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n. {abbr}  :: Short form of noin (approx.)
-n {suffix} [personal]  :: The first-person singular suffix for verbs:
-n {suffix}  :: Used to form the accusative case
-n {suffix}  :: Used to form the genitive case
-n {suffix}  :: Used to form the instructive case, usually only in the plural
N {abbr}  :: non sine laude approbatur
-na {suffix}  :: Forms action nouns from certain verbs whose first infinitive ends in -sta
-na {suffix}  :: Forms the essive case
naakka {n}  :: As head word in the common names of some other birds in crow family: jackdaw, jay, bush crow, pie, chough
naakka {n}  :: jackdaw (Coloeus monedula)
naali {n}  :: arctic fox (Alopex lagopus)
naama {n} [biology]  :: face (front of the head of an animal)
naama {n} [colloquial, anatomy]  :: face (front of the human head)
naama {n} [slang]  :: face, mouth
naamakirja {n}  :: Any similar social networking site
naamakirja {n}  :: Facebook
naamalleen {adv}  :: onto one's face
naamapöllönen {n}  :: white-faced owl (either of the two African owls in the genus Ptilopsis)
naamari {n}  :: mask
naamataulu {n} [colloquial]  :: mug, face
naamiaiset {n}  :: masquerade
naamio {n}  :: mask
naamiohuvit {n} [archaic]  :: masquerade
naamioida {vt}  :: To disguise (to change the appearance of something so as to hide identity)
naamioija {n}  :: disguiser (one who disguises)
naamiointi {n}  :: disguise
naamioitsija {n} [archaic]  :: alternative form of naamioija
naamioitua {vi}  :: To disguise oneself (to change the appearance of oneself so as to hide identity)
naamionäytelmä {n}  :: masque, mask
Naantali {prop}  :: A town on the southwest coast of Finland
naapukka {n}  :: A kind of men's fur hat
naapuri {n}  :: In compounds, signifies "neighbouring/neighboring"
naapuri {n}  :: Neighbour/neighbor
naapurikunta {n}  :: neighbouring municipality
naapurimaa {n}  :: neighboring country
naapurinpoika {n}  :: boy next door (regular, typical boy)
naapurintyttö {n}  :: girl next door (regular, typical girl)
naapurissa {adv}  :: next door
naapuristo {n}  :: alternative form of naapurusto
naapuritalo {n}  :: neighboring house
naapurukset {n}  :: neighbours (collective term for people who are each other's neighbours)
naapurusto {n}  :: neighborhood, neighbourhood
naapuruus {n}  :: neighborhood (the state of being neighbor)
naara {n}  :: drag (device dragged along the bottom of a body of water in search of something, e.g. a dead body)
naara {n}  :: short for [[naara-ankkuri grapnel]]
naara-ankkuri {n} [nautical]  :: grapnel (small anchor, having more than two flukes, used for anchoring a small vessel)
naaras {n}  :: female (of animals)
naaraseläin {n}  :: female animal
naarashirvi {n}  :: doe (female deer)
naaraskarhu {n}  :: female bear
naaraskierre {n}  :: The internal thread in the center of a nut or in a hole, into which a fitting screw may be attached, a female thread
naaraskissa {n}  :: female cat
naaraskoira {n}  :: alternative term for narttu (female dog)
naarasleijona {n}  :: lioness
naaraspontti {n}  :: groove, dado (groove in a tongue and groove board)
naaraspuolinen {adj}  :: female (animal)
naarassukupuoli {n}  :: The female sex
naarassusi {n}  :: she-wolf
naarastiikeri {n}  :: tigress
naarata {vt}  :: To drag or search something from water using a hook, used especially for the act of searching for dead bodies in a lake
naaraus {n}  :: Action of the verb naarata
naarmu {n}  :: scratch
naarmuinen {adj}  :: Scratchy; surface covered with scratches
naarmuttaa {v}  :: To scratch (to mark a surface with a sharp object)
naarmuttua {vi}  :: To be scratched
naarmutus {n}  :: scratching
naarmuuntua {vi}  :: alternative form of naarmuttua
naatti {n}  :: top (the above ground part of a root vegetable)
naava {n}  :: beard moss, beard lichen, old man's beard (several genera of lichen that grow hanging from trees)
naavainen {adj}  :: Covered with beard moss
naavoittua {vi}  :: To gather beard moss
nabla {n}  :: nabla (symbol and instrument)
nablata {v} [informal]  :: To perform calculations in which the symbol nabla () is extensively applied
nadiiri {n} [astronomy]  :: nadir
Naemi {prop} [now rare]  :: female given name of biblical origin
Naemi {prop}  :: obsolete form of Noomi(as a biblical character)
naevus {n}  :: nevus (benign tumor on skin)
nafta {n} [colloquial]  :: diesel, diesel fuel (fuel)
nafta {n} [dated]  :: naphtha (naturally occurring liquid crude oil)
naftaleeni {n} [chemistry]  :: naphthalene
naftaliini {n}  :: naphthalene
nafti {adj} [colloquial]  :: Slightly too small; very close etc
nagaikka {n}  :: Cossack's knout (type of whip used by the Cossacks in imperial Russia)
nagana {n} [pathology]  :: nagana (sleeping disease occurring in animals)
nahanluonti {n}  :: moult
nahas {n}  :: A kip (untanned animal skin)
nahikas {n} [mushroom]  :: A mushroom of the genus Marasmius
nahina {n}  :: squabble, spat
nahistella {v}  :: To fight, tussle
nahistelu {n}  :: tussling
nahistua {v} [cooking]  :: to get leathery (especially of vegetables and fruit, to dry from the surface losing the original texture and becoming leather-like)
nahistunut {adj}  :: leathery (especially of vegetables and fruit, having lost moisture and its original texture and developed a leather-like surface)
nahjus {n}  :: laggard, sluggard (someone who lags behind)
nahjus {n}  :: wimp (someone who lacks confidence, is irresolute and wishy-washy)
nahka {n}  :: leather
nahka {n}  :: skin of an animal, colloquially also of a human being
nahkahapero {n}  :: A brittlegill, Russula alutacea
nahkainen {adj}  :: leather (made from leather)
nahkainen {adj}  :: leathery (having some property of leather, particularly taste or smell that brings leather into one's mind)
nahkajalkahapero {n}  :: A brittlegill, Russula viscida
nahkakäsine {n}  :: leather glove
nahkakuula {n} [jocular]  :: football (ball)
nahkalaukku {n}  :: leather bag
nahkamainen {adj}  :: leathery (resembling leather, particularly by texture)
nahkapää {n}  :: A skinhead
nahkatakki {n}  :: leather jacket
nahkavyö {n}  :: leather belt
nahkea {adj}  :: tacky, sticky
nahkiainen {n}  :: A European river lamprey, Lampetra fluviatilis
nahkiainen {n}  :: A lamprey (any fish of the Petromyzontidae family)
nahkiaiskala {n}  :: lamprey (a member of the order Petromyzontiformes)
nahkoa {v}  :: To exuviate, slough, molt (to shed or cast off a skin)
nahkoa {v}  :: To skin (to remove the skin and/or fur of an animal)
nahkuri {n}  :: tanner
nahoittaa {v} [rare]  :: Sometimes used, erroneously, as synonym to nahkoa (to remove the skin of)
nahoittaa {v}  :: To upholster with leather
nahoitus {n}  :: leathering (upholstering with leather)
nahua {n}  :: A Nahua
nahuatl {n}  :: The Nahuatl language
naida {vt} [+ genitive-accusative]  :: To marry
naida {vt} [vulgar, + partitive]  :: To have sex or sexual intercourse with somebody, copulate with somebody, fuck
naiivi {adj}  :: naive
naiivimpi {adj}  :: comparative form of naiivi
naiivisti {adv}  :: naively
naiivius {n}  :: naivety
naikkonen {n}  :: woman
nailon {n}  :: nylon (material)
nailoninen {adj}  :: Made of nylon
nailonit {n}  :: nylons (stocking made of nylon)
nailonkangas {n}  :: nylon fabric
Naima {prop}  :: female given name
naimaikäinen {adj}  :: nubile (of an age suitable for marriage)
naimakauppa {n}  :: marriage
naimaton {adj}  :: unmarried, single, sole
naimattomuus {n}  :: singlehood, bachelordom
Naimi {prop}  :: female given name
naiminen {n}  :: A marriage, in the expressions mennä naimisiin (to marry) and olla naimisissa (to be married)
naiminen {n} [colloquial]  :: fucking, copulation, sex(ual intercourse)
naiminen {n}  :: Getting married
naimisiin {adv}  :: See mennä naimisiin
naimisiinmeno {n}  :: getting married
naimisissa {adv}  :: married (being married)
nainen {n} [form of address]  :: lady
nainen {n}  :: woman
nainti {n}  :: marrying
nainti {n} [vulgar]  :: fucking
nainut {adj}  :: married
nainut {n}  :: married
naira {n}  :: naira (Nigeria's currency)
nais {adj} [Finglish]  :: nice
nais- {prefix}  :: female, woman, women’s, feminine etc
nais {prefix}  :: see nais-
naisartisti {n}  :: female artist
naisasianainen {n}  :: suffragette
naisellinen {adj}  :: feminine
naisellisesti {adv}  :: femininely
naisellistua {vi}  :: to feminize (to become more feminine)
naisellisuus {n}  :: womanliness
naisennimi {n}  :: female name
naisen sukupuolielinten silpominen {phrase}  :: female genital mutilation
naiset ensin {phrase}  :: ladies first
naiseton {adj}  :: womanless
naiseus {n}  :: womanhood
naisisto {n} [jocular]  :: An all-female crew
naisistua {v}  :: of the share of women in a defined group, to increase
naisistua {v}  :: to feminize (to acquire female characteristics)
naisjohtaja {n}  :: Female leader
naiskuva {n}  :: portrayal of women
naismaailma {n}  :: women collectively, especially as sexual objects
naismainen {adj}  :: womanlike, womanish, feminine (usually of a male, acting in ways stereotypically associated with women)
naismaisuus {n}  :: The property of being womanlike
naismaisuus {n}  :: womanishness
naisministeri {n}  :: female minister (in a government)
naisnisäisyys {n} [pathology]  :: gynecomastia
naisopettaja {n}  :: female teacher
naispappi {n}  :: female pastor
naispari {n}  :: female couple
naispoliisi {n}  :: policewoman (female police officer)
naispuolinen {adj}  :: female
naistenhuone {n}  :: ladies' room
naisten kondomi {n}  :: female condom
naistenlehti {n}  :: women's magazine
naistenmies {n}  :: womanizer
naistennaurattaja {n}  :: Casanova
naistentanssi {n}  :: Women's dance: An arrangement where women propose a dance, generally held once a week in many local dance restaurant, not to confuse with romantic interest
naistenvihaaja {n}  :: misogynist
naistenviikko {n}  :: Literally “women's week”; the period between 18th and 24th of July, when there are only female name days in the Finnish calendar
naistutkimus {n}  :: women's studies
naisupseeri {n}  :: female military officer
naisuus {n}  :: womanhood
naisvaltainen {adj}  :: pink-collar (pertaining to employees in predominately female service industries)
naisvaltainen {adj}  :: predominantly female (having women as majority)
naisvaltaistua {vi}  :: To become predominantly female
naisviha {n}  :: misogyny
naisvihaaja {n}  :: misogynist
naisväki {n}  :: womenfolk (women collectively)
naittaa {v} [informal]  :: to staple (to bind with staples)
naittaa {v}  :: to marry off (to force someone to marry)
naittaa {v}  :: to marry (to dispose of in wedlock; to give away as wife or husband)
naittaja {n} [informal]  :: stapler (office implement)
naittaja {n}  :: matchmaker (one who arranges marriages)
naivismi {n}  :: naïve art
naivisti {n}  :: naive artist
naivistinen {adj} [arts]  :: naive, naivistic
nakata {vt}  :: To throw (away), to bung
nakella {v}  :: To throw things around
nakerrella {v}  :: To nibble away
nakerrus {n}  :: Action of the verb nakertaa
nakertaa {v}  :: To gnaw (to bite or chew persistently)
nakertaa {v}  :: To nibble away (to cause to diminish little by little)
nakertaa {v}  :: To nibble (to eat with small quick bites)
nakit silmillä {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: heavily drunk (under the influence of large amount of alcohol)
nakkeli {n}  :: nuthatch (bird of the family Sittidae)
nakkelu {n}  :: throwing things around
Nakke Nakuttaja {prop}  :: Woody Woodpecker (fictional character)
nakki {n} [colloquial]  :: job, task, usually an unwanted one
nakki {n} [dialectal]  :: mousetrap
nakki {n} [idiomatic, humorous]  :: nakit silmillä (literally, wieners on the eyes) = pissed (heavily drunk)
nakki {n}  :: something resembling a wiener
nakki {n}  :: wiener, frankfurter, hot dog (type of sausage)
nakkikioski {n}  :: A kiosk from which hamburgers, hot dogs and the like are sold to passers-by
nakkimakkara {n}  :: wiener, frankfurter, hot dog
nakkisämpylä {n}  :: hot dog
nakkisormi {n} [colloquial]  :: a swollen finger
nakkisormi {n} [colloquial]  :: butterfingers, someone prone to dropping things
naksaa {v}  :: alternative form of naksahdella
naksahdus {n}  :: A click
naksahtaa {v}  :: To click, snap
naksaus {n}  :: A click
naksausäänne {n} [phonetics]  :: click
naksautus {n}  :: snap
naksu {n}  :: A common term for crunchy, salty snacks, such as cheese puffs, salt sticks and potato chips
naksua {vi}  :: To crack (to make a cracking sound)
naku {adj} [colloquial]  :: naked, nude
naku {n} [colloquial]  :: diesel car (automobile powered with a diesel engine)
naku {n} [colloquial]  :: diesel engine
nakupelle {n} [informal]  :: A naked person, especially a child
nakupellenä {n} [informal]  :: Especially of a child, naked
nakuttaa {v}  :: To knock in a continuous manner, like a woodpecker knocks a tree
nakuttaa {v}  :: To knock (to produce the knocking sound of a badly tuned motor)
nakutus {n}  :: any knocking sound such as that made by a woodpecker
nakutus {n} [automotive]  :: preignition, knocking, diesel knock
naku-uinti {n}  :: skinny dipping
naljailla {vi}  :: To rag
naljailu {n}  :: ragging, teasing
nalkuttaa {v}  :: to henpeck (to nag persistently)
nalkuttaa {v}  :: to nag
nalkutus {n}  :: nagging
nalle {n}  :: [playfully] bear
nalle {n}  :: teddybear
nallekarhu {n}  :: teddy bear
nallekarkki {n}  :: A gummy bear (candy)
Nalle Puh {prop}  :: Winnie the Pooh
nalli {n} [firearms]  :: primer
nallihattu {n} [firearms]  ::  percussion cap
nallikka {n}  :: A little boy
nallipyssy {n}  :: cap gun (type of toy gun)
nam {interj}  :: yum
nami {n} [colloquial]  :: sweet, candy
Namibia {prop}  :: Namibia
namibialainen {adj}  :: Namibian
namibialainen {n}  :: Namibian person
namu {n}  :: sweet, candy
namunen {n}  :: sweet, candy
namusetä {n} [slang]  :: kiddy fiddler (paedophile, child molester)
Nana {prop}  :: female given name
nandu {n}  :: greater rhea, American rhea, Rhea americana (only extant species of the genus Rhea, native to eastern South America)
nandu {n}  :: rhea (bird of the family Rheidae)
nanna {n} [colloquial]  :: sweet, candy
nano- {prefix}  :: nano-
nanometri {n}  :: nanometer (unit of distance)
nanosekunti {n}  :: nanosecond
napa {n}  :: head, e.g. in propeller head (central part of propeller)
napa {n}  :: [in compounds] polar
napa {n}  :: navel
napa {n}  :: pivot
napa {n}  :: pole (as in South Pole)
-napainen {adj}  :: polar (used only in compounds)
napaisuus {n}  :: polarity
napajää {n}  :: polar ice
napajänis {n}  :: arctic hare (Lepus arcticus)
napajäätikkö {n}  :: polar cap
napakettu {n}  :: arctic fox (Alopex lagopus)
napakka {adj}  :: vigorous
napakoru {n}  :: navel jewel
napakymppi {interj}  :: bullseye!
napakymppi {n}  :: bullseye, a shot that hits the centre of a target
napalakki {n} [rare]  :: polar cap
napalm {n}  :: napalm
napanteri {n} [colloquial]  :: A drink (dose of strong alcoholic beverage); snifter, sip
napanuora {n} [anatomy]  :: An umbilical cord
napanuoratyrä {n} [pathology]  :: umbilical hernia
napanöyhtä {n}  :: navel lint, belly button lint, bellybutton lint, navel fluff (collection of fluffy fibres in one's navel)
napapiiri {n}  :: polar circle
napapilkku {n} [botany, archaic]  :: chalaza (location where the nucellus attaches to the integuments)
napapohjoinen {n}  :: true north
napapyörre {n} [meteorology]  :: polar vortex
naparetki {n}  :: polar expedition
napasika {n}  :: peccary
napata {vt}  :: To catch, snatch
napataatta {n} [dialectal]  :: A short person
napatanssi {n} [colloquial]  :: belly dance
napatyrä {n} [pathology]  :: hernia umbilicalis
napaus {n}  :: tap, rap, snap
napero {n}  :: A toddler
napillinen {adj}  :: Having buttons (of cloths)
napina {n}  :: grumble, complaining
napinläpi {n}  :: buttonhole (hole for a button)
napinläpikukka {n}  :: boutonniere (flower worn in buttonhole)
napinreikä {n}  :: buttonhole (hole for a button)
napisija {n}  :: grumbler, complainer
napista {vi}  :: To grumble
napittaa {v}  :: To button (up) (to fasten with buttons)
napittaa {v}  :: To stare (esp. of children)
napitus {n}  :: buttoning
napit vastakkain {adv} [figuratively]  :: at loggerheads (unable to agree; opposing)
Napoli {prop}  :: Naples (city)
napolinmastiffi {n}  :: Neapolitan mastiff
napostella {v}  :: To snack
naposteltava {n}  :: snack
napostelu {n}  :: snacking
nappa {n}  :: tanned sheep, goat, or cow leather
nappi {n}  :: button
nappi {n} [idiomatic]  :: part of the idiom mennä/osua/onnistua/sujua nappiin (often accompanied by the intensifier ihan, aivan, or täysin), which refers to successfully accomplished goals where the success is particularly “spot-on” and meets or even exceeds your highest standards or expectations
nappikuuloke {n}  :: ear bud (small speaker placed inside or held near to the ear)
nappo {n} [dialectal]  :: water dipper
nappula {n}  :: button (device meant to be pressed or graphical user interface element)
nappula {n}  :: kid, child
nappula {n}  :: stone, man (piece in board games)
naprapaatti {n}  :: naprapath
naprapatia {n}  :: naprapathy
naprokseeni {n} [pharmaceutical drug]  :: narpoxen
naps {interj}  :: yoink; sound of something being snatched or grabbed
napsaa {v}  :: alternative form of napsua
napsahdella {vi}  :: To snap (repeatedly)
napsahdus {n}  :: snap, click
napsahtaa {v}  :: to click, snap, crack
napsaus {n}  :: snap
napsautella {v}  :: To snap (fingers, repeatedly)
napsauttaa {v} [computing]  :: to click
napsauttaa {v}  :: to snap, click
napsia {vt}  :: to pick (to take the choicest bits, one by one)
napsu {n}  :: A nip of alcohol
napsu {n} [regional]  :: A ladyboy (effeminate man)
napsua {v}  :: To produce a snapping sound
napsutella {v}  :: to snap (fingers, repeatedly)
napsuttaa {vt}  :: To snap (fingers)
napukka {n}  :: knob
naputella {v}  :: To tap (with fingers)
naputtaa {v} [colloquial]  :: To nag
naputtaa {v} [colloquial]  :: To type
naputtaa {v}  :: To make a sharp noise
naputtaa {v}  :: To tap (to touch one's finger, foot, or other body parts on a surface, usually repeatedly)
naputus {n}  :: knocking
narahdella {v}  :: To creak (repeatedly)
narahdus {n}  :: creak
narahtaa {v}  :: To produce a single creaking sound
narikka {n}  :: cloakroom
narina {n}  :: creak (a creaking sound, like that produced by turning an old, large, rusty hinge)
narista {v}  :: ~ + elative: to nag (to bother repeatedly about the same thing)
narista {v}  :: ~ + elative: to quibble, squabble (to complain or argue in a trivial or petty manner)
narista {v}  :: to creak, to squeak (to make a prolonged sharp grating or squeaking sound)
narkkari {n} [colloquial]  ::  junkie
narkkaus {n}  :: Action of the verb narkata
narkkis {n} [slang]  :: junkie
narkolepsia {n} [pathology]  :: narcolepsy
narkomaani {n}  :: A drug addict
narkomaani {n}  :: Sometimes used of other kinds of addictions, especially as an element in compound words
narkomania {n}  :: narcomania
narkoosi {n}  :: narcosis
narkoottinen {adj}  :: narcotic
narrailla {v} [informal]  :: To fish (using a hook and line etc.)
narrata {v}  :: narrata kaloja: To fish with a hook and line or similar
narrata {v}  :: To fool, cheat (lightheartedly, not maliciously)
narraus {n}  :: fishing with hook and line or similar
narraus {n}  :: fooling
narri {n}  :: fool, joker, jester
narrimainen {adj}  :: foolish
narrimaisuus {n}  :: foolishness
narrinhattu {n}  :: fool's cap
narrius {n}  :: The property of being a fool
narsismi {n}  :: narcissism
narsissi {n}  :: narcissus
narsisti {n}  :: narcissist
narsistinen {adj}  :: narcissistic
narsistisuus {n}  :: narcissism
narskahdella {vi}  :: to grate, crunch
narskahtaa {vi} [momentane]  :: To make a sudden crunching or grating sound
narske {n}  :: A crunching or grating sound
narsku {n}  :: bird of the genus Netta
narskua {v}  :: alternative form of narskahdella
narskuttaa {v}  :: To make a grinding sound, as when grinding one's teeth
narskutus {n}  :: grinding (of teeth etc.)
narttu {n}  :: bitch (female dog)
narttu {n}  :: queen (female cat)
narttu {n} [vulgar, derogatory]  :: bitch (woman)
naru {n}  :: cord, line, rope
naruhyppely {n}  :: jump rope (activity)
naruhyppy {n}  :: jump rope (jump)
naruttaa {v}  :: To fool, trick (to make a fool of someone)
narutus {n}  :: fooling, tricking
nasaali {n} [historical]  :: nasal (nose guard on a helmet)
nasaali {n} [phonetics]  :: nasal
nasaali- {prefix}  :: nasal
nasaalistua {vi} [phonetics]  :: to become nasalized
nasakka {adj}  :: vigorous
nasalisaatio {n}  :: nasalization
nasaloida {v}  :: To nasalize
nasaretilainen {adj}  :: Nazarene
naseva {adj}  :: witty
nasevuus {n}  :: wittiness
naskali {n}  :: awl
naskali {n} [colloquial]  :: young boy
naskali {n}  :: icepick
nassakka {n}  :: small keg
nasse {n} [military slang]  :: gas mask
nasse {n}  :: Pig-shaped gingerbread
nassikka {n} [colloquial]  :: kid
nassu {n} [childish]  :: face
nasta {adj} [slang]  :: cool, neat, great
nasta {n}  :: pin
nasta {n}  :: stud (as in studded tyres)
nasta {n}  :: tack
nasta {n}  :: thumbtack
nastanpoistaja {n}  :: staple remover
nastata {n}  :: to thumbtack (to fix or attach with thumbtacks)
nastaus {n}  :: pinning (fastening with pins)
nastoitettu {adj} [automotive]  :: studded
nastoittaa {v} [automotive]  :: To stud (to furnish with studs)
nastoitus {n}  :: studding (augmenting with studs)
nasu {n}  :: pig
nata {n} [plant]  :: fescue
nataliteetti {n}  :: natality
Natanael {prop}  :: Nathanael (Biblical figure)
Natanael {prop} [rare]  :: male given name
natiivi {adj}  :: native
natina {n}  :: creak (continuous creaking sound, like that produced by a wooden structure which is slightly moving by its joints)
nationaalinen {adj}  :: national
nationalismi {n}  :: nationalism
nationalisti {n}  :: nationalist
nationalistinen {adj}  :: nationalistic
natista {vi}  :: To creak
nato {n}  :: alternative spelling of NATO
nato {n} [rare]  :: one’s wife’s sister (a sister-in-law of a male person)
Nato {prop}  :: Nato, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
natolanka {n}  :: razor wire
natomaa {n}  :: NATO country, NATO member
nato-piikkilanka {n}  :: alternative form of natolanka ("razor wire")
natrium {n}  :: sodium
natriumasetaatti {n}  :: sodium acetate
natriumbentsoaatti {n}  :: sodium benzoate
natriumbikarbonaatti {n}  :: sodium bicarbonate
natriumbisulfiitti {n}  :: sodium bisulfite
natriumborohydridi {n} [chemistry]  :: sodium borohydride
natriumdisulfiitti {n} [inorganic compound]  :: sodium disulfite
natriumfluoriasetaatti {n} [chemistry]  :: sodium fluoroacetate
natriumfluoridi {n}  :: sodium fluoride
natriumformiaatti {n} [chemistry]  :: sodium formate
natriumglutamaatti {n}  :: monosodium glutamate
natriumhydridi {n} [chemistry]  :: sodium hydride
natriumhydroksidi {n} [inorganic compound]  :: sodium hydroxide
natriumkarbonaatti {n} [chemistry]  :: sodium carbonate, Na2CO3
natriumkloridi {n} [inorganic compound]  :: sodium chloride
natriumkromaatti {n} [chemistry]  :: sodium chromate
natriumlaktaatti {n}  :: sodium lactate
natriumlauryylisulfaatti {n}  :: sodium lauryl sulfate
natriumnitraatti {n} [inorganic compound]  :: sodium nitrate
natriumnitriitti {n} [chemistry]  :: sodium nitrite
natriumsilikaatti {n} [inorganic compound]  :: sodium silicate
natriumsitraatti {n}  :: sodium citrate
natriumstearaatti {n}  :: sodium stearate
natriumsulfaatti {n} [inorganic compound]  :: sodium sulfate
natriumsyanidi {n} [chemistry]  :: sodium cyanide
natsa {n}  :: A stripe [military badge]
natsa {n}  :: The butt of a cigarette
natsi {n}  :: a Nazi
natsilainen {adj}  :: Nazi
natsismi {n}  :: Nazism
natta {n}  :: tag (a children's game)
Natura-alue {n}  :: A protected natural area that belongs to Natura 2000, a European Union network established to protect the most seriously threatened habitats and species across Europe
naturalismi {n}  :: naturalism
naturalisti {n}  :: naturalist
naturalistinen {adj}  :: naturalistic
naturismi {n}  :: naturism, nudism
naturisti {n}  :: naturist, nudist
naudanliha {n}  :: beef (the meat from a bovine)
naudikas {n}  :: box calf (type of calfskin leather)
nauha {n}  :: fret (in a guitar)
nauha {n}  :: lace (in shoes)
nauha {n}  :: ribbon, band, string
nauha {n}  :: tape (recording media)
nauha-asema {n} [computing]  :: tape drive
nauhakeramiikka {n} [archaeology]  :: linear pottery
nauhamatriisi {n} [mathematics]  :: band matrix
nauhanopeus {n}  :: tape speed
nauhanpää {n}  :: aiglet (tip on a shoelace, ribbon or cord that makes lacing easier)
nauhasilikaatti {n} [mineralogy]  :: double chain inosilicate (mineral)
nauhoite {n}  :: recording
nauhoittaa {vt}  :: To lace (a shoe)
nauhoittaa {vt}  :: To tape, record (on audiotape or videotape)
nauhoitus {n}  :: recording (reproduction of sound and/or video, stored in a permanent medium, especially on a tape)
nauhuri {n}  :: (tape, video etc.) recorder
naukaista {vi}  :: To meow (once)
naukaisu {n}  :: meow
naukkailla {v}  :: To tipple (drinking alcohol in small amounts)
naukkailu {n}  :: tippling (drinking alcohol in small amounts)
naukku {n}  :: A snifter, sip
naukua {v}  :: to complain, beg or ask for something
naukua {v}  :: to make a similar sound by any means
naukua {v}  :: to meow
naukuna {n}  :: meowing
naula {n}  :: A funt or funte (Russian unit of weight equal to 409,5 grams)
naula {n}  :: A nail (of metal)
naula {n}  :: A (Scandinavian) pound (Swedish unit of weight equal to 425 grams)
naulain {n}  :: nailgun (hand tool)
naulakko {n}  :: A rack for hanging clothes or other items
naulapyssy {n} [informal]  :: nailgun
naulata {vt}  :: To nail, fasten with one or more nails
naulaus {n}  :: nailing
nauliintua {vi}  :: alternative form of nauliutua
naulita {vt}  :: To rivet, to nail (used in a figurative meaning)
nauliutua {vi} [figuratively]  :: to get stuck as if nailed
nauraa {vi}  :: To laugh (at = allative)
nauraa {v}  :: To laugh off
naurahdella {vi}  :: To utter short bursts of laughter (repeatedly)
naurahdus {n}  :: laugh (single utterance)
naurahtaa {vi}  :: To utter a laughter
nauraja {n}  :: kookaburra (any of several species of kingfishers in the genus Dacelo)
nauraja {n}  :: laugher (one who laughs)
naurattaa {vt}  :: To make someone laugh
nauravainen {adj}  :: ridibund (inclined to and easily brought to laughter; happy)
nauravasilmäinen {adj}  :: Laughing-eyed
naureskella {vi}  :: To laugh intermittently, often alternating with speech, as when telling a funny story
naureskelu {n}  :: laughing
naurettava {adj}  :: Laughable, ridiculous, antic, preposterous
naurettavampi {adj}  :: comparative form of naurettava
naurettavasti {adv}  :: ridiculously
naurettavuus {n}  :: ridiculousness
nauris {n}  :: The edible varieties of turnip
naurismainen {adj}  :: napiform
naurisperhonen {n}  :: small white, Pieris rapae
naurisseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius raphanoides
nauru {n}  :: Laughter, laugh
nauru {n}  :: The Nauru language
Nauru {prop}  :: Nauru
naurukohtaus {n}  :: a fit of laughter
naurulainen {adj}  :: Nauruan
naurulainen {n}  :: A Nauruan
naurulokki {n}  :: black-headed gull (Larus ridibundus)
naurunaihe {n}  :: laughingstock
naurunalainen {adj}  :: joutua naurunalaiseksi: To become a laughing stock
naurunalainen {adj}  :: ridiculed
naurunalaistaa {v}  :: To ridicule
naurunpuuska {n}  :: A gale or an outburst of laughter
nauta {n}  :: cow, bull
nautakarja {n}  :: cattle (cows)
nautakiiliäinen {n}  :: ox warblefly (Hypoderma bovis)
nautamainen {adj}  :: bovine
nautapaarma {n}  :: A horsefly, Tabanus bovinus
nautiikka {n}  :: navigation (science)
nautinnokas {adj}  :: alternative form of nautinnollinen
nautinnollinen {adj}  :: luscious, voluptuous
nautinnollisuus {n}  :: enjoyment
nautinnonhaluinen {adj}  :: Pleasure-loving; self-indulgent
nautinnonhimoinen {adj}  :: self-indulgent
nautinta {n}  :: usage
nautinto {n}  :: pleasure, enjoyment
nautintoaine {n}  :: stimulant
nautiskelija {n}  :: sensualist, hedonist, voluptuary, epicurean, sybarite (person devoted to pleasure and luxury)
nautiskella {v}  :: To enjoy, savour/savor, relish
nautiskelu {n}  :: enjoying, savoring
nautittava {adj}  :: enjoyable
nautittavuus {n}  :: enjoyability, enjoyableness
nauttia {vi} [intransitive + elative]  :: To enjoy
nauttia {vt} [transitive + partitive]  :: To ingest
nauttija {n}  :: enjoyer
nau'unta {n}  :: meowing
navaho {n}  :: alternative form of navajo
navajo {n}  :: The Navajo language
navakasti {adv}  :: briskly (of wind)
navakka {adj}  :: Of a wind, the strength that is between moderate and strong
navakoitua {vi} [of wind]  :: To grow stronger
navallisuus {n}  :: polarity
navetta {n}  :: A cattle shed
navetta {n}  :: A cowshed, designed and built for keeping animals, especially cows
navigaatio {n}  :: navigation
navigaattori {n}  :: navigator
navigoida {v}  :: To navigate
navigoija {n}  :: navigator
navigointi {n}  :: navigation
ne {pron} [colloquial, dialectal, of people]  :: they (in literary standard: he)
ne {pron} [demonstrative, of things and animals]  :: they (plural of the pronoun se (“it”))
ne {pron} [demonstrative]  :: When used like a definite article, “the” or “those
-ne {suffix}  :: The suffix used to form the comitative case. It denotes companionship and ownership, and is written where English would use "together with (one's possession)"
Nea {prop}  :: female given name of modern usage
nearktinen {adj}  :: Nearctic
nebuloosa {n} [astronomy]  :: nebula
Neea {prop}  :: female given name of modern usage
neekeri {n} [decreasingly common as a neutral term]  :: a negro, a person of African descent
neekeri {n} [pejorative, offensive]  :: a nigger, a person with dark brown skin
neekeri {n} [usually, humorous]  :: an imaginary "faqueer" kind of a worker
neekerisankkeri {n} [pathology, dated]  :: lymphogranuloma venereum
-neen {suffix}  :: Comitative case suffix in third person
neerhaalari {n} [nautical]  :: downhaul (rope used to haul down a sail or spar)
nefeliini {n} [mineral]  :: nepheline
nefeliitti {n} [mineral]  :: nepheline
nefriitti {n} [mineral]  :: nephrite
nefriitti {n} [pathology]  :: nephritis
nefro- {prefix} [anatomy, medicine]  :: Of or relating to kidneys, nephric, nephro-
nefroblastooma {n} [oncology]  :: nephroblastoma
nefroliitti {n} [medicine]  :: A nephrolith
nefrolitiaasi {n} [pathology]  :: nephrolithiasis
nefrologia {n} [medicine]  :: nephrology
nefroni {n} [anatomy]  :: nephron
nefroosi {n} [pathology]  :: nephrosis
nefropatia {n} [pathology]  :: nephropathy
nefroskleroosi {n} [pathology]  :: nephrosclerosis
nefrotoksinen {adj} [pathology]  :: nephrotoxic
nega {n} [colloquial, photographing]  :: negative
negaatio {n} [logic]  :: negation
negatiivi {n} [photography]  :: negative
negatiivinen {adj}  :: negative
negatiivinen {adj} [physics]  :: Having negative charge
negatiivisesti {adv}  :: negatively
negatiivisuus {n}  :: negativity
negligoida {v}  :: To neglect
negridi {n}  :: negroid
negridinen {adj}  :: negroid
negrospirituaali {n}  :: negro spiritual
Nehemia {prop}  :: Nehemiah [biblical character]
Nehemia {prop}  :: the Book of Nehemiah
neiditellä {vt}  :: To use the address Miss
neidonhiuspuu {n}  :: gingko
neidonhiussaniainen {n}  :: Southern maidenhair fern, black maidenhair fern, venus hair fern, Adiantum capillus-veneris
neidonkenkä {n}  :: Calypso orchid, Calypso bulbosa
neidonkorento {n}  :: broad-winged damselfly, demoiselle, specifically the beautiful demoiselle, Calopteryx virgo
neilikka {n}  :: carnation (flower)
neilikka {n}  :: clove (spice)
neiti {n}  :: miss
neito {n}  :: maiden, maid
neitokainen {n}  :: damsel, maiden
neitokakadu {n}  :: cockatiel (Nymphicus hollandicus)
neitokurki {n}  :: demoiselle crane (Grus virgo or Anthropoides virgo)
neitonen {n}  :: diminutive form of neito
neitonen {n}  :: maid, maiden
neitoperhonen {n}  :: European peacock, Inachis io (species of butterfly)
neitopuumuura {n}  :: Cocha antshrike
neitseellinen {adj}  :: virgin, virginal, untouched
neitseellisyys {n}  :: virginity (untouched)
neitsyt {n}  :: A virgin
Neitsyt {prop} [constellation]  :: Virgo
neitsytöljy {n}  :: virgin olive oil
Neitsyt Maria {prop} [Christianity]  :: Virgin Mary
neitsytmatka {n}  :: A maiden voyage
neitsytsaarelainen {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Virgin Islands
neitsytsaarelainen {n}  :: A person living in or originating from Virgin Islands
neitsyys {n}  :: virginity
neiyt {n} [archaic, poetic]  :: maiden, unmarried girl
nekö {pron}  :: ne + -kö
nekku {n}  :: A traditional confection
nekro- {prefix}  :: necro-
nekrofagia {n}  :: necrophagy
nekrofiili {n}  :: necrophile
nekrofilia {n}  :: necrophilia
nekrofobia {n}  :: necrophobia
nekrologi {n}  :: necrology
nekromantia {n}  :: necromancy
nekroosi {n} [medicine]  :: A necrosis
nekroottinen {adj}  :: necrotic
nekropolis {n}  :: necropolis
nekrotisoitua {vi}  :: To necrotise/necrotize, undergo necrosis
nekru {n} [highly pejorative, ethnic slur]  :: a nigger
nektari {n}  :: A nectar, especially a rich and smooth fruit drink; compare linnunmaito
nektariini {n}  :: nectarine
nel {num} [colloquial]  :: four
nelejä {num} [dialectal]  :: four
neli {n}  :: As modifier in compound words, four-
neli {n} [horsemanship]  :: A four-beat gait, the gallop
neliö {n}  :: four-room apartment
neliö {n}  :: short of [[neliömetri square meter]]
neliö {n}  :: square
neliapila {n}  :: four-leaf clover
neliöidä {vt} [mathematics]  :: to square
neliöinti {n} [mathematics]  :: squaring
neliöjalka {n}  :: square foot
nelijalkainen {adj}  :: four-legged
neliöjuuri {n} [mathematics]  :: square root
nelikanavainen {adj}  :: quadraphonic
nelikerroksinen {adj}  :: [of buildings] four-storey/story
neliökilometri {n}  :: square kilometer
nelikkö {n}  :: alternative form of nelikko
nelikko {n} [historical]  :: A unit of measure equal to ¼ tynnyri, or 41.22 liters as a dry measure, 31.41 liters as a liquid measure
nelikko {n}  :: quadruplet (sequence of four elements)
nelikko {n}  :: quartet, group of four
nelikopteri {n}  :: quadcopter (rotorcraft with four rotors)
nelikukkula {n} [anatomy]  :: colliculus
nelikulmainen {adj}  :: square
nelikulmio {n}  :: quadrangle
nelikymmenluku {n}  :: the forties, 1940s
nelikymppinen {adj}  :: fortysomething, in his/her forties
nelikymppinen {n}  :: fortysomething
nelilö {n} [philately]  :: block of four
neliömatriisi {n} [mathematics]  :: square matrix
neliömetri {n}  :: square metre
neliömilli {n} [colloquial]  :: square millimetre/square millimeter
neliömillimetri {n}  :: square millimetre/square millimeter
nelinkertainen {adj}  :: quadruple
nelinkertaistaa {vt}  :: To quadruple
nelinkertaistua {vi}  :: to quadruple
nelin kontin {adv}  :: on all fours
nelinkontin {adv}  :: alternative spelling of nelin kontin
nelinpeli {n} [sports]  :: doubles
nelipyöräveto {n}  :: four-wheel drive
nelisen {adv}  :: about four
nelisenkymmentä {adv}  :: about forty
neliösentti {n} [colloquial]  :: square centimetre/square centimeter
neliösenttimetri {n}  :: square centimetre/square centimeter
neliskanttinen {adj} [colloquial, of character]  :: square
neliskanttinen {adj} [colloquial]  :: square (having four corners)
nelisormimangusti {n}  :: meerkat (Suricata suricatta)
nelistää {v} [horsemanhip]  :: To gallop
nelistys {n}  :: [horsemanship] A four-beat gait, the gallop
nelitahokas {n}  :: tetrahedron
neliterminen {adj} [math]  :: quadrinomial
neliulotteinen {adj}  :: four-dimensional
nelivaljakko {n}  :: quadriga
nelivaljakko {n}  :: team of four horses
nelivarvaskilpikonna {n}  :: Russian tortoise, Testudo horsfeldii (syn. Agrionemys horsfieldii
nelivarvassiili {n}  :: four-toed hedgehog, Atelerix albiventris
neliveto {n}  :: four-wheel drive
nelivetoinen {adj}  :: four-wheel drive (being four-wheel driven)
nelivetoisuus {n}  :: four-wheel drive (quality of being four-wheel driven)
nelivuotias {adj}  :: four-year-old
neljä {num}  :: four
neljäkäs {n} [geometry]  :: rhombus (quadrlateral in which all sizes are of equal ength)
neljäkymmentä {num} [cardinal]  :: forty
neljäkymmentäkahdeksan {cardinal num} [cardinal]  :: forty-eight
neljäkymmentäkaksi {cardinal num} [cardinal]  :: forty-two
neljäkymmentäkolme {cardinal num} [cardinal]  :: forty-three
neljäkymmentäkuusi {cardinal num} [cardinal]  :: forty-six
neljäkymmentäluku {n}  :: The forties, 1940s
neljäkymmentäneljä {cardinal num} [cardinal]  :: forty-four
neljäkymmentäseitsemän {cardinal num} [cardinal]  :: forty-seven
neljäkymmentäviisi {cardinal num} [cardinal]  :: forty-five
neljäkymmentäyhdeksän {cardinal num} [cardinal]  :: forty-nine
neljäkymmentäyksi {cardinal num} [cardinal]  :: forty-one
neljän kopla {n} [history]  :: The Gang of Four
neljänneksi {adv}  :: fourthly, for the fourth (in the fourth place)
neljännes {n}  :: A quarter
neljännesfinaali {n} [sports]  :: A quarterfinal
neljännesgallona {n}  :: A quart
neljänneskilo {n}  :: quarter kilogram
neljänneslitra {n}  :: quarter litre/liter
neljännesmaili {n}  :: A quarter mile
neljännestunti {n}  :: A quarter of an hour
neljännesvuosi {n}  :: quarter (three months)
neljännesvuosisata {n}  :: A quarter century
neljännesvuosittain {adv}  :: quarterly (four times in a year)
neljän suora {n}  :: (poker) straight draw (unfinished hand which may be completed to a straight by a successful draw of an additional card)
neljän suora {n} [poker]  :: straight of four, four-straight (in some forms of poker, a hand consisting of four consecuitive cards of any color, wins four-flush and two pairs, inferior to threesome)
neljäntuulenlakki {n}  :: A traditional Sami headgear
neljäs {adj} [ordinal]  :: the fourth, abbreviation 4. , in the names of monarchs and popes IV
neljä samaa {n} [card games]  :: four of a kind (four cards of the same rank in one hand)
neljäsataa {cardinal num}  :: four hundred
neljäskolmatta {adj} [archaic]  :: twenty-fourth
neljäskymmenes {adj} [ordinal]  :: fortieth
neljäsneljättä {adj} [archaic]  :: thirty-fourth
neljäsosa {n}  :: one quarter, one fourth
neljäs serkku {n}  :: fourth cousin
neljästi {adv}  :: four times
neljästoista {adj} [ordinal]  :: the fourteenth, abbreviation 14. , in names of monarchs and popes XIV
neljäsviidettä {adj} [archaic]  :: forty-fourth
neljätoista {num} [cardinal]  :: fourteen
neljätuhatta {cardinal num} [cardinal]  :: four thousand
nelkku {n} [colloquial]  :: The digit four
Nelli {prop}  :: female given name
nelma {n}  :: inconnu, sheefish (Stenodus leucichthys)
nelonen {n} [card games, in plural]  :: four of a kind (four cards of the same rank in one hand)
nelonen {n}  :: F (failing grade; in Finnish schools the grades are given in numbers between 4 and 10)
nelonen {n}  :: four (digit or figure 4)
nelonen {n}  :: fourth gear
nelonen {n}  :: quadruplet (one of a group of four babies born from the same mother during the same birth)
nelostie {n}  :: the Finnish national road number 4
nelson {n} [wrestling]  :: nelson
näemmä {adv}  :: apparently
nenä {n}  :: nose
-nen {suffix}  :: Forms diminutives nouns or terms expressing affection
-nen {suffix}  :: Forms surnames of association, by now devoid of meaning. Can be translated as "of", the genitive case
nenäapina {n}  :: proboscis monkey (Nasalis larvatus)
nenetsi {n}  :: a Nenets
nenetsi {n}  :: the Nenets language
nenähengitys {n}  :: nasal breathing
nenä-huulivako {n} [anatomy]  :: philtrum
-nenäinen {adj}  :: -nosed
nenäkarhu {n}  :: coati
nenäkkäästi {adv}  :: saucily, cheekily
nenäkkyys {n}  :: cheekiness
nenäkäs {adj}  :: saucy, cheeky
nenäkuorikko {n} [anatomy]  :: A nasal concha, turbinate bone
nenälasit {n}  :: pince-nez (temple-less eyeglasses)
nenäliina {n}  :: tissue, kleenex
nenäluu {n} [skeleton]  :: The nasal bone
nenän alakuorikko {n} [anatomy]  :: inferior nasal concha
näennäinen {adj}  :: apparent, ostensible
näennäisanglismi {n} [linguistics]  :: pseudo-anglicism
näennäisavioliitto {n}  :: false marriage, fake marriage, sham marriage, fictitious marriage, mock marriage (marriage into which the parties enter for some other reason than for sharing their lives, e.g. for obtaining a residence permit for one party)
näennäisesti {adv}  :: seemingly, ostensibly
näennäisfysiikka {n}  :: pseudophysics
näennäisliike {n}  :: apparent motion (movement of a body in relation to an observer, especially when it appears different from the true movement)
näennäissatunnainen {adj} [computing]  :: pseudorandom
näennäissatunnaisuus {n} [computing]  :: pseudorandomness
näennäistiede {n}  :: pseudoscience
näennäistieteellinen {adj}  :: quasi-scientific
näennäistotuus {n}  :: verisimilitude, factoid
nenänjuuri {n}  :: root of the nose
nenä-äänne {n} [phonetics]  :: nasal
nenänpää {n} [anatomy]  :: The tip of a nose
nenänselkä {n} [anatomy]  :: bridge of the nose
nenänsisäinen {adj}  :: intranasal (within the nose)
nenänsisäisesti {adv}  :: intranasally
nenän sivuontelo {n} [anatomy]  :: paranasal sinus
nenänvarsi {n} [anatomy]  :: bridge of the nose
Nenonen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
nenäontelo {n} [anatomy]  :: nasal cavity
nenäpolyyppi {n} [pathology]  :: nasal polyp
nenärengas {n}  :: nose ring
nenäsuoja {n}  :: nasal (nose guard in a historical helmet)
nenäsuoja {n}  :: nose guard (item of protection worn over the nose)
nenäsuojus {n}  :: nose guard (item of protection worn over the nose)
nenätautioppi {n} [pathology]  :: rhinology
nenätti {n}  :: nasturtium
nenu {n} [colloquial, childish]  :: nose
nenäverenvuoto {n}  :: nosebleed, nasal bleeding
neo- {prefix}  :: neo-
neoarkeeinen {adj} [geology]  :: Neoarchean
neodyymi {n}  :: neodymium
neofasismi {n}  :: neo-fascism
neofilia {n} [psychology]  :: neophilia
neofobia {n} [psychology]  :: neophobia
neofyytti {n} [biology]  :: neophyte
neofyytti {n} [Christianity]  :: neophyte
neoimpressionismi {n}  :: neo-impressionism
neoklassismi {n}  :: neoclassicism
neokolonialismi {n}  :: neocolonialism
neoliittinen {adj}  :: Neolithic
neologismi {n}  :: neologism
neon {n}  :: neon
neonataalinen {adj}  :: neonatal (of or pertaining to the period of time immediately following birth)
neontetra {n}  :: neon tetra, Paracheirodon innesi
neonvalo {n}  :: neon light
neonväri {n}  :: neon color
neopentaani {n} [chemistry]  :: neopentane
neorealismi {n}  :: neorealism
neorealistinen {adj}  :: neorealist
neotenia {n} [biology]  :: neoteny
neotrooppinen {adj}  :: neotropical
neotropiikinsaukko {n}  :: neotropical river otter or neotropical otter (Lontra longicaudis)
nepaa {n} [dialectal, archaic]  :: A first cousin
Nepal {prop}  :: Nepal
nepalilainen {adj}  :: Nepalese
nepalilainen {n}  :: A Nepalese person
nepittää {v} [snowboarding, slang]  :: To snowboard
nepittää {v}  :: To furnish (a garment etc.) with snap fasteners
nepotismi {n}  :: nepotism
neppaaminen {n} [game]  :: Same as neppaus
neppari {n}  :: A snap fastener, snap, popper, press stud (pair of interlocking discs used in place of buttons to fasten clothing)
neppaus {n} [game]  :: A type of outdoor sports played in Finland with small toy cars
neppi {n}  :: A snap fastener, snap, popper, press stud (pair of interlocking discs used in place of buttons to fasten clothing)
neppis {n} [colloquial, game]  :: Same as neppaus
neptunium {n}  :: neptunium
Neptunus {prop}  :: Neptune, a Roman god
Neptunus {prop}  :: Neptune, the eighth planet from the Sun in our solar system
nero {n}  :: genius
nerokas {adj}  :: brilliant
nerokas {adj}  :: ingenious, witty, shrewd
nerokkaasti {adv}  :: ingeniously, shrewdly
nerokkuus {n}  :: genius
neronleimaus {n}  :: stroke of genius, flash of wit, brainstorm (sudden thought that solves a problem)
neropatti {n}  :: wiseguy, wag
nerous {n}  :: genius
nervositeetti {n}  :: nervosity
näes {adv}  :: you see, you know
nesosilikaatti {n} [mineralogy]  :: orthosilicate, nesosilicate (mineral)
neste {n}  :: fluid, in certain technical terms
neste {n}  :: liquid
nestedynamiikka {n}  :: hydrodynamics
nesteetön {adj}  :: liquid-free, lacking or free of liquid
nestehappi {n}  :: liquid oxygen (oxygen in liquid form)
nestehukka {n}  :: dehydration
nestejännitys {n}  :: turgor
nestekaasu {n}  :: liquefied petroleum gas, LPG
nestekidenäyttö {n}  :: liquid crystal display, LCD
nestemäinen {adj}  :: liquid
nestemäisyys {n} [physics]  :: liquidity (state of being liquid)
nestesäiliö {n}  :: liquid container
nestevety {n}  :: liquid hydrogen
nesteytetty maakaasu {n}  :: liquefied natural gas
nesteytin {n}  :: liquefier (device in which a substance is transformed to liquid)
nesteytin {n}  :: liquefying agent (substance, e.g. an enzyme, that causes another substance to liquefy)
nesteyttää {vt}  :: to liquefy
nesteytyä {vi}  :: To become liquid
nesteytys {n}  :: hydration
nesteytys {n}  :: liquefaction
nestor {n}  :: doyen (the senior, or eldest male member of a group)
Nestori {prop}  :: male given name
näet {adv}  :: you see, you know
net {pron} [Kven, personal]  :: they
netiketti {n}  :: netiquette
netota {v}  :: To net
näetsen {adv}  :: you see, you know
Netta {prop}  :: female given name
netti {n} [colloquial]  :: the Net, Internet
nettietiketti {n} [Internet]  :: netiquette
nettikahvila {n}  :: Internet cafe
nettikansalainen {n}  :: A netizen
nettikauppa {n} [informal]  :: online store, online shop
nettikauppa {n} [informal]  :: online trade
nettisivu {n} [Internet, colloquial]  :: web page
nettisivu {n} [Internet, colloquial]  :: web site
nettisivusto {n} [Internet]  :: website
nettitikku {n}  :: A USB modem
netto {n}  :: net (as in net profit)
nettoaika {n} [sports]  :: Total game time without pauses
nettoansio {n}  :: The net earnings or net income of a person after deduction of all taxes, social insurance charges and other obligatory payments
nettopaino {n}  :: net weight
nettopalkka {n}  :: net income
nettotulo {n}  :: The net income
nettotulos {n} [accounting]  :: net income
nettovoitto {n}  :: The net profit or net income of a company after all expenses and taxes, but not dividends to the owners
neukkari {n} [colloquial]  :: A conference room, meeting room
neukku {n} [colloquial]  :: A Soviet citizen
neula {n}  :: needle (indicator)
neula {n}  :: needle (sewing implement)
neula {n}  :: needle, stylus (phonograph needle)
neula {n} [rare]  :: needle (leaf of conifer tree)
neulalaakeri {n}  :: needle bearing, nail bearing, quill bearing
neulamuikku {n}  :: A small vendace, less than 5 cm of length
neulanen {n}  :: needle (the leaf of a conifer tree)
neulansilmä {n}  :: An eye (hole in the needle)
neulansilmä {n}  :: A tight bend in a road or a car-racing track, where the road turns full or almost 180 degrees; a hairpin turn
neulapohjoinen {n}  :: magnetic north
neulasisto {n}  :: The needles of a tree collectively
neulasto {n}  :: alternative form of neulasisto
neulatyyny {n}  :: pincushion
neulaventtiili {n}  :: needle valve
neule {n}  :: A knit garment
neulekangas {n}  :: knitted fabric
neulekangas {n}  :: tricot
neulepuikko {n}  :: knitting needle
neulepusero {n}  :: crew neck
neulepusero {n}  :: sweater, pullover, jumper, jersey
neuletyö {n}  :: knitting (product of knitting)
neuloa {v}  :: To knit
neuloja {n}  :: A knitter
neulomus {n}  :: knitting (product of knitting)
neulonta {n}  :: knitting (the process of producing knitted material)
neulos {n}  :: knitted fabric, knitting
neuloskangas {n}  :: alternative form of neulekangas
neuraalinen {adj} [medicine, technical, scientific]  :: neural
neuralgia {n} [pathology, neurology]  :: neuralgia
neuralginen {adj}  :: neuralgic
neurasteenikko {n}  :: A neurasthenic person
neurasteeninen {adj}  :: neurasthenic
neurastenia {n} [pathology]  :: neurasthenia
neuriitti {n} [pathology]  :: A neuritis
neuro- {prefix}  :: neuro-
neurobiologia {n}  :: neurobiology
neuroblastooma {n} [oncology]  :: neuroblastoma
neurofilosofia {n}  :: neurophilosophy
neurofysiologia {n}  :: neurophysiology
neurogeeninen {adj}  :: neurogenic
neurokirurgi {n}  :: neurosurgeon
neurokirurgia {n}  :: neurosurgery
neurolepti {n}  :: neuroleptic
neuroleptinen {adj} [pharmacology]  :: neuroleptic
neurolingvistiikka {n}  :: neurolinguistics
neurologi {n}  :: neurologist
neurologia {n} [medicine]  :: neurology
neurologinen {adj}  :: neurological
neuroni {n} [cytology]  :: neuron
neuroosi {n}  :: neurosis
neurootikko {n}  :: neurotic person
neuroottinen {adj}  :: neurotic
neuroottistua {vi}  :: to become neurotic
neuroottisuus {n}  :: neuroticism
neuropatia {n} [pathology]  :: neuropathy
neuropeptidi {n}  :: neuropeptide
neuroplastisuus {n}  :: neuroplasticity
neuropsykologia {n}  :: neuropsychology
neurotiede {n}  :: neuroscience
neurotisoitua {vi}  :: To become neurotic
neurotoksiini {n}  :: neurotoxin
neurotyypillinen {adj}  :: neurotypical (having a "normal" way of communicating and processing information, used especiallly to contrast with autistic)
neuroverkko {n} [computing]  :: A neural net
neurulaatio {n} [embryology]  :: neurulation
neutraali {adj}  :: neutral
neutraalistaa {v}  :: alternative form of neutraloida
neutraalisti {adv}  :: neutrally
neutraalistua {vi}  :: To be neutralized
neutraalisuus {n}  :: neutrality
neutraalius {n}  :: neutrality
neutralisaatio {n}  :: neutralization
neutralisoida {v} [dated]  :: alternative form of neutraloida
neutralisoitua {vi}  :: To become neutralized
neutraliteetti {n}  :: neutrality
neutraloida {vt}  :: To neutralize
neutralointi {n}  :: neutralizing
neutraloitua {vi}  :: to become neutralized
neutri {n} [grammar, biology]  :: a neuter
neutriino {n} [physics]  :: neutrino
neutroni {n} [particle]  :: neutron
neutronipommi {n}  :: neutron bomb
neutronipommitus {n}  :: neutron bombardment
neutronisäteily {n} [physics]  :: neutron radiation
neutronitähti {n} [astronomy]  :: neutron star
neuvo {n}  :: advice
neuvo {n}  :: resource
neuvoa {vt}  :: to advise, counsel; show (to advise by showing)
neuvoa {vt}  :: to tell (someone the way to some place), direct (someone somewhere):
neuvoja {n}  :: adviser
neuvokas {adj}  :: resourceful, inventive
neuvokkuus {n}  :: resourcefulness
neuvoksetar {n}  :: The wife of a neuvos
neuvola {n}  :: child health centre
neuvonantaja {n}  :: adviser
neuvonpito {n}  :: counseling
neuvonpito {n}  :: negotiation
neuvonta {n}  :: advice, counseling
neuvonta {n}  :: help desk
neuvos {n}  :: councillor/councilor/counselor (the title of the holder of certain high positions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland)
neuvos {n}  :: (no officially accepted English translation) An honorary title granted by the President of the Republic of Finland to highly merited citizens
neuvosto {n}  :: A council
neuvosto {n} [historical]  :: A soviet
neuvostoarmeija {n}  :: The Soviet army
neuvostodiplomaatti {n}  :: Soviet diplomat
neuvostojohtaja {n}  :: A Soviet leader
neuvostojohto {n}  :: Soviet leadership
Neuvostoliitto {prop}  :: the Soviet Union
neuvostoliittolainen {adj}  :: Soviet
neuvostoliittolainen {n}  :: A person from Soviet Union
neuvostomielinen {adj}  :: soviet-minded, Sovietist (supporting the kind of ideology and/or government applied in the Soviet Union)
neuvostomielinen {adj}  :: Soviet-minded (supporting the interests of the Soviet Union)
neuvostotasavalta {n}  :: A short form of sosialistinen neuvostotasavalta, Soviet Socialist Republic; any of the 15 states of the former Soviet Union
neuvotella {v}  :: To negotiate
neuvoton {adj}  :: helpless
neuvotteilla {adv}  :: olla neuvotteilla: Being negotiated
neuvottelija {n}  :: mediator
neuvottelu {n}  :: [often in plural] negotiation
neuvotteluhuone {n}  :: A conference room, meeting room
neuvottelukierros {n}  :: A negotiation round (set of linked negotiations)
neuvottelukunta {n}  :: advisory board (body that advises the management of a branch of government, corporation or other organization; usually consisting of representatives of various stakeholders)
neuvottelupöytä {n}  :: negotiating table, negotiation table
neuvottomuus {n}  :: helplessness
neva {n}  :: A type of treeless wet swamp
Nevalainen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
nevoittua {vi}  :: To become a neva
newton {n}  :: newton
New York {prop}  :: New York (city and state)
newyorkilainen {n}  :: A New Yorker
nöf {interj}  :: oink
nganasan {n}  :: alternative form of nganasani
nganasani {n} [in plural]  :: Nganasan (indigenous Samoyedic people inhabiting the Taymyr Peninsula in north Siberia)
nganasani {n}  :: Nganasan (language of this people)
nganasani {n}  :: Nganasan (member of this people)
nähdä {vt}  :: to see
nähden {adv} [+ illative]  :: in relation to, concerning
nähdä metsä puilta {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: to see the forest for the trees (to discern an overall pattern from a mass of detail; to see the big picture, or the broader, more general situation)
nähdään {interj}  :: see ya, see you later
nähdä nälkää {vi}  :: To starve (to suffer from famine)
nähdä punaista {v}  :: to see red (to get angry)
nähkääs {interj}  :: see, you see
nöhtä {n}  :: alternative form of nöyhtä
nähtävästi {adv}  :: apparently
nähtävyys {n}  :: An attraction [something which attracts]
-ni {suffix} [possessive]  :: Always appended to a noun in the comitative case when the clause has the subject "I".
-ni {suffix} [possessive]  :: appended to a genitive-requiring postposition that is after or without minun (the genitive of the personal pronoun minä), me:
-ni {suffix} [possessive]  :: suffix used with or without minun (the genitive of the personal pronoun minä), corresponds to the English possessive pronoun my:
-ni {suffix} [possessive]  :: used in a final shortened sentence expressing "in order to do" when the clauses have the same subject "I", appended to the long first infinitive:
-ni {suffix} [possessive]  :: used in a participle structure replacing an "että" clause, preceded by a verb expressing, e.g., telling, claiming, asserting, confirming, thinking, wish, desire, seeming, when the clauses have the same subject "I"; appended to the active past participle in genitive singular when the said/alleged (etc.) action antedates the main clause:
-ni {suffix} [possessive]  :: used in a participle structure replacing an "että" clause, preceded by a verb expressing, e.g., telling, claiming, asserting, confirming, thinking, wish, desire, seeming, when the clauses have the same subject "I"; appended to the active present participle in genitive singular when the action is concurrent with the main clause:
-ni {suffix} [possessive]  :: used in a shortened sentence expressing concurrent actions when the clauses have the same subject "I", appended to the inessive of the active second infinitive:
-ni {suffix} [possessive]  :: used in a shortened sentence expressing subsequent actions when the clauses have the same subject "I", appended to the partitive of the passive past participle singular:
-ni {suffix} [possessive]  :: Used in some adverbs, when the clause has the subject "I"
niasiini {n} [vitamin]  :: niacin
Nicaragua {prop}  :: Nicaragua
nicaragualainen {adj}  :: Nicaraguan
nicaragualainen {n}  :: A Nicaraguan person
nicaraguantaskurotta {n}  :: Nicaraguan pocket gopher, Orthogeomys matagalpae
nide {n}  :: volume (a single book)
nidonta {n}  :: stitching
nidos {n}  :: binding
nidos {n}  :: volume (of a book)
nidottu {adj}  :: paperback
niekka {n} [rare]  :: master, whiz, expert (person who masters a skill exceptionally well; normally used with a modifier that specifies the skill)
niekka {n}  :: Used as head of a compound terms (noun + -niekka) to signify a person or animal who is characterized by something defined by the modifying noun
nielaista {vt} [figuratively]  :: to engulf, cover
nielaista {vt}  :: to swallow, gulp (at once or fast, compare niellä)
nielaisu {n}  :: alternative form of nielaus
nielaus {n}  :: A swallow (act of swallowing)
nieleksiä {vt}  :: To gulp, swallow repeatedly
nieleminen {n}  :: swallowing
nielemisen {v}  :: swallowing
nieleskellä {vt}  :: To swallow, gulp in a continuous/indifferent manner
nielijä {n}  :: swallower
niellä {vt}  :: To swallow (continuously or more slowly, compare nielaista and nieleskellä)
niellä ylpeytensä {v} [idiomatic]  :: to swallow one's pride
nielu {n}  :: pharynx
nielu {n}  :: sink
nielu {n}  :: throat
nieluntakainen {adj} [anatomy, medicine]  :: retropharyngeal
nielurisa {n} [anatomy]  :: Tonsil, palatine tonsil
nielurisatulehdus {n} [pathology]  :: tonsillitis
nielutulehdus {n} [pathology]  :: pharyngitis
niemeke {n}  :: Promontory
Niemelä {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Niemelä {prop}  :: Finnish surname
niemi {n}  :: cape (form of land near lake or sea), (small) peninsula, ness
Niemi {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Niemi {prop}  :: Finnish surname
niemimaa {n} [geography]  :: peninsula
Nieminen {prop}  :: Finnish surname In 2010, the third most common in Finland (behind Korhonen, and barely ahead of Mäkinen).
nieriä {n}  :: Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus)
nietos {n}  :: snow drift
nietostaa {vt}  :: To pile up, used only of snow
nietostua {vi}  :: To pile up, used only of snow
nietu {n} [slang]  :: squat, nothing
Niger {prop}  :: Niger (country)
Nigeria {prop}  :: Nigeria
nigerialainen {adj}  :: Nigerian
nigerialainen {n}  :: a Nigerian
nigeriläinen {adj}  :: Nigerien
nigeriläinen {n}  :: a Nigerien
nihilismi {n}  :: nihilism
nihilisti {n}  :: nihilist
nihilistinen {adj}  :: nihilistic
nihkeä {adj}  :: damp, moist (skin, air)
nihkeys {n}  :: dampness, moistness (of skin, air)
nihti {n} [historical]  :: soldier
niiata {vi}  :: To curtsey
niiaus {n}  :: curtsey
niiden {pron} [colloquial]  :: their, theirs; used instead of [[heidän their, theirs]]
Niili {prop}  :: Nile
niilinkrokotiili {n}  :: Nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus)
niilinmedestäjä {n}  :: Nile Valley sunbird, Anthreptes metallicus syn. Hedydipna metallica
niilinvaraani {n}  :: Nile monitor, Varanus niloticus
Niilo {prop}  :: male given name
Niilo {prop}  :: The letter "N" in the Finnish tavausaakkoset, a spelling system similar to ICAO spelling alphabet
niin {adv}  :: ai niin? oh really?
niin {adv}  :: ai niin: oh yes
niin {adv}  :: An affirmative answer to a question or comment: yes, yeah
niin {adv}  :: so, then, in that case
niin {adv}  :: so, to this or that extent
niin {adv}  :: very
niin {conj}  :: [coordinating] Used to introduce the main clause after if clause: then
Niina {prop}  :: female given name
niini {n}  :: bast
niin ikään {adv}  :: also, likewise
niinikään {adv}  :: also, as well
niinipuu {n}  :: small-leaved lime, Tilia cordata
Niinistö {prop}  :: Finnish surname
niinisyy {n} [botany]  :: phloem fiber
niin ja näin {adv}  :: so-so, okay, comme ci comme ça (neither well nor poorly)
niin kauan kuin {phrase}  :: as long as (for some period of time)
niin kauan kuin {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: so long as, as long as, assuming, provided that, if (depending upon some condition or requirement)
niinku {interj} [slang]  :: like
niin kuin {conj}  :: as
niin kuin {conj}  :: as if, as though (in a manner suggesting)
niin kuin {conj}  :: as if (in mimicry of)
niinkuin märkä palaa {adv} [idiomatic]  :: badly, not very well
niin kutsuttu {adj}  :: so-called (so named; called by such a name)
niin makaa kuin petaa {phrase}  :: alternative form of niin makaat kuin petaat
niin makaat kuin petaat {proverb}  :: you make the bed you lie in, you've made your bed, now lie in it (one must accept the consequences of one's actions)
niin myös {phrase}  :: as well as, and so was
niinpä {adv}  :: so
niinpä {interj}  :: indeed
niin sanottu {adj}  :: so-called (so named; called by such a name)
niisiä {v} [weaving]  :: To thread warp yarns through the eyes of heddles
niisi {n}  :: A heddle, heald
niisipälkki {n}  :: Same as niisivarsi
niisistö {n}  :: The heddles of a loom collectively
niisittää {v}  :: alternative form of niisiä
niisittäjä {n}  :: A person, especially a textile industry worker, who threads warp yarns through the eyes of heddles
niisitys {n}  :: The system according to which the warp yarns are threaded through heddles in a loom or weaving machine
niisivarpa {n}  :: Same as niisivarsi
niisivarsi {n}  :: A shaft from which heddles are suspended in a loom
niiskauttaa {v}  :: To sniffle (to make a whimpering sound when breathing)
niiskuttaa {vi}  :: To sniffle (to make whimpering sounds when breathing)
niiskuttaa {vi}  :: To sob
niiskutus {n}  :: sniffle
niistää {vit}  :: to blow (one's nose), snot
niitata {vt} [slang, somewhat rare, e.g. in sports]  :: To beat, conquer, overcome (a competitor, by a large marginal)
niitata {vt} [slang]  :: To kill
niitata {vt}  :: To rivet
niitinpoistaja {n}  :: staple remover
niitä näitä {adv}  :: this and that; used especially of a topic of speech, or rather lack of it
niittää {vt} [figuratively]  :: To win, achieve
niittää {vt}  :: To mow, cut, scythe, reap (crops)
niittaus {n}  :: riveting
niitti {n}  :: A staple (wire fastener)
niitto {n}  :: mowing, cutting, reaping
niittu {n} [archaic, dialectal]  :: meadow
niitty {n}  :: meadow, lea (open, non-cultivated field which grows grass and flowers)
niittykorte {n}  :: shade horsetail or meadow horsetail, Equisetum pratense
niittykullero {n} [botany]  :: globeflower, Trollius europaeus
niittyleinikki {n}  :: meadow buttercup, Ranunculus acris (a flowering plant in the genus Ranunculus)
niittymari {n}  :: Meadow Mari (language and people)
niittynätkelmä {n}  :: meadow vetchling, Lathyrus pratensis
niittynurmikka {n}  :: smooth meadow-grass, Poa pratensis
niittysinisiipi {n}  :: mazarine blue, Polyommatus semiargus
niittysuohaukka {n}  :: Montagu's harrier, Circus pygargus
niittyvilla {n}  :: cottongrass (plant of the genus Eriophorum)
nijn {n}  :: obsolete spelling of niin
nikama {n} [skeleton]  :: A vertebra
nikamakipu {n} [pathology]  :: spondylalgia
nikamansiirtymä {n} [medicine]  :: spondylolisthesis (displacement of a vertebra over a lower vertebra)
nikamantulehdus {n} [pathology]  :: spondylitis
nikamatulehdus {n} [pathology]  :: spondylitis (inflammation of the spine)
nikamavaltimo {n} [anatomy]  :: vertebral artery
nikamavälilevy {n} [skeleton]  :: intervertebral disc
Nikea {prop} [historical]  :: Nicaea (ancient city in Bithynia in Asia Minor)
nikka {n}  :: hiccups
nikkari {n}  :: carpenter
nikkari {n} [informal]  :: tinkerer (one who tinkers with things)
nikkarityyli {n} [architecture]  :: A highly decorative wood construction style, which flourished in Finland at the turn of 19th and 20 th century, incorporating influences from historicist architectural styles of the period
nikkaroida {v}  :: to work as carpenter, to carpenter
nikkeli {n}  :: nickel (metal)
nikkelöidä {vt}  :: to nickel
nikkelimalmi {n}  :: nickel ore
nikkelimyrkytys {n} [jocular]  :: To get shot
nikkelimyrkytys {n}  :: nickel poisoning
nikkelinen {adj}  :: Containing or made of nickel
nikkelöinti {n}  :: nickeling (plating with nickel)
nikkelisulfaatti {n} [chemistry]  :: nickel sulfate
Nikkilä {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Nikkilä {prop}  :: Finnish surname
nikkoliitti {n} [mineral]  :: nickeline
nikkud {n}  :: nikud
Niklas {prop}  :: male given name
niklata {v}  :: to nickel
Niko {prop}  :: male given name
Nikolai {prop}  :: male given name
Nikosia {prop}  :: Nicosia (capital of Cyprus)
nikotella {v}  :: To hiccup (to have the hiccups)
nikotiini {n} [chemistry]  :: nicotine
nikotiinihappo {n} [vitamin]  :: nicotinic acid
nikotiinilaastari {n}  :: nicotine patch
nikotiinipurukumi {n}  :: nicotine gum
nikotinisti {n}  :: nicotine addict
nikottaa {v}  :: To hiccup (to have hickups)
nikottelu {n}  :: hiccups
nikotus {n}  :: hiccups
nikotuttaa {v}  :: To cause hiccups
niksaa {v}  :: alternative form of niksahdella
niksahdus {n}  :: Action of the verb niksahtaa
niksaus {n}  :: Action of the verb niksaa
niksauttaja {n} [colloquial]  :: chiropractor; short for nikamanniksauttaja
niksi {n}  :: gimmick
niksua {v}  :: alternative form of niksahdella
Nikula {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Nikula {prop}  :: Finnish surname
nila {n}  :: phloem
nilgau {n}  :: nilgai (Boselaphus tragocamelus)
nilgirinlanguri {n}  :: Nilgiri langur, Trachypithecus johnii
nili {n}  :: A short form of niliaitta
niliaitta {n}  :: A traditional type of storage hut or cache built on top of a long stump of a tree or pole in order to prevent animals of getting hold of the contents (typically food or other perishables)
niljaantua {vi}  :: To become slimy
niljainen {adj}  :: slippery, slimy
niljakas {adj}  :: Slimy and slippery
niljakkuus {n}  :: (slimy) slipperiness
nilkka {n}  :: ankle
nilkkain {n}  :: gaiter, spat
nilkkakoru {n}  :: anklet
nilkkaluu {n} [skeleton]  :: A tarsal bone or tarsal
nilkki {n}  :: A contemptible person
nilkku {n}  :: lame
nilkkuri {n}  :: ankle boot
nilkuttaa {v}  :: To limp
nilkutus {n}  :: Action of the verb nilkuttaa
näillä näkymin {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: it seems that, the current plan is that
nilviäinen {n}  :: mollusc (soft-bodied invertebrate)
nilviäinen {n}  :: mollusc (weak-willed person)
nilviäistutkimus {n}  :: malacology
nimeke {n}  :: title
nimekkyys {n}  :: fame
nimekäs {adj}  :: famed, renowned, famous, well-known
nimellinen {adj}  :: nominal (existing in name only)
nimellinen {adj}  :: nominal (insignificantly small)
nimellisarvo {n}  :: face value (stated value or amount)
nimellisesti {adv}  :: nominally
nimeltään {adv}  :: by the name of
nimeämätön {adj}  :: unnamed
nimenomaan {adv}  :: precisely, specifically
nimenomaan {interj}  :: absolutely!, definitely! (expression of agreement with another speaker)
nimenselvennys {n}  :: print name
nimentö {n} [grammar, rare]  :: The nominative case
nimetä {vt}  :: To appoint, name
nimetä {vt}  :: To name, christen, baptise/baptize
nimetä {vt}  :: To name, mention by name
nimetä {vt}  :: To nominate
nimetön {adj}  :: anonymous
nimetön {adj}  :: nameless, innominate
nimetön {adj}  :: untitled
nimetön {n}  :: in plural (nimettömät) panties [US], knickers [UK] (women's short underpants)
nimetön {n}  :: ring finger
nimettömästi {adv}  :: incognito
nimettömät {n}  :: panties [US], knickers [UK] (women's short underpants)
nimettömyys {n}  :: anonymity
nimettömyys {n}  :: namelessness
nimi {n}  :: name
nimiö {n}  :: The text on a title page
nimiavaruus {n} [computing]  :: namespace
nimiöidä {vt}  :: To label
nimiäiset {n}  :: naming (the ritual corresponding christening among non-religious people)
nimike {n}  :: A term of classification
nimike {n}  :: label, title, tag, designation, heading
nimikirjaimet {n}  :: initials
nimikirjain {n}  :: initial
nimikirjoitus {n}  :: An autograph (person's own signature)
nimikkeistö {n}  :: nomenclature
nimikko {n}  :: One that is named after somebody or something
nimikoida {v}  :: to identify something as belonging to a named person especially by appliqueing, but also by other means like writing or placing a nameplate or attaching a nametag
nimikointi {n}  :: naming
nimilaji {n} [biology]  :: A type species
nimilappu {n}  :: A nametag
nimimerkki {n}  :: A pen name, alias
niminen {adj}  :: An adjective used to indicate the name of a person or object. Most often translated into English with name, named or namesake
nimipalvelin {n} [Internet]  :: name server
nimipäivä {n}  :: name day
nimisana {n} [grammar]  :: A noun
nimistö {n}  :: nomenclature (set of names or terms)
nimistöntutkimus {n}  :: onomastics (branch of lexicology devoted to the study of names and naming)
nimitellä {vt}  :: to call names
nimittää {vt}  :: To assign
nimittää {vt}  :: To name, dub, designate
nimittely {n}  :: name-calling
nimittäin {adv}  :: specifically, namely
nimittäjä {n} [arithmetic]  :: denominator
nimitys {n}  :: appointment
nimitys {n}  :: designation, denomination
nimmari {n} [colloquial]  :: autograph
nimppari {n} [colloquial, often in plural]  :: name day
näin {adv}  :: in this way, like this, so, thus
Nina {prop}  :: female given name popular in the 1970s and the 1980s. Variant: Niina
Nižni Novgorod {prop}  :: Nizhny Novgorod (large city in Russia)
Ninive {prop}  :: Nineveh
näin ollen {adv}  :: therefore, hence
niobi {n}  :: niobium
niobium {n}  :: niobium
nipin napin {adv}  :: barely (by a small margin, almost not at all)
nipistää {v}  :: To pinch, tweak
nipistellä {vt} [frquentative]  :: to tingle
nipistely {n}  :: pinching
nipistin {n}  :: clip (something which clips or grasps; a device for attaching one object to another)
nipistys {n}  :: pinch
nipottaa {v}  :: to nitpick, cavil (to criticise for petty or frivolous reasons)
nipottaja {n}  :: nitpicker, hair-splitter
nipotus {n}  :: Action of the verb nipottaa
nippa {n}  :: nipple (mechanical device)
nippeli {n}  :: spigot connection
nippelitieto {n}  :: trivia
nippu {n}  :: bundle, bunch
nippuside {n}  :: cable tie
nipsahdus {n}  :: Action of the verb nipsahtaa
nipsaus {n}  :: Action of the verb nipsahtaa
nipukka {n}  :: tip, point (e.g. of ear)
niputtaa {v}  :: To bundle (to tie or wrap together)
niputus {n}  :: bundling
nirhama {n}  :: chip
nirhata {v} [colloquial]  :: to kill
nirhata {v}  :: to cut away a little piece of something
nirhata {v}  :: to cut something tediously, little by little
nirkko {n}  :: notodontid (moth of the family Notodontidae)
nirri {n} [colloquial]  :: life
nirskua {vi} [of teeth]  :: To grate
nirskunta {n}  :: grating (of teeth)
nirskutella {vt}  :: to grate (one's teeth)
nirskuttelu {n}  :: grating (of teeth)
nirskutus {n}  :: Action of the verb nirskuttaa
nirso {adj}  :: picky, choosy
nirsoilla {v}  :: to be fastidious
nirvana {n}  :: nirvana
nisä {n} [anatomy]  :: mamma (milk secreting organ of mammals incl. humans)
nisä {n} [nonstandard, anatomy]  :: teat, nipple
nisä {n} [rare, anatomy]  :: breast of a woman
nisiini {n} [biochemistry]  :: nisin
niska {n} [anatomy]  :: nape, the back of the neck
niska {n}  :: supporting framework (e.g. of a building, or figuratively in other contexts)
-niskainen {adj}  :: necked
niskakarva {n}  :: in plural (niskakarvat), neck hair (growth)
niskakarva {n}  :: neck hair (individual strand)
niskakarvat {n}  :: neck hair (growth)
Niskala {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Niskala {prop}  :: Finnish surname
niskalenkki {n}  :: A grasp from another person's neck by hooking it with one's arm
niskalenkki {n} [figuratively]  :: upper hand
niskalenkkitoppi {n}  :: halter (female garment)
niskanahka {n}  :: scruff (loose skin at the back of the neck of some animals)
Niskanen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
niskanikama {n} [skeleton]  :: A cervical vertebra
niskat nurin {adv} [idiomatic]  :: with a broken neck
niskoitella {v}  :: to be insubordinate, rebel (to be disobedient to lawful authority)
niskoittelija {n}  :: rebel (one who is insubordinate to lawful authority)
niskoittelu {n}  :: insubordination
nisäkäs {n}  :: mammal
nisäkäslaji {n}  :: mammal species
nisäkästutkimus {n} [zoology]  :: mammalogy (study of mammals as science)
niskuri {n}  :: rebel (one who is insubordinate to lawful authority)
niskuroida {v}  :: to be insubordinate, rebel (to be disobedient to lawful authority)
niskurointi {n}  :: insubordination
nispero {n} [plant]  :: loquat, Eriobotrya japonica
nisse {n}  :: Human-shaped gingerbread or other pastry
nistiä {v} [colloquial]  :: to kill
nisti {n}  :: A drug addict
nisu {n} [dialectal, American Finnish]  :: something baked of wheat, particularly traditional cardamom sweet bread, such as pulla
nisu {n} [dialectal]  :: wheat
nisunjyvä {n} [archaic]  :: grain of wheat
nitinä {n}  :: squeaking
nitistää {v}  :: To smash, kill or defeat completely, overwhelmingly and/or easily, as if killing a fly; may be used concretely and figuratively
nitistä {vi} [onomatopoetic]  :: To squeak
nitoa {v}  :: to staple (to bind with staples)
nitoja {n}  :: stapler
nitomanasta {n}  :: staple (wire fastener used to secure stacks of paper by penetrating all the sheets and curling around)
nitraatti {n} [chemistry]  :: nitrate
nitridi {n} [chemistry]  :: nitride
nitrifikaatio {n}  :: nitrification
nitriili {n} [chemistry]  :: nitrile
nitriitti {n} [chemistry]  :: nitrite
nitro {n}  :: nitro (medical nitroglycerin)
nitro- {prefix}  :: nitro-
nitrobentseeni {n} [chemistry]  :: nitrobenzene
nitroglykoli {n} [chemistry]  :: nitroglycol
nitroglyseriini {n} [organic chemistry]  :: nitroglycerin
nitroglyseroli {n}  :: nitroglycerol
nitrometaani {n} [chemistry]  :: nitromethane
nitroselluloosa {n} [chemistry]  :: nitrocellulose
nitrosoamiini {n} [chemistry]  :: nitrosamine
nitrosyylikloridi {n} [chemistry]  :: nitrosyl chloride
näitten {pron}  :: alternative form of näiden
nituri {n}  :: stapler
niuho {adj}  :: niggling
niuho {n}  :: niggler
niuhottaa {vi} [+ elative]  :: To complain pedantically (about something that is insignificant according to the speaker); to complain about fine points that are not really important (nit-picking)
niuhottaminen {n}  :: nitpicking (process of finding or pointing out tiny details or errors)
niukasti {adv}  :: sparsely, scarcely, scantily (in low quantity)
niukentua {v}  :: alternative form of niuketa
niuketa {vi}  :: To become more scarce, lean
niukka {adj}  :: scanty, scarce
niukkasanainen {adj}  :: laconic
niukkasanainen {adj}  :: terse, sententious
niukkuus {n}  :: paucity
niva {n} [dialectal]  :: A small rapid in a river
nivaska {n}  :: bundle, bunch
nivel {n} [robotics]  :: An articulation (a joint)
nivel {n} [skeleton]  :: A joint
nivelakseli {n}  :: universal joint
nivelbussi {n}  :: articulated bus
nivelikäs {adj}  :: jointed
niveljalkainen {n}  :: An arthropod
nivelkierukka {n} [anatomy]  :: meniscus
nivelkärsäinen {adj}  :: hemipterous, hemipteran (of or pertaining to Hemiptera or hemipterans)
nivelkärsäinen {n}  :: hemipteran (insect belonging to the order Hemiptera)
nivelmato {n}  :: annelid
nivelreuma {n} [disease]  :: rheumatoid arthritis
nivelrikko {n} [pathology]  :: osteoarthritis
nivelside {n} [anatomy]  :: ligament
niveltää {vt}  :: To articulate, connect with joints (e.g. an axis)
niveltää {vt}  :: To connect up, link together (things)
niveltulehdus {n} [pathology]  :: arthritis
niveltyä {vi}  :: to joint (to fit as if by joints)
näivettää {vt}  :: to atrophy
näivettää {vt}  :: to wilt
näivettyä {vi}  :: To atrophy
näivettyä {vi}  :: To wilt
näivetysveritauti {n} [pathology]  :: pernicious anemia (severe form of anemia caused by vitamin B12 insufficiency)
nivoa {vt}  :: To bundle, intertwine
nivoutua {vi}  :: To intertwine
nivuset {n}  :: groin
nivussilsa {n} [pathology]  :: jock itch (fungal infection of the groin region)
nivustyrä {n} [pathology]  :: hernia inguinalis, inguinal hernia
Nizza {prop}  :: Nice (city in France)
njala {n}  :: nyala, Tragelaphus angasii
näkö {n}  :: sight
nk. {initialism}  :: niin kutsuttu
näköaisti {n}  :: vision, visual perception
näköaivokuori {n} [anatomy]  :: visual cortex
näköala {n}  :: view, sight, vista
näköalapaikka {n}  :: lookout, vantage point, observation post (place that provides a good view of something, such as scenery)
näköelin {n}  :: visual organ
näkemiin {interj}  :: goodbye, see you later, see ya. Literal translation: "Until we meet again."
näkeminen {n}  :: seeing
näkemyksellinen {adj}  :: biased
näkemyksellinen {adj}  :: visionary (having vision or foresight)
näkemys {n}  :: conviction (firmly held belief)
näkemys {n}  :: opinion (non-objective thought that a person has formed about a topic or issue)
näkemys {n}  :: outlook (attitude or point of view)
näkemys {n}  :: position (opinion or stand)
näkemys {n}  :: reckoning (opinion or judgement)
näkemys {n}  :: stand (position; firm opinion; action for a purpose)
näkemys {n}  :: view (way of understanding something, an opinion, a theory)
näkemys {n}  :: vision (ideal toward which one aspires)
näköeste {n}  :: visual barrier, wall (barrier to vision)
näkevä {adj}  :: seeing (as opposed to blind)
näköharha {n}  :: optical illusion; mirage, hallucination
näköhermo {n} [anatomy]  :: optic nerve
näkijä {n}  :: seer
näkimet {n} [jocular]  :: eyes
näköinen {adj}  :: As main word of a combined adjective, -looking, -like (of or pertaining to looks)
näköinen {adj}  :: As main word of a combined adjective, -sighted, -eyed (of or pertaining to vision)
näköinen {adj}  :: looking like someone or something. That to which the looks are compared is in genitive
näköismurre {n}  :: eye dialect (nonstandard spelling deliberately used by an author to indicate that a speaker uses a nonstandard or dialectal speech)
näköisyys {n}  :: likeness, resemblance
näköjään {adv}  :: apparently
näkökenttä {n}  :: field of view (angular extent of what can be seen)
näkki {n} [colloquial]  :: crisp bread
näkki {n} [mythology]  :: nixie, an evil, male water spirit
näkkileipä {n}  :: crispbread, crisp bread
näkökohta {n}  :: point (opinion which adds to the discussion)
näkkäri {n} [colloquial]  :: crispbread
näkökulma {n}  :: perspective, point of view (choice of a single point of view from which to sense, categorize, measure or codify experience)
näkökulma {n}  :: visual angle (angle formed by two straight lines drawn from the extreme points of an object to the center of the eye)
näkömuisti {n}  :: visual memory
näköpiiri {n}  :: sphere of vision (that which is visible to a viewer)
näköpurppura {n}  :: visual purple, rhodopsin
näköradio {n} [dated]  :: television
näkäräinen {n} [dialectal]  :: small shot of hard liquor
NKT {initialism}  :: The abbreviation of nettokansantuote, NDP (net domestic product)
NKT {initialism}  :: The abbreviation of nettokansantuote, NNP (net national product)
näkövamma {n}  :: visual impairment
näkövammainen {adj}  :: visually impaired, vision impaired
näkövammainen {n}  :: A visually impaired person
näkyä {vi}  :: To be around/here/there
näkyä {vi}  :: To be visible, be seen, show
näkyä {vi}  :: To seem, appear (to do = active present participle singular in genitive, -van/-vän; to have done = active past participle singular in genitive, -(n)een)
näky {n}  :: an impressive physical sight
näky {n}  :: (imaginary, religious) vision
näköyhteys {n}  :: visual contact
näkyleipä {n} [biblical]  :: showbread
näkymä {n}  :: A view, outlook
näkymätön {adj}  :: invisible
näkymätön käsi {n}  :: invisible hand
näkymättömästi {adv}  :: invisibly
näkymättömyys {n}  :: invisibility
näkyvä {adj}  :: visible
näkyviin {adv} [of movement]  :: out (of hiding), in the open, into sight
näkyvin {adj}  :: superlative form of näkyvä
näkyväisyys {n}  :: visibility
näkyvämpi {adj}  :: comparative form of näkyvä
näkyvästi {adv}  :: conspicuously, noticeably (in a conspicuous manner)
näkyvästi {adv}  :: visibly
näkyvyys {n}  :: coverage
näkyvyys {n} [nautical]  :: ken (range of sight)
näkyvyys {n}  :: visibility
näälä {n} [rare]  :: wife's brother
NL {initialism}  :: The Soviet Union
nälissään {adv}  :: hungry, starving, famished
nälkä {n}  :: hunger
nälkä {n} [idiomatic]  :: The expression olla nälkä [literally: to have hunger] translates into English as "to be hungry" [in Finnish literally: "olla nälkäinen"]
nälkiinnyttää {vt}  :: to starve someone
nälkiintyä {vi}  :: To starve
nälkiintynyt {adj}  :: starved, malnourished
nälkäinen {adj}  :: hungry, peckish
nälkäinen haamu {n} [Buddhism]  :: hungry ghost (type of supernatural being, condemned to desire more than it can consume)
nälkäisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of nälkäinen
nälkäkuolema {n}  :: A death by starvation
nälkäkuuri {n}  :: fasting, starvation regimen
nälkälakko {n}  :: hunger strike
nälkäraja {n}  :: hunger limit
nälkävuosi {n}  :: A year of famine
näälämies {n} [rare]  :: wife's brother
nälänhätä {n}  :: dearth (shortage of food)
nälänhätä {n}  :: famine (severe shortage of food)
nälännäkö {n}  :: starvation
nälättää {vt} [impersonal]  :: partitive + 3rd-pers. singular = to be hungry
nämä {pron} [demonstrative]  :: these
näämmä {adv} [dialectal]  :: Alternative form of näemmä
-nne {suffix}  :: Forms nouns indicating that some essential element of the meaning of the root word is present in the meaning of the derived term
-nne {suffix} [possessive]  :: The possessive suffix for 2nd person plural, used when addressing many persons or one person in a polite or formal manner. The word [[teidän your]] is normally required only in questions where the main focus is in the term defined by teidän, and it must not be used in front of participles or infinitives in participial phrases. In the examples below teidän is in brackets where its use is optional
nänni {n} [anatomy]  :: A nipple
nänni {n} [curling]  :: A pin
nänninpiha {n} [anatomy]  :: areola
näännyttää {vt}  :: to exhaust (to deprive wholly of strength, to weary or tire out)
näännyttää {vt}  :: to starve (to deprive of nourishment)
näännytys {n}  :: exhausting (act of depriving wholly of strength or tiring out)
näännytys {n}  :: starving (act of depriving of nourishment)
nääntyä {vi}  :: To languish
nääntymys {n}  :: exhaustion
nääntyä nälkään {vi}  :: to starve (to die because of lack of food)
-nnut {suffix}  :: A variant of -nut, used with verbs that end in -ta/-tä preceded by a vowel, i.e. the verbs in the following conjugation classes:
no {interj}  :: well!
nobelisti {n}  :: Nobelist, a Nobel Prize laureate
nobelium {n}  :: nobelium
Nobel-palkinto {prop}  :: Nobel Prize
nobo {n} [slang, Internet]  :: A newbie, noob
noduuli {n}  :: nodule
noeta {vt}  :: To stain with soot
noettua {vi} [rare]  :: To become stained with soot
noi {pron} [colloquial]  :: those
noidankehä {n}  :: vicious circle
noidanlukko {n}  :: moonwort
noidannuoli {n} [mythology, folklore]  :: An invincible arrow shot by a witch. Such arrows were believed among the Nordic peoples to cause various painful diseases in humans and animals
noidannuoli {n} [pathology]  :: lumbago (sudden pain in lumbar or sacral region of the back)
noiduttu {adj}  :: bewitched, under a spell
noin {adv}  :: about, some, around
noin {adv}  :: so, in that way, like that
noin {pron} [indefinite]  :: Instructive plural form of nuo
noisetti {n}  :: noisette (cut of meat)
noita {n}  :: A witch
noita-akka {n}  :: witch, hag
noitaluku {n} [rare]  :: A magic spell
noitarumpu {n}  :: Literally witch drum, actually a drum used by Sami and other northern Eurasian shamans
noitasapatti {n}  :: Sabbath (witches' Sabbath)
noitavaino {n}  :: witch-hunt
noitavoima {n}  :: sorcery [the magical power which a witch controls]
noitua {vi}  :: To curse, swear
noitua {vt}  :: To cast a spell on, to cast a curse on, bewitch
noituus {n}  :: witchcraft, sorcery
noja {n}  :: support, rest (as in armrest)
nojailla {vt}  :: To lean
nojalla {adv}  :: on grounds
nojallaan {adv}  :: in a leaning position
nojalleen {adv}  :: to a leaning position
nojapuut {n} [sports]  :: asymmetric bars, uneven bars, bars; used as short form of eritasonojapuut (apparatus or event in women's gymnastics)
nojapuut {n} [sports]  :: parallel bars, bars (apparatus or event in men's gymnastics)
nojapyörä {n} [cycling]  :: recumbent
nojata {v}  :: To lean back
nojata {v}  :: To lean or to rest (on, against = illative)
nojata {v}  :: To recline (to put in a resting position)
nojatuoli {n}  :: armchair
nojautua {vr}  :: to lean oneself on
nokallinen {adj}  :: Having a beak; beaked
nokare {n}  :: A small lump, clod [irregular piece of material]
nokeentua {vi}  :: to become sooty
nokeutua {v}  :: alternative form of nokeentua
noki {n}  :: soot
Nokia {prop}  :: Nokia (company and brand name; nowadays known for its mobile phones, formerly for forest, rubber and electrotechnical industry)
Nokia {prop}  :: Nokia (town in Finland)
nokihapero {n}  :: A brittlegill, Russula albonigra
nokikana {n}  :: coot (any bird of the genus Fulica)
nokikana {n}  :: Eurasian coot, common coot (Fulica atra)
nokikolari {n} [informal]  :: A chimney sweep
nokiliitäjä {n}  :: sooty shearwater (Puffinus griseus)
nokilokki {n}  :: sooty gull (Larus hemprichii or Ichthyaetus hemprichii)
nokimusta {n}  :: carbon black
nokinen {adj}  :: sooty, fuliginous
nokipuumuura {n}  :: Castelnau's antshrike
nokirousku {n}  :: A milk-cap, Lactarius lignyotus
nokisiipilokki {n}  :: laughing gull (Larus atricilla)
nokisorsa {n}  :: American black duck (Anas rubripes)
nokitatti {n} [mushroom]  :: A bolete, Leccinum variicolor
nokitiira {n}  :: sooty tern, Sterna fuscata
nokittaa {v} [poker]  :: To raise
nokivaris {n}  :: carrion crow (Corvus corone)
nokivasara {n} [colloquial, pejorative]  :: diesel car
nokivasara {n} [colloquial, pejorative]  :: diesel motor, diesel engine
nokivatsamuura {n}  :: A spiny-faced antshrike, Xenornis setifrons
nokka {n}  :: beak (any beaklike object)
nokka {n}  :: beak, bill, rostrum (anatomical structure of birds)
nokka {n}  :: ness (promontory, cape or headland; often used in place names)
nokka {n} [pejorative]  :: beak (human nose)
nokka {n}  :: spout, lip (channel through which a liquid is poured from a container)
nokka {n}  :: top, tip (the far end of many long objects); e.g. following objects may have a nokka: a pier, pole, crane, boom, stick and peninsula
nokka-akseli {n}  :: camshaft
nokkaeläin {n}  :: monotreme
nokkahuilu {n} [musici]  :: recorder, fipple flute (woodwind instrument)
nokkaista {v}  :: To peck (once)
nokkakala {n}  :: garfish (Belone belone)
nokkakolari {n}  :: head-on collision
nokkakoortinki {n} [nautical]  :: leechline
nokkasiili {n}  :: Any of the four species of echidna in two taxonomic families Tachyglossus and Zaglossus, commonly known as spiny anteaters
nokkasiili {n}  :: short-beaked echidna, Tachyglossus aculeatus, the only surviving species in the taxonomic family Tachyglossus
nokkaunet {n}  :: A nap
nokkava {adj}  :: cheeky
nokkavalas {n}  :: beaked whale (whale of the family Ziphidae)
nokkavalas {n}  :: giant beaked whale (beaked whale of the genus Berardius within the family Ziphidae)
nokkavarpunen {n}  :: hawfinch (Coccothraustes coccothraustes)
nokkela {adj}  :: clever, shrewd
nokkelasti {adv}  :: wittily, cleverly
nokkeluus {n}  :: wit, ingenuity
nokkia {v}  :: To peck
nokkiminen {n}  :: pecking
nokkimisjärjestys {n}  :: pecking order
nokkonen {n}  :: nettle (plant in the genus Urtica)
nokkonen {n} [specifically]  :: stinging nettle (Urtica dioica)
nokkoshapero {n}  :: A brittlegill, Russula urens
nokkosihottuma {n}  :: urticaria, nettle-rash
nokkoskasvi {n}  :: Any plant of the nettle family Urticaceae
nokkoskasvi {n}  :: In plural (nokkoskasvit), the family Urticaceae
nokkoskeitto {n}  :: nettle soup (a soup made of nettle leaves)
nokkosperhonen {n}  :: small tortoiseshell (Nymphalis urticae)
nokkosrokko {n}  :: urticaria
nokoset {n}  :: nap, kip, snooze
nokturno {n} [music]  :: nocturne
nolata {vt}  :: To embarrass, make a fool of somebody
nolla {n}  :: digit zero
nolla {n} [electricity]  :: neutral (electrical terminal or conductor which has zero or close to zero voltage with respect to the ground)
nolla {n}  :: good-for-nothing (person of little worth or usefulness)
nolla {num} [cardinal]  :: zero
nollaantua {vi}  :: to zero, reset
nollahypoteesi {n} [statistics]  :: null hypothesis
nollakasvu {n}  :: zero growth
nollakohta {n} [mathematics]  :: root of a function; x-intercept
nollakoko {n}  :: zero size
nollakulma {n} [geometry]  :: zero angle
nollakuponkilaina {n}  :: zero coupon bond (bond that has no coupon)
nollamatriisi {n} [mathematics]  :: zero matrix
nollameridiaani {n}  :: prime meridian
nollapiste {n}  :: zero point, zero
nollapiste-energia {n}  :: zero-point energy
nollas {adj} [ordinal]  :: zeroth
nollasummapeli {n}  :: zero-sum game
nollata {v}  :: To reset
nollata {v}  :: To zero
nollatoleranssi {n}  :: zero tolerance
nollaus {n}  :: resetting, zeroing
nollautua {vi}  :: To zero, reset
nollavektori {n}  :: zero vector
nolo {adj}  :: awkward, embarrassing
nolo {adj}  :: embarrassed
nolostua {vi}  :: To become embarrassed
nolostuminen {n}  :: embarrassment
nolostunut {adj}  :: embarrassed
nolostuttaa {vt}  :: To embarrass
nolottaa {vt} [impersonal]  :: partitive + 3rd-pers. singular = to feel embarrassed
nolottaa {vt} [transitive + partitive]  :: To make (sb) feel embarrassed
nolous {n}  :: embarrassment
nomadi {n}  :: nomad
nomenklatuura {n}  :: nomenklatura
nomenklatuuri {n}  :: nomenclature
-nomi {suffix}  :: -nomist < -nomy + -ist (used to create academic titles, especially for graduates from a polytechnic, in Finnish ammattikorkeakoulu, many of which are peculiar to Finland and do not have a direct English equivalent)
-nomia {suffix}  :: -nomy
nominaali- {adj} [grammar]  :: nominal
nominaalilauseke {n} [grammar]  :: alternative form of nominilauseke
nominaalimuoto {n} [grammar]  :: A nominal form of verb. In Finnish, participles and infinitives are nominal forms
nominaalinen {adj}  :: nominal
nominatiivi {n} [grammar]  :: nominative, nominative case
nomini {n} [grammar]  :: Any part of speech that can be inflected using noun cases. In Finnish, nouns, adjectives, pronouns, and numerals belong to this group
nominijohdannainen {n} [grammar]  :: denominative
nominikantainen {adj} [grammar]  :: denominative
nominilauseke {n} [grammar]  :: noun phrase (phrase that can serve as the subject or the object of a verb)
nomismi {n} [theology]  :: nomism (the idea that following of religious commandments is the chief aspect of religiousness)
nomokratia {n}  :: nomocracy
nonaani {n} [chemistry]  :: nonane
nonanoli {n} [chemistry]  :: nonanol
noneeni {n}  :: nonene
nonetti {n}  :: nonet (composition)
nonfiguratiivinen {adj}  :: nonfigurative
nonparelli {n}  :: A nonpareil (small pellet of colored sugar used as decoration on baked goods and candy)
nonsense-mutaatio {n} [biology]  :: nonsense mutation
non sine laude approbatur {n}  :: An academic grade used in Finnish university theses, third-lowest pass grade
Nooa {prop}  :: male given name of biblical origin
Nooa {prop}  :: Noah (biblical figure)
Noomi {prop}  :: Naomi [biblical character]
Noomi {prop} [rare]  :: female given name
Noora {prop}  :: female given name
noori {n}  :: obsolete spelling of nuori
nootti {n}  :: note (diplomatic missive)
nopea {adj}  :: quick, fast, rapid
nopeaälyinen {adj}  :: quick-witted
nopeammin {adv}  :: comparative form of nopeasti
nopeampi {adj}  :: comparative form of nopea
nopean toiminnan joukko {n} [normally in plural]  :: rapid reaction force (military force capable of taking rapid action especially in terms of crisis control)
nopeasti {adv}  :: promptly
nopeasti {adv}  :: rapidly, quickly
nopeimmin {adv}  :: superlative form of nopeasti
nopeiten {adv}  :: alternative form of nopeimmin, the superlative form of nopeasti
nopeudensäätö {n}  :: speed regulation/control, timing
-nopeuksinen {adj}  :: -speed
nopeus {n}  :: In everyday language also speed
nopeus {n} [physics]  :: velocity
nopeus {n}  :: swiftness, quickness, rapidity
nopeusennätys {n}  :: speed record
nopeusmittari {n}  :: A speedometer
nopeusrajoitus {n}  :: speed limit
nopeuttaa {v}  :: To hasten, to precipitate
nopeuttaa {vt}  :: To speed up, expedite
nopeuttaminen {n}  :: speeding up, hastening
nopeutua {vi}  :: To quicken, to become faster
noppa {n}  :: A die (polyhedron used in games)
noppapeli {n}  :: dice [game]
nopsa {adj}  :: quick
nopsaan {adv}  :: quickly
nopsajalkainen {adj}  :: nimble-footed
nopsasti {adv}  :: quickly
noradrenaliini {n} [chemistry]  :: norepinephrine, noradrenaline
nordisti {n}  :: Expert on Nordic languages
nordistiikka {n}  :: The study of Nordic languages
norfolkinaraukaria {n}  :: Norfolk Island pine
Norfolkinsaari {prop}  :: Norfolk Island (Territory of Norfolk Island)
norfolkinterrieri {n}  :: Norfolk terrier
norja {adj} [dated]  :: lithe (capable of being easily bent)
norja {n}  :: A Norwegian language
Norja {prop}  :: Norway
norjalainen {adj}  :: Norwegian, of or relating to Norway
norjalainen {adj}  :: Norwegian, relating to the Norwegian language:
norjalainen {n}  :: A Norwegian
norjanhapero {n}  :: A brittlegill, Russula norvegica
norjan kieli {n}  :: The Norwegian language
norjankielinen {adj}  :: Expressed in the Norwegian language
norjankielinen {adj}  :: Norwegian-speaking
Norjan kuningaskunta {prop}  :: The Kingdom of Norway
Norjanmeri {prop}  :: The Norwegian Sea
norjannos {n}  :: Norwegian translation
norjantaa {v}  :: to translate into Norwegian
norjatar {n}  :: A Norwegian woman
norjempi {adj}  :: comparative form of norja
norjentaa {vt}  :: To make lithe (flexible)
norjentua {vi}  :: To become more lithe
norjeta {vi}  :: To become more lithe
norjistaa {vt}  :: To make lithe (flexible)
norjistua {vi}  :: To become more lithe
norkko {n} [botany]  :: catkin
norkoilija {n}  :: loiterer
norkoilla {v}  :: to hang around
norkoilla {v}  :: to loiter, linger
norkoilu {n}  :: loitering
normaaliaika {n}  :: The standard time
normaalijakauma {n} [statistics]  :: normal distribution
normaalikoko {n}  :: normal size
normaalikoulu {n}  :: normal school
normaalilämpöinen {adj} [medicine]  :: normothermic (having a normal body temperature)
normaalilämpöisyys {n} [medicine]  :: normothermia (condition of having a normal body temperature)
normaalimatka {n} [sports]  :: standard distance; in skiing and some other endurance sports, a distance which is considered "normal" or "standard" for the particular event, e.g. in biathlon the skiing distance of 20 km, in Nordic combined the skiing distance of 15 km. In other events the term is used less, and there's also race-by-race variation in the exact number of km
normaalimuoto {n} [databases]  :: normal form (any form of a relational database that supports consistency of the data)
normaalimuoto {n} [game theory]  :: normal form (matrix that represents the possible outcomes of a game)
normaalimuoto {n} [math]  :: canonical form, normal form (standard way of presenting an object)
normaalipaino {n}  :: normal weight
normaalistaa {vt}  :: To normalise/normalize, make normal
normaalisti {adv}  :: normally
normaalistua {vi}  :: To be normalized
normaalisuus {n}  :: normality, normalcy
normaalius {n}  :: normality
normalisoida {vt}  :: To normalize
normalisointi {n}  :: normalization
normalisoitua {v}  :: to be normalized, to get normal (to return to a normal state)
normanni {n}  :: a Norman
normatiivinen {adj}  :: normative
normatiivisuus {n}  :: normativity
normi {n}  :: In plural (normit), mores
normi {n}  :: norm
normiavaruus {n} [mathematics]  :: normed space, normed vector space
normisto {n}  :: norms
normittaa {vt}  :: To standardise/standardize
normitus {n}  :: normalization
norni {n}  :: The Norn language
noro {n}  :: rivulet
noro {n}  :: trickle, dribble (weak, unsteady stream)
nororousku {n}  :: A milk-cap, Lactarius hysginoides
norppa {n}  :: ringed seal (Pusa hispida)
norri {n}  :: alternative form of knorri
norssi {n} [colloquial]  :: normal school
norsu {n}  :: elephant
norsueläin {n}  :: proboscid
norsukala {n}  :: elephantfish (a member of Mormyridae)
norsukivääri {n}  :: elephant gun
norsulintu {n}  :: elephant bird
norsunluinen {adj}  :: ivory
norsunluu {n}  :: ivory
norsunluunvalkoinen {adj}  :: Having the white color of ivory
norsunluunvärinen {adj}  :: Having the color of ivory
Norsunluurannikko {n}  :: The Ivory Coast
norsunluurannikkolainen {adj}  :: Ivorian (of, from, or pertaining to Côte d'Ivoire or the Ivorian people)
norsunluurannikkolainen {n}  :: Ivorian (person)
norsunluutorni {n}  :: ivory tower
norsupäästäinen {n}  :: elephant shrew
norsutauti {n} [disease]  :: elephantiasis
norua {vi}  :: To trickle
norwichinterrieri {n}  :: Norwich terrier
noseaani {n} [mineral]  :: nosean
noseliitti {n} [mineral]  :: nosean
noskapiini {n}  :: noscapine
nostaa {v} [nautical]  :: to haul (to sail closer to the wind)
nostaa {v}  :: to draw, withdraw (to extract money from an account)
nostaa {v}  :: to harvest (something grown underground, such as potatoes)
nostaa {v}  :: to hoist (to raise or lift to a desired elevation, e.g. sails or a flag)
nostaa {v}  :: to lift, raise, elevate
nostaa {v}  :: to push up
nostaa {v}  :: to take out (loan)
nostaja {n}  :: lifter
nostalgia {n}  :: nostalgia
nostalginen {adj}  :: nostalgic
nostalgisesti {adv}  :: nostalgically
nostalgisuus {n}  :: nostalgia
nostattaa {v} [baking]  :: To leaven
nostattaa {v}  :: To have something lifted or raised by somebody else
nostattaa {v}  :: To lift or raise something indirectly or figuratively
nostatus {n}  :: rising (act of rising something)
nostatusaine {n}  :: leaven [any agent used to make dough rise or to have a similar effect on baked goods]
noste {n} [physics]  :: buoyancy
nostella {vt}  :: to lift (repeatedly)
nostelu {n}  :: Repeated lifting
nostepiste {n} [physics]  :: centre of buoyancy
nostin {n}  :: A lifter (something that lifts)
nostin {n} [nautical]  :: A halyard
nosto {n} [card games]  :: cut
nosto {n}  :: cash withdrawal
nosto {n}  :: lift
nosto {n}  :: raise
nostokanki {n}  :: lever
nostokasa {n}  :: bank (in the domino game, fund of pieces from which the players are allowed to draw)
nostoköli {n} [nautical]  :: centreboard (adjustable keel on a small yacht or dinghy)
nostokori {n}  :: cage (part of a lift)
nostokurki {n}  :: crane, especially a tower crane or derrick (device)
nostosilta {n}  :: drawbridge
nostovoima {n}  :: buoyancy
nosturi {n}  :: crane (device)
notaari {n}  :: notary
notaatio {n}  :: notation
notarisoida {v}  :: to notarize
noteerata {v} [colloquial]  :: to pay attention to, notice, note (to notice with care)
noteerata {v} [finance]  :: to quote (to name the current price of a financial security)
noteeraus {n}  :: quote (price set for a financial security or commodity)
notkahdella {vi}  :: To bend under weight
notkahdus {n}  :: bend (Action of the verb [[notkahtaa to bend under a weight]])
notkahtaa {vi}  :: To bend under weight
notkauttaa {v}  :: to bend or flex (e.g. the knees)
notkea {adj}  :: flexible (especially a human, physically)
notkeagibboni {n}  :: agile gibbon (Hylobates agilis)
notkelma {n}  :: dell, slack
notkeus {n}  :: suppleness
notkeuttaa {vt}  :: To make more pliable, supple, flexible
notkeutua {v}  :: alternative form of notkistua
notkistua {vi}  :: To become (more) flexible
notko {n}  :: glen, dale
notkua {v} [colloquial]  :: to mess around, to fool around, to hang out, to loiter
notkua {vi}  :: To bend (under a weight)
notkuttaa {vt}  :: To bend
notkuttaa {vt}  :: To make (sth) sway
notski {n} [slang]  :: A campfire, fire
noudattaa {vt} [grammar, + partitive]  :: To agree with, be congruent with
noudattaa {vt} [+ partitive]  :: To adhere to, conform to, keep to, (figuratively) be faithful to
noudattaa {vt} [+ partitive]  :: To obey, observe, comply with, follow
noudattaminen {n}  :: adherence, conformation, being faithful to something
noudattaminen {n}  :: observance, compliance, obeying
nougat {n}  :: nougat
noukkia {vt}  :: To pick up (something small)
nouseva {adj}  :: rising
nousija {n}  :: riser
noussi {n} [American football, slang]  :: nose guard (offensive position)
nousta {v}  :: to arise
nousta {v}  :: to disembark
nousta {v}  :: to embark, to board
nousta {v}  :: to rise
nousta esiin {v}  :: to come to the fore (to become obvious or visible)
nousu {n}  :: ascent
nousu {n} [mechanics]  :: thread pitch, lead (the distance along a screw's axis that is covered by one 360° rotation of the screw)
nousu {n} [mechanics]  :: thread pitch, pitch (the distance from the crest of one thread of a screw to the next)
nousu {n}  :: rise
nousukas {n}  :: upstart
nousukasmainen {adj}  :: upstart, parvenu
nousukasmaisuus {n}  :: presumptuousness
nousukausi {n} [economics]  :: boom (in a business cycle, the period of economic growth or expansion)
nousunopeus {n} [aviation]  :: rate of climb
nousunopeusmittari {n} [aviation]  :: rate of climb indicator
noususuhdanne {n} [economics]  :: bull market (period of rising stock market prices)
nousutuuli {n} [meteorology]  :: anabatic wind (wind that blows uphill due to sun heating the high areas of the mountain)
nousuvesi {n}  :: flow (as opposed to ebb)
noutaa {v}  :: To fetch, retrieve
noutaja {n}  :: retriever
noutaja {n}  :: the Grim Reaper
nouto {n}  :: fetch
noutoposti {n}  :: poste restante
nova {n}  :: nova (sudden brightening of a previously inconspicuous star)
novaatio {n}  :: novation
novapurkaus {n} [astronomy]  :: nova eruption
novascotiannoutaja {n}  :: Nova Scotia duck-tolling retriever
novelli {n}  :: short story
novellisti {n}  :: A short story writer
novial {n}  :: Novial
noviisi {n}  :: novice
näpelöidä {vt}  :: To finger
näpertely {n}  :: tinkering
näpistää {v}  :: to pilfer (to steal something small)
näpistelijä {n}  :: pilferer
näpistellä {v}  :: To pilfer (to practice petty theft)
näpistely {n}  :: pilferage
näpistys {n}  :: shoplifting, petty theft (individual incident of)
näpit {n}  :: fingertips
näpit irti {interj}  :: hands off (don't touch!)
näppi {n}  :: In plural only, fingertips, see: näpit
näppi {n}  :: The tips of the thumb and another finger or fingers pressed together
näppäilijä {n}  :: plucker
näppäillä {v}  :: To pluck (to gently play a single string, e.g. on a guitar)
näppäillä {v}  :: To type on a keyboard
näppäily {n}  :: keystroke
näppäimistö {n}  :: keyboard (set of keys used to operate a typewriter, computer etc)
näppäimistö {n}  :: keypad (small board with keys primarily used for tactile input into a machine)
näppäin {n}  :: button
näppäin {n}  :: key (button in a keyboard)
näppäinkoodi {n} [computing]  :: keycode (code that represents a keypress)
näppis {n} [colloquial]  :: keyboard
näppituntuma {n} [colloquial]  :: gut feeling
näppärä {adj}  :: dexterous
näppärä {adj}  :: nifty
näppäryys {n}  :: manual dexterity
näppy {n}  :: pimple
näppyinen {adj}  :: pimpled
näppylä {n}  :: pimple
näppyläinen {adj}  :: pimply
näpäys {n}  :: flick
närä {n}  :: grudge
näre {n}  :: young spruce
näreikkö {n}  :: A forest consisting of young spruce trees
närhen munat {phrase}  :: A medium-strength swearword
närhen munat {phrase} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: näin on ~, that's right, it's a fact, absolutely
närhen munat {phrase} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: näyttää ~, to show one's place, to teach someone a lesson, to make eat crow
närhen munat {phrase} [literally]  :: jay's eggs
närhi {n}  :: jay
närhi {n}  :: specifically Eurasian jay (Garrulus glandarius)
närkästyä {vi}  :: To become offended, to get huffy, to be in a pique
närkästyneempi {adj}  :: comparative form of närkästynyt
närkästynyt {adj}  :: annoyed, indignant
närkästys {n}  :: indignation, resentment, pique
närkästyttää {v}  :: to offend someone
näärännäppy {n} [pathology]  :: stye, sty, hordeolum (infection of the glands in eyelid)
närästää {vt} [impersonal]  :: partitive + 3rd-pers. singular = to have heartburn
närästys {n} [pathology]  :: heartburn, gastroesophageal reflux
nörtti {n} [colloquial]  :: nerd
närvänä {n}  :: creeping sibbaldia (Sibbaldia procumbens)
nääs {interj} [slang]  :: see (singular imperative)
ns. {abbr}  :: niin sanottu, so-called
-nsä {suffix} [possessive]  :: Always appended to a noun in the comitative case (that includes front vowels) when the clause has the subject "he", "she" or "they" (only of people)
-nsä {suffix} [possessive]  :: appended to a genitive-requiring postposition that includes front vowels and that is after hänen (the genitive of the personal pronoun hän), him, her; them (only of people):
-nsä {suffix} [possessive]  :: suffix used with hänen (the genitive of the personal pronoun hän) or heidän (the genitive of the personal pronoun he), corresponds to the English possessive pronouns his, her; their (only of people); in some cases its (see the usage notes below):
-nsä {suffix} [possessive]  :: used in a final shortened sentence expressing "in order to do" when the clauses have the same subject "he", "she" or "they" (only of people), appended to the long first infinitive (that includes front vowels).
-nsä {suffix} [possessive]  :: used in a participle structure replacing an "että" clause, preceded by a verb expressing e.g. telling, claiming, asserting, confirming, thinking, wish, desire, seeming, when the clauses have the same subject "he", "she" or "they" (only of people); appended to the active past participle in genitive singular (that includes front vowels) when the said/alleged (etc.) action antedates the main clause:
-nsä {suffix} [possessive]  :: used in a participle structure replacing an "että" clause, preceded by a verb expressing e.g. telling, claiming, asserting, confirming, thinking, wish, desire, seeming, when the clauses have the same subject "he", "she" or "they" (only of people); appended to the active present participle in genitive singular (that includes front vowels) when the action is concurrent with the main clause:
-nsä {suffix} [possessive]  :: used in a shortened sentence expressing concurrent actions when the clauses have the same subject "he", "she" or "they" (only of people), appended to the inessive of the active second infinitive (that includes front vowels).
-nsä {suffix} [possessive]  :: used in a shortened sentence expressing subsequent actions when the clauses have the same subject "he", "she" or "they" (only of people), appended to the partitive of the passive past participle singular (that includes front vowels).
-nsä {suffix} [possessive]  :: Used in some adverbs that include front vowels, when the clause has the subject "he", "she" or "they" (only of people)
-nsa {suffix} [possessive]  :: Always appended to a noun in the comitative case (that includes back vowels) when the clause has the subject "he", "she" or "they" (only of people)
-nsa {suffix} [possessive]  :: appended to a genitive-requiring postposition that includes back vowels (a, o, u) and that is after hänen (the genitive of the personal pronoun hän) or heidän (the genitive of the personal pronoun he), him, her; them (only of people):
-nsa {suffix} [possessive]  :: suffix used with hänen (the genitive of the personal pronoun hän) or heidän (the genitive of the personal pronoun he), corresponds to the English possessive pronouns his, her; their (only of people); in some cases its (see the usage notes below):
-nsa {suffix} [possessive]  :: Third person reflexive possessive suffix
-nsa {suffix} [possessive]  :: used in a final shortened sentence expressing "in order to do" when the clauses have the same subject "he", "she" or "they" (only of people), appended to the long first infinitive (that includes back vowels).
-nsa {suffix} [possessive]  :: used in a participle structure replacing an "että" clause, preceded by a verb expressing e.g. telling, claiming, asserting, confirming, thinking, wish, desire, seeming, when the clauses have the same subject "he", "she" or "they" (only of people); appended to the active past participle in genitive singular (that includes back vowels) when the said/alleged (etc.) action antedates the main clause:
-nsa {suffix} [possessive]  :: used in a participle structure replacing an "että" clause, preceded by a verb expressing e.g. telling, claiming, asserting, confirming, thinking, wish, desire, seeming, when the clauses have the same subject "he", "she" or "they" (only of people); appended to the active present participle in genitive singular (that includes back vowels) when the action is concurrent with the main clause:
-nsa {suffix} [possessive]  :: used in a shortened sentence expressing concurrent actions when the clauses have the same subject "he", "she" or "they" (only of people), appended to the inessive of the active second infinitive (that includes back vowels).
-nsa {suffix} [possessive]  :: used in a shortened sentence expressing subsequent actions when the clauses have the same subject "he", "she" or "they" (only of people), appended to the partitive of the passive past participle singular (that includes back vowels).
-nsa {suffix} [possessive]  :: Used in some adverbs that include back vowels, when the clause has the subject "he", "she" or "they" (only of people)
näsiä {n}  :: mezereon (Daphne mezereum)
NSK {initialism}  :: Nykysuomen sanakirja
nössö {n} [pejorative]  :: A wimp, sissy
NSSK {initialism}  :: alternative form of NSK (Nykysuomen sanakirja)
näsäviisas {adj}  :: cheeky, smartass
näätä {n}  :: A marten, as any member of the taxonomic genus Martes
näätä {n}  :: A pine marten (Martes martes)
näät {interj} [colloquial]  :: see
-nta {suffix}  :: Forms nouns that describe an action
-ntaa {suffix}  :: Forms causative verbs from adjectives, meaning "causing to become" or "making".; -en, -fy
näätäeläimet {n}  :: The Mustelidae, a taxonomic family
näätäeläin {n}  :: A mustelid, any animal in the Mustelidae family
-nti {suffix}  :: Form action nouns from verbs whose first infinitive ends with a diphthong + -da/-dä
näätäkahvi {n} [beverages]  :: kopi luwak
nätkelmä {n} [plant]  :: a plant of the genus Lathyrus (sweet peas and vetchlings)
nötkötti {n} [colloquial, by extension]  :: any canned and processed meat such as spam (canned pork) or [[sikanauta mixture of canned pork and beef]]
nötkötti {n} [colloquial]  :: corned beef (canned processed beef)
näätsen {adv} [colloquial]  :: Alternative form of näetsen
nätti {adj} [colloquial]  :: pretty
nubianvilliaasi {n}  :: Nubian wild ass (Equus asinus africanus)
nudismi {n}  :: nudism
nudisti {n}  :: nudist
nudistiranta {n}  :: nudist beach
nugaa {n}  :: nougat
nugetti {n}  :: (chicken) nugget
nuha {n}  :: common cold
nuha {n}  :: rhinitis
nuhainen {adj}  :: sneezy
nuhakuume {n} [pathology]  :: common cold
nuhde {n}  :: admonition
nuhdella {vt}  :: To reprimand
nuhdella {vt}  :: To reproach, scold
nuhjaantua {vi}  :: To get worn out and dirty in the same time, like an old banknote that has passed through many hands
nuhjata {v}  :: To dawdle
nuhjautua {v}  :: alternative form of nuhjaantua
nuhjus {n}  :: laggard
nuhraantua {vi}  :: to become dirty, worn
nuhrautua {v}  :: alternative form of nuhraantua
nuhruinen {adj}  :: worn-out and dirty, like e.g. an old banknote that has passed through many hands
nuhteeton {n}  :: irreproachable, blameless
nuhteettomasti {adv}  :: blamelessly
nuhteettomuus {n}  :: blamelessness
nuhtelu {n}  :: reprimand
nuija {n}  :: club
nuija {n}  :: gavel (wooden mallet of the chairman of the meeting)
nuija {n}  :: mallet, maul
nuijakas {n} [mushroom]  :: Any of the club-like mushrooms of the genera Alloclavaria and Clavariadelphus
nuijamyrkkyseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius tophaceus
nuijapää {n}  :: tadpole
nuijaseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius varius
nuijasota {n}  :: The Cudgel War
nuijia {v}  :: To gavel
nuijia {v}  :: To pummel, club
nuiva {adj} [of an attitude]  :: cold, aloof
nujakka {n}  :: A scuffle, brawl
nujakoida {v}  :: To scuffle, brawl
nujakointi {n}  :: scuffle
nujertaa {v}  :: to break (to cause a person or animal to lose his/her/its will, often obtained by means of torture)
nujertaa {v}  :: to crush, subdue (to overcome completely)
nujertaa {v}  :: to discourage (to take away the courage of)
nujertaa {v}  :: to stymie, thwart, stump (to cause to fail or to leave hopelessly puzzled, confused, or stuck)
nujertua {vi}  :: to fall, to be overthrown, to be crushed
nukahdella {vi}  :: To fall into sleep, doze off (repeatedly)
nukahtaa {vi}  :: To fall asleep
nukahtelusairaus {n} [pathology]  :: narcolepsy
nukahtelutauti {n} [pathology, rare]  :: narcolepsy
nukata {v} [textiles]  :: to pill (to form small matted balls of fiber)
nukittaa {v} [textiles]  :: to tuft (to decorate a textile with tufts, such as when producing a wall-rug or fluffy carpet)
nukka {n}  :: fuzz (frizzy mass of hair or fibre)
nukka {n}  :: peachfuzz (fuzz on the skin of a peach)
nukka {n} [textiles]  :: nap, pile (soft or fuzzy surface on fabric or leather)
nukka {n} [textiles]  :: pilling, pills (balls of fibre formed on clothing through usage)
nukkaantua {vi}  :: to get pilled (of a woven fabric surface, to form small matted balls of fiber)
nukkainen {adj}  :: nappy (fabric)
nukkakangas {n}  :: nap cloth, napped fabric (type of fabric)
nukkasihti {n}  :: lint filter
nukkautua {vi}  :: alternative form of nukkaantua
nukkavieru {adj}  :: shabby
nukke {n}  :: doll
nukke {n}  :: puppet
nukkehallitsija {n} [figuratively]  :: A puppet leader
nukkehallitus {n} [figuratively]  :: A puppet government
nukkekoti {n}  :: dollhouse
nukkemainen {adj}  :: doll-like
nukketalo {n}  :: dollhouse
nukketeatteri {n}  :: puppetry (art of performing with puppets)
nukketeatteri {n}  :: puppet show (theatrical performance, in which the parts are played by puppets)
nukketeatteri {n}  :: puppet theatre (establishment or a portable stage in which puppetry is practised)
nukki {n}  :: rock jasmine
nukkua {vi}  :: to sleep
nukkua pois {vi} [euphemistic]  :: to pass away
nukkua pommiin {v}  :: to oversleep (to sleep for longer than planned)
nukkua yön yli {v}  :: to sleep on
nukkuja {n}  :: sleeper
nukkumaanmenoaika {n}  :: bedtime
nukkumatti {n}  :: sandman
nukkuminen {n}  :: sleeping
nukkuva {adj}  :: dormant (inactive, as e.g. a volcano)
nukkuva {adj}  :: sleeping (in the state of sleep)
nukleiinihappo {n}  :: nucleic acid
nukleoli {n} [cytology]  :: nucleolus
nukleoni {n} [physics]  :: nucleon
nukleosynteesi {n} [physics, astronomy]  :: nucleosynthesis
nukleotidi {n}  :: nucleotide
nukleus {n} [cytology]  :: cell nucleus
nukleus {n} [physics]  :: atomic nucleus
nuklidi {n} [physics]  :: nuclide
nukuksiin {adv}  :: asleep (to a state of sleep)
nukuksissa {adv}  :: asleep (in a state of sleep)
nukula {n}  :: motherwort, Leonurus cardiaca
nukute {n}  :: anesthetic (a substance to make the patient to lose consciousness)
nukuttaa {vt} [monopersonal]  :: partitive + 3rd-pers. singular = to feel sleepy
nukuttaa {v}  :: To anesthetize
nukuttaa {v}  :: To knock someone out
nukuttaa {v}  :: To put someone to sleep
nukuttava {adj}  :: sedative
nukutus {n}  :: general anesthesia
nukutusaine {n}  :: anesthetic [a substance to make the patient to lose consciousness]
nukutuslääkäri {n}  :: anesthesiologist
nuljahdella {vi}  :: To slip (repeatedly)
nuljahtaa {v}  :: slip, slide
nullifikaatio {n}  :: nullification
nulliteetti {n}  :: nullity
n-ulotteinen {adj} [mathematics]  :: n-dimensional
numbatti {n}  :: numbat (Myrmecobius fasciatus)
numeerinen {n}  :: numerical
numeerinen analyysi {n} [mathematics]  :: numerical analysis
numeerisesti {adv}  :: numerically
numeeristaa {v} [rare]  :: To numericize
numeraali {n} [grammar]  :: numeral ( word representing a number)
numeraalinen {adj}  :: numeral
numeriikka {n}  :: numerics
numero {n}  :: digit, number (symbol for a non-negative integer: 0, 1, ... , 9)
numero {n}  :: number (followed by a numeral; used to indicate the position of something in a list or sequence)
numero {n}  :: number (performance; especially as part of a larger show)
numero {n}  :: numeral (symbol representing a number)
numeroarvo {n}  :: numerical value
numeroida {vt}  :: To number (to label with numbers; to assign numbers to)
numeroinen {adj}  :: number, digit
numerointi {n}  :: numbering
numeroitumaton {adj} [mathematics]  :: uncountable
numeroitumattomasti {adv} [mathematics]  :: uncountably (in a way that is incapable of being put into one-to-one correspondence with the natural numbers)
numeroituva {adj}  :: countable
numeroituva {adj}  :: numerable
numeroituvuus {n}  :: countability
numeroliivi {n} [sports]  :: number bib (colourful light vest equipped with a number, worn over one's clothes to mark one's team and identify the wearer)
numerologia {n}  :: numerology
numeromerkki {n}  :: numerical symbol, digit
numerus {n} [grammar]  :: grammatical number
numismaatikko {n}  :: numismatist
numismaattinen {adj}  :: numismatic
numismatiikka {n}  :: numismatics
nummi {n}  :: moor
nummikirvinen {n}  :: tawny pipit, Anthus campestris
nummilimaseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: orange webcap, slimy cortinarius, Cortinarius mucosus
nummiriekko {n}  :: red grouse, Lagopus lagopus scotica
nummitatti {n} [mushroom]  :: Jersey cow mushroom, Suillus bovinus
Nunavut {prop}  :: Nunavut (territory in northeast Canada)
nunna {n} [Christianity]  :: A nun
nunna {n}  :: Nonea pulla
nunnaluostari {n}  :: A monastery for nuns; convent
nunnatasku {n}  :: pied wheatear, Oenanthe pleschanka
nuo {pron} [demonstrative]  :: those
nuode {n} [rare]  :: sister's husband
nuohooja {n}  :: chimney sweep
nuohota {vt}  :: To sweep a chimney
nuohous {n}  :: sweeping
nuokahtaa {v}  :: to nod off (to fall asleep, especially while in a seated position or in inappropriate circumstances)
nuokkua {v}  :: To be sleepy, on the verge of falling asleep
nuokkua {v}  :: To hang around
nuokkua {v}  :: To sway
nuokkuhelmikkä {n}  :: mountain melic, nodding melic (Melica nutans)
nuolaista {vt}  :: To lick (once)
nuolaisu {n}  :: licking
nuoleksia {v}  :: To lick (repeatedly, such as ice cream)
nuolenkärki {n}  :: arrowhead
nuolenpää {n}  :: arrowhead
nuolenpääkirjoitus {n}  :: cuneiform
nuoleskelija {n}  :: A licker (one who licks, in a casual way)
nuoleskelija {n}  :: A lickspittle
nuoleskella {v}  :: To fawn, seek favour by flattery
nuoleskella {v}  :: To lick (repeatedly)
nuoleskelu {n}  :: licking
nuoli {n}  :: arrow
Nuoli {prop}  :: the constellation Sagitta, the Arrow
nuoliainen {n}  :: loach (any of the small fish in the families Cobitidae - true loaches or Balitoridae - hillstream loaches)
nuolihaukka {n}  :: hobby (Falco subbuteo)
nuolija {n}  :: licker
nuolijuuri {n}  :: arrowroot (Maranta arundinacea)
nuolikko {n}  :: dartfish (any fish of the subfamily Ptereleotrinae in the family Microdesmidae)
nuolikko {n}  :: wormfish (any fish of the subfamily Microdesminae in the family Microdesmidae)
nuolikotelo {n}  :: quiver
nuolimainen {adj}  :: arrow-like
nuolimato {n}  :: An arrow worm, member of the phylum Chaetognatha
nuolimyrkky {n}  :: arrow poison
nuolimyrkkysammakko {n}  :: poison dart frog
nuolinäppäin {n} [computing]  :: arrow key
nuolitaso {n} [anatomy]  :: sagittal plane
nuoliviini {n}  :: quiver
nuolla {vt}  :: To lick
nuolla persettä {v} [vulgar, slang]  :: To kiss ass
nuolu {n}  :: licking
nuora {n}  :: string, twine, cord
nuora {n}  :: tightrope (tightly stretched rope or cable on which acrobats perform)
nuorehko {adj}  :: youthful, relatively young
nuorekas {adj}  :: youthful
nuorekkaasti {adv}  :: youthfully
nuorekkuus {n}  :: youthfulness
nuorempi {adj}  :: comparative form of nuori
nuorempi konstaapeli {n}  :: constable, police constable (lowest rank in the Finnish police force, below vanhempi konstaapeli)
nuorena {adv}  :: when young, in one's childhood, when one was younger
nuorennus {n}  :: rejuvenation (act of rendering young again)
nuorentaa {vt}  :: To rejuvenate; to make younger
nuorentua {vi}  :: to become younger
nuoreta {vi}  :: To grow younger
nuorgrammaatikko {n} [linguistics]  :: Neogrammarian (member of the Neogrammarian school)
nuorgrammaattinen {adj} [linguistics]  :: Neogrammarian (of or pertaining to the Neogrammarian school)
nuori {adj}  :: young
nuori {n}  :: A young person, (in plural nuoret) youth
nuoriherra {n} [dated]  :: A young master
nuorikko {n}  :: bride
nuorimies {n}  :: young man, youth
nuorimmainen {n}  :: The youngest one
nuorin {adj}  :: superlative form of nuori
nuoripari {n} [by extension]  :: any young couple
nuoripari {n}  :: newlywed couple
nuoriso {n}  :: youth [collectively]
nuorisokoti {n}  :: youth detention centre, detention home, juvenile detention centre, juvenile hall
nuoriso-ohjaaja {n}  :: youth leader
nuorisorikollisuus {n}  :: juvenile delinquency (participation in illegal behaviour by minors)
nuorisoseura {n}  :: youth association; a member association of the [[nuorisoseuraliike youth association movement]]
nuorisoseuraliike {n}  :: youth association movement; a cultural movement born in 1880's in the province of Ostrobothnia, the purpose of which was to raise the Finnish youth's consciousness of their cultural heritage and to promote their advancement in cultural endeavours
nuorisotyö {n}  :: youth work
nuorisotyöntekijä {n}  :: youth worker
nuorruttaa {vt}  :: To rejuvenate
nuorsuomalainen {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to either of the Nuorsuomalainen puolue or the ideas they represented
nuorsuomalainen {n}  :: A supporter of a reformist movement within the Suomalainen puolue - the Finnish Party in late 19th century and later a supporter of the Nuorsuomalainen puolue - the Young Finnish Party
nuorsuomalainen {n}  :: A supporter of the Nuorsuomalainen puolue - the Young Finns in the 1990's
nuortea {adj}  :: youthful
nuortua {vi}  :: To grow/become younger, be rejuvenated
nuorukainen {n}  :: A youth, young man
nuoruus {n}  :: youth (the period of life)
nuoruusikä {n}  :: youth, adolescence
nuoruusiän diabetes {n} [pathology]  :: juvenile-onset diabetes
nuoska {n}  :: packing snow (wet, sticky snow that is suitable for making snowmen etc.)
nuoskainen {adj}  :: Having wet snow
nuoskalumi {n}  :: packing snow (wet, sticky snow that is suitable for making snowmen etc.)
nuotanveto {n} [fishing]  :: seining (act of fishing with a seine)
nuotata {v} [fishing]  :: to seine (to use a seine, to fish with a seine)
nuotinnos {n} [music]  :: notation
nuotintaa {vt} [music]  :: to notate
nuotio {n}  :: campfire, fire
nuotisto {n} [music]  :: Collection of notes
nuotittaa {v} [music]  :: to note (to set down in musical characters)
nuotitus {n} [music]  :: notation (act of writing music down in the form of notes)
nuotta {n}  :: seine
nuottakalastus {n} [fishing]  :: seine fishing
nuottaus {n}  :: seining (act of fishing with a seine)
nuotti {n} [music]  :: note
nuottiavain {n} [music]  :: clef
nuottikirjoitus {n} [music]  :: notation
nuottikorva {n} [music]  :: ear for music (same as sävelkorva, but less frequently used)
nuottiteline {n}  :: music stand
nuottiviiva {n} [music]  :: A line of staff
nuottiviivasto {n} [music]  :: staff, stave
nupi {n}  :: tack (nail)
nupinaula {n}  :: tack [nail]
nupo {adj}  :: [of cows] hornless
nuppi {n}  :: cascabel (knob at the end of a cannon, to which ropes are attached in order to control recoil)
nuppi {n}  :: knob (rounded protuberance, handle, or control switch)
nuppi {n} [slang]  :: head
nuppi {n} [vehicles, slang]  :: tractor (truck used to pull a trailer or a semi-trailer)
nuppineula {n}  :: pin (eyeless needle for fastening)
nuppineulanpää {n}  :: pinhead (head of a pin)
nuppiseitikki {n} [fungi]  :: several species of webcap with a cap that resembles a knob
nuppu {n}  :: The bud of a flower
nupu {n}  :: cobblestone, cobble (small rounded stone)
nupukivi {n}  :: sett; Belgian block (rectangular paving stone)
nurea {adj}  :: alternative form of nyreä
nurin {adv}  :: over, inside out, upside down (wrong way round)
nurina {n}  :: grumbling
nurinkurinen {adj}  :: topsy-turvy (backwards or upside-down)
nurin perin {adv}  :: inside out, upside down (wrong way around)
nurinperin {adv}  :: alternative form of nurin perin
nurin päin {adv}  :: inside out, upside down (wrong way around)
nurinpäin {adv}  :: alternative form of nurin päin
nurista {vi}  :: To groan, moan (complain)
nurja {adj}  :: adverse
nurja {adj} [of clothing]  :: wrong
nurjamielinen {adj}  :: averse
nurjamielisesti {adv}  :: aversely
nurjamielisyys {n}  :: averseness
nurja puoli {n}  :: reverse side
nurkata {v}  :: to corner, corner the market (to get command of a stock, commodity, etc., so as to be able to put one's own price on it)
nurkka {n}  :: corner (area in the angle between converging walls)
nurkkakunta {n}  :: clique
nurkkakuntainen {adj}  :: parochial (focusing on local concerns)
nurkkakuntaisuus {n}  :: parochialism
nurkkapatrioottinen {adj} [informal]  :: parochial (concerned with local interests)
nurkkapatriotismi {n} [informal]  :: parochialism
nurkkaus {n}  :: corner
nurkua {v}  :: To grumble, whine; to complain
nurmettaa {vt}  :: To cover with grass
nurmettua {vi}  :: To become covered by grass
nurmi {n}  :: lawn, grass
Nurmi {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland and Karelia
Nurmi {prop}  :: Finnish surname
nurmiherkkusieni {n}  :: field mushroom or meadow mushroom, Agaricus campestris
nurmikeilailu {n} [sports]  :: bowls
nurmikka {n} [plant]  :: A plant of the genus Poa
nurmikko {n}  :: lawn
nurmikkoinen {adj}  :: grassy
nurmilauha {n}  :: tufted hair-grass, Deschampsia cespitosa
nurmilaukka {n}  :: chive (plant)
nurminahikas {n}  :: scotch bonnet or fairy ring mushroom, Marasmius oreades
nurminen {adj}  :: grassy
Nurminen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
nurmipora {n} [military slang]  :: An infantry soldier, 11 Bang-Bang
nurmirousku {n}  :: A milk-cap, Lactarius flexuosus
nurtsi {n} [slang]  :: lawn
nussia {vt} [vulgar + genitive-accusative]  :: To steal, to snatch, to feck:
nussia {vt} [vulgar + partitive + silmään]  :: To cheat, to defraud
nussia {vt} [vulgar + partitive]  :: To fuck, to screw, to have sexual intercourse with:
nussija {n} [vulgar]  :: fucker
nussinta {n} [vulgar]  :: fucking
-nut {suffix}  :: Used to form past active participle forms of verbs
-nut {suffix}  :: Used to form past indicative connegative forms of verbs
nuta {n}  :: (colloquial) youth club
nutaatio {n} [astronomy]  :: nutation
nuti {n}  :: A hornless cow
nutistaa {v} [rare]  :: Same as nitistää
nutria {n}  :: coypu
nutriaturkki {n}  :: coypu fur
nutritiivinen {adj}  :: nourishing, nutritive
nutritio {n}  :: nutrition
nuttu {n}  :: jacket
nuttura {n}  :: topknot, bun, chignon
nutukas {n}  :: Traditional fur boot of the Sami people, sewed by hand with the skin of a reindeer's legs
nuudeli {n}  :: noodle
nuuduttaa {v}  :: To wilt (to cause to droop or to fatigue)
nuuhkaista {vt}  :: To sniff, whiff
nuuhkia {vt}  :: To sniff (like a dog)
Nuuk {prop}  :: Nuuk
nuuka {adj}  :: stingy
nuukahtaa {v}  :: to droop (to slowly become limp; to bend gradually)
nuukailla {v}  :: To skimp
nuukailu {n}  :: skimping
nuukuus {n}  :: stinginess
nuupahtaa {v}  :: alternative form of nuukahtaa
nuupi {n} [Internet slang]  :: newbie, noob
nuuska {n} [idiomatic]  :: splinters, wreck; together with the adverb tuusan as fortifier used in two expressions:
nuuska {n}  :: snuff (tobacco), snus
nuuskaista {v}  :: To sniff (once)
nuuskarasia {n}  :: snuffbox
nuuskata {v}  :: to sniff (to inhale drugs in powder form through the nose)
nuuskata {v}  :: to snuff (to consume snuff tobacco)
nuuskia {vt} [transitive + partitive]  :: To sniff
nuuskija {n}  :: snoop
Nuutti {prop}  :: male given name
nuutua {vi}  :: To wilt
näveri {n}  :: A gimlet (wood-working tool)
näverrin {n}  :: hand drill
nyanssi {n}  :: nuance
nyhertää {vt}  :: To work inefficiently, to waste (time)
nyhjäistä {v}  :: To pluck, to tear or pull out with one small jerk
nyhjäistä {v}  :: To twitch (to pull with a small, short movement)
nyhjätä {vi}  :: To lie lazy, loll, lounge; to be a couch potato
nyhälaitainen {adj} [botany]  :: crenate
nöyhtä {n}  :: fluff [as fluffy dirt]
nöyhtä {n}  :: lint
nyhtää {v}  :: To tear, pull (hair etc.)
nöyhtäinen {adj}  :: fluffy
nyhtäistä {v}  :: To tear, pull (hairs etc.)
nöyhtääntyä {vi}  :: To become fluffy
nyhtöpossu {n}  :: pulled pork
nöyhtäytyä {vi}  :: To become fluffy
nyhverö {n} [pejorative]  :: wimp, sissy
nyökähdellä {vi}  :: To nod (repeatedly, as when falling into sleep)
nyökähdys {n}  :: nod
nykiä {vi}  :: To jerk
nykiä {vt}  :: To tug
nykimisoire {n} [pathology]  :: tic
nykäistä {v}  :: to tug
nykäistä {v}  :: to twitch
nykäisy {n}  :: twitch
näykkiä {v}  :: To nibble
nyökkiä {vi}  :: alternative form of nyökkäillä
Nykki {prop} [nickname]  :: New York (city)
näykkijäkilpikonna {n}  :: snapping turtle
nyökkäillä {v}  :: to nod (repeatedly)
näykkäistä {v}  :: to nibble (to bite lightly)
näykkäistä {v}  :: to snap (to snatch with or as if with the teeth)
nyökkäys {n}  :: A nod
Nykänen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
nyksä {n} [informal]  :: current partner
nyökätä {vi}  :: To nod (once)
nyky- {prefix}  :: modern, neo-
nykyaika {n}  :: modern era, modern period, modern times
nykyaikainen {adj}  :: modern, contemporary, current
nykyaikaisesti {adv}  :: modernly, in a modern way
nykyaikaistaa {vt}  :: To modernize
nykyaikaistua {vi}  :: To become modern
nykyaikaistuminen {n}  :: modernization (the act of becoming modern)
nykyaikaisuus {n}  :: modernity
nykyhetki {n}  :: present (current time)
nykyhetkinen {adj}  :: present
nykyihminen {n}  :: The modern human, Homo sapiens sapiens
nykyinen {adj}  :: current, present
nykyisellään {adv}  :: as things currently stand (under the current circumstances)
nykyisin {adv}  :: today, nowadays
nykyisyys {n}  :: The present time
nykyjohto {n}  :: current leadership, management
nykykieli {n}  :: modern language
nykykielinen {adj}  :: Expressed in the modern language
nykykirjallisuus {n}  :: modern literature
nykylatina {n}  :: New Latin
nykymaailma {n}  :: modern world
nykymarkka {n}  :: A common term used in the 1960's to refer to the reformed markka. See: vanha markka
nykymusiikki {n} [music]  :: contemporary music
nykyään {adv}  :: currently, at present, these days, nowadays, today
nykynäkymä {n}  :: current perspective (the current view of future, often at a relatively short sight)
nykynuori {n}  :: modern youth (person)
nykynuoriso {n}  :: modern youth (collectively)
nykypäivä {n}  :: present, present day
nykäys {n}  :: tug, twitch
Nykysuomen sanakirja {prop}  :: The "Dictionary of Modern Finnish", completed in 1961; the most comprehensive Finnish dictionary published so far, albeit already partly outdated
nykysuomi {n}  :: The modern Finnish language
nykytaide {n}  :: contemporary art
nykytaiteilija {n}  :: modern artist
nyökytellä {vi}  :: to nod (repeatedly, but irregularly)
nykytila {n}  :: present state, current state
nykytilanne {n}  :: status quo
nykytilassa {adv}  :: as it stands, in the current state
nyökäyttää {vt}  :: to nod (once)
nyökyttää {vi}  :: to nod (several times)
nyökyttää {vt}  :: to nod (to make nod)
nyljentä {n}  :: skinning
nylkeä {vt} [figuratively, + genitive-accusative]  :: To beat, conquer, overcome (a competitor in sports, by a very large marginal)
nylkeä {vt}  :: To skin (removing the skin of an animal)
nylkeminen {n}  :: skinning
nylkeminen {v} [fi-infinitive of, t=4, nylkeä]  ::
nylky {n}  :: skinning
nylkyhinta {n}  :: overcharge
nylkyri {n} [figuratively]  :: A bloodsucker, one who overcharges
nylon {n}  :: nylon
nymfetti {n}  :: nymphet
nymfi {n} [biology]  :: nymph
nymfi {n} [mythology]  :: nymph
nymfo {n} [informal]  :: nympho
nymfomaani {n}  :: nymphomaniac
nymfomaaninen {adj}  :: nymphomaniac, nymphomaniacal
nymfomania {n}  :: nymphomania
nynnerö {n} [pejorative]  :: A wimp, sissy
nynniä {vi}  :: To act like a sissy, wimp
nynny {n} [pejorative]  :: A wimp, sissy
nynnyily {n}  :: The action of being a sissy
nyplätä {v}  :: to fumble with, fiddle with, twiddle
nyplätä {v}  :: to make lace
nypläys {n}  :: lace making
nyppiä {vt} [colloquial + partitive]  :: To irritate
nyppiä {vt}  :: To pluck (out) (hair), pick (off) (lint from clothes)
nyppy {n}  :: tip, point (e.g. of ear)
nyppylä {n} [colloquial]  :: A small hill
nypykkä {n}  :: tip, point (e.g. of ear)
nöyrä {adj}  :: humble
nöyrä {adj}  :: meek
nyreä {adj}  :: sullen, sulky
nyöri {n}  :: string
nöyristellä {vi}  :: To fawn, truckle
nöyristely {n}  :: fawning, truckling
nyrjähdys {n}  :: A sprain
nyrjähdyttää {vt}  :: to sprain
nyrjähtää {v}  :: to sprain, twist
nyrjäytellä {v}  :: to sprain (repeatedly)
nyrjäyttää {v}  :: to sprain
nyrjäytys {n}  :: A sprain
nyrkinisku {n}  :: punch
nyrkinkokoinen {adj}  :: fist-sized
nyrkistää {v}  :: to fist (to close hand into a fist)
nyrkkeilijä {n}  :: boxer, pugilist
nyrkkeillä {vt}  :: To box (to participate in a boxing game)
nyrkkeily {n} [sports]  :: boxing
nyrkkeilyhansikas {n}  :: boxing glove
nyrkkeilyhanska {n} [colloquial]  :: boxing glove
nyrkkeilykehä {n}  :: boxing ring
nyrkkeilykinnas {n}  :: boxing glove
nyrkkeilykäsine {n}  :: boxing glove
nyrkkeilyottelu {n}  :: boxing fight
nyrkkeilysäkki {n}  :: punching bag
nyrkki {n}  :: fist
nyrkkipyykki {n}  :: laundry washed by hand
nyrkkirauta {n}  :: brass knuckles
nyrkkisääntö {n}  :: rule of thumb
nyrkkitappelija {n}  :: fist fighter
nyrkkitappelu {n}  :: A fistfight (fight with the fists)
nyrpeä {adj}  :: sullen, sulky
nyrpistää {v} [nyrpistää nenäänsä]  :: to turn up one's nose
nöyrryttää {v}  :: alternative form of nöyryyttää
nöyrästi {adv}  :: humbly
nöyrästi {adv}  :: meekly
nöyrtyä {vi}  :: To humble oneself
nöyrtyminen {n}  :: submission
nöyrtymys {n}  :: submission
nöyryys {n}  :: humility, humbleness
nöyryytetty {adj}  :: humiliated (deprived of dignity or self-respect)
nöyryyttää {v}  :: To humiliate
nöyryyttäminen {n}  :: humiliation
nöyryyttävä {adj}  :: humiliating
nöyryytys {n}  :: humiliation
nysä {n}  :: stub
nysse {n} [colloquial]  :: bus, particularly one of the public transport system of Tampere
nyssäkkä {n}  :: alternative form of nyssykkä
nyssykkä {n}  :: bundle, swag
nystermä {n} [anatomy]  :: tubercle (small elevation on the surface of a tooth)
nystermä {n}  :: small protuberance or tubercle
nysty {n}  :: A small lump, nodule
nystyrä {n}  :: A small lump, nodule
nystyräbakteeri {n} [biology]  :: root nodule bacterium
nystyräinen {adj}  :: lumpy
nyt {adv}  :: now
näyte {n}  :: sample, specimen
näyteikkuna {n}  :: shop window
näytellä {vt} [+ partitive]  :: To act, play (to perform a theatrical role)
näytellä {vt}  :: To show (in an indifferent manner; or when the speaker finds the action annoying)
näytelmä {n}  :: play (theatrical performance)
näytelmä {n}  :: spectacle
näytelmäkirjailija {n}  :: A playwright
näytelmällinen {adj}  :: dramatic (pertaining to theater)
näytelmätiede {n}  :: dramaturgy
näytin {n}  :: A computer screen
nytkähdellä {vi}  :: to jerk (repeatedly)
nytkähdys {n}  :: jerk, twitch
nytkähtää {vi}  :: to twitch or jerk (once)
nytkiä {vi}  :: To jerk repeatedly
nyt kun {conj}  :: now that (as a consequence of the fact that; since)
nytkäys {n}  :: alternative form of nytkähdys
nytkäyttää {vt}  :: to jerk
näytönohjain {n} [computing]  :: graphics card, video card
näytäntö {n}  :: performance (live show)
näytäntökausi {n} [TV]  :: season
näytös {n}  :: act (in a play)
näytös {n}  :: ostentation (ambitious display; vain show; display intended to excite admiration or applause)
näytös {n}  :: show (at a theatre or cinema)
näytösottelu {n}  :: exhibition match, friendly match
näyttää {vi}  :: To seem, appear (to do = active present participle singular in genitive, -van/-vän; to have done = active past participle singular in genitive, -(n)een):
näyttää {vt}  :: To show, present
näyttö {n} [computing]  :: monitor
näyttö {n}  :: proof
näyttö {n}  :: showing
näytteenotto {n}  :: sampling
näytteilleasettaja {n}  :: exhibitor
näytteillepanija {n}  :: exhibitor
näyttelijä {n}  :: actor
näyttelijätär {n}  :: actress
näyttely {n}  :: exhibit, exhibition, fair, show
näyttelyesine {n}  :: exhibit (something exhibited)
näyttelyesine {n}  :: showpiece (something made to be displayed)
näyttelyhalli {n}  :: exhibition hall
näyttelytila {n}  :: exhibition space
nyttemmin {adv}  :: now, nowadays (as opposed to before)
nytten {adv} [colloquial]  :: now
näyttää keskisormea {v}  :: to flick off, flip off, give the finger, flip the bird (to make a rude gesture by extending the middle finger)
näyttämö {n}  :: stage, scene (in a theatre)
näyttämöavustaja {n} [theater]  :: stagehand
näyttää mieltään {phrase} [rare]  :: to demonstrate, protest; more commonly osoittaa mieltään
näyttämöllepano {n}  :: mise en scène (arrangement of props and actors on a stage or for film)
näyttämöllinen {adj} [theater]  :: scenic
näyttämöohje {n}  :: stage direction (instruction given to an actor that tells the actor what should be done and in what manner to do it)
näyttöruutu {n}  :: screen (of a computer etc.)
näyttää toteen {vt} [+ genitive-accusative]  :: To prove, substantiate, demonstrate
näyttävä {adj}  :: pretentious, showy
näyttävämpi {adj}  :: comparative form of näyttävä
näyttävästi {adv}  :: demonstratively
näyttävästi {adv}  :: spectacularly
näyttäytyä {vi}  :: To show up, appear
nyy {n}  :: nu (Greek letter)
nyyh {interj}  :: sob
nyyhke {n}  :: sob
nyyhkiä {v}  :: To sob
nyyhkinä {n}  :: sobbing
nyyhkintä {n}  :: sobbing
nyyhkäistä {vi}  :: To snuffle once while weeping
nyyhkäisy {n}  :: A single sob (cry with a short, sudden expulsion of breath)
nyyhky {n}  :: sob
nyyhkyleffa {n}  :: tearjerker (overly sad movie)
nyyhkäys {n}  :: A single sob (cry with a short, sudden expulsion of breath)
nyyhkytarina {n}  :: sob story, tearjerker
nyyhkyttää {v}  :: to sob
nyyhkytys {n}  :: sobbing
-nyymi {suffix}  :: -nym
nyyppä {n} [Internet, slang]  :: newbie, noob
Nyyrikki {prop} [mythology]  :: A forest spirit, son of Tapio in the Kalevala
Nyyrikki {prop} [rare]  :: male given name
nyysiä {v} [colloquial]  :: to steal, nick
nyysit {n}  :: Usenet
nyysitty {adj} [slang]  :: stolen, hot
nyytti {n}  :: bundle, swag (package wrapped up for carrying)
nyyttikestit {n}  :: potluck [meal consisting of whatever guests have brought]