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C++ {prop} (C++) :: C++ {m}
ca {adv} (abbreviation of circa) SEE: ca. ::
ca. {adv} (abbreviation of circa) :: ok., ca
cab {n} (taxi) SEE: taxi ::
cabana {n} (a cabin or hut, shelter on a beach) :: cabana {f}, kabina plażowa {f}
cabaret {n} (live entertainment held in a restaurant or nightclub) :: kabaret {m}
cabbage {n} (plant) :: kapusta {f}
cabbage {n} (leaves of this plant eaten as a vegetable) :: kapusta
cabbage {n} (person with severely reduced mental capacities due to brain damage) :: warzywo {n}
cabbage {n} (money) :: sałata {f}
cabin {n} (a small dwelling characteristic of the frontier) :: chata {f}
cabin {n} (a private room on a ship) :: kajuta {f}
cabin {n} (the passenger area of an aircraft) :: kabina {f}
cabinet {n} (group of ministers) :: rząd {m}, rada ministrów {f}, gabinet {m}
cabinetmaker {n} (skilled woodworker) :: stolarz {m}
cable {n} (large wire, rope) :: kabel {m}, przewód {m}
cable {n} (assembly of wires for electricity) :: kabel {m}, przewód {m}
cable {n} (heavy rope or chain as used for mooring) :: lina {f}
cable {n} (telegram) :: telegram {m}, depesza {f}
cable car {n} (hanging carriage) :: kolej linowa {f}, kolejka linowa {f}
cable internet {n} (internet connectivity received through coaxial cables) :: internet kablowy {m}
cable modem {n} (A modem that connects a personal computer to a fibreoptic cable) :: modem kablowy {m}
cable-stayed bridge {n} (bridge supported by cables attached directly to pillars) :: most wantowy {m}
cable television {n} (television received through coaxial cables) :: telewizja kablowa {f}, [colloquial] kablówka {f}
Cabo Verde {prop} (Cape Verde) SEE: Cape Verde ::
cacao {n} (cacao tree) :: kakaowiec {m}
cacao {n} (cocoa bean) :: kakao {n}
cachalot {n} (sperm whale) SEE: sperm whale ::
cache {n} (store) :: schowek {m-in}
cache {n} (computing: fast temporary storage for data) :: pamięć podręczna {f}, bufor {m}
cachexia {n} (systemic wasting of muscle tissue that accompanies a chronic disease) :: charłactwo, wyniszczenie
caciocavallo {n} (Italian cheese type) :: kaszkawał {m}
cackle {n} (cry of a hen or goose, especially when laying an egg) :: gdakanie {n}
cackle {v} (to make a sharp, broken noise or cry, as a hen or goose does) :: gdakać {impf}
cactus {n} (member of the Cactaceae) :: kaktus {m}
cadaver {n} (a dead body) :: zwłoki
caddie {n} (a small box usually used for tea) :: puszka {f}
caddie {n} (golf: a golfer's assistant and adviser) :: caddie {m}
caddis fly {n} (insect of the order Trichoptera) :: chruścik
cadence {n} (music: chord progression) :: kadencja {f}
cadet {n} (a student at a military school who is training to be an officer) :: kadet
Cadiz {prop} (port city in Andalusia, Spain) :: Kadyks {m}
cadmium {n} (chemical element) :: kadm {m}
Caelum {prop} (constellation) :: Rylec {m}
Caesar {n} (a title of Roman emperors) :: cezar {m}
Caesarea {prop} (any of the places called Caesarea) :: Cezarea {f}
Caesarean section {n} (incision in the womb) :: cięcie cesarskie {n}
caesaropapism {n} (the doctrine that the state has authority over the church in ecclesiastical matters) :: cezaropapizm {m}
caesium {n} (a metallic chemical element) :: cez {m}
café {n} (coffee shop) :: kawiarnia {f}
cafe {n} (café) SEE: café ::
cafeteria {n} (restaurant) :: kafeteria {f}, stołówka {f}
cafeteria {n} (dining area) :: stołówka {f}
caffeine {n} (alkaloid found naturally in tea and coffee plants) :: kofeina {f}
cage {n} (enclosure) :: klatka {f}
Cagliari {prop} (province of Italy) :: Cagliari {n} [indeclinable]
Cagliari {prop} (capital of Cagliari) :: Cagliari {n} [indeclinable]
caiman {n} (alligator relative) :: kajman {m}
Cairene {adj} (of or pertaining to Cairo) :: kairski
Cairo {prop} (capital of Egypt) :: Kair {m}
cake {n} (a sweet dessert) :: ciasto {n}, ciastko {n}, tort {m}
cake {n} (a trivially easy task or responsibility) SEE: piece of cake ::
cake {v} (to cackle like a goose) SEE: cackle ::
cake shop {n} (cake shop) :: ciastkarnia {f}, cukiernia {f}
calabash {n} (a vine grown for its fruit) :: tykwa
calabash {n} (that fruit) :: tykwa
Calabria {prop} (region of Italy) :: Kalabria {f}
Calais {prop} (a town in France) :: Calais {n}
calamari {n} (as mollusk) SEE: squid ::
calamint {n} (herb) :: kalaminta {f}
calamus {n} (quill) SEE: quill ::
calamus {n} (sweet flag) SEE: sweet flag ::
calcareous {adj} (resembling or containing limestone) :: wapienny
calcite {n} (calcium carbonate mineral) :: kalcyt {m}
calcium {n} (chemical element of atomic number 20) :: wapń {m}
calcium carbonate {n} (CaCO3) :: węglan wapnia {m}
calculate {v} ((transitive) to determine value) :: wyliczać, kalkulować
calculator {n} (electronic device that performs mathematical calculations) :: kalkulator {m}
calculator {n} (mechanical device that performs mathematical calculations) :: kalkulator {m}
calculus {n} (formal mathematical system) :: rachunek {m}
calculus {n} (differential calculus and integral calculus considered as a single subject) :: rachunek różniczkowy i całkowy {m}
calculus {n} (deposits on teeth) :: kamień nazębny {m}
calculus of variations {n} (a form of calculus) :: rachunek wariacyjny {m}
caldera {n} (geology: a large crater formed by a volcanic explosion) :: kaldera {f}
caldography {n} (screen printing) SEE: screen printing ::
Caledonia {prop} (Latin-based name for Scotland) :: Kaledonia {f}
calendar {n} (system by which time is divided) :: kalendarz {m-in}
calendar {n} (means to determine the date) :: kalendarz {m-in}
calendar {n} (list of planned events) :: kalendarz {m-in}
calender {n} (machine) :: kalander {m}, gładziarka {f}
calender {v} (to press between rollers) :: kalendrować
calends {n} (the first day of a Roman month) :: kalendy {f}
calf {n} (young cow or bull) :: cielę {n}
calf {n} (anatomy: back of the leg below the knee) :: łydka {f}
Cali {prop} (California) SEE: California ::
calibrate {v} (to check or adjust by comparison with a standard) :: kalibrować
California {prop} (state of the United States of America) :: Kalifornia {f}
Californian {adj} (of or relating to California) :: kalifornijski
Californian {n} (an inhabitant of California) :: Kalifornijczyk {m}, Kalifornijka {f}
californium {n} (chemical element) :: kaliforn {m}
caliginous {adj} (dark, obscure) SEE: dark ::
caliper {n} (part of a disc brake) :: szczęka {f}
caliph {n} (political leader of the Muslim world) :: kalif {m}
caliphate {n} (Islamic government) :: kalifat {m}
calk {n} (a pointed projection on a horseshoe to prevent it slipping) :: gryf {m}
call {n} (telephone conversation) :: rozmowa telefoniczna {f}
call {n} (social visit) :: wizyta {f}
call {n} (cry or shout) :: krzyk {m}, okrzyk {m}, wołanie {n}
call {n} (beckoning or summoning) :: wezwanie {n}, zew {m}
call {n} ((computing): the act of jumping to a subprogram) :: wywołanie {n}
call {v} (to request, summon, or beckon) :: wzywać {impf}, wezwać {pf}, wołać {impf}, zawołać {pf}
call {v} (to cry or shout) :: wołać {impf}, zawołać {pf}
call {v} (to contact by telephone) :: dzwonić {impf}, zadzwonić {pf}, telefonować {impf}, zatelefonować {pf}
call {v} (to name or refer to) :: nazywać
calla {n} (Calla palustris) :: czermień błotna {f}
call an ambulance {phrase} (request to call an ambulance) :: proszę wezwać karetkę, zadzwoń po karetkę
call a spade a spade {v} (to speak the truth) :: nazywać rzeczy po imieniu (to call things by their names)
call center {n} (business location for calls) :: call center {n}, biuro obsługi klienta {n}
calligraphy {n} (art of writing with decorative strokes) :: kaligrafia {f}
calling card {n} (printed card identifying the bearer) SEE: business card ::
calling name {n} (nickname) SEE: nickname ::
calliope {n} (musical organ) :: Kaliope {f}
Calliope {prop} (the Muse of eloquence and epic) :: Kaliope {f}
callipygian {adj} (having beautiful buttocks) :: o kształtnych pośladkach
callipygous {adj} (callipygian) SEE: callipygian ::
call names {v} (to insult somebody childishly) :: przezywać {impf}, przezwać {pf}
callous {adj} (emotionally hardened) :: bezduszny
Callovian {prop} :: Kelowej
callow {adj} (bald) SEE: bald ::
call the police {phrase} (call the police) :: proszę wezwać policję, zadzwoń po policję
calm {adj} (free from anger and anxiety) :: spokojny {m}, opanowany {m}
calm {adj} ((of water) with few or no waves on the surface) :: spokojny {m}
calm {n} (condition of being unworried and free from anger) :: spokój {m}
calm {n} (the state with absence of noise and disturbance) :: spokój {m}
calm {v} (to make calm) :: uspokoić, uspokajać
calm {v} (to become calm) :: uspokoić się, uspokajać się
calm before the storm {n} (peace before a disturbance or crisis) :: cisza przed burzą {f}
calmly {adv} (in a calm manner) :: spokojnie
calmness {n} (the state of being calm; tranquillity; silence) :: spokój {m}
calorie {n} (amount of heat to raise 1 gram of water by 1°C) :: kaloria {f}
calpack {n} (hat) :: kołpak {m}
calque {n} (word formed by word-for-word translation of a word in another language) :: kalka {f}
calumniate {v} (to make hurtful untrue statements) :: rzucać kalumnie, oczerniać
calumny {n} (falsification intended to disparage or discredit another) :: kalumnia {f}, oszczerstwo {n}
Calvary {prop} (the hill outside Jerusalem, see also: Golgotha) :: Kalwaria {f}, Golgota {f}
Calvinism {n} (Christian religious tradition) :: kalwinizm {m}
Calvinist {n} (follower) :: kalwinista {m}, kalwinistka {f}
Calvinist {adj} (of or pertaining to Calvinism, a Calvinist or Calvinists) :: kalwiński {m}, kalwinistyczny {m}
calvous {adj} (lacking most or all of one's hair) SEE: bald ::
calx {n} (the substance which remains after a metal or mineral has been thoroughly burnt) :: popiół {m}
calyptra {n} (thin, hood-like tissue) :: czepek {m}
calyx {n} (the sepals of a flower) :: kielich {m}
cam {n} (camera) SEE: camera ::
Cambodia {prop} (country in Southeast Asia) :: Kambodża {f}
Cambodian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Cambodia, the Cambodian people, or the Khmer language) :: kambodżański {m}
Cambodian {n} (a person from Cambodia or of Cambodian descent) :: Kambodżanin {m}, Kambodżanka {f}
Cambodian {n} (the language of the Cambodian people) SEE: Khmer ::
Cambrian {prop} (the Cambrian geologic period) :: kambr {m}
Cambrian explosion {prop} (the rapid appearance, around 541 million years ago, of most major animal phyla) :: eksplozja kambryjska {f}
Cambrian symbol {n} (literary: vegetable emblematic of Wales) SEE: leek ::
camel {n} (beast of burden) :: wielbłąd {m}
camelopard {n} (giraffe) SEE: giraffe ::
Camelopardalis {prop} (constellation) :: Żyrafa {f}
cameo {n} (relief work) :: kamea {f}
camera {n} (still camera) :: aparat fotograficzny {m}
camera {n} (movie camera) :: kamera {f}, kamera wideo {f}
camera flash {n} (a device that produces a short flash of light) SEE: flash ::
cameraman {n} (somebody who operates a film or TV camera) :: kamerzysta {m}
Cameroon {prop} (country in Central Africa) :: Kamerun
Cameroonian {adj} (pertaining to Cameroon) :: kameruński
Cameroonian {n} (person from Cameroon) :: Kameruńczyk {m}, Kamerunka {f}
Camilla {prop} (female given name) :: Kamila
camomile {n} :: rumianek {m}
Camorra {prop} (crime organization from Naples) :: kamora {f}, kamorra {f}, camorra {f}
Camorrist {n} (member of the Camorra) SEE: Camorrista ::
Camorrista {n} (member of the Camorra) :: kamorysta {m}, kamorystka {f}
camouflage {n} :: kamuflaż {m}, maskowanie {n}
camouflage {v} (hide, disguise) :: maskować
camp {n} (outdoor place) :: obóz {m}
camp {n} (summer camp) SEE: summer camp ::
campaign {n} (series of operations undertaken to achieve a set goal) :: kampania {f}
campfire {n} (fire at a campground) :: ognisko {n}
camphor {n} (white transparent waxy crystalline isoprenoid ketone) :: kamfora {f}
campus {n} (grounds or property of a school, etc) :: kampus {m}
camrip {n} (pirated video created by illicitly recording a movie with a camcorder) :: kinówka
camshaft {n} (a shaft fitted with cams) :: wałek rozrządu
can {v} (to be able) :: móc, umieć, potrafić
can {v} (may) :: móc
can {n} (a more or less cylindrical vessel for liquids) :: kanister {m-in}, bańka {f}
can {n} (a container used to carry and dispense water for plants) :: konewka {f}, polewaczka {f}
can {n} (a tin-plate canister) :: puszka {f}
can {n} (buttocks) :: pośladki, dupa {f}
can {n} :: ubikacja {f}, kibel {m-in}, sracz {m-in}, klop {m-in}
can {v} (to preserve) :: konserwować
can {v} (to fire or dismiss an employee) :: wylać (z pracy)
can {n} (chamber pot) SEE: chamber pot ::
Canaan {prop} (historic region) :: Kanaan {m}
Canaan Dog {n} (Canaan Dog) :: pies kananejski {m}
Canada {prop} (country in North America) :: Kanada {f}
Canada goose {n} (Branta canadensis) :: bernikla kanadyjska {f}
Canada thistle {n} (corn thistle) SEE: corn thistle ::
Canadian {n} (person from Canada) :: Kanadyjczyk {m}, Kanadyjka {f}
Canadian {adj} (of or pertaining to Canada) :: kanadyjski {m}
Canadian football {n} (sport) :: futbol kanadyjski {m}
canal {n} (artificial waterway) :: kanał {m}
canal {n} (a tubular channel within the body) :: przewód {m}
canard {n} (false or misleading report or story) :: kaczka dziennikarska {f}
canary {n} (bird from the Canary Islands) :: kanarek {m}
canary {n} (colour) :: kanarkowy
Canary Islands {prop} (an archipelago off the coast of north-western Africa) :: Wyspy Kanaryjskie {f-p}
canasta {n} (card game) :: kanasta {f}
cancel {v} (cross out) :: skreślić
cancel {v} (invalidate, annul) :: odwołać, anulować
cancel {v} (remove a common factor) :: skrócić
cancer {n} (disease of uncontrolled cellular proliferation) :: nowotwór złośliwy {m}, rak {m} [colloquial]
Cancer {prop} (constellation) :: Rak {m}
Cancer {prop} (astrological sign) :: Rak {m}
Candace {n} (female given name) :: Kandake
candela {n} (unit of luminous intensity) :: kandela {f}
candelabrum {n} (candle holder) :: kandelabr {m}
candidacy {n} (state or act of being a candidate) :: kandydatura {f}
candidate {n} (person running in an election) :: kandydat {m-pr}
candidateship {n} (candidacy) SEE: candidacy ::
candidly {adv} (frankly) SEE: frankly ::
candle {n} (a light source) :: świeca {f}, świeczka {f}, gromnica {f} [blessed candle]
candle holder {n} (candle holder) SEE: candlestick ::
candle snuffer {n} (device made to extinguish a candle) :: gaśnik
candlestick {n} (a holder with a socket or spike for a candle) :: świecznik {m}, lichtarz {m}
candlewick {n} SEE: candle ::
candor {n} (sincere and open in speech, honesty in expression) :: szczerość {f}, otwartość {f}, uczciwość {f}
candor {n} (impartiality) :: bezstronność {f}
candy {n} (piece of candy) :: cukierek {m}
candy {n} (confection) SEE: confectionery ::
candy bar {n} (type of candy) :: baton {m}, batonik {m}
candy cane {n} (candy in the shape of a cane) :: cukrowa laska {f}
candy floss {n} (sweet) :: wata cukrowa {f}
candy store {n} (sweetshop) SEE: sweetshop ::
cane {v} (to beat with a cane) :: chłostać
cane {n} (walking stick) SEE: walking stick ::
cane {n} (sugar cane) SEE: sugar cane ::
cane brake {n} (a dense thicket of sugar-canes) :: Szuwar
cane sugar {n} (sugar from the sugar cane plant) :: cukier trzcinowy {m}
Canes Venatici {prop} (constellation) :: Psy Gończe {m-p}
cane toad {n} (Bufo marinus) :: ropucha olbrzymia
can I buy you a drink {phrase} (can I buy you a drink?) :: czy mogę postawić ci drinka? [informal], czy mogę postawić panu drinka? {m} [formal], czy mogę postawić pani drinka? {f} [formal]
can I come in {phrase} (phrase) :: mogę wejść?
canine {adj} (pertaining to dogs) :: psi {m}
canine {n} (canine tooth) SEE: canine tooth ::
canine tooth {n} (tooth) :: kieł {m}
Canis Major {prop} (winter constellation of the northern sky) :: Wielki Pies {m}
Canis Minor {prop} (small winter constellation of the northern sky) :: Mały Pies {m}
canister {n} (short range antipersonnel projectile) SEE: grapeshot ::
canister shot {n} (grapeshot) SEE: grapeshot ::
canker {n} (avian disease caused by T. gallinae) :: żółty guzek
canna {v} (cannot) SEE: cannot ::
cannabis {n} (plant) :: konopie {p}, konopie siewne {p}
cannabis {n} (marijuana) SEE: marijuana ::
Cannes {prop} (a city in France) :: Cannes {n}
cannibal {n} (an organism which eats others of its own species) :: kanibal {m}, [human cannibal] ludożerca {m}
cannibalism {n} (act of eating another of one's own species) :: kanibalizm {m}
Cannizzaro reaction {n} (reaction) :: reakcja Cannizzaro {f}
cannoli {n} (tube of fried pastry filled with ricotta) :: cannolo {m}
cannon {n} (artillery piece) :: armata {f}, działo {n}
cannon {n} (billiard shot) :: karambol {m}
cannonade {n} (firing artillery in a large amount for a length of time) :: kanonada {f}
cannonball {n} (spherical projectile fired from a smoothbore cannon) :: kula armatnia {f}
cannon fodder {n} (military forces considered to be expendable) :: mięso armatnie {n}
cannot {v} (cannot, see also: can; not) :: nie móc
canny {adj} (pleasant, nice) SEE: pleasant ::
canny {adj} (frugal, thrifty) SEE: frugal ::
canon {n} (eucharistic prayer) :: kanon {m}
canon {n} (religious law) :: kanon {m}
canon {n} (piece of music) :: kanon {m}
canon {n} (fandom: the works considered authoritative regarding a fictional universe) :: kanon {m}
canonic {adj} (canonical) SEE: canonical ::
canonical {adj} (in canonical form) :: kanoniczny {m}
canonical form {n} (standard or normal presentation of a mathematical entity) :: postać kanoniczna {f}
canonization {n} (the final process or decree) :: kanonizacja {f}
canonize {v} (to define someone as a saint) :: kanonizować
can opener {n} (device used to open tin cans) :: otwieracz do puszek {m}, otwieracz do konserw {m}
can-opener {n} (can opener) SEE: can opener ::
can't {v} (cannot) SEE: cannot ::
Cantabria {prop} (autonomous community) :: Kantabria {f}
Cantabrian {adj} (pertaining to Cantabria) :: kantabryjski
cantaloupe {n} (melon) :: kantalupa {f}
cantankerous {adj} (ill-tempered, cranky, surly, crabby) :: przewrotny {m}, kłótliwy {m}
cantata {n} (cantata) :: kantata
canteen {n} (small cafeteria or snack bar) :: stołówka {f}
canter {n} (gait) :: galop {m}
canter {n} (ride) :: galop {m}
canter {v} (to gait) :: galopować
Canterbury {prop} (ancient city in England) :: Canterbury {n}
Canticle of Canticles {prop} (Song of Songs) SEE: Song of Songs ::
Canticles {prop} (Song of Songs) SEE: Song of Songs ::
canting arms {n} :: herb mówiący {m}
canton {n} (state of Switzerland) :: kanton {m}
canton {n} (heraldry; one of the ordinaries) :: kanton {m}
Cantonese {adj} (relating to Canton) :: kantoński
Cantonese {adj} (relating to the Cantonese people) :: kantoński
Cantonese {adj} (relating to the Cantonese language) :: kantoński
Cantonese {n} (person from Canton) :: kantończyk {m}, kantonka {f}
Cantonese {n} (language) :: kantoński {m}
cantor {n} (singer) :: kantor {m}, chazan {m} [Jewish]
Canute {prop} (Male given name) :: Kanut
canvas {n} (a type of coarse cloth) :: płótno {n}
canvas {n} (a piece of canvas cloth on which one may paint) :: płótno {n}
canvass {v} (to campaign) SEE: campaign ::
canyon {n} (a valley cut in rock by a river) :: kanion {m}, przełom {m}
can you help me {phrase} (can you help me?) :: [informal] możesz mi pomóc?, [formal, to male] może mi pan pomóc?, [formal, to female] może mi pani pomóc?
caoutchouc {n} (natural rubber) :: kauczuk {m}
cap {n} (head covering) :: czapka {f}, kapelusz {m-in}, nakrycie głowy {n}
cap {n} (protective cover or seal) :: nakrętka
cap {n} (artificial upper limit) :: limit {m-in}, ograniczenie {n}
cap {n} (top part of a mushroom) :: kapelusz {m-in}
cap {n} (gunpowder charge for a toy gun) :: kapiszon {m-in}
cap {n} (small amount of explosive used as detonator) :: spłonka {f}
cap {n} (bullet) :: kulka {f}
cap {n} (portion of a sphere) :: czasza {f}
cap {n} (soccer: international appearance) :: występ w reprezentacji {m-in}
capacitor {n} (electronic component) :: kondensator {m}
capacity {n} (the ability to hold, receive or absorb) :: pojemność {f}
capacity {n} (electrical capacitance) :: pojemność {f}
caparison {n} (coverings for an animal, often ornamental) :: kropierz {m}
cape {n} (headland) :: przylądek {m}
cape {n} (garment) :: peleryna {f}
cape gooseberry {n} (plant) :: miechunka peruwiańska {f}
Cape of Good Hope {prop} (a cape in southwestern South Africa) :: Przylądek Dobrej Nadziei {m}
caper {n} (crime) SEE: crime ::
caper {n} (capercaillie) SEE: capercaillie ::
caper {n} (pickled bud of Capparis spinosa) :: kapar
caper {n} (plant) :: kapar {m}
capercaillie {n} (Tetrao urogallus) :: głuszec
Capernaum {prop} (The biblical town) :: Kafarnaum {n}
Cape Town {prop} (legislative capital of South Africa) :: Kapsztad {m}
Cape Verde {prop} (country in Western Africa) :: Republika Zielonego Przylądka {f}
Cape Verdean {n} (a person from Cape Verde or of Cape Verdean descent) :: Kabowerdyjczyk {m}, Kabowerdyjka {f}
capillary {n} (any of small blood vessels that connect arteries to veins) :: kapilara {f}
capisce {interj} (“understood?”) :: kapisz? [slang], rozumiesz?
capital {n} (money and wealth) :: kapitał {m}
capital {n} (uppermost part of a column) :: kapitel {m}, głowica {f}
capital {n} (capital letter) SEE: capital letter ::
capital {n} (capital city) SEE: capital city ::
capital city {n} (city designated as seat of government) :: stolica {f}
capitalism {n} (socio-economic system based on private property rights) :: kapitalizm {m}
capitalize {v} (In writing or editing, to make use of capital letters) :: pisać z dużej litery
capital letter {n} (letters A B C) :: duża litera {f}, wielka litera {f}
capital punishment {n} (punishment by death) :: kara śmierci {f}, najwyższy wymiar kary {m}
Capitanian {prop} (subdivision of the Permian) :: Capitan
capitol {n} (Capitoline temple of Jupiter) SEE: Capitol ::
capitol {n} (particular capitol buildings) SEE: Capitol ::
Capitol {prop} (legislative building in Washington, D.C.) :: Kapitol Stanów Zjednoczonych
Capitoline Hill {prop} (hill) :: Kapitol {m}
capitulate {v} (surrender; end all resistance; to give up; to go along with or comply) :: kapitulować, poddać się
capon {n} (cockerel grown for food) :: kapłon {m}
caponier {n} (fortification structure) :: kaponiera {f}
Cappadocia {prop} (ancient region) :: Kapadocja {f}
Cappadocian {adj} (of or pertaining to Cappadocia) :: kapadocki
caprice {n} (impulsive, seemingly unmotivated notion or action) :: kaprys {m}
capricious {adj} (Impulsive and unpredictable; determined by chance, impulse, or whim) :: nagły {m}, kapryśny
Capricorn {prop} (constellation) SEE: Capricornus ::
Capricorn {prop} (astrological sign) :: Koziorożec {m}
Capricornus {prop} (constellation) :: Koziorożec {m}
Capricornus {prop} (astrological sign) SEE: Capricorn ::
capsaicin {n} (chemical compound) :: kapsaicyna {f}
capsicum {n} (plant of the genus Capsicum (only terms covering capsicum in general apply, NOT species-specific)) :: papryka {f}
capsicum spray {n} (pepper spray) SEE: pepper spray ::
capstan {n} (cylindrical machine) :: kabestan {m}
capsule {n} (weasel) SEE: weasel ::
captain {n} (An army officer with a rank between the most senior grade of lieutenant and major) :: kapitan {m}
captain {n} (A naval officer with a rank between commander and commodore or rear admiral) :: kapitan {m}
captain {n} (The person lawfully in command of a sea-going vessel) :: kapitan {m}
captain {n} (The person lawfully in command of an airliner) :: kapitan {m}
captain {n} (One of the athletes on a sports team designated to make decisions) :: kapitan {m}
captain {v} (to act as a captain) :: dowodzić
captain {v} (to exercise command) :: dowodzić
Captain Obvious {n} (someone who makes superfluous statements) :: Kapitan Oczywisty {m}
captee {n} (captive) SEE: captive ::
caption {n} (capture) SEE: capture ::
caption {n} (title or brief explanation attached to an illustration or cartoon) :: podpis {m}
caption {n} (piece of text appearing on screen as part of a film or broadcast) :: napisy {m-p}
captive {n} (a person who has been captured) :: jeniec {m}
captive {n} (a person held prisoner) :: więzień {m}, jeniec {m}
captivity {n} (captives) SEE: captive ::
captivity {n} (state of being captive) :: niewola {f}
capture {v} (take control of) :: zająć {pf}
capture {v} (remove or take control of opponent’s piece) :: zbić
Capuchin {n} (a member of the Roman Catholic order) :: kapucyn {m}
car {n} (automobile, a vehicle steered by a driver) :: samochód {m-in}, auto {n}
car {n} (passenger-carrying unit in a subway or elevated train, whether powered or not) :: wagon {m-in}
car {n} (moving, load-carrying component of an elevator) :: kabina {f}
car {n} (railway car, railroad carriage) SEE: carriage ::
carabiner {n} (metal link with a gate) :: karabinek {m}, karabińczyk {m}
caracal {n} (Caracal caracal) :: karakal
Caracalla {prop} (emperor) :: Karakalla
Caracas {prop} (capital of Venezuela) :: Caracas
carafe {n} (bottle for serving wine, water, or beverages) :: karafka {f}
carambola {n} (fruit) SEE: star fruit ::
caramel {n} (confection) :: karmel {m}
carat {n} (weight) :: karat {m}
carat {n} (measure of the purity of gold) :: karat {m}
caravan {n} (convoy or procession) :: karawana {f}
caravan {n} (vehicle) :: przyczepa kempingowa {f}, przyczepa campingowa {f}
caravanserai {n} (an inn having a central courtyard where caravans can rest) :: karawanseraj {m}
caravel {n} (light lateen-rigged sailing vessel) :: karawela
caraway {n} (plant) :: kminek {m}
caraway {n} (seed/fruit) :: kminek {m}
carbine {n} (weapon similar to a rifle but much shorter in length) :: karabinek {m}
carbohydrate {n} (organic compounds; sugar, starch or cellulose) :: węglowodan {m}
carbon {n} (chemical element) :: węgiel {m}
carbon {n} (informal: carbon copy) :: kalka {f}
carbon {n} (impure carbon (e.g., coal, charcoal)) :: węgiel {m}
carbon {n} (ecology: carbon dioxide, in the context of global warming) :: dwutlenek węgla {m}
carbonado {v} (to cut or hack) SEE: cut ::
carbonado {n} (impure form of polycrystalline diamond) :: karbonado
carbonate {n} (any salt or ester of carbonic acid) :: węglan {m}
carbon dioxide {n} (CO₂) :: dwutlenek węgla {m}
carbonic acid {n} (A weak unstable acid, H2CO3) :: kwas węglowy {m}
carbon monoxide {n} (chemical of the formula CO) :: tlenek węgla, czad {m}
carboxylic {adj} (of, or relating to the carboxyl functional group) :: karboksylowy {m}
carboxylic acid {n} (organic compound containing a carboxyl functional group) :: kwas karboksylowy
carburetor {n} (a device in an internal combustion engine) :: gaźnik {m}
carburettor {n} (motor car part) SEE: carburetor ::
carcass {n} (body of a dead animal) :: ścierwo {n}
carcass {n} (body of a dead human) SEE: corpse ::
carcinogenesis {n} (the creation of cancer cells) :: karcynogeneza, kancerogeneza, karcinogeneza {f}
card {n} (playing card) SEE: playing card ::
card {n} (card game) SEE: card game ::
cardboard {n} (material resembling heavy paper) :: karton {m}
card game {n} (any of very many games played with playing cards) :: karty, gra karciana, gra w karty
cardiac arrest {n} (cessation of the heartbeat resulting in the loss of effective circulation of the blood) :: zatrzymanie akcji serca {n}
cardigan {n} (type of sweater) :: sweter {m}
cardinal {adj} (of fundamental importance) :: kardynalny {m}
cardinal {adj} (describing a number that indicates quantity) :: kardynalny {m}
cardinal {adj} (having a bright red color) :: purpurowy {m}
cardinal {n} (number indicating quantity) :: liczba główna {f}, liczba kardynalna {f}
cardinal {n} (official of the Catholic Church) :: kardynał {m}
cardinal {n} (any bird in family Cardinalidae) :: kardynał {m}
cardinal {n} (colour) :: purpura {f}
cardinal {n} (mulled wine) SEE: mulled wine ::
cardinal {n} (cardinal numeral) SEE: cardinal numeral ::
cardinality {n} ((set theory)) :: liczebność {f}, moc {f}
cardinal number {n} (number used to denote the size of a set) :: liczba kardynalna {f}
cardinal number {n} (cardinal numeral) SEE: cardinal numeral ::
cardinal numeral {n} (grammar: word used to represent a cardinal number) :: liczebnik główny {m}
cardio- {prefix} (pertaining to the heart) :: kardio-
cardioid {n} (epicycloid with one cusp) :: kardioida {f}
cardiological {adj} (of or pertaining to cardiology) :: kardiologiczny
cardiologist {n} (physician) :: kardiolog {m} {f}
cardiology {n} (study of the structure of the heart) :: kardiologia {f}
cardoon {n} (perennial plant) :: karczoch hiszpanski {m}
cardplayer {n} (one who plays cards) :: karciarz {m}
cards {n} (card game) SEE: card game ::
cardshark {n} (cardsharp) SEE: cardsharp ::
cardsharp {n} (cheater at cards) :: szuler {m}
care {n} (close attention, concern or responsibility) :: troska {f}
care {n} (treatment of those in need) :: opieka {f}
care {v} (to be concerned about) :: martwić się
care {v} (to look after) :: opiekować się
care {v} (to be mindful of) :: obchodzić {impf}, troszczyć się {impf}
Care Bear {n} (fictional animal) SEE: Care Bears ::
Care Bears {n} (Fictional cartoon bears) :: Troskliwe Misie {m-p}
career {n} (one's calling in life; a person's occupation) :: kariera
carefree {adj} (worry free, light hearted, etc.) :: beztroski
careful {adj} (cautious) :: ostrożny
careful {adj} (meticulous) :: drobiazgowy
carefully {adv} (in a careful manner) :: ostrożnie
care killed the cat {proverb} (curiosity killed the cat) SEE: curiosity killed the cat ::
careless {adj} (not giving sufficient attention or thought) :: niedbały
careless {adj} (not concerned or worried) SEE: carefree ::
carelessness {n} (lack of care) :: lekkomyślność
caress {n} (endearment) :: pieszczota {f}
caress {v} (touch or kiss lovingly) :: pieścić {impf}, głaskać {impf}
caretaker {n} (One who takes care of a place or thing.) :: dozorca {m}, dozorczyni {f}
cargo {n} (freight carried by a ship) :: ładunek {m}
Caria {prop} (a historical region in the southwest corner of Asia Minor) :: Karia {f}
Carian {prop} (language) :: karyjski {m}
Carian {adj} (of, or relating to Caria) :: karyjski {m}
Caribbean {adj} (Pertaining to the sea and region bounded by the American continent and the West Indies) :: karaibski {m}
Caribbean {prop} (sea) :: Morze Karaibskie {n}
Caribbean {prop} (countries) :: Karaiby {p}
Caribbean Sea {prop} (a tropical sea in the Western Hemisphere) :: Morze Karaibskie {n}
caribou {n} (North American reindeer) :: karibu {m}
caricature {n} (pictorial representation of someone for comic effect) :: karykatura {f}
caricature {n} (grotesque misrepresentation) :: karykatura {f}
caricature {v} (represent in exaggerated manner) :: karykaturować
caries {n} (progressive destruction of bone or tooth by decay) :: próchnica {f}
Carina {prop} (constellation) :: Kil {m}
Carinthia {prop} (state of Austria) :: Karyntia {f}
carious {adj} (decayed, rotten) SEE: rotten ::
Carl {prop} (male given names cognate to Carl) SEE: Charles ::
carman {n} (person who transported goods) :: wozak {m}
carnage {n} (death and destruction) :: rzeź {f}
carnal {adj} (relating to the physical and especially sexual appetites) :: cielesny
carnation {n} (plant) :: goździk {m}
carnation {n} (flower) :: goździk {m}
carnauba {n} (wax) :: carnauba
carnet {n} (a ticket book, a collection of tickets in the form of a booklet often sold at a discount to single tickets) :: karnet {m}
carnival {n} (festive occasion marked by parades) :: karnawał {m}
carnivore {n} (meat-eating animal) :: mięsożerca {m}, drapieżnik {m}
carnivorous {adj} (Of, or relating to carnivores, or the taxonomic order Carnivora) :: mięsożerny
carnivorous {adj} (Predatory or flesh-eating) :: mięsożerny, drapieżny
carnivorous {adj} (Insectivorous) :: owadożerny (o roślinach)
carol {n} (song of joy) :: carol, kolęda
carol {n} (religious or secular song sung at Christmastime) :: kolęda {f}
Caroline {prop} (female given name) :: Karolina {f}
carotenoid {n} (class of organic compounds) :: karotenoid {m}
carouse {v} (To engage in a noisy or drunken social gathering) :: hulać
carousel {n} (merry-go-round) SEE: merry-go-round ::
carp {n} (Any of various freshwater fish of the family Cyprinidae) :: karp {m}
carp {v} (To complain about a fault) :: utyskiwać
carpal tunnel {n} (passageway on the palmar side of the wrist) :: Kanał nadgarstka
car park {n} (outdoor parking area) SEE: parking lot ::
Carpathians {prop} (mountainous system in Central Europe) :: Karpaty {p}
carp bream {n} (Abramis brama) :: leszcz {m}
carpe diem {proverb} (seize the day) :: chwytaj dzień
carpel {n} (structural unit of a pistil) :: słupek {m}
carpenter {n} (carpentry person) :: cieśla {m}, stolarz {m}, stolarka {f}
carpentry {n} (trade of cutting and joining timber) :: stolarstwo {n}
carpet {n} (a fabric used as a floor covering) :: dywan {m}, kobierzec {m} [various meanings]
carpetbagger {n} (One who comes to a place or organisation primarily or solely for personal gain) :: spadochroniarz {m} [mainly of Polish politicians]
carpet shark {n} (ferret) SEE: ferret ::
carpet shark {n} (shark of the order Orectolobiformes) :: dywanokształtne, rekiny dywanowe
carrack {n} (ship) :: karaka {f}
car radio {n} (radio specifically tuned for usage inside cars) :: radio samochodowe {n}
carriage {n} (wheeled vehicle, generally drawn by horse power) :: powóz {m}
carriage {n} (railroad car) :: wagon {m}
carriage {n} (part of typewriter) :: karetka {f}
carriage house {n} (building for keeping a horse and carriage) :: wozownia {f}, powozownia {f}
carriageway {n} (part of a road that carries traffic) :: jezdnia {f}
carrier {n} (signal modulated to transmit information) :: nośnik {m}
carrier {n} (person or organism that has inherited a trait or disease but displays no symptoms) :: nosiciel {m}, nosicielka {f}
carrier bag {n} (thin bag) :: reklamówka {f}
carrion {n} (dead flesh; carcasses) :: padlina {f}
carrion crow {n} (Corvus corone) :: czarnowron {m}
carrot {n} (Daucus carota ssp. sativus) :: marchewka {f}, marchew {f}
carry {v} (to carry) SEE: bear ::
carry {v} (to transport by lifting) :: [abstract, on foot] nosić, [concrete, on foot] nieść; [abstract, by vehicle] wozić, [concrete, by vehicle] wieźć
carry coals to Newcastle {v} (do something unneeded or redundant) :: wozić drewno do lasu (carry wood into the forest)
carrying pole {n} (a yoke of wood or bamboo, used by people to carry a load) :: koromysło {n}
carry out {v} (to carry out) SEE: fulfill ::
carry out {v} (To hold while moving something out.) :: wynieść {pf}, wynosić {impf}
carry out {v} (To fulfill) :: wykonać {pf}, wykonywać {impf}
carsickness {n} (motion sickness due to riding in a vehicle) :: choroba lokomocyjna {f}
cart {n} (small, open, wheeled vehicle, see also: wagon) :: fura {f}, wóz {m}, wózek {m}
carte blanche {n} (unlimited discretionary power to act; unrestricted authority) :: carte blanche
carte de visite {n} (business card) SEE: business card ::
Cartesianism {n} (The philosophy of René Descartes) :: kartezjanizm {m}
Cartesian product {n} (set of possible pairs) :: iloczyn kartezjański {m}, produkt kartezjański {m}
Carthage {prop} (ancient city in North Africa) :: Kartagina {f}
Carthaginian {adj} (of or pertaining to Carthage) :: kartagiński
cartilage {n} (dense connective tissue) :: chrząstka {f}
cartographer {n} (one who makes maps or charts) :: kartograf {m}
cartographic {adj} (of or pertaining to the making of maps) :: kartograficzny
cartographical {adj} (cartographic) SEE: cartographic ::
cartography {n} (creation of charts and maps) :: kartografia {f}
cartomancy {n} (fortune-telling using cards) :: kartomancja {f}
carton {n} (A carton of cigarette packs) :: blok {m}
cartoon {n} (humorous drawing or strip) :: komiks {m}, historyjka obrazkowa {f}
cartoon {n} (satire of public figures) :: karykatura {f}
cartoon {n} (artist's preliminary sketch) :: szkic {m}
cartoon {n} (animated cartoon) :: kreskówka {f}, film rysunkowy {m}, film animowany {m}
cartouche {n} (in architecture) :: kartusz {m}
cartridge {n} (firearms package) :: nabój {m}
cartridge {n} (vessel which contains the ink for a computer printer) :: kartridż {m}, kaseta drukująca {f}, wkład drukujący {m}, kartusz {f}, pojemnik z tuszem {m}
carve {v} (shape a work by cutting) :: ryć {impf}
carving knife {n} (a large knife) :: nóż do mięsa {m}
car wash {n} (place at which a car is washed, often mechanically) :: myjnia samochodów {f}
Casablanca {prop} (city) :: Casablanca {f}, Casablanka {f}
Casanova {n} (man considered romantic and gallant) :: casanova
Casanova {n} (promiscuous, philandering man) :: casanova {m}
cascade {n} (waterfall) :: kaskada {f}
cascade {n} (sequence of events) :: kaskada {f}
cascade {n} (series of electric components) :: kaskada {f}
cascade {v} (To arrange in a stepped series like a waterfall) :: kaskadować
case {n} (actual event, situation, or fact) :: przypadek {m-in}, wypadek {m-in}
case {n} (legal proceeding) :: postępowanie {n}, sprawa {f}, proces {m-in}
case {n} (box containing a number of identical items of manufacture) :: skrzynia
case {n} (grammatical case) SEE: grammatical case ::
case dependent {adj} (case sensitive) SEE: case sensitive ::
casein {n} (protein) :: kazeina {f}
case insensitive {adj} (treating upper- and lowercase letters as being the same) :: nierozróżniający wielkości liter
casemate {n} (bombproof chamber as part of fortification) :: kazamat {m}
casement {n} (casemate) SEE: casemate ::
case sensitive {adj} :: rozróżniający wielkość liter
cash {n} (money in the form of notes/bills and coins) :: gotówka {f}, pieniądze {m-p} [money]
cash cow {n} (something that generates free cash flow) :: dojna krowa {f}, żyła złota {f}
cash cow {n} (someone or something which is a dependable source of appreciable amounts of money) :: dojna krowa {f}, żyła złota {f}
cash desk {n} (place with a cash register) :: kasa {f}
cash dispenser {n} (automated teller machine) SEE: automated teller machine ::
cashew {n} (tree) :: nerkowiec
cashew {n} (cashew nut) SEE: cashew nut ::
cashew nut {n} (the seed of the cashew tree) :: orzech nerkowca {m}
cash in {v} (to die) SEE: die ::
cash machine {n} (automated teller machine) SEE: automated teller machine ::
cashmere {n} (soft fabric made of wool) :: kaszmir {m}
cashpoint {n} (automated teller machine) SEE: automated teller machine ::
cash register {n} (machine) :: kasa {f}, kasa fiskalna {f}
Casimir {prop} (male given name) :: Kazimierz {m}
casino {n} (public building or room for entertainment, especially gambling) :: kasyno {n}
casket {n} (urn) :: urna {f}
casket {n} (coffin) SEE: coffin ::
Caspian {adj} (Of or pertaining to Caspian Sea or the region around it.) :: kaspijski
Caspian Sea {prop} (landlocked sea) :: Morze Kaspijskie {n}
Cassandra {prop} (prophetess who was daughter of King Priam of Troy) :: Kasandra {f}
casserole {n} (food, such as a stew, cooked in such a dish) :: zapiekanka {f}
cassette tape {n} (magnetic tape in a cassette) :: taśma magnetofonowa {f}
Cassiopeia {prop} (mythical wife of Cepheus) :: Kasjopeja {f}
Cassiopeia {prop} (constellation) :: Kasjopeja {f}
cassock {n} (item of clerical clothing) :: sutanna {f}
cassowary {n} (a large flightless bird of the genus Casuarius) :: kazuar {m}
castanet {n} (a single handheld percussion instrument) :: kastaniety {f-p}
castanets {n} (a percussion instrument) SEE: castanet ::
cast away {v} (discard) :: wyrzucać
castaway {n} (nautical: shipwrecked sailor) :: rozbitek {m}
castaway {n} (someone cast out of a group or society) :: wyrzutek
caste {n} (hereditary social class) :: kasta {f}
Castelnau's antshrike {n} (passerine bird of the antbird family) :: chronka smolista
caster {n} (wheeled assembly) :: koło kastora {n}
caster {n} (shaker with perforated top) :: pieprzniczka {f} [pepper-castor], solniczka {f} [salt shaker]
castigate {v} (to punish or reprimand someone severely) :: [srogo] karcić {impf}, strofować {impf}
castigate {v} (to criticize something severely) :: [ostro] potępiać {impf}, krytykować {impf}, piętnować {impf}
castigate {v} (to revise a publication) :: poprawić {pf}, korygować {impf}
Castile {prop} (medieval Iberian kingdom) :: Kastylia
Castile soap {n} (type of soap) :: mydło kastylijskie {n}
casting {n} (selection of performers) :: casting {m}
cast iron {n} (hard, brittle alloy of iron, carbon, silicon) :: żeliwo {n}
castle {n} (fortified building) :: zamek {m}
castle {n} (chess piece) SEE: rook ::
castling {n} (move in chess) :: roszada {f}
castor {n} (a pivoting roller) SEE: caster ::
castor {n} (container for sprinkling) SEE: caster ::
castor oil plant {n} (Ricinus communis) :: rącznik pospolity {m}
cast pearls before swine {v} (cast pearls before swine) :: rzucać perły przed wieprze
castrate {v} (remove the testicles of) :: kastrować
castrato {n} (male who has been castrated) :: kastrat {m}
castrato {n} (male soprano or alto voice; the singer) :: kastrat {m}
casual {adj} (happening by chance) :: dorywczy {m}, doraźny {m}
casual {adj} (coming without regularity; occasional or incidental) :: przypadkowy {m}
casual {adj} (employed irregularly) :: sezonowy {m}
casual {adj} (careless) :: niedbały {m}
casual {adj} (designed for informal or everyday use) :: codzienny {m}
casualty {n} (person) :: poszkodowany {m}, ofiara {f}
cat {v} (vomit) :: wymiotować
cat {n} (spiteful woman) SEE: bitch ::
cat {n} (type of boat) SEE: catboat ::
cat {n} (type of fish) SEE: catfish ::
cat {n} (domestic species) :: kot {m-an}, kotka {f}, kocur {m-an}, kocica {f}, kotek {m-an} (diminutive)
cat {n} (member of the family Felidae) :: kot {m-an}
catabolism {n} (destructive metabolism) :: katabolizm {m}
cataclysm {n} (sudden, violent event) :: kataklizm {m}
catacomb {n} (underground system of tunnels and chambers with recesses for graves) :: katakumba {f}
catafalque {n} (platform to display or convey a coffin) :: katafalk {m}
Catalan {n} (Person from Catalonia) :: Katalończyk {m-pr}, Katalonka {f}
Catalan {n} (The language of Catalonia) :: język kataloński {m-in}
Catalan {adj} (Of or pertaining to Catalonia) :: kataloński
Catalanness {n} (identification or conformity with Catalan values and customs) :: katalońskość {f}
cataleptic {n} (cataleptic) :: kataleptyczny
catalogue {n} (a systematic list of names, books, pictures etc.) :: katalog {m}
catalogue {n} (a list of all the publications in a library) :: katalog {m}
Catalonia {prop} (autonomous community in Spain) :: Katalonia {f}
Catalonian {adj} (Catalan) SEE: Catalan ::
Catalonian {n} (Catalan) SEE: Catalan ::
catalysis {n} (chemistry: the increase of the rate of a chemical reaction induced by a catalyst) :: kataliza {f}
catalyst {n} (substance which increases the rate of a chemical reaction without being consumed in the process) :: katalizator {m}
catalyst {n} (someone or something that helps or encourages progress or change) :: katalizator {m}
catalyst {n} (catalytic converter) SEE: catalytic converter ::
catalytic {adj} (of, or relating to catalysts) :: katalityczny {m}
catalytically {adv} (by catalysis) :: katalitycznie
catalytic converter {n} (a chamber which oxidises carbon dioxide from exhaust gases) :: katalizator {m}
catalyze {v} (to bring about the catalysis of a chemical reaction) :: katalizować
catalyze {v} (to accelerate a process) :: katalizować
catamaran {n} (twin-hulled boat) :: katamaran {m}
cat and mouse {n} (two keeping check on one another) :: gra w kotka i myszkę {f}, grać w kotka i myszkę {impf}
Catania {prop} (province of Sicily) :: Katania {f}
Catania {prop} (capital of Catania) :: Katania {f}
catapult {n} (slingshot) SEE: slingshot ::
catapult {n} (device for launching large objects) :: katapulta {f}
catarrh {n} (inflammation of the mucous membranes) :: katar {m}
catastrophe {n} (any large and disastrous event of great significance) :: katastrofa {f}
catastrophic {adj} (of or pertaining to a catastrophe) :: katastrofalny
catastrophic {adj} (disastrous; ruinous) :: katastrofalny
catastrophically {adv} (in a catastrophic manner) :: katastrofalnie
catboat {n} (type of boat) :: ket {m}
catch {n} (a hidden difficulty, especially in a deal or negotiation) :: haczyk {m}
catch {v} (to capture or snare) :: łapać {impf}, złapać {pf}, schwytać {pf}
catch {v} (to intercept an object in the air etc. ) :: łapać {impf}, złapać {pf}, chwytać {impf}, chwycić {pf}
catch {v} (to perceive and understand ) :: dostrzegać {impf}, dostrzec {pf}, ogarniać {impf} [slang], ogarnąć {pf} [slang]
catch {v} (to reach in time to leave ) :: zdążyć {pf}, załapać się {pf}
catch {v} (to handle a computer error, especially an exception ) :: przechwycać {impf}, przechwycić {pf}
catch a cold {v} (contract a cold) :: przeziębić się {pf}
catch up {v} (To reach something that had been ahead) :: dogonić, nadgonić
catechism {n} (book summarizing the principles of Christianity) :: katechizm {m}
catechist {n} :: katecheta {m}, katechetka {f}
catechistic {adj} :: katechetyczny
catechumen {n} (convert to Christianity prior to baptism) :: katechumen {m}
categorization {n} (the process of sorting or arranging things into categories or classes) :: kategoryzacja {f}, klasyfikacja {f}
category {n} (group) :: kategoria {f}
catenoid {n} (Three-dimensional surface formed by rotation of a catenary) :: katenoida
cater-cousin {n} (bosom friend) SEE: bosom friend ::
catering {n} (the business of providing food and related services) :: catering {m}
caterpillar {n} (larva of a butterfly) :: gąsienica {f}
caterpillar {n} (vehicle with a caterpillar track) :: pojazd gąsienicowy {m}
caterpillar track {n} (continuous track in the form of steel or rubber belt) :: gąsienica {f}
catfish {n} (type of fish) :: sum {m}
cat food {n} (type of food formulated for the feeding of cats) :: kotów
catgirl {n} (female character with feline characteristics) :: dziewczyna-kot {f}
cat got someone's tongue {phrase} (why are you not saying anything?) :: zaniemówić (to dry up)
cathedral {n} (principal church of a bishop's diocese) :: katedra {f}
Catherine {prop} (female given name) :: Katarzyna {f}
catheter {n} (small tube inserted into a body cavity) :: kateter {m}, cewnik {m}
cathetus {n} (either of the sides of a right triangle other than its hypotenuse) :: przyprostokątna {f}
cathode {n} (electrode through which current flows outward) :: katoda {f}
cathodic {adj} (physics) :: katodowy {m}
Catholic {adj} (of the Western Christian church, as differentiated from the Orthodox church) :: katolicki
Catholic {adj} (of the Roman Catholic church) :: rzymskokatolicki {m}
Catholic {n} (member of a Catholic church) :: katolik {m}
Catholic Church {n} (24 particular churches in full communion with the Pope as the Bishop of Rome) :: Kościół katolicki {m}
Catholicism {n} (faiths, practices and doctrines of a Catholic Church) :: katolicyzm {m}
catholicity {n} (Catholicism) SEE: Catholicism ::
cation {n} (a positively charged ion) :: kation {m}
catkin {n} (botany: a type of inflorescence) :: kotka {f}, bazia {f}
catmint {n} (catnip) SEE: catnip ::
catnip {n} (plants of the genus Nepeta, family Lamiaceae) :: kocimiętka
catnip {n} (specific species which causes intoxication among cats) :: kocimiętka właściwa
catoblepas {n} (mythological creature) :: katoblepas
cat's claw {n} (Martynia annua) :: wibudłak {m}
cat's claw {n} (Uncaria tomentosa) :: czepota puszysta {f}
cattail {n} (any of several perennial herbs of the genus Typha) :: pałka {f}
cattle {n} (domesticated bovine animals) :: bydło {n}
cattle {n} (pejorative: people who resemble cattle in behavior or destiny) :: bydło {n}
Caucasian {adj} (pertaining to the Caucasus region or people) :: kaukaski {m}
Caucasian {adj} (pertaining to the anthropological race) :: kaukaski {m}
Caucasology {n} (the historical, linguistic or geopolitical studies of Caucasus region) :: Kaukazologia
Caucasus {prop} (geographic region) :: Kaukaz {m}
caul {n} (part of the amniotic sac which sometimes shrouds a baby’s head at birth) :: czepek {m}
cauldron {n} (large bowl-shaped pot) :: kocioł {m}
cauliflower {n} (Vegetable) :: kalafior {m}
cauliflower {n} (Edible head of a cauliflower plant) :: kalafior {m}
causality {n} (agency of cause) :: przyczynowość {f}
causate {v} (cause) SEE: cause ::
causation {n} (causality) SEE: causality ::
cause {n} (source or reason of an event or action) :: przyczyna {f}
cause {v} (to set off an event or action) :: powodować {impf}, spowodować {pf}
cause and effect {n} (causality) SEE: causality ::
causeway {n} (raised roadway) :: grobla {f}, droga na grobli {f}
caustic {adj} (capable of destroying organic tissue) :: kaustyczny {m}, żrący {m}
caution {n} (precept or warning against evil or danger) :: ostrzeżenie {n}, przestroga {f}
caution {n} (careful attention, prudence) :: ostrożność {f}, roztropność {f}, przezorność {f}, uwaga {f}
cautious {adj} (careful) :: ostrożny {m}
cautiously {adv} (in a cautious manner) :: ostrożnie
cavalry {n} (military service that fights with riding horses) :: kawaleria {f}, konnica {f}
cave {n} (large, naturally occurring cavity formed underground) :: jaskinia {f}
caveman {n} (early humans or related species) :: człowiek jaskiniowy {m}, jaskiniowiec {m}
cavern {n} (large cave) :: jaskinia {f}
caviar {n} (roe of the sturgeon or other large fish (black caviar)) :: kawior {m}, ikra {f}
caviar {n} (red caviar) SEE: ikra ::
cavitation {n} (formation of vapor bubbles) :: kawitacja {f}
cavity {n} (hole or hollow depression) :: wydrążenie {n}, dziura {f}
cavity {n} (hole and soft area in tooth caused by caries) :: ubytek {m}
cavort {v} (move/play boisterously) :: figlować, swawolić
cavy {n} (guinea pig) SEE: guinea pig ::
caw {n} (cry of a crow) :: krakanie {n}
caw {v} (to make the cry of a crow, rook, or raven) :: krakać {impf}, kraknąć {pf}
Cayman Islands {prop} (British territory in the Caribbean) :: Kajmany
CCTV {n} (closed circuit television) :: telewizja przemysłowa {f}, telewizja obserwacyjna {f}
CD burner {n} (CD burner) :: nagrywarka CD {f}
CE {prop} (Common/Current/Christian Era) :: n.e. (naszej ery)
Ceará {prop} (state in north-eastern Brazil) :: Ceará {f}
cease {v} (intransitive) :: zaprzestać
cease-fire {n} (in warfare, an agreed end to hostilities for a specific purpose) :: zawieszenie broni {n}, rozejm {m}
Cecil {prop} (male given name) :: Cecyliusz {m}
Cecilia {prop} (female given name) :: Cecylia {f}
cedar {n} (coniferous tree in genus Cedrus) :: cedr {m}
cedar {n} (aromatic wood) :: cedr {m}
ceil {n} (ceiling) SEE: ceiling ::
ceiling {n} (upper limit of room) :: sufit {m}, strop {m}
ceiling {n} (smallest integer) :: sufit {m}
ceiling fan {n} (fan fixture on a ceiling) :: wentylator sufitowy
celadon {n} (pale green colour) :: seledyn {m}
celeb {n} (a celebrity) :: celebryta {m}, celebrytka {f}
celebrate {v} (extol or honour in a solemn manner) :: wychwalać {impf}, sławić {impf}
celebrate {v} (honour by rites, ceremonies, etc.) :: obchodzić {impf}, celebrować {impf}
celebrate {v} (to engage in joyful activity in appreciation of an event) :: świętować {impf}, uczcić {pf}, oblać {pf} [colloquial], fetować {impf}, celebrować {impf}
celebration {n} (formal performance of a solemn rite) :: celebracja {f}, celebra {f}
celebrity {n} (famous person) :: celebryta {m}, celebrytka {f}
celery {n} (herb) :: seler {m}
celery {n} (the stalks of this herb) :: seler {m}
celesta {n} (musical instrument) :: czelesta
celestial {adj} (relating to heaven (religious)) :: niebiański
celestial {adj} (relating to sky) :: niebiański
celestial body {n} (natural object beyond Earth's atmosphere) :: ciało niebieskie {n}
celestial sphere {n} (abstract sphere of infinite radius) :: sfera niebieska {f}
celestine {n} (mineral) :: celestyn {m}
Celia {prop} (female given name) :: Celina {f}, Celia {f}
celibacy {n} (state of being unmarried) :: celibat {m}
celibacy {n} (abstaining from sexual relations) :: celibat {m}
celibate {adj} (unmarried) :: nieżonaty {m}, niezamężna {f}
celibate {n} (person who is not married) :: osoba żyjąca w celibacie
Celine {prop} (female given name) :: Celina {f}
cell {n} (component of an electrical battery) :: ogniwo {n}
cell {n} (room in a prison for containing inmates) :: cela {f}
cell {n} (room in a monastery for sleeping one person) :: cela {f}
cell {n} (small thunderstorm that forms ahead of a storm front) :: komórka burzowa {f}
cell {n} (basic unit of a living organism) :: komórka {f}
cell {n} (biological cavity) :: komórka {f}
cell {n} (minimal unit of a cellular automaton that can change state and has an associated behavior) :: komórka {f}
cell {n} (a short, fixed-length packet as in asynchronous transfer mode) :: komórka {f}
cell {n} (region of radio reception that is a part of a larger radio network) :: komórka {f}
cell {n} (informal: a cellular telephone, see also: mobile phone) :: komórka {f}
cellar {n} (underground space) :: piwnica {f}, loch {m}
cellar door {n} (door leading to a cellar) :: drzwi piwniczne {p}
cellist {n} (person who plays the cello) :: wiolonczelista {m}, wiolonczelistka {f}
cell nucleus {n} (cytology: large organelle found in cells) SEE: nucleus ::
cello {n} (musical instrument) :: wiolonczela {f}
cellophane {n} (the transparent plastic film) :: celofan {m}
cell phone {n} (mobile phone) SEE: mobile phone ::
cellular {n} (mobile phone) SEE: mobile phone ::
cellular {adj} (of, relating to, consisting of, or resembling a cell or cells) :: komórkowy
cellular phone {n} (mobile phone) SEE: mobile phone ::
cellulose {n} (the polysaccharide cellulose) :: celuloza {f}
cell wall {n} (thick layer around cells of plants, fungi, and algae) :: ściana komórkowa {f}
Celt {prop} (ancient) :: Celt {m}
Celtiberian {prop} (language) :: celtyberyjski {m}
Celtic {prop} (branch of languages) :: celtycki {m}
Celtic {adj} (of the Celts; of the style of the Celts) :: celtycki {m}, celtycka {f}, celtyckie {n}
Celtic studies {n} (academic discipline) :: celtologia {f}
Celtology {n} (Celtic studies) SEE: Celtic studies ::
cembalo {n} (cembalo) SEE: harpsichord ::
cembra {n} (Pinus cembra) SEE: Swiss pine ::
cement {n} (a powdered substance) :: cement {m}
cement {n} (the paste-like substance) :: cement {m}
cemetery {n} (a place where the dead are buried) SEE: graveyard ::
cenobite {n} (monk who lives in a religious community, rather than in solitude) :: cenobita {m}
Cenomanian {prop} :: Cenoman
cenotaph {n} (monument to honor the dead whose bodies lie elsewhere) :: cenotaf {m}
cenote {n} (deep natural well or sinkhole) :: cenote
Cenozoic {prop} (geological epoch) :: Kenozoik
censer {n} (religious ornamental container for burning incense) :: kadzidło {n}
censorship {n} (use of state or group power to control freedom of expression) :: cenzura {f}
cent {n} (subunit of currency in US and elsewhere) :: cent {m}
cent {n} (one-hundredth of a euro) :: eurocent {m}, cent {m}
centaur {n} (mythical half-man, half-horse) :: centaur {m}
Centaurus {prop} (spring constellation of the northern sky) :: Centaur {m}
centenarian {n} (one who is at least 100 years old) :: stulatek {m}, stulatka {f}
centenarian {adj} (being at least 100 yrs old) :: stulatek, stulatka
centenary {n} (centennial) SEE: centennial ::
centenary {adj} (of, or pertaining to, or completing a period of 100 years) :: stuletni
centenier {n} (centurion) SEE: centurion ::
centennial {n} (100th anniversary) :: stulecie {n}
center {n} (point equidistant from all points on the perimeter of a circle) :: środek {m}, centrum {n}
center {n} (point equidistant from all points on the surface of a sphere) :: środek {m}
center {n} (point on a line midway between the ends) :: środek {m}
center {n} (point in the interior of figure with mean coordinates) :: środek {m}
center {n} (place where a function or activity occurs) :: centrum {n}, ośrodek {m}
center {n} (topic of particular importance) :: centrum {n}
center of gravity {n} (point, near or within a body, at which the object's mass can be assumed to be concentrated) :: środek ciężkości
center of gravity {n} (any pivotal or central idea or group) :: środek ciężkości {m}
centi- {prefix} (10-2) :: centy-
centimetre {n} (one-hundredth of a metre) :: centymetr {m}
centipede {n} (a segmented arthropod of class Chilopoda) :: stonoga {f}, parecznik {m}
central {adj} (being in the centre) :: centralny
Central African Republic {prop} (country in Central Africa) :: Republika Środkowoafrykańska
Central America {prop} (part of North America) :: Ameryka Centralna {f}
Central American {adj} (relating to Central America) :: środkowoamerykański
Central Asia {prop} (smaller area of Central Asia) :: Azja Środkowa {f}
Central Europe {prop} (geographical region in the center of Europe) :: Europa Środkowa {f}
Central European {adj} (Central European) :: środkowoeuropejski {m}, środkowoeuropejska {f}; centralnoeuropejski {m}, centralnoeuropejska {f}
Central European {n} (Central European person) :: Środkowy Europejczyk {m}, Środkowa Europejka {f}, Środkowoeuropejczyk {m}, Środkowoeuropejka {f}, centralny Europejczyk {m}, Centralna Europejka {f}
central heating {n} (heating system) :: centralne ogrzewanie {n}
centralism {n} (system that centralizes) :: centralizm {m}
central processing unit {n} (part of a computer) :: procesor {m}
centre {n} (center) SEE: center ::
centre {v} (center) SEE: center ::
centrifuge {n} (device for separation of substances) :: centryfuga {f}, wirówka
centurion {n} (commander of a century of soldiers) :: centurion {m}
century {n} (100 years) :: stulecie {n}, wiek {m-in}
century {n} (Roman army type unit) :: centuria {f}
century {n} (political division of Rome) :: centuria {f}
cephalalgia {n} (headache) SEE: headache ::
cephalopod {n} (mollusc) :: głowonóg {m}
cephalothorax {n} (anatomy: fused head and thorax) :: głowotułów {m}
Cephas {prop} (male given name) :: Kefas {m}
Cepheus {prop} (mythical husband of Cassiopeia) :: Cefeusz {m}
Cepheus {prop} (constellation) :: Cefeusz {m}
ceramic {adj} (of or pertaining to ceramic as material) :: ceramiczny
ceramic {n} (material) :: ceramika {f}
ceramics {n} (art) :: ceramika {f}
ceramics {n} (ceramics objects as a group) :: ceramika {f}
Cerberus {prop} (mythological three-headed dog) :: Cerber {m}
cere {n} (cere) :: woskówka {f}
cereal {n} (type of grass) :: zboże {f}
cereal {n} (grains of such a grass) :: zboże {n}
cerebellum {n} (part of the hindbrain in vertebrates) :: móżdżek {m}
cerebral {adj} (of, or relating to the brain) :: mózgowy
cerebral {adj} (intellectual) :: intelektualny
cerebral {adj} (retroflex) SEE: retroflex ::
cerebral cortex {n} (layer of the brain) :: kora mózgowa {f}
cerebral hemisphere {n} (region of the brain) :: półkula {f}
cerebral palsy {n} (group of non-contagious conditions) :: porażenie mózgowe {f}
ceremony {n} (ritual with religious significance) :: ceremonia {f}, obrzęd {m}
Ceres {prop} (dwarf planet) :: Ceres {f}
cerium {n} (chemical element) :: cer {m}
certain {adj} (sure, positive, not doubting) :: pewny {m}
certain {adj} (not specifically named, indeterminate, indefinite) :: jakiś
certainly {adv} (without doubt, surely) :: z pewnością
certainly {adv} (emphatic affirmative answer) :: na pewno, zdecydowanie
certainty {n} (state of being certain) :: pewność {f}
certificate {n} (a document containing a certified statement) :: certyfikat {m}
cerulean {n} (sky blue) :: modry {m}
cerumen {n} (earwax) SEE: earwax ::
cerussite {n} (mineral) :: cerusyt {m}
cervical cancer {n} (cancer of the cervix) :: rak szyjki macicy {m}
cervical cap {n} (contraceptive device) :: Diaphragma {f}, Wkładka domaciczna {f}
cervix {n} (neck) SEE: neck ::
cesarean section {n} (Caesarean section) SEE: Caesarean section ::
cessation {n} (a ceasing or discontinuance) :: zaprzestanie {n}
cessionary {n} (one who receives a cession) SEE: assignee ::
cesspit {n} (pit for sewage) :: szambo {n}
cesspool {n} (place for sewage) :: szambo {n}
cesspool {n} (filthy place) :: szambo {n}
c'est la vie {phrase} (such is life) SEE: such is life ::
Cetus {prop} (winter constellation of the northern sky) :: Wieloryb {m}
Ceylon {prop} (Sri Lanka) SEE: Sri Lanka ::
cf. {v} (compare) :: por.
chacha {n} (Georgian grape vodka) :: czacza {f}
Chad {prop} (country) :: Czad
Chadic {adj} (belonging to a language family in Africa) :: czadyjski
chador {n} (a loose robe worn by Muslim women) :: czador {m}
chafe {n} (injury or wear caused by friction) :: odparzenie {n}
chafe {v} (to excite passion or anger in) :: dręczyć {impf}, drażnić {impf}
chafe {v} (to fret and wear by rubbing) :: odparzyć {pf}, odparzać {impf}
chafe {v} (to rub; to come together so as to wear by rubbing; to wear by friction) :: wycierać {impf}, przecierać {impf}
chafe {v} (to be vexed; to fret; to be irritated) :: być rozdrażnionym {impf}
chaff {n} (inedible parts of grain plant) :: plewy {f-p}, sieczka {f}
chaffinch {n} (bird) :: zięba
chagrin {n} (distress from failure; vexation or mortification) :: poczucie klęski
chain {n} (series of interconnected rings or links) :: łańcuch {m-in}
chain {n} (series of interconnected things) :: łańcuch {m-in}
chain {n} (series of stores or businesses with the same brand name) :: sieć {f}
chain {n} (totally ordered subset) :: łańcuch {m-in}
chain letter {n} (a letter that is mailed successively to different recipients) :: łańcuszek {m}
chain mail {n} (a flexible defensive armor) :: kolczuga {f}
chainsaw {n} (saw with a power-driven chain) :: piła łańcuchowa {f}
chair {n} (furniture) :: krzesło {n}
chair {n} (chairperson) SEE: chairperson ::
chairlift {n} (moving series of open seats) :: wyciąg krzesełkowy {m}, kolej krzesełkowa {f}, kolejka krzesełkowa {f}
chairman {n} (person presiding over a meeting) :: przewodniczący {m-pr}
chairman {n} (head of a corporate or governmental board) :: prezes {m-pr}
chairperson {n} (a person who presides over a meeting, a board) :: przewodniczący {m-pr}, przewodnicząca {f}
chaise longue {n} (reclining chair with a long seat) :: szezlong {m}
chakra {n} (spiritual energy nexuses) :: ćakra {f}
chalcedony {n} (form of fine-grained quartz) :: chalcedon
Chaldean {adj} (of ancient Babylonia) SEE: Babylonian ::
Chaldean {adj} (of Chaldea) :: chaldejski
Chaldean {n} (native of Chaldea) :: Chaldejczyk {m}, Chaldejka {f}
chalet {n} (wooden house) :: koliba {f}, chata {f}
chalice {n} (large drinking cup) :: kielich, puchar
chalk {n} (a soft, white, powdery limestone) :: kreda {f}
chalk {n} (a piece of chalk used for drawing and on a blackboard) :: kreda {f}
chalk {n} (... prevent from falling when climbing) :: magnezja {f}
chalk {n} (tailor's chalk) SEE: tailor's chalk ::
challah {n} (traditional braided bread) :: chałka {f}
challenge {n} (that which encourages someone to do something they otherwise would not) :: wyzwanie {n}
challenge {n} (difficult task) :: wyzwanie {n}
challenge {v} (to invite someone to take part in a competition) :: wyzwać
challenge {v} (to dare someone) :: ośmielić
challenge {v} (to dispute something) :: zakwestionować
challenge {v} (to make a formal objection to a juror) :: zakwestionować
Chamaeleon {prop} (small circumpolar constellation of the southern sky) :: Kameleon {m}
chamber {n} (bedroom) :: komnata
chamber {n} (legislative body) :: izba {f}
chamber {n} (enclosed space similar to a room) :: komora {f}
chamber {n} (part of a firearm holding the round before firing) :: komora {f}
chamber {n} (chamber pot) SEE: chamber pot ::
chamberlain {n} (an officer in charge of managing the household of a sovereign) :: szambelan {m}
chambermaid {n} (a maid who handles the chores in a bedroom) :: pokojówka {f}
chamber pot {n} (a container used for urination and defecation, see also: urinal; chemical toilet) :: nocnik {m}
chameleon {n} (reptile) :: kameleon {m}
chamois {n} (goat) :: kozica {f}
chamois {n} (cloth) :: giemza {f}
chamois leather {n} (suede leather) SEE: suede ::
champagne {n} (sparkling white wine produced in Champagne) :: szampan {m}
Champagne {n} (region of France) :: Szampania {f}
Champagne {n} (champagne) SEE: champagne ::
champian {n} (field of inquiry or study) SEE: field ::
champian {n} (flat expanse of land) SEE: plain ::
champian {n} (species of landscape) SEE: plain ::
champian {n} (level open countryside) SEE: plain ::
champignon {n} (Agaricus bisporus) :: pieczarka
champion {n} (someone who has been winner in a contest) :: mistrz {m}, mistrzyni {f}
chance {n} (an opportunity or possibility) :: szansa {f}, okazja {f}
chancel {n} (space around the altar in a church) :: prezbiterium {n}
chancellor {n} (head of government in some German-speaking countries) :: kanclerz {m}
chandelier {n} (branched, often ornate, lighting fixture suspended from the ceiling) :: żyrandol {m}
change {v} (to become something different) :: zmieniać się {impf}, zmienić się {pf}
change {v} (to make something into something different) :: zmieniać {impf}, zmienić {pf}
change {v} (to replace) :: zamieniać {impf}, zamienić {pf}
change {v} (to replace one's own clothing) :: przebrać się, przebierać się
change {v} (to transfer to another vehicle) :: przesiadać się {impf}, przesiąść się {pf}
change {n} (the process of becoming different) :: zmiana {f}
change {n} (small denominations of money given in exchange for a larger denomination) :: drobne {m-p}
change {n} (a replacement) :: zmiana {f}, zamiana {f}
change {n} (a transfer between vehicles) :: przesiadka {f}
change {n} (money given back) :: reszta {f}
change one's mind {v} (to decide differently than one had decided before) :: zmienić zdanie
Changhsingian {prop} :: Czangsing
changing room {n} (room in gym etc.) :: przebieralnia {f}
changing room {n} (room in shop) :: przymierzalnia {f}
Chang Jiang {prop} (Yangtze) SEE: Yangtze ::
channel {n} (broadcasting: specific radio frequency or band of frequencies used for transmitting television) :: kanał {m}
channel {v} (direct the flow) :: kierować
chanoyu {n} (tea ceremony) SEE: tea ceremony ::
chanson {n} (French song) :: chanson {m}
chanterelle {n} (Cantharellus cibarius) :: pieprznik {m}
chaos {n} (state of disorder) :: chaos {m}
chaos theory {n} (chaos theory) :: teoria chaosu {f}
chaotically {adv} (In a chaotic manner) :: chaotycznie
chapel {n} (place of worship) :: kaplica {f}
chaperon {n} (an adult who accompanies unmarried men or women) SEE: chaperone ::
chaperone {n} (an older person who accompanies younger people to ensure good behaviour) :: przyzwoitka {f}
chaperone {n} (protein that aids in folding other proteins) :: białko opiekuńcze {n}
chaplain {n} (member of a religious body) :: kapelan {m}
chaplet {n} (a string of beads, especially when making up five decades of the rosary) :: różaniec {m}
Chapman's antshrike {n} (bird) :: chronka jasnobrzucha
chapter {n} (section in a book) :: rozdział {m}
character {n} (being in a story) :: postać {f}
character {n} (distinguishing feature) :: charakter {m}
character {n} (complex of mental and ethical traits marking a person or a group) :: charakter {m}, usposobienie {n}
character {n} (moral strength) :: charakter {m}
character {n} (symbol for a sound or a word) :: znak {m}
characteristic {adj} (being a distinguishing feature of a person or thing) :: charakterystyczny {m}
characteristic {n} (distinguishing feature) :: cecha {f}
charbonnier {n} (charbonnier, Tricholoma portentosum) :: gąska niekształtna {f}
charcoal {n} (substance) :: węgiel drzewny {m}
charcoal {n} (stick used for drawing) :: węgiel {m}
charcoal {n} (colour) :: antracyt {m}, kolor ciemnografitowy {m}
charcoal drawing {n} (charcoal drawing) SEE: charcoal ::
chard {n} (Beta vulgaris subsp. cicla) :: boćwina {f}, botwina {f}
chargé d'affaires {n} (diplomat) :: chargé d'affaires {m}
charge {n} (someone or something entrusted to one's care) :: podopieczny
charge {n} (ground attack) :: szarża {f}
charge {n} (accusation) :: oskarżenie {n}
charge {n} (electric charge) :: ładunek elektryczny {m}
charge {n} (heraldry: image displayed on an escutcheon) :: figura herbowa {f}
charge {v} (military: to attack by moving forward quickly) :: szarżować
charger {n} (a device that charges or recharges) :: ładowarka {f}
charger {n} (a large horse trained for battle) :: rumak {m}
chariot {n} (vehicle used in warfare) :: rydwan {m}
chariot {n} (carriage used for ceremonial or pleasure purposes) :: kareta {f}, karoca {f}
charisma {n} (personal charm or magnetism) :: charyzma {f}
charisma {n} (extraordinary power granted by the Holy Spirit) :: charyzmat {m}
charlady {n} (woman who cleans houses and offices) SEE: charwoman ::
charlatan {n} (malicious trickster) :: szarlatan {m}
Charlemagne {prop} (king of the Franks) :: Karol Wielki {m}
Charles {prop} (given name) :: Karol {m}
Charles's law {prop} (physical law stating the density of an ideal gas is inversely proportional to its temperature at constant pressure) :: prawo Charles'a {n}
Charles' Wain {prop} (bright circumpolar asterism of the northern sky) SEE: Big Dipper ::
Charlotte {prop} (female given name) :: Szarlota
charm {n} (something with magic power) :: zaklęcie {n}, urok {m}
charm {n} (quality of inspiring delight or admiration) :: urok {m}
charm {n} (a small trinket on a bracelet or chain) :: talizman {m}
charm {v} (seduce, entrance or fascinate) :: oczarować {pf}
charm {v} (use a magical charm) :: zaczarować {pf}
charming {adj} (pleasant, charismatic) :: uroczy {m}
Charon {prop} (a moon of Pluto) :: Charon {m}
Charon {prop} (the ferryman of Hades) :: Charon {m}
chart {n} (map) SEE: map ::
chart {n} (graph) SEE: graph ::
chart {n} (table) SEE: table ::
chart {n} (diagram) SEE: diagram ::
charter {v} (grant or establish a charter) :: czarterować
charwoman {n} (awoman employed to do housework) :: sprzątaczka {f}
Charybdis {prop} (Greek mythological monster) :: Charybda {f}
chase {n} (hunt) SEE: hunt ::
chase {v} (to hunt) SEE: hunt ::
chase {n} (action of the verb "to chase") :: pogoń
chase {v} (to pursue, to follow at speed) :: [abstract] gonić, [concrete] gnać; ścigać
chasma {n} (aurora) SEE: aurora ::
chassis {n} (base frame of motor vehicle) :: podwozie {n}
chassis {n} (frame or housing containing electrical or mechanical equipment) :: obudowa {f}
chaste {adj} (modest) SEE: modest ::
chaste {adj} (celibate) SEE: celibate ::
chaste {adj} (innocent) SEE: innocent ::
chasten {v} (discipline) SEE: discipline ::
chastity {n} (abstaining from sexual activity) :: czystość {f}
chastity belt {n} (belt-like garment) :: pas cnoty {m}
chastushka {n} (Russian or Ukrainian folk poem) :: czastuszka {f}
chasuble {n} (liturgical vestment) :: ornat {m}
chat {v} (be engaged in informal conversation) :: gawędzić {impf}, gadać {impf}
chat {n} (informal conversation) :: pogawędka
chat {n} (exchange of text or voice messages in real time) :: czat {m}
chateaubriand {n} (steak cut from a beef tenderloin) :: szatobriand {m}, chateaubriand {m}
chattel {n} (tangible, movable property) :: ruchomość {f}, majątek ruchomy {m}
chattel {n} (slave) :: niewolnik {m}
Chattian {prop} (a subdivision of the Oligocene epoch) :: Szat
chauffeur {n} (a person employed to drive a motor car) :: szofer {m}
chauvinism {n} (excessive patriotism) :: szowinizm {m}
chauvinism {n} (unwarranted bias) :: szowinizm {m}
chav {n} (relating to a youth from a working class background, aggressive with poor education) :: dresiarz {m}, dres {m}, prawilniak {m}
chavette {n} (a female chav) :: dresiara {f}
Chöd {prop} (spiritual practice) :: czod
cheap {adj} (low in price) :: tani
cheap {adj} (of poor quality) :: tandetny
cheap {adj} (of little worth) :: tandetny {m}
cheap {adj} (slang: unfairly powerful) :: tani {m}
cheaply {adv} (in a cheap manner) :: tanio
cheat {v} (violate rules to gain advantage) :: oszukiwać
cheat {v} (being unfaithful) :: zdradzać
cheat {n} (someone who is dishonest or cheats) :: oszust {m}, oszustka {f}, zdrajca {m}, zdrajczyni {f}
cheat {n} (unfair advantage in a computer game) :: cheat {m}, czit {m}, kod {m}
cheater {n} (cheat) SEE: cheat ::
cheating {n} (act of deception, fraud, trickery, imposture, or imposition) :: oszustwo {m}, oszukiwanie {n}, [computer games] cheatowanie {n}, [computer games] czitowanie {n}
cheat sheet {n} (sheet of paper used to assist on a test) :: ściąga {f}, ściągawka {f}
Cheboksary {prop} (city) :: Czeboksary {p}
Chechen {adj} (of or pertaining to Chechnya) :: czeczeński {m}
Chechen {n} (person) :: Czeczen {m}, Czeczenka {f}
Chechen {prop} (language) :: czeczeński {m}
Chechnya {prop} (federal subject of Russia) :: Czeczenia {f}
check {n} (chess: when the king is directly threatened by an enemy piece) :: szach {m}
check {n} (a mark like a v or sometimes x used as an indicator) :: znaczek {m}, parafka {f}
check {n} (a bill, particularly at a restaurant) :: rachunek {m}
check {n} (a control, limit or stop) :: kontrola {f}
check {n} (an inspection or examination) :: sprawdzenie {n}, inspekcja {f}
check {v} (to inspect, examine) :: sprawdzić
check {v} (to mark with a checkmark) :: zaznaczyć, zaptaszkować [colloquial], odhaczyć [colloquial], odfajkować [colloquial]
check {v} (to control, limit, or halt) :: skontrolować
check {v} (to verify or compare with a source of information) :: sprawdzić
check {n} (a checkered pattern) :: kratka {f}
check {n} (bank order) SEE: cheque ::
checkbook {n} (chequebook) SEE: chequebook ::
checkered {adj} (divided into squares) :: kraciasty, w kratkę
checkers {n} (draughts) SEE: draughts ::
check in {v} (to record one's arrival) :: meldować się / zameldować się
check-in {n} (act of checking in) :: (at an airport) odprawa {f}
checking account {n} (current account) SEE: current account ::
checklist {n} (list of things to be verified) :: lista kontrolna {f}
checkmate {interj} (said when making the conclusive move in chess) :: mat {m}, szach mat, szach i mat
checkmate {n} (conclusive victory in a game of chess) :: mat {m}
checkmate {v} (to put an opponent into checkmate) :: zamatować {pf}, dać mata {pf}
check out {v} (to pay when leaving) :: [from a hotel] wymeldować się
check out {v} (to examine, inspect, look at closely) :: sprawdzić
checkout {n} (supermarket checkout position) :: kasa {f}
checks and balances {n} (system for balancing the powers between branches of government) :: mechanizm kontroli i równowagi {m}
checksum {n} (number serving to detect error) :: suma kontrolna {f}
check up {v} :: sprawdzać
cheek {n} (part of face) :: policzek {m}
cheerio {interj} (translations to be checked: exclamation used when greeting as well as when parting) :: cześć [when greeting], pa [when parting]
cheer on {v} (to cheer and support) :: dopingować, kibicować
cheers {interj} (toast when drinking) :: na zdrowie
cheers {interj} (informal: goodbye) :: cześć
cheers {interj} (informal: thank you) :: dzięki
cheer up {v} (to make someone happy) :: rozweselić
cheese {n} (dairy product) :: ser {m}
cheeseburger {n} (hamburger with cheese) :: cheeseburger {m}
cheesecake {n} (dessert food) :: sernik {m}
cheese knife {n} (knife for cutting cheese) :: nóż do sera {m}
cheesemaking {n} (production or making of cheese) :: serowarstwo {m}
cheesy {adj} (of cheese) :: serowy {m}
cheesy {adj} (overdramatic, clichéd) :: kiczowaty {m}
cheetah {n} (Acinonyx jubatus) :: gepard {m}
chef {n} (head cook of an establishment such as a restaurant) :: szef kuchni, kucharz {m}
Chekist {n} (member of the Cheka) :: czekista {m}
Chelm {prop} (city in Poland) :: Chełm
Chelyabinsk {prop} (city) :: Czelabińsk {m}
chemical {adj} (relating to chemistry) :: chemiczny
chemist {n} (person working in chemistry) :: chemik {m}
chemist {n} (pharmacy) SEE: pharmacy ::
chemist {n} (pharmacist) SEE: pharmacist ::
chemistry {n} (branch of natural science) :: chemia {f}
chemistry {n} (mutual attraction between two people) :: chemia {f}
chemistry {n} (as modifier: relating to or using chemistry) :: chemo-, chemio-
chemist's {n} (pharmacy) SEE: pharmacy ::
Chemnitz {prop} (city in Saxony) :: Kamienica Saska {f}
chempedak {n} (fruit) :: chempedak {m}
Chennai {prop} (state capital of Tamil Nadu, India) :: Chennai
cheque {n} (a note promising to pay money to a named person or entity) :: czek {m}
chequebook {n} (folder containing cheques) :: książeczka czekowa {f}
Cherkasy {prop} (city) :: Czerkasy {p}
Cherkessk {prop} (city in Russia) :: Czerkiesk {m}
Chernigov {prop} (Chernihiv) SEE: Chernihiv ::
Chernihiv {prop} (city) :: Czernihów {m}
Chernivtsi {prop} (city) :: Czerniowce {p}
Chernobyl {n} (city in Ukraine) :: Czarnobyl {m}
Chernovtsy {prop} (Chernivtsi) SEE: Chernivtsi ::
chernozem {n} (black-coloured soil containing a high percentage of humus) :: czarnoziem {m}
Cherokee {prop} (indigenous North American people) :: Czirokezi {m-p}
Cherokee {prop} (language) :: czirokeski {m}
cherry {n} (fruit) :: [sweet cherry] czereśnia {f}, [sour cherry] wiśnia {f}
cherry {adj} (flavour) :: wiśniowy
cherry blossom {n} (blossom of the cherry tree) :: kwiat wiśni {f}
chert {n} (mineral) :: rogowiec
cherub {n} (winged creature represented in the Bible as attending on God) :: cherubin {m}, cherub {m}
chervil {n} (spice) :: trybula {f}
chervonets {n} (former Russian currency, usually ten roubles) :: czerwoniec {m}
Cheshire cat {prop} (fictional grinning cat) :: Kot z Cheshire {m}, Kot-Dziwak z Cheshire {m}
Cheshire cheese {n} (type of cheese) :: cheshire {m}, chester {m}
chess {n} (two-player board game) :: szachy {m-in-p}
chessboard {n} (square board used in the game of chess) :: szachownica {f}
chessman {n} (chess piece) SEE: chess piece ::
chess piece {n} (any of the 16 white and 16 black pieces used in playing the game of chess) :: bierka szachowa {f}
chesspiece {n} (chessman) SEE: chess piece ::
chest {n} (strong box) :: kufer {m}, skrzynia {f}
chest {n} (treasury) :: fundusz {m}
chest {n} (chest of drawers) :: komoda {f}
chest {n} (thorax) :: klatka piersiowa {f}
chest {n} (coffin) SEE: coffin ::
chestnut {n} (nut of the chestnut tree) :: kasztan {m}
chestnut {n} (chestnut tree) SEE: chestnut tree ::
chestnut-backed antshrike {n} (Thamnophilus palliatus) :: chronka rdzawogrzbieta
chestnut tree {n} (tree that bears chestnuts) :: kasztan {m}
chest of drawers {n} (furniture for the storage of clothes) :: komoda {f}
chevon {n} (goatmeat) SEE: goatmeat ::
chevron {n} (heraldry: wide inverted V) :: krokiew {m}
chew {v} (to crush food with teeth prior to swallowing) :: żuć, przeżuwać
chewing gum {n} (flavoured preparation for chewing) :: guma {f}, guma do żucia {f}
chiaroscuro {n} (artistic technique using exaggerated light contrasts) :: światłocień {m}, chiaroscuro {m}
chiasmus {n} ((rhetoric) an inversion of the relationship between the elements of phrases) :: chiazm {m}
Chicago {prop} (large US city) :: Chicago {n}
chicane {n} (a temporary barrier or serpentine curve) :: szykana
chicanery {n} (deception by use of trickery) :: krętactwo {n}, matactwo {n}
chick {n} (young bird) :: pisklę {n}
chick {n} (young chicken) :: kurczak {m}, kurczątko {n}
chick {n} (young woman) :: laska {f}
chickadee {n} (songbird) :: sikora {f}
chicken {n} (bird) :: kurczak {m}, kura {f}
chicken {n} (meat) :: kurczak {m}
chicken {n} (coward) :: tchórz {m}
chicken coop {n} (small building for poultry) SEE: henhouse ::
chicken pox {n} (childhood disease) :: ospa wietrzna {f}
chickweed {n} (herb) :: gwiazdnica {f}
chide {v} (loudly admonish) :: łajać, besztać, strofować {impf}
chief {n} (leader of group, etc.) :: wódz {m}
chief {n} (head of an organization) :: szef {m}
chief {n} (heraldic term) :: głowica {f}
chief executive officer {n} (highest-ranking corporate officer) :: dyrektor zarządzający {m}, dyrektor generalny {m}
chiefly {adv} (mainly) :: głównie
chief of state {n} (the titular head of a nation) SEE: head of state ::
chieftain {n} (A leader of a clan or tribe) :: wódz {m}
Chieti {prop} (province of Italy) :: Chieti {n} [indeclinable]
Chieti {prop} (town and capital) :: Chieti {n} [indeclinable]
chiffchaff {n} (Phylloscopus collybita) :: pierwiosnek {m}
Chihuahua {n} (breed of dog) :: chihuahua {f}
child {n} (a female or male child, a daughter or son) :: dziecko {n}, dziecię {n} [dated]
child {n} (a minor) :: dziecko {n}
childbirth {n} (act of giving birth) :: poród {m}
child-fucker {n} (contemptible person) SEE: motherfucker ::
child-fucker {n} (one who engages in sex with a child) SEE: pedophile ::
childhood {n} (state of being a child) :: dzieciństwo {n}
childhood {n} (time when one is a child) :: dzieciństwo {n}
childish {adj} (suitable for a child) :: dziecięcy {m}
childish {adj} (behaving immaturely) :: dziecinny, infantylny
childless {adj} (not having any children) :: bezdzietny {m}
childminder {n} (person who looks after other people's children) :: opiekunka do dziecka
child prodigy {n} (talented young person) :: dziecko szczęścia {n}
child prostitution {n} (use of a child for sexual activities for profit) :: dziecięca prostytucja {f}
children's home {n} (public institution for care of children, see also: orphanage) :: dom dziecka {m}
Chile {prop} (country in South America) :: Chile {n}
Chilean {adj} (pertaining to Chile) :: chilijski
Chilean {n} (person from Chile) :: Chilijczyk {m}, Chilijka {f}
chiliasm {n} (belief in an earthly thousand-year period of peace and prosperity) :: chiliazm {m}, millenaryzm {m}
chili pepper {n} (fruit) :: papryka chili {f}
chill out {v} (relax or take time out) :: uspokoić się {pf}, wyluzować się {pf}, wyluzować {pf}, rozluźnić się {pf}, zrelaksować się {pf}
chimera {n} (flame-spewing monster, see also: Chimera) :: Chimera {f}
chimney {n} (vertical tube or hollow column; a flue) :: komin {m}
chimney sweep {n} (occupation) :: kominiarz {m}
chimpanzee {n} (ape) :: szympans {m}
chin {n} (bottom of a face) :: podbródek {m}, broda {f}
China {prop} (country in east Asia) :: Chiny {p}
China {prop} (region corresponding to the People's Republic of China and Taiwan) :: Chiny {p}
china clay {n} (kaolin) SEE: kaolin ::
Chinaman {n} (a man who is Chinese, a Chinese man) :: chinol {m}
Chinatown {n} (a Chinese district outside China) :: chińska dzielnica {f}
chinchilla {n} (rodent) :: szynszyla {f}
Chinese {n} (any language spoken in China, see also: Literary Chinese; Mandarin; Cantonese; Wu; Min Nan) :: chiński {m}, język chiński {m}
Chinese {n} (the people of China) :: Chińczycy {p}
Chinese {n} (person born in China) :: Chińczyk {m-pr}, Chinka {f}
Chinese {n} (Chinese food or meal) :: chińszczyzna {f}
Chinese {adj} (relating to China) :: chiński
Chinese {n} (Mandarin) SEE: Mandarin ::
Chinese Crested Dog {n} (Chinese Crested Dog) :: grzywacz chiński {m}
Chinese grapefruit {n} (pomelo) SEE: pomelo ::
Chinese parsley {n} (coriander) SEE: coriander ::
Chinese red {adj} (vermilion) SEE: vermilion ::
Chinese river dolphin {n} (baiji) SEE: baiji ::
Chinese whispers {n} (game) :: głuchy telefon {m}
Chinese white dolphin {n} (baiji) SEE: baiji ::
chink {n} (narrow opening) :: szczelina {f}, szpara {f}
Chink {n} (offensive: Chinese person) :: Żółtek {m} [offensive term for any Asian person], kitajec {m}
chip {n} (small piece broken off) :: odłamek {m}, odłamki {m-p}
chip {n} (token used in gambling) :: żeton {m}, żetony {m-p}
chip {n} (fried strip of potato, french fry) :: frytka {f}, frytki {f-p}
chip {n} (thin, crisp, fried piece of potato or vegetable) :: chips {m}, czips {m}
chipmunk {n} (squirrel-like rodent) :: pręgowiec {m}
Chippewa {prop} (Ojibwe) SEE: Ojibwe ::
chirality {n} (handedness in chemistry, physic and mathematics) :: chiralność {f}
chiropractor {n} (chiropractor) :: kręgarz {m}
chirp {n} (birds) :: świergot {m}
chirp {v} (birds) :: świergotać
chisel {v} (to cheat) SEE: cheat ::
chisel {n} (tool consisting of a slim oblong block of metal) :: dłuto {n}, przecinak {m}
Chisinau {prop} (capital city and a municipality of Moldova) :: Kiszyniów {m}
Chita {prop} (city in Russia) :: Czyta {f}
chitinous {adj} (made of, pertaining to, or resembling chitin) :: chitynowy
chitosan {n} (oligosaccharide) :: chitozan {m}
Chitral {prop} (Chitral (all senses)) :: Czitral
chivalry {n} (ethical code) :: rycerskość {f}
chivalry {n} (Courteous behavior, especially that of men towards women) :: rycerskość {f}
chive {n} (plant) :: czosnek szczypiorek {m}, szczypiorek {m}, szczypior {m}
chive {n} (chives: herb) :: szczypiorek {m}
chlamydia {n} (sexually transmitted disease) :: chlamydia {f}
Chloe {prop} (female given name) :: Chloe {f}
chlorate {n} (any salt of chloric acid) :: chloran {m}
chloric acid {n} (HClO3) :: kwas chlorowy {m}
chloride {n} (any salt of hydrochloric acid) :: chlorek {m}
chlorine {n} (chemical element) :: chlor {m}
chlorine dioxide {n} (gas ClO2) :: dwutlenek chloru {m}
chloro- {prefix} (chemistry: containing chlorine) :: chloro-, chlor-
chloroform {n} ((chemistry) an anesthetic) :: chloroform {m}
chlorophyll {n} (green pigment) :: chlorofil {m}
chlorophyte {n} (green alga) :: zielenica {f}
chocolate {n} (food made from ground roasted cocoa beans) :: czekolada {f}
chocolate {n} (small piece of confectionery made from chocolate) :: czekoladka {f}, pralinka {f}
chocolate {n} (colour) :: czekolada {f}
chocolate {adj} (made of or containing chocolate) :: czekoladowy
chocolate {adj} (colour) :: czekoladowy
chocolate bar {n} (candy bar) SEE: candy bar ::
chocolate egg {n} (Easter treat) SEE: Easter egg ::
choice {n} (option or decision) :: wybór {m}
choice {n} (selection or preference) :: wybór {m}
choice {n} (anything that can be chosen) :: wybór {m}
choice {n} (definite: best or most preferable part) :: wybór {m}
choice {adj} (especially good or preferred) :: wyborowy {m}
choir {n} (singing group) :: chór {m-in}
choir {n} (part of a church for choir assembly) :: chór {m-in}
choir {n} (a rank or order of angels) :: chór {m-in}
choke {v} (be unable to breathe because of obstruction of the windpipe) :: dławić się, krztusić się
choke {v} (prevent someone from breathing by strangling them) :: dusić
choke {n} (control on a carburetor) :: ssanie {n}
chokeberry {n} (deciduous shrub in genus Aronia) :: aronia {f}
chokeberry {n} (fruit of such a shrub) :: aronia {f}
choker {n} (one who chokes another) :: dusiciel {m}, dusicielka {f}
cholecyst {n} (gall bladder) SEE: gall bladder ::
cholera {n} (infectious disease) :: cholera {f}
cholesterol {n} (an essential component of mammalian cell membranes) :: cholesterol {m}
choose {v} (to choose) SEE: take ::
choose {v} (to pick) :: wybierać {impf}, wybrać {pf}
choose {v} (to elect) :: wybierać, wybrać
choosy {adj} (taking care when choosing that what is chosen best suits one's tastes, desires or requirements) :: wybredny {m}
chop {v} (to cut into pieces) :: siekać, kroić, pokroić
Chopin {prop} (surname) :: Szopen {m}, Chopin
chopper {n} (helicopter (formal translations)) SEE: helicopter ::
chopper {n} (axe/ax) SEE: axe ::
chopper {n} (knife for chopping food) :: tasak
chopstick {n} (single eating utensil) :: pałeczka {f}
chord {n} (combination of three or more notes) :: akord
chord {n} (straight line) :: cięciwa {f}
chorea {n} (disease of the nervous system) :: pląsawica {f}
choreographer {n} (person who choreographs) :: choreograf {m}, choreografka {f}
choreographist {n} (choreographist) SEE: choreographer ::
choreography {n} (art) :: choreografia {f}
choroid {n} (vascular layer of the eye) :: naczyniówka {f}
chorus {n} (group of singers and dancers in the religious festivals of ancient Greece) :: chór {m}
chorus {n} (group of people in a play or performance who recite together) :: chór {m}
chorus {n} (singing group who perform together) :: chór {m}
chorus {n} (repeated part of a song) :: refren {m}
chorus {n} (setting or feature in electronic music) :: chórek {m}
Chorzów {prop} (city on the Rawa in southern Poland) :: Chorzów {m}
chotki {n} (prayer rope) :: czotki
chrestomathy {n} (collection of written passages, used to learn an unfamiliar language) :: chrestomatia {f}
chrism {n} (mixture of oil and balm) :: krzyżmo {n}
Christ {prop} (messiah predicted in Jewish prophesy) :: Chrystus {m}
Christ {prop} (title for Jesus of Nazareth) :: Chrystus {m}
Christ {n} (A figure or other artistic depiction of Jesus Christ) :: Chrystus {m}
Christadelphian {n} (a member of a certain nontrinitarian Christian denomination) :: chrystadelfianin {m}
christening {n} (Christian sacrament) :: chrzest {m}, chrzciny {p}
Christian {n} (member of the Christian religion) :: chrześcijanin {m}, chrześcijanka {f}
Christian {prop} (male given name) :: Krystian {m}
Christian {adj} (of, like or relating to Christianity or Christians) :: chrześcijański {m}
Christian Democracy {n} (political ideology) :: chrześcijańska demokracja {f}, chadecja {f} [colloqial]
Christianity {prop} (monotheistic religion) :: chrześcijaństwo {n}
Christianize {v} (to (cause to) convert to Christianity) :: chrystianizować {impf}, schrystianizować {pf}
Christian name {n} (any forename) SEE: forename ::
Christina {prop} (female given name) :: Krystyna {f}
Christine {prop} (female name) SEE: Christina ::
Christmas {prop} (Christian holiday) :: Boże Narodzenie {n}
Christmas card {n} (greeting card that celebrates Christmas) :: kartka świąteczna {f}
Christmas carol {n} (hymn whose lyrics are on the theme of Christmas) :: kolęda {f}
Christmas Day {n} (the 25th of December) :: Boże Narodzenie {n}, pierwszy dzień świąt {m}
Christmas Eve {prop} (evening before Christmas Day) :: Wigilia {f}
Christmas Eve {prop} (day before Christmas Day) :: Wigilia {f}
Christmas Island {prop} (non self-governing territory of Australia) :: Wyspa Bożego Narodzenia {f}
Christmas season {n} (Advent) SEE: Advent ::
Christmas tree {n} (tree used during the Christmas holiday season) :: choinka {f}
Christological {adj} (of or pertaining to Christology) :: chrystologiczny
Christology {n} (field of study) :: chrystologia {f}
Christology {n} (particular theory) :: chrystologia {f}
Christopher {prop} (a male given name) :: Krzysztof {m}
chromatid {n} (Either of the two strands of a chromosome that separate during mitosis) :: chromatyda {f}
chrome {v} (to plate with chrome) :: chromować {impf}, pochromować {pf}
chromium {n} (chemical element) :: chrom {m}
chromium-plate {v} (chrome) SEE: chrome ::
chromosomal {adj} (of, or relating to chromosomes) :: chromosomowy, chromosomalny
chromosome {n} (structure in the cell nucleus) :: chromosom
chromosphere {n} (the faint pink extension of a star's atmospheric envelope) :: chromosfera {f}
chronic {adj} (that continues over an extended period of time) :: chroniczny {m}
chronic {adj} (medical: prolonged or slow to heal) :: przewlekły
Chronicles {prop} (book of the Bible) :: Księga Kronik {f}
chronolatry {n} (worship of time) :: chronolatria {f}
chronologic {adj} (chronological) SEE: chronological ::
chronological {adj} (in order of time from the earliest to the latest) :: chronologiczny
chronology {n} (determining the order of events) :: chronologia {f}
chronology {n} (arrangement into chronological order) :: chronologia {f}
chronometer {n} (device for measuring time) :: chronometr {m}
chronophagous {adj} (time-consuming) SEE: time-consuming ::
chronoscope {n} (chronometer) SEE: chronometer ::
chrysalis {n} (the pupa of a butterfly or moth) :: poczwarka {f}
chrysanthemum {n} (flower) :: złocień {m}, chryzantema {f}
Chrysanthemum Throne {prop} (Japanese monarchy) :: Chryzantemowy tron {m}
chrysoprase {n} (variety of quartz) :: chryzopraz {m}
chthonian {adj} (pertaining to the underworld; being beneath the earth) :: chtoniczny {m}
chubby {n} (erection) SEE: boner ::
chubby {adj} (of a person, somewhat fat) :: pulchny, pyzaty
chuckle {n} (a quiet laugh) :: chichot {m}
chuckle {v} (to laugh quietly or inwardly) :: chichotać
Chudskoye {prop} (a lake between Russia and Estonia) :: Jezioro Czudzkie {n}, Pejpus {m}
Chukchi {adj} (relating to Chukotka) :: czukocki {m}
Chukchi {n} (person) :: Czukcza {m}
Chukchi {prop} (language) :: język czukocki {m}
Chukchi Sea {prop} (part of the Arctic Ocean) :: Morze Czukockie {m}
Chukotka {prop} (short for Chukchi Peninsula, see also: Chukchi Peninsula) :: Czukotka {f}
Chukotka {prop} (short for Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, see also: Chukotka Autonomous Okrug) :: Czukotka {f}
chump {n} (an unintelligent person) :: matoł {m}
chunder {n} (vomit) :: wymiotować, [slang] rzygać
chunky {adj} (euphemism for fat) :: pulchny, przy kości
chur {interj} (voicing of thanks) SEE: thanks ::
chur {interj} (parting salutation) SEE: bye ::
church {n} (house of worship) :: kościół {m-in} [generic], cerkiew {f} [Orthodox or Greek Catholic], zbór {m-in} [Evangelical]
church {n} (a religious organization) :: kościół {m-in}
church {n} (a group of people who follow the same Christian religious beliefs) :: kościół {m-in}, wspólnota {f}
church {n} (worship service) :: nabożeństwo {n}, liturgia {f}, msza {f}
churchical {adj} (pertaining to or characteristic of church) SEE: ecclesiastical ::
Church of England {prop} (established Christian church in England) :: Kościół Anglii {m}
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints {prop} (major denomination of the Latter Day Saint movement) :: Kościół Jezusa Chrystusa Świętych w Dniach Ostatnich
Church of Scotland {prop} (national Presbyterian church of Scotland) :: Kościół Szkocji {m}
church service {n} (communal worship) :: nabożeństwo {n}
Church Slavonic {prop} (liturgical language) :: [język] cerkiewno-słowiański {m}
churn {n} (vessel for churning) :: maselnica {f}, maślnica {f}, kierzanka {f}
chutney {n} (condiment) :: ćatni {n}
chutzpah {n} (nearly arrogant courage) :: bezczelność {f}, kpina {f}, hucpa {f}
Chuukese {n} (member of an ethnic group) :: język chuuk
Chuvash {adj} (from, or pertaining to Chuvashia) :: czuwaski {m}
Chuvash {n} (person) :: Czuwasz {m}, Czuwaszka {f}
Chuvash {prop} (Chuvash language) :: język czuwaski {m}
Chuvashia {prop} (federal subject of Russia) :: Czuwaszja {f}
ciao {interj} (hello) SEE: hello ::
ciao {interj} (goodbye) SEE: goodbye ::
cicada {n} (any of several insects of the order Hemiptera) :: cykada {f}
cicatrice {n} (scar) SEE: scar ::
cicatrix {n} (scar that remains after the development of new tissue) SEE: scar ::
cicely {n} (Myrrhis odorata) :: marchewnik {m}
Cicero {prop} (Roman statesman and orator) :: Cyceron {m}
cider {n} (alcoholic beverage) :: cydr {m}, jabłecznik {m}
cider {n} (soft drink) SEE: soft drink ::
Cieszyn {prop} (city in Poland) :: Cieszyn {m}
cigar {n} (tobacco product) :: cygaro {n}
cigarette {n} (cigarette) :: papieros {m}
cigarette case {n} (a small flat case for holding cigarettes) :: papierośnica {f}
cigarette holder {n} (a device used to hold a cigarette) :: cygarniczka
cigarette lighter {n} (lighter) SEE: lighter ::
cigarillo {n} (thin cigar) :: cygaretka {f}
ciliate {n} (protozoan of the class Ciliata) :: orzęsek {m}
cilice {n} (hairshirt) :: włosienica {f}
Cilicia {prop} (ancient region) :: Cylicja
Cimmerian {n} (any of the mythical people supposed to inhabit a land of perpetual darkness) :: Kimmeryjczyk {m}, Kimmeryjka {f}
cinder {n} (ember) SEE: ember ::
Cinderella {prop} (fairy tale) :: Kopciuszek
Cinderella {prop} (main character in this fairy tale) :: Kopciuszek
cinema {n} (movie) SEE: movie ::
cinema {n} (a film/movie theatre) :: kino {n}
cinema {n} (film or movies as a group) :: kino {n}
cinema {n} (the film and movie industry) :: kinematografia {f}, kino {n}
cinema {n} (the art of making films and movies) :: kinematografia {f}, kino {n}
cinematic {adj} (relating to the cinema) :: kinowy {m}
cinereous vulture {n} (Eurasian black vulture) SEE: Eurasian black vulture ::
cinnabar {n} (mineral) :: cynober {m}
cinnabar {n} (color) :: cynober {m}
cinnabar {adj} (of a bright red colour) :: cynobrowy {m}
cinnamon {n} (Cinnamomum verum) :: cynamonowiec {m}
cinnamon {n} (spice) :: cynamon {m}
cinnamon {n} (colour) :: cynamonowy
cinnamon {adj} (flavour) :: cynamonowy
cinnamon {adj} (colour) :: cynamonowy
cipher {n} (numeric character) :: cyfra
cipher {n} (method for concealing the meaning of text) :: szyfr
cipher {n} (cryptographic system) :: szyfr
circa {prep} (approximately, about) :: około
Circinus {prop} (a small constellation of the southern winter sky) :: Cyrkiel {m}
circle {n} (geometry: set of points that are equally distant from a center) :: okrąg {m}, krąg {m}
circle {n} (geometry: set of all points in a plane within a radius) :: koło {n}, krąg {m}
circle {n} (thin three-dimensional equivalent of these geometric figures) :: kula
circle {n} (specific group of persons) :: krąg {m}, koło {n}
circle {v} (travel around along a curved path) :: objeżdżać, obchodzić, okrążać
circle {v} (surround) :: okrążyć
circle {v} (place or mark a circle around) :: zakreślić
circle {v} (travel in circles) :: krążyć, kołować
circle {n} (orbit) SEE: orbit ::
circle of friends {n} (group of close friends) :: krąg przyjaciół {m}
circle segment {n} (circular arc) SEE: circular arc ::
circuit {n} (act of moving around) :: obieg {m}
circuit {n} (circumference of any space) :: obwód {m}
circuit {n} (enclosed path of electric current) :: obwód {m}
circuit breaker {n} (electrical switch) :: bezpiecznik {m}
circuitous {adj} (not direct or to the point) :: okrężny
circular arc {n} (continuous section of the circumference of a circle) :: łuk {m}
circumcise {v} (to remove the foreskin from the penis) :: obrzezać, obrzezywać
circumcision {n} (removal of foreskin from penis) :: obrzezanie {n}
circumcision {n} (female circumcision) SEE: female circumcision ::
circumference {n} (line that bounds a circle or other two-dimensional object) :: obwód {m}
circumflex {n} (circumflex accent) :: daszek {m}
circumnavigate {v} (to sail completely around something) :: opłynąć dookoła
circumpolar {adj} (continually visible above the horizon) :: okołobiegunowy
circumscribe {v} (to draw a line around; encircle) :: obwieść, okrążyć
circumscribe {v} (to limit narrowly; restrict) :: ograniczyć
circumspect {adj} (carefully aware of all circumstances) :: ostrożny
circumstance {n} (that which attends, or relates to, or in some way affects, a fact or event) :: okoliczność {f}
circus {n} (company that travels) :: cyrk {m}
circus {n} (round open space) :: cyrk {m}
cirque {n} (something in the shape of a circle) SEE: circle ::
cirque {n} (curved depression in a mountainside) :: cyrk lodowcowy
cirrhosis {n} (chronic disease of the liver) :: marskość wątroby {f}
cirrus {n} (cloud) :: cirrus {m}
CIS {prop} (Commonwealth of Independent States) :: WNP {f}
cissoid {n} (cissoid) :: cisoida {f}
cistern {n} (reservoir for holding water) :: cysterna {f}
Cisuralian {prop} (Cisuralian epoch) :: cisural {m}
citadel {n} (a strong fortress that sits high above a city) :: cytadela {f}
citadel {n} (a stronghold or fortified place) :: cytadela {f}
citation {n} (the passage or words quoted; quotation) :: cytat {m}
citation needed {phrase} (A portion of a wiki needs to be validated by a source.) :: potrzebne źródło
cite {v} (quote) SEE: quote ::
cite {n} (citation) SEE: citation ::
citizen {n} (legal member of a state) :: obywatel {m}, obywatelka {f}
citizen {n} (legal resident of a city) :: mieszkaniec {m}, obywatel {m}
citizen {n} (civilian) :: cywil {m}
citizen journalism {n} (reporting by amateurs on the scene of an event) :: dziennikarstwo obywatelskie
citizenship {n} (state of being a citizen) :: obywatelstwo {n}
citron {n} (fruit) :: cedrat {m}, cytron {m}
citrus {n} (fruit) SEE: citrus fruit ::
citrus fruit {n} (fruit of genus Citrus) :: cytrus {m-an}
city {n} (large settlement) :: miasto {n}
city council {n} (town/city governing body) :: rada miejska {f}
city hall {n} (building) :: ratusz {m}
city slicker {n} (one accustomed to urban living) :: mieszczuch [offensive], mieszczanin {m}, mieszczanka {f}
civil {adj} (Related to people and government office as opposed to military or religion) :: cywilny {m}
civilian {adj} (not related to the military armed forces) :: cywilny
civilization {n} (organized culture) :: cywilizacja {f}
civilization {prop} (people of the world considered to have a high standard of behavior) :: cywilizacja {f}
civilized {adj} (having a highly developed society or culture) :: cywilizowany, ucywilizowany
civil law {n} (body of law dealing with private relations) :: prawo cywilne {n}
civil rights {n} (rights deserved by all people under all circumstances) :: prawa obywatelskie
civil servant {n} (government employee) :: urzędnik państwowy {m}
civil war {n} (war between factions within a single country) :: wojna domowa {f}
Civil War {prop} (civil war) SEE: civil war ::
claim {n} (demand of ownership) :: roszczenie {n}
claim {v} (to state a new fact) :: twierdzić
claimant {n} (party who initiates a lawsuit) SEE: plaintiff ::
clairvoyance {n} (the power to perceive objects that are not accessible to the senses) :: jasnowidzenie {n}
clairvoyant {n} (person able to see things that cannot be perceived by the normal senses) :: jasnowidz {m}
clairvoyant {n} (person able to foresee the future) :: jasnowidz {m}
clan {n} (group having common ancestor) :: klan {m}
clan {n} (group of players who habitually play on the same team in multiplayer games) :: klan {m}
clandestine {adj} (done or kept in secret) :: konspiracyjny, ukryty, tajny, pokątny
clap {n} (The act of striking the palms of the hands, or any two surfaces, together) :: klask {m}
clap {v} (To strike the palms of the hands together) :: klaskać
clap {v} (To applaud by clapping the hands) :: klaskać
claptrap {n} (empty verbiage or nonsense) :: mowa-trawa, pustosłowie
claque {n} (people hired to applaud or boo) :: klaka {f}
clarification {n} (clarification of ideas, meaning, etc) :: klaryfikacja {f}
clarify {v} (to make clear or bright by freeing from feculent matter) :: wyjaśniać, wyjaśnić
clarinet {n} (woodwind musical instrument) :: klarnet {m}
Clarissa {prop} (female given name) :: Klarysa {f}
clarity {n} (the state or measure of being clear) :: klarowność {f}, jasność {f}
class {n} (group, collection, category or set sharing characteristics or attributes) :: klasa {f}
class {n} (social grouping, based on job, wealth, etc.) :: klasa {f}
class {n} (division of society into classes) :: klasa {f}
class {n} (admirable behavior; elegance) :: klasa {f}
class {n} (group of students in a regularly scheduled meeting with a teacher) :: klasa {f}
class {n} (series of classes covering a single subject) :: kurs
class {n} (group of students who commenced or completed their education during a particular year) :: klasa {f}
class {n} (category of seats in an airplane, train or other means of mass transportation) :: klasa {f}
class {n} ((programming, object-oriented) set of objects possibly differing in state but not behavior) :: klasa {f}
classic {adj} (exemplary of a particular style) :: klasyczny {m}
classic {adj} (exhibiting timeless quality) :: klasyczny {m}
classical {adj} (literature etc) :: klasyczny
Classical Arabic {prop} (Classical Arabic) :: klasyczny język arabski {m}
classical music {n} (the more serious forms of European and American music) :: muzyka poważna {f}
classicism {n} (classical traditions of the art and architecture of ancient Greece and Rome) :: klasycyzm {m}
classicistic {adj} (of or pertaining to classicism) :: klasycystyczny
classification {n} (act of forming into classes) :: klasyfikacja {f}
classified {adj} (formally assigned to a level of sensitivity) :: niejawny {m}, zastrzeżony {m}
classify {v} (identify or divide into classes) :: klasyfikować
classmate {n} (student who is in the same class at school) :: kolega z klasy {m}, koleżanka z klasy {f}
classroom {n} (room in a school) :: aula {f}, klasa {f}
Claude {prop} (male given name) :: Klaudiusz {m}
Claudia {prop} (female given name) :: Klaudia {f}
claustrophobia {n} (fear of closed, tight places) :: klaustrofobia {f}
clavicle {n} (collar bone) :: obojczyk {m}
clavicytherium {n} (harpsichord in which the soundboard and strings are mounted vertically facing the player) :: claviciterium, klawicyterium
clavis {n} (glossary) SEE: glossary ::
claw {n} (curved horny nail) :: pazur {m}
claw {n} (foot equipped with such) :: szpon {m}
claw {n} (mechanical device for gripping) :: kleszcze {p}, szczypce {p}
claw {v} (scratch or tear at) :: drapać
clay {n} (mineral substance) :: glina {f}
claystone {n} (sedimentary rock composed of fine, clay particles) :: iłowiec {m}
clean {adj} (not dirty) :: czysty {m}
clean {adj} (pure, especially morally or religiously) :: przyzwoity {m}
clean {v} ((transitive) to remove dirt from a place or object) :: czyścić {impf}, oczyszczać {impf}, oczyścić {pf}
clean {v} :: czyścić
clean {adj} (empty) SEE: empty ::
clean and jerk {n} (in weightlifting) :: podrzut {m}
cleaner {n} (person who cleans) :: sprzątacz {m}, sprzątaczka {f}
cleanliness {n} (the property of being cleanly) :: czystość {f}, czystota {f} [dated]
cleanse {v} (clean, purify) :: oczyścić
cleanse {v} (spiritually purify) :: oczyścić
clean sheet {n} (game played without having conceded a goal) :: czyste konto {m}
clean up {v} (to make an area or a thing clean) :: sprzątać {impf}, posprzątać {pf}
clear {adj} (without clouds) :: pogodny
clear {adj} (free of ambiguity or doubt) :: jasny
clear {v} (computing: reset; return to zero) :: wymazać {pf}, czyścić {impf}
clearing {n} (area of land within a wood or forest devoid of trees) :: poręba {f}
cleartext {n} (unencrypted text) :: tekst otwarty {m}, tekst jawny {m}
cleat {n} (device to secure a rope) :: knaga
cleavage {n} (mineralogy: tendency of a crystal to split) :: łupliwość {f}
cleaver {n} (a squarish knife used for hacking) :: tasak {m}
clef {n} (musical symbol) :: klucz {m}
cleft {n} (opening made or as if made by splitting) :: szczelina {f}
cleft lip {n} (harelip) SEE: harelip ::
clematis {n} (any plant of the genus Clematis) :: powojnik {m}
clementine {n} (citrus fruit) :: klementynka {f}
Cleopatra {prop} (a given name of women in the Ptolemy dynasty) :: Kleopatra {f}
clergy {n} (people trained to officiate at religious ceremonies and services) :: duchowieństwo {n}, kler {m}
cleric {n} (clergy member) :: duchowny {m}
clerical {adj} (of or relating to clerks or their work) :: biurowy {m}
clerihew {n} (rhyme of four lines, usually regarding a person) :: clerihew
Cleveland {prop} (city in Ohio) :: Cleveland
clever {adj} (mentally quick or sharp) :: sprytny, zmyślny, bystry, zdolny
clew {n} (clue) SEE: clue ::
cliché {n} (overused phrase or expression) :: frazes {m}, komunał {m}
cliche {n} (cliché) SEE: cliché ::
click {n} (sharp sound) :: pstryk, trzask
click {n} (in phonetics) :: mlask {m}
click {n} (act of pressing a button on a computer mouse) :: kliknięcie {n}, klik {m}
click {v} (transitive: operate so as to make click) :: klikać {impf}, kliknąć {pf}
click {v} (transitive: press and release (button on a mouse)) :: klikać {impf}, kliknąć {pf}, wcisnąć
client {n} (a customer or receiver of services) :: klient {m}, klientka {f}, kupujący {m} [when buying], usługobiorca {m} [service-taker]
client {n} (computing: the role of a computer application or system) :: klient {m}
clientele {n} (body of clients who frequent an establishment) :: klientela {f}
client service {n} (customer service) SEE: customer service ::
cliff {n} (a (near) vertical rock face) :: klif {m}
climate {n} (long-term atmospheric conditions) :: klimat {m}
climate change {n} (changes in the Earth's climate) :: zmiana klimatu
climatology {n} (science) :: klimatologia {f}
climax {n} (the peak of sexual pleasure) SEE: orgasm ::
climb {v} (to ascend, to go up) :: wspinać się
climb {v} (to mount, to move upwards on) :: [abstract] łazić {impf}, [concrete] leźć {impf}
climb {v} (to move by using the hands and feet) :: wdrapywać się
climb {v} (to practice the sport of climbing) :: wspinać się
climb {n} (an act of climbing) :: wspinaczka {f}, wejście {n}, wchodzenie {n}
climbing frame {n} (playground equipment) SEE: jungle gym ::
cling {v} (hold tightly) :: przylgnąć
clinic {n} (medical facility) :: klinika {f}
clinical psychology {n} (branch of psychology) :: psychologia kliniczna {f}
clinker {n} (fetters) SEE: fetter ::
Clio {prop} (the Muse of history and heroic poetry) :: Klio
clipboard {n} (in computing: buffer for temporary storage) :: schowek {m}
clipper {n} (fast sailing ship) :: kliper {m}
clique {n} (small, exclusive group) :: klika {f}
clique {n} :: koteria {f}, stronnictwo {n}
clitic {n} (morpheme attached to another word) :: klityka {f}
clitorectomy {n} (clitoridectomy) SEE: clitoridectomy ::
clitoridectomy {n} (surgical procedure) :: klitoridektomia {f}
clitoris {n} (elongated erectile organ) :: łechtaczka {f}
cloak {n} (cape) :: peleryna {f}
cloakroom {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet ::
cloakroom {n} (room for coats) :: szatnia {f}
clock {n} (instrument to measure or keep track of time) :: zegar {m-in}
clock face {n} (the surface of a clock that contains the dial and hands) :: tarcza {f}
clockmaker {n} (person who makes clocks) :: zegarmistrz {m}, zegarmistrzyni {f}
clockwise {adv} (in a circular fashion in the same direction as the hands of an analogue clock) :: zgodnie z ruchem wskazówek zegara
clockwise {adj} (moving clockwise) :: zgodny z ruchem wskazówek zegara {m}
clockwisely {adv} (clockwise) SEE: clockwise ::
clod {n} (lump of something, especially of earth or clay) :: grudka {f}
clog {n} (a type of shoe with an inflexible, often wooden sole and an open heel) :: drewniak {m}
clog {v} (to block or slow passage through) :: zapychać, zapchać
cloister {n} (covered walk with an open colonnade) :: krużganek {m}
cloister {n} (place devoted to religious seclusion) :: klasztor {m}
clone {n} (copy of something already existing) :: klon {m}
clone {v} (create a clone) :: klonować
close {v} (obstruct (an opening)) :: zamykać {impf}, zamknąć {pf}
close {v} (move (a door)) :: zamykać {impf}, zamknąć {pf}
close {v} (put an end to) :: zamknąć, zamykać
close {adj} (at a little distance) :: bliski
close, but no cigar {phrase} (that's almost correct, but not quite) :: prawie robi wielką różnicę ("almost" makes a big difference)
closed {adj} (not open) :: zamknięty {m}
closed {adj} (not operating or conducting trade) :: zamknięty {m}
closed {adj} (having an open complement) :: domknięty {m}
closed {adj} (in mathematics, such that its image under the specified operation is contained in it) :: zamknięty {m}
closeness {n} (proximity) SEE: proximity ::
closet {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet ::
closet {n} (furniture) :: szafa {f}
closure {n} (mathematical set) :: domknięcie {n}
clot {n} (blood clot) :: skrzep {m}
clot {n} (solidified mass of any liquid) :: grudka {f}
clot {v} (to form into a clot) :: krzepnąć
cloth {n} (woven fabric) :: materiał {m}, tkanina {f}
clothes {n} (apparel) :: ubranie {n}, ubrania {n-p}, odzież {m}
clothes don't make the man {proverb} (clothes don't make the man) :: nie szata zdobi człowieka
clothes dryer {n} (appliance) :: suszarka do ubrań
clothes moth {n} (insect) :: mól {m}
clothes peg {n} (an object used to attach wet laundry to a clothesline) :: klamerka {f}
clothespin {n} (a clip or fastener) SEE: clothes peg ::
clothing {n} (clothes) :: odzież {f}, ubrania {n-p}
cloud {n} (visible mass of water droplets suspended in the air) :: chmura, obłok
cloud {n} (mass of dust, steam or smoke) :: chmura
cloud {n} (anything which makes things foggy or gloomy) :: chmura
cloud {n} (the Internet) :: chmura
cloudberry {n} (fruit) :: malina moroszka {f}, moroszka {f}
cloudburst {n} (sudden heavy rainstorm) :: oberwanie chmury {n}
cloud-cuckoo-land {n} (imaginary place with unrealistic or silly people) :: Chmurny Kukułczyn
clouded leopard {n} (medium sized arboreal cat) :: pantera mglista {f}
cloudiness {n} (weather) :: pochmurność
cloud nine {n} (state of fantastic or impractical dreaming) SEE: head in the clouds ::
cloud up {v} (to become cloudy) :: chmurzyć się, pochmurnieć
cloudy {adj} (covered with or characterised by clouds) :: pochmurny {m}
clout {n} (influence, effectiveness) :: znaczenie polityczne {n}
clove {n} (spice) :: goździki {m-p}
cloven hoof {n} (divided hoof, as on bovine animals) :: racica {f}
clove pink {n} (carnation) SEE: carnation ::
clover {n} (plant in genus Trifolium) :: koniczyna {f}, dzięcielina {f}
clown {n} (performance artist working in a circus) :: klaun {m}
clown {n} (person acting in a silly fashion) :: pajac {m}
club {n} (weapon) :: maczuga {f}
club {n} (association of members) :: klub {m}, stowarzyszenie {n}
club {n} (playing card symbol, ♣) :: trefl {m}
club {n} (hitting implement) :: kij {m}
clubs {n} (plural of club) SEE: club ::
clubs {n} (one of the four suits of playing cards, marked with the symbol ♣) :: trefl {m}
cluck {n} (sound made by hen) :: gdakanie
cluck {v} (to produce cluck sound) :: gdakać
clue {n} (information that may lead one to a certain point or conclusion) :: podpowiedź {f}
clueless {adj} (lacking knowledge or understanding) :: zielony {m}
clumsy {adj} (awkward, lacking coordination, not graceful, not dextrous) :: niezdarny {m}, niezgrabny
clumsy {adj} (awkward or inefficient in use or construction) :: niezgrabny {m}
clunker {n} (decrepit motor car) :: grat {m}, rzęch {m}, złom {m}, gruchot {m}, strucel {m}, rupieć {m}, wrak {m}, dezel {m}
clunker {n} (anything in poor condition or of poor quality) :: grat {m}, złom {m}, rupieć {m}
cluster {n} (group or bunch of something) :: skupisko {n}
cluster {n} (group of galaxies or stars) :: gromada {f}
cluster {n} (secundal chord of three or more notes) :: klaster {m}
cluster {n} (group of consonants) :: zbitka {f}
cluster {n} (group of computers working together) :: klaster {m}
cluster {n} (set of bombs or mines) :: kasetowy
clusterfuck {n} (a chaotic situation) :: burdel {m}, chujnia {f} [vulgar], rozpierducha {f} [vulgar], sraka {f} [vulgar], pierdolnia {f} [vulgar], jebutnia {f} [vulgar]
clutch {n} (A device to interrupt power transmission) :: sprzęgło {n}
clutch {n} (The pedal in a car that disengages power transmission) :: sprzęgło {n}, pedał sprzęgła {m}
cluttered {adj} (scattered with a disorderly mixture of objects) :: zaśmiecony {m}
clypeus {n} (front part of an insect's head or a spider's cephalothorax) :: nadustek {m}
c'mere {contraction} (here) SEE: here ::
c'mere {contraction} (come) SEE: come ::
c'mon {contraction} (come on) :: cho, hajda [attack], huzia [attack], dawaj, hajże [attack], nuże [archaic], jazda, dalej, dalejże [archaic]
cnidarian {n} (any of various invertebrate animals that belong to the phylum Cnidaria) :: parzydełkowiec {m}
cnidoblast {n} (cnidocyte) SEE: cnidocyte ::
cnidocyte {n} (stinging capsule found in cnidarians) :: parzydełko {n}
co- {prefix} (together, mutually, jointly) :: współ-
coach {n} (wheeled vehicle drawn by horse power) :: powóz {m}, kareta {f}
coach {n} (rail passenger car) :: wagon {m}
coach {n} (trainer) :: trener {m}, trenerka {f}
coach {n} (long-distance bus) :: autokar
coach {v} (sports: train) :: trenować {impf}
coach driver {n} (driver of a horse-drawn coach) :: woźnica {m}
coachman {n} (male coach driver) SEE: coach driver ::
coachwoman {n} (female coach driver) SEE: coach driver ::
coadjutor {n} (assistant) SEE: assistant ::
coal {n} (uncountable: carbon rock) :: węgiel {m}
coalition {n} (group of organizations) :: koalicja {f}
coalman {n} (someone who delivers coal) :: węglarz {m}
coalman {n} (someone who sells coal) :: węglarz {m}
coaming {n} (on a boat, the vertical side of the hatch) :: zrębnica {f}
coarsely {adv} (in a coarse manner) :: grubiańsko, gburowato
coast {n} (edge of land meeting ocean, sea, gulf, bay) :: brzeg, wybrzeże
coastguard {n} (enforcer of maritime law) :: straż przybrzeżna {f}
coat {n} (outer garment covering the upper torso and arms) :: płaszcz {m}
coat {n} (covering of material, such as paint) :: warstwa {f}
coat {n} (fur or feathers) :: sierść {f}
coat {v} (to cover with a coat of some material) :: pokrywać, pokryć
coat hanger {n} (device used to hang up coats, shirts, etc) :: wieszak {m}
coati {n} (any of several animals of the genus Nasua) :: ostronos {m}
coat of arms {n} (hereditary design depicted on an escutcheon) :: herb {m}
cob {n} (gull) SEE: gull ::
cob {n} (bread roll) SEE: bread roll ::
cob {n} (corncob) SEE: corncob ::
cobalt {n} (chemical element) :: kobalt {m}
cobber {n} (Australian: a pal, buddy, mate, friend) :: stary {m}
cobble {n} (cobblestone) SEE: cobblestone ::
cobbler {n} (person who repairs shoes) :: szewc {m}
cobbler {n} (policeman) :: gliniarz {m}
cobblestone {n} (a rounded stone) :: brukowiec {m}, otoczak {m}, bruk {m}
cobra {n} (venomous snake) :: kobra {f}
cobweb {n} (a spider’s web) SEE: spiderweb ::
coca {n} (the dried leaf of a South American shrub (Erythroxylon coca)) :: koka {f}
Coca-Cola {prop} (particular carbonated soft drink) :: Coca-Cola {f}
cocaine {n} (the narcotic) :: kokaina {f}
coccyx {n} ((medical) final fused vertebrae) :: kość guziczna {f}
Cocha antshrike {n} (passerine bird of the antbird family) :: chronka ekwadorska
cock {n} (slang: penis) SEE: dick ::
cock {n} (any male bird) :: kurka
cock {n} (male chicken; male gallinaceous bird) SEE: rooster ::
cockade {n} (a rosette worn in a hat as an office or party badge) :: kokarda {f}
cock-a-doodle-doo {interj} (cry of the rooster) :: kukuryku
cockatoo {n} (a bird) :: kakadu {f}
cockchafer {n} (beetle of genus Melolontha) :: chrabąszcz majowy {m}, chrabąszcz {m}
cockerel {n} (young male chicken) :: kogucik {m}
cockle {n} (wrinkle) SEE: wrinkle ::
cockle {n} (any of various edible European bivalve mollusks) :: sercówka {f}
cockle {n} (corncockle) SEE: corncockle ::
cockpit {n} (space for pilot and crew in an aircraft) :: kokpit, kabina pilotów
cockroach {n} (type of insect) :: karaluch {m-an}
cockscomb {n} (fleshy red crest of a rooster) :: grzebień {m}
cocksucker {n} (a fellator) :: lachociąg {m}, obciągacz {m}
cocksucker {n} (an objectionable person) :: lachociąg {m}
cocksure {adj} (overconfident) :: pewny siebie
cocktail {n} (alcoholic beverage) :: koktajl {m}
cocoa {n} (partially fermented seeds of cacao tree) :: kakao {n}
cocoa {n} (hot drink) :: kakao {n}
cocoa {adj} (of a light to medium brown colour) :: kakaowy {m}
cocoa {n} (powder) SEE: cocoa powder ::
cocoa powder {n} (powder from cocoa solids) :: kakao {n}
coco-de-mer {n} (tree) :: lodoicja seszelska {f}
coconut {n} (fruit of coco palm) :: kokos {m}, orzech kokosowy {m}
cocoon {n} (protective case) :: kokon {m}
Cocytus {prop} (river of the underworld) :: Kocyt {m}, Kokytos {m}
cod {n} (marine fish of the family Gadidae) :: dorsz {m-an}
coddle {v} (to treat gently or with great care) :: rozpieszczać {impf}
code {n} (body of law) :: kodeks {m}
code {n} (set of rules for converting information) :: kod {m}
code {n} (cryptographic system) :: kod {m}, szyfr {m}
code {n} (instructions for a computer) :: kod {m}
code {v} (cryptography: to encode) :: kodować
code {n} (source code) SEE: source code ::
codec {n} (A device or program capable of performing transformations on a data stream or signal) :: kodek {m}
codeine {n} (addictive alkaloid narcotic) :: kodeina {f}
code monkey {n} (a computer programmer) :: klepacz kodu {m}
codfish {n} (cod) SEE: cod ::
codify {v} (to reduce to a code) :: kodyfikować
coding {n} (encoding) SEE: encoding ::
coding {n} (process of encoding or decoding) :: kodowanie {n}
coding {n} (process of writing computer software code) :: programowanie {n}
cod liver oil {n} (nutritional supplement) :: tran {m}
codomain {n} (target set of a function) :: przeciwdziedzina {f}
codpiece {n} (part of male dress to cover genitals) :: mieszek {m}, saczek {m}
codpiece {n} (protection for the male genitals in suit of armor) :: saczek {m}
co-ed {adj} (that teaches both males and females) :: koedukacyjny {m}
co-ed {adj} (that mixes males and females) :: koedukacyjny {m}
co-ed {n} (dated: young woman who attends college) :: studentka {f}
coefficient {n} (algebraic constant) :: współczynnik {m}
coefficient of friction {n} (ratio) :: współczynnik tarcia {m}
coeliac disease {n} (auto-immune disease characterised by sensitivity of the lining of the small intestine to gluten) :: celiakia {f}
coercion {n} (actual or threatened force for the purpose of compelling action by another person) :: przymus {m}
coetaneous {adj} (contemporary) SEE: contemporary ::
coffee {n} (beverage) :: kawa {f}
coffee {n} (plant) :: kawowiec {m}
coffee {n} (colour) :: kawowy {m}
coffee {adj} (of a pale brown colour) :: kawowy {m}
coffee bar {n} (establishment that sells coffee) SEE: café ::
coffee cup {n} (cup for coffee) :: filiżanka {f}
coffee grinder {n} (a device for pulverizing or powdering coffee beans) :: młynek do kawy {m}
coffeehouse {n} (café) SEE: café ::
coffeemaker {n} (kitchen apparatus used to brew and filter coffee) :: ekspres do kawy {m}
coffee pot {n} (pot for coffee) :: imbryk do kawy {m}
coffee shop {n} (café) SEE: café ::
coffin {n} (box in which a dead person is buried) :: trumna {f}
cofinal {adj} (containing elements at least as late as any given element of the containing set) :: współkońcowy {m}
cofinality {n} (the property of being cofinal) :: współkońcowość {f}
cognac {n} (type of brandy) :: koniak {m}
cognate {adj} (descended from the same attested source lexeme of an ancestor language) :: pokrewny
cognate {n} (word derived from the same roots as a given word) :: pokrewny / spokrewniony wyraz {n}
cognition {n} (process of knowing) :: poznanie {n}, percepcja {n}
cognitive {adj} (relating to mental functions) :: poznawczy {m}
cognitive psychology {n} (branch of psychology) :: psychologia poznawcza
coherence {n} (quality of cohering; of being coherent) :: koherencja {f}
coherent {adj} (orderly, logical and consistent) :: koherentny {m}
coherent {adj} (of waves having the same direction, wavelength and phase) :: koherentny
cohesion {n} (the state of cohering, or of sticking together) :: spójność {f}
cohesion {n} (the various intermolecular forces that hold solids and liquids together) :: kohezja {f}
cohort {n} (associate) SEE: associate ::
cohort {n} (colleague) SEE: colleague ::
coil {n} (something wound) :: zwój
coil {n} (intra-uterine contraceptive device) :: spirala {f}
coil {n} (electrical) :: cewka {f}
Coimbra {prop} (city and municipality in Coimbra, Portugal) :: Coimbra
coin {n} ((currency) a piece of currency) :: moneta, bilon
coin {v} (to create coins) :: bić / wytwarzać monety
coin {v} (to make up or invent, and establish) :: wymyślić, ukuć (wyrażenie, powiedzenie)
coinage {n} (currency) SEE: currency ::
coinage {n} (neologism) SEE: neologism ::
coincidence {n} (state of events appearing to be connected when they are not) :: zbieg okoliczności {m}, koincydencja {f}
coincident {adj} (occurring at the same time) :: równoczesny {m}
coin purse {n} (small bag or pouch for coins) :: portmonetka {f}
coke {n} (coal product) :: koks {m}
coke {v} (to produce coke) :: koksować
coke {v} (to turn into coke) :: koksować
coke {n} (short for cocaine) :: koka {f}
colander {n} (a bowl-shaped kitchen utensil with holes in it used for draining food such as pasta) :: durszlak {m}
colchicine {n} (alkaloid) :: kolchicyna {f}
cold {adj} (having a low temperature) :: zimny
cold {adj} (of a person) :: przeziębiony
cold {adj} (unfriendly) :: chłodny, oziębły
cold {adj} (unprepared) :: nieprzygotowany
cold {n} (low temperature) :: zimno {n}, mróz {m-in}, ziąb {m-in}, chłód {m}
cold {n} (illness) :: przeziębienie {n}
cold day in Hell {n} (an event that will never happen) :: jak rak świśnie a ryba piśnie
cold fish {n} (heartless individual) :: zimna ryba {f}
cold front {n} (leading edge of an advancing mass of cold air) :: front chłodny {m}
cold fusion {n} (hypothetical form of nuclear fusion) :: zimna fuzja {f}
cold war {n} (a period of hostile relations) :: zimna wojna {f}
Cold War {prop} (a period of history from 1945-1991) :: zimna wojna {f}
cole {n} (cabbage) SEE: cabbage ::
colectomy {n} (surgical procedure) :: kolektomia
coleslaw {n} (a salad) :: coleslaw {m}, colesław {m}, kolesław {m}
collaborate {v} (to work together on a piece of work) :: współpracować
collaborate {v} (to cooperate treasonably) :: kolaborować
collaboration {n} (act of collaborating) :: współpraca {f}
collaboration {n} (treasonous cooperation) :: kolaboracja {f}
collaborationist {n} (one who collaborates) SEE: collaborator ::
collaborator {n} (person who cooperates traitorously with an enemy) :: kolaborant {m}, kolaborantka {f}
collage {n} (picture made by sticking other pictures onto a surface) :: kolaż {m}
collapse {v} (to fall down suddenly; to cave in) :: zapadać się
collapse {n} (act of collapsing) :: zapaść {f}
collar {n} (fabric garment part fitting around throat) :: kołnierz {m}
collar {n} (device for restraining animal) :: obroża {f}
collar {n} (the neck or line of junction between the root of a plant and its stem) :: korona {f}
collar {v} (to arrest) SEE: arrest ::
collarbone {n} (clavicle) SEE: clavicle ::
collared antshrike {n} (passerine bird) :: mrowiec luskolicy
collared peccary {n} (mammal) :: pekari obrożny
colleague {n} (fellow member of a profession) :: kolega {m}, koleżanka {f}
collect {v} (to gather together) :: zbierać {impf}, zebrać {pf}, gromadzić {impf}, zgromadzić {pf}
collect {v} (to get from someone) :: odbierać, ściągać
collect {v} (to accumulate items for a hobby) :: kolekcjonować
collection {n} (set of items) :: zbiór {m}
collection {n} (activity of collecting) :: zbieranie {n}
collection {n} (gathering of money for charitable or other purposes) :: składka {f}, zrzutka {f} [colloquial]
collective {adj} (in grammar) :: zbiorowy {m}
Collective Security Treaty Organisation {prop} (intergovernmental military alliance) :: Organizacja Układu o Bezpieczeństwie Zbiorowym {f}, OUBZ
collectivism {n} (An system in which the means are owned and controlled by people collectively) :: kolektywizm {m}
collectivization {n} (the act of collectivizing) :: kolektywizacja {f}
collector {n} (person or thing that collects) :: kolekcjoner {m}, zbieracz {m}
collector {n} (amplified terminal on a bipolar junction transistor) :: kolektor {m}
college {n} (institution of higher education) :: szkoła wyższa {f}
collenchyma {n} (a supporting ground tissue just under the surface of various leaf structures formed before vascular differentiation) :: kolenchyma {f}, zwarcica {f}
collider {n} (particle accelerator) :: zderzacz {m}
collision {n} (instance of colliding) :: kolizja {f}, zderzenie {n}
collocation {n} (grouping of words that commonly occur together) :: kolokacja {f}
colloid {n} (stable system of two phases) :: koloid {m}
colloquial {adj} (of oral communication language) :: kolokwialny, potoczny
colloquialism {n} (colloquial expression) :: kolokwializm {m}, potocyzm {m}
colloquially {adv} (in a colloquial manner) :: potocznie, kolokwialnie
colocolo {n} (Leopardus colocolo) :: kolokolo {m}, kot pampasowy {m}, ocelot pampasowy {m}
cologne {n} (eau de Cologne) :: woda kolońska {f}
Cologne {prop} (city in Germany) :: Kolonia {f}
Colombia {prop} (country in South America) :: Kolumbia {f}
Colombian {n} (A person from Colombia) :: Kolumbijczyk {m}, Kolumbijka {f}
Colombian {adj} (pertaining to Colombia) :: kolumbijski {m}
colon {n} (punctuation mark) :: dwukropek {m-in}
colon {n} (the last part of the digestive system) :: okrężnica {f}
colonel {n} (commissioned office in the armed services) :: pułkownik {m}
colonialism {n} (colonial domination policy) :: kolonializm
colonization {n} (process of establishing a colony) :: kolonizacja {f}
colony {n} (region or governmental unit) :: kolonia {f}
color {n} (spectral composition of visible light) :: kolor {m-in}, barwa {f}
color {n} (particular set of the visible spectrum) :: barwa {f}, kolor {m-in}
color {n} (hue as opposed to achromatic colors) :: barwa {f}, odcień {m-in}
color {n} (human skin tone, especially as an indicator of race or ethnicity) :: kolor skóry {m-in}
color {n} (interest, especially in a selective area) :: koloryt {m-in}
color {n} (any of the standard dark tinctures used in a coat of arms) :: kolor {m-in}
color {v} (give something color) :: kolorować, barwić, zabarwiać
Colorado {prop} (US state) :: Kolorado {n}
Colorado beetle {n} (beetle) :: stonka ziemniaczana {f}
color blindness {n} (condition in which the ability to see colors is impaired) :: daltonizm {m}
colorful {adj} (possessing prominent and varied colors) :: kolorowy, wielobarwny {m}
coloring book {n} (a type of book) :: kolorowanka {f}
colossal {adj} (extremely large) :: kolosalny
Colossians {prop} (book of the Bible) :: List do Kolosan
colossus {n} (a statue of gigantic size) :: kolos {m}
colossus {n} (any creature or thing of gigantic size) :: kolos {m}
colostrum {n} (a form of milk) :: siara {f}, młodziwo {n}, mleziwo {n}
colourless {adj} (having no colour) :: bezbarwny {m}
colposcope {n} (a form of endoscope) :: kolposkop
colt {n} (young male horse) :: źrebak {m}, ogierek {m}
coltsfoot {n} (Tussilago farfara) :: podbiał {m}
Columba {prop} (constellation) :: Gołąb {m}
columbarium {n} (a place for the respectful and usually public storage of cinerary urns) :: kolumbarium {n}
columbine {n} (any plant of the genus Aquilegia) :: orlik
column {n} (upright supporting member) :: kolumna {f}, słup {m}
column {n} (vertical line of entries in a table) :: kolumna {f}
column {n} (column of troops) :: kolumna {f}
column {n} (newspaper column) :: kolumna {f}
columnist {n} (regular writer of a column) :: felietonista {m}
coma {n} (Deep sleep) :: śpiączka {f}, koma {f}
coma {n} (Cloud surrounding a comet nucleus) :: koma {f}
Coma Berenices {prop} (small dim summer constellation of the northern sky) :: Warkocz Bereniki {m}
comatose {adj} (asleep) SEE: asleep ::
comb {n} (toothed implement for grooming the hair) :: grzebień {m}, grzebyk {m}
comb {v} (to groom the hair with a toothed implement) :: czesać {impf}
comb {v} (to search thoroughly as if raking over an area with a comb) :: przeczesywać
comb {n} (structure of cells made by bees) SEE: honeycomb ::
combat {n} (a battle; a fight; a struggle for victory) :: walka {f}
combat {v} (to fight; to struggle for victory) :: zwalczać
comber {n} (person who combs wool) :: postrzygacz {m}
combinatorics {n} (a branch of mathematics) :: kombinatoryka {f}
combine {n} (industrial conglomeration in the Soviet bloc) :: kombinat {m}
combine {n} (combine harvester) SEE: combine harvester ::
combine driver {n} (one who drives a combine) :: kombajnista {m}
combine harvester {n} (combine) :: kombajn {m}
comb jelly {n} (ctenophore) SEE: ctenophore ::
combover {n} (A manner of combing hair to conceal a bald spot) :: pożyczka {f}, zaczeska {f}
combust {v} (be consumed by fire) SEE: burn ::
combustion {n} (the act or process of burning) :: spalanie {n}
combustion chamber {n} (space in a heat engine) :: komora spalania {f}
come {v} (to move nearer) :: [on foot] przychodzić {impf}, przyjść {pf}; [by vehicle] przyjeżdżać {impf}, przyjechać {pf}
come {v} (to orgasm) :: dochodzić {impf}, dojść {pf}
come across {v} (find, usually by accident) :: natrafić, natknąć się na
come again {v} (polite farewell, inviting return visit) :: zapraszamy ponownie
come at {v} (To attack) :: atakować / nachodzić
come back {v} ((intransitive) To return to a place) :: wracać, wrócić
Comecon {prop} (Comecon) :: RWPG
come down {v} (graduate) SEE: graduate ::
comedy {n} (a choric song of celebration or revel) :: komedia
comedy {n} (a light, amusing play with a happy ending) :: komedia {m}
comedy {n} ((medieval Europe) a narrative poem with an agreeable ending) :: komedia {f}
comedy {n} (dramatic work that is light and humorous or satirical in tone) :: komedia {f}
comedy duo {n} (comic pairing) SEE: double act ::
come in {v} (to enter) SEE: enter ::
comely {adj} (pleasing or attractive to the eye) :: urodziwy
come on {interj} (expression of encouragement) :: dalej, dawaj, hajda [attack], nuże [archaic]
come on {interj} (expression of disbelief) :: no jak to, no weź, ja cię proszę, ja nie mogę, no gdzie, serio
comet {n} (a celestial body, generally with a tail) :: kometa {f}
Comet {prop} (reindeer of Santa Claus) :: Kometek {m}
come upon {v} (to come across; to discover) :: natknąć się
comfort {n} (contentment, ease) :: wygoda {f}, komfort {m}
comfort {n} (consolation) :: pociecha {f}
comfort {v} (console) SEE: console ::
comfortable {adj} (providing physical comfort and ease) :: wygodny {m}, wygodna {f}
comforter {n} (person who comforts) :: pocieszyciel {m}, pocieszycielka {f}
comfort woman {n} (forced prostitute) :: kobieta do towarzystwa {f}
comfrey {n} (perennial herb) :: żywokost {m}
comic {n} (comedian) :: komik {m}
comic {n} (cartoon story) :: komiks {m}
comical {adj} (being funny, whimsically amusing) :: śmieszny {m}
comics {n} (artistic medium) :: komiks {m}
comics {n} (collection of comic strips) :: komiks {m}
comma {n} (punctuation mark ',') :: przecinek {m-in}
comma {n} (butterfly) :: rusałka ceik {f}
command {n} (order) :: rozkaz {m}
command {n} (computing: directive to a computer program) :: komenda {f}, polecenie {n}
commander {n} (one who exercises control and direction of a military or naval organization) :: dowódca {m}
commander in chief {n} (Supreme commander of the armed forces of an entire country) :: naczelny wódz {m}
commanding general {n} (commanding officer) SEE: commanding officer ::
commanding officer {n} (officer in command of a military unit) :: dowódca {m}
commandment {n} (a command or edict) :: przykazanie {n}
commando {n} (small fighting force) :: komando {n}
commando {n} (commando trooper) :: komandos {m}
commemorate {v} (to honor the memory of someone or something) :: uczcić pamięć {pf}
commemorate {v} (to serve as memorial to someone or something) :: upamiętniać {impf}, upamiętnić {pf}
commence {v} (To begin, start) :: poczać, poczynać
commendable {adj} (worthy of commendation) :: chwalebny, godny pochwały
commensalism {n} (sharing of the same environment) :: komensalizm {m}
commensurate {adj} (proportionate; of a similar measurable standard) :: współmierny {m}
comment {v} (to comment) SEE: observe ::
comment {n} (spoken remark) :: komentarz {m}
comment {n} (programming: remark not affecting behavior) :: komentarz {m}
comment {v} (to remark) :: komentować
comment {v} (programming: to insert comments) :: komentować, zakomentować
commentary {n} (A series of comments or annotations) :: komentarz {m}
commentator {n} (person who comments) :: komentator {m}
commenter {n} (one who comments) :: komentator {m}
comment out {v} (disable a section of source code) :: zakomentować, wykomentować
commerce {n} (large scale trade) :: handel {m}
commercial {n} (advertisement in a common media format) :: reklama {f}
commercial {adj} (of or pertaining to commerce) :: komercyjny
commercial at {n} (at sign) SEE: at sign ::
commercialization {n} (the act of commercializing) :: komercjalizacja {f}
commie {n} (communist) SEE: communist ::
comminution {n} (breaking or grinding up of a material) :: rozdrabnianie {n}
commission {n} (official authority) :: komisja {f}
commission {n} (body of officials) :: komisja {f}
commission {n} (fee charged) :: prowizja {f}
commission {v} (send to do something) :: zlecać, zlecić
commit {v} (to do (something bad); to perpetrate) :: popełniać
commit suicide {v} (to kill oneself) :: popełnić samobójstwo {pf}
committee {n} (group of persons convened for the accomplishment of some specific purpose) :: komitet {m}
committee {n} (guardian) SEE: guardian ::
commo {n} (communist) SEE: communist ::
commo {n} (communication) SEE: communication ::
commodity {n} (anything movable traded) :: towar {m}
common {adj} (mutual) :: wspólny {m}
common {adj} (usual) :: zwykły {m}, pospolity {m}, powszedni {m}
common {adj} (found in large numbers or in a large quantity) :: pospolity {m}, powszechny {m}
common {adj} (ordinary) :: zwyczajny {m}
common {adj} (grammar: of the gender resulting from the coalescence of the masculine and feminine genders) :: wspólny, męsko-żeński
common {n} (mutual good) :: dobro wspólne {n}
common alder {n} (black alder) SEE: black alder ::
common bean {n} (plant) :: fasola {f}
common blackbird {n} (Turdus merula) SEE: blackbird ::
common clothes moth {n} (type of moth) :: mól {m}
common cockchafer {n} (Melolontha melolontha) :: chrabąszcz majowy {m}
common cold {n} (mild infection) :: przeziębienie {n}
Common Era {prop} (secular equivalent of anno Domini and the Christian Era) :: naszej ery {f}
common fraction {n} (fraction with two integers) :: ułamek zwykły {m}
common gender {n} (a grammatical gender) :: rodzaj wspólny {m}
common gull {n} (Larus canus) :: mewa pospolita
common hepatica {n} (Hepatica nobilis) :: przylaszczka pospolita {f}
common kestrel {n} (Falco tinnunculus) :: pustułka {f}
common loon {n} (great northern diver) SEE: great northern diver ::
commonly {adv} (as a rule; usually) :: powszechnie, zwykle
common millet {n} (proso millet) SEE: proso millet ::
common noun {n} (noun that denotes any member or all members of a class) :: rzeczownik pospolity {m}
commonplace {adj} (ordinary) :: pospolity, powszechny
commonplace {n} (platitude or cliché) :: frazes {m}
common sense {n} (ordinary understanding) :: zdrowy rozsądek {m}
common shelduck {n} (bird) :: ohar {m}
common shrew {n} (Sorex araneus) :: ryjówka aksamitna
Common Slavic {prop} (Proto-Slavic) SEE: Proto-Slavic ::
Common Slavic {prop} :: prasłowiański {m}
Commonwealth of Independent States {prop} (alliance of former Soviet republics) :: Wspólnota Niepodległych Państw {f}, WNP {f}
common whitefish {n} (Coregonus lavaretus) :: sieja pospolita
common year {n} (year that is not a leap year) :: rok nieprzestępny {m}
commotion {n} (agitated disturbance or a hubbub) :: zamieszanie {n}
communication {n} (concept of exchanging information) :: komunikacja {f}
communion {n} (a joining together of minds or spirits) :: komunia {f}
communism {n} (philosophy) :: komunizm {m}
communism {n} (society) :: komunizm {m}
communist {adj} (of or relating to communism) :: komunistyczny
communist {n} (person who follows a communist philosophy) :: komunista {m}, komunistka {f}
Communist {n} (communist) SEE: communist ::
Communist {adj} (communist) SEE: communist ::
communistically {adv} (characteristic of communism) :: komunistycznie
community {n} (group sharing a common understanding) :: społeczność {f}
community {n} (residential or religious collective) :: wspólnota {f}
community college {n} (secondary school) SEE: secondary school ::
communize {v} (To impose Communist ideals on people) :: komunizować
commutative {adj} (mathematics: such that order of operands does not affect result) :: przemienny {m}
commute {v} (to regularly travel to and from work, school etc.) :: dojeżdżać do pracy
commuter rail {n} (railway) :: kolej aglomeracyjna {f}, kolej podmiejska {f}
Comoran {adj} (Comorian) SEE: Comorian ::
Comoran {n} (Comorian) SEE: Comorian ::
Comorian {n} (person) :: Komoryjczyk {m}
Comorian {adj} (pertaining to the Comoros) :: komoryjski
Comoros {prop} (country in Eastern Africa) :: Komory
compact {adj} (topological sense) :: zwarty {m}
compact disc {n} (optical disc used to store data) :: płyta CD {f}, płyta kompaktowa {f}, [informal] kompakt {m}
compact disk {n} (CD) SEE: compact disc ::
compactification {n} (procedure of enlarging a topological space to make it compact) :: uzwarcenie {n}
compactification {n} (topological space enlarged to become compact) :: uzwarcenie {n}
companion {n} (someone with whom one spends time or keeps company) :: towarzysz {m}, towarzyszka {f}, kompan {m}
company {n} (in legal context, a corporation) :: firma {f}, przedsiębiorstwo {n}, spółka {f}
company {n} (social visitors) :: goście
company {n} (companionship) :: towarzystwo {n}
company {n} (military unit) :: kompania {f}
company {n} (unit of firefighters and their equipment) :: kompania {f}
comparable {adj} (similar) SEE: similar ::
comparable {adj} (able to be compared) :: porównywalny
comparative {adj} (of or relating to comparison) :: porównawczy
comparative {n} (grammatical construction) :: stopień wyższy {m-in}
comparative {n} (word in comparative form) :: stopień wyższy {m-in}
comparative degree {n} ((grammar)) SEE: comparative ::
compare {v} (to assess the similarities between two things or between one thing and another) :: porównywać {impf} / porównać {pf}
compare {v} (to form the three degrees of comparison of) :: stopniować
comparison {n} (act of comparing or the state of being compared) :: porównanie {n}
comparison {n} (evaluation of the similarities and differences of two (or more) things) :: porównanie {n}
comparison {n} (state of being similar or alike) :: porównanie {n}
comparison {n} (ability of adjectives and adverbs to form three degrees) :: stopniowanie {n}
compartment {n} (mound beneath the shield in a coat of arms on which the supporters stand) :: postument
compass {n} (instrument to determine cardinal directions) :: kompas {m-in}
compass {n} (pair of compasses) SEE: pair of compasses ::
compassion {n} (deep awareness of the suffering of another) :: współczucie {n}
compass point {n} (any of the horizontal directions indicated on a compass) :: strona świata {f}
compass rose {n} (a circle indicating directions) :: róża wiatrów
compatibility {n} (the capability to exist without mutual interference) :: kompatybilność {f}
compatible {adj} (capable of easy interaction) :: kompatybilny, zgodny {m}
compatible {adj} (able to get along well) :: kompatybilny
compatriot {n} (somebody from one's own country) :: rodak {m}, krajan {m}, krajanka {f}
compel {v} (force, constrain or coerce) :: zmuszać {impf}, zmusić {pf}
compere {v} (emcee) SEE: emcee ::
compere {n} (master of ceremonies) SEE: master of ceremonies ::
compete {v} (to contend) :: konkurować
competition {n} (action of competing) :: rywalizacja {f}
competition {n} (contest for a prize or award) :: konkurs {m}, zawody
competitor {n} (person against whom one is competing) :: konkurent, współzawodnik, rywal
competitor {n} (participant in a competition) :: współzawodnik
compilator {n} (compiler) SEE: compiler ::
compile {v} (produce executable) :: kompilować
compiler {n} (computer program) :: kompilator {m}
complacency {n} (feeling) :: samozadowolenie {n}
complain {v} (to express feelings of pain, dissatisfaction, or resentment) :: narzekać, skarżyć się
complain {v} (to make a formal accusation or bring a formal charge) :: skarżyć, składać skargę
complainant {n} (plaintiff) :: powód {m}
complaint {n} (grievance, problem, difficulty, or concern; the act of complaining) :: skarga {f}
complement {n} (set theory: relative complement) :: dopełnienie {n}
complement {n} (set theory: absolute complement) :: dopełnienie {n}
complementary angles {n} (pair of angles) :: kąty dopełniające {m-p}
complete {v} (to finish) :: ukończyć
complete {v} (to make whole or entire) :: dopełnić, uzupełnić, skompletować {pf}
complete {adj} (with everything included) :: pełny, kompletny
complete {adj} (of metric space: such that every Cauchy sequence converges in it) :: zupełna {f}
complete {adj} (of a lattice: such that every set with a lower bound has a greatest lower bound) :: zupełna {f}
complete {adj} (of a category: such that all small limits exist) :: zupełna {f}
complete {adj} (of a proof system: such that any semantically valid formula is also provable) :: zupełny
complete angle {n} (round angle) SEE: round angle ::
complete graph {n} (graph) :: graf pełny {m}
completely {adv} (in a complete manner) :: całkowicie, w całości
completely {adv} (to the fullest extent or degree) :: zupełnie, totalnie, całkowicie
completeness {n} (state or condition of being complete) :: całkowitość {f}, kompletność {f}, zupełność {f}, pełnia {f}
completion {n} (making complete; conclusion) :: zakończenie {n}, ukończenie {n}, zrealizowanie {n}
complex {adj} (intricate) :: skomplikowany {m}, złożony {m}
complex {adj} (not simple or straightforward) :: skomplikowany, złożony
complex {adj} (in mathematics) :: zespolony {m}
complex {n} (collection of buildings) :: kompleks {m}
complex {n} (psychologically based dislike or fear) :: kompleks {m}
complex {n} (problem) SEE: problem ::
complex conjugate {n} (mathematics: number formed by changing the sign of the imaginary part of a complex number) :: sprzężenie (zespolone) {n}, liczba sprzężona {f}
complexion {n} (appearance of the skin on the face) :: cera {f}, karnacja {f}, płeć {f} [archaic]
complexity {n} (The state of being complex; intricacy; entanglement) :: złożoność {f}
complexity {n} (That which is complex; intricacy; complication) :: zawiłość {f}
complex number {n} (number of the form a + bi) :: liczba zespolona {f}
compliance {n} (act of complying) :: ugoda
compliance {n} (state of being compliant) :: zgodność {f}
compliance {n} (tendency of conforming with others) :: ugodowość {f}
compliance {n} (measure of the extension or displacement of a loaded structure) :: podatność {f}
compliancy {n} (state of being compliant) SEE: compliance ::
compliant {adj} (compatible with or following guidelines) :: zgodny
complicated {adj} (difficult or convoluted) :: skomplikowany, złożony
compliment {n} (expression of praise, congratulation or respect) :: komplement {m}, pochwała {f}, pochlebstwo {n}
complimentary {adj} (free; provided at no charge) :: nieodpłatny, darmowy
composer {n} (one who composes music) :: kompozytor {m}, kompozytorka {f}
composite number {n} (number that is the product of two natural numbers other than itself and 1) :: liczba złożona {f}
composition {n} (essay) SEE: essay ::
composition {n} (general makeup of something) :: skład {m}
compost {n} (decayed remains of organic matter) :: kompost {m}
compost {v} (to produce compost) :: kompostować
compote {n} (fruit dessert) :: kompot {m}
compound {n} (chemistry: substance made by chemical combination of elements) :: związek {m}
compound {n} (linguistics: word formed by combining other words) SEE: compound word ::
compound bow {n} :: łuk bloczkowy
compound eye {n} (a visual organ found in arthropods such as insects and crustaceans) :: oko złożone {n}
compound sentence {n} (a sentence that has two or more independent clauses, joined by a conjunction and/or punctuation.) :: zdanie złożone {n}
compound word {n} (word composed of others) :: złożenie
comprehend {v} (to cover) :: obejmować {impf}, objąć {pf}
comprehend {v} (to understand) :: pojmować {impf}, pojąć {pf}
comprehensible {adj} (able to be comprehended) :: zrozumiały
comprehension {n} (thorough understanding) :: zrozumienie {n}, pojmowanie {n}
comprehensive {adj} (broadly or completely covering) :: wszechstronny
compression {n} (the act of compressing) :: kompresja {f}
compression {n} (the cycle of an internal combustion engine during which the fuel and air mixture is compressed) :: sprężenie {n}, kompresja {f}
compression {n} ((computing) the process by which data is compressed) :: kompresja {f}
compression ratio {n} (the ratio of the size of compressed data to uncompressed data) :: stopień sprężania
comprise {v} (be made up of) :: składać się
comprise {v} (include) :: zawierać
compromise {n} (settlement of differences by arbitration or by consent reached by mutual concessions) :: kompromis {m}
compulsory {adj} (mandatory) :: obowiązkowy
compulsory purchase {n} (government's right to expropriate private land) :: wywłaszczenie, ekspropriacja
computational linguistics {n} (interdisciplinary field) :: lingwistyka komputerowa
computer {n} (device) :: komputer {m-in}
computer {n} (person) :: rachmistrz {m-pr}
computer-aided design {n} (process of design using computers) :: projektowanie wspomagane komputerowo {n}, CAD
computer-aided design {n} :: komputerowe wspomaganie projektowania
computer game {n} (electronic game) :: gra komputerowa {f}
computer graphics {n} (representation and manipulation of pictures by computer) :: grafika komputerowa {f}
computer language {n} (language associated with computers) :: język komputerowy {m}
computer program {n} (software) :: program komputerowy {m}
computer science {n} (study of computers and their architecture) :: informatyka {f}
computer scientist {n} (one who studies or practises computer science) :: informatyk {m}
computer virus {n} (program) SEE: virus ::
computing {n} (the study, field of computers and computer programming) :: informatyka {f}
comrade {n} (mate, companion, or associate) :: kamrat {m}, kompan {m}, towarzysz {m}
comrade {n} (fellow socialist or communist) :: towarzysz {m}, towarzyszka {f}
comrade {n} (title used in leftist circles) :: towarzysz {m}, towarzyszka {f}
comrade in arms {n} (brother-in-arms) SEE: brother-in-arms ::
concave {adj} (curved inward) :: wklęsły
conceal {v} (to hide something) :: ukrywać, chować
conceited {adj} (having an excessively favorable opinion of oneself) :: zarozumiały {m}
concentration {n} (proportion of substance in a mixture) :: stężenie {n}
concentration {n} (The amount of solute present in a solution) :: stężenie {n}
concentration {n} (The act or process of concentrating) :: koncentracja {f}, skupienie {n}
concentration camp {n} (camp where large numbers of persons are detained) :: obóz koncentracyjny {m}, kacet {m} [slang]
concept {n} (something understood and retained in the mind) :: pojęcie {n}, pomysł {m}
concept album {n} (album) :: album koncepcyjny {m}
conception {n} (initiation of an embryonic animal life) :: poczęcie {n}
concert {n} (a musical entertainment in which several voices or instruments take part) :: koncert {m}
concertina {n} (the musical instrument) :: koncertyna {f}
concise {adj} (brief and precise) :: zwięzły {m}, lakoniczny {m}
conclusion {n} (outcome) :: wniosek, wynik, rezultat
concoct {v} (to contrive something using skill or ingenuity) :: wymyślić
concoction {n} (mixture so prepared) :: konkokcja {f}
concomitant {adj} (following as a consequence) :: współistniejący {m}
concord {n} ((grammar) Agreement of words with one another) SEE: agreement ::
concordance {n} (agreement) SEE: agreement ::
concourse {n} (a large open space in a building where people can gather) :: hala {f}
concrete {adj} (particular, perceivable, real) :: konkretny
concrete {adj} (not abstract) :: konkretny
concrete {adj} (made of concrete) :: betonowy
concrete {n} (building material) :: beton {m-in}
concrete {v} (cover with concrete) :: betonować
concretism {n} (abstractionist movement) :: konkretyzm
concubinage {n} (the state of cohabitating while not married) :: konkubinat {m}
concubine {n} (a woman who lives with a man, but who is not a wife) :: nałożnica {f}, konkubina {f}
concubine {n} (mistress) SEE: mistress ::
concupiscent {adj} (amorous, lustful) :: zmysłowy, lubieżny
concur {v} (To unite or agree) :: zgadzać się
concurrence {n} (agreement) :: zgoda {f}
concussion {n} (a violent collision or shock) :: wstrząs {m}
concussion {n} (an injury to part of the body, most especially the brain) :: wstrząśnienie mózgu {n}, wstrząs mózgu {m-in}
condensed milk {n} (milk that has been reduced to syrup) :: mleko skondensowane {n}
condenser {n} (capacitor) SEE: capacitor ::
condescendence {n} (condescension) SEE: condescension ::
condescending {adj} (assuming a tone of superiority or a patronizing attitude) :: protekcjonalny
condescendingly {adv} (In a condescending manner) :: protekcjonalnie
condescension {n} (patronizing attitude or behavior) :: protekcjonalizm {m}, protekcjonalność {f}
condiment {n} (something used to enhance flavor) :: przyprawa {f}
condition {n} (logical clause or phrase) :: warunek {m}
condition {n} (requirement, term or requisite) :: warunek {m}
condition {n} (health status of a patient) :: stan {m}, kondycja {f}
condition {n} (state of an object) :: stan {m}
conditional {n} (grammar: mode/mood) :: tryb przypuszczający {m}
conditional {adj} (in logic) :: warunkowy
conditional mood {n} (conditional) SEE: conditional ::
conditional sentence {n} (probation) SEE: probation ::
conditioner {n} (hair conditioner) SEE: hair conditioner ::
condole {v} (to express sympathetic sorrow, to lament) :: współczuć
condom {n} (flexible sleeve worn on the penis) :: prezerwatywa {f}, kondom {m} [outdated]
condominium {n} (joint sovereignty over a territory) :: kondominium {n}
condominium {n} (building in which each unit is owned by an individual, but the grounds is owned jointly) :: wspólnota mieszkaniowa {f}
condominium {n} (unit or apartment in such a complex) :: mieszkanie własnościowe {n}
conductor {n} (person who conducts an orchestra, choir or other music ensemble) :: dyrygent {m}
conductor {n} (person who takes tickets on public transportation) :: konduktor {m}
conductor {n} (something which can transmit electricity, heat, light or sound) :: przewodnik {m}
cone {n} (surface of revolution) :: stożek {m}
cone {n} (fruit of conifers) :: szyszka {f}
cone {n} (traffic cone) SEE: traffic cone ::
coneflower {n} (Echinacea) :: jeżówka {f}
coneflower {n} (Rudbeckia) :: rudbekia {f}
confection {n} (food item) :: słodycze {p}
confectioner {n} (a manufacturer of or dealer in confections) :: cukiernik {m}
confectioner's {n} (sweetshop) SEE: sweetshop ::
confectioners' sugar {n} (powdered sugar) SEE: powdered sugar ::
confectioners sugar {n} (powdered sugar) SEE: powdered sugar ::
confectionery {n} (sweet foodstuffs, collectively) :: słodycze {p}
confectionery {n} (shop where confectionery is sold) SEE: sweetshop ::
confederation {n} (union or alliance of states) :: konfederacja {f}
confer {v} (discuss, consult) :: wiecować {impf}
conference {n} (a meeting of people) :: konferencja {f}
confess {v} (to admit to the truth) :: przyznawać się {impf}, przyznać się {pf}
confession {n} (open admittance) :: wyznanie {n}, przyznanie się {n}
confession {n} (disclosure of one's sins to a priest) :: spowiedź {f}
confessional {n} (a small room where confession is performed) :: konfesjonał {m}
confessor {n} (priest who hears confession) :: spowiednik {m}
confident {adj} (being very sure of or positive about something) :: pewny
confident {adj} (self-confident) SEE: self-confident ::
confidential {adj} (meant to be kept secret within a certain circle) :: poufny
confidentiality {n} (something told in confidence) SEE: secret ::
confidently {adv} (in a confident manner) :: pewnie
configuration {n} (relative disposition) :: konfiguracja {f}
confine {v} (incarcerate) SEE: incarcerate ::
confine {v} (arrest) SEE: arrest ::
confine {v} (imprison) SEE: imprison ::
confine {v} (detain) SEE: detain ::
confirm {v} (to confer the confirmation) :: bierzmować
confirm {v} (to assure) :: potwierdzać
confirmation {n} (indicator) :: potwierdzenie {n}
confirmation {n} (verification) :: potwierdzenie {n}
confirmation {n} (Christian ceremony or sacrament) :: bierzmowanie {n}
confiscate {v} (take possession of by authority) :: konfiskować
confiscation {n} (the act or process of confiscating an item from public use; expropriation) :: konfiskata {f}
conflagration {n} (a large, ferocious, and destructive fire) :: pożar {m}
conflate {v} (fuse into a single entity) :: połączyć
conflict {n} (clash or disagreement) :: konflikt {m}, walka {f}
confluence {n} (point where two rivers or streams meet) :: zbieg {m}
conform {v} (to be in accordance with a set of specifications) :: dostosować się
conformal {adj} (mathematics: that preserves angles unchanged) :: konforemny {m}, wiernokątny {m}, równokątny {m}
conformal {adj} (cartography: that preserves angles over small scales, at all except a limited number of points) :: wiernokątny {m}
conformant {adj} :: zgodny ze specyfikacją
conformism {n} (willingness to conform) :: konformizm {m}
confrontation {n} (The act of confronting or challenging another, especially face-to-face) :: konfrontacja {f}
Confucianism {n} (philosophy) :: konfucjanizm {m}
Confucius {prop} (Chinese philosopher) :: Konfucjusz {m}
confuse {v} (to mistake one thing for another) :: pomylić
confused {adj} (disoriented) :: zdezorientowany
confused {adj} (chaotic, jumbled or muddled) :: zakłopotany {m}, zmieszany {m}
confusion {n} (lack of clarity or order) :: zamieszanie {n}, chaos {m}
confusion {n} (state of being confused; misunderstanding) :: nieporozumienie {n}
congeal {v} (to change from a liquid to solid state) :: zestalić
congenital {adj} (present since birth) :: wrodzony
congenital insensitivity to pain {n} (CIP) :: analgezja wrodzona {f}
Congo {prop} (country with Brazzaville as capital) :: Kongo, Kongo (Brazzaville) [colloquial]
Congo {prop} (country with Kinshasa as capital) :: Demokratyczna Republika Konga {f}
Congo {prop} (river) :: Kongo {n}
Congo-Brazzaville {prop} (Congo) SEE: Congo ::
Congo-Kinshasa {prop} (Congo) SEE: Congo ::
congratulate {v} (to express one’s sympathetic pleasure or joy to the person(s) it is felt for) :: gratulować {impf}, pogratulować {pf}
congratulation {n} (act of congratulating) :: gratulacje {p}
congratulations {interj} (expressing approbation) :: gratulacje
congress {n} (sexual intercourse) SEE: sexual intercourse ::
congress {n} (legislative body) :: kongres {m}
congress {n} (conference) :: zjazd {m}
congruence {n} (the quality of agreeing or corresponding) :: stosowność {c}
congruence {n} (number theory, relation indicating two numbers give the same remainder when divided by some number) :: przystawanie {n}
congruence {n} (geometry, quality of being roughly the same size and shape) :: przystawanie {n}
congruent {adj} (harmonious) SEE: harmonious ::
congruent {adj} (with difference divisible by modulus) :: przystający {m}, kongruentny
congruent {adj} (coinciding when superimposed) :: przystający {m}
congruous {adj} (harmonious) SEE: harmonious ::
Coniacian {prop} (a subdivision of the Late (Upper) Cretaceous epoch) :: Koniak
conical {adj} (of or relating to a cone) :: stożkowy {m}
conical {adj} (cone-shaped) :: stożkowy {m}, stożkowaty {m}, koniczny
conic section {n} (Any of the four distinct shapes that are the intersections of a cone with a plane) :: przekrój stożkowy {m}, stożkowa {f}
conifer {n} (plant) :: drzewo iglaste {n}, [colloquial] choinka {f}
coniferous {adj} (of a conifer) :: iglasty {m}
coniine {n} (poison) :: koniina {f}
conjugate {n} (math: complex conjugate) SEE: complex conjugate ::
conjugate {v} (to inflect (a verb) for each person) :: [intransitive] odmieniać, koniugować
conjugation {n} (coming together of things) :: połączenie {n}
conjugation {n} (fusion of organisms) :: koniugacja {f}
conjugation {n} (in some languages, one of several classifications of verbs) :: koniugacja {f}
conjugation {n} (act of conjugating a verb) :: koniugacja {f}
conjunction {n} (act of joining or being joined) :: łączenie {n}, połączenie {n}
conjunction {n} (grammar: word used to join words or phrases) :: spójnik {m-in}
conjunction {n} (astronomy: alignment of two bodies in the solar system such that they have the same longitude when seen from Earth) :: koniunkcja {f}
conjunctiva {n} (membrane) :: spojówka {f}
conjunctive mode {n} (subjunctive mood) SEE: subjunctive mood ::
conjunctive mood {n} (subjunctive mood) SEE: subjunctive mood ::
conjunctivitis {n} (inflammation) :: zapalenie spojówek
conk {n} (slang: a nose) SEE: schnozzle ::
conlang {n} (constructed language) SEE: constructed language ::
connect {v} (to join two or more pieces) :: łączyć {impf}, połączyć
connect {v} (to join an electrical or telephone line) :: łączyć {impf}, połączyć {pf}
connect {v} (associate) :: łączyć {impf}, połączyć {pf}
connect {v} (make a travel connection) :: przesiadać {impf}, przesiąść {pf}
connected {adj} (topology: cannot be partitioned into two nonempty open sets) :: spójny {m}
connected {adj} (graph theory: having a path connecting every pair of vertices) :: spójny {m}
connected component {n} (maximally connected subset) :: składowa spójna {f}
Connecticut {prop} (a state of the United States of America) :: Connecticut {n}
connecting rod {n} (rod that transmits power or motion) :: korbowód {m}
connective {n} (function that operates on truth values) :: spójnik {m}
connective tissue {n} (type of tissue) :: tkanka łączna {f}
connectome {n} (complete description of nervous system connectivity) :: konektom {m}
connector {n} (mating pair of devices) :: złącze {n}
conning tower {n} (structure of submarine) :: kiosk {m}
connoisseur {n} (specialist whose opinion is valued) :: koneser {m}, znawca {m}
connotation {n} (suggested or implied meaning) :: konotacja {f}, skojarzenie {n}
connote {v} (to signify beyond principal meaning) :: sugerować
connote {v} (to imply, to suggest) :: konotować, przywoływaćprzywodzić na myśl,
conquer {v} (defeat in combat) :: podbić
conqueror {n} (someone who conquers) :: zdobywca {m}
conquest {n} (victory gained through combat; the subjugation of an enemy) :: podbój {m}
conquest {n} (competitive mode in first-person shooter games) :: tryb podboju {m}, podbój {m}
consanguinity {n} (a blood relationship) :: pokrewieństwo {n}
conscience {n} (moral sense) :: sumienie {n}
conscientious {adj} (thorough, careful, or vigilant) :: skrupulatny {m}, sumienny {m}
conscious {adj} (alert, awake) :: przytomny {m}, świadomy {m}
consciously {adv} (in a conscious manner; knowingly, volitionally) :: świadomie
consciousness {n} (awareness) :: przytomność {f}, świadomość {f}
conscript {n} (Draftee) :: poborowy {m}, rekrut {m}
conscription {n} (involuntary labor, especially military service) :: pobór {m}
consecution {n} (sequence) SEE: sequence ::
consecutio temporum {n} (sequence of tenses) :: następstwo czasów {n}
consensus {n} (general agreement) :: konsensus {m-in}
consent {v} (to express willingness) :: zgadzać się, przyzwalać
consent {n} (voluntary agreement) :: zgoda {f}, pozwolenie {n}
consequence {n} (that which follows something on which it depends) :: konsekwencja {f}, następstwo {n}
consequence {n} (result of actions, especially unpleasant) :: skutek {m}
consequent {n} (the second half of a hypothetical proposition) :: następnik {m}
consequently {adv} (subsequently) SEE: subsequently ::
consequently {adv} (as a result or consequence) :: konsekwentnie
conservationist {n} (A person who maintains natural areas or protects threatened species) :: konserwatysta {m}, konserwatystka {f}
conservatism {n} (political philosophy that favors maintaining limited government involvement) :: konserwatyzm {m}
conservatism {n} (political philosophy that moral objectivism exists, and should be adhered to) :: konserwatyzm {m}
conservative {n} (fiscal conservative) :: konserwatywny
conservative {n} (political conservative) :: konserwatywny
conservative {adj} (tending to resist change) :: konserwatywny {m}, zachowawczy {m}
conservative {adj} (supporting fiscal, political or social conservatism) :: konserwatywny {m}
conservative {adj} (cautious) SEE: cautious ::
conservatively {adv} (in a conservative manner) :: konserwatywnie
conservativism {n} (conservatism) SEE: conservatism ::
consider {v} (think about seriously) :: rozważać
consider {v} (think of doing) :: rozważać
consider {v} (assign some quality to) :: uważać, uznawać
consider {v} (look at attentively) :: obserwować, baczyć
consider {v} (debate or dispose of a motion) :: rozważać
considerable {adj} (worth considering) :: znaczny, znaczący, spory
considerably {adv} (significantly) :: znacznie
consignee {n} (The person to whom a shipment is to be delivered) :: odbiorca {m}
consilience {n} (concurrence of multiple inductions) :: konsyliencja
consistency {n} (reliability or uniformity; the quality of being consistent) :: spójność {f}
consistency {n} (degree of viscosity of something) :: konsystencja {f}
consistency {n} (logic: state of a system of axioms) :: niesprzeczność {f}
consistent {adj} (not logically contradictory) :: konsystentny {m}, spójny
consistently {adv} (constantly) SEE: constantly ::
consist in {v} (have the thing mentioned as only or most important part) :: polegać na
consolation {n} (act of consoling) :: pocieszenie {n}
console {v} (to comfort) :: pocieszać {impf}, pocieszyć {pf}
consoler {n} (one who gives consolation) :: pocieszyciel {m}
consonant {n} (sound) :: spółgłoska {f}
consonant {n} (letter) :: spółgłoska {f}
consort {n} (husband, wife, companion or partner) :: małżonek {m}, małżonka {f}
consortium {n} (association or combination of businesses) :: konsorcjum {n}
conspicuous {adj} (obvious or easy to notice) :: widoczny {m}, zauważalny {m}, rzucający się w oczy
conspicuous {adj} (noticeable or attracting attention, especially if unattractive) :: niezwykły {m}, rażący {m}
conspiracy {n} (act of working in secret to obtain some goal) :: spisek {m}, konspiracja {f}, knucie {pf}, zmowa
conspiracy of silence {n} (an agreement) :: zmowa milczenia {f}
conspiracy theorist {n} (one who believes in a conspiracy theory) :: teoretyk spiskowy {m}, teoretyczka spiskowa {f}
conspiracy theory {n} (hypothetical speculation) :: teoria spiskowa {f}
conspirator {n} (person who is part of a conspiracy) :: konspirator {m}, spiskowiec {m}
conspiratorial {adj} (pertaining to conspiracy or conspirators) :: spiskowy, konspiracyjny
conspire {v} (to secretly plot) :: spiskować {impf}, konspirować {impf}, kombinować {impf}, knuć {impf}, uknuć {pf}
constant {n} (algebra: quantity that remains fixed) :: stała {f}
constant {n} (science: property that does not change) :: stała {f}
constant {n} (identifier that is bound to an invariant value) :: stała
constant function {n} (class of function) :: funkcja stała {f}
Constantine {prop} (male given name) :: Konstantyn
Constantinople {prop} (Constantinople) :: Konstantynopol
Constantinopolitan {n} (an inhabitant of Constantinople) :: konstantynopolitańczyk {m}, konstantynopolitanka {f}
constantly {adv} (in a constant manner) :: ciągle, nieustannie
constant of integration {n} (constant to be added at the indefinite integral) :: stała całkowania
constellation {n} (formation of stars perceived as figure) :: gwiazdozbiór {m}, konstelacja {f}
constellation {n} (modern astronomy: any of 88 officially recognized regions) :: gwiazdozbiór {m}, konstelacja {f}
consternation {n} (amazement or horror; terror, combined with amazement; dismay) :: konsternacja {f}
constipation {n} (state of bowels) :: zaparcie {f}
constituent {n} (part, or component of a whole) :: składnik {m}
constituent {n} (resident of a place represented by an elected official) :: wyborca {m}
constitute {v} (to make up; to compose; to form) :: stanowić {impf}
constitution {n} (formal or informal system of primary principles and laws regulating a government or other institutions) :: konstytucja {f}
constitution {n} (legal document describing such a formal system) :: konstytucja {f}, ustawa zasadnicza {f}
constitutional {adj} (relating to the constitution) :: konstytucyjny
constitutional {adj} (conforming to the constitution) :: konstytucyjny
constitutionalism {n} (belief in government under a written constitution) :: konstytucjonalizm {m}
constitutionality {n} ((law) The status of being constitutional) :: konstytucyjność {f}
constitutional monarchy {n} (monarchy limited by laws and a constitution) :: monarchia konstytucyjna {f}
constraint {n} (something that constrains) :: ograniczenie {n}, przymus {m}
constraint {n} (mathematics: condition to a solution) :: ograniczenie {n}, warunek {m}
construct {v} (build or form by assembling parts) :: budować {impf}, zbudować {pf}, konstruować {impf}, skonstruować {pf}
constructed language {n} (an artificially created language) :: język sztuczny {m}
construction {n} (process of constructing) :: budowa {f}
construction {n} (structure) :: budowla {f}
construction site {n} (place where something is being constructed) :: plac budowy {m}, budowa {f}
constructiveness {n} (creativity) SEE: creativity ::
constructivism {n} (movement in modern art) :: konstruktywizm {m}
construe {v} (to translate) SEE: translate ::
construe {n} (translation) :: tłumaczenie {n}, translacja {f}
construe {n} (interpretation) :: interpretacja {f}, tłumaczenie {n}
construe {v} (to interpret or explain the meaning of something) :: interpretować, tłumaczyć
construe {v} (to analyze the grammatical structure) :: rozbierać gramatycznie
consul {n} (official who protects the interests of citizens) :: konsul {m}
consular {adj} (pertaining to a consul) :: konsularny
consulate {n} (the residency of a consul) :: konsulat {m}
consumer {n} (person purchasing goods) :: konsument {m}
consummate {adj} (complete, perfect, absolute) :: doskonały {m}, wytrawny {m}
consummate {v} (to bring something to completion) :: zakończyć
consummate {v} (to make a marriage complete by engaging in first sexual intercourse) :: skonsumować {pf}
Conté {n} (drawing medium) :: Conté
contact {n} (an act of touching physically) :: kontakt {m}
contact {n} (an establishment of communication) :: kontakt {m}
contact {n} (colloquial: a contact lens, see also: contact lens) :: szkło kontaktowe {n}
contact {n} (electrical: a device designed for repetitive connections) :: kontakt {m}
contact {n} (someone with whom one is in communication) :: kontakt {m}
contact {v} (establish communication with) :: kontaktować (się) {impf}, skontaktować (się) {pf}
contact lens {n} (thin lens placed directly on the eye) :: szkło kontaktowe {n}, soczewka kontaktowa {f}, kontakt {m-in} [colloquial]
contacts {n} (Plural form of contact) SEE: contact ::
contagion {n} (transmission of a contagious disease) :: zarażenie {n}
contagious {adj} (of a disease, easily transmitted to others) :: zaraźliwy {m}
contagious {adj} (of a fashion, laughter, etc, easily passed on to others) :: zaraźliwy {m}
contagiousness {n} (state or condition of being contagious) :: zaraźliwość {f}
contain {v} (to contain) SEE: hold ::
contain {v} (To hold inside) :: zawierać
contain {v} (To include as a part) :: zawierać
container {n} (an item in which objects, materials or data can be stored or transported) :: pojemnik {m}
container {n} (a very large, typically metal, box used for transporting goods) :: kontener {m}
contaminate {v} (To introduce impurities or foreign matter) :: zatruwać
contamination {n} (The act or process of contaminating) :: skażenie {n}
contamination {n} (A grammatical blend) :: kontaminacja {f}
contamination {n} (The influence of a term (often foreign) on the development of another term) :: kontaminacja {f}, adideacja {f}
contemplation {n} (The act of the mind in considering with attention; continued attention of the mind to a particular subject; meditation; musing; study) :: kontemplacja {f}, medytacja {f}
contemporaneous {adj} (existing or created in the same period of time) :: jednoczesny
contemporary {adj} (from the same time period) :: ówczesny
contemporary {adj} (modern) :: współczesny, nowoczesny
contempt {n} (a feeling or attitude) :: pogarda {f}, lekceważenie {n}
contempt {n} (a state of being despised or dishonored) :: pogarda {f}, lekceważenie {n}
contempt {n} (law: open disrespect or willful disobedience of the authority) :: lekceważenie {n}, obraza {f}
contemptible {adj} (deserving contempt) :: zasługujący na pogardę
contempt of court {n} (disrespect of a court of law) :: obraza sądu {f}
contemptuous {adj} (showing contempt) :: pogardliwy {m}
contender {n} (someone who competes) :: zawodnik {m}, zawodniczka {f}
content {n} (that which is contained) :: zawartość {f}
content {n} (subject matter) :: treść {f}
content {n} (the amount of material contained) :: pojemność {f}, ilość {f}
contented {adj} (satisfied) SEE: satisfied ::
contentious {adj} (marked by controversy) :: sporny {m}
contents {n} (that which is contained) :: zawartość {f}
contents {n} (table of contents) SEE: table of contents ::
contest {n} (controversy) :: spór {m}, debata {f}
contest {n} (competition, see also: competition) :: konkurs {m}
contest {n} (combat) SEE: combat ::
contestant {n} (participant in a contest) :: zawodnik {m}, zawodniczka {f}
contested {adj} (controversial) SEE: controversial ::
context {n} (text in which a word appears) :: kontekst {m}
context {n} (circumstances or settings) :: kontekst {m}
continent {n} (each of main land-masses on earth's surface) :: kontynent {m}
continental drift {n} (continental drift) :: wędrówka kontynentów {f}
continental quilt {n} (duvet) SEE: duvet ::
continental shelf {n} (the area of sea around a land mass) :: szelf kontynentalny {m}, półka kontynentalna {f}
continuation {n} (act or state of continuing) :: kontynuacja {f}
continue {v} (transitive: proceed) :: kontynuować
continuity {n} (notion in mathematics) :: ciągłość {f}
continuous {adj} (in mathematical analysis) :: ciągły
continuous function {n} (function whose value changes only slightly when its input changes slightly) :: funkcja ciągła {f}
continuous function {n} (function from one topological space to another) :: funkcja ciągła {f}
continuously {adv} (without pause) :: nieprzerwanie, ciągle
contour line {n} (line on a map) :: warstwica {f}, poziomica {f}
contrabass {n} (double bass) SEE: double bass ::
contraception {n} (use of a device or procedure) :: antykoncepcja {f}
contraceptive {adj} (that acts to prevent conception) :: przeciwciążowy, antykoncepcyjny
contraceptive {n} (means by which impregnating a woman can be prevented) :: środek antykoncepcyjny {m}
contract {n} (agreement that is legally binding) :: umowa {f}, kontrakt {m}
contraction {n} (word with omitted letters replaced by an apostrophe) :: kontrakcja {f}, forma ściąnięta
contraction {n} (phonetics: loss of sounds from within a word) SEE: syncope ::
contract killer {n} (person who kills for money) SEE: hitman ::
contractual {adj} (of or pertaining to a contract) :: umowny
contradict {v} (deny the truth of (a statement or statements)) :: zaprzeczać
contradict {v} (deny the truth of statements made by (a person)) :: zaprzeczać, dementować
contradiction {n} (statement that contradicts itself) :: sprzeczność
contradiction {n} (the logical incompatibility of opposing elements) :: sprzeczność {f}
contradiction {n} (proposition that is false for all values of its variables) :: sprzeczność
contrail {n} (artificial cloud from jet aircraft) :: smuga kondensacyjna
contraindication {n} (factor or symptom) :: przeciwwskazanie {n}
contrariwise {adv} (on the other hand) SEE: on the other hand ::
contrary to {prep} (despite) SEE: despite ::
contretemps {n} (an unforeseen or embarrassing event) :: scysja {f}, spięcie {n}
contribute {v} (to give something, that is or becomes part of a larger whole) :: dołożyć się {pf}, dokładać się {impf}, wnosić wkład {impf}, wnieść wkład {pf}
contribution {n} (something given or offered that adds to a larger whole) :: wkład {m}
contribution {n} (an amount of money given toward something) :: datek {m}
contribution {n} (the act of contributing) :: kontrybucja {f}, wniesienie wkładu {n}
contrived {adj} (unnatural, forced) :: wydumany, sztuczny, przekombinowany
control {v} (to exercise influence over; to suggest or dictate the behavior of) :: kontrolować, sterować, zarządzać, nadzorować
control {n} (authority) :: kontrola {f}
control {n} (in an experiment) :: grupa kontrolna {f}
control {n} (emotional restraint) :: samokontrola {f}
control {n} (graphical user interface element) :: kontrolka {f}
controller {n} (person who controls something) :: kontroler {m}
controller {n} (mechanism that controls or regulates the operation of a machine) :: kontroler {m}
controlling {adj} (exerting control) :: kontrolowanie
control tower {n} (airport control tower) :: wieża kontroli lotów {f}
controversial {adj} (arousing controversy) :: kontrowersyjny
controversy {n} (debate, discussion of opposing opinions) :: spór {m}
contumacious {adj} (contemptuous of authority) :: oporny {m}, nieposłuszny {m}, krnąbrny {m}
contumacious {adj} (in law, willfully disobedient) :: oporny {m}, nieposłuszny {m}, krnąbrny {m}
convenience {v} (quality of being suitable, useful or convenient) :: wygoda {f}
convenience {v} (anything that makes for an easier life) :: udogodnienie {n}
convenient {adj} (of or pertaining to convenience; simple; easy; expedient) :: dogodny
conventional {adj} (following an accepted principle) :: konwencjonalny {m}, umowny {m}
conventionalism {n} (Adherence to social conventions) :: konwencjonalizm {m}
converge {v} (to have a limit) :: zbiegać
convergence {n} (the process of approaching some limiting value) :: zbieżność {f}
convergent {adj} (mathematics: having a proper limit) :: zbieżny {m}
conversation {n} (expression and exchange of individual ideas through talking with other people) :: rozmowa {f}, konwersacja {f}
converse {v} (to engage in conversation) :: rozmawiać
conversely {adv} (from another point of view) SEE: on the other hand ::
convert {n} (person who has converted religion) :: konwertyta {m}, przechrzta {m}
convertible {n} (car whose roof can be removed or folded) :: kabriolet {m}
convex {adj} (curved or bowed outward like the outside of a bowl or sphere or circle) :: wypukły
convey {v} (to carry) :: przewieźć, przewozić
convey {v} (to communicate) :: przekazać, przekazywać
convey {v} (to transfer legal rights) :: scedować
convict {v} (to find guilty) :: skazywać {impf}, skazać {pf}
convict {n} (person convicted of a crime) :: skazaniec {m}
conviction {n} (firmly held belief) :: przekonanie {n}, przeświadczenie {n}
conviction {n} (judgement of guilt) :: wyrok {m}
convince {v} (to make someone believe, or feel sure about something) :: przekonywać, przekonać
convoluted {adj} (complex) :: zawiły {m}
convolution {n} ((mathematics) A form of moving average) :: splot {m}
convoy {n} (merchant ships sailing in company under the protection of naval vessels) :: konwój {m}
convoy {n} (group of vehicles traveling together for safety, especially one with an escort) :: konwój {m}
coo {v} (to make a soft murmuring sound) :: gruchać
cook {n} (a person who prepares food for a living) :: kucharz {m}, kucharka {f}
cook {v} (to prepare (food) for eating) :: gotować {impf}, warzyć {impf}, kucharzyć {impf}
cookbook {n} (book of cooking recipes) :: książka kucharska {f}
cooker {n} (appliance or utensil for cooking) :: kuchenka {f}
cooker hood {n} (kitchen device) SEE: extractor hood ::
cookie {n} (bun) SEE: bun ::
cookie {n} (small, flat baked good, see also: biscuit) :: ciastko {n}, ciasteczko {n}, , herbatnik {m}
cookie {n} (HTTP cookie) SEE: HTTP cookie ::
Cook Islands {prop} (self-governing country in Oceania) :: Wyspy Cooka
cool {adj} (having a slightly low temperature) :: chłodny
cool {adj} (not showing emotion, calm) :: opanowany, spokojny
cool {adj} (colloquial: being considered as "popular" by others) :: fajny
cool {adj} (colloquial: all right, acceptable) :: fajny
cool {v} (to make colder (literally)) :: chłodzić / schłodzić
cool {v} (cool down) SEE: cool down ::
cool down {v} (to become cooler (temperature)) :: stygnąć / ostygnąć, studzić się / ostudzić się, chłodzić się / ochłodzić się
cooling {n} (refrigeration) :: chłodzenie {n}
cooling glasses {n} (sunglasses) SEE: sunglasses ::
cooper {n} (craftsman) :: bednarz {m}
cooperate {v} (to work together) :: współpracować {impf}
cooperation {n} (act of cooperating or being cooperative) :: współpraca {f}
coordinate {n} ((mathematics, cartography) A number representing the position of a point along a line, arc, or similar one-dimensional figure․) :: współrzędna {f}
coordinate {v} (to synchronize) :: koordynować {impf}, skoordynować {pf}
coot {n} (bird) :: łyska {f}
cootchie-cootchie-coo {interj} (said when tickling) :: gili-gili
cootie {n} (louse) SEE: louse ::
cooze {n} (vagina) SEE: vagina ::
cooze {n} :: pizda {f} [vulgar]
cop {n} (police officer) :: gliniarz {m}, glina {m}, pies {m} [offensive], menda {f} [offensive]
COPD {n} (disease) :: POChP {n}
Copenhagen {prop} (capital of Denmark) :: Kopenhaga {f}
Copenhagener {n} (someone from Copenhagen) :: kopenhażanin {m}, kopenhażanka {f}
copepod {n} (any of very many small crustaceans, of the subclass Copepoda) :: widłonóg {m}
Copernican {adj} (pertaining to Nicolaus Copernicus) :: Kopernikowy
Copernican {adj} (pertaining to his theories) :: kopernikański, kopernikowski
copernicium {n} (chemical element) :: copernicium
Copernicus {prop} (surname of Nicolaus Copernicus) :: Kopernik {m}
copilot {n} (relief or assistant pilot of an aircraft) :: drugi pilot {m}
copper {n} (chemical element) :: miedź {f}
copper {adj} (made of copper) :: miedziany
coppern {adj} (made of copper) SEE: copper ::
coppersmith {n} (person) :: miedziownik
coppice {n} (grove of small growth) :: zagajnik {m}, lasek {m}
copra {n} (dried kernel of coconut) :: kopra {f}
coprime {adj} ((of two or more positive integers) having no factors in common) :: względnie pierwsze {p}
coprime {adj} ((of a positive integer) having no factor in common with...) :: względnie pierwsza {f}
coprolite {n} (fossilized excrement) :: koprolit {m}
coprophilia {n} (marked interest in excrement; the use of feces for sexual excitement) :: koprofilia
cops {n} (law enforcement) :: gliny {m-p}, psy {m-p}
copse {n} (thicket of small trees or shrubs) :: zagajnik {m}
Copt {n} (member of the Coptic Church) :: Kopt {m}
Coptic {adj} (of or pertaining to the Copts, Coptic Orthodox Church or to the Coptic language) :: koptyjski
Coptic {n} (language) :: język koptyjski {m}
copula {n} (grammar: linking kind of word) :: łącznik {m-in}, spójka {f}
copulate {v} (to engage in sexual intercourse) :: spółkować, kopulować
copulate {v} (to have sexual intercourse with) SEE: bed ::
copulate {v} (copulate) SEE: cover ::
copulate {v} (to have sexual intercourse with someone, something) SEE: mount ::
copulate {v} (to engage in sexual intercourse) SEE: make love ::
copulate {v} (take part in a sexual act) SEE: have sex ::
copulation {n} (copulation) SEE: sexual intercourse ::
copy {n} (result of copying) :: kopia {f}
copy {n} (printed edition of a book or magazine) :: egzemplarz {m}
copy {v} (produce something identical) :: kopiować, podwajać
copy {v} (imitate) :: naśladować, udawać
copy {v} (radio term) :: odbierać
copy {n} (writing paper of a particular size) SEE: bastard ::
copybook {n} (student's exercise book) SEE: exercise book ::
copycat {n} (one who imitates others' work without adding ingenuity) :: imitator {m}, naśladowca {m}
copyright {n} (right to publish) :: prawo autorskie {n}
coquet {v} (act as a flirt or coquet) :: kokietować
coral {n} (substance) :: koral {m-in}, koralowina {f}
coral {n} (colony) :: koralowiec {m-an}
coral {adj} (made of coral) :: koralowy
coral {adj} (having the yellowish pink colour of coral) :: koralowy
coral island {n} (coral island) :: wyspa koralowa {f}
Coral Sea {prop} (part of the Pacific Ocean) :: Morze Koralowe {n}
cor anglais {n} (woodwind instrument) :: rożek angielski {m}
cord {n} (unit of measurement for firewood) :: sąg {m}
Cordelier {n} (Franciscan) SEE: Franciscan ::
cordial {adj} (hearty) :: serdeczny
cordially {adv} (in a friendly manner) :: serdecznie
cordierite {n} (a cyclosilicate) :: kordieryt
cordless {adj} (without a cord) :: bezprzewodowy
corduroy {n} (heavy fabric with vertical ribs) :: sztruks {m}
core {n} (central part of fruit, containing the kernels or seeds) :: ogryzek {m}
core {n} (heart of a thing) :: rdzeń {m}, jądro {n}
core {n} (one of severals parts in a computer processor) :: rdzeń {m}
co-religionary {n} (a fellow follower of one's religion) SEE: co-religionist ::
co-religionist {n} (a fellow follower of one's religion) :: współwyznawca {m}, współwyznawczyni {f}
Corfu {prop} (island) :: Korfu
coriander {n} (Coriandrum sativum plant) :: kolendra {f}
Corinth {prop} (city in Greece) :: Korynt {m}
Corinthia {prop} (region in northeast Peloponnese) :: Koryntia {f}
Corinthian {n} (an inhabitant or a resident of Corinth) :: koryntianin {m}, koryntczyk {m}, koryntyjczyk {m}, koryntianka {f}
Corinthians {prop} (book in the Bible) :: List do Koryntian
cork {n} (bark of the cork oak) :: korek {m}
cork {n} (bottle stopper) :: korek {m}
corkscrew {n} (implement for opening bottles sealed by a cork) :: korkociąg {m}
cormorant {n} (seabird) :: kormoran {m}
corn {n} (maize) SEE: maize ::
corn bunting {n} (bird) :: potrzeszcz {m}
corncob {n} (core of an ear of corn) :: kolba kukurydzy {f}, kaczan {m}
corncockle {n} (plant of the genus Agrostemma) :: kąkol {m}
corncrake {n} (the bird Crex crex) :: derkacz {m}
corn dog {n} (hot dog coated in cornbread batter and deep-fried) :: corn dog {m}, parówka w cieście {f}
cornea {n} (layer forming the front of the eye) :: rogówka {f}
Cornelia {prop} (female given name) :: Kornelia {f}
corner {n} (point where two converging lines meet) SEE: angle ::
corner {n} (space in the angle between converging lines or walls) :: kąt {m}, kącik {m}, węgieł {m}, róg {m}
corner {n} (intersection of two streets) :: róg {m}
corner {n} (football: corner kick) SEE: corner kick ::
corner flag {n} (flag marking the corner of a playing field) :: chorągiewka boczna {f}
corner kick {n} (in soccer) :: rzut rożny {m}
cornerstone {n} (ceremonial stone) :: kamień węgielny
cornet {n} (musical instrument) :: kornet {m}
cornet {n} :: kornet {m}
cornetist {n} :: kornecista {m}, kornecistka {f}
cornett {n} (wind instrument) :: cynk {m}
cornetto {n} (cornett) SEE: cornett ::
corn flakes {n} (breakfast cereal) :: kornfleksy {m-p}, płatki śniadaniowe {m-p}, płatki z kukurydzy {m-p}
cornflower {n} (Centaurea cyanus) :: bławatek {m}, chaber {m}
cornflower {adj} (cornflower coloured) :: chabrowy
cornflower blue {adj} :: chabrowy
cornice {n} (horizontal architectural element) :: gzyms {m}
cornigerous {adj} (horned) SEE: horned ::
Cornish {adj} (of Cornwall) :: kornwalijski {m}
Cornish {prop} (A Celtic language) :: kornijski {m}
Cornishman {n} (man from Cornwall) :: Kornwalijczyk {m}
Cornishwoman {n} (woman from Cornwall) :: Kornwalijka {f}
corn on the cob {n} (cooked ears of corn) :: kolba kukurydzy {f}
corn poppy {n} (Papaver rhoeas) :: mak polny
corn salad {n} (a plant) :: roszpunka {f}, roszponka {f}
corn snake {n} (a species of rat snake) :: wąż zbożowy {m}
corn thistle {n} (Cirsium arvense) :: ostrożeń polny {m}
cornucopia {n} (mythical horn endlessly overflowing with food and drink) :: róg obfitości {m}
Cornwall {prop} (county of England) :: Kornwalia {f}
corollary {n} (proposition which follows easily) :: następstwo {n}
Corona Australis {prop} (a constellation) :: Korona Południowa {f}
Corona Borealis {prop} (a constellation) :: Korona Północna {f}
corona discharge {n} (ionization of air surrounding an energized conductor) :: ulot {m}
coronal mass ejection {n} (coronal mass ejection) :: koronalny wyrzut masy
coronation {n} (the act or solemnity of crowning) :: koronacja {f}
coroner {n} (who presides over an inquest) :: koroner {m}
corporal {n} (military rank) :: kapral {m}
corporal {adj} (bodily) SEE: bodily ::
corporal punishment {n} (form of punishment achieved by inflicting blows to the offender's body) :: kara cielesna {f}
corporation {n} (company) :: osoba prawna {f}, spółka {f}, stowarzyszenie {n}, korporacja {f}
corporeal {adj} (bodily) SEE: bodily ::
corpse {n} (dead body) :: zwłoki {f-p}, trup {m}, ciało {n}, truchło {n} [obsolete]
corpulent {adj} (large in body; fat) :: korpulentny {m}
corpus {n} (body) SEE: body ::
Corpus Christi {prop} (festival in honour of the Eucharist) :: Boże Ciało {n}
correct {adj} (free from error) :: prawidłowy {m}, właściwy {m}, poprawny {m}
correct {v} (To make something wrong become right) :: poprawiać {impf}, poprawić {pf}
correction fluid {n} (fluid for masking textual errors) :: korektor {m}
correctly {adv} (in a correct manner) :: poprawnie, prawidłowo, właściwie
correlation {n} (measure of relationship) :: korelacja {f}
correspond {v} (To be equivalent or similar) :: odpowiadać
correspond {v} (To exchange messages) :: korespondować
corrida {n} (bullfight) SEE: bullfight ::
corridor {n} (narrow hall or passage) :: korytarz {m}
corridor {n} (airspace) :: korytarz powietrzny {m}
corrigendum {n} (list of errors in a printed work) SEE: errata ::
corrigendum {n} (error that is to be corrected in a printed work) :: korekta {f}, błąd druku {m}
corroborate {v} (To confirm or support with additional evidence) :: potwierdzać
corrupt {adj} (in a depraved state) :: skorumpowany {m}
corrupted {adj} (Marked by immorality and perversion; depraved) :: zepsuty, zdeprawowany
corruption {n} (bribing) :: korupcja {f}
corsair {n} (privateersman or pirate) :: korsarz {m}
corselet {n} (thorax) SEE: thorax ::
Corsica {prop} (island in the Mediterranean) :: Korsyka {f}
Corsican {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Corsica) :: korsykański
Corsican {n} (person from Corsica or of Corsican descent) :: Korsykanin {m}, Korsykanka {f}
Corsican {prop} (language) :: język korsykański {m}, korsykański {m}
cortex {n} (tissue of a stem or root) :: kora {f}
cortisol {n} (the steroid hormone hydrocortisone) :: kortyzol {m}
corundum {n} (mineral) :: korund {m}
corvette {n} (warship of 17th-18th century) :: korweta {f}
corvette {n} (modern warship) :: korweta {f}
Corvus {prop} (constellation of the southern sky) :: Kruk {m}
coryphaeus {n} (conductor of the dramatic chorus) :: koryfeusz {m}, koryfej {m}
corypheus {n} (conductor of the dramatic chorus) :: koryfeusz {m}, koryfej {m}
cos {conj} (because) SEE: because ::
coset {n} (result of applying group operation with fixed element from the parent group on each element of a subgroup) :: warstwa {f}
cosine {n} (trigonometric function) :: cosinus {m}, kosinus
Cosmas {prop} (given name) :: Kosma {m}
cosmetic {adj} (relating to improving beauty particularly complexion) :: kosmetyczny
cosmetic {adj} (external or superficial) :: powierzchowny {m}
cosmetic {n} (any substances applied to enhance the external color or texture of the skin) :: kosmetyk {m}
cosmetics {n} (preparations to change or enhance the beauty) :: kosmetyka {f}
cosmetics {n} (study of such products) :: kosmetyka {f}
cosmetologist {n} (person who advises people on cosmetics and other beauty treatments) :: kosmetolog {m}
cosmic {adj} (of or from or pertaining to the cosmos or universe) :: kosmiczny {m}
cosmodrome {n} (a site for launching spacecraft) :: kosmodrom {m}
cosmologist {n} (person who studies cosmology) :: kosmolog {m}
cosmology {n} (study of the physical universe) :: kosmologia {f}
cosmonaut {n} (an astronaut, especially a Russian or Soviet one, see also: astronaut) :: astronauta {m}, astronautka {f}, kosmonauta {m}, kosmonautka {f}
cosmopolitan {n} (cosmopolite) SEE: cosmopolite ::
cosmopolitan {adj} (composed of people from all over the world) :: kosmopolityczny {m}
cosmopolitan {adj} (at ease in any part of the world) :: kosmopolityczny {m}
cosmopolitan {adj} (growing in many parts of the world; widely distributed) :: kosmopolityczny {m}
cosmopolitan {adj} (all-inclusive) SEE: all-inclusive ::
cosmopolite {n} (cosmopolitan person) :: kosmopolita {m}
cosmos {n} (the universe) :: kosmos {m}, wszechświat {m}
Cossack {n} (member of a population) :: Kozak {m}
Cossack {n} (member of a Cossack military unit) :: kozak {m}
cost {v} (to incur a charge, a price) :: kosztować
cost {n} (amount of money, time, etc.) :: koszt {m}
cost {n} (negative consequence or loss) :: cena {f}
costa {n} (rib) SEE: rib ::
Costa Rica {prop} (country) :: Kostaryka
Costa Rican {n} (person from Costa Rica) :: Kostarykanin {m}, Kostarykanka {f}
Costa Rican {adj} (pertaining to Costa Rica) :: kostarykański {m}
costly {adj} (expensive) :: kosztowny
costume {n} (dress of a particular country, period or people) :: strój {m}, kostium {m}
cosy {adj} (affording comfort and warmth) :: przytulny {m}, ciepły, miły
cotangent {n} (trigonometric function) :: cotangens {m}, kotangens {m}
cot death {n} (unexplained death of a baby, usually while sleeping) :: śmierć łóżeczkowa {f}
coterie {n} (exclusive group) SEE: clique ::
cottage cheese {n} (cheese curd product) :: twaróg {m}, biały ser {m}
Cottbus {prop} (city in Germany) :: Chociebuż {m}
cotton {n} (plant) :: bawełna {f}
cotton {n} (fiber) :: bawełna {f}, wata {f}
cotton {n} (fabric) :: bawełna {f}
cotton {adj} (made of cotton) :: bawełniany
cotton candy {n} (cotton candy) SEE: candy floss ::
cotton swab {n} (a small wad of cotton wrapped around the end of a small rod) :: patyczek do uszu {m}, patyczek higieniczny {m}, wymazówka {f}, wacik {m}
cotton wool {n} (absorbent cotton) :: wata {f}
cotyledon {n} (leaf of the embryo of a seed-bearing plant) :: liścień {m}
couch {n} (furniture for seating of more than one person) :: kanapa {f}, sofa {f}, wersalka {f}
couch {v} (phrase in a particular style) :: ubierać w słowa, redagować, zredagować
couch {n} (couch grass) SEE: couch grass ::
couch grass {n} (species of grass) :: perz {m}
couch potato {n} (person) :: kanapowy leń {m-pr}
cougar {n} (Puma concolor) :: kuguar {m}, puma {f}
cough {v} (push air from the lungs) :: kaszleć
cough {v} (make a noise like a cough) :: kaszleć {impf}
cough {n} (expulsion of air from the lungs) :: kaszel {m}
could I see the menu, please {phrase} (said to ask for a menu) :: czy mogę zobaczyć menu?
couloir {n} (steep gorge along a mountainside) :: żleb {m}
coulomb {n} (unit of electrical charge) :: kulomb {m}
coumarin {n} (aromatic compound) :: kumaryna {f}
council {n} (committee that leads or governs) :: rada
count {v} (to enumerate or determine number) :: liczyć
count {v} (to be of significance; to matter) :: liczyć się
count {n} (the act of counting) :: liczenie
count {n} (a countdown) :: odliczanie {n}
count {n} (ruler of a county (m)) :: hrabia {m}
countable {adj} (math: having a bijection with a subset of the natural numbers) :: przeliczalny
countable {adj} (grammar: freely used with numbers and the definite article) :: policzalny {m}
countable set {n} (set that is countable) :: zbiór przeliczalny {m}
count down {v} (announce the passage of time) :: odliczać {impf}, odliczyć {pf}
count down {v} (await a precisely timed expected event) :: odliczać
countdown {n} (a count backward to the time of some event) :: odliczanie {n}
countdown {v} (count down) SEE: count down ::
Count Dracula {prop} (fictional vampire) :: Hrabia Dracula {m}
countenance {n} (face) :: oblicze {n}, wyraz twarzy {m}, mina {f}
counter {n} (table or board on which business is transacted) :: lada {f}
counter-attack {n} (an attack made in response to an attack by the opponents) :: kontratak {m}
counterclockwise {adj} (anticlockwise) SEE: anticlockwise ::
countercurrent {n} (Current that flows against the prevailing one) :: przeciwprąd {m}
counterespionage {n} (activities to prevent spying) :: kontrwywiad {m}
counterexample {n} (instance of the falsity) :: kontrprzykład {m}
counterfeit {adj} (intended to deceive or carry appearance of being genuine) :: sfałszowany, podrobiony
counterfeit {n} (fake) :: falsyfikat {m-in}, podróbka {f}
counterfeit {v} (To produce something that appears to be official or valid) :: fałszować, podrabiać
counterfeit {n} (counterfeiter) SEE: counterfeiter ::
counterfeiter {n} (a person who counterfeits) :: fałszerz {m}, fałszerka {f}
counterintelligence {n} (counterintelligence) SEE: counterespionage ::
counterpart {n} (something that resembles something else) :: odpowiednik {m}
counterproductive {adj} (more of a hindrance than a help) :: kontrproduktywny, przeciwskuteczny
counterrevolution {n} (revolution to reverse effects of previous revolution) :: kontrrewolucja {f}
countersign {v} (add a second signature) :: kontrasygnować
countersignature {n} (a signature made to confirm or endorse another) :: kontrasygnata {f}
countertenor {n} (adult male singer) :: kontratenor {m}
countertenor {n} (singing voice) :: kontratenor {m}
counterterrorist {adj} (intended to combat terrorism) :: antyterrorystyczny
counterweight {n} (heavy mass reducing the amount of work which must be done to effect the raising and lowering of something) :: przeciwwaga {f}
countess {n} (wife of a count or earl) :: hrabina {f}
countless {adj} (too many to count, innumerable) :: niezliczony
count on {v} (rely upon, trust, or expect) :: liczyć na {impf}
country {n} (region of land) :: kraj {m-in}, ziemia {f}
country {n} (nation state) :: kraj {m-in}, państwo {n}
country {n} (the country, rural area, as opposed to the town or city) :: wieś {f}, prowincja {f}
country {n} (country music) :: country {n}
country {adj} (of, from or pertaining to the countryside (adjective)) :: wiejski
countryman {n} (somebody from one's own country) :: krajan {m}, krajanka {f}
country of origin {n} (country of origin) :: kraj pochodzenia {m}
countrywide {adv} (Throughout a country) :: krajowy
county {n} (land ruled by a count or countess) :: hrabstwo {n}
county {n} (administrative region of various countries) :: powiat {m}
coup {n} (coup d'état) SEE: coup d'état ::
coup de grâce {n} (final blow) :: dobicie {n}
coup d'état {n} (sudden overthrow of a government) :: zamach stanu {m}, przewrót {m}, pucz {m}
couple {n} (two partners) :: para
couple {n} (two of the same kind considered together) :: dwa {m} {n}, dwie {f}, dwójka
couple {n} (a small number of) :: parę, paru
coupling {n} (sexual intercourse) SEE: sexual intercourse ::
coupling {n} (act of joining together to form a couple) :: sprzęganie {n}
coupling {n} (device that couples two things together) :: sprzęg {m}
coupling {n} ((physics) property of physical systems that they are interacting with each other) :: sprzężenie {n}
coupon {n} (certificate of interest due) :: kupon {m}
coupon {n} (interest payment made or due on a bond) :: kupon {m}
coupon {n} (section of a ticket giving the holder some entitlement) :: kupon {m}, odcinek {m}
courage {n} (quality of a confident character) :: odwaga {f}, męstwo {n}, śmiałość {f}
courageous {adj} (brave) SEE: brave ::
courgette {n} (a small marrow/squash) :: cukinia {f}, kabaczek {m}
Courland {prop} (region in western Latvia) :: Kurlandia {f}
course {n} (learning program) :: kurs {m}
course {n} (stage of a meal) :: danie {n}
course {n} (sports: trajectory of a ball etc.) :: trajektoria {m}
course {n} (nautical: direction of movement of a vessel) :: kurs {m}
course {n} (intended passage of voyage) :: kurs {m}
course {n} (path taken by a flow of water) SEE: watercourse ::
court {n} (enclosed space; a courtyard) :: dziedziniec {m}, podwórze {n}
court {n} (residence of a sovereign, prince, nobleman, or ether dignitary) :: dwór {m}
court {n} (collective body of persons composing the retinue of a sovereign or person high in authority) :: dwór {m}
court {n} (formal assembling of the retinue of a sovereign) :: dwór {m}
court {n} (hall, chamber, or place, where justice is administered) :: trybunał {m}, sąd {m}
court {n} (tribunal established for the administration of justice) :: sąd {m}, trybunał {m}
court {n} (judge or judges) :: sąd {m}
court {n} (session of a judicial assembly) :: sąd {m}
court {n} (jurisdiction) :: jurysdykcja {f}
court {n} (place for playing the game of tennis and some other ball games) :: kort {m}
courteous {adj} (showing regard for others) :: uprzejmy, grzeczny
courteously {adv} (in a courteous manner) :: uprzejmie, grzecznie
courtesan {n} (mistress) :: kurtyzana {f}
courtesan {n} (high-status prostitute) :: kurtyzana {f}
courtesy {n} (polite behavior) :: kurtuazja {f}
courtier {n} (attendant at a royal court) :: dworzanin {m}, dworka {f}, dwórka {f}
courtier {n} (a person who flatters in order to seek favour) :: pochlebca {m}
court jester {n} (person who amused a medieval court) :: błazen {m}
court-martial {n} (military court) :: sąd wojskowy {m}
court of last resort {n} (final court of appeal) SEE: supreme court ::
court of law {n} (court presided over by a judge) :: sąd {m}, trybunał {m}
courtship {n} (act of wooing in love) :: zaloty {p}
cousin {n} (nephew or niece of a parent) :: kuzyn {m-pr}, kuzynka {f}
cousinhood {n} (state of being cousins) SEE: cousinship ::
cousinship {n} (state of being cousins) :: kuzynostwo {m} {n}
covariance {n} (statistical measure) :: kowariancja {f}
covenant {n} (binding agreement) :: ugoda {f}, umowa {f}
covenant {v} (to enter into a covenant) :: umówić się
covenant {v} (to enter a formal agreement) :: zawrzeć umowę
coventrate {v} (devastate by heavy bombing) :: kowentrykacja {f}
Coventry {prop} (an industrial city in central England) :: Coventry {n} [indeclinable]
cover {n} (lid) :: przykrycie {n}, wieko {n}
cover {n} (hiding) :: przykrycie {n}, przykrywka {f}, ukrycie {n}
cover {n} (front and back of a book or a magazine) :: okładka {f}
cover {n} (top sheet) :: kapa {f}, narzuta {f}, pościel {f}
cover {n} (cover charge) :: napiwek wliczony {m}
cover {n} (setting at a restaurant table) :: nakrycie {n}
cover {adj} (about cover of a book or magazine) :: okładkowy
cover {v} (to conceal or protect) :: zakrywać {impf}, zakryć {pf}; przykrywać {impf} przykryć {pf}; okrywać {impf}, okryć {pf}; skrywać; zasłaniać {impf}, zasłonić {pf}; osłaniać
cover {v} (provide enough money for) :: pokrywać
cover {v} (protect by shooting) :: osłaniać, kryć
cover {v} (copulate) :: kryć
cover {n} (music: rerecording of a previously recorded song) SEE: cover version ::
cover song {n} (cover version) SEE: cover version ::
covertly {adv} (secretly) SEE: secretly ::
cover version {n} (rerecording of a song) :: cover {m}
cow {n} (female domesticated ox or other bovine) :: krowa {f}
cow {n} (derogatory: despicable woman) :: krowa {f}
cowabunga {interj} (expression of joy) SEE: yes ::
cowabunga {interj} (expression of amazement or enthusiasm) SEE: wow ::
coward {n} (a person who lacks courage) :: tchórz {m}, strachajło {n}
cowardice {n} (the lack of courage) :: tchórzostwo {n}, tchórzliwość {f}, bojaźliwość {f}
cowardly {adj} (showing cowardice) :: tchórzliwy {m}
cowbane {n} (plant of the genus Cicuta) :: szalej {m}
cowbell {n} (musical instrument) :: krowi dzwonek {m}
cowberry {n} (shrub and berry Vaccinium vitis-idaea) SEE: lingonberry ::
cowlick {n} (unruly lock of hair) :: kosmyk {m}
cow parsley {n} (a weedy biennial umbellifer) :: trybula leśna
cowper {n} (cooper) SEE: cooper ::
Cowper's fluid {n} (pre-ejaculate) SEE: pre-ejaculate ::
cowpox {n} (a skin disease) :: krowianka {f}
cowrie {n} (cowry) SEE: cowry ::
cowry {n} (any mollusc of the genus Cypraea) :: kauri
cowshed {n} (place for cows) :: obora {f}
cow-wheat {n} (plant of genus Melampyrum) :: pszeniec {m}
coyote {n} (canine) :: kojot {m}
coypu {n} (Myocastor coypus) :: nutria {f}
CPU {n} (Central processing unit) :: procesor {m}
crab {n} (crustacean) :: krab {m}
crab {n} (bad-tempered person) :: opryskliwy
crab-eating fox {n} (Cerdocyon thous) :: majkong {m}, lis krabojad {m}
crab louse {n} (insect) :: wesz łonowa {f}, mendoweszka {f}, menda {f} [archaic]
crab plover {n} (Dromas ardeola) :: krabożer {m}, krabojad {m}
crabs {n} (slang: pubic lice) :: wesz łonowa {f}
crack {n} (thin space opened in a previously solid material) :: pęknięcie {n}
crack {n} (sharp sound made when solid material breaks) :: trzask {m}
crack {n} (any sharp sound) :: trzask {m}
crack {n} (vulgar: vagina (only terms derived from "crack" and its equivalents)) :: szparka {f}
crack {n} (attempt at something) SEE: try ::
cracker {n} (derogatory: white person) :: białas {m}
crack of dawn {n} (sunrise) SEE: sunrise ::
crack of dawn {n} (crack of dawn) SEE: daybreak ::
crack up {v} (to laugh) :: pękać ze śmiechu
Cracow {prop} (city) :: Kraków
cradle {n} (oscillating bed for a baby) :: kołyska {f}, kolebka {f}
cradle {n} (figuratively: place of origin) :: kolebka {f}
cradle {n} (rest for the receiver of a telephone) :: widełki {p}
cradle song {n} (lullaby) SEE: lullaby ::
craft {n} (skilled practice of practical occupation) :: rzemiosło {n}
craft {n} (device; means; art) SEE: device ::
craft {n} (strength; power; might; force) SEE: strength ::
craftsman {n} (male artisan) :: rzemieślnik {m}
crafty {adj} (cunning, wily) :: chytry, przebiegły, podstępny
crag {n} (a rocky outcrop) :: skała {f}
craggy {adj} (characterized by rugged etc. features) :: skalisty
crampon {n} (attachment to a shoe used for climbing or walking on ice) :: rak {m}
cram school {n} (specialised school) :: kursy {m-p}
cranberry {n} (shrub) :: żurawina {f}
cranberry {n} (berry) :: żurawina {f}
cranberry juice {n} (the unfermented juice of squeezed cranberries) :: sok żurawinowy {m}
crane {n} (bird) :: żuraw {m}
crane {n} (machinery) :: dźwig {m}, żuraw {m}
cranefly {n} (fly of the suborder Tipulomorpha) :: koziółka {f}, komarnica {f}, pytloch {m}
cranial {adj} (of or relating to the cranium, or to the skull) :: czaszkowy
cranium {n} (skull) SEE: skull ::
crap {n} (something of poor quality) :: dziadostwo {n}, szajs {m-in}, badziewie {n}
crap {n} (nonsense) :: pierdoły {p}
crap {n} (feces) :: łajno {n}, gówno {n}
crap {interj} (expression of worry, disgust) :: kurde
crape {n} (crepe) SEE: crepe ::
crash {n} (vehicle accident) :: kraksa {f}, wypadek {m}
crash {n} (computer malfunction) :: awaria {f}
crash {n} (loud sound) :: grzmot {m}
crash {n} (sudden large decline of business) :: krach {m}
crater {n} (astronomy: hemispherical pit) :: krater {m}
Crater {prop} (a constellation) :: Puchar {m}
crawdad {n} (crayfish) SEE: crayfish ::
crawfish {n} (crayfish) SEE: crayfish ::
crawl {v} (to move along the ground) :: pełzać [abstract] {impf}, pełznąć [concrete] {impf}
crawler {n} (sycophant) SEE: sycophant ::
crayfish {n} (freshwater crustacean resembling lobster) :: rak {m}
craze {v} (to crack, as the glazing of porcelain or pottery) :: popękać
crazed {adj} (Covered with cracks) :: spękany
crazy {adj} (insane, demented) :: szalony
crazy {n} (an insane or eccentric person) :: świr {m}, dziwak {m}, wariat {m}
crèche {n} (nativity scene) SEE: nativity scene ::
creak {v} (to make a prolonged sharp grating or squeaking sound) :: trzeszczeć
cream {n} (oily part of milk) :: śmietana {f}
cream {n} (colour) :: kremowy
cream {n} (the best part) :: śmietanka {f}
cream {n} (product to apply to the skin) :: krem {m-in}
cream {adj} (colour) :: kremowy
cream {v} (to obliterate, to win over someone else quite decisively) :: zmiażdżyć {pf}
cream puff {n} (hollow pastry filled with cream or custard) :: ptyś {m}
crease {v} (to make a crease in) :: miąć
create {v} (to put into existence) :: tworzyć
creation {n} (act of creation) :: tworzenie {n}
creationism {n} (any creationary theory or belief system) :: kreacjonizm {m}
creationist {n} (a proponent or supporter of creationism) :: kreacjonista {m}, kreacjonistka {f}
creative {adj} (original, expressive, and imaginative) :: twórczy {m}, kreatywny {m}
creative work {n} (manifestation of creative effort) :: utwór {m}, dzieło {n}
creativity {n} (quality or ability to create or invent something) :: kreatywność {f}, twórczość {f}
creator {n} (one who creates) :: twórca {m}
Creator {prop} (God) :: Stwórca
creature {n} (living being) :: istota {f}, stworzenie {n}, stwór {m}
credibility {n} (law: whether or not a witness is being truthful) :: wiarygodność {f}
credit card {n} (card connected to a credit account used to buy goods or services) :: karta kredytowa {f}
creditor {n} (a person to whom a debt is owed) :: wierzyciel {m}
creditworthiness {n} (property of being creditworthy) :: wiarygodność kredytowa {m}
credulity {n} (gullibility) SEE: gullibility ::
credulous {adj} (excessively ready to believe things) :: łatwowierny
Cree {prop} (an aboriginal nation of North America) :: Kri
creep {v} (to move slowly with the abdomen close to the ground) SEE: crawl ::
creeper {n} (treecreeper) SEE: treecreeper ::
creeping thistle {n} (corn thistle) SEE: corn thistle ::
cremation {n} (burning) :: kremacja
crematorium {n} (place where dead bodies are cremated) :: krematorium {n}
crematory {n} (crematorium) SEE: crematorium ::
crenel {n} (space between merlons) :: miedza {f}
Creole {n} (descendant of white settlers born in colonized country) :: Kreol {m}, Kreolka {f}
creolistics {n} (study of creoles) :: kreolistyka {f}
crepe {n} (very thin pancake) :: naleśnik {m}
crescendo {n} (music: instruction to play gradually more loudly) :: crescendo {n}
crescent {n} (figure of the moon) :: półksiężyc {m}
crescent {n} (curved pastry) :: rogal {m}
crescent spanner {n} (adjustable spanner) SEE: adjustable spanner ::
cress {n} (a plant) :: rzeżucha {f}
cresset {n} (iron cage to hold fire) :: kaganiec {m}, kaganek {m}
crest {n} (heraldic bearing) :: klejnot {m}
crested lark {n} (small lark) :: dzierlatka {f}
crested tit {n} (bird of the tit family) :: czubatka europejska {f}, czubatka {f}, sikora czubata {f}, sikora czubatka {f}
Cretaceous {prop} (geologic period within the Mesozoic) :: kreda {f}
Cretan {adj} (relating to Crete) :: kreteński
Cretan {n} (inhabitant) :: Kreteńczyk {m}
Crete {prop} (island) :: Kreta {f}
cretin {n} (person who fails to develop due to congenital hypothyroidism) :: kretyn {m}
cretin {n} (pejorative: an idiot) :: kretyn {m}
cretinism {n} (disease of severely stunted physical and mental growth) :: kretynizm {m}
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease {n} (Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease) :: choroba Creutzfeldta-Jakoba {f}
crevice {n} (narrow crack) :: szpara {f}, rysa {f}, szczelina {f}
crew {n} (group of people operating a large facility or piece of equipment) :: załoga {f}, ekwipaż {m}, ekipa {f}
crib {n} (a baby’s bed with high sides) :: kojec {m}
crib {n} (a feeding trough for animals) :: żłób {m}
crib {n} (notes concealed by a student to aid him/her in test or examination) :: ściąga {f}
crib {n} (a collection of quotes or references for use in speaking) :: ściąga {f}, ściągawka {f}
crib {n} (nativity scene) SEE: nativity scene ::
crib death {n} (the unexplained death of a baby usually while sleeping) :: śmierć łóżeczkowa {f}
crib note {n} (concealed reminder) SEE: cheat sheet ::
crib sheet {n} (cheat sheet) SEE: cheat sheet ::
cricket {n} (insect) :: świerszcz {m}
cricket {n} (game) :: krykiet {m}
crime {n} (act violating the law) :: przestępstwo {n}, zbrodnia {f}
Crimea {prop} (peninsula, see also: Crimean peninsula) :: Krym {m}
Crimean {prop} (Crimea) SEE: Crimea ::
Crimean {adj} (referring to the Crimea region) :: krymski
Crimean {prop} (Crimean peninsula) SEE: Crimean peninsula ::
Crimean peninsula {prop} (peninsula, see also: Crimea) :: Półwysep Krymski {m}
Crimean Tatar {n} (a Turkic language) :: krymskotatarski
Crimean War {prop} (war) :: wojna krymska {f}
crime doesn't pay {proverb} (if you a commit a crime you will most likely be punished for it) :: winie depcze po piętach kara
crime scene {n} (location of a crime) :: miejsce zbrodni {n}
criminal {adj} (being against the law) :: przestępczy, kryminalny
criminal {adj} :: kryminalny {m}, przestępczy {m}
criminal {n} (person guilty of a crime, breaking the law) :: kryminalista {m}, przestępca {m}
criminal offence {n} (crime) SEE: crime ::
criminology {n} (the study of crime and criminals, especially their behaviour) :: kryminologia {f}
crimson {n} (deep, slightly bluish red) :: karmazyn {m-in}
crimson {adj} (having a deep red colour) :: karmazynowy
crimson tide {n} (menstruation) SEE: menstruation ::
cripple {adj} (crippled) :: kaleki {m}
cripple {n} (person who has severe impairment in physical abilities) :: kaleka {f}
cripple {v} (to give someone a physical disability) :: okaleczyć
crisis {n} (unstable situation in political, social, economic or military affairs) :: kryzys {m}
crisp {n} (thin slice of potato) SEE: potato crisp ::
criterion {n} (standard for comparison and judgment) :: kryterium {n}
critic {n} (person who appraises the works of others) :: krytyk {m}, krytyczka {f}
critic {n} (specialist in judging works of art) :: krytyk {m}, krytyczka {f}
critic {n} (one who criticizes; a person who finds fault) :: krytyk {m}, krytyczka {f}
criticise {v} (to evaluate) :: oceniać
criticise {v} (to find fault) :: krytykować
criticism {n} (act of criticising) :: krytyka {f}
criticize {v} (to evaluate) SEE: criticise ::
criticize {v} (to find fault) SEE: criticise ::
critique {n} (essay in which another piece of work is criticised, reviewed) :: krytyka {f}, recenzja {f}
critter {n} (a creature) :: futrzak {m}
croak {n} (the harsh cry of various birds, particularly the raven or crow) SEE: caw ::
croak {v} (of a raven, to make its cry) SEE: caw ::
croak {n} (the cry of a frog or toad) :: rechot {m}
croak {v} (of a frog, to make its cry) :: rechotać {impf}, kumkać {impf}
croak {v} (slang: to kill) :: zabić
Croat {n} (language) SEE: Croatian ::
Croat {n} (citizen of Croatia or person of Croatian ethnicity) :: Chorwat {m}, Chorwatka {f}
Croatia {prop} (country in Europe) :: Chorwacja
Croatian {adj} (of or pertaining to Croatia) :: chorwacki
Croatian {n} (person of Croatia) :: Chorwat {m}, Chorwatka {f}
Croatian {n} (the standardized variety of Serbo-Croatian) :: chorwacki {m}
Croatian Sheepdog {n} (Croatian Sheepdog) :: owczarek chorwacki {m}
Croatian studies {n} (academic discipline) :: kroatystyka {f}
crochet {n} (needlework) :: robota szydełkowa {f}
crochet {v} (to make needlework using a hooked needle) :: szydełkować
crochetwork {n} (crochet) SEE: crochet ::
crockery {n} (plates, dishes and other eating and serving tableware) :: sztućce
crocodile {n} (reptile) :: krokodyl {m}
crocodile clip {n} (alligator clip) SEE: alligator clip ::
crocodile tear {n} (display of tears that is forced or false) :: krokodyle łzy {f-p}
crocus {n} (plant of genus Crocus) :: szafran {m}, krokus {m}
croissant {n} (a flaky roll or pastry in a form of a crescent) :: croissant {m}
cromlech {n} (Welsh dolmen or underground tomb) :: kromlech {m}
Cronus {prop} (youngest of the twelve Titans) :: Kronos {m}
cronyism {n} (favoritism to friends without regard for their qualifications) :: kumoterstwo {n}
crooked {adj} (set at an angle) :: krzywy {m}
crop {n} (plant grown for food) :: roślina uprawna {f}
crop {n} (natural production for a specific year) :: plon {m}, urodzaj {m}
crop {n} (group, cluster or collection of things) :: wysyp {m}
crop {n} (part of bird's or animal’s alimentary tract) :: wole {n}
croquet {n} (croquette) SEE: croquette ::
croquette {n} (food) :: krokiet {m}
crosier {n} (staff of a bishop or abbot) :: pastorał {m}
cross {n} (geometrical figure) :: krzyż {m}
cross {n} (in heraldry) :: krzyż {m}
cross {n} (wooden post with a perpendicular beam, used for crucifixion) :: krzyż {m}
cross {n} (definite: the cross on which Christ was crucified) :: krzyż {m}
cross {n} (gesture made by Christians) :: krzyż {m}, krzyżyk {m}
cross {n} (biology: animal or plant produced by crossbreeding or cross-fertilization) :: krzyżówka {f}
cross {prep} (across) SEE: across ::
crossbar {n} (top of the goal structure) :: poprzeczka {f}
crossbar {n} (top tube of a bicycle frame) :: rama {f}
crossbow {n} (mechanised weapon based on the bow) :: kusza {f}, samostrzał {m}
crossbowman {n} (someone equipped with a crossbow) :: kusznik {m}
cross-cultural {adj} (between two or more cultures) SEE: intercultural ::
cross-dressing {v} (wearing clothes of the opposite gender) :: crossdressing {m}
crosseyed {adj} (having both eyes oriented inward, especially involuntarily) :: zezowaty
cross-eyed {adj} (having both eyes oriented inward) :: zezowaty
crossfire {n} (lines of fire) :: ogień krzyżowy {m}
crossguard {n} (Bar of metal, at right-angles, between the blade and the hilt of a sword.) :: jelec {m}
crossing {n} (intersection where roads, lines, or tracks cross) :: skrzyżowanie {n}
cross-legged {adj} (having one leg over and across the other) :: z założoną nogą na nogę
cross-legged {adj} (having one ankle over and across the other) :: ze skrzyżowanymi nogami
cross one's fingers {v} (do this or a similar gesture to wish for good luck) :: trzymać kciuki
cross out {v} (to strike out) :: skreślać {impf}, skreślić {pf}
cross product {n} (vector product) SEE: vector product ::
cross-reference {n} (a reference to another location in the same source) :: odsyłacz,odnośnik, odpowiednik
cross-reference {v} (provide with cross-reference) :: odniesienie, odsyłacz, odnośnik, odpowiednik
crossroad {n} (crossroads) SEE: crossroads ::
crossroads {n} (intersection) :: skrzyżowanie {n}
cross swords {v} (to fight with someone) SEE: duel ::
cross the Rubicon {v} (to make an irreversible decision) :: przekroczyć Rubikon
crossword {n} (word puzzle) :: krzyżówka {f}
crossword puzzle {n} (crossword) SEE: crossword ::
crotch {n} (area where something forks) :: rozwidlenie {n}, rozstaj {m}
crotch {n} (area of a person’s body) :: krocze {n}
crotchet {n} (musical note) :: ćwierćnuta {f}
crotchet rest {n} (quarter rest) SEE: quarter rest ::
crotonic acid {n} (an unsaturated organic acid) :: kwas krotonowy
croup {v} (to croak) SEE: croak ::
croupier {n} (person who collects bets and pays out winnings at a gambling table) :: krupier {m}, krupierka {f}
crouton {n} (small piece of bread) :: grzanka {f}
crow {n} (any bird of the genus Corvus) :: wrona {f}
crow {n} (bar of iron) :: łom {m-in}
crow {n} (cry of the rooster) :: pianie {n}
crow {v} (to make the sound of a rooster) :: piać
crow {v} (to utter a sound of joy) :: piać z zachwytu {impf}
crowbar {n} (iron or steel bar used as a lever to manually force things apart) :: łom {m}
crowberry {n} (the genus Empetrum) :: bażyna {f}
crowd {n} (group of people) :: tłum {m}
crowfoot {n} (buttercup) SEE: buttercup ::
crown {n} (royal headdress) :: korona {f}
crown {n} (representation of such a headdress) :: korona {f}
crown {n} (wreath or band for the head) :: wianek {m}, wianuszek {m}
crown {n} (topmost part of of the head) :: ciemię {n}
crown {n} (highest part of a hill) :: szczyt
crown {n} (part of a plant where the root and stem meet) :: korona {f}
crown {n} (top of a tree) :: korona {f}
crown {n} (anatomy: part of tooth) :: korona {f}
crown {n} (dentistry: prosthetic covering for a tooth) :: korona {f}
crown {v} (to place a crown on the head of) :: koronować {impf}
crown {n} (religion: round spot shaved clean on the top of the head) SEE: tonsure ::
crown cap {n} (type of bottle cap) :: kapsel {m}
crown cork {n} (crown cap) SEE: crown cap ::
crowning {n} (act of crowning) SEE: coronation ::
crow's feet {n} (wrinkles at the outer corners of the eye) :: kurze łapki {f-p}
crêpe {n} (crepe) SEE: crepe ::
crucial {adj} (extremely important) :: krytyczny
crucial {adj} (cross-shaped) :: krzyżowy
crucian {n} (species of freshwater game fish) SEE: crucian carp ::
crucian carp {n} (Carassius carassius) :: karaś pospolity {m}, karaś {m}
crucible {n} (cup-shaped piece of laboratory equipment) :: tygiel {m}
crucible {n} (heat-resistant container in which metals are melted) :: tygiel {m}
crucible {n} (difficult and trying experience) :: ciężka próba {f}
crucifix {n} (object) :: krucyfiks {m}
crucifixion {n} (death of Christ on cross) :: ukrzyżowanie {n}
crucify {v} (to execute a person by nailing to a crucifix) :: ukrzyżować {pf}
crude {adj} (being in a natural state) :: surowy, nieoczyszczony
crude {adj} (characterized by simplicity) :: prymitywny
cruel {adj} (that intentionally causes pain and suffering) :: okrutny
cruelly {adv} (in a cruel manner) :: okrutnie
cruelty {n} (indifference to suffering) :: okrucieństwo {n}
cruet {n} (A small bottle or container used to hold a condiment) :: flaszka {f}
cruet {n} (A small vessel used to hold wine or water for the Eucharist) :: ampułka {f}
cruft {n} (anything old or of inferior quality) :: rupiecie {m-p}, barachło {n}, szajs {m}
cruise {n} (sea voyage) :: rejs {m}
cruise control {n} (system) :: tempomat {m}
cruiser {n} (naval vessel detached from the fleet) :: krążownik {m}
cruiser {n} (class of warships) :: krążownik {m}
cruiser {n} (passenger ship designed for cruising) :: wycieczkowiec {m}
cruise ship {n} (passenger ship) :: wycieczkowiec {m}, statek wycieczkowy {m}
crumb {n} (small piece of biscuit, cake, etc) :: okruch
crumb {n} (soft internal portion of bread) :: miękisz {m}
crumple {v} (to rumple) :: miąć {impf}
crunchy {adj} (likely to crunch) :: chrupki {m}, kruchy {m}
crupper {n} (strap stopping saddle from slipping) :: podogonie {n}
crusade {n} (military expedition) :: krucjata {f}, wyprawa krzyżowa {f}
crusade {n} (grand concerted effort) :: krucjata {f}
Crusade {n} (campaigns by Christian forces to the Holy Land) :: krucjata {f}
crusader {n} (person engaged in a crusade) :: krzyżowiec {m}
crush {n} (love or infatuation or its object (often short-lived or unrequited)) :: sympatia, zauroczenie
crush {v} (to press or bruise between two hard bodies) :: miażdżyć {impf}, zmiażdżyć {pf}, kruszyć {impf}, skruszyć {pf}, rozgniatać {impf}, rozgnieść {pf}
crust {n} (outer layer of bread) :: skórka {f}
crust {n} (bread foundation of pizza) :: skórka {f}
crust {n} (outermost layer of a planet) :: skorupa {f}
crustacean {n} (arthropod of the subphylum Crustacea) :: skorupiak {m}
crutch {n} (crotch) SEE: crotch ::
crutch {n} (device to assist in motion as a cane) :: kula {f}
crux {n} ((heraldry) cross on a coat of arms) SEE: cross ::
crux {n} (central or essential point) :: sedno {n}
crux {n} (puzzle or difficulty) :: zagadka {f}
Crux {prop} (constellation) :: Krzyż Południa {m}
cry {v} (intransitive: to weep) :: płakać {impf}
cry {v} (intransitive: to shout, scream, yell) :: krzyczeć
cry {n} (shedding of tears) :: płacz {m}
cry {n} (shout or scream) :: okrzyk {m}, krzyk {m}
cry {n} (words shouted or screamed) :: krzyk {m}, okrzyk {m}
crybaby {n} (baby who cries excessively) :: beksa {f}
crybaby {n} (person whose feelings are easily hurt) :: mamisynek {m}
cry one's eyes out {v} (to moan) SEE: moan ::
cryotron {n} (switch that employs superconductivity) :: kriotron
cry over spilt milk {v} (to worry about unfortunate events which have already happened) :: płakać nad rozlanym mlekiem
cryovolcano {n} (cryovolcano) :: kriowulkan {m}
crypt {n} (undergound vault) :: krypta {f}
cryptanalyst {n} (an expert in analyzing and breaking codes) :: kryptoanalityk
cryptic {adj} (mystified or of an obscure nature) :: niejasny {m}
cryptocurrency {n} (type of digital currency) :: kryptowaluta {f}
cryptodepression {n} (depression below the sea level) :: kryptodepresja {f}
cryptography {n} (discipline concerned with communication security) :: kryptografia {f}
cryptology {n} (practice) :: kryptologia {f}
cryptorchidism {n} (The failure of one or both testes to descend into the scrotum) :: wnętrostwo {n}
cryptovirus {n} (malware) :: kryptowirus {m}, wirus-szyfrator {m}
crystal {n} (array of atoms) :: kryształ {m}
crystal {n} (mineral) :: kryształ {m}
crystal {n} (glassware) :: kryształ {m}
crystal ball {n} (globe used to foretell the future) :: szklana kula {f}
crystalize {v} (crystallize) SEE: crystallize ::
crystalline {adj} (relating to crystals) :: krystaliczny
crystalline {adj} (resembling crystal in being clear and transparent) :: krystaliczny {m}
crystallize {v} (to make something form into crystals) :: krystalizować {impf}
csardas {n} (Hungarian folk dance) :: czardasz {m}
C-section {n} (Caesarean section) SEE: Caesarean section ::
Côte d'Ivoire {prop} (the Ivory Coast) :: Wybrzeże Kości Słoniowej {n}
ctenophore {n} (any of various marine animals of the phylum Ctenophora) :: żebropław {m}
cub {n} (young fox) :: lisię {n} [rare], szczenię {n}
cub {n} (the young of certain animals) :: młode {p}
Cuba {prop} (country and largest island in Caribbean) :: Kuba {f}
Cuban {n} (a person from Cuba) :: Kubańczyk {m}, Kubanka {f}
Cuban {adj} (of or pertaining to Cuba) :: kubański {m}
cubbyhole {n} (a small, snug room) :: izdebka {f}, klitka {f}
cube {n} (geometry: polyhedron having of six identical square faces) :: sześcian {m-in}
cube {n} (object more or less in the form of a cube) :: kostka {f}
cube {n} (arithmetic: number raised to the third power) :: do sześcianu
cube {v} (arithmetic: to raise to the third power) :: podnosić do sześcianu
cube root {n} (number) :: pierwiastek sześcienny {m}
cubic {adj} (in the name of units of volume) :: sześcienny {m}
cubic {adj} (of a polynomial of third degree) :: trzeciego stopnia
cubic {adj} (Having three equal axes and all angles 90°) :: regularny {m}, kubiczny {m}
cubic meter {n} (cubic metre) SEE: cubic metre ::
cubic metre {n} (unit of volume) :: metr sześcienny {m}
cubism {n} (An artistic movement characterized by the depiction of natural forms as geometric structures of planes) :: kubizm
cuboid {adj} (of the shape of a cube) :: prostopadłościan
cuboid {n} (rectangular parallelepiped) :: prostopadłościan {m}
cuckold {n} (man married to an unfaithful wife) :: rogacz {m}
cuckold {v} (make a cuckold) :: przyprawić komuś rogi
cuckoo {n} (the bird) :: kukułka {f}
cuckoo {v} (to make the call of a cuckoo) :: kukać {impf}
cuckoo {v} (to repeat something incessantly) :: gęgać {impf}
cucumber {n} (plant) :: ogórek {m}
cucumber {n} (edible fruit) :: ogórek {m}
cuddle {n} (affectionate embrace) :: przytulenie {n}
cuddle {v} (embrace, lie together snugly) :: przytulić się / przytulać się, miziać się {impf} [jokingly]
cuddle {v} (cradle in one's arms) :: przytulić, przytulać
cuddly {adj} (Suitable for cuddling) :: milusiński {m}, milusi {m}
cudgel {n} (a short heavy club with a rounded head used as a weapon) :: pałka {f}, maczuga {f}
cue {n} (straight tapering rod used to impel the balls in games such as billiards, snooker, and pool) :: kij {m} (bilardowy)
cuff {n} (the end of a shirt sleeve that covers the wrist) :: mankiet {m}
cuff {n} (the end of a pants leg, folded up) :: mankiet {m}
cuff {v} (to handcuff) SEE: handcuff ::
cufflink {n} (button used to hold a sleeve cuff together) :: spinka do mankietu {f}
cuirass {n} (piece of defensive armor, covering the body from the neck to the girdle) :: kirys {m}
cuisine {n} (characteristic style of preparing food) :: kuchnia {f}
cul-de-sac {n} (impasse) SEE: impasse ::
cul-de-sac {n} (blind alley) SEE: dead end ::
culprit {n} (culprit) :: delikwent {m}
cult {n} (a sect) :: sekta {f}, kult {m}
cult {n} (devotion to a saint) :: kult {m}
cult {adj} (enjoyed by a small, loyal group) :: kultowy {m}
cultivar {n} (cultivated variety) :: kultywar {m}
cult of personality {n} (situation of being falsely idolized) :: kult jednostki {m}
cultural studies {n} (diverse field of study) :: kulturoznawstwo {n}
culture {n} (arts, customs and habits) :: kultura {f}
culture of death {n} :: cywilizacja śmierci
culture shock {n} (state of anxious confusion) :: szok kulturowy {m}
culvert {n} (channel for draining water) :: przepust {m}
cum {n} (slang: semen) :: sperma {f}, nasienie {n}
cum {v} (slang: have an orgasm; ejaculate) :: wytryskiwać
Cuman {n} (member of the Cuman people) :: Połowcy {p}
cumbersome {adj} (burdensome or hindering, as a weight or drag; vexatious; cumbrous) :: uciążliwy {m}
cumbersome {adj} (not easily managed or handled; awkward) :: nieporęczny {m}, niewygodny {m}
cumbersome {adj} (hard, difficult, demanding to handle) :: nieporęczny {m}
cumin {n} (plant Cuminum cyminum) :: kmin rzymski {m}
cumin {n} (its seed used as spice) :: kminek {m}
cumulative {adj} (incorporating all data up to the present) :: narastający {m}
cumulative distribution function {n} (a function in probability theory) :: dystrybuanta {f}
cunctation {n} (delay, hesitation, procrastination) :: kunktatorstwo {n}, zwłoka {f}
cuneal {adj} (shaped like a wedge) :: klinowy {f}
cuneiform {adj} (written in the cuneiform writing system) :: klinowy
cuneiform {n} (ancient writing system) :: pismo klinowe {n}
cunnilingus {n} (oral stimulation of female genitals) :: cunnilingus {m}, mineta {f} [slang]
cunning {adj} (sly) :: sprytny {m}, chytry
cunningly {adv} (with cunning, cleverly) :: chytrze, sprytnie
cunt {n} (genitalia) :: pizda {f}, cipa {f}, cipsko {n}
cunt {n} (unpleasant or objectionable person) :: pizda {f}, cipa {f}
cup {n} (drinking vessel) :: filiżanka {f}
cup {n} (trophy) :: puchar {m}
cup {n} (contest) :: puchar {m}
cup-bearer {n} (cupbearer) SEE: cupbearer ::
cupbearer {n} (cup carrier) :: podczaszy
cupboard {n} (enclosed storage) :: szafa {f}
Cupid {prop} (god of love, son of Venus) :: Kupidyn {m}, Kupido {m}, Amor {m}
Cupid {prop} (reindeer of Santa Claus) :: Amorek {m}
cupola {n} (architecture: dome-shaped ornamental structure) :: kopuła {f}
cupule {n} (small structure shaped like a cup) :: kupula {f}
cur {n} (inferior dog) :: kundel {m}
curaçao {n} (liqueur) :: curacao {n}
curare {n} (a substance containing the alkaloid D-tubocurarine) :: kurara {f}
curassow {n} (birds of the family Cracidae) :: czubacz {m}
curb {n} (concrete along the edge of a road) SEE: kerb ::
curd cheese {n} (cottage cheese) SEE: cottage cheese ::
curer {n} (healer) SEE: healer ::
curfew {n} (a regulation requiring people to be off the streets and in their homes by a certain time) :: godzina policyjna {f}
Curia {prop} (Roman Catholic Church administration) :: kuria {f}
curiosity {n} (inquisitiveness; the tendency to ask questions, investigate, or explore) :: ciekawość {f}
curiosity {n} (unique or extraordinary object which arouses interest) :: ciekawostka {f}
curiosity killed the cat {proverb} (undue curiosity is dangerous) :: ciekawy kot do studni wpadł, ciekawość to pierwszy stopień do piekła
curious {adj} (inquisitive) :: ciekawy
Curitiba {prop} (State capital of Paraná) :: Kurytyba
curium {n} (chemical element) :: kiur {m}
curl {n} (mathematics: vector operator) :: rotacja {f}
curlew {n} (migratory wading bird) :: kulik {m}
curling iron {n} (a heated cylindrical device for curling the hair) :: lokówka {f}
curly {n} (a person or animal with curly hair) :: kręconowłosy {m}
currant {n} (fruit) :: porzeczka {f}
currency {n} (money or other item used to facilitate transactions) :: waluta {f}
currency {n} (fluency) SEE: fluency ::
current {n} (part of a fluid that moves continuously in a certain direction) :: prąd {m-in}
current {n} (time rate of flow of electric charge) :: prąd {m-in}, natężenie prądu {n}
current {adj} (existing or occurring at the moment) :: bieżący, aktualny
current {adj} (generally accepted, used, practiced, or prevalent at the moment) :: aktualny
current account {n} (checking account) :: rachunek bieżący {m-in}
currently {adv} (at this moment) :: obecnie, aktualnie
curriculum {n} (set of courses and coursework) :: program nauczania {m}
curriculum vitae {n} (written account of one's education, accomplishments, etc.) :: życiorys {m}
curry {n} (sauce or relish) :: curry {n}
currycomb {n} (a comb or brush used to groom horses) :: zgrzebło {n}
curse {n} (supernatural detriment) :: klątwa {f}, przekleństwo {n}
curse {n} (prayer that harm may befall someone) :: klątwa {f}
curse {n} (vulgar epithet) :: przekleństwo {n}
curse {v} (to place a curse upon) :: przeklinać {impf}, przekląć {pf}
curse {v} (to utter a vulgar curse) :: przeklinać
curse {v} (to use offensive language) :: [imperf] kląć, [perf] zakląć
cursed {adj} (having some sort of divine harm) :: przeklęty
curse word {n} (vulgarity) SEE: swear word ::
cursor {n} (GUI: moving icon representing the position of a pointing device) :: kursor {m}
cursor {n} (GUI: indicator of where the next insertation or other edit will take place) :: kursor {m}
cursory {adj} (hasty, superficial, careless) :: pobieżny
curtain {n} (piece of cloth covering a window) :: zasłona {f}, kurtyna {f}
curtain {n} (piece of cloth in a theater) :: kurtyna {f}
curtain {v} (to cover with a curtain) :: zasłonić
curtsey {n} (small bow of knees and lowered body, usually by a female) :: dygnięcie {n}
curtsey {v} (to make a curtsey) :: dygać
curve {n} (gentle bend) :: zakręt {m}
curve {n} (geometry: one-dimensional figure) :: krzywa {f}
curve {adj} (crooked) SEE: crooked ::
cushion {n} (soft material in cloth bag) :: poduszka {f}
cushion {n} (absorbent or protective item) :: poduszka {f}
cushion {n} (in cue sports) :: banda {f}
cusk {n} (cod-like fish) :: brosma {f}
cuspidor {n} (spittoon) SEE: spittoon ::
custom {n} (frequent repetition of the same act) :: zwyczaj {m}
customer {n} (one who purchases or receives a product or service) :: klient {m}
customer service {n} (act of providing services) :: obsługa klientów {f}
customer service {n} (department) :: obsługa klienta {f}
customer support {n} (provision of service) :: obsługa klienta {f}
custom house {n} (official building, in a port, where customs are collected and shipping is cleared for entry and exit) :: urząd celny {m}
customize {v} (alter according to preferences) :: dostosowywać {impf}, personalizować {impf}
customs {n} (custom house) SEE: custom house ::
customs officer {n} (officer) :: celnik {m}
cut {v} (to perform an incision) :: ciąć {impf}
cutaneous {adj} (of, or relating to the skin) :: skórny
cut corners {v} (do a less-than-thorough or incomplete job) :: iść na skróty
cute {adj} (having features mainly attributed to infants and small or cuddly animals) :: słodki {m}, uroczy {m}
cute {adj} (attractive or pleasing in a youthful, dainty, quaint or fun-spirited way) :: urzekający {m}
cute {adj} (dated: mentally keen or discerning; clever, shrewd) :: sprytny {m}, cwany {m}
cuticle {n} (outermost layer of skin of vertebrates) SEE: epidermis ::
cutie {n} (a cute person or animal) :: czaruś, piękniś
cut in {v} (to replace somebody's dancing partner) :: odbijać {impf}, odbić {pf}
cutlass {n} (machete) SEE: machete ::
cutlass {n} (a short sword with a curved blade) :: kord {m}
cutler {n} (One whose business is making or dealing in cutlery) :: nożownik {m}, nożowniczka {f}
cutlery {n} (eating and serving utensils) :: sztućce
cutlet {n} (slice of meat) :: kotlet {m}, sznycel {m}
cut off {v} (To cause to come off, from cutting) :: odcinać, odciąć
cut off {v} (To isolate or remove from contact) :: odcinać, odciąć
cut off {v} (To end abruptly) :: rozłączać, rozłączyć
cut off {v} (To interrupt someone talking) :: przerwać, przerywać
cutthroat {n} (murderer) :: nożownik {m}
cutting {n} (action) :: cięcie {n}, przecięcie {n}
cutting {n} (newspaper clipping) :: wycinek {m}
cutting {n} (a leaf, stem, branch, or root removed from a plant) :: sadzonka {f}
cutting {n} (editing of film) :: montaż {m}
cutting {adj} (potentially hurtful) :: uszczypliwy
cuttlefish {n} (any of various squidlike mollusks) :: mątwa {f}
cyan {n} (a colour between blue and green) :: turkus {m-in}
cyan {adj} (of the colour cyan) :: turkusowy
cyanide {n} (chemistry: any compound containing the CN group) :: cyjanek {m}
cyanide {n} (hydrogen cyanide) SEE: hydrogen cyanide ::
cyanosis {n} (discolouration of the skin) :: sinica {f}
cyber- {prefix} (the Internet or cyberspace) :: cyber-
cyberattack {n} (an attack over a computer network) :: cyberatak {m}
cybercitizen {n} (inhabitant of cyberspace) SEE: netizen ::
cybernetic {adj} (relating to the mathematical study of control) :: cybernetyczny
cybernetics {n} (science of communication and control) :: cybernetyka {f}
cyberpunk {n} (sci-fi subgenre) :: cyberpunk {m}
cybersex {v} (exchange explicit sexual experiences online) :: cyberseks {m}
cyberspace {n} (world of information) :: cyberprzestrzeń {f}
cyberspace {n} (science fiction: three-dimensional representation of virtual space) :: cyberprzestrzeń {f}
cyborg {n} (person who is part machine) :: cyborg {m}
Cyclades {prop} (island chain) :: Cyklady {m-p}
cyclamen {n} (A type of plant) :: cyklamen {m}
cycle {n} (complete rotation) :: cykl {m}
cycle {n} (vehicle) SEE: bicycle ::
cycle lane {n} (part of road designated for cyclists) SEE: bicycle lane ::
cyclic {adj} (characterized by, or moving in cycles) :: okresowy {m}, cykliczny {m}
cycling {n} (The sport of riding and racing bicycles) :: kolarstwo {n}
cyclist {n} (person who rides a cycle) :: rowerzysta {m}
cycloid {n} (geometry: locus of a point on the circumference of a rolling circle) :: cykloida {f}
cyclopean {adj} (massive in stature) :: olbrzymi {m}
cyclopentane {n} (alicyclic hydrocarbon, C5H10) :: cyklopentan {m}
cyclops {n} (giant of mythology) :: cyklop {m}
cyclotron {n} (particle accelerator) :: cyklotron {m}
cygnet {n} (young of a swan) :: łabędziątko {n}
Cygnus {prop} (constellation) :: Łabędź {m}
cylinder {n} (geometry: surface) :: cylinder {m}, walec {m}
cylinder {n} (geometry: solid) :: walec {m}
cylinder {n} (any cylindrical object) :: cylinder {m}
cylindrical {adj} (shaped like a cylinder) :: cylindryczny, walcowaty
cymbal {n} (concave plate of brass or bronze that produces a sharp, ringing sound when struck) :: talerz {m}, czynel {m}
cynic {n} (A person who believes that all people are motivated by selfishness) :: cynik {m}, cyniczka {f}
cynic {n} (A person whose outlook is scornfully negative) :: cynik {m}, cyniczka {f}
cynical {adj} (of or relating to the belief that human actions are motivated by base desires or selfishness) :: cyniczny
cynically {adv} (in a cynical manner) :: cynicznie
cynicism {n} (skeptical, scornful or pessimistic attitude) :: cynizm {m}
cynocephaly {n} (dog-headedness in human) :: cynocefal {m}
cynology {n} (study of dogs) :: kynologia {f}
cynophobia {n} (an irrational fear or hatred of dogs or other canines) :: kynofobia {f}
cynosure {n} (Ursa Minor) SEE: Ursa Minor ::
Cynthia {prop} (female given name) :: Cyntia {f}
cypress {n} (an evergreen coniferous tree) :: cyprys {m}
Cypriot {n} (Person from Cyprus) :: Cypryjczyk {m}, Cypryjka {f}
Cypriot {adj} (Of, from or relating to Cyprus) :: cypryjski
Cyprus {prop} (country) :: Cypr {m}
Cyrenaica {prop} (province on the North African coast) :: Cyrenajka {f}
Cyril {prop} (male given name) :: Cyryl {m}
Cyrillic {adj} (of or pertaining to Cyrillic) :: cyrylicki
Cyrillic {prop} (a script or alphabet) :: cyrylica {f}
cyst {n} (sac which develops in the natural cavities of an organ) :: torbiel, cysta {f}
cysteine {n} (nonessential amino acid) :: cysteina {f}
cystine {n} (a nonessential amino acid) :: cystyna {f}
cystoscopy {n} (endoscopy of the urinary bladder) :: cystoskopia
cytology {n} (biology: the study of cells) :: cytologia {f}
cytoplasm {n} (contents of a cell excluding the nucleus) :: cytoplazma {f}
cytoplasmic {adj} (of or pertaining to cytoplasm) :: cytoplazmatyczny
cytosine {n} :: cytozyna {f}
Czech {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to the country, people, culture or language) :: czeski
Czech {n} (person) :: Czech {m-pr}, Czeszka {f}
Czech {n} (language) :: czeski {m-in}
Czechia {prop} (country in Europe) :: Czechy {p}
Czechoslovak {adj} (pertaining to) :: czechosłowacki
Czechoslovakia {prop} (former country in Central Europe) :: Czechosłowacja {f}
Czecho-Slovakia {prop} (dated form of Czechoslovakia) :: Czecho-Słowacja {f}
Czechoslovakian {adj} (of or pertaining to Czechoslovakia) :: czechosłowacki
Czech Republic {prop} (country in Central Europe) :: Republika Czeska {f}, Czechy {p}
Czech studies {n} (academic study of the Czech language, etc.) :: bohemistyka {f}
Częstochowa {prop} (city in Poland) :: Częstochowa {f}
České Budějovice {prop} (city in the Czech republic) :: Czeskie Budziejowice {p}