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b {mf} :: See under B
{interj} :: alternative form of beh
B {letter} :: letter: bi
ba {interj} :: bah!
ba {interj} :: oh well!
Baal {prop} :: Baal
baare {v} [obsolete] :: to be still with the mouth hanging open
baare {v} [obsolete, figurative] :: to be amazed, dumbfounded
babà {m} :: rum baba
babao {m} :: alternative form of babau
babassu {m} :: babassu
babau {m} :: ogre
babau {m} :: bogeyman
babbaccio {adj} :: stupid
babbaccione {m} :: stupid person
babbagigi {m} :: chufa, tiger nut (Cyperus esculentus)
babbaleo {adj} :: foolish
babbalocco {m} :: fool, idiot
babbana {f} [Tuscany] :: dupe, fool
babbana {f} :: Muggle, muggle (non-magical person)
babbano {adj} [Tuscany] :: stupid, foolish
babbano {m} [Tuscany] :: dupe, fool
babbano {m} :: Muggle, muggle (non-magical person)
babbea {f} :: (female) fool, idiot
babbeo {adj} :: foolish, idiotic
babbeo {m} :: fool, idiot, moron, booby, mug, knucklehead, dunderhead, jackass, jerk, tube, nincompoops, fop, imbecile, fuckwit
babbino {m} :: daddy
babbione {adj} :: foolish, stupid
babbione {m} :: blockhead (foolish person)
babbo {m} [regional, Central Italy, familiar] :: dad, daddy
babbomorto {m} :: A debt, incurred by a son, that will be repaid out of the inheritance when his father dies
Babbo Natale {prop} :: Father Christmas, Santa Claus
babbuasso {adj} :: foolish, idiotic (person)
babbuccia {f} :: slipper (Turkish style)
babbuccia {f} :: bootee (for baby)
babbucciaio {m} :: slipper seller
babbuina {f} [female animal] :: baboon
babbuino {m} :: baboon (mammal)
babele {f} :: chaos, confusion
Babele {prop} :: Babel, Babylon
babelicamente {adv} :: chaotically, confusedly, uproariously
babelico {adj} :: Babelic
babelonia {f} :: alternative form of babilonia
babesiosi {m} :: babesiosis
Babila {prop} :: given name
babilonese {adj} :: Babylonian
babilonese {m} :: The Babylonian language
babilonia {f} :: synonym of babele
Babilonia {prop} :: Babylon
babilonico {adj} :: Babylonian
babilonico {adj} :: chaotic, confused
babirussa {m} :: babiroussa
babismo {m} :: Babism
babla {f} :: bablah
babordo {m} [nautical] :: port, larboard (left side of a ship)
babuino {m} :: alternative form of babbuino
Babuino {prop} :: One of the talking statues of Rome
babuvismo {m} :: Babeufism
baby {m} :: child, baby, neonate
baby {m} :: a small shot of whisky
baby {m} :: tripod for a film camera
baby {adj} :: For use by young children
baby {adj} :: Very young
babycalciatore {m} :: A very young football player
babycampione {m} :: A child who practices sport at a high level
babyconsumatore {m} :: A young child considered commercially as a consumer
babycriminale {mf} :: A young child criminal, especially one exploited by adults
babycriminalità {f} :: child criminality, especially the exploitation by adults of child criminals
babydelinquente {mf} :: synonym of babycriminale
babydelinquenza {f} :: synonym of babycriminalità
baby-doll {m} :: baby doll nightie
baby-pensionato {m} :: A young pensioner (one who has taken early retirement)
babypensione {f} :: A pension received after early retirement
baby-sitter {mf} :: A babysitter
babysitter {mf} :: A babysitter
babysitteraggio {m} :: baby-sitting
babyspacciatore {m} :: A drug dealer who cannot be prosecuted because of his young age
bacante {v} :: present participle of bacare
bacantesi {v} :: present participle of bacarsi
bacare {vt} :: to corrupt or warp
bacare {vi} :: to become worm-eaten
bacaro {m} :: A simple restaurant or wine bar, typical of Venice
bacarozzo {m} :: bug
bacarsi {v} :: reflexive of bacare
bacarsi {vr} :: to become worm-eaten
bacato {adj} :: worm-eaten, wormy, rotten
bacca {f} :: berry
baccagliante {v} :: present participle of baccagliare
baccagliare {vit} :: to quarrel or argue noisily
baccalà {m} :: salt cod, stockfish
baccalà {m} [figuratively] :: a foolish person
baccalare {m} :: synonym of baccelliere
baccalare {m} :: smart aleck
baccalaureato {m} :: baccalaureate (degree, or person with such a degree)
baccanale {adj} :: bacchanalian, Bacchanalian
baccanale {m} :: Bacchanalia
baccanale {m} :: bacchanal
baccano {m} :: row, din (lots of noise)
baccano {m} :: shout
baccante {f} :: Maenad (especially when capitalised)
baccante {f} :: nymphomaniac
baccante {adj} :: flooded with unbridled passion
baccarà {m} :: baccarat
baccara {f} :: wild ginger
baccellierato {m} :: batchelor's degree
baccelliere {m} :: batchelor
baccello {m} [botany] :: pod, hull, husk, shell
baccello {m} :: broad bean
baccheo {m} :: bacchius
baccherina {f} :: ploughman's-spikenard Inula conyza
bacchetta {f} :: rod, stick
bacchetta {f} :: drumstick
bacchetta {f} [music] :: baton (stick of a conductor)
bacchetta {f} :: ramrod
bacchetta {f} :: chopstick
bacchetta {f} :: pointer
bacchetta magica {f} :: wand, magic wand
bacchettante {v} :: present participle of bacchettare
bacchettare {vt} :: to beat with a rod
bacchettare {vt} :: to sell at a very low price
bacchettata {f} :: A blow with a rod
bacchettona {f} :: prude, prig
bacchettona {f} :: religious zealot or fanatic
bacchettona {f} :: bigot
bacchettone {m} :: prude, prig
bacchettone {m} :: religious zealot or fanatic
bacchettone {m} :: bigot
bacchiante {v} :: present participle of bacchiare
bacchiare {vt} :: to knock down [fruit from a tree]
bacchiare {v} :: Extended and figurative senses:
bacchiare {vt} :: to bring down, destroy
bacchiare {vt} [Tuscany] :: to undersell
bacchiatore {m} :: Agricultural worker who beats down olives, almonds etc from trees
bacchiatura {f} :: The harvesting of fruits or nuts by beating a tree with a stick
bacchico {adj} :: bacchic
Bacchiglione {prop} :: A river in the Veneto
bacchio {m} :: A thick, long stick used to knock down fruit from certain trees
baccifero {adj} :: bacciferous, producing berries
bacciforme {adj} :: bacciform
Baccio {prop} :: given name
bacco {m} :: wine
bacco {m} :: drunkenness
Bacco {prop} :: Bacchus
bacedifo {m} :: A type of language game in which the consonants and vowels of a phrase are progressively changed
bacetto {m} :: little kiss, peck
bacheca {f} :: notice board, bulletin board
bacheca {f} :: showcase
bachelite {f} :: Bakelite
bacherozzo {m} :: maggot, worm
bacherozzo {m} :: cockroach
bachiano {adj} [music] :: Bach (attributive)
bachicoltore {m} :: sericulturist (silkworm farmer)
bachicoltura {f} :: The rearing of silkworms
bachicultore {m} :: sericulturist (silkworm farmer)
bachicultura {f} :: sericulture
Bachisio {prop} :: given name, typical of Sardinia
baciamano {m} :: A kiss on the hand as a sign of respect
baciante {v} :: present participle of baciare
baciantesi {v} :: present participle of baciarsi
baciapile {mf} :: religionist, sanctimonious
baciare {vt} :: To kiss
baciarsi {v} :: reflexive of baciare
baciarsi {vr} :: to kiss each other, kiss one other, kiss oneself
baciasca {f} :: A steel pan once used for washing dishes
baciatore {m} [rare] :: kisser
baciatosi {v} :: past participle of baciarsi
baciatrice {f} [rare] :: kisser (female)
baciccia {mf} [colloquial] :: A person from Genoa
baciccia {mf} [slang] :: A fat person
Baciccia {prop} :: given name
bacile {m} :: washbasin
bacile {m} :: bowl (for washing)
bacillare {adj} :: bacillary
bacillariofita {f} :: diatom (of class Bacillariophyceae)
bacilliforme {adj} :: bacilliform, rod-shaped
bacillo {m} [biology] :: bacillus
bacillofobia {f} :: bacillophobia (fear of "germs")
bacillosi {f} [pathology] :: bacillosis
bacinella {f} :: basin, bowl
bacinetto {m} [anatomy] :: renal pelvis
bacinetto {m} :: bascinet
bacino {m} [skeleton] :: pelvis
bacino {m} [geography] :: basin
bacino {m} [geology] :: field (e.g. of coal)
bacino {m} [nautical] :: dock
bacino {m} :: catchment (bacino di utenza)
bacino {m} :: little kiss
bacino fluviale {m} :: synonym of bacino idrografico
bacino idrico {m} :: reservoir
bacino idrografico {m} :: river basin, drainage basin
bacino imbrifero {m} :: catchment basin, drainage basin
bacio {m} :: kiss
bacio {adj} :: shady
bacio {m} :: shade
bacio appassionato {m} :: snog
bacione {m} :: big kiss
backgammon {m} :: backgammon
backstage {m} :: backstage
backup {m} [computing] :: backup
baco {m} :: maggot, worm
baco {m} :: flaw
baco {m} :: bug (in a computer program)
baco da seta {m} :: silkworm
Bacoli {prop} :: A coastal town in the province of Naples, in Campania
bacolo {m} [literary, archaic] :: stick, cane
bacolo {m} [literary, archaic, rare] :: crook or crosier of a bishop
Bacolo {prop} :: given name
bacologia {f} :: sericulture (silkworm rearing)
bacologico {adj} :: sericultural
bacologo {m} :: sericulturist
bacon {m} :: bacon
Bacone {prop} :: Bacon (philosopher)
baconiano {adj} :: Baconian
Bacosi {prop} :: surname
bacterio {m} :: alternative form of batterio
bacteriofago {m} :: alternative form of batteriofago
bacteriofobia {f} :: bacteriophobia (fear of "germs" and microbes)
bacteriologia {f} :: alternative form of batteriologia
bacucco {m} :: dotard
bacucco {adj} :: gaga
badalucco {m} :: skirmish
badante {mf} :: elderly carer, carer, care worker, caregiver
badantesi {v} :: present participle of badarsi
badare {v} [a] :: to look after or mind
badare {v} [a] :: to take care of
badare {v} [a] :: to pay attention
badarsi {v} :: reflexive of badare
badarsi {vr} :: to take care of oneself; to protect oneself
badatosi {v} :: past participle of badarsi
baderna {f} [nautical] :: puddening
badessa {f} :: abbess
badia {f} :: abbey
badiale {adj} :: abbatial
badiale {adj} :: thriving, prosperous, fat
badialmente {adv} :: prosperously
badialmente {adv} :: exaggeratedly
badilante {m} :: navvy
badilata {f} :: shovelful, spadeful
badilata {f} :: blow with a shovel or spade
badile {m} :: shovel
badioto {n} :: Badiot (dialect)
badioto {adj} :: Badiot (attributive)
badminton {m} :: badminton
Badoer {prop} :: surname
Badoer {prop} :: A noble family of Venice
Badoglio {prop} :: surname
Badoglio {prop} :: Pietro Badoglio, Italian general and prime minister
baffetti {mp} :: Clipped moustache (for instance, Hitler's)
baffetti {mp} :: hair on a woman's lip
baffo {m} :: whisker (of an animal)
baffo {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: moustache
baffone {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: Big moustache
baffone {m} :: Man with a big moustache
baffuto {adj} :: moustached
baffuto {adj} :: whiskered (of an animal)
bafomettico {adj} :: Baphometic
bagagliaio {m} :: boot [British], trunk [US] (of a car)
bagagliaio {m} :: luggage van [British], baggage car [US] (of a train)
bagagliaio {m} :: left-luggage office
bagaglio {m} :: luggage, baggage
bagaglio culturale {m} :: background
bagaglione {m} :: A soldier who was in charge of baggage, supplies etc
bagala {f} :: alternative form of baggala
bagale {n} :: plural of bagala
bagarinaggio {m} :: ticket touting, scalping
bagarino {m} :: ticket tout, scalper
bagarre {f} :: heated discussion, row
bagarre {f} :: turmoil, bustle
bagarre {f} :: An exciting and decisive stage of a cycle race
bagascia {f} [derogatory] :: whore, harlot, trollop
bagatella {f} :: Variant of bagattella
bagattella {f} :: trifle (small, unimportant thing)
bagattella {f} [music] :: bagatelle (all senses)
bagatto {m} :: magician (in Tarot cards)
Bagdad {prop} :: Baghdad
baggala {f} :: baggala
baggale {n} :: plural of baggala
baggiana {f} :: Variety of fava with large seeds
baggianata {f} :: nonsense, gibberish, tosh
baggiano {adj} :: stupid, foolish
Baggio {prop} :: surname
baggiolo {m} [architecture] :: support (for a lintel etc)
bagherese {adj} :: Of, or from, Bagheria
bagherese {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Bagheria
Bagheria {prop} :: A town and comune in the metropolitan city of Palermo
baghetta {f} :: clock (embroidery on stockings)
bagigi {n} [Northern Italy, especially Venetian] :: peanuts
bagitto {n} :: A Judeo-Italian dialect spoken by members of a Jewish community in and around Livorno
baglio {m} [nautical] :: beam (transverse, of a ship)
Baglioni {prop} :: surname
Baglioni {prop} :: A noble family from Perugia
baglior {m} :: apocopic form of bagliore
bagliore {m} :: glow
bagliore {m} :: glare, dazzle
bagliore {m} :: flash or ray (of light)
baglivo {m} :: obsolete form of balivo
bagnabile {adj} :: wettable
bagnabilità {f} :: wettability
bagna cauda {f} :: bagna cauda (dip made from anchovies, olive oil and garlic)
Bagnacavallo {prop} :: A small town in the Ravenna province of Emilia-Romagna
bagna càuda {f} :: alternative spelling of bagna cauda
bagnante {v} :: present participle of bagnare
bagnante {mf} :: swimmer
bagnante {mf} :: bather
bagnantesi {v} :: present participle of bagnarsi
bagnare {vt} :: to wet, soak or water something
bagnare {vt} :: to flow through, wash or bathe somewhere
bagnare {vt} :: to drink to, toast something or someone
bagnarola {f} :: bathtub
bagnarola {f} :: banger, wreck, jalopy (old car)
bagnarsi {v} :: reflexive of bagnare
bagnarsi {vr} :: to bathe
bagnarsi {vr} :: to get wet, soaked or drenched
bagnarsi {vr} [chiefly of a baby] :: to wet oneself
bagnasciuga {m} :: foreshore
bagnasciuga {m} :: water's edge
bagnato {adj} :: wet, moist
bagnato {m} :: damp ground or wet ground; wet
bagnatosi {v} :: past participle of bagnarsi
bagnatura {f} :: bathing
bagnatura {f} :: wetting
bagnetto {m} :: Little bath (for a baby)
bagnetto {m} :: (in Piemonte) Any of several sauces made with parsley, tomato etc
bagnina {f} :: lifeguard (female)
bagnina {f} :: bathing attendant (female)
bagnino {m} :: lifeguard (male)
bagnino {m} :: bathing attendant (male)
bagno {m} :: bath
bagno {m} :: swim, bathe
bagno {m} :: bathroom
bagno di folla {m} :: adulation of a crowd
bagno di folla {m} :: walkabout
bagno di folla {m} :: public stroll
bagno di sangue {m} :: bloodbath
bagnolese {adj} :: Of or from Bagnolo in Piano
bagnolese {adj} :: Of or from Bagnoli
Bagnoli {prop} :: A coastal district of Naples
bagnolo {m} :: vessel in which quicklime and water are mixed to make slaked lime
Bagnolo in Piano {prop} :: A small town in the Reggio Emilia province of Emilia-Romagna
bagnomaria {m} :: bain-marie
Bagnoregio {prop} :: A small town in the province of Viterbo in Lazio
bagnoschiuma {m} :: bubble bath, foam bath
bagno turco {m} :: Turkish bath
bagola {f} :: (edible) berry
bagola {f} :: chatter, gossip
bagolaro {m} :: The nettle tree or hackberry (of genus Celtis)
bagolone {m} :: chatterbox
bagolone {m} :: braggart
bagordante {v} :: present participle of bagordare
bagordare {vi} :: To carouse
bagordo {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: merrymaking
bagua {m} :: bagua
bagula {f} :: alternative form of bugola
bah {interj} :: Indicates astonishment, resignation and despise; usually used after noticing or hearing something you don't like or you don't know what to think about, to avoid commenting or giving an answer to a question
bahaismo {m} :: Bahá'í (religion)
Bahamas {prop} :: Bahamas
bahamense {adj} :: Bahamian
bahamense {mf} :: Bahamian
bahiano {adj} :: Bahian
Bahrain {prop} :: Bahrain
bahreinita {adj} :: Bahraini
baia {f} :: bay (body of water)
Baia {prop} :: Baiae
baiadera {f} :: bayadere (all senses)
baicolo {m} :: A type of biscuit from Venice
bailamme {m} :: uproar, hullabaloo
baio {adj} :: bay (horse colour)
baiocco {m} [historical] :: bajocco (coin used in the Papal States)
baiocco {m} [slang] :: dough (money)
baionetta {f} :: bayonet
baionettata {f} :: bayonet thrust or wound
baipassante {v} :: present participle of baipassare
baipassare {v} :: alternative form of bypassare
baironiano {adj} :: alternative form of byroniano
baita {f} :: refuge (hut in the mountains)
baito {m} :: synonym of bivacco
Baiulo {prop} :: given name
baiuvaro {adj} :: Bavarian
Bajamonti {prop} :: surname
Bajamonti {prop} :: Antonio Bajamonti, Italian politician
Bajardi {prop} :: surname
bajour {m} :: shade
bakuniano {adj} :: Relating to, characteristic of, or supporting Michail Bakunin
bakuniniano {adj} :: alternative form of bakuniano
balì {m} :: bailiff
balìa {f} :: medieval spelling of balia
Balaclava {prop} :: Balaklava
balalaica {f} :: balalaika
balandra {f} [watercraft, historical] :: bilander
balanino {m} :: nut weevil, (of family Curculionidae)
balanite {f} [pathology] :: balanitis
balanopostite {f} [pathology] :: balanoposthitis
balascio {m} [mineralogy] :: balas (form of spinel)
balausta {f} :: pomegranate flower
balausta {f} :: pomegranate (fruit)
balaustra {f} :: parapet
balaustra {f} :: balustrade
balaustra {f} :: rail
balaustrata {f} :: parapet (with a balustrade on top of a wall, surmounted by a moulding)
balaustrino {m} :: bow compass (pair of compasses connected with a metal spring)
balaustro {m} [architecture] :: baluster, each of the pillars in a balustrade
balbare {v} :: to stutter or stammer
balbettamento {m} :: stuttering, stammering
balbettamento {m} :: stutter, stammer
balbettante {v} :: present participle of balbettare
balbettante {adj} :: stuttering, stammering
balbettare {vit} :: to stammer
balbettare {vit} :: to babble [of a baby]
balbettio {m} :: stammering
balbettio {m} :: babbling
Balbi {prop} :: surname
Balbina {prop} :: given name
Balbino {prop} :: given name
balbo {adj} :: stammering, stuttering
Balbo {prop} :: surname
balbuzie {f} :: stammer, stutter
balbuziente {adj} :: stammering
balbuziente {adj} :: mumbling
balbuziente {mf} :: stammerer
balbuziente {mf} :: mumbler
Balcani {prop} :: The Balkans
balcanico {adj} :: Balkan
balcanizzante {v} :: present participle of balcanizzare
balcanizzare {vt} :: to fragment, Balkanize
balcanizzazione {f} :: Balkanization
balcano {adj} :: Balkan
balchi {n} :: plural of balco
balco {m} [obsolete] :: balcony
balco {m} [obsolete] :: scaffold
balconata {f} :: balcony
balconata {f} :: circle
balconata {f} :: mezzanine
balconata {f} :: dress circle
balconcino {m} :: A small balcony
balcone {m} :: balcony
Baldacca {prop} :: Baghdad
baldacchino {m} :: canopy
baldacchino {m} :: baldaquin
baldamente {adv} :: boldly, self-confidently
baldanza {f} :: boldness, daring, self-confidence
baldanzosamente {adv} :: self-confidently
baldanzosamente {adv} :: audaciously, boldly
baldanzoso {adj} :: self-confident
baldanzoso {adj} :: audacious, bold
Baldassarre {prop} [Biblical character] :: Balthazar
Baldassarre {prop} :: given name
baldo {adj} :: bold, self-confident
baldoria {f} :: merrymaking, revelry, frolic, spree, binge, jag, riot
baldosa {f} :: bandurria
Baldovino {prop} :: given name
baldracca {f} :: whore (mostly used as an insult)
baldracca {f} :: prostitute, trollop, strumpet
Baleari {prop} :: Balearic Islands
balearico {adj} :: Balearic
balena {f} :: whale
balenamento {m} :: flashing
balenante {v} :: present participle of balenare
balenare {vi} :: to lighten
balenare {vi} :: to flash
baleneria {f} :: whaling
balengo {adj} :: strange, bizarre (person)
baleniera {f} :: whaler (whaling ship)
baleniere {m} :: whaler
baleniero {adj} :: whale or whaling (attributive)
balenio {m} :: continuous flashing
balenio {m} :: blaze
baleno {m} :: flash
balenottera {f} :: rorqual
balenottero {m} :: whale calf (young whale)
balera {f} :: dance hall (often outdoors)
balestra {f} :: crossbow
balestra {f} :: leaf spring
balestriera {f} :: loophole
balestro {m} :: Large crossbow
balestruccio {m} :: housemartin
balia {f} :: wet nurse
balia {f} :: power, mercy
baliaggio {m} :: alternative form of baliato
baliatico {m} :: wet-nursing
baliato {m} :: bailiwick
balilla {m} :: a member of a Fascist paramilitary youth movement in the time of Benito Mussolini
balinese {adj} :: Balinese
balinese {mf} :: Balinese person
balinese {m} [singular only] :: Balinese language
balipedio {m} [military] :: experimental artillery range
balista {f} :: ballista
balistica {f} :: ballistics
balisticamente {adv} :: ballistically
balistico {adj} :: ballistic
balistite {f} :: ballistite
balivo {m} :: bailiff
balla {f} :: a large bundle, torsello, bale, reap
balla {f} :: a falsehood, a lie
balla {f} [vulgar, especially in plural] :: a testicle, bollock
Balla {prop} :: surname
Balla {prop} :: Giacomo Balla, Italian painter
ballabile {adj} :: danceable
ballabile {m} :: dance number (tune or song that can be danced to)
ballabilità {f} :: danceability
ballante {v} :: present participle of ballare
ballare {vi} :: to dance
ballare {vi} :: to fidget
ballare {vi} :: to totter, wobble, shake
ballare {vt} :: to dance or perform a particular dance
ballarella {f} :: A type of dance (a form of saltarella) from around Pescara
ballata {f} :: ballad
ballatoio {m} :: gallery, landing, stoop (at top of stairs)
ballatoio {m} :: perch, swing (for birds)
ballerina {f} :: dancer, ballet dancer
ballerina {f} :: pump [shoe]
ballerina {f} :: wagtail
ballerina bianca {f} :: white wagtail
ballerina gialla {f} :: grey wagtail
ballerino {adj} :: dancing
ballerino {adj} :: unstable, fluctuating
ballerino {m} :: dancer, ballet dancer (male) hoofer
balletto {m} :: ballet
balletto {m} :: ballet music
balletto {m} :: dance troupe; corps de ballet
ballo {m} :: a dance or ball
ballo in maschera {m} :: masked ball
ballonzolante {v} :: present participle of ballonzolare
ballonzolare {vi} :: To skip or bounce along
ballota {f} :: black horehound (Ballota nigra)
ballotta {f} [regional] :: boiled chestnut
ballotta {f} :: ballot [ball used for vote-casting]
ballotta {f} :: shot, ball [ancient type of projectile]
ballottaggio {m} :: runoff, second ballot
ballottata {f} :: ballottade / ballotade
balma {f} :: cavern
balneabile {adj} :: Suitable, and safe, for bathing (of a beach etc)
balneabilità {f} :: swimming permit
balneare {adj} :: bathing (attributive)
balneazione {f} :: bathing
balneoterapia {f} :: balneotherapy
balneoterapico {adj} :: balneotherapeutic
baloccamento {m} :: dawdling
baloccante {v} :: present participle of baloccare
baloccantesi {v} :: present participle of baloccarsi
baloccare {vt} :: To distract or amuse
baloccarsi {v} :: reflexive of baloccare
baloccarsi {vr} :: to amuse oneself
baloccarsi {vr} :: to fritter away one's time
baloccatosi {v} :: past participle of baloccarsi
balocco {m} :: toy, plaything
balordaggine {f} :: stupidity, foolishness
balordamente {adv} :: foolishly, stupidly
balordo {adj} :: silly, foolish, daft
balordo {adj} :: unreliable
balordone {m} :: megrims, staggers
balossata {f} [Switzerland] :: stupidity
balosso {adj} [Switzerland] :: stupid, foolish, harebrained
Balotelli {prop} :: surname
balsamario {m} :: unguentarium
balsamico {adj} :: balmy
balsamico {adj} :: balsamic
balsamina {f} :: garden balsam (plant), Impatiens balsamina
balsamina {f} [botany, by extension] :: the genus Impatiens
balsamo {m} :: balsam, salve
balsamo {m} :: balm
balteo {m} :: baldric
baltico {adj} :: Baltic (sea etc, language group and people)
Baltico {prop} :: Baltic (sea)
Baltimora {prop} :: Baltimore
baltoslavo {adj} :: Balto-Slavic
baluardo {m} :: bulwark, rampart
baluba {mf} [regional, Northern Italy, pejorative] :: baluba
baluci {mf} :: Balochi (person, language)
baluci {adj} :: Balochi (attributive)
baluginante {v} :: present participle of baluginare
baluginare {vi} :: To flicker
baluginio {m} :: glimmer, flicker
balza {f} :: crag
balza {f} :: frill
balzacchiana {f} :: alternative form of balzachiana
balzacchiano {adj} :: alternative form of balzachiano
balzacchiano {m} :: alternative form of balzachiano
balzachiana {f} :: Balzacian (follower of Honoré de Balzac)
balzachiano {adj} :: Balzacian (of or pertaining to Honoré de Balzac or his writings)
balzachiano {m} :: Balzacian (follower of Honoré de Balzac)
balzanamente {adv} :: queerly, oddly
balzano {adj} :: (of a horse) Having white "socks"
balzano {adj} :: queer, odd, daft
balzante {v} :: present participle of balzare
balzare {v} :: to jump or leap
balzellante {v} :: present participle of balzellare
balzellare {vi} :: To skip or hop (along)
balzello {m} :: impost (heavy tax)
balzello {m} :: a small leap, a caper
balzelloni {adv} :: skippingly, hoppingly
balzo {m} :: leap, jump
balzo {m} :: crag, cliff
bambù {m} :: bamboo
bambù {m} [colloquial] :: opium pipe
bambacione {m} :: naive or ingenuous person
bambagia {f} :: cotton wool
bambagino {adj} :: cotton wool (attributive)
bambagiona {f} :: Yorkshire fog (Holcus lanatus)
bambagioso {adj} :: cotton wool (attributive)
bambagioso {adj} :: fluffy
bambara {f} :: A card game similar to primiera
bambara {f} :: Bambara (language)
Bamberga {prop} :: Bamberg
bambina {f} :: Feminine of bambino
bambina {f} [colloquial] :: babe
bambinaia {f} :: nursemaid (for a child)
bambinaia {f} :: nanny
bambinaio {m} :: A man who looks after children (male nanny)
bambinata {f} :: childishness (action or remark)
bambineggiante {v} :: present participle of bambineggiare
bambineggiare {vi} :: To be childish (in ones behaviour)
bambinello {m} :: baby Jesus (in a Nativity scene etc)
bambinescamente {adv} :: childishly
bambinesco {adj} :: childish, puerile
bambino {m} :: child, baby, toddler (of unspecified sex)
bambino {m} :: (baby) boy, young boy
bambino {m} :: Breed of short hairless cats
Bambino {prop} :: The baby Jesus
Bambino Gesù {prop} :: Christ child, baby Jesus, Jesus child
bambinone {m} :: A big baby
bambinone {m} :: mummy's boy
bambino soldato {m} :: child soldier
bambocciante {m} [arts] :: bambocciante
bambocciata {f} [arts] :: A bambocciante painting
bamboccio {m} :: A chubby child
bamboccio {m} :: A rag doll
bamboccio {m} :: A simpleton
Bamboccio {prop} :: Nickname of Pieter van Laer
bambocciona {mf} :: A single (unmarried) adult who lives with his/her parent(s)
bamboccione {m} [colloquial, derogatory] :: A bachelor who lives with his parents
bambola {f} :: doll, dolly (toy in the form of a human)
bambola {f} [figuratively] :: doll (woman)
bambola di pezza {f} :: rag doll
bamboleggiamento {m} :: childish behaviour
bamboleggiante {v} :: present participle of bamboleggiare
bamboleggiare {vi} :: To be childish
bambolificio {m} :: doll factory
bambolina {f} :: A small and pretty young woman
bambolona {f} :: A beautiful and showy woman
bambolotto {m} :: doll (male)
bambolotto {m} :: chubby baby
bambusaia {f} :: bamboo plantation
bamia {f} :: okra (Abelmoschus esculentus), gumbo
banale {adj} :: banal, cliché, trite
banale {adj} :: (not important) trivial, unimportant, mere, ordinary, common
banale {adj} [of person] :: dull, uninteresting
banalissimo {adj} :: Very trivial, very banal
banalissimo {adj} :: Very common, very ordinary
banalità {f} :: banality, triteness
banalità {f} :: truism
banalizzante {v} :: present participle of banalizzare
banalizzare {vt} :: to trivialize
banalizzazione {f} :: trivialization
banalmente {adv} :: trivially, banally
banana {f} :: banana (fruit)
banana {m} :: banana (color)
banana {adj} :: banana
bananeto {m} :: banana plantation
bananicoltore {m} :: banana farmer
bananicoltura {f} :: banana farming
bananiera {f} [nautical] :: banana boat
banano {m} :: banana (plant)
banato {m} :: banate
Banato {prop} [geography] :: Banat
banca {f} :: bank (financial institution)
bancabile {adj} :: bankable
bancabilità {f} :: bankability
Banca Centrale Europea {prop} :: European Central Bank
banca d'affari {f} :: merchant bank
banca dati {f} [computing] :: database
banca di investimento {f} :: investment bank
bancale {m} :: A long bench with a back
bancale {m} :: pallet
bancale {m} :: ramp (used for loading and unloading)
bancante {v} :: present participle of bancare
bancare {vt} :: To deposit cash in a bank (over the counter)
bancare {vt} :: To lay a bet
bancare {vi} :: To give odds (of)
bancarella {f} :: stall, stand (in a market etc)
bancarellista {mf} :: stallholder (market trader)
bancaria {f} :: Bank employee (female)
bancario {adj} :: bank (attributive)
bancario {m} :: bank employee
bancarotta {f} :: bankruptcy
bancarottiere {m} :: bankrupt (person)
bancassicurazione {f} :: insurance from a bank
banchettante {v} :: present participle of banchettare
banchettare {vi} :: To feast
banchetto {m} :: feast, banquet
banchiere {m} :: banker (all senses)
banchiero {m} :: alternative form of banchiere
banchina {f} :: quay, wharf
banchina {f} :: berm, shoulder, verge
banchina {f} :: footpath
banchisa {f} :: ice pack
banchisa {f} :: pack ice (in polar waters)
banco {m} :: desk
banco {m} :: counter (in a bank etc)
banco {m} :: bench, table
banco {m} :: stall (selling goods)
banco {m} :: dock (in a court)
banco {m} :: shoal (of sand)
banco {m} :: floe (of ice)
banco {m} :: bank (institution to place or borrow money)
banco {m} :: bank (of fog, clouds, sand)
banco {m} :: school (of fishes)
banco {m} :: pawnshop (banco dei pegni)
banco {m} :: reef (of corals)
Banco {prop} :: Banquo
banco alimentare {m} :: food bank
bancocrazia {f} [colloquial] :: bankocracy
banco di pesci {m} :: shoal, school (of fish)
banco di sabbia {m} :: A shoal, sandbank or sandbar creating a shallow
bancogiro {m} :: credit transfer
bancogiro {m} [banking] :: A transfer of funds between banks
bancomat {m} :: ATM
bancomat {m} :: The magnetic card used to access an ATM
bancone {m} :: counter (flat surface in a shop etc)
banconiere {m} :: barman, barista
banconiere {m} :: shop assistant
banconista {mf} :: barman, barista
banconista {mf} :: shop assistant
banconota {f} :: banknote
Bancopoli {prop} :: A banking scandal that occurred in Italy in 2005–2006
bancoposta {m} :: post office bank
banda {f} :: side
banda {f} :: tape or strip
banda {f} [heraldiccharge] :: bend
banda {f} :: band (in all senses)
banda {f} :: gang or group
banda larga {f} [telecommunications] :: broadband
bandana {f} :: bandana
bandato {adj} :: banded
bandato {adj} [heraldry] :: bendy
bandeggiamento {m} [genetics] :: band (of a differentially stained chromosome)
bandeggio {m} [genetics] :: banding (differential staining of chromosomes)
bandella {f} :: strap
bandella {f} :: flap
bandella {f} :: hinge (of a door)
Bandello {prop} :: surname
Bandello {prop} :: Matteo Bandello, Italian writer
bandente {v} :: present participle of bandire
banderuola {f} [meteorology] :: weathercock, weather vane, wind vane
banderuola {f} [nautical] :: pennant
banderuola {f} :: turncoat, traitor, about-face
bandiera {f} :: flag
bandiera in derno {f} :: distress flag
bandieraio {m} :: flag maker
bandierina {f} :: Small flag for signalling
bandierina {f} :: corner flag (Football)
bandinella {f} :: roller towel
bandire {v} :: to announce
bandire {v} :: to ban
bandire {v} :: to banish
bandire {v} :: to dispense
bandista {m} :: bandsman
bandista {f} :: bandswoman
bandistico {adj} :: band (attributive, of a marching band)
bandita {f} :: reserve, area in which hunting, fishing, pasturing, or similar is legally prohibited
banditescamente {adv} :: criminally, in the manner of a bandit
banditesco {adj} :: bandit (attributive)
banditesco {adj} :: criminal
banditismo {m} :: brigandage, banditry
bandito {m} :: bandit, outlaw
banditore {m} :: auctioneer
banditrice {f} :: auctioneer (female)
bando {m} :: announcement, notice, call
bando {m} :: banishment
bando {m} :: ban
bandoliera {f} :: bandoleer
bandolo {m} :: end (of a skein)
bandolo {m} :: key (of a problem)
bandone {m} :: sheet metal
bandone {m} :: roller blind
bandoneonista {m} [music] :: bandoneon player
bangio {m} [musical instruments] :: banjo
Bangkok {prop} :: Bangkok (capital of Thailand)
bangladese {mf} :: Bangladeshi
bangladese {adj} :: Bangladeshi
Bangladesh {prop} :: Bangladesh
bang sonico {m} :: sonic boom
banjar {f} :: Banjar (language)
banjo {m} [musical instruments] :: banjo
bannalità {f} :: due that peasants owed their lords in France until the 18th century
bannante {v} :: present participle of bannare
bannare {vt} [Internet] :: To ban (an abusive user)
bano {m} :: ban (title used in eastern Europe)
bansigo {m} [nautical] :: bosun's chair
bantu {adj} :: Bantu
bantu {mf} :: Bantu
baobab {m} :: baobab (tree)
bar {m} :: bar (place serving drinks)
bar {m} :: café
bara {f} :: coffin
barabba {m} :: rogue, scoundrel
Barabba {prop} [Christianity] :: Barabbas
baracane {m} :: alternative form of barracano
baracca {f} :: hut, hovel
baracca {f} :: shack, shanty
baracca {f} :: junk (piece of rubbish)
Baracca {prop} :: surname
Baracca {prop} :: Francesco Baracca, Italian military aviator
baraccamento {m} :: encampment, camp (military)
baraccante {v} :: present participle of baraccare
baraccare {vi} :: To revel
baraccare {vt} :: To accommodate in shed, huts etc
baraccato {adj} :: That lives in a shanty town, squatter camp or temporary housing
baraccato {m} :: A person who lives in a shanty town etc
baracchino {m} :: hut (in the mountains, used by the military)
baracchino {m} :: kiosk or stall
baracchino {m} :: CB radio (set)
baracconata {f} [figuratively, derogatory] :: circus (spectacle of low quality)
baraccone {m} :: booth or stall (at a fair)
baraccone {m} :: caravan (for circus people)
baracconista {mf} :: Owner of a booth at a fair
baraccopoli {f} :: A shantytown, a slum
baraggia {f} :: moorland of Piedmont
barante {v} :: present participle of barare
baraonda {f} :: chaos
barare {vi} :: to cheat
barasinga {m} :: barasingha
baratro {m} :: precipice, chasm, abyss
barattante {v} :: present participle of barattare
barattare {vt} :: to barter (for)
barattare {vt} :: to swap (for)
barattato {adj} :: bartered
barattato {adj} :: swapped, exchanged
barattazione {f} :: barter, swap
baratteria {f} :: fraud, deception
barattiere {m} :: swindler
barattiere {m} :: embezzler
baratto {m} :: barter
baratto {m} :: exchange
baratto {m} :: swap
barattolino {m} :: Little jar
barattolo {m} :: pot, jar
barattolo {m} :: can, tin
barba {f} :: beard
barba {f} [botany] :: root, rootlet
barba {f} [zoology] :: barb
barba {f} [colloquial] :: bore, drag, yawn
barba {m} [Northern Italy, Switzerland] :: uncle, protestant priest
barbabietola {f} :: beetroot
barbabietola {f} :: beet
barbabietola da zucchero {f} :: sugar beet
barbablù {m} :: monster, ogre
Barbablù {prop} :: Bluebeard
barbacane {m} :: barbican
barbacane {m} :: buttress
barbadiano {adj} :: Barbadian
barba di due giorni {m} :: stubble (short, coarse hair on the face)
barbadoregno {adj} :: Barbadian
Barbados {prop} :: Barbados
barbaforte {m} :: horseradish (Plant Armoracia rusticana)
barbagianni {m} :: barn owl
barbagliare {v} :: To sparkle, shine
barbaglio {m} :: dazzle, dazzling
barbaglio {m} :: flashing
Barbanera {prop} :: Blackbeard
barbara {f} :: feminine noun of barbaro
Barbara {prop} :: given name
barbaramente {adv} :: barbarically, barbarously
barbaramente {adv} :: cruelly
barbaresco {adj} [literary] :: barbaric
barbaresco {adj} :: Berber
barbaresco {m} [usually uncountable] :: Barbaresco (red wine)
Barbaresco {prop} :: Barbaresco (town)
barbaricamente {adv} :: barbarically
Barbariccia {prop} :: A fictional devil in the Divine Comedy
barbaricino {adj} :: Of or relating to the Barbagia, a mountain area of inner Sardinia
barbarico {adj} :: barbarian
barbarico {adj} :: barbaric
barbarie {f} :: barbarism
barbarie {f} :: barbarity
Barbarigo {prop} :: surname
Barbarigo {prop} :: A noble family of Venice
barbarismo {m} :: barbarism
barbarità {f} :: cruelty
barbarizzante {v} :: present participle of barbarizzare
barbarizzare {vt} :: to barbarize
barbarizzazione {f} :: barbarisation
barbaro {adj} :: barbaric, barbarous
barbaro {adj} :: barbarian
barbaro {adj} :: appalling
barbaro {m} :: barbarian
barbarossiano {adj} :: Relating to Federico Barbarossa
barbasso {m} :: great mullein / common mullein (Verbascum thapsus)
barbassoro {m} :: vavasour
barbassoro {m} :: bigwig
barbata {f} :: all the roots of a plant
barbata {f} :: shoot or cutting of a vine
barbatella {f} :: shoot or cutting of a vine
barbato {adj} [botany] :: barbate
barbatrucco {m} :: trick (an ingenious method for solving a problem)
barbazzale {m} :: curb chain, curb strap
barbazzale {m} :: wattle (of a goat)
barbera {m} :: A grape variety from Piedmont
barbera {m} :: A dry red wine made from these grapes
Barberia {prop} :: Barbary
Barberini {prop} :: surname
Barberini {prop} :: A noble family from Rome
barbetismo {m} :: barbetism
barbetta {f} :: painter (rope)
barbicamento {m} :: rooting
barbicante {v} :: present participle of barbicare
barbicare {vi} :: To put forth roots
barbicare {vi} :: To take root
barbicazione {f} :: rooting
barbiere {m} :: barber
barbieria {f} :: barbershop, barber's
barbificante {v} :: present participle of barbificare
barbificare {vi} :: to take root
barbiglio {m} :: barb
barbiglio {m} :: barbel
barbiglio {m} :: wattle
barbino {adj} :: poor, ghastly
barbio {m} :: barbel (fish)
barbito {m} [musical instruments] :: barbitos
barbitonsore {m} :: barber
barbiturico {adj} :: barbituric
barbiturico {m} [organic chemistry, pharmacology] :: barbiturate
barbiturismo {m} :: barbiturate poisoning
barbo {m} :: barbel (freshwater fish of the family Cyprinidae)
barbogio {adj} :: senile
barbogio {adj} :: decrepit
barbogio {adj} :: bonkers
barbona {f} :: female vagrant
barboncino {m} :: poodle
barboncino {m} :: French poodle
barbone {m} :: augmentative of barba
barbone {m} [by extension] :: vagrant
barbone {m} [zoology] :: poodle
barbosamente {adv} :: boringly
barboso {adj} [colloquial] :: boring
barbottina {f} :: slip (liquid clay)
barbudano {adj} :: Barbudan
barbudo {n} :: A supporter of Fidel Castro
barbugliamento {m} :: mumbling, spluttering
barbugliante {v} :: present participle of barbugliare
barbugliare {vi} :: to mumble
barbugliare {vi} :: to splutter
barbuglione {m} :: mumbler
barbuglione {m} :: splutterer
barbuto {adj} :: bearded
barca {f} :: boat
barca {f} [figurative] :: heaps (a large quantity)
barca a motore {f} :: motorboat
barca a remi {f} :: rowboat, rowing boat
barca a vela {f} :: sailboat, sailing boat
barcaccia {f} :: tub (poor quality boat)
barcaccia {f} :: box (in a theatre)
barcaccia {f} [nautical] :: longboat
Barcaccia {prop} :: surname
barca da pesca {f} :: fishing boat
barcaiolo {m} :: boatman
barcaiuolo {m} :: alternative spelling of barcaiolo
barcamenante {v} :: present participle of barcamenarsi
barcamenantesi {v} :: present participle of barcamenarsi
barcamenarsi {vr} :: to get by, manage [in a difficult situation]
barcamenatosi {v} :: past participle of barcamenarsi
barcana {f} [geology] :: barchan, barkhan
barcareccio {m} [nautical] :: fleet (of small boats)
barcarizzo {m} [nautical] :: accommodation ladder
barcarola {f} :: barcarole
barcarolo {m} [regional] :: alternative spelling of barcaiolo
barcaruolo {m} :: alternative form of barcaiolo
barcata {f} :: boatful
barcata {f} :: loads, pile
Barcella {prop} :: surname
Barcellona {prop} :: Barcelona
barcellonese {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Barcelona
barcellonese {mf} :: Native or inhabitant of Barcelona
barchessa {f} :: A type of barn for the storage of grain
barchessa {f} :: An outbuilding on a farm
barcheta {f} [nautical] :: A larger type of gondola with no decoration, driven by two rowers, used for passenger transport
barchetta {f} :: Little boat
barchetta {f} :: Toy boat
barchetta {f} :: Small plastic container (for fast food etc)
barchetta {f} [nautical] :: A simple gondola used as a ferry
barchetto {m} :: Small boat
barchino {m} :: a small, flat-bottomed rowing boat, rather like a punt, used especially for hunting in marshes
barcollamento {m} :: staggering, swaying, tottering
barcollante {v} :: present participle of barcollare
barcollare {vi} :: To stagger or totter
barcollio {m} :: staggering
barcollio {m} :: tottering
barcolloni {adv} :: staggeringly
barcone {m} :: barge, lighter, scow
barcone {m} :: pontoon
bardante {v} :: present participle of bardare
bardantesi {v} :: present participle of bardarsi
bardare {vt} :: to harness
bardare {vt} :: to dress up
bardarsi {v} :: reflexive of bardare
bardarsi {vr} :: to dress up
bardassa {mf} :: Young prostitute (of either sex)
bardassa {mf} :: brat, kid (of either sex)
bardatosi {v} :: past participle of bardarsi
bardatura {f} :: harness (for a horse)
bardatura {f} :: finery
bardella {f} :: A type of wooden saddle
bardiglio {m} :: A form of marble
bardo {m} :: bard
bardolino {m} :: Bardolino (wine)
Bardolino {prop} :: Bardolino (the town)
Bardolino {m} :: Bardolino (the wine)
bardosso {adv} :: Only used in the term a bardosso
bardotto {m} :: hinny (hybrid of a male horse and a female donkey)
bardotto {m} :: errand boy
bardotto {m} :: apprentice
barella {f} :: stretcher (for the injured)
barellante {v} :: present participle of barellare
barellante {mf} :: stretcher-bearer
barellare {vt} :: To bear (a person) on a stretcher
barellare {vt} :: To carry (material) in a barrow
barellare {vi} :: To stagger, sway or totter
barellata {f} :: barrowful, barrowload
barellato {adj} :: carried on a stretcher
barellato {m} :: Person carried on a stretcher
barelliera {f} :: stretcher-bearer (female)
barelliere {m} :: stretcher-bearer
barena {f} :: bank, sandbank
barena {f} :: alternative form of bareno
barenatrice {f} :: boring machine
barenatura {f} :: boring
barene {n} :: plural of barena
barene {n} :: plural of barena
bareno {m} :: boring bar, borer (tool used for drilling)
baresano {adj} :: synonym of barese
barese {mf} :: A native or inhabitant of Bari
barese {adj} :: Of or relating to Bari or the Bari people
Barese {prop} :: surname
Baresi {prop} :: surname
bargello {m} :: Police or military chief in medieval Italian comuni
bargello {m} :: Medieval police or military headquarters
bargiglio {m} :: wattle (of a bird)
bari- {prefix} :: bary- (forms terms relating to weight)
Bari {prop} :: Bari (province)
Bari {prop} :: Bari (city)
Bari {prop} :: The letter B in the Italian phonetic alphabet
bariatrico {adj} [pathology] :: bariatric
baricentrico {adj} :: barycentric
baricentro {m} [physics] :: centre of gravity, centre of mass, barycenter / barycentre
barico {adj} :: pressure (attributive)
barico {adj} :: weight (attributive)
barico {adj} [chemistry] :: baric
bariglione {m} :: a large barrel used to preserve pickled fish
barilaio {m} :: cooper
barile {m} :: barrel
barile {m} :: cask
bariletto {m} :: keg (small barrel)
Barillaro {prop} :: surname
barilotto {m} :: A tub of lard (fat person)
barilotto {m} :: bullseye (in target shooting or archery)
barimetria {f} :: barymetry (calculation of the size and weight of animals)
bario {m} [chemistry] :: barium
bariogenesi {f} [physics, astronomy] :: baryogenesis
barione {m} [physics] :: baryon
barionico {adj} :: baryon (attributive)
barisfera {f} :: barysphere
barisferico {adj} :: baryspheric
barista {mf} :: barman [male], barmaid [female], bartender [North American], barista
barite {f} [mineral] :: barite
baritina {f} [dated] :: alt form barite
baritonale {adj} :: baritone (attributive)
baritono {m} :: baritone (all senses)
baritono {adj} :: baritone
baritono {adj} :: barytone
Barletta {prop} :: A small town in the province of Barletta-Andria-Trani in Puglia
Barletta-Andria-Trani {prop} :: A province in Puglia that includes the three towns of Barletta, Andria and Trani
barlume {m} :: glimmer (all senses)
barma {f} :: cavern or rock shelter
Barnaba {prop} [Biblical character] :: Barnabas
Barnaba {prop} :: given name
barnabita {m} :: Barnabite (member of the religious order of St Barnabas)
barnabotto {m} :: Any of a group of impoverished noblemen who lived around the Campo San Barnaba in Venice in the latter days of the Venetian Republic
Barni {prop} :: A village in the province of Como in Lombardy
baro- {prefix} :: baro-
baro {m} :: cardsharp
baro {m} :: cheat
baroccamente {adv} :: baroquely
baroccheggiante {adj} :: typical of the baroque style
barocchetto {m} :: rococo (style)
barocchismo {m} :: A tendency to favour/use the baroque style
barocchizzato {adj} :: In Baroque style
barocciaio {m} :: carter, waggoner, carman
baroccio {m} :: cart
baroccio {m} :: cartload
barocco {adj} :: baroque
barocco {m} :: baroque or Baroque
baroccume {m} :: Lesser or second-rate baroque (style)
barocettore {m} [anatomy] :: baroceptor, pressoreceptor
barociclonometro {m} :: barocyclonometer
Baroffio {prop} :: surname
barografico {adj} :: barographic
barografo {m} [meteorology] :: barograph
barogramma {m} :: barogram
barolo {m} [usually uncountable] :: Barolo (red wine made from Nebbiolo grapes)
Barolo {prop} :: Barolo (town)
barometria {f} :: barometry
barometrico {adj} :: barometric
barometro {m} [meteorology] :: barometer
barometro aneroide {m} [meteorology] :: aneroid barometer
baronaggio {m} :: Variant of baronia
baronale {adj} :: baronial
baronata {f} :: roguery, knavery
baronato {m} :: Variant of baronia
barone {m} :: baron
barone {m} [colloquial] :: top brass (especially in plural)
baronescamente {adv} :: baronially
baronesco {adj} :: baronial
baronessa {f} :: baroness
baronetto {m} :: baronet
baronia {f} :: barony
baronia {f} :: baronage
baropatia {f} :: baropathy
baroscopico {adj} :: baroscopic
baroscopio {m} :: baroscope
barotermografo {m} :: barothermograph
Barozzi {prop} :: surname
Barozzi {prop} :: An aristocratic family from Venice
barré {adj} [music] :: barred (having the fingers placed across several strings of an instrument)
barra {f} :: rod, bar
barra {f} :: helm, tiller
barra {f} :: stroke, slash ('/' symbol)
barra {f} :: tray (computer)
barracano {m} :: burnous
Barracco {prop} :: surname
barracellare {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the barracello
barracello {m} :: A private police force in rural Sardinia
barracuda {m} :: barracuda
barra degli strumenti {f} [graphical user interface] :: toolbar
barra di controllo {f} :: stick (control column)
barra inversa {f} :: backlash
barramina {f} :: drill bit
barrante {v} :: present participle of barrare
barrare {vt} :: to cross out or strike through
barrato {adj} :: crossed out, struck through
barrente {v} :: present participle of barrire
barretta {f} :: diminutive of barra
barretta {f} :: small bar [of chocolate, etc.]
barricadiero {adj} :: revolutionary
barricante {v} :: present participle of barricare
barricare {vt} :: To barricade
barricata {f} :: barricade
barriera {f} :: barrier, turnpike
barriera {f} :: reef
barriera {f} :: wall
barriera {f} :: tollgate, tollroad, toll bridge
barriera acustica {f} :: sound barrier (structure)
barriera antirumore {f} :: sound barrier (structure)
barriera corallina {f} :: coral reef
barriera del suono {f} [physics] :: sound barrier
barriera di pedaggio {f} :: toll
barriera di pedaggio {f} [Internet] :: paywall
barriera di protezione {f} :: guardrail
barriera pagamento pedaggio {n} :: tollgate, tollroad, toll bridge
barriera pagamento pedaggio {n} :: A barrier across a toll road or toll bridge that is lifted when the toll is paid
barriera pagamento pedaggio {n} :: A gate or bar set across a road to stop carriages, animals, and sometimes people, until a toll is paid; a tollgate
barrique {f} :: an oak barrel, of about 200 litre capacity, for storing wine
barrire {vi} :: To trumpet (like an elephant)
barrito {m} :: trumpet, trumpeting (call of an elephant)
barrocciaio {m} :: carter, waggoner, carman
barrocciata {f} :: cartload
barroccino {m} :: gig
barroccino {m} :: handcart
barroccio {m} :: cart
Barsanti {prop} :: surname
Barsanti {prop} :: Eugenio Barsanti, Italian inventor
Barsimeo {prop} :: given name
bar-tabaccheria {m} :: A bar or coffee bar that also sells tobacco, stamps etc
Bartoli {prop} :: surname
Bartolomeo {prop} :: Bartholomew [biblical character]
Bartolomeo {prop} :: given name
baràtro {m} :: medieval spelling of baratro
Baruc {prop} :: Baruch
baruffa {f} :: scuffle, brawl, tiff
baruffante {v} :: present participle of baruffare
baruffare {vi} :: to brawl
baruffare {vi} :: to quarrel, squabble
barulla {f} :: A temporary support used in the construction of a brick arch
barzelletta {f} :: joke (funny story)
Barzini {prop} :: surname
barzoi {m} :: borzoi
barzotto {adj} [dialectal] :: alternative form of bazzotto
barzotto {adj} [slang, vulgar, of a penis] :: Partly erect
Basadonna {prop} :: surname
basagliano {adj} :: Basaglian (of or pertaining to Franco Basaglia)
basale {adj} :: basal (all senses)
basalmente {adv} :: basally
basaltico {adj} :: basaltic
basalto {m} [mineralogy] :: basalt
basamento {m} :: base (of a structure)
basamento {m} :: bed, base plate
basamento {m} [geology] :: basement (mass of rock underlying sedimentary cover)
basante {v} :: present participle of basare
basantesi {v} :: present participle of basarsi
basare {vt} :: to base, ground, found
basarsi {v} :: reflexive of basare
basarsi {vr} :: to be based or founded on
basarsi {vr} :: to base oneself on
basarsi {vr} :: to rely
basarsi {vr} :: to depend
basarsi su {v} :: to rely on
basatosi {v} :: past participle of basarsi
bas-bleu {f} :: bluestocking
basca {f} :: Basque (female)
baschina {f} :: basque (garment)
baschiro {adj} :: Bashkir
baschiro {m} :: Bashkir (person; in plural, the people)
baschiro {prop} :: The Bashkir language
basciante {v} :: present participle of basciare
basciare {v} :: obsolete form of baciare
basco {adj} :: Basque
basco {m} :: Basque (person, male)
basco {m} :: beret
basco {m} [singular only] :: Basque (language)
bascula {f} :: weighbridge
basculante {v} :: present participle of basculare
basculante {adj} :: horizontally pivoted
basculare {v} :: To tilt
basculla {f} :: bascule
base {f} :: base, alkaline
base {f} :: basis
base aerea {m} :: airbase
base aerea {m} :: A military airport, providing housing and support for aircraft and personnel
baseball {m} :: baseball
basente {v} :: present participle of basire
Basento {prop} :: A river that flows in Basilicata
basetta {f} [usually, in the plural] :: sideburns, sideboard
basettino {m} :: bearded tit or reedling
basettone {m} :: muttonchops (long side-whiskers)
basic {m} [computing] :: BASIC
BASIC {m} [computing] :: BASIC
basicamente {adv} :: basically, fundamentally
basicità {f} :: basicity
basico {adj} :: basic (all senses)
basico {adj} :: fundamental
basico {adj} :: base, low (language etc)
basico {adj} :: alkaline
basidiomicete {m} :: basidiomycete
basidiospora {f} [botany] :: basidiospore
basifilo {adj} [botany] :: basophilic
basilare {adj} :: basic, fundamental
basilarità {f} :: fundamentality
Basilea {prop} :: Basel
basilese {adj} :: of or from Basel
basilese {mf} :: Basler
basiliano {adj} :: Basilian
basilica {f} :: basilica
basilica {f} :: church
basilicale {adj} :: basilica (attributive)
basilico {m} [plant] :: basil (Ocimum basilicum)
basilico {m} :: basil (herb)
Basilio {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Basil
basilisco {m} :: basilisk, a mythical snake-like dragon
basilisco {m} :: basilisk, a lizard of the genus Basiliscus
Basiluzzo {prop} :: One of the Lipari Islands, in the Tyrrhenian Sea
basire {vi} :: to swoon, faint
basire {vi} :: to be astonished, flabbergasted, gobsmacked
basista {mf} :: insider, accomplice
basito {adj} :: stunned, stupefied, shocked
basket {m} :: basketball
Basodino {prop} :: A mountain in Ticino on the border with Italy
basofilia {f} :: basophilia
basofilo {adj} :: basophilic
basofobia {f} :: basophobia (fear of having a fall whilst walking)
basolo {m} :: A slab of rock or stone used for road surfacing
bassa {f} :: plain, lowlands
bassacorte {f} :: poultry-yard
bassa marea {f} :: low tide
bassamente {adv} :: basely, vilely
bassanese {adj} :: Of or from Bassano del Grappa
bassanese {mf} :: Native or inhabitant of Bassano del Grappa
Bassano del Grappa {prop} :: A town near Vicenza in the Veneto
bassante {v} :: present participle of bassare
bassare {v} :: to lower
bassarisco {m} [zoology] :: A component of the Bassariscus taxonomic genus
Bassa Sassonia {prop} :: Lower Saxony
bassetta {f} :: An early card game that used only low-value cards
bassetto {m} [colloquial] :: shrimp (small person)
bassetto {m} [musical instruments] :: basset horn (properly corno di bassetto)
bassezza {f} :: shallowness, lowness, shortness
bassezza {f} :: baseness
bassezza {f} :: base action
Bassi {prop} :: surname
Bassiano {prop} :: given name
bassilico {m} :: alternative form of basilico
bassissimo {adj} :: Very low
bassissimo {adj} :: Very short (in height)
bassissimo {adj} :: Very narrow or thin
bassissimo {adj} [of water] :: Very shallow
bassissimo {adj} [of light] :: Very faint
bassissimo {adj} [of position] :: Very low, lower, lowered
bassissimo {adj} [figuratively] :: Very base
bassista {mf} [music] :: bassist (person who plays the bass)
basso {adj} :: low
basso {adj} :: short (in height)
basso {adj} :: narrow, thin
basso {adj} [of water] :: shallow
basso {adj} [of light] :: faint
basso {adj} [of position] :: low, lower, lowered
basso {adj} [figuratively] :: base
basso {adv} :: low
basso {m} :: bottom, lower part
basso {m} [music] :: bass (all senses); bass guitar
basso {m} [music] :: basso
Basso {prop} :: surname
bassobollente {adj} :: low(er) boiling point (attributive)
bassofondente {adj} :: low-melting, fusible (alloy, glass, etc)
bassofondo {m} :: shallow, shoal
bassofondo {m} :: slum
bassofondo {m} :: A seedy part of a city
bassofondo {m} :: hollow (in a mechanical part)
bassopiano {m} :: low-lying plane
bassorilievo {m} [sculpture] :: low relief or bas relief
bassotto {m} :: dachshund, sausage dog
bassotto {adj} :: squat
bassotuba {m} [musical instruments] :: tuba
bassoventre {m} :: The lower abdomen
bassoventre {m} [colloquial] :: The genitals
basta {interj} :: enough!
basta che {conj} :: synonym of purché
bastagio {m} :: porter (person who carries luggage)
bastante {v} :: present participle of bastare
bastante {adj} :: sufficient
bastantemente {adv} :: sufficiently
bastarda {f} :: bastard (female)
bastardaggine {f} :: bastardy, illegitimacy
bastardata {f} :: dirty trick
bastardella {f} :: A type of bowl-shaped serving dish with handles
bastardina {f} :: (female) mongrel, pooch
bastardino {m} :: mongrel, mutt, pooch
bastardo {adj} :: bastard
bastardo {m} :: bastard (male)
bastare {vi} :: to be enough
bastare {vi} :: to be able
bastare {vi} :: to last; to keep
bastare {v} [impersonal] :: to suffice
bastaso {m} [regional, Northern Italy] :: alternative form of bastagio
bastente {v} :: present participle of bastire
basterna {f} :: kind of cart used by Romans
basterna {f} [literary] :: any kind of cart
bastevole {adj} :: sufficient, enough
bastevolmente {adv} :: enough, sufficiently
bastia {f} :: bastion (small fort surrounded by a moat and/or embankment)
bastian {m} :: Used only in the term bastian contrario
bastian contrario {m} :: A person who contradicts intentionally and deliberately, for reasons uncorrelated to the current issue or just for the sake of being an opponent
Bastiglia {prop} :: Bastille
bastimento {m} :: ship, vessel
bastingaggio {m} [nautical] :: bulwark
bastionante {v} :: present participle of bastionare
bastionare {vt} :: To rampart
bastionata {f} :: ramparts
bastionata {f} :: fortification
bastionato {adj} :: bastioned
bastione {m} :: bastion
bastione {m} [in the plural] :: battlements
bastire {v} :: To build, construct
basto {m} :: load
basto {m} :: burden
basto {m} :: packsaddle (A saddle designed to secure and carry goods on the back of an animal)
bastonabile {adj} :: That can be beaten or deserves to be beaten
bastonante {v} :: present participle of bastonare
bastonare {vt} :: To beat or thrash (with a stick etc)
bastonata {f} :: blow (with a stick, etc.)
bastonata {f} :: thrashing
bastonata {f} :: cane
bastonatore {m} :: beater
bastonatura {f} :: beating
bastoncellare {adj} :: rod-shaped
bastoncello {m} [anatomy] :: rod cell
bastoncello {m} :: small stick or rod
bastoncello {m} :: sub (long sandwich)
bastoncello {m} :: slat of a fan
bastoncino {m} :: diminutive of bastone
bastoncino {m} :: rod
bastone {m} :: stick, cane, staff, pole
bastone da cammino {m} :: walking stick
bastone da passeggio {m} :: walking stick
bastone da sci {n} :: ski pole
bastone da sci {n} :: A slender stick used by skiers in both hands to improve speed and balance
bastone di comando {n} :: baton, truncheon
bastone di comando {n} :: A baton, or military staff of command, now especially the stick carried by a police officer
bastone di comando {n} :: A staff or truncheon, used for various purposes; as, the baton of a field marshal
bastone per ciechi {m} :: cane (for blind people)
batacchio {m} :: clapper (of a bell)
batacchio {m} :: knocker (on a door)
batacchio {m} :: dick, cock, prick
batata {f} :: sweet potato
batavo {adj} :: Batavian
batavo {m} :: Batavian
batea {f} :: pan (wide receptacle used in gold washing)
bati- {prefix} :: bathy-
batida {f} :: batida
batigrafia {f} :: bathygraphy
batigrafico {adj} :: bathygraphic
batik {m} :: batik
batimetria {f} :: bathymetry
batimetrico {adj} :: bathymetric
batimetro {m} :: sounding, fathoming (of deep water)
batinauta {mf} :: bathynaut (explorer of the deep sea)
batiscafo {m} [nautical] :: bathyscaphe
batisfera {f} [nautical] :: bathysphere
batista {f} :: batiste (fabric)
batisteo {m} :: Variant of battistero
batmotropo {adj} [physiology] :: bathmotropic
bato- {prefix} :: batho-
batocchio {m} :: stick
batocchio {m} :: clapper (of a bell)
batocchio {m} :: white stick (of a blind person)
batolite {f} :: batholith
batometria {f} :: bathymetry
batometro {m} :: bathometer
batosta {f} :: blow (physical or metaphorical)
batrace {m} :: batrachian
batracomiomachia {f} :: petty, insignificant or futile quarrel
battage {m} :: buildup campaign
battage {m} :: hype
battaglia {f} :: battle, fight
battagliante {v} :: present participle of battagliare
battagliare {vi} :: To fight or battle
battagliero {adj} :: warlike
battagliero {adj} :: aggressive
battaglio {m} :: clapper (of a bell)
battaglio {m} :: knocker (on a door)
battaglio {m} :: dick, cock, prick
battagliola {f} [nautical] :: guard rail
battaglione {m} :: battalion
battana {f} [nautical] :: flat-bottomed pinnace
battellaggio {m} [nautical] :: ferrying of people between ship and shore
Battelli {prop} :: surname
battelliere {m} [nautical] :: boatman
battello {m} :: boat
battello {m} :: dinghy
battello a pale {m} [nautical] :: paddleboat
battello da carico {m} [nautical] :: cargo boat
battello pneumatico {m} :: rubber dinghy
battente {m} :: shutter (of a window)
battente {m} :: sash (of a window)
battente {m} :: leaf (panel of a double door)
battente {m} :: knocker (device used for knocking on a door)
battente {v} :: present participle of battere
battentesi {v} :: present participle of battersi
batter {v} :: apocopic form of battere
battere {vt} :: to beat, patrol, batter, strike or hit something or pound or throb or stamp/stomp (e.g. feet)
battere {vt} :: to defeat, to overcome, to beat
battere {vt} :: to take (a penalty, a corner kick, etc)
battere {vt} :: to clap (hands)
battere {vt} :: to type
battere {vt} :: to tender; to offer a payment (at sales or auctions)
battere {vt} :: to prostitute
battere {vi} :: (of the heart or pulse) To beat
battere {vi} :: To prostitute
battere il ferro finché è caldo {v} [idiomatic] :: To strike while the iron is hot
battere il marciapiede {v} :: to walk the streets, prostitute
battere i piedi {v} :: to stamp the ground; to feel or express great anger
batteria {f} :: battery
batteria {f} [music] :: drums, percussion
batteria {f} [sports] :: heat
battericamente {adv} :: bacterially
battericida {adj} :: bactericide
battericida {m} :: bactericidal
batterico {adj} :: bacterial
batteriemia {f} [disease] :: bacteremia
batterio {m} :: bacterium
batterioclorina {f} :: bacteriochlorin
batteriofago {m} :: bacteriophage
batteriofita {f} :: prokaryote
batteriolisi {f} [biology] :: bacteriolysis
batteriologia {f} :: bacteriology
batteriologicamente {adv} :: bacteriologically
batteriologico {adj} :: bacteriological
batteriologo {m} :: bacteriologist
batterioscopia {f} [biology] :: bacterioscopy
batteriostasi {f} [microbiology] :: bacteriostasis
batteriostatico {adj} :: bacteriostatic
batteriostatico {m} [pharmacology] :: bacteriostatic agent, bacteriostatic drug
batterioterapia {f} :: bacteriotherapy
batterioterapico {adj} :: bacteriotherapeutic
batterista {m} :: A male drummer, a male percussionist
batterista {f} :: A female drummer, a female percussionist
batterizzazione {f} :: bacterialization
batteroide {m} [microbiology] :: bacteroid
battersela {v} :: to leave quickly and unobtrusively; to "get the Hell out of"
battersela {v} :: to beat a retreat
battersi {v} :: reflexive of battere
battersi {vr} :: to fight, battle
battesimale {adj} :: baptismal
battesimo {m} :: baptism, christening
battesimo del fuoco {m} :: baptism of fire
battesimo di sangue {m} :: martyrdom
battetosi {v} :: past participle of battersi
battezzante {v} :: present participle of battezzare
battezzare {v} :: to baptize or christen
battezzare {v} :: to name or nickname
battezzatoio {m} :: baptistry
battezzatoio {m} :: font
battezzatore {m} :: baptizer
battezziere {m} :: alternative form of battezzatore
battibaleno {m} :: Only used in the phrase in un battibaleno
battibeccante {v} :: present participle of battibeccare
battibeccantesi {v} :: present participle of battibeccarsi
battibeccare {vi} :: To bicker or squabble
battibeccarsi {v} :: reflexive of battibeccare
battibeccarsi {vr} :: to bicker, squabble
battibeccatosi {v} :: past participle of battibeccarsi
battibecco {m} :: squabble
battibile {adj} :: beatable
battibuglio {m} :: brawl
battibuglio {m} :: altercation
batticalcagno {m} :: kick plate (in a car)
batticarne {m} :: meat pounder
batticoda {f} :: wagtail (bird)
batticore {m} :: alternative spelling of batticuore
batticuore {m} :: palpitations; sudden increase of heart rate due to physical activity, fear or another strong emotion
batticuore {m} [figurative] :: anxiety, trepidation
battifiacca {mf} :: lazybones
battifiacca {mf} :: slacker
battifianco {m} :: stable rail
battigia {f} :: water's edge
battigia {f} :: strand
battigia {f} :: beach
battilana {m} :: wool carder
battilardo {m} :: chopping board
battilocchio {m} :: synonym of battiloglio
battilocchio {m} :: A type of cap or bonnet in use in the 18th century
battiloglia {f} :: synonym of battiloglio
battiloglia {f} :: A type of cap or bonnet in use in the 18th century
battiloglio {m} :: A type of cap or bonnet in use in the 18th century
battiloro {m} :: gold-beater
battimano {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: applause, clapping
battimazza {m} :: assistant blacksmith
battimento {m} :: beating
battimento {m} [physics] :: beat (effect of two waves of different frequencies)
battino {m} :: beater (person who drives game)
Battipaglia {prop} :: a town in the province of Salerno in Campania in Italy
battipagliese {adj} :: Of, or from, Battipaglia
battipagliese {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Battipaglia
battipalo {m} :: piledriver (machine or operator)
battipanni {m} :: carpet beater
battipista {m} :: snowmobile
battiscopa {m} :: skirting, skirting board, baseboard
battismo {f} :: The Baptist movement
battista {mf} :: Baptist
battista {adj} :: Baptist
Battista {prop} :: given name, shortened from Giovanni Battista (John the Baptist)
battistero {m} [architecture] :: baptistry, baptistery
Battisti {prop} :: surname
battistrada {m} [automotive] :: tread (of a tyre)
battistrada {mf} [sports] :: pace setter, leader
battitacco {m} :: trouser lining (near the bottom of the leg)
battitappeto {m} :: carpet sweeper
battito {m} :: beat, beating, throb
battito cardiaco {m} :: synonym of battito del cuore
battito del cuore {m} :: heartbeat
battito di ciglia {m} :: blink
battitoia {f} :: planer
battitoio {m} :: leaf, wing (of a door)
battitore {m} :: batsman (cricket)
battitore {m} :: batter (baseball)
battitore {m} :: beater (game shooting)
battitore {m} :: auctioneer
battitore libero {m} :: freelancer
battitore libero {m} :: maverick
battitrice {f} :: threshing machine
battitura {f} :: typing
battitura {f} :: beating
battola {f} :: rattle (football etc)
battola {f} [figurative] :: An overly talkative and boring person
battola {f} [figurative] :: excessive talkativeness
battologia {f} :: battology
battona {f} :: streetwalker, hooker, whore
battona {f} :: prostitute, trollop, strumpet
battriano {adj} :: Bactrian
battuta {f} [hunting] :: beat, beating
battuta {f} [music] :: bar
battuta {f} [theatre] :: cue
battuta {f} :: witty remark, joke
battuta {f} [sports, tennis] :: service
battuta {f} :: stroke (of a pen etc)
battutaccia {f} :: vulgar, offensive or very sharp remark
battuta d'arresto {f} :: stop, standstill
battutina {f} :: Little knock or blow
battutina {f} :: A little joke
battutina {f} :: A remark or wisecrack
battuto {adj} :: beaten, struck
battuto {adj} :: defeated, overcome, beaten
battuto {adj} [of metal] :: wrought, beaten
battuto {adj} [of road] :: busy, beaten
battuto {adj} [of coin] :: coined, minted
battuto {m} [cooking] :: chopped herbs, chopped vegetables
battutosi {v} :: past participle of battersi
batuffoletto {m} :: small ball (of cotton etc)
batuffolino {m} :: small ball (of cotton etc)
batuffolo {m} :: flock, ball (of cotton etc)
bau {interj} :: bow wow (sound of a dog barking)
bau bau {interj} :: bow wow!
baudelairiano {adj} :: Baudelairean (of or pertaining to Charles Baudelaire or his works)
baule {m} :: trunk (luggage)
baule {m} :: trunk or boot (of a car)
baule {m} [furniture] :: case
bauleria {f} :: luggage (collection of suitcases etc)
bauletto {m} :: travelling case
bauletto {m} :: vanity case
bautta {f} :: domino (half mask)
bauxite {f} [mineral] :: bauxite
bauxitico {adj} [mineral] :: bauxite (attributive), of bauxite
bava {f} :: dribble
bava {f} :: foam
bava {f} :: slime
bava {f} :: burr (small piece of material left on an edge after a cutting operation)
bavaglino {m} :: bib
bavaglio {m} :: gag (device to restrain speech)
bavarese {adj} :: Bavarian
bavarese {m} :: Bavarian dialect of the German language
bavarese {f} :: bavaroise (drink; creamy dessert)
bavaro {adj} :: Bavarian
bavatura {f} :: burr (piece of material)
bavella {f} :: floss silk
bavero {m} :: collar, lapel
bavetta {f} :: dribble of molten metal
bavetta {f} :: bib
bavetta {f} :: mudguard
bavetta {f} [pasta, in the plural] :: a type of spaghetti
bavetta {f} [meat] :: flank steak
Baviera {prop} :: Bavaria (German state, state in southern Germany)
bavosa {f} :: blenny
bavoso {adj} :: dribbling
bavoso {adj} :: drooling
bazar {m} :: bazaar
bazza {f} :: protruding chin
bazza {f} [by extension] :: chin
bazza {f} [rare] :: luck
bazzana {f} :: wash leather
bazzecola {f} :: trifle, bagatelle
Bazzi {prop} :: surname
bazzicante {v} :: present participle of bazzicare
bazzicare {v} :: to hang out or hang about with or at
bazzone {m} :: A person who has a protruding chin
bazzotto {adj} :: soft-boiled (of an egg)
B&B {m} :: bed and breakfast (guesthouse)
b.c. {abbr} :: before Christ
b.c. {abbr} [music] :: basso continuo
BCE {prop} :: initialism of Banca Centrale Europea
beè {mf} :: baa (sound of a sheep)
beach volley {m} :: beach volleyball
beante {v} :: present participle of beare
beantesi {v} :: present participle of bearsi
beare {vt} :: To make someone happy
bearnese {adj} :: béarnaise (sauce)
bearsi {v} :: reflexive of beare
bearsi {vr} :: to delight, revel, relish, bask (in)
beat {adj} :: beat (50s US literary and 70s UK music scenes)
beat {m} :: beat (rhythm accompanying music)
beatamente {adv} :: happily
beatificabile {adj} :: That can be beatified
beatificante {v} :: present participle of beatificare
beatificare {vt} :: to beatify
beatificato {adj} :: beatified
beatificazione {f} :: beatification
beatitudine {f} :: beatitude
beatitudine {f} :: bliss
beato {adj} :: blessed
beato {adj} :: lucky
beatore {m} :: One that gives bliss [male]
beatosi {v} :: past participle of bearsi
beato te {interj} :: lucky you!
beatrice {adj} :: that gives bliss; blissening
beatrice {f} :: One that gives bliss [female]
beatrice {f} :: A woman who is a source of inspiration for a poet or artist; muse
Beatrice {prop} :: given name, equivalent of English Beatrice
bebè {m} :: baby, infant
beccabile {adj} :: catchable
beccaccia {f} :: woodcock, properly the Eurasian woodcock
beccaccino {m} :: snipe
beccafico {m} :: garden warbler, fig-eater
beccaio {m} :: butcher
beccamorto {m} :: gravedigger
beccante {v} :: present participle of beccare
beccantesi {v} :: present participle of beccarsi
beccapesci {m} :: sandwich tern
beccare {vt} :: to peck
beccare {vt} [familiar] :: to nab, to catch
beccare {vt} :: to get, pick up
Beccaria {prop} :: surname most famously, that of Cesare Beccaria
beccarsi {v} :: reflexive of beccare
beccarsi {vr} :: to peck one another [of birds]
beccarsi {vr} :: to squabble
beccata {f} :: peck
beccatello {m} :: bracket, corbel
beccatello {m} :: hook, peg
beccatoio {m} :: feeding trough in a birdcage
beccatosi {v} :: past participle of beccarsi
beccatura {f} :: peck
beccatura {f} :: pecking
beccheggiante {v} :: present participle of beccheggiare
beccheggiare {v} :: to pitch (move so that the front goes up and down)
beccheggio {m} :: pitching (of a ship or aircraft)
beccheria {f} :: butchershop
Beccheria {prop} :: surname a form of Beccaria
becchettante {v} :: present participle of becchettare
becchettantesi {v} :: present participle of becchettarsi
becchettare {vt} :: to peck rapidly at
becchettare {vt} :: to tease
becchettarsi {v} :: reflexive of becchettare
becchettarsi {vr} :: to peck at each other
becchettarsi {vr} :: to squabble, quarrel
becchettatosi {v} :: past participle of becchettarsi
becchime {m} :: birdseed
becchino {m} :: gravedigger, cemetery worker
becco {m} :: beak, bill (of a bird)
becco {m} :: burner
becco {m} :: cuckold
becco {m} :: billygoat
becco Bunsen {n} :: Bunsen burner, Bunsenbrenner
becco Bunsen {n} [science] :: a small laboratory gas burner whose air supply may be controlled with an adjustable hole
beccorosso {adj} :: red-billed
beccuccio {m} :: lip (of a jug etc)
beccuccio {m} :: spout (of a teapot etc)
beceramente {adv} :: boorishly
becero {adj} :: boorish
becero {m} :: boor
becher {m} [chemistry] :: beaker
bechico {adj} [medicine] :: antitussive
Beciuania {prop} :: Bechuanaland
beciuano {adj} :: Bechuana (attributive)
Beda {prop} :: Bede
bed and breakfast {m} :: bed and breakfast (guesthouse)
bedano {m} :: A narrow-bladed chisel, used mostly for making mortises
Bedretto {prop} :: A village in the Leventina district of Ticino
beduina {f} :: feminine noun of beduino
beduino {adj} :: bedouin
beduino {m} :: bedouin
beethoveniana {f} :: feminine noun of beethoveniano
beethoveniano {adj} :: Beethovenian, Beethoven (attributive)
beethoveniano {m} :: Beethovenian (admirer of the composer or his works)
befana {f} [slang] :: a crone or old hag
Befana {prop} [popular] :: Epiphany
Befana {prop} :: The old woman who (in legend) brings presents to children at Epiphany
beffa {f} :: fool
beffa {f} :: joke, frolic
beffante {v} :: present participle of beffare
beffantesi {v} :: present participle of beffarsi
beffardamente {adv} :: mockingly, sneeringly
beffardo {adj} :: mocking, sneering, derisory
beffare {vt} :: To mock; to make a fool of
beffarsi {vt} :: To scoff (at)
beffatore {adj} :: scoffing, mocking
beffatore {m} :: scoffer, mocker
beffatosi {v} :: past participle of beffarsi
beffeggiamento {m} :: mocking
beffeggiamento {m} :: jeering
beffeggiante {v} :: present participle of beffeggiare
beffeggiare {vt} :: To laugh at or mock
beffeggiatore {m} :: mocker, scoffer
bega {f} :: quarrel, dispute
begardo {m} :: Beghard
beghina {f} :: Beguine
beghina {f} :: bigot
beghinaggio {m} :: Beguinage
beghinaggio {m} :: religionism
beghino {m} :: Beguine, Beghard
beghino {m} :: bigot
begliuomini {mp} :: balsam (plant)
begonia {f} :: begonia
beh {interj} :: well (used at the start of a sentence)
behaviorismo {m} [psychology] :: behaviourism
behaviorista {mf} :: behaviourist
behavioristico {adj} :: behaviouristic
belante {v} :: present participle of belare
belare {vi} :: to bleat
belato {m} :: bleating
Belbo {prop} :: A river that flows in Piedmont
belcantistico {adj} :: bel canto (attributive)
belcanto {m} [music] :: bel canto
Belfiore {prop} :: A small town in the province of Verona in the Veneto
belga {adj} :: Belgian (from or native to Belgium)
belga {adj} :: Belgian (pertaining to Belgium)
belga {m} :: a Belgian (male)
belga {f} :: a Belgian (female)
belgico {adj} :: Belgic, Belgian
Belgio {prop} :: Belgium
Belgrado {prop} :: Belgrado
Belice {prop} :: A river that flows in Sicily
Belize {prop} :: Belize
beliziano {adj} :: Belizean
bell' {adj} [sometimes before a vowel] :: apocopic form of bella
bell' {adj} [sometimes before a vowel] :: apocopic form of bello
bella {f} :: beauty, belle (beautiful woman)
bella {f} :: sweetheart
bella {f} :: showdown (deciding match)
bella di notte {f} :: four o'clock flower, marvel of Peru (Mirabilis jalapa)
belladonna {f} :: deadly nightshade, belladonna (Atropa belladonna)
bella figura {f} :: "fine appearance or impression";
bellamente {adv} :: conveniently, happily
bellamente {adv} :: nicely
bellamente {adv} :: quietly, calmly, comfortably
bella scoperta {interj} :: (ironic) What a surprise! Who would have guessed it?
Bellatrix {prop} :: Bellatrix, the third brightest star in the constellation of Orion
bellavista {f} :: panorama
bellavista {f} :: belvedere
Bellerofonte {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Bellerophon
Belletini {prop} :: surname, meaning beautiful little-ones
belletta {f} :: slime, mud
belletto {m} :: rouge, make-up
bellezza {f} :: beauty
bellezza {f} :: loveliness (of a woman)
bellezza {f} :: handsomeness (of a man)
bellezza acqua e sapone {f} [idiom] :: natural (rather than artificial) beauty
bellezza al bagno {f} :: bathing beauty
bellicismo {m} :: warmongering
bellicista {adj} :: warmongering
bellicista {mf} :: warmonger
bellico {adj} :: war [attributive]
bellicosamente {adv} :: belligerently, combatively
bellicosissimo {adj} :: Very bellicose, very combative
bellicosità {f} :: bellicosity, combativeness
bellicoso {adj} :: warlike, bellicose, belligerent, combative
belligerante {adj} :: belligerent
belligeranza {f} :: belligerence
belligero {adj} :: belligerent
belligero {adj} :: bellicose
bellimbusto {m} :: dandy
Bellini {prop} :: surname
Bellini {m} :: Bellini (cocktail)
bellino {adj} :: pretty, attractive, sweet
Bellinzona {prop} :: A town in Switzerland, capital of the Ticino canton
Bellinzona {prop} :: A district in the Ticino canton of Switzerland
bellissimo {adj} :: superlative of bello
bello {adj} :: nice, fair, fine, pleasant; beautiful (of the weather etc.)
bello {adj} :: good-looking, handsome; beautiful (of a person)
bello {adj} :: considerable (quantity)
bello {adj} :: good
bello {m} :: beauty
bello {m} [weather] :: fair-weather
bello {m} [colloquial] :: man, fella
Bellocchio {prop} :: Italian surname
belloccio {adj} :: good-looking, attractive
bellona {f} :: stunner (stunning person)
bellone {m} :: stunner (stunning person)
bellospirito {m} :: wit, wag (witty person)
bellospirito {m} :: nice person, pleasing person, popular person, cute person, amusing person, funny person
Bellucci {prop} :: surname
Bellucci {prop} :: Monica Bellucci, Italian actress
belluino {adj} :: bestial, brutal
belluino {adj} :: animal (attributive)
bellunese {mf} :: A native or inhabitant of Belluno
bellunese {adj} :: Of or relating to Belluno or the Belluno people
Belluno {prop} :: Belluno (province)
Belluno {prop} :: Belluno (town)
belluria {f} [chiefly ironic] :: artificial (rather than natural) beauty
belluria {f} [literary, in the plural] :: showy or tacky elegance
belone- {prefix} :: belone- (forms terms relating to needles)
belonefobia {f} :: fear of needles
bel paese {prop} [mainly literary, sometimes capitalized] :: Italy
belpaese {prop} :: alternative spelling of bel paese
Bel Paese {m} :: Bel Paese (cheese)
beltà {f} [literary] :: beauty
beltà {f} [literary] :: A beautiful person or thing
beltati {n} :: plural of beltate
beluci {mf} :: alternative form of baluci
beluci {adj} :: alternative form of baluci
belva {f} :: beast (all senses)
belvedere {m} [architecture] :: belvedere (raised structure offering a pleasant view of the surrounding area)
belvedere {adj} :: Having good visibility (used especially of tourist coaches)
Belzebù {prop} :: Beelzebub
Bembo {prop} :: surname
Bembo {prop} :: A noble family of Venice
bemolle {m} [music] :: bemol, flat (the symbol)
ben {adv} :: apocopic form of bene
ben- {prefix} :: good, well
benaccetto {adj} :: welcome, appreciated
benaccetto {adj} :: pleasant
benacense {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Lake Garda
Benaco {n} :: Lake Garda
benallevato {adj} :: well-bred (well brought-up)
benaltrismo {m} :: The tendency to avoid any attempt to solve a problem by either denying that there is a problem, or by arguing about its causes
benaltrismo {m} :: The tendency to discredit any attempt to face a problem by pointing to other supposedly more serious and more important issues; whataboutism
ben altro {pron} :: other (more important) things (to do)
benamato {adj} :: Variant of beneamato
benarrivato {interj} :: welcome!
benarrivato {m} :: welcome
benaugurante {adj} :: auspicious (being a good omen)
benauguratamente {adv} :: auspiciously
benaugurato {adj} :: auspicious
benavere {vi} :: To achieve peace or serenity
benché {conj} :: although, though
benche {conj} :: alternative form of benché
ben cotto {adj} :: (of food) well done (cooked through)
benda {f} :: bandage
benda {f} :: blindfold
bendaggio {m} :: bandaging
bendaggio {m} :: bandage
bendante {v} :: present participle of bendare
bendantesi {v} :: present participle of bendarsi
bendare {vt} :: to bandage
bendare {vt} :: to blindfold
bendarsi {v} :: reflexive of bendare
bendarsi {vr} :: to bandage oneself
bendarsi {vr} :: to blindfold oneself
bendato {adj} :: bandaged
bendato {adj} :: blindfolded
bendatosi {v} :: past participle of bendarsi
bendatura {f} :: bandaging
bendatura {f} :: dressing
bendidio {m} :: good thing
ben disposto {adj} :: alternative spelling of bendisposto
bendisposto {adj} :: well-disposed (towards)
bendone {m} :: mitre band
ben dotato {adj} [colloquial] :: well hung, having a large penis
bene {adj} :: upper-class, posh, high
bene {adv} :: well, nicely, OK, right
bene {adv} :: properly, correctly, rightly
bene {adv} :: thoroughly, carefully
bene {adv} :: as much as, as many as
bene {interj} :: good!; fine!
bene {m} :: good
bene {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: goods, property, possessions, belongings, assets
bene {m} :: sake, good
bene {m} :: happiness
bene {m} :: sweetheart, darling, love
bene {m} :: asset
bene- {prefix} :: good, well
beneaccetto {adj} :: Variant of benaccetto
beneamato {adj} [literary] :: beloved
beneaugurante {adj} :: alternative form of benaugurante
beneavere {vi} :: Variant of benavere
Benedetta {prop} :: given name, feminine form of Benedetto (Benedict), equivalent to English Benedicta
Benedetti {prop} :: surname
benedettino {adj} :: Benedictine
benedettino {m} :: Benedictine (all senses)
benedetto {adj} :: blessed
benedetto {adj} :: holy
Benedetto {prop} :: given name
benedicente {v} :: present participle of benedire
benedicente {adj} :: blessing (attributive)
benedicenza {f} :: praise
benedicere {vt} :: alternative form of benedire
benedicite {m} :: grace (prayer said before a meal)
benedire {vt} :: to bless
benedire {vt} :: to consecrate
benedizionale {m} :: benedictional (book of benedictions)
benedizione {f} :: blessing
benedizione {f} :: benediction
beneducato {adj} :: well-mannered
bene educato {adj} :: alternative spelling of beneducato
benefacente {v} :: present participle of benefare
benefare {vi} [obsolete] :: to do good (works)
benefatto {m} [obsolete] :: good works
benefatto {m} :: benefice
benefattore {m} :: benefactor
benefattrice {f} :: benefactor (female)
beneficamente {adv} :: beneficently
beneficante {v} :: present participle of beneficare
beneficare {vt} :: To benefit, to aid
beneficato {adj} :: benefit, aid (attributive)
beneficatore {m} :: benefactor
beneficente {adj} :: beneficial
beneficente {adj} :: beneficent
beneficenza {f} :: charity, beneficence
beneficiale {adj} :: Of or pertaining to an ecclesiastical benefice
beneficiante {v} :: present participle of beneficiare
beneficiare {vi} :: To benefit or profit
beneficiario {adj} :: beneficiary
beneficiario {m} :: beneficiary (feminine: beneficiaria)
beneficiario {m} :: benefice
beneficiario {m} :: payee
beneficiario {m} :: annuitant
beneficiato {adj} :: beneficed (receiving a benefice)
beneficienza {f} :: Variant of beneficenza
beneficio {m} :: benefit
beneficio {m} :: profit, gain
benefico {adj} :: beneficial, salutary, benign
benefico {adj} :: beneficent, charitable
benefit {m} :: benefit, advantage
benefizio {m} :: alternative form of beneficio
beneinformato {adj} :: Variant of beninformato
beneintenzionato {adj} :: Variant of benintenzionato
beneinteso {adj} :: Variant of beninteso
benemerente {adj} :: meritorious
benemerenza {f} :: merit
Benemerita {prop} :: The Carabinieri (national-level gendarmerie of Italy)
benemeritamente {adv} :: meritoriously
benemeritare {vi} :: Variant of benmeritare
benemerito {adj} :: meritorious
beneplacito {m} :: consent, approval, permission
benessere {m} :: well-being, wellness, health, fitness, welfare, affluence
benestante {adj} :: well-to-do, well-off
benestante {mf} :: A well-to-do or well-off person
benestare {m} :: approval
benestarista {mf} :: tester, checker (person, industrial)
beneventana {f} :: A female native or inhabitant of Benevento
beneventano {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Benevento
beneventano {adj} :: Of or relating to Benevento or the Benevento people
Benevento {prop} :: Benevento (province)
Benevento {prop} :: Benevento (town)
benevolente {adj} :: benevolent
benevolente {adj} :: well-disposed
benevolentemente {adv} :: benevolently
benevolenza {f} :: benevolence, mercy
benevolmente {adv} :: benevolently
benevolo {adj} :: benevolent
ben fatto {adj} :: alternative spelling of benfatto
benfatto {adj} :: good
benfatto {adj} :: well-made
Bengala {prop} :: Bengal
bengalese {adj} :: Bangladeshi
bengalese {mf} :: Bangladeshi
bengalese {m} [singular only] :: Bengali
bengali {m} :: Bengali (language)
bengalino {m} :: avadavat (of genus Amandava)
Bengasi {prop} :: Benghazi
bengodi {m} :: An imagined land of plenty
beniamina {f} :: favorite (female)
beniamina {f} :: teacher's pet (female)
beniamino {m} :: favorite
beniamino {m} :: teacher's pet
beniamino {m} :: mollycoddle
Beniamino {prop} :: Benjamin. [biblical character]
Beniamino {prop} :: given name
beni culturali {n} :: cultural heritage
beniculturali {n} :: alternative form of beni culturali
benignamente {adv} :: benignly
benignamente {adv} :: kindly
Benigni {prop} :: surname
Benigni {prop} :: Roberto Benigni, Italian actor
benignità {f} :: kindness, benignity
benigno {adj} :: benign
benigno {adj} :: kindly
benigno {adj} [oncology] :: benign
Benigno {prop} :: given name
Benin {prop} :: Benin
beninese {adj} :: Beninese
beninese {mf} :: Beninese
beninformato {adj} :: well-informed
benino {adv} :: Quite well; well enough
benintenzionatamente {adv} :: well-meaningly
ben intenzionato {adj} :: alternative spelling of benintenzionato
benintenzionato {adj} :: well-meaning
ben inteso {adv} :: alternative spelling of beninteso
beninteso {adv} :: certainly, of course
beninteso che {conj} :: provided that
benissimo {adv} :: Superlative of bene
Benito {prop} :: given name borrowed from Spanish Benito
benmeritante {v} :: present participle of benmeritare
benmeritare {vi} :: to be worthy (of)
benmeritare {vi} :: to be meritorious
benna {f} :: bucket, grab
ben nato {adj} :: alternative spelling of bennato
bennato {adj} :: well-born
benone {adv} :: (augmentative of bene) [colloquial] very well
benparlante {mf} :: well-spoken person
ben pensante {adj} :: alternative spelling of benpensante
ben pensante {mf} :: alternative spelling of benpensante
benpensante {mf} :: conformist, orthodox
benpensante {adj} :: conformist, orthodox
benpensante {adj} :: self-righteous
benpensatismo {m} :: conformity
benpensatismo {m} :: orthodoxy
benportante {adj} :: sprightly
ben riuscito {adj} :: successful
bensì {conj} :: but, rather
bensì {conj} :: on the contrary
benservito {m} :: reference (on leaving employment)
bensone {m} :: A type of doughnut from Modena
bentonico {adj} :: benthic
bentonite {f} [mineral] :: bentonite
ben tornato {adj} :: alternative spelling of bentornato
ben tornato {m} :: alternative spelling of bentornato
bentornato {adj} :: welcome back
bentornato {m} :: A person whose return is welcomed
bentos {m} :: benthos
Benussi {prop} :: surname
Benussi {prop} :: Vittorio Benussi, Italian psychologist
ben venuto {adj} :: alternative spelling of benvenuto
ben venuto {m} :: alternative spelling of benvenuto
benvenuto {adj} :: welcome
benvenuto {m} :: welcome
Benvenuto {prop} :: given name
ben visto {adj} :: alternative spelling of benvisto
benvisto {adj} :: well-thought-of
benvolere {vt} :: To respect or appreciate
benvoluto {adj} :: well-liked, popular
benvoluto {adj} :: loved
benzaldeide {f} [organic compound] :: benzaldehyde
benzedrina {f} :: benzedrine
benzendiolo {m} [organic chemistry] :: benzenediol
benzene {m} [organic compound] :: benzene
benzenico {adj} :: benzene (attributive)
benzenolo {m} [organic chemistry] :: benzenol
benzensolfonico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: benzenesulfonic
benzidinico {adj} :: benzidinic
benzile {m} [organic chemistry] :: benzyl
benzilico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: benzylic
benzina {f} :: petrol, gasoline
benzinaia {f} :: petrol pump attendant (female)
benzinaio {m} :: petrol pump attendant
benzinaio {m} :: petrol station [British], gas station [US]
benzoato {m} [organic chemistry] :: benzoate
benzoato di sodio {m} :: sodium benzoate
benzochinone {m} [organic compound] :: benzoquinone
benzodiazepina {f} :: benzodiazepine
benzoe {m} :: benzoin
benzoico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: benzoic
benzoile {m} [organic chemistry] :: benzoyl
benzoino {m} :: benzoin
benzolo {m} [organic chemistry] :: benzol
benzopirano {m} [organic compound] :: benzopyran
benzopirene {m} [organic compound] :: benzopyrene
benzotriazolo {m} [organic compound] :: benzotriazole
beone {m} :: boozer (heavy drinker)
beone {m} :: binge drinker
beota {adj} :: Boeotian
beota {adj} :: (figurative) Person with lack of discretion and slow-witted (due to the fame that the inhabitants of Boeotia had in Attica)
beota {mf} :: Boeotian
beotico {adj} :: Boeotian
Beozia {prop} :: Boeotia
Beppe {prop} :: A diminutive of the male given name Giuseppe
Beppino {prop} :: given name
bepridile {f} :: bepridil
beqquadro {m} :: alternative form of bequadro
bequadro {m} [music] :: The natural symbol ()
Berardo {prop} :: given name, alternative form of Bernardo
berberide {f} [botany] :: Any member of the Berberis taxonomic genus
berberidi {n} :: plural of berberide
berbero {adj} :: Berber
berbero {m} :: Berber (people)
berbero {m} [singular only] :: Berber (language)
berbice {m} :: sheep
berchelio {m} :: alternative form of berkelio
berciante {v} :: present participle of berciare
berciare {vi} :: To yell or bawl
bere {vit} :: to drink
Berengario {prop} :: surname
Berengario {prop} :: given name, Berengar
Berenice {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Berenice
bergamasca {f} :: A female native or inhabitant of Bergamo
bergamasco {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Bergamo
bergamasco {adj} :: Of or relating to Bergamo or the Bergamo people
Bergamo {prop} :: Bergamo, province of Lombardy, Italy
Bergamo {prop} :: Bergamo, city and capital of the province Bergamo
bergamotta {f} :: A type of pear, Pyrus persica
bergamotto {m} :: bergamot
bergmaniano {adj} :: Bergmanian
Bergoglio {prop} :: A village near Alessandria in Piedmont
Bergoglio {prop} :: surname derived from the placename
bergomense {adj} :: synonym of bergamasco
berico {adj} :: Of or from Vicenza
berico {m} :: Native or inhabitant of Vicenza
berillio {m} [chemistry] :: beryllium
berilliosi {f} [pathology] :: berylliosis
berillo {m} :: beryl
berkelio {m} [chemistry] :: berkelium
berlic {m} :: Variant of berlicche
berlicche {m} :: The Devil
berlina {f} :: a sedan
berlina {f} :: limousine
berlina {f} :: berlin carriage
berlinese {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Berlin
berlinese {mf} :: Berlinese, Berliner (native or inhabitant of Berlin)
berlingozzo {m} :: Berliner (doughnut)
berlingueriano {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Enrico Berlinguer
Berlino {prop} :: Berlin
berlusco {adj} :: doubly shady or sinister
Berlusconi {prop} :: surname
Berlusconi {prop} [masculine only] :: Silvio Berlusconi (Italian politician and businessman)
berlusconiana {f} :: feminine noun of berlusconiano
berlusconiano {adj} :: Berlusconian (of or pertaining to Silvio Berlusconi)
berlusconiano {m} [politics] :: A supporter of the policies of Silvio Berlusconi
berlusconismo {m} [politics] :: Berlusconism (Berlusconi's policies)
berlusconizzante {v} :: present participle of berlusconizzare
berlusconizzare {vt} [politics] :: To adopt the strategies or policies of Silvio Berlusconi to characterize something; to Berlusconize
berlusconizzazione {f} [politics] :: The process of being dominated by, or characterized by Silvio Berlusconi
bermuda {mp} :: Bermuda shorts
Bermude {prop} :: Bermuda
Berna {prop} :: Bern (city)
Bernadetta {prop} :: given name
bernarda {f} [vulgar] :: female genitalia
Bernarda {prop} :: given name, feminine of Bernardo
Bernardi {prop} :: surname
Bernardina {prop} :: given name, feminine of Bernardino
Bernardini {prop} :: surname
bernardino {m} :: Bernardine
Bernardino {prop} :: given name
Bernardo {prop} :: given name
bernesco {adj} :: burlesque
bernesco {adj} :: satirical
bernese {adj} :: Bernese
bernese {mf} :: Bernese
Bernetti {prop} :: surname
Bernina {prop} :: A mountain range in the Alps
Bernini {prop} :: surname
Bernini {prop} :: Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Italian sculptor and artist
bernoccolo {m} :: bump (pimple etc)
bernoccolo {m} :: flair, bent (disposition)
bernoccolo {m} :: bonk
bernoccoluto {adj} :: bumpy, lumpy
Berrè {prop} :: surname
berretta {f} :: cap
berretta {f} :: biretta
berrettaia {f} :: (female) cap (beret) maker or seller
berrettaio {m} :: cap (beret) maker or seller
berrettificio {m} :: cap factory
berrettino {m} :: cap, beret
berrettino {adj} :: light grey; ashen
berretto {m} :: cap
berretto a sonagli {m} :: fool's cap
bersò {m} :: arbour, bower
Bersabea {prop} :: obsolete form of Beersheba
bersagliante {v} :: present participle of bersagliare
bersagliare {vt} :: To bombard
bersagliera {f} :: An energetic and decisive woman
bersagliere {m} :: rifleman, bersagliere (in some Italian regiments)
bersaglieresco {adj} :: bold, resolute
bersaglio {m} :: target
Bersani {prop} :: surname
Bersani {prop} :: Pier Luigi Bersani, Italian politician
Bersani {prop} :: Samuele Bersani, Italian singer
bersaniano {adj} :: Of or relating to Pier Luigi Bersani
bersela {v} :: to naively believe in something unlikely; to be "taken in"
bersi {vr} :: An intensive variant of bere, to drink
berta {f} :: shearwater
berta {f} :: pile driver
berta minore {f} :: Manx shearwater
berta minore mediterranea {f} :: yelkouan shearwater (Puffinus yelkouan)
bertesca {f} :: brattice, bretèche
bertinottiano {adj} :: Bertinottian (pertaining to Italian politician Fausto Bertinotti)
bertinottismo {m} :: Any of the political principles of Fausto Bertinotti
Berto {prop} :: given name
bertoldo {m} :: wily peasant
bertoldo {m} :: simpleton
Bertoldo {prop} :: Berthold, Bertolt
Bertolucci {prop} :: surname
Bertolucci {prop} :: Bernardo Bertolucci, Italian film director
bertone {m} [nautical] :: A large, three-masted, square-rigged ship used in the Mediterranean in the 16th and 17th centuries
Bertoni {prop} :: surname
bertuccia {f} :: Barbary ape (Macaca sylvanus)
bertuccia {f} :: An ugly and unpleasant woman
beruzzo {m} :: A meal, taken in the fields, by agricultural workers
berzaglio {m} :: obsolete form of bersaglio
besciamella {f} :: béchamel sauce
Bessarione {prop} :: given name
besseliano {adj} :: Besselian
bessera {f} [plant] :: coral drops (Bessera elegans)
besso {adj} :: foolish
bestemmia {f} :: curse
bestemmia {f} :: blasphemy
bestemmiante {v} :: present participle of bestemmiare
bestemmiare {v} :: to blaspheme, specifically:
bestemmiare {vt} :: To speak of, or address, with impious irreverence; to revile impiously (anything sacred)
bestemmiare {vi} :: To commit blasphemy
bestemmiare {vt} [by extension] :: To curse
bestemmiare {vi} [by extension] :: To curse, swear
bestemmiare {vt} [figurative] :: To calumniate, revile
bestemmiatore {m} :: swearer
bestemmiatore {m} :: blasphemer
bestemmiatrice {f} :: feminine noun of bestemmiatore
bestemmiona {f} [rare] :: feminine of bestemmione: a heavy blasphemer [female]
bestemmiona {f} [colloquial] :: synonym of bestemmione
bestemmione {m} [rare] :: A heavy blasphemer [male]
bestemmione {m} [colloquial] :: A great blasphemy
bestia {f} :: beast
bestiaccia {f} :: evil, nasty or ugly beast
bestiaccia {f} :: wicked person
bestiaccia {f} :: tough person
bestia da soma {f} :: beast of burden, pack animal
bestia da tiro {f} :: draught animal, draft animal
bestiale {adj} :: animal (attributive)
bestiale {adj} :: beastly
bestiale {adj} :: bestial
bestialità {f} :: brutishness, bestiality, brutality
bestialità {f} :: nonsense
bestialitade {f} :: medieval spelling of bestialità
bestialmente {adv} :: bestially, brutally, cruelly
bestiame {m} :: cattle and sheep etc considered as an agricultural commodity
bestiame {m} :: stock
bestiario {m} :: bestiary
bestiola {f} :: Little animal or beast, creature
bestiolina {f} :: A little animal
bestione {m} :: beast (brutal person)
bestiuola {f} :: alternative spelling of bestiola
best seller {m} :: bestseller
bet {n} :: beth
bet {n} :: The name of the Phoenician-script letter 𐤁
bet {n} :: The name of the Hebrew script letter ב
beta {f} :: The name of the Greek script letter Β/β; beta
beta {f} [computing] :: beta (software version)
beta {f} [plant] :: alternative form of bieta; beet
betabloccante {adj} :: beta blocking
betabloccante {m} [pharmaceutical drug] :: beta blocker
betacismo {m} [linguistics] :: betacism
betamimetico {adj} :: betamimetic
betamimetico {m} [pharmacology] :: betamimetic
betatrone {m} [physics] :: betatron
Betelgeuse {prop} :: Betelgeuse
betlemita {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the city of Bethlehem
betlemita {m} :: an inhabitant of Bethlehem [male]
betlemita {f} :: an inhabitant of Bethlehem [female]
Betlemme {prop} :: Bethlehem (city in Palestine)
beton {m} :: concrete
betonaggio {m} :: concrete mixing, laying or pouring
betonica {f} :: betony, woundwort (Stachys officinalis)
betoniera {f} :: cement mixer, concrete mixer
betonista {m} :: concrete-mixer operator
Betsabea {prop} :: Bathsheba (biblical figure)
Betta {prop} :: given name, diminutive of Elisabetta
Bettina {prop} :: given name
Bettino {prop} :: given name
bettola {f} :: tavern
bettola {f} :: dive, joint (seedy bar)
bettoliere {m} :: innkeeper, publican
bettolina {f} :: barge (for cargo)
Bettona {prop} :: a town in the province of Perugia in Umbria in Italy
bettonese {adj} :: Of, or from, Bettona
bettonese {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Bettona
Bettoni {prop} :: surname
bettonica {f} :: betony, woundwort (variant of betonica)
betulla {f} :: birch
beuta {f} [chemistry] :: Erlenmeyer flask, conical flask
bevace {adj} :: bibulous (literary usage)
bevacità {f} :: bibulousness
Bevagna {prop} :: a town in the province of Perugia in Umbria in Italy
bevanate {adj} :: Of, or from, Bevagna
bevanate {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Bevagna
bevanda {f} :: beverage, drink
bevanda alcolica {f} :: alcoholic beverage
bevatrone {m} [physics] :: bevatron
beventesi {v} :: present participle of bersi
beveraggio {m} :: bran mash (animal feed)
beveraggio {m} :: potion (magic)
beveratoio {m} :: alternative form of abbeveratoio
beverino {m} :: drinking-trough (for a bird)
beverone {m} :: mash, swill (for animals)
bevibile {adj} :: drinkable
Bevilacqua {prop} :: A small town in the Verona province of Veneto
Bevilacqua {prop} :: surname
bevimento {m} [obsolete] :: drinking
bevitore {m} :: drinker, binge drinker
bevitrice {f} :: drinker (female)
bevizione {f} [obsolete] :: drinking
bevuta {f} :: Heavy drinking
bevuta {f} :: A drunken party
bevutosi {v} :: past participle of bersi
bezoar {m} :: bezoar
bezzo {m} :: An old silver Venetian coin worth half a soldo
bezzo {m} [in the plural] :: money
Bhutan {prop} :: Bhutan
bhutanese {adj} :: Bhutanese
bhutanese {mf} :: Bhutanese
bi {n} :: letter: b; bee
bi- {prefix} :: bi-
bi- {prefix} :: di-
biacca {f} [usually uncountable] :: white lead, ceruse
biacco {m} :: rat snake, chicken snake (of genus Elaphe)
biacco {m} :: racer (snake of the genus Coluber)
biada {f} :: fodder (food for horses and other animals)
biadante {v} :: present participle of biadare
biadare {vt} :: To fodder (animals)
biadesivo {adj} :: double-sided (adhesive tape)
Biagi {prop} :: surname
Biagio {prop} :: given name, cognate to English and French Blaise
Biagiotti {prop} :: surname
Biagiotti {prop} :: Laura Biagiotti, Italian designer
bialbero {adj} :: twin-cam
bianca {f} :: white woman
bianca {f} [snooker] :: cue ball (more fully bilia bianca)
Bianca {prop} :: given name, cognate to Blanche
Biancaneve {prop} :: Snow White
biancastro {adj} :: whitish
biancazzurro {adj} :: white and pale blue
biancheggiamento {m} :: whitening
biancheggiamento {m} :: bleaching
biancheggiante {v} :: present participle of biancheggiare
biancheggiante {adj} :: whitish
biancheggiare {vi} :: To be white
biancheggiare {vi} :: To turn white
bianchente {v} :: present participle of bianchire
biancheria {f} :: underwear, undergarments, lingerie
biancheria {f} :: linen
biancheria intima {f} :: underwear, sleepwear
biancheria intima {f} :: intimates
bianchettante {v} :: present participle of bianchettare
bianchettare {vt} :: To correct using correction fluid
bianchetto {adj} :: diminutive of bianco
bianchetto {m} :: ceruse or similar whitening agent or makeup
bianchetto {m} :: correction fluid
bianchetto {m} :: (not usual) singular of bianchetti
bianchezza {f} :: whiteness
Bianchi {prop} :: A small town in the Cosenza province of Calabria
Bianchi {prop} :: surname
bianchiccio {adj} :: whitish, off-white
Bianchini {prop} :: surname
bianchino {m} :: glass of white wine
bianchire {vt} :: to whiten
bianchissimo {adj} :: Very white, snow-white
bianco {adj} :: white
bianco {m} :: white
bianco {m} :: blank
bianco {m} :: (feminine bianca) white man
bianco {m} :: linen
Bianco {prop} :: given name especially popular in Tuscany
biancoblu {adj} :: white and blue
biancoceleste {adj} :: white and sky-blue
biancoceleste {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the S.S. Lazio, the Italian football team based in Rome
biancoceleste {adj} :: Of or pertaining to any other sporting team wearing a white and sky-blue shirt
biancoceleste {mf} :: A S.S. Lazio player or supporter
biancoceleste {mf} :: A player or supporter of any sporting club wearing a white and sky-blue shirt
bianco dell'uovo {m} :: egg white
bianco d'uovo {m} :: egg white
biancomangiare {m} :: blancmange
biancone {m} :: short-toed eagle or harrier eagle
bianconero {adj} :: black and white
bianconero {adj} :: Pertaining to the Juventus football club of Turin
bianconero {adj} :: Pertaining to any other sporting team wearing a black and white shirt
bianconiglio {m} [usually, in fairy tales] :: white rabbit
biancore {m} :: whiteness
biancorosso {adj} :: white and red
biancoscudato {m} :: A footballer who is a member of Calcio Padova
biancosegno {m} :: A signed, blank document
biancospino {m} :: hawthorn (Crataegus laevigata, syn. Crataegus oxycantha)
biancoverde {adj} :: white and green
biancovestito {adj} :: dressed in white
Bianore {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Bianor, another name of Ocnus
Bianore {prop} :: given name
Biasca {prop} :: A small town in the Riviera district of Ticino
biascicamento {m} :: chewing, chomping
biascicamento {m} :: mumbling, muttering
biascicante {v} :: present participle of biascicare
biascicare {vt} :: to mumble
biascicare {vt} :: to utter
biasimabile {adj} :: blameworthy
biasimante {v} :: present participle of biasimare
biasimantesi {v} :: present participle of biasimarsi
biasimare {vt} :: to blame
biasimarsi {v} :: reflexive of biasimare
biasimarsi {v} :: to blame oneself
biasimatosi {v} :: past participle of biasimarsi
biasimevole {adj} :: blameworthy
biasimevolmente {adv} :: blameworthily
biasimo {m} :: blame
biasimo {m} :: fault
biasmante {v} :: present participle of biasmare
biasmare {v} :: alternative form of biasimare
biassiale {adj} :: biaxial
biathlon {m} :: biathlon
biatleta {f} :: biathlete
biatomico {adj} [chemistry, physics] :: diatomic
biauricolare {adj} :: binaural
biavo {adj} :: sky blue
bibace {adj} :: bibulous (literary usage)
bibagno {adj} :: Having two bathrooms
bibasico {adj} [chemistry] :: dibasic
bibbia {f} :: bible (all senses)
Bibbia {prop} :: Bible
biberon {m} :: feeding bottle, bottle, baby feeder
bibita {f} :: soft drink, non-alcoholic drink
biblicamente {adv} :: biblically
biblico {adj} :: biblical
biblio- {prefix} :: biblio-
bibliobus {m} :: mobile library
bibliofagia {f} :: bibliophagy
bibliofago {m} :: bookworm (all senses)
bibliofilia {f} :: bibliophilia
bibliofilo {m} :: bibliophile
bibliografia {f} :: bibliography
bibliograficamente {adv} :: bibliographically
bibliografico {adj} :: bibliographic
bibliografo {m} :: bibliographer
biblioiatrica {f} :: book restoration and conservation
bibliolatria {f} :: bibliolatry
bibliologia {f} :: bibliology
bibliologo {m} {m} :: bibliologist
bibliomane {mf} :: bibliomaniac
bibliomania {f} :: bibliomania
bibliomanzia {f} :: bibliomancy
bibliometrica {f} :: bibliometrics
bibliometrico {adj} :: bibliometric
bibliopola {mf} :: bookseller
biblioteca {f} :: library
biblioteca {f} :: bookcase
bibliotecaria {f} :: A librarian (female)
bibliotecario {m} :: A librarian
biblioteconomia {f} :: librarianship, library science
biblioteconomista {mf} :: librarian (student of librarianship)
biblista {mf} :: Bible scholar
bibulo {adj} :: absorbent
bibulo {adj} :: bibulous (fond of drinking)
bica {f} :: haystack (or pile of sheaves)
bicamerale {adj} :: bicameral (two-chamber)
bicameralismo {m} :: bicameralism
bicamere {adj} :: two-room (attributive)
bicarbonato {m} :: bicarbonate
bicarbonato di sodio {m} [inorganic compound] :: sodium bicarbonate
bicchier {m} :: apocopic form of bicchiere
bicchierata {f} :: glass, glassful
bicchierata {f} :: drink
bicchiere {m} :: glass (drinking vessel), cup, tumbler (glass without stem)
bicchiere {m} :: glass (quantity)
bicchiere {m} [chemistry] :: beaker (laboratory vessel)
bicchierino {m} :: diminutive of bicchiere; small glass (of liquid)
bicefalo {adj} :: two-headed, bicephalous
bicentenario {m} :: bicentenary
bicentennale {adj} :: bicentennial, bicentenary
bichini {m} :: bikini
bici {f} :: clipping of bicicletta; bike, pushbike
bicicletta {f} :: bicycle
biciclettata {f} :: bicycle ride
biciclo {m} :: velocipede, penny-farthing (or any old-fashioned bicycle)
bicilindrico {adj} :: two-cylinder (attributive)
bicipite {adj} :: two-headed
bicipite {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: biceps
bicloruro {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: bichloride
bicocca {f} :: fort
bicocca {f} :: hovel
bicocca {f} :: shack
bicolano {adj} :: Bicol / Bikol (attributive)
bicolano {m} :: Bicolano (language)
bicolore {adj} :: bicolour, two-tone
biconcavo {adj} :: biconcave
bicondizionale {adj} [mathematics] :: biconditional
biconico {adj} :: biconical
biconsonantico {adj} :: biconsonantal
biconvesso {adj} :: biconvex
bicordo {m} [music] :: A bichord
bicorne {adj} :: two-horned
bicorno {m} :: A two-peaked hat, once worn by the Carabinieri
bicorno {m} [mathematics] :: bicorn
bicornuto {adj} :: two-horned
bicromatico {adj} :: dichromatic
bicromato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: bichromate
bicromato {adj} [photography] :: bichromate (attributive)
bicromia {f} :: Variant of dicromia
biculturale {adj} :: bicultural
biculturalismo {m} :: biculturalism
bicupola {f} [mathematics] :: bicupola
bicuspidale {adj} :: bicuspid
bicuspide {adj} :: bicuspid
bidè {m} :: bidet
bidella {f} :: (female) caretaker, janitor
bidello {m} :: caretaker, janitor
bidente {m} :: pitchfork
Bidente {prop} :: A river that flows in Emilia-Romagna
bideriva {adj} [of an aircraft's tailplane] :: twin-tail (having two vertical fins)
bidimensionale {adj} :: two-dimensional
bidimensionalità {f} :: bidimensionality, two-dimensionality
bidirezionale {adj} :: bidirectional
bidonante {v} :: present participle of bidonare
bidonare {vt} :: to let down, leave in the lurch
bidonare {vt} :: to swindle, cheat
bidonata {f} :: swindle
bidone {m} :: drum (container)
bidone dei rifiuti {m} :: trash can, rubbish bin
bidone dell'immondizia {n} :: garbage can
bidone dell'immondizia {n} :: A receptacle, usually roughly cylindrical and wider at the top than at the bottom, which serves as a place to discard waste materials
bidonista {mf} :: swindler, cheat
bidonvia {f} :: cablecar
bidonville {f} :: shantytown, slum
biecamente {adv} :: sullenly
biecamente {adv} :: askance
biechissimo {adj} :: Very sinister, very baleful
bieco {adj} :: sinister, sullen, baleful
biella {f} :: connecting rod
Biella {prop} :: Biella (province)
Biella {prop} :: Biella (town)
biellese {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Biella
biellese {mf} :: Native or inhabitant of Biella
bielletta {f} :: rod, billet
bielorussa {f} :: feminine noun of bielorusso
Bielorussia {prop} :: Belarus
bielorusso {adj} :: Belarusian
bielorusso {m} :: Belarusian
bielorusso {prop} :: The Belarusian language
bieltate {f} :: obsolete form of beltà
bieltati {n} :: plural of bieltate
Bienna {prop} :: obsolete form of Bienne
biennale {adj} :: biennial (every two years)
biennale {f} :: A celebration or exhibition held every two years
biennalista {mf} :: A student studying a two-year course
biennalizzante {v} :: present participle of biennalizzare
biennalizzare {vt} :: To study a two-year course (or to take an exam in the second year)
biennalmente {adv} :: biennially (every two years)
bienne {adj} [botany] :: biennial
biennio {m} :: A period of two years
bierre {mf} :: A member of the Brigate Rosse
bieta {f} :: synonym of bietola
bieticolo {adj} :: beet-farming (especially sugar-beet) (attributive)
bieticoltore {m} :: beet farmer
bieticoltura {f} :: beet farming
bietola {f} [plant] :: Beta vulgaris; beet
bietolone {m} :: orach (of genus Atriplex)
bietolone {m} :: simpleton, fool
bietta {f} :: spline
bietta {f} :: wedge
bifacciale {adj} :: bifacial
bifamiliare {adj} :: semi-detached (houses)
bifamiliare {f} :: Such a house
bifamiliare {f} :: duplex
bifase {adj} :: two-phase (attributive)
bifasico {adj} :: biphasic
bifenile {m} [organic compound] :: biphenyl
Biferno {prop} :: A river that flows in Molise
biffa {f} :: A telltale (device for indicating cracks in a wall)
bifido {adj} :: bifurcated
bifilare {adj} :: two-wire (electrical cabling etc)
bifocale {adj} :: bifocal
bifolca {f} :: (female) bumpkin, yokel
bifolcheria {f} :: rude or impolite act
bifolco {m} :: bumpkin, yokel
bifora {f} :: mullioned window
biforcamento {m} :: bifurcation
biforcante {v} :: present participle of biforcare
biforcantesi {v} :: present participle of biforcarsi
biforcare {vt} :: To divide something into two branches; to bifurcate
biforcare {v} :: to fork
biforcarsi {v} :: reflexive of biforcare
biforcarsi {vr} :: to divide into two branches
biforcarsi {vr} :: to fork
biforcarsi {vr} :: to branch
biforcatosi {v} :: past participle of biforcarsi
biforcatura {f} :: bifurcation, fork, forking, branch
biforcazione {f} :: bifurcation, fork, forking, branch, prong, crotch
biforcuto {adj} :: forked
bifosfonato {m} [organic chemistry] :: bisphosphonate
bifronte {adj} :: bifront, two-faced (all senses)
bifunzionale {adj} :: bifunctional
big {m} :: star (entertainment)
big {m} :: big shot, big noise
biga {f} :: chariot (two-wheeled)
bigama {f} :: bigamist (female)
bigamia {f} :: bigamy
bigamo {adj} :: bigamous
bigamo {m} :: bigamist
bigattiera {f} :: silkworm nursery
bigattiere {m} :: silkworm breeder
bigatto {m} :: silkworm
bigeminismo {m} :: bigeminy
bigemino {adj} :: bigeminal
bigemino {adj} :: twin
bigettivo {adj} :: Variant of biiettivo
bigezione {f} :: Variant of biiezione
bighellante {v} :: present participle of bighellare
bighellare {vi} :: to wander or saunter aimlessly
bighellare {vi} :: to loiter, loaf, bum around idle, laze, lounge
bighellonante {v} :: present participle of bighellonare
bighellonare {vi} :: to loaf around
bighellonare {vi} :: to dawdle
bighellone {mf} :: loafer, loiterer
bigia {f} :: warbler
bigia grossa {f} :: Orphean warbler
bigiante {v} :: present participle of bigiare
bigia padovana {f} :: barred warbler
bigiare {vt} :: To play truant / play hookey
bigiarella {f} :: lesser whitethroat
bigio {adj} :: ash gray
bigio {adj} :: dun
bigiotteria {f} :: costume jewellery
bigiotteria {f} :: costume jeweller's
bigiotto {m} :: alternative form of bigiotteria
biglia {f} :: alternative form of bilia
bigliardino {m} :: alternative form of biliardino
bigliardo {m} :: Variant of biliardo
bigliettaia {f} :: ticket inspector (female)
bigliettaia {f} :: clerk in a ticket office (female)
bigliettaio {m} :: ticket inspector
bigliettaio {m} :: clerk in a ticket office
bigliettazione {f} :: ticketing
biglietteria {f} :: ticket office
biglietteria {f} :: booking office
biglietteria {f} :: box office
bigliettino {m} :: card (birthday, Christmas etc)
biglietto {m} :: ticket
biglietto {m} :: card
biglietto {m} :: note, slip
biglietto {m} [heraldiccharge] :: billet
biglietto {m} :: note, banknote, bill
biglietto d'auguri {m} :: greeting card
biglietto da visita {m} :: business card
biglietto da visita {m} [figuratively] :: speciality, forte, asset
biglietto di auguri {m} :: Variant of biglietto d'auguri
bigliettone {m} :: A high-value banknote
biglione {m} :: alternative form of bilione
Big Mac {m} :: Big Mac
bignè {m} :: beignet, fritter
bignè {m} :: puff (pastry)
bignè {m} :: cream puff
bignami {m} :: student study guide; book summary
bignami {m} [by extension] :: summary
Bignami {prop} :: surname
Bignardi {prop} :: surname
bigodino {m} :: curler, roller (in the hair)
bigofono {m} [musical instruments] :: bigophone
bigolaro {m} :: a device through which bigoli are extruded
bigoli {m} :: bigoli
bigoncia {f} :: A wooden tub for collecting, then pressing grapes
bigoncio {m} :: tub
bigoressia {f} [pathology] :: bigorexia
bigottamente {adv} :: bigotedly
bigotteria {f} :: Excessive devoutness
bigotteria {f} :: bigotry
bigottismo {m} :: bigotry
bigotto {adj} :: Over-devout; bigoted
bigotto {m} :: bigot (religious)
bigudino {m} :: alternative form of bigodino
biidrato {m} [chemistry] :: dihydrate
biiettivo {adj} [mathematics] :: bijective
biiezione {f} [mathematics] :: bijection
bijouteria {f} :: synonym of gioielliere
bike {f} :: motorbike, motorcycle
biker {mf} [cycling] :: mountain biker
biker {mf} :: biker (motorcyclist)
bikini {m} :: bikini
Bila {prop} [Biblical character] :: Bilhah
bilabiale {adj} [phonetics] :: bilabial (articulated with both lips)
bilabiale {f} [phonetics] :: A bilabial speech sound
bilabiato {adj} [botany] :: bilabiate
bilama {adj} :: double-bladed (knife)
bilaminare {adj} :: bilaminar
bilaminato {adj} :: laminated on both sides
bilancia {f} :: balance, scales, scale (device for weighing)
bilancia {f} [economics] :: balance (see also bilancio)
Bilancia {prop} [astronomy] :: Libra (the constellation)
Bilancia {prop} [astronomy] :: Libra (the star sign)
bilancia commerciale {f} [economics] :: balance of trade
bilancia dei pagamenti {f} [economics] :: balance of payments
bilanciamento {m} :: balance, balancing
bilanciamento {m} :: equilibrium
bilanciamento {m} :: trim (of a ship etc)
bilanciante {v} :: present participle of bilanciare
bilanciantesi {v} :: present participle of bilanciarsi
bilanciare {vt} :: to balance [all senses]
bilanciarsi {v} :: reflexive of bilanciare
bilanciarsi {vr} :: to balance, balance out
bilanciatamente {adv} :: in a balanced manner
bilanciatamente {adv} :: in equilibrium
bilanciato {adj} :: balanced
bilanciatosi {v} :: past participle of bilanciarsi
bilanciere {m} :: balance wheel (in a watch)
bilanciere {m} :: compensator (in a machine)
bilanciere {m} :: barbell
bilancio {m} :: balance (list of credits and debits), balance sheet, budget
bilancio {m} :: assessment, result, outcome
bilancio {m} :: toll
bilancio delle vittime {m} :: death toll
bilandro {m} [watercraft, historical] :: alternative form of balandra
bilaterale {adj} :: bilateral
bilateralismo {m} :: bilateralism
bilateralità {f} :: The quality or state of being bilateral
bilateralmente {adv} :: bilaterally
bilatero {adj} :: bilateral
bile {f} [physiology] :: bile
bilharziosi {f} [medicine] :: bilharzia, schistosomiasis
bilia {f} [billiards, snooker] :: billiard/snooker ball
bilia {f} :: marble (small glass sphere)
bilia {f} :: glass ball
bilia bianca {f} [snooker] :: cue ball (white ball)
biliardino {m} :: Small billiard table or snooker table
biliardino {m} :: pinball
biliardo {m} [number] :: billiards
biliardo {m} [number] :: A thousand trillion (thousand million million)
biliardo {m} [games, sports] :: pool
biliare {adj} :: biliary, bilious
bilico {m} :: balance, equilibrium
bilineare {adj} :: bilinear
bilingue {adj} :: bilingual
bilinguismo {m} :: bilingualism
bilinguità {f} :: bilinguality
bilione {m} :: billion
bilionesimo {adj} :: billionth (UK), trillionth (US)
biliosamente {adv} :: irascibly, biliously
bilioso {adj} :: bilious
bilirubina {f} [physiology] :: bilirubin
bilirubinemia {f} [medicine] :: bilirubinemia
biliverdina {f} [biochemistry] :: biliverdin
billetta {f} :: billet (metal)
bilobato {adj} [botany] :: bilobate
bilocale {m} :: two-room apartment
bilocazione {f} :: bilocation
biltà {f} :: obsolete form of beltà
biltade {f} :: obsolete form of beltà
biltadi {n} :: plural of biltade
biltate {f} :: obsolete form of beltà
biltati {n} :: plural of biltate
bilux {mp} [Switzerland] :: flashing, blinking, winking
biluxante {v} :: present participle of biluxare
biluxare {vi} [Switzerland] :: to wink, blink or flash
bimane {adj} [tennis] :: two-handed (holding the racket with both hands)
bimano {adj} :: bimanous, two-handed
bimba {f} :: child, baby (female)
bimbaminkia {f} [neologism, colloquial, pejorative Internet slang, vulgar] :: A preteen or teenager, specifically one regarded as stupid, immature and annoying
bimbetta {f} :: toddler (female)
bimbetto {m} :: toddler
bimbo {m} :: child, baby (male)
bimbominkia {m} [neologism, colloquial, pejorative Internet slang, vulgar] :: A preteen or teenager, specifically one regarded as stupid, immature and annoying
bimembre {adj} :: two-limbed
bimensile {adj} :: fortnightly, twice-monthly
bimensilmente {adv} :: fortnightly
bimestrale {adj} :: bimonthly (every two months)
bimestrale {adj} :: two-month (attributive), bimestrial
bimestralità {f} :: Property of being bimonthly
bimestralità {f} :: Property of being bimestrial
bimestre {m} :: two months
bimetallico {adj} :: bimetallic
bimetallico {adj} :: bimetal (attributive)
bimetallismo {m} :: bimetallism
bimetallo {m} :: bimetal
bimillenario {adj} :: bimillennial
bimolecolare {adj} [chemistry, physics] :: bimolecular
bimotore {adj} :: twin-engined
bimotore {m} :: A twin-engined vehicle (especially an aircraft)
bin- {prefix} :: alternative form of bi- [sometimes used before a vowel]
Binaghi {prop} :: surname
binante {v} :: present participle of binare
binare {vt} :: to repeat (do something twice)
binare {vt} :: to double
binario {adj} :: binary
binario {m} [railway] :: line, track, platform
binario {m} :: rail, railway, railroad
binarismo {m} [linguistics] :: binarism
binato {adj} :: Having two natures, human and divine
binatoio {m} :: doubler (textile machine)
binatrice {f} :: plying or twisting machine (for yarn)
binatura {f} :: plying or twisting (of threads of yarn prior to spinning)
binaurale {adj} :: binaural (involving both ears)
binazionale {adj} :: binational
binazione {f} :: doubling
binda {f} :: jack (tool)
bindella {f} :: A steel rib that holds the two barrels of a hunting rifle together and forms a line of sight
bindello {m} :: A tape or ribbon used to hermetically seal food packaging
bindello {m} :: An embossed tape, that accompanies material being shipped, that records its weight
binder {m} :: a mixture of bitumen and gravel etc. used in roadbuilding
bindolante {v} :: present participle of bindolare
bindolare {vt} :: To trick or take in
bindoleria {f} :: cheat, fraud, swindle
bindolo {m} :: water wheel
bindolo {m} :: winder
bindolo {m} [figurative] :: trick, chicanery
bingo {m} :: bingo (game)
bingo {interj} :: bingo!
bino {adj} :: double
binoccolo {m} :: alternative form of binocolo
binocolo {m} :: binoculars
binocolo {m} :: opera glasses
binocolo {m} :: spyglass
binoculare {adj} :: binocular
binomiale {adj} :: binomial
binomio {m} [mathematics] :: binomial
binomio {m} :: duo
binomio {adj} [maths] :: alternative form of binomiale
binormale {m} [maths] :: binormal
binubo {m} :: A person who has been married twice
binucleato {adj} :: binuclear
bio- {prefix} :: life
-bio {suffix} :: organism
bioaccumulo {m} :: bioaccumulation
bioacustica {f} [biology, physics] :: bioacoustics
bioacustico {adj} [biology, physics] :: bioacoustic
bioagricoltore {m} :: ecological farmer
bioagricoltura {f} :: bioagriculture (ecological agriculture)
bioalimento {m} :: organic food
bioarchitettura {f} [architecture] :: bioarchitecture (ecological architecture)
bioastronautica {f} [medicine] :: bioastronautics (study of medical and physiological problems of space flight)
bioastronautico {adj} :: bioastronautical
bioattivazione {f} :: bioactivation
bioattivo {adj} :: bioactive
biobibliografia {f} :: biobibliography / bio-bibliography (biographical and bibliographical data of a person)
biobibliografico {adj} :: biobibliographic
biocarburante {m} :: biofuel
biocatalitico {adj} :: biocatalytic
biocatalizzatore {m} :: biocatalyst
bioccolo {m} :: ball of cotton or wool
bioccupato {adj} :: Having two jobs
biocenologia {f} :: biocoenology
biocenosi {f} [biology] :: biocenosis
biocentrismo {m} :: biocentrism
biochimica {f} :: biochemistry
biochimica {f} :: (feminine of biochimico) a female biochemist
biochimicamente {adv} :: biochemically
biochimico {adj} :: biochemical
biochimico {m} :: biochemist
biochimismo {m} :: synonym of biochimica
biocida {adj} :: biocide (attributive)
bioclastico {adj} [geology] :: bioclastic
bioclimatico {adj} :: bioclimatic
bioclimatologia {f} :: bioclimatology
biocombustibile {m} :: biofuel
biocompatibile {adj} :: biocompatible
biocompatibilità {f} :: biocompatibility
bioconiugato {adj} :: bioconjugated
biocostruzione {f} :: bioconstruction
bioculare {adj} :: Variant of binoculare
bioculturale {adj} :: biocultural
biodegradabile {adj} :: biodegradable
biodegradabilità {f} :: biodegradability
biodegradante {v} :: present participle of biodegradare
biodegradantesi {v} :: present participle of biodegradarsi
biodegradare {vt} :: To biodegrade
biodegradarsi {v} :: reflexive of biodegradare
biodegradarsi {vr} :: to biodegrade
biodegradatosi {v} :: past participle of biodegradarsi
biodegradazione {f} [biology] :: biodegradation
biodinamica {f} :: biodynamics
biodinamico {adj} :: biodynamic
biodinamico {adj} :: organic (agriculture)
biodiritto {m} [legal] :: The aspects of law that apply to biotechnology etc
biodisponibile {adj} :: bioavailable
biodisponibilità {f} [pharmacology] :: bioavailability
biodiversità {f} :: biodiversity
biodo {m} :: bur-reed / burreed (Sparganium erectum)
bioecologia {f} :: bioecology
bioeconomia {f} :: bioeconomics
bioeconomico {adj} :: bioeconomic
bioedilizia {f} :: green building (the trade)
bioelettricità {f} [biology, physics] :: bioelectricity
bioelettrico {adj} :: bioelectrical
bioelettronica {f} :: bioelectronics
bioenergetica {f} :: bioenergetics
bioenergetico {adj} :: bioenergetic
bioenergia {f} :: bioenergy
bioequivalente {adj} :: bioequivalent
bioequivalenza {f} :: bioequivalence
bioerma {m} :: Variant of bioherma
bioestetica {f} :: bioaesthetics
bioetanolo {m} :: bioethanol
bioetica {f} :: bioethics
bioetico {adj} :: bioethical
biofabbrica {f} :: A company or factory that makes biological control agents (especially one that breeds insects and other pathogens)
biofarmaceutica {f} :: biopharmaceutics
biofattore {m} :: biofactor
biofeedback {m} :: biofeedback
biofilia {f} :: biophilia
biofilo {m} :: biophile
biofilosofia {f} :: biophilosophy
biofisica {f} [biology, physics] :: biophysics
biofisico {m} :: biophysicist
biofisico {adj} :: biophysical
bioflavonoide {m} :: bioflavonoid
biofobia {f} :: biophobia
biofotogenesi {f} :: biophotogenesis
biofotolisi {f} [biochemistry] :: biophotolysis
biogas {n} :: biogas
biogenesi {f} :: biogenesis
biogenetica {f} :: biogenetics
biogenetico {adj} :: biogenetic
biogenia {f} :: biogeny
biogenico {adj} :: biogenic
biogeno {adj} [biochemistry, geology] :: biogenic
biogeochimico {adj} [ecology, chemistry] :: biogeochimical
biogeodinamica {f} :: biogeodynamics
biogeografia {f} [biology, geography] :: biogeography
biogeografico {adj} [biology, geography] :: biogeographic
Bioggio {prop} :: A small town in the Lugano district of Ticino
biografa {f} :: biographer (female)
biografante {v} :: present participle of biografare
biografare {vt} :: To biographize
biografato {m} :: biographee
biografia {f} :: biography
biograficamente {adv} :: biographically
biografico {adj} :: biographical
biografietta {f} :: biographette
biografo {m} :: biographer
bioherma {m} [geology] :: bioherm
bioidrogeno {m} :: biohydrogen
bioindicatore {m} :: bioindicator
bioinformatica {f} [biology, computing] :: bioinformatics
bioinformatico {adj} :: bioinformatic
bioingegnere {m} :: bioengineer
bioingegneria {f} :: bioengineering
bioinorganico {adj} [biochemistry] :: bioinorganic
biolca {f} :: A regional unit of area approximately equal to a third of a hectare
bioliquido {m} :: bioliquid
biolistico {adj} :: biolistic
biologa {f} :: biologist (female)
biologia {f} :: biology
biologia marina {f} [biology] :: marine biology
biologicamente {adv} :: biologically
biologicamente {adv} :: organically
biologico {adj} :: biological
biologico {adj} :: organic
biologismo {m} :: biologism
biologo {m} :: biologist
bioluminescente {adj} :: bioluminescent
bioluminescenza {f} [biology, chemistry] :: bioluminescence
bioma {m} [ecology] :: biome
biomanipolazione {f} :: biomanipulation
biomarcatore {m} :: biomarker
biomassa {f} :: biomass
biomatematica {f} [biology, mathematics] :: biomathematics
biomatematico {adj} :: biomathematical
biomateriale {m} :: biomaterial
biomeccanica {f} :: biomechanics
biomeccanico {adj} :: biomechanical
biomedicale {adj} :: biomedical
biomedicina {f} [biology, medicine] :: biomedicine
biomedico {adj} :: biomedical
biometano {m} :: biomethane
biometeorologia {f} :: biometeorology
biometeorologico {adj} :: biometeorological
biometria {f} :: biometrics
biometrico {adj} :: biometric
biometrista {mf} :: biometrician
biomicroscopia {f} :: biomicroscopy, cytology
biomimesi {f} :: biomimicry
biomimetica {f} [biology] :: biomimicry
biomimetico {adj} :: biomimetic
biomimica {f} [biology] :: biomimicry
biomineralogia {f} [biology, mineralogy] :: biomineralogy
biomolecola {f} [biochemistry] :: biomolecule
biomolecolare {adj} :: biomolecular
biomorfo {adj} :: biomorphic
biomorfologia {m} :: biomorphology
biomorfologico {adj} :: biomorphological
bionda {f} :: blonde, blonde woman, woman with blonde hair
biondastro {adj} :: blondish (somewhat blond)
biondeggiante {v} :: present participle of biondeggiare
biondeggiante {adj} :: yellowing (turning yellow or golden)
biondeggiare {vi} :: To turn yellow or golden (of corn etc)
biondella {f} :: centaury
biondella {f} :: knapweed
biondezza {f} :: blondness
biondiccio {adj} :: greying (hair)
biondina {f} :: blonde (girl)
biondino {m} :: young blond man
biondissimo {adj} :: Very blond
biondo {adj} :: blond (man, man's hair), blonde (woman, woman's hair), fair-haired
biondo {m} :: blond, blond man, man with blond hair
biondo platino {adj} :: platinum blond
biondo rame {adj} :: auburn
bionica {f} :: bionics
bionico {adj} :: bionic
bionomia {f} :: bionomics, ecology
bio-ossidazione {f} [biochemistry] :: bio-oxidation (bacterial oxidation)
bioparco {m} :: A zoo that pays especial attention to the needs of the animals and their environment
bioparco {m} :: Originally, a zoo whose main function was entertainment of the public rather than conservation etc
biopatia {f} :: biopathy
biopirateria {f} :: biopiracy
bioplastica {f} :: bioplastic
biopolimero {m} [biochemistry] :: biopolymer
biopolitica {f} :: biopolitics
bioproteina {f} :: biological protein; bioprotein
biopsia {f} [medicine] :: biopsy
bioptico {adj} :: biopsic / bioptic
biorario {adj} :: two-hourly
bioreattore {m} :: bioreactor
bioregionalismo {m} :: bioregionalism
bioregione {f} :: bioregion
biorisanamento {m} [ecology] :: bioremediation
biorisorsa {f} [biology] :: bioresource
bioritmico {adj} :: biorhythmic
bioritmo {m} :: biorhythm
biorizzazione {f} :: biorization
biosatellite {f} :: biosatellite
bioscia {f} [regional] :: soft snow
bioscia {f} [regional] :: slops, swill, dishwater
bioscienza {f} [biology] :: bioscience
bioscopia {f} [medicine] :: bioscopy
biosensore {m} :: biosensor
biosfera {f} :: biosphere
biosferico {adj} :: biospherical
-biosi {suffix} [biology] :: -biosis
biosintesi {f} [biochemistry] :: biosynthesis
biosintetico {adj} :: biosynthetic
biosintetizzante {v} :: present participle of biosintetizzare
biosintetizzare {vt} [biochemistry] :: to biosynthesize
biosintetizzato {adj} [biochemistry] :: biosynthesized; biosynthetic
biosistema {m} :: ecosystem
biosociologia {f} :: biosociology
biosostenibile {adj} :: biosustainable
biospeleologia {f} :: biospeleology
biossidazione {f} :: alternative form of bio-ossidazione
biossido {m} :: dioxide
biossido di carbonio {n} :: carbon dioxide
biostatistica {f} :: biostatistics
biostatistico {adj} :: biostatistical
biostratigrafia {f} :: biostratigraphy
biostratigrafico {adj} :: biostratigraphical
biot {m} :: biot
biotecnica {f} :: biotechnics
biotecnico {adj} :: biotechnical, biotechnological, biotech
biotecnico {m} :: biotechnologist
biotecnologa {f} :: biotechnologist (female)
biotecnologia {f} [biology] :: biotechnology
biotecnologico {adj} :: biotechnological, biotech
biotecnologo {m} :: biotechnologist
bioteologia {f} :: biotheology
bioterapeuta {mf} :: biotherapist
bioterapia {f} :: biotherapy
bioterrorismo {m} :: bioterrorism
bioterrorista {mf} :: bioterrorist
biotestamento {m} :: living will
biotico {adj} :: biotic
-biotico {suffix} :: -biotic
biotina {f} :: biotin
biotipo {m} [biology] :: biotype
biotipologia {f} :: biotypology
biotite {f} [mineral] :: biotite
biotopo {m} [ecology] :: biotope
biotossina {f} :: biotoxin
biotrasformazione {f} [biochemistry] :: biotransformation
biottico {adj} :: bioptic (having two (groups of) lenses in parallel)
biotto {adj} :: naked
bioturbazione {f} :: bioturbation
bioumorale {adj} :: biohumoral
biova {f} :: A roundish loaf (of bread)
biovetro {m} :: bioglass (biocompatible, glasslike material used in implants etc)
biovulare {adj} :: dizygotic
biovulari {adj} :: biovular
bipala {adj} :: two-bladed
biparo {adj} :: biparous
bipartente {v} :: present participle of bipartire
bipartentesi {v} :: present participle of bipartirsi
bipartibile {adj} :: divisible into two
bipartire {vt} :: to divide in two
bipartirsi {v} :: reflexive of bipartire
bipartirsi {vr} :: to divide into two
bipartisan {adj} :: bipartisan
bipartitico {adj} :: two-party (attributive)
bipartitismo {m} [politics] :: two-party system
bipartito {adj} :: Divided into two
bipartito {adj} :: two-party (attributive)
bipartitosi {v} :: past participle of bipartirsi
bipartizione {f} :: division into two parts
bipartizione {f} :: split (in a political party)
bipasso {adj} :: Describing an electrical socket that can accommodate two pins
bipede {adj} :: bipedal
bipede {mf} :: biped
bipennato {adj} [botany] :: bipinnate
bipiede {m} :: bipod (to support a firearm)
bipiramidale {adj} :: bipyramidal
bipiramide {f} :: bipyramid
biplano {m} :: biplane
biplano {adj} :: two-winged
bipode {m} :: bipod (to support a firearm)
bipolare {adj} :: bipolar
bipolarismo {m} [politics] :: two-coalition system, two-party system
bipolarista {mf} :: A supporter of two-party politics
bipolarità {f} :: bipolarity
bipolarizzazione {f} :: bipolarization
bipolarone {m} [physics] :: bipolaron
bipolo {m} :: dipole
biposto {adj} :: two-seater (attributive)
biqquadro {m} :: alternative form of bequadro
biquotidiano {adj} :: twice daily
biradicale {m} [organic chemistry] :: biradical
biradicale {adj} [organic chemistry] :: biradical
birba {f} :: rascal, rogue
birbantaggine {f} :: roguery, knavery
birbante {mf} :: rascal, rogue
birbanteria {f} :: roguery, knavery
birbantescamente {adv} :: rogueishly
birbantescamente {adv} :: impudently
birbantesco {adj} :: rogueish, rascally
birbantesco {adj} :: impudent
birbo {m} [colloquial, dated] :: scoundrel, rascal
birbonata {f} :: naughty trick
birboncello {adj} :: roguish
birboncello {adj} :: mischievous
birbone {adj} :: naughty
birbone {adj} :: wicked
birbone {adj} :: mischief
birboneria {f} :: roguery, knavery
birboneria {f} :: mischief
birbonescamente {adv} :: roguishly
birbonesco {adj} :: roguish, rascally
bircio {adj} :: short-sighted; crosseyed
bireattore {m} :: twin-engine jet
bireme {f} [nautical] :: bireme
biribissi {m} :: A game of chance using numbered counters
biribissi {m} :: top (toy)
birichina {f} :: rascal, imp (female)
birichinamente {adv} :: mischievously, impishly
birichinamente {adv} :: slyly
birichinata {f} :: prank, practical joke
birichineria {f} :: mischief, impishness
birichino {adj} :: mischievous, impish
birichino {adj} :: sly
birichino {adj} :: naughty
birichino {m} :: rascal, imp (mischievious person)
birichino {m} :: pickle
birifrangente {adj} :: birefringent
birifrangenza {f} [physics] :: birefringence
birifrazione {f} [physics] :: birefringence
birignao {m} :: affected tone or way of speaking
birillo {m} :: pin
birillo {m} :: ninepin, skittle
birillo {m} [in the plural, games] :: ninepins, skittles
birillo {m} :: cone
birmana {f} :: feminine noun of birmano
Birmania {prop} :: Burma
birmano {adj} :: Burmese
birmano {m} :: Burmese
birmano {prop} :: The Burmese language
biro {f} :: ballpoint pen, biro
birocciaio {m} :: carter
biroccino {m} :: gig
biroccio {m} :: cart
biroccio {m} :: cartload
birotore {adj} :: two-, twin- or tandem-rotor
birra {f} :: beer
birra {f} :: beer, glass of beer
birracchio {m} :: yearling bull (uncastrated one-year-old male calf)
birraia {f} :: brewer (female)
birraia {f} :: beer seller (female)
birra inglese {f} :: bitter (type of beer popular in Britain)
birraio {m} :: brewer
birraio {m} :: beer seller
birrario {adj} :: beer (attributive)
birreria {f} :: pub, brewpub, alehouse
birreria {f} :: brewery
birretta {f} :: diminutive of birra
birretta {f} [colloquial] :: beer
birrificazione {f} :: brewing (of beer)
birrificio {m} :: brewery
bis {m} :: encore
bis {m} :: repetition
bis {m} :: duo (two varieties as a unit)
bis {adj} :: additional
bis- {prefix} :: alternative form of bi-; bis-; di-
bis- {prefix} :: great-
bis- {prefix} :: Used with adjectives or verbs to denote a generic pejorative connotation
bisaccaride {m} :: Variant of disaccaride
bisaccia {f} :: knapsack, haversack
bisaccia {f} :: pannier, saddlebag
bisacuto {adj} :: double-edged (blade)
Bisagno {prop} :: A river that flows through Genua
bisantato {adj} [heraldry] :: bezanty, bezanted
bisante {m} :: bezant (all senses)
bisante {m} [heraldiccharge] :: bezant or plate
bisantino {adj} :: Variant of bizantino
bisantino {m} :: Variant of bizantino
Bisanzio {prop} :: Byzantium
bisarca {f} :: car transporter, auto carrier, autorack
bisarcavolo {m} :: great-great-great-grandfather
bisarcavolo {m} :: great-great-great-grandparent
bisarcavolo {m} [by extension] :: distant ancestor
bisarchista {mf} :: car transporter driver
bisava {f} :: great-grandmother
bisavo {m} :: great-grandfather
bisavo {m} [in the plural] :: forefathers
bisavola {f} :: great-grandmother
bisavolo {m} :: great-grandfather
bisavolo {m} [in the plural] :: forefathers
bisbeticamente {adv} :: crabbily
bisbetico {adj} :: ill-tempered, crabby, scold
bisbetico {m} :: A quirky or temperamental person [male]
bisbigliamento {m} :: A soft whispering
bisbigliante {v} :: present participle of bisbigliare
bisbigliare {vit} :: to whisper
bisbigliatore {adj} :: whispering
bisbigliatore {adj} :: slanderous
bisbigliatore {m} :: whisperer
bisbigliatore {m} :: slanderer
bisbiglio {m} :: whisper, murmur, susurration
bisbiglio {m} :: rumour, whisper, tittle-tattle
bisbiglio {m} [literary] :: rustling, a sound similar to the movement of leaves
bisbiglione {m} :: slanderer
bisbiglione {m} :: gossip
bisboccia {f} :: binge, spree, jag, riot
bisbocciante {v} :: present participle of bisbocciare
bisbocciare {vi} :: to make merry
bisbocciare {vi} :: to go on a spree
bisboccione {m} :: merrymaker
bisca {f} :: gambling house, gambling den
Biscaglia {prop} :: Biscay
biscaglina {f} [nautical] :: rope ladder
biscaiolo {m} :: gambler (who frequents gambling dens)
biscazza {f} :: alternative form of bisca
biscazziere {m} :: Manager of a gambling den
biscazziere {m} :: scorer (in billiards)
Bisceglie {prop} :: a town in the province of Barletta-Andria-Trani in Apulia in Italy
biscegliese {adj} :: Of, or from, Bisceglie
biscegliese {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Bisceglie
bischera {f} :: (female) fool, idiot
bischeraggine {f} :: stupidity, idiocy
bischerata {f} [regional] :: stupid thing, rubbish, foolishness, stupidity
bischerello {m} :: Wooden stopper (for a flask or bottle)
bischero {m} :: fool, idiot
bischero {m} :: peg (on a stringed instrument)
bischero {m} :: prick (fool, and penis)
biscia {f} :: snake (non-poisonous, such as the grass snake)
biscione {m} [heraldiccharge] :: A heraldic device consisting of a large snake devouring a person
biscondola {f} :: sun trap
biscottante {v} :: present participle of biscottare
biscottare {vt} :: to bake (in an oven in order to remove moisture and make crisp or crunchy)
biscottato {adj} :: toasted
biscotteria {f} :: biscuit factory or shop
biscotteria {f} :: assortment of biscuits
biscottiera {f} :: biscuit barrel, biscuit tin [British], cookie jar [US]
biscottiere {m} :: biscuit maker (person)
biscottiero {adj} :: biscuit making (attributive)
biscottificio {m} :: biscuit factory
biscottino {m} :: diminutive of biscotto; small biscuit
biscottino {m} :: A small connecting rod in part of a car
biscotto {m} :: biscuit, cookie
biscotto {m} [sports slang, uncountable] :: Tactical play between two people (or two teams) aimed to wrong or evict a third person (or a third team)
biscroma {f} [music] :: demisemiquaver [British], thirty-second note [US]
biscugina {f} :: second cousin (female)
biscugino {m} :: second cousin
biscuit {m} :: biscuit (white earthenware)
biscuit {m} :: wafer (for ice cream)
bisdosso {adv} :: Used only in the term a bisdosso
bisdrucciolo {adj} [linguistics, of a word] :: Having the stress on the fourth from last syllable
bisecante {v} :: present participle of bisecare
bisecante {adj} [mathematics] :: bisecant (attrivutive)
bisecante {f} [mathematics] :: bisecant
bisecare {vt} :: to bisect
bisecato {adj} :: bisected
bisecolare {adj} :: bicentennial (attributive)
bisellante {v} :: present participle of bisellare
bisellare {vt} :: To chamfer
bisello {m} :: chamfer
bisello {m} :: round
bisemico {adj} [linguistics] :: bisemic
bisenso {m} :: Any word that has two different meanings
Bisenzio {prop} :: A river in Tuscany
Bisenzo {prop} :: alternative form of Bisenzio
Biserta {prop} :: Bizerte (city in Tunisia)
bisessuale {adj} :: bisexual
bisessuale {mf} :: bisexual
bisessualità {f} :: bisexuality
bisessuato {adj} :: bisexual
bisestile {adj} :: bissextile, leap (attributive)
bisesto {adj} :: bissextile, leap
bisesto {m} :: leap day
bisettimanale {adj} :: twice-weekly
bisettimanalmente {adv} :: twice-weekly
bisettore {adj} [mathematics] :: bisecting (plane)
bisettrice {f} [geometry] :: bisector
bisex {adj} :: bisexual
bisex {adj} :: unisex (suitable for either sex)
bisezione {f} [geometry] :: bisection
bisfenoide {m} :: bisphenoid
bisfenolo {m} [organic compound] :: bisphenol
bisfosfato {m} :: bisphosphate
bisgenero {m} :: husband of a granddaughter or niece
Bisiacaria {prop} :: A region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia corresponding to the southern part of the province of Gorizia
bisiacco {n} :: Bisiac
bisiacco {adj} :: Bisiac
bisiaco {adj} :: Of or from Bisiacaria
bisillabico {adj} :: bisyllabic
bisillabo {adj} :: disyllabic
bisillabo {m} :: disyllable
bislaccamente {adv} :: oddly, strangely, weirdly
bislaccheria {f} :: oddness, strangeness, weirdness
bislacco {adj} :: odd, strange, weird
bislama {m} :: Bislama
bisleale {adj} :: Very disloyal
bislingua {f} :: The plant butcher's broom, Ruscus aculeatus
bislungamente {adv} :: In an oblong manner
bislungo {adj} :: oblong
bislungo {m} :: tray
bismalva {f} :: marshmallow
Bismarck {prop} :: Bismarck
bismarckiano {adj} :: Bismarckian
bismutinite {f} [mineral] :: bismuthinite
bismuto {m} [chemistry] :: bismuth
bisnipote {mf} :: great-grandchild (great-grandson or great-granddaughter)
bisnipote {mf} :: great-nephew or great-niece
bisnonna {f} :: great-grandmother
bisnonno {m} :: great-grandfather
bisnonno {m} [in the plural] :: great-grandparents
bisogna {f} :: thing, matter, affair
bisogna {f} :: necessity, requirement, need
bisognante {v} :: present participle of bisognare
bisognare {vi} :: to be necessary, to have to, must, should, ought to
bisognatario {m} :: guarantor (of a financial instrument)
bisognevole {adj} :: needy
bisognevole {adj} :: in need (of)
bisognevole {adj} :: necessary
bisognino {m} :: urination or defecation (euphemistically)
bisogno {m} :: need
bisognosa {f} :: poor woman
bisognosamente {adv} :: needily
bisognosamente {adv} :: needfully
bisognoso {adj} :: in need (of)
bisognoso {adj} :: needy, poor
bisognoso {m} :: poor person
bisolfato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: bisulfate
bisolfito {m} :: bisulfite
bisolfito di sodio {m} [inorganic compound] :: sodium bisulfite
bisolfuro {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: bisulfide
bisonico {adj} :: supersonic (more specifically, having twice the speed of sound)
bisonte {m} :: bison
bisostituito {adj} [chemistry] :: disubstituted
bispensiero {m} :: doublethink
bispettro {m} [mathematics] :: bispectrum
bissante {v} :: present participle of bissare
bissare {vt} :: To give an encore
bissare {vt} :: To repeat
bissino {adj} :: Fine linen (attributive)
bisso {m} :: A fine linen
bissona {f} [nautical] :: A Venetian ceremonial rowing boat, having eight rowers, used only in processions
bistabile {adj} :: bistable
bistabilità {f} :: bistability
bistecca {f} [meats, regional] :: steak (beef)
bistecca {f} [meats, regional] :: steak (with no bone)
bistecchiera {f} :: steak grill, steak pan
bistentare {vi} [obsolete] :: To suffer greatly
bistentare {vi} [obsolete] :: To wait, to loiter
bistenti {n} :: plural of bistento
bistento {m} :: anxious or worried expectation
bisticciamento {m} :: quarrel, row, altercation, tiff, squabble
bisticciante {v} :: present participle of bisticciare
bisticciantesi {v} :: present participle of bisticciarsi
bisticciare {vi} :: To bicker or quarrel
bisticciarsi {v} :: reflexive of bisticciare
bisticciarsi {vr} :: to bicker, quarrel
bisticciatosi {v} :: past participle of bisticciarsi
bisticcio {m} :: quarrel, squabble
bisticcio {m} :: pun, play on words
bistondo {adj} :: roundish
bistorta {f} :: bistort (Persicaria bistorta)
bistorto {adj} :: Irregularly twisted or crooked
bistrante {v} :: present participle of bistrare
bistrare {vt} :: to make up using bistre cosmetic
bistrattante {v} :: present participle of bistrattare
bistrattare {vt} :: To mistreat or ill-treat
bistrattato {adj} :: mistreated, ill-treated
bistro {m} :: bistre
bistrot {m} :: bistro
bisturi {m} [medicine] :: scalpel, bistoury, lancet
bisulce {adj} :: alternative form of bisulco
bisulco {adj} :: divided in two
bisulco {adj} :: cloven (hoof)
bisunto {adj} :: very greasy
Bitinia {prop} :: Bithynia
bitonale {adj} [music] :: bitonal (all senses)
bitonalità {f} [music] :: bitonality
bitontino {adj} :: Of, or from, Bitonto
bitontino {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Bitonto
Bitonto {prop} :: a town in the province of Bari in Apulia in Italy
bitorzolo {m} :: bump, lump, bonk (on the body)
bitorzolo {m} :: botch
bitorzoluto {adj} :: gnarled, knotted (tree)
bitorzoluto {adj} :: warty (face)
bitroncato {adj} [mathematics] :: bitruncated
bitta {f} [nautical] :: bollard, kevel, cleat. bitt
bitter {m} :: bitters
bitumante {v} :: present participle of bitumare
bitumare {vt} :: To bituminize
bitumatrice {f} :: bitumen spreader (machine)
bitumatura {f} :: bituminization
bitumazione {f} :: bituminization
bitume {m} :: bitumen, tar
bituminante {v} :: present participle of bituminare
bituminare {vt} :: To bituminize
bituminoso {adj} :: bituminous
bitumizzazione {f} :: bitumization
biturbo {adj} :: Having twin turbochargers
biturgense {adj} :: Of or from Sansepolcro
biunivocità {f} [mathematics] :: bijection
biunivoco {adj} :: biunivocal, bijective
bivaccante {v} :: present participle of bivaccare
bivaccare {vi} :: to bivouac
bivaccare {vi} :: to bed down
bivacco {m} :: bivouac
bivalente {adj} :: bivalent
bivalente {adj} [chemistry] :: divalent
bivalenza {f} :: bivalence
bivalve {m} :: bivalve
bivero {m} [obsolete] :: beaver
bivio {m} :: fork (in the road)
bivio {m} :: crossroads
bivoltino {adj} :: bivoltine
Bivona {prop} :: A comune of Agrigento, in Sicily
Bixio {prop} :: surname
Bixio {prop} :: Nino Bixio, Italian patriot
bizantineggiante {v} :: present participle of bizantineggiare
bizantineggiare {vi} [arts] :: to paint in the Byzantine style
bizantineggiare {vi} :: to split hairs, be pedantic
bizantineria {f} :: Byzantism
bizantinismo {m} :: Byzantism, Byzantinism
bizantino {adj} :: Byzantine
bizantino {adj} :: pedantic
bizza {f} :: tantrum
bizzarramente {adv} :: bizarrely
bizzarria {f} :: oddness, eccentricity
bizzarria {f} :: oddity, curiosity
bizzarro {adj} :: odd, queer, eccentric, bizarre, weird
bizzarro {adj} :: frisky (horse)
bizzeffe {n} :: only used in a bizzeffe
bizzosamente {adv} :: capriciously
bizzoso {adj} :: capricious, whimsical
Bizzozero {prop} :: A district of Varese in Lombardy
blachernioto {adj} :: Blachernae (attributive)
blairismo {m} :: Blairism
blanco {m} [football] :: A Real Madrid football player (in plural - the team)
blandamente {adv} :: mildly, gently, softly
blandente {v} :: present participle of blandire
blandire {vt} :: To coax, blandish or cajole
blandizia {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: blandishment
blando {adj} :: mild
blando {adj} :: weak
blando {adj} :: bland
blanquiste {m} :: Blanquist
blasé {adj} :: blasé
blasfema {f} :: feminine noun of blasfemo
blasfemare {v} :: synonym of bestemmiare
blasfemia {f} :: blasphemy
blasfemo {adj} :: blasphemous
blasfemo {m} :: blasphemer
Blasi {prop} :: surname
blasonario {m} [heraldry] :: armorial
blasonato {adj} :: armigerous; noble
blasonato {adj} [sports] :: That has won many trophies
blasonatura {f} :: blazon (formal description of a coat-of-arms)
blasone {m} :: coat of arms, escutcheon, blazon
blasonista {mf} :: blazoner, heraldist
-blasto {suffix} :: -blast
blastocisti {f} [biology] :: blastocyst
blastocistico {adj} :: blastocystic
blastoderma {m} [embryology] :: blastoderm
blastogenesi {f} :: blastogenesis
blastoma {m} [oncology] :: blastoma
blastomero {m} [embryology] :: blastomere
blastomicete {m} :: blastomycete (fungus of genus Blastomyces)
blaterante {v} :: present participle of blaterare
blaterare {vi} :: To blather, to blab
blaterazione {f} :: chatter, drivel, nonsense
blaterone {m} :: blatherer, chatterer
blatta {f} :: cockroach
blaugrana {m} :: Barcelona football club, or any of its players
blefarite {f} [pathology] :: blepharitis
blefaroplastica {f} [surgery] :: blepharoplasty
blefaroptosi {f} :: blepharoptosis
blefarospasmo {m} [physiology] :: blepharospasm
bleffante {v} :: present participle of bleffare
bleffare {v} :: Variant of bluffare
blenda {f} [mineral] :: zinc blende, sphalerite
bleniese {adj} :: Of or from Blenio
Blenio {prop} :: A small town, and district, in Ticino
blennio {m} [zoology] :: eelpout, guffer
bleno- {prefix} :: Used to form terms relating to pus or mucus
blenorragia {f} :: blennorrhea
blenorragia {f} :: gonorrhea
blenorrea {f} [disease] :: gonorrhea
blesità {f} :: lisp, lisping
bleso {adj} :: having a lisp, sibilant
blinda {f} :: armour
blindaggio {m} :: armour, armour plating
blindante {v} :: present participle of blindare
blindare {vt} :: To armour, to armor
blindatissimo {adj} :: Absolutely unmodifiable, absolutely unalterable
blindato {adj} :: armoured, armored
blindato {adj} :: bulletproof
blindato {adj} :: unmodifiable, unalterable, fixed
blindato {m} :: armoured vehicle, armored vehicle
blindatura {f} :: armour, armour-plating
blindatura {f} :: three-line whip, locking in
blitz {m} :: blitz
bloccabile {adj} :: blockable
bloccabile {adj} :: isolatable
bloccaggio {m} :: blockage
bloccaggio {m} :: blocking
bloccaggio {m} :: wheel nut (of a bicycle)
bloccante {v} :: present participle of bloccare
bloccante {m} :: blocker (of various types)
bloccantesi {v} :: present participle of bloccarsi
bloccardo {m} :: A member of a political bloc
bloccardo {adj} :: Relating to, or associated with, a political bloc
bloccare {vt} :: to block, block up, block off
bloccare {vt} :: to isolate
bloccare {vt} :: to stop, immobilize, paralyze
bloccare {vt} :: to hold up
bloccare {vt} :: to freeze (prices)
bloccare {vt} :: to blockade
bloccarsi {v} :: reflexive of bloccare
bloccarsi {vr} :: to stop, jam, freeze, stick
bloccasterzo {m} :: steering lock
bloccatosi {v} :: past participle of bloccarsi
blocchetto {m} :: book (convenient collection of small paper items, such as stamps)
blocchetto {m} :: notebook
blocchetto {m} :: small cube or block
blocchiera {f} :: A machine that makes concrete blocks for construction
blocchista {mf} :: wholesaler
blocco {m} :: block (in all senses)
blocco {m} :: notebook, writing pad
blocco {m} :: bloc, coalition
blocco {m} :: blockade
blocco {m} :: freeze (pay etc)
blocco {m} :: crash (computer)
blocco {m} :: pile
bloc-notes {m} :: notebook, notepad, jotter, memo pad
blog {m} [Internet] :: blog
bloggante {v} :: present participle of bloggare
bloggare {vi} :: To blog (contribute to a blog)
blogger {mf} [Internet] :: blogger
blogghista {mf} :: alternative spelling of bloggista
bloggista {mf} :: blogger
bloggistico {adj} :: blog or blogger (attributive)
blogosfera {f} [Internet] :: blogosphere
blogosferico {adj} :: blogosphere (attributive)
blomstrandina {f} [mineral] :: blomstrandine
blu {adj} :: blue
blu {m} :: the colour blue
bluastro {adj} :: bluish
blucerchiato {adj} :: Pertaining to the Sampdoria association football team of Genoa
blu cobalto {m} :: cobalt blue
blue-jeans {mp} :: jeans
blues {m} [music] :: blues
bluetooth {m} [networking] :: Bluetooth (personal area wireless network)
bluette {m} :: A colour between an intense sky blue and an electric blue
bluette {adj} :: Describing such a colour
bluffante {v} :: present participle of bluffare
bluffare {vi} :: to bluff
bluffatore {m} :: bluffer
bluffatrice {f} :: bluffer (female)
blumo {m} :: ingot
blu oltremare {m} :: ultramarine (blue colour)
blusa {f} :: blouse
blusa {f} :: smock (of a painter)
blusa {f} :: overall (of a worker)
blusante {adj} :: loose-fitting (of clothes)
blusotto {m} :: jerkin
bo {interj} :: alternative spelling of boh
boa {m} :: boa (snake)
boa {m} :: boa (scarf)
boa {f} :: buoy
Boaga {prop} :: surname
Boaga {prop} :: Giovanni Boaga, Italian mathematician
boario {adj} :: cattle (attributive); bovine
boaro {m} :: cowherd
boato {m} :: rumble, roar, boom
boato sonico {m} :: sonic boom
bob {m} :: bobsleigh / bobsled
bobbiese {adj} :: Of or from Bobbio
Bobbio {prop} :: A small town in the province of Piacenza in Emilia-Romagna
bobbista {mf} :: bobsleigh / bobsled rider
bobina {f} :: reel, bobbin, spool
bobina {f} :: electrical coil
bobinante {v} :: present participle of bobinare
bobinare {vt} :: To wind (thread)
bobinatore {m} :: winder (person)
bobinatrice {f} :: winder (person, female)
bobinatrice {f} :: winding machine or frame
bobinatura {f} :: winding (of an electrical coil etc)
bocca {f} :: mouth (all senses)
Bocca {prop} :: surname
boccaccescamente {adv} :: licentiously
boccaccesco {adj} :: Boccaccian (pertaining to or reminiscing Giovanni Boccaccio and his works)
boccaccesco {adj} [by extension] :: licentious, indecent, lascivious
boccaccia {f} :: grimace
Boccaccio {prop} :: surname
Boccaccio {prop} :: Giovanni Boccaccio, Italian writer and poet
bocca d'oro {f} :: meagre (a fish, Argyrosomus regius)
boccaglio {m} :: nozzle
boccaglio {m} :: mouthpiece (of a respirator etc)
boccaglio {m} :: snorkel
boccale {m} :: jug
boccale {m} :: mug
boccale {adj} :: oral
boccalone {m} :: dupe (credulous person)
boccaporto {m} [nautical] :: hatchway
boccascena {m} :: proscenium
boccata {f} :: mouthful
boccata {f} :: puff (of smoke)
boccetta {f} :: phial
boccetta {f} :: small bottle
boccettina {f} :: small phial
boccettina {f} :: very small bottle
boccheggiante {v} :: present participle of boccheggiare
boccheggiante {adj} :: gasping (for breath)
boccheggiare {vi} :: To gasp, wheeze
boccheggiare {vt} :: to suffocate, stifle, choke, smother
boccheggiare {vt} [figuratively] :: to choke back, choke down
boccheggiare {vi} :: to choke, suffocate, be stifled
bocchello {m} :: outlet (for water)
Boccherini {prop} :: surname
Boccherini {prop} :: Luigi Boccherini, Italian composer
bocchetta {f} :: phial
bocchetta {f} :: small bottle
bocchettone {m} :: pipe union
bocchi {n} :: plural of bocco
bocchino {m} [dated] :: a small and pleasantly shaped mouth
bocchino {m} [slang, vulgar] :: blowjob
bocchino {m} :: the mouthpiece of a pipe
bocchino {m} :: cigarette holder
bocchino {m} :: the mouthpiece of a wind instrument
bocchino {m} :: a metal strip that fastens the barrel of a rifle together with the foremost-end of the stock, where a bayonet can be fixed
boccia {f} :: bowl, bowling ball
boccia {f} :: flagon, decanter
bocciante {v} :: present participle of bocciare
bocciare {vt} :: to reject
bocciare {vt} :: to fail, flunk (someone)
bocciare {vt} :: to vote down
bocciato {adj} :: rejected
bocciato {adj} :: failed
bocciatura {f} :: defeat, rejection
bocciatura {f} :: (failed examination) failure, fail
boccino {m} :: jack (in bowls)
boccio {m} :: bud
bocciodromo {m} :: Place where bowls (bocce) is played
bocciofila {f} :: bowls club
bocciofilo {m} :: bowls player
bocciolo {m} :: bud (of a plant)
bocciolo {m} :: cam (of an engine)
boccione {m} :: water cooler bottle
boccione {m} :: flagon
Boccioni {prop} :: surname
Boccioni {prop} :: Umberto Boccioni, Italian painter
boccista {mf} [sports] :: bowls player
bocciuolo {m} [botany] :: blossom, bud (on trees)
bocciuolo {m} :: cam (in an engine)
bocco {m} [Tuscany] :: simpleton, dupe
boccola {f} :: buckle
boccolo {m} :: curl, ringlet
bocconcino {m} :: Diminutive of boccone, used typically to refer to a tasty dish
bocconcino {m} :: A pretty and sensual person
bocconcino {m} :: nibble
boccone {m} :: mouthful
boccone {m} :: morsel, nibble (A small quantity of something, especially of food)
boccone del prete {m} :: parson's nose
bocconi {adv} :: face downwards; prone
bocconiano {adj} :: Relating to, or graduated from the Bocconi university in Milan
bocconotto {m} :: A type of pastry from Abruzzo and surrounding regions
boccuccia {f} :: A fussy eater
boccuccia {f} [figurative] :: fastidiousness, fussiness, disdainfulness, used in the phrase fare boccuccia or fare boccucce
Bocelli {prop} :: surname
Bocelli {prop} :: Andrea Bocelli, Italian singer
bodino {m} :: alternative form of budino
Bodoni {prop} :: surname
Bodoni {prop} :: Giambattista Bodoni, Italian printer and typographer
Bodoni {prop} :: A typeface originally designed by this man
bodoniano {adj} :: Bodoni (attributive)
bodriere {m} :: alternative form of budriere
body {m} :: A leotard
boema {f} :: Bohemian (female native or resident of Bohemia)
Boemia {prop} :: Bohemia
boemio {m} [obsolete] :: bohemium
boemo {m} :: Bohemian (native or resident of Bohemia)
boemo {prop} :: Bohemian (dialect)
boemo {adj} :: Bohemian (of, or relating to Bohemia or its language)
Boemondo {prop} :: given name, equivalent to English Bohemond
boero {adj} :: Boer
boero {m} :: Boer
Boezio {prop} :: surname
Boezio {prop} :: Severino Boezio, Roman philosopher
bofonchiante {v} :: present participle of bofonchiare
bofonchiare {vi} :: To grumble
boga {f} :: boxfish
bogliente {adj} :: obsolete form of bollente
Bogotà {prop} :: Bogota, Bogotá
boh {interj} :: dunno, an interjection expressing doubt or indecision
bohemien {adj} :: Bohemian (lifestyle)
bohemien {mf} :: Bohemian (person with such a lifestyle)
bohrato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: bohrate
bohriano {adj} [physics] :: Bohrian (of or pertaining to Nils Bohr)
bohriato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: bohriate
bohrio {m} [chemistry] :: bohrium
boia {f} :: executioner
boia {f} :: hangman (word game)
boia {f} :: villain, scoundrel
boiacca {f} :: grout
Boiana {prop} :: The river Bojana that flows between Albania and Montenegro
boiardo {m} :: boyar
boiardo {m} :: bureaucrat, mandarin
Boiardo {prop} :: surname
boiaro {m} [historical] :: alternative form of boiardo
boiata {f} :: dirty trick
boiata {f} :: rubbish
boicottaggio {m} :: boycott
boicottante {v} :: present participle of boicottare
boicottare {vt} :: to boycott
boicottare {vt} :: to sabotage
boicottatore {m} :: boycotter
Boitani {prop} :: surname
Boite {prop} :: A river that flows in Veneto
Boito {prop} :: surname
Boito {prop} :: Arrigo Boito, Italian writer
Bojano {prop} :: a town in the province of Campobasso in Molise in Italy
Boldù {prop} :: surname
Bolena {prop} :: Boleyn
bolgetta {f} :: (small) briefcase
bolgia {f} :: a mob or crowd (of people in a confined space)
bolgia {f} :: bedlam
bolgia {f} :: a bag, a pouch, especially one which opens longways
bolgia {f} :: a ditch, hole in the ground
bolide {m} [astronomy] :: meteor
bolide {m} [automotive] :: racing car
bolina {f} [nautical] :: bowline
bolivano {adj} :: Bolivian
Bolivia {prop} :: Bolivia
boliviana {f} :: Bolivian (female)
boliviano {adj} :: Bolivian
boliviano {m} :: Bolivian
boliviano {m} :: Boliviano
bolla {f} :: bubble; blister
bolla {f} :: bull (e.g. Papal); seal
bolla {f} :: bill; note (paper money)
bollante {v} :: present participle of bollare
bollare {vt} :: to stamp
bollare {vt} :: to seal
bollare {vt} :: to brand, damn, label
bollatrice {f} :: stamping machine
bollatura {f} :: sealing, stamping
bollatura {f} :: branding
bollazione {f} :: stamping
bollente {adj} :: boiling, hot
bolletta {f} :: receipt
bolletta {f} :: bill (for a utility etc.)
bollettario {m} :: A counterfoil or stub book
bollettazione {f} :: posting of a bill
bollettino {m} :: bulletin
bollettino {m} :: list, form, note (various commercial documents)
bollicina {f} :: (small) bubble
bollicina {f} :: pustule, papule
bollilatte {m} :: milk-boiler
bollino {m} :: coupon
bollino {m} :: trading stamp
bollire {vti} :: to boil
bollito {adj} :: boiled
bollito {m} :: Boiled meat
bollitore {m} :: boiler, still
bollitore {m} :: kettle
bollitore {m} :: milk saucepan
bollitura {f} :: boiling
bollitura {f} :: The liquid in which something has been cooked; broth
bollizione {f} :: boiling
bollo {m} :: stamp
bollo {m} :: seal
bollo {m} :: brand
bollo annullatore {m} :: cancellation stamp (printed on stamps to make them invalid)
bollo postale {m} :: postmark
bollor {m} :: apocopic form of bollore
bollore {m} :: boil, boiling
bollore {m} [in the plural] :: ebullience, ardour
bolloso {adj} [pathology] :: bullous
bolloso {adj} [botany] :: bullate
bollywoodiano {adj} :: Bollywood (attributive)
bolo {m} :: bolus
bolo {m} :: cud
Bologna {prop} :: Bologna (province, city)
Bologna {prop} :: The letter B in the Italian phonetic alphabet
bolognese {mf} :: native or inhabitant of Bologna
bolognese {adj} :: of, or relating to Bologna or its inhabitants; Bolognese
bolognese {adj} [of a pasta sauce] :: Bolognese
bolognini {n} :: A currency used during the Renaissance in Venice, Italy. One bolognini is equal to 1/100 of one ducat
bolognino {m} :: bolognino
bolometrico {adj} :: bolometric
bolometro {m} [physics] :: bolometer
bolsaggine {f} :: heaves (horse disease)
bolscevica {f} :: Bolshevik (female)
bolscevico {adj} :: Bolshevik
bolscevico {m} :: Bolshevik
bolscevismo {m} :: Bolshevism
Bolsena {prop} :: A small town in the province of Viterbo in Lazio
bolso {adj} [of a horse] :: Having difficulty breathing
bolso {adj} [figuratively] :: pompous, inconclusive, unsuccessful, ineffectual, vague, vain
bolzanino {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Bolzano
bolzanino {m} :: Native or resident of Bolzano
Bolzano {prop} :: Bolzano (province)
Bolzano {prop} :: Bolzano (town)
bolzone {m} :: battering ram
bolzone {m} :: heavy punch
bolzone {m} [nautical] :: camber
boma {m} [nautical] :: boom
bombé {adj} :: rounded
bomba {f} :: bomb
bomba a grappolo {f} :: cluster bomb
bomba a mano {f} :: hand grenade
bomba antiuomo {f} :: anti-personnel shell
bomba a orologeria {f} :: time bomb [also figuratively]
bomba a tempo {f} :: time bomb [also figuratively]
bomba atomica {f} :: an atomic bomb
bomba d'acqua {f} [meteorology] :: cloudbust
bombaggio {m} :: swelling (especially of food containers)
bombante {v} :: present participle of bombare
bombarda {f} :: bombard
bombardamento {m} :: bombardment
bombardante {adj} :: bombarding
bombardare {vt} :: to bombard, to bomb, to fire
bombardiere {m} :: bomber (military aircraft)
bombardiere {m} :: bombardier
bombardone {m} [musical instruments] :: bombardon, bass tuba
bombare {vt} :: To crown (make convex)
bombarolo {m} :: bomber
bombato {adj} :: rounded, convex
bombatura {f} :: convexity, roundness, camber
bomber {m} :: graffiti artist
bomber {m} :: goal scorer (football)
bomber {m} :: bomber jacket
bombetta {f} :: bowler hat, bowler, derby
bombetta {f} [especially in plural] :: pork involtini stuffed with cheese
bombetta pugliese {f} :: Slices of pork, wrapped around provolone and roasted on a skewer
bombice {m} :: silkworm
Bombieri {prop} :: surname
Bombieri {prop} :: Enrico Bombieri, Italian mathematician
bombo {m} :: bumblebee
bombola {f} :: gas cylinder
bombola {f} :: tank
bomboletta {f} :: diminutive of bombola
bomboletta {f} :: Small cylinder (of compressed gas)
bomboletta {f} :: spray can
bombolo {m} [colloquial] :: A short, fat man
bombolone {m} :: doughnut / donut (filled)
bombolone {m} :: Container of compressed or liquefied gas
bomboniera {f} :: A small but elaborate gift, often including sugared almonds, given to guests at a wedding; favor [US]
Bompiani {prop} :: surname
Bompiani {prop} :: Valentino Bompiani, Italian writer
bompresso {m} [nautical] :: bowsprit
bonaccia {f} [nautical] :: dead calm (flat sea)
bonaccia {f} :: lull
bonaccione {adj} :: good-natured
Bonanno {prop} :: surname
bonanotte {interj} :: Variant of buonanotte
bonapartismo {m} :: Bonapartism
bonapartista {adj} :: Bonapartist
bonariamente {adv} :: kindly, friendly
bonarietà {f} :: good nature, affability
bonarietà {f} :: kindliness
bonario {adj} :: good-natured, affable
bonario {adj} :: kindly
Bonatti {prop} :: surname most notably that of Guido Bonatti
Bonaventura {prop} :: surname
bonazza {f} :: looker (attractive young lady)
boncinello {m} :: device in the shape of a stirrup used to close with a bolt
bonderizzante {v} :: present participle of bonderizzare
bonderizzare {vt} :: To bonderize (treat steel with a phosphate coat)
bonderizzazione {f} :: bonderization
bondiola {f} :: A type of large, boiled sausage
Bondumier {prop} :: surname
bonelliano {adj} :: Relating to, or characteristic of the publications of Sergio Bonelli Editore (publisher of comic books)
bonet {m} :: A traditional Piedmontese pudding prepared with cocoa and amaretti
bongiorno {interj} :: Variant of buongiorno
Bongiorno {prop} :: surname
Bongiorno {prop} :: Mike Bongiorno, Italian television host
bonifacino {n} :: A dialect of Corsican spoken in parts of Liguria
bonifacino {adj} :: Relating to that dialect
Bonifacio {prop} :: given name
Bonifazio {prop} :: given name, a variant of Bonifacio
bonifica {f} :: reclamation
bonificabile {adj} :: reclaimable
bonificamento {m} :: reclaiming, draining
bonificamento {m} :: reclamation, drainage
bonificante {v} :: present participle of bonificare
bonificare {vt} :: to reclaim
bonificare {vt} :: to clear mines
bonificare {vt} :: to provide a discount to
bonificatore {m} :: reclaimer
bonificazione {f} :: reclamation
bonifico {m} :: wire transfer, credit transfer
bonifico {m} [banking] :: A transfer of funds between banks
Bonino {prop} :: surname
Bonino {prop} :: Emma Bonino, Italian politician
bonizese {adj} :: synonym of poggibonsese
bono {adj} :: Variant of buono
bonobo {m} :: bonobo, Pan paniscus
Bonolis {prop} :: surname
Bonolis {prop} :: Paolo Bonolis, Italian anchorman and comedian
bonomia {f} :: bonhomie, affability, geniality
bontà {f} :: goodness
bontà {f} :: kindness
bontade {f} :: alternative form of bontà
bontate {f} :: alternative form of bontà
bonti {n} :: plural of bonto
bonto {m} :: synonym of inia
bon ton {m} :: sophistication, fashionability
Bonturo {prop} [rare] :: given name
bonus {m} :: A bonus (all senses)
bonus-malus {m} :: no-claim bonus
bonzo {m} :: bonze (Buddhist monk)
bookmaker {m} :: bookmaker (betting)
booleano {adj} :: Boolean
boom {m} :: A boom (sound)
boom {m} :: A boom, rapid expansion
boom {m} :: A boom (crane)
boom sonico {m} [acoustics] :: sonic boom
bootabile {adj} [computing] :: bootable
bootante {v} :: present participle of bootare
bootare {vt} [computing] :: To boot or bootstrap
Boote {prop} [astronomy] :: Boötes (boreal sky constellation called bear-guard or herdsman)
bora {f} :: bora (north-eastern wind)
borace {m} :: borax
boracifero {adj} :: boraciferous
boragine {f} :: alternative form of borragine
borano {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: borane
borato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: borate
borbogliamento {m} :: gurgling
borbogliamento {m} :: grumbling (sound)
borbogliante {v} :: present participle of borbogliare
borbogliare {vi} :: to gurgle
borbogliare {vi} :: to grumble, mutter, rumble
borboglio {m} :: gurgle
borboglio {m} :: murmur
borboglio {m} :: rumbling, grumbling (sound)
Borbone {prop} :: Bourbon
borbonico {adj} :: Bourbon (attributive)
borbonico {adj} :: backward, out of date
borborigmo {m} [physiology] :: borborygmus
borbottamento {m} :: grumbling, mumbling, muttering, rumbling
borbottante {v} :: present participle of borbottare
borbottare {vti} :: To mutter
borbottare {vi} :: To grumble or grouse
borbottare {vi} :: To rumble
borbottio {m} :: grumble, mumble, rumble
borbottone {m} :: grumbler
borbottone {m} :: mutterer
borchia {f} :: stud
borchia {f} :: boss
borchia {f} :: nail (in upholstery)
borchia {f} :: hubcap
borchia {f} :: socket
borchiato {adj} :: studded
bordame {m} [nautical] :: foot of a sail
bordante {v} :: present participle of bordare
bordare {vt} :: to hem, border, edge
bordare {vt} :: to bead
bordata {f} [nautical] :: tack
bordata {f} [nautical] :: broadside
bordatore {m} :: beader (person)
bordatrice {f} :: beading machine
bordatura {f} :: edging
bordatura {f} :: beading, rim
bordatura {f} [nautical] :: plank
bordeaux {adj} :: burgundy, maroon (colour)
bordeaux {m} :: burgundy, maroon (colour)
bordeaux {m} :: Bordeaux (wine)
bordeaux {m} [organic chemistry] :: Any of several azo dyes having this colour
bordeggiante {v} :: present participle of bordeggiare
bordeggiare {vi} [nautical] :: to tack
bordello {m} :: brothel
bordello {m} :: great chaos or confusion
bordello {m} :: a large quantity
bordino {m} :: border, margin
bordino {m} :: flange
bordo {m} :: edge, border, margin, hem, rim
bordo {m} [nautical] :: side, board
bordocampo {m} :: sideline, touchline (area around a football pitch)
bordolese {adj} :: From Bordeaux
bordonato {adj} [heraldry] :: decorated with a pilgrim's staff
bordone {m} :: staff, especially one with a curved handle as used by pilgrims
bordone {m} [music] :: drone, bourdon (sustained sound)
bordura {f} :: border, hem, fringe
bordura {f} [heraldiccharge] :: bordure
borea {m} :: A cold, northerly wind
boreale {adj} :: boreal, borealis
borgata {f} :: outskirt, suburb
borgata {f} :: small village
borgataro {m} :: suburbanite
borghese {adj} :: middle-class, bourgeois
borghese {adj} :: civilian
borghese {mf} :: middle-class person, bourgeois
borghese {mf} :: civilian
Borghese {prop} :: surname
borghesia {f} :: middle classes
borghesia {f} :: bourgeoisie
borghesissimo {adj} :: Very bourgeois
borghesuccio {m} :: petit bourgeois
borghetto {m} :: hamlet (very small village)
borghetto {m} :: shanty town (collection of shacks)
Borgia {prop} :: surname
Borgia {prop} :: A noble family from Spain
borgo {m} :: village
borgo {m} :: district
borgo {m} :: suburb
borgo {m} :: borough
borgogna {m} :: Burgundy (wine)
Borgogna {prop} :: Burgundy
borgognona {f} :: Burgundy-style wine bottle
borgognone {adj} :: Burgundian
borgognone {m} :: Burgundian
borgomastro {m} :: burgomaster
Borgo Vodice {prop} :: A part of Sabaudia in the province of Latina in Lazio
boria {f} :: conceit, arrogance, swagger
boriante {v} :: present participle of boriarsi
boriantesi {v} :: present participle of boriarsi
boriarsi {vr} :: to brag, boast
boriatosi {v} :: past participle of boriarsi
borico {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: boric
boriosa {f} :: haughty or bumptious woman
boriosamente {adv} :: haughtily, arrogantly, conceitedly
boriosità {f} :: conceit, arrogance, haughtiness
borioso {adj} :: haughty, bumptious
borioso {m} :: haughty or bumptious person
Boris {prop} :: given name
borlengo {m} :: A type of crepe (pancake) from Modena
borlotto {m} :: kidney bean
Bormida {prop} :: A township in the Savona province of Liguria
Bormida {prop} :: A river that flows in Piedmont
bormidese {adj} :: Of or from Bormida
bormino {adj} :: Of or from Bormio
Bormio {prop} :: A small town in the Sondrio province of Lombardia
Bornio {prop} :: A small region in the province of Rovigo in Veneto
bornitura {f} :: burnishing
boro {m} [chemistry] :: boron
boroidruro {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: borohydride
borosa {f} [nautical] :: reef line
borosilicato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: borosilicate
borotalco {m} :: talcum powder (perfumed talc + boric acid)
borra {f} :: waste
borra {f} :: cotton
borraccia {f} :: water bottle (for cyclists, soldiers etc)
borraccia {f} :: canteen
borraccina {f} :: stonecrop
borracina {f} :: moss
borraggine {f} :: alternative spelling of borragine
borraggio {m} :: tamping
borraggio {m} :: wad (material used in tamping)
borragine {f} [spices and herbs] :: borage
Borrani {prop} :: surname
Borrani {prop} :: Odoardo Borrani, Italian painter
borrante {v} :: present participle of borrare
borrare {v} :: To tamp
Borromeo {prop} :: surname, notably of the 16th century Italian saint, Carlo Borromeo
Borromini {prop} :: surname
Borromini {prop} :: Francesco Borromini, Italian architect
Borroni {prop} :: surname
borsa {f} :: bag, handbag, purse, briefcase
borsa {f} :: scholarship, bursary
borsa {f} :: stock market
borsa {f} [by extension] :: market, exchange
borsa {f} [anatomy] :: bursa
borsa {f} [zoology] :: pouch
borsa {f} [ecclesiastical] :: burse
borsa dell'acqua calda {f} :: hot water bottle
borsa di studio {f} [education] :: scholarship, bursary
borsaia {f} :: bag maker (female)
borsaia {f} :: bag seller (female)
borsaio {m} :: bag maker
borsaio {m} :: bag seller
borsaiola {f} :: (female) pickpocket, purse-snatcher
borsaiolo {m} :: pickpocket, purse-snatcher, cutpurse
borsa nera {f} :: black market
borsanera {f} :: black market
borsanerista {mf} :: black marketeer
borsanese {adj} :: Of or from Borsano
Borsano {prop} :: A small town in the Varese province of Lombardia
borsaro {m} :: Used only in the term borsaro nero
borsaro nero {m} :: synonym of borsanerista
borsata {f} :: bagful
borsata {f} :: blow with a handbag or bag
borseggiante {v} :: present participle of borseggiare
borseggiare {vt} :: to pickpocket
borseggiare {vt} :: to mug
borseggiatore {m} :: pickpocket, cutpurse
borseggiatore {m} :: mugger
borseggiatrice {f} :: pickpocket (female)
borseggio {m} :: pickpocketing
Borsella {prop} :: medieval spelling of Bruxelles
borsellino {m} :: purse (small bag for money)
Borsellino {prop} :: surname
borsello {m} :: handbag (for men); manbag
borsetta {f} :: handbag [British], purse [US]
borsettaia {f} :: handbag maker (female)
borsettaia {f} :: handbag seller (female)
borsettaio {m} :: handbag maker
borsettaio {m} :: handbag seller
borsetteria {f} :: handbag (and luggage) shop
borsettiere {m} :: handbag maker or seller
borsettificio {m} :: handbag factory
borsetto {m} :: Man's handbag; man-bag
Borsiere {prop} [rare] :: surname
borsista {mf} :: speculator (on the stock exchange)
borsista {mf} :: student having a scholarship
borsistico {adj} :: stock exchange (attributive), stock market (attributive)
borsite {f} [diseases] :: bursitis
borsone {m} :: carryall, holdall, grip
Bortolo {prop} :: given name
boruro {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: boride
boscaglia {f} :: brush, scrub, thicket
boscaiolo {m} :: woodcutter
boscaiolo {m} :: forester
boscaiuolo {m} :: alternative form of boscaiolo
boscato {adj} :: wooded
boschereccio {adj} :: woodland (attributive)
boschetto {m} :: copse; grove
boschivo {adj} :: woody, wooded
boschivo {adj} :: woodland (attributive)
boscimana {f} :: Bushwoman
boscimano {m} :: Bushman
bosco {m} :: wood (wooded area)
bosco ceduo {m} :: coppice, copse
Boscoducale {prop} :: obsolete form of 's-Hertogenbosch
boscosità {f} :: density of woodland
boscoso {adj} :: woody, wooded
bosega {f} [Venice] :: thicklip grey mullet (Chelon labrosus)
boseghe {n} :: plural of bosega
bosenova {f} [physics] :: bosenova
Bosforo {prop} :: The Bosporus
Bosio {prop} :: surname
Bosio {prop} :: Ferdinando Bosio, Italian patriot
Bosnia {prop} :: Bosnia
bosniaca {f} :: Bosnian (female)
bosniaco {adj} :: Bosnian
bosniaco {m} :: Bosnian
bosniaco {prop} :: The Bosnian language
bosniaco-erzegovese {adj} :: synonym of bosniaco-erzegovino
bosniaco-erzegovese {mf} :: synonym of bosniaco-erzegovino
bosniaco-erzegovina {f} :: feminine of bosniaco-erzegovino
bosniaco-erzegovino {adj} :: of or pertaining to Bosnia and Herzegovina; Bosniac-Herzegovinian
bosniaco-erzegovino {m} :: An inhabitant of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia ed Erzegovin {prop} :: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia ed Erzegovina {prop} :: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia-Erzegovina {prop} :: Bosnia and Herzegovina
bosone {m} [physics] :: boson
bosone di gauge {m} [physics] :: gauge boson
bosone di Higgs {m} [physics] :: Higgs boson
bosone vettore {m} [physics] :: vector boson
bosone W {m} [physics] :: W boson
bosone Z {m} [physics] :: Z boson
bosonico {adj} :: bosonic
boss {m} :: boss (leader of a business, company or criminal organization)
bosso {m} :: box (the tree)
bosso {m} :: (singular only) boxwood
bossolo {m} :: shell casing
bossolo {m} :: cartridge
bossolo {m} :: box
bossolo {m} [regional, Tuscany] :: box tree
bostoniano {adj} :: Bostonian
bostoniano {m} :: Bostonian
Bosurgi {prop} :: surname
botanica {f} :: botany
botanica {f} :: botanist (female)
botanicamente {adv} :: botanically
botanico {adj} :: botanical, botanic
botanico {m} :: botanist
Botnia {prop} :: Bothnia
botola {f} :: trapdoor
botola {f} :: hatch
botolo {m} :: small, often snarly dog
botro {m} [regional] :: ditch; a steep deep valley exposed to erosion
Botswana {prop} :: Botswana
botswaniana {f} :: Botswanan (female)
botswaniano {adj} :: Botswanan
botswaniano {m} :: Botswanan
botswano {adj} :: Botswanan
botta {f} :: blow, hit, shock, knock
Botta {prop} :: surname
bottaccio {m} :: millpond
bottaccio {m} :: earthenware pot
bottaccione {m} :: A large lake held in place by a natural dam
bottaia {f} :: barrel cellar, wine cellar
bottaio {m} :: cooper
bottale {m} [tannage] :: drum (rotating, cylindrical device), tumbler
bottame {m} :: barrels, casks
bottarga {f} :: A Mediterranean dish of cured fish roe
bottatrice {f} :: burbot
bottazzo {m} [nautical] :: The outer, non-watertight hull of a submarine; saddle tank
botte {f} :: barrel
botte {f} :: cask
bottega {f} :: shop, store, business
bottega {f} :: workshop, studio
bottega {f} [familiar] :: fly (opening of trousers/pants or underpants)
bottegaia {f} :: (female) shopkeeper, storekeeper
bottegaio {m} :: shopkeeper, storekeeper
botteghino {m} :: box office
botteghino {m} :: kiosk selling lottery tickets etc
botteguccia {f} :: diminutive of bottega
botteguccia {f} :: small shop, small store
botticella {f} :: diminutive of botte: cask, kilderkin (small barrel)
botticella {f} [Rome] :: A traditional horse-drawn carriage
Botticelli {prop} :: surname
Botticelli {prop} :: Sandro Botticelli, Italian painter
botticelliano {adj} :: Of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the work of Sandro Botticelli
bottiglia {f} :: bottle
bottiglia di Leida {f} [electrical engineering, historical] :: Leyden jar (glass jar used to accumulate static electricity)
bottigliata {f} :: blow with a bottle
bottiglieria {f} :: wine shop
bottiglieria {f} :: cellar (for wine)
Bottigliero {prop} :: surname
bottiglietta {f} :: Small bottle (e.g. of ink)
bottiglione {m} :: Large bottle
bottinaggio {m} :: gathering, collecting (nectar, pollen)
bottinaio {m} :: cesspit cleaner
bottinante {v} :: present participle of bottinare
bottinare {vi} [of bees] :: to gather or collect (pollen, nectar)
bottinatrice {f} :: worker bee
bottinatura {f} :: gathering, collecting (of nectar etc)
bottino {m} :: booty, loot
bottino {m} :: cesspit
bottino {m} :: swag
botto {m} :: crack (sharp blow)
bottonaia {f} :: button maker (female)
bottonaia {f} :: button seller (female)
bottonaio {m} :: button maker
bottonaio {m} :: button seller
bottonato {adj} [heraldry] :: botonny, bottonny
bottoncino {m} :: small button
bottone {m} :: button
bottone {m} [botany] :: bud
bottoniera {f} :: control panel
bottoniero {adj} :: button (attributive)
bottonificio {m} :: button factory
botuligeno {adj} :: botulogenic
botulinico {adj} :: botulinic
botulino {m} [biology] :: botulin
boutade {f} :: witticism, wisecrack
boutique {f} :: boutique (shop)
Bova {prop} :: surname
bovarismo {m} [psychology] :: bovarysm, bovarism (anxiety to escape from an unsatisfactory condition)
bovaro {m} :: herdsman
bovaro {m} :: drover
bovaro {m} :: cowboy
bovaro {m} :: buttero
bovaro {m} [astronomy] :: Boote
bove {m} :: ox
bovide {m} :: bovid
bovinamente {adv} :: in a bovine manner
bovindo {m} :: bay window, bow window
bovino {adj} :: bovine
bovino {m} :: bovine, (plural) cattle
bovista gigantea {f} :: giant puffball (Langermannia gigantea)
bovolo {m} :: spiral
bowling {m} :: ten-pin bowling
bowling {m} :: bowling alley
box {m} :: horsebox
box {m} :: garage, lock-up (for a car)
box {m} [motor racing] :: pit
box {m} :: playpen
boxante {v} :: present participle of boxare
boxare {vi} :: to box (fight in a ring)
boxe {f} :: boxing
boxer {m} :: boxer shorts
boxeur {mf} :: boxer (participant in boxing)
boy {m} :: a male ballet dancer
boy {m} :: a bellboy [in a hotel]
boyscout {mf} :: boy scout
bozza {f} :: bump
bozza {f} :: draft or proof (of a document)
bozzago {m} :: buzzard
bozzato {m} :: ashlar
bozzello {m} [nautical] :: block (of block and tackle)
bozzello {m} :: winch
bozzettista {mf} :: sketch writer (for radio, TV etc)
bozzettista {mf} :: commercial artist
bozzettistica {f} :: literary sketch writing
bozzetto {m} :: sketch (all senses)
bozzetto {m} :: skit
bozzetto {m} :: scale model
bozzima {f} :: chicken feed (mash, etc., for chickens)
bozzo {m} :: bump, sting, bite
bozzo {m} :: swelling
bozzo {m} :: bonk
bozzolo {m} :: cocoon
bozzoloso {adj} :: knotty, lumpy
BR {prop} :: initialism of Brigate Rosse (Red Brigades)
Brabante {prop} :: Brabant
braca {f} :: trouser leg
braca {f} [in the plural] :: trousers, pants, breeches
braca {f} :: harness
bracalone {m} :: slovenly person
braccante {v} :: present participle of braccare
braccare {vt} :: To stalk or hunt
braccetto {m} :: Only used in the adverb a braccetto
bracchetto {m} :: beagle (dog)
bracchiere {m} :: whipper-in (hunting kennel assistant)
bracciale {m} :: bracelet
braccialetto {m} :: small bracelet
Bracciano {prop} :: A hilltop town near Rome
bracciantale {adj} :: agricultural (labour)
bracciantato {m} :: agricultural labourer
bracciante {m} :: agricultural labourer
bracciante {m} :: field hand, hired hand
bracciante {v} :: present participle of bracciare
bracciantile {adj} :: agricultural labourer (attributive)
bracciare {vt} [nautical] :: to brace
bracciata {f} [swimming] :: stroke
bracciata {f} :: armful
bracciere {m} :: A gentleman who holds his arm out for a lady to hold on to whilst walking
braccino {n} :: diminutive of braccio
braccio {m} [anatomy] :: arm
braccio {m} [unit of measure, nautical] :: fathom
braccio {m} [geography] :: branch, arm of the sea
braccio {m} [mechanics] :: arm (of crane etc.)
braccio {m} :: branch (of candleholder etc.)
braccio armato {m} :: armed wing
braccio armato {m} :: arm (the arm of the law)
braccio d'acqua {n} :: a body of water
braccio d'acqua {n} :: arm
braccio della legge {m} :: the long arm of the law
braccio della morte {m} :: death row
braccio destro {m} :: (male) right-hand man, man Friday
braccio destro {m} :: (female) right-hand woman, girl Friday
braccio di ferro {m} :: confrontation
braccio di ferro {m} :: arm wrestling
braccio di mare {m} :: straight
braccio di mare {m} :: channel
braccio di mare {m} :: inlet
braccio di terra {m} :: isthmus
bracciolo {m} :: armrest, rest
bracciolo {m} :: armband
braccio mobile {m} :: jib
bracco {m} :: hound, gundog, bloodhound
bracco {m} :: sleuth
Braccobaldo {prop} :: Huckleberry Hound (cartoon character)
bracconaggio {m} :: poaching (taking game or fish illegally)
bracconiere {m} :: (game) A poacher
brace {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: embers
bracheazione {f} :: alternative form of brachiazione
brachetta {f} :: flies / fly (in the front of trousers)
brachetta {f} [in the plural] :: knickers (women's or child's)
brachetto {m} :: A variety of grape grown in the provinces of Asti and Alessandria in Piedmont
brachetto {m} :: A slightly sparkling, slightly sweet red wine made from these grapes
brachi- {prefix} :: brachy-
brachiale {adj} [anatomy] :: brachial
brachialgia {f} [medicine] :: brachial neuralgia
brachiazione {f} [biology] :: brachiation
brachiblasto {m} [botany] :: brachiblast
brachicardia {f} :: bradycardia
brachicefalia {f} :: brachycephaly
brachicefalo {adj} :: brachycephalic
brachicefalo {m} :: brachycephaly
brachicefalo {m} :: brachycephalic (person)
brachico {adj} :: brachial
brachigrafia {f} :: shorthand
brachilogia {f} :: brachylogy
brachilogicamente {adv} :: brachyologically
brachilogico {adj} :: brachyological (abbreviated)
brachimorfo {adj} :: brachymorphic
brachiopode {m} :: brachiopod
brachioradiale {adj} :: brachioradial
brachiosauro {m} :: brachiosaurus
brachipnea {f} :: bradypnea
brachistocrona {f} [mathematics] :: brachistochrone
brachitipo {m} :: brachytype
brachiure {m} :: crab of the infraorder Brachyura
braciere {m} :: brazier
braciola {f} [meats] :: chop
braciola {f} [meats] :: steak (with no bone)
Bradano {prop} :: A river in Basilicata
bradicardia {f} :: bradycardia
bradicardico {adj} :: bradycardic
bradichinina {f} [biochemistry] :: bradykinin
bradicinesia {f} [pathology] :: bradykinesia
bradipnea {f} [pathology] :: bradypnea
bradipo {m} :: sloth (animal)
bradisismico {adj} :: bradyseismic
bradisismo {m} :: bradyseism
brado {adj} :: wild
brado {adj} :: untamed
brado {adj} :: unconstrained, unfettered, unhindered
brado {adj} :: free
braga {f} :: alternative form of braca
Bragadin {prop} :: surname
Bragadin {prop} :: A noble family of Venice
Bragaglia {prop} :: surname
Braganza {prop} :: Braganza (district)
Braganza {prop} :: Braganza (city)
braghetta {f} :: Variant of brachetta
bragia {f} :: embers
brago {m} :: mud
bragozzo {m} [watercraft] :: Small fishing boat (in parts of the Adriatic)
brahmanesimo {m} :: Brahmanism, Brahminism
brahmanico {adj} :: Brahmanic
brahmano {m} :: Brahman, Brahmin
braidense {adj} :: Of or from Brera
brama {f} :: longing, yearning
bramabile {adj} :: desirable, covetable
bramangiere {m} :: alternative form of biancomangiare
bramante {v} :: present participle of bramare
Bramante {prop} :: surname
Bramante {prop} :: Donato Bramante, Italian architect
bramantesco {adj} :: Relating to Bramante
Bramaputra {prop} :: Brahmaputra
bramare {vt} :: to long for
bramare {vt} :: to yearn for
bramare {vt} :: to covet
brambilla {m} :: A typification of middle-class businessmen as found in Milan and Lombardy
Brambilla {prop} :: surname
bramente {v} :: present participle of bramire
bramino {m} :: Brahmin
bramire {v} :: to bell (of a deer etc)
bramire {v} :: to roar (of a bear etc)
bramito {m} :: bell (sound of a deer)
bramito {m} :: roar (of a bear)
bramma {f} :: A semi-finished slab of steel
bramosamente {adv} :: yearningly, longingly, eagerly
bramosia {f} :: longing, yearning, craving, greed
bramosità {f} :: longing, yearning, craving, greed
bramoso {adj} :: longing, yearning, eager, greedy
branca {f} :: claw (of a cat etc)
branca {f} :: talon (of a bird)
branca {f} :: branch (of knowledge etc)
branca {f} [anatomy] :: branch
branca {f} [in the plural] :: clutches
Branca {prop} :: given name
Brancaccio {prop} :: surname
brancardo {m} :: sill (of a car door)
brancare {v} :: Dialectal form of abbrancare
brancata {f} :: handful
branchia {f} :: gill
branchiale {adj} :: branchial
branchiato {adj} :: branchiate
branchiostegale {adj} :: branchiostegal
brancicante {v} :: present participle of brancicare
brancicare {vt} :: To paw
brancicare {vi} :: To fumble
Branciforte {prop} :: surname
branco {m} :: flock [of sheep]
branco {m} :: pack [of wolves]
branco {m} :: gang [of people]
brancolamento {m} :: groping
brancolante {v} :: present participle of brancolare
brancolare {vi} :: To grope
brand {m} :: brand (product symbol)
branda {f} :: camp bed, cot
branda {f} :: hammock
Branda {prop} :: given name
Branda {prop} :: given name
Brandeburgo {prop} :: Brandenburg
brandeggiabile {adj} :: traversable
brandeggiante {v} :: present participle of brandeggiare
brandeggiare {vt} :: To traverse
brandeggio {m} :: traverse
brandello {m} :: shred, rag, piece
brandente {v} :: present participle of brandire
brandina {f} :: cot
brandina {f} :: Simple folding bed on a metal frame, used by campers
brandire {vt} :: To brandish or wave
brandistocco {m} :: ranseur
brando {m} [poetic] :: sword
brando {m} :: a type of dance
brano {m} :: piece, slip, rag, particle
brano {m} :: passage (of text)
branzino {m} :: European seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax)
Brïareo {prop} :: medieval spelling of Briareo
brasante {v} :: present participle of brasare
brasare {vt} :: to braise meat
brasato {adj} :: braised (meat)
brasato {m} :: braised beef
brasatura {f} :: brazing
brasca {f} :: dross
brasile {m} :: brazilwood
Brasile {prop} :: Brazil
Brasilia {prop} :: Brasilia (Brasília)
brasiliana {f} :: Brazilian (female)
brasiliano {adj} :: Brazilian
brasiliano {m} :: Brazilian
brassaggio {m} :: brewing (process of making beer)
brattante {v} :: present participle of brattare
brattare {vi} [nautical] :: to scull
brattea {f} [botany] :: bract
bratteato {adj} :: bracteate
bratteiforme {adj} [botany] :: bractiform
bratto {m} :: sculling
bravaccio {m} :: bully
bravaccio {m} :: braggart
bravamente {adv} :: boldly, defiantly
bravante {v} :: present participle of bravare
bravare {v} :: To be arrogant or defiant
bravata {f} :: mischief
bravata {f} :: braggadocio, braggart
bravata {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: bravado
bravata {f} :: A false show of courage; stunt
bravazzo {m} :: alternative form of bravaccio
braveria {f} :: boldness, effrontery
bravino {adj} :: so-so, passable (in doing something)
bravissimo {adj} :: Very good
bravo {adj} :: (used before the noun) good, well-behaved
bravo {adj} :: good, skilful, capable, clever, fine
bravo {adj} :: good, obedient
bravo {adj} [obsolete] :: brave, bold
bravo {adj} [obsolete, of animals] :: wild, untamed
bravo {adj} [obsolete, of places] :: harsh
bravo {interj} :: well done!, good show!
bravo {interj} [theatre] :: bravo!
brav'uomo {m} :: a good man
bravura {f} :: skill
bravura {f} :: cleverness
bravura {f} :: virtuosity
Brazza {prop} :: Brač (island of Croatia)
break {m} :: break (intermission or brief suspension of activity)
break {interj} :: break! (boxing)
breccia {f} :: breach, break, gap
breccia {f} :: breakthrough
breccia {f} :: road metal (crushed stone)
breccia {f} [geology] :: breccia
brecciame {m} :: road metal (crushed stone etc.)
brecciolino {m} :: gravel (for roadmaking)
breccioso {adj} :: gravelly
brechtiano {adj} :: Brechtian
brefeldina {f} :: brefeldin
brefotrofio {m} :: orphanage (for abandoned children)
Bregaglia {prop} :: A small town in the Graubünden canton in Switzerland
bregagliotto {adj} :: From, or relating to Val Bregaglia
Breggia {prop} :: A small town in the Mendrisio district of Ticino
Brema {prop} :: Bremen
brembano {adj} :: Relating to the river Brembo, its valley or surroundings
Brembo {prop} :: A river in Lombardia
breme {m} [zoology, ichthyology] :: bream (of genus Abramis)
Brendano {prop} :: given name, equivalent to English Brendan
Brendola {prop} :: A small town in the province of Vicenza
brendolano {adj} :: Of or from Brendola
brenna {f} [literary] :: nag (useless horse)
Brenna {prop} :: surname
Brennero {prop} :: Brenner
Brenno {prop} :: Brennus (Gaulish chieftain)
Brenno {prop} :: given name
brenta {f} :: keg (for wine)
Brenta {prop} :: A river that flows through Trentino and Veneto
Brenta {prop} :: A small town in the province of Varese in Lombardy
bresaola {f} :: bresaola
Brescello {prop} :: a town in the province of Reggio nell'Emilia in Emilia-Romagna in Italy
Brescia {prop} :: Brescia
bresciana {f} :: A female native or inhabitant of Brescia
Bresciani {prop} :: surname
bresciano {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Brescia
bresciano {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Brescia
Breslavia {prop} :: Breslau, Wroclaw
Bressanone {prop} :: A town in the Bolzano province of Trentino-Alto Adige
Bretagna {prop} :: Brittany
bretella {f} :: strap (on a bra etc)
bretella {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: braces [British], suspenders [US]
bretellina {f} :: strap (on a bra or dress)
bretone {adj} :: Breton
bretone {m} :: the Breton language
bretone {m} :: a Breton man
bretone {f} :: female Breton
breve {adj} :: brief, short
breve {adv} :: briefly
breve {m} [music] :: breve
breve {m} :: brief (short news report)
brevemente {adv} :: shortly, briefly, in brief, concisely
brevettabile {adj} :: patentable
brevettabilità {f} :: patentability
brevettante {v} :: present participle of brevettare
brevettare {vt} :: To patent
brevettato {adj} :: patented, patent (attributive) proprietary
brevettato {adj} [figuratively] :: tried and true, tested, well-established
brevettazione {f} :: patenting
brevetto {m} :: patent (of a new invention)
brevettuale {adj} :: patent (attributive)
breviante {v} :: present participle of breviare
breviare {vt} :: Variant of abbreviare
breviario {m} :: breviary
breviazione {f} :: Variant of abbreviazione
brevilineo {adj} :: short-limbed
breviloquente {adj} :: concise
breviloquenza {f} :: conciseness
brevissimo {adj} :: Very short
brevità {f} :: shortness, brevity, concision
brezza {f} :: breeze
brianteo {adj} :: Of or from Brianza
Brianza {prop} :: Brianza
brianzolo {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Brianza
brianzolo {m} :: Native or resident of Brianza
Briareo {prop} :: Briareus / Briareos
bricchetta {f} :: briquette / briquet
bricchetto {m} :: small pot or jug
Briccialdi {prop} :: surname
bricco {m} :: jug (vessel)
briccola {f} [Venice] :: Any of a group of piles used to mark the navigable channels through the lagoon
briccola {f} [Piedmont] :: A type of lever used to lift loads (especially water from a well)
briccola {f} [obsolete] :: A type of military siege engine similar to a catapult (a mangano)
bricconaggine {f} :: roguery, knavery
bricconata {f} :: dirty trick
bricconcella {f} :: rascal [female]
bricconcello {m} :: rascal (young rogue)
briccone {m} :: rascal
bricconeria {f} :: roguery, knavery
bricconescamente {adv} :: roguishly
bricconesco {adj} :: roguish, rascally
Brichese {prop} :: surname
briciola {f} :: crumb (of bread etc)
briciola {f} :: scrap
briciola {f} :: trifle
briciolo {m} :: bit (small part)
briciolo {m} :: grain
brida {f} :: clamp (type used on a lathe)
bridge {m} [card games] :: bridge (card game)
bridgista {mf} :: bridge player
bridgistico {adj} :: bridge (card game, attributive)
briefing {m} :: briefing
brievemente {adv} :: medieval spelling of brevemente
briga {f} :: trouble, bother
Briga {prop} :: Any of several Italian or French alpine communes
brigadiere {m} :: brigadier
brigadiere {m} :: sergeant (police etc)
brigantaggio {m} :: brigandage, banditry
brigante {m} :: brigand, bandit
brigante {m} :: rascal
brigante {v} :: present participle of brigare
brigantescamente {adv} :: in the manner of a brigand
brigantesco {adj} :: brigandish
brigantessa {f} {m} :: brigand, bandit (female)
brigantino {m} :: brig, brigantine
brigare {vi} :: to intrigue
brigasco {m} :: A dialect of Ligurian spoken in the Maritime Alps
brigasco {adj} :: Relating to that dialect
brigata {f} :: group, party
brigata {f} :: brigade
Brigate Rosse {prop} :: Red Brigades
brigatismo {m} :: Terrorism, especially that of the Red Brigades
brigatista {f} :: A terrorist, especially one belonging to the Red Brigades
brigatistico {adj} :: terrorist (attributive, especially of or pertaining to the Red Brigades)
Brigida {prop} :: Bridget
brigidino {m} [desserts] :: A very thin, crispy aniseed wafer produced in the Pistoia area
Brigitta {prop} :: Bridget
briglia {f} :: rein
briglia {f} :: bridle
brigoso {adj} :: quarrelsome
brillamento {m} :: brilliance, resplendence
brillamento {m} :: explosion (in a mine)
brillamento solare {m} [astronomy] :: solar flare
brillantante {v} :: present participle of brillantare
brillantante {m} :: rinse aid
brillantare {v} :: to polish or buff
brillantare {v} :: to cut or facet (gemstones)
brillantare {v} :: to ice or frost (dust with sugar)
brillantatura {f} :: cutting or faceting (gemstones)
brillantatura {f} :: polishing, buffing
brillantatura {f} :: icing, frosting (dusting with sugar)
brillante {adj} :: bright, brilliant
brillante {m} :: A diamond
brillantemente {adv} :: brilliantly, successfully, with flying colors, smartly
brillantezza {f} :: shine, polish, burnishing, gloss
brillantezza {f} :: brilliance
brillantezza {f} :: brio, vivacity
brillantina {f} :: brilliantine
brillantissimo {adj} :: Very brilliant
brillantissimo {adj} :: Very bright, very shining
brillanza {f} [physics] :: luminance
brillare {vi} :: to shine, to sparkle or twinkle
brillare {vi} :: to go off or explode
brillare {vt} :: To set off or explode
brillare {vt} :: To husk (rice)
brillatoio {m} :: polisher (husking machine)
brillatoio {m} :: rice mill
brillatura {f} :: polishing, husking (of grain)
brillio {m} :: sparkle, glitter
brillio {m} :: sparkling, glittering
brillo {adj} :: tipsy, drunk
brina {f} :: frost, especially hoarfrost
brinamento {m} [physics] :: deposition (opposite of sublimation)
brinante {v} :: present participle of brinare
brinare {vi} :: To be frosty
brinare {vt} :: To cover with frost
brinare {vt} :: To frost (give a frosty appearance)
brinata {f} :: frost, hoarfrost
brincello {m} :: Variant of brandello
brindante {v} :: present participle of brindare
brindare {vi} :: to make a toast
brindello {m} :: Variant of brandello
brindisi {m} :: toast, salute
Brindisi {prop} :: Brindisi (province)
Brindisi {prop} :: Brindisi (city)
brindisino {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Brindisi
brindisino {m} :: Native or inhabitant of Brindisi
brinoso {adj} :: frosty
brio {m} :: vivacity, liveliness
brio- {prefix} :: bryo-
brioche {f} :: A croissant, Danish pastry, or other sweet bun
briofita {f} :: bryophyte
briografia {f} :: bryology
briologia {f} :: bryology
brionia {f} :: bryony
briosamente {adv} :: lively
brioscia {f} :: brioche
briosità {f} :: vivacity, liveliness
brioso {adj} :: lively
briozoo {m} :: bryozoan
brisa {f} [mushrooms] :: penny bun, porcino or cep (Boletus edulis)
brisato {adj} [heraldry] :: debruised; broken (of a chevron)
briscola {f} :: a type of card game
briscola {f} [in the plural] :: trumps
briscola {f} :: trump card
briscola di seme {f} [of card games] :: trump
briscolone {m} :: high trump card
briscolone {m} :: a card game similar to briscola
Brisgovia {prop} :: Breisgau
Brissago {prop} :: A small town in the Locarno district of Ticino
brissinese {adj} :: Of or from Bressanone
brisura {f} :: brisure
britannica {f} :: British (or UK) female citizen, female Briton
britannicità {f} :: Britishness
britannico {adj} :: British, Britannic
britannico {m} :: British (or UK) citizen, Briton
britanno {adj} :: Brittanic (of the ancient Britons)
britanno {adj} [by extension] :: English
britanno {m} :: Briton (member of ancient people)
brit milà {m} :: brit milah, bris
brividante {adj} [literary] :: flickering with light
brividii {n} :: plural of brividio
brividio {m} [literary] :: An intense, prolonged shiver
brividio {m} [literary, figuratively] :: flickering (of lights)
brivido {m} :: shiver, shudder
brividoso {adj} [literary] :: that shivers; shivering, shivery, shiversome
brividoso {adj} [literary] :: that causes shivering
Brizio {prop} :: given name
brizzolato {adj} :: greying, grey-haired
brizzolato {adj} :: grizzled
brizzolatura {f} :: grizzling, greying
brûlé {adj} :: mulled
brocardo {n} :: An ancient legal maxim (or saying), concise and clear, mostly of latin tradition, for example: lex dura, sed lex
brocca {f} :: jug
brocca {f} :: pitcher
brocca {f} :: ewer
brocca {f} :: vessel
broccante {v} :: present participle of broccare
broccardo {n} :: alternative spelling of brocardo
broccare {vt} :: To brocade
broccatello {m} :: brocatel, brocatelle
broccato {m} :: brocade (fabric)
brocchetta {f} :: A type of nail used for tacking material to wood
brocchiere {m} :: buckler
broccia {f} :: broach
brocciante {v} :: present participle of brocciare
brocciare {vt} :: To broach
brocciatrice {f} :: broaching machine
brocciatura {f} :: broaching
brocco {m} :: nag (worn-out horse)
broccolante {v} :: present participle of broccolare
broccolare {v} [colloquial] :: To flirt, chat up, attempt to hook up
broccolo {m} :: broccoli
broccolo {m} [figuratively] :: stupid person
broche {f} [mushrooms] :: sheathed woodtuft (Kuehneromyces mutabilis (synonym: Pholiota mutabilis))
broda {f} :: dishwater
brodaglia {f} :: dishwater
brodetto {m} :: a fish stew; the Italian equivalent of bouillabaisse
brodetto {m} :: a broth used as a basis for other sauces
brodino {m} :: light soup
brodino {m} [by extension] :: dishwater
brodo {m} :: broth; clear soup
brodoso {adj} :: watery, thin (soup etc)
Broggini {prop} :: surname
Broggini {prop} :: Luigi Broggini, Italian sculptor
brogliaccio {m} :: daybook
brogliaccio {m} :: notebook
brogliante {v} :: present participle of brogliare
brogliare {vi} :: To intrigue
broglio {m} :: intrigue, fraud, rigging, stuffing
broker {m} :: broker (commercial mediator)
brokeraggio {m} :: brokerage
brollo {adj} :: alternative form of brullo
brolo {m} :: small vegetable garden
bromato {adj} :: bromated
bromato {m} [chemistry] :: bromate
bromatologia {f} :: bromatology; food science
bromatologo {m} :: dietician
bromico {adj} :: bromic
bromidrico {adj} :: hydrobromic
bromidrosi {f} :: bromhidrosis
brominato {adj} [chemistry] :: brominated
bromismo {m} :: bromism (bromide intoxication)
bromito {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: bromite
bromo {m} [chemistry] :: bromine
bromocresolo {m} [organic compound] :: bromocresol
bromografo {m} [photography] :: bromograph, contact printer
bromolio {m} [photography] :: bromoil process
bromopnea {f} :: halitosis
bromurato {adj} :: brominated
bromurazione {f} :: bromination
bromuro {m} :: bromide
bromuro di acetile {m} [organic compound] :: acetyl bromide
bromuro di etile {m} [organic compound] :: ethyl bromide, bromoethane
bromuro di idrogeno {m} [inorganic compound] :: hydrogen bromide
bromuro di litio {m} [inorganic compound] :: lithium bromide
bromuro di magnesio {m} [inorganic compound] :: magnesium bromide
bromuro di metile {m} [organic compound] :: methyl bromide, bromomethane
bromuro di metilene {m} [organic compound] :: methylene bromide, dibromomethane
bromuro di piombo {m} [inorganic compound] :: lead bromide
bromuro di potassio {m} [inorganic compound] :: potassium bromide
bromuro di sodio {m} [inorganic compound] :: sodium bromide
bromuro di vinile {m} [organic compound] :: vinyl bromide
bronchiale {adj} [anatomy] :: bronchial
bronchiectasia {f} [medicine] :: bronchiectasis
bronchiettasia {f} :: Variant of bronchiectasia
bronchiolite {f} [disease] :: bronchiolitis
bronchiolo {m} [anatomy] :: bronchiole
bronchite {f} :: [pathology] bronchitis
bronchitico {adj} :: bronchitic
bronchitico {m} :: bronchitic (person)
broncio {m} :: sulk, pout
broncio {adj} :: sulky, sulking
bronco {m} [anatomy] :: bronchus, bronchial tube
bronco- {prefix} [anatomy] :: broncho-
broncoalveolare {adj} [anatomy] :: bronchoalveolar
broncoalveolite {f} [pathology] :: bronchoalveolitis
broncocostrittivo {adj} [pathology] :: bronchoconstrictive
broncocostrizione {f} [pathology] :: bronchoconstriction
broncodilatatore {m} [pharmacology] :: bronchodilator
broncodilatazione {f} [medicine] :: bronchodilation, bronchodilatation
broncogeno {adj} :: bronchogenic
broncografia {f} [medicine] :: bronchography
broncogramma {m} [medicine] :: bronchogram
broncolitico {adj} :: broncholytic
broncolitico {m} [pharmacology] :: broncholytic agent, broncholytic drug
broncomalacia {f} [pathology] :: bronchomalacia
broncone {m} :: Large branch with many spikes or prongs
broncoostruzione {f} [pathology] :: bronchoobstruction / broncho-obstruction
broncopatia {f} [pathology] :: bronchopathy
broncopleurite {f} [pathology] :: bronchopleurisy
broncopneumonico {adj} [anatomy] :: bronchopneumonic
broncopolmonare {adj} [anatomy] :: bronchopulmonary
broncopolmonite {f} [diseases] :: bronchopneumonia, bronchial pneumonia
broncoprotettivo {adj} :: bronchoprotective
broncorragia {f} [pathology] :: bronchorrhea
broncoscopia {f} [medicine] :: bronchoscopy
broncoscopico {adj} [medicine] :: bronchoscopic
broncoscopio {m} [medicine] :: bronchoscope
broncospasmo {m} [pathology] :: bronchospasm, bronchial spasm
broncospastico {adj} [pathology] :: bronchospastic
broncostenosi {f} [pathology] :: bronchostenosis
broncotomia {f} [surgery] :: bronchotomy
brontofobia {f} :: brontophobia
brontolamento {m} :: grumbling, muttering, mumbling
brontolamento {m} :: rumbling, growling
brontolante {v} :: present participle of brontolare
brontolare {v} :: to mutter or mumble
brontolare {v} :: to grumble
brontolio {m} :: mumbling
brontolio {m} :: muttering
brontolio {m} :: grumbling
brontolio {m} :: rumbling
Brontolo {prop} :: Grumpy (Disney character)
brontolona {f} :: grumbler, scold (female)
brontolone {adj} :: grumbling
brontolone {m} :: grumbler
brontosauro {m} :: brontosaurus
bronzante {v} :: present participle of bronzare
bronzare {vt} :: To bronze
bronzatura {f} :: bronzing
bronzeo {adj} :: bronze (attributive)
bronzetto {m} :: bronze statuette
bronzina {f} :: bushing (mechanics, especially one made of brass)
bronzina {f} :: small cowbell (especially one made of brass)
bronzista {mf} :: bronze worker
bronzo {m} :: bronze (metal or object)
Bronzolo {prop} :: A small town in the Bolzano province of Trentino-Alto Adige
bronzolotto {adj} :: Of or from Bronzolo
Broschi {prop} :: surname
brossura {f} :: paperback
browniano {adj} :: Brownian
browser {m} [computing] :: browser (software)
brozzola {f} :: A kind of shuttle used in weaving
brr {interj} :: brr
brucante {v} :: present participle of brucare
brucare {vt} :: To graze, to browse on, to nibble
brucatura {f} :: cropping, nibbling
brucatura {f} :: browsing, grazing
brucellosi {f} [pathology] :: brucellosis
bruciabile {adj} :: burnable
bruciacchiante {v} :: present participle of bruciacchiare
bruciacchiare {vt} :: To singe, to scorch
bruciacchiarsi {v} :: reflexive of bruciacchiare
bruciacchiarsi {vr} :: to burn [of food]
bruciacchiatura {f} :: scorching, singeing, searing
bruciacchiatura {f} :: scorch (mark)
bruciamento {m} :: burning
bruciante {v} :: present participle of bruciare
bruciante {adj} :: burning (especially with emotion etc)
bruciantesi {v} :: present participle of bruciarsi
bruciapelo {m} :: Machine for heat-treating cotton fabric
bruciaprofumi {m} :: perfume or incense burner
bruciare {vit} :: To burn
bruciare {vt} :: To sear
bruciare {v} [slang] :: To scupper
bruciarsi {v} :: reflexive of bruciare
bruciarsi {vr} :: to burn oneself
bruciarsi {vr} :: to be burnt, burn
bruciarsi {vr} :: to spoil one's chances, burn out
bruciata {f} :: synonym of caldarrosta
bruciaticcio {adj} :: Slightly burnt
bruciaticcio {m} :: Burnt remains
bruciaticcio {m} :: A burnt smell
bruciato {adj} :: burnt
bruciatore {m} :: burner
bruciatosi {v} :: past participle of bruciarsi
bruciatura {f} :: burning
bruciatura {f} :: burn
brucina {f} :: brucine
bruciore {m} :: burning (sensation)
bruco {m} :: grub, caterpillar
brucola {f} :: Allen screw
brucola {f} :: Allen key
brufolo {m} :: pimple, spot, zit
brufoloso {adj} :: pimply, spotty
Bruggia {prop} :: medieval spelling of Bruges
brughiera {f} :: heath, moor
brugo {m} :: heather, ling
brugola {f} :: Allen key, hex key
bruire {v} :: to gurgle
brulè {adj} :: Variant of brulé
brulé {adj} :: burnt
brulicame {m} :: swarm
brulicante {v} :: present participle of brulicare
brulicante {adj} :: swarming or teeming (with)
brulicare {vi} :: To swarm, teem
brulichio {m} :: swarming
brulichio {m} [figuratively] :: whirl, seething, teeming
brullo {adj} :: barren
brullo {adj} :: bleak
brulotto {m} [nautical] :: fireship
bruma {f} :: mist, haze
bruma {f} :: shipworm
brumaio {m} [historical] :: Brumaire (the second month of the French Republican Calendar)
brumale {adj} :: brumal
brumale {m} [rare] :: synonym of brumaio
brumazione {f} :: hibernation
brumoso {adj} :: misty
bruna {f} :: feminine noun of bruno
Bruna {prop} :: given name, feminine form of Bruno
Bruna {prop} :: A river of Tuscany
brunastro {adj} :: brownish
brunch {m} :: brunch
Brunei {prop} :: Brunei
Brunelda {prop} [rare] :: given name, alternative form of Brunilde
Brunelleschi {prop} :: surname
Brunelleschi {prop} :: Filippo Brunelleschi, Italian architect
brunello {m} :: Any of several dark red wines
Brunello {prop} :: surname
brunente {v} :: present participle of brunire
brunetta {f} :: brunette
Brunetto {prop} :: given name
brunice {f} :: live (glowing) coal
brunicense {adj} :: Of or from Brunico
Brunico {prop} :: A town in the Bolzano province of Trentino-Alto Adige
Brunilda {prop} [rare] :: given name, alternative form of Brunilde
Brunilde {prop} [Germanic mythology] :: Brunhild (valkyrie)
Brunilde {prop} [rare] :: given name
Brunildo {prop} [rare] :: given name, masculine of Brunilda
brunire {vt} :: To burnish, to polish
brunitoio {m} :: burnisher
brunitore {m} :: burnisher, polisher (person)
brunitrice {f} :: burnisher, polisher (machine)
brunitura {f} :: burnishing, polishing
bruno {adj} :: (dark) brown
bruno {m} :: a dark-haired person
Bruno {prop} :: given name
Bruno {prop} :: surname
brusca {f} :: scrubbing brush
bruscamente {adv} :: abruptly, suddenly, sharply
bruscante {v} :: present participle of bruscare
Bruscantini {prop} :: surname
Bruscantini {prop} :: Sesto Bruscantini, Italian singer
bruscare {v} :: To clean with a scrubbing brush
bruschetta {f} :: bruschetta (Italian bread topped with garlic and tomatoes)
bruschetta {f} [Tuscany] :: A soup consisting of olive oil, boiled cavolo nero and toasted garlic bread
bruschetta {f} :: diminutive of brusca: a light twig
bruschetta {f} [in the plural] :: A game similar to the sortition by drawing straws, in which the one who picks the longest (or shortest) stick wins
bruschezza {f} :: brusqueness, abruptness
bruschinante {v} :: present participle of bruschinare
bruschinare {vt} :: To brush or groom (a horse etc)
bruschino {m} :: horse brush
bruschino {m} :: scrubbing brush
brusciato {adj} :: alternative form of bruciato
bruscitti {n} :: A dish of finely chopped beef cooked with fennel seeds and wine
brusco {adj} :: abrupt, sudden, brusque
bruscolino {m} :: speck, mote (diminutive of: bruscolo)
bruscolino {m} [in the plural] :: peanuts
bruscolo {m} :: speck (small particle)
brusio {m} :: hubbub, buzz
brussellese {adj} :: Of, from, or relating to Brussels (the capital of Belgium); Brusselian
brussellese {mf} :: A Brusselian; a native or inhabitant of Brussels
brustolino {m} :: Salted, toasted pumpkin seed eaten as a snack
brustullo {m} :: Roasted and salted pumpkinseed eaten as a snack food
brutale {adj} :: rough, brutal
brutalismo {m} :: brutalism, Brutalism
brutalità {f} :: brutality
brutalizzante {v} :: present participle of brutalizzare
brutalizzare {vt} :: to brutalize
brutalizzazione {f} :: brutalization
brutalmente {adv} :: brutally
bruto {adj} :: brute
bruto {m} :: brute
Bruto {prop} :: Brutus
brutta {f} :: rough copy
brutta {f} :: first draft
bruttamente {adv} :: uglily, badly, nastily
bruttante {v} :: present participle of bruttare
bruttare {vt} :: To sully, soil or dirty
bruttezza {f} :: ugliness
bruttino {adj} :: plain, homely
bruttissimo {adj} :: Very bad or ugly
brutto {adj} :: ugly, bad, nasty
brutto {m} :: ugly person
brutto muso {m} [colloquial] :: ugly mug (ugly face)
bruttura {f} :: ugly thing, eyesore
bruttura {f} :: meanness, mean act
bruxante {v} :: present participle of bruxare
bruxare {vi} :: To brux (grind the teeth)
Bruxelles {prop} :: Brussels
bruxellese {adj} [rare] :: alternative form of brussellese
bruxellese {mf} [rare] :: alternative form of brussellese
bruxismo {m} :: bruxing (grinding the teeth)
bu {m} :: A unit of length equal to 1.818 metres ()
bu {m} :: A unit or area equal to 3.306 metres2 ()
bu {m} :: A tenth (decimal) ()
bua {f} [baby talk] :: pain, discomfort
buaggine {f} :: stupidity, foolishness
bubalo {m} :: hartebeast
bubbola {f} :: lie, story
bubbola {f} :: trifle
bubboliera {f} :: Animal's collar fitted with bells
bubbolo {m} :: A bell on an animal's collar; especially a sleigh bell
bubbone {m} :: swelling, bubo
bubbonico {adj} :: bubonic
buca {f} :: hole
buca {f} :: pit
buca {f} [snooker] :: pocket
buca delle lettere {f} :: post box
buca delle lettere {f} :: mailbox
bucalettere {f} [Switzerland] :: letterbox, mailbox
bucaneve {m} :: snowdrop
bucaniere {m} :: buccaneer
bucante {v} :: present participle of bucare
bucantesi {v} :: present participle of bucarsi
bucare {v} :: to pierce
bucare {v} :: to punch (a ticket)
bucare {v} :: to puncture
Bucarest {prop} :: Bucharest
bucarsi {v} :: reflexive of bucare
bucarsi {vr} :: to puncture [of a tyre]
bucarsi {vr} :: to prick [one's finger, etc.]
bucarsi {vr} :: to get a hole in
bucarsi {vr} :: to shoot up [to inject a drug]
bucatino {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: a type of thick hollow spaghetti
bucato {adj} :: with holes, pierced, perforated, hollow
bucato {m} :: washing, laundry
bucatosi {v} :: past participle of bucarsi
bucatura {f} :: hole, piercing
bucatura {f} :: puncture
bucatura {f} :: prick
bucazio {m} :: A month of the Delphic calendar, covering roughly from the second half of August to the first half of September
buccale {adj} [anatomy] :: buccal
Buccari {prop} :: Bakar
buccellato {m} :: Either of two traditional cakes from either Lucca or Sicily
bucchero {m} :: bucchero
buccia {f} :: skin, peel, husk, bur [of fruit, etc.]
buccia {f} :: pod [of peas, etc.]
buccia {f} :: rind [of cheese]
buccina {f} [musical instruments] :: buccina
buccinatore {m} [muscle] :: buccinator
buccofaringeo {adj} [anatomy] :: buccopharyngeal
buccola {f} :: earring
buccola {f} :: lock, curl (of hair)
buccolo {m} :: lock, curl (of hair)
bucefalo {m} [colloquial] :: nag, hack (old or broken-down horse)
Bucefalo {prop} :: Bucephalus
bucherame {m} :: A type of translucent fabric once used to make veils
bucherellante {v} :: present participle of bucherellare
bucherellare {vt} :: To riddle (with holes)
bucherellato {adj} :: riddled (with holes)
buchetto {m} :: A small hole
buchino {m} :: A small hole
bucintoro {m} :: bucentaur
bucintoro {m} [Venice] :: the state barge of Venice; used in the sposalizio ceremony
buco {m} :: hole, small opening, gap, aperture
buco {m} :: hovel
buco bianco {m} [astrophysics] :: white hole
buco coronale {m} [astronomy] :: coronal hole
buco del culo {m} :: asshole, jerk
buco della serratura {m} :: keyhole
buco dell'ozono {m} :: ozone hole
buco di trama {m} :: an inconsistency within a storyline; plot hole
bucolicamente {adv} :: bucolically
bucolico {adj} :: bucolic
buco nero {m} [astronomy, figuratively] :: black hole
Bucovina {prop} :: Bukovina
bucranio {m} :: bucranium
Budapest {prop} :: Budapest
Budda {prop} :: Buddha
Budda {m} :: Buddha
buddhismo {m} :: alternative spelling of buddismo
buddhista {adj} :: alternative spelling of buddista
buddhista {f} :: alternative spelling of buddista
buddhistico {adj} :: alternative spelling of buddistico
buddismo {m} [religion] :: Buddhism
buddista {adj} :: Buddhist
buddista {mf} :: Buddhist
buddistico {adj} :: Buddhistic
budello {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: intestines, bowels, guts
budello {m} [also uncountable] :: gut (material)
budello {m} [figuratively] :: thin tube
budello {m} [figuratively] :: alleyway
budget {m} :: A budget
budgetario {adj} :: budgetary
budino {m} :: pudding
budriere {m} :: baldrick
Budua {prop} :: Budva (town in Montenegro)
bue {m} :: ox (bovine)
buen retiro {m} :: a secluded, restful location
buen retiro {m} [by extension] :: love nest
bue tibetano {m} :: yak
bufala {f} :: female buffalo
bufala {f} :: hoax, canard, whopper
bufala {f} [regional] :: blunder
bufala {f} [cheese] :: buffalo mozzarella
bufalino {adj} :: buffalo (attributive)
bufalo {m} :: buffalo
bufante {v} :: present participle of bufare
bufare {v} [impersonal] :: To blizzard
bufera {f} :: storm
bufera {f} :: squall
bufera di neve {f} :: snowstorm
bufera di neve {f} :: blizzard
buffè {m} :: alternative form of buffet
buffamente {adv} :: funnily, comically, amusingly
buffamente {adv} :: strangely, oddly
buffante {v} :: present participle of buffare
buffare {vi} :: To blow hard
buffare {vt} :: To huff (in draughts)
buffata {f} :: gust, puff (of wind)
buffatore {m} :: glassblower, gaffer
buffer {m} [computing] :: buffer
bufferizzante {v} :: present participle of bufferizzare
bufferizzare {vt} [computing] :: to buffer
buffet {m} [furniture] :: sideboard
buffet {m} :: buffet, refreshment bar
buffetteria {f} :: buffet service
buffetteria {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: the leather accoutrementss of a soldier
buffetto {m} :: flick, chuck, cuff (light blow)
buffissimo {adj} :: Very funny, very comical, very amusing
buffo {adj} :: funny, comical, amusing
buffo {adj} :: strange, odd
buffo {adj} :: whimsical
buffo {adj} :: playful
buffona {f} :: buffoon, joker, clown
buffonaggine {f} :: foolery, tomfoolery, clowning
buffonata {f} :: prank
buffonata {f} :: jest
buffone {m} :: clown, buffoon, joker, fool
buffone di corte {m} :: court jester, jester, joker
buffoneggiante {v} :: present participle of buffoneggiare
buffoneggiare {vi} :: To fool about or play the fool
buffoneria {f} :: buffoonery
buffonescamente {adv} :: comically, in jest
buffonesco {adj} :: clownish, comical
bufolo {m} :: Variant of bufalo
buftalmo {m} :: oxeye (of the genus Buphthalum)
buftalmo {m} [pathology] :: buphthalmos
buganvillea {f} :: bougainvillea
buggerante {v} :: present participle of buggerare
buggerare {v} :: To swindle or cheat
buggerare {v} :: To bugger (have anal intercourse with)
buggerato {adj} :: riddled (with holes)
buggeratura {f} :: trick, cheat, swindle
bugia {f} :: lie, untruth
bugia {f} [chiefly in the plural, Northern Italy, mainly Piedmont] :: type of dessert in the form of fritters dusted with sugar, eaten during Carnival time; similar to angel wings
bugia {f} :: candleholder
Bugia {prop} :: obsolete form of Béjaïa
bugia pietosa {f} :: white lie
bugiarda {f} :: liar (female)
bugiardaggine {f} :: lying, untruthfulness, deceitfulness
bugiardamente {adv} [archaic] :: untruthfully, falsely, deceitfully
bugiarderia {f} :: lying (especially repeatedly or on a large scale)
bugiardino {m} [medicine, colloquial] :: package insert (instructions packed with a prescribed medicine etc., listing its composition, properties and risks etc.)
bugiardo {adj} :: lying, false, deceitful, untruthful
bugiardo {m} :: liar
bugigattolo {m} :: boxroom, cubbyhole (small room, especially one without windows)
bugio {adj} :: hollow
bugliolo {m} [nautical] :: bucket (wooden, with ropes attached)
buglione {m} [obsolete] :: broth, soup
buglione {m} :: riffraff, crowd
bugna {f} :: boss (knob, in architecture)
bugna {f} [nautical] :: clew (sail corner, nautical)
bugnante {v} :: present participle of bugnare
bugnare {vt} :: To ashlar
bugnato {m} :: ashlar work
bugnato {m} :: rustication
bugnatura {f} :: rustication
bugno {m} :: A type of beehive
bugnola {f} :: A straw and wickerwork basket for carrying fruit, grain etc
bugola {f} :: bugle (plant of genus Ajuga)
buio {adj} :: dark (contrary of luminous)
buio {m} :: darkness, dark
buio pesto {m} :: pitch-darkness, Cimmerian darkness
bulè {f} :: boule (council of citizens in Ancient Greece)
bulbare {adj} [anatomy] :: bulbar
bulbicoltore {m} :: bulb grower
bulbicoltura {f} :: bulb growing
bulbifero {adj} :: bulbiferous
bulbiforme {adj} :: bulbiform
bulbillo {m} [botany] :: bulbil
bulbo {m} :: bulb
bulbo {m} :: ball, globe
bulbo {m} :: light bulb, light globe
bulbo {m} :: breakwater ((nautical) a low bulkhead across the forecastle deck of a ship)
bulbocastano {m} :: black cumin, blackseed, black caraway (Bunium bulbocastanum)
bulbo di prua {m} [nautical] :: breakwater (at the prow of a ship)
bulbo oculare {m} [anatomy] :: eyeball
bulboso {adj} [botany] :: bulbous (growing from or producing bulbs)
buleuterio {m} :: bouleuterion
bulgara {f} :: Bulgarian (female)
Bulgaria {prop} :: Bulgaria
bulgaro {adj} :: Bulgarian
bulgaro {m} :: Bulgarian (person)
bulgaro {prop} :: Bulgarian (language)
Bulicame {prop} :: alternative form of Bullicame
Bulicame {n} :: hotspring
Bulicame {n} [figuratively] :: whirl, seething, teeming, tumult
bulicante {v} :: present participle of bulicare
bulicare {v} :: To boil (especially, of thermal waters)
bulicare {v} :: To swarm
bulimia {f} :: bulimia, binge eating disorder
bulimica {f} :: bulimic (female)
bulimico {adj} :: bulimic
bulimico {m} :: A bulimic
bulinante {v} :: present participle of bulinare
bulinare {vt} :: To engrave
bulinatore {m} :: engraver, chiseller
bulinatura {f} :: engraving, chiselling
bulino {m} :: burin, graver (engraving tool)
bulletta {f} :: tack, nail
bulletta {f} :: hobnail
bullettante {v} :: present participle of bullettare
bullettare {vt} :: To tack
Bullicame {prop} :: A thermal spring near Viterbo
bullionismo {m} :: bullionism
bullionista {m} :: bullionist
bullismo {m} :: bullying
bullo {m} :: tough, tough guy, bully, guy
bullonante {v} :: present participle of bullonare
bullonare {vt} :: to bolt
bullonatrice {f} :: bolting machine
bullonatura {f} :: bolting
bullone {m} :: bolt
bulloneria {f} :: The manufacture of bolts
bulloneria {f} :: An assortment of bolts
bulo {m} :: alternative form of bullo
Bulzoni {prop} :: surname
Bulzoni {prop} :: An Italian publishing house
bunga bunga {f} :: The activities occurring during orgiastic parties involving the Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi
bungaro {m} :: krait (snake of the genus Bungarus)
bunkeraggio {m} [nautical] :: bunkering (refuelling of ships)
buon {adj} :: apocopic form of buono
buonacristiana {f} :: Williams pear
buonafede {f} :: honesty
buona fortuna {interj} :: synonym of in bocca al lupo
buonagrazia {f} :: kindness, courtesy
buona lana {f} :: (idiomatic, dated) slyboots, rogue
buonalana {f} :: scoundrel, rogue, rascal
buonamano {m} [obsolete or Northern Italy] :: tip (sum of money)
buonamente {adv} :: well
buonanima {f} :: A dead person
buona notte {interj} :: alternative spelling of buonanotte
buonanotte {interj} :: good night
buonanotte {f} :: an instance or circumstance in which one says good night
buona Pasqua {phrase} :: happy Easter
buon appetito {interj} :: bon appétit, enjoy your meal
buona sera {interj} :: alternative spelling of buonasera
buonasera {interj} [regional] :: good afternoon
buonasera {interj} :: good evening
buonavoglia {f} :: willingness
buona volontà {f} :: goodwill (favorably disposed attitude toward someone or something)
buon compleanno {interj} :: happy birthday
buoncostume {m} :: public morality
buondì {interj} :: good day, hello
buon giorno {interj} :: alternative spelling of buongiorno
buongiorno {interj} :: good day
buongiorno {interj} :: good morning
buongiorno {interj} :: good afternoon [very early afternoon]
buongiorno {interj} :: hello
buongoverno {m} :: good government
buongrado {m} :: Only ever used in the expression di buongrado
buongustaia {f} :: gourmet (female)
buongustaio {m} :: gourmet
buongusto {m} :: (good) taste
buongusto {m} :: (good) manners
buonismo {m} :: do-goodism
buonissimo {adj} :: Better than good
buonista {adj} :: do-gooding, do-goody
buonista {mf} :: do-gooder
buon Natale {phrase} :: Merry Christmas!
buon Natale e felice anno nuovo {phrase} :: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
buono {adj} :: good
buono {adj} :: fair
buono {m} :: coupon, voucher
buono {m} :: bill, bond (financial)
buono a nulla {m} :: good-for-nothing, ne'er-do-well
buono a nulla {m} :: A scoundrel, rogue, rascal or unprincipled, deceitful, and unreliable person
buono a nulla {m} :: A mean, worthless fellow; a rascal; a villain; a person without honour or virtue
buonora {f} :: Only ever used in the expressions alla buonora, di buonora
buon pomeriggio {phrase} :: good afternoon
buonsenso {m} :: common sense
buontempo {m} :: good time
buontempone {adj} :: happy-go-lucky
buonumore {m} :: good mood, good temper, good cheer, high spirits
buonuomo {m} :: good-natured or easy-going man
buonuomo {m} :: simpleton
buonuomo {m} :: "my good man", "my good fellow"
buonuscita {f} :: severance payment or golden handshake (retirement bonus)
buonvolere {m} [rare] :: loyalty
Buoso {prop} [rare] :: given name
buprestide {m} :: buprestid
buralista {m} [Switzerland] :: post office manager
buranello {adj} :: Of or from Burano
buranello {m} :: Native or inhabitant of Burano
buranello {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: A soft, S-shaped biscuit eaten with dessert wine
Burano {prop} :: An island in the Venetian lagoon
burattante {v} :: present participle of burattare
burattare {vt} :: To sieve or sift
burattatura {f} :: sieving, sifting, tumbling, rumbling, tumble finishing
burattinaia {f} :: puppeteer (female)
burattinaio {m} :: puppeteer
burattinata {f} :: puppet show
burattinata {f} :: tomfoolery
burattinesco {adj} :: puppet-like
burattinesco {adj} :: foolish
burattino {m} :: puppet
buratto {m} [agriculture] :: sifter
burazzo {m} :: duster (or similar cloth)
burba {f} :: rookie (raw recruit)
burba {f} :: fool
burbanza {f} :: haughtiness, arrogance
burbanzosamente {adv} :: haughtily, arrogantly
burbanzoso {adj} :: haughty, snooty, arrogant
burberamente {adv} :: grumpily, gruffly
burbero {adj} :: surly, gruff
Burcardo {prop} :: surname
burchiello {m} [nautical] :: barge
burchio {m} [nautical] :: barge
bure {f} :: beam of a plough
burella {f} :: dungeon
burella {f} :: dark, underground corridor
burella {f} [heraldiccharge] :: narrow band
buretta {f} [chemistry] :: burette
burga {f} :: A kind of basket filled with stones and used to prevent the erosion of rivers banks
Burgio {prop} :: A comune of Agrigento, in Sicily
burgraviato {m} :: burgravate (rank and jurisdiction of a burgrave)
burgravio {m} :: burgrave
burgundo {adj} :: Burgundian
buriana {f} :: Brief storm
buricco {m} :: donkey (small size donkey)
buricco {m} :: dress (16th century long dress)
burino {adj} :: boorish, loutish
burino {m} :: peasant, yokel
burino {m} :: boor, lout
burkinabè {adj} :: Burkinabe, Burkinabè
burkinabè {mf} :: Burkinabe, Burkinabè
Burkina Faso {prop} :: Burkina Faso
burkinese {adj} :: Burkinese
burla {f} :: trick, prank, frolic, joke
burlante {v} :: present participle of burlare
burlantesi {v} :: present participle of burlarsi
burlare {vt} :: to make fun of, frolic
burlarsi {v} :: reflexive of burlare
burlarsi {vr} :: to make fun of
burlarsi {vr} :: to tease
burlatosi {v} :: past participle of burlarsi
burlescamente {adv} :: jestingly
burlescamente {adv} :: in the manner of burlesque
burlesco {adj} :: jesting
burlesco {adj} [attributive] :: burlesque
burletta {f} :: joke
burletta {f} :: trick
burletto {m} :: pad placed on the head to support loads
burlevole {adj} :: playful, jesting
burlevolmente {adv} :: playfully, jestingly
burlone {m} :: joker
burnus {m} :: burnoose
burocrate {m} :: bureaucrat
burocratese {m} :: bureaucratese, officialese
burocraticamente {adv} :: bureaucratically
burocratico {adj} :: bureaucratic
burocratismo {m} :: A bureaucratic attitude
burocratizzante {v} :: present participle of burocratizzare
burocratizzare {vt} :: to bureaucratize
burocratizzazione {f} :: bureaucratization
burocrazia {f} :: bureaucracy
burotica {f} :: office automation: automation, using informatic equipment, of common administrative tasks
burraco {m} :: A partnership card game involving combinations and sequences of cards
burrasca {f} [weather, especially, nautical] :: storm, squall
burrasca {f} [by extension] :: trouble
burrascosamente {adv} :: stormily
burrascoso {adj} :: stormy
burrata {f} [usually uncountable] :: burrata (cheese similar to creamy mozzarella)
burrato {adj} :: rare form of imburrato
burriera {f} :: butter dish
burrificante {v} :: present participle of burrificare
burrificare {vt} :: to churn [cream, to make butter]
burrificazione {f} :: churning (butter-making)
burrificio {m} :: butter factory
burrificio {m} :: dairy (place where butter is made)
burro {m} :: butter
burrocacao {m} :: lip salve
burro di karité {m} :: shea butter
burrona {f} :: butter pear
burrona {f} :: a ripe and juicy peach
burrone {m} :: ravine, gorge
burroso {adj} :: buttery
burtoniano {adj} :: Burtonian
burundese {adj} :: Burundian
burundese {mf} :: Burundian
Burundi {prop} :: Burundi
buscante {v} :: present participle of buscare
buscantesi {v} :: present participle of buscarsi
buscare {vt} :: to procure, obtain, get
buscarle {v} :: to be hit
buscarsi {v} :: reflexive of buscare
buscarsi {vr} :: to get something bad
Buscate {prop} :: A small town in the Milano province of Lombardia
buscatese {adj} :: Of or from Buscate
buscatosi {v} :: past participle of buscarsi
buscemese {adj} :: Of or from Buscemi
buscemese {mf} :: Native or inhabitant of Buscemi
Buscemi {prop} :: Buscemi (small town in the province of Syracuse)
Buscemi {prop} :: a surname, especially of Italian ancestry
Buscetta {prop} :: surname
Buscetta {prop} :: Tommaso Buscetta, Italian mobster
busecca {f} [Northern Italy, chiefly Milan] :: tripe (food)
busecchia {f} [Tuscan] :: An animal's gut or intestine used as a casing for sausages, etc
Busento {prop} :: A river that flows in Calabria
busillis {m} :: problem, enigma
business {m} :: business (commercial enterprise)
Busiride {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Busiris
Busoni {prop} :: surname
bussante {v} :: present participle of bussare
bussare {vi} :: to knock
bussatoio {m} :: knocker
Bussento {prop} :: A river that flows in Campania
bussina {f} :: buxine
bussola {f} :: compass [navigation instrument]
bussola {f} :: bush [mechanical part]
bussola {f} :: sedan chair
bussola {f} :: revolving door
bussola {f} :: ballot box
bussola {m} :: A type of ring-shaped breadstick from Burano
bussolo {m} [regional] :: alternative form of bossolo
bussolotto {m} :: box
bussolotto {m} :: tin / can
bussolotto {m} :: dice shaker
busta {f} :: envelope
busta {f} [philately] :: cover
bustaia {f} :: corsetière (woman who makes and fits corsets etc)
busta paga {f} :: payslip
busta paga {f} :: paycheck, wage, salary, pay
busta primo giorno di emissione {f} :: first day cover
bustarella {f} :: bribe (especially an envelope stuffed with money)
bustese {adj} :: Of or from Busto Arsizio
bustina {f} :: envelope (small)
bustina {f} :: sachet
bustina {f} :: forage cap
bustino {m} :: corset (etc)
busto {m} [obsolete] :: tomb, grave
busto {m} [by extension, obsolete] :: cadaver, corpse
busto {m} [sculpture] :: bust
busto {m} [by extension, anatomy] :: torso
busto {m} [by extension] :: corset
Busto Arsizio {prop} :: A town in the Varese province of Lombardia
bustocco {adj} :: Of or from Busto Arsizio
bustrofedico {adj} :: boustrophedon
butano {m} :: butane
butanoico {adj} :: butanoic
butanolo {m} [organic compound] :: butanol
butilato {adj} [organic chemistry] :: butylated
butile {m} [organic chemistry] :: butyl (radical)
butilico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: butyl (attributive)
butirrato {m} [organic chemistry] :: butyrate
butirrico {adj} :: butyric
butirroso {adj} :: buttery
buttaffuori {m} :: Variant of buttafuori
buttafuoco {m} :: linstock
buttafuori {m} :: bouncer, chucker-out
buttafuori {m} [nautical] :: bumpkin
buttante {v} :: present participle of buttare
buttantesi {v} :: present participle of buttarsi
buttar {v} :: apocopic form of buttare
buttare {vt} :: to throw, toss, fling, chuck, to sling
buttare {vt} :: to spout, spurt, pour, discharge
buttare {vt} :: to throw about, waste
buttare {vt} :: to put out, sprout, shoot
buttare {vt} :: to beat in
buttare {vi} :: to turn
buttare {vi} [familiar] :: to shape
buttare all'aria {v} :: to rummage, jumble
buttare a terra {v} :: To drop or fell (someone) (hit someone to the ground)
buttare a terra {v} :: To humiliate or demoralize (someone)
buttare giù {v} :: to level, raze, demolish, destroy, scrape
buttare giù {v} :: to gulp down, knock back (e.g., a drink)
buttare il bambino con l'acqua sporca {v} :: to throw the baby out with the bathwater
buttare il bambino con l'acqua sporca {v} [idiomatic] :: To discard, especially inadvertently, something valuable while in the process of removing or rejecting something unwanted
buttare via {vt} :: To throw away, to throw out, to discard
buttarsi {v} :: reflexive of buttare
buttarsi {v} :: to throw oneself, jump, plunge
buttarsi {v} :: to throw oneself into, take to
buttarsi {v} :: to fall upon, swoop down on
buttarsi a capofitto {v} :: to charge full speed ahead
buttasella {m} [military] :: saddle-up (order to saddle horses)
buttata {f} :: sprouting (of plants)
buttatosi {v} :: past participle of buttarsi
butterante {v} :: present participle of butterare
butterare {vt} :: To pockmark or pit
butterato {adj} :: pockmarked, pitted
butteratura {f} :: pockmark
buttero {m} :: A scar left on the skin as a result of smallpox etc
buttero {m} :: Each of the small grooves on a thimble
buttero {m} :: (in the Maremma) A shepherd on horseback
buttero {m} :: cowboy
buttero {m} :: herdman
buttero {m} :: drover
buvette {f} :: cafeteria in the Italian parliament
buvette {f} :: bar (in a theatre etc')
buyout {m} :: buyout
buzzagro {m} :: buzzard (Buteo buteo)
buzzicona {f} :: sloven
buzzicone {m} :: slob
buzzo {m} :: belly, paunch, especially an animal's
buzzonaglia {f} :: The waste-products of tuna processing
buzzurra {f} :: feminine of buzzurro
buzzurro {m} :: boor
buzzurro {m} :: yokel, hick, country bumpkin
buzzurro {m} :: hillbilly
buzzurro {adj} :: rude, impolite, coarse
bwana {m} :: bwana
bypass {m} :: bypass
bypassante {v} :: present participle of bypassare
bypassare {vt} :: To bypass
byroniano {adj} :: Byronian
byronismo {m} :: Byronism
byte {m} [computing] :: byte