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fa {m} [music] :: fa, the note 'F'
fabacée {f} [botany] :: legume (of family Fabaceae)
fabien {adj} :: Fabian
Fabien {prop} :: given name, cognate to Fabian
Fabienne {prop} :: given name, the feminine form of Fabien ( =Fabian )
fable {f} :: fable, story
fabliau {m} :: fabliau
fabricant {m} :: manufacturer, producer
fabricant {mf} :: artisan, maker
fabricateur {m} :: fabricator
fabrication {f} :: manufacture, manufacturing
fabrication {f} :: fabrication
fabrication {f} :: production
Fabrice {prop} :: given name
fabrique {f} :: factory, plant (factory or industrial facility)
fabriquer {v} :: to make; to create
fabriquer {v} [colloquial, colloquial] :: to do, a more polite than ficher, less polite than faire
fabulateur {adj} :: fantasizing
fabulateur {m} :: fantasizer
fabuler {vi} [rare] :: to fantasize
fabulette {f} :: tale, fable
fabulette {f} :: lie
fabuleusement {adv} :: fabulously
fabuleux {adj} :: fabulous
fabuleux {adj} :: fabled
fabulisme {m} :: fabulism
fabuliste {adj} :: fabulist
fabuliste {mf} :: fabulist
fac {f} [colloquial, France] :: university
façade {f} :: façade (of a building)
façade {f} :: façade (deceptive outward appearance)
face {f} :: face (anatomy)
face {f} :: surface, side
face {f} :: face (geometry)
face {f} :: head (of a coin)
face à {prep} :: facing towards
face à {prep} :: versus, against; faced with
face-à-face {m} :: face-to-face interview
face-à-face {m} :: head-on collision
facétie {f} :: practical joke
facétieusement {adv} :: facetiously
facétieux {adj} :: facetious
facette {f} :: facet
facetté {adj} :: facetted
facetter {v} :: to facet
fâchant {adj} :: annoying
fâché {adj} :: angry
fâcher {v} :: to annoy, to vex
fâcher {vp} :: to get angry, fall out
fâcherie {f} [colloquial] :: anger
fâcheusement {adv} :: irritatingly; annoyingly
fâcheux {adj} :: annoying; irritating
fâcheux {adj} :: unfortunate; regrettable
facho {adj} [slang] :: fascist, right-wing
facho {mf} [slang] :: fascist, right-winger
facial {adj} :: facial
faciès {m} :: Facies; appearance
facile {adj} :: easy, simple
facilement {adv} :: easily
facilitateur {m} :: facilitator
facilitation {f} :: facilitation
facilité {f} :: ease, easiness
facilité {adj} :: facilitated
faciliter {v} :: facilitate
faciomusculaire {adj} [anatomy] :: faciomuscular
façon {f} :: way; manner; fashion
faconde {f} [literary] :: eloquence, gift of the gab
façon de parler {f} :: façon de parler
façonnable {adj} [rare] :: malleable, shapeable
façonnage {m} :: shaping, making, processing
façonner {vt} :: to work on, to shape, notably with tool(s); to fashion
façonner {vt} :: to educate morally, spiritually
façonner {vi} :: to perform labor
façonnier {mf} :: A person who works in the fashion business
fac-similé {m} :: alternative form of facsimilé
facsimilé {m} :: facsimile
facsimilé {m} :: fax
factage {m} :: drayage (transportation of goods or baggage)
facteur {m} :: factor; element
facteur {m} [mathematics] :: factor
facteur {m} :: postman [UK]; mailman [US]
factice {adj} :: fake, artificial, false
facticement {adv} :: artificially
facticement {adv} :: falsely
factieusement {adv} :: factiously, provocatively
factieux {adj} :: factious, agitating, provocative
factieux {m} :: agitator, provocator
faction {f} :: act of keeping watch
faction {f} :: a watchman
faction {f} [politics] :: a faction; specifically one which causes trouble
factionnaire {m} :: A soldier who is on guard; sentry, sentinel, guard
factitif {adj} [grammar] :: causative; factitive
factitif {m} [grammar] :: causative; factitive
factorerie {f} :: The office or factory of a colonial agent or factor
factorialiser {v} :: To factorialize
factorialité {f} [maths] :: factoriality
factoriel {adj} [mathematics] :: factorial
factorielle {f} [mathematics] :: factorial (mathematical operation or its result)
factorisation {f} :: factorisation
factoriser {v} [mathematics] :: to factorize
factrice {f} :: feminine noun of facteur
factuel {adj} :: factual
factuellement {adv} :: factually
facturation {f} :: invoicing
facture {f} :: bill, invoice
facture {f} :: craft, making, fabric
facturer {vt} :: to charge, invoice, bill
facturette {f} :: credit card slip (for old-style credit cards that require a signature)
facturier {m} :: invoice clerk
facturière {f} :: feminine noun of facturier
facultatif {adj} :: optional, elective; not mandatory; facultative
facultativement {adv} :: optionally, electively
faculté {f} :: capacity; ability
faculté {f} :: faculty
faculté {f} :: resources
faculté {f} :: department (of a university)
faculté {f} :: [by extension] a university
fadaise {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: uninteresting or banal thought; twaddle
fadasse {adj} :: wishy-washy (wavering or lacking in commitment, certainty, or support)
fade {adj} :: tasteless, insipid
fade {adj} :: boring; lukewarm
fade {m} [criminal slang] :: share of loot / booty
fadement {adv} :: insipidly, blandly
fader {vr} [colloquial] :: to get stuck with
fadette {f} :: fairy
fadette {f} [police, slang] :: A detailed list of phone calls made and received, together with associated GPS information
fadeur {f} :: blandness, dullness, insipidness
fæces {fp} [very, rare] :: obsolete form of fèces
faena {f} [bullfighting] :: faena
fafiot {m} [slang] :: banknote
fafiot {m} [slang] :: cheat sheet
fafiot {m} [slang] :: any written paper
fagacée {f} :: beech (any member of Fagaceae)
fagne {f} :: marshland; fen
fagot {m} :: fagot (bundle of sticks, twigs or small tree branches bound together)
fagoté {adj} :: togged up
fagoter {vt} :: to bundle
fagoter {vt} :: to dress up (wear special clothes)
fagoue {f} :: sweetbread (pancreas of an animal)
faiblard {adj} :: feeble, weak
faiblard {m} :: weakling
faible {adj} :: weak
faible {adj} :: lacking endurance
faible {m} :: weakness, soft spot (for someone/something)
faiblement {adv} :: weakly
faiblement {adv} :: slightly; mildly (not sharply)
faiblement {adv} :: dimly (not brightly)
faiblesse {f} :: weakness
faiblir {v} :: to weaken, to get weaker
faiblissant {adj} :: weakening
faict {m} :: obsolete spelling of fait
faïence {f} :: faience
faïencerie {f} :: pottery, earthenware
faïencier {m} :: A person who makes or sells earthenware (faience)
faïencière {f} :: feminine singular of faïencier
faignant {adj} :: alternative form of feignant
faignant {m} :: alternative form of feignant
faille {f} [seismology] :: fault
faille {f} :: flaw
faille {f} :: faille (fabric woven from silk)
faillibilité {f} :: fallibility
faillible {adj} :: fallible
failliblement {adv} :: fallibly
faillir {v} :: to almost do something
faillir {v} :: to fail
faillir {v} :: to go bankrupt
faillite {f} :: bankruptcy
faillite {f} :: failure
faim {f} :: hunger (desire of food)
faim {f} :: hunger (strong desire)
faine {f} :: alternative spelling of faîne
faîne {f} :: fruit of the beech tree; beechnut, beech mast
fainéant {m} :: a lazybones; one who makes little or no effort
fainéant {adj} :: lazy
fainéant {adj} :: nonchalant
fainéant {adj} :: apathetic
fainéante {f} :: feminine noun of fainéant
fainéanter {v} :: to do nothing; to be idle; to faff
fainéantise {f} :: idleness
faire {vt} :: to do
faire {vt} :: to make
faire {vt} :: to say [of a person], to go (of an animal)
faire {vt} :: to make (cause someone or something to do something)
faire {v} [impersonal] :: To be [of the weather or various situations]
faire {vr} :: to do, to make (oneself)
faire {vr} [followed by an infinitive] :: to be, to get (used for a passive action)
faire {vr} :: to ripen [of fruit], to mature (, etc.)
faire {vr} [~ à] :: to become used to, to get used to
faire {vrt} [slang] :: to do (to have sex with)
faire {vr} :: to become, to get
faire abstraction {v} [de] :: to forget; to ignore, to set aside, to disregard, to not take into account (for simplification purposes)
faire acte de présence {v} :: to put in an appearance
faire amende honorable {v} :: to make amends, to mend one's ways, to eat crow
faire appel {v} [law] :: to appeal
faire appel à {v} :: to call on, to call upon, to call in; to appeal to, to make an appeal to; to use, to make use of
faire attention {v} :: to pay attention
faire autorité {v} :: to be an authority, to be authoritative; to be a definitive work
faire barrage à {v} :: to stand in the way of
faire bien de {v} [colloquial] :: to do well to, had better
faire bon ménage {v} [figuratively] :: to get along well, to make good bedfellows
faire bonne contenance {v} :: to put on a brave face, to put a brave face on it, to keep one's composure
faire bonne mesure {v} :: to be generous; to do more than necessary
faire buisson creux {v} [dated, colloquial, figuratively] :: to not find what one was looking for, to come back empty-handed
faire caca {v} [childish] :: to poo (defecate)
faire carrière {v} :: to have a career, to make a career (in some industry)
faire cas {v} :: [~ de] to have a high opinion (of), to esteem
faire cavalier seul {v} [figuratively] :: to go it alone, to go solo
faire chambre à part {v} :: to sleep in separate rooms (of a couple)
faire chanter {v} [idiomatic] :: to blackmail
faire chaud {v} :: to be hot (of the weather)
faire chaud au cœur {v} [colloquial] :: [à] to gladden someone's heart, to warm the cockles of someone's heart, to be heart-warming
faire chaudière ensemble {phrase} [Louisiana French, Cajun French, St.Mary Parish] :: to marry
faire chier {v} [vulgar, slang, ] :: to piss off, to annoy or irritate
faire chier {v} [vulgar, slang, ] :: to have a (fucking) nightmare, to be pissed off
faire chiquer poteau {phrase} [Louisiana French, Cajun French, St.Martin Parish] :: to prevent a young man from dancing with a young girl
faire comme chez soi {vi} [colloquial, simile, idiom] :: to make oneself at home
faire confiance {v} [à] :: to trust; to have trust in (someone, something)
faire connaissance {v} :: to get to know each other
faire connaissance {v} [avec] :: to get to know, to meet, to get acquainted with, to make the acquaintance of
faire contre mauvaise fortune bon cœur {v} :: to grin and bear it, to make the best of a bad job, to put a brave face on it
faire cul sec {v} :: to finish one's drink in one go; to down; "Bottoms up!"
faire date {v} :: to make history, to go down in history, to become a historical milestone, to set a precedent
faire défaut {v} [à] :: to be lacking
faire défaut {v} [legal] :: to default
faire de la peine {v} [à] :: to upset, to hurt, to hurt someone's feelings
faire demi-tour {v} :: to go back (or to drive back, etc.) before arriving to one's destination, or when there was no fixed destination
faire des courbettes {v} [figuratively] :: to bow and scrape
faire des gorges chaudes {v} [de] :: to make fun of, to laugh at, to poke fun at, to have a good laugh at (someone)
faire de son mieux {v} :: to do one's best, to do one's utmost, to give it one's best shot
faire désordre {v} [colloquial] :: to look disjointed and disorganised, to not look good, to look disorderly
faire des pieds et des mains {v} [colloquial] :: to bend over backwards, to go out of one's way, to move heaven and earth
faire des plans sur la comète {v} :: alternative form of tirer des plans sur la comète
faire des salamalecs {v} [idiomatic] :: to grovel, kowtow; to drown (someone) in courtesies
faire des siennes {v} [colloquial] :: to disobey, to get up to mischief, to mess about, to act up, to be up to one's usual tricks, to be up to no good
faire des vagues {v} [figuratively] :: to make waves; to rock the boat
faire diligence {v} [literary] :: to make haste, to be quick, to hurry
faire diversion {v} :: to create a diversion
faire dodo {v} [childish] :: to sleep
faire don {v} :: to make a gift of something to someone
faire d'une pierre deux coups {v} [figuratively] :: to kill two birds with one stone
faire du sur place {v} [colloquial, figuratively] :: to tread water, to be at a standstill, to not get anywhere, to go round in circles, to stagnate
faire échec {v} [à] :: to thwart, to foil, to stymie, to cause (something) to fail, to make (something) fail
faire école {v} :: to found a school of thought, to attract a following, to find followers, to be seminal, to set a precedent, to set an example
faire effet {v} :: to take effect
faire en sorte {v} :: to see to it, make sure (que that)
faire époque {v} [of an event] :: to make history, to go down in history (to become a historical milestone)
faire étalage {v} [de] :: to make a display of, to flaunt
faire état {v} [de] :: to cite, to mention, to give an account
faire état {v} [de] :: to give (something) some thought, to consider
faire exprès {v} [idiomatic] :: to do (something) deliberately; to do (something) on purpose
faire face {v} [à] :: to square up; to come up against; to deal with, to face up to, to meet the challenge of
faire fausse route {v} [figuratively] :: To be on the wrong track, to bark up the wrong tree
faire faux bond {v} [à] :: [colloquial] To let someone down, to leave in the lurch, stand someone up
faire feu {v} :: to fire (shoot a weapon)
faire feu de tout bois {v} [figuratively] :: to use all available means, to use everything at one's disposal, to take advantage of every resource in one's environment, to put everything to good use, to be resourceful
faire fi de {v} :: to turn one's nose up (at), disdain
faire fi de {v} :: to disregard or ignore a factor
faire flèche de tout bois {v} [figuratively] :: to use all available means, to use everything at one's disposal, to take advantage of every resource in one's environment, to be resourceful
faire florès {vi} :: To flourish, to be successful, to gain a reputation
faire fortune {v} :: to make a fortune, to make a pile
faire froid {v} [impersonal] :: to be cold (of the weather)
faire froid dans le dos {v} [figuratively] :: to be chilling, to give the creeps, to send shivers down someone's spine
faire fureur {vi} [colloquial] :: To be all the rage, to be red hot
faire gaffe {v} [à] :: [colloquial] to pay attention, to watch out, to mind
faire genre {v} [slang] :: to put on airs
faire grand cas {v} [literary] :: [de] to have a high opinion (of), to esteem
faire grève {v} :: to strike; to be on strike
faire grocerie {v} [Louisiana French] :: to go grocery shopping
faire honneur {v} [à] :: to be worthy of, to be a credit to, to do proud
faire honneur {v} [à] :: to do justice to
faire honneur {v} [à] :: to honour
faire la connaissance {v} [de] :: to get to know
faire la cour {v} [à] :: to woo; to court
faire la fête {phrase} :: to party, have a party, live it up
faire l'affaire {v} [colloquial] :: to do the trick, to fit the bill, to do, to be enough/sufficient
faire la fine bouche {v} [figuratively, colloquial] :: to be finicky, to be choosy, to turn up one's nose
faire la grasse matinée {v} :: to sleep in, to have a lie in
faire la java {v} [dated] :: to party
faire la leçon {v} [figuratively] :: to preach, lecture
faire la loi {v} [colloquial, figuratively] :: to call the shots, to call the tune, to rule the roost (to be the one who makes the rules, to be the one who decides)
faire la manche {vi} [figuratively] :: to beg, to panhandle
faire la mijaurée {v} [of a woman] :: to put on airs
faire la moue {v} :: to pout
faire l'amour {v} :: to make love, to have sex
faire la noce {phrase} [Switzerland] :: to party
faire la paire {v} [colloquial] :: to make quite a duo, to be two of a kind
faire la paix {v} [avec] :: to make peace with
faire la part belle {v} [à] :: to give somebody or something top billing, to feature somebody or something prominently
faire la part des choses {v} [figuratively] :: To put things into perspective
faire la peau {v} [à] :: [colloquial] to do in, to bump off (to kill)
faire la plonge {v} [slang] :: to wash up, do the washing-up
faire la pluie et le beau temps {v} [figuratively] :: to call the shots, to call the tune, to rule the roost (to be the one who makes the rules, to be the one who decides)
faire la poussière {v} :: to dust; to do the dusting
faire la sourde oreille {v} :: to turn a deaf ear
faire la tête {v} [colloquial, figuratively] :: to sulk, to pout
faire la une {v} [idiomatic] :: To hit the headlines (to appear on the front page of a publication)
faire l'autruche {v} [figuratively] :: to bury one's head in the sand, to ignore what is going on
faire la vaisselle {vi} :: to wash up, to wash the dishes, to do the washing-up
faire le beau {v} [of a dog] :: to sit up and beg
faire le canard {v} [idiom] :: To suck up to; flatter too much
faire l'école buissonnière {v} [dated] :: to play truant, to play hooky, to skip class, to ditch, to bunk
faire le con {v} :: to fool around
faire le difficile {v} [colloquial] :: to be choosy, to be nitpicky, to be particular, to be difficult
faire le grand saut {v} [euphemistic, idiomatic] :: to snuff it, to kick the bucket (to die)
faire le gros dos {vi} [of a cat] :: to arch one's back
faire le gros dos {vi} [idiomatic] :: to weather the storm, lie low
faire le lit {v} :: make the bed (to prepare a bed for later use and for tidiness)
faire le malin {v} [colloquial] :: to get wise, get cute, to act smart, to try to be clever, to be impertinent
faire le ménage {v} [literally] :: to do the housework, the household chores
faire le ménage {v} [figuratively] :: to clean up; to clear out
faire le mort {v} :: to play dead (to act as though no longer alive)
faire le mur {v} [dated] :: to play truant, to play hooky, to skip class, to ditch, to bunk
faire le plein {v} [colloquial] :: To fill up (with petrol)
faire le point {v} [sur] :: to review, to take stock of, to get a fix on
faire le pont {v} [figuratively] :: To take a long weekend; to take an extra day off work in addition to a public holiday that falls on a Thursday or Tuesday, thereby making a four-day weekend. If the public holiday falls on Wednesday, the individual has the option of taking either Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday off
faire les 400 coups {v} :: alternative spelling of faire les quatre cents coups
faire les cent pas {v} :: to pace up and down
faire les courses {vi} :: to do the shopping, to do the shopping errands
faire les frais {v} :: to bear the brunt (of)
faire les magasins {v} [colloquial] :: to go shopping
faire les quatre cents coups {v} :: to do one crazy thing after the other, to engage in all excesses imaginable, to live a wild life, to be wild, to be a party animal; to paint the town red, to go out on the town
faire les yeux doux {v} [followed by the preposition à] :: to make eyes at somebody, to look at somebody with doe eyes
faire le trottoir {v} [figuratively] :: to act as a prostitute
faire l'impasse {v} [sur] :: to give something a miss, to forgo something
faire l'objet {v} [de] :: to be the subject of, to be subject to
faire long feu {v} :: to fizzle out
faire machine arrière {v} [nautical] :: to go astern
faire machine arrière {v} [figuratively] :: to backpedal, retreat, do a U-turn
faire main basse {v} [sur] :: to help oneself to, to get hold of, to walk off with
faire mal {v} :: to hurt (to cause pain)
faire marche arrière {phrase} :: to turn back, go backwards
faire marche arrière {phrase} :: to backpedal
faire marcher {v} [literally] :: to make someone walk
faire marcher {v} [literally] :: to make something work
faire marcher {v} [idiomatic] :: to fool someone, usually as a joke
faire mieux de {v} [colloquial] :: had better
faire minette {v} [idiomatic slang, vulgar] :: to eat pussy; to perform cunnilingus
faire montre {v} [de] :: [literary] to evince, to show, to demonstrate, to display (a quality)
faire mouche {v} :: to hit the bullseye
faire mouche {v} [figuratively] :: to hit home
faire mumuse {v} [childish, colloquial] :: to play around
faire noir {v} [idiomatic] :: To be dark, especially when it's night
faire noir comme chez le loup {v} [simile, impersonal] :: To be dark to the point where one can't see; to be pitch-dark
faire noir comme dans un four {v} [simile, impersonal] :: To be dark to the point where one can't see; to be pitch-dark
faire office de {v} :: to act as
faire office de {v} :: to serve as
faire pâle figure {v} [figuratively] :: to pale in comparison, to pale into insignificance
faire part {v} [à, ;, de] :: to inform someone of something, to tell someone about something
faire-part {m} :: announcement
faire partie {v} [de] :: to be a part of
faire partie intégrante {v} [de] :: to be a integral part of, to be part and parcel of
faire peau neuve {v} [figuratively] :: to get a facelift, to get a makeover, to get a new look, to be freshened up, to be revamped, to change one's image, to undergo a transformation
faire péter {vt} [familiar] :: To pass, hand something
faire peu de cas {v} :: [~ de] to neglect, to disregard, to consider trivial
faire peur {vt} [with à] :: to frighten
faire pipi {v} [childish] :: to wee (urinate)
faire pitié {v} [colloquial] :: to be pathetic
faire place {vi} :: to give way; to make way (à for)
faire plaisir {v} [colloquial] :: [à] to please someone, to do something nice for someone, to cheer up someone, to keep someone happy, to make someone happy
faire pleurer le colosse {v} [colloquial, figuratively] :: to pee, urinate
faire pression {v} [sur] :: to put pressure on, to pressure (someone), to lobby
faire preuve {v} [de] :: to show, to demonstrate, to display (a quality)
faire profil bas {v} [colloquial] :: to keep a low profile, to lie low
faire rage {v} :: to rage (to move with great violence)
faire route {vi} :: advance, move, travel
faire sauter la banque {v} :: break the bank
faire savoir {v} :: to inform, to let someone know
faire semblant {v} [de] :: to pretend
faire sens {v} [proscribed] :: to make sense
faire sensation {v} :: to make a splash, to cause a stir, to cause a sensation; to be a hit, to be a huge success
faire ses besoins {v} [euphemistic] :: to do one's business, to relieve oneself
faire ses choux gras {v} [de] :: to have a field day
faire ses dents {v} :: to teethe
faire ses dents {v} [figuratively] :: to cut one's teeth
faire ses preuves {v} :: to prove oneself, to prove one's worth, to win one's spurs, to earn one's stripes, to earn one's wings
faire ses valises {v} [figuratively] :: to pack one's bags, to depart
faire sien {vt} :: to make (something) one's own, to endorse
faire signe {v} :: to signal; to gesticulate; to indicate using gestures
faire son possible {v} :: to do what one can
faire surface {v} :: to surface, to emerge
faire table rase {v} :: to start again from scratch, to start again with a clean slate
faire tache {v} [idiomatic] :: to not belong; to stand out awkwardly
faire toute une histoire de {v} [figuratively, colloquial] :: to make a big thing out of, to make a meal of
faire tout un foin de {v} [figuratively, colloquial] :: to make a meal of, make a big thing out of
faire tout un fromage de {v} [figuratively, colloquial] :: to make a meal of, to make a big thing out of
faire tout un plat de {v} [figuratively, colloquial] :: to make a meal of, make a big thing out of
faire un bide {v} [colloquial] :: to flop, to bomb, to tank
faire un caca nerveux {v} [colloquial] :: to have a shit fit, to throw a tantrum, to get one's knickers in a twist, to get one's panties in a bunch (over something trivial)
faire un carton {v} [colloquial] :: to be a hit, to be a huge success
faire une belle jambe {v} [colloquial, sarcastic] :: [à] to do a fat lot of good to (someone)
faire une carte de France {v} [literally] :: to make a map of France
faire une carte de France {v} [euphemistic, slang] :: to have a wet dream
faire une croix sur {v} [figuratively, colloquial] :: to forsake something, to kiss goodbye to something (to give up something reluctantly)
faire une fleur {v} [à] :: [figuratively] to do someone a kindness, to do someone a good turn, to cut someone a break, to cut someone some slack
faire une joke {v} [Louisiana French, Cajun French, Acadia] :: to make a joke
faire une montagne d'une taupinière {v} [figuratively] :: to make a mountain out of a molehill, to sweat the small stuff
faire une scène {v} [colloquial] :: to make a scene, to cause a scene, to raise a fuss
faire une scène {v} [à] :: [colloquial] to blow up at, to lay into
faire un flop {v} [colloquial] :: to flop, to bomb, to tank
faire un malheur {vi} [colloquial] :: To be all the rage, to be a huge success, to be a hit
faire un pied de nez {v} :: to thumb one's nose
faire un tabac {v} [colloquial] :: to be a hit
faire un tour {v} :: to take a stroll, to go for a walk
faire valoir {v} :: to assert, affirm
faire-valoir {m} :: a sidekick, a foil, a stooge
fair-play {m} :: fair play
faisabilité {f} :: feasibility, doability
faisable {adj} :: feasible; doable (able to be done)
faisan {m} :: pheasant (a bird of family Phasianidae)
faisan {m} :: cock pheasant (male pheasant)
faisandé {adj} :: gamy, high (of meat)
faisandé {adj} :: corrupt, decadent
faisane {f} :: feminine noun of faisan
faisceau {m} :: fasces
faisceau {m} :: beam, ray
faisceau {m} :: bundle, sheaf, cluster
fais ce que je dis, pas ce que je fais {proverb} :: do as I say and not as I do
fais de beaux rêves {phrase} :: sweet dreams
faiseur {m} :: maker
faiseur {m} :: tailor
faiseur d'anges {m} [euphemistic] :: Someone who carries out an abortion
faiseuse {f} :: feminine noun of faiseur
faiseuse d'anges {f} :: feminine noun of faiseur d'anges
faisselle {f} :: cheese strainer
faisselle {f} :: curd cheese
fait {m} :: fact
fait {adj} :: done
fait {adj} :: cut out
fait accompli {m} :: a fait accompli, a done deal
faîtage {m} :: ridge (of a roof)
faîtage {m} :: ridgepole
fait divers {m} [idiomatic] :: news story
faîte {m} :: top, summit, pinnacle
faites vos jeux {phrase} [gambling] :: place your bets, faites vos jeux [call made by the croupier]
faîtière {f} :: ridge tile
fait maison {adj} :: homemade (made at home) (self made)
faitout {m} :: stewpot (large cooking pot with handles and a lid)
fait que {conj} [Quebec, colloquial] :: So, therefore, in that case
fait-tout {m} :: alternative spelling of faitout
faix {m} [literary or dated] :: burden, heavy load
fak {conj} [Quebec, colloquial] :: Phonetic, vernacular spelling of fait que
fakir {m} :: fakir (all meanings)
FAL {m} :: FAL, FN-FAL (the NATO standard rifle)
falaise {f} :: cliff (steep rock face)
falbala {m} :: furbelow (a ruffle)
falbala {m} :: furbelow (a flashy ornament)
falconiforme {m} :: bird belonging to Falconiforms
falisque {m} :: Faliscan (language)
falklandais {adj} :: Falkland
Falklandais {m} :: a Falklander
Falklandaise {f} :: feminine noun of Falklandais
fallacieusement {adv} :: deceptively, fallaciously
fallacieux {adj} :: fallacious (characterized by fallacy; false or mistaken)
falloir {v} [impersonal] :: to need, have to
falloir {v} :: to take (time)
falloir {vr} [with "en"] :: to be missing
falot {m} :: lantern
falot {adj} :: droll
falotement {adv} :: drolly
falsifiabilité {f} :: falsifiability
falsifiable {adj} :: falsifiable
falsificateur {m} :: falsifier
falsification {f} :: falsification
falsificatrice {f} :: feminine noun of falsificateur
falsifier {v} :: to falsify (all meanings)
faluche {f} :: faluche
faluche {f} :: A type of dense white bread from northern France
famé {adj} :: (in combination) Having a specified reputation
famélique {adj} :: half-starved; scrawny
famélique {mf} :: starveling
fameusement {adv} :: famously
fameusement {adv} [dated] :: very
fameux {adj} :: recognised, well-known, famous
familial {adj} :: familial, relating to a family
familialement {adv} :: familially
familiariser {vt} :: to familiarize
familiarité {f} :: familiarity
familier {adj} :: familiar (known to one)
familier {adj} [linguistics] :: familiar, informal, colloquial (lexicon)
familièrement {adv} :: colloquially; informally
famille {f} :: family (group of related people)
famille {f} [biology] :: family
famille recomposée {f} :: blended family (a stepfamily in which both new mates have one or more living kids from prior partners)
famine {f} :: famine
fan {mf} :: fan (admirer, supporter)
fan {f} [Canada] :: fan (ventilator)
FAN {prop} {fp} :: Forces Armées du Nord (Armed Forces of the North), a Chadian rebel army active during the Chadian Civil War
fanal {m} :: lantern
fanal {m} :: beacon, lamp (of lighthouse)
fanal {m} :: headlight (of train)
fanatique {adj} :: fanatic, fanatical
fanatique {mf} :: fanatic (one who is zealously enthusiastic)
fanatiquement {adv} :: fanatically
fanatiser {vt} :: to fanaticize
fanatisme {m} :: fanaticism (the characteristic or practice of being a fanatic)
fane {f} [archaic] :: dry leaf
fane {f} [cooking] :: The leaf attached to vegetable which are not usually consumed, such as carrot, radishes and cauliflowers
fane {f} [gardening, agriculture] :: The leaves of any vegetable which is not itself a leaf vegetable, and which are not usually attached to the edible part, such as potatoes, tomatoes and beans
fané {adj} :: faded
faner {vi} [literary] :: to make hay
faner {vt} :: to toss, turn [grass, hay, etc.]
faner {vt} [literary] :: to fade
faner {vr} :: to fade, wither
faneur {m} :: haymaker
faneur {m} :: tedder (feminine)
faneuse {f} :: tedder
fanfare {f} [musical instrument] :: fanfare
fanfaron {adj} :: boasting
fanfaron {m} :: boaster
fanfaronnade {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: bragging, boasting
fanfaronner {v} :: to boast, swagger
fanfiction {f} :: fan fiction
fanfreluche {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: frill(s); decorative trimmings or embellishments
fanfrelucher {vt} :: to decorate with frills
fange {f} [literary] :: filth, mire
fange {f} [literary, figurative] :: filth, baseness, debauchery
fange {f} [literary, archaic] :: fen, swamp
fangeux {adj} :: muddy, miry, filthy
fangeux {adj} :: abject
fanion {m} :: fanion
fanion {m} :: pennant
Fanny {prop} :: given name borrowed from English; also used as a pet form of Stéphanie
fanon {m} :: dewlap (pendulous skin under the neck of an ox, lizard, or other animal)
fanon {m} :: wattle (wrinkled fold of skin hanging from the neck of a turkey or other bird)
fanon {m} [in the plural] :: baleen plate; baleen (bony material that makes up the plates in the mouth of a baleen whale)
fanon {m} :: feather, feathering (long hair on the lower legs of a horse)
fanon {m} [heraldry] :: bracelet on the right arm
fanon {m} :: fanon (vestment reserved for the Pope)
fanon {m} [usually plural] :: fanon (part of a bishops mitre)
fanon {m} [by extension, usually plural] :: tabs on a banner or pennant
fanonien {adj} :: Fanonian
fanorona {m} :: The national game of Madagascar, a board game similar to checkers / draughts
fantaisie {f} :: fantasy (something fanciful)
fantaisie {f} :: fantasy (something created by the imagination)
fantaisie {f} :: imagination
fantaisie {f} [music] :: fantasia
fantaisiste {adj} :: fanciful
fantaisiste {m} :: music hall / variety artist
fantascope {m} :: synonym of fantasmascope
fantasie {f} :: alternative form of fantasy
fantasier {v} [obsolete] :: to imagine
fantasmagorie {f} :: phantasmagoria
fantasmagorique {adj} :: phantasmagoric
fantasmagoriquement {adv} :: phantasmagorically
fantasmascope {m} :: phenakistoscope
fantasmatique {adj} :: fantastical
fantasmatique {adj} :: phantasmal
fantasmatiquement {adv} :: fantastically
fantasmatiquement {adv} :: phantasmally
fantasme {m} [chiefly sexuality] :: fantasy
fantasme {m} [dated] :: hallucination
fantasmé {adj} :: fantasized, dreamt
fantasmé {adj} :: chimeric
fantasmer {v} :: to fantasise
fantasque {adj} :: capricious, unpredictable (character); whimsical, fanciful (story etc.)
fantasquement {adv} :: capriciously
fantasquement {adv} :: fancifully
fantassin {m} :: foot soldier, infantryman
fantastique {adj} :: fantastic (related to fantasy or fantasies)
fantastiquement {adv} :: fantastically (in a way related to fantasy)
fantasy {f} [literature] :: fantasy (literary genre)
fantoche {m} :: puppet
fantoche {adj} :: manipulated
fantochement {adv} :: manipulatedly
Fantômas {prop} {m} :: one of the most popular characters in the history of French crime fiction
fantomatique {adj} :: ghostly
fantôme {m} :: ghost
fantosme {m} :: obsolete form of fantôme
fanzine {m} :: fanzine
fao {abbr} :: Forces Armées Occidentales, a Chadian insurgent group
FAO {abbr} :: alternative case form of fao
faon {m} :: fawn (young deer)
faonner {vi} :: To fawn; to give birth to a fawn, or young deer
FAQ {f} :: FAQ (foire aux questions)
faque {conj} [Quebec, colloquial] :: Phonetic vernacular spelling of fait que
faquin {m} [archaic] :: wretch, rascal
far {m} :: A traditional Breton cake
farad {m} :: farad
faradique {adj} [physics] :: faradic
faramineux {adj} [colloquial] :: colossal, staggering, incredible
faraud {adj} :: smug
far breton {m} :: A kind of cake from Brittany, often made with plums
farce {f} :: stuffing (for meat, etc)
farce {f} :: farce (play)
farce ou friandise {interj} :: trick or treat
farceur {m} :: joker; trickster; prankster, jokester
farceur {m} [dated] :: actor who plays in a farce
farcin {m} :: farcy
farcineux {adj} :: farcinous
farcir {v} [cooking] :: to stuff; to applying stuffing to
farcir {vp} :: to get saddled with; to have to put up with
fard {m} :: make-up
farde {f} [Belgium] :: file (stationery to keep documents together), binder, folder
fardé {adj} :: disguised
fardé {adj} :: made up (i.e. with make-up)
fardeau {m} :: burden
fardeau {m} :: load
fardeau {m} [figuratively] :: A worry or trouble
farder {v} :: to disguise
farder {v} :: to make up or paint (the face)
farder {v} :: to represent in a false light; to augment with falsehoods or affectations
farder {v} :: to weigh heavily; to be burdensome
farder {v} :: to settle or sink downwards
farfadet {m} :: elf, leprechaun (or similar small demon)
farfelu {adj} [of a person] :: eccentric, scatty
farfelu {adj} [of an idea] :: ridiculous, harebrained
farfouiller {vi} :: to rummage around
faribole {f} [especially, in plural] :: nonsense, poppycock
fariboler {v} :: to fool about; mess around
farigoule {f} [regional] :: synonym of thym (aromatic herb used in cooking)
farinacé {adj} :: farinaceous
farine {f} :: flour, specifically wheat flour
farine {f} :: feed, animal food
fariner {v} :: to flour (to apply flour to something)
farineux {adj} :: floury, mealy
farinier {m} :: miller
farinier {m} :: flour merchant
farinière {f} :: feminine singular of farinier
farnésol {m} [organic compound] :: farnesol
farniente {m} :: dolce far niente, sweet idleness
farouche {adj} [of animals] :: wild, shy of humans
farouche {adj} :: shy, unsociable, retiring, hesitant
farouche {adj} [of women] :: distant, unapproachable
farouche {adj} :: stubborn, intransigent
farouche {adj} [of things] :: savage, dangerous, fierce
farouche {adj} [of supporters] :: staunch
farouchement {adv} :: fiercely, strongly, bitterly, doggedly, rabidly
fart {m} :: wax (for skis)
farter {v} :: to wax skis
Far West {prop} {m} :: The western part of the United States, earlier defined as the American frontier and later as the areas west of the Midwest
Far West {prop} {m} [figuratively] :: a state of lawlessness
fasce {f} [heraldiccharge] :: fess
fascicule {m} :: instalment
fascicule {m} :: fascicle
fascicule {m} :: bundle
fascié {adj} :: fasciated, banded
fascinant {adj} :: fascinating; captivating
fascination {f} :: fascination
fasciner {vt} :: to fascinate
fascisant {adj} :: fascistic
fascisme {m} :: Fascism, an extreme-right totalitarian political regime/ideology
fasciste {adj} :: fascist (supporting the principles of fascism)
fasciste {mf} :: fascist (proponent of fascism)
fascistement {adv} :: fascistically
fascistissime {adj} :: Very fascist
faste {m} :: splendour; pomp
faste {adj} :: auspicious
fastidieusement {adv} :: tiresomely; boringly
fastidieux {adj} :: tedious; tiresome; boring
fastoche {adj} [slang] :: easy
fastueusement {adv} :: sumptuously, lavishly
fastueux {adj} :: sumptuous, luxurious
fat {adj} :: conceited
fatal {adj} :: fatal (due to fate)
fatal {adj} :: fatal (causing death)
fatalement {adv} :: fatally
fatalisme {m} :: fatalism
fataliste {mf} :: fatalist
fatalité {f} :: fatality
fat bike {m} [winter sports] :: fat bike
fatbike {m} :: alternate form of fat bike
fatha {mf} :: fatha
fatidique {adj} :: fateful
fatidique {adj} :: fated
fatidiquement {adv} :: fatedly, fatefully
fatigabilité {f} :: fatigability
fatigant {adj} :: tiring
fatigant {adj} :: tiresome; annoying; boring
fatiguant {adj} :: tiring, draining
fatigue {f} :: fatigue, weariness
fatigué {adj} :: tired
fatiguer {vi} :: to tire
fatiguer {vt} :: to wear out, to drain
fatiguer {vr} :: to make an effort [especially in the negative]
Fatimata {prop} {f} :: given name, widely used in Islamic West Africa
fatimide {mf} :: Fatimid (related to the Fatimid caliphate)
fatiste {m} :: actor in a medieval mystery play
fatras {m} :: jumble, hodgepodge
fattouch {m} :: fattouch
fatuité {f} :: self-satisfaction, complacency
fatwa {f} [Islam] :: fatwa (legal opinion issued by a mufti)
faubert {m} :: a mop made from old rope (particularly hemp rope), used for cleaning the deck of a ship
faubourg {m} :: suburb
faubourien {adj} :: working class Parisian
fauchage {m} :: mowing, reaping
fauchaison {f} [rare] :: scything, scything season
fauché {adj} [slang] :: skint, broke or otherwise lacking money
faucher {v} :: to mow, to reap
faucher {v} :: to run over, to knock down
faucheur {m} :: harvester (someone who harvests)
faucheur {m} :: harvestman; daddy longlegs
Faucheuse {prop} {f} :: Grim Reaper (a personification of Death as a cloaked old man or a skeleton, usually carrying a scythe)
faucheux {m} :: daddy longlegs
fauchon {m} :: falchion
faucille {f} :: sickle (agricultural implement)
fauciller {v} :: to sickle (cut with a sickle)
faucon {m} :: falcon
fauconnerie {f} :: falconry
fauconnier {m} :: falconer (a person who breeds or trains hawks)
fauconnière {f} :: feminine noun of fauconnier
faufil {m} :: tacking thread
faufilage {m} :: tacking (in sewing)
faufiler {v} [sewing] :: to baste
faufiler {vp} :: to worm one's way, to slink (about)
faune {m} :: faun
faune {m} :: tree grayling (butterfly Hipparchia statilinus)
faune {f} :: fauna, wildlife
faunesse {f} :: satyress, fauness
faunique {adj} :: faunistic
faunistique {adj} :: faunal, faunistic
faunistiquement {adv} :: faunally, faunistically
faussaire {mf} :: forger
faussé {adj} :: falsified
faussé {adj} :: distorted, skewed
fausse couche {f} :: miscarriage
faussement {adv} :: falsely; untruly
fausse modestie {f} :: false modesty, humblebragging
fausse-monnayeuse {f} :: feminine singular of faux-monnayeur
fausse note {f} :: false note
fausser {v} :: to falsify, to render invalid
fausser {v} :: to skew, to distort (a result)
fausset {m} :: faucet (tap used to stop the flow of liquid from a vessel)
fausset {m} [chiefly in the singular] :: falsetto (type of singing voice)
fausseté {f} :: falseness; falsity
faustien {adj} :: Faustian
faute {f} :: error, mistake
faute {f} :: fault, blame
faute {f} [legal] :: wrong, misdemeanor
faute {f} [sports] :: foul, fault (infraction of the rules)
faute de {prep} :: through lack of; for want of; because of a lack of
faute de frappe {f} :: typing error, typo (typographical error)
faute de mieux {adv} :: for want of something better, faute de mieux
faute de quoi {adv} :: failing that; otherwise
faute directe {f} [sports] :: unforced error
fauter {vi} :: to make a mistake, to mess up
fauteuil {m} :: armchair
fauteuil à bascule {m} :: rocking chair (chair with a curved base which can be gently rocked)
fauteuil roulant {m} :: wheelchair
fauteur {m} :: instigator
Fauteux {prop} :: surname
fautif {adj} [of a thing] :: incorrect; wrong; erroneous
fautif {adj} [of a thing] :: faulty; malfunctioning
fautif {adj} [of a person] :: guilty, culprit
fautivement {adv} :: wrongly; erroneously
fauve {adj} :: tawny
fauve {adj} [rare, archaic] :: savage, fierce (having the ferocity of a wild animal) 19th c
fauve {adj} [rare, by extension] :: dangerous, wild from mid-19th c
fauve {adj} [arts] :: fauvist from early 20th c
fauve {m} [dated] :: tawny-coloured animal from late 16th c
fauve {m} [by extension] :: a big cat, such as a lion or lynx
fauve {m} [by extension] :: beast, wild animal, especially fierce, aggressive, or predatory
fauve {m} [figuratively] :: a violent or aggressive man or woman
fauve {m} :: a brownish orange color, tawny from mid-19th c
fauve {m} [polytechnic jargon, obsolete] :: examiner
fauvement {adv} :: savagely, fiercely, dangerously, wildly
fauverie {f} :: An enclosure for containing and displaying wild animals
fauverie {f} :: The characteristic color of the fauvist artists
fauvette {f} :: warbler
fauvisme {m} :: fauvism
faux {adj} :: false; untrue
faux {adj} :: false; not real
faux {adv} :: badly; inaccurately; untruly
faux {f} :: scythe
faux-ami {m} :: Faux ami, false friend
faux anglicisme {m} [lexicography] :: pseudo-anglicism
faux bonhomme {m} :: One who has a false visage of joviality and lightheartedness
faux-bourdon {m} :: drone (bee)
faux-bourdon {m} :: A musical style in which a countermelody sung above the melody and another sung below create the impression of a bass that isn't really there
faux cul {m} [colloquial, vulgar] :: hypocrite, phony
faux départ {m} :: false start
faux-filet {m} :: sirloin
faux-fuyant {m} :: prevarication, pretext
faux jeton {m} [colloquial] :: hypocrite, phony, two-faced person, two-timer
faux-monnayeur {m} :: counterfeiter (a person who counterfeits)
faux négatif {m} :: false negative
faux-nez {m} [Internet] :: sock puppet
faux-palais {m} :: retainer (a device that holds teeth in position after orthodontic treatment)
faux pas {m} :: stumble, misstep, false step
faux pas {m} [figuratively] :: faux pas, blunder
faux plat {m} :: false flat
faux positif {m} :: false positive
favéole {f} :: faveolus
faveur {f} :: favour
favorable {adj} :: favourable, favorable
favorablement {adv} :: favorably
favori {adj} :: favourite [UK] / favorite [US]
favori {m} :: favorite
favori {m} [in the plural] :: sideburns, side whiskers
favoris {mp} :: sideburns, side whiskers
favorisant {adj} :: favoring / favouring
favorisant {adj} :: promoting
favorisant {adj} :: encouraging
favoriser {v} :: to favour, to show a preference to something
favoriser {v} :: to prioritise
favoriser {v} :: to promote, encourage, foster
favoritisme {m} :: favoritism, favouritism
Favre {prop} :: surname for a smith
favus {m} :: favus
faxer {v} :: to fax (send a document)
fayalite {f} [mineral] :: fayalite
fayence {f} [dated] :: alternative spelling of faïence
fayencier {m} :: alternative form of faïencier
fayencière {f} :: feminine singular of fayencier
fayettiste {mf} :: A supporter of Gilbert du Motier de La Fayette during the French Revolution
fayot {m} [France, colloquial] :: bean
fayot {m} [France, colloquial] :: bootlicker
fayoter {v} [France, colloquial] :: to brownnose
FBI {prop} {m} :: FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)
FC {prop} {fp} [Canada, military] :: initialism of w:Forces canadiennes; CF (Canadian Forces)
fdpin {adv} :: P&P included
fdpout {adv} :: P&P not included
FE {prop} {f} [automotive, sport] :: abbreviation of Formule E
féal {adj} [obsolete] :: faithful
featurette {f} [film] :: featurette (bonus material)
fébrifuge {adj} :: febrifugal
fébrifuge {m} :: febrifuge
fébrile {adj} :: febrile, feverous, feverish
fébrilement {adv} :: feverishly; feverously
fébrilement {adv} [figuratively] :: erratically; chaotically
fébrilité {f} :: febrility
fébrilité {f} :: feverishness
féca {m} [slang, verlan, backslang] :: coffee
fécal {adj} :: fecal (of or relating to feces)
fèces {fp} [medicine, pluralonly] :: Faeces
fèces {fp} [pharmacy, archaic, pluralonly] :: Sediments depositing in a container of murky or cloudy liquid
fécond {adj} [biology] :: fertile (able to procreate)
fécond {adj} :: fecund
fécond {adj} :: fruit-bearing
fécond {adj} :: fruitful
fécond {adj} :: productive
fécond {adj} :: abundant (in), rich (in)
fécondabilité {f} :: fecundability
fécondable {adj} :: fertilisable
fécondant {adj} :: fecund
fécondation {f} :: fertilisation
fécondation {f} :: impregnation
fécondation {f} :: insemination
fécondation {f} :: pollinisation
fécondement {adv} :: fecundly, fruitfully, prolifically
féconder {v} :: to fecundate
fécondité {f} :: fertility (state of being fertile)
fécondité {f} :: fecundity
fécondité {f} [of plants] :: ability to bear fruits
fécondité {f} :: productivity
fécondité {f} :: fruitfulness
fécule {f} :: starch from potatoes, manioc etc
féculent {adj} :: starchy
féculent {m} :: any starchy food
féculeux {adj} :: starchy
fédéral {adj} :: federal
fédéralisation {f} :: federalization
fédéraliser {vt} :: to federalize
fédéralisme {m} :: federalism
fédéraliste {mf} :: federalist
fédéraliste {adj} :: federalist
fédérateur {adj} :: federative, unifying
fédérateur {m} :: unifier
fédératif {adj} :: federative
fédération {f} :: federation
fédérer {v} :: to federate
fédité {f} :: fedity
fée {f} :: fairy, fay
feedback {m} :: feedback (generic)
feeling {m} :: instinct, hunch
féerie {f} :: what fairies do
féerie {f} :: any fictional universe involving magical creatures such as fairies, ogres and dragons
féerie {f} :: faerie, féerie
féerie {f} :: extravaganza
féerie {f} [figuratively] :: something impressive and/or enchanting
féerique {adj} :: relating to fairies
féerique {adj} :: relating to fairytales
féérique {adj} :: alternative form of féerique
féeriquement {adv} :: fairily
féériquement {adv} :: alternative form of féeriquement
feignant {adj} :: lazy, idle
feignant {m} :: idler, loafer
feijoada {f} :: feijoada
feindre {v} :: to fake; to feign
feinter {v} [sports] :: to feint
feintise {f} [archaic] :: disguise
feintise {f} [archaic] :: trickery; deceit
Fekir {prop} :: surname
fêlé {adj} :: cracked
fêler {vt} :: to crack
fêler {vp} :: to crack
félibre {m} :: félibre
Félicien {prop} :: given name
félicitation {f} :: congratulation
félicitations {interj} :: felicitations, congratulations, well done
félicité {f} :: bliss
félicité {f} :: happiness
félicité {f} :: felicity
Félicité {prop} {f} :: given name, equivalent to the English Felicity
féliciter {v} :: to congratulate
félidé {m} [usually, in the plural] :: A felid: a member of the Felidae sub-family
félin {adj} :: feline
félin {adj} :: catlike
félin {m} :: A cat, or a member of the cat family (family Felidae)
Félix {prop} :: given name
fellaga {m} :: A supporter of liberation from French rule in colonial Tunisia and Algeria
fellagha {m} :: fellagha
fellateur {m} :: fellator
fellation {f} :: fellatio
fellatrice {f} :: fellatrix
félon {adj} :: treacherous, perfidious
félon {m} :: traitor
félonie {f} :: treachery, treason
felouque {f} :: felucca
fêlure {f} :: crack
femelle {adj} :: female
femelle {f} :: female (of a species)
femelle {f} [Louisiana French, Cajun French] :: woman, girl
femelle {f} [Louisiana French, Cajun French] :: wife
féminicide {f} :: femicide
féminilité {f} [archaic] :: feminility
féminin {m} [linguistics] :: feminine
féminin {adj} :: female
féminin {adj} :: feminine
fémininement {adv} :: femininely
féminisation {f} :: feminisation
féminiser {v} :: to feminize (make (more) feminine)
féminisme {m} :: feminism (all meanings)
féministe {adj} :: feminist
féministe {mf} :: feminist
féminité {f} :: femininity
féminitude {f} :: womynhood (feminist definition of feminity)
féminologie {f} :: feminology
féminologique {adj} [very, rare] :: feminological
femme {f} :: woman
femme {f} :: wife
femme au foyer {f} :: housewife (female head of household)
femme d'affaires {f} :: businesswoman
femme de chambre {f} :: chambermaid
femme de charge {f} [dated] :: housekeeper
femme de Dieu {f} :: a godly woman
femme de lettres {f} :: woman of letters, a literary woman
femme de ménage {f} :: cleaning woman
femme de réconfort {f} :: comfort woman
femme du monde {f} :: woman of the world
femme fatale {f} :: femme fatale
femme fontaine {f} :: a woman who visibly ejaculates on orgasm
femme galante {f} [dated] :: courtesan
femmelette {f} :: wimp
femmelette {f} :: sissy
femme politique {f} :: a (female) politician
fémoral {adj} :: femoral (of, pertaining to, or near the femur or thigh)
femto- {prefix} :: femto-
femtokatal {m} :: femtokatal
femtométrique {adj} :: femtometric
fémur {m} :: femur
fenaison {f} :: haymaking
fenasse {f} :: sainfoin
fenasse {f} :: Arrhenatherum elatius
fendard {adj} [France, slang] :: funny, comical
fendeur {m} :: splitter, chopper (person)
fendeuse {f} :: feminine singular of fendeur
fendillé {adj} :: cracked, crazed (surface)
fendiller {vt} :: to crack, craze
fendoir {m} :: cleaver (a squarish knife used for hacking)
fendre {v} :: to split, to chop (wood), to crack
fendre {v} :: to shoulder (one's way through a crowd)
fendre {v} [figurative] :: to break (someone's heart)
fendre {vr} [se fendre, of heart] :: to break
fendre {vr} [se fendre] :: to crack, to split
fendre {vr} [se fendre, ~ de] :: to manage, to come up with
fendre {vr} [se fendre, fencing] :: to lunge
fendre son biscuit {phrase} [Louisiana French, Cajun French, St.Martin Parish] :: to beat
fendre son garganna {phrase} [Louisiana French, Cajun French, St.Martin Parish] :: to beat someone, to win
fenestre {f} :: obsolete spelling of fenêtre
fenêtre {f} :: window
fenil {m} :: hay loft
fennique {adj} :: Finnic
fenouil {m} :: fennel
fente {f} :: cleft, fissure, crack (in rock)
fente {f} :: split, crack (in wood)
fente {f} :: slit, slot
fente {f} :: slit (in skirt), vent (in jacket etc.)
fente {f} [anatomy] :: fissure
fente {f} [fencing] :: lunge
fente {f} [vulgar, slang] :: crack, slit (vagina)
fenugrec {m} :: fenugreek (the plant)
fenugrec {m} :: fenugreek (the herb)
féodal {adj} :: feudal
féodalement {adv} :: feudally
féodalisme {m} [history, economics, politics] :: feudalism
féodalité {f} :: feudalism, feudality
fer {m} :: iron
fer {m} :: shoe (for horse); steel tip
fer {m} [golf] :: iron
fer {m} :: iron (appliance)
fer {m} [in the plural, archaic] :: irons, fetters
fer à cheval {m} :: horseshoe
fer à friser {m} :: curling iron
féral {adj} :: feral; wild
féralies {fp} :: Feralia
fer à repasser {m} :: smoothing iron
fer à souder {m} :: soldering iron (tool)
ferbérite {f} [mineral] :: ferberite
fer-blanc {m} :: tin, tinplate
ferblanterie {f} :: tinplate (objects, manufacture)
ferblantier {m} :: tinsmith
ferblantière {f} :: feminine noun of ferblantier
fer de lance {m} [literally] :: spearhead, arrowhead
fer de lance {m} [figuratively] :: spearhead
fer de lance {m} :: fer-de-lance (snake)
-fère {suffix} :: -ferous, -iferous
férié {adj} [obsolete] :: holiday (attributive)
férier {v} [obsolete] :: to celebrate
féringien {adj} :: Faroese
férir {v} [obsolete] :: to hit, to strike
ferler {v} [nautical] :: to furl, to roll up (a sail)
fermage {m} :: The rent in a contract passed between a landlord and a farmer (affermage). Its amount is set in advance, independent of the results of exploitation
ferme {adj} :: firm
ferme {f} [carpentry] :: roof truss
ferme {f} :: farm
fermé {adj} :: closed
fermement {adv} :: firmly, strongly, tightly
fermement {adv} :: hard
fermentaire {adj} :: fermentation (attributive)
fermentation {f} :: fermentation
fermentation homolactique {f} :: homolactic fermentation
fermenté {adj} :: fermented
fermenter {v} :: to ferment
fermentescible {adj} :: fermentable
ferme piscicole {f} :: fish farm
fermer {v} :: to shut
fermer {v} :: to close
fermer à clé {v} :: alternative spelling of fermer à clef
fermer à clef {vt} :: to lock
fermer boutique {v} :: to close up shop, to shut up shop, to close down
fermer les yeux {v} [idiomatic] :: to turn a blind eye
fermer les yeux {v} [idiomatic] :: to pass away, to die
fermer les yeux {v} [literally] :: to shut one's eyes
fermer sa gueule {v} [vulgar, offensive] :: to shut one's mouth; to shut up (refrain from speech)
ferme ta gueule {interj} [vulgar, offensive] :: shut up; shut the fuck up; shut your mouth!
fermeté {f} :: firmness
fermette {f} :: farmhouse
fermette {f} :: small farm
fermeture {f} :: closing
fermeture {f} :: fastener
fermeture éclair {f} :: zip fastener
fermier {adj} :: farmer (attributive)
fermier {m} :: farmer
fermière {f} :: (female) farmer
fermière {f} :: farmer's wife
fermion {m} [physics] :: fermion
fermionique {adj} [physics] :: fermionic
fermium {m} :: fermium
fermoir {m} :: clasp (or similar small metal fastening)
Fernand {prop} :: given name, cognate to Ferdinand
Fernande {prop} :: given name, feminine form of Fernand
féroce {adj} :: ferocious
féroce {adj} :: wild
férocement {adv} :: ferociously
férocement {adv} :: wildly
férocité {f} :: ferocity
férocité {f} :: rabidness
féroïen {m} :: Faroese, the Faroese language
féroïen {adj} :: Faroese, pertaining to the Faroese language, the Faroe Islands and its inhabitants
Féroïen {m} :: A Faroese person
Féroïenne {f} :: feminine noun of Féroïen
féron {m} :: ironworker
ferrage {m} :: shoeing (of a horse)
ferraillage {m} :: The network of rebars used within reinforced concrete
ferraille {f} :: old iron, scrap
ferraille {f} [colloquial] :: loose change, shrapnel
ferrailler {vt} :: to cross swords with
ferrailler {vt} :: to scrap or recycle
ferrailleur {m} :: swordsman
ferrailleur {m} :: scrap dealer or merchant
ferrane {m} [Morocco] :: A public oven where locals can cheaply bake their own bread
Ferrare {prop} {m} :: Ferrara (city and province in Italy)
ferré {adj} :: Strong, powerful
ferrédoxine {f} [protein] :: ferredoxin
ferrer {v} :: to clad in iron (transitive), to be clad in iron (intransitive)
ferrer {v} :: to shoe (a horse)
ferrer {v} :: to clad in some metal, not necessarily iron
ferrer {v} :: to hook (a fish)
ferret {m} :: (metal) tag; aglet, aiguillette
ferreux {adj} :: ferrous (all senses)
ferricyanure {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: ferricyanide
ferrier {m} [historical] :: a farrier
ferrier {m} [historical] :: a blacksmith
ferrier {m} [historical] :: a small mound, heap, or hill composed of the remnants or by-products (slag/dross/scoria) of an ancient iron forge or bloomery, especially from the late Iron age and Gallo-Roman era in France
ferrière {f} :: feminine noun of ferrier
ferrifère {adj} :: ferriferous
ferrimagnétique {adj} [physics] :: ferrimagnetic
ferrimagnétisme {m} [physics] :: ferrimagnetism
ferriprive {adj} [pathology] :: Suffering from a deficiency of iron
ferrique {adj} [chemistry] :: ferric
ferro- {prefix} :: ferro-
ferro- {prefix} :: Relating to railways
ferrocène {m} [chemistry] :: ferrocene
ferrocérium {m} :: ferrocerium
ferrocyane {m} :: synonym of cyanoferre
ferrocyanique {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: ferrocyanic
ferrocyanure {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: ferrocyanide
ferroélasticité {f} [physics] :: ferroelasticity
ferroélectricité {f} [physics] :: ferroelectricity
ferroélectrique {adj} [physics] :: ferroelectric
ferrofluide {m} [physics] :: ferrofluid
ferroique {adj} [physics] :: ferroic
ferromagnésien {adj} :: ferromagnesian
ferromagnétique {adj} [physics] :: ferromagnetic
ferromagnétisme {m} [physics] :: ferromagnetism
ferron {m} :: wrought iron
ferronnerie {f} :: ironwork (the art of the blacksmith)
ferronnerie {f} :: ironworks (iron factory)
ferronnier {m} :: blacksmith (worker in wrought iron)
ferronnière {f} :: feminine noun of ferronnier
ferrosilicium {m} :: ferrosilicon
ferrotoroïdicité {f} [physics] :: ferrotoroidicity
ferrotype {m} :: ferrotype
ferroutage {m} :: piggyback transportation (of a lorry on a train)
ferrouter {v} :: To piggyback (transport a lorry on a train)
ferroviaire {adj} :: Rail; pertaining to railroad transportation
ferrugineux {adj} :: ferruginous
ferrure {f} :: iron fitting (often ornamental)
ferry {m} :: ferry
fertile {adj} :: fertile
fertilement {adv} :: fertilely
fertilisant {adj} :: fertilizing
fertilisation {f} :: fertilization
fertiliser {v} :: to fertilize
fertilité {f} :: fertility
féru {adj} :: addicted, bitten (figurative sense), passionate about
féru {m} :: fan, addict
férule {f} :: fennel, giant fennel (genus Ferula)
férule {f} :: ferule (device for hitting schoolchildren)
férule {f} :: the crook of a bishop, abbot, or pope
férulique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: ferulic
fervemment {adv} :: fervently; with fervor
fervent {adj} :: fervent
ferveur {f} :: ardour, zeal, fervor
Fès {prop} {f} :: Fez (Moroccan town)
fesse {f} :: buttock
fessé {m} :: Male spankee
Fessebouc {prop} [humorous, pejorative] :: Facebook
fessecul {m} :: saltbush Atriplex halimus
fessée {f} :: Female spankee
fessée {f} :: Spanking
fesser {v} :: to spank
fesser {v} [Quebec, slang] :: to whack
fessier {adj} :: Pertaining or belonging to the buttocks
fessier {adj} [anatomy] :: Specifically, of the buttocks' muscles
fessier {m} :: The butt as a whole
fessier {m} :: One of several muscles in the buttocks
fessu {adj} :: having fat buttocks
festif {adj} :: festive
festin {m} :: banquet, feast (a large celebratory meal)
festiner {v} :: to feast
festival {m} :: festival
festivalier {adj} :: festival (attributive)
festivalier {m} :: festivalgoer
festivement {adv} :: festively
festivité {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: festivity, merrymaking
feston {m} :: festoon
festonner {v} :: to festoon
festoyer {vt} :: to feast, banquet
festoyeur {m} :: reveler
festoyeuse {f} :: feminine singular of festoyeur
fétal {adj} :: alternative form of fœtal
fêtard {m} :: party animal
fêtard {m} :: partygoer
fêtarde {f} :: feminine singular of fêtard
fête {f} :: holiday
fête {f} :: party
fête {f} [Christianity] :: name day
fête {f} [Canada] :: birthday
fête champêtre {f} :: A garden party (pastoral festival) that was a popular form of entertainment in the 18th century, particularly popular at the French court, at Versailles. In theory it is a simple pastoral festival but in practice it was often contrived and elaborate with orchestras and fancy dress
fête des Mères {f} :: Mother's Day
fête des Pères {f} :: Father's Day
fête foraine {f} :: travelling funfair
fêter {vt} :: to celebrate [an event]
fêter {vt} :: to celebrate [somebody]
fétiche {m} [religion] :: fetish, idol
fétiche {m} [figuratively] :: amulet
fétiche {m} [sexuality] :: fetish
fétiche {adj} [religion] :: animist
fétiche {adj} :: bringing good luck
fétiche {adj} [sexuality] :: fetish, used as a sexual fetish
féticher {v} [Africa] :: to enchant by magic; to cast a spell
féticher {v} [religion] :: to practice fetishism
fétichisation {f} :: fetishization
fétichiser {v} :: to fetishize
fétichisme {m} [religion] :: fetishism
fétichisme {m} [figuratively] :: adoration of a false god
fétichisme {m} [sexuality] :: fetishism; fetish
fétichiste {adj} :: fetishistic
fétichiste {mf} :: fetishist
fétide {adj} :: fetid, foetid, foul
fétidité {f} :: fetidness
fétidité {f} :: stench
fétu {m} [countable] :: straw (dried stalk of a cereal plant)
fétu {m} [figurative] :: straw (something proverbially worthless)
fétuine {f} [protein] :: fetuin
fétuque {f} :: fescue
feu {m} :: fire
feu {m} :: (cigarette) lighter
feu {m} :: traffic light
feu {adj} :: deceased
feu d'artifice {m} :: firework
feudataire {adj} :: feudatory
feudataire {mf} :: feudatory, vassal
feu de camp {m} :: campfire (fire at a campground)
feu de joie {m} :: bonfire
feu de paille {m} [figuratively] :: a flash in the pan
feu follet {m} :: will-o'-the-wisp
feu grégeois {m} :: Greek fire
feuh {m} [verlan, backslang, slang] :: apocopic form of feuheu, egg
feuillage {m} :: foliage
feuillaison {f} :: foliation (annual formation of leaves)
feuillant {adj} :: Feuillant
feuillant {m} :: Feuillant
feuillard {m} :: band (of iron)
feuille {f} :: leaf (of a plant or tree)
feuille {f} :: sheet (of paper, etc)
feuille {f} [colloquial] :: ear
feuille d'acanthe {f} [arts and architecture] :: An acanthus decorative pattern
feuille de pompe {f} :: cheat sheet
feuille de rose {f} [euphemistic] :: anilingus
feuille de route {f} :: road map; action plan
feuillée {f} [obsolete] :: foliage
feuillée {f} [in plural, military slang] :: latrines, lats
feuille-morte {adj} :: of the colour of dying leaves: russet, feuillemorte
feuillet {m} :: page, leaf (of book etc.)
feuillet {m} :: layer (of wood)
feuillet {m} :: omasum, manyplies (of ruminants)
Feuillet {prop} :: surname
feuilletage {m} :: flakiness (of pastry etc)
feuilleté {adj} :: laminated
feuilleté {adj} :: layered
feuilleté {m} :: A layered cake
feuilleter {v} :: to leaf through (to turn the pages of (a book) rapidly reading short sections at random)
feuilleton {m} :: soap opera (TV)
feuilletonesque {adj} :: serialized (especially as a soap opera)
feuillette {f} :: half-barrel (of wine)
feuillu {adj} :: leafy, leafed
feuillu {m} :: broad-leaved tree
feuj {adj} [slang, sometimes, pejorative] :: Jewish
feulement {m} :: growl
feuler {v} [especially of a tiger or other big cats] :: to growl
feurre {m} [obsolete] :: hay, straw (especially as used to cushion chairs, cover rural housing etc.)
Feurs {prop} :: A small town in the Loire department of Rhône-Alpes
feutrage {m} :: felting (all senses)
feutre {m} :: felt
feutre {m} :: felt hat; trilby (UK), fedora (US)
feutre {m} :: felt-tip (pen)
feutré {adj} :: having a texture like felt; felt-like
feutré {adj} [figuratively] :: muted, muffled
feutrer {vt} :: to felt
feutrer {vt} :: to muffle
feutrine {f} :: lightweight felt
feu vert {m} :: green light (green traffic light)
feu vert {m} [figuratively] :: green light, go-ahead
feux croisés {mp} [military] :: crossfire
fève {f} :: bean, generally
fève {f} :: strictly, the broad bean Vicia faba
fève {f} :: non-legume beans, as in coffee beans
fève {f} :: the trinket in a king cake (galette des rois) – originally an actual broad bean, today often a plastic, metal or porcelain figurine
fèverole {f} :: broad bean; horse bean
févier {m} :: honey locust (tree of the genus Gleditsia)
février {m} :: February
fez {m} :: fez
FFF {initialism} [soccer] :: Fédération Française de Football, the governing body of football (soccer) in France
fi {interj} [archaic] :: faugh, fie
FIA {initialism} :: FIA - initialism of Fédération internationale de l'automobile
fiabilisation {f} :: reliability
fiabiliser {v} :: To make more reliable
fiabilité {f} :: reliability
fiable {adj} :: reliable, dependable
fiablité {f} :: reliability
fiançaille {f} [obsolete in the singular] :: betrothal
fiançaille {f} [in the plural] :: engagement (before a marriage)
fiançailles {fp} :: engagement (before a marriage); betrothal
fiance {f} [obsolete] :: faith; confidence
fiancé {adj} :: engaged
fiancé {m} :: fiancé
fiancée {f} :: feminine noun of fiancé; a fiancée
fiancée {f} :: a large yellow underwing
fiancer {v} :: to get engaged (to be married)
fiasco {m} :: fiasco (situation)
fiasco {m} :: fiasco (bottle)
fibrage {m} :: optical fibre installation
fibranne {f} :: A rayon fabric
fibre {f} :: fibre
fibré {adj} :: fibrous
fibreux {adj} :: fibrous
fibrillaire {adj} :: fibrillary
fibrille {f} :: fibril
fibrinogène {m} [protein] :: fibrinogen
fibroblaste {m} :: fibroblast
fibrociment {m} :: fibre cement, fibrocement (containing asbestos etc.)
fibroïne {f} [protein] :: fibroin
fibrome {m} [pathology] :: fibroma
fibromyalgie {f} [pathology] :: fibromyalgia
fibroprotéine {f} [protein] :: fibrous protein
fibroscope {m} :: fibrescope / fiberscope
fibroscopie {f} :: fibroscopy / fiberoscopy
fibule {f} :: fibula (brooch)
ficaire {m} :: lesser celandine (Ficaria verna, formerly Ranunculus ficaria)
ficelage {m} :: tying (up)
ficeler {v} :: to tie up, to truss
ficelle {f} :: twine
ficelles du métier {fp} :: the tricks of the trade
fichage {m} [computing] :: filing
fichage {m} [by extension] :: surveillance
fiche {f} :: card (in a file)
fiche {f} :: plug
fiché {adj} [heraldry] :: fitché (said of a cross)
ficher {vt} :: to plug in; to drive something in by its point, as with a nail or a stake
ficher {v} :: to file, record, track (e.g. by police)
ficher {vr} [s'en ficher, euphemistic] :: to not care
ficher {v} [infinitive "fiche", colloquial, past participle "fichu", euphemism] :: to do
ficher {vr} [colloquial, followed with "de", se ficher de/se fiche de (quelqu'un)] :: to make fun of someone
ficher le camp {v} [idiomatic, slang] :: to get the hell out; to get out of here; to bugger off; to scarper
fiche S {f} :: An indicator used by French law enforcement to flag an individual considered to be a serious threat to national security, and justifying surveillance but not arrest
fichier {m} :: File (collection of papers)
fichier {m} [computing] :: File
fichtre {interj} [dated] :: gosh!
fichtre {adv} [dated] :: adds emphasis to what the speaker is saying
fichtrement {adv} :: very, terribly, awfully, darned, damn
fichu {m} [historical] :: fichu
fichu {m} :: scarf, headscarf
fichu {adj} [colloquial] :: lousy, rotten, hell of a
fichu {adj} [colloquial] :: done for
fichu {adj} [colloquial] :: put together, rigged out, got up
ficoïde {f} :: fig marigold, ice plant (of family Aizoaceae or Ficoidaceae)
fictif {adj} :: fictional
fiction {f} :: fiction
fictionaliser {v} :: to fictionalize
fictionnel {adj} :: fictional
fictionnellement {adv} :: fictionally
fictivement {adv} :: fictitiously
fidéicommis {m} [historical] :: fideicommissum
fidéicommis {m} [legal] :: trust, living trust; trusteeship
fidéisme {m} :: fideism
fidéiste {adj} :: fideistic
fidéiste {mf} :: fideist
fidèle {adj} :: loyal
fidèle {adj} :: faithful
fidèle {m} :: a believer
fidèlement {adv} :: faithfully
fidélisation {f} :: gaining the loyalty of a customer or client
fidéliser {vt} :: to loyalize, to keep loyal
fidélité {f} :: faithfulness, fidelity
FIDIC {prop} {f} :: acronym of Fédération Internationale Des Ingénieurs-Conseils
Fidji {prop} {fp} :: Fiji
fidjien {adj} :: Fijian (of or pertaining to Fiji or its people or culture)
fidjien {m} :: Fijian, the Fijian language
Fidjien {m} :: a Fijian
Fidjienne {f} :: feminine noun of Fidjien
fiduciaire {mf} :: trustee, fiduciary
fiduciaire {adj} :: fiduciary
fiduciairement {adv} :: fiduciarily
fiducie {f} :: escrow, trust
fief {m} :: fief
fieffé {adj} :: arrant, out-and-out, blatant
fiel {m} :: bile
fielleusement {adv} :: venomously
fielleusement {adv} :: spitefully
fielleux {adj} :: venomous, spiteful, scurrilous
fiente {f} :: droppings
-fier {suffix} :: alternative form of -ifier
fier {adj} :: proud
fier {vr} [se fier à quelqu'un] :: to trust someone (à), to rely on someone (à)
fier-à-bras {m} [pejorative] :: braggart
fier comme un paon {adj} [simile] :: proud as a peacock
fièrement {adv} :: proudly
fiérot {adj} :: cocky (pleased with oneself)
fierté {f} :: pride (emotion), self-esteem
fieu {m} [Picardy, colloquial] :: son (male child)
fièvre {f} :: fever
fièvre aphteuse {f} :: foot-and-mouth disease
fièvre de cheval {f} :: a strong, raging fever
fièvre de lait {f} :: milk fever
fièvre jaune {f} :: yellow fever
fiévreusement {adv} [figuratively] :: feverishly; zealously
fiévreux {adj} :: feverish, running a high body-temperature
fiévreux {adj} :: causing fever
fiévreux {adj} [figuratively] :: hot-tempered, agitated
fiévreux {m} :: A fever-sufferer, notably a feverish patient
fiévreux {m} [figuratively] :: A hothead, feverishly agitated person
fif {m} [Quebec, slang, derogatory] :: an effeminate male homosexual; poof; faggot
Fifi Brindacier {prop} {f} :: Pippi Longstocking (fictional character invented by Astrid Lindgren)
fifille {f} :: little girl
fifre {m} :: fife
fig. {adj} :: abbreviation of figuré; figurative
figaro {m} :: barber
figé {adj} :: frozen
figé {adj} :: (of an expression) fixed
figé {adj} [by extension] :: lifeless; motionless
figeage {m} :: freezing
figement {m} :: freezing (action or result of freezing)
figer {v} :: to freeze
figer {v} [figuratively] :: to scare, to frighten
fignolage {m} :: tweaking, fine tuning
fignoler {vt} :: to tweak, put the finishing touches to
figue {f} :: fig (fruit)
figuier {m} :: fig tree
figurant {m} [cinema] :: extra
figurant {m} [theater] :: bit player
figuratif {adj} :: figurative
figurativement {adv} :: figuratively
figure {f} :: face
figure {f} :: figure
figuré {adj} :: figurative
figure d'autorité {f} :: authority figure
figure de proue {f} [literally and figuratively] :: figurehead
figure de style {f} :: figure of speech (word or phrase)
figurément {adv} :: figuratively
figurer {v} :: to appear (in a list, etc.), to be included; to represent
figurer {vr} :: to imagine, picture
figurine {f} :: figurine
figurine {f} :: (games) miniature
fil {m} :: yarn, thread, wire
fil {m} :: grain (of wood etc.)
fil {m} :: edge (of blade, razor etc.)
FIL {prop} :: FIL (Federation of International Lacrosse); synonym of FCI; initialism of Fédération Internationale de Lacrosse
filage {m} :: spinning (of thread)
filage {m} :: run-through (rehearsal)
filaggrine {f} [protein] :: filaggrin
filaire {adj} :: wired, corded (connected by wire/cord)
filamenteux {adj} :: Filamentous; having filaments
filandreux {adj} :: stringy (resembling strings)
filandreux {adj} [of prose] :: rambling
filant {adj} :: spinning (as a thread)
fil à plomb {m} :: plumb line
filasse {f} :: tow, oakum, hards
filasse {f} [by metonymy] :: its distinctive bleak color
filasse {f} :: something of that color, especially blond hair
filasse {f} [by extension] :: a yellowish-blond haired person; a towhead
filateur {m} :: spinner (machine, person)
filatrice {f} :: feminine singular of filateur
filature {f} :: filature
filature {f} :: spinning factory
filature {f} :: watch, surveillance
fil conducteur {m} :: fairlead
fil conducteur {m} :: power cable
fil conducteur {m} [figuratively] :: connecting thread, common thread, central theme
fil d'Ariane {m} [computing] :: breadcrumbs
fil d'Ariane {m} [diving] :: a distance line, penetration line, cave line, guide line
fil d'Ariane {m} [figuratively] :: a beacon, a breadcrumb trail
fil de fer {f} :: wire
fil de fer {f} :: wirewalking
fil de fer {f} :: larva of the click beetle
fil de fer {f} [computing] :: wireframe
fil de fer barbelé {m} :: barbed wire
fil-de-fériste {mf} :: tightrope walker (high wire artist)
fildefériste {mf} :: alternative form of fil-de-fériste
fil dentaire {m} :: dental floss (floss used to clean the areas between the teeth)
file {f} :: A line of objects placed one after the other
file {f} [Belgium] :: traffic jam
filé {m} :: simple or twisted textile thread, as used for needlework
filé {m} :: fine, equivalent precious metal thread, used in luxury production
file d'attente {f} :: queue
file indienne {f} :: single file, Indian file
filer {vt} :: to spin (a web)
filer {vt} :: to thread through (a crowd)
filer {vi} :: to spin a thread (of syrup, or syrup-like substances)
filer {vi} [colloquial] :: to leave, to get going, to scram, to slip through
filer {vt} [colloquial] :: to pass, to hand, to give
filer {vt} [nautical] :: to ease a line
filer à l'anglaise {v} [idiomatic] :: to take French leave
filer par le bout {v} :: to slip the anchor
filet {m} :: trickle, drizzle (of liquid etc.), wisp (of smoke)
filet {m} :: fillet, filet (of meat)
filet {m} [anatomy] :: frenum
filet {m} [typography] :: rule
filet {m} [architecture] :: fillet, listel
filet {m} [fishing, sports] :: net
filet {m} :: (used for carrying groceries) net
filet à cheveux {m} :: hairnet (net designed to keep hair up)
filetage {m} :: screw thread
filet à papillons {m} :: butterfly net
fileté {adj} :: threaded
filetier {m} :: spinner (maker of threads)
filet japonais {m} :: mist net
filet mignon {m} :: filet mignon
fileur {m} :: spinner (person who spins thread)
fileuse {f} :: spinner, spinster (female person who spins thread)
filial {adj} :: Characteristic of or befitting the relationship between a son or daughter and their parents
filiale {f} :: subsidiary
filialement {adv} :: filially
filialisation {f} :: subsidiarization
filialiser {v} :: To subsidiarize
filialiser {v} :: To spin off
filiation {f} :: filiation
filicique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: filicic
filière {f} :: industry
filière {f} :: creance (in falconry)
filière {f} :: die (in manufacturing)
filière {f} :: spinneret (of a spider)
filière {f} :: course of events
filière {f} :: ring (of people, for example in drug dealing)
filiforme {adj} :: filiform, threadlike
filigrane {m} :: watermark (translucent design impressed on paper)
filigrane {m} :: filigree
filigraner {v} :: filigree (to decorate something with intricate ornamentation made from gold or silver twisted wire)
filin {m} [nautical] :: rope, cord
filipino {m} :: Filipino (language)
fille {f} :: girl
fille {f} :: daughter
fille {f} [slang] :: prostitute, wench
fille de comptoir {f} :: A barmaid
fille de cuisine {f} :: kitchen maid
fille de joie {f} [euphemistic] :: lady of the night
fille de laiterie {f} :: milkmaid
fille de pute {f} :: feminine noun of fils de pute
fille de rue {f} [euphemistic, pejorative] :: a prostitute
fille des rues {f} [euphemistic, pejorative] :: a prostitute
fille de trottoir {f} [euphemistic, pejorative] :: a prostitute
fille du port {f} [euphemistic, slang] :: a prostitute who works in harbours, harbour girl
fille facile {f} [euphemistic, pejorative] :: a prostitute
fille manquée {f} [often disparaging] :: tomgirl; boy who behaves like a girl; effeminate man or boy
fille-mère {f} :: single mother, unmarried mother
fille publique {f} :: streetwalker
fille soumise {f} [euphemistic, pejorative] :: a prostitute
fillette {f} :: A little girl
fillette {f} :: A little daughter
filleul {m} :: godson
filleule {f} :: goddaughter
fille unique {f} :: Female only child
Fillon {prop} :: surname
filloniste {adj} :: Relating to, or characteristic of François Fillon
fillonniste {adj} :: Relating to, or characteristic of François Fillon
film {m} :: movie, film
film de cul {m} [colloquial, slightly vulgar] :: a porn movie, a skin flick, a blue movie, a porno
film d'exploitation {m} :: exploitation film
film d'horreur {m} :: horror movie
filmer {v} :: to film
filmique {adj} :: film / movie (attributive)
filmique {adj} :: filmic, cinematic
film muet {m} :: silent film
film noir {m} :: film noir
filmographie {f} :: filmography
filoir {m} [nautical] :: fairlead
filon {m} [geology] :: lode, seam, vein
filonien {adj} :: fibrous
filopode {m} :: filopodium
filou {m} [archaic] :: thief, pickpocket
filou {m} :: rascal, rogue
filou {m} :: trickster
filou {m} [colloquial] :: mischievous child
filouterie {f} :: knavery
filouterie {f} :: fraud
fils {m} :: son
fils {m} :: any male descendant
fils {m} :: any direct descendant, male or female
fils {m} :: Jr. (postnomial designator indicating a son with the same name as the father)
fils {m} :: darling, dear (term of affection for a male beloved)
Fils {prop} [Christianity] :: Son, person of the Holy Trinity
fils à papa {m} [colloquial, pejorative] :: rich kid, daddy's boy, spoiled brat
Fils de l'homme {prop} {m} [Christianity] :: Son of Man
fils de putain {m} [vulgar] :: alternative form of fils de pute
fils de pute {m} [vulgar, pejorative] :: son of a prostitute : whoreson, son of a whore
fils de pute {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: objectionable person : son of a bitch, motherfucker, bastard
Fils du Ciel {m} [historical] :: Son of Heaven (Emperor of China)
fils prodigue {m} :: prodigal son
fils unique {m} :: Male only child
filtrage {m} :: filtering
filtrant {adj} :: filter (attributive)
filtrat {m} :: filtrate
filtration {f} :: filtration
filtre {m} :: filter
filtré {adj} :: filtered
filtrer {vt} :: to filter
filtrer {v} :: to leak (secret information)
filtreur {adj} :: filter (attributive)
fin {f} :: end, close, finish
fin {f} :: end, end goal, objective, purpose
fin {adj} :: thin, fine
fin {adj} [Quebec] :: kind, nice
final {adj} :: final (last)
final {adj} [linguistics, grammar] :: expressing purpose
finale {f} :: a final
finalement {adv} :: finally; last; lastly
finalement {adv} :: finally; eventually; after all
finalisation {f} :: finalisation
finaliser {v} [administration] :: To finalize
finalisme {m} :: finalism
finaliste {mf} :: finalist
finalité {f} :: purpose, end result
finalité {f} [philosophy] :: idea according to which things and forms are created and change according to an end, teleology
finance {f} :: finance
financement {m} :: funding, financing
financer {v} :: to fund
financeur {adj} :: financing
financeur {m} :: financer
financeuse {f} :: feminine noun of financeur
financiarisation {f} :: financialisation
financier {adj} :: financial (of, or relating to, the world of money)
financier {m} :: financier (person)
financier {m} :: financier (type of cake)
financier {m} :: banker
financièrement {adv} :: financially
finasser {vt} :: to finesse
finasserie {f} :: trick, dodge, ruse
finastéride {f} [organic compound] :: finasteride
finaud {adj} :: wily, sly
fin comme du gros sel {adj} [simile] :: Unsubtle, subtle as a sledgehammer
fin de semaine {f} [chiefly Europe] :: the end of the working week (Thursday and Friday)
fin de semaine {f} [chiefly Canada] :: the weekend (Saturday and Sunday)
fin de semaine folle {f} :: Thanksgiving Weekend or Black Friday Weekend (the shopping period from Thanksgiving Thursday (U.S. Thanksgiving Day) through Cyber Monday (cyberlundi), including Black Friday (vendredi noir or vendredi fou), with large discounts in the prices of goods)
fine {f} [typography] :: thin space, non-breakable space
fine {f} :: a number of high grade French brandies (usually AOC certified)
fine fleur {f} [figuratively] :: crème de la crème, cream (of)
finement {adv} :: finely; delicately
finesse {f} :: fineness (of hair, writing etc.)
finesse {f} :: thinness
finesse {f} :: keenness, sharpness (of blade)
finesse {f} :: fineness, delicacy; slenderness
finesse {f} :: perceptiveness; sensitivity, finesse
fini {m} :: Aspect or texture of what has been completed
fini {adj} :: Completed or done
fini {adj} :: Which has come to an end
fini {adj} [technical, philosophical] :: Which has an end, limited, finite
fini {adj} :: Which has been carefully done
fini {adj} [pejorative] :: Whose art has been perfected; accomplished; complete
fini {adj} :: Which has been morally damaged and has lost his reputation; done for
fini {adj} :: Readily useable
finiment {adv} :: finitely
fini-parti {n} :: A work arrangement by which the employee can leave as soon as their work is done, regardless of the number of daily hours in the contract
finir {v} :: to finish, end, complete
finissage {m} :: finishing, polish
finissant {m} [Quebec] :: A student who completely or incompletely finishes a educational stage
finissant {adj} [literary] :: Which is ending
finissante {f} :: feminine noun of finissant
finissement {m} [rare] :: end
finisseur {m} :: finisher
finisseuse {f} :: feminine noun of finisseur
Finistère {prop} {m} :: Finistère
finistérien {adj} :: of, from, or relating to, Finistère, the westernmost department in Brittany
Finistérien {m} :: someone of or from Finistère
Finistérienne {f} :: feminine singular of Finistérien
finitaire {adj} [maths] :: finitary
finition {f} :: finishing (act of finishing)
finitisme {m} [maths] :: finitism
finitude {f} :: finitude, impermanence, transience
finlandais {adj} :: Finnish (from, or pertaining to Finland)
Finlandais {m} :: Finn (person from Finland)
Finlandaise {f} :: (female) Finn
Finlande {prop} {f} :: Finland
finlandisation {f} :: Finlandization (the influence of a large state on a smaller one)
fin mot {m} :: the real story, the whole story, the truth (behind something)
finnois {m} :: Finnish, the Finnish language
finnois {adj} :: Finnish (related to the Finnish language)
Finnois {m} :: Finn (person from Finland)
Finnoise {f} :: feminine noun of Finnois
finno-ougrien {n} :: Finno-Ugric
finnophone {adj} :: Finnophone
finnophone {mf} :: a Finnophone
fiole {f} :: vial, phial
fiole Erlenmeyer {f} :: Erlenmeyer flask
fion {m} [slang] :: arse, arsehole
Fiona {prop} :: given name of Goidelic origin, popular in the 1990s and the 2000s
fioriture {f} :: (especially in plural) flourish, frill, fioriture
fiote {f} :: alternative spelling of fiotte
fiotte {f} [pejorative, vulgar] :: faggot; poof
fiou {interj} :: phew, an onomatopoeic interjection used to express relief
fioul {m} :: heating oil, fuel oil
fioul {m} [Canada] :: diesel
firmament {m} :: firmament
firme {f} :: firm (company)
FIS {prop} [ski] :: abbreviation of Fédération internationale de ski; the International Ski Federation
fisc {f} [economics] :: fiscal administration
fiscal {adj} :: fiscal, financial
fiscalement {adv} [finance] :: fiscally
fiscaliser {vt} :: to tax (make taxable)
fiscaliste {mf} :: A taxation expert
fiscaliste {mf} :: An economist that believes fiscal policy is of paramount importance in economic regulation
fiscalité {f} :: the practice of managing taxes and taxation
Fischer {prop} :: surname of German origin
Fiset {prop} :: surname
fisétine {f} [organic compound] :: fisetin
fissa {adv} [slang] :: snappy (rapid and without delay)
fissible {adj} [physics] :: fissile
fissile {adj} :: fissile, fissible
fission {f} [chiefly physics] :: fission
fissionner {v} [physics] :: To fission
fission nucléaire {f} :: nuclear fission
fissipare {adj} [biology] :: fissiparous
fissiparie {f} [biology] :: fissiparity
fissure {f} :: fissure
fissurer {v} :: to fissure
fissurer {v} :: to crack
fister {v} :: to fist-fuck
fiston {m} :: boy, son, sonny, lad, young man (as a form of address)
fistule {f} [medicine] :: fistula
fitness {m} :: (physical) fitness
fivète {f} :: IVF (in vitro fertilization)
fix {m} :: fix
fixage {m} :: fixing
fixateur {m} :: fixer
fixatif {adj} :: fixative
fixation {f} :: fixation
fixation {f} [psychology, colloquial] :: fixation, obsession
fixatrice {f} :: feminine noun of fixateur
fixe {adj} :: fixed
fixe {m} :: fix
fixement {adv} :: fixedly
fixer {v} :: to fix, fasten
fixer {v} :: to fix, arrange, set (a date, price etc.)
fixer {vr} :: to settle (in a place)
fixer {vt} :: to stare at
fixisme {m} :: fixism
fixiste {adj} [biology] :: fixist
fixiste {mf} [biology] :: fixist
fixité {f} :: fixedness, fixity, immovability
fjeld {m} [geography] :: fjeld
fjord {m} :: fjord
Fl. {f} [music] :: Fl. (flute)
flaccide {adj} :: flaccid
flaccidité {f} :: flaccidity, limpness
flacon {m} :: vial, flacon
flafla {m} :: ostentation, display
flafla {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: frills
flagada {adj} :: tired, exhausted, knackered
flagellantisme {m} :: flagellantism
flagellateur {m} :: flagellator
flagellatrice {f} :: feminine singular of flagellateur
flagellé {adj} :: flagellate
flagellé {m} :: flagellate
flageller {vt} :: To beat severely, with a scourge or a whip
flageller {vr} :: To whip oneself as mortification
flageller {vt} :: To abuse verbally, give a tongue-lashing
flageolant {adj} :: trembling
flageolant {adj} :: wobbly
flageoler {vi} :: to stagger
flageolet {m} [musical instruments] :: flageolet (type of small flute)
flageolet {m} :: A type of kidney bean, common in France
flagorner {vt} [literary] :: to flatter coarsely
flagornerie {f} :: coarse flattery
flagorneur {m} :: sycophant
flagorneuse {f} :: sycophant (female)
flagramment {adv} [rare, proscribed] :: blatantly
flagrance {f} :: flagrancy
flagrant {adj} :: flagrant, blatant, glaring, obvious, evident
flair {m} :: sense of smell
flair {m} [by extension] :: intuition, sixth sense
flairer {vt} :: to smell, sniff (at)
flairer {vt} [hunting] :: to scent
flairer {vt} :: to sense
flamand {prop} {m} :: Flemish (dialect)
flamand {adj} :: Flemish
Flamand {m} :: Fleming, person from Flanders, Belgium
Flamande {f} :: feminine noun of Flamand
flamant {m} :: flamingo
flambage {m} :: buckling
flambant {adj} :: flaming (on fire)
flambant neuf {adj} :: brand new
flambard {adj} :: funloving
flambe {f} :: A kind of iris flower.
flambe {f} :: A sword with a curved blade.
flambe {f} [archaic or dialectal] :: A high, clear flame.
flambe {f} [argot] :: game
flambeau {m} :: torch
flambeau {m} :: candle
flambeau {m} :: candlestick
flambeau {m} [metonymy] :: light, flame as symbolic spirit of something
flambée {f} :: fire
flambée {f} [figuratively] :: flare-up, explosion
flamber {vt} :: to flame, flambé
flamber {vt} [figuratively] :: to squander money, especially on gambling
flamber {vi} :: to burn, blaze
flamber {v} :: to buckle
flambeur {m} :: (big-time) gambler
flambeur {m} :: Big spender
flambeuse {f} :: feminine noun of flambeur
flamboiement {m} :: blaze, flare (of heat or light)
flamboyamment {adv} :: flamingly
flamboyamment {adv} :: flamboyantly
flamboyant {adj} :: flaming
flamboyant {adj} :: flamboyant
flamboyer {vi} :: to blaze, flame
flamenco {m} :: flamenco (music, dance)
flamer {v} [Internet] :: to flame (post disruptive messages)
flamiche {f} :: leek pie (or any of several other pastries)
flamine {m} :: flamen
flamingant {adj} :: Flemish-speaking
flamingant {m} :: Flemish nationalist
flamingantisme {m} :: Flemish nationalism (in Belgium)
flaminique {f} :: female flamen
flaminique {f} :: wife of a flamen
flamme {f} :: flame
flamme {f} [figurative] :: talent, brilliance
flamme {f} [nautical] :: streamer (long, narrow flag)
flammé {adj} :: flamed
flammèche {f} :: spark (detached from burning material)
flammer {v} :: To bleed (an animal)
flammer {v} [regional] :: To flame
flammerole {f} :: will-o'-the-wisp
flamme rouge {f} [cycling] :: a red flag indicating to riders that the finish line is coming up in one kilometre
flammette {f} [nautical] :: A small streamer (long, narrow flag)
flan {m} :: baked custard tart
flan {m} :: coin die
flanc {m} :: side (of person); side, flank (of animal)
flanc {m} [military] :: flank
flanc {m} :: side, slope (of mountain etc.)
flanc {m} [heraldiccharge] :: flaunch
flancher {v} :: to drop out; pussy out; wuss out; chicken out; back down
flanchet {m} :: flank (meat from the flank)
Flandre {prop} {f} :: Flanders (subnational state in the north of federal Belgium)
flandrien {n} :: Flandrian
Flandrien {m} :: Flandrian
Flandrienne {f} :: feminine noun of Flandrien
flanelle {f} :: flannel (soft cloth material)
flâner {v} :: to wander around
flâner {v} :: to loiter, mill about
flânerie {f} :: idling about, dawdling about, loafing about
flânerie {f} :: stroll
flâneur {m} :: loafer, idler, dawdler, loiterer
flâneuse {f} :: feminine noun of flâneur
flanker {m} [rugby] :: flanker
flânocher {vi} [colloquial] :: to loiter
flanquer {v} :: to flank, adjoin
flanquer {v} [colloquial] :: to fling, chuck
flanquer {v} [colloquial] :: to give
flanquer {v} :: to stay by (someone's) side, to be someone's right hand man
flanquer une tripotée {v} :: to beat up
flanquer une tripotée {vp} :: to get into a fight, have a bust-up
flaperon {m} :: flaperon
flapi {adj} [colloquial] :: dog-tired, knackered
flaque {f} :: puddle
flaquer {v} [archaic] :: to splash
flash {m} :: flash (burst of light)
flash {m} [photography] :: flash
flash {m} :: newsflash
flash {m} [juggling] :: flash
flash-ball {m} :: flash-ball
flasher {v} :: to flash (of a light, to have intermittent periods on and off)
flasher {v} :: to flash (of a camera, to use flash photography)
flasher {v} :: to flash (of a vehicle, to be caught on camera speeding)
flasque {adj} :: flabby, not firm
flasque {f} :: flask
flasquement {adv} :: flabbily
flatter {v} :: to flatter
flatter {v} :: to pet, to caress
flatterie {f} :: flattery
flatteur {adj} :: flattering
flatteur {m} :: flatterer (one who flatters)
flatteusement {adv} :: flatteringly
flatulence {f} :: flatulence
flatulent {adj} :: flatulent
flatuosité {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: flatulence, flatus, wind
Flaubert {prop} :: surname
flavanthrène {m} :: flavanthrone
flavescine {f} :: flavescin
flavien {adj} :: Flavian
flavine {f} [organic chemistry] :: flavin
flavonoïde {m} [organic chemistry] :: flavonoid
FLE {n} [initialism] :: Français langue étrangère - the learning or teaching of the French language as a foreign language
fléau {m} :: A flail, either tool or weapon
fléau {m} :: A scourge; a curse, a calamity or a plague
fléau {m} [mechanics] :: The beam of a mechanical balance
flébile {adj} [rare, literary] :: whiny, doleful
fléchage {m} :: signposting, waymarking (arrows as signs)
flèche {f} [archery, symbol] :: arrow (projectile or symbol)
flèche {f} :: spire
flèche {f} :: jib
flèche {f} :: pointer, needle
flèche {f} [fencing] :: fleche
Flèche {prop} {f} [astronomy] :: Sagitta, a constellation
flécher {vt} :: to mark with arrows
fléchette {f} :: dart
fléchettes {f} [sports] :: darts
fléchir {vt} :: to bend, to fold
fléchir {vi} :: to bend, to bend over
fléchir {vt} [figuratively] :: to provoke pity
fléchissement {m} :: bending, sagging
fléchissement {m} :: weakening
fléchissement {m} :: fall-off
fléchisseur {m} [anatomy] :: flexor
flegmatique {adj} :: phlegmatic, stolid
flegmatiquement {adv} :: phlegmatically
flegme {m} [medicine, historical] :: phlegm
flegme {m} :: composure
fleischnacka {f} :: alternative form of fleischschnacka
fleischschnacka {f} :: An Alsatian meat-stuffed noodle dish, typically made with minced beef
flemmard {m} [colloquial] :: slacker, idler
flemmard {adj} [colloquial] :: shiftless, bone-idle
flemmarder {v} [colloquial] :: to laze about, to laze around
flemmardise {f} [colloquial] :: laziness
flemme {f} [colloquial] :: laziness
flérovium {m} :: flerovium
flet {m} :: flounder (fish)
flétan {m} :: halibut (fish of genus Hippoglossus)
flétri {adj} :: withered, wizened
flétrir {vt} :: to wither
flétrir {vr} :: to wither, wilt, shrivel
flétrir {vt} [archaic] :: to brand (as punishment)
flétrir {vt} [archaic] :: to condemn
flétrir {vt} [archaic] :: to blacken, besmirch (someone's reputation etc.)
flétrissant {adj} :: withering
flétrissant {adj} :: ignominious
flétrissement {m} :: withering, wilting, fading
flétrissure {f} :: stigmatization
flétrissure {f} :: making something unfresh
fleur {f} [botany] :: Flower; bloom; blossom; collectively, the reproductive organs and the envelope which surrounds them in angiosperms (also called "flowering plants")
fleur {f} [by metonymy] :: Flowering plant; angiosperm; the plant with flowers itself
fleur {f} [figuratively] :: A kind favor given by one person to another
fleur {f} [figuratively] :: The best of something
fleur {f} [by metaphor] :: The virginity of a woman
fleur {f} [archaic, chemistry] :: Substances with a state of purity or extreme separation, produced by sublimation
fleur bleue {adj} [pejorative] :: mushy, slushy, cheesy, corny, sappy, soppy, schmaltzy, syrupy, saccharine, maudlin, sentimental
fleur de lis {f} :: alternative form of fleur de lys
fleurdeliser {v} :: alternative form of fleurdelyser
fleur de lys {f} [heraldiccharge] :: fleur-de-lys
fleurdelysé {m} :: The flag of Quebec
fleurdelysé {adj} :: fleur-de-lysed, decorated with fleurs-de-lys
fleurdelyser {v} :: To decorate with fleurs-de-lys
fleurer {v} :: to give off (an odor)
fleurer {v} :: to waft
fleurer {v} :: to smell, catch a waft of
fleurer {v} :: to sprinkle
fleuret {m} [fencing] :: foil (weapon)
fleurette {f} :: small flower
fleurettiste {m} :: foil fencer
fleuri {adj} :: flowery
fleurie {m} :: A red wine from the Rhône department
fleurir {v} :: to flower; to produce flowers
fleurir {v} :: to bloom
fleurir {v} :: to flourish
fleurissement {m} :: flowering, blooming
fleuriste {mf} :: florist
fleuron {m} :: (crown) jewel
fleuron {m} [architecture] :: fleuron, finial
fleuron {m} [botany] :: floret
fleuron {m} [figuratively] :: jewel, emblem
fleuronné {adj} [of a manuscript, etc.] :: floreted (decorated with flowers)
fleuve {m} :: A river (one that flows into an ocean or sea. A river that flows into another river is called a rivière)
Flevoland {prop} {m} :: Flevoland
flexibilisation {f} :: flexibilization
flexibiliser {vt} :: to make supple
flexibiliser {vi} :: to become supple
flexibilité {f} :: flexibility; flexibleness
flexible {adj} :: flexible
flexiblement {adv} :: flexibly
flexion {f} [grammar] :: inflection
flexionnel {adj} [linguistics] :: inflected (allowing inflection)
flexionnel {adj} [linguistics] :: inflectional
flexueusement {adv} :: flexuously, sinuously
flexueux {adj} :: flexuous, sinuous
flibuste {f} :: buccaneering, freebooting
flibuste {f} :: buccaneers, freebooters (collectively)
flibuster {v} :: to buccaneer
flibuster {v} :: to steal; to filch
flibustier {m} :: A filibuster, a pirate
flic {m} [slang, pejorative] :: copper, pig, rozzer; (police officer)
flicage {m} :: policing
flicage {m} :: surveillance
flicaille {f} [collectively, derogatory, slang] :: cops; pigs; the fuzz (the police)
flingot {m} [dated] :: gun
flingue {m} [colloquial] :: shooter, pistol, gat (gun)
flinguer {v} [colloquial] :: to gun, to gun down
flinguer {vr} [colloquial] :: to commit suicide with a gun
flingueur {m} :: killer, assassin
flip {m} :: a type of alcoholic punch from Normandy, composed of cider and calvados
flip {m} [gymnastics] :: backflip
flip-flap {m} [gymnastics] :: flip (frontflip or backflip)
flippant {adj} [Europe, colloquial] :: Surprising
flippant {adj} [Europe, colloquial] :: Worrying; scary
flipper {m} :: pinball
flipper {v} [colloquial, slang] :: to freak out
fliquer {v} [colloquial] :: to police
fliquesse {f} [colloquial] :: policewoman
fliquette {f} [colloquial] :: female police officer
flirt {m} :: An episode of (or the act of) flirting
flirter {vi} :: to flirt
flirteur {adj} :: flirtatious, flirty
flirteur {m} :: flirt
flirteuse {f} :: feminine noun of flirteur
FLN {initialism} :: FLN (political party)
flocon {m} :: a flock (as of wool)
flocon {m} :: a snowflake, a small mass of falling snow
flocon {m} :: a flake of cereal, as of cornflakes
flocon d'avoine {m} :: flake of oat; oatmeal
floconneux {adj} :: flaky
floconneux {adj} :: fleecy, fluffy
floculation {f} [chemistry] :: flocculation
floculer {v} :: to flocculate
flonflon {m} [colloquial, especially in plural] :: blare
flopée {f} [colloquial] :: ton, shedload (large amount)
floppée {f} :: alternative form of flopée
Flora {prop} :: given name, a Latinate variant of Flore
floraison {f} :: flowering, florescence
floraison {f} :: an instance of flowering
floral {adj} :: floral
floralie {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: flower show
flore {f} [uncountable] :: flora (plants considered as a group, especially those of a particular country, region, time, etc.)
flore {f} [countable] :: flora (a book describing the plants of a country etc.)
flore {f} [uncountable] :: flora (the microorganisms that inhabit some part of the body)
Flore {prop} [Roman mythology] :: Flora
Flore {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Flora
floréal {m} [historical] :: Floréal (the eighth month of French Republican Calendar)
flore intestinale {f} :: gut flora (the microorganisms that inhabit the intestines)
Florence {prop} {f} :: Florence (province)
Florence {prop} {f} :: Florence (city)
Florence {prop} {f} :: given name, feminine form of the saint's name Florent
Florent {prop} :: given name
florentin {adj} :: Florentine; of or pertaining to Florence
florentin {m} [cooking] :: florentine (biscuit made with honey and almonds)
Florentin {m} :: Florentine; person from Florence
Florentin {prop} {m} :: given name, cognate to Florentin
Florentine {f} :: feminine noun of Florentin
florès {adj} :: only used in faire florès
Florian {prop} :: given name, equivalent to German Florian
floribond {adj} :: producing many flowers
floriculteur {m} :: flower grower
floricultrice {f} :: feminine noun of floriculteur
floriculture {f} :: floriculture
Floride {prop} :: Florida
florilège {m} :: anthology
florir {v} :: to flourish, to be prosperous
florissant {adj} :: flourishing
floristique {adj} :: floral (pertaining to the flora of a region), floristic
floristiquement {adv} :: floristically
flot {m} [in the plural, literary] :: waves
flot {m} :: stream, flood (large amount)
flot {m} :: incoming tide (of the sea); floodtide
flottabilité {f} :: buoyancy
flottage {m} :: floating (especially as a means of transporting logs)
flottaison {f} :: floating, flotation (in water)
flottaison {f} [nautical] :: buoyancy
flottant {adj} :: floating
flottant {adj} [figuratively] :: vacillating, fluctuating, indecisive, variable
flottation {f} :: floating (all senses)
flottation {f} :: flotation (industrial process)
flotte {f} :: fleet
flotte {f} [colloquial] :: water
flotte {f} [colloquial] :: rain
flottement {m} :: hesitation
flottement {m} :: flutter, fluctuation
flottement {m} :: floating
flotter {vi} :: To float
flotter {v} :: to flutter, to wave
flotter {v} [colloquial] :: to mill about
flotteur {m} :: float (any of many floating devices)
flottille {f} :: flotilla
flou {adj} :: fuzzy; blurred, blurry; unclear
flouer {vt} :: to swindle, con
flous {m} [Maghreb] :: money
flouse {m} [slang] :: dosh, dough, bread
flouze {m} [slang] :: dough (money)
fluage {m} [metallurgy] :: creep (progressive deformation)
fluctuant {adj} :: fluctuant
fluctuation {f} :: fluctuation
fluctuer {v} :: to fluctuate (to vary irregularly; to swing)
fluer {v} [medicine] :: to flow
fluer {v} [science] :: to creep
fluet {adj} :: slender, slim, skinny
fluet {adj} [of a sound, voice etc.] :: weak, thin
fluide {m} :: fluid
fluidement {adv} :: fluidly
fluidification {f} :: fluidification
fluidifier {v} :: to fluidify
fluidisé {adj} :: fluidized
fluidité {f} :: fluidity
fluoborique {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: fluoboric
fluoborure {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: fluoboride, borofluoride
fluocompact {mf} :: energy-saving light bulb
fluocompacte {adj} :: compact fluorescent (of lamps)
fluor {m} :: fluorine (chemical element)
fluoranthène {m} [organic compound] :: fluoranthene
fluorate {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: fluorate
fluoration {f} :: fluoridation
fluoré {adj} :: fluorinated, fluoridated
fluorène {m} [organic compound] :: fluorene
fluorénone {m} [organic compound] :: fluorenone
fluorescéine {f} [organic compound] :: fluorescein
fluorescence {f} [physics] :: fluorescence
fluorescentement {adv} :: fluorescently
fluorhydrate {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: hydrofluoride
fluorhydrique {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: hydrofluoric
fluorique {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: fluoric
fluorohydrure {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: fluorohydride
fluoropolymère {m} [organic chemistry] :: fluoropolymer
fluorose {f} [pathology] :: fluorosis
fluorouracile {f} :: fluorouracil
fluorure {f} [chemistry] :: fluoride
fluosilicié {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: fluosilicic
fluosilicique {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: fluosilicic
fluoxétine {m} [medicine] :: fluoxetine
flush {m} [poker] :: flush
flush {m} [anglicism] :: flush (reddening of the face)
flush {m} [anglicism, IT] :: emptying of the cache
flusher {v} [Canada, anglicism] :: to flush (a toilet)
flute {f} :: alternative spelling of flûte
flûte {f} [musical instruments] :: flute (musical instrument)
flûte {interj} :: blow!, drat! (mildly impolite interjection)
flûté {adj} :: reedy (of a voice)
flûte à bec {f} :: recorder (musical instrument)
flûte de Pan {f} :: panpipes, pan flute
flûte traversière {f} [musical instruments] :: transverse flute
flutiste {mf} :: alternative form of flûtiste
flûtiste {mf} :: flutist, flautist
fluvial {adj} :: fluvial
flux {m} :: flow (the flow of the tide)
fluxage {m} :: flux, flow
flux de travaux {m} [computing] :: workflow (a process and/or procedure in which tasks are completed)
fluxion de poitrine {f} [obsolete] :: pneumonia
flyé {adj} [Quebec, of a person] :: eccentric
flyer {m} :: flyer (leaflet)
FMI {prop} :: IMF (International Monetary Fund)
FN {prop} {m} :: Front National; a political party from either France or Belgium
FN {prop} {f} :: Fabrique Nationale; a Belgian firearms manufacturer
Fnac {prop} {f} :: Fnac, a large French retail chain selling books, music and consumer electronics
FN FAL {m} :: alternative form of FN-FAL
FN-FAL {m} :: FN-FAL; the NATO standard assault rifle
FNSEA {prop} :: Fédération Nationale des Syndicats d'Exploitants Agricoles - National Federation of Farmer's Unions
foc {m} [nautical] :: jib (sail)
focal {adj} :: focal
focalisation {f} :: focalization
focalisation {f} :: focusing
focaliser {v} :: to focus; to focalize
focusser {v} [Quebec] :: to focus
fodmap {m} :: FODMAP
fœdération {f} :: obsolete form of fédération
fœdité {f} :: rare spelling of fédité
foehn {m} [meteorology] :: foehn
foehn {m} [Switzerland, Alsace] :: hair-dryer
foehner {v} [Switzerland] :: To dry one's hair with a hairdryer
fœminin {adj} [hypercorrect] :: obsolete form of féminin
foène {f} :: alternative spelling of foëne
foëne {f} :: a fishgig; a pronged harpoon
foëne {f} [regional] :: a pitchfork for handling hay
foëner {v} :: to fish with a fishgig
foëner {v} [regionalism] :: to make hay
fœtal {adj} :: fetal
fœtoscopie {f} :: fetoscopy / foetoscopy
fœtus {m} :: fetus
foi {f} :: faith
foi {f} [heraldry] :: a depiction of a handshake
foie {m} :: liver (anatomy, food)
foie gras {m} :: foie gras (fattened liver of geese or ducks)
foin {m} :: hay
foirache {f} [regional] :: annual mercury (Mercurialis annua)
foirade {f} :: screwup
foirail {m} :: fairground
foirante {f} [regional] :: annual mercury (Mercurialis annua)
foiraude {f} [regional] :: annual mercury (Mercurialis annua)
foire {f} :: a fair, an exposition
foire {f} :: a marketplace selling artisan goods
foire {f} [vulgar] :: diarrhoea
foire {f} [figuratively, slang] :: fuckup, mess
foire aux questions {f} :: frequently asked questions (online document)
foire d'empoigne {f} [colloquial] :: a free-for-all, a rat race, a rough-and-tumble situation
foirer {vit} [colloquial] :: to screw up, mess up
foireux {adj} [slang] :: crappy
foireux {adj} [slang] :: ineffective, half-baked
foirode {f} :: synonym of foiraude
foirole {f} :: synonym of foiraude
foirolle {f} :: synonym of foiraude
fois {f} :: time, an instance of something happening; a repetition
fois {f} [arithmetic] :: times, multiplied by
foison {f} [dated] :: abundance, great deal, load
foisonnant {adj} :: abounding (in); abundant
foisonnement {m} :: abundance, proliferation
foisonner {vi} :: to abound, to be plentiful, to teem (with)
foisonner {vi} :: to breed, multiply (said of various types of animals)
folâtre {adj} :: playful, frolicsome, frisky
folâtrement {adv} :: playfully, friskily
folâtrer {vi} :: to frolic, gambol
foldingue {adj} [colloquial] :: nutty, crazy
foldoscope {m} :: foldscope
foliaire {adj} :: foliar
foliaire {adj} :: foliate
folichon {adj} [colloquial] :: slight, lightweight; mischievous
folie {f} :: madness, folly, insanity; silliness, craziness
folie {f} [architecture] :: folly
folie des grandeurs {f} :: delusions of grandeur, megalomania
folie du pourquoi {f} [psychology] :: a medical condition in which a patient has a psychopathological condition to compulsively ask questions
foliole {f} [botany] :: leaflet (component of a compound leaf)
folique {adj} :: folic
folklore {m} :: folklore
folklorique {adj} :: folk (related to folklore)
folle {f} :: madwoman
folle {f} [slang] :: queen [male homosexual]
folle de la gâchette {f} :: feminine noun of fou de la gâchette
follement {adv} [usually figuratively] :: madly; insanely
follerie {f} [Quebec] :: silliness, craziness, ridiculousness
follet {m} [archaic] :: sprite, goblin
follet {adj} :: scatterbrained
follet {adj} :: manic, irregular
follicule {m} [anatomy] :: follicle
follistatine {f} [protein] :: follistatin
follower {m} [Internet] :: follower (on Twitter and similar sites)
follower {v} [Internet] :: To follow (on Twitter and similar sites)
fomentateur {m} :: agitator
fomenter {v} :: to foment
fon {m} :: Fon (language)
foncé {adj} [of a colour] :: dark (having a dark shade)
foncedé {adj} [slang, verlan, backslang] :: very drunk, screwed up
foncedé {v} [slang, backslang, verlan] :: défoncer
fonceder {v} :: to smash in, smash up, break, break open (destroy violently)
fonceder {v} :: to rip, rip apart, tear apart
fonceder {vt} [of drugs] :: to fuck up, make high, screw up (intoxicate)
fonceder {vr} :: to get high, get pissed
fonceder {v} [vulgar] :: to fuck
foncer {vti} :: to darken
foncer {vi} :: to tear along (of person, vehicle etc.)
foncer {vi} [colloquial] :: to get a move on, go for it
foncer tête baissée {v} [figuratively] :: to rush headlong, to go headfirst
fonceur {m} [colloquial] :: go-getter
fonceuse {f} :: feminine noun of fonceur
foncier {adj} :: (of) land, property
foncier {adj} :: fundamental, basic
foncièrement {adv} :: fundamentally
foncteur {m} :: functor
foncteur {m} [object-oriented programming] :: functor
fonction {f} :: A function (what something does or is used for)
fonction {f} :: role (function or position of something or someone)
fonction {f} [mathematics] :: A function
fonction exponentielle {f} [mathematics] :: exponential function
fonction générique {f} [object-oriented] :: generic function
fonction impaire {f} [mathematics] :: odd function
fonctionnaire {mf} :: civil servant, official
fonctionnalisation {f} :: functionalization
fonctionnaliser {v} :: To functionalize
fonctionnalisme {m} :: functionalism
fonctionnaliste {adj} :: functionalist
fonctionnaliste {mf} :: functionalist
fonctionnalité {f} :: functionality
fonctionnariat {m} :: officialdom (the status of a civil servant or similar official)
fonctionnarisation {f} :: establishment as a civil servant
fonctionnariser {vt} :: to establish as a civil servant
fonctionnel {adj} :: functional (related to functions)
fonctionnel {adj} :: functional (able to be used)
fonctionnel {adj} :: Of or relating to bodily functions
fonctionnellement {adv} :: functionally
fonctionnement {m} :: working
fonctionnement {m} :: functioning
fonctionnement {m} :: operation
fonctionner {v} :: to function, to work
fonction paire {f} [mathematics] :: even function
fonction virtuelle {f} [object-oriented] :: virtual function
fond {m} :: back
fond {m} :: bottom
fond {m} :: fund; funding
fond {m} :: foundation
fond {m} [figuratively] :: basics, essence
fond {m} :: background
fond {m} [cooking] :: base
fond {m} [music] :: foundation stop on a pipe organ
fondamental {adj} :: fundamental
fondamental {m} :: fundamental (that which is fundamental)
fondamentalement {adv} :: fundamentally
fondamentalisme {m} [religion, philosophy] :: fundamentalism
fondamentaliste {adj} :: fundamentalist
fondamentaliste {mf} :: fundamentalist
fondant {adj} :: melting
fondant {adj} :: melt in the mouth
fondant {m} :: fondant (all senses)
fondateur {m} :: founder
fondation {f} [business] :: foundation
fondation {f} [construction] :: foundation
fondatrice {f} :: founder (female)
fond de court {m} [tennis] :: baseline
fond de teint {m} [cosmetics] :: foundation
fondé {adj} :: founded
fondement {m} :: foundation (all senses)
fondement {m} :: fundament (anus)
fonder {v} :: to found
fonderie {f} :: foundry
fondeur {m} :: owner of a foundry
fondeur {m} :: founder, the iron worker in charge of the blast furnace and the smelting operation in a foundry
fondeur {m} :: cross-country skier
fondouk {m} [North Africa] :: hotel, hostel; fonduk
fondre {vt} :: to melt, melt down, smelt
fondre {vi} :: to melt
fondre {vi} :: to melt away, waste away
fondre {vi} :: to dwindle; to diminish
fondre {vr} [se fondre dans] :: to blend in, blend into
fondre comme neige au soleil {v} [simile] :: to dwindle or diminish very rapidly
fondre en larmes {v} :: to burst into tears, to dissolve into tears
fondrière {f} :: pothole (hole in a road caused by weathering)
fonds {mp} :: fund, funds
fonds {mp} :: resources
fonds {m} [Switzerland] :: field
fonds commercial {m} :: goodwill (the value of a business entity not directly attributable to its tangible assets and liabilities)
fondu {m} :: fade
fondu {m} [film, video] :: fade
fondue {f} :: fondue
fongibilité {f} :: fungibility
fongible {adj} [legal] :: fungible (able to be substituted for something of equal value)
fongicide {adj} :: fungicidal
fongicide {m} :: fungicide
fongicole {adj} :: fungicolous
fongiforme {adj} :: fungiform
fongique {adj} :: fungal
fongistatique {adj} :: fungistatic
fongite {f} :: fungite
fongivore {adj} :: fungivorous
fongoïde {adj} :: fungoid, fungiform
fongus {m} [botany] :: fungus
fongus {m} [medicine] :: A kind of tumor that forms on the skin and has a microscopic appearance of a sponge or fungus
fonio {m} :: Digitaria exilis, a cereal cultivated in western Africa
fontaine {f} :: fountain
fontaine {f} [juggling] :: fountain
fontaine {f} :: cistern (domestic); tank (of a flush toilet)
fontaine {f} :: standpipe
Fontaine {prop} :: Fontaine; surname
fontaine de lave {f} [geology] :: lava fountain
fontainerie {f} :: The manufacture of fountains or of domestic plumbing
fontainier {m} :: a plumber
fontainier {m} :: A person who builds fountains
fontainière {f} :: feminine singular of fontainier
fontanelle {f} :: fontanelle
fonte {f} :: melting, smelting, thawing
fonte {f} :: cast iron
fonte {f} [typography] :: font
fonte {f} :: holster (on saddle)
Fontenay-aux-Roses {prop} :: A French commune in the southwestern suburbs of Paris
Fontenot {prop} :: surname
fonts {mp} :: church font, as that used for baptism
foodista {f} :: foodie
foot {m} [colloquial] :: association football; football, soccer
football {m} :: association football, soccer
football {m} [Canada] :: Canadian football
football {m} [Louisiana French] :: American football
football américain {m} [Europe] :: American football
football canadien {m} :: Canadian football
footballène {m} [colloquial] :: buckminsterfullerène
footballeur {m} :: footballer
footballeuse {f} :: (female) footballer
footballistique {adj} :: footballing
footeux {adj} [colloquial, attributive] :: footie; footballing (related to football (soccer))
footeux {m} [colloquial] :: footie player; footballer (soccer player)
footing {m} [France] :: Exercise walking, jogging (as a form of exercise)
for- {prefix} :: [nonproductive] prefix used to express error, exclusion, or inadequacy
for {m} [obsolete] :: only used in for intérieur
forage {m} :: drilling (act of drilling)
forain {m} :: showman (fairground entertainer)
forain {m} :: stallholder
forain {adj} :: fair, fairground (attributive)
foraminé {adj} :: foraminiferous
foraminifère {m} :: foraminifer
forban {m} [archaic] :: pirate
forban {m} :: rogue, scoundrel; an unscrupulous individual capable of any wrongdoing
forçable {adj} :: forceable; able to be forced
forçat {m} :: convict
forçat {m} :: galley slave
force {f} :: force
force {f} :: strength
force {adj} [archaic] :: Many; a lot of; a great quantity of
force de frappe {f} [countable, military] :: strike force
force de frappe {f} [uncountable] :: force de frappe
force de l'âge {f} :: acme, prime of life
force majeure {f} [law] :: force majeure
forcément {adv} :: inevitably
forcément {adv} :: (with a negative) necessarily
forcené {adj} :: crazed, frenzied, deranged
forcené {m} :: maniac
forcener {v} :: to become enraged
forcer {v} :: to force
forcer la main {v} [à] :: to twist someone's arm; force someone's hand
forces aériennes {fp} [military] :: air force, air corps or flying corps
Forces armées canadiennes {prop} [Canada, military] :: Forces canadiennes
Forces canadiennes {prop} [Canada, military] :: Canadian Forces
forces de l'ordre {fp} :: the law enforcement agencies, the law enforcement, the police, the authorities
forceur {m} :: forcer
forceur {m} :: aggressor
forceuse {f} :: feminine singular of forceur
forcir {vi} :: to become stronger, fatter
forclore {vt} [legal] :: to debar
forclusion {f} [legal] :: debarment
fordisme {m} :: Fordism
foré {adj} :: bored, drilled
forer {v} :: to bore; to drill (to make a hole)
foresterie {f} [Canada] :: forestry
forestier {adj} [attributive] :: forested
forestier {m} :: male forester
Forestier {prop} :: a French surname
forestière {f} :: feminine noun of forestier
forestièrement {adv} :: forestedly
foret {m} :: drill bit (driving part of a drill)
forêt {f} :: forest
Forêt-Noire {prop} {f} :: Black Forest (German forest and mountain range)
forêt vierge {f} :: virgin forest, primeval forest
foreur {m} :: driller
foreuse {f} :: drill (tool)
forézien {adj} :: Of or from Feurs
forfait {m} :: crime, infamy
forfait {m} [telephone] :: flat rate, fixed rate
forfait {m} [tourism] :: a package, a pass
forfait {m} [sports] :: elimination due to withdrawal
forfaitaire {adj} :: fixed-price; flat-rate; inclusive
forfaitairement {adv} :: at a flat rate; inclusively
forfaiture {f} [legal] :: abuse of authority
forfanterie {f} :: boasting, boastfulness
forficule {f} :: earwig
forge {f} :: forge (workshop)
forge {f} :: forge (furnace)
forgeage {m} :: forging (metalworking)
forger {v} :: to fashion metal with fire and a hammer, to forge
forger {v} :: to forge, falsify
forger {v} [figuratively] :: to create, to conceive, to make up
forger {v} [equestrian] :: to trot
forgeron {m} :: blacksmith
forgeronne {f} :: feminine noun of forgeron
Forgues {prop} :: surname
for intérieur {m} :: heart of hearts, innermost part of the self
forjuger {v} [obsolete] :: To strip somebody of a right, a property, by legal sentence, to dispossess
formable {adj} :: formable, shapeable
formage {m} :: forming (metalworking)
formage {m} [Louisiana French, ] :: alternative form of fromage, cheese
formaldéhyde {m} [organic compound] :: formaldehyde
formaliser {v} :: to formalize, legalize
formaliser {vp} :: to take offense
formalisme {m} :: formalism
formaliste {adj} :: formalist
formaliste {mf} :: formalist
formalité {f} :: formality (all meanings)
format {m} :: format
formatage {m} [computing] :: the act of formatting
formatage {m} [pejorative] :: the act of restraining someone in a certain fixed way/manner of thought/thinking (cf. set in one's ways)
formater {v} [computing] :: to format
formateur {adj} :: shaping
formateur {m} :: trainer, former
formation {f} :: formation, forming, development
formation {f} :: education; training
formation {f} [military] :: formation
formatrice {f} :: feminine noun of formateur
forme {f} :: shape (geometrical representation)
forme {f} :: shape (physical appearance)
forme {f} :: form
forme canonique {f} [mathematics] :: canonical form (standard or normal presentation of a mathematical entity)
forme canonique {f} [linguistics] :: dictionary form (standard or normal form of a word)
forme fruste {f} [medical] :: forme fruste, unfinished form
formel {adj} :: formal; official
formel {adj} :: adamant, positive, certain
formellement {adv} :: formally
formène {m} [obsolete, organic compound] :: methane
former {v} :: to form (generic sense)
former {v} :: to shape (to make into a certain shape)
former {v} :: to train; to educate
formidable {adj} [dated or literary] :: fearsome
formidable {adj} :: fantastic, tremendous
formidablement {adv} :: brilliantly; excellently
formidablement {adv} :: formidably
formique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: formic
formosan {adj} :: Formosan
formulable {adj} :: formulable
formulaire {m} :: form (document to be filled in)
formulation {f} :: wording
formulation {f} :: formulation
formule {f} :: formula
formule {f} [gastronomy] :: menu offer, set meal
Formule 1 {f} :: Formula One
formule magique {f} :: magic formula, magic spell
formule magique {f} [figuratively] :: magic bullet
formuler {v} :: to formulate
formuler {v} :: to express; to word, to put into words
formulette {f} :: A brief, verbal phrase, used in traditional circumstances, children's games etc
formyle {m} [organic chemistry] :: formyl
formylium {m} :: formylium
forniquer {v} :: to fornicate
forskalie {f} :: siphonophore of the genus Forskalia
forstérite {f} [mineral] :: forsterite
forsythia {m} :: forsythia
fort {adj} :: strong; powerful
fort {adj} [en] :: [colloquial] skilled, proficient, successful, sometimes translated "good" [often used in reference to academic subjects]
fort {adj} [de] :: who can count on
fort {adv} :: strongly
fort {adv} :: much, a lot
fort {adv} [when preceding an adjective] :: very [the adjective]
fort {m} :: A fort
fort comme un bœuf {adj} [simile] :: strong as an ox
Fort-de-France {prop} :: A city and the capital of Martinique
fortement {adv} :: strongly, powerfully
fortement {adv} :: highly, extremely, sorely
fortement {adv} :: seriously, greatly
forteresse {f} :: fortress
fortiche {adj} [colloquial] :: clever, smart, brainy
fortiche {mf} [colloquial] :: someone who's intelligent, a brain
Fortier {prop} :: surname
fortifiant {adj} :: fortifying, strengthening, restorative
fortification {f} :: fortification (all meanings)
fortifié {adj} :: fortified
fortifier {v} :: to fortify (make stronger)
Fortin {prop} :: surname
fortissimo {adv} [music] :: fortissimo
fortitude {f} :: fortitude
fortran {m} :: Fortran
fortuit {adj} :: fortuitous (happening by chance, by fortune)
fortuitement {adv} :: fortuitously
fortune {f} :: fortune
fortuné {adj} :: With good luck; fortunate
fortuné {adj} :: wealthy; well-off
forum {m} :: forum
forum {m} :: forum (for Internet)
fosse {f} :: pit (hole in the ground)
fossé {m} :: ditch; trench; moat
fossette {f} :: dimple
fossile {m} :: fossil
fossile vivant {m} :: living fossil
fossilifère {adj} :: fossiliferous
fossilisation {f} :: fossilization (the process of conversion into a fossil)
fossiliser {v} :: to fossilize
fossoyeur {m} :: gravedigger
fossoyeuse {f} :: feminine singular of fossoyeur
fou {adj} :: mad, crazy
fou {m} :: madman
fou {m} [court entertainer] :: jester
fou {m} [chess, ] :: bishop
fou {m} :: booby (bird)
fouace {f} :: a type of brioche or other light pastry or bun from some regions of France, such as Auvergne
fou à lier {adj} [colloquial] :: stark raving mad, crazy, barking
fouane {f} :: alternative form of foëne
foucade {f} :: caprice
foucaldien {adj} :: Foucauldian
Foucault {prop} :: surname
Foucault {prop} [physics] :: the French physicist Jean Bernard Léon Foucault
Foucault {prop} [philosophy] :: the French philosopher Michel Foucault
Foucher {prop} :: surname
fou comme un balai {adj} [Quebec, simile] :: very agitated out of excitation or anxiousness
fou de la gâchette {adj} :: trigger-happy (with firearms)
fou de la gâchette {m} :: a trigger-happy man (with firearms)
foudre {f} :: lightning
foudre {m} [heraldiccharge] :: thunderbolt
foudroyant {adj} [figurative] :: rapid
foudroyant {adj} [figurative] :: devastating
foudroyant {adj} [medicine] :: fulminant; fatal, deadly (coming on quickly and destructively)
foudroyé {adj} :: thunderstruck
foudroyé {adj} :: blasted, devastated
foudroyer {v} :: to strike (of lightning)
foudroyer {v} :: to devastate; to cause to be thunderstruck
fouëne {f} :: alternative spelling of foëne
fouet {m} :: whip (tool)
fouet {m} [cooking] :: whisk
fouet {m} [zoology] :: tip
fouettard {adj} :: whipping - but used only in the term père fouettard
fouetté {adj} :: whipped
fouette-cul {m} :: A person in charge of administering discipline by serious spankings, as once done to pupils in French Catholic schools by a priest
fouettement {m} :: lashing, whipping
fouetter {vt} :: to beat with a whip
fouetter {vti} :: to hit and sting like a whip
fouetter {vt} :: to mix food in a rapid aerating fashion
fouetter {vt} :: to stimulate or urge into action
fouetter {vi} [slang] :: to stink
fouetteur {m} :: whipper, beater (someone who beats, especially with a whip)
fouetteuse {f} :: feminine singular of fouetteur
foufou {adj} [colloquial] :: nutty, scatty, dippy
foufou {m} :: foo-foo
foufoune {f} [France] :: vulva (especially of young girls); foo-foo, front bottom
foufoune {f} [Quebec, colloquial] :: buttock
foufounette {f} :: pussy
fougasse {f} [military] :: fougasse (land-mine)
fougasse {f} [culinary] :: fougasse (lattice-shaped bread associated with Provence)
fougeraie {f} :: stand of ferns
fougère {f} :: fern
Fougère {prop} :: surname
fougue {f} :: enthusiasm, ardour
fougueusement {adv} :: ardently
fougueusement {adv} :: impetuously
fougueux {adj} :: spirited, lively
fougueux {adj} :: enthusiastic
fouille {f} :: search (act of searching through something, e.g. a bag, pocket)
fouille {f} :: rummage
fouille {f} [archaeology] :: excavation
fouille-merde {mf} :: muckraker (a scandal-mongering person who is not driven by any social principle)
fouiller {vt} :: to search (place, thing)
fouiller {vt} :: to search, frisk (person)
fouiller {vt} :: to go into, investigate (question, issue)
fouiller {vi} :: to rummage, delve (dans in)
fouiller {vr} :: to go through one's pockets
fouiller {vt} :: to dig
fouillis {m} :: mess, confusion, jumble
fouinard {m} :: nosey parker, peeping tom
fouine {f} :: beech marten
fouiner {v} [colloquial] :: to furrow, ferret, snoop around
fouineur {m} :: busybody (someone who interferes with others)
fouineur {m} [computing] :: hacker
fouineuse {f} :: feminine noun of fouineur
fouir {vt} :: to dig, grub, burrow
fouisseur {adj} :: burrowing
foulage {m} :: pressing, crushing
foulant {adj} :: crowding, pressing (by use of pressure)
foulard {m} :: headscarf
foule {f} :: crowd
foule {f} :: the thronging of a crowd
foule {f} :: a great number, multitude, mass; host
foule {f} :: the act or process of treading or milling
foule {f} :: oppression, vexation
foulé {adj} :: sprained; twisted
foulée {f} :: stride (of horse, athlete etc.)
fouler {vt} :: to stamp, impress, dent; to mill
fouler {vt} :: to walk on, trample
fouler {vt} :: to oppress, mistreat
fouler {vt} :: to injure by knocking, bumping or dinting
fouler {vr} :: to sprain
fouler {vp} [chiefly in the negative, colloquial] :: to wear oneself out, to overdo it
fouler au pied {v} :: alternative spelling of fouler aux pieds
fouler aux pieds {vt} [figuratively] :: to ride roughshod over, to trample underfoot, to trample on
fouleur {m} :: fuller (profession)
fouleuse {f} :: feminine singular of fouleur
fouloir {m} :: press (for grapes etc)
foulon {m} :: fuller (job)
Foulon {prop} :: surname
foulonné {adj} :: tanned
foulque {f} :: coot (bird)
foultitude {f} :: oodles (a large number of things)
foulure {f} :: sprain
foune {f} [vulgar] :: pussy, beaver (vagina)
Fouquet {prop} :: surname
four {m} :: oven
four {m} :: stove
four {m} :: flop
four à micro-ondes {m} :: microwave oven, microwave (oven)
fourbe {f} [literary] :: guile, deception
fourbe {mf} :: double-dealer, swindler
fourbe {adj} :: two-faced, treacherous, deceitful
fourberie {f} :: deceit, trickery, guile
fourbi {m} :: stuff, kit
fourbi {m} :: junk
fourbir {vt} :: to furbish, burnish
fourbisseur {m} :: furbisher (of weapons)
fourbisseuse {f} :: feminine singular of fourbisseur
fourbu {adj} :: worn out
fourbu {adj} :: exhausted
fourche {f} :: pitchfork
fourche {f} :: fork (in the road etc.)
fourche {f} :: crotch
fourche {f} :: split end (hair)
fourche {f} :: fork (of a bicycle)
fourcher {vi} :: to fork
fourcher {vi} :: to make a slip of the tongue
fourchette {f} :: fork (for eating)
fourchette {f} :: wishbone
fourchette {f} [statistics] :: margin
fourchette {f} [chess] :: fork
fourchette {f} :: band, bracket (as of taxes)
fourchette {f} :: frog (part of a horse's hoof)
fourchette à découper {f} :: carving fork
fourchette à fondue {f} :: fondue fork
fourchette à gâteau {f} :: pastry fork
fourchette à poisson {f} :: fish fork
fourchette à salade {f} :: salad fork
fourchette sternale {f} :: suprasternal notch
fourchette vulvaire {f} [anatomy] :: fourchette
fourchu {adj} :: cloven, cleft
fourchu {adj} :: forked
fourchu {adj} :: split (ends of hair)
Fourès {prop} :: surname
fourgon {m} :: poker, fire poker
fourgon {m} [archaic] :: coach, wagon
fourgon {m} [archaic, military] :: truck
fourgon {m} :: van
fourgon {m} :: minivan
fourgon {m} [rail] :: goods wagon, freight car
fourgonnette {f} :: van
fourgonnette {f} :: minivan
fourguer {v} :: to sell off; to flog
fourguer {v} :: to get rid of (something)
Fourier {prop} :: surname
Fourier {prop} :: French mathematician Joseph Fourier
fouriérisme {m} :: Fourierism
fouriériste {adj} :: Fourierist
fourme {f} :: a type of blue cheese made from cow's milk
fourmi {f} :: ant
fourmi {f} [plurale tantum] :: pins and needles
four micro-onde {m} :: microwave oven
fourmilier {m} :: anteater
fourmilier {m} :: any of a number of different species of ant-eating birds
fourmilière {f} :: anthill
fourmilier géant {m} :: giant anteater
fourmilier nain {m} :: silky anteater, pygmy anteater
fourmillement {m} :: swarming
fourmillement {m} :: pins and needles
fourmiller {v} :: to swarm, to be full of
fourmiller {v} :: to tingle
fourmis {fp} :: pins and needles
fournaise {f} :: furnace, oven
fournaise {f} :: blaze, conflagration
fourneau {m} :: stove (cooker)
fourneau {m} :: stove (heater)
fourneau {m} :: chamber (of a tobacco pipe)
fourneau {m} [slang, archaic] :: beggar, hobo
Fourneau {prop} :: surname
Fourneaux {prop} :: surname
fournée {f} :: the capacity of an oven
fournée {f} [by extension, baking] :: batch
fourni {adj} :: abundant, luxuriant
Fournier {prop} :: surname
fournil {m} :: bakehouse
fourniment {m} :: equipment, kit, furniment
fournir {v} :: to supply, to provide
fournir {v} :: to put in
fournir {v} [card games] :: to follow suit
fournir {v} [slang] :: To poke, to shaft, to hump; to have sex
fournisseur {m} :: provider, supplier
fournisseuse {f} :: feminine noun of fournisseur
fourniture {f} :: supply, provision
fourniture {f} :: provisioning, victualling
fourrage {m} :: forage, fodder
fourrager {adj} :: fodder [attributive]
fourrager {vi} :: to forage
fourrager {vi} :: to rummage through
fourragère {f} :: hay wagon
fourre {f} [Switzerland] :: cover, slipcover, folder
fourré {m} :: shrubbery
fourreau {m} :: scabbard, sheath
fourreau {m} :: sheath dress
fourrer {vt} [colloquial] :: to shove, stick, stuff (dans in something)
fourrer {vt} :: to stuff (a turkey etc.); to fill (a cake)
fourrer {vt} [vulgar, slang] :: to fuck, to shaft, to screw
fourrer les pieds {v} [colloquial] :: to set foot (somewhere)
fourre-tout {m} [pejorative] :: catch-all
fourre-tout {m} [pejorative] :: ragbag, hodgepodge
fourre-tout {m} :: holdall (UK), carryall (US)
fourreur {m} :: furrier
fourrière {f} :: pound (a place for the detention of stray animals)
fourrière {f} :: tow pound (to where law enforcement tows vehicle)
fourrure {f} [zoology, fashion, heraldry] :: fur
fourvoyer {vt} :: to mislead
fourvoyer {vp} :: to make a mistake, go astray, err
fourvoyer {v} :: to cloak
fous {pron} :: eye dialect of vous
foutage de gueule {m} [vulgar] :: piss-take (form of mockery)
foutaise {f} :: crap, bullcrap (nonsense)
foutaises {fp} :: guff (nonsensical talk or thinking)
fouterie {f} [archaic, vulgar] :: fucking
fouteur {m} [vulgar, dated] :: fucker (one who loves or frequently participates in sex)
foutoir {m} [archaic, vulgar] :: brothel
foutoir {m} [slang] :: mess, shambles
foutre {vt} [vulgar, slang] :: to do, to fuck around with, to dick around, to fritter, to tinker
foutre {vt} [slang] :: to give
foutre {vt} [slang] :: to put on/in (quickly), to shove, to stick, to stash
foutre {vr} [slang] :: to tease, to make fun of, to mock, to not take seriously or to dismiss
foutre {vt} [vulgar, archaic] :: to fuck, to screw, to have sex
foutre {vr} [vulgar] :: to fuck off, to jerk off, to wank
foutre {m} [vulgar, slang] :: spunk, sperm, cum
foutre en l'air {vt} [vulgar slang] :: to screw up, mess up, fuck up, botch up something
foutre en rogne {v} [slang, ] :: to piss off, to anger
foutre la merde {v} [vulgar] :: to stir shit, to mess things up, to fuck things up
foutre la paix {v} [very, colloquial] :: [à] to leave alone, to leave be
foutre la pression {v} [à] :: [very, colloquial] to put pressure on, to pressure (someone)
foutre le camp {v} [slang, somewhat vulgar] :: to get the hell out; to get out of here; to bugger off; to get stuffed; to sling one's hook
foutre les pieds {v} [colloquial] :: to set foot (somewhere)
foutrement {adv} [as an intensifier] :: bloody, fucking
foutu {adj} [slang] :: done for, screwed, fucked, doomed
foutu {adj} [slang] :: broken beyond repair, destroyed
foutu {adj} [slang, pejorative, always before the noun] :: fucking (as an intensifier), pesky, damned, bloody
foutu {adj} [slang, pejorative, followed by de + infinitive] :: liable to, capable of
foutu {adj} [slang, of a thing] :: (poorly/badly) made, built, executed, devised
foutu {adj} [slang, of a person] :: (well) built
foutument {adv} [rare] :: damnedly
foutument {adv} [rare] :: very
foutu pour foutu {adv} [colloquial] :: things being as they are, one might as well; what the hell (we have lost everything, so anything is worth a try now: why the hell not?)
fovéa {f} [anatomy] :: fovea; retinal fovea
fovéal {adj} :: foveal
foxé {adj} :: [of wine] foxy; tasting of blackcurrant
fox-trot {m} :: foxtrot (dance)
fox-trott {m} :: alternative spelling of fox-trot
foyer {m} :: hearth
foyer {m} :: lobby, foyer
foyer {m} :: home, domicile
foyer {m} :: household
foyer {m} :: source, centre, seat
fpqc {adj} [maths] :: initialism of fidèlement plat et quasi-compact
fqih {m} :: fqih, faqih
frac {m} :: white tie and tails
fracas {m} :: crash
fracas {m} :: din, roar
fracasser {v} :: to smash (to break violently)
fractal {adj} :: fractal
fractal {m} [rare] :: synonym of fractale
fractale {m} :: fractal (self-similar shape)
fraction {f} :: fraction (small amount)
fraction {f} [mathematics] :: fraction
fraction {f} :: fraction, breakup
fractionnaire {adj} [mathematics] :: fractional (of or pertaining to fractions)
fractionné {adj} :: fractionated
fractionnel {adj} :: fractional
fractionnement {m} :: fractionation
fractionnement {m} :: division
fractionner {vt} :: to fractionate
fractionner {vt} :: to divide [into fractions]
fractionnisme {m} :: fractionism
fractionniste {adj} :: fractionist
fractionniste {mf} :: fractionist
fracturation {f} :: breaking, fracturing
fracturation hydraulique {f} [oil industry] :: hydraulic fracturing, fracking
fracture {f} :: fracture
fracturer {vt} :: To fracture
fragile {adj} :: fragile
fragilement {adv} :: fragilely
fragilisation {f} :: weakening
fragilisation {f} :: embrittlement
fragiliser {v} :: to weaken
fragilité {f} :: fragility
fragment {m} :: fragment
fragmentaire {adj} :: fragmentary
fragmentation {f} :: fragmentation
fragment d'Okazaki {m} [genetics] :: Okazaki fragment
fragmenter {vt} :: to split up, divide, fragment
fragon {m} :: laurel, butcher's broom (and other plants of the genus Ruscus)
fragrance {f} :: a fragrance, a pleasurable smell
frai {m} :: fry (young fish); spawn
Fraï {prop} :: Frai, usage of using French word mixed with Thai word
fraichement {adv} :: alternative spelling of fraîchement
fraîchement {adv} :: freshly
fraicheur {f} :: alternative spelling of fraîcheur
fraîcheur {f} :: freshness
fraîcheur {f} [climate] :: coolness
fraîchir {vi} :: to freshen [temperature, wind]
fraîchir {v} [impersonal] :: to deteriorate [weather]
frairie {f} [archaic] :: fete, festival (of a locality)
frairie {f} [archaic] :: merrymaking
frais {adj} :: fresh
frais {adj} :: cool (temperature)
frais {adj} :: recent, something that has just happened
frais {mp} :: cost, charge
fraisage {m} :: sheering
frais comme un gardon {adj} [simile] :: fit as a fiddle
frais de scolarité {mp} :: tuition
fraise {f} :: strawberry
fraise {f} :: bulwark, palisade (defensive rampart of earth with sharpened wooden stakes set in at an angle)
fraise {f} [literary] :: nipple
fraise {f} :: milling cutter
fraise {f} :: calf's mesentery
fraise {f} [historical] :: fraise (ruff collar)
fraisé {adj} :: sheered
fraiser {v} :: to sheer (with a cutting tool)
fraiseraie {f} :: strawberry orchard
frais et dispos {adj} :: fresh as a daisy, refreshed and ready to go, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed
fraiseur {m} :: milling machine operator
fraiseuse {f} :: feminine noun of fraiseur
fraiseuse {f} :: milling machine
fraisier {m} :: strawberry (plant)
framboise {f} :: raspberry (fruit)
framboise {adj} :: raspberry (colour)
framboiseraie {f} :: raspberry orchard
framboisier {m} :: Rubus idaeus, the raspberry plant
franc {adj} :: free
franc {adj} :: frank
franc {adj} :: full
franc {adj} :: tax-free
franc {m} [monetary] :: franc
franc {m} :: Frank
franc {adj} :: Frankish, Franconian
Franc {m} :: Frank (member of a people that inhabited parts of what are now France, the Low Countries and Germany)
Françafrique {prop} {f} [often, pejorative] :: Relations between France and its former colonies in Africa
français {adj} :: Of or pertaining to France
français {adj} [Louisiana French] :: Franco-American or Francophone
français {m} :: The French language
Français {m} :: Frenchman
Français {m} [Louisiana French] :: Anybody with French ancestry or who is Francophone
français cassé {m} [Louisiana French] :: A name for the Louisiana Creole French language
Française {f} :: Frenchwoman
françaisement {adv} :: Frenchly
françate {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: francate
franc CFA {m} :: CFA franc
franc-comtois {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Franche-Comté or its inhabitants
franc-comtois {m} :: The dialect spoken in Franche-Comté
France {prop} {f} :: France (country)
France {prop} {f} :: given name
France {prop} {f} :: surname
France profonde {prop} {f} :: A phrase used in French political and social commentary to mean rural, small-town France, as opposed to Paris and other large cities
Francfort {prop} :: Frankfurt (German city)
francfortois {adj} [attributive] :: Frankfurt
Francfortois {m} :: Frankfurter (someone from Frankfurt)
Francfortoise {f} :: feminine noun of Francfortois
franc français {m} :: French franc
Franche-Comté {prop} {f} :: Franche-Comté (former region of France)
franchement {adv} :: frankly; sincerely
franchir {v} :: to clear, to cross (a line), to pass (an obstacle etc.); to get over (a fence)
franchir {v} :: to cover (a distance)
franchir le pas {v} :: to take the plunge; to go for it
franchir le Rubicon {v} [idiomatic] :: to cross the Rubicon
franchisage {m} :: franchising
franchise {f} [archaic] :: liberty, freedom
franchise {f} :: frankness, honesty
franchise {f} [insurance] :: excess [UK], deductible [US]
franchise {f} [business] :: franchise
franchiser {v} [business] :: to franchise
franchiseur {m} :: franchisor
franchisme {m} :: alternative form of frankisme
franchissable {adj} :: surmountable, passable
franchissement {m} :: the act of crossing (e.g. a road, a river)
franchissement {m} :: the act of clearing (e.g. an obstacle)
franchouillard {adj} :: typically French [familiar and sometimes pejorative]
franchouillardement {adv} :: In a typically French manner (pejoratively)
francien {m} :: Francien
francien {adj} :: Francien
francilien {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the Île-de-France region of France
Francilien {m} :: person from Île-de-France
Francilienne {f} :: feminine noun of Francilien
Francine {prop} {f} :: given name
francique {adj} :: Frankish
francique {adj} :: Franconian
francique {m} :: Frankish
francique {m} :: Franconian
francique ripuaire {m} :: Ripuarian
Francis {prop} :: given name, variant of François
francisation {f} :: Frenchification, francization
franciscain {adj} :: Franciscan
franciser {v} :: to Frenchify
francisque {f} :: A type of throwing axe
francisque {f} :: A decoration awarded by the Vichy regime
francité {f} :: Frenchness (being French)
francitude {f} :: Frenchness
francium {m} :: francium
Franck {prop} {m} :: given name, cognate to Frank
franckisme {m} :: alternative form of frankisme
franc-maçon {m} :: Freemason
franco- {prefix} :: Franco- (relating to France, the ethnic French, the French language, or the Franks)
François {prop} {m} :: given name, equivalent to Francis in English
François {prop} {m} :: surname
Françoise {prop} {f} :: given name, equivalent to English-language Frances
franconien {adj} :: Franconian (relating to the Franks or their empire; Frankish)
franconien {adj} :: relating to the Franconcian languages
franconien {m} :: Frankish (language)
Franconien {m} :: Franconian person
Franconienne {f} :: feminine noun of Franconien
francophile {mf} :: A Francophile
francophile {adj} :: Francophile
francophilie {f} :: francophilia
francophobe {mf} :: Francophobe
francophobe {adj} :: Francophobe
francophobie {f} :: Francophobia
francophone {adj} :: Francophone
francophone {mf} :: a Francophone
francophonie {f} :: Francophonie
Francophonie {prop} {f} :: Francophonie (organization of countries)
franco-provençal {m} :: Franco-Provençal
franco-provençal {adj} :: Franco-Provençal
francoprovençal {m} :: alternative form of franco-provençal
francoprovençal {adj} :: alternative form of franco-provençal
franc suisse {m} :: Swiss franc
franc-tireur {m} [military] :: a sniper
franc-tireur {m} [figuratively] :: someone who works alone, outside of the rules
frange {f} :: fringe
franger {v} :: to fringe
frangible {adj} :: frangible, breakable
frangin {m} [colloquial] :: buddy; mate
frangin {m} [colloquial] :: bro
frangine {f} [colloquial] :: sis, sister
frangine {f} [slang] :: woman, girl
frangipanier {m} :: frangipani (tree)
franglais {m} :: Franglais
Frank {prop} {m} :: given name, cognate to English Frank
frankisme {m} [religion] :: Frankism
frankiste {mf} :: Frankist
Franque {f} :: feminine noun of Franc
franquette {f} :: only used in à la bonne franquette
franquisme {m} :: Francoism
franquiste {adj} :: Francoist
fransaskois {adj} :: Fransaskois
Fransaskois {m} :: Fransaskois
Fransaskoise {f} :: feminine of Fransaskois
frapadingue {m} :: alternate spelling of frappadingue
frappadingue {adj} [colloquial, slang] :: mad, crazy
frappadingue {mf} [colloquial, slang] :: a madman or madwoman, a lunatic
frappant {adj} :: striking; noticeable; remarkable
frappe {f} :: hit
frappe {f} :: strike, striking, kick
frappe {f} [pejorative] :: knave, thug, villain
frappé {adj} :: beaten, hit
frappé {m} [music] :: downbeat
frappé {m} [Switzerland] :: milkshake
frappé {m} :: Short for café frappé, iced coffee
frapper {v} :: to hit, to strike, to bash
frapper {v} :: to knock (e.g. on a door)
frapper {v} :: to bang (to get attention)
frapper {v} [music] :: to beat time (as a conductor)
frapper {v} [music] :: to strike (a chord)
frapper {v} :: to strike down
frapper {v} :: to hit (to be affected by a punishment)
frapper {v} [figuratively] :: to strike
frapper {v} [bartending] :: to shake
frapper les grands coups {v} [idiomatic] :: make waves
frapper monnaie {v} :: synonym of battre monnaie
frapper un ennemi à terre {v} [idiomatic] :: To kick someone when they are down
frapper un grand coup {v} [idiomatic] :: make a splash, hit hard
frappeur {m} [baseball, cricket] :: hitter, batter, batsman
frappeuse {f} :: feminine noun of frappeur
frappuccino {m} :: frappuccino
frasage {m} :: tempering (mixing of bread ingredients before kneading them)
fraser {v} :: to slowly mix yeast, flour and water
frasque {f} :: escapade; a foolish experience or adventure
fraternel {adj} :: fraternal
fraternellement {adv} :: fraternally
fraternisation {f} :: fraternization
fraterniser {v} :: to fraternize
fraternité {f} :: brotherhood (state of being brothers or a brother)
fraternité {f} :: brotherhood (organization)
fraternité {f} :: fraternity
fratricide {m} :: fratricide (crime)
fratricide {m} :: fratricide (person who commits this crime)
fratricide {adj} :: fratricidal
fratrie {f} :: set of siblings
fraude {f} :: fraud
fraude {f} [education] :: cheating
fraude fiscale {f} :: tax evasion
frauder {vi} :: To commit fraud
fraudeur {f} :: A fraudster
frauduleusement {adv} :: fraudulently
frauduleux {adj} :: fraudulent (all meanings)
fraudulosité {f} :: fraudulentness
fraxinine {f} :: fraxinin
frayer {vt} :: to open up, clear (a path etc.)
frayer {vi} [zoology] :: to spawn, to fertilize an egg
frayer {vr} [se frayer, literally, figuratively] :: to find (one's way through something); to clear (oneself) a path
frayer {v} [obsolete] :: to rub
frayeur {f} :: fright, fear, dread
fredaine {f} :: prank, escapade
Frédéric {prop} :: given name, equivalent to English Frederick
frédéricien {adj} :: Frederician
Frédérique {prop} :: given name, the feminine form of Frédéric; an equivalent of Frederica
fredonner {v} :: to hum (to make sound with lips closed)
fredonneur {m} :: hummer
fredonneuse {f} :: feminine noun of fredonneur
freezer {m} :: freezer compartment
frégate {f} [nautical] :: frigate [a number of different classes of ships]
frégate {f} :: frigatebird
Frégoses {prop} {mp} :: Fregosi (one of the families that controlled the dogate in Genoa)
Fregozes {prop} {mp} :: obsolete spelling of Frégoses
frein {m} [chiefly obsolete] :: bit (equipment put in a horse's mouth)
frein {m} :: brake (of a vehicle, etc.)
frein {m} [figuratively] :: restraint, reserve
frein {m} [anatomy] :: frenulum
frein à disque {m} :: disc brake
freinage {m} :: action of braking
freinage {m} :: deceleration
frein à main {m} :: handbrake (hand-operated brake in a car)
freiner {v} :: to brake
freiner {v} [figuratively] :: to put a stop on, to slow down the progress of
frelaté {adj} :: adulterated
frelaté {adj} :: tainted
frelater {v} :: To adulterate
frelater {v} :: To corrupt
frêle {adj} :: frail
frelon {m} :: hornet
freluquet {m} :: whippersnapper
freluquet {m} :: popinjay
freluquet {m} :: runt
frêmer {v} [Louisiana French, Cajun French, ] :: alternative form of fermer, to close
Frémicourt {prop} :: surname
frémir {v} :: to quiver; to shiver
frémir {v} :: to simmer
frémissant {adj} :: simmering (water)
frémissement {m} :: quiver, shiver (light shaking movement)
frémissement {m} :: A simmering temperature, just below boiling
Frémont {prop} :: surname
frênaie {f} :: ash tree plantation
frénal {adj} [anatomy] :: frenal
frencher {v} [Quebec, colloquial] :: to French kiss
frêne {m} :: ash tree
frénésie {f} :: frenzy
frénétique {adj} :: frantic; frenetic
frénétiquement {adv} :: frantically
Frenette {prop} :: surname
fréon {m} :: freon
fréquemment {adv} :: often, frequently
fréquence {f} :: frequency (all meanings)
fréquent {adj} :: frequent
fréquentable {adj} :: respectable
fréquentatif {adj} :: frequentative
fréquentatif {m} :: frequentative (subclass of imperfective verbs that denotes a continuously repeated action)
fréquentation {f} :: company, companionship
fréquentation {f} :: activity
fréquentation {f} :: frequentation
fréquenter {vt} :: To frequent, to go to (a place)
fréquenter {vt} :: To socialise with (people)
frère {m} :: brother (relation)
frère {m} :: brother (monk)
frère de lait {m} :: foster brother
frère siamois {m} :: (male) Siamese twin
frérot {m} :: little brother, kid
frérot {m} [colloquial] :: bro
frésillon {m} :: synonym of troène
Fresnel {prop} :: surname
fresque {f} :: fresco
fressure {f} :: giblets
fressure {f} :: offal
fret {m} [shipping] :: Freight, cargo fees: the cost of transporting cargo by boat
fret {m} [by extension] :: Rental of a ship, in whole or in part
fret {m} :: Freight, cargo, payload [of a ship]
fréter {v} :: to charter; to loan
fréteur {m} :: charterer
fréteuse {f} :: feminine singular of fréteur
frétillant {adj} :: wriggling
frétillant {adj} :: wagging
frétiller {vi} :: to wriggle
frétiller {vi} :: to wag [of a tail]
fretin {m} :: fry (young fish)
frette {f} [heraldiccharge] :: fret
frette {f} [music] :: fret
frette {adj} [Acadia, , Louisiana French, Cajun French, Quebec] :: alternative form of froid
fretter {v} :: to reinforce with ferrules
freudien {adj} :: Freudian
freudiennement {adv} :: Freudianly
freudisme {m} :: Freudianism (freudian beliefs and practices)
freux {m} :: rook (bird)
friabilité {f} :: friability
friable {adj} :: crumbly
friable {adj} :: crummy, pitiful
friand {adj} :: cultured, having good taste
friand {adj} [of food] :: delicious, tasty
friand {m} :: friand (a sausage wrapped in puff pastry)
friandement {adv} :: deliciously, tastily
friandise {f} [usually, in the plural] :: sweet; cake; piece of cake
friandise {f} [figuratively] :: something small and dainty
Fribourg {prop} :: Fribourg (the city)
Fribourg {prop} :: Fribourg (the canton of Switzerland)
fribourgeois {adj} :: Of or from Fribourg
fric {m} [slang] :: dosh, dough, bread (money)
fricassée {f} :: fricassee
fricasser {v} :: To fricassee
fricasser {v} :: To partake in debauchery
fricatif {adj} :: fricative
fricative {f} [phonetics] :: fricative
friche {f} :: fallow land
friche {f} :: wasteland
fricot {m} :: stew
fricot {m} [regional] :: feast
fricoter {vit} :: to cook a stew
fricoter {vit} :: to flirt, knock about (with)
fricoteur {adj} :: flirtatious
fricoteur {m} :: flirt
friction {f} :: friction: the rubbing, the conflict or the physics force
frictionner {vt} :: to rub, rub down, massage
frifri {m} :: pussy (vulva)
frigélisation {f} :: winterization
frigéliser {v} :: To winterize
frigidaire {m} :: A refrigerator
frigide {adj} :: frigid (very cold)
frigide {adj} :: frigid (unable to take part in sexual intercourse)
frigidité {f} :: frigidity (all senses)
frigo {m} [colloquial] :: fridge; refrigerator
frigoporteur {m} :: coolant
frigorifier {vt} :: to refrigerate
frigorifique {adj} :: refrigerating, cooling
frigorigène {adj} :: refrigerant
frigotartinable {adj} :: (of margarine or butter) spreadable straight from the refrigerator
frigoule {f} :: synonym of thym
frileusement {adv} :: in a chilly manner; shivering
frileux {adj} :: sensitive to the cold, psychrosensitive
frileux {adj} :: cautious (of policy, attitude, etc.)
frilosité {f} :: sensitivity to the cold
frimaire {m} [historical] :: Frimaire (the third month of the French Republican Calendar)
frimas {m} :: Thick fog that tends to freeze
frimas {m} [obsolete] :: Frost
frime {f} :: show (showing off, for the sake of acting)
frimer {v} [colloquial] :: to show off
frimeur {m} :: show-off
frimeuse {f} :: feminine noun of frimeur
frimousse {f} [colloquial] :: sweet face, cute little face
frimousse {f} [Internet] :: emoticon, smiley
fringale {f} :: ravenous hunger
fringale {f} :: craving
fringant {adj} :: dashing
fringant {adj} :: alert
fringant {adj} :: exuberant
fringue {mf} [colloquial] :: gear (garment, item of clothing), dress, clothes
fringuer {vtr} :: to tog up
frioulan {m} :: Friulian (language spoken in Friuli)
Frioul-Vénétie julienne {prop} {m} :: Friuli-Venezia Giulia
fripe {f} :: rag (tattered clothes)
friper {v} :: to crumple, crush
friperie {f} :: second-hand shop
fripier {m} :: secondhand clothes dealer
fripière {f} :: feminine noun of fripier
fripon {m} :: rascal, rogue
fripon {adj} :: mischievous
friponnerie {f} :: knavery, roguery
fripouille {f} [colloquial] :: crook
frire {v} [defective] :: to fry (cook in hot fat)
frisbee {m} :: Frisbee (a disk thrown for recreation)
frisbee {m} :: Frisbee (sport)
frise {f} :: border
frise {f} :: frieze
Frise {prop} {f} :: Friesland (Dutch province)
frisé {adj} :: twisted; contorted
frisé {adj} :: curly
friser {v} :: to curl
friser {v} :: to graze, to pass by barely touching
friser {v} :: to skip, to print double
friser {v} [figuratively] :: to just miss
friser {v} :: to buzz
friseur {m} [dated] :: hairdresser
friseuse {f} :: feminine noun of friseur
frison {m} :: a lock of hair
frison {adj} :: Frisian, from or pertaining to Friesland
frison {m} :: Frisian (language)
Frison {m} :: Frisian (person from Friesland)
Frison {m} :: Any member of the Frisian ethnic group
Frisonne {f} :: feminine singular of Frison
frisotis {m} :: alternative form of frisottis
frisottis {m} :: frizz (small curl of hair)
frisquet {adj} :: chilly, cold
frisquet {adj} [figurative] :: reserved, taciturn, cold
frisson {m} :: A shiver or thrill of fright that can be strangely pleasurable, as when reading good horror fiction
frisson {m} :: An experience of intense excitement
frissonnant {adj} :: shivering; thrilled
frissonnant {adj} :: shivery
frissonnement {m} :: shivering, the shivers
frissonner {v} [of emotion] :: tremble
frissonner {v} :: shiver
frissonner {v} [literary] :: rustle
frisure {f} :: curl (of hair)
frit {adj} :: fried
frite {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: chips, French fries
friterie {f} :: chip shop, fish and chips takeaway
friterie {f} :: a restaurant that specializes in serving patates frites
fritillaire {f} :: fritillary
frittage {m} :: sintering
fritté {adj} :: sintered
fritter {vt} :: to fritter / sinter
friture {f} :: the act of frying
friture {f} :: fried product
friture {f} :: anything that assists in frying such as butter and oil
friture {f} [colloquial] :: signal interference in radios and etc, crackling
friture {f} [Belgium] :: (deprecated, use friterie) chip shop, fish and chips takeaway
frivole {adj} :: vain; conceited
frivolement {adv} :: vainly; conceitedly
frivolité {f} :: frivolity
Frobisher Bay {prop} [obsolete] :: Iqaluit (capital of Nunavut)
froc {m} :: frock (clerical garment)
froc {m} :: [by extension] the clerical profession
froc {m} [colloquial] :: pants; trousers
froid {adj} :: cold (temperature)
froid {m} [diseases] :: cold, chill
froid {m} [of a relationship] :: distance, strain
froid de canard {m} [colloquial] :: bitter cold; brass monkeys weather
froidement {adv} [figuratively] :: coldly
froideur {f} :: coldness, cold
froidir {v} [archaic] :: to cool; to cool off; to cool down
froidure {f} [literary] :: cold
froidure {f} [poetic] :: winter
froidure {f} [medicine] :: frostbite
froissé {adj} :: crumpled, rumpled, creased
froissement {m} :: rustle, rustling
froissement {m} :: crumpling (of paper, fabric etc.)
froissement {m} [medicine] :: strain
froisser {v} :: to crumple, rumple, crease (paper, fabric…)
froisser {v} :: to offend, to hurt someone's feelings
frôlement {m} :: brush, soft, light touch
frôlement {m} :: caress
frôler {vt} :: to brush against, touch, skim
frôler {vt} :: to verge on
fromage {m} :: cheese
fromage à la pie {m} :: soft cow's-milk cheese with herbs
fromager {adj} :: related to cheese making, especially the industry
fromager {m} :: cheesemonger, one who sells cheese
fromager {m} :: cheesemaker, one who makes cheese
fromager {m} :: silk-cotton tree
fromagère {f} :: cheesemonger, one who sells cheese
fromagère {f} :: cheesemaker, one who makes cheese
fromagerie {f} :: fromagerie
fromageux {adj} :: Cheesy (resembling cheese)
froment {m} [dated, agriculture] :: wheat, bread wheat, common wheat (Triticum aestivum)
froment {m} [Switzerland] :: (any) cereal (type of grass cultivated for its edible grains)
fronce {f} :: a frown; scowl
froncement {m} :: scowl (the wrinkling of the brows or face in frowning)
froncer {v} :: to scowl
froncer {vt} :: to gather (fabric)
froncer les sourcils {v} [idiomatic] :: knit one's brows
frondaison {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: foliage
frondaison {f} :: foliation
fronde {f} [dated, literary] :: foliage
fronde {f} :: frond
fronde {f} :: sling, slingshot
fronde {f} [by extension] :: criticism, opposition
fronder {v} [dated] :: to slingshot
fronder {v} [figurative] :: to critique
frondeur {m} :: slinger (someone who slings or who uses a sling)
frondeur {m} [historical] :: member of the Fronde (civil war in France, 1648–1653)
frondeur {m} [by extension] :: political rebel
frondeur {adj} :: politically disapproving
frondeuse {f} :: feminine noun of frondeur
fronsac {m} :: A red wine from the Bordeaux region
front {m} :: forehead
front {m} [military] :: front, frontline
frontal {adj} :: frontal (relating to the forehead)
frontalement {adv} :: frontally
frontalier {adj} [attributive] :: border
frontalier {adj} :: near the border, on the border
frontalier {m} :: border-dweller (someone who lives near the border)
frontalière {f} :: feminine noun of frontalier
fronteau {m} :: frontlet
fronteau {m} :: phylactery (when worn on the forehead)
frontière {f} :: boundary, frontier, border
front intérieur {m} :: home front
frontispice {m} :: frontispiece
frontiste {adj} :: Of or relating to the Front national
frontiste {mf} :: A member of the Front national
fronton {m} :: fronton
fronton {m} [architecture] :: pediment
frottant {adj} :: rubbing
frottement {m} :: rub; rubbing
frottement {m} :: friction
frotter {v} :: to rub, chafe
frotter {v} :: to scrub, scour
frotter {v} :: to scrape
frotter {v} :: to fritter
frotter {v} :: to stone
frotter {vp} [figurative, colloquial, se frotter] :: to rub (someone) in the wrong way, to get on (someone)'s bad side
frotteur {m} :: One who rubs a finish on floors
frotteurisme {m} :: frotteurism (paraphilia)
frottis {m} [medicine] :: smear, smear test
frottoir {m} :: friction strip (on a box of matches)
frottoir {m} :: brush
frou-frou {m} :: a frou-frou; a rustling sound, as of silk fabric
froufrouter {vi} :: to rustle
frouiller {v} [Switzerland] :: to cheat
froumi {m} [Louisiana French, Cajun French, ] :: alternative form of fourmi, ant
froussard {adj} [colloquial] :: cowardly, chicken
frousse {f} [colloquial] :: fear, terror
fructane {m} [carbohydrate] :: fructan
fructidor {m} [historical] :: Fructidor (the twelfth month of the French Republican Calendar)
fructifier {v} :: to fructify
fructose {m} [carbohydrate] :: fructose
fructueusement {adv} :: fruitfully (producing positive outcomes)
fructueux {adj} :: fruitful
frugal {adj} :: frugal, austere
frugalement {adv} :: frugally
frugalité {f} :: frugality
fruict {m} :: archaic spelling of fruit
fruit {m} :: fruit
fruit à coque {m} :: nut (a seed possessing a hard shell)
fruit défendu {m} :: forbidden fruit
fruit de la passion {m} :: passion fruit
fruit de mer {m} :: a piece of seafood
fruit du dragon {m} :: dragon fruit
fruité {adj} :: fruity (containing fruit or fruit flavoring)
fruiterie {f} :: fruitshop
fruiticulteur {m} :: fruit grower
fruiticultrice {f} :: feminine noun of fruiticulteur
fruitier {adj} :: fruit-bearing
fruitier {m} :: fruit-seller
fruitière {f} :: feminine noun of fruitier
fruitière {f} [regional] :: cheese producer (especially of Gruyère)
fruits de mer {mp} :: seafood
fruit sec {f} :: dried fruit
frumentaire {adj} :: frumentary
frusques {fp} [colloquial] :: clothes, especially poor quality ones
fruste {adj} :: rough, uncouth, coarse
frustement {adv} :: roughly, coarsely
frustrant {adj} :: frustrating, vexing
frustration {f} :: frustration
frustratoire {adj} :: vexatious
frustratoirement {adv} :: vexatiously
frustré {adj} :: frustrated
frustrer {v} :: to frustrate, to vex
fuchsia {m} :: fuchsia
fuchsia {adj} :: fuchsia
fuchsien {adj} :: Fuchsian
fucker {v} [Quebec, vulgar] :: to fuck up, mess up, ruin
fucker {v} [Quebec, vulgar] :: to do something with difficulty
fucoïdane {m} [carbohydrate] :: fucoidan
fucoxanthine {f} [organic compound] :: fucoxanthin
fucus {m} :: fucus
fucus {m} :: kelp
fuégien {adj} :: Fuegian
Fuégien {m} :: Fuegian (inhabitant of Tierra del Fuego)
fuel {m} :: heating oil
fugace {adj} :: fleeting (brief, passing)
fugacement {adv} :: fleetingly
fugacité {f} :: transience, fugacity
fugitif {m} :: Fugitive
fugitive {f} :: feminine noun of fugitif; a female fugitive
fugitivement {adv} :: fleetingly
fugue {f} [colloquial] :: running away (from a place where one was staying)
fugue {f} [music] :: fugue
fuguer {v} :: to flee, especially to run away from home
fugueur {adj} :: runaway
fugueur {m} :: runaway
führer {m} :: The Führer, the title of Adolf Hitler as ruler of Nazi Germany
fuir {vi} :: to escape
fuir {vt} :: to flee
fuir {vi} :: to leak; to have a leak
fuir comme la peste {vt} [simile] :: to avoid like the plague
fuite {f} :: escape; getaway; flight (e.g. from prison)
fuite {f} :: leak; the act of leaking
fuite des cerveaux {f} :: brain drain
fuiter {vi} [dialectal] :: to leak information
Fujita {prop} :: surname
fulani {m} :: Fula, Fulani (language)
fulgurant {adj} :: flashing, dazzling, full of lightning
fulgurant {adj} :: quick as a flash, fast as lightning
fulgurant {adj} [of pain] :: intense, sharp
fulgurant {adj} [in regards to the imagination or spirit] :: striking
fulgurer {v} :: to fulgurate
fuligineux {adj} :: sooty, fuliginous
full {adj} [Québec] :: full
full {adj} [Québec] :: overflowing, packed, crowded
full {adv} [Québec] :: very, really
full {m} [poker] :: full house
fullerène {m} [chemistry] :: fullerene
fulminer {v} :: to fulminate
fulminique {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: fulminic
fumage {m} :: smoking (of food etc)
fumaison {f} :: smoking (of food etc)
fumana {m} :: sunrose of genus Fumana
fumant {adj} :: smoking, smouldering, steaming
fumarique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: fumaric
fumé {adj} :: smoked
fumée {f} :: smoke
fumée {f} :: steam
fumée {f} :: spoor (of game animals)
fumer {vit} :: to smoke
fumer {vi} :: to emit smoke
fumer {vi} :: to steam
fumer comme une cheminée {v} [simile] :: Be a heavy smoker; smoke like a chimney
fumer comme un pompier {v} [simile] :: Be a heavy smoker; smoke like a chimney
fumer comme un sapeur {v} [simile] :: to be a heavy smoker, to smoke like a chimney
fumer comme un Turc {v} [simile] :: to be a heavy smoker, to smoke like a chimney
fumerolle {f} :: fumarole
fumerolle {f} :: the gas and smoke from a fumarole
fumet {m} :: aroma, odor (of meat etc.); bouquet (of wine)
fumet {m} [hunting] :: scent
fumeterre {f} :: fumitory (plant)
fumette {f} [slang] :: toke (of cannabis cigarette)
fumeur {m} :: smoker
fumeusement {adv} :: smokily
fumeux {adj} :: smoky
fumeux {adj} :: smoking
fumeux {adj} :: woolly, unclear
fumiciel {m} :: vapourware
fumier {m} :: manure, dung
fumier {m} [vulgar, slang] :: bastard, shit
fumigateur {m} :: fumigator
fumigène {m} :: smoke grenade, smoke device
fumigène {m} [agriculture] :: fumigator
fumiste {mf} :: A person who installs fireplaces etc
fumiste {mf} :: An unpleasant, untrustworthy person
fumisterie {f} :: The installation of fireplaces etc
fumisterie {f} :: (Figuratively) A bad / unpleasant joke
fumoir {m} :: smoking room (room used to smoke food)
fumoir {m} :: smoking room (room reserved for smokers)
fumonisine {f} :: fumonisin
fumure {f} :: manuring, fertilizing (land)
fun {adj} [colloquial] :: fun
funambule {f} :: tightrope walker (acrobat who practices tightrope walking)
funambuler {v} :: To walk the tightrope
funambulisme {m} :: tightrope walking (acrobatic feat of walking on a tightrope)
funèbre {adj} :: funereal
funèbrement {adv} :: sombrely
funéraille {f} [rare, archaic] :: funeral
funéraire {adj} :: funerary; (attributive) funeral
funérarium {m} :: funeral parlour
funérarium {m} :: crematorium
funeste {adj} :: baneful, disastrous (causing disaster)
funeste {adj} :: fatal; deadly
funestement {adv} :: disastrously
funestement {adv} :: fatally
fungiforme {adj} :: alternative spelling of fongiforme
fungique {adj} :: alternative spelling of fongique
fungus {m} :: alternative spelling of fongus
funiculaire {adj} :: funicular
funiculaire {m} :: funicular railway
funky {adj} [music] :: funky
fur {m} :: only used in au fur et à mesure
furane {m} [organic compound] :: furan
furanéol {m} [organic compound] :: furaneol
furanique {adj} :: furan (attributive)
furanique {adj} :: furanose (attributive)
furax {adj} [colloquial] :: furious
furet {m} :: ferret
fureter {v} :: to ferret (around, about); to rummage
fureteur {m} :: ferreter
fureteur {m} [Internet, Quebec] :: browser
fureteur {m} :: snooper
fureteuse {f} :: feminine noun of fureteur
fureur {f} :: wrath (great anger)
furibard {adj} :: very furious; livid
furibond {adj} :: furious
furieusement {adv} :: furiously
furieux {adj} :: furious
Furneaux {prop} :: surname
furoncle {m} :: boil, furuncle, carbuncle
furtif {adj} :: furtive, stealthy
furtivement {adv} :: furtively, stealthily, surreptitiously
furtivité {f} :: stealth (attribute or characteristic of acting in secrecy)
fusain {m} :: spindle-tree
fusain {m} [art] :: charcoal
fuseau {m} :: spindle
fuseau {m} :: bobbin (lacemaking)
fuseau {m} :: lune (geometry)
fuseau {m} :: timezone
fuseau horaire {m} :: time zone (range of longitudes where a common standard time is used)
fusée {f} :: rocket (vehicle)
fusée {f} [heraldiccharge] :: fusil
fuselage {m} :: fuselage
fuseler {v} :: to give the shape of a spindle
fusement {m} :: melting, fusing
fuser {v} :: to melt or fuse
fuser {v} :: to gush or spurt
fuser {v} :: to ring out, sound out
fusible {m} :: fuse (electrical component)
fusiforme {adj} :: fusiform
fusil {m} :: rifle, gun
fusil {m} :: steel to strike sparks from a flint (pierre à fusil)
fusilier {m} :: rifleman
fusillade {f} :: shootout; shooting (of a firearm)
fusillade {f} :: fusillade
fusillade {f} [ice hockey] :: penalty
fusiller {v} :: to shoot, to shoot down, to gun down (especially with a rifle, but also with other firearms)
fusiller du regard {vt} :: to look daggers at, to stare daggers at, to throw a death stare at
fusion {f} [physics, chemistry] :: fusion (act of melting or liquefying something by heating it)
fusion {f} [figuratively] :: mix; mixture
fusion {f} [nuclear physics] :: fusion
fusionnel {adj} :: inseparable (said of a very close relationship between people)
fusionnement {m} :: merger, fusion, incorporation
fusionner {v} :: to fuse, to meld
fustigateur {m} :: fustigator
fustiger {v} :: to fustigate, to publicly criticize
fustine {f} :: fustin
fut {f} :: alternative spelling of fût
fût {m} :: bole (of tree)
fût {m} :: keg, cask, draft
futaie {f} :: cluster of (tall) trees, tall forest
futaille {f} [rare] :: barrel, cask
futal {m} [colloquial] :: trousers, pants
futé {adj} :: wily, cunning, crafty
fute fute {adj} :: alternative spelling of fute-fute
fute-fute {adj} [colloquial] :: clever, bright
fut-fut {adj} :: alternative spelling of fute-fute
futile {adj} :: futile
futilement {adv} :: futilely
futilité {f} :: futility
Futuna {prop} :: Futuna
futunien {adj} :: Of or from Futuna
futur {adj} :: future
futur {m} :: future (what will happen)
futur {m} [grammar] :: future, future tense
futur antérieur {m} [grammar] :: future perfect (verb tense)
futurisme {m} [arts] :: futurism
futuriste {adj} :: futuristic (advanced so far beyond that which is current as to appear to be from the future)
futuriste {mf} :: futurist
futurologue {mf} :: futurologist
futur simple {m} [grammar] :: simple future (verb tense)
fuyant {adj} :: fleeing (in the process of fleeing)
fuyard {adj} :: fleeing
fuyard {m} :: fleer, runaway
fuyard {m} [military] :: deserter (someone who runs away from battle)
fuyarde {f} :: feminine noun of fuyard