ortografia {n}  :: orthography
ortografinen {adj}  :: orthographic
ortoklaasi {n} [mineral]  :: orthoclase
ortokuva {n}  :: orthophoto
ortopedi {n}  :: orthopedist
ortopedia {n} [medicine]  :: orthopedics
ortopedinen {adj}  :: orthopedic
ortopiihappo {n} [chemistry]  :: orthosilicic acid
ortoreksia {n} [psychology]  :: orthorexia
ortorektikko {n}  :: orthorexic
ortorektinen {adj}  :: orthorexic (having the obsession of eating healthy food)
ortosilikaatti {n} [mineralogy]  :: orthosilicate (mineral)
ortostaattinen {adj} [pathology]  :: orthostatic (of or related to upright posture)
ortouni {n}  :: slow sleep
orvaskesi {n} [anatomy]  :: epidermis (outer, protective layer of the skin)
Orvo {prop}  :: male given name
orvokinsininen {adj}  :: pansy (of pansy color)
orvokinsininen {n}  :: pansy (color)
orvokki {n}  :: pansy (cultivated variety of this plant, with considerably larger flowers)
orvokki {n}  :: violet (flower of the genus Viola)
Orvokki {prop}  :: female given name
orvokkihopeatäplä {n}  :: dark green fritillary (Argynnis aglaja)
orvokkikasvi {n}  :: A plant of the taxonomic family Violaceae
orvokkikasvi {n} [in plural]  :: Violaceae (family of flowering plants consisting of about 800 species in 21 genera)
orvonhapero {n}  :: A brittlegill, Russula neglecta
o.s. {initialism}  :: nee
-os {suffix}  :: Forms nouns denoting the result of the action of a verb
osa {n} [music]  :: A movement, a large division of a larger composition
osa {n}  :: part
osa {n}  :: with an ordinal number as modifier, used to create nouns meaning "nth part"; works with numbers from three upwards
osa-aikainen {adj}  :: part-time
osa-aikatyö {n}  :: part-time job
osaaja {n} [in plural]  :: skilled labour [UK], skilled labor [US]
osaaja {n}  :: skilled worker, pro, expert (one who knows his trade)
osa-alue {n}  :: division
osa-alue {n}  :: field
osa-alue {n}  :: sector
osaaminen {n}  :: know-how
osaamiskeskus {n}  :: A regional operating unit in a Ministry of Employment and the Economy of Finland's (työ- ja elinkeinoministeriö) programme to enhance the know-how of enterprises in order to strengthen their global competitiveness; officially translated as Centre of Expertise into English
osajoukko {n}  :: subset
osajärjestelmä {n}  :: A subsystem
osakas {n}  :: stakeholder
osake {n}  :: apartment in an housing cooperative
osake {n} [finance]  :: share (of stock)
osakeanti {n} [finance]  :: float (offering of shares to the public)
osakeanti {n} [finance]  :: share issue
osakekauppa {n} [business]  :: stock trade
osakepääoma {n}  :: The share capital of a company (total outstanding capital)
osakesalkku {n}  :: portfolio
osakeyhtiö {n}  :: limited liability company
osakilpailu {n} [sports]  :: partial race, event (any of a series of races that constitute a competition for championship in a certain sport)
osakkeenomistaja {n} [economics]  :: shareholder, shareowner
osakkuus {n}  :: share ownership; interest, share, stake, ownership (quality of being a shareowner)
osaksi {adv}  :: partly
osakunta {n}  :: (closest equivalents) fraternity (USA), college (UK)
osakunta {n}  :: (historically) nation, student nation (organization of students at a university, gathering students who originate from the same region; historical in most countries, but still active in some old universities of Finland and Sweden)
osallinen {n}  :: involved, participating (associated with others)
osallistua {vi} [intransitive + illative or (rare) allative]  :: To participate in, take part in, partake in, be involved/included in
osallistua {vi}  :: To attend (e.g. a lecture, a course = allative)
osallistua {vi}  :: To share (the costs = illative)
osallistuja {n}  :: participant
osallistujalahja {n}  :: party favor (small gift given to a guest at a party, as a souvenir)
osallistuminen {n}  :: attendance
osallistumisprosentti {n}  :: participation percentage
osallisuus {n}  :: complicity
osallisuus {n}  :: participation, share
osaltaan {adv}  :: for one's part, as far as one is concerned
osamaksu {n}  :: instalment (individual payment made within a hire purchase plan)
osamaksu {n}  :: part payment (any payment that is part of a larger payment)
osamaksu {n}  :: Short for [[osamaksukauppa hire purchase]] (method of payment)
osamäärä {n} [mathematics]  :: A quotient
osamurtokehitelmä {n} [mathematics]  :: partial fraction
osanen {n}  :: part, fragment
osanottaja {n}  :: A participant
osanotto {n}  :: participation
osanotto {n}  :: sympathy, condolence
osanto {n} [grammar, rarely used]  :: partitive
osapuoli {n} [legal]  :: party
osasto {n}  :: A compartment
osasto {n}  :: A department
osasto {n}  :: Especially in military use, a unit
osasto {n} [slang]  :: An area, field of activity; always compounded, no direct translation
osastoida {vt}  :: To subdivide into different compartments
osastonjohtaja {n}  :: department manager
osastopäällikkö {n}  :: department chief
osata {vt} [+ infinitive]  :: To know how (to do something), can (do something)
osata {vt} [+ partitive]  :: To know (usually a language)
osataso {n}  :: sublevel
osatekijä {n}  :: component
osaton {adj}  :: dispossessed
osatotuus {n}  :: Some of the facts; partial truth
osavaali {n}  :: partial elections
osavaltio {n}  :: A state (political division of a federation retaining a degree of autonomy)
osaväli {n}  :: subinterval
osavuosikatsaus {n} [finance]  :: quarterly report
Oseania {prop}  :: Oceania
oseano- {prefix}  :: oceano-
oseanografia {n}  :: oceanography
oseanologi {n}  :: oceanologist
oseanologia {n}  :: oceanology
oselotti {n}  :: ocelot (Leopardus pardalis)
osiensa summa {n}  :: sum of its parts
osin {adv}  :: part
osin {adv}  :: partly
osinko {n}  :: A dividend (pro rata payment of money by a company to its shareholders)
osio {n}  :: An item, section of a text
osio {n} [computing]  :: A partition of a hard disk
ositella {v}  :: A frequentative form of the verb osittaa
osittaa {vt}  :: to partition
osittain {adv}  :: partly
osittainen {adj}  :: partial (as opposed to total)
osittaisderivaatta {n} [mathematics]  :: partial derivative
osittaisdifferentiaaliyhtälö {n} [mathematics]  :: A partial differential equation
osittelulaki {n} [mathematics]  :: distributive law
ositus {n}  :: partition
Oskari {prop}  :: male given name
oskarinkokoinen {adj} [jocular, of a boy]  :: small
oskillaatio {n}  :: oscillation
oskillaattori {n}  :: oscillator
oskilloskooppi {n}  :: oscilloscope
Oslo {prop}  :: Oslo
osma {n} [archaic]  :: wolverine (Gulo gulo)
osmani {n}  :: An Osman, an archaic name for Turks
osmankäämi {n}  :: cattail
osmankäämikerttunen {n}  :: moustached warbler, Acrocephalus melanopogon
osmansolmu {n}  :: alternative form of osmonsolmu
osmium {n}  :: osmium
Osmo {prop}  :: male given name
osmologia {n}  :: osmology
osmonsolmu {n}  :: woggle (decorative knot, often used as neckerchief slide)
osmoosi {n}  :: osmosis
osmoottinen {adj}  :: osmotic
osoite {n}  :: address
osoitekirja {n}  :: address book
osoitella {v}  :: To point (with a finger)
osoitin {n}  :: A hand (index or pointer especially in a clock)
osoitin {n}  :: An indicator (pointer or index that indicates)
osoitin {n}  :: A pointer (anything that points)
osoitin {n}  :: A pointer, cursor (in graphical user interfaces)
osoitin {n}  :: A pointer (needle-like component of a timepiece or measuring device that indicates the current reading)
osoitin {n} [programming, databases]  :: A pointer
osoitintappi {n} [computing]  :: pointing stick
osoittaa {v} [mathematics]  :: to prove (to demonstrate that something is true)
osoittaa {v} [sciences]  :: with väärä, to falsify (to prove that something is false)
osoittaa {v}  :: to approve (demonstrate)
osoittaa {v}  :: to demonstrate (to show the steps taken to create a logical argument or equation)
osoittaa {v}  :: to direct (a letter etc. to someone)
osoittaa {v}  :: to direct (to aim at)
osoittaa {v}  :: to exhibit (demonstrate)
osoittaa {v}  :: to find (point out)
osoittaa {v}  :: to indicate (to show or manifest by symptoms)
osoittaa {v}  :: to manifest (to make clear or evident, prove)
osoittaa {v}  :: to point (direct or encourage (someone) in a particular direction)
osoittaa {v}  :: to point out (to identify with a bodily gesture)
osoittaa {v}  :: to point (to extend the index finger in the direction of something)
osoittaa {v}  :: to show (to indicate (a fact) to be true; to demonstrate)
osoittaa mieltä {v}  :: alternative form of osoittaa mieltään
osoittaa mieltään {vi}  :: to demonstrate
osoittaa sormella {v} [idiomatic]  :: to put one’s finger on (to identify, specify, name or pick out, usually something negative)
osoittaa sormella {v} [literally]  :: to point with one's finger
osoittaa todeksi {vt}  :: To prove
osoittaja {n} [arithmetic]  :: numerator
osoittautua {vi} [+ translative]  :: To prove (to be)
osoitus {n}  :: indication, demonstration, manifestation
ossa {n} [colloquial]  :: address
osseetti {n}  :: An Ossetian person
osseetti {n}  :: The Ossetic language
ossi {n}  :: A person from the former East Germany
Ossi {prop}  :: male given name
Ossian {prop}  :: male given name; mostly used as a middle name
ossifikaatio {n}  :: ossification
osso buco {n}  :: osso buco
ossuaari {n}  :: ossuary (place where bones of the dead are kept)
ostaa {vt}  :: To buy, purchase
ostaja {n}  :: A buyer
ostalgia {n}  :: Ostalgie
ostari {n} [colloquial]  :: mall, shopping mall
ostattaa {vt}  :: To make someone buy
ostella {vi}  :: To shop, buy (carelessly); to make impulsive purchases
ostelu {n}  :: shopping
osteoblasti {n} [cytology]  :: osteoblast
osteofyytti {n}  :: osteophyte (any small, abnormal but usually harmless growth of bone, often near a joint)
osteokondroosi {n} [pathology]  :: osteochondrosis
osteologia {n} [anatomy]  :: osteology
osteologinen {adj}  :: osteological
osteomalasia {n} [medicine]  :: osteomalacia
osteopaatti {n}  :: osteopath
osteopatia {n}  :: osteopathy
osteopetroosi {n} [disease]  :: osteopetrosis
osteoporoosi {n} [pathology]  :: osteoporosis
osteoporoottinen {adj}  :: osteoporotic
osteosarkooma {n}  :: osteosarcoma
osteri {n}  :: An oyster
osterikastike {n}  :: The oyster sauce
osteriviljelmä {n}  :: An oyster farm
osterivinokas {n}  :: oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus)
ostinato {n} [music]  :: ostinato
ostjakki {n} [dated]  :: A Khanty
ostjakki {n} [dated]  :: The Khanty language
osto {n}  :: A purchase
ostohimo {n}  :: oniomania
ostohinta {n}  :: purchase price
ostokyky {n}  :: purchasing power
ostokykyinen {adj}  :: able to buy
ostomääräys {n}  :: purchase order
ostoparatiisi {n}  :: shopping paradise
ostopokeri {n}  :: draw poker (form of poker in which players can trade in cards for new ones and their cards are not shown until the showdown)
ostos {n}  :: In adessive, ablative and allative plural also shopping (the event of specifically going out for shopping)
ostos {n}  :: In plural also shopping (things bought)
ostos {n}  :: purchase (item bought)
ostoskassi {n}  :: shopping bag
ostoskeskus {n}  :: shopping centre, shopping center
ostoskori {n}  :: shopping basket
ostoskärry {n}  :: shopping cart [US], shopping trolley [UK]
ostoslaukku {n}  :: shopping bag
ostoslista {n}  :: grocery list
ostoslista {n}  :: shopping list
ostosparatiisi {n}  :: shopping paradise
ostosrobotti {n}  :: shopping bot, shopping agent (bot that searches the internet for the best price for a product)
ostotarjous {n}  :: buying offer
ostovoima {n} [economics]  :: Purchasing power, buying power
ostovoimainen {adj}  :: having purchasing power
ostovoimapariteetti {n}  :: purchasing power parity
osua {vi} [+ illative]  :: To hit, strike, get (a spot, target)
osuma {n}  :: hit
osuus {n}  :: share, part (of something)
osuuskassa {n} [obsolete]  :: until 1970, credit union; predecessor of osuuspankki
osuuskauppa {n}  :: cooperative shop
osuuskunta {n}  :: A cooperative
osuuspankki {n} cooperative bank
osuuspankki {n}  :: credit union
osuuspankki {n} [legal, Finland]  :: A form of cooperative banking in which the customers may but are not obliged to become members of the cooperative (credit union) that runs the bank
osuuspankkiryhmä {n}  :: A common term sometimes used to refer to a finance group formed by about 200 Finnish credit unions. The group is now known as OP-Pohjola
osuustoiminnallinen {adj}  :: cooperative, co-operative (relating to the way of operation of cooperatives as type of company)
osuva {adj}  :: apt, pertinent
osuvasti {adv}  :: aptly
osviitta {n}  :: guide
ota {n} [biblical]  :: A sting
otakilokki {n}  :: barilla, Kali turgida, formerly Salsola kali
otaksua {v}  :: To presume, suppose, assume
otaksuma {n}  :: presumption
otaksuttavasti {adv}  :: presumptively
otalgia {n} [pathology, jargon]  :: earache, otalgia
otanta {n} [statistics]  :: taking a sample, sampling
otantatekniikka {n} [statistics]  :: sampling technique
otantatutkimus {n} [statistics]  :: sample survey
ota tai jätä {phrase}  :: take it or leave it
otattaa {vt}  :: to cause to take, to let take
otava {n} [obsolete]  :: A kind of fish trap
Otava {prop}  :: The Plough, Big Dipper
otaviitti {n} [mineral]  :: otavite
ote {n}  :: citation, excerpt, extract
ote {n}  :: grasp, grip
ote {n} [rarely]  :: maneuver, see e.g. Heimlich maneuver
otelauta {n} [music]  :: fingerboard
otella {v}  :: To compete
oteääni {n} [dated]  :: A vote cast outside one's own electoral district, an extract of electoral register serving as proof of right to vote
oteääni {n} [imprecisely]  :: early vote
otin {n}  :: A handle; server (utensil with which one takes something)
otoliitti {n} [anatomy]  :: otolith
otollinen {adj}  :: favourable/favorable, auspicious
otollisesti {adv}  :: favourably, auspiciously
otollisuus {n}  :: favourableness (state or condition of being favourable)
otorinolaryngologi {n}  :: otorhinolaryngologist
otorinolaryngologia {n}  :: otorhinolaryngology
otos {n} [movies]  :: take
otos {n} [photography]  :: snap, photo
otos {n} [statistics]  :: sample
otosalue {n}  :: sample area (area from which a sample or samples are collected)
otoskleroosi {n} [pathology]  :: otosclerosis
otsa {n}  :: forehead
otsaharja {n}  :: forelock (part of a horse's mane that lies on the forehead)
otsake {n}  :: heading
otsalamppu {n}  :: headlamp (lamp worn on head)
otsalihas {n} [anatomy]  :: frontalis muscle
otsalohko {n} [anatomy]  :: frontal lobe
otsalohkoleikkaus {n}  :: frontal lobe surgery
otsaluu {n} [skeleton]  :: The frontal bone
otsanahka {n}  :: forehead skin
otsanauha {n}  :: headband
otsaontelo {n} [anatomy]  :: frontal sinus
otsaontelotulehdus {n} [pathology]  :: infection of frontal sinus
otsapanta {n}  :: headband
otsapeili {n}  :: frontal mirror
otsaripa {n}  :: diadem, tiara
otsaryppy {n}  :: forehead wrinkle
otsasuoni {n}  :: forehead vein
otsatukka {n}  :: bangs, fringe (forehead hair)
otselotti {n}  :: alternative spelling of oselotti
otsikko {n}  :: heading, header, title, headline
otsikoida {vt}  :: To assign a header or title
otso {n} [poetic]  :: bear (animal)
Otso {prop}  :: male given name
otsoni {n} [chemistry]  :: ozone
otsoniaukko {n}  :: ozone hole
otsonidi {n} [chemistry]  :: ozonide
otsonikato {n}  :: ozone depletion
otsonikerros {n}  :: ozone layer
otsonikokous {n}  :: ozone conference (conference to assess the state of the ozone layer)
otsonikysymys {n}  :: alternative term for otsoniongelma
otsonimittaus {n}  :: ozone measurement
otsonimolekyyli {n}  :: ozone molecule
otsoniongelma {n}  :: ozone problem, ozone issue (ozone-related problem, especially that of the thinning of ozone layer and existence of the ozone hole)
otsonipitoisuus {n}  :: ozone content
otsonireikä {n}  :: ozone hole
otsonisoida {vt}  :: To ozonize
otsonisointi {n}  :: ozonization
otsonivyöhyke {n}  :: ozone layer
otsoniystävällinen {adj}  :: ozone-friendly
otsonoida {vt}  :: To ozonize
otsonointi {n}  :: ozonization
ottaa {vi} [intransitive + illative]  :: To touch, reach down/up to, hang down to
ottaa {vt} [periphrase]  :: To drink (alcohol), take (medicine)
ottaa {vt}  :: To take; to deprive of, bereave of
ottaa aika {v}  :: To time (to measure a finite time)
ottaa aurinkoa {v}  :: To sunbathe, to sun
ottaa hengiltä {vt} [+ genitive-accusative]  :: To kill, slay (literally: "to take off lives")
ottaa härkää sarvista {v} [idiomatic]  :: to take the bull by the horns
ottaa huomioon {v} [idiomatic]  :: to take into account, consider; to cater to; to factor in
ottaa iisisti {v} [slang]  :: to take it easy
ottaa johtoonsa {v}  :: to take command
ottaa kantaa {vi} [idiomatic + illative]  :: to editorialise/editorialize (to express ones opinion as if in an editorial)
ottaa kantaa {vi} [idiomatic + illative]  :: to take a stance on
ottaa kiinni {v}  :: To catch (to seize an object, especially in the hands)
ottaa käyttöön {v}  :: to put to use
ottaa lämpöä {phrase} [informal]  :: to lose one's temper
ottaa lämpöä {phrase} [informal]  :: to overheat (to become excessively hot)
ottaa lämpöä {phrase} [informal]  :: to warm up (to become physically warmer)
ottaa lämpöä {phrase} [informal]  :: to warm up (to flex one's muscles before exercise or a contest)
ottaa luku {v}  :: To perform a headcount (to count the number of people present)
ottaa lukua {v} [informal]  :: To lie still for a while after receiving a blow
ottaa lukua {v} [informal]  :: To pass out
ottaa lusikka kauniiseen käteen {v} [idiomatic]  :: To swallow one's pride (and humbly do as one is told or supposed to do) (literally: "to take the spoon into the beautiful hand")
ottaa nokkiinsa {v}  :: To take offense
ottaa onkeensa {vt} [idiomatic]  :: to heed, pay attention to, take seriously, tuck away for later reference (e.g. a piece of advice; lit.: "to take [sth] onto one's fishing rod")
ottaa osaa {v}  :: to express one's condolences
ottaa osaa {v}  :: to participate, take part, partake, attend
ottaa parempaan käyttöön {v} [euphemistic, idiomatic]  :: to steal
ottaa parempaan käyttöön {v}  :: to repurpose, reuse (to reuse for a different purpose, with or without alteration)
ottaa päähän {vi} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: To be annoyed, vexed, pissed off
ottaa rennosti {vi} [colloquial]  :: To relax, chill
ottaa selvää {vi} [idiomatic, +elative]  :: to determine, find out about
ottaa selvää {v}  :: to get to the bottom of (to understand, discover the truth about, or solve)
ottaa sydämelleen {vt} [idiomatic]  :: To take to heart
ottaa todesta {vt} [idiomatic + genitive-accusative]  :: To take seriously
ottaa vaarin {v}  :: take advantage (of a situation)
ottaa vaarin {v}  :: to heed, take into account, obey
ottaa varteen {v}  :: to take into account, take into consideration
ottaa vastaan {vt}  :: meet, welcome, greet, pick up, see (a visitor, in an official function), take (a phone call)
ottaa vastaan {vt}  :: to receive, accept
ottaa yleisönsä {v} [idiomatic]  :: to work the room (to interact with one's audience, eliciting the audience's attention and enthusiasm)
ottaja {n}  :: A taker, one who takes
ottajainen {n} [informal, usually in plural]  :: drinking spree (occasion of heavy drinking)
ottamo {n}  :: intake (place where water or air is taken into a pipe or conduit)
otteeseen {adv}  :: useaan otteeseen: several times
ottelija {n}  :: contestant
ottelu {n} [sports]  :: match (sporting event)
ottelupallo {n}  :: match point (state in a game where a player can win the entire match by winning the next point; used in tennis, volleyball and similar games)
ottelurangaistus {n} [ice hockey]  :: match penalty
otto {n}  :: [as prefix] adopted
otto {n}  :: intake
otto {n}  :: taking
otto {n}  :: withdrawal
Otto {prop}  :: male given name
Otto {prop}  :: The letter "O" in the Finnish tavausaakkoset, a spelling system similar to ICAO spelling alphabet
ottoaika {n}  :: administration time (time when a prescribed medicine is to be taken)
ottolainaus {n} [banking]  :: borrowing, funding (the business of accepting deposits, issuing debt securities and otherwise attracting borrowed capital)
ottolapsi {n}  :: adoptee (adopted child or a person who was adopted as a child)
ottomaani {n} [furniture]  :: ottoman, hassock
ottomaani {n}  :: Ottoman
ottomaani {n} [textile]  :: ottoman
Ottomaanien valtakunta {prop}  :: Ottoman Empire
ottomoottori {n}  :: petrol engine
ottopoika {n}  :: An adopted son
ottotytär {n}  :: An adopted daughter
ottotyttö {n}  :: An adopted daughter
ottovanhempi {n}  :: adoptive parent
otus {n}  :: creature
oudohko {adj}  :: quite strange
oudokseltaan {adv}  :: due to not being used to or familiar with something
oudoksua {vt} [transitive + partitive]  :: To consider something strange, be amazed by; to wonder
oudoksunta {n}  :: wonderment
oudoksuttaa {v}  :: To make someone feel strange or weird, to cause suspicion
oudonmakuinen {adj}  :: strange tasting
oudonnäköinen {adj}  :: strange looking
oudostella {vi} [rare]  :: Same as oudoksua
oudosti {adv}  :: strangely
oudostuttaa {v}  :: alternative form of oudoksuttaa
oukki doukki {interj}  :: alternative spelling of oukki-doukki
oukki-doukki {interj}  :: okey-dokey
Oulu {prop}  :: Oulu
oululainen {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the city of Oulu or its citizens
oululainen {n}  :: A person from, or an inhabitant of, Oulu
ounastaa {v} [rare]  :: to have a hunch/suspicion/feeling (that…), suspect, anticipate, sense
ounastella {vi}  :: to have a hunch/suspicion/feeling (that...), suspect, anticipate, sense
Outi {prop}  :: female given name
outo {adj}  :: strange
outokainen {n} [physics]  :: A strangelet
outokumpu {n}  :: A large belly; a beer belly
outokvarkki {n}  :: strange quark
outo lintu {n}  :: rara avis
outo luku {n} [mathematics]  :: weird number
outous {n}  :: strangeness
ovaali {adj}  :: oval
ovaali {n}  :: oval
ovaalimainen {adj}  :: oval-like, ovalish (approximately oval-shaped)
ovaario {n} [anatomy]  :: ovary
ovariaalinen {adj} [medicine]  :: ovarian (relating to the ovaries)
ovela {adj}  :: shrewd, sly, wily
ovelampi {adj}  :: comparative form of ovela
ovelasti {adv}  :: cunningly, slyly, wilily
ovelin {adj}  :: superlative form of ovela
ovellinen {adj}  :: Equipped with a door
ovelta ovelle {phrase}  :: [used adverbially] door to door
ovelta ovelle {phrase}  :: [used attributively] door-to-door
oveluus {n}  :: cunning, shrewdness
ovenavaus {n}  :: door opening, opening of the door (act of opening a door)
ovenkahva {n}  :: door handle, doorknob
ovenkarmi {n}  :: door frame, doorframe, doorcase
ovenpieli {n}  :: doorjamb, doorpost
ovenrako {n}  :: chink of a door, door chink
ovenripa {n}  :: door handle
ovensuljin {n}  :: door closer
ovensuu {n}  :: doorway
ovensuukysely {n}  :: exit poll
ovenvartija {n}  :: doorkeeper
overheadprojektori {n}  :: overhead projector (projector that projects an image over the head of the user of the projector onto a screen behind him)
oveton {adj}  :: doorless
ovi {n}  :: door
oviaukko {n}  :: doorway
ovikello {n}  :: doorbell
oviketju {n}  :: door chain
ovikilpi {n}  :: doorplate
ovilevy {n}  :: door board
ovilokero {n}  :: door compartment
ovimaksu {n}  :: door charge, entrance fee
ovimatto {n}  :: doormat
ovimies {n}  :: doorman, janitor
ovimikko {n}  :: doorman
ovinaapuri {n}  :: next door neighbor
-ovinen {n}  :: -door
ovipaarinen {adj}  :: oviparous
ovipieli {n}  :: alternative form of ovenpieli (doorjamb, doorpost)
ovipuhelin {n}  :: door phone
ovipumppu {n}  :: door pump
ovisilmä {n}  :: A peephole, especially one with a fisheye lens that allows the viewer a wide-angle view to the other side of the door
ovisummeri {n}  :: door buzzer
ovisuu {n}  :: alternative form of ovensuu (doorway)
ovituotanto {n}  :: door production
ovivahti {n}  :: door announcer (device that gives a chime when someone enters through a doorway)
ovivahti {n}  :: door guard (device that provides additional mechanical protection against attempts to open a locked door)
ovivahti {n}  :: doorman, doorkeeper
ovivalo {n}  :: door light
oviverho {n}  :: door curtain, portière
ovoidi {adj}  :: ovoid, ovate, egg-shaped, ooid (something egg-shaped)
ovoidi {n}  :: ovoid (something egg-shaped)
ovosyytti {n} [cytology]  :: oocyte (cell that develops into an egg or ovum)
ovovivipaarinen {adj}  :: ovoviviparous
ovovivipaarisuus {adj}  :: ovoviviparity
ovulaatio {n} [physiology]  :: ovulation
ovulaatioaika {n}  :: overhead time (the time when ovulation occurs)
ovuloida {vi} [physiology]  :: To ovulate
owstoninpalmunäätä {n} [dated]  :: Owston's palm civet, Chrotogale owstoni (civet native to Indochina)
oxfordilainen {adj}  :: Oxfordian (of or pertaining to Oxford)
oxfordilainen {adj}  :: Oxfordian (of or relating to the theory explained above)
oxfordilainen {n}  :: Oxfordian (believer in the theory that Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, wrote the plays traditionally attributed to William Shakespeare of Stratford-Upon-Avon)
oxfordilainen {n}  :: Oxfordian (native or resident of Oxford)
Oxfordin sanakirja {prop}  :: Oxford English Dictionary
oy {initialism}  :: LLC (Limited Liability Company)
Oy {initialism}  :: alternative form of oy
OY {initialism}  :: alternative spelling of Oy An LLC, Limited Liability Company
oyj {initialism}  :: PLC (public limited company)
OyJ {initialism}  :: alternative spelling of oyj A PLC, public limited company
OYJ {initialism}  :: alternative spelling of oyj A PLC, public limited company
örähdellä {v}  :: to grunt (repeatedly)
örähdys {n}  :: grunt (sound)
örähtää {v}  :: to grunt
örähtely {n}  :: grunting
örinä {n}  :: Incoherent speech of a drunk
örisijä {n}  :: growler, snarler
öristä {vi}  :: To growl, snarl
öristä {vi}  :: To speak incoherently as when drunk
örkki {n} [fantasy]  :: orc
örsted {n} [physics]  :: oersted
ötökkä {n} [colloquial]  :: A bug
öty {n} [dialectal]  :: alternative form of yty
överi {n} [slang]  :: exaggeration
öykkäri {n}  :: braggart, bragger, boaster, swaggerer
öykkäri {n}  :: troublemaker, ruffian, roughneck, rowdy, bully
öykkäröidä {v}  :: to make trouble
öykkärimäinen {adj}  :: braggartly, boastful
öykkärimäinen {adj}  :: troublesome, ruffian, rowdy, bully
öykkärimäisesti {adv}  :: boastfully
öykkärimäisesti {adv}  :: rowdily, noisily
öykkärimäisyys {n}  :: boastfulness
öykkärimäisyys {n}  :: rowdiness
öykätä {v} [rare, onomatopoeic]  :: to puke
öykätä {v} [slang]  :: to stone (to get severely intoxicated, especially by drugs)
öykätä {v} [through back-formation]  :: Alternative term for öykkäröidä
öylätti {n} [Christianity]  :: A host, wafer, the Holy Bread
öylättilautanen {n}  :: paten (plate used to hold the host during the Eucharist)
öylättirasia {n}  :: pyx, ciborium