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r- {prefix} :: alternative form of re-
rabâb {m} [musical instruments] :: rabab
rabâcher {v} :: to harp on (about)
rabâcher {v} :: to go back on one's word; fail to keep a promise
rabais {m} :: discount; reduction in price
rabaissant {adj} :: humiliating, degrading
rabaissement {m} :: humiliating, belittling
rabaissement {m} :: lowering, reduction
rabaisser {v} :: to humiliate, to belittle
rabaisser {v} :: to lower, to reduce
rabane {f} :: raffia
rabat {m} :: flap (of bag, pocket etc.)
Rabat {prop} :: Rabat (the capital of Morocco)
rabat-joie {m} :: killjoy (a wet blanket)
rabattable {adj} :: folding (table etc)
rabattement {m} :: rabatment
rabatteur {m} :: beater (at a shoot)
rabatteuse {f} :: feminine noun of rabatteur
rabattre {v} :: to make something lower
rabattre {v} :: to close, shut (down)
rabattre {v} :: to fold over (covers, curtains etc.)
rabattre {v} :: to turn down (a collar)
rabattre {v} :: to pull down (a skirt)
rabattre {v} :: to reduce, deduct, diminish
rabattre {v} :: to cut back (a plant, tree)
rabattre {vr} :: to cut in
rabattre {vr} [followed by sur] :: to fall back on
rabattre {vr} :: to (swing) shut
rabattu {adj} :: folded
rabbin {m} :: rabbi
rabbinat {m} :: rabbinate
rabbinique {adj} :: rabbinic; rabbinical
rabelaisien {adj} :: Rabelaisian
rabibocher {vt} :: to reconcile
rabique {adj} :: Pertaining to rabies (attributive)
râble {m} [zoology] :: back (of certain quadrupeds)
râble {m} [cooking] :: saddle
râble {m} [jocular] :: back (of person)
râble {m} :: stoker, poker (for hot coals); salt-worker's rake
râblé {adj} :: stocky, sturdy
râbler {v} :: to stoke (a fire) with a poker
rabot {m} :: plane (a tool)
rabotage {m} :: planing, shaving
raboter {vt} :: to plane (use a plane to flatten something)
raboteuse {f} :: planer
raboteux {adj} :: uneven, bumpy (surface)
raboteux {adj} :: rough (voice)
rabougri {adj} :: stunted
rabrouer {v} :: to snub
racaille {f} [derogatory] :: people, mainly young, who engage in antisocial behaviour; rabble, riffraff; rascals
raccommodage {m} :: mending, repairing
raccommodage {m} :: darning
raccommodage {m} :: reconciliation
raccommoder {v} :: to fix, fix up (small things)
raccompagner {v} :: to take back, take home, drive home, drive back, walk home, walk back etc. (escort someone back to where they had come)
raccord {m} :: join (in wallpaper, wood etc.)
raccord {m} :: touch-up (of paint)
raccord {m} [film] :: link shot
raccord {m} [engineering] :: joint
raccordable {adj} :: connectable
raccordé {adj} :: joined up
raccordement {m} :: act of linking, act of joining
raccorder {v} :: to join (up)
raccourci {m} :: shortcut (path)
raccourci {m} [art] :: foreshortening
raccourci {m} [computers] :: shortcut
raccourci clavier {m} :: keyboard shortcut
raccourcir {v} :: to shorten (to make shorter)
raccourcir {v} :: to shorten (to get shorter)
raccourcissement {m} :: shortening
raccroc {m} [formal] :: chance, fluke (random occurrence, luck)
raccrocher {v} :: to hang again; to hang back up
raccrocher {v} :: to hang up (end a phone call)
raccrocher au nez {v} [idiomatic] :: to hang up on someone
raccrocheur {m} [sports] :: A person who plays a fluke shot
raccrocheuse {f} :: feminine singular of raccrocheur
raccrocheuse {f} :: A prostitute (who solicits custom in the streets)
race {f} :: race (classification)
race {f} :: kind
race {f} [zoology] :: breed
racé {adj} :: distinguished; classy
racé {adj} :: pedigree, thoroughbred
racécadotril {m} [medicine] :: racecadotril
racème {m} [botany] :: raceme
racémique {adj} [chemistry] :: racemic
racémisation {f} [chemistry] :: racemization
racémiser {vt} [chemistry] :: to racemize
racer {m} :: racecar
racer {m} :: (any kind of) vehicle used for racing, racer
rachat {m} :: purchase, buyout, action of buying out
rachat {m} :: ransom, sum of money demanded for a hostage
Rachel {prop} :: Rachel (biblical figure)
Rachel {prop} :: given name
Rachelle {prop} {f} [rare] :: given name, a variant of Rachel
racheter {v} :: to buy out, buy off
racheter {vr} :: to make amends
racheteur {m} :: purchaser, buyer (commercial)
racheteuse {f} :: feminine noun of racheteur
rachidien {adj} :: spinal
rachitique {adj} :: rickety
rachitique {adj} :: rachitic
rachitisme {m} [pathology] :: rickets
racial {adj} :: racial
racialement {adv} :: racially
racialisme {m} :: racialism
racialiste {adj} :: racialist
racinaire {adj} [botany] :: root (attributive)
racine {f} [of a tree] :: root
racine {f} [figuratively] :: root, origin
racine {f} [grammar] :: root
racine {f} [mathematics] :: root
racine carrée {f} [mathematics] :: square root
racine cubique {f} [mathematics] :: cube root
raciner {vi} [of plants] :: to take root
racinette {f} :: root beer
racisé {adj} :: of color; not white-skinned
racisme {m} :: racism
raciste {adj} :: racist
raciste {mf} :: racist
racket {m} :: racketeering
racket {m} :: racket, extortion
racketter {v} :: to racketeer
racketteur {m} :: racketeer
raclage {m} :: curettage, scraping
raclée {f} [colloquial] :: hiding, thrashing, beating
raclée {f} [by extension] :: drubbing, heavy defeat
raclement {m} :: scraping (action and sound), scratching
racler {v} :: to scrape (off), to scratch
râcler {v} :: alternative form of racler
raclette {f} :: raclette (dish)
raclette {f} :: squeegee
raclette {m} :: raclette (cheese)
racleur {m} :: scraper (tool)
racloir {m} :: scraper
raclure {f} [literally] :: scraping
raclure {f} [slang] :: piece of shit, scum; filth, crud; louse
racolage {m} :: touting; soliciting
racoler {vt} :: to solicit, tout for (clients, business etc.), to hustle
racoleur {m} :: recruiting officer
racoleur {m} :: tout
racoleur {adj} :: sensationalist
racoleuse {f} :: streetwalker
racontable {adj} :: describable, repeatable
racontage {m} [regional, dated] :: gossip
racontar {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: gossip
raconter {v} :: to recount; to tell; to narrate
raconter des histoires {v} [colloquial] :: to tell tales, to tell fibs, to spin a yarn, to talk nonsense
raconter des salades {v} [colloquial] :: to tell tales, to tell fibs, to spin a yarn, to talk nonsense
raconteur {m} :: storyteller, narrator
raconteuse {f} :: feminine noun of raconteur
racornir {v} :: to harden
radar {m} :: radar
radarastronomie {f} [astronomy] :: radar astronomy (astronomical technique)
radargramme {m} :: radar chart
radasse {f} [slang] :: slut, prostitute
rade {f} :: harbour
rade {m} [slang, archaic] :: pavement [UK], sidewalk [US, Canada]
rade {m} [slang] :: bar, counter [of cafe, bar etc.]
rade {m} :: alternative spelling of rhade
Rade {prop} :: alternative spelling of Rhade
radé {m} :: alternative spelling of rhade
Radé {prop} :: alternative spelling of Rhade
radeau {m} :: raft
Radegonde {prop} {f} :: given name
radhanite {adj} :: Radhanite
radiaire {adj} :: radial
radialement {adv} :: radially
radialène {m} [organic chemistry] :: radialene
radian {m} :: radian
radiateur {m} :: radiator (heating appliance)
radiatif {adj} :: radiative (related to radiation)
radiation {f} :: radiation (all meaning)
radical {adj} :: radical
radical {m} [linguistics, grammar] :: radical, root
radicalaire {adj} [chemistry] :: radical (attributive)
radicalement {adv} :: radically, in a radical fashion
radicalisation {f} :: radicalisation
radicalisé {adj} :: radicalized
radicaliser {vt} :: to radicalize / radicalise
radicalisme {m} :: radicalism
radicalité {f} :: radicalism
radiculaire {adj} [biology] :: radicular
radicule {f} [botany] :: radicle
radier {vt} :: to take off; to rub off; to wipe off (erase by rubbing, wiping)
radier {vt} :: to wipe clean, to take off (remove from a list)
radier {vi} :: to radiate
radier {m} :: sill (protection for a building against water)
radiescence {f} :: radiance
radiescent {adj} :: radiant
radiesthésie {f} :: dowsing
radiesthésiste {mf} :: dowser
radieusement {adv} :: radiantly
radieux {adj} :: radiant
radifère {adj} :: radiferous
radin {adj} [colloquial] :: stingy
radin {m} [colloquial] :: cheapskate, miser
radiner {v} [colloquial] :: arrive, get here, get there
radinerie {f} :: stinginess
radio {f} :: radio, tuner
radioactif {adj} :: radioactive
radioactivation {f} :: radioactivation
radioactivement {adv} :: radioactively
radioactiver {v} :: To irradiate
radioactiver {v} :: To make radioactive
radioactivité {f} :: radioactivity
radioaltimètre {m} :: radio altimeter
radioamateur {m} :: An amateur radio enthusiast
radioamateur {m} :: ham radio, amateur radio (masculine only)
radioamatrice {f} :: amateur radio enthusiast (female)
radioastronome {mf} :: radio astronomer
radioastronomie {f} :: radioastronomy
radioastronomique {adj} [attributive] :: radio astronomy
radiobalisage {m} :: The act of equipping with radio beacons
radiobalise {f} :: radio beacon
radiobaliser {v} :: To equip with radio beacons
radiobiologie {f} :: radiobiology
radioborne {f} [military] :: radio beacon
radiocarbone {m} :: radiocarbon
radiocarbone {adj} [attributive] :: radiocarbon
radiocarbure {m} :: radiocarbide
radiocassette {m} :: radio cassette, boombox
radiocésium {m} :: radiocesium
radiochimie {f} [chemistry, physics] :: radiochemistry
radiochimique {adj} [chemistry] :: radiochemical
radiochimiste {mf} [chemistry] :: radiochemist
radiochirurgie {f} [surgery] :: radiosurgery
radiochronologie {f} :: radiochronology
radiochronologique {adj} :: radiochronological
radiochronologiquement {adv} :: radiochronologically
radiocobalt {m} :: radiocobalt
radiocommande {f} :: radio control
radiocommander {v} :: To operate a device using radio control
radiocompas {m} :: radio direction finder, radio compass
radioconcentrique {adj} :: radioconcentric
radioconducteur {m} :: radioconductor
radioconservation {f} :: food irradiation
radiocristallographie {f} :: radiocrystallography
radiodiagnostic {f} :: radiodiagnostics (diagnostics by means of X-rays or radiochemical tracers)
radiodiffuser {vt} :: to broadcast
radiodiffuseur {m} :: broadcaster
radiodiffusion {f} :: broadcasting
radiodilettante {mf} :: amateur radio enthusiast
radioécologie {f} :: radioecology
radioécologique {adj} :: radioecological
radioélectricité {f} :: radioelectricity
radioélectrique {adj} :: radioelectric
radioélément {m} :: radioelement
radioexposer {v} :: To irradiate; expose to radiation
radioexposition {f} :: irradiation; exposure to radiation
radiofréquence {f} :: radio frequency
radiogalaxie {f} [astronomy] :: radiogalaxy
radiogène {adj} :: radiogenic
radiogénique {adj} [physics] :: radiogenic
radiogoniomètre {m} :: radio direction finder (RDF)
radiogoniométrie {f} :: radiogoniometry, radio direction finding
radiogoniométrique {adj} :: radiogoniometric; radio direction finding (attributive)
radiogramme {m} :: radiogram (message transmitted by radio)
radiographie {f} :: radiography
radiographie {f} :: radiograph
radiographier {v} :: to X-ray; to radiograph
radiographique {adj} :: radiographic
radiographiquement {adv} :: radiographically
radioguidage {m} :: radio control
radioguidage {m} :: (traffic) information given over the radio
radioguider {vt} :: to control by radio
radiolaire {m} :: radiolarian
radiolarite {f} :: radiolarite
radiolésion {m} :: radiolesion, radiation damage
radiolithe {f} [geology] :: radiolite
radiologie {f} [medicine] :: radiology
radiologique {adj} :: radiological
radiologiquement {adv} :: radiologically
radiologiste {mf} :: radiologist (practitioner of radiology)
radiologue {mf} :: radiologist (practitioner of radiology)
radiolyse {f} [chemistry] :: radiolysis
radiomessagerie {f} :: paging (message system)
radiométallographie {f} :: radiometallography
radiomètre {m} :: radiometer (device that measures radiant energy)
radiométrie {f} :: radiometry
radiométrique {adj} :: radiometric
radiomodélisme {m} :: radio-modelling (making and using radio-controlled models)
radionavigant {m} :: radio officer, radio operator
radionavigation {f} :: radio navigation
radionécrose {f} :: radionecrosis (necrosis caused by ionizing radiation)
radionucléide {m} [physics] :: radionuclide
radiopasteuriser {v} :: To radiopasteurize
radiophare {m} :: radio beacon
radiopharmaceutique {adj} :: radiopharmaceutical
radiopharmacie {f} :: radiopharmacy
radiophile {adj} :: radiophilic
radiophile {mf} :: radiophile
radiophonie {f} :: radio (technique, organization), radiophony
radiophonique {adj} :: radio (attributive)
radiophonique {adj} :: radiophonic
radiophoniquement {adv} :: radiophonically
radiophoniste {mf} :: radio operator (especially military)
radiophotographie {f} :: radiophotography
radiopilule {f} :: radiopill
radioplomb {m} :: radiolead
radioprotecteur {m} :: radioprotector
radioprotection {f} :: radiation protection, radioprotection
radioralliement {m} :: homing (onto a radio signal)
radioréalité {m} :: reality radio (the equivalent of reality television)
radiorécepteur {m} :: radio receiver
radiorepérer {v} :: To radiolocate
radioreportage {m} :: radio reporting
radioreporter {m} :: radio reporter
radiorésistant {adj} :: radioresistant
radioréveil {m} :: clock radio
radioroman {m} :: radio drama
radioscoper {v} :: To practise radioscopy
radioscopier {v} :: alternative form of radioscoper
radioscopique {adj} :: radioscopic
radiosensibilité {f} :: radiosensitivity
radiosensible {adj} :: radiosensitive
radiosité {f} [computing] :: radiosity
radiosondage {m} :: radio sounding
radiosonder {v} :: To use a radiosonde to make radio soundings
radiosource {f} [astronomy] :: radio source
radiostériliser {v} :: To radiosterilize
radiotechnicien {m} :: radio technician
radiotechnicienne {f} :: radio technician (female)
radiotechnique {f} :: radio engineering / technology
radiotélégramme {m} :: radiotelegram
radiotélégraphie {f} :: radiotelegraphy (sending telegrams using radio waves)
radiotélégraphier {v} :: To radiotelegraph
radiotélégraphique {adj} :: radiotelegraphic
radiotélégraphiste {mf} :: radiotelegraphist
radiotéléphone {m} :: radiotelephone (device)
radiotéléphonie {f} :: radiotelephony
radiotéléphonique {adj} :: radiotelephonic
radiotéléphoniste {mf} :: radiotelephonist
radio-télescope {m} :: alternative form of radiotélescope
radiotélescope {m} :: radio telescope (astronomical device)
radiotélétype {m} :: radioteletype
radiotélévisé {adj} :: televised
radiotéléviser {v} :: To televise (broadcast television)
radiotélévision {f} :: television (broadcasting system)
radiotélévision {f} :: radio and television company
radiothéâtre {m} :: radio drama
radiothérapeute {mf} :: radiotherapist (specialist of radiotherapy)
radiothérapeutique {adj} :: radiotherapeutic
radiothérapie {f} :: radiotherapy
radiothérapique {adj} :: radiotherapy (attributive)
radiotoxicité {f} :: radiotoxicity
radiotoxicologique {adj} :: radiotoxicological
radiotoxicologue {mf} :: radiotoxicologist
radiotoxique {adj} :: radiotoxic
radiotraceur {m} :: radiotracer
radis {m} :: radish
radium {m} :: radium
radius {m} [skeleton] :: radius
radja {m} :: The Hindu princely title rajah, in various meanings, yet often rendered as king
radjah {m} :: rajah
radon {m} :: radon
radotage {m} :: drivel
radoter {v} :: drivel (to talk nonsense)
radoub {m} [nautical] :: repair, refitting
radouber {vt} [nautical] :: to refit
radouber {vt} :: to repair
radoubeur {m} [nautical] :: refitter
radoucir {v} :: to sweeten
radoucir {v} [figuratively, by extension] :: to appease
radoucissement {m} :: softening (decrease in harshness)
radula {f} :: radula
raëlien {adj} :: Raëlian
raëlien {m} :: Raëlian
raëlisme {m} :: Raëlism
rafale {f} :: gust [of wind]
rafale {f} :: sudden shower [of rain]; flurry [of snow]
rafale {f} :: burst [of gunfire]
raffermir {vt} :: to strengthen
raffermissement {m} :: strengthening
raffinage {m} :: refining
raffiné {adj} :: refined, sophisticated
raffinement {m} :: refinement
raffiner {v} :: to refine
raffiner {v} :: to rarefy
raffinerie {f} :: refinery
raffineur {m} :: refiner (of sugar, petrol etc)
raffoler {vi} [colloquial] :: to be mad (about); to be crazy (for) (have a big passion for)
raffut {m} [colloquial] :: racket, row
raffut {m} [rugby] :: fend; hand off; stiff-arm fend
rafiner {v} :: alternative form of raffiner
rafinerie {f} [obsolete] :: alternative form of raffinerie
rafiot {m} :: tub
rafistolage {m} :: bodge, patching up (makeshift repair)
rafistoler {vt} :: to bodge, patch up
rafler {v} [colloquial] :: to swipe, nick, run off with (steal)
rafler {v} [colloquial, of a prize] :: to scoop
rafraichir {v} :: alternative form of rafraîchir
rafraîchir {v} :: to refresh
rafraîchir {v} :: to cool off
rafraîchir {vr} :: to freshen up
rafraîchissant {adj} :: refreshing
rafraîchissement {m} :: refreshment (the action of refreshing; a means of restoring strength, energy or vigour)
rafraîchissement {m} :: refreshing, cooling
rafraîchissement {m} [in plural] :: refreshments
rafting {m} :: rafting
ragaillardir {vt} :: to cheer up
rage {f} :: rage (fury, anger)
rage {f} :: rabies (disease)
rage de dent {f} [disease] :: alternative form of rage de dents
rage de dents {f} [disease] :: pulpitis; toothache
ragenouiller {v} :: To kneel (down) again
ragequitter {vi} :: to ragequit
rager {v} :: to rage
rageur {adj} :: furious
rageur {adj} :: bad-tempered
rageusement {adv} :: furiously
ragondin {m} :: coypu
ragot {adj} :: small, stunted
ragot {m} :: A small and dumpy person
ragot {m} :: gossip (idle talk)
ragougnasse {f} :: pigswill (bad food)
ragougnasse {f} :: codswallop (incomprehensible speech)
ragoût {m} :: ragout
ragoûtant {adj} :: appetizing, tasty
rai {m} :: ray, beam (of light etc.)
rai {m} :: spoke (of wheel)
raï {m} [music genre] :: raï (form of music originating from Algeria)
raid {m} [military] :: raid
raid aérien {m} :: air raid
raide {adj} :: stiff, straight, rigid
raide {adj} :: stubborn
raide {adj} [of alcohol] :: rough
raide {adj} [slang] :: broke
raide {adj} [slang] :: pissed, hammered; high, stoned
raidement {adv} :: stiffly, rigidly
raidement {adv} :: stubbornly
raideur {f} :: stiffness, rigidity
raideur {f} :: steepness
raidillon {m} :: slope, steep path
raidir {v} :: stiffen (to make stiff)
raidissement {m} :: stiffening
raidissement {m} :: tightening
raie {f} [agriculture] :: furrow
raie {f} :: line
raie {f} :: scratch, mark
raie {f} :: cleft (between the buttocks)
raie {f} :: stripe
raie {f} :: parting (in hair)
raie {f} :: ray (fish)
raifort {m} :: horseradish (condiment, plant)
rail {m} :: rail
raille {mf} :: police informant, rat
raille {mf} :: police
railler {vt} :: to mock, taunt, jeer at
railler {vi} :: to jest
raillerie {f} :: mockery, ridicule
railleur {adj} :: mocking, scoffing
railleur {m} :: mocker, scoffer
railleusement {adv} :: mockingly
railway {m} [Anglicism] :: railway
raine {f} [obsolete] :: frog
rainer {vt} :: to groove (make a groove in)
rainette {f} :: tree frog
rainurage {m} :: grooving; process of making grooves
rainure {f} :: groove
rainurer {v} :: to groove (add grooves to)
Rainville {prop} :: surname
raiponce {f} :: rampion (Campanula rapunculus)
raiponce {f} [botany] :: rampion (Phyteuma)
Raiponce {prop} :: Rapunzel
raïs {m} :: rais
raisin {m} :: grape
raisin {m} :: a size of paper (having such a watermark)
raisin {m} :: a bright red lipstick
raisin de Corinthe {m} :: currant, Zante currant (small dried grape)
raisiné {m} :: A type of conserve made from grapes
raisin sec {m} :: raisin
raison {f} :: reason (cause)
raison {f} :: reason (mental faculties)
raison {f} [mathematics] :: common difference (of an arithmetic series)
raison {f} [mathematics] :: common ratio (of a geometric series)
raison d'État {f} :: a state interest, especially when invoked as politically superior to moral or even legal considerations
raison d'être {f} :: raison d'être
raisonnable {adj} :: reasonable, just, fair, consistent, sensible
raisonnable {adj} :: possessed of reason
raisonnable {adj} :: resigned
raisonnablement {adv} :: reasonably; logically; sensibly
raisonnablement {adv} :: without excesses
raisonnement {m} :: reasoning (act of reasoning)
raisonner {vit} :: to reason
raisonneur {adj} :: argumentative
raïto {f} :: A Provençal sauce made from tomatoes and red wine with olives and capers
rajeunir {vt} :: to rejuvenate
rajeunir {vt} :: to make young
rajeunir {vt} [figuratively] :: to take off (years from someone's age) (to make appear younger)
rajeunir {vt} [figuratively] :: to bring back; to send back (remind of a past time)
rajeunir {vi} :: to get younger
rajeunissant {adj} :: rejuvenating
rajeunissement {m} :: getting younger
rajeunissement {m} :: making younger
rajeunissement {m} :: rejuvenation
rajout {m} :: addition
rajouter {v} :: to re-add; to add again
rajouter {v} :: to put back in
rajustement {m} :: adjustment
rajuster {vt} :: to adjust, readjust, correct
rajuster {vt} :: to straighten, tidy [clothes]
Raków {prop} :: Raków (Polish town 1569–1869 and village 1869–present, important centre of Socinianism in the 16th–17th CC.)
râle {m} :: groan
râle {m} [medicine] :: rale
râle {m} :: rail (bird)
râlement {m} :: groan
râlement {m} :: grumble
ralenti {m} :: slow motion
ralentir {vit} :: to slow down
ralentir {v} :: to abate
ralentissement {m} :: deceleration, slowing down
ralentissement {m} :: traffic jam
ralentisseur {m} :: speed bump
râler {v} :: to groan, to moan
râler {v} :: to grumble, to complain
râleur {adj} :: moaning, groaning
râleur {m} :: moaner, whinger, whiner, kvetch
ralliement {m} :: rally
rallier {v} :: to rally (group or bring together)
rallier {v} :: to rally (motivate)
rallier {v} :: to bring round (convince, cause someone to have the same opinion)
rallier {v} :: to catch up with (reach)
rallier {vr} :: To come round (to) (join a group with a point of view)
rallonge {f} :: extension (something used to make another longer)
rallonge {f} :: extension (lenghtening, increase in time)
rallonge {f} [finance] :: green shoe option
rallongement {m} :: extension
rallonger {v} :: to lengthen (to make longer)
rallumer {vt} :: to relight
rallumer {vt} [figuratively] :: to rekindle, revive
rallye {m} :: rally (motor-racing)
rallystique {adj} [sports] :: rallying (attributive)
râlocher {vit} :: to grunt, grumble
ramadan {m} [Islam] :: Ramadan (holy ninth month of Islamic lunar calendar)
ramancheur {m} [Quebec] :: bonesetter
ramancheux {n} [Quebec] :: alternative form of ramancheur
ramassage {f} :: collection, the act of picking up
ramasser {vt} :: to pick up
ramasser {vt} :: to collect, gather
ramasser {vr} :: to huddle up
ramasser {vr} :: to crouch
ramasser le gantelet {v} [idiomatic] :: take up the gauntlet
ramassette {f} [Belgium] :: dustpan
ramasseur {m} :: gatherer, picker
ramasseuse {f} :: gatherer (female)
ramassis {m} :: bunch
ramassis {m} :: jumble
rambarde {f} :: handrail
ramberge {f} [nautical] :: ramberge
ramberge {f} :: annual mercury (Mercurialis annua)
ramdam {m} :: fuss
rame {f} :: oar, paddle
rame {f} :: ream (of paper)
rame {f} :: train; now especially refers to a subway train or an underground train
rameau {m} :: small branch (woody part of a tree arising from the trunk and usually dividing)
Rameau {prop} :: surname
ramée {f} :: an aggregate of green twigs or branches
ramener {vt} :: to take back, bring back, restore
ramener {vt} :: to draw, pull (back)
ramener {vr} :: to come down, be reduced (à to)
ramener {vr} [colloquial] :: to roll up, to get one's butt somewhere
ramener son grain de sel {v} [figuratively] :: to put in one's two cents
ramequin {m} :: ramekin (dish for baking in oven)
ramer {vi} :: to row
rameur {m} :: rower (someone who does rowing, the sport)
rameuter {v} :: to round up
rameux {adj} [botany] :: ramose
rami {m} :: rummy (the card game)
Rami {prop} :: surname
ramier {m} :: wood pigeon
ramification {f} :: a (criminal) network, offshoots of an (often clandestine) organization
ramification {f} :: ramification, implication
ramification {f} [botany, anatomy] :: ramification
ramifié {adj} :: branched, ramified
ramifier {v} :: To ramify
ramifier {v} :: To divide
ramollir {v} :: to soften, to mollify
ramollir {v} [figuratively] :: to weaken (one's will), to soften up (someone)
ramollir {vp} [se ramollir] :: to become soft, to soften
ramollir {vp} [figuratively, of one's will] :: to weaken, to soften
ramollissement {m} :: softening
ramon {m} [archaic] :: broom
ramonage {m} :: chimney-sweeping
ramoner {vt} :: to sweep a chimney
ramoner {v} [vulgar] :: to fuck
ramoneur {m} :: chimney sweep
rampant {adj} [heraldry] :: rampant
rampant {adj} [architecture] :: tilted
rampant {adj} :: humbly inclined
rampant {adj} [botany] :: extending over the ground rather then climbing upward
rampant {adj} [literature] :: base; common
rampant {adj} [military] :: stranded on the ground as opposed to flying staff
rampe {f} :: ramp
ramper {v} :: to crawl, worm (along); to creep
ramure {f} :: treetop
ramure {f} :: antler
rancard {m} :: alternative form of rencard
rancart {m} :: scrap heap
rance {adj} :: rancid
rancir {vi} :: to go rancid
rancissement {m} :: rancidity
rancoeur {f} :: nonstandard spelling of rancœur
rancœur {f} :: resentment, rancor
rançon {f} :: ransom
rançongiciel {m} [computing] :: ransomware (malware that holds the data of a computer user for ransom)
rançonnage {m} :: ransoming
rançonner {v} :: to ransom
rançonneur {adj} :: ransoming
rançonneur {m} :: ransomer
Rancourt {prop} :: surname
rancune {f} :: resentment, grudge; rancour
rancunier {adj} :: resentful, bitter, spiteful
rand {m} :: rand (currency)
rando {f} :: walk, trek (for pleasure)
randomiser {v} :: to randomize
randonnée {f} :: walk, ramble, trek (for pleasure)
randonner {v} :: to hike, trek, walk around
randonneur {m} :: walker, hiker, backpacker
randonneuse {f} :: feminine noun of randonneur
rang {m} :: A row or line of things placed side-by-side
rang {m} :: A rank or position in a series or hierarchy
rang {m} [knitting] :: A knitting course
rang {m} [Canada, geography] :: A series of land plots narrower than deep, running perpendicular to a river or road
rang {m} [Canada, geography] :: The road serving such a series of plots
rang {m} [military, uncountable] :: The non-officers of an army, taken as a group
rangée {f} :: row (line of objects)
rangée {f} [chess] :: rank
rangement {m} [uncountable] :: place where things are tidied away, e.g. cupboards, shelves, etc
rangement {m} :: action of tidying things away
ranger {m} :: a ranger, one who looks after a region
ranger {v} :: to order, to arrange
ranger {v} :: to put away, to put aside, to stack away, to stow
ranger {vr} [se ranger] :: to go along
Ranger {prop} :: surname
ranidé {m} [usually plural] :: a true frog
ranimer {v} :: to revive
ranimer {v} :: to animate
ranimer {v} [figuratively] :: to motivate, to rally (troops)
ranivore {adj} :: Ranivore. Frog-eating. An example is that the bird-of-prey, the African Marsh Harrier is known as the busard ranivore in French
ranson {f} :: alternative form of rançon
ranulaire {adj} [anatomy] :: ranular
ranule {f} :: ranula
ranz des vaches {m} [music] :: ranz des vaches
Raoul {prop} :: given name equivalent to English Ralph
raout {m} [archaic] :: (social) gathering
rap {m} :: rap; rap music
rapace {adj} :: rapacious, predatory
rapace {adj} [figuratively] :: rapacious, greedy
rapace {m} :: bird of prey
rapace {m} :: raptor
rapacité {f} :: rapacity
râpage {m} :: grating (act of grating; result of this action)
rapailler {v} [Canada] :: To pick up, gather or collect things
rapailler {v} [Canada] :: To group or regroup
rapatriement {m} :: repatriation
rapatrier {vt} :: to repatriate; send home (send back to the country of origin)
rapatrier {vt} :: to reconcile
râpe {f} :: grater
râpe {f} :: rasp
râpé {adj} :: grated
raper {v} :: To rap (to sing rap songs)
râper {v} :: to grate (e.g. cheese)
râper {v} :: to shave (e.g. wood)
rapetasser {vt} [colloquial] :: to patch up
rapetisser {v} :: to shrink or shorten
rapette {f} :: bright eyes (Reichardia picroides)
râpeux {adj} :: grating (causing annoyance)
Raphaël {prop} :: Raphael [biblical character]
Raphaël {prop} :: given name
Raphaëlle {prop} :: given name, feminine form of Raphaël
raphanine {f} [organic compound] :: raphanin
raphé {f} [anatomy] :: raphe
raphia {m} :: raffia
rapide {adj} :: fast, rapid
rapide {adv} [colloquial] :: fast; rapidly; quickly
rapide {m} [especially in plural] :: rapid (stretch of river)
rapide {m} :: express (fast train)
rapide comme l'éclair {adj} [simile] :: quick as a flash
rapidement {adv} :: speedily; quickly
rapidité {f} :: swiftness, fastness, quickness
rapido {adv} [colloquial] :: quick, fast
rapiéçage {m} :: patching
rapiécé {adj} :: patched-up
rapiécer {vt} :: to patch
rapière {f} :: rapier
rapineur {m} :: plunderer, thief
rapineuse {f} :: feminine singular of rapineur
raplapla {adj} :: fatigued
raplapla {adj} :: flat
rappel {m} :: reminder
rappel {m} :: encore (at the end of a performance); curtain call
rappel {m} [on a speed limit sign] :: continuance of an existing speed limit
rappel {m} :: abseil
rappeler {v} :: to call again; to call back
rappeler {v} :: to remind
rappeler {vr} :: to recall, remember (use without de is formal and rare; use with de much more common but still proscribed)
rappeler {v} [climbing] :: to pull through (a rope)
rappeler à l'ordre {vt} :: to bring to heel, to call to order
rapper {v} [music] :: To speak (lyrics) in the style of rap music
rapper {m} [music] :: rapper
rappeur {m} [music] :: rapper
rappeuse {f} :: feminine singular of rappeur
rappliquer {v} [colloquial] :: to arrive, to turn up
rappliquer {v} [colloquial] :: to come back, to return
rapport {m} :: ratio
rapport {m} :: report
rapport {m} :: relationship
rapporté {adj} :: retrieved, brought back
rapporté {adj} :: reported
rapporter {vt} :: To bring back (physically bring something back from where it came from)
rapporter {vt} :: To retrieve
rapporter {vt} :: To fetch
rapporter {vt} :: To take back (physically take something back to where it was)
rapporter {vt} :: To take on (assume responsibility of)
rapporter {vt} :: To report, to tell about (give a report of something experienced)
rapporter {vt} :: To report (to tell an authority about a mishappening)
rapporter {vt} [finance] :: To bring in, to yield
rapporter {vt} :: To bring back (remind about the past)
rapporteur {m} :: reporter (someone who reports)
rapporteur {m} :: telltale
rapporteur {m} :: protractor (instrument)
rapporteuse {f} :: feminine noun of rapporteur
rapport sexuel {m} :: sex; sexual intercourse
rapprochement {m} :: act or process of getting closer, nearer together
rapprochement {m} :: link (between two things)
rapprocher {vt} :: To reapproach, to approach again
rapprocher {vt} :: To come closer to (physically, as in distance)
rapprocher {vt} :: To bring (something or someone) closer to (physically, as in distance)
rapprocher {vt} :: To bring closer (to unite)
rapprocher {vr} [+ de] :: To get closer (to)
rapsodie {f} :: alternative form of rhapsodie
rapt {m} :: kidnapping, abduction
râpure {f} :: grating (result of grating something)
raquer {v} [slang] :: to pay up
raquette {f} :: racket, racquet (for sports)
raquette {f} :: snowshoe
rare {adj} :: rare
raréfaction {f} :: act of becoming more rare
raréfaction {f} [physics, dated] :: rarefaction (reduction in the density of a material)
raréfiable {adj} :: rarefiable
raréfié {adj} :: rarefied
raréfié {adj} :: thin (of density, atmosphere)
raréfier {vt} :: to rarefy, make rarer
raréfier {vr} :: become thinner on the ground, become less and further between, become scarce
rarement {adv} :: rarely, seldom
rarescence {f} :: rarefaction
rareté {f} :: rarity
rarissime {adj} :: extremely rare
rarissimement {adv} :: Very rarely
ras {m} :: ras
ras {adj} :: short
ras {adj} :: close-cropped (of hair etc.)
rasabilité {f} :: shavability
rasade {f} :: A glass full to the brim
rasage {m} :: shave; shaving (act of shaving)
rasant {adj} :: shaving (lightly touching)
rasant {adj} :: boring (annoying)
rascasse {f} :: scorpionfish
ras-de-cou {m} :: choker (necklace)
rasé {adj} :: shaven; shaved
rase-mottes {m} :: a low flying position, hedge-hopping
raser {vt} :: to shave
raser {vt} :: to brush, lightly touch
raser {vt} :: to raze (level to the ground)
raser {vt} [familiar] :: to bore someone
raseur {adj} :: boring, dull
raseur {m} :: a bore, someone dull
rasibus {adv} :: cleanly (cut)
rasibus {adv} :: to the brim
rasibus {adv} :: right now, straight away
ras-le-bol {m} [colloquial] :: discontent
rasoir {m} :: razor
rasoir {adj} [colloquial] :: boring, tiring
rassasié {adj} :: full, satiated
rassasiement {m} [rare] :: glut
rassasiement {m} [rare] :: satiety
rassasier {v} :: to satiate
rassasier {v} :: to satisfy
rassasier {vr} :: to have enough of something, to get one's fill
rassemblement {m} :: gathering; assembly
rassembler {vt} :: to assemble
rassembler {vt} :: to gather, summon up (courage)
rassembler {vt} :: to collect
rassembler {vr} [with "se"] :: to gather together, congregate
rassembler {vr} [with "se"] :: to assemble
rassembleur {adj} :: unifying
rassembleur {adj} :: rallying
rasseoir {v} :: to re-sit, to sit back down (sit once again)
rasséréné {adj} :: serene
rasséréner {v} [rare, literary] :: to reassure
rasséréner {v} [rare, literary] :: to calm down
rassir {vi} :: to go stale
rassis {adj} :: stale (having lost its freshness)
rassoir {v} :: alternative spelling of rasseoir
rassortir {vt} :: to restock
rassortir {vt} :: to match
rassurant {adj} :: reassuring
rassurer {v} :: to reassure
rastafarisme {m} :: Rastafarianism
rat {m} :: rat
rat {m} [colloquial] :: sweetheart
rat {m} :: scrooch
ratage {m} :: failure
ratahan {m} :: Ratahan (Austronesian language)
ratatiné {adj} :: shrivelled, wizened
ratatiner {vti} :: to shrink
ratatiner {vp} :: to shrivel (up)
ratatiner {v} [colloquial] :: to damage, mess up; to destroy
ratatiner {v} [slang] :: to kill
ratatiner {v} [slang] :: to soundly defeat; to cream
ratatouille {f} :: A traditional French Provençal stewed vegetable dish consisting primarily of tomatoes, zucchini and eggplant, with other ingredients
ratatouille {f} [Louisiana French] :: beating, whipping
rat de bibliothèque {m} [figuratively] :: bookworm (avid reader, particular one who frequents libraries)
rat de bois {m} [Louisiana French, ] :: opossum
rat d'égout {m} :: sewer rat
rat d'hôtel {m} :: one who steals from hotels
rate {f} :: spleen
rate {f} :: feminine noun of rat; female rat
raté {adj} [colloquial] :: failed, screwed up
raté {adj} [colloquial] :: missed
raté {m} [colloquial, of a person] :: a failure, a washout
râteau {m} :: rake
râteau {m} [figurative] :: rebuke, rejection, blow off, knockback
râtelier {m} :: hayrack; rack (for tools etc.)
râtelier {m} [colloquial] :: false teeth, dentures
rater {vt} :: to miss (an event or a thing)
rater {vi} :: to fail
rater {vt} [colloquial] :: to screw up; to mess up
rater le coche {v} [figuratively] :: to miss the boat, to miss the bus
raticide {m} :: rat poison
ratier {m} :: mouser (cat)
ratière {f} :: mouser (cat, female)
ratière {f} :: rat-trap
ratière {f} [slang] :: the clink, slammer
ratification {f} :: ratification
ratifier {v} :: to ratify [give formal consent to]
ratio {m} [mathematics] :: ratio
ratiocinatif {adj} :: ratiocinative
ration {f} :: ration
rationalisation {f} :: rationalisation
rationaliser {vt} :: to rationalize
rationaliser {vt} :: to streamline (to make more efficient)
rationalisme {m} :: rationalism
rationaliste {adj} :: rationalist
rationaliste {mf} :: rationalist
rationalité {f} :: rationality
rationné {adj} :: rationed
rationnel {adj} [geography, astronomy, physics, arithmetic] :: rational
rationnellement {adv} :: rationally
rationnellement {adv} :: logically
rationnement {m} :: rationing
rationner {v} :: to ration; ration out
Ratisbonne {prop} {f} :: Regensburg (city in Germany)
ratissage {m} :: raking, combing, sweeping
ratissage {m} [police slang] :: search, search and sweep (operation), ratissage
ratisser {v} :: to rake (to use a rake to collect things together)
râtisser {v} :: to rake (to use a rake to collect things together)
ratisser large {v} [figuratively] :: to cast one's net wide
ratite {m} :: ratite
rat musqué {m} [Louisiana French, ] :: musk-rat
raton {m} :: young rat
raton {m} :: raccoon
raton {m} [pejorative] :: someone of Arab or Algerian descent
raton laveur {m} :: raccoon
ratonnade {f} :: Racially-motivated violence
ratonne {f} :: feminine noun of raton
ratonner {v} :: To engaging in racist attacks
rattachement {m} :: attachment
rattacher {vt} :: to attach, fix, fix on, put on, link
rattacher {vt} :: to post [an employee]
rattacher {vt} :: to reattach, put back on
rattacher {vt} :: to connect back (to)
rattacher {vt} :: to join together, put together
rattacher {vt} :: to have an attachment to
rattachisme {m} :: rattachism
rattrapage {m} :: act of catching
rattrapage {m} :: catching up
rattrapage {m} :: recovery
rattrape {f} :: instance of one trapeze artist catching another
rattraper {vt} :: to get back [something which is lost]
rattraper {vt} :: to catch up (with) (arrive at the same level as)
rattraper {vt} :: to catch [e.g. an elevator]
rattraper le temps perdu {v} :: to make up for lost time
raturer {v} :: to cross out
raturer {v} :: to correct
raucité {f} :: hoarseness, huskiness
rauque {adj} :: hoarse (afflicted by a dry, quite harsh voice)
ravage {m} [archaic] :: The act of laying waste
ravager {v} :: to ravage, to ruin
ravages {mp} :: damages, destruction caused by man or nature
ravages {mp} :: deteriorations caused by natural processes such as time or disease
ravages {mp} [archaic] :: great damages caused by man through violence; pillage or sacking
ravageur {adj} :: devastating, destructive
ravageur {adj} :: scathing
ravalement {m} :: restoration
ravaler {vt} :: to restore
ravaler {vt} :: to swallow again
ravaler {vt} :: to debase
ravanela {f} :: A type of rocket (Diplotaxis erucoides)
ravaudage {m} :: mending
ravauder {vt} :: to mend
rave {m} :: beet, turnip
rave {m} :: rave party
Ravel {prop} :: surname
ravenelle {f} :: wallflower, wild radish (plant)
Ravenne {prop} {f} :: Ravenna (city and province in Italy)
ravet {m} [Antilles, Louisiana French] :: cockroach
raveur {m} :: raver
raveuse {f} :: feminine noun of raveur
ravi {adj} :: thrilled, overjoyed, delighted, ravished, chuffed
ravigoter {v} :: to reinvigorate
ravin {m} :: ravine
ravine {f} :: a small ravine or gully
ravine {f} :: beginning of a furrowing or formation of a ravine
raviner {vt} :: to furrow
ravioli {m} :: ravioli
ravir {v} :: to ravish (to seize by force)
ravir {v} :: to ravish, delight or thrill (transport with joy)
ravir {v} :: to charm, bewitch, dazzle or fascinate
ravir {v} :: to plunder, rob or loot
ravir {v} :: to kidnap or abduct
raviser {vr} :: to change one's mind, reconsider
ravissamment {adv} :: ravishingly, delightfully, entrancingly
ravissant {adj} :: ravishing, delightful, entrancing
ravissement {m} :: ravishment
ravisseur {m} :: robber
ravisseur {m} :: kidnapper, abductor
ravitaillable {adj} :: refuelable / refuellable (in flight)
ravitaillement {m} :: supplies
ravitailler {v} :: to resupply (army etc.)
ravitailler {v} :: to refuel
ravitailler {v} :: to revictual (archaic)
ravitailler {vr} :: to stock up, take on fresh supplies
ravitailleur {adj} :: refueling
ravitailleur {m} [nautical] :: supply vessel
raviver {v} :: to revive
raviver {v} :: to rekindle (a fire)
ravoir {v} [chiefly Quebec, Louisiana French] :: To have back, to get back
raya {m} :: rayah, member of the non-Muslim population of the Ottoman empire
rayé {adj} :: striped
rayer {v} :: to line, to make lines on, to mark with lines (e.g. a piece of paper)
rayer {v} :: to cross out, to cross off (remove something from a list)
rayer {v} :: to wipe off (remove)
raygrass {m} :: ray grass
Raymond {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Raymond
Raymond {prop} :: surname
Raymonde {prop} :: given name, a feminine form of Raymond
Raynauld {prop} :: surname
rayon {m} [geometry] :: radius
rayon {m} :: ray, beam (of light etc.)
rayon {m} :: spoke (of wheel)
rayon {m} :: comb (of honey)
rayon {m} :: shelf
rayon {m} :: department (of department store), section (of shop)
rayon d'action {m} :: range
rayon d'action {m} [figuratively] :: range, field of action
rayonnage {m} :: shelving (set of shelves)
rayonnant {adj} :: radiant, effulgent, gleaming
rayonné {adj} :: radiating, radiated
rayonnement {m} :: radiation, spread
rayonnement {m} [figuratively] :: indoctrination
rayonner {v} :: to radiate, to spread out
rayon X {m} :: X-ray
rayure {f} :: scratch (on the surface of something)
rayure {f} :: ray, strip, stripe, streak, stroke, dash
raz {m} :: current, race (used only in the expression raz-de-marée, meaning tsunami)
raz-de-marée {m} :: tsunami
raz-de-marée {m} :: storm surge
razzia {f} [military] :: raid
razzier {v} :: To raid
rb {abbr} [basketball] :: rebound
RBBG {f} :: RBBG (rubber ball blast grenade)
RC {initialism} [Canada] :: Radio Canada
RCI {initialism} [Canada, radio] :: Radio Canada International
RDP {initialism} [Quebec] :: initialism of Rivière-des-Prairies (a municipality in the province of Quebec, Canada)
rdv {abbr} :: rendezvous, meeting
-re {suffix} :: One of the three main verb endings, along with -er and -ir
re- {prefix} :: re-
ré- {prefix} :: re-
{m} [music] :: re, the note 'D'
{prop} {m} :: (also Île-de-Ré)
réabonnement {m} :: renewal of a subscription
réabonner {v} :: resubscribe (subscribe again or renewing a subscription)
réabsorber {vt} :: to reabsorb
réac {mf} [colloquial] :: reactionary (person)
réaccélérer {v} :: To reaccelerate
réactant {m} [chemistry] :: reactant
réacteur {m} :: reactor (a device which uses atomic energy to produce heat)
réacteur {m} :: reaction engine, jet engine
réactif {m} [chemistry] :: reagent
réactif {adj} :: reactive
réaction {f} :: reaction (action in response to an event)
réaction {f} [sciences] :: reaction
réaction de Maréchal {f} [medicine] :: Marechal's test
réaction en chaîne {f} [chemistry] :: chain reaction (nuclear reaction in which particles produced by the fission of one atom trigger fissions of other atoms)
réactionnaire {adj} [often pejorative] :: reactionary
réactionnaire {mf} [often pejorative] :: reactionary
réactionnairement {adv} :: reactionarily
réactionnel {adj} [chemistry] :: reaction (attributive)
réactivation {f} :: reactivation (the activation of something previously inactive or inactivated)
réactivement {adv} :: reactively
réactiver {v} :: to reactivate
réactivité {f} :: reactivity (all senses)
réactualiser {vt} :: to revive
réactualiser {vt} :: to update, bring up to date
réadaptation {f} :: rehabilitation
réadaptation {f} :: readjustment
réadaptation {f} :: readaptation
réadapter {vt} :: to readjust
réadapter {vt} :: to rehabilitate
réadapter {vt} :: to readapt
réadmettre {v} :: to readmit
réadoubement {m} :: reknighting
réaffectation {f} :: reallocation, reassignment
réaffecter {v} :: To reallocate, reassign
réaffirmation {f} :: reaffirmation
réaffirmer {v} :: to reaffirm
réagir {v} :: to react, respond
réagir {v} [chemistry] :: to react
réagissable {adj} [chemistry, extremely, rare] :: Reactable: capable of, or susceptible to, reacting
réagissant {adj} [chemistry] :: reacting
réagrégation {f} :: reaggregation
réajouter {v} :: alternative form of rajouter
réajustement {m} :: readjustment (a second, or subsequent adjustment)
réajuster {vt} :: to adjust, readjust
réal {m} :: real (former currency of Spain)
réal {m} :: real (currency of Brazil)
réaléser {v} :: To reream, rebore
réalgar {m} [mineralogy] :: realgar
réaligner {v} :: To realign
réalimenter {vt} :: to replenish
réalisable {adj} :: realisable; doable
réalisateur {m} :: director (of movies)
réalisation {f} :: making; creation; realization
réalisatrice {f} :: feminine noun of réalisateur; a female director
réaliser {v} :: to direct (a movie)
réaliser {v} :: to fulfill (a dream)
réaliser {v} :: to perform (activities, task)
réaliser {v} :: to finish making
réaliser {v} :: to carry out, make
réaliser {v} :: to realise/realize (to make real)
réaliser {v} :: to realise/realize (to become aware of)
réalisme {m} [arts] :: realism
réaliste {mf} :: realist (follower of realism)
réaliste {adj} :: realistic
réalistement {adv} :: realistically
réalistiquement {adv} :: realistically
réalité {f} :: reality
réalité augmentée {f} :: augmented reality
réallocation {f} :: reallocation
réallouer {vt} :: to reallocate
réaménagement {m} :: restructuration
réaménager {v} :: to change a layout
réanimation {f} :: revival, resuscitation
réanimation {f} :: intensive care
réanimer {v} :: to reanimate, to revive (bring back to life)
réannexer {v} :: To reannex
réapparaitre {v} :: post-1990 spelling of réapparaître
réapparaître {v} :: to reappear
réapparaître {v} [video games] :: to respawn
réapparition {f} :: reappearance
réapprendre {vt} :: to relearn
réappropriation {f} :: reappropriation, reacquisition
réapproprier {vr} :: to reappropriate, to repossess, to reacquire
réapprovisionnement {m} :: restocking, replenishment
réapprovisionner {vt} :: to restock
réarmement {m} :: rearmament
réarmer {v} :: to rearm (with weaponry)
réarrangement {m} :: rearrangement
réarranger {vt} :: to rearrange
réassignation {f} :: reassignment
réassortiment {m} :: restocking
réassortiment {m} :: reassortment
réassortir {vt} :: to restock
réassortir {vt} :: to reassort
réassurance {f} :: reinsurance
réassurer {v} :: to reinsure; reassure
réassureur {m} :: reinsurer
réattribution {f} :: reattribution
réautoriser {v} :: to reauthorize
rebadigeonner {v} :: To smear or whitewash again
rebaiser {v} :: To fuck (originally to kiss) again
rebaisser {v} :: To lower again
rebander {v} :: to rebandage
rebander {v} :: to re-flex, to retighten
rebander {v} [slang, vulgar] :: to get one's erection back
rebaptiser {v} :: to rechristen
rébarbatif {adj} :: daunting, forbidding, off-putting
rebâtir {v} :: to rebuild
rebâtisseur {m} :: rebuilder
rebâtisseuse {f} :: feminine singular of rebâtisseur
rebattre {v} :: to beat again, defeat again
rebattre {v} :: to beat up again
rebattre {v} :: to fight again
rebattre {v} [cooking] :: to whisk or whip eggs
rebattre {v} [card games] :: to reshuffle
rebattre les oreilles {v} [colloquial] :: to harp on about something, talk someone's ear off
rebattu {adj} :: hackneyed
Rebecca {prop} {f} [biblical character] :: Rebekah (Biblical character)
Rebecca {prop} {f} :: given name, cognate to English Rebecca
Rébecca {prop} [biblical character] :: Rebekah (biblical character)
Rébecca {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Rebecca
rebelle {adj} :: rebellious
rebelle {m} :: rebel
rebeller {vr} :: to rebel
rebellion {f} :: alternative form of rébellion
rébellion {f} :: rebellion (armed resistance)
rebeu {m} [re-verlan, verlan, backslang] :: synonym of beur
rebeue {f} :: feminine singular of rebeu
rebiffer {vp} [colloquial] :: to rebel, revolt
reblochon {m} :: Reblochon (cheese)
rebloguer {v} :: reblog
reboire {v} :: to re-drink; to drink again
reboisement {m} :: reforestation
reboiser {v} :: to reforest
rebond {m} :: recovery from setback, rebound
rebond {m} :: bounce
rebond {m} [basketball] :: rebound
rebondi {adj} :: plump
rebondi {adj} :: puffy
rebondir {v} :: to bounce, rebound
rebondissement {m} :: rebound, bounce back
rebondissement {m} :: plot twist
re-bonjour {interj} :: alternative form of rebonjour
rebonjour {interj} [familiar, colloquial] :: hello again; hi again
rebord {m} :: ledge
rebord {m} :: rim, edge
reboucher {vt} :: to recork, recap, etc. (a bottle)
reboucher {vt} :: to fill back in, to fill up again (a hole)
reboucher {vt} :: to stop up
rebouillir {v} :: to reboil
rebourrer {v} :: To stuff etc again
rebours {adj} [archaic] :: churlish, disagreeable
rebours {m} [archaic except in set phrases] :: opposite, reverse
rebouteur {m} :: bonesetter
rebouteuse {f} :: feminine noun of rebouteur
rebouteux {m} :: alternative form of rebouteur
reboutonner {vt} :: to button up
rebrousser {v} :: to brush over
rebrousser chemin {v} :: to retrace one's steps, to turn back
rebrûler {v} :: To reburn
rebuffade {f} :: rebuff
rébus {m} :: rebus (puzzle)
rebut {m} [archaic] :: casting-off, throwing-away
rebut {m} :: cast-off; scrap, rubbish
rebut {m} :: scum, dreg
rebut {m} :: dead letter
rebutant {adj} :: repulsive, repellent
rebuter {v} :: to reject; turn down
rebuter {v} :: to send someone packing; to kick to the curb
rebuter {v} :: to disgust; to put off
recadrage {m} :: cropping (of an image)
recadrage {m} :: pan and scan (of a video)
recadrer {vt} [photography] :: to crop
recadrer {vt} :: to pan and scan
recadrer {vt} [figuratively] :: to put a new spin on, send in a new direction
récalcitramment {adv} :: recalcitrantly, rebelliously
récalcitrant {adj} :: recalcitrant, rebellious
recaler {v} :: to fail (a test)
recalibrage {m} :: recalibration
récap {m} :: clipping of récapitulatif
récap {f} :: clipping of récapitulation
recapitalisation {f} :: recapitalization
recapitaliser {vt} :: to recapitalize
récapitulatif {m} :: summary
récapitulatif {adj} :: serving to recapitulate
récapitulation {f} :: recapitulation
récapituler {v} :: to recapitulate, sum up
recapture {f} :: recapture
recaser {v} :: To refit
recel {m} [legal] :: receiving (stolen goods)
receler {vt} :: to conceal
receler {vt} [legal] :: to receive [stolen goods]
receler {vt} :: to harbour
recéler {vt} :: alternative form of receler
receleur {m} :: Someone who hides or buys and sells stolen goods, a fence, a receiver (of stolen goods)
receleuse {f} :: feminine noun of receleur
récemment {adv} :: recently
recensement {m} :: census (official count of members of a population)
recenser {v} :: to census, to take a census
recenseur {m} :: census taker, enumerator
recenseuse {f} :: feminine singular of recenseur
recension {f} :: critique, review
recension {f} :: recension
récent {adj} :: recent
recentrage {m} :: refocusing
recentrer {v} :: to refocus
récépissé {m} :: receipt
réceptacle {m} :: receptacle
réceptacle {m} :: repository
réceptacle {m} :: recipient
récepteur {m} :: receiver
réceptif {adj} :: receptive
réception {f} :: reception (action of receiving)
réception {f} :: reception (welcoming)
réception {f} :: reception (place at the entrance of a business)
réceptionnaire {mf} :: receiving (goods in) clerk
réceptionner {vt} :: to take delivery of
réceptionner {vt} :: to receive
réceptionniste {mf} :: receptionist
réceptivité {f} :: receptivity, receptiveness
réceptivité {f} :: susceptibility
récessif {adj} [genetics] :: recessive
récession {f} [economics] :: recession
recette {f} :: recipe, receipt
recette {f} :: income
recette {f} :: acceptance testing
recetter {v} [computer] :: to do an acceptance test on
recevabilité {f} :: admissibility
recevable {adj} :: acceptable, admissible
recevable {adj} :: receivable
receveur {m} :: receiver, collector
receveur {m} [baseball] :: catcher
receveuse {f} :: feminine noun of receveur
recevoir {v} :: to receive
rechange {f} :: [de ~] replacement, spare, change (of clothes)
rechanger {v} :: To change again
rechaper {vt} :: to remould, retread [a tyre/tire]
réchapper {vi} :: to come through (survive something perilous)
rechargeable {adj} :: rechargeable
rechargement {m} :: recharge
recharger {v} :: to recharge (add more electricity to)
recharger {v} :: to reload (e.g. a gun)
réchaud {m} :: stove; burner
réchauffe {f} :: reheat, afterburning (in an aero engine)
réchauffement {m} :: reheating, heating, warming
réchauffer {v} :: reheat
réchauffer {v} :: heat up
réchauffiste {mf} :: warmist
rêche {adj} :: rough, coarse
recherche {f} :: research
recherché {adj} :: sought-after
rechercher {v} :: to search for, to look for
rechercher {v} :: to search again, to look for again
rechigné {adj} [literary] :: objectionable
rechigner {vi} [colloquial] :: to display reluctance in doing something
rechute {f} :: relapse, recurrence
rechuter {v} :: to relapse, to recur
récidive {f} [medicine] :: relapse, reoccurrence
récidive {f} [legal] :: reoffending, recidivism
récidiver {vi} :: to reoffend, to recidivate
récidiviste {adj} :: reoffending
récidiviste {mf} :: repeat offender
récif {m} :: reef (rocks at or near surface of the water)
récifal {adj} :: reefal, reef
récif corallien {m} :: coral reef
récipiendaire {mf} :: recipient, receiver (someone who receives, e.g. an award)
récipient {m} :: container, vessel, recipient
réciprocable {adj} :: reciprocable
réciprocation {f} :: reciprocation
réciprocité {f} :: reciprocity
réciproque {adj} :: reciprocal
réciproque {f} [mathematics] :: converse
réciproquement {adv} :: reciprocally; one another; vice versa
récit {m} :: recital
récit {m} :: account, narrative (the telling of a story or event)
récital {m} :: recital
récitant {m} :: narrator, reciter
récitante {f} :: narrator, reciter (female)
récitatif {m} [music] :: recitative
récitation {f} :: recitation (act of reciting, material recited)
réciter {vt} :: to recite, to declaim
réclamant {m} :: claimant
réclamante {f} :: feminine singular of réclamant
réclamation {f} :: claim; complaint
réclame {m} :: a falconry call and sign for the bird of prey to return to the falconer; reclaim
réclame {f} :: a small, commercial advert, originally in the printed press
réclame {f} [by extension] :: all similar advertising
réclamer {vt} :: to protest
réclamer {vt} :: to object
réclamer {vt} :: to claim, reclaim
reclassement {m} :: reclassification
reclassement {m} :: regrading
reclassement {m} :: redeployment
reclasser {v} :: to reclassify
reclassification {f} :: synonym of reclassement
reclore {v} [rare] :: to reclose (close again)
reclus {adj} :: reclusive
reclus {m} :: recluse
réclusion {f} :: reclusion
recoiffer {v} :: to fix one's hair (again, or after being disturbed)
recoin {m} :: hidden and out-of-way corner, recess, nook
recoin {m} [figurative] :: deepest corner, inner sanctum
reçoir {v} [Louisiana French, Cajun French, ] :: alternative form of recevoir, to receive
récoler {v} :: to collate, compare, review, verify
recollement {m} :: reattachment
recoller {v} :: to restick, to stick back, reattach
récollet {m} :: Recollect (member of the Frères mineurs récollets
recoloniser {v} :: To recolonize
récolte {f} :: harvest
récolter {v} :: to harvest (to reap)
récolteur {adj} :: reaper; harvester
recombinaison {f} :: recombination
recombinent {adj} :: recombinant
recommandable {adj} :: commendable, worthy
recommandablement {adv} :: commendably, worthily
recommandation {f} :: recommendation
recommandatoire {adj} :: recommendatory
recommandé {adj} :: recommended
recommandé {adj} [of mail, letters] :: registered
recommandé {m} :: ellipsis of courrier recommandé: recorded delivery, registered mail
recommander {v} :: to command, to order
recommander {v} :: to recommend, to endorse
recommençant {m} :: returnee (person who left a religion, then returned)
recommençante {f} :: feminine singular of recommençant
recommencer {v} :: to restart, start again
recomparaitre {v} :: alternative spelling of recomparaître
recomparaître {v} :: to reappear before a judge or government official
récompense {f} :: reward, recompense
récompense {f} :: prize, award
récompenser {v} :: to award
recomposer {v} :: to reconstruct, reconstitute
recomposition {f} :: recomposition
recomposition {f} [linguistics] :: process by which a compound word which has undergone phonetic changes is reformed anew from its constituents; the result of that process
recompter {v} :: to recount (count again)
reconcentré {adj} :: reconcentrated
reconcentrer {vt} :: to reconcentrate
reconceptualiser {v} :: to reconceptualize
réconciliable {adj} :: reconcilable
réconciliation {f} :: reconciliation (process of matching and comparing figures from accounting records against those presented on a bank statement)
réconcilier {vt} :: to reconcile
recondenser {v} :: To recondense
reconditionner {v} :: to recondition
reconductible {adj} :: renewable
reconduction {f} :: renewal
reconduire {vt} :: to renew
reconduire {vt} :: to accompany (somebody back somewhere); to take (back)
reconduite {f} :: escorting
reconfiguration {f} :: reconfiguration, reorganization
reconfigurer {vt} :: to reconfigure
réconfort {m} :: comfort, solace
réconfort {m} :: reassurance
réconforter {vt} :: to comfort
reconnaissable {adj} :: recognizable (able to be recognized)
reconnaissablement {adv} :: recognizably
reconnaissance {f} :: reconnaissance
reconnaissance {f} :: thankfulness
reconnaissance {f} :: recognition
reconnaissant {adj} :: grateful, thankful
reconnaitre {v} :: to recognise
reconnaître {v} :: to recognise (something or someone that one has encountered before)
reconnaître {v} :: to admit
reconnecter {vt} :: to reconnect
reconnecter {vr} [se reconnecter] :: to reconnect
reconnexion {f} :: reconnection
reconnoître {v} :: obsolete spelling of reconnaître
reconquérir {v} :: to reconquer
reconquérir {v} :: to regain, to win back
reconquête {f} :: reconquest (act of reconquering)
reconsacrer {v} :: To reconsecrate
reconsiderer {v} :: obsolete spelling of reconsidérer
reconsidérer {v} :: to reconsider
reconsolider {v} :: To reconsolidate
reconstituant {adj} :: restorative
reconstitué {adj} :: recreated, reconstructed
reconstituer {v} :: to re-form (a group, association)
reconstituer {v} :: to recreate (a past time, decor etc.)
reconstituer {v} :: to reconstruct (a crime)
reconstituer {v} :: to piece together again (something broken)
reconstituer {v} :: to build up again (e.g. reserves of something)
reconstitution {f} :: reconstitution
reconstitution {f} :: reenactment (of a historical event)
reconstruction {f} :: reconstruction
reconstructionniste {adj} :: reconstructionist
reconstructionniste {mf} :: reconstructionist
reconstruire {v} :: rebuild (to build again)
recontacter {vt} :: to recontact
reconversion {f} :: reconversion
reconvertir {v} :: to reconvert
reconvoluer {v} :: To reconvolve
recopiage {m} :: transcribing
recopier {vt} :: to copy (again)
recopier {vt} :: to transcribe
recopieur {m} :: recopier
record {m} :: record (most extreme known value of some achievement)
recorder {v} [obsolete] :: to say something repetitively in order to learn
recorder {v} :: to restring
recordman {m} :: record holder, usually a world record holder
recordwoman {f} :: a female record holder, usually a world record
recors {m} :: bailiff's assistant; (pejorative) bumbailiff, tipstaff, catchpoll
recoucher {vr} [se recoucher] :: to go back to bed
recoudre {vt} :: to resew, mend (a thing torn or unraveled)
recoudre {vt} [surgery] :: to stitch together, to close (an incision or wound) with surgical stitches
recoudre {vt} [figuratively] :: to stitch or piece together, as memories
recoupement {m} :: overlap
recoupement {m} :: crosschecking
recouper {vt} :: to recut
recourbé {adj} :: curved (back)
recourbé {adj} :: hooked
recourber {vt} :: to bend (back), curl
recourir {v} :: to run again, to race again
recourir {v} [à] :: to resort (to), to turn (to)
recours {m} :: recourse, resort, way out
recours {m} [legal] :: appeal
recousu {adj} :: sewn, stitched (up)
recouvert {adj} :: coated, covered
recouverture {f} :: re-covering
recouverture {f} :: complete or extensive coverage
recouvrable {adj} :: recoverable
recouvrement {m} :: recovery, retrieval
recouvrement {m} :: covering; overlap
recouvrer {vt} [formal] :: to recover (get back into one's possession)
recouvreur {m} :: recoverer (person who recovers debts etc)
recouvreuse {f} :: feminine singular of recouvreur
recouvrir {v} :: to cover again or completely
recouvrir {v} :: to cover up
recracher {vt} :: to spit out
récré {f} [colloquial, school slang] :: recess [US]
recréateur {adj} :: recreative
recréateur {m} :: recreator
recréateur {m} [acting] :: recreator
récréatif {adj} :: recreational
recréation {f} :: recreation (process of recreating or result of this process)
récréation {f} :: recreation, recess [USA]
récréationnel {adj} :: recreational (used for recreation, for fun or pleasure)
récréativement {adv} :: recreationally
recréatrice {f} :: feminine singular of recréateur
recréditer {vt} :: to refund, to credit back
recréditer {vt} :: to top up, to recharge
recréer {v} :: to recreate
récréer {v} [literary] :: To rejoice, celebrate, entertain
recrépir {v} :: to rerender
récrier {v} :: to exclaim or cry out
récrimination {f} :: recrimination
récrimination {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: bitter criticism
récriminer {vi} :: to recriminate
récriminer {vi} :: to remonstrate
récrire {v} :: to rewrite (to write anew)
récrire {v} :: to rewrite (to change the wording of something written)
récrire {v} :: to write back (to reply to a written message by writing)
recristallisation {f} :: recrystallization
recristallisé {adj} :: recrystallized
recristalliser {v} :: to recrystallize
recroire {v} :: to rebelieve
recroiser {v} :: To recross
recroitre {v} :: alternative form of recroître
recroître {v} :: to reincrease; to reaugment
recroqueviller {vp} :: to curl up, to shrivel (up)
recru {adj} :: tired, exhausted
recrudescence {f} :: recrudescence
recrudescence {f} :: an instance of recrudescence
recrudescent {adj} :: recrudescent, reemerging
recrue {f} :: recruit
recrutement {m} :: recruitment
recruter {v} :: to recruit
recruteur {m} :: recruiter
rectal {adj} :: rectal
rectangle {m} :: rectangle
rectangle {adj} :: right-angled (of a triangle)
rectangloïde {m} [geometry] :: rectangloid, rectanguloid
rectangulaire {adj} :: rectangular
rectangulairement {adv} :: rectangularly
recteur {m} :: rector; chancellor; president; education officer; superintendent (head of a university)
rectif {f} :: correction
rectificatif {adj} :: rectifying, corrective
rectification {f} :: rectification
rectifier {v} :: to rectify
rectiligne {adj} [of a line] :: straight
rectiligne {adj} :: rectilinear
rectilignement {adv} :: rectilinearly
rectitude {f} :: rectitude
rectitude politique {f} [Quebec] :: political correctness
rectiuscule {adj} :: nearly straight
rectorat {m} :: rectorship
rectosigmoïde {adj} [anatomy] :: rectosigmoid
rectrice {f} :: rectrix (feather)
rectum {m} [anatomy] :: rectum
reçu {adj} :: accomplished
reçu {m} :: receipt
recueil {m} :: compendium, anthology
recueil {m} :: collection
recueillement {m} :: contemplation, meditation
recueilli {adj} :: mentally drawn back, quiet and collected in oneself
recueillir {v} :: to collect, gather
recueillir {v} :: to obtain, to win
recueillir {v} :: to take in (a stray, etc.)
recueillir {vr} [se recueillir] :: to collect one's thoughts, to reflect
recueillir {vr} [se recueillir] :: to meditate
recuire {v} :: to recook
recuirer {v} :: to re-leather (re-cover with leather)
recul {m} :: retreat, climb-down
recul {m} :: drop; reduction, fall
recul {m} :: distance (in time or space)
recul {m} :: recoil, kick (of firearm)
recul {m} :: hindsight (understand afterwards)
recul {adv} :: in hindsight (ability to understand)
recul {adv} :: looking back (remember)
reculade {f} :: retreat, withdrawal, climbdown
reculer {vt} :: to move back, to put back
reculer {vi} :: to go backwards
reculer {vi} :: to back down, to concede
reculer {vi} :: to back off, to draw back, to retreat
reculer {vi} :: to recede, to gradualy disappear
reculer {vi} :: to drop, to fall, to decline
reculer {vi} [nautical] :: to go astern
récupérable {adj} :: recoverable, salvageable
récupérateur {adj} :: recuperating
récupérateur {m} :: scrap merchant
récupération {f} :: recovery
récupération {f} :: retrieval
récupérer {v} :: to get back, to recover, to recuperate
récupérer {v} :: to reform, to rehabilitate
récupérer {v} :: to reclaim, to recover
récupérer {v} :: to make up (e.g. time)
récurer {v} :: to scrub; scour
récurremment {adv} :: recurrently
récurrence {f} :: recurrence (return or reversion to a certain state)
récurrent {adj} :: recurrent; recurring
récursif {adj} :: recursive
récursion {f} :: recursion
récursion infinie {f} [programming] :: infinite recursion
récursivement {adv} :: recursively
récursivité {f} :: recursivity (quality of being recursive)
récusable {adj} :: challengeable
récusable {adj} :: impugnable
récusation {f} :: challenging
récusation {f} :: challenge
récuser {v} [colloquial] :: to object, to make an objection
récuser {v} :: to impugn, challenge
récuser {v} [legal] :: to recuse
recyclabilité {f} :: recyclability
recyclable {adj} :: recyclable
recyclage {m} :: recycling
recycler {vt} :: to recycle
rédacteur {m} :: editor (main writer of e.g. a newspaper)
rédacteur {m} :: author, writer (of a book or publication)
rédacteur en chef {m} :: editor in chief, chief editor
rédaction {f} :: editing (act of editing e.g. a newspaper)
rédaction {f} :: editorial staff
rédaction {f} :: writing, piece of writing
rédaction {f} :: essay (written composition)
rédactionnel {adj} :: editorial
rédactrice {f} :: feminine noun of rédacteur
rédactrice en chef {f} :: feminine singular of rédacteur en chef
redan {m} :: alternative form of redent
reddition {f} :: reddition
redéchirer {v} :: To rip up (etc) again
redécoller {v} :: to reland; to land again
redécoupage {m} :: the act or the result of cutting out or cutting up again
redécoupage {m} :: rezoning
redécouper {v} :: to cut out again
redécouper {v} :: to cut up again
redécouper {v} :: to rezone
redécouvert {adj} :: rediscovered
redécouvrir {v} :: to rediscover
redéfinir {v} :: redefine (to give a new or different definition to a word)
redéfinir {v} [programming] :: override (to redefine an inherited method)
redéfinition {f} :: redefinition (act or instance of redefining)
redéfinition {f} [object-oriented programming] :: overriding
redemander {v} :: to ask again, or for more
redémarrage {m} :: restart, restarting
redémarrage {m} :: resurgence
redémarrer {v} :: to restart; to reboot
rédempteur {m} :: redeemer
rédemption {f} [religion] :: redemption; salvation
rédemption {f} [finance] :: buyout
rédemptrice {f} :: redeemer (female)
redent {m} :: recess, indentation, shelf, projection
redent {m} [fortifications] :: redan
redépecer {v} :: take apart again
redéploiement {m} :: redeployment
redéployer {v} :: to redeploy
redéposer {v} :: To redeposit
redescendre {v} :: to come back down, to go back down (to descend shortly after having gone up)
redescendre {v} :: to redescend (to descend a second time)
redessiner {vt} :: to redesign
redevable {adj} :: indebted, in someone's debt
redevable {adj} :: liable
redevance {f} :: royalty, rent (especially resource or economic rent)
redevancer {v} :: to surpass again, to overtake again
redéveloppement {m} :: redevelopment
redévelopper {v} :: To redevelop
redevenir {v} :: to become again
redevoir {v} :: to owe again
redevoir {v} [rare or obsolete] :: to have to again
rédhibitoire {adj} :: crippling, prohibitive
rédhibitoire {adj} :: sufficient (condition) for failing
rédie {f} [biology] :: redia
rediff {m} :: clipping of rediffusion
rediffuser {v} :: to rerun; reshow (show again on TV)
rediffusion {f} [television] :: redifussion, rebroadcasting,
rediffusion {f} [television] :: rerun, repeat (television program shown after its initial presentation)
rédiger {v} :: to review and correct for mistakes in content, layout and style
rédiger {v} :: to compose
redimensionner {v} :: to resize
rédimer {v} [chiefly legal] :: to pay, chiefly compensation, etc
redingote {f} :: frock coat
redire {v} :: resay, say again
redire {v} :: retell, tell again
rediriger {v} :: to redirect (direct somewhere else)
rediriger {v} [Internet] :: to redirect
rediscuter {v} :: to rediscuss, to talk about again; to enter back into discussion
redissout {adj} :: redissolved
redistribuer {v} :: to redistribute
redistributif {adj} :: redistributive
redistribution {f} :: redistribution
redite {f} :: (unnecessary) repetition
rediviser {v} :: To redivide
red light {m} [Canada] :: red-light district
redondamment {adv} :: redundantly
redondance {f} :: redundancy (the state of being redundant)
redondant {adj} :: redundant
redonner {v} :: to give again
redonner {v} :: to give back
redorer {vt} :: to regild
redorer {vt} :: to rehabilitate
redormir {v} :: to sleep again
redoublement {m} :: doubling, redoubling; reduplication
redoublement {m} [linguistic morphology] :: reduplication
redoublement {m} :: repeating a year at school
redoubler {vit} :: to increase; to augment
redoubler {vit} :: to repeat a year
redoubtable {adj} :: archaic spelling of redoutable
redoutable {adj} :: frightening
redoutable {adj} :: formidable
redoutable {adj} :: redoubtable
redoutablement {adv} :: redoubtably
redouter {v} :: to dread, to fear
redoux {m} :: thaw (or milder spell after cold weather)
redoux {m} [colloquialism, Canada] :: January thaw or midwinter thaw
rédox {m} [chemistry] :: redox
redrapage {m} [medicine] :: reshaping
redressement {m} :: rectification, remedy
redressement {m} :: recovery
redressement {m} :: straightening up (of one's seat or posture)
redresser {vt} :: to straighten (up)
redresser {vt} :: to rectify, straighten out
redresser {vt} [figuratively] :: to restore, turn around
redresser {vr} :: to recover, regain composure
redresser {vr} :: to stand up, sit up straight
redresser la barre {v} [figuratively] :: to right the ship, to put things right, to get back on track
redresse-seins {m} :: peek-a-boo bra
redresseur {m} :: rectifier
redû {m} :: remaining amount owed
réductase {f} [enzyme] :: reductase
réducteur {adj} [chemistry] :: reducing
réducteur {adj} [pejorative] :: reductive, simplistic, reductionist
réducteur {m} [chemistry] :: reducing agent
réductible {adj} :: reducible
réductif {adj} :: reductive
réduction {f} :: reduction
réduction {f} :: discount
réductionnisme {m} [philosophy, sciences] :: reductionism
réductionniste {adj} :: reductionist
réduire {v} :: to reduce
réduire {v} :: to cut (prices); to shorten (text); to reduce, scale down (pictures etc.)
réduire {v} [à] :: to reduce (someone) to
réduire {v} [en] :: to reduce (something) to
réduire {v} [medicine] :: to reduce, set
réduire {v} [chemistry, cooking] :: to reduce
réduire {v} [military] :: to capture (place), quell (opposition etc.)
réduire {v} [à, .pronominal] :: to amount to, to come down to
réduire au silence {vt} :: to reduce to silence, to silence
réduire en cendres {vt} :: to burn to ashes, to reduce to ashes
réduit {m} :: a cubbyhole
réduit {m} :: a recess, a nook
redynamiser {v} :: to redynamize; reinvigorate
rééchantillonnage {m} :: resampling
rééchelonnement {m} :: rescheduling
rééchelonner {vt} :: to reschedule
réécouter {v} :: to listen again
réécrire {v} :: rewrite (to write again)
réécriture {f} :: rewrite, rewriting
réécriture {f} [computing] :: rewriting (computer science method)
réédification {f} :: rebuilding, reconstruction
rééditer {vt} :: to reedit, reissue, republish, rerelease, redo, rerun, repeat
réédition {f} :: reissue
rééducation {f} :: re-education
rééduquer {v} :: to reeducate (educate again)
rééduquer {v} :: to reeducate (rehabilitate)
réel {adj} :: real (true, fact, not fictional)
réel {adj} [mathematics] :: real (of a number)
réel {m} [psychology] :: real (reality)
réélection {f} :: reelection (the act of being elected after already being elected once)
rééligibilité {f} :: re-electability
rééligible {adj} :: re-eligible (eligible to be re-elected)
réélire {v} :: to reelect
réellement {adv} :: really; genuinely; in fact
réélu {adj} :: reelected
réem {m} :: reem
réembaucher {vt} :: to rehire [workers]
réémettre {vt} :: to reemit
réémission {f} :: reemission
réemploi {m} :: reuse
réemploi {m} :: reemployment
réemployer {vt} :: to reuse
réemployer {vt} :: to reemploy
réemployer {vt} :: to reinvest [money]
réenchérir {v} :: alternative form of renchérir
réenfourcher {v} :: to get back on, to remount
réengager {v} :: to reengage
réengager {v} :: to take back up, take up again
réengager {v} :: to get back into
réengager {v} :: to put back in
réengager {vr} :: to reenlist (in the army)
réengager {v} :: to get back (with an ex-lover)
réengazonner {vt} :: to returf
réenregistrer {v} :: to rerecord
réentendre {vt} :: to rehear (hear again)
réenterrer {v} :: to rebury, bury again
réentonner {v} :: To strike up (etc) again
réentrant {adj} :: reentrant (all senses)
réenvisager {v} :: To re-envisage
rééquilibrage {m} :: the act of balancing, readjustment
rééquilibrer {v} :: to balance, to readjust
rééquiper {v} :: To reequip
réescompte {m} :: rediscount
réessayer {v} :: to retry, to try again
réestimation {f} :: reestimation
réévaluation {f} :: reevaluation
réévaluer {v} :: to reassess; to reevaluate
réexamen {m} :: reconsideration
réexamen {m} :: reappraisal
réexaminer {v} :: to reexamine
réexciter {v} :: To excite again
réexpédier {vt} :: to reship, forward
réexporter {vt} :: to reexport
réexprimer {v} :: to re-express (express in a different, new way)
refaçonner {v} :: To reshape
refactoriser {v} [maths] :: to refactorize
refaire {v} :: to redo
refaire {v} :: to remake, to make more of
refaire {vr} [se refaire] :: to get reaccustomed to
refaire {vr} [se refaire] :: to freshen up, to recuperate
réfection {f} :: refection
réfection {f} [linguistics] :: refashioning, restoration, on the basis of its etymology, of a word which has undergone phonetic erosion through regular sound laws; the word resulting from that process
réfectoire {m} :: refectory
référence {f} :: reference
référencement {m} :: referencing
référencer {v} :: to list (a product in a catalogue), to put (a product on the shelves)
référendaire {m} :: referendary
référendaire {adj} :: referendum (attributive)
referendum {m} :: alternative spelling of référendum
référendum {m} [politics] :: referendum
référent {m} :: referrer
référent {m} :: referent
référente {f} :: feminine singular of référent
référentiel {m} [computing] :: repository
référentiel {adj} :: referential
référer {v} :: to refer
refermer {v} :: to reclose
refiler {vt} [colloquial] :: to give or pass something to someone
refiler {vt} [colloquial] :: to palm off
refinancement {m} :: refinancing
refinancer {v} :: To refinance, to recapitalize
reflageller {v} :: To scourge or whip again
réfléchi {adj} [grammar] :: reflexive
réfléchir {v} :: to ponder, to reflect
réfléchir {v} :: to be reflected
réfléchissant {adj} :: reflective, reflecting
réflecteur {adj} :: reflective
réflectif {adj} :: reflective (all senses)
réflectivité {f} :: reflectivity
reflet {m} :: reflection
refléter {v} :: to reflect (to mirror, or show the image of something)
refleurir {vt} :: to rebloom, reflower, reflourish
réflexe {m} :: reflex
réflexe {adj} :: reflex
réflexibilité {f} :: reflexibility
réflexible {adj} :: reflexible
réflexif {adj} :: reflexive
réflexion {f} :: reflection (in mirror)
réflexion {f} :: thought, thinking
réflexion {f} :: discussion, remark
réflexion faite {adv} :: on second thought
réflexivement {adv} :: reflexively
réflexivité {f} :: reflexivity
réflexologie {f} [medicine] :: reflexology
refluer {v} :: to flow back, to ebb
refluer {v} :: to go back, rush back
reflux {m} :: ebb, ebb tide
reflux {m} :: vicissitude
reflux {m} :: reflux
refonctionner {v} [of an object] :: to function again, to start working again
refondation {f} :: reorganization, overhaul
refondation {f} :: reworking
refonder {v} :: to refound
refondre {v} :: to remelt
refondre {v} [metallurgy] :: to resmelt
refondre {v} :: to remake from scratch
refonte {f} [metallurgy] :: recasting
refonte {f} [metallurgy] :: remelting
refonte {f} :: remake
refonte {f} :: rewrite
reforester {v} :: reforest (replant)
reformage {m} [organic chemistry] :: reforming (process)
reformater {vt} [computing] :: to reformat
réformateur {adj} :: reformatory
réformateur {m} :: reformator
reformation {f} :: re-formation
réformation {f} :: reformation
réformation {f} :: Reformation
réforme {f} :: reform (change)
reformer {v} :: to reform, to get/put back together
réformer {v} :: to reform (put into a new form)
réformer {v} :: to reform (improve, make better)
réformisme {m} :: reformism
réformiste {adj} :: reformist
réformiste {mf} :: reformist
reformulation {f} :: reformulation
reformuler {v} :: to reword, to rephrase
reformuler {v} :: to reformulate
refouetter {v} :: To beat or whip again
refoulement {m} [air transport] :: push back (air pushing back on an airframe)
refoulement {m} :: psychological repression
refoulement {m} [refugee law] :: in refugee law, the term for a country returning a refugee or refugee claimant to the country of origin or to danger; refoulment
refouler {v} :: to trample etc. again
refouler {v} :: to repress or suppress; to repulse
refourguer {vt} [colloquial] :: to palm off, to foist
réfractaire {adj} :: refractory (Obstinate; strongly opposed)
réfractaire {adj} :: refractory (not affected by great heat)
réfractaire {m} [military] :: deserter
réfracter {v} :: to refract
réfractif {adj} :: refractive
réfraction {f} :: refraction (bending of any wave)
réfractomètre {m} :: refractometer
refrain {m} :: refrain, chorus
réfranger {v} :: To refract
réfrangibilité {f} :: refrangibility
réfrangible {adj} :: refrangible
refréner {vt} :: to curb, repress
réfréner {vt} :: alternative form of refréner
réfrigérant {adj} :: refrigerant
réfrigérateur {m} :: refrigerator
réfrigération {f} :: refrigeration
réfrigérer {v} :: to cool; cool down (artificially)
réfringence {f} :: refringence
réfringent {adj} :: refringent, refractive
refroidir {v} :: to lower the temperature of; to cool
refroidir {vri} :: to become cooler; to lose heat; to cool down
refroidir {v} :: to become less active; to cool down, cool off
refroidir {vt} :: to strongly reduce or diminish something such as interest, zeal, etc
refroidir {v} [slang] :: to ice, to murder
refroidissement {m} :: cooling, chilling (act of making something colder)
refroidisseur {m} :: cooler (device)
refuge {m} :: refuge
réfugié {m} :: Refugee
réfugier {vr} :: to take refuge
réfugier {vt} [dated] :: to give shelter to someone
réfugier {vt} [dated] :: to protect, to conceal something
refuir {v} :: To run away
refuir {v} :: To shelter or hide
refus {m} :: refusal, act of refusing
refuser {v} :: to refuse
refusionner {v} :: To re-fuse
réfutabilité {f} :: refutability
réfutable {adj} :: refutable
réfutation {f} :: refutation, rebuttal
réfuter {v} :: to refute, to disprove
regagner {v} :: to regain, to recover (something lost)
regagner {v} :: to get back, to win back
regagner {v} :: to go back to
regain {m} :: second crop (typically of grass)
regain {m} :: renewal
regain {m} :: upsurge
régal {m} :: treat, culinary delight
régalade {f} :: drinking from a bottle without it touching the lips
régaler {vt} :: To cook (someone) a really good meal
régaler {vr} :: To have a great meal
régaler {vt} :: to treat, to serve a treat, to cook up something special [for]
régalien {adj} :: regal, royal
régalin {adj} [obsolete, chemistry] :: regaline
regard {m} :: look, glance
regard {m} [uncountable] :: sight, gaze, eyes
regard {m} :: manhole
regardant {adj} :: miserly, stingy
regarder {v} :: to look at
regarder {v} :: to watch
regarder de travers {vt} [colloquial] :: to give somebody a funny look, to give somebody a dirty look, to look askance at somebody
regardeur {m} :: beholder, watcher, viewer
regardeur {m} [dated] :: voyeur
regardeuse {f} :: feminine noun of regardeur
regarnir {v} :: to refurnish (a building, a room)
regarnir {v} :: to redecorate
regarnir {v} :: to rearm
régate {f} :: regatta
regazéification {f} :: regassification
regeler {v} :: to refreeze; to freeze again
régence {f} :: regency
régénérateur {adj} :: regenerative
régénération {f} :: regeneration
régénérer {v} :: to regenerate
régénérescence {f} :: regeneration (especially the first signs of)
régent {m} :: regent
régenter {vt} :: to dictate, (seek to) dominate
reggae {m} [music] :: reggae
régicide {m} :: regicide (the killing of a king)
régicide {mf} :: regicide (someone who kills a king)
régie {f} :: Administration, commission
régie {f} :: State management
régie {f} :: Excise tax
regimber {v} :: to jib (of a horse)
régime {m} :: regime
régime {m} [politics] :: kind of political system; regimen
régime {m} [grammar] :: regimen
régime {m} [technics] :: operating mode
régime {m} [dietetics, nutrition] :: diet
régiment {m} :: regiment (army unit)
régimentaire {adj} :: regimental
régimer {v} :: to diet, go on a diet
Régine {prop} :: given name, cognate to Regina
région {f} :: region; area
région {f} :: a political subdivision of France and some other Francophone countries, bigger than a département
régional {adj} :: regional
régionalement {adv} :: regionally
régionalisation {f} :: regionalization
régionaliser {v} :: To regionalize
régionalisme {m} :: regionalism
régionaliste {adj} :: regionalist
régionaliste {mf} :: regionalist
régiosélectif {adj} [chemistry] :: regioselective
régiosélectivité {f} [chemistry] :: regioselectivity
régir {vt} :: to govern
Régis {prop} :: surname
Régis {prop} :: given name originally in honour of Saint Jean-François Régis, canonized in 1737
régisseur {m} :: Manager, administrator
régisseur {m} :: stage manager
régisseuse {f} :: stage manager (female)
registre {m} :: register (official book)
registre {m} :: level, category
registre {m} :: record, log
registre {m} [music] :: range, register
registre {m} [computing] :: registry
regîtrer {v} :: alternative form of registrer
réglable {adj} :: adjustable
réglage {m} :: adjustment, tuning
réglage {m} :: ruling
réglage {m} :: setting
réglé {adj} :: settled
réglé {adj} [of a woman] :: flowered, menstruating
règle {f} :: rule, regulation
règle {f} :: rule, period of ruling
règle {f} :: ruler (for measuring length)
Règle {f} :: Norma
réglement {m} :: obsolete spelling of règlement
règlement {m} :: rules, regulations
règlement {m} :: payment
réglementaire {adj} :: regulatory; related to regulations
règlementaire {adj} :: alternative spelling of réglementaire
réglementairement {adv} :: statutorily, in accordance with regulations
réglementation {f} :: regulation, bylaw, law
règlementation {f} :: alternative form of réglementation
règlement de comptes {m} [figuratively] :: score settling; reprisal, retaliation
règlementé {adj} :: alternative form of réglementé
réglementer {v} :: to regulate
règlementer {v} :: alternative form of réglementer
régler {v} :: to sort out, to settle (a problem, a bill)
régler {v} :: to set, to adjust
régler {v} :: to regulate
régler {v} :: to rule; to put lines on
régler son compte {v} [à] :: [colloquial] to give someone what is coming to them, to fix someone's wagon; to liquidate someone
régler sur {v} :: to adjust to
régler sur {v} :: to model oneself on
règles {fp} :: period, menstruation
réglisse {f} :: licorice (the plant)
réglisse {f} :: licorice (the confection)
réglo {adj} [colloquial] :: correct, on the level, stand-up
régnant {adj} :: ruling (that rules)
règne {m} :: reign, ruling, rule (period of reigning or ruling)
règne {m} :: kingship, royalty
règne {m} :: realm, state, kingdom
règne {m} :: control, governance, regulation
règne {m} :: ascendancy, ascendance
règne animal {m} :: animal kingdom
régner {v} :: to reign
Régnier {prop} :: surname
régolithe {m} [geology] :: regolith
regonfler {vt} :: to reinflate
regonfler {vi} :: to swell up
regorger {vi} :: to abound
regouter {v} :: To taste again
régresser {vi} :: to regress
régressif {adj} :: anticipatory
régressif {adj} :: regressive
régression {f} :: regression
régressivement {adv} :: regressively
regret {m} :: regret
regret {m} :: nostalgia
regrettable {adj} :: unfortunate, regrettable
regrettablement {adv} :: regrettably
regretter {v} :: to regret
regrimper {vt} :: to reclimb (climb back up)
regroupement {m} :: regrouping, action of regrouping
regrouper {v} :: to regroup
regrouper {v} :: to group together
régularisation {f} :: regularization
régulariser {vt} :: to regulate (make regular), straighten out (a situation, an irregularity)
régularité {f} :: regularity
régulateur {adj} :: regulatory (of or pertaining to regulation)
régulateur {m} :: regulator, controller
régulateur de vitesse {m} [automotive] :: cruise control
régulation {f} :: regulation
régulatoire {adj} :: regulatory
régulé {adj} :: regulated
réguler {v} :: to regulate
régulier {adj} :: regular (conforming to rules)
régulier {adj} [geometry] :: (of a polygon) regular
régulier {adj} :: dependable
régulier {adj} :: legitimate
régulier {adj} [grammar] :: (of a verb etc.) regular
régulier {adj} :: regular, steady (continual)
régulier {m} [dated, slang] :: One's regular sexual or romantic partner (as opposed to a partner with which one is having an affair)
régulière {f} [dated, slang] :: One's regular sexual or romantic partner (as opposed to a partner with which one is having an affair)
régulièrement {adv} :: regularly (frequently)
régurgitation {f} :: regurgitation
régurgiter {v} :: to regurgitate
réhabilitation {f} :: rehabilitation
réhabiliter {v} :: to rehabilitate
réhabituer {vt} :: to reaccustom
rehaussement {m} :: reraising
rehaussement {m} :: emphasizing
rehausser {vt} :: to reraise, to raise up, raise higher, lift higher
rehausser {vt} :: to emphasise
réhausser {v} :: alt form rehausser
réhydratation {f} :: rehydration
réhydrater {vt} :: to rehydrate
reichardie {f} :: brighteyes (plant of the genus Reichardia)
réification {f} :: reification
réifier {v} :: to reify
Reiko {prop} :: given name
réimaginer {v} :: to reimagine
réimmerger {v} :: to reimmerse
réimplantation {f} :: reimplantation
réimplanté {adj} :: reimplanted
réimplanter {v} :: To reimplant
réimporter {vt} :: to reimport
réimposer {vt} :: to reimpose
réimpression {f} :: reprinting
réimpression {f} :: reprint
réimprimer {vt} :: to reprint
Reims {prop} {m} :: Reims
rein {m} [anatomy] :: kidney
rein {m} [in the plural] :: small of the back, waist
réincarcérer {vt} :: to reincarcerate
réincarnation {f} :: reincarnation
réincarner {vr} :: to reincarnate (be reincarnated)
réindexer {vt} :: to reindex
réindustrialisation {f} :: reindustrialization
réindustrialiser {v} :: To reindustrialize
reine {f} :: queen
Reine {prop} :: given name
reine-claude {f} :: greengage
reine des abeilles {f} :: queen bee
reine des animaux {f} :: queen of beasts (the lioness)
reine-des-prés {f} :: meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria)
reine mère {f} :: queen mother
réinitialisation {f} [computing] :: reset
réinitialisation {f} :: reinitialization
réinitialiser {v} :: to restart
réinitialiser {v} :: to reset
réinjecter {v} :: to reinject
réinjection {f} :: reinjection
reins {mp} :: small of the back; waist
réinscriptible {adj} :: rewritable (CD etc)
réinscription {f} :: reinscription
réinsérer {v} :: to reinsert
réinsertion {f} :: reinsertion
réinstallation {f} :: reinstallation
réinstaller {v} :: to reinstall
réinstauration {f} :: reestablishment
réinstaurer {v} :: To reestablish
réintégration {f} :: reintegration
réintégrer {v} :: to return to (somewhere one's been before)
réintégrer {v} :: to reinstate (someone), to restore (someone to their previous job post)
réintégrer {v} :: to reinstate (someone of their assets)
réinterprétation {f} :: reinterpretation (all senses)
réinterpréter {v} :: To reinterpret
réinterroger {vt} :: to requestion, reinterrogate
réintroduction {f} :: reintroduction
réintroduire {v} :: to reintroduce
réinventer {v} :: to reinvent
réinventer la roue {v} [figuratively] :: to reinvent the wheel
réinvestir {v} :: to reinvest
réinviter {v} :: to reinvite
réionisation {f} :: reionization
réioniser {v} :: to reionize
réislamiser {v} :: to make Islamic again
réitérat {m} [botany, trees] :: A portion of a tree reproducing partially or entirely the architecture of the whole tree
réitératif {adj} :: reiterative
réitération {f} :: reiteration
réitérativement {adv} :: reiteratively
réitéré {adj} :: reiterated
réitérément {adv} :: reiteratedly
réitérer {v} :: to reiterate
reître {m} [historical] :: reiter
reître {m} [now rare] :: old soldier, leatherneck, roughneck soldier
rejaillir {v} :: to splash back, splash up
rejaillir {v} :: (of infamy, scandal etc.) to rebound sur on (someone); (of glory) to be reflected sur on (someone)
rejet {m} :: reject, thing (especially a graft) that is rejected or thrown away
rejeter {v} :: to throw back (a fish, etc.)
rejeter {v} :: to discharge, spew out
rejeter {v} :: to reject (an appeal, a lover etc.); to refute (an accusation)
rejeter {v} :: to position, place
rejeter {vr} :: to jump back, throw oneself back
rejeton {m} [botany] :: shoot
rejeton {m} [figuratively] :: offshoot
rejeton {m} [literary] :: scion
rejeton {m} [colloquial] :: kid
rejoindre {v} :: to join, to join up
rejoindre {v} :: to rejoin
rejoneador {m} [bullfighting] :: rejoneador
rejouable {adj} :: replayable (capable of being played again)
rejouer {v} [sports, games] :: to replay
réjouir {v} :: to please; to delight
réjouir {vp} :: To rejoice, celebrate
réjouissabilité {f} :: ability to be pleased, delighted
réjouissance {f} :: rejoicing
réjouissance {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: festivities
réjouissant {adj} :: cheerful
réjouissant {adj} :: uplifting
rejuger {v} [legal] :: To rejudge, retry
relâche {m} :: interruption
relâche {m} :: time off, time out (a break)
relâche {m} [Canada, colloquialism] :: spring break, March break (a break in the school term, for the winter-spring semester)
relâché {adj} :: loose
relâchement {m} :: laxity
relâcher {vt} :: to release
relai {m} :: alternative spelling of relais
relais {m} :: A horse (or team of horses) that transported a rider or coach etc from one staging post to another
relais {m} :: A hotel that is used as a stop on long journeys
relais {m} [electronics] :: relay (electromechanical device)
relais {m} [sports] :: relay race
relancement {m} :: relaunch
relancer {v} :: to throw back
relancer {v} :: to boost, to revive (economically)
relancer {v} :: to reboot (a computer)
relancer {v} :: to restart (an initiative, project, or engine)
relancer {v} :: to follow up, to recontact a customer about a quote sent in the past
relanceur {m} [sports] :: One who returns the ball, especially from a serve, e.g. in tennis or volleyball
relargage {m} [chemistry] :: salting out
relater {v} :: to relate, to account
relater {v} :: to recount
relatif {adj} :: relative; not absolute; connected to or depending on something else
relation {f} :: relation
relation {f} :: relationship
relationnel {adj} :: relational
relativement {adv} :: relatively
relativiser {v} :: to relativize
relativiser {v} [colloquial] :: to put things into perspective
relativisme {m} [philosophy] :: relativism (theory that truth and moral values are relative)
relativiste {adj} [physics] :: relativistic (all senses)
relativité {f} :: relativity
relaver {v} :: To rewash
relaxe {f} [colloquial] :: relaxation
relaxe {f} [legal] :: acquittal
relaxer {v} [legal] :: to discharge
relaxer {vr} :: to relax
relayer {vi} [historical] :: to relay, change horses
relayer {vt} :: to relieve, take over from
relayer {vt} :: to replace
relayer {vt} :: to transmit, relay (information)
relayer {vr} :: to take turns, to alternate
relayeur {m} :: relayer, relay racer
relayeuse {f} :: feminine noun of relayeur
relecteur {m} :: proofreader
relecture {f} :: rereading (act of rereading)
relecture {f} :: proofreading
relégable {adj} [sports] :: In danger of being relegated
relégation {f} :: relegation
reléguer {v} :: to relegate
relent {m} :: lingering smell (usually bad); stench
relent {m} [figuratively] :: overtone
relevage {m} :: standing up, lifting up
relevage {m} :: restoration
relevé {adj} :: turned up (of collar); rolled up (of sleeves)
relevé {adj} :: held up, high; elevated
relevé {adj} :: (of style, conversation) elevated, lofty, sophisticated
relevé {adj} [cooking] :: strongly seasoned, spicy
relevé {m} :: statement, summary
relevé {m} :: bill
relevé {m} :: list (of addresses etc.)
relevé {m} [construction etc] :: layout
relevé {m} [exercise] :: crunch, raise
relevé {m} [dance] :: relevé
relevé d'informations {m} [of vehicles] :: insurance record
relèvement {m} :: recovery
relèvement {m} :: raising
relèvement {m} :: restoring
relèvement {m} [nautical] :: bearing
relever {vt} :: to stand up (again); to stand, to right (a vehicle etc.)
relever {vt} :: to help (someone) to their feet; to help up
relever {vt} :: to pull up (socks etc.); to lift, raise (skirt etc.)
relever {vt} :: to put up (hair)
relever {vt} :: to heighten, raise, lift (up); to increase
relever {vt} :: to restore, rebuild
relever {vt} :: to season (food)
relever {vt} :: to take down, note, copy out
relever {vt} :: to react to, answer, respond to
relever {vi} :: to ride up (of clothes)
relever {vr} :: to get up again, get to one's feet
relever {vt} :: to take up (a challenge)
relever de {v} :: to be a matter for, be the concern of
relever de {v} :: to come under (of a department etc.); to be part of; to belong to; to fall under the category of; to be dependent on
relever de {v} :: to recover from
relever le gant {v} [idiomatic] :: take up the gauntlet
releveur {m} [anatomy] :: elevator (muscle)
relictuel {adj} [biology] :: relictual
relief {m} :: projection, relief
relief {m} [geography, mineralogy] :: relief, surface elevation
relief {m} [figuratively] :: contrast, definition, offset (against something else)
relief {m} [sculpture] :: relief
relier {v} :: to connect, link, join, relate to
relier {v} :: to bind (as a book)
relier {v} :: to hoop together (as a barrel)
relieur {m} :: bookbinder
relieuse {f} :: feminine noun of relieur
religieuse {f} :: nun
religieuse {f} :: A type of eclair made of two choux pastry cases, the smaller fixed atop of the other
religieusement {adv} :: religiously
religieux {adj} :: religious
religieux {m} :: religious person
religion {f} :: religion
religiosité {f} :: religiosity, a disposition for the religious, the sacred aspects of life
reliquaire {m} :: reliquary (container)
reliquat {m} :: relic
relique {f} :: relic (religious)
relique {f} :: remnant
relire {vt} :: to reread, to read again
relire {v} :: to proofread, to read through (look for mistakes)
relish {f} :: relish (pickled sauce)
reliure {f} :: binding, book-binding
relocalisation {f} :: relocalization
relocaliser {v} :: To relocate
relocation {f} :: relocation (all senses)
relogement {m} :: relocation, rehousing
reloger {v} :: to rehouse
relooker {v} :: to make over
relooking {m} :: makeover
relou {adj} [verlan] :: irritating, frustrating, especially to describe a person
relouer {v} :: To rerent, relet
relouer {v} :: To sublet
reluire {v} :: to shine; especially by reflecting light
reluisant {adj} :: shining
reluquer {v} :: to ogle, leer
remâcher {vt} :: to rehash
remailler {vt} [sewing] :: to mend, darn
remake {m} [film] :: remake
rémanence {f} :: remanence
rémanent {adj} :: residual
rémanent de supernova {m} [astronomy] :: supernova remnant
remanger {v} :: to eat again; to resume eating
remaniement {m} :: reworking; reorganization
remaniement {m} :: revision, amendment
remaniement {m} [politics] :: reshuffle
remanier {v} :: to reknead
remanier {v} :: to reuse
remanier {v} :: to reorganize
remanier {v} :: to revise
remanufacturer {v} :: to remanufacture
remarcher {vi} :: to work, to function again
remarcher {vit} :: to rewalk, walk again
remariage {m} :: remarriage
remarier {v} :: to remarry
remarquable {adj} :: remarkable, noteworthy
remarquablement {adv} :: remarkably, outstandingly
remarque {f} :: remark (comment, something said)
remarquer {v} :: to observe
remarquer {v} :: to point out, remark upon
remarquer {v} :: to notice
remarquer {vp} :: to attract attention
remarquer {v} [Louisiana French] :: to announce
remastériser {vt} :: to remaster
remâter {vt} [nautical] :: to remast
remballe {f} :: A fraudulent action in which a supermarket puts flesh that has reached its conservation date in a new covering which has a new conservation date
remballer {v} :: to rewrap; to wrap up again
rembarquement {m} :: reembarkation
rembarquer {vt} :: to reembark
rembarrer {vt} :: to rebuff
remblai {m} :: embankment
remblai {m} :: landfill
remblaiement {m} :: backfilling
remblaiement {m} :: embankment
remblayage {m} :: backfilling
remblayer {v} :: to fill in or backfill
rembobiner {vt} :: To recoil onto a bobbin
rembobiner {vt} [electronics] :: To rewind a cassette
rembourrage {m} :: stuffing, padding, wadding
rembourré {adj} :: stuffed, padded
rembourrer {vt} :: to pad, stuff
rembourrer {vt} :: to upholster
remboursable {adj} :: reimbursable
remboursement {m} :: reimbursement, refund
rembourser {v} :: to pay back, refund, reimburse
rembrunir {vt} :: to darken
rembrunir {vr} :: to darken, cloud over
reméchage {m} [musical instruments, lutherie] :: rehair
remécher {v} :: to rehair
remède {m} :: remedy
remédiation {f} :: remediation
remédier {v} [à] :: to remedy, to cure; to fix
remembrement {m} :: consolidation (of land)
remémorer {v} :: to memorize
remémorer {vr} [se remémorer] :: to remember
remerciement {m} :: thanks (grateful feelings)
remerciement {m} :: acknowledgement
remercier {v} :: to thank (someone)
remercier {v} [euphemistic] :: to fire (an employee)
remercîment {m} :: obsolete form of remerciement
reméthyler {v} [organic chemistry, biochemistry] :: To remethylate
remettre {v} :: to put back, replace
remettre {v} :: to put (clothing etc.) back on
remettre {v} :: to restart (machine etc.)
remettre {v} [followed by the preposition à] :: to hand over, tender, hand in, deliver (to someone)
remettre {v} [followed by the preposition à] :: to put off, postpone (until)
remettre {v} :: to remember
remettre {v} :: to add (more)
remettre {v} :: to forgive, remit
remettre {v} [euphemistic] :: to throw up
remettre {vp} [followed by the preposition de] :: to get over, to recover (from something)
remettre {v} [in the passive voice, followed by the preposition de] :: to be out of the woods
remettre {vp} [followed by the preposition à] :: to take up again, start (to do something) again
remettre {vp} :: To get back
remettre à sa place {vt} [figuratively, colloquial] :: to pull someone down a peg
remettre en cause {vt} :: to challenge, to call into question, to question
remettre en question {vt} :: to question, to call into question, to cast doubt upon, to doubt, to challenge
remettre en question {vr} :: to question oneself, re-evaluate oneself, to take a good look at oneself, to do some soul-searching
remettre les pendules à l'heure {v} [figuratively, colloquial] :: to put the record straight
remettre sur le tapis {vt} [figuratively] :: to put on the table again, to bring up again, to broach a second time
Remi {prop} :: given name
Rémi {prop} :: given name, alternative spelling of Remi
rémige {f} :: remex (feather)
remilitarisation {f} :: remilitarization
remilitariser {v} :: To remilitarize
réminiscence {m} :: reminiscence (act of remembering long-past experiences)
remisage {m} :: stowage, storage
remise {f} :: delivery, handing over; handover
remise {f} :: remission; reduction
remise {f} :: discount, reduction
remise {f} :: shed
remise {f} :: deferment, postponement
remiser {v} :: to put away, put back (a vehicle, bag etc.)
remiser {v} :: to gamble again; to bet on again
remisier {m} :: A sort of jobber in a stock market
rémission {f} :: remission
remix {m} [music] :: remix
remixer {v} [music] :: to remix
remixeur {m} [music] :: remixer (person that produces remixes)
remixeuse {f} :: feminine noun of remixeur
remmener {v} :: To remove or take away
remobilisation {f} :: remobilization
remobiliser {vt} :: to remobilize
remodelage {m} :: remodeling, restyling
remodeler {vt} :: to remodel
rémois {adj} :: From Reims
Rémois {m} :: An inhabitant of Reims
Rémoise {f} :: feminine noun of Rémois
remontant {adj} :: remontant
remontant {adj} :: bracing
remontant {m} :: tonic
remonté {adj} [followed by the preposition contre] :: angry, annoyed at someone/something, up in arms
remonte-pente {m} [colloquial] :: ski lift, surface lift, platter lift, button lift, platter pull
remonter {v} :: to go back up, to come back up, to climb again, to reclimb
remonter {v} [of temperature, water level etc] :: to rise again, to go up again
remonter {v} [of clothing] :: to go up, to ride up
remonter {v} :: to go back, to return
remonter {v} :: to go back, to date back, to hearken back (à to)
remonter {v} :: to take back up, to bring back up, to put back up
remonter {v} :: to get back in, to get back on, to get back onboard
remonter {v} :: to turn back up
remonter la pente {v} [figuratively] :: to get back on one's feet
remonter le moral {v} [à] :: [colloquial] to cheer someone up, to make someone feel better, to lift someone's spirits
remonter les bretelles {v} [colloquial] :: [à] to tell off, to lecture, to give an earbashing, to straighten out
remonter le temps {v} :: to turn back the clock
remontrance {f} :: reproof, reprimand, remonstrance
remontrer {v} :: to show again
remordre {v} :: to rebite, bite again, bite back
remords {m} :: remorse
remorquage {m} :: towing
remorque {f} :: trailer (unpowered vehicle towed behind another vehicle)
remorquer {v} :: to tow (e.g. a trailer, vessel)
remorqueur {m} :: tugboat
remorqueuse {f} :: tow truck
remotiver {v} :: To remotivate
remou {m} [nautical] :: eddy
remoudre {v} :: to regrind
remouiller {v} :: to rewet (wet again)
remouiller {v} [nautical] :: to recast (an anchor)
rémoulade {f} :: remoulade
rémouleur {m} :: knife grinder
remous {m} :: eddy, backwash
remous {m} :: swirl, wash; turmoil
remouture {f} :: regrinding
remouvoir {vt} [rare, dated] :: to move
rempailler {vt} :: to mend [the seat of a chair, with straw]
rempart {m} :: rampart
rempiler {vt} :: to reenlist
remplaçable {adj} :: replaceable (capable of being replaced)
remplaçant {m} :: substitute, replacement
remplaçante {f} :: feminine noun of remplaçant
remplacé {adj} :: replaced
remplacé {adj} :: exchanged
remplacement {m} :: replacement (the act of replacing)
remplacer {vt} :: to replace
remplir {v} :: to fill, to fill up (make full)
remplir {v} :: to fill in
remplir {v} :: to fulfil
remplissage {m} :: filling, padding
remplissage {m} :: fulfilment
remploi {m} :: reuse
remplumer {vr} [idiomatic] :: To put flesh on the bones (begin to recover weight loss)
rempocher {vt} :: to put back in one's pocket
remporter {v} :: to take back, take away (again)
remporter {vt} :: to win (election, championship etc.), to secure (a position)
rempoter {vt} [gardening] :: to repot
remuant {adj} :: boisterous, exuberant, energetic
remue-ménage {m} [archaic] :: move, house move
remue-ménage {m} :: bustle, commotion
remue-méninge {m} :: brainstorming (method of problem solving)
remuer {v} :: to move (lips, head, arms, etc.)
remuer {v} :: to twitch, flick
remuer {v} :: to swing (one's arms)
remuer {v} :: to move, shift (an object)
remuer {v} :: to stir (a drink), stir up (sand etc.); to toss (salad), turn over (earth)
remuer {v} :: to move (emotionally)
remuer {vr} :: to move (about)
remuer ciel et terre {v} [figuratively] :: to move heaven and earth, to leave no stone unturned
remuer le couteau dans la plaie {v} [figuratively] :: to twist the knife, to rub salt in the wound
remugle {m} :: mustiness; state of being musty
rémunérateur {adj} :: profitable, lucrative
rémunération {f} :: pay; remuneration
rémunérer {v} :: to remunerate; pay back
remuscler {vr} [se remuscler] :: to become muscular again
Remy {prop} :: given name, variant of Remi
Remy {prop} :: surname
Rémy {prop} :: given name, alternative spelling of Remi
renâclement {m} :: snort (of an animal)
renâcler {vi} :: to display fear, anger or reluctance by snorting (of animals, especially horses)
renâcler {vi} [figuratively] :: to display reluctance
renaissance {f} :: rebirth, renaissance
renaissant {adj} :: renascent
renaissant {adj} :: Renaissance (attributive)
renaitre {v} :: alternative spelling of renaître
renaître {vi} :: to be reborn, to be born again
renaître {vi} :: to reappear, to resurface
renaître {v} [figurative] :: to rekindle
rénal {adj} :: renal
renard {m} :: fox (small carnivore)
renard {m} [figurative] :: crafty, purposeful and cunning character
renard {m} [slang] :: flatulence
renard {m} [nautical] :: ancient navigation tool: circular, wooden or copper plate, which enables the helmsman to keep a record of wind conditions by inserting pegs at specific positions
renard {m} :: hardly detectable cracks or holes causing a water tank or pond to empty itself
renarde {f} :: feminine noun of renard; vixen
renardeau {m} :: fox cub
renardière {f} :: foxhole (den of a fox)
renard polaire {m} :: arctic fox
renard volant {m} :: flying fox (mammal)
renationalisation {f} :: renationalization
renationaliser {v} :: To renationalize
Renaud {prop} {m} :: given name, cognate to English Reynold
Renaud {prop} {m} :: surname
Renault {prop} :: surname
Renault {prop} :: A French motorcar manufacturer
rencard {m} [colloquial] :: appointment
rencard {m} [colloquial] :: date (amorous)
rencard {m} [slang] :: tip-off
rencart {m} :: alternative form of rancart
renchérir {vi} :: to go further (in speech, actions etc.)
renchérir {vi} :: to go one better
renchérir {vt} :: to increase; to put up the price of
renchérissement {m} :: inflation (increase in a cost/price)
rencogner {vt} :: to corner
rencontre {f} :: encounter
rencontre {f} :: meeting
rencontre {f} :: fixture
rencontrer {v} :: to meet
rencontrer {v} :: to come across
rendement {m} :: production, output, yield
rendement {m} :: efficiency, productivity
rendez-vous {m} :: date
rendez-vous {m} :: rendezvous
rendez-vous {m} :: appointment
rendez-vous galant {m} [dated] :: a date, a tryst
rendormir {vp} :: to fall asleep again, to fall back to sleep, to go back to sleep
rendre {v} :: to render
rendre {v} :: to make
rendre {v} :: to give back; to return
rendre {v} :: to pay (a visit)
rendre {vr} :: to make one's way (to a place), to get oneself (into a place) [with dans]
rendre {vr} :: to call on (someone) [with chez]
rendre {vr} :: to surrender
rendre à César ce qui est à César {v} :: to give credit where credit's due
rendre compte {v} [de] :: to account for, to explain
rendre gorge {v} [of a bird] :: to regurgitate
rendre gorge {v} [figuratively] :: to vomit
rendre gorge {v} [figuratively] :: to return something, to give back something illicitly taken (compare "cough up")
rendre hommage {v} [à] :: to pay tribute to
rendre l'âme {v} [idiomatic, euphemistic] :: to pass away; to give up the ghost (die)
rendre la monnaie de sa pièce {v} [followed by the preposition à] :: give to somebody a taste of his or her own medicine, to retaliate, to pay back in someone's own coin, to pay back in kind
rendre la pareille {v} [colloquial, in good part] :: [à] to return the favour
rendre la pareille {v} [colloquial, in bad part] :: [à] to pay back in kind, to pay back in someone's own coin, to get one's own back on
rendre le dernier soupir {v} [euphemistic] :: draw one's last breath
rendre service {v} [à] :: to help out someone, to do a favour to someone, to oblige someone
rendre son tablier {v} [figuratively] :: to hang up one's hat, to quit
rendre visite {v} [à] :: To visit; pay a visit to
rendu {m} :: an instance of rendering
rendu {m} :: change (money given back)
rendu {m} :: (available) stock
rené {adj} :: reborn
René {prop} :: given name
rêne {f} :: rein (strap or rope used to control an animal)
rêne {f} [figuratively] :: power over something
Renée {prop} :: given name, feminine form of René
renégat {m} :: renegade
renégate {f} :: feminine noun of renégat
renégociation {f} :: renegotiation
renégocier {v} :: to renegotiate
renettoyer {v} :: to reclean
renfermer {vt} [dated] :: to lock again, to re-lock
renfermer {vt} :: to contain, encompass
renfermer {vr} :: to withdraw into oneself
renfiler {vt} :: to rethread
renflammer {v} :: to reignite
renflement {m} :: bulge
renfler {vt} :: to make (something) bulge
renfler {vr} :: to bulge (out)
renflouement {m} [nautical] :: bailing out
renflouer {vt} [nautical] :: to refloat; raise
renflouer {vt} [business] :: to put back on track; to bail out
renfoncement {m} :: recess
renfoncement {m} :: indentation
renfoncer {v} :: To push in etc again
renforçant {adj} :: reinforcing, strengthening
renforcement {m} :: reinforcement; bolstering
renforcer {v} :: to reinforce, strengthen
renforcir {vt} [Quebec] :: to reinforce, strengthen
renfort {m} :: reinforcement
renfort {m} :: backup (help)
renfrogné {adj} :: sullen
renfrogner {v} :: scowl, frown
rengager {vt} :: to reengage
rengaine {f} :: (old) tune, refrain
rengainer {vt} :: to sheathe (a sword), to holster (a gun), etc
rengainer {vt} [figuratively] :: to swallow, hold back (force oneself to not utter)
rengorger {vr} [~ de] :: to be filled with vanity and conceit
reniement {m} :: disavowal, denial
renier {v} [religion] :: to renounce
renier {v} :: to disown
renier {vr} :: to take back (what has been said), to renege
reniflard {m} :: breather (in an automobile)
reniflement {m} :: sniff, sniffing; sniffle, snivel
renifler {v} :: to sniff
renifler {v} :: to turn up one's nose (at)
renifler {v} :: to smell (sense with the nose)
renifleur {m} :: sniffer
renifleuse {f} :: feminine noun of renifleur
réniforme {adj} :: reniform
rénine {f} [enzyme] :: renin
renipper {v} [Québec] :: to repair, fix up
renminbi {m} :: renminbi
rennais {adj} :: Of, from, or pertaining to, Rennes
Rennais {m} :: an inhabitant of Rennes
Rennaise {f} :: feminine noun of Rennais
renne {m} :: reindeer
Rennes {prop} :: Rennes
renoi {m} [verlan, backslang] :: a black person
renom {m} :: renown, fame, reputation
renommé {adj} :: renowned
renommée {f} :: reputation, legend, renown
renommer {v} :: to rename
renommer {v} :: to reelect
renommer {v} :: to glorify; to laud
renoncement {m} :: renouncement
renoncement {m} :: resignation
renoncer {v} :: to resign, to quit
renoncer {v} :: to renounce, to waive (legal; right)
renonciation {f} :: renunciation
renonciation {f} :: waiver
Renoncourt {prop} :: surname
renonculacée {f} :: flowering plant of the family Ranunculaceae
renoncule {f} :: buttercup (buttercup herb)
renoter {v} :: to note again; to make a note of again
renouer {vt} :: to tie in a knot again
renouer {vt} :: to pick up on (a conversation)
renouer {vr} [~ avec] :: to rekindle a friendship (with), to get back in touch (with)
renouveau {m} :: renewal
renouvelable {adj} :: renewable (able to be renewed)
renouveler {v} :: to renew
renouvellement {m} :: renewal (act of renewing something)
renouvellement urbain {m} :: urban renewal
rénovateur {m} :: renovator
rénovateur {adj} :: renovating
rénovation {f} :: renovation
rénovation {f} :: renewal, act of renewing
rénovation urbaine {f} :: synonym of renouvellement urbain
rénover {v} :: to renew, to revitalize
renseignement {m} :: a piece of information
renseigner {v} :: to advise; to inform
renseigner {vr} [se renseigner] :: to become informed; to find out
rentabilisation {f} :: The action or result, of making something profitable
rentabiliser {v} :: to make profitable
rentabilité {f} :: profitability
rentable {adj} :: profitable
rentablement {adv} :: profitably
rentamer {v} :: to restart, to begin again
rente {f} :: annuity; benefit
rente {f} :: pension
rente {f} [in the plural] :: private income
renter {v} :: to endow
rente viagère {f} :: life annuity, lifetime annuity
rentier {m} :: rentier
rentière {f} :: feminine noun of rentier
rentraîner {v} :: To retrain
rentrant {adj} [mathematics] :: reflex (angle)
rentrée {f} :: return (the act of returning)
rentrée {f} [education, administration] :: the return to school or work after a vacation (usually the summer break); start of the school year
rentrée des classes {f} [education] :: synonym of rentrée scolaire
rentrée littéraire {f} :: The time of the year when many books are published
rentrée scolaire {f} [education] :: The return to school; the beginning of the new school year
rentrer {vi} [followed by dans] :: to go back, to re-enter
rentrer {vi} :: to go (back) home, to come (back) home
rentrer {vi} :: to get in, to go in, to fit in
rentrer {vt} :: to bring in, to get in, to put in
rentrer {vt} :: to score (a goal)
rentrer en ligne de compte {v} :: alternative form of entrer en ligne de compte
rentrer par une oreille et ressortir par l'autre {v} [idiomatic] :: go in one ear and out the other
renversant {adj} :: astounding
renversement {m} :: act of knocking over
renversement {m} :: reversal
renverser {vt} :: to turn over, turn upside down
renverser {vt} :: to knock over, knock to the ground
renverser {vt} :: to run over
renverser {vt} :: to spill (e.g. a liquid)
renverser {vt} [grammar] :: to invert (change the positions of words in a sentence)
renverser {vt} :: to switch over, switch
renverser {vt} :: to reverse, turn around (a situation)
renverser {vt} :: to overthrow, bring down
renverser {vt} :: to knock back, agitate
renverser {vr} :: to lean back
renverser {vr} :: to lay back, lie down
renverser {vi} [of a tide] :: to reverse (flow in the opposite direction)
renvoi {m} :: act of returning, of sending back
renvoi {m} :: firing (dismissal)
renvoi {m} [sports] :: clearance
renvoi {m} :: belch, burp
renvoyer {v} :: to resend; to send again
renvoyer {v} :: to send back (to give back to the original sender)
renvoyer {v} :: to give back, throw back, post back, bounce back, swing back etc
renvoyer {v} :: to put off, postpone (an appointment, a duty)
renvoyer {v} :: to reflect (i.e. of a reflective surface)
renvoyer {v} :: to echo (of sound, to come back)
renvoyer {vt} :: to fire, dismiss, expel a student
renvoyer {v} [followed by the preposition à] :: to refer (somebody to something)
renvoyer {v} :: to remind (somebody of something)
renvoyer aux calendes grecques {vt} :: to postpone indefinitely
renvoyer l'ascenseur {v} [figuratively, colloquial] :: [à] to return the favour
réoccuper {v} :: To reoccupy
réorchestrer {v} :: to reorchestrate
réorganisation {f} :: reorganisation
réorganiser {v} :: to reorganise
réorientation {f} :: reorientation, redirection
réorienter {v} :: to reorientate, redirect
réorienter {v} [education] :: to transfer
réorthogonaliser {v} [maths] :: To reorthogonalize
réoublier {v} [very, rare] :: to reforget; to forget again
réouverture {f} :: reopening
réouvrir {vt} :: to reopen
réoxyder {vt} :: to reoxidize
repaginer {v} :: to repaginate
repaire {m} :: den, lair
repairer {v} [obsolete, chiefly of an animal] :: to go home
repaitre {v} :: to feed
repaitre {v} :: to eat
repaître {vt} [obsolete] :: to feed
repaître {vi} [obsolete] :: to eat
répandre {v} :: to spill, scatter
répandre {v} :: to spread
répandre {v} :: to shed (tears)
répandre {v} :: to give off, give out (a smell etc.)
répandre {vr} [se répandre] :: to spread, to propagate
répandu {adj} :: widespread
répandu {adj} :: spread-out, scattered
réparable {adj} :: repairable
reparaitre {v} :: alternative spelling of reparaître
reparaître {v} :: to reappear
réparateur {m} :: agent noun of réparer; repairer
réparation {f} :: fix, repair
réparatrice {f} :: feminine noun of réparateur
réparer {v} :: to repair, fix, mend
reparler {v} :: to retalk, to talk again
reparler {v} :: to speak again
repartager {vt} :: to share, divide up again
repartie {f} :: swift retort, repartee, quick rejoinder
répartie {f} :: alternative form of repartie
repartir {vi} :: To leave again, to go back
repartir {vi} :: To restart, to set off again
repartir {vt} [archaic or literary] :: To retort
répartir {v} :: distribute (to apportion)
répartir {v} :: forward (as an e-mail)
répartiteur {m} :: distributor
répartiteuse {f} :: feminine singular of répartiteur
répartition {f} :: delivery, dispatching
répartition {f} :: allocation, division, allotment (of tasks, etc.)
répartition {f} :: distribution
reparution {f} :: republication
repas {m} :: meal
repassable {adj} :: ironable
repassage {m} :: ironing (act of ironing clothing)
repasser {v} :: to iron (to pass an iron over clothing)
repasser {v} :: to pass by again
repasser {v} :: to redo (an exam, a test)
repasseuse {f} :: ironer (machine or female person)
repatrier {v} :: obsolete form of rapatrier
repayer {v} :: to pay again
repêchage {m} :: recovery (of an object from water)
repêchage {m} :: resit (of an exam)
repêchage {m} [Quebec, sports] :: draft (of new players)
repêcher {v} :: to fish out, rescue (from water)
repeindre {vt} :: to repaint
repeinture {f} [rare] :: repainting (instance of reapplying paint)
rependre {vit} :: to rehang; to hang again
repenser {v} :: to rethink, to reconsider
repentance {f} :: repentance
repentant {adj} :: repentant
repentir {m} :: repentance
repentir {vp} :: to repent
repérable {adj} :: identifiable
repérable {adj} :: noticeable (easy to spot)
repérage {m} :: tracking, spotting
repérage {m} :: searching
repérage {m} :: orientation
repercevoir {v} :: to reperceive
répercussion {f} :: repercussion
répercuter {v} :: to echo (sound)
répercuter {v} :: to reflect (light)
repéré {adj} :: marked
repéré {adj} :: spotted
repéré {adj} :: detected
repère {m} :: marker, (reference) mark
repère {m} :: landmark
repère {m} :: reference point
repérer {v} :: to map out, to mark, to reference
repérer {v} :: to spot, to detect, to pick out
reperpétuer {v} :: To perpetuate again
répertoire {m} :: repertoire
répertoire {m} :: inventory, stock
répertorié {adj} :: indexed
répertorier {vt} :: to index, keep a repertoire of
répétabilité {f} :: repeatability
répétable {adj} :: repeatable
repéter {v} :: To fart again
répéter {v} :: to repeat
répéter {vp} :: to repeat oneself
répéteur {m} :: repeater (device)
répétiteur {m} :: tutor, someone who helps pupils with their lessons
répétiteur {m} :: a repetiteur
répétitif {adj} :: repetitive
répétition {f} :: repetition
répétition {f} :: rehearsal
répétitivement {adv} :: repetitively
répétitivité {f} :: repetitiveness
répétitrice {f} :: feminine noun of répétiteur
repétrir {vt} :: to remould
repétrir {vt} :: to knead again
repeuplement {m} :: repopulation
repeuplement {m} :: replanting (of trees); restocking (of merchandise)
repeupler {v} :: to repopulate
repeupler {v} :: to replant (trees); to restock (merchandise)
repiauler {vt} :: To up sticks, move house
Repié {prop} [verlan, backslang] :: Pierre
repincer {vt} :: to pinch again
repiquage {m} :: transplanting, planting out
repiquer {v} :: to pinch; to steal again
repiquer {v} :: to puncture again
repiquer {v} [horticulture] :: to replant
répit {m} :: respite, relief (brief interval of rest or relief)
replacer {v} :: to put back, replace
replantation {f} :: replanting
replanter {vt} :: to replant
replat {m} :: A small plateau in the mountains
replâtrage {m} :: patching
replâtrage {m} :: tinkering
replâtrer {vt} :: to replaster
replâtrer {vt} :: to patch up
replet {adj} :: plump, chubby
repleurer {v} :: to cry, to weep again (after having previously cried)
repleuvoir {v} :: to rain again, to rain for a second time
repli {m} :: crease, fold
repli {m} [figuratively] :: secret
réplicabilité {f} :: replicability
réplicable {adj} :: replicable
réplicatif {adj} :: replicative
réplicatif {adj} :: replicating
réplication {f} :: replication, duplication
réplication {f} [computing, genetics] :: replication
repliement {m} :: folding (up), curling (up)
repliement {m} :: withdrawal
replier {vt} :: to fold; fold up
replier {vt} :: to refold; to fold again
replier {vr} :: to curl up, roll up
replier {vr} [military] :: to withdraw, retreat, fall back
réplique {f} :: response, reply
réplique {f} :: rebuttal
réplique {f} :: replica
réplique {f} [theatre] :: line
réplique {f} :: aftershock
répliquer {v} :: to reply
répliquer {v} :: to replicate (copy)
réplisome {m} [biology] :: replisome
replonger {vt} :: to plunge again or back
replonger {vt} :: to relapse
repolitiser {v} :: To repoliticize
repomper {vt} :: to pump again or back
repomper {vt} :: to rip off
répondant {m} :: respondent
répondant {m} [uncountable] :: repartee, skill in replying swiftly
répondeur {adj} :: lippy, mouthy
répondeur {m} :: answering machine (device that automatically records voice mail)
répondeur {m} :: transponder
répondez s'il vous plaît {phrase} [at the end of a letter] :: please reply, rsvp
repondre {v} :: obsolete spelling of répondre
répondre {v} [à] :: To reply, to answer
répondre {v} [law] :: [de] To answer for
répondre au nom de {v} [literary] :: to be called (something)
réponse {f} :: answer
réponse {f} :: response
réponse {f} :: retort, comeback
repopulariser {vt} :: to repopularize
report {m} :: postponement
report {m} :: deferment
reportage {m} :: reportage
reporter {v} :: to carry something back to where it was
reporter {v} :: to wear again
reporter {v} :: to transfer (an emotion)
reporter {v} :: to put back; to put off; to postpone
reporter {v} [usually, impersonal] :: To carry or take back in time
reporter {vp} :: To refer; to check
reporter {v} [mathematics and finance] :: To carry over or forward
reporter {mf} :: A news reporter; a journalist
reporting {m} :: rapportage, exposé
repos {m} :: rest, ease, repose
reposant {adj} :: relaxing
repose en paix {phrase} :: may he/she rest in peace
repose-pied {m} :: footstool (a low stool)
repose-pied {m} :: footrest for motorcycle
repose-pieds {m} :: alternative form of repose-pied
reposer {vt} :: to put down, to place
reposer {vt} :: to rest
reposer {vr} [se reposer] :: to rest, to repose
reposer {v} [with sur] :: to be based on
repose-tête {m} :: headrest
reposez en paix {phrase} :: rest in peace (said about someone deceased)
repositionnement {m} :: repositioning
repositionner {v} :: To reposition
repositoire {m} :: repository, storage
repositoire {m} :: ciborium
reposoir {m} :: altar of repose
reposteur {m} :: remailer
reposteuse {f} :: feminine noun of reposteur
repoussant {adj} :: repulsive; repugnant
repousse {f} :: regrowth
repoussé {adj} :: repelled, repulsed
repousser {v} :: to push back, push out of the way
repousser {v} :: to repel, drive back, repulse
repousser {v} :: to ward off, turn away
repousser {v} :: to turn down, dismiss, reject, rule out
repousser {v} :: to push back (into place)
repousser {v} :: to put off, defer, put back, postpone
repousser {v} :: to repulse, repel (of something disgusting)
repousser {v} :: to (hand-)emboss
repoussoir {m} [art] :: repoussoir
repouvoir {v} [very, rare] :: to be able to again
repræsenter {v} :: obsolete form of représenter
reprécipiter {vt} :: to reprecipitate
repréhensible {adj} :: alternative form of répréhensible
répréhensible {adj} :: reprehensible
répréhensiblement {adv} :: reprehensibly
reprendre {vt} :: to take back, recover, regain
reprendre {vt} :: to take again, take more of, have another helping
reprendre {vt} :: to resume (work), get back to, carry on with
reprendre {vt} :: to retake, recapture
reprendre {vi} :: to start again
reprendre {vi} [of business] :: to pick up, to show new sign of life
reprendre {vt} :: to criticize, correct, rebuke, reprimand
reprendre {vr} :: to correct oneself
reprendre {vr} :: to pull oneself together
reprendre à zéro {v} :: to start from scratch, to start afresh
reprendre connaissance {v} :: to come round, to come to, to regain consciousness
reprendre du poil de la bête {v} [colloquial] :: to get a second wind, to get better, to regain one's strength, to get back on one's feet, to bounce back
reprendre du service {v} [colloquial] :: to go back to work, to get back into action
reprendre ses esprits {v} :: to come round, to come to, to regain consciousness
repreneur {m} :: receiver (of a bankrupt company)
représaille {f} [rare] :: reprisal, retaliation
représentable {adj} :: representable
représentant {m} :: representative
représentante {f} :: representative (female)
représentant légal {m} [law] :: legal representative
représentatif {adj} :: representative
représentation {f} :: representation
représentation {f} :: the act or an instance of showing or presenting
représentativement {adv} :: representatively
représentativité {f} :: representativeness
représenter {v} :: to represent (to be the representative of)
représenter {v} :: to represent (to show, as a replacement)
représenter {v} :: to represent; to re-present; to present again
répressif {adj} :: repressive
répression {f} :: repression
réprimande {f} :: reprimand (a severe, formal or official reproof; reprehension, private or public)
réprimander {v} :: to reprimand
réprimer {vt} :: to suppress, quell (stop the spread of something considered bad or wrong)
réprimer {vt} :: to repress, stifle (prevent the growth of)
réprimer {vt} :: to repress, muffle (prevent someone speaking out)
réprimer {vt} :: to hold back, to stunt (make someone refrain from doing something)
réprimer {vt} :: to cut down, subdue (reduce the level of, e.g. crime)
reprise {f} :: time, instance
reprise {f} [sports] :: second-half kick-off
reprise {f} [music] :: reprise
reprise {f} [music] :: cover, cover version
reprise {f} [television] :: repeat, rerun
reprise de volée {f} [sports] :: volley
reprise de volée {f} [figuratively] :: rebuttal
repriser {v} :: to mend
réprobateur {adj} :: reproving, reproachful
réprobation {f} :: reprobation, disapproval
reproche {m} :: blame, the act of blaming
reprocher {v} :: to blame somebody for something (place blame upon)
reproducteur {adj} :: reproducing, reproductive
reproducteur {m} :: breeder (an animal designed for breeding)
reproductible {adj} :: reproducible (capable of being reproduced at a different time or place and by different people)
reproductif {adj} :: reproductive
reproduction {f} :: reproduction
reproductivement {adv} :: reproductively
reproduire {v} :: to reproduce
reprogrammation {f} [genetics, computing] :: reprogramming
reprogrammer {v} :: to reprogram
reprogrammer {v} :: to reschedule
reprographie {f} :: reprography
reproposer {v} :: to repropose
reprotoxique {adj} :: reprotoxic
réprouvé {adj} :: reprobate
réprouvé {m} :: reprobate
réprouver {vt} :: to reprove, condemn
reps {m} [textiles] :: rep
reptile {m} :: reptile
reptuile {m} [geometry] :: rep-tile
repu {adj} :: full, sated
républicain {adj} :: Republican
républicain {m} :: Republican
républicaniser {v} :: republicanize
républicanisme {m} :: republicanism
républicaniste {mf} :: republicanist
republier {v} :: To republish
république {f} :: republic
république bananière {f} :: banana republic (small country dependent on a single export commodity with a corrupt dictatorial government)
République centrafricaine {prop} {f} :: Central African Republic
République d'Afrique du Sud {prop} :: Republic of South Africa
République de Chine {prop} {f} :: Republic of China
République Démocratique du Congo {prop} {f} :: Democratic Republic of the Congo
République d'Irlande {prop} {f} :: Republic of Ireland
République dominicaine {prop} {f} :: Dominican Republic
République d'Orange {prop} :: An imaginary micro-nation in South Africa
République du Congo {prop} {f} :: Republic of the Congo (country; all senses)
République fédérale d'Allemagne {prop} {f} :: Federal Republic of Germany
République française {prop} {f} :: the French Republic, the official name of France
République Française {prop} {f} :: official name of France
République populaire de Chine {prop} {f} :: People's Republic of China
République populaire de Donetsk {prop} {République populaire de Donetsk} :: Donetsk People's Republic
République populaire de Lougansk {prop} {République populaire de Lougansk} :: Luhansk People's Republic
République tchèque {prop} {f} :: Czech Republic
répudiation {f} :: repudiation, refusal, refusing
répudier {v} :: to repudiate
répugnance {f} :: repugnance
répugnant {adj} :: disgusting, repugnant
répugner {v} :: to repel, disgust
répugner {v} :: to be loath or reluctant (to do something)
répulsif {adj} :: repulsive
répulsion {f} :: repulsion (all senses)
repunir {v} :: to repunish (punish again)
répunit {m} [maths] :: repunit
réputation {f} :: reputation
réputer {v} :: to repute
requalification {f} :: requalification
requalifier {v} :: to requalify
requérant {m} :: petitioner
requérant {m} :: applicant
requérant {adj} :: petitioning
requérir {v} :: to call for, to require
requérir {v} :: to request, to summon
requérir {v} :: to demand
requérir {v} :: to need
requête {f} [archaic] :: formal request
requête {f} [legal] :: petition
requête {f} [databases] :: query
requiem {m} :: requiem
requin {m} :: shark
requin à pointes noires {m} :: blacktip reef shark
requin baleine {m} :: whale shark
requin-baleine {m} :: whale shark
requin bleu {m} :: blue shark
requin bouledogue {m} :: bull shark
requin-crocodile {m} :: crocodile shark
requin cuivre {m} :: copper shark
requin du Groenland {m} :: Greenland shark
requin grande gueule {m} :: megamouth; megamouth shark
requin gris {m} :: sandbar shark
requin griset {m} :: cow shark; bluntnose sixgill shark
requin longimane {m} :: oceanic whitetip shark
requin mako {m} :: shortfin mako shark
requin marteau {m} :: alternative form of requin-marteau
requin-marteau {m} :: hammerhead shark
requin pèlerin {m} :: basking shark
requinquer {v} :: to cheer up, to perk up, to give a pick-up
requin renard {m} :: thresher shark
requin saumon {m} :: salmon shark
requin tigre {m} :: tiger shark
requis {adj} :: required (needed)
réquisition {f} :: requisition
réquisitionnaire {m} :: conscript
réquisitionner {v} :: to requisition
réquisitoire {m} [legal] :: indictment
RER {prop} :: initialism of Réseau Express Régional, a Parisian tram, train and bus system
reregarder {v} [dated] :: to look at again, relook
résa {f} [colloquial] :: booking, especially to watch a show
resaccader {v} :: to shake again; to reshake
resaisonnaliser {v} :: To reseasonalize
rescapé {adj} :: surviving
rescapé {m} :: survivor (one who survives)
rescinder {v} :: "(jur.) to annul, to rescind"
rescision {f} :: "(jur.) annulment, rescission"
rescousse {f} :: rescue
rescrit {m} :: rescript, mandate
réseau {m} :: network
réseau {m} [Internet] :: network
réseau social {m} :: social network
réseautage {m} [neologism] :: networking (act of meeting new people in a business or social context)
réseau trophique {m} [ecology] :: food web
réséda {m} :: reseda, mignonette (plant)
réserpine {m} :: reserpine (alkaloid)
réservation {f} :: reservation
réservation {f} :: booking
réserve {f} :: reservation
réserve {f} :: reserve, stock
réserve {f} :: stockroom
réservé {adj} :: reserved, booked
réservé {adj} [of a person] :: discreet, reserved
réservé {adj} [of a statement] :: guarded, cautious
réservément {adv} :: reservedly
réserver {v} :: to reserve, to make a reservation (for), to book
réserver {v} :: to reserve, to put aside
réserviste {m} :: reservist
réservoir {m} :: reservoir
résidant {adj} :: residing
résidence {f} :: residence (place where one resides)
résident {m} :: resident
résident {adj} :: resident
résidentiel {adj} :: residential (pertaining to an area that is primarily for family residences)
résider {v} :: to reside, live
résider {v} :: to lie
résidu {m} :: residue, remainder
résiduaire {adj} :: residual
résiduel {adj} :: residual
résignation {f} :: resignation (state of uncomplaining frustration)
résignation {f} :: resignation (act of resigning from a post)
résigné {adj} :: resigned (to a fate, a situation, etc.)
resigner {v} [legal] :: to resign, re-sign (sign again)
résigner {vt} :: to relinquish, renounce
résigner {vr} :: to resign oneself (to)
résiliable {adj} :: cancellable (which can be cancelled)
résiliation {f} :: termination, cancellation
résilience {f} :: resilience (the mental ability to recover quickly from depression, illness or misfortune)
résilier {v} [legal] :: to cancel, annul, invalidate
résille {f} :: net, netting
résille {f} :: hairnet
résille {f} :: cames, lead, leading (for windows)
résinate {m} [organic chemistry] :: resinate
résine {f} :: resin, pitch, tar
résiner {v} :: to resinate
résineusement {adv} :: resinously
résineux {adj} :: resinous
résinification {f} :: resinification
résinifier {v} :: to resinify
resiphonner {v} :: to resiphon
résipiscence {f} :: repentance, resipiscence
résistance {f} :: resistance (all meanings)
résistance de l'air {f} :: air resistance
résistant {m} :: resistant
résistant {adj} :: resistant
résister {v} :: to resist
résisteur {m} :: resistor (electrical component)
résistible {adj} :: resistible (able to be resisted)
résistif {adj} :: resistive
résistine {f} :: resistin
résistivité {f} :: resistivity (capacity of resistance to electricity)
résistor {m} :: resistor (electrical component)
resituer {v} :: to resituate
resocialiser {vt} :: to resocialize
résolu {adj} :: resolute
résolubilité {f} :: resolubility, resolvability
résoluble {adj} :: resoluble, resolvable
résolument {adv} :: resolutely, determinedly
résolûment {adv} :: resolutely
résolutif {adj} :: resolutive
résolution {f} :: resolution
résolutivement {adv} :: resolutively
résolvante {f} [maths] :: resolvent (a resolvent equation, function, or expression)
resolvatation {f} [chemistry] :: resolvation
résolver {v} [nonstandard] :: to resolve; to fix
résolveur {m} :: solver (one who solves)
résonance {f} :: resonance
résonateur {m} :: resonator
résonner {v} :: to resonate (to vibrate or sound, especially in response to another vibration)
résonner {v} :: to ring out
résorbable {adj} :: resorbable
résorber {v} :: to resorb
résorcine {f} [organic compound] :: resorcinol
résorcinol {m} [organic compound] :: resorcinol
résorption {f} :: resorption
résoudre {vt} :: To resolve (to find a solution to)
résoudre {vr} [followed by à] :: To resolve, to make up one's mind
resp. {abbr} :: abbreviation of respectivement
respect {m} :: respect
respectabilité {f} :: respectability
respectable {adj} :: respectable
respectablement {adv} :: respectably
respecter {v} :: to respect
respecter {v} :: to meet (deadline)
respecter {v} :: to comply with (rules, laws)
respectif {adj} :: respective (referencing two or more things as individuals)
respectivement {adv} :: respectively
respectueusement {adv} :: respectfully
respectueux {adj} :: respectful
respirateur {m} [medicine] :: ventilator, respirator
respiration {f} :: respiration
respiratoire {adj} :: respiratory
respirer {v} :: to breathe
resplendir {v} :: to glimmer, gleam, beam, sparkle
resplendissamment {adv} :: sparklingly
resplendissant {adj} :: glimmering, gleaming, beaming, sparkling
resplendissement {m} :: resplendence
responsabilisation {f} :: accountability
responsabiliser {vt} :: to make responsible, to give responsibilities to
responsabilité {f} :: responsibility
responsable {adj} :: responsible
responsable {mf} :: person in charge
responsablement {adv} :: responsibly
responsif {adj} :: responsive
responsivité {f} :: responsivity
resquiller {v} :: to queue-jump
resquiller {v} :: to ride (public transport) without a ticket
resquiller {v} :: to gatecrash
resquilleur {m} :: queue-jumper
resquilleur {m} :: gatecrasher
resquilleur {m} :: freeloader
resquilleuse {f} :: feminine noun of resquilleur
ressac {m} :: swash, backwash
ressaisir {vt} :: To regain or recover (that which was lost)
ressaisir {vpr} :: To pull oneself together, get back on one's feet
ressasser {v} [dated] :: to sieve again
ressasser {v} [figuratively] :: to think constantly about the same things
ressasser {v} [figuratively] :: to repeat oneself
ressaut {f} [architecture] :: projection
ressayer {v} :: to retry, to try again
resseller {vt} :: to resaddle
ressemblance {f} :: resemblance (state of resembling)
ressemblant {adj} :: true to life (of a painting etc)
ressembler {vt} :: To resemble, to be similar to
ressembler {vi} :: To look like, to have physical similarities to (followed by à)
ressemelage {m} :: resoling
ressemeler {vt} :: to resole
ressenti {m} [neologism] :: impression, feel, opinion
ressentiment {m} :: ressentiment, resentment
ressentir {vt} :: to feel
ressentir {vr} [~ de] :: to suffer from the effects of
resserrement {m} :: tightening
resserrer {vt} :: to retighten (knot, belt, screw, etc.)
resserrer {vr} :: to tighten (link, knot)
resserrer {vr} :: to become stricter (discipline)
resserrer {vr} :: to narrow (road, gap)
resservir {v} :: to serve again
ressort {m} [dated] :: resilience, elasticity
ressort {m} :: spring (coiled device)
ressort {m} :: spirit, energy
ressort {m} [literary] :: motive, motivation
ressort {m} [legal] :: jurisdiction, responsibility, remit
ressortir {vi} [taking auxiliary être] :: to go or come back out; to go/come out again
ressortir {vt} [taking the auxiliary avoir] :: to take back out; to take out [again]
ressortir {v} [usually, impersonal, taking the auxiliary avoir, followed by de] :: to emerge from, according to evidence
ressortir {v} :: to stand out
ressortir {vi} [followed by à] :: to come under the jurispendence [of]
ressortissant {m} :: national
ressortissante {f} :: feminine noun of ressortissant
ressouder {v} :: to resolder, solder back together
ressource {f} :: A resource
ressouvenir {vr} :: to remember, recall
ressurgir {vi} :: to reemerge, resurface, reappear, come flooding back (memories)
ressusciter {v} :: to resurrect
ressusciter {v} :: to bring back to life, to resuscitate
ressuyage {m} :: drying (out)
ressuyer {v} :: to dry; to dry out
restable {m} :: obsolete spelling of retable
restanque {f} :: A type of dry stone wall supporting a terrace in Provence, or the terrace itself
restant {adj} :: remaining, left over
restant {m} :: remainder
restau {m} :: alternative spelling of resto
restaurant {m} :: restaurant
restaurateur {m} :: restorer (of a work of art)
restaurateur {m} :: restaurateur, restaurant owner
restauratif {adj} :: restorative
restauration {f} :: restoration
restauration {f} :: the restaurant industry
restauration {f} [computing] :: restore
Restauration {prop} {f} [historical] :: the (Bourbon) Restoration
restaurer {v} :: to restore
restaurer {v} [computing] :: to restore
restaurer {vr} :: to dine, to eat
restauroute {m} :: transport cafe
reste {m} :: rest, remainder
reste-avec {mf} :: restavec
rester {vi} :: to stay
rester {v} :: to remain, be left over
rester {v} :: to stay, to remain (to continue to have a particular quality)
rester {v} [rare] :: to rest
rester {v} [Louisiana French, Canada] :: to live
rester en travers de la gorge {vi} [figuratively] :: to stick in someone's craw
rester les bras croisés {v} [figuratively] :: to sit back and do nothing, to cross one's arms and wait, to stand by idly
rester sur sa faim {v} :: to not have had enough to eat, to be unsatiated
rester sur sa faim {v} [figuratively] :: to be left hungry for more, to be left wanting more, to be left unsatisfied; to be somewhat underwhelmed, to be a bit disappointed
restituer {vt} :: to restitute, to restore (return to something's former condition)
restituer {vt} :: to bring back, bring back to life
restituer {vt} :: to recreate, to reproduce (create/produce again)
restituer {vt} :: to return, to give back (something to its original owner)
restituer {vt} :: to restitute, to refund
restituer {vt} [colloquial] :: to throw up (vomit)
resto {m} [colloquial] :: resto, restaurant
resto bar {m} :: alternative form of restobar
resto-bar {m} :: alternative form of restobar
restobar {m} :: a bar-style restaurant or restaurant-like bar
resto-basket {m} [slang] :: the act of doing a runner without paying after dining at a restaurant
resto pub {m} :: alternative form of restopub
resto-pub {m} :: alternative form of restopub
restopub {m} :: a pub-style restaurant or restaurant-like pub
restoroute {m} :: alternative form of restauroute
restreindre {v} :: to restrict, to limit
restreindre {v} :: to restrain
restreint {adj} :: restricted
restreint {adj} :: narrow
restrictif {adj} :: restrictive
restrictif {adj} :: restricted
restriction {f} :: restriction (limitation; constraint)
restructuration {f} :: restructuring, downsizing, rightsizing
restructurer {v} :: to restructure
restylage {m} :: restyling
résultant {adj} :: resulting
résultant {adj} :: resultant
résultante {f} :: result, consequence
résultat {m} :: outcome; result
résultat {m} :: (résultat financier) bottom line
résultat des courses {adv} [colloquial] :: because of that, as a result, consequently
résultatif {adj} [grammar] :: resultative
résulter {v} :: to result, to happen
résumé {m} :: summary, résumé
résumé {m} :: abstract (of an academic paper)
résumer {v} :: to summarize, to sum up
résurgence {f} :: resurgence, revival
resurgir {vi} :: alternative form of ressurgir
résurrection {f} :: resurrection
resve {m} :: archaic spelling of rêve
resver {v} :: archaic spelling of rêver
resvératrol {m} [organic compound] :: resveratrol
retable {m} :: retable, reredos
rétablir {v} :: to reestablish
rétablissement {m} :: reestablishment, reinstating
rétablissement {m} :: recovery
retailler {v} :: to recut (to cut again)
rétamer {vt} :: to tin-plate again
rétamer {vt} :: to wear out
rétameur {m} :: tinker
rétameuse {f} :: feminine singular of rétameur
retaper {vt} :: to revamp, refurbish
retaper {vt} :: to retype
retard {m} :: delay
retardataire {adj} :: late [arriving late]
retardataire {adj} :: outdated
retardataire {m} :: latecomer
retardateur {m} [photography] :: self-timer (on a camera)
retardement {m} [archaic] :: delay
retarder {v} :: to retard, to slow down
retarder {v} :: to postpone, to put back
retâter {vt} :: to grope again
retâter {v} :: (transitive-indirect; built with de) to try again (something)
reteindre {vt} :: to redye
reteindre {v} :: to recolor
retendre {vt} :: to re-tighten
retenir {vt} :: to retain, hold
retenir {vt} :: to hold back, rein in
retenir {vt} :: to keep, detain, hold up
retenir {vt} :: to remember
retenir {vti} :: to accept (que that)
retenir {vt} [legal] :: to uphold
retenir {vr} :: to restrain oneself, hold back
retenter {v} :: to retry, to try again
rétention {f} [medical] :: retention
rétention {f} :: withholding
retentir {vi} :: to ring, to ring out
retentir {vi} [figurative] :: to have a strong effect
retentissant {adj} :: ringing (out)
retentissant {adj} [figurative] :: resounding, celebrated
retentissement {m} :: repercussion(s), impact
retenu {adj} :: cautious, moderate, reserved
retenue {f} :: restraint
retenue {f} :: deduction
retenue {f} :: reservoir
retenue {f} [school] :: detention
retenuement {adv} :: cautiously, moderately, reservedly
retester {v} :: To retest
rétiaire {m} [historical, Ancient Rome] :: retiarius, gladiator with a net
réticence {f} :: tight-lippedness, reticence
réticence {f} [by extension] :: reluctance, misgivings
réticent {adj} :: reluctant; reticent
réticulaire {adj} :: reticular
réticulation {f} :: reticulation
réticulation {f} [chemistry] :: crosslinking (of polymer chains)
réticule {m} :: reticle
réticulé {adj} :: reticulated
réticulum {m} [anatomy] :: reticulum
rétif {adj} :: restive; rebellious
rétine {f} :: retina (thin layer of cells at the back of the eyeball)
rétinien {adj} :: retinal
rétinite {f} [pathology] :: retinitis
rétinofuge {adj} :: retinofugal
rétinoïde {m} [organic chemistry] :: retinoid
rétinol {m} :: retinol
rétinoscope {m} :: retinoscope
retirage {m} :: removal
retirer {v} :: to take off; to remove (e.g. clothes)
retirer {v} :: to withdraw; to get out; to take out [money]
retirer {vr} [se retirer] :: to retire
retirer une épine du pied {v} [à] :: [colloquial, figuratively] to get out of a tight spot, to help out of a jam; to take a weight off someone's shoulders; to be a relief
retisser {v} :: To reweave, replait
retombée {f} :: fallout
retombée {f} :: spillover, fallout, side effects
retomber {v} :: to refall, to fall again, to fall back down
retoquer {v} :: to reject, to turn down (especially a proposal)
retoquer {v} [dated] :: to refuse candidacy to, especially, an exam
retordre {vit} :: retwist; to twist again
rétorquer {v} :: to retort
retors {adj} :: warped, twisted (multiple times)
retors {adj} :: crafty, wily, tricky
retors {m} :: twisted yarn
retors {m} :: fox (cunning person)
rétorsion {f} [legal] :: retorsion
retorte {f} [archaic, chemistry] :: retort
retouchage {m} :: retouching
retouche {f} :: modification, correction, amendment
retoucher {v} [photography] :: to retouch
retoucher {v} :: to touch up, to put the finishing touches on
retoucheur {m} [photography] :: retoucher
retoucheuse {f} :: feminine singular of retoucheur
retour {m} :: return
retour {m} :: second coming
retour de flamme {m} :: backfire, flashback
retour de flamme {m} [figuratively] :: backfiring
retour de flammes {m} :: alternative spelling of retour de flamme
retour en grâce {m} :: comeback, return to popularity
retournable {adj} :: returnable
retournement {m} :: return (action of returning)
retourner {vt} :: to turn over, turn upside-down; (in cooking) to turn
retourner {vt} :: to toss (salad), turn over (earth, soil)
retourner {vt} :: to return, send back (an object)
retourner {vi} :: to return, go back (to/from a place)
retourner {vi} :: to return, revert (à to) (a state etc)
retourner {vp} :: to turn over; to overturn, capsize
retourner {vp} :: to turn round (turn one's head)
retourner {vp} :: to be reversed, be turned round (of a situation etc.)
retourner {vp} :: to get organised
retourner sa chemise {v} [figuratively] :: synonym of retourner sa veste
retourner sa veste {v} [figuratively] :: to turn one's coat; to change sides; to change one's mind
retracer {v} :: to recount, to tell
retracer {v} :: to redraw, to draw again
rétractable {adj} :: retractable (capable of being retracted)
rétractation {f} :: retraction
rétracter {vt} :: to retract, contract
rétractile {adj} :: retractile, retractable
rétraction {f} :: retraction, withdrawal
retraduire {vt} :: to retranslate
retraindre {v} :: archaic spelling of restreindre
rétraindre {v} :: to hammer (a metal object): to shape by hammering, especially to make thinner
rétraindre {v} :: archaic spelling of restreindre
retraire {v} [dated] :: to withdraw; to take out
retrait {m} :: retreat
retrait {m} :: withdrawal
retrait {m} [baseball] :: out
retrait {m} [cricket] :: dismissal
retrait {m} :: [sex] coitus interruptus
retraite {f} :: retirement
retraite {f} :: pension (money)
retraite {f} [military] :: retreat
retraité {m} :: pensioner, retired person
retraitement {m} :: reprocessing (of nuclear fuel)
retraiter {vt} :: to reprocess
retraiter {vt} :: to recycle
retrait sur des prises {m} [baseball] :: strike out
retranchement {m} :: entrenchment
retranchement {m} :: subtraction, deduction
retrancher {vt} :: to deduct, take away, cut out (delete)
retrancher {vi} :: to cut down
retrancher {vt} :: to cut off (exclude, from e.g. society)
retrancher {vt} [archaic] :: to kill, to snuff out, to bump off
retrancher {vr} :: to take shelter
retrancher {vr} [military] :: to entrench oneself
retranscription {f} :: retranscription
retranscription {f} :: transcript
retranscrire {vt} :: to retranscribe
retransférer {v} :: To retransfer (transfer again)
retransmettre {v} :: to retransmit (to transmit again)
retransmission {f} :: retransmission
retravailler {vt} :: To rework
retravailler {vi} :: To start working (at a task) again
retraverser {vt} :: to cross again or back
rétrécir {v} :: to shrink
rétrécir {v} :: to narrow
rétrécissant {adj} :: narrowing, shrinking
rétrécissement {m} :: shrinking
retremper {v} :: To soak, dip etc., again
retremper {v} :: To brace up
retremper {v} :: To reenergize
rétribuer {vt} :: to pay (for)
rétribuer {vt} :: to reward
rétributif {adj} :: retributive
rétribution {f} :: remuneration, reward
rétributivement {adv} :: retributively
rétro- {prefix} :: retro-, back, behind
rétro {m} :: shortening of rétroviseur, mirror (in the car)
rétro {adj} :: retro
rétroactif {adj} :: retroactive
rétroaction {f} :: feedback (signal that is looped back to control a system within itself)
rétroaction {f} :: retroaction
rétroactivement {adv} :: retroactively
rétroactivement {adv} :: retrospectively
rétroactivité {f} :: retroactivity
rétrocaveuse {f} :: backhoe
rétrocéder {v} :: to retrocede
rétrocéder {v} :: to surrender (property, land etc)
rétrocession {f} :: retrocession
rétrocommission {f} :: kickback
rétrodiffusé {adj} [physics] :: backscattered
rétrodiffuser {v} :: To backscatter
rétrodismutation {f} [biochemistry] :: retrodismutation
rétroflexe {adj} :: retroflex
rétroformation {f} [linguistics] :: back-formation
rétrofusée {f} :: retrorocket
retrogaming {m} :: alternative form of rétrogaming
rétrogaming {m} :: retrogaming
rétrogradation {f} :: retrogradation (retrograde motion)
rétrogradation {f} :: demotion, downgrading (in rank)
rétrograde {adj} [pejorative] :: retrograde
rétrograder {v} :: to turn back, go back
rétrograder {v} :: to retrogress
rétrograder {v} [motoring] :: to downshift
rétrograder {v} [military] :: to demote
rétrogression {f} :: retrogression (decline)
rétrolien {m} :: trackback
rétronasal {adj} :: retronasal
rétronasalement {adv} :: retronasally
rétronyme {m} :: retronym
rétronymie {f} :: retronymy
rétronymique {adj} :: retronymic
rétropédalage {m} :: the action or the result of backpedalling
rétropédaler {v} :: to backpedal
rétroprojecteur {m} :: overhead projector
rétrospectif {adj} :: retrospective (of, relating to, or contemplating the past)
rétrospective {f} :: retrospective, montage
rétrospectivement {adv} :: retrospectively
retrousser {v} :: to hitch up, hike up, roll up, pull up (a garment)
retrousser ses manches {v} [figuratively] :: to roll up one's sleeves
retrouvaille {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: reunion
retrouver {vt} :: to find (again); to rediscover
retrouver {vt} :: to remember; to recall
retrouver {vt} :: to meet; to meet up; to bump into
retrouver {vt} :: to go back to, to return to
retrouver {vp} :: to find oneself; to end up
rétroviral {adj} :: retroviral
rétrovirus {m} :: retrovirus (virus with a genome consisting of RNA)
rétroviseur {m} [automotive] :: rear-view mirror
rets {mp} [hunting, figurative] :: snare
rets {mp} [fishing] :: net
retsina {m} :: retsina
retweeter {v} :: to retweet
reum {f} [slang, backslang] :: mother
réunification {f} :: reunification (the unification of something that was previously divided; used especially of a country)
réunifier {v} :: to reunite, reunify
réunion {f} :: meeting
réunion {f} [mathematics] :: set union
Réunion {prop} {f} :: Réunion
réunionite {f} [colloquial] :: meetingitis
réunionnais {m} :: of or relating to la Réunion
Réunionnais {m} :: person from la Réunion
réunionnaise {f} :: feminine noun of réunionnais
Réunionnaise {f} :: feminine noun of Réunionnais
réunion Tupperware {f} :: Tupperware party
réunir {vt} :: to gather, collect
réunir {vt} :: to bring together
réunir {vr} [se réunir] :: to meet
réunir {vr} [se réunir] :: to come together
reup {m} [slang, backslang, verlan] :: father
réussir {vi} [followed by à and infinitive] :: to manage to do something
réussir {vt} :: to pass (a test); to succeed at something
réussissabilité {f} [rare] :: achievability, attainability, doability, feasibility
réussissable {adj} [rare] :: achievable, attainable, doable, feasible
réussite {f} :: success
réutilisable {adj} :: reusable
réutilisation {f} :: reuse, reutilisation
réutiliser {vt} :: to reuse, to reutilize
revaloir {vt} :: to get even (with)
revalorisation {f} :: revaluation
revaloriser {v} :: to revalue
revanchard {adj} :: revengeful
revanchard {adj} :: revanchist
revanche {f} :: revenge; vengeance
revanche {f} [sports, games etc.] :: rematch
revancher {v} [dated, literary] :: to take revenge
revanchiste {adj} :: revanchist, vengeful
rêvasser {vi} :: to daydream
rêve {m} :: dream
rêvé {adj} :: perfect, ideal
revêche {adj} [mood] :: sour, unpleasant
réveil {m} :: waking, awakening, waking up
réveil {m} :: alarm clock
réveillé {adj} :: awake (not asleep, by extension, alert)
réveille-matin {m} :: alternative spelling of réveil-matin
réveiller {vt} :: To awaken
réveiller {vr} :: To wake up
réveilleur {m} :: currawong
réveillon {m} :: eve (of Christmas or New Year's)
réveillon {m} :: a dinner eaten on such an evening
réveillonner {v} :: to celebrate Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve, especially by having dinner with friends and/or family
révélateur {m} :: revealer, one who reveals or uncovers something
révélateur {m} :: developer (liquid used in the chemical processing of traditional photos.)
révélateur {adj} :: revelatory, that which reveals something; revealing, telling
révélation {f} :: revelation
révélation {f} [theology] :: revelation
révélatrice {f} :: feminine noun of révélateur
révéler {v} :: to reveal, to give away
révéler {v} :: to develop (a photo)
révéler {vr} :: to emerge
revenant {m} :: A supernatural being that returns from the dead; a zombie or ghost
revenant {m} :: A person who returns after a long absence
revenante {f} :: feminine singular of revenant
revendeur {m} :: reseller
revendeuse {f} :: feminine noun of revendeur
revendicateur {m} :: claimant
revendicatif {adj} :: protest (attributive)
revendication {f} :: airing of one's demand; claiming of one's identity
revendication {f} :: an instance of such a demand or claim
revendicatrice {f} :: feminine singular of revendicateur
revendiquer {v} [legal] :: to demand
revendiquer {v} :: to claim, to lay claim to (ownership), to stake a claim to
revendiquer {v} :: to take on, assume (responsibility)
revendre {v} :: resell, sell again
revenir {v} :: to come back, to return
revenir {v} [cooking, preceded by faire] :: to brown
revenir à ses moutons {v} [colloquial] :: to return to one's muttons, to get back to the topic at hand, to get back to the point
revenir à soi {v} :: to come round, to come to, to regain consciousness
revenir au même {v} [colloquial] :: to boil down to the same thing, to amount to the same thing
revenir de loin {v} [figuratively] :: to have a close shave
revenir sur ses pas {v} :: to double back, to backtrack, to retrace one's steps, to turn back
revente {f} :: resale, act of reselling
revenu {m} :: revenue
revenu {m} :: income
revenu {m} :: (steel) drawing, tempering
revenue {f} :: a (physical) return; arrival
revenue {f} [hunting] :: the action of game leaving the forest to graze
rêver {v} :: to dream
réverbération {f} :: reverberation
réverbère {m} :: streetlight, streetlamp
réverbérer {vt} :: to reverberate
réverbérer {vt} :: to reflect [light or sound]
reverdir {v} :: to turn green again (of trees, plants, etc.)
révéremment {adv} :: reverently
révérence {f} :: reverence (deep respect)
révérence {f} :: bow (gesture made by bending forward at the waist)
révérencieusement {adv} :: reverently
révérencieux {adj} :: reverent
révérend {adj} :: reverend
révérend {m} :: reverend
révérendissime {adj} :: very reverend
révérer {v} :: to revere
rêverie {f} :: daydream, reverie
revérifier {vt} :: to reverify, double-check
revernir {v} :: to revarnish (varnish again)
revers {m} :: reverse side
revers {m} :: backhand
revers {m} [tennis] :: backhand
revers de la médaille {m} [figuratively] :: the flipside (a necessary consequence), the downside
reversement {m} :: reversal, reversing
reverser {v} :: to repour (pour again)
reverser {v} :: to pour back
reverser {v} [finance] :: to pay back, put back
réversibilité {f} :: reversibility
réversible {adj} :: reversible (capable of being reversed or inverted)
réversiblement {adv} :: reversibly
réversion {f} [biology, legal] :: reversion
reverter {v} :: To revert (especially on a wiki)
réverter {v} [biology] :: To revert to a previous healthy state
revêtement {m} :: any sort of protective surface such as overlay, coating or plating
revêtir {vt} :: to clothe, dress (those in need or for ceremonial purposes)
revêtir {vt} :: to invest (formally give authority, titles, responsibilities; install in office)
revêtir {vt} :: to disguise, hide
revêtir {vtr} [with de] :: to put on, dress oneself in
revêtir {vt} [figuratively] :: to take on, to assume (aspect, form or appearance)
revêtir {vt} :: to coat, treat, cover, overlay, plaster (put a protective cover on (such as wooden support for a trench))
revêtir {vt} [by extension] :: to cover, blanket
revêtissement {m} :: alternative form of revêtement
revêtu {adj} :: clothed, coated, donning
revêtu {adj} :: adorned, decorated
rêveur {m} :: A dreamer or idealist
rêveur {adj} :: Dreamy
rêveusement {adv} :: dreamily
revigorant {adj} :: invigorating, roborative
revigorant {m} :: tonic
revigorer {v} :: to reinvigorate
revirement {m} :: change of mind
revirement {m} :: reversal (total change)
révisable {adj} :: revisable, variable (subject to change)
réviser {v} :: to revise, review
réviseur {m} :: reviser, checker
réviseur {m} [legal] :: review judge
réviseuse {f} :: feminine singular of réviseur
révision {f} :: revision
révisionnisme {m} :: revisionism
révisionniste {adj} :: revisionist (of or pertaining to revisionism)
révisionniste {mf} :: revisionist
revisitant {adj} :: revisiting
revisiter {vt} :: to revisit
revisser {vt} :: to screw back or again
revitalisant {adj} :: revitalizing
revitalisation {f} :: revitalization
revitaliser {vt} :: to revitalize
revivifier {vt} :: to revivify, bring back to life
revivifier {vt} :: to revitalize, reinvigorate
revivifier {vr} :: to come back to life
revivre {vi} :: to live again; to relive
revivre {vt} :: to relive (experience again)
révocable {adj} :: revocable (capable of being revoked)
révocablement {adv} :: revocably
révocation {f} :: revocation; act of revoking
révocatoire {adj} :: revocatory
revoici {v} :: here (something is) again
revoilà {v} :: here (something is) again
revoir {v} :: to see again
revoir {v} :: to re-examine
revoler {v} :: To fly again or back
revoler {v} :: To squirt
révoltant {adj} :: revolting, appalling
révolte {f} :: Rebellion, mutiny
révolter {vt} :: to revolt, appal, disgust
révolter {vr} :: to revolt, rebel (against e.g. government)
révolu {adj} :: bygone, past, gone by
révolution {f} :: revolution (turn; rotation)
révolution {f} :: revolution (political event)
Révolution française {prop} {f} :: the French Revolution
révolutionnaire {adj} :: revolutionary (of or pertaining to a revolution in government)
révolutionnaire {adj} :: groundbreaking
révolutionnaire {mf} :: revolutionary
révolutionnairement {adv} :: revolutionarily
révolutionner {v} :: to revolutionise
revolver {m} :: revolver (gun)
révoquer {v} :: to revoke; to remove; to take away
revouloir {v} :: to want again
revouloir {v} :: to want back
revue {f} :: magazine
revue {f} :: troop inspection (military)
revue de presse {f} :: news digest, media digest; press review (on website etc.)
révulsé {adj} :: contorted (face)
révulsé {adj} :: shocked
révulsion {f} :: revulsion (all senses)
rexisme {m} [politics] :: Rexism
rexiste {adj} [politics] :: Rexist
rexiste {m} [politics] :: Rexist
Reykjavík {prop} :: Reykjavik
Reyx {prop} :: surname
rez {m} :: ground floor [only in rez-de-chaussée and rez-de-jardin]
rez-de-chaussée {m} :: ground floor
rez-de-cour {m} :: courtyard level (storey of a building that opens onto a courtyard)
rez-de-jardin {m} :: garden level (storey of a building that opens onto a garden)
RF {initialism} :: RF (radiofrequency) initialism of radiofréquence
RFI {prop} {f} [communication] :: initialism of w:Radio France Internationale
RG {m} :: short for Direction Centrale des Renseignements Généraux (DCRG), a former French intelligence service
RG {m} :: a member of the DCRG, usually working as plain-clothes police or incognito
rhabdomyolyse {m} :: rhabdomyolysis
rhabdomyome {m} [pathology] :: rhabdomyoma
rhabiller {v} :: to get dressed again; to redress
rhade {m} :: the Rade language, an Austronesian language spoken by the Rade people
Rhade {prop} [plural only] :: The Rade people, a minor ethnic group in the Central Highlands of Vietnam
rhadé {m} :: alternative spelling of rhade
Rhadé {prop} :: alternative spelling of Rhade
Rhætie {prop} {f} :: obsolete form of Rhétie
rhapsode {m} :: rhapsodist
rhapsode {m} :: rhapsode
rhapsodie {f} :: rhapsody (all senses)
Rhéa {prop} {f} :: Rhea (goddess)
rhénan {adj} :: Rhenish
Rhénanie {prop} :: Rhineland
Rhénanie-du-Nord-Westphalie {prop} :: North Rhine-Westphalia (state)
Rhénanie-Palatinat {prop} :: Rhineland-Palatinate (state)
rhénate {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: rhenate
rhénique {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: rhenic
rhénium {m} :: rhenium
rhéofluidification {f} [physics] :: rheofluidification
rhéologie {f} :: rheology
rhéologique {adj} :: rheological
rhéomètre {m} :: rheometer (device)
rhéométrie {f} :: rheometry
rhéométrique {adj} :: rheometric
rhéophile {adj} :: rheophilic
rhéophile {mf} :: rheophile
rhéophore {m} [obsolete, physics] :: rheophore
rhéostat {m} :: rheostat
rhéotropique {adj} :: rheotropic
rhésus {m} :: rhesus (monkey, factor)
rhéteur {m} :: rhetorician
rhétorique {adj} :: rhetorical (part of or similar to rhetoric)
rhétorique {f} :: rhetoric
rhétoriquement {adv} :: rhetorically (in a rhetorical manner)
rhétrice {f} :: feminine singular of rhéteur
rhexistasie {f} [geology] :: rhexistasy
Rhin {prop} {m} :: the Rhine
rhinite {f} :: rhinitis, coryza
rhino- {prefix} :: rhino-
rhino {m} :: rhino
rhinocéros {m} :: rhinoceros
rhinopharyngite {f} [pathology] :: rhinopharyngitis, nasopharyngitis
rhinopharynx {m} [anatomy] :: rhinopharynx
rhinopithèque {m} :: snub-nosed monkey (of genus Rhinopithecus)
rhinorrhée {f} :: rhinorrhea (medical symptom)
rhizocarpique {adj} [botany, organic chemistry] :: rhizocarpic
rhizome {m} [botany] :: rhizome
rhizomélique {adj} [anatomy] :: rhizomelic
rhizopode {m} [zoology] :: rhizopod
rhizosphère {f} :: rhizosphere (soil region influenced by plant roots)
rhizosphérique {adj} [biology, geology] :: rhizospheric
rhô {m} :: rho (Greek letter)
rhodanien {adj} :: of or from the Rhône department
rhodanien {m} [linguistics] :: The Provençal dialect spoken on the banks of the Rhône
Rhodanien {m} :: someone of or from the Rhône department
rhodanienne {f} :: feminine noun of rhodanien
Rhodanienne {f} :: feminine noun of Rhodanien
rhodéorétine {f} [organic compound] :: rhodeoretin
Rhodes {prop} :: Rhodes (island)
Rhodes {prop} :: Rhodes (town)
Rhodésie {prop} {f} [historical] :: Rhodesia
rhodésien {adj} :: Rhodesian
rhodié {adj} :: rhodium-plated
rhodique {adj} :: rhodic
rhodium {m} :: rhodium
rhodochrosite {f} [mineral] :: rhodochrosite
rhododendron {m} :: rhododendron
rhodoïd {m} :: rhodoid
rhodonite {f} [mineral] :: rhodonite
rhombe {m} :: rhombus
rhombencéphale {m} [anatomy] :: rhombencephalon
rhombicosidodécaèdre {m} :: rhombicosidodecahedron
rhombidodécadodécaèdre {m} :: rhombidodecadodecahedron
rhombidodécaèdre {m} :: rhombidodecahedron
rhombique {adj} :: rhombic
rhombododécaèdre {m} [geometry] :: alternative form of rhombidodécaèdre
rhomboèdre {m} :: rhombohedron
rhomboédrique {adj} :: rhombohedral
rhomboïde {adj} :: rhomboid
rhomboïde {m} :: rhomboid
rhônalpin {adj} :: Of or from the Rhône-Alpes region
Rhône {prop} {m} :: Rhone (river)
Rhône {prop} {m} :: Rhône (department)
Rhône-Alpes {prop} :: Rhône-Alpes, region of France
rhotacisme {m} [phonetics, phonology] :: rhotacism
rhubarbe {f} :: rhubarb (any plant of the genus Rheum)
rhum {m} :: rum
rhumatisant {adj} :: rheumatic
rhumatismal {adj} :: rheumatic
rhumatismalement {adv} :: rheumatically
rhumatisme {m} [pathology] :: rheumatism
rhumatoïde {adj} :: rheumatoid
rhumatologie {f} :: rheumatology
rhumatologique {adj} :: rheumatological
rhumatologue {mf} :: rheumatologist
rhume {m} :: cold (illness)
rhumerie {f} :: rum distillery
rhumerie {f} :: rummery (bar that primarily sells rum)
ria {f} :: ria
riabilité {f} [humor] :: laughability
Riansais {m} :: Someone from the town of Rians, France
Riansaise {f} :: feminine noun of Riansais
riant {adj} :: laughing (in the process of laughing)
RIB {m} :: bank account details
ribambelle {f} [familiar] :: herd; swarm
ribaude {f} [archaic] :: wench, trollop
ribaudequin {f} :: ribauldequin
ribonucléique {adj} :: ribonucleic
ribonucléoprotéine {f} [protein] :: ribonucleoprotein
ribonucléotide {m} [biochemistry] :: ribonucleotide
ribosome {m} :: ribosome
ribosomique {adj} :: ribosomic
ribote {f} :: debauchery
riboter {v} :: To drink or eat to excess
riboter {v} :: To churn (cream into butter)
riboteur {m} :: boozer (person), glutton
riboteuse {f} :: feminine singular of riboteur
ribouis {m} [archaic, colloquial] :: shoe
ribouis {m} [slang] :: foot
ribouler {v} [slang] :: to roll one's eyes
ricain {adj} [slang, pejorative] :: Yank (an American)
ricanement {m} :: snigger (mocking laugh)
ricaner {v} :: to giggle
ricaneur {m} :: sniggerer; sneerer
ricaneur {adj} :: sniggering; sneering
Ricard {m} :: A serving of pastis, especially Pernod Ricard
richard {m} [colloquial, derogatory] :: rich person, moneybags, capitalist, bourgeois
Richard {prop} {m} :: given name, cognate to English Richard
Richard {prop} {m} :: surname
richarde {f} :: rich woman
riche {adj} :: rich (possessing wealth)
riche comme Crésus {adj} [simile] :: filthy rich; rich as Croesus
richelieu {m} :: Oxford shoe
Richelieu {prop} :: A French commune, in the Indre-et-Loire departement
Richelieu {m} :: Oxford shoe
richement {adv} :: richly; wealthily; expensively
richesse {f} :: wealth
richesse {f} [literally and figuratively] :: richness
richissime {adj} :: very rich
ricil {m} :: mascara
ricin {m} :: castor
ricin {m} :: A tick of the species Ixodes ricinus
ricinique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: ricinic
ricinoléique {adj} :: ricinoleic
ricinostéarique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: ricinostearic
rickettsie {f} :: rickettsia
ricocher {v} :: to ricochet (to rebound)
ricochet {m} :: rebound; ricochet
Ricœur {prop} :: surname famously held by:
Ricœur {prop} :: Paul Ricœur (1913–2005), French philosopher who combined phenomenological description with hermeneutics
ricotta {f} :: ricotta (Italian whey cheese)
ric-rac {adv} :: spot on; exactly
ric-rac {adv} :: just about
rictus {m} :: rictus; grimace
ride {f} :: wrinkle, line (on face etc.)
ride {f} :: ripple
ride {f} :: ridge
ridé {adj} :: wrinkled
rideau {m} :: curtain (woven fabric to cover e.g. windows)
rideau {m} :: blind (cover for windows)
rideau {m} [figuratively] :: curtain, veil (something keeping another in secret)
ridelle {f} :: The slatted side of a truck, carriage etc
rider {vit} :: to wrinkle
rider {v} [Louisiana French, Cajun French, ] :: to ride
ridicule {adj} :: ridiculous (all meanings)
ridiculement {adv} :: ridiculously
ridiculiser {vt} :: to ridicule
ridiculissime {adj} :: very ridiculous
ridule {f} :: little wrinkle
riemannien {adj} :: Riemannian
rien {pron} :: nothing
rien {pron} [archaic] :: anything
rien à voir {interj} [colloquial] :: that has nothing to do with it! not at all!
rien ne va plus {phrase} [gambling] :: rien ne va plus [announcement of the croupier]
rien que {adv} :: only; just
riépa {v} [slang, backslang, verlan] :: to bet
Rieti {prop} :: Rieti
rieur {m} :: laugher (one that laughs)
rieuse {f} :: feminine noun of rieur
rieusement {adv} :: laughingly
RIF {initialism} :: Rock identitaire français, a patriotic stream in French rock
rifain {adj} :: Of or from Rif
riff {m} [music] :: riff
riflard {m} :: a carpenter's plane, a scrub plane
riflard {m} :: a mason's chisel
riflard {m} [colloquial] :: an umbrella
rifle {m} :: rifle (carabine)
rifle à air {m} :: air rifle
rifler {v} [archaic] :: to flay
rifler {v} [archaic] :: to rub
rifler la mort {phrase} [Louisiana French, Cajun French, St.Martin Parish] :: to be in danger of death
Riga {prop} :: Riga (capital of Latvia)
rigide {adj} :: rigid
rigidement {adv} :: rigidly, stiffly
rigidifier {vt} :: to rigidify, make rigid
rigidité {f} :: rigidity, stiffness
rigidité cadavérique {f} [medicine] :: rigor mortis
rigodon {m} :: rigadoon
rigolade {f} :: a laugh; a fit of laughter
rigolade {f} :: a joke; a farce
rigolade {f} :: a doddle (something simple or easy to do)
rigolard {adj} :: grinning, laughing
rigolard {adj} :: fun-loving
rigole {f} [agriculture] :: furrow, channel (small trench cut in the soil or rock for irrigation or for planting seeds)
rigole {f} [geography] :: groove, fissure, hollow (naturally occurring depression or furrow, often due to a meteorological event)
rigole {f} [figurative] :: furrow (deep wrinkle, usually in the face)
rigole {f} :: rivulet, streamlet
rigoler {vi} [colloquial] :: To laugh, especially laugh out loud
rigoler {vi} [colloquial] :: To joke, to kid
rigolo {adj} [colloquial] :: funny (amusing; comical)
rigolo {m} :: joker, funny person
rigolo {m} [slang] :: revolver, handgun
rigorisme {m} :: rigorism
rigoriste {adj} :: rigoristic
rigoriste {adj} :: rigid
rigoriste {mf} :: rigorist
rigoriste {mf} :: stickler
rigor mortis {f} :: rigor mortis
rigotte {f} :: A goats cheese from Lyon
rigoureusement {adv} :: rigorously, strictly, thoroughly
rigoureux {adj} :: rigorous
rigueur {f} :: rigour
rikiki {adj} :: alternative spelling of riquiqui
rimaille {f} :: doggerel (bad verse)
rimailler {v} :: To rhyme badly (create doggerel)
rimailleur {m} :: rhymester
rimailleuse {f} :: feminine singular of rimailleur
rimaye {m} [geology] :: a crevasse at the upper end of a mountain glacier
rimbaldien {adj} :: Rimbaldian
rime {f} :: rhyme
rimer {vi} :: to rhyme (of two words, whose final syllables are the same)
rimer {vi} :: to rhyme (to make rhymes)
rime riche {f} :: rime riche
rimeur {m} :: rhymester
rimeux {adj} [botany] :: rimose
Rimini {prop} :: Rimini (province)
Rimini {prop} :: Rimini (town)
rimmel {m} :: mascara (eyelash cosmetic)
rinçage {m} :: rinsing
rincer {v} :: to rinse
rincer {v} :: (slang) drink a lot of alchool
ring {m} [sports, chiefly combat sports] :: ring
ring {m} [Belgium] :: ring road, beltway
ringard {adj} :: outdated, old-fashioned, passé, behind the times
ringard {adj} [colloquial] :: cheesy, square
ringard {adj} [colloquial] :: crummy (low quality)
ringardise {f} :: shabbiness, seediness
ringardise {f} :: mediocrity
ringardiser {v} :: To outdate (make something outdated or old-fashioned)
ring de boxe {m} :: boxing ring
ringgit {m} :: ringgit (the currency of Malaysia)
riocher {vi} :: to laugh softly
Rioux {prop} :: surname
Ripa {prop} [backslang, verlan] :: Paris
ripaille {f} :: feast
ripailler {v} :: to feast
riper {vi} :: to slip
riper {vi} :: to go away, to take off
riper {vt} :: to scrape
ripoliner {vt} :: to paint [poorly]
ripoliner {vt} :: to revamp (give a facelift to)
riposte {f} :: riposte (fencing; witty response; quick reply)
riposter {v} :: to retort
riposter {v} [fencing] :: to ripost
ripou {adj} [slang] :: bent (corrupt)
ripou {adj} [colloquial] :: poor, shit, crap
ripou {mf} [slang] :: corrupt police officer
riquiqui {m} :: Cheap, inferior brandy
riquiqui {adj} :: Ridiculously small and cramped
rira bien qui rira le dernier {proverb} :: he who laughs last laughs best
rire {v} :: to laugh (de at, about)
rire {m} :: laugh
rire à gorge déployée {v} [figuratively] :: to laugh out loud, to laugh one's head off, to laugh fit to burst
rire aux éclats {v} [figuratively, colloquial] :: to laugh out loud
rire comme du plâtre {v} [simile] :: laugh out on the drain
rire comme une baleine {v} [simile] :: laugh out loud; laugh one's head off; laugh like a drain (literally, "laugh like a whale")
rire dans sa barbe {v} [figuratively, colloquial] :: to laugh in one's sleeve, to chuckle to oneself
rire jaune {v} :: to laugh in a forced way, to give a hollow laugh, to laugh grudgingly
rire jaune {m} :: a hollow laugh, a sour laughter
rire sous cape {v} [figuratively] :: to laugh in one's sleeve, to chuckle to oneself
ris {m} :: reef
ris {m} [archaic] :: laughing, laugh
ris {m} [literary] :: pleasures
ris {m} :: sweetbread [of a lamb or calf]
Risa {prop} :: given name
risée {f} :: outburst of laughter
risée {f} :: mockery, mocking
risée {f} :: laughingstock, mockery
risée {f} :: small, sudden gust of wind
risée {f} :: ripple caused by such
risette {f} [colloquial] :: smile (especially of a child)
risible {adj} :: risible, laughable
risiblement {adv} :: risibly
risotto {m} :: risotto
rispéridone {f} :: risperidone
risque {m} :: risk
risqué {adj} :: risky
risqué {adj} :: risque, risqué
risquer {vt} :: to risk, to put at risk
risquer {vt} :: to face, to incur
risquer {v} [followed by the preposition de] :: to run the risk of; to be likely to
risqueur {adj} :: risktaking
risqueur {m} :: risktaker
rissoler {vt} :: to brown [meat, etc.]
ristourne {f} [finance, business] :: discount; rebate
ristourner {v} :: to rebate, discount
rit {m} :: rite
rital {m} [ethnic slur] :: wop, dago (person of Italian descent)
ritale {f} :: feminine of rital
ritaline {f} :: Ritalin
rite {m} :: rite
rite de passage {m} :: rite of passage
ritournelle {f} :: refrain (music)
rituel {adj} :: ritual
rituel {m} :: ritual
rituellement {adv} :: ritually
rivage {m} :: bank; shore; coast
rival {adj} :: rival (attributively)
rival {m} :: rival
rivale {f} :: feminine noun of rival
rivaliser {vi} :: to compete
rivalité {f} :: rivalry
rive {f} :: bank (of a river)
river {v} :: to drive/set a rivet
riverain {adj} :: riverside (along a river)
riverain {m} :: amnicolist
riverain {m} :: resident (of a specific neighbourhood, square, etc.)
rivet {m} :: rivet (mechanical fastener)
riveter {vt} :: to rivet
rivière {f} :: A river (a river that flows into another river. A river that flows into an ocean or sea is called a fleuve)
rixdale {f} :: rixdollar
rixe {f} :: brawl, struggle
Riyad {prop} {m} :: Riyadh
riz {m} :: rice
riz au lait {m} :: rice pudding
riz gluant {m} :: sticky rice
rizicole {adj} [attributive] :: rice-growing
riziculteur {m} :: rice grower, rice farmer
rizicultrice {f} :: feminine noun of riziculteur
riziculture {f} :: rice growing
rizière {f} :: rice paddy
roadmap {f} :: action plan
robe {f} :: dress, frock
robe {f} :: fur, coat (of an animal)
robe {f} :: wine's colour
robe à tournure {f} :: A dress meant to be worn with a bustle. It was popular from the 1860s to the early 1900s
robe de chambre {f} :: dressing gown
robe de mariée {f} :: wedding dress (the clothing worn by a bride during a wedding ceremony)
robe de soirée {f} :: evening dress, party dress
rober {v} :: to wrap a cigar in a sheet of tobacco
Roberge {prop} :: surname
robert {m} [usually, in the plural, slang, vulgar] :: tit (human breast)
Robert {prop} :: given name, equivalent to English Robert
Robert {prop} :: surname
Roberte {prop} :: given name, feminine form of Robert, cognate to English Roberta
Roberval {prop} :: A town in the Oise department of Hauts-de-France
robervalien {adj} [maths] :: Roberval (attributive)
Robespierre {prop} :: surname
robespierrisme {m} :: Robespierrism
robespierriste {adj} :: Robespierrist
Robichaud {prop} :: surname
Robichaux {prop} :: surname
Robicheau {prop} :: surname
Robicheaux {prop} :: surname
robin {m} [obsolete] :: sheep, calf
robin {m} [archaic, pejorative] :: lawyer
Robin {prop} {m} :: given name
Robin {prop} {m} :: surname
Robin des Bois {prop} {m} :: Robin Hood (legendary English outlaw)
robinet {m} :: tap [UK], faucet [US]
robinet d'arrêt {m} :: stopcock
Robinette {prop} :: surname
robinetterie {f} :: taps; plumbing
robinetterie {f} :: tap factory
robinier {m} :: locust (tree of genus Robinia')
Robitaille {prop} :: surname
Roboam {prop} :: Rehoboam
roboratif {adj} :: roborative, bracing, invigorating
roborativement {adv} :: invigoratingly
robot {m} :: robot
robot boulangeur {m} :: breadmaker
robotique {adj} :: robotic
robotiquement {adv} :: robotically
robotisation {f} :: robotization
robotiser {vt} :: to robotize
robotiser {vt} :: to automate
robuste {adj} :: robust, hardy
robustement {adv} :: robustly (in a robust manner)
robustesse {f} :: robustness (quality of being robust)
roc {m} :: rock
roc {n} [dated, chess] :: rook
rocade {f} [military] :: a communication channel behind the front line, allowing soldiers and materiel to move about
rocade {f} :: bypass, ring road
rocade {f} [technology] :: a kind of twisted-pair cable
rocaille {f} :: rocks; rockery
rocaille {adj} [art] :: rococo
rocailleur {m} :: A person who builds a rockery
rocailleusement {adv} :: rockily
rocailleux {adj} :: rocky (containing lots of rocks)
rocambolesque {adj} :: fantastic, unusual, incredible, wacky
Rocancourt {prop} :: surname
Roch {prop} :: given name, equivalent to Rocco
roche {f} :: rock (large mass of stone)
rochelais {adj} :: of or from La Rochelle
Rochelais {m} :: someone of or from La Rochelle
Rochelaise {f} :: feminine noun of Rochelais
Rocheleau {prop} :: surname
rocher {m} :: rock (mass of projecting rock)
rochet {m} :: ratchet
rocheux {adj} :: rocky
rock {m} :: rock (style of music)
rocker {v} :: to rock (play or enjoy rock music)
rockeur {m} :: rocker (rock-musician)
rockeuse {f} :: feminine noun of rockeur
rocking-chair {m} :: rocking chair
rock'n'roll {m} [music] :: rock and roll
rococo {adj} :: rococo
rocou {f} :: annatto, the dye and seed of the achiote, Bixa orellana
rodage {m} :: running in, breaking in (getting a new product adjusted)
rodéo {m} :: rodeo
roder {vt} :: to polish, polish up
roder {vt} :: to wear in (a motor), to run in
roder {vt} :: to polish up, hone (skills)
rôder {v} :: to loiter, prowl, move about suspiciously or hostilely
rôder {v} :: to wander
rôdeur {m} :: prowler, stalker
rôdeur {adj} :: prowling, stalking
Rodin {prop} :: surname
Rodolphe {prop} :: given name, cognate to Rudolph
roentgenium {m} :: roentgenium
Rœulx {prop} :: Rœulx
rogatoire {adj} :: rogatory
rogatoirement {adv} :: rogatorily
rogaton {m} :: junk, piece of junk (something worthless)
rogaton {m} [in the plural] :: leftovers (of food)
Roger {prop} {m} :: given name, from Old French Rogier (itself from Old Frankish), which was borrowed into English as Roger
Roger {prop} {m} :: surname
rogne {f} :: anger
rogne {f} :: ringworm (skin condition)
rogner {v} :: to trim, to snip, to cut
rognon {m} [cooking] :: kidney
rognon blanc {m} :: ram's testicles, lamb fries
rognonner {v} :: To grumble
rognure {f} :: paring, shaving
rogomme {m} :: brandy, liquor
rogue {f} :: roe [fish eggs]
rogue {adj} :: haughty
rogue {adj} :: contemptuous
rogue {adj} :: roguish
roguement {adv} :: haughtily, contemptuously
roguement {adv} :: roguishly
rohmérien {adj} :: Rohmerian
roi {m} :: king
roi {m} [chess] :: king
roi {m} [card games] :: king
roide {adj} [archaic] :: alternative form of raide
roidement {adv} :: alternative form of raidement
roi des animaux {m} :: king of beasts (the lion)
roideur {f} :: (archaic) Alternative form of raideur
roidir {v} [dated] :: alternative spelling of raidir
roi fainéant {m} [historical] :: roi fainéant
roi mage {m} :: wise man; mage
roitelet {m} :: kinglet (bird)
roitelet {m} :: A petty king
rôlage {m} :: The making of rolls of chewing tobacco
Roland {prop} {m} :: given name, cognate to English Roland
Rolande {prop} {f} :: given name, feminine form of Roland
rôle {m} :: role
rôle {m} :: character
Rolim {prop} :: surname
roller {m} [countable] :: in-line skate, rollerblade
roller {m} [uncountable] :: skating (with inline skates)
rollier {m} :: roller (aggressive bird)
rom {adj} :: Roma
romagnol {m} :: Romagnol (language)
romain {adj} :: Roman (pertaining to the city of Rome)
romain {adj} :: Roman (related to Ancient Rome or its people or culture)
Romain {m} :: Roman (someone from Rome)
Romain {prop} :: given name
romaine {f} [Louisiana French, ] :: a dress
Romaine {prop} :: given name, feminine form of Romain
Romaine {prop} :: A woman from Rome
romainement {adv} :: In a Roman manner
Romains {prop} {m} [Bible] :: Romans
romaïque {adj} :: Romaic
roman {adj} :: Romance (in linguistics)
roman {adj} :: romanesque (in history of art)
roman {m} :: novel (work of fiction)
roman {m} [colloquial] :: A very long text. Il nous écrit un roman encore. See pavé
roman à thèse {m} :: A “thesis novel”: a novel that is didactic rather than entertaining, often taking the form of social commentary
romance {f} :: a ballad; a love song
romancé {adj} :: romanticized, fictionalized
romancer {vt} :: to romanticize, fictionalize
romanche {prop} {m} :: the Romansch language
romancier {m} :: novelist (author of novels)
romancière {f} :: novelist
romand {adj} :: francophone (in Switzerland)
Romandie {prop} {f} :: Romandy
Romane {prop} :: given name,a modern feminine form of Romain
romanesque {adj} :: romantic (fiction etc)
romanesquement {adv} :: romantically
romanesquement {adv} :: fancifully
Romania {prop} [academic, historical, linguistics] :: the Romance speaking areas of Europe
romanichel {m} [now pejorative] :: Gypsy
romanichel {adj} [now pejorative] :: Gypsy; Bohemian
romanisation {f} :: romanization (Putting text into the Latin (Roman) alphabet)
romaniser {v} :: to Romanize
romaniste {mf} :: Romanist
romantique {adj} :: romantic
romantique {mf} :: romantic
romantiquement {adv} :: romantically
romantisme {m} :: Romanticism
romantisme {m} :: romanticism
romarin {m} :: rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)
romariné {adj} :: Flavoured with rosemary
rombière {f} [colloquial] :: biddy (old woman)
Rome {prop} {f} :: Rome (province)
Rome {prop} {f} :: Rome (city)
Rome antique {prop} {f} :: Ancient Rome
Rome ne s'est pas faite en un jour {proverb} :: Rome wasn’t built in a day
Roméo {prop} {m} :: given name, cognate to Romeo in English
rompable {adj} :: breakable (capable of being broken)
rompre {vt} :: to break (something)
rompre {vt} :: to snap (something)
rompre {vr} :: to break
rompre {v} :: break up (with someone)
rompre les rangs {v} :: to break ranks
rompu {adj} :: broken, exhausted, worn-out
rompu {adj} [with the preposition à] :: practiced, skilled, experienced
romsteck {m} :: alternative form of rumsteck
Romuald {prop} {m} :: given name
Ronan {prop} :: given name, derived from Gaelic Rónán
ronce {f} [plant] :: bramble (Rubus fruticosus)
ronce {f} [figurative] :: trouble, difficulty, problem
ronchon {adj} :: grumpy, grouchy
ronchonner {vi} :: to grumble, grouse
roncier {m} :: bramble, blackberry-bush
roncin {m} :: workhorse (horse)
rond {adj} :: round (shape)
rond {adj} [France, colloquial] :: drunk
rond {m} :: circle
rond {m} [colloquial] :: coin; (piece of) change, money
rond central {m} [sports] :: centre circle
rond comme une queue de pelle {adj} [France, Belgium, simile, colloquial] :: very drunk
rond-de-cuir {m} :: doughnut-shaped leather cushion to relieve haemorrhoids
rond-de-cuir {m} [colloquial, pejorative] :: pen-pusher
rond-de-cuir {m} :: leather patch (for elbows of clothing)
rond de serviette {m} :: napkin ring
rond de sorcière {m} [mycology] :: fairy ring
ronde {f} :: a watch (a period of time when guards are posted)
ronde {f} [dance] :: a traditional dance where the dancers form a ring and move laterally with the music
ronde {f} [music] :: a whole note, a semibreve
rondeau {m} [poetry] :: rondeau
rondeau {m} [music] :: rondo
Rondeau {prop} :: surname
Rondeaux {prop} :: surname
rondelet {adj} :: quite round; roundish
rondelet {adj} [by extension] :: large, hefty, significant
rondelle {f} [ice hockey] :: hockey puck
rondelle {f} :: ring or annulus
rondelle {f} :: disk; washer
rondelle {f} :: onion ring
rondelle {f} :: slice
rondelle {f} [vulgar] :: asshole (anus)
rondement {adv} :: promptly, briskly
rondement {adv} :: frankly, sincerely
rondeur {f} :: roundness
rondeur {f} :: plumpness
rondeur {f} :: straightforwardness
rondeur {f} :: (in plural) curves (of a woman)
rondin {m} :: log
rondocubisme {m} :: rondocubism
rondouillard {adj} :: chubby
rond-point {m} :: roundabout
rond-point {m} :: traffic circle
ronéo {f} :: Roneo, duplicator
ronéoter {vt} :: to duplicate [using a Roneo]
ronflant {adj} :: snoring
ronflant {adj} :: snorting
ronflant {adj} :: roaring
ronflement {m} :: snoring
ronflement {m} :: snore
ronfler {v} :: to snore
ronfler {v} :: to snort (of a horse etc)
ronfler {v} :: to roar
ronfler par saccades {phrase} [Louisiana French, Cajun French, St.Martin Parish] :: to go to sleep, to hit the hay
ronfleur {m} :: snorer (someone who snores)
ronfleuse {f} :: feminine noun of ronfleur
rongeant {adj} :: gnawing
ronger {v} :: to gnaw
ronger {v} :: to erode, to eat at
rongeur {m} :: rodent
rônier {m} :: Palmyra palm (of the genus Borassus)
ronner {v} [Swiss] :: To murmur, grumble, mumble
ronron {m} :: a purr (purring noise)
ronronnant {adj} [literally and figuratively] :: purring
ronronnement {m} :: purr (purring noise)
ronronner {v} :: to purr
ronsardien {adj} :: Ronsardian
roque {m} [chess] :: an instance of castling
roquefort {m} :: Roquefort (cheese)
roquer {v} [chess] :: to castle
roquette {f} :: rocket (weapon)
roquette {f} :: rocket [UK, Australia, NZ]; arugula [US] (plant)
ROR {initialism} :: MMR
rorifère {adj} :: roriferous (producing or generating dew)
rorqual {m} :: rorqual
rorqual bleu {m} :: blue whale
rosace {f} :: rosette
rosace {f} [architecture] :: rose
rosace {f} :: rose window
rosacée {f} :: rosacea (chronic condition)
rosaire {m} :: rosary (Catholic prayer beads)
rosalie {f} :: quadricycle
Rosalie {prop} :: given name, equivalent to English Rosalie
rosâtre {adj} :: pinkish
rosbif {m} :: roast beef
rosbif {m} [pejorative, ethnic slur] :: an English person
rose {f} :: rose (flower)
rose {f} :: rose window
rose {f} [heraldiccharge] :: rose
rose {m} :: pink
rose {adj} :: pink
rose {adj} [humorous] :: pink, left-wing
rose {adj} [colloquial] :: erotic, blue
rose {adj} [in phrases] :: rosy, rose-tinted
Rose {prop} :: given name, cognate to Rose
rosé {adj} :: pinkish
rosé {m} :: rosé [a pale pink wine]
roseau {m} :: common reed (Phragmites australis)
roseau {m} [by extension] :: any reed
roseau {m} :: quill, feather pen
rose des vents {f} :: compass rose
rose d'Inde {f} :: Mexican marigold
rosée {f} :: dew (moisture in the air that settles on plants, etc)
roselin {m} :: any of a large number of finches
Roseline {prop} :: given name, cognate to Rosaline
Roselyne {prop} :: given name, cognate to Rosaline
Rose-Marie {prop} :: given name, combination of Rose and Marie, cognate to Rosemary
Rosen {prop} :: surname
Rosenberg {prop} :: surname
Rosenblum {prop} :: surname
Rosenfeld {prop} :: surname
Rosenthal {prop} :: surname
roseraie {f} :: rose garden
rose trémière {f} [flowers] :: hollyhock (Alcea rosea, an ornamental plant in the Malvaceae family)
rosette {f} :: rosette
rosicrucianisme {m} :: Rosicrucianism
rosicrucien {adj} :: Rosicrucian
rosier {m} :: rosebush
rosière {f} :: A young, virtuous girl
rosir {v} :: to blush
rosir {v} :: to become or make pink
rosissement {m} :: pinking (becoming pink)
rosolique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: rosolic
rosse {f} [pejorative, of a woman] :: A bitch, a harpy or cow
rosse {f} [pejorative, of a man] :: A bastard or asshole
rosser {v} [archaic] :: to beat
rosser {v} [slang] :: to hammer, to thrash, to defeat
rossignol {m} :: nightingale
rossignol {m} :: picklock
rossignol {m} [colloquial] :: piece of junk
Rossignol {prop} :: surname
rossignolade {f} :: birdsong of the nightingale
rossignole {f} :: female nightingale
rossignoler {vti} :: to sing like a nightingale
rossignoler {vt} :: to pick (a lock)
rossignolet {m} :: young nightingale
Rostand {prop} :: surname
rostral {adj} :: rostral
rostralement {adv} :: rostrally
rot {m} [colloquial] :: belch, burp
rôt {m} :: meat roasted on a spit
rotarienne {n} :: Female Rotarian (member of the Rotary club)
rotateur {adj} :: rotatory
rotateur {m} [anatomy] :: rotator (muscle)
rotatif {adj} :: rotary
rotatif {adj} :: rotating, revolving, rotative
rotation {f} :: rotation
rotationnel {adj} [physics] :: rotational
rotationnel {m} [mathematics] :: curl
rotative {f} :: rotary press
rotativiste {mf} :: rotary press operator
rotatoire {adj} :: rotary
rote {f} :: rote (musical instrument)
rotengle {m} :: rudd
roter {v} :: to belch; to burp
roteux {m} [Quebec, very familiar] :: hot dog
Rothschild {prop} :: surname
rôti {adj} :: roast
rôti {m} :: roast (roast meat)
rôtie {f} [Quebec] :: toast (bread)
rotin {m} :: rattan
rôtir {v} :: to roast
rôtisserie {f} :: rotisserie
rôtisserie {f} :: cooked meat shop or counter
rôtisseur {m} :: roaster (person who roasts meat)
rôtisseur {m} :: shop that sells roast meat
rôtisseuse {f} :: feminine noun of rôtisseur
rôtissoire {f} :: rotisserie, broiler (device)
rotoïde {adj} :: rotational
rotond {adj} [archaic, literary, rare] :: rotund, round (shape)
rotonde {f} [architecture] :: rotunda
rotondité {f} :: roundness
rotondité {f} :: rotundity
rottweiler {m} :: Rottweiler (dog)
rotule {f} :: kneecap
rotulien {adj} :: patellar
roture {f} [historical] :: A landholding in New France, immediately below the level of seigneurie, and typically between 40 and 200 square arpents in size
roturier {adj} :: common; not noble
roturier {m} :: commoner
roturièrement {adv} :: commonly (not nobly)
ROU {prop} [sports] :: abbreviation of Rouyn-Noranda (Rouyn-Noranda, Québec, Canada)
rouage {m} :: wheel (in a machine), cog
rouage {m} :: machinery (of an administration etc.)
rouage {m} [in the plural] :: the parts, works; the workings
rouan {adj} :: roan
roubaisien {adj} :: Of or from Roubaix
Roubaisien {m} :: Native or inhabitant of Roubaix
Roubaisien {m} :: (Zootechnics) Pigeon breed from France (Roubaix), for fancy purposes
Roubaisienne {f} :: Female native or inhabitant of Roubaix; feminine noun of Roubaisien
Roubaix {prop} :: Toponym of a city in the department of Nord, France
Roubaix {prop} :: Patronymic name affixed with “de”, given after the city's name: Roubaix
roublard {adj} [colloquial] :: wily, artful, cunning
roublard {m} :: wily person
roublardise {f} :: craftiness
rouble {m} :: ruble
roubler {v} [dialectal] :: to trick; to con; to dupe
roucou {f} :: achiote, the shrub Bixa orellana
roucoulement {m} :: coo (of dove, pigeon etc.)
roucouler {v} :: to coo (make a soft murmuring sound, as a pigeon)
roudoudou {m} :: candy consisting of hard caramel cast in a shell
roue {f} :: A wheel
roue {f} :: The breaking wheel
roué {m} :: A roué, a debauched or lecherous person
roue de secours {f} :: spare tyre, spare wheel
roue en acier {f} [automotive] :: steel rim
roue en alliage {f} [automotive] :: alloy wheel, mag wheel
rouelle {f} :: steak (especially of veal, cut across the leg)
Rouen {prop} :: Rouen
rouennais {adj} :: of or from Rouen
Rouennais {m} :: A native or inhabitant or Rouen
Rouennaise {f} :: feminine noun of Rouennais
rouer {vt} :: to curl up, roll up
rouer {vi} :: to roll (of e.g. birds, to spin in the air)
rouer {vt} :: to beat upon the breaking wheel
rouer {vt} :: to run over (squash by driving over)
rouer {vt} :: to abuse, beat (subject to a beating)
Rouergue {prop} :: Former province of southern France, corresponding approximately to the current department of Aveyron
rouerie {f} :: trickery, guile, cunning
rouet {m} :: spinning wheel
rouette {f} [archaic] :: synonym of roulette
rouf {m} [nautical] :: deckhouse, coachroof
rouflaquette {f} :: (especially in plural) sideburn
rougail {m} [Réunion] :: A kind of condiment served with curry
rougarou {m} [Louisiana French, Cajun French, ] :: alternative spelling of loup-garou; werewolf
rouge {adj} :: red (of a red color)
rouge {adj} :: red (left-wing, socialist)
rouge {m} :: red
rouge à lèvres {m} :: lipstick (make-up for the lips)
rougeâtre {adj} :: reddish
Rougeau {prop} :: surname
rougeaud {adj} :: red-faced
rouge comme une pivoine {adj} [simile] :: red as a beetroot
rouge comme une tomate {adj} [simile, colloquial] :: red as a beetroot
rouge-gorge {m} :: (European) robin, robin redbreast
rougement {adv} :: redly
rougeoiement {m} :: reddish glow
rougeoiement {m} :: flush
rougeole {f} :: measles, rubeola (acute highly contagious viral disease)
rougeoleux {adj} :: measles (attributive)
rougeoyant {adj} :: glowing (red)
rougeoyer {vi} :: to glow (red)
rouget {m} :: red mullet (UK), goatfish (US)
rouget {m} :: A porcine infectuous disease
rougeur {f} [literary] :: redness
rougeur {f} :: flush, flushing
rougir {vi} :: to redden, blush
rougissant {adj} :: reddening
rougissant {adj} :: blushing
rougissement {m} :: reddening, blushing
Rouillard {prop} :: surname
rouille {adj} :: rust (the colour)
rouille {f} :: rust, the oxidation of iron
rouille {f} :: rust, the fungus disease
rouille {f} :: rouille, the provençal sauce
rouillé {adj} [literally and figuratively] :: rusty
rouiller {v} :: to rust
rouiller {v} [figuratively] :: to get rusty by lack of practise
rouilleux {adj} :: rusty
rouilleux {adj} :: rust-coloured
roulade {f} :: roll, roly-poly (act of rolling forward or sidewards)
roulade {f} :: roulade (dish)
roulade {f} [music] :: roulade
roulage {m} :: haulage
roulage {m} :: rolling (of hot metal)
roulage de pelle {v} [colloquial] :: French kiss
roulant {adj} :: Equipped with wheels
roulant {adj} :: Equipped with rolling cylinders or similar mechanisms for transportation of things
roulant {adj} [colloquial, dated] :: Very funny
rouleau {m} :: roll, roller
Rouleau {prop} :: surname
rouleau à pâtisserie {m} :: rolling pin
rouleau compresseur {m} :: road roller
rouleau de printemps {m} :: summer roll, Vietnamese spring roll
rouleau de printemps {m} :: Chinese spring roll
roulement {m} :: roll; rolling (action of rolling)
roulement {m} [mechanics] :: bearing
roulement {m} :: roll (beating of a drum)
roulement {m} :: roll (of thunder)
rouler {v} :: to roll
rouler {v} :: to revolve
rouler {v} [colloquial] :: to go (of events, to proceed)
rouler {v} [of a vehicle] :: to work, to function
rouler {vi} :: to drive (a vehicle)
rouler {v} [colloquial] :: to dupe, to trick
rouler dans la farine {vt} [figuratively] :: to fool, to deceive; to scam, to con, to swindle, to take to the cleaners
rouler des mécaniques {v} [colloquial, somewhat dated] :: to swagger, to strut about, to flex one's muscles
rouler les mécaniques {v} :: alternative form of rouler des mécaniques
rouler sur l'or {v} [figuratively, colloquial] :: to be rolling in money, to be rolling in it, to be minting it (to be extremely well-off financially)
rouler une pelle {v} [colloquial] :: to French kiss (kiss someone while inserting one’s tongue into their mouth)
roulette {f} :: small wheel
roulette {f} :: caster, castor
roulette {f} [geometry, archaic] :: cycloid
roulette {f} :: roulette (game)
roulette {f} :: roulette wheel
roulette {f} [engraving] :: roulette
roulette {f} :: roller
roulette {f} [dentistry] :: dentist drill
roulette {f} :: pastry roller
roulette de défilement {f} [computing] :: mouse wheel
roulette russe {f} :: Russian roulette
roulier {m} :: cart driver
roulier {m} [nautical] :: roll-on roll-off (vessel)
roulière {f} :: feminine singular of roulier
roulis {m} :: rolling, swaying, sway, rocking
roulotte {f} :: wagon, caravan, mobile home
roulotte à patate {f} :: chip wagon
roulotte à patates {f} :: alternative form of roulotte à patate
roumain {adj} :: Romanian
roumain {m} :: The Romanian language
Roumain {m} :: male Romanian person
Roumaine {f} :: Romanian (female native of Romania)
Roumanie {prop} {f} :: Romania
roupie {f} :: rupee (monetary currency)
roupie {f} [slang] :: snot
roupiller {v} [archaic] :: to drowse, to doze
roupiller {v} [colloquial] :: to (get some) sleep, to kip
roupillon {m} [colloquial] :: sleep
rouquin {adj} :: ginger; red-headed
rouquin {m} [colloquial] :: redhead, ginger
rouquin {m} [colloquial, masculine only] :: red wine
rouscailler {vi} [colloquial] :: to grumble
rouscailler {vi} [slang] :: to chat, rap
rouspétance {f} :: grumbling
rouspéter {v} :: to grumble
roussanne {f} :: A variety of white grape, from the valley of the Rhône, used to make white wine
roussâtre {adj} :: gingerish, reddish
rousse {f} :: redhead (woman)
Rousseau {prop} :: surname
Rousseau {prop} :: Jean-Jacques Rousseau (Swiss philosopher)
Rousselle {prop} :: surname
roussette {f} :: flying fox (mammal)
rousseur {f} :: redness, russet colour
roussi {adj} :: scorched
roussi {m} :: smell of burning
Roussillon {prop} {m} :: Roussillon (French region)
roussillonnais {adj} :: Of or from Roussillon
roussir {v} :: to scorch
routage {m} :: routing
routard {m} [tourism] :: backpacker
route {f} :: road, (sometimes route like "route 66")
route {f} :: route, way, path
router {v} :: to route
routeur {m} [Internet] :: router
routier {adj} [attributive] :: road
routier {m} [nautical] :: rutter
routier {m} :: trucker, truck driver
routier {m} [France] :: restaurant for truckers and other road travellers; truck stop; diner
routine {f} :: routine (all senses)
routine {f} [Louisiana French, Cajun French, St.Mary Parish] :: road
routinier {adj} :: routine, humdrum
routinièrement {adv} :: routinely
rouvert {adj} :: reopened
rouvre {m} :: sessile oak
rouvrir {v} :: to reopen, to open again
roux {adj} :: russet
roux {adj} :: ginger (of hair)
roux {m} :: redhead (man)
roux {m} [cooking] :: roux (a mixture of fat and flour)
Roux {prop} :: surname
Rouynorandien {m} [demonym] :: A male denizen of Rouyn-Noranda
Rouynorandienne {f} [demonym] :: feminine noun of Rouynorandien (A female denizen of Rouyn-Noranda)
rovibronique {adj} :: rovibronic
Roxane {prop} :: Roxana (the wife of Alexander the Great)
Roxane {prop} :: given name, equivalent to Roxana
roy {m} [pre-1800] :: obsolete spelling of roi
Roy {prop} [Canada] :: given name and surname French families arrived in Canada during the 1700's and founded what would be known as Acadia. These included such places in the northeastern region of North America comprising what is now the Canadian Maritime Provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.
royal {adj} :: royal (of or relating to a monarch or their family)
royalement {adv} :: royally; regally; majestically
royalement {adv} [colloquial] :: terribly; seriously (extremely)
royalisme {m} :: royalism
royaliste {mf} :: royalist
royaliste {adj} :: royalist
royalty {f} :: royalty (all senses)
royaume {m} :: kingdom
Royaume de Belgique {prop} {m} :: the Kingdom of Belgium (official name of Belgium)
Royaume-Uni {prop} {m} :: the United Kingdom
Royaume-Uni de Grande-Bretagne et d'Irlande du Nord {prop} {m} :: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
royauté {f} :: monarchy
royauté {f} :: kingship
royauté {f} [rare] :: royalty (in the sense of the status or power of a monarchy)
royer {v} [Switzerland, impersonal] :: to rain
Royer {prop} :: surname
RPC {prop} :: PRC (initialism of République populaire de Chine
RRO {initialism} :: MMR
r. s. v. p. {phrase} :: synonym of RSVP
r.s.v.p. {phrase} :: synonym of RSVP
rsvp {abbr} [at the end of a letter] :: Please reply
R. S. V. P. {phrase} :: synonym of RSVP
R.S.V.P. {phrase} :: alternative form of RSVP
RSVP {phrase} :: initialism of répondez s'il vous plaît (RSVP)
RSVP {phrase} :: initialism of réservez s'il vous plaît (RSVP)
rte. {f} :: abbreviation of route
rte {f} :: abbreviation of route
RTFM {initialism} :: initialism of regarde ton foutu manuel (look at your fucking manual)
RTG {f} :: Gas Turbine Trainset (a gas turbine-powered train from France)
ru {m} [archaic] :: small stream
R.U. {prop} {m} :: UK. abbreviation of Royaume-Uni
RU {prop} {m} :: UK (United Kingdom)
ruade {f} :: kick (from the rear legs of a horse or similar animal)
rubalise {f} :: A plastic band, usually striped, used to delimit a restricted-accessed zone
ruban {m} :: band, stripe
ruban {m} :: ribbon
ruban adhésif {m} :: sticky tape, adhesive tape, sellotape, Scotch tape
rubanier {m} :: ribbonmaker
rubanier {m} :: bur-reed (plant of the genus Sparganium)
rubanière {f} :: female ribbonmaker
Ruben {prop} :: Reuben [biblical character]
Ruben {prop} :: given name
rubéole {f} :: rubella
rubéoleux {adj} :: rubella (attributive)
rubicond {adj} :: rubicund, ruddy
rubidium {m} :: rubidium
rubis {m} :: ruby
rubrédoxine {f} [protein] :: rubredoxin
rubrène {m} [organic compound] :: rubrene
rubriciste {mf} :: rubricist, rubrician (one skilled in, tenaciously holding to rubrics)
rubrique {f} :: category, heading
rubrique {f} :: rubric
ruche {f} :: hive, beehive
ruche {f} [textiles, fashion] :: ruffle; flounce; ruche
rucher {m} :: apiary (a place where bees and hives are kept)
rucher {v} [agriculture] :: to pile up hay stacks in the form of a beehive
rucher {v} [sewing] :: to shirr or to pleat an item of clothing patterned after a beehive
ruck {m} [rugby] :: ruck
rude {adj} :: rough, harsh
rude {adj} :: tough, hard; severe
rude {adj} :: crude, unpolished
rude {adj} :: hardy, tough, rugged
rude {adj} [colloquial] :: formidable, fearsome
rudement {adv} :: hard, violently
rudement {adv} :: harshly, roughly
rudement {adv} :: severely
rudement {adv} :: insanely, terribly [expressing great intensity]
rudesse {f} :: roughness, harshness; ruggedness
rudiment {m} :: rudiment (fundamental principle)
rudimentaire {adj} :: rudimentary
rudimentairement {adv} :: rudimentarily
rudoyer {vt} :: to treat harshly, mistreat
rudoyer {vt} :: to humble (violently)
rue {f} :: street, road
rue {f} :: rue (the plant)
ruée {f} :: rush, dash
ruée {f} :: mob, huge crowd
ruée vers l'or {f} :: gold rush
ruelle {f} :: lane, alley, laneway, alleyway
ruelle {f} [archaic] :: ruelle (space between bed and wall)
ruelle {f} [historical] :: ruelle (room used to hold literary gatherings)
ruer {vt} [of a horse] :: to kick with its hind legs
ruer {vt} [dated] :: to hurl
ruer {vi} [dated] :: to struggle, fight
ruer {vr} [by extension] :: to mob, jump on
ruffian {m} :: alternative spelling of rufian
rufian {m} :: ruffian (scoundrel, rascal)
Rufisque {prop} :: A city in western Senegal
rugby {m} :: rugby (sport)
rugby à quinze {m} :: rugby union
rugby à sept {m} [sports] :: rugby sevens
rugby à treize {m} :: rugby league
rugby à XIII {m} :: rugby league
rugby à XV {m} :: rugby union
rugbyman {m} :: rugby player
rugbywoman {f} [sports] :: rugby player
rugir {v} :: to roar
rugissement {m} :: roar
rugosité {f} :: roughness
rugueusement {adv} :: roughly
rugueux {adj} :: rough
ruine {f} :: ruin, wreck
ruine {f} [finance] :: ruin
ruiner {v} :: to ruin
ruiner {v} :: to raze to the ground, to destroy, to wreck
ruiner {v} [figuratively] :: to shatter (hope), to ruin (reputation)
ruineusement {adv} :: ruinously
ruineux {adj} :: ruinous
ruineux {adj} :: ruinously expensive; extravagant
ruisseau {m} :: stream, brook
ruisselant {adj} :: streaming
ruisseler {v} :: to stream, drip, pour
ruisselet {m} :: rivulet, brook
ruissellement {m} :: streaming
ruisseller {v} :: archaic spelling of ruisseler
rumba {f} :: rumba (dance)
rumen {m} :: rumen (stomach)
ruménique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: rumenic
rumeur {f} :: rumour/rumor
rumex {m} :: sorrel (plant of the genus Rumex)
rumicine {f} :: rumicin
ruminant {adj} :: ruminant
ruminant {m} :: ruminant
rumination {f} :: rumination (act of ruminating)
ruminer {v} :: to ruminate (to chew cud)
ruminer {v} :: to ponder, turn over, chew over (in one's mind)
rumsteck {m} :: rump steak
rune {f} :: rune
runiforme {adj} :: runiform
runique {adj} :: runic
runologie {f} :: runology
Rupélien {prop} {m} :: Rupelian period
ruper {v} [Switzerland] :: to eat
rupestre {adj} :: rocky
rupin {adj} :: filthy rich
rupture {f} :: breakup, rupture
rural {adj} :: rural
ruralisation {f} :: ruralization
ruralité {f} :: rurality
ruse {f} [uncountable] :: cunning, guile
ruse {f} :: ruse, trick
rusé {adj} :: cunning, wily, crafty
rusé comme un renard {adj} [simile] :: sly as a fox
ruser {v} :: to use one's cunning, to be crafty, to beguile
russe {adj} :: Russian
russe {m} :: Russian language
Russe {mf} :: Russian (person)
russelia {m} :: synonym of russélie
russélie {f} :: firecracker flower (of the genus Russelia)
Russie {prop} {f} :: Russia
russifier {v} :: to Russify
russiste {mf} :: Russicist, linguist specialized in the Russian language studies
russo- {prefix} :: Russo- (relating to Russia or the Russians)
russophone {mf} :: Russophone
russophone {adj} :: Russophone
rustaud {adj} :: crass; vulgar
rustaud {m} :: a crass or vulgar person
rustaude {f} :: feminine noun of rustaud
rustaudement {adv} :: crassly
rustaudement {adv} :: vulgarly
rusticité {f} [of a person] :: crudeness, roughness, uncouthness
rusticité {f} [husbandry, agriculture] :: the ablity to weather the elements
rustine {f} :: patch (rubber, to repair a bicycle tyre)
rustique {adj} :: rustic
rustiquement {adv} :: rustically
rustre {adj} :: uncouth
rustre {mf} :: a bumpkin, a yokel (person from the countryside)
rustre {mf} :: a lout
rustre {m} [heraldiccharge] :: rustre
rut {m} :: rut (sexual excitement)
rutabaga {m} :: swede, rutabaga (yellow root of Brassica napus)
Ruth {prop} :: given name
Ruth {prop} [bible] :: Ruth
ruthénate {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: ruthenate
ruthène {m} :: Ruthenian (slavonic language)
ruthénium {m} :: ruthenium
rutherfordium {m} :: rutherfordium
rutile {m} [mineral] :: rutile
rutiler {v} :: to glow, to shine (like gold or copper)
RVB {initialism} [computing] :: initialism of rouge, vert, bleu (RGB)
Rwanda {prop} {m} :: Rwanda
rwandais {adj} :: Rwandan
Rwandais {m} :: Rwandan
Rwandaise {f} :: feminine noun of Rwandais
rythme {m} :: rhythm
rythmer {v} [music] :: to mark or give a rhythm or beat
rythmicien {m} :: rhythmist
rythmicienne {f} :: feminine singular of rythmicien
rythmique {adj} :: rhythmic
rythmiquement {adv} :: rhythmically