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ha {interj} /hɑː/ (a representation of laughter.)  :: hah
ha {interj} (an exclamation of triumph or discovery.)  :: haa
Haapsalu {prop} (town)  :: Haapsalu, Haapsalo
Habacuc {prop} (Habakkuk) SEE: Habakkuk  ::
Habakkuk {prop} /həˈbæk.ək/ (book of the Bible)  :: Habakukin kirja {f}
Habakkuk {prop} (Jewish prophet of the Old Testament)  :: Habakukin kirja {f}
Habakkuk {prop} (male given name)  :: Habakukin kirja {f}
haberdashery {n} (ribbons, buttons, thread, needles and similar sewing goods sold in a haberdasher's shop)  :: ompelutarvikkeet {p}
haberdashery {n} (a shop selling such goods)  :: ompelutarvikeliike
habit {n} /ˈhæbɪt/ (an action done on a regular basis)  :: tapa
habit {n} (long piece of clothing worn by monks and nuns)  :: kaapu [any of similar pieces of clothing]
habit {n} (piece of clothing worn uniformly for a specific activity)  :: asu, kilpailuasu
habitable {adj} /ˈhæbɪtəbəl/ (where humans or other animals can live)  :: asuttava, asuinkelpoinen
habitable {adj} (inhabited) SEE: inhabited  ::
habitat {n} /ˈhæbɪtæt/ (natural conditions in which a plant or animal lives)  :: elinympäristö, elinpaikka, habitaatti
habitation {n} /ˌhæb.ɪˈteɪ.ʃən/ (the act of inhabitating)  :: asuminen, oleskeleminen
habitation {n} (a place of abode)  :: asunto, asuinpaikka
habitué {n} /həˈbɪt͡ʃuˌeɪ/ (one who frequents a place, a regular)  :: kanta-asiakas, asiakas
habitual {adj} /həˈbɪtʃuəl/ (behaving in a regular manner, as a habit)  :: tapa-, tavanomainen
habitual {adj} (recurring, or that is performed over and over again)  :: tavanomainen, jatkuva
habitual {adj} (being regular or usual)  :: tavanomainen, tavallinen
habitude {n} /ˈhæbɪˌtjuːd/ (habit, custom, usage)  :: tapa
habitus {n} (habitude)  :: habitus, ulkomuoto
Habsburg {n}  :: Habsburg
hacienda {n} (homestead)  :: maatila
hack {v} /hæk/ (to chop or cut down in a rough manner)  :: hakata
hack {v} (to cough noisily)  :: köhiä
hack {v} (to withstand or put up with a difficult situation)  :: pärjätä
hack {v} (to gain illegal access to a computer network)  :: hakkeroida
hack {v} (to gain unauthorised access to a computer or online account)  :: murtautua
hack {v} (to make a quick code change to patch a computer program)  :: pätsätä [slang]
hack {v} (to apply a trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method)  :: parantaa
hack {v} (to work with on an intimately technical level)  :: työskennellä jonkin parissa
hack {v} (ice hockey: to strike an opponent's leg with one's hockey stick)  :: huitoa jaloille
hack {v} (ice hockey: to make a flailing attempt to hit the puck)  :: sohia
hack {v} (baseball: to swing at a pitched ball)  :: heilauttaa mailaa
hack {v} (football: to kick on the shins)  :: potkia pohkeille
hack {v} (to strike in a frantic movement)  :: lennättää
hack {n} (tool for chopping)  :: kirves
hack {n} (hacking blow)  :: isku
hack {n} (gouge or notch made by such a blow)  :: iskujälki
hack {n} (dry cough)  :: köhä
hack {n} (short, broken cough)  :: köhäys [one], köhinä [repetitive]
hack {n} (figuratively: try, attempt)  :: yritys
hack {n} (curling: foothold device)  :: hakki
hack {n} (mattock or miner's pick)  :: hakku
hack {n} (illegal attempt to gain access to a computer network)  ::  ; hakkerointiyritys, tietomurtoyritys
hack {n} (video game or computer software that has been altered from its original state)  :: hakkeroitu softa
hack {n} (computing: expedient, temporary solution)  :: pätsi
hack {n} (trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method)  :: niksi
hack {n} (baseball: swing of the bat)  :: heilautus
hack {n} (football: kick on the shins)  :: potku pohkeeseen
hack {n} (taxicab driver)  :: taksikuski
hack {n} (ordinary horse, especially an old, tired one)  :: koni, kaakki
hack {n} (small ball for hackeysack)  :: footbag
hack {v} (to play hackeysack)  :: pelata footbagia
hackamore {n} /ˈhækəmɔː/ (bridle with no bit)  :: hodelag
hackberry {n} (plant)  :: keltis
hackberry {n} (fruit)  :: keltiksenmarja
hackberry {n} (wood)  :: keltis
hackberry {n} (Prunus padus) SEE: bird cherry  ::
hacker {n} /hækə(ɹ)/ (expert at programming)  :: koodari
hacker {n} (one who uses a computer to gain unauthorized access to data)  :: hakkeri
hacker {n} (something which hacks)  :: hakkuri, vesuri
hacker {n} (someone who hacks)  :: hakkaaja [one who cuts with blows]; potkija [one who kicks]
hacker {n} (computer security professional)  :: tietoturvahenkilö
hacker {n} (one who is inexperienced or unskilled at a particular activity)  :: tumpula, tumpelo
hacker {n} (taxicab operator)  :: taksikuski
hackle {n} /ˈhækəl/ (an instrument with pins)  :: riivinrauta, häkilöin
hackney {n} /ˈhækni/ (ordinary horse)  :: hevonen
hackney {n} (carriage for hire or a cab)  :: vossikka
hackney {n} (horse used to ride or drive)  :: ratsuhevonen, ratsu [to ride]; ajohevonen [to drive]
hackney {n} (breed of English horse)  :: hackney
hackney {n} (hired drudge; hireling; prostitute)  :: vosu [prostitute]
hackneyed {adj} /ˈhækniːd/ (repeated too often)  :: kulunut, kliseinen
hacksaw {n} (saw)  :: rautasaha, metallisaha
hadal {adj} /ˈheɪdəl/ (of the deepest parts of the ocean)  :: syvänmeren
haddock {n} /ˈhædək/ (marine fish)  :: kolja
Hadean {adj} (of geologic eon from 4,600 to 3,800 million years ago)  :: hadeeinen
Hadean {prop} (Hadean eon)  :: hadeeinen aioni
Hadean time {prop} (Hadean) SEE: Hadean  ::
Hades {prop} /ˈheɪdiːz/ (from Greek mythology)  :: Haades
Hades {prop} (hell)  :: tuonela
hadith {n} /haˈdiːθ]/ (collected sayings and actions of Muhammad)  :: hadith
Hadrian {prop} (male given name) SEE: Adrian  ::
Hadrian's Wall {prop} (fortification)  :: Hadrianuksen muuri, Hadrianuksen valli
hadron {n} /ˈhæd.ɹɑn/ (particle)  :: hadroni
haematology {n} (scientific study of blood and blood-producing organs)  :: hematologia, veritautioppi
haematopoietic {adj} (of or pertaining to haematopoiesis) SEE: hematopoietic  ::
haemodialysis {n} (use of dialysis to remove waste from the blood)  :: hemodialyysi, dialyysi
haemophilia {n} (any of several hereditary illnesses that impair the body's ability to control bleeding)  :: hemofilia, verenvuototauti
haemorrhage {n} (hemorrhage) SEE: hemorrhage  ::
haemorrhoids {n} /ˈhɛməɹɔɪdz/ (a pathological condition)  :: peräpukamat {p}
hafnium {n} (chemical element)  :: hafnium
hag {n} /hæɡ/ (witch, sorceress, enchantress)  :: noita-akka
hag {n} (ugly old woman)  :: harppu, huuhkaja, noita-akka
hag {n} (fury; she-monster)  :: raivotar
hag {n} (Myxine glutinosa)  :: limanahkiainen
hag {n} (hagdon or shearwater) SEE: shearwater  ::
hag {n} (fruit of Prunus padus) SEE: bird cherry  ::
Hagar {prop} /ˈheɪɡɑːɹ/ (mother of Ishmael)  :: Haagar
hagberry {n} (tree) SEE: bird cherry  ::
hagberry {n} (fruit) SEE: bird cherry  ::
hagfish {n} (eellike fish of the family Myxinidae)  :: limaajakala, limaaja
Haggai {prop} (book of The Bible)  :: Haggai
haggard {adj} /ˈhæɡ.ɚd/ (looking exhausted and unwell)  :: riutunut, voipunut, sairaalloisen näköinen, kalvakka
haggard {adj} (wild or untamed)  :: hurja
haggis {n} /ˈhæɡɪs/ (traditional Scottish dish)  :: haggis
haggish {adj} (like a hag)  :: ämmämäinen
haggishly {adv} (in the manner of a hag)  :: ämmämäisesti
haggishness {n} (quality)  :: ämmämäisyys
haggle {v} /ˈhæɡəl/ (to argue for a better deal)  :: tinkiä
hagiography {n} /ˌhæɡiˈɒɡɹəfi/ (biography of a saint)  :: hagiografia
hagiography {n} (biography which expresses reverence)  :: hagiografia
hagiography {n} (biography which is uncritically supportive)  :: hagiografia
haglike {adj} (resembling a hag)  :: ämmämäinen
ha-ha {interj} /ˈhɑːhɑː/ (approximation of the sound of laughter)  :: ha-ha, hah-hah
ha-ha {n} /ˈhɑːhɑː/ (ditch acting as a sunken fence)  :: ha-ha
haha {interj} (representation of laughter)  :: ha-ha
Haikou {prop} (a city in China)  :: Haikou
haiku {n} /ˈhaɪ.ku/ (Japanese poem of a specific form)  :: haiku
haiku {n} (poem of similar structure)  :: haiku
hail {n} /heɪl/ (balls of ice)  :: rakeet {p}, raesade
hail {v} (said when hail is falling)  :: sataa rakeita
hail {v} (to greet)  :: tervehtiä
hail {v} (to call out loudly in order to gain the attention of)  :: kutsua
hail from {v} (to be a native of)  :: olla kotoisin
Hail Mary {n} (prayer)  :: Ave Maria
hailstone {n} (single ball of hail)  :: rae
hail storm {n} (a storm characterized by lots of large hail)  :: raesade
Hainan {prop} (province of China)  :: Hainan
hair {n} /hɛə/ (a pigmented keratinaceous growth on the human head)  :: hius [individual], hiukset {p}, tukka [collection]
hair {n} (the collection or mass of filaments growing from the skin of humans and animals)  :: karvoitus, karvat {p}
hair {n} (one of the above-mentioned filaments)  :: karva, jouhi
hairball {n} (wad of fur)  :: karvakerä
hair-brush {n} (a brush used in hair care) SEE: hairbrush  ::
hairbrush {n} (a brush used in hair care)  :: hiusharja
hair conditioner {n} (cosmetic product)  :: hoitoaine, hiustenhoitoaine
haircut {n} (act of cutting of hair)  :: tukanleikkuu, hiustenleikkuu
haircut {n} (way hair is cut)  :: kampaus, leikkaus
hairdresser {n} (professional for haircutting or hairstyling)  :: kampaaja
hairdressing salon {n} (hairdressing salon) SEE: hair salon  ::
hair dryer {n} (an electrical device used for drying hair) SEE: hairdryer  ::
hairdryer {n} (electrical appliance for drying hair)  :: hiustenkuivaaja, hiustenkuivain, [colloquial] fööni
hair dye {n} (any of various materials used to dye hair on the head)  :: hiusväri
haired {adj} (having hair)  :: karvainen [not hairless]
haired {adj} (having certain type of hair)  :: -tukkainen [of hair on top of the head]; karvainen [of body hair]
hair gel {n} (hairstyling gel that hardens the hair)  :: hiusgeeli
hairgrip {n} (flat hairpin with two prongs)  :: hiuspinni
hairless {adj} (bald) SEE: bald  ::
hairless {adj} (destitute of hair)  :: karvaton
hairline {n} /ˈhɛɹˌlaɪn/ (the line along one's forehead where hair starts growing)  :: hiusraja
hairline {n} (thinnest line)  :: hiusviiva
hair loss {n} (loss of hair)  :: hiustenlähtö [head]; karvanlähtö [body]
hairnet {n} /ˈhɛɹˌnɛt/ (net designed to keep hair up)  :: hiusverkko
hair of the dog {n} (curing drink)  :: krapularyyppy, loiventava
hairpiece {n} (false substitute for a person's hair)  :: tekotukka, peruukki
hairpin {n} /ˈheɪɹpɪn/ (pin or fastener for the hair)  :: hiusneula
hairpin {n} (tight bend) SEE: hairpin bend  ::
hairpin bend {n} (acute curve in a road on a steep incline)  :: neulansilmä, neulansilmämutka
hair roller {n} (a small tube that is rolled into a person's hair)  :: papiljotti
hair salon {n} (workplace of a beautician or barber)  :: kampaamo, parturi
hair's breadth {n} (very small amount or distance)  :: karvan verran; hitunen
hair-splitting {n} (the act of finding exceedingly small differences which are neither important nor prominent)  :: hiusten halkominen [idiomatic]
hair spray {n} (hairstyling product that stiffens the hair)  :: hiuslakka
hairstyle {n} (the style in which someone's hair has been cut and arranged)  :: kampaus
hairy {adj} /ˈhɛəɹi/ (of a person)  :: karvainen
hairy {adj} (of an animal)  :: karvainen
hairy {adj} (of a body part other than the head)  :: karvainen
hairy-eared dwarf lemur {n} (Allocebus trichotis)  :: karvakorvamaki
haitch {n} (name of the letter H) SEE: aitch  ::
Haiti {prop} /ˈheɪ.ti/ (a country in the Caribbean)  :: Haiti
Haitian Creole {prop} (language spoken in Haiti)  :: haiti
hajj {n} /hɑʒ/ (pilgrimage to Mecca)  :: hadž
hake {n} /heɪk/ (fish)  :: kummeliturska
Hakkapeliitta {n} (cavalryman)  :: hakkapeliitta
halal {adj} (fit to eat according to Muslim religious customs)  :: halal
halberd {n} /ˈhælbəd/ (hand weapon)  :: hilpari
halbert {n} (long-handled weapon)  :: pertuska
halcyon {n} /ˈhælsiːən/ (poetic: kingfisher)  :: jäälintu
halcyon {n} (bird of genus Halcyon)  :: metsäkalastaja
halcyon {adj} (pertaining to the kingfisher)  :: kuningaskalastaja-
halcyon {adj} (calm)  :: tyven
halcyon days {n} (halcyon days)  :: jäälinnun päivät {p}
hale {n} /heɪl/ (health, welfare)  :: terveys, hyvinvointi
hale {adj} (sound, entire, healthy, robust, not impaired)  :: terve, hyvinvoiva
hale {v} (to drag or pull forcibly)  :: raahata, retuuttaa, haalata
half {adj} /hæf/ (consisting of a half)  :: puoli
half {adj} (consisting of some indefinite portion resembling a half)  :: puolittainen, puoli-; puoleksi [adverb]
half {adj} (having one parent in common)  :: -puoli
half {adj} (related through one common ancestor)  :: -puoli
half {adv} (in two equal parts or to an equal degree)  :: puoli-, puoliksi, puolittain
half {n} (one of two equal parts into which anything may be divided)  :: puolikas [of an object], puolet [of a mass], osa
half {n} (half a standard measure)  :: puolikas
half {n} (math: fraction)  :: puoli
half {n} (part; side; behalf)  :: puoli
half {v} (halve) SEE: halve  ::
half a dozen {num} (six)  :: puoli tusinaa
half-asleep {adj} (very sleepy)  :: puoliunessa, puolinukuksissa
half-ass {adj} /ˈhæfæs/ (produced in an incompetent manner)  :: puolivillainen
half-assed {adj} /ˈhæfæst/ (poorly or incompetently done)  :: juosten kustu
half-awake {adj} (barely awake)  :: puolihereillä
half-baked {adj} (partially cooked)  :: puolikypsä
half board {n} (hotel rate)  :: puolihoito
half-breed {n} (derogatory: person of racially mixed ancestry)  :: puoliverinen
half brother {n} /ˌhæfˈbɹʌðɚ/ (a male half-sibling)  :: velipuoli
half glove {n} (form of glove)  :: kynsikäs
half-hour {n} (period)  :: puoli tuntia, puolituntinen
half-hour {n} (time)  :: puoli
half-hourly {adv} (twice an hour)  :: puolen tunnin välein
half-life {n} /ˈhæfˌlaɪf/ (time in physics)  :: puoliintumisaika
half-life {n} (chemistry: time required for concentration to fall to half)  :: puoliintumisaika
half-life {n} (medicine: time for a substance to lose half of its activity)  :: puoliintumisaika
half-life {n} (time to lose half of influential power of an idea or fashion)  :: puoliintumisaika
half marathon {n} (running race)  :: puolimaraton
half-mast {n} (lowered position of a flag)  :: puolitanko
half-mast {n} (lowered position of any thing)  :: puolitanko
half-mast {n} (state of being partially erect)  :: puolitanko
half-moon {n} (the moon in its first or last quarter)  :: puolikuu
half-moon {n} (anything shaped like a crescent)  :: puolikuu
half-naked {adj} (with very few clothes on)  :: puolialaston
half note {n} (minim) SEE: minim  ::
half past {n} ("half past one" as example of usage in other languages)  :: puoli kaksi
halfsies {n} (childish: condition of splitting in half)  :: puokkiin
half sister {n} (maternal/paternal half sister)  :: sisarpuoli, siskopuoli
half smile {n} (partial smile)  :: hymynhäive
half-staff {n} (half-mast) SEE: half-mast  ::
half time {n} (interval between halves)  :: tauko, väliaika, puoliaika
half time {n} (time to halve the difference between present value and final value)  :: puoliintumisaika
half-uncle {n} (half-brother of one's parent)  :: setäpuoli
half-uncle {n} (half brother-in-law of one's parent)  :: setäpuoli
halfway {adv} /hæfweɪ/ (midway)  :: puolivälissä
half-year {n} (period of half a year)  :: vuosipuolisko
half-yearly {adv} (twice a year)  :: puolivuosittain
half-yearly {adj} (semiannual) SEE: semiannual  ::
halibut {n} /ˈhæ.lɨ.bət/ (fish of genus Hippoglossus)  :: ruijanpallas
halide {n} (halogen salt)  :: halidi
halite {n} /ˈheɪlaɪt/ (NaCl)  :: vuorisuola, haliitti
halitosis {n} /hæl.ɪˈtoʊs.ɪs/ (condition of having foul-smelling breath)  :: pahanhajuinen hengitys
hall {n} /hɔl/ (corridor or a hallway)  :: käytävä, eteinen
hall {n} (manor house)  :: kartano
hall {n} (building providing student accommodation)  :: asuntola
hall {n} (principal room of a secular medieval building)  :: sali
hallelujah {interj} /ˌhælɪˈl(j)uːjə/ (exclamation to praise God)  :: halleluja
hallelujah {interj} (general exclamation of gratitude)  :: halleluja
hallelujah {n} (shout of Hallelujah)  :: halleluja
hallelujah {n} (general praise)  :: ylistys
Halley's Comet {prop} /ˌhæliːz ˈkɒmɪt/ (comet)  :: Halleyn komeetta
hallmark {n} /ˈhɔlmɑɹk/ (a distinct characteristic)  :: tuntomerkki, tunnusmerkki
hallmark {n} (an official marking)  :: tunnus
hall of residence {n} (building for university students to live in)  :: opiskelija-asuntola, asuntola
hallow {n} /ˈhæloʊ/ (holy person)  :: pyhä, pyhimys
hallow {v} (to sanctify)  :: pyhittää
hallowed {adj} /ˈhæloʊd/ (consecrated; holy)  :: pyhitetty
Halloween {prop} /ˌhæləˈwiːn/ (31st of October)  :: halloween
hallows {n} (plural of hallow) SEE: hallow  ::
hallows {n} /ˈhæloʊz/ (relics or remains of a saint, or the shrines in which they are kept)  :: pyhäinjäännös
hall porter {n} (hotel worker)  :: hotellipoika, pikkolo
hallucinate {v} (seem to perceive what is not really present)  :: hallusinoida, nähdä harhoja
hallucination {n} /həˌluːsɪˈneɪʃən/ (sensory perception of something that does not exist)  :: aistiharha, harha-aistimus, hallusinaatio, harhanäky, näköharha
hallucination {n} (act of hallucinating)  :: harha-aistimus, hallusinaatio
hallucinogen {n} (that which causes hallucinations)  :: hallusinogeeni
hallux {n} (big toe) SEE: big toe  ::
hallway {n} (corridor) SEE: corridor  ::
halo {n} /ˈheɪloʊ/ (atmospheric phenomenon)  :: halo, kehä; auringonkehä [around the sun]; kuunkehä [around the moon]
halo {n} (anything resembling the phenomenon)  :: halo
halo {n} (luminous disc around the heads of saints)  :: sädekehä
halo {n} (metaphorical aura of glory, veneration or sentiment)  :: sädekehä
halogen {n} /ˈhæləd͡ʒen/ (any element of group 7)  :: halogeeni
halophyte {n} (plant)  :: suolakkokasvi
halt {v} /hɔːlt/ (to stop either temporarily or permanently)  :: pysähtyä, seisahtua
halt {v} (to cause something to stop)  :: pysäyttää, seisauttaa
halt {n} (cessation)  :: pysähtyminen, pysähdys (temporary), loppu, lopettaminen (permanent)
halt {n} (minor railway station)  :: seisake
halt {v} (to limp)  :: ontua
halter {n} /ˈhɔltɚ/ (animal's headgear)  :: riimu, tallipäitset, päitset
halter {n} (female garment)  :: niskalenkkitoppi
halva {n} /hɑːlˈvɑː/ (confection)  :: halva
halve {v} /hæv/ (to reduce to half of original)  :: puolittaa
halve {v} (to divide in two equal parts)  :: puolittaa, panna puoliksi
halyard {n} (rope)  :: nostin, falli
ham {n} /hæm/ (region back of the knee joint)  :: polvitaive
ham {n} (thigh and buttock of any animal slaughtered for meat)  :: paisti
ham {n} (thigh of a hog cured for food)  :: kinkku
ham {n} (ham radio operator)  :: radioamatööri
Ham {prop} /hæm/ (a son of Noah and the brother of Japheth and Shem)  :: Haam
hamadryas {n} (Papio hamadryas)  :: vaippapaviaani
hamartia {n} (sin) SEE: sin  ::
hamate bone {n} (one of the wrist bones)  :: hakaluu
Hamburg {prop} /ˈhæmbɝɡ/ (state)  :: Hampuri
Hamburg {prop} (city)  :: Hampuri
hamburger {n} /ˈhæmˌbɝ.ɡɚ/ (sandwich)  :: hampurilainen
hamburger {n} (patty)  :: jauhelihapihvi
hamburger {n} (ground beef)  :: jauheliha
ham-fisted {adj} (lacking skill in physical movement)  :: poropeukalo, kömpelö
hamiform {adj} /ˈheɪmɪfɔːm/ (conchology: curved at the extremity)  :: päästä käyristynyt
hamiform {adj} (shaped like a hook)  :: koukkumainen
Hamina {prop}  :: Hamina
Hamitic {adj} (relative to the Hamites)  :: haamilainen
ham it up {v} (performing arts: exaggerate one's emotions or movements)  :: ylinäytellä, liioitella
hamlet {n} (small village)  :: pikkukylä, kyläpahanen, taloryhmä
hamlet {n} (village without its own church)  :: kylä (as opp. to kirkonkylä)
hamlet {n} (fish)  :: Hypoplectrus
Hamlet {prop} /ˈhæmlət/ (the main character of the play Hamlet)  :: Hamlet
hammam {n} (Turkish bath) SEE: Turkish bath  ::
hammer {n} /ˈhæmɚ/ (tool)  :: vasara
hammer {n} (part of a firearm)  :: hana, iskuvasara
hammer {n} (bone of the middle ear; see also malleus)  :: vasara, vasaraluu
hammer {n} (piano part)  :: vasara
hammer {n} (sports: device)  :: moukari
hammer {n} (curling: last rock in an end)  :: viimeinen kivi
hammer {n} (part of a clock)  :: vasara
hammer {n} (one who, or that which shatters)  :: murskaaja
hammer {v} (to strike repeatedly)  :: vasaroida, takoa
hammer {v} (to shape by beating)  :: takoa
hammer {v} (figuratively: to emphasize a point repeatedly)  :: takoa, jankuttaa, painottaa toistuvasti
hammer {v} (sports: to hit particularly hard)  :: moukaroida, tykittää
hammer {v} (to strike internally, as if hit by a hammer)  :: hakata
hammer {v} (sports: to defeat resoundingly)  :: murskata
hammer and sickle {n} (symbol of communism)  :: sirppi ja vasara
hammered {adj} (drunk)  :: jurrissa
hammered dulcimer {n} (a trapezoidal zither with metal strings)  :: dulcimer
hammerhead {n} (shark)  :: vasarahai
hammerkop {n} (Scopus umbretta)  :: varjohaikara
hammer throw {n} (athletic event where a heavy steel ball with a handle attached is thrown)  :: moukarinheitto
hammock {n} /ˈhæmək/ (swinging couch or bed)  :: riippumatto
hammock {n} (piece of land)  :: pusikko
hamper {n} /ˈhæmpɚ/ (large basket)  :: kori
hamper {v} (to put into a hamper)  :: panna koriin
hamper {v} (To put a hamper or fetter on; to shackle; to ensnare; to inveigle)  :: kahlita, haitata, vaikeuttaa, estää
hamper {n} (anything which impedes)  :: este, pidäke
hamster {n} /ˈhæmstɚ/ (small, short-tailed European rodent)  :: hamsteri
hamstring {n} (great tendon)  :: kinnerjänne
hamstring {v} (to disable)  :: lamaannuttaa, rampauttaa
hamza {n} (Arabic hamza)  :: hamza
Han {prop} (dynasty)  :: Han, Han-dynastia
Han {prop} (Chinese ethnicity)  :: han-kiinalaisuus
hanami {n} (Japanese custom)  :: hanami
Han character {n} (Chinese character) SEE: Chinese character  ::
Han Chinese {adj} (referring to the largest ethnic group indigenous to China)  :: han-kiinalainen
Han Chinese {n} (the largest ethnic group indigenous to China)  :: han-kiinalaiset {p}
hand {n} /hænd/ (part of the fore limb)  :: käsi
hand {n} (pointer of an analogue/analog clock)  :: viisari, osoitin
hand {n} (hand's breadth)  :: kämmen
hand {n} (side; part; direction, either right or left)  :: puoli, suunta
hand {n} (power of performance; means of execution; ability; skill; dexterity)  :: kyky, taito
hand {n} (servant, laborer, workman, trained for special duty; a performer)  :: apumies, renki
hand {n} (instance of helping)  :: apu
hand {n} (handwriting; style of penmanship)  :: käsiala
hand {n} (person's autograph or signature)  :: nimikirjoitus
hand {n} (personal possession; ownership; hence, control; direction; management)  :: käsi
hand {n} (management, domain, control)  :: kädet {p}
hand {n} (that which is, or may be, held in a hand at once)  :: kourallinen
hand {n} (set of cards held by a player in a card game)  :: käsi
hand {n} (bunch of bananas)  :: terttu
hand {n} (applause)  :: suosionosoitukset {p}, aplodit {p}
hand {n} (small part of a gunstock near the lock, grasped when aiming)  :: kädensija
hand {n} (whole rhizome of ginger)  :: mukula
hand {n} (feel of a fabric)  :: tuntuma, tuntu
hand {n} (actual performance; deed; act; workmanship; agency; hence, manner of performance.)  :: suoritus
hand {n} (agency in transmission from one person to another)  :: välikäsi, käsi
hand {n} (rate, price)  :: hinta, taksa
hand {v} (to give, pass or transmit with the hand)  :: ojentaa, antaa
hand {v} (to lead, guide, or assist with the hand)  :: ohjata, auttaa
handbag {n} /ˈhæm.bəɡ]/ (small bag used by women)  :: käsilaukku
handball {n} (team sport)  :: käsipallo
handball {n} (ball in team sport)  :: käsipallo
handball {n} (football offence)  :: käsikosketus, käsi
handbook {n} (a book of reference)  :: käsikirja
handbrake {n} (hand-operated brake in a car)  :: käsijarru
handbrake turn {n} (automobile driving manoeuvre)  :: käsijarrukäännös
handbrake turn {n} (abrubt change of opinion)  :: täyskäännös, lehmänkäännös
handcar {n} (a light railroad car propelled by a hand-operated pumping mechanism) SEE: draisine  ::
handcraft {n} (handicraft) SEE: handicraft  ::
handcraft {v} (to engage in handcraft or handicraft)  :: tehdä käsityötä
handcrafted {adj} (made by hand)  :: käsintehty
handcuff {n} /ˈhændˌkʌf/ (ring of a locking fetter for the hand)  :: käsiraudat {p}
handcuff {v} (to apply handcuffs)  :: panna käsirautoihin, laittaa käsiraudat, käsiraudoittaa
handcuff {v} (figuratively: to restrain)  :: sitoa
handcuffs {n} (metal rings for fastening wrists)  :: käsiraudat {p}
handed {adj} /ˈhændɪd/ (having a peculiar or characteristic hand)  :: kätinen
handed {adj} (with hands joined) SEE: hand in hand  ::
handedness {n} (property)  :: kätisyys, kiraalisuus
handedness {n} (preference for using the right or left hand)  :: kätisyys
hand fan {n} (hand-held device)  :: viuhka
handful {n} /ˈhæn(d)fʊl/ (amount held in hand)  :: kourallinen
handful {n} (small number)  :: kourallinen
hand grenade {n} (explosive device)  :: käsikranaatti
handgun {n} (small, hand-held gun)  :: käsiase, käsituliase
hand heart {n} (gesture)  :: sydän-käsimerkki
handicap {n} (something that prevents, hampers, or hinders)  :: haitta
handicap {n} (allowance granted in a race to the competitor)  :: tasoitus
handicap {n} (disadvantage, in particular physical or mental disadvantages of people)  :: vamma
handicap {n} (race)  :: tasoituskilpailu
handicapped {adj} (having a handicap)  :: vammainen, vajaakykyinen
handicraft {n} (trade requiring skill of hand)  :: käsityötaito
handicraft {n} (artifact)  :: käsityö
handicraft {n} (handicraftsman)  :: käsityöläinen
hand in hand {adv} (holding or clasping hands)  :: käsi kädessä
hand in hand {adv} (naturally together)  :: käsi kädessä
handiwork {n} /ˈhændiˌwɝk/ (work done by the hands)  :: käsityö
hand job {n} (An act of masturbation performed by someone else's hand)  :: handjob
handkerchief {n} /ˈhæŋkɚtʃɪf/ (cloth for wiping the face, eyes, nose or hands)  :: nenäliina
handle {n} /ˈhæn.dl/ (part of an object held in the hand when used or moved)  :: kädensija, kahva, otin
handle {n} (instrument for effecting a purpose)  :: väline
handle {n} (gross amount of wagering)  :: vaihto
handle {n} (nickname)  :: lempinimi
handle {n} (half-gallon bottle of alcohol)  :: parrunpätkä [2 liters]
handle {v} (touch; feel or hold with the hand)  :: kosketella, tunnustella
handle {v} (take care of with the hands)  :: hoitaa
handle {v} (manage with the hands)  :: käsitellä
handle {v} (manage, control or direct)  :: käsitellä
handle {v} (treat, deal with in a specified way)  :: kohdella
handle {v} (deal with (a subject, argument, topic, or theme) in speaking, in writing, or in art)  :: käsitellä
handle {v} (receive and transfer; buy and sell)  :: käsitellä
handle {v} (be concerned with, make a business of)  :: käydä kauppaa
handle {v} (to use the hands)  :: käsitellä, käyttää käsiä
handleability {n} (condition)  :: käsiteltävyys
handleable {adj} (capable of being handled)  :: käsiteltävä
handlebar {n} /ˈhændəlbɑːɹ/ (bar for steering)  :: ohjaustanko
handleless {adj} (without handle)  :: kädensijaton
handless {adj} (without a hand)  :: kädetön
handless {adj} (without a handle) SEE: handleless  ::
handle with kid gloves {v} (to treat something very delicately)  :: käsitellä silkkihansikkain
handling {n} (touching, controlling, managing with the hands)  :: käsittely
handling {n} (criminal offence)  :: varastetun tavaran kauppa
hand log {n} (simple device for measuring the speed of a vessel) SEE: chip log  ::
handmade {adj} (made by hand)  :: käsin tehty
handmaid {n} /ˈhændˌmeɪd/ (maid that waits at hand)  :: palvelijatar
hand net {n} (small net)  :: haavi
hand off {v} (to pass or transfer)  :: siirtää, luovuttaa
handout {n} (a worksheet, leaflet or pamphlet given out for a certain use)  :: tiedote, mainoslehtinen, moniste, moniste
handout {n} (a gift to the poor or needy)  :: almu
hand over {v} (to relinquish control or possession)  :: antaa, luovuttaa
handover {n} (transference of authority)  :: siirto
handpicked {v} (picked by hand)  :: käsin poimittu
handpicked {v} (selected with great care)  :: huolella valittu
hand puppet {n} (puppet operated by the hand)  :: käsinukke
handrail {n} (rail which can be held)  :: kaide
hand sanitizer {n} /ˈhænd ˌsænətaɪzɚ/ (liquid)  :: käsihuuhde
handsaw {n} (saw small enough to be used by one hand)  :: käsisaha
hands down {adv} (without much effort, easily)  :: helposti
handshake {v} (grasping of hands by two people)  :: kättely
handsoap {n} (handsoap)  :: käsisaippua
hands off {interj} (don't touch!)  :: irti!, näpit irti!
hands off {adj} (not interfering with others' decisions and actions)  :: puuttumaton, sekaantumaton
handsome {adj} /ˈhænsəm/ (of man: attractive)  :: komea, kaunis
handsomeness {n} (quality of being handsome)  :: komeus
hands-on {adj} (involving active participation)  :: käytännön-
hands up {interj} (surrender!)  :: kädet ylös!
handsy {adj} /ˈhændzi/ (prone to touching others)  :: käpälöivä, lääppivä
hand tool {n} (tool powered by human muscle)  :: käsityökalu
hand towel {n} (towel used for drying the hands or face)  :: käsipyyhe
hand truck {n} (box-moving handcart)  :: nokkakärry, pakettikärry
handwash {n} (liquid soap)  :: käsisaippua
handwork {n} (handiwork) SEE: handiwork  ::
handwrite {v} (write something manually)  :: kirjoittaa käsin
handwriting {n} (act or process of writing with the hand)  :: käsinkirjoitus
handwriting {n} (characteristic writing of a particular person)  :: käsiala
handwriting {n} (text written by hand)  :: käsin kirjoitettu teksti
handy {adj} /ˈhæn.di/ (easy to use)  :: kätevä
handy {adj} (within reach)  :: käden ulottuvilla
handy {adj} (dexterous)  :: kätevä, taitava
handy {n} (hand job) SEE: hand job  ::
hang {v} /heɪŋ/ (to be or remain suspended)  :: riippua, roikkua
hang {v} (to float as if suspended)  :: roikkua
hang {v} (to hold or bear in a suspended or inclined manner or position)  :: roikuttaa
hang {v} (to cause to be suspended)  :: ripustaa
hang {v} (to place on a hook)  :: ripustaa
hang {v} (to execute by suspension from the neck)  :: hirttää
hang {v} (to be executed using gallows)  :: roikkua hirressä
hang {v} (informal: to loiter)  :: [slang] roikkua, [slang] hengailla
hang {v} (to exhibit by hanging)  :: ripustaa
hang {v} (to apply (wallpaper or drywall to a wall))  :: tapetoida [wallpaper], levyttää [drywall]
hang {v} (to decorate (something) with hanging objects)  :: ripustella
hang {v} (to remain persistently in one's thoughts)  :: roikkua
hang {v} (computing: to stop responding)  :: kaatua
hang {v} (computing: to cause (a program or computer) to stop responding)  :: kaataa
hang {v} (chess: to cause to become vulnerable to capture)  :: joutua uhatuksi
hang {v} (chess: to be vulnerable to capture)  :: olla uhattuna
hang about {v} (to linger or loiter)  :: norkoilla, roikkua
hang about {v} (to spend time)  :: hengailla, viettää aikaansa
hangar {n} /ˈhæŋɚ/ (a large garage-like structure where aircraft are kept)  :: hangaari, lentokonehalli, lentokonesuoja
hang around {v} (to stay, linger or loiter)  :: norkoilla
hang around {v} (to spend time or be friends)  :: hengata, hengailla
hanger {n} /hæŋə(ɹ)/ (that by which a thing is suspended)  :: ripustin
hanger {n} (clothes hanger)  :: vaateripustin, henkari
hanger {n} (short, curved sword)  :: hukari
hanger {n} (steep, wooded slope)  :: metsäinen jyrkänne
hanger {n} (baseball: hanging pitch)  :: roikkusyöttö
hanger {n} (hangman) SEE: hangman  ::
hang-glide {v} (fly a hang glider)  :: riippuliitää
hang glider {n} (aircraft)  :: riippuliidin
hang glider {n} (rider)  :: riippuliitäjä
hang gliding {n} (flying in a hang glider)  :: riippuliito
hanging {adj} /ˈhæŋɪŋ/ (suspended)  :: roikkuva, riippuva
hanging {n} (means of execution)  :: hirttäminen
hanging {n} (public event at which a person is hanged)  :: hirttäjäiset {p}
hanging {n} (anything wide, high and thin that is hung)  :: seinäkoriste
hanging {n} (way in which hangings (decorations) are arranged)  :: ripustus
hanging basket {n} (container filled with decorative plants)  :: amppeli
hanging coffin {n} (coffin suspended on a cliff)  :: riippuva ruumisarkku
hanging loop {n} (strip for hanging a coat)  :: raksi
hanging loop {n} (loop for hanging something else than cloth)  :: ripustuslenkki
hangman {n} (executioner)  :: hirttäjä, pyöveli
hangman {n} (game)  :: hirsipuu
hangman's noose {n} (knot)  :: hirttosilmukka
hangnail {n} (protruding piece of nail tissue or skin near base of fingernail or toenail)  :: kynsipiikki
hang on {v} (wait a minute)  :: odottaa
hang on {v} (to hold, grasp, or grip)  :: pitää kiinni
hang on {v} (to keep; to store something for someone)  :: säilyttää
hang on {v} (continually believe in something)  :: pitää kiinni
hang on {v} (persevere)  :: sinnitellä, purra hammasta
hang out {v} (to do nothing in particular)  :: hengailla, vetelehtiä, oleilla, lorvia, notkua, maleksia, roikkua
hang out to dry {v} (abandon someone in need)  :: jättää oman onnensa nojaan
hangover {n} /ˈhæŋoʊvɚ/ (illness caused by heavy drinking)  :: krapula, kankkunen, pohmelo, kohmelo, darra, koistinen
hangover {n} (unpleasant relic left from prior events)  :: krapula
hang up {v} (put up to hang)  :: ripustaa
hang up {v} (terminate a phone call)  :: sulkea puhelin, lopettaa puhelu, katkaista puhelu
Hangzhou {prop} (a city of China)  :: Hangzhou
hank {n} /heɪŋk/ (coil or loop)  :: vyyhti, kieppi
hank {n} (nautical: ring or shackle to secure staysail)  :: litsa, ratsastaja
hankering {n} (strong desire)  :: hinku, havittelu, kaipuu, kaipaus, halu
Hanko {prop} (town)  :: Hanko
Hannah {prop} /ˈhænə/ (mother of Samuel)  :: Hanna
Hannah {prop} (female given name)  :: Hanna
Hanover {prop} /ˈhænˌoʊvɚ/ (British royal family)  :: Hanover
Hanover {prop} (German city)  :: Hannover
Hanover {prop} (kingdom)  :: Hannover
hanse {n} (Hanseatic League) SEE: Hanseatic League  ::
Hanse {n} (German commercial league) SEE: Hanseatic League  ::
Hanseatic city {n} (member-city of the Hanseatic League)  :: hansakaupunki
Hanseatic League {prop} (former commercial and military alliance)  :: hansaliitto, hansa
Hansel {prop} (fictional character in Hansel and Gretel)  :: Hannu
Hansel and Gretel {prop} (the fairy tale)  :: Hannu ja Kerttu
Hansen's disease {n} (leprosy)  :: Hansenin tauti, lepra
Hanukkah {prop} /ˈhɑː.nə.kə/ (the Jewish festival)  :: hanukka
hanukkiah {n} (nine-branched candelabrum)  :: hanukia
Hanzi {n} (Chinese character) SEE: Chinese character  ::
hapax {n} (hapax legomenon) SEE: hapax legomenon  ::
hapax legomenon {n} /ˌhæpæks lɨˈɡɒmənɒn/ (word occurring only once)  :: hapax legomenon
haphazard {adj} /ˌhæpˈhæz.ɚd/ (random, chaotic, incomplete)  :: sattumanvarainen, satunnainen, umpimähkäinen
hapkido {n} (martial art)  :: hapkido
hapless {adj} /ˈhæplɪs/ (very unlucky; ill-fated)  :: onneton, kovaonninen, epäonninen
haplogroup {n} (group of haplotypes)  :: haploryhmä
haploid {adj} (having a single set of unpaired chromosomes)  :: haploidi
haploid {n} (haploid cell)  :: haploidi
haploidy {n} (state of being haploid)  :: haploidia
haplology {n} /hæˈplɒlədʒi/ (deleting syllables)  :: tavuheitto
haplotype {n} (group of alleles)  :: haplotyyppi
haply {adv} (perhaps) SEE: perhaps  ::
happen {v} /ˈhapən/ (to occur)  :: tapahtua, sattua, käydä
happening {adj} /ˈhæpɪnɪŋ/ (of a place: busy, lively)  :: tapahtuva
happening {adj} (of a person: trendy, up-to-the-minute)  :: muodikas, trendikäs
happening {n} (something that happens)  :: tapahtuma
happening {n} (a spontaneous or improvised event, especially one that involves audience participation)  :: improvisoitu esitys
happily {adv} /ˈhæ.pə.li/ (by good chance, fortunately)  :: onneksi
happily {adv} (in a happy manner)  :: onnellisesti
happily {adv} (willingly)  :: halukkaasti
happily ever after {adv} (happily until one's death)  :: sg. onnellisena elämänsä loppuun asti, pl. onnellisina elämänsä loppuun asti
happiness {n} /ˈhæpinɪs/ (emotion of being happy)  :: onnellisuus
happiness {n} (good luck)  :: onni
happiness {n} (agreeable feeling)  :: onnellisuus
happy {adj} /ˈhæpiː/ (contented, joyous)  :: onnellinen, iloinen, tyytyväinen
happy {adj} (fortunate, lucky)  :: hyvä, onnekas, onnellinen
happy {adj} (content (to do something); having no objection (to something))  :: halukas, suostuvainen
happy {adj} (appropriate, apt, felicitous)  :: kätevä, aulis
happy as a clam {adj} (very happy and carefree)  :: onnellinen kuin koiranpentu
happy birthday {interj} /ˈhæpi ˈbɝθ.deɪ/ (good wishes for a birthday)  :: (from colloquial to formal) onnea, paljon onnea, onneksi olkoon, hyvää syntymäpäivää
happy birthday {v} (to wish someone a happy birthday)  :: toivottaa hyvää syntymäpäivää
happy Easter {phrase} (an expression used during Easter)  :: hyvää pääsiäistä
Happy Holidays {phrase} (holiday greeting)  :: hyvää lomaa
happy hour {n} (pub discount drinking hours)  :: happy hour
happy medium {n} (balanced position)  :: kultainen keskitie
happy New Year {phrase} (Happy New Year)  :: hyvää uutta vuotta, onnellista uutta vuotta
Happy Ramadan {phrase} (An expression used during Ramadan)  :: hyvää ramadania
haptic {adj} /ˈhæptɪk/ (of or relating to the sense of touch)  :: haptinen
haptic {adj} (of or relating to haptics)  :: haptinen
haptics {n} /ˈhæptɪks/ (medicine: study of the sense of touch)  :: haptiikka
haptics {n} (computing: study of user interfaces with sense of touch)  :: haptiikka
hara-kiri {n} (ceremonial suicide by ripping open the abdomen)  :: harakiri
hara-kiri {n} (suicide)  :: harakiri
hara-kiri {n} (self-destructive act)  :: harakiri
harangue {n} /həˈɹeɪŋ/ (impassioned speech)  :: palopuhe
harangue {n} (tirade)  :: vuodatus, saarna
harangue {v} (to give a forceful lecture)  :: saarnata, paasata
harass {v} /həˈɹæs/ (to fatigue or tire)  :: väsyttää, uuvuttaa
harass {v} (to annoy; to molest)  :: kiusata, hätyyttää
harass {v} (to put excessive burdens upon)  :: vainota
harassment {n} /həˈɹæsmənt/ (persistent attacks and criticism causing worry and distress)  :: ahdistelu
harassment {n} (deliberate pestering or annoying)  :: ahdistelu, häirintä
Harbin {prop} (a sub-provincial city in northeastern China)  :: Harbin
harbinger {n} /ˈhɑɹbɪndʒəɹ/ (that which foretells the coming of something)  :: airut
harbor {n} (place of shelter)  :: turvapaikka, turvasatama
harbor {n} (for ships)  :: satama
harbor {v} (to provide safe place)  :: suojella, tarjota suojapaikka / antaa suojapaikka
harbor {v} (to hold in one's thoughts)  :: hautoa mielessään
harbor seal {n} (Phoca vitulina)  :: kirjohylje
harbour {n} (harbor) SEE: harbor  ::
harbour {n} (harbor) SEE: harbor  ::
harbour porpoise {n} (a porpoise, Phocoena phocoena)  :: pyöriäinen
hard {adj} /hɑɹd/ (resistant to pressure)  :: kova
hard {adj} (requiring a lot of effort to do or understand)  :: vaikea, kova
hard {adj} (demanding a lot of effort to endure)  :: rankka, kova
hard {adj} (severe)  :: ankara
hard {adj} (unquestionable)  :: vahva
hard {adj} (of drink: strong)  :: vahva, tiukka, väkevä
hard {adj} (of water, high in dissolved calcium compounds)  :: kova
hard {adv} (with much force or effort (related to act of think))  :: kovasti, kovaa, tiukasti
hardboard {n} (high-density chipboard)  :: kovalevy
hard Brexit {prop} (withdrawal)  :: kova Brexit
hard candy {n} (candy prepared from one or more syrups)  :: kova makeinen; kova karkki [colloquial]
hard cider {n} (beverage)  :: omenasiideri
hard copy {n} (copy)  :: paperikopio, paperituloste
hardcore {adj} (resistant to change)  :: sitkeä, peräänantamaton
hardcore {adj} (of or pertaining to pornography that depicts penetration)  :: kova
hardcore pornography {n} (hardcore pornography)  :: kova porno
hardcover {adj} (of a book: having a rigid binding)  :: kovakantinen
hard disk {n} (recording disk in a drive unit)  :: kiintolevy, kovalevy
hard disk {n} (unit and all the disks within it)  :: kiintolevy, kovalevy
hard drive {n} (device used for storing large amounts of data)  :: kiintolevy, kovalevy
hard-earned {adj} (obtained with a great deal of effort)  :: kovalla työllä ansaittu
harden {v} (become hard)  :: kovettua
harden {v} (make hard(er))  :: kovettaa
hardening {n} (process)  :: kovettuminen; kovettaminen
hardening {n} (that which hardens)  :: kovete
hard freeze {n} (freeze sufficiently long and severe to destroy seasonal vegetation)  :: ankara halla
hard hat {n} (construction helmet)  :: kypärä, työmaakypärä
hardhead {n} (practical or harheaded person)  :: kovakallo
hardhead {n} (Aythya australis)  :: australiansotka
hardhearted {adj} (lacking in compassion)  :: kovasydäminen
hardihood {n} (boldness)  :: rohkeus
hard labor {n} (forced labor) SEE: forced labor  ::
hard liquor {n} (distilled beverage with a high alcohol content)  :: väkevä alkoholijuoma
hardly {adv} /ˈhɑɹdli/ (barely, only just)  :: tuskin, töin tuskin, hädin tuskin
hard nut to crack {n} (challenging problem to solve)  :: kova pähkinä purtavaksi
hard of hearing {adj} (having difficulty hearing)  :: huonokuuloinen, kuulovikainen
hard-on {n} (rigid state of penis or clitoris) SEE: erection  ::
hard-on {n} (erection of the penis)  :: seisokki, stondis
hard palate {n} (tissue)  :: kova kitalaki
hardpan {n} (layer of soil)  :: jankko, anturamaa
hard-pressed {adj} (barely able)  :: vaikea
hard-pressed {adj} (in financial or survival difficulty)  :: vaikeudet {p} [usage: "to be hard-pressed" - olla vaikeuksissa]
hard reset {n} (factory reset) SEE: factory reset  ::
hard rock {n} (rock music genre)  :: hard rock
hard roe {n} (roe) SEE: roe  ::
hardship {n} /ˈhɑɹdˌʃɪp/ (difficulty or trouble)  :: vaikeus, vastoinkäyminen, vaiva
hard shoulder {n} (verge to the side of a highway)  :: piennar
hardtack {n} (hard biscuit)  :: laivakorppu
hard time {n} (difficulties)  :: hankaluudet {p}, vaikeudet {p}
hardware {n} /ˈhɑɹdˌwɛɹ/ (fixtures, equipment, tools and devices)  :: rakennustarvikkeet {p}
hardware {n} (equipment)  :: kalusto
hardware {n} (material part of a computer)  :: laitteisto, hardware; [slang] rauta, hardis
hardware {n} (electronic equipment)  :: laitteisto, elektroniikka
hardware {n} (metal implements)  :: rautatavara
hardware {n} (slang: firearm)  :: tykki
hardware store {n} (merchant)  :: rautakauppa
hard water {n} (water with a high concentration of dissolved minerals)  :: kova vesi
hard-won {adj} (having been obtained with effort)  :: kovalla työllä ansaittu
hard-working {adj} (tending to work with ardour) SEE: hardworking  ::
hardworking {adj} (taking their work seriously and doing it well and rapidly)  :: ahkera
hardy {adj} /ˈhɑɹdi/ (inured to fatigue or hardships)  :: kylmänkestävä, sitkeä
hare {n} /hɛɚ/ (animal)  :: jänis
harebell {n} (plant)  :: kissankello
harelip {n} (congenital malformation of the upper lip)  :: huulihalkio
harem {n} /ˈhæɹəm/ (the private part of an Arab household)  :: haaremi
harem {n} (group of women in a polygamous household)  :: haaremi
harem {n} (group of female animals (cows) herded and controlled by a male)  :: haaremi
haricot {n} (common bean) SEE: common bean  ::
hark {v} /hɑː(ɹ)k/ (To listen attentively)  :: kuunnella tarkkaavaisesti
hark back {v} (of hounds, to retrace a course in order to pick up a lost scent)  :: hakea jälki uudelleen
hark back {v} (figuratively: to return, revert or long for something past)  :: palata [to return or revert]; kaivata, ikävöidä [to long for]
harlequin {n} /ˈhɑɹləkwən/ (pantomime fool)  :: harlekiini
harlequin {adj} (brightly colored)  :: riemunkirjava
harlequin duck {n} (Histrionicus histrionicus)  :: virta-alli
harm {n} /hɑɹm/ (injury; hurt; damage)  :: vahinko
harm {n} (that which causes injury, damage, or loss)  :: vahinko, haitta
harm {v} (cause damage)  :: vahingoittaa
harmful {adj} /ˈhɑɹmfl̩/ (likely to be damaging)  :: vahingollinen
harmfully {adv} (in a harmful manner)  :: vahingollisesti
harmless {adj} /ˈhɑɹmləs/ (incapable of causing harm or danger)  :: harmiton
harmlessly {adv} (in a harmless manner)  :: harmittomasti
harmlessness {n} (the characteristic of being harmless)  :: vaarattomuus, harmittomuus
harmonic {adj} (pertaining to harmony)  :: harmoninen
harmonic {adj} (pleasant to hear)  :: harmoninen
harmonic {adj} (mathematical attribute of mathematical entities)  :: harmoninen
harmonica {n} /ˌhɑɹ.ˈmɑ.nɪ.kə/ (wind instrument)  :: huuliharppu
harmonic balancer {n} (device)  :: värinänvaimennin
harmonic mean {n} (type of average)  :: harmoninen keskiarvo
harmonic oscillator {n} (system)  :: harmoninen värähtelijä
harmonious {adj} (showing accord)  :: harmoninen, sopusointuinen, sointuva
harmonious {adj} (having components pleasingly combined)  :: harmoninen, sopusointuinen
harmonious {adj} (melodious)  :: harmoninen, sointuva
harmony {n} /ˈhɑɹməni/ (agreement or accord)  :: sopusointu, harmonia
harmony {n} (pleasing combination of elements, or arrangement of sounds)  :: sopusointu, harmonia
harmony {n} (music: the academic study of chords)  :: sointuoppi
harmony {n} (music: two or more notes played simultaneously to produce a chord)  :: sointu
harm's way {n} (place or course of danger)  :: vaara
harness {n} /ˈhɑː(ɹ).nəs/ (restraint or support)  :: valjaat {p}
harness {n} (set of wires)  :: johtosarja
harness {v} (to place a harness on something)  :: valjastaa, ottaa käyttöön
harness racing {n} (form of horse racing)  :: ravit {p} (event of racing); ravikilpailu (sport)
harness saddle {n} (harness part)  :: sila
harp {n} /hɑɹp/ (musical instrument)  :: harppu
harp {v} (to repeatedly mention a subject)  :: jankuttaa
harpist {n} /ˈhɑɹpɪst/ (Person who plays the harp)  :: harpisti
harpoon {n} /hɑːɹˈpuːn/ (spearlike weapon)  :: harppuuna
harpoon {v} (to hunt with a harpoon)  :: harppunoida
harp seal {n} (a species of seal)  :: grönlanninhylje
harpsichord {n} /ˈhɑɹp.sɪˌkɔɹd/ (musical instrument)  :: cembalo, klavesiini
harpsichordist {n} (one who plays the harpsichord)  :: cembalisti
harpy {n} /ˈhɑɹpi/ (Fabulous winged monster with the face of a woman)  :: harpyija
harpy {n} (Obnoxious, shrewish woman)  :: harppu
harpy eagle {n} (Harpia harpyja)  :: harpyija
harquebus {n} /ˈhɑɹkɨbʌs/ (obsolete matchlock firearm)  :: arkebuusi, hakapyssy
harridan {n} /ˈhɛɹ.ɪ.dən/ (vicious and scolding woman)  :: äkäpussi
harrier {n} /ˈhæɹi.ə(ɹ)/ (birds of prey)  :: suohaukka
harrow {n} /ˈhæɹoʊ/ (device)  :: äes, hara, karhi
harrow {v} (drag a harrow over)  :: äestää
harrow {v} (traumatise, frighten)  :: pelotella
harrowing {adj} /ˈhæɹəʊiŋ/ (causing pain or distress)  :: tuskallinen, tuskaisa
harsh {adj} /hɑɹʃ/ (rough)  :: karkea, kova
harsh {adj} (severe or cruel)  :: tyly, julma, kova, ankara, raaka
hart {n} /hɑɹt/ (male deer)  :: saksanhirviuros
Harvard {prop} /ˈhɑɹvəɹd/ (university)  :: Harvard
harvest {n} (autumn, fall) SEE: autumn  ::
harvest {n} /ˈhɑɹ.vɪst/ (season of gathering the ripened crop)  :: sadonkorjuuaika
harvest {n} (process of gathering the ripened crop)  :: sadonkorjuu
harvest {n} (yield of harvesting)  :: sato
harvest {n} (product or result of any exertion)  :: sato, tuotos
harvest {n} (pagan ceremony)  :: sadonkorjuujuhla
harvest {v} (to bring in a harvest; reap)  :: korjata
harvest {v} (to be occupied bringing in a harvest)  :: korjata
harvest {v} (to win, achieve a gain)  :: korjata
harvester {n} (person who gathers the harvest)  :: sadonkorjaaja
harvester {n} (machine that harvests)  :: elonkorjuukone
harvesting {n} (the gathering of a mature crop)  :: sadonkorjuu
harvestman {n} (arachnid)  :: lukki
harvest mite {n} (harvest mite)  :: samettipunkki
harvest mouse {n} (Micromys minutus)  :: vaivaishiiri
harvest mouse {n} (mouse of the genus Reithrodontomys)  :: hiirunen
harvest time {n} (harvest time)  :: sadonkorjuuaika
has-been {n} /ˈhæz.bɪn/ (person declining in popularity or effectiveness)  :: unohdettu suuruus, entinen kuuluisuus
hash {n} /ˈhæʃ/ (chopped food, especially meat and potatoes)  :: pyttipannu, hakkelus
hash {n} (confused mess)  :: sekasotku
hash {n} (the # symbol)  :: ruutu, ristikkomerkki, risuaita
hash {n} (key generated by a hash function)  :: tarkiste
hash {adj} (chopped into small pieces)  :: pilkottu
hash {v} (to chop into small pieces)  :: pilkkoa
hash {v} (to make a quick, rough version)  :: huiskia
hash {n} (clipped form of hashish)  :: hasa
Hashemite {n} (one claiming to be a direct descendent of Hashim)  :: hašemiitti
Hashemite {adj} (being or relating to descendants of Hashim)  :: hašemiittinen
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan {prop} (Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan)  :: Jordanian hašemiittinen kuningaskunta
hashish {n} (marijuana generally) SEE: cannabis  ::
hashish {n} /həˈʃiːʃ/ (dried leaves of the Indian hemp plant)  :: marihuana, hasis
hashish {n} (cannabis extract)  :: hasis
hashtag {n} /ˈhæʃˌtæɡ/ (a tag with a hash sign)  :: hästäkki, aihetunniste, hashtag
Haskalah {prop} (Jewish Enlightenment)  :: haskala
hasp {n} (a clasp)  :: salpa
hasp {v} (to shut or fasten with hasp)  :: salvata
hassium {n} (chemical element with atomic number 108)  :: hassium
hassle {n} /ˈhæsl/ (trouble, bother, unwanted annoyances or problems)  :: sählinki, sähläys
hassle {n} (fight or argument)  :: riita, kina
hassle {v} (To trouble, to bother, to annoy)  :: kiusata
hassle {v} (To pick a fight or start an argument)  :: kiusata
Hassānīya {prop} (Language)  :: hassaniyya
hassock {n} /ˈhasək/ (grass)  :: mätäs
hassock {n} (ottoman)  :: rahi, ottomaani
hasta la vista {phrase} (see you later) SEE: see you later  ::
hastate {adj} /ˈhæsteɪt/ (of or pertaining to a spear)  :: keihäs-; keihäsmäinen [resembling]
hastate {adj} (botany, of leaves: with lobes pointing outward from base)  :: keihästyvinen
haste makes waste {proverb} (being too hasty leads to wasteful mistakes)  :: ei ole hoppu hyväksi eikä kiire kunniaksi
hasten {v} /ˈheɪs.ən/ (to move in a quick fashion)  :: kiirehtää
hasten {v} (to make someone/something speed up)  :: kiirehtiä
hastily {adv} /ˈheɪstɪli/ (in a hasty manner)  :: kiireesti
hastiness {n} (characteristic of being hasty)  :: kiireisyys
hasty {adj} /ˈheɪsti/ (acting in haste; being too hurried or quick)  :: kiireinen, hätäinen, hätiköity
hat {n} /hæt/ (a head covering)  :: hattu
hatband {n} (band about a hat)  :: hattunauha
hatch {n} /hætʃ/ (horizontal door)  :: luukku
hatch {n} (opening for serving food)  :: luukku, tarjoiluluukku
hatch {n} (small door provided for access for maintenance)  :: luukku, huoltoluukku
hatch {n} (narrow passageway between the decks)  :: luukku
hatch {v} (to emerge from an egg)  :: kuoriutua
hatch {v} (of an egg, to break open)  :: aueta
hatch {v} (to incubate eggs)  :: hautoa
hatch {v} (to devise)  :: hautoa
hatch {n} (birds that emerged from eggs at a specified time)  :: haudontaerä, pesue
hatch {n} (phenomenon related to insects' mating)  :: parveilu
hatch {n} (trapdoor) SEE: trapdoor  ::
hatch {v} (to shade an area) SEE: crosshatch  ::
hatchback {n} (a car with a sloping, hinged rear door that opens upwards)  :: viistoperä
hatchet {n} (small axe)  :: kirves
hatching {n} (method of shading)  :: viivoitus
hatching {n} (group which emerge from eggs at the same time)  :: pesue [of birds], haudontaerä [of chicken in industrial production]
hatching {n} (act of egg hatching)  :: kuoriutuminen
hate {v} /heɪt/ (to dislike intensely)  :: vihata
hate {n} (hatred) SEE: hatred  ::
hate crime {n} (a crime motivated by hate)  :: viharikos
hatemonger {n} (one who encourages hatred)  :: riidankylväjä, vihanlietsoja
hater {n} /ˈheɪt̬ɚ/ (one who hates)  :: vihaaja
hate speech {n} (offensive speech)  :: vihapuhe
hatful {n} (amount)  :: hatullinen
hat in hand {adv} (with humility)  :: lakki kourassa
hatmaker {n} (someone who makes hats) SEE: hatter  ::
hat rack {n} (furniture for storing hats and clothing on)  :: hattuteline, pystynaulakko, naulakko
hatrack {n} (hat rack) SEE: hat rack  ::
hat-rack {n} (hat rack) SEE: hat rack  ::
hatred {n} /ˈheɪtɹɪd/ (strong aversion)  :: viha
hatter {n} (person who makes, sells, or repairs hats)  :: hatuntekijä
hat trick {n} (three achievements in a single game or similar)  :: hattutemppu
Hattusa {prop} (city)  :: Hattuša
haughtily {adv} (in a haughty manner)  :: kopeasti
haughtiness {n} (the property of being haughty)  :: ylimielisyys
haughty {adj} (disdainful, supercilious; in demeanour conveying the assumption of superiority)  :: mahtaileva, ylimielinen, koppava, kopea
haul {v} /hɔl/ (to transport something heavy)  :: raahata, haalata, hilata
haul {v} (to pull or draw something heavy)  :: raahata, haalata, kiskoa, laahata, hinata
haul {v} (to transport by drawing)  :: kiskoa; juontaa
haul {v} (nautical: to steer closer to the wind)  :: nostaa tuuleen, luuvata
haul {v} (nautical: of the wind, to shift fore)  :: kääntyä vastaiseen
haul {v} (figuratively: to pull)  :: vetää; hilata [little by little]
haunch {n} /hɔntʃ/ (area encompassing the upper thigh, hip and buttocks)  :: lonkka, lanne
haunch {n} (loin and leg of a quadruped, especially when used as food)  :: takaneljännes
haunt {v} /hɔːnt/ (to inhabit, or visit frequently)  :: olla [of ghosts]
haunt {v} (to make uneasy)  :: vaivata
haunt {v} (to stalk)  :: varjostaa
haunt {v} (to live habitually)  :: asustella, majailla
haunt {n} (place at which one is regularly found)  :: kantapaikka, vakiopaikka
haunt {n} (feeding place for animals)  :: ruokintapaikka
haunt {n} (ghost) SEE: ghost  ::
haunted {adj} (frequented by a ghost)  :: kummitus-
haunted {adj} (showing a feeling of being disturbed)  :: ahdistunut
haunted house {n} (house believed to be a center for supernatural occurrences)  :: kummitustalo
Hausdorff dimension {n} (type of fractal dimension)  :: Hausdorffin dimensio
haustorium {n} (root of a parasitic plant)  :: imujuuri
Havana {prop} /həˈvænə/ (capital)  :: Havanna
Havana {n} (cigar)  :: havannalainen, havannasikari
Havanan {n} (inhabitant or a resident of Havana)  :: havannalainen
have {v} /hæv/ (to possess)  :: adessive + 3rd person singular of olla; omistaa, omata
have {v} (to be related to)  :: olla
have {v} (to partake of something)  :: Normally a direct sentence would be used, but ottaa, saada in some cases
have {v} (auxiliary used in forming the perfect and the past perfect tenses)  :: olla
have {v} (must)  :: täytyä, olla pakko
have {v} (give birth to)  :: saada lapsi, synnyttää
have {v} (engage in sexual intercourse with)  :: olla
have {v} (cause to, by command or request)  :: pyytää, määrätä
have {v} (cause to be)  :: Different structure used, see: -ttaa
have {v} (be affected by an occurrence)  :: No equivalent, a direct sentence would be used.
have {v} (to depict as being)  :: Different structure used, see: mukaan
have {v} (interrogative auxiliary verb)  :: Different structure used, see: vai ( + question)
have a bone to pick {v} (have a complaint or grievance)  :: olla kana kynittävänä
have a break {v} (to have a short rest period in one's work)  :: huilata, huilia
have a bun in the oven {v} (To be pregnant; to be expecting a baby)  :: olla raskaana, olla pulla uunissa
have a crack at {v} (to attempt (something); to try to do)  :: yrittää, kokeilla
have a good one {v} (to enjoy an event)  :: pitää hyvät juhlat
have a good one {phrase} (parting phrase)  :: kiitos käynnistä [said by a service employee]
have a look {v} (examine, observe) SEE: take a look  ::
have a mind like a sieve {v} (have a poor memory)  :: olla pää kuin seula
have an affair {v} (to be having extramarital sex while married)  :: olla suhde
have a nice day {phrase} (goodbye)  :: hyvää päivänjatkoa
have another think coming {v} (be deluded)  :: erehtyä, muuttaa suunnitelmia
have a seat {v} (to sit down)  :: istuutua
have a seat {v} (polite directive)  :: istuutukaa
have a way with {v} (be skilled)  :: olla taitava jossakin
have a word {v} (speak to someone)  :: puhua
have bats in one's belfry {v} (To be crazy or eccentric)  :: olla häkää yliskamarissa [idiomatic]
have blood on one's hands {v} (be responsible for a violent act)  :: olla verta käsissään
have butterflies in one's stomach {v} (be nervous)  :: olla perhosia vatsassa, olla jännityksen poikanen vatsassa
have eyes bigger than one's belly {v} (have eyes bigger than one's stomach) SEE: have eyes bigger than one's stomach  ::
have eyes bigger than one's stomach {v} (take more food than one can eat)  :: olla isommat silmät kuin vatsa
have eyes in the back of one's head {v} (perceived ability to see)  :: silmät selässä
have eyes on {v} (observe) SEE: observe  ::
have eyes on {v} (have one's eye on) SEE: have one's eye on  ::
have fun {v} (enjoy oneself)  :: pitää hauskaa, huvitella
have fun {interj} (wish someone a good time)  :: pidä hauskaa {s}, pitäkää hauskaa {p}
have in mind {v} (consider, intend)  :: olla mielessä
have it {v} (to understand or belive)  :: kertoa, sanoa
have it {v} (to have died)  :: kuolla
have it {v} (to be beyond repair)  :: olla mennyttä
have it your way {interj} (do something the way you want to)  :: tee niinkuin haluat
have more money than God {v} (to be excessively rich)  :: olla enemmän rahaa kuin Kroisoksella, olla rahaa kuin rsntsrosvolla
haven {n} /ˈheɪvən/ (harbour)  :: suojasatama, valkama
haven {n} (refuge)  :: turvapaikka
haven {v} (to put into, or provide with a haven)  :: suojella, tarjota suojapaikka
have nots {n} (the poor or underprivileged)  :: köyhät {p}, vähäosaiset {p}
have one's cake and eat it too {v} (to seek to have two things which are mutually incompatible)  :: pitää kakku ja syödä se
have one's eye on {v} (watch) SEE: watch  ::
have one's eye on {v} (idioms meaning "to seek, pursue")  :: olla kiikarissa
have one's way {v} (to obtain the circumstances one wishes for)  :: saada tahtonsa läpi
have one's way {v} (to achieve a desired or natural result)  :: tehdä tehtävänsä
have one's way {v} (to have sexual intercourse with) SEE: have one's way with  ::
have one's way with {v} (to engage in sexual intercourse)  :: maata
haves {n} (the wealthy or privileged)  :: ne, joilla on {p}, rikkaat {p}
have second thoughts {v} (to change one's opinion)  :: tulla toisiin ajatuksiin
have sex {v} (to engage in sexual intercourse) SEE: copulate  ::
have sex {v} (take part in a sexual act)  :: harrastaa seksiä, maata jonkun kanssa
have someone's back {v} (be prepared and willing to support or defend someone)  :: olla jonkun tuki, tukea
have the foggiest {phrase} ("I haven't the foggiest": I don't know)  :: minulla ei ole harmainta aavistustakaan (I don't have the greyest idea), ei aavistustakaan (no idea)
have the painters in {v} ((euphemism) menstruate)  :: olla menkat
have to {v} /ˈhæf.tu/ (obligation)  :: täytyä, olla pakko, pitää
have to {v} (conclusion)  :: täytyä, olla pakko, pitää
having said that {conj} (that said) SEE: that said  ::
havoc {n} /ˈhæv.ək/ (devastation)  :: hävitys, tuho, vahinko
havoc {n} (mayhem)  :: kaaos, sekasorto
haw {interj} /hɔː/ (an imitation of laughter)  :: hah
haw {n} (fruit of hawthorn)  :: orapihlajanmarja
Hawaii {prop} /həˈwaɪ(j)i/ (state of the United States)  :: Havaiji
Hawaii {prop} (chain of islands)  :: Havaijisaaret {p}
Hawaii {prop} (largest of the Hawaiian Islands)  :: Hawaii
Hawaiian {adj} /hə.ˈwaɪ.ən/ (of or having to do with the Hawaiian race, culture, or language)  :: havaijilainen
Hawaiian {adj} (of or having to do with the culture of the US state of Hawaii)  :: havaijilainen
Hawaiian {adj} (of or having to do with a resident of the US state of Hawaii)  :: havaijilainen
Hawaiian {n} (a descendant of the peoples inhabiting the Hawaiian Islands prior to European contact)  :: havaijilainen
Hawaiian {n} (a resident of the US state of Hawaii)  :: havaijilainen
Hawaiian {prop} (Hawaiian language)  :: havaiji, havaijin kieli
Hawaiian goose {n} (Branta sandvicensis) SEE: nene  ::
Hawaiianness {n} (quality or state)  :: havaijilaisuus
hawfinch {n} (finch)  :: nokkavarpunen
hawk {n} /hɔk/ (predatory bird of Accipitridae)  :: haukka
hawk {n} (similar bird)  :: haukka
hawk {n} (advocate of aggressive politics)  :: haukka
hawk {n} (game theory: type of player)  :: haukka
hawk {v} (to hunt with a hawk)  :: metsästää haukalla
hawk {v} (to sell)  :: kaupustella
hawk {n} (an effort to force up phlegm)  :: rykiminen, kakominen
hawk {v} (to attempt to cough up, to clear the throat)  :: rykiä, kakistaa, kakoa
hawkbit {n} (flower of the genus Leontodon)  :: maitiainen
hawker {n} (peddler) SEE: peddler  ::
hawker {n} /ˈhɔːkə/ (dragonfly of the family Aeshnidae)  :: ukonkorento
hawk-eyed {adj} (eagle-eyed) SEE: eagle-eyed  ::
hawk moth {n} (moth of the family Sphingidae)  :: kiitäjä
hawkmoth {n} (hawk moth) SEE: hawk moth  ::
hawksbill turtle {n} (turtle species)  :: karettikilpikonna
hawkweed {n} (plant of the genus Hieracium)  :: keltano
hawsehole {n} (nautical: hole for anchor rode)  :: silmäke, klyysi
hawser {n} (cable)  :: touvi, trossi
hawthorn {n} /ˈhɔ.θɔɹn/ (type of shrub)  :: orapihlaja
hay {n} /heɪ/ (grass cut and dried for use as animal fodder)  :: heinä
hay {v} (to cut green plants for fodder)  :: tehdä heinää
haya {n} (beech) SEE: beech  ::
hay fever {n} (allergy to pollen)  :: heinänuha
hayfield {n} (field of hay)  :: heinäpelto
hayloft {n} (upper storey of a barn)  :: heinävintti
haymaking {n} (cutting and curing of grass)  :: heinänteko
hayrack {n} (vertical drying-rack)  :: haasia
hayrake {n} (rake for collecting hay)  :: haravakone
hay ride {n} (easy task)  :: huviretki, helppo homma
hayseed {n} (seeds)  :: heinänsiemen
hayseed {n} (cruft)  :: heinänsiemen
hayseed {n} (rustic person)  :: heinähattu
haystack {n} /ˈheɪˌstæk/ (a mound, pile, or stack of stored hay)  :: heinäsuova
hay wain {n} (vehicle)  :: heinäkärryt {p}
haywire {n} /ˈheɪ.waɪɚ/ (wire used to bind bales of hay)  :: paalauslanka
haywire {adj} (roughly-made, unsophisticated, decrepit)  :: karkeatekoinen
haywire {adj} (behaving erratically or uncontrollably)  :: oikutteleva
Hazara {n} (person)  :: hazara
hazard {n} (chance) SEE: chance  ::
hazard {n} /ˈhæzɚd/ (the chance of suffering harm)  :: uhka, vaara
hazard {n} (peril)  :: vaara
hazard {n} (obstacle)  :: vaara
hazard {n} (obstacle in golf)  :: este
hazardous {adj} (risky, dangerous, with the nature of a hazard)  :: vaarallinen, riskipitoinen
hazardous {adj} (exposes to loss or evil)  :: vaarallinen
hazardous {adj} (of or involving chance)  :: uskalias, sattumanvarainen
hazardous material {n} (substances, which are intrinsically dangerous)  :: vaarallinen aine
haze {n} /heɪz/ (very fine particles suspended in the air)  :: utu, usva, auer, autere
haze {n} (mental confusion)  :: sekavuus
haze {n} (degree of cloudiness in a glass or plastic)  :: himmeys
haze {n} (substance causing turbidity in beer or wine)  :: sameus
haze {v} (to perform an initiation ritual)  :: mopottaa, simputtaa
hazel {n} /ˈheɪzəl/ (tree / shrub)  :: (euroopan-) pähkinäpensas
hazel {n} (wood)  :: pähkinäpuu
hazel {n} (hazelnut) SEE: hazelnut  ::
hazel grouse {n} (bird)  :: pyy
hazelnut {n} (shrub) SEE: hazel  ::
hazelnut {n} /ˈheɪzəlnʌt/ (fruit)  :: hasselpähkinä
hazelnut milk {n} (milky liquid from hazelnuts)  :: hasselpähkinämaito
haze over {v} (become covered in haze)  :: peittyä utuun
hazing {n} /ˈheɪzɪŋ/ (humiliating initiation practices)  :: mopotus [schools]; simputus [military]
HDLC {initialism} (abbreviation used for high-level data link control)  :: HDLC
he {determiner} /hi/ (personal pronoun "he")  :: hän [both male and female]
head {n} /hɛd/ (part of the body)  :: pää
head {n} (mental aptitude or skill)  :: pää, nenä, vainu
head {n} (topmost or leading part)  :: yläosa, etuosa, kärki, keula
head {n} (leader or chief)  :: päällikkö
head {n} (headmaster, headmistress)  :: rehtori, johtajaopettaja
head {n} (foam on carbonated beverages)  :: vaahto
head {n} (end of hammer, etc.)  :: hamara
head {n} (the blunt end of a nail, etc.)  :: kanta, pää
head {n} (linguistics: morpheme that determines the category of a compound)  :: perusosa
head {adj} (foremost in rank or importance)  :: pää-
head {adj} (coming from in front)  :: vasta-
head {v} (to be in command of)  :: johtaa; komentaa [military]
head {v} (to strike with the head)  :: pukata
head {v} (to move in a specified direction)  :: suunnata, suunnistaa, lähteä johonkin
head {v} (fishing: to remove the head from a fish)  :: poistaa pää
head {v} (to originate, as a river)  :: saada alkunsa
head {v} (to fit or furnish with a head)  :: tehdä pää
head {v} (to cut off the top of)  :: katkaista
head {v} (to get in the front of, so as to hinder or stop)  :: pysäyttää
head {v} (to set on the head)  :: nostaa pystyyn
head {v} (to behead) SEE: behead  ::
headache {n} /ˈhɛdeɪk/ (pain or ache in the head)  :: päänsärky
headache {n} (nuisance or unpleasant problem)  :: päänsärky, päänvaiva
headachy {adj} (suffering from headache)  :: päänsärkyinen
headband {n} /ˈhɛdˌbænd/ (strip of fabric worn around the head)  :: otsanauha; hikinauha [in sports]
headband {n} (horseshoe-shaped hair accessory)  :: hiuspanta
headband {n} (strip of fabric attached to the top of the spine of a book)  :: kapiteelinauha
headboard {n} (a vertical panel, either plain or upholstered, attached to the head of a bed)  :: sängyn pääty
headbutt {n} /ˈhɛdbʌt/ (sharp blow)  :: pääpukkaus
headbutt {v} (to deliver a sharp blow)  :: pukata päällä
head cheese {n} (terrine) SEE: brawn  ::
head coach {n} (highest ranking coach)  :: päävalmentaja
headcount {n} (count of how many people are present)  :: luku, luvun ottaminen
headcount {n} (number of people present)  :: henkilömäärä, pääluku
head covering {n} (covering for the head)  :: päähine
headdress {n} (a decorative covering or ornament worn on the head)  :: päähine
header {n} /ˈhɛdə/ (upper portion of a page layout)  :: ylätunniste
header {n} (soccer: act of hitting the ball with the head)  :: pukkaus, pusku
header file {n} (file that is automatically included in another source file)  :: otsikkotiedosto
headfirst {adv} (headlong) SEE: headlong  ::
headforemost {adv} (headlong) SEE: headlong  ::
head game {n} (psychological intimidation)  :: henkinen painostus
headgear {n} (anything worn on the head)  :: päähine
headgear {n} (harness that fits on a horse's head)  :: päitset {p}
head honcho {n} (Person in charge)  :: kiho
headhunter {n} (savage)  :: pääkallonmetsästäjä
headhunter {n} (recruiter)  :: kykyjenmetsästäjä
heading {n} /ˈhɛdɪŋ/ (title)  :: otsikko
heading {n} (direction)  :: kulkusuunta, suunta
head in the clouds {n} (having fantastic or impractical dreams)  :: pää pilvissä
head in the clouds {n} (daydreaming)  :: pää pilvissä
headlamp {n} (headlight)  :: ajovalaisin
headlamp {n} (flashlight worn on head)  :: otsalamppu
headland {n} /ˈhɛdlənd/ (bit of coastal land that juts into the sea)  :: niemi
headland {n} (unplowed boundary of a field)  :: piennar, päiste
headlessly {adv} (in a headless way)  :: päättömästi
headlessness {n} (state of being headless)  :: päättömyys
headlight {n} (bright light in front of vehicle)  :: ajovalo
headline {n} /ˈhɛd.laɪn/ (heading or title of an article)  :: otsikko
headlong {adv} /ˈhedlɒŋ]/ (with the head first or down)  :: pää edellä, päistikkaa
headlong {adv} (with an unrestrained forward motion)  :: päätä pahkaa, päistikkaa
headlongs {adv} (headlong) SEE: headlong  ::
head louse {n} (insect)  :: päätäi
headmaster {n} /ˈhɛdˌmæstɚ/ (the most senior master in a school (male))  :: rehtori
headmistress {n} (female head teacher)  :: rehtori {f}
head off {v} (to begin moving away)  :: lähteä
head off {v} (to intercept)  :: torjua, pysäyttää, katkaista tie
head off {v} (to avoid a negative consequence)  :: välttää, estää, torjua
head office {n} (main admin centre)  :: pääkonttori
head of government {n} (chief officer of the executive branch of a government)  :: hallituksen päämies
head of state {n} (the chief public representative of a nation)  :: valtionpäämies
head-on {adj} (direct, abrupt)  :: suoraviivainen, suorasukainen
head-on {adj} (from the front)  :: nokka-, [see nokkakolari]
head-on {n} (collision from the front) SEE: head-on collision  ::
head-on collision {n} (front end collision involving two vehicles)  :: nokkakolari
head over heels {adv} (tumbling upside down)  :: päistikkaa, suin päin
head over heels {adv} (at top speed; frantically)  :: pää kolmantena jalkana
head over heels {adv} (hopelessly smitten)  :: korviaan myöten, suin päin
headphone {n} /ˈhedfoʊn/ (listening device)  :: kuulokkeet {p}
headphones {n} (pair of speakers worn over or in the ears so only the wearer can hear the sound)  :: kuulokkeet, luurit {p}
headpiece {n} (helmet) SEE: helmet  ::
headpiece {n} (something covering the head) SEE: headgear  ::
headpiece {n} (headset) SEE: headset  ::
headpiece {n} (head, brain)  :: pää
headpiece {n} (decorative page heading)  :: otsikkokoriste
headpiece {n} (headstall) SEE: headstall  ::
headquarter {v} (To provide an organization with headquarters)  :: toimia pääesikuntana, johtaa
headquarter {v} (To establish headquarters)  :: perustaa pääesikunta [military]
headquarters {n} /ˈhɛdˌkwɔɹtəz/ (the military installation)  :: päämaja, pääesikunta
headquarters {n} (center of organisation's activity)  :: pääkonttori, keskustoimisto
headquarters {n} (a place)  :: keskuspaikka
headrest {n} (part of a seat)  :: päänoja
heads {n} /hɛdz/ (side of coin)  :: kruuna
headsail {n} /ˈhɛdˌsəl/ (sail set forward of the foremost mast)  :: keulapurje
headscarf {n} (piece of material worn over the head)  :: päähuivi, pääliina, huivi
headset {n} /ˈhɛdsɛt/ (pair of headphones or earphones)  :: kuulokkeet {p}
headset {n} (electronic device worn on the head)  :: kuulokkeet {p}, lasit {p}, kypärä, panta, päähine [etc., according to the type of headgear]
headset {n} (on a bicycle, the system of bearings that connects the fork to the frame)  :: ohjainlaakeri
head shop {n} (retail outlet)  :: head shop
headshot {n} (A gunshot to the head)  :: pääosuma
head-shrinker {n} (slang: psychotherapist) SEE: shrink  ::
head-shrinker {n} (one who shrinks the heads of the dead)  :: kallonkutistaja
heads or tails {n} (heads or tails)  :: kruuna vai klaava
headstall {n} /ˈhɛdstɔːl/ (part of the bridle that fits over the horse's head)  :: niskahihna, päitset
head start {n} (an advantage in starting earlier to gain a favorable position)  :: etumatka
head start {n} (factor conducive to superiority or success)  :: varaslähtö
headstone {n} (grave marker)  :: hautakivi
headstrong {adj} (determined to do as one pleases, and not as others want)  :: sisukas, päättäväinen
head tax {n} (tax determined as uniform amount per individual) SEE: poll tax  ::
head to head {adv} (one-in-one)  :: lähekkäin, lähetysten
headwaiter {n} (main supervisory waiter)  :: hovimestari
headwear {n} (headgear) SEE: headgear  ::
headwind {n} (wind that blows directly against the course of a vessel)  :: vastatuuli
headword {n} /ˈhɛdwɝd/ (a word used as the title of a section)  :: hakusana
heal {v} /hiːl/ (make better)  :: parantaa
heal {v} (become better)  :: parantua
healer {n} /ˈhilɚ/ (person who heals)  :: parantaja
health {n} /hɛlθ/ (state of being free of physical or psychological disease, illness, or malfunction)  :: terveys
health {n} (physical condition)  :: terveys
health care {n} (prevention, treatment, and management of illnesses)  :: terveydenhoito, terveydenhuolto, sairaanhoito
healthcare {n} (health care) SEE: health care  ::
health club {n} /ˈhɛlθ ˌkləb/ (facility with exercise equipment)  :: kuntosali
health food {n} (food)  :: terveysuoka
healthful {adj} (beneficial to health)  :: terveellinen
health insurance {n} (insurance against incurring medical expenses among individuals)  :: sairausvakuutus
health product {n} (product with supposed health benefits)  :: terveysvaikutteinen tuote; terveysvaikutteinen elintarvike [food]
health service {n} (service providing health care)  :: terveyspalvelu, terveystoimi
healthy {adj} /ˈhɛl.θi/ (enjoying health and vigor of body, mind, or spirit: well)  :: terve, hyvinvoiva
healthy {adj} (conducive to health)  :: terveellinen
healthy {adj} (evincing health)  :: reilu
healthy {adj} (significant, hefty)  :: terve, kunnollinen
heap {n} /hiːp/ (crowd)  :: joukko
heap {n} (pile)  :: kasa, läjä, keko
heap {n} (great number or large quantity of things)  :: joukko, kasa, läjä
heap {n} (type of data structure)  :: keko
heap {v} (to pile in a heap)  :: kasata
heap {v} (to form or round into a heap)  :: kasata, läjittää
hear {v} /hɪə(ɹ)/ (to perceive with the ear)  :: kuulla
Heard Island and McDonald Islands {prop} (uninhabited islands of Australia)  :: Heard ja McDonaldinsaaret
hear, hear {interj} (expression of support)  :: hyvin puhuttu, hyvä puhe
hearing {adj} /ˈhɪɹ.ɪŋ/ (able to hear)  :: kuuleva
hearing {n} (sense used to perceive sound)  :: kuulo, kuuloaisti
hearing {n} (proceeding at which discussions are heard)  :: kuuleminen
hearing {n} (legal procedure done before a judge)  :: kuuleminen, kuulustelu
hearing aid {n} (hearing assistance device)  :: kuulolaite
hearing dog {n} (dog trained to assist the deaf)  :: kuulokoira
hearken {v} /ˈhɑɹkən/ (to hear with attention)  :: kuunnella, kuunnella tarkkaan
hear of {v} (become aware of)  :: kuulla
hear on the grapevine {v} (to hear rumors) SEE: hear through the grapevine  ::
hear out {v} (to listen to someone until that person has finished)  :: kuunnella, loppuun
hearsay {n} (information that was heard by one person about another)  :: juoru, kuulopuhe
hearsay {n} ((law) evidence based on the reports of others rather than on personal knowledge)  :: kuulopuhe
hearse {n} /hɜɹs/ (hind on her second year)  :: vuonelo [reindeer]
hearse {n} (bier or handbarrow for carrying the dead)  :: ruumispaarit {p}
hearse {n} (vehicle for transporting dead)  :: ruumisauto, ruumisvaunut {p}
heart {n} /hɑɹt/ (an organ)  :: sydän
heart {n} (emotions or kindness)  :: sydän
heart {n} (a shape or symbol)  :: sydän
heart {n} (a suit of cards)  :: hertta
heart {n} (centre or core)  :: sydän, ydin
heartache {n} (very sincere and difficult emotional problems or stress)  :: sydänsuru, murhe
heart attack {n} (death) SEE: death  ::
heart attack {n} (failure) SEE: failure  ::
heart attack {n} (acute myocardial infarction)  :: sydänkohtaus, sydäninfarkti
heartbeat {n} (one pulsation of the heart)  :: sydämenlyönti
heartbeat {n} (the rhythm at which a heart pulsates)  :: syke, sydämensyke
heartbeat {n} (driving impulse)  :: syke
heartbeat {n} (an instant)  :: silmänräpäys
heartbreaker {n} /hɑɹt.bɹeɪ.kɚ/ (person who causes sorrow)  :: sydäntensärkijä
heart-breaking {adj} (that causes extreme sorrow or grief)  :: sydäntäsärkevä
heartburn {n} (pain caused by stomach acid)  :: närästys
heart disease {n} (disease affecting the heart)  :: sydäntauti
hearten {v} /ˈhɑːtən/ (to give heart to, to encourage)  :: rohkaista
heartening {adj} (cheerfully encouraging)  :: rohkaiseva
heart failure {n} (chronic inability of the heart)  :: sydämen vajaatoiminta
heart failure {n} (cessation of the heartbeat; cardiac arrest)  :: sydämenpysähdys
heartfelt {adj} /ˈhɑːɹt.fɛlt/ (felt or believed deeply and sincerely)  :: sydämellinen
hearth {n} /hɑːɹθ/ (floor of fireplace)  :: tulipesän pohja
hearth {n} (recess)  :: tulipesä
hearth {n} (part of furnace)  :: pesä
hearth {n} (home or family life)  :: kotiliesi
hearth and home {n} (traditional family values)  :: kotiliesi
hear through the grapevine {v} (learn through rumors)  :: kuulla puskaradiosta
heartland {n}  :: sydänmaa, rintamaa, ydinalue
heartless {adj} (without feeling)  :: sydämetön
heartlessly {adv} (in a heartless manner)  :: sydämettömästi
heart of glass {n} (heart in a very fragile state)  :: haavoittuva mielentila
heart of stone {n} (stonehearted character)  :: kivisydän
heart rate {n} (number of heart beats per unit of time)  :: syke
heart rate monitor {n} (wearable device)  :: sykemittari
hearts {n} (plural of "heart") SEE: heart  ::
hearts {n} /hɑː(ɹ)ts/ (the card suit (♥))  :: hertta
hearts {n} (trick-taking card game)  :: hertta
heart-shaped {adj} (having the supposed shape of a heart)  :: sydämen muotoinen
heartthrob {n} (heartbeat)  :: sydämentykytys
heart valve {n} (valve in the heart)  :: sydänläppä
heart-warming {adj} (eliciting tenderness and sympathy)  :: sydäntä lämmittävä
heartwood {n} (wood)  :: sydänpuu, ydinpuu
heartworm {n} (parasitic organism)  :: sydänmato
hearty {adj} (proceeding from the heart)  :: sydämellinen
hearty {adj} (exhibiting strength)  :: vankka
hearty {adj} (rich, abundant)  :: tuhti, tukeva, runsas
heat {n} /hiːt/ (thermal energy)  :: lämpö, lämpöenergia
heat {n} (condition or quality of being hot)  :: kuumuus, lämpö
heat {n} (attribute of a spice that causes a burning sensation in the mouth)  :: tulisuus
heat {n} (period of intensity, particularly of emotion)  :: kiihko
heat {n} (undesirable amount of attention)  :: paine, painostus
heat {n} (condition where a mammal is aroused sexually or where it is especially fertile)  :: kiima, juoksuaika
heat {n} (preliminary race, used to determine the participants in a final race)  :: karsintaerä
heat {n} (one cycle of bringing metal to maximum temperature and working it until it is too cool to work further)  :: kuumennus
heat {n} (hot spell)  :: helle
heat {v} (to cause an increase in temperature of an object or space)  :: lämmittää, kuumentaa, paahtaa
heat {v} (to arouse, to excite (sexually))  :: kiihottaa
heat {n} (heating system) SEE: heating  ::
heat capacity {n} (the capability of a substance to absorb heat energy)  :: lämpökapasiteetti
heat death {n} (state of a thermodynamic system)  :: lämpökuolema
heat dump {n} (place to put waste heat)  :: lämpönielu
heated {adj} /ˈhiːtɪd/ (very agitated, angry or impassioned)  :: kiivas, kiihkeä
heat engine {n} (device for converting heat)  :: lämpökone
heater {n} /ˈhitɚ/ (device that produces and radiates heat)  :: lämmitin, patteri
heater {n} (a gun)  :: paukkurauta
heat exchanger {n} (device for transferring heat)  :: lämmönvaihdin
heath {n} /hiːθ/ (type of land)  :: nummi
heath {n} (shrub of the family Ericaceae)  :: varpu [common]; kanervakasvi [botanical]
heathen {adj} /ˈhiːðən/ (not adhering to an Abrahamic religion)  :: pakanallinen
heathen {adj} (savage)  :: pakanallinen
heathen {n} (person who does not follow an Abrahamic religion)  :: pakana
heathen {n} (uncultured or uncivilized person)  :: pakana
heathen {adj} (Heathen) SEE: Heathen  ::
heathen {n} (Heathen) SEE: Heathen  ::
Heathen {adj} (pertaining or adhering to the faith of Heathenry)  :: pakanallinen
Heathen {n} (adherent of the Germanic neo-pagan faith of Heathenry)  :: pakana
Heathenry {prop} (old Germanic religion)  :: pakanuus
Heathenry {prop} (modern reconstructed Germanic religion)  :: uuspakanuus
heather {n} /ˈhɛðɚ/ (plant)  :: kanerva
heather {n} (various species of the genus Erica)  :: kanerva
heathland {n} (heathland)  :: nummi
heating {n} /ˈhiːtɪŋ/ (system)  :: lämmitys, lämmitysjärjestelmä
heating {n} (act)  :: lämmittäminen, kuumennus
heating {adj} (causing heat)  :: lämmittävä
heating oil {n} (petroleum product used as a fuel in a heating system)  :: lämmitysöljy, löpö [slang]
heating surface {n} (surface exposed to fire in a boiler)  :: tulipinta
heat of reaction {n}  :: reaktiolämpö
heatproof {adj}  :: lämmönkestävä
heat pump {n} (device to transfer heat)  :: lämpöpumppu
heat sink {n}  :: lämpönielu
heat stroke {n} (severe hyperthermia)  :: lämpöhalvaus
heat up {v} (cause to become hotter)  :: lämmittää
heat wave {n} (heat wave) SEE: heatwave  ::
heatwave {n} (period of very hot weather)  :: helleaalto, lämpöaalto
heave in sight {v} (to appear in the distance)  :: ilmestyä horisonttin
heaven {n} /ˈhɛvən/ (sky)  :: taivas
heaven {n} (paradise)  :: taivas, paratiisi
heaven {n} (blissful place or experience)  :: taivas
Heaven {prop} (All meanings) SEE: heaven  ::
heaven helps those who help themselves {proverb} (a maxim encouraging people to attempt to solve their own problems)  :: Jumala auttaa niitä, jotka auttavat itseään
heavenly {adj} /ˈhɛvənli/ (pertaining to heaven)  :: taivaallinen
heavenly {adj} (pertaining to the kingdom of God; divine)  :: taivaallinen
heavenly {adj} (extremely beautiful or pleasurable)  :: taivaallinen
heavenly body {n} (natural celestial body)  :: taivaankappale
heavenly stem {n} (set of ten terms in East Asian cultures)  :: taivaallinen runko
heave-to {v} (to back-wind the jib and luff the main)  :: asettua piihin
heavy {adj} /ˈhɛvi/ (having great weight)  :: painava, raskas
heavy {adj} (serious)  :: vakava, painava
heavy {adj} (slang: good)  :: kova
heavy {adj} (of rate of flow: high)  :: vuolas, kova
heavy {adj} (of music: loud, distorted)  :: kova
heavy {n} (bad guy)  :: kovis, pahis
heavy cavalry {n} (military unit)  :: raskas ratsuväki
heavy-duty {adj} (designed to withstand hard usage)  :: raskas, tukeva
heavy-handed {adj} (clumsy, awkward)  :: kovakourainen, kömpelö
heavy-handed {adj} (excessive, overdone)  :: ylenpalttinen
heavy-handed {adj} (lacking subtlety or nuance)  :: karkea
heavy-handed {adj} (overbearing; pushy and coercive)  :: kovaotteinen
heavy-handed {adj} (extreme, unnecessarily forceful)  :: kovaotteinen, kovakourainen
heavy hydrogen {n} (deuterium, see also: deuterium)  :: raskas vety
heavy industry {n} (heavy industry)  :: raskas teollisuus
heavy metal {n} (type of metal)  :: raskasmetalli
heavy metal {n} (type of music)  :: heavy metal, hevi
heavy water {n} (water containing deuterium instead of normal hydrogen)  :: raskas vesi
hebdomadal {adj} (occurring once a week) SEE: weekly  ::
Hebei {prop} (province of China)  :: Hebei
hebephrenia {n} /hiːbɪˈfɹiːnɪə/ (form of schizophrenia)  :: hebefrenia
hebetude {n} /ˈhɛb.ə.tuːd/ (mental lethargy or dullness)  :: tylsämielisyys
Hebrew {adj} (Yiddish) SEE: Yiddish  ::
Hebrew {n} (Yiddish) SEE: Yiddish  ::
Hebrew {prop} (Yiddish) SEE: Yiddish  ::
Hebrew {adj} /ˈhiːbɹuː/ (pertaining to the people)  :: heprealainen
Hebrew {adj} (pertaining to the language)  :: hepreankielinen
Hebrew {n} (person)  :: heprealainen
Hebrew {prop} (language, see also: Biblical Hebrew)  :: heprea, heprean kieli
Hebrew {n} (Jew) SEE: Jew  ::
Hebrew {adj} (Jewish) SEE: Jewish  ::
Hebrew {n} (Jewish) SEE: Jewish  ::
Hebrew {prop} (Jewish) SEE: Jewish  ::
Hebrews {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Heprealaiskirje
Hebrides {prop} /ˈhɛbɹədiːz/ (group of islands)  :: Hebridit
he-cat {n} (male cat)  :: kolli, uroskissa
heck {interj} /hɛk/ (euphemism of hell)  :: hitto
heck {n} (euphemism of hell)  :: hitto
heckle {v} /ˈhɛkəl/  :: kiusata, häiritä
hectare {n} /ˈhɛktɛɹ/ (unit of surface area)  :: hehtaari
hectic {adj} (very busy with activity and confusion)  :: kuumeinen, kiihkeä, hektinen
hecticness {n} (state or quality)  :: hektisyys
hectivity {n} (state of frenzied activity)  :: hektisyys
hectivity {n} (frenetic activity)  :: hektisyys
hecto- {prefix} (hundred)  :: hehto-
hectogram {n} (100 grams)  :: hehtogramma
hectograph {n} (machine)  :: hektografi
Hector {prop} (the Trojan hero)  :: Hektor
hectosecond {n} (unit of time equal to 100 seconds)  :: hehtosekunti
hectowatt-hour {n} (a measure of energy)  :: hehtowattitunti
heddle {n} (part of a loom)  :: niisi
hederagenin {n} (compound)  :: hederageniini
hedge {n} /hɛdʒ/ (thicket of bushes planted in a row)  :: pensasaita
hedge {n} (finance: contract or arrangement reducing exposure to risk)  :: suojaus
hedge {v} (to enclose with hedge)  :: aidata
hedge {v} (to obstruct with hedge)  :: aidata
hedge {v} (finance: to offset the risk associated with)  :: suojata
hedge {v} (to avoid verbal commitment)  :: pyöritellä, tasapainoilla
hedge {v} (to construct or repair a hedge)  :: aidata [construct], korjata aita [repair]
hedge {v} (to reduce one's exposure to risk)  :: suojata
hedge fund {n} (unregistered investment fund)  :: hedge-rahasto
hedgehog {n} /ˈhɛdʒhɒɡ/ (animal)  :: siili
hedge maze {n} (outdoor garden maze)  :: pensaslabyrintti
hedgerow {n} (a row of closely planted bushes or trees forming a hedge)  :: pensasaita
hedge sparrow {n} (Prunella modularis) SEE: dunnock  ::
hedonist {n} /ˈhiːdənɪst/ (someone devoted to hedonism)  :: hedonisti
Hedwig {prop} (female given name)  :: Heta
hee-haw {n} (cry)  :: (aasin) kiljunta, (aasin) hirnunta
hee-haw {interj} /ˈhiː.hɔ̰̃ː/ (cry)  :: ihaa
heel {n} /hiːl/ (anatomy: part of the foot)  :: kanta, kantapää
heel {n} (part of shoe)  :: kanta, korko
heel {n} (rear part of a sock)  :: kantapää
heel {n} (last or lowest part of anything)  :: kanta, perä, pohja
heel {n} (end-piece of a loaf of bread)  :: kantapala, kanta, kannikka
heel {n} (base of a bun)  :: alapuoli
heel {n} (contemptible, inconsiderate or thoughtless person)  :: törppö
heel {n} (card games: cards set aside for later use)  :: pakka
heel {n} (anything regarded as like a human heel in shape)  :: kanta
heel {n} (golf: part of the face of the club head nearest the shaft)  :: kanta
heel {n} (woman's high-heeled shoe)  :: korkeakorkoinen kenkä, korkkari
heel {v} (To follow at somebody's heels)  :: olla kintereillä, olla kannoilla
heel {v} (incline)  :: kallistua
heel bone {n} (heel bone)  :: kantaluu
heels {n} /hiːlz/ (High-heeled shoes)  :: korkokengät {p}
Heffalump {n} /ˈhɛfəlʌmp/ (fictional elephant-like creature)  :: möhköfantti
hefty {adj} /ˈhɛfti/ (heavy)  :: tuhti
hefty {adj} (strong, bulky)  :: tukeva
hefty {adj} (powerfully or heavily built)  :: tanakka, vanttera
hefty {adj} (impressive, mighty)  :: mahtava
Hegelian {adj} /həˈɡeɪli.ən/ (of or pertaining to Hegel's ideas)  :: hegeliläinen
Hegelianism {n} (the system of logic and philosophy)  :: hegeliläisyys
hegemony {n} /həˈdʒɛm.ə.ni/ (domination, influence, or authority over another)  :: hegemonia
hegumen {n} (head of a monastery)  :: igumeeni
Heidelberg man {n} (extinct hominid)  :: heidelberginihminen
heifer {n} /ˈhɛfɚ/ (young cow)  :: hieho
heifer {n} (ugly or objectionable woman)  :: lehmä
height {n} /haɪt/ (distance from bottom to top)  :: korkeus
height {n} (height of a standing person or animal)  :: pituus [person], korkeus [animal], säkäkorkeus [animal to the withers]
height {n} (highest point)  :: huippu
heighten {v} (to make higher)  :: korottaa
heighten {v} (to augment, aggravate, intensify)  :: korostaa
Heilongjiang {prop} (Amur) SEE: Amur  ::
Heimlich maneuver {n} (first aid procedure used to treat choking)  :: Heimlichin ote
heinous {adj} /ˈheɪnəs/ (totally reprehensible)  :: katala, kauhea, hirvittävä
heir {n} /ɛə(ɹ)/ (one who inherits, or is designated to inherit, the property of another)  :: perillinen, perijä
heir {n} (one who inherits, or has been designated to inherit, a hereditary title or office)  :: perillinen, vallanperijä, kruununperillinen
heir {n} (successor in a role)  :: seuraaja, manttelinperijä
heir apparent {n} (someone who will definitely inherit)  :: kruununperijä, kruununperillinen
heiress {n} (a woman who stands to inherit)  :: perijätär
heirloom {n} /ˈɛəɹ.lum/ (valued possession passed down through the generations)  :: perintökalleus {n}
heirloom {n} (crop variety that has been passed down through generations)  :: perinnelajike {n}
heir presumptive {n} (one who inherits if no better choice is born)  :: kruununperijä
Heisenberg uncertainty principle {prop} (physical principle)  :: Heisenbergin epätarkkuusperiaate
heist {n} /ˈhaɪst/ (a robbery or burglary)  :: ryöstö, keikka [slang]
heist {v} (to steal, rob or hold up something)  :: ryöstää
háček {n} /ˈhɑtʃɛk]/ (háček diacritic)  :: hattu
Helen {prop} /ˈhɛlən/ (female given name)  :: Helena
Helga {prop} /ˈhɛlɡə/ (female given name)  :: Helka
helical {adj} /ˈhɛlɪkəl/ (in the shape of a helix)  :: kierteinen
heliciculture {n} (snail farming)  :: etananviljely
helicity {n} (quality of being helical)  :: kierteisyys
helicopter {n} /ˈhɛlɨˌkɑptɚ/ (aircraft)  :: helikopteri
helicopter {v} (to transport by helicopter)  :: kuljettaa helikopterilla
helicopter {v} (to travel by helicopter)  :: matkustaa helikopterilla
helicopter mom {n} (protective woman) SEE: mama bear  ::
helicopter parent {n} (overly attentive parent)  :: hanhiemo (mother)
heliocentric {adj} /ˌhiːlioʊˈsɛntɹɪk/ (having the sun at the center)  :: aurinkokeskinen, heliosentrinen
heliocentricism {n} (heliocentrism) SEE: heliocentrism  ::
heliocentrism {n}  :: aurinkokeskisyys, heliosentrismi
heliolatry {n} /ˌhi.liˈɑl.ə.tɹi/ (worship of the sun as religion)  :: auringonpalvonta
heliolatry {n} (sunbathing)  :: auringonpalvonta
heliometer {n} (astronomical instrument for measuring the diameter of the sun)  :: heliometri
helion {n} (nucleus of a helium-3 atom)  :: helium-3 atomin ydin
heliopause {n} (boundary)  :: heliopaussi
heliophile {n} (organism attracted by sunlight)  :: heliofiili
helioscope {n} (apparatus for viewing the sun)  :: helioskooppi
heliosis {n} (sunstroke)  :: helioosi
heliosphere {n} (region of space)  :: heliosfääri
heliotheism {n} (worship of the sun as a god)  :: auringonpalvonta
heliotrope {n} /ˈhiːli.əˌtɹoʊp/ (plant that turns so that it faces the sun)  :: heliotrooppi
heliotrope {n} (Heliotropium arborescens)  :: tuoksuheliotrooppi
heliotrope {n} (colour)  :: sinivioletti
heliotrope {n} (rock) SEE: bloodstone  ::
heliozoan {n} (protozoan of the order Heliozoa)  :: aurinkoeläin
heliport {n} /ˈhɛlɪˌpoɹt/ (facility for helicopters)  :: helikopterikenttä
heli-skiing {n}  :: helihiihto
helium {n} /ˈhiːli.əm/ (chemical element)  :: helium
helium flash {n} (sudden beginning of helium burn)  :: heliumleimahdus
helium fusion {n} (nuclear fusion)  :: heliumfuusio
helix {n} /ˈhiːlɪks/ (curve)  :: ruuviviiva; ruuvikierre
helix {n} (in architecture)  :: heliks
helix {n} (of the ear)  :: heliks, ylärusto
hell {prop} /hɛl/ (where sinners go)  :: helvetti
hell {n} (place of suffering in life)  :: helvetti
hell {interj} (hell!)  :: helvetti!
Helladic {adj} /həˈlædɪk/ (of or related to the Hellas civilisation)  :: helladinen
Hellas {prop} (Greek name for Greece)  :: Hellas
hellbent {adj} /ˈhɛlˌbɛnt/ (recklessly determined to do or achieve something)  :: jääräpäinen
helleborine {n} (orchid of the genus Epipactis)  :: neidonvaippa
helleborine {n} (orchid of the genus Cephalanthera)  :: valkku
Hellene {n} (a Greek, see also: Greek)  :: helleeni
Hellenic {adj} (of or relating to the ancient Greek culture and civilization)  :: helleeninen
Hellenic {adj} (of or relating to Hellas or the Hellenes)  :: helleeninen
Hellenic {prop} (language)  :: kreikka
Hellenic Republic {prop} (official name of Greece)  :: Helleenien tasavalta
Hellenisation {n} (adoption of Greek culture)  :: hellenisaatio, kreikkalaistuminen, hellenisoituminen
Hellenisation {n} (causing a culture to become Greek)  :: hellenisaatio, kreikkalaistaminen
Hellenism {n} (culture and civilization of the Hellenistic period)  :: hellenismi
Hellenism {n} (admiration for and adoption of Greek culture)  :: hellenismi
Hellenism {n} (national character or culture of Greece)  :: kreikkalaisuus
Hellenism {n} (belief in and worship of Greek gods)  :: kreikkalainen uskonto (ancient), hellenismi (neopaganist)
Hellenist {n} /ˈhɛl.ɪ.nɪst/ (specialist in the study of Greek culture or history)  :: hellenisti
Hellenist {n} (person who adopted the Greek culture during the Hellenistic period)  :: hellenisti
Hellenistic {adj} /ˈhɛl.ən.ɪs.tɪk/ (of or relating to a period of Greek history)  :: hellenistinen
Hellenistic {adj} (of or relating to a Hellenist)  :: hellenistinen
Hellenize {v} (to become Hellenistic)  :: hellenisoitua, kreikkalaistua
Hellenize {v} (to make Hellenistic)  :: hellenisoida, kreikkalaistaa
hellfire {n} (fire of hell)  :: helvetin tuli
hellfire {n} (fire caude by the Devil)  :: helvetin tuli
hellfire {n} (intensive fire)  :: pätsi
hell money {n} (joss money)  :: sieluraha, leikkiraha
hello {interj} /hɛˈloʊ̯/ (greeting)  :: terve, moi, hei, moikka
hello {interj} (when answering the telephone)  :: haloo
hello {interj} (is anyone there?)  :: huhuu?
hello {interj} (sarcastic: that was foolish)  :: haloo!
hello {interj} (expression of puzzlement)  :: oho
hell on earth {n} (very unpleasant situation)  :: maanpäällinen helvetti
hellspawn {n} (monster) SEE: monster  ::
hellspawn {n} (fiend) SEE: fiend  ::
helm {n} /hɛlm/ (steering apparatus of a ship)  :: ruori
helm {n} (maritime: member of the crew in charge of steering)  :: ruorimies
helm {n} (metaphor: position of leadership or control)  :: kippari
helmet {n} /ˈhɛlmɪt/ (protective head covering)  :: kypärä
helmeted {adj} (wearing a helmet)  :: kypäräpäinen
Helmholtz free energy {n} (measure of the useful work from a constant temperature system etc.)  :: Helmholtzin vapaa energia
Helmholtz resonator {n} (container used to attenuate a certain frequency)  :: Helmholtz-resonaattori
helmsman {n} (he who is responsible for steering a ship)  :: peränpitäjä, ruorimies, perämies
helophyte {n} /ˈhɛləfaɪt/ (plant whose buds overwinter under water)  :: helofyytti
helot {n} (serf, slave) SEE: slave  ::
helot {n} (Spartan slave)  :: helootti
help {n} /hɛlp/ (action given to provide assistance)  :: apu
help {n} (person or persons who provides assistance with some task)  :: apuri, apu
help {v} (transitive: provide assistance to (someone or something))  :: auttaa, opastaa
help {v} (contribute in some way to)  :: auttaa
help {v} (intransitive: provide assistance)  :: auttaa
help {interj} (cry of distress)  :: apua
help desk {n} (a section of an organization to help customers or users)  :: neuvonta
helpful {adj} /ˈhɛlp.fəl/ (furnishing help; giving aid; useful)  :: auttava, hyödyllinen
helping {n} (serving) SEE: serving  ::
helping hand {n} (any assistance, help or aid)  :: auttava käsi
helping verb {n} (auxiliary verb) SEE: auxiliary verb  ::
help is on the way {phrase} (help is on the way)  :: apu on tulossa
helpless {adj} /ˈhɛlplɪs/ (unable to defend oneself)  :: avuton
helpless {adj} (unable to act without help)  :: avuton
helpless {adj} (uncontrollable) SEE: uncontrollable  ::
help oneself {v} (take something freely)  :: saada ottaa, voida ottaa
help oneself {v} (to help oneself) SEE: make use  ::
Helsinki {prop} /hɛlˈsɪŋ.ki/ (the capital city of Finland)  :: Helsinki
Helsinkian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to, Helsinki)  :: helsinkiläinen
Helsinkian {n} (person)  :: helsinkiläinen
Helvetian {n} (someone from ancient country of Helvetia)  :: helvetialainen
hem {v} /hɛm/ (to make a sound like "hem")  :: hymistä
hem {n} (border of an article of clothing doubled back and stitched together)  :: päärme, palle, helma
hem {n} (rim or margin)  :: helma, lieve
hem {v} (to make a hem)  :: päärmätä, paltata
hem {v} (to put hem on an article of clothing)  :: päärmätä, paltata
hem {v} (to surround something or someone in a confining way)  :: ympäröidä
he-man {n} (virile man)  :: machomies, miehinen mies
hem and haw {v} (to contemplate rather than taking action)  :: soutaa ja huovata, jahkailla
hemangioma {n} (tumor)  :: hemangiooma, mansikkaluomi
hemangiosarcoma {n} (cancer arising from the lining of blood vessels)  :: hemangiosarkooma
hematite {n} (mineral)  :: hematiitti, verikivi, punakivi
hematocrit {n} /hɪˈmætəkɹɪt/  :: hematokriitti
hematogenesis {n} (hematopoiesis) SEE: hematopoiesis  ::
hematologic {adj} (of or relating to hematology)  :: hematologinen
hematology {n} (study of blood and related organs) SEE: haematology  ::
hematoma {n} /ˌhiməˈtoʊmə/ (swelling of blood from broken vessel)  :: verenpurkauma
hematopoiesis {n} /ˌhimətoʊ.pojˈisɪs/ (process by which blood cells are produced)  :: verenmuodostus
hematopoietic {adj} (of or pertaining to hematopoiesis)  :: hematopoieettinen
hematuria {n} (condition)  :: verivirtsaisuus
hematuric {adj} (having hematuria)  :: verivirtsainen
hemerology {n} /hɛməˈɹɒləd͡ʒi/ (study of calendars)  :: kalenterimystiikka
hem in {v} (to surround and enclose)  :: motittaa, piirittää
hemipteran {n} (of or pertaining to Hemiptera)  :: nivelkärsäinen
hemipterous {adj} (of or pertaining to Hemiptera)  :: nivelkärsäinen
hemisphere {n} /ˈhɛmɪsfɪəɹ/ (half of the celestial sphere)  :: puolipallo
hemisphere {n} (realm or domain of activity)  :: toimintapiiri
hemisphere {n} (half of the Earth)  :: pallonpuolisko
hemisphere {n} (any half-sphere)  :: puolipallo
hemisphere {n} (cartography: map or projection of a celestial or terrestrial hemisphere)  :: pallonpuolisko [terrestrial], tähtitaivas [celestial]
hemisphere {n} (lobe of cerebrum) SEE: cerebral hemisphere  ::
hemline {n} (line)  :: helmalinja
hemline {n} (height)  :: helman korkeus
hemlock {n} /ˈhɛmˌlɒk/ (tree)  :: hemlokki
hemlock {n} (poisonous plant of genus Conium)  :: katko, myrkkykatko
hemlock {n} (poisonous plant of genus Cicuta) SEE: cowbane  ::
hemochromatosis {n} /ˌhiːməʊkɹəʊməˈtəʊsɪs/ (disorder)  :: raudanvarastoitumistauti
hemoglobin {n} (the iron-containing substance in red blood cells that transports oxygen)  :: hemoglobiini, verenpuna
hemolysis {n} (destruction of red blood cell)  :: hemolyysi
hemolytic {adj} (producing hemolysis)  :: hemolyyttinen
hemorrhage {n} /ˈhɛməɹɪdʒ/ (release of blood; bleeding)  :: verenvuoto
hemorrhoid {n} /ˈhɛməɹɔɪd/ (perianal varicosity)  :: peräpukama
hemorrhoids {n} (haemorrhoids) SEE: haemorrhoids  ::
hemostasis {n} /ˌhiːmɵˈsteɪsəs/ (keeping blood inside a damaged vessel)  :: verenvuodon tyrehdyttäminen, hemostaasi
hemotoxin {n} (red blood cell impediment)  :: verimyrkky, hemotoksiini
hemovore {n} (blood-drinking animal)  :: verenimijä
hemp {n} /hɛmp/ (Cannabis sativa)  :: hamppu
hemp {n} (a coarse fibre)  :: hampputuote
hemp milk {n} (milky liquid from hemp)  :: hamppumaito
hemp-nettle {n} (any weed of the genus Galeopsis in the Lamiaceae family)  :: pillike
hen {n} /hɛn/ (female chicken)  :: kana
hen {n} (female bird)  :: kana
Henan {prop} (Chinese province)  :: Henan
henbane {n} /ˈhɛnbeɪn/ (Hyoscyamus niger)  :: hullukaali
hence {adv} /ˈhɛns/ (from here)  :: tästedes, tästä eteenpäin
hence {adv} (as a result, therefore)  :: joten, siksi
henceforth {adv} /hɛnsˈfɔɹθ/ (from now on)  :: vastedes, tästä lähin, tästedes
henchman {n} (a loyal and trusted follower or subordinate)  :: aseenkantaja
henchman {n} (a person who supports a political figure chiefly out of selfish interests)  :: aseenkantaja
henchman {n} (an assistant member of a criminal gang)  :: rikollisjengin jäsen
hen harrier {n} (bird)  :: sinisuohaukka
henhouse {n} (house for chickens to live in)  :: kanala, [really small] kanakoppi
hen night {n} (party) SEE: bachelorette party  ::
henotheism {n} /ˈhɛnəʊˌθiːɪz(ə)m/ (belief or worship)  :: henoteismi
hen party {n} (bachelorette party) SEE: bachelorette party  ::
henpeck {v} /ˈhɛn.pɛk/ (to nag persistently)  :: nalkuttaa
henpecked {adj} /ˈhɛnpɛkt/ (plagued or overwhelmed by one's wife)  :: tossun alla, tossutettu
Henrietta {prop} /hɛnˈɹiː.ɛt.ə/ (feminine form of Henry)  :: Henriikka
Henriette {prop} (female given name) SEE: Henrietta  ::
henry {n} (SI unit for electrical inductance)  :: henry
Henry {prop} /ˈhɛn.ɹi/ (given name)  :: Heikki, Henrik [historical persons]
hentai {n} (a work of anime that contains sexual art (esp. manga or anime))  :: hentai
hepatic {n} (liverwort) SEE: liverwort  ::
hepatica {n} (plant in the genus Hepatica)  :: sinivuokko
hepatitis {n} /ˌhɛpəˈtaɪ̯tɪs/ (liver inflammation)  :: hepatiitti, maksatulehdus
hepatitis A {n} (acute form of hepatitis)  :: hepatiitti A
hepatitis B {n} (acute form of hepatitis)  :: hepatiitti B
hepatitis C {n} (acute form of hepatitis)  :: hepatiitti C
hepatocarcinoma {n} (cancer of the liver) SEE: hepatoma  ::
hepatocellular carcinoma {n} (type of liver cancer)  :: maksasolukasvain
hepatocyte {n} (liver cells)  :: maksasolu
hepatoma {n} (cancer originating in the liver)  :: maksasyöpä
hepatopancreas {n} (organ of digestive tract)  :: maksahaima, hepatopancreas
Hephthalite {n} (one of a Central Asian nomadic confederation of the AD 5th-6th centuries)  :: hefthaliitti
heptane {n} (saturated aliphatic hydrocarbon: C7H16)  :: heptaani
heptanoic acid {n} (CH3(CH2)5COOH)  :: heptaanihappo
heptathlon {n} (athletic contest)  :: seitsenottelu
heptose {n} (sugar containing seven carbon atoms)  :: heptoosi
heptoxide {n} (oxide containing seven oxygen atoms)  :: heptaoksidi
her {determiner} /ɚ/ (belonging to)  :: hänen
her {pron} (she)  :: hän
Hera {prop} /ˈhiːɹæ/ (queen of the gods, wife of Zeus)  :: Hera
Heracles {prop} /ˈhɛɹəkliːz/ (the son of Zeus, see also: Hercules)  :: Herakles
herald {n} (a messenger, especially one bringing important news)  :: sanansaattaja
heraldist {n} (expert or practitioner)  :: heraldikko [expert or practitioner]; vaakunataiteilija [practitioner]
heraldry {n} /ˈhɛɹ.əl.dɹi/ (the profession of devising and blazoning arms)  :: heraldiikka, vaakunaoppi
herb {n} /ɝb/ (plant used to flavour food)  :: yrtti
herb {n} (plant used in medicine)  :: yrtti
herb {n} (slang: marijuana)  :: ruoho
herbaceous {adj} /hɝˈbeɪ.ʃəs/ (botany: not woody)  :: ruohovartinen
herbalism {n} ((obsolete) botany) SEE: botany  ::
herbalism {n} (practice or study of medicinal herbs)  :: kasvilääkintä, yrttiterapia, fytoterapia, herbalismi
herbalist {n} (person who treats diseases by herbs)  :: kasvisparantaja
herbal medicine {n} (herbalism) SEE: herbalism  ::
herbal medicine {n} (herbal drug or similar preparation)  :: yrttilääke
herbal medicine {n} (practice of using herbs to treat medical conditions)  :: yrttilääkintä
herbal tea {n} (beverage made by infusion of herbs)  :: yrttitee
herbarium {n} (collection of dried plants)  :: kasvio, herbaario
herbarium {n}  :: herbaario
herbicide {n} (substance used to kill plants)  :: kasvimyrkky
herbivore {n} /ˈhɜːɹbɪvɔːɹ/ (plant-eating organism)  :: kasvinsyöjä
herblore {n} (herbalism) SEE: herbalism  ::
Hercules {prop} /ˈhɝːkjəliːz/ (constellation)  :: Herkules
herd {n} /hɜːd/ (a number of domestic animals assembled together under the watch or ownership of a keeper)  :: lauma
herd {n} (any collection of animals gathered or travelling in a company)  :: lauma
herd {n} (a crowd, a mass of people; now usually pejorative)  :: lauma, rahvas
herd {v} (to unite or associate in a herd)  :: paimentaa
herd {v} (to associate)  :: liittyä
herd {n} (herdsman)  :: paimen
herd {v} (to act as a herdsman)  :: paimentaa
herd {v} (to form or put into a herd)  :: paimentaa
herder {n} /ˈhɜːdə/ (herder)  :: paimen
herding dog {n} (herding dog)  :: paimenkoira
herdsman {n} (a person who tends livestock, especially cows and sheep)  :: paimen
here {adv} /hɪə(ɹ)/ (in, on, or at this place)  :: täällä [the place wider or less accurately confined], tässä [smaller or more accurately confined]
here {adv} (to this place)  :: tänne [the place wider or less accurately confined], tähän [smaller or more accurately confined]
here {n} (this place)  :: tässä, täällä
hereafter {n} (existence after death) SEE: afterlife  ::
hereafter {adv} (in time to come)  :: tulevaisuudessa
hereafter {n} (future existence)  :: tulevaisuus
hereafter {adv} (from now on) SEE: from now on  ::
here and now {adv} (at this time and in this place)  :: tässä ja nyt
here and now {n} (present situation)  :: nykyhetki
here and now {n} (current state of one's own life)  :: nykytila
here and there {adv} (from time to time) SEE: from time to time  ::
here and there {adv} (in one place and another)  :: siellä täällä [in, at]; sinne tänne [to]
hereby {adv} /hɪɹˈbaɪ/ (formal phrase)  :: täten
hereditary {adj} /həˈɹɛdɪt(ə)ɹi/ (of a title, honor or right: granted to somebody's descendant after that person's death)  :: perinnöllinen
hereditary {adj} (of a person: holding a hereditary title or rank)  :: perinnöllinen, perintö-
hereditary {adj} (of a disease or trait: passed in the genes)  :: perinnöllinen
hereditary elliptocytosis {n} (inherited blood disorder)  :: perinnöllinen elliptosytoosi
Herero {n} (person)  :: herero
Herero {prop} (language)  :: herero
heresy {n} /ˈhɛɹəsi/ (dissension from religious dogma)  :: harhaoppi, vääräoppisuus, vääräuskoisuus, kerettiläisyys
heresy {n} (a controversial opinion)  :: harhaoppi, kerettiläisyys
heretic {n} /ˈhɛɹɨtɪk/ (someone who believes contrary to fundamentals)  :: harhaoppinen, kerettiläinen, toisinajattelija
heretic {adj} (heretical) SEE: heretical  ::
heretical {adj} /həˈɹɛtɪkəl/ (of or pertaining to heresy or heretics)  :: harhaoppinen, kerettiläinen, toisinajattelija
heretical {adj} (contrary to mainstream or accepted opinion)  :: harhaoppinen
heretically {adv} (in a heretical way)  :: kerettiläisesti
hereto {adv} (so far) SEE: so far  ::
heretofore {adv} /ˈhɪɹtəfɔɹ/ (up to the present time)  :: tähän asti, tähän saakka, aiemmin, ennen
here you are {phrase} (said when you hand something over)  :: ole hyvä, olkaa hyvä [formal], olkaa hyvät {p}
heritable {adj} /ˈhɛɹɪtəbəl/ (able to be inherited)  :: periytyvä
heritage {n} (property)  :: perintö
heritage {n} (tradition)  :: perinne, perimätieto, perintö
heritage {n} (birthright)  :: syntymäoikeus
Her Majesty {pron} (a title of respect when referring to a queen)  :: Hänen Majesteettinsa
Herman {prop} /ˈhɝmən/ (given name)  :: Hermanni
hermaphrodite {n} /hɝˈmæfɹədaɪt/ (individual or organism having both male and female gonads)  :: hermafrodiitti
hermaphrodite {adj} (having both male and female gonads)  :: hermafrodiitti
hermeneutics {n} (art and science of text interpretation)  :: hermeneutiikka
hermetic {adj} /hə(ɹ)ˈmɛtɪk/ (hermetically sealed)  :: hermeettinen, ilmatiivis
hermetically sealed {adj} (airtight)  :: ilmatiivis, hermeettinen
hermit {n} (A recluse; someone who lives alone and shuns human companionship)  :: erakko
hermit crab {n} (crustacean)  :: erakkorapu
hernia {n} (part of the body protruding abnormally through a tear or opening in an adjacent part)  :: tyrä
hero {n} /ˈhɪɹoʊ/ (person of great bravery)  :: sankari
hero {n} (main protagonist)  :: päähenkilö, sankari
Herod {prop} /ˈheɹəd/ (king)  :: Herodes
Herodotus {prop} /həˈɹɑːdətəs/ (ancient historian)  :: Herodotos
heroic {adj} /hɪˈɹoʊ.ɪk/ (of or relating to heroism)  :: sankarillinen, urhoollinen
heroically {adv} (in a heroic manner)  :: sankarillisesti, herooisesti
heroin {n} /ˈhɛɹoʊ.ɪn/ (powerful and addictive drug)  :: heroiini
heroine {n} (female hero)  :: sankaritar
heroization {n} (the act, or the result, of heroizing someone)  :: sankaruus [result]
heroize {v} (to make someone into a hero)  :: tehdä jostakin sankari
heroize {v} (to treat someone as if they were a hero)  :: pitää jotakin sankarina
heron {n} /ˈhɛ.ɹən/ (bird)  :: haikara
herp {n} (reptile or amphbian)  :: herppi
herpes {n} /ˈhɝ.piz/ (viral disease)  :: herpes
herpes simplex {n} (viral disease)  :: herpes simplex, herpes
herpes zoster {n} (acute viral inflammation)  :: vyöruusu
herpetofauna {n} /ˈhɜː(ɹ)pɪtəʊˌfɔːnə/ (amphibians and reptiles as a group)  :: matelijat ja sammakkoeläimet {p}
herpetology {n} /ˌhɜː.pɪ.ˈtɒ.lə.d͡ʒi/ (the branch of biology dealing with reptiles)  :: herpetologia
herrenvolk {n} (master race)  :: herrakansa
herring {n} (fish in Clupea)  :: silli, silakka
herringbone {n} /ˈhɛɹɪŋˌboʊn/ (bone of a herring)  :: sillinruoto
herringbone {n} (pattern)  :: kalanruotokuvio, kalanruoto-
herringbone {n} (method of climbing on skis)  :: haarakäynti, haaranousu
herringbone {n} (fabric)  :: kalanruotokangas
hers {pron} /ɚz/ (that which belongs to her)  :: hänen
herself {pron} /hɝˈsɛlf/ ((reflexive object) her)  :: itsensä
herself {pron} ((as intensifier) she)  :: hän ... itse
Hertha {prop} (female given name)  :: Hertta
hertz {n} /hɜː(ɹ)ts/ (the derived unit of frequency)  :: hertsi
Hertzsprung-Russell diagram {n} (plot of the absolute magnitude of stars)  :: Hertzsprungin-Russellin kaavio
Hesiod {prop} /ˈhiːsi.əd/ (Greek poet)  :: Hesiodos
hesitant {adj} (tending to hesitate)  :: epäröivä
hesitate {v} /ˈhɛzɪteɪt/ (to stop or pause respecting decision or action)  :: epäröidä, aikailla, empiä, viivytellä, vitkastella
hesitate {v} (to stammer; to falter in speaking)  :: epäröidä
hesitation {n} /hɛzɪˈteɪʃən/ (act of hesitating)  :: empiminen, epäröinti
hesitation {n} (faltering in speech)  :: takeltelu
Hesse {prop} (state)  :: Hessen
he's unconscious {phrase} (he's unconscious)  :: hän on tajuton
hetaera {n} /hɪˈtɪəɹə/ (mistress)  :: hetaira
hetero- {prefix} (other)  :: hetero-
hetero {n} (heterosexual person)  :: hetero
heteroatom {n} (non-carbon atom in a carbon structure)  :: heteroatomi
heterochromia {n} (heterochromia)  :: heterokromia, silmien erivärisyys
heterodox {adj} (of or pertaining to creeds, beliefs, or teachings that are different from the norm)  :: heterodoksinen, eriuskoinen
heterogeneity {n} (composition of diverse parts)  :: heterogeenisyys
heterogeneity {n} (diversity) SEE: diversity  ::
heterogeneous {adj} /hɛ.tə.ɹə.ˈdʒiː.niː.əs/ (diverse in kind)  :: epäyhtenäinen, sekalainen, heterogeeninen
heterogeneous {adj} (mathematics: incommensurable)  :: heterogeeninen
heterogeneous {adj} (physics: having more than one phase)  :: heterogeeninen
heterogeneous {adj} (chemistry: visibly consisting of different components)  :: heterogeeninen
heterogeneous {adj} (computing: comprising different types of computers or formats)  :: heterogeeninen
heterogenous {adj} (heterogeneous) SEE: heterogeneous  ::
heteronym {n} /ˈhɛt.ə.ɹoʊ.nɪm/ (word having the same spelling but different pronunciation)  :: heteronyymi
heteronym {n} (fictitious character writing in a different style)  :: heteronyymi
heterophoria {n} (a type of eye condition)  :: piilokarsastus
heterosexual {adj} /ˌhɛtəɹəˈsɛkʃuəl/ (sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex)  :: heteroseksuaalinen
heterosexual {n} (a heterosexual organism)  :: heteroseksuaali, hetero
heterosexualism {n} (type of discrimination)  :: heteroseksismi
heterosexuality {n} (heterosexual orientation)  :: heterous, heteroseksuaalisuus
heterosis {n} (hybrid vigour)  :: heteroosi
heterostructure {n} (type of structure)  :: heterorakenne
heterothallism {n} (botany: the condition of being heterothallic)  :: erilaissekovartisuus
heterotroph {n} /ˈhɛɾəɹəˌtɹoʊf/ (organism)  :: heterotrofi, toisenvarainen
heterotrophic {adj} (being a heterotroph)  :: toisenvarainen, heterotrofinen
heterozygote {n} (a diploid individual that has different alleles at one or more genetic loci)  :: heterotsygootti
heterozygous {adj} (Of an organism which has two different alleles of a given gene)  :: eriperintäinen, heterotsygoottinen
hetman {n} (a historical military commander in various Eastern European countries)  :: hetmani
heuristic {adj} /hjuˈɹɪstɪk/ (relating to general strategies or methods for solving problems)  :: heuristinen
heuristic {n} (heuristic method, heuristics)  :: heuristiikka
hew {v} /hjuː/ (to chop away at; to whittle down; to mow down)  :: hakata [to chop, especially wood]
hew {v} (to shape; to form)  :: muovata, muokata, muotoilla
hewer {n} (one who hews)  :: puunhakkaaja
he who laughs last laughs best {proverb} /ˈhi hu ˈlæfs ˈlæst ˈlæfs ˈbɛst/ (success is better after you've endured ridicule)  :: joka viimeksi nauraa, se parhaiten nauraa
he who laughs last laughs hardest {proverb} (he who laughs last laughs best) SEE: he who laughs last laughs best  ::
hex {v} /hɛks/ (to put a hex on)  :: kirota, loitsia, taikoa
hex {n} (an evil spell or curse)  :: taika, loitsu, kirous
hex {n} (a witch)  :: noita
hex {n} (short for hexadecimal)  :: heksa
hexa- {prefix} (prefix for 6)  :: heksa-
hexaboride {n} (any boride that has six boron atoms per molecule)  :: heksaboridi
hexabromocyclododecane {n} (brominated flame retardant)  :: heksabromosyklododekaani
hexadecane {n} (isomeric aliphatic hydrocarbon)  :: heksadekaani
hexadecimal {n} /ˌhɛksəˈdɛsɪməl/ (number system with base 16)  :: [system] heksadesimaalijärjestelmä, [number] heksadesimaaliluku
hexadecimal {adj} (expressed in hexadecimal)  :: heksadesimaalinen
hexagon {n} /ˈhɛk.sə.ɡɑn/ (A polygon with six sides and six angles)  :: kuusikulmio, heksagoni
hexagram {n} (star shape)  :: kuusikanta, heksagrammi
hexahedron {n} /hɛksəˈhiːdɹən/ (polyhedron with six faces)  :: heksaedri
hexane {n} /ˈhɛkseɪn/ (aliphatic hydrocarbon: C6H14)  :: heksaani
hexanoic acid {n} (caproic acid) SEE: caproic acid  ::
hexapod {n} (insect) SEE: insect  ::
hexapod {n} /ˈhɛk.sə.pɑd/ (organism or being with six legs)  :: kuusijalkainen
hexapod {n} (arthropod with six feet)  :: kuusijalkainen
hexatomic {adj} (having six atoms per molecule)  :: kuusiatominen
hex head wrench {n} (screwdriver)  :: kuusiokoloavain, kuusikulma-avain
hex key {n} (hex head wrench) SEE: hex head wrench  ::
hexose {n} (a sugar containing six carbon atoms)  :: heksoosi
hexoxide {n} (oxide containing six oxygen atoms)  :: heksaoksidi
hey {interj} /heɪ/ (exclamation to get attention)  :: hei
hey {interj} (protest or reprimand)  :: hei
hey {interj} (expression of surprise)  :: oh-hoh
hey {interj} (informal greeting)  :: hei, terve, moro
hey {interj} (request for repetition or explanation)  :: hei
hey {interj} (meaningless beat marker, filler syllable)  :: hei
heyday {n} /ˈheɪdeɪ/ (a period of success, popularity or power)  :: kukoistuskausi
Hezbollah {prop} (Lebanese Shia islamic organisation)  :: Hizbollah
Hezekiah {prop} /ˌhɛzəˈkaɪə/ (biblical king)  :: Hiskia
H-hour {n} (hour at which major event is set to begin)  :: h-hetki
hi {interj} /haɪ/ (friendly, informal greeting)  :: hei, moi, terve
hiatus {n} /haɪˈeɪtəs/ (gap in a series)  :: aukko
hiatus {n} (interruption, break or pause)  :: tauko, keskeytys
hiatus {n} (vacation)  :: loma
hiatus {n} (gap in geological strata)  :: aukko
hiatus {n} (anatomy: opening in an organ)  :: aukko, rako, hiatus
hiatus {n} (syllable break between two vowels)  :: hiatus
hibakusha {n} /ˌhibəˈkuʃə/ (survivor of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki)  :: hibakusha
hibernacle {n} (winter quarters)  :: talviasunto
hibernacle {n} (where animal hibernates)  :: talvipesä
hibernaculum {n} /hʌɪ.bəˈnak.juː.ləm/ (zoology: shelter for winter)  :: talvipesä
hibernaculum {n} (botany: wintering bud)  :: talvehtimissilmu, vuosiverso, turio, hibernaakkeli
hibernate {v} /ˈhaɪbəˌneɪt/ (winter sleep)  :: horrostaa
hibernation {n} (state of inactivity during winter)  :: talvihorros, horros, talviuni
hibiscus {n} /hɪˈbɪskəs/ (flower)  :: hibiskus
hiccough {n} (hiccup) SEE: hiccup  ::
hiccough {v} (hiccup) SEE: hiccup  ::
hiccup {n} /ˈhɪkəp/ (spasm of the diaphragm)  :: hikka
hiccup {n} (minor setback)  :: yskintä, takeltelu
hiccup {v} (to hiccup)  :: nikotella, hikotella
hiccups {n} /ˈhɪkəps/ (the condition of having hiccup spasms)  :: hikka
hic et nunc {adv}  :: tässä ja nyt
hick {v} (hiccup) SEE: hiccup  ::
hick {n} /hɪk/ (country yokel or hillbilly)  :: landepaukku, maalaistollo
hickey {n} /ˈhɪk.i/ (bruise-like mark)  :: fritsu
hickory {n} /ˈhɪkəɹiː/ (tree of genus Carya or Annamocarya)  :: hikkori
hickory {n} (wood of the tree)  :: hikkori
hidden {adj} /ˈhɪd(ə)n/ (that has been hidden)  :: piilotettu, kätketty
hidden agenda {n} (wish (and plan) to implement a particular idea without telling anybody)  :: ketunhäntä, juoni
hidden in plain sight {adj} (seemingly hidden)  :: piilossa keskellä pöytää
hide {v} /haɪd/ ((transitive))  :: piilottaa, kätkeä
hide {v} ((intransitive))  :: piiloutua, kätkeytyä
hide {n} (skin of an animal)  :: vuota, talja
hide {n} (covered structure for observing animals)  :: piilo
hide and go seek {n} (hide and seek) SEE: hide and seek  ::
hide and seek {n} (game)  :: kuurupiilo, piilosilla olo
hide in plain sight {v} (be unnoticeable by staying visible)  :: pysytellä poissa näkyvistä
hide one's light under a bushel {v} (conceal one's talents or positive qualities)  :: pitää kynttiläänsä vakan alla
hideous {adj} /ˈhɪd.iː.ʌs/ (extremely ugly)  :: hirveä, kauhea, inhottava, hirvittävä
hideous {adj} (distressing or offensive to the ear)  :: hirveä, kauhea, hirvittävä
hideous {adj} (hateful; shocking)  :: hirveä, kauhea, hirvittävä
hideout {n} /ˈhaɪdˌaʊt/ (A place to hide)  :: piilopaikka, piilo
hiding {n} /ˈhaɪdɪŋ/ (A beating or spanking)  :: selkäsauna
hiding place {n} (a place where something or someone may be hidden)  :: piilopaikka, piilo, kätkö
hie {v} /haɪ/ (to go in haste)  :: kiirehtiä, kiiruhtaa
hie {n} (haste)  :: kiire
hierarchical {adj} /ˌhaɪˈɹɑːɹkɪkəl/ (Pertaining to a hierarchy)  :: hierarkkinen
hierarchical {adj} (Of or pertaining to an ecclesiastic or priestly order)  :: hierarkkinen
hierarchical {adj} (Classified or arranged into successive ranks or grades)  :: hierarkkinen
hierarchy {n} /ˈhaɪə.ɹɑːɹ.kɪ/ (body of authoritative officials organised by rank)  :: hierarkia
hierarchy {n} (class of objects)  :: hierarkia
hieroglyph {n} /ˈhaɪɹəˌɡlɪf/ (element of ideographic writing system)  :: hieroglyfi
higgledy-piggledy {adj} /ˈhɪɡəldiˌpɪɡəldi/ (in disorder)  :: hujan hajan, sikin sokin
Higgs boson {n} (a hypothetical elementary particle)  :: Higgsin bosoni
Higgs particle {n} (Higgs boson) SEE: Higgs boson  ::
high {adj} /haɪ/ (elevated; tall)  :: korkea
high {adj} (slang: stoned)  :: pilvessä
high {n} (anticyclone) SEE: anticyclone  ::
high altar {n} (main altar in a church)  :: pääalttari
highball {n} (type of cocktail)  :: grogi
highball {v} (to make a high estimate)  :: yliarvioida
high bar {n} (horizontal bar) SEE: horizontal bar  ::
high-beam {n} (automobile's headlights adjusted to brighten a longer distance)  :: kaukovalot {p}; pitkät valot {p}, pitkät
highbush blueberry {n} (common species of blueberry, Vaccinium corymbosum)  :: pensasmustikka
high card {n} (lowest possible winning hand in poker)  :: hai
highchair {n} (elevated chair used for feeding babies)  :: syöttötuoli
high-class {adj} (recognized for quality)  :: korkealaatuinen, korkealuokkainen, laadukas, tasokas, korkeatasoinen
High Commission {n} (embassy of a Commonwealth country)  :: suurlähetystö
high court {n} (supreme court) SEE: supreme court  ::
high-definition television {n}  :: teräväpiirtotelevisio
high-density lipoprotein {n} (type of lipoprotein)  :: HDL-kolesteroli
high-end {adj} (most sophisticated or expensive)  :: huippu-, johtava
higher being {n} (non-human life form believed to have power over human life)  :: korkeampi voima
higher education {n} (education at university level or beyond)  :: korkeakoulutus
higher learning {n} (higher education) SEE: higher education  ::
higher power {n} (God or a god)  :: korkeampi voima
highfalutin {adj} /ˌhaɪ.fəˈlu.tɨn/ ((informal) self-important, pompous; arrogant or egotistical)  :: pöyhkeilevä
high fidelity {n} (electronic system)  :: hifi
high five {n} (gesture)  :: yläviitonen; yläfemma, ylävitonen
high five {v} (to slap high five)  :: tehdä yläviitonen
high-heeled {adj} (having tall heels)  :: korkeakorkoinen
high heels {n} (pair of shoes)  :: korkokengät, korkkarit [colloquial]
high intensity training {n}  :: tehovalmennus
high jump {n} (athletics event)  :: korkeushyppy
high jumper {n} (athlete)  :: korkeushyppääjä
highlander {n} /ˈhaɪləndəɹ/ (inhabitant of highlands)  :: ylämaalainen
Highlander {n} (highlander) SEE: highlander  ::
Highland games {n} (Scottish festivals)  :: Ylämaan kisat
high-level {adj} (taking place or existing at a high level, altitude or elevation)  :: korkea; korkean paikan [genitive of a noun]
high-level {adj} (consisting of people with high rank)  :: korkea-arvoinen; korkean tason [genitive of a noun]
high-level {adj} (programming: based on commands resembling natural language)  :: korkean tason [genitive of a noun]
high-level {adj} (of or pertaining to a person of high rank) SEE: high-ranking  ::
high-level language {n} (user-friendly programming language)  :: korkean tason kieli
high life {n} (extravagant lifestyle)  :: makea elämä
highlight {n} /ˈhaɪ.ˌlaɪt/ (strongly illuminated area in a drawing, painting, or photograph)  :: kohokohta, korostus
highlight {n} (especially significant or interesting detail or event)  :: kohokohta
highlight {v} (to make prominent)  :: korostaa, tähdentää, painottaa
highlight {v} (to be a highlight of)  :: olla jonkun kohokohta
highlight {v} (to mark with a fluorescent marker)  :: korostaa
highlighter {n} (pen for highlighting)  :: korostuskynä
Highness {n} (form of address)  :: ylhäisyys
high-octane {adj} (having a high octane number)  :: korkeaoktaaninen
high point {n}  :: kohokohta
high-priced {adj} (expensive) SEE: expensive  ::
high priest {n} (clergyman)  :: ylipappi
high-quality {adj} (of very good quality)  :: korkealaatuinen
high-ranking {adj} (at an important, elevated, or exalted level in a hierarchy or organization; high-level)  :: korkea-arvoinen
high-resolution {adj} (having a high resolution)  :: erottelukykyinen, erotuskykyinen
high-rise {n} (A tall building)  :: kerrostalo, tornitalo
high school {n} (secondary school)  :: lukio
high seas {n} (regions of ocean far from shore)  :: avomeri, ulkomeri
high season {n} (highest demand)  :: huippusesonki
high society {n} (the socially interacting wealthy fashionable elite of a society)  :: seurapiiri
high-speed {adj} (operates at greater than normal speed)  :: nopea
high-speed rail {n} (type of rail transport)  :: suurnopeusjuna
high-spirited {adj} (energetic) SEE: energetic  ::
high-sticking {n} (ice hockey: penalized action)  :: korkea maila
high street {n} (the main street of any town)  :: pääkatu
high street {n} (mainstream shops)  :: pääkadun liikkeet
high striker {n} (attraction at fairs and carnivals)  :: lyöntivoimamittari
hight {v} (call) SEE: call  ::
hight {v} /haɪt/ (be called)  :: kutsutaan
high tackle {n} (form of tackling)  :: korkea taklaus
high tech {n} (high technology) SEE: high technology  ::
high technology {n} (specialized technological application)  :: korkea teknologia
high tension {adj} (having a relatively high voltage)  :: korkeajännitteinen
high treason {n} (Criminal disloyalty to one's country)  :: maanpetos
highway {n} /ˈhaɪweɪ/ (main public road)  :: päätie, valtatie
highwayman {n} /ˈhaɪˌweɪmən/ (a person who robbed travelers on roads)  :: maantierosvo
highwire walker {n} (acrobat who practices highwire walking) SEE: tightrope walker  ::
hi-hat {n} (drum kit part)  :: hi-hat
HIIT {n} ((exercise) high intensity interval training)  :: HIIT-menetelmä
Hiiumaa {prop} (island of Estonia)  :: Hiidenmaa
hijack {v} /ˈhaɪ.dʒæk/ (to seize control of a vehicle)  :: kaapata
hijack {v} (computing: to seize control of a computer or browser)  :: kaapata
hijack {n} (instance of hijacking of a vehicle)  :: kaappaus
hijacking {n} (instance of such an act) SEE: hijack  ::
hike {n} /haɪk/ (a long walk)  :: patikkaretki
hike {n} (an abrupt increase)  :: nousu
hike {v} (to take a long walk for pleasure or exercise)  :: retkeillä, patikoida
hiker {n} /ˈhaɪkɚ/ (One who hikes, especially frequently)  :: vaeltaja
hiking {n} /ˈhaɪkɪŋ/ (walking)  :: retkeily, kävelyretki, vaellus
hilarious {adj} (very funny; causing great merriment and laughter)  :: riemastuttava, riemukas, ratkiriemukas
Hilary {prop} /ˈhɪləɹi/ (male given name)  :: Ilari
Hilbert space {n} (a space in mathematics)  :: Hilbertin avaruus
Hilda {prop} /ˈhɪldə/ (female given name)  :: Hilda
hill {n} /hɪl/ (elevated location)  :: mäki, kukkula, kumpu
hill {n} (sloping road)  :: mäki
hill {n} (heap of earth surrounding a plant)  :: multakumpu
hill {n} (baseball: pitcher's mound)  :: syöttökumpu
hillbilly {v} /ˈhɪlbɪli/ (someone who is from the hills)  :: metsäläinen
hill-fort {n} (fortification atop a hill)  :: muinaislinna, linnavuori
hillock {n} /ˈhɪl.ək/ (small hill)  :: kumpu
hillside {n} (side of a hill)  :: rinne
hilly {adj} /ˈhɪli/ (abounding in hills)  :: mäkinen, kukkulainen
hilt {n} /hɪlt/ (grip of a sword)  :: kahva
him {pron} (he) SEE: he  ::
him {pron} /əm/ (dative / indirect object)  :: häntä, hänelle, häneen, hänestä, häneksi [choice of case depends on context]
him {pron} (objective after preposition)  :: häntä, hänelle, häneen, hänestä, häneksi [choice of case depends on context]
him {pron} (accusative / direct object)  :: hänet, häntä [choice of case depends on context]
him {pron} (himself) SEE: himself  ::
Himalayan marmot {n} (marmot in the Himalayas)  :: himalajanmurmeli
Himalayan Plateau {prop} (Tibetan Plateau) SEE: Tibetan Plateau  ::
Himalayas {prop} /ˌhɪməˈleɪəz/ (a mountain range of south-central Asia)  :: Himalaja
himation {n} (ancient Greek clothing item: cloak)  :: himation
himself {pron} /hɪmˈsɛlf/ ((reflexive) male person as the previously mentioned object)  :: itsensä
himself {pron} ((emphatic, exclusive) he)  :: itse
hind {adj} /haɪnd/ (located at the rear)  :: taka-
hind {n} (female deer)  :: saksanhirvinaaras
hindbrain {n} (hindbrain)  :: ruutuaivot
hinder {v} /ˈhɪndɚ/ (to delay or impede movement)  :: estää, haitata, viivyttää, pidättää
hinder {v} (to make a task difficult)  :: estää, haitata, vaikeuttaa
hinder {adj} /ˈhaɪn.dɚ/ (of or belonging to that part in the rear)  :: taka-, perä-
hinder {n} (slang: buttocks)  :: persaus
Hindi {prop} /ˈhɪndi/ (language)  :: hindi
hind leg {n} /haɪnd.lɛɡ/ (either of two legs towards the rear)  :: takajalka
hind limb {n} (posterior limb)  :: takaraaja
hindquarter {n} (rear half of a side of an animal)  :: takaneljännes
hindquarter {n} (hind leg of a quadruped)  :: takajalka
hindquarter {n} (human behind)  :: ahteri
hindrance {n} (something which hinders)  :: este, haitta
hindsight {n} /ˈhaɪndsaɪt/ (after-the-fact realisation or understanding)  :: jälkiviisaus
hindsight {n} (the phrase "in hindsight")  :: jälkikäteen ajateltuna
hindsight is 20/20 {proverb} (in hindsight things are obvious that were not obvious from the outset)  :: jälkiviisaus on helppoa
Hindu {n} /ˈhɪnduː/ (religious adherent)  :: hindu
Hinduism {prop} /ˈhɪnduɪzəm/ (religion)  :: hindulaisuus
Hindu Kush {prop} (mountain range)  :: Hindukuš
Hindustan {prop} (India) SEE: India  ::
hind wing {n} (insect's wing closer to the tail)  :: takasiipi
hinge {n} /ˈhɪndʒ/ (device for the pivoting of a door)  :: sarana
hinge {n} (point in time, on which subsequent events depend)  :: käännekohta
hinge {v} (to attach by a hinge)  :: saranoida
hinge {v} (to depend on something)  :: riippua
hinge {n} (statistics: median of upper or lower half of a batch) SEE: quartile  ::
hinge {n} (philately: paper rectangle for affixing postage stamps) SEE: stamp hinge  ::
hinny {n} /ˈhɪ.ni/ (hybrid offspring of a male horse and a female donkey)  :: muuliaasi
hint {n} /hɪnt/ (clue)  :: vihje
hint {n} (tacit suggestion)  :: vihje
hint {n} (tiny amount)  :: hitunen, aavistus
hint {v} (express suggestively)  :: vihjata, vihjaista
hinterland {n} /ˈhɪntə(ɹ)ˌlænd/ (land immediately next to a coast)  :: sisämaa
hinterland {n} (rural territory surrounding urban area)  :: talousalue, vaikutusalue, syrjäseutu
hinterland {n} (remote or undeveloped area)  :: takamaa, peräkylä
hip {n} /hɪp/ (joint)  :: lonkka, lanne
hip {n} (the fruit of a rose)  :: ruusunmarja
hip bone {n} (bone)  :: lonkkaluu
hip flask {n} (pocket-size container for alcoholic beverages)  :: taskumatti
hip hop {n} (popular urban culture) SEE: hip-hop  ::
hip-hop {n} (urban youth culture)  :: hip-hop
hippiater {n} (veterinarian specialized in horses)  :: hippiatri, hevoslääkäri
hippie {n} /ˈhɪpi/ (1960s nonconformist)  :: hippi
hippiedom {n} /ˈhɪpiːdəm/ (state or quality)  :: hippiys
hippocampus {n} (mythological creature)  :: hippokamppi
hippocampus {n} (brain region)  :: aivoturso, hippokampus
Hippocrates {prop} /hɪˈpɒkɹəˌtiːz/ (an Ancient Greek male given name)  :: Hippokrates
Hippocratic oath {n} (oath sworn by newly-qualified physicians)  :: Hippokrateen vala
hippodrome {n} /ˈhɪpəˌdɹəʊm/ (horse racing course)  :: hippodromi; ravirata, laukkarata
hippogriff {n} (creature)  :: hevoskotka
hippopotamus {n} /ˌhɪp.əˈpɒt.ə.məs/ (large African mammal)  :: virtahepo
hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia {n} /ˌhɪ.pəˌpɒ.tə(ʊ)ˈmɒn.stɹə(ʊ)ˌsɛs.kwɪ.pɪˌdɑːl.ɪ.ə(ʊ)ˈfəʊ.bɪ.ə/ (the fear of long words)  :: pitkien sanojen pelko, hippopotomonstroseskippedaliofobia
hip replacement {n} (surgical procedure)  :: lonkan tekonivelleikkaus
hip roof {n} (roof formed from inclined, planar ends and sides, joined at their edges to form hips)  :: aumakatto
hipster {n} /ˈhɪp.stɚ/ (person interested in the latest trends)  :: hipsteri
Hiram {prop} (biblical character)  :: Hiram
hire {n} /haɪə/ (the state of being hired, or having a job; employment)  :: työsuhde, palvelus
hire {n} (a person who has been hired)  :: työntekijä
hire {v} (to obtain the services of in return for fixed payment)  :: vuokrata
hire {v} (to employ)  :: palkata, työllistää, ottaa työhön
hire {v} (to exchange the services of for remuneration)  :: palkata, teettää, vuokrata
hire {v} (to accomplish by paying for services)  :: teettää
hire {v} (to accept employment)  :: mennä töihin, palkkautua
hireling {n} /ˈhaɪɹˌlɪŋ/ (someone hired to perform unpleasant tasks)  :: renki
hireling {n} (someone who does a job purely for money)  :: palkkarenki
hire purchase {n} (method of purchasing an item)  :: osamaksu, osamaksukauppa
Hiroshima {prop} /hiːɹoʊˈʃiːmə/ (a city in Honshu, Japan)  :: Hiroshima
Hirschsprung's disease {n} (congenital aganglionic megacolon)  :: synnynnäinen jättisuoli, Hirschsprungin tauti
hirsute {adj} /hɚˈsut/ (hairy)  :: karvainen
hirudin {n} (peptide obtained from the salivary glands of leeches)  :: hirudiini
his {determiner} /ˈhɪz/ (attributive: belonging to him)  :: hänen
his {pron} (that which belongs to him)  :: hänen
Hispanize {v} (to make Spanish)  :: espanjalaistaa
hiss {n} /hɪs/ (sound made by a snake, cat, escaping steam, etc.)  :: sihinä, sähinä
hiss {n} (animal expression of disapproval)  :: sähinä
hiss {v} (to make a hissing sound)  :: sihistä, sähistä
histamine {n} /ˈhɪstəmiːn/ (an amine)  :: histamiini
histidine {n} (essential amino acid; C6H9N3O2)  :: histidiini
histology {n} (the study of the microscopic structure)  :: histologia
histopathology {n} (study of tissue)  :: histopatologia
historian {n} /hɪˈstɔɹi.ən/ (writer of history)  :: historiankirjoittaja, historioitsija
historian {n} (person who studies history)  :: historioitsija
historic {adj} (historical) SEE: historical  ::
historic {adj} /(h)ɪˈstɔːɹɪk/ (having significance in history)  :: historiallinen
historical {adj} /hɪˈstɔːɹɪkəl/ (pertaining to history)  :: historiallinen
historical linguistics {n} (the scientific study of language change)  :: kielihistoria
historiography {n} /hɪˌstɔɹiˈɑɡɹəfi/ (writing of history)  :: historiankirjoitus [writing of history], kirjoitettu historia [written history]
historiography {n} (study of the discipline and practice of history)  :: historiografia
history {n} /ˈhɪstəɹi/ (aggregate of past events)  :: historia
history {n} (branch of knowledge that studies the past)  :: historia, historiantutkimus
history {n} (set of events involving an entity)  :: historia
history {n} (record or narrative description of past events)  :: historia
history {n} (medicine: list of past and continuing medical conditions)  :: historia, potilashistoria
history {n} (computing: record of previous user events)  :: historia, käyttäjähistoria
history {n} (something that no longer exists or is no longer relevant)  :: mennyt, menneisyys
histosol {n} (soil type)  :: turvemaa
histrionic {adj} /hɪs.tɹi.ˈɑn.ɪk/ (relating to acting)  :: teatraalinen, näyttelijän; näyttelijämäinen [resembling actors or their manners]
histrionic {adj} (excessively dramatic)  :: näyttävä, huomionkipeä, teatraalinen
histrionics {n} /hɪstɹiˈɑnɪks/ (exaggerated, overemotional behaviour)  :: tunteilu, huomionkipeys
hit {v} /hɪt/ (to give a blow)  :: iskeä, lyödä
hit {v} (to kill a person on the instructions of a third party)  :: murhata, tappaa
hit {v} (to briefly visit)  :: käydä, mennä, pistäytyä
hit {v} (to begin)  :: tulla
hit {v} (to affect negatively)  :: vaikeuttaa, vahingoittaa, haitata, kärsiä
hit {adj} (blow, punch)  :: isku, lyönti
hit {adj} (success, especially in the entertainment industry)  :: hitti, menestys
hit {adj} (attack on a location)  :: isku; osuma [in Battleship]
hit {adj} (computing, Internet: positive result of a search)  :: osuma
hit {adj} ((Internet) measured visit to a web site)  :: käyntikerta
hit {adj} ((baseball) complete play, when the batter reaches base)  :: juoksu
hit {adj} (dose of an illegal or addictive drug)  :: annos, satsi; klick, töötti [of intravenal drugs]; lappu, trippi [of LSD]
hit {adj} (murder for criminal or political purposes)  :: tilausmurha
hit {v} (to hit) SEE: strike  ::
hit and run {n} (the crime of causing an accident and leaving)  :: liikennepako
hit and run {v} (hit someone with a vehicle then leave)  :: paeta onnettomuuspaikalta
hit and run {v} (join a poker game, quickly win several hands, then leave)  :: kerätä pikavoitot
hitch {n} /hɪtʃ/ (sudden pull)  :: nykäys
hitch {n} (knot)  :: sorkka
hitch {n} (connection point for trailer)  :: vetokoukku
hitch {n} (problem, delay or source of difficulty)  :: koukero
hitch {n} (a hidden or unfavorable condition or element; a catch)  :: koukku
hitch {v} (attach)  :: sitoa, kiinnittää
hitchhike {v} /ˈhɪtʃhaɪk/ (to try to get a ride in a passing vehicle while standing at the side of a road)  :: liftata
hitchhiker {n} (a person who hitchhikes)  :: peukalokyytiläinen, [slang] liftari
hi-tech {adj} (of highly advanced technology)  :: korkean teknologian (genitive of noun)
hither {adv} /ˈhɪðɚ/ (to here)  :: tänne
hither and thither {adv} (In a disorderly manner)  :: sinne tänne
hitherto {adv} /ˈhɪðɚˌtu/ (up to this time)  :: tähän mennessä, siihen mennessä, sitä ennen, aiemmin
hit home {v} (to be especially memorable)  :: mennä perille
Hitler mustache {n} /hɪt.lə(ɹ).mʌs.tæʃ/ (mustache style)  :: Hitler-viikset {p}
hitman {n} (contract killer)  :: palkkamurhaaja, ammattitappaja
hit on {v} (to approach somebody seeking love, sex, etc.)  :: iskeä
hit on {v} (to think up; to realize; to invent)  :: keksiä
hit point {n} (A unit of damage)  :: elämäpiste
hitpoint {n} (hit point) SEE: hit point  ::
hit the jackpot {v} (to receive a favorable outcome, by luck)  :: voittaa jättipotti
hit the nail on the head {v} (identify something exactly)  :: osua naulan kantaan
hit the roof {v} (To be explosively angry)  :: hypätä kattoon
hit the spot {v} (be particularly pleasing or appropriate)  :: sopia kuin valettu, tulla hyvään saumaan, olla poikaa, tehdä poikaa, tehdä eetvarttia
Hittite {n} /ˈhɪtaɪt/ (person)  :: heettiläinen, heetti
Hittite {prop} (language)  :: heetti
HIV {n} /ˌeɪtʃ.aɪˈviː/ (human immunodeficiency virus)  :: HI-virus, HIV
hive {n} (a box or basket for the reception and habitation of a swarm of honeybees) SEE: beehive  ::
hives {n} (medical condition) SEE: urticaria  ::
HIV positive {adj} (infected by the HIV virus)  :: HIV-positiivinen
Hämeenlinna {prop} (city)  :: Hämeenlinna
hmm {interj} /hm̩/ (indicating thinking or pondering)  :: hmm
Hmong {n} /h(ə)ˈmɒŋ/ (people)  :: hmongit {p}
hmph {interj} (sound of annoyance or indignation) SEE: humph  ::
hnn {interj} (indicating thinking or pondering) SEE: hmm  ::
ho {interj} /hoʊ/ (nautical: attention grabber)  :: ohoi
ho {n} (whore)  :: horo
hoard {n} /hɔɹd/ (hidden supply)  :: kätkö
hoard {n} (archeology: cache of valuable objects)  :: aarre
hoard {v} (to amass)  :: kahmia, kahmaista, hamstrata, rohmuta, ahnehtia
hoarder {n} /ˈhɔɹdɚ/ (one who hoards)  :: rohmu [pejorative], hamstraaja
hoarfrost {n} (frozen dew drops)  :: huurre
hoarse {adj} /hɔɹs/ (afflicted by a dry, quite harsh voice)  :: käheä
hoary {adj} /hɔɹ.i/ (white or gray with age)  :: harmaantunut
hoary bat {n} (Lasiurus cinereus)  :: harmaalepakko
hoary marmot {n} (Marmota caligata)  :: harmaamarmotti
hoatzin {n} /wɑːtˈsiːn/ (bird, Opisthocomus hoazin)  :: hoatsin
hoax {v} /hoʊks/ (to deceive with a hoax)  :: huijata
hoax {n} (anything deliberately intended to deceive or trick)  :: huijaus
hob {n} /hɑb/ (a cutting tool)  :: vierintäjyrsin
hob {n} (cooking surface)  :: liesi
hobber {n} /ˈhɒbə(ɹ)/ (hobbing machine)  :: vierintäjyrsin
hobbit {n} (fictional small humanoid creature)  :: hobitti
hobby {n} /ˈhɑ.bi/ (activity done for enjoyment in spare time)  :: harrastus, harraste, mieliharrastus
hobby {n} (Falco subbuteo)  :: nuolihaukka
hobby horse {n} (child's toy)  :: keppihevonen
hobbyist {n} /ˈhɑbi.ɪst/ (person who is interested in a subject or an activity as a hobby)  :: harrastaja
hobgoblin {n} (mischievous goblin)  :: menninkäinen, peikko
hobgoblin {n} (source of dread, fear or apprehension)  :: peikko
hobo {n} /ˈhəʊ.bəʊ/  :: kulkuri
Hobson-Jobson {n} /ˌhɑb.sənˈdʒɑb.sən/ (borrowed word with altered pronunciation)  :: erikoislaina
Ho Chi Minh {prop} (Ho Chi Minh City) SEE: Ho Chi Minh City  ::
Ho Chi Minh City {prop} (largest city of Vietnam)  :: Ho Chi Minhin kaupunki
hock {n} /hɑk/ (tarsal jount of a digitigrade quadruped)  :: kinner
hock {n} (meat from that part of a food animal)  :: kinner
hock {v} (leave with a pawnbroker as security)  :: kinner
hockey {n} /ˈhɒki/ (the sport)  :: jääkiekko
hockey stick {n} (instrument used in ice hockey)  :: jääkiekkomaila
hockey stick {n} (instrument used in field hockey)  :: jääkiekkomaila
hocus-pocus {interj} (a phrase used as a magical incantation)  :: hokkuspokkus
hocus-pocus {n} (act of trickery or nonsense)  :: hokkuspokkus, hölynpöly
hodgepodge {n} /ˈhɑdʒˌpɑdʒ/ (collection of miscellaneous things; a jumble)  :: sekamelska
Hodgkin's lymphoma {n} (malignant lymphoid neoplasm)  :: Hodgkinin tauti
hodja {n} (a Muslim schoolmaster)  :: opettaja
hoe {n} /hoʊ/ (agricultural tool)  :: kuokka
hoe {v} (to use the gardening tool)  :: kuokkia
hog {n} /hɑɡ/ (animal of the family Suidae)  :: sika
hog {n} (greedy person)  :: kitupiikki
hog {n} (large motorcycle)  :: harrikka [HD]
hog {v} (to greedily take more than one's share, to take precedence at the expense of another or others)  :: rohmuta, ahnehtia, ahnehtia
hogherd {n} (swineherd) SEE: swineherd  ::
hog millet {n} (proso millet) SEE: proso millet  ::
Hogwarts {prop} /ˈhɒɡ.wɔːɹts/ (fictional school for learning magic)  :: Tylypahka
hogwash {n} (nonsense)  :: pötypuhe, hölynpöly
hogweed {n} (umbelliferous plant)  :: ukonputket
Hohhot {prop} (capital of Inner Mongolia)  :: Hohhot
ho-hum {adj} (boring; not interesting or novel)  :: tylsä, mielenkiinnoton
ho-hum {interj} (interjection used to express boredom, disinterest or lack of novelty)  :: hohhoijaa
hoi polloi {n} (elite) SEE: elite  ::
hoi polloi {n} /ˌhɔɪ pəˈlɔɪ/ (the common people)  :: rahvas
hoisin sauce {n} (sauce used in Chinese cooking)  :: hoisin-kastike
hoist {v} /hɔɪst/ (transitive: to raise; to lift; to elevate)  :: nostaa
hoist {v} (transitive: to lift someone up to be flogged)  :: nostaa
hoist {v} (intransitive: to be lifted up)  :: nousta
hoist {n} (hoisting device)  :: nostolaite, nosturi
hoist {n} (perpendicular height of a flag)  :: korkeus
hoist {n} (vertical edge of a flag which is next to the staff)  :: tangonreuna
hoist {n} (height of a fore-and-aft sail, next the mast or stay)  :: etuliikki
hoist by one's own petard {adj} (be hurt by one's own plot)  :: mennä omaan ansaansa
hoity-toitily {adv} /ˌhɔɪ.tiˈtɔɪ.tɪ.li/ (in a pompous or snobbish manner)  :: koppavasti
Hokkaido {prop} (a northern largest island of Japan, or a prefecture based in itself)  :: Hokkaido, Hokkaidō
hold {v} /hoʊld/ (to grasp)  :: pitää, pidellä
hold {v} (to contain)  :: sisältää
hold {v} (to keep possession)  :: pitää, säilyttää
hold {v} (to reserve)  :: pitää, varata
hold {v} (to cause to wait)  :: pitää, pidellä, pidätellä, pitää varattuna
hold {v} (to detain)  :: pitää, pidättää
hold {v} (to maintain, to consider)  :: pitää
hold {v} (to bind to a consequence of one's actions)  :: pitää
hold {v} (to be or remain valid)  :: pysyä
hold {v} ((tennis) to win one’s service game)  :: pitää, syöttönsä
hold {n} (grasp)  :: ote
hold {n} (reserve)  :: varasto
hold {n} (wrestling grip)  :: ote, painiote
hold {n} (percentage that the house wins)  :: talon etu
hold {n} (cargo area)  :: ruuma
hold a candle {v} (be even remotely of the same quality)  :: pärjätä
holder {n} /ˈhəʊldə/ (a thing that holds)  :: pidike, teline
holder {n} (a person who possesses something)  :: haltija
holding {n} /ˈhoʊɫdɪŋ]/ (something that one owns, especially stocks and bonds)  :: omistus, omistusosuus
holding company {n} (company whose main purpose is to own shares of other companies)  :: holding-yhtiö
holding pattern {n} (path of aircraft)  :: odotuskierros
hold on {v} (wait a minute)  :: odottaa
hold on {v} (to hold, grasp, or grip)  :: pitää kiinni
hold on {v} (to keep; to store something for someone)  :: säilyttää
hold one's breath {v} (to hold one's breath)  :: pidättää hengitystään
hold one's breath {v} (to wait)  :: pidättää hengitystään
hold one's ground {v} (stand one's ground) SEE: stand one's ground  ::
hold one's head high {v} (act with pride)  :: pitää päänsä pystyssä
hold one's tongue {v} (refrain from talking about something, see also: shut up)  :: purra kieltänsä, pitää suunsa kiinni
hold the purse strings {v} (to increase or allow to increase spending)  :: pitää kukkaron nyörit tiukalla
hold true {v} (to be true or valid)  :: pitää paikkansa
hold up {v} (to wait or delay)  :: odottaa [to wait]; viivästyttää [to delay, tr.], viivästyä, olla myöhässä [to delay, intr.]
hold up {v} (to impede, detain)  :: pidätellä, viivyttää
hold up {v} (to support or lift)  :: kannatella [to support]; nostaa, kohottaa [to lift]
hold up {v} (to withstand; to stand up to; to survive)  :: kestää; läpäistä
hold up {v} (to fulfil / fulfill or complete one's part of an agreement)  :: täyttää, noudattaa
hold up {v} (to rob at gunpoint)  :: ryöstää aseella uhaten
hold up {v} (to keep up; not to fall behind; not to lose ground)  :: pitää pintansa, pysyä mukana
hold-up {n} (a robbery at gunpoint)  :: ryöstö
hold up one's end {v} (to fulfill one's promise or obligation)  :: pitää lupauksensa, pitää sanansa
hold water {v} (withstand scrutiny)  :: pitää vettä, kestää tarkastelua, olla vedenpitävä
hole {n} (pit) SEE: pit  ::
hole {n} /hoʊl/ (hollow in some surface)  :: kuoppa, kolo
hole {n} (opening in a solid)  :: reikä, aukko
hole {n} (weakness, flaw)  :: aukko
hole {n} (lack of an electron)  :: aukko
hole {n} (security vulnerability)  :: aukko
hole {n} (orifice (see anus etc. for specific body cavities))  :: reikä
hole {n} (place where a prisoner is kept)  :: pytty
hole {n} (undesirable place)  :: loukko
hole {n} (portion of a game of golf)  :: reikä
hole {v} (to make holes)  :: läpäistä, rei’ittää, tehdä reikä
hole {v} (to go into a hole)  :: mennä reikään
hole {v} (to drive into a hole)  :: ajaa koloon [animal]; lyödä reikään [ball]; panna reikään
hole {v} (to cut, dig, or bore a hole or holes)  :: aukottaa, rei’ittää
hole {v} (to destroy) SEE: destroy  ::
hole punch {n} (tool)  :: rei’ittäjä, rei’itin
hole saw {n} (tool)  :: reikäsaha
holiday {n} /ˈhɑləˌdeɪ/ (day on which a festival, etc, is traditionally observed)  :: juhlapäivä, pyhäpäivä
holiday {n} (day declared free from work by the government)  :: yleinen vapaapäivä
holiday {n} (period of one or more days taken off work by an employee for leisure)  :: loma, lomapäivä, vapaapäivä
holiday {n} (period taken off work or study for travel)  :: loma, lomapäivä, vapaapäivä
holiday {n} (unintentional gap)  :: aukko
holiday {v} (to take a period of time away from work or study)  :: lomailla
holiday {v} (to spend a period of time for travel)  :: matkustella
holidayer {n} (one who is on holiday) SEE: holiday-maker  ::
holiday-maker {n} (somebody on holiday)  :: lomailija
holiness {n} (state or condition of being holy)  :: pyhyys
holism {n} (theory or belief that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts)  :: holismi
holistic {adj} /hoʊˈlɪs.tɪk/ (related to holism)  :: holistinen
holistic {adj} (relating to an analysis of the whole instead of a separation into parts)  :: holistinen
Holland {prop} /ˈhɑlənd/ (the Netherlands, see also: Netherlands)  :: Hollanti
Hollandic {prop} (contemporary dialect)  :: hollannin murre
hollow {n} (hollow in some surface) SEE: hole  ::
hollow {adj} /ˈhɑ.loʊ/ (having an empty space inside)  :: ontto
hollow-eyed {adj} (having sunken, dark ringed eyes)  :: tyhjäkatseinen
hollowly {adv} (in a hollow manner)  :: ontosti
hollowness {n} (the state or quality of being hollow)  :: onttous
hollow out {v} (make hollow)  :: onteloida, kaivaa ontoksi ["to dig hollow", also other verbs accepted]
hollow out {v} (become hollow)  :: onteloitua, tulla ontoksi
holly {n} /ˈhɑli/ (any of various shrubs or small trees of the genus Ilex)  :: orjanlaakeri
holly blue {n} (butterfly)  :: paatsamasinisiipi
hollyhock {n} (plant)  :: salkoruusu
hollylike {adj} (resembling or characteristic of holly)  :: orjanlaakerimainen, orjanlaakerin kaltainen
Hollywood {prop} (area of Los Angeles)  :: Hollywood
Hollywood {prop} (the American motion picture industry)  :: Hollywood
holmium {n} (chemical element)  :: holmium
holm oak {n} (evergreen tree, Quercus ilex)  :: rautatammi
holocaust {n} /ˈhɑləkɔst/ (sacrifice to a god)  :: polttouhri
holocaust {n} (annihilation of a group of animals or people)  :: joukkotuho
holocaust {n} (state-sponsored mass murder of an ethnic group)  :: kansanmurha, juutalaisvaino [annihilation of Jews]
Holocaust {prop} /ˈhɑləkɔst/ (the mass murder of 6 million Jews by Nazi Germany)  :: juutalaisvaino, holokausti
Holocaust {prop} (the mass murder of 11 million people by Nazi Germany)  :: holokausti
Holocene {prop} (The Holocene epoch)  :: holoseeni, holoseenikausi
hologram {n} (three-dimensional image created by holography)  :: hologrammi
holograph {n} (hologram) SEE: hologram  ::
holograph {n} (handwritten document)  :: käsin kirjoitettu asiakirja
holography {n} (a technique for recording, and then reconstructing, the amplitude and phase distributions of a coherent wave disturbance)  :: holografia
holonym {n} (term that denotes a whole)  :: holonyymi
holotype {n} (single physical example or illustration of an organism used to describe the taxon)  :: holotyyppi
holster {n} (case for carrying a gun)  :: kotelo
holster {n} (belt with loops or slots)  :: työkaluvyö
holy {adj} /ˈhoʊli/ (dedicated to a religious purpose)  :: pyhä
holy {adj} (revered in a religion)  :: pyhä
holy {adj} (flawless)  :: pyhä
holy {adj} (separated from or set apart)  :: pyhitetty
holy {adj} (dedicated for a specific purpose)  :: pyhitetty
holy {adj} (slang intensifier)  :: pyhä
holy {n} (holy thing)  :: pyhä
Holy Alliance {prop} (coalition)  :: Pyhä allianssi
Holy Book {prop} (Holy Writ) SEE: Holy Writ  ::
Holy Bread {n} (consecrated bread used in the Eucharist)  :: ehtoollisleipä, öylätti
Holy Communion {prop} (Christian sacrament)  :: pyhä ehtoollinen
holy cross {n} (symbol)  :: pyhä risti
Holy Father {prop} (God)  :: Pyhä Isä
Holy Father {prop} (Pope)  :: pyhä isä
Holy Ghost {prop} (aspect of the Holy Trinity) SEE: Holy Spirit  ::
Holy Grail {prop} (artifact in Christian mythology)  :: Graalin malja
Holy Land {prop} (that part of Asia in which most Biblical events are set)  :: Pyhä maa
holy moley {interj} (holy smoke) SEE: holy smoke  ::
Holy of Holies {prop} (the most sacred place within a sacred building)  :: kaikkein pyhin
Holy Roller {n} (member of any Christian church characterized by ecstatic behaviour)  :: hihhuli
Holy Roller {n} (derogative: devoutly religious person)  :: hihhuli
Holy Roman Empire {prop} (state)  :: Pyhä saksalais-roomalainen keisarikunta
Holy Saturday {n} (the Saturday immediately after Good Friday)  :: lankalauantai
Holy See {prop} (episcopal see of the Roman Catholic Church)  :: Pyhä istuin
holy shit {interj} /ˈhoʊli ʃɪt/ (expression of surprise or the like)  :: jukoliste, jumalauta
holy smoke {interj} (expression of surprise)  :: voi pyhä jysäys!
Holy Spirit {prop} (Christian: aspect of the Holy Trinity)  :: Pyhä Henki
holystone {v} /ˈhoʊl.i.stoʊn/ (to scrub the decks with a holystone)  :: holistoonata
Holy Thursday {prop} (Maundy Thursday) SEE: Maundy Thursday  ::
Holy Thursday {prop} (Ascension Day) SEE: Ascension Day  ::
holy war {n} (primarily religious war)  :: pyhä sota
holy water {n} (water, sanctified)  :: vihkivesi
holy water sprinkler {n} (aspergillum) SEE: aspergillum  ::
holy water sprinkler {n} (weapon)  :: piikkinuija
Holy Wednesday {n} (day)  :: kellokeskiviikko
Holy Week {prop} (week preceding Easter)  :: hiljainen viikko
Holy Writ {n} (Bible)  :: Pyhä kirja
Holy Writ {n} (Christian sacred writings)  :: pyhät kirjoitukset
Holy Writ {n} (any sacred writings)  :: pyhät kirjoitukset
homage {n} /ˈhɑmɪdʒ/ (in feudalism, the formal oath of a vassal to his or her lord)  :: uskollisuudenvala
homage {n} (demonstration of respect)  :: kunnianosoitus
homage {n} (artistic work imitating another in a flattering style)  :: kunnianosoitus
home {n} /hoʊm/ (house or structure in which someone lives)  :: koti, [colloquial] hima, [colloquial] kotitalo
home {n} (someone’s native land)  :: kotimaa, kotiseutu
home {n} (childhood or parental home)  :: lapsuudenkoti
home {adv} (at home)  :: kotona
home {adv} (homewards)  :: kotiin
home away from home {n} (place in which one is comfortable)  :: kodikas paikka
home base {n} (baseball) SEE: home plate  ::
home base {n} (business: headquarters)  :: kotipesä
homebody {n} (person who likes to stay home)  :: kotikissa
homebrew {n} (beer)  :: kotiolut
homebrewed {adj} (homemade) SEE: homemade  ::
home care {n} (health care provided in the patient's home by healthcare professionals)  :: kotihoito
home care {n} (health care provided in the patient's home by family and friends)  :: kotihoito
home cinema {n} (theatre-quality movie system at home)  :: kotiteatteri
homecoming {n} /ˈhoʊm.ˌkʌmɪŋ/ (the act of returning home)  :: kotiinpaluu
home country {n} (the country where a person was born and raised)  :: kotimaa
homecourt {n} (the home court of a basketball team)  :: kotikenttä
Home Depot {n} (shop for everything in a particular field)  :: kodintavaratalo, tavaratalo
home economics {n} (the study of homemaking)  :: kotitalous
home field advantage {n} (sports: advantage of playing as home team)  :: kotikenttäetu
home field advantage {n} (advantage of familiarity)  :: kotikenttäetu
home front {n} (civilian sphere)  :: kotirintama
home game {n} (athletic contest played on a team's own turf)  :: kotiottelu, kotipeli
home inspection {n} (official inspection of a dwelling)  :: (asunnon) kuntotarkastus
homeland {n} (country which one regards as home)  :: kotimaa
homeland {n} (one's country of residence)  :: asuinmaa
homeland {n} (one's country of birth)  :: synnyinmaa
homeland {n} (traditional territory of an ethnic group)  :: asuinalue
homeland {n} (South Africa: area for blacks)  :: kotimaa
homeless {adj} /ˈhoʊmlɪs/ (lacking a permanent residence)  :: koditon, asunnoton
homelessness {n} (state of being homeless)  :: kodittomuus, asunnottomuus
homeless shelter {n} (building to provide shelter for homeless)  :: yömaja, asunnottomien asuntola
homeless shelter {n} (sanctuary for animals)  :: löytöeläintarha
home loan {n} (mortgage on a house)  :: asuntolaina
homemade {adj} (made at home)  :: kotitekoinen
homemade {adj} (made by oneself)  :: omatekoinen
Home Office {prop} (ministry responsible for internal affairs)  :: sisäasiainministerö
homeomorphic {adj} (having a homeomorphism)  :: homeomorfinen
homeomorphism {n} (in topology)  :: homeomorfismi
homeomorphism {n} (in chemistry)  :: homeomorfismi
homeopathic {adj} (of or pertaining to homeopathy)  :: homeopaattinen
homeopathy {n} /ˌho.mi.ˈɑ.pə.θi/ (system of treating diseases with very small amounts)  :: homeopatia
homeostasis {n} /ˌhoʊmioʊˈsteɪsɪs/ (ability to stabilize internal environment)  :: homeostaasi
homeotherm {n} (creature that maintains a stable internal body temperature) SEE: endotherm  ::
homeothermic {adj} (capable of maintaining constant body temperature)  :: tasalämpöinen
homeowner {n} (someone who owns a house)  :: asunnonomistaja
home page {n} /ˈhoʊmpeɪdʒ/ (the main or first page of a Web site)  :: etusivu
home page {n} (the Web page set to open in a Web browser when it is loaded)  :: kotisivu
home page {n} (the Web page that one first visits in any hypertext system)  :: kotisivu
home plate {n} (pentagonal rubber object)  :: kotipesä, lautanen
homer {v} /ˈhəʊmə/ (to hit a home run)  :: lyödä kunnari
homer {n} (four-base hit) SEE: home run  ::
homer {n} (homing pigeon) SEE: homing pigeon  ::
Homer {prop} /ˈhoʊməɹ/ (Ancient Greek poet)  :: Homeros
Homeric {adj} /həʊˈmɛɹɪk/ (resembling or relating to the epic poetry of Homer)  :: homeerinen
home run {n} ((baseball) four-base hit)  :: kunnari
home run {n} (portion of a journey that ends at home)  :: kotimatka
home run {n} (success)  :: menestys
home run {n} (sexual intercourse)  :: pano
home school {n} (boarding school) SEE: boarding school  ::
home school {v} (educate children at home)  :: opettaa kotona [to teach at home]
home school {n} (school within private domestic place)  :: kotikoulu
Home Secretary {n} (minister responsible for law and order)  :: sisäministeri
homesick {adj} (missing one's home or family)  :: koti-ikävä [noun, check usage at fi entry]
homesickness {n} (missing one's home or family)  :: koti-ikävä
homespun {adj} (spun at home)  :: kotikutoinen, kotona kehrätty
homespun {adj} (woven at home)  :: kotikutoinen, kotona kudottu
homespun {adj} (made from homespun fabric)  :: kotikutoinen, kotitekoinen
homespun {adj} (plain and homely)  :: kotikutoinen
homestay {n}  :: kotimajoitus
homestead {n} /ˈhoʊmˌstɛd/ (place that is one's home)  :: kotipaikka, kotitalo
home stretch {n} (final stretch of a race)  :: loppusuora, maalisuora
home stretch {n} (idiomatic: final part of a distance or effort)  :: loppusuora
homestretch {n} (final stretch of a race track) SEE: home stretch  ::
home sweet home {n} /hoʊm swiːt hoʊm/ (Nice, comfortable home)  :: oma koti kullan kallis
home team {n} (team playing in its home territory or field)  :: kotijoukkue
home theater {n} (home cinema) SEE: home cinema  ::
hometown {n} (place of birth or residence)  :: kotipaikka, kotikaupunki, kotikylä
homeward {adv} /ˈhoʊmwɚd/ (towards home)  :: kotiin, kotiin päin, kotia kohti
homeward {adj} (oriented towards home)  :: kotiin menevä
homewards {adj} (leading toward home)  :: kotiin, kotiin päin, kotia kohti
homework {n} /ˈhəʊmˌwɜːk/ (work that is done at home)  :: läksyt {p}, kotitehtävä
homework {n} (preliminary or preparatory work)  :: kotiläksyt {p}, valmistautuminen
homicide {n} /ˈhoʊməsaɪd/ (the killing of one person by another)  :: [unintentional] tappo, [premeditated] murha
homicide {n} (a person who kills another)  :: tappaja, murhaaja
homicide {n} (police jargon: a victim of homicide)  :: murhattu, surmattu, tapettu
homie {n} /ˈhəʊmi/ (a friend; somebody one often hangs out with)  :: kamu [slang]
homily {n} /ˈhɑməli/ (sermon)  :: saarna
homing pigeon {n} (domesticated rock pigeon with strong homing instinct)  :: kirjekyyhky
homo {n} /ˈhoʊ.moʊ/ (short form of homosexual)  :: homo
homo {n} (homogenized milk with butterfat)  :: homogenoitu maito
homocentric {adj} (anthropocentric) SEE: anthropocentric  ::
homoerotic {adj} (homosexual) SEE: homosexual  ::
homoerotic {adj} /ˌhoʊmoʊəˈɹɑtɪk/ (arousing homosexual desire)  :: homoeroottinen
homoerotic {adj} (pertaining homosexuality)  :: homoeroottinen
homogeneity {n} /ˌhoʊ.mə.dʒəˈniː.ə.ti/ (quality of being homogeneous)  :: homogeenisuus
homogeneous {adj} /ˌhoʊ.moʊˈdʒiː.njəs/ (of the same kind; alike, similar)  :: samanlainen, homogeeninen
homogeneous {adj} (having the same composition throughout)  :: tasa-aineinen, homogeeninen
homogenise {v} (homogenize) SEE: homogenize  ::
homogenize {v} /həˈmɑːdʒənaɪz/ (to make homogeneous)  :: sekoittaa, homogenoida
homogenize {v} (to treat milk)  :: homogenoida
homogenized milk {n} (treated milk)  :: homogenoitu maito, homogenisoitu maito
homograph {n} /ˈhɑːməɡɹæf/ (word with the same spelling but different meaning)  :: homografi
homologous {adj} (showing a degree of correspondence)  :: samankaltainen
homologous {adj} ((biology) corresponding to a similar structure in another life form)  :: homologinen
homologous {adj} ((chemistry) belonging to a series of aliphatic organic compounds)  :: homologinen
homologous {adj} ((genetics) having the same morphology as another chromosome)  :: homologinen
homology {n} (homologous relationship)  :: samankaltaisuus, homologia
homology {n} (biology: correspondence of structures in two life forms with a common evolutionary origin)  :: homologia
homology {n} (chemistry: relationship between the elements in the same group of the periodic table)  :: homologia
homology {n} (mathematics: theory associating a system of quotient groups to each topological space)  :: homologia
homology {n} (mathematics: system of quotient groups associated to a topological space)  :: homologia
homology {n} (genetics: presence of the same series of bases in related genes)  :: homologia
homomorphism {n} (notion in mathematics)  :: homomorfismi
homonym {n} /ˈhä-mə-ˌnim/ (word with the same sound or spelling but different meaning)  :: homonymia
homonymic {adj} (having the same form)  :: homonyyminen
homonymy {n} (property of being a homonym)  :: homonymia
homophobia {n} /ˌhɒ.məˈfəʊ.bi.ə/ (fear, dislike, or hate of homosexuals)  :: homofobia, homokammo [colloquial], [hatred] homoviha
homophobia {n} (obsolete: pathological fear of mankind)  :: antropofobia
homophony {n}  :: homofonia
homoscedasticity {n} /hoʊmoʊsɪdæsˈtɪsɪti/ (property of a set of random variables)  :: homoskedastisuus
homosexual {adj} /ˌhɒməʊˈsɛksjuːəl/ (sexually attracted solely or primarily to the same sex)  :: homoseksuaalinen, homo
homosexual {adj} (involving or relating to homosexuals)  :: homoseksuaalinen
homosexual {adj} (intended for or used by homosexuals)  :: homo-
homosexual {n} (person who is attracted solely or primarily to others of the same sex)  :: homoseksuaali, homoseksualisti, homo
homosexuality {n} (sexual orientation)  :: homoseksuaalisuus, homous
homothetic {adj} (math: of a type of function)  :: homoteettinen
homothetic {adj} (economics: depending on the ratio of prices)  :: homoteettinen
homotopic {adj} ((topology) such that there is an interval of maps joining one to the other)  :: homotooppinen
homozygote {n} /ˌhəʊməʊˈzaɪɡəʊt/ (a diploid individual that has equal alleles at one or more genetic loci)  :: homotsygootti
Honduras {prop} /hɑnˈdʊɹ.əs/ (a country in Central America)  :: Honduras
hone {n} /hoʊn/ (sharpening stone)  :: liippakivi
hone {n} (machine tool)  :: hoonaustyökalu
hone {v} (to sharpen with a hone)  :: liipata
hone {v} (to produce a precision bore with a hone)  :: hoonata
hone {v} (to refine or master a skill)  :: hioa
hone {v} (to make more acute, intense or effective)  :: hioa
honest {adj} /ˈɑnɪst/ (scrupulous with regard to telling the truth)  :: rehellinen
honest {adj} (of a statement: true, fair, unbiased)  :: rehellinen
honest {adj} (in good faith, without malice)  :: rehellinen
honest {adj} (of a measurement device: accurate)  :: rehellinen
honest {adj} (authentic, full)  :: rehellinen
honest {adj} (earned or acquired in a fair manner)  :: rehellinen
honestly {adv} (in an honest manner)  :: rehellisesti
honey {n} /ˈhʌni/ (sweet substance produced by bees)  :: hunaja
honey {n} (variety of honey)  :: hunaja, hunajalaatu
honey {n} (something sweet or desirable)  :: makeus
honey {n} (term of affection)  :: kulta, kultanen
honey {n} (informal: attractive woman)  :: misu
honey {n} (colour)  :: hunajankeltainen
honey {adj} (involving or resembling honey)  :: hunajainen
honey {adj} (honey-colored)  :: hunajankeltainen
honey badger {n} (Mellivora capensis)  :: mesimäyrä
honeybadger {n} (honey badger) SEE: honey badger  ::
honey bear {n} (kinkajou) SEE: kinkajou  ::
honey bear {n} (sloth bear) SEE: sloth bear  ::
honey bear {n} (sun bear) SEE: sun bear  ::
honey bee {n} (bee)  :: hunajamehiläinen, tarhamehiläinen
honeybee {n} (honey bee) SEE: honey bee  ::
honey buzzard {n} (Pernis apivorus)  :: mehiläishaukka
honeycomb {n} /ˈhʌniːkəʊm/ (structure of cells made by bees)  :: hunajakenno, kenno
honeycomb {n} (any similar structure)  :: kennosto
honeycomb {n} (voids left in concrete)  :: huokoset {p}
honeycomb {n} (aviation: light material)  :: kennosto
honeycomb {n} (solar cell surface texture)  :: kennosto
honeycombed {adj} (having a perforated structure, resembling a honeycomb)  :: kennomainen
honeycomb stomach {n} (reticulum) SEE: reticulum  ::
honey dipper {n} (kitchen tool)  :: hunajalusikka
honey drizzler {n} (kitchen tool)  :: hunajalusikka
honey fungus {n} (mushroom of the genus Armillaria)  :: mesisieni
honeymoon {n} /ˈhʌn.iˌmun/ (period of time immediately following a marriage)  :: kuherruskuukausi
honeymoon {n} (trip taken by a newly wed married couple)  :: häämatka
honeymoon {n} (period of unusually good feelings)  :: kuherruskuukausi
honeysuckle {n} /ˈhʌniːsʌkəl/ (plant)  :: kuusama
hong bao {n} (red envelope) SEE: red envelope  ::
Hong Kong {prop} (coastal administrative region in south-east China)  :: Hongkong, Xianggang
Hong Kong dollar {n} (currency of Hong Kong)  :: Hongkongin dollari
Hong Kong Island {prop} (island east of the Pearl River)  :: Hongkongin saari
Honiara {prop} /ˌhəʊnɪˈɑːɹə/ (the capital of the Solomon Islands)  :: Honiara
honk {v} /hɒŋk/ (to use a car horn)  :: töötätä, soittaa torvea
honk {v} (to honk like a goose)  :: toitottaa
honk {n} (the sound produced by a typical car horn)  :: tööttäys
honk {n} (the cry of a goose)  :: toitotus
Honolulu {prop} /ˌhɒn.ə.ˈluː.luː/ (the capital of Hawaii)  :: Honolulu
honor {n} /ˈɑː.nɚ/ (recognition of importance or spiritual value; respect)  :: kunnia, kunnioitus
honor {n} (favourable reputation; dignity; sense of self-worth)  :: kunnia, kunnioitus, arvostus [favorable reputation], arvokkuus [dignity], itsekunnioitus [sense of self-worth]
honor {n} (excellence of character, high moral worth, virtue)  :: kunnia
honor {n} (token of praise or respect)  :: kunniamerkki, kunniakirja
honor {n} (privilege)  :: kunnia
honor {n} (cause of respect and fame)  :: kunnia
honor {n} (feudal law: seigniory or lordship held of the king)  :: kuninkaankartano
honor {n} (heraldry: centre point of the upper half of a coat of arms)  :: lakipiste
honor {n} (card games: one of the most valuable cards)  :: arvokortti
honor {n} (golf: right to play one's ball before one's opponent)  :: honööri
honor {n} (university qualification of the highest rank)  :: oivallisesti [with honours]
honor {v} (think of, respect highly)  :: kunnioittaa
honor {v} (confer honour on)  :: kunnioittaa
honorable {adj} /ˈɒnəɹəbl/ (worthy of respect)  :: kunnioitettava, kunnianarvoisa
honorable mention {n} (award or recognition)  :: kunniamaininta
honorarium {n} (compensation for services)  :: palkkio
honorary {adj} (given as an honor)  :: kunnia
honored {adj} (respected, having received honor) SEE: honoured  ::
honorific {n} /ˌɑːnəˈɹɪfɪk/ (title or term of respect)  :: arvonimi
honor roll {n} (honour roll) SEE: honour roll  ::
honour {n} (honour) SEE: honor  ::
honour {v} (honour) SEE: honor  ::
honoured {adj} (respected, having received honour)  :: kunnioitettu; kunnioittama [respected by]; kunnia [noun, check usage at fi entry], kunnioitettava, kunnianarvoinen, arvoisa
honour killing {n} (murder as a cultural practice)  :: kunniamurha
honourless {adj} (without honour)  :: kunniaton
honour roll {n} (list of high-achieving students at a university or college)  :: kunniataulu
hood {n} /hʊd/ (headwear)  :: huppu
hood {n} (protective cover)  :: huppu, koppa, suojus
hood {n} (soft top)  :: kuomu, kuomukatto
hood {n} (front of car)  :: konepelti
hood {n} (thug) SEE: thug  ::
-hood {suffix} /hʊd/ (condition or state)  :: -uus
-hood {suffix} (group)  :: -us, -sto
hooded {adj} /ˈhʊdɪd/ (wearing a hood)  :: huppupäinen
hooded {adj} (covered with a hood)  :: huputettu, hupullinen
hooded {adj} (shaped like a hood)  :: huppumainen, hupunmuotoinen
hooded crow {n} (Corvus cornix)  :: varis
hoodie {n} /ˈhʊdi/ (sweatshirt, with an integral hood)  :: huppari
hoodie {n} (slang: foreskin)  :: huppu
hoodiecrow {n} (hooded crow) SEE: hooded crow  ::
hoodlum {n} /ˈhuːdləm/ (a gangster; a hired thug)  :: gangsteri
hoodlum {n} (a rough or violent youth)  :: hulttio
hood ornament {n} (decoration on car's hood)  :: keulamerkki
hoodwink {v} /ˈhʊdwɪŋk/ (to deceive)  :: hämätä
hooey {n} /ˈhuː.i/ (silly talk or writing)  :: pöty, hölynpöly, roska
hoof {n} /hʊf/ (tip of a toe of ungulates)  :: kavio, sorkka (hoof of artiodactyls)
hoof {n} (slang: human foot)  :: sorkka
hoo-ha {n} /ˈhuːˌhɑː/ (a fuss, commotion, uproar)  :: hulabaloo, meteli, hässäkkä, kohu
hook {n} /hʊk]/ (rod bent into a curved shape)  :: koukku
hook {n} (agricultural implement)  :: vesuri
hook {n} (part of a hinge)  :: saranakoukku
hook {n} (loop shaped like a hook under certain letters)  :: koukku
hook {n} (removal or expulsion)  :: potkut {p}
hook {n} (baseball: curveball)  :: kierrepallo
hook {n} (golf shot that curves unintentionally)  :: hukki
hook {n} (basketball shot that goes overhead)  :: kaaripallo
hook {n} (type of boxing punch)  :: koukku
hook {n} (playing cards, slang: jack)  :: jätkä
hook {n} (bowling: ball that is rolled in a curved line)  :: kierrepallo
hook {n} (snare, trap)  :: ansa
hook {v} (to attach a hook)  :: ripustaa koukkuun
hook {v} (to catch with a hook)  :: saada koukkuun
hook {v} (to insert in a curved way)  :: laittaa koukkuun
hook {v} (to ensnare someone)  :: napata, koukuttaa
hook {v} (to connect)  :: kytkeä, liittää
hook {v} (to make addicted)  :: koukuttaa [transitive]; jäädä koukkuun, olla koukussa [intransitive]
hook {v} (golf, cricket: to play a hook shot)  :: lyödä hukki [golf]
hook {v} (hockey: to engage in the illegal maneuver of hooking)  :: koukata
hook {v} (soccer: to swerve a ball)  :: potkaista kierrepotku, potkaista banaanipotku
hook {v} (slang: to engage in prostitution)  :: huorata
hook {v} (to seize or pierce with the points of the horns)  :: keihästää
hook {v} (to move or go with a sudden turn)  :: koukata
hook {n} (typography: háček) SEE: háček  ::
hook {v} (to steal) SEE: steal  ::
hook {n} (fishhook) SEE: fishhook  ::
hookah {n} /ˈhʊkə/ (pipe)  :: vesipiippu
hooked {adj} /hʊkt/ (having a sharp curve at the end; resembling a hook)  :: koukkumainen
hooked {adj} (addicted; unable to resist or cease doing)  :: koukussa, riippuvainen
hooker {n} /ˈhʊk.ɚ/ (prostitute)  :: huora, prostituoitu
Hooke's law {prop} (principle that stress applied to a solid is proportional to strain produced)  :: Hooken laki
hooking {n} /ˈhʊkɪŋ/ (penalized action)  :: koukkaaminen
hooknose {n} (aquiline nose) SEE: aquiline nose  ::
hook up {v} (to assemble the parts of a mechanism, especially by connecting wires)  :: kytkeä, liittää; johdottaa [to connect wires]
hook up {v} (to connect to something)  :: liittää, kytkeä
hook up {v} (to form an association (with) someone)  :: lyöttäytyä yhteen
hook up {v} (to have a casual sexual experience with another person, usually without any future relationship intended)  :: saada [often with seksiä]
hookworm {n} (parasitic worm)  :: koukkumato
hooligan {n} /ˈhuː.lɪ.ɡən/ (person that causes trouble or violence)  :: huligaani, häirikkö
hoop {n} /huːp/ (circular band of metal used to bind a barrel)  :: vanne
hoop {n} (anything resembling a hoop)  :: vanne
hoop {n} (circle used for expanding the skirts of ladies' dresses)  :: krinoliini, vanne
hoop {n} (game of basketball)  :: koris [informal]; koripallo
hoop {v} (to fasten with a hoop)  :: vannehtia
hoop {n} (jockey) SEE: jockey  ::
hoop {n} (hoop earring) SEE: hoop earring  ::
hoop earring {n} (earring that is circular)  :: korvarengas
hoopoe {n} /ˈhupu/ (bird Upupa epops)  :: harjalintu
hoops {n} /huːps/ (slang: basketball)  :: koris
hoop skirt {n} (undergarment)  :: vannehame
hoopster {n} (basketball player) SEE: basketball player  ::
hooray {interj} /həˈɹeɪ/ (elated expression of approval)  :: hurraa
hoot {n} /huːt/ (derisive cry or shout)  :: pilkkahuuto, buuaus
hoot {n} (cry of an owl)  :: huhuilu
hoot {v} (To cry out or shout in contempt)  :: buuata
hoot {v} (To make the cry of an owl)  :: huhuilla
hooter {n} (owl) SEE: owl  ::
hooter {n} (slang: nose) SEE: schnozzle  ::
hoover {v} (vacuum) SEE: vacuum  ::
hoover {n} (vacuum cleaner) SEE: vacuum cleaner  ::
hop {n} /hɑp/ (the plant whose flowers are used in brewing)  :: humala
hope {n} /hoʊp/ (belief that something wished for can happen)  :: toivo
hope {n} (person or thing that is a source of hope)  :: toivo
hope {v} (to want something to happen, with expectation that it might)  :: toivoa
hopeful {adj} (feeling hope)  :: toiveikas
hopeful {adj} (inspiring hope)  :: toivoa herättävä
hopefully {adv} /ˈhoʊpfəli/ (it is hoped that)  :: toivottavasti
hopefully {adv} (in a hopeful manner)  :: toiveikkaasti
hopeless {adj} /ˈhoʊplɪs/ (destitute of hope; having no expectation of good; despairing)  :: toivoton
hopeless {adj} (desperate) SEE: desperate  ::
hopelessness {n} (the lack of hope; despair)  :: toivottomuus
hop garden {n} (hop garden)  :: humalisto, humalaviljelmä, humalatarha
hoplite {n} /ˈhɒplaɪt/ (A heavily-armed infantry soldier of Ancient Greece)  :: hopliitti
hopscotch {n} /ˈhapˌskatʃ/ (child's game)  :: ruutuhyppely
hop to it {v} (hurry up) SEE: hurry up  ::
hora {n} (circle dance)  :: hora
horde {n} /hɔɹd/ (wandering troop or gang)  :: orda
horde {n} (a large number of people)  :: lauma, ihmislauma
hordeolum {n} (infection) SEE: stye  ::
horizon {n} /həˈɹaɪzən/ (line that appears to separate the Earth from the sky)  :: horisontti, taivaanranta
horizontal {adj} /ˌhɔːɹəˈzɑːntəl/ (parallel to the plane of the horizon)  :: vaakasuora
horizontal bar {n} (horizontally-aligned bar used in gymnastics)  :: rekki
horizontal bar {n} (gymnastics event)  :: rekki
horizontally {adv} (in a horizontal direction or position)  :: vaakasuoraan
horizontal plane {n} (transverse plane) SEE: transverse plane  ::
hormonal {adj} /hɔɹˈmoʊnəl/ (pertaining to hormones)  :: hormonaalinen
hormone {n} /ˈhɔːɹmoʊn/ (substance produced by the body that effects physiological activity)  :: hormoni
hormone {n} (synthetic compound with the same activity as a hormone)  :: hormoni
hormone {n} (a plant hormone)  :: hormoni, kasvihormoni
horn {n} (antler) SEE: antler  ::
horn {n} /hɔɹn/ (growth on the heads of certain animals)  :: sarvi
horn {n} (any similar real or imaginary projection)  :: sarvi
horn {n} (substance)  :: sarvi
horn {n} (horn-shaped object)  :: sarvi
horn {n} (any of several musical wind instruments)  :: torvi
horn {n} (instrument used to signal others)  :: torvi
horn {n} (loud alarm, especially on a motor vehicle)  :: torvi
horn {n} (conical device used to direct waves)  :: torvi
horn {n} (informal: generally, any brass wind instrument)  :: torvi
horn {n} (slang: telephone)  :: luuri
horn {n} (coarse slang: erection)  :: stondis
horn {n} (peninsula or crescent-shaped tract of land)  :: niemi
hornbill {n} /ˈhɔːɹn.bɪl/ (bird)  :: sarvinokka
hornblende {n} /ˈhɔɹnˌblɛnd/ (a green to black amphibole mineral)  :: sarvivälke
horned {adj} /ˈhɔː(ɹ)nd/ (having horns)  :: sarvekas
horned lizard {n} (lizard of the genus Phrynosoma)  :: sarvikonnalisko
horned melon {n} (plant)  :: kivakurkku
horned owl {n} (New World member of the genus Bubo)  :: huuhkaja
hornero {n} (bird of the genus Furnarius)  :: orneero
hornet {n} /ˈhɔɹ.nɪt/ (a large wasp, of the genus Vespa, with a brown-and-yellow-striped body)  :: herhiläinen
hornlike {adj} (projecting like horn)  :: sarvimainen
hornlike {adj} (similar to horn)  :: sarvimainen
Horn of Africa {prop} (peninsula in East Africa)  :: Afrikan sarvi
horn of plenty {n} (the cornucopia) SEE: cornucopia  ::
horn of plenty {n} (Craterellus cornucopioides) SEE: black chanterelle  ::
hornswoggle {v} /ˈhɔːn.swɒɡ.əl/ (to deceive or trick)  :: puijata
horny {adj} /ˈhɔɹ.ni/ (hard or bony)  :: luinen
horny {adj} (having horns)  :: sarvekas
horny {adj} (sexually aroused)  :: kiihottunut, kiimainen [usually of animal]
horoscope {n} /ˈhɒɹəskəʊp/ (astrological forecast)  :: horoskooppi
horrendous {adj} /həˈɹɛndəs/ (extremely bad; awful; terrible)  :: hirveä, kauhea, hirmuinen
horrible {n} /ˈhɔɹɪbəl/ (terrifying thing)  :: kauheus
horrible {adj} (causing horror, terrible)  :: kauhea, kauhistuttava, hirvittävä, karmiva, kammottava
horrible {adj} (tremendously bad)  :: surkea
horribly {adv} (in a horrible way)  :: kammottavasti
horribly {adv} (extremely)  :: kauhean, kauheasti
horribly {adv} (with a bad effect)  :: kammottavasti
horrid {adj} /ˈhɔɹɪd/ (causing horror or dread)  :: kauhea
horrid {adj} (offensive, disagreeable, abominable, execrable)  :: kauhea, kamala, inhottava
horrify {v} /ˈhɔɹəfaɪ/ (to cause to feel extreme apprehension or unease)  :: kauhistuttaa, hirvittää
horripilation {n} (bristling of the hair)  :: kananliha
horror {n} /ˈhɔɹɚ/ (intense painful fear or repugnance)  :: kauhu, kammo
horror {n} (intense dislike or aversion)  :: kammo, inho
horror {n} (literary genre)  :: kauhu, kauhukirjallisuus
horror {n} (informal: intense anxiety)  :: täpinät {p}
horror movie {n} (motion picture which horrifies or frightens)  :: kauhuelokuva, kauhuleffa
horror story {n} (fictional narrative of distressing events)  :: kauhutarina
horror story {n} (disturbing rumour)  :: kauhutarina
horror story {n} (unpleasant experience)  :: kauhutarina
hors d'oeuvre {n} /ɔɹˈdɝv/ (appetizer)  :: alkupala
hors d'oeuvre {n} (anything of secondary concern)  :: sivuseikka
horse {n} /hɔː(ɹ)s/ (members of the species Equus ferus)  :: hevonen
horse {n} (related or similar species)  :: hevoseläin
horse {n} (cavalry soldiers)  :: ratsuväki
horse {n} (gymnastic equipment)  :: hevonen
horse {n} (knight in chess (see also knight))  :: ratsu, hevonen
horse {v} (to frolic)  :: pelleillä
horse {v} (to provide with a horse)  :: varustaa hevosella
horse {n} (slang: heroin)  :: hepo, polle
horseback {n} /ˈhɔɹsˌbæk/ (back of a horse)  :: hevosen selkä
horseback {n} (ridge of sand, gravel, and boulders)  :: harju
horseback {adv} (on the back of a horse)  :: ratsain
horse chestnut {n} (tree)  :: hevoskastanja
horse dick {n} (monster cock) SEE: monster cock  ::
horse doctor {n} (derogatory term for physician)  :: konitohtori
horse-drawn {adj} (pulled along by horse)  :: hevosvetoinen
horsefly {n} (fly of the family Tabanidae)  :: paarma
horsehair {n} (hair of a horse, from its mane or tail)  :: jouhi
horsehair {n} (fabric made from hair of a horse)  :: jouhikangas
horseherd {n} (person who tends horses)  :: hevospaimen
horse latitudes {n} (warm, dry subtropical bands encircling the globe)  :: hepoasteet
horse-leech {n} (larger than the common leech)  :: hevosjuotikas
horseling {n} (foal) SEE: foal  ::
horseling {n} (pony) SEE: pony  ::
horseman {n} (man who rides a horse)  :: ratsumies
horseman {n} (soldier on horseback)  :: ratsumies
horseman {n} (man skilled in horsemanship)  :: hevosmies
horsemanship {n} (equestrianism) SEE: equestrianism  ::
horsemeat {n} (horse meat)  :: hevosenliha, hevonen
horsemilk {n} (mare's milk) SEE: mare's milk  ::
horse mushroom {n} (Agaricus arvensis)  :: peltoherkkusieni
horseplay {n} (rough or rowdy play)  :: hevosenleikki
horsepower {n} /ˈhɔɹsˌpaʊɚ/ (non-metric)  :: hevosvoima
horsepower {n} (metric)  :: hevosvoima (symbol hv)
horsepower {n} (strength)  :: vääntövoima
horse race {n} /ˈhɔː(ɹ)sɹeɪs/ (a competitive race for horses carrying jockeys; often the subject of betting)  :: ratsastuskilpailu
horse race {n} (an exciting and arduous competition (as in a political campaign))  :: kilpajuoksu
horse racing {n} (a sport where horses and their jockeys compete to be fastest)  :: kilparatsastus, hevosurheilu
horseradish {n} /ˈhɔɹsɹædɪʃ/ (plant)  :: piparjuuri
horseradish {n} (condiment)  :: piparjuuri
horseriding {n} (the practice of riding horses for sport or pleasure)  :: ratsastus
horseshoe {n} /ˈhɔːɹs.ʃuː/ (metallic shoe of a horse)  :: hevosenkenkä
horseshoe {n} (piece of metal used to play the game horseshoes)  :: hevosenkenkä
horseshoe {n} (shape of a horseshoe)  :: hevosenkenkä
horseshoe {n} (bodybuilding: well-developed set of triceps brachii)  :: hevosenkenkä
horseshoe {v} (to apply horseshoes to a horse)  :: kengittää
horseshoe bat {n} (bat of the genus Rhinolophus)  :: hevosenkenkäyökkö
horseshoe crab {n} (arthropod)  :: molukkirapu
horse stance {n} (posture in Asian martial arts)  :: hevosasento
horsetail {n} /ˈhɔː(ɹ)s.teɪl/ (plant)  :: korte
horsewhip {n} (whip used on horses)  :: ratsupiiska
hortensia {n} (hydrangea) SEE: hydrangea  ::
horticulture {n} /ˈhɔː.tɪˌkʌl.tʃə(ɹ)/ (the science of caring for gardens)  :: puutarhanhoito, puutarhanviljely, puutarhatalous
horticulture {n} (small scale agriculture)  :: pienviljely
hosanna {interj} /hoʊˈzænə/ (liturgical word)  :: hoosianna
hose {n} /hoʊz/ (flexible tube)  :: letku
hose {v} (to water or spray with a hose)  :: ruiskuttaa
hose {n} (stocking-like garment) SEE: tights  ::
Hosea {prop} /ˌhoʊˈziːə/ (book of the bible)  :: Hoosea
Hosea {prop} (prophet)  :: Hoosea
hose clamp {n} (device to clamp a hose to a fitting)  :: letkunkiristin
hosepipe {n} (hose)  :: letku
hospitable {adj} (cordial and generous towards guests)  :: vieraanvarainen
hospitably {adv} (in a hospitable manner)  :: vieraanvaraisesti
hospital {n} /ˈhɑs.pɪ.tl̩/ (large medical facility)  :: sairaala
hospitalise {v} (hospitalize) SEE: hospitalize  ::
hospitality {n} /hɑs.pɪˈtæl.ɪ.ti/ (act or service of welcoming, receiving, hosting, or entertaining guests)  :: vieraanvaraisuus
hospitality {n} (business of providing catering, lodging and entertainment service)  :: hotelli- ja ravintola-ala
hospitalization {n} (hospitalizing of a patient)  :: sairaalahoito
hospitalization {n} (insurance)  :: sairauskuluvakuutus
hospitalize {v} (to send to a hospital)  :: sijoittaa sairaalaan
hospital ship {n} (hospital ship)  :: sairaalalaiva
host {n} /hoʊst/ (person who receives or entertains a guest)  :: isäntä
host {n} (person or organisation responsible for running an event)  :: isäntä
host {n} (moderator)  :: juontaja, isäntä
host {n} (biology: cell or organism which harbors another organism)  :: isäntä
host {v} (perform the role of a host)  :: isännöidä, toimia isäntänä, juontaa [show]
host {v} (computing: run software for a remote user or process)  :: hostata
host {n} (multitude of people arrayed as an army)  :: sotajoukko
host {n} (large number of items)  :: joukko
host {n} (consecrated bread)  :: öylätti
hostage {n} (person given as a pledge or security)  :: panttivanki
host country {n} (country which holds an international event)  :: isäntämaa
host country {n} (country which is the target of immigration)  :: isäntämaa
hostel {n} /ˈhɑstəl/ (an affordable overnight lodging place)  :: hostelli, retkeilymaja, matkustajakoti
hostel {n} (short for youth hostel) SEE: youth hostel  ::
hostess {n} (female host)  :: emäntä
hostess {n} (female innkeeper)  :: emäntä
hostess {n} (stewardess)  :: lentoemäntä
hostile {adj} /ˈhɒstaɪl/ (belonging or appropriate to an enemy)  :: vihamielinen
hostile takeover {n} (buyout that is strongly resisted by the target company's management)  :: vihamielinen valtaus
hostilities {n} (acts of war)  :: sotatoimet {p}
hostility {n} /hɒˈstɪlɪti/ (state of being hostile)  :: vihamielisyys
hostility {n} (hostile action, especially a military action)  :: vihamielinen teko; sotatoimi
hosting {n} /ˈhoʊstɪŋ/ (running and maintaining a computer system)  :: hostaus
hostname {n} (name by which any device attached to a computer network is known)  :: isäntänimi
hot {adj} /hɑt/ (having a high temperature)  :: kuuma
hot {adj} (of the weather)  :: kuuma
hot {adj} (feeling the sensation of heat)  :: kuuma
hot {adj} (feverish)  :: kuumeinen
hot {adj} (spicy)  :: tulinen, polttava
hot {adj} (slang: stolen)  :: kuuma, nyysitty, käännetty
hot {adj} (electrically charged)  :: kuuma, jännitteinen
hot {adj} (slang: physically very attractive)  :: kuuma, seksikäs
hot {adj} (popular, in demand)  :: haluttu
hot {adj} (very close to finding or guessing something to be found or guessed)  :: kuuma
hot abscess {n} (recently formed access)  :: kuuma paise
hot air {n} (heated air)  :: kuuma ilma
hot air {n} (empty, confused or exaggerated talk)  :: höpötys, hölynpöly, tyhjä puhe, turha puhe
hot-air balloon {n} (A balloon-shaped aircraft filled with hot air.)  :: kuumailmapallo
hotbed {n} (low bed of earth covered with glass)  :: kasvilava
hotblooded {adj} (hot-blooded) SEE: hot-blooded  ::
hot-blooded {adj} (easily angered or excited; lustful; passionate; excitable)  :: kuumaverinen
hot chocolate {n} (beverage)  :: kaakao
hotchpotch {n} (hodgepodge) SEE: hodgepodge  ::
hot dog {v} (to perform a dangerous act as display) SEE: show off  ::
hot dog {n} /ˈhɑt.dɑɡ/ (frankfurter in a bun)  :: nakkisämpylä, hodari, hot dog
hot dog {n} (sausage)  :: nakki
hot dog {n} (show-off or daredevil)  :: huimapää
hotel {n} /həʊˈtɛl/ (establishment providing accommodation)  :: hotelli
hotel {n} (the letter "H")  :: Heikki
hotelier {n} /oʊ.təl.ˈjeɪ/ (someone who runs a hotel)  :: hotellinpitäjä
hot flash {n} (sudden sensation of heat, symptom of the menopause) SEE: hot flush  ::
hot flush {n} (sudden sensation of heat, symptom of the menopause)  :: kuuma aalto
hot glue gun {n} (tool)  :: kuumaliimapistooli
hothead {n} (one who angers easily or goes in search of arguments or fights)  :: kuumapää
hotheaded {adj} (pertaining to or characteristic of a hothead; easily excited or angered)  :: kuumapäinen, impulsiivinen
hothouse {n} (brothel) SEE: brothel  ::
hothouse {n} (heated greenhouse)  :: lämmitettävä kasvihuone
hothouse {n} (environment that encourages development)  :: hautomo
hothouse {n} (heated room for drying greenware)  :: kuivaamo
hothouse flower {n} (fragile person)  :: ansarikukka
hotkey {n} (keyboard shortcut) SEE: keyboard shortcut  ::
hotline {n} (telephone line that is able to give immediate assistance)  :: päivystysnumero, palvelunumero
hotline {n} (direct line between two people)  :: kuuma linja
hotplate {n} (semi-portable stove)  :: keitin
hotplate {n} (low-powered heating device)  :: lämpölevy
hot pot {n} (jacuzzi) SEE: jacuzzi  ::
hot pot {n} (stew of beef or lamb and potatoes)  :: pata, pataruoka
hot pot {n} (communal meal in China)  :: hotpot
hot potato {n} (child's game)  :: kuuma peruna
hot potato {n} (awkward or delicate problem)  :: kuuma peruna
hot sauce {n} /ˈhɒtˌsɔs/ (condiment made from chile peppers)  :: chilikastike
hot saw {n} (saw used for cutting trees)  :: kuumasaha
hotshot {adj} (highly skilled)  :: -niekka
hotshot {n} (Someone with exceptional skills in a certain field)  :: taituri, -niekka, ässä
hot spell {n} (heatwave) SEE: heatwave  ::
hot spot {n} (place of violent political unrest)  :: ruutitynnyri, kriisipesäke
hot spot {n} (area of radioactive contamination)  :: laskeuma-alue
hot spot {n} (lively and entertaining place)  :: menomesta
hot spot {n} (computing: location in which WiFi Internet access is available)  :: kuuluvuusalue
hot spot {n} (geology: the surface manifestation of a plume)  :: kuuma kohta, kuuma piste
hot spring {n} (natural spring producing water whose temperature is greater than about 20°C (68° F))  :: kuuma lähde
Hottentot {n} (a member of the Khoekhoe people, see also: Khoekhoe)  :: hottentotti
Hottentot {prop} (language of the Khoekhoe, see also: Khoekhoe)  :: khoi
hottie {n} /ˈhä.ɾi/ (slang: sexually attractive person)  :: kuuma pakkaus, kuumis, hottis
hottie {n} (informal: hot-water bottle) SEE: hot water bottle  ::
hot tub {n} (large tub)  :: palju, kylpytynnyri [still]; poreallas, poreamme [with water jets]
hot war {n} (conflict with actual fighting)  :: kuuma sota
hot water bottle {n} (a flexible bottle for heat therapy)  :: kuumavesipullo
hot water heater {n} (apparatus in which water is heated for domestic hot water)  :: käyttövedenlämmitin
hot yoga {n} (yoga exercises performed under hot and humid conditions)  :: lämpöjooga
Houdini {n} (escape artist)  :: kahlekuningas
hound {n} /haʊnd/ (dog)  :: ajokoira
hound {n} (one who seeks something)  :: metsästäjä
hound {n} (male who constantly seeks the company of receptive females)  :: pukki
hound {v} (to hound)  :: vainota
hound shark {n} (shark of the family Triakidae)  :: koirahai
hound's tongue {n} (Cynoglossum officinale)  :: koirankieli, rohtokoirankieli
houndstooth {n} /ˈhaʊndstuːθ/ (fabric pattern)  :: kukonaskel
hour {n} /ˈaʊɚ/ (time period of sixty minutes)  :: tunti
hourglass {n} /ˈaʊəɡlɑːs/ (clock)  :: tiimalasi
hourglass figure {n} (a human body shape resembling an hourglass)  :: tiimalasivartalo
hour hand {n} (hand of clock)  :: tuntiosoitin, tuntiviisari
hourslong {adj} (lasting several hours)  :: tuntikausia kestävä
house {n} /haʊs/ (human abode)  :: talo
house {n} (archetypal structure of a human abode)  :: talo
house {n} (home for animal)  :: paikka
house {n} (theatre)  :: talo
house {n} (debating chamber for government politicians)  :: kamari
house {n} (an establishment, business)  :: talo
house {n} (the inner workings, as of a clock)  :: koneisto
house {n} (dynasty, familiar descendance)  :: suku, kuningashuone
house {n} (astrology: one of the twelve divisions of an astrological chart)  :: huone
house {n} (grouping of schoolchildren)  :: ryhmä
house {n} (curling: three concentric circles)  :: pesä
house {n} (bingo) SEE: bingo  ::
house {n} (genre of music) SEE: house music  ::
House {prop} (House of Representatives)  :: edustajainhuone
house arrest {n} (confinement of a person, by authorities, to his or her residence)  :: kotiaresti
houseboat {n} /ˈhaʊsˌboʊt/ (a vessel, such as a barge, used as a dwelling)  :: asuntolaiva, asuntoalus, asuntovene
housebreaker {n} (criminal)  :: asuntomurtaja
house cat {n} (domestic cat) SEE: domestic cat  ::
housecleaning {n} (tasks or practice of cleaning a house)  :: siivous
house cricket {n} (Acheta domestica)  :: kotisirkka
housefly {n} (fly)  :: huonekärpänen
household {n} /ˈhaʊshoʊld/ (those living in the same residence)  :: kotitalous, talous
household {adj} (belonging to same house and family)  :: koti-
household {adj} (found in or having its origin in a home)  :: koti-
household appliance {n} (machine)  :: kodinkone, kotitalouskone
householder {n} /ˈhaʊshoʊldə(ɹ)/ (owner of a house)  :: isäntä
householder {n} (head of a household)  :: perheenpää
householder {n} ((Buddhism) layperson)  :: maallikko
household name {n} (genericized trademark) SEE: genericized trademark  ::
household name {n} (brand name)  :: tunnettu tavaramerkki
household name {n} (public figure)  :: superjulkkis
house husband {n} (husband who remains in the homestead) SEE: househusband  ::
househusband {n} (husband who remains in the homestead)  :: koti-isä
housekeeper {n} (one who looks after the home by herself)  :: emäntä
housekeeper {n} (head of the female staff of a large home)  :: emäntä, emännöitsijä, taloudenhoitaja
housekeeper {n} (supervisor of the cleaning staff of a hospital or hotel)  :: siivoustyönjohtaja
housekeeping {n} (chores of maintaining a house as a residence)  :: kodinhoito
housemaid {n} (female servant attached to the non-servant quarter part of the house)  :: kotiapulainen, sisäkkö
house martin {n} (bird in genus Delichon)  :: räystäspääsky
house martin {n} (common house martin) SEE: common house martin  ::
housemate {n} (someone living in the same house)  :: kämppäkaveri, kämppis
house mouse {n} (mouse of the species Mus musculus)  :: kotihiiri
house music {n} (type of electronic dance music with an uptempo beat and recurring kickdrum)  :: house
house of cards {n} (structure made by laying cards perpendicularly on top of each other)  :: korttitalo
house of cards {n} (structure or argument built on a shaky foundation)  :: korttitalo
House of Commons {prop} (lower house in UK or Canadian parliament)  :: alahuone
house of ill fame {n} (brothel) SEE: brothel  ::
House of Lords {prop} (upper chamber of UK parliament)  :: ylähuone
House of Representatives {prop} (lower house of parliament)  :: edustajainhuone
house of worship {n} (house of worship) SEE: place of worship  ::
houseplant {n} (plant grown indoors)  :: huonekasvi
houseplant {n} (plant suited to such treatment)  :: huonekasvi
house rat {n} (black rat) SEE: black rat  ::
house sparrow {n} (Passer domesticus)  :: varpunen
housewarming {n} (party)  :: tupaantuliaiset {p}; tuparit {p} [colloquial]
housewarming {n} (act)  :: tupaantuliainen [especially a housewarming gift]
housewife {n} /ˈhaʊs.waɪf/ (female head of household)  :: emäntä, kotirouva, perheenemäntä, kotiäiti
housewife {n} (case for materials used in sewing)  :: käsityölaukku
house wine {n} (a relatively inexpensive wine sold in restaurants)  :: talon viini
housework {n} (domestic household chores)  :: kotityöt {p}, taloustyöt {p}
housing estate {n} (group of buidings)  :: aluerakennuskohde
hovel {n} /ˈhɒvəl/ (open shed)  :: lato
hovel {n} (poor cottage)  :: tönö
hover {v} /ˈhʌ.vɚ/ (to float in the air)  :: leijua, leijailla
hover {v} (to linger in one place)  :: norkoilla
hover {v} (to waver, or be uncertain)  :: häilyä, olla kahden vaiheilla, epäröidä
hover {v} (to place the cursor over a hyperlink)  :: kohdistaa kursori
hoverboard {n} /ˈhʌvɚbɔɹd/ (levitating board)  :: leijulauta
hovercraft {n} /ˈhʌvɚ.kɹæft/ (vehicle supported on a cushion of air)  :: ilmatyynyalus
hoverfly {n} (fly in the family Syrphidae)  :: kukkakärpänen
how {adv} /haʊ/ (to what degree)  :: kuinka
how {adv} (in what manner)  :: miten, kuinka, millä tavalla, millä tavoin
how {adv} (used as a modifier to indicate surprise, delight, or other strong feelings)  :: kuinka, miten
how {adv} (in what state)  :: miten, kuinka, millainen, minkälainen
how {conj} (in which way)  :: kuinka, miten, millä tavalla
how are you {phrase} /haʊ ˈɑɹ ju/ (greeting)  :: kuinka voitte? [formal], kuinka voit? (less formal), miten menee? [informal], mitä kuuluu?
how come {adv} (why)  :: miksi
how do I get to {phrase} (how do I get to...?)  :: miten pääsisin... ? (+illative) miten pääsen... ? (+illative)
how do I get to the airport {phrase} (how do I get to the airport?)  :: kuinka pääsen lentokentälle
how do I get to the bus station {phrase} (how do I get to the bus station?)  :: kuinka pääsen linja-autoasemalle
how do I get to the train station {phrase} (how do I get to the train station?)  :: kuinka pääsen rautatieasemalle
how do you do {phrase} (Phrase: how do you do)  :: hyvää päivää
how do you pronounce this word {phrase} /ˈhaʊ duː ˈjuː pɹəˈnaʊns ðɪs ˈwɝd/ (how do you pronounce this word?)  :: kuinka tämä sana lausutaan
how do you English {phrase} (request for translation into English)  :: kuinka sanotaan...englanniksi
how do you spell this word {phrase} (how do you spell this word?)  :: miten tämä sana kirjoitetaan
howdy {interj} (hi) SEE: hi  ::
however {adv} /haʊˈɛvɚ/ (nevertheless)  :: kuitenkin
however {adv}  :: miten tahansa
howitzer {n} /ˈhaʊ.ɪts.əɹ/ (a cannon)  :: haupitsi
howl {n} /haʊl/ (protracted, mournful cry of a dog or a wolf)  :: ulvonta
howl {n} (prolonged cry of distress or anguish)  :: ulvonta
howl {v} (To utter a loud, protracted, mournful sound or cry, as dogs and wolves often do)  :: ulvoa
howl {v} (to utter a sound expressive of pain or distress)  :: ulvoa
howl {v} (to utter with outcry)  :: ulvoa
howler {n} (animal)  :: ulvoja
howler {n} (mistake)  :: möhläys, emämunaus, munaus
howler monkey {n} (loud Central American and South American monkey of the genus Alouatta)  :: mölyapina
howling {n} /ˈhaʊlɪŋ/ (act of producing howls)  :: ulvonta
how long {adj} (how long (distance))  :: kuinka pitkä
how long {adv} (how long (length of time))  :: kuinka pitkään, kuinka kauan
how many {determiner} (what number)  :: kuinka monta, montako
how many languages do you speak {phrase} (how many languages do you speak?)  :: kuinka monta kieltä puhut
how much {determiner} (what quantity)  :: paljonko, kuinka paljon
how much {adv} (what is the cost/price)  :: paljonko, kuinka paljon
how much does it cost {phrase} (How much is it?)  :: kuinka paljon se maksaa?
how much do I owe you {phrase} (how much do I owe you?)  :: paljonko olen velkaa
how much do you charge {phrase} (how much do you charge?)  :: paljonko veloitatte
how much is it {phrase} (how much does it cost) SEE: how much does it cost  ::
how no {adv} (why not) SEE: why not  ::
how old are you {phrase} /haʊ ˈoʊld ɑɹ ˌju/ (what is your age in years)  :: kuinka vanha olet?, minkä ikäinen olet?
how's it going {phrase} (how's it going? - informal greetings)  :: kuinka menee?, miten menee?
how's the weather {phrase} (how's the weather?)  :: minkälainen sää on
how's tricks {phrase} (informal greeting)  :: miten menee [informal], kuinka hurisee [informal]
howzit {interj} (what's up) SEE: what's up  ::
Hrodna {prop} (Grodno) SEE: Grodno  ::
hryvnia {n} /ˈhɹɪvnɪə/ (Ukrainian currency)  :: grivna
HSK {prop} (HSK)  :: HSK
HTML {prop} (initialism)  :: HTML
HTML5 {prop} (initialism)  :: HTML5
HTTP cookie {n} (packet of information sent by a server to a World Wide Web browser and then returned by the browser each time it accesses that server)  :: eväste
hub {n} /hʌb/ (central part of a wheel)  :: keskiö, pyörännapa, napa
hub {n} (point where many routes meet)  :: solmukohta
hub {n} (computer networking device)  :: keskitin
Hubble constant {prop} (number)  :: Hubblen laki
hubbub {n} /ˈhʌbʌb/ (A confused uproar, commotion, tumult or racket.)  :: mekkala
hubby {n} /ˈhʌbi/ (husband)  :: aviomies, [informal] ukko
hubcap {n} (decorative disk for wheels)  :: pölykapseli
hubris {n} /ˈhjuːbɹɪs/ (excessive pride or arrogance)  :: hybris, ylimielisyys, uho
hubristic {adj} (overly arrogant)  :: ylimielinen, uhmakas
hubristic {adj} (displaying hubris)  :: hybristinen, ylimielinen
huckleberry {n} (fruit, see also: buckberry)  :: valemustikka (Gaylussacia); puolukka, pensasmustikka (Vaccinium)
huckleberry {n} (shrub, see also: buckberry)  :: valemustikka (Gaylussacia); puolukka, pensasmustikka (Vaccinium)
huckleberry {n} (small amount)  :: hiven
huckster {n} (peddler) SEE: peddler  ::
huckster {n} /ˈhʌkstɚ/ (somebody who sells things in an aggressive or showy manner)  :: helppoheikki
huckster {n} (one who deceptively sells fraudulent products)  :: helppoheikki
Hudson {prop} /ˈhʌdsən/ (river in United States)  :: Hudsonjoki, Hudson
Hudson Bay {prop} (inland sea)  :: Hudsoninlahti
Hudson River {prop} (Hudson) SEE: Hudson  ::
hue {n} /hju/ (color or shade of color; tint; dye)  :: väri, sävy, värisävy
hue {n} (character; aspect)  :: vivahde, häivähdys
hue {n} (the characteristic related to the light frequency that appears in the color)  :: väri
hue and cry {n} (public pursuit of a felon)  :: ajojahti
huff {v} /hʌf/ (to breath heavily)  :: huohottaa
huff {v} (to inhale psychoactive inhalants)  :: impata
huffer {n} /ˈhʌfə/ (blusterer)  :: mahtailija
huffer {n} (inhaler)  :: imppaaja, imppari
huffing {n} /ˈhʌfɪŋ/ (Act of inhaling psychoactive inhalants)  :: imppaus
hug {n} /hʌɡ/ (affectionate embrace)  :: hali, halaus
hug {v} (cling closely together)  :: painautua yhteen
hug {v} (embrace)  :: halata
hug {v} (sail close to a shoreline)  :: pysyä lähellä, pysyä lähettyvillä
huge {adj} /hjuːdʒ/ (very large)  :: valtava
hugely {adv} (hugely)  :: valtavasti
huggable {adj} /ˈhʌɡ.ə.bəl/ (capable of, or suitable for, being hugged)  :: halattava
Hugh {prop} /hjuː/ (male given name)  :: Huugo
Hugo {prop} (male given name) SEE: Hugh  ::
huh {interj} /hʌ/ (to express amusement or subtle surprise)  :: häh, höh
huh {interj} (expressing doubt or confusion)  :: häh, höh
huh {interj} (to reinforce a question)  :: täh, mitä
huh {interj} ("I know, huh" what huh)  :: joo
huh {interj} (to indicate that one didn't hear)  :: häh, täh
Huichol {n} (member of ethnic group)  :: wixarika
Huichol {prop} (language)  :: wixarika
hula hoop {n} /ˈhuːlə ˌhuːp/ (toy in the form of a large hoop)  :: hulavanne
Huldah {prop} (biblical prophetess)  :: Hulda
hull {n} /hʌl/ (frame of a ship or plane)  :: runko
hullaballoo {n} (uproar or commotion)  :: hulina, mekkala, meteli
hullabaloo {n} (uproar or fuss)  :: meteli, mekkala, hulina, hulabaloo
hull speed {n}  :: runkonopeus
hum {n} /ˈhʌm/ (tune created orally with lips closed)  :: hyminä, hyrinä
hum {n} (indistinct sound resembling human humming)  :: hyminä, hurina, surina, hyrinä, pörinä, porina
hum {n} (busy activity)  :: hyörinä
hum {v} (to make sound with lips closed)  :: hymistä, hyristä, hyräillä
hum {v} (to express by humming)  :: hyräillä
hum {v} (to drone like certain insects naturally do in motion)  :: surista
hum {v} (to be busily active like a beehive)  :: kuhista
hum {v} (to produce low sounds which blend continuously)  :: hurista, surista
hum {v} (to smell bad)  :: haista
hum {v} (to deceive)  :: hämätä
hum {v} (to flatter by approving)  :: hymistellä
human {adj} /ˈ(h)jumən/ (of or belonging to the species Homo sapiens)  :: inhimillinen, ihmis-
human {adj} (having the nature or attributes of a human being)  :: inhimillinen
human {n} (a human being)  :: ihminen
human behaviour {n} (academic study of how human beings make decisions)  :: käyttäytymistiede
human being {n} (a human being) SEE: human  ::
human being {n} (person)  :: ihminen
human being {n} (other member of the genus Homo)  :: ihminen
human condition {n} (characteristics, key events and situations which compose the essentials of human experience)  :: ihmisyys
hum and haw {v} /ˌhʌm ənd ˈhɔː/ (Procrastinate indecisively)  :: soutaa ja huovata
humane {adj} /hjuːˈmeɪn/ (with regard for the health and well-being of another)  :: inhimillinen
human flesh search engine {n} (Chinese phenomenon)  :: ihmislihainen hakukone
human immunodeficiency virus {n} (human immunodeficiency virus)  :: HI-virus
human interface device {n} (device allowing a user to interact with a computer)  :: HID-laite
humanism {n} /ˈhjuːmənɪz(ə)m/ (ethical system)  :: humanismi
humanitarian {adj} (concerned with people's welfare)  :: humanitaarinen
humanitarianism {n} (humanitarian philosophy)  :: humanitarismi
humanities {n} /hjuˈmæn.ɪ.tiz/ (language, literature, etc.)  :: humanismi
humanity {n} /hjuˈmænɪti/ (human beings as a group)  :: ihmiskunta
humanity {n} (human condition)  :: ihmisyys
humanity {n} (quality of being benevolent)  :: humaanisuus
humanize {v} /ˈhjuː.mə.naɪz/ (to make human)  :: [transitive] inhimillistää, humaanistaa, [intransitive] inhimillistyä, humaanistua
humankind {n} (human race) SEE: mankind  ::
humankind {n} (the human race)  :: ihmiskunta
humankind {n} (mankind; humanity) SEE: human race  ::
human milk {n} (breast milk) SEE: breast milk  ::
human movement {n} (study of how human beings move around)  :: liikuntatiede
human nature {n} (set of qualities shared by all humans)  :: ihmisluonto
humanoid {adj} /ˈhjuːmənɔɪd/ (having the appearance or characteristics of a human)  :: ihmismäinen
humanoid {n} (a being having the appearance or characteristics of a human)  :: humanoidi
human papillomavirus {n} (virus)  :: ihmisen papillomavirus
human pyramid {n} (tower made of people)  :: ihmispyramidi
human race {n} (the human race) SEE: humankind  ::
human race {n} (mankind; humanity)  :: ihmiskunta
human resource management {n} (process)  :: henkilöstöhallinto, henkilöstöjohtaminen
human resource management {n} (department)  :: henkilöstöhallinto, henkilöstöosasto
human resources {n} (the personnel department of an organization)  :: henkilöstöosasto, henkilöstöhallinto
human resources {n} (the personnel employed in an organization)  :: henkilöstö
human right {n} (basic right that all humans should be guaranteed)  :: ihmisoikeus
human rights {n} (basic rights and freedoms that all humans should be guaranteed)  :: ihmisoikeudet {p}
human shield {n} (civilians placed in or around targets)  :: ihmiskilpi
human smuggling {n} (smuggling of people)  :: ihmissalakuljetus
human trafficking {n} (criminal activity in which people are recruited, etc. to serve an exploitative purpose)  :: ihmiskauppa
humble {adj} /ˈhʌmbəl/ (near the ground)  :: vaatimaton
humble {adj} (thinking lowly of oneself)  :: vaatimaton, nöyrä
humble {v} (to bring low, etc.)  :: [to humiliate] nöyryyttää
humbug {n} /ˈhʌmbʌɡ/ (hoax, prank or jest)  :: humpuuki, huijaus, pila, kuje
humbug {n} (fraud or sham)  :: huijaus, humpuuki
humbug {n} (fraudster or cheat)  :: huijari, sutki
humdrum {adj} (lacking variety or excitement; dull; boring)  :: yksitoikkoinen, tapahtumaköyhä
humectant {n} (substance that promotes the retention of water)  :: kosteudensitoja, humektantti
humeral {adj} (of the humerus)  :: humeraalinen [in medicine]; olka-
humerus {n} /ˈhjuːməɹəs/ (bone of the upper arm)  :: olkaluu
humid {adj} /ˈhjuːmɪd/ (slightly wet)  :: kostea, humidi
humidifier {n} (A device that is used to increase the humidity of the air)  :: ilmankostutin
humidity {n} /hjuːˈmɪdɪti/ (dampness, especially that of the air)  :: kosteus
humidity {n} (amount of water vapour in the air)  :: ilmankosteus
humidor {n} /ˈhjumɪdɔɹ/ (container)  :: humidori
humiliate {v} /hjuːˈmɪliˌeɪt/ (to injure a person's dignity and self-respect)  :: nöyryyttää
humiliated {adj} (deprived of dignity or self-respect)  :: nöyryytetty, nöyryyttämä
humiliating {adj} (liable to humiliate)  :: nöyryyttävä
humility {n} (characteristic of being humble)  :: nöyryys
hummingbird {n} /ˈhʌmɪŋˌbɝd/ (any of various small American birds in the family Trochilidae)  :: kolibri
hummock {n} (small hill) SEE: hillock  ::
hummus {n} /ˈhʊməs/ (dip made of chickpea paste)  :: hummus
humongous {adj} /ˌhjuːˈmʌŋɡəs/ (extremely large)  :: valtava, suunnaton, jättimäinen
humour {n} /ˈhjuːmɚ/ (something funny)  :: huumori
humour {n} (mood)  :: tuuli
humour {n} (historical: any of the four cardinal humors)  :: perusneste
hump {n} /hʌmp/ (mound of earth)  :: keko, kasa
hump {n} (rounded fleshy mass)  :: kyttyrä
hump {n} (deformity of the human back)  :: kyttyrä
hump {n} (act of sexual intercourse)  :: pano
hump {n} (bad mood)  :: kyttyrä
hump {v} (transitive: to bend something into a hump)  :: taivuttaa
hump {v} (transitive, slang: to carry something, especially with some exertion)  :: raahata
hump {v} (transitive, slang: to have sex with)  :: köyriä
hump {v} (intransitive, slang: to carry, especially with some exertion)  :: raahata
hump {v} (intransitive, slang: to have sex)  :: köyriä
humpback {n} (humped back)  :: kyttyrä
humpback {n} (humpbacked person)  :: kyttyräselkä
humpbacked {adj} (having a hump on the back)  :: kyttyräselkäinen, koukkuselkäinen
humpback whale {n} (Megaptera novaeangliae)  :: ryhävalas
humped {adj} /hʌmpt/ (having a hump)  :: köyry, kyttyräinen
humph {interj} /hʌmf/ (used to express doubt or disapproval)  :: höpö-höpö
Humpty Dumpty {prop} (fairy tale character)  :: Lilleri Lalleri, Tyyris Tyllerö, Nokkelis Kokkelis
humuhumunukunukuapuaa {n} /ˌhumuˌhumuˌnukuˌnukuˌaːpuˈaʔa/ (either of two species of triggerfish)  :: kiilasäppikala
humus {n} /ˈhjuːməs/ (group of compounds in soil)  :: humus
Hun {n} (German) SEE: German  ::
Hun {n} /hʌn/ (member of nomadic tribe)  :: hunni
hunch {n} /hʌntʃ/ (hump; protuberance)  :: kyttyrä
hunch {n} (stooped or curled posture)  :: kumara
hunch {n} (idea, theory)  :: aavistus
hunch {n} (hunk; lump; thick piece)  :: kimpale
hunch {n} (push or thrust)  :: tönäisy
hunch {v} (to slouch, stoop, curl, or lean)  :: kyyristellä, olla kumarassa
hunch {v} (to push or thrust suddenly)  :: tönäistä
hunch {v} (to thrust out a hump or protuberance; to crook, as the back)  :: köyristää [to crook]
hunch {v} (to have a hunch, or make an intuitive guess)  :: aavistaa, uumoilla, ounastella, vaistota
hunchback {n} /ˈhʌntʃbæk/ (vulgar: person with kyphosis)  :: koukkuselkä, kyttyräselkä
hunchback {n} (one who is stooped or hunched over) SEE: humpback  ::
hunchback {n} (deformed upper spinal column) SEE: humpback  ::
hunchbacked {adj} (having hunched back) SEE: humpbacked  ::
hundred {num} /ˈhʌndɹəd/ (cardinal number 100)  :: sata
hundred {n} (hundred-dollar bill)  :: satanen
hundred {n} (historical: administrative division)  :: kihlakunta
hundred {n} (cricket: hundred runs)  :: satanen
hundred-first {adj} (ordinal number)  :: sadasensimmäinen, sadasyhdes
hundred-first {n} (the person or thing in the hundred-first position)  :: sadasensimmäinen, sadasyhdes
hundreds and thousands {n} (sprinkles)  :: nonparelli, strösseli
hundredth {adj} /ˈhʌndɹɛdθ/ (ordinal of 100)  :: sadas
hundredth {n} (person or thing in the hundredth position)  :: sadas
hundredth {n} (one of a hundred equal parts of a whole)  :: sadasosa, sadannes
hundred thousand {num} (100,000)  :: satatuhatta
Hundred Years' War {prop} (conflict between France and England)  :: satavuotinen sota
hung {adj} (suspended by hanging)  :: ripustettu, roikkuva, riippuva
hung {adj} (of a jury, unable to reach a verdict)  :: erimielinen
hung {adj} (computing: not responding)  :: hyytynyt, tökkivä
hung {adj} (having a large penis)  :: isomunainen
Hungarian {adj} /hʌŋˈɡɛə.ɹi.ən/ (of, from, or pertaining to Hungary)  :: unkarilainen
Hungarian {n} (person from Hungary)  :: unkarilainen, madjaari
Hungarian {prop} (the language)  :: unkari
Hungarian hound {n} (hunting dog)  :: unkarinajokoira {m}
Hungarianness {n} (state or quality)  :: unkarilaisuus
Hungarian notation {n} /hʌŋˈɡɛɹi.ən noʊˈteɪʃən/ (Hungarian notation)  :: unkarilainen notaatio
Hungary {prop} /ˈhʌŋ.ɡəɹ.i/ (the country)  :: Unkari
hunger {n} /ˈhʌŋɡɚ/ (need for food)  :: nälkä
hunger {n} (strong desire)  :: himo, nälkä
hunger {v} (need food)  :: nähdä nälkää
hunger {v} (desire)  :: himoita, isota [archaic]
hunger strike {n} (a fast undertaken as a means of protest)  :: nälkälakko
hung jury {n} (jury that is unable to reach a verdict)  :: erimielinen jury
hung over {adj} (suffering from a hangover)  :: krapulainen, darrainen, kohmeloinen
hungover {adj} /ˈhʌŋˌəʊ.və(ɹ)/ (suffering from a hangover)  :: krapulainen
hung parliament {n} /hʌŋ ˈpɑːləmənt/ (parliament in which no single political party has an outright majority)  :: hung-parlamentti
hungry {adj} /ˈhʌŋ.ɡɹi/ (affected by hunger; desirous of food)  :: nälkäinen
hungry {adj} (eager, having a desire for something)  :: nälkäinen
hungry ghost {n} (in Buddhism, a type of supernatural being)  :: nälkäinen haamu
hunk {n} /hʌŋk/ (large piece of something)  :: iso pala
hunk {n} (sexually attractive man)  :: namupala, herkkupala, adonis, muskelimies
hunker {v} /ˈhʌŋkɚ/ (To crouch or squat close to the ground)  :: kyykistyä, kyykkiä
hunny {n} /ˈhʌni/ (eye dialect for honey)  :: hinaja
hunt {v} /hʌnt/ (to chase down prey)  :: metsästää, jahdata
hunt {v} (to search for something)  :: metsästää, jahdata
hunt {n} (the act of hunting, shooting)  :: metsästys, jahti
hunt {n} (hunting expedition)  :: metsästysretki, metsästys
hunt {n} (organization)  :: metsästysseura
hunter {n} /ˈhʌntɚ/ (person who hunts game)  :: metsästäjä
hunter-gatherer {n} (person whose main food source is hunting and gathering)  :: metsästäjä-keräilijä
hunting {n} /ˈhʌntɪŋ/ (chasing and killing animals for sport or to get food)  :: metsästys
hunting horn {n} (bugle used during a hunt)  :: metsästystorvi
hunting knife {n} (knife)  :: metsästysveitsi, metsästyspuukko, puukko
Huntington's chorea {n} (Huntington's disease) SEE: Huntington's disease  ::
Huntington's disease {n} (the neurological disease)  :: Huntingtonin tauti
huntress {n} /ˈhʌntɹɪs/ (female who hunts)  :: metsästäjätär
huntsman spider {n} (any spider from the taxonomic family Sparassidae)  :: jahtihämähäkit
hurdle {n} /ˈhɝdəl/ (artificial barrier over which people or horses jump in a race)  :: rima
hurdler {n} (athlete who competes in the hurdling event)  :: aitajuoksija
hurdling {n}  :: aitajuoksu
hurdy-gurdy {n} /ˈhɝː.diˌɡɝː.di/ (stringed instrument)  :: kampiliira
hurdy-gurdy {n} (barrel organ) SEE: barrel organ  ::
hurl {v} /hɝl/ (throw with force)  :: paiskata, heittää
hurl {v} (vomit)  :: oksentaa
hurler {n} (pitcher) SEE: pitcher  ::
Hurler syndrome {n} (genetic disorder)  :: Hurlerin oireyhtymä, Hurlerin tauti
hurlyburly {n} (noisy and disorderly tumult)  :: melske
hurrah {interj} /həˈɹɑː/ (expressing approval, appreciation, or happiness)  :: hurraa, eläköön
hurrah {n} (a cheer; a cry of hurrah)  :: hurraahuuto
hurricane {n} /ˈhʌɹɪˌkeɪn/ (weather phenomenon)  :: hurrikaani, hirmumyrsky
hurricane {n} (meteorology: a wind scale for quite strong wind)  :: hirmumyrsky
hurry {v} /ˈhʌ.ɹi/ (to do things quickly)  :: kiiruhtaa, pitää kiirettä
hurry {v} (to speed up the rate)  :: kiirehtiä, nopeuttaa, lisätä vauhtia
hurry up {v} (go faster)  :: kiirehtiä, nopeuttaa, lisätä vauhtia
hurt {v} /hɝt/ (to be painful)  :: sattua, koskea
hurt {v} (to cause physical pain and/or injury)  :: satuttaa
hurtful {adj} (tending to impair or damage)  :: vahingollinen
hurtful {adj} (tending to hurt someone's feelings)  :: loukkaava, ilkeä, pahantahtoinen, pahansuopa
hurtfulness {n} (the property of being hurtful)  :: ilkeys, pahantahtoisuus, pahansuopaisuus
hurt someone's feelings {v} (to offend someone)  :: pahoittaa jonkun mieli
husband {n} /ˈhʌzbənd/ (male partner in marriage)  :: mies, aviomies
husband {v} (to conserve)  :: hoitaa säästäväisesti, säästää
husband and wife {n} (husband and wife)  :: aviopari {p}, mies ja vaimo {p}
husbandless {adj} (without a husband)  :: miehetön
hush money {n} (bribe to maintain secrecy)  :: vaitioloraha
husk {n} /hʌsk/ (exterior of certain vegetables or fruits)  :: akana, suojuslehti
husk {n} (any worthless exterior)  :: kuori
husk {v} (remove husks from)  :: puida
husky {adj} /ˈhʌ (hoarse and rough-sounding)  :: käheä
husky {adj} (burly, thick; fat, overweight)  :: vankka
husky {n} (Any of several breeds of dogs used as sled dogs)  :: husky
hussar {n} (light cavalry of any of several European armies)  :: husaari
hustings {n} /ˈhʌstɪŋz/ (platform)  :: vaalitilaisuus
hustings {n} (campaign)  :: vaalikampanja
hustle {v} (to rush or hurry)  :: kiirehtiä, hoppuilla, kiiruhtaa
hustle {v} (to con or deceive)  :: huijata, petkuttaa, huiputtaa
hustle {n} (rush or hurry)  :: kiire, hoppu
hustle {n} (type of dance)  :: hustle
hustle and bustle {n} (activity)  :: hälinä
hustler {n} (prostitute) SEE: prostitute  ::
hustler {n} /ˈhʌsləɹ/ (one who hustles)  :: huijari
hustler {n} (a pimp)  :: parittaja
hut {n} /hʌt/ (small wooden shed)  :: vaja
hut {n} (primitive dwelling)  :: maja
hutia {n} (rodent of the family Capromyidae)  :: hutia
hutong {n} (lane) SEE: lane  ::
hutong {n} (alley) SEE: alley  ::
HVAC {n} /ˈejtʃˌvæk/ (heating, ventilation and air conditioning)  :: LVI
hyacinth {n} /ˈhaɪəsɪnθ/ (plant of the genus Hyacinthus)  :: hyasintti
hybrid {n} /ˈhaɪ.bɹɪd/ (biology: offspring resulting from crossbreeding)  :: hybridi
hybrid {n} (something of mixed origin)  :: hybridi, risteymä, sekamuoto
hybrid {adj} (consisting of diverse components)  :: sekamuotoinen
hybrid vigor {n} (property)  :: heteroosi, risteytyselinvoima
hydathode {n} (tissue through which water is excreted)  :: vesirako, hydatodi
hydra {n} /ˈhaɪdɹə/ (any of several small freshwater polyps of the genus Hydra and related genera)  :: lampipolyyppi
hydra {n} (complex, multifarious problem)  :: ongelmavyyhti
Hydra {prop} /ˈhaɪ̯dɹə/ (mythical serpent)  :: Hydra
Hydra {prop} (constellation)  :: Hydra, Vesikäärme
Hydra {prop} (one of Pluto's moons)  :: Hydra
hydrangea {n} /haɪˈdɹeɪnd͡ʒ(i)ə/ (shrub)  :: hortensia
hydrate {n} /ˈhaɪdɹeɪt/ (solid compound containing or linked to water molecules)  :: hydraatti
hydraulic {adj} /haɪˈdɹɔːlɪk/ (Related to hydraulics)  :: hydraulinen
hydraulic engineering {n} (sub-discipline of civil engineering concerned with water and sewage)  :: vesitekniikka
hydraulic fracturing {n} (technique in which a mixture of water and sand is forced down an oil well)  :: vesisärötys
hydraulics {n} /haɪˈdɹɔːlɪks/ (engineering science that deals with liquid in motion)  :: hydrauliikka
hydrazine {n} (NH2-NH2)  :: hydratsiini
hydrazine {n} (derivative)  :: hydratsiini
hydride {n} (compound of hydrogen)  :: hydridi
hydro- {prefix} (pertaining to water)  :: hydro-
hydro {n} (hydroelectric power)  :: vesivoima
hydrobiology {n} (study of the biology of the organisms that inhabit bodies of water)  :: hydrobiologia
hydrobromic acid {n} (solution of HBr in water)  :: vetybromidihappo
hydrocarbon {n} (compound of carbon and hydrogen)  :: hiilivety
hydrocephalus {n} (skull enlargement due to fluid)  :: hydrokefalia
hydrochemistry {n} (part of hydrology)  :: hydrokemia
hydrochloric acid {n} (strong acid made by dissolving the gas, hydrogen chloride)  :: suolahappo, vetykloridihappo
hydrocodone {n} (narcotic opiate)  :: hydrokodoni
hydrocortisone {n} (steroid hormone)  :: hydrokortisoni
hydrocracking {n} (hydrogenation combined with cracking)  :: vetykrakkaus
hydroelectric {adj} (that generates electricity by converting the energy of moving water)  :: vesivoima-
hydroelectric {adj} (relating to the electricity so produced)  :: vesivoima-
hydroelectric dam {n} (dam containing hydroelectric generators)  :: voimalaitospato
hydroelectric generator {n} (low-speed electric generator driven by water turbines)  :: vesivoimageneraattori
hydroelectricity {n} (electricity produced from energy of water)  :: vesivoima, vesisähkö
hydrofluoric acid {n} (hydrofluoric acid)  :: vetyfluoridihappo, fluorivetyhappo
hydrofluorocarbon {n} (haloalkane)  :: fluorihiilivety
hydrofoil {n} /ˈhaɪˌdɹoʊ.foɪl/ (wing)  :: kantosiipi
hydrofoil {n} (vessel)  :: kantosiipialus
hydrofoil craft {n} (ship)  :: kantosiipialus
hydrofracking {n} (hydraulic fracturing) SEE: hydraulic fracturing  ::
hydrogen {n} /ˈhaɪdɹədʒən/ (chemical element)  :: vety
hydrogenate {v} /ˈhaɪdɹədʒəneɪt/ (treat or react with hydrogen)  :: hydrata
hydrogenation {n} (the chemical reaction of hydrogen with another substance)  :: hydraus
hydrogen bomb {n} (thermonuclear bomb)  :: vetypommi
hydrogen bond {n} (weak bond)  :: vetysidos
hydrogen bromide {n} (the compound HBr)  :: vetybromidi
hydrogen car {n} (any motor car that uses hydrogen as its principal fuel)  :: vetyauto
hydrogen chloride {n} (compound with the formula HCl)  :: vetykloridi, kloorivety
hydrogen cyanide {n} (the compound HCN)  :: syaanivety, syaanivetyhappo, sinihappo, formonitriili
hydrogen economy {n} (an economy based on hydrogen as primary form of stored energy)  :: vetytalous
hydrogen fluoride {n} (HF)  :: vetyfluoridi
hydrogen peroxide {n} (H2O2)  :: vetyperoksidi
hydrogen sulfide {n} (H2S)  :: rikkivety, vetysulfidi
hydrogen vehicle {n} (any vehicle that uses hydrogen as its principal fuel)  :: polttokennoauto
hydrogeology {n} (the geology of groundwater)  :: hydrogeologia, geohydrologia
hydrography {n} (Measurement and description of navigable waters)  :: hydrografia
hydrological {adj} (pertaining to hydrology)  :: hydrologinen
hydrologist {n} /haɪˈdɹɒl.ə.dʒɪst/ (one who is skilled in, professes or practices hydrology)  :: hydrologi
hydrology {n} (science related to water)  :: hydrologia, vesitiede
hydrolysis {n} (a chemical process of decomposition)  :: hydrolyysi
hydrolyze {v} (subject to hydrolysis)  :: hydrolysoitua [intransitive], hydrolysoida [transitive]
hydromancy {n} (divination by water or other liquid)  :: hydromantia
hydromechanics {n} (fluid mechanics) SEE: fluid mechanics  ::
hydrometeorology {n} (the branch of meteorology)  :: hydrometeorologia
hydrometer {n} (instrument)  :: hydrometri
hydrophilic {adj} (having an affinity for water)  :: hydrofiilinen
hydrophobia {n} /ˌhaɪdɹəˈfoʊbɪə/ ((pathology) rabies, see also: rabies)  :: vesikauhu, hydrofobia
hydrophobia {n} (fear of water, see also: aquaphobia)  :: veden pelko
hydrophobic {adj} (of, or having, hydrophobia)  :: raivotautinen
hydrophobic {adj} (lacking an affinity for water)  :: hydrofobinen
hydrophyte {n} /ˈhaɪdɹəfaɪt/ (plant that lives in or requires an abundance of water)  :: vesikasvi
hydroplane {v} /ˈhaɪdɹoʊˌpleɪn/ (to skim the surface of water while moving at high speed)  :: joutua vesiliirtoon (of a road vehicle); plaanata, liukua (of a boat)
hydroponics {n} (cultivation of plants in a nutrient solution)  :: vesiviljely
hydropower {n} (hydroelectric power)  :: vesivoima
hydrosphere {n} (waters of the Earth)  :: hydrosfääri, vesikehä
hydrostatic pressure relief system {n} (water isolation for basement)  :: perustuksen kosteuseristys
hydrosulfite {n} (dithionite)  :: hydrosulfiitti
hydrotherapy {n} (technique that uses water for the treatment of disease)  :: vesiterapia, vesihoito
hydroxide {n} (univalent anion)  :: hydroksidi
hydroxyethylpromethazine {n} (medicine)  :: hydroksietyyli-prometatsiini
hydroxyl {n} (-OH)  :: hydroksyyli
hydrozoan {n} (colonial coelenterates of the class Hydrozoa)  :: polyyppieläin
Hydrus {prop} (constellation)  :: Etelän vesikäärme
hyena {n} /haɪˈiːnə/ (mammal)  :: hyeena
hygiene {n} /ˈhaɪdʒiːn/ (conditions and practices that promote and preserve health)  :: hygienia
hygienic {adj} /haɪˈdʒiːnɪk/ (pertaining to hygiene)  :: hygieeninen
hygienist {n} (person skilled in hygienics)  :: hygieenikko, hygienisti
hygrometer {n} (instrument that measures humidity)  :: kosteusmittari
hygrophyte {n} /ˈhaɪɡɹəʊfaɪt/ (type of plant)  :: kosteikkokasvi
hygroscopic {adj} (readily taking up and retaining water)  :: hygroskooppinen
hylozoism {n} (belief)  :: hylotsoismi
hymen {n} /ˈhaɪmən/ (membrane which occludes the vagina)  :: immenkalvo
Hymen {prop} (Greek god of marriage)  :: Hymen
hymeneal {adj} /hʌɪməˈniːəl/ (pertaining to marriage)  :: aviollinen
hymeneal {adj} (pertaining to hymen)  :: immenkalvon [genitive of noun]
hymeneal {n} (hymn, song or poem)  :: häälaulu, häävirsi, häämarssi, hääruno
hymenium {n} (spore bearing surface)  :: itiölava
hymn {n} /hɪm/ (a song of praise or worship)  :: hymni
hymnal {n} /ˈhɪmnəl/ (book or collection of hymns)  :: virsikirja
hymnbook {n} (book of hymns) SEE: hymnal  ::
hymnographer {n} (writer whose subject is hymns)  :: virsikirjailija [writes about hymns]; virsien kirjoittaja [writes hymns]
hymnographer {n} (person who composes hymns)  :: virsisäveltäjä
hymnography {n} (art of composing hymns)  :: hymnografia, virsien säveltäminen
hyoid bone {n} (bone in the neck)  :: kieliluu
hypallage {n} /hɪˈpælədʒi/ (literary device)  :: hypallage, siirretty epiteetti
hypanthium {n} (bottom part of a flower)  :: kukkapohjus
hype {n} /haɪp/ (promotion)  :: mainonta, ylimainonta, hypetys
hype {v} (to promote)  :: hypettää, ylimainostaa
hyperacid {adj} /ˈhaɪ.pɚ.ˌæ.sɪd/ (highly acidic)  :: liikahappoinen
hyperacidity {n} (excess acid)  :: liikahappoisuus
hyperactive {adj} /ˈhaɪp.ə(ɹ)ˌæk.tɪv/ (having an increased state of activity)  :: yliaktiivinen, hyperaktiivinen
hyperactivity {n} (Quality of being hyperactive)  :: hyperaktiivisuus
hyperbaric chamber {n} (vessel containing air at an elevated pressure)  :: painekammio
hyperbola {n} (geometric curve)  :: hyperbeli
hyperbole {n} /haɪˈpɝːbəli/ (rhetorical device)  :: hyperbola
hyperbolic {adj} (exaggerated)  :: hyperbolinen
hyperbolical {adj} (hyperbolic) SEE: hyperbolic  ::
hyperbolic cosine {n} (hyperbolic function)  :: hyperbolinen kosini
hyperbolic function {n} (type of function)  :: hyperbolinen funktio
hyperbolic sine {n} (hyperbolic function)  :: hyperbolinen sini
hyperbolic tangent {n} (hyperbolic function)  :: hyperbolinen tangentti
hyperchlorhydria {n}  :: liikahappoisuus
hypercorrect {adj} (incorrect because of mistaken idea of correctness)  :: hyperkorrekti
hypercorrection {n} /ˌhaɪ.pɚ.kəˈɹɛk.ʃən/ (use of a nonstandard form)  :: hyperkorjaus
hypercube {n} /ˈhaɪ.pɚ.kjuːb/ (a geometric figure)  :: hyperkuutio
hyperekplexia {n} (neurological disorder)  :: hyperekpleksia
hypergeometric distribution {n} (probability distribution)  :: hypergeometrinen jakauma
hyperglycemia {n} (unusually high concentration of sugar in the blood)  :: hyperglykemia
hyperinflation {n} (inflation at a very high rate)  :: hyperinflaatio
Hyperion {prop} /haɪˈpɪːɹi.ən/ (a Titan, the son of Gaia and Uranus)  :: Hyperion
Hyperion {prop} (moon)  :: Hyperion
hyperlink {n} (link from one electronic document to another)  :: hyperlinkki
hyperlink {n} (area on a Web page)  :: hyperlinkki
hyperlipidemia {n} (excess quantity of lipid in the blood)  :: hyperlipidemia, hyperlipemia
hypermarket {n} (combination of department store and supermarket)  :: hypermarketti
hypermetropia {n} (disorder of the vision) SEE: farsightedness  ::
hypernatremia {n} /ˌhaɪ.pɚ.nəˈtɹi.mi.ə/ (abnormally high concentration of sodium in blood plasma)  :: hypernatremia
hypernatremic {adj} /ˌhaɪ.pɚ.nəˈtɹi.mɪk/ (having an abnormally high concentration of sodium in blood plasma)  :: hypernatreeminen
hypernova {n} (the gravitational collapse of a massive star to form a black hole)  :: hypernova
hypernym {n} /ˈhaɪpɚnɪm/ (superordinate grouping word)  :: yläkäsite, hyperonyymi
hyperonym {n} (hypernym) SEE: hypernym  ::
hyperopia {n} (disorder of the vision) SEE: farsightedness  ::
hyperparathyroidism {n} (abnormal increase in parathyroid gland activity)  :: hyperparatyroidismi
hypersexuality {n} (extreme libido)  :: hyperseksuaalisuus
hypersomnia {n} (a state of drowsiness or sleepiness)  :: hypersomnia, liikaunisuus
hyperspace {n} (notional space in science fiction)  :: hyperavaruus
hypersthene {n} (inosilicate)  :: hypersteeni
hypertension {n} (abnormally high blood pressure)  :: hypertensio
hypertext {n} /ˈhaɪpəɹˌtɛkst/ (uncountable: text for the Web)  :: hyperteksti
Hypertext Markup Language {prop} (language)  :: HTML-kieli
hyperthermia {n} (medical condition)  :: liikalämpöisyys, hypertermia
hyperthyroidism {n} (excessive production of hormones by the thyroid)  :: kilpirauhasen liikatoiminta
hyperthyroidism {n} (pathological condition resulting from excess thyroid hormones)  :: kilpirauhasen liikatoiminta, hypertyreoosi
hyperventilate {v} (to breathe quickly and deeply)  :: hyperventiloida
hyperventilation {n} /ˌhaɪpɚˌvɛntəˈleɪʃən/ (the state of breathing faster)  :: hyperventilaatio
hypha {n} (filament that forms the mycelium of a fungus)  :: sienirihma
hyphen {n} /ˈhaɪ.fən/ (symbol used to join words or to indicate a word has been split)  :: (joining compounds) yhdysmerkki, yhdysviiva, väliviiva, (dividing words between lines) tavuviiva
hyphenate {v} /ˈhʌɪf(ə)neɪt/ (to break a word at the end of a line according to the hyphenation rules)  :: tavuttaa
hyphenation {n} /ˌhaɪfəˈneɪʃən/ (inclusion and location of hyphens)  :: tavutus
hypnagogic jerk {n} (hypnic jerk) SEE: hypnic jerk  ::
hypnic jerk {n} (involuntary twitch which occurs just as a person is beginning to fall asleep)  :: säpsähdys
Hypnos {prop} /ˈhɪpnɒs/ (Hypnos, the Greek god of sleep)  :: Hypnos
hypnosis {n} (a trancelike state)  :: hypnoosi
hypnotherapy {n} (treatment of disease through hypnotism)  :: hypnoterapia
hypnotic {adj} /hɪpˈnɒtɪk/ (inducing sleep; soporific)  :: hypnoottinen
hypnotist {n} /ˈhɪpnətɪst/ (person who uses hypnotism)  :: hypnotisoija
hypnotized {adj} (under hypnosis)  :: hypnotisoitu
hypo {n} /ˈhaɪ.poʊ/ (a hypodermic syringe)  :: lääkeruisku, injektioruisku
hypochlorite {n} (salt of hypochlorous acid)  :: hypokloriitti
hypochondria {n} (psychological disorder)  :: luulosairaus, hypokondria, luulotauti
hypochondriac {adj} /ˌhaɪpoʊˈkɑːndɹiæk/ (affected by hypochondria)  :: luulosairas
hypochondriac {adj} (related to the hypochondrium)  :: ylävatsan (genitive of noun)
hypochondriac {n} (person affected with hypochondria)  :: luulosairas
hypochondriacal {adj} (suffering from hypochondria)  :: hypokondrinen
hypochondriasis {n} (excessive fear of or preoccupation with a serious illness)  :: hypokondria
hypochondrium {n} (upper region of the abdomen)  :: ylävatsa
hypocorism {n} /haɪˈpɒ.kəˌɹɪ.zəm/ (a term of endearment)  :: lempinimi
hypocoristic {n} /ˌhaɪpəkəˈɹɪstɪk/ (nickname, especially one indicating intimacy and formed through shortening of the original name)  :: lempinimi
hypocortisolism {n} (cortisol deficiency)  :: hypokortisolismi
hypocrisy {n} /hɪˈpɑkɹəsi/ (Claim, pretense, or false representation of holding beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not actually possess)  :: tekopyhyys, ulkokultaisuus
hypocrite {n} /ˈhɪ.pə.kɹɪt/ (person practising hypocrisy)  :: tekopyhä, ulkokultainen
hypocritical {adj} /hɪpəˈkɹɪtɪkəl/ (characterized by hypocrisy or being a hypocrite)  :: tekopyhä
hypodermis {n} (botany)  :: hypodermi
hypodermis {n} (skin)  :: hypodermi
hypoesthesia {n} (partial loss of sensation)  :: hypoestesia
hypofunction {n} (abnormally low function)  :: vajaatoiminta
hypogee {n} (underground room)  :: hypogaeum
hypoglycemia {n} (low level of blood glucose)  :: hypoglykemia, matala verensokeri
hypohydration {n} (dehydration) SEE: dehydration  ::
hypolimnion {n} (cold layer of water)  :: alusvesi, hypolimnion
hyponym {n} /ˈhaɪ.poʊ.nɪm/ (more specific word)  :: alakäsite, hyponyymi
hypospadias {n} /hʌɪpəˈspeɪdɪəs/ (medicine: a birth defect of the male urethra)  :: hypospadia
hypostasis {n} /ha͡ɪ.ˈpɑ.stəˌsɪs/ (sedimentary deposit)  :: pohjasakka, sedimentti
hypostasis {n} (essential person, the single person of Christ)  :: hypostaasi
hypostasis {n} (inherent reality or substance)  :: hypostaasi
hypostasis {n} (effect of one gene preventing another from expressing)  :: hypostasia
hypostasis {n} (postmortem lividity; livor mortis; suggillation) SEE: livor mortis  ::
hypotaxis {n} (syntactic subordination)  :: alistussuhde
hypotension {n} (disease of abnormally low blood pressure)  :: hypotensio, matala verenpaine
hypotenuse {n} /haɪˈpɑt̬ənjus/ (The side of a right triangle opposite the right angle)  :: hypotenuusa
hypothecation {n} (the use of property as security for a loan)  :: panttaus, vakuusjärjestely, takaus
hypothermia {n} (medical condition)  :: hypotermia, vajaalämpöisyys, alilämpö
hypothermic {adj} (affected by hypothermia)  :: alilämpöinen
hypothesis {n} /haɪˈpɒθɪ̈sɪs/ (tentative conjecture in science)  :: hypoteesi
hypothesis {n} (assumption taken to be true)  :: hypoteesi, olettamus, otaksuma
hypothesis {n} (antecedent of a conditional statement)  :: hypoteesi
hypothesise {v} (to believe or assert)  :: jossitella, arvailla, arvuutella
hypothetic {adj} (based on hypothesis or theory)  :: hypoteettinen
hypothetic {adj} (existing as an abstract concept rather than a concrete reality)  :: hypoteettinen
hypothetical {adj} /ˌhaɪpəˈθɛtɪkl/ (based upon a hypothesis)  :: hypoteettinen
hypothyroidism {n} /ˌhaɪpəˈθaɪɹɔɪˌdɪzəm/ (disease state)  :: kilpirauhasen vajaatoiminta
hypoxia {n} (condition in which tissues are deprived of oxygen)  :: hypoksia
hyrax {n} /ˈhɑɪ.ɹæks/ (mammal of the order Hyracoidea)  :: tamaani
hyssop {n} /ˈhɪ.səp/ (any of several aromatic bushy herbs, of the genus Hyssopus)  :: isoppi, iisoppi
hysterectomy {n} (surgical removal of the uterus or part thereof)  :: kohdunpoisto
hysteresis {n} (a property of a system)  :: hystereesi
hysteria {n} /hɨˈstɛɹijə/ (behavior exhibiting excessive or uncontrollable emotion)  :: hysteria
hysteria {n} (medical disorder)  :: hysteria
hysterically {adv} (in a hysterical manner)  :: hysteerisesti