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'k {pron} :: First-person singular, personal, subjective, mute or contracted form: I
k {letter} :: letter
K {letter} :: The eleventh letter of the Dutch alphabet
ka {f} :: alternative form of kade
ka {f} [pejorative] :: dominant woman
ka {f} :: alternative form of kauw
ka {c} :: ka (ancient Egyptian notion of the soul, shown as a bird)
kaag {f} {m} :: A tract of land unprotected by any dykes
kaag {f} [historical] :: A small single-masted flat-bottomed merchant sailing boat with leeboards, intended for coastal and inland shipping
kaagschip {n} [historical] :: A small single-masted flat-bottomed merchant sailing boat with leeboards, intended for coastal and inland shipping
kaagschuit {f} [historical] :: A small single-masted flat-bottomed merchant sailing boat with leeboards, intended for coastal and inland shipping
kaai {f} :: quay
kaaiman {m} :: caiman
kaak {mf} :: jaw
kaak {mf} :: cheek, cone
kaak {mf} :: gill
kaak {mf} :: pillory
kaak {mf} :: ship biscuit
kaakbeen {n} :: jaw bone
kaakbreuk {mf} :: jaw fracture
kaakchirurg {m} :: dental surgeon
kaakchirurgie {f} :: oral medicine
kaakfractuur {f} :: jaw fracture
kaakje {noun} :: some sort of biscuit
kaakslag {m} [literally] :: A smack on the jaw, blow in the face
kaakslag {m} [figuratively] :: A hurtful, gross insult, symbolic abuse in word or deed
kaal {adj} :: without defining features, smooth, bland, plain
kaal {adj} :: bald, bare, without fur, plumage, foliage etc
kaal {adj} [of a person, figuratively] :: skinned, without means, in a poor state
kaalaars {m} :: A short cape, reaching barely to the belt
kaalgat {m} [obsolete, figuratively] :: An extremely poor person, a poor sod
kaalheid {f} :: baldness
kaalslag {m} [forestry] :: clearcutting
kaalslag {m} [construction] :: demolition, site clearance
kaalslag {m} [figurative] :: destruction, onslaught
kaap {f} {m} :: cape, headland
Kaap de Goede Hoop {prop} [geography] :: Cape of Good Hope, the southernmost cape in (southwestern) South Africa
Kaapprovincie {prop} :: A province of South Africa, with capital Cape Town
Kaapprovincie {prop} :: One of four constitutive provinces in the colonial and Apartheid era
Kaapprovincie {prop} :: One of more after the dismantling of Apartheid
Kaapse vos {m} :: Cape fox (Vulpes chama)
Kaapstad {prop} :: Cape Town, the oldest major port city in South Africa
kaapvaart {f} :: privateering, freebooting under a letter of marque
Kaapverdië {prop} {n} :: Cape Verde
kaarden {v} :: to card (use a carding device to disentangle the fibres of wool prior to spinning)
kaars {f} {m} :: candle
kaarsenfabriek {f} :: candle factory
kaarsenmaker {m} :: candler
kaarsenstandaard {f} :: candelabrum
kaarslicht {n} :: candlelight
kaarsrecht {adj} :: dead straight, perfectly straight
kaarsvet {n} :: candle wax
kaarsvlam {f} :: candleflame
kaart {f} :: card (rectangular hard flat object)
kaart {f} :: map (of an area)
kaart {f} :: menu (of a restaurant)
kaarten {v} :: to play card games
kaartenbak {m} :: filing cabinet
kaartenboek {n} [uncommon] :: atlas
kaartenhuis {n} :: house of cards
kaartenhuis {n} :: structure made up of playing cards
kaartenhuis {n} [literal and figurative] :: anything with a shaky foundation
kaartje {noun} :: ticket, especially a train ticket
kaartspel {n} :: card game
kaas {m} :: cheese
kaaskop {m} :: a mold in which Edam cheese is pressed
kaaskop {m} [derogatory] :: idiot, stupid person
kaaskop {m} [derogatory, Southern Netherlands] :: Hollander
kaaskop {m} [derogatory, Belgium] :: Dutch person (in general)
kaasmaker {m} :: cheesemaker
kaasmijt {f} :: cheese mite
kaaspiet {m} :: A servant of Sinterklaas with facepaint in the colour scheme of Gouda cheese, a typically Dutch food, in order to avoid the blackface on Zwarte Piet
kaasschaaf {f} {m} :: cheese slicer (instrument for slicing cheese)
kaassoufflé {m} :: A deep-fried snack made of cheese wrapped in a flat, rectangular or hemicircular envelope of puff pastry covered with breadcrumbs
kaasstengel {m} :: cheese straw
kaasstolp {f} :: glass bell jar for storing cheese, akin to a cheese dish
kaasstolp {f} [Netherlands, politics, metaphor] :: an institution or situation that is considered to be nasty or corrupt [nearly always in reference to The Hague, so often modified by "Haagse"]
kaatsen {v} :: to bounce
kaatsen {v} :: to play a ball sport
kaatsen {noun} :: Handball; Frisian handball
kaatser {noun} :: Frisian handball player
kaatsspel {n} :: Used for several ball games
kaatsspel {n} :: pelote
kaatsspel {n} :: Frisian handball
kabaal {n} :: din, loud noise made by people
kabaal {n} :: commotion, uproar; e.g. much ado about nothing, fuss over nothing
kabaal {f} [dated, rare] :: cabal, conspiracy
kabaal {f} [rare] :: coterie
kabaleren {vi} [archaic] :: to conspire, to cabal
kabas {noun} [Belgium] :: bag
Kabbala {prop} :: Kabballah
Kabbalistisch {adj} :: Pertaining to the Kaballah
kabbelen {v} :: to babble, to murmur
kabel {m} :: cable
kabel {m} [television, uncountable] :: cable television
kabel {m} [Internet, uncountable] :: cable internet
kabelinternet {n} :: cable internet
kabeljauw {m} :: cod
kabeltelevisie {f} :: cable television
kabinet {n} :: cabinet
kabinetsraad {m} :: government council
Kaboel {prop} {n} :: Kabul, the capital city of modern Afghanistan
kabouter {m} :: usually benevolent tiny folkloric man who traditionally wears a pointy red hat, lives in harmony with nature and resides in mushrooms, similar to a gnome, leprechaun or brownie
kaboutermuts {f} :: hat of a kabouter, a (usually red) conical hat (resembling a Phrygian cap or a wizard's hat)
kachel {f} :: stove (closed heating device)
kachel {adj} [Bargoens] :: drunk
kachtel {n} [dialectal] :: foal
kadaster {n} :: cadastre
kadaver {n} :: animal corpse
kadaver {n} [in general] :: corpse, cadaver
kadaverdiscipline {f} :: An extremely strict, unquestioning discipline
kadavereus {adj} :: cadaverous, resembling a cadaver
kade {f} [hypercorrect] :: quay, wharf
kadee {noun} [Belgium] :: (naughty) kid, peculiar person
kadee {noun} [plural] :: offspring
kadee {adj} [Brabantian] :: great, awesome
kader {n} :: frame
kader {n} [by extension] :: cadre, framework
kadet {m} :: cadet
kadet {m} :: small round bun, usually used in the diminutive form
kado {n} [colloquial] :: alternative spelling of cadeau
kadreren {vt} :: put in a frame [as of picture etc.]
kadreren {vt} [soccer] :: get (a shot, the ball) between the goalposts and crossbar|
kaduuk {adj} [Holland] :: broken
kaf {n} :: chaff
kaffer {m} [originally] :: An infidel from the Muslim viewpoint
kaffer {m} [offensive] :: A black person, notably a (Southern African) Bantu
kaffer {m} [offensive] :: A stupid person, numskull
kafferlelie {f} [botany] :: the Southern African bulb schizostylis
kafkaësk {adj} :: Kafkaesque
kafkaiaans {adj} :: Kafkaesque
kajak {m} :: kayak
kajakken {v} :: to kayak
kajieten {v} [Belgium] :: to whine like a dog or other canine species
kajuit {f} :: cabin on a ship
kak {m} [vulgar] :: shit
kak {m} [vulgar, colloquial] :: arrogance
kaken {vt} :: to gib: the method of removing the gills and other internal organs of a herring for better conservation
kaketoe {m} :: cockatoo
kakken {vi} :: to defecate
kakken {vt} :: to (secrete) shit (notably solids)
kakken {vi} :: to trot slowly, lustlessly
kakkerlak {m} :: cockroach (insect)
kakkerlak {m} [pejorative] :: contemptible person
kakkerlak {m} [football, colloquial, often, derogatory] :: supporter of Feyenoord
kakkie {noun} [Netherlands] :: alternative form of kakje
kakkie {c} [Netherlands, colloquial, chiefly plural] :: foot
kakkineus {adj} [colloquial, Netherlands] :: posh, pretentious, foppish
kakofonie {f} :: A cacophony, mix of discordant sounds; dissonance
kakwangen {p} :: The butt cheeks, buttocks
kalebas {f} {m} :: calabash, gourd
kalefateren {v} [nautical] :: to caulk (to fill seems with oakum)
kalefateren {v} :: to patch up, to fix
kalender {m} :: calendar
kaleren {v} [Brabantian] :: eat completely
Kales {prop} {n} [obsolete] :: Calais, a city in the North of France
kalf {n} :: calf (young cow or bull; young bovine)
kalf {n} :: calf (young elefant; young deer; young of certain marine mammals)
kaliber {n} :: calibre
kalibreren {vt} :: to calibrate
kalief {m} [Islam] :: caliph
kalifaal {adj} [Islam] :: caliphal
kalifaat {n} [Islam] :: caliphate
kalium {n} :: potassium
kalk {m} [mineral] :: lime
kalken {v} :: to apply chalk
kalken {v} [colloquial] :: to write
kalkoen {f} :: turkey, Meleagris gallopavo
kalkoven {m} :: lime kiln
kalksteen {m} {n} :: limestone
kalksteen {m} :: limestone (piece)
kalkstenen {adj} :: limestonen
kalle {f} [dated slang] :: girl; lover; whore
kallen {v} :: to chat, to talk
kalligraaf {mf} :: calligrapher
kalligrafie {f} :: calligraphy
kalm {adj} :: calm, tranquil, without of noise and disturbance
kalm {adj} :: calm, composed, cool-headed
kalmeren {vi} :: to become calm, to calm down
kalmeren {vt} :: to cause to become calm, to calm down
kalmte {f} :: calmness
kalven {v} :: to calve
kalverkop {m} [literally] :: A calf's head
kalverkop {m} [gastronomy] :: The dish veal head
kalverkop {m} [figuratively] :: A meathead, moron, stupid person
kalverliefde {f} :: puppy love; a youthful, immature form of love often associated with young people
kam {m} :: A comb, utensil to groom hair, fur etc
kam {m} :: (anatomy etc.; by analogy) A ridge, erect shape
kam {m} [technical] :: A cam
kam {m} :: bridge (e.g. of a violin)
kamavos {m} :: Cape fox, cama fox (Vulpes chama)
kameel {m} :: camel
kameelgeit {f} [dated] :: llama
kamelenteelt {f} :: camel husbandry
kameleon {m} [zoology] :: A chameleon, lizard
kameleon {m} [figuratively] :: A turncoat, someone who changes opinions etc. like a chameleon changes color
Kameleon {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Chamaeleon
kamer {f} :: room, chamber
kamer {f} :: chamber (of a revolver)
kamer {f} :: chamber (legislative body)
kamer {f} [chiefly Netherlands] :: non-campus residence for students
kameraad {m} :: comrade
kamerarrest {n} :: A confinement to quarters, imposed as a punishment and/or preventive measure
kamerarrest {n} [education] :: grounding (punishment)
kamerlid {n} [politics] :: A member of the Dutch Senate (Eerste Kamer) or House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer)
kamermuziek {f} :: chamber music
Kameroen {prop} {n} :: Cameroon
kamerolifant {m} [pejorative] :: land whale (insult for an overweight person)
kamerstuk {n} [politics] :: A document treated in (any of the houses of) parliament
kamerstuk {n} [theatre, often diminutive] :: A short play suitable for being performed in a room or other small venue with a small cast
kamerstuk {n} [military, jargon, dated] :: A piece of artillery
kamertemperatuur {f} :: room temperature
kamfer {m} [chemistry, pharmacology] :: camphor
kamille {mf} :: camomile
kammen {v} :: to comb (use a comb to groom hair, fur etc.)
kammen {v} :: to use any other comb, even mechanically
kamp {n} :: camp
kamp {m} :: field
kamp {m} :: battle
kamp {m} :: tournament
Kamp {prop} :: surname
kampanje {f} {m} [nautical] :: poop deck (e.g. of galleys)
kampeerterrein {n} :: campsite
kampen {v} :: to struggle, to contend
kampen {v} :: to deal with
kamperen {v} :: to camp, to go camping
kampioen {m} :: champion
kampioene {f} :: female champion
kampioenschap {n} :: championship (competition to determine the champion)
kampioenschap {n} :: championship (status or position as champion)
kampong {m} :: village (a Southeast Asian rural habitation of size between a hamlet and a town); kampong
kampong {m} :: a quarter in a Southeast Asian city; an Indonesian quarter
kampvuur {n} :: campfire
kan {f} :: jug
kan {f} :: pot (for tea, coffee, etc.)
kan {f} :: can (cylindrical vessel)
kanaal {n} :: canal (artificial waterway)
kanaal {n} :: television or internet channel
kanaal {n} :: channel (narrow natural body of water)
kanaal {n} :: duct, pipe
kanaal {n} :: duct-shaped tissue
kanaal {n} :: frequency band
Kanaal {prop} {n} :: The English Channel or Strait of Dover, the North Sea strait between England and France
Kanaalbuurt {prop} {f} :: An area in Brussels
Kanaaltunnel {prop} {m} :: Channel Tunnel
Kanaän {prop} :: Canaan
Kanaänitisch {adj} :: Canaanite, Canaanitic
kanaliseren {v} :: to channel
kanarie {m} :: canary
kanariegeel {n} :: canary (colour)
kandeel {m} :: a type of mulled wine with cinnamon [historically used to celebrate the birth of a child]
kandelaar {m} :: candelabrum
kandelaar {m} :: sconce
kandidaat {m} :: candidate
kandidatuur {f} :: candidacy
kandij {f} :: rock sugar or rock candy (crystalline sugar confectionery)
kandijklontje {noun} :: a crystal of white rock sugar or rock candy
kaneel {n} {m} :: cinnamon (spice)
kaneelstok {m} :: candy shaped like a stick tasting like cinnamon (usually sold at carnivals)
kaneelstokje {noun} [colloquial] :: penis
kanen {v} [colloquial] :: to eat, munch
kangoeroe {m} :: kangaroo
kanjer {m} :: Something or someone who is big or the biggest of their kind; a whopper
kanjer {m} :: One who is admirable; a hero
kanker- {prefix} [intensifier] :: [extremely, vulgar] fucking, motherfucking
kanker- {prefix} [denominal] :: of or related to cancer
kanker {m} [medicine, oncology] :: cancer
kanker {m} [offensive intensifier] :: Something incredibly bad, poor or annoying
kankeren {v} [mildly, offensive] :: to grouse, to complain
kankerhoer {f} [Netherlands, pejorative, vulgar] :: fucking whore, fucking slut (insult for a woman)
kankerlijder {m} [possibly, vulgar] :: cancer patient
kankerlijer {m} [extremely, vulgar] :: motherfucker. Literally a person who suffers from cancer
kankerstaaf {m} [humorous] :: cigarette, cancer stick
kannibaal {m} :: cannibal (human or other organism which eats (parts of) other members of its own species)
kano {m} :: canoe (a small long and narrow boat)
kanon {n} :: cannon [weapon]
kanonnenvlees {n} :: cannonfodder
kanonnenvoeder {n} [uncommon, archaic] :: alternative form of kanonnenvoer
kanonnenvoer {n} :: cannonfodder
kanonnevoer {n} :: superseded spelling of kanonnenvoer
kanonnier {m} :: a cannoneer (one who operates a cannon or other artillery piece)
kanonnier {m} :: an artilleryman (one who serves in an artillery unit)
kanonskogel {m} :: cannon ball, heavy spheric projectile to be launched by artillery
kanonsloop {m} :: cannon barrel
kans {f} :: chance
kans {f} :: opportunity
kans {f} :: (mathematics) probability
kansel {m} :: pulpit (raised platform in church)
kansloos {adj} :: hopeless, (being) against the odds
kansloos {adj} :: pathetic, contemptible
kansrekening {f} [mathematics] :: probability theory
kansspel {n} :: A game of chance, entirely depending on luck
kansspel {n} :: A gamble, a risky business
kant {m} :: side, face (of an object)
kant {m} :: side (as opposed to top or bottom)
kant {m} :: way, direction
kant {m} :: lace (textile pattern)
kantaloep {f} :: alternative form of kanteloep
kanteel {m} :: merlon
kantelen {vi} :: to tip over
kantelen {vt} :: to tip over
kanteloep {f} :: cantaloupe (melon)
kanten {adj} :: made -, consisting of lace
kanten {vt} :: To make/ give (a) side(s), edge etc
kanten {vt} :: To (give a) shape
kanten {vt} :: To let graze along the side of a pasture
kanten {vt} :: To tilt, notably on a side
kanten {vi} :: To (be) tilt(ed)
kanten {vt} :: To touch at a side; to oppose in contact
kanten {vt} :: To put aside, save (up)
kanten {vi} :: To (put up a) fight, pose opposition
kant-en-klaar {adj} :: ready-made
kantine {f} :: mess hall
kantjil {m} :: A mouse deer, deer of the genus Tragulus
kantlijn {f} {m} [typography] :: margin
Kantonees {prop} {n} :: Cantonese (language)
kantoor {n} :: office
kantoortaal {f} :: corporatespeak
kantoortuin {m} :: office landscape
kanttekening {f} [literally] :: side note, marginal comment, gloss
kanttekening {f} [figuratively] :: side note, aside
kanunnik {m} :: canon (ecclesiastical title)
kaolo {adj} [slang] :: An expletive generally used in attributive position; fucking, shit, damn
kaon {n} [physics] :: kaon
kap {f} :: cap
kap {f} :: cover
kap {m} :: stroke; chopping
kapel {f} :: chapel, small Christian place of worship
kapel {f} [uncommon] :: shrine, small non-Christian temple or sanctuary
kapel {f} :: orchestra
kapel {f} [dialectal] :: butterfly
kapen {v} :: to hijack, to (illegally) seize control of something - especially vehicles - by force
kaper {m} :: privateer, pirate
kaper {m} :: hijacker
kaperbrief {m} :: letter of marque
kapersbrief {m} :: alternative form of kaperbrief
kaperschip {n} :: Privateer ship, a ship authorised by a letter of marque to attack certain foreign ships
kaping {f} :: hijacking
kapitaal {n} {c} :: fortune
kapitaal {n} {c} :: capital (money)
kapitaal {n} {c} :: capital (letter)
kapitaaleis {m} :: capital requirement
kapitaalinjectie {f} :: capital injection
kapitaalmarkt {f} {m} :: capital market
kapitalisme {n} :: capitalism
kapitalist {m} :: capitalist
kapitalistisch {adj} :: capitalist, capitalistic
kapiteel {n} [architecture] :: capital (uppermost part of a column)
kapitein {m} :: captain (person in command of a ship)
kapitein {m} :: captain (military officer)
kapittel {n} :: chapter
kapmes {n} :: machete
kapoen {m} :: capon (a cockerel which has been gelded and fattened for the table)
kapoen {m} [Belgium] :: A term of endearment for a little child
kapoeneren {v} :: to caponize
kapot {adj} :: broken
kapotgaan {v} :: to break down
kapotneuken {v} :: ruin
kappen {vt} :: to cut hair and model it
kappen {vt} :: to chop, as with an ax
kappen {vt} :: to cut down, fell (e.g. a tree)
kappen {vi} [figuratively] :: (in kappen op ...) to criticize
kappen {vi} [colloquial] :: to cease, give up, stop
kappen {v} [slang] :: to talk; notably
kappen {vi} :: to plead
kappen {vt} :: to speak (a) slang
kappen {vt} :: To fit (someone) with a (fabric) hood, cap etc
kappen {vt} [figuratively] :: To trick (someone), play a prank on ..
kappen {vt} :: To dress, fit with a hairstyle or headdress
kappen {vt} :: To cover (something) with a (heavy) hood, casing etc
kappen {vt} :: to young, notably have piglets
kapper {m} :: barber, hairdresser
kapsalon {m} :: barber shop
kapsalon {m} :: a type of fast food, consisting of fries topped with döner or shawarma meat, grilled with cheese and covered with salad
kapseizen {vi} :: To capsize; to keel over
kapsel {n} :: haircut, hairstyle, hairdo
kapsel {n} [physiology] :: capsule (enveloping membrane)
kapsel {n} [archaic] :: headdress, headwear [in particular for women]
kapsones {p} [colloquial] :: hubris
kapster {f} :: hairdresser (professional for haircut and hairstyling)
kapstok {m} :: hat- and coatstand, hatrack
kar {f} :: cart
karaat {n} :: carat (unit of weight)
karaat {n} :: carat (measure of purity of gold)
Karabach {prop} :: Karabakh [Armenian speaking region in the Caucasus]
karabijn {mf} :: carbine (weapon similar to a rifle but much shorter in length)
karaf {f} :: carafe
karakter {n} :: character, standardized graphic symbol, such as a letter of an alphabet or a numeric digit
karakter {n} :: character, a person's psychological characteristics; especially guts, backbone
karakteristiek {f} :: characteristic
karakteristiek {adj} :: characteristic
karamel {m} :: the sweet mixture caramel, used for confection
karamel {m} :: (plural also karamellen) a piece (usually block-shaped) of candy made with it
karavaan {f} :: caravan (a convoy or procession of travelers, their vehicles and cargo, and any pack animals, especially camels crossing a desert)
karbonkel {n} {m} :: garnet
karbonkel {n} {m} :: carbuncle
karbonkel {n} {m} [heraldiccharge] :: carbuncle
karbouw {m} :: water buffalo, Bubalus bubalis
kardemom {m} :: cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum), an Indian herb
kardemom {m} :: The cardamom seed, used as a spice
kardinaal {m} :: cardinal (high-ranking official in the Catholic Church, Prince of the Church)
kardinaal {adj} :: cardinal
kardinaalrood {adj} :: cardinal (color)
kardinaalschap {n} :: A cardinalate, dignity and office of cardinal
kardinaalschap {n} :: [absolute use, with definite article, het kardinalaat] The cardinalate, the collective of Roman Catholic cardinals comprising the consistory
kardinaliteit {f} :: cardinality
kardoes {f} [historical] :: A package or cartridge containing one charge of black powder for a cannon
kardoes {f} [dated] :: A pack of tobacco, in particular snuff
kardoes {n} [archaic] :: A thick type of paper
kardoes {m} [dated] :: A kind of medium-sized dog with curly hair, comparable to a poodle or terrier
Karel {prop} {m} :: given name, cognate to English Charles
Karelië {prop} {n} :: The ethnically Finnish Arctic pensinsula Karelia, annexed by Russia
Karelisch {adj} :: Karelian, in, from or otherwise relating to Karelia, its (Finnish) people and culture
Karelisch {adj} :: in or relating to the Karelian language
Karelisch {prop} {n} :: The Karelian language
kariboe {m} :: caribou (reindeer)
karig {adj} :: scanty
karig {adj} :: austere
karigheid {f} :: meagreness, scantiness
karikatuur {f} :: caricature (satire, parody)
karkas {n} :: A carcass, the bodily remains of an animal (sometimes including humans)
karkas {n} [now, rare] :: A wire frame made of metal wire covered in cloth
karma {n} :: karma
karmijn {n} :: carmine (purplish-red pigment)
karmijnrood {n} :: carmine, a crimson-purple colour
karnemelk {f} :: traditional buttermilk
karnen {v} :: To churn (agitate milk rapidly to obtain butter)
karnton {c} :: churn
karoot {f} [Belgium, dialectal] :: carrot
karoot {f} [Netherlands] :: obsolete spelling of kroot
karper {m} [zoology] :: A carp, the often fished species Cyprinus carpio
karper {m} :: By extension, any of various, related freshwater fish species of the family Cyprinidae
karperluis {f} :: common fish louse, Argulus foliaceus
karrenspoor {n} :: cart track (basic type of dirt road)
karrenvracht {f} :: cartload
karrespoor {n} :: superseded spelling of karrenspoor
karst {m} [geology] :: karst (terrain with caves formed by limestone dissolution by underground drainage)
karstbron {f} :: karst spring
kartel {n} :: cartel
kartel {n} [Belgium] :: political cartel
karteldarm {m} :: colon (digestive system)
kartets {f} [historical] :: A shrapnel cartridge or shell
karton {n} [uncountable] :: cardboard, paperboard
karton {n} :: cardboard package
kartonfabriek {f} :: cardboard factory
kartonnen {adj} :: cardboard
Kartveels {adj} :: Kartvelian
Kartveli {m} :: Georgian
karwei {n} :: job, task
karwei {n} :: work
kas {f} {m} :: greenhouse
kas {f} {m} :: cash
Kasjoebisch {prop} {n} :: Kashubian (Slavic language spoken in the Pomeranian region of Poland)
Kasjoebisch {adj} :: Kashubian related to the Kashubian language
kasjroet {f} :: kashrut (Jewish dietary laws)
kaskraker {m} :: blockbuster
Kaspische Zee {prop} :: The Caspian Sea, a landlocked sea (in fact a giant lake) in Central Asia
kassa {f} {m} :: cash desk, checkout
kassa {f} {m} :: box office, booking office
kassa {f} {m} :: cash register, till
kassaticket {n} [Belgium] :: Regional misspelling of kasticket
kassei {f} :: cobblestone
kassie wijle {adj} [Netherlands, originally, Bargoens, uninflectable] :: dead
kast {f} :: cupboard, closet
kastanje {m} :: chestnut (nut of the chestnut tree)
kastanje {m} :: chestnut tree
kastanjebruin {adj} :: auburn
kaste {f} :: a caste, hereditary Indian socio-religious class (except the 'unclean' lowest) [depreciated in specialist usage]
kaste {f} :: a similarly closed social class, especially if rather impenetrable -notably (de facto) hereditary-, as in Ancient Egypt or various tribal and feudal societies
kaste {f} :: any closed, social and/or hierarchic group, such as a priesthood or a military corps
kaste {f} [obsolete] :: national/ethnic group or character
kasteel {n} :: castle
kasteel {n} [by extension] :: Any large, opulent building, in particular a residence
kasteel {n} [chess, dated] :: rook
kasteel {n} [nautical, historical] :: A raised fortification on late mediaeval ships
kasteelboerderij {f} :: castle farm (farm leased or operated by a liege)
kasteeltoren {m} :: castle tower (e.g. a keep, turret or any other tower belonging to a castle)
kastelein {c} :: barman, bartender
kasticket {n} :: A paper proof of payment printed by a till (cash register)
kastijden {v} :: to castigate, chastise, punish
kastijding {f} :: chastisement, punishment
kastwoord {n} [grammar] :: preposition
kasuaris {m} :: cassowary
kat {f} :: cat, pussy
kat {f} :: female cat
kat {f} :: [by extension] feline
kat {m} :: alternative spelling of qat
katachtig {adj} :: feline
katachtig {adj} :: cat-like, belonging to the Felidae family
katachtige {noun} :: A feline; any member of the family Felidae, which includes lions, tigers, etc. Big cat is a common term for the larger members only
katafrakt {m} :: cataphract
katalysator {m} [chemistry] :: catalyst
Katanga {prop} :: A region in southeastern Congo, originally conquered by the Congo Free State (owned by the Belgian king, not his European state) but administered as a corporate mining concession
Katanga {prop} :: Since 1910, an autonomous part of the Belgian colony Congo
Katanga {prop} :: Since 1933, a regular province, until 1947 however named after its capital: Elisabethstad in Dutch or Elisabethville in French
Katanga {prop} :: In 1960 a unilaterally declared independent state; in 1961-63 reconquered by Congo and reorganized in three provinces until 1966; renamed Shaba 1972-1997 as part of president Mobutu's Zairization
Katangees {adj} :: Katangese, from Katanga (any sense)
Katangees {m} :: A Katangese, inhabitant or descendant of the population of Katanga
katapult {m} :: catapult
katenspek {n} {m} :: Katenspeck, a hot-steamed type of bacon
kater {m} :: A tomcat, tom, male cat
kater {m} :: A hangover
kathedraal {f} {m} :: cathedral
katheter {n} {m} :: catheter
kathode {f} [electricity] :: cathode
kathodestraal {f} [electricity] :: cathode ray
kathodestraalbuis {f} [electronics] :: cathode ray tube
katholicisme {n} [Christianity] :: Catholicism
katholiek {m} :: Catholic
katholiek {adj} :: Catholic
kati {m} :: A weight defined as one-hundredth of a pikol, about 625 (other source: 616.7) grams, used in China, Indonesia and Japan
kati {m} :: A leaden box fitting such weight, notably to ship tea
kat in 't bakkie {m} [Netherlands, colloquial] :: something easy, a cakewalk; in particular an easy chore or easy money
kat in 't bakkie {interj} [Netherlands, colloquial] :: Bob's your uncle, easy-peasy
katje {noun} :: catkin
katoen {m} :: cotton - plant
katoen {n} :: cotton - fabric
katoenen {adj} :: (made of) cotton
katrol {f} {m} :: a pulley
katrolschijf {c} :: a pulley wheel, sheave
katten {v} :: to slate, to criticise heavily, in a snide manner
kattengat {n} :: cat flap
kattenjong {n} :: a young cat; kitten
kattenkop {m} :: a cat's head
kattenkop {m} :: a bitchy woman
kattenkruid {n} [chiefly uncountable, countable] :: catnip, catwort, any plant of the genus Nepeta
kattenkwaad {n} :: vexatious conduct, mischief
kattenluik {n} :: cat flap
kattenmoeder {f} [Belgium] :: a mother who neglects or mistreats her children; a bad mother
kattenmoeder {f} :: mother cat
kattenvoer {n} :: cat food
kattin {f} [Belgium] :: female cat
katvanger {m} :: nominal owner of a vehicle, organisation or bank account, who was put there in order to hide the identity of the real owner from criminal prosecution; dummy, man of straw, front
katvogel {m} :: (gray) catbird
ka-tzetnik {m} :: An inmate of a Nazi concentration camp
Kaukasus {prop} {m} :: Caucasus (mountain range, geographic region)
kauw {m} :: A jackdaw, the bird species Coloeus monedula, closely related to the crow, magpie and raven
kauw {m} :: Its cry
kauwen {v} :: to chew
kauwgom {o} {m} :: chewing gum
Kazach {prop} {m} :: A member of the the Kazakh people
Kazachs {adj} :: Relating, belonging to the Kazakh people, culture
Kazachs {adj} :: In -, relating or belonging to the Kazakh language
Kazachs {n} :: The Kazakh language
Kazachstan {prop} {n} :: Kazakhstan
Kazak {m} :: alternative spelling of Kazach
kazemat {f} :: casemate (bombproof room or shelter as part of a larger fortification)
kazemat {f} :: casemate, bunker
kazerne {f} :: barracks
kazerne {f} :: base (e.g. a fire station, or an army base, etc.)
kazerneren {vt} [military, of troops] :: to station in barracks
kazuifel {m} {n} :: chasuble
-ke {suffix} :: Appended to a noun, making it diminutive
kech {f} [slang, derogatory, offensive] :: whore
kedive {m} :: khedive (Egyptian ruler)
keel {f} :: throat
keel {n} [heraldry] :: gules, the blazoning term for the color red
keelband {m} :: chinstrap, collar, throat strap
keelbandpinguïn {m} :: chinstrap penguin, Pygoscelis antarcticus
keelgat {n} :: gullet
keelklank {m} :: a guttural sound
keeper {m} [sports] :: keeper, goalie
keer {m} :: time (occasion, instance)
keerkring {m} [geography] :: tropic
keer op keer {adv} :: time after time
keerpunt {n} :: turning point
keerzang {m} :: An antode or antistrophe
Kees {prop} :: given name, diminutive of Cornelis
keeshond {m} :: Keeshond
keet {mf} :: a shack or stand
keet {mf} :: a barrack, shed, shanty
keet {mf} :: a row, unruliness, especially in keet schoppen; rumble, frolicking
keet {mf} :: a salt container; a salt boiling installation
keet schoppen {v} :: create a ruckus
kegel {m} :: cone
kegel {m} :: bowling pin
kegel {m} :: [usually, in the diminutive] cone cell (in the retina)
kegelen {vt} :: to play nine-pin bowling
kegelrob {m} :: grey seal, Halichoerus grypus
kegelsnede {f} {m} :: conic section
kehilla {f} [Judaism] :: kehillah, organized Jewish community
kehille {f} :: alternative form of kille
kei- {prefix} [dialectal, colloquial] :: extremely, damn
kei {m} :: cobble, cobblestone
kei {m} :: pebble
kei {m} :: boulder
keigoed {adj} [colloquial] :: damn good
keihard {adj} :: hard as a rock, extremely powerful
keihard {adj} :: very loud (sound)
Keijzer {prop} :: surname
keizer {m} :: emperor
Keizer {prop} :: surname
keizerdynastie {f} :: imperial dynasty
keizerin {f} :: Empress
keizerlijk {adj} :: imperial
keizerpinguïn {m} :: alternative form of keizerspinguïn
keizerrijk {n} :: empire
keizersdynastie {f} :: alternative form of keizerdynastie
keizersnede {c} [medicine] :: Caesarean section
keizerspinguïn {m} :: emperor penguin, Aptenodytes forsteri
kek {adj} [Netherlands] :: eye-catching (visually pleasing in a hip or bold manner)
kek {adj} [Netherlands, by extension] :: fashionable
kek {adj} [Netherlands] :: sassy (bold and spirited; cheeky)
kelder {m} :: cellar
kelder {m} :: basement
kelderdeur {f} :: cellar door
kelderen {v} :: to cause to sink
kelderen {v} :: to plummet
keldermot {f} [Netherlands, mainly used in Overijssel and Gelderland] :: pill bug, woodlouse: any member of the Isopoda, isopod
kelderzeug {f} [Netherlands, mainly used in Gelderland, also, Brabant] :: woodlouse, pillbug
kelen {vt} :: to cut the throat of
kelk {m} :: calyx, chalice
kelle {f} :: a lake or pool that remains on shore at low-tide
Kelly {prop} {f} :: given name
Kelly {prop} {f} :: given name
kelner {m} :: waiter (a server in a restaurant or similar)
kelnerin {f} :: waitress
Kelt {m} :: Celt, member of the Celtic family of peoples
Kelt {m} :: De meester Galliërs waren Kelten of vermengd met Germaanse stammen
Kelt {m} :: person of Celtic origin
Keltisch {adj} :: Celtic
Keltisch {prop} {n} :: Celtic languages
kemel {m} [formal, archaic] :: camel
kemel {m} [Belgium] :: mistake, error
kemmen {v} [obsolete] :: to comb
Kempen {prop} {p} :: The Campine
kemphaan {m} :: ruff, Calidris pugnax
kemphaan {m} :: brawler, streetfighter
kemphaan {m} :: gamecock
-ken {suffix} :: alternative form of -ke
kenau {f} [pejorative, offensive] :: domineering woman
kenbaar {adj} :: known
kenbaar {adj} :: cognizable
Kenia {prop} {n} :: Kenya
kenmerk {n} :: characteristic
kenmerk {n} :: reference number (business correspondence)
kenmerken {v} :: to characterize
kenmerkend {adj} :: Characteristic
kennel {m} :: kennel
kennelijk {adj} :: apparent
kennelijk {adv} :: apparently
Kennemerland {prop} {n} :: Kennemerland
kennen {vt} :: to know (a person, a thing), be acquainted with
kennen {v} [auxiliary, colloquial, dialectal] :: synonym of kunnen
kenner {mf} :: connoisseur, expert
kennis {f} :: knowledge
kennis {mf} :: acquaintance
kennis is macht {proverb} :: knowledge is power
kennisleer {f} :: epistemology
kennismaken {v} :: to acquaint, to make someone's acquaintance
kennismaking {f} :: acquaintance, meeting of someone for the first time
kennissenkring {m} :: circle of acquaintances
kennistheorie {f} :: epistemology
kentaur {m} :: alternative spelling of centaur
kenteken {n} :: license plate number
kentekenplaat {f} {m} :: number plate, license plate
kenteren {vi} :: to capsize
kenteren {vt} :: to turn over, to overturn
kenteren {vi} :: to change, to reverse
kentering {f} :: change, alteration, transformation
kentering {f} :: reversal
kentering {f} [obsolete] :: the act of turning a landed whale on its side to butcher it
Kenzo {prop} :: given name
keper {m} :: A chevron, construction comprising crossing beams in roof-building etc
keper {m} [heraldiccharge] :: A chevron, comprising crossing bands
keper {m} :: A twill, crossed weaving pattern
keper {m} :: A fir (the tree whose wood is mainly used for the building beams etc.)
keper {m} :: Some similar or associated ornaments, construction elements, capententry instruments etc
keppel {m} :: kippah, yarmulke
keramiek {f} :: ceramic
kerel {m} :: lad, fellow, bloke
keren {v} [ergative] :: to turn around, to turn around an axis
kerf {m} :: a carve or groove
kerf {m} [rare, obsolete] :: insect
kerfdier {n} [dated, chiefly Belgium] :: insect
kering {f} :: barrier, retaining wall (structure designed to keep water or earth in or out)
kerk {f} :: church, house of Christian worship
kerk {f} :: [occasionally capitalized] church, confessional religious organization
kerk {f} :: church, temple, non-Christian house of worship
kerkasiel {n} :: right of sanctuary bestowed on a refugee by residing in a church (or rarely another house of worship)
kerkbank {f} {m} :: a pew (church bench)
kerkdeur {f} :: church door
kerkdienst {m} [chiefly Protestantism] :: church service (Christian religious meeting taking place in accordance with liturgy)
kerkdienst {m} [rare] :: service to a church [e.g. in practicing an office]
kerkdorp {n} :: A village that has a church (as opposed to having no church or merely a chapel)
kerkelijk {adj} :: ecclesiastic; [used attributely] church
kerkelijk {adj} :: believing, adhering to (a specific) church
kerkelijkheid {f} :: The proportion of a population that maintains a confessional affiliation with a denomination
kerkendom {n} :: Churchianity
kerker {m} :: dungeon
kerkfabriek {f} {n} [Christianity, chiefly Roman Catholicism] :: body responsible for the governance of church assets and property
kerkganger {m} :: churchgoer
kerkgebruik {n} :: rite
kerkgenootschap {n} :: religious denomination
kerkhistoricus {m} :: church historian
kerkhof {n} :: churchyard, a Christian cemetery
kerkhof {n} [by extension] :: cemetery
kerkklok {f} :: church bell
kerkklok {f} :: church clock
kerkkoor {n} :: church choir (choir of singers affiliated to a church)
kerkkoor {n} [uncommon, architecture] :: choir of a church
kerkorgel {n} :: church organ
kerks {adj} :: zealously christian
kerkschuur {f} :: synonym of schuurkerk
kerkstuk {n} :: church play/skit
kerktoren {m} :: steeple, church tower
kerktuin {m} :: churchyard
kerkuil {m} :: barn owl, any species or individual of the genus Tyto
kerkvader {m} :: Church Father (early male Christian author regarded authoritative)
kerkvoogd {m} :: prelate
kerkvoogd {m} :: churchwarden
kerkvorst {m} :: prelate
kermen {v} :: to moan, groan
kermis {f} :: funfair
kermis {f} :: fair (e.g. outdoor fair, village fair, county fair)
kermisklant {m} :: funfair worker, carnival worker, carny
kermisklant {m} :: funfair customer
kermistent {f} {m} :: an attraction at a carnival or a fair
kermodebeer {m} :: Kermode bear, Ursus americanus kermodei; a subspecies of the American black bear, of whom a minority display leucism
kern {f} :: nucleus, core
kern {f} [physics] :: nucleus (of an atom)
kern {f} [physics, in compounds] :: nuclear
kern {f} [geology, astronomy] :: core (of the Earth, or any other celestial body)
kern {f} [mathematics] :: kernel (of a function)
kern {f} :: settlement, built-up area
kernachtig {adj} :: concise, pithy
kernafval {n} :: Nuclear waste
kernbom {f} :: nuclear bomb
kerncentrale {f} :: nuclear power plant
kernenergie {f} :: nuclear energy
kernfysica {f} :: nuclear physics
kerngezin {n} :: nuclear family
kernkabinet {n} :: The inner cabinet, the exclusive gremium of major ministers within a cabinet, as institutionalized in Belgian politics
kernkabinet {n} :: A similar 'cabinet committee' for a specified sphere of government policy interest, e.g. socio-economic
kernlis {f} [dated] :: chromosome
kernonderzeeboot {m} :: nuclear submarine
kernonderzeeër {m} :: nuclear submarine
kernproef {f} :: nuclear test (nuclear weapons' test)
kernramp {f} {m} :: nuclear disaster
kernreactor {m} :: nuclear reactor
kernschaduw {f} :: shadow, umbra (dark regions of a shadow)
kernsplijting {f} :: nuclear fission
kernwapen {n} :: nuclear weapon
kerrie {m} :: curry powder
kers {f} :: cherry (fruit and tree)
kers {f} :: cress (watercress, garden cress)
kers {f} :: nasturtium, Tropaeolum majus
kerselaar {m} :: cherry (tree)
kersenrood {adj} :: cherry red
kersrood {adj} :: cherry red
kerst {m} :: Christmas
Kerst {prop} {m} [obsolete] :: Christ
Kerst {prop} {m} :: superseded spelling of kerst
kerstavond {m} :: Christmas Eve
kerstbal {m} :: A bauble (spherical decoration) used as Christmas decoration, especially in Christmas trees
kerstbal {n} :: A Christmas-themed ball (celebration)
kerstbok {m} :: Yule buck, Yule goat (straw Christmas decoration common in Scandinavian cultures)
kerstboodschap {f} :: Christmas message
kerstboom {m} :: A Christmas tree, decorated tree placed during the Christmas holiday season
kerstboom {m} :: A conifer used to be thus ornamented
kerstcadeau {n} :: Christmas present
kerstdag {m} :: Christmas Day
Kersteiland {prop} {n} :: Christmas Island (territory of Australia)
kerstekind {n} [Belgium, literally] :: baby Jezus
kerstekind {n} [Belgium] :: a child born on Christmas (Eve or Day)
kerstekind {n} [Belgium, colloquial] :: a dupe, as easy to trick as a young child
kerstenen {v} :: To christianize
kerstenen {v} [dialectal] :: To baptize
kerstengel {m} :: Christmas angel; figurine of an angel used as Christmas decoration [often hung in Christmas trees]
kerstengel {m} :: any other angel in relation to Christmas
kerstfeest {n} :: (the celebration of) Christmas
kerstfuif {f} :: Christmas party
kerstgans {f} :: Christmas goose (a goose eaten at Christmas) [now no longer customary in the Low Countries]
kerstgeschenk {n} :: Christmas gift
kerstgroep {f} {m} [by extension] :: A set of figurines for a Nativity scene; a Nativity scene
kerstkaart {f} :: Christmas card
kerstkado {n} :: alternative spelling of kerstcadeau
kerstkind {n} [Netherlands, literally] :: baby Jezus
kerstkind {n} [Netherlands] :: a child born on Christmas (Eve or Day)
kerstkrans {m} :: A Christmas wreath (ring-shaped ornament fashioned from plant materials, decorated in Christmas style)
kerstkrans {m} [often diminutive] :: A sweet/piece of candy in the shape of a Christmas wreath; often a biscuit, piece of chocolate or schuim
kerstlied {n} :: Christmas carol
kerstman {m} :: Father Christmas, Santa Claus
Kerstman {prop} {m} :: alternative case form of kerstman
kerstmarkt {f} :: Christmas market, Christkindl
kerstmis {f} [Catholicism] :: Christmas mass
Kerstmis {prop} {m} :: Christmas
kerstpakket {n} :: A gift box containing various presents, often luxury foods and gadgets, given around Christmas, usually by employers to their employees or by charitable organisations to their volunteers
kerstroos {f} [plant] :: Christmas rose or black hellebore, Helleborus niger
kerstspel {n} :: Nativity play (drama depicting the Nativity story)
kerststal {m} [by extension] :: stable of a Nativity display; a Nativity scene
kerstster {f} {m} [plant] :: poinsettia, Euphorbia pulcherrima, Christmas star
kerstster {f} {m} [Christianity] :: star of Bethlehem, Christmas star
kerstster {f} {m} :: any star related to Christmas
kerststol {m} :: stollen sold and eaten around Christmas time
kerststuk {n} [chiefly diminutive] :: Christmas arrangement (ornamental plant arrangement with Christmas decorations, sometimes with a candle)
kersttijd {m} :: Christmastide
kerstverlichting {f} :: Christmas lights
kersvers {adj} :: brand new, new to a job
kervel {m} :: chervil (spice)
kerven {vi} :: To cut, gouge out
kerven {vt} :: To carve (out); (cut a) notch
ket {m} [Belgium, dialect] :: a kid
ket {m} [Belgium, dialect] :: a young guy
keta {c} [slang] :: ketamine
ketamine {f} :: ketamine
ketchup {m} :: ketchup
ketel {m} :: kettle (a pot used to boil water)
ketel {m} :: boiler (device for heating a building)
ketelmuziek {f} :: A charivari, cacophonous noise, mock serenade
ketelmuziek {f} [figuratively] :: Any loud, iritant noise
keten {f} :: chain, fetter, shackle
keten {f} [figuratively] :: chain (of events or businesses)
keten {vi} :: to fool around noisily and hyperactively
ketenen {v} :: to chain, shackle
ketjap {m} :: kecap, Indonesian soy sauce
keton {n} [organic chemistry] :: ketone
ketter {m} :: heretic
ketterij {f} :: heresy, dissension from religious dogma, or by extension from another (e.g. ideological or scientific) doctrine
ketters {adj} :: heretic, heretical
kettervreter {m} :: A heretic hunter; one who opposes or persecutes heretics zealously
ketting {f} :: chain (a series of interconnected rings or links)
ketting {f} :: necklace
kettingbrief {m} :: chain letter
kettingganger {m} :: chainganger, somebody put to work in a chain gang [a common punishment in colonies]
kettingkast {f} :: chainguard, gear case
kettingkogel {m} [historical] :: chain shot
kettinglijn {f} [geometry] :: catenary
kettingroker {m} :: chain smoker
kettingzaag {f} :: chainsaw
keu {f} {m} :: cue (for playing billiards)
keuken {f} :: kitchen
keuken {f} :: cuisine
keukenprins {n} :: Male person who is good at and enjoys cooking non-professionally
keukenprinses {f} :: Female person who is good at and enjoys cooking non-professionally
keukenrol {f} :: kitchen paper
keukentrap {mf} :: A small stepladder
Keulen {prop} {n} :: Cologne, city in Germany
keur {f} :: choice
keur {f} :: selection
keur {f} :: elite
keur {f} :: seal
keur {f} :: a local ordinance
keure {f} :: obsolete spelling of keur
keuren {vt} :: to inspect, assess
keuren {vt} :: to test, sample
keurig {adj} :: proper, decorous
keuring {f} :: check, certification
keurkorps {n} :: elite (division of an) army or militia
keurleger {n} :: elite army
keurmerk {n} :: seal of approval
keurslijf {n} :: something very tightly arranged or regulated
keurslijf {n} :: stays, corset, waist
keurslijf {n} :: straitjacket
keurslijf {n} :: bodice, bust
keurtroep {m} :: elite troop, elite battalion
keurvorst {m} :: Elector, Prince-Elector (of the Holy Roman Empire)
keus {f} :: alternative form of keuze
keutel {c} :: a small piece of hard (chiefly animal) feces
keuterboer {m} [dated] :: one who earns the right to live in a cottage by working for a farmer or a landlord; a cotter
keuterij {f} :: a collective term referring to the cottages inhabited by cotters (keuterboeren)
keuvelen {v} :: to chat
keuze {f} :: choice, whether already made or not
keuzerondje {n} [graphical user interface] :: radio button
kever {m} :: beetle
keverslak {f} :: chiton, mollusc of the class Polyplacophora
keyboard {n} [computing, music] :: keyboard
keyboardspeelster {m} :: female keyboardist
keyboardspeler {m} :: keyboardist
kg. {abbr} :: koning
Khoisan {prop} :: Khoisan, people
Khoisan {prop} :: Khoisan, group of languages
KI {initialism} :: abbreviation of kunstmatige intelligentie
kibbelen {v} :: to quibble
kibbeling {f} [chiefly uncountable] :: deep-fried battered chunks of fish [usually cod or certain fish of the family Gadidae], commonly served with a mayonnaise-based dipping sauce
kibbeling {f} :: act or instance of bickering, arguing; an argument
kibbelkabinet {n} [Belgium] :: a government that is in-fighting on a regular basis
kibbelziek {adj} :: belligerent, quarrelsome
kibboets {m} :: kibbutz
kick {m} :: kick, thrill (something that excites or gives pleasure)
kickboksen {v} :: to kickbox, to play kickboxing
kickbokser {m} :: A kickboxer, a practitioner of kickboxing
kicken {v} :: to get a kick out of
kicken {v} :: kick (remove someone from an online activity)
kidnappen {v} :: to kidnap
kidnapper {m} :: A person who kidnaps someone
kids {p} [colloqually] :: children
Kiefte {prop} :: surname
kiek {m} :: A snapshot, photograph; orinally specifically used for a group scene and/or shot by an amateur photographer
kiek {f} :: A chick, young of a domestic fowl or other bird
kiek {f} :: A domestic chicken or other fowl
kiek {f} [figuratively] :: A dumb 'bird', (notably) female airhead
kiek {c} :: The vernacular name for several plants:
kiek {c} :: Brassica nigra
kiek {c} :: Sinapis arvensis
kiek {c} :: Raphanus raphanistrum
kiek {c} :: Thlaspi arvense
kiek {c} :: Alliaria petiolata (syn. Alliaria officinalis)
kiekeboe {interj} :: peekaboo!
kiekeboe {noun} :: A peekaboo game
kieken {n} :: A chick, young domestic fowl
kieken {n} [by extension] :: Any chicken
kieken {n} [figuratively] :: A dumb bird, derogatory term for a (usually female) airhead
kieken {v} :: To photograph, take/shoot (a) picture(s)
kiekendief {m} [literally] :: A chicken thief, who steals fowl
kiekendief {m} [zoology] :: The predatory bird species chicken hawk
kiekje {noun} :: snapshot
kiel {m} :: bottom side of a ship: the keel
Kiel {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Carina
kielhalen {vt} :: to keelhaul
kielhalen {vt} [nautical, of ships] :: to haul above water [so that the keel is above the waterline]
kielhalen {vt} [figurative] :: to torment, to torture
kielhaling {f} :: the act of keelhauling
kielzog {n} :: wake (path left behind by boats)
kiem {f} {m} [biology] :: seed, sprout, germ
kiem {f} {m} [figuratively] :: beginning, birth
kiem {f} {m} [pathology] :: germ (pathogen)
kiem {f} {m} [mathematics] :: germ
kiemen {v} :: to germinate, to sprout
kiemgroente {f} :: sprout (an edible vegetable that comes from germinated seeds)
kieming {f} [botany] :: germination
kiemvlek {f} {m} [biology] :: germinal disk
kier {mf} :: fissure, narrow opening
kies {m} :: A molar
kies {m} [figuratively] :: Certain resembling objects
kies {adj} :: delicate, choice
kies {adj} :: showing good taste, well-chosen
kiesdistrict {n} :: A constituency, a district for the purpose of electoral representation
kieskring {m} :: administrative regional electoral district [often of considerable size]
kiesman {m} :: elector, member of an electoral college, e.g. in US presidential elections (elected by the voters)
kiespijn {f} {m} :: toothache
kiesrecht {n} :: The legislation governing the electoral process
kiesrecht {n} :: The right to vote, suffrage
kiesstelsel {n} :: electoral system
kiessysteem {n} :: voting system, electoral system
kieswijzer {m} :: voting application
kietelaar {m} :: tickler, one who tickles
kietelaar {m} :: alternative form of kittelaar
kietelbeurt {f} {m} :: "turn to be tickled", i.e. round of tickling
kietelen {v} :: to tickle
kieuw {f} :: gill
Kiev {prop} {n} :: Kiev
kievit {c} :: northern lapwing, (Vanellus vanellus)
kiezen {vit} :: to choose
kiezer {m} :: voter
kijken {vi} :: to look [+ naar (object) = at]
kijken {vt} :: to watch (e.g. a film), to observe
kijker {m} :: telescope
kijker {m} :: pair of binoculars
kijker {m} :: viewer (person who looks at something)
kijker {m} :: TV watcher
kijker {m} :: eye
kijven {v} :: to altercate, to dispute, to wrangle
kijven {v} :: to scold, to chide
kikker {m} :: frog
kikker {m} :: cleat (device used for fastening), especially a nautical cleat
Kikker {m} [historical] :: A beatnik from The Hague
kikkerbad {n} :: shallow children's pool (at a swimming pool)
kikkerbil {f} :: frog leg; usually in the plural, as a dish or ingredient
kikkeren {v} :: to jump around crouching [imitating a frog]
kikkererwt {f} :: chickpea, a seed of Cicer arietinum
kikkererwt {f} :: chickpea plant, a plant of Cicer arietinum
kikkergezwel {n} :: ranula
kikkerland {n} [humorous] :: an unimportant and rather boring country, virtually exclusively said of the Netherlands
kikkerperspectief {n} :: frog's-eye view
kikkervisje {noun} :: tadpole, the young stage of a frog after hatching, before it reaches its adult form
kikvors {m} [formal] :: A frog
kikvorsman {m} :: A frogman
kil {adj} :: cold-hearted, cold-blooded
kil {adj} [weather] :: cold, chilly
kil {f} :: kill, waterway on sand flats or mud flats
kil {f} :: creek, rivulet
kille {f} [Judaism] :: organized Jewish community
kille {f} :: alternative form of kil
kilo- {prefix} :: kilo-
kilo {c} :: abbreviation of kilogram
kilocandela {mf} :: kilocandela: 1000 candelas
kilogram {m} :: kilogram
kiloknaller {m} :: A discount offer for a meat product per kilogramme; a cut-price meat product
kilometer {m} :: kilometer
kilo-ohm {m} {n} :: kiloohm: one thousand ohm
kiloseconde {f} :: kilosecond: 1000 seconds
kilosteradiaal {m} :: kilosteradian: 1000 steradians
kim {f} :: horizon
Kim {prop} :: given name borrowed from English
kimono {m} :: kimono
kin {f} :: chin
kinband {m} :: chinstrap
kinbandpinguïn {m} :: chinstrap penguin, Pygoscelis antarcticus
kind {n} :: child, kid, non-adult human
kind {n} :: descendant, still a minor or irrespective of age
kind {n} [figuratively] :: product of influence, breeding etc
kinddoding {f} :: infanticide
kinderachtig {adj} :: childish, infantile
kinderarts {m} :: paediatrician
kinderbescherming {f} :: Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service: Dutch national board for control on child wellfare
kinderbijslag {m} :: child benefit, child allowance
kinderboek {n} :: children's book
kinderboekenschrijfster {f} :: a female writer of children's books
kinderboekenschrijver {m} :: a writer of children's books
kinderboerderij {f} :: petting zoo (educational and recreational facility for familiarising children with (chiefly) farm animals)
kinderdagverblijf {n} :: child nursery, daycare center
kinderdoding {f} :: infanticide
kinderkamer {f} :: nursery, baby room
kinderkerk {f} :: Christian religious instruction for children, similar to Sunday school [but not necessarily held on Sunday]
kinderkerk {f} [rare] :: A daughter church
kinderkopje {n} [mostly used in plural] :: a square cobblestone as used for paving streets; sampietrino
kinderkopje {n} [uncommon, literal] :: child's head or representation thereof (as a pendant for example)
kinderkopjes {n} :: square cobbles used for paving streets; sampietrini
kinderlijk {adj} :: childlike
kinderlijk {n} :: dead body of a child
kinderloos {adj} :: childless, without offspring
kinderloosheid {f} :: childlessness
kindermeisje {noun} :: nanny
kindermisbruik {n} :: child abuse
kindermishandeling {f} :: child abuse
kindermoord {f} :: infanticide
kinderoppas {m} :: babysitter
kinderoppas {m} :: babysitting, childcare
kinderopvang {m} :: childcare
kinderporno {f} :: child pornography
kinderpornografie {f} :: child pornography
kinderspel {n} :: child's play (a children's game)
kinderspel {n} :: child's play (something easy to do)
kindersterfte {f} :: child mortality
kindertaal {mf} :: child language
kindertijd {m} :: childhood
kinderverhaal {n} :: children's story
kinderwagen {m} :: baby carriage, stroller (US); pram (UK)
kinderwens {m} :: the wish or desire to have one or more children
kinderziekte {f} :: childhood disease
kinderziekte {f} [figuratively] :: a problem that arises with something new and relatively unfamiliar or untested, which is expected to be fixed once the thing in question becomes more mature, stable and better understood
kinderzorg {mf} :: child welfare
kindmoord {f} :: infanticide
kinds {adj} :: demented: literally like a child
kindschap {n} :: The state of being someone's child [mostly used in religious, especially Christian, contexts]
kindsheid {f} :: second childhood, dotage
kindskorf {m} :: basket for the clothes of a baby
kindsoldaat {m} :: child soldier
kindvriendelijk {adj} :: kid friendly
kinesi- {prefix} :: kinesi-
kinesie {f} :: kinesis
kinesie {f} [regional, Southern Dutch] :: physiotherapy
kinesist {m} [regional, Southern Dutch] :: physiotherapist
kinesiste {f} [regional, Southern Dutch] :: female physiotherapist
kinesitherapeut {m} :: physiotherapist (usual term in Belgium)
kinesitherapie {f} :: physiotherapy (usual term in Belgium)
kinetisch {adj} :: kinetic, relating to (the study of) motion
kinine {f} :: quinine
kinkhoest {m} :: whooping cough (a contagious disease)
kinnesinne {f} {m} {n} :: hatred, envy, intense jealousy
kinstuk {n} :: chinrest
kiosk {f} :: kiosk
kip {f} :: chicken, hen
kip {m} :: Kip, currency in Laos
kipfilet {m} {n} :: chicken fillet
kiplekker {adj} :: Very healthy, very well, in excellent health
kippenborst {f} :: chicken breast
kippenborst {f} :: pigeon chest (protruding chest)
kippenhok {n} :: chicken coop
kippenkracht {f} [uncountable, colloquial] :: weakness, low strength
kippenkracht {f} [countable, colloquial, slightly, derogatory] :: weakling
kippensoep {f} :: chicken soup
kippenvel {n} :: a chicken's skin
kippenvel {n} :: goose bumps
kippenvlees {n} :: chicken (meat)
kippevel {n} :: superseded spelling of kippenvel
kippig {adj} [Netherlands] :: myopic, nearsighted [also figuratively, including as an insult]
kipsaté {m} :: chicken satay
Kirgizië {prop} {n} :: Kyrgyzstan
Kirgizisch {adj} :: Kyrgyz (of, from, or pertaining to Kyrgyzstan, the Kyrgyz people or the Kyrgyz language)
Kirgizisch {prop} :: Kyrgyz (language)
kirren {v} :: to coo like a pigeon, speak in a soft and low voice
kissebissen {v} :: to bicker, to quarrel
kist {f} {m} :: box, chest
kist {f} {m} [colloquial] :: a boot or large shoe, especially an army boot
kist {f} {m} :: coffin
kist {f} {m} [aviation] :: aeroplane
kisten {v} :: to lay in a coffin or casket
kistrijder {m} :: A motorcycle or quad participant in the Dakar Rally who participates in the "Original" class, without a support crew and doing all maintenance alone with a limited toolset
kit {f} :: metal can, used mainly for coal
kit {f} {n} :: sealant
kit {m} :: set of tools
kits {f} :: ketch (small two-masted vessel)
kits {adj} [colloquial] :: in order, okay
kittelaar {m} :: clitoris
kitten {m} :: a young cat; kitten
kitten {v} :: to apply sealant to
kitvos {m} :: swift fox (Vulpes velox)
kiwi {m} :: kiwi (bird)
kiwi {m} :: kiwi fruit, kiwi
-kje {suffix} :: Variant of -tje
kk {abbr} :: Short for kanker
kkr. {abbr} :: koninkrijk
klaaglied {n} :: elegy
klaar {adj} :: ready
klaar {adj} :: finished
klaar {adj} :: clear
klaarblijkelijk {adj} :: obvious, evident
klaarkomen {v} [rare] :: to get ready; to finish a task, to be finished
klaarkomen {v} [colloquial] :: to come, to reach orgasm
klaarmaken {vt} :: to prepare, to make ready
klaarmaken {vr} :: to get prepared
klaarspelen {vt} :: to manage to get done
klaarzetten {v} :: to set up, put in place (by way of preparation), make ready for use
Klaas {prop} {m} :: given name
Klaas Vaak {prop} {m} :: The Sandman
klabak {m} [Netherlands, slang, pejorative] :: cop, police officer, pig
klacht {f} :: complaint (general, also physical)
klad {n} :: draft (uncountable)
klad {n} :: stain, spot
kladden {v} :: to stain, to make stains
kladpapier {n} :: scrap paper
kladschilder {m} [pejorative] :: A bad painter
kladschilder {m} [historical, otherwise archaic] :: A painter specialised in painting houses and objects [including decorative painting]
klafter {f} :: a measure of length corresponding to the outstretched arms; fathom
klagen {vi} :: to complain
klagen {vt} :: to sue
klakkeloos {adv} :: unthinkingly
klam {adj} :: damp, dank, moist and cool
klamboe {m} :: mosquito net
klampen {vi} :: to cling, to hold
klandizie {f} :: business, clientele
klank {m} :: a sound
klankbeeld {n} :: sound image (total spectrum of a sound or totality of the experience of a sound)
klankbeeld {n} :: image used as a visual support in training or educating about speech sounds, e.g. in logopaedics
klankbekken {n} :: cymbal, gong (percussion instrument)
klankbord {n} :: sounding board
klankgat {n} [music, lutherie] :: f-hole (e.g. of a violin)
klankkast {f} [music] :: sound box
klankkleur {c} [music] :: timbre
klanknabootsing {f} :: A sound-imitation
klanknabootsing {f} [linguistics] :: An onomatopoeia; a word which developed out of sound-imitation
klankverschuiving {f} [linguistics] :: sound change, sound shift
klant {m} :: client, customer
klantenservice {m} :: customer service
klap {m} :: bang (a sudden percussive noise)
klap {m} :: blow, hit, strike
klaploper {m} :: sponger, freeloader
klappen {v} :: to clap (make sound or music with the hands)
klappen {v} :: to applaud (clap hands in order to praise)
klappen {v} :: to smack, strike rather hard and/or loud
klappen {v} :: to crack with a loud sound, like a whip
klappen {v} :: to fold, to hinge
klappen {v} :: to wag one's lips, talk, converse
klapper {m} :: clapper (one who claps/applauds)
klapper {m} :: ring binder
klapper {m} [archaic] :: gossip, chatterbox
klapper {m} :: Something that has a big impact or is successful; a big hit
klapper {m} :: coconut
klapperdief {m} :: coconut crab, Birgus latro
klapperroos {f} [archaic] :: synonym of klaproos
klaproos {f} :: The common poppy, Papaver rhoeas
klaproos {f} [botany] :: A poppy, any of several plants of genus Papaver
klaproos {f} :: The frail flower of the poppy
klapschaats {f} :: clap skate (ice skate whose blade has been attached to the front with a hinge)
klapsigaar {f} :: exploding cigar [mainly as a stereotypical practical joke]
klapspaan {mf} [childish] :: snitch, telltale
klapstuk {n} :: brisket
klapvee {n} [collective, pejorative] :: audience whose only purpose is to applaud
klapwieken {vti} :: to flap one's wings
klapwieken {vi} [figurative] :: to alternate, to undulate, usually shifting rapidly between extremes
klarinet {f} [musical instruments] :: The clarinet, a woodwind musical reed instrument
klarinettist {m} :: clarinetist
klaroen {n} {f} :: clarion (trumpet-like instrument)
klaroen {f} [Surinam] :: Chinese spinach, red spinach, Amaranthus dubius
klas {f} :: a school class
klas {f} :: a classroom
klas {f} :: travel class (such as first class or economy class)
klasgenoot {m} :: classmate, fellow pupil/student in the same class
klasse {f} :: social class
klasse {f} [biology] :: classification
klasse {f} :: quality, class
klassenbewustzijn {n} [Marxism, politics] :: class consciousness
klassenstrijd {m} :: class struggle
klassiek {adj} :: classical
klassieke gitaar {f} [musical instruments] :: classical guitar
klassieke muziek {f} :: classical music
klassisme {n} :: classism
klastisch {adj} [geology] :: clastic
klateren {v} [of a flowing liquid] :: to gurgle, to splash
klatergoud {n} :: an alloy consisting of copper and a low proportion of zinc, whose colour resembles that of gold, produced in sheets; Dutch gold, Dutch metal
klatergoud {n} [figurative] :: something worthless
klaterlach {m} :: hearty laughter
klauteren {vi} :: To climb
klauw {f} :: claw
klauw {f} [colloquial] :: hand
klauwen {v} :: to claw
klauwhamer {m} :: claw hammer (hammer with 2 prongs)
klauwier {m} :: shrike, butcherbird, bird of the family Laniidae
klavecimbel {m} [musical instruments] :: harpsichord
klaver {f} {m} [botany] :: clover
klaverblad {n} :: shamrock
klaverblad {n} :: cloverleaf interchange
klaveren {mf} [uncountable, cards] :: clubs
klaveren {mf} :: a playing card of the clubs suit
klaverjas {n} :: alternative form of klaverjassen
klaverjassen {n} :: a type of trick-taking card game popular in the Netherlands, akin to tarabish
klaverjassen {v} :: to play the above card game
klavertjevier {n} :: four-leaf clover
klavier {n} [musical instrument] :: piano (string instrument)
klavier {n} [musical instruments] :: keyboard (electronic musical instrument)
klavier {n} [computing] :: keyboard (input device for computers, etc.)
kleden {vt} :: to dress
kleden {vt} :: to fit someone, to suit someone (of a piece of clothing)
kledij {f} :: costume, clothing
kleding {f} :: clothing
kledingeis {c} :: a requirement or demand with respect to the clothes one wears
kledingkast {f} {m} :: wardrobe
kledingstuk {n} :: A garment, single item/article of clothing
kledingzaak {f} :: clothes shop
kleed {n} :: cloth
kleed {n} :: long cloth garment, notably:
kleed {n} :: formal robe
kleed {n} :: female dress
kleed {n} :: rug, mat
kleedje {noun} [Belgium] :: dress
kleedje {noun} [Netherlands] :: carpet
kleedkamer {f} [literally] :: A dressing room
kleedkamer {f} :: A lockerroom, changeroom, changing room
kleedkamer {f} :: A robing room
Kleef {prop} :: Cleves, a town in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, near the Dutch border and the River Rhine
kleefrijst {m} :: glutinous rice, sticky rice; Oryza sativa var. glutinosa
kleerhanger {m} :: a coat hanger
kleerkast {f} {m} :: wardrobe
kleerkast {f} {m} [colloquial] :: a well-built and strong man
kleermaakster {f} :: female tailor (woman who makes, repairs, or refashions clothing, often professionally)
kleermaker {m} :: tailor (person who makes, repairs, or alters clothing as profession)
kleermakerij {f} :: the tailor's profession, the tailoring sector
kleermakerij {f} :: a business where clothing is produced, repaired and sold, a tailor's shop
kleermakerszit {m} :: sitting position in which the legs are crossed, with the feet placed under the thighs of the opposite legs; somewhat similar to the lotus position
klei {f} {m} :: clay
klein {adj} :: small, little
klein {adj} :: almost
Klein-Azië {prop} [historic name] :: Asia Minor (Anatolian peninsula)
kleinburgerij {f} [pejorative] :: petty bourgeoisie
kleinburgerlijk {adj} :: petty bourgeois; related to the petty bourgeoisie
kleinburgerlijk {adj} :: narrow-minded, small-minded
kleindochter {f} :: granddaughter (daughter of someone’s child)
Kleine Beer {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Ursa Minor
kleine blauwe pinguïn {m} :: little penguin, little blue penguin, Eudyptula minor
kleine hersenen {p} :: [plurale tantum] cerebellum
Kleine Hond {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Canis Minor
kleine klaproos {f} :: blind eyes, long-headed poppy Papaver dubium
Kleine Leeuw {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Leo Minor
kleine lettertjes {noun} :: fine print
kleine potjes hebben grote oren {proverb} :: small children hear everything (literally: small pots have big ears/handles)
kleineren {v} :: belittle, disparage
kleine scherm {n} :: television, small screen
kleine visserij {f} :: Marine fishing for fish and other sea animals other than herring; in particular whaling, coastal fishing and fishing for cod
Kleine Waterslang {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Hydrus
kleingeestig {adj} :: narrow-minded, prejudiced
kleingeld {n} :: small change
kleingoed {n} [collective noun] :: small representatives of whatever sort, fe. furniture, pottery, fish etc
kleingoed {n} [figuratively] :: children, kids
kleinigheid {f} :: bagatelle, trifle (small thing or matter)
kleinkind {n} :: grandchild
kleinkinderwens {m} :: the wish or desire to have one or more grandchildren
kleinkunst {f} :: a musical and/or comedic kind of theatre such as cabaret
kleinscheeps {adj} :: small-scale, at a small scale
kleinscheeps {adv} :: at a small scale
kleintje {n} :: little one
kleintje {n} :: child
kleinvee {n} [collective] :: sheep and goats (sometimes also including pigs, fowl or even bees); defined as smaller-sized livestock
kleinveehouderij {f} [uncountable] :: husbandry of smaller livestock such as sheep and goats
kleinveehouderij {f} :: farm where smaller livestock (like sheep, goats and sometimes pigs) are raised
kleinzerig {adj} :: petty, with a low pain threshold, with little endurance
kleinzoon {m} :: grandson (son of someone's child)
kleitablet {n} {f} :: clay tablet (writing medium made of clay used in Mesopotamia and nearby regions)
klem {m} :: clamp
klem {adj} [predicative] :: stuck
klembord {n} :: clipboard (board to hold papers)
klembord {n} [computing] :: clipboard (buffer in memory that holds data to be pasted later)
klemmen {vt} :: to clamp, to squeeze
klemmen {vi} :: to jam, to not move smoothly
klemtoon {m} [linguistics] :: stress
klep {f} :: hatch
klep {f} :: visor
klep {f} :: valve
klep {f} [slang] :: mouth
klepel {m} :: clapper (of a bell)
kleppen {v} [colloquial] :: to chatter
kleptomanie {f} :: The condition kleptomania (proclivity to steal)
klere {f} [obsolete or offensive] :: cholera
klerelijer {m} [vulgar, offensive] :: motherfucker (objectionable or despicable person), literally "cholera sufferer"
kleren {p} :: clothes
klerenkast {f} {m} :: alternative spelling of kleerkast
kleren maken de man {proverb} :: fine feathers make fine birds
klerewijf {n} [vulgar] :: woman with cholera
klerk {m} :: clerk
kletsen {v} :: to chat
kletsen {v} :: to smack, to slap
kletskop {m} [colloquial] :: A bald head
kletskop {m} [metonymy] :: A bald person (usually said of a man)
kletskop {m} :: A hard and brittle type of cookie, with sugar, butter and peanuts or almonds as main ingredients
kletskop {m} :: A blab, blabbermouth
kletskous {mf} :: chatterbox
kletsmajoor {m} :: babbler, chatterbox, all too talkative person
kletsnat {adj} :: Very wet; soaked
kletsregenen {v} :: To rain noisily, i.e. heavily
kleur {f} :: color, colour
kleur {f} :: suit (of cards)
kleuren {v} :: to color, paint
kleuren {v} :: to blush, turn red
kleurenblindheid {f} :: colour blindness
kleurloos {adj} [literally] :: colourless, having no (or little) colour
kleurloos {adj} [figuratively] :: pale, dull
kleurpotlood {n} :: coloured pencil/colored pencil
kleurrijk {adj} :: colorful
kleurstof {f} {m} :: dye, colorant
kleuter {m} :: child between the ages of four and six/seven years (before the onset of concrete operational thought)
kleuterschool {f} :: kindergarten
kleven {vi} :: to stick, to be attached glue-like
kleven {vt} :: to glue, adhere something on/to something else
kleven {vi} :: to be sticky
kleven {vi} [road transport] :: to tailgate (drive dangerously close)
klever {m} :: someone or something that sticks, adheres
klever {m} :: tailgater (person who drives dangerously close)
kleverig {adj} :: sticky
klewang {mf} :: A machete-like Indonesian cutlass
kliek {f} {m} :: clique, exclusive group
kliek {f} {m} :: leftover from a meal
klier {f} :: gland
klier {f} [botany] :: gland (secretory structure)
klier {f} [obsolete] :: someone suffering from a skin disease or glandular swelling
klier {f} {m} :: an obnoxious person
klieren {v} :: to annoy, to be a nuisance
klierkoorts {f} [now, chiefly Belgium] :: glandular fever, mononucleosis infectiosa
klieven {v} :: to cleave, to cut
klieven {v} :: to cut through (waves)
klif {n} :: cliff
klik {m} :: click, sharp sound
klik {m} [computing] :: a press of a mouse button
klik {m} [phonetics] :: click consonant
klikken {vit} :: to click
klikken {v} [impersonal] :: to go well relationwise, to have a click
klikken {vi} :: to squeal on someone, to snitch
klikken {vi} :: to fall into place mentally (as in the penny drops)
klikken {vi} [obsolete] :: to suffice
klikken {vti} [obsoletel] :: to knock, to make a knocking sound
kliko {f} [Netherlands] :: wheelie bin (outdoor tall plastic garbage container with two wheels to one side)
klikspaan {mf} [childish] :: snitch, telltale
klikspaan {mf} [obsolete] :: gossip, blab, gossiper
klikspanen {vi} :: to snitch
klim {m} :: climb, act of climbing
klim {m} :: climb, an object or stretch that is clomb
klimaat {n} :: climate
klimaatbeleid {n} [chiefly uncountable] :: climate policy
klimaatbos {n} :: forest planted for the sequestration of carbon dioxide, in order to prevent or mitigate climate change
klimaatcrimineel {m} [politics, pejorative] :: climate criminal, someone whose actions with respect to the climate, in particular climate change, are believed to be criminal or, when used as hyperbole, outrageous
klimaatgevoeligheid {f} :: climate sensitivity
klimaatkanarie {m} :: climate canary
klimaatregeling {f} :: air conditioning, climate control
klimaatschieten {v} :: to enjoy the evening, to idle, to relax [during the evening]
klimaatsverandering {f} :: alternative form of klimaatverandering
klimaatverandering {f} :: climate change
klimaatwet {f} :: law regulating aspects of climate policy, often a comprehensive law that f.e. stipulates a carbon or climate budget
klimatologie {f} :: climatology
klimatologisch {adj} :: climatological
klimatoloog {m} :: climatologist
klimmen {vi} :: to climb
klimop {m} :: ivy (plant)
klimplant {f} :: creeper, climbing plant, climber
klimsport {f} [sports] :: climbing: e.g. rock climbing, mountaineering
klimvis {m} [uncommon] :: climbing perch, Anabas testudineus
kling {f} {m} :: blade (sharp edge of a knife or sword)
kliniek {f} :: A clinic, type of hospital
klink {f} :: latch
klink {f} :: handle (on a door)
klinken {v} :: to sound
klinker {m} [by extension] :: clinker brick; any kind of brick used for pavement
klinker {m} [phonetics] :: vowel
klinker {m} [uncommon, orthography] :: vowel letter (character that designates a vowel)
klinkerharmonie {f} [chiefly uncountable] :: vowel harmony
klinkletter {f} [archaic, phonetics] :: vowel
klinkletter {f} [archaic, orthography] :: vowel letter (character that designates a vowel)
klip {f} :: rock or cliff in or around sea water
klip {f} [dialectal] :: dune, sandy hill
klip {f} [archaic] :: rock on land, e.g. used as a habitat by animals
klip {f} [obsolete] :: boulder, piece of rock
klipdas {m} :: klipdas, hyrax
klipspringer {m} :: klipspringer
klipvis {m} :: salt cod
klipvis {m} :: butterflyfish, fish of the family Chaetodontidae
klissen {vt} [Belgium, law enforcement] :: to arrest, to catch
klisteer {f} {n} :: enema, clyster
klisteerspuit {f} :: enema syringe
klittenband {m} {n} :: Velcro
KLM {initialism} :: KLM
klodde {f} :: rag
klodde {f} :: (by extension) a worthless object
kloddenpop {f} {m} :: rag doll
kloek {adj} :: large, stout
kloek {adj} :: healthy, being in good health
kloek {adj} [dialectal] :: clever, wise
kloek {f} :: a brooding hen (female chicken) or mother hen
kloet {m} :: barge pole, punting pole
klojo {m} :: jerk (person)
klok {f} :: clock
klok {f} [colloquial] :: (wrist-)watch
klok {f} :: bell
klok {f} :: protective cloche
klok {f} [often, diminutive] :: something bell-shaped, as some flowers
klokgevel {m} [architecture] :: clock gable
klokhen {f} :: a brooding hen (female chicken) or mother hen
klokhuis {n} :: The core (central part) of some fruit, containing the kernels or seeds
klokhuis {n} [originally] :: A construction (building or part) which houses (a) bell(s) and/or where they are rung or cast (made)
klokhuis {n} :: Other things resembling the above by shape
klokjesgentiaan {f} :: marsh gentian, Gentiana pneumonanthe
klokke {f} [obsolete] :: bell
klokken {v} :: to time, clock
klokken {v} [of water] :: to gurgle
klokken {v} [of chickens] :: to cluck
klokkengevel {m} [architecture] :: bell-gable
klokkenluider {m} :: A bell ringer, who sounds (a) bell(s), as in a church's bell tower
klokkenluider {m} [figuratively] :: A whistle-blower; an insider who comes forward to make a scandal, etc. public
klokkentoren {m} :: A bell tower, tower where (a) bell(s) hang(s) to be played
klomp {m} :: Wooden shoe, clog
klomp {m} :: Mass, lump, chunk
klompje {noun} :: A nugget
klompvoet {m} :: clubfoot
klonen {v} :: to clone
klont {m} :: a (small) lump
klonter {m} :: lump
klontje {n} :: a sugar cube (properly suikerklontje)
klontje {n} :: [by extension] similar confectionary
kloof {f} :: gap, gorge, ravine
kloofdal {n} [geology] :: valley gorge, ravine
klooi {m} :: A dork, jerk, nobody
klooi {m} :: A bumbler, loser
klooien {v} :: To (give a) beat(ing)
klooien {v} :: To mess around
klooien {v} [vulgar] :: To sleep with, i.e. share the bed, with; to fuck
kloon {c} :: clone
klooster {n} :: cloister, monastery
kloostergewelf {n} [architecture] :: a cloister vault
kloosterling {m} :: Any member of a monastic community, whether priest, lay brother or nun
kloostermop {m} :: large mediaeval brick
kloosterorde {mf} :: A monastic order
kloosterzuster {f} :: sister (a nun; a female member of a religious community)
kloot {m} [dated] :: sphere, ball
kloot {m} [colloquial] :: testicle
klootdolk {m} :: dagger with a phallic shape
kloothommel {f} {m} [slang] :: asshole, from kloot meaning "testicle" and hommel meaning "bumblebee"
klootviool {m} [slang, derogatory, somewhat humorous] :: bastard, asshole, arse
klootzak {m} [dated, literally] :: A ball sack
klootzak {m} [vulgar] :: A common term of abuse for a man, similar to bastard, asshole
klop {m} :: a blow
klopgeest {m} :: poltergeist
klopgeest {m} :: (humorous) someone who knocks or drops by a lot
klopjacht {f} {m} [originally] :: battue, hunting for game
klopjacht {f} {m} [by extension] :: manhunt
klopje {f} [obsolete] :: An unmarried woman who has dedicated her life to service to the Church
kloppen {vi} :: to beat, hit
kloppen {vi} :: to knock
kloppen {vi} :: to defeat
kloppen {vi} :: to pulsate, like a heart
kloppen {vi} :: to be correct, to be true
kloppen {vi} :: to fit, work out, like a calculation; to make sense, to be true
kloppen {vi} :: to lead the devoutly professed, unmarried but non-congregational life of a Catholic klop
klos {m} :: spool, bobbin
klos {m} :: wooden or metal reel or similar object
klos {m} :: hardwood beam for sewing into planks, notably oak
klos {m} [slang] :: testicle
klos {m} :: klutz, clumsy person
klos {m} :: target, victim (of a problem or joke)
klos {m} :: lump, clod
klos {m} :: cocoon,chrysalis
klos {m} :: corn cob
klos {m} :: fir-cone
klos {m} :: horse's (lower) legs; protuberance thereupon
klos {interj} :: The sound of clumsily placed, heavy footwear
klos {?} :: A certain spirit (drink)
klote- {prefix} [vulgar] :: shit, fucking, damned
klote {interj} :: balls, damnit, fuck
klote {adj} :: bad, stupid
kloten {vi} :: to mess, to screw around (to waste time)
klotsen {v} :: to slosh, to splash noisily
kloven {v} :: to cleave, to cut
KLPD {prop} :: Initialism of Korps landelijke politiediensten, the name of the Dutch police from 1993 to 2013
klucht {f} {m} [dated] :: kind of theater play, farce
klucht {f} {m} [esp. Brabantian, figuratively] :: chaotic, loud and/or ridiculous situation
kluif {f} {m} :: a chunk (of meat with bone)
kluif {f} {m} :: a difficult task
kluis {f} :: safe
kluis {f} [in the diminutive] :: cashbox
kluis {f} :: hermitage
kluisteren {vt} :: To fetter, hog-tie or (rather) restrain in remaining movement
kluisteren {vt} [figuratively] :: To bind, restrict, as by a spell, fascination etc
kluit {f} :: lump, clod (mostly in connection to earth or soil)
kluiven {v} :: to gnaw, to nibble
kluiven {v} :: to bite (a piece of meat) into smaller chunks
kluizenaar {m} :: hermit
klunen {vi} :: to walk over land while wearing ice skates
kluns {m} :: clumsy person, klutz
kluppelen {v} :: to bludgeon, to sap, to club
klus {m} :: task
klussen {v} :: to do odd jobs
kluts {f} {m} [rare, dated] :: clutch
klutsen {v} :: To scramble
klutsen {v} :: To clutch
kluut {m} :: avocet
kluwe {m} :: alternative form of kluwen
kluwen {m} {n} :: a ball of thread or yarn, a clew
klysma {f} :: enema, clyster
km/u {abbr} :: kilometer per uur
knaagdier {n} :: rodent
knaak {m} [colloquial, Netherlands] :: A 2½ guilders coin
knaak {m} [archaic] :: A large, valuable coin
knaap {m} :: boy, usually adolescent
knaap {m} [by extension] :: Any human male, regardless of age
knaap {m} [chiefly in compounds] :: A servant, helper
knaap {m} :: A big one, whopper, said of a creature or an object
knaapje {noun} :: a coat hanger
knabbelen {v} :: to nibble
knäckebröd {n} :: crisp bread, knäckebröd
knagen {v} :: to gnaw
knaging {f} :: gnawing with, for instance, a pang or qualm of conscience
knakken {v} [ergative] :: to break
knakken {v} [ergative] :: to partially break without fully breaking
knakworst {f} :: knackwurst
knal {m} :: bang, short loud sound, crash
knallen {v} :: to bang, pop
knallen {v} [colloquial] :: to fire, shoot
knallen {v} [colloquial] :: to do something intensely, fire up
knallen {v} [vulgar] :: To fuck
knaller {m} [colloquial] :: something excellent, belter, ripper
knaller {m} :: something that produes explosions or booms
knalpot {m} :: muffler
knalvuurwerk {n} :: fireworks that primarily create bangs (as opposed to creating a visual display)
knap {adj} :: smart, intelligent, gifted, talented, clever
knap {adj} :: impressive
knap {adj} :: attractive, beautiful, handsome
knap {adv} :: quite, rather, pretty (reinforces what follows)
knapenliefde {f} [literally] :: A love for boys ("knaves"), i.e. pedophilia directed to boys as sexually attractive
knapenliefde {f} [dysphemistic] :: homosexuality
knapenschenner {m} :: A paederast, a pedophile who sexually abuses boys
knapenschennis {f} :: A pederasty, sexual abuse of (a) male minor(s)
knappen {v} :: to crack
knapperd {m} :: a handsome person; hunk
knapperig {adj} :: crispy
knapzak {m} :: bindle or other food bag (traveler's food bag, often a piece cloth tied to a stick)
knar {m} [colloquial, often with pleonastic attribute "oude"] :: old geezer, oldtimer
knar {m} [colloquial] :: bonce, head
knarsen {v} :: to creak; to make a high-pitched, grating noise
knarsen {v} :: to grind (one's teeth together)
knauwen {vit} :: to gnaw
knecht {m} :: servant
knecht {m} [by extension] :: assistant, -hand, employee
knecht {m} [pejorative] :: flunky
knechten {v} :: to enslave (to make a person an indentured knecht)
knechtschap {n} :: servitude
knechtschap {n} :: oppression
kneden {v} :: to knead
kneedbaarheid {f} :: plasticity
kneedbom {f} :: plastic bomb, plastic explosive
kneiter {m} :: [colloquial] head, noggin
kneiter {m} :: [colloquial] biggy, jumbo
knekel {m} :: bone
knekelhuis {n} :: building where disinterred (human) bones are stored, usually at a cemetery; bonehouse, charnel house
knekelstad {f} [rare] :: necropolis
knellen {v} :: to pinch, squeeze
knellen {v} [figuratively] :: to oppress, to stifle
knetter {adj} [colloquial] :: crazy, mad
knetteren {v} :: to crackle
knettergek {adj} [colloquial] :: completely insane, stark raving mad
kneu {f} {m} :: common linnet
kneus {m} :: A bruise, hurt body part (notably skin) without an open wound
kneus {m} :: A bruised egg
kneus {m} [figuratively] :: A violation, infraction
kneus {m} [figuratively] :: An inferior worker, unproductive winer
kneus {m} [figuratively] :: Any weakling, softie
kneuzen {vt} :: To bruise, inflict a physically hurtful marking(s) without an open wound
kneuzing {f} :: A bruise, a physically hurt part of the body (notably skin) which has no open wound
knevel {m} :: moustache
knevel {m} [obsolete] :: halve of a moustache
knevelen {v} :: to gag, to stifle (physically restrict speech with an object)
knevelen {v} [figurative] :: to muzzle, to gag, to restrict freedom of speech
knibbelen {vi} :: to haggle
knie {f} :: knee
kniebroek {f} :: breeches
knielaars {f} :: knee-high boot
knielen {v} :: to kneel (stoop down and rest on the knee)
knijf {n} [archaic] :: long pointy knife, poniard
knijf {n} [regional] :: switchblade
knijf {n} [dialectal] :: pocketknife
knijp {c} :: saloon, bar, pub
knijpbril {m} :: pince-nez
knijpen {v} :: To pinch, to squeeze
knijpkat {f} :: dyno torch, dynamo torch
knikken {v} :: to nod as in to express agreement
knikker {m} :: a marble (toy)
knikker {m} :: various similarly shaped objects, including:
knikker {m} :: a billiards ball
knikker {m} :: certain seeds
knikker {m} [humorous] :: a head, especially a bald skull (typically in kale knikker)
knikker {m} [by extension] :: a lump or stone
knikker {m} [metonymy] :: (in the plural, absolutely used with definite article: de knikkers) The stakes of a game, deal etc
knikker {m} :: A nodder
knipkunst {f} :: cut-out art, art made by cutting paper and other materials, usually household materials
knipogen {v} :: to wink
knipoog {m} :: wink
knippen {vt} :: to cut with scissors
knippen {vt} [computing] :: to cut (remove an item and place it in memory for later use)
knippen {vt} [archaic] :: to make a pinching movement, especially with one's eyelids; thus, to blink
knippen {v} :: snap one's fingers
knipperen {v} :: to blink
knipperlicht {n} :: flashing light, blinker (light that intermittently flashes or a light source that produces such a light)
knipperlichtrelatie {f} :: A relationship with repeated interruptions because of falling outs and/or breaks; an on-and-off relationship
knipsel {n} :: A cut out piece of paper
knobbel {m} :: knob, knot, lump
knobbel {m} [figuratively] :: an aptitude for something
knobbelzwaan {m} :: mute swan
knobbelzwijn {n} :: warthog, pig of the genus Phacochoerus
knoedel {m} :: dumpling
knoedel {m} :: noodle or piece of pasta
knoeften {v} [Belgium, specifically Antwerp] :: work laboriously or hard
knoeien {v} :: to create a mess
knoeien {v} :: to mess around
knoeien {v} :: to defraud
knoepsen {v} [Brabantian, West-Veluws] :: audibly chew
knoert {m} :: whopper (something remarkably large)
knoet {m} :: knout, a multi-thong scourge as used in tsarist Russia
knoet {m} :: term of abuse for persons from Westphalia and Northern Germany
knoet {m} :: boor, churl
knoet {f} :: alternative form of knot
knoflook {m} {n} :: garlic
knoflookboter {f} :: garlic butter
knoflooksaus {f} :: garlic sauce
knokfilm {m} [colloquial] :: action movie, action film
knokkel {m} :: finger-joint; knuckle
knokken {vi} [colloquial] :: to fight, to dust up
knokken {vt} [colloquial] :: to hit, to beat
knokker {m} :: A fighter, brawler, person tending to start or pick a fight
knokpartij {f} :: brawl, fight
knokploeg {mf} :: A hit squad, a fighting squad
knol {m} :: turnip
knol {m} :: bulge, protrusion
knol {m} :: workhorse, draft horse
knolraap {m} :: turnip, cultivated plant with edible white root, Brassica rapa
knook {m} :: bone
knoop {m} :: button (knob or small disc serving as a fastener)
knoop {m} :: knot (i.e. a loop of string or any other long flexible material which cannot be untied without pulling part of the string through the loops)
knoop {m} [mathematics] :: knot
knoop {m} [nautical] :: knot (i.e. a unit of velocity, corresponding to traveling a distance of 1 nautical mile per hour)
knooppunt {n} :: interchange (grade-separated infrastructure junction)
knooppunt {n} [archaic] :: any infrastructure junction
knoopsgat {n} :: buttonhole
knop {m} :: a knob, roundish handle, ornament etc
knop {m} :: a button, control device to push etc.; metonymy: control, power to stop
knop {m} :: a bud on a (growing) plant
knopen {vt} :: to tie with a knot
knor {m} :: A grunt by a pig
knor {m} :: A grumble by a stomach
knor {m} [derogatory, student slang] :: A university student who doesn't belong to a student society [rarely used except by members of student societies]
knorren {v} :: to grunt, to oink
knorrig {adj} :: grumpy, surly
knorrig {adj} :: knotty, gnarled
knot {f} {m} :: A knot, bun (of hair), skein
knot {f} {m} :: The top or crest (with messy branches) of certain woody plants, notably willows
knot {f} {m} :: A flax seed box
knot {f} {m} :: (dialect) A marble to play with
knot {f} {m} :: A prank, joke
knot {f} {m} :: The bird species Tringa canutis, Calidris canutus
knots {f} :: bludgeon, club
knots {adj} [colloquial] :: bizarre, extremely odd
knotsen {v} [Brabantian] :: collide
knotsgek {adj} [colloquial] :: batshit, fucking crazy
knotten {v} :: to truncate
knotten {v} :: to cut down
knotwilg {m} :: A pollarded willow, knotted willow
knuffel {m} :: hug, cuddle
knuffel {m} :: stuffed toy
knuffelbeer {m} :: teddy bear
knuffelbeest {n} :: animal doll, stuffed toy animal
knuffelcrimineel {m} :: celebrity criminal, a criminal with persistently favourable media coverage
knuffeldier {n} :: animal doll, stuffed toy animal
knuffelen {vti} :: to cuddle, hug
knul {m} :: A crude boor, lout, sull; the diminutive often lacks the derogatory connotation
knul {m} :: A dude, young guy
knuppel {m} :: a blunt instrument used to bludgeon someone with, such as a club or a cudgel
knuppel {mf} :: a clown, a lout, an awkward individual
knuppelen {v} :: to bludgeon, to sap, to club
knurft {m} [colloquial] :: A stupid, silly person; a buffoon
knus {adj} :: [US] cozy, [UK] cosy
knut {f} {m} :: gnat
knutselen {v} :: to DIY; to put something together out of whatever is available at the time, often for fun
koala {m} :: koala
kobalt {n} :: The metallic element and material cobalt
kobalt {n} :: The die made from its oxyde
kobalt {n} :: Its bluish metallic color shade
kobold {m} :: kobold
Kodakmoment {n} :: Kodak moment (photogenic or sentimental moment)
kodde {f} :: club (weapon)
kodde {f} :: stave or staff
kodde {f} :: pole
kodde {f} :: (by extension) penis
kodde {f} :: tail, esp. of a dog, cat or pig
kodde {f} :: (by extension) tail of a kite
kodde {f} :: (by extension) arse
kodde {f} :: joke
koe {f} :: cow
koebeest {n} [now, chiefly Belgium] :: cow, female bovine
koebeest {n} [obsolete] :: bovine of any gender
koebeest {n} [Netherlands, humorous or childish] :: moo-moo (humorous term for cow/bovine)
koedoe {m} :: kudu, used of two species of antilopes of the genus Tragelaphus, Tragelaphus strepsiceros and Tragelaphus imberbis
koehandel {m} :: alternative form of koeienhandel
koehandel {m} [pejorative] :: any opaque form of negotiation or trade
koehandel {m} [politics, pejorative] :: any disliked political compromise or the act of negotiating those
koeienhandel {m} :: cow trade (trade in cows)
koeienmelk {f} :: cow milk
koeiensap {n} [humorous] :: milk, cow juice
koeienvlaai {f} :: a cowpie
koeioneren {v} [Netherlands] :: to belittle, to patronise
koeioneren {v} [Brabantian] :: to bully, to pester, to victimize
koejon {noun} :: bully
koek {m} :: cookie, cake, wafer
koek {m} [by extension] :: something doughy or sticky
koek {m} [heraldiccharge] :: roundel
koekblik {n} :: biscuit tin (metal container for biscuits, cake, cookies, etc.)
koekblik {n} [Netherlands, colloquial] :: small car of poor quality
koekeloeren {v} [colloquial] :: To look, to stare
koekeloeren {v} :: to idle, to be somewhere without doing much
koekeloeren {v} :: to crow like a rooster, to produce the sound of a cock
koeken {mf} [uncountable, cards, Belgium] :: diamonds
koeken {mf} [Belgium] :: a playing card of the diamonds suit
koekenbakker {m} [literally] :: cake baker
koekenbakker {m} :: bungler
koekendoos {f} [Belgium] :: biscuit tin
koek en ei {phrase} [idiom, especially of relations] :: completely fine, in a state of friendly relations, amicable
koekenpan {f} [Netherlands] :: frying pan
koekhappen {n} :: bite-the-cake; a game, especially for children, in which piece(s) of cake are hung from a rope, and the children, being blindfolded, attempt to bite the piece(s) of cake
koekje {noun} :: cookie
koekjessnijder {m} :: biscuit cutter, cookie cutter
koekjessnijder {m} :: cookiecutter shark, Isistius brasiliensis
koekoek {m} :: a cuckoo
koekoek {m} :: a dormer
koekoeksklok {f} :: cuckoo clock (any musical clock with a cuckoo figurine that imitates a cuckoo's call)
koektrommel {f} {m} :: biscuit tin
koel {adj} [literally] :: cold, chilly (having a low temperature)
koel {adj} [figuratively] :: without warm feelings
koel {adj} [figuratively] :: cool, with an in-control image
koelcel {f} :: A refrigerated room, a cold room
koele {noun} :: a cold, cool one (e.g. a chilled drink)
koele kikker {m} :: an unemotional or empathyless person; a cold fish
koelen {v} [ergative] :: to cool
koeler {m} :: cooler
koelie {m} :: coolie
koeling {f} [uncountable] :: The action or process of refrigerating
koeling {f} [countable] :: A refrigerated room or section
koeling {f} :: A cold room
koeling {f} :: A refrigerated section or shelve in a grocery store or supermarket
koelkast {f} :: refrigerator
koelte {f} [literally] :: coolness, a cold, but not freezing temperature, possibly pleasant
koelte {f} [rare] :: cool, unshakable attitude
koen {adj} [formal] :: courageous
Koen {prop} {m} :: given name
koenheid {f} :: bravery, boldness
Koenraad {prop} {n} :: given name, equivalent to Conrad
koepel {m} :: cupola, dome
koepeldak {n} :: domed roof
koepelorganisatie {f} :: umbrella organisation
koer {f} {m} [Belgium] :: garden, yard [usually fenced]
koer {f} {m} [Belgium] :: courtyard, yard
koer {f} {m} [Belgium] :: schoolyard
koer {f} {m} [Belgium] :: toilet, restroom (area)
koer {m} [Netherlands, obsolete] :: someone who guards a watchtower
Koerd {prop} {m} :: Kurd
Koerdisch {adj} :: Kurdish, relating to the people, language and/or Middle Eastern homeland of the Kurds
Koerdisch {prop} {n} :: Kurdish, the language of the Kurds
Koerdistan {prop} :: Kurdistan, the Middle East homeland of the Kurdish people
koeren {v} :: to coo (pigeons, doves and etc)
koerier {m} :: courier
koerierster {f} :: female courier
koers {m} :: course of action, approach
koers {m} :: course of a plane or ship
koers {m} :: stock price, rate
koers {m} :: circulation of money
koers {f} :: A race (contest of speed)
koesteren {vt} :: to cherish
koesteren {vt} [dated] :: to pamper, to spoil
koesteren {vt} [dated] :: to warm
koet {m} :: coot
koeterwaals {n} :: incomprehensible language; gibberish, gobbledygook
koets {f} :: coach (four-wheeled carriage)
koetsier {m} :: coach driver, coacher (someone who drives a coach)
koetsiersglas {n} :: beer glass resembling a volumetric flask with a round bottom and a separate wooden holder
koetswerk {n} :: body, bodywork of a vehicle
koevoet {m} [obsolete, literally] :: A cow or other bovine's foot or leg; also as a dish or meat type
koevoet {m} :: A wedge-shaped crowbar
koevoet {m} [Belgium] :: vernacular term for two yellow-coloured wagtail species:
koevoet {m} :: The western yellow wagtail, Motacilla flava [compare koevinkje]
koevoet {m} :: The grey wagtail, Motacilla cinerea
koewachter {m} [Southern Dutch] :: cowherd
Koeweit {prop} {n} :: Kuwait
kof {f} :: koff
koffer {m} :: suitcase
koffer {m} :: luggage compartment at the back of a small vehicle; trunk, boot
kofferbak {m} :: luggage compartment at the back of a small vehicle; trunk, boot
kofferschrijfmachine {f} :: A typewriter which has its own solid, roughly suitcase-shaped casing
koffie {f} {m} :: coffee
koffiebar {mf} :: coffee bar
koffieboon {mf} :: coffee bean
koffiecultuur {f} :: coffee culture, coffee cultivation
koffiedik {n} :: coffee grounds (sediment in coffee)
koffiehuis {n} :: coffeehouse
koffiehuis {n} :: café
koffiekan {c} :: a coffeepot
koffiepauze {mf} :: coffee break
koffiepoeder {m} :: instant coffee
koffiepot {m} :: a coffeepot
koffieshop {m} :: coffee shop
koffietijd {m} :: coffee time: time for a coffee break
koffietje {noun} :: a cup of coffee
koffie verkeerd {m} :: café au lait, coffee made with a large proportion of warm milk
koffiezetapparaat {n} :: coffee maker
kofschip {n} [historical] :: A koff, a type of small one-and-a-half masted sailing ship used mostly for inland and coastal navigation
kogel {m} :: projectile: bullet, shot (heavy iron ball used for the shot put)
kogel {m} :: sphere, ball-shaped object
kogelbrief {m} :: a threatening letter containing a bullet
kogelen {vt} :: to throw hard
kogelvis {m} :: blowfish, puffer, any fish of the Tetraodontidae
kogge {mf} :: cog (a sailing cargo ship of the Hanse)
koikarper {m} :: koi, Cyprinus carpio carpio
kok {m} :: cook, chef
Kok {prop} :: surname, meaning cook
kokarde {f} :: cockade (mark worn on a hat or other piece of clothing)
koken {vit} :: to cook, boil
koken {vi} [figuratively] :: to seethe, boil with anger
koker {m} :: tube, cylinder, cylindrical case, quiver
koker {m} [uncommon] :: Someone who cooks or boils
koker {m} :: A device used for boiling
kokerjuffer {f} :: caddis fly larva
kokerrok {m} :: pencil skirt
kokerworm {m} :: tubeworm (marine polychaete worm constructing tubes)
koket {adj} :: coquettish
kokette {f} :: a coquettish woman
kokhalzen {v} :: to gag, to retch
kokkel {m} [animals] :: edible cockle
kokkin {f} :: a (female) cook
kokmeeuw {f} :: Several seagull species, notably :
kokmeeuw {f} :: Chroicocephalus ridibundus, the black-headed gull
kokmeeuw {f} [archaic, dialectal] :: great black-backed gull, Larus marinus
kokos {n} {c} :: the white flesh of the coconut
kokos {c} :: coconut
kokoskrab {f} :: coconut crab, Birgus latro
kokosnoot {f} {m} :: coconut (fruit of coco palm)
kokosolie {f} :: coconut oil
kokospalm {m} :: coconut (tree)
koksmaat {m} :: (mainly nautical) A cook's mate, kitchen hand aboard
kokstoven {vt} :: to do, to arrange, surrepticiously
kol {f} :: witch
kol {f} [Belgium] :: wizard, magician, sorcerer, conjuror, warlock
kol {adj} [Belgium] :: difficult, troublesome
kol {adj} [Belgium] :: magical
kol {m} :: White spot on the forehead of a horse or a cow
kolder {m} [obsolete] :: a brain disease (or perhaps multiple conflated brain diseases) in livestock
kolder {m} :: madness, insanity, craziness
kolder {m} :: nonsense
kolder {m} [dated] :: small, simple paper kite
kolderstok {m} [nautical] :: whipstaff
kolenbekken {n} :: coalfield (area with coal deposits)
kolenbekken {n} :: brazier (metal receptable for burning coal)
kolengruis {n} :: slack, small coal particles
kolenkit {f} :: coal scuttle
kolenlijn {f} :: railway line used for transporting coal
kolenmijn {f} :: colliery, coal mine
kolenveld {n} :: coalfield (area with coal deposits)
kolere {f} [obsolete, slang] :: cholera
kolere {interj} [vulgar] :: damn! "What the fuck?"
kolf {f} {m} :: the blunt end of something
kolf {f} {m} :: rifle butt, stock
kolf {f} {m} :: flask with a narrow neck and a wide base
kolf {f} {m} :: ear of maize/corn
kolibrie {m} :: hummingbird
kolk {f} {m} :: vortex, maelstrom
kolk {f} {m} :: A drain that is part a sewer system
kolk {f} {m} :: A small waterway connected to one or several windmills that control the water level in a polder, serving as a conduit to remove surplus water
kolk {f} {m} :: A dyke beside such a waterway
kolk {f} {m} :: A pool or lake resulting from a breached dyke
kolk {f} {m} :: The body of water between sluice gates
kolken {v} :: to whirl, to churn
kolken {v} :: to rise or descend in a whirl
kolken {v} :: to experience strong emotions, to seethe
kollet {n} :: culet (of a brilliant-cut gemstone)
Kollumerland en Nieuwkruisland {prop} :: Kollumerland en Nieuwkruisland (municipality)
kolom {m} [architecture] :: column
kolonel {m} :: colonel, the military rank
kolonel {m} [printing, dated] :: A size of type between insertio and petit, standardized as 7 point
koloniaal {adj} :: colonial
kolonie {f} :: colony, dependent human settlement, state or territory
kolonie {f} :: colony, a camp etc. where people are living together for certain purposes, usually specified, such as strafkolonie, vakantiekolonie (a charitable summer camp)
kolonie {f} :: colony, collective noun for various insects which nest and live together, such as ants
kolonie {f} :: colony, collective noun for various birds which nest close together, such as seagulls, penguins; siege of herons
kolonie {f} :: colony, collective noun for collective noun for various mammal species which nest and/or live close together, such as hedge for certain monkeys
kolonisatie {f} :: colonisation (UK), colonization (US)
koloniseren {v} :: To colonise
kolonist {m} :: colonist (one who founds, inhabits or belongs to a colony)
kolonist {m} [historical] :: child who camped at a type of summer camp
kolonist {m} [historical] :: member of a labour colony, commune or utopian community
kolos {m} :: colossus
kom {f} :: bowl
kom {f} :: basin
kom {f} :: socket (hollow part in a bone)
kom {f} [geography] :: (village) center, in particular one with buildings around a central square
kom {f} [dated] :: built-up area
kom {f} :: inner harbour
komaf {m} :: descent, origin
komaf maken {v} [idiom, Belgium] :: to put an end [+ met (object) = to]
kombuis {f} :: kitchen
kombuis {f} :: galley (kitchen on a vessel)
kombuis {f} [obsolete] :: storage room for food
komedie {f} [drama] :: comedy
komeet {m} :: comet
komeet {m} [figuratively] :: rising star, coming man, raging fashion etc
komen {vi} :: to come
komen {vi} :: to happen, to arise, to come to be, to be caused
Komen {prop} {n} :: Comines (city in Belgium)
komiek {adj} :: comical, funny
komiek {m} :: comedian
komijn {m} {n} :: cumin, Cuminum cyminum
komijn {m} {n} :: cumin seed
komisch {adj} :: comic, comical
komkommer {f} :: cucumber
komkommertijd {m} :: silly season
komma {f} :: comma
kommagetal {n} :: a number which contains a decimal comma
kommaneuker {noun} [vulgar, colloquial] :: someone who is very precise with rules, either the official rules or their interpretation thereof, in particular in matters of (spoken, written) language. Literally: "comma fucker". Mostly synonymous with mierenneuker
kommavlinder {m} :: common branded skipper, Hesperia comma
kommen {v} [Brabant, Limburg, colloquial] :: alternative form of komen
kommer {m} :: problems, worries, concern
kommer {m} :: sadness, sorrow
kommunisties {adj} [obsolete] :: nonstandard spelling of communistisch
komodovaraan {c} :: Komodo dragon
kom op {interj} :: come on!
kompaan {mf} :: companion, friend
kompas {n} :: compass (navigational compass)
Kompas {prop} {n} [constellation] :: Pyxis
kompel {m} :: a miner
komplot {n} :: superseded form of complot
kompres {n} :: compress, multiply folded cloth to apply to a patient's skin
kompres {adj} :: compressed, condensed
kompromat {c} {n} :: kompromat, blackmail material, dirt [chiefly in Russian contexts]
komst {f} :: arrival
kond {adj} [obsolete] :: known
kondigen {vt} :: to announce, to make known
konfijt {n} {f} :: confit preserved with sugar, usually fruits
Kongo {prop} {f} :: Congo river
Kongo-Brazzaville {prop} {n} :: Congo (country with Brazzaville as capital)
kongsi {f} :: kongsi
kongsi {f} [derogatory] :: clique, coterie
konijn {n} :: rabbit
Konijnenberg {prop} :: surname
konijnenhok {n} :: rabbit hutch
konijnenhol {n} :: rabbit hole
konijnenvoer {n} :: rabbit fodder
konijnenvoer {n} [humorous] :: salads or other (typically raw) vegetable foods
koning {m} :: king
koning {m} [chess] :: king
koningdom {n} [obsolete] :: kingship
koningdom {n} [archaic] :: kingdom
koningin {f} :: queen
koningin {f} :: female monarchic ruler of a kingdom
koningin {f} :: consort of a king
koningin {f} [chess, card games] :: queen
koningin-moeder {f} :: queen mother
koninginnebrij {mf} :: royal jelly
Koninginnedag {m} :: A former holiday in the Netherlands, occurring on April 30th (or April 29th, if it would otherwise fall on a Sunday)
koninginnenpage {m} :: A swallowtail, Papilio machaon
koningmaker {m} :: kingmaker
konings {adj} :: royal
konings {adj} :: excellent
koningschap {n} :: kingship
koningscobra {f} {m} :: king cobra
Koningsdag {m} :: a national holiday in the Netherlands celebrated on April 27th, celebrating the birthday of its current king
koningshuis {n} :: royal house (part of a royal family considered eligible for rule)
koningskind {n} :: royal child
koningsmoord {m} :: regicide, the killing of a king or other ruler
koningspinguïn {m} :: king penguin, Aptenodytes patagonicus
koningswater {n} :: aqua regia
koninklijk {adj} :: royal
koninklijk {adv} :: royally (in the manner of royalty)
koninkrijk {n} :: kingdom
konkelen {vi} :: to engage in intrige, to deceive, to act dishonestly
konkelen {vi} :: to screw around, to bungle, to fiddle around
konkelen {vi} :: to gossip, to tattle
konkelfoezen {v} [pejorative, mainly used in Belgium] :: talk in a low whisper, esp. to gossip or scheme
konkreet {adj} :: superseded spelling of concreet
konst {f} :: obsolete spelling of kunst
kont {m} [colloquial] :: butt, bum, arse
kont {m} [obsolete] :: cunt, female genitalia
kont {m} [vulgar] :: a cunt (an extremely unpleasant or objectionable person)
kontakt {n} :: superseded spelling of contact
kontekletser {m} [literally] :: A spanker, who smacks the butt
kontekletser {m} [figuratively] :: A fairly long, usually split coattail which tends to tap the wearer's bottom; hence, tails, a tuxedo
konterfeitsel {n} :: face
konterfeitsel {n} :: image, portrait
kontlikker {m} [vulgar] :: sycophant, arse-kisser, shameless or even slavish flatterer
kontneuken {v} [vulgar] :: To fuck in the arse; especially said of homosexual men
kontroffel {m} [literally] :: A spanking, series of smacks on the bottom
kontroffel {m} [figuratively] :: A beating; scolding, tongue-lashing; lecture
kontzak {m} :: back pocket
konvooi {n} :: convoy
konvooieren {v} :: to escort, to convoy
kooi {f} {m} :: cage
kooi {f} {m} :: bunk
kooivechter {m} :: cage fighter
kookappel {m} :: An apple (of a) variety best fit to be used in the kitchen for relatively elaborate recipes (cooked, fried etc.), rather then wholly eaten in its natural state (raw, but possibly peeled)
kookboek {n} :: cookbook (book of culinary recipes)
kookhok {n} :: simple space for cooking purposes; cooking shed
kookkunst {f} [uncountable] :: culinary art
kookkunst {f} [countable] :: culinary skill
kookkunst {f} [uncountable] :: cuisine
kookvis {m} :: A culinary dish based on boiled fish
kookvis {m} :: A fish species commonly used for the above
kool {f} :: cabbage
kool {f} :: coal
kool {f} :: carbon
kooldioxide {n} {c} :: carbon dioxide
koolhydraat {n} :: carbohydrate (organic compounds group including sugar, starch or cellulose)
koolhydraatrijk {adj} :: carbohydrate-rich
koolmonoxide {n} {c} :: carbon monoxide
koolraap {f} [botany] :: A rutabaga, Brassica napus (notably variety Brassica napus var. napobrassica)
koolraap {f} :: A swede, the edible part (yellow root) of the above
koolraap {f} [botany] :: The related Brassica oleracea var. gongylodes or Brassica oleracea var. caulorapa, and their corresponding part
koolrabi {f} [botany] :: kohlrabi
koolstof {f} [chemistry] :: carbon
koolstofassimilatie {f} [biology, chemistry] :: assimilation of carbon dioxide [by plants and algae], photosynthesis
koolstofdioxide {n} {c} :: carbon dioxide
koolstofmonoxide {n} {c} :: carbon monoxide
koolwaterstof {f} {m} [chemistry] :: hydrocarbon
koolzaad {m} :: colza
koolzaadolie {f} :: rapeseed oil
koolzuur {n} [chemistry] :: carbonic acid - H2CO3
koop {c} :: a purchase
koop {c} :: (in its diminutive form) a bargain (see koopje)
koop {c} :: used in idioms (see below)
koophandel {m} [dated] :: trade, commerce
koophuis {n} :: self-owned house
koopje {noun} :: bargain, deal
koopje {noun} [Belgium, in the plural] :: sale (a period of reduced prices)
koopkracht {m} :: Purchasing power
koopman {m} :: male merchant, merchantman
koopmanskapitalisme {n} :: merchant capitalism
koopmanspaleis {n} :: Big house, (used to be) inhabited by big traders (in coffee for example)
koopstad {f} [dated, formal] :: trading city, trading town; town or city that play an important role in trade
koopvaarder {m} :: merchant, trader
koopvaarder {m} :: merchant vessel
koopvaardij {f} :: commercial shipping
koopvaardijschip {n} :: merchant ship
koopwaar {f} :: merchandise
koopwoning {f} :: self-owned house
koor {n} [music] :: choir, vocal ensemble
koor {n} [architecture] :: choir, part of a church building
koor {n} :: chorus
koord {n} {f} :: rope, cord (length of twisted strands)
koorddanser {m} :: tightrope walker [male or of unspecified gender]
koorddanseres {f} :: female tightrope walker
koorde {f} :: straight line connecting two dots of a curve
koorknaap {m} [music] :: a boy chorister, especially a treble whose voice hasn't broken yet
koorknaap {m} :: an innocent, trustworthy male person, regardless of age
koorts {f} {m} :: fever
koortsachtig {adj} [literally] :: feverous, suffering from fever
koortsachtig {adj} [figuratively] :: (by far the most common use) frenetic, feverish, nervous, haste-stressed
koortsachtig {adj} :: resembling fever
koortsachtig {adj} :: causing fever
koortsig {adj} [pathology] :: feverish, medically affected by fever
koortslijder {m} [literally] :: A fever-strikken patient
koortslijder {m} [figuratively] :: Someone in a feverish hurry
koortslip {f} :: herpes labialis, cold sores developed around the lips or nose
koortsuitslag {f} {m} :: cold sore
koosjer {adj} [of food] :: kosher
koosjer {adj} [figuratively, by extension] :: proper, in order, meet
koosnaam {m} :: pet name, name of endearment
koosvorm {m} :: hypocoristic form (see koosnaam and vorm)
koot {f} :: [chiefly diminutive] Any one of the small bones that make up the toes or fingers, or an analogous bone in ungulates; a phalanx
koot {f} :: [dialectal] A joint
kop {m} :: cup (for drinking)
kop {m} [derogatory, for humans] :: head
kop {m} [colloquial, by extension] :: A (male) human
kop {m} :: head of a nail, pin etc
kop {m} :: front, lead, e.g. in a race; charge, control
kop {m} :: heading (of a text), headline
kop {m} :: heads (side of a coin)
kop {m} :: pegbox (part of a stringed instrument that holds the tuning pegs)
kopen {vt} :: to buy
Kopenhagen {prop} {n} :: Copenhagen
koper {n} :: copper (metal, element)
koper {m} :: buyer
koperen {adj} :: (consisting of) copper, coppern
koperen {adj} :: (made of) brass, brazen
koperen {vt} :: To copper, mount, cover, coat or otherwise fit with copper or brassware
koperen {vt} :: To copper, colour (e.g. paint) like brass
koperen {vi} :: To have the colour of brass
koperen bout {m} [slang, derogatory, dated] :: pig, cop, bobby
koperen bout {m} :: See: koperen bout
kopermijn {f} :: copper mine
koperstuk {n} :: copper coin
koperstuk {n} [obsolete] :: engraved copper plate
kopie {f} :: copy
kopiëren {vt} :: to copy
kopij {f} :: a text ready to be typeset
kopij {f} :: a manuscript
kopje {noun} :: cup
kopje thee {n} :: cup of tea
kopkaas {m} [Netherlands] :: head cheese, brawn
kopkaas {m} [Netherlands, vulgar, slang, Randstad, chiefly Amsterdam] :: penile smegma accumulated between the glans and the foreskin; cock cheese
koplamp {f} :: headlamp
kop of munt {f} {m} :: heads or tails
koppel {n} :: Couple (pair, duo)
koppel {n} :: Torque
koppelbaas {m} :: contractor who acts as a middle man between prospective employer and prospective employee. Generally for short term employment like day labour. (Archaic)
koppelbaas {m} :: contractor who deliberately employs staff illegally, so both parties can dodge taxes and cheat social security
koppelen {v} :: to couple
koppelen {v} [engine] :: to clutch, to apply the clutch
koppelen {v} [computing] :: to mount (e.g. a drive)
koppeling {f} [automobiles] :: clutch
koppeling {f} [automobiles, by extension] :: clutch pedal
koppeling {f} [computing] :: link, hyperlink
koppeling {f} [engineering] :: link
koppelingspedaal {n} [automotive] :: clutch pedal
koppelwerkwoord {n} :: copula (grammar: linking kind of word)
koppen {v} :: To strike with the head; as in soccer, to head (the ball)
koppen {v} :: (newspaper) To run a headline
koppig {adj} :: stubborn, obstinate
koppigaard {m} :: stubborn person, mule
koppijn {f} [colloquial] :: headache
koprol {m} [gymnastics] :: roll, tumble (gymnastics move where the body rotates by rolling longitudinally over one's back)
koprollen {v} [gymnastics] :: to roll, to tumble
kopschuw {adj} :: fearful, skittish
kop-staartbotsing {noun} :: rear-end collision
kopstem {f} [uncountable, music] :: falsetto register
kopstem {f} [countable] :: a voice in falsetto register
kopstoot {m} :: headbutt
kopstoot {m} :: boilermaker with jenever instead of whiskey
kopstuk {n} :: chief, leader
kopstuk {n} :: protagonist
koptelefoon {m} :: headphone
Koptisch {prop} {n} :: Coptic (Egyptian language, of a stage later than Demotic)
Koptisch {adj} :: Coptic
kopvalling {f} [Belgium] :: sinusitis
Kop van de Slang {prop} {f} [constellation] :: Serpens Caput
kopvod {n} [pejorative, offensive] :: hijab, Islamic headscarf
kopvoddentaks {m} [offensive] :: tax on headscarves
kopvoorn {m} :: European chub, Squalius cephalus
kor {f} :: A trawl, a dragnet used for trawling over or close to the seabed
koraal {n} :: Any of various coralline tiny organisms, notably of genus Corallium, who live in marine colonies
koraal {n} :: The coral (calceous substance) they produce while building their colonies
koraal {n} :: A bead made from or resembling natural coral
koraal {m} {n} :: A male chorister, choir singer, choir boy (especially a treble knave)
koraal {m} {n} :: A chorale, religious musical genre
koraaleiland {n} :: atoll, coral island
koraalrif {n} :: coral reef
koraalrood {adj} [color] :: coral
koralen {adj} :: coralline, of or relating to coral
koralen {adj} :: of the red color associated with red coral
Koran {prop} {m} :: the Qur'an
kordaat {adj} :: firm, resolute
kordaatheid {f} [attitude, personality] :: firmness, resoluteness
Koreaans {adj} :: Korean
Koreaans {adj} :: Koreanic
Koreaans {prop} {n} :: Korean language
koren {n} :: grain; corn (any cereal)
korenslang {c} :: corn snake
korf {m} :: basket
korhaan {m} :: black cock, male black grouse
korhen {f} :: female black grouse
korhoen {n} :: black grouse, blackgame, Lyrurus tetrix (syn. Tetrao tetrix)
korjaal {f} :: dugout, hollowed-out canoe
kornoelje {f} :: dogwood, Cornus mas
kornoelje {f} :: any plant of the genus Cornus; dogwood, cornel
kornoelje {f} :: dogberry
korporaal {m} :: corporal
korps {n} :: A military corps
korps {n} :: type of unit characterized by equipment, employment, traditions etc
korps {n} :: name of a (high) echelon
korps {n} :: An organized body of persons, notably hierarchical
korps {n} [printing] :: The thickness of a letter type
korrel {m} :: a grain
korren {vi} :: to fish by pulling a small funnel-shaped dragnet by a long rope over the sea floor close to the shoreline or near shallows
korrespondent {m} :: superseded spelling of correspondent
korsaar {m} [historical, usually referring to Barbary pirates] :: corsair
korset {n} {m} :: A corset, tight undergarment
korset {n} {m} :: A medieval precursor
korset {n} {m} [figuratively] :: A bothersome constraint, limitations
korst {f} :: crust, scab
korstmos {n} {m} :: lichen, symbiotic organism
korstvormig {adj} :: crustlike
kort {adj} :: short
kortademig {adj} :: dyspneic, being short of breath
kortaf {adj} :: abrupt, brusque
kortbij {prep} [Belgium] :: near, in the neighbourhood of
kort door de bocht {adj} :: prematurely, with little thought, with no regard to details or nuances, in a jump-to-conclusions way
kortdurend {adj} :: short-lived, short-lasting
kortdurend {adj} :: short-term
korte broek {f} :: A pair of shorts (not undershorts)
korte golf {c} :: shortwave
kortegolf {c} :: shortwave
kortelings {adj} :: recent
kortelings {adj} [now, Belgium] :: forthcoming, shortly
kortelings {adv} :: recently
kortelings {adv} [now, Belgium] :: soon, shortly
korten {vt} :: to shorten
korten {vt} :: to reduce in money (especially income)
kortgerokt {adj} :: short-skirted or wearing a short skirt
kortharig {adj} :: shorthaired
kortheidshalve {adv} :: for brevity's sake
korting {f} :: discount
kortom {adv} :: in short, summarised, shortly said
kortschrift {n} :: shorthand, stenography
kortsluiten {v} :: to communicate directly, to make arrangements
kortsluiten {v} :: to short circuit
kortsluiting {f} :: short circuit
kortsluiting {f} :: the act of communicating directly
kortstondig {adj} :: brief, short-lived
kort van stof {adj} :: curt
kortweg {adv} :: briefly
korvet {f} :: corvette
kosmisch {adj} :: cosmic
kosmische straling {f} :: cosmic radiation (cosmic rays)
kosmogonie {f} :: cosmogony
kosmologie {f} :: cosmology
kosmologisch {adj} :: cosmological
kosmopoliet {m} :: cosmopolite
kosmopolis {m} :: cosmopolis
kosmopolitisch {adj} :: cosmopolitan
kosmopolitisme {f} :: cosmopolitanism
kost {m} :: cost, price
kost {m} [in the plural] :: expenses
kost {m} [used absolutely, with definite article] :: board, livelihood, meals and lodgings
kost {m} :: food, nourishment
kostbaar {adj} :: valuable, precious
kostbaarheid {f} :: preciousness
kostbaarheid {f} :: valuable (item of great value)
kostelijk {adj} :: fantastic, enjoyable
kostelijk {adj} [dated, dialectal] :: expensive
kostelijk {adj} [dated, dialectal] :: valuable
kostelijk {adv} :: fantastically, enjoyably
kosteloos {adj} :: free, without charge
kosten {v} :: to cost
kosten {v} :: take, require (time, effort, etc.)
kosten-batenanalyse {f} :: cost-benefit analysis
kostenloos {adj} :: alternative spelling of kosteloos
koster {m} [Christianity] :: a churchwarden, a caretaker at a church
koste wat kost {prep} [idiomatic] :: at all costs
kostganger {m} :: lodger
kostleerling {m} :: boarding school pupil, boarder
kostschool {f} :: boarding school, where pupils get lessons, lodgings and meals
kostuum {n} :: costume, suit
kostwinner {m} :: breadwinner
kot {n} :: bad, ramshackle housing
kot {n} :: rudimentary building to store (garden) material
kot {n} [Belgium] :: student room
koter {c} :: kid, child
koto {m} :: A traditional Surinamese dress, traditionally worn by women of African descent
koto {m} :: A koto; a Japanese stringed instrument
kots {m} :: vomit
kotsen {v} [colloquial] :: to vomit
kotsmisselijk {adj} [colloquial] :: very nauseous, very sick
kou {f} :: cold (low temperature)
kou {f} :: cold (illness)
koud {adj} :: cold (temperature)
koud {adj} :: cold (unfriendly)
koudbloedig {adj} [uncomparable] :: cold-blooded, ectothermic
koudbloedig {adj} :: cold-blooded, unemotioned
koudbloedige {m} :: ectothermic animal
koude {f} :: alternative form of kou
koude kak {m} :: synonym of kouwe kak
koude kikker {m} :: synonym of koele kikker
koukleum {mf} :: person who is often/easily cold, person bothered by the cold a lot
kous {f} :: stocking, long sock
kous {f} [Belgium, Surinam] :: sock
kous {f} :: mantle (incandescent covering of a heat source)
kous {f} [Surinam] :: condom
kous {f} [obsolete, plural] :: trousers, pants
kousenband {m} :: garter
kousenband {m} :: yardlong bean, asparagus bean, Vigna unguiculata subsp. sesquipedalis
kousenbandslang {f} :: garter snake, snake of the genus Thamnophis
kousenbandslang {f} :: common gartersnake, Thamnophis sirtalis
kousje {noun} :: a gas mantle, short for gloeikous
kout {m} [archaic] :: talk, conversation
kout {m} :: banter, chit-chat, pleasant but idle talk
kouten {vi} [now, Belgium, dialectal] :: to talk, to speak
kouten {vi} :: to banter, to chit-chat, to babble
kouter {m} {n} [agriculture] :: colter/coulter
kouter {f} [rare] :: agricultural land, field
kou vatten {v} :: to catch a cold
kouwe {adj} [colloquial] :: alternative form of koude
kouwe kak {m} [colloquial] :: pretentiousness, exaggerated (affected) behavior
kouwe kak {m} :: See: kouwe kak
kozak {m} :: Cossack
kozijn {n} :: window frame, window-still
kozijn {m} :: cousin
kraag {m} [of clothing] :: collar
kraai {mf} [zoology] :: crow, Corvus corone
kraai {mf} [zoology] :: Related birds of the genus Corvus or of the family Corvidae
kraai {mf} :: A crow's creaky sound
kraai {mf} [figuratively] :: A person dressed in black
kraai {mf} [figuratively] :: Undertaker or undertaker's employee
kraai {mf} [figuratively] :: A blue pennant indicating the presence of a navigation pilot
kraai {f} :: A craye, Scandinavian vessel type
kraaien {v} :: To crow, make to sound of roosters and certain other birds
kraaien {v} [figuratively] :: To talk or cry affirmatively, in triumph, frolicking etc
kraaiennest {n} :: crow's nest (a small open-top shelter atop the foremast for a lookout)
kraaienpoot {m} :: leg or foot of a crow
kraaienpoot {m} :: caltrop, crow's foot
kraaienpootje {noun} :: wrinkle at the outer corner of the eye and at the temple
kraak {m} :: An instance or action of cracking, breaking
kraak {m} :: A robbery by breaking and entering
kraak {f} [navigation] :: A large, 16th/17th century, Iberian type of war - or commercial naval ship
kraak {f} :: (later) A smaller Dutch ship type
kraak {m} [zoology] :: kraken, giant octopus
kraak {m} :: sea monster
kraak {m} :: alternative form of kraken
kraak {m} :: A gallery in a barn or church
kraakbeen {n} [uncountable] :: cartilage
kraakbeen {n} [countable] :: a piece of gristle
kraakbeenvis {m} [zoology] :: An elasmobranch
kraakhelder {adj} :: limpid, transparent, clear
kraakpand {n} :: squat (Building occupied by squatters)
kraakverbod {n} :: prohibition against squatting (government decree)
kraal {f} :: bead (of a necklace or abacus)
kraal {f} :: kraal, corral: enclosure for livestock
kraaloog {n} :: beady eye
kraaloog {n} :: bead used as an eye [in dolls]
kraam {f} {n} :: stall
kraam {f} {n} :: childbirth
kraam {f} {n} [obsolete] :: childbed
kraambed {n} :: childbed
kraamkoorts {f} :: puerperal fever, postpartum endometritis
kraamsterfte {f} :: maternal mortality, mortality in childbirth
kraamvrouw {f} :: woman in childbirth, delivering mother
kraamvrouwenkoorts {f} :: puerperal fever, postpartum endometritis
kraamvrouwensterfte {f} :: mortality (rate) of women in childbirth, maternal mortality
kraamwijn {m} :: a type of mulled wine with cinnamon [historically used to celebrate the birth of a child]
kraamzorg {f} :: maternity care
kraan {m} [obsolete] :: crane (bird)
kraan {f} :: crane (machine for lifting)
kraan {f} :: tap, faucet
kraanmachinist {m} :: crane operator
kraanman {m} :: A crane operator, as on a building site
kraanvogel {m} [zoology] :: A crane, bird of the Gruidae family
Kraanvogel {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Grus
krab {f} {m} [zoology] :: crab (crustacean)
krabbekoker {m} :: strange, awkward, incompetent person
krabbel {f} {m} :: a scribble, a short piece of writing
krabbelen {v} :: to scrawl, scribble
krabbelen {v} :: to scratch continuously
krabben {v} :: to scratch
krabbenscheer {f} [chiefly uncountable] :: water soldier, Stratiotes aloides
krabbezakje {n} :: crab hacker barnacle, Sacculina carcini
krabpaal {m} :: scratching post
krabvisser {m} :: crab fisher
krach {m} :: stock exchange crash
kracht {f} :: power, force, strength
kracht {f} [physics] :: force
krachtbron {f} :: power source
krachtcentrale {c} :: power station
krachtdaad {f} :: tour de force
krachtdadig {adj} :: resolute, firm
krachteloos {adj} :: powerless
krachtens {prep} :: under, according to
krachthonk {n} :: a strength training gym
krachthonk {n} :: a part in a gym that is focused on strength training; a weight room
krachtig {adj} :: powerful, strong
krachtig {adv} :: powerfully, forcefully, strongly
krachtmeting {f} :: contest of strength, showdown
krachtpatser {m} :: bruiser
krachtproef {f} :: An individual trial as test of strength
krachtproef {f} :: A showdown, competetive test of strength between two or more parties
krachtstroom {m} :: three-phase electric power
krachtterm {m} :: An expletive; a profane or abusive term, notably a curse, blasphemous or obscene oath
krachttoer {m} :: impressive feat, tour de force
krakeling {m} [Netherlands] :: A brittle, usually sweet pretzel-shaped pastry, often a puff pastry
krakeling {m} [Belgium] :: A brittle donut-shaped pastry
kraken {vt} :: To break open (a shell)
kraken {vi} :: To make a creaky sound, like something being cracked
kraken {vt} :: To break up into (chemical) components
kraken {vt} [metaphor] :: To break someone mentally
kraken {vt} [metaphor] :: To solve a code
kraken {vti} [metaphor] :: To practise chiropractic (on a patient)
kraken {vt} [metaphor] :: To squat (a building)
kraken {vi} :: To start (said of the day)
kraker {m} [literally] :: One who cracks or an instrument used to crack
kraker {m} :: A chiropractor
kraker {m} :: A squatter
kraker {m} [colloquial] :: a thing of good quality, a cracker
kram {f} :: cramp, cramp iron
kram {f} :: clamp, clasp
kram {f} :: staple [capable of penetrating durable solids]
kram {f} :: hook
kram {f} :: clevis
kram {f} :: clinch
kramp {f} :: cramp
krank {adj} [archaic] :: sick, ill
krankjorum {adj} [colloquial] :: (very) insane, batshit crazy, bonkers
krankzinnig {adj} :: insane
krankzinnigheid {f} :: insanity, madness, serious psychiatric condition
krankzinnigheid {f} [figuratively] :: grave foolishness, idiocy, a mad stunt
krans {m} :: wreath
kranslegging {f} :: laying of wreaths
kransslagader {f} :: coronary artery
krant {f} :: newspaper
krantenkiosk {f} :: newspaper stall
krantenpapier {n} :: newsprint, inexpensive paper used for mass printing, such as newspapers
krap {adj} :: without much room, narrow, close
krap bij kas {adj} :: short of money
krapte {f} :: shortage
kras {adj} :: Young for his age; spry
kras {mf} :: A scratch on a hard, even surface
kras {mf} :: (figuratively) a blemish (on someone's reputation)
kraslot {n} :: scratch card
krassen {v} :: to scratch on a hard, even surface
krassen {v} :: to make a similar sound, like certain voices grate and birds caw, croak, hoot or screech
krat {n} :: crate
krater {m} [astronomy] :: crater
krater {m} [geology] :: crater
krater {m} [archaeology] :: krater
krats {f} {m} :: a very small sum of money; a pittance
krediet {n} :: credit
kreeft {f} :: lobster, crayfish
Kreeft {prop} {m} [zodiac constellations, astrology] :: Cancer
kreeftachtig {adj} :: crustacean
Kreeftskeerkring {prop} {m} [geography] :: Tropic of Cancer
kreeftslak {f} [obsolete] :: hermit crab
kreet {m} :: a cry (shout)
kregelig {adj} :: irritable
kregelig {adj} :: ill-tempered
krekel {m} :: cricket (insect)
krekelhuis {n} [Netherlands, Brabant, dialectal] :: alternative form of knekelhuis
kreng {n} [literally] :: A cadaver, carcass, corpse, especially when in a state of decay; in particular an animal corpse
kreng {n} [figuratively] :: A bitch, shrew, hateful female
krenken {v} :: to damage, hurt
krenken {v} :: to miff, insult
krent {f} [Netherlands] :: currant: small dried grape
krentenbol {m} :: currant bun
Kreta {prop} {n} :: Crete (Greek island in the Mediterranean Sea)
Kretenzer {m} :: Cretan
kreuk {f} {m} :: an unintended crease, wrinkle
kreukelen {vi} :: to crease, rumple
kreukelen {vt} :: to cause to crease, rumple
kreuken {vi} :: to crease, rumple
kreuken {vt} :: to cause to crease, rumple
kreunen {v} :: to moan
kreupel {adj} :: crippled; lame
kreupelhout {n} :: undergrowth, brushwood
krib {f} :: alternative form of kribbe
kribbe {f} :: A manger, crib
kribbe {f} [dated] :: A simple, unadorned bed
kribbe {f} [Belgium] :: A nursery, crèche
kribbe {f} [Netherlands] :: A breakwater, usually in a river or other stream
kribbe {f} [very often as krib] :: A stall, a compartment in a stable
kriebel {f} {m} :: an itch
kriebelen {v} :: to tickle
kriebelen {v} :: to itch
kriek {f} :: morello cherry Prunus cerasus
kriek {m} :: kriek (beer)
kriel {c} :: something or someone undersized or puny
kriel {c} :: a bantam (see krielkip)
kriel {c} [especially as diminutive] :: a small potato
krielkip {f} :: bantam
krijg {m} [archaic] :: war
krijgen {vt} :: to get, to receive, to come into possession of (anything ranging from concrete to abstract inputs such as news, gift, punishment, et cetera)
krijgen {vt} :: to get, to be presented with
krijgen {v} [copulative] :: to get, to (manage to) cause to become
krijgen {v} [auxiliary] :: Used to form a passive sentence with a ditransitive verb, with the original indirect object becoming the subject of krijgen
krijgen {vt} :: to catch (a disease), to become ill with
krijger {m} :: warrior
krijg nou tieten {interj} [Netherlands, colloquial, vulgar] :: An expression of surprise
krijgsbuit {m} :: spoils of war
krijgsgerecht {m} :: court martial; a court where cases of military law are heard
krijgsgevangene {mf} :: prisoner of war
krijgsgod {m} :: god of war
krijgsgodin {f} :: goddess of war
krijgshaftig {adj} :: warlike, martial, combative
krijgshamer {m} :: war hammer
krijgskunsten {p} :: martial arts
krijgsmacht {f} :: armed forces
krijgsraad {m} :: court martial; a court where cases of military law are heard
krijgstocht {m} :: military expedition
krijgsverrichting {f} :: war action, action taken during a war as part of the war effort
krijsen {v} :: To scream, shriek
krijt {n} :: chalk
krijt {n} :: a piece of chalk (in the diminutive form)
Krijt {n} [geology] :: the Cretaceous
krijten {v} [archaic] :: to cry aloud, shriek
krijten {v} :: to cry, weep
krijten {vi} :: to draw with chalk
krijtgesteente {n} [geology] :: chalk
krik {f} {m} :: jack (mechanical device for lifting heavy machinery)
krikken {v} :: to bolster, to boost, to animate
krikken {v} :: to guarantee
krikken {v} :: to encourage
krikken {v} :: to tighten
krikken {v} [slang, vulgar] :: to fuck, to bang
krikken {v} :: to develop
Krim {prop} {c} :: Crimea
Krim-Gotisch {prop} {n} :: the Crimean Gothic language
krimi {m} [film, television, literature] :: A crime fiction or a crime series
krimi {m} :: Specifically a German-language one
krimpen {v} :: to shrink
kring {m} :: circle; round figure
kring {m} :: circle; a community of people
kring {m} :: a circular stain left on a table by a wet glass
kring {m} [chiefly Belgium] :: the student organization of a university faculty
kringloop {m} :: cycle
kringloop {m} :: short for kringloopwinkel
kringloopeconomie {f} :: circular economy
kringloopwinkel {m} :: thrift shop
krioelen {v} :: to swarm, pullulate, teem
kristal {n} :: crystal (array of atoms)
kristallen {adj} :: crystal
kristallijn {adj} :: crystalline
kristallijn {n} [rare] :: crystal, something crystalline
kristallijn vocht {n} [obsolete] :: the lens of the eye, the fluid in the eye's lens
kritiek {adj} :: critical (pertaining to a crisis or pivotal moment)
kritiek {f} :: criticism
kritiek {f} :: critique
kritisch {adj} :: critical (expressing criticism, pertaining to criticism or critique)
kritiseren {vt} :: to criticise
kritiseren {vt} :: to critique
Kroaat {prop} :: Croat (person)
Kroatië {prop} {n} :: Croatia
Kroatisch {adj} :: Croatian
Kroatisch {prop} {n} :: Croatian (language)
Kroatische {f} :: a Croatian woman
krocht {f} :: underground cavity, vile and dark subterranean location
krocht {f} [Belgium] :: bad, substandard housing; a shanty
krocht {f} [architecture] :: underground vault beneath a church, used as a chapel or a crypt
krodde {f} [archaic] :: a toad
krodde {f} :: an ugly woman
kroeg {f} [colloquial] :: a pub
kroegentocht {m} :: pub crawl
kroelen {v} [dialectal] :: To cuddle
kroepoek {m} :: prawn crackers
kroes {m} :: chalice, cup, drinking vessel
kroes {m} :: vessel used for heating or smelting resources and raw materials
kroft {f} :: obsolete form of krocht
krokant {adj} :: crispy, crunchy
kroket {f} :: a croquette filled with ragout, commonly sold in a Dutch snackbar and generally of an elongated shape
krokodil {mf} :: crocodile
krokodillenbek {m} :: a crocodile's mouth
krokodillenbek {m} [electronics] :: an alligator clip
krokodillenklem {c} [electronics] :: an alligator clip
krokodillentranen {p} [plurale tantum] :: crocodile tears (insincere display of sadness)
krokus {f} [botany] :: crocus, bulb plant of genus Crocus
krols {adj} [of cats] :: on heat
krom {adj} :: bent, not straight
krom {adj} :: off, weird
kromme {f} {m} [geometry] :: a curve
krommen {v} :: to bend, to curve
kromzwaard {n} :: scimitar
kronen {vt} :: to coronate
kronen {vt} [by extension] :: to crown, adorn with a coronet, wreath etc
kronen {vt} [figuratively] :: to acclaim, hail, acknowledge ... a winner, champion etc
kroniek {f} [often, plural] :: chronicle, annals
kroniekschrijver {m} :: chronicler
kroning {f} :: coronation (the act or solemnity of crowning)
kroning {f} [figuratively] :: Someone's solemn, festive ... installation, acknowledgment etc
kronkelen {v} :: to twist
kronkelend {adj} :: twisting
kroon {f} :: crown (regal headgear)
kroon {f} :: crown, metonymically for royal power
kroon {f} :: crown (part of a tooth not covered by gum)
kroon {f} [dentistry] :: crown (tooth prosthesis)
kroon {f} [botany] :: crown (top of a growth)
kroon {f} [botany] :: calyx (group of sepals)
kroon {f} [dated] :: chandelier with more than two arms
kroon {f} :: crown (any of various currencies, including the Danish krone, Estonian kroon, Swedish krona)
kroondomein {n} :: crown domain
kroonjuweel {n} :: crown jewel, one of a set of regalia
kroonjuweel {n} [chiefly politics] :: core ideal, the part(s) of a political platform that are considered essential
kroonjuweel {n} [chiefly plural] :: See kroonjuwelen
kroonlijst {f} :: cornice
kroonluchter {m} :: chandelier
kroonprins {m} [literally] :: A crown prince, the prince of the blood expected to succeed to a monarch's crown
kroonprins {m} [figuratively] :: Any heir apparent, the likely successor to a commoner's position, an estate etc
kroontjespen {f} {m} :: dip pen
kroonveldheer {m} [historical] :: supreme commander in certain historical armies (French, Japanese, Polish)
kroos {n} :: duckweed
kroost {n} :: offspring, brood
kroot {f} :: beet
kroot {f} [Netherlands] :: beetroot, red beet
krop {m} :: An unhealthy elargment of a bird's gullet
krop {m} :: A tissue growth, goitre, notably struma
krop {m} :: By extension, the throat or rather the whole neck
krop {m} [metonymy] :: An anxiety, any emotion felt as a lump in throat, e.g. caused by fear or grief
krop {m} :: The head (capitulum)of certain plants, especially lettuce
krop {m} :: Various objects resembling such shapes, notably:
krot {n} :: derelict or rudimentary house, shanty
krottenwijk {f} :: slum
kruid {n} :: herb; a plant without a wooden stem
kruid {n} :: spice
kruidachtig {adj} :: herbaceous
kruiden {v} :: to season, to spice
kruidenboter {f} :: herb butter
kruidenier {m} :: grocer
kruidenthee {m} :: herbal tea
kruidentuin {m} :: herb garden
kruidig {adj} :: spicy, with pronounced vegetal aroma
kruidnagel {m} :: clove
kruidnoot {f} :: kruidnoot, a kind of spiced dough-based confectionery eaten during Sinterklaas celebrations. Typically harder and smaller than a pepernoot
kruien {vt} :: to push or carry forward
kruier {m} :: porter (person who carries luggage)
kruik {f} :: jug
kruik {f} :: hot water bottle
kruimel {m} :: crumb
kruimeldief {m} :: pilferer
kruimeldief {m} :: petty thief
kruimeldief {m} :: cordless portable vacuum cleaner
kruimeldievegge {f} :: female petty thief
kruimelvlaai {f} :: crumble pie
kruin {f} :: scalp, crest, crown
kruipen {vi} :: to crawl
kruipen {vi} :: to creep
kruiper {m} [literally] :: creeper, crawler
kruiper {m} [figuratively] :: adulator, flunky, toady
kruipkot {n} :: bad, small, unsanitary housing
kruippak {n} :: romper, onesie
kruis {n} :: cross (execution device)
kruis {n} :: cross, X-shape
kruis {n} :: crotch
kruis {n} [figuratively] :: difficult or tortuous situation
kruis {n} [music] :: sharp
kruis {n} :: heads (side of a coin)
kruis {n} [heraldiccharge] :: cross
kruisbeeld {n} :: crucifix
kruisbes {f} :: A gooseberry or the gooseberry plant, Ribes uva-crispa
kruisboog {m} :: crossbow
kruisboog {m} :: ogival arch
kruisboogbout {m} :: crossbow bolt
kruisboogschutter {m} :: crossbower, a crossbowman or crossbow woman
kruisdood {m} :: crucifixion
kruiselings {adj} :: crosswise
kruisen {vt} :: to cross, intersect
kruisen {vt} :: to breed (to arrange the mating of specific animals or plants)
kruisgewelf {n} [architecture] :: a cross vault
kruisigen {v} :: to crucify
kruisiging {f} :: crucifixion
kruising {f} :: act or instance of crossing
kruising {f} :: crossing, crossroads, intersection
kruising {f} [biology] :: hybrid, cross
kruiskerk {f} :: A church with a cross-shaped (either a Latin or Greek cross) plan
kruislings {adj} :: crosswise
kruismast {m} [nautical] :: The third mast on a ship
kruis of munt {n} :: heads or tails
kruisproduct {n} [linear algebra] :: cross product, vector product
kruispunt {n} [geometry] :: intersection of lines
kruispunt {n} [construction] :: crossroads
kruispuntdenken {n} :: intersectionality
kruisribgewelf {n} [architecture] :: a ribbed vault
kruisridder {m} :: A crusader knight
kruisspin {f} [zoology] :: The garden spider species Araneus diadematus
kruistocht {m} [history] :: crusade, a Christian holy war
kruistocht {m} [metaphor] :: quest, 'sacred' cause, notably against some evil
kruistocht {m} [nautical] :: naval crossing, act of crossing a body of water
kruisvaarder {m} [history] :: crusader
kruisvaart {f} {m} [originally] :: a crusade, a Christian holy war
kruisvaart {f} {m} [metaphor] :: a quest, a 'sacred' cause
kruisvormig {adj} :: cross-shaped, cruciform
kruiswoordpuzzel {n} [games] :: crossword, a word puzzle arranged in rows and columns
kruiswoordraadsel {n} [games] :: crossword, a word puzzle arranged in rows and columns
kruiwagen {m} :: wheelbarrow (a small cart)
kruk {f} :: stool (e.g. wooden)
kruk {f} :: crutch, handle
krukken {v} :: to work one's crutches, e.g. in order to pull oneself up from the ground
krul {f} {m} [music, lutherie] :: scroll (e.g. of a violin)
krul {f} {m} :: curl (in hair or writing)
krullen {v} :: to curl
krullenbol {m} :: a head with lots of curls
krullenbol {m} :: a curly-headed person, a curly
krullenkop {m} :: a head with lots of curls
krullenkop {m} :: a curly-headed person, a curly
krulsla {f} :: leaf lettuce
krygsgevangene {m} :: obsolete spelling of krijgsgevangene
krypton {n} :: krypton
kubiek {adj} :: cubic
kubieke centimeter {m} :: cubic centimeter
kubieke meter {m} :: cubic metre
kubistisch {adj} [arts] :: cubist
kubus {m} [geometry] :: cube
kuch {m} :: cough
kuchen {v} :: to give out a dry and brief cough
kudde {f} :: herd; collective noun for cows, (koeien), horses (paarden), elephants (olifanten) or camels (kamelen)
kuddedier {n} :: gregarious animal
kuddedier {n} [derogatory, of persons] :: someone who follows the pack, sheep
kuif {f} :: crest (of an animal), or any hairstyle that resembles a crest (including a quiff)
kuifeend {f} :: The tufted duck (individual or species), Aythya fuligula
kuifleeuwerik {m} :: crested lark, Galerida cristata
kuifmakaak {m} :: crested macaque, Macaca nigra
kuifpinguïn {m} :: penguin of the genus Eudyptes
kuiken {n} [zoology] :: chick, the hatched young of a bird, especially fowl
kuil {m} :: pothole
kuil {m} :: pit
Kuil {prop} :: surname
kuim {adj} :: weak
kuim {adv} :: barely, hardly
kuip {f} :: tub, basin (medium to large container, e.g. used for washing)
kuip {f} [chiefly diminutive] :: tub, container (small container, e.g. used for containing butter or spreads)
kuipen {v} :: to make barrels (as a profession)
kuipen {v} [figuratively] :: to contrive, to intrigue
kuiper {m} :: cooper
kuiper {m} :: intriguer
Kuiper {prop} :: surname derived from kuiper
Kuipergordel {prop} {m} [astronomy] :: Kuiper belt
kuiperin {f} :: female cooper
kuipstoel {m} :: chair with a seat and back of one piece that (loosely) follows the contours of a seated body
kuipstoel {m} :: bucket seat [in a car or other means of transport]
kuis {adj} :: chaste, morally pure, clean, virgin
kuis {m} [Belgium] :: A cleansing, cleaning(-up)
kuis {f} [regional] :: A (bovine) calf, notably under 9 months old
kuis {f} [regional] :: A pig
kuis {m} :: A (playing) marble
kuise {mf} :: A chast, prudish or prudent one
kuisen {vt} [literally] :: To clean, cleanse
kuisen {vt} [figuratively] :: To clean up, render (more) presentable, possibly (auto-)censure
kuisen {vi} :: To become clean
kuisheid {f} :: Chastity
kuisheidsgordel {m} :: chastity belt
kuisploeg {mf} :: A team of cleaners
kuisvrouw {f} [Belgian] :: A female cleaner
kuit {f} :: calf, fleshy part of the lower leg
kuit {f} :: the corresponding part of a sock or stocking
kuit {m} :: spawn, roe (fish eggs)
kuitbeen {n} :: A fibula, calf bone in a leg
kukeleku {interj} :: cock-a-doodle-doo, the cry of the rooster
kukident {?} [colloquial] :: mouth
kul {f} [obsolete] :: testicle
kul {f} [dialectal] :: marble (small ball used in various games)
kul {f} [obsolete] :: loser, wuss, wimp
kul {m} :: nonsense, rubbish
KUL {prop} {f} :: initialism of Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, a Flemish university in Belgium
-kunde {suffix} :: Forms nouns indicating a science, study or branch of knowledge
kunde {f} :: skill, competency
kundig {adj} :: able, capable, adept
kunne {f} :: gender, sex
kunnen {vi} :: to be possible
kunnen {v} [auxiliary] :: can, to be able to
kunnen {v} [auxiliary] :: may, can, to be allowed to
kunnen {vi} :: can go, to be able to go, can get
kunnen {vt} :: to be able to do, to be capable of
kunnen {vi} :: to be available (for any type of meeting or appointment)
kunst- {prefix} :: artificial
kunst {f} :: art
kunst {f} :: prowess, ability
kunst {f} [in the diminutive] :: trick (entertaining action)
kunstbeen {n} :: artificial leg
kunstenaar {m} :: artist
kunstenares {f} :: artist (female person who creates art)
kunstgebit {n} :: false teeth, a set of dentures
kunstgreep {m} :: artificial device, ploy, trick
kunsthal {f} {m} :: arts venue
kunsthandel {m} :: art dealership
kunsthandelaar {m} :: art dealer
kunsthaven {f} :: artificial harbour
kunstig {adj} :: artistic
kunstijs {n} :: artificial ice
kunstmaan {f} {m} :: artificial satellite
kunstmatig {adj} :: artificial
kunstmatige intelligentie {f} :: artificial intelligence
kunstmens {m} :: artificial human (eg. a robot, golem or like Frankenstein's monster)
kunstmens {m} :: artistic person, art lover
kunstmest {m} :: artificial fertilizer
kunstmestzak {m} :: Bag to keep artificial fertilizer in
kunstmoeder {f} [agriculture, animal husbandry] :: An artificial mother for infant animals, in particular livestock, to allow attachment
kunstpaus {m} :: an art expert with significant influence on what is generally considered (high) art
kunstpenis {m} :: dildo
kunstschaats {f} {m} :: A figure-skate
kunstschaatsen {v} :: To figure skate
kunstschat {m} :: artefact, art treasure (object of high artistic merit and/or high value)
kunstschilder {m} :: painter (of pictures), artist
kunstschilderes {f} :: female painter (of pictures), female artist
kunststof {f} :: any material made artificially, through chemical means
kunststof {f} [chemistry] :: plastic
kunststroming {f} :: artistic movement
kunsttaal {f} :: constructed language, which is artificially created, not organically evolved
kunsttaal {f} :: artistic language or jargon, as used by artists and critics
kunstvezel {f} :: synthetic fiber (US); synthetic fibre (UK)
kunstvorm {mf} :: form of art, art form
kunstvorm {mf} [language] :: artificial form
kunstwerk {n} :: work of art
kunstwerk {n} :: special construction, such as a bridge, tunnel, viaduct in road construction
kunstzijde {f} :: Artificial silk
kunstzinnig {adj} :: artistic
kuren vertonen {v} :: to be quirky, to be unreliable
kurk {n} :: cork (material)
kurk {c} :: cork (of a bottle)
kurkdroog {adj} :: bone-dry (very dry)
kurken {adj} :: made or consisting of cork
kurkentrekker {m} :: corkscrew, implement for removing a sealing cork
kurkuma {m} :: turmeric (spice)
kus {m} :: kiss
kussen {vt} :: to kiss, to give a kiss to
kussen {vi} :: to practice kissing
kussen {n} :: pillow, cushion
kussengevecht {n} :: A pillow fight
kusser {m} :: A kisser, one who is kissing and/or versed in it
kust {f} :: The shoreline
kust {f} :: The coast, seaside
kust {f} :: A coastal region
kust {f} [obsolete, figuratively] :: A border, seem, edge, fringe etc
kust {m} [obsolete] :: a choice, chosing
kust {m} [obsolete] :: something chosen
kustgebergte {n} :: coastal mountain range
kustgebied {n} :: Coastal area
kustlijn {f} {m} :: coastline
kustverdediging {f} [uncountable, military] :: coastal defence
kustverdediging {f} [uncountable, water management] :: coastal flood defence
kustverdediging {f} [countable] :: work of coastal defence
kustwacht {f} {m} :: coastguard
kustwater {n} [chiefly countable] :: coastal water
kut- {prefix} [vulgar] :: fucking, damned, stupid, shitty
kut {f} [vulgar, slang] :: vulva, especially the vagina; cunt, pussy
kut {f} [chiefly Brabantian, derogatory] :: a strongly disliked person; cunt, bastard
kut {interj} [vulgar, slang, Netherlands] :: fuck!
kut {adj} [vulgar, slang, Netherlands] :: crap, not entertaining
kutjebef {interj} [slang, Netherlands] :: An expression of annoyance or surprise; fuck, shit, holy shit
kutjebef {adj} [slang, Netherlands] :: sucky, of low quality
kutten {v} [Brabant, invective] :: showing deliberately annoying behavior to someone or to mock someone or to disadvantage someone
kuub {m} :: abbreviation of kubieke meter
kuur {f} :: treatment, cure
kuur {f} :: mood, quirk
Kuyper {prop} :: Dutch surname, variant of Kuiper
kvdm. {abbr} :: keurvorstendom
K.v.K. {initialism} :: Kamer van Koophandel (Chamber of Commerce)
K.v.K. {initialism} :: Kinderen voor Kinderen
KvK {initialism} :: Kamer van Koophandel (Chamber of Commerce)
KvK {initialism} :: Kinderen voor Kinderen
kwaad {adj} :: angry, furious
kwaad {adj} :: bad, evil, crooked
kwaad {n} :: evil
kwaadaardig {adj} [of a tumour] :: malignant
kwaadaardig {adj} :: malicious
kwaadaardigheid {f} :: malice, maliciousness
kwaadheid {f} :: anger, fury
kwaad met kwaad vergelden {vi} [idiomatic] :: to get back at someone, to give someone tit for tat
kwaadschiks {adj} :: with bad grace
kwaadspreekster {f} :: a (female) defamer, slanderer
kwaadspreken {v} :: to defame, slander, traduce
kwaadspreker {m} :: defamer, slanderer
kwaadwil {m} :: malevolence
kwaadwillend {adj} :: malevolent, evil
kwaaie {noun} :: An evil person
kwaaie {noun} [colloquial] :: Someone who can get really angry
kwaakschool {f} [historical] :: gambling establishment where a game similar to backgammon was played
kwaal {f} {m} :: ailment
kwab {f} :: A weak, blubbery mass, notably:
kwab {f} :: of human or animal tissue, such as quivering flesh, or a brain lobe
kwab {f} :: of aquatic plants
kwab {f} [zoology] :: Any of several eel fishes:
kwab {f} :: Lota vulgaris
kwab {f} :: Zoarces viviparus
kwab {f} :: Motella tricirrata (Gadus mustella L.)
kwadraat {adj} [mathematics] :: squared
kwadraat {n} [arithmetic] :: square - of a number
kwajongen {m} :: rascal boy, an imp particularly inclined to mischief
kwak {interj} :: quack (sound of quacking by ducks or croaking by frogs and toads)
kwak {m} :: quack (the sound made by ducks, frogs and toads)
kwak {m} :: A small pile or heap
kwak {m} [slang] :: cum, sperm; a pile of sperm
kwak {m} :: A night heron, any bird of Nycticorax
kwak {m} :: Specifically, the black-crowned night heron, Nycticorax nycticorax
kwakdenken {n} [derogatory] :: type of pseudomedicine that uncritically alleges psychosomatic causes and blames the patient for diseases
kwaken {v} :: to quack
kwakkel {f} {m} :: quail
kwakkel {f} {m} [Belgium] :: (false) rumour
kwakkelen {vi} :: to be in a poor condition, to be in poor health, to be in a bad state
kwakkelen {vi} [of cold or wet weather] :: to be mild, to be temperate
kwakkelweer {n} :: unsteady, rainy weather
kwakzalver {m} :: A quacksalver, fake healer
kwakzalver {m} [generalised] :: A swindler, cheater, fraud, hustler
kwakzalverij {f} [pejorative] :: quackery, pseudomedicine
kwal {f} {m} :: jellyfish
kwal {f} {m} [by extension] :: an annoying person
kwalijk {adj} :: bad, undesirable
kwalijk {adj} :: difficult
kwalijk nemen {v} [idiomatic, with direct and indirect object] :: to blame for, to hold responsible for, to be upset with (someone) for
kwaliteit {f} :: quality
kwalm {m} :: steam, vapor, mist
kwalm {m} :: thick smoke, billow
kwantor {m} [logic] :: quantifier
kwantum {n} :: quantum
kwantumverstrengeling {f} :: quantum entanglement
kwark {m} [Netherlands] :: the soft creamy cheese type quark, made from unripe milk
kwark {m} [Netherlands] :: a bowl of quark (usually in the diminutive form)
kwarrelig {adj} :: undersized while having a grown together or shrivelled appearance [often of plants and fruits]
kwart {n} :: quarter, one of four (equal) parts
kwartaal {n} :: quarter (period of three months)
kwartel {m} :: quail
kwartet {n} :: A quartet, group of four
kwartet {n} :: Especially a chamber music ensemble of four players
kwartet {n} :: A quartette, piece of chamber music written in four parts, as for the above type of ensemble
kwartet {n} :: A card game
kwartetten {v} :: To play the card game kwartet
kwartier {n} :: A quarter of an hour, i.e. 15 minutes
kwartier {n} :: The quarter(s) at (a) person(s)'s disposal to live in
kwartier {n} [archaic] :: A neighborhood, defined part of a town or city
kwartje {noun} :: coin of 25 cents (0.25 guilder), quarter
kwarts {n} [mineral] :: quartz
kwartslaag {f} [geology] :: quartz stratum
kwartslag {m} :: quarter turn (90 degrees)
kwasi- {prefix} :: superseded spelling of quasi-
kwasi {adv} :: superseded spelling of quasi
kwast {m} :: tassel
kwast {m} :: fine-haired brush
kwast {m} :: knot (in wood)
kwast {m} :: weird and/or stuck-up person
kwast {f} [Netherlands] :: lemonade or another citrus-based beverage; a drink made of lemon juice, water and optionally sugar [can denote both cold and hot drinks]
kwastvinnig {adj} :: lobe-finned
kwebbelen {vi} :: to chatter
kweeappel {m} :: the edible fruit of the quince, notably when apple-shaped
kweek {f} {m} :: quitch (Elymus repens)
kweek {m} :: cultivation of crops
kweekbak {m} :: A rectangular container with one or more lids on the top containing windows, used in growing plants
kweekbak {m} [by extension] :: Any container with translucent elements used in the cultivation of plants
kweekbak {m} [by extension] :: Any container used in the cultivation of microorganisms in a laboratory
kweekhuis {n} [dated, chiefly Dutch East Indies] :: greenhouse
kweekvijver {m} :: fish nursery, breeding pond
kweekvijver {m} [figurative] :: breeding-ground, nursery (place where a certain kind of person or thing is raised or formed)
kween {f} :: woman past child-bearing age; old woman, crone
kween {f} [by extension] :: barren hermaphrodite cow, mostly female with male traits; any infertile hermaphrodite female animal held as livestock
kweepeer {f} :: the edible fruit of the quince, notably when pear-shaped
kweern {f} :: quern
kweker {m} :: nurseryman, cultivator
kweker {m} :: breeder (e.g. of fish)
kwekerij {f} :: A farm where plants are grown, in particular for saplings, flowers and fruits (including culinary vegetables), often without harvesting the entire plant unless it is used as a sapling
kwekerij {f} [Belgium, Surinam] :: A nursery where: any animals are raised or [Netherlands] fish, molluscs, arthropods or algae are raised or grown
kwekerij {f} :: The activity of farming at a farm of one of the above types
kwelder {f} {m} :: tidal marsh
kwellen {v} :: to torment, trouble
kwellen {v} :: to hurt
kwellen {v} [archaic] :: to well up
kwellen {v} [archaic] :: to swell up
kwelling {f} :: torment (extreme pain or displeasure)
kwestie {f} :: question (a topic under discussion)
kwetsbaar {adj} :: vulnerable
kwetsen {v} [archaic] :: to hurt
kwetsen {v} [dated, dialectal] :: to wound, to injure
kwetsen {v} :: to offend, to insult
kwetsuur {f} :: A physical wound, lesion
kwiek {adj} :: lively, quick
kwijlen {v} :: to drool
kwijnen {v} :: to wither
kwijt {adj} :: lost, missing
kwijten {vt} :: to lose
kwijten {vt} :: to quit
kwijten {vr} :: to acquit oneself (of some job or task)
kwijtraken {v} :: To lose, to cause (something) to cease to be in one's possession or capability
kwijtschelden {v} :: to write off a debt
kwik {n} :: the element mercury
kwik {adj} :: alternative form of kwiek
kwikzilver {n} :: mercury
kwint {f} {m} :: fifth
kwispedoor {m} :: spittoon (receptacle for spit)
kwispelen {vi} :: to wag
kwistenbiebel {noun} [Belgium] :: bumbling idiot
kymr. {abbr} :: KymrischWelsh (language), Cymric (language)
Kymrisch {prop} {n} :: Cymric, Welsh (language)
kzr. {abbr} :: keizerrijk