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cab {n} (compartment) :: кабина {f}
cab {n} (taxi) SEE: taxi ::
cabaret {n} (live entertainment held in a restaurant or nightclub) :: кабаре́ {n}
cabbage {n} (plant) :: зе́ле {n}
cabbage {n} (leaves of this plant eaten as a vegetable) :: зе́ле {n}
cabbage {n} (money) :: книжни пари
cabdriver {n} (one who drives a taxi) :: шофьор на такси
cabdriver {n} :: кочияш
cabin {n} (a small dwelling characteristic of the frontier) :: колиба {f}
cabin {n} (a private room on a ship) :: каюта {f} /kajuta/
cabin {n} (the interior of a boat) :: кабина {f}
cabin {n} (the passenger area of an aircraft) :: салон {m}
cabinet {n} (storage closet) :: стенен шкаф
cabinet {n} (group of ministers) :: кабине́т {m}
cable {n} (large wire, rope) :: дебело въже
cable {n} (assembly of wires for electricity) :: кабел {m}
cable {n} (heavy rope or chain as used for mooring) :: швартово въже
cable {n} (communications system with coaxial or fiber optic) :: кабел {m}
cable {n} (telegram) :: телеграма {f}
cable {n} (nautical unit of length) :: кабелт {m}
cable {v} (provide with cable(s)) :: окабелявам
cable television {n} (television received through coaxial cables) :: кабелна телевизия {f} /kábelna televízija/
Cabo Verde {prop} (Cape Verde) SEE: Cape Verde ::
cabriolet {n} (an automobile with a retractable top) :: кабрио {n}
cabriolet {n} (a light two wheeled carriage with a folding top pulled by a single horse) :: кабриолет {m}
cacao {n} (cacao tree) :: какаово дърво
cacao {n} (cocoa bean) :: кака́о {n}
cachalot {n} (sperm whale) SEE: sperm whale ::
cache {n} (computing: fast temporary storage for data) :: запас {m}
cache {v} (to place in a cache) :: складирам
caciocavallo {n} (Italian cheese type) :: кашкавал {m}, качокавало
cackle {n} (cry of a hen or goose, especially when laying an egg) :: кудкудякане {n}
cackle {n} (laugh resembling the cry of a hen or goose) :: кикотене {n}
cackle {v} (to laugh with a sound similar to a hen's cry) :: кикотя се
cactus {n} (member of the Cactaceae) :: кактус {m}
cad {n} (mean fellow) :: простак {m}, грубиян {m}
cadaver {n} (a dead body) :: труп {m}
cadaverous {adj} (cadaverous) :: мъртвешки
cadet {n} (a student at a military school who is training to be an officer) :: кадет {m} /kadét/, юнкер {m} /júnker/
cadge {v} :: прося /prosja/
cadger {n} (hawker or peddler) :: просяк
cadmium {n} (chemical element) :: ка́дмий {m}
cadre {n} (frame or framework) :: структура {f} /struktúra/, рамка {f} /rámka/
caducity {n} (dotage or senility) :: старост, сенилност
caducity {n} (The state of being impermanent or transitory) :: , тленност {f}, преходност
caecum {n} (blind pouch connected to the large intestine) :: сляпо черво {n}, апандисит {m}
Caesar {prop} (ancient Roman family name) :: Це́зар {m}
Caesarean section {n} (incision in the womb) :: це́зарово сече́ние {n}
caesium {n} (a metallic chemical element) :: це́зий {m}
caesium chloride {n} (inorganic compound) :: цезиев хлорид {m}
café {n} (coffee shop) :: кафене́ {n}, кафе́ {n}
cafe {n} (café) SEE: café ::
cafeteria {n} (restaurant) :: столо́ва {f}
caffeine {n} (alkaloid found naturally in tea and coffee plants) :: кофеи́н {m}
cage {n} (enclosure) :: кле́тка {f}, ка́фез {m}
cage {n} (lift compartment) :: каби́на {f}
cagey {adj} :: предпазлив, потаен, необщителен
Cagliari {prop} (province of Italy) :: Калгари
Cagliari {prop} (capital of Cagliari) :: Калгари
Cairo {prop} (capital of Egypt) :: Кайро
caisson {n} (enclosure from which water can be expelled) :: кесон {m} /keson/
caisson {n} (floating tank that can be submerged) :: парашут {m} /parashut/
caisson {n} (architecture: coffer) SEE: coffer ::
cajole {v} (to encourage or persuade by effort) :: придумвам
cake {n} (a sweet dessert) :: то́рта {f}
cake {n} (a block of solid material) :: калъп {m}
cake {v} (to coat with a crust) :: спичам се, втвърдявам се
cake {v} (to cackle like a goose) SEE: cackle ::
calabash {n} (that fruit) :: кратуна {f}
calabash {n} (utensil made from it) :: кратуна {f}
calaboose {n} (prison) :: затвор
Calais {prop} (a town in France) :: Кале́
calamari {n} (as mollusk) SEE: squid ::
calamint {n} (herb) :: миризливче
calamitous {adj} (concerning or involving calamity, disastrous) :: гибелен /gibelen/, пагубен /paguben/, свързан с бедствие /svǎrzan s bedstvie/
calamity {n} (event resulting in great loss) :: бедствие {n} /bédstvie/
calamity {n} (distress that results from some disaster) :: нещастие {n} /neštástie/
calamus {n} (sweet flag) SEE: sweet flag ::
calcification {n} (the process of change into a stony or calcareous substance) :: калциране, втвърдяване
calcify {v} (transitive) :: калцирам, втвърдявам
calcify {v} (intransitive) :: калцирам се, втвърдявам се
calcimine {n} (form of whitewash) :: варно мляко, бадана
calcimine {v} (coat with this substance) :: баданосвам
calcine {v} (transitive) :: калцинирам
calcine {v} (intransitive) :: калцинирам се
calcite {n} (calcium carbonate mineral) :: калцит {m}
calcium {n} (chemical element of atomic number 20) :: ка́лций {m}
calculate {v} ((transitive) to determine value) :: изчислявам, пресмятам
calculating {adj} (which has the ability to calculate) :: сметачен
calculating {adj} (which serves one's own interests in an unemotional, analytical manner) :: пресметлив
calculation {n} (act or process of calculating) :: изчисле́ние {n}
calculation {n} (reckoning, estimate) :: разче́т {m}
calculation {n} (expectation based on circumstances) :: предположе́ние {n}
calculator {n} (electronic device that performs mathematical calculations) :: калкула́тор {m}
calculator {n} (mechanical device that performs mathematical calculations) :: сметачна машина {f}
calculator {n} (dated: a person who performs mathematical calculations) :: изчислител {m}
calculus {n} (stony concretion in an organ) :: камък {m}
calculus {n} (deposits on teeth) :: зъбен камък
caldography {n} (screen printing) SEE: screen printing ::
calendar {n} (system by which time is divided) :: календа́р {m}
calendar {n} (means to determine the date) :: календа́р
calender {n} (machine) :: каландър {m}
calendula {n} (plant of Calendula) :: невен
calf {n} (young cow or bull) :: теле́ {n}
calf {n} (anatomy: back of the leg below the knee) :: прасец {m}
calf {n} (muscle in the back of the leg below the knee) :: прасец {m}
calibration {n} (act of calibrating) :: калибро́вка {f}
calibre {n} (Diameter of the bore of a firearm) :: калибър {m}
calibre {n} (Diameter of round or cylindrical body, as of a bullet, projectile or column) :: калибър {m}
calico {n} (kind of cloth) :: платно, хасе, басма
calico {adj} (having a pattern of red and contrasting areas) :: басмен, пъстър, шарен
californium {n} (chemical element) :: калифо́рний {m}
caliper {n} (calipers) SEE: calipers ::
calipers {n} (device used to measure thickness between two surfaces) :: дебеломер {m}
caliph {n} (political leader of the Muslim world) :: хали́ф {m}
call {n} (telephone conversation) :: ра́зговор {m}, оба́ждане {n}
call {n} (social visit) :: посеще́ние {n}, визи́та {f}
call {n} (cry or shout) :: вик {m}, кря́сък {m}
call {n} (characteristic cry of a bird or other animal) :: вик {m}
call {n} (beckoning or summoning) :: зов {m}, призи́в {m}, повикване {n}
call {v} (to request, summon, or beckon) :: ви́кам {impf}, пови́квам {pf}
call {v} (to contact by telephone) :: обаждам се, звъня
call {v} (to pay a social visit) :: посеща́вам {impf}
call {v} (to name or refer to) :: наричам, назовавам
call {v} (to state, or invoke a rule, in many games such as bridge, craps, jacks, and so on) :: анонси́рам {impf} {pf}
calla {n} (Calla palustris) :: кала
call an ambulance {phrase} (request to call an ambulance) :: извикай линейка
calling {n} (strong urge to become religious) :: влече́ние {n}
calling {n} (occupation) :: професия {f}, призва́ние {n}
calling card {n} (printed card identifying the bearer) SEE: business card ::
call it a day {v} (to retire) :: излизам в пенсия, пенсионирам се
callous {adj} (emotionally hardened) :: безчувствен, безсърдечен
callous {adj} (having calluses) :: мазолест
callow {adj} (bald) SEE: bald ::
callow {adj} (Unfledged) :: неоперен
callow {adj} (Immature, lacking in life experience) :: неопитен
call the police {phrase} (call the police) :: обади се на полицията, обадете се на полицията
call up {n} (order) :: мобилизация, повиквателна
callus {n} (hardened part of the skin) :: мазол {m} /mazól/
calm {adj} (free from anger and anxiety) :: спокоен
calm {adj} (free of noise and disturbance) :: тих, мирен
calm {n} (condition of being unworried and free from anger) :: спокойствие {n}, покой {m}
calm {n} (the state with absence of noise and disturbance) :: тишина {f}
calm {n} (period without wind) :: безветрие {n}, затишие {n}
calm {v} (to make calm) :: успокоявам, усмирявам
calm {v} (to become calm) :: успокоявам се, стихвам
calmness {n} (the state of being calm; tranquillity; silence) :: споко́йствие {n}
calorie {n} (amount of heat to raise 1 gram of water by 1°C) :: кало́рия {f}
calpack {n} (hat) :: калпа́к {m}
calque {n} (word formed by word-for-word translation of a word in another language) :: ка́лка {f}
Caltanissetta {prop} (city and province of Sicily) :: Калтанисе́та {f}
caltrop {n} (starthistle) :: бабини зъби
calumnious {adj} (possessing the traits of calumny) :: клеветнически
calumny {n} (falsification to discredit another) :: клевета́ {f}
calve {v} :: отелвам се
calx {n} :: окалина (okalina)
calyx {n} (the sepals of a flower) :: чашка {f}
cam {n} (camera) SEE: camera ::
camber {n} (slight convexity of a surface) :: изпъкналост {f}
camber {n} (slope of a curved road) :: вираж {m}
camber {v} (to curve upwards) :: издувам се
Cambodia {prop} (country in Southeast Asia) :: Камбо́джа {f}
Cambodian {prop} (the language of the Cambodian people) SEE: Khmer ::
Cambrian symbol {n} (literary: vegetable emblematic of Wales) SEE: leek ::
cambric {n} (finely-woven fabric) SEE: batiste ::
Cambridge {prop} (city) :: Кеймбридж {m}
camel {n} (beast of burden) :: ками́ла {f}
camellia {n} (plant) :: камелия {f} /kamelija/
camelopard {n} (giraffe) SEE: giraffe ::
camera {n} (still camera) :: фотоапара́т {m}
camera {n} (movie camera) :: ка́мера {f}
camera flash {n} (a device that produces a short flash of light) SEE: flash ::
Cameron {prop} (surname) :: Камерън /Kámerǎn/
Cameroon {prop} (country in Central Africa) :: Камеру́н {m}
camomile {n} (plant) :: ла́йка {f}, лайку́чка {f}
camomile {n} (tea) :: ла́йка {f}
camouflage {n} :: камуфлаж {m}; маскировка {f}
camouflage {v} (hide, disguise) :: замаскирвам
camp {n} (outdoor place) :: ла́гер {m}
camp {n} (organized event) :: ла́гер {m}
camp {n} (base) :: ла́гер {m}
camp {n} (group) :: ла́гер {m}
camp {v} (to live in a tent) :: лагерувам
campaign {n} (series of operations undertaken to achieve a set goal) :: кампа́ния {f}
camp bed {n} (a cot) :: похо́дно легло́ {n}
camper {n} (person who camps) :: лагерник {m}
camper {n} (motor vehicle) SEE: motor home ::
campervan {n} (motor home) SEE: motor home ::
camphor {n} (white transparent waxy crystalline isoprenoid ketone) :: ка́мфора {f}
campion {n} (Silene) :: плюскавиче {n}
Campobasso {prop} (province of Italy) :: Кампобасо
Campobasso {prop} (town and capital) :: Кампобасо
campus {n} (grounds or property of a school, etc) :: ка́мпус {m}
camshaft {n} (a shaft fitted with cams) :: разпределителен вал
can {v} (to be able) :: мо́га {impf}, уме́я {impf}
can {v} (may) :: мо́га {impf} /móga/
can {n} (a more or less cylindrical vessel for liquids) :: гюм {m}
can {n} (a tin-plate canister) :: консе́рвна кути́я {f}
can {n} :: тоалетна чиния
can {v} (to preserve) :: консервирам
can {v} (to discard) :: захвърлям
can {v} (to fire or dismiss an employee) :: уволнявам
can {n} (chamber pot) SEE: chamber pot ::
Canaan Dog {n} (Canaan Dog) :: ханаанско куче {n} /khanaansko kuche/
Canada {prop} (country in North America) :: Ка́нада {f}
Canada goose {n} (Branta canadensis) :: канадска гъска
Canada thistle {n} (corn thistle) SEE: corn thistle ::
Canadian {n} (person from Canada) :: канадец {m}
Canadian {adj} (of or pertaining to Canada) :: канадски
canal {n} (artificial waterway) :: кана́л {m}
canal {n} (a tubular channel within the body) :: канал {m}
canard {n} (false or misleading report or story) :: клевета {f}, измислица {f}
canary {n} (bird from the Canary Islands) :: кaнaрчe {n}
canary {n} (squealer) :: доносник {m}
canasta {n} (card game) :: канаста {f}
Canberra {prop} (Capital of Australia) :: Ка́нбера {f}
cancel {v} (cross out) :: задрасквам, зачерквам
cancel {v} (invalidate, annul) :: отменям, анулирам
cancel {v} (remove a common factor) :: съкращавам
cancer {n} (disease of uncontrolled cellular proliferation) :: рак {m}
candelabrum {n} (candle holder) :: свещник {m}
candid {adj} (impartial and free from prejudice) :: непредубеден, безпристрастен
candid {adj} (straightforward, open and sincere) :: искрен, честен, откровен
candidacy {n} (state or act of being a candidate) :: кандидатура {f}
candidate {n} (person running in an election) :: кандида́т {m}, кандида́тка {f}
candidateship {n} (candidacy) SEE: candidacy ::
candied {adj} (coated or encrusted with sugar) :: захаросан
candied {adj} (preserved in sugar or syrup) :: захаросан
candle {n} (a light source) :: свещ {f}
candle holder {n} (candle holder) SEE: candlestick ::
candlestick {n} (a holder with a socket or spike for a candle) :: све́щник {m}, светилник {m}
candor {n} (sincere and open in speech, honesty in expression) :: искреност {f}, честност {f}, откровеност {f}
candor {n} (impartiality) :: безпристрастност {f}
candy {n} (piece of candy) :: бонбо́н {m}
candy {v} (to cook, or coat with sugar or syrup) :: захаросвам
candy {n} (confection) SEE: confectionery ::
candy floss {n} (sweet) :: захарен памук
candy store {n} (sweetshop) SEE: sweetshop ::
cane {n} (slender flexible stem of plants such as bamboo) :: тръстика {f}
cane {n} (plant itself) :: тръстика {f}
cane {n} (a short wooden or bamboo rod or stick used for corporal punishment) :: пръчка {f}
cane {n} (the cane: corporal punishment consisting of a beating with a cane) :: бой с пръчка
cane {n} (long collapsible rod used by vision impaired people) :: бастун {m}
cane {v} (to beat with a cane) :: бия с пръчка
cane {n} (walking stick) SEE: walking stick ::
cane {n} (sugar cane) SEE: sugar cane ::
canella {n} (spice) :: канела
canine {adj} (pertaining to dogs) :: кучешки
canine {n} (canine tooth) SEE: canine tooth ::
canine tooth {n} (tooth) :: кучешки зъб {m}
caning {n} (a beating with a cane) :: бой {m} /boj/
canister {n} (short range antipersonnel projectile) SEE: grapeshot ::
canister {n} (container) :: кути́я {f}
canister shot {n} (grapeshot) SEE: grapeshot ::
canna {v} (cannot) SEE: cannot ::
cannabis {n} (plant) :: канабис {m}
cannabis {n} (marijuana) SEE: marijuana ::
canned {adj} (preserved in cans) :: консерви́ран
canned {adj} (drunk) :: пия́н
cannery {n} (factory) :: консервна фабрика
Cannizzaro reaction {n} (reaction) :: реакция на Каницаро {f}
cannon {n} (artillery piece) :: топ, оръ̀дие {n}
cannon {n} (billiard shot) :: карамбол
cannonade {n} (firing artillery in a large amount for a length of time) :: канонада {f} /kanonáda/
cannonball {n} (spherical projectile fired from a smoothbore cannon) :: гюле {n}
cannon fodder {n} (military forces considered to be expendable) :: пу́шечно ме́со {n}
cannot {v} (cannot, see also: can; not) :: не може
canny {adj} (careful, prudent, cautious) :: внимателен, предпазлив
canny {adj} (knowing, shrewd, astute) :: хитър, ловък
canny {adj} (frugal, thrifty) SEE: frugal ::
canoe {n} (small long and narrow boat) :: кану {n}
canola {n} :: рапично олио
canon {n} (piece of music) :: канон {m}
canopy {n} (high cover) :: балдахин {m}
canopy {n} (overhanging or projecting roof structure) :: навес {m}
canopy {n} (parachute cloth) :: купол {m}
canorous {adj} (melodious) :: мелодичен, звучен
cant {n} (jargon of a particular class or subgroup) :: жарго́н {m}
cant {n} (hypocritical talk) :: лицеме́рие {n}
cant {n} (angle at which something is set) :: наклон {m}
cant {n} (movement that overturns) :: преобръщане {n}
cant {v} (set something at an angle) :: накланям
cant {v} (to bevel an edge or corner) :: окантвам
can't {v} (cannot) SEE: cannot ::
cantankerous {adj} (ill-tempered, cranky, surly, crabby) :: заядлив, придирчив
canteen {n} (small cafeteria or snack bar) :: ла́вка {f}, столо́ва {f}
Canterbury {prop} (ancient city in England) :: Кентърбъри {m}
cantilever {n} (beam anchored at one end and projecting into space) :: конзола {f}
canvas {n} (a type of coarse cloth) :: платнище {n}, брезент {m}
canvas {n} (a piece of canvas cloth on which one may paint) :: платно за рисуване {n}, платно {n} /platno/
canvass {v} (to campaign) SEE: campaign ::
canyon {n} (a valley cut in rock by a river) :: каньо́н {m}
can you help me {phrase} (can you help me?) :: можете ли да ми помогнете?
cap {n} (head covering) :: ша́пка {f}, капа́к {m}
cap {n} (head-covering to indicate rank etc.) :: фуражка {f}
cap {n} (protective cover or seal) :: капак {m}
cap {n} (crown covering a tooth) :: коронка {f}
cap {n} (summit of a mountain) :: връх {m}
cap {n} (top part of a mushroom) :: гугла {f}
cap {v} (to cover or seal with a cap) :: покривам
cap {v} (to surpass or outdo) :: превъзхождам
cap {n} (informal: uppercase letter) :: главна буква
capability {n} (the power or ability to generate an outcome) :: способност {f}
capable {adj} (able and efficient) :: способен
capacious {adj} (having a lot of space inside) :: просторен, обемист
capacitance {n} (property of an element of an electrical circuit) :: капацитет {m}
capacitor {n} (electronic component) :: кондензатор {m}
capacity {n} (the ability to hold, receive or absorb) :: вмести́мост {f}, капаците́т {m}
capacity {n} (capability; the ability to perform some task) :: спосо́бност {f}
capacity {n} (the maximum that can be produced) :: производи́телност {f}
capacity {n} (the position in which one functions) :: компете́нтност {f}
capacity {n} (electrical capacitance) :: капаците́т {m}
capacity {n} (legal authority) :: правоспосо́бност {f}
cape {n} (headland) :: нос {m}
cape {n} (garment) :: пелерина {f}
Cape of Good Hope {prop} (a cape in southwestern South Africa) :: нос Добра Надежда {m} /nos Dóbra Nadéžda/
caper {n} (crime) SEE: crime ::
caper {n} (capercaillie) SEE: capercaillie ::
caper {v} (to jump about playfully) :: подскачам, подрипвам
caper {n} (plant) :: каперсник {m}
capercaillie {n} (Tetrao urogallus) :: глухар
Capernaum {prop} (The biblical town) :: Капернаум
Cape Verde {prop} (country in Western Africa) :: Ка́бо Ве́рде
capillary {n} (any of small blood vessels that connect arteries to veins) :: капиля́ра {f}
capital {n} (money and wealth) :: капита́л {m}
capital {n} (uppermost part of a column) :: капите́л {m}
capital {adj} (of prime importance) :: главен, основен
capital {adj} (uppercase) :: главен
capital {n} (capital letter) SEE: capital letter ::
capital {n} (capital city) SEE: capital city ::
capital city {n} (city designated as seat of government) :: сто́лица {f}
capitalism {n} (socio-economic system based on private property rights) :: капитали́зъм {m}
capital letter {n} (letters A B C) :: гла́вна бу́ква {f}
capital punishment {n} (punishment by death) :: смъртно наказание {n}
capitol {n} (Capitoline temple of Jupiter) SEE: Capitol ::
capitol {n} (particular capitol buildings) SEE: Capitol ::
Capitol {prop} (legislative building in Washington, D.C.) :: Капитолий (САЩ) (Kapitolij) (SAŜ)
capitulate {v} (surrender; end all resistance; to give up; to go along with or comply) :: предавам се, капитулирам
capitulation {n} (surrender to an enemy) :: капитулация
capon {n} (a cockerel which has been gelded and fattened for the table) :: кастриран петел
Cappadocia {prop} (ancient region) :: Кападокия {f}
caprice {n} (impulsive, seemingly unmotivated notion or action) :: каприз {m}, прищявка {f}
caprice {n} (unpredictable or sudden condition, change, or series of changes) :: изменчивост {f}, непостоянност {f}
caprice {n} (disposition to be impulsive) :: импулсивност {f}
caprice {n} (impulsive change of mind) :: прищявка {f}
capricious {adj} (Impulsive and unpredictable; determined by chance, impulse, or whim) :: капризен, непостоянен, непредвидим
Capricorn {prop} (constellation) SEE: Capricornus ::
Capricorn {prop} (astrological sign) :: Козирог {m}
Capricornus {prop} (constellation) :: Козирог {m}
Capricornus {prop} (astrological sign) SEE: Capricorn ::
capsicum {n} (plant of the genus Capsicum (only terms covering capsicum in general apply, NOT species-specific)) :: чу́шка {f}, пи́пер {m}
capsicum {n} (fruit of these plants) :: чу́шка {f}
capsize {v} ((intransitive) to overturn) :: прекатурвам се, преобръщам се
capsize {v} ((transitive) to cause to overturn) :: прекатурвам, преобръщам
capsule {n} (weasel) SEE: weasel ::
capsule {n} (botany: seed-case) :: шушулка {f}
capsule {n} (part of spacecraft containing crew's living space) :: капсула {f}
capsule {n} (small container containing a dose of medicine) :: капсула {f}
captain {n} (An army officer with a rank between the most senior grade of lieutenant and major) :: капитан {m}
captain {n} (The person lawfully in command of a sea-going vessel) :: капитан {m}
captain {n} (The person lawfully in command of an airliner) :: капитан {m}
captain {n} (One of the athletes on a sports team designated to make decisions) :: капитан {m}
captain {v} (to exercise command) :: командвам, водя
captee {n} (captive) SEE: captive ::
caption {n} (capture) SEE: capture ::
caption {n} (descriptive title or heading of (part of) a document) :: заглавие {n}, рубрика {f}
caption {n} (title or brief explanation attached to an illustration or cartoon) :: надпис {m}
caption {n} (piece of text appearing on screen as part of a film or broadcast) :: надписи {p}
captious {adj} (that captures misleadingly) :: придирчив, заядлив, критичен
captious {adj} (having a disposition to find fault unreasonably or to raise petty objections) :: придирчив, заядлив, критичен
captivate {v} (to attract and hold interest and attention of) :: очаровам
captive {n} (a person who has been captured) :: пле́нник {m}
captive {n} (a person held prisoner) :: затворник {m}
captive {adj} (held prisoner) :: пленен
captivity {n} (captives) SEE: captive ::
captivity {n} (state of being captive) :: плен {m}
capture {n} (act of capturing) :: пленяване {n}, хващане {n}
capture {n} (something that has been captured) :: пленник {m}, плячка {f}
capture {v} (take control of) :: хващам, пленявам
capture {v} (reproduce convincingly) :: улавям
capture {v} (remove or take control of opponent’s piece) :: взимам
car {n} (automobile, a vehicle steered by a driver) :: кола́ {f}, автомоби́л {m}
car {n} (passenger-carrying unit in a subway or elevated train, whether powered or not) :: ваго́н {m}
car {n} (railway car, railroad carriage) SEE: carriage ::
caracal {n} (Caracal caracal) :: каракал, степен рис
Caracalla {prop} (emperor) :: Каракала /Karakalla/
Caracas {prop} (capital of Venezuela) :: Каракас {m} /Karakas/
carafe {n} (bottle for serving wine, water, or beverages) :: гара́фа {f}
caramel {n} (confection) :: караме́л {m}
caramel {n} (color) :: карамел {m}
carapace {n} (hard protective covering) :: черупка {f}
carat {n} (weight) :: карат {m}
carat {n} (measure of the purity of gold) :: карат {m}
caravan {n} (convoy or procession) :: керва́н {m}, фурго́н {m}
caravan {n} (vehicle) :: карава́на {f}, фурго́н {m}
caravanserai {n} (an inn having a central courtyard where caravans can rest) :: кервансара́й {m}
caraway {n} (plant) :: кимион {m}
caraway {n} (seed/fruit) :: кимион {m}
carbon {n} (chemical element) :: въглеро́д {m}
carbon {n} (informal: a sheet of carbon paper) :: инди́го {n}
carbon {n} (informal: carbon copy) :: ко́пие {n}
carbon {n} (impure carbon (e.g., coal, charcoal)) :: въ́глища {p}
carbon {n} (ecology: carbon dioxide, in the context of global warming) :: въглеро́ден диокси́д {m}
carbon dioxide {n} (CO₂) :: въглероден диоксид {m}
carbonization {n} (the act or process of carbonizing) :: овъгляване {n}
carbonize {v} (turn something to carbon, especially by heating) :: овъглявам
carboxylic acid {n} (organic compound containing a carboxyl functional group) :: карбоксилна киселина {f}
carboy {n} (demijohn) SEE: demijohn ::
carbuncle {n} (precious stone) :: гранат {m}
carbuncle {n} (abscess) :: цирей {m}
carburetor {n} (a device in an internal combustion engine) :: карбура́тор {m}
carburettor {n} (motor car part) SEE: carburetor ::
carburize {v} (carbonize) SEE: carbonize ::
carcass {n} (body of a dead animal) :: леш {m}
carcass {n} (frame) :: арматура {f}
carcass {n} (body of a dead human) SEE: corpse ::
card {n} (flat, normally rectangular piece of stiff paper, plastic etc.) :: ка́рта {f}, ка́ртичка {f}
card {v} (to use carding device) :: кардирам
card {n} (playing card) SEE: playing card ::
card {n} (card game) SEE: card game ::
cardamom {n} (plant) :: кардамо́н {m}
cardamom {n} (spice) :: кардамон {m}
cardboard {n} (material resembling heavy paper) :: карто́н {m} /karton/
card game {n} (any of very many games played with playing cards) :: игра́ на ка́рти {f}, ка́рти {f-p}
Cardiff {prop} (The capital city of Wales) :: Кардиф {m}
cardinal {adj} (of fundamental importance) :: главен, основен
cardinal {adj} (of or relating to the cardinal directions) :: главен
cardinal {adj} (describing a number that indicates quantity) :: числителен
cardinal {adj} (having a bright red color) :: яркочервен
cardinal {n} (number indicating quantity) :: числително {n}
cardinal {n} (official of the Catholic Church) :: кардинал {m}
cardinal {n} (any bird in family Cardinalidae) :: кардинал {m}
cardinal {n} (colour) :: яркочервен цвят
cards {n} (card game) SEE: card game ::
care {n} (close attention, concern or responsibility) :: грижа {f}, отговорност {m}
care {n} (treatment of those in need) :: грижи {p}
care {v} (to be concerned about) :: интересувам се
care {v} (to look after) :: грижа се
care {v} (to be mindful of) :: грижа се, грижа се, безпокоя се
care {v} (to want, politely) :: обичам
careen {v} (to heave a ship down on one side so as to expose the other) :: накренявам
careen {v} (to tilt on one side) :: наклонявам
career {n} (one's calling in life; a person's occupation) :: карие́ра {f}, по́прище {n}
career {n} (an individual’s work and life roles over their lifespan) :: карие́ра {f}
career {n} (a jouster's path during a joust) :: карие́р {m}
career {v} (to move rapidly straight ahead) :: препускам
carefree {adj} (worry free, light hearted, etc.) :: небрежен, немарлив
carefreeness {n} (the state of being lighthearted; joyous) :: безгрижност {f} /bezgrížnost/, безгрижие {n} /bezgrížie/
careful {adj} (cautious) :: грижлив, внимателен
careful {adj} (meticulous) :: старателен, акуратен
carefully {adv} (in a careful manner) :: грижливо, внимателно
careless {adj} (not giving sufficient attention or thought) :: невнимателен, безгрижен
careless {adj} (not concerned or worried) SEE: carefree ::
caress {v} (touch or kiss lovingly) :: ми́лвам, ласка́я
cargo {n} (freight carried by a ship) :: корабен това́р {m}
Caribbean Sea {prop} (a tropical sea in the Western Hemisphere) :: Карибско море {n}
caribou {n} (North American reindeer) :: кари́бу {m}, се́верен еле́н {m}
Carl {prop} (transliterations of "Carl") :: Карл {m}
carmine {n} (purplish-red pigment) :: кармин
carmine {n} (purplish-red colour) :: тъмночервен цвят {m}
carmine {adj} (of the purplish red colour shade carmine) :: тъмночервен
carnage {n} (death and destruction) :: клане {n}, сеч {f}
carnal {adj} (relating to the physical and especially sexual appetites) :: похотлив
carnal {adj} (of or relating to the body or flesh) :: плътски, телесен
carnality {n} (state of being carnal) :: чувственост {f}, плътско желание
carnal knowledge {n} (archaic term for sexual intercourse) :: полово сношение
carnation {n} (plant) :: карамфил {m}
carnation {n} (flower) :: карамфил {m}
carnival {n} (festive occasion marked by parades) :: карнава́л {m}
carnivore {n} (meat-eating animal) :: хи́щник {m}
carob {n} (tree) :: рожков {m}
carob {n} (fruit) :: рожков {m}
carol {n} (religious or secular song sung at Christmastime) :: коледна песен
carouse {v} (To engage in a noisy or drunken social gathering) :: гуляя, пирувам
carouse {v} (To drink to excess) :: пиянствувам
carousel {n} (merry-go-round) SEE: merry-go-round ::
carp {n} (Any of various freshwater fish of the family Cyprinidae) :: шара́н {m}
carp {v} (To complain about a fault) :: мърморя, опявам
carpenter {n} (carpentry person) :: дърводе́лец {m}
carpet {n} (a fabric used as a floor covering) :: кили́м {m}
carpet {v} (to lay carpet) :: застилам /zastilam/
carpet shark {n} (ferret) SEE: ferret ::
carpus {n} (the group of bones that make up the wrist) :: китка
carriage {n} (wheeled vehicle, generally drawn by horse power) :: кола {f}, каре́та {f}
carriage {n} (railroad car) :: ваго́н {m}
carriage {n} (manner of standing or walking) :: сто́йка {f}, оса́нка {f}
carrier {n} (person or object that carries someone or something else) :: носач {m}, превозвач {m}
carrier {n} (company in the business of shipping freight) :: превозвач {m}
carrier {n} (person or organism that has inherited a trait or disease but displays no symptoms) :: преносител {m}
carrion {n} (dead flesh; carcasses) :: мърша {f}, леш {m}
carrot {n} (Daucus carota ssp. sativus) :: мо́рков {m}
carry {v} (to carry) SEE: bear ::
carry {v} (to transport by lifting) :: но́ся, возя, карам
carry {v} (in an addition) :: пренасям
carry {v} (to transmit or travel) :: нося се
carry {n} (a manner of transporting or lifting something) :: носене {n}
carrying pole {n} (a yoke of wood or bamboo, used by people to carry a load) :: кобилица {f}
carry out {v} (to carry out) SEE: fulfill ::
cart {n} (small, open, wheeled vehicle, see also: wagon) :: ко́ла {f}, каруца {f}
cart {n} (small motor vehicle resembling a car; a go cart) :: карт {m}
cart {v} (To carry goods) :: превозвам
carte de visite {n} (business card) SEE: business card ::
cartel {n} (group of businesses or nations that collude to fix prices) :: картел {m}
Carthage {prop} (ancient city in North Africa) :: Картаген {m} /Kartagén/
cartilage {n} (dense connective tissue) :: хрущял {m}
carton {n} (a box-like container made of paper designed to hold things for a limited time) :: кашон {m}
cartridge {n} (firearms package) :: патро́н {m}
cartridge {n} (vessel which contains the ink for a computer printer) :: касета {f}
cartwheel {n} (gymnastic maneuver) :: циганско колело {n}
carve {v} (cut) :: режа, изрязвам
carve {v} (shape a work by cutting) :: дялам
carvel {n} :: каравела
caryatid {n} (a sculpted female figure serving as an architectural element) :: кариатида
Casablanca {prop} (city) :: Казабланка {f} /Kazablánka/
cascade {n} (waterfall) :: водопа́д {m}
cascade {n} (series of electric components) :: каскада
case {n} (instance or event as a topic of study) :: случай {m}
case {n} (legal proceeding) :: дело {n}, процес {m}
case {n} (box containing a number of identical items of manufacture) :: сандък {m}
case {n} (piece of luggage that can be used to transport an apparatus) :: калъф {m}
case {n} (suitcase) :: куфар {m}
case {n} (piece of furniture, constructed partially of transparent glass or plastic) :: витрина {f}
case {n} (outer covering or framework of a piece of apparatus) :: кожух {m}
case {v} (to place into a box) :: опаковам
case {n} (grammatical case) SEE: grammatical case ::
casefy {v} (make or become cheeselike) :: съсирвам
caseharden {v} (to harden the surface of steel) :: циментирам
caseharden {v} (To make insensitive to hardship) :: калявам, правя нечувствителен
Caserta {prop} (province of Italy) :: Касерта
Caserta {prop} (town and capital) :: Касерта
cash {n} (money in the form of notes/bills and coins) :: нали́чни па́ри {p}, па́ри {p} [money]
cash {v} (to exchange (a check/cheque) for money) :: осребрявам
cash dispenser {n} (automated teller machine) SEE: automated teller machine ::
cashew {n} (tree) :: кашу {n}
cashew {n} (cashew nut) SEE: cashew nut ::
cashew nut {n} (the seed of the cashew tree) :: кашу {n}
cashier {v} (to dismiss from service) :: уволнявам
cashier {n} (one who works at a till or receiving payments) :: касиер {m}
cashier {n} (person in charge of the cash of a business or bank) :: касиер {m}
cash in {v} (to die) SEE: die ::
cash machine {n} (automated teller machine) SEE: automated teller machine ::
cashmere {n} (fine, downy wool from beneath the outer hair of the Cashmere goat) :: кашмирска вълна {f}
cashmere {n} (soft fabric made of wool) :: кашмир {m}
cashpoint {n} (automated teller machine) SEE: automated teller machine ::
cash register {n} (machine) :: ка́сов апара́т {m}
casing {n} :: обвивка, опаковка
casino {n} (public building or room for entertainment, especially gambling) :: казино́ {n}
cask {n} (a large barrel for the storage of liquid) :: буре {n}, бъчва {f}
casket {n} (little box e.g. for jewelry) :: касетка {f}, ковчеже {n}
casket {n} (urn) :: урна {f}
casket {n} (coffin) SEE: coffin ::
Caspian Sea {prop} (landlocked sea) :: Каспи́йско мо́ре {n}
cassation {n} (the abrogation of a law by a higher authority; annulment) :: отменяне {n}, анулиране {n}
cassock {n} (item of clerical clothing) :: ра́со {n}
cast {v} (to throw forcefully) :: хвърлям, мятам
cast {v} (to throw a fishing line or net into the water) :: мятам
cast {v} (to make by pouring into a mould) :: отливам
cast {n} (object made in a mould) :: отливка {f}
cast {n} (medicine: supportive and immobilising device) :: гипс {m}
cast {n} (mould used to make cast objects) :: калъп {m}
castaway {n} (nautical: shipwrecked sailor) :: корабокрушенец {m}
castaway {n} (discarded person or thing) :: нещо изхвърлено
caste {n} (hereditary social class) :: каста {f}
castellan {n} (governor or caretaker of a castle or keep) :: управител на замък {m}, кастелан {m}
caster {n} (wheeled assembly) :: колелце {n} /kolelcé/
caster {n} (shaker with perforated top) :: солница {f} /sólnica/
caster sugar {n} (fine granulated sugar) :: пудра захар {f}
castigate {v} (to punish severely) :: наказвам строго, критикувам остро
castigation {n} :: наказание {n}, остра критика
casting {n} (selection of performers) :: ка́стинг {m}
casting {n} (manufacturing process using a mold) :: отливане {n}
cast iron {n} (hard, brittle alloy of iron, carbon, silicon) :: чугун {m}
cast iron {adj} (made of cast iron) :: чугунен
cast iron {adj} (inflexible or without exception) :: твърд, непреклонен
castle {n} (fortified building) :: за́мък {m}
castle {v} (chess) :: правя рокада
castle {n} (chess piece) SEE: rook ::
castling {n} (move in chess) :: рокада {f}
castor {n} (a pivoting roller) SEE: caster ::
castor {n} (container for sprinkling) SEE: caster ::
castor {n} (hat) :: боброва шапка {f} /bobróva šápka/
castrate {v} (remove the testicles of) :: скопявам, кастрирам
castration {n} (act of removing the testicles) :: кастра́ция {f}, скопяване {n}
castration {n} (figurative: removal of power) :: обезсилване {n}
casual {adj} (happening by chance) :: случаен
casual {adj} (coming without regularity; occasional or incidental) :: случаен, инцидентен
casual {adj} (careless) :: небрежен
casual {adj} (happening or coming to pass without design) :: непредвиден
casual {adj} (informal, relaxed) :: неофициален
casualty {n} (person) :: пострадали {p}, жертви {p}
cat {n} (spiteful woman) SEE: bitch ::
cat {n} (type of fish) SEE: catfish ::
cat {n} (domestic species) :: ко́тка {f}, ко́так {m}, котара́к {m}
cat {n} (member of the family Felidae) :: ко́тка {f}
Catalan {prop} (The language of Catalonia) :: каталонски
catalepsy {n} (catalepsy) :: вцепеняване {n}
catalogue {n} (a systematic list of names, books, pictures etc.) :: каталог {m}
catalogue {n} (a complete list of items) :: каталог {m}
catalogue {n} (a list of all the publications in a library) :: каталог {m}
catalogue {v} (to make a catalogue of) :: каталогизирам
Catalonian {adj} (Catalan) SEE: Catalan ::
Catalonian {n} (Catalan) SEE: Catalan ::
catalyst {n} (substance which increases the rate of a chemical reaction without being consumed in the process) :: катализатор {m}
catalyst {n} (someone or something that helps or encourages progress or change) :: катализатор {m}
Catania {prop} (province of Sicily) :: Катания
Catania {prop} (capital of Catania) :: Катания
Catanzaro {prop} (province of Italy) :: Катанзаро
Catanzaro {prop} (town and capital) :: Катанзаро
cataplasm {n} (poultice) SEE: poultice ::
catapult {n} (slingshot) SEE: slingshot ::
catapult {n} (device for launching large objects) :: катапу́лт {m}
catapult {v} (to fire a missile from a catapult) :: катапултирам
catapult {v} (to increase the status rapidly) :: катапултирам
cataract {n} (waterfall) :: водопа́д {m}
cataract {n} (downpour, flood) :: проливен дъжд {m}, потоп {m}
cataract {n} (opacity of the lens in the eye) :: перде {n}
catarrh {n} (inflammation of the mucous membranes) :: катар {m}
catastrophe {n} (any large and disastrous event of great significance) :: катастро́фа {f}
catcall {n} (shout or whistle expressing dislike) :: освиркване, дюдюкане
catcall {v} (to make such an exclamation) :: свиркам, освирквам
catch {n} (the act of catching a ball) :: хващане {n}, улавяне {n}
catch {n} (a clasp which stops something from opening) :: резе {n}
catch {n} (a hidden difficulty, especially in a deal or negotiation) :: уловка {f}
catch {n} (the act of noticing, understanding or hearing) :: разбиране {n}
catch {v} (to intercept an object in the air etc. ) :: хващам, улавям
catch {v} (to perceive and understand ) :: схващам
catch {v} (to reach in time to leave ) :: хващам
catch {v} (to engage, stick, or grasp ) :: закачам се
catch-all {n} (used to hold, include, or describe a broad range of things) :: (съд) за всякакви неща
catching {adj} (informal: contagious) :: заразителен
catchment {n} (Any structure or land feature which catches and holds water) :: дренаж {m}, каптаж {m}, водосбор {m}
catchy {adj} (instantly appealing and memorable) :: лесно запомнящ се
catechumen {n} (convert the Christianity prior to baptism) :: новопокръстен
categorical {adj} (absolute; having no exception) :: окончателен, безусловен
categorical {adj} (of, pertaining to, or using categories) :: категоричен
category {n} (group) :: категория {f}
caterpillar {n} (larva of a butterfly) :: гъсе́ница {f}
catfish {n} (type of fish) :: сом {m}
catgut {n} (cord) :: струна, корда {f}, конец {m}
catharsis {n} (in drama, a release of emotional tension) :: катарзис {m}
cathartic {adj} (purgative; inducing catharsis) :: разхлаби́телен
cathartic {n} (a laxative) :: разхлаби́телно {n}
cathedral {n} (principal church of a bishop's diocese) :: катедра́ла {f}
Catherine {prop} (female given name) :: Катери́на {f}
catheter {n} (small tube inserted into a body cavity) :: катетър
cathode {n} (electrode through which current flows outward) :: като́д {m}
Catholic Church {n} (Roman Catholic Church) SEE: Roman Catholic Church ::
Catholicism {n} (faiths, practices and doctrines of a Catholic Church) :: католицизъм {n}
catholicity {n} (Catholicism) SEE: Catholicism ::
catnap {n} (a brief, light sleep) :: дрямка {f}
cat's eye {n} (retroreflective device placed on a road surface) :: котешко око {n}
catsuit {n} (tight-fitting garment) :: гащиризон (детски, дамски)
cattish {adj} (catlike) :: котешки
cattish {adj} (sly and spiteful) :: хитър, лукав, злобен
cattle {n} (domesticated bovine animals) :: ѐдър рога̀т добѝтък {m}, гове́до {n}
cattle {n} (certain other livestock) :: добѝтък {m}
cattle {n} (pejorative: people who resemble cattle in behavior or destiny) :: говѐдо {n}
catty {adj} (spiteful) :: злобен
Caucasian {adj} (pertaining to the Caucasus region or people) :: кавка́зки
Caucasus {prop} (geographic region) :: Кавка́з {m}
caul {n} (the thin membrane which covers the lower intestines) :: було {n}
cauldron {n} (large bowl-shaped pot) :: каза́н {m}, коте́л {m}
cauliflower {n} (Vegetable) :: карнабит {m}, карфиол {m}
cauliflower {n} :: карфиол {m}
caulk {v} (to seal joints with caulk) :: калафатя
causal {adj} (of, relating to or being a cause of something) :: причи́нен
causality {n} (agency of cause) :: причинност {f}
causate {v} (cause) SEE: cause ::
causation {n} (causality) SEE: causality ::
cause {n} (source or reason of an event or action) :: причи́на {f}, по́вод {m}
cause {n} (goal, aim, principle) :: кауза {f}
cause {v} (to set off an event or action) :: причинявам
cause {v} (to produce as a result) :: предизвиквам
cause and effect {n} (causality) SEE: causality ::
causeless {adj} (having no obvious cause) :: безпричинен, неоснователен, необоснован
caustic {adj} (capable of destroying organic tissue) :: разяждащ
caustic {adj} (severe; satirical; sharp) :: хаплив, язвителен
cauterization {n} (act of searing some morbid part) :: обгаряне
cauterize {v} (burn tissue) :: обгарям
caution {n} (precept or warning against evil or danger) :: внимание {n}
caution {n} (careful attention, prudence) :: предпазливост {f}, благоразумие {n}
caution {v} (to warn) :: предупреждавам
cautious {adj} (careful) :: внимателен /vnimátelen/, предпазлив /predpazlív/
cavalcade {n} (company of riders) :: кавалкада {f}
cavalier {adj} (supercilious, haughty, disdainful) :: надменен
cavalier {adj} :: открит, честен
cavalier {n} (military man serving on horse) :: кавалерист
cavalier {n} (sprightly military man) :: рицар {m} /rícar/
cavalier {n} (well mannered man; a gentleman) :: кавалер
cavalry {n} (military service that fights with riding horses) :: кавалерия {f}, конница {f}
cavalryman {n} (a soldier in the cavalry) :: конник {m}
cave {n} (large, naturally occurring cavity formed underground) :: пещера́ {f}
cave {v} (to surrender) :: поддавам
cave {v} (undermine) :: подкопавам
caveman {n} (early humans or related species) :: пеще́рен чове́к {m}
cavern {n} (large cave) :: пещера {f}
cavern {n} (underground chamber) :: пещерна зала
caviar {n} (roe of the sturgeon or other large fish (black caviar)) :: хайве́р {m}, че́рен хайве́р {m} [black caviar], чер хайве́р {m}
cavil {v} (to criticise for petty or frivolous reasons) :: заяждам се
cavil {n} (petty or trivial objection or criticism) :: заяждане {n}
cavity {n} (hole or hollow depression) :: дупка {f}, вдлъбнатина {f}
cavity {n} (hollow area within the body) :: кухина {f}
cavity {n} (soft area in a decayed tooth) :: кариес {m}
cavy {n} (guinea pig) SEE: guinea pig ::
caw {n} (cry of a crow) :: грачене {n}, грак {m}
caw {v} (to make the cry of a crow, rook, or raven) :: грача
cayenne {n} (cayenne pepper) :: (лют) червен пипер
cease {v} (intransitive) :: спирам, преставам, прекратявам
ceaseless {adj} (without an end) :: безспирен, непрестанен
cedar {n} (coniferous tree in genus Cedrus) :: ке́дър
cede {v} (give up) :: отстъпвам, отказвам се
ceil {n} (ceiling) SEE: ceiling ::
ceiling {n} (upper limit of room) :: тава́н {m}
ceiling {n} (altitude) :: таван {m}
celandine {n} :: змийско мляко, жълтениче
celebrate {v} (extol or honour in a solemn manner) :: прославям
celebrate {v} (honour by rites, ceremonies, etc.) :: чествам, ознаменувам
celebrate {v} (to engage in joyful activity in appreciation of an event) :: празнувам
celebrated {adj} (famous or widely praised) :: прочут, знаменит, прославен
celebration {n} (formal performance of a solemn rite) :: честване {n}
celebration {n} (act or process of showing gratitude, appreciation or remembrance) :: честване {n}, прослава {f}
celebration {n} (social gathering for entertainment and fun) :: тържество {n}, празнуване {n}
celebrity {n} (famous person) :: знамени́тост {f}
celebrity {n} (fame) :: известност {f} /znamenítost/
celerity {n} (speed) :: бързина {f}, скорост {f}
celery {n} (herb) :: целина {f}, керевиз {m}
celery {n} (the stalks of this herb) :: целина {f}
celesta {n} (musical instrument) :: челеста
celestial {adj} (relating to heaven (religious)) :: небе́сен
celestial {adj} (relating to sky) :: небе́сен
celestial {adj} (of or pertaining to the highest degree of glory.) :: сла́вен
celestial equator {n} (great circle) :: небесен екватор {m}
celestial sphere {n} (abstract sphere of infinite radius) :: небесна сфера {f}
celibacy {n} (state of being unmarried) :: безбра́чие {n}, ергенство {n}
celibacy {n} (abstaining from sexual relations) :: сексуа́лно въздържа́ние {n}
celibate {adj} (unmarried) :: неженен {m} [of a man], неомъжена {f} [of a woman]
celibate {n} (person who is not married) :: ерген {m}
cell {n} (component of an electrical battery) :: кле́тка {f}
cell {n} (room in a prison for containing inmates) :: килия {f}
cell {n} (room in a monastery for sleeping one person) :: килия {f}
cell {n} (small group of people forming part of a larger organization) :: кле́тка {f}
cell {n} (basic unit of a living organism) :: кле́тка {f}
cell {n} (biological cavity) :: килийка {f}
cellar {n} (underground space) :: мазе {n}, изба {f}
cellar {n} (wine collection) :: винарска изба {f}
cellmate {n} (person with whom one shares a prison cell) :: съкилийник
cello {n} (musical instrument) :: виолончело
cell phone {n} (mobile phone) SEE: mobile phone ::
cellular {n} (mobile phone) SEE: mobile phone ::
cellular {adj} (of, relating to, consisting of, or resembling a cell or cells) :: клетъчен
cellular phone {n} (mobile phone) SEE: mobile phone ::
cellulose acetate {n} (bioplymer) :: ацетатна целулоза
Celsius {adj} (metric scale of temperature) :: Целзий {m} /Célzij/
Celtic {prop} (branch of languages) :: келтски
Celtic {adj} (of the Celts; of the style of the Celts) :: ке́лтски
cembalo {n} (cembalo) SEE: harpsichord ::
cement {n} (a powdered substance) :: циме́нт {m}
cement {n} (the paste-like substance) :: цимент {m}
cement {v} (to affix with cement) :: циментирам
cemetery {n} (a place where the dead are buried) SEE: graveyard ::
cense {v} (to perfume with incense) :: кадя /с тамян/
censer {n} (religious ornamental container for burning incense) :: кади́лница {f}
censor {n} (Roman magistrate) :: цензор {m}
censor {n} (official responsible for removal of objectionable or sensitive content) :: цензор {m}
censor {v} (to review in order to remove objectionable content) :: цензурирам
censor {v} (to remove objectionable content) :: цензурирам
censorship {n} (use of state or group power to control freedom of expression) :: цензу́ра {f}
censure {n} (the act of blaming, criticizing, or condemning as wrong; reprehension) :: неодобрение {n}
censure {n} (an official reprimand) :: порицание {n}
censure {v} (to criticize harshly) :: порицавам
censure {v} (to formally rebuke) :: осъждам
census {n} (official count of members of a population) :: преброяване на населението {n}
cent {n} (subunit of currency in US and elsewhere) :: цент {m}
cent {n} (one-hundredth of a euro) :: цент {m}
centaur {n} (mythical half-man, half-horse) :: кентавър {m}
centaur {n} (astronomy) :: Кентавър
Centaur {n} (astronomy) :: Кентавър
centenary {n} (centennial) SEE: centennial ::
centenary {adj} (of, or pertaining to, or completing a period of 100 years) :: стогодишен
centennial {n} (100th anniversary) :: стогодишнина {f}
center {n} (point equidistant from all points on the perimeter of a circle) :: център {m}, сре́дище {n}
center {n} (point equidistant from all points on the surface of a sphere) :: център
center {n} (point on a line midway between the ends) :: среда, център {m} /céntǎr/
center {n} (point in the interior of figure with mean coordinates) :: среда, център
center {n} (place where a function or activity occurs) :: център, средище
center {n} (in basketball) :: център
center {v} (cause to occupy the center) :: центрирам
center {v} (cause something to have a value midway between extremes) :: центрирам
center {v} (concentrate on) :: съсредоточавам се
centi- {prefix} (10-2) :: санти-
centimetre {n} (one-hundredth of a metre) :: сантиме́тър {m}
centipede {n} (a segmented arthropod of class Chilopoda) :: стоно́жка {f}
central {adj} (being in the centre) :: централен
central {adj} (being the most important) :: главен
central {adj} (having or containing the centre of something) :: централен
Central African Republic {prop} (country in Central Africa) :: Централноафрика́нска репу́блика {f}
Central Asia {prop} (smaller area of Central Asia) :: Сре́дна А́зия {f}, Центра́лна А́зия {f}
Central Europe {prop} (geographical region in the center of Europe) :: Центра́лна Евро́па {f}
central heating {n} (heating system) :: централно отопление {n}
centralization {n} (the act or process of centralizing) :: централиза́ция {f}
centre {n} (center) SEE: center ::
centre {v} (center) SEE: center ::
centrifugal {adj} (tending, or causing, to recede from the center) :: центробежен
centrifuge {n} (device for separation of substances) :: центрoфуга {f} /centrofúga/
centripetal {adj} (directed or moving towards a centre) :: центростремителен
centuple {adj} (hundredfold) :: стократен
century {n} (100 years) :: век {m}, столетие {n}
century {n} (Roman army type unit) :: центу́рия {f}
century plant {n} (Agave americana) :: агава, столетник
cep {n} (Boletus edulis) :: манатарка {f}
cephalalgia {n} (headache) SEE: headache ::
cephalopod {n} (mollusc) :: главоного {n}
ceramic {adj} (of or pertaining to ceramic as material) :: керамичен /keramičen/
ceramic {n} (material) :: керамика {f} /keramika/
ceramic {n} (object) :: керамика {f}
ceramics {n} (art) :: керамика {f}
ceramics {n} (ceramics objects as a group) :: керамика {f}
cereal {n} (type of grass) :: житна култура {f}
cereal {n} (grains of such a grass) :: зърнени храни {p}
cerebellum {n} (part of the hindbrain in vertebrates) :: малък мозък
cerebral {adj} (of, or relating to the brain) :: церебрален
cerebrum {n} (upper part of the brain) :: главен мозък
cerement {n} :: саван, покров
ceremonial {adj} (of, relating to, or used in a ceremony) :: церемониален, обреден
ceremonial {n} (a ceremony, or series of ceremonies) :: обряд {m}
ceremony {n} (ritual with religious significance) :: обре́д {m}, церемо́ния {f}
ceremony {n} (official gathering to celebrate) :: церемо́ния {f}
ceremony {n} (formal socially-established behaviour) :: етикет {m}
cerise {n} (colour) :: светловишнев
cerise {adj} (colour) :: светловишнев
cerium {n} (chemical element) :: це́рий {m}
certain {adj} (sure, positive, not doubting) :: сигурен, уверен
certain {determiner} (having been determined but not specified) :: определен
certainly {adv} (without doubt, surely) :: безспорно, несъмнено
certainly {adv} (emphatic affirmative answer) :: разбира се
certainty {n} (state of being certain) :: увереност {f}, сигурност {f}
certificate {n} (a document containing a certified statement) :: свиде́телство {n}, удостовере́ние {n}, сертифика́т, докуме́нт {m}
certify {v} (to attest as to) :: удостоверявам, свидетелствам, потвърждавам
certitude {n} (sureness, certainty) :: сигурност {f}, увереност {f}
cerulean {n} (sky blue) :: небесносин, лазурен
cerumen {n} (earwax) SEE: earwax ::
ceruse {n} (white lead used as pigment or in medicine) :: оловно белило {n}
cervix {n} (neck) SEE: neck ::
cesarean section {n} (Caesarean section) SEE: Caesarean section ::
cessation {n} (a ceasing or discontinuance) :: прекратяване, спиране
cesspit {n} (pit for sewage) :: помийна яма
c'est la vie {phrase} (such is life) SEE: such is life ::
cetacean {n} (an animal belonging to the order Cetacea) :: китообразно {n}
Ceylon {prop} (Sri Lanka) SEE: Sri Lanka ::
cf. {v} (compare) :: сравни
Chad {prop} (country) :: Чад
chafe {n} (injury or wear caused by friction) :: ожулване {n}, протриване {n}
chafe {n} (vexation; irritation of mind; rage) :: раздразнение {n}
chafe {v} (to excite passion or anger in) :: дразня
chafe {v} (to fret and wear by rubbing) :: протривам
chafe {v} (to rub; to come together so as to wear by rubbing; to wear by friction) :: трия, търкам
chafe {v} (to be worn by rubbing) :: протривам се
chafe {v} (to be vexed; to fret; to be irritated) :: дразня се, горещя се
chaff {n} (inedible parts of grain plant) :: пля́ва {f}
chaff {n} (excess or unwanted material) :: пля́ва {f}
chaffer {v} (haggle or barter) :: пазаря се
chaffinch {n} (bird) :: сипка {f}
chagrin {n} (distress from failure; vexation or mortification) :: разочарование {n}, огорчение {n}
chagrin {v} (bother or vex; to mortify) :: огорчавам, досаждам
chain {n} (series of interconnected rings or links) :: вери́га {f}
chain {n} (series of interconnected things) :: вери́га {f}, поре́дица {f}
chain {n} (series of stores or businesses with the same brand name) :: вери́га {f}
chain {n} (number of atoms in a series, which combine to form a molecule) :: вери́га {f}
chair {n} (furniture) :: стол {m}
chair {v} (to act as chairperson) :: председателствувам
chair {n} (chairperson) SEE: chairperson ::
chairman {n} (person presiding over a meeting) :: председа́тел {m}
chairperson {n} (a person who presides over a meeting, a board) :: председа́тел {m}
chalice {n} (large drinking cup) :: потир {m}
chalk {n} (a soft, white, powdery limestone) :: кре́да {f}
chalk {n} (a piece of chalk used for drawing and on a blackboard) :: тебеши́р {m}, кре́да {f}
chalk {n} (tailor's chalk) SEE: tailor's chalk ::
challenge {n} (that which encourages someone to do something they otherwise would not) :: предизвикване {n}
challenge {n} (difficult task) :: предизвикателство {n}
challenge {v} (to invite someone to take part in a competition) :: повиквам, поканвам
challenge {v} (to dare someone) :: предизвиквам
challenge {v} (to dispute something) :: отричам, оспорвам
challenge {v} (to make a formal objection to a juror) :: възразявам
challenger {n} (one who challenges) :: предизвикател {m}
chamber {n} (bedroom) :: ста́я {f}, спа́лня {f}
chamber {n} (legislative body) :: пала́та {f}
chamber {n} (enclosed space similar to a room) :: камера {f}
chamber {n} (part of a firearm holding the round before firing) :: патро́нник {m}
chamber {n} (chamber pot) SEE: chamber pot ::
chambermaid {n} (a maid who handles the chores in a bedroom) :: камериерка {f}
chamber music {n} (chamber music) :: камерна музика {f}
chamber pot {n} (a container used for urination and defecation, see also: urinal; chemical toilet) :: нощно гърне {n}
chameleon {n} (reptile) :: хамелео́н {m}
chamfer {n} (an angled relief or cut at an edge) :: скосен ръб, фаска, жлеб
chamfer {v} (to cut off the edge or corner of something; to bevel) :: рендосвам /ръбове/, правя фаска
chamfer {v} (to cut a groove in something) :: издялвам /жлеб/
chamois {n} (goat) :: дива коза {f}
champ {v} (to bite or chew) :: дъвча, хрупам
champagne {n} (sparkling wine made in Champagne) :: шампа́нско {n}
Champagne {n} (champagne) SEE: champagne ::
champaign {n} (open countryside) :: равнина, открито поле
champian {n} (field of inquiry or study) SEE: field ::
champian {n} (flat expanse of land) SEE: plain ::
champian {n} (species of landscape) SEE: plain ::
champian {n} (level open countryside) SEE: plain ::
champion {n} (someone who has been winner in a contest) :: шампио́н {m}
champion {n} (defender of a cause) :: защитник {m}, поборник {m}
champion {adj} (something very positive) :: отличен
champion {v} (to advocate) :: защитавам, подкрепям
championship {n} (competition to determine a champion) :: шампионат {m}
chance {n} (an opportunity or possibility) :: възмо́жност {f}, шанс {m}
chance {n} (random occurrence) :: случа́йност {f}
chance {n} (probability of something happening) :: вероя́тност {f}
chance {v} (to try or risk) :: рискувам
chance {v} (to discover by chance) :: попадам на
chancel {n} (space around the altar in a church) :: презвитериум {n}
chancellor {n} (important notary; person in charge of some area of government) :: ка́нцлер {m}
chancellor {n} (head of parliamentary government in some German speaking countries) :: ка́нцлер {m}
chancy {adj} (uncertain) :: несигурен, рискован
chandelier {n} (branched, often ornate, lighting fixture suspended from the ceiling) :: полилей {m} /polilej/
chandler {n} (person who makes or sells candles) :: свещар {m}
change {v} (to become something different) :: променям се
change {v} (to make something into something different) :: изменям, променям
change {v} (to replace) :: сменям, заменям
change {n} (the process of becoming different) :: промя́на {f}, измене́ние {n}
change {n} (a replacement) :: смя́на {f}, замя́на {f}
change {n} (money given back) :: ресто {n}
changeable {adj} (subject to sudden or frequent changes) :: променлив, непостоянен
changeful {adj} (changing frequently) :: непостоянен, постоянно менящ се
changeover {n} (conversion or transition) :: превключване, пренастройка
Chang Jiang {prop} (Yangtze) SEE: Yangtze ::
channel {n} (physical confine of a river or slough) :: корито {n}
channel {n} (natural or man-made deeper course through shallow body of water) :: кана́л {m}
channel {n} (narrow body of water between two land masses) :: проли́в {m}, прото́к {m}
channel {n} (communication: part that connects a data source to a data sink) :: кана́л {m}
channel {n} (broadcasting: specific radio frequency or band of frequencies) :: кана́л {m}
channel {n} (broadcasting: specific radio frequency or band of frequencies used for transmitting television) :: кана́л {m}
chanoyu {n} (tea ceremony) SEE: tea ceremony ::
chant {v} (sing monophonically without instruments) :: напявам
chanter {n} (one who chants or sings) :: псалт {m}
chanter {n} (the pipe of a bagpipe) :: свирка {f}
chanterelle {n} (Cantharellus cibarius) :: пачи крак
chaos {n} (state of disorder) :: хаос {m}, безредие {n}
chaos {n} (mathematics) :: хаос {m}
chaos theory {n} (chaos theory) :: теория на хаоса {f}
chaotic {adj} (Filled with chaos) :: хаотичен
chaotic {adj} (Extremely disorganized or in disarray) :: объркан, безреден
chap {n} (man or fellow) :: човек {m} /čovék/, момче {n} /momčé/
chap {v} (of skin: to split or flake) :: напуквам се, нацепвам се
chapel {n} (place of worship) :: параклис {m}
chaplain {n} (member of a religious body) :: капелан {m} /kapelán/
chaplet {n} (a garland or circlet for the head) :: венче {n}
chapter {n} (section in a book) :: глава́ {f}
char {v} (to burn something to charcoal) :: овъглявам
char {v} (to burn slightly) :: обгарям
char {n} (cleaning woman) :: чистачка {f}
character {n} (being in a story) :: герой {m}, действащо лице {n}
character {n} (distinguishing feature) :: отличителна черта
character {n} (moral strength) :: характер {m}
character {n} (symbol for a sound or a word) :: знак {m}, си́мвол {m}
characteristic {adj} (being a distinguishing feature of a person or thing) :: характерен, отличителен
characteristic {n} (distinguishing feature) :: отличителна черта
characterization {n} (act or process of characterizing) :: характеризиране {n}
characterize {v} (to depict someone or something a particular way) :: характеризирам
characterize {v} (to determine the characteristics of) :: характеризирам
charcoal {n} (substance) :: дървен въглен {m}
charcoal drawing {n} (charcoal drawing) SEE: charcoal ::
chard {n} (Beta vulgaris subsp. cicla) :: цвекло {n}
charge {n} (load or burden) :: товар {m} /tovar/
charge {n} (amount of money levied for a service) :: цена {f} /cena/, такса {f} /taksa/
charge {n} (instruction) :: предписание {n}
charge {n} (ground attack) :: нападение {n}
charge {n} (accusation) :: обвинение {n} /obvinenie/
charge {n} (electric charge) :: заряд {m}
charge {n} (measured amount of powder and/or shot) :: заряд {m} /zarjad/
charge {v} (to place a burden upon, to assign a duty) :: натоварвам /natovarvam/, обременявам /obremenjavam/
charge {v} (to assign a duty to) :: възлагам /văzlagam/, поверявам /poverjavam/
charge {v} (to formally accuse of a crime) :: обвинявам /obvinjavam/
charge {v} (to assign a debit to an account) :: задължавам
charge {v} (to pay on account) :: задължавам
charge {v} (to load equipment with material required for its use) :: пълня
charge {v} (to cause to take on an electric charge) :: зареждам /zareždam/
charge {v} (military: to attack by moving forward quickly) :: атакувам
charger {n} (a device that charges or recharges) :: пълначно/зарядно устройство
charger {n} (a large horse trained for battle) :: строеви кон
charger {n} (a large platter) :: голяма плоска чиния
chariness {n} (caution) :: предпазливост {f}
chariot {n} (vehicle used in warfare) :: колесни́ца {f}
charitable {adj} (pertaining to charity) :: благотворителен
charitable {adj} (kind, generous) :: щедър
charity {n} (Christian love) :: милосъ̀рдие {n}
charity {n} (attitude) :: милосъ̀рдие {n}
charity {n} (providing of goods or money) :: благотвори́телност {f}
charity {n} (goods or money given) :: благотвори́телност {f}
charity {n} (organization) :: благотвори́телна организа́ция {f}
charlatan {n} (malicious trickster) :: шарлата́нин {m}
Charleroi {prop} (city) :: Шарлероа /Šarleroá/
Charles's law {prop} (physical law stating the density of an ideal gas is inversely proportional to its temperature at constant pressure) :: закон на Шарл {m}
charm {n} (something with magic power) :: амулет {m}, талисман {m}
charm {n} (quality of inspiring delight or admiration) :: чар {m}, обаяние {n}
charm {v} (seduce, entrance or fascinate) :: очаровам
charm {v} (use a magical charm) :: омагьосвам
charmer {n} (a charming person) :: магьосник {m}
charming {adj} (pleasant, charismatic) :: чаровен, очарователен
Charon {prop} (the ferryman of Hades) :: Харо́н {m}
chart {n} (map) SEE: map ::
chart {n} (graph) SEE: graph ::
chart {n} (table) SEE: table ::
chart {n} (navigator's map) :: морска карта
chart {n} (non-narrative presentation of data) :: диаграма {f}, графика {f}
chart {n} (diagram) SEE: diagram ::
charter {n} (document issued by some authority, creating a public or private institution, and defining its purposes and privileges) :: устав {m}
charter {n} (document conferring rights and privileges on a person, corporation etc) :: грамота {f}, харта {f}
charter {n} (a contract for the commercial leasing of a vessel) :: чартър {m}
charter {n} (the temporary hiring or leasing of a vehicle) :: чартър {m}
chary {adj} (sad, grievous) :: тъжен
chary {adj} (cautious, wary, shy, ungenerous) :: предпазлив, сдържан
chase {n} (hunt) SEE: hunt ::
chase {v} (to hunt) SEE: hunt ::
chase {n} (action of the verb "to chase") :: лов {m}, гонитба {f}
chase {v} (to pursue, to follow at speed) :: гоня, преследвам
chase {n} (A groove cut in an object) :: жлеб {m}
chase {n} (A trench or channel for drainpipes or wiring) :: канал {m}
chase {n} (The part of a gun in front of the trunnions) :: дуло {n}
chase {v} (To groove; indent) :: издълбавам
chase {v} (To cut (the thread of a screw)) :: правя резба
chase {v} (to decorate (metal) by engraving or embossing) :: гравирам
chaser {n} (a person or thing (ship, plane, car, etc.) who chases) :: преследвач
chaser {n} (someone who decorates metal by engraving or embossing) :: гравьор {m}
chaser {n} (a tool used for cutting the threads of screws) :: метчик {m}
chasm {n} (gap) :: пропаст {f}, бездна {f}
chasma {n} (aurora) SEE: aurora ::
chassis {n} (base frame, or movable railway) :: платформа {f}
chassis {n} (base frame of motor vehicle) :: шаси́ {n}
chaste {adj} (abstaining from sexual intercourse) :: целомъдрен /celomǎ̀dren/
chaste {adj} (celibate) SEE: celibate ::
chaste {adj} (austere) SEE: austere ::
chasten {v} (discipline) SEE: discipline ::
chasten {v} :: наказвам
chastise {v} (to punish or scold) :: нака́звам, би́я
chastity {n} (abstaining from sexual activity) :: целомъ̀дрие {n}, непоро́чност {f}
chat {v} (be engaged in informal conversation) :: бъбря {impf}
chat {v} (talk more than a few words) :: разговарям
chat {v} (exchange messages in real time) :: чатя
chat {n} (exchange of text or voice messages in real time) :: чат {m}
chattel {n} (tangible, movable property) :: движимост {f}, движимо имущество
chatter {n} (talk, especially meaningless or unimportant talk) :: дърдорене {n}
chatter {n} (intermittent noise, as from vibration) :: дрънчене {n}, вибрация {f}
chatter {v} (talk idly) :: бъбря, дърдоря
chatter {v} (make a chattering noise) :: дрънча
chatterbox {n} (one who chats or talks to excess) :: бъбрица {f}, кречетало {n}
chatty {adj} (chatting a lot or fond of chatting) :: бъбрив, приказлив
chatty {adj} (expressed in a conversational style) :: разговорен
chauffeur {n} (a person employed to drive a motor car) :: шофьо́р {m}
chauvinism {n} (excessive patriotism) :: шовини́зъм {m}
chavender {n} (chub) SEE: chub ::
cheap {adj} (low in price) :: е́втин
cheap {adj} (reduced in price) :: намален
cheap {adj} (of poor quality) :: долнокачествен
cheap {adj} (of little worth) :: е́втин
cheapen {v} :: поевтинявам, подценявам, омаловажавам
cheat {v} (violate rules to gain advantage) :: измамвам, изигравам
cheat {n} (someone who is dishonest or cheats) :: измамник {m}
cheat {n} (unfair advantage in a computer game) :: измама {f}
cheater {n} (cheat) SEE: cheat ::
cheat sheet {n} (sheet of paper used to assist on a test) :: пищов {m}
Cheboksary {prop} (city) :: Чебокса́ри
Chechen {adj} (of or pertaining to Chechnya) :: чеченски /čečénski/
Chechen {n} (person) :: чеченец {m} /čečénec/
Chechnya {prop} (federal subject of Russia) :: Чече́ния {f}
check {n} (chess: when the king is directly threatened by an enemy piece) :: шах {m}
check {n} (a mark like a v or sometimes x used as an indicator) :: чавка {f}
check {n} (a bill, particularly at a restaurant) :: сметка {f}
check {n} (a control, limit or stop) :: контрол {m}, проверка {f}
check {n} (an inspection or examination) :: проверка {f}
check {v} (to inspect, examine) :: проверявам
check {v} (to mark with a checkmark) :: маркирам, отбелязвам
check {v} (to control, limit, or halt) :: контролирам
check {v} (to verify or compare with a source of information) :: сверявам
check {v} (to leave in safekeeping) :: давам на гардероб
check {n} (a checkered pattern) :: шахматна шарка
check {n} (bank order) SEE: cheque ::
checkbook {n} (chequebook) SEE: chequebook ::
checker {n} (One who checks something) :: проверител {m}
checker {n} (The clerk who tallies cost of purchases and accepts payment) :: касиерка {f}, касиер {m}
checker {n} (A playing piece in the game of checkers) :: пул {m}
checkerboard {n} (game board) :: шахматна дъска
checkered {adj} (divided into squares) :: кари́ран
checkered {adj} (changeable) :: пъстър
checkers {n} (draughts) SEE: draughts ::
check in {v} (to record one's arrival) :: регистрирам се, чекирам се
check-in {n} (act of checking in) :: чекиране {n}
checkmate {interj} (said when making the conclusive move in chess) :: мат
checkmate {n} (conclusive victory in a game of chess) :: мат {m}
checkmate {n} (losing situation with no escape) :: мат {m}
checkmate {v} (to put an opponent into checkmate) :: матирам /matiram/
checkmate {v} (to lead to a situation of no escape) :: матирам
checkroom {n} (room where outdoor clothing or luggage may be temporarily stored) :: гардероб
check up {v} :: проверявам
checkup {n} (physical checkup) :: преглед {m}
checkup {n} (routine inspection) :: проверка {f}
cheek {n} (part of face) :: бу̀за {f}, страна́ {f}
cheek {n} (colloquial: buttock) :: бу́за {f}
cheek {n} (colloquial: impudence) :: на́глост {f}, наха́лство {n}
cheekbone {n} (bone) :: скула {f}
cheeky {adj} (impudent; impertinent) :: безочлив, нахален, дързък
cheer {n} (A cheerful attitude; a nice disposition) :: настроение {n}
cheer {n} (A cry of "hurrah", "hurray", "yeah", or some other word expressing joy) :: одобрително възклицание
cheer {v} (To shout a cheer or cheers) :: аплодирам
cheerful {adj} (happy) :: бодър, весел
cheerful {adj} (bright) :: приятен, ободрителен
cheerleader {n} (person (usually female) who encourages applaus) :: мажоретка
cheers {interj} (toast when drinking) :: наздраве
cheer up {v} (to make someone happy) :: ободрявам
cheese {n} (dairy product) :: си́рене {n}, кашкавал {m}
cheese {interj} (said while being photographed) :: зеле
cheesecloth {n} (loosely woven cotton gauze) :: тензух
cheesy {adj} (of cheese) :: от сирене
cheesy {adj} (resembling cheese) :: с вкус на сирене
cheetah {n} (Acinonyx jubatus) :: гепа́рд {m}
chef {n} (head cook of an establishment such as a restaurant) :: главен готвач
Chelyabinsk {prop} (city) :: Челя́бинск {m}
chemical {adj} (relating to chemistry) :: химически
chemical {n} (any specific element or chemical compound) :: химикал {m}
chemise {n} (short nightdress) :: женска риза
chemist {n} (person working in chemistry) :: химик {m}
chemist {n} (pharmacy) SEE: pharmacy ::
chemist {n} (pharmacist) SEE: pharmacist ::
chemistry {n} (branch of natural science) :: хи́мия {f}
chemistry {n} (mutual attraction between two people) :: химия {f}
chemist's {n} (pharmacy) SEE: pharmacy ::
Chemnitz {prop} (city in Saxony) :: Кемниц {m}
cheque {n} (a note promising to pay money to a named person or entity) :: чек {m}
chequebook {n} (folder containing cheques) :: че́кова кни́жка {f}
Cherkessk {prop} (city in Russia) :: Черке́ск {m}
Chernobyl {n} (city in Ukraine) :: Чернобил /Černóbil/
cherry {n} (fruit) :: чере́ша {f} (sweet cherry), ви́шна {f} [sour cherry]
cherry {n} (tree) :: [sweet cherry] чере́ша {f}, [sour cherry] ви́шна {f}
cherry {n} (wood) :: череша {f}
cherry {n} (color) :: черешов {m}
cherry {adj} (flavour) :: черешов, вишнев
cherry pie {n} (flowering plant) SEE: heliotrope ::
cherub {n} (winged creature represented in the Bible as attending on God) :: херуви́м {m}
chervil {n} (spice) :: кервел
chess {n} (two-player board game) :: шах {m}
chessboard {n} (square board used in the game of chess) :: шахма́тна дъска́ {f}
chessman {n} (chess piece) SEE: chess piece ::
chess piece {n} (any of the 16 white and 16 black pieces used in playing the game of chess) :: ша́хматна фигу́ра {f}
chesspiece {n} (chessman) SEE: chess piece ::
chest {n} (strong box) :: кути́я {f}, сандъ̀к {m}
chest {n} (treasury) :: съкро́вищница {m}
chest {n} (chest of drawers) :: скрин {m}
chest {n} (thorax) :: гръден кош {m}
chest {n} (coffin) SEE: coffin ::
chestnut {n} (nut of the chestnut tree) :: ке́стен {m}
chestnut {n} (reddish-brown colour) :: кестеняв
chestnut {n} (reddish-brown horse) :: дорест кон
chestnut {n} (wood of a chestnut tree) :: ке́стен {m}
chestnut {adj} (of a deep reddish-brown colour) :: кестеняв, кестењаст {m}
chest of drawers {n} (furniture for the storage of clothes) :: скрин {m}
chevin {n} (chub) SEE: chub ::
chew {v} (to crush food with teeth prior to swallowing) :: дъ́вча
chewing gum {n} (flavoured preparation for chewing) :: дъ́вка {f}
chiaroscuro {n} (artistic technique using exaggerated light contrasts) :: све́тлося́нка {f}
chic {adj} (elegant, stylish, see also: elegant; stylish) :: елегантен, моден
chic {n} (good form, style) :: елегантност {f}, изисканост {f}, шик {m}
Chicago {prop} (large US city) :: Чика́го {n}
chicane {n} (chicanery) :: двусмислица {f}
chick {n} (young bird) :: пи́ленце {f}, пи́ле {n}
chick {n} (young chicken) :: пиле {n}
chick {n} (young woman) :: ма́цка {f}
chickadee {n} (songbird) :: сини́гер {m}
chicken {n} (bird) :: пиле {n}, ярка {f}
chicken {n} (meat) :: пиле {n}, пилешко {n}
chicken {n} (coward) :: страхливец {m}
chicken coop {n} (small building for poultry) SEE: henhouse ::
chicken pox {n} (childhood disease) :: варицела {f}
chickpea {n} (plant) :: нахут {m}, леблебия {f}
chickpea {n} (seed) :: нахут {m}, леблебия {f}
chickweed {n} (herb) :: врабчови чревца
chicory {n} (Cichorium intybus) :: цикория {f}
chicory {n} (Cichorium endivia) SEE: endive ::
chide {v} (loudly admonish) :: гълча, мъмря
chief {n} (leader of group, etc.) :: вожд {m}, основен, главен
chief {n} (head of an organization) :: шеф {m}, нача́лник {m}, ръководи́тел {m}
chiefly {adv} (mainly) :: главно, предимно
chief of state {n} (the titular head of a nation) SEE: head of state ::
chiffchaff {n} (Phylloscopus collybita) :: елов певец
chilblain {n} (inflammation) :: измръзване, измръзнало място
child {n} (a female or male child, a daughter or son) :: дете́ {n}, ро́жба {f}
child {n} (a minor) :: дете́ {n}
childbirth {n} (act of giving birth) :: раждане {n}
child-fucker {n} (contemptible person) SEE: motherfucker ::
child-fucker {n} (one who engages in sex with a child) SEE: pedophile ::
childhood {n} (state of being a child) :: де́тство {n}
childhood {n} (time when one is a child) :: детство {n} /détstvo/
childish {adj} (suitable for a child) :: детски, бебешки
childish {adj} (behaving immaturely) :: детински, инфантилен
childminder {n} (person who looks after other people's children) :: детегледачка
chile {n} (chili) SEE: chili ::
Chile {prop} (country in South America) :: Чи́ли {n}
Chilean {adj} (pertaining to Chile) :: чилийски
Chilean {n} (person from Chile) :: чилиец {m}, чилийка {f}
chili {n} (spicy fresh or dried fruit of capsicum) :: лют червен пипер
chiliarch {n} (a commander of a thousand troops in Hellenistic Greece) :: хилядник
chili pepper {n} (fruit) :: лю́та чу́шка {f}
chill {n} (sudden penetrating sense of cold) :: хлад {m}, мраз {m}
chill {adj} (moderately cold or chilly) :: студен, хладен
chill {v} (to lower the temperature of something; to cool) :: охлаждам
chill {v} (to harden a metal surface by sudden cooling) :: закалявам
chill {v} (to become cold) :: охладнявам
chill {v} (to become hard by rapid cooling) :: закалявам се
chilli {n} (chili) SEE: chili ::
chill out {v} (relax or take time out) :: успокоявам се, отпускам се
chilly {adj} (cold enough to cause shivering, or suddenly cold) :: студе́н, мразовит
chilly {adj} (distant and cool; unfriendly) :: студе́н, отблъскващ
chime {n} (musical instrument) :: камбанки {p}
chime {n} (individual component thereof) :: камбанка {f}
chime {n} (sound made by a chime) :: камбанен звън {m}
chimera {n} (flame-spewing monster, see also: Chimera) :: химера {f}
Chimera {prop} :: химера {f}
chimney {n} (vertical tube or hollow column; a flue) :: коми́н {m}
chimney {n} (glass flue surrounding the flame of an oil lamp) :: лампено шише
chimney {n} (narrow cleft in a rock face) :: коми́н {m}
chimney sweep {n} (occupation) :: коминочистач {m} /kominočistač/
chin {n} (bottom of a face) :: брада́ {f}
china {n} (porcelain) :: порцелан {m}
China {prop} (country in east Asia) :: Кита́й {m}
Chinatown {n} (a Chinese district outside China) :: кита́йски кварта́л {m}, чайната́ун {m}
chinchilla {n} (rodent) :: чинчила {f}
chine {n} (top of a ridge) :: било, хребет
chine {n} (spine of an animal) :: гръбнак /на животно/
Chinese {prop} (any language spoken in China, see also: Literary Chinese; Mandarin; Cantonese; Wu; Min Nan) :: кита́йски {m}, китайски език {m}
Chinese {prop} (writing system of Chinese) :: китайска писменост {f}, китайски йероглифи {m-p}
Chinese {n} (the people of China) :: китайци {m-p}, китайки {f-p}
Chinese {n} (all people of Chinese descent or self-identity) :: китайци {m-p}, китайки {f-p}
Chinese {n} (person born in China) :: китаец {m}, китайка {f}, китайче {n}
Chinese {n} (Chinese food or meal) :: китайска храна {f}
Chinese {n} :: китаец {m}, китайка {f}
Chinese {adj} (relating to China) :: кита́йски
Chinese {prop} (Mandarin) SEE: Mandarin ::
Chinese character {n} (CJKV character) :: кита́йски йеро́глиф {m}, Хан йеро́глиф {m}
Chinese grapefruit {n} (pomelo) SEE: pomelo ::
Chinese red {adj} (vermilion) SEE: vermilion ::
Chinese whispers {n} (game) :: развален телефон {m}
chink {n} (narrow opening) :: цепнатина, пролука
chink {v} (to fill an opening) :: запушвам пукнатини
chink {n} (slight sound) :: дрънкане
chink {n} (ready money, especially in the form of coins) :: пари, монети
chink {v} (to make a slight sound like that of metal objects touching) :: дрънкам, звънтя
chip {n} (small piece broken off) :: треска {f}, отломка {f}, счупено парче {n}
chip {n} (token used in gambling) :: чип {m}, жетон {m}
chip {n} (fried strip of potato, french fry) :: чипс {p}, пържени картофи {p}
chip {n} (thin, crisp, fried piece of potato or vegetable) :: чипс {p}
chip {v} (to break into small pieces) :: чупя
chip {v} (to break small pieces from) :: отчупвам
chip {v} (to become chipped) :: нащърбвам се
chipboard {n} (A material made from compressed wood chips) :: талашит {m}
chirography {n} (calligraphy or penmanship) :: писане на ръка
chirp {n} (birds) :: чуруликане {n}
chirp {n} (insects) :: цвъртене {p}
chirp {v} (birds) :: чуруликам
chirp {v} (insects) :: цвъртя
chisel {v} (to cheat) SEE: cheat ::
chisel {n} (tool consisting of a slim oblong block of metal) :: длето́ {n}, длъто́ {n}
chisel {v} (to use a chisel) :: дълбая, изсичам
Chisinau {prop} (capital city and a municipality of Moldova) :: Кишинев {m}
Chita {prop} (city in Russia) :: Чита́ {f}
chitin {n} (polymer of N-acetylglucosamine, found in arthropod and fungi) :: хитин {m}
chiton {n} (Greek tunic) :: хитон {m}
chitterlings {n} (small pig intestine, boiled and fried) :: чревца
chivalrous {adj} (of a man: honourable) :: кавалерски, галантен
chivalrous {adj} (involving chivalry) :: рицарски
chivalry {n} (ethical code) :: ри́царство {n}
chivalry {n} (Courteous behavior, especially that of men towards women) :: гала́нтност {f}, кавале́рство {n}
chivvy {v} (to coerce) SEE: coerce ::
chivy {n} (A hunt or chase) :: , лов {m}, преследване {n}
chivy {n} (A hunting cry) :: , ловен вик {m}
chivy {v} (To vex or harass) :: безпокоя, досаждам
chlorine {n} (chemical element) :: хлор {m}
chlorophyll {n} (green pigment) :: хлорофи́л {m}
chock {n} (wooden block used as a wedge or filler) :: клин {m}
chock {n} (nautical: fitting or fixture used to restrict movement, especially movement of a line) :: кнехт {m}
chock {v} (to stop or fasten, as with a wedge, or block) :: запирам, слагам клин
chock full {adj} (containing the maximum amount) :: претъпкан
chocolate {n} (food made from ground roasted cocoa beans) :: шокола́д {m}
chocolate {n} (small piece of confectionery made from chocolate) :: шокола́дов бонбо́н {m}
chocolate {adj} (made of or containing chocolate) :: шоколадов
chocolate {adj} (colour) :: шоколадов
chocolate egg {n} (Easter treat) SEE: Easter egg ::
choice {n} (option or decision) :: избор {m}
choice {n} (selection or preference) :: избор {m}
choice {adj} (especially good or preferred) :: отбран
choir {n} (singing group) :: хор {m}
choir {n} (part of a church for choir assembly) :: хор {m}
choke {v} (be unable to breathe because of obstruction of the windpipe) :: задушавам се, задъхвам се
choke {v} (prevent someone from breathing by strangling them) :: задушавам се, удушвам
choke {n} (control on a carburetor) :: смукач {m}
cholecyst {n} (gall bladder) SEE: gall bladder ::
choleric {adj} (easily becoming angry) :: раздразнителен, сприхав
choose {v} (to choose) SEE: take ::
choose {v} (to pick) :: подби́рам {impf}
choose {v} (to elect) :: избирам
choose {v} (to decide to act in a certain way) :: решавам
choosy {adj} (taking care when choosing that what is chosen best suits one's tastes, desires or requirements) :: взискателен, придирчив
chop {n} (cut of meat) :: пържола {f}, котлет {m}
chop {n} (blow with an axe or similar utensil) :: сечащ удар
chop {n} (dismissal, especially from employment) :: уволнение {n}
chop {v} (to cut into pieces) :: накълцвам, цепя, сека, отсичам
Chopin {prop} (surname) :: Шопен {m}
chopper {n} (helicopter (formal translations)) SEE: helicopter ::
chopper {n} (axe/ax) SEE: axe ::
chopper {n} (knife for chopping food) :: сатър {m}
chopping board {n} (a sturdy board, upon which one chops and prepares food) :: дъска за рязане {f}
choppy {adj} (having many small, rough waves) :: развълнуван
chopstick {n} (single eating utensil) :: пръчица за ядене {f}
chord {n} (combination of three or more notes) :: акорд {m}
chord {n} (straight line) :: хорда {f}
chore {n} (a difficult, unpleasant, or routine task) :: неприя́тна рабо́та
chortle {n} (joyful, somewhat muffled laugh) :: кикотене {n}
chortle {v} (to laugh with a chortle or chortles) :: кикотя се
chorus {n} (group of singers and dancers in the religious festivals of ancient Greece) :: хор {m} /hor/
chorus {n} (group of people in a play or performance who recite together) :: хор {m} /hor/
chorus {n} (singing group who perform together) :: хор {m} /hor/
chorus {n} (repeated part of a song) :: припев {m}, рефрен {m}
chotki {n} (prayer rope) :: броеница /broyenitsa/
chough {n} (bird of Pyrrhocorax) :: червенокрака гарга {f}
chrestomathy {n} :: христоматия
chrism {n} (mixture of oil and balm) :: ми́ро {n}, еле́й {m}
chrismation {n} (sacrament of applying chrism) :: миропомазване
Christ {prop} (title for Jesus of Nazareth) :: Христо́с
Christadelphian {n} (a member of a certain nontrinitarian Christian denomination) :: христаделфианец
Christadelphian {adj} (pertaining to the Christadelphians) :: христаделфиански {m}
christen {v} (to perform the religious act of baptism) :: кръщавам
christen {v} (to name) :: именувам, кръщавам
Christian {n} (member of the Christian religion) :: християнин {m}, христия́нка {f}
Christian {prop} (male given name) :: Кристиан {m}, Христо {m}
Christian {adj} (of, like or relating to Christianity or Christians) :: христия́нски
Christianity {prop} (monotheistic religion) :: христия́нство {n}
Christian name {n} (any forename) SEE: forename ::
Christmas {prop} (Christian holiday) :: Коледа {f}, Рождество Христово {n}
Christmas season {n} (Advent) SEE: Advent ::
Christmas tree {n} (tree used during the Christmas holiday season) :: елха {f}
Christopher {prop} (a male given name) :: Хри́сто {m}
Christ's thorn {n} (tree) :: дра́ка
chromatic {adj} (characterised by hue) :: цветен /cveten/, хроматичен /hromatičen/
chromium {n} (chemical element) :: хром {m}
chromosome {n} (structure in the cell nucleus) :: хромозо́ма {f}, хромозо́м {m}
chronic {adj} (that continues over an extended period of time) :: дълготраен, продължителен
chronic {adj} (medical: prolonged or slow to heal) :: хроничен
chronic {adj} (inveterate or habitual) :: привичен
chronicle {n} (a written account) :: летопис {m}, хроника {f}
chronologic {adj} (chronological) SEE: chronological ::
chronological {adj} (in order of time from the earliest to the latest) :: хронологически
chronology {n} (determining the order of events) :: хронология {f}
chronology {n} (arrangement into chronological order) :: хронология {f}
chrysalis {n} (the pupa of a butterfly or moth) :: какавида {f}
chrysanthemum {n} (flower) :: хризанте́ма {f}
Chrysostom {prop} (epithet) :: Златоуст
château {n} (an estate where wine is produced and often bottled) :: шато {n} /šató/, шата {p} /šatá/
chub {n} (Leuciscus cephalus) :: речен кефал {m}
chubby {n} (erection) SEE: boner ::
chubby {adj} (of a person, somewhat fat) :: пухкав
chuck {n} (meat from the shoulder of a cow) :: телешка плешка
chuck {n} (mechanical device) :: цанга {f}
chuck {v} (to throw carelessly) :: захвърлям
chuck {v} (to discard) :: изхвърлям
chuck {v} (slang: to vomit) :: повръщам
chuckle {n} (a quiet laugh) :: кискане {n}, хихикане
chuckle {v} (to laugh quietly or inwardly) :: кискам се, хихикам
chuckle {v} (to make the sound of chicken) :: кудкудякам
chuff {n} (A coarse or stupid fellow) :: грубиян
chuff {v} (To make noisy puffing sounds) :: пуфкам, пуфтя
Chukotka {prop} (short for Chukchi Peninsula, see also: Chukchi Peninsula) :: Чуко́тка {f}
Chukotka {prop} (short for Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, see also: Chukotka Autonomous Okrug) :: Чуко́тка {f}
chunk {n} (a part of something) :: парче {n}
church {n} (house of worship) :: цъ̀рква {f}, че́рква {f}
church {n} (a religious organization) :: църква {f}
church {n} (worship service) :: църковна служба {f}, литургия {f}
Church of England {prop} (established Christian church in England) :: Църква на Англия {f}
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints {prop} (major denomination of the Latter Day Saint movement) :: Църква на Исус Христос на светиите от последните дни
Church of Scotland {prop} (national Presbyterian church of Scotland) :: Църква на Шотландия {f}
churl {n} (boorish person) :: грубиян {m}
churlish {adj} (rude or surly) :: груб
churlish {adj} (stingy or grudging) :: скъпернически
churn {n} (vessel for churning) :: буталка {f} /butalka/
churro {n} (fried pastry) :: чуро {m}
chute {n} (tube) :: улей {m}
chute {n} (parachute) :: парашут {m}
chutney {n} (condiment) :: лютеница {f}
chutzpah {n} (nearly arrogant courage) :: безсрамие {n}, нахалство {n}
ciao {interj} (hello) SEE: hello ::
ciao {interj} (goodbye) SEE: goodbye ::
ciao {interj} (transliteration of the Italian greeting or farewell) :: ча́о
cicada {n} (any of several insects of the order Hemiptera) :: цикада {f}, жътвар {m}
cicatrice {n} (scar) SEE: scar ::
cicatrix {n} (scar that remains after the development of new tissue) SEE: scar ::
Cicero {prop} (Roman statesman and orator) :: Цицерон {m}
cider {n} (alcoholic beverage) :: ябълково вино {n}
cider {n} (non-alcoholic still beverage) :: ябълков сок {m}
cider {n} (non-alcoholic sparkling beverage) :: сайдер {m}
cigar {n} (tobacco product) :: пура {f}
cigarette {n} (cigarette) :: цига́ра {f}
cigarette lighter {n} (lighter) SEE: lighter ::
cilice {n} (hairshirt) :: власеница
Cilicia {prop} (ancient region) :: Киликия
cilium {n} (hairlike organelle projecting from eukaryotic cell) :: ресна {f}
cinch {n} (saddle girth) :: подпруга {f}
cinch {n} (firm hold) :: влияние {n}, контрол {m}
cinch {v} (to conclude) :: решавам
cinchona {n} :: хининово дърво, кора от него
Cincinnati {prop} (city in Ohio) :: Синсинати
cincture {n} (girdle or belt) :: колан, пояс
cincture {v} (to girdle) :: опасвам
cinder {n} (ember) SEE: ember ::
cinder {n} (partially or mostly burnt material) :: сгурия {f}, пепел {f}
cinder {n} (slag from a metal furnace) :: шлака {f}
cinder {v} (to reduce something to cinders) :: изпепелявам
Cinderella {prop} (fairy tale) :: Пепе́ляшка {f}
Cinderella {prop} (main character in this fairy tale) :: Пепе́ляшка {f}
cinema {n} (movie) SEE: movie ::
cinema {n} (a film/movie theatre) :: кино́ {n}
cinema {n} (film or movies as a group) :: кино {n}
cinema {n} (the film and movie industry) :: кинематогра́фия {f}
cinema {n} (the art of making films and movies) :: кинематогра́фия {f}
cinereous {adj} (colour) :: пепелявосив
cinereous {adj} (like ashes) :: пепеляв
cinnabar {n} (mineral) :: киновар {m}
cinnabar {n} (color) :: цинобър {m}
cinnamon {n} (Cinnamomum verum) :: канелено дърво {n}, канела {f}
cinnamon {n} (spice) :: канела {f}
cinnamon {adj} (flavour) :: канелен
cinnamon {adj} (colour) :: канелен
cinquedea {n} (Italian Renaissance sword) :: чинкуеда {f}, биволски език {m}, анелас {m}
cipher {n} (numeric character) :: цифра {f}
cipher {n} (method for concealing the meaning of text) :: шифриране {n}
cipher {n} (cryptographic system) :: шифър {m}
circa {prep} (approximately, about) :: около, приблизително
circle {n} (geometry: set of points that are equally distant from a center) :: кръг {m}, окръ́жност {f}
circle {n} (geometry: set of all points in a plane within a radius) :: кръг {m}
circle {n} (curve approximating part or all of a circle) :: кръг {m}
circle {n} (specific group of persons) :: кръг {m}, кръжец {m}
circle {v} (travel around along a curved path) :: кръжа
circle {v} (surround) :: заобикалям
circle {v} (travel in circles) :: обикалям
circle {n} (orbit) SEE: orbit ::
circle {n} (indirect form of words) SEE: circumlocution ::
circlet {n} (a small circle) :: кръгче {n}
circlet {n} (a crown without arches or a covering) :: диадема {f}
circuit {n} (space enclosed within a circle) :: кръг
circuit {n} (circumlocution) SEE: circumlocution ::
circuitous {adj} (not direct or to the point) :: обиколен
circuitous {adj} (of a long and winding route) :: околен, обиколен
circular {adj} (of or relating to a circle) :: кръго́в
circular {adj} (in the shape of, or moving in a circle) :: кръ́гъл
circular {adj} (circuitous or roundabout) :: обиколен
circular {adj} (distributed to a large number of persons) :: циркуля́рен
circular {n} (circular letter) :: циркулярно писмо
circulate {v} (to spread or disseminate) :: разпространявам
circulate {v} :: обикалям
circulation {n} (The act of moving in a circle) :: обикаляне {n}, движение в кръг
circulation {n} (The act of passing from place to place or person to person) :: обикаляне {n}
circulation {n} (Currency; circulating coin; notes, bills, etc.) :: обращение {n}
circulation {n} (The extent to which anything circulates or is circulated) :: циркулация {f}
circulation {n} (The movement of the blood in the blood-vascular system) :: кръвообращение {n}
circumcise {v} (to remove the foreskin from the penis) :: обрязвам
circumcise {v} (to remove the clitoris or labia) :: обрязвам
circumcision {n} (removal of foreskin from penis) :: обря́зване {n}
circumcision {n} (female circumcision) SEE: female circumcision ::
circumference {n} (line that bounds a circle or other two-dimensional object) :: периферия {f}
circumference {n} (length of such line) :: обиколка {f}
circumlocution {n} (roundabout or indirect way of speaking) :: увъртане {n}, заобикалки {p}
circumlocution {n} (roundabout expression) :: иносказание
circumnavigation {n} (circumnavigating) :: околосветско плаване
circumscribe {v} (to draw a line around; encircle) :: очертавам, окръжавам
circumscribe {v} (to limit narrowly; restrict) :: ограничавам
circumscribe {v} (to draw a circle, sphere, or higher-dimensional ball) :: описвам
circumspect {adj} (carefully aware of all circumstances) :: внимателен, предпазлив
circumspection {n} (attention to all the facts and circumstances) :: предпазливост
circumstance {n} (that which attends, or relates to, or in some way affects, a fact or event) :: обстоятелство {n}
circumstance {n} (circumlocution; detail) :: подробност {f}
circumstance {n} (condition in regard to worldly estate) :: материално положение {n}
circumvent {v} (to avoid or get around something) :: избягвам, заобикалям
circumvent {v} (to outwit) :: надхитрявам, изигравам
circus {n} (company that travels) :: цирк {m}
circus {n} (round open space) :: кръгъл площад {m}
cirque {n} (something in the shape of a circle) SEE: circle ::
cirque {n} (curved depression in a mountainside) :: циркус {m}
CIS {prop} (Commonwealth of Independent States) :: ОНД
cistern {n} (reservoir for holding water) :: резервоар {m}, цистерна {f}
cistern {n} (flush toilet's container) :: казанче {n}
citadel {n} (a strong fortress that sits high above a city) :: цитаде́ла {f}
citadel {n} (a stronghold or fortified place) :: цитаде́ла {f}
citation {n} (an official summons) :: призовка {f}, изброяване {n}
citation {n} (the act of citing a passage from a book) :: цити́ране {n}
citation {n} (the passage or words quoted; quotation) :: цита́т {m}
citation {n} (a reference to decided cases, or books of authority) :: позоваване {n}
citation needed {phrase} (A portion of a wiki needs to be validated by a source.) :: без източници /bez iztočnici/
cite {v} (quote) SEE: quote ::
cite {n} (citation) SEE: citation ::
citizen {n} (legal member of a state) :: граждани́н {m}
citizen {n} (antonym to "subject") :: граждани́н {m}
citizen {n} (legal resident of a city) :: жи́тел {m}
citizen {n} (resident of any particular place) :: жител {m} /žitel/
citizen {n} (civilian) :: циви́лен {m}
citizenship {n} (state of being a citizen) :: гражда́нство {n}
citron {n} (fruit) :: сладък лимон {m}
city {n} (large settlement) :: град {m}
city {n} (downtown) SEE: downtown ::
city center {n} (downtown) SEE: downtown ::
civic {adj} (Having to do with a city or the people who live there) :: граждански
civics {n} (study of good citizenship and proper membership in a community) :: гражданско право {n}
civil {adj} (Related to people and government office as opposed to military or religion) :: граждански, цивилен
civil {adj} (behaving in a reasonable or polite manner) :: вежлив, учтив
civilian {n} (non-military person) :: циви́лен {m}
civilian {adj} (not related to the military armed forces) :: циви́лен
civilise {v} :: цивилизовам
civility {n} (politeness; behavior which conforms to social conventions) :: вежливост {f}, учтивост {f}
civilization {n} (organized culture) :: цивилизация {f}
civilization {prop} :: цивилизация, цивилизованност, култура
civilize {v} (civilise) SEE: civilise ::
civilized {adj} (having a highly developed society or culture) :: възпитан, културен
civilized {adj} (showing evidence of moral and intellectual advancement) :: цивилизован
civilized {adj} (marked by refinement in taste and manners) :: изтънчен
civil society {n} (institutions, voluntary organizations and corporate bodies) :: гражданско общество {n}
civil war {n} (war between factions within a single country) :: гражда́нска война {f}
Civil War {prop} (civil war) SEE: civil war ::
civvies {n} (mufti (dress)) SEE: mufti ::
clabber {n} (curdled milk) :: кисело мляко {n} /kíselo mljáko/
clack {n} (an abrupt, sharp sound) :: тракане, чукане
clack {n} (chatter) :: бърборене {n}
clack {v} (to make such a sound) :: тракам, чукам
clack {v} (to chatter or babble) :: бърборя {n}
cladding {n} (an outside building covering) :: облицовка {f} /oblicóvka/, обшивка {f} /obšívka/
claim {n} (demand of ownership) :: искане {n}, претенция {f}
claim {n} (demand of ownership for previously unowned land) :: претенция {f}
claim {n} ((law) demand for compensation) :: рекламация {f}
claim {v} (to demand ownership of something) :: изисквам, претендирам
claim {v} (to demand ownership or right to use for land) :: претендирам
claim {v} ((law) to demand compensation) :: правя реламация
claimant {n} (party who initiates a lawsuit) SEE: plaintiff ::
claimant {n} (one who claims) :: ищец
claimer {n} (A pretender to a royal title) :: претендент
clairvoyance {n} (the power to perceive objects that are not accessible to the senses) :: ясновидство {n} /jasnovídstvo/
clairvoyant {adj} (of, or relating to clairvoyance) :: ясновидски
clairvoyant {adj} (able to see things that cannot be perceived by the normal senses) :: проницателен
clairvoyant {n} (person able to see things that cannot be perceived by the normal senses) :: ясновидец {m}
clairvoyant {n} (person able to foresee the future) :: ясновидец {m}
clam {n} (mollusc, see also: mollusc; oyster; mussel) :: мида {f} /mída/
clammy {adj} (Cold and damp) :: студен и влажен
clamor {n} (great outcry or vociferation) :: врява {f}, глъчка {f}
clamor {n} (loud and continued noise) :: шум {m}
clamor {v} (to become noisy insistently) :: крещя
clamp {n} (woodworking tool) :: стяга {f}, скоба {f}, закопчалка {f}
clamp {v} (to fasten in place or together) :: стягам, притискам
clamp {v} (to hold or grip) :: стискам
clan {n} (group having common ancestor) :: клан {m} /klan/
clandestine {adj} (done or kept in secret) :: та́ен, нелега́лен
clang {n} (loud ringing sound) :: звънтеж {m}
clang {v} (intransitive: give out a clang) :: звъня, звънтя
clap {n} (The act of striking the palms of the hands, or any two surfaces, together) :: пляскане {n}, ръкопляскане
clap {n} (Any loud, sudden, explosive sound) :: хлопване {n}, трясък {m}
clap {v} (To strike the palms of the hands together) :: пляскам, ръкопляскам
clap {v} (To applaud by clapping the hands) :: аплодирам
clap {v} (To bring two surfaces together forcefully, creating a sharp sound) :: хлопвам, тряскам
clap {v} (To create or assemble (something) hastily) :: скалъпвам
clap {n} (gonorrhea) :: трипер {m}
clapper {n} (the tongue of a bell) :: ези́к {m}
clapper {n} (rattle) :: кречетало {n}
claque {n} (people hired to applaud or boo) :: клакьори {p}
claret {n} (wine) :: бордо {n} /bordó/
clarification {n} :: изясняване, избистряне, очистване
clarify {v} (to make clear or bright by freeing from feculent matter) :: пречиствам
clarify {v} (to make clear) :: избистрям, изяснявам
clarify {v} (to become clear or transparent) :: избистрям се, изяснявам се
clarify {v} (to clear up) :: пречиствам се
clarinet {n} (woodwind musical instrument) :: кларинет {m}
clarity {n} (the state or measure of being clear) :: чистота {f}, яснота {f}
clash {n} (loud sound) :: трясък {m}
clash {v} (clash) :: тряскам
clash {v} (conflict) :: сблъсквам се
clasp {n} (fastener or holder) :: тока {f}, закопчалка {f}
clasp {v} (take hold of; grab tightly) :: захващам, закопчавам
class {n} (group, collection, category or set sharing characteristics or attributes) :: клас {m}
class {n} (social grouping, based on job, wealth, etc.) :: кла́са {f}
class {n} (division of society into classes) :: кла́са {f}
class {n} (admirable behavior; elegance) :: кла́са {f}
class {n} (group of students in a regularly scheduled meeting with a teacher) :: клас {m}
class {n} (series of classes covering a single subject) :: курс {m}
class {n} (group of students who commenced or completed their education during a particular year) :: на̀бор {m}
class {n} (category of seats in an airplane, train or other means of mass transportation) :: кла̀са {f}
class {n} (classification below Phylum and above Order) :: клас {m}
class {n} ((mathematics) collection of sets definable by a shared property) :: клас {m}
class {n} (military: persons subject to the same draft) :: набор {m}
class {n} ((programming, object-oriented) set of objects possibly differing in state but not behavior) :: клас {m}
class {v} (to assign to a class) :: класифицирам
classic {adj} (exemplary of a particular style) :: класически
classic {adj} (exhibiting timeless quality) :: класически
classic {n} (example) :: образе́ц {m}
classic {n} (lasting work) :: кла́сика {f}
classification {n} (act of forming into classes) :: класификация {f} /klasifikácija/
classmate {n} (student who is in the same class at school) :: съученик {m}
classroom {n} (room in a school) :: кла́сна ста́я {f}
classy {adj} (elegant and fashionable) :: елегантен, изискан, класен
clatter {n} (A rattling noise) :: тракане {n}, тропот {m}
clatter {n} (A loud disturbance) :: тупурдия {f}
clatter {v} (To cause to make a rattling sound) :: тракам, тропам
clatter {v} (To make a rattling noise) :: тракам, тропам
clatter {v} (To chatter noisily or rapidly) :: трополя, дрънкам
clause {n} (grammar: group of words which include a subject and any necessary predicate) :: подчинено изречение {n}
clause {n} (legal: separate part of a contract) :: клауза {f}, параграф {m}
clavate {adj} (resembling a club) :: с форма на бухалка
clavicle {n} (collar bone) :: ключица {f}
clavis {n} (glossary) SEE: glossary ::
claw {n} (curved horny nail) :: но́кът {m}
claw {n} (pincer of a crustacean) :: щипка
clay {n} (mineral substance) :: глина {f}
clay {n} (tennis court surface) :: корт {m}
clean {adj} (not dirty) :: чист
clean {adj} (in an unmarked condition) :: чист
clean {adj} (pure, especially morally or religiously) :: чист
clean {adj} (without restrictions or penalties) :: чист
clean {n} (first part of "clean and jerk" weightlifting) :: изтласкване {n}
clean {v} ((transitive) to remove dirt from a place or object) :: чи́стя {impf}
clean {v} ((transitive) to tidy up) :: разтребвам
clean {v} ((intransitive) to make things clean) :: почиствам
clean {adv} (fully and completely) :: напълно, изцяло
clean {adj} (empty) SEE: empty ::
clean-cut {adj} (having a neat, smart appearance) :: ясен, определен
cleaner {n} (person who cleans) :: чистач {m}, чистачка {f}
clean-handed {adj} :: невинен, честен
cleanliness {n} (the property of being cleanly) :: чистота́ {f}
cleanse {v} (clean, purify) :: изчиствам, почиствам
cleanse {v} (spiritually purify) :: пречиствам
cleanser {n} (detergent) SEE: detergent ::
clear {adj} (distinct) SEE: distinct ::
clear {adj} (transparent in colour) :: чист, прозрачен
clear {adj} (bright, not obscured) :: ясен, светъл
clear {adj} (free of obstacles) :: свободен
clear {adj} (without clouds) :: ясен
clear {adj} (free of ambiguity or doubt) :: несъмнен
clear {adv} (all the way) :: съвсем, напълно
clear {adv} (not near or touching something) :: покрай
clear {v} (to remove obstructions or impediments) :: разчиствам
clear {v} (to eliminate ambiguity or doubt; to clarify) :: изяснявам
clear {v} (to remove from suspicion) :: оправдавам
clear {v} (to become clear) :: освобождавам се
clearance {n} (act of clearing or something cleared) :: разчистване {n}
clearance {n} (distance between two moving objects) :: луфт {m}
clearance {n} (sale of merchandise at a reduced price) :: разпродажба {f}
clearance {n} (finance: processing of payments at a clearing house) :: клиринг {m}
clearance {n} (medicine: removal of harmful substances from the blood) :: пречистване {n}
clearing {n} (act or process of making or becoming clear) :: разчистване {n}, проясняване
clearing {n} (area of land within a wood or forest devoid of trees) :: сечище {n}, просека {f}
clearing {n} (process of completing and settling transactions centrally) :: клиринг {m}
clearly {adv} (in a clear manner) :: ясно, очевидно
clear-sighted {adj} (having sharp vision) :: проницателен, прозорлив
cleat {n} (device to secure a rope) :: кнехт {m}
cleavage {n} (the act of cleaving or the state of being cleft) :: разцепване, разцепление {n}
cleavage {n} (separation between breasts) :: цепка {f} /cépka/
cleavage {n} (biology: cell division) :: деление {n}
cleavage {n} (mineralogy: tendency of a crystal to split) :: цепимост {f}
cleaver {n} (a squarish knife used for hacking) :: сатъ́р {m}
clef {n} (musical symbol) :: ключ {m}
cleft {n} (opening made or as if made by splitting) :: цепнатина {f}, цепка {f}
cleft lip {n} (harelip) SEE: harelip ::
clematis {n} (any plant of the genus Clematis) :: повет {m}, клематис {m}
clemency {n} (moderation of the severity of a punishment) :: смекчаване {n}
clemency {n} (forgiveness or compassion) :: милосърдие {n}
clement {adj} (lenient or merciful; charitable) :: милостив, милосърден
clement {adj} (mild) :: мек
Cleopatra {prop} (a given name of women in the Ptolemy dynasty) :: Клеопа́тра {f}
clepsydra {n} (water clock) :: воден часовник
clergy {n} (people trained to officiate at religious ceremonies and services) :: духове́нство {n}
clerical {adj} (of or relating to clerks or their work) :: канцеларски
clerical {adj} (of or relating to the clergy) :: свещенически, духовен
clerk {n} (one working with records etc.) :: чиновник {m}
Cleveland {prop} (city in Ohio) :: Кли́вланд {m}
clever {adj} (nimble with hands or body) :: сръчен, изкусен
clever {adj} (skillful) :: способен, даровит
clever {adj} (mentally quick or sharp) :: у́мен
clever {adj} (showing inventiveness or originality) :: изобретателен
cleverness {n} (being clever, mentally sharp) :: интелигентност {f}, способност {f}
clew {n} (clue) SEE: clue ::
clew {n} (ball of thread) :: кълбо {n}
click {n} (sharp sound) :: щракане {n}
click {n} (in phonetics) :: цъкащ звук {m}
click {n} (act of operating a switch, etc., so that it clicks) :: цъкане {n}
click {n} (act of pressing a button on a computer mouse) :: кликване {n}
click {v} (transitive: operate so as to make click) :: щраквам
click {v} (transitive: press and release (button on a mouse)) :: кликвам
click {interj} (sound of a click) :: щрак
client {n} (a customer or receiver of services) :: клиент {m}
client {n} (person who receives help or advice from a professional person) :: довереник {m}
clientele {n} (body of clients who frequent an establishment) :: клиентела {f} /klientéla/
cliff {n} (a (near) vertical rock face) :: канара {f}
climate {n} (long-term atmospheric conditions) :: кли́мат {m}
climate {n} (context in general of a particular political, moral etc. situation) :: кли́мат {m}
climate change {n} (changes in the Earth's climate) :: изменение на климата /ízmenenie ná klímata/
climatic {adj} (of, relating to or influenced by climate) :: климатичен
climatologist {n} (scholar of climatology) :: климатолог {m}
climatology {n} (science) :: климатоло́гия {f}
climax {n} (the peak of sexual pleasure) SEE: orgasm ::
climax {n} (point of greatest intensity or force) :: кулминация {f}, кулминационна точка
climb {v} (to ascend, to go up) :: качвам се, изкачвам се
climb {v} (to mount, to move upwards on) :: катеря се
climber {n} (one who climbs) :: катерач {m}, алпинист {m}
climber {n} (plant that climbs) :: пълзящо растение
cling {v} (hold tightly) :: прилепвам, придържам се о
clingfish {n} (marine fish) :: риба-прилепало
clingstone {n} (stone fruit) :: с неотделяща се костилка
clinic {n} (medical facility) :: кли́ника {f}
clinical {adj} (of or pertaining to a medical clinic or facility) :: клиничен
clinical examination {n} (physical examination) SEE: physical examination ::
clinical psychology {n} (branch of psychology) :: клинична психология
clinker {n} (fetters) SEE: fetter ::
clip {v} (to grip tightly) :: защипвам
clip {v} (to fasten with a clip) :: прикачам (с кламер)
clip {n} (something which clips or grasps; a device for attaching one object to another.) :: скоба {f}, щипка {f}, кламер {m}
clip {n} ((obsolete) an embrace) :: прегръдка {f}
clip {v} (to cut, especially with scissors or shears as opposed to a knife etc) :: стрижа, кастря, подрязвам
clip {v} ((dialectal, informal) to strike with the hand) :: удрям
clip {n} (something which has been clipped) :: клип {m}
clip {n} (an act of clipping) :: стригане {n}, подрязване
clipping {n} (action of the verb "to clip") :: кастрене {n}, подрязване {n}
clipping {n} (piece of something removed by clipping) :: отрязък {m}, изрезка {f}
clipping {n} (article clipped from a newspaper) :: изрезка {f}
clique {n} (small, exclusive group) :: клика {f} /klíka/
clitoral {adj} (of, or relating to the clitoris) :: клиторен
clitorial {adj} (clitoral) SEE: clitoral ::
clitoris {n} (elongated erectile organ) :: кли́тор {m}
cloaca {n} (anatomical feature of birds etc) :: клоака {f} /kloáka/
cloak {n} (cape) :: плащ, наметало, аба {f} /abá/
cloak {n} (blanket-like covering, often metaphorical) :: покривало {n}
cloakroom {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet ::
cloakroom {n} (room for coats) :: гардеробна {f}
cloakroom {n} (room for luggage) :: гардероб {m}
cloakroom {n} (private lounge) :: кулоари {p}
clobber {v} (to hit or bash severely) :: бия, налагам
cloche {n} (women's hat) :: клоше
clock {n} (instrument to measure or keep track of time) :: часо́вник {m}
clock {v} (measure the duration of) :: измервам време
clock {v} (measure the speed of) :: измервам скорост
clock {v} (slang: take notice of) :: забелязвам
clock {n} (pattern near heel of a sock or stocking) :: багет {m}
clock face {n} (the surface of a clock that contains the dial and hands) :: цифербла́т {m}
clockwise {adv} (in a circular fashion in the same direction as the hands of an analogue clock) :: по посока на часовнковата стрелка
clockwisely {adv} (clockwise) SEE: clockwise ::
clockwork {n} (mechanism powered by coiled spring to drive mechanical device) :: часовников механизъм
clod {n} (lump of something, especially of earth or clay) :: буца {f}
clod {n} (stupid person) :: глупак {m}
cloddish {adj} (a person who is foolish) :: глупав, недодялан
cloddish {adj} (of or pertaining to lumpy soil) :: на буци
clog {n} (a blockage) :: пречка {f}, препятствие {n}
clog {v} (to block or slow passage through) :: преча, задръствам
cloister {n} (covered walk with an open colonnade) :: покри́та арка́да {f}
cloister {n} (place devoted to religious seclusion) :: манасти́р {m}
close {v} (obstruct (an opening)) :: затва́рям {impf}
close {v} (move (a door)) :: затва́рям {impf}
close {v} (put an end to) :: приключвам, закривам
close {n} (end or conclusion) :: край {m}, завършек {m}, закриване {n}
close {adj} (at a little distance) :: бли́зък, бли́жен
close {adj} (intimate) :: бли́зък
close {n} (street) :: задънена улица
closed {adj} (not open) :: затворен
closed {adj} (not public) :: ограничен
closefisted {adj} (stingy) :: стиснат, свидлив
closemouthed {adj} (reticent, secretive or uncommunicative) :: мълчалив, необщителен
closeness {n} (proximity) SEE: proximity ::
closeness {n} (The state of being friends) :: приятелство {n} /prijátelstvo/
closeness {n} (The state of being mean or stingy) :: стиснатост {f} /stisnatost/
closeness {n} (The state of being secretive) :: потайност {f} /potajnost/
closet {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet ::
closet {n} (furniture) :: стенен гардероб, килер {m}, шкаф {m}, гардеро́б {m}
closeup {n} (A film made with the camera close to) :: близък план
closing {n} (end or conclusion) :: закриване {n}, затваряне {n}
closing {adj} (coming after all others) :: заключителен /zaključítelen/, последен /posléden/
closure {n} (event signifying an ending) :: закриване {n}
clot {n} (blood clot) :: съсирек {m}
clot {n} (a silly person) :: глупак {m} /glupak/
clot {v} (to form into a clot) :: съсирвам се, пресичам се
cloth {n} (woven fabric) :: платно {n}, сукно {n}
cloth {n} (piece of cloth) :: парца́л {m}
clothe {v} (adorn with clothing) :: обличам
clothes {n} (apparel) :: облекло́ {n}, дре́хи {p}
clothes moth {n} (insect) :: молец {m}
clothes peg {n} (an object used to attach wet laundry to a clothesline) :: щи́пка {f}
clothespin {n} (a clip or fastener) SEE: clothes peg ::
clothing {n} (clothes) :: облекло́ {n}, дре́хи {p}
cloud {n} (visible mass of water droplets suspended in the air) :: о́блак {m}
cloud {n} (mass of dust, steam or smoke) :: облак {m}
cloudberry {n} (species) :: дива къпина
cloudberry {n} (fruit) :: дива къпина {f}
clouded {adj} :: облачен, заоблачен
cloudy {adj} (covered with or characterised by clouds) :: о́блачен, зао́блачен
cloudy {adj} (not transparent; not clear) :: мътен, непрозрачен
cloudy {adj} (uncertain; unclear) :: неясен, объркан
clout {n} (informal: blow with the hand) :: плесница {f}
clout {n} (swaddling cloth) :: парцал {m}
clout {n} (piece of cloth) :: парцал {m}, парче плат
clout {n} (piece, fragment) :: парче {n}
clout {v} (hit, especially with the fist) :: удрям
clove {n} (spice) :: карамфил {m}
clove {n} (constitutive bulb of garlic) :: скилидка {f}
cloven {adj} (split or divided) :: разцепен, раздвоен
clove pink {n} (carnation) SEE: carnation ::
clover {n} (plant in genus Trifolium) :: детелина {f}
clown {n} (performance artist working in a circus) :: кло́ун {m}
clown {n} (person acting in a silly fashion) :: шут {m}, паля́чо {n}
cloy {v} (fill up) :: пресищам се
cloy {v} (satiate) :: пресищам се
cloy {v} (fill to loathing) :: втръсвам се
club {n} (weapon) :: сопа {f}, тояга {f}
club {n} (association of members) :: клуб {m}
club {n} (playing card symbol, ♣) :: спатия {f}, трефа {f}
club {n} (hitting implement) :: па́лка {f}
club {v} (to hit with a club) :: удрям с тояга
club {v} (to join together to form a group) :: обединявам се в клуб
club moss {n} (any member of the family Lycopodiaceae) :: плавун {m}
clubs {n} (plural of club) SEE: club ::
cluck {n} (sound made by hen) :: кудкудякане {n}
cluck {v} (to produce cluck sound) :: кудкудякам
clue {n} (information that may lead one to a certain point or conclusion) :: указа́ние {n}
clue {n} (object or marking that may be used in evidence) :: ули́ка {f}
clump {n} (cluster) :: буца {f}
clump {n} (dull thud) :: тропот {m}
clumsy {adj} (awkward, lacking coordination, not graceful, not dextrous) :: тромав, несръчен
clunker {n} (decrepit motor car) :: таратайка {f}
cluster {n} (group or bunch of something) :: грозд {m}, кичур {m}, китка {f}
cluster {n} (group of galaxies or stars) :: рой {m}
cluster {v} (Form into a cluster) :: трупам се
clutch {v} (to grip or grasp tightly) :: сграбчвам, вкопчвам се
clutch {n} (A device to interrupt power transmission) :: съединител {m}, амбриаж {m}
clutch {n} (The pedal in a car that disengages power transmission) :: съединител {m}, амбриаж {m}
clutch {n} (A group or bunch) :: люпило {n}
clutter {n} (a confused disordered jumble of things) :: врява {f}, бъркотия {f}
clutter {v} (to fill something with clutter) :: вдигам шум
c'mere {contraction} (here) SEE: here ::
c'mere {contraction} (come) SEE: come ::
coach {n} (wheeled vehicle drawn by horse power) :: пощенска кола
coach {n} (rail passenger car) :: вагон {m}
coach {n} (trainer) :: треньор {m}
coach {v} (sports: train) :: тренирам
coadjutor {n} (assistant) SEE: assistant ::
coagulate {v} :: съсирвам се, коагулирам
coagulation {n} (process of forming clots from blood) :: съсирване {n} /sâsirvane/
coal {n} (uncountable: carbon rock) :: въ́глища {p}, ка́менни въ́глища {p}
coal {n} (countable: carbon rock) :: въглен {m}
coalesce {v} (to join into a single mass) :: сливам се, обединявам се
coalesce {v} (to form from different elements) :: сливам се
coalescence {n} (act of coalescing) :: сливане {n}, обединяване {n}
coalfield {n} (region containing deposits of coal) :: за́леж от ка́менни въ̀глища {m}
coal gas {n} (poisonous gas) :: светилен газ
coalition {n} (group of organizations) :: коали́ция {f}
coalman {n} :: въглекопач
coal tar {n} (black viscous tar) :: каменовъглен катран
coal tit {n} (coal tit) :: черен синигер {m}, боров синигер {m}
coarse {adj} (of inferior quality) :: долнокачествен
coarse {adj} (not refined) :: груб, необработен
coast {n} (edge of land meeting ocean, sea, gulf, bay) :: морски бряг, крайбрежие
coastguard {n} (enforcer of maritime law) :: брегова охрана {f}
coastline {n} (the shape of a coast) :: брегова линия {f} /bregová línija/
coat {n} (outer garment covering the upper torso and arms) :: сако {n}, жакет {m}, пардесю́ {n}, палто́ {n}
coat {n} (covering of material, such as paint) :: покритие {n}
coat {v} (to cover with a coat of some material) :: намазвам, покривам
coat hanger {n} (device used to hang up coats, shirts, etc) :: закачалка {f}
coating {n} (a thin outer layer) :: слой {m}, облицовка {f}
coat of arms {n} (hereditary design depicted on an escutcheon) :: герб {m}
coax {v} (persuade gradually) :: уговарям, склонявам
coax {n} (coaxial cable) :: коаксиален кабел
cob {n} (gull) SEE: gull ::
cob {n} (male swan) :: мъжки лебед
cob {n} (bread roll) SEE: bread roll ::
cob {n} (corncob) SEE: corncob ::
cobalt {n} (chemical element) :: коба́лт {m}
cobble {v} (to make shoes) :: кърпя обуща
cobble {v} (to assemble in an improvised manner) :: правя нещо как да е
cobble {n} (cobblestone) SEE: cobblestone ::
cobbler {n} (person who repairs shoes) :: обуща́р {m}
cobbler {n} (kind of pie) :: плодов сладкиш
cobbler {n} (policeman) :: ченге {n}
cobblestone {n} (a rounded stone) :: объл камък
cobra {n} (venomous snake) :: ко́бра {f}
cobweb {n} (a spider’s web) SEE: spiderweb ::
coca {n} (the dried leaf of a South American shrub (Erythroxylon coca)) :: кока {f}
Coca-Cola {n} (Coke) SEE: Coke ::
Coca-Cola {prop} (particular carbonated soft drink) :: Кока Ко́ла {f}
cocaine {n} (the narcotic) :: кокаин {m}
coccyx {n} ((medical) final fused vertebrae) :: опашна кост
cochlea {n} (the complex, spirally coiled, tapered cavity of the inner ear) :: ушен охлюв
cock {n} (slang: penis) SEE: dick ::
cock {n} (any male bird) :: мъжка птица
cock {n} (hammer of a firearm trigger mechanism) :: ударник {m}
cock {v} (to turn upwards or to the side) :: щръквам, вирвам
cock {n} (small pile) :: купа {f}
cock {n} (male chicken; male gallinaceous bird) SEE: rooster ::
cockade {n} (a rosette worn in a hat as an office or party badge) :: кокарда {f} /kokárda/
cock-a-doodle-doo {interj} (cry of the rooster) :: кукуригу
cockatoo {n} (a bird) :: какаду
cockchafer {n} (beetle of genus Melolontha) :: майски бръмбар {m}
cockcrow {n} (dawn) :: разсъмване, първи петли
cockerel {n} (young male chicken) :: петле {n} /pétle/
cockle {n} (wrinkle) SEE: wrinkle ::
cockle {n} (any of various edible European bivalve mollusks) :: сърцевидна мида {f}
cockle {n} (any of several weeds, such as the corn cockle) :: къклица {f}
cockloft {n} (small attic or garret) :: мансарда
cockpit {n} (space for pilot and crew in an aircraft) :: пилотска кабина
cockroach {n} (type of insect) :: хлеба́рка {f}
cockscomb {n} (fleshy red crest of a rooster) :: гребен {m}
cockscomb {n} (Celosia cristata) :: петльов гребен
cock-sparrow {n} (a male sparrow) :: врабец {m}
cocksure {adj} (overconfident) :: самонадеян, наперен
cocksureness {n} (the state or condition of being cocksure) :: арогантност {f} /arogántnost/
cocktail {n} (alcoholic beverage) :: коктейл {m}
cocoa {n} (partially fermented seeds of cacao tree) :: кака́о {n}
cocoa {n} (hot drink) :: кака́о {n}
cocoa {n} (powder) SEE: cocoa powder ::
cocoa powder {n} (powder from cocoa solids) :: кака́о {n}
coconut {n} (fruit of coco palm) :: коко́с {m}, коко́сов оре́х {m}
coconut {n} (shelled seed) :: коко́с {m}, коко́сов оре́х {m}
coconut {n} (edible flesh of coconut fruit) :: коко́с {m}
coconut {n} (coconut palm) SEE: coconut palm ::
coconut palm {n} (Cocos nucifera) :: коко́сова палма {m}
cocoon {n} (protective case) :: пашкул {m}, какавида {f}
cod {n} (marine fish of the family Gadidae) :: тре́ска {f}
coddle {v} (to treat gently or with great care) :: глезя, угаждам
coddle {v} (to cook slowly in hot water) :: къкря, варя на бавен огън
code {n} (body of law) :: ко́декс {m}
code {n} (system of principles, rules or regulations) :: ко́декс {m}
code {n} (set of rules for converting information) :: код {m}
code {n} (cryptographic system) :: код {m}, ши́фър {m}
code {v} :: шифровам, кодирам
codec {n} (A device or program capable of performing transformations on a data stream or signal) :: кодек {m}
codfish {n} (cod) SEE: cod ::
codify {v} (to reduce to a code) :: кодирам
coefficient {adj} (cooperating) :: съдействащ
coefficient {n} (algebraic constant) :: фа́ктор {m}, коефицие́нт {m}
coefficient {n} (measure of some property or characteristic) :: коефицие́нт {m}
coefficient of friction {n} (ratio) :: коефициент на триене {m}
coenzyme {n} (small molecule that is necessary for the functioning of an enzyme) :: кофактор {m} /kofaktor/
coerce {v} (to use force, threat, or intimidation in attempt to compel one to act against his will) :: принуждавам, заставям
coercion {n} (actual or threatened force for the purpose of compelling action by another person) :: принуда, насилие
coercive {adj} (tendency to coerce) :: принудителен
coetaneous {adj} (contemporary) SEE: contemporary ::
coeval {adj} (of the same age) :: съвременен /sǎvreménen/
coeval {n} (something of the same era) :: съвременник {m} /sǎvreménnik/, съвременница {f} /sǎvreménnica/
coexistence {n} (two or more things existing together) :: съвместно съществуване {n}
coffee {n} (beverage) :: кафе́ {n}
coffee {n} (beans) :: кафе́ {n}
coffee {n} (plant) :: кафе {n}
coffee {n} (colour) :: кафе́ {n}
coffee bar {n} (establishment that sells coffee) SEE: café ::
coffeehouse {n} (café) SEE: café ::
coffee pot {n} (pot for coffee) :: кафени́к {m}, ка́на за кафе́ {f}
coffee shop {n} (café) SEE: café ::
coffer {n} (strongbox) :: каса {f}, сейф {m}
coffer {n} (architecture: ornamental sunken panel) :: касе́та {f}
coffin {n} (box in which a dead person is buried) :: ковче́г {m}
coffin {v} (place in a coffin) :: полагам /polagam/
cog {n} (tooth on a gear) :: зъбец {m}
cog {n} (gear; a cogwheel) :: зъбно колело {n}
cog {n} (carpentry: a projection or tenon) :: цапфа {f}
cogent {adj} (reasonable and convincing; based on evidence) :: състоятелен, достоверен
cogent {adj} (forcefully persuasive) :: убедителен
cogitable {adj} (conceivable) SEE: conceivable ::
cogitate {v} (to meditate, to ponder, to think deeply) :: размислям, размишлявам
cogitate {v} (to consider, to devise) :: разглеждам, обмислям
cogitation {n} (process of cogitating) :: размишление
cognac {n} (type of brandy) :: коня́к {m}
cognate {adj} (derived from the same roots) :: родствен, сроден
cognition {n} (process of knowing) :: познание {n} /poznánie/, знание {n} /znánije/
cognitive psychology {n} (branch of psychology) :: когнитивна психология /kognitivna psixologija/
cognizance {n} (awareness) :: знание {n}, осведоменост {f}
cognizant {adj} (aware) :: осведомен, наясно
cognize {v} (to know or be aware of) :: узнавам, забелязвам
cognomen {n} (surname) :: презиме {n}
cognomen {n} (nickname) :: прякор {m}
cog wheel {n} (gear wheel) SEE: gear wheel ::
cogwheel {n} (gear wheel) SEE: gear wheel ::
cohabit {v} (live together as if married) :: съжи́телствувам {impf}
cohabitation {n} (act of living together) :: съжителство {n}
cohere {v} (to stick together) :: прилепвам
cohere {v} (to be consistent as part of a group) :: съгласувам се
coherence {n} (quality of cohering; of being coherent) :: съгласуваност {f}
coherence {n} (logical arrangements of parts) :: свързване {n}
coherence {n} (having the same wavelength and phase) :: кохерентност {f}
coherent {adj} (sticking together) :: свързан, съгласуван
coherent {adj} (orderly, logical and consistent) :: ясен, последователен
coherent {adj} (of waves having the same direction, wavelength and phase) :: кохерентен
cohesion {n} (the state of cohering, or of sticking together) :: сцепление {n}
cohesion {n} (the various intermolecular forces that hold solids and liquids together) :: кохезия {f}
cohesive {adj} (having cohesion) :: свързващ, зацепващ
cohort {n} (abettor) SEE: abettor ::
cohort {n} (accomplice) SEE: accomplice ::
cohort {n} (associate) SEE: associate ::
cohort {n} (colleague) SEE: colleague ::
coiffure {n} (hairstyle) SEE: hairstyle ::
coil {n} (something wound) :: намо́тка {f}, нави́вка {f}
coil {n} (intra-uterine contraceptive device) :: спира́ла {f}
coil {n} (electrical) :: боби́на {f}
coil {v} (wind into regular rings) :: навивам, намотавам
coil {v} (wind into loops) :: намотавам
Coimbra {prop} (city and municipality in Coimbra, Portugal) :: Коѝмбра
coin {n} ((currency) a piece of currency) :: моне́та {f}
coin {n} (a token used in a special establishment like a casino) :: жето́н {m}
coin {v} (to create coins) :: сека
coin {v} (to make up or invent, and establish) :: измислям, изфабрикувам
coinage {n} (currency) SEE: currency ::
coincide {v} (to occupy exactly the same space) :: съвпадам
coincide {v} (to occur at the same time) :: съвпадам
coincide {v} (to correspond) :: съответствувам
coincidence {n} (of objects, property of being coincident) :: съвпадение {n}, съвпадение {n}
coincident {adj} (occurring at the same time) :: съвпадащ
coincident {adj} (being in the same location) :: съвпадащ
coincident {adj} (being in accordance) :: съответен
coition {n} (sexual intercourse) :: съвокупление
coke {n} (coal product) :: кокс {m}
coke {n} (Coke) SEE: Coke ::
Coke {n} (informal: any cola-flavored drink) :: кола {f}
col {n} (dip between mountain peaks) :: проход, седловина
cola {n} (drink) :: ко́ла {f}
colander {n} (a bowl-shaped kitchen utensil with holes in it used for draining food such as pasta) :: решето {n}, гевгир {m}
cold {adj} (having a low temperature) :: студе́н
cold {adj} (of the weather) :: студе́н
cold {adj} (of a person) :: хладен, равнодушен
cold {adj} (unfriendly) :: неприветлив, хладен
cold {adj} (unprepared) :: неподготвен, неподготвен
cold {n} (low temperature) :: студ {m}
cold {n} (illness) :: просту́да {f}
cold-blooded {adj} (lacking emotion or compunction) :: хладнокръвен, безчувствен
cold-blooded {adj} (having an unregulated body temperature) SEE: ectothermic ::
cold day in Hell {n} (an event that will never happen) :: когато цъфнат налъмите /kogáto cǎfnat nalǎmite/ (when pattens blossom)
cold fusion {n} (hypothetical form of nuclear fusion) :: студен термоядрен синтез {m} /studén termojadren síntez/
cold-hearted {adj} (callous or heartless) :: коравосърдечен
coldness {n} (the relative lack of heat) :: студенина {f} /studenina/
coldness {n} (the sensation) :: хлад {m} /hlad/, студ {m} /stud/
coldness {n} (limited enthusiasm or affection) :: хладност {f} /hládnost/, нелюбезност {f} /neljubéznost/ [unfriendliness]
cold war {n} (a period of hostile relations) :: студена война {f}
Cold War {prop} (a period of history from 1945-1991) :: студе́на война́ {f}
cole {n} (cabbage) SEE: cabbage ::
coleus {n} (plant) :: копривка
colic {n} (abdominal pain) :: ко́лика {f}, [usually plural] ко́лики {f-p}
collaborate {v} (to work together on a piece of work) :: сътруднича
collaborate {v} (to cooperate treasonably) :: колаборирам
collage {n} (picture made by sticking other pictures onto a surface) :: кола́ж {m}
collapse {v} (to fall down suddenly; to cave in) :: срутвам се
collapse {v} (to cause to collapse) :: срутвам
collapse {n} (act of collapsing) :: срутване {n}
collapsible {adj} (that can be collapsed) :: разглобяем, сгъваем
collar {n} (fabric garment part fitting around throat) :: я́ка {f}
collar {n} (chain worn around the neck) :: огърлица {f}
collar {n} (detachable collar) :: я́ка {f}
collar {n} (device for restraining animal) :: нашийник {m}
collar {n} (part of harness) :: хомот {m}
collar {n} (the neck or line of junction between the root of a plant and its stem) :: коро́на {f}
collar {v} (to arrest) SEE: arrest ::
collarbone {n} (clavicle) SEE: clavicle ::
collate {v} (examine diverse documents etc.) :: сравнявам /sravnjávam/
collate {v} (assemble something in a logical sequence) :: съпоставям /sǎpostavjam/
collateral {adj} (parallel, along the same vein) :: успореден
collateral {adj} (corresponding, accompanying) :: съпътствуващ
collateral {adj} (aside from the main subject, target) :: косвен
colleague {n} (fellow member of a profession) :: коле́га {m}, коле́жка {f}
collect {v} (to gather together) :: съби́рам {impf}, събера́ {pf}, натрупвам
collect {v} (to get from someone) :: инкасирам
collect {v} (to accumulate items for a hobby) :: колекционирам
collected {adj} (Cool-headed, emotionally stable, in focus) :: съсредоточен, хладнокръвен
collection {n} (set of items) :: сбор {m}, събиране {n}
collection {n} (multiple related objects) :: сбирка {f}, колекция {f}
collection {n} (activity of collecting) :: събиране {n}
collective {adj} (in grammar) :: събирателен
collective noun {n} (noun referring to a group of similar things) :: събирателно съществително {n} /sǎbirátelno sǎštestvítelno/
Collective Security Treaty Organisation {prop} (intergovernmental military alliance) :: Организация на Договора за колективна сигурност {f}
collectivization {n} (the act of collectivizing) :: колективиза́ция {f}
collector {n} (person or thing that collects) :: събирач {m}, колекционер {m}
collector {n} (person who is employed to collect payments) :: инкасатор {m}
collector {n} (amplified terminal on a bipolar junction transistor) :: колектор {m}
collegiate {adj} (of, or relating to a college, or college students) :: университетски, академичен
collide {v} (to impact directly, especially if violent) :: сблъсквам се, удрям се
collie {n} (group of dog breeds) :: коли {n}
collier {n} (person) :: въглекопач {m}
collier {n} (vessel) :: въглевоз {m}
colliery {n} (underground coal mine) :: каменовъглена мина
colligate {v} (to formally link or connect together logically) :: свързвам, обединявам
collision {n} (collision) SEE: wreck ::
collision {n} (instance of colliding) :: сблъскване {n}
collocate {v} (arrange side by side) :: нареждам, поставям едно до друго
collocate {v} (occur side by side) :: намирам се един до друг
collocutor {n} (any of the people engaged in a conversation) :: събеседник
colloid {n} (stable system of two phases) :: колоид {m}
colloquial {adj} (of oral communication language) :: разговорен {m}
colloquy {n} (conversation, dialogue) :: разговор, събеседване
colloquy {n} (formal conference) :: разискване
collusion {n} (conspiracy) :: та́йно споразуме́ние {n}, конспира́ция {f}, съглаша́телство {n}
cologne {n} (eau de Cologne) :: одеколо́н {m}
Cologne {prop} (city in Germany) :: Кьолн {m}
Colombia {prop} (country in South America) :: Колу́мбия {f}
colon {n} (punctuation mark) :: двоето́чие {n}
colon {n} (the last part of the digestive system) :: колон {m}
colonel {n} (commissioned office in the armed services) :: полковник {m}
colonial {adj} (Of or pertaining to a colony) :: колониален
colonial {adj} (of or pertaining to a period when a country or territory was a colony) :: колониален
colonial {adj} (US: Of or relating to the style of architecture) :: колониален
colonise {v} (to begin a new colony) :: колонизирам /kolonizíram/
colonist {n} (a founder of a colony) :: колонист {m}
colonization {n} (process of establishing a colony) :: колониза́ция {f}
colonizer {n} (colonist) SEE: colonist ::
colonnade {n} (a series of columns at regular intervals) :: колонада {f} /kolonáda/
colony {n} (region or governmental unit) :: коло́ния {f}
colony {n} (group of organisms) :: коло́ния {f}
colophony {n} (rosin) SEE: rosin ::
color {n} (spectral composition of visible light) :: цвят {m}
color {n} (particular set of the visible spectrum) :: цвят {m}
color {n} (hue as opposed to achromatic colors) :: цвят {m}
color {n} (human skin tone, especially as an indicator of race or ethnicity) :: цвят {m}
color {n} (interest, especially in a selective area) :: колори́т {m}
color {n} (standard or banner (colors)) :: зна́ме {n}
color {v} (give something color) :: оцветявам
color {v} (draw using crayons) :: оцветявам
color {v} (become red through increased blood flow) :: изчервявам се
coloration {n} :: оцветяване, окраска
color blind {adj} (unable to distinguish between two or more primary colors) :: далтонист
colored {adj} (having a particular kind of color) :: оцветен
colored {adj} (colorful) :: цветен
colored {adj} (US: of skin color other than the white, particularly black) :: цветнокож
colorfast {adj} (having colors that will not run or fade) :: неизбеляващ
colorful {adj} (possessing prominent and varied colors) :: цветист, колоритен
colorful {adj} (interesting, multifaceted) :: интересен, колоритен
colossal {adj} (extremely large) :: огромен /ogrómen/, колосален /kolosálen/
colossus {n} (a statue of gigantic size) :: колос
colossus {n} (any creature or thing of gigantic size) :: гигант {m}, колос {m}
Colossus of Rhodes {prop} (the statue of Helios) :: Родоският колос {m}
colostrum {n} (a form of milk) :: кола́стра {f}
colour {n} (colour) SEE: color ::
colour {adj} (colour) SEE: color ::
colour {v} (colour) SEE: color ::
colourless {adj} (having no colour) :: безцветен {m} /bezcvéten/
colt {n} (young male horse) :: жребче {m} /žrebčé/
coltish {adj} (lively and playful; frisky) :: весел, игрив
colubrine {adj} (snake-like) :: змийски
columbine {n} (any plant of the genus Aquilegia) :: кандилка /kandilka/
column {n} (upright supporting member) :: колона {f}, стълб {m}
column {n} (vertical line of entries in a table) :: колона {f}, графа {f}
column {n} (column of troops) :: колона {f}
column {n} (newspaper column) :: колона {f}
colza {n} (cabbage variety) :: рапица {f}
coma {n} (Deep sleep) :: ко́ма {f}
coma {n} (Cloud surrounding a comet nucleus) :: глава {f}
comatose {adj} (asleep) SEE: asleep ::
comb {n} (toothed implement for grooming the hair) :: гре́бен {m}
comb {n} (fleshy growth on the top of the head of some birds and reptiles) :: гре́бен {m}
comb {v} (to groom the hair with a toothed implement) :: реша, сресвам
comb {v} (to separate choice cotton fibers from worsted cloth fibers) :: разчепквам
comb {v} (to search thoroughly as if raking over an area with a comb) :: претърсвам, прочесвам
comb {n} (structure of cells made by bees) SEE: honeycomb ::
combat {n} (a battle; a fight; a struggle for victory) :: би́тка {f}, сраже́ние {n}, борба́ {f}
combat {v} (to fight; to struggle for victory) :: боря се, сражавам се
combative {adj} (given to fighting) :: воинствен
comber {n} (machine that combs wool) :: дарак {m}
comber {n} (long, curving wave) :: разбиваща се вълна
comber {n} (Serranus cabrilla) :: ха́нос {m}
combination {n} (act of combining) :: съединение {n}, обединение {n}
combination {n} (sequence of numbers or letters for a combination lock) :: комбинация {f}
combination {n} (one or more elements selected without regard of the order) :: комбинация
combination {n} (association) :: обединение {n}
combine {v} (bring two or more things or activities together) :: обединявам, комбинирам
combine {v} (have two or more things or properties that function together) :: съчетавам, комбинирам
combine {n} (joint enterprise for a business purpose) :: обединение {n}, синдикат {m}
combine {n} (combination) SEE: combination ::
combine {n} (combine harvester) SEE: combine harvester ::
combine harvester {n} (combine) :: комба́йн {m}
combust {v} (be consumed by fire) SEE: burn ::
combust {v} (burn) :: запалвам, изгарям
combustible {adj} (capable of burning) :: запалим, възпламеним
combustible {n} (material capable of burning) :: горивен материал
combustion {n} (the act or process of burning) :: горене {n}
combustion {n} (process wherein a fuel is combined with oxygen) :: изгаряне {n}
come {v} (to move nearer) :: и́двам {impf}, до́йда {pf}
come {v} (to arrive, to appear) :: пристигам, явявам се
come {v} (to orgasm) :: свъ́ршвам
come {v} (to become) :: случвам се, ставам
come-at-able {adj} (easily accessible) :: достъпен, достижим
comeback {n} (return to fame etc.) :: връщане {n}
comeback {n} (retort or answer) :: отговор {m}, възражение {n}
Comecon {prop} (Comecon) :: СИВ {m} /SIV/, Съвет за икономическа взаимопомощ /Sǎvét za ikonomíčeska vzaimopómošt/
come down {v} (graduate) SEE: graduate ::
comedy {n} (dramatic work that is light and humorous or satirical in tone) :: коме́дия {f}
comedy {n} (the genre of such works) :: коме́дия {f}
come in {v} (to enter) SEE: enter ::
comely {adj} (pleasing or attractive to the eye) :: миловиден
comestible {adj} (suitable to be eaten; edible) :: ядлив
comestible {n} (anything that can be eaten; food) :: храна {f}, хранителни продукти {p}
comet {n} (a celestial body, generally with a tail) :: коме́та {f}
comfort {n} (contentment, ease) :: удо́бство {n}
comfort {n} (consolation) :: утеха {f}
comfort {n} (cause of relief or satisfaction) :: разтуха {f}, облекчение {n}
comfort {v} (to provide comfort) :: утешавам, успокоявам
comfort {v} (console) SEE: console ::
comfortable {adj} (providing physical comfort and ease) :: удобен, комфортен
comfortable {adj} (in a state of comfort) :: уютен, удобен
comfortable {adj} :: надежден, достатъчен, задоволителен
comforter {n} (person who comforts) :: утешител {m} /utešítel/
comforter {n} (padded cover) :: юрган {m}
comfrey {n} (perennial herb) :: черен оман, зарасличе
comic {adj} (being funny) :: смешен, комичен
comic {adj} (related to comedy) :: комичен, комедиен
comic {n} (comedian) :: ко́мик {m}
comic {n} (cartoon story) :: ко́микс {m}
comical {adj} (relating to comedy) :: комичен
comical {adj} (being funny, whimsically amusing) :: смешен, забавен
comical {adj} (being laughable, ridiculous) :: шеговит, чудат
comic strip {n} (series of illustrations) :: комикси
coming {n} (act of arriving; an arrival) :: идване {n}, пристигане {n}
comma {n} (punctuation mark ',') :: запета́я {f}
command {n} (order) :: заповед {f}, нареждане {n}
command {n} (unit of military personnel) :: командване {n}
command {v} (to order) :: заповядвам, командвам
command {v} (to hold, to control) :: владе́я, контроли́рам
commandeer {v} :: рекрутирам, мобилизирам, взимам насилствено
commander {n} (One who exercises control and direction of a military or naval organization) :: командир {m}
commander {n} (A naval officer whose rank is above that of a lieutenant commander and below that of captain) :: капитан трети ранг
commander {n} (One who exercises control and direction over a group of persons) :: началник {m}
commanding {adj} (tending to give commands) :: командващ
commanding {adj} (impressively dominant) :: доминиращ
commandment {n} (a command or edict) :: за́повед {f}, декре́т {m}
commemorate {v} (to honor the memory of someone or something) :: отбелязвам годишнина
commemorate {v} (to serve as memorial to someone or something) :: напомням
commemoration {n} (act of commemorating) :: напомняне {n}
commence {v} (To begin, start) :: започвам
commend {v} (to congratulate or reward) :: поздравявам
commend {v} (to praise) :: хваля, препоръчвам
commend {v} (to entrust) :: поверявам
commendable {adj} (worthy of commendation) :: препоръчителен, похвален
commendation {n} (act of commending; praise) :: препоръка {f}
commendation {n} (message of affection or respect) :: похвала {f}
commensal {n} (organism partaking in a commensal relationship) :: паразит
commensurate {adj} (proportionate; of a similar measurable standard) :: съизмерим, съразмерен
comment {n} (spoken remark) :: коментар, бележка {f}
comment {n} (programming: remark not affecting behavior) :: коментар
comment {v} (to remark) :: коментирам
commentary {n} (A series of comments or annotations) :: коментар {m}
commentary {n} (A brief account of transactions or events written hastily) :: репортаж {m}
commentator {n} (person who comments) :: комента́тор {m}
commerce {n} (large scale trade) :: търго́вия {f}
commerce {n} (social interaction) :: общуване {n}
commerce {n} (coitus) :: сноше́ние {n}
commerce {n} (term in cards) :: наддаване {n}
commercial {n} (advertisement in a common media format) :: реклама {f} /rekláma/
commercial {adj} (of or pertaining to commerce) :: комерсиален, търговски
commercial at {n} (at sign) SEE: at sign ::
commie {n} (communist) SEE: communist ::
commingle {v} (mix, blend) :: смесвам
commiserate {v} :: съчувствувам
commiseration {n} (act of commiserating) :: съчувствие
commiserative {adj} (feeling or expressing commiseration) :: съчувстващ
commissar {n} ((Soviet Union) the head of a commissariat) :: комиса́р {m}
commission {n} (mission) :: поръчение {n}
commission {n} (official authority) :: назначение {n}
commission {n} (body of officials) :: комисия {f}
commission {n} (fee charged) :: комисионна {f}
commission {v} (order a work of art) :: поръчвам
commission {v} (put into active service) :: пускам в експлоатация
commissioner {n} (member of a commission) :: комисар {m}
commissioner {n} (someone commissioned to perform certain duties) :: представител {m}
commit {v} (to imprison) :: вкарвам в затвора
commit {v} (to do (something bad); to perpetrate) :: извършвам
commit {v} (to pledge or bind; to compromise, expose, or endanger) :: обвързвам се
commitment {n} (act or instance of committing, putting in charge, keeping, or trust) :: обвързване {n}, ангажимент {m}
commitment {n} (promise or agreement to do something in the future) :: обещание {n}
commitment {n} (being bound emotionally/intellectually) :: обвързаност {n}
commitment {n} (perpetration, as in crime or a mistake) :: извършване {n}
commit suicide {v} (to kill oneself) :: извърши самоубийство {pf}
committee {n} (group of persons convened for the accomplishment of some specific purpose) :: комите́т {m}, коми́сия {f}
committee {n} (guardian) SEE: guardian ::
commo {n} (communist) SEE: communist ::
commo {n} (communication) SEE: communication ::
commode {n} (low chest of drawers) :: скрин
commode {n} (stand for a washbowl and jug) :: подвижен умивалник
commode {n} (euphemistic: toilet) :: тоалетна
commodious {adj} :: широк, просторен
common {adj} (mutual) :: общ {m}
common {adj} (usual) :: обикновен {m}
common {adj} (found in large numbers or in a large quantity) :: разпространен
common {adj} (ordinary) :: обикновен
common bean {n} (plant) :: фасул {m} /fasúl/
common blackbird {n} (Turdus merula) SEE: blackbird ::
Common Era {prop} (secular equivalent of anno Domini and the Christian Era) :: новата ера /nóvata éra/
common gull {n} (Larus canus) :: чайка буревестница, чайка /čajka/
common kestrel {n} (Falco tinnunculus) :: черношипа ветрушка /černošipa vetruška/, керкенез /kerkenez/
common loon {n} (great northern diver) SEE: great northern diver ::
commonly {adv} (as a rule; usually) :: обичайно
common noun {n} (noun that denotes any member or all members of a class) :: съществително нарицателно
commonplace {adj} (ordinary) :: обикновен, всекидневен
common shrew {n} (Sorex araneus) :: буразубка звычайная
Common Slavic {prop} (Proto-Slavic) SEE: Proto-Slavic ::
Common Slavic {prop} :: праславя́нски език {m}
Commonwealth of Independent States {prop} (alliance of former Soviet republics) :: Общност на независимите държави {f}
commotion {n} (state of turbulent motion) :: турбуле́нция {f}, сумато́ха {f}
commotion {n} (agitated disturbance or a hubbub) :: вълнение {n}, смут {m}
communal {adj} (pertaining to a community) :: комунален, колективен
commune {n} :: комуна /komuna/
communicate {v} (to impart information or knowledge of; to make known, to tell) :: съобща́вам
communicate {v} (to impart or transmit (to another); to give a share of) :: предава́м
communicate {v} (to receive or take part in Holy Communion) :: причастя́вам се
communicate {v} (to express or convey ideas, either through verbal or nonverbal means) :: общувам
communication {n} (concept of exchanging information) :: общуване {n}, връзка {f}, комуникация {f}
communication {n} (a message) :: съобще́ние {n}
communication {n} (body of data exchange) :: съобще́ние {n}
communicative {adj} (eager to communicate) :: общителен {m} /obštítelen/
communion {n} (a joining together of minds or spirits) :: единение {n}
communism {n} (philosophy) :: комуни́зъм {m}
communism {n} (society) :: комуни́зъм {m}
communist {adj} (of or relating to communism) :: комунисти́чески
communist {n} (person who follows a communist philosophy) :: комуни́ст {m}, комуни́стка {f}, комуни́сти {p}
Communist {n} (communist) SEE: communist ::
Communist {adj} (communist) SEE: communist ::
Communist Party of China {prop} (ruling party of PRC) :: Кита́йска комунисти́ческа па́ртия {f}
community {n} (group sharing a common understanding) :: о́бщество {n}
community {n} (residential or religious collective) :: колония {f}, комуна
community {n} ((ecology) group of interdependent organisms) :: колония
commutation {n} (A passing from one state to another; change; alteration; mutation) :: смяна, размяна
commutation {n} (The change to a lesser penalty or punishment by the State) :: смекчаване на наказание
commutation {n} (The act of giving one thing for another; barter; exchange) :: замяна, размяна
commutation {n} (The reversal of an electric current) :: превключване, комутация
Como {prop} (Province of Lombardy) :: Комо
Como {prop} (City and capital of Como) :: Комо
Comoros {prop} (country in Eastern Africa) :: [Komori] Комори {p}, [Komorski ostrovi] Коморски острови {p}
compact {n} (agreement or contract) :: договор {m}, споразумение {n}
compact {adj} (closely packed) :: сбит, плътен
compact {adj} (having all necessary features fitting neatly into a small space) :: компактен
compact {v} (make more dense) :: сбивам, сгъстявам
companion {n} (someone with whom one spends time or keeps company) :: придружител {m}, компаньон {m}
companionable {adj} (bing worthy of companionship) :: приятелски, общителен
companionship {n} (state of having or being a companion) :: общуване {n}, другарство {n}, компания {f}
company {n} (in legal context, a corporation) :: корпора́ция {f}, компа́ния {f}, предприя́тие {n}, фи́рма {f}
company {n} (in non-legal context, any business, without respect to incorporation) :: компа́ния {f}, фи́рма {f}
company {n} (group of individuals with a common purpose) :: компа́ния {f}, о́бщество {n}
company {n} (social visitors) :: го́сти {m-p}
company {n} (companionship) :: компа́ния {f}
company {n} (military unit) :: ро́та {f}
comparable {adj} (similar) SEE: similar ::
comparable {adj} (able to be compared) :: сравним
comparative {adj} (of or relating to comparison) :: сравнителен
comparative {adj} (using comparison as a method of study) :: сравнителен
comparative {adj} (relative) :: относителен
comparative {n} (grammatical construction) :: сравнителна степен
comparative degree {n} ((grammar)) SEE: comparative ::
compare {v} (to assess the similarities between two things or between one thing and another) :: сравня́вам {impf}, сравня́ {pf}
compare {v} (to form the three degrees of comparison of) :: спрягам
compare {v} (to be similar) :: сравнявам се
comparison {n} (act of comparing or the state of being compared) :: сравне́ние {n}
comparison {n} (evaluation of the similarities and differences of two (or more) things) :: сравне́ние {n}
comparison {n} (state of being similar or alike) :: сходство {n}
compartment {n} (chamber) :: купе {n}, отделение {n}
compartment {n} (part into which an area is subdivided) :: отделение {n}
compass {n} (instrument to determine cardinal directions) :: компас {m}
compass {n} (range of notes of a musical instrument or voice) :: обхват {m}
compass {n} (area) :: област {f}, обхват {m}
compass {n} (scope) :: обхват {m}
compass {v} (surround) :: заобикалям
compass {v} (go about or round entirely) :: заобикалям
compass {v} (accomplish) :: постигам
compass {n} (pair of compasses) SEE: pair of compasses ::
compassion {n} (deep awareness of the suffering of another) :: състрадание {n}, съчувствие {n}
compassionate {adj} (having, feeling or showing compassion) :: състрадателен, милостив
compassionate {v} (to feel compassion for) :: съжалявам, съчувствувам на
compatibility {n} (the capability to exist without mutual interference) :: съвмести́мост {f}
compatible {adj} (capable of easy interaction) :: съвместим
compatible {adj} (able to get along well) :: съвместим
compatriot {n} (somebody from one's own country) :: съоте́чественик {m}, земля́к {m}
compel {v} (drive together, round up) :: събирам
compel {v} (overpower) :: подчинявам
compel {v} (force, constrain or coerce) :: принуждавам, заставям
compel {v} (exact by force) :: принуждавам, насилвам
compelling {adj} (requiring urgent attention) :: наложителен
compelling {adj} (forceful) :: непреодолим, неустоим
compendious {adj} (containing a subset of words) :: сбит, съкратен
compendium {n} (short, complete summary) :: резюме {n}, конспект {m}
compensate {v} (to pay someone in exchange for work done or some other consideration) :: обезщетявам, компенсирам
compensation {n} (act or principle of compensating) :: обезщетение {n}
compensation {n} (that which constitutes, or is regarded as, an equivalent) :: компенсация {f}, уравняване {n}
compensation {n} (extinction of debts of which two persons are reciprocally debtors) :: уравняване {n}
compensation {n} (recompense or reward for some loss or service) :: обезщетение {n}
compete {v} (to contend) :: състезавам се, съревновавам се, съпернича
competence {n} (the quality or state of being competent for a general role.) :: способност {f}, умение {n}, вещина {f}
competence {n} (the quality or state of being competent for a particular task.) :: компетентност, правомощие, меродавност {f} /merodàvnost/
competency {n} (ability to perform some task) :: авторитетност {f} /avtoritétnost/
competent {adj} (skilled) :: вещ, способен, компетентен
competent {adj} (law: having jurisdiction or authority) :: компетентен, меродавен /merodàven/
competition {n} (action of competing) :: съпе́рничество {n}, конкуре́нция {f}
competition {n} (contest for a prize or award) :: състеза́ние {n}, съревнова́ние {n}, надпревара {f}
competitive {adj} (of or pertaining to competition) :: състезателен, конкурентен
competitive {adj} (inclined to compete) :: конкурентноспособен
competitor {n} (person against whom one is competing) :: съперник {m}, конкурент {m}
competitor {n} (participant in a competition) :: състезател
compilation {n} (act or process of compiling or gathering together from various sources) :: събиране {n}, съставяне {n}
compilation {n} (translation of source code into object code by a compiler) :: компилиране {n}
compile {v} (assemble from a collection) :: събирам, съставям
compile {v} (produce executable) :: компилирам
complacence {n} :: самодоволство
complain {v} (to express feelings of pain, dissatisfaction, or resentment) :: оплаквам се
complain {v} (to make a formal accusation or bring a formal charge) :: подавам жалба
complainant {n} (plaintiff) :: тъжител {m}, ищец {m}
complaint {n} (grievance, problem, difficulty, or concern; the act of complaining) :: оплакване {n}, недоволство {n}
complaint {n} (bodily disorder or disease; the symptom of such a disorder) :: болест {f}, болка {f}
complaisant {adj} (compliant) :: отстъпчив
complaisant {adj} (willing to do what pleases others) :: внимателен, любезен
complaisant {adj} (polite) :: вежлив
complement {n} (something which complements) :: допълнение {n}, добавка {f}
complement {n} (word or group of words completing the predicate, identified with the subject or object) :: допълнение {n}
complement {v} (to complete) :: допълвам
complement {v} (to provide what the partner lacks and lack what the partner provides) :: допълвам
complementary {adj} (acting as a complement) :: допълнителен
complete {adj} (with everything included) :: пъ́лен {m}, цял
complete {adj} (finished; ended; concluded; completed) :: , завършен
completely {adv} (in a complete manner) :: напълно, съвсем
completeness {n} (state or condition of being complete) :: цялостност /cjalostnost/, завършеност /zavǎršenost/
completion {n} (making complete; conclusion) :: завършване {n}, завършек {m}
complex {adj} (intricate) :: сложен, съставен
complex {adj} (not simple or straightforward) :: сложен, труден
complex {adj} (in mathematics) :: комплексен
complex {n} (collection of buildings) :: компле́кс
complex {n} (psychologically based dislike or fear) :: комплекс {m}
complex {n} (in chemistry) :: комплекс
complex {v} (to form a complex with another substance) :: образувам комплекс
complex {n} (problem) SEE: problem ::
complexion {n} (appearance of the skin on the face) :: тен {m}
complexity {n} (The state of being complex; intricacy; entanglement) :: сложност {f}, обърканост {f}
complexity {n} :: усложненост {f}, сложност {f}, обърканост {f}, забърканост {f}, заплетеност {f}
complex number {n} (number of the form a + bi) :: ко́мплексно число́ {n}
compliance {n} (act of complying) :: съгласие {n}
compliance {n} (state of being compliant) :: съгласие {n}
compliance {n} (tendency of conforming with others) :: отстъпчивост
compliance {n} (measure of the extension or displacement of a loaded structure) :: податливост {f}
compliancy {n} (state of being compliant) SEE: compliance ::
compliant {adj} (willing to comply) :: отстъпчив
compliant {adj} (compatible with or following guidelines) :: съгласуван, в съгласие с, съвместим
complicacy {n} :: сложност, заплетеност
complicate {v} (to combine intricately) :: усложнявам /usložnjávam/
complicated {adj} (difficult or convoluted) :: сло́жен, объркан
complication {n} (act of complicating) :: усложнение {n}, затруднение {n}
complication {n} (a disease) :: усложнение {n}
complicity {n} (The state of being complicit) :: съучастничество {n}
compliment {n} (expression of praise, congratulation or encouragement) :: похвала {f}, любезност {f}, комплимент {m}
compliment {v} (to pay a compliment; to express a favorable opinion) :: хваля, правя комплимент
complimentary {adj} (in the nature of a compliment) :: хвалебствен, ласкателен
complimentary {adj} (free; provided at no charge) :: гратис, безплатен
complimentary {adj} (with respect to the closing of a letter, formal and professional) :: поздравителен
compline {n} (last of the canonical hours) :: вечерня
comply {v} (to yield assent; to accord; to acquiesce, agree) :: съгласявам се, съобразявам се
comply {v} (to accomplish, fulfil) :: изпълнявам
comply {v} (to be ceremoniously courteous) :: спазвам, придържам се към
component {n} (smaller, self-contained part of larger entity) :: съставна част {f}, компоне́нт {m}
comport {v} (to be in agreement) :: съгласувам се
comport {v} (to behave (usually reflexive)) :: държа се /добре, зле/
compose {v} (to make something by merging parts) :: съставям
compose {v} (to make up the whole; to constitute) :: образувам, съставям се от
compose {v} (to construct by mental labor; to think up) :: съчинявам, творя
compose {v} (to calm oneself down) :: успокоявам
compose {v} (to arrange the elements of a picture) :: композирам
composed {adj} (showing composure) :: покоен, сдържан
composer {n} (one who composes music) :: компози́тор {m}
composer {n} (one who, or that which, quiets or calms) :: успокои́тел {m}
composite {adj} (made up of multiple components; compound or complex) :: сло́жен, съста́вен, комбини́ран
composite {adj} (belonging to the Asteraceae family) :: сложноцве́тен
composite {n} (mixture of different components) :: комбинация {f}, смес {f}
composite {n} (structural material that gains its strength from a combination of complementary materials) :: композит {m}
composition {n} (synthesis as opposed to analysis) SEE: synthesis ::
composition {n} (essay) SEE: essay ::
composition {n} (proportion of different parts to make a whole) :: съединение {n}, смесване {n}
composition {n} (general makeup of something) :: състав {m}, структура {f}
composition {n} (mixture or compound) :: смес {f}, сплав {f}, композит {m}
composition {n} (work of music, literature or art) :: композиция {f}
composition {n} (printing: typesetting) SEE: typesetting ::
compositor {n} (typesetter) SEE: typesetter ::
compost {n} (decayed remains of organic matter) :: компост {m} /kompóst/
compost {v} (to produce compost) :: компостирам
composure {n} (calmness of mind or matter, self-possession) :: спокойствие {n}, хладнокръвие {n}, самообладание {n}
compote {n} (fruit dessert) :: компот {m}
compote {n} (dish used for serving fruit) :: купа
compound {n} (enclosure within which workers, prisoners, or soldiers are confined) :: оградено мя́сто {n}
compound {adj} (composed of elements) :: съставен, сло́жен
compound {n} (anything made by combining several things) :: съчета́ние {n}
compound {n} (chemistry: substance made by chemical combination of elements) :: съедине́ние {n}
compound {v} (to come together) :: събирам се
compound {v} (to come to terms of agreement) :: споразумявам се
compound {v} (to put together) :: смесвам, съединявам
compound {v} (to add to) :: добавям
comprehend {v} (to cover) :: обхващам, побирам
comprehend {v} (to understand) :: разбирам, схващам
comprehensible {adj} (able to be comprehended) :: разбираем /razbiráem/
comprehension {n} (thorough understanding) :: разби́ране {n}, схващане {n}
comprehensive {adj} (broadly or completely covering) :: обшѝрен, подро̀бен, обсто̀ен, схватлѝв
compress {v} (to abridge) SEE: abridge ::
compress {v} (to press together into a smaller space) :: сбивам, сгъстявам
compress {v} (to be pressed together) :: сбивам се, сгъстявам се
compress {v} (to condense) :: сбивам
compress {v} (to encode digital information into less bits) :: компримирам
compress {n} (cloth used to dress or apply pressure to wounds) :: компре́с {m}
compression {n} (the act of compressing) :: свиване {n}, сгъстяване {n}
compression {n} (the cycle of an internal combustion engine during which the fuel and air mixture is compressed) :: компресия {f}
compression {n} ((computing) the process by which data is compressed) :: компресиране {n}
compression {n} ((music) the electronic process by which any sound's gain is automatically controlled) :: компреси́ране {n}
compressor {n} (device that produces pressure) :: компресор {m} /kompresor/
comprise {v} (be made up of) :: състоя се, обхващам, съдържам
comprise {v} (include) :: включвам, обхващам
comprise {v} (compose) :: състоя се
compromise {n} (settlement of differences by arbitration or by consent reached by mutual concessions) :: компромис {m} /kompromís/
compromise {v} (to bind by mutual agreement) :: постигам компромис
compromise {v} (to find a way between extremes) :: търся компромис
compromise {v} (to cause impairment of) :: компрометирам
compulsion {n} (irrational need to perform some action) :: порив
compulsion {n} (use of power to force a person to act) :: принуда
compulsion {n} (lawful use of violence) :: принуда
compulsive {adj} (uncontrolled or reactive and unconscious) :: принудителен, задължителен
compulsory {adj} (mandatory) :: задължителен
compulsory {adj} (constraining) :: принудителен /prinudítelen/
compunction {n} (a pricking of conscience) :: угризение {n} /ugrizenie/
computation {n} (the act or process of computing) :: изчисление {n}
computation {n} (the result of computation) :: разчет {m}
compute {v} (reckon or calculate) :: пресмятам, изчислявам
compute {v} (to make sense) SEE: make sense ::
computer {n} (device) :: компю́тър {m}
computer {n} (person) :: изчисли́тел {m}
computer game {n} (electronic game) :: компютърна игра {f}
computer program {n} (software) :: компютърна програма {f}
computer science {n} (study of computers and their architecture) :: информа́тика {f}
computer virus {n} (program) SEE: virus ::
computing {n} (calculation) SEE: calculation ::
comrade {n} (fellow socialist or communist) :: друга́р {m}, друга́рка {f}
comrade {n} (title used in leftist circles) :: друга́р {m}, друга́рка {f}
con {n} (a convicted criminal, a convict) :: престъпник {m}
concatenate {v} (link together) :: зацепвам, свързвам с верига, навързвам {impf}, навържа {pf}
concatenation {n} (series of links united) :: серия {f}, последователност
concave {n} (A concave surface or curve) :: вдлъбнатина
concave {v} (To render concave, or increase the degree of concavity.) :: вдлъбвам
concavity {n} (the state of being concave) :: вдлъбнатост {f}
concavity {n} (a concave structure or surface) :: вдлъбната повърхност
concealment {n} (The practice of keeping secrets) :: укривателство {n}
concealment {n} ((military) protection from observation or surveillance) :: маскировка {f}
concede {v} (to yield or suffer; to surrender) :: отстъпвам
concede {v} (to admit to be true) :: признавам
conceit {n} (overly high self-esteem) :: самонаде́яност {f}
conceited {adj} :: самонадеян, суетен, надут
conceivable {adj} (capable of being conceived or imagined; possible; credible; thinkable) :: мислим, разбираем, възможен
conceive {v} (to develop an idea) :: замислям
conceive {v} (to understand someone) :: схващам, разбирам
conceive {v} (to become pregnant) :: забременявам {impf} /zabremenjávam/, забременея {pf} /zabremenéja/
concentrate {v} (bring to, or direct toward, a common center) :: концентрирам, насочвам към общ център
concentrate {v} (increase the strength and diminish the bulk of, as of a liquid or an ore) :: концентрирам
concentrate {v} (approach or meet in a common center) :: съсредоточавам
concentrate {n} (A substance that is in a condensed form) :: концентрат {m}
concentrated {adj} (not dilute) :: концентриран
concentrated {adj} (intense) :: силен
concentration {n} (proportion of substance in a mixture) :: концентрация {f}
concentration {n} (The amount of solute present in a solution) :: концентрация {f}
concentration {n} (The act or process of concentrating) :: концентриране, сгъстяване {n}
concentration {n} (The act or process of reducing the volume of a liquid) :: сгъстяване {n}
concentration {n} (The act or process of removing the dress of ore and of reducing the valuable part to smaller compass) :: обогатяване {n}
concentration camp {n} (camp where large numbers of persons are detained) :: концентрацио́нен ла́гер {m}
concentric {adj} (having a common center) :: концентричен
concept {n} (something understood and retained in the mind) :: понятие {n}, представа {f}
conception {n} (initiation of an embryonic animal life) :: заче́ване {n}
conception {n} (the power or faculty of apprehending of forming an idea in the mind) :: , разбиране {n}
conception {n} (an image, idea, or notion formed in the mind) :: предста́ва {f}, поня́тие, конце́пция {f}
conceptual {adj} (of, or relating to concepts or mental conception; existing in the imagination) :: умозрителен
concern {n} (that which affects one’s welfare or happiness) :: грижа {f}, загриженост {f}
concern {n} (The expression of solicitude, anxiety, or compassion toward a thing or person) :: загриженост {f}, интерес {m}
concern {n} (business, firm or enterprise; a company) :: концерн {m}
concern {v} (to be of importance to) :: засягам, отнасям се до
concern {v} (to make somebody worried) :: обезпокоявам
concerned {adj} (showing concern) :: загрижен
concerning {prep} (Regarding) :: относно
concert {v} (To plan together) :: замислям
concert {v} (To plan; to devise; to arrange) :: замислям
concert {v} (To act in harmony or conjunction) :: съгласувам
concert {n} (agreement in a design or plan) :: съгласие {n}
concert {n} (musical accordance or harmony) :: хармония {f}
concert {n} (a musical entertainment in which several voices or instruments take part) :: конце́рт {m}
concerted {adj} :: съгласуван
concession {n} (something, such as an argument, that is conceded or admitted to be wrong) :: отстъпка {f}
concession {n} (the grant of some land to be used for a specified purpose) :: концесия {f}
conciliate {v} (make calm and content) :: успокоявам, умиротворявам
conciliatory {adj} (willing to conciliate) :: умиротворяващ, помирителен
concise {adj} (brief and precise) :: кратък, стегнат
conciseness {n} (property of being concise) :: краткост {f}, стегнатост {f}
conclude {v} (to end) :: свършвам, привършвам
conclusion {n} (end, final part) :: край {m}, завършване {n}, приключване {n}
conclusion {n} (outcome) :: извод {m}, резултат {m}
conclusion {n} (decision, judgment) :: заключение {n}
conclusion {n} (of a syllogism) :: заключение {n}
conclusive {adj} (pertaining to a conclusion) :: окончателен, заключителен
conclusive {adj} (decisive) :: решаващ, убедителен
concoct {v} :: скалъпвам
concomitant {adj} (following as a consequence) :: съпътстващ
concord {n} ((grammar) Agreement of words with one another) SEE: agreement ::
concord {n} (A state of agreement; harmony; union) :: съгла́сие, съглашение
concordance {n} (agreement) SEE: agreement ::
concordance {n} (agreement) :: съгла́сие {n}, хармо́ния {f}
concourse {n} (a large group of people; a crowd) :: тълпа́ {f}, мно́жество {n}
concourse {n} (the running or flowing together of things; the meeting of things) :: стичане {n}
concrescence {n} (the growing together and merging of like or unlike separate parts or particles) :: срастване
concrete {adj} (particular, perceivable, real) :: конкретен, определен
concrete {adj} (not abstract) :: реален, действителен
concrete {adj} (made of concrete) :: бетонен
concrete {n} (building material) :: бето́н {m}
concrete {v} (cover with concrete) :: бетонирам
concrete {v} (solidify, become concrete (actual, real)) :: конкретизирам се
concretion {n} (The process of aggregating or coalescing into a mass.) :: слепване, срастване
concretion {n} (petrology: A rounded mass of a mineral) :: конкреция
concretion {n} (The action of making something concrete or the result of such an action.) :: конкретизация
concretize {v} (to make substantial, real, or tangible) :: конкретизирам
concubine {n} (a woman who lives with a man, but who is not a wife) :: нало́жница {f}
concubine {n} (mistress) SEE: mistress ::
concupiscence {n} (Ardent desire) :: похот {m}, похотливост {f}
concupiscent {adj} (amorous, lustful) :: похотлив
concur {v} (To unite or agree) :: съответствувам, съгласувам се
concur {v} (To meet in the same point) :: стичам се
concurrence {n} (agreement) :: съгласуване
concurrence {n} (instance of simultaneous occurrence) :: съвпадение {n}
concurrent {adj} (happening at the same time; simultaneous) :: едновременен
concurrent {adj} (belonging to the same period; contemporary) :: съвпадащ
concussion {n} (a violent collision or shock) :: сблъскване {n}
concussion {n} (an injury to part of the body, most especially the brain) :: сътресение {n}
condemn {v} (to confer eternal divine punishment upon) :: осъждам, проклинам
condemn {v} :: бракувам
condemnable {adj} (deserving of condemnation) :: осъдителен {m} /osǎdítelen/
condemnation {n} (act of condemning or pronouncing to be wrong) :: осъждане {n}, порицание {n}
condemnation {n} (act of judicially condemning, or adjudging guilty) :: осъждане {n}, присъда {f}
condensate {n} (product of condensation) :: кондензат
condensation {n} (the act or process) :: сгъстяване {n}, уплътняване {n}
condensation {n} (physics: conversion of a gas to a liquid) :: втечняване {n}
condensation {n} (chemistry, the reaction of two substances with the simultaneous loss of water) :: кондензация {f}
condensation {n} (condensate) SEE: condensate ::
condense {v} (to decrease size or volume) :: сгъстявам, концентрирам
condense {v} (to transform something into a liquid) :: втечнявам
condense {v} (to be transformed into a liquid) :: втечнявам се
condensed milk {n} (milk that has been reduced to syrup) :: кондензи́рано мля́ко {n}
condenser {n} (capacitor) SEE: capacitor ::
condenser {n} (device designed to condense a gas into a liquid) :: хла́дник {m}, газоохлади́тел {m}
condescendence {n} (condescension) SEE: condescension ::
condescension {n} (act of condescending) :: снизхожде́ние {n}, благоволе́ние {n}, снизходителност {f} /snizhodítelnost/
condign {adj} (fitting) :: заслужен /за наказание/
condiment {n} (something used to enhance flavor) :: подправка {f}
condition {n} (logical clause or phrase) :: усло́вие {n}
condition {n} (health status of a patient) :: състоя́ние {n}
condition {n} (state of an object) :: състоя́ние {n}
condition {v} (to undergo the process of acclimation) :: свиквам, приспособявам се
conditional {n} (grammar: statement) :: условие {n}
conditional {n} (grammar: mode/mood) :: условно наклонение {n}
conditional {n} (logic: statement) :: условие {n}
conditional {adj} (limited by a condition) :: условен
conditional {adj} (in logic) :: условен
conditional mood {n} (conditional) SEE: conditional ::
conditional sentence {n} (grammar: type of sentence) :: условие {n}
condolence {n} (comfort, support or sympathy) :: съчувствие {n}
condolence {n} (sympathy when someone has died) :: съболезнования {p}
condom {n} (flexible sleeve worn on the penis) :: кондо́м {m}, презервати́в {m}
condone {v} (to forgive) :: прощавам, опрощавам
condone {v} (to allow) :: позволявам, извинявам
condor {n} (California condor) :: ко́ндор {m}
condor {n} (Andean condor) :: ко́ндор {m}
condottiere {n} (medieval Italian mercenary leader) :: кондотиер {m}
conduce {v} (contribute) :: спомагам, допринасям
conducive {adj} (tending to contribute to, encourage, or bring about some result) :: съдействащ, спомагащ, благоприятен
conduct {n} (act or method of controlling or directing) :: водене {n}, провеждане {n}
conduct {n} (Skillful guidance or management; generalship) :: ръководене {n}, ръководство {n}
conduct {n} (manner of guiding or carrying oneself) :: поведение {n}
conduct {v} (lead or guide) :: водя
conduct {v} (direct or manage) :: ръководя
conduct {v} (reflexively: behave) :: държа се
conduct {v} (to serve as a medium for conveying) :: провеждам, отвеждам
conduct {v} (music: to direct) :: дирижирам
conduct {v} (act as a conductor (of heat, electricity, etc.)) :: провеждам
conductive {adj} (able to conduct electrical current or heat) :: проводим, проводящ
conductivity {n} (ability to conduct) :: проводимост {f}, електропроводност {f}
conductor {n} (person who conducts an orchestra, choir or other music ensemble) :: диригент {m} /dirigént/
conductor {n} (person who takes tickets on public transportation) :: конду́ктор {m}
conductor {n} (something which can transmit electricity, heat, light or sound) :: проводни́к {m}
conduit {n} (pipe or channel for conveying water) :: тръба {f}, тръбопровод {m}
cone {n} (surface of revolution) :: ко́нус {m}, конична повърхност {f}
cone {n} (solid of revolution) :: ко́нус {m}
cone {n} (fruit of conifers) :: шишарка {f}
confection {n} (food item) :: сладкиш, бонбон
confectioner's {n} (sweetshop) SEE: sweetshop ::
confectionery {n} (sweet foodstuffs, collectively) :: сладкиши {p}
confectionery {n} (business of manufacturing confectionery) :: сладкарство {n}
confectionery {n} (shop where confectionery is sold) SEE: sweetshop ::
confederate {n} (a member of a confederacy) :: , участник в конфедерация, съюзен, съюзнически
confederate {n} (an accomplice in a plot) :: заговорник, съучастник
confederate {adj} (of, relating to, or united in a confederacy) :: , конфедеративен
confederation {n} (union or alliance of states) :: конфедерация {f}
confer {v} (discuss, consult) :: беседвам, обсъждам, съвещавам се
confer {v} (bestow) :: удостоявам, давам титла
conference {n} (a meeting of people) :: конфере́нция {f}, конгре́с {m}
confess {v} (to admit to the truth) :: признавам
confess {v} (to disclose or reveal) :: признавам, изповядвам
confession {n} (open admittance) :: признание {n}
confession {n} (disclosure of one's sins to a priest) :: изповед {f}
confessional {n} (a small room where confession is performed) :: изповеда́лня {f}
confessor {n} (one who confesses) :: изповядващ се
confessor {n} (priest who hears confession) :: изповедник {m}
confidant {n} (person in whom one can confide) :: довереник {m}, верен приятел
confide {v} (to trust, have faith in) :: вя́рвам, доверявам
confide {v} (intransitive: to take (someone) into one's confidence) :: доверявам се
confide {v} (to say (something) in confidence) :: поверявам
confidence {n} (self-assurance) :: самоувереност {f}
confidence {n} (expression or feeling of certainty) :: сигурност {f}
confidence {n} (quality of trusting) :: вяра {f}, доверие {n}
confidence {n} (information held in secret) :: поверително съобщение
confident {adj} (being very sure of or positive about something) :: сигурен, уверен
confidential {adj} (meant to be kept secret within a certain circle) :: таен /táen/, поверителен /poverítelen/
confidentiality {n} (something told in confidence) SEE: secret ::
configuration {n} (relative disposition) :: конфигура́ция {f}
configure {v} (to set up or arrange something) :: конфигури́рам {impf} {pf}
confine {v} (to restrict; to keep within bounds) :: ограничавам /ograničávam/
confine {n} (limit) :: граници, предел
confine {v} (arrest) SEE: arrest ::
confine {v} (imprison) SEE: imprison ::
confine {v} (detain) SEE: detain ::
confine {v} (lock up) SEE: lock up ::
confined {adj} (not free to move) :: ограничен, тесен, затворен
confinement {n} (state of being confined) :: ограничение {n}
confirm {v} (to strengthen) :: потвърждавам /potvǎrždávam/, подкрепям
confirm {v} (to assure) :: потвърждавам /potvǎrždávam/, утвърждавам /utvǎrždávam/
confirmation {n} (indicator) :: потвърждение {n}
confirmation {n} (verification) :: потвърждение {n}
confirmation {n} (Christian ceremony or sacrament) :: конфирмация {f}
confirmatory {adj} (serving to confirm something) :: потвърдителен, утвърдителен
confirmed {adj} (having a settled habit; inveterate or habitual) :: заклет, закоравял
confirmed {adj} (verified or ratified) :: утвърден, ратифициран
confiscate {v} (take possession of by authority) :: конфискувам
confiscation {n} (the act or process of confiscating an item from public use; expropriation) :: конфиска́ция {f}
conflagration {n} (a large, ferocious, and destructive fire) :: голя́м пожа́р {m}, пожа́р {m}
conflict {n} (clash or disagreement) :: стълкновение {n}, конфликт {m}
conflict {n} (incompatibility) :: противоречие {n}, несъвместимост {f}
conflict {v} (be at odds (with)) :: противореча, сблъсквам се
conflict {v} (overlap with, as in a schedule) :: несъвместим съм
conflicting {adj} :: противоречив, несъвместим
confluence {n} (point where two rivers or streams meet) :: сливане {n} /sliváne/
confluence {n} (convergence or combination) :: стичане {n} /stičáne/
conform {v} (to act in accordance with expectations; behave in the manner of others) :: съответствувам
conform {v} (to be in accordance with a set of specifications) :: съобразявам се, подчинявам се на
conformable {adj} (having the same shape) :: подобен, съответствуващ
conformation {n} (the act of conforming; the act of producing conformity) :: приспособяване {n}, подчинение {n}
conformation {n} (the state of being conformed; agreement; hence; structure) :: строеж {m}, устройство {n}, форма {f}
conformity {n} (state of things being similar, or identical) :: съответствие {n}
confound {v} (to confuse) :: обърквам, слисвам
confound {v} (to confuse right and wrong) :: обърквам
confound {v} (to make something worse) :: влошавам
confound {v} (to cause to be ashamed) :: засрамвам
confound {v} (to damn) :: проклинам
confound {v} (to frustrate) :: слисвам, шашкам
confound {v} (to bring to ruination) :: осуетявам
confounded {adj} (confused) :: объркан, смутен
confront {v} (to stand or meet facing, especially in competition, hostility or defiance) :: противостоя, изправям се пред
confront {v} (to deal with) :: имам работа с
confront {v} (to come up against; to encounter) :: стоя срещу
confront {v} (to set a thing side by side with; to compare) :: съпоставям
confront {v} (to put a thing facing to; to set in contrast to) :: съпоставям
confrontation {n} (The act of confronting or challenging another, especially face-to-face) :: противопоставяне {n}
confrontation {n} (A conflict between armed forces) :: битка {f}
Confucius {prop} (Chinese philosopher) :: Конфу́ций {m}
confuse {v} (to mix thoroughly) :: размесвам
confuse {v} (to mix up; to puzzle; to bewilder) :: обърквам, смущавам
confuse {v} (to embarrass) :: смущавам
confuse {v} (to mistake one thing for another) :: обърквам
confused {adj} (chaotic, jumbled or muddled) :: разбъркан, разстроен
confused {adj} (making no sense; illogical) :: объркан, безсмислен
confused {adj} (embarrassed) :: смутен
confusion {n} (lack of clarity or order) :: объркване {n}, бъркотия {f}
confusion {n} (state of being confused; misunderstanding) :: объркване, неяснота {f}
confutation {n} (act or process of confuting) :: опровергаване, опровержение
confute {v} (to disprove, refute) :: опровергавам, оборвам
congeal {v} :: сгъстявам се, втвърдявам се
congelation {n} :: замръзване /zamrăzvane/, застиване /zastivane/, втвърдяване /vtvărdjavane/
congenial {adj} (have the same nature) :: бли́зък, схо́ден
congenial {adj} (friendly) :: прия́тен
congenial {adj} (suitable to one’s needs) :: подходя́щ, благоприя́тен
congenital {adj} (present since birth) :: вроден, по рождение
conger {n} (eel) :: морска змиорка
congest {v} (overfill) :: натъпквам, препълвам
congestion {n} (accumulation, buildup) :: натрупване {n}
congestion {n} (excess of traffic) :: задръстване {n}
conglobate {adj} (shaped like or formed into a ball) :: кълбовиден, сферичен
conglomerate {n} (cluster of heterogeneous things) :: конгломерат {m}
conglomerate {n} (rock consisting of gravel or pebbles embedded in a matrix) :: конгломерат {m}
conglomeration {n} (that which consists of many previously separate parts) :: конгломерат {m}
congratulate {v} (to express one’s sympathetic pleasure or joy to the person(s) it is felt for) :: поздравя́вам {impf}, честитя́ {pf}
congratulation {n} (act of congratulating) :: поздравление {n}, честитка {f}
congratulations {interj} (expressing approbation) :: поздравле́ния {n-p}
congregate {v} (To collect into an assembly or assemblage) :: струпвам
congregate {v} (To come together; to assemble; to meet) :: събирам се, струпвам се
congregation {n} (religious gathering of people in a place of worship) :: па́ство {n}
congregation {n} (large gathering of people) :: сбор {m}, стру́пване {n}
congress {n} (sexual intercourse) SEE: sexual intercourse ::
congress {n} (legislative body) :: конгре́с {m}
congress {n} (conference) :: конгре́с {m}, конфере́нция {f}
congruence {n} :: съгласуване {n}, съответствие {n}
congruent {adj} (corresponding in character) :: съответен
congruent {adj} (with difference divisible by modulus) :: конгруентен
congruent {adj} (coinciding when superimposed) :: съвпадащ
conical {adj} (of or relating to a cone) :: коничен
conical {adj} (cone-shaped) :: конусовиден
conjectural {adj} (in the nature of a conjecture) :: предполагаем
conjecture {n} (unproven statement; guess) :: предположение {n}
conjecture {n} (supposition based upon incomplete evidence; a hypothesis) :: догадка {f}
conjecture {v} (to guess) :: предполагам /predpolagam/
conjoin {v} (to join together) :: свързвам /sǎčetávam/, съединявам /sǎedinjávam/
conjoin {v} (to join marry) :: съчетавам /sǎčetávam/
conjoint {adj} (joined together) :: общ, обединен, съвместен
conjugal {adj} (of, or relating to marriage, or the relationship of spouses) :: брачен, съпружески
conjugate {v} (to inflect (a verb) for each person) :: спряга́м
conjugate {n} :: съединение {n}
conjugation {n} (coming together of things) :: съединяване {n}, съединение {n}
conjugation {n} (fusion of organisms) :: конюгация {f}
conjugation {n} (in some languages, one of several classifications of verbs) :: спреже́ние {n}
conjugation {n} (act of conjugating a verb) :: спрягане {n}
conjunction {n} (act of joining or being joined) :: съедине́ние {n}, свъ́рзване {n}
conjunction {n} (grammar: word used to join words or phrases) :: съю́з {m}
conjunction {n} (logic: proposition resulting from the combination of two or more propositions using the and operator) :: съединение {n}
conjunctive {adj} (conjoining) :: свързващ, съединителен
conjuncture {n} (A combination of events or circumstances) :: стечение на обстоятелствата
conjuncture {n} (A set of circumstances causing a crisis) :: конюнктура
conjuration {n} :: заклинание, врачуване, магия
conjure {v} (To perform magic tricks) :: правя магии
conjure {v} (To summon up using supernatural power) :: викам духове
conjure {v} (To evoke) :: призовавам
conjure {v} (To imagine or picture in the mind) :: въобразявам си
conjure {v} (To make an urgent request to; to appeal) :: умолявам, апелирам
conjurer {n} (one who conjures) :: магьосник, вълшебник
conjurer {n} (one who performs parlor tricks, sleight of hand) :: фокусник, илюзионист
connate {adj} (inborn) :: вроден
connect {v} (to join two or more pieces) :: съединявам
connect {v} (to join an electrical or telephone line) :: свързвам
connect {v} (associate) :: асоциирам
connect {v} (make a travel connection) :: правя връзка
connection {n} (act of connecting) :: свързване {n}
connection {n} (point at which two or more things are joined) :: съединение {n}
connection {n} (established communications or transportation link) :: връзка {f}
connection {n} (transfer in transport) :: връзка {f}
connective tissue {n} (type of tissue) :: съединителна тъкан {f}
connexion {n} (connection) SEE: connection ::
conniption {n} (fit of anger or panic) :: истерия {f}
connotation {n} (suggested or implied meaning) :: конотация, допълнително значение
connote {v} (to imply, to suggest) :: означавам
conquer {v} (defeat in combat) :: завоювам, покорявам
conqueror {n} (someone who conquers) :: завоева́тел {m}
conquest {n} (victory gained through combat; the subjugation of an enemy) :: завоевание {n}
conscience {n} (moral sense) :: съ̀вест {f}
conscientious {adj} (thorough, careful, or vigilant) :: добросъвестен /dobrosǎvesten/
conscious {adj} (alert, awake) :: в съзнание
conscious {adj} (aware) :: усещащ, съзнаващ
conscious {adj} (aware of one's own existence) :: съзнателен, осъзнат
consciousness {n} (awareness) :: съзнание {n}, съзнателност {f}
conscript {n} (Draftee) :: наборник {m}
conscription {n} (involuntary labor, especially military service) :: военна повинност
consecrate {v} (to declare, or otherwise make something holy) :: освещавам
consecutive {adj} (following, in succession, without interruption) :: пореден, последователен
consensus {n} (general agreement) :: съгла́сие {n}, единоду́шие {n}, консе́нсус {m}
consent {v} (to express willingness) :: съгласявам се, съгласен съм
consent {n} (voluntary agreement) :: съгласие {n}, разрешение {n}
consequence {n} (that which follows something on which it depends; that which is produced by a cause) :: следствие {n}
consequence {n} (a result of actions) :: последица {f}, резултат {m}
consequence {n} (a proposition collected from the agreement of other previous propositions) :: извод {m}, заключение {n}
consequence {n} (importance with respect to what comes after) :: важност {f}, значение {n}
consequence {n} (the power to influence or produce an effect) :: влиятелност {f}
consequent {adj} (as a result) :: следващ като резултат
consequent {n} (following event) :: следствие {n}
consequently {adv} (as a result or consequence) :: следователно
conservation {n} (The act of preserving, guarding, or protecting) :: опазване {n}, съхраняване {n}, консервация {f}
conservative {n} (one who favors the status quo) :: консерватор {m}
conservative {n} (UK: member of the Conservative party) :: консерватор {m}
conservative {adj} (tending to resist change) :: консервативен
conservative {adj} (based on pessimistic assumptions) :: умерен, внимателен
conservative {adj} (supporting fiscal, political or social conservatism) :: консервативен
conservative {adj} (cautious) SEE: cautious ::
conservatoire {n} (school or educational institution that teaches music) :: консерватория {f} /konservatórija/
conservator {n} (one who conserves, preserves or protects something) :: защитник {m}, пазител {m}
conservator {n} (professional who works on the conservation and restoration of objects) :: реставратор {m}
conservatory {n} (a greenhouse or hothouse for the display of plants) :: оранжерия
conservatory {n} (school of music or drama) :: консерватория {f} /konservatórija/
conserve {v} (to save) :: консервирам, запазвам
conserve {v} (to protect) :: защитавам, опазвам
consider {v} (think about seriously) :: обмислям
consider {v} (think of doing) :: замислям
consider {v} (assign some quality to) :: считам за
consider {v} (look at attentively) :: разглеждам
consider {v} (debate or dispose of a motion) :: разглеждам
considerable {adj} (worth considering) :: важен, значителен
considerable {adj} (large in amount) :: голям
considerably {adv} (significantly) :: значително /značítelno/
considerate {adj} (thoughtful) :: внимателен, деликатен
consideration {n} (process of considering) :: обмисляне {n}
consideration {n} (something considered as a reason or ground for a decision) :: съображение {n}
consideration {n} (tendency to consider others) :: загриженост {f}
consign {v} (To transfer to the custody of) :: , предавам, предназначавам
consign {v} (To entrust to the care of another) :: , поверявам
consign {v} (To send to a final destination) :: , изпращам
consignee {n} (The person to whom a shipment is to be delivered) :: получател {m} /polučátel/
consigner {n} :: изпращач
consignment {n} (A collection of goods to be sent, in transit or having been sent) :: пратка {f}
consist {v} (to be composed (of)) :: състоя се, съставен съм
consistence {n} :: консистенция {f}, плътност {f}
consistency {n} (reliability or uniformity; the quality of being consistent) :: постоянство {n}, устойчивост {f}
consistency {n} (degree of viscosity of something) :: консистенция {f}
consistent {adj} (of a regularly occurring, dependable nature) :: последователен, постоянен
consistent {adj} (not logically contradictory) :: непротиворечив
consistently {adv} (constantly) SEE: constantly ::
consolation {n} (act of consoling) :: утеха {f}, утешение {n}
consolation {n} (prize for the loser) :: утешителна награда
consolatory {adj} (which consoles) :: утешителен
console {n} :: конзола
console {v} (to comfort) :: утешавам /utešavam/
consolidate {v} (to combine into a single unit; to group together or join) :: обединявам
consolidate {v} (to make stronger or more solid) :: укрепвам, заздравявам
consolidated {adj} (including financial data of the parent and all subsidiary companies) :: консолидиран
consolidation {n} (the act or process of consolidating) :: укрепване {n}, заздравяване {n}
consolidation {n} (the combination of several actions into one) :: обединяване {n}, обединение {n}
consonance {n} (the repetition of consonant sounds) :: съзвучие {n}
consonance {n} (music harmony; agreement) :: съгласие {n}, хармония {f}
consonant {n} (sound) :: съгла́сна {f}
consonant {n} (letter) :: съгла́сна {f}
consonant {adj} (Characterized by harmony or agreement) :: съзвучен, хармоничен
consort {v} (associate or keep company) :: придружавам
consort {v} (be in agreement) :: погаждам се
consort {v} (associate or unite in company with) :: общувам
conspicuous {adj} (obvious or easy to notice) :: очевиден, забележим
conspicuous {adj} (noticeable or attracting attention, especially if unattractive) :: биещ на очи
conspiracy {n} (act of working in secret to obtain some goal) :: за́говор {m}, съзакля́тие {n}, конспира́ция {f}
conspiracy theory {n} (hypothetical speculation) :: конспиративна теория {f}, теория на конспирацията {f}, теория за заговор {f}
conspire {v} (to secretly plot) :: заговорнича
constable {n} (police officer rank) :: полицай {m}
Constanța {prop} (city in Romania) :: Кюстѐнджа /Kyustèndzha/
constancy {n} (The quality of being constant) :: постоянство {n}, устойчивост {f}
constant {adj} (unchanged through time) :: постоянен, неизменен
constant {adj} (consistently recurring over time) :: постоянен, непрекъснат
constant {n} (that which is permanent or invariable) :: постоянна величина {f}
constant {n} (algebra: quantity that remains fixed) :: конста́нта {f}
Constantinople {prop} (Constantinople) :: Константинопол {m}
constantly {adv} (in a constant manner) :: постоянно
constantly {adv} (recurring regularly) :: редовно
constantly {adv} (in an invariable manner) :: постоянно
constellation {n} (formation of stars perceived as figure) :: съзве́здие {n}
constellation {n} (image associated with a group of stars) :: съзве́здие {n}
consternation {n} (amazement or horror; terror, combined with amazement; dismay) :: смайване {n}, ужас {m}
constipate {v} (to cause constipation in) :: причинявам запек
constipation {n} (state of bowels) :: запек {m}
constituent {adj} (being a part, or component of a whole) :: съставен от
constituent {n} (part, or component of a whole) :: съставна част
constituent {n} (resident of a place represented by an elected official) :: избирател {m}
constitute {v} (to cause to stand; to establish; to enact) :: основавам, учредявам
constitute {v} (to make up; to compose; to form) :: съставям, образувам
constitution {n} (act or process of setting something up, or establishing something; composition, structure, makeup) :: устро́йство {n}
constitution {n} (formal or informal system of primary principles and laws regulating a government or other institutions) :: конститу́ция {f}
constitution {n} (legal document describing such a formal system) :: конституция {f}
constitution {n} (general health of a person) :: телосложение {n}
constitutional {adj} (relating to the constitution) :: конституционен
constitutional {adj} (conforming to the constitution) :: конституционен
constitutional monarchy {n} (monarchy limited by laws and a constitution) :: конституционна монархия {f}
constitutive {adj} (having the power or authority to constitute) :: учредителен
constitutive {adj} (very important ; essential) :: съществен
constitutive {adj} (that forms a constituent part of something else) :: съставен, образуващ
constrain {v} (to force; to compel; to oblige) :: принуждавам, насилвам
constrain {v} (to keep within close bounds; to confine) :: ограничавам
constraint {n} (something that constrains) :: принуда {f}
constrict {v} (to narrow) :: свивам, стягам, стеснявам
constriction {n} (the act of narrowing) :: свиване {n}, стягане {n}
constriction {n} (A narrow part of something; a stricture) :: стеснение {n}
construct {n} (something constructed from parts) :: конструкция {f}
construct {n} (concept or model) :: конце́пция {f}
construct {v} (build or form by assembling parts) :: строя́ {impf}, градя́ {impf}
construct {v} (build (a sentence or argument)) :: съставям
construct {v} (draw (a geometric figure)) :: построявам
construction {n} (process of constructing) :: стро́ителство {n}
construction {n} (trade of building) :: строителство {n}
construction {n} (structure) :: сграда {f}, постройка {f}
construction {n} (artistic composition) :: конструкция {f}
construction {n} (manner in which something is built) :: строеж {m}
construction site {n} (place where something is being constructed) :: строителен обект {m} /stroítelen obékt/
constructive {adj} (relating to or causing construction) :: строителен /stroítelen/, конструктивен /konstruktíven/
constructive {adj} (carefully considered and meant to be helpful) :: конструктивен /konstruktíven/
constructor {n} (in object oriented programming: code that creates objects) :: конструктор {m} /konstruktor/
construe {v} (to translate) SEE: translate ::
construe {n} (translation) :: превод {m}
construe {n} (interpretation) :: тълкуване {n}
construe {v} (to interpret or explain the meaning of something) :: тълкувам
construe {v} (to analyze the grammatical structure) :: правя разбор
consul {n} (official who protects the interests of citizens) :: ко́нсул {m}
consulate {n} (the residency of a consul) :: ко́нсулство {n}
consult {v} (ask advice) :: съветвам се, съвещавам се
consult {v} (intransitive, to advise or offer expertise) :: консултирам
consult {v} (intransitive, to work as a consultant) :: консултирам
consult {v} (transitive, to ask advice of; to seek the opinion of) :: допитвам се
consultation {n} (act of consulting) :: консултация
consultative {adj} (advisory) :: съвещателен, консултативен
consume {v} (to use) :: изразходвам
consume {v} (to eat) :: изяждам, изпивам
consume {v} (to occupy) :: заемам, отнемам
consume {v} (to destroy completely) :: поглъщам
consumer {n} (person purchasing goods) :: потребител {m} /potrebítel/
consummate {adj} (complete, perfect, absolute) :: съвършен, абсолютен
consummate {adj} (highly skilled and experienced) :: опитен
consummate {v} (to bring something to completion) :: завършвам, довеждам докрай
consummate {v} (to make a marriage complete by engaging in first sexual intercourse) :: консумирам
consummation {n} (The act of consummating) :: завършване {n}, осъществяване
consummation {n} (The first act of sexual intercourse) :: консумиране {n}
consummation {n} (The achievement of perfection) :: съвършенство {n}
consumption {n} (the act of consuming something) :: консумиране {f}, изразходване {n}
consumption {n} (the amount consumed) :: консумация {f}
consumption {n} (pulmonary tuberculosis) SEE: pulmonary tuberculosis ::
consumptive {adj} (having a tendency to consume) :: изтощителен
consumptive {adj} (relating to pulmonary tuberculosis) :: туберкулозен
consumptive {n} (person with pulmonary tuberculosis) :: туберкулозен {m}
contact {n} (an act of touching physically) :: допир {m}
contact {n} (an establishment of communication) :: свързване {n}, конта́кт {m}
contact {n} (colloquial: a contact lens, see also: contact lens) :: конта́ктна ле́ща {f}
contact {n} (electrical: a device designed for repetitive connections) :: контакт
contact {v} (touch physically) :: докосвам, допирам се
contact {v} (establish communication with) :: свързвам се
contacts {n} (Plural form of contact) SEE: contact ::
contagion {n} (transmission of a contagious disease) :: инфе́кция {f}, зара́зна бо́лест {f}
contagious {adj} (of a disease, easily transmitted to others) :: заразен
contagious {adj} (of a fashion, laughter, etc, easily passed on to others) :: заразителен
contain {v} (to contain) SEE: hold ::
contain {v} (To hold inside) :: побирам
contain {v} (To include as a part) :: съдържам
contain {v} (To limit through restraint) :: сдържам, въздържам
container {n} (an item in which objects, materials or data can be stored or transported) :: съд {m}
container {n} (a very large, typically metal, box used for transporting goods) :: конте́йнер {m}
contaminate {v} (To introduce impurities or foreign matter) :: замърсявам
contamination {n} (The act or process of contaminating) :: замърсяване {n}
contaminator {n} (person who contaminates) :: замърсител
contemn {v} (to treat or regard with contempt) :: презирам, пренебрегвам
contemplate {v} (think about something in a concentrated manner) :: обмислям
contemplation {n} (The act of the mind in considering with attention; continued attention of the mind to a particular subject; meditation; musing; study) :: размишление {n}
contemplation {n} (Holy meditation) :: съзерцание {n}
contemplation {n} (The act of looking forward to an event as about to happen; expectation; the act of intending or purposing) :: очакване {n}
contemporaneous {adj} (existing or created in the same period of time) :: едновременен
contemporary {adj} (from the same time period) :: едновременен
contemporary {adj} (modern) :: съвременен /sǎvreménen/, модерен /modéren/
contemporary {n} (someone living at the same time) :: съвременник {m} /sǎvreménnik/, съвременница {f} /sǎvreménnica/
contempt {n} (a feeling or attitude) :: презре́ние {n}, пренебреже́ние {n}
contempt {n} (law: open disrespect or willful disobedience of the authority) :: неуважение {n}
contemptible {adj} (deserving contempt) :: достоен за презрение
contemptuous {adj} (showing contempt) :: надменен /nadménen/, презрителен /prezrítelen/
contend {v} (to strive in opposition; to contest) :: съпернича, състезавам се
contend {v} (to struggle) :: боря се, сражавам се
contend {v} (to strive in debate; to engage in discussion) :: споря
content {n} (that which is contained) :: съдържа́ние {n}
content {n} (subject matter) :: съ̀щност {f}
content {n} (the amount of material contained) :: вмести́мост {f}, капаците́т {m}
content {adj} (satisfied) :: доволен
content {v} (satisfy) :: задоволявам
contented {adj} (satisfied) SEE: satisfied ::
contention {n} (contest, strife, struggle) :: състеза́ние {n}, съревнова́ние, спор {m}
contentious {adj} (marked by controversy) ::