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lab {n} /læb/ (labrador)  :: labbis
lab {n} (laboratory) SEE: laboratory  ::
labefaction {n} /ˌlæb.əˈfæk.ʃən/ (act of shaking orweakening or the resulting state; overthrow, ruination)  :: horjuttaminen
label {n} /ˈleɪbəl/ (small ticket or sign giving information)  :: etiketti
label {n} (name categorising someone as part of a group)  :: leima [stamp]
label {n} (company selling records)  :: levy-yhtiö
label {v} (put a ticket or sign on)  :: laputtaa
label {v} (give a label to in order to categorise)  :: leimata
labellum {n} /ləˈbɛl.əm/  :: labellum, huuli
labia {n} /leɪbi.ə/ (folds of tissue at opening of vulva)  :: häpyhuulet {p}
labial {adj} /ˈleɪ.bi.əl/ (pertaining to the lips)  :: huuli-, labiaalinen
labial {adj} (linguistics: articulated by the lips)  :: labiaalinen
labial {adj} (dentistry: on the side facing the lips)  :: labiaalinen, labiaali-
labial {adj} (music: furnished with lips)  :: huuli-, see e.g. huulipilli
labial {n} (certain consonant)  :: labiaali
labia majora {n} (outer folds of vulva)  :: isot häpyhuulet {p}
labia minora {n} ((anatomy) the two inner folds of skin within the cleft of the labia majora)  :: pienet häpyhuulet {p}
labiaplasty {n} (moulding of the labia)  :: labioplastia
labiate {adj} (having lips)  :: huulellinen
labiate {adj} (having corolla divided into two liplike parts)  :: huulimainen
labiate {adj} (belonging to the mint family)  :: huulikukkainen
labiate {n} (plant of mint family)  :: huulikukkaiskasvi
lability {n} (state of being labile)  :: labiilisuus, epävakaus
lability {n} (susceptibility to change)  :: labiilisuus, epävakaus
labium {n} /ˈleɪbɪəm/ (liplike structure)  :: huuli; häpyhuuli [in vulva]
labium {n} (lip of a labiate corolla)  :: huuli
lab mouse {n} (laboratory mouse) SEE: laboratory mouse  ::
laboratory {n} /ˈlæb(ə)ɹəˌtɔɹi/ (room, building or institution equipped for scientific research)  :: laboratorio, labra
laboratory {n} (place where chemicals, drugs or microbes are prepared or manufactured)  :: laboratorio
laboratory mouse {n} (small mammal of the order Rodentia which is bred and kept for scientific research)  :: laboratoriorotta, laboratoriohiiri
Labor Day {n} (holiday on May 1st) SEE: May Day  ::
Labor Day {n} (US holiday marking the end of summer)  :: labor day
labored breathing {n} (poor or irregular breathing)  :: työläs hengitys
laboredly {adv} (In a laboured manner)  :: työläästi, hankalasti
laborer {n} /ˈleɪ.bɚ.ɚ/ (One who uses body strength instead of intellectual power to earn a wage, usually hourly)  :: työntekijä, työläinen
labor-intensive {adj} (requiring a great deal of work)  :: työintensiivinen
laborious {adj} (industrious) SEE: industrious  ::
labor market {n} (market with labor of workers)  :: työmarkkinat {p}
labor of love {n} (task performed without expectation of reimbursement)  :: hyväntekeväisyys
Labor Party {prop} (similar party in another country) SEE: Labour Party  ::
labor relations {n} (industrial relations) SEE: industrial relations  ::
labor union {n} (labor union) SEE: trade union  ::
labour {n} /ˈleɪ.bɚ/ (work)  :: aherrus
labour {n} (workers)  :: työläiset, työvoima
labour {n} (giving birth)  :: synnytys
labour {v} (to work)  :: raataa, ahertaa
labour camp {n} (type of prison)  :: työleiri, vankileiri
labour force {n} (people available for employment)  :: työvoima
Labour Party {prop} (British party)  :: Työväenpuolue
Labour Party {prop} (similar party in another country)  :: työväenpuolue
labour relations {n} (industrial relations) SEE: industrial relations  ::
Labrador retriever {n} (breed of dog)  :: labradorinnoutaja
Labrador Sea {prop} (arm of the Atlantic)  :: Labradorinmeri
laburnum {n} (tree)  :: kultasadepensas, kultasade
labyrinth {n} /ˈlæb.ɚ.ɪnθ/ (maze)  :: labyrintti, sokkelo
labyrinth {n} (part of inner ear)  :: labyrintti
labyrinth {n} (anything complicated or confusing)  :: labyrintti
labyrinthal {adj} (like a labyrinth) SEE: labyrinthine  ::
labyrinthian {adj} (mazelike) SEE: labyrinthine  ::
labyrinthiform {adj} (having the form of a labyrinth) SEE: labyrinthine  ::
labyrinthine {adj} /læb.əˈɹɪn.θɪn/ (physically resembling a labyrinth)  :: sokkeloinen, labyrinttikuvioinen
labyrinthine {adj} (twisting, convoluted, baffling)  :: monimutkainen, rönsyilevä, labyrinttimäinen, sekava
labyrinthitis {n} (inflammation)  :: sisäkorvatulehdus, labyrintiitti
lac {n} /læk/ (a resinous substance)  :: lakka
lace {n} /leɪs/ (fabric)  :: pitsi
lace {n} (cord for fastening a shoe or garment)  :: nauha, kengännauha [for shoes]
Lacerta {prop} (a constellation)  :: Sisilisko
lachanophobia {n} /ˌlækənəˈfəʊbɪə/ (irrational fear of vegetables)  :: vihannesten pelko
lachrymable {adj} (lamentable) SEE: lamentable  ::
lachrymal {adj} (of or relating to tears) SEE: lacrimal  ::
lachrymator {n} (substance)  :: lakrymaattori
lachrymatory {adj} /ˈlækɹɪmətəɹi/ (causing tears)  :: kyynel- [pertaining to]‚ kyynelvuotoa aiheuttava [causing]
lachrymatory {n} (vase intended to hold tears)  :: kyynelmalja
lachrymose {adj} /ˈlæk.ɹɪ.moʊs/ (tearful; causing tears)  :: itkuinen, kyynelehtivä [tearful]‚ itkettävä [causing tears]
lack {n} /læk/ (deficiency, need)  :: puute, vajaus, vaje
lack {v} (be without, need, require)  :: puuttua
lackadaisical {adj} /ˌlækəˈdeizikəl/ (showing no interest or enthusiasm)  :: välinpitämätön, raukea, tylsämielinen
lackey {n} /ˈlæ.ki/ (liveried male servant)  :: lakeija
lacking {adj} (missing or not having enough of something)  :: see puuttua
lackluster {adj} (Having no shine or lustre; dull)  :: kiilloton, samea
lackluster {adj} (Not exceptional; not worthy of special merit, attention, or interest)  :: lattea, mitäänsanomaton
lackluster {adj} (Having no vitality)  :: lattea, mitäänsanomaton
laconic {adj} /ləˈkɑnɪk/ (using as few words as possible)  :: lakoninen, lyhytsanainen, niukkasanainen
laconism {n} (brevity in expression)  :: lakonisuus
laconism {n} (brief expression)  :: toteamus
lacquer {n} /ˈlæk.ɚ/ (glossy, resinous material used as a surface coating)  :: lakka
lacquer {n} (similar finish, baked onto the inside of cans)  :: lakkaus
lacrimal {adj} (of or relating to tears)  :: kyynel-
lacrimal apparatus {n} (ocular organ)  :: kyynelelimet {p}
lacrimal bone {n} (fragile bone situated near the eye)  :: kyynelluu
lacrimal caruncle {n} (nodule at the inner corner of the eye)  :: kyynellihake
lacrimal duct {n} (channel in each eyelid)  :: kyyneltiehyt
lacrimal fluid {n} (fluid secreted by lacrimal glands)  :: kyynelneste
lacrimal gland {n} (gland which secretes tear fluid)  :: kyynelrauhanen
lacrimal lake {n} (pool of tears)  :: kyynellampi
lacrimal punctum {n} (orifice)  :: kyynelpiste
lacrimal sac {n} (dilated upper end of the tear duct)  :: kyynelpussi
lacrimation {n} (shedding tears)  :: kyynelehtiminen
lacrosse {n} /ləˈkɹɔs/ (the sport)  :: haavipallo
lactam {n} (cyclic amides, nitrogen analogs of lactones)  :: laktaami
lactation {n} /lækˈteɪʃən/ (secretion of milk)  :: maidoneritys
lactation {n} (process of providing milk to the young)  :: imetys, rintaruokinta
lactation {n} (lactation period)  :: imetysaika
lactic acid {n} (2-hydroxy-propanoic acid (CH3.CHOH.CO2H))  :: maitohappo
lactone {n} (cyclic intramolecular ester)  :: laktooni
lacto-ovo-vegetarian {n} (A variant of vegetarian)  :: lakto-ovovegetaristi
lactose intolerance {n} (inability to metabolize lactose)  :: laktoosi-intoleranssi
lactose intolerant {adj} (unable to metabolize lactose)  :: laktoosi-intolerantti
lactovegetarian {adj} (variant of vegetarian)  :: laktovegetaristi
lacuna {n} /ləˈkuː.nə/ (small opening)  :: aukko [same word for small and large openings]
lacuna {n} (absent part)  :: aukko
lacuna {n} (in microscopy)  :: lakuuni
lacuna {n} (in linguistics)  :: leksikaalinen aukko
lacustrine {adj} /ləˈkʌstɹɪn/ (of or relating to lakes)  :: lakustrinen
lacy {adj} /ˈleɪ.si/ (made of lace or decorated with it)  :: pitsinen
lacy {adj} (looking like lace)  :: pitsimäinen
lad {n} /læd/ (a boy)  :: poika, [informal] poju
lad {n} (familiar term of address for a man)  :: kaveri
ladder {n} /ˈladə/ (climbing tool)  :: tikapuut {p}, tikkaat {p}
ladder {n} (something that resembles this tool)  :: tikapuut
ladder {n} (length of unravelled fabric in a knitted garment)  :: silmäpako
lade {v} /leɪd/ (To fill or load)  :: lastata
lade {v} (To weigh down, oppress, or burden)  :: painaa
ladies and gentlemen {n} (phrase used to address an audience of men and women)  :: hyvät naiset ja herrat
ladies first {proverb} (phrase encouraging gentlemanliness)  :: naiset ensin
ladies' room {n} (lavatory intended for women, see also: toilet)  :: naistenhuone
ladle {n} /ˈleɪ.dəl/ (deep-bowled spoon with a long, usually curved, handle)  :: kauha
ladle {n} (container used in a foundry to transport and pour out molten metal)  :: senkka, valusanko
ladle {v} (serve with a ladle)  :: kauhoa
Ladoga {prop} (a lake in Russia)  :: Laatokka
Ladoga ringed seal {n} (Pusa hispida ladogensis)  :: laatokannorppa
ladybird {n} /ˈleɪ.di.bɝd/ (member of Coccinellidae)  :: leppäkerttu, leppäpirkko
ladyboy {n} /ˈleɪdiˌbɔɪ/ (effeminate homosexual man, especially an intergender person, see also: kathoey)  :: napsu, transu
ladybug {n} (ladybird) SEE: ladybird  ::
lady-in-waiting {n} (woman who is a servant to a lady)  :: kamarineiti, kamarineito
ladylove {n} (a woman who is loved by someone)  :: rakastettu
Lady Luck {prop} (female personification of luck)  :: onnetar
ladyship {n} /ˈleɪ.di.ʃɪp/ (Term of respect)  :: korkeus, ylhäisyys
lady's man {n} (womanizer) SEE: womanizer  ::
lady's man {n} (man who attracts women and enjoys their company)  :: naistenmies
lady's slipper {n} (orchid of the subfamily Cypripedioideae)  :: tikankonttikasvi
lady's slipper {n} (Cypripedium calceolus)  :: tikankontti
Laestadian {n} (follower of Laestadianism)  :: lestadiolainen
lag {v} /læɡ/ (to fall behind)  :: jäädä jälkeen
lager {n} /ˈlɑːɡɚ/ (type of beer)  :: lager
laggard {n} /ˈlæɡəd/ (one who lags behind)  :: kuhnuri, hituri, hidastelija, kuhnailija
lagomorph {n} (member of the mammalian taxonomic order, Lagomorpha, which includes hares, rabbits, and pikas)  :: jäniseläin
lagoon {n} /ləˈɡuːn/ (shallow body of water)  :: laguuni
lagopode {n} (ptarmigan) SEE: ptarmigan  ::
Lagos {prop} (former capital of Nigeria)  :: Lagos
Lagrangian {n} (Langrangian function)  :: Lagrangen funktio
Lagrangian function {n} (in mathematics, a function)  :: Lagrangen funktio
lahar {n} /ˈlɑhɑɹ/ (volcanic mudflow)  :: lahar, vulkaaninen mutavyöry
lahmacun {n} (dish of Arab origin)  :: lahmacun, turkkilainen pizza
Lahti {prop} (city of Finland)  :: Lahti
laid-back {adj} (relaxed and easy-going)  :: rento
lair {n} /lɛəɹ/ (of an animal)  :: pesä
lair {n} (of a criminal)  :: piilo, piilopaikka
laissez faire {n} /ˈlæs.eɪ ˌfeə(ɹ)/ (economics: a policy of governmental non-interference in economic affairs)  :: laissez-faire-politiikka
laissez faire {adj} (economics, politics: practicing or representing governmental noninterference, or minimal interference)  :: laissez-faire
laity {n} /ˈleɪ.ə.ti/ (people of a church who are not ordained)  :: maallikko
lake {n} /leɪk/ (body of water)  :: järvi
lake {n} (coloring agent)  :: lakka
Lake Biwa {prop} (Japan's largest lake)  :: Biwa-järvi
Lake Constance {prop} (Lake)  :: Bodenjärvi
lakefront {adj} (adjacent to a lake)  :: järvenranta-
lakefront {n} (land or area adjacent to a lake)  :: järvenranta
Lake Huron {prop} (the lake)  :: Huronjärvi
Lake Ladoga {prop} (Ladoga) SEE: Ladoga  ::
lake quillwort {n} (Isoetes lacustris)  :: tummalahnanruoho
Lake Superior {prop} (the lake)  :: Yläjärvi
lake trout {n} (Salvelinus namaycush)  :: harmaanieriä
Lakshmi {prop} (Hindu goddess of wealth)  :: Lakshmi
lallapalootza {n} (something very good of its kind)  :: huippujuttu; see also: mahtava, mieletön [adjectives]
lama {n} /ˈlɑː.mə/ (master of Tibetan Buddhism)  :: lama
lamaism {n} (Tibetan Buddhism)  :: lamaismi, lamalaisuus
Lamarckism {n} (theory)  :: lamarckismi
lamasery {n} /ləˈmɑːsəɹi/ (monastery for lamas)  :: lamaluostari
lamb {n} /læm/ (young sheep)  :: karitsa
lamb {n} (flesh of lamb as food)  :: karitsa, karitsanliha
lamb {n} (meek person)  :: lammas
lamb {v} (of a sheep, to give birth)  :: karitsoida
lamb {v} (to assist sheep to give birth)  :: karitsoittaa
lambaste {v} /læmˈbæst/ (to scold or verbally reprimand)  :: läksyttää, haukkua, ojentaa
lambaste {v} (to give a thrashing to)  :: pieksää, kurittaa
lambda calculus {n} (algebraic system)  :: lambdakalkyyli
lambda function {n} (anonymous function)  :: lambda, lambda-funktio, anonyymi funktio
lambic {n} (traditional Belgian beer)  :: lambic, lambic-olut
Lamb of God {prop} (a title for Jesus that appears in the Gospel of John)  :: Jumalan Karitsa
lame {adj} /leɪm/ (unable to walk properly because of a problem with one's feet or legs)  :: rampa
lame {adj} (moving with difficulty)  :: heikko, rampa
lame {adj} (by extension, hobbling)  :: ontuva, heikko
lame {adj} (slang: unconvincing)  :: heikko, huono, tyhmä, ontuva
lame {adj} (slang: failing to be cool, funny, interesting or relevant)  :: typerä, tyhmä, ontuva
lame {v} (to cause a person or animal to become lame)  :: lamauttaa [temporarily]; rampauttaa [indefinitely]
lame duck {n} (a person or thing that is helpless, inefficient or disabled)  :: siipirikko
lame duck {n} (an official who is marking time until leaving their office)  :: rampa ankka
lamella {n} (gill of a mushroom) SEE: gill  ::
lament {n} /ləˈmɛnt/ (expression of grief, suffering, or sadness)  :: valitus
lament {n} (song expressing grief)  :: valitusvirsi
lament {v} (express grief)  :: valittaa
lament {v} (bewail)  :: surra, itkeä, valittaa
lamentable {adj} /ləˈmɛn.tə.bəl/ (deplorable)  :: valitettava
lamentably {adv} (regrettably) SEE: regrettably  ::
Lamentations {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Valitusvirret
lamer {n} (a person lacking in maturity, social skills, technical competence or intelligence)  :: peelo [slang]
lamia {n} /ˈleɪmɪə/ (monster in mythology)  :: lamia
lamina {n} /ˈlæm.ɪ.nə/ ((botany) flat part of a leaf)  :: lehtilapa
laminar flow {n} (flow)  :: laminaarinen virtaus
laminate {v} /ˈlæmɪneɪt/ (To assemble from thin sheets)  :: laminoida
laminate {n} (Material formed of thin sheets)  :: laminaatti
laminated {adj} (made by lamination)  :: laminoitu, kerrostettu
laminated {adj} (consisting of many thin layers)  :: kerroksittainen, kerrosrakenteinen
lammergeier {n} (bird)  :: partakorppikotka
lammergeyer {n} (vulture) SEE: lammergeier  ::
lamp {n} /læmp/ (device producing light)  :: valaisin, lamppu
lamp {n} (oil device producing light)  :: öljylamppu
lamp {n} (piece of furniture)  :: valaisin, lamppu
lampblack {n} (form of carbon)  :: noki
lampoon {n} /læmˈpuːn/ (written satirical attack)  :: pilkkakirjoitus, satiiri
lamprey {n} /ˈlæm.pɹi/ (a fish)  :: nahkiainen
lamprophony {n} /læm.ˈpɹɑf.ə.ni/ (loudness and clarity of enunciation)  :: kuuluvuus
lampshade {n} /ˈlæmp.ʃeɪd/ (cover over a lamp)  :: lampunvarjostin
lance {n} /læns/ (weapon of war)  :: peitsi, keihäs
lance {n} (wooden weapon used in jousting or tilting)  :: peitsi
lance {n} (spear or harpoon used by whalers)  :: harppuuna
lance {n} ((military) soldier armed with a lance)  :: peitsimies, keihäsmies
lance corporal {n} (lance corporal)  :: korpraali
Lancelot {prop} /ˈlɑn.sə.lɒt/ (the knight)  :: Lancelot
lancer {n} (cavalry soldier with a lance)  :: peitsimies
lancet {n} /læn.sɪt/ (surgical instrument)  :: lansetti
land {n} /lænd/ (part of Earth that is not covered by oceans or other bodies of water)  :: maa
land {n} (real estate or landed property)  :: maa
land {n} (country or region)  :: maa
land {n} (someone's homeplace)  :: kotimaa, kotiseutu
land {n} (ground that is suitable for farming)  :: maa
land {n} (electronics: conducting area on a board or chip)  :: johdinkuvio
land {n} (in a compact disc, area which does not have pits)  :: tasanko
land {n} (space between the rifling grooves in a gun)  :: harja
land {v} (to descend to a surface, especially from the air)  :: laskeutua
land {v} (to come into rest)  :: asettua
land {v} (to arrive at land, especially a shore, or a dock, from a body of water)  :: nousta maihin
land {v} (to bring to land)  :: tuoda maihin; laskeutua [of aircraft]
land {adj} (of or relating to land)  :: maa-
land {adj} (residing or growing on land)  :: maa-
land {v} (to deliver) SEE: deliver  ::
land {n} (fright) SEE: fright  ::
-land {suffix} /lənd/ (territory, country or region (suffix))  :: -maa
land ahoy {interj} (interjection shouted by the ship's watch)  :: maata näkyvissä
landbound {adj} (restricted to the land)  :: maa-
land bridge {n} (isthmus)  :: kannas, maakannas
land bridge {n} (travel by ferry)  :: maasilta
land degradation {n} (decline in the overall quality of soil, water or vegeatation)  :: maan heikkeneminen
lander {n} /ˈlandə/ (space probe)  :: laskeutumisluotain, laskeutuja
landfall {n} /ˈlænd.fɑl/ (arrival of a ship at the shore)  :: rantautuminen
landfall {n} (place at which a storm reaches the land)  :: rantautumispaikka
landfill {v} /ˈlænd.fɪl/ (to dispose of waste)  :: viedä kaatopaikalle, loppusijoittaa kaatopaikalle
landfill {n} (site at which refuse is buried)  :: kaatopaikka
landfill {n} (material so disposed of)  :: kaatopaikkajäte
landfillable {adj} (capable of being disposed of in landfill)  :: kaatopaikkakelpoinen
landflood {n} (inundation)  :: tulva
landform {n} /ˈlænd.fɔɹm/ (geological feature)  :: pinnanmuoto
landgrave {n} (renderings of Landgraf)  :: maakreivi
land ho {interj} (land ahoy) SEE: land ahoy  ::
landholder {n} (person who owns land)  :: maanomistaja
landholding {n} (state of owning land)  :: maanomistus
-landia {suffix} (territory, country or region (suffix)) SEE: -land  ::
landing {n} (coming to earth, as of an airplane)  :: laskeutuminen
landing {n} (an in-between platform)  :: tasanne, porrastasanne
landing craft {n} (a type of flat-bottomed boat)  :: maihinnousualus
landing gear {n} (undercarriage)  :: laskuteline
landing page {n} (arriving web page)  :: aloitussivu
landing ship {n} (light military ferry)  :: maihinnousualus
landing strip {n} (auxiliary or temporary runway for aircraft)  :: lentopaikka; korpikenttä [informal]
landing strip {n} (pubic hair pattern)  :: kiitorata
landlady {n} /ˈlændˌleɪ.di/ (female landlord)  :: vuokraemäntä, vuokranantaja
landless {adj} (not owning land)  :: maaton
landline {n} (fixed telephone communications cable)  :: kiinteä linja, lankalinja
landline {n} (telephone connected by such a fixed wire)  :: lankapuhelin
landlocked {adj} /ˈlændˌlakt/ (surrounded by land)  :: sisämaa- [e.g., sisämaavaltio - landlocked country]
landlocked salmon {n} (Salmo salar populations)  :: järvilohi
landlord {n} /ˈlænd.lɔɹd/ (person who owns and rents land such as a house, apartment, or condo)  :: vuokranantaja, vuokraisäntä
landlord {n} (owner or manager of a public house)  :: omistaja
landlouper {n} (vagabond) SEE: vagabond  ::
landlubber {n} /ˈlænd.lʌb.ɚ/ (someone unfamiliar with the sea or seamanship)  :: maakrapu
landmark {n} /ˈlændmɑɹk/ (recognizable feature)  :: maamerkki
landmark {n} (notable location)  :: merkkipaikka
landmark {n} (major event)  :: merkkipaalu
landmass {n} /ˈlænd.mæs/ (large continuous area of land)  :: maamassa
land mine {n} /ˈlænd.maɪn/ (mine that is placed on land)  :: maamiina
Land of the Rising Sun {prop} (Japan)  :: Nousevan auringon maa
landowner {n} /ˈlændˌoʊ.nɚ/ (a person who owns land)  :: maanomistaja
landrace {n} /ˈlændˌɹeɪs/ (local variety of domesticated animal or plant adapted to its environment)  :: maatiaisrotu
landrail {n} (Crex crex)  :: ruisrääkkä
landrush {n} (scramble for limited resources)  :: ryntäys
landscape {n} /ˈlandskeɪp/ (portion of land or territory)  :: maisema
landscape {n} (picture representing a scene)  :: maisema, maisemakuva, maisemataulu, maisemamaalaus
landscape {n} (pictorial aspect of a country)  :: maisema
landscape {n} (mode of printing)  :: vaakakuva
landscape {n} (space, indoor or outdoor, natural or man-made)  :: maisema
landscape {n} (scenario)  :: näkymä
landscape {v} (create or maintain a landscape)  :: maisemoida
landscape gardener {n} (person)  :: maisema-arkkitehti
landscape gardening {n} (development of gardens)  :: maisema-arkkitehtuuri
landscaper {n} /ˈlænd.skeip.ɚ/ (one that does landscaping)  :: maisemoija
landscaping {n} (the act of improving a landscape)  :: maisemointi
landscapist {n} (artist)  :: maisemamaalari
landslide {n} /ˈlænd.slaɪd/ (natural disaster)  :: maanvyöry, maanvyörymä
landslide {n} (vote won by a wide or overwhelming majority)  :: äänivyöry
landslide victory {n} (overwhelming victory in an election)  :: maanvyörymävoitto
landward {adj} (in the direction of the land)  :: maanpuoleinen
lane {n} /le͡ɪn/ (passageway)  :: käytävä, kulkuväylä
lane {n} (division of roadway)  :: kaista
lane {n} (division of racetrack)  :: rata
lane {n} (course for ships or aircraft)  :: väylä, reitti
Langobard {n} (Lombard) SEE: Lombard  ::
langoustine {n} (Nephrops norvegicus) SEE: Norway lobster  ::
language {n} /ˈlæŋɡwɪd͡ʒ/ (body of words used as a form of communication)  :: kieli
language {n} (the ability to communicate using words)  :: kieli, puhe
language {n} (nonverbal communication)  :: kieli
language {n} (vocabulary of a particular field)  :: kieli, sanasto
language {n} (particular words used)  :: kieli, sanat, kielenkäyttö
language {n} (computer language, see also: computer language)  :: kieli, ohjelmointikieli
language arts {n} (study of language as a subject in primary and secondary school)  :: ainekirjoitus [essay writing]
language barrier {n} (barrier to communication)  :: kielimuuri
language code {n} (a standard identifier of a language)  :: kielikoodi
language exchange {n} (language exchange)  :: kielen vaihto
language family {n} (set of languages)  :: kielikunta
language isolate {n} (natural language without relatives)  :: isolaattikieli
language lab {n} (schoolroom equipped with audio)  :: kielilaboratorio
language police {n} (language police)  :: kielipoliisi
language swap {n} (language exchange) SEE: language exchange  ::
languid {adj} /ˈlæŋ.ɡwɪd/ (lacking enthusiasm, energy or strength)  :: veltto
languish {v} /ˈleɪŋ.ɡwɪʃ/ (to lose strength and become weak)  :: riutua, nääntyä
languish {v} (to pine away with longing)  :: riutua, räytyä
languish {v} (to live in miserable conditions)  :: kitua, riutua, virua
languish {v} (to be neglected, to make little progress)  :: roikkua
langur {n} /lʌŋ.ˈɡʊəɹ/ (group in the subfamily Colobinae)  :: languri [Trachypithecus], sureli [Presbytis], hanumaani [Semnopithecus]
langur {n} (gibbob of the genus Hoolock)  :: hulokki
La Niña {n} (temperature anomaly)  :: La Niña
lanichol {n} (lanolin) SEE: lanolin  ::
laniol {n} (lanolin) SEE: lanolin  ::
lank {adj} /leɪŋk/ (slender and thin)  :: laiha, hintelä
lanky {adj} /ˈlæŋk.i/ (tall, slim)  :: hontelo
lanolin {n} (greasy yellow substance)  :: lanoliini
lantern {n} /ˈlæn.tɚn/ (case of transparent material made to protect a flame, or light)  :: lyhty
lanthanide {n} (Any of the 14 rare earth elements)  :: lantanidi, lantanoidi
lanthanum {n} (metallic element)  :: lantaani
lanyard {n} /ˈlæn.jɚd/ (a short rope used for fastening rigging)  :: taljanuora
Lanzhou {prop} (a city of China)  :: Lanzhou
Lao {n} /laʊ/ (person)  :: laosilainen, lao
Lao {prop} (language)  :: lao
Lao {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Laos, the people or their language)  :: laosilainen [people, culture, country]; laonkielinen [language]
Laocoön {prop} /leɪˈɒkɵ.ɒn/ (The Trojan and the Argonaut)  :: Laokoon
Laos {prop} /ˈlaʊs/ (country in Southeast Asia)  :: Laos
Laotian {n} (Laotian person) SEE: Lao  ::
Laotian {prop} /leɪˈoʊʃən/ (language)  :: lao, laon kieli
Laotian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Laos)  :: laosilainen [country, people or culture]; laonkielinen [language]
Lao-Tzu {prop} (Laozi) SEE: Laozi  ::
Laozi {prop} (influential Chinese philosopher and founder of Taoism)  :: Laotse
lap {n} /læp/ (lower part of a garment that plays loosely)  :: helma
lap {n} (edge; border; hem)  :: helma
lap {n} (part that lies on the knees or thighs when one sits down)  :: syli
lap {n} (upper legs of a seated person)  :: syli
lap {n} (archaic, euphemistic: female pudenda)  :: syli
lap {n} (part which extends over another part)  :: ylite
lap {n} (state of being in part extended over something else)  :: ylite
lap {n} (sports: one circuit around a race track)  :: kierros
lap {v} (to take liquid into the mouth with the tongue)  :: lipoa, latkia, lipittää
lap {v} (to wash against a surface with a splashing sound)  :: liplattaa
laparoscopy {n} /lapəˈɹɒskəpi/ (examination or surgery on the peritoneal cavity)  :: laparoskopia
lap belt {n} (lap belt)  :: sylivyö
lap dog {n} /ˈlæpdɒɡ/ (small dog suited to resting in its master's lap)  :: sylikoira
lapel {n} /ləˈpɛl/ (each of the two triangular pieces of cloth on a suit)  :: käänne, takinkäänne
lapidate {v} /ˈlæpɪˌdeɪt/ (stone to death)  :: kivittää
lapidate {v} (to hurl insults)  :: soimata
lapidation {n} (act of stoning, sometimes to the point of death)  :: kivittäminen, kivitys
lapis lazuli {n} /ˌlæpɪs ˈlæz(j)əli/ (precious blue stone)  :: lapis lazuli, lapislatsuli
Laplace distribution {n} (probability distribution)  :: Laplace-jakauma
Laplace operator {n} (mathematics, physics: elliptic operator used in modeling of wave propagation, heat flow and many other applications)  :: Laplacen operaattori
Laplace transform {n} (function on positive real numbers)  :: Laplace-muunnos
Laplacian {n} (Laplace operator) SEE: Laplace operator  ::
Lapland {prop} (region in Scandinavia)  :: Lappi
lap of honour {n} (victory lap) SEE: victory lap  ::
Lappeenranta {prop} (city of Finland)  :: Lappeenranta
lappet moth {n} (eggar) SEE: eggar  ::
Lappland {prop} (Lapland) SEE: Lapland  ::
Lapponian Herder {n} (breed of dog)  :: lapinporokoira
lap record {n} (the fastest time set for one lap)  :: kierrosennätys
La Pérouse Strait {prop} (strait)  :: La Pérousen salmi
lap sash seatbelt {n} (type of seatbelt)  :: kolmipisteturvavyö
lapstrake {adj} (style)  :: limisauma
lapstrake {adj} (boat)  :: limisaumavene
lapsus linguae {n} /ˌlæpsəs ˈlɪŋɡwiː/ (An inadvertent remark)  :: lipsahdus, lapsus
Laptev Sea {prop} (part of the Arctic Ocean)  :: Laptevinmeri
lapti {n} (bast shoes)  :: virsu, virsut {p}
laptop {n} /ˈlæp.tɑp/ (computing: a laptop computer)  :: kannettava tietokone, kannettava, [colloquial] läppäri
laptop computer {n} (laptop) SEE: laptop  ::
lapwing {n} /ˈlæpwɪŋ/ (bird belonging to the subfamily Vanellinae)  :: hyyppä
larboard {n} (port) SEE: port  ::
larceny {n} /ˈlɑɹ.sə.ni/ (law: unlawful taking of personal property)  :: varkaus
larceny {n} (law: larcenous act)  :: varkaus
larch {n} /ˈlɑɹtʃ/ (a coniferous tree)  :: lehtikuusi
larch {n} (the wood of the larch)  :: lehtikuusi
lard {n} (bacon) SEE: bacon  ::
lard {n} /lɑɹd/ (fat from the abdomen of a pig)  :: laardi, sianihra
lard {v} (to stuff with bacon or pork)  :: täyttää pekonilla
lard {v} (to smear with fat or lard)  :: silavoida
lard {v} (to garnish or strew)  :: koristella
lard {v} (to fatten; enrich)  :: lihottaa
lard {v} (to grow fat)  :: lihoa
larder {n} /ˈlɑɹ.dɚ/ (cool room used as food storage)  :: ruokakomero
lardy cake {n} (richly spiced bread originating in southwest England)  :: laardikakku
large {adj} /ˈlɑːɹd͡ʒ/ (of greater size, see also: big)  :: iso, suuri
large bonito {n} (skipjack tuna) SEE: skipjack tuna  ::
large intestine {n} (bodily organ)  :: paksusuoli
largely {adv} /ˈlɑɹdʒ.li]/ (in a widespread or large manner)  :: laajalti
largely {adv} (for the most part)  :: pitkälti, enimmäkseen, paljolti
largely {adv} (on a large scale)  :: runsaasti
largely {adv} (fully, at great length)  :: laajasti
Large Magellanic Cloud {prop} (largest satellite of Milky Way)  :: Suuri Magellanin pilvi
largen {v} (enlarge) SEE: enlarge  ::
large-scale {adj} (large in amount, scope or extent)  :: laaja, mittava
large-scale {adj} (drawn large so as to show detail)  :: suurimittakaavainen
largess {n} /lɑɹˈdʒɛs/ (generosity in the giving of gifts or money)  :: runsaskätisyys
large-tailed antshrike {n} (a passerine of the antbird family)  :: isopyrstömuura
lar gibbon {n} (Hylobates lar)  :: lari
lark {n} /lɑːk/ (bird)  :: kiuru, leivo
lark {n} (one who wakes early)  :: aamuvirkku
lark {n} (romp, frolic, some fun)  :: hullutus
lark {n} (prank)  :: pila, kuje
lark {v} (sport, engage in harmless pranking)  :: pilailla, kujeilla
lark {v} (frolic, engage in carefree adventure)  :: hullutella, toilailla
Larmor precession {n} (precession of motion of charged particles)  :: Larmorin prekessio
LARP {v} /ˈlɑɹp/ (to engage in live-action role-play)  :: larpata
LARPer {n} /ˈlɑɹ.pɚ/ (player of LARP)  :: larppaaja
larva {n} /ˈlɑɹ.və/ (a stage of growth)  :: toukka-aste, toukka, toukkavaihe
larva {n} (an animal in such stage of growth)  :: toukka
laryngeal {adj} /ləˈɹɪn.dʒi.əl/ (of or pertaining to larynx)  :: kurkunpään [genitive of noun]
laryngitis {n} /læɹɪnˈdʒajɾɪs/ (inflammation of the larynx)  :: kurkunpään tulehdus, laryngiitti
laryngology {n} (branch of physiology)  :: kurkkutautioppi
laryngospasm {n} (spasmodic closure of the larynx)  :: laryngospasmi
larynx {n} /ˈlæ.ɹɪŋks/ (the organ)  :: kurkunpää
lasagna {n} /ləˈzɑ.njə/ (flat sheet of pasta)  :: lasagnelevy
lasagna {n} (baked dish)  :: lasagne
lascivious {adj} /ləˈsɪvɪəs/ (wanton)  :: epäsiveellinen, irstas, hekumallinen, rietas, himokas
lasciviousness {n} (the state or characteristic of being lascivious)  :: irstaus
laser {n} /ˈleɪzɚ/ (device producing beam of light)  :: laser
laser {n} (laser beam) SEE: laser beam  ::
laser {n} (laser printer) SEE: laser printer  ::
laser beam {n} (light from a laser)  :: lasersäde
laser disc {n} (laserdisc) SEE: laserdisc  ::
laserdisc {n} (type of videodisc)  :: laserlevy
Laserdisc {n} (disc in this format) SEE: laserdisc  ::
laser printer {n} (computer printer)  :: lasertulostin
lash {n} (eyelash; hair growing from the eyelid) SEE: eyelash  ::
lash {n} /læʃ/ (thong of a whip)  :: siima
lash {n} (obsolete: a snare)  :: lieka
lash {n} (stroke with a whip)  :: piiskanisku, ruoskanisku, sivallus
lash {n} (stroke of satire or sarcasm)  :: sivallus
lash {v} (to strike with a lash)  :: ruoskia, piiskata
lash {v} (to strike forcibly, beat as if with a lash)  :: piiskata
lash {v} (to throw out with a jerk)  :: nakata
lash {v} (to scold)  :: suomia, haukkua pystyyn
lash {v} (to utter censure)  :: ruoskia
lash {v} (of rain, to fall heavily)  :: sataa kaatamalla, piiskata
lash {v} (to bind with a rope)  :: sitoa, köyttää
lass {n} /læs/ (a young woman or girl)  :: tyttö
lass {n} (sweetheart) SEE: sweetheart  ::
lassie {n} /ˈlæsi/ (young girl)  :: pikkutyttö, tyttönen, typykkä
lasso {n} /ˈlæs.oʊ/ (a long rope with a sliding loop)  :: lasso
lasso {v} (to catch with a lasso)  :: lassota
last {adj} /lɑːst/ (final)  :: viimeinen
last {adj} (most recent)  :: viime; viimeisin
last {adj} (least preferable)  :: viimeinen
last {adj} (being the only one remaining of its class)  :: viimeinen
last {adj} (supreme; highest in degree; utmost)  :: äärimmäinen, suurin, tärkein
last {adj} (lowest in rank or degree)  :: viimeinen
last {determiner} (the one immediately before the present)  :: viime
last {determiner} (closest to seven days ago)  :: viime
last {adv} (after everything else)  :: viimeksi
last {adv} (finally)  :: viimeisenä
last {v} (to perform, carry out)  :: suorittaa
last {v} (to endure, continue over time)  :: kestää
last {v} (to hold out)  :: kestää
last {n} (tool)  :: lesti
last {n} (burden, load, cargo, freight)  :: lasti
last {n} (measure of weight)  :: lästi
last {n} (measure of the carrying capacity of a ship)  :: lästi
lastborn {n} (youngest child of a family)  :: kuopus, nuorimmainen, pahnanpohjimmainen
lastborn {n} (youngest member)  :: kuopus, nuorin
lastborn {adj} (born last in a family)  :: nuorin
lastborn {adj} (being younger than anyone else)  :: nuorin
last but not least {adv} (An expression to start the last item of a list)  :: viimeisimpänä muttei vähäisimpänä
last but one {adj} (penultimate) SEE: penultimate  ::
last call {n} (Last announcement on which drinks can be purchased before closing time)  :: valomerkki ("light signal", customarily used instead of a verbal announcement)
lasting {adj} (persisting for an extended period of time)  :: kestävä
Last Judgment {prop} (judgment day)  :: viimeinen tuomio
lastly {adv} (sequence)  :: viimeiseksi, lopuksi
last minute {n} (non-specific point in time close to a deadline)  :: viime hetki, viime tinka
last minute {adj} (very close to a deadline)  :: viime hetken
last nail in the coffin {n} (final nail in the coffin) SEE: final nail in the coffin  ::
last name {n} (surname) SEE: surname  ::
last night {n} (previous evening or night)  :: eilisilta [evening], viime [night]
last night {adv} (during the night before today)  :: eilisiltana, eilen illalla [evening], viime yönä [night]
last resort {n} (The only remaining option)  :: viimeinen vaihtoehto, viimeinen keino
last straw {n} (small additional burden)  :: viimeinen pisara, viimeinen niitti
Last Supper {prop} (last meal Jesus ate with disciples)  :: viimeinen ehtoollinen
last time {n} (the ultimate occurrence)  :: viimeinen kerta
last time {n} (the previous occurrence)  :: edellinen kerta, viime kerta
last word {n} (finest, highest or ultimate representation of some class of object)  :: viimeinen sana, viimeinen huuto
last word {n} (concluding remarks)  :: viimeinen sana
last word {n} ((often pluralized) final statement uttered before death)  :: viimeiset sanat {p}
last word {n} (final decision or the right to make such a decision)  :: viimeinen sana
last words {n} (final remarks uttered by a person before death)  :: viimeiset sanat {p}
last year {adv} (year before this one)  :: viime vuosi
Las Vegan {n} (someone from Las Vegas)  :: lasvegasilainen
Las Vegan {adj} (of or pertaining to Las Vegas)  :: lasvegasilainen
lat {n} /lɑt/ (former currency of Latvia)  :: lati
latch {v} /lætʃ/ (to close with a latch)  :: salvata, panna säppiin
latch {n} (fastening for a door)  :: säppi, salpa
latchkey kid {n} (schoolchild)  :: avainkaulalapsi, avainlapsi
late {adj} /leɪt/ (near the end of a period of time)  :: myöhäinen
late {adj} (near the end of the day)  :: myöhäinen
late {adj} (associated with the end of a period)  :: myöhäinen, myöhäis-
late {adj} (not arriving until after an expected time)  :: myöhässä [adverb]
late {adj} (not having had an expected menstrual period)  :: myöhässä [adverb]
late {adj} (euphemism for dead)  :: edesmennyt; -vainaa, -vainaja
late {adj} (existing or holding some position not long ago, but not now)  :: aiempi [former]; edellinen [previous]
late {adj} (recent)  :: viime, viimeisimmät {p}
late {adv} (proximate in time)  :: myöhään, myöhässä
latecomer {n} /ˈleɪtˌkʌm.ɚ/ (one who arrived late)  :: tulokas
lateen {n} /lætˈin/ (sail)  :: latinalaispurje
Late Latin {prop} (form of the Latin language used between the 3rd and 8th centuries)  :: myöhäislatina
lately {adv} (recently) SEE: recently  ::
Late Middle Ages {prop} (Translations)  :: myöhäiskeskiaika
latency {n} /ˈleɪ.tə (delay)  :: latenssi, viive
latent {adj} /ˈleɪ.tənt/ (existing or present but concealed or inactive)  :: latentti, piilevä
later {adv} /ˈleɪtɚ/ (more late)  :: myöhemmin
later {adv} (afterward in time)  :: myöhemmin
later {adv} (at some unspecified time in the future)  :: myöhemmin
later {adj} (more late)  :: myöhempi
later {adj} (coming afterward in time)  :: myöhempi
later {adj} (at some time in the future)  :: myöhempi
later {interj} (see you later)  :: nähdään, katsellaan myöhemmin
lateral {adj} /ˈlæt.ɚ.əl/ (of or pertaining to the side)  :: sivuttainen, sivu-
lateral {adj} (pertaining to the left or right of the body)  :: kylki-, ulko-
lateral {adj} (linguistics: pertaining to certain sounds)  :: lateraalinen
lateral cuneiform bone {n} (cuneiform bone of the foot)  :: ulompi vaajaluu
lateral line {n} (organ)  :: kylkiviiva
lateral thinking {n} (lateral thinking)  :: lateraalinen ajattelu
laterite {n} /ˈlatəɹʌɪt/ (red hard or gravel-like soil or subsoil)  :: lateriitti
latest {adj} /ˈleɪt.ɪst/ (most recent)  :: uusin, viimeisin
latex {n} /ˈleɪˌtɛks/ (milky sap)  :: lateksi
latex {n} (emulsion)  :: lateksi
lath {n} /læθ/  :: rima
lathe {n} /leɪð/ (machine tool used to shape a piece of material)  :: sorvi
lathe {v} (to shape with a lathe)  :: sorvata
lather {n} /ˈlæðɚ/ (foam of soap and water)  :: saippuavaahto
lather {v} (to cover with lather)  :: vaahdottaa, saippuoida
lather {v} (to beat or whip)  :: vaahdottaa, vatkata
Latin {adj} (Roman Catholic) SEE: Roman Catholic  ::
Latin {adj} /ˈlæt.n/ (of the language)  :: latinalainen
Latin {adj} (of the script)  :: latinalainen
Latin {adj} (of ancient Rome)  :: roomalainen
Latin {adj} (of Latium)  :: latinalainen
Latin {adj} (of descendants from ancient Romans)  :: roomalainen
Latin {adj} (of/from Latin America)  :: latinalaisamerikkalainen
Latin {prop} (language of the ancient Romans)  :: latina
Latin {n} (person native to ancient Rome or its Empire)  :: roomalainen
Latin {n} (person who is descended from the ancient Romans)  :: roomalainen
Latin {n} (person whose native tongue is one descended from Latin)  :: romaanisen kielen puhuja
Latina {prop} (province)  :: Latium
Latina {prop} (town)  :: Latina
Latin alphabet {n} (the 26-letter alphabet)  :: latinalaiset aakkoset
Latin America {prop} (parts of the Americas which speak Spanish or Portuguese)  :: Latinalainen Amerikka
Latinization {n} /ˈlætɪn.aɪˌzeɪ.ʃʌn/ (act or process of Latinizing)  :: latinaistaminen, latinaistus
Latinize {v} (to transliterate to Latin script) SEE: romanize  ::
Latinize {v} /ˈlæt.ɪn.aɪz/ (to translate to Latin language)  :: latinantaa; latinoida
Latino {n} /ləˈtinoʊ/ (person from Latin America)  :: latinalaisamerikkalainen, [colloquial] lattari
latitude {n} /ˈlæt.ɪ.tud/ (angular distance north or south from the equator)  :: leveysaste, leveys
latitude {n} (imaginary line parallel to the equator)  :: leveyspiiri
latitude {n} (freedom from restrictions)  :: vapaus, toimintavapaus
latitude {n} (angular distance of a heavenly body from the ecliptic)  :: deklinaatio
latitude {n} (extent or scope)  :: laajuus
Latium {prop} /ˈleɪʃi.əm/ (region of central Italy)  :: Latium, Lazio
lative {n} (case)  :: latiivi
latrine {n} /ləˈtɹiːn/ (a very simple toilet facility, usually just a pit or trench, see also: toilet; outhouse)  :: ulkokäymälä, ulkovessa, latriini
latrine {n} (chamber pot) SEE: chamber pot  ::
-latry {suffix} /-lətɹi/ (forms a noun meaning worship of stemmed noun)  :: -latria
latte {n} /ˈlɑ.teɪ/ (caffè latte)  :: latte, maitokahvi
latte art {n} (image)  :: lattetaide
latte art {n} (art)  :: lattetaide
latter {adj} /ˈlæt̬.əɹ/ (relating to or being the second of two items)  :: jälkimmäinen
lattice {n} /ˈlæt.ɪs/ (A flat panel constructed with widely-spaced crossed thin strips of wood or other material, commonly used as a garden trellis)  :: säleikkö, ristikko
lattice {n} (a regular spacing or arrangement of geometric points)  :: hila
lattice constant {n} (constant distance between unit cells)  :: hilavakio
Latvia {prop} /ˈlæə/ (country)  :: Latvia
Latvian {adj} /ˈlætvi.ən/ (pertaining to Latvia or the Latvian language)  :: latvialainen [of Latvia], latviankielinen [of Latvian language]
Latvian {prop} (Baltic language of Latvia)  :: latvian kieli, latvia, [obsolete] lätti, [obsolete] lätin kieli
Latvian {n} (person pertaining to Latvia)  :: latvialainen
Latvianness {n} (state of being Latvian)  :: latvialaisuus
Latvian SSR {prop} (Soviet republic)  :: Latvian SNT
laud {n} /lɔd/ (praise or glorification)  :: ylistys
laud {n} (hymn of praise)  :: ylistyslaulu
laud {v} (to praise, to glorify)  :: ylistää
laudable {adj} /lɔːdəbl/ (worthy of being lauded)  :: kunnioitettava, ansiokas
laugh {n} /læf/ (expression of mirth peculiar to the human species)  :: nauru
laugh {n} (something that provokes mirth or scorn)  :: naurunaihe, vitsi
laugh {v} (show mirth by peculiar movement of the muscles of the face and emission of sounds)  :: nauraa
laugh {v} (be or appear cheerful)  :: iloita, nauraa
laugh {v} (make an object of laughter or ridicule)  :: pilkata, nauraa
laugh {v} (affect or influence by means of laughter)  :: naurattaa, nauraa
laugh {v} (express by, or utter with, laughter)  :: nauraa
laughable {adj} (fitted to exite laughter)  :: huvittava, naurattava
laughing dove {n} (Spilopelia senegalensis)  :: palmukyyhky
laughing-eyed {adj} (Having eyes that reflect happiness)  :: nauravasilmäinen
laughing gas {n} (common name for nitrous oxide)  :: ilokaasu
laughing gull {n} (European gull)  :: naurulokki
laughing gull {n} (American gull)  :: nokisiipilokki
laughing hyena {n} (spotted hyena) SEE: spotted hyena  ::
laughing kookaburra {n} (Dacelo novaeguineae)  :: isonauraja
laughing owl {n} (Sceloglaux albifacies)  :: kirkupöllö
laughing stock {n} (object of ridicule)  :: naurunaihe
laugh off {v} (respond to a negative situation lightheartedly)  :: nauraa + allative
laugh one's head off {v} (laugh uproariously)  :: nauraa katketakseen
laughter {n} /ˈlæftɚ/ (sound (as) of laughing)  :: nauru
laughter {n} (movement of the muscles of the laughing face)  :: nauru
launce {n} (sand lance) SEE: sand lance  ::
launch {v} /lɔntʃ/ (throw, hurl, let fly, propel with force)  :: laukaista, heittää
launch {v} (cause to move or slide from the land into the water)  :: laskea vesille
launch {v} (send out; start on a career; set going; give a start to; put in operation)  :: lanseerata, tuoda markkinoille
launch {n} (act of launching)  :: laukaisu
launch {n} (movement of a vessel from land into the water)  :: vesillelasku
launch pad {n} /ˈlɑntʃ.pæd/ (launch pad)  :: laukaisualusta
launchpad {n} (surface or structure)  :: laukaisualusta
launder {n} /ˈlɔndɚ/ (trough used by miners)  :: ränni
launder {v} (to wash and iron)  :: pyykätä ja silittää
launder {v} (to disguise the source of)  :: pestä
launderette {n} /lɔndəˈɹɛt/ (place with facilities for washing that public may use)  :: itsepalvelupesula, pesula
laundromat {n} (launderette) SEE: launderette  ::
laundry {n} /ˈlɔːn.dɹi/ (laundering; washing)  :: pyykkäys, pyykkääminen
laundry {n} (place or room where laundering is done)  :: pesutupa, pesula
laundry {n} (that which needs to be laundered)  :: pyykki
Laura {prop} /ˈlɔɹə/ (female given name)  :: Laura
Laurasia {prop} (supercontinent)  :: Lauraasia
laurel {n} /ˈlɔɹ.əl/ (evergreen shrub, of the genus Laurus)  :: laakeri
laurel {n} (crown of laurel)  :: laakeriseppele
laurel {n} (honor, distinction)  :: laakerit {p}
Laurel and Hardy {prop} /ˈlɔɹ.əl ænd ˈhɑɹ.di/ (Laurel and Hardy)  :: Ohukainen ja Paksukainen
Laurence {prop} (male given name)  :: Lauri
lav {n} (non-offensive slang for a lavatory)  :: vessa
lava {n} /ˈlɑːvə/ (melted rock)  :: laava
lava {n} (magma) SEE: magma  ::
lavatory {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet  ::
lavatory {n} (sink) SEE: sink  ::
lava tube {n} (natural conduct)  :: laavatunneli
lavender {n} /ˈlæv.ən.dɚ/ (plant)  :: laventeli
lavender {n} (colour)  :: laventeli
lavish {adj} /ˈlævɪʃ/ (profuse)  :: tuhlaavainen, avokätinen
lavish {adj} (excessive)  :: ylenpalttinen
lavish {v} (to expend or bestow with profusion)  :: tuhlata, [rahaa] syytää
lavishly {adv} /ˈlævɪʃli/ (in a lavish manner)  :: avokätisesti
lavishness {n} /ˈlæv.ɪʃ.nɪs/ (state or characteristic of being lavish)  :: avokätisyys
law {n} /lɔ/ (body of rules from the legislative authority)  :: laki, lainsäädäntö
law {n} (body of rules and standards to be applied by courts)  :: oikeus
law {n} (written or understood rule)  :: laki
law {n} (observed physical behavior)  :: laki
law {n} (statement that is true under specified conditions)  :: laki, sääntö
law {n} (slang: the police)  :: kytät {p}
law-abiding {adj} (obeying the laws)  :: lainkuuliainen
law and order {n} (enforcement of law, statutes and social conventions)  :: laki ja järjestys, laillinen järjestys
law enforcement {n} (ensuring obedience to law)  :: lain toimeenpano
law enforcement {n} (various government agencies involved in the prevention of crime and the apprehension of criminals)  :: toimeenpanoviranomainen
law firm {n} (business formed by one or more lawyers to engage in the practice of law)  :: asianajotoimisto, lakitoimisto
lawful {adj} /ˈlɔːfʊl/ (conforming to or recognised by law or rules)  :: lainmukainen, laillinen
lawless {adj} (not governed by the law)  :: laiton
lawless {adj} (prohibited)  :: laiton, lainvastainen
lawless {adj} (not restrained by the law)  :: laeista piittaamaton, laiton
lawlessness {n} (a lack of law and order)  :: laittomuus
lawman {n} (lawyer) SEE: lawyer  ::
lawn {n} /lɔn/ (open space between woods)  :: ruohikko
lawn {n} (ground covered with grass)  :: nurmikko, pihanurmikko
lawn {n} (a type of linen or cotton fabric)  :: musliini
lawn {n} (pieces of such fabric)  :: musliini
lawn {n} (an item of clothing made from the fabric)  :: musliinivaate
lawn bowling {n} (bowls) SEE: bowls  ::
lawn mower {n} (machine for cutting grass)  :: ruohonleikkuri
lawn-mower {n} (lawnmower) SEE: lawnmower  ::
lawnmower {n} /ˈlɔːn.məʊ.ə/ (a device to cut grass)  :: ruohonleikkuri
law of conservation of energy {n} (total energy remains constant)  :: energian häviämättömyyden laki
law of cosines {n} (statement)  :: kosinilause
law of nature {n} (natural law) SEE: natural law  ::
law of obligations {n} (The area of law pertaining to the rights and duties that arise from agreements)  :: velvoiteoikeus
law of sines {n} (statement)  :: sinilause
law of the jungle {n} (The survival of the fittest)  :: viidakon laki
law of the sea {n} (body of international law)  :: merioikeus
Lawrence {prop} (male given name) SEE: Laurence  ::
lawrencium {n} (chemical element)  :: lawrencium
law school {n} (institution)  :: oikeustieteellinen tiedekunta [faculty], oikeustieteellinen yliopisto [university]
lawsuit {n} /ˈlɔˌsut/ (case where a court is needed to resolve differences)  :: siviilikanne, kanne, oikeusjuttu
lawyer {n} /ˈlɔɪ.ɚ/ (professional person authorized to practice law)  :: asianajaja, (juristi, lakimies)
lawyer's wig {n} (Coprinus comatus)  :: suomumustesieni
lax {adj} /læks/ (not strict; lenient; allowing for deviation)  :: löysä, höllä, väljä
lax {adj} (loose; not tight or taut)  :: löysä
lax {adj} (lacking care)  :: holtiton, huolimaton, piittaamaton, leväperäinen
lax {adj} (diarrheal) SEE: diarrheal  ::
laxative {adj} /ˈlæk.sə.tɪv/ (causing movement of the bowels)  :: laksatiivinen
laxative {n} (substance with a laxative effect)  :: laksatiivi
lay {v} /leɪ/ (to place something down in a position of rest)  :: laskea, asettaa, panna, laittaa
lay {v} (archaic: to cause to subside or abate)  :: laannuttaa
lay {v} (to leave something somewhere)  :: jättää
lay {v} (to prepare groundwork, table etc.)  :: valmistaa [general], laskea [groundwork], kattaa [table]
lay {v} (to install certain building materials)  :: tehdä [general], muurata [bricks], laatoittaa [tiles]
lay {v} (to deposit an egg)  :: munia
lay {v} (to have sex with)  :: maata, panna
lay {n} (arrangement or relationship)  :: sijoittelu, asettelu
lay {n} (direction a rope is twisted)  :: kierteen suunta, kierre
lay {n} (casual sexual partner)  :: pano
lay {adj} (non-professional)  :: maallikko
lay {adj} (non-clergy)  :: maallikko
lay {n} (sung poem)  :: laulu
layabout {n} /ˈleɪəˌbaʊt/ (lazy person)  :: vetelys
lay an egg {v} (to produce an egg)  :: munia
lay an egg {v} (to produce a failure or flop)  :: munata
lay-by {n} /ˈleɪ.baɪ/ (road-side rest area)  :: levähdysalue
lay claim {v} (say that something belongs to oneself)  :: vaatia itselleen, vaatia
lay down {v} (to surrender or yield (a weapon) by placing it on the ground)  :: luovuttaa, laskea
lay down {v} (to specify or establish (rules))  :: määrätä, säätää
lay down {v} (to lie down for rest)  :: käydä makuulle, käydä pitkäkseen
layer {n} /ˈleɪ.ɚ/ (single thickness of some material covering a surface)  :: kerros
layer {n} (item of clothing worn under or over another)  :: vaatekerros
layer {n} (deposit)  :: kerros, kerrostuma
layer {n} (person who lays things, such as tiles)  :: laatoittaja [layer of tiles]
layer {n} (hen kept to lay eggs)  :: munituskana
layer {v} (to arrange in layers)  :: kerrostaa, pinota
lay figure {n} (jointed model) SEE: dummy  ::
lay figure {n} (unimportant person) SEE: Joe Average  ::
layman {n} (someone who is not an ordained cleric)  :: maallikko
layman {n} (someone who is not a professional in a given field)  :: maallikko
lay off {v} (to dismiss workers from employment)  :: irtisanoa, lomauttaa
layoff {n} (dismissal of employees)  :: irtisanominen (permanent), lomautus (temporal)
lay of the land {n} (physical characteristics of the terrain or surrounding natural environment)  :: maasto
lay of the land {n} (trends, feelings influencing a situation)  :: tunnelma
layout {n} (structured arrangement of items)  :: asetelma, sijoitus, sommittelu, pohja
layout {n} (plan for such arrangement)  :: asettelu, sijoittelu, sommittelu, pohjapiirustus
layout {n} (act of laying out)  :: asettelu, sijoittelu, sommittelu, suunnittelu
layout {n} (process of arranging media content for publishing)  :: taitto
layout {n} (map or a drawing of a construction site)  :: asemapiirustus
layover {n} (pause in a journey)  :: välilasku
layperson {n} (one who is not a cleric)  :: maallikko
layperson {n} (one who is not intimately familiar with a given subject)  :: maallikko, amatööri
lay something at the feet of {v} (to assign responsibility for (something) to (someone))  :: kiittää
lay waste {v} (to completely destroy)  :: hävittää
Lazarus {prop} /ˈlæzəɹəs/ (New Testament characters)  :: Lasarus
laze {v} /leɪz/ (be lazy, waste time)  :: laiskotella, möllötellä
lazily {adv} (in a lazy manner)  :: laiskasti
laziness {n} (quality of being lazy)  :: laiskuus
Lazio {prop} (Italian region)  :: Lazio
lazurite {n} (lapis lazuli) SEE: lapis lazuli  ::
lazy {adj} /ˈleɪzi/ (unwilling to work)  :: laiska
lazy {adj} (causing idleness; relaxed or leisurely)  :: rauhallinen, unelias
lazy {adj} (eye: squinting because of weak muscles)  :: karsastava
lazy {adj} (cattle brand: horizontal)  :: makaava
lazy ass {n} /ˈleɪ̯.zi.æs]/ ((vulgar, slang) lazy person)  :: laiskajaakko, laiskuri
lazybones {n} (person who is lazy)  :: laiskuri, laiskajaakko, laiskamato, tyhjäntoimittaja
lazy eye {n} (amblyopia) SEE: amblyopia  ::
Lübeck {prop} (city)  :: Lyypekki
leach {v} /liːtʃ/ (to purge a soluble matter out of something)  :: huuhtoa
lead {n} /lɛd/ (chemical element)  :: lyijy
lead {n} (plummet to measure depth of water)  :: luoti
lead {n} (separator line in print)  :: riviväli
lead {n} (typography: vertical space)  :: riviväli
lead {n} (sheets or plates covering a roof)  :: lyijylevy
lead {n} (roof covered with lead sheets or terne plates)  :: lyijykatto
lead {n} (refill for writing tool)  :: lyijy
lead {n} (bullets)  :: lyijy
lead {v} (to cover, fill, or affect with lead)  :: täyttää lyijyllä, peittää lyijyllä, täyttyä lyijyyn, peittyä lyijyyn
lead {v} /liːd/ (guide or conduct with the hand, or by means of some physical contact connection)  :: johdattaa, opastaa, ohjata
lead {v} (guide or conduct in a certain course)  :: johdattaa, opastaa, johtaa
lead {v} (conduct or direct with authority)  :: johtaa, vetää
lead {v} (go or be in advance of; precede)  :: johtaa
lead {v} (draw or direct by influence)  :: johdattaa, ajaa
lead {v} (guide or conduct oneself)  :: viedä, johtaa
lead {v} (begin a game of cards or dominoes)  :: aloittaa
lead {v} (intransitive: to guide or conduct)  :: johtaa
lead {v} (intransitive: be ahead of others)  :: johtaa
lead {v} (intransitive: have the highest interim score in a game)  :: johtaa
lead {v} (intransitive: be more advanced)  :: johtaa, olla edellä
lead {v} (intransitive: tend or reach in a certain direction)  :: johtaa, viedä
lead {v} (transitive: to step off base)  :: kärkkyä
lead {n} (act of leading or conducting)  :: johto, johtaminen
lead {n} (precedence; advance position)  :: johto, johtoasema, kärkipaikka, kärki
lead {n} (in cards and dominoes)  :: ajo, lähtö
lead {n} (channel of open water in an ice field)  :: väylä
lead {n} (nautical: course of a rope from end to end)  :: pituus
lead {n} (leash)  :: talutushihna, hihna, lieka
lead {n} (charging lead)  :: varausjohto, latausjohto
lead {n} (information obtained by a detective or police officer)  :: johtolanka
lead {n} (information obtained by a news reporter)  :: vihje
lead astray {v} (to cause to believe untruth)  :: johtaa harhaan
lead astray {v} (to misguide or misdirect)  :: johtaa harhaan
lead crystal {n} (type of glass)  :: kristallilasi
lead crystal {n} (type of glassware)  :: kristalli
leader {n} /ˈlidɚ/ (one having authority)  :: johtaja, vetäjä
leader {n} (pipe to conduct water from the roof)  :: syöksytorvi
leader {n} (principal article in a newspaper)  :: pääkirjoitus
leadership {n} (capacity to lead)  :: johtajuus
leadership {n} (office of leader)  :: johto
lead-free {adj} (containing no lead)  :: lyijytön
lead-free {adj} (petroleum: containing no tetraethyl lead; unleaded)  :: lyijytön
lead guitar {n} (electric guitar that plays soloistically)  :: soolokitara
lead-in {n} (introduction)  :: johdanto
leading {adj} (providing guidance)  :: johdatteleva
leading {adj} (ranking first)  :: johtava
leading {adj} (preceding)  :: edeltävä
leading diagonal {n} (main diagonal) SEE: main diagonal  ::
leading edge {n} (aeronautics: frontmost edge of an airfoil)  :: etureuna
leading edge {n} (foremost part of a trend)  :: kärki, kärkipää
leading edge {n} (forefront of practice or technology)  :: kärki, kärkipää
leading question {n} (suggestive interrogation)  :: johdatteleva kysymys
leadman {n} (leader of group of workers)  :: ryhmänjohtaja, kymppi
leadman {n} (one who leads a dance)  :: viejä
lead pencil {n} (implement used for writing or drawing with a core made of graphite)  :: lyijykynä
lead poisoning {n} (chronic intoxiction caused by lead) SEE: plumbism  ::
lead sheet {n} (form of written music)  :: lead sheet
lead time {n} (the amount of time between the initiation of some process and its completion)  :: läpimenoaika
leaf {n} /liːf/ (part of a plant)  :: lehti
leaf {n} (anything resembling the leaf of a plant)  :: lehti
leaf {n} (sheet of any substance beaten or rolled until very thin)  :: lehti
leaf {n} (sheet of a book)  :: lehti, sivu
leaf {n} (flat section used to extend a table)  :: jatkokappale, jatkolevy, jatko
leaf {n} (moveable panel of a bridge or door)  :: läppä, levy, paneeli
leaf {n} (computing, mathematics: tree node without descendants)  :: lehti
leaf {v} (to produce leaves)  :: lehtiä
leaf {n} (tea leaves) SEE: tea leaf  ::
leaf blower {n} (motorised garden tool)  :: lehtipuhallin
leaf bud {n} (bud which develops into a leaf)  :: lehtisilmu
leaf-cutter ant {n} (type of ant)  :: lehdenleikkaaja
leafed {adj} /liːft/ (having certain kind of leaves)  :: -lehtinen
leafless {adj} (without leaves)  :: lehdetön
leaflet {n} /ˈliːflɪt/ (component of a compound leaf)  :: lehdykkä
leaflet {n} (small piece of paper with information)  :: esite, lentolehtinen
leaf-nosed bat {n} (animal)  :: leikko
leafstalk {n} (stalk that supports a leaf) SEE: petiole  ::
leaf-storm {n} (a wind-driven burst of dead leaves)  :: lehtipyörre
leafy {adj} /ˈliːfi/ (covered with leaves)  :: lehtevä
leafy {adj} (containing much foliage)  :: lehtevä
league {n} /liːɡ/ (organization of sports teams)  :: liiga
League of Nations {prop} (International organization)  :: Kansainliitto
league table {n} (tabular display of teams)  :: sarjataulukko
Leah {prop} (elder daughter of Laban)  :: Lea
leak {n} /liːk/ (hole which admits water or other fluid, or lets it escape)  :: vuoto
leak {n} (entrance or escape of a fluid)  :: vuoto
leak {n} (divulgation, or disclosure, of information)  :: vuoto
leak {v} (to allow fluid to escape or enter)  :: vuotaa
leak {v} (to reveal secret information)  :: vuotaa
leakage {n} (act of leaking)  :: vuoto
lean {v} /liːn/ (to hang outwards)  :: kallistaa, kallistua
lean {v} (to press against)  :: nojata, nojautua
lean {adj} (being slim and muscular)  :: laiha, hoikka
Leaning Tower of Pisa {prop} (the leaning bell tower in the Italian town of Pisa)  :: Pisan kalteva torni, Pisan torni
lean-to {n} /lin.tu/ (type of shelter)  :: katos, laavu
leap {v} /liːp/ (to jump)  :: loikata
leap {n} (the act of leaping)  :: hyppy, loikka
leap {n} (significant move forward)  :: hyppy, hyppäys
leap day {n} /liːp deɪ/ (extra day in a leap year)  :: karkauspäivä
leapfrog {n} /ˈliːpfɹɒɡ/ (game)  :: pukkihyppely
leapfrog {v} (to jump over some obstacle)  :: loikata
leapfrog {v} (to overtake)  :: syrjäyttää, tehdä vanhanaikaiseksi
leapfrog {v} (to progress)  :: loikata
leapfrog {v} (military: to advance by engaging the enemy with one unit while another moves further forward)  :: koukata
leapling {n} /ˈliplɪŋ/ (one born on a leap day)  :: karkauspäivänä syntynyt
leap of faith {n} (act of believing in something despite proof)  :: uskon hyppy
leaps and bounds {adv} (idiom: considerably)  :: suurin harppauksin
leap second {n} (second of time added to the year occasionally to compensate for variation in the rate of Earth's rotation)  :: karkaussekunti
leap to mind {v} (spring to mind) SEE: spring to mind  ::
leap year {n} (366-day year in the Gregorian calendar)  :: karkausvuosi
learn {v} /lɜːn/ (to acquire knowledge or ability)  :: oppia, opetella
learn {v} (to attend educational activity)  :: oppia, opiskella
learn {v} (to make use of a bad experience)  :: oppia
learn {v} (to improve)  :: oppia
learn {v} (to be studying)  :: opiskella, opetella
learn {v} (to come to know; to become informed of; to find out)  :: saada tietää
learned {adj} /ˈlɝnɪd/ (having much learning)  :: oppinut
learned {adj} /lɛɹnd/ (acquired by learning)  :: opittu
learned borrowing {n} (word borrowed from a classical language into a modern language)  :: sivistyssana
learnedly {adv} (in educated manner)  :: oppineesti
learnedness {n} (quality)  :: oppineisuus
learned society {n} (promoter of an academic discipline)  :: tiedeseura, tieteellinen seura
learner {n} /ˈlɜɹnəɹ/ (one that is learning)  :: harjoittelija
learning {n} /ˈlɝnɪŋ/ (action of the verb)  :: oppiminen
learning {n} (accumulated knowledge)  :: oppineisuus, oppi
learning content management system {n} (software system)  :: oppisisältöjen hallintajärjestelmä
learning curve {n} (visualization of learning as a function of experience)  :: oppimiskäyrä
learning curve {n} (measure of how much there is to learn in a restricted amount of time)  :: oppimistehtävä
learning difference {n} (learning disability) SEE: learning disability  ::
learning difficulty {n} (learning disability) SEE: learning disability  ::
learning disability {n} (disability which prevents the sufferer from learning in a typical manner)  :: oppimisvaikeus
learning-disabled {adj} (having a condition that impedes learning)  :: oppimisongelmainen
learning objective {n} (that which a student is expected to learn)  :: oppimistavoite
learn the hard way {v} (learn by experiencing the consequences of making mistakes)  :: oppia kantapään kautta
learn the ropes {v} (to learn the basics)  :: oppia alkeet
lease {v} /liːs/ (to operate or live in some property or land through purchasing a long-term contract)  :: vuokrata
lease {n} (contract granting use or occupation of property)  :: vuokrasopimus
lease {n} (period of such a contract)  :: vuokra-aika
leaseholder {n} (tenant holding a lease)  :: vuokraaja, vuokralainen
leash {n} /liːʃ/ (long cord for dogs)  :: talutushihna, talutin
least {determiner} /liːst/ (the smallest amount of)  :: vähin, pienin
least {adv} (in the smallest degree)  :: vähiten
least common multiple {n} (in math)  :: pienin yhteinen jaettava
least weasel {n} /ˈliːstˈwizəl/ (Mustela nivalis)  :: lumikko
leather {n} /ˈlɛðə/ (material produced by tanning animal skin)  :: nahka
leather {n} (piece of leather used for polishing)  :: säämiskä
leather {n} (colloquial: cricket ball or football)  :: nahkakuula (football)
leather {n} (leather clothing)  :: nahkavaatteet
leather {adj} (made of leather)  :: nahka-, nahkainen
leatherback {n} /ˈlɛ.ðɚ.bæk/ (Dermochelys coriacea)  :: merinahkakilpikonna
leatherette {n} /ˌlɛðəˈɹɛt/ (a type of fabric)  :: tekonahka, keinonahka
leatherjacket {n} (larva of some craneflies)  :: vaaksiaisen toukka
leatherjacket {n} (fish of the family Balistidae)  :: säppikala
leathery {adj} (having properties of leather)  :: nahkamainen, nahkainen; nahistunut [primarily of vegetables]
leave {v} /liːv/ (To cause to remain as available, not take away, refrain from depleting)  :: jättää
leave {v} (To transfer possession after death)  :: jättää
leave {v} (To depart from, end one's connection or affiliation with)  :: jättää
leave {v} (To depart (intransitive))  :: lähteä
leave {n} (absence from work)  :: vapaa
leave behind {v} (abandon)  :: jättää
leave behind {v} (forget about)  :: unohtaa
leave behind {v} (not live longer than)  :: jättää jälkeensä
leave behind {v} (leave a trace)  :: jättää, jättää jälki
leave behind {v} (outdo)  :: jättää taakseen
leave behind {v} (pass)  :: jättää taakseen
leave it be {v} (allow something to follow its natural course)  :: anna olla
leave me alone {phrase} (stop talking to me)  :: jätä minut rauhaan
leaven {n} /ˈlɛv.ən/ (any agent used to make dough rise)  :: nostatusaine
leaven {v} (to add leavening)  :: nostattaa
leaven {v} (to cause to rise by fermentation)  :: nostattaa, kohottaa
leavening agent {n} (organism or substance)  :: nostatusaine
leave of absence {n} (absence from work) SEE: leave  ::
leave out {v} (to leave out or to not include) SEE: omit  ::
leave someone in the lurch {v} (to abandon somebody and leave him or her in a difficult situation)  :: jättää pulaan
Lebanon {prop} /ˈlɛbənən/ (Lebanese Republic)  :: Libanon
lebensraum {n} (living space)  :: elintila
lecher {n} /lɛtʃə(ɹ)/ (a lecherous man)  :: irstailija, pukki, häntäheikki
lecherous {adj} /ˈlɛtʃəɹəs/ (given to a lustful craving of sexual activities)  :: irstas, rietas
lectern {n} (a stand with a slanted top used to support a bible from which passages are read during a church service)  :: lukuteline
lectern {n} (a similar stand to support a lecturer's notes)  :: puhujapönttö, lehteri
lectotype {n} (biological specimen or illustration)  :: lektotyyppi
lecture {n} /ˈlɛk.t͡ʃɚ/ (a spoken lesson)  :: luento
lecture {v} (to teach)  :: luennoida
lecture {v} (to berate, to scold)  :: läksyttää
lecture hall {n} (lecture theatre) SEE: lecture theatre  ::
lecturer {n} /ˈlɛktʃəɹɚ/ (person who gives lectures)  :: luennoija, luennoitsija
lecturer {n} (member of university or college)  :: lehtori
lecturer {n} (dated: member of the Church of England clergy)  :: apupappi
lecture theatre {n} (room in a university with many seats and a pitched floor)  :: auditorio, luentosali
lederhosen {n} /leːdə.hoːzən/ (knee-breeches made of leather)  :: lederhosen
ledge {n} /lɛdʒ/ (shelf)  :: hylly
ledge {n} (of rocks)  :: kieleke, kallionkieleke
ledge {n} (layer)  :: kerros
ledge {n} (lode)  :: mineraalisuoni
ledger {n} /ˈlɛdʒə(ɹ)/ (book for keeping notes)  :: tilikirja
ledger {n} (collection of accounting entries)  :: tilikirja
ledger line {n} (notation to inscribe notes outside the musical staffs)  :: apuviiva
lee {n} (side of the ship away from the wind)  :: suojanpuoli
leech {n} /liːtʃ/ (annelid)  :: juotikas, iilimato
leech {n} (person who derives profit from others)  :: verenimijä
leech {v} (to apply a leech medicinally)  :: kupata
leech {v} (to drain resources without giving back)  :: kupata
leech {n} (paganism: a healer)  :: poppamies
leech {n} (vertical edge of a square sail)  :: liikki
leech {n} (aft edge of a triangular sail)  :: takaliikki
leech {n} (physician) SEE: physician  ::
leech line {n} (line for tightening the leech of a triangular mainsail)  :: snörppi
leechline {n} (line to haul leeches of a sail)  :: nokkakoortinki, reunanuora
leek {n} /liːk/ (vegetable)  :: purjo, purjosipuli
leer {v} /lɪɹ/ (to look with sexual desire or malicious intent)  :: silmäillä [sexually], mulkoilla [maliciously], mulkaista [maliciously]
lees {n}  :: sakka
leeward {adj} /ˈluːɜ(ɹ)d/ (Downwind)  :: suojanpuoleinen
leeway {n} /ˈliːˌweɪ]/ (degree or amount of freedom or flexibility)  :: pelivara, liikkumavara
left {adj} /lɛft/ (the west side of the body when one is facing north)  :: vasen
left {adj} (pertaining to the political left)  :: vasemmistolainen
left {adv} (on the left side)  :: vasemmalla
left {adv} (towards the left side)  :: vasemmalle
left {n} (the left side)  :: vasen, vasen puoli
left {n} (the ensemble of left-wing political parties)  :: vasemmisto
left {v} (remaining)  :: (with verbs signifying movement) jäljelle, (with stative verbs) jäljellä
left-about {n} (180 degrees to the right)  :: täyskäännös vasempaan
left and right {adv}  :: kaksin käsin
leftard {n} (person of left-wing political views)  :: vasemmistolainen
left back {n} (a defender who plays on the left)  :: vasen puolustaja
left bank {n} (bank to the left when facing downstream)  :: vasen ranta
left bracket {n} (left square bracket)  :: vasen hakasulje
left fielder {n} (outfielder)  :: vasen koppari
left-handed {n} (preferring the left hand over the right)  :: vasenkätinen
left-hander {n} (a person who is left-handed)  :: vasenkätinen, vasuri
leftist {n} /ˈlɛftɪst/ (a person who holds views associated with the political left)  :: vasemmistolainen
leftist {adj} (Pertaining to the political left)  :: vasemmistolainen
left-luggage office {n} (place where luggage may be left)  :: matkatavarasäilytys
leftover {adj} (remaining, left behind)  :: tähteeksi jäänyt
leftover {adj} (remaining as meal is complete)  :: tähteeksi jäänyt
leftover {n} (something left behind)  :: tähde
leftovers {n} (Food remaining after a meal)  :: tähteet {p}
left-wing {adj} (supporting political change)  :: vasemmisto-, vasemmistolainen
lefty {n} (left-hander) SEE: left-hander  ::
leg {n} /lɛɡ/ (lower limb from groin to ankle)  :: jalka, sääri
leg {n} (part of garment covering the leg)  :: lahje, puntti [colloquial]
leg {n} (stage of journey)  :: etappi, legi [in sailing]
leg {n} ((nautical) distance done without changing the sails from one side to the other)  :: legi
leg {n} ((nautical) side of a route in a sailing race)  :: legi
leg {n} (game played in a tournament)  :: ottelu
leg {n} (side in a triangle)  :: kateetti
legacy {n} /ˈlɛɡəsi/ (money or property bequeathed to someone in a will)  :: perintö, legaatti
legacy {n} (something inherited from a predecessor; a heritage)  :: perintö
legacy {adj} (aging computer system)  :: vanha, vanhentunut
legacy {adj} (left behind, old or no longer in active use)  :: vanha, vanhentunut
legal {adj} /ˈliɡəl/ (relating to the law or to lawyers)  :: juridinen, oikeudellinen, laki-, lakimies-, lainopillinen
legal {adj} (having its basis in the law)  :: lainmukainen, juridinen
legal {adj} (allowed or prescribed by law)  :: laillinen, lakisääteinen
legal advice {n} (formal opinion regarding law)  :: lainopillinen neuvo
legal age {n} (age of majority) SEE: age of majority  ::
legal aid {n} (free or low-cost service in the field of law)  :: oikeusapu
legal entity {n} (organisation that the law treats as a legal person) SEE: legal person  ::
legalese {n} (technical talk of the legal profession)  :: (lakimiesten) kapulakieli, lakikieli [also used non-pejoratively]
legalese {n} (wording that resembles how lawyers write)  :: kapulakieli
legal interest {n} (interest allowed by law)  :: laillinen korko
legalise {v} (make legal)  :: laillistaa
legalism {n} (philosophy)  :: legalismi, lakipositivismi
Legalism {n} (school of thought originating in ancient China)  :: legalismi
legalization {n} (process of making something legal)  :: laillistaminen
legalize {v} (legalise) SEE: legalise  ::
legal person {n} (organization or group of people)  :: oikeushenkilö
legal positivism {n} (legal school of thought in jurisprudence)  :: oikeudellinen positivismi
legal studies {n} (study of theories and philosophies related to law) SEE: jurisprudence  ::
legal studies {n} (study of law)  :: lakitieto
legal tender {n} (currency that cannot be refused as payment to extinguish a debt)  :: laillinen maksuväline
legatee {n} (one who receives a legacy)  :: erityistestamentinsaaja
legato {adv} /ləˈɡɑ.toʊ/ (music: smoothly, in a connected manner)  :: legato, sitoen
legato {n} (slur curve)  :: legato
legend {n} /ˈlɛdʒ.ənd/ (story of unknown origin describing plausible but extraordinary past events)  :: legenda
legendary {adj} (of or pertaining to a legend)  :: legendaarinen
legerdemain {n} /ˈlɛdʒ.əɹ.dəˌmeɪn/ (sleight of hand)  :: silmänkääntötemppu
legibility {n} (property that makes legible or easily readable)  :: luettavuus
legible {adj} /ˈlɛd͡ʒəbl/ (being clear enough to be read, readable, particularly for handwriting)  :: luettava, lukukelpoinen
legion {n} /ˈliːdʒən/ (the major unit or division of the Roman army)  :: legioona
legionary {n} (member of a legion)  :: legioonalainen
legionnaire {n} (a member of a legion) SEE: legionary  ::
leg irons {n} (fetter attached at the ankle)  :: jalkaraudat {p}
legislate {v} /ˈlɛdʒɪsˌleɪt/ (to pass laws)  :: säätää laki
legislation {n} (the act of legislating)  :: lainsäädäntö
legislation {n} (law already enacted by legislature)  :: lainsäädäntö
legislative {adj} /ˈlɛ.dʒɪˌsleɪ.tɪv/ (Making or having the power to make laws)  :: lakiasäätävä
legislative branch {n} (branch of government)  :: lainsäädäntövalta
legislature {n} /ˈlɛdʒɪsleɪtʃɚ/ (governmental body)  :: lainsäädäntöelin
legist {n} /ˈliːdʒɪst/ (one skilled in the law)  :: lainoppinut
leg it {v} (To run away, to flee)  :: lähteä karkuun, pötkiä pakoon
legitimize {v} (to make legitimate)  :: legitimoida
legless {adj} (without legs)  :: jalaton
legless lizard {n} (Pygopodidae lizard)  :: eväjalkalisko
legless lizard {n} (any lizard that does not have limbs)  :: jalaton lisko
leglock {n} /ˈlɛɡˌlɒk/ (joint lock)  :: jalkalukko
legman {n} (reporter)  :: kenttätoimittaja
legman {n} (errand boy) SEE: errand boy  ::
Lego {n} /ˈlɛɡoʊ/ (toy brick)  :: lego
legume {n} /lɪˈɡjuːm/ (fruit or seed of leguminous plants)  :: herne, papu
legume {n} (member of Leguminosae family)  :: hernekasvi
legwork {n} /ˈlɛɡ.wɚk/ (Work, especially research, that involves significant walking)  :: jalkatyö
legwork {n} (Skillful or vigorous use of the legs)  :: jalkatyö
lei {n} /leɪ/ (garland of flowers in Hawaii)  :: lei
Leipzig {prop} /ˈlaɪpsɪɡ/ (City in Saxony, Germany)  :: Leipzig
leisure {n} /ˈlɛʒə(ɹ)/ (freedom provided)  :: vapaa-aika
leisure {n} (time free)  :: vapaa-aika
leisurewear {n} (casual wear)  :: oloasu
leitmotif {n} /ˈleɪt.moʊˌtif/ (melodic theme in an opera)  :: johtoaihe
lek {n} (an aggregation of male animals for the purposes of courtship and display)  :: soidin
lek {v} (to take part in the courtship and display behaviour of a lek)  :: soidintaa, olla soitimella
lek {n} (currency of Albania)  :: lek
Lemierre's syndrome {prop} (condition)  :: angiinamyrkytys
lemma {n} (linguistics: lexeme) SEE: lexeme  ::
lemma {n} /ˈlɛmə/ (mathematics: proposition used mainly in the proof of some other proposition)  :: apulause, lemma
lemma {n} (linguistics: canonical form of a term)  :: perusmuoto, lemma
lemma {n} (botany: one of the specialized bracts around the floret in grasses)  :: ulkohelve
lemming {n} /lɛm.ɪŋ/ (rodent)  :: sopuli
lemming {n} (member of a group given to conformity or groupthink)  :: laumasielu, sopuli
lemniscate {n} /lɛmˈnɪskət/ (symbol for infinity)  :: ääretön-merkki
lemon {n} /ˈlɛmən/ (citrus fruit)  :: sitruuna
lemon {n} (tree)  :: sitruunapuu
lemon {n} (defective item)  :: susi, maanantaikappale
lemon {n} (colour/color)  :: sitruunankeltainen
lemon {n} (taste)  :: sitruuna, sitruunan maku
lemon {adj} (having the flavour/flavor and/or scent of lemons)  :: sitruunan makuinen, [prefix in a compound] sitruuna-
lemon {adj} (having the colour/color of lemons)  :: sitruunankeltainen, sitruunan värinen
lemonade {n} /ˌlɛmənˈeɪd/ (still beverage)  :: sitruunamehu
lemonade {n} (carbonated beverage)  :: sitruunasooda, limonadi
lemon balm {n} (Melissa officinalis)  :: sitruunamelissa
lemon curd {n} (preserve made from lemons)  :: lemon curd, sitruunatahna
lemongrass {n} (species of grass of the genus Cymbopogon)  :: sitruunaruoho, sitrusheinä
lemon juice {n} (the liquid extract of lemon fruit)  :: sitruunamehu
lemon meringue pie {n} (classic type of pie)  :: sitruuna-marenkipiiras
lemon verbena {n} (shrub)  :: sitruunaverbena
lemur {n} /ˈliːmə(ɹ)/ (strepsirrhine primate of the infraorder Lemuriformes, superfamily Lemuroidea)  :: makimainen puoliapina
lemuriform {adj} (of or relating to infraorder Lemuriformes)  :: makimainen
lemuriform {n} (member of infraorder Lemuriformes)  :: makimainen puoliapina
lend {v} /lɛnd/ (to allow to be used temporarily)  :: lainata
lend {v} (to make a loan)  :: lainata
lend {v} ((proscribed) to borrow) SEE: borrow  ::
lend a hand {v} (to help or assist)  :: auttaa
lend a helping hand {v} (to assist)  :: auttaa
lender {n} (one who lends, especially money)  :: lainaaja, lainanantaja
length {n} /lɛŋ(k)θ/ (distance from end to end)  :: pituus
lengthwise {adj} (adjective: in the long direction)  :: pitkittäinen
lengthwise {adv} (adverb: in the long direction)  :: pitkittäin
lenient {adj} /ˈliːni.ənt/ (tolerant; not strict)  :: lempeä
Leningrad {prop} (name of Saint Petersburg, 1924-1991)  :: Leningrad
Leningrad {prop} (Leningrad oblast)  :: Leningradin oblasti
Leninism {n} (the political philosophy named after Vladimir Lenin)  :: leninismi
lenition {n} /lɪˈnɪʃən/ (weakening of consonant articulation)  :: liudentuminen
lens {n} /lɛnz/ (object focusing or defocusing the light passing through it)  :: linssi
lens {n} (device which focuses or defocuses electron beams)  :: poikkeutuskela
lens {n} (geometry: convex shape bounded by two circular arcs)  :: linssi
lens {n} (biology: genus of the legume family; its bean)  :: linssi
lens {n} (anatomy: transparent crystalline structure in the eye)  :: mykiö, linssi
Lent {n} /lɛnt/ (Christian period of penitence before Easter)  :: paasto, paastonaika
Lenten {adj} /ˈlɛntən/ (pertaining to Lent)  :: paastonajan (genitive of noun)
lenticular {adj} /lɛnˈtɪk.jə.lɚ/ (of or pertaining to a lens)  :: linssi-
lenticular {adj} (shaped like a biconvex lens)  :: linssimäinen
lenticular cloud {n} (type of cloud)  :: mantelipilvi
lentigo {n} (pigmented spot on the skin) SEE: freckle  ::
lentil {n} /ˈlɛntəl/ (plant Lens culinaris)  :: kylvövirvilä, linssi
lentil {n} (seed used as food)  :: linssi
Leo {prop} /ˈliːoʊ/ (male given name)  :: Leo
Leo {prop} (constellation)  :: Leijona, Jalopeura
Leo {prop} (astrological sign)  :: Leijona
Leo Minor {prop} (a spring constellation of the northern sky)  :: Pieni Leijona
Leonard {prop} /ˈlɛnɚd/ (male given name)  :: Lenni
leopard {n} /ˈlɛpəd/ (a large wild cat with a spotted coat, Panthera pardus)  :: leopardi
leopard gecko {n} (Eublepharis macularius)  :: leopardigekko
leopard shark {n} (Triakis semifasciata)  :: leopardihai
leotard {n} /ˈliː.ə.tɑːd/ (skin-tight one piece suit of clothing)  :: trikoot {p}, voimistelupuku
leper {n} (person who has leprosy)  :: spitaalinen
leper {n} (person who is shunned; a pariah)  :: hyljeksitty henkilö
leporine {adj} /ˈlɛpəɹaɪn/ (of a hare or rabbit)  :: jänis-, jänisten, kani-, kanien [of or relating to]; jänismäinen, kanimainen [resembling]
leprechaun {n} /ˈlɛpɹəkɔːn]/ (one of a race of elves)  :: leprekauni
leprosy {n} /ˈlɛpɹəsi/ (infectious disease caused by infection by Mycobacterium leprae)  :: spitaali, lepra
leprosy {n} (disease of the skin not conclusively identified, which can also affect clothes and houses)  :: spitaali
leprotic {adj} (of, or pertaining to leprosy)  :: spitaalinen
leprous {adj} (relating to leprosy)  :: spitaalinen
lepton {n} /ˈlɛptɒn/ (coin)  :: ropo
lepton {n} (elementary particle)  :: leptoni
leptosol {n} (soil type)  :: kalliomaannos
leptospirosis {n} (disease)  :: leptospiroosi
lesbian {adj} /ˈlɛzbi.ən/ (of a woman: preferring female partners)  :: lesbolainen
lesbian {adj} (between two women; pertaining to female homosexuality)  :: lesbo-, lesbolainen, lesbo
lesbian {adj} (intended for lesbians)  :: lesbo-
lesbian {n} (female homosexual)  :: lesbo
Lesbian {n} (lesbian) SEE: lesbian  ::
Lesbian {adj} (lesbian) SEE: lesbian  ::
lesbianism {n} (Female homosexuality)  :: lesbous, lesbolaisuus
lesbo {n} (lesbian) SEE: lesbian  ::
lese majesty {n} /liz ˈmædʒəsti/ (crime of violating majesty)  :: majesteettirikos
lesene {n} /ˈlɛ.zən/ (architectural element)  :: liseeni
lesion {n} /ˈliːʒən/ (a wound or an injury)  :: vamma
Lesotho {prop} /ləˈsuːtuː/ (country in Southern Africa)  :: Lesotho
less {adv} /lɛs/ (to smaller extent)  :: vähemmän
less {adv} (in lower degree)  :: vähemmän, pienempi
less {adj} (comparative form of "little" for numbers)  :: pienempi
less {adj} (not as much)  :: vähemmän
less {adj} (smaller number of)  :: vähemmän
less {prep} (not including)  :: paitsi, pois lukien, lukuun ottamatta
-less {suffix} /-lɪs/ (lacking)  :: -ton, -tön
lessee {n} (one to whom a lease is given)  :: vuokralainen
lesser {adj} (the comparative of little)  :: pienempi, vähäisempi
lesser {adj} (of two things, the smaller in size, value, importance etc)  :: pienempi, vähäisempi
lesser {n} (thing that is of smaller size)  :: pienempi, vähäisempi
lesser bilby {n} (Macrotis leucura)  :: pikkupussikaniini, pikkukorvapusseli
lesser black-backed gull {n} (Larus fuscus)  :: selkälokki
lesser celandine {n} (a European perennial herb, Ranunculus ficaria)  :: mukulaleinikki
lesser flamingo {n} (the smaller of the two old world species of flamingo)  :: pikkuflamingo
lesser of two evils {n}  :: pienempi paha
lesser panda {n} (Ailurus fulgens) SEE: red panda  ::
lesser scaup {n} (Aythya affinis)  :: pikkulapasotka
lesser spotted woodpecker {n} /ˈlɛsə(ɹ)ˈspɒtədˈwədpɛkə(ɹ)/ (Picoides minor)  :: pikkutikka
lesser yellowlegs {n} (Tringa flavipes)  :: keltajalkaviklo
lesson {n} /ˈlɛsn̩/ (section of learning or teaching)  :: oppitunti, luento
lesson {n} (learning task assigned to a student)  :: läksy, kotitehtävä, tehtävä
lesson {n} (something learned)  :: opetus
lesson {n} (something that serves as a warning or encouragement)  :: läksy, opetus
lesson {n} (section of the Bible or other religious text read as part of a divine service)  :: sana
lesson {v} (to give a lesson; to teach)  :: opettaa
lesson plan {n} (teacher's document used to plan a lesson)  :: tuntisuunnitelma
lessor {n} (owner of property that is leased)  :: vuokranantaja
less than {n} (the character <)  :: pienempi kuin -merkki
lest {conj} /lɛst/ (that [...] not)  :: ettei, jottei
let {v} /lɛt/ (to allow)  :: antaa, sallia
let alone {conj} (to say nothing of)  :: puhumattakaan, saati
let bygones be bygones {v} (to disregard a past offense)  :: antaa menneiden olla menneitä, sitä tikulla silmään joka vanhoja muistelee
let down {v} (to allow to descend)  :: laskea
let down {v} (to disappoint)  :: pettää, hylätä
let down {v} (to lengthen by undoing and resewing)  :: pidentää
let down {v} (to reduce one's level of effort)  :: antaa periksi
let down {v} (to soften in tempering)  :: temperoida
let go {v} (other than idiom)  :: antaa mennä, päästää
let go {v} (to no longer hold on)  :: päästää, päästää irti, päästää käsistään, hellittää otteensa, antaa mennä
let go {v} (to emotionally disengage or to distract oneself from a situation)  :: antaa olla, antaa mennä
let go {v} (dismiss from employment)  :: irtisanoa
let go {v} (euphemistic: to fail to maintain a standard of appearance, behavior, or performance)  :: antaa mennä
lethal {adj} /liː.θəl/ (deadly)  :: kuolettava, tappava, letaali
lethargic {adj} /ləˈθɑɹdʒɪk/ (sluggish, indifferent)  :: unelias , veltto , vetelä
lethargy {n} /ˈlɛθɚdʒi/ (pathological state of fatigue)  :: letargia
lethargy {n} (state of extreme torpor or apathy)  :: letargia; uupumus, saamattomuus
Lethe {prop} /ˈliːθi/ (personification of oblivion)  :: Lethe
let it be {v} (leave something to follow its natural course)  :: antaa olla
let know {v} (to inform)  :: ilmoittaa, kertoa
let loose {v} (release from restraint)  :: päästää irti, irrottaa, vapauttaa
let nature take its course {v} (permit events to proceed without intervention)  :: antaa asioiden mennä luonnollista latuaan
Leto {prop} (mother of Apollo)  :: Leto
let out {v} (to release)  :: päästää
let out {v} (to allow to operate at higher speed by adjusting controls)  :: löysätä [of reins], lisätä vauhtia [general]
let out {v} (of clothing: to enlarge by adjusting one or more seams)  :: väljentää
let out {v} (of sound, to emit)  :: päästää
let out {v} (to disclose)  :: paljastaa
let's {v} /lɛts/ (let us; forming first-person plural imperative)  :: -kaamme
let's go {interj} (hortative of go)  :: mennään, lähdetään
let's go {interj} (hurry up)  :: vauhtia, hop hop
let sleeping dogs lie {v} (leave things as they are)  :: älä herätä nukkuvaa karhua
let slide {v} (to let pass)  :: mennä
let someone down gently {v} (reject someone in a way that avoids causing hurt)  :: torjua ystävällisesti
letter {n} /ˈlɛtə(ɹ)/ (letter of the alphabet)  :: kirjain, aakkonen
letter {n} (written message)  :: kirje
letter bomb {n} (explosive device)  :: kirjepommi
letterhead {n}  :: yläotsake
letter of credit {n} (trade finance document)  :: remburssi
letter of intent {n} (document)  :: aiesopimus
letter of marque {n} (official commission)  :: kaapparikirja
letter of marque {n} (ship that has been armed for such a task)  :: kaapparilaiva
letter of recommendation {n} (evaluation letter)  :: suositus, suosituskirje
letters patent {n} (type of legal document granting a right, monopoly, title, or status to a person or organization)  :: valtakirja, lupakirja, patentti (depending on nature of doc.)
let the cat out of the bag {v} (to disclose a secret, often inadvertently)  :: möläyttää julki
let there be light {phrase} (let there be light)  :: tulkoon valkeus
let the sleeping dogs lie {v} (to avoid igniting a conflict) SEE: let sleeping dogs lie  ::
Lettic {adj} (Latvian) SEE: Latvian  ::
Lettish {adj} (Latvian) SEE: Latvian  ::
Lettish {prop} (Latvian) SEE: Latvian  ::
lettuce {n} /ˈlɛtɪs/ (an edible plant, Lactuca)  :: lehtisalaatti
lettuce {n} (the leaves of the lettuce plant, eaten as a vegetable or dish)  :: salaatinlehti, salaatti
leu {n} /ˈleɪ.uː/ (unit of currency of Romania)  :: leu
leu {n} (unit of currency of Moldova)  :: leu
leucite {n} /ˈlusaɪt/ (mineral)  :: leusiitti
leucoma {n} (opaque area or scar on the cornea of an eye)  :: leukooma
leukemia {n} /luːˈkiːmi.ə/ (cancer of blood forming tissue)  :: leukemia, verisyöpä
leukoaraiosis {n} (rarefaction of the white matter in the brain)  :: leukoaraioosi
leukocyte {n} /ˈluːkə(ʊ)sʌɪt/ (a white blood cell)  :: valkosolu, leukosyytti
leukorrhea {n} (thick, whitish vaginal discharge)  :: valkovuoto
lev {n} /lɛf/ (currency of Bulgaria)  :: leva
levant {v} /lɪˈvænt/ (to abscond or run away)  :: livistää
Levant {prop} /ləˈvænt/ (the countries bordering the eastern Mediterranean Sea)  :: Levantti
levator ani {n} (muscle)  :: peräaukon kohottajalihas
levee {n} /ˈlɛvi/ (embankment to prevent inundation)  :: tulvapato
level {adj} /ˈlɛv.əl/ (same height at all places)  :: vaakasuora
level {adj} (at the same height as some reference)  :: samassa linjassa, samalla tasolla, linjassa
level {adj} (being unvaried)  :: tasainen, vakaa
level {adj} (being sensible)  :: kylmä
level {n} (tool)  :: vesivaaka, vatupassi
level {n} (distance relative to a given reference elevation)  :: tasa, taso
level {n} (degree or amount)  :: taso
level {n} (computer science: distance from the root node of a tree structure)  :: taso
level {n} (gaming: discrete segment of a game)  :: taso
level {n} (gaming: numeric value for a character's experience and power)  :: taso
level {n} (floor of a building)  :: taso
level {n} (area of almost perfectly flat land)  :: tasanko [large]; tasanne [small]
level {v} (to adjust so as to make level)  :: tasapainottaa
level {v} (to destroy by reducing to ground level; to raze)  :: hävittää maan tasalle
level {v} (to progress to the next level)  :: edetä seuraavalle tasolle, päästä seuraavalle tasolle
level {v} (to aim or direct)  :: tähdätä, kohdistaa
level {v} (sports: to make the score of a game equal)  :: tasoittaa
level {v} (figurative: to bring to a common level or plane)  :: tasoittaa
level {v} (to adjust or adapt to a certain level)  :: sovittaa jonkun tason mukaiseksi
level {v} (to levy) SEE: levy  ::
level crossing {n} (at-grade crossing)  :: tasoristeys
level-headed {adj} (possessing sound judgement)  :: järkevä, maltillinen
lever {n} /ˈliː.vɚ/ (rigid piece)  :: vipu
lever {n} (small such piece to trigger or control a mechanical device)  :: vipu
lever {v} (to move with a lever)  :: vivuta
lever {v} (to use like a lever)  :: vivuttaa
lever {v} (finance: to increase the share of debt)  :: vivuttaa
lever {adv} (rather) SEE: rather  ::
leverage {n} /ˈliːv(ə)ɹɪdʒ/ (force compounded by means of a lever rotating around a pivot)  :: vipuvoima
leverage {n} (influence which is compounded or used to gain an advantage)  :: vaikutusvalta
leveret {n} (a young hare)  :: jäniksenpoika
Levi {prop} /ˈliːvaɪ/ (third son of Jacob)  :: Leevi
Levi {prop} (male given name)  :: Leevi
leviathan {adj} /lə.ˈvaɪ.ə.θən/ (very large; gargantuan)  :: valtava, jättiläismäinen, jättimäinen, suunnaton
leviathan {n} (Biblical sea monster)  :: leviatan
levigate {v} (to make smooth or polish)  :: tasoittaa, kiillottaa
levigate {v} (to make into a smooth paste or fine powder)  :: hienontaa
levigate {v} (to separate finer grains from coarser ones by suspension)  :: kelluttaa
levin {n} /ˈlɛvɪn/ (lightning)  :: salama
levirate {adj} (having to do with husband's brother)  :: lankous-
levirate {n} (marriage)  :: leviraatti, lankousavioliitto
levirate {n} (institution)  :: leviraatti
levitate {v} /ˈlɛvɪteɪt/ (to cause to rise in the air and float)  :: saada levitoimaan
levitate {v} (to be suspended in the air)  :: levitoida
levitation {n} (raising of something without apparent physical cause)  :: leijutus, levitaatio
levitation {n} (technical suspension without mechanical support)  :: leijutus, levitaatio
Leviticus {prop} (the book of the Bible and Torah)  :: 3. Mooseksen kirja
levity {n} /ˈlɛ.vɪ.ti/ (lightness of manner or speech)  :: kepeys, kevytmielisyys
levity {n} (state or quality of being light)  :: keveys
levity {n} (lighthearted or frivolous act)  :: kevytmielisyys, päähänpisto
levity {n} (lack of steadiness) SEE: instability  ::
levy {v} /ˈlɛ.vi/ (to impose a tax)  :: verottaa, määrätä vero
levy {v} (to impose a fine)  :: sakottaa
levy {v} (to confiscate property)  :: takavarikoida, ulosmitata, ulosottaa
levy {v} (to draft into military service)  :: ottaa sotaväkeen, kutsua palvelukseen
levy {v} (to wage war)  :: sotia, käydä sotaa
levy {n} (act of levying)  :: veronkanto, verotus [of tax]; sakotus [of fine]; takavarikko, ulosotto [of confiscation]; sotaväenotto, kutsunnat {p} [of military service];
lewd {adj} /lud/ (lascivious)  :: irstas, rietas
Lewis {prop} (male given name) SEE: Louis  ::
lexeme {n} /ˈlɛksiːm/ (unit of vocabulary, the different forms of the same lemma)  :: lekseemi
lexical {adj} /ˈleksɪkəl/ (of a language's vocabulary)  :: sanastollinen
lexical {adj} (of a dictionary)  :: leksikaalinen
lexical category {n} (linguistic category of words)  :: sanaluokka
lexicographer {n} (one who writes or compiles a dictionary)  :: sanakirjantekijä, sanakirjantoimittaja
lexicography {n} (art or craft of writing dictionaries)  :: leksikografia
lexicology {n} (linguistic discipline)  :: sanasto-oppi, leksikologia
lexicon {n} /ˈlɛk.sɪ.kɑn/ (vocabulary of a language)  :: sanasto, leksikko
lexicon {n} (dictionary of lexemes)  :: sanakirja
lexicon {n} (lexicology of a programming language)  :: sanasto
lexicon {n} ((rare) any dictionary)  :: sanakirja
lexicon {n} (vocabulary used by an individual)  :: sanavarasto
lexicon {n} (subject-specific vocabulary)  :: sanasto
Leyden jar {n} (glass jar used to accumulate static electricity)  :: Leidenin pullo, Leydenin pullo
LGBT {initialism} (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender/Transexual)  :: HLBT
Lhasa {prop} /ˈlɑːsə/ (Capital of Xizang (Tibet))  :: Lhasa
Lhasa apso {n} (dog)  :: lhasa apso, apso
liabilities {n} (money)  :: velat {p}
liability {n} /laɪəˈbɪlɪti/ (debt)  :: vastuu, vastuunalaisuus
liability insurance {n} (insurance against liability)  :: vastuuvakuutus
liaison {n} /li.ˈeɪ.zɑn/ (communication between two parties or groups)  :: yhteydenpito
liaison {n} (co-operation, working together)  :: yhteistyö
liaison {n} (a relayer of information between two forces in an army or during war)  :: yhteyshenkilö
liaison {n} (an illicit sexual relationship or affair)  :: rakkaussuhde
liar {n} /ˈlaɪ.ɚ/ (one who tells lies)  :: valehtelija
libation {n} (act of pouring a liquid as a sacrifice)  :: juomauhri
libation {n} (liquid poured out)  :: juomauhri
libel {n} /ˈlaɪbəl/ (defamatory false written statement)  :: kirjallinen kunnianloukkaus, kirjallinen herhaus, häväistyskirjoitus
libel {n} (act or crime)  :: kirjallinen kunnianloukkaus
libel {v} (to defame someone)  :: kirjallisesti loukata jonkun kunniaa
liberal {adj} /ˈlɪbəɹəl/ (pertaining to the arts the study of which is considered worthy of a free man)  :: vapaa
liberal {adj} (generous, willing to give unsparingly)  :: avokätinen, antelias
liberal {adj} (ample, abundant, generous in quantity)  :: runsas
liberal {adj} (obsolete: unrestrained, licentious)  :: estoton
liberal {adj} (widely open to new ideas, willing to depart from established opinions, conventions etc.)  :: liberaali, vapaamielinen
liberal {adj} (open to political or social reforms)  :: liberaali
liberal {n} (one with liberal views, supporting individual liberty)  :: liberaali
liberal {n} (someone left-wing, see also: progressive; left-winger)  :: vasemmistolainen
liberal {n} (supporter of a liberal party, see also: progressive)  :: liberaali
liberalism {n} (the quality of being liberal)  :: vapaamielisyys
liberalism {n} (a political movement)  :: liberalismi
liberalism {n} (an economic theory)  :: liberalismi
liberalize {v} /ˈlɪbəɹəlaɪz/ (to make liberal)  :: vapauttaa
liberalize {v} (to become liberal)  :: vapautua
liberate {v} /ˈlɪbəɹeɪt/ (to free)  :: vapauttaa
liberation {n} (act of liberating or the state of being liberated)  :: vapautus
Liberia {prop} /laɪˈbɪɹi.ə/ (country in Western Africa)  :: Liberia
Liberian {n} (A person from Liberia)  :: liberialainen
Liberian {adj} (pertaining to Liberia)  :: liberialainen
libertarianism {n} /lɪbəˈtɛːɹɪənɪz(ə)m/ (political philosophy)  :: libertarismi
liberty {n} /ˈlɪbɚti/ (condition of being free)  :: vapaus
libidinous {adj} /lɪˈbɪdɪnəs/ (having lustful desires)  :: himokas
libido {n} /lɪˈbiː.dəʊ/ (sexual urges or drives)  :: halut {p}, libido, himot {p}
libido {n} (drives or mental energies related or based on sexual instincts but not necessarily sexual in and of themselves.)  :: libido, elämänvoima
Libra {prop} /ˈliːbɹə/ (constellation)  :: Vaaka
Libra {prop} (astrological sign)  :: Vaaka
Libra {n} (Someone with a Libra star sign)  :: vaaka
librarian {n} /laɪˈbɹɛɹ.i.ən/ (the manager of a library)  :: kirjastonhoitaja, kirjastonjohtaja
librarian {n} (one who cares for the publications etc. in a library)  :: kirjastonhoitaja
librarian {n} (a person who processes and organizes information)  :: informaatikko
library {n} /ˈlaɪbɹəɹi/ (institution which holds books etc.)  :: kirjasto
library {n} (collection of books)  :: kirjasto
library {n} (collection of records)  :: äänilevystö, levystö
library {n} (collection of subprograms)  :: ohjelmakirjasto
libration {n} /laɪˈbɹeɪ.ʃən/ (act of libration)  :: huojunta
libration {n} (astronomy: apparent wobble of the moon)  :: huojunta, libraatio
libration {n} (astronomy: similar characteristic of another celesial object)  :: huojunta, libraatio
libretto {n} /lɪˈbɹɛt.oʊ/ (text of a dramatic musical work, such as an opera)  :: libretto
libretto {n} (book containing such a text)  :: libretto
libtard {n} (liberal (derogatory))  :: lipilaari
Libya {prop} /ˈlɪbi.ə/ (country in Northern Africa)  :: Libya
Libyan {adj} /ˈlɪbi.ən/ (Of, from, or pertaining to Libya, the Libyan people or the Libyan language)  :: libyalainen
Libyan {n} (person)  :: libyalainen
Libyan Arabic {prop} (Libyan dialect of Arabic)  :: Libyan arabia
licence {n} (license) SEE: license  ::
licence {v} (license) SEE: license  ::
license {n} /ˈlaɪsəns/ (legal document giving official permission to do something)  :: lupakirja, -kortti, valtakirja [general]; ajokortti [driver's license]
license {n} (legal terms of product usage)  :: lisenssi
license {n} (freedom to deviate from rules)  :: vapaus
license {n} (excessive freedom)  :: avoin valtakirja
license {v} (act of giving a formal authorization)  :: lisensioida, valtuuttaa
license {v} (authorize officially)  :: valtuuttaa
license plate {n} (an identifying plate attached to a vehicle)  :: rekisterikilpi
licentiate {n} (person who holds the academic degree of license)  :: lisensiaatti
licentious {adj} /laɪ.ˈsɛn.ʃəs/ (lacking restraint, particularly in sexual conduct)  :: siveetön, rietas, estoton, epäsiveellinen, räävitön, hillitön
licentious {adj} (disregard for accepted rules)  :: vallaton, pidäkkeetön, estoton, räävitön, hillitön
lichen {n} (something which spreads across something else, causing damage) SEE: cancer  ::
lichen {n} /ˈlaɪ.kn̩/ (symbiotic association of fungi and algae)  :: jäkälä
lichenlike {adj} (resembling or characteristic of lichen)  :: jäkälämäinen
lick {n} /lɪk/ (the act of licking)  :: nuolla
lick {v} (to stroke with a tongue)  :: nuolla
lick {v} (colloquial: to defeat decisively)  :: pieksää
lick {v} (colloquial: to overcome)  :: klaarata
lick {v} (vulgar slang: to perform cunnilingus)  :: nuolla
lick and a promise {n} (hasty completion of a task)  :: hutaisu
lick clean {v} (empty by eating contents)  :: syödä tyhjäksi
licking {n} /ˈlɪkɪŋ/ (an act of licking)  :: nuoleminen
licking {n} (a severe beating)  :: löylytys, selkäsauna
licking {n} (a great loss or defeat)  :: murskatappio
lick one's wounds {v} (withdraw temporarily while recovering from a defeat)  :: nuolla haavansa
lick someone's ass {v} (to flatter someone) SEE: brownnose  ::
lickspittle {v} /ˈlɪkspɪtl/ (a fawning toady)  :: nuoleskelija
lick up {v} (consume by licking)  :: nuolla
licorice {n} /ˈlɪ.k(ə).ɹɪʃ/ (plant)  :: lakritsi, laku, lakritsikasvi
licorice {n} (confection)  :: laku, lakritsi
lid {n} /lɪd/ (top or cover)  :: kansi
lid {v} (to put a lid on something)  :: kansittaa
lido {n} /ˈlaɪ.dəʊ/ (part of sea)  :: uimaranta
lido {n} (outdoor swimming pool)  :: maauimala
lidocaine {n} (local anesthetic)  :: lidokaiini
lie {v} /laɪ̯/ (be in horizontal position)  :: maata
lie {v} (be situated)  :: olla, sijaita
lie {v} (tell an intentional untruth)  :: valehdella
lie {n} (intentionally false statement)  :: vale, valhe
Liechtenstein {prop} /ˈlɪk.tən.staɪn/ (Principality of Liechtenstein)  :: Liechtenstein
lie detector {n} (polygraph (informal))  :: valheenpaljastin
lie down {v} (assume a reclining position)  :: panna maata, panna makuulle, käydä pitkälleen, käydä pitkäkseen
liege {n} /liːdʒ/ (A free and independent person; a lord paramount; a sovereign)  :: lääninherra
liege {n} (The subject of a sovereign or lord; a liegeman)  :: vasalli
lie of the land {n} (lay of the land) SEE: lay of the land  ::
lieu {n} (in lieu, in lieu of) SEE: in lieu  ::
lieutenant {n} /luˈtɛnənt/ (lowest commissioned officer rank)  :: luutnantti
lieutenant {n} (person who executes the plans and directives of another)  :: luutnantti
lieutenant {adj} (military grade)  :: -luutnantti (e.g., kenraaliluutnantti)
lieutenant commander {n} (naval officer)  :: komentajakapteeni
lieutenant general {n} (an officer above major general and below general)  :: kenraaliluutnantti
lieutenant junior grade {n} (rank corresponding to ltn. jr. grade)  :: luutnantti
life {n} /laɪf/ (the state of being alive)  :: elämä, (when its safety is questioned) henki
life {n} (the essence of the manifestation and the foundation of the being)  :: eläminen
life {n} (the subjective and inner manifestation of the individual)  :: henki
life {n} (the world in general, existence)  :: elämä
life {n} (a worthwhile existence)  :: elämä, eläminen
life {n} (life sentence)  :: elinkautinen
life {n} (duration)  :: elinkaari
life-affirming {adj} (appearing to have an optimistic quality) SEE: optimistic  ::
life-affirming {adj} (having a positive and uplifting effect)  :: kohottava, ylentävä
life after death {n} (afterlife) SEE: afterlife  ::
life and limb {n} ((idiomatic) existence together with bodily faculties)  :: henki ja terveys
life assurance {n} (insurance policy) SEE: life insurance  ::
life belt {n} (buoyant ring carried onboard ships)  :: pelastusrengas
lifeblood {n} (figurative: that which is required for existence)  :: elinehto, elämänlähde
lifeboat {n} /ˈlaɪfˌboʊt/ (a boat to save shipwrecked people)  :: pelastusvene
life-buoy {n} (life preserver) SEE: life preserver  ::
life coach {n} (professional who helps clients to achieve their personal goals)  :: elämäntaidon valmentaja
life cycle {n} (course of stages through which an organism passes)  :: elinkaari
life cycle {n} (useful life of a product or system; developmental history of an individual or group)  :: elinkaari
life expectancy {n} (the amount of time one is expected to live)  :: elinajanodote, eliniänodote
life expectancy {n} (the amount of time something is expected to last)  :: odotettu kesto
lifeform {n} (living organism)  :: elämänmuoto
lifeguard {n} (attendant)  :: uimavalvoja
lifeguard {n} (lifesaver)  :: pelastusrengas
lifeguard {n} (bodyguard) SEE: bodyguard  ::
life insurance {n} (form of insurance)  :: henkivakuutus
life interest {n} (lifetime right)  :: elinkorko
life is not all beer and skittles {proverb} (proverb)  :: elämä ei ole pelkkää juhlaa
life jacket {n} (An article of protective clothing)  :: pelastusliivi
lifelike {adj} (Like a living being, resembling life)  :: elävä
lifeline {n} /ˈlaɪfˌlaɪn/ (safety line on the deck of a boat)  :: elämänlanka
lifeline {n} (means of salvation in a crisis)  :: oljenkorsi
life of Riley {n} /ˈlaɪf əv ˈɹaɪ.li/ (ideal life of care-free prosperity)  :: kissanpäivät {p}, herran elämä
life partner {n} (romantic partner for life)  :: elämänkumppani
life preserver {n} (buoyant ring or vest)  :: pelastusrengas
lifer {n} (prisoner sentenced to life in prison)  :: elinkautisvanki
lifer {n} (person who makes a career in the military)  :: kantapeikko
lifer {n} (bird species)  :: uusi bongaus
life raft {n} (inflatable raft)  :: pelastuslautta
life ring {n} (life preserver) SEE: life preserver  ::
life's a bitch and then you die {proverb} (expect the worst)  :: toivo parasta, odota pahinta
lifesaver {n} (that saves lives)  :: hengenpelastaja
lifesaver {n} (that is useful)  :: suuri apu, pelastaja, pelastus
life savings {n} (large sum of money one has saved over a considerable number of years)  :: säästöt {p}
life sentence {n} (sentence of imprisonment for the rest of the defendant's life)  :: elinkautinen
lifespan {n} (length of time for which an organism lives)  :: elinikä, elinaika
life style {n} (lifestyle) SEE: lifestyle  ::
life-style {n} (lifestyle) SEE: lifestyle  ::
lifestyle {n} /ˈlaɪfˌstaɪl/ (style of living)  :: elämäntapa
life support {n} (system for providing oxygen)  :: happilaitteisto
life support {n} (maintenance of vital functions)  :: elintoimintojen ylläpitäminen
life support {n} (equipment and procedures)  :: elintoimintojen ylläpitäminen [procedures]
life support {n} (figurative: means of sustaining existence)  :: hengityskone
life-threatening {adj} (used to describe something that endangers life)  :: hengenvaarallinen
lifetime {n} /ˈlaɪftaɪm/ (duration of the life of someone or something)  :: elinaika, elämän aika
lifetime {n} (informal, hyperbolic: a long period of time)  :: ikuisuus
lifework {n} (main occupation of one's life)  :: elämäntyö
lift {v} /lɪft/ (to raise or rise)  :: nostaa [to raise], nousta [to rise]
lift {v} (to steal)  :: varastaa
lift {v} (to remove a ban, restriction)  :: kumota
lift {v} (to alleviate, lighten)  :: helpottaa, keventää
lift {v} (to cause to move upwards)  :: nostaa
lift {v} (to lift weights, see also: weight-lift)  :: nostaa
lift {v} (to try to raise something)  :: nostaa
lift {v} (to elevate or improve in rank)  :: yletä
lift {v} (to collect, as moneys due)  :: periä [dues]; kerätä [donations etc.]
lift {n} (act of lifting or raising)  :: nostaminen, nosto
lift {n} (the act of transporting someone in a vehicle)  :: kyyti
lift {n} (mechanical device for vertically transporting goods or people)  :: hissi, nostin
lift {n} (upward force)  :: noste, nostovoima
lift {n} (difference in elevation between the upper pool and lower pool of a waterway)  :: nousu
lift {n} (dance: lifting of a dance partner into the air)  :: nosto
lift {n} (permanent construction with a built-in platform that is lifted vertically)  :: nostin
lift {n} (improvement in mood)  :: mielialan parannus
lift {n} (space or distance through which anything is lifted)  :: nostokorkeus
lift {n} (rise; degree of elevation)  :: nousu
lift {n} (nautical: rope leading from the masthead to the extremity of a yard below)  :: nostin
lift {n} (shoemaking: layer of leather in the heel of a shoe)  :: korkolappu
lift {n} (thief) SEE: thief  ::
lifter {n} (spatula) SEE: spatula  ::
lifter {n} /ˈlɪftə/ (someone or something that lifts)  :: nostaja [someone], nostin [something]
lifting {n} (weightlifting) SEE: weightlifting  ::
lift music {n} (elevator music) SEE: elevator music  ::
liftoff {n} (the point in the launch of a rocket or an aircraft where it leaves contact with the ground)  :: irtoaminen
ligament {n} /ˈlɪɡəmənt/ (band of strong tissue that holds the bones of an animal in position)  :: nivelside
ligation {n} (something that ties)  :: sidos, sidonta
ligation {n} (act of tying)  :: sitominen, sidonta
ligation {n} (state of being tied)  :: sidonta, sidottuna oleminen [being]; sidotuksi tuleminen [becoming]
ligation {n} (medicine: act of tying off or sealing a blood vessel or fallopian tube)  :: tukkiminen
ligation {n} (chemistry: formation of a complex by reaction with a ligand)  :: liitäntä, sidoksen muodostuminen
ligature {n} /ˈlɪɡətʃɚ/ (act of tying)  :: sitominen
ligature {n} (cord etc.)  :: side, sidos
ligature {n} (typography: character that combines multiple letters)  :: ligatuuri
ligature {n} (music: group of notes played as a musical phrase)  :: ligatuuri
ligature {n} (piece used to hold a reed to the mouthpiece)  :: ligatuuri, kiristin
liger {n} (animal born to a male lion and a tigress)  :: liikeri
light {n} /laɪt/ (electromagnetic waves)  :: valo
light {n} (source of illumination)  :: valo
light {n} (spiritual illumination)  :: valo, valaistus
light {n} (notable person)  :: johtohahmo, merkkihenkilö
light {n} (painting: manner in which the light strikes a picture)  :: valo
light {n} (point of view)  :: valo, näkökulma
light {n} (flame or something used to create fire)  :: tuli
light {n} (type of firework)  :: tuli
light {n} (window or space for one)  :: ikkuna [window]; ikkuna-aukko [space for window]
light {n} (squares reserved for the answer to a crossword)  :: sananpituus
light {n} (open view; public observation; publicity)  :: päivänvalo
light {n} (power of perception by vision)  :: valo
light {n} (brightness of the eye or eyes)  :: valo
light {n} (traffic light, or an intersection controlled by one)  :: valot {p}
light {v} (to start (a fire))  :: sytyttää
light {v} (to set fire to)  :: sytyttää
light {v} (to illuminate)  :: valaista
light {v} (to become ignited)  :: syttyä
light {v} (to show the way by light)  :: valaista
light {adj} (having light)  :: valoisa
light {adj} (pale in colour)  :: vaalea
light {adj} (coffee: served with extra milk or cream)  :: valkoinen
light {adj} (of low weight)  :: kevyt
light {adj} (lightly-built)  :: kevyt, kevytrakenteinen
light {adj} (having little force or momentum)  :: kevyt
light {adj} (easy to endure or perform)  :: kevyt
light {adj} (low in fat, calories, alcohol, salt, etc.)  :: [in compounds] kevyt-
light {adj} (of little significance)  :: kevyt
light {adj} (unchaste, wanton)  :: kevytmielinen
light {adj} (not heavily armed)  :: kevyt
light {adj} (not encumbered; unembarrassed)  :: huoleton, kevytmielinen
light {adj} (easily influenced by trifling considerations)  :: pinnallinen
light {adj} (lacking dignity or solemnity)  :: kevytmielinen
light {adj} (not quite sound or normal)  :: sekaisin
light {adj} (not of the legal weight)  :: kevyt
light {adj} (easily interrupted)  :: kevyt
light {adv} (carrying little)  :: kevyesti
light {v} (to unload a ship)  :: purkaa, keventää
light {v} (to ease of a burden)  :: keventää
light {v} (to find by chance)  :: löytää sattumalta, törmätä
light {v} (alight)  :: päätyä, laskeutua, pudota
light air {n} (wind)  :: hiljainen tuuli
light at the end of the tunnel {n} (a better situation after long hardship)  :: valopilkku
light bulb {n} (evacuated glass bulb containing a metal filament that produces light)  :: hehkulamppu, lamppu
light bulb joke {n} (type of joke)  :: lampunvaihtovitsi
light cavalry {n} (military unit)  :: kevyt ratsuväki
light-emitting diode {n} (a rectifying semiconductor device)  :: [colloquial] ledi, valodiodi
lighten {v} /ˈlaɪ.tən/ (to alleviate)  :: keventää
lighten {v} (to make light in weight)  :: keventää
lighten {v} (to make less serious)  :: keventää
lighten {v} (to make brighter or clearer)  :: valaista, kirkastaa
lighten {v} (to become light in weight)  :: keventyä, kevetä
lighten {v} (to become less serious)  :: keventyä
lighten {v} (to become brighter or clearer)  :: valaistua, kirkastua
lighten up {v} (to become less serious)  :: ottaa rennommin
lighter {n} /ˈlaɪtɚ/ (fire making device)  :: sytytin, sytkäri slang, savukkeensytytin, tupakansytytin [informal]
light-fingered {adj} (given to thievery)  :: pitkäkyntinen
light fixture {n} (complete lighting unit)  :: valaisin
light globe {n} (light bulb) SEE: light bulb  ::
lighthouse {n} /ˈlaɪthaʊs/ (building containing a light to warn or guide ships)  :: majakka
lighthouse keeper {n} (person who lives in a lighthouse and tends the light)  :: majakanvartija
light industry {n} (industry that does not require high capitalization or heavy machinery)  :: kevyt teollisuus
lighting {n} (equipment, illumination)  :: valot [equipment], valaistus [illumination]
lighting {n} (activating lights or igniting a flame)  :: sytyttäminen, valaistus
light in the loafers {adj} ((dated and pejorative) homosexual)  :: ruskean reiän ritari [vulgar and pejorative]
lightly {adv} /ˈlaɪtli/ (in a light manner)  :: kevyesti
lightning {n} /ˈlʌɪʔ.nɪŋ]/ (flash of light)  :: salama
lightning {n} (discharge)  :: salama, salamanisku
lightning bug {n} (firefly) SEE: firefly  ::
lightning conductor {n} (metallic conductor) SEE: lightning rod  ::
lightning detector {n} (device)  :: ukkostutka
lightning fast {adv} (extremely quickly) SEE: quick as a flash  ::
lightning fast {adj} (fast as lightning)  :: salamannopea
lightning-quick {adj} (incredibly fast) SEE: lightning fast  ::
lightning rod {n} (metallic conductor that protects from lightning)  :: ukkosenjohdatin
lightning rod {n} (metaphorically: person or thing that distracts criticism from another target)  :: ukkosenjohdatin
light pen {n} (a computer input device)  :: valokynä
light pollution {n} (excess artificial light)  :: valosaaste
light rail {n} (type of passenger railway)  :: pikaraitiotie
lightsaber {n} /laɪt.ˈseɪ.bə(ɹ)/ (a fictional type of sword)  :: valosapeli, valomiekka, lasermiekka, lasersapeli
light source {n} (a source of illumination)  :: valonlähde
light spectrum {n} (range of colors) SEE: spectrum  ::
lightspeed {n} (the speed of light)  :: valonnopeus
light up {v} (to bring light to something)  :: valaista
light up {v} (to become light)  :: valjeta
light up {v} (to light a cigarette, etc.)  :: panna tupakaksi
lightweight {n} /ˈlaɪt.weɪt/ (boxer)  :: kevytsarjalainen
lightweight {n} (bodybuilding: competitive weight division between bantamweight and welterweight)  :: kevytsarja
lightweight {n} (one of little consequence or ability)  :: kevytsarjalainen
lightweight {n} (person who can't handle their drink)  :: juoppo
lightweight {adj} (lacking in earnestness, ability, or profundity)  :: köykäinen
lightweight {adj} (having less than average weight)  :: kevyt, kevytrakenteinen, köykäinen
light year {n} /laɪtjɪɹ/ (astronomical distance)  :: valovuosi
lignin {n} (aromatic polymer)  :: ligniini
lignite {n} /lɪɡnaɪ̯t/ (coal)  :: ruskohiili
likable {adj} /ˈlaɪkəbl̩/ (capable of being liked)  :: miellyttävä
likable {adj} (having qualities tending to result in being liked; friendly, personable)  :: miellyttävä
like {v} /laɪk/ (enjoy)  :: pitää, tykätä
like {v} (find attractive)  :: pitää
like {n} (something that a person likes)  :: mieltymys
like {adj} (similar)  :: samanlainen
like {adv} (such as)  :: kuten
like {n} (something similar to a given person or object)  :: lainen, kaltainen
like {prep} (similar to)  :: kuten
like {particle} (colloquial: mild intensifier)  :: niinku
like {particle} (colloquial: used to precede paraphrased quotations)  :: niinku
like a bull in a china shop {adj} (clumsy, aggressive)  :: kuin norsu posliinikaupassa
like a bull in a china shop {adv} (clumsily, aggressively)  :: kuin norsu posliinikaupassa
like a moth to the flame {prep} (inescapably allured by something harmful)  :: kuin hunaja mehiläisiä
like father, like son {proverb} (a son will have traits similar to his father)  :: ei omena puusta kauas putoa, omena ei putoa kauas puusta
like hot cakes {prep} (quickly)  :: kuin kuumille kiville
likelihood {n} /ˈlaɪklihʊd/ (probability)  :: todennäköisyys
likelihood {n} (mathematical likelihood)  :: todennäköisyys
likelihood {n} (resemblance)  :: samankaltaisuus, yhdennäköisyys
likelihood {n} (appearance)  :: ulkonäkö
likely {adv} (probably) SEE: probably  ::
likely {adj} /ˈlaɪkli/ (probable; having a greater-than-even chance of occurring)  :: todennäköinen
likely {adj} (displaying the qualities or characteristics that make something probable)  :: luultava, todennäköinen
likely {adj} (appropriate; believable; having a good potential)  :: mahdollinen, todennäköinen
likely {adj} (plausible; within the realm of credibility)  :: uskottava, todennäköinen
likely {adj} (suitable; apparently appropriate or suitable)  :: sopiva, todennäköinen
likely {adj} (promising; apt to achieve success or yield a desired outcome)  :: lupaava, todennäköinen
likely {adj} (attractive; pleasant)  :: miellyttävä
like-minded {adj} (of similar opinion)  :: samanmielinen
liken {v} /ˈlaɪkən/ (compare)  :: verrata
likeness {n} (similarity) SEE: similarity  ::
like riding a bike {prep} (once learned, never forgotten)  :: kuin polkupyörällä ajaminen
like two peas in a pod {prep} (very similar)  :: kuin kaksi marjaa
likewise {adv} (also; moreover; too) SEE: too  ::
likewise {adv} /ˈlaɪk.waɪz/ (in like manner)  :: samoin
likewise {adv} (the same to you)  :: samoin
liking {n} /ˈlaɪkɪŋ/ (like)  :: mieltymys
lilac {n} /ˈlaɪlək/ (shrub)  :: syreeni
lilac {n} (flower)  :: syreeninkukka
lilac {n} (colour)  :: liila, violetti
lilac {adj} (colour)  :: liila, violetti
lilliputian {n} /ˌlɪlɪˈpjuʃən/ (small person or being)  :: lilliputti
lilliputian {adj} (very small)  :: lilliputtimainen
lilo {n} (inflatable air mattress)  :: ilmapatja
lily {n} /ˈlɪli/ (flower in the genus Lilium)  :: lilja
Lily {prop} (female given name meaning "lily")  :: Lilja
lily of the Nile {n} (arum lily) SEE: arum lily  ::
lily of the valley {n} (Convallaria majalis)  :: kielo
lily pad {n} (round leaf of a water lily)  :: lumpeenlehti
Lima {prop} /ˈliːmə/ (the capital of Peru)  :: Lima
Lima {prop} (the letter "L")  :: Lauri
lima bean {n} /ˈlaɪmə biːn/ (butter bean)  :: limanpapu
limb {n} /lɪm/ (major appendage of human or animal)  :: raaja, jäsen
limb {n} (branch of a tree)  :: haara, puunhaara
limb {v} (to remove limbs)  :: karsia [from a tree]
limbate {adj} /ˈlɪm.beɪt/ (having a distinct edge)  :: reunustettu, reunustama
limber {adj} (flexible) SEE: flexible  ::
limbo {n} /ˈlɪmboʊ/ (place for innocent souls)  :: limbus, välitila
limbo {n} (in-between state)  :: paitsio
limbo {n} (dance with bar that is lowered)  :: limbo
Limburg {prop} (province of the Netherlands or Belgium)  :: Limburg
Limburgian {prop} (Limburgish) SEE: Limburgish  ::
Limburgic {prop} (Limburgish) SEE: Limburgish  ::
Limburgish {prop} (the Germanic language)  :: limburgin murre, limburg
lime {n} (linden tree) SEE: linden  ::
lime {n} /laɪm/ (inorganic material containing calcium)  :: kalkki
lime {n} (gluey or adhesive substance)  :: liisteri, mönjä
lime {v} (to treat with lime)  :: kalkita
lime {v} (to smear with birdlime)  :: sivellä lintuliimalla
lime {v} (to apply limewash)  :: kalkita
lime {n} (green citrus fruit)  :: limetti, lime
lime {n} (citrus tree)  :: limettipuu, limetti
lime {n} (colour)  :: limenvihreä, limetinvihreä
lime {adj} (containing lime or lime juice)  :: limetti-
lime {adj} (having the aroma or taste of lime)  :: limetinmakuinen
limelight {n} /ˈlaɪm.laɪt/ (type of stage lighting)  :: kalkkivalo
limelight {n} (attention or notice)  :: parrasvalot {p}
limerick {n} /ˈlɪməɹɪk/ (rhyming verse of five lines)  :: limerikki
limestone {n} (abundant rock of marine and fresh-water sediments)  :: kalkkikivi
limit {n} /ˈlɪmɪt/ (boundary)  :: rajoitus, raja
limit {n} (mathematics: value to which a sequence converges)  :: raja-arvo
limit {v} (restrict)  :: rajoittaa
limitation {n} /lɪmɪˈteɪʃən/ (act of limiting)  :: rajoitus, rajoittaminen
limitation {n} (restriction that limits)  :: rajoitus
limitation {n} (imperfection which limits)  :: rajoitus
limitation {n} (time period)  :: vanhentumisaika
limited {adj} /ˈlɪmɪtɪd/ (with certain limits placed upon it)  :: rajoitettu
limited company {n} (type of company)  :: osakeyhtiö
limited liability company {n} (type of company)  :: [Oy] osakeyhtiö, rajavastuuyhtiö
limitedly {adv} (with limits)  :: rajoitetusti
limitless {adj} (without limits; boundless)  :: rajaton, ääretön
limnodophyte {n} (helophyte) SEE: helophyte  ::
limnology {n} (science of lakes)  :: järvitiede
limo {n} (limousine) SEE: limousine  ::
limonite {n} (mineral consisting of hydrous iron oxides)  :: limoniitti, järvimalmi
limousine {n} (luxury sedan/saloon car)  :: limusiini
limp {adj} /lɪmp/ (flaccid; flabby)  :: veltto
limp {adj} (lacking stiffness; flimsy)  :: veltto, ryhditön
limp {adj} (of penis: not erect)  :: veltto
limp {adj} (of man: not having erection)  :: veltto
limp {adj} (physically weak)  :: heiveröinen
limp {v} (to walk lamely)  :: ontua, nilkuttaa
limp {n} (gait)  :: ontuminen, nilkutus
limpet {n} /ˈlɪm.pɪt/ (a small mollusc)  :: maljakotilo
limpet {n} (someone dependant)  :: iiliäinen
limpid {adj} /ˈlɪmpɪd/ (clear)  :: kirkas
limpidity {n} (property of being limpid.)  :: kirkkaus
limping {n} (motion)  :: ontuminen
limpkin {n} (large bird)  :: kotilokurki
linchpin {n} (securing pin)  :: rengassokka, sokkanaula; sokka
lindane {n} (1,2,3,4,5,6-hexachlorocyclohexane)  :: lindaani
linden {n} /ˈlɪn.dən/ (tree)  :: lehmus
linden {n} (wood from such tree)  :: lehmus
line {n} /laɪn/ (rope, cord, or string)  :: naru, nuora, nyöri, liina
line {n} (path through two or more points, threadlike mark)  :: viiva
line {n} (geometry: infinite one-dimensional figure)  :: suora
line {n} (geometry: continuous finite segment of such a figure)  :: jana
line {n} (graph theory: edge of a graph)  :: viiva
line {n} (geography: circle of latitude or of longitude, as represented on a map)  :: koordinaattiviiva
line {n} (geography: equator)  :: päiväntasaaja
line {n} (music: one of the straight horizontal and parallel prolonged strokes on and between which the notes are placed)  :: viiva
line {n} (long tape, or a narrow ribbon of steel, etc., marked with subdivisions, as feet and inches, for measuring; a tapeline)  :: mittanauha
line {n} (direction, path)  :: linja, suunta
line {n} (telephone or network connection)  :: linja
line {n} (letter, written form of communication)  :: rivit {p}, kirje
line {n} (connected series of public conveyances, and hence, an established arrangement for forwarding merchandise, etc.)  :: linja
line {n} (fortifications: trench or rampart)  :: linja
line {n} (exterior limit of a figure, plat, or territory; boundary; contour; outline)  :: raja
line {n} (threadlike crease marking the face or the hand; hence, characteristic mark)  :: viiva [in hand], uurre [on face]
line {n} (straight sequence of people, queue)  :: jono
line {n} (military: regular infantry of an army)  :: jalkaväki
line {n} (series or succession of ancestors or descendants of a given person)  :: linja, sukulinja
line {n} (single horizontal row of text on a screen, printed paper, etc.)  :: rivi
line {n} (poetic: verse)  :: rivi, säe
line {n} (sentence of dialogue, especially in a script or screenplay)  :: vuorosana, rivi, repliikki
line {n} (course of conduct, thought, occupation, or policy)  :: linjaus
line {n} (official, stated position of an individual or political faction)  :: linja, mielipide, näkökanta
line {n} (products or services sold by a business, or the business itself)  :: linja
line {n} (measure of length, one twelfth of an inch)  :: linja
line {n} (engineering: proper relative position or adjustment of parts)  :: rihtaus
line {n} (amount of powdery drug)  :: viiva
line {n} (population of cells derived from a single cell and containing the same genetic makeup)  :: linja, solulinja
line {v} (to place (objects) into a line)  :: asettaa jonoon
line {v} (to mark with a line)  :: linjata
line {v} (to read or repeat line by line)  :: lukea rivi riviltä
line {v} (to form or enter into a line)  :: asettua jonoon
line {n} /laɪn/ (obsolete: flax, linen, see also: flax; linen)  :: liina, [obsolete]
line {v} (cover the inside surface of (something))  :: vuorata
line {v} (to fill or supply, as a purse with money)  :: täyttää
line {v} (of a dog: impregnate)  :: astua
lineage {n} /ˈlɪn.i.ɪdʒ/ (descent)  :: sukujuuret {p}, esivanhemmat
lineage temple {n} (ancestral shrine) SEE: ancestral shrine  ::
linear {adj} /ˈlɪ.ni.ə/ (having the form of a line)  :: suoraviivainen
linear {adj} (of or relating to lines)  :: suoraviivainen
linear {adj} (made in a step-by-step manner)  :: suoraviivainen, johdonmukainen
linear {adj} (botany, of leaves: long and narrow)  :: tasasoukka
linear {adj} (in mathematics, of first-degree polynomial)  :: lineaarinen
linear {adj} (physics: involving only one dimension)  :: lineaarinen
linear algebra {n} (branch of mathematics)  :: lineaarialgebra
linearize {v} (to make linear)  :: linearisoida
linear space {n} (vector space) SEE: vector space  ::
line art {n} (image that consists of distinct straight and curved lines)  :: viivapiirros
linebacker {n} (The defensive players who are in position behind the defensive linemen and in front of the safeties and cornerbacks)  :: tukimies
lined {adj} /laɪnd/ (of paper)  :: viivoitettu
lined antshrike {n} (A passerine bird of the antbird family)  :: pitsipuumuura
lineman {n} (installer)  :: linjamies, johtoasentaja
lineman {n} (playing position in football)  :: linjamies
linen {n} /ˈlɪnɪn/ (Thread or cloth made from flax fiber)  :: pellava, liina
linen {n} (items)  :: liinavaate
linendraper {n} (retailer of fabrics)  :: kangaskauppias
line of credit {n} (financial agreement)  :: luottolimiittisopimus
line of credit {n} (maximum borrowable amount specified in such an agreement)  :: luottolimiitti
line of fire {n} (direction of fire)  :: ampumalinja, tulilinja
line of sight {n} (A straight line along which an observer has a clear view)  :: näkölinja
line of succession {n} (ordered sequence of successors)  :: perimysjärjestys, kruununperimysjärjestys
liner {n} /ˈlaɪnə/ (large passenger carrying ship)  :: matkustajalaiva
line segment {n} (part of a line)  :: jana
linesman {n} (soccer: previous name of an assistant referee)  :: linjatuomari
linesman {n} (male line judge)  :: linjatuomari
linesman {n} (ice hockey: official whose primary task is to watch the blue line)  :: linjatuomari
linesman {n} (American football: official who determines if there has been a line of scrimmage violation)  :: linjatuomari
linesman {n} (lineman)  :: johtoasentaja
line up {v} /laɪn.ˈʌp/ (put in alignment)  :: rihdata
line up {v} (put things in a line)  :: asettaa jonoon
line up {v} (get into a line)  :: mennä jonoon
line up {v} (sports: to start a game in a certain position)  :: ryhmittyä
-ling {suffix} (Diminutive)  :: -nen, -lainen
linger {v} (to stay or remain in a place or situation)  :: viipyä, viipyillä, viivytellä
linger {v} (to remain alive or existent)  :: riutua
linger {v} (to consider or contemplate)  :: tuumiskella
lingerie {n} /ˌlɑn.(d)ʒəˈɹeɪ/ (women's underwear or nightclothes)  :: alusvaatteet {p}
lingg {n} /lɪŋ/ (Any of various marine food fish, of the genus Molva)  :: molva
lingg {n} (Any of various varieties of heather or broom)  :: kanerva [heather]
lingg {n} (Molva molva) SEE: common ling  ::
lingonberry {n} (shrub)  :: puolukka
lingonberry {n} (berry)  :: puolukka
lingua franca {n} /ˈlɪŋ.ɡwə fɹæŋ.kə/ (common language)  :: lingua franca
lingual {adj} (related to language) SEE: linguistic  ::
lingual {adj} /ˈlɪŋɡwəl/ (related to the tongue)  :: kieli-, kielen-
lingual {n} (sound articulated with the tongue)  :: kieliäänne
lingual bone {n} (hyoid bone) SEE: hyoid bone  ::
lingual tonsil {n} (anatomy: tissue at the posterior region of the tongue)  :: kielirisa
linguist {n} /ˈliŋɡwɪst/ (one who studies linguistics)  :: kielitieteilijä, lingvistikko
linguist {n} (a person skilled in languages)  :: kieliniekka, kielimies
linguistic {adj} /lɪŋˈɡwɪstɪk/ (Relating to language)  :: kielellinen; kielinen
linguistics {n} /lɪŋˈɡwɪstɪks/ (scientific study of language)  :: kielitiede, lingvistiikka
lingzhi {n} (mushroom)  :: lakkakääpä, reishi
liniment {n} /ˈlɪnəmənt/ (topical medical preparation)  :: linimentti
lining {n} (covering for the inside of something)  :: vuori (clothing); vuoraus, sisäpinta, sisäpinnoitus (technical)
lining {n} (material used for inside covering)  :: vuorikangas (clothing); vuorausaine, vuorimateriaali (technical)
lining {n} (act of attaching an inside covering)  :: vuoren ompelu (clothing); vuoraaminen, pinnoittaminen (technical)
link {n} /lɪŋk/ (connection)  :: yhteys, sidos
link {n} (element of a chain)  :: linkki
link {n} (computing: hyperlink)  :: linkki
link {v} (connect things)  :: yhdistää
linkage {n} (connection or relation between things or ideas) SEE: link  ::
linker {n} /ˈlɪŋkɚ/ (computer program that assembles objects)  :: linkkeri
linnet {n} /ˈlɪnɪt/ (Carduelis cannabina, a finch of Europe, western Asia and northern Africa)  :: hemppo
linoleic acid {n} (fatty acid)  :: linolihappo
linoleum {n} /lɪˈnoʊli.əm/ (inexpensive waterproof covering)  :: linoleumi
linseed {n} /ˈlɪnsiːd/ (seed of the flax plant)  :: pellavansiemen
linseed oil {n} (oil extracted from flax seeds)  :: pellavaöljy
lint {n} /lɪnt/ (a fine material made by scraping cotton or linen cloth)  :: pumpuli, vanu
lint {n} (fuzzy fluff)  :: nukka, nöyhtä
lint {n} (fibrous coat of thick hairs covering the seeds of the cotton plant)  :: hahtuva
lintel {n} /ˈlɪn.təl/ (horizontal structural beam)  :: kamana
Linus {prop} /ˈlaɪnəs/ (male given name)  :: Linus
lion {n} /ˈlaɪən/ (big cat Panthera leo)  :: leijona
lion cub {n} (young lion)  :: leijonanpentu
lioness {n} (female lion)  :: naarasleijona
lion's leaf {n} (Leontice leontopetalum)  :: leijonanlyhty
lion's share {n} (A generous portion)  :: leijonanosa
lip {n} /lɪp/ (fleshy protrusion framing the mouth)  :: huuli
lip balm {n} (substance topically applied to the lips of the mouth)  :: huulivoide, huulirasva
lip bear {n} (Melursus ursinus) SEE: sloth bear  ::
lip gloss {n} (a cosmetic product)  :: huulikiilto
lipid {n} /ˈlɪpɪd/ (organic compound)  :: lipidi
lipless {adj} (not having lips)  :: olakkeeton
lipoma {n} (benign tumor)  :: rasvakudoskasvain, lipoma, lipooma
lipophile {n} (lipophilic substance)  :: lipofiili
lipophilic {adj} (having the quality of dissolving in lipids)  :: rasvahakuinen, lipofiilinen
liposuction {n} /ˈlai.po.ˌsʌk.ʃn̩/ (cosmetic surgery procedure in which bodily fat is removed by suction)  :: rasvaimu
lips {n} /lɪps/ (plural of lip)  :: huulet {p}
lip service {n} (cunnilingus) SEE: cunnilingus  ::
lip service {n} (Empty talk; words absent of action or intention)  :: tyhjä puhe, tyhjät sanat {p}
lipstick {n} /ˈlɪpˌstɪk/ (make-up for the lips)  :: huulipuna
lipstick tree {n} (Bixa orellana) SEE: annatto  ::
lip-sync {v} (to move lips in synchronization with sounds)  :: liikutella huuliaan, huulisynkata, laulaa playbackina
liquefaction {n} (Process of being made liquid)  :: nesteytys, nesteyttäminen, nesteytyminen
liquefied natural gas {n} (natural gas converted to liquid)  :: nesteytetty maakaasu
liquefied petroleum gas {n} (LPG)  :: nestekaasu
liquefy {v} (make into a liquid)  :: nesteyttää
liquescent {adj} (liquescent) SEE: melting  ::
liqueur {n} /lɪˈkjʊə/ (a flavored alcoholic beverage)  :: likööri
liquid {n} /ˈlɪkwɪd/ (substance that is liquid)  :: neste
liquid {n} (l or r sound)  :: likvida
liquid {adj} (fluid; not solid and not gaseous)  :: nestemäinen, neste- [in compounds]
liquid {adj} ((of an asset) easily sold or disposed of)  :: likvidi
liquid {adj} ((of a market) having sufficient trading activity to make buying or selling easy)  :: likvidi
liquid air {n} (air in liquid state)  :: nestemäinen ilma
liquid asset {n} (asset in the form money, or that which can be quickly converted)  :: likvidi varallisuuserä, likvidit varat {p}
liquidate {v} /ˈlɪkwədeɪt/ (to settle a debt)  :: maksaa pois
liquidate {v} (to settle the affairs)  :: realisoida
liquidate {v} (to convert assets into cash)  :: likvidoida, realisoida
liquidate {v} (to kill someone)  :: likvidoida
liquidator {n} (One who liquidates)  :: pesänselvittäjä, selvitysmies
liquid crystal {n} (phase of matter)  :: nestekide
liquid gas {n} (gas in liquid state)  :: nestemäinen kaasu
liquidity {n} /lɪkˈwɪdəti/ (state of being liquid)  :: nestemäisyys, likvidiys
liquidity {n} (property of being able to be easily converted into cash)  :: likvidiys
liquidity {n} (finance: availability of cash over short term)  :: maksuvalmius, likviditeetti
liquid nitrogen {n} (nitrogen in the liquid state)  :: nestemäinen typpi
liquor {n} /ˈlɪk.ɚ/ (liquid obtained by cooking meat and/or vegetables)  :: liemi
liquor {n} (strong alcoholic drink derived from fermentation and distillation)  :: viina [clear in color]; väkevä alkoholijuoma, väkevä [any strong alcohol]
liquor {n} (liquid used in process industry to produce a desired reaction)  :: liemi
liquorice {n} (plant) SEE: licorice  ::
liquorice {n} (confection) SEE: licorice  ::
liquorice allsorts {n} (confection)  :: englantilainen lakritsi
liquor licence {n} (permit to sell alcoholic beverages)  :: anniskelulupa
liquor store {n} (liquor store, bottle shop)  :: viinakauppa
lira {n} /ˈlɪəɹə/ (basic unit of currency in Turkey)  :: liira
lira {n} (currency of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, former currency of Italy, etc.)  :: liira
Lisbon {prop} /ˈlɪzbən/ (capital of Portugal)  :: Lissabon
lisp {n} /lɪsp/ (The habit or an act of lisping.)  :: ässävika, sammallus
lisp {v} (to pronounce the sibilant letter ‘s’ imperfectly)  :: sammaltaa, lespata, sössöttää
lisp {v} (to speak with imperfect articulation)  :: sössöttää
lisp {v} (to speak hesitatingly and with a low voice)  :: sössöttää, supista
lisp {v} (to speak with reserve or concealment)  :: supattaa
lis pendens {n}  :: vireilläolovaikutus
lisping {n} (that which is spoken with a lisp)  :: sössötys
Lissajous figure {n} (plane curve)  :: Lissajous'n kuvio
list {n} /lɪst/ (strip of fabric)  :: nauha
list {n} (material used for cloth selvage)  :: räsy
list {n} (barriers used for tournaments)  :: aita
list {n} (enumeration or compilation of items)  :: luettelo, lista
list {n} (computing: codified representation of a list)  :: lista
list {v} (to create or recite a list)  :: listata, luetella
list {v} (to listen)  :: kuunnella
list {n} (nautical: tilting or careening manoeuvre)  :: kallistuma, kallistus
list {v} (to tilt)  :: kallistua
list {v} (to be pleasing to)  :: miellyttää
list {v} (to wish, like, desire)  :: haluta
list box {n} (dropdown list) SEE: dropdown list  ::
listed company {n} (company)  :: pörssiyhtiö
listen {v} /ˈlɪs.ən/ (to pay attention to a sound)  :: kuunnella
listen {v} (to expect or wait for a sound)  :: kuunnella
listen {v} (to accept advice or obey instruction)  :: kuunnella, uskoa
listener {n} /ˈlɪs(ə)nə/ (someone who listens)  :: kuuntelija
listen in {v} (to listen without participating)  :: kuunnella
listen in {v} (to listen secretly)  :: salakuunnella
listening {n} /ˈlɪs.nɪŋ/ (act of listening)  :: kuuntelu
listening {n} (ability of perceiving spoken language)  :: kuullun ymmärtäminen
listening station {n} (facility established to monitor radio and microwave signals)  :: kuunteluasema
listless {adj} /ˈlɪstləs/ (Lacking enthusiasm)  :: välinpitämätön, innoton, voimaton
list price {n} (retail selling price)  :: suositushinta, ohjevähittäishinta [recommended]; listahinta [listed]
lit {adj} /ˈlɪt/ (Lighted)  :: valaistu
lit {adj} (Intoxicated or under the influence of drugs; stoned)  :: päihtynyt
litany {n} (ritual liturgical prayer)  :: litania
litas {n} (currency of Lithuania)  :: liti
litchi {n} (lychee) SEE: lychee  ::
lite {adj} /laɪt/ (low in calories)  :: kevyt
lite {adj} (lightweight)  :: kevyt
-lite {suffix} /lʌɪt/ (forms names of rocks or minerals)  :: -liitti
liter {n} (cubic decimeter) SEE: litre  ::
literacy {n} /ˈlɪtəɹəsi/ (ability to read and write)  :: lukutaito
literacy {n} (understanding of something)  :: lukutaito
literal {adj} /ˈlɪtəɹəl/ (exactly as stated; read or understood without additional interpretation)  :: kirjaimellinen, sananmukainen
literal {adj} (following the letter or exact words, not taking liberties)  :: kirjaimellinen, sananmukainen, sanatarkka
literally {adv} /ˈlɪɾɚ(ɹ)əli]/ (not metaphorically)  :: kirjaimellisesti, sananmukaisesti
literary {adj} (bookish) SEE: bookish  ::
literary {adj} /ˈlɪtəɹɛ(ə)ɹi/ (relating to literature)  :: kirjallinen
literary {adj} (relating to writers, or the profession of literature)  :: kirjailija-, kirjallisuus-, kirjallinen
literary {adj} (knowledgeable of literature or writing)  :: kirjallisuutta tunteva
literary {adj} (appropriate to literature rather than everyday writing)  :: kirjallinen
literary criticism {n} (study, discussion, evaluation, and interpretation)  :: kirjallisuuskritiikki
literary device {n} (convention in literature)  :: kirjallinen tehokeino
literary inquisition {n} (persecution of intellectuals on the basis of their writings)  :: kirjallinen inkvisitio
literary language {n} (register of a language used in writing)  :: kirjakieli
literary science {n} (all kinds of scientific study pertinent to literature)  :: kirjallisuudentutkimus
literary theory {n} (theory or the philosophy)  :: kirjallisuusteoria
literati {n} /ˌlɪtəˈɹɑti/ (well-educated, literary people)  :: lukeneisto
literature {n} /ˈlɪ.tɚ.ɪ.tʃɚ/ (body of all written works)  :: kirjallisuus
literature {n} (the collected creative writing of a nation, people, group or culture)  :: kirjallisuus
literature {n} (all the papers, treatises etc. published in academic journals on a particular subject)  :: kirjallisuus
literature review {n} (text of a scholarly paper)  :: kirjallisuuskatsaus
lithe {adj} /laɪð/ (slim)  :: solakka
lithe {adj} (flexible)  :: notkea, taipuisa
lithium {n} /ˈlɪθi.əm/ (chemical element)  :: litium
lithium aluminium hydride {n} (chemical compound, LiH)  :: litiumalumiinihydridi
lithium battery {n} (type of battery)  :: litiumparisto
lithium carbonate {n} (Li2CO3)  :: litiumkarbonaatti
lithium ion battery {n} (lithium-ion battery) SEE: lithium-ion battery  ::
lithium-ion battery {n} (type of rechargeable battery)  :: litiumioniakku
lithium nitride {n} (Li3N)  :: litiumnitridi
lithograph {n} (noun)  :: litografia, kivipiirros
lithographic {adj} (related to lithography)  :: litografinen
lithographical {adj} (lithographic) SEE: lithographic  ::
lithography {n} (printing method)  :: litografia, kivipaino
lithophone {n} (type of musical instrument)  :: litofoni
lithosphere {n} (The outer layer of the Earth)  :: litosfääri, kivikehä
Lithuania {prop} /ˌlɪθ.(j)uˈeɪ.ni.ə/ (country)  :: Liettua
Lithuania Minor {prop} (Lithuania Minor)  :: Vähä-Liettua
Lithuanian {adj} /ˌlɪθʊˈeɪni.ən/ (referring to Lithuania)  :: liettualainen
Lithuanian {prop} (language)  :: liettua
Lithuanian {n} (person from Lithuania)  :: liettualainen
Lithuanian Hound {n} (Lithuanian Hound)  :: liettuanajokoira
Lithuanianness {n} (quality)  :: liettualaisuus
Lithuanian SSR {prop} (Soviet republic)  :: Liettuan SNT
litigate {v} /litiɡeɪt/ (to go to law)  :: käräjöidä [+ elative], käydä oikeutta [+ elative]
litigation {n} /ˌlɪtəˈɡeɪʃən/ (conduct of a lawsuit)  :: käräjöinti, oikeudenkäynti
litmus {n} (dyestuff from lichen)  :: lakmus
litmus paper {n} (test paper)  :: lakmuspaperi
litotes {n} /laɪˈtəʊ.tiːz/ (rhetoric: stating a point by denying its opposite)  :: litoteesi
litre {n} /ˈliː.tə/ (unit of fluid measure)  :: litra
litter {n} /ˈlɪtɚ/ (platform designed to carry a person or a load)  :: kantotuoli
litter {n} (animals born in one birth)  :: poikue, pesue
litter {n} (bedding for animals)  :: kuivike
litter {n} (discarded items)  :: roska, roina
litter {n} (material for litter tray)  :: kuivike
litter {n} (layer of dead leaves and other organic matter)  :: karike
litter {v} (drop or throw trash without properly disposing of it)  :: roskata
litter {v} (give birth)  :: poikia
litterbug {n} /ˈlɪtɚˌbʌɡ/ (person who drops litter)  :: roskaaja
litter lout {n} (litterbug) SEE: litterbug  ::
little {adj} /ˈlɪtl̩/ (small in size)  :: pieni
little {adj} (very young)  :: pieni
little {adj} ((of a sibling) younger)  :: pikku-
little {adv} (not much)  :: vähän
little {determiner} (small amount)  :: hieman, vähän
little black dress {n} (woman's short black dress)  :: pikkumusta
little boy {n} (a diminutive male child)  :: pikkupoika
little brother {n}  :: pikkuveli
little by little {adv} (a small amount at a time)  :: hiljalleen, vähän kerrassaan, vähitellen, vähä vähältä, pikkuhiljaa
Little Dipper {prop} (A bright circumpolar asterism)  :: Pikku Otava
little egret {n} (bird)  :: silkkihaikara
little emperor {n} (spoiled child)  :: pikkukeisari
little finger {n} (outermost and smallest finger of the hand)  :: pikkusormi, pikkuvarvas
little girl {n} (a female child)  :: pikkutyttö
little green man {n} (humorous: space alien, Martian, see also: alien)  :: pieni vihreä mies
little gull {n} (gull)  :: pikkulokki
little old {adj} (little - emphatically, affectionately, or humorously)  :: pikku
little one {n} (young child)  :: pikkulapsi
little one {n} (term of endearment)  :: pikkuinen
little owl {n} /ˈlɪtəl ɑʊl/ (species of owl)  :: minervanpöllö
little pitchers have big ears {proverb} (proverb)  :: pienilläkin padoilla on korvat
Little Red Riding Hood {prop} /ˈlɪtl̩ ɹɛd ɹaɪ.dɪŋ hʊd/ (a folktale)  :: Punahilkka
Little Red Riding Hood {prop} (the main character in this story)  :: Punahilkka
Little Russia {prop} (a historical area)  :: Vähä-Venäjä
little sister {n}  :: pikkusisko
little toe {n} (smallest toe of the foot)  :: pikkuvarvas
little wonder {n} (small wonder) SEE: small wonder  ::
littoral {n} (the zone of a coast between high tide and low tide levels) SEE: foreshore  ::
liturgic {adj} (liturgical) SEE: liturgical  ::
liturgical {adj} /lɨˈtɹ̩dʒɨkl̩/ (Pertaining to liturgy)  :: liturginen
liturgical language {n} (language)  :: kirkkokieli, liturginen kieli
liturgist {n} (A person knowledgable about liturgy)  :: liturgi
liturgy {n} /ˈlɪtɚd͡ʒi/ (a predetermined or prescribed set of rituals)  :: liturgia, alttaripalvelus
livable {adj} (suitable for living in)  :: asuttava, asumiskelpoinen
live {v} /lɪv/ (be alive)  :: elää
live {v} (have permanent residence)  :: asua, elää
live {v} (survive, persevere, continue)  :: elää, selvitä
live {adj} /laɪv/ (having life)  :: elävä
live {adj} (capable of causing harm)  :: kova
live {adv} (as it happens)  :: suora, live-
live action {n} (video that has been produced by filming)  :: näytelty
live and learn {phrase} (exhortation to gain knowledge from lived experiences)  :: oppia ikä kaikki
live and let live {v} (be tolerant)  :: elää ja antaa elää
live by the sword, die by the sword {proverb} (one who uses violence can expect a violent response)  :: joka miekkaan tarttuu, se miekkaan hukkuu
live drop {n} (location used to exchange items or information)  :: postilaatikko
livelihood {n} /ˈlaɪvlihʊd/ (means of supporting oneself)  :: toimeentulo, elinkeino
lively {adj} /ˈlaɪvli/ (full of life)  :: eläväinen
liver {n} /lɪvə(ɹ)/ (organ of the body)  :: maksa
liver {n} (organ as food)  :: maksa
liver {n} /lɪvə(ɹ)/ (one who lives)  :: eläjä
liver sausage {n} (spreadable sausage)  :: maksamakkara
liver spot {n} (blemish)  :: maksaläiskä, chloasma
liverwort {n} /ˈlɪv.ɚ.wɝːt/ (bryophyte with a leafy stem)  :: maksasammal
liverwurst {n} (liver sausage)  :: maksamakkara
livery {n} /ˈlɪv.ə.ɹi/ (distinctive uniform worn by a group)  :: virka-asu, livree
livery {n} (paint scheme)  :: värit {p}
livery {n} (legal: delivery of property)  :: omaisuuden luovutus
livery {v} (to clothe in)  :: vaatettaa, pukea
livestock {n} (farm animals)  :: karja
live up {v} (to fulfil the expectations placed upon)  :: täyttää odotukset
live weight {n} (weight of a living animal)  :: elopaino
livid {adj} (pallid) SEE: pallid  ::
livid {adj} /ˈlɪvɪd/ (having a dark, bluish appearance)  :: lautunut
livid {adj} (very angry, furious)  :: raivostunut, [dated] raivoisa, [colloquial] raivo
lividity {n} (state or quality of being livid)  :: mustelmaisuus, lautuneisuus
lividity {n} (livid area of skin)  :: mustelma, lautuma
lividity {n} (livor mortis, suggillation) SEE: livor mortis  ::
living {adj} /ˈlɪvɪŋ/ (having life)  :: elävä, elollinen
living {adj} (in use or existing)  :: elävä
living {adj} (of everyday life)  :: [in compounds] elin-
living {adj} (true to life)  :: elävä
living {n} (state of being alive)  :: elo, eläminen, elämä
living {n} (financial means; a means of maintaining life)  :: [in compounds] ansio-, työ, elinkeino
living {n} (style of life)  :: elämä, elintapa, elo, elämäntapa
living conditions {n}  :: elinolot {p}, elinolosuhteet {p}
living impaired {adj} (jocularly euphemistic term for 'dead')  :: elämärajoitteinen
living language {n} (a language which is still spoken)  :: elävä kieli
living proof {n} (real-life person or thing which demonstrates the validity of a hypothesis)  :: elävä todiste
living room {n} (room in a private house)  :: olohuone, olkkari
living standard {n} (standard of living) SEE: standard of living  ::
living street {n} (type of street)  :: pihakatu
living will {n} (document expressing a desire to die naturally in certain medical circumstances)  :: hoitotahto
Livonia {prop} (historical region)  :: Liivinmaa
Livonian {prop} (language)  :: liivi
Livonian {n} (person)  :: liiviläinen
livor mortis {n} (settling of the blood in the lower portion of the body)  :: lautuma
Livorno {prop} /ləˈvɔɹnoʊ/ (province of Italy)  :: Livorno
Livorno {prop} (city in Italy)  :: Livorno
lixisol {n} (soil type)  :: rapaumasavimaannos
lizard {n} /ˈlɪz.ɚd/ (reptile)  :: lisko
lizard {n} (coward) SEE: coward  ::
Ljubljana {prop} /ˌl(j)ʊbliˈɑːnə/ (Capital city of Slovenia)  :: Ljubljana
llama {n} /ˈjɑmə/ (South Americal mammal of the camel family, Llama glama)  :: laama
LLC {n} (Limited Liability Company)  :: Oy
lo {contraction} /loʊ/ (look, see, behold)  :: katso
loach {n} (fish of the family Cobitidae)  :: piikkinuoliainen, nuoliainen
load {n} /loʊd/ (burden)  :: kuorma, taakka
load {n} (number of articles that can be transported or processed at one time)  :: kuorma, lasti
load {n} (the volume of work required to be performed)  :: [computing] kuorma
load {v} (to put a load on or in)  :: lastata, kuormata, pakata
load {v} (to place in or on a conveyance or a place of storage)  :: lastata, kuormata, pakata
load {v} (intransitive: to put a load on something)  :: lastata, kuormata, pakata
load {v} (to receive a load)  :: lastata, kuormata, pakata
load {v} (to be placed into storage or conveyance)  :: lastata, kuormata, pakata
load {v} (to fill with munition)  :: ladata, panostaa
load {v} (to insert into an apparatus)  :: laittaa paikalleen, laittaa; lisätä [paper or other material into something]
load {v} (to fill with raw material)  :: panostaa, ladata
load {v} (to be put into use in an apparatus)  :: latautua
load {v} (to read into memory)  :: ladata
load {v} (intransitive: to transfer from a storage medium into memory)  :: latautua
load {v} (baseball: to put runners on the bases)  :: täyttää
load {v} (to tamper with to produce biased outcome)  :: parantaa mahdollisuuksiaan [to load the dice in one's favour]; painottaa [dice]; johdatella [paper, statement etc.]
load {v} (to ask so that it will be more likely to be answered in a certain way)  :: johdatella
load {v} (to encumber, place as an encumbrance)  :: kuormittaa
load {v} (to provide in abundance)  :: tankata
load {v} (to adulterate or drug)  :: törsätä
load {v} (to magnetize)  :: magnetoida; sähköistää [figuratively]
loaded {adj} (burdened by load)  :: lastattu
loaded {adj} ((of a projectile weapon) armed)  :: ladattu
loaded {adj} ((slang) having wealth)  :: rikas
loaded {adj} ((slang) drunk)  :: kännissä
loaded {adj} ((of a question) designed to produce a predictable answer, or to lay a trap)  :: johdatteleva
loader {n} (person or device that loads)  :: lataaja
loader {n} (program that prepares other programs for execution)  :: latausohjelma
loader {n} (tractor with a scoop)  :: kuormaaja, kuormain
loadstone {n} (lodestone) SEE: lodestone  ::
loaf {n} /loʊf/ (block of bread)  :: leipä, limppu
loaf {n} (block of food)  :: mureke [minced meat]; toppa [sugar]
loaf {n} (head (slang))  :: polla
loaf {n} (large block of soap)  :: tanko
loafer {n} (idle person)  :: tyhjäntoimittaja
loafer {n} (footwear)  :: louferi
loam {n} /loʊm/ (type of soil)  :: hiue
loam {n} (mixture for making moulds)  :: muottihiekka
loan {n} /loʊn/ (borrowed sum of money or other valuables)  :: laina
loan {v} (to lend)  :: lainata
loan shark {n} (money lender; usurer)  :: koronkiskuri, kiskuri
loanshark {v} (to commit usury)  :: kiskoa
loan translation {n} (calque) SEE: calque  ::
loanword {n} /ˈloʊnwɝd/ (word taken from another language)  :: lainasana
loath {adj} /loʊθ/ (unwilling, reluctant; averse, disinclined)  :: haluton, vastahakoinen
loathe {v} /ˈloʊð/ (hate, detest, revile)  :: inhota
loathing {n} (sense of revulsion, distaste, detestation, extreme hatred or dislike)  :: inho, vastenmielisyys, iljetys
loathsome {adj} (highly offensive; sickening, abominable)  :: inhottava
lob {v} /lɒb/ (to throw or hit a ball high into the air)  :: heittää kaaripallo, lyödä kaaripallo, iskeä kaaripallo, potkaista kaaripallo
lob {n} (high-arching pass or stroke)  :: kaari, kaaripallo
lob {n} (lump) SEE: lump  ::
lobby {n} /lɑbi/ (entryway or waiting area; vestibule)  :: aula, halli, eteinen
lobby {v} (To attempt to influence)  :: lobata
lobby group {n} (advocacy group) SEE: advocacy group  ::
lobbyist {n} /ˈlɑ.bi.ɪst/ (A person who for remuneration reattempts to persuade politicians)  :: lobbari
lobe {n} /ləʊb/ (division of the brain)  :: aivolohko
lobelia {n} (plant)  :: lobelia
lobotomy {n} (surgical operation)  :: lobotomia
lobscouse {n} (meat dish stewed with vegetables and ship biscuit)  :: lapskoussi
lobster {n} /ˈlɑb.stɚ/ (crustacean)  :: hummeri
local {adj} /ˈloʊkl̩/ (of a nearby location)  :: paikallinen, lähi-
local {adj} (computing: having limited scope)  :: paikallinen
local {adj} (math: applying to a limited space)  :: likimääräinen
local {adj} (medicine: of or pertaining to a restricted part of an organism)  :: paikallinen, paikallis-
local {n} (a person who lives near a given place)  :: paikkakuntalainen
local {n} (a branch of an organization)  :: paikallisyhdistys, paikallisosasto
local {n} (a train that stops at all stations)  :: paikallisjuna, lähijuna, lähijuna
local {n} ((UK) the nearest bar)  :: paikallinen, lähikuppila
local anesthetic {n} (substance)  :: paikallispuudutusaine
local area network {n} (network)  :: paikallisverkko, LAN, lähiverkko
local derby {n} (a sports match between local rival teams)  :: paikallisottelu
locale {n} /loʊˈkæl/ (place where something happens)  :: tapahtumapaikka
local government {n} (government whose remit covers less than that of the nation)  :: paikallishallinto
Local Group {prop} (cluster of galaxies that contains the Milky Way)  :: Paikallinen ryhmä
locality {n} (fact or quality of having a position in space)  :: sijainti
locality {n} (surroundings of a particular place)  :: ympäristö, seutu
locality {n} (situation or position of an object)  :: sijainti
locality {n} (neighbourhood)  :: paikkakunta, paikka
localization {n} (act of localizing)  :: lokalisoida, kotoistaa
localize {v} (make local)  :: lokalisoida, paikallistaa, kotoistaa
locally {adv} (with respect to place)  :: paikallisesti
local maximum {n} (math: maximum within restricted domain)  :: paikallinen maksimi
local minimum {n} (math: minimum within restricted domain)  :: paikallinen minimi
Local Supercluster {prop} /ˌloʊkl̩ ˈsupɚˌklʌstɚ/ (Supercluster that includes the Milky Way)  :: Paikallinen superjoukko
local time {n} (official time in a particular region or time zone)  :: paikallinen aika
local variable {n}  :: paikallinen muuttuja
location {n} /loʊˈkeɪʃən/ (place)  :: paikka, sijainti
location {n} (act of locating)  :: sijoittaminen
location, location, location {proverb} (most important consideration in buying real estate is its location)  :: sijainti, sijainti, sijainti
locative {n} (locative case) SEE: locative case  ::
locative case {n} (case used to indicate place, or the place where)  :: lokatiivi
loch {n} /lɒx/ (lake, bay or arm of the sea)  :: järvi
Loch Ness monster {prop} (hypothetical creature)  :: Loch Nessin hirviö
lock {n} /lɑk/ (something used for fastening)  :: lukko
lock {n} (segment of a canal)  :: sulku
lock {n} (firing mechanism of a gun)  :: lukko
lock {v} (to become fastened in place)  :: lukittua, lukkiutua
lock {v} (to fasten with a lock)  :: lukita
lock {v} (to be capable of becoming fastened in place)  :: lukita [in passive]; lukittua, lukkiutua
lock {v} (break dancing: to freeze one's body or a part thereof in place)  :: lukita
lock {v} (to furnish with locks)  :: varustaa suluilla
lock {v} (to raise or lower in a lock)  :: kulkea sulussa
lock {n} (length of hair)  :: kiehkura
lockable {adj} (capable of being locked)  :: lukittava
lockbox {n} (box with built-in lock)  :: turvalokero, tallelokero
lockdown {n} /ˈlɑkˌdaʊn/ (confinement of people as a security measure)  :: eristäminen, sulkeminen, aresti
locked {adj} /lɑkt/ (that has been locked (with a key))  :: lukittu
locked rotor amp {n} (specification)  :: käynnistysvirta
locker {n} (storage compartment)  :: lukkokaappi, kaappi, lukkolokero, lokero
locker room {n} (locker room) SEE: changing room  ::
locket {n} (chained ornament)  :: medaljonki
lock gate {n} (gate of a lock)  :: sulkuportti
lock in {v} (to secure someone or something in)  :: lukita sisään, sulkea sisään
lock in {v} (to fix the value)  :: kiinnittää, lukita
lockjaw {n} (disease)  :: jäykkäkouristus, tetanus
lock lips {v} (to kiss on the lips)  :: suudella suulle
lock out {v} (to prevent from entering a place, particularly oneself, inadvertently)  :: teljetä
lockout {n} (opposite of a strike)  :: työsulku
lock picking {n} (action of unlocking)  :: tiirikointi
locksmith {n} (one who practices locksmithing)  :: lukkoseppä
locksmithing {n} /ˈlɒkˌsmɪθɪŋ/ (art of making and defeating locks)  :: lukkosepäntaito
lockup {n} (prison) SEE: prison  ::
loco {adj} /ˈləʊ.kəʊ/ (crazy)  :: hullu
locomotive {n} /ˌloʊkəˈmoʊtiv/ (self-propelled vehicle that runs on rails)  :: veturi
locus {n} /ˈloʊkəs/ (place or locality)  :: tapahtumapaikka, paikka
locus {n} (set of all points given by an equation or condition)  :: ura
locus {n} (position on a chromosome)  :: lokus
locust {n} /ˈloʊ.kəst/ (type of grasshopper)  :: kulkusirkka
locution {n} /loʊ̯ˈkju.ʃn̩/ (phrase or expression connected to an individual or a group of individuals)  :: sanontatapa
locution {n} (supernatural revelation)  :: ilmestys
lode {n} (loadstone) SEE: lodestone  ::
lode {n} /ləʊd/ (vein of metallic ore)  :: suoni, malmisuoni
lode {n} (rich source of supply)  :: suoni
lodestar {n} (star used as navigation reference)  :: johtotähti
lodestar {n} (guiding tenet)  :: johtotähti
Lode Star {prop} (Polaris) SEE: Polaris  ::
lodestone {n} /ˈloʊdˌstoʊn/ (natural magnet)  :: luonnonmagneetti
lodestone {n} (magnetite)  :: magnetiitti
lodge {n} (inn) SEE: inn  ::
lodge {n} /lɑdʒ/ (recreational building)  :: maja, mökki
lodge {n} (porter's rooms)  :: portinvartijan tupa
lodge {n} (local chapter of freemasons)  :: loosi
lodge {n} (local chapter of trade union)  :: ammattiosasto
lodge {n} (beaver's shelter)  :: keko
lodge {v} (to be firmly fixed in a specified position)  :: juuttua
lodge {v} (to stay in a boarding-house)  :: asua alivuokralaisena
lodge {v} (to supply with a room or place to sleep in for a time)  :: majoittaa
lodge {v} (to put money, jewellery, or other valuables for safety)  :: panna talteen
lodge {v} (to place (a statement, etc.) with the proper authorities)  :: rekisteröidä
lodge {v} (to flatten to the ground)  :: laota [intransitive], laottaa [transitive]
lodger {n} (person who lodges in another's house)  :: alivuokralainen
lodging {n} /ˈlɑdʒɪŋ/ (place to live or lodge)  :: majoitus
lodgings {n} (A room or set of rooms in another person's house where a person lodges.)  :: luukku, boksi
loess {n} /ˈloʊ.əs/ (sediment of eolian origin)  :: lössi
Loess Plateau {prop} (plateau that covers an area in China's Yellow River)  :: Kiinan lössiylänkö
loft {n} /lɔft/ (an attic or similar space)  :: ullakko
loft {v} (to propel high into the air)  :: heittää ilmaan
loftiness {n} (arrogance) SEE: arrogance  ::
lofty {adj} /ˈlɔːfti/ (high, having great height or stature)  :: korkea
lofty {adj} (idealistic)  :: ylevä
lofty {adj} (extremely proud)  :: kopea
log {n} /lɑɡ/ (trunk of dead tree, cleared of branches)  :: runko, puunrunko
log {n} (bulky piece of timber)  :: tukki, hirsi
log {n} (nautical: device for measuring the speed of a vessel)  :: loki
log {v} (to cut down trees)  :: hakata [large quantity], kaataa puita [individual trees]
log {n} (chronological record)  :: lokikirja
log {v} (make an entry in a log)  :: kirjata
log {n} (very dumb person) SEE: blockhead  ::
log {n} (surfing: longboard) SEE: longboard  ::
log {n} (logbook) SEE: logbook  ::
log {n} (logbook) SEE: logbook  ::
log {n} (rolled cake) SEE: Swiss roll  ::
loganberry {n} (raspberry-blackberry hybrid berry)  :: loganmarja
logarithm {n} /ˈlɑ.ɡə.ɹɪ.ð(ə)m/ (The power to which a given base number must be raised in order to obtain a given number)  :: logaritmi
logarithmic {adj} (relating to logarithms)  :: logaritminen
logarithmic spiral {n} (self-similar spiral)  :: logaritminen spiraali
logboat {n} (dugout canoe) SEE: dugout  ::
logbook {n} /ˈlɑɡ.bʊk/ (nautical: book in which details from journey are recorded)  :: lokikirja, loki, laivapäiväkirja
logbook {n} (travel journal)  :: matkapäiväkirja
logbook {n} (record of the ownership of a motor car)  :: rekisteriote
log cabin {n} (small simple dwelling made from wood)  :: hirsimökki
log drive {n} (transport)  :: tukinuitto
loge {n} (stall) SEE: stall  ::
loge {n} (booth) SEE: booth  ::
logger {n} /ˈlɑːɡɚ/ (worker whose occupation is to harvest trees)  :: metsuri
logic {n} /ˈlɑdʒɪk/ (method of human thought)  :: logiikka
logic {n} (mathematical study)  :: logiikka
logic {n} (formal or informal language)  :: logiikka
logic {n} (any system of thought, irrespective of its rigor or productiveness)  :: logiikka
logic {n} (part of an electronic system that performs the boolean logic operations)  :: logiikka
-logic {suffix} (-logical) SEE: -logical  ::
logical {adj} /ˈlɑdʒɪkəɫ]/ (in agreement with the principles of logic)  :: looginen
logical {adj} (reasonable)  :: johdonmukainen, looginen
logical {adj} (of or pertaining to logic)  :: looginen
-logical {suffix} (used to form adjectival forms of nouns)  :: -loginen
logically {adv} (in a logical manner)  :: loogisesti
logician {n} /loʊd͡ʒˈɪʃən/ (person who studies or teaches logic)  :: loogikko
log in {v} (gain access to a computer system)  :: kirjautua, kirjautua sisään
login {n} /ˈlɑɡɪn/ (user's identification)  :: käyttäjätunnus
login {n} (logging in)  :: sisäänkirjautuminen
logistics {n} (planning and implementing the flow of goods and services)  :: logistiikka
logistics {n} (military procurement, supply, maintenance, and transportation)  :: huolto
log-log paper {n} (graph paper with logarithmic scale in two directions)  :: logaritmipaperi
logo {n} /ˈloʊɡoʊ/ (symbol or emblem that acts as a trademark or a means of identification of an entity)  :: logo
log off {v} (log out) SEE: log out  ::
logogram {n} /ˈlɔːɡəɡɹæm/ (character or symbol that represents a word or phrase)  :: logogrammi
logograph {n} (character or symbol that represents a word or phrase)  :: ideogrammi, logografi
logography {n} (use of logographs in writing)  :: käsitekirjoitus, ideografia
logography {n} (use of logotypes in design and printing)  :: logotypia
logological {adj} /ˌlɑɡ.oʊˈlɑdʒ.ɨ.kəl/ (of or pertaining to logology)  :: sanaopillinen, sanaseppomainen
logological {adj} (linguistics: of or pertaining to conceptual patterns or mental categories of words)  :: sanaopillinen
logological {adj} (theology: of or pertaining to the doctrine of logos)  :: logologinen
logology {n} (scientific study of words)  :: sanaoppi
logology {n} (study of logos)  :: logotutkimus
logology {n} (study of words for recreation)  :: sanaseppoilu
logology {n} (religion: study of words in search for God)  :: logologia
logomachy {n} /loʊˈɡɑ.mə.ki/ (conflict waged only as a battle of words)  :: sanaharkka, sanasota
log on {v} (log in) SEE: log in  ::
logopedics {n} (study and correction of speech defects)  :: logopedia
logorrhea {n} (excessive and often uncontrollable flow of words)  :: puhetulva
logorrhea {n} (excessive talkativeness)  :: puheripuli
logotype {n} (symbol used by organization, logo)  :: logo
logotype {n} (single type two letters, a ligature)  :: ligatuuri
log out {v} (to exit an account in a computing system)  :: kirjautua ulos
-logy {suffix} /ləd͡ʒi/ (branch of learning)  :: -logia, -oppi
loin {n} /lɔɪn/ (part of the body)  :: lanteet {p}, kupeet {p}
loin {n} (cut of meat)  :: ranskanpaisti, kylkipaisti
loincloth {n} (garment)  :: lannevaate
loins {n} (plural form of loin) SEE: loin  ::
Lois {prop} /ˈləʊ.ɪs/ (biblical character)  :: Loois
loiter {v} /ˈlɔɪtɚ/ (to stand about idly)  :: maleksia, roikkua, seisoksia, munia
Lojban {prop} /ˈloʒban/ (artificial logical language based on Loglan)  :: lojban
Lojban {adj} (of or relating to Lojban)  :: lojbanin (genitive of noun), lojbaninkielinen
lol {interj} (Used to express laughter) SEE: LOL  ::
LOL {interj} /ɛl.oʊˈɛl/ (expression of laughter)  :: lol, naur, reps,
lolita {n} (sexually alluring girl)  :: lolita
loll {v} /lɑl/ (to act lazily or indolently)  :: laiskotella, loikoilla, löhötä
loll {v} (to hang extended from the mouth)  :: roikkua
loll {v} (to let the tongue hang from the mouth in this way)  :: roikuttaa suustaan
lollapalooza {n} /ˌlɑləpəˈluzə/ (outstanding; extreme; outrageous example of its kind)  :: omituisuus, kummallisuus
lollipop {n} /lɑ.li.pɑp/ (confectionery on a stick)  :: tikkari, tikkukaramelli
lolly {n} (money) SEE: money  ::
lolly {n} (confection) SEE: confection  ::
lolly {n} (lollipop) SEE: lollipop  ::
lolly ice {n} (frozen juice)  :: mehujää
Lombard {n} /ˈlɒmbɑː(ɹ)d/ (member of a Germanic people)  :: langobardi
Lombard {n} (native of Lombardy)  :: lombardialainen
Lombard {prop} (language of Lombardy)  :: lombardi
Lombard {n} (banker or moneylender) SEE: banker  ::
Lombard rate {n} (interest rate)  :: Lombard-korko
Lombard Street {prop} (money and capital market of London)  :: Lombard Street
Lombardy {prop} /ˈlɑːmbəɹdi/ (region in northern Italy)  :: Lombardia
London {prop} /ˈlʌn.dən/ (in the United Kingdom)  :: Lontoo
London {prop} (in Canada)  :: London
London {prop} (of, from or pertaining to London in the UK)  :: lontoolainen
Londoner {n} /ˈlʌn.dən.ə(ɹ)/ (person from or inhabitant of London)  :: lontoolainen
Londonian {n} (Londoner) SEE: Londoner  ::
Londonian {adj} (of or relating to London)  :: lontoolainen
Londonish {adj} (of or from London)  :: lontoolainen
lone {adj} (having no companion)  :: yksinäinen
lone {adj} (isolated)  :: yksinäinen
lone {adj} (sole)  :: yksi, ainoa
lone {adj} (situated with no neighbours)  :: yksinäinen
lonely {adj} /ˈloʊnli/ (of person: unhappy by feeling isolated)  :: yksinäinen
lonely {adj} (solitary) SEE: solitary  ::
loner {n} (one who lacks or avoids company)  :: yksineläjä, erakko, yksinäinen susi
lonesome {adj} /ˈloʊnsəm/ (unhappy due to being alone)  :: yksinäinen
long {adj} /ˈlɔŋ/ (having much distance from one point to another)  :: pitkä
long {adj} (having great duration)  :: pitkä, pitkäaikainen
long {adj} (finance: possessing or owning financial instruments)  :: pitkä
long {adj} (tennis: bounces behind the baseline)  :: pitkä
long {adv} (over a great distance)  :: kauas
long {adv} (particular duration)  :: kauan
long {adv} (long duration)  :: kauan
long {v} (to wait, to aspire)  :: ikävöidä
long {adj} (not short) SEE: tall  ::
long absent, soon forgotten {proverb} (love fades away when people are distant)  :: poissa silmistä, poissa mielestä
long ago {adv} (at a time in the distant past)  :: kauan sitten
longan {n} /ˈlɒŋɡən/ (tree)  :: longaani
longan {n} (fruit)  :: longaani
longboard {v} (large skateboard)  :: lonkkari
longboard {v} (spine board) SEE: spine board  ::
long bone {n} (slender bone of extremity)  :: putkiluu
longbow {n} /ˈlɒŋbəʊ/ (large bow)  :: pitkäjousi
longbowman {n} (archer who uses a longbow)  :: pitkäjousimies
longcase clock {n} (grandfather clock) SEE: grandfather clock  ::
long corner {n} (field hockey: type of free hit)  :: pitkä kulma
long corner {n} (soccer: type of corner kick)  :: pitkä kulmapotku
long-distance {adj} (over a great length)  :: pitkän matkan
long-distance {adj} (referring to non-local phone call)  :: kauko- [see: kaukopuhelu]
long-distance {adj} (referring to a romantic relationship: between two people with a considerable distance between them)  :: etä- [see: etäsuhde]
long drink {n} (large mixed drink)  :: pitkä juoma, lonkero
longe {v} /lʌndʒ/ (work a horse in a circle)  :: juoksuttaa
longe {n} (long rope used while longeing)  :: juoksutusliina
long-eared owl {n} /ˌlɒŋɪədˈaʊl/ (Asio otus)  :: sarvipöllö
longevity {n} /lɒŋˈdʒɛ.vɪ.ti/ (the quality of being long-lasting, especially of life)  :: pitkäikäisyys
long face {n} (expression of sadness and disappointment or gloom)  :: synkkä ilme
long-faced {adj} (displaying sadness)  :: synkkäilmeinen
long for {v} (to have desire for; to yearn)  :: ikävöidä, kaivata
long for {v} (to miss)  :: ikävöidä, kaivata
longhorn beetle {n} (any Cerambycid)  :: sarvijäärä
longhouse {n} (outhouse) SEE: outhouse  ::
longhouse {n} (communal dwelling)  :: pitkätalo
longimanous {adj} (having long hands)  :: pitkäkätinen
longing {n} /ˈlɔːŋɪŋ/ (melancholic desire)  :: kaipuu, kaipaus, ikävä
long in the tooth {adj} (old, aged)  :: vanha
Long Island {prop} /ˌlɒŋ ˈaɪlənd/ (island in New York)  :: Long Island
Long Island {prop} (a district of the Bahamas)  :: Long Island
Long Island iced tea {n} (cocktail made with iced tea)  :: Long Islandin jäätee
longitude {n} /ˈlɑndʒəˌtud/ (angular distance)  :: pituusaste, pituus
longitude {n} (imaginary line through North Pole and South Pole)  :: pituuspiiri, meridiaani, longitudi
longitudinal {adj} /ˌlɑndʒəˈtuːdənəl/ (running in the direction of the long axis of a body)  :: pitkittäinen
longitudinal {adj} (forward and/or backward, relative to some defined direction)  :: pitkittäis-
longitudinal wave {n} (type of wave)  :: pitkittäisaalto
long johns {n} (full-length undergarments)  :: pitkät alusvaatteet
long johns {n} (garment for bottom half of the body)  :: pitkät alushousut
long jump {n} (athletics field event)  :: pituushyppy
long jump {v} (to perform long jump)  :: hypätä pituutta
long jumper {n} (athlete)  :: pituushyppääjä
long-lasting {adj} (persisting or enduring for a long time)  :: kestävä, pitkäikäinen, pitkäkestoinen
long-legged {adj} (having long legs)  :: pitkäjalkainen
longline {n} (very long fishing line with multiple hooks)  :: pitkäsiima
long live {v} (prosper)  :: eläköön, kauan eläköön
long-lived {adj} /ˈlɒŋˈlaɪvd/ (having a long lifespan; surviving for a long period of time)  :: pitkäikäinen
long-lost {adj} (having been missing for a long period of time)  :: kauan kaivattu
longneck eel {n} (type of pelagic fish)  :: serpentiiniankerias
long-playing {adj} (referring to certain type of records)  :: LP-, pitkäsoitto-
long service leave {n} (additional employee vacation)  :: lisäloma pitkästä palvelusta
longshoreman {n} (man employed to load and unload ships)  :: ahtaaja
long since {adv} (long ago) SEE: long ago  ::
long-span {adj} (spanning over a long period of time)  :: pitkäjänteinen
long-spined bullhead {n} (Taurulus bubalis)  :: piikkisimppu
longspur {n} (a bird of the genus Calcarius)  :: preeriasirkku
long-suffering {adj} (having endured discomfort)  :: pitkämielinen
longsword {n} (a kind of sword)  :: pitkämiekka
long-tailed duck {n} (Clangula hyemalis)  :: alli
long-tailed jaeger {n} (Stercorarius longicaudus)  :: tunturikihu
long-tailed pangolin {n} (Manis tetradactyla)  :: pitkähäntämuurahaiskäpy
long-term {adj} (extending over a relatively long time period)  :: pitkäaikainen, pitkäaikais-, pitkäjänteinen
long time no see {interj} (idiomatic: I (or we) have not seen you for a long time)  :: pitkästä aikaa
long underwear {n} (two-piece underwear)  :: pitkät alusvaatteet
loo {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet  ::
loofah {n} (tropical vine)  :: pesusienikurkku
loofah {n} (dried fibrous interior used as a sponge)  :: pesusieni
loogie {n} /ˈluːɡi/ (sputum)  :: räkä
look {v} /lʊk/ (to try to see)  :: katsoa
look {v} (to appear, to seem)  :: näyttää, vaikuttaa
look {v} (to search)  :: etsiä
look {v} (to face)  :: [check usage!] sijaita
look {v} (to expect)  :: odottaa
look {n} (action of looking)  :: katsominen
look {n} (physical appearance)  :: ulkonäkö
look {n} (facial expression)  :: ilme, katse
lookalike {n} /ˈlʊkəlaɪk/ (person physically resembling another person)  :: kaksoisolento, [adjective] näköinen
look and feel {n} (visual design and behaviour of a user interface)  :: käyttötuntuma
look back {v} (to look behind oneself)  :: katsoa taakseen
look back {v} (to reminisce about the past)  :: muistella
look before you leap {proverb} (think before taking actionn)  :: parempi katsoa kuin katua
look down on {v} (to regard or treat as inferior)  :: ylenkatsoa, halveksia
looker {n} (one that looks actively)  :: katsoja
looker {n} (one having a specific look)  :: näky, ilmestys
looker {n} (slang: good-looking one)  :: hyvännäköinen
look for {v} (search; seek)  :: etsiä, hakea
look forward to {v} (anticipate, expect, or wait for)  :: odottaa innolla [eagerly], odottaa jännityksellä [excitedly], odottaa mielenkiinnolla [with interest]
looking glass {n} (mirror) SEE: mirror  ::
look like {v} (seem, appear)  :: näyttää siltä, että
look like {v} (be similar in appearance, resemble)  :: muistuttaa (+partitive), näyttää (+ablative)
lookout {n} /ˈlʊkaʊt/ (vantage point with a view of the surrounding area)  :: näköalapaikka, tarkkailupiste
lookout {n} (person on watch for approaching enemy, police, etc.)  :: vartiomies, tähystäjä
lookout {n} (subject for observation)  :: näköala, näkymä
lookout {n} (perspective, outlook, responsibility)  :: asia, ongelma, murhe
look over {v} (to scan-read and check)  :: tarkistaa
looks {n} /lʊks/ (appearance)  :: ulkonäkö
look the part {v} (appear suitable for a particular kind of work)  :: vaikuttaa sopivalta
look up {v} (used other than as an idiom)  :: katsoa (ylös), katsella (ylös)
look up {v} (to have better prospects, to improve)  :: näyttää hyvältä, näyttää lupaavalta
look up {v} (to obtain information about something from a text source)  :: katsoa
look up to {v} (To show respect for)  :: ihailla, kunnioittaa
look who's talking {phrase}  :: (siinä on) paraskin puhuja
loom {n} /lum/ (utensil, tool, article)  :: kalu
loom {n} (weaving frame)  :: kangaspuut
loom {n} (part of an oar)  :: varsi
loom {v} (impend, threaten, hang over)  :: häämöttää, siintää, kuvastua
loom {n} (bird of order Gaviformes) SEE: loon  ::
loon {n} /ˈluːn/ (a crazy person)  :: sekopää, hullu, seko
loon {n} (bird of order Gaviiformes)  :: kuikka
loony {adj} /ˈluːni/ (insane)  :: hullu
loony {adj} (very silly)  :: hölmö, typerä
loony {n} (an insane or very foolish person)  :: hullu, kahjo, kaheli
loop {n} /luːp/ (length of thread, line or rope)  :: silmukka
loop {n} (shape produced by a curve that bends around and crosses itself)  :: silmukka
loop {n} (complete circuit for an electric current)  :: silmukka
loop {n} (programmed sequence of instructions)  :: silmukka
loop {n} (loop-shaped intrauterine device)  :: kierukka
loop {n} (aircraft maneuver)  :: silmukka
loop {n} (ring road) SEE: ring road  ::
looper {n} (measuring worm) SEE: measuring worm  ::
loophole {n} /ˈluːphəʊl/ (method of escape)  :: porsaanreikä
loophole {n} (slit in a castle wall)  :: ampuma-aukko
loo roll {n} (toilet roll) SEE: toilet roll  ::
loose {v} /luːs/ (to let loose)  :: vapauttaa, irrottaa
loose {v} (to unfasten)  :: irrottaa
loose {v} (to make less tight)  :: löysätä
loose {v} (to let go)  :: päästää irti
loose {v} (archery: to shoot)  :: ampua
loose {adj} (not fixed tightly)  :: löysä, irti
loose {adj} (not packaged)  :: irtonainen, irto-
loose {adj} (not fitting tightly)  :: väljä, avara
loose {adj} (not compact)  :: irtonainen, irto-
loose {adj} (relaxed)  :: rento, sulava, irtonainen
loose {adj} (indiscreet)  :: löyhä, huolimaton
loose {adj} (promiscuous)  :: löyhätapainen, epäsiveellinen
loose {adj} (not leashed) SEE: unleashed  ::
loose cannon {v} (unpredictable person)  :: kävelevä katastrofi
loose change {n} (coins kept in one's pocket or bag)  :: pikkuraha
loose change {n} (small sum of money)  :: pikkuraha
loose ends {n} (leftover items)  :: rästit {p}
loose-fitting {adj} (not tight)  :: väljä
loosen {v} /ˈluːsn̩/ (to make less tight)  :: löysätä, höllätä, löyhentää
loosen {v} (to free from restraint; to set at liberty)  :: vapauttaa, irrottaa
loosen {v} (to remove costiveness)  :: helpottaa
loosen the purse strings {v} (to increase or allow to increase spending)  :: hellittää kukkaron nyörejä
loose-tongued {adj} (garrulous, gossipy)  :: löyhäsuinen
loot {n} (the proceeds of theft, robbery etc., swag, contraband)  :: ryöstösaalis
loot {n} (money)  :: raha, fyrkka [slang]
loot {v} (to steal from)  :: ryöstää
lope {v} /loʊp/ (to travel an easy pace with long strides)  :: harppoa
Lopingian {adj} (of epoch from 260 to 251 million years ago)  :: myöhäispermikautinen
Lopingian {prop} (Lopingian epoch)  :: myöhäispermikausi, Loping-epookki
lopsided {adj} /ˈlɑp.saɪ.dɪd/ (not balanced)  :: toispuolinen, vino
loquacity {n} (talkativeness)  :: puheliaisuus
loquat {n} (fruit)  :: japaninmispeli
loquat {n} (tree)  :: japaninmispeli
lord {n} /lɔːd/ (master of a household)  :: isäntä, herra
lord {n} (property owner)  :: omistaja, maanomistaja, kartanonherra, isäntä
lord {n} (ruler, one having mastery over others)  :: johtaja, hallitsija, valtias
lord {n} (aristocrat)  :: aristokraatti, ylhäisyys, lordi
lord {n} (titled nobleman)  :: aatelinen, aatelismies
lord {v} (to lord over)  :: ylvästellä, esiintyä herrana, herrastella
Lord {prop} /lɔɹd/ (God)  :: Herra
Lord {prop} (Jesus)  :: Herra
Lord {n} (British aristocratic title)  :: Ylhäisyys
lords and ladies {n} (cuckoopint) SEE: cuckoopint  ::
lordship {n} /ˈlɔɹd.ʃɪp/ (state or condition of being a lord)  :: lordius
lordship {n} (title)  :: korkeus, ylhäisyys
lordship {n} (seigniory, domain, territory ruled by a lord)  :: lordikunta
lordship {n} (dominion, power, authority)  :: herruus
Lord's Prayer {prop} (the prayer taught by Jesus Christ to his disciples)  :: Herran rukous, Isä meidän -rukous
Lord's Supper {prop} (Eucharist)  :: Herran pyhä ehtoollinen, ehtoollinen
Lord willing and the creek don't rise {phrase} (phrase)  :: jos luoja suo
lore {n} /lɔɹ/ (all the facts and traditions about a particular subject)  :: perimätieto
lore {n} (the backstory created around a fictional universe)  :: taustatarina
Lorentz force {n} (force)  :: Lorentzin voima
Lorentz transformation {n} (mathematics)  :: Lorentz-muunnos
lorgnette {n} /lɒɹnjɛt/ (an opera glass with a handle)  :: lornetti
lorikeet {n} (Any of various parrots)  :: sateenkaariluri, silmälasiluri, lurikki
Lorraine {prop} /ləˈɹeɪn/ (region east of Alsace)  :: Lothringen
lorry {n} (motor vehicle) SEE: truck  ::
lorry driver {n} (person employed to drive a truck) SEE: truck driver  ::
lory {n} (small parrot)  :: luri
Los Angeles {prop} /lɔs ˈændʒələs/ (largest city in California)  :: Los Angeles
lose {v} /luːz/ (cause (something) to cease to be in one's possession or capability)  :: menettää
lose {v} ((transitive) fail to win)  :: hävitä
lose {v} (have (somebody of one's kin) die)  :: menettää
lose {v} (informal: shed, remove, discard, eliminate)  :: ottaa pois
lose {v} (fail to be the winner)  :: hävitä
lose face {v} (lose respect of others)  :: menettää kasvonsa
lose heart {v} (to despair)  :: tulla epätoivoiseksi, vaipua epätoivoon
lose one's balance {v} (unsteady) SEE: unsteady  ::
lose one's life {v} (to die)  :: menettää henkensä, heittää veivinsä
lose one's lunch {v} (slang: to vomit)  :: yrjötä
lose one's rag {v} (colloquial: to become angry)  :: repiä pelihousunsa
lose one's shit {v} (vulgar: to lose one's temper)  :: alkaa vituttaa, saada paskahalvaus
lose one's shit {v} (to have a sudden burst of emotion)  :: saada hepuli
lose one's temper {v} /luːz wʌnz tɛmpə(ɹ)/ (to be explosively angry)  :: raivostua, polttaa päreensä, menettää malttinsa, hypätä kattoon
lose one's virginity {v} (to stop being a virgin after the first sexual intercourse)  :: menettää neitsyytensä
lose one's way {v} (get lost) SEE: get lost  ::
loser {n} /luzɚ/ (person who fails to win)  :: häviäjä
loser {n} (someone who loses in a specified manner)  :: häviäjä
loser {n} (someone with bad luck or poor skills who consistently loses)  :: epäonnistuja, luuseri
loser {n} (person who is frequently unsuccessful in life)  :: luuseri
loser {n} (insult)  :: luuseri
loser {n} (someone who has lost weight)  :: painonpudottaja
lose sight of {v} (be no longer able to see)  :: kadottaa näkyvistään
lose sight of {v} (fail to remember)  :: unohtaa, laiminlyödä, hylätä
lose touch {v} (cease to be familiar with someone or something)  :: menettää yhteys, vieraantua
lose weight {v} (to become less heavy)  :: laihtua, laihduttaa
losing streak {n} (sequence of losses)  :: tappioputki
losing streak {n} (slang: menstruation)  :: menkat
loss {n} /lɔs/ (instance of losing)  :: häviö
loss {n} (something lost)  :: hävikki
loss {n} (hurtful condition resulting from losing)  :: menetys
loss {n} (casualties)  :: häviöt {p}
loss {n} (financial: negative result on balance)  :: tappio
loss {n} (engineering: power expended without doing useful work)  :: häviö
loss leader {n} /ˈlɒs ˈliːdə(ɹ)/ (item sold at or below cost to stimulate sales)  :: sisäänheittotuote
lossy {adj} /ˈlɔsi/ (subject to loss of signal strength)  :: häviöllinen
lossy {adj} (subject to various forms of power loss)  :: häviöllinen
lossy {adj} (reducing the amount of information in data)  :: häviöllinen
lost {adj} /lɔst/ (unable to find one's way)  :: eksynyt, eksyksissä
lost {adj} (in an unknown location)  :: kadonnut, kadoksissa, hukassa
lost {adj} (not perceptible to the senses; no longer visible)  :: kadonnut
lost {adj} (parted with; no longer held or possessed)  :: menetetty, hukattu
lost {adj} (not employed or enjoyed; thrown away)  :: hukattu
lost {adj} (ruined or destroyed)  :: kadonnut, kadotettu
lost {adj} (hardened beyond sensibility or recovery)  :: paatunut
lost {adj} (occupied with, or under the influence of, something)  :: uppoutunut
lost and found {n} (department, service or location where items that are found can be claimed by their owners)  :: löytötavaratoimisto
lost errand {n} (A mission likely to fail)  :: hukkareissu
lost in translation {adj} (unable to understood due to having been poorly translated)  :: kadota käännöksessä
lost property {n} (lost and found) SEE: lost and found  ::
Lost River Range {prop} (group of high mountains located in central Idaho)  :: Lost River Range
lost sheep {n} (disadvantaged or marginalized person)  :: eksynyt lammas
lost weekend {n} (period of several days in which one indulges in activities such as binge drinking, drug-taking and sex)  :: viikonloppuputki
lot {n} /lɒt/ (number of things taken collectively)  :: erä
lot {n} (informal: a number of people taken collectively)  :: joukko
lot {n} (distinct portion or plot of land)  :: tontti
lot {n} (that which happens without human design or forethought)  :: kohtalo, osa
lot {n} (anything used in determining a question by chance)  :: arpa
lot {n} (fate that falls to one by chance)  :: arpaonni
lot {n} (prize in a lottery)  :: voitto, arpajaisvoitto
lot {n} (large quantity or number) SEE: a lot  ::
Lot {prop} /lɑt/ (nephew of Abraham)  :: Loot
loth {adj} (reluctant) SEE: loath  ::
lothario {n} /loʊˈθɛəɹioʊ]/ (seducer)  :: naistenmies
lotion {n} /ˈloʊʃən/ (ointment that one rubs on the skin)  :: voide
lot number {n} (identification number)  :: eränumero
lots {n} (lots) SEE: a lot  ::
lottery {n} /ˈlɑtɚi/ (scheme for the distribution of prizes by lot or chance)  :: arpajaiset {p}, arvonta
lottery {n} (affair of chance)  :: arpapeli, onnenpeli, onnenkauppa
lottery ticket {n} (slip of paper drawn in a lottery)  :: arpalippu
lotto {n} (game of chance similar to bingo)  :: lotto
lotto {n} (lottery)  :: arpajaiset {p}
lotus {n} (Nymphaea) SEE: water lily  ::
lotus {n} /ˈloʊtəs/ (plant of the genus Nelumbo)  :: lootus
lotus {n} (legendary plant)  :: lootus
lotus {n} (plant of the genus Lotus)  :: maite
lotus {n} (architectural motif)  :: lootus
lotus {n} (Diospyros lotus) SEE: date plum  ::
lotus foot {n} (foot whose shape has been altered by footbinding)  :: lootusjalka
lotus nut {n} (lotus seed) SEE: lotus seed  ::
lotus position {n} (cross-legged sitting position)  :: lootusasento
lotus seed {n} (seed from the plants in the genus Nelumbo)  :: lootuksensiemen
lotus shoe {n} (specially shaped shoe used for footbinding)  :: lootuskenkä
loud {adj} /laʊd/ (of a sound)  :: äänekäs, kovalla
loud {adj} (noisy)  :: äänekäs, kovaääninen
loud {adj} (of a colour, clothing, etc.)  :: räikeä
loud and clear {adv} (in a clear and easily understandable manner)  :: selvästi
loudmouthed {adj} (loud, indiscreet)  :: kovaääninen
loudness race {n} (public backlash) SEE: loudness war  ::
loudness war {n} (practice of producing ever louder versions of music recordings)  :: äänekkyyssota
loudspeaker {n} /ˈlaʊdspiːkɚ/ (transducer)  :: kajari, kovaääninen, kaiutin, ämyri
loudspeaker {n} (encasing)  :: kaiutin, kajari, kovaääninen, ämyri
Lou Gehrig's disease {n} (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)  :: Lou Gehrigin tauti, ALS-tauti
Louis {prop} /lu.ɪs/ (male given name)  :: Ludvig [historical only]
Louisa {prop} (female given name) SEE: Louise  ::
louis d'or {n} /ˌluːɪ ˈdɔː/ (any gold coin introduced in France by Louis XIII)  :: louis d'or
Louise {prop} /luːˈiːz/ (feminine form of Louis)  :: Loviisa
lounge {n} /laʊndʒ/ (waiting room)  :: odotushuone
lounge {n} (living room)  :: olohuone
lounge {n} (establishment)  :: baari
lounge {v} (to relax)  :: oleilla, oleskella
loupe {n} /luːp/ (magnifying glass often used by jewellers and watchmakers)  :: luuppi
lour {v} /ˈlaʊɚ/ (to be dark, gloomy, and threatening, as clouds)  :: uhata
lour {v} (to frown; to look sullen)  :: murjottaa
lourie {n} (bird of the family Musophagidae)  :: turako
louse {n} /laʊs/ (insect)  :: täi
louse {n} (worthless person)  :: luopio, hylkiö, epatto
louse fly {n} (Hippoboscidae) SEE: ked  ::
louse up {v} (to mess up)  :: sotkea
lousewort {n} (plant of the genus Pedicularis)  :: kuusio
lousy {adj} (remarkably bad; of poor quality, dirty, or underhanded)  :: surkea
Louvre {prop} /luvʁ/ (an art museum in France)  :: Louvre
lovable {adj} (inspiring love)  :: rakastettava, herttainen
lovage {n} /ˈlʌvɪdʒ/ (A Mediterranean herb)  :: liperi
love {n} /lʌv/ (strong affection)  :: rakkaus
love {n} (object of one's romantic feelings; darling or sweetheart)  :: rakas, kulta, rakastettu, rakkaus
love {n} (colloquial: term of friendly address)  :: kultaseni
love {n} (euphemistic: sexual desire or activity)  :: rakkaus
love {n} (closing of a letter)  :: rakkaudella
love {n} (thin silk material)  :: silkkiharso
love {n} (Clematis vitalba)  :: saksankärhö
love {v} (have a strong affection for)  :: rakastaa
love {v} (be strongly inclined towards doing)  :: pitää paljon, pitää kovasti, rakastaa
love {v} (care about; will good for)  :: rakastaa
love {v} ((euphemistic): to have sex with)  :: mennä sänkyyn jnk kanssa, rakastella jnk kanssa
love {n} (zero)  :: nolla
love affair {n} (adulterous relationship)  :: rakkausseikkailu, rakkausjuttu, rakkaussuhde
love affair {n} (fondness)  :: rakkaussuhde
love at first sight {n} (an instantaneous attraction)  :: rakkaus ensi silmäyksellä
lovebird {n} (a parrot of the genus Agapornis)  :: kaijanen
lovebird {n} (an affectionate couple (or a person thereof))  :: kyyhkyläiset {p}
love bite {n} (swelling on the skin)  :: fritsu
love child {n} (child born as a result of a romantic liaison between unmarried parents)  :: avioton lapsi, lehtolapsi
lovechild {n} (child born out of wedlock) SEE: love child  ::
loved {adj} /lʌvd/ (Being the object of love)  :: rakastettu
loved one {n} (very close friend or family member)  :: läheinen [family or friend]; omainen [family]
loved one {n} (recently deceased friend or family member)  :: läheinen [family or friend]; omainen [family]
love egg {n} (egg-shaped sex toy)  :: muna
love grass {n} (grass of the genus Eragrostis)  :: röllinurmikka
love handle {n} (a protruding area of fat on the side of the body)  :: jenkkakahva
love-hate {adj}  :: viha-rakkaus-, [see: viha-rakkaussuhde]
love hotel {n} (short-stay hotel for sex)  :: tuntihotelli
love-in-a-mist {n} (Nigella damascena)  :: tarhaneito
love is blind {proverb} (proverb)  :: rakkaus on sokea
loveless {adj} (without love)  :: rakkaudeton
love letter {n} (letter about the author's love)  :: rakkauskirje
love life {n} (individual's amorous life)  :: rakkauselämä
lovely {adj} /ˈlʌvli/ (Beautiful; charming; very pleasing in form, looks, tone, or manner.)  :: suloinen, viehättävä, miellyttävä
lovely {adj} (very nice, wonderful)  :: ihana
love potion {n} (philter) SEE: philter  ::
lover {n} /ˈlʌvɚ/ (one who loves another person)  :: rakastaja, rakas
love rat {n} (adulterer) SEE: adulterer  ::
love scene {n} (segment in a film)  :: rakastelukohtaus
love seat {n} (A sofa for two people)  :: kahdenistuttava sohva
lovesick {adj} (behaving oddly due to love)  :: rakastunut [in love]; rakkaudesta sekaisin [adv.]
lovesick {adj} (having an aching desire for one's beloved)  :: ikävöivä
love song {n} (song about love)  :: rakkauslaulu
lovestone {n} (ivy)  :: muratti
love triangle {n} /ˈlʌv ˌtɹʌɪæŋɡəl/ (situation in which two people vie for the love of a third)  :: kolmiodraama
loving {adj} /ˈlʌvɪŋ/ (expressing a large amount of love)  :: rakastava
low {adj} /loʊ/ (in a position comparatively close to the ground)  :: matala, alhainen
low {adj} (small in height)  :: matala
low {adj} (situated below the normal level)  :: alhainen
low {adj} (depressed, sad)  :: alakuloinen
low {adj} (not high in amount or quantity)  :: alhainen, matala
low {adj} (of pitch)  :: matala
low {adj} (quiet; soft; not loud)  :: hiljainen, matala
low {adj} (despicable)  :: alhainen, ala-arvoinen
low {adj} (lacking health or vitality; feeble; weak)  :: alhainen [e.g. pulse]; heikko [weak, feeble]
low {adj} (being near the equator)  :: matala
low {adj} (humble in character or status)  :: vaatimaton [character]; vaatimaton, alhainen [status]
low {adj} (simple in complexity or development)  :: yksinkertainen [complexity]; alhainen [development]
low {adj} (designed for the slowest speed)  :: pieni [of gears]
low {adj} (phonetics: articulated with a low position of part of the tongue in relation to the palate)  :: ala-, see alavokaali
low {adj} (not rich; plain; simple)  :: niukka
low {n} (something that is low)  :: pohja
low {n} (depressed mood or situation)  :: alakulo
low {n} (area of low pressure)  :: matala, matalapaine
low {n} (lowest-speed gearing of a power-transmission system)  :: ykkönen, ykkösvaihde
low {adv} (with a low voice or sound)  :: hiljaa
low {adv} (at a low price)  :: halvalla
low {n} (flame) SEE: flame  ::
low {v} (moo) SEE: moo  ::
low-carb {adj} (low in carbohydrates)  :: matalahiilihydraattinen
low-density lipoprotein {n} (type of lipoprotein)  :: LDL-kolesteroli
low-enriched uranium {n} (low-enriched uranium)  :: matalarikasteinen uraani
lower {v} /ˈloʊɚ/ (let (something) descend by its own weight, such as a bucket or sail)  :: laskea
lower {v} (reduce the height of, as a fence or chimney)  :: madaltaa
lower {v} (depress as to direction, as a gun)  :: laskea
lower {v} (make less elevated as to object, as ambitions or hopes)  :: laskea
lower {v} (reduce the degree, intensity, strength, etc., of, as temperature)  :: laskea, alentaa
lower {v} (transitive: to humble)  :: alentaa
lower {v} (reflexive: to humble oneself)  :: alentua
lower {v} (reduce (something) in value, amount, etc.)  :: alentaa
lower {v} (to fall, to grow less)  :: laskea, alentua, vajeta
lower {v} (intransitive: to decrease in value)  :: laskea, alentua
lower arm {n} (section of an arm) SEE: forearm  ::
lower back {n} (the lower part of the back)  :: alaselkä
lower case {n} /ˈləʊ.ə(ɹ)ˌkeɪs/ (lower case letters, collectively)  :: gemena, pienaakkonen, pieni kirjain
lowercase {adj} /ˈləʊ.ə(ɹ)ˌkeɪs/ (in lower case)  :: pienillä kirjaimilla kirjoitettu
lower chamber {n} (lower house) SEE: lower house  ::
lower class {n} (class of people)  :: alaluokka
lower court {n} SEE: inferior court  ::
lower house {n} (part of a parliament)  :: alahuone
lower limit {n} (the lower limit of a sequence of real numbers)  :: alaraja
lower respiratory tract {n} (part of respiratory tract)  :: alahengitystiet {p}
Lower Saxony {prop} (state)  :: Ala-Saksi
lowest common denominator {n} (smallest multiple of several denominators)  :: pienin yhteinen nimittäjä
lowest common denominator {n} (most simple shared interest)  :: pienin yhteinen nimittäjä
low-fat {adj} (not having a high number of calories from fat)  :: vähärasvainen
Low German {prop} (West Germanic language)  :: alasaksa
Low Germany {prop} (Northern Germany)  :: Alasaksa [dated]
lowland {n} (area which is lower than surroundings)  :: alanko
low-level language {n} (computer language whose source code is a somewhat user-friendly version of a computer architecture's assembly language)  :: matalan tason kieli
lowly {adj} (not lofty or sublime; humble)  :: vaatimaton
low-lying {adj} (referring to places that are lower than nearby areas)  :: alava
lowness {n} (property)  :: mataluus, alhaisuus
lowness {n} (something vulgar)  :: rahvaanomaisuus, säädyttömyys
low-resolution {adj} (having a low resolution)  :: matalaresoluutioinen
Low Saxon {prop} (language or language group)  :: alasaksa, alasaksi
low season {n} (period of lowest demand)  :: matalasesonki
low-speed {adj} (slower than normal speed)  :: hidas
lox {n} /lɑks/ (smoked salmon)  :: savulohi
loyal {adj} /ˈlɔɪəl/ (firm in allegiance to a person or institution)  :: lojaali, uskollinen
loyalness {n} (loyalty) SEE: loyalty  ::
loyalty {n} (the state of being loyal; fidelity)  :: lojaalius, uskollisuus, luotettavuus
loyalty {n} (faithfulness or devotion to some person, cause or nation)  :: lojaalius, uskollisuus
lozenge {n} /ˈlɑzɪndʒ/ (rhombus)  :: neljäkäs, vinoneliö
lozenge {n} (medicated sweet)  :: kurkkupastilli
lubber {n} (inexperienced sailor)  :: maakrapu
lube {n} (lubricant) SEE: lubricant  ::
lube {v} (lubricate) SEE: lubricate  ::
lubricant {n} (substance used to reduce friction)  :: voiteluaine, liukastin, liukaste, liukastusaine, liukuvoide, liukkari
lubricant {n} (personal lubricant) SEE: personal lubricant  ::
lubricate {v} (to make slippery or smooth)  :: voidella
lubrication {n} /lubɹɪˈkeɪʃən/ (the application of lubricants)  :: voitelu
lubrication payment {n} (euphemism for a bribe)  :: voiteluraha
Lucas {prop} (male given name) SEE: Luke  ::
Lucia {prop} (female given name) SEE: Lucy  ::
Lucian {prop} /ˈluː.sɪən/ (sophist of Syrian origin)  :: Lukianos
lucid {adj} /ˈluːsɪd/ (clear; easily understood)  :: selvä, selkeä
lucid {adj} (mentally rational; sane)  :: selväpäinen, selkeä-älyinen
lucid {adj} (bright, luminous, translucent or transparent)  :: selkeä, kirkas, läpikuultava, läpinäkyvä
lucid dream {n} (lucid dream)  :: selkouni
lucid dreaming {n} (Lucid dreaming)  :: selkouni
luciferase {n} (biochemistry: any one of a group of enzymes that produce bioluminescence by oxidizing luciferin)  :: lusiferaasi
Luciferianism {prop} (belief system that venerates the essential characteristics identified with Lucifer)  :: luciferilaisuus
luciferin {n} (biochemistry: any of a class of polycyclic heterocycles)  :: lusiferiini
Lucite {prop} (brand of tough transparent thermoplastic)  :: pleksilasi
luck {n} /lʌk/ (something that happens to someone by chance)  :: onni, tuuri, [slang] munkki, säkä
luckily {adv} /ˈlʌkɪli/ (in a lucky manner)  :: onneksi
luck out {v} (to experience great luck)  :: käydä tuuri, olla onnea, onnistaa
luck out {v} (to run out of luck)  :: olla huono onni
lucky {adj} /ˈlʌki/ (of people, having good fortune)  :: hyväonninen, onnekas
lucky {adj} (being good by chance)  :: onnekas, onnellinen
lucky charm {n} (object kept for good luck)  :: taikakalu, onnenkalu
Lucky Charms {prop} (breakfast cereal)  :: Lucky Charms
lucky dog {n} (one with good luck)  :: onnenmyyrä, onnenpekka, onnenpoika
lucky streak {n} (winning streak) SEE: winning streak  ::
lucrative {adj} (producing a surplus; profitable)  :: tuottava, tuottoisa
lucrativeness {n} (property of being lucrative)  :: tuottoisuus, kannattavuus
Lucy {prop} /ˈluːsi/ (female given name)  :: Lucia
Luddite {n} /ˈlʌ.daɪt/ (19th-century textile worker who destroyed machinery)  :: luddiitti
Luddite {n} (one opposing technological change)  :: luddiitti
ludicrous {adj} /ˈluː.dɪ.kɹəs/ (idiotic or unthinkable, often to the point of being funny)  :: älytön, absurdi, järjetön, idioottimainen, naurettava, huvittava
Ludwig's angina {n} (infection of the floor of the mouth)  :: Ludwigin angiina
Lugansk {prop} (Luhansk) SEE: Luhansk  ::
luge {n} /luːʒ/ (A racing sled)  :: ohjaskelkka
luge {n} (The sport of racing on luges)  :: ohjaskelkkailu
luge {v} (to ride a luge)  :: kelkkailla
luger {n} /ˈluːʒ.ə(ɹ)/ (competer in the luge)  :: ohjaskelkkailija
luggage {n} /ˈlʌɡɪd͡ʒ/ (traveller's containers)  :: matkatavarat
luggage cart {n} (vehicle pushed by travellers)  :: matkatavarakärry
Luhansk {prop} (city)  :: Luhansk, Lugansk
Luhansk People's Republic {prop} (secessionist state in Luhanshchyna, the Ukraine)  :: Luhanskin kansantasavalta
Lukas {prop} (given name) SEE: Luke  ::
Lukashenko {prop} (surname)  :: Lukašenka, Lukašenko
Luke {prop} /luk/ (given name)  :: Luukas
Luke {prop} (evangelist)  :: Luukas
Luke {prop} (gospel of Luke)  :: Luukkaan evankeliumi
lukewarm {adj} /ˌlukˈwɔɹm/ (temperature)  :: haalea
lukewarm {adj} (not very enthusiastic)  :: vaimea, laimea
Luleå {prop} (municipality)  :: Luulaja
Lule Sami {prop} (language)  :: luulajansaame
lull {v} /lʌl/ (to cause to rest)  :: tuudittaa
lullaby {n} /ˈlʌləbaɪ/ (a soothing song to lull children to sleep)  :: tuutulaulu
luma {n} /ˈluma/ (currency)  :: luma
lumbago {n} /lʌmˈbeɪɡoʊ/ (lumbar-region backache, see also: backache)  :: noidannuoli
lumbar {adj} /ˈlʌm.bɑːɹ/ (related to the lower back or loin)  :: lanne-
lumbar puncture {n} (procedure to collect cerebrospinal fluid)  :: lannepisto
lumbar vertebra {n} (Any of five lower vertebrae)  :: lannenikama
lumber {n} /ˈlʌm.bɚ/ (wood as building material)  :: puutavara
lumberjack {n} /ˈlʌm.bɚ.dʒæk/ (person who fells trees)  :: metsuri
lumbermill {n} (mill for processing lumber) SEE: sawmill  ::
lumberyard {n} (facility)  :: lautatarha, puutavaraliike
lumen {n} /ˈluːmən/ (SI-unit for luminous flux)  :: luumen
lumen {n} (anatomy: cavity within tubular organ)  :: lumen, ontelo
lumen {n} (botany: cavity bounded by cell wall)  :: lumen, ontelo
lumen {n} (medicine: bore of a tube)  :: lumen
luminaire {n} (light fixture) SEE: light fixture  ::
luminescence {n} /luːmɪˈnɛs(ə)ns/ (emission)  :: luminesenssi
luminol {n} (chemical that exhibits blue chemiluminescence)  :: luminoli
luminosity {n} (rate at which a star radiates energy)  :: luminositeetti
luminous {adj} /ˈluːmɪnəs/ (emitting light; glowing brightly)  :: valaiseva, kirkas, valovoimainen
luminous {adj} (brightly illuminated)  :: kirkkaasti valaistu
luminous energy {n} (SI-unit for luminous flux)  :: valoenergia
luminous flux {n}  :: valovirta
luminous intensity {n} (measure of light)  :: valovoima
lummox {n} /ˈlʌməks/ (clumsy, stupid person)  :: tohelo, tomppeli, hömelö
lump {n} /lʌmp/ (something that protrudes, sticks out, or sticks together; a cluster or blob; a mound, hill, or group)  :: paakku, möykky, kyhmy, kuhmu, patti, klimppi, klöntti
lump {n} (group, set, or unit)  :: kertasuoritus (of money), kasa, pala
lump {v} (to treat as single unit)  :: niputtaa
lumpfish {n} (lumpsucker) SEE: lumpsucker  ::
lumpsucker {n} (scorpaeniform fish)  :: rasvakala
lump sum {n} (large one-time payment)  :: kertamaksu, kertakorvaus, kertakaikkinen maksu, kertakaikkinen korvaus, könttäsumma
Luna {prop} (Earth's moon) SEE: Moon  ::
lunacy {n} /ˈluː.nə.si / (state of being mad)  :: hulluus
lunacy {n} (something deeply misguided)  :: hulluus
lunar calendar {n} (a calendar that measures the passage of the year according to the phases of the moon)  :: kuukalenteri
lunar caustic {n} (silver nitrate fused into a stick)  :: laapispuikko
lunar eclipse {n} (when the Earth casts its shadow over the Moon)  :: kuunpimennys
lunate bone {n} (os lunatum)  :: puolikuuluu
lunatic {n} /ˈluːnətɪk/ (insane person)  :: hullu, kuuhullu, mielipuoli
lunatic asylum {n} (mental hospital) SEE: mental hospital  ::
lunch {n} /lʌnt͡ʃ/ (meal around midday)  :: lounas
lunch {v} (to eat lunch)  :: lounastaa
luncheon {n} (a formal term for lunch) SEE: lunch  ::
luncheon {n} /ˈlʌntʃ.ən/ (formal meal served in the middle of the day)  :: lounastilaisuus
lunchtime {n} (time or hour for lunch)  :: lounasaika
lunette {n} /luːˈnɛt/ (small opening in a vaulted roof of a circular or crescent shape)  :: lunetti
lunette {n} (crescent-shaped recess or void in the space above a window or door)  :: lunetti
lunette {n} (field work consisting of two projecting faces forming a wedge)  :: lunetti
lung {n} /ˈlʌŋ/ (organ that extracts oxygen from the air)  :: keuhko
lung cancer {n} (cancer of the lung(s))  :: keuhkosyöpä
lung capacity {n} (lung volume) SEE: lung volume  ::
lunge {n} /lʌndʒ/ (sudden movement)  :: syöksy
lunge {v} (to make a sudden movement)  :: syöksyä
lunge {v} (to work a horse in a circle around a handler)  :: juoksuttaa
lunge {n} (long rope) SEE: lunge line  ::
lungeing cavesson {n} (halter)  :: kapsoni, juoksutusriimu
lunge line {n} (long to control a horse while lungeing)  :: juoksutusliina
lungfish {n} (air-breathing fish of the class Dipnoi)  :: keuhkokala
lung volume {n} (volume of air associated with different phases of the respiratory cycle)  :: keuhkojen tilavuus
lunokhod {n} (a Soviet lunar rover)  :: lunohod
lunula {n} (pale area at the base of the fingernail)  :: lunula
lupin {n} /ˈluːpɪn/ (any member of the genus Lupinus in the family Fabaceae)  :: lupiini
lupin {n} (an edible lupine seed)  :: lupiininsiemen
lupine {adj} /ˈluː.paɪn/ (wolf-like)  :: susimainen
lupine {adj} (having the characteristics of a wolf)  :: susimainen
lupine {adj} (ravenous)  :: ahnas
lupine {n} (lupin) SEE: lupin  ::
lupus {n} /ˈluːpəs/ (autoimmune disease)  :: lupus
Lupus {prop} /ˈluːpəs/ (summer constellation of the northern sky)  :: Susi
lure {n} /lʊəɹ/ (tempting or attractive object)  :: houkutin
lure {n} (artificial fishing bait)  :: viehe, uistin
lure {v} (to entice)  :: houkutella
lurid {adj} (melodramatic) SEE: melodramatic  ::
lurid {adj} /ˈlʊɹɪd/ (shocking, horrifying)  :: kauhea, kaamea, kammottava, kauhistuttava
lurid {adj} (ghastly, pale or wan in appearance)  :: kelmeä
lurid {adj} (being of a light yellow hue)  :: kelmeä
lurk {v} /lɝk/ (to remain concealed in order to ambush)  :: väijyä, vaania
lurk {v} (to remain unobserved)  :: piileksiä
lurk {v} (to hang out or wait around a location)  :: piileksiä, piilotella, hiippailla
lurk {v} (to view an internet forum without posting comments)  :: taustahengailla
lurker {n} (someone who lurks)  :: väijyjä
Lusaka {prop} (capital of Zambia)  :: Lusaka
lush {adj} /lʌʃ/ (dense, teeming with life)  :: rehevä, kukoistava
lush {adj} (luxuriant, delicious)  :: mehevä
lush {adj} (beautiful, sexy)  :: seksikäs
lush {n} (alcoholic)  :: juoppo
Luso- {prefix} (relating to Portugal or Portuguese)  :: portugalilais-
Lusophone {adj} /ˈlusəˌfoʊn/ (of a person, Portuguese-speaking)  :: portugalinkielinen
Lusophone {adj} (of a place, Portuguese-speaking)  :: portugalinkielinen
Lusophone {n} (Portuguese speaker)  :: portugalinkielinen
lust {n} /lʌst/ (strong desire, especially of a sexual nature)  :: himo
lust {n} (general want or longing)  :: ikävöinti, ikävä
lust {n} (delightful cause of joy, pleasure)  :: ilo
lust {v} (strongly desire)  :: himoita
lust {v} (crave sexual contact)  :: himoita
luster {n} (a shine, polish or sparkle)  :: kiilto, loiste, hohde, hohto
luster {n} (brilliance, attractiveness or splendor)  :: hohto
luster {n} (refinement, polish or quality)  :: loisto {m}, loiste
lustful {adj} /ˈlʌst.fəl/ (full of lust)  :: himokas
lustfully {adv} (in a lustful manner)  :: himokkaasti
lustfulness {n} (the state of being lustful)  :: himokkuus
lustration {n} (a rite of purification, especially washing)  :: puhdistautuminen, lustraatio
lustration {n} (restoration of credibility to a government by the purging earlier perpetrators)  :: puhdistus, lustraatio
lustre {n} (luster) SEE: luster  ::
lustre {v} (luster) SEE: luster  ::
lustrous {adj} (having a glow or lustre)  :: kiiltävä, loistava
lute {n} /l(j)uːt/ (stringed instrument)  :: luuttu
lutefisk {n} /ˈluːtəfɪsk/ (Traditional Nordic dish)  :: lipeäkala, livekala
lutetium {n} (chemical element with atomic number of 71)  :: lutetium
Lutheran {adj} /ˈluːθəɹ(ə)n/ (pertaining to the theology of Martin Luther or his followers, or the Lutheran church)  :: luterilainen, evankelis-luterilainen
Lutheran {n} (member of any Christian church identifying with the theology of Martin Luther)  :: luterilainen
Lutheranism {n} (branch of Christianity developed by Martin Luther)  :: luterilaisuus, evankelis-luterilaisuus
luthier {n} /ˈluː.ti.ɚ/ (a person who, or a business which, makes or repairs stringed wooden musical instrument)  :: kielisoitinten rakentaja, viulunrakentaja, kitaranrakentaja
luvisol {n} (soil type)  :: savirikastemaannos
Luwian {n} /ˈluːvi.ən/ (member of an ancient Anatolian people)  :: luuvi
Luwian {prop} (language)  :: luuvi
Luwian {adj} (of or pertaining to Luwian language or its speakers)  :: luuvinkielinen
Luwian {adj} (of or pertaining to Luwia)  :: luvialainen
lux {n} (the derived unit of illuminance)  :: luksi
Luxembourg {prop} /ˈlʌk.səm.bɝɡ/ (country)  :: Luxemburg
Luxembourg {prop} (province in Belgium)  :: Luxembourg
Luxembourg {prop} (capital city)  :: Luxemburg
Luxembourg {prop} (district in Luxembourg)  :: Luxemburg
Luxembourgian {adj} (Luxembourgish) SEE: Luxembourgish  ::
Luxembourgish {adj} /ˈlʌksəmˌbəːɡɪʃ/ (pertaining to Luxembourg)  :: luxemburgilainen
Luxembourgish {prop} (language of Luxembourg)  :: luxemburg
luxury {n} /ˈlʌɡʒəɹi/ (very wealthy and comfortable surroundings)  :: ylellisyys, luksus, loisto
luxury {n} (something desirable but expensive)  :: ylellisyys
luxury {n} (something very pleasant but not really needed in life)  :: ylellisyys
luxury {adj} (indulgent)  :: ylellinen
luxury good {n} (product or service not considered essential to everyday life)  :: ylellisyystavara
Luzon {prop} (largest island of the Philippines)  :: Luzon
Luzon Strait {prop} (strait between Taiwan and Luzon)  :: Luzoninsalmi
löwchen {n} (Löwchen) SEE: Löwchen  ::
Löwchen {n} (Löwchen)  :: löwchen
-ly {suffix} /li/ (turns nouns to adjectives with the sense "similar to")  :: -mainen
-ly {suffix} (used to form adverbs from adjectives)  :: -sti
lycanthrope {n} (werewolf) SEE: werewolf  ::
lycanthropy {n} /lʌɪˈkanθɹəpi/ (act of shapeshifting)  :: lykantropia
lychee {n} /ˈlaɪ̯t͡ʃiː/ (tree)  :: litsi
lychee {n} (fruit)  :: litsi
Lydia {prop} /ˈlɪ.di.ə/ (biblical woman)  :: Lyydia
Lydia {prop} (female given name)  :: Lyyli, Lyydia
Lydian {n} /ˈlɪdɪən/ (native or inhabitant of Lydia)  :: lyydialainen
Lydian {prop} (language)  :: lyydia
Lydian {adj} (pertaining to Lydia)  :: lyydialainen
lye {n} /laɪ/ (caustic alkaline solution)  :: lipeä
Lyme disease {n} (infection by bacteria of the genus Borrelia)  :: borrelioosi, Lymen tauti
lyme grass {n} (Leymus arenarius)  :: rantavehnä
lymph {n} /lɪmf/ (the fluid carried by the lymphatic system)  :: imuneste, lymfa
lymphangioma {n} (benign tumor)  :: imusuoniluomi
lymphatic {adj} (pertaining to lymph or lymphatic system)  :: lymfaattinen
lymphatic {n} (vessel that transports lymph)  :: imusuoni
lymphatic system {n} (network of lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes)  :: imusuonisto
lymph node {n} (filtrating oval bodies of the lymphatic system)  :: imusolmuke, lymphonodi
lymphogranuloma venereum {n} /ˌlɪmfəˌɡɹænjʊˈləʊmə vəˈnɪəɹɪəm/ (sexually transmitted disease)  :: lokeronivusajos
lymphoma {n} (malignant tumor that arises in the lymph nodes or in other lymphoid tissue)  :: imusolmukesyöpä, lymfooma
lymph vessel {n} (vessel that carries lymph)  :: imusuoni
lynch {v} /lɪntʃ/ (execute without a proper legal trial)  :: lynkata
lynching {n} /lɪntʃɪŋ/ (execution of a person without a proper legal trial)  :: lynkkaus
lynx {n} /lɪŋks/ (wild cat)  :: ilves
Lynx {prop} (constellation)  :: Ilves
lynx-eyed {adj} (possessing particularly good vision)  :: haukansilmäinen
lyonnaise {adj} /ˌliː.əˈneɪz/ (cooked with onions)  :: sipuli-
lyonnaise {adj} (in a style typical to Lyons)  :: lyonilainen, lyonnaise
Lyons {prop} (a city in France)  :: Lyon
Lyra {prop} /ˈlaɪ.ɹə/ (constellation)  :: Lyyra, Lyra
lyre {n} /ˈlaɪ.ɚ/ (stringed musical instrument)  :: lyyra
lyrebird {n} (Australian songbirds of the genus Menura)  :: lyyralintu
lyric {n} (words of a song) SEE: lyrics  ::
lyricist {n} (writer of lyrics)  :: sanoittaja
lyric poetry {n} (lyric poetry)  :: lyriikka
lyrics {n} /ˈlɪɹ.ɪks/ (the words to a song)  :: sanoitus
lysergic acid {n} (the organic compound, 6-methyl-9,10-didehydro-ergoline-8-carboxylic acid)  :: lysergihappo
lysine {n} (essential amino acid, C6H14N2O2)  :: lysiini
lysozyme {n} /ˈlaɪsəzaɪm/ (bacteriolytic enzyme)  :: lysotsyymi