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{prep} :: obsolete spelling of von
V {letter} :: The twenty-second letter of the German alphabet
v. a. {abbr} :: abbreviation of vor allem
Vaduz {prop} {n} :: Vaduz
VAE {prop} {np} :: initialism of Vereinigte Arabische Emirate (United Arab Emirates)
Vagabund {m} :: vagabond
vage {adj} :: vague
Vagheit {f} :: vagueness
vagil {adj} [biology] :: mobile, vagile
Vagina {f} [anatomy] :: vagina
Vagina {f} [by extension] :: the female sexual organs including the vulva
vaginal {adj} :: vaginal
Vaginismus {m} [healthcare] :: vaginismus
Vagusnerv {m} [anatomy] :: vagus nerve (cranial nerve)
Vahrn {prop} {n} :: A municipality in South Tyrol
vakant {adj} :: vacant (not occupied)
Vakanz {f} :: vacancy
Vakuole {f} [biology] :: vacuole
vakuolär {adj} :: vacuolar, vacuolated
Vakuum {n} :: vacuum
Vakuumdestillation {f} :: vacuum distillation
vakuumdicht {adj} :: vacuum-tight
Vakuumfluktuation {f} [physics] :: vacuum fluctuation (quantum fluctuation)
vakuumisoliert {adj} :: vacuum-insulated
Vakuumkammer {f} :: vacuum chamber
Vakuumröhre {f} :: vacuum tube, valve (thermoelectric device)
Vakuumröhrentechnik {f} :: vacuum tube technology
Vakuumverdampfer {m} :: vacuum evaporator
Vakzin {n} :: alternative form of Vakzine
Vakzine {f} [immunology] :: synonym of Impfstoff
valabel {adj} :: valid
Valentin {prop} :: given name, cognate to Valentine
Valentina {prop} :: given name, feminine form of Valentin
Valentinstag {m} :: Valentine's Day
Valenz {f} [chemistry] :: valence, valency
Valenzband {n} [physics, chemistry] :: valence band
Valenzelektron {n} [physics, chemistry] :: valence electron
Valerie {prop} :: given name
valid {adj} :: valid
validieren {v} :: to validate (check the validity of)
Validierung {f} :: validation
Valinomycin {n} [medicine] :: valinomycin
Valletta {prop} {n} :: Valletta (the capital city of Malta)
Vals {prop} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Vampir {m} :: vampire
Vanadat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: vanadate
Vanadin {n} :: synonym of Vanadium
Vanadinit {m} [mineral] :: vanadinite
Vanadium {n} :: vanadium (a metallic chemical element with an atomic number of 23)
Vanadiumcarbid {n} [inorganic compound] :: vanadium carbide
Vanadiumerz {n} :: vanadium ore
Vanadiumgruppe {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: vanadium group
vanadiumhaltig {adj} [mineralogy] :: vanadium-bearing
Vanadiumoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: vanadium oxide
Vanadiumpentoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: vanadium pentoxide
Vanadiumstahl {m} :: vanadium steel
Vanadiumsulfid {n} [inorganic compound] :: vanadium sulfide
Vanadocen {n} [organic chemistry] :: vanadocene
Vandale {m} :: vandal
vandalieren {v} [uncommon] :: alternative form of vandalisieren
vandalisieren {v} :: to vandalize
Vandalismus {m} :: vandalism
Vandans {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Vorarlberg, Austria
Vanessa {prop} :: given name recently borrowed from
Vanille {f} [botany] :: vanilla
Vanillepudding {m} :: custard, vanilla pudding
Vanillesoße {f} :: vanilla sauce, pouring custard
Vanuatu {prop} {n} :: Vanuatu
Vanuatuer {m} :: Vanuatuan (A person from Vanuatu or of Vanuatuan descent)
Vanuatuerin {f} :: female Vanuatuan (A female person from Vanuatu or of Vanuatuan descent)
vanuatuisch {adj} :: Vanuatuan
variabel {adj} :: variable
Variable {f} [mathematics] :: variable
Variante {f} :: variant
Variante {f} [board games] :: variation
Varianz {f} [statistics] :: variance
Variation {f} :: variation
Varieté {n} :: alternative spelling of Varietee
Varietee {n} :: variety theater
Varietät {f} :: variety
Varietät {f} [linguistics] :: dialect
Varietät {f} [linguistics] :: lect
variieren {v} :: to vary
variierend {adj} :: varying
varikös {adj} :: varicose
Vasall {m} :: vassal, liege
Vasculitis {f} [pathology] :: vasculitis
Vase {f} :: vase
Vasektomie {f} :: vasectomy
vaskular {adj} :: vascular
vaskularisiert {adj} :: vascularised / vascularized
vaskulär {adj} :: alternative form of vaskular
Vasoldsberg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Vater {m} :: father
Vaterfigur {f} :: father figure
Vaterland {n} :: fatherland, homeland: the land from which one originates
vaterländisch {adj} :: patriotic, nationalistic
vaterlos {adj} :: fatherless
Vatermörder {m} :: patricide (person)
Vatermörder {m} :: stiff wing collar
Vaterschaft {f} :: fatherhood, paternity (state of being the father)
Vaterschaftsanerkennung {f} :: acknowledgement of paternity
Vaterschaftstest {m} :: paternity test
Vatersmutter {f} :: father's mother, the mother of a father
Vatertag {m} :: Father's Day
Vaterunser {n} [Christianity] :: Lord's Prayer; Our Father; paternoster (prayer that Jesus taught his disciples)
Vaterunser {n} [dated] :: an approximate measure of time: as long as it takes to say the Our Father at an intermediate tempo, i.e. about half a minute
Vati {m} :: dad
Vatikan {prop} {m} :: Vatican, Vatican City
vatikanisch {adj} :: Vatican (related to Vatican City)
Vatikanstadt {prop} {f} :: Vatican City
Vau {n} :: the Roman letter v
VB {abbr} :: abbreviation of Vereinbarung or Verhandlungsbasis
Vc. {noun} [music] :: abbreviation of Violoncello
v. Chr. {abbr} :: Abbreviation of vor Christus, vor Christo (before Christ)
Vöcklabruck {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Vöcklamarkt {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
VDP {initialism} [wine] :: initialism of w:Verband Deutscher Prädikats- und Qualitätsweingüter e.V. (Association of German Prädikat Wine Estates)
Vectorboson {n} [physics] :: vector boson
vedisch {adj} :: Vedic (related to the Vedic Sanskrit language)
Vedisch {n} :: Vedic Sanskrit (language)
vegan {adj} :: vegan
Veganer {m} :: person following a vegan diet (male)
Veganerin {f} :: person following a vegan diet (female)
Veganismus {m} :: veganism
Vegetarier {m} :: vegetarian (person)
vegetarisch {adj} :: vegetarian
Vegetarismus {m} :: vegetarianism
Vegetation {f} :: vegetation in a particular area or region
vegetationslos {adj} :: without vegetation; plantless or vegetationless
vegetativ {adj} :: vegetative
vehement {adj} :: vehement
vehementer {adj} :: comparative of vehement
vehementesten {adj} :: superlative of vehement
Vehemenz {f} :: vehemence
Vehikel {n} :: vehicle (medium for expression of talent or views)
Vehme {f} :: alternative form of Feme
Veilchen {n} :: The flower violet
Veilchen {n} :: A black eye
veilchenblau {adj} :: The colour violet; literally, the blue of the flower violet
veilchenblau {adj} :: Uproariously drunk
veilchenfarben {adj} :: violet (in colour)
veilchenfarbig {adj} :: violet (in colour)
Veit {prop} :: given name derived from Latin Vitus
Veit {prop} :: surname
Veitstanz {m} :: St. Vitus' dance, chorea
Veitstanz {m} [also figuratively] :: dancing mania
Vektor {m} :: vector (mathematics)
Vektorfeld {n} :: vector field
velarisieren {v} [linguistics] :: to velarize
Velarisierung {f} [linguistics] :: velarization
Velo {n} [Switzerland, South Germany] :: bicycle
Velodrom {n} :: velodrome (arena for bicycle racing)
Velours {n} :: velour
Veloursleder {n} [type of leather] :: suede
Vendetta {f} :: a vendetta taking place in the context of mafia
Vene {f} [anatomy] :: vein
Venedig {prop} {n} :: Venice
venenös {adj} :: toxic
venerisch {adj} :: venereal
Venetianer {m} :: Venetian
venetisch {adj} :: Venetic (related to the extinct language)
venetisch {adj} :: Venetian (related to the modern language of the region of Venice, Italy)
Venetisch {n} :: Venetic (extinct language)
Venetisch {n} :: Venetian (modern language of the region of Venice, Italy)
Venezianer {m} :: Venetian (male person)
Venezianerin {f} :: Venetian (female person)
venezianisch {adj} :: Venetian
Venezolaner {m} :: Venezuelan
Venezolanerin {f} :: female Venezuelan
venezolanisch {adj} :: Venezuelan
Venezuela {prop} {n} :: Venezuela
Venn {n} [in geographical names, otherwise archaic] :: alternative spelling of Fenn
venös {adj} :: venous
Ventil {n} :: valve
Ventilation {f} :: ventilation
Ventilator {m} :: fan [device used to induce airflow]
Ventilführung {f} :: valve guide
ventilieren {v} :: to ventilate
Ventilsitz {m} :: valve seat
ventral {adj} :: ventral
Venus {prop} {f} :: Venus (planet)
Venus {prop} {f} :: Venus (Roman goddess)
Venusatmosphäre {f} [astronomy] :: Venusian atmosphere
Venushügel {m} [anatomy] :: mons, mons veneris
Venussymbol {n} :: Venus symbol
ver- {prefix} :: Inseparable verbal prefix for-
ver- {prefix} :: Inseparable verbal prefix that denotes a transition of the object into a state, which is indicated by the stem
ver- {prefix} :: Inseparable verbal prefix indicating a faulty action
Vera {prop} :: given name
verabreden {v} :: to arrange
verabreden {v} :: to make an appointment
verabredet {v} :: past participle of verabreden
Verabredung {f} :: date (pre-arranged social meeting)
verabreichen {v} :: to administer (to cause to take by openly offering or through deceit)
verabreicht {v} :: past participle of verabreichen
verabreicht {adj} :: administered
Verabreichung {f} :: administration, administering, delivering (a drug etc)
verabscheuen {v} :: to abhor, to detest, to loathe, to abominate
verabscheut {v} :: past participle of verabscheuen
verabscheuungswürdig {adj} :: despicable, heinous, detestable, abominable
verabschieden {vr} :: to say goodbye; to take leave
verabschieden {vrt} [_, with von] :: to say goodbye to someone; to take leave of someone
verabschieden {vt} :: to see off; to dismiss
verabschieden {vt} [politics] :: to adopt; to pass (a law, resolution, etc.)
verabschiedet {v} :: past participle of verabschieden
verabschiedet {adj} :: passed, adopted
Verabschiedung {f} :: dismissal
Verabschiedung {f} :: seeing off
verachten {v} :: to despise, to scorn
verachtend {adj} :: scornful, despising, contemptuous
verachtend {adv} :: scornfully
verachtenswert {adj} :: despicable
verachtet {v} :: past participle of verachten
Verachtung {f} :: contempt, disdain
verachtungswürdig {adj} :: contemptible, despicable
Veraenderung {f} :: alternative spelling of Veränderung
veralbern {v} :: to make fun of
verallgemeinern {v} :: to generalize
verallgemeinert {adj} :: generalized
Verallgemeinerung {f} :: generalization
verallgemeinerungsfähig {adj} :: generalizable
veralten {v} :: to become outdated
veraltert {adj} :: outdated, obsolete, old-fashioned, antiquated
veraltet {v} :: past participle of veralten
veraltet {adj} :: antiquated
veraltet {adj} [linguistics] :: archaic; obsolete
veraltet {adj} :: corny
veraltet {adj} :: dated
veraltet {adj} :: deprecated
veraltet {adj} :: legacy
veraltet {adj} :: outdated, out-dated; out of date, out-of-date
veraltet {adj} :: outmoded
veraltet {adj} :: out of use
veraltet {adj} :: out-of-vogue
veraltet {adj} :: timeworn
Veranda {f} :: veranda
veranlassen {v} :: to cause
veranlasst {v} :: past participle of veranlassen
veranlasst {adj} :: initiated, arranged
Veranlassung {f} :: reason, cause
veranschaulichen {v} :: to illustrate, to exemplify
veranschaulicht {v} :: past participle of veranschaulichen
veranschaulicht {adj} :: exemplified
veranschaulicht {adj} :: illustrated
veranschaulicht {adj} :: displayed
veranschlagen {v} :: To estimate
veranschlagen {v} :: To reckon
veranschlagen {v} :: To assess, appraise
veranstalten {v} :: To organize
veranstalten {v} :: To arrange, stage
Veranstalter {m} :: host, organizer (of an event)
veranstaltet {v} :: past participle of veranstalten
Veranstaltung {f} :: event
Veranstaltung {f} :: show, performance
verantworten {v} :: To take responsibility (for)
verantwortet {v} :: past participle of verantworten
verantwortlich {adj} :: responsible
verantwortlich {adj} :: answerable
Verantwortlicher {m} :: person in charge
Verantwortlichkeit {f} :: responsibility
Verantwortung {f} :: responsibility
verantwortungsbewusst {adj} :: responsible
verantwortungsethisch {adj} :: Relating to the ethics of responsibility
verantwortungslos {adj} :: irresponsible
verantwortungsvoll {adj} :: responsible
verantwortungsvoll {adj} :: carrying much responsibility
verarbeitbar {adj} :: workable, machinable
Verarbeitbarkeit {f} :: workability, machinability
verarbeiten {v} :: to process, to handle, to manufacture
verarbeitet {adj} :: processed
Verarbeitung {f} :: processing
verarmen {vi} :: to impoverish, to pauperize (to become poor)
Verarmung {f} :: impoverishment, pauperization
verarschen {v} [colloquial] :: to trick, to fool (to cause to believe something untrue)
verarscht {v} :: past participle of verarschen
verarscht {adj} :: pranked, punked
verarztet {adj} :: patched up
Verb {n} [grammar] :: verb
verbal {adj} :: verbal
verballhornen {vt} :: to bowdlerize, to disfigure (a name, a text etc.)
Verballhornung {f} :: bowdlerization
Verband {m} :: bandage (medical binding)
Verband {m} :: union, organisation/organization
Verband {m} [algebra] :: lattice
Verband {m} [military] :: unit
Verbandsgemeinde {f} [legal context] :: An administrative unit in the German Bundesländer of Rhineland-Palatinate and Saxony-Anhalt
verbannen {v} :: to banish, to exile
verbannen {v} :: to ban
verbannt {v} :: past participle of verbannen
verbannt {adj} :: banned, banished
Verbannung {f} :: banishment; exile
verbarrikadieren {v} :: to barricade
verbarrikadiert {v} :: past participle of verbarrikadieren
verbaseln {vt} [chiefly colloquial] :: to lose or forget something out of carelessness or forgetfulness
verbaseln {vt} [chiefly colloquial, with es] :: to carelessly ruin something; to make a careless mistake
verbaseln {vt} [sports] :: to carelessly miss a chance (e.g. for a goal)
verbauen {v} :: To block or obstruct
verbauen {v} :: To bodge
verbaut {v} :: past participle of verbauen - blocked, obstructed; bodged
verbeißen {v} :: to bite the bit
verbeißen {v} [colloquial] :: to bite back
verbeißen {vr} [colloquial] :: to stifle
verbeißen {vr} [colloquial] :: to suppress a smile, to suppress laughter
verübeln {v} :: to resent
verüben {v} :: to commit, carry out, perpetrate
verbüßen {vt} [legal] :: to serve (a sentence)
verbergen {v} :: to hide
verbessern {vt} :: to improve (to make better)
verbessern {vr} :: to improve (to become better)
verbessern {vt} :: to correct
verbessert {adj} :: improved
Verbesserung {f} :: improvement
Verbesserung {f} [homework] :: correction
verbesserungsbedürftig {adj} :: in need of improvement; needing improvement
verbesserungsfähig {adj} :: imperfect (capable of improvement)
verbesserungswürdig {adj} :: improvable, suboptimal
verbeugen {vr} [gesture] :: to bow
Verbeugung {f} [gesture] :: bow
verbeult {adj} :: battered, dented
verbiegen {vt} :: to bend something
verbiegen {vr} :: to bend, become bent
verbieten {v} [with dative] :: to forbid, prohibit
verbinden {v} :: to join, to combine, to connect
verbinden {v} [medicine] :: to bandage
verbinden {v} [telephony] :: to put through
verbindlich {adj} :: binding
verbindlich {adj} :: obliging
Verbindung {f} :: connection
Verbindung {f} :: compound
Verbindungklasse {f} [chemistry] :: class of compounds
Verbindungsdraht {m} :: connecting wire
Verbindungselement {n} :: connecting link
Verbindungselement {n} :: fastener
Verbindungshalbleiter {m} :: compound semiconductor
Verbindungsstück {n} :: joint, connector, link
verbissen {v} :: past participle of verbeißen
verbittern {v} :: to embitter
verbittert {adj} :: embittered, bitter, resentful, acerbated
verbittert {adv} :: bitterly
Verbitterung {f} [uncountable] :: exasperation (the act of turning bitter)
Verbitterung {f} [countable] :: bitterness, embitterment, acrimony, resentment, exasperation (the state of being embittered)
verblassen {v} :: to fade
Verbleib {m} :: whereabouts
verbleiben {v} [formal] :: To remain
verbleibend {adj} :: remaining, residual, outstanding
verbleichen {v} :: to fade
verbleichen {v} :: to die
verbleien {v} :: to lead (to cover, fill, or affect with lead)
verbleit {adj} :: leaded
verblüffen {v} :: to amaze, to dazzle
verblüfft {adj} :: stunned, flabbergasted, perplexed, bemused
verblichen {adj} :: faded
verblieben {adj} :: remaining
verbluten {v} :: to bleed to death, to bleed out (die from loss of blood)
verbünden {vr} :: to ally
Verbündete {m} :: ally
Verbündeter {noun} :: article-less form of Verbündete
verbocken {v} [colloquial] :: to fuck up
verbocken {vr} :: to become stubborn
verbogen {v} :: past participle of verbiegen
verborgen {adj} :: hidden
Verbosität {f} :: verbosity (the excess use of words; long-windedness)
Verbot {n} :: prohibition
verboten {adj} :: forbidden, prohibited, banned
verboten {v} :: Past participle of verbieten
verbrannt {v} :: past participle of verbrennen
verbraten {vt} :: to spoil through too much frying
verbraten {vt} [colloquial] :: to dissipate, to burn money
Verbrauch {m} :: consumption
Verbrauch {m} :: usage
Verbrauch {m} :: wastage
verbrauchen {v} :: to consume
Verbrauchen {n} :: use, usage, using
Verbraucher {m} :: consumer
Verbraucherin {f} :: female consumer
verbrauchernah {adj} :: consumer-oriented
Verbrauchsmusik {f} :: Music without lasting value, written to be used and discarded quickly
verbrauchsrelevant {adj} :: energy consumption (attributive, with respect for the environment and economy)
verbraucht {v} :: past participle of verbrauchen
verbraucht {adj} :: depleted
verbraucht {adj} :: consumed, exhausted
verbraucht {adj} :: dissipated
verbrüdern {vr} :: to fraternize (to associate with others in a brotherly or friendly manner)
Verbrüderung {f} :: fraternization
verbrechen {vt} [colloquial, ironic] :: to do something wrong
verbrechen {vt} :: to commit (a crime); to be the perpetrator of
Verbrechen {n} :: crime
Verbrecher {m} :: criminal
verbrecherisch {adj} :: criminal
Verbrechertum {n} :: gangsterism, criminality
verbreiten {vt} :: to put about, spread, circulate, disseminate sth
verbreiten {vr} :: to spread, circulate, get around sth
verbreitet {v} :: past participle of verbreiten
verbreitet {adj} :: common, widespread, prevalent
Verbreitung {f} :: spreading, dissemination
Verbreitung {f} [media] :: sale, selling, distribution
Verbreitung {f} [medicine] :: spread
Verbreitung {f} [botany] :: distribution, dispersal
Verbreitung {f} [physics] :: propagation
verbrennen {vt} :: to burn (to cause to be consumed by fire or flames), to incinerate, to combust
verbrennen {vtr} [medicine] :: to burn oneself, to suffer a burning
verbrennen {vt} [military] :: to scorch
verbrennen {v} :: to burn (to hurt the mouth by an overdose of spices)
verbrennend {adj} :: burning, scorching
Verbrennung {f} :: burning, combustion
Verbrennung {f} [medicine] :: burn
Verbrennungsmotor {m} :: internal combustion engine
Verbrennungsprozess {m} :: combustion process
Verbrennungsvorgang {m} :: combustion process
verbrieft {adj} :: certified, sealed, documented, assured, guaranteed
verbringen {v} :: to spend (time)
verbrämen {v} :: to embellish
verbrämt {v} :: past participle of verbrämen
verbrochen {v} :: past participle of verbrechen
verbüßt {v} :: past participle of verbüßen
verbuchen {v} :: To post
verbuchen {v} :: To enter (data)
verbuchen {v} :: To register, book
verbuddeln {vt} :: to bury
Verbum {n} [dated] :: word
Verbum {n} [grammar] :: verb
Verbund {m} :: compound
Verbund {m} :: bond, join
Verbund {m} :: combination
verbunden {adj} :: related, connected, interconnected
verbunden {adj} :: (not comparable) bandaged
Verbundenheit {f} :: solidarity
Verbundenheit {f} :: attachment
Verbundstoff {m} :: composite (material)
Verbundwerkstoff {m} :: composite (material)
verchromen {vt} [technology] :: to chromium-plate
Verchromen {n} :: chromium plating
verchromt {v} :: past participle of verchromen
verchromt {adj} :: chromium-plated
Verchromung {f} :: chromium plating
verächtlich {adj} :: disparaging, contemptuous, disdainful, scornful
verächtlich {adj} :: despicable, detestable
verächtlich {adv} :: scornfully
Verdacht {m} :: suspicion
verdammen {vt} :: to condemn
verdammen {vt} :: to damn
verdammenswert {adj} :: blameworthy, damnable, culpable
Verdammniß {f} :: obsolete spelling of Verdammnis
Verdammnis {f} :: damnation
verdammt {interj} :: damn
verdammt {adj} :: damned
Verdammung {f} :: condemnation
verdammungswürdig {adj} :: damnable
Verdamniß {f} :: obsolete spelling of Verdammnis
Verdamnis {f} :: obsolete spelling of Verdammnis
verdampfen {v} :: to evaporate
verdampfen {v} :: to vaporize / vaporise
Verdampfen {n} :: vaporization
verdampfend {adj} :: evaporating, vaporizing
Verdampfer {m} :: evaporator
verdampft {v} :: past participle of verdampfen
verdampft {adj} :: vaporized
verdampft {adj} :: evaporated
Verdampfung {f} :: evaporation, volatilization / volatilisation
Verdampfung {f} :: vaporization / vaporisation
Verdampfungskühlen {n} :: evaporative cooling
Verdampfungswärme {f} :: heat of vaporization / heat of vaporisation
verdanken {v} :: to owe
verdattert {adj} :: stunned, dazed, befuddled, flabbergasted
verdauen {vt} :: to digest (to separate food in the alimentary canal)
verdauen {vt} [slang] :: to get over
verdaulich {adj} :: digestible
Verdauung {f} :: digestion
Verdauungsstörung {f} :: indigestion, dyspepsia
Verdauungssystem {n} :: digestive system
verdächtig {adj} :: suspicious, suspect
-verdächtig {suffix} :: Used to form adjectives from nouns, the adjectives having the sense of "a person or thing can expect to get the thing described the noun"
-verdächtig {suffix} :: Used to form adjectives from nouns, the adjectives having the sense of "the thing described the noun can be expected from a person or thing"
verdächtigen {vt} [a person] :: to suspect
Verdächtiger {m} :: suspect
Verdeck {n} :: hood (such as on a convertible car)
Verdeck {n} [dated] :: deck (on a ship)
verdecken {v} :: to mask, to hide, to occlude, to obstruct
verdecken {v} :: to cover
veröden {v} [medicine] :: to sclerose
veröden {v} [figurative] :: to become desolate/stultified
verderben {vt} [with haben] :: to deprive (someone) of (something); to rob (someone) of (some feeling)
verderben {vt} [with haben] :: to ruin; to render (something) useless; to corrupt; to spoil
verderben {vi} [usually of food, with sein] :: to spoil; to rot; to perish
verderben {vi} [with sein] :: to be offensive; to live sinfully
Verderben {n} :: ruin, doom
verderblich {adj} :: pernicious
verderblich {adj} :: perishable
Verdet-Konstante {f} :: Verdet constant
verdeutlichen {vt} :: to make (something) clear, to clarify, to elucidate
verdeutschen {vt} :: to translate into German
verdichten {v} :: to condense, to densify
Verdichter {m} :: compressor
Verdichtung {f} :: compression, compaction, consolidation, packing
Verdickung {f} :: thickening
Verdickung {f} :: bulge
Verdickungsmittel {n} :: thickener, thickening agent
verdienen {vti} :: to earn
verdienen {vti} :: to make something (on something)
verdienen {vt} :: to deserve something (for something)
Verdienst {n} :: merit (something worthy of a high rating)
Verdienst {m} :: wages, earnings, income
verdient {adj} :: deserved
verdient {adj} :: meritorious
verdinglichen {v} :: to reify
verdünnen {v} :: to thin down, to dilute (a liquid or gas)
verdünnt {adj} :: dilute
verdünnt {adj} :: rarefied
verdünnt {adj} :: diluted, thinned, attenuated
Verdünnung {f} :: dilution, thinning, rarefaction
verdoppeln {v} :: To double, redouble
verdoppelt {v} :: past participle of verdoppeln
verdorben {adj} :: tainted, spoiled, putrid
verdorben {adj} :: corrupt
verdrehen {v} :: to twist, to turn, to wrest, to distort, to misrepresent
verdreht {v} :: past participle of verdrehen
verdreht {adj} :: twisted
verdreht {adj} :: warped, perverse
verdreht {adj} :: distorted, contorted
Verdrehung {f} :: twist, torsion, contortion, bending
verdreifachen {vt} :: to triple (To multiply by three.)
verdreifachen {vr} :: to triple (To become three times as large.)
verdreifacht {v} :: past participle of verdreifachen
Verdreifachung {f} :: tripling
Verdreifachung {f} :: triplication
verdrießen {v} :: to chagrin
verdrießlich {adj} :: morose, sullen, grumpy, disgruntled
verdrängen {v} :: To displace
verdrängen {v} :: To replace, supersede
verdrängen {v} :: To repress, suppress
verdrängen {v} :: To oust
verdrängt {v} :: past participle of verdrängen
verdrängt {adj} :: suppressed, repressed
verdrängt {adj} :: ousted, displaced, supplanted
Verdrängung {f} :: displacement
Verdrängung {f} :: repression, suppression
Verdrängung {f} :: replacement
verdrossen {v} :: past participle of verdrießen
verdrucken {v} :: to misprint
verdrucken {v} :: to consume while printing
verdruckst {adj} :: shy, insecure, inhibited
Verdruss {m} :: displeasure, chagrin
verdüst {v} :: past participle of verdüsen - atomized
verdummen {v} [with "haben"] :: to influence (someone) such that they become stupid and uncritically accept ideas and arguments
verdummen {v} [with "sein"] :: to become stupid and uncritical
verdummt {v} :: past participle of verdummen
verdunkeln {v} :: to darken
verdunkeln {v} :: to obscure
Verdunklung {f} :: eclipse
Verdunklung {f} :: blackout
Verdunklung {f} :: darkening, dimming
verdunsten {v} :: To evaporate, vaporize
verdunsten {v} :: To transpire
verdunstet {v} :: past participle of verdunsten
verdunstet {adj} :: evaporated
Verdunstung {f} :: evaporation
verdutzt {adj} :: puzzled, baffled, disconcerted
veredeln {v} :: to refine, cultivate, enrich
veredeln {v} :: to ennoble
veredeln {v} :: to graft (a plant)
veredelt {v} :: past participle of veredeln
veredelt {adj} :: refined
Veredelung {f} :: finishing
Veredelung {f} :: processing
Veredelung {f} :: refining
Veredelung {f} :: grafting
Veredelungsverfahren {n} :: finishing process
verehren {v} :: to adore
verehren {v} :: to worship
Verehrer {m} :: lover (primarily one who loves another in secret)
Verehrer {m} :: admirer
Verehrerin {f} :: feminine noun of Verehrer
verehrt {adj} :: revered, venerated, adored
Verehrung {f} :: adoration
Verehrung {f} :: reverence
Verehrung {f} :: worship
Verein {m} :: club, society
vereinbar {adj} :: reconcilable
vereinbar {adj} :: combinable
vereinbar {adj} :: compatible
vereinbaren {v} :: to agree upon
vereinbaren {v} :: to reconcile
Vereinbarkeit {f} :: reconcilability
Vereinbarkeit {f} :: combinability
Vereinbarkeit {f} :: compatibility
Vereinbarung {f} :: agreement, arrangement
vereinbarungsgemäß {adj} :: agreed
vereinen {v} :: To unite
vereinen {v} :: To join (together)
vereinen {v} :: To combine
vereinfachen {vt} :: to simplify [to make simpler]
vereinfachen {vr} :: to simplify [to become simpler]
vereinigen {v} :: to unite, join, band, unify
vereinigt {v} :: past participle of vereinigen
vereinigt {adj} :: united
Vereinigte Arabische Emirate {prop} {np} :: The United Arab Emirates; a country in the Middle East
Vereinigtes Königreich {prop} {n} :: United Kingdom (Kingdom in Europe)
Vereinigtes Königreich Großbritannien und Nordirland {prop} {n} :: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Vereinigte Staaten {prop} {mp} :: United States
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika {prop} {mp} :: United States of America
Vereinigung {f} :: unification (act of unifying)
Vereinigung {f} :: union
vereinslos {adj} :: not under a contract; unmarried
vereint {adj} :: unified, united, combined
Vereinte Nationen {prop} :: United Nations
vereinzelt {adj} :: isolated
vereinzelt {adj} :: rare, uncommon
vereisen {v} :: to ice over
Vereisung {f} :: icing [process of forming a layer of ice]
vereitert {adj} :: purulent, festering
Verena {prop} :: given name
verengen {vt} :: to constrict, to make narrower
verengen {vt} :: to take in (clothing)
verengen {vr} :: to narrow, to contract
Verengung {f} :: narrowing, constriction, restriction, stricture
vererben {v} :: to bequeath
vererbt {v} :: past participle of vererben
vererbt {adj} :: hereditary, transmitted
Vererbung {f} :: inheritance
verewigen {v} :: to immortalize
ver- -fachen {circumfix} :: used with numerals to create verbs that express multiplication
verfahren {v} :: to proceed, to deal with
verfahren {v} [as a driver of a vehicle] :: to lose one's way, to get lost
Verfahren {n} :: procedure, process
Verfahren {n} [legal] :: proceedings
Verfall {m} :: decay, deterioration, decline
Verfall {m} :: decadence
Verfalldatum {n} :: alternative form of Verfallsdatum
verfallen {v} :: to expire
verfallen {v} :: to lapse
verfallen {v} :: to be forfeited
verfallen {v} :: to decay
verfallen {v} :: to decrease, to go down
verfallen {v} [of a thought, idea, etc.] :: to be inclined to
verfallen {v} :: to become addicted to
verfallen {v} :: to fall into
verfallen {v} :: to resort to
verfallen {adj} [uncomparable] :: expired
verfallen {adj} [uncomparable] :: lapsed
verfallen {adj} [comparable] :: decayed
Verfallsdatum {n} :: expiration date
verfangen {vi} :: to work
verfangen {vr} :: to be caught, to get entangled
verfassen {v} :: to write, to compose, to draft, to prepare
Verfasser {m} :: agent noun of verfassen; author
Verfasserin {f} :: female author, authoress
verfasst {v} :: past participle of verfassen
verfasst {adj} :: drafted, composed, written
Verfassung {f} :: constitution
Verfassung {f} :: condition, state
Verfassung {f} [government, legal] :: constitution
verfassungsfeindlich {adj} :: anticonstitutional
Verfassungsgericht {n} :: constitutional court
verfassungsrechtlich {adj} :: constitutional
Verfassungsschutz {m} [politics, legal] :: protection of the constitution [the Grundgesetz]; the totality of all efforts (such as domestic espionage and the banning of political parties deemed hostile to it) undertaken to protect the constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany and the basic societal order which that constitution establishes
Verfassungsschutz {m} :: Short for Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz
Verfassungsschutzabteilung {f} :: constitution protection department; department responsible for Verfassungsschutz (the protection of the constitution and the basic societal order it establishes)
verfassungswidrig {adj} :: unconstitutional
verfaßt {v} :: obsolete spelling of verfasst
verfechten {v} :: to advocate, to defend, to champion
Verfechter {m} :: advocate, champion
Verfechter {m} :: stickler
verfehlen {vt} :: to miss
verfehlen {vt} :: to mistake
verfehlt {v} :: past participle of verfehlen
verfehlt {adj} :: failed, unsuccessful
Verfehlung {f} :: misconduct
verfeinden {vr} [+ mit] :: to make enemies (of)
verfeindet {adj} :: hostile
verfeindet {v} :: past participle of verfeinden
verfeinern {vt} :: to refine
verfeinert {v} :: past participle of verfeinern
verfeinert {adj} :: refined
verfeinert {adj} :: sophisticated
verfeinert {adj} :: rarefied
verfemen {v} :: to ostracize
verfemt {v} :: past participle of verfemen
verfestigen {v} :: To solidify
verfestigen {v} :: To strengthen, reinforce
verfestigen {v} :: To harden
Verfestigung {f} :: stabilization
Verfestigung {f} :: hardening, solidification (of metals)
veröffentlichen {v} :: to publish
veröffentlicht {v} :: past participle of veröffentlichen
veröffentlicht {adj} :: published
Veröffentlichung {f} :: release
Veröffentlichung {f} :: publication
verfügbar {adj} :: available
verfügbar {adj} :: disposable
Verfügbarkeit {f} :: availability
verfügen {v} :: to decree (to command by a decree)
verfügen {v} :: [with über] to have something at one's disposal, to employ
verfügt {adj} :: decreed
Verfügung {f} :: disposal, disposition (control over something)
Verfügung {f} [legal] :: injunction, decree
Verfügungsgewalt {f} :: disposal, control
verführen {v} :: to seduce
Verführer {m} :: agent noun of verführen; seducer
Verführerin {f} :: female seducer
verführerisch {adj} :: seductive
verführerisch {adj} :: tempting
Verführung {f} :: seduction
verficken {adj} :: cunning, wily
verfickt {adj} [vulgar] :: fucked up, fucking
verfilmen {v} :: to make a film of
verfilmt {v} :: past participle of verfilmen
Verfilmung {f} :: filming (of documents etc)
Verfilmung {f} :: adaptation (especially of a book to make a film)
verfinstern {v} :: to eclipse
verflachen {v} :: to flatten (out)
verflüchtigen {v} :: to evaporate
verflüchtigen {v} :: to volatilize
verflüchtigt {v} :: past participle of verflüchtigen
verflüchtigt {adj} :: volatilized / volatilised
verfliegen {vi} :: To disappear, to vanish
verfliegen {vr} [aviation] :: To fly the wrong route
verflixt {adj} :: darned, blooming
verflixt {adv} :: confoundedly
verflixt {interj} :: Darn!
verflogen {v} :: past participle of verfliegen
verfälschen {v} :: to falsify, tamper with, distort
verflüssigen {v} :: to liquefy, to liquify
verflüssigend {adj} :: liquefying
verflüssigt {v} :: past participle of verflüssigen
verflüssigt {adj} :: liquefied
verflüssigt {adj} :: liquidized
Verflüssigung {f} :: liquefaction
verfluchen {vt} :: to curse
verflucht {adj} :: damn, damned
Verfluchung {f} :: curse (the act of cursing)
Verfluchung {f} :: curse (the result of cursing)
verfünffachen {v} :: quintuplicate
verfänglich {adj} :: insidious, dangerous
verfänglich {adj} :: embarrassing
verfolgen {v} :: to pursue
verfolgen {v} :: to persecute
verfolgen {v} :: to trace
verfolgen {v} :: to haunt
Verfolger {m} :: chaser, haunter, persecutor, pursuer
verfolgt {adj} :: pursued
verfolgt {adj} :: persecuted
verfolgt {adj} :: traced
verfolgt {adj} :: haunted
Verfolgung {f} :: persecution
Verfolgung {f} :: pursuit, pursuance
Verfolgung {f} :: tracking, trailing
Verfolgungswahn {m} :: paranoia, delusion of persecution, persecution complex
verformbar {adj} :: deformable, plastic
Verformbarkeit {f} :: deformability
Verformbarkeit {f} :: plasticity
verformen {v} :: to deform
verformt {v} :: past participle of verformen
Verformung {f} :: deformation, distortion
verfrachtet {v} :: past participle of verfrachten
verfrachtet {adj} :: freighted
verfrachtet {adj} :: carried along
verfärben {v} :: To discolour
verfärben {v} :: To stain
verfärbt {v} :: past participle of verfärben
verfärbt {adj} :: discoloured
Verfärbung {f} :: discolouration, stain
verfressen {adj} :: greedy
verfrüht {adj} [opposite of belated] :: early
verfristet {adj} :: expired
Vergabe {f} :: allocation (awarding of a contract etc)
vergagt {adj} :: joky, jocular
vergagt {adj} :: gimmicky
vergammelt {adj} :: (of food) rotten
vergammelt {adj} :: scruffy, unkempt
vergangen {adj} :: past, bygone
vergangen {adj} :: preceding
Vergangenheit {f} :: the past (time)
Vergangenheit {f} [grammar] :: past tense
Vergangenheitsbewältigung {f} :: coping with the past [especially with a problematic part of a nation's history]
vergasen {vt} :: to gasify
vergasen {vt} :: to gas
Vergaser {m} :: carburetor, carburettor
vergast {v} :: past participle of vergasen
Vergasungskeller {m} :: gassing cellar. A subterranean homicidal gas chamber
vergattern {vt} [military] :: to officially commit a soldier to sentry duty and to the respective regulations
vergattern {vt} [colloquial, with zu] :: to impose a duty or punishment on someone
vergattern {vt} :: to barricade; to separate with a grating or fence
vergeben {vti} [+ dative] :: to forgive
vergeben {vt} [with an + accusative] :: to assign; to allocate; to give (a job); to give or set (a task); to award (a contract)
vergeben {adj} :: taken; not free
vergeben {adj} [colloquial] :: not single: married or in a relationship
vergebens {adv} :: in vain (without success)
vergeblich {adj} :: unavailing, useless
vergeblieben {v} :: past participle of verbleiben
Vergebung {f} :: pardon (forgiveness for an offense), forgiveness (action of forgiving)
Vergebung {f} :: remission (pardon of a sin)
Vergegenwärtigung {f} :: realisation (the act of becoming aware)
vergeglüht {v} :: past participle of verglühen
vergehen {v} :: to pass, to elapse
Vergehen {n} [law] :: offence, misdemeanor
vergeigen {v} :: to screw up
vergeigen {v} [rare] :: to play the wrong note on the violin
vergeigen {v} [rare] :: to spend time playing violin
vergelten {v} :: to retaliate
vergelt's Gott {interj} [religion, chiefly Christianity, chiefly Roman Catholicism] :: God bless you for it; may God reward you for it
vergelt's Gott {interj} [regional, southern Germany, Austria] :: thank you
Vergeltung {f} :: retaliation
vergesellschaftet {v} :: past participle of vergesellschaften
vergesellschaftet {adj} :: socialized
vergesellschaftet {adj} :: accompanied (by)
vergessen {vt} :: to forget (lose remembrance of)
vergessen {vt} :: to forget (fail to do something out of forgetfulness)
vergessen {vt} :: to leave (forget to take)
vergessen {adj} :: forgotten
Vergessenheit {f} :: oblivion
vergesslich {adj} :: forgetful
vergesslicher {adj} :: comparative of vergesslich
Vergesslichkeit {f} :: forgetfulness
vergesslichsten {adj} :: superlative of vergesslich
vergeuden {v} :: to squander; waste
vergeudet {v} :: past participle of vergeuden
vergeudet {adj} :: wasted
vergewaltigen {v} :: to rape
Vergewaltiger {m} :: rapist
Vergewaltigerin {f} :: feminine noun of Vergewaltiger
Vergewaltigung {f} :: rape (the act of forcing sexual activity)
Vergießen {n} :: spillage
vergiften {v} :: to poison
vergiftet {v} :: past participle of vergiften
vergiftet {adj} :: poisoned
vergiftigen {v} [archaic] :: alternative form of vergiften
Vergiftung {f} :: poisoning
Vergiftungserscheinung {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: symptom(s) of poisoning or intoxication
Vergiftungssymptom {n} :: symptom of poisoning
Vergilbung {f} :: yellowing
Vergissmeinnicht {n} :: forget-me-not (plant)
Vergleich {m} :: comparison
Vergleich {m} :: settlement (resolution of a dispute)
vergleichbar {adj} :: comparable
vergleichen {v} :: to compare
vergleichend {adj} :: comparative
vergleichsweise {adv} :: comparatively
vergleichsweise {adv} :: relatively
verglühen {v} :: To burn up
Vergnügen {n} :: joy
Vergnügen {n} :: pleasure
vergänglich {adj} :: transitory, fugacious
vergnüglich {adj} :: amusing, funny
Vergänglichkeit {f} :: transitoriness, transience, ephemerality
vergnügt {adj} :: cheerful, delighted
Vergnügung {f} :: pleasure
Vergnügungspark {m} :: amusement park
vergnügungssüchtig {adj} :: pleasure-seeking, fun-loving
vergolden {v} :: To gild
vergolden {v} :: To gold-plate
vergoldet {v} :: past participle of vergolden
vergoldet {adj} :: gilded, gilt
vergoldet {adj} :: gold-plated
vergolten {v} :: past participle of vergelten
vergossen {v} :: past participle of vergießen - shed
vergraben {v} :: to bury [to place in the ground]
vergraben {adj} :: buried
vergraulen {vt} :: to scare off
vergrault {v} :: past participle of vergraulen
vergreis {v} :: past participle of vergreisen
vergreisen {v} :: to age (intransitive: become old)
vergrößern {v} :: to enlarge, to amplify, to increase
vergrößern {vr} :: to become larger
vergrößert {adj} :: enlarged, amplified, magnified, augmented
Vergrößerung {f} :: enlargement
Vergrößerung {f} :: magnification
vergriesgnaddelt {adj} :: (of a screw thread) warped, misaligned
vergriffen {v} :: past participle of vergreifen
vergöttern {v} :: to deify
Vergütung {f} :: consideration (a recompense for something done)
verhaften {v} :: to detain, to take into custody
Verhaftung {f} :: arrest, detention
verhallen {v} :: to (echo and then) die away (of an acoustic phenomenon, words, etc.)
verhalten {adj} :: restrained
verhalten {vr} :: to behave
verhalten {vr} [impersonal] :: to be
verhalten {vr} [colloquial] :: to repress
verhalten {vr} [colloquial] :: to go more slowly
verhalten {vr} [sport, riding] :: to parry
verhalten {vr} [regional] :: to have a good attitude towards oneself
verhalten {vr} [Austria, Switzerland] :: to undertake
verhalten {vr} [archaic, outside, Switzerland] :: to close with the hand
Verhalten {n} :: behaviour
verhaltensgestört {adj} :: having behavioral issues, socially maladjusted, disturbed
Verhaltensmuster {n} [software, design] :: The behavioural pattern
Verhaltensweise {f} :: behaviour, conduct
verhandelbar {adj} :: negotiable (open to negotiation or bargaining)
Verhandelbarkeit {f} :: negotiability (state of being open to negotiation or bargaining)
verhandeln {v} :: to negotiate
Verhandlung {f} :: negotiation
Verhandlung {f} [legal] :: hearing, trial
Verhandlungsbasis {f} :: basis for negotiation
verhandlungsfähig {adj} :: triable
verhandlungsfähig {adj} :: negotiable
Verhandlungssache {f} :: matter of negotiation
Verhandlungsschrift {f} :: negotiation writing
verharmlosen {v} :: to play down
verharmlosen {v} :: to trivialise
verharren {v} :: to remain
verhascht {adj} :: hashish-addicted
verhasst {adj} :: loathed
verhauen {v} :: to bash up, trounce
verhauen {v} :: to miscalculate
verhauen {v} [education] :: to flunk
verheerend {adj} :: devastating, disastrous
verhehlen {v} :: to conceal, to hide, to dissemble
verhehlt {v} :: past participle of verhehlen
verheißen {v} :: to promise
verheißen {adj} :: promised
verheimlichen {vt} :: to keep secret, to conceal, to hide
Verheimlichung {f} :: concealment
verheiraten {vt} [to perform or cause the marriage of a couple] :: to marry
verheiraten {vr} :: to marry, to get married
verheiratet {adj} :: married (in a state of marriage; having a wife or a husband)
Verheißung {f} :: promise
verheißungsvoll {adj} :: promising, auspicious
verheißungsvoll {adj} :: alluring
verhelfen {v} :: To help (to)
verhetzen {v} :: to incite [hate]
Verhetzung {f} :: incitement
Verhetzung {f} :: sedition
verhexen {v} :: to bewitch
verhext {v} :: past participle of verhexen: bewitched
verhöhnen {vt} :: to scoff, to scoff at
verhindern {v} :: to prevent, to inhibit
Verhinderung {f} :: prevention, hindrance
verhüllen {v} :: to cloak, to cover
verhüllen {v} :: to veil
Verhältnis {n} :: relation, ratio
Verhältnis {n} :: relationship
Verhältnis {n} :: affair (adulterous relationship)
verhältnismäßig {adj} :: relative, commensurate
verhältnismäßig {adv} :: relatively (proportionally)
Verhältniswahl {noun} :: a vote held (to elect members to a multiple-member body) using a system of proportional representation, for which parties field groups of candidates (typically as lists), and following which parties receive a portion of seats which closely matches the portion of votes they received
Verhältniswort {n} [grammar] :: preposition, adposition
verhängen {v} :: To impose, inflict
verhängen {v} :: To cover, veil
Verhängnis {n} :: fatality, fate
verhängnisvoll {adj} :: fateful, disastrous
Verhoffen {n} :: hope
verhohlen {adj} :: concealed, secret, stealthy
verhohlen {adj} :: suppresses
verholfen {v} :: past participle of verhelfen
Verhör {n} [in court or by the police] :: interrogation
verhören {v} [in court or by the police] :: to interrogate
verhören {vr} :: to mishear
verhärmt {adj} :: sorrowful
verhärmt {adj} :: haggard, careworn
verhört {v} :: past participle of verhören
verhätscheln {v} :: to pamper, spoil
Verhüttung {f} :: smelting
Verhütung {f} [dated] :: prevention; circumvention
Verhütung {f} :: contraception (use of a device or procedure to prevent conception as a result of sexual activity)
Verhütungsmittel {n} :: contraceptive
verhungern {vi} [also figurative] :: to starve to death
verhungert {v} :: past participle of verhungern
verhutzelt {adj} :: withered, shriveled
verifizieren {v} :: to verify
verirren {vr} :: to get lost
verirrt {adj} :: lost, stray
veritabel {adj} :: veritable
verjagen {v} :: to scare away, to chase away, to expel
verjagt {v} :: past participle of verjagen
verjähren {v} [law] :: to fall under the statute of limitations
verjüngen {v} :: to rejuvenate
verjüngen {v} [technical] :: to narrow, to reduce
verjubeln {vt} [colloquial] :: to squander, to splurge
verjuden {v} :: to Judaize
verjudet {v} :: past participle of verjuden
verjudet {adj} [often, derogatory] :: Judaized
Verjudung {f} :: Jewification, Judaization
verkabeln {v} :: to hook up with cables
Verkabelung {f} :: cabling
verkacken {v} [vulgar, slang] :: to dick up / mess up something, to lose or fail at something, to bungle / botch
Verkalkung {f} :: calcification
Verkalkung {f} :: calcination
verkannt {v} :: past participle of verkennen
verkappt {adj} :: in disguise
verkapseln {v} :: to encapsulate, to enclose
verkatert {adj} :: hung over
Verkauf {m} :: sale
verkaufen {v} :: to sell
Verkaufsautomat {m} [somewhat, formal] :: vending machine
verkaufsfördernd {adj} :: promotional
verkaufsoffen {adj} :: open for shopping
Verkaufspreis {m} :: selling price, sales price
Verkaufsvertretung {f} :: dealership, sales representation
verkauft {adj} :: sold
Verkehr {m} :: traffic
Verkehr {m} [euphemistic] :: intercourse
Verkehrsflugzeug {n} :: airliner; commercial aircraft
verkehrsgünstig {adj} :: Well connected by public or private transport
Verkehrshütchen {m} :: traffic cone
Verkehrshubbel {m} [regional] :: speed bump
Verkehrsleitkegel {m} :: traffic cone
Verkehrsminister {m} :: minister of transportation
Verkehrsmittel {n} :: (means of) transport
Verkehrsmittel {n} :: vehicle
Verkehrsschild {n} :: traffic sign
verkehrssicher {adj} :: roadworthy
Verkehrssprache {f} :: lingua franca
Verkehrsstau {m} :: traffic jam (situation in which all road traffic is stationary or very slow)
Verkehrsunfall {m} :: traffic accident
Verkehrszeichen {m} :: road sign
verkehrt {adj} :: wrong
verkennen {v} :: to mistake; to misjudge, to err
verkettet {adj} [computing, of data items] :: chained
Verkettung {f} :: concatenation
Verkettung {f} :: nexus
Verkettung {f} :: interconnection, linkage
verkühlen {vr} [colloquial, possibly regional] :: to catch a cold
Verkühlung {f} :: cold (illness)
verkittet {v} :: past participle of verkitten - cemented
verklagen {vt} [legal] :: to sue
verklagt {v} :: past participle of verklagen
verklappen {v} :: to dump waste into a body of water
verklausuliert {adj} [legal] :: constrained by conditions that have multiple clauses
verkleiden {v} :: to dress up, to disguise
verkleiden {v} :: to cover, to panel
Verkleidung {f} :: disguise, costumes
Verkleidung {f} :: covering, cover panel
verkleinern {vt} :: to make smaller
verkleinern {vr} :: to become smaller
verkleinern {v} :: to diminish
Verkleinerung {f} :: downsize, to make smaller, opposite of enlargement
Verkleinerung {f} :: reduction
Verkleinerung {f} :: diminutive
Verkleinerung {f} :: shrinkage
Verkleinerungsform {f} [grammar] :: diminutive noun or form (e.g. with -chen, -lein)
verklemmen {vr} :: to jam
verklemmen {v} :: to clamp
verklemmt {adj} :: inhibited
verkloppen {vt} [somewhat, colloquial] :: to beat up
verkloppen {vt} [colloquial] :: to sell
verkloppt {v} :: past participle of verkloppen
verklären {v} :: to glorify, exalt, transfigure, romanticize, mythify
verklärt {adj} :: glorified
verklärt {adj} :: transfigured
verknallen {vr} [colloquial] :: to become infatuated, to fall for, to get a crush
verknallen {vt} [colloquial, of ammunition or explosives] :: to squander
verknallt {adj} :: infatuated, having a crush
Verknalltheit {f} :: infatuation, crush
Verknappung {f} :: scarcity, shortage
verknöchert {adj} :: ossified
verkünden {v} :: to pronounce (to officially declare)
verkündet {v} :: past participle of verkünden
verkündet {adj} :: proclaimed
verkündigen {v} [literary] :: to proclaim, declare
verkniffen {adj} :: (of a face) pinched
verknittern {v} :: to crinkle, to rumple
verknittert {adj} :: crinkled, rumpled
verknüpfen {v} :: to combine
verknüpft {v} :: past participle of verknüpfen
verknüpft {adj} :: linked, concatenated
Verknüpfung {f} :: link (element of a chain)
Verknüpfung {f} [computing] :: link, shortcut
Verknüpfung {f} :: connection
Verknüpfung {f} [mathematics] :: operation
verkochen {vi} :: to vaporize, to forwall
verkochen {vt} :: to cook something into another thing or into a different form
verkochen {vt} :: to spoil through too much boiling
verkochen {vt} [archaic] :: to digest (compare Latin concoquō)
verkohlen {vt} [auxiliary: "haben"] :: to char
verkohlen {vi} [auxiliary: "sein"] :: to char
verkohlen {v} [chemistry] :: to carbonize
verkohlt {v} :: past participle of verkohlen
verkohlt {adj} :: charred, carbonized
verkommen {v} :: to go bad, to decay
verkommen {adj} :: debauched, deprived
verkommen {adj} :: reprobate
verkopft {adj} :: overly intellectual
verkraftbar {adj} :: manageable
verkraften {v} :: To bear, stand, manage, cope with
verkraftet {v} :: past participle of verkraften
verkrampft {adj} :: cramped
verkrampft {adj} :: tense
verkrampft {adj} :: inhibited
verkrampft {v} :: past participle of verkrampfen, cramped
verkrebst {adj} :: cancerous
verkriechen {vr} :: to creep away
verkriechen {vr} [figurative] :: to hide away, to be holed up
verkörpern {v} :: to embody
verkörpert {adj} :: embodied, epitomized, impersonated
Verkörperung {f} :: embodiment
verkrusten {v} :: To cake
verkrusten {v} :: To become encrusted
verkrustet {v} :: past participle of verkrusten
verkrustet {adj} :: encrusted, caked
verkrustet {adj} :: crusty, scabby
verkrustet {adj} :: decrepit
verkürzen {v} :: to shorten
verkürzend {adj} :: abridging, shortening, contracting
verkürzt {v} :: past participle of verkürzen
Verkürzungszeichen {n} :: abbreviation
Verkürzungszeichen {n} :: breve (diacritic)
Verkäufer {m} :: agent noun of verkaufen
Verkäufer {m} :: seller (one who sells something)
Verkäufer {m} :: salesclerk, salesman; shop assistant; vendor (one whose profession is to sell things)
Verkäuferin {f} :: (female) seller, vendor
verkäuflich {adj} :: saleable
verkäuflich {adj} :: for sale
Verkupferung {f} :: copper plating
verkuppeln {v} :: to set up, matchmake
Verlaß {m} :: alternative spelling of Verlass
verlaborieren {vt} [archaic] :: to waste
verladen {v} :: to load
verladen {v} :: to take for a ride
Verladung {noun} :: transshipment
Verlag {m} :: publishing house, publisher (a company that produces and sells books, booklets, magazines)
verlagern {v} :: to relocate
verlagern {v} :: to shift
Verlagerung {f} :: relocation
Verlagerung {f} :: shift
Verlagsgesellschaft {f} :: publishing house
Verlagswesen {n} [publishing] :: publishing
Verlan {n} :: verlan (type of backslang used in French)
verlangen {v} :: to ask for, demand
Verlangen {n} :: desire, yearning, longing
Verlangen {n} :: request, wish, demand
verlangsamen {vt} :: to slow down
verlangsamt {adj} :: slowed, slowed down, decelerated
Verlangsamung {f} :: slowdown
Verlangsamung {f} :: deceleration, retardation
Verlass {m} :: reliance
verlassen {vt} :: to leave, to abandon; to depart, to forsake
verlassen {vtr} [with auf] :: to trust; to rely on
verlassen {vt} [figuratively] :: to pass away; to cease; to die [with direct object uns]
verlassen {vt} :: to desert, to dump (e.g. a partner in a romantic relationship)
verlassen {adj} :: lonely, forsaken
verlassen {adj} :: (not comparable) abandoned, deserted
verlassen {adv} :: forlornly
Verlaub {m} [dated] :: permission
Verlauf {m} :: course (of a border, etc.)
Verlauf {m} :: course, progress, development
verlaufen {vr} :: to get lost, stray
verlaufen {vr} [of a, crowd] :: to disperse, scatter
verlaufen {vi} :: to run (extend in a specific direction)
verlaufen {vi} :: to go, proceed (well, poorly, etc.)
verlaufend {adj} :: flat
verlaufend {adj} :: extending
verlaust {adj} :: infested with lice
verlauten {v} :: To announce
verlautet {v} :: past participle of verlauten
Verlöbnis {n} :: engagement, betrothal (A promise to wed.)
verleben {v} [of money or time] :: to spend
verlebt {v} :: past participle of verleben
verlegbar {adj} :: deployable
verlegbar {adj} :: transferable
verlegen {adj} :: abashed, embarrassed, confused, disconcerted, self-conscious
verlegen {adj} :: lacking, short of
verlegen {adj} [rare] :: creased (from having been lain on)
verlegen {v} :: to displace, to mislay
verlegen {v} :: to lay
verlegen {v} :: to reschedule, to postpone, to adjourn, to put off
verlegen {v} :: to transfer, to shift
verlegen {v} :: to stop, to hinder, to obstruct, to block
verlegen {v} :: to publish
verlegen {vr} :: to resort (to)
Verlegenheit {f} :: embarrassment
Verlegenheit {f} :: an uninvited, but not necessarily embarrassing, situation
Verleger {m} :: publisher
Verlegung {f} :: relocation, transfer
Verlegung {f} :: laying (of bricks, tiles etc)
Verlegung {f} :: postponement, adjournment
verleiden {v} :: to put someone off something, to ruin or spoil something for someone, to make someone no longer enjoy something
verleihen {v} :: to award (someone an honor, a medal, etc); to confer (a title or degree upon someone)
verleihen {v} :: to lend (something to someone, for a finite period of time)
verleihen {v} :: to vest (a power in someone), to give (a right to someone)
Verleihung {f} :: awarding, conference, conferral, bestowing (of an award, honor, etc)
Verleihung {f} :: lending (of something to someone, for a finite period of time)
verleiten {vt} :: to seduce, to entice
verleiten {vt} :: to incite
verlernen {v} :: to forget (lose remembrance of)
verletzen {v} :: to hurt, to injure
verletzen {v} :: to violate (rules, laws, etc.)
verletzlich {adj} :: vulnerable
verletzt {adj} :: hurt, injured
Verletzte {f} {m} :: injured (person), casualty
Verletzung {f} :: injury
Verletzung {f} :: violation
verletzungsbedingt {adj} :: as a result of injury, caused by injury, due to injury
verleugnen {v} :: to renege, repudiate
verleumden {v} :: to libel
verleumderisch {adj} :: defamatory, slanderous, libelous
verleumdet {v} :: past participle of verleumden
Verleumdung {f} :: defamation, calumny (act of injuring another's reputation by any slanderous communication)
verlieben {vr} :: to fall in love
verliebt {adj} :: in love (of a person or persons: enamored)
verliehen {v} :: past participle of verleihen
verliehen {adj} :: conferred, imparted
verliehen {adj} :: distributed
verlieren {vt} :: to lose (something, or a game)
verlieren {vt} :: to shed
verlieren {vr} :: to trail away, to fade away
Verlierer {m} :: agent noun of verlieren; loser
Verlies {n} :: dungeon (historic prison in a vault)
Verlies {n} :: an underground prison or place of captivity
verlängern {v} :: to lengthen
verlängern {v} :: to prolong, to extend
Verlängerung {f} :: prolongation; lengthening (process of making something longer, in space or duration)
Verlängerung {f} :: lengthening (process of becoming longer, in space or duration)
Verlängerung {f} [sport, football] :: extra time, overtime
Verlängerungskabel {n} :: extension cord
verloben {v} :: to betroth; to get engaged
verlobt {v} :: past participle of verloben
Verlobte {f} :: a fiancée, fiancé / fiance [female]
Verlobter {m} :: a fiancé / fiance [male]
Verlobung {f} :: engagement, betrothal (a promise to wed)
verlocken {v} :: to entice
verlogen {adj} :: phony
verlohnen {v} [also constructed with sich and genitive] :: to be worth something
verloren {v} :: past participle of verlieren
verloren {adj} :: lost, missing
verloren {adj} :: doomed, forlorn
verlorengegangen {adj} :: lost
verlorengehen {v} :: to go missing
verlässlich {adj} :: reliable
verlässlich {adv} :: reliably
verlässlicher {adj} :: comparative of verlässlich
verlässlichsten {adj} :: superlative of verlässlich
verlöten {v} :: To solder
verläugnen {v} :: obsolete spelling of verleugnen
Verlust {m} :: loss
verlustbehaftet {adj} :: lossy
verlustig {adj} :: lost (suffered a loss)
verlustreich {adj} :: lost (relating to financial or military loss)
vermachen {vt} :: to leave (by will), to bequeath, to devise
vermacht {v} :: past participle of vermachen
vermacht {adj} :: bequeathed
vermaledeit {adj} :: cursed, damned
vermarkten {v} :: to market
Vermarktung {f} :: marketing, merchandising
Vermarktung {f} :: commercialization, exploitation
vermasseln {vt} [colloquial] :: to blow, to screw up, to botch
vermöbeln {v} :: to beat up
Vermächtnis {n} [law] :: bequest, devise, legacy (property left for inheritance)
vermeßen {v} :: obsolete spelling of vermessen
vermehren {v} :: to increase, multiply, augment
vermehren {v} :: to breed
vermehrt {v} :: past participle of vermehren
vermehrt {adj} :: increased, augmented
vermehrt {adj} :: additional
Vermehrung {f} :: proliferation, increase
Vermehrung {f} :: breeding, propagation
vermeidbar {adj} :: avoidable
vermeiden {v} :: to avoid
Vermeidung {f} :: avoidance
vermeintlich {adj} :: supposed, alleged
vermeintlich {adj} :: imaginary
vermengen {v} :: to mix (stir two or more substances together)
vermengt {v} :: past participle of vermengen
vermenschlichen {v} :: to humanize, to anthropomorphize
Vermenschlichung {f} :: humanization, anthropomorphization
vermerken {v} :: To mention, note, or record
vermerkt {adj} :: noted
vermessen {adj} :: presumptious
vermessen {adj} :: daring
vermessen {vt} :: to measure, to survey
vermessen {vr} :: to measure wrong
Vermessenheit {f} :: presumption
Vermessenheit {f} :: daringness
Vermesser {m} :: surveyor
Vermesserin {f} :: A female surveyor
Vermessung {f} :: survey, measuring
vermöge {prep} [with genitive] :: due to, because of, by virtue of; by means of, through
vermögen {vt} [takes infinitive with zu] :: to be able to; may
vermögen {vt} [takes accusative and infinitive with zu] :: to cause someone to do something, to impel
Vermögen {n} :: fortune [lots of riches]
Vermögen {n} :: ability
Vermögen {n} :: capacity
vermögend {adj} :: wealthy
Vermögenslage {f} :: financial situation, financial position
vermögenslos {adj} :: penniless, destitute
vermögenslos {adj} :: impotent
Vermählung {f} :: marriage
Vermählungsanzeige {f} :: marriage notice (in a newspaper etc.)
vermieden {v} :: past participle of vermeiden
vermieden {adj} :: avoided
vermieft {adj} :: musty
vermieten {v} :: to rent (to someone)
Vermieter {m} :: landlord [he who rents]
Vermieterin {f} :: landlady [female landlord]
vermindern {v} :: To reduce, decrease, shrink, diminish
vermindern {v} :: To alleviate, lessen, ease
vermindern {v} :: To deplete
vermindert {v} :: past participle of vermindern
vermindert {adj} :: diminished, decreased
Verminderung {f} :: decrementation
Verminderung {f} :: reduction
verminen {v} [military] :: to mine
vermischen {vt} :: To mix together
vermischen {vt} [art, painting] :: To put colors softly together
vermischt {adj} :: mixed, blended, intermingled
vermissen {v} :: to miss (to feel the absence of someone or something)
vermissen {v} :: to have something missing
vermittelbar {adj} :: mediatable
vermittelbar {adj} :: communicable, relatable
vermitteln {v} :: to mediate
vermitteln {v} :: to convey
vermitteln {v} :: to broker, to supply, to provide
vermittels {prep} :: by means of (by using the thing specified)
Vermittelung {f} :: [now uncommon] alternative form of Vermittlung
Vermittler {m} :: mediator
Vermittlung {f} :: intermediation
Vermittlung {f} :: agency
Vermittlung {f} [telephone, machine] :: switching
Vermittlung {f} [telephone, person] :: operator
vermüllen {v} :: to litter
Vermüllung {f} :: littering
vermottet {adj} :: moth-eaten
vermummen {vr} :: to hide one’s face, disguise oneself
Vermummung {f} :: covering of the face
Vermummung {f} :: object covering the face
Vermummungsverbot {n} :: a law making it illegal to cover one's face at a demonstration
vermurkst {adj} :: botched, screwed up
Vermuser {m} :: (technical term, normally not used by itself): blender
vermuten {v} :: to assume, suppose, presume, suspect, (US) guess
vermuten {vt} [a person, at a location] :: to suppose someone to be
vermutet {v} :: past participle of vermuten
vermutet {adj} :: supposed, suspected
vermutet {adj} :: assumed, presumed
vermutlich {adj} :: suspected, presumable, assumed
vermutlich {adv} :: presumably
Vermutung {f} :: guess
Vermutung {f} :: supposition
Vermutung {f} :: suspicion
Vermutung {f} [also mathematics] :: conjecture
vernachlässigbar {adj} :: ignorable, negligible
vernachlässigbar {adv} :: ignorably, negligibly
vernachlässigen {vt} :: to neglect
vernachlässigt {adj} :: neglected, unattended
vernachlässigt {adj} :: unkempt, squalid
vernakular {adj} :: vernacular
vernakulär {adj} :: vernacular
vernarren {v} :: to infatuate
vernarrt {v} :: past participle of vernarren
vernarrt {adj} :: infatuated
veränderbar {adj} :: mutable
veränderlich {adj} :: mutable
veränderlich {adj} :: variable
verändern {vt} :: to alter, to change
verändern {vr} :: to change
verändert {adj} :: changed, altered
Veränderung {f} :: change (process of becoming different)
vernebeln {v} :: to obscure
vernebeln {v} :: to obfuscate
Vernegerung {f} :: negrification, negroization
vernehmen {vt} [formal] :: To hear
vernehmen {vt} :: To question, to examine
vernehmlich {adj} :: audible, perceptible
Vernehmung {f} :: interrogation, questioning
Vernehmung {f} :: examination (of a witness etc)
vernehmungsfähig {adj} :: interrogative, interrogatable
verneigen {vr} [literary] :: to bow
verneinen {v} :: to negate
Verneinung {f} :: denial
Verneinung {f} [grammar, philosophy] :: negation
Verneinung {f} :: negative
vernetzen {v} :: to network
vernetzen {v} :: to cross-link
verängstigt {adj} :: frightened, scared, anxious
vernichten {v} :: to destroy; to ruin; to wreck
vernichten {v} :: to annihilate; to benothing; to eradicate; to extinguish (to make dying out or nothing)
vernichtend {adj} :: crushing, devastating, destroying, withering
Vernichtung {f} :: destruction (the act of destroying)
Vernichtung {f} :: annihilation, extinction (the act of annihilating or state of dying out)
Vernichtungslager {n} :: death camp, extermination camp
vernickeln {v} :: To nickel-plate
Vernickeln {n} :: nickel-plating
vernickelt {v} :: past participle of vernickeln
vernickelt {adj} :: nickel-plated
Vernissage {f} [art exhibition] :: vernissage
vernünftig {adj} :: reasonable, sensible
vernünftigerweise {adv} :: reasonably
Vernünftigkeit {f} :: reasonableness
vernommen {v} :: past participle of vernehmen
Vernunft {f} :: reason, good sense
vernunftbegabt {adj} :: rational
Verona {prop} {f} :: given name
veronesisch {adj} :: Veronese
Veronika {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Veronica
verordnen {v} :: to decree (to command by a decree)
verordnet {v} :: past participle of verordnen
verordnet {adj} :: prescribed
Verordnung {f} :: regulation, ordinance, statutory instrument
verpachten {v} :: to loan, lend
verpacken {v} :: to pack
Verpacken {n} :: packing
Verpacken {n} :: packaging
Verpackung {f} :: packaging (the materials used to pack something)
Verpackungsindustrie {f} :: packaging industry
Verpackungsmittel {n} :: packaging
verpassen {vt} :: to miss (be late for; be unable to use or attend)
verpassen {vt} :: to miss (fail to hit or reach)
verpassen {vt} [colloquial, + dative] :: to give, to provide someone with
verpaßt {v} :: obsolete spelling of verpasst
verpeilt {adj} :: maladjusted
verpestet {adj} :: pestiferous, mephitic
verpetzen {v} :: to snitch
verpetzen {v} :: to tell on
verpfeifen {v} :: to snitch, to rat
verpfeifen {vr} [colloquial] :: to piss off
verpflegen {v} :: to feed, nourish
verpflichten {vt} :: to oblige somebody, make somebody promise
verpflichten {vt} :: to commit, to oblige
verpflichten {vt} :: to oblige, to swear, to be sworn
verpflichten {vt} :: to engage
verpflichten {vi} [legal] :: to bind somebody by contract, to oblige somebody
verpflichten {vi} :: to be an obligation
verpflichten {vr} :: to undertake (to commit oneself to an obligation)
verpflichtet {v} :: past participle of verpflichten
verpflichtet {adj} :: committed, bound, obliged, indebted, beholden
Verpflichtung {f} :: obligation, responsibility
Verpflichtung {f} :: commitment
verpflichtungslos {adj} :: unobligated, uncommitted
verpfänden {v} :: to pawn, to mortgage
verpfuscht {adj} :: botched, bungled
verpissen {vr} [vulgar] :: to fuck off; piss off (leave)
verpixelt {adj} :: pixelated
verplappern {vr} [slang] :: to unintentionally give away a secret; unintentionally disclose something which had been secret
verplempern {v} [colloquial] :: to squander, waste, fritter away (time or money)
verplempern {v} [colloquial] :: to spill (a liquid)
verplempert {v} :: past participle of verplempern
verpönt {adj} :: frowned upon, disapproved, scorned
verpönter {adj} :: comparative of verpönt
verpöntesten {adj} :: superlative of verpönt
veräppeln {v} [colloquial] :: to kid someone, to have someone on
veräppelt {v} :: past participle of veräppeln
verprassen {vt} :: to splurge, to squander
verpressen {v} :: To crimp
verpressen {v} :: To grout
verpresst {v} :: past participle of verpressen
verpresst {adj} :: crimped
verprügeln {v} :: to beat up someone
verprügeln {v} :: to beat, to bash
verprügelt {v} :: past participle of verprügeln
verpuffen {v} :: to deflagrate
verpufft {v} :: past participle of verpuffen
Verpuffung {f} :: deflagration
verpuppen {vr} :: to pupate
verputzen {v} [construction] :: to plaster
verputzen {v} [colloquial, of food] :: to put away
verqualmt {adj} :: smoke-filled
verquast {adj} :: confused
verquast {adj} :: strange, unusual
verquer {adj} [colloquial] :: crosswise, askew, wrong, awry (not correct)
verquer {adj} [colloquial] :: strange, rare, weird, cranky, screwy
Verrat {m} :: betrayal
Verrat {m} :: treason
Verrat {m} :: treachery
Verrat {m} :: backstabbing
Verrat {m} :: bewrayment
verraten {v} :: to betray
verraten {v} :: to rat out (to give someone away)
verraten {v} :: to reveal
verrathen {v} [obsolete] :: alternative spelling of verraten
verratzt {adj} :: hopeless
verrückt {adj} :: crazy, mad
verrückter {adj} :: comparative of verrückt
verrücktesten {adj} :: superlative of verrückt
verrechenbar {adj} :: attributable
verrechenbar {adj} [finance] :: billable
verrechenbar {adj} [legal] :: offsetable
verrechnen {vt} [with mit] :: to calculate several quantities together; particularly: to offset one against another
verrechnen {vr} [with bei or in] :: to miscalculate
verreisen {v} :: take a trip, travel, go out of town
verrenken {v} :: to strain, wrench
verärgern {v} :: To annoy, anger
verärgern {v} :: To antagonize
verärgert {v} :: past participle of verärgern
verärgert {adj} [rather formal] :: upset, annoyed, angry
verrühren {vt} :: to stir up; whip up; mix up; scramble
verrichten {v} :: to carry out
verrichten {v} :: to perform
verriegeln {v} :: to bolt
verriegelt {adj} :: bolted, locked
Verriegelung {f} :: fastener
verringern {vt} :: To abate
verringert {adj} :: decreased, reduced
Verringerung {f} :: reduction, decrease
verrosten {v} :: To rust
Verrosten {n} :: rusting
verrostet {adj} :: rusty
verrotten {v} :: to rot
verrottet {adj} :: decayed, rotten
verrottet {v} :: past participle of verrotten
Verräter {m} :: traitor
Verräterin {f} :: female traitor
verrucht {adj} :: heinous, despicable
verrufen {adj} :: notorious, infamous
verrunzelt {adj} :: wrinkled
verrußt {adj} :: sooted
Vers {m} :: verse
versagen {v} :: to fail
versagen {v} :: to refuse; deny
Versagen {n} :: failure
Versager {m} :: someone who fails, a loser
versalzen {v} :: to put too much salt in
versalzen {v} [figuratively] :: to spoil
versalzen {adj} :: too salty
versalzt {v} :: past participle of versalzen
versammeln {v} :: to gather, to assemble
Versammlung {f} :: assembly, gathering, congregation
Versand {m} :: shipping, shipment, dispatch
Versandkosten {noun} :: shipping costs
versandkostenfrei {adj} :: free of shipping costs
versandt {v} :: past participle of versenden
versauen {v} :: to mess up
versauern {v} :: To go stale
versauern {v} :: To acidify
versauern {v} :: To stagnate
versauert {v} :: past participle of versauern
Versauerung {f} :: acidification
versaufen {v} [colloquial, auxiliary "haben"] :: to spend on drinking
versaufen {v} [colloquial, auxiliary "sein"] :: to drown
versaut {adj} :: filthy
versaut {adj} [slang] :: kinky, having unusual sexual desires or practices
versauter {adj} :: comparative of versaut
versautesten {adj} :: superlative of versaut
verschaffen {v} :: to provide, supply, procure
verschalen {v} [construction] :: to plank; to lag
verschallen {v} [obsolete] :: to stop being audible
verschalten {v} :: to connect
verschanzen {v} :: to barricade
verscharren {v} :: to scratch
verscharren {v} :: to superficially bury
verscheißern {v} [colloquial] :: to fool someone
verscheissern {v} :: alternative spelling of verscheißern
verscheissert {v} :: past participle of verscheissern
verschenken {v} :: to give away, to throw away
verscheuchen {v} :: to shoo, to shoo away, to scare away, to drive away
verscheucht {v} :: past participle of verscheuchen
verschicken {vt} :: to send out
verschicken {vt} :: to send off
verschieben {v} :: to move, to shift
verschieben {v} :: to postpone
Verschiebung {f} :: delay, deferral. deferment, postponement, suspension, adjournment
Verschiebung {f} :: shift, displacement, offset, relocation, transfer, translation
verschieden {adj} :: different (von from)
verschieden {adj} :: several, various
verschieden {adv} :: differently
verschiedenartig {adj} :: varied, different, diverse
verschiedenfarbig {adj} :: varicoloured, multicoloured
verschiedenförmig {adj} :: multifarious
verschiedentlich {adj} :: happening from time to time; happening on various occasions; sporadic (but not with the sense of “rare”)
verschiedentlich {adv} :: from time to time; on various occasions
verschissen {adj} [vulgar] :: shitty
verschlacken {v} :: to slag (make slag)
verschlackt {v} :: past participle of verschlacken
verschlackt {adj} :: scoriaceous
verschlackt {adj} :: slagged
verschlafen {v} :: to oversleep
verschlafen {adj} :: sleepy
verschlagen {adj} :: devious
verschlagen {adj} :: disingenuous, self-serving
verschlechtern {v} :: to deteriorate (make worse)
verschlechtern {v} :: to worsen; to make worse
Verschleiß {m} :: wear, wear and tear
Verschleiß {m} :: attrition
verschleißen {v} :: to wear out, to chafe, to abrade
verschleiern {v} :: to veil
verschleiern {v} :: to disguise
verschleiern {v} :: to cloud (make obscure)
verschleißfest {adj} :: hard-wearing, wear-resistant
Verschleißfestigkeit {f} :: wear-resistance
verschleissen {v} :: alternative spelling of verschleißen
verschleppen {v} :: to abduct
verschleppen {v} :: to protract
Verschleppung {f} :: abduction
Verschleppung {f} :: protraction
verschleudern {v} :: to dump (sell dirt cheap)
verschließen {vt} :: to close; to shut; to lock
verschließen {vt} :: to lock (something) up
verschliessen {v} :: alternative spelling of verschließen
verschlimmbessern {v} [colloquial] :: to make something worse in an honest but failed attempt to improve it
Verschlimmbesserung {f} :: disimprovement, improvement for the worse
verschlimmern {v} :: to make worse, to worsen, to aggravate
verschlingen {v} :: to devour
verschlossen {adj} :: locked
verschlossen {adj} :: uncommunicative, withdrawn
verschlüsseln {v} :: to encrypt
verschlüsselt {adj} :: encrypted
Verschlüsselung {f} :: encryption
Verschluß {noun} :: alternative spelling of Verschluss
verschlucken {v} :: swallow up
verschlungen {v} :: past participle of verschlingen
Verschluss {m} :: closing
verschmelzen {v} :: To blend, merge, coalesce
verschmelzen {v} :: To fuse (together)
Verschmelzung {f} :: merger, amalgamation
Verschmelzung {f} :: fusion
verschmähen {v} :: to scorn, to disdain
verschmitzt {adj} :: mischievous
verschmitzt {adj} :: sly
verschmitzt {adj} :: shrewd, cunning
verschmolzen {v} :: past participle of verschmelzen
verschmolzen {adj} :: coalesced, melded, merged
verschmust {adj} :: cuddly
verschmust {adj} :: affectionate
verschmutzen {v} :: to soil
verschmutzen {v} [environment] :: to pollute
Verschmutzung {f} :: soiling
Verschmutzung {f} :: pollution
Verschnaufpause {f} :: breather
verschneiden {v} :: to neuter (to remove sex organs from an animal)
verschneiden {v} :: to mix, to blend (for example: beer, wine)
verschneit {adj} :: snow-covered
verschnitten {v} :: past participle of verschneiden
verschnöselt {adj} :: snobbish
verschnupft {adj} :: peeved, grumpy
verschnupft {adj} :: sniffly, bunged up (with a cold)
verschollen {adj} :: missing, lost
verschollen {adj} [law] :: declared dead in absentia, presumed dead
Verschollenheit {f} :: disappearance
Verschollenheit {f} [law] :: declared death in absentia, presumption of death
verschonen {v} :: to spare
verschont {v} :: past participle of verschonen
verschossen {v} :: past participle of verschießen
verschossen {adj} :: faded, spent
verschreiben {v} :: to prescribe
verschreiben {v} :: to make an error while writing
verschreiben {v} :: to commit oneself to something
Verschreibung {f} [medicine] :: prescription
verschreibungspflichtig {adj} :: prescription (which one needs a prescription to obtain)
verschärfen {v} :: To tighten
verschärfen {v} :: To aggravate, exacerbate
verschärfte Vernehmung {f} :: enhanced interrogation
Verschärfung {f} :: tightening, intensification
Verschärfung {f} [linguistics] :: Holtzmann's law: a sound change whereby Proto-Germanic *jj became ddj in Gothic and ggj in Old Norse, while *ww became ggw in both Gothic and Old Norse
verschrieben {v} :: past participle of verschreiben
verschrieben {adj} :: prescribed
verschränken {v} :: to entangle, to cross, to fold, to interweave
verschränkt {v} :: past participle of verschränken
verschroben {adj} :: eccentric
verschütten {v} [a liquid] :: to spill
verschütten {v} [in rubble] :: to trap, to bury alive
verschüttet {adj} :: spilt, spilled
verschulden {vt} :: to be to blame for, to cause (an accident etc.)
verschulden {vir} :: to get into debt
verschuldet {adj} :: indebted
verschweigen {vt} :: to conceal (to hide something by remaining silent about it), to fail to mention, to keep (information) quiet
verschwenden {v} [to squander] :: to waste
Verschwender {m} :: agent noun of verschwenden
Verschwender {m} :: prodigal
Verschwender {m} :: spendthrift
Verschwenderin {f} :: feminine noun of Verschwender
verschwenderisch {adj} :: lavish, extravagant
verschwenderisch {adj} :: wasteful, profligate, prodigal
verschwendet {adj} :: wasted, squandered
Verschwendung {f} [action or progress of wasting; extravagant consumption or ineffectual use] :: waste
verschwendungssüchtig {adj} :: extravagant, generous
verschwägert {adj} :: related by marriage; in-law; excluding one’s own spouse and, often, the spouses of one’s blood relatives
verschwimmen {v} :: to blur
verschwinden {vi} :: to disappear; to vanish
verschwinden {v} [colloquial] :: to get lost, to take a hike
verschwindend {adj} :: vanishing
verschwindend {adj} :: insignificant
verschwindend {adj} :: infinitesimal
verschwistert {v} :: past participle of verschwistern
verschwistert {adj} :: twinned
verschwommen {adj} :: vague, fuzzy
verschwommen {adj} :: blurred
Verschwommenheit {f} :: vagueness
verschworen {v} :: past participle of verschwören
verschwören {vr} :: to conspire
Verschwörer {m} :: conspirator
Verschwörung {f} :: conspiracy
Verschwörungstheoretiker {m} :: conspiracy theorist
Verschwörungstheoretikerin {f} :: feminine noun of Verschwörungstheoretiker
Verschwörungstheorie {f} :: conspiracy theory
verschwunden {adj} :: disappeared
verschwurbelt {adj} :: complicated
versehen {vt} [a service or duty] :: to perform
versehen {vt} [an office] :: to hold
versehen {v} :: versehen mit to provide with
versehen {vr} :: to make a mistake
Versehen {n} :: mistake, oversight
versehentlich {adv} :: by mistake
versehren {vt} [elevated] :: to hurt, to wound
versehrt {v} :: past participle of versehren
verseifen {v} [chemistry] :: to saponify
verseift {v} :: past participle of verseifen
verselbständigen {v} :: alternative form of verselbstständigen
verselbständigt {v} :: past participle of verselbständigen
Verselbständigung {f} :: alternative form of Verselbstständigung
verselbstständigen {v} :: to separate, to make independent, to emancipate
verselbstständigen {vr} :: to become independent, to take on a life of one's own
verselbstständigt {v} :: past participle of verselbstständigen
Verselbstständigung {f} :: emancipation, attainment of independence
versemmeln {v} [colloquial] :: to fail
versüßen {v} :: to sugar (make something seem less unpleasant), sweeten (make pleasing or grateful to the mind or feelings)
versenden {v} :: to ship, to dispatch
versendet {v} :: past participle of versenden
Versendung {f} :: dispatching
versenkbar {adj} :: retractable
versenken {v} :: to sink (to cause to sink, e.g. a ship)
versenken {v} [pocket billiards] :: to down (to pot a ball)
versenken {v} [technichal] :: to countersink, counterbore
versessen {adj} :: crazy
versessen {adj} :: fanatic, closeminded
versessen {adj} :: stubborn, immovably set in an opinion
versetzen {v} :: to put, to move [into a state or position]
versetzen {v} :: to deal, to give [a blow, hit etc.]
versetzen {v} [school] :: to promote [to the next grade]
versetzen {v} [work] :: to transfer [to a different work place or position]
Versetzen {n} :: movement, displacement
Versetzen {n} :: addition, mixing
versetzt {v} :: past participle of versetzen
versetzt {adj} :: offset
versetzt {adj} :: shifted, displaced
verseuchen {v} :: to contaminate
Verseuchung {f} :: contamination
Versfuß {m} :: metrical foot
versöhnen {vr} :: to reconcile
versöhnlich {adj} :: conciliatory, reconciliatory, forgiving
Versöhnlichkeit {f} :: conciliatoriness, forgiveness
Versöhnung {f} :: reconciliation
Versicherer {m} :: insurer
Versicherer {m} :: underwriter
versichern {v} :: to insure (to provide for compensation if some specified risk occurs)
versichern {v} :: to reassure, assure
versichert {adj} :: insured, covered
Versicherung {f} :: insurance
Versicherungsgesellschaft {f} :: insurance company
versicherungspflichtig {adj} :: obligatorily insured
versickern {v} :: to seep in, to seep away
versickern {v} [figurative] :: to disappear
versiegelt {v} :: past participle of versiegeln
versiegelt {adj} :: sealed
Versiegelung {f} :: (the act or process of) sealing (e.g. of a document with a signet to indicate authorship, approval, etc)
Versiegelung {f} :: sealing to discourage or make noticeable unauthorized opening of (something, e.g. a letter, or a building)
Versiegelung {f} :: sealing (e.g. of a leak in a pipe)
Versiegelung {f} :: (no plural) the waterproof "sealing" of the earth's surface by human constructions
Versiegelung {f} :: a particular Christian sacrament
Versiegelung {f} [dated] :: verification, substantiation (of something)
versiert {adj} :: versed
versiffen {v} :: to become dirty
versifizieren {v} :: to versify
Versikel {m} :: versicle
versilbern {v} :: To silver, to silverplate
versilbern {v} [finance] :: To realize (convert an asset into cash)
versilbert {v} :: past participle of versilbern
versilbert {adj} :: silverplated
Versilberung {f} :: silvering
Versilberung {f} :: silver plating
Versilberung {f} :: silver plate
versinken {vi} :: to sink, to descend
Version {f} :: version
Versionierung {f} [computing] :: versioning
Versionsgeschichte {f} :: revision history (in quality management)
versklaven {v} :: to enslave
Versklavung {f} :: enslavement
versnobt {adj} :: snobbish, snobby
verso {adv} :: overleaf
Verso {n} :: verso, reverse, back, overleaf (of a page)
versoffen {adj} [colloquial] :: boozy, wasted
versonnen {adj} :: pensive, thoughtful
versorgen {v} :: to look after
versorgen {v} [medicine, first-aid] :: to treat
versorgen {v} :: to supply (someone/somewhere mit with)
versorgen {v} :: to provide for (a family etc.)
Versorgung {f} :: supply
Versorgung {f} :: care, treatment, accommodation
Versorgungslage {f} :: supply situation
Versorgungstechnik {f} :: supply / utility technology / engineering
Verspannung {f} :: tension
Verspannung {f} :: bracing, stay
Verspargelung {f} :: lit. asparagus-ification: used to describe wind farms' impact on scenery
verspeisen {v} :: to eat up, especially with great pleasure and enjoyment
verspeist {v} :: past participle of verspeisen
versperren {v} :: to bar, to block
versperren {v} :: to lock
versperrt {v} :: past participle of versperren
verspiegelt {adj} :: mirrored
verspielen {vt} :: to gamble something away (lose something in a game)
verspielen {vt} :: to lose something lightly; to squander; to waste
verspielen {vi} [chiefly in the perfect tenses, with bei] :: to lose someone’s goodwill
verspielen {vr} :: to make a mistake at playing (e.g. play a wrong note on a music instrument)
verspielt {adj} :: playful
verspielt {v} :: past participle of verspielen
verspotten {v} :: to make fun of
verspottet {v} :: past participle of verspotten
verspröden {vi} [perfect tenses formed with sein] :: to go/become brittle
verspröden {vt} [perfect tenses formed with haben] :: to make brittle
versprödet {v} :: past participle of verspröden - embrittled
Versprödung {f} :: embrittlement
versprechen {vt} :: to promise
versprechen {vt} [with reflexive dative] :: to expect (something positive); to hope for
versprechen {vr} [with dative object] :: to promise oneself (to)
versprechen {vr} :: to make a verbal slip; to misspeak
Versprechen {n} :: promise (vow)
Versprecher {m} :: slip of the tongue (mistake in speech)
verspüren {v} :: to feel, sense
versprühen {v} :: To radiate
versprühen {v} :: To spray
versprühen {v} :: To atomize
versprüht {adj} :: sprayed, atomized
verspäten {vr} :: to be late
verspätet {adj} :: belated, late
Verspätung {f} :: delay, lateness, late arrival
versüßt {v} :: past participle of versüßen
verstaatlichen {v} :: to nationalize, to socialize
verstaatlicht {v} :: past participle of verstaatlichen
Verstaatlichung {f} :: nationalization, socialization
Verstand {m} :: reason, mind
verstanden {v} :: past participle of verstehen
Verstauchung {f} :: sprain (act or result of spraining)
verstauen {v} :: to stow
Versteck {n} :: hiding place
verstecken {vtr} :: to hide
Verstecken {n} :: hide and seek
Versteckspiel {n} [games] :: hide and seek
versteckt {adj} :: hidden
verstehen {vt} :: to understand, to comprehend (to be aware of the meaning of)
verstehen {vr} :: to get along well with (=mit), to like
versteigern {vt} :: to auction
Versteigerung {f} :: auction
versteinern {v} :: to petrify
Versteinerung {f} :: petrification
Versteinerung {f} :: petrifaction
verstellbar {adj} :: adjustable
verstellen {v} :: to adjust, alter
verstellen {v} :: to displace, shift
verstellen {v} :: to disguise [one's voice etc.]
verstellen {vr} :: to dissemble, dissimulate, pretend, sham
verstellt {v} :: past participle of verstellen
Verstellung {f} :: adjustment
Verstellung {f} :: displacement, shift
Verstellung {f} :: disguise
Verstellung {f} :: dissimulation, feint, affectation, pretense
verästeln {v} :: to branch out
verästeln {v} :: to ramify
verästelt {v} :: past participle of verästeln
verästelt {adj} :: complex
verästelt {adj} :: branching, dendritic
Versteppung {f} [Nazism] :: The process by which a country, especially Germany, becomes like the USSR
versterben {v} :: to die; to pass away
verstümmeln {v} :: to mutilate
Verstümmelung {f} :: mutilation
verständigen {v} :: To notify, inform, advise
verständigen {v} :: To warn, alert
verständigt {v} :: past participle of verständigen
verständigt {adj} :: notified, advised
Verständigung {f} :: understanding, agreement, settlement, rapprochement
verständlich {adj} :: understandable, comprehensible
verständlicherweise {adv} :: understandably, understandably enough
Verständnis {n} :: understanding, comprehension
Verständnis {n} :: sympathy
verständnislos {adj} :: uncomprehending
verständnisvoll {adj} :: understanding, sympathetic, tolerant
Verstoß {m} :: violation, breach, offense, infringement
verstoßen {v} :: to outcast
verstoßen {v} :: to infringe (against a law)
Verstoffwechslung {f} :: metabolising
verstohlen {adj} :: furtive, surreptitious
verstopfen {v} :: to plug
verstopfen {v} :: to clog
verstopfen {v} :: to jam
verstopft {adj} :: stopped up, stuffy [nose]
verstopft {adj} :: constipated
Verstopfung {f} :: constipation
Verstopfung {f} :: block, blockage
verstorben {v} :: past participle of versterben
verstorben {adj} :: deceased
verstrahlen {v} :: to contaminate (with radiation)
verstrahlt {v} :: past participle of verstrahlen
verstreichen {v} :: to pass
verstreuen {v} :: To scatter
verstreuen {v} :: To disperse
Verstreuen {n} :: scattering
Verstreuen {n} :: dispersal
verstreut {v} :: past participle of verstreuen
verstricken {v} :: to entangle, to ensnare
verstrickt {v} :: past participle of verstricken
Verstrickung {f} :: entanglement
Verstrickung {f} [law] :: sequestration
verstärken {v} :: to reinforce
verstärken {v} :: to amplify
verstärken {v} :: to penetrate
verstärken {vr} :: to grow stronger
Verstärker {m} :: amplifier
Verstärkung {f} :: reinforcement
Verstärkung {f} :: amplification
Verstärkung {f} :: reinforcements (additional troops or materiel sent to support an action)
verstört {adj} :: disturbed; distraught
verstummen {v} :: to become silent
Versuch {m} :: attempt
Versuch {m} :: experiment; test, trial
Versuch {m} [rugby] :: try
versuchen {v} :: to try, attempt
versuchen {v} :: to tempt
Versuchsanlage {f} :: pilot plant (test facility)
Versuchsballon {m} [idiomatic] :: trial balloon
Versuchsergebnis {n} [often, in the plural] :: test result(s)
Versuchskaninchen {n} :: [volunteer for an experiment] guinea pig
Versuchstier {n} :: (listed in degree of frequency) laboratory animal, experimental animal, lab animal, test animal, animal subject, animal test subject; animal used in animal testing
versuchsweise {adv} :: as an experiment
versuchsweise {adv} :: by way of trial
Versuchung {f} :: temptation
versäumen {v} :: to miss, to omit, to fail to do something important
Versäumnis {n} :: failing, omission
Versäumnis {n} [legal] :: default
versäumt {v} :: past participle of versäumen
versunken {adj} :: sunken
versunken {adj} :: engrossed, immersed, rapt (in sense of rapt in thought)
versunken {adv} :: in an engrossed manner, raptly (in sense of listened raptly)
Versus {noun} :: obsolete spelling of Vers
Verszählung {f} :: verse numbering, system or method of numbering the verses of a work
vertagen {v} :: To adjourn, postpone, defer
vertan {adj} :: wasted (not profitably used)
vertan {v} :: past participle of vertun
vertauschen {v} :: to exchange, swap
vertebral {adj} :: vertebral
verteidigen {v} :: to defend
verteidigend {adj} :: defending
Verteidiger {m} :: defender
Verteidiger {m} [sports] :: back, defender
Verteidiger {m} [legal] :: defense attorney (US), defence counsel (UK), solicitor
Verteidigung {f} :: defence / defense
Verteidigungsminister {m} :: minister of defence
Verteidigungsministerin {f} :: A female minister of defence
Verteidigungsministerium {n} :: defence ministry
verteilen {vt} :: to distribute
verteilen {vt} :: to spread
verteilen {vr} :: to spread out
verteilt {adj} :: distributed
verteilt {adj} :: allocated
verteilt um {v} :: past participle of umverteilen
Verteilung {f} :: distribution
vertheidigen {v} :: obsolete spelling of verteidigen
vertiefen {v} :: to deepen
Vertiefung {f} :: deepening
Vertiefung {f} :: depression
vertiert {adj} :: brutish, animallike
vertikal {adj} :: vertical
vertipp {v} :: past participle of vertippen
vertippen {v} :: to mistype
vertobaken {v} [North German dialects, dated] :: to beat (up), to thrash
vertonen {vt} :: to set to music
vertouristet {adj} :: touristy
vertrackt {adj} [colloquial] :: tricky
Vertrag {m} [legal] :: agreement, contract
Vertrag {m} :: pact, treaty
vertragen {vt} :: to tolerate, bear
vertragen {vt} [colloquial] :: could do with (need something that would be beneficial)
vertragen {vr} :: to get along with (to be together or coexist well)
vertraglich {adj} :: contractual
vertraglich {adv} :: contractually
Vertragsrecht {n} [law] :: contract law (area of law pertaining to the rights and duties that arise from agreements)
vertrauen {v} :: to trust (to place confidence in)
Vertrauen {n} :: trust
Vertrauensfrage {f} [literally] :: question of trust
Vertrauensfrage {f} [politics] :: motion of confidence, vote of confidence
Vertrauensperson {f} :: confidant
Vertrauensperson {f} :: representative
Vertrauensperson {f} :: trusted person
vertrauensselig {adj} :: trusting
vertrauensselig {adj} :: naive
vertrauensvoll {adj} :: trusting, trustful
vertrauenswürdig {adj} :: trustworthy
Vertrauenswürdigkeit {f} [uncountable] :: trustworthiness, trustability, reliability
vertraulich {adj} :: confidential
vertraut {adj} :: close, intimate
vertraut {adj} :: familiar
vertraut {v} :: past participle of vertrauen
vertrauter {adj} :: comparative of vertraut
vertrautesten {adj} :: superlative of vertraut
Vertrautheit {f} :: familiarity
vertreiben {vt} :: To force to leave
vertreiben {vt} [financial] :: To bring much of something onto the market
vertreiben {vt} [art, painting] :: To put colors softly together
Vertreibung {f} :: expulsion
Vertreibung {f} :: eviction
vertretbar {adj} :: justifiable, defensible, tenable, responsible
vertreten {v} :: to represent
vertreten {v} :: to substitute
Vertreter {m} :: representative, agent
Vertretung {f} :: representation
Vertretung {f} :: agency
Vertretung {f} :: substitution
Vertretung {f} :: substitute
vertretungsberechtigt {adj} [law] :: authorized to represent
Vertretungsberechtigter {m} [law] :: authorized representative
Verträglichkeit {f} :: compatibility
Verträglichkeit {f} :: tolerance
Vertrieb {m} [trading] :: sale, sales distribution, marketing, trafficking
vertrieben {v} :: past participle of vertreiben
vertrieben {adj} :: expelled, dispelled, banished
vertränt {adj} :: tearful, crying
vertun {vr} :: to make a mistake
vertuschen {v} :: to cover up
Vertuschung {f} :: cover-up
Verätzung {f} :: cauterization
Verätzung {f} :: chemical burn
veräußern {v} :: to sell
verunglücken {v} [of a person] :: to have an accident, to be involved in an accident
verunglücken {v} [of a person] :: to be killed in an accident
verunglücken {v} [of a thing, humorous] :: to be a fiasco
verunglückt {v} :: past participle of verunglücken
verunglimpfen {v} :: to denigrate; to libel
verunglimpft {v} :: past participle of verunglimpfen
Verunglimpfung {f} :: denigration, slander
verunreinigen {v} :: to contaminate
verunreinigen {v} [formal] :: to dirty
verunreinigt {v} :: past participle of verunreinigen
verunreinigt {adj} :: tainted, contaminated, adulterated
Verunreinigung {f} :: pollution, contamination
Verunreinigung {f} :: impurity
Verunreinigung {f} :: defilement
verunsichern {v} :: to make insecure, to make uncertain
verunstalten {vt} :: to disfigure
verunzieren {v} :: to disfigure
verunziert {v} :: past participle of verunzieren
verursachen {v} :: to cause
Verursacher {m} :: agent noun of verursachen
Verursacher {m} :: causer (someone or something which causes)
Verursacher {m} :: originator
verurteilen {v} :: to condemn
verurteilen {v} [legal] :: to sentence
Verurteilung {f} [legal] :: conviction, sentence
Verurteilung {f} :: condemnation
verurtheilen {v} :: obsolete spelling of verurteilen
Verve {f} :: verve
vervollständigen {v} :: to complete, to round off
verwahrlosen {vi} :: to become neglected
verwahrlost {adj} :: neglected, derelict
Verwahrlosung {f} :: neglect, dereliction
Verwahrstelle {f} :: pound (place for detention of automobiles)
verwaisen {v} [of a child] :: to become an orphan
verwaisen {v} [rather rare, of a parent] :: to lose one's child
verwaisen {v} [of a place] :: to become deserted, to stand empty
verwaist {adj} :: orphaned
verwaist {adj} :: deserted
verwalten {v} :: to manage
verwalten {v} :: to administer
Verwalter {m} :: administrator
verwalteter Code {m} [computing] :: managed code
verwalteter Kode {m} :: alternative spelling of verwalteter Code
Verwaltung {f} :: administration, management
Verwaltungsakt {m} :: administrative act
Verwaltungsgericht {n} :: administrative court
verwandelbar {adj} :: transformable, transmutable, shapable
verwandeln {v} :: to metamorphose
verwandeln {v} :: to transform, to convert
verwandeln {v} :: to turn
Verwandlung {f} :: metamorphosis
Verwandlung {f} :: transformation
Verwandlung {f} [theater] :: change of scene
verwandt {adj} :: related (connected by blood, adoption, or marriage)
verwandt {adj} :: related (standing in relation or connection)
Verwandte {f} :: female relative
Verwandter {m} :: male relative
Verwandtschaft {f} :: relationship (connection or association; kinship)
verwandtschaftlich {adj} :: kinship or family (attributive)
verwanzen {v} :: to bug (in order to listen secretly)
verwanzt {adj} :: infested with bugs
verwanzt {adj} :: bugged (in order to secretly listen)
verwechseln {v} :: to confuse, to mistake
Verwechselung {f} :: alternative form of Verwechslung
Verwechslung {f} :: confusion, mix-up
Verwechslungsgefahr {f} :: danger of confusion
verwegen {adj} :: keen
Verwegenheit {f} :: dauntlessness, fearlessness, boldness, intrepidness, temerity, audacity
verwehen {v} :: to blow away (wind)
verwehren {v} :: To refuse
verwehren {v} :: To forbid
verwehren {v} :: To deny
verweht {v} :: past participle of verwehen
verweigern {v} :: to refuse
verweigern {v} :: to deny
Verweigerung {f} :: refusal
Verweigerung {f} :: denial
Verweildauer {f} :: dwell time
Verweildauer {f} :: length of stay
verweilen {v} :: to stay, dwell
verweilen {v} :: to hover, linger
Verweis {m} :: reference
Verweis {m} :: reprimand
verweisen {v} :: to refer
verweisen {v} :: to relegate
verwelken {v} :: to wither
Verwelkung {f} :: the wilting
verwendbar {adj} :: usable
verwendbar {adj} :: applicable
verwendbar {adj} :: suitable, useful
Verwendbarkeit {f} :: applicability
Verwendbarkeit {f} :: usability
verwenden {v} :: to use (employ, apply)
verwenden {vr} [formal] :: to intercede
verwendet {adj} :: used
Verwendung {f} [function or purpose for which something may be employed] :: use
Verwendungsmöglichkeit {f} :: possible use
Verwendungszweck {m} :: purpose, use, usage
verwerfen {v} :: To discard, reject, scrap
verwerfen {v} :: To condemn
verwerfen {v} :: To abolish
verwerflich {adj} :: reprehensible (morally unacceptable)
verwertbar {adj} :: usable, applicable
verwertbar {adj} :: realizable, exploitable
verwerten {v} :: To exploit, utilise, realise
verwertet {v} :: past participle of verwerten
verwertet {adj} :: utilized
verwertet {adj} :: recycled
Verwertung {f} :: exploitation, utilisation
verwesen {v} :: to decay
verwesen {v} :: to decompose
verwesen {v} :: (archaic) to administer, to conduct, to govern, to manage. Refer to the prefix ver- (english for-) + wesen (archaic for to be ), meaning to manage things existing in a kingdom
Verwesung {f} [biology] :: decomposition (of living things)
verwöhnen {v} :: to pamper, spoil
verwöhnt {adj} :: spoiled / spoilt
verwickeln {v} :: To involve
verwickeln {v} :: To embroil
verwickeln {v} :: To entangle
verwickeln {v} :: To implicate
verwickelt {adj} :: involved, embroiled
verwickelt {adj} :: tangled
Verwirckung {f} :: obsolete spelling of Verwirkung
verwirklichen {v} :: To substantiate, realize
verwirklichen {v} :: To materialize
verwirklichen {v} :: To achieve, fulfil
verwirklicht {v} :: past participle of verwirklichen
Verwirklichung {f} :: fruition, realisation, attainment
verwirren {v} :: to confuse
verwirrlich {adj} [Switzerland] :: confused, confusing
verwirrt {adj} :: confused
verwirrt {adj} :: disoriented
Verwirrung {f} :: confusion, disarray, clutter
Verwirrung {f} :: bewilderment, puzzlement
verwischen {v} :: to smudge, to smear (e.g. paint)
verwischen {v} :: to blur, to obscure (e.g. the differences between two things)
verwittern {vi} :: To erode
verwittern {vt} [hunting] :: To overhaul the smell of a place to lure or scare wild animals
verwittert {v} :: past participle of verwittern
Verwitterung {f} [geology] :: weathering, decomposition
verwitterungsresistent {adj} :: weather resistant (resistant to weathering)
verwitwet {adj} :: widowed
verwünschen {v} :: to cast a spell
Verwünschung {f} :: curse
verworfen {v} :: past participle of verwerfen
verworfen {adj} :: discarded, scrapped
verworfen {adj} :: overruled
verworfen {adj} :: profligate, depraved
verworfen {adj} :: reprobate
verworren {adj} :: confused, confusing
verwässern {v} [figuratively] :: to water down, to dilute
verwässert {adj} :: watered-down
verwüsten {v} :: to devastate, ravage
verwüstend {adj} :: devastating, ravaging, desolating
Verwüstung {f} :: ravage, havoc, devastation
Verwüstung {f} :: desertification
verwundbar {adj} :: vulnerable
Verwundbarkeit {f} :: vulnerability
verwunden {v} :: to wound
verwunderlich {adj} :: amazingˌ astonishingˌ remarkableˌ strangeˌ surprisingˌ wondrous
verwunderlicher {adj} :: comparative of verwunderlich
verwunderlichsten {adj} :: superlative of verwunderlich
verwundern {v} :: to amaze, astonish, astound
Verwunderung {f} :: astonishment, amazement
verwundet {v} :: past participle of verwunden
verwunschen {adj} :: enchanted, bewitched, romantic, forgotten
Verwurzelung {f} :: rooting
Verwurzelung {f} [figurative] :: rootedness
verzagen {v} :: to despond
Verzagtheit {f} :: trepidation, downheartedness, despondence
verzahnt {adj} :: related, connected, interconnected
Verzahnung {f} :: toothwork, dovetail connection
verzaubern {v} :: to enchant, to bewitch
verzaubert {adj} :: enchanted, charmed
verzaubert {adj} :: spellbound
verzaubert {adj} :: transformed, changed into
verzückt {adj} :: ecstatic, enraptured
verzückt {adj} :: enthusiastic
verzückt {v} :: past participle of verzücken
Verzehr {m} [of food] :: consumption
verzehrbar {adj} :: edible
verzehren {vt} :: to consume
verzehren {vr} :: to languish
verzehrt {v} :: past participle of verzehren
verzehrt {adj} :: consumed
verzeichnen {v} :: To record, list, enter, register
verzeichnet {v} :: past participle of verzeichnen
verzeichnet {adj} :: recorded
verzeichnet {adj} :: scheduled, listed
Verzeichnis {n} :: index
Verzeichnis {n} [computing] :: directory
Verzeichnisdienst {m} [computing] :: directory service
verzeigen {v} [Swiss] :: to report (to bring a charge against)
verzeigt {v} :: past participle of verzeigen
verzeihen {v} :: to forgive; to pardon; to excuse
verzeihlich {adj} :: forgivable
Verzeihung {f} :: forgiveness
verzerren {v} :: to distort
verzerrt {v} :: past participle of verzerren
verzerrt {adj} :: distorted, contorted, warped
Verzerrung {f} :: distortion
verzetteln {vr} :: to fritter (to occupy oneself with unimportant things instead of focussing on the important things)
verzettelt {v} :: past participle of verzetteln
verzögern {vt} :: to delay
verzögern {vt} :: to protract
verzögern {vr} :: to be delayed
Verzögerung {f} :: delay
verzählen {vr} :: to miscount
verzählen {vti} [colloquial, regional, Rhineland] :: to tell something, to talk (most often in a negative context)
verzählt {v} :: past participle of verzählen
Verzicht {m} :: abstention
Verzicht {m} :: renunciation, relinquishment, waiver
Verzicht {m} :: sacrifice
verzichtbar {adj} :: dispensable, expendable
verzichten {v} :: to give up, go without, live without, make do without, do without, formal: forgo, dispense with
verzichten {v} :: to refrain from, abstain, renounce, forswear
verzichten {v} :: let somebody have
verzichten {v} :: resign, abdicate
verzichten {v} :: renounce, waive, disclaim
verziehen {vt} :: to warp, distort
verziehen {vr} :: to become warped, distorted
verziehen {vr} :: to thin out, disappear
verziehen {vr} [colloquial, somewhat rude in imperative] :: to clear off, scram, get lost
verziehen {vt} :: to spoil (ruin the character of by overindulgence, coddle or pamper to excess)
verzieren {v} :: to garnish, to adorn
Verzierung {f} :: ornament, ornamentation
Verzierung {f} :: embellishment
Verzierung {f} :: flourish
verzinken {v} [electronics, chemistry] :: to coat with zinc, to galvanize
Verzinken {n} :: galvanization (coating with zinc)
verzinkt {v} :: past participle of verzinken
verzinkt {adj} :: galvanized (coated with zinc)
Verzinkung {f} :: galvanizing (coating with zinc)
verzinnen {v} :: to tin-plate (cover with tin)
verzinnt {v} :: past participle of verzinnen
verzinnt {adj} :: tinned, tin-plated
verzopft {adj} :: old-fashioned, outdated
verzweifeln {v} :: to despair
verzweifelt {adj} :: desperate
verzweifelt {adv} :: desperately
Verzweiflung {f} :: desperation
Verzweiflungstat {f} :: an act of desperation, an action taken out of desperation
verzweigen {v} :: to branch (to produce branches)
verzweigt {v} :: past participle of verzweigen
verzweigt {adj} :: branched
verzweigt {adj} :: brachiate, dendritic
verzweigtkettig {adj} [chemistry] :: branched-chain
Verzweigung {f} :: branch, branching
Verzweigung {f} [mathematics] :: ramification
verzwickt {adj} :: tricky
vesikulär {adj} :: vesicular
Vesper {f} :: Vespers
Vesper {n} :: afternoon snack
Veste {f} [archaic] :: castle (The term is still used today in the names of some old castles.)
Vestibül {n} :: vestibule
vestibulär {adj} :: vestibular
vestimentär {adj} :: vestimentary
Vesuv {prop} :: Vesuvius
Veteran {m} :: veteran (old soldier)
Veteran {m} :: vintage car
veterinär {adj} :: veterinary
Veterinär {m} :: veterinary
Veterinärin {f} :: female veterinary
Veto {n} :: veto
Vetter {m} :: male cousin
Vetternwirtschaft {f} [sociology] :: nepotism, cronyism
Vexillologie {f} :: vexillology
Vf. {m} :: abbreviation of Verfasser
VfB {initialism} :: Verein für Bewegungsspiele
VfB {initialism} :: Verein für Ballspiele
VfB {initialism} :: Verein für Behindertensport
Vögelchen {n} :: diminutive of Vogel
vögeln {v} [dated] :: to catch birds [compare "angeln"]
vögeln {v} [dated] :: to be itinerant, to flit from place to place
vögeln {v} [vulgar] :: to have sexual intercourse
vögeln {v} [of birds] :: to mate
vgl. {abbr} :: cf., compare
Vöglein {n} :: diminutive of Vogel
VHB {abbr} :: Abbreviation of Verhandlungsbasis
Vöhl {prop} :: A region of Waldeck-Frankenberg in Hesse
VHS {initialism} :: initialism of Volkshochschule
viabel {adj} :: viable
Viadukt {n} {m} :: a viaduct (bridge with several spans that carries road or rail traffic over a valley)
Vibrant {m} [linguistics] :: trill
Vibration {f} :: vibration
vibrationsarm {adj} :: low-vibration (attributive)
vibrationsdämpfend {adj} :: vibration-damping
vibrationsfrei {adj} :: vibrationless
Vibrato {n} [music] :: vibrato
Vibrator {m} :: vibrator (device that vibrates or causes vibration for whichever purpose)
vibrieren {v} :: to vibrate
vibriert {v} :: past participle of vibrieren
Vichtenstein {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Victor {prop} :: given name, a spelling variant of Viktor
Victoria {prop} :: given name, a spelling variant of Viktoria
Video {n} :: video
Videoaufzeichnung {f} :: video recording
videoüberwacht {adj} :: under video surveillance
Videorekorder {m} :: videocassette recorder
Videospiel {n} :: video game
Videotext {m} :: The German equivalent of Teletext
Viech {n} [usually, pejorative] :: animal, beast, any kind but especially an insect or pest
Viech {n} [regional, southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland, not pejorative] :: farm animal; head of livestock (see Vieh)
Vieh {n} [uncountable, collective] :: livestock; farm animals (animals kept for their milk, meat, skin, etc.)
Vieh {n} [countable, singulative] :: alternative form of Viech
Vieh {n} [countable, figurative, pejorative] :: beast; swine (person behaving in a boorish or inhumane way)
Viehdorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Viehherde {f} :: a group of cattle; cattle herd
Viehhofen {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Salzburg, Austria
viehisch {adj} [pejorative] :: beastly, inhuman
viehisch {adj} [pejorative] :: brutal
viehisch {adj} :: very strong, powerful
Viehtreiber {m} :: drover
viel {pron} :: much, a lot
viel {adj} :: much, many
viel {adv} :: much, a lot
vieldeutig {adj} :: ambiguous
vieldeutig {adv} :: ambiguously
Vieleck {n} :: polygon
vieleckig {adj} :: polygonal, polygonic
viele Köche verderben den Brei {proverb} :: too many cooks spoil the broth
viele liebe Grüße {adj} :: yours sincerely, sincerely yours; a polite formula to end a letter, especially when the recipient's name is known to the sender, for example in a informal letter
vielen Dank {phrase} :: thank you very much (literally "many thanks")
vielerlei {adj} :: In great number and of many types
vielerorts {adv} :: in many places
vieles {pron} :: much, many things
vielfach {adj} :: multiple, manifold
Vielfache {n} [mathematics] :: multiple
Vielfalt {f} :: diversity
Vielfalt {f} :: variety
vielfarbig {adj} :: multicoloured
vielfarbiger {adj} :: comparative of vielfarbig
Vielfarbigkeit {f} :: variegation
Vielfarbigkeit {f} :: polychromatism
vielfarbigsten {adj} :: superlative of vielfarbig
viel Feind, viel Ehr {proverb} :: the more enemies one has, the more honour one is due (for example, because it proves one to be independent and upright)
vielfältig {adj} :: manifold
Vielfältigkeit {f} :: diversity
Vielfraß {m} [figuratively] :: glutton (person who eats a lot)
Vielfraß {m} :: wolverine, glutton (Gulo gulo)
vielgestaltig {adj} :: multiform, varied
viel Glück {interj} :: good luck!
viel Glück {interj} :: Godspeed!
vielleicht {adv} :: perhaps, maybe
vielleicht {adv} :: frequently replaces bitte (please) in polite questions
vielleicht {adv} [colloquial] :: expresses amazement or excitement, particularly at something negative
vielmals {adv} [in combination with verbs of thanking, apologizing or greeting] :: very much, a lot
vielmals {adv} [rare] :: many times
vielmehr {adv} :: rather
vielmehr {conj} :: on the contrary
vielseitig {adj} :: versatile
Vielseitigkeit {f} :: versatility
vielsprachig {adj} :: multilingual
viel um die Ohren haben {phrase} [idiom] :: to be busy, to have a lot to worry about
vielversprechend {adj} :: promising
Vielzahl {f} :: multitude
vielzellig {adj} :: multicellular
vier {num} :: four
Vier {f} :: four (digit or figure 4)
vierarmig {adj} :: four-armed
vier Augen sehen mehr als zwei {phrase} :: two heads are better than one
vierbeinig {adj} :: four-legged
vier Buchstaben {noun} [plurale tantum, euphemistic, idiomatic] :: buttocks, bottom, rear end
vier Buchstaben {noun} :: See: vier Buchstaben
vierdimensional {adj} :: four-dimensional
vierdte {ordinal num} :: obsolete spelling of vierte
Viereck {n} :: quadrangle, quadrilateral
viereckig {adj} :: quadrilateral, having four corners
Viererbande {prop} {f} :: Gang of Four
vierfach {adj} :: fourfold, quadruple
vierfüßig {adj} :: four-footed
viergliedrig {adj} :: quadrinomial; four-membered
vierhundert {num} :: four hundred
vierjährig {adj} :: four-year (attributive)
vierjährig {adj} :: four-year-old
Vierklang {m} :: tetrad
vierköpfig {adj} :: four-headed
vierköpfig {adj} :: four people (attributive)
Vierling {m} :: quadruplet
Vierling {m} [poker] :: four of a kind
viermal {adv} :: four times
viermal {adv} :: quadruply
vierminütig {adj} :: four-minute (attributive)
viermonatig {adj} :: four-month (attributive)
viermotorig {adj} :: four-engine (attributive)
vierprozentig {adj} :: four-percent
vierschrötig {adj} :: burly, rough, coarse
viersilbig {adj} :: tetrasyllabic
viersitzig {adj} :: four-seat (attributive)
viersprachig {adj} :: tetralingual
vierstöckig {adj} :: four-storey
vierstellig {adj} :: four-digit
vierstündig {adj} :: four-hour
vierstrahlig {adj} :: (of a jet plane) four-engine (attributive)
viert {particle} :: only used in zu viert
vierte {ordinal num} [ordinal] :: fourth
viertel {prep} [DDR, Bavaria, Austria] :: three-quarters of an hour before, 45 minutes before [used with the number of the following hour]
Viertel {n} :: quarter (fourth part of something)
Viertel {n} :: clipping of Stadtviertel; quarter, neighbourhood (of a town or city)
Viertelfinale {n} :: quarter-final
Vierteljahrhundert {n} :: quarter century, 25 years
vierteljährlich {adj} :: quarterly
Viertelliter {m} :: quarter liter/litre
Viertel nach {prep} :: quarter past, a quarter-hour after, 15 minutes after [used with the number of the following hour]
Viertelnote {f} [music] :: (US) quarter note, (UK) crotchet
viertelstündig {adj} :: quarter-hour
viertelstündlich {adj} :: on the quarter-hour
Viertelstunde {f} :: quarter of an hour
Viertel vor {prep} :: quarter to, a quarter-hour before, 15 minutes before [used with the number of the following hour]
vierter Fall {noun} [grammar] :: accusative case
Viertes Reich {prop} {n} :: Fourth Reich
viertägig {adj} :: four-day
Viertürer {m} :: a car with four doors; four-door
viertürig {adj} :: having four doors; four-door
vierundachtzig {num} [cardinal] :: eighty-four (84)
vierunddreißig {num} [cardinal] :: thirty-four (34)
vierunddreißigste {num} :: The ordinal form of the number thirty-four, describing a person or thing in position number 34 of a sequence; thirty-fourth
vierundfünfzig {num} [cardinal] :: fifty-four (54)
vierundneunzig {num} [cardinal] :: ninety-four (94)
vierundsechzig {num} [cardinal] :: sixty-four (64)
vierundsiebzig {num} [cardinal] :: seventy-four (74)
vierundvierzig {num} [cardinal] :: forty-four
vierundzwanzig {num} [cardinal] :: twenty-four
Vierundzwanzigeck {n} :: icositetragon: polygon with 24 vertices
vierundzwanzigmal {adv} :: twenty-four times
vierundzwanzigste {adj} [ordinal] :: twenty-fourth
vierundzwanzigstündig {adj} :: twenty-four-hour
vierwöchig {adj} :: four-week
vierwertig {adj} :: quadrivalent, tetravalent
vierzehn {num} [cardinal] :: fourteen
vierzehnfach {adj} :: fourteenfold
vierzehnhundert {num} :: fourteen hundred
vierzehnjährig {adj} :: fourteen-year-old
vierzehnmal {adv} :: fourteen times
vierzehnstündig {adj} :: fourteen-hour
vierzehn Tage {mp} [archaic] :: a fortnight, fourteen days, two weeks
vierzehnte {ordinal num} [ordinal] :: fourteenth
vierzehntägig {adj} :: lasting 14 days; lasting a fortnight
vierzehntäglich {adj} :: fortnightly: occurring every 14 days
vierzehnwöchig {adj} :: fourteen-week
vierzig {num} [cardinal] :: forty
Vierzigeck {n} :: tetracontagon: polygon with 40 vertices
vierzigfach {adj} :: fortyfold
vierzigprozentig {adj} :: forty-percent
vierzigste {ordinal num} [ordinal] :: fortieth
Vierzylinder {m} :: an engine with four cylinders; four-cylinder engine
Vietnam {prop} {n} :: Vietnam
Vietnamese {m} :: Vietnamese; inhabitant of Vietnam, person of Vietnamese descent
Vietnamesin {f} :: Vietnamese woman
vietnamesisch {adj} :: Vietnamese; of or pertaining to Vietnam or the Vietnamese language
Vietnamesisch {n} :: Vietnamese; language spoken in Vietnam
Vietnamkrieg {prop} {m} :: Vietnam War
Vieweg {prop} :: surname
Viewport {m} [computer graphics] :: viewport
Vigintilliarde {num} :: a short scale unvigintillion, 10123
Vigintillion {num} :: A long scale vigintillion, 10120
Vignette {f} :: sticker, adhesive label
Vignette {f} [road tax sticker] :: vignette
Vignette {f} [printing or literature] :: vignette
Vikar {m} :: vicar
Viktor {prop} :: given name, cognate with English Victor
Viktoria {prop} :: given name
viktorianisch {adj} :: Victorian
Viktorsberg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Vorarlberg, Austria
Villach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Carinthia, Austria
Villamaninit {m} [mineral] :: villamaninite
Villanders {prop} {} :: A municipality in South Tyrol
Villnöß {prop} {} :: A municipality in South Tyrol
Vilnius {prop} {n} :: Vilnius (capital of Lithuania)
Vils {prop} :: One of three rivers, all of them tributaries
Vils {prop} :: A town in Tyrol, Austria
Vinaigrette {f} :: vinaigrette (sauce)
Vincent {prop} :: given name, the French form of Vinzenz
vincentisch {adj} :: Vincentian (of or pertaining to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)
vinophil {adj} :: wine-loving
Vinyl {n} :: vinyl
Vinylacetat {n} [organic compound] :: vinyl acetate
Vinylchlorid {n} [organic compound] :: vinyl chloride
Vinzenz {prop} :: given name, cognate to Vincent
violett {adj} :: violet (colour)
Violett {n} :: violet, purple (colour)
Violine {f} :: violin
Violinist {m} :: violinist
Violinkonzert {n} :: violin concert (musical event)
Violinkonzert {n} :: violin concerto (musical composition)
Violinschlüssel {m} [music] :: treble clef
Violoncello {n} :: cello
Viper {f} :: viper (poisonous snake)
Vipernatter {f} :: The viperine water snake, Natrix maura
viragiert {adj} [photography] :: monochrome
viral {adj} :: viral
Viralsatz {m} :: virial theorem
Virgen {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Virginität {f} :: virginity [state of being a virgin]
Virgo-Superhaufen {prop} {m} [astronomy] :: Virgo Supercluster
Virologie {f} :: virology
virtualisieren {v} :: to virtualize
Virtualisierung {f} :: virtualization
virtuell {adj} :: virtual (in effect; not fact)
virtuelle Realität {f} [computing] :: virtual reality
virtuelles Teilchen {n} :: virtual particle
virtuos {adj} :: virtuous
Virtuose {m} :: virtuoso (a person with masterly ability, technique or style)
virulent {adj} [medicine] :: virulent
Virus {n} {m} :: virus
Viruslast {f} :: viral load
visafrei {adj} :: visa-free
Visage {f} [pejorative] :: (ugly) face
Visagist {m} :: make-up artist
Visier {n} :: visor
Visier {n} [of a weapon or other device] :: sight
Vision {f} :: vision
visionär {adj} :: visionary
Visionär {m} :: visionary
Visite {f} :: visit
Visite {f} :: a single act of visiting
Visitenkarte {f} :: visiting card
Visitenkarte {f} :: business card
Visitenkarte {f} :: calling card
viskos {adj} :: viscous
viskos {adj} :: viscid
Viskosität {f} [physics] :: viscosity
Visualisierung {f} :: visualization / visualisation
Visum {n} [tourism] :: visa
visumfrei {adj} :: visa-free
visumsfrei {adj} :: alternative form of visumfrei
vis-à-vis {prep} [literary, dated, outside, Switzerland] :: vis-à-vis
viszeral {adj} :: visceral
vital {adj} :: lively; hale; vigorous
vital {adj} [rather rare, formal] :: vital (necessary to, or characteristic of life)
Vitalismus {m} :: vitalism
vitalistisch {adj} :: vitalistic
Vitamin {n} :: vitamin
Vitiligo {f} [medical] :: vitiligo (patchy loss of skin pigmentation)
Vitis {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Vitrage {f} :: vitrage
Vitrine {f} :: display case, display cabinet, vitrine
Vitriol {n} :: vitriol (sulfuric acid)
Vitriol {n} :: blue vitriol
Vivianit {m} [mineral] :: vivianite
vivipar {adj} :: viviparous
Vivisektion {f} :: vivisection
Vize {m} :: deputy (Short for any word prefixed with Vize-.)
Vize- {prefix} :: vice, deputy
Vizekanzler {m} :: vice-chancellor
Vizepremier {m} :: clipping of Vizepremierminister
Vizepremierminister {m} :: vice prime minister, deputy prime minister
Vizepräsident {m} :: vice president
Vl. {noun} [music] :: abbreviation of Violine
Vlc. {noun} [music] :: abbreviation of Violoncello
Vlies {n} :: fleece (Hair or wool of a sheep or similar animal.)
Völkerball {m} [sports] :: dodgeball
Völkerballspieler {m} :: dodgeball player (male or of unspecified sex)
Völkerbund {prop} {m} :: League of Nations
Völkerkunde {f} [anthropology] :: ethnology (branch of anthropology)
Völkermarkt {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Carinthia, Austria
Völkermord {m} :: genocide
völkermordend {adj} :: genocidal; committing genocide
Völkerrecht {n} :: international law
völkerrechtlich {adj} :: relating to international law
völkerrechtswidrig {adj} [legal] :: contrary to international law
Völkerwanderung {f} [history] :: Völkerwanderung
völkisch {adj} [dated] :: national
völkisch {adj} :: ethnic
Völlerei {f} :: gluttony
völlig {adj} :: complete, total, utter
v.l.n.r. {prep} :: initialism of von links nach rechts
Völuspá {prop} {f} :: the Völuspá
V-Mann {m} :: an undercover agent working for the police or a secret service
Vn. {noun} [music] :: abbreviation of Violine
VO {initialism} [law] :: initialism of Verordnung (regulation)
Vogel {m} :: a bird
Vogel {m} [colloquial, slang] :: an idiot, a clown (dimwitted or ridiculous person)
Vogel {m} [military, slang] :: a kite (an aeroplane or any aircraft)
Vogel {prop} :: surname originating as a nickname, or as an occupational name for a catcher of birds
Vogelbeere {f} :: rowan berry
vogelfrei {adj} :: outlawed, proscribed
Vogelgrippe {f} [pathology] :: avian influenza, bird flu
Vogelhaus {n} :: birdhouse
Vogelhochzeit {prop} {f} :: Birds’ Wedding
Vogelkot {m} :: bird droppings; guano
Vogelkunde {f} :: ornithology (the scientific study of birds)
Vogelnest {n} :: bird's nest
Vogelperspektive {f} :: bird's-eye view
Vogelsang {m} :: birds' song
Vogelscheuche {f} :: scarecrow
Vogelspinne {f} :: tarantula (2), bird spider, bird-eating spider, monkey spider
Vogt {m} [history] :: steward
Vogt {prop} :: surname
Vogtei {f} [historical] :: bailiwick; protectorate, prefecture
Vogtei {f} :: guardianship, stewardship
Vogtlandkreis {prop} :: Vogtland
vogtländisch {adj} :: Of or from Vogtland or Vogtlandkreis
Voigt {prop} :: surname
Voitsberg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Vokabel {f} :: piece of vocabulary
Vokal {m} [linguistics, phonetics] :: vowel
vokalisch {adj} :: vocalic
Vokativ {m} :: vocative (grammatical case)
Vokuhila {f} :: mullet (hairstyle)
Vokuhila {m} :: person who wears a mullet
volatil {adj} [chemistry] :: volatile (evaporating or vaporizing readily under normal conditions)
volatil {adj} [computing] :: volatile
volatil {adj} [figurative] :: volatile
Volatilität {f} [statistics or finance or politics or computing] :: volatility
Volatilität {f} [chemistry] :: volatility
Volck {n} :: obsolete spelling of Volk
Voliere {f} :: aviary
Volk {n} :: people, nation, tribe, race (group united by culture, history, descent, and/or language)
Volk {n} :: people, population, citizens
Volk {n} [possibly dated] :: common people, the lower classes, the working classes
Volk {n} :: folk, crowd (large group of people gathered somewhere)
Volk {n} [biology] :: herd, covey, swarm, colony; chiefly of insects
Volker {prop} :: given name
Volkhardt {prop} :: given name
Volkmer {prop} :: surname
Volksabstimmung {f} :: referendum (direct vote on a proposed law or other political decision)
Volksarmee {f} :: people's army
Volksaufstand {m} :: an uprising by some people from some nation; national uprising
Volksbefreiungsarmee {prop} {f} :: People's Liberation Army
volksdeutsch {adj} [historical] :: being German but not residing in Germany
volksdeutsch {adj} [historical] :: being (ethnically) German but not a citizen of Germany
Volksdeutscher {noun} [historical] :: a (ethnic) German living abroad [outside Germany]
volkseigen {adj} :: popular (of the people)
Volkserhebung {f} :: popular uprising
Volksetymologie {f} :: folk etymology
volksetymologisch {adj} :: folk-etymological
Volksfeind {m} :: enemy of the people
Volksgemeinschaft {f} [historical, Nazism] :: "people's community"; An idealized society without class barriers or class conflict. In Nazi Germany, membership to it was defined in racial terms
Volksgenosse {m} [obsolete] :: fellow countryman
Volksgenosse {m} [Nazism] :: member of the German Volksgemeinschaft
Volksgruppe {f} [politics, sociology] :: ethnic group, ethnical group
Volksherrschaft {f} :: rule of the people
Volkshochschule {f} :: A kind of post secondary school, see Folk High School - a European version of continuing education
Volkskunde {f} :: folkloristics
Volkslehre {f} :: [Nazi term] ethnology
Volkslied {n} :: lied; popular song; folk song; art song
Volksmarine {f} :: people's navy: official name of the former East German navy
volksmäßig {adj} :: to be in conformance with the people’s spirit
volksmässig {adj} :: alternative spelling of volksmäßig
Volksmund {m} :: popular language, vernacular
Volksmusik {f} :: folk music, traditional music
Volkspartei {f} :: People's Party
Volkspolizei {f} :: The national police force of the German Democratic Republic
Volksrepublik {f} :: people's republic
Volksrepublik Bangladesch {prop} {f} :: People's Republic of Bangladesh (People's Republic of Bangladesh)
Volksrepublik China {f} :: People's Republic of China (official name of China)
Volksrepublik Donezk {prop} {f} :: Donetsk People's Republic
Volksrepublik Lugansk {prop} {f} :: Luhansk People's Republic
Volkssport {m} :: people's sport; volkssport
Volksstamm {m} :: tribe
volkstümlich {adj} :: folksy
volkstümlich {adj} :: popular
volkstümlich {adj} [art, etc.] :: folk, folklore
Volkstümlichkeit {f} :: folksiness
Volkstümlichkeit {f} :: popularity
Volkstümlichkeit {f} :: folkishness
Volkstum {n} :: nature, character of the people
Volksverhetzung {f} :: incitement to hatred
Volksverräter {m} [disparaging] :: traitor of the people
Volksvertretung {f} :: parliament, representation of the people
Volkswagen {prop} {m} :: A German car manufacturer
Volkswagen {m} :: A car made by the German car manufacturer
Volkswirtschaft {f} :: national economy
Volkszugehörigkeit {f} :: ethnicity
voll {adj} [can govern the genitive] :: full; filled
voll {adj} [colloquial] :: full (not hungry anymore)
voll {adj} [colloquial] :: drunk
voll {adv} :: fully
voll {adv} [colloquial, chiefly among the younger] :: very; quite; really
-voll {suffix} :: An adjective suffix in a sense of 'full of'
voll- {prefix} :: A prefix
Vollbild {n} :: (computing) fullscreen
Vollbildanzeige {f} :: full screen mode, full screen view
vollbringen {v} :: to accomplish
vollbringen {v} :: to perform
vollbürtig {adj} :: sibling (attributive)
vollbusig {adj} :: busty
volle Möhre {adv} [colloquial, jocular] :: full power, full volume, full blast, full throttle
vollenden {vt} :: to complete
vollendet {adj} :: perfect, accomplished
vollendete Gegenwart {f} [grammar] :: present perfect
vollendete Tatsache {f} :: accomplished fact, fait accompli
vollends {adv} :: completely, entirely
Vollendung {f} :: completion; perfection
voller {adj} :: comparative of voll
voller {adv} :: full of
Volleyball {m} :: (sport) volleyball
Volleyball {m} :: (sports equipment) volleyball
Volleyballspiel {n} :: volleyball
Volleyballspiel {n} :: volleyball match, volleyball game
Volleyballspieler {m} :: volleyballer, volleyball player (male or of unspecified sex)
vollführen {v} :: to perform
Vollgas {n} :: full throttle
vollgeladen {v} :: past participle of vollladen
Vollidiot {m} [pejorative] :: complete idiot (male or of unspecified sex)
Vollidiotin {f} [pejorative] :: complete idiot (female)
volljährig {adj} :: of age; of legal age
Volljährigkeit {f} :: legal age; maturity; majority; adulthood
vollkommen {adj} :: perfect (fitting its definition precisely)
vollkommen {adj} :: complete
vollkommener {adj} :: comparative of vollkommen
Vollkommenheit {f} :: perfection, completeness
vollkommensten {adj} :: superlative of vollkommen
Vollkorn {n} :: wholemeal (whole grain)
Vollkornbrot {n} :: wholemeal bread
vollladen {v} :: To load up
Vollmacht {f} :: proxy (written certificate of authority to act for another)
Vollmacht {f} :: power of attorney
Vollmacht {f} :: warrant
Vollmilch {f} :: whole milk (full-cream or unskimmed milk)
Vollmond {m} :: full moon
vollmundig {adj} :: full-bodied
vollschlank {adj} :: plump, chubby
vollständig {adj} [also math] :: complete
vollständig {adj} :: entire
vollständig {adv} :: completely, fully
Vollständigkeit {f} :: completeness
vollstopfen {vt} :: to stuff something to the brim
vollstopfen {vr} :: to stuff oneself [with food]
vollstrecken {vt} [law] :: to execute
vollstrecken {vti} [sport] :: to execute
Vollstreckung {f} :: execution
Vollstreckung {f} :: enforcement
Vollstreckungsbefehl {m} [legal] :: writ of execution
Vollstreckungstitel {m} :: executory title, title of execution
Volltext {m} :: full / complete text
Volltextsuche {f} :: full-text search
Volltreffer {m} [literally or figuratively] :: direct hit, bullseye (A hit at the center of a target.)
volltrunken {adj} :: completely drunk
vollumfänglich {adj} :: complete
Vollwaise {f} [in opposition to half orphan] :: orphan
Vollwaschmittel {n} :: laundry detergent containing bleach, especially for white and light colored textiles
voll wie eine Haubitze {adj} [simile] :: pissed as a newt
Vollzeit {f} :: full time
vollziehen {v} :: To fulfil
vollziehen {v} :: To administer
vollziehen {v} :: To implement, accomplish
vollziehen {v} :: To enforce
Vollzug {m} :: execution
Vollzug {m} [rail transport] :: A compound of two multiple units
Volontär {m} :: trainee
Volontär {m} :: (rare) volunteer
Volsker {m} :: Volscian (a man belonging to the Volscian people)
Volskerin {f} :: Volscian (a woman belonging to the Volscian people)
volskisch {adj} :: Volscian (related to the Volscian people or their language)
Volskisch {n} :: Volscian (the Volscian language)
Volt {n} :: volt (unit of measure)
voltaisch {adj} :: voltaic
Voltammetrie {f} :: voltammetry
Volte {f} [manège] :: volt, volte
Volte {f} [fencing] :: volt, volte
Volte {f} [figuratively] :: maneuver, move
Volte {f} [card tricks] :: magical cut
Volumen {n} :: volume
Volumenprozent {n} :: percentage by volume
Volumenverhältnis {n} :: ratio by volume
Volumetrie {f} [chemistry] :: volumetry
volumetrisch {adj} [chemistry] :: volumetric
voluminös {adj} :: voluminous
voluminös {adj} :: bulky
voluntaristisch {adj} :: voluntaristic
voluptuös {adj} [literary] :: voluptuous
vom {contraction} :: from the, of the; about the (contraction of von + dem)
vom Fleisch fallen {v} :: to become skin and bones
vomieren {v} :: to vomit
Vomp {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
vom Tellerwäscher zum Millionär {idiom} :: from rags to riches (literally: from dishwasher to millionaire)
von {prep} [+ dative] :: from
von {prep} [+ dative] :: of, belonging to (often replacing genitive; see usage note below)
von {prep} [+ dative] :: by (with passive voice)
von {prep} [+ dative] :: about, of (a topic)
von {prep} [+ dative] :: on, with (a resource)
von A bis Z {adv} [idiom] :: from A to Z (comprehensively)
von ... aus {circump} [with dative] :: from
von da an {adv} :: thenceforth
von dannen {phrase} [dated, literary] :: away from there, thence
von der Stange {prep} :: out of the box, off-the-rack; ready for immediate use
von der Stange {prep} :: run-of-the-mill, mass-produced; ordinary
voneinander {adv} :: from / of one another, from / of each other
von etwas Wind bekommen {v} [idiomatic] :: get wind of something
von ganzem Herzen {adv} [idiom] :: wholeheartedly
von gestern {adj} [idiomatic, predicative] :: outdated
von gestern {adj} [idiomatic, chiefly in negation, predicative] :: born yesterday
von Herzen {adv} :: from the heart
von heute auf morgen {adv} [idiomatic] :: suddenly, instantly
von hinnen {phrase} [dated, literary] :: away from here, hence
von jetzt an {adv} :: from now on
von nichts kommt nichts {phrase} :: you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours
von nichts kommt nichts {phrase} :: no pain no gain
vonnöten {adj} :: necessary, mandatory, essential, indispensable
von selbst {adv} :: itself, by itself, for itself, on its own, automatically
von sich weisen {vt} :: to reject, spurn (something)
von vornherein {adv} :: a priori (from the start)
von wegen {interj} :: as if!, no chance!
von Zeit zu Zeit {adv} :: from time to time
Voodoo {m} :: voodoo
vor {prep} :: before
vor {prep} :: in front of
vor {prep} :: ago
vor {prep} :: because of
vor- {prefix} :: pre- (denotes primarily that something is before or in front of another thing or higher in a hierarchy)
vorab {adv} :: beforehand
vorab {adv} :: first (to begin with, to start with)
Vorabend {m} :: the previous evening; the evening before something
Vorabend {m} [Roman Catholicism] :: the evening before a Sunday or holiday where attending mass already serves to fulfil the attendance obligation
Vorabend {m} [by extension] :: eve (the day before something)
vor allem {adv} :: above all (of prime importance), especially
Voralpen {prop} :: Prealps
voran- {prefix} :: A prefix
voran {adv} :: forth, ahead, forwards
voran {adv} :: before
vorangehend {adj} :: foregoing
vorangehend {adj} :: preceding
vorankommen {v} :: to make progress
vorankommen {v} :: to progress
voranstellen {v} :: to prepend, to prefix
vorantreiben {vt} :: to advance, to promote, to push
vorarlbergerisch {adj} :: Of or from Vorarlberg
vorarlbergisch {adj} :: Of, from or characteristic of Vorarlberg
Vorau {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
voraus {adv} :: ahead, forward
voraus- {prefix} :: in advance
Voraus {m} [legal] :: legacy handed over to the heir before the leaver's death
vorausahnen {v} :: to anticipate
vorausberechnet {v} :: past participle of vorausberechnen
vorausberechnet {adj} :: predicted, foretold, anticipated
vorausbezahlt {adj} :: prepaid
Vorausblende {f} [literature or film] :: flashforward
vorauseilen {vi} :: to hurry ahead
vorauseilen {vt} :: to run ahead of
vorausgeeilt {v} :: past participle of vorauseilen
vorausgegangen {v} :: past participle of vorausgehen
vorausgehen {v} :: to precede, to go ahead
vorausgehend {adj} :: preliminary, preceding, previous, prior
vorausgelaufen {v} :: past participle of vorauslaufen
vorausgesagt {v} :: past participle of voraussagen
vorausgesagt {adj} :: predicted, foretold, forecast
vorausgesetzt {v} :: past participle of voraussetzen
vorauslaufen {vi} :: to run on ahead
Voraussage {f} :: prediction
voraussagen {v} :: to predict
Voraussagung {f} :: prediction, forecast
vorausschauend {adj} :: anticipatory
vorausschauend {adj} :: prescient, foresighted
vorausschauend {adj} :: predictive
vorausschauend {adj} :: provident
voraussehen {v} :: to foresee
voraussetzen {v} :: to presuppose or assume
voraussetzen {v} :: to require as a precondition
Voraussetzung {f} :: requirement, prerequisite
Voraussetzung {f} :: postulate, presupposition
Voraussicht {f} :: foresight, forethought
voraussichtlich {adj} :: expected, anticipated, prospected
voraussichtlich {adv} :: presumably, probably
Vorauswissen {n} :: foreknowledge
Vorbau {m} :: porch (a covered and enclosed entrance to a building)
Vorbau {m} :: stem (component on a bicycle that connects the handlebars to the bicycle fork)
Vorbau {m} :: rack; (big) breasts
Vorbedingung {f} :: precondition (preexisting requirement)
Vorbedingung {f} :: prerequisite
Vorbehalt {m} :: caveat
vorbehalten {v} :: To reserve
vorbehalten {v} :: past participle of vorbehalten
vorbehalten {adj} :: reserved
vorbehaltlich {adj} :: conditional, provisory
vorbehaltlos {adj} :: unconditional, unrestricted
vorbehältlich {adj} [Switzerland] :: alternative form of vorbehaltlich
vorbei {adj} :: over, past, up
vorbei {prep} :: past (a place)
vorbei- {prefix} :: by, past
vorbeifahren {v} :: to drive by
Vorbeiflug {m} [space] :: flyby
vorbeigehen {v} :: to go past, go by
vorbeigehen {v} :: to pass
vorbeigeschaut {v} :: past participle of vorbeischauen
vorbeikommen {v} :: to come over; to drop by
vorbeischauen {v} :: to swing by
vorbeiströmend {adj} :: flowing / rushing (past)
Vorbemerkung {f} :: preliminary note or remark(s), preamble, preface
vorüber {adv} [related to time] :: gone, over, past
vorüber {adv} [related to space] :: past
vorüber- {prefix} :: A verb prefix; equivalent to (?) past
vorbereiten {vt} :: to prepare
vorbereiten {vr} :: to prepare, to get ready (auf for)
Vorbereitung {f} :: preparation
vorüberfahren {v} :: to drive past
vorübergegangen {v} :: past participle of vorübergehen
vorübergehen {vi} :: to pass by, to pass over, to pass
vorübergehend {adj} :: temporary
Vorüberlung {f} :: preliminary
vorbesagt {adj} :: foresaid
vorbestellen {v} :: to reserve (a book); to preorder
vorbestraft {adj} :: previously convicted
vorbeugen {v} :: To prevent
vorbeugen {v} :: To obviate
vorbeugend {adj} :: preventive, precautionary, prophylactic
vorbeugt {v} :: past participle of vorbeugen
Vorbeugung {f} :: prevention
Vorbild {n} :: model; exemplar (praiseworthy example)
Vorbild {n} :: role model
vorbildhaft {adj} :: exemplary
vorbildlich {adj} :: exemplary
Vorbote {m} :: harbinger
vorbringen {vt} :: to say (in the sense of to allege or state something)
Vorchdorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
vorchristlich {adj} :: pre-Christian
vor Christus {phrase} :: before Christ (BC)
Vordenker {m} :: progressive thinker, thought leader
Vordenkerin {f} :: feminine noun of Vordenker
vorder- {prefix} :: fore-
vorder- {prefix} :: forward
vorder {adj} :: front, forward, leading
vorderasiatisch {adj} :: near-eastern
Vorderasien {prop} {n} :: Western Asia
Vorderdeck {n} :: foredeck (of a ship or boat)
vorderer {adj} [attributive only] :: front, fore
vordergründig {adj} :: superficial
Vordergrund {m} :: foreground
Vorderhornbach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Vordermann {m} :: person in front of oneself (in a queue, row, group etc.)
Vordernberg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Vorderrad {n} :: one of the wheels at the front axle; front wheel
Vorderreifen {m} :: front tire, front tyre
Vorderseite {f} :: front; face (facing side)
Vordersteven {m} [nautical] :: stem (the forward vertical extension of the keel)
Vorderstoder {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Vorderweißenbach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Vorderzungenvokal {m} :: front vowel
vor die Hunde gehen {v} [idiomatic] :: to go to the dogs
vordringen {v} :: To advance
vordringen {v} :: To penetrate (make inroads)
vordrängeln {vr} :: To push to the front, to line-jump
vordynastisch {adj} :: predynastic
voreilig {adj} :: heady
voreilig {adj} :: hasty
voreilig {adj} :: rash
voreingenommen {adj} :: prejudicial
Voreingenommenheit {f} :: prejudice
voreinzelsprachlich {adj} :: pertaining to (the time of) a proto-language (of a language family) prior to its division into individual languages
vorenthalten {vt} :: withhold
vorerst {adv} :: for now, for the time being
Vorfach {n} :: leader (part of fishing line)
Vorfahr {m} :: alternative form of Vorfahre
Vorfahre {m} :: ancestor
vorfahren {v} :: to drive up
vorfahren {v} :: to drive ahead
Vorfahrt {f} [traffic rules] :: priority, right of way
Vorfall {m} :: incident (event or occurrence)
vorfallen {v} :: to happen
Vorfeld {n} [period of time just before an important event] :: run-up
Vorfeld {n} [paved area of an airport] :: apron
vorfeldfähig {adj} :: preparable, preparatory
Vorführeffekt {m} :: The demonstration effect, the phenomenon that something which was previously not working correctly suddenly does work correctly when one tries to demonstrate the fault to others
vorführen {v} :: To show, demonstrate
vorführen {v} :: To perform
Vorführer {m} :: agent noun of vorführen
Vorführer {m} :: demonstrator, performer
Vorführung {f} :: demonstration, presentation, showing, performance
vorfinanzieren {v} :: To prefinance, to finance in advance
vorfinanziert {v} :: past participle of vorfinanzieren
vorfinden {vt} :: to find; discover
Vorfreude {f} :: joyful anticipation
vorfristig {adj} :: early, in advance
Vorgabe {f} :: guideline, provision
vorgabenwirksam {adj} :: effective
Vorgang {m} :: process
Vorgang {m} :: event
Vorgang {m} :: sequence of events
Vorgang {m} :: stipulation
vorgeben {v} :: to pretend
vorgebeugt {v} :: past participle of vorbeugen
vorgeblich {adj} :: ostensible
vorgeblich {adv} :: ostensibly
vorgedrängelt {v} :: past participle of vordrängeln
vorgedrungen {v} :: past participle of vordringen
vorgefahren {v} :: past participle of vorfahren
vorgefasst {adj} :: preconceived
vorgefertigt {adj} :: prefabricated
vorgeführt {v} :: past participle of vorführen
vorgegangen {v} :: past participle of vorgehen
vorgegangen {adj} :: previous
vorgegangen {adj} :: preceding
vorgehalten {v} :: past participle of vorhalten
vorgehalten {adj} :: held up
vorgeheizt {v} :: past participle of vorheizen
vorgeheizt {adj} :: preheated
vorgehen {v} :: to proceed
Vorgehen {n} :: proceeding
Vorgehen {n} :: procedure
Vorgehensweise {f} :: approach
Vorgehensweise {f} :: procedure
vorgeherrscht {v} :: past participle of vorherrschen
vorgeladen {v} :: past participle of vorladen
vorgelagert {adj} :: foremost; upstream
vorgelaufen {v} :: past participle of vorlaufen
vorgelegen {v} :: past participle of vorliegen
vorgelegt {v} :: past participle of vorgelegen
vorgelegt {adj} :: submitted, presented, propounded
vorgemacht {v} :: past participle of vormachen
vorgenannt {adj} :: aforementioned
vorgenommen {adj} :: undertaken, performed
vorgerückt {v} :: past participle of vorrücken
vor Gericht und auf hoher See ist man in Gottes Hand {proverb} :: The outcome of a court case is solely decided by the judge and can be unpredictable
Vorgeschichte {f} [of a thing] :: past history
Vorgeschichte {f} [of a person] :: background
Vorgeschichte {f} [history before written records, no plural] :: prehistory
Vorgeschichte {f} [history before an event, no plural] :: prehistory
vorgeschichtlich {adj} :: prehistoric
Vorgeschmack {m} :: foretaste
vorgeschoben {adj} :: advanced, pushed forward
vorgeschoben {adj} :: specious, pretextual
vorgeschrieben {adj} :: compulsory, mandatory, required
vorgeschrieben {adj} :: prescribed, stipulated
vorgesehen {adj} :: envisaged, planned, scheduled
Vorgesetzte {f} :: female superior, person in charge
Vorgesetzte {f} :: male superior, person in charge
vorgestellt {adj} :: envisaged, imagined
vorgestellt {adj} :: presented, visualized
vorgestern {adv} :: ereyesterday, the day before yesterday
vorgetrocknet {adj} :: predried
vorgetäuscht {v} :: past participle of vortäuschen
vorgewiesen {v} :: past participle of vorweisen
vorgewärmt {v} :: past participle of vorwärmen
vorgewärmt {adj} :: preheated
Vorgänger {m} :: predecessor (someone or something, that precedes)
Vorgängerin {f} :: feminine noun of Vorgänger
vorgängig {adj} [Switzerland] :: previous, antecedent
vorhaben {v} :: to intend
Vorhaben {n} :: plan
Vorhaben {n} :: project
Vorhaben {n} :: intention
vorhalten {vt} :: to hold (something) up to (someone)
vorhalten {vt} :: to hold (something) against (someone)
vorhalten {vi} :: to last
vorhanden {adj} :: available, existing
Vorhandensein {n} :: availability, existence
Vorhang {m} :: curtain
Vorhang {m} :: draperies
Vorhang {m} :: drop
Vorhangstoff {m} :: curtain fabric, curtain material
Vorhaut {f} [anatomy] :: foreskin
vorheizen {v} :: To preheat
Vorheizen {n} :: preheating
vorher- {prefix} :: A prefix
vorher {adv} :: before; beforehand
vorherberechnen {v} :: to precalculate
vorherbestimmen {v} :: to predetermine
vorhergegangen {v} :: past participle of vorhergehen
vorhergehen {v} :: to precede
vorhergehend {adj} :: previous, preceding, antecedent, former
vorhergesagt {adj} :: predicted, forecast
vorherig {adj} :: previous, former
vorherig {adj} :: prior, earlier
vorhero {adv} [obsolete] :: alternative form of vorher
vorherrschen {v} :: to predominate
vorherrschend {adj} :: prevalent, prevailing
vorherrschend {adj} :: incumbent
vorherrschend {adj} :: predominant
vorherrschend {adj} :: endemic
vorhersagbar {adj} :: predictable
Vorhersage {f} :: prediction, forecast
vorhersagen {v} :: to forecast, to predict
Vorhersagung {f} :: prediction, forecast
vorhersehbar {adj} :: foreseeable (able to be foreseen or anticipated)
vorhersehen {v} :: to foresee
vorhin {adv} :: recently (some short time ago)
vorhin {adv} :: just (moments ago)
Vorhängeschloß {n} :: obsolete spelling of Vorhängeschloss
Vorhängeschloss {n} :: padlock
Vorhut {f} [military] :: vanguard
Vorhäutchen {n} :: diminutive of Vorhaut
vorig {adj} :: previous, last, past
vorindustriell {adj} :: preindustrial
Vorionisation {f} [physics] :: preionization / preionisation
Vorjahr {n} :: previous year
Vorjahresquartal {n} :: same quarter of the previous year
Vorjahreszeitraum {m} :: same period last year
vorjährig {adj} :: of the previous year
vorkantscher {adj} :: Pre-Kantian, coming before Immanuel Kant, the philosopher
vorkauen {v} :: to premasticate
Vorkehrung {f} :: precaution
vorklassisch {adj} :: preclassical
Vorkämpfer {m} :: champion, protagonist, campaigner, pioneer
Vorkämpfer {m} :: spearhead
vorknöpfen {vr} [colloquial] :: to take to task, to give (someone) a good talking-to [with dative reflexive pronoun]
vorkommen {v} :: to occur, happen
vorkommen {v} :: to seem, appear
vorkommen {vr} :: to feel
Vorkommen {n} :: occurrence
vorkommend {adj} :: present
vorkommend {adj} :: occurring
vorkonziliar {adj} :: pre-conciliar (before the second Vatican council)
vorkonziliar {adj} :: backward, old-fashioned
Vorkoster {m} :: taster (of food before it is brought to table)
Vorkosterin {f} :: Female form of Vorkoster
vorladen {v} :: To summons, subpoena
Vorladung {f} :: summons (a notice summoning someone to appear in court)
Vorlage {f} :: template
vorlaufen {vi} :: to run on ahead
vorlaut {adj} :: cheeky, impertinent
vorlegen {v} :: to present, to submit
vorlesen {v} [ditransitive] :: to read (aloud)
Vorlesung {f} [university] :: lecture
vorletzt {adj} :: penultimate
Vorliebe {f} :: preference
Vorliebe {f} :: penchant, liking, fondness, predilection
vorliegen {v} :: to be existent, to be there, to be present
vorliegend {adj} :: present, existing
vorliegend {adj} :: available
Vorläufer {m} :: precursor, forerunner
Vorläufer {m} :: progenitor
vorläufig {adj} :: preliminary
vorläufig {adj} :: temporary
vorm {contraction} [colloquial] :: Contraction of vor and dem
vormachen {v} [colloquial] :: to demonstrate (how to do something)
vormachen {v} [colloquial, with dativ personal pronoun] :: to fool, to deceive
Vormacht {f} :: hegemony
Vormacht {f} :: hegemon
vormalig {adj} :: former
vormals {adv} :: formerly
Vormaterial {n} :: raw material
Vormauer {f} [neuroanatomy] :: claustrum (thin lamina of grey matter in each cerebral hemisphere of the human brain)
vormerken {v} :: to reserve
Vormittag {m} :: late morning (time of day roughly between 9 a.m. and noon)
vormittags {adv} :: before noon, a.m., in the morning
Vormonat {m} :: previous month
Vormärz {prop} {m} [historical] :: The period leading up to the 1848 German revolutions of 1848–49, variously held to begin in either 1815 (after the Congress of Vienna) or 1830 (after the July Revolution)
Vormund {m} :: legal guardian
Vormunder {m} [archaic] :: synonym of Vormund
Vormunderin {f} [archaic] :: synonym of Vormünderin
vorn {adv} :: in front
vorn {contraction} [colloquial] :: contraction of vor den
Vorname {m} :: given name (name chosen for a child by its parents)
vorne {adv} :: at the front
vorne {adv} :: in front
vorne {adv} :: ahead
vornehm {adj} :: elegant; posh; high-class; distinguished
vornehm {adj} :: aristocratic; noble; stately (of the aristocracy; befitting aristocracy)
vornehmen {v} :: to undertake
vornehmen {vr} [dative, _] :: to decide to do, plan to do (etwas something)
vornehmlich {adv} :: especially
vornehmlich {adv} :: principally, primarily
vornehmlich {adv} :: predominantly
vor Ort {adv} :: on site, locally
Vorort {m} :: suburb
vorpommerisch {adj} :: Of or from Vorpommern
vorpommersch {adj} :: alternative form of vorpommerisch
Vorposten {m} [military] :: outpost
Vorprobe {f} [chemistry] :: laboratory test
vorpubertierend {adj} :: prepubescent
Vorquartal {n} [of a year] :: previous quarter
Vorrang {m} :: precedence
Vorrang {m} :: priority
Vorrang {m} :: preference
vorrangig {adj} :: paramount; priority (attributive)
vorrangig {adj} :: overriding
Vorrat {m} :: supply, stock, store, reserve
Vorratsdatenspeicherung {f} :: telecommunications data retention
Vorratskammer {f} :: pantry
vorrücken {v} :: to advance (to move forwards, to approach)
Vorrede {f} :: foreword
Vorreiter {m} :: forerunner, trailblazer, pioneer
Vorrichtung {f} :: device, rig, contrivance, facility
vorrätig {adj} :: in stock; available (normally available for purchase)
vors {contraction} [colloquial] :: in front of the
vorsagen {vt} [separable prefix] :: to recite
vorsagen {vt} [separable prefix] :: to prompt (show or tell an person the words they should be saying)
vorsagen {vt} [separable prefix] :: to prompt (tell answers without permission)
Vorsatz {m} [law] :: malice, intention, premeditation
Vorsatz {m} [chiefly in plural] :: intention, something undertaken; resolution
Vorsatz {m} :: something in front of something else
Vorsatz {m} :: the preceding sentence
Vorsatz {m} [bookbinding] :: flyleaf
Vorsatz {m} :: an extension or accessory to a machine or tool that allows performance of specialized work
Vorsatzblatt {n} :: endpaper
Vorschau {f} :: preview
Vorschaubild {n} [computing] :: thumbnail (a miniature preview of a larger image)
Vorschlag {m} :: suggestion, proposal (that which is proposed)
Vorschlag {m} [music] :: an ornament in which one or more notes are added before the principal note, such as an appoggiatura or acciaccatura
vorschlagen {v} :: to propose, to suggest
Vorschlaghammer {m} :: sledgehammer
vorschnell {adj} :: hasty, rash
vorschreiben {v} :: to dictate, to command
Vorschrift {f} :: regulation, rule
vorschriftsgemäß {adj} :: According to the regulations
vorschriftsmäßig {adv} :: duly
vorschriftsmässig {adj} :: alternative spelling of vorschriftsmäßig
vorschriftswidrig {adj} :: unlawful, contrary to the regulations
Vorschub {m} :: advance, feed (in a mechanism)
Vorschub {m} :: escapement
Vorschule {f} :: preschool
Vorschuss {m} :: advance (amount of money)
vorsehen {v} :: to look (out) from behind something
vorsehen {v} :: to plan, to have in mind
vorsehen {v} :: to schedule, to set aside
vorsehen {vr} :: to be careful, to watch out
vorsehen {vr} :: to supply oneself
vorsetzen {v} :: to put in front
vorsetzen {v} :: to present
Vorsicht {f} :: caution, cautiousness
Vorsicht {interj} :: Beware!
vorsichtig {adj} :: deliberate (not hasty or sudden); careful, cautious, wary, circumspect
vorsichtig {adv} :: carefully
vorsichtshalber {adv} :: as a precaution
Vorsichtsmaßnahme {f} :: precaution
Vorsilbe {f} :: prefix
vorsintflutlich {adj} :: prehistoric
vorsintflutlich {adj} :: antediluvian, antiquated, old-fashioned
Vorsitz {m} :: chair, chairmanship
Vorsitzende {f} :: chairwoman, chairperson, chair, board chairwoman
Vorsitzende {f} :: president
Vorsitzender {m} :: chairman, chairperson, chair, board chairman
Vorsitzender {m} :: president
Vorsorge {f} :: precaution
Vorsorge {f} :: provision
Vorsorge {f} :: forethought
vorsorgen {vt} :: to make provision
vorsorglich {adj} :: precautionary, preventative
vorsorglich {adj} :: provident
vorsorglich {adv} :: providently
Vorspann {m} [film, television] :: opening credits
Vorspeise {f} :: appetizer, starter (food)
Vorspiel {n} :: foreplay
Vorspiel {n} :: prelude
Vorspielchen {n} :: diminutive of Vorspiel
vorspielen {v} :: to play aloud
vorspielen {v} [music] :: to perform
vorspielen {v} [music] :: to audition
Vorsprung {m} :: projection, prominence, protrusion
Vorsprung {m} :: ledge
Vorsprung {m} :: salient
Vorsprung {m} :: start, head start, lead, advantage
Vorstadt {f} :: suburb
Vorstand {m} [of a church] :: board, board of management, management board, board of directors, council, [of a party] executive, [of an organization] committee, executive committee
Vorstand {m} [member of a church] :: director, board member, member of the board, warden
Vorstandschef {m} :: managing director, CEO
Vorstandsmitglied {n} :: director (member of a board of directors)
Vorstandssprecher {m} :: executive spokesman
Vorstandsvorsitzender {m} :: CEO
Vorstandsvorsitzender {m} :: chairman
Vorsteherdrüse {f} [anatomy] :: prostate
vorstellbar {adj} :: imaginable
vorstellen {vt} :: to move (something) forward
vorstellen {vt} :: to put (the clocks) forward
vorstellen {vt} :: to represent; to mean
vorstellen {vt} :: to introduce (someone), to present
vorstellen {vr} :: to move forward
vorstellen {vr} [vorstellen] :: to introduce oneself
vorstellen {vr} [vorstellen] :: to imagine (sich is in the dative case)
Vorstellung {f} :: idea, image, representation (the transcript, image, or picture of a visible object that is formed by the mind)
Vorstellung {f} :: introduction
Vorstellungsgespräch {n} :: a job interview
Vorstellungskraft {f} :: imagination (image-making power of the mind)
Vorstoß {m} :: advance
vorstoßen {v} :: to advance
Vorstufe {f} :: precursor
Vorstufe {f} :: antecedent
vorsätzlich {adj} :: intentional, wilful, deliberate, premeditated
Vortag {m} :: day before
Vorteil {m} :: advantage, plus
Vorteil {m} :: benefit, profit
Vorteil {m} [tennis] :: advantage
vorteilhaft {adj} :: advantageous
Vortrag {m} :: talk, lecture
vortragen {vi} :: to lecture; to give a report
vortragen {vt} [of topics] :: to present; to report
vortragen {vt} [of poems, texts, songs] :: to recite or sing before an audience
vortragen {vt} [of ideas, literary] :: to suggest or propose to a decision maker; to argue
vortragen {vt} [of objects] :: to carry or take up front
vortrefflich {adj} :: excellent, splendid
vortrefflich {adv} :: excellently, splendidly
vortäuschen {v} :: to affect (make a false display of), fake, feign
Vorurteil {n} :: prejudice
Vorurteil {n} :: stereotype
Vorvergangenheit {f} [grammar] :: pluperfect
Vorverkauf {m} :: presale
vorverlegen {v} :: to move up [in time]
vorverzinnen {v} :: to tin (coat with solder)
vorverzinnt {v} :: past participle of vorverzinnen
vorvorletzt {adj} :: antepenultimate
Vorwahl {f} [telephony] :: area code
Vorwahl {f} :: primary election
Vorwahlnummer {f} [telephony] :: area code
Vorwand {m} :: pretext
Vorwand {m} :: excuse
vorweihnachtlich {adj} :: advent (attributive)
Vorweihnachtszeit {f} :: pre-Christmas period, Advent season, Advent (period between Advent Sunday and Christmas)
vorweisen {v} :: to show
vorweisen {v} :: to perform
vorwerfen {v} :: to reproach
vorwerfen {v} :: to throw to
vorwiegen {v} :: to prevail, to predominate
vorwiegend {adv} :: predominantly
Vorwissen {n} :: foreknowledge
Vorwort {n} :: foreword
Vorwort {n} [grammar] :: preposition
Vorwort {n} [grammar, dated] :: pronoun
Vorwärmung {f} :: preheating
vorwärts {adv} :: onward, onwards, forward
vorwärtsgekrümmt {adj} :: curved forward
Vorwurf {m} :: reproach
Vorwurf {m} :: accusation
vorwurfsvoll {adj} :: reproachful
Vorzeichen {n} :: sign
Vorzeichen {n} :: early symptom
Vorzeichen {n} :: omen, presage
vorzeigbar {adj} :: presentable
vorzeigen {v} :: to show, to demonstrate, to produce
vorzeitig {adj} :: early, premature, untimely
vorzeitig {adv} :: prematurely, preterm
vorzeitlich {adj} :: prehistoric
vorzüglich {adj} :: first-rate; five-star
vorziehen {v} :: to prefer, to favor
vorziehen {v} :: to advance, hasten (cause a scheduled event to happen earlier)
Vorzimmer {n} :: entrance hall
Vorzug {m} :: precedence, priority, preference
Vorzug {m} :: asset, merit
vorzugsweise {adv} :: preferably
votieren {v} :: to vote
Votum {n} :: say
Votum {n} :: vote
Votze {f} [vulgar, proscribed] :: alternative form of Fotze
Votze {f} [vulgar] :: eye-dialect of Fotze
vox populi vox bovi {proverb} [Dog Latin] :: the voice of the people is worth nothing
vox populi, vox Rindvieh {proverb} :: the voice of the people is worth nothing [literally, "voice of the people, voice of cattle"]
Voyeur {m} :: voyeur
Voyeurin {f} :: female voyeur; voyeuse
Voyeurismus {m} :: voyeurism
voyeuristisch {adj} :: voyeuristic
Voyeuse {f} :: feminine noun of Voyeur
VPG {initialism} :: Vielseitigkeitsprüfung für Gebrauchshunde. Eng. Versatility examination for working dogs. The name and abbreviation for working dog titles awarded by dog organizations other than the SV and other German Shepherd Dog organizations. Equivalent to SchH. See also IPO
Vöran {prop} {n} :: A municipality in South Tyrol
VRCh {initialism} :: abbreviation of Volksrepublik China; PRC
VS {abbr} :: Abbreviation of Verhandlungssache
Vösendorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Väterchen {n} :: diminutive of Vater
väterlich {adj} :: fatherly
väterlich {adj} :: paternal
väterlicherseits {adv} :: paternally, from the father's side, on the father's side
Väterlichkeit {f} :: fatherliness
Vulgata {prop} {f} :: Vulgate (Latin Bible translation)
vulgär {adj} :: vulgar
Vulgärlatein {prop} {n} :: Vulgar Latin [language]
vulgärlateinisch {adj} :: Vulgar Latin (attributive)
vulgärsprachlich {adj} :: (of language) vulgar
Vulkan {m} [planetology, geology, vulcanology] :: volcano
Vulkan {prop} {m} [Roman god] :: Vulcan
Vulkanausbruch {m} :: the eruption of a volcano
Vulkanier {m} :: (science fiction) Vulcan; A member of the humanoid race inhabiting the fictional planet Vulcan
Vulkaninsel {f} :: volcanic island
Vulkanisation {f} :: vulcanization
vulkanisch {adj} :: volcanic
vulkanisierbar {adj} :: vulcanizable
vulkanisieren {v} :: to vulcanize (to harden rubber with heat)
Vulkanisierung {f} :: vulcanization
Vulkanismus {m} :: volcanism
vulkanistisch {adj} :: volcanic (in origin), volcanistic
Vulkankaninchen {n} :: volcano rabbit
Vulkanologie {f} :: vulcanology
vulkanologisch {adj} :: volcanological
Vulkans {noun} :: Genitive of Vulkan - Volcano
Vulkanschlot {m} :: vent (in a volcano)
vulnerabel {adj} :: vulnerable
Vulva {f} [anatomy] :: vulva
Vulva {f} [colloquial] :: vagina
Vuoksi {prop} :: Vuoksi River
Vuvuzela {f} :: vuvuzela (horn)
VVK {abbr} :: Vorverkauf, an abbreviation often found on concert or event tickets indicating a presale price as opposed to AK for the price at the evening of the event