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R {abbr} :: Romanus
R {abbr} :: Rufus
R. {m} :: abbreviation of rabbī
rabbi {m} [Late Latin, chiefly used as an honorific] :: Master, Doctor, and especially Rabbi
rabboni {m} :: rabbi
rabboni {m} :: teacher (Jewish)
rabdophorus {adj} [New Latin] :: rod-bearing
rabidus {adj} :: raving, rabid, furious, savage, fierce
rabidus {adj} :: impulsive, passionate, impetuous
rabies {f} :: rage
rabies {f} :: madness
rabio {vi} :: I am mad, rave
rabiose {adv} :: madly, fiercely, rabidly
rabiosissime {adv} :: superlative of rabiōse
rabiosius {adv} :: comparative of rabiōse
rabiosulus {adj} :: somewhat mad, fierce, rabid
rabiosus {adj} :: mad, fierce, rabid
Rabirius {prop} {m} :: a Roman nomen gentile, gens or "family name" famously held by:
Rabirius {prop} {m} :: Gaius Rabirius Postumus, a Roman knight
Rabocentus {prop} {m} :: A chief of the Bessi mentioned by Cicero
rabula {f} :: pettifogger (unscrupulous lawyer)
Rabuleius {prop} {m} :: a Roman nomen gentile, gens or "family name" famously held by:
Rabuleius {prop} {m} :: Gaius Rabuleius, a Roman tribune
raca {?} :: idiot
racana {f} :: garment, wrap
racco {vi} [of tigers] :: I cry
racemarius {adj} :: Of or pertaining to grape-stalks; stalky; unfruitful
racematio {f} :: The gleaning of a vineyard, grape-gleaning
racematus {adj} :: formed in or having clusters or berries
racemifer {adj} :: bearing clusters, clustering, cluster-bearing
racemor {v} :: I glean
racemor {v} [figuratively] :: I treat of in a supplementary manner
racemosus {adj} :: full of clusters, clustering
racemus {m} :: cluster or bunch of grapes, berries or similar fruits
Rachias {prop} {m} :: A king of Taprobane mentioned by Pliny
Racilius {prop} {m} :: a Roman nomen gentile, gens or "family name" famously held by:
Racilius {prop} {m} :: Racilius, a Roman tribune
Racovia {prop} {f} :: Raków (Polish town 1569–1869 and village 1869–present, important centre of Socinianism in the 16th–17th CC.)
Radagaisus {prop} {m} :: A Gothic king who was defeated by Stilicho
radendus {v} :: which is to be scraped
radens {v} :: scraping, shaving, scratching
radens {v} :: rubbing, smoothing
radiandus {v} :: which is to be radiated
radians {v} :: shining, beaming
radiatilis {adj} :: radiant
radiatio {f} :: glittering, shining, radiation
radiaturus {v} :: about to radiate
radiatus {v} :: radiated
radicalis {adj} :: having roots
radicalis {adj} :: radical
radicandus {v} :: which is to be rooted
radicans {v} :: rooting (taking root)
radicaturus {v} :: about to root
radicatus {adj} :: rooted
radicesco {v} :: I take root
radicitus {adv} :: by the roots
radicitus {adv} :: utterly, completely, radically
radico {v} :: I take root
radicosus {adj} :: full of roots
radicula {noun} :: little root
radio {v} [active] :: I cause to radiate, irradiate
radio {v} [passive] :: I radiate, emit beams
radiodurans {adj} [New Latin] :: A specific epithet for a radioresistant extremophile bacteria
radiophonia {f} [New Latin] :: radio (technology)
radiophonicus {adj} [New Latin] :: radio, relating to radio [attributive]
radiophonium {n} [New Latin] :: alt form radiophōnum
radiophonum {n} [New Latin] :: radio (device)
radiosus {adj} :: radiant (emitting beams)
radium {n} :: radium
radius {m} :: ray (of light)
radius {m} :: staff, rod
radius {m} :: spoke (of a wheel)
radix {f} :: A root (of a plant)
radix {f} :: A radish
radix {f} :: The lower part of an object; root
radix {f} [figuratively] :: A foundation, basis, ground, origin, source, root
rado {v} :: I scrape, shave, scratch
rado {v} :: I rub, smooth
rado {v} :: I touch (upon), brush along, graze
radon {n} :: radon
Radosclavus {prop} {m} :: given name cognate to Radoslav
Radoslavus {prop} {m} :: given name cognate to Radoslav
radula {f} :: a scraper, scraping-iron
Raecius {prop} {m} :: a Roman nomen gentile, gens or "family name" famously held by:
Raecius {prop} {m} :: Marcus Raecius, a Roman praetor
raeda {f} :: A carriage
raedarius {m} :: A coachman, carriage driver
Raeti {prop} {mp} :: A pre-Roman tribe of the Alps
Raetia {prop} {f} :: Raetia
raetoromanicus {adj} :: Rhaeto-Romance
Ragonius {prop} {m} :: a Roman nomen gentile, gens or "family name" famously held by:
Ragonius {prop} {m} :: Ragonius Celsus, a Roman governor
raia {f} :: ray (a marine fish with a flat body)
Raimundus {prop} {m} :: Raymond (a male given name)
Ralla {prop} {m} :: A Roman cognomen — famously held by:
Ralla {prop} {m} :: Marcus Marcius Ralla, a Roman praetor
rallum {n} :: scraper (agricultural)
rallus {adj} :: thin, slim
rallus {m} [Medieval Latin] :: rail (aquatic bird)
ramale {n} :: twigs, shoots, sticks, brushwood
ramentum {n} :: shavings, splinters, chips (especially in plural)
ramex {f} [anatomy] :: The blood vessels of the lungs
ramex {f} [pathology] :: A rupture, hernia, varicocele
ramex {f} :: A staff
ramiflorus {adj} :: having flowers on the branches
Rammius {prop} {m} :: a Roman nomen gentile, gens or "family name" famously held by:
Rammius {prop} {m} :: Lucius Rammius, a Roman man of Brundisium
ramnum {n} :: bramble
ramosissimus {adj} :: highly branched
ramosissimus {adj} :: having very many branches
ramosus {adj} :: branching
ramosus {adj} :: Having many branches
ramulosus {adj} :: full of branching veins
ramulus {m} :: A little branch or bough
ramulus {m} :: A twig or sprig
ramus {m} :: branch
ramusculus {m} :: little branch
ramusculus {m} :: twig
rana {f} :: a frog
ranceo {v} :: I am rotten
rancidulus {adj} :: rancid, rather putrid, stinky
rancidulus {adj} :: disgusting, loathsome
rancidus {adj} :: rancid, rank, stinking
rancidus {adj} :: disgusting, loathsome, offensive
ranco {vi} [of tigers] :: I cry
rancor {m} [Late Latin] :: rancidity, stench, rankness
rancor {m} [Late Latin] :: grudge, rancor
rangifer {m} :: A reindeer; a caribou
raniformis {adj} [New Latin] :: frog-shaped, having the form of a frog
Ranius {prop} {m} :: a Roman nomen gentile, gens or "family name" famously held by:
Ranius {prop} {m} :: Lucius Ranius Optatus, a Roman consul
ranivorus {adj} [New Latin] :: ranivorous (frog-eating)
ranunculus {m} :: a little frog, polliwog, tadpole
ranunculus {m} :: buttercup, crowfoot (Ranunculus)
rapa {noun} :: alternative form of rāpum
rapacior {adj} :: more rapacious etc
rapacitas {f} :: rapacity, greediness
rapax {adj} :: grasping, greedy of plunder, rapacious
rapide {adv} :: rapidly
rapide {adv} :: hurriedly
rapidior {adj} :: swifter, quicker etc
rapiditas {f} :: swiftness, velocity, rapidity [especially of a body of water]
rapidulus {adj} :: swift, rapid
rapidus {adj} :: rapid, quick, swift
rapidus {adj} :: fierce, seizing
rapidus {adj} [figuratively] :: hasty, hurried
rapiendus {v} :: which is to be snatched, which is to be grabbed, which is to be carried off
rapiens {v} :: snatching, grabbing, carrying off
rapina {f} :: robbery, plundering, pillage, rapine
rapina {f} :: plunder, booty
rapio {v} :: I snatch, grab, carry off, abduct, rape
rapistrum {n} :: wild rape
Rapsa {prop} {f} :: An Ancient town of Africa mentioned by Pliny
raptatus {v} :: ravaged, plundered
raptim {adv} :: hastily, suddenly, speedily, hurriedly
raptio {f} :: an abduction; a carrying off
rapto {v} :: I seize and carry off
rapto {v} :: I drag along
rapto {v} :: I ravage, plunder
raptor {m} :: A thief, robber, plunderer
rapturus {v} :: about to snatch, about to grab, about to carry off
raptus {v} :: snatched, having been snatched, grabbed, having been grabbed, carried off, having been carried off
raptus {m} :: violent snatching
raptus {m} :: violent dragging away
raptus {m} :: robbery
raptus {m} :: thievery
raptus {m} :: carrying off
raptus {m} :: abduction
rapulum {n} :: little turnip
rapum {n} :: turnip
Rarapia {prop} {f} :: a town of Lusitania on the road from Ebora to Ossonoba
rarefaciens {v} :: rarefying
rarefacio {v} :: I rarefy
rarefactio {f} :: rarefaction
rarefacturus {v} :: about to rarefy
rarefactus {v} :: rarefied
rarior {adj} :: more scattered, rare etc
rarissimus {adj} :: rarest, most or very scattered, rare etc
raritas {f} :: looseness, thinness, the state of being loose, not dense
raritas {f} :: rarity, scarcity, moderation
raritas {f} :: a thing that is rare, a rarity
raritudo {f} [of texture] :: looseness
rarus {adj} :: scattered, far apart
rarus {adj} :: seldom, few
rarus {adj} :: rare, uncommon
rarus {adj} :: thin, loose
Rasennae {prop} {p} :: Etruscans, collectively
rasilis {adj} :: That can be easily polished
rasilis {adj} :: smooth, polished
Rasinius {prop} {m} :: a Roman nomen gentile, gens or "family name" famously held by:
Rasinius {prop} {m} :: Gaius Rasinius Silo, a Roman governor of Noricum
rasis {f} :: A kind of raw pitch
rasorium {noun} [Late Latin] :: razor
rastellus {m} :: rake, hoe, mattock
rastrum {n} [usually in plural] :: rake, hoe, mattock
rasura {f} :: a scraping, shaving
rasurus {v} :: about to touch, graze etc
rasus {v} :: scraped, shaved
Ratiaria {prop} {f} :: a town of Moesia situated on the Danube
Ratiatum {prop} {n} :: A town of the Pictones in Aquitania
ratihabeo {v} :: I have fixed or settled; confirm, approve, sanction, ratify, settle
Ratimarus {prop} {m} :: given name cognate to Ratimir
ratio {f} :: reason, explanation
ratio {f} :: calculation, account
ratio {f} :: manner, method
ratiocinans {v} :: reckoning
ratiocinatio {f} :: reasoning, ratiocination
ratiocinatio {f} [logic] :: syllogism
ratiocinativus {adj} :: reasoning (attributive), syllogistic, ratiocinative
ratiocinativus {adj} :: inferential
ratiocinaturus {v} :: about to reckon
ratiocinatus {v} :: reckoned
ratiocinium {n} :: reckoning
ratiocinium {n} :: computation
ratiocinium {n} :: reasoning
ratiocinor {v} :: I reckon, compute or calculate
ratiocinor {v} :: I argue, infer or conclude
rationabilis {adj} [of a person] :: rational, capable of reasoning
rationabilis {adj} [of a thing] :: [Late Latin] agreeable to reason, reasonable
rationale {adj} :: the nominative singular neuter of ratiōnālis (rational, of reason)
rationale {adj} :: the vocative singular neuter of ratiōnālis (rational, of reason)
rationale {adj} :: the accusative singular neuter of ratiōnālis (rational, of reason)
rationale {noun} :: The breastplate worn by Israelite high priests (Translation of λογεῖον or λόγιον (oracle) in the Septuagint version of Exodus 28.)
rationale {noun} :: a rationale worn by a bishop
rationalis {adj} :: accounts (attributive)
rationalis {adj} :: rational, reasonable, of or possessing reason
rationalis {adj} :: that has a ratio
rationalis {adj} :: syllogistic
rationaliter {adv} :: rationally, reasonably
rationarium {n} :: statistical table, schedule
rationarium {n} :: account book, ledger
rationarium {n} :: official account, accounting, summary
ratis {f} [nautical] :: raft
rator {m} :: thinker
rattus {m} [Medieval Latin] :: rat
raturus {v} :: about to reckon
ratus {v} :: considered, having been considered
ratus {adj} :: established, authoritative
ratus {adj} :: fixed, certain
ratus {m} :: alternative form of rattus; rat
raubo {v} [Middle Latin] :: I rob, plunder
rauca {f} :: A kind of worm that breeds in oak roots
raucus {adj} :: hoarse
raucus {adj} :: harsh, rough, grating, husky (sound)
raucus {adj} :: raucous
Rauda {prop} {f} :: A town of the Vaccaei in Hispania Tarraconensis, situated between Asturica and Caesaraugusta
Raunonia {prop} {f} :: an island north of Germany
Rauraci {prop} {mp} :: A tribe of Gaul, on the river Rhine
Ravenna {prop} {f} :: Ravenna (city in Italy)
Ravennas {adj} [geography] :: Ravennese; of, from, or related to Ravenna in Italy
Ravennatus {adj} [geography] :: Ravennese; of, from, or related to Ravenna in Italy
ravis {f} :: hoarseness
ravus {adj} :: tawny, gray
re {prep} :: About, regarding, with reference to
re- {prefix} :: back, backwards
re- {prefix} :: again; prefix added to various words to indicate an action being done again, or like the other usages indicated above under English
rea {f} :: defendant, accused
rea {f} [archaic] :: plaintiff
reactio {f} [physics, chemistry] :: reaction
readunatio {f} :: reunion, reuniting
reaedifico {v} :: I rebuild, reestablish
reaedifico {v} :: I recreate
reageo {v} [chemistry] :: To react
realis {adj} [post-Classical] :: real
realis {adj} [in general] :: actual, substantial, that actually exists
realis {adj} [philosophy] :: existing in fact, having objective existence
realis {adj} :: relating to, consisting of, or being immovable property
realis {adj} :: concerned with or relating to things
realis {m} [post-Classical, philosophy] :: a realist
realitas {f} :: [Medieval Latin] reality
realiter {adv} :: really
reamo {v} [New Latin] :: alternative form of redamō
reapse {adv} :: in fact, actually, really
Reate {prop} {n} :: an ancient city of the Sabines situated near the course of the Velinus river, now the town of Rieti
reatus {m} :: accusation, charge
rebellans {v} :: revolting
rebellatio {f} :: a renewal of hostilities; revolt, rebellion
rebellio {f} :: A renewal of war; rebellion, insurgency, revolt
rebellio {f} :: usurpation, overthrow
rebellis {adj} :: That makes war anew, waging war again; insurgent, rebellious
rebellis {adj} [substantive] :: A rebel, insurgent
rebello {vi} :: I renew war, I wage war again
rebello {vi} :: I revolt
Rebilus {prop} {m} :: A Roman cognomen — famously held by:
Rebilus {prop} {m} :: Gaius Caninius Rebilus, a Roman general
reboo {v} :: I bellow or call back
reboo {v} :: I resound, reecho
rebullio {v} :: I bubble up
reburrus {adj} :: with bristling hair
recalcitrans {v} :: being disobedient
recalcitro {v} :: I kick back (of a horse)
recalcitro {v} :: I am disobedient
recaleo {v} :: I grow or become warm again; I am or remain warm
recalvaster {adj} :: balding in front (especially with a bald forehead)
recalvatio {f} :: baldness (especially of the forehead)
recapitulo {v} :: I recapitulate, go over the main points of something again
recaptio {v} :: to repel, rechase
recasurus {v} :: about to return
recasus {v} :: returned
recedendus {v} :: which is to be receded, retreated
recedens {v} :: receding
recedens {v} :: retreating
recedo {v} :: I fall back, give ground, retire, withdraw, recede
recedo {v} :: I retreat
recens {adj} :: new, recent
recens {adj} :: fresh
recens {adj} :: young
recens {adj} :: vigorous
recens {adv} :: lately, recently
recensendus {v} :: which is to be reckoned
recensens {v} :: counting, enumerating, reckoning, surveying
recensens {v} :: reviewing
recenseo {v} :: I count, enumerate, reckon or survey
recenseo {v} :: I review, examine, survey or muster
recenseo {v} :: I go over, revise or review
recensio {f} :: an enumeration, review, reassessment
recensitus {v} :: alternative form of recensus
recensurus {v} :: about to reckon
recensus {v} :: counted, enumerated, reckoned, surveyed
recensus {v} :: reviewed
recentior {adj} :: newer, fresher, younger etc
recentissimus {adj} :: newest or very new
recentissimus {adj} :: most or very recent etc
receptaculum {n} :: A place to keep things in; reservoir, receptacle, repository, container
receptaculum {n} :: A place of refuge, lurking-place, shelter, retreat
receptibilis {adj} :: recoverable
receptio {f} :: The act of receiving, reception
receptio {f} :: A secret reception
receptio {f} :: The act of holding back, retention, reservation
receptrix {f} :: receiver (female)
receptrix {f} :: concealer (female)
recepturus {v} :: about to take back
recepturus {v} :: about to receive
receptus {v} :: retaken, having been retaken
receptus {v} :: received, having been received
receptus {m} :: retreat (falling back)
recessim {adv} :: going back
recessim {adv} :: going backwards
recessurus {v} :: about to recede, retreat
recessus {v} :: receded, retreated
recessus {m} :: recess
recessus {m} :: retreat
rechamus {m} :: A block or case containing a set of pulleys
recidendus {v} :: which is to be returned
recidens {v} :: returning
recidivus {adj} :: returning, recurring, falling back
recidivus {adj} [poetic] :: restored, rebuilt
recido {v} :: I fall back, return (especially of an evil)
recido {v} :: I recoil
recido {v} :: I fall upon, happen to
recido {v} :: I cut back, cut off
recido {v} :: I abridge, cut short
recingo {v} :: I ungird, loosen, undo
recingo {v} :: I gird again, refasten
reciperandus {v} :: which is to be regained
reciperans {v} :: regaining
reciperatio {f} :: recovery
reciperatio {f} :: recuperation
reciperator {m} :: regainer, recoverer
reciperator {m} :: A legal board for trials concerning property
reciperatorius {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the reciperators
reciperaturus {v} :: about to regain
reciperatus {v} :: regained
recipero {v} :: I get again, regain, recover
recipero {v} :: I revive, restore
recipiendus {v} :: which is to be retaken
recipiendus {v} :: which is to be received
recipiens {v} :: taking back
recipiens {v} :: receiving
recipio {v} :: I take back (i.e., regain possession of something)
recipio {v} [by extension, of a city] :: I recapture
recipio {v} :: I receive
recipio {v} :: I take upon myself, undertake, accept (esp. when done as a duty or under an obligation. Cf. suscipiō)
reciprocus {adj} :: back and forth
reciprocus {adj} :: alternating
reciprocus {adj} :: reciprocal
recisurus {v} :: about to cut back
recisus {v} :: cut back
recitandus {v} :: which is to be read aloud, which is to be recited
recitans {v} :: reading aloud, reciting
recitatio {f} :: recitation (reading aloud)
recitator {m} :: reciter
recitator {m} :: reader (of legal documents)
recitaturus {v} :: about to read aloud, about to recite
recitatus {v} :: read aloud, having been read aloud, recited, having been recited
recito {v} :: I read aloud, recite
recito {v} :: I appoint, name (in writing)
reclamandus {v} :: which is to be contradicted
reclamans {v} :: contradicting
reclamatio {f} :: complaint (a cry of opposition or disapprobation)
reclamaturus {v} :: about to contradict
reclamatus {v} :: contradicted
reclamitator {m} :: demonstrator
reclamito {v} :: I cry out against
reclamo {v} :: I cry out, exclaim, protest or shout against, contradict loudly
reclamo {v} :: I call for someone back, again, aloud or repeatedly
reclamo {v} [poetic] :: I reverberate, reecho, resound
reclinatorium {n} [in the plural] :: the back of a couch
reclinatorium {n} :: the seat of a chariot
reclinatus {v} :: bent back
reclinatus {v} :: reclined
reclino {v} :: I bend or lean back
reclino {v} :: I recline
recludo {v} :: I open, reopen
recludo {v} :: I disclose, reveal
reclusus {v} :: opened, reopened
reclusus {v} :: disclosed, revealed
recocturus {v} :: about to recook
recoctus {v} :: recooked
recoctus {v} :: refined
recogitans {v} :: considering, reflecting
recogitans {v} :: examining, inspecting
recogito {v} :: I consider or reflect
recogito {v} :: I examine or inspect
recogniturus {v} :: about to recognize
recognitus {v} :: recognized
recognoscendus {v} :: which is to be recognized
recognoscens {v} :: recognizing
recognosco {v} :: I know again, recollect, recall to mind, recognize
recognosco {v} :: I look over, review, investigate, examine, inspect; certify, authenticate
recolendus {v} :: which is to be renewed
recolens {v} :: cultivating again
recolens {v} :: renewing
recolens {v} :: reconsidering
recolens {v} :: recalling, contemplating
recolligo {v} :: I recover, gather again, collect
recolloco {v} :: I replace
recolo {v} :: I till or cultivate again
recolo {v} :: I renew
recolo {v} :: I reconsider
recolo {v} :: I recall or reflect upon
recolo {v} :: I contemplate
recommoneo {v} [Late Latin] :: I remind again
reconcilians {v} :: reuniting, reconciling; conciliating
reconciliatio {f} :: reinstatement, restoration, renewal
reconciliatio {f} :: reconciliation
reconciliatus {v} :: reunited, reconciled; conciliated
reconcilio {v} :: I bring together again, reunite, reconcile; conciliate; bring back
reconcilio {v} [by extension] :: I regain, recover, restore, reestablish, win back
recondendus {v} :: which is to be concealed
recondens {v} :: hiding, concealing
reconditior {adj} :: better hidden or concealed
reconditurus {v} :: about to conceal
reconditus {v} :: concealed
recondo {v} :: I put away
recondo {v} :: I hide or conceal
Reconstruction:Latin/abanteo {v} :: I move forward
Reconstruction:Latin/abbato {v} :: I beat down
Reconstruction:Latin/abbato {v} :: I cast down
Reconstruction:Latin/abbatuo {v} :: alternative form of *abbatō
Reconstruction:Latin/abbibero {v} :: I water (cattle, fields etc.)
Reconstruction:Latin/absedium {n} :: siege
Reconstruction:Latin/abyssimus {adj} :: abysmal
Reconstruction:Latin/acca {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: The name of the letter H
Reconstruction:Latin/accapo {v} :: I come to a head
Reconstruction:Latin/accaptio {v} [Vulgar Latin, Eastern Romance] :: I hook, hang
Reconstruction:Latin/accapto {v} [Alpine] :: I buy, purchase
Reconstruction:Latin/accapto {v} [Iberian] :: I respect
Reconstruction:Latin/accatto {v} :: alternative form of *accaptō
Reconstruction:Latin/accognito {v} :: I make known
Reconstruction:Latin/accolligo {v} :: I welcome
Reconstruction:Latin/accolligo {v} :: I receive
Reconstruction:Latin/accolligo {v} :: I accommodate
Reconstruction:Latin/accollo {v} :: I embrace around the neck
Reconstruction:Latin/accomplesco {v} :: I accomplish
Reconstruction:Latin/accordo {v} :: I make agree
Reconstruction:Latin/accum {adv} [Vulgar Latin] :: Used to form demonstratives
Reconstruction:Latin/accum hic {adv} [Vulgar Latin, Iberia] :: here
Reconstruction:Latin/accum ille {determiner} [Vulgar Latin] :: that one
Reconstruction:Latin/acquaerio {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I acquire
Reconstruction:Latin/acrus {adj} [Vulgar Latin] :: sour
Reconstruction:Latin/acucla {f} [Vulgar Latin] :: needle
Reconstruction:Latin/acutio {v} :: I whet
Reconstruction:Latin/adbassio {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I lower
Reconstruction:Latin/ad bassum {adv} :: downward or downwards
Reconstruction:Latin/ad bassum {adv} :: downstairs
Reconstruction:Latin/adbellesco {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I embellish, make beautiful
Reconstruction:Latin/adbracchio {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I hug, embrace
Reconstruction:Latin/ad hic {adv} [Vulgar Latin] :: here
Reconstruction:Latin/adiuxto {v} :: I commence
Reconstruction:Latin/adiuxto {v} :: I consecrate
Reconstruction:Latin/adminacio {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I threaten
Reconstruction:Latin/admortesco {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I deaden
Reconstruction:Latin/adneco {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: to drown
Reconstruction:Latin/adoclo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I look at, eye
Reconstruction:Latin/adpressum {adv} [Vulgar Latin, Gallo-Romance] :: after, afterwards
Reconstruction:Latin/ad retro {adv} :: to the rear
Reconstruction:Latin/ad satis {adv} :: to sufficiency
Reconstruction:Latin/adventura {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: adventure
Reconstruction:Latin/advero {v} :: I prove to be true
Reconstruction:Latin/advero {v} :: I make true
Reconstruction:Latin/advitio {v} :: I accustom
Reconstruction:Latin/aetaticum {n} :: age
Reconstruction:Latin/affronto {v} :: I strike against
Reconstruction:Latin/affronto {v} :: I hit in the face
Reconstruction:Latin/affumo {vt} [Vulgar Latin] :: I smoke (apply smoke to, for example food)
Reconstruction:Latin/affundo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I sink
Reconstruction:Latin/agesco {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I act, do something
Reconstruction:Latin/agurium {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: omen
Reconstruction:Latin/aiunus {adj} :: fasting
Reconstruction:Latin/aiunus {noun} :: a fast
Reconstruction:Latin/alemosyna {f} :: alms
Reconstruction:Latin/alicunus {adj} [Vulgar Latin] :: some
Reconstruction:Latin/alima {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: soul
Reconstruction:Latin/alisna {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: awl
Reconstruction:Latin/allacto {v} :: I breastfeed
Reconstruction:Latin/allacto {v} [of an animal] :: I suckle
Reconstruction:Latin/allo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I go
Reconstruction:Latin/allumino {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I illuminate
Reconstruction:Latin/altio {v} :: I hoist
Reconstruction:Latin/amaricus {adj} [Vulgar Latin] :: bitter
Reconstruction:Latin/ambito {v} :: I go
Reconstruction:Latin/ambosta {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: palmful
Reconstruction:Latin/amicitas {f} :: friendly relations (between things); friendship
Reconstruction:Latin/ando {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I go
Reconstruction:Latin/anteanus {adj} [Vulgar Latin] :: old, ancient
Reconstruction:Latin/apicla {*apiclae} [Vulgar Latin] :: bee [insect]
Reconstruction:Latin/appariculo {v} :: I equip or tool
Reconstruction:Latin/appariculo {v} :: I prepare or make ready
Reconstruction:Latin/appodio {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I support
Reconstruction:Latin/arbalista {f} :: A type of crossbow
Reconstruction:Latin/arborus {noun} [Vulgar Latin, Italy] :: a tree
Reconstruction:Latin/arcio {f} :: saddlebow
Reconstruction:Latin/ardo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I burn
Reconstruction:Latin/arresto {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I cause to stop
Reconstruction:Latin/arripo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I make landfall
Reconstruction:Latin/asciola {f} [Vulgar Latin] :: axe, adze
Reconstruction:Latin/ascla {f} :: Sliver, splint, splinter, chip, or spall
Reconstruction:Latin/asculto {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I listen
Reconstruction:Latin/assalto {v} :: I assault
Reconstruction:Latin/assecuro {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I reassure, calm, protect
Reconstruction:Latin/assimulo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I bring together, assemble
Reconstruction:Latin/attitio {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I stoke
Reconstruction:Latin/attrago {v} :: I attract
Reconstruction:Latin/auca {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: goose
Reconstruction:Latin/auso {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I dare
Reconstruction:Latin/avere {v} [Vulgar Latin, auxiliary] :: To have
Reconstruction:Latin/avere {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: To have, possess
Reconstruction:Latin/avicellus {m} [Vulgar Latin] :: little bird
Reconstruction:Latin/aviola {f} [Vulgar Latin] :: grandmother
Reconstruction:Latin/aviolus {m} [Vulgar Latin] :: grandfather
Reconstruction:Latin/baba {f} [Vulgar Latin] :: drool, spit
Reconstruction:Latin/babbus {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: dad, father
Reconstruction:Latin/baccinum {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: A wide bowl
Reconstruction:Latin/baiulivus {m} :: An official in charge of a castle
Reconstruction:Latin/bannio {v} :: I proclaim
Reconstruction:Latin/bannio {v} :: I proscribe
Reconstruction:Latin/barra {f} [Vulgar Latin] :: bar
Reconstruction:Latin/barra {f} [Vulgar Latin] :: barrier
Reconstruction:Latin/bassio {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I lower
Reconstruction:Latin/basto {v} :: I am enough or sufficient; I suffice
Reconstruction:Latin/bataclum {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: clapper (tongue of a bell)
Reconstruction:Latin/bellitas {f} :: beauty
Reconstruction:Latin/bellitia {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: beauty
Reconstruction:Latin/bene venitus {adj} :: welcome
Reconstruction:Latin/bene venitus {interj} :: welcome!
Reconstruction:Latin/bene venutus {adj} :: welcome
Reconstruction:Latin/bene venutus {interj} :: welcome!
Reconstruction:Latin/bisonium {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: need
Reconstruction:Latin/blancus {adj} [Late Latin, Vulgar Latin] :: white
Reconstruction:Latin/blastemo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I condemn
Reconstruction:Latin/blastemo {v} :: I criticize
Reconstruction:Latin/blastemo {v} :: I rebuke
Reconstruction:Latin/blastemo {v} :: I reprimand
Reconstruction:Latin/blastimo {v} :: alternative form of *blastemo
Reconstruction:Latin/blavus {adj} :: blue
Reconstruction:Latin/boscaticum {noun} [Vulgar Latin, Gaul] :: woods, woodland
Reconstruction:Latin/bragio {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I bray, make animal noises
Reconstruction:Latin/bragio {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I cry, weep
Reconstruction:Latin/brandus {m} [Vulgar Latin] :: fire, firebrand
Reconstruction:Latin/brandus {m} [Vulgar Latin] :: flaming sword, sword
Reconstruction:Latin/brigna {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: rocky terrain
Reconstruction:Latin/bullico {v} :: I move
Reconstruction:Latin/cadentia {f} :: That which falls out
Reconstruction:Latin/cadeo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I fall
Reconstruction:Latin/calcea {f} :: garment covering foot and leg
Reconstruction:Latin/cancriclus {noun} [Vulgar Latin, Iberia] :: crab [animal]
Reconstruction:Latin/canile {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: kennel
Reconstruction:Latin/capitina {f} [Vulgar Latin] :: skull
Reconstruction:Latin/cappella {f} :: chapel
Reconstruction:Latin/cappellus {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: hat
Reconstruction:Latin/capum {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: head
Reconstruction:Latin/carnaceus {m} [Vulgar Latin] :: sausage
Reconstruction:Latin/casco {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I yawn
Reconstruction:Latin/casico {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I fall
Reconstruction:Latin/catunum {pron} [Vulgar Latin] :: each, each one
Reconstruction:Latin/caveola {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: cage
Reconstruction:Latin/cavula {f} [Vulgar Latin] :: hole
Reconstruction:Latin/cawa {f} [Vulgar Latin] :: species of crow, jackdaw, jay, rook
Reconstruction:Latin/cawa {f} [Vulgar Latin] :: barn-owl, owl
Reconstruction:Latin/certanus {adj} :: certain
Reconstruction:Latin/cicala {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: cicada
Reconstruction:Latin/cinquaginta {num} :: fifty
Reconstruction:Latin/cinque {num} :: five
Reconstruction:Latin/cinusia {f} [Vulgar Latin] :: ash
Reconstruction:Latin/circlus {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: circle
Reconstruction:Latin/clapo {v} [Vulgar Latin, Italy] :: I catch
Reconstruction:Latin/clubium {n} [Vulgar Latin] :: nest
Reconstruction:Latin/cnifus {noun} :: knife
Reconstruction:Latin/cocinarius {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: cook
Reconstruction:Latin/coloco {vt} [Vulgar Latin] :: I lay down
Reconstruction:Latin/coloco {vr} [Vulgar Latin] :: I go to bed
Reconstruction:Latin/combatto {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I combat
Reconstruction:Latin/cominitio {v} :: I commence
Reconstruction:Latin/cominitio {v} :: I consecrate
Reconstruction:Latin/commando {v} :: I command
Reconstruction:Latin/complesco {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I fulfill, accomplish
Reconstruction:Latin/confesso {v} :: I confess
Reconstruction:Latin/consutura {f} [Vulgar Latin] :: sewing, clothesmaking, the art of sewing
Reconstruction:Latin/contrafacio {v} [Vulgar Latin, Late Latin] :: I counterfeit
Reconstruction:Latin/convito {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I invite
Reconstruction:Latin/coratio {f} [Iberia] :: heart
Reconstruction:Latin/cordarius {noun} [Vulgar Latin, Iberia] :: lamb
Reconstruction:Latin/cosio {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I sew
Reconstruction:Latin/coso {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I sew
Reconstruction:Latin/crebellum {n} [Vulgar Latin] :: brain
Reconstruction:Latin/cremo {v} [Vulgar Latin, Gallo-Romance] :: I shake, tremble
Reconstruction:Latin/cuniclus {m} [Vulgar Latin] :: rabbit
Reconstruction:Latin/damnaticum {n} [Vulgar Latin] :: damage
Reconstruction:Latin/dancio {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I dance
Reconstruction:Latin/decembrius {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: December
Reconstruction:Latin/deexcito {v} [Vulgar Latin, Central Romance] :: I awaken, arouse
Reconstruction:Latin/de intus {prep} :: alternative form of deintus
Reconstruction:Latin/deintus {prep} :: from inside
Reconstruction:Latin/deintus {prep} :: from within
Reconstruction:Latin/depano {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I unravel
Reconstruction:Latin/derectio {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I straighten
Reconstruction:Latin/derectus {adj} [Vulgar Latin] :: straight
Reconstruction:Latin/derectus {adj} [Vulgar Latin] :: right [on the right-hand side]
Reconstruction:Latin/derectus {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: right [entitlement]
Reconstruction:Latin/derectus {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: law
Reconstruction:Latin/desidium {n} :: desire
Reconstruction:Latin/destrugo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I destroy
Reconstruction:Latin/dia {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: day
Reconstruction:Latin/discalceus {adj} [Vulgar Latin] :: shoeless
Reconstruction:Latin/disculceus {adj} [Vulgar Latin] :: shoeless
Reconstruction:Latin/dismerdo {v} [Balkans] :: I wipe the bottom; I extract the shit from (the arse)
Reconstruction:Latin/domnicella {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: damsel, maiden
Reconstruction:Latin/drectus {adj} [Vulgar Latin] :: straight
Reconstruction:Latin/drectus {adj} [Vulgar Latin] :: right [on the right-hand side]
Reconstruction:Latin/drectus {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: right [entitlement]
Reconstruction:Latin/drectus {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: law
Reconstruction:Latin/dullia {f} [Vulgar Latin] :: pipe, tube
Reconstruction:Latin/eccu hic {adv} [Vulgar Latin] :: here
Reconstruction:Latin/eo {pron} [Vulgar Latin] :: I; first person singular personal pronoun, nominative case
Reconstruction:Latin/ergo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I erect, raise
Reconstruction:Latin/excadeo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I decrease, fall away, diminish
Reconstruction:Latin/excadesco {v} [Sardinian, Iberia Vulgar Latin] :: I fall away
Reconstruction:Latin/excalceus {adj} [Vulgar Latin] :: shoeless
Reconstruction:Latin/excambio {v} :: I exchange
Reconstruction:Latin/excappo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I escape
Reconstruction:Latin/excarmino {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I card
Reconstruction:Latin/exeligo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I choose, select
Reconstruction:Latin/exfortio {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I strain, strive
Reconstruction:Latin/exfrido {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I terrify, frighten
Reconstruction:Latin/expavento {v} :: I scare, terrify
Reconstruction:Latin/experlavo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I wash
Reconstruction:Latin/extorco {v} :: I twist
Reconstruction:Latin/extuto {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I extinguish, put out
Reconstruction:Latin/exvento {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I expose to air
Reconstruction:Latin/exvolo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I fly
Reconstruction:Latin/fabello {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I speak
Reconstruction:Latin/facia {f} [Vulgar Latin] :: appearance; countenance; face
Reconstruction:Latin/fallesco {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I die
Reconstruction:Latin/Fata {prop} {f} [Vulgar Latin] :: one of the Fates, a goddess of fate
Reconstruction:Latin/feminus {adj} [Vulgar Latin] :: feminine
Reconstruction:Latin/festizo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I feast, celebrate
Reconstruction:Latin/fetiolus {m} [Vulgar Latin] :: young boy
Reconstruction:Latin/fibella {f} [Iberia] :: buckle
Reconstruction:Latin/ficco {vt} [Vulgar Latin] :: I fasten, put
Reconstruction:Latin/ficco {vi} [Vulgar Latin] :: I stay, become
Reconstruction:Latin/figico {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I fasten, put, become
Reconstruction:Latin/finesco {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I finish
Reconstruction:Latin/fio {v} [Vulgar Latin, Eastern Romance and Italy] :: I am
Reconstruction:Latin/flasca {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: small cask
Reconstruction:Latin/flotus {noun} :: river, flood
Reconstruction:Latin/flotus {noun} :: current, stream
Reconstruction:Latin/focacia {noun} :: a kind of bread or other food baked on a fire (originally referring to a hearth)
Reconstruction:Latin/fortia {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: force, strength, might
Reconstruction:Latin/fortio {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I force
Reconstruction:Latin/frappo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I hit, stike, bash
Reconstruction:Latin/frictura {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: frying, the act of frying
Reconstruction:Latin/frocus {noun} :: rook
Reconstruction:Latin/garra {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: shank, leg calf
Reconstruction:Latin/genuclum {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: knee
Reconstruction:Latin/glacia {f} [Vulgar Latin] :: ice
Reconstruction:Latin/grabo {v} :: I engrave, carve
Reconstruction:Latin/haleno {v} [Gallo-Romance] :: I breathe, exhale
Reconstruction:Latin/halsbergus {noun} :: hauberk, neck-covering armour
Reconstruction:Latin/harpa {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: harp
Reconstruction:Latin/haunio {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I shame, humiliate, dishonour
Reconstruction:Latin/Hispaniolus {adj} :: Of Spain (or the Iberian peninsula)
Reconstruction:Latin/honta {f} [Vulgar Latin] :: shame, humiliation
Reconstruction:Latin/ianuella {f} :: window
Reconstruction:Latin/-idio {suffix} [Vulgar Latin] :: Used to form verbs from nouns and adjectives
Reconstruction:Latin/ieniperus {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: juniper
Reconstruction:Latin/illu {art} [Balkans] :: the (masculine singular nominative definite article.)
Reconstruction:Latin/imbibito {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I intoxicate
Reconstruction:Latin/imbibito {vr} [Vulgar Latin] :: I get drunk
Reconstruction:Latin/imbosco {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I hide, ambush
Reconstruction:Latin/implio {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I fill
Reconstruction:Latin/impositum {n} [Vulgar Latin] :: tax
Reconstruction:Latin/imprehendo {v} :: I undertake
Reconstruction:Latin/inaltio {v} :: I hoist
Reconstruction:Latin/inaltus {adj} [Vulgar Latin] :: tall, high
Reconstruction:Latin/incaldesco {v} [Vulgar Latin, Eastern Romance] :: I warm
Reconstruction:Latin/incarrico {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I load, burden
Reconstruction:Latin/incarrico {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I charge, trust with
Reconstruction:Latin/inclago {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I curdle, coagulate
Reconstruction:Latin/indenso {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I stuff, cram, pack together
Reconstruction:Latin/indulcesco {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I sweeten
Reconstruction:Latin/ingrevico {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I weigh down
Reconstruction:Latin/interro {v} :: I bury; I inter
Reconstruction:Latin/intorco {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I twist, turn
Reconstruction:Latin/inuxoro {vr} [Vulgar Latin, of men] :: I marry
Reconstruction:Latin/invirdesco {vi} [Vulgar Latin] :: I become green
Reconstruction:Latin/invirdesco {vt} [Vulgar Latin] :: I make green
Reconstruction:Latin/invitio {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I become accustomed to
Reconstruction:Latin/ioco {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I play
Reconstruction:Latin/iugaster {m} [Vulgar Latin] :: field maple (Acer campestre)
Reconstruction:Latin/-izo {suffix} [Vulgar Latin] :: Used to form verbs from nouns and adjectives
Reconstruction:Latin/lacartus {noun} [Vulgar Latin, Iberia] :: lizard
Reconstruction:Latin/laitus {adj} :: unpleasant, disgusting, ugly
Reconstruction:Latin/languio {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I languish
Reconstruction:Latin/lausa {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: flagstone
Reconstruction:Latin/leviarius {adj} :: light (in weight)
Reconstruction:Latin/linguaticum {n} :: language (A form of communication using words either spoken or gestured with the hands and structured with grammar, often with a writing system)
Reconstruction:Latin/linguaticum {n} :: language (wording; choice of words)
Reconstruction:Latin/longitanus {adj} [Vulgar Latin] :: distant
Reconstruction:Latin/lucio {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I shine
Reconstruction:Latin/machino {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I grind
Reconstruction:Latin/mais {adv} [Vulgar Latin] :: used to form the comparative of adjectives and adverbs
Reconstruction:Latin/mais {adv} [Vulgar Latin] :: preceded by the definite article, used to form the superlative of adjectives and adverbs
Reconstruction:Latin/mais {adv} [Vulgar Latin] :: more
Reconstruction:Latin/mais {adv} [Vulgar Latin] :: rather
Reconstruction:Latin/malifatius {adj} [Vulgar Latin, Gallo-Romance] :: bad, evil, wicked
Reconstruction:Latin/mana {noun} [Vulgar Latin, Eastern Romance] :: hand
Reconstruction:Latin/maneana {f} [Vulgar Latin, Iberia] :: morning
Reconstruction:Latin/mania {noun} [Vulgar Latin, Iberia] :: manual skill, ability
Reconstruction:Latin/manizo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I handle
Reconstruction:Latin/mas {adv} [Vulgar Latin] :: used to form the comparative of adjectives and adverbs
Reconstruction:Latin/mas {adv} [Vulgar Latin] :: preceded by the definite article, used to form the superlative of adjectives and adverbs
Reconstruction:Latin/mas {adv} [Vulgar Latin] :: more
Reconstruction:Latin/mas {adv} [Vulgar Latin] :: but
Reconstruction:Latin/matrastra {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: stepmother
Reconstruction:Latin/matrina {f} [Vulgar Latin] :: godmother
Reconstruction:Latin/melis {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: honey
Reconstruction:Latin/melum {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: apple
Reconstruction:Latin/melus {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: apple tree
Reconstruction:Latin/mentio {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I lie, deceive
Reconstruction:Latin/metio {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I measure
Reconstruction:Latin/metipse {adj} [Vulgar Latin] :: same
Reconstruction:Latin/metipsimus {adj} [Vulgar Latin] :: same
Reconstruction:Latin/minacia {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: threat
Reconstruction:Latin/minacio {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I threaten
Reconstruction:Latin/mino {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I goad, drive animals
Reconstruction:Latin/misculo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I mix
Reconstruction:Latin/mollio {v} :: I wet, dampen, moisten, soak
Reconstruction:Latin/montania {f} :: mountain
Reconstruction:Latin/monto {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I climb, mount, go up
Reconstruction:Latin/mordo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I bite
Reconstruction:Latin/morio {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I die
Reconstruction:Latin/movo {vt} [Vulgar Latin] :: I move
Reconstruction:Latin/movo {vir} [Vulgar Latin] :: I move
Reconstruction:Latin/mucco {v} :: I blow my nose
Reconstruction:Latin/mulgo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I milk
Reconstruction:Latin/murrum {n} :: muzzle
Reconstruction:Latin/murrum {n} :: snout
Reconstruction:Latin/musclus {noun} :: moss
Reconstruction:Latin/muso {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I gape, idly stare
Reconstruction:Latin/muso {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I leisurely wander (in one's mind)
Reconstruction:Latin/muso {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I idly wait
Reconstruction:Latin/nasco {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I am born
Reconstruction:Latin/nivico {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I snow
Reconstruction:Latin/nivo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I snow
Reconstruction:Latin/noco {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I harm
Reconstruction:Latin/noto {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I swim
Reconstruction:Latin/novaginta {num} [Vulgar Latin] :: ninety
Reconstruction:Latin/nuo {v} :: I nod
Reconstruction:Latin/oblito {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I forget
Reconstruction:Latin/offeresco {v} [Iberia] :: I offer
Reconstruction:Latin/offerio {v} :: I offer
Reconstruction:Latin/ordio {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I weave, warp
Reconstruction:Latin/ordio {v} [Vulgar Latin, by extension] :: I scheme, plot (a plan)
Reconstruction:Latin/orgollio {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: pride, arrogance
Reconstruction:Latin/orulo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I hem, add trim to
Reconstruction:Latin/padule {noun} [accusative, Vulgar Latin] :: swamp
Reconstruction:Latin/paraulo {v} :: I speak
Reconstruction:Latin/passarus {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: sparrow
Reconstruction:Latin/passo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I pass
Reconstruction:Latin/passo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I spend (time)
Reconstruction:Latin/passo {v} [Iberia, Vulgar Latin] :: I happen
Reconstruction:Latin/patrinus {m} [Vulgar Latin] :: godfather
Reconstruction:Latin/peltrum {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: pewter (tin alloy)
Reconstruction:Latin/pendico {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I hang
Reconstruction:Latin/perdono {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I forgive, pardon
Reconstruction:Latin/peresco {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I perish
Reconstruction:Latin/petio {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I ask for, request
Reconstruction:Latin/picco {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I strike; I sting
Reconstruction:Latin/piccus {m} [Vulgar Latin] :: sharp point, peak
Reconstruction:Latin/piccus {m} [Vulgar Latin] :: spike, pike
Reconstruction:Latin/picto {v} :: I paint
Reconstruction:Latin/pincio {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I puncture, prick, pierce, pinch
Reconstruction:Latin/pisco {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I fish
Reconstruction:Latin/pissio {v} :: I piss
Reconstruction:Latin/plattus {adj} :: flattened
Reconstruction:Latin/ploppus {m} [Vulgar Latin] :: poplar tree
Reconstruction:Latin/plovo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I rain
Reconstruction:Latin/podio {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I am on top of
Reconstruction:Latin/por {prep} [Vulgar Latin] :: for
Reconstruction:Latin/posso {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: to be able
Reconstruction:Latin/postius {adv} :: afterwards, afterward
Reconstruction:Latin/potere {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: to be able
Reconstruction:Latin/preco {v} :: I pray, beg, exhort
Reconstruction:Latin/presso {adv} :: Closely; nearly
Reconstruction:Latin/primavera {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: spring
Reconstruction:Latin/pulica {f} :: flea
Reconstruction:Latin/punctio {v} :: I puncture, prick, pierce
Reconstruction:Latin/punctio {v} :: I sting
Reconstruction:Latin/puppa {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: stern
Reconstruction:Latin/putio {v} :: [Vulgar Latin] I stink
Reconstruction:Latin/putio {v} :: [Vulgar Latin] I stink
Reconstruction:Latin/putrio {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I rot, decay
Reconstruction:Latin/quaresima {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: Lent
Reconstruction:Latin/quassico {v} [Vulgar Latin, Iberia] :: I hit, strike
Reconstruction:Latin/quomo {adv} [interrogative] :: how, in what way
Reconstruction:Latin/quomo {adv} :: like or as
Reconstruction:Latin/rabia {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: rage
Reconstruction:Latin/raspo {v} :: I grate, scrape
Reconstruction:Latin/reexcapto {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I rescue, redeem
Reconstruction:Latin/refuso {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I refuse
Reconstruction:Latin/rencus {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: row
Reconstruction:Latin/rencus {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: order, rank
Reconstruction:Latin/rendo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I give back, render
Reconstruction:Latin/renio {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: kidney
Reconstruction:Latin/repoenitio {vr} [Vulgar Latin] :: I repent
Reconstruction:Latin/retina {f} [Vulgar Latin] :: rein
Reconstruction:Latin/ridio {v} [Vulgar Latin, Iberia] :: I laugh
Reconstruction:Latin/rido {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I laugh
Reconstruction:Latin/rosico {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I gnaw
Reconstruction:Latin/rossa {f} [Vulgar Latin] :: bad horse, nag
Reconstruction:Latin/sagia {f} [Vulgar Latin, Iberia, Gaul] :: skirt
Reconstruction:Latin/sambatum {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: Saturday, the Sabbath
Reconstruction:Latin/sanitosus {adj} [Vulgar Latin] :: healthy
Reconstruction:Latin/sapeo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I know
Reconstruction:Latin/sapeo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I taste of
Reconstruction:Latin/sarclo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I hoe
Reconstruction:Latin/scermio {v} :: I protect, shield
Reconstruction:Latin/scribio {v} [Vulgar Latin, Iberia] :: I write
Reconstruction:Latin/sculto {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I listen
Reconstruction:Latin/sedento {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I sit
Reconstruction:Latin/sedento {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I am seated
Reconstruction:Latin/sementia {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: seed
Reconstruction:Latin/semitarius {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: trail, path
Reconstruction:Latin/sennus {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: sense, reason
Reconstruction:Latin/sennus {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: direction, way
Reconstruction:Latin/septembrius {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: September
Reconstruction:Latin/sequio {v} :: I follow
Reconstruction:Latin/sicilo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I reap
Reconstruction:Latin/smeralda {f} [Vulgar Latin] :: emerald
Reconstruction:Latin/smeraldus {m} [Vulgar Latin] :: emerald
Reconstruction:Latin/socra {f} [Vulgar Latin] :: mother-in-law
Reconstruction:Latin/soliclus {m} [Vulgar Latin] :: sun
Reconstruction:Latin/sorbio {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I suck in
Reconstruction:Latin/sortarius {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: sorcerer
Reconstruction:Latin/spio {v} :: I spy; I espy
Reconstruction:Latin/strinctus {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: tightened, compressed
Reconstruction:Latin/stuno {v} :: I shock, surprise
Reconstruction:Latin/stuno {v} :: I stun, daze
Reconstruction:Latin/stuno {v} :: I jar, clash
Reconstruction:Latin/subrido {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I smile
Reconstruction:Latin/sufferio {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I suffer
Reconstruction:Latin/sun {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I am
Reconstruction:Latin/superanus {adj} [Vulgar Latin] :: sovereign, chief
Reconstruction:Latin/superanus {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: sovereign, chief, lord, ruler, etc
Reconstruction:Latin/surrupo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I cause to cave in
Reconstruction:Latin/tam magnus {adj} [Iberia, Vulgar Latin] :: very big
Reconstruction:Latin/tam magnus {noun} [Iberia, Vulgar Latin] :: size
Reconstruction:Latin/taranca {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: large iron pin
Reconstruction:Latin/tardivus {adj} [Vulgar Latin] :: late, tardy
Reconstruction:Latin/tasto {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I touch, feel
Reconstruction:Latin/tenio {v} [Vulgar Latin, Gallo-Romance] :: I have, possess
Reconstruction:Latin/tenio {v} [Vulgar Latin, Gallo-Romance] :: I hold
Reconstruction:Latin/timo {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: pole
Reconstruction:Latin/tiro {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: to pull, draw, kick, bend
Reconstruction:Latin/tiro {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: to throw, shoot, drag, toss, roll
Reconstruction:Latin/tocco {v} :: I strike, knock
Reconstruction:Latin/tocco {v} :: I touch
Reconstruction:Latin/toppus {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: summit, top
Reconstruction:Latin/torco {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I twist
Reconstruction:Latin/tractio {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I trace, score, delineate
Reconstruction:Latin/tragino {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I drag, pull, trail
Reconstruction:Latin/trifolum {n} :: clover
Reconstruction:Latin/tripalio {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I torture, cause to suffer
Reconstruction:Latin/tripalio {v} [Vulgar Latin, by extension] :: I suffer, toil
Reconstruction:Latin/tripalio {v} [Vulgar Latin, later] :: I work
Reconstruction:Latin/tropo {v} :: I find
Reconstruction:Latin/trudico {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I shove, strike
Reconstruction:Latin/tutellus {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: pipe
Reconstruction:Latin/tuto {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I extinguish, put out
Reconstruction:Latin/undizo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I make waves, cause to wave
Reconstruction:Latin/urulo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I howl
Reconstruction:Latin/uso {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I use
Reconstruction:Latin/vera {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: summer
Reconstruction:Latin/veranum {noun} [Vulgar Latin, Iberia] :: summer
Reconstruction:Latin/vestitura {f} :: vestments; clothing
Reconstruction:Latin/vexica {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: bladder
Reconstruction:Latin/virdia {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: cabbage
Reconstruction:Latin/visaticum {n} [Gallo-Romance] :: face
Reconstruction:Latin/voleo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: to want
Reconstruction:Latin/volto {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I roll, turn
Reconstruction:Latin/wadanio {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I pursue, win, earn
Reconstruction:Latin/wadanio {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I graze, mow, scythe
Reconstruction:Latin/wardo {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I look at, watch
Reconstruction:Latin/warnio {v} [Vulgar Latin] :: I furnish, garnish
Reconstruction:Latin/werra {noun} [Vulgar Latin] :: war
Reconstruction:Latin/werrizo {v} [Vulgar Latin, Iberia] :: I wage war
recoquendus {v} :: which is to be recooked
recoquens {v} :: recooking
recoquo {v} :: I recook etc
recordabilis {adj} :: that may or should be remembered; memorable
recordandus {v} :: which is to be remembered
recordans {v} :: remembering, recollecting
recordatio {f} :: recollection, remembrance
recordativus {adj} :: Of or pertaining to recollection
recordatus {v} :: remembered, recollected
recordatus {m} :: remembrance, recollection
recordor {v} :: I call to mind, remember, recollect
recreandus {v} :: which is to be recreated
recreans {v} :: recreating
recreatio {f} :: restoration, recovery
recreator {m} :: restorer, reviver
recreaturus {v} :: about to recreate
recreatus {v} :: recreated
recreo {v} :: I create again or anew, restore
recreo {v} :: I revive, refresh, invigorate
recrepo {v} :: I resound
recrepo {v} :: I echo
rectangulus {adj} [Late Latin] :: rectangular
recte {adv} :: rightly, correctly
rectificandus {v} :: which is to be rectified, regulated, controlled
rectificans {v} :: rectifying, regulating, controlling
rectificatio {f} :: rectifying, rectification
rectificatio {f} :: harmonization
rectificaturus {v} :: about to rectify, regulate, control
rectificatus {v} :: rectified, regulated, controlled
rectifico {v} :: I rectify, regulate, control
rectilineus {adj} :: rectilinear
rectior {adj} :: straighter
rectior {adj} :: more right, proper or honest
rectissimus {adj} :: straightest or very straight
rectissimus {adj} :: most or very honest
rectitator {m} :: leader, director
rectitudo {f} :: straightness, directness
rectitudo {f} :: uprightness, (moral) rectitude
rector {m} :: guide, leader
rector {m} :: director, ruler, master, governor
rector {m} :: tutor, instructor, teacher, mentor
recturus {v} :: about to rule, about to govern
recturus {v} :: about to guide, about to steer
rectus {v} :: ruled, having been ruled, governed, having been governed
rectus {v} :: guided, having been guided, steered, having been steered
rectus {v} :: straight
rectus {v} :: right
rectus {v} :: proper, honest
recubans {v} :: Reclining
recubitus {m} :: falling down
recubitus {m} :: reclining (at table)
recubo {v} :: I recline
recula {f} :: trifle (small matter)
reculturus {v} :: about to renew
recultus {v} :: renewed
recumbens {v} :: reclining
recumbens {v} :: falling down
recumbo {v} :: I lie back, I recline
recumbo {v} :: I sink down, I fall down
recuperandus {v} :: which is to be regained or recovered
recuperans {v} :: alternative form of reciperans
recuperatio {f} :: alternative form of reciperatio
recuperator {m} :: alternative form of reciperator
recuperatorius {adj} :: alternative form of reciperatorius
recuperaturus {v} :: alternative form of reciperaturus
recuperatus {v} :: regained, recovered
recupero {v} :: alternative form of recipero regain, restore, restore to health
recurrendus {v} :: which is to be returned or reverted
recurrens {v} :: running or hastening back
recurrens {v} :: returning, reverting, recurring
recurro {v} :: I run or hasten back
recurro {v} :: I return, revert, recur
recursio {f} :: The act of running back; backward course, return
recursus {v} :: returned, reverted
recursus {v} :: recurred
recurvandus {v} :: which is to be bent backwards
recurvans {v} :: bending backwards
recurvaturus {v} :: about to bend backwards
recurvatus {v} :: bent backwards
recurvo {v} :: I bend backwards
recurvo {v} :: I turn back
recusandus {v} :: which is to be refused or declined
recusandus {v} :: which is to be rejected
recusans {v} :: refusing, declining
recusans {v} :: rejecting
recusatio {f} :: refusal, declining
recusatio {f} :: objection, protest
recusatio {f} :: plea in defence, counter plea
recusaturus {v} :: about to refuse
recusatus {v} :: refused, declined
recusatus {v} :: rejected
recuso {v} :: I refuse, decline
recuso {v} :: I object to, reject
recuso {v} [legal] :: I protest, object
recutio {v} :: I strike back or backwards, cause to rebound; startle
red- {prefix} :: Ancient variant of re-
redacturus {v} :: about to reduce
redactus {v} :: driven or led back
redactus {v} :: received
redamans {v} :: requiting love, loving back, loving in return, returning love for love
redamo {vt} :: I requite love, I love back, I love in return, I return love for love
redarguendus {v} :: which is to be disproved
redarguens {v} :: disproving
redarguo {v} :: I disprove, refute, confute, contradict
redargutio {f} :: refutation
redargutio {f} :: reproof
redarguturus {v} :: about to disprove
redargutus {v} :: disproved, refuted, confuted, contradicted
reddendus {v} :: which is to be returned, restored etc
reddens {v} :: returning, restoring
reddens {v} :: surrendering, resigning
reddens {v} :: revenging
redditio {f} :: returning (giving back)
redditio {f} :: repetition, recurrence
redditurus {v} :: about to return
redditus {v} :: returned, restored
redditus {v} :: surrendered, resigned
redditus {v} :: punished
reddo {v} :: I give back, return, restore
reddo {v} :: I give up, hand over, deliver, render, provide, assign
reddo {v} :: I surrender, resign
reddo {v} :: I give or pay back; take revenge for, punish, inflict vengeance for
reddo {v} :: I repeat, declare, report, narrate, recite, rehearse
reddo {v} :: I represent, imitate, express, resemble
reddo {v} :: I return in profit
reddundus {v} :: alternative form of reddendus
reddux {adj} :: alternative spelling of redux
redemptio {f} :: redemption, redeeming (buying back)
redemptor {m} :: contractor, undertaker, purveyor, farmer
redemptor {m} :: redeemer (one who pays another's debt)
redemptor {m} :: The Redeemer
redemptrix {f} :: contractor, undertaker, purveyor, farmer (female)
redemptrix {f} :: redemptress (female redeemer)
redempturus {v} :: about to redeem or atone for
redemptus {v} :: repurchased
redemptus {v} :: redeemed
redemptus {v} :: atoned for
redemptus {v} :: ransomed
redemptus {v} :: rescued
redeo {v} :: I go, move, turn or come back; turn around, return, revert, reappear, recur
redeo {v} [usually with ad] :: I am brought or reduced to; arrive at, reach, attain
redeo {v} [of revenue] :: I come in, arise, proceed
redeundus {v} :: which is to be returned etc
redhibeo {v} [of a defective item purchased] :: I take, carry or give back, return
redhibeo {v} [of the seller] :: I receive or take back
rediens {v} :: returning, reverting, reappearing, recurring
redigendus {v} :: which is to be reduced
redigens {v} :: driving, leading or bringing back
redigens {v} :: receiving
redigens {v} :: reducing
redigo {v} :: I drive, lead, or bring back
redigo {v} :: I call in, collect, raise, receive
redigo {v} :: I reduce to a certain state
redimendus {v} :: which is to be redeemed or atoned for
redimens {v} :: redeeming
redimens {v} :: atoning for
redimens {v} :: ransoming
redimiculum {n} :: A band, necklace or girdle
redimiendus {v} :: which is to be garlanded
redimiens {v} :: garlanding
redimio {v} :: I encircle, gird, crown (with a garland)
redimiturus {v} :: about to garland
redimitus {v} :: garlanded
redimo {v} :: I buy back, repurchase or redeem
redimo {v} :: I atone for
redimo {v} :: I ransom
redimo {v} :: I rescue
redintegrasco {vr} [New Latin] :: I renew myself
redintegratio {f} [chiefly post-Classical] :: a renewal, a restoration, a repetition
redintegrator {m} :: a renewer, a restorer
redintegratus {v} :: restored, renewed
redintegratus {v} :: refreshed, revived
redintegro {v} :: I restore or renew
redintegro {v} :: I refresh or revive
reditio {f} :: returning, return
rediturus {v} :: about to return
reditus {m} :: A returning, turning back, going back; return
reditus {m} [of celestial bodies] :: A revolution, circuit, return
reditus {m} [agriculture] :: A harvest, yield
reditus {m} [figuratively] :: A return, revenue, income, proceeds, yield, output, profit
reditus {m} [figuratively] :: A restoration, return
reditus {v} :: returned, reverted etc
redivivus {adj} :: restored to life
redivivus {adj} :: renewed, renovated
redivivus {adj} :: secondhand
redolens {v} :: smelling of
redoleo {vi} :: I emit a scent or odor
redoleo {vt} :: I am redolent or smell of or like
Redones {prop} {m} :: A Celtic tribe of Gallia Lugdunensis, whose chief town was Condate
redormio {v} :: I fall asleep again
reducendus {v} :: which is to be restored, reformed, reduced
reducens {v} :: leading or bringing back
reduco {v} :: I lead, draw, bring or conduct back; bring or accompany home
reduco {v} [military, of troops] :: I withdraw, cause to retreat, draw off, remove
reduco {v} [figuratively] :: I bring back, restore, recall, revive, replace; reform
reduco {v} [figuratively] :: I bring, produce or get out a quantity of
reduco {v} [figuratively] :: I bring, make or reduce to a certain condition or quality
reduco {v} [Medieval Latin] :: I quell, I subdue, I subjugate
reductio {f} :: A bringing back, a leading back
reductio {f} :: A restoring, restoration
reductio ad absurdum {f} :: reduction to the absurd
reducturus {v} :: about to restore, reform, reduce
reductus {v} :: restored, reformed, reduced
redundandus {v} :: which is to be overflowed
redundans {v} :: overflowing, abounding
redundantia {f} :: overflowing, superfluity, excess
redundantia {f} :: redundancy
redundatio {f} :: backwards movement
redundatio {f} :: vomiting
redundatio {f} :: abundance (metaphorical)
redundaturus {v} :: about to overflow
redundatus {v} :: overflowed
redundo {vi} :: I overflow, abound
redundo {vt} :: I pour or spout forth or out; cause to pour out
reduvia {f} :: hangnail (on the finger)
reduvia {f} [figuratively] :: remnant, remainder
redux {adj} [active, mostly as an epithet of Iuppiter and of Fortūna, in the poets and in inscriptions] :: that leads or brings back, that returns
redux {adj} [passive, frequent and Classical] :: that is led or brought back (from slavery, imprisonment, from a distance, etc.), come back, returned, that has returned
reexpecto {v} :: I expect or await again
refarcio {v} :: alternative form of referciō
refectio {f} :: restoring, repairing
refectio {f} :: refreshment, recreation
refectio {f} :: dining room
refector {m} [Late Latin] :: restorer, repairer, renewer
refectorium {n} [Late Latin] :: refectory
refectorius {adj} [Late Latin] :: refreshing, reinvigorating
refecturus {v} :: about to repair
refectus {v} :: reconstructed, restored, renewed, repaired, refreshed
refectus {v} :: reappointed
refellendus {v} :: which is to be refuted
refellens {v} :: refuting
refello {v} :: I disprove, rebut, confute, refute, challenge
refellurus {v} :: about to refute
refellus {v} :: refuted
referciendus {v} :: which is to be filled up
referciens {v} :: filling up
refercio {v} :: I fill up, cram full
refercio {v} :: I pack close together
referendus {v} :: which is to be brought back, repaid, repeated etc
referens {v} :: returning, restoring, repaying
referens {v} :: echoing
refero {v} :: I bear, bring, drive or carry back
refero {v} :: I give back, give up, return, restore, pay back, repay
refero {v} [of sound] :: I bring back, return, answer, echo
refero {v} :: I bring back, restore, renew, revive, repeat
refero {v} :: I say in return, respond, reply, answer
refero {v} :: I repeat, report, announce, relate, recount, tell, say
refero {v} :: I make known officially, report, announce, notify, proclaim
refertissimus {adj} :: most or very crowded etc
referturus {v} :: about to fill up
refertus {v} :: filled up
refertus {v} :: stuffed, crammed
refertus {v} :: crowded
refervens {v} :: boiling over
referveo {vi} :: I boil or bubble up; boil over
reficiendus {v} :: which is to be repaired
reficiens {v} :: renewing, restoring, reconstructing
reficio {v} :: I make over, make anew; remake, rebuild, reconstruct, restore, renew, repair, refit
reficio {v} :: I reappoint, re-elect
reficio {v} [of troops] :: I recruit, reinforce
reficio {v} [of income] :: I get back, get in return, make again
reficio {v} [of the body or mind] :: I make strong again, reinvigorate, refresh, recruit, restore
refiguro {v} :: I refashion, reshape
reflagito {v} :: I demand again; I demand back
reflectendus {v} :: which is to be turned back or away, reflected
reflectens {v} :: turning back or away, reflecting
reflecto {v} :: I turn back or away
reflecto {v} :: I reflect
reflexim {adv} :: inversely, conversely
reflexio {f} :: turning away or back
reflexio {f} :: reflection
reflexive {adv} :: reflexively
reflexivus {adj} :: reflexive
reflexurus {v} :: about to turn back or away, reflect
reflexus {v} :: turned back or away, reflected
refloreo {v} :: I bloom again
refloreo {v} :: I flourish or prosper again
refluo {vi} :: I flow or run back or off; ebb; overflow
refluus {adj} :: flowing back; refluent
refluxus {m} :: a backward flow
refluxus {m} :: reflux
refocilatus {v} :: revived, revivified
refocillatio {f} :: refreshment
refocillatio {f} :: reinvigoration
refocillo {v} :: alternative spelling of refocilo
refocilo {v} :: I revive or revivify
reformandus {v} :: to be transformed, to be reformed
reformatio {f} :: reform, change
reformatus {v} :: transformed, reformed, having been transformed
reformido {v} :: I dread
reformo {v} :: I transform or reshape
refoveo {v} :: I warm again
refoveo {v} :: I restore, revive, refresh
refractariolus {adj} :: somewhat stubborn or refractory
refractio {f} [physics] :: refraction
refractus {v} :: broken up or open
refragans {v} :: opposing, thwarting
refragaturus {v} :: about to oppose, thwart
refragatus {v} :: opposed, thwarted
refragor {v} :: I oppose, resist
refragor {v} :: I thwart, gainsay
refrenandus {v} :: which is to be restrained
refrenans {v} :: bridling, checking, curbing, restraining
refrenaturus {v} :: about to restrain
refrenatus {v} :: restrained
refreno {v} :: I bridle, check, curb, restrain
refrico {v} :: I rub or chafe again
refrico {v} :: I gall or fret
refrigeratio {f} :: coolness
refrigeratio {f} :: mitigation (of a fever etc.)
refrigerium {n} :: cooling
refrigerium {n} :: mitigation, consolation
refrigero {v} :: I cool (off))
refrigero {v} :: I refresh
refrigesco {v} :: I cool, or grow cold
refrigesco {v} :: I abate or flag
refringo {v} :: I break up or open
refringo {v} [physics] :: I refract
refugiens {v} :: fleeing, escaping
refugio {v} :: I run away, flee or escape
refugium {n} :: refuge
refugus {adj} :: fleeing back or away
refugus {adj} :: receding, vanishing
refulgens {v} :: shining or flashing back, reflecting (a shining light), glistening
refulgens {v} [figuratively] :: shining out, standing out
refulgeo {v} :: I shine or flash back, reflect (a shining light); glitter, glisten
refulgeo {v} [figuratively] :: I shine out noticeably, stand out
refundo {vt} :: I pour back, pour out
refuscatus {adj} :: darkened, obscured
refutandus {v} :: which is to be repressed
refutans {v} :: repressing
refutaturus {v} :: about to repress
refutatus {v} :: repressed
refuto {v} :: I check or repress
refuto {v} :: I restrain or oppose
refuto {v} :: I refute
regaliolus {m} :: wren (or similar small bird)
regalis {adj} :: regal, royal
regalis {adj} :: of or pertaining to a king
regalissime {adv} :: superlative of rēgāliter
regaliter {adv} :: royally, kingly; in a manner like or pertaining to a king
regalius {adv} :: comparative of rēgāliter
Reganus {prop} {m} :: The river Regen, in Germany
regendus {v} :: which is to be ruled, which is to be governed
regendus {v} :: which is to be guided, which is to be steered
regeneratio {f} :: regeneration
regeneratio {f} :: being born again
regenero {v} :: I produce or bring forth again; I reproduce or regenerate
regens {v} :: ruling, governing
regens {v} :: guiding, steering
regero {v} :: I carry back
regero {v} :: I retort
regero {v} :: I record
regia {f} :: A royal palace, castle, fortress, residence; court; kingship
regia {f} :: The royal tent in a camp
regia {f} :: A royal city, capital
regia {f} :: A roofed colonnade, portico, hall
regibilis {adj} [post-Classical] :: that may be ruled, governable, tractable, regible
Regillum {prop} {n} :: a town of the Sabines
Regillus {prop} {m} :: A small lake in Latium famous for its battle
Regillus {prop} {m} :: A Roman cognomen — famously held by:
Regillus {prop} {m} :: Lucius Aemilius Regillus, a Roman admiral
Regillus {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Rēgillum
regimen {n} :: control, steering
regimen {n} :: directing
regimen {n} :: rule; governance
regina {f} :: queen
regina {f} :: princess
regina {f} [Later Latin, chess] :: queen
reginula {f} :: little queen
regio {f} :: direction, line
regio {f} :: boundary line, boundary
regio {f} :: region, district, province
regio {f} :: ground
regio {f} [figuratively] :: sphere, department
regionalis {adj} :: Of or belonging to a region or provinceregional, provincial
regionatim {adv} :: by districts or wards
regiro {v} :: alternative form of regȳrō
registrum {n} [Medieval Latin] :: A register; a book in which things are recorded
Regium {prop} {n} :: A town of Gallia Cisalpina situated between Mutina and Parma, now Reggio Emilia
regius {adj} :: Of or pertaining to a king; kingly, regal, royal
regius {adj} :: Magnificent, splendid, distinguished, worthy of a king
reglutino {v} :: I unglue, unloose, separate
reglutino {v} :: I reglue (join together again)
regnandus {v} :: that is to reign
regnans {v} :: ruling, governing
regnaturus {v} :: about to reign
regnatus {v} :: reigned
regno {v} :: I reign, rule (as a monarch)
regno {v} :: I govern
regno {v} :: I tyrannize
regno {v} [figuratively] :: I dominate, prevail
regnum {n} :: royal power, power, control, kingdom, reign
regnum {n} :: kingship, royalty
rego {v} :: I rule, govern
rego {v} :: I guide, steer
rego {v} :: I oversee, manage
regrediendus {v} :: which is to be returned
regredior {v} :: I go or come back; turn back, return
regredior {v} [military] :: I march back, withdraw, retire, retreat
regredior {v} [legal] :: I have recourse, revert
regressurus {v} :: about to return
regressus {v} :: returned, having returned
regressus {v} :: retired, retreated, having retreated
regressus {v} :: reverted, having reverted
regressus {m} :: return
regressus {m} :: regression
regula {f} :: rule, bar
regularis {adj} :: ductile (able to be formed into a bar)
regularis {adj} :: containing rules
regularis {adj} :: regular
regularis {adj} :: canonical
regularitas {f} [Late Latin] :: regularity
regulariter {adv} :: according to the rules
regulariter {adv} :: regularly
regulo {v} :: to direct, regulate
regulus {m} :: A petty king, kinglet
regulus {m} :: kinglet (bird), wren
regulus {m} :: a basilisk
Regulus {prop} {m} :: A Roman cognomen — famously held by:
Regulus {prop} {m} :: Marcus Atilius Regulus, a Roman general and hero
regyratio {f} [Medieval Latin] :: turning back, returning
regyro {v} :: I turn about again, I wheel around
reiciendus {v} :: which is to be thrown/flung back
reiciendus {v} :: which is to be driven back, repelled
reiciendus {v} [figuratively] :: which is to be rejected
reiciens {v} :: throwing, casting or flinging back
reiciens {v} :: chasing, forcing or driving back, repelling
reiciens {v} [figuratively] :: rejecting
reicio {v} :: I throw, cast or fling back
reicio {v} :: I chase, force or drive back, repel
reicio {v} [with reflexive] :: I throw or cast myself back or again; throw or fling myself anywhere
reicio {v} [figuratively] :: I cast off, repel, remove, reject, repulse; deter, divert
reicio {v} [figuratively] :: I refuse, reject, scorn, disdain, despise
reicio {v} [figuratively] :: I refer, remand or hand over to
reicio {v} [figuratively] :: I put off to a later time, defer, postpone, delay
reiciundus {v} :: alternative form of reiciendus
reiectio {f} :: rejection (throwing back)
reiecturus {v} :: about to throw, cast or fling back
reiecturus {v} :: about to chase, force or drive back, repel
reiecturus {v} [figuratively] :: about to reject
reiectus {v} :: thrown/flung back, having been thrown back or flung back
reiectus {v} :: driven back, repelled, having been driven back or repelled
reiectus {v} [figuratively] :: rejected, having been rejected
reiiciendus {v} :: alternative form of reiciendus
reiicio {v} :: alternative form of reicio
reintegrans {v} :: restoring
reintegrans {v} :: renewing
reintegrans {v} :: refreshing
reintegrans {v} :: reviving
reintegro {v} :: medieval spelling of redintegrō
reinvito {v} :: I invite again, or in return
rejectio {f} :: alternative form of reiectio
rejectus {v} :: alternative form of reiectus
rejicio {v} :: alternative form of reicio
relabens {v} :: relapsing
relabor {v} :: I slide, glide or sink back; I relapse or return
relabundus {v} :: disposed to glide back or relapse or return, gliding back or relapsing or returning
relanguesco {v} :: I become faint or languid
relapsurus {v} :: about to relapse
relapsus {v} :: relapsed
relatio {f} :: carrying or bringing back
relatio {f} :: narration, recital (especially of evidence)
relatio {f} :: repayment
relative {adv} [Late Latin] :: relatively
relativisticus {adj} :: relativistic
relativitas {f} [physics] :: relativity
relativus {adj} :: relative, not absolute; having relation to or dependence on something else
relaturus {v} :: about to repay
relatus {m} :: narration (telling of events)
relatus {v} :: driven or carried back
relatus {v} :: returned, restored, repaid
relaxandus {v} :: which is to be stretched, relaxed
relaxans {v} :: stretching, relaxing
relaxatio {f} :: relaxation (all senses)
relaxaturus {v} :: about to stretch, relax
relaxatus {v} :: stretched, relaxed
relaxo {v} :: I stretch out or widen again; unloose, loosen, open; slacken; abate
relaxo {v} [figuratively] :: I slacken, ease, alleviate, mitigate; cheer up, enliven, relax
relecturus {v} :: about to recover
relectus {v} :: recovered
relegandus {v} :: which is to be despatched
relegans {v} :: despatching
relegatio {f} :: banishment
relegatio {f} :: relegation
relegaturus {v} :: about to despatch
relegatus {v} :: despatched
relegendus {v} :: which is to be recovered
relegens {v} :: recovering
relego {v} :: I gather, collect again, recover
relego {v} :: I travel, traverse or sail over or through again
relego {v} :: I go over or go through again in reading, speech, thought, read, relate or recite again, revise, recount
relego {v} :: I despatch, send away
relego {v} :: I banish, remove to a distance
relego {v} [figuratively] :: I put aside, reject, remove; shift
relego {v} [figuratively] :: I refer (to a book or author), attribute, ascribe
relego {v} :: I bequeath
relevamen {n} :: lightening, alleviation
relevatio {f} :: lightening, alleviation, relief
relevatus {v} :: elevated
relevatus {v} :: lightened
relevatus {v} :: relieved
relevatus {v} :: alleviated etc
relevo {v} :: I raise, lift up
relevo {v} :: I lighten
relevo {v} :: I relieve
relevo {v} :: I alleviate, mitigate, lessen, diminish, assuage
relictio {f} :: abandoning
relicturus {v} :: about to abandon, about to relinquish
relictus {v} :: abandoned, having been abandoned, relinquished, having been relinquished
relictus {v} :: widowed, surviving a deceased person
relicuum {n} :: (mortal) remains
relicuum {n} :: future (things yet to be)
relicuus {adj} :: alternative form of reliquus
religandus {v} :: which is to be bound fast
religans {v} :: binding fast
religaturus {v} :: about to bind fast
religatus {v} :: bound fast, having been bound fast
religio {f} :: scrupulousness, conscientious exactness
religio {f} :: piety, religious scruple, religious awe, superstition, strict religious observance
religio {f} :: scruples, conscientiousness
religio {f} [of gods] :: sanctity
religio {f} :: an object of worship, holy thing, holy place
religiosior {adj} :: more pious etc
religiosissimus {adj} :: most or very pious etc
religiositas {f} :: religiousness
religiosus {adj} :: pious, devout, religious
religiosus {adj} :: scrupulous
religiosus {adj} :: sacred, taboo
religo {v} :: I bind fast
religo {v} [nautical] :: I moor
relinquendus {v} :: which is to be abandoned, which is to be relinquished
relinquens {v} :: abandoning, relinquishing
relinquo {v} :: I abandon, I relinquish, I leave (behind)
reliqua {np} :: the rest, the remainder (of something that has not been completed yet)
reliquiae {fp} :: remains, relics
reliquiae {fp} :: remnants
reliquiae {fp} :: survivors
reliquo {v} :: alternative form of reliquor
reliquor {v} :: I am in the red (owe money on account)
reliquus {adj} :: remaining
reliquus {adj} :: surviving
reluceo {v} :: I shine (back), give out light, blaze, glow
reluctans {v} :: resisting
reluctatio {f} :: resistance
reluctatio {f} :: reluctance
reluctaturus {v} :: about to resist
reluctatus {v} :: resisted
reluctor {v} :: I resist (struggle against)
rem acu tango {v} [idiomatic] :: I hit the nail on the head
remanendus {v} :: which is to be endured
remanens {v} :: remaining behind
remaneo {v} :: I remain or stay behind
remaneo {v} :: I endure, persist, abide
remano {v} :: I flow back
remansio {f} :: remaining (staying behind)
remansurus {v} :: about to remain behind
remansus {v} :: having stayed behind, remained
remansus {v} :: having endured
remeans {v} :: returning, going back
remedium {n} :: remedy, cure
remedium {n} :: medicine
remedium {n} :: aid, assistance
rememoratio {f} :: remembrance
rememoratus {v} :: remembered again
rememoratus {v} :: called to mind
rememoror {v} :: I remember again
rememoror {v} :: I call to mind
remensus {v} :: recalled, having been recalled
remensus {v} :: remeasured, having been remeasured
remeo {v} :: I go back, come back, return
remetior {v} :: I measure back
remetior {v} :: I go, pass or travel over again
remex {m} :: oarsman, rower
remigandus {v} :: which is to be rowed
remigans {v} :: rowing
remigaturus {v} :: about to row
remigatus {v} :: rowed
remigium {n} [nautical] :: rowing (with oars), oarage
remigium {n} [nautical] :: the equipment, fittings and people used in rowing
remigo {v} [nautical] :: I row
remigro {v} :: I return or go back
reminiscens {v} :: recollecting, remembering
reminisco {v} [rare] :: I remember
reminiscor {v} :: I recollect or remember [+ gen]
remisceo {v} :: I mix or mingle again; mix up, intermingle
remissio {f} :: release
remissio {f} [Ecclesiastical Latin] :: forgiveness
remissior {adj} :: more relaxed
remissior {adj} :: more remiss
remississimus {adj} :: most or very relaxed
remississimus {adj} :: most or very remiss
remissurus {v} :: about to remit
remissus {v} :: sent back, remitted
remissus {v} :: relaxed
remissus {v} :: remiss
remisturus {v} :: about to remix
remistus {v} :: remixed
remittendus {v} :: which is to be remitted
remittens {v} :: remitting
remittens {v} :: relaxing
remittens {v} :: diminishing
remitto {v} :: I send back, I remit, I throw back, I relax, I diminish
remivagus {adj} :: oar-wafted, impelled by oars
Remmius {prop} {m} :: a Roman nomen gentile, gens or "family name" famously held by:
Remmius {prop} {m} :: Quintus Remmius Palaemon, a Roman grammarian
Remmius {adj} :: of or pertaining to the gens Remmia
remollesco {v} :: I become soft or soften again
remolliendus {v} :: which is to be mollified
remolliens {v} :: mollifying
remollio {v} :: I soften (again)
remollio {v} :: I mollify
remolliturus {v} :: about to mollify
remollitus {v} :: mollified
remoneo {v} :: I warn again, remind
remorans {v} :: delaying
remoratio {f} :: slowness, delaying
remoraturus {v} :: about to delay
remoratus {v} :: delayed
remordeo {v} :: I bite back or again
remordeo {v} :: I vex, torment, disturb, nag
remoror {v} :: I stay, tarry, linger, loiter
remoror {v} :: I delay, detain, obstruct, hinder
remoror {v} :: I keep (one) waiting (takes obj. in acc.)
remotio {f} :: withdrawal, putting back
remotio {f} :: taking away, removal (of an object)
remotio {f} :: dismissal (of a person)
remotior {adj} :: more remote
remotissimus {adj} :: most or very remote
remotus {adj} :: remote
remotus {adj} :: distant, far off
remotus {adj} :: removed
removendus {v} :: which is to be removed
removens {v} :: removing
removeo {v} :: I remove, take away
remugio {v} :: I moo or bellow in return
remugio {v} :: I resound
remulceo {v} :: I stroke back
remulceo {v} [figuratively] :: I soothe; delight
remulco {v} :: I tow
remulcum {n} :: towrope
remunerandus {v} :: which is to be rewarded
remunerans {v} :: reward
remuneratio {f} :: payment (in return)
remuneratio {f} :: recompense, reward
remuneratio {f} :: remuneration
remuneraturus {v} :: about to reward
remuneratus {v} :: rewarded
remunero {v} :: I reward, recompense, remunerate
remus {m} :: oar
Remus {prop} {m} [Roman mythology] :: The legendary founder of Rome and the twin brother of Romulus
Remus {prop} {m} :: a Latin cognomen
ren {m} [anatomy] :: kidney
ren {m} :: (this term almost always plural in (ancient) Latin. See B. L. Gildersleeve's Pg. 35, Oxford Latin Dictionary Pg. 1614)
renalis {adj} :: related to the kidneys; renal
Renartus {prop} {m} [Medieval Latin] :: given name: Reynard
renascens {v} :: reviving, renewing
renascens {v} :: being born again
renascentia {prop} {f} :: renaissance
renascor {v} :: I am revived, renewed
renascor {v} :: I am born again
renatus {v} :: revived, renewed, having revived
renatus {v} :: born again
Renatus {prop} {m} :: A male cognomen — famously held by:
Renatus {prop} {m} :: Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus (fl. late 4th C.), Late Latin writer on military matters and veterinary medicine
Renatus {prop} {m} :: given name — famously held by:
Renatus {prop} {m} :: Renatus Cartesius (1596–1650), French philosopher, mathematician, and scientist
rendus {v} :: which is to be reckoned
rendus {v} :: which is to be calculated
rendus {v} :: which is to be deemed
rendus {v} :: which is to be judged
renendus {v} :: about to be unspun, about to be unraveled, about to be undone
reneo {vt} [rare, poetic] :: I unspin, I undo, I unravel
renetus {v} :: unspun, unraveled, undone
reniculus {m} :: a little kidney
renidens {v} :: Shining back, beaming
renideo {v} :: I shine back or again; I am bright or resplendent, glitter, glisten
renideo {v} [figuratively] :: I am glad, bright or cheerful
renideo {v} [figuratively] :: I laugh, smile (back)
renideo {v} [figuratively, with dative] :: I smile upon; I am gracious to
reniformis {adj} :: reniform, kidney-shaped
renisurus {v} :: about to struggle
renisus {v} :: struggled
renitens {v} :: struggling
renitentia {f} :: struggle, resistance
reniteo {v} :: I shine or gleam (back); flash
renitor {v} :: I struggle, resist
Renius {prop} {m} :: a Roman nomen gentile, gens or "family name" famously held by:
Renius {prop} {m} :: Gaius Renius, a Roman moneyer
rennuens {v} :: alternative form of renuens
rennuo {v} :: alternative form of renuo
reno {f} :: reindeer skin
reno {f} :: A garment, made from this skin, worn by Celts or ancient Germans
renovandus {v} :: which is to be renewed, restored, revived
renovans {v} :: renewing, restoring, reviving
renovatio {f} :: renewal
renovatio {f} :: renovation
renovaturus {v} :: about to renew, restore, revive
renovatus {v} :: renewed, restored, revived
renovo {v} :: I renew, restore or revive
rens {v} :: reckoning
renuens {v} :: refusing, declining, disapproving, rejecting
renuncio {v} :: alternative form of renuntio
renunculus {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: or [Late Latin] little kidney
renuntiandus {v} :: which is to be rejected
renuntians {v} :: rejecting
renuntiatio {f} :: declaration, proclamation
renuntiatio {f} :: resignation, renunciation
renuntiaturus {v} :: about to reject
renuntiatus {v} :: reported or announced
renuntiatus {v} :: rejected, retracted or revoked
renuntio {v} :: I report or announce
renuntio {v} :: I reject, retract, renounce or revoke
renuo {v} :: I shake the head (as a sign of refusal)
renuo {v} :: I refuse, decline, disapprove, reject
reor {v} :: I reckon, calculate
reor {v} :: I think, deem, judge
repagulum {n} [chiefly in the plural] :: bolt or bar for a door; restraint, limit
repandus {adj} :: turned up or back
reparabilis {adj} :: reparable, repairable
reparabilis {adj} :: recoverable (concerning loss or damage)
reparabilis {adj} :: retrievable
reparandus {v} :: which is to be recovered
reparans {v} :: recovering
reparatio {f} :: restoration, renewal
reparaturus {v} :: about to recover
reparatus {v} :: recovered, retrieved, having been recovered
reparatus {v} :: renewed, restored, having been repaired
reparatus {v} :: obtained, purchased, having been procured by exchange
reparatus {v} :: refreshed, revived, having been refreshed
reparo {v} :: I recover, retrieve
reparo {v} :: I renew, restore, repair
reparo {v} :: I obtain, purchase, procure by exchange
reparo {v} :: I refresh, revive
repausaturus {v} :: about to be at rest, in repose
repauso {v} :: I am at rest, I rest completely, repose
repauso {vi} :: I lay at rest, quiet, nourish
repedo {v} :: I turn back, retreat, recoil
repellendus {v} :: which is to be repelled
repellens {v} :: repelling
repellens {v} :: rejecting
repello {v} :: I drive, push or thrust back or away; reject, repulse, repel
repello {v} [figuratively] :: I drive away, reject, remove, discard; keep off, hold back, ward off, repulse
repello {v} [figuratively] :: I reject, refuse, refute, confute, repel
repens {v} :: creeping, crawling
repens {adj} :: sudden, unexpected
repens {adj} :: recent, fresh
repens {adv} :: alternative form of repentes
repensatio {f} :: recompense
repente {adv} :: suddenly
repentinus {adj} :: sudden, hasty
repentinus {adj} :: unexpected
repercussio {f} :: rebounding, repercussion
repercussio {f} :: reflection
repercussus {v} :: having been reflected
repercussus {m} :: echo
repercussus {m} :: reflection
repercussus {m} :: reverberation
repercutio {v} :: I rebound, reflect
repercutio {v} :: I reverberate, resound
reperiendus {v} :: which is to be discovered
reperiens {v} :: finding, finding out, discovering, inventing
reperio {v} :: I find, find out, learn, realise, discover, invent
repertor {m} :: One who finds something, particularly:
repertor {m} :: An originator, a deviser
repertor {m} :: A discoverer
repertor {m} :: An inventor
repertor {m} [figuratively] :: An author
repertorium {n} [post-classical Latin] :: inventory, catalogue, repertory
reperturus {v} :: about to discover
repertus {v} :: found (out), discovered, invented
repetendus {v} :: which is to be attacked again
repetens {v} :: attacking again
repetitio {f} :: repetition
repetitio {f} :: reclamation
repetiturus {v} :: about to attack again
repetitus {v} :: attacked again
repeto {v} :: I attack again
repeto {v} :: I recommence, resume, renew or repeat an action
repeto {v} :: I recount
repeto {v} :: I return, demand recompense
repetunda {f} :: recovery (of money)
replendus {v} :: which is to be replenished
replens {v} :: refilling, replenishing
replens {v} :: restoring
replens {v} :: satisfying
repleo {v} :: I fill again, refill, replenish
repleo {v} :: I make up for, complete, restore, supply
repleo {v} :: I fill, satisfy, satiate, sate
repleo {v} :: I fill up, make swollen
repletio {f} :: repletion
repleturus {v} :: about to replenish
repletus {v} :: refilled, replenished, having been refilled
repletus {v} :: restored, having been restored
repletus {v} :: satisfied, satiated, having been satisfied
repletus {v} :: swollen, having been made swollen
replicandus {v} :: which is to be bent back, unrolled, reflected
replicans {v} :: bending back, unrolling, reflecting
replicatio {f} :: folding back
replicatio {f} :: reply, replication
replicatio {f} :: repetition
replicaturus {v} :: about to bend back, unroll, reflect
replicatus {v} :: bent back, unrolled, reflected
replico {v} :: I turn, fold or bend back
replico {v} :: I unroll [a scroll]
replico {v} :: I unwind [a rope, etc.]
replico {v} :: I think or reflect upon
replum {n} :: bolt
replum {n} :: frame
repo {v} :: I creep, crawl
reponens {v} :: restoring
repono {v} :: I put back
repono {v} :: I restore
repono {v} :: I store
reporrigo {v} :: I extend again
reporrigo {v} :: I offer, hold out again
reportandus {v} :: which is to be reported
reportans {v} :: carrying or bringing back
reportans {v} :: reporting
reportaturus {v} :: about to report
reportatus {v} :: reported
reporto {v} :: I carry or bring back
reporto {v} :: I report
reposco {v} :: I demand back, or claim as my due
repositio {f} :: restoring
repositio {f} :: storing
repositorium {n} :: something on which something else is placed
repositorium {n} :: a tray for carrying dishes to the table
repositorium {n} :: a repository or cabinet
repositorium {n} [medieval] :: chest, treasure chest
repositorium {n} [medieval] :: storehouse
repositorium {n} [medieval] :: tomb, burial vault
repositus {v} :: restored
repperiens {v} :: alternative form of reperiens
repperio {v} :: alternative form of reperio
reppertus {v} :: alternative form of repertus
repraesentabilis {adj} :: representable
repraesentandus {v} :: which is to be represented, displayed
repraesentans {v} :: representing, displaying
repraesentatio {f} :: representation
repraesentatio {f} :: showing, exhibiting
repraesentaturus {v} :: about to represent, display
repraesentatus {v} :: represented, displayed
repraesento {v} :: I represent, depict
repraesento {v} :: I display, exhibit or show
reprehendendus {v} :: which is to be seized
reprehendens {v} :: seizing
reprehendo {v} :: I hold back, hold fast, take hold of, seize, catch
reprehendo {v} :: I hold fast, check, restrain; retrieve, recover, restore
reprehendo {v} :: I blame, find fault with, censure, reprove, rebuke, reprehend, scold
reprehendo {v} [legal] :: I convict, pass judgment on, prosecute, reprimand
reprehendo {v} [rhetoric] :: I refute
reprehensibilis {adj} :: reprehensible, blameworthy
reprehensio {f} :: blame, reprimand, criticism
reprehensio {f} :: refutation
reprehensor {m} :: blamer, censurer, reprehender
reprehensurus {v} :: about to seize
reprehensus {v} :: seized
reprendendus {v} :: alternative form of reprehendendus
reprendens {v} :: alternative form of reprehendens
reprendo {v} :: alternative form of reprehendo
reprensurus {v} :: alternative form of reprehensurus
reprensus {v} :: alternative form of reprehensus
repressor {m} :: restrainer, represser
repressor {m} :: limiter
repressurus {v} :: about to repress
repressus {v} :: repressed
reprimendus {v} :: which is to be repressed
reprimens {v} :: repressing
reprimo {v} :: I repress
reprimo {v} :: I check, prevent or restrain
reprobatio {f} :: rejection
reprobatio {f} :: reprobation
reprobatus {v} :: disapproved
reprobatus {v} :: rejected
reprobatus {v} :: condemned
reprobo {v} :: I disapprove
reprobo {v} :: I reject
reprobo {v} :: I condemn
reprobus {adj} :: false, spurious
reprobus {adj} :: rejected
repromissio {f} :: counter-promise
repromissio {f} :: guarantee
repromissor {m} :: surety, bail
repromissus {v} :: guaranteed
repromitto {v} :: I guarantee (promise in return)
repropitiatus {v} :: propitiated again
repropitio {v} :: I propitiate again
reptabundus {adj} :: creeping, crawling
reptans {v} :: crawling, creeping
reptilis {adj} :: creeping, crawling
repto {v} :: I crawl or creep (over or through)
repudiandus {v} :: which is to be rejected
repudians {v} :: rejecting
repudiatio {f} :: rejection, refusal
repudiaturus {v} :: about to reject
repudiatus {v} :: rejected, repudiated
repudio {v} :: I cast off, reject
repudium {n} :: repudiation
repudium {n} :: rejection
repudium {n} :: divorce
repugnandus {v} :: which is to be opposed
repugnans {v} :: opposing
repugnans {v} :: resisting, defending
repugnantia {f} :: resistance, opposition
repugnantia {f} :: contradiction, incompatibility; repugnance
repugnatorius {adj} :: defensive, repulsive (serving to repel)
repugnaturus {v} :: about to oppose
repugnatus {v} :: opposed
repugno {v} :: I fight against; I oppose
repugno {v} :: I resist or defend myself
repullulo {v} :: I sprout forth again
repulsurus {v} :: about to repel
repulsus {v} :: having been rejected, repulsed, repelled
repulsus {v} :: having been defeated in an election
repurgandus {v} :: which is to be cleansed again
repurgans {v} :: cleansing again
repurgatio {f} :: repeat purification, cleansing, purging
repurgaturus {v} :: about to cleanse again
repurgatus {v} :: cleansed again
repurgo {v} :: I cleanse again
reputans {v} :: counting or calculating again
reputans {v} :: pondering or reflecting
reputatus {v} :: counted or calculated again
reputatus {v} :: pondered, reflected
reputo {v} :: I count or calculate again
reputo {v} :: I ponder or reflect
requies {f} :: rest, repose
requies {f} :: a place of rest
requiescant in pace {phrase} :: May they rest in peace
requiescat in pace {phrase} :: requiescat in pace
requiescendus {v} :: which is to be consoled or rested
requiescens {v} :: resting, reposing
requiesco {vi} :: I rest, repose
requiesco {vi} :: I take consolation; find rest or comfort
requiesco {vi} :: I am supported (by), rest (on)
requiesco {vt} :: I let rest; stop, stay, arrest
requietio {f} :: rest, repose
requietus {adj} :: rested, refreshed
requirendus {v} :: which is to be required
requirens {v} :: requiring, needing
requiro {v} :: I require, seek, ask for, request, need or miss
requisitus {v} :: required, needed
res {f} :: thing, matter, issue, affair, stuff
res {f} :: state, republic, commonwealth
res {f} :: deed
resalutandus {v} :: which is to be greeted
resalutans {v} :: greeting
resalutaturus {v} :: about to greet
resalutatus {v} :: greeted
resaluto {v} :: I greet, salute in return
Resapha {prop} {f} :: A city of Palmyrene mentioned by Ptolemy
resarcio {v} :: I patch or mend again
resarcio {v} :: I repair or restore
rescindendus {v} :: which is to be rescinded
rescindens {v} :: cutting or breaking down
rescindens {v} :: repealing, rescinding
rescindo {v} :: I cut off, cut or break down or back, cut or tear open or loose
rescindo {v} [figuratively] :: I annul, abolish, abrogate, cancel, revoke, repeal, rescind
rescisco {v} :: I learn, find out, get to know of, bring to light, ascertain something
rescissurus {v} :: about to rescind
rescissus {v} :: rescinded
rescribendus {v} :: which is to be replied
rescribens {v} :: replying
rescribo {v} :: to write back in reply
rescriptum {n} :: An imperial rescript or response
rescripturus {v} :: about to reply
rescriptus {v} :: replied
resecandus {v} :: which is to be curtailed
resecans {v} :: curtailing
reseco {v} :: I cut off or loose
reseco {v} :: I curtail, stop
reseco {v} :: I check, restrain
resecturus {v} :: about to curtail
resectus {v} :: curtailed
resecutus {v} :: Having been replied to
reseda {f} :: mignonette
resequor {v} :: I follow in speaking; reply to, answer
reserandus {v} :: which is to be unlocked, disclosed
reserans {v} :: unlocking, disclosing
reseratio {f} :: unsealing, unfastening, opening
reseraturus {v} :: about to unlock, disclose
reseratus {v} :: unlocked, disclosed
resero {v} :: I unlock, open
resero {v} :: I disclose, reveal
reservandus {v} :: which is to be reserved
reservans {v} :: reserving, retaining, saving
reservatio {f} :: The act of reserving or keeping back; reservation
reservaturus {v} :: about to reserve
reservatus {v} :: reserved
reservo {v} :: I reserve, retain, save
residens {v} :: residing, abiding, tarrying, lingering
residens {v} :: remaining
resideo {v} :: I reside, abide, tarry, linger
resideo {v} :: I remain sitting
resideo {v} :: I sit up
resideo {v} [figuratively] :: I am idle, inactive
resideo {v} :: I remain behind, am left behind
resido {v} :: I sit, I settle in a place
resido {v} :: I abate, I subside
residuus {adj} :: remaining (to be done)
residuus {adj} :: residuary
residuus {adj} :: persisting, surviving
residuus {adj} :: surplus
resigno {v} :: I unseal, open
resigno {v} :: I annul, cancel, invalidate, rescind
resiliendus {v} :: which is to be rebounded
resiliens {v} :: rebounding
resilio {v} :: I leap or spring back; rebound, recoil, retreat
resilio {v} :: I start back, shrink from, retreat
resina {f} :: resin
resinosus {adj} :: resinous
resipisco {v} :: I recover my senses
resipisco {v} :: I revive
res ipsa loquitur {phrase} :: the thing speaks for itself
resistendus {v} :: which is to be continued
resistendus {v} :: which is to be resisted
resistens {v} :: remaining, continuing
resistens {v} :: withstanding, opposing, resisting
resistentia {f} :: resistance, opposition
resisto {v} :: I stand back, remain standing somewhere; stand still, halt, stop, stay; remain, continue
resisto {v} :: I rise or stand up again
resisto {v} [usually in military language] :: I withstand, oppose, resist; make opposition or resistance
res, non verba {proverb} :: actions speak louder than words
resolubilis {adj} :: dissoluble
resolubilitas {f} :: dissolubility
resolutio {f} :: untying, unbinding, loosening
resolutio {f} :: slackening, relaxing
resolutio {f} :: laxness, looseness, weakness
resolutio {f} :: solution (of a problem)
resolutio {f} :: release, escape
resoluturus {v} :: about to release
resolutus {v} :: released
resolvendus {v} :: which is to be released
resolvens {v} :: releasing
resolvo {vt} :: I release, loosen, unbind
resolvo {vt} :: I enfeeble
resolvo {vt} :: I cancel, dispel
resonans {v} :: resounding
resonans {v} :: echoing
resonantia {f} :: echo, resonance
resonatio {f} :: resonance
resono {vi} :: I sound or ring again, resound, reecho; call repeatedly
resono {vt} :: I give back the sound of, resound, reecho with
resorbeo {v} :: I suck back, swallow again; suppress [of tears, etc.]
respectans {v} :: looking back, around or continuously
respectans {v} :: awaiting
respectio {f} :: review, survey, inspection
respecto {v} :: I look back, around, continuously or intently
respecto {v} :: I await
respecturus {v} :: about to respect
respectus {v} :: respected
respectus {m} :: looking back (at)
respectus {m} [followed by the genitive] :: regard, consideration, respect (for)
respectus {m} :: respite, relief (from)
respergo {v} :: I sprinkle or spatter over
respersus {v} :: sprinkled, spattered over
respiciendus {v} :: which is to be respected
respiciens {v} :: looking, back, behind or around
respiciens {v} :: considering, respecting
respicio {v} :: I look behind, look back at or upon, look to, look around
respicio {v} :: I have regard for, consider; respect
respirandus {v} :: which is to be respired
respirans {v} :: respiring
respiratio {f} :: exhaling
respiratio {f} :: breathing, respiration
respiraturus {v} :: about to respire
respiratus {v} :: respired
respiro {vt} :: I blow or breathe back; breathe out, exhale
respiro {vi} :: I breathe, respire
respiro {vi} [figuratively] :: I recover breath; recover, revive
respiro {vi} [figuratively] :: I abate, diminish, cease
resplendens {v} :: shining, glittering
resplendeo {v} :: I shine (back) brightly, glitter; I am resplendent
respondeat {v} :: third person singular present subjunctive of respondeo
respondeatur {v} :: third person singular present passive subjunctive of respondere
respondendus {v} :: which is to be responded to
respondens {v} :: answering, responding
respondeo {v} :: I reply, answer, respond
respondeo {v} [figuratively] :: I measure up
respondeo {v} :: I am present, I appear, attend
respondeo {v} :: I meet or answer [a charge]
respondeo {v} [of a sound] :: I re-echo, resound
respondeo {v} :: I meet, agree, accord or correspond with, conform to, answer for
respondeo {v} :: I make a return, yield
responsabilitas {f} :: responsibility
responsio {f} :: answer, reply, response
responsio {f} :: refutation
responsum {n} :: answer, response
responsurus {v} :: about to respond
responsus {v} :: replied
res publica {f} :: republic, commonwealth, the state
respublica {f} :: the state, nation (the sovereign polity)
respublica {f} :: a republic (a state where sovereignty rests with the people or their representatives, rather than with a monarch or emperor)
respuendus {v} :: which is to be spat out, rejected
respuens {v} :: spitting out, rejecting
respuo {v} :: I spit or spew out
respuo {v} :: I reject or refuse
resputurus {v} :: about to spit out, reject
resputus {v} :: spat out, rejected
restaurandus {v} :: which is to be restored
restaurans {v} :: restoring
restauratio {f} :: restoration, renewal
restauraturus {v} :: about to restore
restauratus {v} :: restored
restauro {v} :: I restore, rebuild, reestablish, renew
resticula {f} :: cord, line (thin rope)
restinctio {f} :: quenching
restincturus {v} :: about to extinguish
restinctus {v} :: quenched, extinguished
restinctus {v} :: annihilated
restinguendus {v} :: which is to be extinguished
restinguens {v} :: extinguishing
restinguo {v} :: I put out, quench or extinguish
restinguo {v} :: I annihilate
restio {m} :: ropemaker
restipulatio {f} :: counter-obligation
restipulor {v} :: I stipulate or promise in return
restis {f} :: rope, cord
restituendus {v} :: which is to be restored, revived
restituens {v} :: replacing, restoring
restituens {v} :: rebuilding, reviving
restituo {v} :: I replace or restore
restituo {v} :: I rebuild or revive
restitutio {f} :: reinstatement, rebuilding, restoration
restituturus {v} :: about to restore, revive
restitutus {v} :: replaced, restored
restitutus {v} :: rebuilt, revived
resto {v} :: I stand firm; I stay behind
resto {v} :: I remain
restricturus {v} :: about to tighten
restrictus {v} :: restricted, restrained, bound tightly, having been restricted
restrictus {adj} :: stingy, miserly
restrictus {adj} :: modest, moderate
restrictus {adj} :: stern, strict, rigorous
restringendus {v} :: which is to be tightened
restringens {v} :: tightening
restringo {v} :: I draw back tightly, bind back or fast, tighten
restringo {v} :: I unfasten, unclose, open
restringo {v} [figuratively] :: I restrain, confine, restrict
resulturus {v} :: about to rebound
resultus {v} :: rebounded
resumendus {v} :: which is to be resumed
resumens {v} :: resuming
resumo {v} :: I take again; take back
resumo {v} :: I resume
resumo {v} :: I recover
resumpturus {v} :: about to resume
resumptus {v} :: resumed
resumptus {v} :: recovered
resumtus {v} :: alternative form of resumptus
resupinatus {v} :: Having been bent, pulled back
resupinatus {v} :: Having been knocked flat
resupino {vt} :: I bend, pull back
resupino {vt} :: I knock down flat
resurgens {v} :: rising from the dead, being resurrected
resurgo {v} :: I rise again
resurrectio {f} :: resurrection
resurrecturus {v} :: about to rise up again; resurrect
resuscitans {v} :: rebuilding
resuscitans {v} :: reviving, resuscitating
resuscitatio {f} :: resuscitation
resuscitatus {v} :: rebuilt
resuscitatus {v} :: revived, resuscitated
resuscito {v} :: I rebuild
resuscito {v} :: I revive or resuscitate
retae {f} :: trees standing on the bank of a stream
retardandus {v} :: which is to be hindered
retardans {v} :: hindering
retardatio {f} :: hindering, delaying, retarding
retardaturus {v} :: about to hinder
retardatus {v} :: hindered
retardo {v} :: I hinder, delay, detain, impede or retard
rete {n} :: net, snare, network
rete {n} [figuratively] :: trap
retecturus {v} :: about to uncover
retectus {v} :: uncovered
retegendus {v} :: which is to be uncovered
retegens {v} :: uncovering
retego {v} :: I uncover, bare
retego {v} :: I open, reveal, disclose
retendendus {v} :: which is to be slackened
retendens {v} :: slackening
retendo {v} :: I unbend, slacken, relax
retensurus {v} :: about to slacken
retensus {v} :: unbent, slackened, relaxed
retentio {f} :: a holding back; holding in; a withholding
retentio {f} :: a retaining, keeping back
retentio {f} :: preservation, maintenance
retentor {m} :: One who holds back; detainer, retainer
retenturus {v} :: about to detain
retentus {v} :: restrained, delayed
retentus {v} :: repressed
retentus {v} :: held
retergeo {vt} :: I wipe out, clear, cleanse
retexo {v} :: I unweave or unravel
retexo {v} :: I cancel, annul or reverse
retexo {v} :: I renew or repeat
retiaculum {n} :: alternative form of reticulum
retiarius {m} :: A net-fighter; a gladiator who fights with a net
reticendus {v} :: which is to be refrained
reticens {v} :: being silent, keeping silent; silent, reticent
reticens {v} :: keeping secret, concealing
reticentia {f} :: silence (keeping silent)
reticentia {f} :: aposiopesis
reticeo {vi} :: I am silent, keep silent
reticeo {v} [with dative] :: I refrain from answering
reticeo {vt} :: I keep silent or secret, conceal
reticuiturus {v} :: about to refrain
reticuitus {v} :: refrained
reticulatus {adj} :: reticulated, net-like
reticulum {n} :: a net
reticulum {n} :: a fishnet
reticulum {n} :: a hairnet
reticulum {n} :: a network
reticulum {n} :: a colander
reticulum {n} :: an omentum
reticulum {n} :: (later Latin): a reticle
retifex {m} :: net maker
retina {f} [Medieval Latin] :: a rein (strap or rope attached to a bridle or bit, used to control an animal)
retina {f} :: medieval spelling of rēsīna
Retina {prop} {f} :: a town in Campania near Herculaneum
retinaculum {n} :: holdfast, tether, halter, hawser, band [also on chariots or ships]
retinendus {v} :: which is to be restrained or delayed
retinens {v} :: detaining, restraining, retaining, confining, containing, delaying
retineo {v} :: I keep or hold back, detain, restrain, retain, confine, contain; delay
retineo {v} :: I hold in check, repress, check, stop, stay
retineo {v} :: I hold fast, maintain, preserve, protect, guard, retain
retono {v} :: I resound like thunder
retorquendus {v} :: about to be twisted
retorquendus {v} :: which is to be twisted
retorqueo {v} :: I twist, turn, bend or cast back; avert, deflect
retorqueo {v} [of an argument] :: I retort, cast back
retortus {v} :: twisted, turned, bent
Retovium {prop} {n} :: A town of Liguria, now Robbio
retractandus {v} :: which is to be retracted
retractans {v} :: retracting
retractatio {f} :: retouching, revision, correction
retractatio {f} :: reconsideration
retractaturus {v} :: about to retract
retractatus {v} :: withdrawn, refused, declined, retracted
retracto {v} :: I undertake again
retracto {v} :: I withdraw, refuse, decline
retracto {v} :: I retract
retracturus {v} :: about to withdraw
retractus {v} :: withdrawn
retrahendus {v} :: which is to be withdrawn
retrahens {v} :: withholding, diverting
retraho {v} :: I draw or pull back, withdraw; call back, remove; withhold; divert
retraho {v} :: I drag back, fetch back, bring back a person
retraho {v} :: I draw again or anew; bring to light again, make known again
retribuens {v} :: returning, repaying (money)
retribuens {v} :: recompensing
retribuo {v} :: I give back, return or repay (money)
retribuo {v} :: I recompense
retributio {f} :: recompense, repayment
retributio {f} :: retribution
retro {adv} :: back, backwards, behind
retro {adv} :: before, formerly
retrocedo {v} :: I retrocede, give back, restore, reassign
retrogradatio {f} :: going back; retrogradation
retrogradior {vi} :: I go or step back or backwards, retrograde
retrogressus {v} :: having walked back, having stepped back, having returned
retromolaris {adj} [New Latin] :: retromolar
retrorsum {adv} :: backwards
retrorsum {adv} :: in reverse order
retrospicio {vt} :: I look back at
retrudendus {v} :: which is to be pushed back
retrudens {v} :: pushing back
retrudo {v} :: I push or thrust back
retrusurus {v} :: about to push back
retrusus {v} :: pushed back
retundo {v} :: I beat back, drive back
retundo {v} :: I restrain, check
retundo {v} :: I hammer back (something sharp), blunt or dull
retundo {v} :: I deaden, weaken, frustrate
retunsus {v} :: blunted, dulled
retunsus {v} :: deadened, weakened
retunsus {v} :: restrained
retusio {f} :: blunting, deadening
retusio {f} :: restraining
retusus {adj} :: blunt, dull
retusus {adj} :: retuse
reubarbarum {n} :: rhubarb
Reudigni {prop} {mp} :: A Germanic tribe which dwelt on the river Elbe
reunio {v} :: I reunite
reus {adj} :: guilty
reus {m} :: defendant, accused
reus {m} :: plaintiff
revecturus {v} :: about to carry back
revectus {v} :: carried back
revehendus {v} :: which is to be carried back
revehens {v} :: carrying back
reveho {v} :: I carry, bear or convey back
revelandus {v} :: which is to be shown, uncovered, revealed, disclosed
revelans {v} :: showing
revelans {v} :: uncovering
revelans {v} :: revealing, disclosing
revelatio {f} :: revelation
revelatio {f} :: uncovering
revelatus {v} :: shown
revelatus {v} :: uncovered
revelatus {v} :: revealed, disclosed
revellendus {v} :: which is to be plucked out
revellens {v} :: plucking out
revello {v} :: I pluck or pull out
revello {v} :: I wrench out
revelo {v} :: I show
revelo {v} :: I uncover
revelo {v} :: I reveal or disclose
reveniens {v} :: coming back, returning
revenio {v} :: I come back, return
reventurus {v} :: about to return
revera {adv} :: actually, in fact
reverberandus {v} :: which is to be repelled, rebounded, reverberated
reverberans {v} :: repelling, rebounding, reverberating
reverberatio {f} :: rebounding
reverberatio {f} :: reverberation
reverberaturus {v} :: about to repel, rebound, reverberate
reverberatus {v} :: repelled, rebounded, reverberated
reverbero {v} :: I repel, rebound
reverendus {v} :: That is to be respected
reverens {v} :: respecting
reverens {adj} :: reverent
reverentia {f} :: timidity, shyness (due to respect)
reverentia {f} :: awe, reverence
reverentissimus {adj} :: most or very reverent
revereor {v} :: I stand in awe (of), regard, respect, honor, reverence, revere
revereor {v} :: I stand in fear (of); I am afraid, fear
reveriturus {v} :: about to respect
reveritus {v} :: respected, revered
reveritus {v} :: awestruck
reversio {f} :: The act of turning back (before reaching a destination), return
reversio {f} :: The act of returning or coming around again
reversio {f} [rhetoric] :: The inversion of words, anastrophe
reverso {v} :: I turn back, turn around
reverso {v} :: I turn round, invert
reversurus {v} :: about to return or turn back
reversus {v} :: returned
revertendus {v} :: which is to be returned
revertens {v} :: returning, turning back
reverto {v} :: alternative form of revertor
revertor {v} :: I return
revertor {v} :: I turn back, turn around
Revessio {prop} {f} :: A town of the Velauni in Aquitania
revideo {vt} :: I revisit somewhere
revideo {vi} :: I go to see again, pay another visit
revinciens {v} :: binding back, tying back
revinciens {v} :: binding, fastening
revincio {v} :: I bind back, tie back, fasten around
revincio {v} :: I bind, fasten
revinco {v} :: I conquer, subdue
revinco {v} :: I convict
revinco {v} :: I refute, disprove
revinctus {v} :: bound back, tied back, having been tied back
revinctus {v} :: bound, fastened, having been fastened
reviresco {v} :: I become green or verdant again
reviresco {v} :: I am renewed or revived
revisendus {v} :: which is to be revisited
revisens {v} :: revisiting
reviso {v} :: I revisit
revisurus {v} :: about to revisit
revisus {v} :: revisited
revivesco {v} :: I revive (am restored to life)
revivisco {v} :: alternative form of revivesco
revivo {v} :: I live again
revocandus {v} :: which is to be recalled
revocans {v} :: recalling
revocatio {f} :: recalling
revocatorius {adj} :: revocatory
revocaturus {v} :: about to recall
revocatus {v} :: recalled
revoco {v} :: I recall (troops, etc.), I call back
revoco {v} :: I withdraw
revoco {v} :: I revive
revoco {v} :: I regain
revolsurus {v} :: about to pluck out
revolsus {v} :: plucked out
revolutio {f} :: The act of revolving; revolution
revoluturus {v} :: about to revolve
revolutus {v} :: revolved
revolvendus {v} :: which is to be revolved
revolvens {v} :: revolving
revolvo {v} :: I roll back; unroll, unwind; revolve, return
revolvo {v} :: I turn over, read over, repeat
revolvo {v} :: I relate again, repeat; reenact; brood or reflect upon
revolvo {v} [passive] :: I come or go back, return, recur, relapse
revulsurus {v} :: about to pluck out
revulsus {v} :: plucked out
rewadio {v} [Medieval Latin] :: I pledge contractual liability
rex {m} :: king, ruler
rex {m} [Late Latin, chess] :: king
rhabarbarum {n} :: rhubarb
Rhadamistus {prop} {m} :: A king of Armenia
Rhaetia {prop} {f} :: alt form Raetia
rhaeticus {adj} :: Rhaetian, Romansch
rhagion {n} :: A small spider
Rhamnes {m} [Roman mythology] :: An augur mentioned by Virgil in the Aeneid
rhamnosus {adj} [New Latin] :: A specific epithet for a probiotic bacterium
rhamnus {f} [Late Latin] :: buckthorn
Rhamnus {prop} {f} :: A town of Attica, famous for the temple of Themis
Rhamsesis {*m} :: Ramesses
Rhaphana {prop} {f} :: A city of the Decapolis and base of several legions
Rhaphea {prop} {f} :: A town of Idumaea
Rhaucus {prop} {m} :: A town of Crete
Rhegium {prop} {n} :: One of the most important cities of Magna Graecia, situated near the southern end of Bruttium, now Reggio Calabria
Rhenanus {adj} :: Rhenish
rhenium {n} :: rhenium
Rhenus {prop} {m} :: The river Rhine
Rhenus {prop} {m} :: The river Reno in Italy
Rhescuporis {prop} {m} :: The name of various kings of Thrace
Rhesus {prop} {m} [Greek mythology] :: A mythological king of Thrace killed by Diomede and Ulysses
Rhesus {prop} {m} :: A river of Troas
rhet. {np} {f} :: abbreviation of rhētorica
rhetor {m} :: teacher of rhetoric
rhetor {m} [derogatory] :: orator, rhetorician
rhetorica {np} :: rhetoric
rhetorica {f} :: alternative form of rhētoricē
rhetoricoteros {adj} :: comparative of rhētoricus
rhetoricoterus {adj} :: alternative form of rhētoricōteros
rhetoricus {adj} :: rhetorical, or or pertaining to rhetoric or a rhetoritician
rheuma {n} :: catarrh, rheum
rheumaticus {adj} :: troubled with rheum (catarrh)
rheumatus {adj} :: rheumy
rhexia {f} :: a plant also called onochilis, a kind of bugloss
rhexis {f} [Medieval Latin, medicine] :: incision or section, especially for bloodletting
rhina {f} :: A kind of shark, of whose skin arrows were made
rhinoceros {m} :: rhinoceros
rhinoceros {m} :: vessel made of a rhinoceros's horn
rhinoceros {m} :: nickname for someone with a long nose
Rhinocolura {prop} {f} :: A city of Egypt situated near the borders with Palestine
Rhisinium {prop} {n} :: Risan
Rhithymna {prop} {f} :: A town of Crete situated on the northern coast of the island, Rethymno
Rhium {prop} {n} [geography] :: A promontory of Achaia
Rhium {prop} {n} :: A town near this promontory
Rhizinium {prop} {n} :: Risan
Rhizius {prop} {m} :: A small river of Pontus mentioned by Arrian
Rhizus {prop} {m} :: A town of Thessaly
Rhoali {prop} {mp} :: A tribe of Syria mentioned by Plinius
Rhocobae {prop} {fp} :: A town of Thrace mentioned by Pliny
Rhodani potor {m} [idiomatic] :: one dwelling by the River Rhône, a Rhodanian
rhodanthus {adj} :: Having red flowers
Rhodanus {prop} {m} :: the River Rhône (a great river in Gaul, which empties into the Mediterranean)
Rhodanus {prop} {m} [metonymically, collectively] :: the Gaulish tribesmen living on the banks of the Rhône
Rhodanusia {prop} {f} :: synonym of Lugdūnum
Rhodesia {prop} {f} [New Latin] :: Rhodesia
rhodesianus {adj} :: Rhodesian
Rhodiopolis {f} :: A town of Lycia mentioned by Pliny
rhoditis {f} :: An unknown kind of gem, with the color of a rose
rhodium {n} :: rhodium
Rhodius {prop} {m} :: A river of Troas which flows into the Hellespont
Rhodope {prop} {f} [Greek mythology] :: The mythical wife of Haemus
Rhodope {prop} {f} :: A mountain chain forming the frontier between Thrace and Macedonia
rhodora {f} :: A kind of plant of the genus Spiraea
Rhodos {prop} {f} :: Rhodes
rhodostomus {adj} :: rosy-nosed
Rhodus {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Rhodos
rhoeas {f} :: The wild poppy
Rhoemetalces {prop} {m} :: The name of various kings of Thrace
Rhoeteum {prop} {n} [geography] :: A promontory of Troas situated at the entrance of the Hellespont
Rhoeteum {prop} {n} :: A town on this promontory
Rhoge {prop} {f} :: A small island off the coast of Lycia
rhombeatus {adj} :: rhombic
rhomboides {mf} [mathematics] :: a rhomboid (a four-sided figure, whose opposite sides and angles are equal)
rhomboideus {adj} :: rhomboidal
rhombus {m} :: rhombus [geometry]
rhombus {m} :: flatfish
rhomium {n} :: rum
rhomphaea {f} :: rhomphaia; A Thracian scythe-like spear-sword with a horizontal scythe-blade and not perpendicular to the hilt
rhomphaea {f} :: long spear; javelin
rhonchisonus {adj} :: snorting
rhoncho {v} :: I snore, snort
Rhosus {prop} {f} :: A coastal town of Syria, situated on the gulf of Issus
Rhoxolani {prop} {mp} :: A tribe of Scythia
rhynchops {f} [zoology] :: skimmers or scissor-bills, members of the genus Rynchops
Rhyndacus {prop} {m} :: An important river of Mysia, now the Mustafakemalpaşa River
Rhypara {prop} {f} :: An island near Samos
rhythmus {m} :: rhythm
rhytium {n} :: A kind of drinking vessel shaped like a horn
Rhytium {prop} {n} :: A town in Crete
rica {f} :: veil
Ricina {prop} {f} :: a town of Picenum situated on a hill above the valley of the Potentia
ricinus {m} :: tick (arachnid)
ricinus {m} :: castor, croton (a kind of plant)
ricinus {m} :: mulberry seeds
ricto {vi} [of leopards] :: I cry
rictum {n} :: alternative form of rictus
rictus {m} :: the gaping of a mouth, as when laughing or yawning
ricula {f} :: small veil
ridendus {v} :: which is to be ridiculed
ridens {v} :: ridiculing
rideo {vi} :: I laugh
rideo {vt} :: I laugh at, ridicule, mock
ridibundus {adj} :: laughing
ridica {f} [agriculture] :: A stake, a vine-prop
ridicule {adv} :: laughably, amusingly
ridicule {adv} :: absurdly, ridiculously
ridiculissime {adv} :: superlative of rīdicule
ridiculius {adv} :: comparative of rīdicule
ridiculus {adj} :: laughable, funny, amusing
ridiculus {adj} :: silly, absurd, ridiculous
rigans {v} :: bedewing, wetting
rigens {v} :: stiff, rigid, unbending
rigeo {v} :: I am stiff or numb; stiffen
rigeo {v} :: I stand upright; stand on end
rigeo {v} :: I remain unmoved or inert
rigesco {v} :: I stiffen, harden
rigesco {v} :: I grow numb
rigidior {adj} :: more rigid etc
rigidior {adj} :: stricter
rigiditas {f} :: stiffness, rigidity
rigiditas {f} :: hardness (of wood)
rigidus {adj} :: stiff, rigid, hard, inflexible
rigidus {adj} :: stern, strict, severe, hard, inflexible
Riginia {prop} {f} :: An island off the coast of Britannia
rigo {v} :: I lead, convey or conduct (a liquid to a place); irrigate,
rigo {v} :: I wet, moisten, water or bedew something with a liquid; suckle; bathe
Rigomagus {prop} {m} :: A town of Germania on the Rhine, now Remagen
Rigomagus {prop} {m} :: A town of Gallia Cisalpina
rigor {m} :: stiffness, rigidity
rigor {m} :: rigor, cold, harshness, severity
rigorosus {adj} :: stiff, rigid
rigorosus {adj} :: inflexible
rigorosus {adj} :: rigorous
riguus {adj} :: irrigating, watering
riguus {adj} :: irrigated, watered
rima {f} :: crack, fissure
rimabundus {adj} [post-classical] :: examining, considering
rimans {v} :: probing, searching, exploring
rimaturus {v} :: about to probe, search, explore
rimatus {v} :: probed, searched, explored
rimo {v} :: I search for, seek
rimo {v} :: I examine with care
rimor {v} :: I probe, search, explore
rimosus {adj} :: full of cracks, chinks, or fissures
rimula {f} :: small crack, chink etc
ringor {v} :: I snarl
ringor {v} :: I am vexed, angry
rinoceros {m} :: rhinoceros
riobambae {adj} :: Riobamba (San Pedro de Riobamba) (attributive)
riopalenquensis {adj} :: Palenque (river in Ecuador) (attributive)
RIP {initialism} :: Requiescat in pace: may he/she rest in peace; RIP
RIP {initialism} :: Requiescant in pace: may they rest in peace; RIP
ripa {f} :: bank (of a river)
ripa {f} :: shore (of the sea)
Ripa {prop} {f} :: An ancient city in Hispania Baetica
riparius {adj} :: that inhabits the banks of rivers; riparian
riscus {m} :: box, chest, trunk
riscus {m} [Medieval Latin] ::  window
Risinium {prop} {n} :: Risan
risorius {adj} :: laughing, smiling
risurus {v} :: about to ridicule
risus {v} :: laughed at, ridiculed, mocked, having been ridiculed
risus {m} :: laughter, laughing
risus {m} :: mockery, jest
risus {m} :: smile
rite {adv} :: according to religious usage, with due observances, with proper ceremonies, ceremonially, solemnly, duly
rito {v} [Late Latin] :: I excite
ritus {m} :: rite, ceremony
ritus {m} :: habit, custom, usage
rivalicius {adj} :: Of or relating to those who make use of the same brook
rivalis {adj} :: Of or pertaining to a brook
rivalis {adj} [substantive] :: Someone who uses the same brook or stream as another; someone who has the same mistress as another; competitor (in love); rival
rivalitas {f} :: rivalship, rivalry (in love)
rivatim {adv} :: Like a brook or brooks
rivifinalis {adj} :: Bounded by a brook
rivo {v} :: I lead or draw off
rivolus {m} :: alternative form of rivulus ("small brook")
rivora {np} [plurale tantum] :: rivulets, drains
rivularis {adj} :: that inhabits small brooks or rivulets
rivulatus {adj} :: synonym of rivularis
rivulus {m} :: A small brook, rill, rivulet
rivulus {m} :: A small channel, small artificial watercourse; small gutter
rivus {m} :: A small stream (of water); brook, stream
rivus {m} :: An artificial watercourse; channel, conduit, canal
rivus {m} :: A gutter
rivus {m} [figuratively, of a liquid] :: A stream
rixa {f} :: quarrel, brawl, dispute, contest, strife, contention
rixans {v} :: quarrelling, brawling, wrangling, disputing
rixatrix {f} :: rixatrix
rixatus {v} :: quarrelled, brawled, wrangled, disputed
rixis {f} :: medieval spelling of rhēxis
rixor {v} :: I quarrel, brawl, wrangle, dispute
rixosus {adj} :: quarrelsome, pugnacious
-rnus {suffix} :: suffix forming adjectives
Roberta {prop} {f} :: given name, cognate to the English Roberta
Robertus {prop} {m} :: given name cognate to Robert
robeus {adj} :: alternative form of rubeus
robigino {v} :: I rust
robiginosus {adj} :: rusty
robiginosus {adj} :: rust-coloured
robigo {f} :: rust (on metals)
robigo {f} :: mildew, rust (on plants)
Robigus {prop} {m} [Roman god] :: The god summoned against the blight
roborandus {v} :: which is to be strengthened
roborans {v} :: strengthening
roboratio {f} :: strengthening
roboraturus {v} :: about to strengthen
roboratus {v} :: strengthened
roboro {v} :: I strengthen
Robrica {prop} {f} :: A town of Gallia Lugdunensis situated on the road from Caesarodunum to Juliomagus
robur {n} :: a kind of hard oak
robur {n} :: hardness
robur {n} :: strength
robur {n} :: stronghold
robus {adj} [chiefly of oxen] :: red
robustior {adj} :: harder, firmer, more robust
robustissimus {adj} :: hardest, firmest, most or very robust
robustus {adj} :: of oak, oaken
robustus {adj} [by extension] :: hard, firm, solid, robust
Rocus {prop} {m} :: A Roman cognomen — famously held by:
Rocus {prop} {m} :: Titus Romilius Rocus Vaticanus, a Roman consul
Rodanus {prop} {m} :: alternative spelling of Rhodanus
rodens {v} :: gnawing
rodens {v} :: slandering
rodens {mf} [Medieval Latin, New Latin] :: A rodent
Rodericus {prop} {m} [Medieval Latin] :: given name: Roderick
rodo {v} :: I gnaw, nibble, bite; eat or waste away, corrode, consume; erode
rodo {v} [figuratively] :: I slander, disparage, backbite
Rodumna {prop} {f} :: A town of the Segusiavi in Gallia Lugdunensis, now Roanne
roentgenium {n} :: roentgenium
rogamentum {n} :: A question
rogandus {v} :: which is to be asked
rogans {v} :: asking, enquiring
rogans {v} :: requesting
rogatio {f} [legal] :: An inquiry or proposal to the people for passing a law or decree; a proposed law, decree or bill
rogatio {f} :: A question, interrogation, questioning
rogatio {f} :: An asking, demanding; prayer, entreaty, request; invitation
rogatiuncula {f} :: An unimportant proposed law, decree or bill
rogatiuncula {f} :: A little or minor question
rogator {m} :: Someone who proposes a law to the people; the proposer of a law, presenter of a bill
rogator {m} :: An officer in the voting comitia who asked the people for their votes; a collector of votes, a polling clerk
rogator {m} :: Someone who makes a proposal or request; proposer
rogator {m} :: A beggar, mendicant
rogaturus {v} :: about to ask
rogatus {m} :: An asking, requesting; request, suit, entreaty
rogatus {v} :: Asked, enquired, having been asked or enquired
rogatus {v} :: Requested, having been requested
rogatus {v} :: invited, having been invited
Rogerius {prop} {m} :: given name cognate to Roger
rogitandus {v} :: which is to be inquired
rogitans {v} :: inquiring
rogitatio {f} [legal] :: A proposed law, decree or bill
rogitaturus {v} :: about to inquire
rogitatus {v} :: inquired
rogito {v} :: I ask or inquire insistently or eagerly
rogito {v} :: I ask or inquire frequently
rogo {v} :: I ask, enquire
rogo {v} :: I request
rogus {m} :: A funeral pile
rogus {m} [figuratively] :: The grave
Roletus {prop} {m} :: given name
Roletus {prop} {m} :: surname
Roma {prop} :: Rome
Roma {prop} :: The Roman Empire per se (as a synecdoche)
Roma {prop} [Late Latin] :: Rome and/or Constantinople (the latter as "Nova Roma")
Roma {prop} [Ecclesiastical Latin, poetic] :: The Roman Catholic Church in general
Roma locuta, causa finita {phrase} :: Rome has spoken, the discussion is over (used to end a debate or discussion)
romane {adv} :: Roman
Romania {prop} {f} [New Latin] :: Romania
romanice {adv} :: In the Roman manner
romanice {adv} [Medieval Latin] :: In a Romance language
romanicus {adj} :: Roman; made in Rome
romanicus {adj} :: Romance
romanus {adj} :: Roman
romanus {m} :: a Roman
Romanus {prop} {m} :: given name made famous by a martyred 7th-century bishop of Rouen
Romanus {adj} :: alternative form of romanus
Romilius {prop} {m} :: a Roman nomen gentile, gens or "family name" famously held by:
Romilius {prop} {m} :: Titus Romilius Rocus Vaticanus, a Roman consul
romphea {f} :: alternative form of rhomphaea
Romulea {prop} {f} :: an inland city of Samnium mentioned by Livy
Romulus {prop} {m} [Roman mythology] :: The legendary founder of Rome and the twin brother of Remus
roncus {m} :: a croak
roraimensis {adj} [New Latin] :: Roraima [attributive]
rorans {v} :: trickling, dropping
rorans {v} :: sprinkling, drizzling (of rain)
rorarii {mp} [military] :: Type of soldiers in the pre-Marian Roman army, probably fulfilling the role of skirmishers
roratio {f} :: dewfall
roratus {v} :: dropped, trickled, dripped, distilled
roriger {adj} :: dew-bringing
roro {v} :: I cause dew, drip; am moist
roro {v} :: I drop, trickle, distil
roro {v} :: to sprinkle, drizzle (rain lightly)
rorulentus {adj} :: full of dew, dewy, bedewed
ros {m} :: dew
ros {m} :: moisture
rosa {f} :: a rose
rosa {f} [transferred sense, endearment] :: dear, rose, sweetheart, love; a word of endearment
rosaceus {adj} :: made of roses
rosaceus {adj} :: having the colour or fragrance of roses
rosalia {noun} :: ceremony of hanging up the garlands of roses
rosarium {n} :: a rose-garden
rosarium {n} :: a rosary
rosarius {adj} :: rose (attributive)
rosatus {adj} :: containing, or made from roses
roscidus {adj} :: dewy
roscidus {adj} :: moist
Roscius {prop} {m} :: a Roman nomen gentile, gens or "family name" famously held by:
Roscius {prop} {m} :: Lucius Roscius Fabatus, a Roman politician
Roscius {prop} {m} :: Lucius Roscius Otho, a Roman tribune
rosetum {n} :: a rose garden; a bed of roses
roseus {adj} :: pink, rose-colored, rosy
roseus {adj} :: rose-, of or pertaining to roses
roseus {adj} [transferred meaning, especially of parts of the body] :: any thing blooming with youth; rosy, ruddy, blooming
rosewoodensis {adj} [New Latin, paleontology] :: Used as a specific epithet; found in a Rosewood formation
ros marinus {m} :: rosemary
rosmarinus {m} :: rosemary
Rossia {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Russia
rostratus {adj} :: rostrate or beaky: beaked, beak-like
rostratus {adj} :: snouty: snouted, snout-like
rostratus {adj} :: hooky: hooked, hook-like
rostrum {n} :: bill or beak of a bird
rostrum {n} :: snout or muzzle of an animal
rostrum {n} [nautical] :: prow of a ship
rostrum {n} :: a stage or platform for speaking in the forum
rosulentus {adj} :: abounding in roses
rosulentus {adj} :: rose-colored, rosy
rosus {v} :: gnawed, eaten away, having been gnawed
rota {f} :: wheel
rota {f} [pars pro toto] :: a car, a chariot
rota {f} [figuratively] :: the disc of the sun
rotandus {v} :: which is to be revolved
rotans {v} :: revolving
rotatio {f} :: rotation
rotaturus {v} :: about to revolve
rotatus {v} :: revolved
rotella {f} [Late Latin] :: small wheel
rotensis {adj} :: Rota (attributive)
roto {vti} :: I turn, trend, wheel, roll, swing about, whirl, rotate; brandish
Rotomagus {prop} {f} :: The chief city of the Veliocasses in Gallia Lugdunensis, now Rouen
rotula {f} :: a small wheel; roll
rotulus {m} :: alternative form of rotula
rotundandus {v} :: which is to be rounded
rotundans {v} :: rounding
rotundaturus {v} :: about to round
rotundatus {v} :: rounded, rounded off
rotundiceps {adj} :: round-headed
rotundicollis {adj} :: having a round neck or stem
rotundifolius {adj} :: Having round leaves
rotundifrons {adj} :: having a round front; having a round mark on the forehead
rotundipennis {adj} :: round-winged
rotunditas {f} :: roundness, rotundity
rotundo {v} :: I round off (make round)
rotundus {adj} :: round, circular
rotundus {adj} :: spherical, rotund
rotundus {adj} [figuratively] :: rounded, perfect
rotundus {adj} [figuratively, of speech] :: polished, elegant
rotundus {adj} [substantive] :: A sphere
Ruaditae {mp} :: A tribe of Marmarica mentioned by Ptolemy
Ruanda {prop} {f} [New Latin] :: Rwanda
rubecula {f} [Medieval Latin] :: The European robin
rubedo {f} :: redness
rubefacio {v} :: I make red or ruddy; redden
rubellianus {adj} :: reddish
Rubellius {prop} {m} :: a Roman nomen gentile, gens or "family name" famously held by:
Rubellius {prop} {m} :: Gaius Rubellius Blandus, a Roman consul
rubellulus {adj} :: somewhat red
rubellus {adj} :: somewhat red, reddish
rubens {v} :: being red; red, reddish, ruddy
rubens {v} :: (growing) red, reddening, blushing
rubeo {v} :: I am red or ruddy
rubeo {v} :: I grow red, redden; color up, blush
ruber {adj} :: red (colour); ruddy
rubescens {v} :: reddening
rubescens {v} :: reddish
rubesco {v} :: I grow or turn red, redden
rubesco {v} :: I blush, redden
rubeta {f} :: A kind of venomous toad living among bramble-bushes
rubeta {n} [plural only] :: Brambles, thickets
rubeus {adj} :: red, reddish (colour)
rubeus {adj} :: of or pertaining to the bramble bush
Rubi {prop} {mp} :: A city of Apulia situated on the way from Canusium to Butuntum, now Ruvo di Puglia
rubia {f} :: A red dye, madder
Rubicon {prop} {m} :: Rubicon
rubicundior {adj} :: ruddier
rubicundulus {adj} :: somewhat ruddy
rubicundus {adj} :: red, ruddy, rubicund
rubidium {n} :: rubidium
rubidus {adj} :: red
rubiformis {adj} [New Latin] :: having the nature or quality of red
rubigino {v} :: alternative form of robigino
rubiginosus {adj} :: alternative form of robiginosus
rubigo {f} :: alternative form of robigo
rubinus {m} [Medieval Latin] :: carbuncle, ruby
rubor {m} :: redness, blush, modesty, shame, disgrace
rubor {m} [metonymy] :: The cause of shame; shame, disgrace
Rubrenus {prop} {m} :: a Roman nomen gentile, gens or "family name" famously held by:
Rubrenus {prop} {m} :: Rubrenus Lappa, a Roman tragic poet
rubrica {f} :: red ochre, ruddle (red earth for coloring)
rubrica {f} [by extension] :: rubric (title of a law, written in red)
rubricatus {adj} :: (painted) red
Rubricatus {prop} {m} :: A river in Hispania Tarraconensis, now Llobregat
rubriceps {adj} :: ruddy-headed
rubrico {v} [rare] :: I color red
rubricostus {adj} :: having red ribs
rubricosus {adj} :: full of or rich in red ochre
rubriformis {adj} [New Latin] :: alternative form of rubifōrmis
rubripes {adj} :: ruddy-footed, ruddy-legged
rubrithorax {adj} :: having a ruddy thorax
Rubrius {prop} {m} :: a Roman nomen gentile, gens or "family name" famously held by:
Rubrius {prop} {m} :: Publius Rubrius Barbarus, a Roman governor of Egypt
rubrofasciatus {adj} :: red-swathed, red-banded
rubrus {adj} :: alternative form of ruber
rubus {m} :: bramble, blackberry bush
rubus {m} :: a blackberry (fruit), raspberry (fruit)
Rucinates {prop} {m} :: An Alpine tribe of Vindelicia mentioned by Pliny
ruct {interj} :: burp
ructa {f} [anatomy] :: oesophagus
ructabundus {adj} :: belching repeatedly
ructandus {v} :: which is to be belched
ructans {v} :: belching
ructaturus {v} :: about to belch
ructatus {v} :: belched
ructo {v} :: I belch, eructate
ructo {v} [figurative] :: I bring up noisily
ructus {m} :: belch, belching
rudens {m} :: A rope, line, cord
rudens {m} :: A halyard, stay, sheet
rudens {m} [in the plural] :: The rigging, cordage
Rudiae {prop} {fp} :: A city of Calabria situated near Lupiae and birthplace of Ennius
rudicula {f} :: A wooden spoon, a spatula
rudimentum {n} :: first attempt
rudimentum {n} :: beginning, commencement
rudimentum {n} :: (especially in plural) first principles; rudiments
Rudini {prop} {mp} :: A Dalmatian tribe mentioned by Pliny
rudis {adj} :: rough, raw, uncultivated
rudis {adj} :: unrefined, unskilled, awkward
rudis {adj} [New Latin] :: Used as a specific epithet
rudis {f} :: small stick
rudis {f} :: foil (given to a gladiator upon his discharge)
rudo {v} :: (of lions) I roar
rudo {v} :: (of donkeys) I bray
rudo {v} :: (of cervids) I bell
rudo {v} [figuratively] :: I shout, I yell
rudolfensis {adj} :: Of or from Lake Rudolf (now Lake Turkana)
rudor {m} :: roaring
rudus {n} :: lump (especially of bronze)
rudus {n} :: (roofing) tile
rudus {n} :: debris
ruens {v} :: hurrying, hastening
ruens {v} :: collapsing
ruens {v} :: falling
rufescens {v} :: reddening
rufescens {v} :: reddish
rufesco {v} :: I redden (become reddish)
ruficeps {adj} [New Latin] :: red-headed
ruficollis {adj} :: having a red stem or neck
ruficornis {adj} :: red-horned
rufifrons {adj} :: having a red front, or having a red mark on the forehead
rufigaster {adj} :: Having a red belly
rufinus {adj} :: golden-red
rufinus {adj} :: ruddy
rufipennis {adj} :: having a red wing or fin, or red feathers
rufipes {adj} :: red-footed
rufitarsis {adj} :: red-footed
rufithorax {adj} :: having a red thorax
rufius {m} :: The Gaulish name for the lynx
Rufius {prop} {m} :: a Roman nomen gentile, gens or "family name" famously held by:
Rufius {prop} {m} :: Avienus, a Roman writer
rufiventris {adj} :: having a red belly
rufocanus {adj} :: red and grey
rufocaudatus {adj} :: (New Latin) reddish-tailed
Rufrae {prop} {fp} :: A town of the Samnites situated on the borders of Campania
rufulus {adj} :: reddish
rufulus {adj} :: red-haired, red-headed
rufus {adj} :: red, reddish, ruddy
rufus {adj} [New Latin] :: Used as a species epithet
Rufus {prop} {m} :: A masculine cognomen
ruga {f} :: crease (on the face), wrinkle
Ruga {prop} {m} :: A Roman cognomen — famously held by:
Ruga {prop} {m} :: Spurius Carvilius Maximus Ruga, a Roman consul
rugicollis {adj} :: having a wrinkled neck or stem
rugiens {v} :: roaring, bellowing, rumbling
rugiens {v} :: braying
Rugii {prop} {mp} :: A Germanic tribe who dwelt in the modern area of Pomerania
rugio {vi} :: I roar, bellow; rumble
rugio {vi} :: I bray
rugitus {v} :: roared, bellowed; rumbled
rugitus {v} :: brayed
rugosus {adj} :: wrinkled
rugosus {adj} :: shrivelled
rugulosus {adj} :: having little wrinkles
Rugusci {prop} {mp} :: An Alpine tribe mentioned by Pliny
ruidus {adj} :: rough
ruina {f} :: a falling down, collapse, ruin, destruction
ruina {f} :: ruins, debris
ruino {v} :: I ruin
ruinosus {adj} :: ruined, tumbledown
ruinosus {adj} :: ruinous
rullus {adj} :: indigent, needy
Rullus {prop} {m} :: A Roman cognomen — famously held by:
Rullus {prop} {m} :: Publius Servilius Rullus, a Roman tribune
ruma {f} [anatomy] :: udder
ruma {f} [anatomy] :: rumen
ruma {f} :: stomach, belly
rumen {n} :: throat, gullet
rumex {m} :: sorrel
rumigo {v} :: I chew over again, ruminate
ruminandus {v} :: which is to be ruminated
ruminans {v} :: chewing the cud
ruminans {v} :: ruminating
ruminaturus {v} :: about to chew the cud, ruminate
ruminatus {v} :: chewed the cud, having chewed the cud
ruminatus {v} :: ruminated, having ruminated
ruminicola {adj} :: ruminal (That lives in the rumen)
rumino {v} :: alternative form of ruminor
ruminor {v} :: I chew the cud
ruminor {v} :: I ruminate
rumor {m} :: rumor
rumor {m} :: rustle, murmur, a murmuring
rumor {m} :: The voice of the people
rumpendus {v} :: which is to be ruptured
rumpens {v} :: rupturing
rumpia {f} :: alternative form of rhomphaea
rumpo {v} :: I break, burst, tear, rend, rupture; break asunder, force open
rumpo {v} [of the body] :: I break, split, rupture, burst
rumpo {v} [figuratively] :: I break, interrupt, annul, destroy
rumpotinetum {n} :: a place planted with low trees to support the vines
rumpus {m} :: A vine branch
rumusculus {m} :: idle gossip
runa {f} :: A dart or javelin
runa {f} :: A rune
runcina {f} :: plane (carpenter's tool)
runco {v} :: I weed, clear of weeds
runco {v} :: I weed out, thin out, root up
ruo {v} :: I hurry, rush, hasten, move quickly
ruo {v} :: I collapse, fall down
ruo {v} :: I fail, fall
ruo {v} :: I cast down; I hurl to the ground
ruo {v} :: I dig out
rupes {f} :: cliff, rock
rupestris {adj} :: that lives on cliffs or rocks
rupex {m} :: a rough, uncivilized man; boor, clown, lout
rupico {m} :: boorish man, lout
rupicola {mf} :: a cliff-dweller
rupicolus {adj} [New Latin] :: cliff-dwelling
Rupilius {prop} {m} :: a Roman nomen gentile, gens or "family name" famously held by:
Rupilius {prop} {m} :: Publius Rupilius, a Roman politician
Rupilius {adj} :: of or pertaining to the gens Rupilia
ruptio {f} :: a breaking, fracture; injuring, damage
ruptor {m} :: breaker; violator
ruptura {f} :: breaking or breaking off of a limb; fracture, breach, rupture
rupturus {v} :: about to rupture
ruptus {v} :: broken
ruptus {v} :: ruptured, burst
Rura {prop} {f} :: The river Ruhr in Germany
ruralis {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the countryside, rural, rustic
ruricola {adj} :: that tills the soil
ruricola {adj} :: rural, rustic
ruricola {m} :: countryman, rustic, farmer
ruricola {m} [usually plural] :: oxen
rursum {adv} :: alternative form of rursus ("backward"; "on the contrary"; "in return")
rursus {adv} :: backward, turned back
rursus {adv} :: on the contrary
rursus {adv} :: in return, in turn, again
rus {n} :: countryside; country
rus {n} :: a farm
rus {n} :: a village
Rusadir {prop} {n} :: A city of Mauritania, now Melilla
Rusazus {prop} {f} :: a town of Mauritania mentioned by Pliny
Rusbeas {prop} {m} [geography] :: A promontory of Livonia
rusca {f} [Medieval Latin] :: bark
Rusca {prop} {m} :: A Roman cognomen — famously held by:
Rusca {prop} {m} :: Marcus Pinarius Rusca, a Roman tribune
Ruscino {prop} {f} :: A city in Gallia Narbonensis
ruscum {n} [plant] :: butcher's broom (Ruscus aculeatus)
Rusellae {prop} {fp} :: An important city of Etruria, situated near the course of the river Umbro
Rusgunia {prop} {f} :: A town of Mauritania situated east of Icosium
Rusicade {prop} {f} :: A city of Numidia situated at the mouth of the river Thapsus
Ruso {prop} {m} :: A Roman cognomen — famously held by:
Ruso {prop} {m} :: Publius Calvisius Ruso, a Roman consul
Ruspe {prop} {f} :: A town of Africa situated between Acholla and Usilla
Ruspina {prop} {f} :: A town of Africa situated near Leptis
ruspor {v} :: I examine, explore
Russia {prop} {f} [New Latin] :: Russia
russicus {adj} :: Russian
russus {adj} [rare] :: red
rusticanus {adj} :: rustic
rusticatio {f} :: rustication (living in the country)
Rusticellius {prop} {m} :: a Roman nomen gentile, gens or "family name" famously held by:
Rusticellius {prop} {m} :: Gaius Rusticellius Felix, a figurines maker
rusticitas {f} :: rusticity (country life and people)
rusticor {v} :: I live in the country
rusticulus {adj} :: somewhat rustic
rusticulus {adj} :: countrified
rusticus {adj} :: of the country, rural, rustic
rusticus {adj} [figuratively] :: unrefined, boorish, coarse
rusticus {adj} [substantive] :: a farmer, peasant, rustic
rusticus {adj} [substantive, figuratively] :: a boor
Rustius {prop} {m} :: a Roman nomen gentile, gens or "family name" famously held by:
Rustius {prop} {m} :: Lucius Rustius, a Roman minter
Rusucurium {prop} {n} :: a town of Mauritania mentioned by Pliny
ruta {f} :: rue (bitter herb)
rutabulum {n} :: shovel; spatula (for cooking); any of several other tools with a flattened end
Ruteni {prop} {mp} :: A tribe of Aquitania mentioned by Pliny
Ruthenia Alba {prop} {f} [New Latin] :: Belarus
ruthenicus {adj} :: Ruthenian
ruthenicus {adj} :: Russian
ruthenium {n} :: ruthenium
rutherfordium {n} :: rutherfordium
rutilandus {v} :: which is to be reddened
rutilans {v} :: reddening
rutilaturus {v} :: about to redden
rutilatus {v} :: reddened
Rutilius {prop} {m} :: a Roman nomen gentile, gens or "family name" famously held by:
Rutilius {prop} {m} :: Publius Rutilius Lupus, a Roman rhetorician
rutilo {v} :: I redden
rutilus {adj} :: (yellowish) red
rutrum {n} :: a shovel
rutuba {f} :: confusion, turmoil
Rutuba {prop} {f} :: A river in Liguria, now Roia
Rutuli {prop} {mp} :: An Italic tribe who inhabited a region in Latium, whose capital was Ardea
ruturus {v} :: about to fall down
rutus {v} :: dug-up, raked up, having been dug-up
ruziziensis {adj} :: Of or from Ruzizi
ryxis {f} :: medieval spelling of rhēxis