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B {n} /b/ (musical note)  :: si {m}
B {symbol} (byte)  :: o (octet)
baa {n} /bæ]/ (bleating of sheep)  :: bêlement {m}
baa {v} (to make the cry of sheep)  :: bêler
baba au rhum {n} (rum-soaked cake)  :: baba au rhum {m}
Baba Yaga {prop} (hag who flies through the air in a mortar)  :: Baba Yaga {f}
babbittry {n} (narrow minded materialism)  :: matérialisme petit-bourgeois {m}
babble {n} /ˈbæb.l̩/ (idle talk)  :: babillage {m}, bavardage {m}
babble {n} (inarticulate speech)  :: jargon {m}, charabia {m}, galimatias {m}
babble {n} (the sound of flowing water)  :: babil {m}, murmure {m}
babble {v} (to utter words indistinctly)  :: marmonner, marmotter, jargonner
babble {v} (to talk much)  :: bavarder, papoter, caqueter, jaboter, jacasser,
babble {v} (to make a continuous murmuring noise)  :: babiller, murmurer, susurrer
babbler {n} /ˈbæb(ə)lə(ɹ)]/ (someone who babbles)  :: babillard {m}; babillarde {f}
babbling {n} (sounds produced by infant during the babbling period)  :: balbutiement {m}
babby {n} (baby) SEE: baby  ::
babe {n} (baby or infant) SEE: baby  ::
babe {n} (darling) SEE: baby  ::
Bab el Mandeb {prop} (strait)  :: Bab-el-Mandeb
babesiosis {n} (parasitic disease)  :: babésiose, piroplasmose
babiroussa {n} (hoglike quadruped)  :: babiroussa {m}
babirusa {n} (a member of the genus Babyrousa)  :: babiroussa {m}
baboon {n} /ˌbæˈbuːn/ (primate)  :: babouin {m}
babouche {n} (Turkish or oriental slipper)  :: babouche {f}
babushka {n} (matryoshka) SEE: Russian doll  ::
Babuza {prop} (language)  :: babuza {m}
baby {n} /ˈbeɪbi/ (very young human being)  :: bébé {m}
baby {n} (young animal)  :: petit {m}, bébé {m}
baby {n} (immature or infantile person)  :: bébé {m}
baby {n} (term of endearment)  :: chou {m}, bébé {m}
baby {n} (form of address to a man or a woman considered to be attractive)  :: mon beau {m} [to a man], ma belle {f} [to a woman]
baby {n} (pet project)  :: bébé {m}
baby {n} (lastborn of a family)  :: benjamin {m}, benjamine {f}
baby {adj} (of a child)  :: petit
baby {adj} (of an animal)  :: petit [additionally, as in English, there are special terms for the young of some animals]
baby {adj} (intended for babies)  :: pour bébé
baby boom {n} (post-World War II baby boom (1946 to 1964))  :: babyboom {m}
baby boom {n} (any increase in the birth rate)  :: babyboom {m}
baby boomer {n} (those born after Second World War)  :: bébé-boumeur {m}, bébé-boumeuse {f}
baby bottle {n} (bottle with a teat)  :: biberon {m}
baby boy {n} (very young male human being)  :: bébé {m}
baby carriage {n} (pram) SEE: pram  ::
baby doll {n} (doll)  :: poupon {m}
baby doll {n} (night-dress)  :: nuisette {f}
baby food {n} (food designed for babies)  :: panade
baby grand {n} (small grand piano)  :: crapaud {m}
babyish {adj} (like a baby)  :: bébête
Babylon {prop} /ˈbæbɪ.lɑn/ (capital of Babylonia)  :: Babylone {f}
Babylonia {prop} /ˌbæbɪˈləʊnɪə/ (ancient region and empire of southern Mesopotamia)  :: Babylonie {f}, Babylone
baby monitor {n} (Intercom system)  :: babyphone {m}
baby of the family {n} (youngest member of an immediate family)  :: benjamin {m} (for a male), benjamine {f}
baby seat {n} (child safety seat) SEE: child safety seat  ::
baby shower {n} (a party celebrating the pending or recent birth of a child)  :: fête prénatale {f}, baby shower {m}
babysit {v} /ˈbeɪbiː.sɪt/ (To watch or tend someone else's child for a period of time, often for money)  :: faire du baby-sitting
babysitter {n} /ˈbeɪbiˌsɪtɚ/ (baby or child caretaker)  :: baby-sitter {f}, gardienne d’enfant {f}, bonne d’enfant {f}
babysitting {n} (work of a babysitter)  :: babysitting {m}
baby talk {n} (form of speech used when talking to babies)  :: langage enfantin {m}, mamanais {m}
baby tooth {n} (tooth which will be replaced) SEE: milk tooth  ::
baccarat {n} /ˈbækəɹæt/ (card game)  :: baccara
bacchic {adj} (of or relating to Bacchus)  :: bachique
Bach {prop} /bɑːx/ (German composer)  :: Bach
bachelor {n} /ˈbætʃ.ə.lɚ/ (unmarried man)  :: célibataire {m}
bachelor {n} (bachelor's degree)  :: licence
bachelordom {n} (bachelorhood) SEE: bachelorhood  ::
bachelorette {n} /ˌbætʃləˈɹɛt/ (unmarried woman)  :: célibataire {f}, demoiselle {f}
bachelorette {n} (very small single room apartment)  :: chambre de bonne {f}, studio {m}
bachelorette party {n} (bachelorette party)  :: enterrement de vie de jeune fille {m}
bachelorhood {n} (the condition of being a bachelor)  :: célibat {m}
bachelor party {n} (party)  :: enterrement de vie de garçon {m}, enterrement de vie de jeune garçon {m}
bachelorship {n} (bachelorhood) SEE: bachelorhood  ::
bacilliform {adj} (shaped like a bacillus; rod-shaped)  :: bacilliforme
bacillus {n} /bæˈsɪl.əs/ (any bacteria in the genus Bacillus)  :: bacille {m}
back {adj} /bæk/ (near the rear)  :: (door) de derrière
back {adj} (far from the main area)  :: écarté {m}
back {adj} (phonetics: produced in the back of the mouth)  :: postérieur
back {adv} (to or in a previous condition or place)  :: de retour
back {n} (the rear of body)  :: dos {m}
back {n} (the reverse side)  :: derrière {m}, revers {m}
back {n} (that which is farthest away from the front)  :: fond {m}
back {n} (the part of something that goes last)  :: fin {f}
back {n} (a position behind most players on the team)  :: arrière {m}
back {v} (to go in the reverse direction)  :: (person) reculer, (vehicle) faire marche arrière
back {v} (to support)  :: soutenir
backache {n} /ˈbækeɪk/ (any pain or ache in the back, see also: lumbago)  :: mal au dos {m}
back and forth {adv} (from one place to another and back again)  :: aller-retour {m}, va-et-vient {m}
back and forth {n} (movement (of someone or something) forward followed by a return to the same position)  :: va-et-vient {m}
back away {v} (to retreat keeping the attention on front)  :: reculer, faire marche arrière
backbencher {n} (member of Parliament who does not have cabinet rank)  :: député de l'arrière-ban {m}, député sans portefeuille {m}, députée sans portefeuille {f}, simple député {m}
backbite {v} (to make defamatory statements about another)  :: calomnier, salir, diffamer
backbone {n} /ˈbækˌboʊn/ (series of vertebrae that encloses the spinal cord)  :: colonne vertébrale {f}, rachis {m}, épine dorsale {f}
backbone {n} (any fundamental support, structure, or infrastructure)  :: épine dorsale {f}
backbone {n} (courage, fortitude, or strength)  :: courage {m}
backbone {n} (backbone) SEE: spine  ::
back cover {n} (cover on the opposite side of the front cover)  :: quatrième de couverture {f}, quatrième de couv' {f}, dos {m}
backdate {v} (to backdate) SEE: antedate  ::
backdrop {n} /ˈbæk.dɹɒp/ (a decorated cloth hung at the back of a stage)  :: décor {m}, toile de fond {f}
backdrop {n} (background of a historical event)  :: contexte {m}
back end {n} (computing: part of a system that is farthest from the user)  :: back-end {m}, arrière-plan {m}
back fire {n} (controlled fire)  :: contre-feu {m}
backfire {v} /bækˈfaɪə(ɹ)/ (fail)  :: se retourner contre, avoir l'effet inverse
backflip {n} /ˈbæk.flɪp/ (an act of rotating your body)  :: salto arrière {m}
back-formation {n} (linguistic process)  :: dérivation régressive {f}, dérivation inverse {f}, rétroformation {f}
backgammon {n} /ˈbæk.ɡæm.ən/ (board game)  :: backgammon {m}
background {n} /ˈbæk.ɡɹaʊnd/ (social heritage)  :: origine {f}, passé {m}
background {n} (part of picture)  :: arrière-plan {m}
background {n} (relevant information)  :: antécédents {m-p}, historique {m}
background {n} (less important feature)  :: fond {m}
background {n} (computer background)  :: fond d'écran {m}
background {n} (activity not visible to the user)  :: tâche de fond {f}, en arrière-plan
background music {n} (music played in a public space)  :: musique d'ambiance {f}
background music {n} (music in a film, video game or other medium)  :: musique de fond {f}, musique de fosse {f}
backhand {n} /ˈbækhænd/ (stroke in tennis)  :: revers {m}
backheel {n} (soccer)  :: talonnade {f}
backhoe {n} /ˈbæk.həʊ/ (a piece of excavating equipment)  :: tractopelle {f}, rétrocaveuse {f}
backhoe {n} (a multi-purpose tractor)  :: pelleteuse {f}, rétrocaveuse {f}
backlash {n} /ˈbækˌlæʃ/ (violent or abrubt reaction)  :: retour de bâton {m}
backlash {n} (mechanical: distance of free movement between connected parts)  :: jeu {m}
backlight {n} /ˈbæk.laɪt/ (A light attached to an LCD display)  :: rétroéclairage {m}
backlight {n} (The rear window of a motor car)  :: lunette arrière {f}
backlight {v} (To illuminate something from behind)  :: éclairer par derrière {m}, rétro-éclairer {m}
backlit {adj} (Illuminated from behind)  :: rétro-éclairé, éclairé par derrière
backlog {n} /ˈbæk.lɒɡ/ (an accumulation or buildup)  :: arriéré {m} [work]
back matter {n} (parts of a book that appear after the text)  :: posttexte
backorder {n} (Order)  :: réapprovisionnement {m}
backpack {n} /ˈbæk.pæk/ (worn on a person's back, e.g., for hiking)  :: sac à dos {m}
backpacker {n} (a traveler)  :: routard
backpackers {n} (hostel) SEE: hostel  ::
back page {n} (final page) SEE: back cover  ::
backrest {n} /ˈbækˌɹest/ (back piece of a chair)  :: dossier {n}
backronym {n} /ˈbæk.ɹəˌnɪm/  :: rétro-acronyme {m}
back scrubber {n} (utensil for scrubbing the back while bathing)  :: lave-dos {m}
back seat {n} (seat)  :: siège arrière {m}
backseat driver {n} (passenger who insists on giving the driver instructions)  :: mouche du coche
backside {n} /ˈbækˌsaɪd/ (buttocks)  :: arrière {m}
backslash {n} /ˈbækˌslæʃ/ (punctuation mark)  :: barre oblique inversée, contre-oblique, backslash, antislash
backspace {n} /ˈbækˌspeɪs/  :: retour arrière
backstabber {n} (a traitor or hypocrite)  :: hypocrite
backstage {n} /bækˈsteɪdʒ/ (the area behind the stage)  :: coulisses {f-p}
backstory {n} (previous life and experiences of a fictional character)  :: toile de fond
backstroke {n} /ˈbækˌstɹoʊk/ (a swimming stroke swum on one's back)  :: dos crawlé {m}, dos {m}
back-to-back {adj} /ˌbæk.təˈbæk/ (with one's back facing somebody else's back)  :: dos à dos
back-to-back {adj}  :: dos à dos
back-to-back {adv} (with back facing somebody else's back)  :: dos à dos
back to nature {adj} (turning away from urban environs and attitudes)  :: retour à la nature
back to square one {adj} (located back at the start, as after a dead-end or failure)  :: de retour à la case départ
back to square one {adv} (back to the start, as after a dead-end or failure)  :: de retour à la case départ, Gros-Jean comme devant
back to the wall {n} (very difficult situation)  :: dos au mur
back up {v} (To move backwards, especially for a vehicle to do so)  :: reculer
back up {v} (To move a vehicle backwards)  :: reculer, faire marche arrière
back up {v} (To copy as a security measure)  :: sauvegarder, faire une sauvegarde
backup {n} /ˈbækˌʌp/ (copy of file or record)  :: sauvegarde {f}
back vowel {n} (Any vowel sound produced in the back of the mouth)  :: voyelle postérieure {f}
backward {adj} /ˈbækwɚd/ (reluctant to advance)  :: arriéré
backward {adj} (undeveloped)  :: sous-développé
backward {adv} (in the direction towards the back)  :: en arrière
backward compatibility {n} (compatibility with older systems)  :: compatibilité descendante {f}, rétrocompatibilité {f}
backward compatible {adj} (compatible with older systems)  :: rétrocompatible {m} {f}
backwards {adj} /ˈbæk.wə(ɹ)dz/ (behind current trends)  :: arriéré
backwater {n} (a remote place; somewhere that remains unaffected by new events, progresses, ideas, etc.)  :: patelin {m}, trou perdu {m}
backwoods {n} /ˈbakˌwʊdz/ (uncleared forest)  :: sous-bois
backyard {n} /bækˈjɑːd/ (yard to the rear of a house)  :: arrière-cour
bacon {n} /ˈbeɪ.kən/ (cut of meat)  :: lardon {m}
bacon and eggs {n} (a dish consisting of bacon and eggs)  :: œufs au bacon {m-p}
Baconian {adj} /bəˈkəʊn.ɪən/ (of or pertaining to Francis Bacon and his philosophical system)  :: baconien {m}
bacon rind {n} (skin of pork)  :: couenne
bacteria {n} /bækˈtɪɹ.i.ə/ (bacteria)  :: bactéries {f-p}
bacterial {adj} /bækˈtɪəɹɪəɫ]/ (of or caused by bacteria)  :: bactérien
bacteriologist {n} (microbiologist)  :: bactériologiste {m} {f}
bacteriology {n} /bækˌtɪəɹ.ɪˈɒlədʒi/ (scientific study of bacteria)  :: bactériologie {f}
bacteriophage {n} /bækˈtɪəɹ.ɪəʊˌfeɪdʒ/ (a virus that infects bacteria)  :: bactériophage {m}
bacteriostatic {adj} (of or relating to bacteriostasis or a bacteriostat)  :: bactériostatique
bacterium {n} /bækˈtɪəɹ.ɪəm/ (single celled organism with no nucleus or organelles)  :: bactérie {f}
Bactria {prop} /ˈbæktɹɪə/ (Greek name for ancient country)  :: Bactriane {f}, Bactrie {f}
Bactrian camel {n} /ˈbæktɹɪən ˈkæməl/ (Camelus bactrianus)  :: chameau de Bactriane {m}
bad {adj} /bæd/ (not good)  :: mauvais
bad {adj} (seemingly non-appropriate, in manners)  :: mauvais
bad {adj} (not suitable or fitting)  :: mauvais
bad {adj} (tricky; stressful; unpleasant)  :: mauvais
bad {adj} (evil, wicked)  :: mauvais, méchant
bad {adj} (faulty; not functional)  :: défectueux
bad {adj} (of breath: malodorous)  :: mauvaise {f}
bad {adj} (bold and daring, bad)  :: fonceur {m}, fonceuse {f}
bad {adj} (serious; urgent)  :: urgent {m}
bad {n} (slang: error, mistake)  :: faute {f}, gaffe {f}
bad {adj} (spoilt, rotten, overripe) SEE: spoilt  ::
bad {adv} (badly) SEE: badly  ::
badass {adj} /ˈbædæs/ (having extreme appearance, attitude, or behavior that is considered admirable (slang))  :: dur à cuire {m}
bad breath {n} (unpleasant breath)  :: mauvaise haleine
bad check {n} (bad check) SEE: bounced cheque  ::
baddie {n} /ˈbædi/ (a person of bad character in a work of fiction)  :: méchant {m}
Baden-Württemberg {prop} (state of Germany)  :: Bade-Wurtemberg {m}
bad faith {n} (intent to deceive or mislead)  :: mauvaise foi {f}
badge {n} /bædʒ/ (distinctive mark)  :: plaque {f}, insigne {m}, décoration {f}, macaron {m}
badge {n} (nameplate)  :: porte-nom {m}, badge {m}
badge {n} (card to grant access)  :: carte d'accès {f}
badge {v} (to mark or distinguish with a badge)  :: badge {mf}
badger {v} (fart) SEE: fart  ::
badger {n} /ˈbædʒɚ/ (mammal)  :: blaireau {m}
badger {n} (native or resident of Wisconsin) SEE: Wisconsinite  ::
bad guy {n} (a villain)  :: mauvais garçon {m}
badinage {v} /ˌbɑd.ɪˈnɑʒ/ (engage in badinage)  :: badiner
bad luck {n} (misfortune)  :: malchance {f}, guigne {f} [informal], poisse {f} [informal], manque de bol {m} [informal], manque de cul {m} [vulgar]
badly {adv} /ˈbæ (in a bad manner)  :: mal, mauvaisement {m} [old]
badminton {n} /ˈbæd.mɪn.tən/ (a racquet sport)  :: badminton {m}
bad news {n} (news of unpleasant, unfortunate or sad events)  :: mauvaises nouvelles {f-p}
bad-tempered {adj} (having a bad temper)  :: de mauvaise humeur
bad trip {n} (psychedelic crisis)  :: mauvais délire, mauvais voyage, bad trip
badware {n} (malware) SEE: malware  ::
Baetic {adj}  :: bétique
Baffin Bay {prop} (sea between Greenland and Nunavut)  :: baie de Baffin, mer de Baffin
Baffin Island {prop} (island)  :: île de Baffin {f}, Terre de Baffin {f}
baffle {v} /ˈbæfl̩/ (to totally bewilder; confuse or perplex)  :: déconcerter, dérouter
baffled {adj} (thoroughly confused, puzzled)  :: déconcerté, décontenancé, dérouté, perplexe
baffling {adj} (puzzling and frustrating)  :: déconcertant
Bafut {prop} (language)  :: bafut {m}, fut {m}
bag {n} /bɛɡ/ (flexible container)  :: sac {m}, sachet {m}, [regional] poche {f}
bag {v} (to put into a bag)  :: ensacher
bag {n} (suitcase) SEE: suitcase  ::
bag {n} (backpack) SEE: backpack  ::
bagatelle {n} /ˌbæɡəˈtɛl/ (trifle)  :: bagatelle {f}, broutille {f}
bagel {n} /ˈbeɪɡəl/ (toroidal bread roll that is boiled and then baked)  :: bagel {m}, baguel {m}, beguel {m}
baggage {n} (luggage) SEE: luggage  ::
baggage handler {n}  :: bagagiste {m}
Baghdad {prop} /bæɡˈdæd/ (city)  :: Bagdad
Baghdadi {n} (person from Baghdad)  :: Bagdadien {m} [recommended], Bagdadi {m}, Bagdadois {m}
Baghdadian {adj} (Baghdadi) SEE: Baghdadi  ::
Baghdadian {n} (Baghdadi) SEE: Baghdadi  ::
bagna cauda {n} /ˈbɑːnjə ˈkaʊdə/ (dip made from anchovies, olive oil and garlic)  :: bagna cauda {f}, bagna caoda {f}, bagna caôda {f}
bag of bones {n} (a skinny person)  :: sac d'os {m}, paquet d'os {m}
bagpipe {n} (bagpipes) SEE: bagpipes  ::
bagpipes {n} /ˈbæɡ.pɑɪps/ (musical wind instrument)  :: cornemuse {f}
baguette {n} /bæˈɡɛt/ (a variety of bread that is long and narrow in shape)  :: baguette {f}
Bahamas {prop} /bəˈhɑː.məz/ (country in the Caribbean)  :: Bahamas {f-p}
Bahamian {adj} /bəˈheɪm.ɪən/ (pertaining to the Bahamas)  :: bahamien, bahaméen
Bahamian {n} (person from the Bahamas)  :: Bahaméen {m}, Bahamien {m}
Bahá'í Faith {prop} (religion)  :: bahaïsme {m}, foi bahá’íe {f}
Bahian {adj}  :: bahianais
Bahian {n}  :: Bahianais
Bahrain {prop} /bɑːˈɹeɪn/ (country in the Middle East)  :: Bahreïn {m}, Bahrayn {m}
Bahraini {n} (a person from Bahrain or of Bahraini descent)  :: Bahreïni {m}, Bahreïnie {f}, Bahreïnien {m}, Bahreïnite {m} {f}
Bahraini {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Bahrain or the Bahraini people)  :: bahreïni
baht {n} /bɑːt/ (unit of currency)  :: baht {m}
Baikal {prop} /ˌbaɪˈkɑːl/ (a large lake in Russia)  :: Baïkal {m}
Baikonur {prop} /ˌbaɪ.kəˈnɪə(ɹ)/ (city and cosmodrome in Kazakhstan)  :: Baïkonour {m}
bail {n} /beɪ̯l/ (security)  :: caution {f}
bail {n} (release from imprisonment on payment of such money)  :: libération sous caution {f}, liberté sous caution {f}
bail {n} (person providing such payment.)  :: caution {f}
bail {n} (bucket or scoop)  :: écope {f}
bail {v} (to remove water)  :: écoper
bail {n} (hoop, ring or handle)  :: anse {f}
bail bond {n} (surety posted as bail)  :: caution {f}
bailer {n} (a utensil)  :: écope {f}
bailiff {n} (steward) SEE: steward  ::
bailiff {n} /ˈbeɪlɪf/ (equivalent officers of the court in foreign contexts)  :: huissier {m}, huissier de justice {m}
bailiff {n}  :: bailli {m}
bailiwick {n} /ˈbeɪ.lɪ.wɪk/ (precincts within which a bailiff has jurisdiction)  :: bailliage {m}
bailiwick {n} (area or subject of authority or involvement)  :: bailliage {m}, compétence, autorité
baillie brushkie {n} (parakeet auklet) SEE: parakeet auklet  ::
bail out {v} (To remove water from a boat by scooping it out)  :: écoper
bail out {v} (To exit an aircraft while in flight)  :: sauter
bail out {v} (To rescue, especially financially)  :: renflouer
bail out {v} (To leave or not attend)  :: se tirer, se barrer
bait {n} /beɪt/ (substance used in catching fish)  :: appât {m}
bait {v} (to attract with bait)  :: appâter
Bajan {prop} (Barbadian) SEE: Barbadian  ::
Bajan {adj} (Barbadian) SEE: Barbadian  ::
Bajocian {prop}  :: Bajocien
bake {v} /beɪk/ (to cook in an oven)  :: cuire (au four)
baked {adj} /beɪkt/ (cooked by baking)  :: cuit, cuit au four
baked Alaska {n} /beɪkt əˈlaskə/ (dessert of ice cream encased in cake and meringue and briefly baked)  :: omelette norvégienne {f}
baked beans {n} (food)  :: baked beans {m-p}, haricots blancs à la sauce tomate {m-p}
baked potato {n} (potato that has been baked)  :: pomme de terre au four {f}, pomme de terre en robe des champs {f}
bakehouse {n} /ˈbeɪkhaʊs/ (bakehouse)  :: fournil {m}
Bakelite {n} /ˈbeɪk.ə.laɪt/ (a heat-resisting chemically inert resin)  :: Bakélite {f}
baker {n} /ˈbeɪ.kɚ/ (person who bakes and sells bread, etc)  :: boulanger {m}, boulangère {f}
Baker {prop} (Occupational surname)  :: Boulanger
baker's {n} (bakery) SEE: bakery  ::
baker's dozen {n} (cousin) SEE: cousin  ::
bakery {n} /ˈbeɪ.kə.ɹi/ (a shop in which bread and such is baked and sold)  :: boulangerie {f}
baking {n} /ˈbeɪkɪŋ(ɡ)/ (action in which something is baked)  :: cuisson {f}
baking powder {n} (dry leavening agent used in baking)  :: levure chimique {f}
baking soda {n} (common name for sodium bicarbonate)  :: bicarbonate de soude {m}
baking tray {n} (oven-proof tray)  :: plaque à four {f}
baklava {n} /bəˈklɑː.və/ (sweet pastry)  :: baklava
baksheesh {n} /bækˈʃiːʃ/ (bribe or tip)  :: bakchich {m}
Baku {prop} (the capital of Azerbaijan)  :: Bakou
Bakuninist {adj}  :: bakouninien
Balachka {prop} (Russian regional dialect)  :: balatchka {m}
balaclava {n} /ˌbæl.əˈklɑː.və/ (headgear)  :: passe-montagne {m}, cagoule {f}
balalaika {n} /bæləˈlaɪkə/ (Russian instrument)  :: balalaïka {f}
balance {n} /ˈbæləns/ (equilibrium)  :: équilibre {m}
balance {n} (something of equal weight used to provide equilibrium)  :: contrepoids {m}
balance {n} (scales)  :: balance {f}
balance {n} (apparent harmony in art)  :: équilibre {m}
balance {n} (accounting: list of credits and debits)  :: solde {m}
balance {n} (device that regulates the speed of a watch)  :: balancier {m}
balance {v} (accounting: to make credits and debits correspond)  :: apurer
balance {v} (to estimate) SEE: estimate  ::
balance {n} (astrology: Libra) SEE: Libra  ::
balanced {adj} (even)  :: équilibré
balance of power {n} (situation of equilibrium)  :: équilibre des puissances {m}
balance sheet {n} (summary of assets, liabilities and equity)  :: bilan {m}
balanitis {n} (inflammation of penis)  :: balanite {f}
balconette bra {n} (balcony bra) SEE: balcony bra  ::
balcony {n} /ˈbælkəni/ (structure extending from a building)  :: balcon {m}
balcony {n} (structure overlooking a stage)  :: balcon {m}
balcony bra {n} (a half-cup bra, generally with a low horizontal cut)  :: balconnet {m}
bald {adj} /bɑld/ (having no hair)  :: chauve
bald {adj} ((of tyre) whose surface is worn away)  :: lisse
baldacchin {n} /ˈbaldəkɪn/ (canopy suspended over an altar or throne)  :: baldaquin {m}
bald eagle {n} (species of eagle native to North America)  :: pygargue à tête blanche {m}
balderdash {n} /ˈbɔːldə.dæʃ/ (nonsense)  :: bêtises {f-p}
baldie {n} (somebody who is bald)  :: crâne d’œuf {m}, chauve {m}
baldness {n} (The state of being bald)  :: calvitie {f}
baldrick {n} (broad belt)  :: baudrier {m}
Baldwin {prop} (given name)  :: Baudouin
bale {v} (to remove water from a boat) SEE: bail  ::
bale {n} /beɪ̯l/ (rounded bundle of goods)  :: ballot {m}
bale {n} (bundle of compressed wool or hay)  :: botte {f}
bale {n} (measurement of hay)  :: botte {f}
Balearic Islands {prop} (group of Mediterranean islands)  :: îles Baléares {p}, Baléares {p}
baleen {n} /ˈbeɪliːn/ (plates in mouth of baleen whale)  :: fanon {m}
baleen whale {n} (whale of the Mysticeti suborder)  :: baleine à fanons {f}
baleful {adj} /ˈbeɪl.fəl/ (ominous)  :: sinistre
Bali {prop} /ˈbɑːli/ (name of island)  :: Bali {m}
Balinese {n} /ˈbɑːlɪniːz/ (language)  :: balinais
Balinese {n} (inhabitant)  :: Balinais
Balinese {n} (cat)  :: balinais
Balinese {adj} (of or relating to Bali, or its inhabitants, language or culture)  :: balinais
Balinesian {adj} (of Bali)  :: Balinais
balk {v} /bɔk/ (to stop short and refuse to go on)  :: regimber
balk {v} (to refuse suddenly)  :: regimber
Balkanization {n} /ˌbɑl.kən.aɪˈzeɪ.ʃən/ (fragmentation of a region into several small states)  :: balkanisation {f}
Balkanize {v} (to break up)  :: balkaniser
Balkans {prop} /ˈbɑl.kənz/ (geographical region in the southeast of Europe, see also: Balkan Peninsula)  :: Balkans {m}
ball {n} /bɔl/ (solid or hollow sphere)  :: balle {f}, boule {f}
ball {n} (object, generally spherical, used for playing games)  :: balle {f} [small, such as a cricket ball], ballon {m} [large, such as a football]
ball {n} (quantity of string, thread, etc., wound into a spherical shape)  :: pelote {f}
ball {n} (baseball: a pitch that falls outside the strike zone)  :: balle {f}
ball {n} (ballistics: a solid nonexplosive missile)  :: balle {f}, boulet {m}
ball {n} (mathematics: set of points in a metric space lying within a given distance of a given point)  :: boule {f}
ball {n} (testicle)  :: couille {f} [vulgar]
ball {n} (in plural - mildly vulgar slang - nonsense)  :: [vulgar] conneries {f-p}
ball {n} (in plural — slang — courage)  :: [vulgar] couilles {f-p}
ball {n} (formal dance)  :: bal {m}
ballad {n} /ˈbæləd/ (narrative poem)  :: ballade {f}
ball-and-socket joint {n} (type of joint)  :: rotule {f}
ballast {n} /ˈbæl.əst/ (heavy material placed in the hold of a vessel)  :: lest {m}
ballast {n} (material laid to form a bed for a road)  :: remblai {m}
ballast {n} (electronics)  :: ballast {m}
ballast {v} (to stabilize a ship with ballast)  :: ballaster
ball bearing {n} (bearing assembly with spherical balls)  :: roulement mécanique {m}, roulement à billes {m}
ball boy {n} (A male person responsible for retrieving balls)  :: ramasseur {m}
ball-breaker {n} (Something or someone annoying)  :: casse-couilles {m} {f}
ballerina {n} /ˌbæləɹˈiːnə/ (female ballet dancer)  :: ballerine {f}
ballet {n} /bæˈleɪ/ (form of dance)  :: ballet {m}
ballet {n} (theatrical presentation)  :: ballet {m}
ball girl {n} (one who clears balls)  :: ramasseuse {f}
ballista {n} /bəˈlɪstə/ (crossbow-like military engine for hurling large missiles)  :: baliste {m}
ballistic {adj} /bəˈlɪst.ɪk/ (relating to ballistics)  :: balistique
ballistic missile {n} (missile)  :: missile balistique {m}
ballistics {n} /bəˈlɪst.ɪks/ (science of the study of falling objects)  :: balistique {f}
ballistic vest {n} (bulletproof vest) SEE: bulletproof vest  ::
ball lightning {n} (a short-lived, glowing ball sometimes observed to float in the air)  :: foudre en boule {f}
balloon {n} /bəˈluːn/ (inflatable object)  :: ballon {m}
balloon {n} (child’s toy)  :: ballon {m}, ballon de baudruche {m}, ballon en baudruche {m}, ballon gonflable {m}
balloon {n} (inflatable object to transport people through the air)  :: montgolfière {f}, ballon {m}
balloon {n} (speech bubble) SEE: speech bubble  ::
balloonfish {n} (blowfish) SEE: blowfish  ::
balloonist {n} (a person who flies in a (hot-air) balloon, balloons)  :: ballonniste {m} {f}
ballot {n} /ˈbalət/ (paper used for vote-casting)  :: bulletin de vote {m}, bulletin {m}
ballot {v} (to vote)  :: voter
ballot box {n} (a sealed box into which a voter puts a voting slip)  :: urne {f}, urne électorale {f}
ballot paper {n} (voting form)  :: bulletin de vote {m}
ball pen {n} (ballpoint pen) SEE: ballpoint pen  ::
ballpoint pen {n} (pen)  :: bic {m}, stylo à bille {m}
ballroom {n} (large room used for dancing)  :: salle de bal {f}
ballroom {n} (type of elegant dance)  :: danse de salon {f}
balls {n} (follow the translations in the entry "ball") SEE: ball  ::
balls {n} /bɔːlz/ (testicles)  :: couilles {f-p}
balls {n} (bravery)  :: couilles {f-p}
balls {n} (rubbish)  :: conneries {f-p}
balls {adv} (Intensifier : very)  :: putain de
balls-up {n} (mess up) SEE: mess up  ::
ballsy {adj} /ˈbɔlzi/ (having balls)  :: couillu {m}
ballyhoo {n} /bæliˈhuː/ (sensational or clamorous advertising or publicity)  :: battage {m}
ballyhoo {n} (species of needlefish)  :: aiguillette {f}
balm {n} (sweet-smelling oil or resin derived from some plants) SEE: balsam  ::
balm {n} (plant or tree yielding such substance) SEE: balsam  ::
balm {n} (soothing lotion) SEE: balsam  ::
balm {n} (figurative: something soothing) SEE: balsam  ::
balmy {adj} /ˈbɑː.mi/ (soothing or fragrant)  :: embaumant, suave
balmy {adj} (mild and pleasant)  :: doux
balneology {n} (study of baths and bathing)  :: balnéologie {f}
Balochistan {prop} (region on the Iranian plateau in south-western Asia)  :: Baloutchistan {m}
Balochistan {prop} (province of Pakistan)  :: Baloutchistan {m}
balrog {n} /ˈbɔːɫ.ɹɒɡ]/ (fiery demonic creature)  :: balrog {m}
balsam {n} /ˈbɔːlsəm/ (sweet-smelling oil or resin derived from some plants)  :: pommade {f}
balsam {n} (soothing ointment)  :: baume {m}
balsam {n} (flowering plant of the genus Impatiens)  :: balsamine {f}
balsam {n} (balsam fir) SEE: balsam fir  ::
balsam fir {n} (Abies balsamea)  :: sapin baumier {m}
balsamic vinegar {n} (a dark, sweet vinegar, made from reduced white wine)  :: vinaigre balsamique {m}
Balthazar {prop} (Babylonian king)  :: Balthazar
Baltic {prop} (Baltic Sea) SEE: Baltic Sea  ::
Baltic {adj} /ˈbɑl.tɪk/ (of the Baltic region or sea)  :: baltique
Baltic {adj} (pertaining to the Baltic languages)  :: baltique
Baltic {adj} (pertaining to the Balts)  :: baltique
Baltic herring {n} (Clupea harengus membras)  :: hareng de la Baltique
Baltic Sea {prop} (a sea)  :: mer Baltique {f}
Balto-Slavic {adj} (of or pertaining o the Balto-Slavic language, people or culture)  :: balto-slave
balun {n} (electronic device)  :: balun {m}
baluster {n} /ˈbæl.ʌ.stɹ/ (banister)  :: balustre {f}
balustrade {n} /ˈbæl.ə.stɹeɪd/ (row of balusters)  :: balustrade {f}
Balzac {prop} (surname)  :: Balzac
Balzacian {adj} /balˈzakɪ.ən/ (of or pertaining to Honoré de Balzac or his writings)  :: balzacien
Bambara {prop} (language)  :: bambara {m}
bamboo {n} /bæmˈbu/ (plant)  :: bambou {m}
bamboo {n} (wood)  :: bambou {m}
bamboo {adj} (made of bamboo)  :: de bambou
bamboo antshrike {n} (a passerine bird)  :: batara des bambous
Bamboo Curtain {prop} (political barrier between communist and capitalist in Asia)  :: Rideau de bambou
bamboo shoot {n} (edible part of some bamboo types)  :: pousses de bambou {p}
bamboozle {v} /bæm.ˈbuː.zəl/ (to con, defraud, trick)  :: embrouiller, moquer, enfumer
ban {v} /bæn/ (forbid)  :: interdire, proscrire
ban {n} (prohibition)  :: interdiction
Banach space {n} (complete normed vector space)  :: espace de Banach {m}
banal {adj} /bəˈnɑːl/ (common)  :: banal
banalize {v} (to make banal)  :: banaliser
banana {n} /bəˈnæ.nə/ (fruit)  :: banane {f}
banana {n} (plant)  :: bananier {m}
banana peel {n} (outermost layer of the banana)  :: peau de banane {f}
banana republic {n} (country)  :: république bananière {f}
banana skin {n} (banana skin) SEE: banana peel  ::
banana split {n} /bə.ˈnæ.nə splɪt/ (A dessert containing a banana cut in half)  :: banane Melba {f}
Banbury story of a cock and a bull {n} /ˈbænbɹi ˈstɔːɹi əv ə ˈkɒk ənd ə ˈbʊl/ (roundabout, nonsensical story)  :: une histoire sans queue ni tête
band {n} /bænd/ (group of musicians)  :: groupe {f}
band {n} (anthropology: small group of people living in a simple society)  :: bande {f}
band {n} (Canada: recognized group of aboriginals)  :: bande {f}
bandage {n} /ˈbændɪdʒ/ (medical binding)  :: bandage {m}, pansement
bandage {v} (to apply a bandage to something)  :: panser
bandage {n} (adhesive bandage) SEE: band-aid  ::
band-aid {n} /ˈbændeɪd/ (adhesive bandage)  :: pansement {m}, sparadrap {m}
Bandar Seri Begawan {prop} /ˌbɑːndəɹ sɪˌɹiː bɪˈɡaʊ.ən/ (capital of Brunei)  :: Bandar Seri Begawan {m}
banded {adj} /ˈbændɪd/ (marked with bands of colour)  :: fascié
banded anteater {n} (numbat) SEE: numbat  ::
banded mongoose {n} (Mungos mungo)  :: mangouste rayée {f}
banderilla {n} /ˌbæn.də.ˈɹiː.jə/ (decorated barbed stick used in bullfighting)  :: banderille {f}
banderillero {n} /ˌbændəɹiːˈjeəɹəʊ/ (one who sticks the banderillas in the bull's neck)  :: banderillero {m}, bandérilléro {m}
bandicoot {n} /ˈbændiˌkut/ (small Australian marsupial with a long snout)  :: bandicoot {m}, péramélidé {m}
bandit {n} /ˈbændɪt/ (one who robs others)  :: voleur {m}, bandit {m}
banditry {n} (acts characteristic of a bandit)  :: banditisme {m}
bandog {n} (guard dog) SEE: guard dog  ::
bandoleer {n} (bandolier) SEE: bandolier  ::
bandolier {n} /ˌbændəˈlɪə(ɹ)/ (an ammunition belt)  :: bandoulière {f}, cartouchière {f}, ceinture à munitions {f}
bandsaw {n} (a saw whose blade is a continuous band)  :: scie à ruban
bandstand {n} /ˈbænd.stænd/ (platform for bands to play on)  :: kiosque {m}
band-tailed antshrike {n} (bird)  :: batara de Cayenne
bandurria {n} (plectrum-plucked stringed instrument with a flat-backed pear-shaped body)  :: bandurria {f}
bandwidth {n} /ˈbændwɪdθ/ (width of a frequency band)  :: bande passante
bandwidth {n} (width of the smallest frequency band within which the signal can fit)  :: bande passante
bandwidth {n} (measure of data flow rate in digital networks)  :: débit, bande passante
bandy {n} /ˈbændi/ (winter sport played on ice)  :: bandy {m}
bane {v} (to (kill by) poison) SEE: poison  ::
bane {n} (killer) SEE: killer  ::
baneful {adj} (Exceedingly harmful)  :: funeste {m} {f}
baneful {adj} (Deadly)  :: funeste {m} {f}
bang {n} /bæŋ(ɡ)/ (A sudden percussive noise)  :: coup {m}
bang {n} (A strike upon an object causing such a noise)  :: coup {m}
bang {n} (An explosion)  :: détonation {f}, explosion {f}
bang {n} (hair that hangs down over the forehead)  :: frange {f}
bang {n} (The symbol !)  :: point d'exclamation {m}
bang {v} (to make sudden loud noises)  :: claquer, cogner
bang {v} (to hit hard)  :: cogner
bang {v} (slang: to engage in sexual intercourse)  :: baiser, niquer
bang {interj} (verbal percussive sound)  :: pan
Bangalore {prop} /ˈbæŋɡəlɔːɹ/ (state capital of Karnataka, India)  :: Bangalore {m}, Bengaluru {m}
Bangalore {prop}  :: Bengaluru, Bangalore
banger {n} (cylinder) SEE: cylinder  ::
banger {n} /ˈbæŋ(ɡ)ə(ɹ)/ (car)  :: bagnole {f}
Bangkok {prop} /bæŋˈkɒk/ (the capital of Thailand)  :: Bangkok
Bangla {prop} (Bengali) SEE: Bengali  ::
Bangladesh {prop} /ˌbæŋ.ɡlə.ˈdɛʃ/ (country)  :: Bangladesh {m}
Bangladeshi {n} (person from Bangladesh or of Bangladeshi descent)  :: Bangladais {m}, Bangladeshi {m}
bang out {v} (to do something quickly)  :: bâcler
Bangui {prop} (capital of the Central African Republic)  :: Bangui {m}
banish {v} /ˈbænɪʃ/ (to send someone away and forbid that person from returning)  :: bannir
banister {n} /ˈbænɪstə(ɹ)/ (the handrail on the side of a staircase)  :: rampe
banister {n} (one of the vertical supports of a handrail)  :: balustre {m}
banjax {v} /ˈbæn.d͡ʒæks/ (To ruin or destroy)  :: ruiner, détruire
banjo {n} /ˈbæn.dʒoʊ/ (a musical instrument)  :: banjo {m}
banjoist {n} (person who plays the banjo)  :: banjoïste {m} {f}
bank {n} /bæŋk/ (institution)  :: banque {f}
bank {n} (branch office)  :: banque {f}
bank {n} (storage for important goods)  :: banque {f}
bank {n} (edge of river or lake)  :: rive {f}
bank {n} (an underwater area of higher elevation, a sandbank)  :: banc {m}
bank {n} (row or panel of items)  :: rang {m}
bankable {adj} (reliable) SEE: reliable  ::
bankable {adj} (certain to bring profit)  :: bancable {m} {f}
bank account {n} (fund deposited by a customer for safekeeping in a bank)  :: compte bancaire {m}
banker {n} /ˈbæŋkɚ/ (one who conducts the business of banking)  :: banquier {m}
bank holiday {n} (a weekday granted to workers as a national holiday)  :: jour férié
bank machine {n} (automated teller machine) SEE: automated teller machine  ::
banknote {n} (paper currency)  :: billet (de banque) {m}
Bank of England {prop}  :: Banque d'Angleterre {f}
bankroll {n} (.A roll of banknotes.)  :: un rouleau de billets de banque
bankroll {n} (The monetary assets of a person or organization.)  :: fonds, capital,budget
bankroll {v} (to fund a project)  :: financer
bankrupt {adj} /ˈbæŋk.ɹəpt/ (having been legally declared insolvent)  :: en faillite, failli
bankruptcy {n} /ˈbæŋkɹʌptsɪ/ (legally declared or recognized condition of insolvency)  :: faillite {f}, banqueroute
bank statement {n} (statement of transactions and balances)  :: relevé de compte {m}, relevé bancaire {m}
bankster {n} /ˈbæŋkstə/  :: bankster {m}
banner {n} /ˈbænɚ/ (flag)  :: bannière {f}
banner {n} (large sign)  :: banderole {f}
banner {n} (large piece of cloth with a device or motto borne in a procession)  :: banderole {f}
banner {n} (cause or purpose; a campaign or movement)  :: bannière {f}
banner {n} (advertisement in a web page)  :: bannière {f}
banner {n} (principal standard of a knight)  :: banière {f}
banneret {n} /ˌbænəɹˈet/ (nobleman)  :: banneret {m}
bannerette {n} (banneret) SEE: banneret  ::
bannock {n} /ˈbæ.nək/ (bread)  :: bannique {f}
banns {n} (the announcement of a forthcoming marriage)  :: bans {m-p}
banquet {n} /ˈbæŋkwɪt/ (a large celebratory meal; a feast)  :: banquet {m}, festin {m}
banshee {n} /bænˈʃiː/ (in Irish folklore, a female spirit)  :: banshee {f}, banshie {f}
bantam {n} (sports age division)  :: minime {m} {f}
bantamweight {n} (weight in sports)  :: poids coq {m}
banter {n} /ˈbæntɚ/ (good humoured conversation)  :: plaisanterie {f}, badinage {m}
banter {v} (to engage in banter)  :: badiner
banter {v} (to play or do something amusing)  :: s'amuser
banter {v} (to tease mildly)  :: taquiner
banya {n} /ˈbɑːnjə/ (a Russian steam bath)  :: bania {f}, banya {f}
banyan {n} /ˈbæn.jən/ (tropical Indian fig tree)  :: banian {m}
banzai {interj} (hurrah) SEE: hurrah  ::
banzai {interj} /ˈbɑːnˈzaɪ/ (a celebratory cheer)  :: banzaï
baobab {n} /ˈbeɪoʊˌbæb/ (Adansonia digitata)  :: baobab {m}
baptise {v} (baptise) SEE: baptize  ::
baptism {n} /ˈbæptɪzəm/ (Christian sacrament)  :: baptême {m}
baptismal {adj} (relating to baptism)  :: baptismal
baptismal font {n} (a basin used for baptism)  :: fonts baptismaux {m-p}
baptism by fire {n} (rite of passage)  :: baptême du feu {m}
baptism of fire {n} (the first experience of a severe ordeal)  :: baptême du feu {m}
Baptist {adj} (of the Baptist religious denomination)  :: baptiste
baptistry {n} (space where a baptismal font is located)  :: baptistère {m}
baptize {v} (Perform the Christian sacrament of baptism)  :: baptiser
baptize {v} (To dedicate or christen)  :: baptiser
baptize {v} (Of rum, brandy, or any other spirits, to dilute with water)  :: baptiser, couper
bar {n} (vertical bar mark) SEE: pipe  ::
bar {n} /bɑɹ/ (solid object with uniform cross-section)  :: barre {f}
bar {n} (cuboid piece of any commodity)  :: barre {f}
bar {n} (business licensed to sell intoxicating beverages)  :: bar {m}, pub {m}, taverne {f}
bar {n} (counter of such a premises)  :: comptoir {m}, zinc {m} [informal]
bar {n} (collective term for lawyers)  :: barreau {m}
bar {n} (profession of lawyers)  :: barreau
bar {n} (nautical: sand formation)  :: barre {f}
bar {v} (to obstruct the passage of)  :: bloquer
bar {v} (to prohibit)  :: interdire
bar {v} (to lock or bolt with a bar)  :: barrer
bar {n} (unit of pressure)  :: bar {m}
bar {n} (music: section of a staff) SEE: measure  ::
bar {prep} (with the exception of) SEE: except  ::
bar {n} (heraldry: one of the ordinaries) SEE: fess  ::
bar {n} (soccer: crossbar) SEE: crossbar  ::
bar {n} (music: vertical line across a staff) SEE: bar line  ::
barb {n} (bit for a horse) SEE: bit  ::
barb {n} (beard or something that resembles a beard) SEE: beard  ::
barb {n} (kingfish) SEE: kingfish  ::
Barbadian {n} (person from Barbados)  :: Barbadien {m}, Barbadienne {f}
Barbadian {adj} (of or relating to Barbados)  :: barbadien {m}
Barbados {prop} /bɑɹˈbeɪ.doʊs/ (country in the Caribbean)  :: Barbade {f}
Barbara {prop} (cognates and transliterations of female given name)  :: Barbara {f}, Barbe {f}
barbarian {adj} /bɑɹ.ˈbɛəɹ.i.ən/ (uncivilized)  :: barbare
barbarian {n} (an uncivilized person)  :: barbare
barbarian {n} (a derogatory term for someone from a developing country)  :: barbare
barbarian {n} (a warrior associated with Sword and Sorcery stories)  :: barbare
barbaric {adj} /bɑː(ɹ)ˈbæɹɪk/ (uncivilised)  :: barbare
barbarism {n} /ˈbɑː(ɹ)bəɹɪz(ə)m/ (error in language use)  :: barbarisme {m}
barbarity {n} /bɑː(ɹ)ˈbæɹɪti/ (state of being barbarous)  :: barbarie {f}
Barbary {prop} /ˈbɑː(ɹ)bəɹi/ (Mediterranean North Africa)  :: Berbérie {f}
barbary dove {n} (Streptopelia risoria) SEE: ringneck dove  ::
Barbary lion {n} (Panthera leo leo)  :: lion de barbarie, lion de l'Atlas
barbecue {n} /ˈbɑːɹbəkjuː/ (cooking instrument)  :: barbecue {m}
barbecue {v} (grill) SEE: grill  ::
barbecue sauce {n} /ˈbɑːbɪkjuː sɔːs/ (type of sauce)  :: sauce barbecue {f}
barbed wire {n} (twisted strands of steel wire)  :: fil de fer barbelé {m}, fil barbelé {m}, barbelé {m}
barbel {n} /ˈbɑːbəl/ (fish)  :: barbeau {m}
barbell {n} (wide steel bar with premeasured weights)  :: haltère {m}
barber {n} /ˈbɑː.bə/ (person whose profession is cutting (usually male) customers' hair and beards)  :: coiffeur {m}, coiffeuse {f}, barbier {m}
barberry {n} (Berberis)  :: épine-vinette {f}
barber shop {n} (business which offers haircuts to men) SEE: barbershop  ::
barbershop {n} (barber's shop)  :: salon de coiffure {m}
barbetism {n}  :: barbétisme {m}
barbican {n} /ˈbɑː(ɹ)bɪkən/ (A tower at the entrance to a castle or fortified town)  :: barbacane {f}
barbiturate {n} /ˌbɑɹˈbɪtʃu.ɪt/  :: barbiturique
barbituric {adj} (barbituric)  :: barbiturique
Barcelona {prop} /ˌbɑɹsəˈloʊnə/ (capital of Catalonia)  :: Barcelone
Barcelonan {adj} (from Barcelona) SEE: Barcelonian  ::
Barcelonan {n} (someone from Barcelona) SEE: Barcelonian  ::
Barcelonian {adj} (from Barcelona)  :: barcelonais
barchan {n} /bɑːˈkɑːn/ (arc-shaped sand ridge)  :: barkhane {f}
barcode {n} /ˈbɑː(ɹ)kəʊd/ (set of machine-readable parallel bars)  :: code-barres {m}, code à barres {m}
bar-crested antshrike {n} (a passerine bird of the antbird family)  :: batara de Lafresnaye
bard {n} /bɑɹd]/ (professional poet and singer)  :: barde {m}
bardiche {n} /ˈbɑː(ɹ)diːʃ/ (weapon)  :: bardiche {f}
bardolatry {n} /ˈbɑː(ɹ).dɒlətɹɪi/ (excessive worship of William Shakespeare)  :: bardolâtrie
bare {adj} /bɛɚ/ (naked, uncovered)  :: nu {m}, nue {f}
bare {adv} (barely) SEE: barely  ::
bare-arse {adj} (with the buttocks exposed)  :: cul-nu, nu-le-cul
bareback {adv} /ˈbɛəbæk/ (without a saddle)  :: à cru
bare-bottomed {adj} (having an unclothed rear)  :: cul-nu
bare-bum {adj} (with the bum exposed)  :: cul-nu, nu-le-cul
bare-butt {adj} (with the butt exposed)  :: cul-nu, nu-le-cul
barechested {adj} (shirtless)  :: torse nu
barefoot {adj} /ˈbɛɹfʊt/ (wearing nothing on the feet)  :: pieds nus
barefoot {adv} (wearing nothing on the feet)  :: pieds nus
barefoot doctor {n} (farmer with basic medical training)  :: médecin aux pieds nus {m}
barefooted {adj} (barefoot) SEE: barefoot  ::
barefooted {adv} (barefoot) SEE: barefoot  ::
bareheaded {adj} (having no covering on the head)  :: nu-tête
bareheaded {adv} (with no covering on the head)  :: nu-tête
barely {adv} /ˈbɛɹ.li/ (by a small margin)  :: à peine
Barents Sea {prop} (part of the Arctic Ocean)  :: mer de Barents {f}
barfly {n} /bɑɹflaɪ/ (person who spends much time in a bar)  :: pilier de bar
bargain {n} /ˈbɑː(ɹ).ɡən/ (agreement or contract concerning sale of property)  :: accord {m}
bargain {v} (to make a bargain)  :: marchander
bargaining chip {n} (leverage at negotiations)  :: monnaie d'échange {f}
barge {n} /bɑːdʒ/ (flat-bottomed bulk carrier mainly for inland waters)  :: chaland {m}
barge in {v} (to intrude)  :: faire irruption, s'imposer, débouler [colloquial]
Bari {prop} (area of Italy)  :: Bari {m}
Bari {prop} (town in Italy)  :: Bari {m}
barista {n} /baˈɹista/ (person who prepares coffee in a coffee shop for customers)  :: barista {m} {f}
barite {n} (mineral)  :: barite
baritone {n} (male voice)  :: baryton {m}
baritone horn {n} (baritone horn) SEE: baritone  ::
barium {n} /ˈbæɹɪəm/ (chemical element)  :: baryum {m}
bark {v} /bɑːk/ (to make a loud noise (dogs))  :: aboyer, japper
bark {n} (short, loud, explosive utterance)  :: aboiement {m}
bark {n} (exterior covering of a tree)  :: écorce {f}
bark {v} (to strip the bark from, to peel)  :: écorcer
bark {n} (three-masted vessel, foremast and mainmast square-rigged, mizzenmast schooner-rigged)  :: barque {f}
bark {v} (to girdle) SEE: girdle  ::
barker {n} (person employed to solicit customers by calling out to passersby)  :: aboyeur {m}
barking deer {n} (muntjac) SEE: muntjac  ::
barking dogs seldom bite {proverb} (people who make threats rarely carry them out)  :: chien qui aboie ne mord pas
bark up the wrong tree {v} (bark up the wrong tree)  :: faire fausse route, se mettre le doigt dans l'œil
barley {n} /ˈbɑɹli/ (Hordeum vulgare or its grains)  :: orge {f}
barley sugar {n} (sweet)  :: sucre d’orge {m}
bar line {n} (vertical line across a staff)  :: barre de mesure {f}
barmaid {n} /ˈbɑː(ɹ)meɪd/ (woman who serves in a bar)  :: barmaid {f}
barman {n} (bartender) SEE: bartender  ::
bar mitzvah {n} /ˌbɑː(ɹ)ˈmɪts.və/ (Jewish coming of age ceremony for boys)  :: bar-mitsva {f}, bar-mitsvah {f}, Bar Mitzva {f}, Bar Mitzvah {f}
barn {n} (child) SEE: child  ::
barn {n} /bɑɹn]/ (building)  :: grange {f}, fenil {m}
Béarn {prop} (former viscounty)  :: Béarn
Barnabas {prop} /ˈbɑɹnəbəs/ (An early Christian)  :: Barnabé
barnacle {n} /ˈbɑːnəkl̩/ (marine crustacean)  :: pouce-pied {m}
béarnaise sauce {n} (sauce)  :: béarnaise {f}
Barnaul {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Barnaoul {m}
barn owl {n} /ˈbɑːn ˌaʊl/ (An owl of the genus Tyto)  :: chouette effraie {f}
barochory {n} (The dispersal of seeds, spores, or fruit by gravity alone.)  :: barochorie {f}
bar of chocolate {n} (slab of chocolate)  :: tablette de chocolat {f}
barometer {n} /bəˈɹɑməɾɚ/ (an instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure)  :: baromètre {m}
barometric {adj} /ˌbæɹəˈmetɹɪk/ (of or pertaining to atmospheric pressure)  :: barométrique
baron {n} /ˈbæɹən/ (male ruler of a barony)  :: baron {m}
baroness {n} /ˌbæ.ɹəˈnɛs/ (female ruler of a barony)  :: baronne {f}
barony {n} /ˈbæ.ɹə.ni/ (a dominion ruled by a baron or baroness)  :: baronnie {f}
Baroque guitar {n} (archaic form of guitar from the Baroque era)  :: guitare baroque {f}, guitare à cinq chœurs {f}
baroscope {n} (barometer) SEE: barometer  ::
barotrauma {n}  :: barotraumatisme {m}
barque {n} /bɑː(ɹ)k/ (sailing vessel, all masts but sternmost square-rigged)  :: barque {f}
barrack {n} (a building for soldiers)  :: caserne {f}, chambrée {f}, quartier {m}
barracks {n} (buildings used by military personnel) SEE: barrack  ::
barracuda {n} (predatory competitor) SEE: shark  ::
barrage {n} /bəˈɹɑːʒ/ (artificial obstruction, such as a dam, in a river)  :: barrage {m}
barre {n} (a handrail fixed to a wall)  :: barre {f}
barred antshrike {n} (a passerine bird)  :: batara rayé
barrel {n} (tube) SEE: tube  ::
barrel {n} (jar) SEE: jar  ::
barrel {n} /ˈbæɹəl/ (round vessel made from staves bound with a hoop)  :: tonneau, barrique {f}
barrel {n} (quantity)  :: baril {m}
barrel {n} (metallic tube of a gun)  :: canon {m}
barrel {n} (part of a clarinet)  :: barillet {m}
barrel bomb {n}  :: bombe baril
barrel organ {n} (pipe instrument with air controlled pins in a revolving barrel)  :: orgue de Barbarie {m}
barrel roll {n} (aerobatic maneuver)  :: tonneau {m}
barrel roll {n} (full 360° horizontal rotation by a car)  :: tonneau {m}
barren {adj} /ˈbæɹən/ (unable to bear children; sterile)  :: stérile
barricade {n} /ˌbæɹɪˈkeɪd/ (a barrier constructed across a road, especially as a military defence)  :: barricade {f}
barricade {v} (to close or block a road etc., using a barricade)  :: barricader
barrier {n} /ˈbæɹi.əɹ/ (structure that bars passage)  :: barrière
barrier {n} (obstacle or impediment)  :: barrière
barrier {n} (boundary or limit)  :: limite, frontière
barrister {n} /ˈbæ.ɹɪst.ə(ɹ)/ (lawyer with the right to speak as an advocate in higher lawcourts)  :: bâtonnier {m}
barrow {n} /ˈbæɹoʊ/ (mound of earth and stones raised over a grave)  :: tumulus {m}
barrow {n} (small vehicle used to carry a load and pulled or pushed by hand)  :: brouette
barrow {n} (castrated boar)  :: castrat {m}
barse {n} /bɑːs/ (fish)  :: loup {m}
bar-tailed godwit {n} (bar-tailed godwit)  :: barge rousse {f}
bartender {n} /ˈbɑː(ɹ)ˌtendə(ɹ)/ (person who works in a bar)  :: barman {m}
barter {n} /ˈbɑɹtəɹ/ (exchange of goods or services)  :: troc {m}
barter {v} (exchange goods or services without involving money)  :: troquer
Bartholomew {prop} /bɑɹˈθɑləmju/ (the Apostle)  :: Barthélemy {m}
Bartholomew {prop} (male given name)  :: Barthélemy
Bartonian {prop}  :: Bartonien
Baruch {prop} (given name)  :: Baruch {m}
barycenter {n} (physics: center of a mass)  :: barycentre {m}
barycentre {n} (barycenter) SEE: barycenter  ::
barycentric {adj} (of or pertaining to a center of gravity)  :: barycentrique
baryon {n} /ˈbæɹɪɒn/ (heavy subatomic particle)  :: baryon {m}
baryonic {adj} (of or pertaining to baryons)  :: baryonique
barysphere {n}  :: barysphère {f}
barytes {n} (barite) SEE: barite  ::
basal layer {n} (the deepest layer of the epidermis)  :: stratum germinativum {m}, stratum basale {m}
basal metabolic rate {n} (amount of energy expended while at rest)  :: taux métabolique de base
basalt {n} /ˈbeɪsɔːlt/ (hard rock)  :: basalte
bascule bridge {n} (type of movable bridge)  :: pont basculant {m}
base {n} /beɪs/ (something from which other things extend)  :: base
base {n} (starting point of thought)  :: base
base {n} (permanent structure for housing military)  :: base, caserne {f}
base {n} (chemical compound that will neutralize an acid)  :: base
base {n} (baseball: one of the three places that a runner can stand in safety)  :: base {f}, but {m}, coussin {m}
base {n} (electronics: controlling terminal of a transistor)  :: base {f}
base {n} (geometry: lowest side or face)  :: base
base {v} (have as its foundation or starting point)  :: baser
base {adj} (low)  :: bas, abject, indigne, ignoble
base {adj} (of inferior quality)  :: indigne, ignoble
base {n} (bass) SEE: bass  ::
base {n} (apron) SEE: apron  ::
base {n} (radix) SEE: radix  ::
base {n} (housing of a horse) SEE: housing  ::
baseball {n} /ˈbeɪs.bɔl/ (ball game)  :: baseball {m}, base-ball {m}
baseball {n} (ball used in baseball-game)  :: balle de baseball {f}
baseball bat {n} (device which is swung to try to make contact with baseballs)  :: batte de base-ball {f}
baseball cap {n} /ˈbeɪs.bɑl ˌkæp/ (cap)  :: casquette de baseball {f}
baseball player {n} (a person who plays baseball)  :: joueur de baseball {m}
baseboard {n} (panel or molding between floor and interior wall) SEE: skirting board  ::
base class {n}  :: classe de base {f}
base hit {n} ((baseball) a successful hit)  :: coup sûr {m}
Basel {prop} (city in Switzerland)  :: Bâle {f}
Basel-Country {prop} (canton)  :: Bâle-Campagne
baseless {adj} (based on something that is not true) SEE: unfounded  ::
baseline {n} /ˈbeɪslaɪn/ (datum used as the basis for calculation or for comparison)  :: référence
Basel-Stadt {prop} (canton)  :: Bâle-Ville
basement {n} /ˈbeɪsmənt/ (floor below ground level)  :: sous-sol {m}, cave {f}
Basenji {n} /bəˈsɛndʒi/ (Basenji)  :: basenji {m}
base station subsystem {n} ((telecommunications))  :: sous-système radio
bash {v} (collide) SEE: collide  ::
basha {n} /ˈbæʃə/ (tarpaulin)  :: bâche
bashful {adj} /ˈbæʃfəɫ]/ (inclined to avoid notice)  :: timide
Bashkir {prop} /bɑːʃˈkɪəɹ/ (language)  :: bachkir, bashkir
Bashkiria {prop} (Bashkortostan) SEE: Bashkortostan  ::
Bashkortostan {prop} (federal subject of Russia)  :: Bachkirie {f}
bashlyk {n} /ˈbæʃ.lɪk/ (protective cone-shaped hood)  :: bachlyk {m}
bash the bishop {v} (slang for masturbate (male))  :: étrangler le borgne, s'astiquer le manche, se tutoyer, s'astiquer le poireau, se crosser [Quebec], se taper une queue
bash up {v} (assault someone with the intention of causing physical injury)  :: cogner
basic {adj} /ˈbeɪsɪk/ (necessary, essential for life or some process)  :: basique
basic {adj} (elementary, simple, merely functional)  :: basique
basic {adj} (chemistry: of a base)  :: basique
basically {adv} /ˈbeɪsɪk(ə)li/ (in a basic manner)  :: foncièrement, sommairement
basic research {n} (type of research)  :: recherche fondamentale {f}
basidiomycete {n} (fungus of phylum Basidiomycota)  :: basidiomycète {m}
basidium {n} /bəˈsɪdɪəm/ (small club shaped structure)  :: baside {f}
basil {n} /ˈbæz.əl/ (plant)  :: basilic {m}
basil {n} (herb)  :: basilic {m}
Basil {prop} (male given name)  :: Basile {m}
basilean {n} (partisan of a king) SEE: royalist  ::
basilect {n} /ˈbæsɪlekt/ (variety of a language that has diverged greatly from the standard form)  :: basilecte
basilica {n} /bəˈsɪlɪkə/ (Christian church building having a nave)  :: basilique {f}
Basilicata {prop} (region of southern Italy)  :: Basilicate
basilisk {n} /ˈbæs.ɪ.lɪsk/ (snake-like dragon type)  :: basilic {m}
basilisk {n} (type of lizard (genus Basiliscus))  :: basilic {m}
basilisk {n} (type of large brass cannon)  :: basilic {m}
basin {n} /ˈbeɪsɪn/ (bowl for washing)  :: cuvette {f}, bassine {f}, lavabo {m}
basin {n} (area of land that drains into a river)  :: bassin {m}
basin {n} (rock formation scooped out by water erosion)  :: bassin {m}
basion {n} ((anatomy) middle of the anterior margin of the foramen magnum of the skull)  :: basion {m}
basis {n} /ˈbeɪsɪs/ (starting point for an argument)  :: base {f}
basis {n} (underlying condition)  :: base {f}
basis {n} (linearly independent set of vectors)  :: base {f}
basis point {n} (one hundredth of one percentage point)  :: point de base {m}
bask {v} /bɑːsk/ (to bathe in warmth; to be exposed to pleasant heat)  :: (colloquial) lézarder
basket {n} /ˈbæskɪt/ (container)  :: panier {m}
basket {n} (wire or plastic container for carrying articles for purchase) SEE: shopping basket  ::
basketball {n} /ˈbæs.kɪt.bɔːl/ (the sport)  :: basket-ball {m}, basketball {m}, ballon-panier {m} [Canada, rare]
basketball player {n} (person who plays basketball)  :: basketteur {m}, basketteuse {f}
basket case {n} (one made powerless or ineffective, as by nerves, panic or stress)  :: cas désespéré
basketful {n} (the amount that will fit into a basket)  :: hottée {f}
basketmaker {n} (person who weaves baskets)  :: vannier {m}, vannière {f}, tresseur de paniers {m}, tresseuse de paniers {f}
basketweaver {n} (one who takes part in the craft of basketweaving)  :: tresseur de paniers {m}, tresseuse de paniers {f}
basking shark {n} (Cetorhinus maximus)  :: requin pèlerin {m}
Basler {n} (someone from Basel)  :: Bâlois {m}, Bâloise {f}
Basmachi {prop} (a rebel against the Russian or Soviet rule in Central Asia)  :: basmatchi {m}
basophil {n} /ˈbeɪsəfɪl/ (cell)  :: basophile {m}
basque {n} /bæsk/ (part of waistcoat)  :: basque {f}
basque {n} (corset)  :: guêpière {f}
Basque {prop} /bɑːsk/ (language)  :: basque {m}
Basque {n} (member of a people)  :: Basque {m} {f}
Basque {adj} (relative to the Basque people or their language)  :: basque {m} {f}, basquaise {f}
Basque Country {prop} (geographical region in Spain and France)  :: Pays basque
Basque Country {prop} (autonomous community within Spain)  :: Pays basque {m}
Basque Shepherd Dog {n} (Basque Shepherd Dog)  :: berger basque {m}
Basra {prop} (city in Iraq)  :: Bassorah
Bas-Rhin {prop} (département)  :: Bas-Rhin {m}
bass {adj} /beɪs/ (low in pitch)  :: bas, grave
bass {n} (low spectrum of sound)  :: basse {f}
bass {n} (singer)  :: basse {f}
bass {n} (musical instrument)  :: basse {f}
bass {n} /bæs/ (perch)  :: perche {m}
bass clarinet {n} (bass instrument in the clarinet family)  :: clarinette basse {f}
bass clef {n} /ˈbeɪsklɛf/ (music symbol)  :: clé de fa {f}
bass drum {n} /ˈbeɪsdɽʌm/ (large drum with a low pitch)  :: grosse caisse {f}
Basseterre {prop} (capital of Saint Kitts and Nevis)  :: Basseterre {f}
basset horn {n} (alto instrument of the clarinet family)  :: cor de basset {m}
bass fiddle {n} (instrument) SEE: double bass  ::
bass guitar {n} /ˈbeɪsɡɪˈtɑːɹ/ (stringed musical instrument)  :: guitare basse {f}
bassinet {n} /ˌbæsɪnˈet/ (a newborn baby's bed, typically made of woven reeds or straw)  :: bercelonnette {f}
bassoon {n} /bəˈsuːn/ (musical instrument in the woodwind family)  :: basson {m}
bassoonist {n} (person who plays the bassoon)  :: basson {m} [person], bassoniste {m} {f}
bass viol {n} (musical instrument) SEE: double bass  ::
bass violin {n} (instrument) SEE: double bass  ::
bastard {n} /ˈbɑːs.təd/ (person born to unmarried parents)  :: bâtard {m}
bastard {n} (mongrel)  :: bâtard {m}
bastard {n} (contemptible etc. person)  :: fils de pute {m}, salopard {m}, salaud
bastard {n} (humorously: man, fellow)  :: enculé {m}
bastard {n}  :: bâtard {m}
bastard sugar {n} (light brown sugar)  :: cassonade blanche, sucre bâtard
baste {v} /beɪst/ (To sew with long or loose stitches)  :: bâtir, faufiler
Bastia {prop} (town)  :: Bastia
bastide {n} (mansion in Provence)  :: bastide {f}
bastide {n} (new town in Provence)  :: bastide {f}
bastille {n} (prison) SEE: prison  ::
bastille {n} (fortress) SEE: fortress  ::
bastille {n} (citadel) SEE: citadel  ::
Bastille {prop} /bæˈstɪəɫ]/ (a prison in France)  :: Bastille {f}
Bastille Day {prop} (French national holiday)  :: Fête Nationale
bat {n} /bæt/ (small flying mammal)  :: chauve-souris {f}, chauvesouris {f}
bat {n} (club used for striking the ball in sports)  :: batte {f}, bâton {m}
batch {n} /bæt͡ʃ/ (quantity of baked goods made at one time)  :: fournée {f}
batch {n} (quantity of anything produced in one operation)  :: lot {m}
batch {n} (group or collection of things of the same kind)  :: jeu {m}
batch file {n} (file containing instructions for OS)  :: fichier batch {m}
bate {v} (simple past of beat) SEE: beat  ::
bate {v} (masturbate) SEE: masturbate  ::
bath {n} /bæθ⁓bɛəθ⁓beəθ]/ (tub)  :: bain {m}, baignoire {f}
bath {n} (room)  :: salle de bains {f}
bath {n} (act of bathing)  :: bain {m}
bath {v} (To wash a person or animal in a bath)  :: baigner
bathe {v} /beɪð/ (to clean oneself)  :: prendre un bain
bathe {v} (to immerse oneself in water)  :: se baigner
bathe {v} (to clean a person by immersion in water)  :: faire prendre un bain, baigner
bathe {v} (to apply water to)  :: baigner
bathe {v} (to cover or surround)  :: baigner
bathe {n} (act of bathing)  :: baignade {f}, [in compound words or expressions] bain {m}
bathe {v} (to sunbathe) SEE: sunbathe  ::
bather {n} /ˈbeɪðə(ɹ)/ (One who bathes or swims)  :: baigneur {m}, baigneuse {f}, nageur {m}, nageuse {f}
bathhouse {n} (a building with baths for communal use)  :: bains {m-p}
bathing {n} /ˈbeɪˌðɪŋ(ɡ)/ (act of bathing)  :: baignade {f}
bathing cap {n} (cap worn by swimmers) SEE: swim cap  ::
bathing suit {n} (tight fitting garment for swimming) SEE: swimsuit  ::
bathing trunks {n} (pair of shorts or briefs) SEE: swimming trunks  ::
bathometer {n} (instrument)  :: bathymètre, bathomètre
Bathonian {prop}  :: Bathonien
bathos {n} (depth) SEE: depth  ::
bathos {n} (nadir) SEE: nadir  ::
bathos {n} /ˈbeɪθɒs/ (unintentional failure at artistic effect)  :: bathos
bathos {n} (overdone pathos)  :: mauvais pathos
bathrobe {n} /ˈbæθɹoʊb/ (terrycloth robe)  :: peignoir {m}, sortie de bain {f}
bathroom {n} /ˈbɑːθ.ɹuːm/ (a room with a bathtub)  :: salle de bains {f}
bathroom {n} (room with a toilet) SEE: toilet  ::
Bathsheba {prop} /bæθˈʃiːbə/ (biblical character)  :: Bethsabée
Bathsheba {prop} (female given name)  :: Bethsabée
bath towel {n} (towel for drying the body)  :: serviette de bain {f}
bathtub {n} /ˈbæθtʌb/ (large container in which a person may bathe)  :: baignoire
bathydemersal {n} (a demersed fish)  :: bathydémersal
bathymeter {n} (bathometer) SEE: bathometer  ::
bathymetric {adj} (of, pertaining to, or derived from bathymetry)  :: bathymétrique
bathymetry {n} (the measurement of the depths of the seas)  :: bathymétrie {f}
bathyscaphe {n} /ˈbæθɪˌskeɪv/ (self-propelled deep-sea submersible)  :: bathyscaphe {m}
bathysphere {n} /ˈbæθɪˌsfɪə(ɹ)/ (diving chamber)  :: bathysphère {f}
batik {n} /bəˈtʰiːk/ (A method of dyeing fabric)  :: batik
batman {n} /ˈbætmən/ (servant to an army officer)  :: ordonnance {m} {f}
Batman {prop} /ˈbætmæn/ (the bat-themed hero)  :: Batman
baton {n} /bəˈtɑn/ (music: conductor's stick)  :: baguette {f}
baton {n} (sports: object transferred by relay runners)  :: relai {m}, relais {m}, témoin {m}
baton {n} (club of the police)  :: matraque {f}
baton {v} (to strike with a baton)  :: frapper avec un bâton
Bats {prop} (a Northeast Caucasian language spoken in Georgia)  :: Bats
Bats {prop} (a commune in France)  :: Bats
battalion {n} /bəˈtælɪən/ (army unit)  :: bataillon {m}
battalion {n} (any large body of troops)  :: bataillon {m}
batter {n} /ˈbætəɹ/ (beaten mixture of flour and liquid)  :: pâte {f}
batter {n} (player attempting to hit the ball)  :: batteur {m}, frappeur {m}
battering ram {n} (type of siege engine used to smash gates and walls)  :: bélier {m}
battery {n} /ˈbætəɹi/ (device storing electricity)  :: pile {f}, batterie {f}
battery {n} (legal: act of unlawful violence)  :: coups et blessures
battery {n} (coordinated group of artillery)  :: batterie {f}
battery {n} (array of similar things)  :: batterie {f}
battery {n} (set of cages for hens)  :: batterie {f}
batting {n} /ˈbætɪŋ/  :: ouate {f}
batting average {n} (cricket, baseball)  :: moyenne au bâton {f}, moyenne à la batte {f}
batting order {n} (the order in which players go to bat)  :: ordre de frappe {m}
battle {n} /ˈbætl̩/ (general action, fight, or encounter; a combat)  :: lutte {f}, bataille {f}
battle {n} (struggle; a contest; as, the battle of life)  :: lutte {f}
battle {v} ((intransitive) to join in battle; to contend in fight)  :: lutter
battle axe {n} (electric guitar) SEE: electric guitar  ::
battle-cruiser {n} (type of warship)  :: croiseur de bataille {m}
battle cry {n} (something the troops yell out when going to war or battle)  :: cri de guerre {m}
battlefield {n} (field of a land battle)  :: champ de bataille {m}
battleground {n} (location) SEE: battlefield  ::
battleground {n} /ˈbætəlˌɡɹaʊnd/ (subject of dispute)  :: champ de bataille
battlement {n} /ˈbætəɫmənt]/ (indented parapet formed by a series of rising members)  :: rempart {m}
battleship {n} (warship)  :: cuirassé {m}
battleship {n} (guessing game)  :: bataille navale {f}
battleship {n}  :: cuirassé {m}
bauble {n} /ˈbɔbəl/ (cheap showy ornament piece of jewellery)  :: babiole {f}
bauble {n} (small shiny spherical decoration, commonly put on Christmas trees)  :: boule de Noël {f}
baud {n} /bɔːd/ (A rate defined as the number of signalling events per second)  :: baud {m}
Baudelairean {adj} /ˌboʊdəˈlɛɹi.ən/ (of or pertaining to Baudelaire or his works)  :: baudelairien
Baumé {n} (type of densimeter)  :: baumé {m}
bauxite {n} /ˈbɔːksaɪt/ (ore)  :: bauxite {f}
Bavaria {prop} /bəˈveəɹɪə/ (state)  :: Bavière {f}
Bavarian {adj} /bəˈvɛəɹɪən/ (of or pertaining to Bavaria)  :: bavarois
Bavarian {n} (person from Bavaria or of Bavarian descent)  :: Bavarois {m}, Bavaroise {f}
bavarois {n} /bævəɹˈwɑ/ (pudding)  :: bavarois {m}
bavette {n} (flank steak) SEE: flank steak  ::
bawdy {adj} /ˈbɔdi/ (obscene)  :: grivois, paillard
bawl {v} /bɔl/ ((intransitive) To shout or utter in a loud and intense manner)  :: hurler
bawl {v} ((intransitive) To wail; to give out a blaring cry)  :: hurler
bay {n} /beɪ/ (shrub)  :: laurier {m}
bay {n} (herb)  :: laurier {m}
bay {n} (body of water)  :: baie {f}
bay {n} (compartment)  :: compartiment {m}, baie {f}
bay {v} (to howl)  :: aboyer
bay {adj} (of reddish-brown color)  :: bai
Bay {prop}  :: La Baie
bayan {n} (a Russian accordion)  :: bayan {m}
bayard {adj} (reddish brown)  :: bai (more specific)
bay cat {n} (Pardofelis badia)  :: chat bai {m}
Bayesian {adj} /ˈbeɪzɪən/ (of or pertaining to Thomas Bayes)  :: bayésien
Bayeux {prop} /baɪˈjɜː/ (town in Normandy)  :: Bayeux
bay leaf {n} (herb)  :: feuille de laurier {f}
Bay of Bengal {prop} (Large bay in the northeastern Indian Ocean)  :: golfe du Bengale {m}
Bay of Biscay {prop} (gulf)  :: golfe de Gascogne {m}
bayonet {n} /ˈbeɪə(ʊ)nɨt/ (weapon)  :: baïonnette {f}
bayou {n} /ˈbaɪ.uː/ (slow-moving creek or swamp)  :: bayou {m}, marécages {m-p}
bazaar {n} /bəˈzɑɹ/ (marketplace)  :: bazar {m}, foire {f}, marché {m}
bazooka {n} /bəˈzuːkə/ (American shoulder fired rocket grenade launcher)  :: bazooka {m}
BB {abbr} (best before)  :: MA
BBC {prop} (British Broadcasting Corporation)  :: BBC {f}
BBS {n} (bulletin board system)  :: SBE {m} (Systeme Babillard Electronique {m})
BC {initialism} (before Christ)  :: av. J.-C., av. JC (avant Jésus-Christ)
BCE {initialism} (before the common era)  :: av.n.è. (avant notre ère); AEC, AÈC, aèc (avant l'ère commune)
béchamel sauce {n} (white sauce made with butter, flour and milk)  :: sauce béchamel {f}
Béchamp {prop} (Francophone surname)  :: Béchamp
be {v} /bi/ (occupy a place)  :: être
be {v} (occur, take place)  :: être
be {v} (exist)  :: être
be {v} (have a certain age)  :: avoir
be {v} (elliptical form of "be here", or similar)  :: aller, venir
be {v} (used to indicate that the subject and object are the same)  :: être
be {v} (used to indicate that the values on either side of an equation are the same)  :: faire
be {v} (used to indicate that the subject plays the role of the predicate nominal)  :: être
be {v} (used to connect a noun to an adjective that describes it)  :: être
be {v} (used to indicate that the subject has the qualities described by a noun or noun phrase)  :: être
be {v} (used to form the passive voice)  :: être
be {v} (used to form the continuous forms of various tenses)  :: [not translated; use the equivalent simple tense, or the imperfect in the past]
be {v} ((archaic) used to form the perfect aspect with certain intransitive verbs)  :: avoir
be {v} (used to form future tenses, especially the future subjunctive)  :: Not used in French
be {v} (used to indicate weather, air quality, or the like)  :: faire
Bea {prop} /biː/ (diminutive of Beatrice)  :: Béa
be able to {v} (have ability to)  :: pouvoir, savoir (for a skill), être capable de
beach {n} /bit͡ʃ/ (sandy shore)  :: plage {f}
beach ball {n} (a large light inflatable ball used in beach games)  :: ballon de plage {m}
beachcomber {n} (a seaman who hangs around port areas living off the charity of others)  :: batteur de grève {m}
beachgoer {n} (someone who goes to the beach)  :: plagiste
beach soccer {n} (variant of soccer)  :: football de plage {m}, soccer de plage {m} [Canada]
beach volleyball {n} (sport)  :: beach-volley {m}, volleyball de plage {m}
beacon {n} /ˈbiːkən/ (signal fire)  :: balise
beacon {n} (signaling or guiding mark erected as guide to mariners)  :: phare {m}
beacon {n} (high hill or similar)  :: amer {m}
bead {n} /biːd/ (rosary ball)  :: grain {m}
bead {n} (pierced small round object)  :: perle {f}
bead {n} (small drop of liquid)  :: gouttelette {f}
beadle {n} /ˈbiːdəɫ]/ (a parish constable)  :: bedeau {m}, suisse {m}
bead tree {n} (Melia azedarach)  :: margousier {m}, lilas de Perse {m}, azédarach {m}
beagle {n} /biːɡəɫ]/ (dog)  :: briquet {m}
beak {n} /biːk/ (structure projecting from a bird's face)  :: bec {m}
beak {n} (similar structure in an octopus)  :: bec {m}
beak {n} (metal point fixed on the bows of a war galley, used as a ram)  :: éperon {m}
beak {n} (slang: human nose) SEE: schnozzle  ::
beaker {n} /ˈbiːkɚ/ (flat-bottomed vessel)  :: bécher {m}
beakhead {n} (protruding part at the bow of a sailing ship)  :: poulaine, éperon, guibre
beak-iron {n}  :: bigorne {f}
be all about {v} (deal with)  :: s'agir de
be-all and end-all {n} (Something considered to be of the utmost importance)  :: raison d'être {f}
be all ears {v} (to listen carefully or eagerly; to anticipate)  :: soyez tout ouïe
beam {n} /biːm/ (large piece of timber or iron)  :: madrier {m}
beam {n} (principal horizontal beam in a building)  :: poutre {f}
beam {n} (pole of a carriage)  :: limon {m}, timon {m}
beam {n} (bar of a plow)  :: age {m}
beam {n} (ray)  :: faisceau {m}
beam {n} (connector of notes)  :: lien {m}, ligature {f}
beam {v} (scifi: to transmit over high-tech wireless mechanism)  :: téléporter
bean {n} /biːn/ (seed)  :: haricot {m}
bean {n} (guinea coin) SEE: guinea  ::
beanbag {n} /ˈbiːnbæɡ/ (piece of furniture)  :: fauteuil-sac {m}
bean curd {n} (tofu) SEE: tofu  ::
beanie {n} /ˈbiː.ni/ (cap that fits the head closely)  :: bonnet {m}; tuque {f} [Canada]
beanpole {n} (tall, thin person)  :: [can be applied only to a man] escogriffe {m}, [can be applied to either a man or a woman] asperge {f}
bean sprout {n} (a sprout grown out of a bean)  :: graine germée {f}
bean sprout {n} (the vegetarian food)  :: graine germée {f}
bear {v} (to give birth) SEE: give birth  ::
bear {n} /bɛə(ɹ)/ (large mammal of family Ursidae)  :: ours {m}, ourse {f}
bear {n} (rough, unmannerly, uncouth person)  :: ours {m}
bear {n} (investor who sells in anticipation of falling prices)  :: baissier {m}
bear {n} (large hairy man)  :: ours {m}
bear {v} (to support or sustain)  :: supporter, soutenir
bear {v} (to carry)  :: porter
bear {v} (to be equipped with)  :: porter
bear {v} (to put up with)  :: supporter, tolérer
bearable {adj} /ˈbɛəɹəbəɫ/ (able to be borne)  :: vivable, supportable
bearberry {n} /ˈbɛəbɛɹi/ (the species Arctostaphylos uva-ursi)  :: bearberry
bearcat {n} (red panda) SEE: red panda  ::
bearcat {n} (giant panda) SEE: giant panda  ::
bear cub {n} (young bear)  :: ourson {m}, oursonne {f}
beard {n} /bɪɹd/ (facial hair)  :: barbe {f}
bearded {adj} /ˈbɪɹdəd/ (having a beard)  :: barbu
bearded clam {n} (vulva)  :: moule {f}
bearded vulture {n} (vulture) SEE: lammergeier  ::
beardless {adj} (without a beard)  :: imberbe, sans barbe
bearer {n} /ˈbɛəɹə(ɹ)/ (one who bears)  :: porteur
bearer {n} (possessor of a cheque, bond, etc.)  :: porteur {m}
bear fruit {v} (succeed in some task)  :: porter des fruits
bear garlic {n} (ramsons) SEE: ramsons  ::
bearing {adj} /ˈbɛɹɪŋ/ (carrying weight or load)  :: porteur
bearing {n} (mechanical device)  :: roulement {m}, coussinet {m}, palier {m}
bearing {n} (nautical sense)  :: azimut {m}
bearing {n} (relevance)  :: portée
bear in mind {v} (remember, consider)  :: garder à l’esprit
bear meat {n} (meat from a bear)  :: viande d'ours {f}
bear out {v} (To corroborate, prove, or confirm)  :: confirmer, corroborer
bear the brunt {v} (to endure the worst part of something)  :: faire les frais de
beast {n} /biːst/ (non-human animal)  :: bête {f}
beast {n} (domestic animal)  :: bête {f}
beastie {n} /ˈbiːsti/ (beast, animal)  :: bestiole {f}
beastmaster {n}  :: belluaire {m}
beast of burden {n} (animal that carries or pulls heavy loads)  :: bête de somme {f}, animal de trait {m}, bête de charge {f}
beast of prey {n} (animal)  :: bête de proie {f}
beat {n} /biːt/ (pulsation)  :: battement {m}
beat {v} (to hit, to knock, to pound, to strike)  :: battre
beat {v} (to win against)  :: vaincre, battre
beat {v} (nautical - to sail to windward)  :: remonter au vent
beat {v} (to mix food)  :: battre, fouetter
beat {n} (act of reporting before a rival) SEE: scoop  ::
beat around the bush {v} (to treat a topic but omit its main points)  :: tourner autour du pot (circle around the pot)
beat around the bush {v} (to delay or avoid talking about something difficult or unpleasant)  :: tourner autour du pot (circle around the pot)
beater {n} /ˈbitɚ/ (stick to play a percussion instrument)  :: baguette de tambour, batteur {m}
beater {n} (an automobile in poor operating condition)  :: bazou
beater {n}  :: batteur {m}
beatify {v} /biːˈætɪfaɪ/ (to take step in declaring a person a saint)  :: béatifier
beating {n} /ˈbiːtɪŋ/ (action of the verb to beat)  :: battage {m}
beating {n} (the pulsation of the heart)  :: battement {m}
beat it {v} /ˈbiˌdɪt/ (to go away)  :: dégager, décamper, ficher le camp, décaniller, se tirer, se barrer, se tailler, se casser
Beatles {prop} /ˈbiːtl̩z/ (rock music quartet)  :: Beatles {m-p}
beatnik {n} /ˈbiːtnɪk/ (beatnik)  :: beatnik {m}
Beatrice {prop} /ˈbiːətɹɪs/ (female given name)  :: Béatrice
beat to a pulp {v} (beat up)  :: passer à tabac, tabasser
beat to a pulp {v} (defeat severely)  :: battre à plate couture, mettre la pâtée
beat to the punch {v} (to do something before somebody else can)  :: devancer quelqu'un
beat up {v} (to give a beating to)  :: tabasser
beau {n} (boyfriend) SEE: boyfriend  ::
Beauceron {n} /ˈboʊsəˌɹɑn/ (Beauceron)  :: berger de Beauce {m}, berger beauceron {m}
Beaufort scale {prop} (measure for the intensity of the wind)  :: échelle de Beaufort {f}
beau monde {n} (the fashionable part of society)  :: beau monde {m}
beautician {n} /bjuːˈtɪʃən/ (one who does hair styling, manicures, and other beauty treatments)  :: esthéticien {m}, esthéticienne {f}
beautifier {n} (someone or something which makes beautiful)  :: embellisseur {m}
beautiful {adj} /ˈbjut̬ɪfəɫ/ (possessing charm and attractive)  :: beau {m}, belle {f}
beautiful {adj} (of weather: pleasant, clear)  :: beau {m}
beautifully {adv} (In a beautiful manner)  :: joliment
beautify {v} /ˈbjuː.tɪ.faɪ/ (to make beautiful or more beautiful)  :: embellir
beauty {n} /ˈbjuɾi/ (quality of pleasing appearance)  :: beauté {f}
beauty {n} (beautiful female)  :: beauté {f}
beauty {n}  :: beauté {f}
beauty contest {n} (beauty pageant) SEE: beauty pageant  ::
beauty mark {n} (dark spot on face)  :: grain de beauté {m}
beauty pageant {n} (competition on attractiveness)  :: concours de beauté {m}
beauty parlor {n} (salon with hairdressers and beauticians)  :: salon de beauté
beauty quark {n} (beauty quark)  :: quark beauty {m}, quark beauté {m}
beauty salon {n} (beauty salon) SEE: beauty parlor  ::
beauty sleep {n} (Extra sleep or a special nap)  :: sommeil réparateur {m} ("refreshing sleep")
beauty spot {n} (birthmark) SEE: mole  ::
beaver {n} /ˈbiːvə/ (aquatic rodent)  :: castor {m}, bièvre {m} [archaic]
beaver {n} (coarse slang: pubic hair/vulva of a woman)  :: chatte {f}, (fou)foune {f}, minou {m}
beavertail {n} (fried pastry)  :: queue de castor
beazle {n} (bezel) SEE: bezel  ::
Bebel {prop} /ˈbeɪbəl/ (A German surname​)  :: Bebel
be born {v} (to come into existence through birth)  :: naître
becak {n} (cycle rickshaw) SEE: cycle rickshaw  ::
be called {v} (to have a specific name)  :: s'appeler, se nommer
be careful {interj} (proceed with caution)  :: soyez prudent [formal, to a man], soyez prudente [formal, to a woman], sois prudent [informal, to a man], sois prudente [informal, to a woman]
because {adv} /biˈkɔz/ (on account)  :: à cause de
because {conj} (by or for the cause that; on this account that; for the reason that)  :: parce que, car
because of {prep} (on account of, by reason of, for the purpose of)  :: à cause de [negative implications], grâce à [positive implications], en raison de
Bechuanaland {prop} /ˌbɛtʃuˈɑːnəlænd/ (former name for Botswana)  :: Protectorat du Bechuanaland
beckon {v} /ˈbɛkən/ (to wave and/or to nod to somebody with the intention to make the person come closer)  :: faire signe
becloud {v} (cause to become obscure or muddled)  :: s'ennuager, se couvrir, s'assombrir
become {v} /bəˈkʌm/ (to begin to be)  :: devenir
become {v} (to look attractive on, be suitable for)  :: aller bien
becquerel {n} /bɛkəˈɹɛɫ]/ (unit of radioactive activity)  :: becquerel {m}
bed {n} /bɛd/ (piece of furniture)  :: lit {m}
bed {n} (prepared spot to spend the night in)  :: lit {m}
bed {n} (the bottom of a lake or other body of water)  :: lit {m}
bed {n} (garden plot)  :: lit {m}
bed {n} (deposit of ore, coal etc.)  :: gisement {m}
bed {n} (shaped piece of timber to hold a cask clear) SEE: pallet  ::
bed and breakfast {n} (guesthouse providing breakfast)  :: bed and breakfast {m}, bed-and-breakfast {m}, gîte touristique {m}, chambre d'hôte {f}, maison d'hôte {f}, chambre d'hôtes {f}, maison d'hôtes {f}
bedbound {adj} (unable to leave one's bed) SEE: bedridden  ::
bedbug {n} (small nocturnal insect)  :: punaise des lits {f}
bedcover {n} (decorative cover for a bed) SEE: bedspread  ::
beddable {adj} (sexually attractive)  :: baisable, pinocumettable
bedding {n} /ˈbɛdɪŋ/ (material for animals to lie on)  :: litière {f}
beddy-bye {n} (bedtime for a toddler)  :: dodo {m}
bedevil {v} /bɪˈdɛvəɫ]/ (to harass)  :: tourmenter, harceler
bedfast {adj} (unable to leave one's bed) SEE: bedridden  ::
bed head {n}  :: tête de lit {f}, têtes de lit {f-p}
bedjacket {n} (a short jacket worn when sitting up in bed)  :: liseuse {f}
bedlam {n} /ˈbɛdləm/ (place or situation of chaos)  :: cour du roi Pétaud, pétaudière
bedlinen {n} (cloth items used to make up a bed)  :: linge de lit {m}
bed of roses {n} /bɛd ʌv ˈɹəʊzəz/  :: partie de plaisir, long fleuve tranquille
bedouin {n} /ˈbɛd.wɪn/ (desert-dweller)  :: Bédouin {m}, Bédouine {f}
bedpan {n} (chamber pot used while still in bed)  :: bassin hygiénique {m}
bedridden {adj} /ˈbɛdɹɪdən/ (confined to bed)  :: alité, cloué au lit
bedrock {n} (underground solid rock)  :: soubassement {m}
bedroll {n} (roll of bedding)  :: sac de couchage {m}
bedroom {n} /ˈbɛdɹuːm/ (room in a house where a bed is kept for sleeping)  :: chambre {f}, chambre à coucher {f}, piaule {f} [slang]
bedroom community {n} (residential urban community of a nearby metropolis)  :: cité-dortoir {f}, ville-dortoir {f}, village-dortoir {m}
bed sheet {n} (sheet, a piece of cloth cut and finished as bedlinen)  :: drap {m}
bedsheet {n} /bɛdˈʃiːt/ (a sheet, a piece of cloth cut and finished as bedlinen)  :: drap {m}, drap de lit {m}
bedside table {n} (nightstand) SEE: nightstand  ::
bedsore {n} (Lesion caused by pressure)  :: escarre {f}
bedspread {n} (coverlet) SEE: coverlet  ::
bedspread {n} (topmost covering of a bed)  :: jeté {m}, couvre-lit {m}
bedstead {n} (bed framework)  :: châlit
bedtime {n} /ˈbɛdtaɪm/ (time when one goes to bed to sleep)  :: heure du coucher {f}
bedtime story {n} /ˈbɛdtaɪm ˈstɔːɹi/ (story read to children before they sleep)  :: histoire du soir {f}
bedwetter {n} /ˈbɛdwɛtɚ/ (person who (habitually) urinates in his bed (during sleep))  :: pisse-au-lit {m} {f}
bedwetting {n} (involuntary urination while asleep)  :: énurésie nocturne {f}
bee {n} /biː/ (insect)  :: abeille {f}
bee {n} (name of the letter B, b)  :: {m}
beech {n} /biːt͡ʃ/ (tree of Fagus family)  :: hêtre {m}
beech marten {n} (Martes foina)  :: fouine {f}
beechnut {n} (nut of the beech tree)  :: faine {f}, faîne {f}
bee-eater {n} /ˈbiː iːtəɹ/ (bird in the family Meropidae)  :: guêpier {m}
beef {n} (cow, bull) SEE: cow  ::
beef {n} /biːf/ (meat)  :: bœuf {m}
beef bourguignon {n} (beef dish)  :: bœuf bourguignon {m}
beefcake {n} /ˈbiːfˌkeɪk/ (muscular, desirable man)  :: bellâtre {m}
beefsteak {n} /ˈbiːfsteɪk/ (steak)  :: bifteck {m}
beef up {v} (to strengthen or reinforce) SEE: strengthen  ::
beefy {adj} (robust) SEE: robust  ::
beefy {adj} (muscular) SEE: muscular  ::
beehive {n} /ˈbiːhaɪv/ (home of bees)  :: ruche {f}
beehive {n} (man-made structure in which bees are kept for their honey)  :: ruche {f}
beehive {n} (figurative: any place in which people are very busy)  :: ruche {f}, fourmilière {f}
beehive {n}  :: ruchée {f}
beekeeper {n} /ˈbiˌkipɚ/ (someone who keeps bees)  :: apiculteur, apicultrice {f}
beekeeping {n} (raising bees)  :: apiculture {f}, industrie abeillère {f}
beeline {n} /ˈbiːlaɪn/ (straight course, ignoring established paths of travel)  :: à vol d'oiseau
Beelzebub {prop} /biːˈɛlzɪbʌb/ (a Semitic deity, another name for the Devil)  :: Belzébuth {m}
beemer {n} (slang term for a BMW car or motorcycle)  :: [colloquial] BM {f}
been there, done that {phrase} (assertion that the speaker has personal experience or knowledge of a particular place or topic)  :: déjà vu, déjà fait
beep {n} /biːp/ (electronically produced tone)  :: bip
beer {n} /biːɹ/ (alcoholic drink made of malt)  :: bière {f}
beer {n} (glass of beer)  :: bière {f}, demi {m}
beer belly {n} (protruding abdomen)  :: sac à bière {m}
beer gut {n} (beer belly) SEE: beer belly  ::
beer mat {n} (mat, often with an advertisement for a brewery on it, to rest one's glass)  :: sous-bock
beer parlor {n} (beer parlour) SEE: beer parlour  ::
beer parlour {n} (a bar, selling beers, that has tables)  :: taverne {f}
beestings {n} (first milk drawn from an animal) SEE: colostrum  ::
beeswax {n} /ˈbizwæks/ (wax secreted by bees)  :: cire d'abeille {f}
beet {n} /biːt/ (Beta vulgaris)  :: betterave {f}, bette {f}
Beetewk {n} (a type of Russian heavy draft horse)  :: bitugue {m}, cheval de Voronej {m}
Beethovenian {adj} /ˌbeɪtoʊˈvini.ən/ (of or pertaining to Ludwig van Beethoven)  :: beethovénien, beethovenien
beetle {n} /ˈbiːtəl/ (insect)  :: scarabée {m}
Beetle {n} (Volkswagen car)  :: Coccinelle {f}
beetle-browed {adj} (making an unfriendly or sullen face)  :: sourcilleux
beetroot {n} /ˈbitɹut/ (a normally deep red coloured cultivar of the beet)  :: betterave {f}
befit {v} (be fit for)  :: convenir à, être inapproprié pour
before {prep} /bɪˈfɔɹ/ (earlier than in time)  :: avant, avant que [+ clause]
before {prep} (in front of in space)  :: devant
before {prep} (in front of according to an ordering system)  :: avant
before {adv} (at an earlier time)  :: avant
before {conj}  :: avant que
before dark {prep} (before night begins to fall)  :: avant la tombée de la nuit
beforehand {adv} /bɪˈfɔɹ.hænd/ (at an earlier time)  :: préalablement, à l'avance, auparavant
before long {prep} (soon) SEE: soon  ::
befriend {v} (make friends) SEE: make friends  ::
beg {v} /beɪɡ/ (to request the help of someone, ask for money)  :: mendier, quêter, quémander
beg {v} (to supplicate, to plead with someone for help)  :: implorer, supplier
beget {v} (to beget) SEE: procreate  ::
beget {v} /biˈɡɛt/ (to cause, to produce)  :: engendrer
beget {v} (to procreate)  :: procréer, engendrer
begetter {n} (a procreator)  :: géniteur, procréateur
beggar {n} /ˈbɛɡɚ/ (person who begs)  :: mendiant {m}
beggars can't be choosers {proverb} (when resources are limited, one must accept even substandard gifts)  :: à cheval donné, on ne regarde pas la denture
beggar-ticks {n} (Bidens)  :: bident {m}
begin {v} /bɪˈɡɪn/ (to start, to initiate or take the first step into something.)  :: commencer, démarrer
beginner {n} /bəˈɡɪnɚ/ (someone who just recently started)  :: débutant {m}, débutante {f}
beginning {n} /bɪˈɡɪn.ɪŋ/ (act of doing that which begins anything)  :: début {m}, commencement {m}
beginning {n} (that which is begun)  :: début {m}, ébauche {f}
beginning {n} (that which begins or originates something)  :: début {m}, commencement {m}
beginning {n} (initial portion of some extended thing)  :: début {m}
begone {v} (begone)  :: ouste
begonia {n} /ˈbəɡəʊniː.ə/ (plants of the genus Begonia)  :: bégonia {m}
beguile {v} /bɪˈɡaɪl/ (to deceive or delude (using guile))  :: duper, tromper, induire en erreur
beguile {v} (charm, delight)  :: exalter, emporter, ravir
beguiling {adj} (that beguiles)  :: séduisant
beguine {n} /bə.ˈɡiːn/ (ballroom dance)  :: beguine
beguine {n} (music)  :: beguine
behalf {n} (stead) SEE: stead  ::
behave {v} /bɪˈheɪv/ (to act in a specific manner)  :: se comporter
behave {v}  :: se conduire, se comporter, se tenir
behave oneself {v} (to act in a polite or proper way) SEE: behave  ::
behavior {n} /bɪˈheɪvjɚ]/ (way an animal or human behaves or acts)  :: comportement
behavior {n}  :: comportement {m}
behavioral {adj} (of or relating to behavior)  :: comportemental
behaviorism {n} (approach to psychology focusing on behavior)  :: béhaviorisme {m}, comportementalisme {m}
behaviour {n} /bɪˈheɪvjə/ (way an animal or human behaves or acts)  :: comportement
behaviour {n} (the way matter moves or acts)  :: comportement {m}, conduite {f}
behavioural {adj} (of or pertaining to behaviour)  :: comportemental
behead {v} (to remove the head)  :: décapiter
beheadal {n} (beheading) SEE: beheading  ::
beheader {n} (one who beheads or decapitates)  :: décapiteur {m}
beheading {n} (an instance of beheading)  :: décapitation
behemoth {n} /bəˈhi(ː)məθ/ (mighty beast in the Book of Job)  :: Béhémoth, Béhémot {m}
behemoth {n} (mighty monster)  :: béhémoth {m}, béhémot {m}
behest {n} /bɪˈhɛst/ (command, bidding)  :: demande {f}
behind {prep} /bɪˈhaɪnd/ (at the back of)  :: derrière
behind {prep} (to the back of)  :: derrière
behind {prep} (after, time- or motion-wise)  :: après
behind {prep} (in support of)  :: derrière
behind {n} (rear, back-end)  :: revers {m}
behind {n} (butt, buttocks)  :: derrière {m}
behind bars {prep} (in jail or prison)  :: derrière les barreaux
behind closed doors {prep} (in private)  :: à huis clos
behind someone's back {prep} (secretly)  :: dans le dos de quelqu'un
behind the scenes {prep} /bɪˈhaɪnd ðə siːnz/ (in secret; out of public view)  :: en coulisse, de l'autre côté du décor
behind the wheel {prep} (in control of a vehicle)  :: au volant
behold {v} /bɪˈhoʊld/ (to see, to look at)  :: regarder, voir, observer
beholden {adj} /bɨˈhoʊldən/ (obligated, bound by moral obligation)  :: redevable
beholder {n} /bɪˈhəʊldə/ (someone who observes or beholds; an observer or spectator)  :: regardeur {m}
behoove {v} /bɨˈhuːv/ (to be necessary)  :: incomber
beige {n} /beɪʒ]/ (colour)  :: beige
beige {adj} (having a slightly yellowish gray colour)  :: beige
beignet {n} /ˈbɛn.jeɪ/ (fritter)  :: beignet {m}
beignet {n} (donut)  :: beignet {m}
Beijing {prop} /beɪˈdʒɪŋ/ (capital of China)  :: Pékin {m}
Beijinger {n} (Pekingese) SEE: Pekingese  ::
Beijingese {n} (Pekingese) SEE: Pekingese  ::
Beijingese {adj} (Pekingese) SEE: Pekingese  ::
Beijing opera {n} (Peking opera) SEE: Peking opera  ::
being {n} /ˈbiɪŋ/ (a living creature)  :: créature {f}, être {m}
being {n} (the state or fact of existence)  :: existence
Beirut {prop} (capital of Lebanon)  :: Beyrouth
bejeweled {adj} (covered in jewels, especially as decoration)  :: bijouté
bel {n} /bɛl/ (measure of relative power)  :: bel {m}
Belarus {prop} /ˌbɛləˈɹus/ (country)  :: Biélorussie {f}, Bélarus {m}
Belarusian {prop} /ˌbɛləˈɹuːʃən/ (language)  :: biélorusse {m}
Belarusian {n} (person from Belarus or of Belarusian descent)  :: Biélorusse {m} {f}
belated {adj} (later in relation to the proper time)  :: tardif {m}, tardive {f}
belay {v} /bɪˈleɪ/ (to secure (a climber or rope) to)  :: assurer
belch {v} /ˈbɛltʃ/ (expel gas from the stomach through the mouth)  :: roter, éructer
belch {n} (sound one makes when belching)  :: rot {m}
beleaguer {v} /bɪˈli.ɡɚ/ (to besiege; to surround with troops)  :: investir, assiéger
beleaguered {adj} /bɪˈliːɡəd/ (beset by trouble or difficulty)  :: en difficulté, mal en point, éprouvé, assiégé, à bout de souffle
Belfast {prop} /ˈbɛl.fæst/ (capital of Northern Ireland)  :: Belfast {m}
belfry {n} /ˈbɛlfɹi/ (moveable tower used in sieges)  :: beffroi {m}
belfry {n} (watchtower containing an alarm-bell)  :: beffroi {m}
belfry {n} (tower or steeple specifically for containing bells, especially as part of a church)  :: beffroi {m}
Belgian {n} /ˈbɛl.dʒən/ (Belgian, person from Belgium)  :: Belge {m} {f}
Belgian {adj} (of or pertaining to Belgium)  :: belge {m} {f}
Belgian {adj} (of or pertaining to Belgians or Belgian people)  :: belge
Belgian Congo {prop} (Belgian colony)  :: Congo belge {m}
Belgian Limburg {prop}  :: Limbourg belge {m}
Belgian Sheepdog {n} (Umbrella term for the four Belgian sheepdog variants)  :: berger belge {m}
Belgium {prop} /ˈbɛldʒəm/ (country in Europe)  :: Belgique {f}
Belgorod {prop} (a city in Russia)  :: Belgorod {m}
Belgrade {prop} /ˈbɛlɡɹeɪd/ (capital of Serbia)  :: Belgrade {f}
Belgradian {n} (someone from Belgrade)  :: Belgradois {m}, Belgradoise {f}
belie {v} /bɪˈlaɪ/ (to contradict or show to be false)  :: démentir
belief {n} /bɪˈliːf/ (mental acceptance of a claim as truth)  :: croyance {f}
belief {n} (the quality or state of believing)  :: conviction {f}
belief {n} (religious faith)  :: foi {f}, croyance {f}
belief {n}  :: croyance {f}
believable {adj} (capable of being believed; credible)  :: croyable
believe {v} /bɪˈliːv/ (to accept that someone is telling the truth (object: person))  :: croire
believe {v} (to accept as true)  :: croire
believe {v} (to consider likely)  :: croire
believe {v} (to have religious faith; to believe in a greater truth)  :: croire
believe it or not {adv} (you may not believe the following, but it is true)  :: croyez-le ou non
believer {n} (person who believes)  :: croyant {m},
Belisarius {prop} (a general of the Byzantine Empire)  :: Bélisaire
belittle {v} /bɨˈlɪt.əl/ (to knowingly say that something is smaller or less important than it actually is)  :: déprécier, rabaisser
Belize {prop} /bəˈliːz/ (country)  :: Belize {m}
Belizean {n} (person from Belize)  :: Bélizien
Belizean {adj} (Pertaining to Belize)  :: bélizien
Belizian {n} (Belizean) SEE: Belizean  ::
Belizian {adj} (Belizean) SEE: Belizean  ::
bell {n} /bɛl/ (percussive instrument)  :: cloche {f}
bell {n} (signal at a school)  :: sonnerie {f}
bell {n} (the flared end of a brass or woodwind instrument)  :: pavillon
bell {n} (an instrument situated on a bicycle's handlebar)  :: sonnette {f}
belladonna {n} (a plant, Atropa belladonna) SEE: deadly nightshade  ::
bell-bottoms {n} (pants that are flared from the knee downwards)  :: pantalon patte d'éléphant {m}, pantalon patte d'eph {m}, pantalon à jambes {m}
bellboy {n} /ˈbɛlˌbɔɪ/ (A male worker, usually at a hotel, who carries luggage and runs errands)  :: chasseur
belle {n} /bɛl/ (beautiful woman)  :: belle {f}, beauté {f}
Bellefontaine {prop} /ˌbɛl.fɒnˈtɛn/ (French commune)  :: Bellefontaine {f}
Bellefontaine {prop} (city in Ohio)  :: Bellefontaine {f}
belles-lettres {n} (humanities) SEE: humanities  ::
belles-lettres {n} /ˌbɛlˈlɛtɹ/ (belles-lettres)  :: belles-lettres {f-p}
bellflower {n} (plant of genus Campanula)  :: campanule {f}
bell-gable {n} (an architectural element)  :: clocher-mur {m}
bellgirl {n} (a female bellhop)  :: chasseuse {f}
bellicism {n} /ˈbɛlɪsɪzm̩/ (an inclination to war)  :: bellicisme
bellicist {n} (warmonger) SEE: warmonger  ::
bellicist {adj} (of or relating to bellicism, bellicists)  :: belliciste
bellicose {adj} /ˈbɛlɪkoʊs/ (warlike in nature)  :: belliqueux
bellicose {adj} (having the impulse to be combative)  :: belliqueux
belligerent {adj} /bəˈlɪdʒ.ə.ɹənt/ (engaged in warfare)  :: belligérant
belligerent {adj}  :: belligérant
belligerent {n} (state or other armed participant in warfare)  :: belligérant {m}
bellow {v} /ˈbɛloʊ/ (to make a noise like the deep roar of a large animal)  :: mugir
bellow {v} (to shout or scream in a deep voice)  :: beugler
bellows {n} /ˈbɛl.oʊz/ (air blower)  :: soufflet {m}
bell pepper {n} (spicy-sweet vegetable)  :: poivron {m}
bells and whistles {n} (extra features added for show rather than function)  :: fioritures {f-p}, futilités {f-p}, frivolités {f-p}, tralala {m}, fanfreluche {f}
bell the cat {v} (to undertake a dangerous action in the service of a group)  :: attacher le grelot
bell tower {n} (tower in which a bell (or set of bells) is hung; a belfry)  :: beffroi {m}, clocher {m}
Belluno {prop} (province of Italy)  :: Belluno
Belluno {prop} (town and capital of Belluno)  :: Belluno
bellwether {n} /ˈbɛlwɛðɚ/ (the leading sheep of a flock, having a bell hung round its neck)  :: mouton meneur du troupeau {m}, meneur du troupeau {m}
belly {n} /bɛli/ (abdomen)  :: ventre {m}
bellyache {n} /ˈbɛlijeɪk/ (pain in the belly, stomach, or abdomen)  :: mal au ventre {m}
bellybutton {n} (the navel or umbilicus) SEE: navel  ::
belly dance {n} (form of dance)  :: danse du ventre {f}
belly flop {n} (style of diving)  :: plat {m}
Belmopan {prop} (Belmopan)  :: Belmopan {m}
belong {v} /bɪˈlɒŋ/ (have its proper place)  :: avoir sa place
belong {v} (be accepted in a group)  :: trouver sa place, faire partie
belong {v} (be the property of)  :: appartenir à
belong {v} (set theory: be an element of)  :: appartenir à
belonging {n} /bɪˈlɔŋɪŋ/ (the action of the verb to belong)  :: appartenance {f}
belonging {n} (something physical that is owned)  :: affaire {f}, possession {f}, bien {m}
belongings {n} (plural form of belonging)  :: effets {m-p}, affaires {f-p}
beloved {adj} /bə.ˈlʌv.əd/ (loved)  :: bien-aimé, chéri
beloved {n} (someone who is loved)  :: amant {m}, amante {f}
below {prep} /bəˈloʊ/ (lower in spatial position than)  :: au-dessous de, sous
below {adv} (in a lower place)  :: en bas
below {adv} (on a lower storey)  :: en dessous, en bas (downstairs)
below {adv} (farther down)  :: ci-dessous
below {adv} (nautical: on a lower deck)  :: en bas
belowstairs {adv} (downstairs) SEE: downstairs  ::
below the belt {prep} ((boxing) of a punch that lands below the opponent's waist)  :: coup bas {m}
below the belt {prep} (unfair; not according to the rules)  :: un coup bas
Bel Paese {n} /ˌbɛl pɑˈeɪzi/ (mild creamy Italian cheese)  :: Bel Paese {m}
belt {n} /bɛlt/ (band worn around the waist)  :: ceinture {f}
belt {n} (band used for safety purposes)  :: ceinture {f}
belt {n} (band used in a machine to help transfer motion or power)  :: courroie {f}
belt {n} (geographical region)  :: région {f}
beltway {n} (a freeway that encircles a city) SEE: ring road  ::
beluga {n} /bəˈluː.ɡə/ (cetacean, Delphinapterus leucas)  :: béluga {m}, bélouga {m}
belvedere {n} /ˈbɛl.vəˌdɪɹ/ (raised structure offering a pleasant view of the surrounding area)  :: belvédère {m}, belveder {m}
bemoan {v} /bɪˈmoʊn/ (to complain about)  :: déplorer
bemock {v} (mock) SEE: mock  ::
bemol {n} (bemol)  :: bémol {m}
be mother {v} (To pour out tea for others)  :: servir le thé
bemuse {v} /bɪˈmjuːz/ (to confuse or bewilder)  :: déconcerter, stupéfier
bemusement {n} (state of being bemused)  :: préoccupation {f}
be my guest {v} (do as you wish)  :: [formal] servez-vous, je vous en prie, [informal] sers-toi, je t'en prie, vas-y, allez-y
bename {v} (to give a name, call)  :: appeler
bench {n} /bɛntʃ/ (long seat)  :: banc {m}
bench {n} (workbench) SEE: workbench  ::
benchlet {n} (stool) SEE: stool  ::
benchmark {n} (standard)  :: critère {m}
benchmark {n} (surveyor's mark)  :: point de référence {m}, repère {m}
bench press {n} /ˈbɛntʃ.pɹɛs/ (exercise)  :: développé couché {m}
bend {v} /bɛnd/ (to cause to shape into a curve)  :: courber
bend {v} (to become curved)  :: courber
bend {v} (to change direction)  :: tourner
bend {v} (to stoop)  :: se baisser
bend {v} (to force to submit)  :: soumettre
bend {v} (to submit)  :: soumettre
bend {v}  :: courber
bend {n} (curve)  :: virage {m}
bend {n} (knot)  :: nœud {m}
bend {n} (decompression sickness)  :: accident de décompression {m}, maladie des caissons {f}
bend {n} (heraldry: one of the ordinaries)  :: bande {f}
bend down {v} (to bend one's legs while upright to get to a lower position)  :: se baisser
bender {n} /ˈbɛndɚ/ (slang: bout of heavy drinking)  :: soûlerie {f}, beuverie {f}, murge {f} [slang], biture {f} [slang], cuite [slang], muflée {f} [slang]
bender {n} (slang: homosexual man)  :: tarlouze {f}, pédale {f}
bend over {v} (to bend one's upper body forward)  :: se pencher, replier
bend over backwards {v} (make a great effort)  :: se mettre en quatre
bend sinister {n} (diagonal band on coat of arms going from top right to bottom left)  :: barre {f}
beneath {adv} /bɪˈniːθ/ (below or underneath)  :: dessous
beneath {prep} (below)  :: sous
Benedict {prop} /ˈbɛnədɪkt/ (male given name)  :: Benoît
Benedicta {prop} (feminine form of Benedict)  :: Bénédicte
Benedictine {n} (monk or nun)  :: bénédictin {m}
Benedictine {n} (liqueur)  :: bénédictine
Benedictine {adj} (of or pertaining to St. Benedict of Nursia)  :: bénédictin
benediction {n} (a short invocation for divine help, blessing and guidance, usually after a church worship service)  :: bénédiction {f}
benedictional {n} (book of benedictions)  :: bénédictionnaire
benefactive case {n} (case used to indicate beneficiary)  :: bénéfactif {m}
benefactor {n} (on who gives gifts or help)  :: bienfaiteur {m}, bienfaitrice {f}
beneficent {adj} /bəˈnɛf.ə.sənt/ (beneficent)  :: miséricordieux {m}, bienfaisant
beneficial {adj} (helpful or good to something or someone)  :: bienfaisante, bénéfique
beneficial {adj} (relating to a benefice)  :: bénéficial
beneficiary {n} /ˌbɛn.ɨˈfɪʃ.ɚ.i/ (one who benefits from the distribution, especially of an estate)  :: bénéficiaire {m} {f}
benefit {n} /ˈbɛn.ə.fɪt/ (advantage, help or aid)  :: avantage {m}, bénéfice {m}
benefit {n} (payment, subsidy)  :: subvention {f}
benefit {v} (to receive a benefit)  :: profiter
Benelux {prop} (an economic and customs union made up of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg)  :: Bénélux {m}
Benevento {prop} (province of Italy)  :: Bénévent {m}
Benevento {prop} (town and capital of Benevento)  :: Bénévent {m}
benevolence {n} (disposition to do good)  :: bienveillance {f}, bénévolence
benevolent {adj} (having a disposition to do good)  :: bienveillant {m}, bienveillante {f}
Bengal {prop} /ˌbenˈɡɔːl/ (region in South Asia)  :: Bengale {m}
Bengalese {adj} (person)  :: bengalais {m}, bengalaise {f}
Bengalese {n} (person)  :: Bengalais {m}, Bengalaise {f}
Bengal fox {n} (Vulpes bengalensis)  :: renard du Bengale {m}
Bengali {prop} (language)  :: bengali {m}
Bengal tiger {n} (Panthera tigris tigris)  :: tigre du Bengale {m}
Benghazi {prop} (Benghazi, Libya)  :: Benghazi
benign {adj} /bɪˈnaɪn/ (kind, gentle, mild)  :: bénin
benign {adj} ((medicine) not posing any serious threat to health)  :: bénin
benign tumor {n} (tumor which can usually be removed without serious complications)  :: tumeur bénigne {f}
Benin {prop} /bəˈnin/ (country)  :: Bénin {m}
Beninese {n} (person)  :: Béninois
Beninese {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Benin)  :: béninois
Benjamin {prop} /ˈbɛndʒəmɪn/ (the youngest son of Jacob)  :: Benjamin {m}
Benjamin {prop} (male given name)  :: Benjamin {m}
bent {adj} /bɛnt/ (folded)  :: courbé
benthic {adj} /ˈbɛnθɪk/ (of the benthos on the seafloor)  :: benthique {m} {f}
benthos {n} /ˈbɛnθɒs/ (flora and fauna at the bottom of a body of water)  :: benthos {m}
bentonite {n}  :: bentonite {f}
Benue {prop} (river in Cameroon and Nigeria)  :: Bénoué {f}
benumb {v} (make numb) SEE: numb  ::
benumb {v} (deaden) SEE: deaden  ::
Ben Wa ball {n} (pair of balls used for vaginal stimulation)  :: boule de geisha {f}
benzaldehyde {n} (C6H5CHO)  :: benzaldéhyde {m}
benzene {n} /ˈbɛnziːn/ (aromatic compound C6H6)  :: benzène {m}
benzidinic {adj}  :: benzidinique
benzine {n} (benzene) SEE: benzene  ::
benzoate {n} (salt or ester of benzoic acid)  :: benzoate {m}
benzodiazepine {n} /ˌbɛnzoʊdaɪˈæzɨpiːn/ (any of a class of psychoactive drugs)  :: benzodiazépine {m}
benzoic {adj} (pertaining to, or obtained from, benzoin)  :: benzoïque
benzoic acid {n} (white crystalline organic acid, C6H5COOH)  :: acide benzoïque
benzoin {n} /ˈbɛnzəʊɪn/ (resinous substance from tree)  :: benjoin {m}
benzoin {n} (white crystalline substance)  :: benzoïne {f}
benzol {n} (an impure benzene)  :: benzol {m}
benzoyl {n} (univalent radical)  :: benzoyle {m}
benzylic {adj}  :: benzylique
be one {v} (be fit)  :: être unanime
be oneself {v} (to act naturally)  :: [infinitive] être soi-même
Beothuk {prop} /biːˈɒtək/ (language)  :: béothuk {m}
be prepared {phrase} (motto)  :: sois prêt {m}, sois prête {f}
bequeath {v} /bɪˈkwiːθ/ (to give or leave by will)  :: léguer, transmettre
bequeath {v} (to hand down; to transmit)  :: transmettre, passer
bequeath {v} (to give; to offer; to commit)  :: donner, offrir
bequest {n} (will of the deceased)  :: testament {m}
bequest {n} (a person's inheritance)  :: héritage {m}, legs {m} {m-p}
be quiet {interj} (remain silent) SEE: silence  ::
berate {v} /bɪˈɹeɪt/ (chide vehemently)  :: réprimander, admonester, fustiger
Berber {n} (Member of northwest African ethnic group)  :: Berbère {m} {f}
Berber {prop} (a group of closely related languages)  :: berbère {m}
Berberophone {n}  :: berbérophone {m-f}
berdache {n} (person who identifies with a gender identity not exclusively corresponding to their biological sex) SEE: two-spirit  ::
Berdichev {prop} (city in Ukraine)  :: Berditchev
bere {n} /bɪə/ (six-rowed barley)  :: escourgeon {m}
bereave {v} /bɪˈɹiːv/ (To take away someone or something important or close)  :: arracher
bereavement {n} (The state of being bereaved; deprivation; especially the loss of a relative by death)  :: privation {f}, deuil {m}
Berengar {prop} /ˈbɛɹɪŋɡəɹ/ (a male given name of historical usage)  :: Bérenger
Berenice {prop} (female given name)  :: Bérénice
beret {n} /bəˈɹeɪ/ (type of brimless cap)  :: béret {m}
Bergamasco {n} (Bergamasco Shepherd Dog)  :: berger de bergame {m}
Bergamo {prop} /ˈbɝɡəˌmoʊ/ (province of Italy)  :: Bergame
Bergamo {prop} (town and capital of Bergamo)  :: Bergame
bergamot {n} /ˈbɝɡəˌmɑt/  :: bergamote
Bergen {prop} (city in Norway)  :: Bergen
Bergerac {prop} (surname)  :: Bergerac {m} {f}
bergshrund {n} (a large crack in a glacier)  :: rimaye {f}
beriberi {n} (pathology: ailment caused by deficiency of vitamin B)  :: béribéri {m}
Bering Sea {prop} (sea)  :: mer de Béring {f}
Bering Strait {prop} (strait between Russia and Alaska)  :: détroit de Béring {m}
berkelium {n} (transuranic chemical element)  :: berkélium {m}
Berlin {prop} /bɚ.ˈlɪn]/ (capital city of Germany)  :: Berlin {m}
Berliner {n} /bɚˈlɪnɚ/ (native or inhabitant of Berlin)  :: Berlinois {m}, Berlinoise {f}
Berlinese {n} /bɜː(ɹ).lɪn.iːz/ (an inhabitant or a resident of the city of Berlin, Germany)  :: Berlinois
Berlin Wall {prop} (wall that parted Berlin)  :: mur de Berlin {m}
Berlusconism {n} (Silvio Berlusconi's policies)  :: berlusconisme {m}
Bermuda {prop} /bɚˈmjuːdə/ (island group)  :: Bermudes {f-p}
Bermuda Triangle {prop} (area in Atlantic Ocean)  :: Triangle des Bermudes {m}
Bermuda Triangle {prop} (any area where things mysteriously disappear)  :: Triangle des Bermudes
Bermudian {adj} (of, from or pertaining to Bermuda)  :: bermudien, bermudais, bermudois
Bermudian {adj} (personal legal status equivalent)  :: bermudien, bermudais, bermudois
Bermudian {n} (person from Bermuda or of Bermudian descent)  :: Bermudien, Bermudais, Bermudois
Bern {prop} /bɜː(ɹ)n/ (city)  :: Berne {m}
Bern {prop} (canton)  :: canton de Berne {m}
Bernadette {prop} (female given name)  :: Bernadette {f}
Bernard {prop} /bəɹˈnɑɹd/ (male given name)  :: Bernard
Bernese {adj} /ˌbɜːˈniːz/ (of, from, or pertaining to Bern)  :: bernois
Bernese Alps {prop} (group of mountain ranges)  :: Alpes bernoises {p}
Bernice {prop} (female given name) SEE: Berenice  ::
Bernoulli's principle {prop} (principle)  :: principe de Bernoulli {m}
berry {n} /ˈbɛɹi/ (small fruit)  :: baie {m}
berry {n} (soft fruit developing from a superior ovary and containing seeds not encased in pits)  :: baie {f}
berry sugar {n} (caster sugar) SEE: caster sugar  ::
bersagliere {n} (marksman or rifleman in Italian regiments)  :: bersaglier {m}, bersallier {m}
berserk {adj} /bə(ɹ)ˈzɜː(ɹ)k/ (injuriously, maniacally, or furiously violent or out of control)  :: fou furieux {m}
berth {n} /bɜ˞θ/ (bunk)  :: couchette
berth {n} (maneuvering room)  :: marge de manœuvre {f}
Bertha {prop} /ˈbɝθə/ (female given name)  :: Berthe
Bertram {prop} /ˈbɜːtɹəm/ (male given name)  :: Bertrand
beryl {n} /ˈbɛɹəl/ (gem)  :: béryl {m}
beryllium {n} /bəˈɹɪli.əm/ (chemical element)  :: béryllium {m}
beseech {v} /bɪˈsiːt͡ʃ/ (to beg)  :: prier, implorer, supplier
beshrew {v} (to invoke or wish evil upon; to curse)  :: maudire
be sick {v} (vomit) SEE: vomit  ::
beside {prep} /biːˈsaɪd/ (next to)  :: auprès de, à côté de
beside {prep} (not relevant to)  :: outre
beside oneself {adj} (consumed by an emotion)  :: ne plus se sentir de (quelque chose)
besides {prep} /bəˈsaɪdz/ (in addition to)  :: de plus, en plus en outre, de surcroît, par surcroît par ailleurs, d'un autre côté, d'autre part, au reste, du reste,
besides {prep} (other than; except for)  :: excepté, sauf
besides {adv} (also; in addition)  :: de plus, en plus en outre, de surcroît, par surcroît par ailleurs, d'un autre côté, d'autre part, au reste, du reste
besides {adv} (moreover; furthermore)  :: de plus, en plus en outre, de surcroît, par surcroît par ailleurs, d'un autre côté, d'autre part, au reste, du reste
besides {adv} (otherwise; else)  :: sinon
besiege {v} (to surround with armed forces)  :: assiéger
besiege {v} (to assail or ply)  :: assaillir
be silent {v} (silent) SEE: silent  ::
be silent {v} (refrain from speaking)  :: se taire
besmirch {v} /bɪˈsmɝːtʃ/ (make dirty)  :: salir
besmirch {v} (tarnish; debase)  :: salir, avilir
bespectacled {adj} (wearing spectacles (glasses))  :: à lunettes
bespoke {adj} /bəˈspoʊk/ (individually or custom made)  :: taillé à sa mesure, fait sur mesure, personnalisé
Bessarabia {prop} (region)  :: Bessarabie {f}
best {adj} /ˈbɛst/ (superlative of the adjective good)  :: [+ le] meilleur
best {adv} (superlative of the adverb well)  :: [+ le] mieux
best {n} (effort)  :: mieux {m}
best {n} (person)  :: élite, fleur, crème, dessus du panier, meilleur
best {v} (to beat)  :: battre, vaincre, surpasser, enfoncer, écraser, aplatir, dominer, défaire
best case scenario {n} (Situation which could not be any better)  :: meilleur des cas
best friend {n} (an especially close and trusted friend)  :: meilleur ami
bestiality {n} /ˌbɛstʃiˈælɪti/ (status of animal)  :: bestialité {f}
bestiality {n} (sexual activity)  :: zoophilie {f}, bestialité {f}
bestiary {n} (A medieval treatise of animals)  :: bestiaire {m}
best man {n} (primary attendant to the groom)  :: témoin {m}
bestow {v} /bɪˈstoʊ/ (to present a thing as a gift or honour)  :: accorder, remettre, conférer (in some formulations only)
bestow {v} (to give in marriage)  :: donner en mariage
best practice {n} (procedure for best results)  :: bonne pratique {f}
best regards {n} (polite closing of a letter)  :: cordialement, amicalement
bestride {v} (dominate) SEE: dominate  ::
bestride {v} (to sit with legs on both sides of something)  :: chevaucher
bestseller {n} (book or thing sold in large numbers)  :: bestseller {m}
bet {n} /ˈbɛt/ (a wager)  :: pari
bet {v} (To stake or pledge upon the outcome of an event)  :: parier
beta {adj} /ˈbeɪtə/ (beta)  :: bêta
beta {n} (letter of the Greek alphabet)  :: bêta {m}
beta blocker {n} /ˈbeɪ.tə ˈblɔk.ɚ/ (blocking agent)  :: bêta-bloquant {m}
beta-carotene {n} (class of plant pigments)  :: bêta-carotène
be taken ill {v} (to become ill) SEE: take sick  ::
betel {n} (either of two plants: the betel pepper or betel nut)  :: bétel {m}
Betelgeuse {prop} /ˈbiːtəldʒuːz/ (supergiant)  :: Bételgeuse {f}
betel nut {n} (An egg-shaped seed of the betel palm)  :: noix d’arec {f}
be that as it may {adv} (nevertheless)  :: quoi qu'il en soit
be the case {v}  :: être le cas
Bethesda {prop} /bə.θɛz.də/ (pool in Jerusalem)  :: Bethesda {f}
Bethlehem {prop} /ˈbɛθləhɛm/ (City)  :: Bethléem {m}
betony {n} (Stachys officinalis)  :: bétoine {f}, épiaire {f}
betray {v} /bəˈtɹeɪ/ (to deliver into the hands of an enemy)  :: trahir
betray {v} (to prove faithless or treacherous)  :: trahir
betray {v} (to violate the confidence of, by disclosing a secret)  :: trahir
betrayal {n} (treason) SEE: treason  ::
betrayer {n} (someone who betrays)  :: dénonciateur, indicateur, traître
betroth {v} /bəˈtɹoʊð/ (to promise to give in marriage)  :: fiancer
betroth {v} (to promise to take as a future spouse)  :: se fiancer
betrothal {n} (mutual promise)  :: accordailles {f-p}, fiançailles {f-p}
betrothed {n} /bɪˈtɹəʊðd/ (fiancé or fiancée)  :: fiancé {m}, fiancée {f}
betrothment {n} (betrothal) SEE: betrothal  ::
better {adj} /ˈbɛtə/ (comparative of the adjectives good or well)  :: meilleur
better {adv} (comparative form of the adverb well)  :: mieux
better {v} (to improve)  :: améliorer
better an egg today than a hen tomorrow {proverb} (a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush) SEE: a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush  ::
betterer {n} (one who makes something better)  :: améliorateur
better half {n} (spouse or lover)  :: meilleure moitié {f}, moitié {f}
better late than never {adv} (it’s better to do something late, than to never do it at all)  :: mieux vaut tard que jamais
betterment {n} (an improvement)  :: amélioration
better safe than sorry {proverb} (it is preferable to be cautious)  :: mieux vaut prévenir que guérir
betting shop {n}  :: boutique de paris
between {prep} /bəˈtwin/ (in the position or interval that separates two things)  :: entre
between {prep} (shared in confidence by)  :: entre
between {prep} (one of, representing a choice)  :: entre
between a rock and a hard place {prep} (between a rock and a hard place)  :: (choisir) entre la peste et le choléra ((choose) between the plague and cholera), entre le marteau et l'enclume (between the hammer and the anvil), entre l'arbre et l'écorce (between the tree and the bark)
between Scylla and Charybdis {prep} /bəˈtwiːn.ˈsɪlə.ænd.kəˈɹɪbdɪs/ (idiomatic)  :: de Charybde en Scylla, tomber de Charybde en Scylla, aller de Charybde en Scylla
between the hammer and the anvil {prep} (with the choice between two unpleasant or distasteful options)  :: entre le marteau et l'enclume
betwixt {prep} /bɪˈtwɪkst/ (between, specifically between two things)  :: entre
bevel {v} /ˈbɛvəl/ (give a canted edge to a surface)  :: aiguiser, biseauter, chanfrein
beverage {n} /ˈbevəɹɪdʒ/ (a drink)  :: boisson {f}, breuvage {m}
bevy {n} /ˈbɛvi/ (large group of birds)  :: vol, passée
bewail {v} /bɪˈweɪl/ (to wail over)  :: pleurer, déplorer
beware {v} /ˌbəˈwɛəɹ/ (use caution, pay attention (to))  :: faire attention
beware of the dog {phrase} (beware of the dog)  :: attention au chien
Bewick's swan {n} (Bewick's swan)  :: cygne siffleur
bewilder {v} /bɪˈwɪldəɹ/ (confuse)  :: déconcerter, dérouter, abasourdir, confondre, désorienter
bewilder {v} (disorientate)  :: déconcerter, dérouter, abasourdir
bewildered {adj} (confused)  :: confusionné, déconcerté, dérouter
bewilderment {n} /bɪˈwɪldəɹmənt/ (state of being bewildered)  :: ahurissement {m}, confusion {f}, perplexité {f}
bewitch {v} /bəˈwɪtʃ/ (to cast a spell)  :: ensorceler, envoûter
bewitched {adj} (Under a spell; entranced)  :: ensorcelé
bewitching {adj} /bəˈwɪtʃɪŋ/ (enchanting)  :: envoûtement {m}, envoutement
bey {n} /beɪ/ (governor of a Turkish dominion)  :: bey {m}
beyond {prep} (beyond) SEE: above  ::
beyond {n} (unknown) SEE: unknown  ::
beyond {prep} /biˈjɑnd/ (further away than)  :: par-delà
beyond {n} (afterlife) SEE: afterlife  ::
beyond the pale {prep} (behaviour)  :: inacceptable, inadmissible, (to be beyond the pale) dépasser les bornes
bezant {n} /ˈbɛzənt/ (coin minted at Byzantium)  :: besant {m}
bezel {n} /ˈbɛz.əl/ (the rim and flange which encompasses and fastens a jewel or other object)  :: chaton {m}
bezel {n}  :: monture {f}
bezoar {n} /ˈbizɔɹ/ (mass of undigested matter)  :: bézoard {m}
B-flat {n} (musical note)  :: si bémol
B-flat major {n} (major key with B-flat as its tonic)  :: si bémol majeur
Bharat {prop} (India) SEE: India  ::
bhikkhu {n} /ˈbɪkuː/ (Buddhist monk)  :: bhikshu {m}
Bhutan {prop} /buːˈtɑːn/ (Himalayan country)  :: Bhoutan
Bhutanese {n} /bu.təˈniːz/ (person from Bhutan)  :: Bhoutanais {m}, Bhoutanaise {f}
Bhutanese {adj} (pertaining to Bhutan)  :: bhoutanais
bi {adj} /baɪ/ (bisexual)  :: bi {m} {f}
bi- {prefix} (two-)  :: bi-
Biafran {n} (a person from Biafra)  :: Biafrais {m}
biangbiang noodles {n} (type of noodle)  :: nouilles biang biang
biannual {adj} (occurring every two years) SEE: biennial  ::
biarchy {n} (rule by 2 people) SEE: diarchy  ::
bias {n} /ˈbaɪæs/ (difference between expectation and true value)  :: biais
bias {n}  :: préjugé {m}, parti-pris {m}
biased {adj} /ˈbaɪəst/ (exhibiting bias; prejudiced)  :: partial, qui n'est pas impartial, qui a du parti pris
biathlete {n} (athlete in biathlon)  :: biathlète {m} {f}
biathlon {n} (winter sport)  :: biathlon {m}
biaxial {adj} (having two axes)  :: biaxial, biaxe
bib {n} /bɪb/ (item of clothing for babies)  :: bavoir {m}, bavette {f}
bib {n} (sports: piece of material carrying the bib number)  :: dossard {m}
bib {n} (sports: colourful vest)  :: chasuble {f}
bib {n} (upper part of an apron or overalls)  :: bavette {f}
bib {v} (to drink heavily) SEE: tipple  ::
bib {n} (Trisopterus luscus) SEE: pouting  ::
bibimbap {n} (Korean dish of white rice topped with vegetables, beef, a whole egg, and gochujang)  :: bibimbap {m}
bible {n} /ˈbaɪbəl/ (comprehensive manual)  :: Bible {f}
Bible {prop} /ˈbaɪbəl/ (Christian holy book)  :: Bible {f}
Bible basher {n} (fundamentalist Christian preacher)  :: punaise de sacristie, grenouille de bénitier
biblical {adj} /ˈbɪblɪkəl/ (Of or relating to the Bible)  :: biblique
biblical {adj}  :: biblique
biblically {adv} (in a biblical manner)  :: bibliquement
biblically {adv} (carnally)  :: bibliquement
biblio- {prefix} (relating to books)  :: biblio-
bibliographic {adj} (of or pertaining to bibliography)  :: bibliographique
bibliography {n} /bɪbliɔːɡɹəfi/ (section of a written work)  :: bibliographie {f}
bibliography {n} (list of books or documents)  :: bibliographie {f}
bibliography {n} (study of the history of books)  :: habbo
bibliomancy {n} (divination by interpreting a passage from a book)  :: bibliomancie {f}
bibliomania {n} (obsession of owning valuable books)  :: bibliomanie {f}
bibliophage {n} (person who loves books) SEE: bookworm  ::
bibliophile {n} (person who loves books)  :: bibliophile {m} {f}
bibliophobia {n} (fear or dislike of books)  :: bibliophobie {f}
biblist {n} /ˈbɪblɪst/ (one who holds the Bible as the sole rule of faith)  :: bibliste {m} {f}
biblist {n} (a biblical scholar)  :: bibliste {m} {f}
bicameral {adj} /bʌɪˈkaməɹəl/ (having two separate legislative chambers)  :: bicaméral
bicameral {adj} ((typography, of a typeface or script) Having two cases: uppercase and lowercase)  :: bicaméral
bicameralism {n} (principle of dividing legislative body into two groups)  :: bicaméralisme {m}
bicarbonate {n} (chemistry)  :: bicarbonate {m}
bicarbonate {n} (of soda)  :: bicarbonate {m}
bicarbonate of soda {n} (sodium bicarbonate) SEE: sodium bicarbonate  ::
bicephalous {adj} (Having two heads)  :: bicéphale {m} {f}
biceps {n} /ˈbaɪ.sɛps/ (any muscle having two heads)  :: biceps {m}
biceps {n} (biceps brachii) SEE: biceps brachii  ::
biceps brachii {n} (biceps brachii)  :: muscle biceps brachial {m}
biceps femoris {n} (the flexor of the knee)  :: biceps fémoral {m}
bichon {n} /biʃɔn/ (bichon)  :: bichon {m}, bichonne {f}
bichon {n} (Bichon Frisé) SEE: Bichon Frisé  ::
Bichon Frisé {n} /biʃɔnfɹiseː/ (Bichon Frisé)  :: bichon à poil frisé {m}
bicker {v} /ˈbɪkə/ (to quarrel in a tiresome manner)  :: se chamailler
bickering {n} (petty quarreling)  :: chamaillerie {f}
bickern {n} /ˈbɪkən/ (type of anvil)  :: bigorne {f}
bickie {n} (slang: biscuit)  :: biscuit {m}
bi-curious {adj} /bʌɪˈkjʊəɹɪəs/ (Curious about one's bisexuality)  :: bi-curieux {m}
bicycle {n} /ˈbaɪsɪkl̩/ (vehicle)  :: vélo {m}, bicyclette {f}, vélocipède {m} [dated]
bicycle {v} (to ride a bicycle)  :: faire du vélo, faire de la bicyclette, rouler à vélo
bicycle kick {n} (kick)  :: bicyclette {f}
bicycle lane {n} (lane of a roadway designated for use by cyclists)  :: bande cyclable {f}
bicycle path {n} (segregated path for the use of bicycles)  :: piste cyclable {f}
bicycle rack {n} (rack in which bicycles may be parked) SEE: bicycle stand  ::
bicycle stand {n} (device to which bicycles may be securely attached)  :: arceau à vélo {m}
bicyclist {n} (rider of bicycle) SEE: cyclist  ::
bid {v} /bɪd/ (to issue a command)  :: demander, ordonner
bid {v} (to invite)  :: demander, inviter, proposer
bid {v} (to utter a greeting or salutation)  :: dire, exprimer
bid {v} (intransitive: to make an offer)  :: faire une enchère (at auction)
bid {v} (transitive: to offer as a price)  :: soumissionner (for contract)
bid {v} (transitive: to announce goal)  :: annoncer
bid {n} (offer at an auction)  :: enchère {f}
bidder {n} /ˈbɪdɚ/ (someone who bids)  :: enchérisseur {m}, enchérisseuse {f}
biddy {n} /ˈbɪdi/ (a name used in calling a hen or chicken)  :: petit
bide one's time {v} (to wait, especially for a suitable opportunity)  :: attendre son heure
bidet {n} /bɨˈdeɪ]/ (low-mounted plumbing fixture for cleaning the genitalia and anus)  :: bidet {m}
bidimensional {adj} (two-dimensional) SEE: two-dimensional  ::
bidirectional {adj} (moving in two directions)  :: bidirectionnel
bidirectional {adj} (operating in two directions)  :: bidirectionnel
bidual {n}  :: bidual
Biella {prop} (province of Italy)  :: Biella
Biella {prop} (town and capital of Biella)  :: Biella
biennale {n} (a biennial celebration or exhibition)  :: biennale {f}
biennial {adj} /baɪˈɛnɪəl/ (happening every two years)  :: bisannuel
biennial {n} (plant)  :: bisannuelle {f}
bier {n} /biɚ/ (litter to transport the corpse of a dead person)  :: civière
bier {n} (platform or stand where a body or coffin is placed)  :: catafalque, lit mortuaire
biface {n} (tool)  :: biface {m}
bifurcate {v} /baɪˈfɝkət/ (divide into two)  :: bifurquer
bifurcation {n} /ˌbaɪfɚˈkeɪʃən/ (a place where two roads, tributaries etc. part or meet)  :: bifurcation {f}
big {adj} /bɪɡ/ (of a great size, see also: large)  :: grand, gros
big {adj} (adult)  :: grand
bigamist {n} /ˈbɪɡəmɪst/ (someone who practices bigamy)  :: bigame {m}
bigamy {n} /ˈbɪɡəmi/ (state of having two spouses simultaneously)  :: bigamie {f}
Big Apple {prop} (nickname for New York City)  :: Grosse Pomme {f}, Big Apple {f}
big baby {n} /bɪɡ ˈbeɪbi/ (Adult or youth prone to immature behavior associated with babies.)  :: gros bébé {m}
Big Bad Wolf {n} /bɪɡ bæd ˈwʊlf/ (any fictional evil wolf that appears in fairy tales or fables)  :: grand méchant loup {m}
Big Bang {prop} (cosmic event)  :: Bigbang {m}
big boy {n} (An adult male)  :: grand garçon
big brother {n} (a sibling's older brother) SEE: older brother  ::
Big Brother {prop} (character in Nineteen Eighty-Four)  :: Big Brother
Big Brother {prop} (intrusive government surveillance)  :: Big Brother
big cat {n} (any large feline animal)  :: fauve {m}
big cheese {n} (an important figure)  :: big boss {m}, grand chef {m}, grosse légume {f}
Big Crunch {prop} (hypothetic eventual collapse of the universe)  :: Big Crunch {m}
big data {n} /ˌbɪɡ ˈdeɪtə/ (collection of data sets)  :: mégadonnées {f-p}
big deal {n} (something very important)  :: problème {m}, drame {m} [concern], toute une affaire {f} [important, affirmative form], montagne {f} [difficult], en faire tout un plat
big deal {interj} (so what)  :: la belle affaire {f} !, et puis ?, et alors ?
Big Dipper {prop} (bright circumpolar asterism of the northern sky)  :: Grande Casserole {f}, Grand Chariot {m}
big eater {n} (glutton) SEE: glutton  ::
big fat {adj} /ˈbɪɡ.fæt/ (complete)  :: gros, sacré, intégral
big fat {adj} (huge)  :: bon gros
bigger {adj} /ˈbɪɡɚ/ (comparative of big)  :: plus grand
bigger fish to fry {n} (more pressing issues to attend to)  :: avoir d'autres chats à fouetter (verb: = to have other cats to whip)
bighorn sheep {n} (a North American wild sheep)  :: mouflon du Canada {m}
Big Mac {n} /bɪɡ mæk/ (burger)  :: Big Mac {m}
big mouth {n} (mouth of someone who talks too much)  :: grande gueule {f}
big mouth {n} (person who has such a "big mouth")  :: grande gueule {f}
bigmouth {n} (one who talks too much)  :: grande gueule {f}
bigophone {n}  :: bigophone {m}, bigotphone {m}
bigophonic {adj}  :: bigophonique
bigot {n} /ˈbɪɡət/ (one obstinately or intolerantly devoted to their own opinions and prejudices)  :: fanatique {m} {f}
bigot {n} (one strongly partial to one's own group, religion, race, ethnicity, politics, etc. and intolerant of those who differ)  :: sectaire, intolérant
bigoted {adj} (being a bigot)  :: intolérant, sectaire
bigotedness {n} (bigotry) SEE: bigotry  ::
bigotry {n} /ˈbɪɡ.ə.tɹi/ (intolerant prejudice, opinionatedness, or fanaticism; fanatic intolerance)  :: bigoterie {f}
big screen {n} (surface)  :: grand écran {m}
big shot {n} (person with reputation or importance) SEE: big cheese  ::
big sister {n} (a sibling's older sister) SEE: older sister  ::
big-time {adj} (bigtime) SEE: bigtime  ::
big-time {adv} (bigtime) SEE: bigtime  ::
bigtime {adj} (of major significance)  :: sacré, de première, magistral
bigtime {adv} (to a significant degree)  :: sacrément, vachement, carrément, magistralement
big toe {n} (largest of the toes of the foot of a human)  :: gros orteil, pouce du pied {m}, hallux {m} [anatomy]
big wheel {n} (Ferris wheel) SEE: Ferris wheel  ::
bigwig {n} (A person of importance)  :: grosse légume {f}, huile {f}, gros bonnet {m}
bijection {n} /baɪ.dʒɛk.ʃən/ (function that is both a surjection and an injection)  :: bijection {f}
bijective {adj} (both injective and surjective)  :: bijectif {m}
bike {n} /baɪk/ (bicycle)  :: vélo {m}
bike {n} (motorcycle)  :: moto {f}
bike {n} (promiscuous woman)  :: pute {f}, traînée {f}
bike cab {n} (cycle rickshaw used as taxi) SEE: pedicab  ::
bike lane {n} (bicycle lane) SEE: bicycle lane  ::
bike path {n} (bicycle path) SEE: bicycle path  ::
biker {n} /ˈbaɪkɚ/ (person whose lifestyle is centered on motorcycles)  :: motocycliste {m} {f}, motard {m}, motarde {f},, biker {m}, bikeur {m}, bikeuse {f}
biker {n} (person who rides a bicycle) SEE: cyclist  ::
bike rack {n} (bicycle stand) SEE: bicycle stand  ::
bikini {n} /bɪˈkiːni/ (bathing suit)  :: bikini {m}
bikini bottom {n} (bottom part of a bikini)  :: culotte de bain {f}
bikini line {n} (part of a woman's pubic region not covered by a swimsuit)  :: maillot {m}
bilabial {adj} (articulated with both lips)  :: bilabial
bilateral {adj} /baɪˈlætəɹəl/ (having two sides)  :: bilatéral
bilaterian {n} (any animal that has bilateral symmetry, collectively grouped in the clade Bilateria)  :: bilatérien {m}
bilayer {n} (any structure consisting of two layers of molecules)  :: bicouche {f}
Bilbao {prop} /bɪlˈbaʊ/ (city of northern Spain)  :: Bilbao
bilberry {n} (type of blueberry from the cowberry family)  :: myrtille {f}
bildungsroman {n} /ˈbɪl.dʊŋz.ɹoʊˈmɑːn/ (a type of novel)  :: roman d'apprentissage {m}, bildungsroman {m}
bile {n} /baɪl/ (secretion produced by the liver)  :: bile {f}, fiel {m}
bile {n} (bitterness of temper; ill humour)  :: bile {f}
bile duct {n} (structure carrying bile)  :: voies biliaires {p}
bilge {n} /bɪldʒ/ (lowest inner part of a ship's hull)  :: fond de cale
bilin {n} (pigment formed as a metabolic product of certain porphyrins)  :: biline {f}
bilinear {adj} ((mathematics) linear in each variable)  :: bilinéaire
bilingual {adj} /baɪˈlɪŋ.ɡwəl/ (speaking two languages)  :: bilingue
bilingualism {n} (condition of being bilingual)  :: bilinguisme {m}
bilious {adj} /ˈbɪl.jəs/ (suffering from real or supposed liver disorder)  :: bilieux, insuffisant hépatique
bilious {adj} (of or pertaining to bile)  :: bilieux {m}, bilieuse {f}, biliaire
bilious {adj} (irritable, irascible)  :: atrabilaire, bileux, colérique, coléreux
bilirubin {n} /bɪlɪˈɹuːbɪn/ (a bile pigment)  :: bilirubine {f}
biliteral {adj} (composed of two letters)  :: bilitère
biliverdin {n} (a green tetrapyrrolic bile pigment)  :: biliverdine {f}
bilk {v} /bɪlk/ (defraud, cheat)  :: laisser tomber (quelqu'un)
bill {n} /bɪl/ (weapon of infantry)  :: hallebarde {f}
bill {n} (cutting instrument)  :: serpe {f}, serpette {f}
bill {n} (somebody armed with a bill)  :: hallebardier {m}
bill {v} (to work with a bill)  :: piocher
bill {n} (bird's beak)  :: bec {m}
bill {n} (beaklike projection)  :: promontoire {m}
bill {n} (official statement)  :: note {f}, acte {m}
bill {n} (draft of a law)  :: projet de loi {m}
bill {n} (law: declaration made in writing, stating some wrong the complainant has suffered from the defendant)  :: greffe {m}
bill {n} (invoice)  :: facture {f}, addition {f} [Québec]
bill {n} (advertisement)  :: tract {m}
bill {n} (bill of exchange)  :: facture {f}
bill {n} (piece of paper money) SEE: banknote  ::
billboard {n} (large advertisement along side of highway)  :: panneau d'affichage {m}
billet-doux {n} (love letter) SEE: love letter  ::
billeting {n} (The lodging of soldiers)  :: cantonnement {m}
billfold {n} (wallet) SEE: wallet  ::
Bill Gates' flower fly {n} (a species of fly)  :: éristale de Gates
billhook {n} (agricultural implement)  :: serpette {f}, serpe {f}
billiard {n} (a shot in billiards or snooker)  :: carambole {f} (only in french billiard, a.k.a. carambole)
billiard {num} (a million milliards)  :: billiard {m}
billiards {n} /ˈbɪlɪədz/ (a cue sport)  :: billards {m-p}
billion {num} /ˈbɪljən/ (a thousand million; 1,000,000,000; a milliard)  :: milliard {m}, [obsolete] billion {m}
billion {num} (a million million; 1,000,000,000,000)  :: billion
billion {num} ((plural) a very large number)  :: milliards {m-p}, millions {m-p}
billionaire {n} (wealth exceeding one billion (10⁹))  :: milliardaire {m} {f}
bill of lading {n} (acknowledgement of receipt of goods for transport)  :: bon de livraison {m}, connaissement {m}
billow {n} /ˈbɪloʊ/ (large wave)  :: flot {m}
billow {v} (to surge in billows)  :: ondoyer
billposting {n} (sticking of posters)  :: placardage {m}, affichage {m}
billycan {n} (lightweight pot)  :: gamelle {f}
billy goat {n} (male goat)  :: bouc {m}
bilocation {n} /baɪləʊˈkeɪʃən/ (paranormal ability)  :: bilocation {f}
bilocular {adj} (having two chambers, cells or compartments)  :: biloculaire
bimbo {n} /ˈbɪmboʊ/ (physically attractive woman who lacks intelligence)  :: ravissante idiote {f}, gourde sexy {f}, pitoune {f} [Quebec]
bimbo {n} (stupid or foolish person)  :: idiot {m}, andouille {m}, couillon {m}, neuneu {m}
bimetallism {n} (a monetary standard)  :: bimétallisme {m}
bimillenary {adj}  :: bimillénaire
bimillenary {n}  :: bimillénaire {m}
bimillennial {adj} /baɪˈmɪlɛn.i.əl/ (occurring every 2,000 years)  :: bimillénaire
bimonthly {adv} (once every two months)  :: bimestriel
bimonthly {adv} (two times per month)  :: bimensuel
bin {n} /bɪn/ (container used for storage)  :: boîte {f}, conteneur {m}
bin {n} (container for rubbish)  :: poubelle {f}
bin {v} (informal: dispose of in a bin or as if in a bin)  :: benner
binary {adj} (on or off)  :: binaire
binary {adj} (logic states)  :: binaire
binary {adj} (using binary number system)  :: binaire
binary {adj} (Not ASCII)  :: binaire
binary {n} (number system)  :: binarité {f}
binary operator {n} (operator taking two operands)  :: opérateur binaire {m}
binary relation {n} (relation)  :: relation binaire {f}
binary star {n} (stellar system in which two stars orbit their center of mass)  :: étoile binaire
binary star system {n} (binary star) SEE: binary star  ::
binary system {n} (astronomy: system of two celestial objects) SEE: binary star  ::
bind {v} /baɪnd/ (transitive to tie or fasten tightly together, with a cord, band, ligature, chain, etc.)  :: lier
bind {v} (transitive connect)  :: lier
bind {v} (transitive put together in a cover, as of books)  :: relier
binder {n} /ˈbaɪndɚ/ (a bookbinder)  :: relieur {m}
binder {n} (cover or holder for unbound papers, pages etc.)  :: reliure {f}
binder {n} (dossier)  :: dossier {m}
binding {adj} /ˈbaɪndɪŋ/ (assigning something that one will be held to)  :: contraignant
binding {n} (spine of a book)  :: reliure {f}
binding {n} ((chemistry) the sticking together)  :: liaison
bindweed {n} /ˈbaɪndwiːd/ (Convolvulaceae)  :: liseron {m}
binge eating disorder {n} (medical disorder)  :: syndrome d'hyperphagie incontrôlée
binge watching {n} (The viewing of numerous episodes of a TV show)  :: binge watching {m}
bingo {n} /ˈbɪŋ.ɡoʊ/ (game of chance)  :: bingo {m}
bingo {n} (scrabble play)  :: scrabble {m}
bingo {interj} (when finding something)  :: ça y est
binky {n} (pacifier) SEE: pacifier  ::
bin man {n} (garbage collector) SEE: garbage collector  ::
bino {n} (superpartner of gauge boson)  :: bino {m}
binoculars {n} /ˈbɪnˌɒk.jʊ.lə(ɹ)z/ (hand-held device for looking at a distance)  :: jumelles {f} mostly plural or jumelle {f}
binomial {n} /baɪˈnoʊmi.əl/ (algebra: polynomial with two terms)  :: binôme {m}
binomial coefficient {n} (binomial coefficient)  :: coefficient binomial {m}
binomial name {n} (a scientific name at the rank of species)  :: nom binomial {f}
binomial nomenclature {n} (The scientific system of naming each species of organism with a Latinized name in two parts)  :: nom binominal {m}
bio- {prefix} (life)  :: bio-
bioaccumulation {n} (the process by which substances accumulate in the tissues of living organisms)  :: bioaccumulation {f}
bioaccumulative {adj} (tending to accumulate in organisms)  :: bioaccumulatif
biocatalysis {n} (catalysis using biological catalysts)  :: biocatalyse {f}
biocatalyst {n} (biochemical catalyst)  :: biocatalyseur {m}
biocatalytic {adj} (of, pertaining to, or employing biocatalysis)  :: biocatalytique {m} {f}
biocenosis {n} (biocoenosis) SEE: biocoenosis  ::
biochemical {adj} (of or relating to biochemistry)  :: biochimique
biochemical {adj} (involving chemical processes in living organisms)  :: biochimique
biochemist {n} (A chemist whose speciality is biochemistry)  :: biochimiste {m} {f}
biochemistry {n} (the chemistry of those compounds that occur in living organisms, and the processes that occur in their metabolism and catabolism)  :: biochimie {f}
biocide {n} /ˈbaɪəʊsaɪd/ (any substance that can destroy living organisms)  :: biocide {m}
bioclimatology {n} (science that studies interaction between biosphere and atmosphere)  :: bioclimatologie
biocoenosis {n} (community of organisms)  :: biocénose {f}
biodegradable {adj} /baɪoʊdəˈɡɹeɪdəbl̩/ (capable of being decomposed by biological activity)  :: biodégradable
biodegradation {n} (decomposition of any material by microorganisms)  :: biodégradation {f}
biodiversity {n} /ˌbaɪoʊdɑɪˈvɚsəti/ (diversity of flora and fauna)  :: biodiversité {f}
bioecology {n}  :: bioécologie {f}
bioelectricity {n} (Electricity generated within an organism)  :: bioélectricité {f}
bioenergetic {adj} (related to bioenergetics)  :: bioénergétique {m} {f}
bioenergetics {n} (study of the energy transformations)  :: bioénergétique {f}
biofact {n}  :: biofact, écofact
biofilm {n} (aggregation of microorganisms)  :: biopellicule {m}
biogenesis {n} /bʌɪə(ʊ)ˈdʒɛnəsɪs/ (principle)  :: biogenèse {f}
biogenesis {n} (biosynthesis) SEE: biosynthesis  ::
biogenic {adj} (produced by living organisms, or by a biological process)  :: biogène
biogeography {n} (study of geographical distribution of living things)  :: biogéographie {f}
biographer {n} (the writer of a biography)  :: biographe
biographic {adj} (biographical) SEE: biographical  ::
biographical {adj} (relating to an account of a person's life)  :: biographique
biography {n} /baɪˈɑːɡɹəfi/ (personal life story)  :: biographie {f}
biohazard {n} (biological risk)  :: risque biologique
bioindicator {n} (indicator of environmental health)  :: bioindicateur {m}, biorévélateur {m}
bioindustry {n} (industry associated with biotechnology)  :: bioindustrie {f}
bioinformatics {n} /ˌbaɪoʊˌɪnfɚˈmætɪks/ (field of science)  :: bioinformatique {f}
bioinspired {adj} (bio-inspired) SEE: bio-inspired  ::
bio-inspired {adj} (biologically inspired)  :: bio-inspiré, bioinspiré, inspiré du vivant
biological {adj} (of biology)  :: biologique
biological {adj} (consanguine)  :: biologique
biological clock {n}  :: horloge biologique {f}
biological father {n} (man from whom one inherits DNA)  :: père biologique {m}
biological mother {n} (woman from whom one inherits DNA)  :: mère biologique {f}
biological parent {n} (biological parent)  :: parent biologique {m}
biological warfare {n} (use of an organism as a weapon of war)  :: guerre biologique {f}
biological weapon {n} (biological pathogen)  :: arme biologique {f}
biologist {n} (student of biology)  :: biologiste {m} {f}, [obsolete] biologue {m} {f}
biology {n} /baɪˈɑlədʒi/ (study of living matter)  :: biologie {f}
bioluminescence {n} /ˌbaɪ̯oʊ̯ˌluməˈnɛsəns/ (emission of light by a living organism)  :: bioluminescence {f}
biomarker {n} /ˈbaɪoʊˌmɑɹkɚ/ (indicator of a biological state)  :: biomarqueur {m}
biomass {n} (total mass of living things)  :: biomasse {f}
biomass {n} (vegetation used as fuel)  :: biomasse {f}
biomaterial {n} (material)  :: biomatériau {m}
biomathematics {n} (application of mathematics to the study of biological systems)  :: biomathématiques {f-p}
biome {n} /ˈbaɪoʊm/ (biological community)  :: biome {m}
biomechanical {adj} (of or pertaining to biomechanics)  :: biomécanique {f}
biomechanics {n}  :: biomécanique {f}
biomedical {adj} /ˌbaɪoʊˈmedɪkl/ (pertaining to biomedicine)  :: biomédical {m}
biomedicine {n} (a branch of medical science)  :: biomédecine {f}
biometrics {n} (measurement of biological data)  :: biométrie {f}
biometrics {n} (measurement of physical characteristics for use in personal identification)  :: biométrie {f}
biomimetic {adj} (related to biomimetics)  :: biomimétique {m} {f}
biomolecular {adj}  :: biomoléculaire
biomolecule {n} (molecules)  :: biomolécule
bionics {n} /ˈbaɪˌɒnɪks/ (engineering based on biological systems)  :: bionique {f}
biophilia {n} /ˈbaɪəʊˌfɪil.i.ə/ (love of nature and all living things)  :: biophilie
biophysics {n} (science)  :: biophysique {f}
biopsy {n} (removal and examination of a sample of tissue for diagnostic purposes)  :: biopsie
biorefinery {n} (a facility that carries out such production)  :: bioraffinerie {f}
bioremediation {n} (use of biological organisms to remove contaminants)  :: bioremédiation {f}
bioresource {n} (resource of biological origin)  :: bioressource {f}
bioscience {n} (sciences dealing with living organisms)  :: bioscience {f}
biospeleology {n}  :: biospéléologie {f}
biosphere {n} (part of Earth capable of supporting life)  :: biosphère {f}
biostasis {n} (the ability of an organism to tolerate environmental changes without actively adapting to them)  :: biostasie {f}
biostratigraphic {adj}  :: biostratigraphique
biostrome {n} (a horizontally bedded stratum of fossilized remains of sedentary organisms)  :: biostrome
biosynthesis {n} (synthesis of organic compounds)  :: biosynthèse
biota {n} (the living organisms of a region)  :: biote {m}
biotechnological {adj} /ˈbaɪəʊˌtɛk.nə.lɒdʒ.ɪk.əl/ (of or pertaining to biotechnology)  :: biotechnologique
biotechnology {n} /ˈbaɪəʊˌtɛk.nɒl.əʊ.dʒi/ (use of living organisms in industrial, agricultural, medical applications)  :: biotechnologie {f}
biotechnology {n} (application of the principles and practices of engineering and technology to the life sciences)  :: biotechnologie {f}
biotherapy {n} (any of several unrelated therapies that use natural biological processes)  :: biothérapie {f}
biotherapy {n} (the use of living organisms in the control of disease)  :: biothérapie {f}
biotic {adj} /baɪˈɑ.tɪk/ (of, pertaining to, or produced by life or living organisms)  :: biotique
biotin {n} /ˈbaɪətɪn/ (sulfur-containing member of the vitamin B complex)  :: biotine {f}
biotite {n} /ˈbaɪəˌtaɪt/ (dark brown mica)  :: biotite {f}
biotope {n} (geographical area)  :: biotope
bipartisan {adj} /ˈbaɪˌpɑː(ɹ)t.ɪ.zæn/ (relating to, or supported by two groups, especially by two political parties)  :: bipartisan
bipartite {adj}  :: biparti
bipedalism {n} (habit of standing and walking on two feet)  :: bipédie {f}
biphasic {adj} (having two phases)  :: biphasique
biphenyl {n} (organic compound)  :: biphényle {m}
bipod {n} (two-legged stand)  :: bipied {m}
bipolar {adj} (involving both poles)  :: bipolaire {m} {f}
bipolar {adj} (relating to or having bipolar disorder)  :: bipolaire {m} {f}, maniaco-dépressif {m}
bipolar disorder {n} (psychiatric diagnostic category)  :: trouble bipolaire {m}
bipolarization {n}  :: bipolarisation {f}
bipolaron {n} ((chemistry) doubly-charged polaron)  :: bipolaron {m}
bipolaron {n} ((physics) bound pair of polarons)  :: bipolaron {m}
birch {n} /bɝtʃ/ (tree)  :: bouleau {m}
birch {n} (punishment device)  :: badine {f}, baguette {f}
birch {v} (to punish with a birch)  :: verger
birch sap {n} (the sap extracted from a birch tree)  :: eau de bouleau {f}
bird {n} /bɜɹd/ (animal)  :: oiseau {m}, oiselle {f}, [literary] oiselet {m}
bird {n} (person)  :: oiseau {m}
bird {n} (woman)  :: nana {f}, minette {f}, gonzesse {f}
bird {n} (girlfriend)  :: nana {f}, gonzesse {f}, poule {f}
bird {n} (time in prison)  :: tôle {f}, taule {f}
bird {n} (vulgar hand gesture)  :: doigt d'honneur {m}
bird {n} (penis)  :: petit oiseau {m}
birdbath {n} (basin for wild birds)  :: bain d’oiseaux
birdbrain {n} /ˈbɚd.bɹeɪn/ (someone who is not intelligent)  :: étourneau {m}
birdcage {n} (cage to keep birds in)  :: panier {m}, volière {f}
birdcall {n} (device used to imitate the cry of a bird)  :: appeau {m}
birdcatcher {n} (a person who catches or snares birds, wildfowl)  :: oiseleur {m}, oiseleuse {f}
birdcatching {n} (the catching of birds, wildfowl)  :: oisellerie {f}
bird cherry {n} (Prunus padus)  :: merisier à grappes {m}
bird dog {n} (tout) SEE: tout  ::
bird dog {n} (gun dog) SEE: gun dog  ::
bird flu {n} (avian influenza) SEE: avian influenza  ::
birdhouse {n} (aviary) SEE: aviary  ::
birdhouse {n} (small house for birds)  :: nichoir {m}
birdie {n} (badminton: shuttlecock) SEE: shuttlecock  ::
birdie {n} /ˈbɝdi/ (bird, birdling)  :: oiselet {m}, oisillon {m}
birdlime {n} (serving of a prison sentence) SEE: time  ::
birdlime {n} /ˈbɜːdlaɪm/ (sticky substance to catch birds)  :: glu {f}
birdlime {v} (add birdlime)  :: engluer
birdling {n} /ˈbɜɹd.lɪŋ/ (small bird, birdie)  :: oisillon {m}
bird of ill omen {n}  :: oiseau de mauvais augure {m}
bird of paradise {n} (bird)  :: paradisier {m}, oiseau de paradis {m}
bird of passage {n} (bird) SEE: migrant  ::
bird of prey {n} (carnivorous bird)  :: oiseau de proie {m}
birds of a feather flock together {proverb} (people of similar character, etc. tend to associate)  :: qui se ressemble s'assemble [who resemble each other, assemble together]
birds of the feather flock together {proverb} (birds of a feather flock together) SEE: birds of a feather flock together  ::
birdsong {n} (musical sound made by a bird)  :: chant {m}, chant d’oiseau
birdwatching {n} /ˈbɜː(ɹ)dˌwɒtʃ.ɪŋ/ (observing wild birds)  :: observation des oiseaux {f}
birefringence {n} /baɪɹɪˈfɹɪndʒəns/ (the splitting of a ray of light into two parallel rays of perpendicular polarization by passage through an optically anisotropic medium)  :: biréfringence {f}
biretta {n} (square cap)  :: barrette {f}
biro {n} (ballpoint pen) SEE: ballpoint pen  ::
Birobidzhan {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Birobidjan {m}
birth {n} /bɝθ/ (process of childbearing; beginning of life)  :: naissance {f}
birth {v} (to give birth (to))  :: accoucher
birth certificate {n} (official document certifying the details of a person's birth)  :: acte de naissance {m}
birth control {n} (voluntary control of the number of children conceived)  :: contrôle des naissances {m}
birthdate {n} (date of birth) SEE: date of birth  ::
birthday {n} /ˈbɝθˌdeɪ/ (anniversary)  :: anniversaire {m}, [Canada] fête {f}
birthday {n} (date of birth)  :: date de naissance {f}
birthday cake {n} (a cake made to celebrate a birthday)  :: gâteau d'anniversaire {m}, [Canada, Switzerland] gâteau de fête {m}
birthday card {n} (greeting card)  :: carte d'anniversaire {f}
birthday party {n} (a party held to celebrate a birthday)  :: fête d'anniversaire {f}
birthday suit {n} (nakedness)  :: tenue d’Adam {f}, tenue d’Ève {f}
birth defect {n} (any of several medical disorders that are present at birth)  :: anomalie congénitale {f}
birthmark {n} (a mark on the skin formed before birth)  :: tache de naissance {f}, tache de vin {f}
birthplace {n} /ˈbɝθˌpleɪs/ (location)  :: lieu de naissance {m}
birthrate {n} (rate of live births to population)  :: taux de natalité {m}
birthwort {n} (Aristolochia)  :: aristoloche {f}
biryani {n} (dish of spiced rice)  :: biryani {m}, biriani {m}, beriani {m}
Biscay {prop} (Bay of Biscay) SEE: Bay of Biscay  ::
Biscay {prop} (province of Spain)  :: Biscaye {f}
biscuit {n} (cracker) SEE: cracker  ::
biscuit {n} /ˈbɪskɪt/ (small, flat baked good, see also: cookie)  :: biscuit {m}
biscuit {n} (ship's "bread")  :: biscuit {m}
biscuit {n} (form of earthenware)  :: biscuit {m}
bisector {n} (A line or curve that bisects or divides a line segment, angle, or other figure into two equal parts)  :: bissectrice {f}
bisexual {adj} /baɪˈsɛk.ʃu.əl/ (sexually attracted to both men and women)  :: bisexuel
bisexual {adj} (botany: having both male and female organs)  :: bisexué
bisexual {n} (bisexual person)  :: bisexuel {m}, bisexuelle {f}
bisexual {adj} (hermaphrodite) SEE: hermaphrodite  ::
bisexuality {n} (psychology)  :: bisexualité {f}
Bishkek {prop} /bɪʃˈkɛk/ (capital of Kyrgyzstan)  :: Bichkek {m}
bishop {n} /ˈbɪʃəp/ (church official, supervisor of priests and congregations)  :: évêque {m}
bishop {n} (chess piece)  :: fou {m}
bishopric {n} /ˈbɪʃ.ə.pɹɪk/ (diocese)  :: évêché {m}
bishopric {n} (function of being bishop)  :: épiscopat {m}
Bislama {prop} /bɪslɑmɑ/ (a creole spoken on the South Pacific island-nation of Vanuatu)  :: bichelamar {m}
bismuth {n} /ˈbɪz.məθ/ (chemical element)  :: bismuth {m}
bison {n} /ˈbaɪ̯sən/ (A wild ox, Bison bonasus)  :: bison, bison d'Europe {m}
bison {n} (A similar American animal, Bison bison)  :: bison {m}, bison d'Amérique du Nord {m}
bisphenol A {n} (4,4'-dihydroxy-2,2-diphenylpropane)  :: bisphénol A
bissextile {n} (leap year) SEE: leap year  ::
bissextile {adj} /bɪˈsɛks.taɪəl/ (having an extra day)  :: bissextil
bissextile year {n} (year with an extra day)  :: année bissextile {f}
Bisson {prop}  :: Bisson
Bissonnet {prop} (surname)  :: Bissonnet
Bissonnette {prop} (surname)  :: Bissonnette
bistort {n} (any of several perennial herbs, classified in genera Bistorta, Persicaria, or Polygonum, having spikes of pink flowers)  :: bistorte {f}
bistro {n} /ˈbiːstɹoʊ/ (small restaurant)  :: bistro {m}
bistro {n} (small bar)  :: bistro {m}
bisulfate {n} (Univalent anion HSO4-)  :: bisulfate {f}
bisyllabic {adj} (comprising two syllables) SEE: disyllabic  ::
bit {n} /bɪt/ (metal in horse's mouth)  :: mors {m}
bit {n} (rotary cutting tool)  :: foret {m}
bit {n} (small amount of something)  :: petit morceau {m}, peu {m}
bit {n} (math: binary digit)  :: bit {m}
bit {n} (coin) SEE: coin  ::
bit by bit {adv} (small amount at a time)  :: petit à petit, peu à peu
bitch {n} /bɪtʃ/ (female canine)  :: chienne {f} (dog), louve {f} (wolf), renarde {f} (fox)
bitch {n} (disagreeable, aggressive person, usually female)  :: garce {f}, rosse {f}, salope {f}
bitch {n} (difficult or confounding problem)  :: saleté {f}, saloperie {f} [vulgar]
bitch {v} (complain (about something) spitefully)  :: chialer, pester, râler, rouspéter
bitch {n} (complaint) SEE: complaint  ::
bitch {n} (playful variation on dog (sense "man")) SEE: dog  ::
bite {v} /baɪt/ (to cut off a piece by clamping the teeth)  :: mordre
bite {v} (to attack with the teeth)  :: mordre
bite {v} (to bite a baited hook or other lure)  :: mordre
bite {v} (to sting)  :: mordre, piquer
bite {n} (act of biting)  :: morsure {f}
bite {n} (wound left behind after having been bitten)  :: morsure {f}
bite {n} (swelling of one's skin caused by an insect's mouthparts or sting)  :: piqûre {f}
bite {n} (mouthful)  :: bouchée {f}
bite me {interj} (expression of discontent or aggravation)  :: va te faire foutre !
bite off more than one can chew {v} (To try to do too much)  :: avoir les yeux plus gros que le ventre
bite the bullet {v} (endure punishment with dignity or accept a negative aspect of a situation)  :: serrer les dents [clench the teeth]
bite the dust {v} (to die)  :: mordre la poussière
bite the dust {v} (to quit or fail)  :: mordre la poussière
Bithynia {prop} /bɪˈθɪni.ə/ (ancient region)  :: Bithynie {f}
bitness {n}  :: largeur {f}
Bitola {prop} (city)  :: Bitola
bit player {n} (actor with a minor role)  :: utilité {m}
bitstock {n} (drill bit-carrying crank for boring holes)  :: vilebrequin {m}, chignole {f}
bitter {adj} /ˈbɪtə/ (having an acrid taste)  :: amer
bitter {adj} (harsh, piercing or stinging)  :: dur, sévère
bitter {adj} (hateful or hostile)  :: haineux, haïssable, odieux, [hostile] hostile
bitter {adj} (cynical and resentful)  :: amer
bitterling {n}  :: bouvière {f}
bitterly {adv} /ˈbɪtəɹli/ (in a bitter manner)  :: amèrement
bitter melon {n} (fruit)  :: margose {f}, momordique {f}, pomme de merveille {f}, melon amer {m}, poire balsamique {f}
bittern {n} /ˈbɪtəɹn/ (bird of the subfamily Botaurinae)  :: butor {m}
bitterness {n} /ˈbɪtənəs/ (quality of being bitter in taste)  :: amertume {f}
bitterness {n} (quality of feeling bitter)  :: amertume {f}
bitter orange {n} (tree)  :: bigaradier {m}
bitter orange {n} (fruit)  :: bigarade {f}, orange amère {f}
bittersweet {adj} /ˈbɪtɚˌswit/ (both bitter and sweet)  :: doux-amer, aigre-doux
bittersweet {adj} (expressing contrasting emotions of pain and pleasure)  :: mi-figue mi-raisin {n}, doux-amer
bittersweet {n} (the bittersweet nightshade, Solanum dulcamara)  :: douce-amère {f}
bitumen {n} /baɪˈtumən/ (Mineral pitch)  :: bitume {m}
bivalence {n} (state or quality of being bivalent)  :: bivalence {f}
bivalve {n} (Any mollusc of taxonomic class Bivalvia)  :: bivalve {m}
bivector {n} (an antisymmetric tensor)  :: biveteur {m}
bivouac {n} /ˈbɪv.u.æk/ (encampment for the night, usually without tents or covering)  :: bivouac {m}
biweekly {adj} /baɪˈwiːkli/ (occurring every two weeks)  :: bimensuel
biweekly {adj} (occurring twice a week)  :: bihebdomadaire
biweekly {adv} (every two weeks)  :: toutes les deux semaines, tous les quinze jours
biweekly {adv} (twice a week)  :: bihebdomadairement, deux fois par semaine
biweekly {n} (something published or released once every two weeks)  :: bimensuel {m}, quinzomadaire {m}
bixin {n} (an apocarotenoid that is the active ingredient of annatto)  :: bixine {f}
bizarre {adj} /bɪˈzɑɹ/ (strangely unconventional)  :: bizarre
Bizet sheep {n}  :: bizet {m}
BJT {n} ((electronics) bipolar junction transistor)  :: transistor bipolaire {m}
blab {n} (gossip) SEE: gossip  ::
black {adj} /blæk/ (absorbing all light)  :: noir
black {adj} (relating to persons of African descent)  :: noir
black {adj} (illegitimate, illegal or disgraced)  :: noir
black {adj} (overcrowded)  :: noir de monde
black {adj} (without milk)  :: noir
black {adj} (chess: said of the color opposing "white")  :: noir
black {n} (colour/color)  :: noir
black {n} (person)  :: Noir {m}, Noire {f}
black {v} (to blacken) SEE: blacken  ::
black Africa {prop} (roughly sub-Saharan Africa)  :: Afrique noire
black and white {adj} (black-and-white) SEE: black-and-white  ::
black-and-white {adj} (using shades of grey/gray)  :: noir et blanc
black-and-white {adj} (displaying images in shades of grey/gray)  :: noir et blanc
black antshrike {n} (bird)  :: batara noir
black-arched moth {n} (species of moth)  :: bombyx moine
black-backed jackal {n} (Canis mesomelas)  :: chacal à chabraque {m}
black bag {n} (plastic bag for the disposal of household waste) SEE: garbage bag  ::
blackballing {n} (an instance of a person being blackballed)  :: blackboulage {m}
black bear {n} (American black bear)  :: ours noir {m}, baribal {m}
black bear {n} (Asiatic black bear)  :: ours noir d'Asie {m}, ours à collier du Tibet {m}
Blackbeard {prop} (pirate's name)  :: Barbe Noire
blackberry {n} /ˈblækbeɹi/ (shrub)  :: ronce {f}, mûrier {m}
blackberry {n} (fruit)  :: mûre (sauvage) {f}
blackberry {n} (blackcurrant) SEE: blackcurrant  ::
blackbird {n} /ˈblækˌbɚd/ (Turdus merula: blackbird)  :: merle {m}
blackbird {n} (Turdus merula: blackbird)  :: Louisiana French: tchoc
blackboard {n} /ˈblækbɔɹd/ (a surface that can be written upon with chalk)  :: tableau noir {m}, tableau {m} [any colour]
blackbody {n} (an idealized object that absorbs all electromagnetic radiation that falls on it)  :: corps noir {m}
black box {n} (recorders in an aircraft)  :: boîte noire {f}
black box {n} (theoretical construct or device)  :: boîte noire {f}
black caiman {n} (caiman)  :: caïman noir {m}
blackcap {n} (Sylvia atricapilla)  :: fauvette à tête noire {f}
black cat {n} (Martes pennanti) SEE: fisher  ::
black cat {n} (black-furred cat)  :: chat noir {m}
black chanterelle {n} (mushroom)  :: trompette de la mort {f}, trompette des morts {f}, corne d’abondance {f}, craterelle {f}
black coal {n} (high quality coal)  :: charbon bitumineux {m}, houille grasse {f}
black coffee {n} (coffee served without cream or milk)  :: café noir {m}
black-crested antshrike {n} (bird)  :: Batara huppé
blackcurrant {n} (shrub)  :: cassissier {m}, groseillier noir {m}
blackcurrant {n} (berry)  :: cassis {m}
Black Death {prop} (the Black Death)  :: peste noire {f}
Black Ditch {prop} (Taiwan Strait) SEE: Taiwan Strait  ::
black dwarf {n} (cooled white dwarf)  :: naine noire {f}
black earth {n} (chernozem) SEE: chernozem  ::
black elder {n} (Sambucus nigra) SEE: elder  ::
blacken {v} (make black)  :: noircir
blacken {v} (make dirty)  :: souiller
blacken {v} (defame, sully)  :: noircir, salir
blacken {v} (become black)  :: noircir
black eye {n} (bruised eye)  :: cocard {m}, mélanobutyrophtalmie {f}, œil au beurre noir {m}, œil poché {m}
black-eyed pea {n} (cowpea bean)  :: cornille {f}, dolique à œil noir, pois à vache, niébé
Blackfoot {prop} (a North American confederacy)  :: Pieds-Noirs {m-p}
black-footed cat {n} (Felis nigripes)  :: chat à pattes noires {m}
Black Forest {prop} (German forest and mountain range)  :: Forêt-Noire {f}, Forêt Noire {f}
Black Forest gâteau {n} (type of gâteau originating in the Black Forest region of Germany)  :: forêt noire {f}
Black Friday {prop} (day after U.S. Thanksgiving Day)  :: vendredi fou {m}; vendredi noir {m}; Black Friday {m}
black gold {n} (petroleum)  :: or noir {m}
black grouse {n} /ˈblæk ɡɹɑʊs/ (Lyrurus tetrix)  :: tétras lyre {m}
blackguard {n} (scoundrel) SEE: scoundrel  ::
black guillemot {n} (black guillemot)  :: guillemot à miroir {m}
blackhead {n} (skin blemish)  :: point noir {m}, comédon {m}
black-headed gull {n} (Chroicocephalus ridibundus)  :: Mouette rieuse {f}, mouette rieuse {f}
black hole {n} (celestial body)  :: trou noir {m}
black-hooded antshrike {n} (passerine bird)  :: batara capucin
black humor {n} (subgenre of comedy)  :: humour noir {m}
black ice {n} (invisible film of ice)  :: verglas {m}, glace noire {f}
blacking {n} (shoe polish) SEE: shoe polish  ::
blackish-gray antshrike {n} (passerine bird)  :: batara demi-deuil
blackjack {n} /ˈblækdʒæk/ (card game)  :: vingt-et-un {m}
blackjack {n} (flag)  :: pavillon de pirates {m}
black kite {n} (species of kite)  :: milan noir {m}
black lead {n} (graphite) SEE: graphite  ::
blackleg {n} (fatal cattle disease)  :: charbon symptomatique {m}
black letter {n} (a Northern-European style of type)  :: Fraktur
black light {n} (light bulb that emits ultraviolet light)  :: lumière noire {f}
black liquor {n} (a waste product in pulp and paper industry)  :: liqueur noire {f}
blacklist {n} /ˈblæklɪst/ (list or set of people or entities to be shunned or banned)  :: liste noire {f}, [computing] blacklist {f}
blacklist {v} (to place on a blacklist)  :: blacklister
black lung {n} (coal dust pneumoconiosis)  :: silicose {f}
black magic {n} (magic derived from evil forces)  :: magie noire {f}
blackmail {n} (payment of money exacted by means of intimidation)  :: chantage {m}
blackmail {v} (to extort money)  :: faire du chantage, faire chanter
blackmailer {n} (someone who blackmails)  :: maître-chanteur {m}, maitre-chanteur {m}, maître chanteur {m}
black mamba {n} (A large venomous snake)  :: mamba noir {m}
black market {n} (trade that is in violation of restrictions, rationing or price controls)  :: marché noir {m}, économie souterraine
black mulberry {n} (tree)  :: mûrier noir {m}
black mulberry {n} (fruit)  :: mûre noire {f}
blackness {n} (state, property or quality)  :: noirceur {f}
blackout {n} /ˈblækaʊt/ (a temporary loss of consciousness)  :: blackout {m}
blackout {n} (a temporary loss of memory)  :: blackout {m}, trou de mémoire {m}
blackout {n} (A large-scale power failure)  :: blackout {m}, coupure de courant {f}
blackout {n} (The mandatory blinding of all light)  :: blackout {m}
blackout curtain {n} (A current which blocks light)  :: rideau occultant {m}
black pepper {n} (spice)  :: poivre noir {m}
black pudding {n} (a sausage)  :: boudin noir {m}
black salsify {n} (Scorzonera hispanica)  :: scorsonère {f}
black scabbardfish {n} (Aphanopus carbo)  :: sabre noir {m}
Black Sea {prop} (an inland sea between southeastern Europe and Asia Minor)  :: mer Noire {f}
black sheep {n} (nonconformist)  :: mouton noir {m}, brebis galeuse {f}
black sheep {n} (disliked person)  :: mouton noir {m}, brebis galeuse {f}
blackshirt {n} (member of a fascist party) SEE: fascist  ::
blackshirt {n} (uniformed Italian fascist, member of a paramilitary wing of the party)  :: chemise noire {f}, squadriste {m} {f}
blacksmith {n} /ˈblæk.smɪθ/ (iron forger, see also: smith)  :: forgeron {m}, forgeronne {f}, sidérurgiste {m} {f}
blacksmith {n} (farrier (colloquial))  :: maréchal-ferrant {m}, maréchale-ferrante {f}
black swan {n} (Cygnus atratus)  :: cygne noir {m}
black tea {n} (tea leaves which have been "fermented")  :: thé noir {m}
blackthorn {n} (Prunus spinosa)  :: prunellier {m}
black-throated antshrike {n} (passerine bird)  :: batara à gorge noire
black vulture {n} (Coragyps atratus)  :: vautour moine {m}
black vulture {n} (Aegypius monachus) SEE: Eurasian black vulture  ::
blackwater {n} (contaminated waste water)  :: eaux noires
black widow {n} (species of venomous spider)  :: veuve noire {f}
black widow {n} (a murderous woman)  :: veuve noire {f}
black woodpecker {n} /ˈblækˈwʊdpɛkə(ɹ)/ (Dryocopus martius)  :: pic noir
bladder {n} /ˈblædəɹ/ (flexible sac in zoology)  :: vésicule {f}
bladder {n} (sealed plastic wine bag)  :: cubi
bladder {n} (urinary bladder) SEE: urinary bladder  ::
bladderpod {n} (Lobelia inflata, indian tobacco, Puke weed)  :: tabac indien
bladderwort {n} (Utricularia)  :: utriculaire {f}
blade {n} /bleɪd/ (sharp-edged or pointed working end of a tool or utensil)  :: lame {f}
blade {n} (slang term for a weapon such as a dagger)  :: lame {f}
blag {adj} (an armed robbery)  :: braquage {m}
blagger {n} (a persuasive person)  :: baratineur {m} [informal]
blagger {n} (a thief or robber)  :: braqueur {m}
Blagoveshchensk {prop} (city in Siberia)  :: Blagovechtchensk {m}
blah {n} /blɑː/ (nonsense talk)  :: bla-bla {m}, blabla {m}
Blairism {n}  :: blairisme {m}
Blais {prop}  :: Blais
blame {n} /bleɪm/ (state of having caused a bad event)  :: coupabilité {f}, blâme {f}
blame {v} (place blame upon)  :: reprocher, blâmer
blame {n} (censure) SEE: censure  ::
blame {n} (responsibility) SEE: responsibility  ::
blameworthy {adj} /ˈbleɪmˌwɚ.ði/ (deserving blame of censure)  :: blâmable
blanch {v} (to grow or become white)  :: blanchir
blanch {v} (to make white)  :: blanchir
blanch {v} (to cook by dipping briefly into boiling water, then directly into cold water)  :: blanchir, monder
Blanche {prop} (female given name)  :: Blanche
blancmange {n} /bləˈmɑn(d)ʒ/ (dessert)  :: blanc-manger {m}
bland {adj} /blænd/ (Mild; dull; soft; gentle; smooth in manner; suave)  :: doux {m}, douce {f}
bland {adj} (Having a soothing effect; not irritating or stimulating)  :: doux {m}, douce {f}
bland {adj} (Lacking in taste or vigor)  :: fade {m} {f}
blank {adj} /blæŋk/ (free from writing, printing or marks)  :: blanc, vierge
blank {n} (simulation cartridge)  :: balle à blanc {f}, cartouche à blanc {f}
blank {n} (void space on a paper)  :: blanc {m}
blank {n} (piece of metal)  :: préforme
blank {n} (piece or division of a piece)  :: préforme
blank {n} (space character)  :: espace
blank check {n} (signed check)  :: chèque en blanc {m}
blank check {n} (grant of complete authority)  :: chèque en blanc {m}, carte blanche {f}
blanket {n} /ˈblæŋkɪt/ (fabric)  :: couverture {f}
blanket {adj} (covering or encompassing everything)  :: général
blanket {v} (to cover)  :: recouvrir, couvrir
blanquette {n} /blɑ̃ˈkɛt/ (white meat stew which is not browned)  :: blanquette {f}
blare {n} (dazzling often garish brilliance)  :: éclat {m}, brillance {f}
Blasius {prop} (male given name)  :: Blaise
blaspheme {v} /ˈblæs.fim/ (to speak against God or religious doctrine)  :: blasphémer
blasphemer {n} (One who commits blasphemy)  :: blasphémateur {m}, blasphématrice {f}
blasphemous {adj} /ˈblæs.fəm.ʌs/ (lacking piety or respect for the sacred)  :: blasphématoire
blasphemy {n} /ˈblæs.fə.mi/ (Irreverence toward something sacred)  :: blasphème {m}
blast {n} /blæst/ (violent gust of wind)  :: rafale {f}
blast {n}  :: [1] bourrasque {f}, [2] souffle {m}, [3] explosion {f}
blast {n} ((cytology) An immature or precursor cell)  :: blaste {m}
-blast {suffix} (an immature cell or tissue)  :: -blaste {m}
blasted {adj} /ˈblæst.ɪd/ (cursed)  :: fichu
blasted {adj} (heraldry, of a tree whose branches bear no leaves)  :: effeuillé, sec, mort
blast furnace {n} (furnace where iron ore is smelted)  :: haut fourneau {m}
blasto- {prefix} (bud, budding, germination)  :: blasto-
blastocoele {n} (the fluid-filled cavity in a blastula)  :: blastocèle {f}
blastocyst {n} (mammalian blastula)  :: blastocyste {m}
blastoderm {n} /ˈblæstəˌdɚm/ (point from which the embryo develops)  :: blastoderme {m}
blastodisk {n} (a round, flattened region of cells from which the embryo of many vertebrates begins to develop in the fertilized ovum; a germinal disk)  :: blastodisque {m}
blastoma {n} /blæstˈoʊmə/ (type of tumour)  :: blastome {m}
blastomere {n} (any cell that results from division of a fertilized egg)  :: blastomère {m}
blastoporal {adj} (pertaining to a blastopore; blastoporic)  :: blastoporale
blastopore {n} (the opening into the archenteron)  :: blastopore {m}
blastula {n} (an early form in the development of an embryo)  :: blastula {f}
blatant {adj} /ˈbleɪtənt/ (obvious, on show)  :: flagrant, clair
blather {v} /blæðə(ɹ)/ (to talk rapidly without making much sense)  :: déblatérer
blaxploitation {n} (genre of exploitation films of the 1970s that starred black actors.)  :: blaxploitation {f}, blacksploitation {f}
blay {n} (bleak) SEE: bleak  ::
blaze {n} /bleɪz/ (fast-burning fire)  :: feu {m}, flambée {f}, embrasement {m}
blaze {v} (to be on fire)  :: brûler, flamber
blaze {v} (to shine like a flame)  :: briller
blaze {v} (to mark or cut a route)  :: baliser
blazer {n} /ˈbleɪzɚ/ (a jacket)  :: blazer {f}
blazon {n} /ˈbleɪzən/ (a description of a coat of arms)  :: blason, blasonnement
blazon {v} (to describe of a coat of arms)  :: blasonner, armorier
bleach {v} (to treat with bleach)  :: blanchir
bleach {n} (chemical)  :: eau de Javel {f}, javel {f}
bleachers {n} (tiered, exposed spectator seating)  :: place de tribune non-couverte, gradin {m},
bleaching agent {n} (whitening substance)  :: agent blanchissant {m}
bleak {adj} /bliːk/ (without color)  :: morne, terne
bleak {adj} (cheerless)  :: morne
bleak {n} (small European river fish)  :: ablette {f}
bleat {n} (cry of a sheep or a goat)  :: [sheep's cry] bêlement {m}, [goat's cry] bêlement {m}, béguètement {m}
bleat {v} (to make the cry of a sheep or goat)  :: [sheep or goat] bêler, [goat] bégueter, chevroter
bleat {v} (informal: to complain)  :: rouspéter
bleed {v} /ˈbliːd/ (lose blood)  :: saigner
bleed dry {v} (to bleed white) SEE: bleed white  ::
bleeding {n} /ˈbliːdɪŋ/ (the flow or loss of blood from a damaged blood vessel)  :: saignement, hémorragie
bleeding heart {n} (a person considered to be over-sympathetic to the plight of the underprivileged)  :: défenseur de la veuve et de l'orphelin {m}, ami du peuple {m}
bleed white {v} (cause hardship by cutting supplies off)  :: saigner à blanc
bleep {n} (high-pitched sound)  :: bip
bleep censor {n} (software module)  :: censeur de bip {m}
blemish {n} /ˈblɛmɪʃ/ (small flaw which spoils the appearance of something)  :: tache {f}
blemish {n} (moral defect)  :: tache {f}, défaut
blend {n} /blɛnd/ (mixture)  :: mélange {m}
blend {v} (to mix)  :: mélanger, mêler, mixer
blende {n} (sphalerite) SEE: sphalerite  ::
blended family {n} (a stepfamily in which both new mates have one or more living children from prior partners)  :: famille recomposée
blender {n} /ˈblɛndɚ/ (machine)  :: mixeur {m}
blennorrhea {n} (an inordinate secretion and discharge of mucus)  :: blennorrhée {f}
blenny {n} (fish of Blenniodei)  :: blennie {f}
blepharitis {n} /blɛfəɹˈaɪtɪs/ (inflammation of the eyelid)  :: blépharite {f}
bless {v} /blɛs/ (confer blessing on)  :: bénir
blessed {adj} /ˈblɛsɪd/ (having divine aid, or protection, or other blessing)  :: bienheureux, béni
blessing {n} /ˈblɛs.ɪŋ/ (divine or supernatural aid or reward)  :: bénédiction {f}, grâce {f}
blessing {n} (act of declaring, seeking or bestowing favor)  :: bénédiction {f}
blessing {n} (thing one is glad of)  :: bénédiction {f}
blessing {n} (group of unicorns)  :: troupeau {m}, harde {f}, horde {f}, groupe {m}
blessing {n} (prayer before a meal) SEE: grace  ::
bless you {interj} (said to somebody who has sneezed)  :: à vos souhaits! [formal], à tes souhaits! [informal]
bless you {interj} (short for "God bless you") SEE: God bless you  ::
blet {v} /blɛt/ (To undergo bletting, a fermentation process in certain fruit beyond ripening)  :: blettir
blight {n} /blaɪt/ (plant disease)  :: fléau {m}, rouille {f}, cloque {f}
blight {n} (anything that impedes growth or spoils something)  :: fléau
blight {v} (to cause to suffer blight)  :: abîmer
blight {v} (to suffer blight)  :: être abîmé
blight {v} (to spoil or ruin (something))  :: abîmer
blighter {n} (person)  :: tête à claques {f}
blimey {interj} /ˈblaɪmi/ (expressing surprise, etc.)  :: mince, bon sang, diantre, fichtre, mazette
blimp {n} /blɪmp/ (airship)  :: ballon dirigeable {m}, dirigeable {m}
blind {adj} /blaɪnd/ (unable to see)  :: aveugle {m} {f}, mal-voyant {m}, mal-voyante {f}
blind {n} (covering for a window)  :: store {m}
blind {n} (forced bet in poker)  :: blind {m}
blind {v} (make temporarily or permanently blind)  :: aveugler
blind alley {n} (street that leads nowhere) SEE: dead end  ::
blind as a bat {adj} (nearly totally blind)  :: myope comme une taupe {m} {f}
blind carbon copy {n} (copy of an email message)  :: copie carbone invisible
blind date {n} (romantic meeting between two people who have never met before, see also: miai)  :: rencontre à l'aveugle {f}, rendez-vous surprise {m}
blinder {n} /ˈblaɪndɚ/ (horse's eye shield)  :: œillère {f}
blindfold {n} (a covering, usually a bandage, for the eyes)  :: bandeau {m} [sur les yeux]
blindfold {n} (something that obscures vision (literally or metaphorically))  :: voile {m}, bandeau {m}
blindfold {v} (To cover the eyes, in order to make someone unable to see)  :: bander les yeux
blind gut {n} (caecum) SEE: caecum  ::
blindingly {adv} (extremely) SEE: extremely  ::
blindly {adv} /ˈblaɪndli/ (sightlessly)  :: à l’aveuglette
blind man's buff {n} (game where someone is blindfolded and tries to touch the others)  :: colin-maillard {m}
blindness {n} (condition of being blind)  :: cécité {f}
blind spot {n} (place where the optic nerve attaches to the retina)  :: point aveugle {m}, tache aveugle {f}
blind spot {n} (part of the road that cannot be seen)  :: angle mort {m}
blind test {n} (testing method)  :: blind test {m}, test en aveugle {m}
blindworm {n} (slowworm) SEE: slowworm  ::
blini {n} (buckwheat pancakes)  :: blini {m}
blink {v} (to close and reopen both eyes quickly)  :: ciller, cligner des yeux
blink {v} (to flash headlights)  :: faire un appel de phares
blink {v} (to flash on and off at regular intervals)  :: clignoter
blinker {n} (eye shield)  :: œillère {f}
blinker {n} (eyelid)  :: paupière {f}
blink of an eye {n} (very short period of time)  :: clin d'œil {m}
bliss {n} /blɪs/ (perfect happiness)  :: béatitude {f}, félicité {f}
blissful {adj} (full of joy)  :: bienheureux
blister {n} /ˈblɪstɚ/ (bubble on the skin)  :: ampoule {f}, cloque {f}, boursouflure {f}
blister {n} (bubble on a painted surface)  :: cloque {f}
blister {v} (cause blisters to form)  :: cloquer, se couvrir d'ampoules
blister {v} (criticise severely)  :: critiquer, blâmer
blithe {adj} /blaɪð/ (happy, cheerful)  :: joyeux, gai, allègre, content
blithe {adj} (indifferent, careless, showing a lack of concern)  :: indifférent, négligent
Blitzen {prop} (reindeer of Santa Claus)  :: Éclair {m}
blitzkrieg {n} (fast military offensive)  :: blitzkrieg {m}, guerre éclair {f}
blizzard {n} /ˈblɪ.zəd/ (severe snowstorm)  :: blizzard {m}
BL Lac object {n} (type of galaxy with AGN)  :: objet BL Lacertae
bloat {v} /bloʊt/ (to get an overdistended rumen)  :: gonfler, météoriser
bloat {v} (to fill soft substance with gas, water, etc)  :: gonfler, bouffir, boursoufler
bloat {n} (overdistension of rumen)  :: météorisme, tympanisme
bloated {adj} /ˈbloʊtɪd/ (swollen with fluid or gas)  :: gonflé
bloated {adj} (excessively or extremely large or wealthy)  :: gigantesque, fortuné
bloatware {n} (software that is overpacked with features)  :: obésiciel {m}, (less common) obésitiel {m}, (less common) boufficiel {m}, (less common) inflagiciel {m}
blob {n} /blɑb/ (shapeless or amorphous mass)  :: pâte, goutte, tâche
bloc {n} /blɑk/ (group of countries)  :: bloc {m}
Bloc {prop} (Bloc Québécois)  :: Bloc
block {n} /blɑk/ (substantial often approximatey cuboid piece)  :: bloc {m}
block {n} (chopping block; cuboid base for cutting or beheading)  :: billot {m}
block {n} (group of buildings demarcated by streets)  :: pâté (de maisons) {m}
block {n} (residential building consisting of flats)  :: immeuble {m}
block {n} (distance from one street to another)  :: rue {f}, pâté de maison {m}
block {n} (slang:human head)  :: tête, tronche {f}, ciboulot {m}
block {n} (set of paper sheets)  :: bloc {m}
block {n} (computing: logical data storage unit)  :: bloc {m}
block {n} (chemistry: portion of macromolecule)  :: bloc
block {n} (something that prevents passing)  :: blocage {m}, obstruction {f}
block {n} (volleyball: defensive play)  :: blocage {m}
block {v} (to fill, making it impossible to pass)  :: boucher
block {v} (to prevent passing)  :: bloquer
block {v} (to prevent an action)  :: contrer, bloquer
block {n} (stupid fellow) SEE: blockhead  ::
block {n} (solitary confinement) SEE: solitary confinement  ::
blockade {n} (the isolation of something)  :: blocus {m}
blockbuster {n} (film or book, that sustains exceptional and widespread popularity and achieves enormous sales)  :: blockbuster {m}
blockchain {n} (shared record)  :: chaine de blocs {f}
block comment {n} (comment that occupies several lines)  :: commentaire en bloc {m}
blockhead {n} (stupid person)  :: imbécile, cancre {m} {f}
blockhouse {n} (a sturdy military fortification, often of concrete, with gunports)  :: casemate {f}
block of flats {n} (apartment building) SEE: apartment building  ::
blockquote {n} /ˈblɑk.kwoʊt/ (quotation as block of text)  :: bloc de citation {m}
Bloc Québécois {prop} (federal political party in Canada)  :: Bloc québécois
Bloemfontein {prop} /ˈbluːmfɒnˌteɪn/ (city)  :: Bloemfontein {m}
blog {n} /blɑɡ/ (a personal or corporate website)  :: blog {m}, blogue {m}
blog {v} (to contribute to a blog)  :: bloguer
blogger {n} /ˈblɔ.ɡɚ/ (contributor to a blog)  :: blogueur {m}, blogueuse {f}
blogosphere {n} (the totality of blogs)  :: blogosphère {f}
bloke {n} /bləʊk/ (man)  :: gars {m}, type {m}, mec {m}
blond {n} /blɑnd/ (fair-haired person)  :: blond {m}, blonde {f}
blond {n} (a pale yellowish color)  :: blond {m}
blond {adj} (of a pale golden colour)  :: blond {m}
blond {adj} (having blonde hair or complexion)  :: blond
blonde {n} (blond) SEE: blond  ::
blonde {adj} (blond) SEE: blond  ::
blood {n} /blʌd/ (vital liquid flowing in animal bodies)  :: sang {m}
blood {n} (family relationship due to birth, e.g. between siblings)  :: sang {m}
bloodbath {n} /ˈblʌdˌbæθ/ (indiscriminate killing or slaughter)  :: bain de sang
bloodbath {n} (upset)  :: massacre {m}, bain de sang {m}, boucherie {f}
blood blister {n} (blister filled with blood)  :: pinçon {m}
blood brother {n} (unrelated male friend confirmed by a ceremonial mingling of blood)  :: frère de sang {m}
blood cell {n} (any of the cells normally found in the blood)  :: cellule sanguine {f}, globule {f}
blood clot {n} (thrombus) SEE: thrombus  ::
blood corpuscle {n} (blood cell) SEE: blood cell  ::
blood feud {n} (feud between clans or families) SEE: vendetta  ::
blood group {n} (blood type) SEE: blood type  ::
bloodhound {n} /ˈblʌdhaʊnd/ (dog)  :: limier {m}
bloodhound {n} (informal: detective)  :: limier {m}, détective {m}
blood is thicker than water {proverb} (relationships are stronger within the family)  :: la voix du sang est la plus forte, les liens du sang sont les plus forts
bloodletter {n}  :: saigneur {m}
bloodletting {n} (ancient medical practice)  :: saignée {f}
bloodlust {n} /ˈblʌdˌlʌst/ (the desire for bloodshed)  :: soif de sang {f}
blood money {n} (blood money)  :: prix du sang {m}
bloodnut {n} (person with red hair, informal)  :: rouquin {m}, rouquine {f}
blood orange {n} (type of orange)  :: orange sanguine {f}
blood poisoning {n} (presence of micro-organisms in bloodstream)  :: toxémie {f}, empoisonnement du sang {m}, septicémie {f}
blood pressure {n} (pressure exerted by the blood against the walls of the arteries and veins)  :: tension artérielle {f}
blood pudding {n} (blood sausage) SEE: blood sausage  ::
blood red {adj} (of a deep vivid red colour)  :: rouge sang
bloodroot {n} (plant)  :: sanguinaire {f} [du Canada]
blood sausage {n} (type of sausage)  :: boudin {m}, boudin noir {m}
bloodshed {n} /ˈblʌdˌʃɛd/ (shedding or spilling of blood)  :: effusion de sang {f}
bloodshed {n} (carnage, destruction of life, slaughter)  :: carnage {m}
bloodshot {adj} (reddened and inflamed)  :: injecté
blood sister {n} (a female bound to another one in commitment and friendship by a ceremonial mingling of blood)  :: sœur de sang {f}
bloodstained {adj} (stained, spotted or otherwise discolored with blood)  :: taché de sang
bloodstream {n} /ˈblʌd.stɹɪim/ (flow of blood through the circulatory system of an animal)  :: afflux sanguin {m}
bloodsucker {n} (vampire) SEE: vampire  ::
bloodsucker {n} (parasite) SEE: parasite  ::
bloodsucker {n} (animal that drinks the blood of others)  :: suceur de sang {m}, suceuse de sang {f}
bloodsucker {n} (one who attempts to take as much from others as possible)  :: sangsue {f} (a leech)
blood tax {n}  :: impôt du sang
blood test {n} (a serologic analysis of a sample of blood)  :: bilan sanguin {m}
bloodthirsty {adj} (eager to resort to violence)  :: sanguinaire
blood transfusion {n} (taking blood from one and giving it to another individual)  :: transfusion sanguine {f}, transfusion {f}
blood type {n} (blood classification)  :: groupe sanguin {m}
blood vessel {n} (component of the circulatory system that carries blood)  :: vaisseau sanguin {m}
bloodwork {n} (blood test) SEE: blood test  ::
bloody {adj} /ˈblʌ.di/ (covered in blood)  :: sanglant {m}, sanglante {f}, sanguinaire {m} {f}, sanguinaire {m} {f}, ensanglanté, ensanglanté
bloody {adj} (characterised by great bloodshed)  :: sanglant {m}, sanglante {f}
bloody {adj} (intensifier)  :: foutu {m}, foutue {f}, maudit {m}, maudite {f}
bloody hell {interj} (expression of dismay)  :: bon sang, purée
bloody mary {n} (cocktail made from vodka and tomato juice)  :: bloody mary {m}
bloom {n} (flower) SEE: flower  ::
bloom {n} (blossom) SEE: blossom  ::
bloom {v} (open its blooms) SEE: blossom  ::
bloom {n} /bluːm/ (the state of blossoming)  :: floraison {f}, en fleurs, efflorescence {f}
bloom {n} (state or time of beauty, freshness, and vigor)  :: fleur {f}
bloom {n} (delicate, powdery coating upon certain growing or newly-gathered fruits or leaves)  :: pruine {f}, velours {m}, duvet {m}
bloom {n} (mineralogy: a popular term for a bright-hued variety of some minerals)  :: fleur {f}
bloom {n} (white area of cocoa butter)  :: voile {m}
bloomers {n} (Women’s underpants with short legs.)  :: bloomer {m}
blooming {adj} /ˈblʊ.mɪŋ/ (opening in blossoms)  :: en fleur
blooming {adj} (thriving in health, beauty and vigor/vigour)  :: florissant {m}, florissante {f}
blooming {adj} (euphemism for "bloody")  :: sacré {m}, sacrée {f}
blooming {n} (blooming)  :: fleurissement
blooper {n} /ˈblupɚ/ (an error)  :: perle {f}
Bloquiste {n} (member of the Bloc Québécois)  :: bloquiste {m} {f}
Bloquiste {adj} (pertaining to the Bloc Québécois)  :: bloquiste
blossom {n} /ˈblɒ.səm/ (flowers on trees)  :: fleur {f}
blossom {n} (state or season for such flowers)  :: floraison {f}
blossom {v} (have or open into blossoms)  :: fleurir
blossom {v} (begin to thrive or flourish)  :: s'épanouir
blot {n} /blɑt/ (blemish, spot or stain)  :: tache, (ink) pâté
blot {n} (stain on someone's reputation or character)  :: souillure
blot {v} (to cause a blot)  :: tacher
blot out {v} (to obliterate)  :: effacer
blotter {n} (piece of blotting paper) SEE: blotting paper  ::
blotting paper {n} (absorbent paper used to dry ink)  :: buvard {m}
blouse {n} /blaʊs/ (an outer garment, usually loose, that is similar to a shirt)  :: chemisier {m}, corsage {m}
bloviate {v} (to speak or discourse at length in a pompous or boastful manner)  :: parler pompeusement
blow {v} /bloʊ/ (to produce an air current)  :: souffler
blow {v} (to create or shape by blowing)  :: souffler
blow {v} (to blow a musical instrument to make it give a sound)  :: jouer (de), souffler (dans)
blow {v} (to explode)  :: péter, sauter
blow {v} (to cause to explode)  :: faire sauter
blow {v} (to cause sudden destruction)  :: péter
blow {v} (be very undesirable)  :: être nul {m}, faire chier
blow {v} (to squander)  :: claquer, flamber
blow {v} (to fellate)  :: sucer, tailler une pipe (to hew, or to grave, a smoking pipe)
blow {v} (to leave)  :: se casser, se tirer, mettre les voiles
blow {n} (act of striking or hitting)  :: coup {m}
blow {n} (cocaine) SEE: snow  ::
blow {v} (blossom) SEE: blossom  ::
blow-dryer {n} (an electrical device used for drying hair) SEE: hairdryer  ::
blower {n} (device)  :: ventilateur {m}
blower {n} (telephone) SEE: telephone  ::
blowfish {n} (any species of fish of the family Tetraodontidae that have the ability to inflate themselves to a globe)  :: poisson ballon {m}, poisson globe {m}
blowfly {n} (flies of the family Calliphoridae)  :: mouche à viande {f}
blowgun {n} (weapon)  :: sarbacane {f}
blowhard {n} /ˈbləʊhɑːd/ (person who talks too much or too loudly)  :: grande gueule {f}
blowhole {n}  :: évent {m}
blowjob {n} /ˈbloʊdʒɑb/ (the act of fellatio)  :: fellation {f}; pipe {f}
blow one's nose {v} (to expel mucus from nose)  :: se moucher
blow one's top {v} (lose one's temper) SEE: lose one's temper  ::
blow over {v}  :: terminer, enterrer
blowpipe {n} (weapon) SEE: blowgun  ::
blow someone's mind {v} (to astonish)  :: époustoufler quelqu'un
blowtorch {n} /ˈbloʊˌtɔɹtʃ/ (tool)  :: chalumeau {m} lampe à souder {f}
blow up {v} (to explode (transitive))  :: faire sauter
blow up {v} (to suddenly get very angry)  :: exploser
blow up {v} (to inflate)  :: gonfler
blubber {v} (to make noises while crying)  :: chialer, pleurer comme un veau
bludgeon {n} /blʌdʒ.ən/ (short heavy club)  :: matraque {f}
bludgeon {v} (to club, hit with a bludgeon)  :: matraquer
bludgeon {v} (to force upon)  :: soutirer
blue {n} (sky, literally or figuratively) SEE: sky  ::
blue {adj} /bluː/ (blue-colored)  :: bleu
blue {adj} (depressed)  :: bleus, blues, déprimé
blue {n} (colour)  :: bleu {m}
blue {v} (to make blue)  :: bleuter
blue {v} (to turn blue)  :: bleuir
blue {v} (to passivate steel)  :: bleuter
blue {v} (to brighten (laundry))  :: azurer
blue {adj} (pornographic or profane)  :: bleu
blue {n} (argument) SEE: argument  ::
blue {n} (blue uniform) SEE: blues  ::
blue {n} (bluefish) SEE: bluefish  ::
Blue Banana {prop} (corridor)  :: banane bleue {f}
Bluebeard {prop} (the famous fairy tale)  :: Barbe-Bleue {f}
Bluebeard {prop} (the title character)  :: Barbe-Bleue {f}
bluebell {n} (flowering plants of the genus Hyacinthoides)  :: jacinthe des bois {f}
blue beret {n} (UN peacekeeper)  :: casque bleu
blueberry {n} /ˈblu.ˌbɛ.ɹi/ (fruit)  :: myrtille {f}, bleuet {m} [Canada]
blueberry {n} (plant)  :: myrtille {f}
bluebird {n} (bird of Sialia)  :: merlebleu {m}
bluebottle {n} (man-of-war) SEE: man-of-war  ::
bluebottle {n} (cornflower) SEE: cornflower  ::
blue card {n} (European work permit)  :: carte bleue {f}
blue cheese {n} (kind of cheese with bluish mold)  :: fromage bleu {m}, bleu {m}
blue devils {n} (low spirits)  :: idée noire
blue-eyed {adj} (having blue eyes)  :: cyanophtalme {m} {f}
blue-eyed boy {n} (someone's favourite, especially a young one)  :: chouchou {m}
bluefin tuna {n} (tuna species)  :: thon rouge {m}
bluefish {n} (Pomatomus saltatrix)  :: tassergal {m}
blue giant {n} (very luminous star)  :: géante bleue {f}
blue green {adj} (colour/color)  :: bleu-vert
blue-green alga {n} (member of cyanobacteria)  :: algue bleu-vert {f}
blue hour {n} (period of twilight)  :: l'heure bleue {f}
blue jay {n} (Species of North American jay)  :: geai bleu {m}
blue jeans {n} (denim trousers, see also: jeans)  :: bluejean {m}
blue mussel {n} (Mytilus edulis)  :: moule bleue {f}
blueness {n} (state or quality of being blue)  :: bleuité {f}
blue peter {n} (signal flag)  :: pavillon de partance
Blue Planet {n} (Earth)  :: planète bleue {f}
blueprint {n} /ˈbluːˌpɹɪnt/ (cyanotype reproduction process)  :: cyanotype {m}
blueprint {n} (any detailed technical drawing)  :: blueprint {m}
blues {n} /bluːz/ (musical form)  :: blues {m}
blue screen {n} (blue screen of death) SEE: blue screen of death  ::
blue screen of death {n} (screen indicating a system error)  :: écran bleu de la mort {m}
blue state {n} (blue state in the United States)  :: État bleu {m}
bluestone {n} (slate) SEE: slate  ::
bluestone {n} (limestone) SEE: limestone  ::
bluestone {n} (basalt) SEE: basalt  ::
blue supergiant {n} (a large blue giant)  :: supergéante bleue {f}
bluethroat {n} (bird)  :: gorge-bleue à miroir {f}
blue tit {n} (bird)  :: mésange bleue {f}
bluetongue {n} (disease of ruminants)  :: fièvre catarrhale {f}, maladie de la langue bleue {f}
Bluetooth {prop} (personal area wireless network)  :: Bluetooth {m}
blue whale {n} (a whale, Balaenoptera musculus)  :: baleine bleue {f}, rorqual bleu, rorqual de Sibbald
blue wildebeest {n} (Connochaetes taurinus)  :: gnou bleu {m}
blue-winged grasshopper {n} (Oedipoda caerulescens)  :: criquet à ailes bleues {m}, criquet à ailes bleues et noires {m}, criquet bleu {m}, criquet rubané {m}, œdipode bleuâtre {f}, œdipode bleue {f}, œdipode turquoise {f}
blue-winged kookaburra {n} (Dacelo leachii)  :: martin-chasseur à ailes bleues {m}
Bluey {prop} (nickname commonly given to a red-headed person)  :: Poil de carotte
bluff {v} /blʌf/ (to make a bluff)  :: bluffer
bluish {adj} /ˈbluːɪʃ/ (somewhat blue in color)  :: bleuâtre, bleuté, légèrement bleu
bluishness {n} (the quality of somewhat blue)  :: bleuâtreté {f}
blunder {n} /ˈblʌn.dɚ/ (mistake)  :: [colloquial] gaffe {f}, [colloquial] impair {m}, faux pas {m}, maladresse {f}, bourde {f}
blunderbuss {n} /ˈblʌndəɹbʌs/ (old style of firearm with a distinctive large opening at the muzzle)  :: tromblon {m}, espingole {f}
blunt {adj} /blʌnt/ (having a thick edge or point, not sharp)  :: émoussé
blunt {adj} (dull in understanding; slow of discernment)  :: sot, obtus, idiot
blunt {adj} (abrupt in address; plain; unceremonious)  :: abrupt
blunt {n} (cigar filled with marijuana)  :: blunt {m}
blunt {v} (to dull the edge or point of, by making it thicker)  :: émousser
blunt {v} (to repress or weaken)  :: réprimer
bluntly {adv} /ˈblʌntli/ (In a blunt manner)  :: abruptement, à brûle-pourpoint
blur {v} /blɜ(ɹ)/ (make indistinct or hazy, to obscure or dim)  :: estomper, brouiller {m}
blur {v} (become indistinct)  :: s'estomper
blur {v}  :: flou
blur {n} (A smear, smudge or blot)  :: tache {f}, salissure {f}, marque {f}
blur {n} (Something that appears hazy or indistinct)  :: flou {m}
blurb {n} /blɝ(ː)b/ (a short description of a book, film, or other work)  :: quatrième de couverture {f}
blurred {adj} /blɝd/ (Out of focus)  :: flou
blurry {adj} /ˈblɜːɹi/ (not clear, crisp, or focused)  :: flou
blurt {v} /ˈblɝɹt/ (to speak suddenly and unadvisedly)  :: lâcher, laisser échapper
blurt out {v} (blurt) SEE: blurt  ::
blush {n} /blʌʃ/ (an act of blushing)  :: rougeur {f}
blush {n} (makeup)  :: fard {m}, fard à joues {m}, blush {m}
blush {v} (to redden in the face from shame, excitement or embarrassment)  :: rougir, s'empourprer, cramoisir
blushing bride {n} (a bride who is a virgin)  :: une jeune mariée rougissante {m}
blustery {adj} (blowing in loud and abrupt bursts)  :: bruyant, tumultueux
B major {n} (the major key with B as its tonic)  :: si majeur {m}
B major {n} (the major chord with a root of B)  :: si majeur {m}
BMI {initialism} (body mass index)  :: IMC {m}
B minor {n} (the minor key with B as its tonic)  :: si mineur {m}
B minor {n} (the minor chord with a root of B)  :: si mineur {m}
B-movie {n}  :: série B
BMW {prop} (colloquial names and pronunciations, apart from the romanised "BMW")  :: BMW [read as French: BMV or BMW]
boa {n} /ˈboʊ.ə/ (snake)  :: boa {m}
boa {n} (scarf)  :: boa {m}
boa constrictor {n} (snake)  :: boa constricteur {m}
boar {n} (wild boar) SEE: wild boar  ::
boar {n} /bɔɹ/ (male pig)  :: verrat {m}
board {n} /bɔːɹd/ (piece of wood or other material)  :: planche {f}
board {n} (amount paid for meals and lodging)  :: pension {f}, couvert {m}
board {n} (device containing electrical switches)  :: compteur {m}
board {n} (blackboard, whiteboard, etc.)  :: tableau {m}, plateau {m}, planche {f}
board {n} (committee)  :: conseil d'administration {m}
board {v} (to step or climb)  :: monter (à bord de), embarquer
board {v} (nautical: to capture an enemy ship)  :: aborder
board and lodging {n} (place of lodging with daily meals)  :: le gîte et le couvert {m-p}, le vivre et le couvert {m-p}
boarder {n} /ˈbɔɹdɚ/ (someone who pays for meals and lodging)  :: pensionnaire {m}
boarder {n} (one who uses a snowboard)  :: planchiste
board game {n} (game played on a board)  :: jeu de société {m}
boarding {n} (embarkation)  :: embarquement {m}
boarding {n} (act of attacking an enemy ship)  :: abordage {m}
boarding house {n} (private house for paying guests)  :: pension {f}
boarding house {n} (boarding school building)  :: pensionnat {m}
boarding pass {n} /ˈbɔɹdɪŋ ˌpæs/ (a document to board a plane, ship, etc.)  :: carte d'embarquement {f}
boarding school {n} (school which provides board and lodging)  :: pensionnat {m} (internat {m} is the word used for the lodging of some of the pupils in a normal school)
board of directors {n} (group of people elected by stockholders)  :: conseil d'administration {m}
boarhound {n} (large dog bred to hunt boars)  :: vautre {m}
boast {n} /bəʊst/ (brag)  :: vantardise {f}, fanfaronnade {f}
boast {v} (to brag; to talk loudly in praise of oneself)  :: se vanter
boastful {adj} (tending to boast or brag)  :: vantard, fanfaron
boat {n} /boʊt/ (water craft)  :: bateau {m} , barque {f}, nacelle {f}
boater {n} /ˈboʊ.tɚ/ (someone who travels by boat)  :: canoteur {m}
boater {n} (straw hat)  :: canotier {m}
boatman {n} (a man in charge of a small boat)  :: passeur {m}, batelier {m}
boat person {n} (member of boat people)  :: boat-people {m} {f}
boat shoe {n} (type of shoe)  :: chaussure bateau {f}
boatswain {n} /ˈboʊ.sən/ (the officer (or warrant officer) in charge of sails, rigging, anchors, cables etc. and all work on deck of a sailing ship)  :: bosco {m}
bob {n} (bobber) SEE: float  ::
bob {v} /bɑb/ (move vertically at surface of water)  :: ballotter
bob {n} (curtsey) SEE: curtsey  ::
bobber {n} (buoyant fishing device) SEE: float  ::
bobbin {n} (spool around which wire is coiled)  :: bobine {f}
bobbin {n} (small spool in a sewing machine)  :: bobine {f}, canette {f}
bobble {n} (furry ball attached on top of a hat)  :: pompon {m}
bobble {n} (elasticated band for securing hair)  :: élastique à cheveux {m}
bobby {n} /ˈbɒbi/ (police officer)  :: bobby {m}
bobcat {n} /ˈbɒbkæt/ (North American wild cat)  :: lynx roux {m}
bob haircut {n} (a haircut)  :: coiffure à la garçonne {f}, carré {m}
bobsled {n} (the sled) SEE: bobsleigh  ::
bobsled {n} (the sport) SEE: bobsleigh  ::
bobsledder {n} (someone who participates in bobsled)  :: bobeur {m}, bobeuse {f}
bobsleigh {n} (sport)  :: bobsleigh {m}
bobsleigh {n} (sled)  :: bobsleigh {m}
Bob's your uncle {phrase} ("the solution is simple", "there you have it")  :: le tour est joué
Boccaccian {adj} (of or pertaining to Boccaccio or his works)  :: boccacien
bocce {n} /ˈbɑtʃi/ (A game similar to bowls or pétanque)  :: bocce {p}
Boche {n} (German) SEE: German  ::
Boche {n} (derogatory: German) SEE: Fritz  ::
bodge {v} (do a clumsy or inelegant job) SEE: botch  ::
bodger {n} (One who works in a slipshod manner)  :: bâcleur {m}
bodhisattva {n} /boʊ̯diːˈsɑtvə/ (bodhisattva)  :: bodhisattva {m}
bodice {n} /ˈbɑːdɪs/ (kind of under waist stiffened with whalebone)  :: corsage {m}
bodily {adj} (relating to the body)  :: corporel
bodily fluid {n} (biofluid)  :: humeur {m}, liquide biologique {m}, fluide corporel {m}
bodkin {n} (dagger) SEE: dagger  ::
bodkin {n} (hairpin) SEE: hairpin  ::
body {n} /ˈbɑdi/ (physical structure of a human or animal)  :: corps {m}
body {n} (fleshly or corporeal nature of a human)  :: corps {m}
body {n} (corpse)  :: corps {m}, cadavre {m}, corps sans vie {m} [euphemism]
body {n} (torso)  :: torse {m}
body {n} (organisation, company or other authoritative group)  :: organisation {f}
body {n} (collection of knowledge)  :: corpus {m}
body {n} (any physical object or material thing)  :: corps {m}
body {n} (substance, material presence)  :: corps {m}
body {n}  :: carrosserie {f}
bodybuilder {n} /ˈbɑː.diˌbɪl.dɚ/ (a person who uses diet and exercise to build an aesthetically muscular physique)  :: culturiste {m} {f}
bodybuilding {n} /ˈbɑːdiˌbɪldɪŋ/ (sport of muscle development)  :: culturisme {m}
bodybuilding {n} (work done to construct or repair the body of an automobile)  :: carrosserie {f}
body clock {n} (biological clock) SEE: biological clock  ::
body corporate {n} (corporation) SEE: corporation  ::
body corporate {n} (legal person) SEE: legal person  ::
bodyguard {n} /ˈbɑːdiɡɑːɹd/ (person responsible for protecting an individual)  :: garde du corps {m}
body hair {n} (androgenic hair)  :: poils du corps {m-p}, poils androgéniques {m-p}
body language {n} (non-verbal communication)  :: langage du corps {m}
body linen {n} (linen)  :: linge de corps {m}
body mass index {n} (the measure of the weight in comparison with the height of a person)  :: indice de masse corporelle {m}, IMC {m}
body odour {n} (unpleasant smell on a perons's body)  :: odeur corporelle {f}
body of water {n} (significant accumulation of water)  :: étendue d'eau {f}
body part {n} (anatomy: part of organism)  :: partie du corps {f}
body shop {n} (body shop)  :: carrosserie {f}
bodysuit {n} (a one-piece, skin-tight garment rather like a leotard)  :: body {m}
body temperature {n} (the current temperature of the body of a person or animal)  :: température corporelle {f}
bodywork {n} (exterior body of a motor vehicle)  :: carrosserie {f}
bodywork {n} (repair of the exterior body of a motor vehicle)  :: carrosserie {f}
Boeotia {prop} /biːˈəʊʃə/ (a district in Greece)  :: Béotie {f}
Boeotian {adj} /biːˈəʊʃən/ (pertaining to Boeotia)  :: béotien
Boeotian {adj} (stupid, foolish)  :: béotien
Boeotian {n} (inhabitant of Boeotia)  :: Béotien
Boeotian {n} (simpleton)  :: béotien
Boer {n} /bʊəɹ/ (South African of Dutch descent)  :: Boer
boffin {n} /ˈbɒfɪn/ (scientist or engineer)  :: intello {m} {f}, expert {m}:
bog {n} /bɔɡ/ (expanse of marshland)  :: tourbière {f}
bog {n} (coarse slang for toilet) SEE: shitter  ::
bogatyr {n} (medieval Russian heroic warrior)  :: bogatyr {m}
bog down {v} (to become stuck)  :: s'enliser
bogey {n} /boʊɡi/ (one of two sets of wheels under a train car)  :: boggie {m}
bogey {n} (a score of one over par in golf)  :: bogey, boguey
bogey {n} (booger) SEE: booger  ::
bogeyman {n} (menacing, ghost-like monster in children's stories)  :: croque-mitaine {m}
boggle {v} /ˈbɑ.ɡəl/ (to be bewildered, dumbfounded, or confused)  :: être époustouflé, être confus
boggle {v} (to confuse or mystify; overwhelm)  :: troubler, épater
boggy {adj} (having the qualities of a bog)  :: marécageux
bogie {n} (cigarette) SEE: cigarette  ::
bogie {n} (ghost) SEE: ghost  ::
bogie {n} (bogey) SEE: bogey  ::
bogie {n} (booger) SEE: booger  ::
Bogomil {n} /ˈbɒɡəmɪl/ (member of a dualist Christian sect)  :: bogomile {m} {f}
Bogotá {prop} (Bogota) SEE: Bogota  ::
Bogota {prop} (capital of Colombia)  :: Bogota {f}
bog roll {n} (toilet paper)  :: papier-cul {m}, PQ {m}, [vulgar] torche-cul
bog rosemary {n} (Andromeda)  :: andromède {f}
bogue {n} (bayou) SEE: bayou  ::
bogue {n} (Boops boops)  :: bogue {f}
bogus {adj} /ˈboʊ.ɡəs/ (counterfeit or fake; not genuine)  :: faux, falsifié, truqué, maquillé, trafiqué, colloquial: bidouillé
bogus {adj} (incorrect; useless; broken)  :: hors d'usage, fichu, colloquial: foutu, slang: niqué, gâté
Bohemia {prop} /boʊˈhimiə/ (The region of the Czech Republic)  :: Bohême {f}
bohemium {n} (rhenium) SEE: rhenium  ::
Bohemond {prop} /ˈbəʊəmənd/ (a given name of historical usage)  :: Bohémond
bohrium {n} (chemical element)  :: bohrium {m}
boid {n} /ˈboʊ.ɪd/ (snake)  :: boïdé
boil {n} /bɔɪl/ (accumulation of pus)  :: furoncle {m}
boil {n} (point at which fluid begins to change to a vapour)  :: bouillir
boil {v} (heat (a liquid) until it begins to turn into a gas)  :: faire bouillir, porter à l'ébullition
boil {v} (cook in boiling water)  :: faire bouillir
boil {v} (begin to turn into a gas)  :: bouillir
boiled {adj} (angry) SEE: angry  ::
boiled {adj} (drunk) SEE: drunk  ::
boiled {adj} /bɔɪld/ (cooked in hot water)  :: bouilli
boiled egg {n} (boiled egg (generic))  :: œuf bouilli {m}
boiled egg {n} (hard-boiled egg)  :: œuf dur {m}
boiled egg {n} (soft-boiled egg)  :: œuf à la coque {m}
boiler {n} /ˈbɔɪlə(ɹ)/ (device for heating circulating water)  :: chaudière {f}
boilermaker {n} /ˈbɔɪləˌmeɪkə/ (whiskey and beer)  :: Dame du lac {f}
boilerplate {n} (standard text used routinely)  :: texte standard {m}
boiler room {n} (a room that houses the boiler)  :: chaufferie {m}
boiler suit {n} (one-piece suit)  :: combinaison {f}
boiling {n} /ˈbɔɪlɪŋ/ (process of changing the state of a substance)  :: ébullition {f}
boiling {adj} (that boil(s))  :: bouillant {m}
boiling point {n} (temperature at which a liquid boils)  :: point d'ébullition {m}
boisterous {adj} /ˈbɔɪstəɹəs/ (full of energy; noisy)  :: bruyant, tapageur
boisterous {adj} (characterized by violence and agitation; wild; stormy)  :: turbulent {m}, turbulente {f}
bok choy {n} (Chinese cabbage, Brassica rapa chinensis)  :: pe-tsaï {m}, chou chinois {m}, chou de Pékin {m}
Bokmål {prop} (language)  :: bokmål {m}
Boko {prop} (Mande language of Benin and Nigeria)  :: boko {m}, boo {m}
Boko {prop} (town in Burkina Faso)  :: Boko {m}
Boko {prop} (district in Republic of the Congo)  :: Boko {m}
bold {adj} /boʊld/ (courageous, daring)  :: hardi, effronté
bold {adj} (having thicker strokes than the ordinary form of the typeface)  :: gras
bold {adj} (presumptuous) SEE: presumptuous  ::
boldly {adv} (in a bold manner)  :: hardiment
boldness {n} (courage)  :: audace {f}
bolete {n} (type of mushrooms)  :: bolet {m}
bolide {n} /ˈboʊ.laɪd/ (extremely bright meteor)  :: bolide {m}
Bolivarian {adj} (of or relating to Simon Bolívar)  :: bolivarien
Bolivarianism {n} (political doctrines in South America inspired by Simón Bolívar)  :: bolivarisme {m}, bolivarianisme {m}
Bolivia {prop} /boʊˈlɪv.i.ə/ (country in South America)  :: Bolivie {f}
Bolivian {n} /bəˈlɪv.i.ən/ (Bolivian person)  :: Bolivien {m}, Bolivienne {f}
Bolivian {adj} (pertaining to Bolivia)  :: bolivien
Bolivian slaty antshrike {n} (passerine bird of the antbird family)  :: batara de Bolivie
boll {n} /boʊl/  :: graine {f} (du cotonnier)
bollard {n} /ˈbɒləɹd/ (post to secure mooring lines)  :: bollard {m} [rarely used], bitte d'amarrage {f} (mooring bollard), bitte {f} [rarely used as bitte used alone is a widely used slang word for penis]
bollard {n} (post preventing vehicles from entering pedestrian area)  :: borne {f}
bollock {n} /ˈbɒlək/ ((vulgar, slang) testicle)  :: couille
bollock {v} ((vulgar, slang) to reprimand grossly)  :: engueuler
bollocks {n} (testicles)  :: couilles {f-p}
bollocks {n} (nonsense or information deliberately intended to mislead)  :: conneries {f-p}, foutaises {f-p}
bollocks {n} (an idiot or disagreeable person)  :: couillon
bollocks {v} (to fail (a task))  :: foirer
bollocks {interj} (expressing anger, frustration)  :: les boules, merde, putain
boll weevil {n} (beetle)  :: anthonome {m}
Bollywood {prop} (Indian film industry)  :: Bollywood {m}
Bologna {prop} /bəˈlɒnjə/ (province)  :: Bologne {f}
Bologna {prop} (city)  :: Bologne {f}
bolognese {n} /ˌbɒləˈneɪz/ (Italian sauce)  :: sauce bolognaise {f}
Bolognese {adj} /ˌbɒləˈneɪz/ (of or relating to Bologna)  :: bolognais
Bolognian {adj} (of or relating to Bologna) SEE: Bolognese  ::
bolometric magnitude {n} ((astronomy) magnitude of a star)  :: magnitude bolométrique {f}
bolon {n} (traditional Malian harp)  :: bolon {m}
Bolon {n} (Manding language spoken in Burkina Faso)  :: bolon {m}
Bolshevik {n} (Bolshevik)  :: bolchevik {m}, bolchévique {m}, bolchevique {m}
bolster {n} /ˈbəʊlstə/ (a large cushion or pillow)  :: traversin {m}
bolt {n} /boʊlt/ (metal fastener)  :: boulon {m}
bolt {n} (sliding pin or bar in a lock)  :: verrou {m}
bolt {n} (bar to prevent a door from being forced open)  :: verrou {m}
bolt {n} (short, stout, blunt-headed arrow)  :: carreau {m}
bolt {n} (lightning spark)  :: éclair {m}
bolt {n} (large roll of material)  :: rouleau {m}
bolt {v} (to connect pieces using a bolt)  :: boulonner
bolt {v} (of a plant, to grow quickly)  :: monter en graine, monter
bolt cutter {n} (large pair of pliers to cut bolts)  :: coupe-boulons {m}
bolus {n} (round mass of food)  :: bol {m}
Bolzano {prop} (province of Italy)  :: Bolzano
Bolzano {prop} (town and capital of Bolzano)  :: Bolzano, Bolzane [historical]
bomb {n} /bɑm/ (device filled with explosives)  :: bombe {f}
bomb {n} (very attractive woman)  :: bombe, bombe sexuelle {f}
bomb {n} (a jump into water for maximum splashing)  :: bombe {f}
bomb {v} (attack with bombs)  :: bombarder
bomb {n} (success) SEE: success  ::
bombard {n} /ˌbɑmˈbɑɹd/ (medieval primitive cannon)  :: bombarde
bombard {v} (to attack something with bombs, artillery shells, or other missiles)  :: bombarder
bombard {v} (to attack something or someone by directing objects at them)  :: bombarder
bombard {v} (to direct at a substance an intense stream of high-energy particles, usually sub-atomic or made of at most a few atoms)  :: bombarder
bombardier beetle {n} (beetle)  :: bombardier {m}
bombardment {n} (act of bombing, esp towns or cities)  :: bombardement {m}
bombardment {n}  :: bombardement {m}
bombastic {adj} /bɑmˈbæs.tʰɪk/ (pompous or overly wordy)  :: ampoulé, enflé, boursouflé, pompeux
bombastic {adj} (high-sounding but with little meaning)  :: verbeux, abscons
Bombay {n} (Mumbai) SEE: Mumbai  ::
bomber {n} (aircraft)  :: bombardier {m}
bomber {n} (bomb setter)  :: artilleur {m}, poseur de bombes {m}
bombing {n} (action of dropping bombs from the air)  :: bombardement {m}
bombproof {n} (air-raid shelter) SEE: air-raid shelter  ::
bombshell {n} (a bomb or artillery shell designed to explode on impact)  :: bombe {f}, obus {m}
bombshell {n} (something that is very surprising, shocking, amazing or sensational)  :: surprise {f}, bombe {f} [colloquial]
bombshell {n} (someone who is very attractive)  :: bombe {f} [slang]
bomb shelter {n} (air-raid shelter) SEE: air-raid shelter  ::
bona fide {adj} /ˈboʊnə.faɪd/ (done in good faith)  :: de bonne foi
bona fide {adj} (genuine)  :: véritable, authentique, non contrefait
bona fides {n} (good faith) SEE: good faith  ::
Bonaire {prop} (island)  :: Bonaire {f}
Bonapartism {n} /ˈbəʊnəpɑːtɪzəm/ (pratices and ideology of Napoleon Bonaparte)  :: bonapartisme {m}
Bonapartist {n} (one attached to Napoleon's policy)  :: bonapartiste {m} {f}, Bonapartiste {m} {f}
Bonapartist {adj} (relating to Bonapartism)  :: bonapartiste
bon appétit {interj} /ˌbɒn apəˈtiː/ (used to wish someone enjoyment of the meal they are about to eat)  :: bon appétit, [informal] bon ap'
bond {n} /bɑnd/ (that which binds, a band)  :: lien {m}, entrave {f}
bond {n} (link, connection or union)  :: lien
bond {n} (in chemistry, a link or force between neighbouring atoms in a molecule)  :: liaison
bond {n} (binding agreement, a covenant)  :: alliance {f}
bond {n} (documentary obligation to pay a sum or to perform a contract)  :: obligation {f}
bond {n} (specific pattern of bricklaying.)  :: appareil {m}
bond {v} (to connect, secure, or tie)  :: lier
bond {v} (To lay bricks in a specific pattern.)  :: appareiller
bond {n} (bail bond) SEE: bail bond  ::
bondage {n} /ˈbɑn.dɪd͡ʒ/ (The state of being enslaved or the practice of slavery)  :: esclavage {m}, servitude {f}
bondage {n} (The state of lacking freedom; constraint)  :: esclavage {m}
bondage {n} (The practice of tying people up for sexual pleasure)  :: bondage {m}
bonding {n} (act by which something is bonded)  :: lien {m}
bonding {n} (method of aggregating computer network interfaces)  :: bonding {m}
bondman {n} (man bound in servitude)  :: esclave {m}, serf {m}
bond market {n} (financial market)  :: marché obligataire {m}
bone {n} /boʊn]/ (material)  :: os {m}
bone {n} (component of a skeleton)  :: os {m}
bone {n} (fishbone)  :: arête {f}
bone {n} (corset part)  :: baleine {f}
bone {v} (to remove bones)  :: désosser
bone {v} (slang: have sexual intercourse with)  :: fourrer, emmancher
bone density {n} (bone mineral density)  :: densité minérale osseuse {f}
bone marrow {n} (bone marrow)  :: moelle osseuse {f}, moelle {f}
bone of contention {n} /ˈboʊn əv kənˈtɛnʃən/ (Something that continues to be disputed)  :: pomme de discorde {f}
boner {n} /ˈboʊ.nɚ/ (erect penis)  :: trique {f}, gaule {f}
boner {n} (rigid state of penis or clitoris) SEE: erection  ::
bonfire {n} /ˈbɑnfaɪɚ/ (fire to burn unwanted items or people)  :: bûcher {m}
bonfire {n} (large, outdoor controlled fire)  :: feu de joie {m}
bong {n} /bɒŋ/ (vessel used in smoking various substances)  :: bang {m}
bongo {n} (mammal)  :: bongo {m}
bongo drum {n} (bongo) SEE: bongo  ::
bonheur du jour {n} /bəˌnɝ d(j)u ˈʒʊɹ/ (lady's writing desk)  :: bonheur-du-jour {m}
bonhomie {n} /boʊnəˈmiː/ (geniality)  :: bonhomie {f}
Boniface {prop} (male given name) SEE: Bonifatius  ::
Bonifatius {prop} (male given name)  :: Boniface
bonjour {interj} (hello) SEE: hello  ::
bonk {v} /bɒŋk/ (to strike or collide)  :: heurter
bonk {v} (to have sexual intercourse)  :: faire l'amour
bonk {n} (bump on the head)  :: bosse {f}
bonk {n} (minor collision)  :: choc {m}, heurt {m}
bonk {n} (sexual intercourse)  :: coït {m}
bonkers {adj} (mad, crazy)  :: fou, délirant, irrationnel, zinzin [colloquial], chtarbé {m} [slang]
bon mot {n} /bɒn məʊ/ (clever saying, phrase or witticism)  :: bon mot {m}
Bonn {prop} (a city in Germany)  :: Bonn
bonnet {n} /ˈbɒn.ɪt/ (type of women's and children's hat)  :: bonnet {m}
bonnet {n} (Scottish men's cap)  :: casquette {f}, béret {m}
bonnet {n} (cover over the engine of a motor car)  :: capot {m}
bonobo {n} /bəˈnoʊ̯ˌboʊ̯/ (pygmy chimpanzee)  :: bonobo {m}
bonsai {interj} (a miniaturized tree or plant)  :: bonsaï {m}
bonus {n} /ˈboʊ.nəs/ (something extra that is good)  :: bonus {m}
bonus {n} (extra amount of money given as a premium)  :: bonus {m}
bon vivant {n} /ˌbɑn viˈvɑnt/ (person who enjoys the good things in life, especially good food and drink)  :: bon vivant {m}, bonne vivante {f}
bon voyage {interj} (wish of good journey)  :: bon voyage
bony {adj} /ˈbəʊni/ (resembling, having the appearance or consistence of, or relating to bone)  :: osseux
bonze {n} (Buddhist monk or priest in East Asia)  :: bonze {m}
boo {interj} /buː/ (loud exclamation intended to scare someone)  :: bouh, hou
boo {interj} (exclamation used by a member of an audience)  :: bouh
boo {v} (to shout boos derisively (intransitive))  :: huer
boob {n} /ˈbuːb/ (breast (colloquial))  :: nichon {m}, lolo {m}, néné {m}
boo-boo {v} /ˈbuːˌbuː/ (A minor injury)  :: bobo
boob tube {n} (slightly derogative term for television)  :: téloche {f}
booby {n} /ˈbuːbi/ (bird)  :: fou {m}
booby {n} (woman’s breast)  :: néné {m}, nibard {m}, nichon {m}, robert {m}
booby trap {n} (antipersonnel device deliberately hidden or disguised as a harmless object)  :: piège {m}, objet piégé {m}
booger {n} /ˈbʊɡɚ/ (a piece of solid or semi-solid mucus)  :: crotte de nez {f}, mucus {m}
book {n} /bʊk/ (collection of sheets of paper bound together containing printed or written material)  :: livre {m}, bouquin {m}
book {v} (to reserve)  :: réserver
book {n} (ebook) SEE: e-book  ::
bookbinder {n} (person whose profession is binding books)  :: relieur {m}, relieuse {f}
bookcase {n} /ˈbʊkːeɪs]/ (furniture displaying books)  :: bibliothèque {f}
bookend {n} (object designed to keep books upright)  :: serre-livre {m}
bookie {n} (bookmaker) SEE: bookmaker  ::
booking {n} /ˈbʊkɪŋ/ (reservation for a service)  :: réservation {f}
booking {n} (sports: issuing of a caution)  :: réserve {f}
bookish {adj} /ˈbʊk.ɪʃ/ (given to reading; fond of study)  :: bouquineur, rat de bibliothèque
bookish {adj} (characterized by a method of expression generally found in books)  :: scolaire, pédant, formaliste, littéraire, cuistre
bookjacket {n} (jacket of a book) SEE: dust jacket  ::
booklet {n} /bʊk.lət/ (small book)  :: livret {m}, brochure {f}, [Quebec] pamphlet {m}
book lung {n} (A lamellate respiratory organ found in arachnids)  :: phyllotrachée {f}
bookmaker {n} /ˈbʊkmeɪkəɹ/ (a person who calculates odds and accepts bets; a bookie)  :: bookmaker {m}
bookmark {n} /ˈbʊkmɑɹk/ (strip used to mark a place in a book)  :: marque-page {m}, signet {m}
bookmark {n} (record of the address of a file or page)  :: favori {m}, marque-page {m}, signet {m}
bookmobile {n} (bookmobile)  :: bibliobus {m}
Book of Mormon {prop} (one of the sacred works of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)  :: Le livre de Mormon {m}
bookplate {n} (piece of paper pasted on a book to show ownership)  :: ex-libris {m}
bookrack {n} (rack for books) SEE: bookshelf  ::
bookseller {n} /ˈbʊksɛlɚ/ (person)  :: libraire {m} {f}
bookshelf {n} /ˈbʊkˌʃɛlf/ (shelf for storing books)  :: bibliothèque {f}, étagère {f}
bookshop {n} (shop that sells books)  :: librairie {f}
Books of Moses {prop} (five books)  :: Livres de Moïse {m-p}
bookstore {n} (bookshop) SEE: bookshop  ::
bookworm {n} /ˈbʊk.wɜːm/ (avid reader)  :: rat de bibliothèque, papivore
Boolean {adj} /ˈbuli.ən/ (logic: pertaining to data items that have values “true” and “false”)  :: booléen, boolien
Boolean {n} (logic: a variable)  :: variable booléenne {f}
Boolean algebra {n} (algebraic structure)  :: algèbre de Boole {f}, algèbre booléenne {f}
Boolean function {n} (function based on AND, OR and NOT operations)  :: fonction booléenne {f}
boom {n} /bum/ (abrupt, low-pitched sound)  :: boum
boom {interj} (sound of explosion)  :: boum
boom {n} (spar extending the foot of a sail)  :: bôme {f}
boom {n} (horizontal member of a crane)  :: mat {m}, hausse {f}
boom {n} (period of prosperity)  :: boom {m}
boom {v} (to be prosperous)  :: prospérer
boom box {n} (portable audio system)  :: radiocassette {m}, ghettoblaster {m}
boomerang {n} /ˈbuməɹæŋ/ (flat curved airfoil)  :: boomerang {m}
boomslang {n} /ˈbuːmˌslæŋ/ (Dispholidus typus)  :: boomslang {m}
boon {n} /buːn/ (A blessing or benefit)  :: aubaine {f}
boondock {n} (rural area)  :: cambrousse {f}
boor {n} /bɔɹ/ (a peasant)  :: rustre
boor {n} (a yokel)  :: plouc {m}
boor {n} (an uncultured person)  :: mufle {m}, pignouf {m}, rustre {m}, beauf {m}, plouc {m}
boorish {adj} /ˈbʊəɹɪʃ/ (behaving as a boor)  :: grossier
booster {n} (A booster dose)  :: rappel {m}
boot {n} /buːt/ (heavy shoe that covers part of the leg)  :: botte {f} [high], bottine {f} [to the ankle]
boot {v} (kick)  :: botter
boot {v} (forcibly eject)  :: expulser
boot {v} (vomit)  :: vomir
boot {v} (computing: disconnect, to be involuntarily removed from an online conversation)  :: déconnecter
boot {v} (to start a system)  :: démarrer
boot {n} (bootleg recording)  :: copie pirate {f}
boot {n} (kick) SEE: kick  ::
boot {n} (luggage storage compartment of a sedan/saloon style car) SEE: trunk  ::
bootblack {n} (shoeshiner) SEE: shoeshiner  ::
bootee {n} (Shoe cover)  :: bottillon {m}
booth {n} /buːθ/ (A small stall for the display and sale of goods)  :: stand {m}, échoppe {f}
booth {n} (An enclosure just big enough to accommodate one standing person)  :: cabine {f}, guérite {f}
bootleg {adj} (illegally produced, transported or sold)  :: non-officiel {m}
bootlegger {n} (illegal trader)  :: bootlegger
bootlicker {n} (person who behaves in a servile or obsequious manner)  :: lèche-bottes {m} {f}
boot loader {n} (A program that initiates the bootstrap process)  :: bootloader {m}
bootmaker {n} (a maker of boots, a cobbler)  :: bottier {m}
bootstrap {n} /ˈbuːtˌstɹæp/ (a loop at the top of a boot to help in pulling it on)  :: languette, tirant {m}
bootstrap {n} (a means of advancing oneself or accomplishing something)  :: amorçage
bootstrap {v} (to help (oneself) without the aid of others)  :: se débrouiller
bootstrap {v}  :: amorcer, se débrouiller, lancer
booty {n} /ˈbuːti/ (plunder)  :: butin {m}, dépouille {f}
booty {n} (The buttocks)  :: fesses {f-p}, [vulgar] cul {m}, [literary] séant {m}
booty {n} (A woman, considered as sexual partner or sex object)  :: plan cul {m}
booze {n} /buːz/ (any alcoholic beverage)  :: bibine
bopomofo {prop} (Zhuyin fuhao) SEE: Zhuyin fuhao  ::
boracic {adj} (of or relating to boron alias borax)  :: [dated] boracique {m} {f}, borique {m} {f}
boracic {adj} (penniless)  :: fauché {m}, fauchée {f}
borage {n} /ˈbɒɹ.ɪdʒ/ (Borago officinalis)  :: bourrache {f}
borate {n} (salt of boric acid)  :: borate {m}
borax {n} (crystalline salt)  :: borax {m}
borax {n} ((chemistry) Na2B4O7)  :: borax {m}
borborigmus {n} /bɔːbəˈɹɪɡməs/ (rumbling sound)  :: borborygme {m}
borborygmus {n} /bɔːbəˈɹɪɡməs/ (the rumbling sounds in the intestines)  :: borborygme {m}
Bordeaux {prop} (a city in France)  :: Bordeaux {m}
bordello {n} (brothel) SEE: brothel  ::
border {n} /bɔɹdəɹ/ (the outer edge of something)  :: bord {m}, bordure {f}
border {n} (a decorative strip around the edge of something)  :: bordure
border {n} (the line or frontier area separating regions)  :: frontière {f}
border {v} ((transitive) to put a border on something)  :: délimiter
border {v} ((transitive) to lie on, or adjacent to a border)  :: border
bordering {adj} (having a common boundary or border)  :: limitrophe
borderline {adj} (not clearly on one side or other of a boundary)  :: limite
borderline {n} (boundary)  :: "sur les bords" (familiar)
bordure {n} (contrasting border round a shield)  :: bordure {f}
bore {v} /bɔɹ/ (to make a hole)  :: percer
bore {v} (to inspire boredom)  :: ennuyer, barber
bore {n}  :: mascaret {m}
boreal {adj} /ˈbɔɹi.əl/ (relating to the north)  :: boréal {m}
Boreal {n}  :: Boréal
boreas {n}  :: borée {m}, aquilon {m}
Boreas {prop} /ˈbɔːɹiːəs/ (Greek god)  :: Borée {m}
bored {adj} /bɔːɹd/ (suffering from boredom)  :: ennuyé {m}, ennuyée {f}
boredom {n} /ˈbɔɹ.dəm/ (state of being bored)  :: ennui {m}
Borgesian {adj} (characteristic of Jorge Luis Borges)  :: borgésien, borgien
boric {adj} (pertaining to the element boron)  :: borique {m} {f}, [dated] boracique {m} {f}, borico-
boric acid {n} (White crystalline solid soluble as a weak acid)  :: acide borique {m}
boring {adj} /ˈbɔːɹɪŋ/ (inciting boredom)  :: ennuyeux, barbant, ennuyant
Boris {prop} /ˈbɔɹɪs/ (male given name)  :: Boris
Borjomi {prop} (resort town)  :: Borjomi
born {adj} /ˈbɔɹn/ (given birth to)  :: {m}, née {f}
born {v} (be born) SEE: be born  ::
born-again {adj} (renewed commitment to Jesus Christ)  :: né(e) à nouveau/de nouveau, rené (rare)
borne {adj} /bɔɹn/ (carried, supported)  :: porté, supporté
Borneo {prop} /ˈbɔɹnioʊ/ (island)  :: Bornéo {m}
born with a silver spoon in one's mouth {adj} (born rich or in a wealthy family)  :: né avec une cuillère d'argent dans la bouche
boro {v} (borrow) SEE: borrow  ::
boromagnesite {n}  :: boromagnésite {f}
boron {n} /ˈbɔːɹɒn/ (chemical element)  :: bore {m}
borophene {n}  :: borophène {m}
borough {n} /ˈbʌɹoʊ/ (municipal burough)  :: arrondissement {m}
borreliosis {n} (infection)  :: borréliose {f}
Borromean rings {n}  :: anneaux borroméens
borrow {v} /ˈbɒɹəʊ/ (receive temporarily)  :: emprunter
borrow {v} (to copy a word from another language)  :: emprunter
borrow {v} (in a subtraction)  :: retenir
borrower {n} /ˈbɔɹəuə/ (one who borrows)  :: emprunteur {m}, emprunteuse {f}
borrowing {n} (loanword) SEE: loanword  ::
borscht {n} /bɔːʃt/ (beetroot soup)  :: bortsch {m}, borsch {m}
borzoi {n} /ˈbɔːzɔɪ/ (breed of dog)  :: barzoï {m}
Bose-Einstein condensate {n} (gaseous superfluid)  :: condensat de Bose-Einstein {m}
Bosnia {prop} /ˈbɑə/ (northern part of the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a geographic and historical entity)  :: Bosnie {f}
Bosnia {prop} (short for 'Bosnia and Herzegovina')  :: Bosnie
Bosnia and Herzegovina {prop} /ˈbɒzni.ə ænd ˌhɜɹtsɨɡoʊˈviːnə/ (country on the Balkan peninsula)  :: Bosnie-Herzégovine {f}, [rare] Bosnie-et-Herzégovine {f}
Bosniak {n}  :: Bosniaque {m} {f}
Bosnian {n} /ˈbɑːzni.ən/ (the people)  :: Bosnien {m}
Bosnian {prop} (the standardized variety of Serbo-Croatian)  :: bosnien {m}
bosom {n} /ˈbʊz(ə)m/ (chest, breast)  :: sein {m}
bosom {adj} (in a very close relationship)  :: intime
bosom buddy {n} (bosom friend) SEE: bosom friend  ::
bosom friend {n} (very close friend)  :: ami(e) intime {m} {f}
boson {n} /ˈboʊzɒn/ (particle)  :: boson {m}
Bosphorus {prop} /ˈbɑs.fɚ.əs/ (a strait that passes through Istanbul)  :: Bosphore {m}
boss {n} /bɔs/ (supervisor)  :: patron {m}, chef {m}
boss {n} (person in charge)  :: patron {m}, chef {m}
boss {n} (leader, head of an organised team)  :: chef {m}, patron {m}
boss {n} (term of address to a man)  :: patron {m}, chef {m}
boss {n} (enemy in video game)  :: boss {mf}
bossy {adj} /ˈbɔsi/ (tending to give orders to others)  :: autoritaire
Boston {prop} /ˈbɔstən/ (place name)  :: Boston
bot {n} (robot) SEE: robot  ::
botanic {adj} (pertaining to botany) SEE: botanical  ::
botanical {adj} (Of or pertaining to botany)  :: botanique {m} {f}
botanical garden {n} (a place where a variety of plants are grown for scientific reasons)  :: jardin botanique {m}
botanic garden {n} (botanical garden) SEE: botanical garden  ::
botanist {n} /ˈbɒt.ən.ɪst/ (a person engaged in botany)  :: botaniste {m} {f}
botanize {v} (do the work of a botanist)  :: botaniser
botany {n} /ˈbɒtənɪ/ (scientific study of plants)  :: botanique {f}
botch {v} /bɑt͡ʃ/ (to perform (a task) in an unacceptable or incompetent manner)  :: saccager, rater
botch {v} (to do something without skill, without care, or clumsily)  :: bâcler, rater
botched {adj} (clumsily made or repaired)  :: gâché
botch up {v} (ruin, mess up)  :: bousiller, gâter
Boötes {prop} /boʊˈoʊtiːz/ (a constellation)  :: Bouvier {m}
botfly {n} (insect)  :: œstre {m}
both {determiner} /boʊθ/ (each of two; one and the other)  :: tous les deux {p}
bother {v} /ˈbɑðɚ]/ (to annoy, disturb)  :: embêter, gêner, déranger
bother {v} (make or take trouble)  :: bâdrer
bother {v} (to do something which is of negligible inconvenience)  :: daigner
bother {interj} (mild expression of annoyance)  :: zut!
Bothnian Bay {prop} (northern part of the Gulf of Bothnia)  :: baie de Botnie {f}
Bothnian Sea {prop} (southern part of the Gulf of Bothnia)  :: mer de Botnie {f}
Botswana {prop} /bɑːtˈswɑːnə/ (Republic of Botswana)  :: Botswana
Botswanan {n} (person from Botswana)  :: Botswanais {m}, Botswanéen {m} [rare]
bottle {n} /ˈbɑt.əl/ (container)  :: bouteille {f}
bottle {n} (contents of such a container)  :: bouteille {f}
bottle {n} (nerve, courage)  :: culot {m}
bottle {v} (seal (a liquid) into a bottle for later consumption)  :: embouteiller, mettre en bouteille
bottle {v} (feed (an infant) baby formula)  :: donner le biberon à, nourrir au biberon
bottle {v} (refrain from doing (something) at the last moment because of a sudden loss of courage)  :: se dégonfler
bottle {n} (container with a rubber nipple) SEE: baby bottle  ::
bottle cap {n} (closure used to seal bottles)  :: capsule {f}
bottled water {n} (drinking water sold in a bottle)  :: eau en bouteille {f}, eau embouteillée {f}
bottle gourd {n} (calabash) SEE: calabash  ::
bottleneck {n} (neck of a bottle)  :: goulot {m}, goulot de bouteille {m}, tête de bouteille {f}
bottleneck {n} (any delay; part of a process that is too slow or cumbersome)  :: goulet d’étranglement {m}
bottle opener {n} (device to open bottles)  :: décapsuleur {m}, ouvre-bouteille {m}
bottle out {v}  :: craquer, se dégonfler
bottle shop {n} (liquor store, bottle shop)  :: magasin de vins et spiritueux {m}
bottle up {v} (to put into bottles)  :: embouteiller
bottle up {v} (to prevent enemy vessels of leaving an anchorage)  :: embouteiller
bottom {n} (abyss) SEE: abyss  ::
bottom {n} /ˈbɑtəm/ (lowest part)  :: fond {m}, bas {m}, dessous {m}
bottom {n} (euphemistic: buttocks or anus)  :: arrière-train {m}, cul {m}, derrière {m}, popotin {m}, potron {m}, séant {m}
bottom {n} (gay sexual slang: penetrated partner in sex)  :: passif, enculé {m}
bottom {n} (physics: bottom quark) SEE: bottom quark  ::
bottomless pit {n} (hell)  :: abîme {m}
bottomless pit {n} (endless resource or supply)  :: abîme {m}
bottomonium {n} (meson)  :: bottomonium {m}
bottom quark {n} (bottom quark)  :: quark bottom {m}
bottomry {n}  :: bodinerie {f}, bomerie
bottoms up {interj} (Cheers!)  :: cul sec, à fond [Belgium]
botulinum toxin {n} (neurotoxic protein produced by Clostridium botulinum)  :: toxine botulique {f}
botulism {n} (medical condition)  :: botulisme {m}
Bouaké {prop} (city)  :: Bouaké
Bouches-du-Rhône {prop} (département)  :: Bouches-du-Rhône
boudoir {n} (woman's private room) SEE: bower  ::
bougainvillea {n} /ˌbu.ɡənˈvɪl.jə/ (flower)  :: bougainvillée {f}
bough {n} /baʊ/ (tree branch)  :: branche {f}
bouillabaisse {n} /ˈbuːjəbeɪs/ (a type of French fish soup)  :: bouillabaisse {f}
bouillon {n} /ˈbuː.jɑn/ (a clear seasoned broth)  :: bouillon {m}
boulder {n} /ˈboʊldəɹ/ (large mass of stone)  :: rocher {m}
boules {n} (games played with metal balls)  :: boules {f}, pétanque {f}
boulevard {n} /ˈbʊləvɑɹd/ (broad, landscaped thoroughfare)  :: boulevard {m}
bounce {v} /baʊns/ (to move quickly up and down)  :: rebondir
bounce {n} (change of direction of motion after hitting an obstacle)  :: rebond
bounce {n} (movement up and down)  :: rebond
bounced check {n} (bad check) SEE: bounced cheque  ::
bounced cheque {n}  :: chèque en bois {m}
bouncer {n} /ˈbaʊnsə˞/ (member of security personnel)  :: videur {m}
bouncing castle {n} (inflatable structure on which children jump and play)  :: jeu gonflable {m}, château gonflable {m}
bound {adj} /ˈbaʊnd/ (obliged to)  :: obligé, tenu
bound {n} (boundary, border of territory)  :: frontière {f}, borne {f}
bound {n} (mathematics: value greater (or smaller) than a given set)  :: limite
bound {v} (to surround a territory)  :: délimiter, entourer
bound {n} (sizeable jump)  :: bond {f}, saut {m}
bound {v} (to leap)  :: bondir, sauter
boundary {n} /ˈbaʊndəɹi/ (dividing line or location between two areas)  :: frontière {f}, limite {f}
boundary {n} ((topology) the set of points in the closure, not belonging to the interior)  :: frontière {f}
bounded {adj} /ˈbaʊndɪd/ (type of set)  :: borné
bounded function {n} (function)  :: fonction bornée {f}
boundless {adj} (without bounds, unbounded)  :: illimité
bound morpheme {n} (type of morpheme)  :: morphème lié {m}
bound variable {n} (variable that has an allocated storage location)  :: variable liée {f}
bounty {n} /ˈbaʊnti/ (something given liberally)  :: don {m}
bounty {n} (reward)  :: prime {f}
bounty {n} (pay to naval volunteers)  :: prime {f}
bounty {n} (generosity) SEE: generosity  ::
bounty hunter {n} (person who catches criminals in return for a reward)  :: chasseur de primes
bouquet {n} /boʊˈkeɪ/ (bunch of flowers)  :: bouquet
bouquet {n} (scent of wine)  :: bouquet {m}
Bourbakian {adj}  :: bourbachique
bourbon {n} /bɜː(ɹ)bən/ (A type of whiskey)  :: bourbon {m}
bourdon {n} (bumblebee) SEE: bumblebee  ::
bourgeois {adj} /bu(ɹ)ʒ.ˈwɑː/ (of or relating to the middle class)  :: bourgeois
bourgeois {adj} (conventional, conservative and materialistic)  :: bourgeois
bourgeois {n} /bəɹˈdʒɔɪs/ (9-point type)  :: petit-romain, gaillarde
bourgeoisie {n} (class)  :: bourgeoisie {f}
bourgeoisification {n} (embourgeoisement) SEE: embourgeoisement  ::
bourgeoisify {v} (to make bourgeois)  :: embourgeoiser
Bourguibism {n} (political ideology of Habib Bourguiba)  :: bourguibisme {m}
bourse {n} (stock exchange) SEE: stock exchange  ::
boutique {n} /buːˈtiːk/ (a small shop, especially one that sells fashionable clothes, jewelry and the like)  :: boutique {f}
bouzouki {n} (lute)  :: bouzouki {m}
bovarysm {n} (anxiety to escape from an unsatisfactory social or sentimental condition)  :: bovarysme {m}, bovarisme {m}
bovid {n} /ˈboʊvɪd/ (an animal of Bovidae)  :: bovidé {m}
bovine {adj} /ˈboʊvaɪn/ (of, relating to or resembling cattle)  :: bovin {m}, bovine {f}
bovine {n} (animal like cattle, buffalo, bison)  :: bovin {m}
bovine spongiform encephalopathy {n} (bovine spongiform encephalopathy)  :: encéphalopathie spongiforme bovine {f}
bow {n} /boʊ/ (weapon used for shooting arrows)  :: arc {m}
bow {n} (bend in a rod or planar surface)  :: arc {m}
bow {n} (rod used for playing stringed instruments)  :: archet {m}
bow {v} (to become bent)  :: fléchir, courber
bow {v} (to bend a thing)  :: courber
bow {v} /baʊ/ (to bend oneself as a gesture of respect or deference)  :: s'incliner, faire une révérence
bow {n} (gesture made by bending forward at the waist)  :: révérence {f}
bow {n} /baʊ/ (front of a boat or ship)  :: étrave, proue {f}
bow and arrow {n} /bəʊ(.)ən(d.)æɹəʊ/ (weapon)  :: arc et flèche
bowdlerize {v} /ˈbaʊd.lə.ˌɹaɪz/ (to remove or alter parts of a text considered offensive)  :: censurer
bowel {n} /ˈbaʊ.əl/ (large intestine)  :: gros intestin {m}
bowel {n} (intestines, entrails)  :: boyaux {m-p}
bowel {n} (interior of something)  :: entrailles {f-p}
bowel {n} (seat of pity or gentler emotions)  :: entrailles {f-p}
bowel obstruction {n} (obstruction of the intestines)  :: occlusion intestinale {f}
bowels {n} /baʊ.əlz/ (intestines)  :: entrailles {f-p}, boyaux {m-p}
bower {n} /baʊ.əɹ/ (a woman's bedroom or private apartments, especially in a medieval castle)  :: boudoir {m}
bower bird {n} (Australasian bird)  :: jardinier
bowl {n} /boʊl/ (container)  :: bol {m}
bowl {n} (lawn bowls) SEE: bowls  ::
bowl {n} (haircut) SEE: bowl cut  ::
bowl a googly {v} (to require a quick reaction from by doing something unexpected)  :: prendre de court, poser une colle
bowl cut {n} (haircut)  :: coupe au bol {f}
bowleg {n} (leg that curves outward from the knee)  :: genu varum {m}, jambe arquée {f}
bowler {n} (pitcher) SEE: pitcher  ::
bowler {n} (bowler hat) SEE: bowler hat  ::
bowler hat {n} (hard round black felt hat)  :: chapeau melon {m}
bowline {n} (knot)  :: bouline {f}, nœud de chaise {m}
bowling {n} /ˈboʊliŋ/ (a game played by rolling a ball down an alley)  :: bowling {m}
bowling alley {n} (a building which contains bowling lanes)  :: bowling {m}
bowling ball {n} (ball for bowling)  :: boule de quille {f}
bowls {n} (precision sport)  :: boulingrin {m}
bowmaking {n}  :: archèterie {f}
bowman {n} (archer) SEE: archer  ::
bow out {v} /baʊaʊt/ (To resign, or leave)  :: s'incliner
bow saw {n} (for woodworking, frame saw, turning saw)  :: sciotte {m}
bowser {n} (fuel pump)  :: pompe {f} (à essence), pompe à essence
bowser {n} (fuel transport vehicle)  :: camion-citerne {m}
bowser {n} (water transport vehicle)  :: camion-citerne {m}
bow shock {n} /ˈbaʊʃɑk/ (astronomy)  :: onde de shock
bowsprit {n} /ˈbəʊspɹɪt/ (spar projecting over the prow of a sailing vessel)  :: arbre de beaupré {m}
bowstring {n} /ˈboʊstɹɪŋ/ (string of an archer's bow)  :: corde {f}
bowtie {n} /boʊˈtaɪ/ (necktie shaped like a bow)  :: nœud papillon, nœud pap' {m} [familiar]
bowtie {adj} (shaped like a bow-tie)  :: en nœud papillon
bow wow {n} (sound of a dog barking)  :: mouarf, ouah ouah
bow-wow {interj} (bow wow) SEE: bow wow  ::
box {n} /bɑks/ (cuboid container)  :: boîte {f}, caisse {f}
box {n} (as much as fills a box)  :: boîte {f}
box {n} (compartment of a storage furniture)  :: case {f}
box {n} (compartment to sit in)  :: [in a theater] loge {f}
box {n} (small rectangular shelter)  :: guérite {f}
box {n} (rectangular border around a section of text)  :: encadré {m}
box {n} (small area on a document for a tick mark)  :: case {f}
box {n} (slang: with "the": television)  :: téloche {f}
box {n} (cricket: hard protector for the genitals)  :: coquille {f}, protège-sexe {m}
box {v} (place inside a box)  :: emboîter, mettre en boîte
box {n} (any of various evergreen shrubs or trees)  :: buis {m}
box {n} (blow with the fist)  :: coup de poing {m}
box {v} (strike with the fists)  :: boxer
box {v} (fight against (a person) in a boxing match)  :: boxer
box {n} (input field on an electronic display) SEE: text box  ::
box calf {n} (calfskin)  :: box-calf {m}
boxcutter {n} (utility knife) SEE: utility knife  ::
boxer {n} /ˈbɑːksɚ/ (participant in a boxing match)  :: boxeur {m}
boxer {n} (breed of dog)  :: boxer {m}
boxers {n} (boxer shorts) SEE: boxer shorts  ::
boxer shorts {n} (underwear)  :: caleçon {m}
boxful {n} (as much as a box will hold)  :: boîte {f}
boxing {n} /ˈbɒksɪŋ/ (the sport of boxing)  :: boxe {f}
Boxing Day {n} /ˈbɒksɪŋ deɪ/ (Boxing Day)  :: Boxing Day {m}
boxing glove {n} (padded mitten worn in boxing)  :: gant de boxe {m}
box office {n} /ˈbɑksˌɑfɪs/ (ticket office)  :: billetterie {f}, guichet {m}
box-office bomb {n} (a motion picture that generates relatively low revenue at the box office)  :: flop {m}
box plot {n}  :: boîte à moustaches {f}
box spring {n} (frame of spiral springs)  :: sommier {m}
box tree {n} (tree of the genus Buxus)  :: buis {m}
boxwood {n} (Buxus sempervirens)  :: buis {m}
boy {n} /bɔɪ/ (male servant)  :: garçon {m}, boy {m} [formerly, African male servant in colonies]
boy {n} (historical: non-white male servant)  :: boy {m}
boy {n} (young male)  :: garçon {m}
boy {n} (male of any age, used as a friendly diminutive)  :: gars {m} (informal)
boy {n} (adult male found attractive)  :: garçon {m}
boy {n} (male friend)  :: garçon {m}, gars {m}
boyar {n} /ˈbɔɪɑː/ (rank of aristocracy)  :: boyard {m}, boïard {m}, barine {m}, barynia {f}
boyau {n} /ˈbwɑːjəʊ/ (passage connecting two trenches)  :: boyau {m}
boy band {n} (pop group whose members are all young men)  :: boys band {m}
boycott {v} /ˈbɔɪkɑt/ (to abstain from dealing with a person or organisation as a protest)  :: boycotter
boycott {n} (the act of boycotting)  :: boycott {m}, boycottage {m}
boycotter {n} (someone who engages in a boycott)  :: boycotteur {m}, boycotteuse {f}
boyfriend {n} /ˈbɔɪ.ˌfɹɛnd/ (male partner in a romantic relationship)  :: mon/ton/son ami {m}, petit ami {m} [dated, adolescents], mon/ton/son copain {m}, petit copain {m} [dated, adolescents], chum {m} [Quebec], mec {m} [adolescents], keum {m} [adolescents], chéri {m}, compagnon {m} [adults], partenaire {m} [adults], amoureux {m}, sigisbée {m}
boyfriend {n} (male friend)  :: un ami {m}, un copain {m}
boyish {adj} (like a boy)  :: de garçon
boykin {n} /ˈbɔɪkən/ (a little boy)  :: garçonnet {m}
Boy Scout {n} (a member of the Scout Movement)  :: scout {m}, éclaireur {m}
boyshorts {n} (underwear)  :: shorty {m}
boy's name {n} (A name given to a male)  :: nom de fils
boys will be boys {proverb} (boys are mischievous by nature)  :: les garçons seront toujours des garçons
Bps {initialism} (bytes per second)  :: o/s
bra {n} /bɹɑː/ (brassiere)  :: soutien-gorge {m}, [popular] soutif, [dated] brassière {f}
Brabant {prop} (former province of central Belgium)  :: Brabant {m}
Brabant {prop} (historical region)  :: Brabant {m}
Brabantian {adj} (pertaining to Brabant)  :: brabançon
Brabantian {n} (Brabantian person)  :: Brabançon {m}, Brabançonne {f}
brace {n} /bɹeɪs/ (measure of length representing a person's outstretched arms)  :: toise {f}
brace {n} (structural piece used for support, often diagonal)  :: fiche {f}
brace {n} (two goals in one game)  :: doublé {m}
brace {v} (to prepare oneself for an impact)  :: retenir son souffle
brace {v} (to swing round the yards)  :: brasser
brace {n} (harness) SEE: harness  ::
brace {n} (system to correct crooked teeth) SEE: braces  ::
brace {n} (curly bracket) SEE: curly bracket  ::
brace {n} (bitstock) SEE: bitstock  ::
bracelet {n} /ˈbɹeɪslət/ (a band or chain worn around the wrist as jewelry or an ornament)  :: bracelet {m}
bracelet {n} (strap of a wristwatch)  :: bracelet {m}
braces {n} (handcuffs) SEE: handcuffs  ::
braces {n} /ˈbɹeɪsɪz/ (device for straightening teeth)  :: appareil dentaire {m}, appareil {m}, appareil orthodontique {m}, faux-palais
braces {n} (keyboard symbols)  :: accolades {f}
braces {n} (pair of straps holding trousers)  :: bretelles {f-p}
brachial {adj} (pertaining or belonging to the arm)  :: brachial
brachialis {n} (muscle that flexes the elbow joint)  :: brachial {m}, brachial antérieur {m}
brachiosaur {n} (dinosaur of the genus Brachiosaurus)  :: brachiosaure {m}
brachiosaurus {n} (herbivorous dinosaur)  :: brachiosaure {m}
brachium {n} (upper arm) SEE: upper arm  ::
brachy- {prefix} (short)  :: brachy-
brachylogy {n} (concise speech)  :: brachylogie {f}
brachyology {n} (abbreviated expression)  :: brachylogie {f}
brachyuran {adj} /ˌbɹæk.iˈju.ɹən/ (of or pertaining to crabs)  :: brachyurien
bracken {n} (any of several coarse ferns)  :: ptéridium {m}
bracket {n} (square bracket) SEE: square bracket  ::
bracket {n} (round bracket) SEE: round bracket  ::
brackish {adj} /ˈbɹækɪʃ/ (slightly salty)  :: saumâtre {m} {f}
brackish {adj} (repulsive) SEE: repulsive  ::
braconid {n} (any species of the family Braconidae)  :: braconide
bract {n} (leaf or leaf-like structure)  :: bractée {f}
bradoon {n} (type of snaffle bit) SEE: bridoon  ::
bradycardia {n} (condition of having a slow heartbeat)  :: bradycardie {f}
bradyon {n} (tardyon)  :: bradyon {m}
brag {n} /bɹæɡ/ (card game)  :: brag {m}
brag {v} (to boast)  :: fanfaronner, se vanter
brag {n} (boast) SEE: boast  ::
Bragança {prop} /bɹəˈɡɑnzə/ (city in the homonymous district of Portugal)  :: Bragance {f}
braggadocio {n} (braggart) SEE: braggart  ::
braggart {n} (one who boasts)  :: bravache {m}, fanfaron {m}, fier-à-bras {m}, hâbleur {m}, matamore {m}, rodomont {m}, vantard {m}
bragger {n} (person who brags)  :: vantard {m}
braid {v} /bɹeɪd/ (to intertwine)  :: tresser
braid {n} (weave of three or more strands)  :: tresse {f}, natte {f}
braids {n} /bɹeɪdz/ (style of hair)  :: tresse {f}
braille {n} /bɹeɪl/ (system of writing using raised dots)  :: braille {m}, Braille {m}
brain {n} /bɹeɪn/ (organ)  :: cerveau {m}, [pejorative or when used as food] cervelle {f}, encéphale {m}
brain {n} (person providing intelligence)  :: cerveau {m}
brain cancer {n} (cancer of the brain)  :: cancer du cerveau {m}
braincase {n} (the part of the skull containing the brain)  :: boite crânienne {f}
brain cell {n} (cell in brain)  :: cellule du cerveau {f}
brainchild {n} /ˈbɹeɪn.tʃaɪld/ (creation)  :: création {f}
brain drain {n} (emigration of educated people)  :: fuite des cerveaux {f}, exode des cerveaux {m} [Quebec], drainage des cerveaux {m}, exode des compétences {m}
brainless {adj} (unintelligent; having little or no common sense)  :: sans cervelle
brain mushroom {n} (fungus)  :: fausse morille {f}t
brains {n} /bɹeɪnz/ ((informal) intelligence, aptitude)  :: cervelle {f}
brains {n} (as food)  :: cervelle {f}
brain stem {n} (part of the brain that connects the spinal cord to the forebrain and cerebrum)  :: tronc cérébral {m}
brainstorm {n} (brainstorming) SEE: brainstorming  ::
brainstorming {n} (method of problem solving)  :: remue-méninge {m}, brainstorming {m}
brain-teaser {n} (a complex riddle or puzzle)  :: casse-tête {m}
brainwash {n} /ˈbɹeɪnwɒʃ/ (effect upon one's memory, belief or ideas)  :: lavage de cerveau {m}
brainwash {v} (to affect one's mind)  :: décerveler, laver le cerveau, bourrer le crâne
brain-washing {n} (form of indoctrination)  :: lavage de cerveau {m}
braise {v} /bɹeɪz/ (To cook in a small amount of liquid)  :: braiser
brake {n} /bɹeɪk/ (device used to slow or stop a vehicle)  :: frein {m}
brake {v} (to operate brakes)  :: freiner
brake assembly {n} (the collective replacement parts used to repair an automobile's worn down brakes)  :: pièces de driction
brake pad {n} (friction element in a disc brake)  :: plaquette de frein {f}
brake pedal {n} (the pedal in a vehicle which operates the brakes)  :: pédale de frein {f}
braking {n} /ˈbɹeɪkɪŋ/ (applying of brakes)  :: freinage {m}
bramble {n} /ˈbɹæmbəl/ (blackberry)  :: ronce {f}
bramble {n} (plant in the genus Rubus)  :: roncier {m}
Brampton {prop} (city in Ontario)  :: Brampton {m}
bran {n} /ˈbɹæn/ (outside layer of a grain)  :: son {m}
branch {n} /bɹæntʃ/ (woody part of a tree arising from the trunk)  :: branche {f}, rameau {m}
branch {n} (part that divides like the branch of a tree)  :: branche {f}
branch {n} (location of an organization with several locations)  :: filiale {f}, succursale {f}
branch {n} (line of family descent)  :: branche {f}
branch {v} (to jump to a different location in a program, especially as the result of a conditional statement)  :: brancher
branchial {adj} (of, pertaining to or resembling gills)  :: branchial
branch off {v} (to diverge into two or more separate paths)  :: bifurquer
branchy {adj} (having many branches)  :: branchu
brand {n} /bɹænd/ (burning wood, ember)  :: tison
brand {n} (mark made by burning)  :: marque {f}
brand {n} (name, symbol, logo)  :: marque {f}
brand {n} (a specific product, service, or provider so distinguished)  :: marque {f}
brand {n} (style, manner)  :: style {m}
brand {v} (burn the flesh)  :: flétrir
brand {v} (mark with proof of ownership)  :: marquer
brand {v} (impress on the memory or senses)  :: graver
brand {v} (stigmatize)  :: cataloguer, flétrir
brandade {n} (puree of salted cod, olive oil, and milk)  :: brandade
Brandenburg {prop} (state)  :: Brandebourg
Brandenburg {prop} (city)  :: Brandebourg
brandish {v} /ˈbɹændɪʃ/ (to move a weapon)  :: brandir
brand name {n} (trade name) SEE: trade name  ::
brand new {adj} (utterly new)  :: flambant neuf
brand spanking new {adj} (utterly new)  :: flambant neuf
brandy {n} /ˈbɹændi/ (liquor)  :: cognac {m}, brandy {m}, eau-de-vie
brane {n} /bɹeɪn/ (hypothetical object)  :: brane {f}
brant {n} /bɹænt/ (wild geese of the genus Branta)  :: oie {f}
bras d'honneur {n} /ˌbɹɑ dɑˈnɝ/ (obscene gesture)  :: bras d'honneur {m}
brash {adj} /bɹæʃ/ (impetuous or rash)  :: irréfléchi
brash {adj} (insensitive or tactless)  :: agressif
brash {adj} (impudent or shameless)  :: culotté [familiar], gonflé [familiar]
brashness {n} (characteristic of being brash)  :: toupet {m}, culot {m} [familiar]
Brasília {prop} /bɹɑˈsiːli.ə/ (The capital of Brazil)  :: Brasília, Brasilia
brass {n} /bɹɑːs/ (alloy of copper and zinc)  :: laiton {m}
brass {n} (made of brass (attributive use))  :: en laiton
brass {n} (class of wind instruments)  :: cuivres {m-p}
brass {n} (spent shell casings)  :: douille {f}
brass {n} (high-ranking military officers)  :: galonnés {m-p}
brass {adj} (of colour of brass)  :: couleur de laiton
brass band {n} (group of musicians who play brass instruments)  :: fanfare {f}
brassic {adj} (boracic) SEE: boracic  ::
brassic {adj} /ˈbɹæsɪk/ (of or relating to brassicas)  :: brassique {m} {f}
brassica {n} /ˈbɹæs.ɪ.kə/ (cabbage family)  :: brassique {f}
brassiere {n} (bra) SEE: bra  ::
brass instrument {n} (musical instrument)  :: instrument de cuivre {m}
brass knuckles {n} (weapon which reinforces the fist)  :: poing américain {m}
brat {n} /bɹæt/ (a selfish, spoiled, or unruly child)  :: peste {f}, morveux {m}, morveuse {f}, sale gosse {m} {f}
brat {n} (bratwurst) SEE: bratwurst  ::
Bratislava {prop} /ˌbɹætɨˈslɑːvə/ (The capital of Slovakia)  :: Bratislava, Pressbourg
bratwurst {n} (A small pork sausage)  :: crépinette {f}
Braunschweig {prop} (Brunswick) SEE: Brunswick  ::
brave {adj} /bɹeɪv/ (strong in the face of fear)  :: courageux
bravely {adv} /ˈbɹeɪvli/ (in a brave manner)  :: bravement
brave new world {n} (ambitious, often utopian, vision of the future)  :: meilleur des mondes
bravery {n} /ˈbɹeɪvəɹi/ (being brave)  :: courage {m}
bravo {n} /ˈbɹɑvoʊ/ (the letter "B")  :: Berthe
bravo {interj} (interjection)  :: bravo
brawl {n} /bɹɔl/ (A fight or quarrel)  :: bagarre {f}, rixe {f}, [France, slang] baston {f}
brawl {v} (fight or quarrel)  :: se bagarrer
brawn {n} /bɹɔːn/ (strong muscles)  :: muscle {m} [uncountable]
brawn {n} (physical strength, muscularity)  :: muscle {m} [uncountable]
brawn {n} (terrine)  :: fromage de tête {m}, tête pressée {f}, tête marbrée {f}, tête fromagée {f}, hure {f}
brawny {adj} (characterized by brawn)  :: balèze, balaise
bray {v} /bɹeɪ/ (to make the cry of a donkey)  :: braire
bray {n} (the cry of a donkey)  :: braiment {m}
brazen {adj} /ˈbɹeɪzən/ (pertaining to, made of, or resembling brass)  :: cuivreux,
brazen {adj} (sounding harsh and loud)  :: aigu {m}, aigue {f}
brazen {adj} (extremely strong)  :: dur comme de la pierre, impénétrable
brazen {adj} (impudent, immodest, or shameless)  :: grossier {m}, grossière {f}, brutal {m}, brutale {f}, éhonté {m}, éhontée {f}
brazen bull {n} (ancient torture device consisting of a hollow brass bull where victims were imprisoned and burned to death)  :: taureau d'airain {m}, taureau de Phalaris {m}
brazen-faced {adj} /ˈbɹeɪ.zənˌfeɪst/ (Impudent)  :: impudent
Brazil {prop} /bɹəˈzɪl/ (Portuguese-speaking country in South America)  :: Brésil {m}
Brazilian {n} /bɹəˈzɪlɪən/ (person from Brazil)  :: Brésilien {m}, Brésilienne {f}
Brazilian {adj} (pertaining to Brazil)  :: brésilien, auriverde
brazil nut {n} (nut)  :: noix du Brésil {m}
brazilwood {n} (timber tree)  :: pernambouc {m}, bois-brésil
breach {n} /bɹiːtʃ]/ (break of a law or obligation)  :: infraction {f}, violation {f}
breach {n} (gap)  :: brèche {f}
breach {n} (breaking up of amicable relations)  :: brouille {f}
breach of promise {n} (tort of withdrawing a promise to marry)  :: violation de promesse de mariage {f}
bread {n} /bɹeːd/ (baked dough made from cereals)  :: pain {m}
bread {n} (countable: any variety of bread)  :: pain {m}
bread {n} (slang: money)  :: fric {m}, blé {m}
bread {n} (food, sustenance, support of life, in general)  :: pain {m}
bread {v} (to bread)  :: paner
bread-and-butter letter {n} (short letter)  :: lettre de château {f}
bread-and-butter note {n} (short note)  :: lettre de château {f}
bread and circuses {n} (food and entertainment provided by the state)  :: du pain et des jeux
breadbasket {n} (stomach) SEE: stomach  ::
breadbox {n} (a container for storing bread)  :: panetière {f}
breadcrumb {n} (tiny piece of bread)  :: miette {f}; panure {f};
breadcrumb {n} (Internet) SEE: breadcrumbs  ::
breadcrumbs {n} (trail of hyperlinks)  :: fil d’Ariane
breadfruit {n} /ˈbɹedfɹuːt/ (tree)  :: arbre à pain {m}, artocarpus {m}, artocarpe {m}
breadfruit {n} (fruit)  :: fruit à pain {m}
bread machine {n} (household appliance which makes dough) SEE: bread maker  ::
bread maker {n} (household appliance which makes bread)  :: robot boulangeur {m}
breadmaker {n} (baker) SEE: baker  ::
breadmaker {n} (bread maker) SEE: bread maker  ::
bread roll {n} (round piece of bread)  :: petit pain {m}
breadstick {n} (slander loaf of crisp bread)  :: gressin {m}, [rare] grissini {m}
breadth {n} (width) SEE: width  ::
breadwinner {n} /ˈbɹɛdˌwɪnɚ/ (primary income-earner in a household)  :: gagne-pain {m}, pain {m}, soutien de famille {m}
break {v} /bɹeɪk/ (intransitive: to separate into (to end up in) two or more pieces)  :: se rompre, se casser, se briser
break {v} (transitive: to separate into (to cause to end up in) two or more pieces)  :: rompre, casser, briser
break {v} (intransitive, of a bone: to crack)  :: se casser
break {v} (transitive: to cause (a bone) to crack)  :: casser
break {v} (to divide (money) into smaller units)  :: diviser
break {v} (transitive: to do that which is forbidden by (something))  :: outrepasser
break {v} (intransitive: to stop functioning properly or altogether)  :: se casser
break {v} (transitive: to cause to stop functioning)  :: casser
break {v} (of a voice, to alter in type)  :: muer
break {v} (to do better than a record)  :: battre [un record]
break {v} (to reduce the military rank of)  :: dégrader
break {v} (to counter-attack)  :: riposter, contre-attaquer
break {n} (physical space that opens up in something or between two things)  :: espace {m}, ouverture {f}
break {n} (rest or pause, usually from work)  :: pause {f}
breakable {adj} (fragile) SEE: fragile  ::
break a law {v} (to violate a law)  :: enfreindre une loi
break a leg {interj} (expression of best wishes to a performer)  :: je te dis merde !, merde !
break a sweat {v} (to start sweating)  :: se mettre à transpirer, commencer à transpirer
break a sweat {v} (to put effort into something)  :: [without ...] sans broncher, [without ...] sans sourciller
breakaway {adj} (having broken away from a larger unit)  :: séparatiste, sécessioniste
break bad {v} /bɹeɪk bæd/ (to go wrong, to turn toward immorality or crime)  :: mal tourner
break bread {v} (to eat a meal, especially shared)  :: casser la croûte (familiar)
break bread {v} (Christianity)  :: partager le pain {m}
breakdancing {n} (Style of dance)  :: breakdance {m}
break down {v} (to cease to function)  :: tomber en panne
break down {v} (to become unstable or collapse, mentally or otherwise)  :: craquer
break down {v} (to decay)  :: se décomposer
break down {v} (to divide into parts for analysis)  :: analyser, décomposer
breakdown {n} (failure, particularly mechanical)  :: panne
breakdown {n} (lapse of mental stability)  :: crise de nerfs {f}
breakdown {n} (listing or categorization in great detail)  :: détail {m}
breakdown {n} (breaking of chemical bonds within a compound)  :: dégradation {f}
breakdown {n}  :: collapse {m}, crise nerveuse, détail {m}
breaker {n} /ˈbɹeɪkɚ/ (something that breaks)  :: casseur {m}
breaker {n} (machine for breaking rocks or coal)  :: concasseuse {f}
breaker {n} (wave)  :: lame {f}
break even {v} (to neither gain nor lose money)  :: rentrer dans ses frais, s'en sortir sans perte
break-even point {n} (The point where total costs equal total sales revenue)  :: seuil de rentabilité {m}
breakfast {n} /ˈbɹɛkfəst/ (first meal of the day)  :: petit déjeuner {m} [France], déjeuner {m} [Belgium, Switzerland, Cajun and Canadian French]
breakfast {v} (to eat the morning meal)  :: prendre le petit-déjeuner
breakfast cereal {n} (food made from processed grains)  :: céréale de petit déjeuner {f}, céréale {f}, céréales {f-p}
break in {v} (to enter by force or illicitly)  :: pénétrer par effraction, fracturer
break in {v} (to make something new function well through use)  :: roder, casser, se faire
break-in {n} (the act of entering with the intent to steal)  :: effraction {f}
breaking news {n} (news that just happened or is happening)  :: nouvelles de dernière minute , édition spéciale
break new ground {v} (To begin excavating and levelling earth for a new building)  :: creuser un nouveau terrain
break new ground {v} (To initiate a new venture)  :: ouvrir de nouvelles voies
break of dawn {n} (daybreak) SEE: daybreak  ::
break off {v} (end abruptly)  :: interrompre
break one's fast {v} (archaic: to eat breakfast)  :: prendre le petit déjeuner, déjeuner
break one's fast {v} (to conclude any period of fasting by consuming food)  :: rompre le jeûne
break on the wheel {v} (to execute by beating)  :: rouer
break out {v} (to escape, especially forcefully or defiantly)  :: s'échapper
break point {n} (situation in which if the receiver wins the next point, (s)he will win the game)  :: balle de break {f}
breakpoint {n} ((computing) point in a program where operation may be interrupted)  :: point d'arrêt {m}
break someone's heart {v} (to cause a person to feel grief or sadness)  :: casser cœur [add pronouns mon, ton, etc., e.g. casser mon cœur - "to break my heart"]
break the deadlock {v} (score the first goal)  :: ouvrir la marque
break the ice {v} /ˈbɹeɪk ði ˈaɪs/ (to start to get to know people, by avoiding awkwardness)  :: briser la glace
break the Sabbath {v} (to break the Sabbath)  :: violer le sabbat, profaner le sabbat
break through {v} (to gain popularity)  :: percer
breakthrough {adj} /ˈbɹeɪkθɹuː/ (characterized by major progress)  :: capital, primordial, décisif
breakthrough {n} (military advance)  :: percée {f}, trouée {f}
breakthrough {n} (major progress)  :: percée {f}, avancée {f}
breakthrough {n} ((sports) penetration of the opposition defence)  :: trouée {f}, percée {f}
break up {v} (intransitive: to disintegrate)  :: se casser, se briser, se rompre
break up {v} (to end a relationship)  :: rompre, casser
break up {v} (transitive: to break or separate into pieces)  :: rompre
breakup {n} (breakdown) SEE: breakdown  ::
breakup {n} /ˈbɹeɪkʌp/ (termination of a friendship or a romantic relationship)  :: rupture {f}
breakwater {n} /bɹeɪkwɔːtə/ (construction in or around a harbour)  :: brise-lames {m}
break wind {v} (to fart)  :: lâcher, en lâcher un (to let one loose), péter
bream {n} /bɹiːm/ (fish of the genus Abramis)  :: brème {f}
bream {n} (Abramis brama)  :: brème {f}, brème commune {f}
bream {n} (marine sparoid fish of the genus Pagellus, and allied genera)  :: pageot {m}
breast {n} /bɹɛst/ (female organ)  :: sein {m}, poitrine {f}
breast {n} (chest)  :: poitrine {f}
breast {n} (seat of emotions)  :: poitrine {f}, cœur {m}
breast {n} (animal's thorax)  :: poitrine {f}, poitrail {m}
breast {n} (choice cut of meat from poultry or other animals)  :: blanc {m}
breast augmentation {n} (cosmetic procedure)  :: augmentation mammaire {f}
breastbone {n} (the central narrow bone in the front of the chest)  :: sternum {m}
breast cancer {n} (cancer of the breast)  :: cancer du sein {m}
breastfeed {v} (feed a baby milk via the breasts)  :: allaiter, donner la tétée
breastfeeding {n} /ˈbɹɛstˌfidɪŋ/ (activity)  :: allaitement {m}
breast implant {n} (medical prosthesis)  :: implant mammaire {m}
breast milk {n} (milk produced by humans)  :: lait maternel {m}
breastplate {n} (armor)  :: cuirasse
breast pump {n} (device used to extract breast milk)  :: tire-lait {m}
breaststroke {n} (swimming stroke)  :: brasse {f}
breath {n} /bɹɛθ/ (act or process of breathing)  :: respiration {f}
breath {n} (single act of breathing in and out)  :: souffle {m}, respiration {f}
breath {n} (air expelled from the lungs)  :: haleine {f}, souffle {m}
breathe {v} /bɹiːð/ (to draw air in and out)  :: respirer, inspirer, expirer
breathe {v} (to exchange gases in similar way)  :: respirer
breathe down someone's neck {v} (to follow or supervise too closely)  :: être sur le dos de quelqu'un
breathlessness {n} (state of being breathless or out of breath)  :: essoufflement {m}, halètement {m}
breathlessness {n} (difficult respiration) SEE: shortness of breath  ::
breathtaking {adj} /ˈbɹɛθˌteɪ.kɪŋ/ (stunningly beautiful)  :: époustouflant {m}
breathtaking {adj} (very surprising or shocking)  :: époustouflant {m}
breccia {n} /ˈbɹɛtʃ(ɪ)ə/ (rock)  :: brèche {f}
breech {n} /bɹiːtʃ/ (Garment that clothes the buttocks)  :: culotte {f}
breeches {n} /ˈbɹiːtʃɪz/ (a garment worn by men, covering the hips and thighs)  :: culotte {f}, haut-de-chausses {m}
breed {v} /bɹiːd/ (to sexually produce offspring)  :: se reproduire, engendrer
breed {v} (to take care of in infancy and through childhood)  :: élever
breed {v}  :: se reproduire
breed {n} (race or lineage)  :: race {f}
breeder {n} /bɹiːdə(ɹ)/ (professional plants or animal breeder)  :: éleveur {m}, éleveuse {f}
breeding {n} (copulation) SEE: sexual intercourse  ::
breeding {n} /ˈbɹiːdɪŋ/ (process through which propagation, growth or development occurs)  :: élevage
breeding {n} (act of inseminating by natural or artificial means)  :: insémination
breeding {n} (copulation of animals)  :: copulation
breeding-ground {n} (place where animals breed)  :: frayère {f} [for fish]
breeding-ground {n} (figuratively)  :: vivier {m}, pépinière {m}
breeze {n} /bɹiːz/ (a light, gentle wind)  :: brise {f}
breeze {n} (activity that is easy)  :: gâteau {m}
breeze-block {n} (building block)  :: parpaing {m}, bloc de béton {m}
breezefly {n} (horsefly) SEE: horsefly  ::
breezy {adj} /ˈbɹiːzi/ (exposed to the breezes)  :: aéré {m}
Bremen {prop} (state)  :: Brême {m}
Bremen {prop} (city)  :: Brême {m}
Brescia {prop} /ˈbɹɛʃə/ (city and province of Italy)  :: Brescia
Breslau {prop} (Wroclaw) SEE: Wroclaw  ::
brethren {n} /ˈbɹɛðɹən/ (the body of members)  :: confrères {m-p}, frères {m-p}
Breton {n} /ˈbɹɛtən/ (person from Brittany)  :: Breton {m}, Bretonne {f}
Breton {prop} (the language)  :: breton {m}
Breton {adj} (pertaining to Brittany)  :: breton
breviary {n} /ˈbɹɛv.i.ɛɹ.i/ (a book containing prayers and hymns)  :: bréviaire {m}
brevier {n}  :: gaillarde, petit-texte
brevity {n} /ˈbɹɛv.ɪ.ti/ (the quality of being brief in duration)  :: concision {f}, brièveté {f}
brevity {n} (succinctness; conciseness)  :: concision {f}, laconisme {m}
brevity is the soul of wit {proverb} (conciseness is essential to witty remarks)  :: la brièveté est l’âme de l’esprit
brew {n} (beer) SEE: beer  ::
brew {v} /bɹuː/  :: brasser
brew {n} (something brewed)  :: breuvage {m}
brew {n} (hill) SEE: hill  ::
brew {n} (cup of tea) SEE: cup of tea  ::
brewer {n} /ˈbɹuː.ə(ɹ)/ (someone who brews)  :: brasseur {m}, brasseuse {f}
brewery {n} (building where beer is produced)  :: brasserie {f}
brewing {n} (production of alcoholic beverages)  :: brassage {m}
brewmaster {n} (person in charge of beer production at a brewery)  :: maître brasseur
Brexit {prop} /ˈbɹɛɡzɪt/ (withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU)  :: Brexit {m}
Brezhnev {prop} (surname)  :: Brejnev
briar {n} /bɹʌɪə/ (any thorny plant)  :: églantier {m}, bruyère {f}
briar {n} (white heath)  :: bruyère {f}
briar {n} (pipe)  :: pipe en bruyère {f}
bribe {n} /bɹaɪb/ (inducement to dishonesty)  :: pot-de-vin {m}
bribe {v} (to give a bribe)  :: verser un pot-de-vin, soudoyer, corrompre
bribery {n} /ˈbɹaɪbəɹi/ (making of illegal payment)  :: corruption {f}
BRIC {prop} (Brazil, Russia, India, and China)  :: BRIC {m}
brick {n} /bɹɪk/ (hardened block used for building)  :: brique {f}
brick {n} (a building material)  :: brique
brick {adj} (made of brick(s))  :: en brique
bricklayer {n} (craftsman)  :: maçon {m}
brickyard {n} (factory where bricks are produced or distributed)  :: briqueterie {}
bride {n} /bɹaɪd/ (bride)  :: jeune mariée {f}, future mariée {f}, mariée {f}, future épouse {f}, épouse {f}
bridegroom {n} /ˈbɹaɪdˌɡɹuːm/ (bridegroom, groom)  :: jeune marié {m}, futur marié {m}, marié {m}, futur époux {m}, époux {m}
bridesmaid {n} /ˈbɹaɪdzˌmeɪd/ (woman who attends the bride at a wedding ceremony)  :: demoiselle d'honneur {f}
bridge {n} /bɹɪd͡ʒ/ (construction or natural feature that spans a divide)  :: pont {m}
bridge {n} (replacement for teeth)  :: bridge {m}, [Canada] pont {m}
bridge {n} (nautical)  :: passerelle {f}
bridge {n} (communications)  :: pont
bridge {n} (piece on string instruments)  :: chevalet {m}
bridge {n} (card game)  :: bridge {m}
bridgeable {adj} (able to be spanned by, or as if by, a bridge)  :: où un pont est possible
bridgeable {adj} (possible to reconcile)  :: surmontable, remédiable
bridgehead {n} /ˈbɹɪdʒhɛd/ (area of ground on the enemy's side of an obstacle)  :: tête de pont {f}
Bridget {prop} (female given name)  :: Brigitte
bridgetender {n} (someone who maintains and/or operates a bridge)  :: pontier {m}
Bridgetown {prop} /ˈbɹɪdʒˌtaʊn/ (capital of Barbados)  :: Bridgetown {f}
bridle {n} /ˈbɹaɪdəl/ (headgear for horse)  :: bride
bridle {v} (to put a bridle on.)  :: brider
bridle {v} (to check, restrain)  :: brider, refréner
bridle {v} (to show hostility)  :: être susceptible, réagir de manière piquée
bridoon {n} (type of snaffle bit)  :: le filet de mors de bride
brie {n} /bɹiː/ (mild French cheese)  :: brie {m}
brief {adj} /bɹiːf/ (of short duration)  :: bref, court
brief {adj}  :: bref
briefcase {n} /ˈbɹiːfˌkeɪs/ (case used for carrying documents)  :: portefeuille {m}, serviette {f}, porte-documents {m}
briefing {n} /ˈbɹiːfɪŋ/ (short and concise summary of a situation)  :: revue {f} de presse
briefly {adv} /ˈbɹiːfli/ (in a brief manner)  :: brièvement, concisément
briefs {n} /bɹiːfs/ (male underwear)  :: [Europe] slip {m}, [Quebec] bobettes {f-p}
brig {n} (two-masted vessel)  :: brigantin {m}
brig {n} (naval military jail or guardhouse)  :: cachot {m}
brigadier {n} (an army rank)  :: brigadier {m}, brigadière {f}
brigadier general {n} (an officer commanding a brigade)  :: brigadier-général
brigand {n} /ˈbɹɪɡ.ənd/ (bandit)  :: brigand {m}, bandit {m}
brigantine {n} (square-rigged foremast with main mast rigged fore-and-aft, sailing vessel)  :: brigantine {f}
bright {adj} /bɹaɪt/ (visually dazzling, luminous, radiant)  :: brillant, luisant, clair
bright {adj} (intelligent)  :: intelligent, brillant {m}
bright {adj} (vivid)  :: vivide {m} {f}, brillant {m}
bright {adj} (happy)  :: heureux {m}
brightly {adv} /ˈbɹaɪtli/ (in a bright manner)  :: clairement, précisément
brightness {n} (the quality of being bright)  :: brillance
brightness {n} (the perception elicited by the luminance of an object)  :: luminosité {f}
brightness {n} (intelligence, cleverness)  :: intelligence
bright side {n} (a consoling aspect of a difficult situation)  :: bon côté {m}, aspect positif {m}
bright spark {n} (a clever person)  :: tête {f}
brill {n} /bɹɪl/ (Scophthalmus rhombus)  :: barbue {f}
brilliant {adj} /ˈbɹɪljənt/ (shining brightly)  :: brillant
brilliant {adj} (of a colour: both light and saturated)  :: brillant
brilliant {adj} (of a voice or sound: having a sharp, clear tone)  :: brillant
brilliant {adj} (of surpassing excellence)  :: brillant
brilliant {adj} (magnificent or wonderful (primarily UK usage))  :: brillant
brilliant {adj} (highly intelligent)  :: brillant
brilliant {n} (4-point type)  :: perle
brillig {n} (nonce word)  :: brilgue
brimstone {n} (sulfur) SEE: sulfur  ::
brimstone {n} /ˈbɹɪmˌstoʊn/ (butterfly species)  :: citron {m}
Brindisi {prop} (province)  :: Brindisi
Brindisi {prop} (town)  :: Brindisi
brindled gnu {n} (blue wildebeest) SEE: blue wildebeest  ::
brine {n} /bɹaɪn/ (salt water)  :: saumure {f}
brine shrimp {n} (an aquatic crustacean of the order Artemia)  :: artémie
bring {v} /ˈbɹɪŋ/ (to transport toward somebody/somewhere)  :: apporter, amener
bring about {v} (To cause to take place)  :: provoquer, causer, occasionner
bring about {v} (To accomplish)  :: accomplir, effectuer, réaliser
bring back {v} (to fetch something)  :: ramener, rapporter
bring back {v} (to cause to remember something from the past)  :: ramener
bring back {v} (to reenact an old rule or law)  :: faire revenir
bring back {v} (to revive something dead)  :: ramener
bring forth {v} (to produce, bear as fruit)  :: produire
bring forth {v} (to give birth)  :: produire
bring forth {v} (to create, bring into existence)  :: produire, générer
bring forth {v} (to bring out for display)  :: produire
bring home the bacon {v} (to make a living)  :: gagner sa vie, faire bouillir la marmite, mettre du pain sur la table
bring owls to Athens {v} (to undertake a pointless venture) SEE: carry coals to Newcastle  ::
bring to a boil {v} (heat something until it reaches boiling point)  :: porter à ébullition
bring to heel {v} (compel someone to obey)  :: mettre au pas
bring to light {v} (expose)  :: mettre au jour, mettre au grand jour
bring up {v} (to raise children)  :: élever
brinjal {n} (an aubergine) SEE: eggplant  ::
brink {n} /bɹɪŋk/ (edge)  :: bord {m}, lisière {f}
briny {n} (sea) SEE: sea  ::
briny {adj} /ˈbɹaɪni/ (salty)  :: saumâtre {m} {f}
brioche {n} (type of bun)  :: brioche {f}
briquet {n} /bɹɪˈkɛt/ (small brick)  :: briquette {f}
briquet {n} (cigarette lighter)  :: briquet {m}
brisance {n} /ˈbɹiːzɑ̃s/ (shattering effect of the energy released in an explosion)  :: brisance {f}
Brisbane {prop} /ˈbɹɪzbən/ (Capital of Queensland, Australia)  :: Brisbane {m}
brisk {adj} /bɹɪsk/ (full of liveliness and activity)  :: animé
brisk {adj} (full of spirit of life)  :: vif
brisk {adj} (stimulating or invigorating)  :: stimulant
brisket {n} (the chest of an animal)  :: poitrine {f}, poitrail {m}
brisket {n} (a cut of meat from an animal chest)  :: poitrine {f}
briskly {adv} /ˈbɹɪskli/ (fast, quickly, swiftly)  :: vivement
bristle {n} /ˈbɹɪs.əl/ (hair or straw of a brush, broom etc.)  :: poil
bristle {v} (to rise or stand erect, like bristle)  :: se hérisser
bristletail {n} (insect of the order Thysanura)  :: lépisme {m}, poisson d'argent {m}
Bristol {prop} /ˈbɹɪstəl/ (city in south-west England)  :: Bristol
Brit {n} (British person) SEE: Briton  ::
Britain {prop} (United Kingdom) SEE: United Kingdom  ::
Britain {prop} /ˈbɹɪ.tn̩/ (island, see also: Great Britain; British Isles)  :: Grande-Bretagne {f} [only full name is used for the island]
Britain {prop} (Brittany) SEE: Brittany  ::
britches {n} (pants) SEE: pants  ::
britches {n} (breeches) SEE: breeches  ::
British {prop} /ˈbɹɪt.ɪʃ/ (citizens or inhabitants of Britain)  :: Britannique {m} {f}
British {prop} (the citizens or inhabitants of the UK)  :: Britannique {m} {f}
British {prop} (the British English language)  :: anglais britannique {m}
British {adj} (of Britain)  :: britannique {m} {f}
British Broadcasting Corporation {prop} (BBC)  :: Corporation britannique de radiodiffusion
British Columbia {prop} /ˈbɹɪt.ɪʃ ˌkə.lʌə/ (Province in western Canada)  :: Colombie-Britannique {f}
British Columbian {adj}  :: britanno-colombien, colombo-britannique
British Columbian {n}  :: Britanno-Colombien, Colombo-Britannique
British Commonwealth {prop} (Commonwealth of Nations) SEE: Commonwealth of Nations  ::
British Empire {prop} (the United Kingdom together with its dominions, colonies, dependencies, trust territories and protectorates)  :: Empire britannique {m}
British English {prop} (English language as in Britain, especially in England)  :: Anglais Britannique {m}
Britisher {n} /ˈbɹɪtɪʃə/ (British subject)  :: Britannique
British Indian Ocean Territory {prop} (UK overseas territory)  :: Territoire britannique de l'océan Indien {f}
British Isles {prop} /ˌbɹɪ.tɪʃ ˈaɪlz/ (group of islands)  :: les îles Britanniques {f-p}
British Virgin Islands {prop} (a British overseas territory in the Caribbean)  :: Îles Vierges britanniques {f-p}
Briton {n} /ˈbɹɪtən/ (inhabitant of Great Britain)  :: Britannique {m} {f}
Brittany {prop} /ˈbɹɪt(ə)ni/ (region of North West France)  :: Bretagne {f}
brittle {adj} /ˈbɹɪtl̩/ (able to break or snap easily under stress or pressure)  :: fragile
brittle {n} (confection of caramelized sugar and nuts)  :: croquant {m}
brittleness {n} (property)  :: fragilité {f}
brittle star {n} (echinoderms)  :: ophiure {f}
Brittonic {adj} (Brythonic) SEE: Brythonic  ::
bro {n} (a male sibling) SEE: brother  ::
bro {n} /bɹoʊ/ (used to address a male)  :: frérot {m}
broach {v} /bɹoʊtʃ/ (make a hole in)  :: perforer, percer un tonneau
broach {v} (begin discussion about)  :: s'adresser à, aborder, entamer
broach {n} (brooch) SEE: brooch  ::
broad {adj} (wide) SEE: wide  ::
broad {adj} /bɹɔːd/ (having a specified width)  :: large
broad {adj} (strongly regional)  :: fort
broad {n} (colloquial term for a woman or girl)  :: gonzesse {f}, meuf {f}
broad {n} (whore) SEE: whore  ::
broad bean {n} (edible bean that has broad seeds)  :: fève {f}, fèverole {f}
broadcast {n} /ˈbɹɔːdkɑːst/ (transmission of a radio or television programme)  :: émission {f}
broadcast {v} (to transmit a message or signal through radio waves or electronic means)  :: diffuser, radiodiffuser
broadcasting {n} (business or profession of radio and television)  :: radiodiffusion {f}, émission {f}
broaden {v} (to become broad)  :: s'élargir
broadleaf {adj} (having leaves)  :: feuillu
broadleaf {adj} (having especially broad leaves)  :: platyphylle
broad-leaved epiphyllum {n} (Epiphyllum oxypetalum)  :: Epiphyllum à large feuilles
broad shoulders {n} (the ability to take criticism or accept responsibility)  :: (avoir les) épaules solides
broadsword {n} /ˈbɹɔːd.sɔːd/ (a longsword with a broad cutting blade)  :: estramaçon {m}
broad-winged hawk {n} (Buteo platypterus)  :: petite buse {f}
brocade {n} /bɹəˈkeɪd/ (fabric)  :: brocart {m}
brocard {n} /ˈbɹoʊkɚd/ (A legal principle usually expressed in Latin)  :: brocard {m}
broccoli {n} /ˈbɹɑ.kə.li/ (plant Brassica oleracea var. italica)  :: brocoli {m}
brochure {n} /bɹoʊˈʃʊɚ/ (booklet of printed informational matter)  :: brochure {f}
brocket {n} /ˈbɹɒkɪt/ (young stag with straight horns)  :: daguet {m}
broke {adj} /bɹoʊk/ (lacking money; bankrupt)  :: fauché, à sec [invariable], [formally] désargenté
brokeback {adj} (derelict) SEE: derelict  ::
broken {adj} /ˈbɹəʊkən/ (fragmented)  :: cassé, brisé, rompu
broken {adj} (having the bone in pieces, fractured)  :: cassé, fracturé
broken {adj} (of a line: dashed)  :: discontinu, traitillé
broken {adj} (not working properly)  :: cassé, niqué [slang], pété [informal]
broken {adj} (completely defeated and dispirited)  :: brisé
broken {adj} (poorly spoken)  :: approximatif, petit-nègre
broken {adj} (having no money)  :: fauché
broken {adj} (disconnected)  :: coupé
broken {adj} (of software: badly designed or implemented)  :: buggé
broken {adj} (meteorology: five eighths to seven eighths obscured by clouds)  :: fragmenté
broken-down {adj} (no longer in working order)  :: en panne {m} {f}, hors-service {m} {f}, H.S. {m} {f}
broken heart {n} (feeling of grief or loss)  :: cœur blessé {m}
brokenhearted {adj} (grieved and disappointed)  :: ayant le cœur brisé
broker {n} /ˈbɹoʊkɚ/ (mediator between a buyer and seller)  :: courtier {m}, représentant {m}, démarcheur {m}
broker {v} (to mediate in a sale or transaction)  :: négocier
brokerage {n} (company whose business is to act as a broker)  :: courtier {m}
brokerage {n} (the commission paid to a broker)  :: courtage {m}
bromance {n} (close but non-sexual relationship between men)  :: bromance {f}; bromance {f}
bromate {n} (salt of bromic acid)  :: bromate {m}
bromide {n} /ˈbɹoʊ.maɪd/ (chemistry: binary compound of bromine and another element)  :: bromure {m}
bromide {n} (platitude) SEE: platitude  ::
bromine {n} /ˈbɹoʊmin/ (nonmetallic chemical element)  :: brome {m}
bromoform {n} (CHBr3)  :: bromoforme {m}
bromophenol blue {n} (acid-base indicator)  :: bleu de bromophénol {m}
bronchial {adj} /ˈbɹɑːəl/ (Of or relating to the bronchi or to the bronchioles)  :: bronchial
bronchitis {n} /bɹɒŋˈkʌɪtɪs/ (inflammation of the lungs)  :: bronchite {f}
bronchodilator {n} (drug used to dilate and relax the bronchial passages)  :: bronchodilatateur {m}
bronchus {n} (Either or two branches of the trachea)  :: bronche
bronze {v} (to tan) SEE: tan  ::
bronze {n} /bɹɑnz/ (alloy)  :: bronze {m}, airain {m}
bronze {n} (colour)  :: bronze
bronze {adj} (tanned; darkened as a result of exposure to the sun)  :: hâlé, bronzé, tanné par le soleil
bronze {n} (bronze medal) SEE: bronze medal  ::
Bronze Age {prop} (archaeology)  :: âge du bronze {m}
bronze medal {n} (medal made of, or having the colour of, bronze)  :: médaille de bronze {f}
bronze medalist {n} (bronze medal winner)  :: médaillé de bronze {m}, médaillée de bronze {f}
bronze whaler {n} (copper shark) SEE: copper shark  ::
brooch {n} /bɹoʊtʃ/ (jewellery with pin)  :: broche {f}
brood {n} /bɹuːd/  :: couvée {f}
brood {v} (to keep an egg warm)  :: couver
brood {v} (to dwell upon moodily and at length)  :: se morfondre, broyer du noir
brooder {n} (heated box used for chicks or premature babies)  :: couveuse {f}
brook {n} /bɹʊk/ (a small stream)  :: ruisseau {m}
brook {v} (tolerate) SEE: tolerate  ::
brooklet {n} (a little brook)  :: ruisselet {m}
brook trout {n} (Salvelinus fontinalis)  :: truite mouchetée {f}, saumon de fontaine {m}, omble de fontaine
broom {n} /bɹuːm/ (domestic utensil)  :: balai {m}
broom {n} (domestic utensil)  :: Picard: ramon {m}
broom {n} (Fabaceae shrub)  :: genêt à balais {m}
broom {v} (to sweep)  :: balayer
broomcorn millet {n} (proso millet) SEE: proso millet  ::
broomrape {n} (plant of the genus Orobanche)  :: orobanche {f}
broom wagon {n} (vehicle)  :: camion-balai {m}, voiture-balai {f}
broth {n} /bɹɔθ/ (water in which food (meat or vegetable etc) has been boiled)  :: bouillon {m}
broth {n} (soup made from broth)  :: bouillon {m}, soupe {f}
brothel {n} /ˈbɹɔθəl/ (house of prostitution)  :: bordel {m}, lupanar {m}, maison close {f}, [Belgium] privé {m}, maison de tolérance {f}, boxon {m}
brothel-keeper {n} (person who keeps a brothel)  :: tenancier de maison close {m}, tenancière de maison close {f}, tenancière {f}
brother {n} /ˈbɹʌðɚ/ (male sibling)  :: frère {m}
brother {n} (male having parents in common)  :: frère {m}
brother {n} (male fellow member of a religious community)  :: frère {m}
brother {n} (peer)  :: pair {m}, semblable {m} {f}
brother {v} (to treat as a brother)  :: fraterniser
brotherhood {n} /ˈbɹʌðɚhʊd/ (state of being brothers or a brother)  :: fraternité {f}
brotherhood {n} (an association of any purpose, a fraternity)  :: confrérie {f}, fraternité {f}
brotherhood {n} (persons of a like kind)  :: fraternité {f}
brother-in-arms {n} (fellow combatant or soldier)  :: frère d'armes {m}
brother-in-law {n} /ˈbɹʌðɚ ɪn ˌlɔ/ (one's husband's brother)  :: beau-frère {m}
brother-in-law {n} (one's wife's brother)  :: beau-frère {m}
brother-in-law {n} (one's sister's husband)  :: beau-frère {m}
brother-in-law {n} (one's husband's sister's husband)  :: beau-frère {m}
brother-in-law {n} (one's wife's sister's husband)  :: beau-frère {m}
brothers {n} /ˈbɹʌðə(ɹ)z/ (male siblings)  :: frères {m-p}
brouhaha {n} /ˈbɹuː.hɑː.hɑː/ (fuss, uproar)  :: brouhaha {m}
brow {n} (forehead) SEE: forehead  ::
brow {n} (eyebrow) SEE: eyebrow  ::
browbeat {v} /ˈbɹaʊ.biːt/ (to bully in an intimidating way)  :: intimider, brusquer
brown {n} /bɹaʊn/ (colour)  :: marron, brun
brown {adj} (having a brown colour)  :: brun, marron
brown {v} (to become brown)  :: brunir
brown {v} (to cook until brown)  :: faire dorer, faire roussir
brown {v} (to tan) SEE: tan  ::
brown bear {n} (Ursus arctos)  :: ours brun {m}
brown coal {n} (lignite) SEE: lignite  ::
brown dwarf {n} (starlike object)  :: naine brune {f}
brown eye {n} (vulgar, slang for the anus)  :: trou du cul {m}
brown falcon {n}  :: faucon bérigora
Brownian motion {n} (random motion of particles suspended in a fluid)  :: mouvement brownien {m}
brownie {n} /ˈbɹaʊni/ (small rich cake)  :: brownie {f}
brownish {adj} /ˈbɹaʊnɪʃ/ (of a colour which resembles brown; somewhat brown)  :: brunâtre
brownnose {v} (fawn) SEE: fawn  ::
brownnose {v} (to flatter in obsequious manner)  :: lécher le cul [vulgar], flagorner [literary], cirer les pompes [colloquial], lécher les bottes [colloquial]
brown noser {n} (one who brownnoses)  :: lèche-bottes, lèche-cul, cireur de pompes {m}, cire-pompes {m} {f}
brown rat {n} (Rattus norvegicus)  :: surmulot {m}
brown rice {n} (unpolished rice)  :: riz complet, riz brun
brownstone {n}  :: grés brun
brown sugar {n} (partially refined sugar)  :: cassonade {f}
brown thumb {n} (lack of skill at growing plants)  :: pouce brun {m} [Quebec]
brown trout {n} (species of freshwater trout)  :: truite fario {f}
brow ridge {n} (bony projection above the eye sockets)  :: arcade sourcilière
browse {v} /bɹaʊz/ (scan, casually look through)  :: feuilleter
browse {v} (move about while sampling)  :: parcourir, regarder
browse {v} (navigate through hyperlinked documents)  :: naviguer
browse {v} (move about while eating parts of plants)  :: brouter
browser {n} (web browser) SEE: web browser  ::
BRT {n} (bus rapid transit)  :: SRB
brucellosis {n} (infection by the bacterium, Brucella)  :: brucellose {f}
Bruges {prop} /bɹuːʒ/ (city in Belgium)  :: Bruges {m}
bruise {v} /bɹuːz/ (strike (a person), giving them a bruise)  :: contusionner, meurtrir
bruise {v} (cause fruit to bruise)  :: taler, cotir
bruise {v} (of fruit, to gain bruises)  :: se taler, se cotir, s'abîmer
bruise {v} (to get bruised)  :: se faire un bleu
bruise {n} (medical: mark on the skin)  :: bleu {m}, contusion {f}, ecchymose {f}, meurtrissure {f}
bruise {n} (mark on fruit)  :: [rare] talure {f}, cotissure {f}, meurtrissure {f}
Brumaire {prop} /bɹʊˈmɛəɹ/ (the second month of the French Republican Calendar)  :: brumaire {m}
brunch {n} /bɹʌntʃ/ (a meal)  :: brunch {m}
Brunei {prop} /bɹuːˈnaɪ/ (a country in Southeast Asia)  :: Brunei {m}
Bruneian {n} (person from Brunei)  :: Brunéien, de Brunei
Bruneian {adj} (pertaining to Brunei)  :: brunéien, de Brunei
brunette {adj} /bɹuˈnɛt/ (Of a woman having brown or black hair)  :: brune {f}
brunette {n} (A girl or woman with brown or black hair)  :: brune {f}
brunette {n} (often with dark eyes and a relatively dark or olive complexion)  :: brune {f}
brunion {n} (nectarine) SEE: nectarine  ::
Bruno {prop} /ˈbɹunoʊ/ (male given name)  :: Bruno {m}
Bruno {prop} (surname)  :: Bruno {m} {f}
Brunswick {prop} (Braunschweig, Germany)  :: Brunswick
brush {n} /bɹʌʃ/ (implement)  :: brosse {f}
brush {n} (act of brushing)  :: brossage {m}
brush {n} (short experience)  :: accrochage {m}
brush {v} (to clean (with a brush))  :: brosser
brush {v} (to untangle/arrange)  :: (se) brosser
brush {v} (to apply)  :: peindre, peinturer
brush {v} (to remove)  :: brosser
brushtail {n} (brushtail possum) SEE: brushtail possum  ::
brushtail possum {n} (Trichosurus vulpecula)  :: phalanger-renard {m}, phalanger vulpin {m}
brushwood {n} (fallen branches and twigs)  :: brindilles {p}
brusque {adj} /bɹʌsk/ (rudely abrupt, unfriendly)  :: brusque
Brusselian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to, Brussels)  :: bruxellois {m}
Brusselian {n} (someone from Brussels)  :: Bruxellois {m}, Bruxelloise {f}
Brussels {prop} /ˈbɹʌsəlz/ (capital of Belgium)  :: Bruxelles {f}
Brussels Capital Region {prop} (region of Belgium)  :: Région de Bruxelles-Capitale {f}
Brussels sprout {n} (vegetable)  :: chou de Bruxelles {m}
brutal {adj} /ˈbɹuːtəl/ (savagely violent)  :: brutal
brutalise {v} (to inflict violence)  :: brutaliser
brutalise {v} (to make brutal)  :: abrutir
brutality {n} (a state of being brutal)  :: brutalité {f}
brutalize {v} (brutalise) SEE: brutalise  ::
brutally {adv} (in a brutal manner)  :: brutalement, sauvagement
brute {n} /bɹuːt/ (brutal person)  :: brute {f}
Brutus {prop} /ˈbɹutəs/ (Roman cognomen)  :: Brutus
bruxism {n} /ˈbɹʌk.sɪz.əm/ (The habit of grinding the teeth)  :: bruxisme {m}
bruxomania {n} (Compulsive grinding of the teeth)  :: bruxomanie {f}
Bryansk {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Briansk {m}
bryony {n} /ˈbɹaɪəni/ (herb of Bryonia)  :: brione {f}
bryophyte {n} /ˈbɹaɪ̯.ə.fʌit/ (member of the Bryophyta; moss, liverwort, or hornwort)  :: bryophyte {m}
Brythonic {adj} /bɹɪˈθɒnɪk/ (of or relating to the Brythonic language subgroup)  :: brittonique
bête noire {n} /bɛt ˈnwɑɹ/ (an anathema)  :: bête noire {f}
bubble {n} (Greek) SEE: Greek  ::
bubble {n} /ˈbʌb.əl/ (spherically contained volume of air or other gas)  :: bulle {f}
bubble {n} (small spherical cavity in a solid)  :: trou {m}
bubble {n} (period of intense speculation in a market)  :: bulle {f}
bubble {v} (to rise up in bubbles)  :: bouillonner
bubble {n} (someone who has been fooled) SEE: dupe  ::
bubble {v} (to cry, weep) SEE: weep  ::
bubble {v} (to cheat, delude) SEE: cheat  ::
bubble bath {n} (bath in which an additive is poured into the water to create bubbles)  :: bain moussant {m}
bubble level {n} (tool) SEE: spirit level  ::
bubble sort {n} (sorting algorithm)  :: tri à bulles {m}
bubble tea {n} (sweet tea drink)  :: thé aux perles {m}, thé aux bulles {m}
bubble wrap {n} (cushioning material)  :: papier bulle {m}
bubo {n} /ˈbu.boʊ/ (inflamed lymph node)  :: bubon {m}
bubonic {adj} (of or pertaining to buboes)  :: bubonique
bubonic plague {n} (disease caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis)  :: peste bubonique {f}
buccaneer {n} (a group of seamen)  :: boucanier {m}
bucentaur {n} (a supposed mythical monster, half ox, half man)  :: bucentaure {m}
Bucharest {prop} (The capital of Romania)  :: Bucarest {m}
Bucharestian {n} (someone from Bucharest)  :: Bucarestois {m}, Bucarestoise {f}
buck {n} (ram) SEE: ram  ::
buck {n} /bʌk/ (male deer, goat, etc.)  :: bouc
buck {n} (informal: dollar)  :: piasse {f} [Quebec]
buck {v} (of a horse: to leap upward arching its back, kicking out hind legs)  :: ruer
bucket {n} /ˈbʌkɪt/ (container)  :: seau {m}, [Quebec] chaudière {f}
bucket {n} (part of piece of machinery)  :: godet {m}
bucket {n} (old car)  :: tacot {m}, [Quebec] bazou {m}, [Quebec] minoune {f}, [France] guimbarde
bucket {n} (basketball: basket)  :: panier
bucket {v} (rain heavily)  :: pleuvoir à verse
bucket hat {n} (a casual hat often worn at the beach)  :: bob {m}
bucket of bolts {n} (machinery that is not worth more than its scrap value)  :: tas de ferraille
buckeye {n} /ˈbʌkaɪ/ (tree of the genus Aesculus)  :: marronnier {m}
bucking {n} /ˈbʌkɪŋ/ (act of kicking both hind legs upward)  :: ruade {f}
Buckingham Palace {prop} (the official London residence of the British monarch)  :: palais de Buckingham {m}
buckle {v} /ˈbʌk(ə)l/ (to distort under longitudinal compression)  :: se déformer
buckle {v} (to make bend; to cause to become distorted)  :: déformer, gauchir
buckle {v} (to give in)  :: s’écrouler, s’affaisser
buckle {v} (to yield; to cease opposing)  :: renoncer, céder
buckle {n} (belt clasp)  :: boucle {f}
buckle {v} (to fasten)  :: boucler
buckler {n} /ˈbʌk.lə/ (small shield)  :: bouclier {m}, targe {f}
buckram {n} /ˈbʌkɹəm/ (cloth)  :: bougran {m}
buckshot {n} (lead shot used in shotgun cartridges)  :: chevrotine {f}
buck's party {n} (bachelor party) SEE: bachelor party  ::
buckthorn {n} (plant of the genus Rhamnus)  :: nerprun
buckthorn {n} (Rhamnus cathartica)  :: nerprun purgatif {m}
buckwheat {n} /ˈbʌkwiːt/ (fruit of this plant as cereal)  :: blé sarrasin {m}, blé noir {m}, sarrasin {m}
bucolic {adj} /bjuˈkɑlɪk/ (rustic, pastoral, country-styled)  :: bucolique
bucolic {adj} (pertaining to herdsmen or peasants)  :: pastoral
bud {n} /bʌd/ (newly formed leaf or flower that has not yet unfolded)  :: bourgeon {m}, bouton {m}
bud {n} (slang: potent cannabis)  :: beu {f}
bud {v} (to form buds)  :: bourgeonner
bud {n} (slang: buddy)  :: pote {m} {f}
Budapest {prop} /ˈbuːdəpɛst/ (the capital city of Hungary)  :: Budapest {m}
Buddha {n} /buːdə/ (Buddha)  :: Bouddha {m}
Buddhahood {n} (state of being enlightened by the Buddhist teachings)  :: bouddhéité
Buddha's hand {n} (citrus fruit)  :: main de Bouddha {f}
Buddhism {n} /ˈbu.dɪ.zəm/ (religion and philosophy)  :: bouddhisme {m}
Buddhist {adj} /ˈbudɪst/ (of, relating to, or practicing Buddhism)  :: bouddhiste
Buddhist {n} (practitioner of Buddhism)  :: bouddhiste {m} {f}
Buddhistic {adj} (of, relating to Buddhism)  :: bouddhique
buddy {n} /bʌ.di/ (friend or casual acquaintance)  :: compagnon {m}, pote {m}, copain {m}
buddy {n} (partner for a particular activity)  :: copain {m}, pote {m} {f}
buddy {n} (informal address to a stranger)  :: camarade {m}, mec {m}
budge {v} /bʌdʒ/ (intransitive: to move)  :: bouger
budge {v} (transitive: to move)  :: bouger
budgerigar {n} (species of parakeet)  :: perruche ondulée {f}
budget {n} /ˈbʌdʒ.ɪt/ (amount of money or resources)  :: budget {m}
budget {n} (itemized summary of intended expenditure)  :: budget {m}
budget {adj} (of, or relating to a budget)  :: budgétaire
budgetary {adj} (of or pertaining to a budget)  :: budgétaire
Buenos Aires {prop} /ˌbweɪnoʊs ˈaɪɹeɪs/ (capital of Argentina)  :: Buenos Aires
buff {n} /bʌf/ (a person who is very interested in a particular subject)  :: mordu [colloquial], passionné {m}, aficionado {m}
buff {n} (A brownish yellow colour)  :: chamois
buff {adj} (Of the color of buff leather, a brownish yellow)  :: chamois
buffalo {n} /ˈbʌf.ə.loʊ/ (Old World mammals)  :: buffle {m}
buffalo {n} (North American bison)  :: bison {m}
buffalo {n} (fish)  :: ictiobus {m}
buffalo {v} (hunt buffalo)  :: chasser le buffle
buffalo {v} (outwit, confuse)  :: être plus malin, confondre, intimider, battre
buffalo {v} (pistol-whip)  :: frapper avec la crosse d'un pistolet
Buffalo {prop} (a city in New York State)  :: Buffalo
buffalo wing {n} (cooked chicken wing in spicy sauce)  :: aile Buffalo, aile de poulet Buffalo, aile piquante Buffalo
buffer {n} /ˈbʌfɚ/ (portion of memory in computing)  :: tampon {m}
buffer {n} (solution to stabilize pH)  :: solution tampon
buffer {v} (maintain a given acidity)  :: tamponner
buffer solution {n} (buffer solution)  :: solution tampon
buffer zone {n} (neutral area)  :: zone tampon {f}
buffet {n} /bəˈfeɪ/ (counter or sideboard)  :: buffet {m}
bufflehead {n} /ˈbʌfl.hɛd/ (a duck in the goldeneye genus, Bucephala albeola)  :: garrot albéole, petit garrot
buffoon {n} (one who acts in a silly or ridiculous fashion)  :: bouffon {m}
buff-tailed bumblebee {n} (Bombus terrestris)  :: bourdon terrestre
bug {n} /bʌɡ/ (an insect of the order Hemiptera)  :: insecte {m}, punaise {f}
bug {n} (a colloquial name for insect)  :: insecte {m}, petite bête {f}
bug {n} (various species of marine crustaceans)  :: cigale de mer {f}
bug {n} (problem that needs fixing (especially in computing))  :: bogue {m}, bug
bug {n} (contagious illness, bacteria, virus)  :: microbe {m}, virus {m}
bug {n} (an enthusiasm for something)  :: virus {m}, manie {f}
bug {n} (an electronic listening device)  :: mouchard {m}, micro {m}, écoute {f}
bug {n} (a small or invisible image on a World Wide Web page)  :: pixel de tracking {m}, traceur {m}
bug {n} (a small image placed in a corner of a television program)  :: logo {m}
bug {v} (to annoy)  :: ennuyer, embêter, agacer, enquiquiner, [vulgar] emmerder
bug {v} (to install an electronic listening device in)  :: poser un mouchard, un micro, mettre sur écoute
bugger {n} (heretic) SEE: heretic  ::
bugger {n} /ˈbʌɡɚ/ (someone who commits buggery)  :: sodomite
bugger {v} (to have anal intercourse with)  :: empaffer, enculer
bugger factor {n} (Murphy's law) SEE: Murphy's law  ::
bugger off {interj} (go away) SEE: get lost  ::
buggy {n} (pushchair) SEE: pushchair  ::
bughouse chess {n} (variant of chess)  :: Blitz à quatre
bugle {n} (music: simple brass instrument)  :: clairon {m}, clairons {m-p}
bugler {n} (someone who plays the bugle)  :: clairon {m}
build {v} /bɪld/ ((transitive) to form by combining materials or parts)  :: construire, édifier
build {n} (physique)  :: carrure {f}
build castles in the air {v} (to have an idea unlikely to be realized)  :: bâtir des châteaux en Espagne, bâtir des plans sur la comète, tirer des plans sur la comète
builder {n} /ˈbɪl.dɚ/ (a person who builds or constructs things)  :: constructeur {m}, constructrice {f}, bâtisseur {m}, bâtisseuse {f}
builder {n} (a bodybuilder) SEE: bodybuilder  ::
builder's cleavage {n} (top of the buttocks showing)  :: sourire du plombier {m}
building {n} /ˈbɪldɪŋ/ (act or process of building)  :: construction {f}
building {n} (closed structure with walls and a roof)  :: immeuble {m}, édifice {m}, bâtiment {m}
building block {n} (block made of wood or plastic that is used as a children's toy)  :: cube {m}
building site {n} (place where a building is located, under construction, or will be erected)  :: chantier
building worker {n} (construction worker) SEE: construction worker  ::
built-in {adj} (constructed as a non-detachable part)  :: encastré
built-in {adj} (essential)  :: intrinsèque
built-in {adj} (included)  :: incorporé
Bujumbura {prop} /ˌbuːdʒəmˈbʊɹə/ (capital of Burundi)  :: Bujumbura
Bukhara {prop} /buˈkɑːɹə/ (city in Uzbekistan)  :: Boukhara {m}
bulb {n} /bʌlb/ (rounded solid object)  :: bulbe {m}
bulb {n} (bulb-shaped root)  :: bulbe {m}
bulb {n} (light bulb) SEE: light bulb  ::
bulbul {n} /ˈbʊlbʊl/ (bird of the family Pycnonotidae)  :: bulbul {m}
Bulgaria {prop} /bʌlˈɡɛɹ.i.ə/ (country)  :: Bulgarie {f}
Bulgarian {adj} /bʌlˈɡɛɹi.ən/ (relating to Bulgaria, its people or the Bulgarian language)  :: bulgare
Bulgarian {n} (native of Bulgaria)  :: Bulgare
Bulgarian {prop} (language)  :: bulgare {m}
bulge {n} (Something sticking out)  :: bombement {m}, bosse {f}, protubérance {f}
bulge {v} (to stick out from)  :: bomber, déformer
bulgogi {n} /bʊlˈɡoʊɡiː/ (a Korean dish)  :: bulgogi
bulgur {n} /ˈbʌlɡə(ɹ)/ (Middle Eastern food)  :: boulgour {m}, boulghour
bulimia {n} /bjuˈlimi.ə/ (eating disorder)  :: boulimie {f}
bulimia nervosa {n} (eating disorder) SEE: bulimia  ::
bulimic {adj} (suffering from bulimia nervosa)  :: boulimique
bulimic {adj} (of, or relating to, bulimia nervosa)  :: boulimique
bulimic {n} (person suffering from bulimia)  :: boulimique {m} {f}
bulk {n} /bʌlk/ (size, mass or volume)  :: masse, en gros (in bulk)
bulk {n} (major part of something)  :: majeure partie {f}
bulk {n} (unpackaged goods in transport)  :: vrac {m}
bulk carrier {n} (watercraft)  :: vraquier {m}
bulkhead {n} (partition on ship)  :: cloison {f}
bulky {adj} /ˈbʌlki/ (large in size, mass, or volume)  :: gros, corpulent (of a person), volumineux
bulky {adj} (unwieldy)  :: encombrant
bull {n} /ˈbʊl/ (uncastrated adult male bovine)  :: taureau {m}
bull {n} (adult male animal)  :: mâle {m}
bull {n} (slang: policeman)  :: vaches {f-p} [cows], bœufs {m-p} [oxen] [Canada], chiens {m-p} [dogs] [Canada], poulet {m} [chicken], cognes {m-p} [the beat]
bull {adj} (male)  :: mâle
bull {n} (document)  :: bulle {f}
bull {n} (seal)  :: sceau {m}
bull {n} (nonsense)  :: bêtises {f-p}
bullcrap {n} (bullshit) SEE: bullshit  ::
bulldog {n} (breed of dog)  :: bouledogue {m}
bulldozer {n} /ˈbʊldoʊzɚ/ (tractor)  :: bulldozer {m}
bull elephant {n} (bull elephant, male elephant)  :: éléphant mâle {m}, mâle de l'éléphant {m}
bullet {n} /bʊl.ɪt/ (projectile)  :: balle {f}
bullet {n} (typography: printed symbol in the form of a solid circle)  :: puce {m}
bulleted list {n} (list)  :: liste à puces {f}
bulletin {n} /ˈbʊlɪtɪn/ (A short report)  :: bulletin {m}
bulletin {n} (A short news report)  :: bulletin {m}
bulletin board {n} (a board)  :: panneau d'affichage {m}
bulletin board system {n} (computer system to exchange messages and data)  :: système babillard electronique {f}
bulletproof {adj} /bʊl.ɪtpɹuːf/ (capable of withstanding a bullet)  :: pare-balle, blindé
bulletproof {adj} (reliable, infallible)  :: à toute épreuve, inattaquable {m} {f}, infaillible {m} {f}
bulletproof vest {n} (bulletproof vest)  :: gilet pare-balles {m}
bullet train {n} (Japanese high-speed train)  :: shinkansen {m}
bull fiddle {n} (instrument) SEE: double bass  ::
bullfight {n} (public spectacle)  :: corrida {f}, spectacle de tauromachie {m}
bullfighter {n} (a toreador or matador)  :: torero {m}, toréro {m}, toréador {m}, matador {m}
bullfighting {n} (spectacle of manipulating and killing a bull)  :: tauromachie {f}, corrida {f}
bullfinch {n} (Pyrrhula pyrrhula)  :: bouvreuil {m}
bullfrog {n} (bullfrog)  :: grenouille-taureau, ouaouaron [Canadian and Louisiana French]
bullhorn {n} (portable device which electronically amplifies a person’s natural voice)  :: mégaphone {m}
bullion {n} /ˈbʊl.jən/ (bulk quantity of precious metal)  :: lingot {m}
bullock {n} /ˈbʊlək/ ((archaic) a young bull)  :: taurillon
bullock {n} (a castrated bull; an ox)  :: bouvillon
bullpen {n} (enclosed area to hold bulls)  :: toril {m}
bull ring {n} (bullring) SEE: bullring  ::
bullring {n} (area in which a bullfight is takes place)  :: arène {f}
bullroarer {n} (musical instrument)  :: rhombe {m}
bull run {n} (event in which people run with bulls in the streets)  :: encierro {m}
bullseye {n} /ˈbʊlzaɪ/ (centre of a target)  :: mille {m}, mouche {f}
bullseye {n} (thick glass set into the side of a ship to let in light)  :: hublot {m}
bullseye {n} (central part of crown glass disk)  :: cul-de-bouteille {m}
bullseye {interj} (cry)  :: dans le mille
bull shark {n} (Carcharhinus leucas)  :: requin-bouledogue {m}
bullshit {n} /ˈbʊlʃɪt/ (deceitful statements, etc)  :: conneries {f-p}
bullshit {v} (to tell lies, exaggerate)  :: dire des conneries
bullshit {interj} (expression of disbelief)  :: mon œil
bull terrier {n}  :: bull terrier
bully {n} (pimp) SEE: pimp  ::
bully {n} /ˈbʊli/ (person who is cruel to others)  :: brute {f}, tyran {m}
bully {v} (to intimidate)  :: intimider
bully {v} (act aggressively towards)  :: tourmenter, terroriser, maltraiter, tyranniser, harceler
bully {adj} (very good; excellent)  :: génial, top
bully {interj} (well done!)  :: bravo
bullying {n} /ˈbʊl.i.ɪŋ/ (act of intimidating a weaker person)  :: harcèlement {m}
bullying {n} (persistent acts intended to make life unpleasant)  :: harcèlement {m}
bulrush {n} (Any of several wetland plants)  :: scirpe {m}
bulwark {n} /ˈbʊl.wɝk/ (a defensive wall or rampart)  :: rempart {m}
bulwark {n} (a breakwater)  :: jetée {f}, brise-lames {m}
bulwark {n} ((nautical) the planking or plating along the sides of a nautical vessel above her gunwale)  :: bastingage
bum {n} /bʌm/ (informal: buttocks or anus)  :: cul {m}
bum {n} (informal: butt(ocks) specifically)  :: fesses {f-p}
bum {n} (anus specifically)  :: cul {m}, trou du cul {m}
bum {n} (hobo)  :: vagabond
bum {n} (player or racer who performs poorly)  :: tocard {m}
bum bag {n} (pouch attached to a belt)  :: banane {f}
bumblebee {n} /ˈbʌmbl̩bi/ (genus of bee)  :: bourdon {m}
bumf {n} /bʌmf/ (useless documents)  :: paperasse {f}
bumfodder {n} (toilet paper) SEE: toilet paper  ::
bumfuck {n} (sodomy) SEE: sodomy  ::
bumfuck {v} (sodomize) SEE: assfuck  ::
bumfuck {n} (assfuck) SEE: assfuck  ::
bummer {interj} (a disappointment, a pity, a shame)  :: déception {f}, flop {m}
bump {n} /bʌmp/ (a light blow or jolting collision)  :: bourrade {f}
bump {n} (the sound of such a collision)  :: boum {m}
bump {n} (a protuberance on a level surface)  :: bosse {f}, saillie {f}
bump {n} (a swelling on the skin caused by illness or injury)  :: bosse {f}
bump {n} (the swollen abdomen of a pregnant woman)  :: ballon {m}
bumper {n} /ˈbʌmpə(ɹ)/ (impact absorber on a vehicle)  :: pare-chocs {m}
bumper {n} (mechanical device to absorb impact)  :: heurtoir {m}
bumper {n} (side wall of a pool table)  :: bande {f}
bumper car {n} (vehicle)  :: auto tamponneuse {f}
bumpkin {n} /ˈbʌmpkɪn/ (yokel)  :: plouc {m}, péquenaud, manant {m}
bumpy {adj} /ˈbʌmpi/ (jumpy; causing or characterized by jolts and irregular movements)  :: accidenté {m}, accidentée {f}
bum's rush {n} (to be forcibly ejected)  :: course à l'échalote {f}
bun {n} (newbie) SEE: newbie  ::
bun {n} /bʌn/ (A small bread roll, often sweetened or spiced)  :: friand, pain
bun {n} (A tight roll of hair worn at the back of the head)  :: chignon {m}
bun {n} (A drunken spree)  :: biture
bunch {n} /ˈbʌntʃ/ (a group of a number of similar things)  :: groupe {m}, bouquet {m}, botte {f}
bunch {n} (an informal body of friends)  :: bande {f}, peloton {m}
bunch {n} (a considerable amount)  :: tas {m}, paquet {m}
bunch {n} (a group of logs tied together for skidding)  :: javelle {f}
bunch {n} (an unusual concentration of ore)  :: poche {f}, poche minéralisée {f}, poche de minerai {f}, mouche {f}, nid {m}
bunch {n} (reserve yarn on the filling bobbin)  :: réserve {f}
bunch {n} (an unfinished cigar)  :: poupée {f}, poupe {f}
bunch {v} (to gather into a bunch)  :: grouper, empiler, mettre en masse, mettre en banc
bunch of fives {n} (slang: a punch)  :: pain {m}, patate {f}, pêche {f}, bugne {f}
bundle {n} /ˈbʌnd(ə)l/ (group of objects held together by wrapping or tying)  :: faisceau {m}, fagot {m}
bundle {n} (package wrapped or tied up for carrying)  :: paquet {m}
bundle {n}  :: ballot (of goods), baluchon, fagot (of sticks), liasse (wad of notes), paquet, amas.
bundt cake {n} (ring-shaped cake)  :: kouglof {m}
bung {n} (bribe) SEE: bribe  ::
bungee {n} /ˈbʌn.d͡ʒi/ (elastic strap for securing luggage)  :: tendeur {m}, sandow {m}
bungee {n} (elastic cord used in bungee jumping) SEE: bungee rope  ::
bungee cord {n} (elastic strap with hooks) SEE: bungee  ::
bungee cord {n} (elastic cord used in bungee jumping) SEE: bungee rope  ::
bungee jump {v} (to participate in bungee jumping)  :: sauter à l’élastique
bungee jumper {n} (a person who participates in bungee jumping)  :: sauteur à l'élastique {m}, sauteuse à l'élastique {f}
bungee jumping {n} (jumping from a great height with a cord)  :: saut à l’élastique {m}
bungee line {n} (elastic cord used in bungee jumping) SEE: bungee rope  ::
bungee rope {n} (elastic cord used in bungee jumping)  :: élastique de saut {m}, élastique {m}
bung-hole {n} (the anus)  :: trou de balle {m}
bungle {v} /ˈbʌŋɡl/ (to botch up, bumble or incompetently perform a task)  :: foirer
bungler {n} (one who makes mistakes)  :: bousilleur {m}, bousilleuse {f}
bunion {n} /ˈbʌnjən/ (bump on the big toe)  :: oignon
bunk {n} /bʌŋk/ (one of a series of berth in tiers)  :: couchette {f}
bunk bed {n} (two or more beds fixed on top of one another)  :: lit superposé {m}
bunkbed {n} (bunk bed) SEE: bunk bed  ::
bunny {n} /ˈbʌ.ni/ (young rabbit)  :: lapereau {m}
bunny girl {n} (club hostess in provocative costume suggestive of a rabbit)  :: bunny girl {f}
Bunsen burner {n} (small laboratory gas burner)  :: bec Bunsen {m}
bunt {n} (baseball: ball intentionally hit softly)  :: amorti {m}
bunting {n} /ˈbʌntɪŋ/ (bird)  :: bruant {m}
buoy {n} /bɔɪ/ (nautical: a moored float)  :: bouée, flotteur, balise
buoyance {n} (buoyancy) SEE: buoyancy  ::
buoyancy {n} /ˈbɔɪ.ə (physics: upward force on an immersed body)  :: poussée d'Archimède {f}, flottabilité {f}
buoyant {adj} /ˈbɔɪ.ənt/ (able to float)  :: flottant {m}, flottante {f}
bur {n} (prickly husk) SEE: burr  ::
burbot {n} (a freshwater fish: Lota lota)  :: lote {f}, lotte {f} [Canada]
burden {n} /ˈbɝdn/ (heavy load)  :: charge {f}, fardeau {m}
burden {n} (responsibility, onus)  :: fardeau {m}
burden {n} (cause of worry)  :: fardeau {m}
burden basket {n} (basket fitted with straps)  :: hotte
burden of proof {n} (duty of a party in a legal proceeding)  :: charge de la preuve {f}
burdensome {adj} /ˈbɝ.dən.səm/ (of or like a burden; arduous or demanding)  :: pénible, ardu, pesant, fastidieux, écrasant, chiant, casse-cul, prise de tête, emmerdant
Burdigalian {prop}  :: Burdigalien
burdock {n} /ˈbɝːdɑːk/ (any of the species of biennial thistles in the genus Arctium)  :: bardane
bureau {n} /ˈbjʊɹ.oʊ/ (translations to be checked)  :: agence {f}, bureau {m}
bureau {n} (desk)  :: secrétaire {m}, bureau {m}
bureau {n} (chest of drawers for clothes)  :: chiffonnier {m}, commode {f}
bureau {n} (office (room)) SEE: office  ::
bureaucracy {n} /bjʊˈɹɑːkɹəsi/ (form of government)  :: bureaucratie {f}
bureaucracy {n} (system of administration)  :: bureaucratie {f}
bureaucrat {n} /ˈbjʊəɹəkɹæt/ (An official in a bureaucracy)  :: bureaucrate {m}
bureaucratize {v} /bjʊəˈɹɒkɹətʌɪz/ (to make bureaucratic)  :: bureaucratiser
bureau de change {n} /ˈbjʊəɹ.əʊ.dəˌʃɒ̃ʒ/ (a place where foreign currency can be exchanged)  :: bureau de change {m}
burette {n} (glass tube with fine gradations and a stopcock used for titration, etc.)  :: burette {f}
burg {n} (fortified town in medieval Europe)  :: bourg {m}
burgeon {v} /ˈbɝː.d͡ʒən/ (of plants, to bloom, bud)  :: fleurir
burger {n} (informal: hamburger)  :: burger {m}
burgher {n} /ˈbɝɡɚ/ (prosperous member of the community)  :: bourgeois {m}
burglar {n} /ˈbɝɡlɚ/ (thief who steals from premises)  :: cambrioleur {m}, cambrioleuse {f}
burglary {n} (the crime of breaking into)  :: cambriolage {m}
burgle {v} (to commit burglary)  :: cambrioler
burgomaster {n} /ˈbɜɹɡəmæstəɹ/ (the mayor of a town in certain countries)  :: bourgmestre {m}
Burgundian {n} /bɜːɹˈɡʌndɪən/ (an inhabitant of Burgundy)  :: Bourguignon {m}, Bourguignonne {f}
Burgundian {n} (а member of the Burgundians, an East Germanic tribe)  :: Burgonde {m} {f}
Burgundian {prop} (the old Burgundian language)  :: Burgonde {m}
Burgundian {adj} (pertaining to Burgundy, its people or its language)  :: bourguignon
burgundy {n} /ˈbɝ.ɡən.di/ (color)  :: bordeaux
burgundy {adj} (color)  :: bordeaux
Burgundy {prop} /ˈbɝːɡəndi/ (region)  :: Bourgogne {f}, Burgondie
Burgundy {n} (wine)  :: bourgogne {m}
burial {n} /ˈbɛəɹɪəl/ (interment)  :: enterrement, inhumation, sépulture
buried {adj} /ˈbɛ.ɹid/ (Placed in a grave at a burial)  :: enterré {m}, enseveli {m}
buried {adj} (Concealed, hidden)  :: enfoui {m}, enfouie {f}, enseveli {m}
burka {n} (female garment that covers the whole body)  :: burqa
Burkinabe {n} (person from Burkina Faso)  :: Burkinabè
Burkinabe {adj} (from Burkina Faso)  :: burkinabè
Burkina Faso {prop} /bəː(ɹ)ˈkːinə ˈfɑsoʊ/ (country)  :: Burkina Faso {m}
burl {n} /bɝl/ (tree growth)  :: loupe {f}
burl {n} (mottled wood)  :: loupe {f}
burlak {n} (a man employed in dragging ships upstream)  :: bourlak {m}
burlap {n} /ˈbɹ̩ˌlæp/ (strong cloth)  :: toile de jute {f}
burlesque {adj} /bə(ɹ)ˈlɛsk/ (burlesque)  :: burlesque
burlesque {n} (parody)  :: parodie
burly {adj} /ˈbɜːli/ (well-built)  :: fort, solide, robuste
Burma {prop} /ˈbɝmə/ (Southeast Asian country (former name), see also: Myanmar)  :: Birmanie
Burmese {adj} /bɜːˈmiːz/ (Of, from, or pertaining to Burma)  :: birman {m}, birmane {f}
Burmese {n} (a person from Myanmar or of Burmese descent)  :: Birman {m}, Birmane {f}
Burmese {prop} (language)  :: birman {m}
burn {n} /bɝn/ (physical injury)  :: brûlure {f}
burn {n} (act of burning something)  :: brûler
burn {v} (cause to be consumed by fire)  :: brûler
burn {v} (be consumed by fire)  :: brûler
burn {v} (injure (a person or animal) with heat or caustic chemicals)  :: brûler
burn {v} (write data)  :: graver
burn {v} (sunburn) SEE: sunburn  ::
burner {n} /ˈbɝnɚ/ (element on a kitchen stove)  :: brûleur {m}
burner {n} (computing: device that allows data or music to be stored on a CD)  :: graveur {m}
burning {adj} /bɝnɪŋ/ (so hot as to seem to burn (something))  :: brûlant {m}, ardent {m}
burning {adj} (feeling very hot)  :: brûlant {m}
burning {adj} (feeling great passion)  :: ardent {m}
burning {n} (fire)  :: brûlage {m}
burnish {v} (to make smooth or shiny by rubbing)  :: brunir
burnishing {n}  :: brunissage {m}
burn one's bridges {v} (burn one's bridges)  :: faire sauter les ponts, couper les ponts, brûler les ponts
burn one's candle at both ends {v} (burn the candle at both ends) SEE: burn the candle at both ends  ::
burnoose {n} /bɝˈnus/ (a thick hooded cloak)  :: burnous {m}
burnout {n} (using the throttle to spin the wheels of a vehicle being held stationary)  :: burn {m}
burnout {n} (experience of long-term exhaustion)  :: surmenage {m}, syndrome d’épuisement professionnel {m}
burnt {adj} /ˈbɜɹnt/ (carbonized)  :: brûlé
burn the candle at both ends {v} (work hard night and day)  :: brûler la chandelle par les deux bouts
burn the midnight oil {v} (work through the night)  :: travailler tard le soir
buro {n} (office)  :: agence {f}, bureau {m}
buro {n} (desk)  :: secrétaire {m}, bureau {m}
burocracy {n} /bjʊˈɹɑːkɹəsi/ (structure and regulations in place to control activity)  :: bureaucratie {f}
burp {n} /bɝp/ (a softer belch)  :: rot {m}, renvoi {m}, éructation {f}
burp {v} (to emit a burp)  :: roter, faire un rot, éructer
burp {v} (to burp someone)  :: faire faire son rot (à un bébé)
burqa {n} (burka) SEE: burka  ::
burqini {n} (head-to-toe swimsuit)  :: burkini {m}
burr {n} /bɝ/ (seed pod with sharp features)  :: bardane {f}
burr {n} (material left on an edge after cutting)  :: barbe {f}
burr {n} (mispronouncion of "r")  :: grasseyement {m}
burr {v} (to pronounce "r")  :: grasseyer
burrow {n} (A tunnel or hole)  :: terrier {m}, clapier {m} (rabbit burrow)
bursiform {adj} /ˈbɝsɪfɔɹm/ (Shaped like a purse or bag)  :: bursiforme {m} {f}
bursitis {n} (inflammation of a bursa)  :: bursite {f}, hygroma {m}
burst {n} /bɝst/ (instance or act of bursting)  :: éclatement {m}, explosion {f}
burst {v} (to break from internal pressure)  :: éclater
burst {v} (to cause to burst)  :: faire éclater
burst into flame {v} (to catch fire suddenly and unexpectedly)  :: prendre feu, s'enflammer
burst into tears {v}  :: éclater en sanglots
burst out laughing {v} (suddenly start laughing intensely)  :: éclater de rire
Burundi {prop} /bʊˈɹʊndi/ (a country in Eastern Africa)  :: Burundi {m}
Burundian {n} (person from Burundi)  :: Bouroundais {m}, Burundais {m}
Burundian {adj} (pertaining to Burundi)  :: bouroundais {m}, burundais {m}
bury {v} /ˈbɛ.ɹi/ (inter a corpse in a grave or tomb)  :: enterrer, ensevelir
bury {v} (place in the ground)  :: enterrer
bury {v} (hide or conceal as if by covering with earth)  :: enterrer
Buryatia {prop} (Buryatia, Russia)  :: Bouriatie {f}
bury one's head in the sand {v} (to deliberately ignore the reality of a situation)  :: faire l'autruche
bury the hatchet {v} (to stop fighting or arguing)  :: enterrer la hache de guerre
bus {n} /bʌs/ (vehicle)  :: autobus {m}, bus {m} {f}
bus {n} (electrical conductor)  :: bus {m}
bus {n} (medical slang: ambulance) SEE: ambulance  ::
Busan {prop} (Busan, South Korea)  :: Pusan {m}
busbar {n} (electrical conductor)  :: jeu de barres {m}, barre omnibus {f}
bus driver {n} (driver of a bus)  :: chauffeur de bus {m}
bush {n} /bʊʃ/ (category of woody plant)  :: buisson {m}, arbrisseau {m}
bush {n} (pubic hair)  :: touffe {f}
bush {n} (Remote undeveloped and uncultivated rural area)  :: maquis {m}, cambrousse {f}, brousse {f}
bush dog {n} (a wild canine animal)  :: chien des buissons {m}
bushed {adj} /bʊʃt/ (very tired; exhausted)  :: crevé
bushel {n} /ˈbʊʃəl/ (dry measure)  :: boisseau {m}
bushel {n} (vessel of capacity of a bushel)  :: boisseau {m}
bush hammer {n} (a square-headed hammer with spikes)  :: boucharde {f}
bushing {n} (mechanical engineering: type of bearing to reduce friction)  :: coussinet {m}
Bushism {prop} (political philosophy)  :: bushisme {m}
bushman {n}  :: broussard
Bushman {n} (Bushman)  :: Bochiman {m}
bush pilot {n} (pilot)  :: pilote de brousse
bushranger {n} (an escaped convict)  :: forçat réfugié dans la brousse {m}
business {n} /ˈbɪz.nɪs/ (commercial enterprise or establishment)  :: entreprise {f}
business {n} (occupation, work or trade of a person)  :: affaire
business analyst {n} (person who analyzes the operations)  :: analyste d'affaires {m} {f}
business as usual {n} (The normal course of an activity, in circumstances that are out of the ordinary)  :: comme si de rien n'était
business card {n} (small card)  :: carte de visite {f}
businessman {n} /ˈbɪznəsmæn/ (a man in business, one who works at a commercial institution)  :: homme d'affaires {m}, businessman {m}
businessperson {n} (a person in business)  :: homme d'affaires {m}, femme d'affaires {f}, personne d'affaires {f}
business plan {n} (a summary of how a business owner, manager, or entrepreneur intends to organize an entrepreneurial endeavor)  :: business plan
business trip {n} (business trip)  :: voyage d'affaires {m}
businesswoman {n} (woman of business)  :: femme d'affaires {f}, businesswoman {f}
busk {v} (nautical: to tack) SEE: tack  ::
busk {n} /bʌsk/ (stiffening strip in the front of a corset)  :: busc {m}
bus rapid transit {n} (form of rapid transit)  :: service rapide par bus {m}, bus à haut niveau de service {m}
bus route {n} (set route of bus service)  :: ligne de bus {f}
bus shelter {n} (A building or other structure constructed at a bus stop)  :: abribus {m}
bus station {n} (major bus stop, one that serves as a transfer point between a large number of routes)  :: gare routière {f}
bus stop {n} (a stop for public transport buses)  :: arrêt de bus {m}
bust {n} /ˈbʌst/ (sculptural portrayal of a person's head and shoulders)  :: buste {m}
bust {n} (breasts and upper thorax of a woman)  :: buste {m}
bust {v} (alteration of burst)  :: éclater
bust {v} (to break something)  :: bouziller, niquer
bust {v} ((slang) to arrest for a crime)  :: attraper, arrêter
bust {v} ((slang) to catch someone in the act of doing something wrong, socially and morally inappropriate, or illegal)  :: pincer, choper, prendre sur le fait, prendre la main dans le sac [slang]
bust {n} ((slang) act of arresting someone for a crime, or raiding a suspected criminal operation)  :: arrestation {f}
bust {n} ((slang) failed enterprise)  :: fiasco {m}
bustard {n} /ˈbʌs.təd/ (any of several birds of the family Otididae)  :: outarde {f}
busted {adj} /ˈbʌstəd/ (broken)  :: bouzillé {m}
bustle {n} (excited activity)  :: affairement {m}, branlebas {m}, remue-ménage {m}
bustle {n} (frame worn underneath a woman's skirt)  :: tournure {f}
bustle {v} (to move busily and energetically)  :: s'affairer
bustle {v} (to teem or abound (with))  :: s'activer
bust one's ass {v} (to work very hard)  :: se casser le cul
bust one's butt {v} (to work exceptionally hard)  :: se casser le cul
busty {adj} /ˈbʌsti/ (having large breasts)  :: pulpeuse {f}, à la poitrine planteuse
busy {adj} /ˈbɪzi/ (crowded with business or activities)  :: occupé {m}, occupée {f}
busy {adj} (doing a great deal)  :: occupé
busy {adj} (engaged)  :: occupé
busy {v} (to keep busy with)  :: se livrer
busybody {n} (someone who interferes with others)  :: fouineur {m}, fouine {f} (fig.), mêle-tout {m}, touche-à-tout {m} {f} (antiq.)
but {conj} /bʌt/ (except)  :: sauf, en dehors de
but {conj} (rather)  :: mais
but {conj} (although)  :: mais, cependant
but {conj} (solely, only, merely)  :: que, seulement
butane {n} /ˈbjuːteɪn/ (the organic compound)  :: butane {m}
butanol {n} (alcohol of butane)  :: butanol {m}
butanone {n} (the simple aliphatic ketone: CH3CH2COCH3)  :: butanone