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t' {pron} :: elided form of te
t' {pron} [slang] :: elided form of tu
t {letter} :: letter
t {interfix} :: An interfix of liaison, used in inverted interrogative constructions between a third-person singular verb not already ending in t or d and its pronoun (il, elle or on)
t'a {contraction} :: te + a (third-person singular indicative present form of avoir)
ta {determiner} :: your
t.a.b. {abbr} :: tirs au but (penalty shootout)
tabac {m} [uncountable, botany] :: tobacco (any plant of the genus Nicotiana)
tabac {m} :: leaves of certain varieties of the plant cultivated and harvested to make cigarettes, cigars, snuff, for smoking in pipes or for chewing
tabac {m} [uncountable] :: smoking, nicotine addiction
tabac {m} :: tobacconist, shop where tobacco is sold
tabac {m} :: (idiomatic expressions) thing, stuff
tabac {adj} :: having the color of tobacco
tabac {m} :: violent fight
tabacologie {f} :: The science of tobacco, especially concerning the problems of addiction
tabacomanie {f} :: tobacco abuse
tabaculteur {m} :: tobacco grower
tabagie {f} :: smoking den
tabagie {f} [Quebec] :: tobacconist (shop)
tabagique {adj} :: Related to public smoking area or smoking den
tabagique {adj} :: Related to tobacco
tabagique {adj} [medicine] :: Related to nicotine addiction
tabagisme {m} :: tobacco usage habit
tabagisme {m} :: nicotine addiction
tabard {m} :: tabard
tabarnac {m} [Quebec] :: alternative form of tabarnak
tabarnak {interj} [Quebec, vulgar, slang] :: An expletive and intensifier for all purposes
tabarnaque {m} [Quebec] :: alternative form of tabarnak
tabarnouche {interj} [euphemism] :: synonym of tabarnak
tabassage {m} :: beating, beating up
tabasser {v} :: beat up (to give a beating to)
tabasser {v} :: to thwack, clobber
tabatière {f} :: snuffbox
tabatière {f} :: skylight (window)
tabellaire {adj} :: tabular (organized as a table or list)
tabellion {m} [historical] :: tabellion
tabellion {m} [pejorative] :: lawyer, solicitor
tabernacle {m} :: tabernacle
tabernacle {m} [Quebec] :: alternative form of tabarnak
tablard {m} [Switzerland] :: shelf
table {f} :: table (item of furniture)
table {f} :: flat surface atop various objects
table {f} :: flat part of a cut or carved object
table {f} [music] :: table of a stringed instrument
table {f} :: matrix or grid of data arranged in rows and columns
table {f} :: systematic list of content
Table {prop} :: Mensa [constellation]
table à repasser {f} :: ironing board
tableau {m} :: painting
tableau {m} :: picture (a captured image)
tableau {m} :: writing board
tableau {m} :: table (arrangement of rows and columns)
tableau {m} :: chart
tableau blanc {m} :: whiteboard
tableau blanc interactif {m} :: electronic white board
tableau de bord {m} :: dashboard
tableau noir {m} :: blackboard (blackish board suitable to be written on with chalk)
tableau périodique {m} :: periodic table
tableautin {m} :: little picture
table basse {f} :: coffee table
table de chevet {f} :: nightstand
table de multiplication {f} :: multiplication table (in arithmetic)
table de nuit {f} :: nightstand
table des matières {f} :: table of contents
table d'hôte {f} :: a menu offering a complete meal, with little choice, at a fixed price
tablée {f} :: Group of people seated at the same table
tabler {vi} :: To base one's scheming on something
table rase {f} :: tabula rasa
table ronde {f} :: round table (conference)
tablette {f} :: tablet (slab of stone)
tablette {f} :: bar (of chocolate, etc.)
tablette {f} [computing] :: tablet
tablette de chocolat {f} :: chocolate bar, bar of chocolate
tablette de chocolat {f} [in the plural, figuratively] :: six-pack, eight-pack (highly developed set of abdominal muscles)
tableur {m} :: spreadsheet (program)
tablier {m} :: apron
tablier {m} :: pinafore
tablier {m} :: A gameboard
tablier {m} :: A rigid panel or board
tablier {m} :: the deck of a bridge
tabloïd {adj} :: tabloid
tabloïd {m} :: tabloid
taborite {mf} :: alternative form of thaborite
tabou {adj} :: taboo (excluded or forbidden from use, approach or mention)
tabou {m} :: taboo
taboule {m} :: alternative spelling of taboulé
taboulé {m} :: tabbouleh
taboune {m} [Moroccan] :: Vagina
tabouret {m} :: stool
tabouret {m} :: footstool
tabulaire {adj} :: tabular (organized as a table or list)
tabulateur {m} :: tabulator
tabulation {f} :: tab (a space character that extends to the next column)
tabulation {f} :: tabulation
tabulatrice {f} :: tabulator (computing: early data processing machine)
tabulé {adj} :: tabulated
tabuler {vt} :: to tabulate
tac {m} :: mange
tac {interj} :: tick, tock
TAC {abbr} :: abbreviation of turbine à combustion
tache {f} :: blot, stain or smear
tache {f} :: spot; more or less stain-like mark of a different color
tache {f} [skin] :: blotch, mark
tache {f} :: moral depravation
tache {f} :: annoying or despicable person
taché {adj} :: bearing a stain or stains
taché {adj} :: naturally bearing colored marks on its surface or fur
Taché {prop} :: surname
tâche {f} :: task
tache de naissance {f} :: birthmark
tache de rousseur {f} :: freckle
tache de vin {f} [idiomatic] :: birthmark, especially a strawberry mark
tachelhit {adj} :: Tashelhit
tachelhit {m} :: Tashelhit (language)
tachéographe {f} :: tachograph
tachéomètre {m} :: tachometer
tachéométrie {f} :: tachometry
tacher {v} :: to soil or stain
tacher {v} :: to tarnish one's reputation
tâcher {vi} :: to try, attempt, endeavour (to do something)
tâcher {vt} :: to ensure (que that, + subjunctive)
tâcheron {m} :: tasker
tache solaire {f} [astronomy] :: A sunspot
tacheté {adj} :: spotted
tacheter {v} :: to spot
tacheter {v} [arts] :: to dapple
tachisme {m} :: tachism
tachiste {mf} :: tachiste
tachistoscope {m} :: tachistoscope
tachistoscopique {adj} :: tachistoscopic
Tachkent {prop} :: Tashkent (capital of Uzbekistan)
tachyarythmie {mf} :: tachyarrhythmia
tachycardie {f} :: tachycardia
tachygenèse {f} :: tachygenesis
tachygraphe {m} :: tachygraph
tachygraphique {adj} :: tachygraphic
tachygraphiquement {adv} :: tachygraphically
tachykinine {f} :: tachykinin
tachymètre {m} :: tachymeter
tachymètre {m} :: [Popularly] speedometer
tachymétrie {f} :: tachometry
tachyon {m} [particle] :: tachyon
tachyonique {adj} :: tachyonic
tachyphagie {f} :: tachyphagia
tachyphémie {f} :: tachyphemia
tachyphylaxie {f} :: tachyphylaxis
tachypsychie {f} :: tachypsychia
tacite {adj} :: tacit
Tacite {prop} :: Tacitus
tacitement {adv} :: tacitly
taciturne {adj} :: taciturn
taciturnement {adv} :: taciturnly
taciturnité {f} :: taciturnity
tackler {v} :: alternative spelling of tacler
tacle {m} [soccer] :: tackle
tacler {v} [soccer] :: to tackle
tacler {v} [figuratively] :: to tackle
tacon {m} :: parr (young salmon)
tacon {m} :: patch (of cloth or leather used in mending)
tacot {m} :: old banger (car)
tact {m} :: tact
tacticien {m} :: tactician
tacticienne {f} :: feminine noun of tacticien
tactile {adj} :: tactile
tactile {adj} :: haptic
tactilement {adv} :: tactilely
tactique {f} :: tactic (tactics in plural)
tactique {adj} :: tactical
tactique {adj} [chemistry] :: tactic
tactique du salami {f} :: salami tactics
tactiquement {adv} :: tactically
tadjik {m} :: the Tajik language
tadjik {adj} :: Tajik
Tadjik {m} :: Tajik (person from Tajikistan)
Tadjike {f} :: feminine singular of Tadjik
Tadjikistan {prop} {m} :: Tajikistan
tadorne {m} :: shelduck (waterfowl)
taenia {f} :: taenia
taenia {f} :: alternative spelling of ténia
tænia {m} :: alternative form of ténia
tæniasis {m} :: alternative form of téniasis
tænicide {m} :: taenicide
taénite {f} [mineral] :: taenite
taf {m} [slang] :: fear
taf {m} :: work
taf {m} :: job
taff {m} [slang] :: alternative form of taf
taffe {f} [slang] :: drag (of cigarette)
taffer {v} [colloquial] :: work, slog
tag {m} :: tag
TAG {abbr} :: abbreviation of turbine à gaz
tagalog {m} :: Tagalog, the Tagalog language, native language of the Philippines
Tagawa {prop} :: surname
Tage {prop} {m} :: Tagus (river in Spain and Portugal)
tagger {v} [graffiti] :: to tag
tagger {v} :: to tag (label)
tagine {m} :: tajine, tagine
tagmémique {adj} :: tagmemic
taguer {v} :: alternative spelling of tagger
ta gueule {interj} [slang, offensive, vulgar] :: shut your mouth!, shut up!, shut it!
tagueur {m} :: tagger (graffiti artist)
tagueuse {f} :: feminine noun of tagueur
tahitien {adj} :: Tahitian
Tahitien {m} :: Tahitian
TAI {abbr} :: abbreviation of temps atomique international
taïaut {interj} :: tallyho (cry used in deer hunting, especially to the hounds)
taie {f} :: pillowcase, pillowslip
taie {f} [ophthalmology] :: leucoma
taïga {f} :: taiga (subarctic zone of coniferous forest)
taillable {adj} [rare] :: cuttable; malleable
taillable {adj} [historical] :: to be subject to the land tax of taille
taillable {mf} [historical] :: Someone required to pay the taille; a commoner taxpayer
taillable et corvéable à merci {adj} [idiomatic] :: heavily taxed; enslaved to do onerous work
taillable et corvéable à merci {adj} [metaphorical, jocular] :: exploitable endlessly; at the beck and call of; at one's bidding
taillader {v} :: to slash (e.g. with knife etc.)
taillanderie {f} :: edge tool industry
taillandier {m} :: edge tool maker
taille {f} :: the act of cutting, pruning, trimming
taille {f} :: size
taille {f} :: waist
taille {f} :: waistline
taille {f} :: a direct tax levied during the Ancien Régime; tallage
taillé {adj} :: cropped, sharpened
taillé {adj} [heraldry] :: per bend sinister
taille-crayon {m} :: pencil sharpener
taille de guêpe {f} :: a wasp waist (giving an hourglass figure)
taille-douce {f} [usually, uncountable] :: line engraving, copper-plate engraving (a type of engraving on copper plates where the design is made up of a series of lines; its use was formerly common for postage stamps and paper currency)
taille-douce {f} [countable] :: print made on a board engraved using this method
tailler {v} [of a suit, garment etc.] :: to cut
tailler {v} :: to sharpen
tailler {vp} [colloquial] :: to do one, to clear off
tailler dans le gingas {phrase} [Louisiana French, Cajun French, St.Martin Parish] :: to lie
tailler le bout de gras {v} [colloquial] :: to shoot the breeze, to chew the fat, to chat
tailler une bavette {v} [colloquial] :: to shoot the breeze, to chew the fat, to chat
tailler une pipe {v} [à] :: [vulgar, slang] to give head, to blow
tailleur {m} :: tailor
tailleur {m} :: (woman's) suit
taillis {m} :: coppice
tailloir {m} :: abacus (uppermost member of the capital of a column)
Taillon {prop} :: surname
'tain {interj} :: informal spelling of putain
tain {m} :: silvering
tain {m} :: aluminium foil
Taino {prop} :: Taino (language and people)
tainpe {f} [verlan] :: slut, whore
taïpan du desert {m} :: inland taipan
Taipeh {prop} {m} :: Taipei
taire {vt} :: to quieten, to shut up, to silence
taire {vr} [se taire] :: to shut up (one's self), to be quiet, to fall silent, to stop talking
taiseux {adj} [Belgium] :: quiet, short of words
Taïwan {prop} {m} :: Taiwan
taïwanais {adj} :: Taiwanese (from Taiwan)
taïwanais {m} :: Taiwanese (language)
Taïwanais {m} :: Taiwanese (someone from Taiwan)
Taïwanaise {f} :: Taiwanese (someone from Taiwan)
tajine {m} :: alternative spelling of tagine
Takako {prop} :: given name
Takeuchi {prop} :: surname
takfiri {m} :: takfiri
takfiri {adj} :: takfiri
takfirisme {m} :: takfirism
takfiriste {adj} :: takfirist
Talagrand {prop} :: surname
talc {m} :: talc
talectomie {f} [surgery] :: talectomy
talent {m} [historical, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece] :: a talent (an obsolete unit of weight or money)
talent {m} :: a talent, a gift, a knack
talentueusement {adv} :: precociously, with talent
talentueux {adj} :: talented
taler {m} :: taler [currency]
taler {vt} :: to damage (a fruit)
taleth {m} :: tallith
taliban {adj} :: Taliban
talion {m} :: retaliation
talionesque {adj} :: retaliatory
talisman {m} :: talisman
talismanique {adj} :: talismanic
talkie-walkie {m} :: walkie-talkie
talladetes {p} :: pieces of pumpkin, prunes, peaches and watermelon used to make arrop i talladetes
Talleyrand {prop} :: surname
Talleyrand {prop} :: Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord, French politician and diplomat
Tallin {prop} :: alternative spelling of Tallinn
Tallinn {prop} {f} :: Tallinn
talmellier {m} [obsolete] :: baker (i.e. of bread)
talmouse {f} :: piece of pastry made with cream, flour, cheese, eggs and butter
talmouse {f} [colloquial, obsolete] :: slap, punch
talmud {m} [Judaism] :: Talmud (collection of Jewish writings)
talmudique {adj} :: Talmudic (related to the Talmud)
talmudiste {mf} :: Talmudist
taloche {f} [colloquial] :: cuff, clout
talocher {vt} :: to clout, thump
talon {m} :: heel (part of the foot)
talon {m} :: backheel
talon {m} :: heel (of footwear)
talon {m} :: spur (sharp implement used to prod a horse)
talon {m} [figuratively] :: the bottom or lower part of something
talon aiguille {m} :: stiletto heel (heel of a high and narrow shoe)
talon aiguille {m} [by ellipsis] :: A shoe with such a heel
talon d'Achille {m} :: Achilles heel
talonnade {f} [soccer] :: backheel
talonnage {m} :: tailgating
talonnage {m} [football] :: backheeling
talonnage {m} [rugby] :: hooking
talonner {v} :: to heel, follow closely, be on someone's heels
talonner {v} :: to kick (a horse) with the heel
talonner {v} :: to harass, bug, hassle
talonner {v} [nautical] :: to heel
talonner {v} [soccer] :: to backheel
talonner {v} [rugby] :: to hook
talonnette {f} :: heel
talonnette {f} :: stirrup
talonneur {m} [rugby] :: hooker
talquer {vt} :: to talc
talus {m} :: slope, embankment
tamandua {m} :: tamandua
Tamanduatehy {prop} {m} :: alternative spelling of Tamanduateí
Tamanduateí {prop} {m} :: Tamanduateí (river)
tamanoir {m} :: giant anteater
tamarin {m} :: tamarind
tamarin {m} :: tamarin
tamarinier {m} :: tamarind (tree)
tamaris {m} :: tamarisk
tamarisque {m} :: tamarisk
tamazight {m} :: The Tamazight family of languages
tambouille {f} [slang] :: grub, nosh
tambour {m} :: drum (instrument)
tambour {m} :: tambour (sports / real tennis)
tambourin {m} [musical instruments] :: tambourine
tambourinage {m} :: drumming
tambourinaire {mf} :: tambourine player
tambourinement {m} :: drumming
tambouriner {vt} :: to drum, drum down
tambour-major {m} :: drum major
ta mère {interj} [pejorative, vulgar, offensive] :: your mom
tamia {m} :: chipmunk (squirrel-like rodent)
tamier {m} :: black bryony or similar plant of the genus Dioscorea
Tamiko {prop} :: given name
tamis {m} :: sieve, riddle
tamisage {m} :: sieving, sifting
Tamise {prop} {f} :: Thames (river through London)
Tamise {prop} {f} :: Temse (town in Belgium)
tamiser {v} :: to sieve, to sift (use a sieve)
tamoul {m} :: Tamil, the Tamil language
tamoul {adj} :: of or pertaining to the Tamil language, people or culture
Tamoul {m} :: Tamil
Tamoule {f} :: feminine noun of Tamoul
tampax {m} :: tampon
Tampere {prop} :: Tampere
tampon {m} :: Piece of wood or other material to close an opening
tampon {m} :: (musical instrument) Same, closing the opening of a flute, a saxophone
tampon {m} :: (boat) Same, closing a leak
tampon {m} :: (medical usage) A plug of cotton or other absorbent material inserted into a body cavity or wound to absorb fluid
tampon {m} :: tampon to stop menstruation
tampon {m} :: sponge, piece of porous material
tampon {m} :: used for washing
tampon {m} :: to varnish or apply wax to a piece of furniture
tampon {m} :: to apply ink
tampon {m} :: stamp
tampon {m} [figuratively] :: mitigator, mediator, buffer between people having a dispute
tampon {m} :: In this sense, often used in apposition, such as in solution tampon, État tampon, zone tampon, etc
tampon {m} [chemistry] :: buffer
tampon {m} [computing] :: buffer
tampon {m} :: Elastic part that prevents damaging when a collision occurs, e.g. buffer in rail transport
tamponnade {m} :: collision
tamponnade {m} [medical] :: tamponade
tamponnage {m} :: buffering
tamponner {v} :: to tamp
tamponner {v} :: to swab
tamponner {v} :: to buffer
tamponnoir {m} :: wall drill (drill used for boring holes in walls)
tam-tam {m} :: tam-tam
tamtam {m} :: alternative form of tam-tam
Tamura {prop} :: surname
tan {m} :: pulped oak bark used in the tanning process (i.e. of tanning leather)
tanacétique {adj} [obsolete, organic chemistry] :: malic
tanagra {f} :: Tanagra
tanaisie {f} :: tansy
Tananarive {prop} :: Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar
tancarville {m} :: (collapsible) airer
Tancarville {prop} :: A small town in the Seine-Maritime department of Normandy
tancer {v} [literary] :: to scold, reprimand, rebuke
tanche {f} :: tench
tanche {f} [slang] :: idiot, moron
tandem {m} :: tandem (vehicle, bicycle)
tandis {prep} [archaic] :: during
tandis {prep} [poetic] :: whilst
tandis {prep} :: while
tandis que {conj} :: whereas, while, whilst
tanga {m} :: G-string, thong (underwear)
tangage {f} [nautical] :: pitching (and tossing)
tangence {f} :: tangency
tangent {adj} [mathematics] :: tangential
tangent {adj} :: borderline
tangente {f} [trigonometry] :: tangent (trigonometric function)
tangente {f} [geometry] :: tangent
tangentiel {adj} :: tangential
tangentiellement {adj} :: tangentially
Tanger {prop} :: Tangiers (city)
tangérois {adj} :: Tangerine (of or from Tangier)
tangibilité {f} :: tangibility
tangible {adj} :: tangible
tangiblement {adv} :: tangibly
tango {m} :: tango (dance)
tango argentin {m} :: Argentine tango (dance)
tangon {m} :: spinnaker pole
Tanguay {prop} :: surname
tangue {m} :: tenrec
tanguer {vi} [nautical] :: to sway back and forth
tanguer {vi} :: to spin, sway (seem to be moving)
tanguer {vi} :: to shake (not perform well)
Tanguy {prop} :: given name
Tania {prop} {f} :: given name
tanière {f} :: lair, den (of an animal)
tanière {f} :: hideout, den, lair (of an outlaw)
tanin {m} :: tannin
Taninges {prop} :: A small town in the department of Haute-Savoie in Rhône-Alpes
tanique {adj} :: alternative form of tannique
tank {m} :: tank (military vehicle)
tank {m} :: tank (container, Quebec French)
tankiste {mf} :: tanker (member of a tank crew)
tannage {m} :: tanning (of the skin)
tanné {m} [tincture] :: A rarely-used tincture of orange or bright brown
tanner {vt} :: to tan (in leather-making)
tannerie {f} :: tannery
tanneur {m} :: tanner (profession)
tanneuse {f} :: feminine singular of tanneur
tannique {adj} :: tannic
tant {adv} :: so much
tant {adv} :: so many
tantale {m} :: tantalum
tantalique {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: tantalic
tant bien que mal {adv} :: as best one can, somehow
tante {f} :: aunt
tante {f} [pejorative] :: homosexual (man); faggot, fag (US); poof (UK)
tant et si bien que {conj} :: so much so that
tantième {m} :: percentage, proportion
tantine {f} [childish] :: auntie
tantinet {m} [colloquial, archaic] :: bit, tad, tiny bit
tantinet {adv} [colloquial] :: bit, tad
tant mieux {interj} :: It's a good thing; fortunately; used to express that a chance happening is favorable
tantôt {adv} :: sometimes
tantôt {adv} :: this afternoon
tantôt {adv} :: later/earlier
tant pis {adv} :: too bad, never mind
tant qu'à faire {adv} [colloquial] :: while one is at it, one might as well
tant que {conj} :: as long as, for as long as
tant que {conj} :: as long as; provided (that); assuming
tant qu'il y a de la vie, il y a de l'espoir {proverb} :: while there's life, there's hope, where there's life, there's hope
tantrique {adj} :: tantric
tant s'en faut {adv} [formal] :: far from it, not by a long shot, not by a long chalk, not by any means
tant va la cruche à l'eau qu'à la fin elle se brise {proverb} :: alternative form of tant va la cruche à l'eau qu'à la fin elle se casse
tant va la cruche à l'eau qu'à la fin elle se casse {proverb} :: the jug goes to the well until it breaks
Tanzanie {prop} {f} :: Tanzania
tanzanien {adj} :: Tanzanian (of, from, or pertaining to Tanzania and its people)
Tanzanien {m} :: Tanzanian
Tanzanienne {f} :: feminine noun of Tanzanien
tanzanite {f} :: tanzanite
taoïsme {m} :: Taoism
taon {m} :: horsefly, gadfly
tapage {m} :: noise (annoying sound)
tapager {v} :: to be noisy; to make noise
tapageur {adj} :: rowdy; noisy; boisterous; raucous
tapageur {adj} :: garish, gaudy
tapageur {m} :: rowdy; noisy person
tapageusement {adv} :: rowdily; noisily; boisterously; raucously
tape {f} :: a gentle touch
tape {f} :: a pat
tape-à-l'œil {adj} [colloquial] :: loud, garish
tape-cul {m} :: A vehicle with poor suspension
tape-cul {m} :: A see-saw (child's game)
tapecul {m} :: seesaw (structure)
tapecul {m} [colloquial] :: old banger (car with poor suspension)
tapecul {m} [colloquial] :: bumpy road
taper {vt} :: to slap, knock, beat
taper {vt} :: to type (use a keyboard or typewriter)
taper {v} [sur] :: to hit, beat, rap
taper {vi} :: to beat down (of the sun); to go to one's head (of wine etc.)
taper {vi} [slang] :: to stink, pong, reek
taper {vr} [slang] :: to put away (a meal etc.)
taper {vr} [vulgar, slang] :: to fuck (have sex)
taper dans l'œil {v} [à] :: [colloquial] (of a person) to strike someone's fancy, appeal to someone
taper la causette {v} [colloquial] :: to shoot the breeze, to chew the fat, to chat
taper sur les nerfs {v} [à] :: [colloquial] to get on someone's nerves
taper sur le système {v} [à] :: [colloquial] to get up someone's nose, to get on someone's nerves, to piss off, to irritate, to annoy
tapette {f} :: swatter, flyswatter
tapette {f} :: mousetrap
tapette {f} [slang, derogatory] :: poof, faggot
tapette à mouches {f} :: flyswatter
taphonomie {f} :: taphonomy
taphonomique {adj} :: taphonomic
tapi {adj} :: hidden; crouching
tapineuse {f} [slang] :: streetwalker
tapinois {adj} :: only used in en tapinois
tapir {vr} :: to hide
tapir {m} :: tapir
tapis {m} :: carpet; mat; rug
tapis {m} [poker] :: all-in (an instance of betting all of one's chips)
tapis-franc {m} [obsolete, slang] :: a low or unsavoury tavern or cabaret; sot-hole, grog-shop, pothouse
tapis rouge {m} [idiomatic] :: red carpet
tapis roulant {m} :: moving walkway
tapis roulant {m} [luggage] :: carousel
tapis roulant {m} :: conveyor belt
tapis roulant {m} [sports] :: treadmill
tapis roulant {m} [skiing] :: magic carpet
tapisser {v} :: to carpet (cover with carpet)
tapisser {v} [by extension] :: to decorate
tapisser {v} [by extension] :: to cover; to overlay
tapisserie {f} :: tapestry
tapisserie {f} [by extension] :: wallcovering, wallpaper
tapissier {m} :: tapestry-maker
tapissier {m} :: upholsterer
tapissière {f} :: feminine noun of tapissier
tapissière {f} :: large cart; van, lorry
tapis volant {m} [fairy tales] :: magic carpet
tapoter {v} :: to tap (strike lightly and repeatedly)
tapuscrit {m} :: typescript (typewritten material, especially such a copy of a manuscript)
taquéria {f} :: taqueria (a taco restaurant)
taquet {m} :: small piece of wood or metal used to maintain or fix something
taquet {m} :: cleat
taquin {adj} :: teasing; playful
taquin {m} :: tease
taquine {f} :: tease
taquinement {adv} :: teasingly, playfully
taquiner {v} :: to tease
taquinerie {f} :: teasing
tarabiscoté {adj} :: fussy, florid, very ornate
tarabistouiller {vt} :: to bother (someone)
tarabistouiller {vt} [cooking] :: to stir, toss
tarabuster {vt} :: to bother (someone)
tarama {m} :: taramosalata
taratata {m} :: taratantara
taraud {m} [mechanics] :: tap
tarauder {v} [technology] :: to tap (a nut); to thread (a screw)
tarauder {v} :: (of insect) to bore into
tarauder {v} :: to pierce (with pain, remorse etc.)
taraxacine {m} :: taraxacin
tarbouche {m} :: fez
tard {adv} :: late
tarder {v} :: to tarry
tarder {v} :: to be slow to do something (tarder à faire quelque chose)
tarder {v} :: used as an impersonal verb with de or que to express impatience
tardif {adj} :: late, belated
tardivement {adv} :: rather late
tardivement {adv} :: belatedly
tare {f} [archaic] :: deficiency
tare {f} :: defect, vice, flaw
tare {f} :: tare (empty weight)
taré {adj} [colloquial] :: crazy, barking, mad
Tarente {prop} :: Taranto
tarentule {f} :: tarantula
tarer {v} :: to spoil; to tarnish
tarer {v} :: to tare2
taret {m} :: shipworm
targe {f} :: a targe, buckler
targette {f} :: latch plate
targuer {vr} :: to claim, boast
tarière {f} :: auger
tarif {m} :: price
tarifaire {adj} :: pricing
tarifé {adj} :: priced (at)
tarifé {adj} :: for sale (at a certain price)
tarifer {vt} :: to fix the price (of)
tarification {f} :: price fixing
tarifier {v} [archaic] :: to fix the tariff on
tarin {adj} :: Of or from Theys
tarin {m} :: siskin
tarir {vt} :: to dry up
tarir {vt} :: to exhaust, use up
tarir {vi} :: to talk non-stop (about something)
tarir {vr} :: to dwindle, to dry up, to peter out
taririque {adj} [organic chemistry] :: tariric
tarissement {m} :: drying up
tarissement {m} :: dwindling
tarlouse {f} [derogatory slang] :: Weak or coward person; puff
tarlouse {f} [derogatory slang] :: Homosexual or highly effeminate man; puff
tarmac {m} :: tarmac (part of airport)
Tarn {prop} {m} :: Tarn
taro {m} :: taro (plant)
tarot {m} :: tarot
taroter {vi} :: to play tarot or with tarot cards
taroter {vt} :: to draw tarot cards for someone
tarotier {m} :: A manufacturer of tarot cards
tarpan {m} :: tarpan
tarpé {m} [slang] :: joint (marijuana cigarette)
tarpé {m} [slang] :: buttocks
tarpé {m} [slang] :: gun
Tarraconaise {prop} {f} :: Hispania Tarraconensis (province of the Roman Empire)
Tarraconnaise {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Tarraconaise
Tarse {prop} :: Tarsus (Turkish town)
tarsien {adj} :: tarsal
tarskien {adj} [maths] :: Tarskian
tarsométatarse {m} [anatomy] :: tarsometatarsus
tarsométatarsien {adj} [anatomy] :: tarsometatarsal
tartare {adj} :: Tartar (of or relating to the people or culture of Tartars)
tartare {mf} :: Tartar (A member of the various tribes and their descendants of Tartary)
tartare {m} :: short for steak tartare
tartare {m} :: synonym of tatar
Tartare {mf} :: Tartar; Tatar (person)
tarte {f} [culinary] :: pie, tart
tarte {f} [colloquial] :: slap
tarte {f} :: something easy to do [cf. English piece of cake and easy as pie]
tarte {f} [colloquial] :: stupid person, idiot
tarte {adj} [slang] :: corny, hackneyed
tarte {adj} [slang] :: stupid
tarte à la crème {f} :: custard pie
tarte à la crème {f} :: a cliché
tarte au citron {f} :: A lemon tart
tarte au citron {f} :: A lemon custard-filled tart, often covered with meringue
tarte aux poils {f} [slang, vulgar] :: hair pie, fur pie, fur burger, bearded clam, pussy (vulva)
tarte flambée {f} [cooking] :: tarte flambée
tartelette {f} :: tartlet (small tart)
Tartempion {prop} {m} :: John Doe (any unknown or anonymous male person)
tarter {v} :: slap, strike
Tarterêts {prop} :: A large area of social housing (a banlieue of Paris) in the Essonne department of Île-de-France
tarte Tatin {f} :: tarte Tatin (upside-down cake prepared with caramelized apples)
tarte tropézienne {f} :: A desert, originating in Saint-Tropez, composed of a brioche with a creamy filling
tartiflette {f} :: A dish from Savoie made of reblochon cheese, potatoes and onions
tartinable {adj} :: spreadable
tartinade {f} :: A soft food mixture or spread, either savory or sweet (Canada)
tartine {f} :: A slice of bread topped with sweet or savoury spreadable food such as butter, jam, honey, cream, or sauce
tartiner {vt} :: to spread [on bread, etc.]
tartralique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: tartralic
tartramique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: tartramic
tartrate {m} [organic chemistry] :: tartrate
tartre {m} :: tartar
tartre {m} :: limescale, scale, fur (in kettles, etc.)
tartreux {adj} [organic chemistry] :: tartarous
tartrique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: tartaric
tartrite {m} [obsolete, organic chemistry] :: synonym of tartrate
tartroborate {m} [chemistry] :: tartaroborate
tartufe {m} :: hypocrite
tartufe {adj} :: hypocritical
tartuferie {f} :: hypocrisy
tartufferie {f} :: alternative form of tartuferie
t'as {contraction} [colloquial] :: Contraction of tu + as (you've)
tas {m} :: heap, pile
tas {m} [colloquial, dialectal] :: thing
TAS {prop} [legal, sports] :: CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport); abbreviation of Tribunal Arbitral du Sport
taser {m} :: taser, a Taser
taser {m} :: taser, by generalization, any electroshock stun gun
Tasmanie {prop} :: Tasmania
tasmanien {adj} :: Tasmanian
Tasmanien {m} :: Tasmanian
taspé {f} :: alternative spelling of tassepé
tasse {f} :: cup
tasse {f} :: cupful
tasse à thé {f} :: teacup
tasseau {m} :: furring
tasseau {m} :: bracket
tasseau {m} :: cleat
tasse-braise {m} :: tamper (for pipe)
tasse de thé {f} :: cup of tea (tea in a cup)
tasse de thé {f} [figuratively] :: cup of tea, cup of joe (personal taste)
tassement {m} :: piling up (coming together in a pile)
Tassencourt {prop} :: surname
tassepé {f} [verlan, vulgar] :: whore, prostitute; bitch
tasser {v} :: to pile together, to put into a pile
tassergal {m} :: bluefish
tasspé {f} :: alternative spelling of tassepé
tastevin {m} :: tastevin
tata {f} [childish] :: auntie
tata {m} [chiefly Canada, vulgar] :: imbecile, idiot, bastard, wanker, dickhead
tatar {m} :: Tatar (language)
Tatar {m} :: Tatar (member of various Turkic peoples)
tatar de Crimée {m} :: the Crimean Tatar language
tatare {m} :: alternative form of tatar (language)
tatare {adj} :: Tatar (of or relating to various Turkic peoples)
tatare {adj} :: Tatar (of or relating to the Tatar language)
Tatare {mf} :: alternative form of Tatar
Tatare {f} :: feminine of Tatar
tâter {v} :: to feel (touch lightly, to sense consistency or temperature)
tâter {v} :: to get a feel for
tater tot {m} :: tater tot
tâte-vin {m} :: tastevin
Tatiana {prop} {f} :: given name
tatie {f} :: auntie
tatillon {adj} :: pernickety, picky, fussy
Tatin {prop} :: surname
tâtonnement {m} :: groping
tâtonnement {m} :: trial and error
tâtonner {vi} :: to feel one's way, grope around
tatou {m} :: armadillo
tatouage {m} :: tattoo
tatouer {vt} :: to tattoo
tatoueur {m} :: tattooist
tatoueuse {f} :: feminine noun of tatoueur
tau {m} :: tau (Greek letter)
tau {m} [particle] :: tau, tauon
taube {m} [military slang, now historical] :: German plane
taubérien {adj} [maths] :: tauberian
taud {m} [nautical] :: bimini
taudis {m} :: hovel, slum
taudis {m} [figuratively] :: pigsty (messy place)
tauique {adj} [physics] :: tauonic
taulard {m} [colloquial] :: a jailbird, a con
taularde {f} :: feminine noun of taulard
taule {f} [colloquial] :: jail, clink
taule {f} [colloquial] :: pad, crib
taulier {m} [colloquial] :: hotel owner
taulière {f} :: feminine noun of taulier
tauonique {adj} [physics] :: tauonic
taupe {f} :: mole (burrowing mammal, undercover agent)
taupe {f} :: tunneler
taupe {f} [education] :: higher mathematics class
taupe {adj} :: taupe
taupe-grillon {m} :: mole cricket
taupicide {m} :: Any substance that kills moles
taupin {m} :: click beetle
taupinière {f} :: molehill
taureau {m} :: bull
taureau {m} :: Taurus
Taureau {prop} {m} :: Taurus (constellation)
Taureau {prop} {m} [astrology] :: Taurus
taurillon {m} :: bull-calf
taurin {adj} :: taurine
taurin {adj} [attributive] :: bull
taurin {adj} [attributive] :: bullfighting
taurobole {m} :: taurobolium
taurobolique {adj} :: taurobolic
taurocholique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: taurocholic
tauromachie {f} [bullfighting] :: tauromachy
tauromachique {adj} :: tauromachic
tautologie {f} :: tautology
tautologique {adj} :: tautological
tautologiquement {adv} :: tautologically
tautomère {adj} [chemistry] :: tautomeric
tautomère {m} [chemistry] :: tautomer
tautomérie {f} [chemistry] :: tautomerism
taux {m} :: rate, level
taux de mortalité {m} :: death rate
taux d'intérêt {m} [finance] :: interest rate
Tauzin {prop} :: surname
tavaïolle {f} :: a linen cloth, sometimes entirely of lace or trimmed with lace, used in church sacraments
tavelé {adj} :: spotted, marked
taveler {v} :: To become spotted, or speckled (referring to the skin of certain animals)
tavelure {f} :: speckle, speck, mark
taverne {f} :: tavern
tavernier {m} :: taverner; owner of a tavern
tavernière {f} :: feminine noun of tavernier
taxatif {adj} :: taxative
taxation {f} :: taxation
taxativement {adv} :: taxatively
taxe {f} :: tax
taxe de vente {f} :: sales tax
taxer {v} :: to tax, to impose a tax on
taxe sur la valeur ajoutée {f} [taxation] :: value added tax
taxe sur la vente {f} :: sales tax
taxe sur les produits et services {f} [Canada, taxation] :: goods and services tax (GST)
taxi- {prefix} :: taxo-
taxi {m} :: taxi
taxi {m} [by extension] :: taxi driver
taxi {m} [by extension] :: helicopter or plane used for transport
taxi {m} [military] :: act of transporting troops
taxicatine {f} [organic compound] :: taxicatin
taxidermie {f} :: taxidermy
taxidermique {adj} :: taxidermic
taxidermiquement {adv} :: taxidermically
taxidermiste {m} :: taxidermist
taximan {m} :: male taxi driver
taximètre {m} :: taximeter
taxinomie {f} :: taxonomy (science of finding, describing, classifying and naming organisms)
taxinomique {adj} :: taxonomic
taxinomiste {mf} :: taxonomist
taxiphone {m} :: call shop (business providing access to long-distance telephone calls)
taxonomie {f} :: alternative form of taxinomie
taxonomique {adj} :: alternative form of taxinomique
taxonomiquement {adv} :: taxonomically
taxonomiste {mf} :: alternative form of taxinomiste
tayau {m} [Louisiana French] :: bloodhound
ta yeule {interj} [Quebec, colloquial] :: shut up: alternative form of ta gueule
tayeule {interj} [Quebec, colloquial] :: shut up: alternative form of ta gueule
Taylor {prop} :: surname
Taylor {prop} :: given name of modern usage
taylorisme {m} :: Taylorism
TBI {m} :: abbreviation of tableau blanc interactif
Tbilissi {prop} :: Tbilisi (capital of Georgia)
TBK {interj} [Quebec] :: abbreviation of tabarnak
Tbn. {m} [music] :: Tbn.
TCD {mf} [masculine, nautical, military] :: abbreviation of transport de chalands de débarquement - LPD (landing platform dock); a military sea transport that has a dock to embark and debark landing craft
TCD {mf} [feminine, mathematics] :: initialism of transformée en cosinus discrète - DCT (discrete cosine transform);
Tchad {prop} {m} :: Chad
tchadien {adj} :: Chadian
Tchadien {m} :: A Chadian
Tchadienne {f} :: feminine noun of Tchadien
tchador {m} :: chador (a loose robe worn by Muslim women)
tchao {interj} :: ciao; bye
tchaouch {m} [historical] :: obsolete spelling of chaouch
tchaous {m} [historical] :: obsolete spelling of chaouch
tchat {m} :: alternative spelling of chat
tchatche {f} [Marseille slang] :: chat, lingo; volubility, gift of the gab
tchatcher {v} :: to chat
tchater {v} [Internet] :: alternative form of tchatter
tchatter {v} :: to chat
tchatter {v} [Internet] :: to chat
tchécoslovaque {adj} :: Czechoslovakian
Tchécoslovaque {mf} :: Czechoslovak
Tchécoslovaquie {prop} {f} :: Czechoslovakia
tcheindre {v} [Acadian] :: to hold
tchèque {m} :: Czech, the Czech language
tchèque {adj} :: Czech
Tchèque {mf} :: Czech (someone from the Czech Republic)
Tchéquie {prop} {f} :: the Czech Republic
tcherno {m} [slang] :: clipping of fr; low-grade hashish
tchernobyl {m} [slang] :: low-quality hashish
Tchernobyl {prop} :: Chernobyl (city in Ukraine)
tchernozème {m} :: chernozem
tchétchène {adj} :: Chechen (from, or pertaining to Chechnya)
tchétchène {m} :: Chechen (the language of Chechnya)
Tchétchène {mf} :: Chechen (someone from Chechnya)
Tchétchénie {prop} {f} :: Chechnya
tchetnik {m} :: chetnik
tchin tchin {interj} :: alternative form of tchin-tchin
tchin-tchin {interj} :: cheers, chin chin (said as a toast to drinking)
tchoc {m} [Louisiana French, ] :: alternative spelling of tchoque
tchoeur {m} [Louisiana French, Cajun French, ] :: alternative form of coeur, heart
tchoquant {adj} [Louisiana French, ] :: annoying
tchoque {m} [Louisiana French] :: blackbird
tchoquer {v} :: to strike, to knock
tchoquer {vr} [, Louisiana French] :: to get drunk
tchouktche {m} :: Chukchi, the Chukchi language
TD {mp} [colloquial, education] :: (initialism of travaux dirigés; tutorials
te {pron} [direct object] :: You
te {pron} [indirect object] :: You
te {pron} [reflexive pronoun] :: yourself
-té {suffix} :: -ty (suffix used to form nouns, often denoting a quality or a property)
{m} :: letter: t
tebé {f} :: dumb; stupid
tebé {adj} :: dummy; dimwit
tebeth {m} :: Tevet
tébioctet {m} :: tebibyte
technétate {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: technetate
technétique {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: technetic
technétium {m} :: technetium
technicien {m} :: technician
technicienne {f} :: feminine noun of technicien
technicisation {f} :: An increase in the use of technology
techniciste {adj} :: (excessively) technical
technicité {f} :: technicality (characteristic of something technical)
technicocommercial {adj} :: technical and commercial
technicouleur {f} [physics] :: technicolor
technique {adj} :: technical
technique {f} :: technique, technology
techniquement {adv} :: technically
techno {m} :: techno
technocrate {mf} :: technocrat
technocratie {f} :: technocracy
technocratique {adj} :: technocratic
technologie {f} :: technology
technologique {adj} :: technological
technologiquement {adv} :: technologically
technologue {mf} :: technologist
technopole {f} :: technopolis
technopôle {m} :: science park
teck {m} :: teak
teckel {m} :: dachshund
tectiforme {adj} :: tectiform (roof-shaped)
tectite {m} :: tektite
tectonique {adj} :: tectonic
tectonophysique {f} [geology, physics] :: tectonophysics
tectrice {f} :: tectrix (feather)
teenager {mf} :: teenager
tee-shirt {m} :: T-shirt
téflon {m} :: teflon (or similar material)
tégestophile {mf} :: tegestologist
tégestophilie {f} :: tegestology
tégu {m} :: tegu (lizard)
tégument {m} :: integument, tegument
Téhéran {prop} {f} :: Tehran
teigne {f} :: a tineid, any of various species of moth, such as the clothes moth
teigne {f} [uncountable] :: ringworm
teigne {f} :: louse, vixen (mean or aggressive person)
teigneux {adj} :: worm-eaten
teigneux {adj} :: nasty
teindre {v} :: to dye
teindre {v} :: to tint, tinge
teint {adj} :: dyed; tinted
teint {m} :: tint
teinte {f} :: shade, tint
teinter {v} :: to tint; to color
teinture {f} :: A liquid dye, colourant
teinture {f} :: A color, shade thus applied
teinture {f} :: A dying job, process
teinture {f} :: A solution in ethric liquids such as alcohol, notably in pharmacy
teinture {f} [figuratively] :: A superficial knowledge
teinturerie {f} :: dyery
teinturier {m} :: dyer
teinturier {m} :: dry cleaner
teint-vin {m} :: huckleberry (especially when used to dye white wine)
téju {m} :: alternative form of tégu
tel {adj} :: such
tel {pron} :: one (impersonal pronoun)
Tel Aviv-Jaffa {prop} :: Tel Aviv-Yafo
télé- {prefix} :: tele-
télé {f} :: TV, telly
téléachat {m} :: teleshopping
téléavertisseur {m} :: radio pager
télébenne {f} :: gondola (of a cable car)
télécabine {f} :: cable car (or a gondola of such a system)
télécarte {f} :: phonecard
téléchargeable {adj} :: downloadable
téléchargeable {adj} :: uploadable
téléchargement {m} [computing, Internet] :: download
télécharger {v} :: to download
télécharger {v} :: to upload
téléchargeur {m} :: downloader (person who downloads)
téléchirurgie {f} [surgery] :: telesurgery
télécom {f} :: telecom
télécommande {f} :: remote control
télécommander {v} :: to operate a remote control
télécommunication {f} :: Telecommunication
télécommunications {f} :: telecommunications
téléconférence {f} :: teleconference
télécopie {f} :: fax
télécopieur {m} :: fax (machine)
télédéclaration {f} :: online filing of a tax return
télédétection {f} :: remote sensing
télédiffuser {vt} :: to televise (broadcast on TV)
télédiffusion {f} :: (television) broadcasting
télédistribution {f} :: cable (system for supplying TV, broadband etc)
téléenseignement {m} :: distance learning
téléférique {m} :: alternative form of téléphérique
téléfilm {m} :: feature-length televised drama
téléformation {f} :: e-learning
télégénique {adj} :: telegenic
télégestion {f} [computing] :: remote management (of a server or other device/system)
télégrammatique {adj} :: telegrammatic
télégramme {m} :: telegram
télégraphe {m} :: telegraph
télégraphie {f} :: telegraphy
télégraphier {v} :: to telegraph
télégraphique {adj} :: telegraphic
télégraphiquement {adv} :: telegraphically
télégraphiste {mf} :: telegraphist
téléguider {v} :: to control by remote control
téléguider {v} [figuratively] :: to orchestrate
téléinfo {n} :: clipping of téléinformatique
téléinformatique {f} [computing] :: teleprocessing
téléjournal {m} [Canada, Switzerland] :: newscast (TV news programme)
télékinésie {f} :: psychokinesis (controlled movement of an inanimate object by the use of psychic powers)
télémark {m} [skiing] :: telemark
télémarketing {m} :: telemarketing
télématique {f} :: telematics
télématique {adj} :: telematic
télémédecine {f} :: telemedicine
télémètre {m} :: telemeter, rangefinder
télémétrie {f} :: rangefinding
télémétrie {f} :: telemetry
télencéphale {m} [neuroanatomy] :: telencephalon; endbrain (the anterior part of the forebrain)
télencéphalique {adj} [anatomy] :: telencephalic
téléobjectif {m} [photography] :: telephoto lens
téléologie {f} [philosophy] :: teleology
téléologique {adj} [philosophy] :: teleological
téléologiquement {adv} :: teleologically
téléopérateur {m} :: teleoperator
téléopérateur {m} :: call centre operator
téléopératrice {f} :: feminine singular of téléopérateur
téléosaure {m} :: teleosaur
télépaiement {m} :: online payment
télépathe {mf} :: telepath
télépathie {f} [parapsychology] :: telepathy
télépathique {adj} :: telepathic (able to communication with the mind)
télépathiquement {adv} :: telepathically
télépéage {m} :: electronic toll system (on motorways)
téléphérique {m} :: aerial tramway, cable car
téléphobe {m} :: A TV-phobic person; one who dislikes television
téléphobe {adj} :: TV-phobic; having a dislike of television
téléphone {m} :: telephone
téléphone arabe {m} :: Chinese whispers (game)
téléphone cellulaire {m} :: a cellular telephone / cellphone
téléphone fixe {m} :: landline (telephone connected by such a fixed cable)
téléphone intelligent {m} [rare] :: smartphone
téléphone mobile {m} :: mobile phone
téléphone portable {f} :: cellphone, mobile phone
téléphoner {vi} :: To call, to ring, to telephone
téléphone rose {m} :: phone sex
téléphone sans fil {m} :: cordless telephone
téléphoneur {m} :: telephoner (caller)
téléphoneuse {f} :: feminine singular of téléphoneur
téléphonie {f} :: telephony (2)
téléphonie {f} :: act of installing a telephone
téléphonique {adj} [attributive] :: telephone (by means of the telephone)
téléphoniquement {adv} :: telephonically
téléphoniste {mf} :: telephonist
téléphotographie {f} :: telephotography
téléportation {f} :: teleportation
téléporter {v} [science fiction] :: to teleport, to beam up
téléporteur {m} [science fiction] :: teleporter
téléprédicateur {m} :: television preacher, televangelist
téléprompteur {m} :: teleprompter, autocue
téléradiographie {f} :: teleradiography
téléréalité {f} :: reality television
télescopage {m} :: telescoping
télescopage {m} :: smash, crash
télescope {m} [astronomy] :: telescope (specifically a reflecting telescope and not a refracting telescope, which is lunette)
télescoper {vt} :: to telescope
télescoper {vt} :: to crash (into) or clash (with)
télescopique {adj} :: telescopic
téléscripteur {m} :: teleprinter, teletype
téléshopping {m} :: teleshopping
télésiège {m} :: A chairlift
téléski {m} :: ski lift
téléspeaker {m} :: anchorman (television)
téléspeakerine {f} :: television presenter (female)
téléspectateur {m} :: viewer
tel est pris qui croyait prendre {proverb} :: the biter is bit
télésurveillance {m} :: remote surveillance (especially by CC TV)
télétexte {m} :: teletext
téléthon {m} :: telethon
télétraitement {m} [computing] :: teleprocessing
télétransmission {f} :: telecast
télétravail {m} :: teleworking
télétravailleur {m} :: teleworker
Télétubby {prop} {f} :: A Teletubby
télétype {m} :: teletype (teleprinter)
télévendeur {m} :: telesales worker
télévendeuse {f} :: feminine singular of télévendeur
télévente {f} :: telesales
téléverser {v} :: to upload (to transfer data)
téléviser {v} :: to televise
téléviseur {m} :: television set
télévision {f} :: television
télévision par câble {f} :: cable television (television received through coaxial cables)
télévisuel {adj} :: televisual (relating to television)
télex {m} :: telex
télexer {vt} :: to telex
télexiste {mf} :: telex operator
télique {adj} [linguistics] :: telic
tellement {adv} :: so (in that manner)
tellement {adv} :: so much (singular); so many (plural)
tellement {adv} :: so much so
telle mère, telle fille {proverb} :: like mother, like daughter
tellurate {m} :: tellurate
tellure {m} :: tellurium
telluré {adj} :: tellurized
tellureux {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: tellurous
tellurique {adj} :: telluric (all senses)
tellurure {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: telluride
téloche {f} [slang] :: television; telly, box
télolécithe {adj} :: telolecithal
télomère {m} [genetics] :: telomere
télophase {f} :: telophase
télotaxie {f} [biology] :: telotaxis
télougou {m} :: Telugu (language)
télougou {adj} :: Telugu
Télougou {m} :: Telugu (speaker of the Telugu language)
Télougoue {f} :: feminine noun of Télougou
tel père, tel fils {proverb} [idiom] :: like father, like son (literally, "such a father, such a son")
tel quel {adj} :: as is, as it is
tel qui rit vendredi, dimanche pleurera {proverb} :: he who laughs last laughs best
telugu {m} :: alternative form of télougou
telugu {adj} :: alternative form of télougou
téméraire {adj} :: rash; reckless
témérairement {adv} :: rashly, recklessly
témérité {f} :: recklessness, boldness, temerity
témoignage {m} :: testimony
témoigner {vi} :: to witness, to be a witness at or for
témoigner {vt} :: to demonstrate, show, or prove something
témoin {m} :: witness (in law)
témoin {m} :: best man (at a wedding)
témoin {m} :: baton (in relay races)
témoin de Jéhovah {m} :: Jehovah's Witness (member of the Jehovah's Witnesses)
tempe {f} [anatomy] :: temple
tempeh {m} :: tempeh
tempérament {m} :: temperament, character
tempérance {f} :: temperance
température {f} :: temperature
tempéré {adj} :: temperate
tempérément {adv} :: temperately
tempérer {v} :: to temper, to soothe, to assuage
tempête {f} :: storm, tempest
tempête de neige {f} :: snowstorm (bad weather involving blowing winds and snow)
tempête de sable {f} :: sandstorm (strong wind carrying clouds of sand)
tempêter {vi} :: to rant, to rave, kick up a fuss
tempétueusement {adv} :: tempestuously
tempêtueusement {adv} :: alternative form of tempétueusement
tempétueux {adj} :: tempestuous, stormy
tempétueux {adj} :: storm-racked; agitated by a storm
tempêtueux {adj} :: alternative form of tempétueux
template {m} [object-oriented] :: template
temple {m} :: temple (for worship)
temple de la renommée {m} [chiefly sports] :: hall of fame
templier {m} :: Templar
templier {adj} :: Templar
temporaire {adj} :: temporary
temporairement {adv} :: temporarily
temporalité {f} :: temporality
temporel {adj} :: temporal
temporellement {adv} :: temporally
temporisateur {adj} :: temporizing
temporisation {f} :: temporizing (playing for time)
temporisation {f} :: (technics) timer (launching an action after a given delay)
temporiser {v} :: to temporize
temps {m} [uncountable] :: time [in general]
temps {m} [uncountable] :: weather
temps {m} [countable, grammar] :: tense
temps additionnel {m} [sports] :: injury time
temps de chien {m} [colloquial] :: filthy weather, dreadful weather, awful weather
temps libre {m} :: free time
temps mort {m} [sports] :: time-out (in sports)
temps mort {m} [computing] :: dead time
temps primitif {m} [linguistics, grammar] :: primitive tense
temps verbal {m} [grammar] :: tense
tenable {adj} :: tenable
tenace {adj} :: long-lasting
tenace {adj} :: tenacious, persistent
tenacement {adv} :: tenaciously, persistently
ténacité {f} :: tenacity
tenaille {f} :: pincer (tool)
tenailler {vt} :: to torture with pincers
tenailler {vt} :: to torment
tenancier {m} :: manager (of a hotel, restaurant etc)
tenancière {f} :: manager (female) (of a hotel etc); madam
tenants et aboutissants {mp} [plurale tantum, idiomatic] :: Everything connected to, all the ramifications of a situation
tenants et aboutissements {mp} [proscribed] :: alternative form of tenants et aboutissants
tendance {f} :: tendency, propensity
tendanciel {adj} :: underlying
tendanciel {adj} :: trending
tendanciellement {adv} :: trendingly
tendancieusement {adv} :: tendentiously
tendancieux {adj} :: tendentious
tendax {adj} [slang] :: risky, edgy
tendineux {adj} [anatomy] :: tendinous
tendinite {f} [pathology] :: tendinitis
tendon {m} :: tendon
tendon d'Achille {m} :: Achilles tendon (strong tendon in the calf of the leg)
tendre {adj} :: tender (soft, delicate)
tendre {vt} :: to tighten
tendre {vt} :: to stretch out
tendre {vi} [~ vers] :: to tend (to infinity)
tendre {vi} [~ vers] :: to strive (for)
tendre {vr} :: to become taut
tendre la perche {v} :: to throw someone a line, to give one a helping hand, to make it easier for someone
tendre la perche {v} :: to give the opportunity to somebody to talk about a given subject; to give someone an opening
tendre l'autre joue {v} [figuratively] :: to turn the other cheek
tendrement {adv} :: tenderly
tendresse {f} :: tenderness, state of being tender
tendre une perche {v} :: alternative form of tendre la perche
tendreur {f} :: tenderness
tendron {m} :: gristle
tendron {m} :: tendril, young shoot
tendron {m} :: lass
tendu {adj} :: tight; taut
tendu {adj} [of a person] :: tense, on edge
ténèbre {f} [rare] :: darkness
ténèbres {fp} [plurale tantum] :: darkness
ténèbres {fp} [plurale tantum] :: obscurity
ténébreusement {adv} :: tenebrously
ténébreux {adj} :: tenebrous; obscure; mysterious; stygian
ténébreux {adj} :: saturnine
tènement {m} :: tenure (right to hold land)
teneur {f} :: content, contents, tenor
teneur {f} :: tenor (musical part holding the main melody)
teneur {m} :: holder, especially a title holder
tengue {m} :: tenge (currency unit of Kazakhstan)
ténia {m} :: tapeworm
téniasis {m} :: taeniasis
tenir {vt} :: to have; to hold
tenir {vt} :: to keep
tenir {vi} :: to stay; to hold
tenir {vr} [uncommon] :: to hold on
tenir {vr} :: to hold oneself, to be standing
tenir {vr} :: to behave
tenir {vr} :: to maintain, remain in a certain position or disposition
tenir {v} [à] :: to be attached to something, to be fond of something, to hold something dear
tenir {vr} [Quebec, slang] :: to hang out
tenir à {v} :: to like, to be fond of
tenir à {v} :: to wish, to want, would like
tenir à l'œil {vt} :: to keep an eye on, to keep tabs on
tenir à quelque chose comme à la prunelle de ses yeux {v} [simile] :: to hold something very dear, to hold something close to one's heart
tenir au courant {vt} :: [de] to keep informed; to keep in the loop
tenir au jus {vt} [colloquial] :: [de] to keep informed; to keep in the loop
tenir compagnie {v} [à] :: to keep someone company
tenir compte {v} [de] :: to take into account, to factor in
tenir de {v} :: to take after, act similarly to
tenir debout {v} [colloquial] :: to hold water, to be valid, to make sense
tenir en compte {v} [nonstandard] :: to take into account
tenir en haleine {v} [figurative] :: to keep one on one's toes ; to keep someone in bated breath, to keep someone in a state of uncertainty, be it hopeful or fearful
tenir la chandelle {v} :: to be the third wheel, to play gooseberry
tenir la jambe {v} [à] :: [colloquial] to buttonhole somebody, to detain somebody, to keep talking to somebody so that they cannot leave
tenir la route {v} [figuratively] :: to hold water, to be valid, to make sense
tenir la route {v} :: [figuratively] to keep one's nose clean, to stick to the straight and narrow
tenir le coup {v} [nautical] :: to withstand the weather
tenir le coup {v} [idiomatic] :: to endure; to tough it out; to stick it out
tenir lieu {v} [de] :: to serve as, to act as a substitute for
tenir parole {v} :: to keep one's word
tenir rigueur {v} [formal] :: to blame someone for something, to hold something against someone, to hold a grudge
tenir sa langue {v} [figuratively] :: to hold one's tongue, to keep quiet
tenir tête {v} [à] :: to stand up to, to express objection
tennis {m} [usually uncountable] :: tennis
tennis {m} [countable, Europe, dated] :: sneaker
tennis de table {m} :: table tennis
tennisman {m} :: a male tennis player
tennistique {adj} :: Relating to tennis
tenniswoman {f} :: a female tennis player
ténois {adj} :: from the Northwest Territories
Ténois {m} :: Northwest Territorian (someone from the Northwest Territories)
Ténoise {f} :: feminine noun of Ténois
tenon {m} :: tenon
ténor {m} :: tenor
tenségrité {f} :: tensegrity
tenseur {m} :: tensor (all senses)
tensif {adj} :: tensive
tensioactif {m} :: surfactant
tensioactif {adj} :: surface-active
tensiomètre {m} :: tensiometer
tensiomètre {m} :: sphygmomanometer
tension {f} :: tension
tension {f} :: blood pressure
tension {f} :: voltage
tensoriel {adj} :: tensorial
tentaculaire {adj} :: tentacular
tentacule {m} :: tentacle
tentaculé {adj} :: tentacled
tentant {adj} :: tempting
tentateur {m} :: tempter
tentation {f} :: temptation
tentative {f} :: attempt, try, effort
tentatrice {f} :: temptress
tente {f} :: tent
tenter {v} :: to tempt
tenter {v} :: to try, risk
tenter le tout pour le tout {v} :: to go for broke
tenture {f} :: curtain
tenture {f} :: drape, drapery, (wall) hanging
tenture {f} :: fabric wall-covering
ténu {adj} :: tenuous
ténu {adj} :: thin, slender
tenue {f} :: maintenance, upkeep
tenue {f} :: running (of a shop)
tenue {f} [music] :: holding, sustaining (of a note)
tenue {f} :: manners, (good) behaviour (UK) / behavior (US)
tenue {f} :: quality, standard
tenue {f} :: posture
tenue {f} [finance] :: performance
tenue {f} :: dress, appearance
tenue de route {f} :: roadholding
ténuement {adv} :: tenuously
ténuité {f} :: subtlety
ténuité {f} :: tenuity
ténûment {adv} :: tenuously
tenure {f} [historical] :: tenure (right to hold land under the feudal system)
téorbe {m} :: alternative form of théorbe
tépale {m} [botany] :: tepal
téphra {m} [geology] :: tephra, pyroclast
tépide {adj} [archaic or literary] :: tepid, lukewarm
tépidité {f} :: tepidity, tepidness
tequila {f} :: tequila (beverage)
TER {initialism} :: Transport express régional, the brand name of the French train company SNCF for intra-regional travel
téra- {prefix} :: tera-
téra {m} :: terabyte
téraélectronvolt {m} :: teraelectron volt
terafim {m} :: teraphim (idol; household god)
téraflop {m} [computing] :: teraflop
téragone {m} [maths] :: teragon
térakatal {m} :: terakatal
Teramo {prop} :: Teramo (province)
Teramo {prop} :: Teramo (town)
téraoctet {m} [computing] :: terabyte
tératogène {adj} [pathology] :: teratogenic
tératogenèse {f} [teratology] :: teratogenesis
tératogénétique {adj} [teratology] :: teratogenic, teratogenetic
tératologie {m} :: teratology
térawatt {m} :: terawatt
térawattheure {m} :: terrawatt-hour
terbate {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: terbate
terbium {m} :: terbium
tercer {vt} :: to plough a third time
térébenthène {m} :: terebenthene
térébenthine {f} :: turpentine
térébinthe {m} :: terebinth
térébrant {adj} :: terebrant, piercing, boring, perforating
téréphtalate {m} [organic chemistry] :: terephthalate
téréphtalique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: terephthalic
tergiversation {f} :: Delays in providing a clear answer caused by hesitations or an outright unwillingness to be forthright
tergiverser {v} :: to delay answering or deciding with excuses
tergiverser {v} :: to hesitate at length
terme {m} :: term (condition)
terme {m} :: term (length of time)
terme technique {m} :: technical term
terminaison {f} :: end
terminaison {f} :: ending
terminal {adj} :: terminal
terminal {m} :: terminal
terminateur {m} :: terminator (all meanings)
terminatif {m} [grammar] :: the terminative case
terminer {vi} :: to end; to finish; to terminate
terminer {vt} :: to end, to bring to an end, to finish
terminologie {f} :: terminology (terms used in any business, art, etc)
terminologique {adj} :: terminological
terminologue {mf} :: terminologist
terminus {m} :: terminus
termite {mf} :: termite (white-bodied, wood-consuming insect)
termitière {f} :: termite nest; anthill
termoléculaire {adj} [chemistry] :: termolecular
ternaire {adj} :: ternary
terne {adj} :: dull; colourless; drab
terne {m} [obsolete] :: trinity, gathering of three people
terne {m} [backgammon, dice] :: double-three
terne {m} [bingo] :: three in a row
Terni {prop} :: Terni (province)
Terni {prop} :: Terni (town)
ternir {v} :: to tarnish (metal), fade (material)
ternir {v} :: to tarnish (reputation etc.)
ternissement {m} :: tarnishing
ternissement {m} :: fading
terpène {m} [organic chemistry] :: terpene
terpénique {adj} :: terpenic
terpénoïde {m} [organic chemistry] :: terpenoid
terpinéol {m} [organic compound] :: terpineol
terpinole {f} [organic compound] :: terpinol
terraformage {m} :: terraforming (planetary engineering)
terraformation {f} :: terraforming (planetary engineering)
terrain {m} :: ground, landscape
terrain {m} :: field (as in soccer field)
terrain {m} :: lot, plot, parcel
terrain de jeu {m} :: playground
terrain de jeu {m} :: pitch, court (place where a sporting event takes place)
terrain vague {m} :: vacant lot
terrarium {m} :: terrarium
terrasse {f} :: terrace
terrassement {m} :: earthworks
terrassement {m} :: embankment
terrasser {vt} :: to fortify or buttress with a mound of earth
terrasser {vt} :: to bring down, strike down (cause to fall to the ground)
terrasser {vt} :: to overcome, conquer
terrassier {m} :: navvy (road worker)
terrassière {f} :: feminine noun of terrassier
terre {f} :: earth; soil
terre {f} :: land, property (delimited area)
Terre {prop} {f} :: the Earth (planet)
terre à terre {adj} :: down-to-earth
terreau {m} :: loam, compost
terreau {m} [figuratively] :: breeding ground, hotbed
terreauter {v} :: to compost
terreauter {v} :: to loam
terre cuite {f} :: terracotta, terra cotta
Terre de Feu {prop} {f} :: Tierra del Fuego
terre diatomée {f} :: diatomaceous earth
terre ferme {f} :: terra firma
terre-neuve {m} :: Newfoundland terrier
Terre-Neuve {prop} {f} :: Newfoundland, the former name of a province in Canada
Terre-Neuve {prop} {f} :: Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador, (Newfoundland and Labrador,) a province in Canada
Terre-Neuve {prop} {f} :: Île de Terre-Neuve, (Newfoundland Island) an island in eastern Canada
Terre-Neuve {prop} {f} [obsolete] :: Terre Neuve, (Dominion of Newfoundland) a former country in extreme eastern North America
Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador {prop} {mp} :: Newfoundland and Labrador, a province in Canada
terre-neuvien {adj} :: Newfoundlander (relating to Newfoundland)
terreneuvien {m} :: Terreneuvian (Newfoundland French), a dialect of French found on the Island of Newfoundland, in Canada; on the French Shore
Terreneuvien {m} :: Terreneuvian, the oldest stratigraphic series in the Cambrian geographic period
Terre-Neuvien {m} :: Newfoundlander (someone from Newfoundland)
Terre-Neuvien {m} :: native or inhabitant of Newfoundland and Labrador
Terre-Neuvien-et-Labradorien {m} :: native or inhabitant of Newfoundland and Labrador
Terre-Neuvienne {f} :: feminine noun of Terre-Neuvien
Terre-Neuvienne-et-Labradorienne {f} :: feminine noun of Terre-Neuvien-et-Labradorien
terre-plein {m} :: traffic island, central reservation
terre promise {f} :: the Promised Land (Israel)
terre promise {f} [figuratively] :: a Promised Land, a promised land
terrer {vt} [agriculture] :: to spread with soil
terrer {vp} :: to crouch down, flatten oneself
terrer {vp} :: to lie low, hide; to go to ground; to hole up
Terre Sainte {prop} {f} :: Holy Land
terrestre {adj} :: earthly (relating to earth of soil)
terrestre {adj} :: earthly (to the Earth)
terrestrement {adv} :: terrestrially
terreur {f} :: terror
terreur {f} [music] :: terrorcore
terreux {adj} :: earthy
terrible {adj} [all senses] :: terrible
terrible {adj} [colloquial] :: great, excellent
terriblement {adv} :: terribly; in a way that is terrible
terriblement {adv} :: much; a lot
terrien {adj} [attributive] :: land, earth
terrien {adj} :: earthly (relating to the Earth)
terrien {adj} :: possessing land, earth
terrien {m} :: Earthling (inhabitant of the planet Earth)
terrien {m} :: landlubber
terrienne {f} :: feminine noun of terrien
terrier {adj} [archaic] :: relating to the ground, earth or land
terrier {adj} :: enumerating seignorial rights, notably in livre terrier (a register of land)
terrier {m} :: hole
terrier {m} :: (fox's) earth; (rabbit) hole or burrow; (badger's) sett
terrier {m} :: terrier (dog)
terrifiant {adj} :: terrifying
terrifier {v} :: to terrify
terrigène {adj} [geology] :: terrigenous
terril {m} :: slag heap
terrine {f} :: terrine (dish)
terrine {f} :: terrine (pâté)
territoire {m} :: territory
territoire {m} :: country
Territoires du Nord-Ouest {prop} {mp} :: Northwest Territories
territorial {adj} :: territorial
territorial {m} :: territorial
territorialement {adv} :: territorially
territorialisation {f} :: territorialization
territorialiser {v} :: To territorialize
territorialité {f} :: territoriality
terroir {m} :: soil
terroir {m} :: land, landscape, country
terroriser {v} :: to terrorize, terrify
terrorisme {m} :: terrorism
terroriste {mf} :: terrorist
terser {v} :: alternative spelling of tercer
tertiaire {adj} :: tertiary
tertiariser {v} :: To become increasingly dependent on the tertiary sector
tertipare {adj} :: tertiparous
tertre {m} :: butte; mound
t'es {contraction} :: contraction of te es
t'es {contraction} [nonstandard, colloquial] :: contraction of tu es you're
tes {determiner} [possessive] :: Your (When referring to a plural noun)
tesla {m} :: tesla
tesselé {adj} :: tessellated
tessellation {f} :: tessellation
tesseller {v} :: To tessellate
Tessier {prop} :: surname
tesson {m} :: shard (piece of broken glass or pottery)
tesson {m} :: European badger (Meles meles)
test {m} :: test, a cupel or cupelling hearth in which precious metals are melted for trial and refinement
test {m} [marine biology] :: test, the external calciferous shell, or endoskeleton, of an echinoderm
test {m} :: a test, a tryout, a review
testament {m} :: testament, last will
testamentaire {adj} :: testamentary
testateur {m} [legal] :: testator
testatrice {f} :: feminine noun of testateur
teste {f} :: obsolete spelling of tête
tester {v} :: to test
tester {v} [law] :: to write one's will
testeur {m} :: tester (person, device (masculine only))
testeuse {f} :: feminine noun of testeur
testiculaire {adj} :: testicular
testicule {m} :: testicle
testimonial {adj} :: testimonial
testimonialement {adv} :: testimonially
testostérone {f} :: testosterone
têt {m} :: Tet
tétanie {f} :: tetany
tétanique {adj} :: tetanic; [attributive] tetanus
tétaniser {v} :: to tetanize
tétaniser {v} [usually in the past participle] :: to petrify, to scare stiff
tétanos {m} [disease] :: tetanus
têtard {m} :: tadpole (larva of the frog or toad)
tété {m} :: titty (breast)
tête {f} :: head (part of the body)
tête {f} :: head (leader)
tête {f} [soccer] :: header
tête {f} [colloquial] :: a bright spark, a quick study
tête à claques {f} [idiomatic] :: pain in the neck, blighter (a person so annoying that he or she might deserve to be slapped)
tête-à-queue {m} [driving] :: a spin, an instance of spinning round
tête-à-tête {m} :: tête-à-tête, head-to-head
tête à Toto {f} :: zero
tête à Toto {f} [prostitution] :: a prostitute who has not had a single client (who has had zero clients)
tête-bêche {adv} [of two people or objects] :: head to toe, top to tail, head-to-tail
tête-bêche {m} :: A pair of tête-bêche stamps
tête blonde {f} [affectionate] :: little child, little kid, little nipper
tête brûlée {f} :: daredevil, adrenaline junkie, foolhardy person
tête carrée {f} [dated, familiar, figurative] :: Stubborn, pigheaded, or hardheaded man
tête carrée {f} [Quebec, pejorative] :: Anglophone (especially from an Anglophone part of Canada)
tête d'affiche {f} :: top of the bill
tête de cul {f} [vulgar] :: fuckface
tête de linotte {f} :: bird-brain
tête de linotte {f} :: scatterbrain
tête de mort {f} :: skull and crossbones (symbol of death)
tête de nœud {f} [pejorative, vulgar] :: dickhead (unintelligent person)
tête de Turc {f} [colloquial] :: whipping boy, fall guy, patsy
tête-de-violon {f} [food] :: fiddlehead (fern)
teter {v} [obsolete] :: alternative form of téter
téter {v} :: to suckle (on a mother's teat)
téter {v} [Quebec, colloquial] :: to brownnose
tétère {f} [slang] :: noggin, bonce
téteuse {f} :: feminine singular of téteux
téteux {m} [Quebec, colloquial] :: fussy person
téteux {m} [Quebec, colloquial] :: brownnoser, bootlicker
tetherine {f} :: tetherin
têtière {f} :: headstall
tétin {m} :: nipple
tétin {m} [literary] :: breast
tétine {f} :: teat (of a cow or trout)
tétine {f} :: teat (of a woman)
tétine {f} :: teat (of a baby's bottle)
tétine {f} :: dummy, pacifier
téton {m} :: nipple (usually human)
téton {m} [slang] :: tit, boob
tétoum {m} :: Tetum (language)
tétra- {prefix} :: tetra-
tétraacétate {m} [chemistry] :: tetraacetate
tétraazidométhane {m} [organic compound] :: tetraazidomethane
tétraborate {m} :: tetraborate
tétracaïne {f} :: tetracaine
tétracarboxylique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: tetracarboxylic
tétracène {m} [organic compound] :: tetracene
tétrachloroéthène {m} [organic compound] :: tetrachloroethene
tétrachloroéthylène {m} [organic compound] :: tetrachloroethylene
tétrachlorométhane {m} [organic compound] :: tetrachloromethane
tétrachlorure {m} [chemistry] :: tetrachloride
tétrachorique {adj} [statistics] :: tetrachoric
tétrachromate {adj} :: tetrachromatic
tétrachromatie {f} :: tetrachromacy
tétracontane {m} [organic compound] :: tetracontane
tétracosane {m} [organic compound] :: tetracosane
tétracosanoïque {adj} [organic chemistry] :: tetracosanoic
tétractique {adj} [maths] :: tetractic, quadrate
tétracycline {f} :: tetracycline (all senses)
tétracyclique {adj} :: tetracyclic
tétradactyle {adj} :: tetradactyl
tétrade {f} :: tetrad
tétradécane {m} [organic compound] :: tetradecane
tétradécanoïque {adj} [organic chemistry] :: tetradecanoic
tétradécanoyl {m} [organic chemistry] :: tetradecanoyl
tétradécénoïque {adj} [organic chemistry] :: tetradecenoic
tétradenté {adj} [chemistry] :: tetradentate
tétradium {m} [physics] :: quadrium
tétradymite {f} [mineral] :: tetradymite
tétraédral {adj} :: tetrahedral
tétraèdre {m} :: tetrahedron (polyhedron)
tétraédrique {adj} :: tetrahedral
tétraédrite {f} [mineral] :: tetrahedrite
tetraène {m} [organic chemistry] :: tetraene
tétraéthyle {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: tetraethyl
tétraéthylplomb {m} [organic compound] :: tetraethyllead
tétrafluoroéthylène {m} [organic compound] :: tetrafluoroethylene
tétrafluorure {f} [chemistry] :: tetrafluoride
tétragonal {adj} :: tetragonal
tétragone {m} :: tetragon
tétragone {adj} :: tetragonal
tétragramme {m} :: tetragram
tétragramme {m} :: Tetragrammaton (The four Hebrew letters יהוה used as the ineffable name of God)
tétrahydrique {adj} [chemistry] :: tetrahydric
tétrahydrocannabinol {m} :: tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
tétrahydrofurane {m} [organic compound] :: tetrahydrofuran
tétrahydrofuranne {m} [organic compound] :: alternative form of tétrahydrofurane
tétrahydronaphtalène {m} [organic compound] :: tetrahydronaphthalene
tétrahydropyrane {m} [organic compound] :: tetrahydropyran
tétrahydruroaluminate de lithium {m} :: lithium aluminium hydride
tétraiodométhane {m} [organic compound] :: tetraiodomethane, carbon tetraiodide
tétraiodure {m} [chemistry] :: tetraiodide
tétraline {f} [organic compound] :: tetralin
tétralogie {f} :: tetralogy (a series of four related works)
tétramère {m} [biology, chemistry] :: tetramer
tétramérique {adj} [chemistry] :: tetrameric
tétramériser {v} :: To tetramerize
tétraméthylammonium {m} [chemistry] :: tetramethylammonium
tétraméthyléthylènediamine {m} [organic compound] :: tetramethylethylenediamine
tétramorphe {adj} :: tetramorphic
tétraol {m} [organic chemistry] :: tetrol
tétraoxane {m} [organic compound] :: tetraoxane
tétraoxyde {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: tetroxide
tétraphénylène {m} [organic compound] :: tetraphenylene
tétrapilectomie {f} [surgery] :: tetrapilectomy
tétraplégie {f} :: tetraplegia, quadriplegia (paralysis of all four limbs)
tétraplégique {adj} :: tetraplegic
tétrapolaire {adj} :: tetrapolar, quadripolar
tétraquark {m} [physics] :: tetraquark
tétrarchie {f} :: tetrarchy
tétrarchique {adj} :: tetrarchic
tétrarque {m} :: tetrarch
tétras {m} :: grouse, black grouse
tétraterpène {m} [organic chemistry] :: tetraterpene
tétrathionate {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: tetrathionate
tétratomique {adj} :: tetratomic
tétratriacontane {m} [organic compound] :: tetratriacontane
tétratriacontanoïque {adj} [organic chemistry] :: tetratriacontanoic
tétravalence {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: tetravalence / tetravalency
tétravalent {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: tetravalent
tétraxénon {m} [inorganic chemistry, especially in combination] :: tetraxenon
tétrazine {m} [organic compound] :: tetrazine
tétrazole {m} [organic compound] :: tetrazole
tétrose {m} :: tetrose
tétroxyde {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: tetroxide
tette {f} :: nipple (of an animal)
têtu {adj} :: stubborn
têtu comme une mule {adj} [simile] :: stubborn as a mule
teub {f} [slang, vulgar] :: dick
teubé {f} :: dumb; stupid
teubé {adj} :: dummy; dimwit
teuf {f} [slang] :: party, do
teufeur {m} [slang] :: raver (person who attends rave parties)
teufeuse {f} :: feminine noun of teufeur
teuf-teuf {f} :: An old or decrepit car
teuk {m} [slang, verlan, backslang] :: thing
teukeu {m} [backslang, slang, verlan] :: thing
teushi {m} [verlan] :: hashish
teutonique {adj} :: Teutonic
texan {adj} :: Texan, of or relating to Texas, USA
Texas {prop} {m} :: Texas (state)
texel {m} :: texel
texien {adj} [Louisiana French, ] :: Texan
Texien {m} [Louisiana French, ] :: Texan
texte {m} :: text (piece of writing)
texte {m} :: original, as opposed to translation
texte {m} [telecommunications] :: text, SMS
texte {m} :: lines (for a play, film etc.)
textile {adj} :: textile
textile {m} :: textile, fabric
texto {adv} [colloquial abbreviation of textuellement] :: literally, word for word
texto {m} [colloquial] :: text (SMS message)
textualité {f} :: textuality
textuel {adj} :: textual
textuellement {adv} :: literally
textuellement {adv} :: verbatim
textulaire {adj} [anatomy] :: tissular, histological
texture {f} :: texture
texturé {adj} :: textured
tézigue {pron} [slang] :: You (second-person singular personal pronoun)
TFC {initialism} [soccer] :: Toulouse Football Club, a French football (soccer) club from Toulouse
TFC {initialism} [soccer] :: Toronto FC, a Canadian soccer club from Toronto
tfk {phrase} [internet slang, text messaging] :: what're you doing
tg {interj} [internet slang, colloquial, vulgar] :: abbreviation of ta gueule
thaborite {mf} :: Taborite
Thach {prop} :: surname
Thaddée {prop} :: Thaddaeus (Biblical figure)
Thaddée {prop} [rare] :: given name
Thadée {prop} {m} :: Thaddaeus (male given name)
thaï {m} :: Thai (language)
thaï {adj} :: Thai (pertaining to the Thai languages or people)
Thaï {m} :: Thai person
Thaïe {f} :: feminine noun of Thaï
thaïlandais {adj} :: Thai
Thaïlandais {m} :: a Thailander
Thaïlandaise {f} :: feminine noun of Thaïlandais
Thaïlande {prop} {f} :: Thailand
Thaïs {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Thais
thalassémie {f} :: thalassemia
thalassémique {adj} :: thalassemic
thalassocratie {f} :: thalassocracy
thalassothérapie {f} :: thalassotherapy (medecine)
thalassothermie {f} :: thalassothermy
thaler {m} :: alternative spelling of taler
Thalès {prop} {m} :: Thales
thalidomide {f} [pharmaceutical drug] :: thalidomide
thalle {m} :: thallus
thallium {m} :: thallium
thanatologie {f} :: thanatology
thanatologique {adj} :: thanatological
thanatophobie {f} :: thanatophobia
thanatopraxie {f} :: embalming
Thanétien {prop} {m} :: Thanetian period
thatchérisme {m} :: Thatcherism
thaumaturge {m} :: thaumaturge
thaumaturgie {f} :: thaumaturgy
thaumaturgique {adj} :: thaumaturgic
Thauvin {prop} :: surname
thé {m} :: tea (especially made from leaves of the tea plant)
théâtral {adj} :: theatrical [all meanings]
théâtralement {adv} :: theatrically
théâtralisme {m} :: theatricality, histrionics, melodrama
théâtralité {f} :: theatricality
théâtre {m} :: theatre (venue for performing plays and drama)
théâtre {m} [Louisiana French] :: a movie theater
théâtreuse {f} :: A woman who is passionate about the theatre
théâtreuse {f} :: An actress, especially an amateur or one of limited ability
théâtreux {m} :: A person who is passionate about the theatre
théâtreux {m} :: An actor, especially an amateur or one of limited ability
théâtrophone {m} :: Théâtrophone
thé au lait {m} :: milk tea
thébaïde {f} :: (solitary) retreat
thébain {adj} :: Theban
thécal {adj} :: thecal
Thècle {prop} {f} [rare] :: given name, cognate to English Thecla
thé dansant {m} :: A dance, an organized event or party with dancing; a tea dance
théier {m} :: Camellia sinensis, tea tree
théière {f} :: teapot
théine {f} [organic compound] :: theine
théisme {m} [countable] :: theism (a belief in a deity or deities)
théisme {m} [uncountable, pathology] :: theism (a morbid condition resulting from excessive consumption of tea)
théiste {mf} :: theist
théiste {adj} :: theistic
théistique {adj} :: theistic
thélygène {adj} [biology] :: thelygenous
thélytoque {adj} [biology] :: thelytokous
thématique {adj} :: thematic
thématique {f} :: structured group of themes
thématiquement {adv} :: thematically
thème {m} :: theme, topic
thème {m} :: a translation from one's mother tongue to another language; the opposite exercise of the version. Often used in Classical Studies (thème latin, thème grec)
Thémistocle {prop} {m} [Ancient Greece] :: Themistocles
thénar {m} [anatomy] :: thenar
thé noir {m} :: black tea
théo- {prefix} :: theo-
Théo {prop} :: given name, cognate to Theo; popular in the 1990s and the 2000s
théobrome {m} :: synonym of cacaoyer
théobromine {f} [organic compound] :: theobromine
théocratie {f} :: theocracy
théocratique {adj} :: theocratic
théocratiquement {adv} :: theocratically
Théocrite {prop} {m} :: Theocritus
théodicée {f} :: theodicy
théodolite {m} :: theodolite
Théodore {prop} :: given name, cognate to Theodore
Théodore {prop} :: A surname derived from the given name
théogonie {f} [religion] :: theogony
théologal {adj} :: theological
théologalement {adv} :: theologically
théologie {f} :: theology
théologien {m} :: theologian
théologienne {f} :: feminine noun of théologien
théologique {adj} :: theological
théologiquement {adv} :: theologically
théologiser {v} :: theologize
Théomneste {prop} {m} [Ancient Greece] :: Theomnestus
théonyme {m} :: theonym
Théophile {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Theophilus (addressee in the New Testament)
Théophile {prop} {m} :: given name
Théophraste {prop} {m} :: Theophrastus
théophylline {f} [pharmacology] :: theophylline
théopneustie {f} :: divine inspiration
Théopompe {prop} {m} [Ancient Greece] :: Theopompus
théorbe {m} [musical instruments] :: theorbo
théorème {m} :: theorem (proved mathematical statement)
théorème de Pythagore {m} [geometry, functional analysis] :: the Pythagorean theorem
théorétique {adj} :: theoretic
théoricien {m} :: theoretician, theorist
théoricienne {f} :: feminine singular of théoricien
théorie {f} :: theory
théorie {f} :: (archaic) solemn or sacred procession or embassy, especially in ancient Greece
théorie {f} :: (archaic) procession ; group of people moving in single file ; row, line
théorie du complot {f} :: conspiracy theory
théorique {adj} :: theoretical
théoriquement {adv} :: theoretically
théorisation {f} :: theorisation
théoriser {v} :: to theorize
théosophe {mf} [dated] :: A theologian.
théosophe {mf} :: A theosophist.
théosophie {f} [religion] :: theosophy
théosophique {adj} :: theosophic (of, or relating to theosophy)
thèque {f} [biology] :: theca
Théramène {prop} {m} [Ancient Greece] :: Theramenes
thérapeute {mf} :: therapist
thérapeutique {adj} :: therapeutic
thérapeutique {f} :: Field of medicine that studies and applies treatments
thérapeutique {f} [medicine] :: Set of processes involved in a specific treatment
thérapeutiquement {adv} :: therapeutically
théraphim {m} :: teraphim
thérapie {f} :: therapy
thérapie génique {f} :: gene therapy
thérapiste {mf} [rare] :: therapist
thérébinthe {m} :: alternative form of térébinthe
thérémine {m} [musical instruments] :: theremin
Thérèse {prop} :: given name, equivalent to the English-language Teresa
thérésien {adj} :: Teresian (Relating to, or characteristic of Thérèse d'Avila)
thérianthropie {f} :: therianthropy
thériaque {f} :: theriac
Thériault {prop} :: surname
thérien {m} :: therian
thermal {adj} :: thermal
thermalisme {m} :: hydrotherapy (use of hot springs)
therme {m} :: therma (Roman hot bath)
thermidor {m} [historical] :: Thermidor (the eleventh month of the French Republican Calendar)
thermidorien {adj} [historical] :: Thermidorian
-thermique {suffix} :: -thermic; -thermal
thermique {adj} :: thermic, thermal
thermiquement {adv} :: thermally
thermiser {vt} :: to heat a food product at temperatures lower than those required for pasteurization
thermistance {f} [physics] :: thermistor
thermo- {prefix} :: heat
thermoacoustique {adj} [physics] :: thermoacoustic
thermoacoustique {f} [physics] :: thermoacoustics
thermocautère {m} [surgery] :: thermocautery
thermochimie {f} [chemistry] :: thermochemistry
thermochimique {adj} :: thermochemical
thermochroïque {adj} [physics] :: thermochroic
thermocline {f} [geography] :: thermocline
thermodurcissable {adj} :: thermosetting
thermodynamique {f} :: thermodynamic
thermodynamiquement {adv} :: thermodynamically
thermoélastique {adj} [physics] :: thermoelastic
thermoélectricité {f} [physics] :: thermoelectricity
thermoélectrique {adj} :: thermoelectric
thermoformage {m} :: thermoforming
thermoformé {adj} :: thermoformed
thermogenèse {f} :: thermogenesis
thermographie {f} :: thermography
thermoïonique {adj} [physics] :: thermionic
thermolabile {adj} :: thermolabile
thermolyse {f} :: thermolysis
thermomagnétique {adj} [physics] :: thermomagnetic
thermomagnétisme {m} [physics] :: thermomagnetism
thermomécanique {adj} [physics] :: thermomechanical
thermomètre {m} :: thermometer
thermométrique {adj} :: thermometric
thermonucléaire {adj} [physics] :: thermonuclear
thermophile {adj} [biology] :: thermophilous, thermophilic
thermoplastique {adj} :: thermoplastic
thermoplastique {m} :: thermoplastic
thermopompe {f} :: heat pump
thermorécepteur {m} :: thermoreceptor
thermorégulateur {adj} :: thermoregulatory
thermorégulation {f} :: thermoregulation (the maintenance of a constant internal temperature of an organism)
thermorégulé {adj} :: thermoregulated
thermos {m} :: thermos
thermosenseur {m} :: thermosensor
thermosensible {adj} :: thermosensitive
thermosphère {f} :: thermosphere (layer of the Earth's atmosphere)
thermostabilité {f} :: thermostability
thermostable {adj} :: thermostable
thermostat {m} :: thermostat
thermostat {m} [cooking] :: gas mark
thermostatique {adj} :: thermostatic
thermovinification {f} :: thermovinification
théropode {m} :: theropod
thésard {m} :: doctoral student
thésarde {f} :: feminine noun of thésard
thésaurisation {f} :: hoarding (of money, possessions)
thésauriser {v} [money] :: To hoard
thésaurus {m} :: thesaurus
thèse {f} :: thesis, essay, dissertation
thèse {f} :: supposition, theory
thèse {f} :: argument, thesis
thesmothète {m} [historical, Ancient Greece] :: thesmothete
thessalien {adj} :: Thessalian
thessalonicien {adj} :: Thessalonian
Thessalonicien {prop} :: Thessalonian
Thessaloniciens {prop} :: Thessalonians
Thessalonique {prop} :: Thessaloniki, Salonika
thêta {m} :: theta (Greek letter)
Theux {prop} :: A town in Wallonia, Belgium
thé vert {m} :: green tea (drink)
thiaméthoxame {m} :: thiamethoxam
thiazine {m} [organic compound] :: thiazine
thiazyle {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: thiazyl
Thibaud {prop} :: given name, variant spelling Thibault
Thibaud {prop} :: surname
thibaude {f} :: underlay (under a carpet)
Thibault {prop} :: given name
Thibault {prop} :: surname
Thibaut {prop} :: alt form Thibault, given name
Thibaut {prop} :: surname
Thibeau {prop} :: surname
thibétain {adj} :: alternative form of tibétain
Thibodaux {prop} :: surname
Thibodeau {prop} :: surname
Thibodeaux {prop} :: surname
thiépane {m} [organic compound] :: thiepane
thiépine {m} [organic compound] :: thiepine
Thierry {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Derek
Thierry {prop} :: surname
thiétane {m} [organic compound] :: thietane
thiète {m} [organic compound] :: thiete
thigmomorphogénèse {f} [biology] :: thigmomorphogenesis
thigmotropisme {m} [biology] :: thigmotropism
thiirène {m} [organic compound] :: thiirene
Thimphou {prop} {m} :: Thimphu
thioacétamide {m} [organic compound] :: thioacetamide
thiocarbonyle {m} [organic chemistry] :: thiocarbonyl
thioéther {m} [organic chemistry] :: thioether
thiofène {m} [organic compound] :: alternative form of thiophène
thiolactique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: thiolactic
thiolé {adj} [organic chemistry] :: thiolated
thionyle {m} [organic chemistry, especially in combination] :: thionyl
thiophène {m} [organic compound] :: thiophene
thiorédoxine {f} [protein] :: thioredoxin
thiourée {f} [organic compound] :: thiourea
thixotropie {f} :: thixotropy
thixotropique {adj} :: thixotropic
thoïonade {f} [very, rare] :: a traditional Provençal dish consisting of tuna, capers, garlic, olive oil and other ingredients
Thomas {prop} {m} :: Thomas (biblical figure)
Thomas {prop} {m} :: given name of biblical origin
Thomas {prop} {m} :: surname
thomisme {m} :: Thomism
thon {m} :: tuna
thon {m} [pejorative] :: an ugly woman
thonaire {m} [fishing] :: tuna net
thonier {m} :: any boat used for tuna fishing
thonier {adj} :: relating to tuna or tuna fishing
thon rouge {m} :: bluefin tuna
thoracique {adj} :: thoracic
thoraciquement {adv} :: thoracically
thorate {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: thorate
Thoraux {prop} :: surname
thorax {m} :: thorax
thorine {f} [inorganic compound] :: thoria
thorinium {m} :: synonym of thorium
thorique {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: thoric
thorium {m} :: thorium
Thrace {prop} {f} :: Thrace (historical region of Europe)
Thrasymaque {prop} {m} [historical, Ancient Greece] :: Thrasymachus (an Ancient Greek given name)
thread {m} [anglicism, computing] :: Thread
thread {m} [anglicism, internet] :: Thread
thréonine {f} [amino acid] :: threonine
thréose {m} [carbohydrate] :: threose
thriller {m} :: thriller
thrombocyte {m} [hematology, cytology] :: platelet, thrombocyte
thrombose {f} :: thrombosis
thrombospondine {f} [protein] :: thrombospondin
thrombus {m} :: thrombus
Thucydide {prop} {m} [Ancient Greece] :: Thucydides (a fifth century BCE historian)
thulate {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: thulate
thulium {m} :: thulium
thune {f} [slang] :: cash, dosh (money)
thune {f} [slang, Switzerland, obsolete in France] :: a coin worth five francs
thune {f} [slang, obsolete] :: alms
thuriféraire {m} :: thurifer (acolyte who carries a thurible)
thuriféraire {m} :: sycophant
thurifère {adj} :: thuriferous
Thuringe {prop} {f} :: Thuringia
thurne {f} :: hovel
thuya {m} :: thuya
thuyone {f} [organic compound] :: thujone
Thyatire {prop} :: Thyatira
thylakoïde {m} [cytology] :: thylakoid
thym {m} :: thyme
thymèle {f} :: A type of daphne (Daphne gnidium
thymélée {f} :: alternative form of thymèle
thymique {adj} :: thymic
thymorégulateur {f} [medicine] :: thymoregulator (mood stabilizer)
thyratron {m} :: thyratron
thyroglobuline {f} [protein] :: thyroglobulin
thyroïde {adj} :: thyroid (attributive)
thyroïde {f} :: thyroid (gland)
thyroïdectomie {f} [surgery] :: thyroidectomy
thyroïdien {adj} :: thyroid (attributive)
thyrse {m} :: thyrsus
thyrse {m} :: thyrse
thysanoure {m} :: thysanuran
tian {m} :: tian, cooking-pot
tiare {f} :: tiara
Tibère {prop} :: Tiberius
Tibériade {prop} {f} :: Tiberias (a town in Galilee)
Tibet {prop} {m} :: Tibet
tibétain {adj} :: Tibetan
tibétain {m} :: Tibetan (the language)
Tibétain {m} :: Tibetan (someone from Tibet)
Tibétaine {f} :: feminine noun of Tibétain
tibétologie {f} :: Tibetology
tibétologique {adj} :: Tibetological
tibétologue {mf} :: Tibetologist
tibia {m} :: shin
tibia {m} :: tibia, shinbone
tibial {adj} [anatomy] :: tibial
tibouren {m} :: A Provençal grape variety used especially for the production of rosé wine
Tibre {prop} {m} :: Tiber (river)
ticket {m} :: ticket (admission, pass)
ticket {m} :: receipt
ticket {m} [Quebec] :: ticket (traffic citation)
ticket-restaurant {m} :: meal ticket
tic-tac {m} :: Sound of a mechanism, ticktock
tictac {m} :: alternative spelling of tic-tac
tictaquer {vi} :: to tick (away)
tiédasse {adj} :: warmish
tiède {adj} :: tepid, lukewarm
tièdement {adv} :: coolly, tepidly, half-heartedly
tiédeur {f} :: tepidity, lukewarmness, halfheartedness
tiédir {vi} :: to become lukewarm
tien {adj} [archaic] :: your; belonging to you [singular]
tiens {interj} :: used to show uncertainty like, you know
tiens {interj} :: used to show surprise
tiens {interj} :: used to show emphasis
tiens {interj} :: said when giving something to someone here
tiens donc {interj} [colloquial] :: oh really? well, well, well! well, well!
tierce {f} [music] :: third
tierce {f} :: terce
tiercé {adj} [heraldry] :: Divided into three equal parts of three different tinctures; said of an escutcheon
tiercer {v} :: alternative spelling of tercer
tiers {adj} :: third-party
tiers {adj} :: third
tiers {m} :: third
tiers-monde {m} :: Third World (developing countries)
tiers-mondisme {m} [politics] :: Third-Worldism
tiers-mondiste {adj} :: Third-Worldist
tif {m} [colloquial] :: hair
tifinagh {adj} :: Tifinagh (attributive)
tifinagh {m} :: Tifinagh (alphabet or character)
tige {f} :: stem (of a plant etc.)
tige {f} :: sapling
tige {f} :: shank
tige {f} [dated] :: ciggie, cig, fag, smoke
tigidou {adj} [Quebec, colloquial] :: Variant spelling of tiguidou
tignasse {f} [pejorative] :: ugly, unkempt mop of hair
tigre {m} :: tiger
Tigre {prop} {m} :: Tigris (river)
tigré {adj} :: striped
tigré {adj} :: tabby
tigre à dents de sabre {m} :: sabre-toothed tiger
tigre de papier {m} [figuratively] :: paper tiger
tigrer {v} :: to stripe (as a tiger)
tigresse {f} :: feminine noun of tigre; tigress
tigresse {f} [figuratively] :: a fierce, brave, jealous or passionate woman
Tigres tamouls {prop} {mp} :: Tamil Tigers
tigrigna {m} :: Tigrinya (language)
tigrinya {m} :: alternative form of tigrigna
tiguidou {adj} [Quebec, colloquial] :: A-okay, just peachy, perfectly fine
tiki-taka {f} [soccer] :: tiki-taka
tilbury {m} [historical] :: tilbury
tilde {m} :: tilde
tillac {m} [nautical, historical] :: upper deck
tilleul {m} :: linden, lime (tree)
tiltmètre {m} :: tiltmeter
timbale {f} [music] :: kettledrum; timpani
timbale {f} :: (metal) cup, goblet
timbale {f} [cooking] :: timbale (mould)
timbrage {m} :: stamping (marking with a stamp)
timbre {m} :: small bell
timbre {m} [postage] :: stamp, postage stamp
timbre {m} :: stamp (mark)
timbre {m} [music] :: timbre
timbré {adj} :: stamped
timbré {adj} :: loony, barmy, nuts
timbre-poste {m} :: postage stamp; stamp
timbre-poste {m} [figuratively] :: postage stamp (a very small area, a very exiguous space)
timbrer {v} :: to stamp (attach a postage stamp to)
timbrer {v} :: to stamp (mark with a stamp)
Timée {prop} :: Timaeus
timide {adj} :: shy, timid
timidement {adv} :: timidly
timidement {adv} :: shyly
timidité {f} :: shyness
timing {m} :: synchronization
timing {m} :: pace
timing {m} :: timing
Timișoara {prop} {f} :: Timișoara
timon {m} :: drawbar (of cart etc.)
timon {m} [nautical] :: tiller of a rudder
timonier {m} :: helmsman
timonier {m} :: coxswain
timonière {f} :: feminine singular of timonier
timoré {adj} :: timid, bashful
Timor oriental {prop} {m} :: East Timor
Timothé {prop} :: given name, a less common spelling of Timothée ( =Timothy)
Timothée {prop} :: given name, cognate to Timothy
tin {m} :: a wooden support, often used on watercraft
tin {interj} [Quebec, colloquial] :: (surprise, giving someone something) alternative form of tiens
tinamou {m} :: tinamou (bird)
tinctorial {adj} :: tinctorial
tinée {f} [slang] :: shedload, pile, stack
tinette {f} :: toilet
Tinkoff {prop} :: surname of Russian origin
Tinkov {prop} :: alternative form of Tinkoff
tinque {f} [Canada] :: tank
tintamarre {m} :: ruckus; racket
tintement {m} :: chiming, tinkling
tinter {vit} :: to chime; to jingle
tinter {vi} [of ears] :: to ring
tintin {interj} :: nothing doing
tintinnabulant {adj} :: tinkling
tintinologie {f} :: Tintinology
tintinologue {m} :: Tintinologist
tintinophile {mf} :: A fan of the character Tintin
tintouin {m} :: noise in the ears
tintouin {m} :: fuss
-tion {suffix} :: Used to indicate action, condition, result or effect, similar to the English suffix
tiot {adj} :: small
tiot {m} :: child
tipex {m} :: correction fluid, Tippex [UK], whiteout [US], Twink [New Zealand]
tipex {m} :: correction tape, Tippex [UK], whiteout [US], Twink [New Zealand]
Tiphaine {prop} :: given name, cognate to Tiffany
tippex {m} :: alternative spelling of tipex
ti-punch {m} :: daiquiri
tique {f} :: tick (animal)
tiquer {v} :: to bat an eyelid
tiquer {v} [of a horse] :: to crib-bite, to practice cribbing
tiquette {f} [Louisiana French, ] :: ticket, receipt
tir {m} :: shot
tir {m} :: shooting (sport)
TIR {mp} :: initialism of Transports Internationaux Routiers
tirage {m} :: pulling (action of pulling)
tirage {m} :: drawing (drawing of lots)
tirage {m} [printing] :: printing (putting symbols on a newspaper)
tirage {m} [printing] :: circulation (number of copies sold of e.g. a newspaper)
tirage {m} :: draw (selection by chance, e.g. for deciding opponents in a sport competition)
tirage {m} [military] :: draught/draft (hiring soldiers)
tirage {m} :: drawing (of cheques)
tirage {m} [metallurgy] :: drawing
tirage {m} :: tirage (taking wine from a barrel)
tirage {m} :: draught, draft (chimney)
tirage au sort {m} :: lots drawing, drawing of lots
tiraglière {m} :: A former type of infantryman
tiraillé {adj} [figuratively] :: torn (between two choices)
tiraillement {m} :: pulling, tugging
tiraillement {m} :: rumbling, growling (of the stomach)
tirailler {v} :: to pull, to tug
tirailler {v} [figuratively] :: to tear somebody in two, to make somebody hesitate
tirailler {v} :: to skirmish
tir à l'arc {m} :: archery (sport)
tiramisu {m} :: tiramisu (dessert)
tirant {m} [nautical] :: draft, draught
tirant {m} :: drawstring
tirant d'air {m} [nautical] :: air draught
tirant d'eau {m} [nautical] :: draught
tire {m} [Canada, Louisiana French] :: tire, tyre (of a car, truck, etc)
tire-au-flanc {m} [colloquial] :: a shirker, a skiver, a slacker
tire-bouchon {m} :: corkscrew (to pull corks out of bottles)
tiré d'affaire {adj} :: out of the woods, in the clear, safe and sound
tire-fesse {m} [colloquial] :: ski lift, surface lift, platter lift, button lift, platter pull
tire-lait {m} :: breast pump
tirelire {f} :: piggy bank
tiré par les cheveux {adj} :: far-fetched
tirer {v} :: to draw, drag, pull
tirer {v} :: to shoot
tirer {v} :: to draw (conclusions), to consider (consequences)
tirer {v} :: to leave a place
tirer au clair {vt} :: to clear up; shed light on
tirer au flanc {v} [colloquial] :: to slack off, to loaf around, to bum around
tirer au sort {vt} :: to draw lots
tirer des plans sur la comète {v} [figuratively, colloquial] :: to chase rainbows, to build castles in the air (to make overly ambitious plans)
tirer en longueur {vi} [pejorative] :: to drag on, to be protracted
tirer la langue {v} :: to stick one's tongue out
tirer les ficelles {v} [figuratively] :: to mastermind; to be behind a conspiracy or scheme; to act behind the scenes
tirer les oreilles {v} [colloquial] :: [à] to tell off, to give an earbashing
tirer les vers du nez {v} [à, .informal, .figuratively] :: to worm something out of somebody
tirer parti {v} [de] :: to take advantage of, to make the most of, to turn to good account
tirer profit {v} [de] :: to take advantage of, to make the most of, to turn to good account
tirer son épingle du jeu {v} [figuratively] :: to make it out of (a potentially bad situation) relatively unscathed; to pull out skilfully while the going is still good
tirer un coup {v} :: See: tirer un coup
tirer un coup {v} [slang] :: to get laid
tirer un trait {v} [sur] :: [figuratively, colloquial] to forsake something, to kiss goodbye to something (to give up something reluctantly)
tiret {m} :: dash (punctuation)
tiret {m} [dated] :: a string used to tie papers together
tiretaine {f} :: tartan
tirette {f} :: cord (for opening/closing curtains, etc.)
tirette {f} [Belgium] :: zipper, zip fastener
tireur {m} :: one who pulls
tireur {m} [military] :: shooter
tireur {m} [fencing] :: combattant
tireur {m} [finance] :: drawee
tireur {m} [horse racing] :: stall handler
tireuse {f} :: feminine noun of tireur
tiroir {m} :: drawer (for storage)
tirs au but {mp} [plurale tantum] :: penalty shootout; penalties
tisane {f} :: herbal tea; tisane
tisane {f} [colloquial, dated] :: beating, pounding, thrashing
tiser {vt} :: to stoke [a furnace, etc.]
tiser {vt} [slang] :: to booze, hit the bottle
tison {m} :: (fire) brand
tisonner {vt} :: to poke
tisonnier {m} :: poker (instrument for poking)
tissage {m} :: weaving
tisser {vt} :: to weave, plait, wreathe
tisserand {m} :: weaver (someone who weaves for a profession)
tisserande {f} :: feminine noun of tisserand
tisserin {m} :: weaver (bird)
tisseur {m} :: weaver (someone who weaves)
tisseuse {f} :: feminine noun of tisseur
tissu {m} :: fabric
tissu {m} [anatomy] :: tissue
tissulaire {adj} :: tissular
titan {m} :: titan
titan {m} :: titan beetle
titane {m} :: titanium
titanesque {adj} :: titanic, Herculean
titanique {adj} :: titanic (all senses)
titanite {f} [mineral] :: titanite
titanomagnétite {f} [mineral] :: titanomagnetite
Tite {prop} {m} :: Titus
Titicaca {prop} :: Titicaca
Titien {prop} {m} :: Titian
titiller {v} :: to titillate
titine {f} [protein] :: titin
titine {f} :: A hypocoristic way of referring to a personified object, often a car
Titine {prop} :: given name
titisme {m} :: Titoism
titiste {adj} :: Titoist
titrage {m} [chemistry] :: titration
titraille {f} :: headline (and similar components of a newspaper article)
titre {m} :: heading, title (name of a piece of work)
titre {m} :: title (extra name bestowed upon somebody)
titre {m} [chemistry] :: titre
titre {m} :: tittle (the point on top of the letter i)
titrer {v} :: to title (to give an honorific title to someone)
titrer {v} [chemistry] :: to titrate
titrisation {f} [finance] :: securitization
titriser {v} [finance] :: to securitize
tituber {vi} :: to stagger
titulaire {adj} :: tenured, permanent, titular
titulaire {mf} :: a permanent staff member
titulaire {mf} :: a holder (of an account, a name, a title and etc...)
titulairement {adv} :: titularly
titularisation {f} :: (granting of) tenure
titulariser {vt} :: to grant tenure to
titulature {f} :: titulature
tkt {abbr} [Internet slang, text messaging] :: don't worry
TLFi {prop} {f} :: Trésor de la langue française informatisé
TLJ {adj} :: everyday
TLJ {adv} :: everyday
TLR {initialism} :: LRT; initialism of transit léger sur rail or transit léger sur rails
tmèse {f} :: tmesis
T.-N. {prop} {f} :: Terre-Neuve, former name of a province in Canada
T.-N. {prop} {f} :: Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador, a province of Canada
T.-N. {prop} {f} :: Île de Terre-Neuve, a large island in eastern Canada
T.-N. {prop} {f} [obsolete] :: Terre Neuve, a former country occupying eastern North America
TN {abbr} :: Terre-Neuve
TN {abbr} :: Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador
TNL {prop} :: abbreviation of Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador
TNO {abbr} :: Territoires du Nord-Ouest
TNT {f} [television] :: initialism of television numérique terrestre - digital OTA (digital over-the-air television)
To {abbr} :: Abbreviation for téraoctet; TB (terabyte)
toast {m} :: toast
toasté {adj} [Quebec] :: toasted
toasté {adj} [Quebec] :: caugnt in the act
toasté {adj} [Quebec] :: drunk, stoned (High on drugs)
toasté {m} [Quebec, Montreal french] :: a toasted hotdog on a toasted bun
toaster {v} :: to toast (grill bread to make toast)
toaster {v} :: to toast (drink to something)
toasteur {m} :: toaster
Tobie {prop} {m} :: Tobias (Biblical figure)
Tobie {prop} {m} :: [rare] given name of biblical origin
toboggan {m} [European French] :: slide (in a playground)
TOC {m} :: acronym of trouble obsessionnel compulsif
tocade {f} :: alternative form of toquade
tocard {adj} [colloquial] :: tasteless, out of fashion
tocard {adj} [colloquial] :: unattractive
tocard {m} [colloquial, pejorative] :: useless thing, worthless person or animal
tocophérol {m} [organic compound] :: tocopherol
Tocqueville {prop} :: Tocqueville (commune)
Tocqueville {prop} :: Tocqueville (commune)
Tocqueville {prop} [fully de Tocqueville] :: surname
Tocqueville {prop} :: François-Hippolyte Clérel de Tocqueville (1797–1877), senator of the French Third Republic
Tocqueville {prop} :: Alexis Charles Henri Clérel de Tocqueville (1805–1859), French diplomat, political scientist, historian, and author of De la Démocratie en Amérique (two volumes, 1835–1840) and L’Ancien Régime et la Révolution (1856)
tocquevillien {adj} :: Tocquevillian
tocsin {m} :: an alarm, a tocsin
todo list {f} :: to-do list
toé {pron} [Quebec, colloquial] :: you, thee: alternative form of toi
Tœufles {prop} :: Tœufles
tofou {m} [rare, obsolescent] :: alternative spelling of tofu
tofu {m} :: tofu
toge {f} :: toga
Togo {prop} {m} :: Togo
togolais {adj} :: Togolese (of, from, or relating to Togo)
Togolais {m} :: a Togolese person
Togolaise {f} :: feminine noun of Togolais
t'oh {interj} :: d'oh (expression of frustration)
tohu-bohu {m} :: commotion
tohu-bohu {m} :: chaos
toi {pron} :: You (informal second-person singular personal pronoun)
toile {f} :: fabric, cloth; canvas
toile {f} :: painting (artwork)
toile {f} :: (spider's) web
toile {f} :: alternative case form of Toile
Toile {prop} {f} :: Web; World Wide Web
toile d'araignée {f} :: cobweb
Toile d'araignée mondiale {prop} {f} :: The World Wide Web
toile de fond {f} :: backdrop, background, backcloth
toiler {v} :: to cover with cloth
toiler {v} [nautical] :: to extent the sail of a watercraft
toilettage {m} :: grooming (of animals)
toilette {f} :: toilet (act of cleaning oneself)
toilette {f} [Belgium] :: the toilet, lavatory
toiletter {v} :: to groom (an animal)
toilettes {fp} :: toilet, lavatory
toiletteur {m} :: groomer (especially of pets)
toilier {m} :: clothmaker
toilière {f} :: feminine noun of toilier
toi-même {pron} [emphatic] :: yourself
tois {num} :: An aphasic placeholder for any number, the precise number indicated otherwise
toise {f} :: toise
toise {f} :: height gauge
toiser {vt} [archaic] :: to measure, to gauge someone's height (originally, using a height gauge)
toiser {vt} :: to size up
toison {f} :: fleece
toison {f} :: mop (of hair); mane
toison {f} [slang] :: muff, pubes
toit {m} :: roof
toiture {f} :: roof
toiture {f} :: roofing
tokamak {m} :: tokamak
tokélaouan {m} :: Tokelauan
Tokélaouan {m} :: Tokelauan
tokélaouanne {f} :: feminine singular of tokélaouan
Tokélaouanne {f} :: feminine singular of Tokélaouan
tokharien {m} :: Tocharian (language)
tok pisin {m} :: Tok Pisin
Tokyo {prop} {m} :: Tokyo
Tôkyô {prop} :: alternative spelling of Tokyo
tôlard {m} :: alternative form of taulard
tôlarde {f} :: feminine singular of tôlard
tôle {f} :: sheet metal
tôle {f} :: alternative form of taule
tolérable {adj} :: tolerable (capable of being borne, tolerated or endured; bearable or endurable)
tolérablement {adv} :: tolerably
tolérance {f} :: tolerance
tolérant {adj} :: tolerant
tolérer {v} :: to tolerate
tôlerie {f} :: sheet metal factory
tôlerie {f} :: sheet metalwork
tolet {m} [nautical] :: rowlock, oarlock; thole
tôlier {m} :: sheet metalworker
tôlière {f} :: feminine singular of tôlier
Tolisso {prop} :: surname
tolite {f} [organic compound] :: synonym of trinitrotoluène
tolkienien {adj} :: Tolkienian
tollé {m} :: (general) outcry
toluène {m} :: toluene (liquid hydrocarbon)
TOM {m} :: French overseas territory
tomahawk {m} :: tomahawk
tomalli {m} :: tomalley
tomate {f} :: tomato (Solanum lycopersicum, plant)
tomate {f} :: tomato (fruit)
tomate cerise {f} :: Cherry tomato
tomate italienne {f} [Canada, food, colloquial] :: Italian tomato
tomater {vt} [very, rare] :: to add, cover, or pelt with tomato
tomatier {adj} [attributive] :: tomato (relating to tomatoes or their production)
tomatier {m} :: tomato-grower
tombal {adj} :: of or relating to tombs or gravestones
tombant {adj} :: falling
tombe {f} :: tomb, grave
tombeau {m} :: tomb
tombé du camion {adj} [ironic] :: That fell off a truck: stolen
tombée {f} :: fall (act of falling)
tombée de la brume {f} :: smokefall (close of the day before nightfall, when fog comes)
tombée de la nuit {f} :: sunset, nightfall
tomber {v} :: to fall
tomber à l'eau {v} [figuratively] :: to fall through
tomber amoureux {v} :: to fall in love
tomber à pic {v} :: to fall off a steep drop
tomber à pic {v} [colloquial] :: to arrive just at the right time, to be well-timed
tomber à plat {v} [figuratively] :: to fall flat, to not have the desired effect
tomber dans le panneau {v} [colloquial] :: to walk into a trap, to fall into the trap, to fall for something
tomber dans les pommes {v} [colloquial] :: to pass out, to keel over, to faint
tomber dans les vapes {v} [colloquial] :: to pass out, to keel over, to faint
tomber dans l'oreille d'un sourd {v} [idiom] :: to fall on deaf ears
tomber des nues {vi} :: to be flabbergasted
tombereau {m} :: tipcart; tumbrel/tumbril
tombereau {m} :: dumper, dump truck, flatbed (vehicle to carry and then tip materials)
tomber enceinte {v} :: to fall pregnant
tomber en panne {v} :: to break down (to fail)
tomber malade {v} :: to fall ill, to take sick
tomber sous le sens {v} :: to stand to reason
tomber sur {v} :: to bump into, come across
tomber sur {v} :: to be received by (when making a telephone call)
tomber sur le nez {v} :: to fall flat on one's face
tomber sur un os {v} :: to find a fly in one's ointment
tombeur {m} :: seductor, lady-killer (person who succeeds in seducing)
tombeur {m} :: defeater, slayer
tombeuse {f} :: feminine noun of tombeur
tombola {f} :: a lottery, raffle
Tombouctou {prop} {m} :: Timbuktu (city)
Tombouctou {prop} {m} :: Timbuktu (region)
tome {m} :: tome, volume
tome {m} :: section
tome {m} :: subaltern
tome {f} :: A variety of mountain cheese
tomenteux {adj} [botany] :: tomentose
tomette {f} :: A (normally hexagonal) brick tile used for flooring
tomette {adj} :: brick red
-tomie {suffix} [surgery] :: -tomy
tomme {f} :: alternative spelling of tome
tomographie {f} :: tomography
tomographique {adj} :: tomographic
ton {determiner} [possessive] :: Your, thy (used to qualify masculine nouns and before vowel)
ton {m} :: Tone (sound of a particular frequency)
ton {m} [music] :: Tone [interval]
ton {m} :: Tone (manner of speaking)
ton {m} :: Tone, shade (of colour)
tonal {adj} :: tonal
tonalement {adv} :: tonally
tonalité {f} :: tonality
tondeur {m} :: mower, shearer
tondeuse {f} :: lawnmower
tondeuse {f} :: hair clipper
tondeuse à gazon {f} :: lawnmower
tondre {vt} :: to shear (sheep)
tondre {vt} :: to mow, cut (grass; a lawn)
tondre {vt} :: to clip, cut (hair)
tondre {vt} :: to shave (one's head)
tondre {vt} :: to tonsure
tondre {vt} :: to smooth, level (a surface)
tondre {vt} [colloquial] :: to rob, clean someone out
Tondreau {prop} :: surname
toner {m} :: toner
tongien {adj} :: Tongan
tongien {m} :: Tongan (language)
tonic {m} :: drink made up mainly of cinchona
tonic {m} :: tonic water
tonicardiaque {adj} [pathology] :: cardiotonic
tonicité {f} :: muscle tone; tonus, tonicity
tonifiant {adj} :: bracing, invigorating
tonifier {v} :: to tone up, to strengthen
tonique {adj} :: tonic (all meanings)
tonique {f} [music] :: tonic, keynote
toniquement {adv} :: tonically
tonitruant {adj} :: thundering
tonitruer {vi} :: to thunder, crack (make a sound like thunder)
tonitruer {vi} :: to thunder (scream loudly and harshly)
tonitrument {adv} :: thunderingly
Tonkin {prop} [history] :: The northern part of Vietnam, a former French colonial region
Tonkin {prop} :: A gulf in the north of Vietnam
tonkinois {adj} :: Tonkinese
tonlieu {m} :: A feudal tax paid by stallholders at a fair or market
tonnant {adj} :: thunderous (voice)
tonne {f} :: tonne, metric ton
tonne {f} :: ton
tonneau {m} :: barrel; round vessel made from staves bound with a hoop
tonneau {m} :: register ton (100 cubic feet)
tonneau {m} :: barrel roll
tonnelet {m} :: keg (round wooden container that has a flat top and bottom)
tonnelier {m} :: cooper
tonnelière {f} :: feminine singular of tonnelier
tonnelle {f} :: arbour
tonnellerie {f} :: cooperage (art of a cooper)
tonnellerie {f} :: cooper (business)
tonner {v} [meteorology, impersonal] :: to thunder
tonner {v} :: to thunder (to make a noise like thunder)
tonnerre {m} :: thunder
tonnerre de Brest {interj} :: damn!
tonométrie {f} :: tonometry
tonométrique {adj} :: tonometric
tonsillaire {adj} [anatomy] :: tonsillar
tonsille {f} [anatomy] :: tonsil
tonsure {f} :: tonsure
tonsurer {v} :: to tonsure
tonte {f} :: shearing (of sheep)
tonte {f} [by extension] :: time of shearing
tonte {f} :: wool (from a shorn sheep)
tonte {f} :: mowing (of grass, etc.)
tontine {f} :: tontine
tontiner {v} :: To participate in a tontine
tontinier {adj} :: Pertaining to tontines
tontinier {m} :: A tontineer (a participant in a tontine)
tontinière {f} :: feminine singular of tontinier
tonton {m} [childish] :: uncle
tonton {m} [police slang] :: snitch, informer
tonus {m} :: muscle tone, tonicity, tonus
tonus {m} [by extension] :: energy, strength
too much {adj} [colloquial] :: too much, excessive, OTT
Tootoo {prop} :: surname
topaze {f} :: topaz (color and gemstone)
topaze {adj} :: topaz
topectomie {f} [surgery] :: topectomy
topiaire {adj} :: topiary (relating to the art of topiaries)
topiaire {mf} :: topiary
topinambou {adj} :: Tupinamba
topinambour {m} :: Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus)
topique {adj} :: topical (all senses)
topiquement {adv} :: topically
top model {mf} :: alternative spelling of top-modèle
top modèle {mf} :: alternative spelling of top-modèle
top-modèle {mf} :: supermodel
topochimie {f} [chemistry] :: topochemistry
topographe {m} :: topographer
topographie {f} :: topography
topographier {vt} :: to survey topographically
topographique {adj} :: topographic
topographiquement {adv} :: topographically
topolecte {m} [linguistics] :: topolect
topologie {f} :: topology
topologique {adj} :: topologic, topological
topologiquement {adv} :: topologically
topologue {mf} :: topologist
toponyme {m} :: toponym
toponymie {f} :: toponymy
toponymique {adj} :: toponymic
top-secret {adj} :: top-secret
toquade {f} :: fad, fancy
toquade {f} :: infatuation
toque {f} :: toque, brimless hat
toque {f} :: a pillowbox hat
toque {f} [specifically] :: a type of round brimless hat traditionally worn by certain professions in France, such as university professors or judges
toque {f} :: toque, a chef's hat
toque {f} [by extension, colloquial] :: A chef
toque {m} :: toque, a variety of bonnet monkey; toque macaque, Macaca sinica
toquer {vt} :: to bother, to dog
toquer {vt} :: to hit, to tap, to bang, to knock
toquet {m} :: a small toque
torchage {m} :: flaring (of excess gas on a petrol drilling site)
torche {f} :: torch (stick with flame at one end)
torche-cul {m} [slang, vulgar] :: asswipe, bogroll (something used to wipe the anus after defecation)
torche-cul {m} [slang, vulgar] :: asswipe (newspaper)
torcher {v} :: to wipe with a cloth to remove dirt
torcher {v} :: to flare (to burn off excess gas at a petroleum drilling site)
torcher {v} [slang] :: to churn out
torchère {f} :: standard lamp, floor lamp, torchiere
torchis {m} :: cob (building material)
torchon {m} :: tea towel
torcol {m} :: a wryneck (the bird)
tordant {adj} :: side-splitting, screamingly funny, hilarious
tord-boyaux {m} [colloquial] :: rotgut, hooch
tordre {v} :: to twist
tordre {v} :: to wring
tordre {v} :: to bend
tordre le cou {v} :: to kill (by twisting one's neck)
tordre le cou {v} [figuratively] :: to bring something to an end quickly, to stifle
tordre le nez {v} :: to turn up one's nose, to disregard or refuse with contempt or scorn
tordu {adj} :: crooked, twisted
tordu {adj} [figuratively, colloquial] :: twisted, evil, underhand
tore {m} [geometry] :: torus
toréador {m} [bullfighting] :: toreador (bullfighter)
toréer {v} :: to fight a bull, in bullfighting
torero {m} [bullfighting] :: [pre 1990 spelling reform] torero, bullfighter, toreador alternative form of toréro
toréro {m} [bullfighting] :: torero; toreador
torgnole {f} [colloquial] :: wallop
torique {adj} :: toric
tormentille {f} :: tormentil
tornade {f} :: tornado
tornadique {adj} :: tornadic
toroïde {m} [geometry] :: toroid
toron {m} :: strand (of rope)
torontois {adj} :: Torontonian
Torontois {m} :: Torontonian person
Torontoise {f} :: feminine noun of Torontois
torpeur {f} :: torpor, drowsiness
torpillage {m} :: torpedoing
torpille {f} :: torpedo (underwater weapon)
torpille {f} :: electric ray
torpiller {vt} :: to torpedo (attack with a torpedo)
torpilleur {m} :: torpedo boat
torréfacteur {m} :: coffee roaster (person, company)
torréfaction {f} :: roasting (especially of coffee)
torréfactrice {f} :: feminine noun of torréfacteur
torréfier {vt} :: to roast [especially coffee]
torrent {m} :: A torrent
torrentiel {adj} :: torrential
torrentiellement {adv} :: torrentially
torride {adj} :: torrid, blistering
tors {adj} [literary] :: twisted, crooked, bent
torsade {f} :: twist
torsade {f} :: torsade (decoration)
torsade {f} :: braid (of hair etc.)
torsade {f} [architecture] :: cable moulding
torsader {v} :: to twist
torse {m} :: torso
torse nu {adj} :: barechested (shirtless)
torseur {m} [maths] :: torsor
torseur {m} [physics] :: torque
torsion {f} :: torsion; act of turning or twisting
tort {m} :: fault
tort {m} :: wrong, error
torticolis {m} :: stiff neck, crick in the neck
tortillage {m} :: twisting
tortillage {m} :: squirming
tortillard {adj} :: winding, tortuous
tortillard {m} :: A slow-moving train that follows a winding route
tortillard {m} :: A variety of elm
tortiller {vt} :: to twist, twirl
tortiller {vr} :: to wriggle, squirm, writhe
tortionnaire {adj} [attributive] :: torture
tortionnaire {mf} :: torturer (one who tortures)
tortionnairement {adv} :: By the use of torture
tortue {f} :: turtle or tortoise
tortueusement {adv} :: tortuously
tortueux {adj} :: tortuous, winding, windy, twisting, twisty
tortueux {adj} :: convoluted
torture {f} :: torture
torturer {v} :: to torture
torve {adj} :: sinister, menacing
torve {adj} [pathology] :: having a squint as exhibited by a sufferer of strabismus
toscan {adj} :: Tuscan
Toscan {m} :: Tuscan
Toscane {prop} {f} :: Tuscany
Toscane {f} :: feminine noun of Toscan
tôt {adv} :: early
total {adj} :: total
total {adj} :: perfect
total {m} :: total
totalement {adv} :: totally
totalisant {adj} :: synonym of totalitaire
totalisateur {m} :: totalizator
totaliser {v} :: to total (add up several numbers)
totalitaire {adj} :: totalitarian
totalitaire {adj} :: total, complete
totalitarisme {m} :: totalitarianism
totalité {f} :: totality, entirety
totem {m} :: totem
totémique {adj} :: totemic
totémisme {m} :: totemism
totipotence {f} :: totipotency
totipotent {adj} :: totipotent
tototte {f} [childish] :: dummy, pacifier
tôt ou tard {adv} [idiomatic] :: sooner or later
touaille {f} [archaic] :: linen, especially used in making towels or cloths
touaille {f} [archaic] :: towel
touaille {f} [archaic] :: tablecloth
touaille {f} :: a cloth used to adorn an alter in a church
touaille {f} :: a woman's hairstyle involving a towel wrapped around the head
touaille {f} :: a linen roll used for drying the hands, hand towel
touareg {adj} :: Tuareg
touareg {m} :: Tuareg (language)
Touba {prop} :: A city in eastcentral Senegal
toubab {m} [West Africa] :: white person
toubib {m} [slang] :: medic, doc
toucan {m} :: toucan
touchable {adj} :: touchable
touchant {adj} :: touching, moving (of the emotions)
touchau {m} :: touchstone (stone)
touche {f} :: touch
touche {f} :: key (on keyboard)
touche {f} :: fingerboard
touche-à-tout {mf} [sometimes pejorative] :: jack of all trades
toucher {m} :: The act of touching [see below]
toucher {m} :: A way of touching
toucher {m} :: The sense of touch, tactility
toucher {vt} :: To touch (physically)
toucher {vt} :: To affect
toucher {vi} [followed by "à"] :: To try, to try out
toucher {vi} [colloquial] :: Short for toucher sa bille. To be skillful
toucher {vt} [money, income] :: to receive, to get
toucher du bois {v} :: to knock on wood
toucher le fond {v} [colloquial, figuratively] :: to hit rock bottom, hit the rocks, bottom out
toucher un mot {v} [colloquial] :: [à, ;, de] to have a word with somebody about something
touchette {f} [music] :: fret (on a guitar etc)
touchette {f} [fencing] :: An invalid touch
touchette {f} [motorsport] :: A slight bump with another car
touchette {f} [showjumping] :: A touch of the hooves on the obstacle that does not make it fall
touchours {adv} :: eye dialect of toujours
toudis {adv} [Belgium] :: always
Touen-houang {prop} :: alternative form of Dunhuang
touffe {m} :: tuft, clump, bunch of feathers, grass or hair, etc., held together at the base
touffe {m} [familiar] :: female mons pubis
touffer {vir} :: to clump together, clump up
touffeur {f} :: oppression, sultriness (oppresssive, sultry atmosphere)
touffu {adj} :: tufted, clumped
touffu {adj} :: heavy, overly done
touiller {v} [cooking] :: to stir, toss
touillette {f} :: swizzle stick
toujours {adv} :: always
toujours {adv} :: still
toûjours {adv} :: obsolete spelling of toujours
toujours est-il que {phrase} :: the fact remains that
touladi {m} :: A fish, Salvelinus namaycush, the lake trout
Toulon {prop} {m} :: Toulon
toulonnais {adj} :: of or from Toulon
Toulonnais {m} :: An inhabitant of Toulon, city in the southeast of France
Toulonnaise {f} :: feminine noun of Toulonnais
toulou {m} :: Tulu (language)
touloupe {f} :: sheepskin (worn as a coat)
toulousain {adj} :: From or of Toulouse
Toulousain {m} :: An inhabitant of Toulouse
Toulousaine {f} :: feminine noun of Toulousain
Toulouse {prop} :: Toulouse (city in France)
toundra {f} [geography] :: tundra (flat treeless arctic region)
toupet {m} :: tuft (of hair)
toupet {m} :: toupee
toupet {m} [colloquial] :: cheek, nerve
toupie {f} :: (spinning) top
tour {f} :: tower
tour {f} [chess] :: rook
tour {m} :: turn, circumference
tour {m} :: go, turn
tour {m} :: walk, stroll
tour {m} :: round, stage (of a competition)
tour {m} :: trick (e.g. magic trick, card trick)
tour {m} :: lathe, potter’s wheel
Tour {prop} {f} [by ellipsis] :: The Eiffel Tower
Tour {prop} {m} [cycling, by ellipsis] :: The Tour de France
Tourane {prop} [historical] :: Đà Nẵng, a city in central Vietnam
tourangeau {adj} :: of or from Tours
Tourangeau {m} :: Someone from the town of Tours, France
Tourangeau {m} :: Someone from the former, historical province of Touraine, France
Tourangeau {m} :: Someone from the district of Touraine, part of the city of Gatineau, Quebec
Tourangelle {f} :: feminine noun of Tourangeau
tour à tour {adv} :: by turns, in turn, alternately
tourbage {m} :: peat cutting
tourbe {f} :: peat (soil)
tourbé {adj} :: peaty
tourber {v} :: To dig up peat
tourbeux {adj} :: peaty, containing peat
tourbière {f} :: a bog
tourbillant {adj} :: turbulent
tourbillon {m} :: whirlwind
tourbillon {m} :: eddy, whirlpool
tourbillon {m} [physics] :: vortex
tourbillon {m} [figuratively] :: whirl, whirlwind, maelstrom
tourbillon {m} :: tourbillon
tourbillonnaire {adj} :: vortical
tourbillonnant {adj} :: swirling
tourbillonner {vi} [of water] :: to swirl, whirl
tourbillonner {vi} [of e.g. leaves] :: to twirl
tourbillonner {vi} [of dancers] :: to twirl
Tour CN {prop} {f} [Canada] :: CN Tower, a tourist attraction, radio-television broadcast tower, communications tower, observation tower, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Tourcoing {prop} :: A town in the Nord department of Nord-Pas-de-Calais
tour d'abandon {m} :: foundling wheel
Tour de France {prop} {m} [cycling] :: Tour de France (annual cycling race through France)
tour de magie {m} :: magic trick
tour d'horizon {m} :: overview, tour d'horizon
tour d'ivoire {f} :: ivory tower
tour du chapeau {m} [soccer, ice hockey, Quebec] :: hat trick
tour du poteau {m} :: The act of crossing an international border, generally for a very short period of time, in order to renew a visa or other government-issued permit before crossing back — literally "the circling of the flag pole"
tour Eiffel {prop} {f} :: Eiffel Tower (tower in Paris)
tourelle {f} :: turret (of building, tank)
tourelle {f} :: conning tower (of submarine)
tourière {f} :: portress (female porter in a convent)
tourisme {m} :: tourism
tourisme vert {m} :: ecotourism
touriste {mf} :: tourist
touristique {adj} :: of or relating to tourists
touristique {adj} :: touristy or touristic
tourmaline {f} :: tourmaline
tourment {m} :: torture
tourment {m} :: torment; discomfort; pain
tourmente {f} :: storm
tourmente {f} :: figuratively:
tourmenter {v} :: to torment, to torture
tourmenter {v} :: to torment, to bother, to harass
tourmenteur {m} :: torturer
tourmenteur {m} :: tormentor (one who torments)
tournage {m} :: filming (process of making a film or filming a video)
tournailler {v} :: To wander round and round
tournant {adj} :: turning
tournant {adj} :: revolving (door)
tournant {adj} :: swivel (chair)
tournant {m} :: bend, turn, corner
tournant {m} :: turning point
tournante {f} [slang] :: A gang rape
tournante {f} [slang] :: The (female) victim of a gang rape
tourneboulé {adj} :: dizzy
tournebroche {m} :: roasting spit
tournée {f} :: tour (of politician, businessman, artist etc.), round (of postman)
tournée {f} :: round (of drinks)
tournée {f} :: A French culinary technique to enhance meal presentations. The cut can be made of various sizes and resembles a seven-sided American football
tournemain {m} :: turning of a hand
tourner {v} :: to turn (left, right etc.)
tourner {v} :: to stir (e.g. ingredients)
tourner {v} :: to tour, to go on tour
tourner {v} :: to film, to shoot a film
tourner {v} [computing] :: to run, to execute (a program, an application etc.)
tourner {v} :: to lathe
tourner autour du pot {v} [idiomatic] :: To beat around the bush
tourner au vinaigre {v} [figuratively] :: to go sour
tourner court {vi} :: to stop suddenly, come to a sudden end
tourner en dérision {vt} :: to ridicule, to make mock of
tourner en ridicule {vt} :: to ridicule somebody; to mock
tourner en rond {v} [figuratively, colloquial] :: to go round in circles, to not make any headway
tourner la page {v} [colloquial, figuratively] :: to turn over a new leaf, to move on
tourner le dos {v} [à] :: [figuratively] to turn one's back on, to turn away from
tourner sa langue sept fois dans sa bouche {v} [colloquial] :: to think carefully (before one speaks); to refrain from speaking the first thing that comes to mind, to carve every word (before letting it fall)
tournesol {m} :: sunflower
tournesol {m} :: heliotrope
tournesol {m} [chemistry] :: litmus
tournette {f} :: tournette
tourneur {m} :: turner, lathe operator
tourneur {m} :: tour organizer
tourneuse {f} :: feminine noun of tourneur
tournevis {m} :: screwdriver
tournicoter {vi} :: to flit around
tourniquer {vi} :: to wind (around)
tourniquet {m} :: unpowered carousel (playground)
tourniquet {m} :: revolving door or turnstile
tournis {m} :: staggers
tournis {m} :: dizziness
tournoi {m} :: tournament
tournoiement {m} :: spin, whirl
tournoiement {m} :: whirling, swirling
tournoyant {adj} :: whirling
tournoyer {vi} [of smoke, leaves, snow flakes] :: to whirl, to swirl
tournoyer {vi} [of water] :: to eddy, to swirl
tournoyer {vi} :: to whirl, to swirl, to twirl, to whirl round, to swirl round, to twirl round
tournoyer {vi} [of a bird] :: to circle, to circle round, to wheel
tournoyer {vt} :: to twirl, to swing (e.g. a lasso)
tournure {f} [colloquial] :: appearance, shape
tournure {f} [figuratively] :: turn, change in circumstance or temperament
tournure {f} [linguistics] :: phrasing, turn of phrase
tournure {f} [historical] :: tournure, bustle
tournure {f} [dated] :: peel (of a fruit)
tourquennois {adj} :: Of or from Tourcoing
Tours {prop} :: Tours
tourte {f} [Quebec] :: passenger pigeon (compare tourte voyageuse, colombe voyageuse, Ectopistes migratorius, pigeon migrateur, Ectopistes migratorius)
tourte {f} [Louisiana French] :: dove
tourte {f} :: meat pie
tourteau {m} [agriculture] :: oil cake
tourteau {m} :: crab
tourteau {m} [heraldiccharge] :: roundel (of any color except or or argent)
tourtereau {m} :: dove
tourtereau {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: lovebird
tourterelle {f} :: turtle dove
tourterelle {f} :: dove grey
tourte voyageuse {f} :: passenger pigeon (an extinct bird of the species Ectopistes migratorius)
tourtière {f} [Canada, Quebec, food] :: tourtière, a type of traditional French-Canadian meat pie. synonym of tourtière du Lac-St-Jean
tourtière {f} [Quebec, food] :: meat pie
tourtière du Lac-St-Jean {f} [Europe, Quebec, food] :: tourtière
tous {pron} :: all
tous {pron} :: everybody
tous deux {determiner} [literary] :: both
tous droits réservés {phrase} :: all rights reserved
tousjours {adv} :: obsolete spelling of toujours
tous les 36 du mois {adv} :: Very rarely or never (literally "every 36th of the month"); once in a blue moon
tous les chemins mènent à Rome {proverb} :: all roads lead to Rome
tous les deux {pron} :: both
tous les jours {phrase} :: daily (every day)
tous les quatre matins {adv} [colloquial] :: Very often
tous les quinze jours {adv} [idiomatic] :: once a fortnight; fortnightly
tous les trente-six du mois {adv} :: alternative spelling of tous les 36 du mois
Toussaint {prop} :: All Saints Day
tousser {vi} :: to cough
toussotement {m} :: splutter, light cough
toussoter {vi} :: to splutter (have a light cough)
tout {adj} :: all
tout {pron} :: everything
tout {adv} :: all
tout à coup {adv} :: all of a sudden, out of the blue
tout à fait {adv} :: entirely, exactly, quite
tout à fait {adv} [idiom] :: certainly, definitely (emphatic yes)
tout à l'heure {adv} :: earlier
tout à l'heure {adv} :: later
tout au moins {adv} :: at the very least, at least, at a minimum
tout au plus {adv} [colloquial] :: at most, tops, at the very most, at the outside
tout bien considéré {adv} :: on second thought
tout ce qui brille n'est pas or {proverb} :: all that glitters is not gold
tout compte fait {adv} :: then again, on second thought. Literally: "all accounts made"
tout court {adv} :: just; only (without any additions)
tout de go {adv} :: straight out, bluntly
tout de même {adv} :: all the same, anyway, nevertheless
tout de suite {adv} [idiomatic] :: immediately, right away
tout de suite {adv} [obsolete] :: without interruption
tout droit {adv} :: to the front
tout droit {adv} :: straight ahead
tout d'un coup {adv} :: all of a sudden, all at once; suddenly; abruptly
tout d'un coup {adv} [archaic] :: in one fell swoop, all at once
toutefois {adv} :: however, nonetheless
toutenague {f} :: tutenag, paktong
tout est bien qui finit bien {proverb} :: all's well that ends well
toutes voiles dehors {adv} [nautical] :: making use of all sails, in all sails
toutes voiles dehors {adv} [figuratively] :: using all available means
tout et n'importe quoi {pron} [pejorative] :: everything, anything (without discrimination)
tout haut {adv} :: aloud
tout le monde {pron} :: everyone, everybody
tout le plaisir est pour moi {phrase} :: my pleasure
tout le temps {adv} :: all the time; (very) often
tout le temps {adv} :: constantly; all the time
tout le toutim {phrase} [colloquial] :: all of it, the rest of it
tout l'or du monde {m} [idiom, hyperbolic] :: all the tea in China
toutou {m} [colloquial, childish] :: doggie, bow-wow (dog)
toutoune {f} [Quebec, colloquial] :: a fat woman
tout plein {adv} [colloquial] :: very, real, extremely
tout-puissant {adj} :: almighty, all-powerful, omnipotent (unlimited in might)
Tout-Puissant {prop} {m} :: Almighty (God, the supreme being)
tout seul {adj} :: all alone, alone, by oneself
tout seul {adv} :: alone, all by oneself
tout sourire {adj} :: all smiles
tout travail mérite salaire {proverb} :: all work deserves payment, no job should go unpaid
tout un chacun {pron} :: everyone, everybody
tout vient à point à qui sait attendre {proverb} :: good things come to those who wait
toux {f} :: cough
toux grasse {f} :: wet cough, loose cough, chesty cough, productive cough
toux sèche {f} :: dry cough
township {m} :: township (in South Africa)
township {m} [Canada] :: canton
toxæmie {f} :: obsolete form of toxémie
toxalbumine {f} [protein] :: toxalbumin
toxémie {f} :: Toxemia; toxaemia; toxæmia
toxicité {f} :: toxicity
toxico {mf} [colloquial] :: druggie (drug addict)
toxicologie {f} :: toxicology
toxicologique {adj} :: toxicological
toxicologiquement {adv} :: toxicologically
toxicologue {mf} :: toxicologist
toxicomane {m} :: drug addict
toxicomanie {f} :: drug addiction
toxicose {f} [pathology] :: toxicosis
toxine {f} :: toxin
toxine botulique {f} :: botulinum toxin
toxique {adj} :: toxic (having a harmful chemical nature)
toxoplasmose {f} [medicine] :: toxoplasmosis
TPE {f} :: initialism of très petite entreprise
TPG {initialism} :: initialism of trésorier-payeur général
TPS {f} [Canada, taxation] :: GST (goods and services tax)
Tr. {n} [music] :: abbreviation of trompette
trabéculaire {adj} :: trabecular
trabécule {f} :: trabecula (all senses)
trabéculectomie {f} [surgery] :: trabeculectomy
trabéculum {m} [anatomy] :: trabecula
traboule {f} :: A covered passageway that connects two streets
trac {m} [dated] :: track (of an animal)
trac {m} [colloquial, uncountable] :: stage fright, nervousness
traçabilité {f} :: traceability
traçage {m} :: tracing
traçant {adj} :: tracing, plotting
tracas {m} :: hassle, worry
tracasser {vtp} [colloquial] :: to bother; to annoy
tracasser {vp} [colloquial] :: to worry
tracasserie {f} [colloquial] :: hassle, annoyance
tracasserie {f} :: harassment
tracassier {adj} :: irksome
tracassier {adj} :: meddlesome
trace {f} :: trace
trace {f} :: track
trace {f} [mathematics] :: trace
tracer {vt} :: to draw or plot (a diagram), to trace out
tracer {vt} :: to rule (a line)
tracer {v} [colloquial] :: to buck up, hurry up
traceur {m} :: tracer (person who traces), plotter (person who plots a line)
traceur {m} :: tracer (visible projectile)
traceur {m} :: plotter (machine that draws technical drawings)
traceur {m} :: yamakasi (person who practices parkour)
traceuse {f} :: feminine singular of traceur
trachéal {adj} [anatomy] :: tracheal
trachée {f} [anatomy] :: trachea
trachéen {adj} [anatomy] :: tracheal
trachéite {f} [pathology] :: tracheitis
trachélien {adj} [anatomy] :: trachelian
trachéotomie {f} [surgery] :: tracheotomy
trachome {m} [disease] :: trachoma
Trachonite {prop} :: Trachonitis
trachyandésite {f} [mineralogy] :: trachyandesite
trachytique {adj} :: trachytic
tract {m} :: flyer, circular, pamphlet
tractage {m} :: towing
tractation {f} :: negotiation
tractativement {adv} :: By means of the negotiation of a treaty
tracter {v} [of a vehicle] :: to pull, to pull behind
tracter {v} :: to hand out flyers
tracteur {m} :: tractor
traction {f} :: traction
traction {f} [gymnastics] :: pull-up
tractopelle {f} :: backhoe (loader / digger)
tractoriste {mf} :: tractor driver
tractrice {f} [maths] :: tractrix
trader {m} :: trader
trader {v} :: to trade
trading {mf} :: trading
tradition {f} :: tradition
tradition {f} :: A type of baguette or French stick
traditionalisme {m} :: traditionalism
traditionaliste {adj} :: traditionalist, traditionalistic
traditionaliste {mf} :: traditionalist
traditionnel {adj} :: traditional
traditionnellement {adv} :: traditionally
traducteur {m} :: translator
traduction {f} :: translation
traductionnel {adj} :: translational
traductologie {f} :: traductology, translation studies
traductrice {f} :: feminine noun of traducteur
traduire {v} :: to translate
traduire {v} :: to summon
traduisible {adj} :: translatable
trafic {m} :: traffic (people, vehicles)
trafic {m} :: traffic (illegal trafficking)
trafic d'influence {m} :: traffic of influence, influence peddling
trafiquant {m} :: trafficker
trafiquant {m} :: bootlegger
trafiquante {f} :: feminine singular of trafiquant
trafiquer {v} :: to traffic (e.g. drugs)
trafiquer {v} :: to tamper with
tragédie {f} :: tragedy
tragédien {m} :: tragedian
tragédienne {f} :: feminine noun of tragédien
tragicomédie {f} :: tragicomedy (drama that combines elements of tragedy and comedy)
tragicomique {adj} :: tragicomic (related to tragicomedy)
tragien {adj} [anatomy] :: tragal
tragique {adj} :: tragic
tragiquement {adv} :: tragically
Trahan {prop} :: surname
trahir {v} :: to betray
trahison {f} :: treason
trahison {f} :: betrayal
trail {f} :: Dual-sport motorcycle
trail {f} :: Trail running
traille {f} :: A cable along which a ferry is pulled
traille {f} :: (be extension) Such a ferry
train {m} :: train (rail mounted vehicle)
train {m} :: pace
train {m} [Louisiana French, ] :: noise
trainage {m} :: pulling, dragging
traînage {m} :: alternative form of trainage
train à grande vitesse {m} [rail transport] :: A high-speed train
traînailler {vi} :: to dawdle
traînailler {vi} :: to mooch
traînant {adj} :: drawling (voice)
traînard {m} :: straggler, laggard
traînard {m} :: slowcoach, slowpoke
traînarde {f} :: feminine noun of traînard
traînasser {vit} :: alternative form of traînailler
train de marchandises {m} :: freight train
train de vie {m} :: lifestyle (related to financial means, to the money spent)
traine {f} :: train (of a dress)
traîne {f} :: anything that trails
traîne {f} :: train (of a wedding dress)
traineau {m} :: alternative spelling of traîneau
traîneau {m} :: sled, sledge, sleigh
trainée {f} [derogatory] :: slut (sexually promiscuous woman)
traînée {f} :: trail
traînée {f} [derogatory] :: a tramp, a slut
train électrique {m} :: train set
trainer {v} :: alternative spelling of traîner
traîner {vt} :: to pull, drag
traîner {vi} :: to lag behind, dawdle
traîner {vi} :: to lie about, sit around
traîner {vi} :: to drag on, linger
traîner {vi} :: to trail, drag (behind)
traîner {vr} :: to drag oneself, crawl along
train fantôme {m} :: ghost train (fairground attraction)
train fantôme {m} :: ghost train (unmanned train in motion)
train ultraléger {m} :: ultra light rail
traire {vt} :: to milk (a cow, etc)
trait {m} :: line
trait {m} :: trait
trait {m} :: color of a mineral
trait {m} [dated] :: the action of hauling or pulling (by an animal of burden)
trait {m} [dated] :: straps or cords placed on an animal of burden and attached to the vehicle which the animal pulls
trait {m} [obsolete] :: an action reflecting a favorable or adverse intention by one person toward another
trait {m} :: a remarkable or influential historical event
trait {m} :: a particular passage in a speech that is well-written; an excellent or appealing characteristic of a speech
trait {m} :: a vibrant, brilliant, or innovative idea
trait {m} [religion] :: verses sung in a Mass between the gradual and the gospel reading
trait {m} :: connection or link between one thing and another
trait {m} [geology] :: color of the dust produced by a mineral
trait {m} [chess, checkers] :: the privilege of taking the first turn/move
trait {m} [oriented-object programming] :: trait
traitable {adj} :: treatable
traitable {adj} :: processable
traitant {adj} :: practicing (as a doctor)
traitant {adj} :: medicated
trait d'esprit {m} :: quip, witticism, witty remark, flash of wit
trait d'union {m} [typography] :: hyphen
traite {f} :: milking
traite {f} [finance, banking] :: bill of exchange
traite {f} :: human trafficking
traite {f} :: slave trade
traite {f} [dated] :: transportation of goods; traffic
traite {f} :: journey or route done without stopping
traité {m} :: treatise
traité {m} :: treaty (between states); an agreement (between a business and a government, or between two businesses)
traitement {m} :: treatment
traitement de texte {m} [computing] :: word processing
traite négrière {f} :: (African) slave trade
traiter {v} :: to treat
traiter {v} :: to take care (of)
traiter {v} :: to process, spray, coat
traiter {v} [data processing] :: to process
traiter de {v} :: to call, label (something negative)
traiter de {v} :: to deal with, handle (i.e. commerce, a subject or theme)
traiteur {m} :: traiteur, caterer
traiteur {m} :: delicatessen
traiteur {m} :: catering company
traiteur {m} [Louisiana French] :: faith healer
trait pour trait {adv} :: exactly, line for line
traitre {m} :: alternative spelling of traître
traître {m} :: betrayer, traitor
traître {adj} :: treacherous
traitrement {adv} :: treacherously
traîtreusement {adv} :: treacherously
traîtrise {f} :: treachery
trajectographie {f} :: trajectography
trajectoire {f} :: trajectory
trajectoire {f} :: course (trajectory of a ball etc.)
trajet {m} :: route, course, trajectory
trajet {m} :: ride, run
tralala {interj} :: tra-la-la
traluire {v} [Switzerland, of ripening grapes] :: to become translucent
tram {m} :: tram [UK], streetcar [US]
tramage {m} :: weaving, embroidery
tramage {m} :: dithering (the adding of random noise to images etc)
trame {f} [weaving] :: weft
trame {f} [film] :: frame
trame {f} [printing] :: screentone
trame {f} [figuratively] :: frame, pipeline
trame {f} [figuratively] :: intrigue, plot
trame {f} [computing] :: frame (chunk of data)
tramer {v} :: to weave
tramer {v} :: to hatch, think up, come up with
traminot {m} :: tramway worker (especially a conductor on a tram)
trampoline {m} [gymnastics] :: trampoline
trampoline {m} [programming] :: trampoline
trampoliniste {mf} :: trampolinist
tram ultraléger {m} :: ultra light rail
tramway {m} [rail] :: tram (passenger vehicle)
Tran {prop} :: surname
trance {f} :: trance (music genre)
tranchant {adj} :: sharp
tranchant {adj} :: cutting
tranchant {adj} :: trenchant
tranche {f} :: slice
tranche {f} :: milling on a coin
tranche {f} :: period
tranché {adj} :: clear-cut, marked
tranché {adj} :: bold, distinct
tranché {adj} [heraldry] :: per bend
tranchée {f} [military] :: trench
tranchément {adv} :: markedly
tranchément {adv} :: boldly, distinctly
trancher {vt} :: to slice, to cut into slices
trancher {vt} [literary] :: to complete, conclude
trancher {vt} [figurative] :: to decide, to settle, to address
trancher {vi} :: to rule, make a ruling, come to a decision
trancher {vi} [pejorative, with de] :: to behave or comport oneself (as if one were)
trancher {vi} [with avec, sur] :: to contrast (with), stand out (against)
trancher {vi} [with dans] :: to stand out (in)
trancher le nœud gordien {v} [figuratively] :: to cut the Gordian knot
tranchoir {m} :: slicer
tranchoir {m} :: surgeonfish
Trang {prop} :: surname
Trang {prop} :: given name
tranquille {adj} :: calm, quiet, tranquil, still, peaceful, serene
tranquillement {adv} :: calmly
tranquillement {adv} :: peacefully
tranquillement {adv} :: quietly
tranquillement {adv} :: serenely
tranquillement {adv} :: tranquilly
tranquillisant {adj} :: tranquillizing
tranquillisant {m} :: tranquillizer, sedative
tranquilliser {v} :: to calm, to reassure
tranquillité {f} :: tranquility, peace, calm, calmness, quietness
trans {adj} [chemistry] :: trans
trans {mf} :: transsexual
trans {adj} :: transsexual
transaction {f} :: transaction
transactionnel {adj} :: transactional
transactionnellement {adv} :: transactionally
transafricain {adj} :: transafrican
transalpin {adj} :: transalpine
transaméricain {adj} :: transamerican
transandin {adj} :: transandean
transat {m} :: transat; deck chair
transatlantique {adj} :: transatlantic
transbahuter {vt} :: to cart
transbordement {m} :: transshipment
transbordement {m} :: ferrying
transborder {vt} :: to ferry
transbordeur {m} [nautical] :: ferry
transbordeur {m} :: transporter bridge
transcanadien {adj} :: transCanadian
transcendance {f} :: transcendence
transcendant {adj} :: transcendent
transcendant {adj} [mathematics] :: transcendental
transcendantal {adj} :: transcendental
transcendantalement {adv} :: transcendentally
transcendantalisme {m} :: transcendentalism
transcender {v} :: to transcend
transclure {v} :: to transclude
transcoder {v} :: to transcode
transcoder {v} [computing] :: To compile
transcodeur {m} [computing] :: compiler
transcontinental {adj} :: transcontinental
transcripteur {m} :: transcriber
transcription {f} :: transcription (all senses)
transcriptionnel {adj} :: transcriptional
transcrire {v} :: to transcribe (all senses)
transcrit {adj} :: transcribed
transcutané {adj} :: transcutaneous
transdermique {adj} :: transdermal
transdisciplinaire {adj} :: transdisciplinary
transducteur {m} :: transducer (device)
transe {f} :: trance (state of being hypnotized or mesmerized)
transférable {adj} :: transferable (able to be transferred)
transférase {f} [enzyme] :: transferase
transfèrement {m} :: transfer
transférer {vti} :: to transfer, remove
transfermien {adj} [chemistry, physics] :: transfermium
transferrine {f} [protein] :: transferrin
transfert {m} :: transfer
transfert {m} [psychoanalysis] :: transference
transfert érotique {m} :: erotic transference
transfigurer {v} :: to transfigure
transfini {adj} [mathematics] :: transfinite (beyond finite)
transfo {m} :: transformer
transformateur {m} :: transformer (electrical device)
transformateur {adj} :: transformative
transformation {f} :: transformation
transformation {f} :: conversion of a try in rugby
transformation de Fourier {f} [mathematics] :: Fourier transform
transformée {f} [mathematics] :: transform
transformer {v} :: to transform
transformisme {m} [biology] :: transformism
transformiste {adj} :: transformist
transfrontalier {adj} :: multinational, transborder
transfrontière {adj} :: transfrontier, interstate
transfuge {mf} :: defector, deserter
transfuser {v} :: to transfuse
transfusion {f} [medicine] :: blood transfusion
transfusionnel {adj} :: transfusional
transgène {m} [genetics] :: transgene
transgenèse {f} [genetics] :: transgenesis
transgénétique {adj} :: transgenetic
transgénique {adj} :: transgenic
transgenre {adj} :: transgender
transgresser {v} :: to transgress, infringe (a rule)
transgresseur {m} :: transgressor
transgressif {adj} :: transgressive (all senses)
transgression {f} :: transgression (violation)
transhumance {f} :: transhumance (seasonal movement of people and grazing animals)
transhumanisme {m} :: transhumanism
transhumaniste {adj} :: transhumanist
transhumant {adj} :: transhumant
transhumer {v} :: To move livestock according to transhumance
transi {adj} :: chilled
transiger {v} :: to compromise
transir {v} [of a cold wind, figuratively] :: to cut through, to pass through
transistor {m} :: transistor
transistor {m} :: transistor radio
transistorisé {adj} :: transistorized
transitaire {mf} :: forwarding agent
transiter {v} :: to transit
transitif {adj} [grammar] :: transitive (in grammar: of a verb, that takes an object or objects)
transition {f} :: transition
transitionnel {adj} :: transitional
transitivement {adv} :: transitively
transitivité {f} [grammar and logic] :: transitivity
transitoire {adj} :: transitory
transitoirement {adv} :: transiently
translater {v} [physics, mathematics] :: to translate
translatif {adj} :: translative
translatif {m} [grammar] :: the translative case
translation {f} [mathematics, physics] :: translation
translation {f} [computing] :: thunking
translawrencien {adj} [physics, chemistry] :: translawrencium
translingue {adj} [linguistics] :: translingual
translitérer {v} :: to transliterate
translittération {f} [linguistics] :: transliteration (action of translitering)
translittérer {v} :: to transliterate
translucide {adj} :: translucent (allowing light to pass through scattering it)
transmanche {adj} :: cross-channel
transmetteur {m} :: transmitter
transmettre {vt} :: to transmit
transmigrer {vi} :: to transmigrate (migrate to another country)
transmigrer {vi} [of the soul] :: to transmigrate (pass into another body after death)
transmissibilité {f} :: transmissibility
transmissible {adj} :: transmissible, transmittable
transmissif {adj} :: transmissive
transmission {f} :: transmission
transmissivité {f} :: transmissivity
transmuer {vt} :: to transmute
transmutateur {m} :: transmuter, alchemist
transmutation {f} :: transmutation (all senses)
transmuté {adj} :: transmuted
transmuter {vt} :: to transmute
transnational {adj} :: transnational
transnationalisme {m} :: transnationalism
transneptunien {adj} [astronomy] :: transneptunian
Transnistrie {prop} {f} :: Transnistria
transocéanien {adj} :: transoceanic
transocéanique {adj} :: transoceanic
transpacifique {adj} :: transpacific
transparaitre {v} :: alternative form of transparaître
transparaître {v} :: to show through (of light etc.)
transparaître {v} :: to become apparent, to show
transparence {f} :: transparence, transparency
transparent {adj} :: transparent; see-through
transparent {adj} :: clear
transparent {adj} :: transparent, easy to understand
transparent {adj} :: unnoticed
transparent {adj} [figuratively] :: transparent; not hiding anything
transparent {adj} [linguistics] :: having the same meaning in several languages
transparent {m} :: paper having ruled lines put underneath a white sheet of paper in order to write straight
transparent {m} [obsolete] :: screen lit from behind (now: enseigne lumineuse)
transparent {m} :: plastic film used to show images with an overhead
transpartisan {adj} :: transpartisan
transpercer {v} :: to pierce, to impale
transpiration {f} :: transpiration
transpiration {f} :: sweat (bodily fluid)
transpirer {v} :: to transpire
transpirer {v} :: to perspire, sweat
transplantation {f} :: transplantation (all senses)
transplanter {v} :: to transplant (uproot and replant (a plant))
transplanter {v} :: to transplant (change an organ)
transplutonien {adj} [physics, chemistry] :: transplutonium
transpolaire {adj} :: transpolar
transport {m} :: transport
transport en commun {m} :: public transport
transporter {v} :: to transport
transporteur {m} :: carrier, transporter (person, company or device)
transporteur {adj} :: transporter (attributive)
transporteur de vrac {m} :: bulk carrier, bulker
transposable {adj} :: transposable
transposée {f} [mathematics] :: transpose (matrix)
transposer {v} :: to transpose (reverse or change the order of two)
transposition {f} :: transposition
transpyrénéen {adj} :: transpyrenean
transrhénan {adj} :: transrhenane
transsaharien {adj} :: trans-Saharan
transsexualité {f} :: transsexuality
transsexuel {adj} :: transsexual
transsexuel {m} :: transsexual
transsexuelle {f} :: feminine noun of transsexuel
transsibérien {adj} :: Trans-Siberian
transsonique {adj} :: transsonic (around the speed of sound)
transthoracique {adj} [anatomy] :: transthoracic
transuranien {adj} [physics, chemistry, astronomy] :: transuranic
transvasement {m} :: decantation
transvaser {vt} :: to decant
transvaseur {m} :: decanter
transvection {f} [genetics, mathematics] :: transvection
transversaire {adj} [anatomy] :: transversal
transversal {adj} :: transversal
transversale {f} :: crossbar
transversalement {adv} :: transversally; crosswise
transvider {v} :: to unload
transylvain {adj} :: Transylvanian
Transylvanie {prop} {f} :: Transylvania
transylvanien {adj} :: Transylvanian
Trapani {prop} :: Trapani (province)
Trapani {prop} :: Trapani (city)
trapèze {m} [sailing, gymnastics] :: trapeze
trapèze {m} [geometry] :: trapezium
trapèze {m} [skeleton] :: trapezium, trapezium bone
trapézien {adj} [geometry] :: trapezial
trapéziste {mf} :: trapeze artist, trapezist
trapézoïdal {adj} :: trapezoidal
trapézoïde {m} :: trapezoid (quadrilateral with no sides parallel)
trapézoïde {m} [skeleton] :: trapezoid bone
trappage {f} :: trapping
trappe {f} :: hatch or trap door
trapper {v} :: To trap (hunt using traps)
Trappes {prop} :: A town in the Yvelines department of Île-de-France
trappeur {m} :: trapper (especially for fur)
trappiste {adj} :: Trappist
trappiste {adj} :: Of or from Trappes
trappiste {f} :: Trappist beer
trapu {adj} :: stocky, squat
trapu {adj} :: misshapen
traque {f} :: tracking
traquenard {m} :: trap, pitfall
traquenard {m} :: practical joke
traquer {v} :: to track, follow
traquer {v} :: to track down, hunt down; to hound
traquet {m} :: wheatear; stonechat
traqueur {m} :: tracker
traqueuse {f} :: feminine noun of traqueur
trauma {m} [medicine] :: trauma (a localised injury produced by an external action)
trauma {m} [psychology and psychoanalysis, elliptical use for trauma psychique] :: psychic trauma
traumatique {adj} :: traumatic
traumatiquement {adv} :: traumatically
traumatisant {adj} :: traumatizing
traumatiser {vt} :: to traumatise
traumatisme {m} [pathology] :: trauma
traumatologique {adj} :: traumatological
traumatologue {mf} :: traumatologist
travail {m} :: work; labor
travail {m} :: job
travail {m} :: workplace
travail au noir {m} [colloquial] :: moonlighting, undeclared work
travail d'arabe {m} [France, derogatory, ethnic slur] :: poorly, lazily executed work
travail de bénédictin {m} :: yeoman's service
travail d'intérêt général {m} :: community service
travailler {v} :: to work
travailler {v} :: to study
travailler {v} :: to struggle
travailleur {m} :: worker, one who works
travailleur {adj} :: hard-working, diligent
travailleuse {f} :: feminine noun of travailleur
travailleuse du sexe {f} [euphemistic] :: lady of the night
travailleuse du sexe {f} :: (female) sex worker
travaillisme {m} [politics] :: Labour politics
travailliste {adj} [attributive] :: working; labor
travailliste {adj} [politics] :: Labour, Labor
travailliste {mf} :: Labour supporter
travée {f} [architecture] :: bay
travelling {m} [cinematography] :: travelling shot
travelo {m} [colloquial] :: transvestite
travers {m} :: outside (the external part of)
travers {m} :: wide side (the side of which the width is measured)
travers {m} [historical] :: border toll
traverse {f} [rail] :: sleeper (UK), tie (US)
traversée {f} :: crossing (action of traversing something)
traverser {v} :: to cross, to go across
traverseur {m} :: traverser
traverseuse {f} :: feminine singular of traverseur
traversier {adj} :: crossing
traversier {m} [nautical] :: ferry (for cars etc)
traversin {m} :: bolster
travertin {m} [geology] :: travertine
travesti {m} :: transvestite
travestir {vt} :: to disguise
travestir {vr} :: to dress up [especially in clothes of the opposite sex]
travestir {vt} [pejorative] :: to travesty (to make a travesty of), distort
travestisme {m} :: transvestism
travestissement {m} :: transvestism
trawler {v} [Louisiana French, Cajun French, ] :: to trawl
trayeuse {f} :: milking machine
trayon {m} :: teat (of cow, goat)
Trb. {n} [music] :: abbreviation of trombone
trébuchant {adj} :: stumbling
trébuchant {adj} :: tottering
trébuchement {m} :: stumble, trip
trébucher {v} [sur] :: to trip, to stumble
trébuchet {m} :: trebuchet
tréfilage {m} :: drawing (of wire)
trèfle {m} :: clover
trèfle {m} [card games] :: clubs (card suit)
trèfle {m} [architecture] :: trefoil
trèfle {m} [heraldiccharge] :: trefoil
tréfonds {m} [literary] :: depths, the deep
tréfonds {m} [literary, figuratively] :: profundity; something that is recondite or abstruse
tréhalose {m} [carbohydrate] :: trehalose
treillage {m} :: trellis
treillager {v} :: to trellis, equip with a trellis
treille {f} :: trellis
treille {f} :: arbour (with vines)
treillis {m} :: trellis
treillis {m} :: canvas
treillis {m} [military] :: fatigues
treize {num} :: thirteen
treizième {adj} :: thirteenth
treizième {mf} :: thirteenth
treizièmement {adv} :: thirteenthly
trek {m} :: treck
trek {m} :: trecking
trekkeur {m} :: trekker; hiker
trekkeuse {f} :: feminine noun of trekkeur
trekking {m} :: trekking
tréma {m} :: A trema, a diaeresis mark ( ¨ )
tremblant {adj} :: shaky, shaking, trembling
Tremblay {prop} :: surname
tremble {m} :: aspen
tremblement {m} :: shake, tremble
tremblement de terre {m} :: earthquake
trembler {v} :: to tremble, shake
trembler comme une feuille {v} [simile] :: to shake like a leaf
trembleur {m} [literally] :: shaker, one who trembles
trembleur {m} [figuratively] :: someone who is often scared
trembleuse {f} :: feminine noun of trembleur
tremblotant {adj} :: tremulous, shaking
trembloter {vi} :: to quiver
tremé {m} [verlan, backslang] :: metre, meter
trémie {f} :: hopper
trémière {f} :: hollyhock
trémolite {f} [mineral] :: tremolite
trémolo {m} [music] :: tremolo
trémor {m} :: tremor
trémoussement {m} :: fluttering
trémousser {v} :: to jig, jiggle
trempabilité {f} :: hardenability, temperability
trempage {m} :: soaking
trempe {adj} [Quebec, colloquial] :: wet, soaked
trempe {m} [colloquial] :: beating, hiding
trempé {adj} :: soaked, drenched
trempé {adj} [of metal] :: hardened, tempered
trempé {adj} [figurative] :: battle-hardened, tough
tremper {vt} :: to soak, to drench, to wet
tremper {vt} :: to dip, to dunk
tremper {vt} :: to temper (metal), to harden
tremper le biscuit {v} :: alternative form of tremper son biscuit
tremper son biscuit {v} [rather vulgar] :: to dip one's wick (of a man)
trempette {f} :: paddle, dip (brief excursion into the sea)
trempette {f} :: dip (sauce eaten with pieces of bread etc)
tremplin {m} [diving] :: springboard
tremplin {m} [gymnastics] :: springboard
tremplin {m} [figuratively] :: springboard (something to jumpstart or boost e.g. a career)
tremplin {m} [skiing] :: ski jump
trémulation {f} :: tremor, trembling, shaking
trémuler {vi} :: to tremble, to shake
trémuler {vt} :: to shake
trench {m} :: trench coat
trench-coat {m} :: trench coat
trenèl {m} :: A food, similar to haggis, from Aveyron
trentaine {f} :: about thirty
trente {num} :: thirty
trente {m} :: thirty
Trente {prop} {f} :: Trento (province, city)
trente-cinq {m} :: thirty-five
trente-cinquième {mf} :: thirty-fifth
trente-deux {m} :: thirty-two
trente-deuxième {mf} :: thirty-second
trente et un {num} :: thirty-one
trente-et-un {m} :: thirty-one
trente-et-unième {mf} :: thirty-first
trente-huit {num} :: thirty-eight
trentenaire {adj} :: thirty-year-old
trentenaire {mf} :: thirty-year-old
trente-neuf {num} :: thirty-nine
trente-quatre {m} :: thirty-four
trente-quatrième {mf} :: thirty-fourth
trente-sept {num} :: thirty-seven
trente-six {num} :: thirty-six
trente-six {num} :: many; an indeterminate large number of; umpteen
trente-sixième {mf} :: thirty-sixth
trente-sixième dessous {m} [colloquial] :: a very miserable situation, a very dark place, a very sad and unhappy state
trente-trois {m} :: thirty-three
trente-troisième {mf} :: thirty-third
trentième {adj} :: thirtieth
trentième {mf} :: thirtieth
trentièmement {adv} :: thirtiethly
trépan {m} :: drill
trépan {m} [surgery] :: trepan, trephine
trépanation {f} :: trepanation
trépaner {vt} [surgery] :: to trepan
trépas {m} [literary] :: death, demise (of a person)
trépassé {m} :: deceased
trépasser {v} [euphemistic] :: to cross over; to pass away (to die)
tréphocyte {m} [cytology] :: trephocyte
tréphone {f} [hormone] :: trephone
trépidant {adj} :: hectic
trépidation {f} :: trembling
trépidation {f} :: vibration
trépidation {f} :: shudder
trépider {vi} :: to vibrate
trépider {vi} :: to shudder
trépider {vi} :: to throb
trépied {m} :: tripod
trépignement {m} :: stamping (of feet)
trépigner {vi} :: To stamp or shuffle one's feet, usually horses or humans
trépigner {vi} :: To wait nervously or angrily
trépigner {vt} :: To trample
trépigner {vt} :: To severely criticize, to speak badly of
trépigner {vt} [slang, dated] :: To beat up
tréponème {m} :: treponeme
très {adv} :: very
très bien {adv} :: very good, very well
très bien {adv} :: excellent
très chic {phrase} [colloquial] :: That's the style; that's the ticket
Très-Haut {prop} {m} :: the Most High (name for God)
trésor {m} :: treasure (valuables)
trésor {m} :: treasure (any single thing one values greatly)
trésor {m} :: treasure (term of endearment)
trésor {m} :: treasury
Trésor {m} :: Treasury (government department)
trésorerie {f} :: accounts department
trésorerie {f} :: treasury
trésorier {m} :: treasurer (official entrusted with the funds and revenues of an organisation)
trésorière {f} :: feminine noun of trésorier
trésorier-payeur général {m} :: paymaster
très peu pour moi {interj} [colloquial] :: not for me! no thanks! no thank you! it's not my cup of tea! I really don't like it! I'm not interested at all!
tressaillement {m} :: shiver, shudder, wince
tressaillement {m} :: quiver, thrill
tressaillir {v} :: to thrill, shiver, quiver
tressaillir {v} :: to vibrate
tressaillir {v} :: to twitch, start, shudder, jump
tressauter {v} :: to jump, act jumpy
tresse {f} :: tress, braid, plait
tresser {vt} :: to plait, braid
tréteau {m} :: trestle (a folding or fixed set of legs used to support a table-top or planks)
tréteau {m} :: sawhorse
treuil {m} :: winch, hoist, windlass
treuillage {m} :: winching
treuiller {vt} :: to winch
treum {m} [backslang, verlan] :: apocopic form of tremé, treumé
trêve {f} [military, politics, etc.] :: truce
trêve {f} [sports] :: midwinter break
trêve {f} :: rest, respite
Trévise {prop} {f} :: Treviso (province)
Trévise {prop} {f} :: Treviso (town)
Trgl. {n} [music] :: abbreviation of triangle
tri- {prefix} :: tri-
tri {m} :: selection
tri {m} [computing] :: sort
tri à bulles {m} [computing] :: bubble sort
triacétate {m} [organic chemistry] :: triacetate
triacétine {f} [organic compound] :: triacetin
triacide {adj} [chemistry] :: triacidic
triacontanoïque {adj} [organic chemistry] :: triacontanoic
triade {f} :: triad (all senses)
triadique {adj} :: triadic (relating to a triad)
triage {m} :: triage; sorting
triage {m} [railway] :: classification, marshalling
triage {m} [railway] :: classification yard, marshalling yard
triage {m} [forestry] :: the smallest unit of forest in the ancien régime
triamcinolone {m} :: triamcinolone
triangle {m} [geometry] :: triangle (polygon)
triangle {m} [music] :: triangle (percussion instrument)
triangle amoureux {m} :: love triangle
triangle équilatéral {m} :: equilateral triangle
triangle rectangle {m} :: right triangle (a triangle having a right angle as one of its interior angles)
triangulaire {adj} :: triangular
triangulaire {f} :: three-way race, struggle etc
triangulairement {adv} :: triangularly
trianguler {v} :: to triangulate
triaperturé {adj} [botany, of a pollen grain] :: Having three apertures (germination pores)
Trias {prop} {m} [geology] :: Triassic period
triathlon {m} :: triathlon
triathlon d'hiver {m} :: winter triathlon (a three-sport three-leg race involving raquette (snowshoeing), patin (ice skating), ski de fond (cross-country skiing).)
triatomique {adj} [physics, chemistry] :: triatomic
triazène {m} [chemistry] :: triazene
tribadisme {m} :: tribadism
tribal {adj} :: tribal
tribalisme {m} :: tribalism
tribologie {f} :: tribology
tribologique {adj} :: tribological
triboluminescence {f} [physics] :: triboluminescence
tribord {m} [nautical] :: starboard
tribraque {m} [prosody] :: tribrach (metrical foot comprising three short syllables)
tribromure {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: tribromide
tribu {f} :: tribe
tribulation {f} :: tribulation
tribun {m} :: tribune
tribunal {m} :: tribunal
tribunal {m} [law] :: court, court of law
tribune {f} :: platform, rostrum, podium
tribune {f} :: stand, grandstand
tribune {f} [architecture] :: gallery
tribuniste {adj} :: Tribunite
tribuniste {mf} :: Tribunite
tribut {m} [historical] :: tribute (payment made from one state to another as a sign of submission)
tribut {m} :: tribute (acknowledgement of gratitude)
tributaire {adj} :: tributary
tributaire {mf} :: tributary
tributyle {m} [organic chemistry, in combination] :: tributyl
tributylétain {m} [organic compound] :: tributyltin
tricarboxylique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: tricarboxylic
tricastin {adj} :: Of or from the region of Tricastin or the town of Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux
Tricastin {prop} :: A historic region between Drôme and Vaucluse
-trice {suffix} :: feminine noun of -teur
tricentenaire {m} :: tercentenary, tricentennial
tricéphale {adj} :: tricephalous
triche {f} :: fraud
triche {f} :: cheating
tricher {v} :: to cheat
tricherie {f} :: cheating, trickery
tricheur {m} :: cheat, cheater
tricheuse {f} :: cheat; cheater (someone who cheats)
trichloracétaldéhyde {m} [organic compound] :: trichloroacetaldehyde
trichloracétique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: trichloroacetic
trichloré {adj} [chemistry] :: trichlorinated
trichloréthène {m} :: synonym of trichloréthylène
trichloréthylène {m} [organic compound] :: trichloroethylene
trichloroacétique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: trichloroacetic
trichloroéthane {m} [organic compound] :: trichloroethane
trichloroéthène {m} :: alternative form of trichloréthylène
trichloroéthylène {m} :: alternative form of trichloréthylène
trichlorofluorométhane {m} :: trichlorofluoromethane (CFCl3)
trichloronitrométhane {m} [organic compound] :: trichloronitromethane
trichlorure {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: trichloride
trichobézoard {m} :: trichobezoar
trichomanie {f} :: trichotillomania
trichophile {m} :: A trichophile
trichosanique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: trichosanic
trichotomie {f} :: trichotomy
trichroïsme {m} :: trichroism
trichromate {adj} :: trichromatic
trichromate {mf} :: trichromat
trichromatie {f} :: trichromatism
trichromie {f} :: three-colour printing
triclinique {adj} [crystallography] :: triclinic
tricolore {adj} :: three-colored
tricolore {adj} [attributive] :: French flag
Tricolore {prop} {m} [Quebec, slang] :: the Montreal Canadiens professional ice hockey club
tricontinental {adj} :: tricontinental
tricot {m} :: knitting
tricot {m} :: sweater, jumper
tricot {m} :: sea krait (snake)
tricotage {m} :: knitting (occupation)
tricot de corps {m} :: vest (UK), undershirt (US)
tricoter {v} :: to knit
tricoteur {m} :: knitter
tricoteuse {f} :: knitter (female)
tric trac {m} :: alternative spelling of trictrac
tric-trac {m} :: alternative spelling of trictrac
trictrac {m} :: a variant of backgammon, very popular during the XVIIth, XVIIIth centuries in aristocratic circles of France
trictrac {m} :: the board used to play it
tricycle {m} :: tricycle
tricyclique {adj} :: tricyclic
tricycliste {mf} :: tricyclist
tridécane {m} [organic compound] :: tridecane
tridécanoïque {adj} [organic chemistry] :: tridecanoic
tridécylique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: tridecylic
trident {m} :: trident
tridentin {adj} :: Tridentine (all senses)
tridermique {adj} :: tridermic
tridi {m} [historical] :: The third day of the decade (ten-day week) in the French Republican Calendar
tridimensionnel {adj} :: three-dimensional
trièdre {m} :: trihedron
triène {m} [organic chemistry] :: triene
triennal {adj} :: triennial, three-yearly
triennalement {adv} :: triennially (every three years)
triénoïque {adj} [organic chemistry] :: trienoic
trier {v} :: to sort, to sort out
trier {v} :: to grade; to calibrate
trière {f} [nautical] :: trireme
trier sur le volet {idiom} :: to handpick, to select carefully by strict criteria
Trieste {prop} {f} :: Trieste (province)
Trieste {prop} {f} :: Trieste (town)
triéthylgallium {m} [organic compound] :: triethylgallium
Trieu {prop} :: surname
trieur {m} :: sorter, grader (person; machine (feminine only))
trieuse {f} :: sorter, grader (person (female), machine))
triflate {m} [organic chemistry] :: triflate
trifluoroacétate {m} [organic chemistry] :: trifluoroacetate
trifluoroacétique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: trifluoroacetic
trifluorométhylsulfonate {m} [organic chemistry] :: trifluoromethanesulfonate
trifluorure {m} [chemistry] :: trifluoride
trifluvien {adj} [Quebec] :: Trifluvien, pertaining to Trois-Rivières or its surrounding county
Trifluvien {m} [Quebec] :: Trifluvien, a resident of Trois-Rivières or its surrounding county
Trifluvienne {f} :: feminine noun of Trifluvien
trifouiller {v} [colloquial] :: to tamper (with), tinker
trifouiller {vi} [colloquial] :: to rummage, rummage around (+dans = in)
trifouiller {vi} [colloquial] :: to dabble
Trifouillis-les-Oies {prop} :: Any small village
trigastrique {adj} :: trigastric
triglycéride {m} [organic chemistry] :: triglyceride
triglycéridémie {f} [pathology] :: triglyceridemia
trigonalisation {f} :: triangularization
trigonaliser {v} :: To triangularize
trigonométrie {f} :: trigonometry
trigonométrique {adj} [mathematics] :: trigonometric
trigonométriquement {adv} :: trigonometrically
trihalogénométhane {m} [organic chemistry] :: trihalogenomethane
trihalogénure {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: trihalide
triholoside {m} [carbohydrate] :: trisaccharide
trihydrate {m} :: trihydrate
trihydraté {adj} [chemistry] :: trihydrated
trihydrique {adj} [chemistry] :: trihydric
trihydrogène {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: trihydrogen
trihydrure {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: trihydride
triiodométhane {m} [organic compound] :: triiodomethane
triiodure {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: triiodide
trijonction {f} :: trijunction
trijumeau {adj} [anatomy] :: trigeminal
trilatéral {adj} :: trilateral
trilatère {adj} :: trilateral
trilingue {adj} :: trilingual
trilinguisme {m} [linguistics] :: trilingualism
trilitère {adj} :: triliteral
trille {m} :: trill
triller {v} :: To trill
trilliard {num} :: 1021, a thousand billion billion by the long scale, a short scale sextillion
trillion {num} :: 1018; a long scale trillion; a short scale quintillion
trillionième {adj} :: trillionth
trilobé {adj} [botany] :: trilobate (having three lobes)
trilobite {m} :: trilobite
trilogie {f} :: trilogy
trimaran {m} :: trimaran
trimardeur {m} :: migrant worker; vagabond
trimbaler {vt} [colloquial] :: to drag
trimbaler {vt} [colloquial] :: to lug, lug around, cart
trimbaler {vt} [colloquial] :: to have in mind
trimbaler {vt} [colloquial] :: to run ragged
trimballer {v} :: alternative spelling of trimbaler
trimer {v} [colloquial] :: to slave away (to work very hard)
trimer {v} [dated] :: to walk for a long time; to tramp
trimère {m} [chemistry] :: trimer
trimérisation {f} [chemistry] :: trimerization
trimériser {v} [chemistry] :: To trimerize
trimestre {m} :: quarter
trimestre {m} [education] :: term
trimestre {m} :: (of pregnancy) trimester
trimestriel {adj} :: Every three months
trimestriellement {adv} :: quarterly (every three months)
triméthylamine {f} [organic compound] :: trimethylamine
triméthylarsine {m} [organic compound] :: trimethylarsine
triméthylbenzène {m} [organic compound] :: trimethylbenzene
triméthyle {m} [organic chemistry] :: trimethyl
triméthylgallium {m} [organic compound] :: trimethylgallium
triméthylglycine {f} [organic chemistry] :: trimethylglycine
triméthylméthane {m} [organic compound] :: trimethylmethane
triméthylpentane {m} [organic compound] :: trimethylpentane
trimoléculaire {adj} [physics, chemistry] :: trimolecular
trimoteur {m} :: three-engined aircraft
tringle {f} :: rod
tringle {f} [architecture] :: tenia
tringler {v} [slang] :: to shaft, shag, hump (have sex with)
Trinh {prop} :: surname
trinitaire {adj} :: Trinitarian
trinitaire {mf} :: Trinitarian
trinité {f} :: trinity (group of three things)
trinité {f} [Christianity] :: Trinity
Trinité-et-Tobago {prop} {f} :: Trinidad and Tobago
trinitramide {m} [inorganic compound] :: trinitramide
trinitroamine {f} :: synonym of trinitramide
trinitrobenzène {m} [organic compound] :: trinitrobenzene
trinitroglycérine {f} [organic compound] :: trinitroglycerin
trinitrophénol {m} [organic compound] :: trinitrophenol
trinitrotoluène {m} [organic compound] :: trinitrotoluene
trinôme {m} [maths] :: trinomial
trinquage {f} :: toasting
trinquer {v} :: to chink glasses, toast
trinquet {m} :: mizzen
trinucléaire {adj} :: trinuclear
trio {m} :: trio
trio {m} :: Tiriyó (language)
triœcie {f} [botany] :: A class of plants that possesses a mixture of female, male, and hermaphroditic features
triolet {m} [poetry] :: triplet, triolet
triolet {m} [music] :: triplet
triolisme {m} :: threesome, threeway (a sexual activity involving three people)
trioliste {adj} :: troilist
triomphal {adj} :: triumphant
triomphalement {adv} :: triumphantly
triomphalisme {m} :: triumphalism
triomphaliste {adj} :: triumphalist
triomphant {adj} :: triumphant
triomphateur {m} :: victor, winner
triomphateur {adj} :: triumphant
triomphe {m} :: triumph
triompher {v} :: to triumph
triose {m} [carbohydrate] :: triose
trioxyde {m} [chemistry] :: trioxide
trioxygène {m} :: trioxygen
triparti {adj} :: tripartite
tripartisme {m} :: tripartism
tripartite {adj} :: tripartite
triperie {f} :: tripe shop
tripes {fp} :: tripe (food)
tripes à la mode de Caen {n} :: A recipe from Normandy made from the four stomachs of a cow, cider, calvados and various vegetables
triphasé {adj} :: three-phase
triphasique {adj} :: triphasic
triphénylène {m} [organic compound] :: triphenylene
triphénylephosphine {m} [organic compound] :: triphenylphosphine
triphenylméthanol {m} [organic compound] :: triphenylmethanol
triphénylméthanol {m} [organic compound] :: triphenylmethanol
triphénylphosphine {f} [organic compound] :: triphenylphosphine
tripier {m} :: tripe butcher
tripière {f} :: feminine noun of tripier
triplace {adj} :: three-seater (of a vehicle)
triple {m} :: triple
triple {m} [baseball] :: triple
triplé {m} :: triplet (one of a group of three siblings born at the same time to the same mother)
triplé {m} [sports] :: hat trick
triple jeu {m} [baseball] :: triple play
triplement {adv} :: triply
tripler {vti} :: to triple
triple saut {m} :: triple jump
triplet {m} [mathematics, biology, architecture] :: triplet, group of three things
triploblastique {adj} :: triploblastic
tripode {adj} :: three-footed
tripolaire {adj} :: tripolar
tripolitain {adj} :: Tripolitan (of or from Tripoli or Tripolitania)
triporteur {m} :: three-wheeled delivery van
tripot {m} :: dive (gambling den etc)
tripotage {m} :: fiddling, manipulation, jiggery-pokery
tripoter {v} :: to fiddle with
tripoter {v} :: to feel up
tripou {m} :: A tripe dish from Aveyron
trippant {adj} [slang] :: trippy
triptyque {m} :: triptych
trique {f} :: cudgel, club (large sticklike object)
trique {f} [vulgar, slang] :: hard-on (erection)
triquotidien {adj} :: thrice daily
trirème {f} :: trireme (galley with three banks of oars)
trisaïeul {m} :: great-great-grandfather
trisaïeule {f} :: great-great-grandmother
trisannuel {adj} :: triennial
trisannuellement {adv} :: triennially (every three years)
triskaidékaphobie {f} :: triskaidekaphobia (fear of the number 13)
triskèle {f} :: triskele
triskèle {f} :: triskelion
triso {m} [slang, derogatory] :: idiot
trisomie {f} :: trisomy
trisomie 21 {f} :: Down's syndrome (UK), Down syndrome (US)
trisomique {adj} :: trisomic
trisplanchnique {adj} [anatomy] :: trisplanchnic
trissotin {m} :: fool
Tristan {prop} {m} :: given name, cognate to English Tristan
triste {adj} :: sad
tristéarate {m} [organic chemistry] :: tristearate
tristéarine {f} [organic compound] :: tristearin
tristement {adv} :: sadly; gloomily
tristesse {f} :: sadness
tristounet {adj} :: sullen
tristounettement {adv} :: sullenly
trisulfure {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: trisulfide / trisulphide
triterpène {m} [organic chemistry] :: triterpene
trithérapie {m} :: triple therapy (having three components)
triticine {f} [protein] :: The gluten component of triticale
tritié {adj} [chemistry] :: tritiated
tritigène {adj} [physics] :: tritigenic
triton {m} :: newt
tritoxyde {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: tritoxide
tritriacontanoïque {adj} [organic chemistry] :: tritriacontanoic
triturage {m} :: trituration
triturateur {m} :: grinder
triturateur {m} :: pulper
triturer {v} :: To triturate
triumvirat {m} [chiefly historical] :: triumvirate
trivalent {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: trivalent
trivial {adj} :: trivial (common, easy, obvious)
trivial {adj} :: ordinary, mundane
trivial {adj} :: colloquial (language)
trivialement {adv} :: trivially
trivialité {f} :: triviality
trivialité {f} :: mundaneness
Troade {prop} {f} :: Troad
troc {m} :: barter, swop
trochantinien {adj} [anatomy] :: trochantinian
trochin {m} [anatomy] :: lesser tubercle (anterior process of the proximal extremity of the humerus)
trochlée {f} [anatomy] :: trochlea
trochléen {adj} :: trochlear
troène {m} :: privet
troëne {m} :: alternative form of troène
troglodyte {mf} :: troglodyte
troglodyte {m} :: wren
troglodyte {m} :: chimpanzee
troglodytique {adj} :: troglodytic
troglodytique {adj} :: cave (attributive)
trogne {f} [colloquial] :: mug (face)
trognon {m} :: core (of apple etc.)
Troie {prop} [Ancient Greece] :: Troy
troïka {f} :: troika (vehicle)
troïka {f} :: troika (party of three)
trois {num} [cardinal] :: three
trois cents {m} [cardinal] :: three hundred
trois fois rien {pron} [idiomatic, colloquial] :: next to nothing (very little)
troisième {adj} :: third
troisième {mf} :: third
troisième base {f} [Europe] :: alternative form of troisième but
troisième but {m} [baseball] :: third base
troisième but {m} :: [by ellipsis] third baseman
Troisième Guerre mondiale {prop} {f} :: World War III
troisièmement {adv} :: thirdly
troisième personne {f} :: third person (all meanings)
trois pelés et un tondu {mp} [colloquial] :: one man and his dog (virtually nobody)
Trois Rivières {prop} :: alternate form of Trois-Rivières
Trois-Rivières {prop} {m} :: Trois-Rivières
trojan {m} [computing, Anglicism] :: trojan, Trojan horse (computing)
troll {m} :: troll (mythical being)
troll {m} :: troll (inflammatory poster on the Internet)
troll {m} [by extension] :: The act of trolling
trollesque {adj} [Internet] :: trollish
trolley {m} :: trolley
trolley {m} :: trolleybus
trombe {f} :: waterspout
trombine {f} [colloquial] :: face
trombinoscope {m} :: facebook (directory of people with accompanying photographs)
tromblon {m} :: blunderbuss
tromblon {m} [colloquial] :: (old) codger
trombone {m} [musical instruments] :: trombone
trombone {m} :: paper clip
tromboner {v} [vulgar, slang] :: To fuck (of a female, to have sex)
trompe {f} :: trumpet
trompe {f} :: trunk of an elephant
trompe {f} :: squinch
trompe de chasse {f} :: hunting horn
trompe de Fallope {f} [anatomy] :: Fallopian tube
trompe-la-mort {m} :: daredevil (a person who risks his life)
trompe-l'œil {m} :: trompe l’oeil (type of optical illusion)
trompe-oreilles {m} :: a phrase using wordplay in order to be difficult to understand; an aural illusion
tromper {vt} :: to deceive, lead astray, mislead
tromper {vt} :: to trick, dupe
tromper {vt} :: to cheat on one's significant other
tromper {vt} :: to distract oneself from
tromper {vr} :: to make a mistake
tromper {vr} [with de] :: to mix up
tromperie {f} :: deception
trompette {f} :: trumpet
trompettiste {mf} :: trumpeter (musician playing a trumpet)
trompeur {adj} :: deceitful
trompeur {adj} :: misleading
trompeusement {adv} :: deceitfully
trompeusement {adv} :: misleadingly
tronc {m} [anatomy] :: trunk
tronc {m} [botany] :: trunk, bole (of a tree)
troncation {f} [linguistics] :: clipping
troncation {f} [linguistics] :: disfixation, back-formation
troncature {f} :: truncation
tronc cérébral {m} :: brain stem
tronche {f} [archaic] :: log; trunk
tronche {f} [slang] :: mug; face
tronche {f} [slang] :: head
tronche {f} [slang, by extension] :: brainiac; egghead
troncher {vt} [vulgar] :: to fuck, to shag
tronçon {m} :: slice, section
tronconique {adj} :: frustoconical
tronçonnage {m} :: slicing, cutting
tronçonner {v} :: to slice, to slice up
tronçonneuse {f} :: chainsaw (saw with a power driven chain)
trône {m} :: throne (royal seat)
trône {m} [colloquial] :: throne (lavatory)
trôner {vi} [archaic] :: to sit on a throne
tronqué {adj} :: truncated, shortened
tronquer {v} :: to truncate (shorten something as if by cutting off part of it)
tronquer {v} :: to shorten, cut
trop {adv} :: too; too much
trop {adv} [colloquial, intensifier] :: very
trop de {adj} :: too much, too many
trope {m} [music, literature, linguistics] :: trope
tropéoline {f} :: tropaeolin
tropézien {adj} :: Of or from Saint-Tropez
Tropézien {m} :: A native or inhabitant Saint-Tropez
tropézienne {f} :: synonym of tarte tropézienne
-trophe {suffix} :: -trophic
trophée {m} :: trophy
Trophime {prop} :: Trophimus
trophique {adj} :: trophic
trophoblaste {m} [biology] :: trophoblast
trophoblastique {adj} [biology] :: trophoblastic
trophozoïte {m} [cytology] :: trophozoite
tropical {adj} :: tropical (pertaining to the tropics)
tropique {m} :: tropic
tropisme {m} [biology] :: tropism
tropisme {m} :: A feeling of headrush
tropisme {m} [figuratively] :: An unexplainable impulse
tropologique {adj} :: tropological
tropologiquement {adv} :: tropologically
tropopause {f} :: tropopause
troposphère {f} :: troposphere
troposphérique {adj} :: tropospheric
trop-plein {m} :: overflow, surplus
troquer {v} :: to barter (exchange goods or services without involving money)
troquet {m} :: bar
trot {m} :: trot
trotskisme {m} :: trotskyism (the political philosophy named after Leon Trotsky)
trotskiste {mf} :: Trotskyite (an advocate of the communist doctrines of Leon Trotsky)
trotskiste {adj} :: Trotskyite
trotskysme {m} :: Trotskyism
trotskyste {adj} :: Trotskyist, Trotskyite
trotskyste {mf} :: Trotskyist, Trotskyite
trotter {v} [usually of a horse] :: to trot
trotteur {m} :: trotter (horse)
trotteur {m} :: baby walker
trotteuse {f} :: trotter (horse, mare)
trotteuse {f} :: second hand (of a clock etc)
trottiner {vi} :: to trot, to amble
trottinette {f} :: scooter (human-powered vehicle; a kick scooter)
trottoir {m} :: sidewalk (US), pavement (UK), footpath (Australia)
trou {m} :: hole
trou à rat {m} :: alternative spelling of trou à rats
trou à rats {m} [colloquial, pejorative] :: rathole (squalid place of residence)
troubadour {m} :: troubadour
trou blanc {m} [astrophysics] :: white hole
troublant {adj} :: troubling, disturbing, unsettling
trouble {m} :: trouble
trouble {m} [medicine] :: disorder
trouble de la personnalité {m} :: personality disorder
trouble-fête {mf} :: spoilsport
trouble obsessionnel compulsif {m} :: obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
troubler {v} :: to disturb, disrupt (order, sleep, judgement etc.)
troubler {v} :: to disturb, to trouble (someone)
troubler {vr} :: to cloud, become cloudy (of water); to become cloudy, become overcast (of sky)
troubler {vr} :: to become flustered
trou de mémoire {m} :: memory lapse, brain fart
trou de nez {m} :: nostril
trou de ver {m} :: wormhole
trou du cul {m} [vulgar] :: asshole (anus)
trou du cul {m} [vulgar] :: asshole, jerk
trou du cul {m} :: a card game, also called président
troué {adj} :: holed; full of holes
trouer {v} :: to hole, pierce
troufignon {m} [vulgar, slang] :: arsehole; ass
troufion {m} [colloquial] :: lower rank soldier
troufion {m} [slang, dated] :: anus
trougne {m} :: synonym of troène
trouillard {adj} [colloquial] :: chicken, cowardly
trouillard {m} [colloquial] :: chicken, yellowbelly, coward
trouille {f} [colloquial] :: fear
trouillomètre {m} :: fear meter (hypothetical device)
trou noir {m} [physics, astronomy] :: black hole (celestial body)
trou normand {phrase} :: Eau-de-vie, especially calvados, served as a middle course in a large meal
troupe {f} :: troop
troupeau {m} :: herd (of horses, bulls, elephants, buffalo etc.)
troupeau {m} :: drove (of animals being transported)
troupeau {m} :: flock (of sheep); gaggle (of geese)
trou perdu {m} [colloquial] :: backwater, middle of nowhere, arse end of nowhere
troupier {m} :: trooper
trousse {f} :: kit (small handheld package containing a set of tools for a particular purpose)
trousse {f} :: pencil case
trousseau {m} :: bunch (of keys)
trousseau {m} :: trousseau
trousse de toilette {f} :: sponge bag, Dopp kit
troussequin {m} :: cantle (raised back part of a saddle)
trousser {v} :: To fold up
trousser {v} :: To hitch up
trousser {v} :: To truss
trousser {v} :: To expedite
trousser {v} [vulgar, dated] :: To stuff, to fuck
trouvable {adj} [literally] :: findable, which can be found, detected, encountered
trouvable {adj} :: occurring, current
trouvaille {f} :: find; lucky find
trouvé {adj} :: found, being to object of a find(ing)
trouvé {adj} :: invented, thought-up, imagined
trouvé {adj} :: found and somehow taken in, as said of a foundling
trouver {vt} :: to find
trouver {vt} :: to find/think, as in "to have thoughts regarding/on something"
trouver {vr} [se trouver] :: to find oneself
trouver {vr} [se trouver] :: To be found, to be situated, to be
trouver chaussure à son pied {v} [figuratively] :: to find one's special someone, to find the right person
trouvère {m} :: A trouvère, medieval lyric poet using the Northern langue d'oïl (precursor dialects of modern French), as opposed to their older, southern example, the original troubadours, who used langue d'oc (Occitan)
trouver la mort {v} [idiomatic] :: to pass away, pass on (die)
trouveur {m} :: A finder; discoverer
trouveur {m} :: An inventor, creator
trouzillion {m} [colloquial] :: gazillion
troyen {adj} :: of or from Troy
troyen {adj} [astronomy] :: trojan
troyen {f} [astronomy] :: Trojan
troyen {adj} :: of or from Troyes
troyen {adj} :: of or from Troye-d'Ariège
Troyen {m} :: Someone of or from Troy
Troyen {m} :: Someone of or from Troyes
Troyen {m} :: Someone of or from Troye-d'Ariège
Troyenne {f} :: feminine noun of Troyen
Troyes {prop} :: Troyes
truand {m} [historical] :: (professional) beggar (in the Middle Ages)
truand {m} :: crook; gangster
truand {m} [colloquial] :: beggar
truander {vt} :: to con, cheat
truble {f} :: a type of small fishing hook
trublion {m} :: troublemaker
truc {m} :: procedure, technique
truc {m} [slang, colloquial] :: thingamajig, thingy, thing
truc {m} :: trick
trucage {m} :: rigging, doctoring (especially fraudulent)
trucage {m} [cinema, chiefly in the plural] :: special effects
truchement {m} :: intermediary
trucheter {v} [Early Modern French] :: to sneeze
trucider {v} [colloquial] :: to kill
truck {m} [Canada, Louisiana French] :: truck
trucmuche {m} :: thing, thingy, thingamajig
trucmuche {m} :: John Doe
truculence {f} :: the state of being truculent [in all senses]
truculent {adj} :: violent or belligerent in a colorful, over-the-top or memorable fashion
truculent {adj} :: picturesque
truculer {vi} :: To be truculent (in all senses)
Trudeau {prop} :: surname
trudeaumanie {f} [Canada, politics, fandom] :: Trudeaumania
Trudeaumanie {f} :: alternative form of trudeaumanie
truelle {f} :: trowel (mason's tool)
truffe {f} [culinary] :: truffle (edible fungi)
truffe {f} [culinary] :: chocolate truffle
truffe {f} [zoology] :: nose of a dog
truffer {v} :: to add truffles to
truffer {v} :: to cram, stuff
truffier {adj} :: truffle (attributive)
truffière {f} :: truffière
truie {f} :: sow (female pig)
truie {f} [pejorative] :: unclean woman
truisme {m} :: truism
truite {f} :: trout
truite arc-en-ciel {f} :: rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri)
truite fario {f} :: brown trout
trumeau {m} [architecture] :: trumeau
trumeau {m} :: pier glass
trumpisme {m} :: Trumpism
trumpiste {m} :: Trumpist
Trumpiste {adj} :: Trumpist
Truong {prop} :: surname
truquage {m} :: alternative spelling of trucage
truquer {v} :: to tamper with, to fiddle, to falsify
truquer {v} :: to trick
truquer {v} :: to fix, rig (e.g. elections, a sports match)
truqueur {m} :: trickster
truqueuse {f} :: trickster (female)
trusquin {m} :: marking gauge
trusquinage {m} :: Action of scribing with a marking gauge
trusquinage {m} :: The result of this action, especially the line used to drill holes for bolting in structural steel
trusquiner {v} :: to mark out with a marking gauge; to scribe
trust {m} :: a trust (a group of businessmen or traders)
trypsine {f} [enzyme] :: trypsin
tryptophane {m} [organic compound] :: tryptophan
tsar {m} :: czar (Russian nobility)
tsarien {adj} :: tsarian
tsarine {f} :: tsarina
tsarisme {m} :: tsarism
tsariste {adj} :: tsarist
tsé {contraction} [Quebec] :: Contracted form of tu sais; you know
t-shirt {m} :: alternative spelling of tee-shirt
tshoin {f} [slang] :: whore, prostitute
tsigane {mf} :: alternative form of tzigane
tsimané {m} :: the Tsimané language
tsolyani {m} :: alternative spelling of tsolyáni
tsolyáni {m} :: the Tsolyáni language
Tsuguko {prop} :: given name
tsunami {m} :: tsunami
Tsutsumi {prop} :: surname
TSVP {initialism} :: PTO, please turn over: used at the bottom of a page to indicate that content continues on the back
tu {pron} :: you (singular); thou
tu {particle} [Quebec, colloquial] :: question marker
tuable {adj} :: killable
tuba {m} :: tuba
tuba {m} :: snorkel
Tuba {n} [music] :: abbreviation of tuba basse
tubage {m} :: intubation
tubage {m} :: tubing
tubaire {adj} [anatomy] :: tubal
tube {m} :: pipe
tube {m} :: tube
tube {m} [colloquial, music] :: a hit
tube {m} [slang] :: money
tube à essai {m} :: test tube
tube pollinique {m} [botany] :: pollen tube
tuber {v} :: to make into a tube shape
tuber {v} :: to put into a tube
tuberacé {adj} :: Having tubercules
tubéraire {f} :: Any plant of the genus Tuberaria
tuberculaire {adj} :: tubercular
tubercule {m} :: tubercle
tubercule {m} :: tuber
tuberculeux {adj} :: tubercular
tuberculine {f} :: tuberculin
tuberculose {f} :: tuberculosis (The infectious disease)
tuberculose miliaire {f} [disease] :: acute miliary tuberculosis
tuberculostéarique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: tuberculostearic
tubéreux {adj} :: tuberous
tubérosité {f} [biology] :: tuberosity
tubulaire {adj} :: tubular
tubuliforme {adj} [biology] :: tubuliform
tubuline {f} [protein] :: tubulin
tudesque {adj} :: Germanic, Teutonic
tue-l'amour {m} [colloquial] :: a turn-off, a passion killer, a boner-killer, a mood-killer
tue-l'amour {adj} [colloquial] :: off-putting
tuer {vt} :: to kill
tuerie {f} :: killing (massacre)
tuer le temps {v} [figuratively] :: to kill time
tuer une mouche avec un canon {v} [figuratively] :: to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut
tueur {m} :: killer
tueur à gages {m} :: hitman, contract killer
tueur de masse {m} :: mass murderer
tueur en série {m} :: mass murderer
tueuse {f} :: feminine noun of tueur
tueuse de masse {f} :: feminine noun of tueur de masse
tueuse en série {f} :: feminine singular of tueur en série
tuf {m} [geology] :: tufa
tufacé {adj} :: tufaceous
tuilage {m} :: curling
tuilage {m} :: cupping, dishing
tuile {f} :: tile
tuile {f} [colloquial] :: bad luck, misfortune
tuile {f} [culinary] :: tuile (thin cookie)
tuileau {m} :: A fragment or shard of a tile
tuiler {vt} :: to tile
tuiler {v} [freemasonry] :: to tile (a lodge)
tuilerie {f} :: tilery
Tuileries {prop} {fp} :: The Tuileries
tuilette {f} :: small tile
tulipe {f} :: tulip
tulipier {m} :: tulip tree
tulipomanie {f} :: tulipomania
tulle {f} :: tulle
tumblr {m} :: A microblog created on Tumblr
tuméfaction {f} [pathology] :: tumefaction
tuméfier {v} :: to tumefy
tu me manques {phrase} :: I miss you
tu m'en diras des nouvelles {phrase} :: I'm sure you'll like it! You won't regret it!
tu m'en diras tant {interj} :: oh really?
tumescence {f} :: tumescence
tumeur {f} :: tumor
tumoral {adj} :: tumoral
tumulte {m} :: A sudden burst of noise; uproar, commotion, tumult; turmoil
tumultuaire {adj} :: tumultuous
tumultuairement {adv} :: tumultuously
tumultueusement {adv} :: tumultuously
tumultueux {adj} :: tumultuous
tune {f} [slang] :: alternative spelling of thune
tuner {m} :: tuner TV, radio
tuner {v} :: to tune a vehicle etc
Tunes {prop} :: obsolete form of Tunis
tungstate {m} :: tungstate
tungstène {m} :: tungsten (chemical element)
tungsténite {f} [mineral] :: tungstenite
tungstique {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: tungstic
tungstosilicique {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: tungstosilicic
tunicine {f} [carbohydrate] :: tunicin
tuning {m} :: tuning, personalizing, pimping
tunique {f} :: tunic (garment)
tunique {f} [anatomy] :: membrane
Tunis {prop} :: Tunis (capital of Tunisia)
Tunisie {prop} {f} :: Tunisia
tunisien {adj} :: Tunisian, relating to Tunisia
Tunisien {m} :: Tunisian, someone from Tunisia
Tunisienne {f} :: feminine noun of Tunisien
tunisification {f} :: The safeguarding of the specific characteristics of the Tunisian people during the French protectorate
tunisifier {v} :: To make, or to become Tunisian in character
tunisois {adj} :: Tunisian
Tunisois {m} :: Tunisian
Tunisoise {f} :: feminine singular of Tunisois
tunnel {m} :: tunnel
tu parles {interj} [colloquial] :: my eye, tell it to the marines!
tupi {adj} :: Tupi
tupi {m} :: Tupi (the Tupi language)
tupinamba {adj} [anthropology] :: Tupinambá
tupperware {m} :: Tupperware
tuque {f} [Canada] :: toque (knit cap)
tu quoque mi fili {phrase} :: et tu, Brute? (expression of betrayal)
turban {m} :: turban (male headdress)
turbide {adj} [water] :: turbid
turbidimétrie {f} :: turbidometry
turbidimétrique {adj} :: turbidimetric
turbidité {f} [water] :: turbidity
turbin {m} :: the daily grind
turbine {f} :: turbine
turbine à combustion {f} :: gas turbine
turbine à gaz {f} :: gas turbine
turbine à gaz de combustion {f} :: gas turbine
turbiner {v} :: to churn
turbiner {v} [colloquial] :: to bust one's gut (work hard)
turbiner {v} [slang] :: to walk the street, prostitute oneself
turbocompressé {adj} :: turbocharged
turbocompresseur {m} :: turbocompressor
turbodiesel {m} :: turbodiesel
turbomoteur {m} :: turbine (engine)
turbopropulseur {m} :: turboprop
turboréacteur {m} :: turbojet
turbot {m} :: turbot
turbotrain {m} :: turbotrain
turbulemment {adv} :: turbulently
turbulences {fp} :: turbulence
turbulent {adj} :: turbulent
turbulent {adj} :: unruly
turc {adj} :: Turkish; from, or pertaining to, Turkey
turc {m} :: Turkish; the Turkish language
Turc {m} :: Turk, someone from Turkey
turcophone {adj} :: Turkophone
turcophone {mf} :: Turkophone
turellement {adv} [colloquial, slang] :: aphetic form of naturellement
turfiste {mf} :: punter, racegoer
Turgeon {prop} :: surname
turgescence {f} :: swelling
turgescence {f} :: turgor
turgescent {adj} :: turgescent
turgide {adj} :: turgid
Turin {prop} :: Turin (province)
Turin {prop} :: Turin (city)
turinois {adj} :: Turinese
turinois {m} :: Dessert made of chestnut and chocolate
Turinois {m} :: of or from Turin
Turinoise {f} :: feminine noun of Turinois
turkmène {m} :: Turkmen (language)
turkmène {adj} :: Turkmen
Turkmène {mf} :: Turkmen
Turkménistan {prop} {m} :: Turkmenistan (Central Asian country)
Turku {prop} :: Turku (city in Finland)
turlupiner {vt} :: to make fun of, to take the mickey out of
turlute {f} [Quebec] :: A well-known refrain or folk song
turlute {f} [slang] :: fellatio
turluter {v} [Quebec] :: to perform a turlute song
turluter {v} :: to hum
Turpin {prop} :: surname
turpitude {f} :: turpitude (depravity, wickedness)
turpitude {f} :: turpitude (depraved or wicked act)
Turque {f} :: Turk (Turkish woman)
Turquie {prop} {f} :: Turkey
turquoise {f} :: turquoise (gemstone)
turquoise {m} :: turquoise (colour)
turquoise {adj} :: turquoise-colored
turricule {m} [biology] :: worm cast
tursiops {m} :: bottlenose dolphin; dolphin of the genus Tursiops
tussack {m} :: tussock
tussilage {m} :: coltsfoot (of genus Tussilago)
tutélaire {adj} :: tutelary
tutélaire {adj} :: guardian (used attributively)
tutelle {f} [law] :: guardianship under which the ward is only partially or temporarily incapable
tuteur {m} :: guardian
tuteur {m} [education] :: tutor
tuteur {m} [horticulture] :: tuteur
tuteurer {v} :: to fit out with a tuteur
tutie {f} :: tutty
tutoiement {m} :: act of addressing someone with the informal tu form
tutorat {m} :: tutorship
tutorial {m} :: tutorial
tutoriel {m} :: tutorial
tutoyer {vt} :: to thou (to address (someone) using the informal second-person pronoun tu rather than the formal vous)
tutoyer {v} [colloquial] :: to be familiar with, to be close to something
tutsi {adj} :: Tutsi
tutti {m} [music] :: tutti
tutu {m} :: tutu
tu veux rire {interj} [colloquial] :: you gotta be joking! you must be kidding!
tuyau {m} :: pipe
tuyau {m} :: tube
tuyau {m} :: insider tip
tuyauterie {f} :: piping, tubing, intubation
tuyauterie {f} :: plumbing
tuyauteur {m} :: pipefitter
tuyauteur {m} :: plumber
tuyauteuse {f} :: feminine singular of tuyauteur
tuyère {f} :: An air vent in the masonry of a metallurgic oven
tuyère {f} :: The back chamber of a combustion engine where the gas decompresses
TV {f} [Canada and Belgium, colloquial] :: television
TVA {f} [taxation] :: initialism of taxe sur la valeur ajoutée: VAT (value-added tax)
TVA {f} [Canada, television] :: initialism of Téléviseurs / Télédiffuseurs associés
TVQ {f} [Canada, taxation] :: QST (Quebec sales tax) initialism of taxe de vente du Québec
tweed {m} :: tweed
tweet {m} :: a tweet (a message on Twitter)
tweeter {vti} [Internet] :: to tweet (post to Twitter)
tweeter {m} :: tweeter (high-frequency speaker)
twist {m} :: twist (dance)
twister {v} [dance] :: to dance the twist, to twist
twit {m} [Quebec, colloquial] :: twit (foolish person)
twit {m} :: a tweet (a message on Twitter)
twitter {vti} [Internet] :: to tweet (to post to Twitter)
twitteur {m} :: tweeter (person who posts messages to Twitter)
twitteuse {f} :: feminine noun of twitteur
twittosphère {f} [Internet] :: Twittersphere
tybia {m} [obsolete, anatomy] :: alternative form of tibia
tycoon {m} :: tycoon, magnate
tylenol {f} [Canada, Louisiana French, uncountable] :: tylenol, the pharmaceutical drug acetaminophen (paracetamol)
tylenol {f} [Canada, Louisiana French, countable] :: a tylenol tablet
Tylenol {prop} {m} [Canada, Louisiana French, pharmaceutical drug] :: Tylenol; a marketed variety of acetaminophen (paracetamol)
Tylenol {f} [Canada, Louisiana, uncountable] :: alternative form of tylenol (the pharmaceutical drug acetaminophen (paracetamol))
Tylenol {f} [Canada, Louisiana, countable] :: alternative form of tylenol (a tablet containing this drug)
tympan {m} [anatomy] :: eardrum
tympan {m} [anatomy] :: middle ear
tympan {m} [architecture] :: tympanum
tympan {m} [historical] :: treadwheel, treadmill
tympan {m} [by extension] :: hydraulic wheel
tympan {m} [dated or literary, music] :: various percussion instruments, such as gongs, tympans, tambourines, etc
tympan {m} [printing] :: tympan
tympanique {adj} [anatomy] :: tympanic
tympanosclérose {f} :: tympanosclerosis
tympanotomie {f} [surgery] :: tympanotomy
typage {m} :: typing (assigning by type)
typage {m} :: the casting of actors based on their physical or personal similarity to a character
typage {m} [computing] :: typing
type {m} :: type; sort, kind
type {m} [colloquial] :: guy, bloke, man
type {m} [typography] :: typeface
type {adj} :: typical, normal, classic
type {adj} [statistics] :: standard
typé {adj} :: stereotypical
type générique {m} [object-oriented] :: generic type
typha {m} :: cattail, reedmace
typhique {adj} :: typhoid
typhoïde {adj} :: typhoid
typhoïde {mf} :: typhoid fever
typhon {m} :: tropical cyclone, typhoon (hurricane in the Pacific)
typhus {m} :: typhus
typicité {f} :: typicity, typicalness
typique {adj} :: typical
typiquement {adv} :: typically
typo {m} :: a typo (compositor)
typographe {mf} :: typographer
typographie {f} :: typography
typographique {adj} :: typographic, typographical
typographiquement {adv} :: typographically
typolithographie {f} :: typolithography
typologie {f} :: typology, genre
typologique {adj} :: typological
typonyme {m} :: typonym
typote {f} [rare] :: A woman who works as a compositor. feminine noun of typo
Tyr {prop} {m} :: Tyre
tyran {m} :: tyrant
tyran {m} :: bully
tyranneau {m} :: Petty tyrant
tyrannicide {m} :: tyrannicide
tyrannicide {m} :: a person who performs tyrannicide
tyrannie {f} :: tyranny
tyrannique {adj} :: tyrannical
tyranniquement {adv} :: tyrannically (in the manner of a tyrant)
tyranniser {v} :: to tyrannise
tyrannosaure {m} :: tyrannosaur
tyrien {adj} :: Tyrian
tyroglyphe de la farine {m} :: cheese mite (Acarus siro)
tyrolien {adj} :: Tyrolean
tyrolienne {f} :: Tyrolean (someone female from Tyrol)
tyrolienne {f} :: yodeling (type of singing)
tyrolienne {f} :: zip-wire
tyrolienne {f} :: mortar sprayer, Tyrolean gun
tyrosine {f} :: tyrosine
tzar {m} :: alternative spelling of tsar
tzarine {f} :: alternative form of tsarine
tzeltal {mf} :: Tzeltal (person)
tzeltal {m} :: Tzeltal (language)
tzigane {mf} [sometimes, offensive] :: Gypsy
tzigane {adj} [attributive, sometimes, offensive] :: Gypsy
tzigane {prop} {m} [sometimes, offensive] :: the Romani language
tzompantli {m} :: tzompantli (an Aztec ceremonial rack of skulls from sacrificed opposing warriors)
tzotzil {mf} :: Tzotzil (person)
tzotzil {m} :: Tzotzil (language)