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baa {n} /bæ]/ (bleating of sheep)  :: balido {m}, be
baa {v} (to make the cry of sheep)  :: balar
Baba Yaga {prop} (hag who flies through the air in a mortar)  :: Baba Yaga {f}
babble {n} /ˈbæb.əɫ]/ (idle talk)  :: charla {f} , parloteo {m}
babble {n} (inarticulate speech)  :: jerigonza {f}
babble {n} (the sound of flowing water)  :: gorjeo {m}
babble {v} (to make a continuous murmuring noise)  :: murmurar, susurrar
babble {v} (to talk much)  :: charlar, charlatanear, chacharear, charlotear, parlotear
babble {v} (to utter words indistinctly)  :: mascullar, farfullar
babbler {n} /ˈbæb(ə)lə(ɹ)]/ (someone who babbles)  :: balbuceador
babby {n} /ˈbæ.bi/ (baby) SEE: baby  ::
babe {n} /beɪb/ (baby or infant) SEE: baby  ::
babe {n} (darling) SEE: baby  ::
babehood {n} (babyhood) SEE: babyhood  ::
babesiosis {n} (parasitic disease)  :: babesiosis {f}, babesiasis {f}
baboon {n} /bæˈbun/ (primate)  :: babuino {m}
babushka {n} /bəˈbuːʃ.kə/ (an old woman)  :: anciana {f}, viejita {f}, viejecita {f}, vieja {f}, señora mayor {f}, mujer vieja {f}
babushka {n} (matryoshka) SEE: Russian doll  ::
baby {n} /ˈbeɪbi/ (very young human being)  :: bebé {m}, nene {m}, niño {m}, niña {f}, bebe {m} [Argentina], guagua {f} [Bolivia, Chile]
baby {n} (form of address to a man or a woman considered to be attractive)  :: nene {m}, nena {f}
baby {n} (lastborn of a family)  :: benjamín {m}, benjamina {f}
baby boom {n} (any increase in the birth rate)  :: explosión de natalidad {f}, baby-boom {m}
baby boom {n} (post-World War II baby boom (1946 to 1964))  :: explosión de natalidad {f}, baby-boom {m}
baby boomer {n} (those born after Second World War)  :: baby boomer
baby bottle {n} (bottle with a teat)  :: [especially Spain, Dominican Republic and Mexico; formal in other countries] biberón {m}, [Puerto Rico, colloquial] bibi {m}, [Costa Rica] chupón {m}, [Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay] mamadera {f}, [Mexico, colloquial] mamila {m}, [El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua] pacha {f}, [Honduras, colloquial] pepe {m}, [Cuba] pomo de leche {m}, [Colombia, Venezuela] tetero {m}
baby boy {n} (very young male human being)  :: chiquito {m}, niño {m}
baby buggy {n} (a wheeled chair for the transport of a baby)  :: cochecito (de bebé) {m}, carrito (de bebé) {m}
baby carriage {n} (pram) SEE: pram  ::
baby food {n} (food designed for babies)  :: comida de bébé, papilla
babyish {adj} (like a baby)  :: infantil, pueril
Babylon {prop} /ˈbæbɪ.lɑn/ (capital of Babylonia)  :: Babilonia {f}
Babylonia {prop} /ˌbæbəˈloʊniə]/ (ancient region and empire of southern Mesopotamia)  :: Babilonia
Babylonian {adj} (of or pertaining to the city of Babylon)  :: babilonio
Babylonic {adj} (pertaining to Babylon)  :: babilónico
baby massage {n} (massage therapy for infants) SEE: infant massage  ::
baby seat {n} (child safety seat) SEE: child safety seat  ::
baby shower {n} (a party celebrating the pending or recent birth of a child)  :: baby shower {m}, fiesta de pañales {f} [Argenitina]
babysit {v} /ˈbeɪbiː.sɪt/ (To watch or tend someone else's child for a period of time, often for money)  :: cuidar de los niños, hacer de canguro
babysitter {n} /ˈbeɪbiˌsɪtɚ/ (baby or child caretaker)  :: niñera {f}, canguro {m} [Spain], china {f} [Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua]
baby tooth {n} (tooth which will be replaced) SEE: milk tooth  ::
baccalaureate {n} /bækəˈlɔːɹɪət/ (bachelor degree) SEE: bachelor degree  ::
baccarat {n} /ˈbækəræt/ (card game)  :: bacará {m}, bacarrá {m}
bacchic {adj} (of or relating to Bacchus)  :: báquico
Bacchus {prop} (the Roman god of wine)  :: Baco {m}
Bacchylides {prop} (Ancient Greek name)  :: Baquílides {m}
Bach {prop} /baχ]/ (German composer)  :: Bach
bachata {n} (genre of music)  :: bachata {f}
bachelor {n} (bachelor's degree)  :: bachiller {m}, título de grado, licenciatura {f}
bachelor {n} /ˈbætʃ.ə.lɚ/ (unmarried man)  :: soltero {m}
bachelor {n} (person who has achieved bachelor's degree)  :: bachiller {m}, licenciado {m}
bachelordom {n} (bachelorhood) SEE: bachelorhood  ::
bachelorette party {n} (bachelorette party)  :: despedida de soltera {f}
bachelor party {n} (party)  :: despedida de soltero {f}
bachelors' button {n} (plant and button) SEE: bachelor's button  ::
bachelorship {n} (bachelorhood) SEE: bachelorhood  ::
bacillus {n} /bæˈsɪl.əs/ (any bacteria in the genus Bacillus)  :: bacilo {m}
back {adj}  :: de atrás, trasero {m}, posterior {m}, vuelto {m}, revertido {m}, atrasado {m}
back {adj} /bæk/ (near the rear)  :: de atrás, trasero
back {adj} (far from the main area)  :: apartado, arrinconado, distante
back {adj} (not current)  :: anterior, viejo, atrasado
back {adv} (away from the front or from an edge)  :: atrás
back {adv} (to or in a previous condition or place)  :: hacia atrás
back {n} (a position behind most players on the team)  :: defensa {m}
back {n} (that which is farthest away from the front)  :: parte de atrás, fondo {m}, trasero {m}
back {n} (the backrest, the part of a piece of furniture which receives the human back)  :: respaldo {m}, espaldar {m}
back {n} (the edge of a book which is bound)  :: lomo {m}
back {n} (the part of something that goes last)  :: fondo {m}, extremo {m}, cabo {m}
back {n} (the rear of body)  :: espalda {f}, lomo {m}, dorso {m}
back {n} (the reverse side)  :: revés {m}, envés {m}, reverso {m}
back {v} (to go in the reverse direction)  :: [vehicle] ir/dar marcha atrás, retroceder
back {v} (to support)  :: respaldar, sostener
backache {n} /ˈbækeɪk/ (any pain or ache in the back, see also: lumbago)  :: dolor de espalda {m}
backbite {v} (to make defamatory statements about another)  :: calumniar
backbone {n} /ˈbækˌbəʊn/ (series of vertebrae that encloses the spinal cord)  :: espina dorsal {f}, columna vertebral {f}
backchat {n} /ˈbæk.tʃæt/ (backtalk) SEE: backtalk  ::
backchat {v} (backtalk) SEE: backtalk  ::
back cover {n} (cover on the opposite side of the front cover)  :: contraportada {f}
backdoor {n} (backdoor (all definitions)) SEE: back door  ::
backdrop {n} /ˈbæk.dɹɒp/ (stage scenery)  :: bambalina {f}
back fire {n} (controlled fire)  :: contrafuego {m}
back fire {n} (explosion of a combustion engine)  :: deflagración de escape {f}
backfire {v} /bækˈfaɪə(ɹ)/ (fail)  :: salir el tiro por la culata, tener efecto retroactivo, tener contraefecto
backgammon {n} /ˈbæk.ɡæm.ən/ (board game)  :: backgammon {m}
background {n} (activity not visible to the user)  :: segundo plano {m}
background {n} /ˈbæk.ɡɹaʊnd/ (social heritage)  :: formación {f}
background {n} (computer background)  :: fondo {m}
background {n} (less important feature)  :: segundo plano {m}
background {n} (part of picture)  :: fondo {m}
background {n} (relevant information)  :: antecedente {m}
background music {n} (music played in a public space)  :: hilo musical {m}, música fondal {f}, música de fondo {f}
backhand {n} /ˈbækhænd/ (stroke in tennis)  :: revés {m}
backlight {v} /ˈbæk.laɪt/ (To illuminate something from behind)  :: retroiluminar
backlit {adj} (Illuminated from behind)  :: retroiluminado
back of beyond {n} (A remote place)  :: quinto pino {m}
back off {v} (To move backwards away from something)  :: retroceder
backpack {n} /ˈbæk.pæk/ (worn on a person's back, e.g., for hiking)  :: mochila {f}, bolsón {m} [El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras], morral {m} [Colombia, Venezuela]
backpacker {n} (a traveler)  :: mochilero {m}
backpackers {n} (hostel) SEE: hostel  ::
back page {n} (final page) SEE: back cover  ::
backroom {n}  :: apartado {m}
backscratcher {n} (rod for scratching)  :: rascaespalda {m}
back seat {n} (position)  :: segundón
backslash {n} /ˈbækˌslæʃ/ (punctuation mark)  :: barra inversa {f}, barra oblicua inversa {f}, barra invertida {f}, barra revertida {f}, contrabarra {f}
backspace {n} /ˈbækˌspeɪs/ (typewriter key)  :: retroceso
backspace {n} (computer key)  :: retroceso
backsplash {n}  :: salpicadero {m}
backstitch {v} (to sew with a backstitch)  :: pespuntar
backstory {n} (previous life and experiences of a fictional character)  :: historia de fondo
backstroke {n} /ˈbækˌstɹoʊk/ (a swimming stroke swum on one's back)  :: dorso {m}, estilo espalda {m}
back-to-back {adj} /ˌbæk.təˈbæk/ ((house) having a party wall at the rear)  :: espaldera {f}
back to front {adj} (reversed)  :: al revés
backtrack {n} /ˈbæk.træk/ (the act of backtracking)  :: retroceso {m}
backtrack {v} (retracing one's steps)  :: retroceder
backtrack {v} (reviewing previous work)  :: repasar
backup {adj} (standby, reserve or extra)  :: de reserva
backup {n} /ˈbæk.ʌp/ (reserve)  :: respaldo {m}, reserva {f}
backup {n} (copy of file or record)  :: respaldo {m}, copia de seguridad {f}
back vowel {n} (Any vowel sound produced in the back of the mouth)  :: vocal posterior {m}
backward {adj} /ˈbækwɚd/ (undeveloped)  :: atrasado, rezagado
backward {adj} (of an outdated value)  :: pasado de moda, retrógrado, anticuado
backward compatibility {n} (compatibility with older systems)  :: retrocompatibilidad {f}
backward compatible {adj} (compatible with older systems)  :: retrocompatible
backwards {adj} /ˈbæk.wə(ɹ)dz/ (oriented toward the back)  :: a contrapelo, hacia atrás
backwards {adj} (reversed)  :: invertido
backwards {adv} (toward the back)  :: hacia atrás
backwater {n} (a remote place; somewhere that remains unaffected by new events, progresses, ideas, etc.)  :: patelín {m}
backwater {n} (a rowing stroke in which the oar is pushed forward to stop the boat)  :: ciar
backwater {n} (the water held back by a dam or other obstruction)  :: remanso {m}
backyard {n} /bækˈjɑːd/ (yard to the rear of a house)  :: traspatio {m}
bacon {n} /ˈbeɪkən/ (cut of meat)  :: tocino {m}, [Cuba, Spain] beicon {m}, [Colombia, Dominican Republic, Venezuela] tocineta {f}, [Argentina, Uruguay] panceta ahumada {f}, bacón {m}
bacon {n} (thin slice of pork)  :: tocino {m}
bacteria {n} /bækˈtɪɹ.i.ə/ (bacteria)  :: bacterias
bacterial {adj} /bækˈtɪəɹɪəɫ]/ (of or caused by bacteria)  :: bacteriano
bactericide {n} /bækˈtɪəɹ.ɪˌsaɪd/ (Any substance that kills bacteria)  :: bactericida {m} {f}
bacteriochlorophyll {n} (photosynthetic pigment)  :: bacterioclorofila
bacteriological {adj} (of or pertaining to bacteriology)  :: bacteriológico
bacteriologist {n} (microbiologist)  :: bacteriólogo {m} {f}
bacteriology {n} /bækˌtɪəɹ.ɪˈɒlədʒi/ (scientific study of bacteria)  :: bacteriología {f}
bacteriophage {n} /bækˈtɪəɹ.ɪəʊˌfeɪdʒ/ (a virus that infects bacteria)  :: bacteriófago
bacterium {n} /bækˈtɪəɹ.ɪəm/ (single celled organism with no nucleus or organelles)  :: bacteria {f}
Bactria {prop} /ˈbæktɹɪə/ (Greek name for ancient country)  :: Bactriana {f}
Bactrian camel {n} /ˈbæktɹɪən ˈkæməl/ (Camelus bactrianus)  :: camello bactriano {m}
bad {adj} /bæd/ (not good)  :: malo
bad {adj} (evil, wicked)  :: malo
bad {adj} (faulty; not functional)  :: defectuoso
bad {adj}  :: malo
bad {adj} (not suitable or fitting)  :: inapropiado
bad {adj} (of breath: malodorous)  :: malo
bad {adj} (seemingly non-appropriate, in manners)  :: malo
bad {adj} (spoilt, rotten, overripe) SEE: spoilt  ::
bad {adj} (tricky; stressful; unpleasant)  :: desagradable
bad {adv} (badly) SEE: badly  ::
Badajoz {prop} /ˌbɑːdəˈhoʊs/ (province)  :: Badajoz {f}
Badajoz {prop} (city)  :: Badajoz
bad apple {n} (a person who is not wholesome)  :: manzana podrida {f}, mal elemento {m}, oveja negra {f}
badass {adj} /ˈbædæs/ (having extreme appearance, attitude, or behavior that is considered admirable (slang))  :: malvado, atrevido, riesgoso, aventurero
bad check {n} (bad check) SEE: bounced cheque  ::
badge {n} /bædʒ/ (distinctive mark)  :: medalla {f}, piocha {f} [Chile]
badge {n} (card to grant access)  :: identificación {f} or credencial {f}
badge {n}  :: insignia {f}, chapa {f}, pin {m}, piocha {f} [Chile]
badger {n} /ˈbædʒɚ/ (mammal)  :: tejón {m}
badger {n} (native or resident of Wisconsin) SEE: Wisconsinite  ::
badger {v} (fart) SEE: fart  ::
badger {v} (pester)  :: fastidiar, molestar
bad humour {n} (bad temper)  :: maña {f}
badlands {n} /ˈbæd.lændz/ (arid terrain with severely eroded sedimentary rocks)  :: tierras baldías {f-p}
bad luck {n} (misfortune)  :: mala suerte {f}
badly {adj} /ˈbæ (ill, unwell)  :: mal
badly {adv} (in a bad manner)  :: malamente, mal
badminton {n} /ˈbæd.mɪn.tən/ (a racquet sport)  :: bádminton {m}
badminton player {n} (a person who plays badminton)  :: tenista {m} {f}
badness {n} /ˈbæd.nəs/ (the quality of being bad)  :: maldad {f}
bad news {n} (irritating person)  :: embrollón {m}, camorrista {m}
bad news {n} (news of unpleasant, unfortunate or sad events)  :: malas noticias {f-p}
bad-tempered {adj} (showing anger)  :: malhumorado
bad trip {n} (psychedelic crisis)  :: mal viaje {m}
badware {n} (malware) SEE: malware  ::
Baetic {adj}  :: bético
baffle {v} /ˈbæfl̩/ (to totally bewilder; confuse or perplex)  :: desconcertar, confundir
baffling {adj} (puzzling and frustrating)  :: desconcertante
bag {n} (backpack) SEE: backpack  ::
bag {n} /bæɡ/ (flexible container)  :: bolsa {f}, [in certain contexts] saco {m}, [Panama - a 'paper bag' in Cuba] cartucho {m}, [Dominican Republic, Ecuador] funda {m}, [Cuba] jaba {f}, [Colombia] talego {m}
bag {n} (suitcase) SEE: suitcase  ::
bagatelle {n} /ˌbæɡəˈtɛl/ (trifle)  :: bagatela {f}
bagatelle {n} (game)  :: billar romano {m}
bagatelle {n} (literature or music)  :: bagatela {f}
bagel {n} /ˈbeɪɡəl/ (toroidal bread roll)  :: panecillo {m}, bagel
baggage {n} /ˈbæɡɪdʒ/ (luggage) SEE: luggage  ::
baggage cart {n} (luggage cart) SEE: luggage cart  ::
baggy {adj} /ˈbæɡi/ (of clothing, very loose-fitting)  :: holgado
Baghdad {prop} /bæɡˈdæd/ (city)  :: Bagdad
Baghdadian {adj} (Baghdadi) SEE: Baghdadi  ::
Baghdadian {n} (Baghdadi) SEE: Baghdadi  ::
baglady {n} (bag lady) SEE: bag lady  ::
bagpipe {n} /ˈbæɡ.paɪp/ (bagpipes) SEE: bagpipes  ::
bagpiper {n} (one who plays the bagpipes)  :: gaitero {m}
bagpipes {n} /ˈbæɡ.pɑɪps/ (musical wind instrument)  :: gaita {f}
baguette {n} /bæˈɡɛt/ (a variety of bread that is long and narrow in shape)  :: baguete {f}
Bahamas {prop} /bəˈhɑː.məz/ (country in the Caribbean)  :: las Bahamas {f-p}
Bahamian {adj} /bəˈheɪm.ɪən/ (pertaining to the Bahamas)  :: bahameño {m}
Bahamian {n} (person from the Bahamas)  :: bahameño {m}
Bahá'í Faith {prop} (religion)  :: bahaísmo {m}
Bahrain {prop} /bɑːˈɹeɪn/ (Country in the Middle East)  :: Baréin
Bahraini {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Bahrain or the Bahraini people)  :: bahreiní {m}
Bahraini {n} (a person from Bahrain or of Bahraini descent)  :: bareiní {m}
bail {n} /beɪ̯l/ (security)  :: fianza {f}, caución {f}
bail {n} (bucket or scoop)  :: balde {m}
bail {v} (to remove water)  :: achicar
bail bond {n} (surety posted as bail)  :: fianza {f}
bailiff {n} /ˈbeɪlɪf/  :: alguacil
bailiwick {n} (area or subject of authority or involvement)  :: bailía {f}
bailiwick {n} /ˈbeɪ.lɪ.wɪk/ (precincts within which a bailiff has jurisdiction)  :: bailía {f}
bail out {v} (To exit an aircraft while in flight)  :: saltar del avión
bail out {v} (To leave or not attend)  :: abandonar
bail out {v} (To remove water from a boat by scooping it out)  :: achicar
bail out {v} (To rescue, especially financially)  :: sacar de un apuro
bailout {n} (a backup supply of air in scuba diving)  :: suministro de escapada {m}
bailout {n} /ˈbeɪlˌawt/ (a rescue, especially a financial rescue)  :: rescate {m}, rescate financiero {m}
bain-marie {n} (pan containing hot water)  :: baño María {m}
bait {n} (anything which allures)  :: anzuelo {m}, carnada {f}
bait {n} /beɪt/ (substance used in catching fish)  :: carnada {f}, cebo {m}
bait {v} (to attract with bait)  :: cebar
Baja California {prop} /ˈbɑː.hɑː.kælɪˌfɔː(ɹ)n.ɪə/ (mountainous peninsula)  :: Península de Baja California {f}
Baja California {prop} (state of Mexico)  :: Baja California {f}
Baja California Sur {prop} (state of Mexico)  :: Baja California Sur {f}
Bajan {adj} (Barbadian) SEE: Barbadian  ::
Bajan {prop} (Barbadian) SEE: Barbadian  ::
Bajocian {prop}  :: Bajociense
bake {v} /beɪk/ (to cook in an oven)  :: hornear
bake {v}  :: hornear, enhornar
baked beans {n} (food)  :: baked beans {f-p}
Bakelite {n} /ˈbeɪk.ə.laɪt/ (a heat-resisting chemically inert resin)  :: baquelita {f}
baker {n} /ˈbeɪ.kɚ/ (person who bakes and sells bread, etc)  :: panadero {m}
baker's {n} (baker's)  :: panadería {f}
baker's dozen {n} (set of thirteen units)  :: docena del fraile
bakery {n} /ˈbeɪ.kə.ri/ (a shop in which bread and such is baked and sold)  :: panadería {f}, tahona {f}, horno {m}
baking {n} /ˈbeɪkɪŋ(ɡ)/ (action of to bake)  :: panpasteleo {m}
baking powder {n} (a dry leavening agent used in baking)  :: polvo de hornear {m}, [Chile] royal {m}
baking soda {n} (common name for sodium bicarbonate)  :: bicarbonato de sodio {m}
baking tray {n} (oven-proof tray)  :: bandeja {f}, bandeja del horno {f}
baklava {n} /bəˈklɑː.və/ (sweet pastry)  :: baclava {f}
baksheesh {n} /bækˈʃiːʃ/ (bribe or tip paid to speed up services in the Middle East and SW Asia)  :: baksheesh
b'ak'tun {n} /ˈbɑkˌtun/ (Maya calendar period of 144000 days)  :: baktún {m}, baktun {m}
Baku {prop} (the capital of Azerbaijan)  :: Bakú
balaclava {n} /ˌbæl.əˈklɑː.və/ (headgear)  :: pasamontañas {m}
balalaika {n} /bæləˈlaɪkə/ (Russian instrument)  :: balalaica {f}
balance {n} (accounting: list of credits and debits)  :: balance {m}
balance {n} (astrology: Libra) SEE: Libra  ::
balance {n} (awareness of both viewpoints)  :: equilibrio {m}
balance {n} /ˈbæləns/ (equilibrium)  :: equilibrio {m}
balance {n} (scales)  :: balanza {f}
balance {v} (accounting: to make credits and debits correspond)  :: hacer balance
balance {v} (to bring to equipoise)  :: balancear
balance {v} (to estimate) SEE: estimate  ::
balanitis {n} (inflammation of penis)  :: balanitis {f}
balaphone {n} (balafon) SEE: balafon  ::
balboa {n} /bælˈbəʊə/ (currency of Panama)  :: balboa {m}
balconette bra {n} (balcony bra) SEE: balcony bra  ::
balcony {n} /ˈbælkəni/ (structure extending from a building)  :: balcón {m}
balcony {n} (structure overlooking a stage)  :: palco {m}
bald {adj} /bɑld/ (having no hair)  :: calvo
bald eagle {n} (species of eagle native to North America)  :: águila calva {f}, pigargo cabeciblanco {m}
baldie {n} (somebody bald)  :: pelado {m}
baldness {n} (The state of being bald)  :: calvicie {f}
bale {n} /beɪ̯l/ (rounded bundle of goods)  :: bala {f}
bale {n} (measurement of paper)  :: bala {f}
bale {v} (to remove water from a boat) SEE: bail  ::
bale {v} (to wrap into a bale)  :: embalar
Balearic {adj} /bæliˈæɹɪk/ (of the Balearic Islands)  :: baleárico
Balearic {prop} (Catalan dialect)  :: balear
Balearic Islands {prop} (group of Mediterranean islands)  :: Islas Baleares {f-p}, Baleares {f-p}
Balearic Sea {prop} (sea)  :: mar Balear
baleen {n} (plates in mouth of baleen whale)  :: barbas de ballena {f-p}
baleful {adj} /ˈbeɪl.fəl/ (ominous)  :: funesto
baler {n} (machine)  :: empacadora {f}
baler {n} (profession)  :: empacador {m}
Bali {prop} /ˈbɑːli/ (name of island)  :: Bali {m}
Balkan {adj} /ˈbɔːlkən/ (Of or relating to the Balkan Peninsula)  :: balcánico
Balkanian {adj} (Balkan) SEE: Balkan  ::
Balkanization {prop} /ˌbɑl.kən.aɪˈzeɪ.ʃən/ (fragmentation of a region into several small states)  :: balcanización {f}
ball {n} (ballistics: a solid nonexplosive missile)  :: bala {f}
ball {n} (baseball: a pitch that falls outside the strike zone)  :: bola {f}, bola mala {f}
ball {n} /bɔl/ (solid or hollow sphere)  :: bola {f}, esfera {f}
ball {n} (cricket: a single delivery)  :: pelota {f}
ball {n} (formal dance)  :: baile {m}
ball {n} (in plural — slang — courage)  :: agallas {f-p}, huevos {m-p}
ball {n} (mathematics: set of points in a metric space lying within a given distance of a given point)  :: esfera {f} (3D), círculo {m} (2D)
ball {n} (object, generally spherical, used for playing games)  :: pelota {f}, balón {m}, bola {f}
ball {n} (pinball: an opportunity to launch the ball into play)  :: tirada {f}
ball {n} (quantity of string, thread, etc., wound into a spherical shape)  :: bola {f}
ball {n} (testicle)  :: huevos {p}, cojones {p}, pelotas {f-p}
ball {v} (vulgar slang: have sexual intercourse with)  :: follar con [Spain], coger con [Mexico], tirarse a [others]
ballad {n} /ˈbæləd/ (narrative poem)  :: balada {f}
ballad {n} (slow romantic song)  :: balada {f}
ballast {n} (anything that steadies emotion or mind)  :: lastre {m}
ballast {n} /ˈbæl.əst/ (heavy material placed in the hold of a vessel)  :: lastre {m}
ballast {n} (electronics)  :: balasto {m}, balastra {f} [Spain], balastro {f} [Am.]
ballast {n} (material laid to form a bed for a road)  :: balastro {m}, balasto {m}
ballast {v} (to stabilize a ship with ballast)  :: lastrar
ball bearing {n} (bearing assembly with spherical balls)  :: cojinete {m}, rodamiento {m}
ball boy {n} (A male person responsible for retrieving balls)  :: recogepelotas {m} {f}
ballerina {n} /ˌbæləɹˈiːnə/ (female ballet dancer)  :: bailarina {f}
ballet {n} /bæˈleɪ/ (classical form of dance)  :: ballet {m}, baile {m}
ball game {n} (game played with a ball)  :: juego de pelota {m}
ball girl {n} (one who clears balls)  :: recogepelotas {f}
ball hog {n} (player who keeps the ball to themselves, rather than passing it)  :: chupón {m}
ballistic {adj} /bəˈlɪst.ɪk/ (relating to ballistics)  :: balístico
ballistic missile {n} (missile)  :: misil balístico {m}
ballistics {n} /bəˈlɪst.ɪks/ (science of the study of falling objects)  :: balística {f}
ballistic vest {n} (bulletproof vest) SEE: bulletproof vest  ::
ball lightning {n} (a short-lived, glowing ball sometimes observed to float in the air)  :: rayo globular {m}
balloon {n} /bəˈluːn/ (inflatable object)  :: globo {m}
balloon {n} (child’s toy)  :: globo {m}, bomba {f} [Colombia, Venezuela], chimbomba {f} [Nicaragua]
balloon {n} (speech bubble) SEE: speech bubble  ::
balloonfish {n} (blowfish) SEE: blowfish  ::
ballot {n} /ˈbælət/ (paper used for vote-casting)  :: papeleta de voto {f}, balota {f}
ballot {n} (list of candidates)  :: candidatura {f}
ballot {n} (process of voting)  :: elecciones {f-p}
ballot {v} (to vote)  :: votar, balotar
ballpark {adj} (approximate)  :: aproximado
ballpark {n} (field)  :: cancha {f}
ballpark {n} (general vicinity)  :: vecindad {f}, región {f}
ballpark {v} (make an estimate)  :: estimar
ball pen {n} (ballpoint pen) SEE: ballpoint pen  ::
ballpoint pen {n} (pen)  :: bolígrafo {m}, [Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay] birome {f}, [Spain, colloquial] boli {m}, [Colombia, Ecuador] esfero {m}, [Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru, Venezuela] lapicero {m}, [Chile] lápiz pasta {m}, [Eastern Bolivia] mango {m}, [Mexico] pluma {m}, [Colombian Atlantic Coast] plumero {m}, [Bolivian standard usage] puntabola {f}
ballroom {n} (large room used for dancing)  :: salón de baile {m}
balls {n} /bɔːlz/ (follow the translations in the entry "ball") SEE: ball  ::
balls {n} (bravery)  :: huevos {m-p}
balls {n} (testicles)  :: huevos {m-p}, pelotas {f-p}
balls-deep {adv} (with the penis fully immersed in an orifice)  :: hasta las pelotas
balls-up {n} ( or maybe cock up) SEE: or maybe cock up  ::
ballsy {adj} /ˈbɔlzi/ (having balls)  :: cojonudo {m}
ball up {v} (to crush into a ball)  :: apelotonar
ballyhoo {n} /bæliˈhuː/ (noise shouting or uproar)  :: alboroto, jaleo
ballyhoo {v} (to sensationalise or make grand claims)  :: alborotar
balm {n} /bɑm/ (sweet-smelling oil or resin derived from some plants) SEE: balsam  ::
balm {n} (figurative: something soothing) SEE: balsam  ::
balm {n} (plant or tree yielding such substance) SEE: balsam  ::
balm {n} (soothing lotion) SEE: balsam  ::
Balochi {prop} (language)  :: belucho
Balochistan {prop} (region on the Iranian plateau in south-western Asia)  :: Beluchistán {m}
baloney {n} /bəˈloʊni/ (type of smoked sausage)  :: mortadela {f}
baloney {n} (nonsense)  :: tonterías {f}, inventos {m}, chorrada {f}, chuminada {f}
balsam {n} (balsam fir) SEE: balsam fir  ::
balsam {n} /ˈbɔːlsəm/ (sweet-smelling oil or resin derived from some plants)  :: bálsamo {m}
balsam {n} (flowering plant of the genus Impatiens)  :: balsamina {f}
balsam {n} (soothing ointment)  :: bálsamo {m}
balsam {n} (turpentine from the resin of balsam fir) SEE: Canada balsam  ::
Baltic {adj} /ˈbɑl.tɪk/ (of the Baltic region or sea)  :: báltico
Baltic {adj} (pertaining to the Baltic languages)  :: báltico
Baltic {adj} (pertaining to the Balts)  :: báltico
Baltic {prop} (Baltic Sea) SEE: Baltic Sea  ::
Baltic {prop} (Balticum)  :: Báltico
Baltic Sea {prop} (a sea)  :: mar Báltico {m}
Balto-Slavic {adj} (of or pertaining o the Balto-Slavic language, people or culture)  :: baltoeslavo
Balto-Slavic {prop} (Proto-Balto-Slavic language) SEE: Proto-Balto-Slavic  ::
balun {n} (electronic device)  :: balun {m}
balustrade {n} /ˈbæl.ə.streɪd/ (row of balusters)  :: balaustrada {f}
Bamako {prop} (capital of Mali)  :: Bamako, Bámako
Bambara {prop} (language)  :: bambara
bamboo {n} /bæmˈbu/ (plant)  :: bambú {m}
bamboo {n} (wood)  :: bambú {m}
Bamboo Curtain {prop} (political barrier between communist and capitalist in Asia)  :: Telón de Bambú {m}
bamboozle {v} /bæm.ˈbuː.zəl/ (to con, defraud, trick)  :: engañar
ban {n} (prohibition)  :: prohibición {f}
ban {v} /bæn/ (forbid)  :: prohibir
banal {adj} /bəˈnɑːl/ (common)  :: banal
banality {n} /bəˈnælɨti/ (quality of being banal)  :: banalidad {f}
banana {n} /bəˈnæ.nə/ (fruit)  :: banana {f} [Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay], banano {m} [Central America, Colombia, Ecuador], [Colombian Llanos, Venezuela] cambur {m}, [Colombian Caribbean Coast, Dominican Republic, Eastern Bolivia, Eastern Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Northern Honduras, Northwestern Venezuela, Panama, Puerto Rico, Southern and Southeastern Mexico] guineo {m}, [Central Honduras] mínimo {m}, [Spain, Chile, Mexico, Peru] plátano {m}, [Cuban standard usage] plátano fruta {m}
banana {n} (plant)  :: bananero {m}
banana peel {n} (outermost layer of the banana)  :: cáscara de banana {f}, cáscara de plátano {f}
banana republic {n} (country)  :: república bananera {f}
banana skin {n} (banana skin) SEE: banana peel  ::
banana split {n} (A dessert containing a banana cut in half)  :: banana split {m}
Banbury story of a cock and a bull {n} (roundabout, nonsensical story)  :: una historia sin pies ni cabeza (a story without feet or head)
band {n} /bænd/ (strip of material wrapped around things to hold them together)  :: cinta {f}, franja {f}
band {n} (group of energy levels in a solid state material)  :: pasmo {n}
band {n} (group of musicians)  :: banda {f}, grupo {m}
band {n} (group of people loosely united for a common purpose)  :: banda {f}
band {n} (part of radio spectrum)  :: banda {f}
bandage {n} (adhesive bandage) SEE: band-aid  ::
bandage {n} /ˈbændɪdʒ/ (medical binding)  :: venda {f}, vendaje {m}
bandage {v} (to apply a bandage to something)  :: vendar
band-aid {n} /ˈbændeɪd/ (adhesive bandage)  :: [Latin America] curita {f}, [Chile] parche curita, tirita {f}, [Spain] apósito {m}, esparadrapo {m}
bandana {n} /bænˈdæn.ə/ (large kerchief)  :: paliacate {m}
Bandar Seri Begawan {prop} (capital of Brunei)  :: Bandar Seri Begawan {m}
bandeaux {n} /ˈbændəʊ/ (a bandeau) SEE: bandeau  ::
banded anteater {n} (numbat) SEE: numbat  ::
banderilla {n} /ˌbæn.də.ˈriː.jə/ (decorated barbed stick used in bullfighting)  :: banderilla {f}
banderillero {n} /ˌbændəɹiːˈjeəɹəʊ/ (one who sticks the banderillas in the bull's neck)  :: banderillero {m}
bandicoot {n} /ˈbændɪˌkuːt/ (small marsupial)  :: bandicut {m}
bandit {n} /ˈbændɪt/ (one who robs others)  :: bandido {m}
bandoleer {n} /ˌbændəˈlɪə(ɹ)/ (a pocketed belt)  :: bandolera {f}, canana {f}
bandolier {n} /ˌbændəˈlɪə(ɹ)/ (an ammunition belt)  :: bandolera {f}
bandoneon {n} (accordion)  :: bandoneón {m}
band-tailed antshrike {n} (bird)  :: batará Guayanés
bandwagon {n} /ˈbændˌwæɡ.ən/ (Large wagon to carry a band)  :: bandacarroza {f}
bandwidth {n} /ˈbændwɪdθ/ (width of a frequency band)  :: ancho de banda {m}
bandwidth {n} (measure of data flow rate in digital networks)  :: ancho de banda {m}
bandwidth {n} (width of the smallest frequency band within which the signal can fit)  :: ancho de banda {m}
bandy {adj} (bowlegged)  :: arqueado
bandy {v} /ˈbændi/ (to give and receive reciprocally)  :: intercambiar, cambiar
bane {n} /beɪn/ (killer) SEE: killer  ::
bane {n} (source of harm or ruin; affliction)  :: desgracia {f}, maldición {f}, ruina {f}, perdición {f}
bane {v} (to be the bane of)  :: maldecir
bane {v} (to be the poison of)  :: envenenar, intoxicar
bane {v} (to (kill by) poison) SEE: poison  ::
bang {interj} (verbal percussive sound)  :: pum
bang {n} (An explosion)  :: explosión {f}, detonación {f}
bang {n} (A strike upon an object causing such a noise)  :: golpe {m}, zumbido {m}, percusión {f}, zarpazo {m}
bang {n} /beɪŋ/ (A sudden percussive noise)  :: estallido {m}, estruendo {m}
bang {n} (hair that hangs down over the forehead)  :: flequillo {m}, [Colombia] capul {m}, [Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay] cerquillo {m}, [Chile] chasquilla {f}, [Colombian Caribbean Coast] china {f}, [Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras] fleco {m}, [Costa Rica, Nicaragua] pava {f}, [Northwestern Spain] perrera {f}, [Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela] pollina {f}
bang {n} (The symbol !)  :: signo de exclamación {m}
Bangalore {prop} /ˈbæŋɡəlɔːr/ (state capital of Karnataka, India)  :: Bangalore {m}
bangers and mash {n} (meal of sausages and mashed potato, usually with onions and gravy added)  :: salchichas con puré {f-p}
Bangkok {prop} /bæŋˈkɒk/ (the capital of Thailand)  :: Bangkok {m}
Bangla {prop} (Bengali) SEE: Bengali  ::
Bangladesh {prop} /ˌbæŋ.ɡlə.ˈdɛʃ/ (country)  :: Bangladés {m}
Bangladeshi {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Bangladesh)  :: bangladesí
Bangladeshi {n} (person from Bangladesh or of Bangladeshi descent)  :: bangladesí {m} {f}
bang out {v} (to do something quickly)  :: chapucear
Bangui {prop} (capital of the Central African Republic)  :: Bangui
banish {v} /ˈbænɪʃ/ (to send someone away and forbid that person from returning)  :: desterrar
banishment {n} /ˈbænɪʃmənt/ (The act of banishing)  :: exilio {m}
banishment {n} (The state of being banished, exile)  :: exilio {m}
banister {n} /ˈbænɪstə(ɹ)/ (the handrail on the side of a staircase)  :: barandilla {f}
banjo {n} /ˈbæn.dʒoʊ/ (a musical instrument)  :: banjo {m}
Banjul {prop} (capital of The Gambia)  :: Banjul
bank {n} (an underwater area of higher elevation, a sandbank)  :: banco {m}, bajío {m}
bank {n} /bæŋk/ (institution)  :: banca {f}, banco {m}
bank {n} (branch office of such an institution)  :: banco {m}, sucursal {f}
bank {n} (controller of a card game)  :: banca {f}
bank {n} (edge of river or lake)  :: ribera {f}, orilla {f}
bank {n} (embankment, an earth slope)  :: talud {m}, terraplén {m}
bank {n} (incline of an aircraft)  :: ladeo {m}
bank {n} (row of keys on a musical or typewriter keyboard)  :: hilera {f}, teclado {m}
bank {n} (row or panel of items)  :: hilera {f}
bank {n} (storage for important goods)  :: banco {m}, almacén {m}
bank {v} (to deal with a bank or financial institution)  :: tener la cuenta en
bank {v} (to form into a bank)  :: amontonar, apilar
bank {v} (to incline laterally in order to turn)  :: ladearse
bank {v} (to make incline in turn)  :: ladear
bank {v} (to put into bank)  :: ahorrar, depositar, [Spain] ingresar
bankable {adj} (reliable) SEE: reliable  ::
bank account {n} (fund deposited by a customer for safekeeping in a bank)  :: cuenta bancaria {f}
banker {n} /ˈbæŋkə(r)/ (one who conducts the business of banking)  :: banquero {m}, banquera {f}
banker {n} (dealer)  :: banquero {m}, banquera {f}
bank holiday {n} (a weekday granted to workers as a national holiday)  :: fiesta nacional {f}
bank machine {n} (automated teller machine) SEE: automated teller machine  ::
banknote {n} (paper currency)  :: billete {m}
bank robber {n} (one who robs or steals from a bank)  :: robabancos {m}
bankrupt {adj} /ˈbæŋk.ɹəpt/ (having been legally declared insolvent)  :: quebrado, arruinado
bankruptcy {n} /ˈbæŋkrʌptsɪ/ (legally declared or recognized condition of insolvency)  :: bancarrota {f}
bank statement {n} (statement of transactions and balances)  :: extracto {m}
banner {adj} (exceptional; very good)  :: excepcional
banner {n} (advertisement in a web page)  :: banner publicitario {m}
banner {n} /ˈbænɚ/ (flag)  :: bandera {f}, estandarte {m}
banner {n} (cause or purpose; a campaign or movement)  :: estandarte {m}
banner {n} (large piece of cloth with a device or motto borne in a procession)  :: pancarta {f}
banner {n} (large sign)  :: pancarta {f}
banner blindness {n} (desensitization to attention-attracting means)  :: banner blindness, ceguera a banner
bannerette {n} (banneret) SEE: banneret  ::
banquet {n} /ˈbæŋkwɪt/ (a large celebratory meal; a feast)  :: comida festiva {f}, banquete {m}
banshee {n} /bænˈʃiː/ (in Irish folklore, a female spirit)  :: banshee {f}
banter {n} /ˈbæntɚ/ (good humoured conversation)  :: charla {f}, plática {f}
banter {v} (to engage in banter)  :: charlar, bromear
banter {v} (to play or do something amusing)  :: divertirse
banter {v} (to tease mildly)  :: torear, burlarse de, tomar el pelo a, chacotear
Bantu {prop} (language family)  :: bantú
banyan {n} /ˈbæn.jən/ (tropical Indian fig tree)  :: baniano {m}
baobab {n} /ˈbaʊbæb/ (Adansonia digitata)  :: baobab {m}
Baotou {prop} (a prefecture-level city in northern China)  :: Baotou
baptise {v} /bæpˈtaɪz/ (baptise) SEE: baptize  ::
baptism {n} /ˈbæptɪzəm/ (Christian sacrament with water)  :: bautismo, bautizo {m}
baptismal {adj} (relating to baptism)  :: bautismal
baptismal font {n} (a church article)  :: pila bautismal {f}
baptism of fire {n} (the first experience of a severe ordeal)  :: bautismo de fuego {m}
baptist {n} /ˈbæptɪst/ (person who baptizes)  :: bautista {m}
Baptist {adj} (of the Baptist religious denomination)  :: bautista
baptistry {n} (space where a baptismal font is located)  :: baptisterio
baptize {v} (Perform the Christian sacrament of baptism)  :: bautizar
bar {n} /bɑɹ/ (solid object with uniform cross-section)  :: barra {f}
bar {n} (business licensed to sell intoxicating beverages)  :: bar {m}
bar {n} (counter of such a premises)  :: barra {f}
bar {n} (heraldry: one of the ordinaries) SEE: fess  ::
bar {n} (metallurgy: solid object of round, square, hexagonal, octagonal or rectangular section)  :: barra {f}
bar {n} (music: vertical line across a staff) SEE: bar line  ::
bar {n} (soccer: crossbar) SEE: crossbar  ::
bar {prep} (with the exception of) SEE: except  ::
bar {v} (to obstruct the passage of)  :: barrar
barb {n} /bɑː(ɹ)b/ (beard or something that resembles a beard) SEE: beard  ::
barb {n} (bit for a horse) SEE: bit  ::
barb {n} (kingfish) SEE: kingfish  ::
barb {n} (one of the side branches of a feather)  :: barba {f}
Barbadian {adj} (of or relating to Barbados)  :: barbadense
Barbadian {n} (person from Barbados)  :: barbadense
Barbados {prop} /bɑɹˈbeɪ.doʊs/ (country in the Caribbean)  :: Barbados
Barbara {prop} (cognates and transliterations of female given name)  :: Bárbara {f}
barbarian {adj} /bɑɹ.ˈbɛɹ.i.ən/ (uncivilized)  :: bárbaro
barbarian {n} (an uncivilized person)  :: bárbaro
barbaric {adj} /bɑː(ɹ)ˈbæɹɪk/ (uncivilised)  :: barbárico, bárbaro
barbariousness {n} (barbarousness) SEE: barbarousness  ::
barbarism {n} /ˈbɑː(ɹ)bəɹɪzəm/ (error in language use)  :: barbarismo {m}
barbarize {v} (to cause to become savage)  :: barbarizar
Barbary ape {n} (tailless monkey) SEE: Barbary macaque  ::
barbary dove {n} (Streptopelia risoria) SEE: ringneck dove  ::
Barbary lion {n} (Panthera leo leo)  :: león del Atlas {m}, león bárbaro {m}, león de Berbería {m}
barbecue {n} /ˈbɑː(ɹ)bəkju/ (cooking instrument)  :: barbacoa {f}, parrillada {f}
barbecue {n} (meal)  :: barbacoa {f}, parrillada {f}
barbecue {v} (grill) SEE: grill  ::
barbecue {v} (to cook food on a barbecue)  :: asar, rostizar
barbecue sauce {n} (type of sauce)  :: salsa barbacoa {f}
barbed wire {n} (twisted strands of steel wire)  :: alambre de púas {m}, alambre de espino {m}, [Spain] alambre de espinas {m}
barbel {n} /ˈbɑːbəl/ (fish)  :: barbo {m}
barbell {n} (wide steel bar with premeasured weights)  :: barra con pesas {f}, barra {f}, haltera {f}
barber {n} /ˈbɑːbə/ (person whose profession is cutting (usually male) customers' hair and beards)  :: peluquero {m}
barbershop {n} (barber's shop)  :: peluquería {f}
barbiturate {n} /ˌbɑɹˈbɪtʃu.ɪt/ (derivative of barbituric acid that acts as a depressant of the central nervous system)  :: barbitúrico {m}
Barcelona {prop} /ˌbɑɹsəˈloʊnə/ (capital of Catalonia)  :: Barcelona {f}
Barcelonan {adj} (from Barcelona) SEE: Barcelonian  ::
Barcelonan {n} (someone from Barcelona) SEE: Barcelonian  ::
Barcelonian {adj} (from Barcelona)  :: barcelonés
Barcelonian {n} (someone from Barcelona)  :: barcelonés {m}, barcelonesa {f}
barcode {n} /ˈbɑː(ɹ)kəʊd/ (set of machine-readable parallel bars)  :: código de barras {m}
bar-crested antshrike {n} (a passerine bird of the antbird family)  :: batará crestibarrado
bard {n} /bɑɹd]/ (professional poet and singer)  :: bardo {m}
bare {adj} /bɛɚ/ (minimal)  :: mínimo {m}
bare {adj} (having had what usually covers (something) removed)  :: desnudo
bare {adj} (having no decoration)  :: desnudo
bare {adj} (naked, uncovered)  :: desnudo {m}
bare {adv} (barely) SEE: barely  ::
bareass {n}  :: a culo pelado {m}
bareback {adv} /ˈbɛəbæk/ (without a saddle)  :: a pelo
bareback {adv} (without a saddle)  :: a pelo
barebone {n} (person)  :: huesudo, huesuda
barebutt {adj} (nudity of the bum)  :: nalgas peladas {f}, [Chile] poto pelado {m}
barefoot {adj} /ˈbɛɹfʊt/ (wearing nothing on the feet)  :: descalzo, chuña [El Salvador, Honduras], a pies pelados {m}
barefoot doctor {n} (farmer with basic medical training)  :: médico descalzo {m}, médica descalza {f}
barely {adv} (almost not at all)  :: apenas
barely {adv} /ˈbɛɹ.li/ (by a small margin)  :: apenas
Barents Sea {prop} (part of the Arctic Ocean)  :: mar de Barents {m}
barfly {n} /bɑrflaɪ/ (person who spends much time in a bar)  :: parroquiano {m}, borracho {m}
bargain {n} /ˈbɑː(ɹ)ɡən/ (purchase, transaction)  :: trato {m}, ganga {f}, bicoca {f}
bargain {v} (to make a bargain)  :: regatear
barge {n} /bɑː(ɹ)dʒ/ (flat-bottomed bulk carrier mainly for inland waters)  :: lancha a remolque {f}, barcaza {f}
bari {n} (baritone saxophone) SEE: baritone saxophone  ::
Bari {prop} (town in Italy)  :: Bari
barista {n} /baˈrista/  :: barista {m} {f}
baritone {n} (male voice)  :: barítono {m}
baritone horn {n} (baritone horn) SEE: baritone  ::
barium {n} /ˈbæɹɪəm/ (chemical element)  :: bario {m}
bark {n} (exterior covering of a tree)  :: corteza {f}
bark {n} (in medicine) SEE: Jesuit's bark  ::
bark {n} (short, loud, explosive utterance)  :: ladrido {m}
bark {n} (three-masted vessel, foremast and mainmast square-rigged, mizzenmast schooner-rigged)  :: barca {f}
bark {v} /bɑːk/ (to make a loud noise (dogs))  :: ladrar
bark {v} (to girdle) SEE: girdle  ::
bark {v} (to speak sharply)  :: ladrar
bark {v} (to strip the bark from, to peel)  :: descortezar
barking deer {n} (muntjac) SEE: muntjac  ::
barking dogs seldom bite {proverb} (people who make big threats never usually carry them out)  :: perro ladrador, poco mordedor, perro que ladra no muerde
barley {n} /ˈbɑɹli/ (Hordeum vulgare or its grains)  :: cebada {f}
bar line {n} (vertical line across a staff)  :: barra de compás
barman {n} /'bɑːmən/ (bartender) SEE: bartender  ::
barn {n} /bɑɹn]/ (building)  :: granero {m} (barn for crops), establo {m} (barn for livestock), galpón {m}
barnacle {n} (barnacle goose) SEE: barnacle goose  ::
barnacle {n} /ˈbɑː(ɹ)nəkəɫ/ (marine crustacean)  :: percebe {m}
barnacle goose {n} (Branta leucopsis)  :: barnacla cariblanca {f}
Barnaul {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Barnaúl {m}
bar none {adv} (without exception)  :: sin excepción
barn owl {n} /ˈbɑːn ˌaʊl/ (An owl of the genus Tyto)  :: lechuza {f}
barn swallow {n} (species of swallow)  :: golondrina {f}
bar of chocolate {n} (slab of chocolate)  :: chocolatina {f}
barometer {n} /bəˈɹɑməɾɚ/ (an instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure)  :: barómetro {m}
barometric {adj} /ˌbæɹəˈmetɹɪk/ (of or pertaining to atmospheric pressure)  :: barométrico
baron {n} /ˈbæɹən/ (male ruler of a barony)  :: barón {m}
baroness {n} /ˌbæ.ɹəˈnɛs/ (female ruler of a barony)  :: baronesa {f}
barony {n} /ˈbæ.ɹə.ni/ (a dominion ruled by a baron or baroness)  :: baronía {f}
Baroque {prop} /bəˈroʊk/ (period in architecture)  :: barroco {m}, barroca {f}
Baroque {prop} (period in art)  :: barroco {m}, barroca {f}
Baroque {prop} (period in music)  :: barroco {m}, barroca {f}
baroscope {n} (barometer) SEE: barometer  ::
barque {n} /bɑː(r)k/ (sailing vessel, all masts but sternmost square-rigged)  :: bricbarca {m}
barrack {n} (a building for soldiers)  :: cuartel {m}, barraca {f}
barracks {n} /ˈbæɹəks/ (buildings used by military personnel) SEE: barrack  ::
barracuda {n} /ˌbæɹəˈkuːdə/ (marine fish)  :: barracuda {f}
barred antshrike {n} (a passerine bird)  :: batará barrado
barrel {n} /ˈbæɹəl/ (round vessel made from staves bound with a hoop)  :: barril {m}, tonel {m}
barrel {n} (jar) SEE: jar  ::
barrel {n} (metallic tube of a gun)  :: cañón {m}
barrel {n} (part of a clarinet)  :: caño {m}
barrel {n} (quantity)  :: barril {m}
barrel {n} (tube) SEE: tube  ::
barrel organ {n} (pipe instrument with air controlled pins in a revolving barrel)  :: organito {m}
barren {adj} /ˈbæɹən/ (unable to bear children; sterile)  :: estéril, infértil
barren {adj} (infertile)  :: estéril, infértil
barrette {n} /bəˈrɛt/ (A clasp or clip for gathering and holding the hair)  :: prendedor de pelo {m}, prendedor {m}, pinche {m} [Chile]
barricade {n} /ˌbæɹɪˈkeɪd/ (a barrier constructed across a road, especially as a military defence)  :: barricada {f}
barrier {n} /ˈbæɹɪə(ɹ)/ (structure that bars passage)  :: barrera
barrier {n} (boundary or limit)  :: límite
barrier {n} (obstacle or impediment)  :: barrera
barrister {n} /ˈbæ.ɹɪst.ə(ɹ)/ (lawyer with the right to speak as an advocate in higher lawcourts)  :: legalista {m}
barrow {n} /ˈbæroʊ/ (mound of earth and stones raised over a grave)  :: túmulo {m}
barrow {n} (small vehicle used to carry a load and pulled or pushed by hand)  :: carretilla {f}
barse {n} (fish)  :: róbalo {m}, lubina {f}; perca {f} (freshwater)
bar-tailed godwit {n} (bar-tailed godwit)  :: aguja colipinta {f}
bartender {n} /ˈbɑː(ɹ)ˌtendə(ɹ)/ (person who works in a bar)  :: barman {m}
barter {n} /ˈbɑɹtəɹ/ (an equal exchange)  :: trueque
barter {v} (exchange goods or services without involving money)  :: trocar
Bartholomew {prop} /bɑː(ɹ)ˈθɒləmju/ (the Apostle)  :: Bartolomé {m}
Bartholomew {prop} (male given name)  :: Bartolomé {m}
Bartonian {prop}  :: Bartoniense
barycentre {n} (barycenter) SEE: barycenter  ::
baryon {n} /ˈbæɹɪɒn/ (heavy subatomic particle)  :: barión {m}
baryonic {adj} (of or pertaining to baryons)  :: bariónico
barytes {n} (barite) SEE: barite  ::
basal {adj} /ˈbeɪsəɫ]/ (relating to, or forming, the base, or point of origin)  :: basal
basal ganglion {n} (group of nuclei in the brain)  :: ganglio basal {m}
basal layer {n} (the deepest layer of the epidermis)  :: capa basal {f}
basalt {n} /ˈbeɪsɔːlt/ (hard rock)  :: basalto {m}
bascule bridge {n} (type of movable bridge)  :: puente basculante {m}
base {adj} (low)  :: bajo
base {n} (baseball: one of the three places that a runner can stand in safety)  :: base {f}
base {n} /beɪs/ (foundation)  :: base {f}
base {n} (chemical compound that will neutralize an acid)  :: base {f}
base {n} (headquarters)  :: base {f}, sede {f}
base {n} (number raised to the power of an exponent (mathematics))  :: base {f}
base {n} (permanent structure for housing a military)  :: base {f}
base {v} (have as its foundation or starting point)  :: basar
baseball {n} /ˈbeɪs.bɔl/ (ball game)  :: béisbol {m}
baseball cap {n} /ˈbeɪs.bɑl ˌkæp/ (cap)  :: gorra {f}
baseball field {n} (a playing field on which the game of baseball is played)  :: campo de béisbol {m}, diamante {m}
baseball player {n} (a person who plays baseball)  :: beisbolista, balonvoleísta {m} {f}
baseboard {n} (panel or molding between floor and interior wall) SEE: skirting board  ::
BASE jumping {n} (extreme sport)  :: salto BASE {m}
Basel {prop} (city in Switzerland)  :: Basilea
baseless {adj} /ˈbeɪsləs/ (based on something that is not true) SEE: unfounded  ::
baseline {n} /ˈbeɪslaɪn/ (datum used as the basis for calculation or for comparison)  :: referencia
basement {n} /ˈbeɪsmənt/ (floor below ground level)  :: sótano {m}
Basenji {n} /bəˈsɛndʒi/ (Basenji)  :: Basenji {m}
bash {v} /bæʃ/ (collide) SEE: collide  ::
Basheer {prop} /bəˈʃi˞/ (Bashir) SEE: Bashir  ::
Bashkir {prop} /bɑːʃˈkɪəɹ/ (language)  :: baskir {m}
Bashkiria {prop} (Bashkortostan) SEE: Bashkortostan  ::
Bashkortostan {prop} (federal subject of Russia)  :: Baskortostán {m}
bash the bishop {v} (slang for masturbate (male) )  :: pajearse, pelársela
bash up {v} (assault someone with the intention of causing physical injury)  :: golpear
basic {adj} /ˈbeɪsɪk/ (necessary, essential for life or some process)  :: básico {m}
basically {adv} /ˈbejsɨkliː/ (in a basic manner)  :: básicamente
basidiomycete {n} (fungus of phylum Basidiomycota)  :: basidiomiceto {m}
basidium {n} /bəˈsɪdɪəm/ (small club shaped structure)  :: basidio {m}
basil {n} /ˈbæz.əl/ (plant)  :: albahaca {f}
basil {n} (herb)  :: albahaca {f}
Basil {prop} (male given name)  :: Basilio {m}
basilean {n} /bəˈsɪlɪən/ (partisan of a king) SEE: royalist  ::
basileolatry {n} /basɪlɪˈɒlətɹi/ (basileiolatry) SEE: basileiolatry  ::
basilica {n} /bəˈsɪlɪkə/ (Christian church building having a nave)  :: basílica {f}
basilisk {n} /ˈbæs.ɪ.lɪsk/ (snake-like dragon type)  :: basilisco {m}
basilisk {n} (type of large brass cannon)  :: basilisco {m}
basilisk {n} (type of lizard (genus Basiliscus))  :: basilisco {m}
basilolatry {n} /basɪlˈɒlətɹi/ (basileiolatry) SEE: basileiolatry  ::
basin {n} (area of water that drains into a river)  :: cuenca {f}
basin {n} /ˈbeɪsɪn/ (bowl for washing, often affixed to a wall)  :: pileta {f}, lavamanos {m}
basin {n}  :: palangana, cuenca, bol, lavabo
basis {n}  :: base
basis {n} /ˈbeɪsɪs/ (linearly independent set of vectors)  :: base {f}
basket {n} /ˈbæskɪt/ (container)  :: cesta {f}, cesto {m}
basket {n} (basketball: act of putting the ball through the basket)  :: canasta {f}
basket {n} (basketball: hoop from which a net is suspended)  :: canasta {f}
basket {n} (wire or plastic container for carrying articles for purchase) SEE: shopping basket  ::
basketball {n} /ˈbæs.kɪt.bɔːl/ (the sport)  :: baloncesto {m}, básquetbol {m}
basketball hoop {n} (a hoop use in basketball)  :: aro de baloncesto {m}
basketball player {n} (person who plays basketball)  :: baloncestista {m} and {f}
basking shark {n} (Cetorhinus maximus)  :: tiburón peregrino {m}
Basler {n} (someone from Basel)  :: basiliense {m} {f}
basophil {n} (cell)  :: basófilo {m}
Basque {adj} (relative to the Basque people or their language)  :: vasco, euskera {m}
Basque {n} (member of a people)  :: vasco {m}, vasca {f}
Basque {prop} /bæsk/ (language)  :: vasco {m}, vascuence {m}, euskera {m}, eusquera {m}
Basque Country {prop} (autonomous community within Spain)  :: País Vasco {m}
Basque Country {prop} (geographical region in Spain and France)  :: País Vasco, Vasconia
Basque Country {prop} (the region where the Basque language is spoken)  :: País Vasco, Vasconia
Basque Shepherd Dog {n} (Basque Shepherd Dog)  :: pastor vasco {m}
bas relief {n} (a low or mostly-flat sculpture)  :: bajorrelieve {m}
bass {adj} /beɪs/ (low in pitch)  :: bajo
bass {n} /bæs/ (perch)  :: róbalo {m}, lubina {f}, [freshwater] perca {f}
bass {n} (low spectrum of sound)  :: bajo {m}
bass {n} (musical instrument)  :: bajo {m}
bass {n} (singer)  :: bajo {m}
bass clarinet {n} (bass instrument in the clarinet family)  :: clarinete bajo {m}
Basseterre {prop} (capital of Saint Kitts and Nevis)  :: Basseterre
bass fiddle {n} (instrument) SEE: double bass  ::
bass guitar {n} /ˈbeɪsɡɪˈtɑːɹ/ (stringed musical instrument)  :: guitarra baja {f}, bajo {m}
bassist {n} /ˈbeɪs.ɪst/ (musician)  :: bajista {m} {f}
bassoon {n} /bəˈsuːn/ (musical instrument in the woodwind family)  :: bajón {m}, fagot {m}
bassoonist {n} (person who plays the bassoon)  :: bajón {m} [person], bajonista {m} {f}, fagot {m} [person], fagotista {m} {f}, piporro {m} [person]
bass viol {n} (musical instrument) SEE: double bass  ::
bass violin {n} (instrument) SEE: double bass  ::
basswood {n} /ˈbæswʊd/ (linden)  :: tilo {m}
bastard {n} /ˈbæstəɹd/ (person born to unmarried parents)  :: bastardo
bastard {n} (contemptible etc. person)  :: desgraciado, hijo de puta {m}
bastard {n} (longsword) SEE: longsword  ::
bastard sugar {n} (light brown sugar)  :: azúcar sin cristalizar {m}
bastille {n} /bæˈstɪəɫ]/ (castle tower, or fortified building; small citadel or fortress)  :: fortaleza {f}
bastille {n} (citadel) SEE: citadel  ::
bastille {n} (fortress) SEE: fortress  ::
bastille {n} (prison) SEE: prison  ::
Bastille {prop} /bæˈstɪəɫ]/ (a prison in France)  :: Bastilla {f}
bastion {n} /ˈbæstiən/ (projecting part of a rampart)  :: bastión {m}
bat {n} /bæt/ (small flying mammal)  :: murciélago {m}
bat {n} (club used for striking the ball in sports)  :: bate {m}, bat {m} [Mexico]
bat {v} (hit)  :: batear
batard {n} (short loaf of bread)  :: batarda {f}
batch {n} /bæt͡ʃ/ (quantity of baked goods made at one time)  :: hornada {f}
batch {n} (computing)  :: lote {m}, procesamiento por lotes
batch {n} (group or collection of things of the same kind)  :: lote {m}
batch {n} (quantity of anything produced in one operation)  :: lote {m}
batch processing {n}  :: procesamiento por lotes {m}
bate {v} /beɪt/ (masturbate) SEE: masturbate  ::
bate {v} (simple past of beat) SEE: beat  ::
bath {n} (act of bathing)  :: baño {m}
bath {n} /bæθ/ (tub)  :: bañera {f}
bath {n} (room)  :: cuarto de baño {m}, baño {m}
bath {v} (To wash a person or animal in a bath)  :: bañar
bathe {v} /beɪð/ (to clean oneself)  :: bañarse
bathe {v} (to apply water to)  :: lavar
bathe {v} (to clean a person by immersion in water)  :: bañar
bathe {v} (to immerse oneself in water)  :: bañar
bathe {v} (to sunbathe) SEE: sunbathe  ::
bather {n} /ˈbeɪðə(ɹ)/ (One who bathes or swims)  :: bañador {m}, bañadora {f}, bañista {m} {f}
bathhouse {n} (a building with baths for communal use)  :: casa de baños {f}
bathing box {n} (beach hut) SEE: bathing hut  ::
bathing cap {n} (cap worn by swimmers) SEE: swim cap  ::
bathing suit {n} (tight fitting garment for swimming) SEE: swimsuit  ::
bathing trunks {n} (pair of shorts or briefs) SEE: swimming trunks  ::
bathometer {n} (instrument)  :: batímetro {m}
Bathonian {prop}  :: Bathoniense
bathos {n} (anticlimax) SEE: anticlimax  ::
bathos {n} /ˈbeɪθɒs/ (depth) SEE: depth  ::
bathos {n} (nadir) SEE: nadir  ::
bathrobe {n} /ˈbæθɹoʊb/ (terrycloth robe)  :: [Spain] albornoz {m}, [Latin America] bata de baño {f}, [Argentina, Uruguay] salida de baño {f}
bathroom {n} (a room containing a toilet)  :: cuarto de baño {m}, baño {m}, servicio {m} [Spain]
bathroom {n} /ˈbɑːθɹuːm/ (a room containing a bath where one can bathe)  :: cuarto de baño {m}, baño
Bathsheba {prop} /bæθˈʃiːbə/ (biblical character)  :: Betsabé
bath towel {n} (towel for drying the body)  :: toalla de baño {f}
bathtub {n} /ˈbæθtʌb/ (large container in which a person may bathe)  :: bañera {f}, [Argentina, Cuba, Paraguay] bañadera {f}, [Latin America] tina {f}
bathymeter {n} (bathometer) SEE: bathometer  ::
bathymetric {adj} (of, pertaining to, or derived from bathymetry)  :: batimétrico
bathymetry {n} (the measurement of the depths of the seas)  :: batimetría {f}
bathyscaphe {n} /ˈbæθɪˌskeɪv/ (self-propelled deep-sea submersible)  :: batíscafo {m}, batiscafo {m}
bathysphere {n} /ˈbæθɪˌsfɪə(ɹ)/ (diving chamber)  :: batisfera {f}
batik {n} /bəˈtʰiːk/ (A method of dyeing fabric)  :: batik
Batman {prop} /ˈbætmæn/ (the bat-themed hero)  :: Batman
baton {n} /bəˈtɑn/ (military staff of office)  :: batuta {f}, porra {f}
baton {n} (club of the police)  :: porra {f}
baton {n} (music: conductor's stick)  :: batuta {f}
baton {n} (sports: object transferred by relay runners)  :: testigo {m}
bat one's eyelashes {v} (to flutter one's eyelashes, romantically)  :: hacer ojitos
bat one's eyes {v} (to flutter one's eyelashes, romantically)  :: hacer ojitos
Bats {prop} (a commune in France)  :: Bats
battalion {n} (any large body of troops)  :: batallón {m}
battalion {n} /bəˈtælɪən/ (army unit)  :: batallón {m}
batten {n} (nautical: long strip that keeps a sail flat)  :: filete {m}
batten {v} /ˈbæt.ən/ (to become better)  :: mejorar
batten {v} (to prosper, especially at the expense of others)  :: aprovecharse
batter {n} (a slope)  :: pendiente {f}
batter {n} (beaten mixture of flour and liquid)  :: batido {m}
batter {n} (binge)  :: botellón {m}
batter {n} (player attempting to hit the ball)  :: bateador
batter {v} /ˈbæɾɚ/ (to hit or strike violently and repeatedly)  :: apalear
batter {v} (to coat with batter)  :: apanar, rebozar, empanar
battering ram {n} (type of siege engine used to smash gates and walls)  :: ariete {m}
battery {n} /ˈbætəɹi/ (device producing electricity)  :: pila {f}, batería {f}
battery {n} (coordinated group of artillery)  :: batería {f}
battery {n} (crime of striking another)  :: lesiones {f-p}, golpes {m-p}
battle {n} /ˈbætl̩/ (general action, fight, or encounter; a combat)  :: batalla {f}, lucha {f}
battle {v} ((intransitive) to join in battle; to contend in fight)  :: luchar, batallar
battle-ax {n} (other senses) SEE: battle axe  ::
battle axe {n} (ancient military weapon)  :: hacha de armas {m}
battle axe {n} (belligerent woman) SEE: battle-ax  ::
battle axe {n} (electric guitar) SEE: electric guitar  ::
battlefield {n} (field of a land battle)  :: campo de batalla {m}
battlefront {n} (line along which opposing armies engage in combat)  :: frente de batalla
battleground {n} /ˈbætəlˌɡraʊnd/ (location) SEE: battlefield  ::
battleship {n} (warship)  :: acorazado {m}
bauble {n} /ˈbɔbəl/ (small shiny spherical decoration, commonly put on Christmas trees)  :: bola de navidad {f}
Baumé {n} (Baumé scale) SEE: Baumé scale  ::
bauxite {n} /ˈbɔːksaɪt/ (ore)  :: bauxita {f}
Bavaria {prop} /bəˈveəɹɪə/ (state in Germany)  :: Baviera {f}
Bavarian {adj} (of or pertaining to Bavaria)  :: bávaro
Bavarian {prop} (a German dialect spoken in Bavaria)  :: bávaro {m}
bavarois {n} /bævəɹˈwɑ/ (pudding)  :: crema bávara {f}, crème bavaroise {f}, bavaroise {f}, bavarois {f}
bay {adj} (of reddish-brown color)  :: alazán
bay {n} /beɪ/ (body of water)  :: bahía {f}
bay {n} (brown colour/color)  :: alazán {m}
bay {n} (reddish-brown horse)  :: alazán {m}, alazana {f}
Bay {prop} (bay)  :: La Bahía
bay cat {n} (Pardofelis badia)  :: gato de Borneo {m}
Bayesian {adj} /ˈbeɪzɪən/ (of or pertaining to Thomas Bayes)  :: bayesiano
bay leaf {n} (herb)  :: laurel
Bay of Bengal {prop} (Large bay in the northeastern Indian Ocean)  :: golfo de Bengala {m}, bahía de Bengala {f}
Bay of Biscay {prop} (gulf)  :: golfo de Vizcaya
Bay of Pigs {prop} (small inlet in Cuba)  :: Bahía de Cochinos {f}
bayonet {n} /ˈbeɪ.ɒn.ɛt/ (weapon)  :: bayoneta {f}
bayou {n} /ˈbaɪ.uː/ (slow-moving creek or swamp)  :: pantano {m}, pantanos {m-p}
bay window {n} (type of window)  :: ventana de bahía {f}
bazaar {n} /bəˈzɑɹ/ (marketplace)  :: bazar {m}, mercado {m}
BC {initialism} (before Christ)  :: a. de J.C., antes de Jesucristo
be {v} /bi/ (occupy a place)  :: estar
be {v} (elliptical form of "be here", or similar)  :: estar
be {v} (exist)  :: ser, existir, haber
be {v} (Have a certain age)  :: tener, ser de
be {v} (occur, take place)  :: ser
be {v} (used to connect a noun to an adjective that describes it)  :: ser, estar
be {v} (used to form the continuous forms of various tenses)  :: estar + (gerund verb) [...ndo]
be {v} (used to form the passive voice)  :: (reflexive form of the verb) -se, (passive form of the verb) ser [...ado/ido]
be {v} (used to indicate that the subject and object are the same)  :: ser
be {v} (used to indicate that the subject has the qualities described by a noun or noun phrase)  :: ser
be {v} (used to indicate that the subject plays the role of the predicate nominative)  :: ser
be {v} (used to indicate that the values on either side of an equation are the same)  :: ser igual a
be {v} (used to indicate weather, air quality, or the like)  :: hacer + (noun), estar + (adjective), estar + (gerund verb) [...ndo]
be {v} (used to link a subject to a count or measurement)  :: ser, tener
be able to {v} (have ability to)  :: poder (for a possibility or capacity), ser capaz de (for a skill), saber (for a skill)
beach {n} /bitʃ/ (sandy shore)  :: playa {f}
beach {v} (run something aground on a beach)  :: encallar, varar, embarrancar
beach chair {n} (A chair for use on beaches)  :: tumbona {f}
beach hut {n} (building for changing into swimming clothes) SEE: bathing hut  ::
beach volleyball {n} (sport)  :: óley playa
beacon {n} /ˈbiːkən/ (signal fire)  :: baliza {f}
beacon {n} (signaling or guiding mark erected as guide to mariners)  :: almenara {f}
bead {n} /biːd/ (rosary ball)  :: cuenta {f}
bead {n} (pierced small round object)  :: cuenta {f}
bead {n} (small drop of liquid)  :: gota {f}
beagle {n} /biːɡəɫ]/ (dog)  :: beagle {m}
beak {n} /biːk/ (structure projecting from a bird's face)  :: pico {m}
beak {n} (slang: human nose) SEE: schnozzle  ::
beaked whale {n} (whales in the family Zipiiidae)  :: zífido {m}, zifíido {m}, zifio {m}
beaker {n} /ˈbiːkɚ/ (flat-bottomed vessel)  :: vaso de precipitación {m}
beakhead {n} (protruding part at the bow of a sailing ship)  :: espolón {m}, alas de proa {f-p}
be all about {v} (be interested in)  :: estar interesado en {m}
be all about {v} (deal with)  :: lidiar con, enfocarse en, tratarse de
be all ears {v} (to listen carefully or eagerly; to anticipate)  :: ser todo oídos
beam {n} /biːm/ (large piece of timber or iron)  :: viga {f}
beam {n} (ray)  :: radio {m}
beam {n}  :: travesaño {m}
bean {n} /biːn/ (seed)  :: haba {f}, frijol {m}, habichuela, [Spain] judía, alubia {f}, poroto {m} [South America]
bean {n} (guinea coin) SEE: guinea  ::
bean {n} (pod)  :: vaina {f}
bean curd {n} (tofu) SEE: tofu  ::
beaner {n} /ˈbinɚ/ (a Mexican)  :: frijolero
bean goose {n} (Anser fabalis)  :: ánsar campestre {m}, ganso de las habas {m}
beanie {n} /ˈbiː.ni/ (cap that fits the head closely)  :: gorro {m}
bean sprout {n} (a sprout grown out of a bean)  :: brote {m}
bean sprout {n} (the vegetarian food)  :: brotes de soja {m-p}, dientes de dragón {m-p}, frijolitos chinos {m-p}
beany {adj} (beanlike) SEE: beanlike  ::
bear {n} /bɛɚ/ (large mammal of family Ursidae)  :: oso {m}
bear {n} (investor who sells in anticipation of falling prices)  :: bajista {m} {f}
bear {n} (large hairy man)  :: oso {m}
bear {v} (to be equipped with)  :: llevar, portar
bear {v} (to carry)  :: llevar
bear {v} (to declare as testimony)  :: atestiguar
bear {v} (to give birth) SEE: give birth  ::
bear {v} (to put up with)  :: soportar, aguantar, resistir
bearable {adj} /ˈbɛəɹəbəɫ/ (able to be borne)  :: soportable
bearcat {n} (binturong) SEE: binturong  ::
bear cub {n} (young bear)  :: osezno {m}
beard {n} /bɪɹd/ (facial hair)  :: barba {f}
beard {n} (woman accompanying a gay male)  :: jotera {f}, pantalla {f}
beard {v} (bravely oppose)  :: provocar, mortificar
beard {v} (to grow hair on the chin and jaw)  :: barbar
bearded {adj} (having a beard)  :: barbudo {m}, barbado {m}
bearded tit {n} (Panurus biarmicus)  :: bigotudo {m}
bearded vulture {n} (vulture) SEE: lammergeier  ::
beardless {adj} (without a beard)  :: imberbe {m-f}, barbilampiño {m}
bear fruit {v} (succeed in some task)  :: dar sus frutas
bear garlic {n} (ramsons) SEE: ramsons  ::
bear hug {n} (any especially large hug, usually friendly)  :: abrazote {m}, abrazaso {m}
bearing {adj} /ˈbɛɹɪŋ/ (carrying weight or load)  :: de soporte, de apoyo
bearing {n} (mechanical device)  :: rodamiento {m} (rolling bearing), [Mexico] balero {m}, cojinete {m}
bearing {n} (nautical sense)  :: rumbo {m}, acimut {m}
bearing {n} (posture)  :: conducta {f}, comportamiento {m}
bearing {n} (relevance)  :: incumbencia {f}, importancia {f}
bear in mind {v} (remember, consider)  :: tener en mente
bear market {n} (state of stock market)  :: mercado bajista
bear oneself {v} (behave and conduct oneself) SEE: carry oneself  ::
be as silent as the grave {v} (say absolutely nothing)  :: ser callado como una tumba, ser como una tumba
beast {n} /biːst/ (non-human animal)  :: bestia {f}
beast {n} (violent/antisocial person)  :: bestia {f}, animal {m}, salvaje {m} {f}
Beast {prop} (a figure in the Book of Revelation)  :: Bestia {f}
beastmaster {n}  :: gladiador {m}
beast of burden {n} (animal that carries or pulls heavy loads)  :: bestia de carga {f}, animal de carga {m}
beat {n} (act of reporting before a rival) SEE: scoop  ::
beat {n} /biːt/ (pulse) SEE: pulse  ::
beat {v} (nautical)  :: barloventear
beat {v} (to hit, to knock, to pound, to strike)  :: golpear, pegar, aporrear, batir
beat {v} (to strike or pound repeatedly)  :: percutir, golpear (repetidamente), [heart] latir (el corazón)
beat {v} (to whip)  :: batir, revolver, sacudir
beat {v} (to win against)  :: vencer, derrotar
beat a dead horse {v} (continue far beyond reason) SEE: flog a dead horse  ::
beat around the bush {v} (to delay or avoid talking about something difficult or unpleasant)  :: irse por los cerros de Úbeda, andarse por las ramas, darle vueltas al asunto
beat around the bush {v} (to treat a topic but omit its main points)  :: andarse con rodeos, andar con ambages
beaten {adj} /ˈbit(ə)n/ (defeated) SEE: defeated  ::
beater {n} /ˈbitɚ/ (a kitchen implement for mixing)  :: batidor {m}
beater {n} (in a hunting party, the group of men used to drive game towards the shooters)  :: batidor {m}
beatify {v} /biːˈætɪfaɪ/ (take step in declaring a person a saint)  :: beatificar
beating {n} /ˈbiːtɪŋ/ (the pulsation of the heart)  :: latido {m}
Beatles {prop} /ˈbiːtl̩z/ (rock music quartet)  :: los Beatles {m-p}
beatnik {n} /ˈbiːtnɪk/ (beatnik)  :: beatnik {m} {f}
Beatrice {prop} /ˈbiːətɹɪs/ (female given name)  :: Beatriz
beat to the punch {v} (to do something before somebody else can)  :: ganar de mano, anticipar
beat up {v} (To give a beating to)  :: apalear
beau {n} /boʊ/ (boyfriend)  :: novio
Beauceron {n} /ˈboʊsəˌɹɑn/ (Beauceron)  :: pastor de Beauce {m}
beautiful {adj} (as a pro-sentence)  :: bravo
beautiful {adj} /ˈbjuːtɪfəɫ]/ (possessing charm and attractive)  :: hermoso {m}, hermosa {f}, bello {m}, bella {f} lindo, linda {f}, guapo {m}, guapa {f}, bonito {m}, bonita {f}
beautiful {adj} (of weather: pleasant, clear)  :: bueno, despejado, alegre
beautifully {adv} (In a beautiful manner)  :: bellamente
beautifulness {n} (the quality of being beautiful)  :: belleza {f}
beautify {v} /ˈbjuː.tɪ.faɪ/ (to make beautiful or more beautiful)  :: embellecer
beauty {n} (beautiful female)  :: guapa {f}, belleza {f}
beauty {n} (beautiful male)  :: guapo {m}
beauty {n} /ˈbjuɾi]/ (quality of pleasing appearance)  :: belleza {f}
beauty contest {n} (beauty pageant) SEE: beauty pageant  ::
beauty pageant {n} (competition on attractiveness)  :: concurso de belleza {m}
beauty parlor {n} (salon with hairdressers and beauticians)  :: salón de belleza
beauty salon {n} (beauty salon) SEE: beauty parlor  ::
beauty spot {n} (birthmark) SEE: mole  ::
beaver {n} /ˈbiːvə/ (aquatic rodent)  :: castor {m}
beazle {n} /ˈbiːzəɫ]/ (bezel) SEE: bezel  ::
be born {v} (to come into existence through birth)  :: nacer
be born yesterday {v} (to be inexperienced)  :: haber nacido ayer
becak {n} (cycle rickshaw) SEE: cycle rickshaw  ::
be called {v} (to have a specific name)  :: llamarse
be careful {interj} (proceed with caution)  :: [Mexico, slang] aguas, ten cuidado
because {adv} /biˈkɔz/ (on account)  :: porque
because {conj} (by or for the cause that; on this account that; for the reason that)  :: porque, ya que
because of {prep} (on account of, by reason of, for the purpose of)  :: a causa de, debido a
Bechuanaland {prop} /ˌbɛtʃuˈɑːnəlænd/ (former name for Botswana)  :: Bechuanalandia
beckon {v} /ˈbɛkən/ (to wave and/or to nod to somebody with the intention to make the person come closer)  :: llamar con señas
become {v} /bəˈkʌm/ (to begin to be)  :: volverse, hacerse, convertirse, llegar a ser
become {v} (to look attractive on, be suitable for)  :: quedar bien
bed {n} /bɛːd/ (piece of furniture)  :: cama {f}, lecho {m}
bed {n} (flat surface or layer on which something else is to be placed)  :: lecho {m}
bed {n} (shaped piece of timber to hold a cask clear) SEE: pallet  ::
bed {v} (to go to a sleeping bed)  :: ir a la cama [pronominal, colloquial]
bed {v} (to have sexual intercourse with)  :: encamar [pronominal]
bedbound {adj} (unable to leave one's bed) SEE: bedridden  ::
bedbug {n} (small nocturnal insects)  :: chinche {f}
bedcover {n} (decorative cover for a bed) SEE: bedspread  ::
bedding plane {n} (geology: the planar surface between adjacent strata)  :: plano de estratificación {m}
bedfast {adj} (unable to leave one's bed) SEE: bedridden  ::
bed head {n}  :: pelo despeinado {m}, pelo desordenado {m}, pelo descuidado {m}, pelo recien salido de la cama {m}, despeinadisimo {m}
bedouin {n} /ˈbɛd.wɪn/ (desert-dweller)  :: beduino {m}, beduina {f}
bedridden {adj} /ˈbɛdɹɪdən/ (confined to bed)  :: confinado en cama
bedrock {n} (underground solid rock)  :: roca madre {f}, lecho rocoso {m}
bedroom {n} (room in a house where a bed is kept for sleeping)  :: alcoba {m} [now especially formal or literary usage, except Colombia], dormitorio {m} [especially formal usage], cuarto {m}, habitación [especially Spain, formal usage in Latin America], pieza [Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay], recámara [Mexico]
bedroom community {n} (residential urban community of a nearby metropolis)  :: ciudad dormitorio {f}
bed sheet {n} (sheet, a piece of cloth cut and finished as bedlinen)  :: sábana {f}
bedsheet {n} (a sheet, a piece of cloth cut and finished as bedlinen)  :: sábana {f}
bedside table {n} (nightstand) SEE: nightstand  ::
bedspread {n} (coverlet) SEE: coverlet  ::
bedspread {n} (topmost covering of a bed)  :: colcha, cubrecama {m}
bedstead {n} (bed framework)  :: cama (sin colchón)
bedtime {n} /ˈbɛdtaɪm/ (time when one goes to bed to sleep)  :: hora de dormir {f}
bee {n} /biː/ (insect)  :: abeja {f}
bee {n} (name of the letter B, b)  :: be {f}
beech {n} /biːt͡ʃ/ (tree of Fagus family)  :: haya {f}
beech marten {n} (Martes foina)  :: garduña {f}
bee-eater {n} /ˈbɪjiːtə/ (bird in the family Meropidae)  :: abejaruco {m}
beef {n} /biːf/ (meat)  :: vacuno {m}
beef {n} (cow, bull) SEE: cow, bull  ::
beefcake {n} /ˈbiːfˌkeɪk/ (muscular, desirable man)  :: galán {m}, [Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia] churro {m}, [Latin America] mijito rico {m}, guapetón {m}
beefsteak {n} /ˈbiːfsteɪk/ (steak)  :: bistec {m}, bife {m} [Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay]
beef up {v} (to strengthen or reinforce) SEE: strengthen  ::
beefy {adj} /ˈbiːfi/ (similar to beef)  :: carnoso, carnudo
beefy {adj} (containing beef)  :: cárnico
beefy {adj} (muscular) SEE: muscular  ::
beefy {adj} (robust) SEE: robust  ::
beehive {n} /ˈbiːhaɪv/ (home of bees)  :: colmena {f}
beehive {n} (man-made structure in which bees are kept for their honey)  :: colmena {f}
Beehive {n} (A 12-13 year old participant in Young Womens)  :: abejita {f}
beekeeper {n} /ˈbiˌkipɚ/ (someone who keeps bees)  :: apicultor {m}, apicultora {f}, colmenero {m}, colmenera {f}, abejero {m}, abejera {f}
beekeeping {n} (raising bees)  :: apicultura {f}
beeline {n} /ˈbiːlaɪn/ (straight course, ignoring established paths of travel)  :: a vuelo de pájaro
been there, done that {phrase} (assertion that the speaker has personal experience or knowledge of a particular place or topic)  :: yo lo hice antes
beer {n} /bɪɹ/ (alcoholic drink made of malt)  :: cerveza {f}, birra {f}
beer {n} (drink made from roots)  :: cerveza {f}
beer {n} (glass of beer)  :: cerveza {f}, caña {f} [Spain]
beer bong {n} (funnel)  :: tuberia de barrilete {f}
beer gut {n} (beer belly) SEE: beer belly  ::
beer nut {n} (peanut served with its husk)  :: cacahuate estilo español {m} [Mexico]
beer parlor {n} (beer parlour) SEE: beer parlour  ::
beer parlour {n} (a bar, selling beers, that has tables)  :: cervecería {f}
bee's knees {n} (something excellent, outstanding)  :: la mamá de Tarzán (referring to people, Hispano America), lo más, la hostia (colloquial, Spain), la leche (colloquial, Spain), la polla (vulgar, Spain), la repera (colloquial, Spain), la neta (colloquial, Mexico), las perlas de la virgen (colloquial, Mexico)
bee sting {n} (puncture from a Anthophila)  :: picadura de abeja
beestings {n} /ˈbiːstɪŋz/ (first milk drawn from an animal) SEE: colostrum  ::
beeswax {n} /ˈbizwæks/ (wax secreted by bees)  :: cera de abeja {f}
beet {n} /biːt/ (Beta vulgaris)  :: remolacha {f}, betabel {m} [Mexico], betarraga {f} [Chile], beterava {f} [Western Argentina]
beetle {n} (insect)  :: escarabajo {m}
Beetle {n} (Volkswagen car)  :: escarabajo {m}, Vocho {m} [Mexico]
beetroot {n} /ˈbitrut/ (a normally deep red coloured cultivar of the beet)  :: remolacha {f}, beterraga {f}
before {adv} (at an earlier time)  :: antes de
before {prep} /bɪˈfɔɹ/ (earlier than in time)  :: antes de, antes que [+ clause]
before {prep} (in front of according to an ordering system)  :: antes de
before {prep} (in front of in space)  :: ante, frente a, enfrente de
before dark {adv} (before night begins to fall)  :: antes de anochecer
beforehand {adv} (at an earlier time)  :: de antemano, anticipadamente, adelantadamente, antes
beforesaid {adj} (previously said) SEE: aforesaid  ::
befriend {v} /bɪˈfɹɛnd/ (make friends) SEE: make friends  ::
befuddle {v} /bɪˈfʌdl/ (perplex or confuse)  :: confundir
beg {v} /beɪɡ/ (to request the help of someone, ask for money)  :: mendigar
beg {v} (to supplicate, to plead with someone for help)  :: suplicar, rogar
beget {v} /biˈɡɛt/ (to cause, to produce)  :: engendrar
beget {v} (to procreate)  :: concebir
beggar {n} /ˈbɛɡɚ/ (person who begs)  :: mendigo {m}
beggar {n} (person suffering poverty)  :: mendigo {m}
beggars can't be choosers {proverb} (when resources are limited, one must accept even substandard gifts)  :: a caballo regalado no le mires el diente
begin {v} /bɪˈɡɪn/ (To start, to initiate or take the first step into something.)  :: comenzar, iniciar, empezar
beginner {n} /bəˈgɪnɚ/ (someone who just recently started)  :: principiante {m-f}, novato {m}, iniciado {m}
beginner {n} (someone who sets something in motion)  :: iniciador
beginning {n} /bɪˈɡɪn.ɪŋ/ (act of doing that which begins anything)  :: comienzo {m}, principio {m}, inicio {m}
beginning {n} (initial portion of some extended thing)  :: principio {m}
begonia {n} /ˈbəɡəʊnɪiə/ (plants of the genus Begonia)  :: begonia {f}
be good for {v} (be fit)  :: servir para
beguile {v} /bɪˈɡaɪl/ (to deceive or delude (using guile))  :: engañar
beguile {v} (charm, delight)  :: encanto engañador {m}, encanto secretivo {m}, encanto oculto {m}, cautivar
beguine {n} /bə.ˈgiːn/ (ballroom dance)  :: beguine
beguine {n} (music)  :: beguine
behalf {n} /bɪˈhæf/ (stead) SEE: stead  ::
behave {v} /bɪˈheɪv/ (to act in a specific manner)  :: comportarse
behave {v} (to act in a polite or proper way)  :: comportarse, portarse
behave oneself {v} (to act in a polite or proper way) SEE: behave  ::
behavior {n} /bəˈheɪvjɚ]/ (way an animal or human behaves or acts)  :: comportamiento {m}, conducta {f}
behavior {n}  :: comportamiento {m}
behavioral {adj} (of or relating to behavior)  :: del comportamiento
behavioral crisis {n}  :: crisis de comportamiento {f}
behaviour {n}  :: comportamiento {m}
behaviour {n} (the way matter moves or acts)  :: comportamiento {m}
behaviour {n} (way an animal or human behaves or acts)  :: comportamiento {m}, conducta {f}
behead {v} (to remove the head)  :: descabezar, decapitar
beheadal {n} /bəˈhɛdəl/ (beheading) SEE: beheading  ::
beheading {n} (an instance of beheading)  :: decapitación {f}, degüello {m}, descabezamiento {m}
behemoth {n} /bəˈhi(ː)məθ/ (mighty beast in the Book of Job)  :: behemot {f-p} [rare]
behest {n} /bɪˈhɛst/ (command, bidding)  :: solicitud {f}, orden {f}
behind {prep} (after, time- or motion-wise)  :: después
behind {prep} /bɪˈhaɪnd/ (at the back of)  :: detrás de, atrás
behind {prep} (to the back of)  :: detrás
behind bars {prep} (in jail or prison)  :: entre rejas
behind closed doors {prep} (in private)  :: a puerta cerrada
behind someone's back {prep} (secretly)  :: a espaldas de alguien
behind the scenes {prep} (in secret; out of public view)  :: detrás del telón, entre bastidores, tras bambalinas
behold {v} /bɪˈhoʊld/ (to see, to look at)  :: contemplar, mirar, observar
beholder {n} (someone who observes or beholds; an observer or spectator)  :: observador {m}
behoove {v} /bɨˈhuːv/ (to suit; to befit)  :: concernir, incumbir
beige {adj} (having a slightly yellowish gray colour)  :: beige, beis
beige {n} /beɪʒ]/ (colour)  :: beige, beis, beige {m}
beignet {n} /ˈbɛnjeɪ/ (fritter)  :: buñuelo {m}
beignet {n} (donut)  :: buñuelo {m}, buñuelo de viento {m}
Beijing {prop} /beɪˈdʒɪŋ/ (capital of China)  :: Pekín {m}
Beijinger {n} (Pekingese) SEE: Pekingese  ::
Beijingese {adj} (Pekingese) SEE: Pekingese  ::
Beijingese {n} (Pekingese) SEE: Pekingese  ::
Beijing opera {n} (Peking opera) SEE: Peking opera  ::
being {n} /ˈbiːŋ/ (a living creature)  :: ser {m}, criatura {f}
being {n} (the state or fact of existence)  :: existencia {f}
be in one's altitudes {phrase} (be drunk)  :: estar mamado, estar arando, estar borracho, estar pegado los tragos
Beirut {prop} (capital of Lebanon)  :: Beirut
bejewel {v} (decorate with jewels)  :: alhajar
Belarus {prop} /ˌbɛləˈɹus/ (country)  :: Bielorrusia {f}, Belarús {m}, Rusia Blanca {f}
Belarusian {adj} /ˌbɛləˈruːʃən/ (pertaining to Belarus)  :: bielorruso
Belarusian {n} (person from Belarus or of Belarusian descent)  :: bielorruso {m}
Belarusian {prop} (language)  :: bielorruso {m}
belated {adj} (later in relation to the proper time)  :: tardío
belaying pin {n}  :: cabilla {f}
belch {n} (sound one makes when belching)  :: eructo {m}
belch {v} /ˈbɛltʃ/ (expel gas from the stomach through the mouth)  :: eructar, regoldar
beleaguered {adj} /bɪˈliːɡəd/ (beset by trouble or difficulty)  :: hostigado {m}
Belfast {prop} /ˈbɛl.fæst/ (capital of Northern Ireland)  :: Belfast
belfry {n} /ˈbɛlfri/ (tower or steeple specifically for containing bells, especially as part of a church)  :: campanil, campanario
belfry {n} (part of a large tower or steeple, specifically for containing bells)  :: campanario {m}
Belgian {adj} (of or pertaining to Belgians or Belgian people)  :: belga
Belgian {adj} (of or pertaining to Belgium)  :: belga
Belgian {n} /ˈbeldʒən/ (Belgian, person from Belgium)  :: belga {m} {f}
Belgian Sheepdog {n} (Belgian Groenendael) SEE: Belgian Groenendael  ::
Belgian Sheepdog {n} (Umbrella term for the four Belgian sheepdog variants)  :: pastor belga {m}
Belgium {prop} /ˈbɛldʒəm/ (country in Europe)  :: Bélgica {f}
Belgorod {prop} (a city in Russia)  :: Bélgorod {m}
Belgrade {prop} /ˈbɛlɡreɪd/ (capital of Serbia)  :: Belgrado
belie {v} /bɪˈlaɪ/ (to give a false representation)  :: representar mal, malrepresentar
belie {v} (to contradict or show to be false)  :: desmentir
belie {v} (to tell lies about)  :: calumniar
belief {n} /bɪˈliːf/ (mental acceptance of a claim as truth)  :: creencia {f}
belief {n}  :: creencia
believable {adj} (capable of being believed; credible)  :: creíble
believe {v} /bɪˈliːv/ (to accept that someone is telling the truth (object: person))  :: creer
believe {v} (to accept as true)  :: creer
believe {v} (to have religious faith; to believe in a greater truth)  :: creer, tener fe
believer {n} (person who believes)  :: creyente {m}
Belisarius {prop} (a general of the Byzantine Empire)  :: Belisario
belittle {v} /bɨˈlɪt.əl/ (to knowingly say that something is smaller or less important than it actually is)  :: menospreciar, minimizar
Belize {prop} /bəˈliːz/ (country)  :: Bélice
Belizean {adj} (Pertaining to Belize)  :: beliceño
Belizean {n} (person from Belize)  :: beliceño
Belize City {prop} (Belize City)  :: Ciudad de Belice
Belizian {adj} (Belizean) SEE: Belizean  ::
Belizian {n} (Belizean) SEE: Belizean  ::
bell {n} /bɛl/ (percussive instrument)  :: campana {f} (big), campanilla {f} (small)
belladonna {n} /ˌbɛləˈdɑnə/ (a plant, Atropa belladonna) SEE: deadly nightshade  ::
bell-bottoms {n} (pants that are flared from the knee downwards)  :: pantalones de campana {p}
bellboy {n} (A male worker, usually at a hotel, who carries luggage and runs errands)  :: botones
bell-gable {n} (an architectural element)  :: espadaña {f}
bellgirl {n} (a female bellhop)  :: botónesa
bellicism {n} /ˈbɛlɪsɪzm̩/ (an inclination to war)  :: belicismo
bellicist {n} (warmonger) SEE: warmonger  ::
belligerent {adj} /bəˈlɪdʒ.ə.ɹənt/ (eager to go to war)  :: bélico
belligerent {adj} (hostile, eager to fight)  :: belicoso
belligerent {adj} (of or pertaining to war)  :: bélico
bellow {v} /ˈbɛloʊ/ (to make a noise like the deep roar of a large animal)  :: bramar, berrear
bellows {n} /ˈbɛloz/ (air blower)  :: fuelle
bell pepper {n} (spicy-sweet vegetable)  :: pimiento {m}, chile dulce {m} [Costa Rica], chile morrón {m} [El Salvador, Honduras], chile pimiento {m} [Guatemala], chiltoma {f} [Nicaragua], locote {m} [Paraguay], morrón {m} [Argentina, Uruguay], pimentón {m} [Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Venezuela], pimiento morrón {m} [Mexico]
bell ringer {n} (bell ringer)  :: campanero {m}, campanera {f}
bell the cat {v} (to undertake a dangerous action in the service of a group)  :: ponerle el cascabel al gato
bellwether {n} (anything that indicates future trends)  :: barómetro {m}
bellwether {n} (a stock or bond that is widely believed to be an indicator of the overall market's condition)  :: barómetro {m}
bellwether {n} /ˈbɛlwɛðɚ/ (the leading sheep of a flock, having a bell hung round its neck)  :: manso {m}
belly {n} /bɛli/ (abdomen)  :: barriga, panza, vientre
bellyache {n} /ˈbɛlijeɪk/ (pain in the belly, stomach, or abdomen)  :: dolor de barriga {m}
bellyacher {n} (whiner)  :: llorón {m}, quejumbroso {m}
belly dance {n} (form of dance)  :: danza del vientre {f}
Belmopan {prop} (Belmopan)  :: Belmopán
belong {v} (be accepted in a group)  :: pertenecer
belong {v} (be part of a group)  :: pertenecer
belong {v} (be the property of)  :: pertenecer a
belong {v} /bɪˈlɒŋ/ (have its proper place)  :: pertenecer
belonging {n} (something physical that is owned)  :: pertenencias {f-p} ; [colloquial or jocular usages] cachachá {m} [Venezuela], chivas {m-p} [Mexico], macundales {m-p} [Venezuela], maritates [Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua]
belonging {n} (the action of the verb to belong)  :: pertenencia {f}
beloved {adj} /bɪˈlʌvɪd/ (loved)  :: amado
beloved {n} (someone who is loved)  :: amado, enamorado
below {adv} (in a lower place)  :: abajo
below {prep} /bəˈloʊ/ (lower in spatial position than)  :: bajo
belowstairs {adv} (downstairs) SEE: downstairs  ::
belt {n} (band used for safety purposes)  :: cinturón {m}, cinturón de seguridad {m}
belt {n} (band used in a machine to help transfer motion or power)  :: correa {f}
belt {n} /bɛlt/ (band worn around the waist)  :: cinturón {m}, cincho {m} [El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras], cinto {m} [Cuba], correa {f} [Colombia, Panama, Venezuela], faja {f} [Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Southeastern Mexico]
belt {n} (geographical region)  :: cinta {f}
belt {n} (powerful blow)  :: golpe {m}, golpear
beltway {n} (a freeway that encircles a city) SEE: ring road  ::
beluga {n} /bəˈluː.ɡə/ (cetacean, Delphinapterus leucas)  :: beluga
bemoan {v} /bɪˈmoʊn/ (to complain about)  :: quejar, lamentar
bemock {v} (mock) SEE: mock  ::
bemol {n} (bemol)  :: bemol {m}
be my guest {v} (do as you wish)  :: orale como vas, adelante, llegale con confinaza
bench {n}  :: banco
bench {n} /bɛntʃ/ (long seat)  :: banco {m}
bench {n} (sports: where players sit when not playing)  :: banca {f}
bench {n} (workbench) SEE: workbench  ::
benchlet {n} (stool) SEE: stool  ::
bench press {n} /ˈbɛntʃ.pɹɛs/ (exercise)  :: banco de prensa, prensa de banco {f}
bend {n} (heraldic term)  :: banda {f}
bend {v} /bɛnd/ (to cause to shape into a curve)  :: doblar, curvar
bend {v} (to become curved)  :: doblarse
bend {v} (to force to submit)  :: doblegar
bendable {adj} (able to be bent or flexed or twisted without breaking)  :: articulable
bend down {v} (to bend one's legs while upright to get to a lower position)  :: agacharse
bender {n} (simple shelter) SEE: bender tent  ::
bend over {v} (to bend one's upper body forward)  :: agacharse
bends {n} (nautical: thickest and strongest planks on the sides of a ship) SEE: wales  ::
bend sinister {n} (diagonal band on coat of arms going from top right to bottom left)  :: barra {f}
bend the truth {v} (change or leave out certain facts of a story)  :: falsear
beneath {adv} /bɪˈniːθ/ (below or underneath)  :: bajo
beneath {prep} (below)  :: bajo de, abajo de
Benedict {prop} /ˈbɛnədɪkt/ (male given name)  :: Benedicto [papal], Benito {m}, Benicio {m}
Benedicta {prop} (feminine form of Benedict)  :: Benita
benefactive case {n} (case used to indicate beneficiary)  :: caso benefactivo {m}
benefactor {n} (on who gives gifts or help)  :: bienhechor {m}, benefactor {m}
beneficial {adj} (helpful or good to something or someone)  :: beneficioso
benefit {n} /ˈbɛn.ə.fɪt/ (advantage, help or aid)  :: beneficio, ventaja
benefit {v} (to be or provide a benefit to)  :: beneficiar
benefit {v} (to receive a benefit)  :: beneficiar
benefit of the doubt {n} (a favorable judgement given in the absence of full evidence)  :: beneficio de la duda
Benevento {prop} (town and capital of Benevento)  :: Benevento
benevolence {n} (disposition to do good)  :: benevolencia {f}
benevolent dictator {n}  :: dictablanda
Bengal {prop} /ˌbenˈɡɔːl/ (region in South Asia)  :: Bengala
Bengali {adj} (of or pertaining to Bengal)  :: bengalí
Bengali {n} (person from Bengal)  :: bengalí
Bengali {prop} (language)  :: bengalí {m}
Bengal tiger {n} (Panthera tigris tigris)  :: tigre de Bengala
Benghazi {prop} (Benghazi, Libya)  :: Bengasi {m}, Bengazi {m}
benight {v} (To darken)  :: oscurecer
benign {adj} /bɪˈnaɪn/ (kind, gentle, mild)  :: benigno
benign {adj} ((medicine) not posing any serious threat to health)  :: benigno
Benin {prop} /bɛnˈɪn/ (country)  :: Benín
Beninese {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Benin)  :: beninés {m}
Beninese {n} (person)  :: beninés {m}
Benjamin {prop} /ˈbɛndʒəmɪn/ (the youngest son of Jacob)  :: Benjamín {m}
Benjamin {prop} (male given name)  :: Benjamín {m}
bent {adj} /bɛnt/ (folded)  :: plegado
bent {n} (inclination or talent)  :: inclinación {f}
bent {n} (predisposition)  :: predisposición {f}
benthos {n} /ˈbɛnθɒs/ (flora and fauna at the bottom of a body of water)  :: bentos {m}
benumb {v} (deaden) SEE: deaden  ::
benumb {v} (make numb) SEE: numb  ::
benzene {n} /ˈbɛnziːn/ (aromatic compound C6H6)  :: benceno {m}
benzene {n} (the phenyl group) SEE: phenyl  ::
benzine {n} (benzene) SEE: benzene  ::
benzoate {n} (salt or ester of benzoic acid)  :: benzoato {m}
benzofuran {n} (class of bicyclic heterocycles)  :: benzofurano {m}
benzoic {adj} (derived from benzoic acid or its derivatives)  :: benzoico
benzoic {adj} (pertaining to, or obtained from, benzoin)  :: benzoico
benzoic acid {n} (white crystalline organic acid, C6H5COOH)  :: ácido benzoico {m}
benzoin {n} /ˈbɛnzəʊɪn/ (spicebush) SEE: spicebush  ::
benzol {n} (an impure benzene)  :: benzol {m}
benzoquinone {n} (forms of the simplest quinone)  :: benzoquinona {f}
benzphetamine {n} (anti-obesity drug)  :: benzfetamina {f}
benzyl {n} (chemical compound)  :: bencilo {m}
benzylic {adj}  :: bencílico
be one {v} (be fit)  :: estar de acuerdo con alguien
bequeath {v} /bɪˈkwiːθ/ (to give or leave by will)  :: heredar, legar, dejar, ceder
bequeath {v} (to give; to offer; to commit)  :: dar, otorgar, confiar
bequeath {v} (to hand down; to transmit)  :: transmitir, conferir, pasar, legar
bequest {n} (a person's inheritance)  :: herencia {f}, heredad {f}
bequest {n} (will of the deceased)  :: testamento {m}
be quiet {interj} /biˈkwaɪˌət/ (common imperative instructing the addressed to remain silent) SEE: silence  ::
berate {v} /bɪˈɹeɪt/ (chide vehemently)  :: reprender, vituperar
berdache {n} /bəɹˈdæʃ/ (person who identifies with a gender identity not exclusively corresponding to their biological sex) SEE: two-spirit  ::
bereave {v} /bɪˈriːv/ (To take away someone or something important or close)  :: arrebatar, despojar, desposeer, privar
bereavement {n} (The state of being bereaved; deprivation; especially the loss of a relative by death)  :: duelo {m}, luto {m}
bereft {adj} (pained by the loss of someone)  :: privado de
beret {n} /bəˈɹeɪ/ (type of brimless cap)  :: boina
Bergamo {prop} /ˈbɝɡəˌmoʊ/ (town and capital of Bergamo)  :: Bérgamo
beriberi {n} (pathology: ailment caused by deficiency of vitamin B)  :: beriberi {m}
be right back {phrase} (indicate speaker will return in a moment)  :: ya vuelvo, ya regreso
Bering Sea {prop} (sea)  :: mar de Bering {m}
Bering Strait {prop} (strait between Russia and Alaska)  :: estrecho de Bering {m}
berkelium {n} (transuranic chemical element)  :: berkelio {m}
Berlin {prop} /bɚˈlɪn]/ (capital city of Germany)  :: Berlín {m}
Berliner {n} /bɚˈlɪnɚ/ (native or inhabitant of Berlin)  :: berlinés {m}, berlinesa {f}
Berliner {n} (doughnut)  :: berlinesa
Berlin Wall {prop} (Berlin Wall)  :: muro de Berlín {m}
berm {n} (strip of land between a street and sidewalk)  :: berma {f}
Bermuda {prop} /bɚˈmjuːdə/ (island group)  :: Bermudas {f-p}
Bermudian {adj} (of, from or pertaining to Bermuda)  :: bermudeño
Bermudian {n} (person from Bermuda or of Bermudian descent)  :: bermudeño
Bern {prop} /bɜː(ɹ)n/ (city)  :: Berna {f}
Bernard {prop} /bəɹˈnɑɹd/ (male given name)  :: Bernardo
Bernice {prop} (female given name) SEE: Berenice  ::
berry {n} /ˈbɛɹi/ (small fruit)  :: baya {f}
berry sugar {n} (caster sugar) SEE: caster sugar  ::
berserk {adj} /bəˈzɜː(ɹ)k/ (injuriously, maniacally, or furiously violent or out of control)  :: fuera de control
berth {n} /bɜ˞θ/ (bunk)  :: camarote {m}
berth {n} (space to moor)  :: amarra {f}
berth {v} (to bring a ship into berth)  :: atraque
Bertha {prop} /ˈbɝθə/ (female given name)  :: Berta
Bertram {prop} /ˈbɜ:tɹəm/ (male given name)  :: Beltrán
beryl {n} /ˈbɛrəl/ (gem)  :: berilio {m}
beryl {n} (colour)  :: berilio {m}
beryllium {n} /bəˈrɪliəm/ (chemical element)  :: berilio {m}
beryllium oxide {n} (white, crystalline compound)  :: óxido de berilio {m}
beset {v} /bɪˈsɛt/ (to surround or hem in)  :: cercar, sitiar
beside {prep} /biːˈsaɪd/ (next to)  :: cabe, al lado de
besides {adv} (also; in addition)  :: además, aparte
besides {adv} (moreover; furthermore)  :: además
besides {adv} (otherwise; else)  :: de lo contrario, si no
besides {prep} /bəˈsaɪdz/ (in addition to)  :: aparte de
besides {prep} (other than; except for)  :: excepto, salvo
besiege {v} (to surround with armed forces)  :: asediar
bespectacled {adj} (wearing spectacles (glasses))  :: con gafas, que lleva gafas
Bessarabia {prop} (region)  :: Besarabia {f}
best {adj} /bɛst/ (superlative of the adjective good)  :: el mejor
best {adv} (superlative of the adverb well)  :: mejor {m}
best {n} (person)  :: élite, flor, nata
best {v} (to beat)  :: sobrepasar, superar, vencer, rebasar, derrotar, aventajar
bestial {adj} /ˈbiːstiəl/ (beast-like)  :: bestial, animalesco
bestiality {n} /ˌbɛstʃiˈælɪti/ (status of animal)  :: bestialidad {f}
bestiality {n} (sexual activity)  :: bestialidad {f}, bestialismo {f}, zoofilia {f}
bestow {v} /bɪˈstoʊ/ (present a thing as a gift or honour)  :: acordar, conceder, conferir
best regards {n} (polite closing of a letter)  :: atentamente
bestride {v} (dominate) SEE: dominate  ::
bestseller {n} (book or thing sold in large numbers)  :: superventas {m}
bet {n} /ˈbɛt/ (a wager)  :: apuesta
bet {v} (To be sure of something)  :: apostar
bet {v} (To stake or pledge upon the outcome of an event)  :: apostar
beta {adj} /ˈbeɪtə/ (beta)  :: beta
beta {n} (letter of the Greek alphabet)  :: beta {f}
be taken ill {v} (to become ill) SEE: take sick  ::
beta wave {n} (electrical signal produced by the brain)  :: onda beta {f}
betel {n} (either of two plants: the betel pepper or betel nut)  :: betel {m}
Bethlehem {prop} (City)  :: Belén {m}
betimes {adv} /bɪˈtaɪmz / (in good season or time)  :: al alba
betony {n} (Stachys officinalis)  :: betónica
betray {v} (to deliver into the hands of an enemy)  :: traicionar
betray {v}  :: traicionar
betrayal {n} /bɪˈtɹeɪəl/ (treason) SEE: treason  ::
betrayer {n} (someone who betrays)  :: confidente, delator, oreja, traidor
betrothal {n} (mutual promise)  :: esponsales {m-p}, palabra de matrimonio {f}, promesa de matrimonio {f}
betrothed {n} /bɪˈtrəʊðd/ (agreed to be married)  :: comprometida {f}, comprometido {m}
betrothment {n} (betrothal) SEE: betrothal  ::
better {adj} /ˈbɛtɚ/ (comparative of the adjectives good or well)  :: mejor
better {adv} (comparative form of the adverb well)  :: mejor, mejores {p}
better {v} (to improve)  :: mejorar
better an egg today than a hen tomorrow {proverb} (a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush) SEE: a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush  ::
better half {n} (spouse or lover)  :: media naranja {f}
better late than never {adv} (it’s better to do something late, than to never do it at all)  :: más vale tarde que nunca, nunca es tarde si la dicha es buena
betterment {n} (an improvement)  :: mejora {f}
betterment {n} (improvement to a property)  :: mejora {f}
better the devil you know than the devil you don't know {proverb}  :: más vale malo conocido que bueno por conocer, más vale diablo conocido que por conocer
between {prep} /bəˈtwin/ (in the position or interval that separates two things)  :: entre
between {prep} (combined by effort or ownership)  :: entre
between {prep} (in transit from one to the other)  :: entre
between {prep} (one of, representing a choice)  :: entre
between {prep} (shared in confidence by)  :: entre
between a rock and a hard place {prep} (between a rock and a hard place)  :: entre la espada y la pared (between the sword and the wall)
between Scylla and Charybdis {prep} (idiomatic)  :: entre la espada y la pared
betwixt {prep} /bɪˈtwɪkst/ (between, specifically between two things)  :: entre
beverage {n} (a drink)  :: bebida {f}, trago {m}
bevor {n} /ˈbivɚ/ (plate armour protecting the lower face and neck)  :: barbote {m}
bevy {n} /ˈbɛvi/ (large group of birds)  :: bandada
bewail {v} /bɪˈweɪl/ (to wail over)  :: lamentar
Bewick's swan {n} (Bewick's swan)  :: cisne silbador {m}
bewilder {v} /bɪˈwɪldəɹ/ (confuse)  :: desconcertar
bewilder {v} (disorientate)  :: desconcertar, confundir
bewilderment {n} /bɪˈwɪldəɹmənt/ (state of being bewildered)  :: desconcierto, perplejidad
bewitch {v} /bɪˈwɪtʃ/ (to cast a spell)  :: hechizar
bewitched {adj} (Under a spell; entranced)  :: embrujado, encantado
beyond {adv} (farther along or away)  :: más allá
beyond {n} (afterlife) SEE: afterlife  ::
beyond {n} (unknown) SEE: unknown  ::
beyond {prep} /biˈjɑnd/ (further away than)  :: más allá de
bezant {n} /ˈbɛzənt/ (coin minted at Byzantium)  :: besante {m}
bezant {n} (heraldic representation of a gold coin)  :: besante {m}
bezoar {n} /ˈbizɔɹ/ (mass of undigested matter)  :: bezoar {m}
Bharat {prop} (India) SEE: India  ::
Bhubaneshwar {prop} (Bhubaneswar) SEE: Bhubaneswar  ::
Bhutan {prop} /buːˈtɑːn/ (Himalayan country)  :: Bután
Bhutanese {adj} (pertaining to Bhutan)  :: butanés {m}
Bhutanese {n} /bu.təˈniːz/ (person from Bhutan)  :: butanés {m}, butanesa {f}
bi- {prefix} (two-)  :: bi-, bis- biz-
biannual {adj} (occurring every two years) SEE: biennial  ::
biannual {adj} (occurring twice a year; semi-annual)  :: bianual
bias {n} /ˈbaɪəs/ (inclination towards something; predisposition, partiality)  :: inclinación {f}, predisposición {f}, parcialidad {f}, prejuicio {f}, sesgo, preferencia {f}, predilección {f}, tendencia {f}
bias {n} (difference between expectation and true value)  :: sesgo
biased {adj} (angled at a slant)  :: oblicuo, inclinado, en declive, ladeado, sesgado
biased {adj} /ˈbaɪəst/ (exhibiting bias; prejudiced)  :: sesgado, parcial, tendencioso
biathlon {n} (winter sport)  :: biatlón {m}
bib {n} /bɪb/ (item of clothing for babies)  :: babero {m}
bibimbap {n} (Korean dish of white rice topped with vegetables, beef, a whole egg, and gochujang)  :: bibimbap {m}
Bible {prop} /ˈbaɪbəl/ (Christian holy book)  :: Biblia {f}
Bible basher {n}  :: chupacirios
biblical {adj} /ˈbɪblɪkəl/ (Of or relating to the Bible)  :: bíblico
biblical {adj} (in accordance with the teachings of the Bible)  :: bíblico
Biblical Hebrew {prop} (the archaic form of the Hebrew language, see also: Hebrew)  :: Hebreo bíblico {m}
bibliographic {adj} (of or pertaining to bibliography)  :: bibliográfico
bibliography {n} /bɪbliɔːɡrəfi/ (section of a written work)  :: bibliografía {f}
bibliography {n} (list of books or documents)  :: bibliografía {f}
bibliography {n} (study of the history of books)  :: bibliografía {f}
bibliomancy {n} (divination by interpreting a passage from a book)  :: bibliomancia {f}
bibliophage {n} (person who loves books) SEE: bookworm  ::
bibliophile {n} (person who loves books)  :: bibliófilo {m}
bibliophily {n} (bibliophily) SEE: bibliophilia  ::
bibulously {adv} /ˈbɪbjʊləsli/ (drunkenly) SEE: drunkenly  ::
bicameral {adj} /bʌɪˈkaməɹəl/ (having two separate legislative chambers)  :: bicameral
bicarbonate of soda {n} (sodium bicarbonate) SEE: sodium bicarbonate  ::
bicephalous {adj} (Having two heads)  :: bicéfalo {m}
bicephaly {n} /baɪˈsɛfəli/ (condition of having two heads)  :: bicefalia {f}
biceps {n} /ˈbaɪ.sɛps/ (any muscle having two heads)  :: bíceps {m}
biceps {n} (biceps brachii) SEE: biceps brachii  ::
biceps brachii {n} (biceps brachii)  :: bíceps braquial
bichon {n} /biʃɔn/ (Bichon Frisé) SEE: Bichon Frisé  ::
bickie {n} (slang: biscuit)  :: galletita {f}
bicycle {n} /ˈbaɪsɪkəl/ (vehicle)  :: bicicleta {f}, bici {f} [informal]
bicycle kick {n} (kick)  :: chilena {f}
bicycle rack {n} (rack in which bicycles may be parked) SEE: bicycle stand  ::
bicyclist {n} (rider of bicycle) SEE: cyclist  ::
bid {n} (offer at an auction)  :: licitación {f}
bid {v} /bɪd/ (transitive: to offer as a price)  :: ofrecer, ofertar
bidder {n} /ˈbɪdɚ/ (someone who bids)  :: postor {m}, postora {f}
bidet {n} /bɨˈdeɪ]/ (low-mounted plumbing fixture for cleaning the genitalia and anus)  :: bidé {m}
bidimensional {adj} (two dimensional)  :: bidimensional
bidirectional {adj} (moving in two directions)  :: bidireccional
bidirectional {adj} (operating in two directions)  :: bidireccional
bid price {n} (bidding price) SEE: bidding price  ::
Biella {prop} (town and capital of Biella)  :: Biella
biennial {adj} /baɪˈɛnɪəl/ (happening every two years)  :: bianual
bier {n} /bɪəɹ/ (litter to transport the corpse of a dead person)  :: camilla, parihuelas, angarillas {f-p}
bier {n} (platform or stand where a body or coffin is placed)  :: catafalco
biface {n} (tool)  :: bifaz
bifurcate {v} /baɪˈfɝkət/ (divide into two)  :: bifurcar
bifurcation {n} (a place where two roads, tributaries etc. part or meet)  :: bifurcación {f}
bifurcation {n} /ˌbaɪfɚˈkeɪʃən/ (any place where one divides into two)  :: bifurcación {f}
big {adj} (adult)  :: mayor, adulto
big {adj} /bɪɡ/ (of a great size, see also: large)  :: grande
bigamist {n} /ˈbɪɡəmɪst/ (someone who practices bigamy)  :: bígamo {m}, bígama {f}
bigamy {n} /ˈbɪɡəmi/ (state of having two spouses simultaneously)  :: bigamia {f}
Big Apple {prop} (a nickname for New York City)  :: Gran Manzana {f}
Big Bang {prop} (cosmic event)  :: Big Bang {m}
big brother {n} (a sibling's older brother) SEE: elder brother  ::
Big Brother {prop} (character in Nineteen Eighty-Four)  :: Gran Hermano
big cheese {n} (an important figure)  :: pez gordo {m} [fat fish], cerote gordo {m}
Big Crunch {prop} (hypothetic eventual collapse of the universe)  :: Gran Implosión {f}, Gran Colapso {f}
big deal {n} (something very important)  :: gran cosa
Big Dipper {prop} (bright circumpolar asterism of the northern sky)  :: el Carro {m}, el Cazo {m}
Bigfoot {n} /ˈbɪɡˌfʊt/ (unidentified yeti-like animal)  :: Pie Grande {m}
big hairy armadillo {n} (Chaetophractus villosus)  :: quirquincho grande {m}, armadillo peludo {m}
bight {n} /baɪt/ (bend)  :: curva {f}, corva {f} [of knee], sangradura {f} [of elbow]
bight {n} (curve)  :: lazo {m}
bight {n} (large bay)  :: ensenada {f}
big league {adj} (major league) SEE: major league  ::
big league {n} (major league) SEE: major league  ::
Big Mac {n} /bɪɡ mæk/ (burger)  :: Big Mac {m} {f}
big mouth {n} (person who has such a "big mouth")  :: bocazas {m} {f}, hocicón {m}, hocicona {f}, bocón {m}
bigmouth {n} (one who talks too much)  :: hocicón {m}, bocaza {m} {f}
bigorexia {n} (mental disorder)  :: vigorexia {f}
bigot {n} /ˈbɪɡət/ (one obstinately or intolerantly devoted to their own opinions and prejudices)  :: fanático {m}
bigot {n} (one strongly partial to one's own group, religion, race, politics, etc and intolerant of those who differ)  :: fanático {m}
bigotedness {n} (bigotry) SEE: bigotry  ::
bigotry {n} /ˈbɪɡ.ə.tɹi/ (intolerance or prejudice)  :: discriminación {f}
big picture {n} (totality of a situation)  :: impresión general {f}, visión general {f}, panorama general {m}
Big Rip {prop} (hypothetical end of the universe)  :: Gran Desgarramiento {m}
big shot {n} (person with reputation or importance) SEE: big cheese  ::
big sister {n} (a sibling's older sister) SEE: elder sister  ::
big-time {adj} (bigtime) SEE: bigtime  ::
big-time {adv} (bigtime) SEE: bigtime  ::
big toe {n} (largest of the toes of the foot of a human)  :: dedo gordo del pie {m}, hallux {m} [anatomy, medicine]
big wheel {n} (Ferris wheel) SEE: Ferris wheel  ::
bigwig {n} (A person of importance)  :: pez gordo {m}
Bihar {prop} (a state in eastern India)  :: Bihar
bijection {n} /baɪ.dʒɛk.ʃən/ (function that is both a surjection and an injection)  :: biyección {f}
bijective {adj} (both injective and surjective)  :: biyectivo {m}
bike {n} (bicycle)  :: bici {f}
bike {n} (motorcycle)  :: moto {f}
bike-and-ride {n} (Activity involving the use of a bicycle in conjunction with another type of transportation such as public transit)  :: depósito de bicicletas {m}
bike cab {n} (cycle rickshaw used as taxi) SEE: pedicab  ::
bike lane {n} (bicycle lane) SEE: bicycle lane  ::
bike path {n} (bicycle path) SEE: bicycle path  ::
biker {n} /ˈbaɪkɚ/ (person who rides a bicycle) SEE: cyclist  ::
biker {n} (person whose lifestyle is centered on motorcycles)  :: motero {m}, motera {f}
bike rack {n} (bicycle stand) SEE: bicycle stand  ::
bikini {n} /bᵻˈkiːni/ (bathing suit)  :: biquini {m}
bilabial {adj} (articulated with both lips)  :: bilabial
bilabial {n} (a speech sound articulated with both lips)  :: bilabial {f}
bilateral {adj} (having two sides)  :: bilateral
Bilbao {prop} /bɪlˈbaʊ/ (city of northern Spain)  :: Bilbao
Bilbaoan {adj} (from Bilbao)  :: bilbaíno
Bilbaoan {n} (someone from Bilbao)  :: bilbaíno {m}, bilbaína {f}
bilberry {n} (type of blueberry from the cowberry family)  :: arándano {m}, mirtilo {m}
bildungsroman {n} /ˈbɪl.dʊŋz.roʊˈmɑːn/ (a type of novel)  :: novela de adulción {f}, novela adulcionaria {f}, adulcionaria {f}
bile {n} /baɪl/ (secretion produced by the liver)  :: bilis {f}, hiel {f}
bile duct {n} (structure carrying bile)  :: vía biliar
bilge {n} /bɪldʒ/ (rounded portion of a ship's hull)  :: sentina {f}
Bilhah {prop} (handmaid of Rachel)  :: Bilha
bilingual {adj} /baɪˈlɪŋ.ɡwəl/ (speaking two languages)  :: bilingüe
bilingual {adj} (written in two languages)  :: bilingüe
bilingual dictionary {n} (translation dictionary) SEE: translation dictionary  ::
bilingualism {n} (condition of being bilingual)  :: bilingüismo {m}
bilious {adj} /ˈbɪl.jəs/ (suffering from real or supposed liver disorder)  :: bilioso
bilious {adj} (irritable, irascible)  :: atrabiliario, atrabilioso, intranquillo, colérico, iracundo
bilious {adj} (of or pertaining to bile)  :: biliar, biliario
bill {n} (advertisement)  :: cartel {m}
bill {n} /bɪɫ/ (bird's beak)  :: pico {m}
bill {n} (bill of exchange)  :: letra {f}
bill {n} (draft of a law)  :: proposición de ley {f}, proyecto de ley {m}
bill {n} (invoice)  :: factura {f}
bill {n} (official statement)  :: nota {f}
bill {n} (piece of paper money) SEE: banknote  ::
bill {n} (written inventory)  :: declaración {f}
billboard {n} (large advertisement along side of highway)  :: cartelera {f}
billet {v} /ˈbɪlɪt/ (to lodge soldiers, or guests, in a private house)  :: acuartelar
billet-doux {n} (love letter) SEE: love letter  ::
billfold {n} (wallet) SEE: wallet  ::
billhook {n} (agricultural implement)  :: podadera {f}
billiard {num} (a million milliards)  :: billardo {m}
billiards {n} (a cue sport)  :: billar {m}
billion {num} (a million million; 1,000,000,000,000)  :: billón {m}
billion {num} /ˈbɪljən/ (a thousand million; 1,000,000,000; a milliard)  :: millardo {m}, mil millones {m}
billionaire {n} (wealth exceeding one billion (10⁹))  :: milmillonario {m}, multimillonario {m}
bill of lading {n} (acknowledgement of receipt of goods for transport)  :: conocimiento de embarque {m}
billow {n} /ˈbɪloʊ/ (large wave)  :: oleada {f}, ola {f}
billow {v} (to swell or bulge)  :: hincharse, inflarse
billy goat {n} (male goat)  :: cabro {m}, cabrón {m}
bilocation {n} /baɪləʊˈkeɪʃən/ (paranormal ability)  :: bilocación {f}
bin {n} /bɪn/ (container used for storage)  :: bote {m}
bin {n} (container for rubbish)  :: bote {m} de basura {f}
bin {v} (informal: dispose of in a bin or as if in a bin)  :: caneca
binary {adj} (equal importance)  :: binario
binary {adj} (logic states)  :: binario
binary {adj} (Not ASCII)  :: binario
binary {adj} (on or off)  :: binario
binary {adj} (using binary number system)  :: binario
binary code {n} (code that uses binary digits)  :: código binario {m}
binary operator {n} (operator taking two operands)  :: operador binario {m}
binary relation {n} (relation)  :: relación binaria {f}
binary star {n} (stellar system in which two stars orbit their center of mass)  :: estrella binaria {f}
binary star system {n} (binary star) SEE: binary star  ::
binary tree {n} (a data structure)  :: árbol binario {m}
bind {v} /baɪnd/ (transitive connect)  :: atar (tie), empastar (books), liar
binder {n} /ˈbaɪndɚ/ (a bookbinder)  :: encuadernador
binder {n} (cover or holder for unbound papers, pages etc.)  :: carpeta
binder {n} (machine used in harvesting that ties cut stalks of grain into a bundle)  :: agavilladora
binder {n} (something that is used to bind things together)  :: aglutinante
binding {adj} /ˈbaɪndiŋ/ (assigning something that one will be held to)  :: vinculante
binding {n} ((chemistry) the sticking together)  :: unión
binding {n} (spine of a book)  :: lomo {m}
binge {n} (a short period of excessive consumption, especially of excessive alcohol consumption)  :: comilona {f}, atracón {m} (food); botellón {m} (alcohol)
binge {n} (regarding bulimia nervosa, rapid and excessive consumption of food)  :: atracón {m}
binge eating disorder {n} (medical disorder)  :: trastorno por atracón
bingo {n} /ˈbɪŋ.ɡoʊ/ (game of chance)  :: bingo {m}
binky {n} (pacifier) SEE: pacifier  ::
bin man {n} (garbage collector) SEE: garbage collector  ::
binoculars {n} /ˈbɪnˌɒk.jʊ.lə(ɹ)z/ (hand-held device for looking at a distance.)  :: gemelos {m-p}, binoculares {m-p}, prismáticos {m-p}
binomial {adj} /baɪˈnoʊmiəl/ (consisting of two parts)  :: binomial
binomial {n} (algebra: polynomial with two terms)  :: binomio {m}
binomial nomenclature {n} (The scientific system of naming each species of organism with a Latinized name in two parts)  :: nomenclatura binominal {f}
bio- {prefix} (life)  :: bio-
bioaccumulation {n} (the process by which substances accumulate in the tissues of living organisms)  :: bioacumulación {f}
bioaccumulative {adj} (tending to accumulate in organisms)  :: bioacumulativo
bioavailability {n} (amount of drug which reaches the site of physiological activity after administration)  :: biodisponibilidad {f}
biocenosis {n} (biocoenosis) SEE: biocoenosis  ::
bioch {n}  :: putilla {f}, mujersuela {f}
biochemical {adj} (involving chemical processes in living organisms)  :: bioquímico
biochemical {adj} (of or relating to biochemistry)  :: bioquímico
biochemist {n} (A chemist whose speciality is biochemistry)  :: bioquímico {m}
biochemistry {n} (the chemistry of those compounds that occur in living organisms, and the processes that occur in their metabolism and catabolism)  :: bioquímica {f}
biochronology {n} (dating of rocks)  :: biocronología {f}
biocide {n} (any substance that can destroy living organisms)  :: biocida {f}
biocoenosis {n} (community of organisms)  :: biocenosis {f}
biodegradable {adj} /baɪoʊdəˈɡɹeɪdəbl̩/ (capable of being decomposed by biological activity)  :: biodegradable
biodegradation {n} (decomposition of any material by microorganisms)  :: biodegradación {f}
biodiesel {n} (fuel)  :: biodiésel {m}
biodiversity {n} /ˌbaɪoʊdɑɪˈvɚsəti/ (diversity of flora and fauna)  :: biodiversidad {f}
bioelectrical {adj} (bioelectric) SEE: bioelectric  ::
bioethics {n} (branch of ethics)  :: bioética {f}
biofilm {n} (aggregation of microorganisms)  :: biopelícula {f}
biofuel {n} /ˈbaɪ.əʊˌfjʊ(.ə)l/ (biofuel)  :: biocombustible {m}
biogenesis {n} (biosynthesis) SEE: biosynthesis  ::
biogenesis {n} (principle)  :: biogénesis {f}
biographer {n} (the writer of a biography)  :: biógrafo {m}, biógrafa {f}
biographette {n} (short biography)  :: biografieta {f}
biographic {adj} (biographical) SEE: biographical  ::
biographical {adj} (relating to an account of a person's life)  :: biográfico
biography {n} /baɪˈɑːɡɹəfi/ (personal life story)  :: biografía {f}
biohazard {n} (biological risk)  :: riesgo biológico
bioinformatics {n} /ˌbaɪoʊˌɪnfɚˈmætɪks/ (field of science)  :: bioinformática {f}
bioinspired {adj} (bio-inspired) SEE: bio-inspired  ::
biological {adj} (consanguine)  :: biológico, consanguíneo
biological {adj} (of biology)  :: biológico
biological weapon {n} (biological pathogen)  :: arma biológica {f}, bioarma {f}, arma bacteriológica {f}
biologist {n} (student of biology)  :: biólogo {m}, bióloga {f}
biology {n} /baɪˈɒlədʒi/ (study of living matter)  :: biología {f}
bioluminescence {n} /ˌbaɪ̯oʊ̯ˌluməˈnɛsəns/ (emission of light by a living organism)  :: bioluminiscencia {f}
biomarker {n} /ˈbaɪoʊˌmɑɹkɚ/ (indicator of a biological state)  :: biomarcador
biome {n} /ˈbaɪoʊm/ (biological community)  :: bioma {m}
biomedicine {n} (a branch of medical science)  :: biomedicina {f}
biometrics {n} (measurement of biological data)  :: biometría
biometrics {n} (measurement of physical characteristics for use in personal identification)  :: biometría {f}
bionic ear {n} (cochlear implant) SEE: cochlear implant  ::
bionics {n} /ˈbaɪˌɒnɪks/ (engineering based on biological systems)  :: biónica {f}
biophilia {n} /ˈbaɪəʊˌfɪil.i.ə/ (love of nature and all living things)  :: biofilia
biophysics {n} (science)  :: biofísica {f}
biopsy {n} (removal and examination of a sample of tissue for diagnostic purposes)  :: biopsia {f}
biopsychology {n} (biological psychology) SEE: biological psychology  ::
bioremediation {n} (use of biological organisms to remove contaminants)  :: biorremediación {f}
bioscience {n} (sciences dealing with living organisms)  :: biociencia {f}
biosphere {n} (part of Earth capable of supporting life)  :: biosfera {f}
biosynthesis {n} (synthesis of organic compounds)  :: biosíntesis
biotechnology {n} (application of the principles and practices of engineering and technology to the life sciences)  :: biotecnología {f}
biotechnology {n} /ˈbaɪəʊˌtɛk.nɒl.əʊ.dʒi/ (use of living organisms in industrial, agricultural, medical applications)  :: biotecnología {f}
biotic {adj} /baɪˈɑ.tɪk/ (of, pertaining to, or produced by life or living organisms)  :: biótico
biotin {n} /ˈbaɪətɪn/ (sulfur-containing member of the vitamin B complex)  :: biotina {f}
biotite {n} /ˈbaɪəˌtaɪt/ (dark brown mica)  :: biotita {f}
biotope {n} (geographical area)  :: biotopo
bipartite {adj} (graph theory)  :: bipartito
bipartite {adj} (having two parts)  :: bipartito
biped {n} (a two-footed (or two-legged) animal)  :: bípedo {m}
bipedal {adj} (having two feet or two legs)  :: bipedal
bipedal {adj} (pertaining to a biped or two-legged animal, being)  :: bipedal
bipedalism {n} (habit of standing and walking on two feet)  :: bipedismo {m}
bipennate {adj} (pinnate with a pinnate leaflet) SEE: bipinnate  ::
biphenyl {n} (organic compound)  :: bifenilo {m}
bipolar {adj} (involving both poles)  :: bipolar
bipolar disorder {n} (psychiatric diagnostic category)  :: trastorno bipolar {m}
bipolarity {n} (state of being bipolar)  :: bipolaridad {f}
birch {n} /bɝtʃ/ (tree)  :: abedul {m}
birch {n} (wood)  :: abedul {m}
bird {n} /bɝd/ (animal)  :: pájaro {m}, ave {f}
bird {n} (woman)  :: muchacha {f} chica {f}
birdbrain {n} /ˈbɚd.bɹeɪn/ (someone who is not very smart or clever)  :: casquivano {m}
birdcage {n} (cage to keep birds in)  :: jaula {f}
birdcall {n} (device used to imitate the cry of a bird)  :: reclamo {m}
birdcatcher {n} (a person who catches or snares birds, wildfowl)  :: pajarero {m}
bird dog {n} /ˈbɜːd dɒɡ/ (gun dog) SEE: gun dog  ::
bird dog {n} (tout) SEE: tout  ::
bird flu {n} (avian influenza) SEE: avian influenza  ::
birdhouse {n} (aviary) SEE: aviary  ::
birdie {n} (badminton: shuttlecock) SEE: shuttlecock  ::
birdie {n} /ˈbɝdi/ (bird, birdling)  :: pajarito {m}
birdlime {n} /ˈbɜːdlaɪm/ (sticky substance to catch birds)  :: liga {f}
birdlime {n} (serving of a prison sentence) SEE: time  ::
birdlover {n} (one who loves birds) SEE: ornithophile  ::
bird of paradise {n} (bird)  :: ave del paraíso {m}
bird of paradise {n} (flower)  :: ave del paraíso {m}
bird of passage {n} (bird) SEE: migrant  ::
birds of a feather flock together {proverb} (people of similar character, etc. tend to associate)  :: dime con quién andas y te diré quién eres, cada oveja con su pareja
birds of the feather flock together {proverb} (birds of a feather flock together) SEE: birds of a feather flock together  ::
birdsong {n} (musical sound made by a bird)  :: reclamo {f}
biro {n} /ˈbaɪˌɹəʊ/ (ballpoint pen) SEE: ballpoint pen  ::
Birobidzhan {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Birobidzhán {m}
birth {n} /bɝθ/ (process of childbearing; beginning of life)  :: nacimiento {m}
birth certificate {n} (official document certifying the details of a person's birth)  :: certificado de nacimiento {m}
birth control {n} (voluntary control of the number of children conceived)  :: control de la natalidad {m}
birthdate {n} (date of birth) SEE: date of birth  ::
birthday {n} /ˈbɝθˌdeɪ/ (anniversary)  :: cumpleaños {m}, natalicio {m}
birthday {n} (date of birth)  :: fecha de nacimiento {f}
birthday boy {n} (a male whose birthday it is)  :: cumpleañero
birthday cake {n} (birthday cake)  :: torta de cumpleaños
birthday girl {n} (a female whose birthday it is)  :: cumpleañera
birthday suit {n} (nakedness)  :: to be in one’s birthday suit: estar como su madre le trajo al mundo
birthmark {n} (a mark on the skin formed before birth)  :: mancha de nacimiento {f}, lunar {m}
birthplace {n} /ˈbɝθˌpleɪs/ (location)  :: lugar de nacimiento {m}, lugar natal {m}
birthrate {n} (rate of live births to population)  :: natalidad {f}
biryani {n} (dish of spiced rice)  :: biryani {m}
Biscay {prop} (Bay of Biscay) SEE: Bay of Biscay  ::
Biscay {prop} (province of Spain)  :: Vizcaya {f}
biscuit {n} /ˈbɪskɪt/ (small, flat baked good, see also: cookie)  :: galleta
biscuit {n} (cracker) SEE: cracker  ::
biscuit {n} (form of earthenware)  :: biscocho {m}, bizcocho {m}
bisector {n} (A line or curve that bisects or divides a line segment, angle, or other figure into two equal parts)  :: bisectriz {f}
bisexual {adj} /baɪˈsɛk.ʃu.‌əl/ (sexually attracted to both men and women)  :: bisexual
bisexual {adj} (hermaphrodite) SEE: hermaphrodite  ::
bisexual {n} (bisexual person)  :: bisexual {m} {f}
bisexuality {n} (psychology)  :: bisexualidad {f}
Bishkek {prop} /bɪʃˈkɛk/ (capital of Kyrgyzstan)  :: Biskek {m}
Bishnupriya Manipuri {prop} (Bishnupriya Manipuri)  :: Bishnupriya Manipuri
bishop {n} /ˈbɪʃəp/ (church official, supervisor of priests and congregations)  :: obispo {m}
bishop {n} (chess piece)  :: alfil {m}, arfil {m}
bishopric {n} /ˈbɪʃ.ə.pɹɪk/ (diocese)  :: obispado {m}
Bislama {prop} /bɪslɑmɑ/ (a creole spoken on the South Pacific island-nation of Vanuatu)  :: bislama {m}
bismuth {n} (chemical element)  :: bismuto {m}
bison {n} (A similar American animal, Bison bison)  :: bisonte americano {m}
bison {n} /ˈbaɪ̯sən/ (A wild ox, Bison bonasus)  :: bisonte europeo {m}
Bissau {prop} (capital of Guinea-Bissau)  :: Bisáu, Bissau
bissextile {adj} /bɪˈsɛks.taɪəl/ (having an extra day)  :: bisiesto
bissextile {n} (leap year)  :: bisiesto
bistro {n} /ˈbiːstɹoʊ/ (small restaurant)  :: bistró
bisulfate {n} (Univalent anion HSO4-)  :: bisulfato {m}
bisyllabic {adj} /baɪ.sɪˈlæ.bɪk/ (comprising two syllables) SEE: disyllabic  ::
bit {n} /bɪt/ (metal in horse's mouth)  :: bocado {m}
bit {n} (coin) SEE: coin  ::
bit {n} (computing smallest unit of storage)  :: binio {m}
bit {n} (datum that may take on one of exactly two values)  :: binio {m}
bit {n} (math: binary digit)  :: binio {m}
bit {n} (rotary cutting tool)  :: broca {f}
bitch {n} /bɪtʃ/ (female canine)  :: perra {f}, zorra (fox), loba (wolf)
bitch {n} (complaint) SEE: complaint  ::
bitch {n} (difficult or confounding problem)  :: marrón {m} [colloquial]
bitch {n} (disagreeable, aggressive person, usually female)  :: perra {f}, zorra {f}, puta {f}, ramera {f}, arpía {f}, golfa {f}, puto {m}
bitch {n} (playful variation on dog (sense "man")) SEE: dog  ::
bitch {v} (complain (about something) spitefully)  :: quejarse
bitchwork {n} (undesirable and demeaning work) SEE: McJob, grunt work  ::
bitchy {adj} /ˈbɪtʃi/ (irritable)  :: venenoso
bite {n} (act of biting)  :: mordida {f}
bite {n}  :: mordedura {f}, mordisco {m}, picadura {f}
bite {v} /baɪt/ (to cut off a piece by clamping the teeth)  :: morder
bite {v} (to attack with the teeth)  :: morder
bite {v} (to bite a baited hook or other lure)  :: picar
bite {v} (to hold something by clamping one’s teeth)  :: morder
bite {v} (to sting)  :: picar
bite off more than one can chew {v} (To try to do too much)  :: abarcar más de lo que se puede
bite the dust {v} (to die)  :: morder la tierra
Bithynia {prop} /bɪˈθɪniə/ (ancient region)  :: Bitinia {f}
bitmap {n} (a series of bits)  :: mapa de bits
bit of skirt {n} (Woman)  :: falda {f}
Bitola {prop} (city)  :: Bitola
bitstock {n} (drill bit-carrying crank for boring holes)  :: berbiquí {m}
bitt {n} (bollard)  :: bita {f}
bitter {adj} /ˈbɪtər/ (having an acrid taste)  :: amargo
bitter {adj} (cynical and resentful)  :: amargado
bitter {n}  :: bíter {m}
bitter cucumber {n} (colocynth) SEE: colocynth  ::
bitterling {n} (Rhodeus amarus) SEE: European bitterling  ::
bitterly {adv} (in a bitter manner)  :: amargamente
bitter melon {n} (fruit)  :: melón amargo {m}
bittern {n} /ˈbɪtərn/ (bird of the subfamily Botaurinae)  :: avetoro {m} [Botaurus], avetorillo {m} [Ixobrychus]
bitterness {n} /ˈbɪtənəs/ (quality of being bitter in taste)  :: amargo {m}
bitterness {n} (quality of feeling bitter)  :: amargura {f}
bittersweet {adj} /ˈbɪtɚˌswit/ (both bitter and sweet)  :: agridulce
bittersweet {adj} (expressing contrasting emotions of pain and pleasure)  :: agridulce
bittersweet {n} (the bittersweet nightshade, Solanum dulcamara)  :: dulcamara {f}
bitumen {n} /bɪˈtumən/ (Mineral pitch)  :: betún
bivalve {n} (Any mollusc of taxonomic class Bivalvia)  :: bivalvo {m}
bivouac {n} /ˈbɪv.u.æk/ (encampment for the night, usually without tents or covering)  :: vivaque {m}
biweekly {adj} /baɪˈwiːkli/ (occurring every two weeks)  :: quincenal
biweekly {adj} (occurring twice a week)  :: biseminal
biweekly {adv} (every two weeks)  :: cada dos semanas, quincenal (this last one actually means every 15 days, but it could be used depending of the situation)
biweekly {adv} (twice a week)  :: dos veces por semana
bizarre {adj} /bɪˈzaɹ/ (strangely unconventional)  :: extraño, extrañisimo, estrafalario
blab {n} (gossip) SEE: gossip  ::
blab {v} /blæb/ (tell tales)  :: cotillear
blabber {n} (A person who blab)  :: cotilla
blabber {v} /ˈblæb.ə(ɹ)/ (to let out a secret)  :: cotillear
black {adj} /blæk/ (absorbing all light)  :: negro
black {adj} (relating to persons of African descent)  :: negro
black {adj} (without light)  :: oscuro
black {adj} (without milk)  :: negro
black {n} (colour/color)  :: negro {m}
black {n} (person)  :: negro {m}, negra {f}
black {v} (to blacken) SEE: blacken  ::
black alder {n} (Alnus glutinosa tree)  :: [Castilian Spanish] aliso {m}, [Castilian Spanish] alisos {m-p}
black alder {n} (American winterberry) SEE: American winterberry  ::
black alder winterberry {n} (American winterberry) SEE: American winterberry  ::
black and white {adj} (black-and-white) SEE: black-and-white  ::
black-and-white {adj} (displaying images in shades of grey/gray)  :: blanquinegro {m}
black-and-white {adj} (using shades of grey/gray)  :: blanco y negro
black antshrike {n} (bird)  :: batará negro
black-arched moth {n} (species of moth)  :: lagarta monacha, mariposa moncha, mariposa monja {f}
black-backed jackal {n} (Canis mesomelas)  :: chacal de lomo negro {m}, chacal de gualdrapa {m}
black bag {n} (plastic bag for the disposal of household waste) SEE: garbage bag  ::
black bear {n} (American black bear)  :: oso negro {m}, baribal {m}
black bear {n} (Asiatic black bear)  :: oso tibetano {m}, oso del Himalaya {m}, oso negro asiático {m}
Blackbeard {prop} (pirate's name)  :: Barbanegra
blackberry {n} (blackcurrant) SEE: blackcurrant  ::
blackberry {n} /ˈblækbeɹi/ (shrub)  :: zarza {f}, zarzamora {f}
blackberry {n} (fruit)  :: zarzamora {f}
blackbird {n} (bird of the family Icteridae)  :: turpial {m}, soldadito {m}
blackbird {n} /ˈblækˌbɚd/ (common thrush, Turdus merula)  :: mirlo {m}
blackboard {n} /ˈblækbɔɹd/ (a surface that can be written upon with chalk)  :: pizarra {f}, encerado {m} [Spain], pizarrón {m} [Latin America], tablero {m} [Colombia]
blackbody {n} (an idealized object that absorbs all electromagnetic radiation that falls on it)  :: cuerpo negro {m}
black box {n} (recorders in an aircraft)  :: caja negra {f}
black box {n} (theoretical construct or device)  :: caja negra {f}
blackcap {n} (Sylvia atricapilla)  :: curruca capirotada {f}
black cat {n} (Martes pennanti) SEE: fisher  ::
black coffee {n} (coffee served without cream or milk)  :: café Express {m} [Chile], café negro {m} [Latin America], café solo {m} [Spain], negrito {m} [Venezuela], tinto {m} [Colombia]
black-crested antshrike {n} (bird)  :: batará crestinegro
blackcurrant {n} (berry)  :: grosella negra {m}
blackcurrant {n} (shrub)  :: grosellero negro {m}
Black Death {prop} (the Black Death)  :: peste negra {f}
Black Ditch {prop} (Taiwan Strait) SEE: Taiwan Strait  ::
black dwarf {n} (cooled white dwarf)  :: enana negra {f}
black earth {n} (chernozem) SEE: chernozem  ::
blacken {v} (make black)  :: ennegrecer
black eye {n} (bruised eye)  :: ojo morado {m}
black-eyed pea {n}  :: caupí {m}, anconí {m} [Dominican Republic], chícharo de vaca {m} [Mexico], frijol {m} [Venezuela], frijol alacín {m} [Honduras, Nicaragua], frijol carita {m} [Cuba], frijol Castilla {m} [Peru], fríjol caupí {m} [Colombia], frijol de vara {m} [Nicaragua], frijol ojo negro {m} [Panama], frijol pelón {m} [Mexico], frijol yorimón {m} [Mexico], poroto caupí {m} [Argentina]
black-footed cat {n} (Felis nigripes)  :: gato patinegro {m}
black-footed rock wallaby {n} (One of several rock-wallabies in the genus Petrogale)  :: walabí de las rocas de flancos negros {m}, warru
Black Forest {prop} (German forest and mountain range)  :: Selva Negra {f}
Black Forest gâteau {n} (type of gâteau originating in the Black Forest region of southwestern Germany)  :: tarta Selva Negra {f}, torta Selva Negra {f}, pastel Selva Negra {m}
Black Friday {prop} (day after U.S. Thanksgiving Day)  :: Black Friday {m}
black gold {n} (petroleum)  :: oro negro {m}
black grouse {n} /ˈblæk ɡɹɑʊs/ (Lyrurus tetrix)  :: gallo lira {m}
blackguard {n} /ˈblæɡɚd/ (scoundrel) SEE: scoundrel  ::
black guillemot {n} (black guillemot)  :: arao aliblanco {m}
black-handed gibbon {n} (Hylobates agilis)  :: gibón de manos negras {m}
black-headed gull {n} (Chroicocephala ridibundus)  :: gaviota reidora {f}
black hole {n} (celestial body)  :: agujero negro {m}, hoyo negro {m}
black-hooded antshrike {n} (passerine bird)  :: batará negruzco
black horehound {n} (Ballota nigra)  :: ballota fétida {f}, ballota negra {f}
black humor {n} (subgenre of comedy)  :: humor negro {m}
black ice {n} (invisible film of ice)  :: placa de hielo {f}, verglás {m}
blacking {n} (shoe polish) SEE: shoe polish  ::
blackish {adj} /ˈblækɪʃ/ (somewhat black)  :: negruzco
blackish-gray antshrike {n} (passerine bird)  :: batará ceniciento
blackjack {n} /ˈblækdʒæk/ (Gambling card game)  :: veintiuna {f}
black lead {n} (graphite) SEE: graphite  ::
Black Legend {prop} (the depiction of Spain as cruel, greedy and fanatical)  :: Leyenda Negra {f}
black light {n} (light bulb that emits ultraviolet light)  :: luz negra {f}
blacklist {n} /ˈblæklɪst/ (list or collection of people or entities to be shunned or banned)  :: lista negra {f}
black magic {n} (magic derived from evil forces)  :: mágica negra {f}, magia negra {f}
blackmail {n} (payment of money exacted by means of intimidation)  :: chantaje {m}
blackmail {v} (to extort money)  :: chantajear
blackmailer {n} (someone who blackmails)  :: chantajista {m} {f}
black market {n} (trade that is in violation of restrictions, rationing or price controls)  :: mercado negro {m}
black metal {n} (a subgenre of heavy metal)  :: black metal {m}
black-necked grebe {n} (black-necked grebe)  :: zampullín cuellinegro {m}
blackness {n} (result or product)  :: negror {m}, negrura {f}
blackness {n} (state, property or quality)  :: negror {m}, negrura {f}
blackout {n} (A large-scale power failure)  :: apagón {m}
blackout {n} /ˈblækaʊt/ (a temporary loss of consciousness)  :: desmayo {m}
blackout {n} (The mandatory blinding of all light)  :: corte {m}
black pepper {n} (spice)  :: pimienta negra {f}
black rat {n} (Rattus rattus)  :: rata de campo {f}, rata negra {f}
black redstart {n} (a small passerine bird)  :: colirrojo tizón {m}
black rhinoceros {n} (Diceros bicornis)  :: rinoceronte negro {m}
Black Sea {prop} (an inland sea between southeastern Europe, Caucasus and Asia Minor)  :: Mar Negro {m}
black sheep {n} (disliked person)  :: oveja negra {f}
blacksmith {n} /ˈblæk.smɪθ/ (iron forger)  :: herrero {m}, herrera {f}
blacksmith {n} (farrier (colloquial))  :: herrador {m}
black swan {n} (Cygnus atratus)  :: cisne negro {m}
black-tailed godwit {n} (Limosa limosa)  :: aguja colinegra {f}
black tea {n} (tea leaves which have been "fermented")  :: té negro {m}
black tern {n} (black tern)  :: fumarel común {m}, gaviotín negro {m}
blackthorn {n} (Prunus spinosa)  :: endrino
black-throated antshrike {n} (passerine bird)  :: batará gorginegro
black-throated diver {n} (Gavia arctica)  :: colimbo ártico {m}
black vulture {n} (Aegypius monachus) SEE: Eurasian black vulture  ::
black vulture {n} (Coragyps atratus)  :: buitre negro americano {m}, cuervo de cabeza negra {m} [Uruguay], gallinazo {m} [Colombia], gallinazo negro {m} [Panama], guaraguao {m} [Northeastern Venezuela], jote {m} [Bolivia], jote de cabeza negra {m} [Argentina, Chile], sucha {f} [Bolivia], zamuro {m} [Venezuela], zope {m} [El Salvador, Guatemala], zopilote [Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua]
black water {n} (contaminated waste water)  :: agua negra {f}
blackwater {n} (type of waste water)  :: aguas negras {f-p}, agua residual {f}
black widow {n} (a murderous woman)  :: viuda negra, cazampulga [Honduras]
black widow {n} (species of venomous spider)  :: viuda negra {f}, cazampulga {f} [Honduras]
black woodpecker {n} /ˈblækˈwʊdpɛkə(ɹ)/ (Dryocopus martius)  :: pito negro {m}
bladder {n} /ˈblædəɹ/ (flexible sac in zoology)  :: vejiga {f}
bladder {n} (sealed plastic wine bag)  :: cubi {m}, barrica plástica {f}, bota {f}
bladder {n} (urinary bladder) SEE: urinary bladder  ::
bladder cherry {n} (plant having a bright paper-like covering)  :: vejiga de perro {f}, alquequenje {f}, farol chino {m}, halicácabo {m}
bladder infection {n} (urinary tract infection) SEE: urinary tract infection  ::
blade {n} (Airfoil in windmills and windturbines)  :: pala {f} aspa {f}
blade {n} /bleɪd/ (sharp-edged or pointed working end of a tool or utensil)  :: cuchilla {f}, hoja {f}
blade {n} (flat outer part of an oar)  :: pala {f}
blade {n} (part of a propeller)  :: aleta {f}
blade {n} (slang term for a weapon such as a dagger)  :: cuchillo {m} (said of a dagger), espada {f}
blade {n} (The flat part of a leaf or petal)  :: hoja {f}, lámina {f}, limbo {m}
blade {n} (thin plate, foil)  :: lámina {f}
Blagoevgrad {prop} (town in Bulgaria)  :: Blagoevgrad
Blagoveshchensk {prop} (city in Siberia)  :: Blagovéshchensk {m}
blah {interj}  :: bla
blah {n} /blɑː/ (nonsense talk)  :: blablablá {m}, bla-bla-bla {m}
blah blah blah {interj} (a stand-in for trivial, obvious, or boring content)  :: bla bla bla
blame {n} /bleɪm/ (censure) SEE: censure  ::
blame {n} (culpability) SEE: culpability  ::
blame {n} (responsibility) SEE: responsibility  ::
blame {n} (state of having caused a bad event)  :: culpa {f}
blame {v} (place blame upon)  :: culpar, reprochar, echar la culpa
blameworthy {adj} /ˈbleɪmˌwɚ.ði/ (deserving blame of censure)  :: culpable, reprehensible
Blanche {prop} (female given name)  :: Blanca
bland {adj} /blænd/ (Mild; dull; soft; gentle; smooth in manner; suave)  :: tenue, desabrido, simple, suave, debil
bland {adj} (Having a soothing effect; not irritating or stimulating)  :: suave
bland {adj} (Lacking in taste or vigor)  :: soso
blandness {n} (state, quality, or characteristic of being bland)  :: insipidez {f}
blank {adj} /bleɪŋk/ (without color)  :: en blanco
blank {adj} (free from writing, printing or marks)  :: blanco
blank {n} (bullet that doesn't harm)  :: cartucho de fogueo {m}, bala de salva {f}
blank {n} (space character)  :: espacio {m}
blank {n} (space to be filled in on a form or template)  :: espacio en blanco {m}
blank {v} (to make void)  :: borrar, blanquear
blanket {adj} (covering or encompassing everything)  :: general
blanket {n} /ˈblæŋkɪt/ (fabric)  :: manta {f} [Spain standard usage], cobija {f} [Central America, Colombia, Mexico, Southern Spain, Venezuela], colcha {f} [Cuba], frazada {f} [Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Uruguay], frisa {f} [Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico],
blanket {n} (layer of anything)  :: capa {f}
blasé {adj} /blɑˈzeɪ/ (Unimpressed with something because of over-familiarity)  :: flato
Blasius {prop} (male given name)  :: Blas
blaspheme {v} /ˈblæs.fim/ (to speak against God or religious doctrine)  :: blasfemar
blasphemer {n} (One who commits blasphemy)  :: blasfemo {m}
blasphemous {adj} /ˈblæs.fəm.ʌs/ (lacking piety or respect for the sacred)  :: blasfemo
blasphemy {n} /ˈblæs.fə.mi/ (Irreverence toward something sacred)  :: blasfemia {f}
blastoderm {n} /ˈblæstəˌdɚm/ (point from which the embryo develops)  :: blastodermo {m}
blat {n} (connections; relationships; one's social or business network (Russia))  :: blat {m}
blatant {adj} /ˈbleɪtənt/ (obvious, on show)  :: obvio, evidente, ostensible, descarado, flagrante
blather {v} /blæðə(r)/ (to talk rapidly without making much sense)  :: despotricar
blazar {n} /ˈbleɪz.ɑɹ/ (astronomy: a very compact quasar, associated with a supermassive black hole)  :: blazar {m}
blaze {n} /bleɪz/ (fast-burning fire)  :: llama, llamarada, fogonazo
blazer {n} /ˈbleɪzɚ/ (a jacket)  :: blazer {m}
blazing {adj} /ˈbleɪzɪŋ/  :: llameante
blazon {n} /ˈbleɪzən/ (a description of a coat of arms)  :: blasón {m}
blazon {v} (to describe of a coat of arms)  :: blasonar
bleach {n} (chemical)  :: lejía {f}, lavandina {f}, blanqueador {m}
bleach {v} (to treat with bleach)  :: blanquear, curar, decolorar
bleachers {n} (tiered, exposed spectator seating)  :: gradas {f}
bleak {adj} /bliːk/ (without color)  :: sin color, pálido
bleak {adj} (cheerless)  :: sin alegría, amargado
bleak {adj} (desolate and exposed)  :: desolado, yermo
bleak {n} (small European river fish)  :: albur {m}
bleakness {n} (characteristic of being bleak)  :: palidez {f}, tristeza {f}
bleat {n} (cry of a sheep or a goat)  :: (sheep's bleat) balido {m}
bleat {v} (to make the cry of a sheep or goat)  :: balar
bleed {v} /ˈbliːd/ (lose blood)  :: sangrar
bleed {v} (remove air bubbles)  :: purgar
bleed dry {v} (to bleed white) SEE: bleed white  ::
bleeding {n} /ˈbliːdɪŋ/ (the flow or loss of blood from a damaged blood vessel)  :: sangrado {m}, hemorragia {f}
bleed to death {v} (die from loss of blood)  :: desangrarse
bleep {n} (high-pitched sound)  :: pip
bleep censor {n} (software module)  :: censor de la señal {m}
blemish {n} /ˈblɛmɪʃ/ (small flaw which spoils the appearance of something)  :: mancha {f}, marca {f}, [on fruit] maca {f}
blemish {n}  :: mancha {f}, [on reputation—not really the same as a moral defect?] mácula {f}
blemish {v} (Spoil the appearance of)  :: manchar, perjudicar
blend {n} /blɛnd/ (mixture)  :: mezcla
blend {n} (in linguistics)  :: palabra compuesta
blend {v} (to mix)  :: mezclar, combinar
blender {n} /ˈblɛndɚ/ (machine)  :: batidora {f} (de vaso)
blepharitis {n} /blɛfərˈaɪtɪs/ (inflammation of the eyelid)  :: blefaritis {f}
blepharoplasty {n} (plastic surgery on the eyelid)  :: blefaroplastia {f}
bless {v} /blɛs/ (confer blessing on)  :: bendecir
blessing {n} /ˈblɛs.ɪŋ/ (divine or supernatural aid or reward)  :: bendición {f}
blessing {n} (prayer before a meal) SEE: grace  ::
bless you {interj} (said to somebody who has sneezed)  :: ¡Jesús! [Spain], ¡salud! [Latin America], ¡santinos! [Northern Spain, specifically Asturias]
bless you {interj} (short for "God bless you") SEE: God bless you  ::
blimey {interj} /ˈblaɪmi/ (expressing surprise, etc.)  :: caramba
blimp {n} /blɪmp/ (airship)  :: dirigible {m}
blind {adj} /blaɪnd/ (unable to see)  :: ciego
blind {adj} (failing to see)  :: ciego
blind {n} (covering for a window)  :: celosía {f}, persiana {f}
blind {n} (forced bet in poker)  :: ciega {f}
blind {v} (make temporarily or permanently blind)  :: cegar
blind date {n} (romantic meeting between two people who have never met before, see also: miai)  :: cita a ciegas {f}
blindfold {n}  :: venda {f}
blindfold {v}  :: vendar
blind gut {n} (caecum) SEE: caecum  ::
blinding {adj} (very bright)  :: cegador
blindingly {adv} (extremely) SEE: extremely  ::
blindly {adv} /ˈblaɪndli/ (sightlessly)  :: ciegamente
blindly {adv} (without consideration or question)  :: ciegamente
blindness {n} (condition of being blind)  :: ceguera {f}
blindside {n} /ˈblaɪndˌsaɪd/ (in rugby union) SEE: blindside flanker  ::
blind spot {n} (part of the road that cannot be seen)  :: punto ciego {m}
blind spot {n} (place where the optic nerve attaches to the retina)  :: punto ciego {m}, papila optica {f}, mancha ciega {f}
blind tiger {n} (speakeasy) SEE: speakeasy  ::
blindworm {n} (slowworm) SEE: slowworm  ::
blink {n}  :: parpadeo
blink {v} (to close and reopen both eyes quickly)  :: parpadear, guiñar
blink {v} (to flash headlights)  :: guiñar
blink {v} (to flash on and off at regular intervals)  :: destellar, parpadear, titilar
blinker {n} (eye shield)  :: anteojeras {f}, gríngolas {f} [Puerto Rico, Venezuela]
blip {n} (radar)  :: parpadeo {m}
blip {n} (sound)  :: pitido {m}
bliss {n} /blɪs/ (perfect happiness)  :: euforia {f}, dicha {f}, beatitud {f}
blister {n}  :: ampolla {f}
blister {n} (bubble on the skin)  :: ampolla {f}, ámpula {f} [Mexico]
blistering {adj} (Very hot)  :: abrasador, candente
blister pack {n} (one of several types of plastic packaging)  :: blister {m} {m-p}
blithe {adj} /blaɪð/ (happy, cheerful)  :: alegre, feliz
blithe {adj} (indifferent, careless, showing a lack of concern)  :: indiferente, descuidado
blitz {n} /blɪts/ (A sudden attack)  :: relámpago {m}
blitzkrieg {n} (fast military offensive)  :: guerra célere {f}, guerra relámpago {f}
blizzard {n} /ˈblɪz.əd/ (severe snowstorm)  :: ventisca {f}, tempestad de nieve
BL Lac object {n} (type of galaxy with AGN)  :: objeto BL Lac
bloat {v} /bloʊt/ (to cause to become distended)  :: hinchar, inflar
bloat {v} (to fill soft substance with gas, water, etc)  :: inflar
bloated {adj} /ˈbloʊtɪd/ (swollen with fluid or gas)  :: inflado
bloated {adj} (Excessively or extremely large or wealthy)  :: gigantesco
blob {n} /blɑb/ (shapeless or amorphous mass)  :: bodoque {m}, mazacote {m}, bloboque {m}, grumo {m}
bloc {n} /blɑk/ (group of voters or politicians)  :: bloque
bloc {n} (group of countries)  :: bloque {m}
block {n} /blɑk/ (substantial piece)  :: bloque {m}
block {n} (chemistry: portion of macromolecule)  :: bloque
block {n} (chopping block; cuboid base for cutting)  :: bloque
block {n} (distance from one street to another)  :: manzana, cuadra {f}
block {n} (group of buildings demarcated by streets)  :: manzana {f}, cuadra {f}
block {n} (set of paper sheets)  :: block {m}
block {v} (to prevent an action)  :: bloquear
block {v} (to prevent passing)  :: bloquear, impedir, obstruir, atorar
blockade {n} (the isolation of something)  :: bloqueo {m}
blockage {n} (State of being blocked)  :: estancamiento
blockage {n} (Thing blocking)  :: tapón
blockbuster {n} (film or book, that sustains exceptional and widespread popularity and achieves enormous sales)  :: taquillazo {m}, taquillera {f}, bombazo {m}
blockbuster {n} (high-explosive bomb)  :: revientacuadras {m}
blocked {adj} (Obstructed flow)  :: estancado, obstruido, tapado
blocked {adj} (Obstructed movement)  :: cerrado, obstruido, cortado, bloqueado, trabado
blockhead {n} (stupid person)  :: idiota {m} {f}
block of flats {n} (apartment building) SEE: apartment building  ::
Bloemfontein {prop} /ˈbluːmfɒnˌteɪn/ (city)  :: Bloemfontein
blog {n} /blɑɡ/ (a personal or corporate website)  :: bitácora {f}, blog {m}, ciberbitácora
blog {v} (to contribute to a blog)  :: bloguear
blogger {n} /ˈblɔ.ɡɚ/ (contributor to a blog)  :: bloguero {m}, bloguera {f}, blogger {n}
bloke {n} /bləʊk/ (man)  :: tío {m}, tipo {m}
blond {adj} (of a pale golden colour)  :: rubio
blond {n} /blɑnd/ (fair-haired person)  :: rubio {m}, canche {m} [Guatemala], catire {m} [Venezuela], chele {m} [El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua], choco {m} [Bolivia], fulo {m} [Panama], gringo {m} [Peru], güero {m} [Mexico], macho {m} [Costa Rica], mono {m} [Colombia], rucio {m} [Chile], suco {m} [Ecuador]
blonde {adj} (blond) SEE: blond  ::
blonde {n} /blɑnd/ (blond) SEE: blond  ::
blood {n} /blʌd/ (vital liquid flowing in animal bodies)  :: sangre {f}, crúor
blood {n} (family relationship due to birth, e.g. between siblings)  :: lazo de sangre {m}
blood {v} (to cause to be covered with blood)  :: ensangrentar
blood bank {n} (place where human blood or blood plasma is typed and stored)  :: banco de sangre {m}
bloodbath {n} /ˈblʌdˌbæθ/ (indiscriminate killing or slaughter)  :: baño de sangre {m}
blood brother {n} (full brother) SEE: brother-german  ::
blood cell {n} (any of the cells normally found in the blood)  :: glóbulo {m}
blood clot {n} (thrombus) SEE: thrombus  ::
blood corpuscle {n} (blood cell) SEE: blood cell  ::
blood fluke {n} (schistosome) SEE: schistosome  ::
blood group {n} (blood type) SEE: blood type  ::
bloodhound {n} /ˈblʌdhaʊnd/ (dog)  :: sabueso {m}
bloodhound {n}  :: sabueso {m}
bloodily {adv} (in a bloody manner)  :: sangrientamente
blood is thicker than water {proverb} (relationships are stronger within the family)  :: la sangre tira mucho
bloodless {adj} (lacking blood)  :: exangüe
bloodless {adj} (taking place without loss of blood)  :: incruento {m}
blood libel {n} (accusation that Jews murder children)  :: libelo de sangre {m}, calumnia de sangre {f}
bloodlust {n} /ˈblʌdˌlʌst/ (the desire for bloodshed)  :: sed de sangre
blood orange {n} (type of orange)  :: naranja sanguina {f}
blood pressure {n} (pressure exerted by the blood against the walls of the arteries and veins)  :: presión sanguínea {f}, tensión arterial {f}, tensión venosa {f}, presión arterial {f}
blood pudding {n} (blood sausage) SEE: blood sausage  ::
blood relative {n} (blood relation) SEE: blood relation  ::
bloodroot {n} (plant)  :: sanguinaria {f}
blood sausage {n} (type of sausage)  :: morcilla {f}, prieta {f} [Chile]
bloodshed {n} /ˈblʌdˌʃɛd/ (shedding or spilling of blood)  :: derramamiento de sangre {m}
bloodshed {n} (carnage, destruction of life, slaughter)  :: matanza {f}
bloodshed {n}  :: derramamiento {m} de sangre
bloodshot {adj} (reddenend and inflamed)  :: sanguinolento
bloodstream {n} /ˈblʌd.stɹɪim/ (flow of blood through the circulatory system of an animal)  :: torrente sanguíneo {m}
bloodsucker {n} (parasite) SEE: parasite  ::
bloodsucker {n} (vampire) SEE: vampire  ::
blood tax {n}  :: impuesto de sangre
blood test {n} (a serologic analysis of a sample of blood)  :: análisis de sangre {m}
bloodthirsty {adj} (eager to resort to violence)  :: sanguinario
blood transfusion {n} (taking blood from one and giving it to another individual)  :: transfusión {f}, transfusión de sangre {f}
blood type {n} (blood classification)  :: grupo sanguíneo {m}, tipo de sangre {m}
blood vessel {n} (component of the circulatory system that carries blood)  :: vaso sanguíneo {m}
bloodwork {n} (blood test) SEE: blood test  ::
bloody {adj} /ˈblʌ.di/ (covered in blood)  :: sangriento, ensangrentado, cruento
bloody {adj} (characterised by great bloodshed)  :: sangriento, cruento {m}, sanguinolento
bloody {adj} (intensifier)  :: maldito
bloody {v} (to draw blood)  :: ensangrentar
bloody hell {interj} (expression of dismay)  :: joder
bloody mary {n} (A cocktail made from vodka and tomato juice)  :: bloody mary {m}
bloom {n} /bluːm/ (blossom) SEE: blossom  ::
bloom {n} (flower) SEE: flower  ::
bloomers {n} (Women’s underpants with short legs.)  :: bombacha {f}
blooming {adj} (opening in blossoms)  :: floreciente
blooming {n} (blooming)  :: plancheado
blossom {n} /ˈblɑ.səm/ (flowers on trees)  :: copa de la flor {f}
blossom {n} (state or season for such flowers)  :: floración, estar en epoca
blossom {v} (have or open into blossoms)  :: florecer
blot {n} /blɑt/ (Southern blot analysis) SEE: Southern blot analysis  ::
blot {v} (to cause a blot)  :: emborronar, manchar
blotch {n} /blɒtʃ/ (An uneven patch of color or discoloration)  :: mancha {f}
blotter {n} (piece of blotting paper) SEE: blotting paper  ::
blouse {n} /blaʊs/ (an outer garment, usually loose, that is similar to a shirt)  :: blusa {f}
blow {n} (act of striking or hitting)  :: golpe
blow {n} (cocaine) SEE: cocaine  ::
blow {n} (damaging occurrence)  :: golpe
blow {v} (be very undesirable )  :: apestar
blow {v} (blossom) SEE: blossom  ::
blow {v} /bloʊ/ (to produce an air current )  :: soplar
blow {v} (to cause sudden destruction )  :: reventar
blow {v} (to create or shape by blowing )  :: soplar
blow {v} (to fail suddenly destructively )  :: arruinar, cagar
blow {v} (to fellate )  :: chupar, mamar
blow {v} (to leave )  :: ir, largar
blow {v} (to propel by an air current )  :: soplar
blow {v} (to squander )  :: cagar
blow-dryer {n} (an electrical device used for drying hair) SEE: hairdryer  ::
blower {n}  :: aspirador.
blower {n} (device)  :: fuelle {m}, ventilador {m}
blower {n} (telephone) SEE: telephone  ::
blowfish {n} (any species of fish of the family Tetraodontidae that have the ability to inflate themselves to a globe)  :: pez globo {m}
blowfish {n}  :: pez globo {m}
blowfly {n} (flies of the family Calliphoridae)  :: moscardón {m}, moscarda {f}
blowgun {n} (weapon)  :: cerbatana {f}
blowjob {n} /ˈbloʊdʒɑb/ (the act of fellatio)  :: francés {m}, mamada {f}, pete {m}, chupada {f}
blow off {v} (pass gas)  :: desatender
blow one's nose {v} (to expel mucus from nose)  :: sonarse (la nariz)
blow one's top {v} (lose one's temper) SEE: lose one's temper  ::
blow out {v} (extinguish)  :: apagar
blowpipe {n} (weapon) SEE: blowgun  ::
blowtorch {n} /ˈbloʊˌtɔɹtʃ/ (tool)  :: soplete {m}
blubbo {n} (overweight person)  :: grasote {m}, guatón {m}, morsa {m}
bludgeon {n} /blʌdʒ.ən/ (short heavy club)  :: cachiporra {f}, cachiporra {f}, porra {f}, maza {f}, garrote {m}, clava {f}
bludgeon {v} (to club, hit with a bludgeon)  :: aporrear
blue {adj} /bluː/ (blue-colored)  :: azul, [light blue] celeste
blue {adj} (depressed)  :: triste, melancólico, deprimido
blue {adj} (pornographic)  :: verde
blue {n} (argument) SEE: argument  ::
blue {n} (bluefish) SEE: bluefish  ::
blue {n} (blue uniform) SEE: blues  ::
blue {n} (bluing) SEE: bluing  ::
blue {n} (colour)  :: azul {m}, [light blue] celeste {m}
blue {n} (sky, literally or figuratively) SEE: sky  ::
blue {v} (to make blue)  :: azular
blue {v} (to turn blue)  :: azular
blueberry {n} /ˈblu.ˌbɛ.ri/ (fruit)  :: arándano {m}, mora azul {f}, arándano azul {m}
bluebird {n} (bird of Sialia)  :: azulejo {m}
bluebottle {n} (blue ant) SEE: blue ant  ::
bluebottle {n} (cornflower) SEE: cornflower  ::
bluebottle {n} (man-of-war) SEE: man-of-war  ::
blue cheese {n} (kind of cheese with bluish mold)  :: queso azul {m}
blue corn {n} (Corn with bluish grains)  :: maíz negro {m}
blue giant {n} (very luminous star)  :: gigante azul {f}
blue jay {n} (Species of North American jay)  :: urraca de América {f}, arrendajo azul {m}, urraca azul {f}
blue jeans {n} (denim trousers, see also: jeans)  :: tejanos {m-p}, vaqueros {m-p}
blue mussel {n} (Mytilus edulis)  :: mejillón {m}
blueprint {n} (any detailed plan of action)  :: hoja de ruta {f}
blueprint {n} /ˈbluːˌpɹɪnt/ (any detailed technical drawing)  :: copia de plano {f}
blueprint {n}  :: modelo {m}
blue screen {n} (blue screen of death) SEE: blue screen of death  ::
blue screen {n} (film technique) SEE: chromakey  ::
blue screen of death {n} (screen indicating a system error)  :: pantalla azul de la muerte
blue shark {n} (long blue shark)  :: tintorera {f}
bluestone {n} (basalt) SEE: basalt  ::
bluestone {n} (limestone) SEE: limestone  ::
bluestone {n} (slate) SEE: slate  ::
blue straggler {n} (unusually hot and blue star)  :: estrella rezagada azul {f}
blue supergiant {n} (a large blue giant)  :: supergigante azul {f}
bluethroat {n} (bird)  :: pechiazul {m}
blue tit {n} (bird)  :: herrerillo común {m}
bluetongue {n} (disease of ruminants)  :: lengua azul {f}
blue-tongued skink {n} (blue-tongue lizard) SEE: blue-tongue lizard  ::
blue whale {n} (a whale, Balaenoptera musculus)  :: rorcual azul {m}, ballena azul {f}
bluff {n} /blʌf/ (act of bluffing)  :: petate {m}, farol {m}
bluff {n} (poker: attempt to represent yourself as holding a stronger hand than you do)  :: farol {m}
bluff {v} (to make a bluff)  :: presumir, alardear
bluish {adj} (somewhat blue in color)  :: azulado
blunder {n} /ˈblʌn.dɚ/ (mistake)  :: error {m}, [Chile] condoro {m}, [Colombia] descache {m}, torpeza {f}, desliz {m}, garrafal {m}, [Latin America] metida de pata {f}, tropiezo {m}
blunder {v} (To make a stupid mistake)  :: meter la pata
blunderbuss {n} /ˈblʌndəɹbʌs/ (old style of firearm with a distinctive large opening at the muzzle)  :: trabuco {m}
blunt {adj} (Abrupt in address; plain; unceremonious)  :: brusco
blunt {adj} /blʌnt/ (Having a thick edge or point, as an instrument)  :: romo
blunt {adj} (Dull in understanding; slow of discernment)  :: obtuso
blunt {v} (To dull the edge or point of, by making it thicker)  :: embotar
blunt {v} (To repress or weaken)  :: embotar
blur {v} /blɜr/  :: difuso
blurred {adj} /blɝd/ (Out of focus)  :: borroso
blurry {adj} (Not clear, crisp, or focused; having fuzzy edges)  :: borroso
blurt out {v} (blurt) SEE: blurt  ::
blush {n} /blʌʃ/ (an act of blushing)  :: bochorno {m}
blush {n} (makeup)  :: colorete {m}
blush {v} (to redden in the face from shame, excitement or embarrassment)  :: ruborizarse, enrojecerse, sonrojarse, abochornarse
boa {n} /ˈboʊ.ə/ (snake)  :: boa {f}
Boaco {prop} (department of Nicaragua)  :: Boaco
boa constrictor {n} (snake)  :: boa constrictora {f}
boar {n} /bɔɹ/ (wild boar) SEE: wild boar  ::
boar {n} (male pig)  :: verraco {m}
board {n} (blackboard, whiteboard, etc.)  :: pizarra {f}, pizarrón {m}
board {n} /bɔːɹd/ (piece of wood or other material)  :: tablero {m}, tabla {f}
board {n} (committee)  :: consejo {m}, comité {m}, junta {f}, buró {m}, consejo de administración {m}
board {n} (device containing electrical switches)  :: tablero {m}
board {n} (side of a ship)  :: bordo {m}
board {v} (nautical: to capture an enemy ship)  :: abordar
board {v} (to step or climb)  :: abordar, embarcar
board and lodging {n} (place of lodging with daily meals)  :: comida y alojamiento {m} {f}
board game {n} (game played on a board)  :: juego de mesa {m}
boarding {n} (embarkation)  :: embarque {m}
boarding pass {n} /ˈboʊrdɪŋ ˌpɑs/ (a document to board a plane, ship, etc.)  :: tarjeta de embarque {f}
boarding school {n} (school which provides board and lodging)  :: internado {m}
board of directors {n} (group of people elected by stockholders)  :: consejo de administración {m}
boast {n} (brag)  :: presunción {f}, alarde {m}, fanfarronada {f}, vanagloria {f}, ostentación {f}, jactancia {f}
boast {v} (to brag; to talk loudly in praise of oneself)  :: presumir, alardear, fanfarronear, vanagloriarse de, ostentar, jactarse de
boastful {adj} (tending to boast or brag)  :: jactancioso
boastfulness {n} (characteristic of being boastful)  :: jactancia {f}, fanfarronería {f}
boat {n} /boʊt/ (water craft)  :: barca {f}, bote {m}, barco {m}
boater {n} /ˈboʊ.tɚ/ (straw hat)  :: canotier {m}
boatman {n} (a man in charge of a small boat)  :: barquero {m}, balsero {m}
boat shoe {n} (type of shoe)  :: zapato náutico {m}
boatswain {n} /ˈbəʊsn̩/ (the officer (or warrant officer) in charge of sails, rigging, anchors, cables etc. and all work on deck of a sailing ship)  :: contramaestre
bob {n} /bɑb/ (bobber) SEE: float  ::
bob {n} (curtsey) SEE: curtsey  ::
bobber {n} (buoyant fishing device) SEE: float  ::
bobbin {n} (spool around which wire is coiled)  :: bobina {f}
bobby pin {n} (type of hair pin) SEE: hairgrip  ::
bobcat {n} /ˈbɒbkæt/ (a North American wild cat, Lynx rufus)  :: lince rojo
bobsled {n} (the sled) SEE: bobsleigh  ::
bobsled {n} (the sport) SEE: bobsleigh  ::
bobtailed {adj} (having a bobtail)  :: rabón {m}
bocce {n} /ˈbɑtʃi/ (A game similar to bowls or pétanque)  :: bochas {f-p}
Boche {n} (derogatory: German) SEE: Fritz  ::
Boche {n} (German) SEE: German  ::
bode {v} (to be the omen of; to portend to presage)  :: anunciarse, agorar
bodge {v} (do a clumsy or inelegant job) SEE: botch  ::
bodice {n} /ˈbɑːdɪs/ (kind of under waist stiffened with whalebone)  :: jubón {m}
bodily {adj} (relating to the body)  :: corporal
bodily {adv} (in or by the body)  :: corporalmente
bodily fluid {n} (biofluid)  :: humor {m}
body {n} (any physical object or material thing)  :: cuerpo {m}
body {n} /ˈbɑdi/ (physical structure of a human or animal)  :: cuerpo {m}
body {n} (collection of knowledge)  :: cuerpo {m}
body {n} (corpse)  :: cuerpo {m}
body {n} (largest or most important part of anything (e.g. car bodywork))  :: carrocería {f} (of vehicles)
body {n} (torso)  :: torso {m}
bodyboarding {n} (water sport using a bodyboard)  :: bodyboard {m}
bodybuilder {n} /ˈbɑː.diˌbɪl.dɚ/ (a person who uses diet and exercise to build an aesthetically muscular physique)  :: culturista {m} {f}, fisicoculturista {m}
bodybuilding {n} /ˈbɑːdiˌbɪldɪŋ/ (sport of muscle development)  :: fisicoculturismo, culturismo, musculación {m}
bodybuilding {n} (work done to construct or repair the body of an automobile)  :: carrocería {f}
bodyguard {n} /ˈbɑːdiɡɑːrd/ (person responsible for protecting an individual)  :: guardaespaldas {m} {f}
body hair {n} (androgenic hair)  :: vello androgénico {m}, vello corporal {m}
body hair {n} (individual strand of body hair)  :: vello {m}
body language {n} (non-verbal communication)  :: movimientos {m}, expresiones físicas {f}, kinésica {f}, quinésica {f}
body odour {n} (unpleasant smell on a perons's body)  :: bromhidrosis {f}
body of water {n} (significant accumulation of water)  :: agua {f}, cuerpo de agua {m}, extensión de agua {f}
bodypainting {n} (body painting) SEE: body painting  ::
body part {n} (anatomy: part of organism)  :: parte del cuerpo {m}, parte corporal {m}
body part {n} (vehicle: part of body)  :: parte de auto
body shop {n} (body shop)  :: chapista {f}, latonería {f}
bodywork {n} (application of physical therapy)  :: terapia física {f}
bodywork {n} (exterior body of a motor vehicle)  :: cuerpo {m}, exterior {m}
Boeotia {prop} /biːˈəʊʃə/ (a district in Greece)  :: Beocia {f}
Boeotian {adj} /biːˈəʊʃən/ (pertaining to Boeotia)  :: beocio
Boeotian {adj} (stupid, foolish)  :: tarado {m}, simplón {m}
Boeotian {n} (inhabitant of Boeotia)  :: beocio {m}
Boeotian {n} (simpleton)  :: tarado {m}, simplón {m}
Boer {n} /bʊər/ (South African of Dutch descent)  :: bóer {m-f}
boffin {n} /ˈbɒfɪn/ (scientist or engineer)  :: científico
bog {n} /bɑɡ/ (expanse of marshland)  :: ciénaga {f}
bog {v} (to become mired or stuck)  :: pegado
bogart {v} (get something by bullying, intimidation; be a tough guy)  :: arrebatar
bogart {v} (selfishly take or keep something; hog)  :: acaparar
bogatyr {n} (medieval Russian heroic warrior)  :: bogatyr {m}
bogey {n} (piece of solid or semisolid mucus in or removed from the nostril) SEE: booger  ::
bogeyman {n} (menacing, ghost-like monster in children's stories)  :: coco, cuco {m}
bogie {n} /ˈboʊɡi/ (structure with axles and wheels)  :: bogi {m}
bogie {n} (cigarette) SEE: cigarette  ::
bogie {n} (ghost) SEE: ghost  ::
bogie {n} (golf: score one stroke higher than par) SEE: bogey  ::
bogie {n} (railway carriage) SEE: railway carriage  ::
bog iron {n} (bog iron ore) SEE: bog iron ore  ::
bog myrtle {n} (Myrica gale) SEE: gale#Etymology 3  ::
Bogotá {prop} (Bogota) SEE: Bogota  ::
Bogota {prop} (capital of Colombia)  :: Bogotá {f}
Bogotan {adj} (of Bogota)  :: bogotano
Bogotan {n} (someone from Bogota)  :: bogotano {m}, bogotana {f}
bogue {n} (bayou) SEE: bayou  ::
bogue {n} (Boops boops)  :: boga {f}
bogus {adj} /ˈboʊ.ɡəs/ (counterfeit or fake; not genuine)  :: falso, falsificado, adulterado, trapicheado
bogus {adj} (incorrect; useless; broken)  :: averiado, pajolero, jodido
Bohemia {prop} (The region of the Czech Republic)  :: Bohemia {f}
bohemian {n} (unconventional person)  :: bohemio
bohemium {n} (rhenium) SEE: rhenium  ::
bohrium {n} (chemical element)  :: bohrio {m}
boil {n} /bɔɪl/ (accumulation of pus)  :: furúnculo {m}
boil {n} (point at which fluid begins to change to a vapour)  :: hervir {m}
boil {v} (cook in boiling water)  :: hervir, bullir
boil {v} (heat (a liquid) until it begins to turn into a gas)  :: hervir
boiled {adj} (angry) SEE: angry  ::
boiled {adj} (drunk) SEE: drunk  ::
boiled egg {n} (boiled egg (generic))  :: huevo cocido {m}
boiled egg {n} (hard-boiled egg)  :: huevo hervido {m}, huevo duro {m}
boiled egg {n} (soft-boiled egg)  :: huevo pasado {m}
boiled sweet {n} (hard sweet) SEE: hard candy  ::
boiler {n} /ˈbɔɪlə(r)/ (device for heating circulating water)  :: caldera {f}, boiler {m} [Mexico], bóiler {m} [Mexico], calentador {m}
boiler {n} (hot water heater)  :: caldera {f}, calentador {m}, calefón {m}, calentador de agua {m}
boiling {adj} (of a thing: extremely hot)  :: hirviendo
boiling {adj} (that boil(s))  :: hirviendo
boiling point {n} (temperature at which a liquid boils)  :: punto de ebullición {m}
boisterous {adj} /ˈbɔɪstəɹəs/ (full of energy; noisy)  :: ruidoso {m}, escandaloso {m}
boisterous {adj} (characterized by violence and agitation; wild; stormy)  :: salvaje
boisterous {adj} (having or resembling animal exuberance)  :: salvaje
bok choy {n} (Chinese cabbage, Brassica rapa chinensis)  :: berro chino {m}, repollo chino {m}, col china {f}
Bokmål {prop} (language)  :: bokmål {m}
bold {adj} /boʊld/ (courageous, daring)  :: audaz, intrépido, atrevido
bold {adj} (having thicker strokes than the ordinary form of the typeface)  :: negrita
bold {adj} (presumptuous) SEE: presumptuous  ::
boldly {adv} (in a bold manner)  :: audazmente, valientemente
bolide {n} /ˈboʊ.laɪd/ (extremely bright meteor)  :: bólido {m}
Bolivarian {adj} (of or relating to Simon Bolívar)  :: bolivariano
Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela {prop} (official name of Venezuela)  :: República Bolivariana de Venezuela {f}
Bolivia {prop} /boʊˈlɪv.i.ə/ (country in South America)  :: Bolivia {f}
Bolivian {adj} (pertaining to Bolivia)  :: boliviano
Bolivian {n} /bəˈlɪv.i.ən/ (Bolivian person)  :: boliviano {m}, boliviana {f}
Bolivian slaty antshrike {n} (passerine bird of the antbird family)  :: batará pizarroso Boliviano
boll {n} /boʊl/ (the rounded seed-bearing capsule of a cotton or flax plant)  :: cápsula {f}, vaina {f}
bollard {n} /ˈbɒlɑːd/ (post to secure mooring lines)  :: noray {m}, bolardo {m}
bollard {n} (post preventing vehicles from entering pedestrian area)  :: bolardo {m}
bollock {n} ((vulgar, slang) testicle)  :: cojón {m}
bollocks {interj} (expressing anger, frustration)  :: chingados, mierda, me cago en la puta, hostia
bollocks {n} (testicles)  :: cojones
boll weevil {n} (beetle)  :: picudo del algodón {m}
Bollywood {prop} (Indian film industry)  :: Bollywood {m}
Bologna {prop} /bəˈlɒnjə/ (city)  :: Bolonia {f}
bolon {n} (traditional Malian harp)  :: bolon {m}
bolo tie {n} (necktie)  :: corbata de bolo {f}, corbata de cordón {f}
Bolshevik {n} (Bolshevik)  :: bolchevique {m}
bolt {n} (bar to prevent a door from being forced open)  :: tranca {f}
bolt {n} /boʊlt/ (metal fastener)  :: tornillo {m}
bolt {n}  :: perno {m} , cerrojo {m} (2 or 3)
bolt {n} (short, stout, blunt-headed arrow)  :: virote {m}
bolt {n} (sliding pin or bar in a lock)  :: cerrojo {m}
bolt {v} (to connect pieces using a bolt)  :: atornillar
bolt {v} (to secure a door)  :: trancar
bolt from the blue {n} (something totally unexpected)  :: como rayo caído del cielo
bolus {n} (large dose of a drug)  :: bolo {m}
bolus {n} (round mass of food)  :: bolo alimenticio {m}
Bolzano {prop} (town and capital of Bolzano)  :: Bolzano
bomb {n} /bɑm/ (device filled with explosives)  :: bomba {f}
bomb {n} (success) SEE: success  ::
bomb {v} (attack with bombs)  :: bombardear, bombear
bomb {v} (to jump into water in a squatting position)  :: hacer la bomba
bombard {v}  :: bombardear
bombard {v} (to attack something or someone by directing objects at them)  :: bombardear
bombard {v} (to attack something with bombs, artillery shells, or other missiles)  :: bombardear
bombard {v} (to direct at a substance an intense stream of high-energy particles, usually sub-atomic or made of at most a few atoms)  :: bombardear
bombardier beetle {n} (beetle)  :: escarabajo bombardero {m}
bombardment {n} (act of bombing, esp towns or cities)  :: bombardeo {m}
bombardment {n}  :: bombardeo {m}
bombardment {n} (incidence of stream of high-energy particles)  :: bombardeo {m}
bombastic {adj} /bɑmˈbæs.tʰɪk/ (pompous or overly wordy)  :: bombástico, rimbombante
bombastic {adj} (inflated, overfilled)  :: bombástico
Bombay {n} (Mumbai) SEE: Mumbai  ::
Bombay cat {n} (Bombay) SEE: Bombay  ::
bomber {n} (aircraft)  :: bombardero {m}
bombing {n} (action of dropping bombs from the air)  :: bombardeo {m}
bombproof {adj} (sufficiently strong to resist the effects of a blast from a bomb)  :: a prueba de bombas
bombproof {n} (air-raid shelter) SEE: air-raid shelter  ::
bombshell {n} (someone who is very attractive)  :: pibón
bomb shelter {n} (air-raid shelter) SEE: air-raid shelter  ::
bona fide {adj} /ˌboʊnəˈfaɪdi/ (done in good faith)  :: de buena fe
bona fides {n} (good faith) SEE: good faith  ::
bon appétit {interj} /ˌboʊn ˌæpəˈtit/ (used to wish someone enjoyment of the meal they are about to eat)  :: buen provecho, que aproveche, buen apetito
bond {n} (bail bond) SEE: bail bond  ::
bond {n} /bɑnd/ (in chemistry, a link or force between neighbouring atoms in a molecule)  :: enlace {m}
bondsman {n} /ˈbɑːndzmən/ (Someone who signs a bond that states that they have taken responsibility for someone else's obligations)  :: aval, fiador {m}
bone {n} /boʊn]/ (material)  :: hueso {m}
bone {n} (component of a skeleton)  :: hueso {m}
bone {n} (fishbone)  :: espina {f}
bone {v} (slang: have sexual intercourse with)  :: joder con, [Spain] follar con, [Mexico] coger con, culear [Chile], tirarse a [Spain]
bone {v} (to remove bones)  :: deshuesar [meat], quitar las espinas [fish]
bone {v} (to study)  :: [Mexico] quemarse las pestañas
bone dry {adj} (bone-dry) SEE: bone-dry  ::
bone marrow {n} (bone marrow)  :: meollo {m}, tuétano {m}, médula {f}
boner {n} (blunder; silly or stupid mistake)  :: metida de pata {f}, cagada {f} [vulgar], pifia
boner {n} /ˈboʊ.nɚ/ (erect penis)  :: erección, tieso {m}
bone tissue {n} (osseous tissue) SEE: osseous tissue  ::
bonfire {n} /ˈbɑnfaɪɚ/ (fire to burn unwanted items or people)  :: hoguera {f}
bonfire {n} (large, outdoor controlled fire)  :: fogata {f}
bong {n} /bɒŋ/ (vessel used in smoking various substances)  :: pipa {f}
bong {n} (device for rapidly consuming beer)  :: tuberia de barrilete {f}
bongo {n} (drum)  :: bongó {m}
bongo {n} (mammal)  :: bongo
bongo drum {n} (bongo) SEE: bongo  ::
bonhomie {n} /boʊnəˈmiː/ (geniality)  :: bonhomía {f}, amigable {m}
bonhomie {n} (friendly atmosphere)  :: cordial; {m}
Boniface {prop} (male given name) SEE: Bonifatius  ::
Bonifatius {prop} (male given name)  :: Bonifacio
bonito {n} (fish of Sarda)  :: sarda
bonito {n} (Katsuwonus pelamis) SEE: skipjack tuna  ::
bonjour {interj} (hello) SEE: hello  ::
bonkers {adj} (irrational, crazy)  :: majara [colloquial, Spain], chiflado [colloquial], majareta [colloquial, Spain], loco
Bonn {prop} (a city in Germany)  :: Bonn
bonnet {n} /ˈbɒn.ɪt/ (type of women's and children's hat)  :: capucha, gorra {f}, cofia {f}
bonnet {n} (cover over the engine of a motor car)  :: capó {m}, bonete {m} [Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico], capirote {m} [Southeastern Mexico], cofre {m} [Mexican standard usage]
bonsai {interj} (a miniaturized tree or plant)  :: bonsái {m}
bonus {n} /ˈboʊ.nəs/ (extra amount of money given as a premium)  :: bonificación {f}
bonus {n}  :: plus {m}, beneficio {m}
bon voyage {interj} (wish of good journey)  :: buen viaje
bony {adj} (having prominent bones)  :: huesudo
bony {adj} (resembling, having the appearance or consistence of, or relating to bone)  :: huesudo
bony {adj} (with little flesh; skinny, thin)  :: huesudo
bonze {n} (a Buddhist priest in Japan)  :: bonzo
boo {interj} (loud exclamation intended to scare someone)  :: bu
boo {interj} (word used ironically in a situation where one might have scared someone, but said someone was not scared)  :: uuh
boo {n} (derisive shout)  :: abucheo
boo {v} (to shout boos derisively (intransitive))  :: abuchear
boob {n} /ˈbuːb/ (breast (colloquial))  :: teta {f}, macoca {f}
boob job {n} (breast augmentation)  :: arreglo de tetas {m}
boo-boo {v} /ˈbuːˌbuː/ (A minor injury)  :: yaya {f} [Chile, Cuba, Peru]
boob tube {n} (slightly derogative term for television)  :: caja idiota {f}, caja tonta
booby {n} (bird)  :: piquero {m}
booby {n} (stupid person)  :: tonto {m}, pendejo {m}, bobo
booby {n} (woman’s breast)  :: teta {f}, melón {m}
booby prize {n} (a prize awarded for poor performance)  :: premio limón
booger {n} /ˈbʊɡɚ/ (a piece of solid or semi-solid mucus)  :: moquito {m}, moco {m}
book {n} /bʊk/ (collection of sheets of paper bound together containing printed or written material)  :: libro {m}
book {n} (convenient collection of small paper items, such as stamps)  :: álbum {m}
book {n} (ebook) SEE: e-book  ::
book {n} (script of a musical)  :: libreto {m}
book {v} (to record the details of an offender)  :: multar
book {v} (to reserve)  :: reservar
book {v} (to write down, register, record)  :: anotar
bookbag {n} (bag for holding books for school)  :: mochila
bookcase {n} (furniture displaying books)  :: estantería {f}, librero {m}
bookend {n} (object designed to keep books upright)  :: sujetalibros {m}
bookie {n} /ˈbʊki/ (bookmaker) SEE: bookmaker  ::
booking {n} (A reservation for a service, such as accommodation in an hotel)  :: reserva {f}
booking {n} (The issuing of a caution)  :: amonestación
bookish {adj} /ˈbʊk.ɪʃ/ (given to reading; fond of study)  :: estudioso, [Mexico] matado, [Chile, pejorative] mateo, [Spain, pejorative] empollón
bookish {adj} (characterized by a method of expression generally found in books)  :: literario, pedante, formalista, libresco
bookjacket {n} (jacket of a book) SEE: dust jacket  ::
booklet {n} (small book)  :: libreto {m}, folleto {m}
bookmaker {n} /ˈbʊkmeɪkəɹ/ (a person who calculates odds and accepts bets; a bookie)  :: corredor de apuestas {m}
bookmark {n} /ˈbʊkmɑrk/ (strip used to mark a place in a book)  :: separador {m}
bookmark {n} (record of the address of a file or page)  :: marcador {m}, favorito {m}
Book of Mormon {prop} (one of the sacred works of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)  :: Libro de Mormón {m}
bookplate {n} (piece of paper pasted on a book to show ownership)  :: ex libris {m}
book-scorpion {n} (pseudoscorpion) SEE: pseudoscorpion  ::
bookseller {n} /ˈbʊksɛlɚ/ (person engaged in the business of selling books)  :: librero {m}, librera {f}
bookshelf {n} /ˈbʊkˌʃɛlf/ (shelf for storing books)  :: estantería {f}, librero {m}
bookshop {n} (shop that sells books)  :: librería {f}
bookstore {n} (bookshop) SEE: bookshop  ::
bookworm {n} (avid reader)  :: ratón de biblioteca {m}, bibliófilo {m}
Boolean {adj} /ˈbuliən/ (logic: pertaining to data items that have values “true” and “false”)  :: booleano {m}
Boolean {n} (logic: a variable)  :: booleano {m}
boom {interj} (sound of explosion)  :: pum
boom {n} (abrupt, low-pitched sound)  :: bum {m}
boom {n} (period of prosperity)  :: boom {m}
boom {v} /bum/ (to speak with low pitch)  :: retumbar
boomerang {n} /ˈbuməɹæŋ/ (flat curved airfoil)  :: bumerán {m}, búmeran {m}
boon {n} (a prayer or petition)  :: oración {f}
boon {n} /buːn/ (A blessing or benefit)  :: bendición {f}, ventaja {f}
boondock {n} (rural area)  :: barrios lejanos
boor {n} (an uncultured person)  :: patán {m}, cateto {m}, paleto {m}
boor {n} (a yokel)  :: paleto {m}
boor {n} /bɔɹ/ (a peasant)  :: huaso {m} [Chile]
boorish {adj} (behaving as a boor)  :: zafio
boost {n} (push from behind)  :: impulso, empuje
boost {v} (to lift or push from behind)  :: impulsar, empujar
boot {n} /buːt/ (heavy shoe that covers part of the leg)  :: bota {f}
boot {n} (kick) SEE: kick  ::
boot {n} (luggage storage compartment of a sedan/saloon style car) SEE: trunk  ::
boot {n} (parking enforcement device)  :: cepo {m}
boot {v} (to start a system)  :: arrancar
bootblack {n} (shoeshiner) SEE: shoeshiner  ::
booth {n} (An enclosure just big enough to accommodate one standing person)  :: cabina {f}
booth {n} /buːθ/ (A small stall for the display and sale of goods)  :: puesto {m}, stand {m}
bootjack {n} (a V-shaped, or forked, device for pulling off boots)  :: sacabotas {m}
bootlegger {n} (illegal trader)  :: traficante {m} {f}, comerciante clandestino {m}
bootlicker {n} (bootlick)  :: zalamero {m}, zalamera {f}
bootstrap {n} /ˈbuːtˌstɹæp/ (a loop at the top of a boot to help in pulling it on)  :: lengüeta {f}
bootstrap {n} (the process by which the operating system of a computer is loaded into its memory)  :: arranque {m}
bootstrap {v} (to help (oneself) without the aid of others)  :: arreglárselas
booty {n} (plunder)  :: botín {m}
booze {n} /buːz/ (any alcoholic beverage)  :: trago {m}, aguardiente {m}, [Mexico] chupe {m}, copa {f}, [Chile] copete {m}
bopomofo {prop} (Zhuyin fuhao) SEE: Zhuyin fuhao  ::
boracite {n} (Mg3B7O13Cl)  :: boracita {f}
borage {n} /ˈbɒɹ.ɪdʒ/ (Borago officinalis)  :: borraja {f}
borax {n} (crystalline salt)  :: bórax {m}, borraj {m}
Bordeaux {prop} (a city in France)  :: Burdeos
bordello {n} (brothel) SEE: brothel  ::
border {n} (a decorative strip around the edge of something)  :: cenefa {f}, orla {f}
border {n} (a strip of ground in which ornamental plants are grown)  :: parterre {m}
border {n} /bɔɹdəɹ/ (the outer edge of something)  :: borde {m}
border {n} (the line or frontier area separating regions)  :: frontera {f}
Border Collie {prop} (Border Collie) SEE: border collie  ::
bordering {adj} (having a common boundary or border)  :: lindante, colindante
bore {v} /bɔɹ/ (to make a hole)  :: perforar, horadar, agujerear
bore {v} (to inspire boredom)  :: aburrir
boreal {adj} /ˈbɔɹiəl/ (relating to the north)  :: boreal
boreal owl {n} (Tengmalm's owl) SEE: Tengmalm's owl  ::
boreas {n}  :: bóreas
bored {adj} /bɔːɹd/ (suffering from boredom)  :: aburrido
boredom {n} /ˈbɔɹ.dəm/ (state of being bored)  :: aburrimiento {m}
Borgesian {adj} (characteristic of Jorge Luis Borges)  :: borgesiano, borgeano, borgiano
Borgia {prop} (family)  :: Borja
boric oxide {n} (white solid)  :: óxido bórico {m}
boride {n} (any binary compound of boron and a more electropositive element)  :: boruro
boride {n} (the B3− anion)  :: boruro
boring {adj} /ˈbɔːɹɪŋ/ (inciting boredom)  :: aburrido
born {adj} (given birth to)  :: nacido, nato
born {v} /ˈbɔɹn/ (be born) SEE: be born  ::
born-again {adj} (renewed commitment to Jesus Christ)  :: renacido
borne {adj} /bɔɹn/ (carried, supported)  :: soportado, aguantado
bornite {n} (mineral)  :: bornita {f}
born with a silver spoon in one's mouth {adj} (born rich or in a wealthy family)  :: nacer en cuna de oro
boro {v} (borrow) SEE: borrow  ::
boron {n} /ˈbɔːɹɒn/ (chemical element)  :: boro {m}
borough {n} /ˈbʌɹoʊ/ (municipal burough)  :: municipio {m}, concejo {m}
borrow {v} /ˈbɒrəʊ/ (receive temporarily)  :: tomar prestado
borrower {n} /ˈbɔrəuə/ (one who borrows)  :: prestatario {m} [money]
borrowing {n} (loanword) SEE: loanword  ::
borscht {n} /bɔrʃt/ (beetroot soup)  :: borscht {m}, borshch {m}
borstal {n} (juvenile institution) SEE: reform school  ::
borzoi {n} /ˈbɔːzɔɪ/ (breed of dog)  :: borzoi {m}
Bose-Einstein condensate {n} (gaseous superfluid)  :: condensado de Bose-Einstein {m}
bosky {adj} /ˈbɒski/ (having abundant bushes or trees)  :: boscoso
Bosnia {prop} /ˈbɑə/ (short for 'Bosnia and Herzegovina')  :: Bosnia
Bosnia and Herzegovina {prop} /ˈbɒzniə ænd ˌhɜrtsɨɡoʊˈviːnə/ (country on the Balkan peninsula)  :: Bosnia-Herzegovina {f}, Bosnia y Herzegovina {f}
Bosnian {adj} /ˈbɑːzniən/ (of or pertaining to Bosnia)  :: bosnio
Bosnian {n} (the people)  :: bosnio {m}, bosnia {f}
Bosnian {prop} (the standardized variety of Serbo-Croatian)  :: bosnio
bosom {n} /ˈbʊz(ə)m/ (chest, breast)  :: seno {m}, pechera {f}, busto {m}
boson {n} /ˈbəʊzɒn/ (particle)  :: bosón {m}
Bosphorus {prop} /ˈbɑs.fɚ.əs/ (a strait that passes through Istanbul)  :: Bósforo {m}
boss {n} /bɔs/ (person in charge)  :: jefe {m}, jefa {f}
boss {n} (enemy in video game)  :: jefe {m}
boss {v} (to exercise authority over (someone))  :: dirigir, mandar
bossy {adj} /ˈbɔsi/ (tending to give orders to others)  :: mandón
Boston {prop} /ˈbɔstən/ (place name)  :: Boston
bosun's chair {n} (boatswain's chair) SEE: boatswain's chair  ::
bot {n} (a piece of software for doing repetitive tasks)  :: bot {m}
bot {n} /bɒt/ (robot) SEE: robot  ::
bota bag {n} (wineskin bag)  :: bota {f}
botanic {adj} (pertaining to botany) SEE: botanical  ::
botanical {adj} (Of or pertaining to botany)  :: botánico
botanical garden {n} (a place where a variety of plants are grown for scientific reasons)  :: jardín botánico {m}
botanic garden {n} (botanical garden) SEE: botanical garden  ::
botanist {n} /ˈbɒt.ən.ɪst/ (a person engaged in botany)  :: botánico {m}, botánica {f}, botanista {m} {f}
botanize {v} (do the work of a botanist)  :: botanizar
botany {n} /ˈbɒtənɪ/ (scientific study of plants)  :: botánica {f}
botch {n} (a mistake that is very stupid or embarrassing)  :: pifia
botch {n} (An action, job, or task that has been performed very badly)  :: chapucería {f}, pifia
botch {n} (a ruined, defective, or clumsy piece of work; mess; bungle)  :: chapuza {f}
botch {v} /bɑt͡ʃ/ (to perform (a task) in an unacceptable or incompetent manner)  :: desbarrar, chapucear
botch {v} (to do something without skill, without care, or clumsily)  :: desbarrar, chapucear
Boötes {prop} /boʊˈoʊtiːz/ (a constellation)  :: Boötes, Pastor, Boyero
botfly {n}  :: estro {m}
botfly {n} (insect)  :: éstrido {m}
both {conj} (both...and...)  :: tanto... como...
both {determiner} /boʊθ/ (each of two; one and the other)  :: ambos, los dos
bother {n} (fuss, ado)  :: cansón {n}
bother {v} /ˈbɑðɚ]/ (to annoy, disturb)  :: molestar, agobiar
bothersome {adj} (causing bother or perplexity)  :: hostigoso, irritante, molestoso
Botswana {prop} /bɑːtˈswɑːnə/ (Republic of Botswana)  :: Botsuana {f}
Botswanan {adj} (pertaining to Botswana)  :: botsuano {m}
Botswanan {n} (person from Botswana)  :: botsuano {m}
bottle {n} /ˈbɑtəl/ (container)  :: botella {f}, frasco {m}
bottle {n} (container with a rubber nipple) SEE: baby bottle  ::
bottle {n} (contents of such a container)  :: botella {f}, frasco {m}
bottle {v} (seal (a liquid) into a bottle for later consumption)  :: embotellar
bottle cap {n} (closure used to seal bottles)  :: tapón {m}
bottled water {n} (drinking water sold in a bottle)  :: agua botellada {f}, agua de botella {f}
bottleneck {n} (any delay; part of a process that is too slow or cumbersome)  :: cuello de botella {m}
bottleneck {n} (narrowing of the road, especially resulting in a delay)  :: cuello {m}, garganta {f}, embotellamiento {m}, boquerón {m}, gollete {m}, cuello de botella {m}
bottleneck {n} (neck of a bottle)  :: cuello de botella {m}
bottlenose dolphin {n} (species of dolphin)  :: delfín mular {m}, delfín nariz de botella {m}
bottle opener {n} (device to open bottles)  :: abrebotellas {m}, destapador {m}
bottle shop {n} (liquor store, bottle shop)  :: vinatería {f}, tienda de alcohol {f}, botillería {f}
bottle up {v} (Prevent enemy vessels of leaving an anchorage)  :: embotellar
bottle up {v} (Put into bottles)  :: embotellar
bottom {n} (abyss) SEE: abyss  ::
bottom {n} /ˈbɑtəm/ (lowest part)  :: fondo {m}
bottom {n} (euphemistic: buttocks or anus)  :: culo {m}
bottom {n} (gay sexual slang: penetrated part in anal sex)  :: pasivo {m}
bottom {n} (physics: bottom quark) SEE: bottom quark  ::
bottomless {adj} /ˈbaɾm̩lɨs/ (having no bottom)  :: sin fondo
bottom quark {n} (bottom quark)  :: quark fondo {m}
bottomry {n}  :: préstamo a la gruesa ventura {m}
bottom sheet {n} (bottom bed sheet)  :: sábana bajera {f}, bajera
bottoms up {interj} (Cheers!)  :: salud
bottom the house {v} (to clean a house extremely thoroughly)  :: limpiar completamente
botulism {n} (medical condition)  :: botulismo {m}
boudoir {n} /buˈdwɑɹ/ (woman's private room) SEE: bower  ::
bougainvillea {n} /ˌbu.ɡənˈvɪl.jə/ (flower)  :: buganvilia {f} [Mexico], buganvilla {f} [Spain], comomosí {m} [Bolivia], papelillo {m} [Peru], Santa Rita {f} [Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay], trinitaria {f} [Colombia, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela], veranera {f} [Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama]
bough {n} /baʊ/ (tree branch)  :: rama {f}, ramo {m}
bouillon {n} /ˈbuːjɒn/ (a clear seasoned broth)  :: caldo {m}
boulder {n} /ˈboʊldəɹ/ (large mass of stone)  :: peñasco {m}
bouldering {n} (climbing on large boulders)  :: bulder {m}, búlder, escalada en bloque {f}, bouldering {m}
boule {n} (A round loaf of bread)  :: bola {f}, pan bola {m}
boule {n} (A round piece of dough)  :: bola {f}
boule {v} (Shape a piece of dough into a ball)  :: bolear
boules {n} (games played with metal balls)  :: petanca {f}
boulevard {n} /ˈbʊlɨvɑɹd/ (broad, landscaped thoroughfare)  :: bulevar {m}
bounce {n} (change of direction of motion after hitting an obstacle)  :: rebote {m}
bounce {n} (movement up and down)  :: rebote {m}
bounce {v} /baʊns/ (to change direction of motion after hitting an obstacle)  :: rebotar
bounce {v} (of a cheque/check: to be refused)  :: rebotar
bounced check {n} (bad check) SEE: bounced cheque  ::
bounce house {n} (bouncy castle) SEE: bouncing castle  ::
bouncer {n} /ˈbaʊnsə˞/ (member of security personnel)  :: portero {m}
bouncing castle {n} (inflatable object)  :: brincolín {m}
bouncy castle {n} (inflatable structure) SEE: bouncing castle  ::
bound {n}  :: acotado
bound {n} /ˈbaʊnd/ (boundary, border of territory)  :: límite
bound {v} (to surround a territory)  :: limitar
boundary {n} /ˈbaʊndəɹi/ (dividing line or location between two areas)  :: frontera {m}, límite {m}
boundless {adj} (without bounds, unbounded)  :: ilimitado, sin límites
bounty {n} /ˈbaʊn.ti/ (generosity) SEE: generosity  ::
bounty {n} (reward)  :: recompensa {f}
bounty {n} (something given liberally)  :: dádiva {f}, donación {f} [law], obsequio {m}, presente {m}, regalo {m}
bounty hunter {n} (person who catches criminals in return for a reward)  :: cazarrecompensas {m}
bouquet {n} /boʊˈkeɪ/ (bunch of flowers)  :: ramo {m}, ramita {f}
bouquet {n} (scent of wine)  :: aroma {m}
bourbon {n} /bɜː(r)bən/ (A type of whiskey)  :: bourbon {m}
bourdon {n} /ˈbʊədən/ (bumblebee) SEE: bumblebee  ::
bourgeois {adj} /bu(ɹ)ʒ.ˈwɑː/ (of or relating to the middle class)  :: burgués {m}
bourgeois {n} /bərˈdʒɔɪs/ (9-point type)  :: breviario
bourgeoisie {n} /ˌbʊə(ɹ)ʒwɑˈzi/ (class)  :: burguesía {f}
boustrophedon {n} (writing that is alternately right-to-left and left-to-right)  :: bustrófedon
bout {n} /ˈbaʊt/ (period of something)  :: racha
bout {n} (boxing match)  :: encuentro
boutique {n} /buːˈtiːk/ (a small shop, especially one that sells fashionable clothes, jewelry and the like)  :: boutique {f}
Bouyei {prop} (a language) SEE: Yay  ::
bovarism {n}  :: bovarismo
bovid {n} (an animal of Bovidae)  :: bóvido {m}
bovine {adj} /ˈboʊvaɪn/ (of, relating to or resembling cattle)  :: bovino
bovine {n} (animal of the tribe Bovini)  :: bovino {m}
bovine spongiform encephalopathy {n} (bovine spongiform encephalopathy)  :: encefalopatía espongiforme bovina {f}
bow {n} /baʊ/ (front of a boat or ship)  :: proa {f}
bow {n} /boʊ/ (weapon used for shooting arrows)  :: arco {m}
bow {n} (gesture made by bending forward at the waist)  :: reverencia {f}
bow {n} (musical bow) SEE: musical bow  ::
bow {n} (rod used for playing stringed instruments)  :: arco {m}
bow {n} (type of knot with two loops)  :: lazo {m}
bow {v} /baʊ/ (to bend oneself as a gesture of respect or deference)  :: doblar, inclinarse
bow {v} (to become bent)  :: arquearse, curvar
bow {v} (to bend a thing)  :: doblar
bow and arrow {n} /bəʊ(.)ən(d.)ærəʊ/ (weapon)  :: arco y flecha
bowel {n} /ˈbaʊəl/ (large intestine)  :: intestino grueso {m}
bowel {n} (interior of something)  :: entrañas {f-p}
bowel {n} (intestines, entrails)  :: tripa {f}, intestino {m}
bowel {n} (seat of pity or gentler emotions)  :: vísceras {f-p}, entrañas {f-p}
bowels {n} (deepest or innermost part)  :: profundidades {f-p}, entrañas {p}
bowels {n} (intestines)  :: intestinos {m}
bower {n} /baʊ.əɹ/ (a woman's bedroom or private apartments, especially in a medieval castle)  :: tocador {m}
bowhead whale {n} (a whale, Balaena mysticetus) SEE: bowhead  ::
bowl {n} (as much as is held by a bowl) SEE: bowlful  ::
bowl {n} /boʊl/ (container)  :: tazón {m}, cuenco {m}, bol {m}
bowl {n} (haircut) SEE: bowl cut  ::
bowl {n} (lawn bowls) SEE: bowls  ::
bowleg {n} (leg that curves outward from the knee)  :: pierna arqueada {f}, genu varo {m}
bowler {n} /ˈboʊ.lɚ/ (pitcher) SEE: pitcher  ::
bowler {n} (bowler hat) SEE: bowler hat  ::
bowler hat {n} (hard round black felt hat)  :: bombín {m}, hongo {m}
bowline {n} (knot)  :: as de guía {m}
bowling {n} /ˈboʊliŋ/ (a game played by rolling a ball down an alley)  :: bolos {m}
bowling {n}  :: bolos {m-p}
bowling alley {n} (a building which contains bowling lanes)  :: bolera {f}
bowls {n} (precision sport)  :: bowls sobre hierba
bowman {n} /ˈboʊmən/ (archer) SEE: archer  ::
bowser {n} (fuel pump)  :: surtidor {m} (de gasolina, de nafta)
bowser {n} (fuel transport vehicle)  :: camión cisterna {m}
bowsprit {n} (spar projecting over the prow of a sailing vessel)  :: bauprés {m}
bowstring {n} /ˈboʊstɹɪŋ/ (string of an archer's bow)  :: cuerda {f}
bowtie {n} /boʊˈtaɪ/ (necktie shaped like a bow)  :: [Chile] corbata de humita {f}, [Venezuela] corbata de lacito {f}, [Mexico] corbata de moño {f}, [Guatemala] corbata de pajarito {f}, [Bolivia] corbata gato {f}, [Peru] corbata michi {f}, [Central America, Colombia, Venezuela] corbatín {m}, [Puerto Rico] lacito {m}, [Uruguay] moñita {f}, [Argentina] moño {m}, [especially Spain] pajarita {f}
bow wow {n} (sound of a dog barking)  :: guau guau
bow-wow {interj} (bow wow) SEE: bow wow  ::
box {n} (any of various evergreen shrubs or trees)  :: boj {m}
box {n} (as much as fills a box)  :: caja {f}
box {n} /bɑːks/ (cuboid container)  :: caja {f}
box {n} (blow with the fist)  :: puñetazo {m}
box {n} (compartment of a storage furniture)  :: cajón {m}
box {n} (compartment to sit in)  :: palco {m}
box {n} (input field on an electronic display) SEE: text box  ::
box {n} (rectangular border around a section of text)  :: marco {m}
box {n} (slang: with "the": television)  :: tele {f}
box {n} (small rectangular shelter)  :: garita {f}
box {v}  :: [1] encajar, [2, 3] boxear
box {v} (fight against (a person) in a boxing match)  :: boxear
box {v} (intransitive: participate in boxing)  :: boxear
box {v} (place inside a box)  :: encajonar
box {v} (to hem in) SEE: hem in  ::
boxcutter {n} (utility knife) SEE: utility knife  ::
boxer {n} /ˈbɑːksɚ/ (participant in a boxing match)  :: boxeador {m}, boxeadora {f}
boxer {n} (breed of dog)  :: bóxer {m}
Boxer {prop} (participant in the Boxer Rebellion)  :: bóxer {m}
boxer briefs {n} (combination between boxers and briefs)  :: bóxer slip {m}
boxers {n} (boxer shorts) SEE: boxer shorts  ::
boxer shorts {n} (underwear)  :: bóxer {m}
boxing {n} /ˈbɒksɪŋ/ (the sport of boxing)  :: boxeo {m}
Boxing Day {n} (Boxing Day)  :: Boxing Day {m}
boxing glove {n} (padded mitten worn in boxing)  :: guantes boxeo {p}
box office {n} /ˈbɑksˌɑfɪs/ (ticket office)  :: taquilla {f}
box-office bomb {n} (a motion picture that generates relatively low revenue at the box office)  :: fracaso en taquilla {m}
box spring {n} (frame of spiral springs)  :: somier {m}
box tree {n} (tree of the genus Buxus)  :: boj {m}
boxwood {n} (Buxus sempervirens)  :: boj {m}
boxwood {n} (the hard, close-grained wood of this tree)  :: boj {m}
boy {n} /bɔɪ/ (young male)  :: niño {m} (child), chico {m} [teens or twenties], muchacho {m} [teens or twenties], chaval {m} [slang], varón {m}, (gender specification: boy or girl?) ¿varón o mujer?
boyar {n} /ˈbɔɪɑː/ (rank of aristocracy)  :: boyardo {m}
boycott {n} (the act of boycotting)  :: boicot {m}, boicoteo {m}
boycott {v} /ˈbɔɪkɑt/ (to abstain from dealing with a person or organisation as a protest)  :: boicotear
boyfriend {n} /ˈbɔɪ.ˌfrɛnd/ (male partner in a romantic relationship)  :: novio {m}, [Chile] pololo {m}, enamorado {m}
boyfriend {n} (male friend)  :: amigo {m}
boy genius {n} (wunderkind) SEE: wunderkind  ::
boyhood {n} /ˈbɔɪˌhʊd/ (The state or period of being a boy)  :: niñez {f}
Boy Scout {n} (a member of the Scout Movement)  :: niño explorador {m}
boysenberry {n} (berry)  :: boysenberry, boysena {f}, boysenberi {f}, zarza boysen {f}, zarza de boysen {f}
bra {n} /brɑː/ (brassiere)  :: ajustador {m} [Cuba], brasier {m} [Central America, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico], corpiño {m} [Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay], sostén {m} [now especially Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela], soutien {m} [Uruguay], sujetador {m} [Spain]
brace {n} /bɹeɪs/ (curly bracket) SEE: curly bracket  ::
brace {n} (bitstock) SEE: bitstock  ::
brace {n} (harness) SEE: harness  ::
brace {n} (system to correct crooked teeth) SEE: braces  ::
brace {n} (two goals in one game)  :: doblete {m}
bracelet {n} /ˈbɹeɪslət/ (a band or chain worn around the wrist as jewelry or an ornament)  :: brazalete {m}, pulsera {f}
braces {n} (device for straightening teeth)  :: frenillo {m}, frenos {m-p}
braces {n} (handcuffs) SEE: handcuffs  ::
brachial {adj} (pertaining or belonging to the arm)  :: braquial
brachiopod {n} /ˈbɹækɪəˌpɒd/ (any of the many marine invertebrates of the phylum Brachiopoda)  :: braquiópodo {m}
brachioproctic {adj} (of or pertaining to a sexual practice wherein a hand or arm is inserted into a rectum)  :: braquioproctal
brachiosaur {n} (dinosaur of the genus Brachiosaurus)  :: braquiosaurio {m}
brachium {n} (upper arm) SEE: upper arm  ::
brachygrapher {n} (stenographer) SEE: stenographer  ::
brachyuran {adj} /ˌbɹæk.iˈju.ɹən/ (of or pertaining to crabs)  :: perteneciente a los braquiuros
bracken {n} (any of several coarse ferns)  :: helecho {m}
bracket {n} (generically any of "(", ")", "[", "]", "{", "}", "<" and ">")  :: paréntesis {m}
bracket {n} (item attached to a wall to hold up a shelf)  :: consola {f}, soporte {m}
bracket {n} (round bracket) SEE: round bracket  ::
bracket {n} (square bracket) SEE: square bracket  ::
brackish {adj} (repulsive) SEE: repulsive  ::
brackish {adj} (slightly salty)  :: salobre
braconid {n} (any species of the family Braconidae)  :: bracónido {m}
bract {n} (leaf or leaf-like structure)  :: bráctea {f}
bradoon {n} (type of snaffle bit) SEE: bridoon  ::
bradycardia {n} (condition of having a slow heartbeat)  :: bradicardia {f}
brag {n} (boast) SEE: boast  ::
brag {v} /bɹæɡ/ (to boast)  :: fanfarronear, presumir, jactarse
braggadocio {n} /braɡaˈdoːt͡ʃo/ (braggart) SEE: braggart  ::
braggart {n} (one who boasts)  :: fanfarria {m}, fanfarrón {m}
brahman {n} (member of the first of the four castes of Hinduism)  :: brahmán {m}
Brahman {prop} (Brahmin) SEE: Brahmin  ::
Brahman {prop} (concept of Hinduism)  :: Brahman {m}
braid {n} (weave of three or more strands)  :: trenza {f}
braid {v} /bɹeɪd/ (intertwine)  :: trenzar
braids {n} (style of hair)  :: trenza {f}
braille {n} (system of writing using raised dots)  :: braille {m}
brain {n} /bɹeɪn/ (organ)  :: cerebro {m}
brain cancer {n} (cancer of the brain)  :: cáncer del cerebro {m}, cáncer cerebral {m}
brain cell {n} (cell in brain)  :: célula cerebral {f}
brainchild {n} /ˈbɹeɪn.tʃaɪld/ (creation)  :: bodeguero, invención {f}
brain drain {n} (emigration of educated people)  :: fuga de cerebros {f}
brain fart {n}  :: Una Laguna
brain mushroom {n} (fungus)  :: falsa colmenilla {f}
brain stem {n} (part of the brain that connects the spinal cord to the forebrain and cerebrum)  :: tronco del encéfalo {m}
brainstorm {n} (brainstorming) SEE: brainstorming  ::
brainwash {n} /ˈbreɪnwɒʃ/ (effect upon one's memory, belief or ideas)  :: lavado de cerebro {m}
brainwash {v} (to affect one's mind)  :: lavar el cerebro
brain-washing {n} (form of indoctrination)  :: lavado de cerebro {m}
braise {v} /bɹeɪz/ (To cook in a small amount of liquid)  :: guisar, estofar
brake {n} /bɹeɪk/ (device used to slow or stop a vehicle)  :: freno {m}
brake {v}  :: frenar
brake {v} (to operate brakes)  :: frenar
brake lining {n} (consumable surfaces in brake systems)  :: balata {f}
brake pad {n} (friction element in a disc brake)  :: pastilla de frenos
bramble {n} /ˈbɹæmbəl/ (blackberry)  :: mora {f}, zarzamora {m}
bramble {n}  :: zarza {f}
brambling {n} (bird)  :: pinzón real {m}
bran {n} /ˈbɹæn/ (outside layer of a grain)  :: salvado {m}, acemite [archaic], afrecho {m}
branch {n} /bɹæntʃ/ (woody part of a tree arising from the trunk and usually dividing)  :: rama {f}
branch {n} (location of an organization with several locations)  :: sucursal {f}
branch {n}  :: ramo {m}
branch {v} (to arise from the trunk or a larger branch of a tree)  :: ramificar [pronominal]
branch {v} (to divide into separate parts or subdivisions)  :: ramificar
branch {v} (to produce branches)  :: ramificar
branch off {v} (to diverge into two or more separate paths)  :: bifurcar [pronominal]
brand {n} (a specific product, service, or provider so distinguished)  :: marca {f}
brand {n} /bɹænd/ (burning wood, ember)  :: tizón {m}
brand {n} (marker for cattle) SEE: branding iron  ::
brand {n} (name, symbol, logo)  :: marca {f}
brandade {n} (puree of salted cod, olive oil, and milk)  :: brandada
branding iron {n} (bent piece of metal)  :: fierro {m}
brandish {v} /ˈbrændɪʃ/ (to move a weapon)  :: esgrimir, blandir
brand name {n} (trade name) SEE: trade name  ::
brand new {adj} (utterly new)  :: recién estrenado
brandy {n} /ˈbrændi/ (liquor)  :: brandy {m}, coñac {m}
brant {n} /bɹænt/ (wild geese of the genus Branta)  :: barnacla {f}
brash {adj} /bɹæʃ/ (impetuous or rash)  :: irreflexivo, precipitado
brash {adj} (insensitive or tactless)  :: tosco
Brasília {prop} /bɹɑˈsiːliə/ (The capital of Brazil)  :: Brasilia {f}
brass {n} /bɹæs/ (alloy of copper and zinc)  :: latón {m}
brass {n} (class of wind instruments)  :: cobres {m-p}
brassic {adj} /ˈbræsɪk/ (boracic) SEE: boracic  ::
brassiere {n} /brəˈzɪr/ (bra) SEE: bra  ::
brass knuckles {n} (weapon which reinforces the fist)  :: puño de acero {m}, puño americano {m}, manopla {f}
brat {n} /bɹæt/ (a selfish, spoiled, or unruly child)  :: mimado {m} chiflado {m}
brat {n} /bɹɑt/ (bratwurst) SEE: bratwurst  ::
Bratislava {prop} /ˌbrætɨˈslɑːvə/ (The capital of Slovakia)  :: Bratislava
bratwurst {n} (A small pork sausage)  :: bratwurst
Braunschweig {prop} (Brunswick) SEE: Brunswick  ::
bravado {n} (a false show of courage)  :: bravata {f}, bravuconada {f}
bravado {n} (a show of defiance or courage)  :: bravata {f}
brave {adj} /breɪv/ (strong in the face of fear)  :: valiente, valeroso, corajudo
bravely {adv} /ˈbreɪvli/ (in a brave manner)  :: valientemente
bravery {n} (being brave)  :: valor {m}
bravo {n} /ˈbɹɑvoʊ/ (the letter "B")  :: Barcelona
brawl {n} /bɹɔl/ (A fight or quarrel)  :: pelea {f}, trifulca
brawl {v} (fight or quarrel)  :: reyerto {m}, reyerta {f}, bronca {f}
brawn {n} /bɹɔːn/ (terrine)  :: queso de cabeza {m}
bray {n} (the cry of a donkey)  :: rebuzno {m}
bray {v} /bɹeɪ/ (to make the cry of a donkey)  :: rebuznar
brazen-faced {adj} /ˈbreɪ.zənˌfeɪst/ (Impudent)  :: sinvergüenza
brazier {n} /ˈbɹeɪ.ʒɚ/ (An upright standing or hanging metal bowl used for holding burning coal)  :: brasero {m}
Brazil {prop} /bɹəˈzɪl/ (Portuguese-speaking country in South America)  :: Brasil {m}
Brazilian {adj} (pertaining to Brazil)  :: brasileño, brasilero {m}
Brazilian {n} /bɹəˈzɪlɪən/ (person from Brazil)  :: brasileño {m}, brasileña {f}, brasilero
brazil nut {n}  :: coquito del Brasil, bertholletia excelsa
brazil nut {n} (nut)  :: nuez de Brasil {f}
brazil nut {n} (tree)  :: nuez de Brasil {f}
brazilwood {n} (timber tree)  :: palo Brasil {m}, pau-Brasil {m}, pernambuco {m}
Brazzaville {prop} (the capital of the Republic of the Congo)  :: Brazzaville
breach {n} (assault)  :: brecha {f}
breach {n} /bɹiːtʃ]/ (figuratively: the act of breaking)  :: brecha {f}
breach {n} (breaking of waves)  :: quebrada {f}
breach {n} (breaking up of amicable relations)  :: disolución {f}
breach {n} (break of a law or obligation)  :: violación {f}, brecha {f}
breach {n}  :: brecha {f}
breach {n} (gap)  :: brecha {f}, batería {f}, boquete {m}
breach of contract {n} (failure to perform)  :: incumplimiento de contrato {m}
breach of promise {n} (tort of withdrawing a promise to marry)  :: incumplimiento de la promesa de matrimonio {m}
bread {n} /breːd/ (baked dough made from cereals)  :: pan {m}
bread {n} (countable: any variety of bread)  :: pan {m}
bread {n} (slang: money)  :: pasta {f} (Spain), lana {f} (Mexico), plata {f} (Argentina)
bread {v} (to bread)  :: empanar, empanizar
breadbasket {n} (stomach) SEE: stomach  ::
breadbox {n} (a container for storing bread)  :: panera {f}
breadcrumb {n} (Internet) SEE: breadcrumbs  ::
breadcrumb {n} (tiny piece of bread)  :: miga, migaja {f}
breadfruit {n} /ˈbɹedfru:t/ (tree)  :: árbol del pan {m}
breadfruit {n} (fruit)  :: [Dominican Republic] buen pan {m}, [Puerto Rico] pana {f}, [Mexico] yaca {f}
bread machine {n} (household appliance which makes dough) SEE: bread maker  ::
breadmaker {n} /ˈbɹɛdˌmeɪkɚ/ (baker) SEE: baker  ::
breadmaker {n} (bread maker) SEE: bread maker  ::
breadth {n} (width) SEE: width  ::
breadwinner {n} (primary income-earner in a household)  :: cabeza de familia {f}
break {n} (instance of breaking something into pieces)  :: quebrar, ruptura {f}
break {v} /bɹeɪk/ (intransitive: to separate into (to end up in) two or more pieces)  :: romperse
break {v} (intransitive, of a bone: to crack)  :: romper, quebrar
break {v} (intransitive: to stop functioning properly or altogether)  :: descomponerse
break {v} (of a spell of weather: to end)  :: cambiar
break {v} (of a wave, to collapse into a surf)  :: romper
break {v} (transitive: to cause (a bone) to crack)  :: romper
break {v} (transitive: to cause to stop functioning)  :: descomponer
break {v} (transitive: to separate into (to cause to end up in) two or more pieces)  :: romper, quebrar
breakable {adj} (fragile) SEE: fragile  ::
break a law {v} (to violate a law)  :: violar la ley
break a leg {v} (to perform well)  :: mucha mierda
break a sweat {v} (to put effort into something)  :: sudar la gota gorda
break a sweat {v} (to start sweating)  :: comenzar a sudar
breakaway {adj} (having broken away from a larger unit)  :: separado, [politics] separatista
breakaway {n} (in cycling)  :: escapado {m}
break bad {v} /bɹeɪk bæd/ (to go wrong, to turn toward immorality or crime)  :: irse cuesta abajo
break bread {v} (Christianity)  :: comulgar
break bread {v} (to eat a meal, especially shared)  :: compartir el pan
break down {v} (to become unstable or collapse, mentally or otherwise)  :: transtornarse
break down {v} (to cease to function)  :: fallar, descomponerse, averiarse
break down {v} (to decay)  :: descomponerse, echarse a perder
break down {v} (to divide into parts for analysis)  :: desglosar
breakdown {n} (failure, particularly mechanical)  :: avería, descompostura {f} [America], pana {f} [Chile], panne {f} [Chile]
breakdown {n} (lapse of mental stability)  :: ataque de nervios {m}, colapso nervioso {m}
breakdown {n} (listing or categorization in great detail)  :: desglose {m}
breaker {n} /ˈbreɪkɚ/ (breakdancer) SEE: breakdancer  ::
break-even point {n} (The point where total costs equal total sales revenue)  :: punto muerto {m}
breakfast {n} /ˈbɹɛkfəst/ (first meal of the day)  :: desayuno {m}
breakfast {v} (to eat the morning meal)  :: desayunar
breakfast cereal {n} (food)  :: cereal {m}
break in {v} (to enter by force or illicitly)  :: irrumpir
break in {v} (to make something new function well through use)  :: domar
break in {v} (to tame (a horse))  :: domar
breaking news {n} (news that just happened or is happening)  :: noticias de última hora
break of dawn {n} (daybreak) SEE: daybreak  ::
break one's fast {v} (archaic: to eat breakfast)  :: desayunar
breakout {n} (An escape from any restrictive or confining situation)  :: evasión {f}
breakout {n} (An escape from prison)  :: evasión {f}
break ranks {v} (military)  :: romper filas
break someone's heart {v} (to cause a person to feel grief or sadness)  :: partirle a alguien el corazón
break the ice {v} /ˈbɹeɪk ðiː ˈaɪs/ (to start to get to know people, by avoiding awkwardness)  :: romper el hielo
breakthrough {n} /ˈbreɪkθruː/ (military advance)  :: brecha {f}
break up {v} (to end a relationship)  :: terminar, romper
breakup {n} (breakdown) SEE: breakdown  ::
breakwater {n} /bɹeɪkwɔːtə/ (construction in or around a harbour)  :: rompeolas {m}
breakwater {n} (the beach barrier)  :: rompeolas
bream {n} (Abramis brama)  :: brema {f}, platica {f}
bream {n} /bɹiːm/ (fish of the genus Abramis)  :: brema {f}
breast {n} (animal's thorax)  :: pechuga {f}
breast {n} /brɛst/ (female organ)  :: pecho {m}, seno {m}, teta {f}
breast {n} (chest)  :: pecho {m}
breast {n} (choice cut of meat from poultry or other animals)  :: pechuga {f}
breast {n} (seat of emotions)  :: corazón {m}
breast augmentation {n} (cosmetic procedure)  :: cirugia a los senos {f}, cirugia a los pechos {f}, [slang] arreglo de tetas
breastbone {n} (the central narrow bone in the front of the chest)  :: esternón {m}
breast cancer {n} (cancer of the breast)  :: cáncer de mama {m}
breastfeed {v} (feed a baby milk via the breasts)  :: dar teta, dar de mamar, lactar, dar el pecho
breastfeeding {n} /ˈbɹɛstˌfidɪŋ/ (activity)  :: lactancia {f}
breast milk {n} (milk produced by humans)  :: leche materna {f}
breast pump {n} (device used to extract breast milk)  :: sacaleche {f}
breaststroke {n} (swimming stroke)  :: braza {m}, estilo braza {m}
breastwork {n} (fortification consisting of a breast-high bulwark)  :: parapeto {m}
breath {n} (air expelled from the lungs)  :: aliento {m}
breath {n} /brɛθ/ (act or process of breathing)  :: respiración {f}
breath {n} (rest or pause)  :: respiro {m}
breath {n} (single act of breathing in and out)  :: respiración, aliento {m}
breathalyzer {n} (a device that measures alcohol in expired air)  :: alcoholímetro {m}, alcotest {m}
breathe {v} /bɹiːð/ (to draw air in and out)  :: respirar
breathe down someone's neck {v} (to follow or supervise too closely)  :: tener a alguien en la mira
breather {n} /bɹiː.ðə(ɹ)/ (something that breathes)  :: respirador {m}
breather {n} (short break)  :: respiro {m}
breathing {n} (act of respiration)  :: respiración {f}
breathlessness {n} (difficult respiration) SEE: shortness of breath  ::
breathtaking {adj} /ˈbɹɛθˌteɪ.kɪŋ/ (stunningly beautiful)  :: impresionante, emocionante, asombroso, fascinador, fascinante
breccia {n} /ˈbɹɛtʃ(ɪ)ə/ (rock)  :: brecha {f}
breeches {n} /bɹiːtʃəz/ (a garment worn by men, covering the hips and thighs)  :: calzones
breed {n} (all animals or plants of the same species or subspecies)  :: raza {f} (of animals), variedad {f} (of plants)
breed {n} (race or lineage)  :: raza {f} (of animals), casta {f} (of people), cepa {f} (of plants), variedad {f} (of plants)
breed {v} /briːd/ (to sexually produce offspring)  :: criar, procrear
breed {v} (of animals, to mate)  :: aparearse
breed {v} (to keep animals and have them reproduce)  :: criar
breed {v} (to propagate or grow plants)  :: criar, cultivar
breed {v} (to take care of in infancy and through childhood)  :: criar
breed {v} (to yield or result in)  :: engendrar
breeder {n} /bɹiːdə(ɹ)/ (professional plants or animal breeder)  :: criador {m}
breeze {n} /bɹiːz/ (a light, gentle wind)  :: brisa {f}
breezefly {n} (horsefly) SEE: horsefly  ::
breezy {adj} ((figuratively) cheerful and lively)  :: fresco
brent goose {n} (Small member of the goose family)  :: barnacla carinegra {f}
Brescia {prop} /ˈbɹɛʃə/ (city and province of Italy)  :: Brescia
Breslau {prop} (Wroclaw) SEE: Wroclaw  ::
Brest {prop} (A city in Belarus)  :: Brest
Brest {prop} /bɹɛst/ (A city in Brittany)  :: Brest
brethren {n} /ˈbrɛðrən/ (the body of members)  :: hermanos {p}
Breton {adj} (pertaining to Brittany)  :: bretón
Breton {n} /ˈbɹɛtən/ (person from Brittany)  :: bretón {m}, bretona {f}
Breton {prop} (the language)  :: bretón {m}
breviary {n} /ˈbrɛv.i.ɛɹ.i/ (a book containing prayers and hymns)  :: breviario {m}
brevier {n}  :: gallarda
brevity {n} /ˈbɹɛv.ɪ.ti/ (the quality of being brief in duration)  :: brevedad {f}
brew {n} (something brewed)  :: destilado {m}
brew {v} /bɹuː/ (to prepare liquor)  :: fermentar, destilar
brew {v} (to be in a state of preparation; to be mixing, forming, or gathering)  :: hirviendo, fermentando
brewer {n} /ˈbɹuː.ə(ɹ)/ (someone who brews)  :: cervecero, brebajero
brewery {n} (building where beer is produced)  :: cervecería {f}
brewing {n} (production of alcoholic beverages)  :: elaboración de cerveza {f},
Brezhnev {prop} (surname)  :: Brézhnev
bribe {n} /braɪb/ (inducement to dishonesty)  :: soborno {m}, [colloquial] coima {f} [Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay], matraca {f} [Venezuela], mordida {f} [Mexico], cohecho, alfadía {f}
bribe {v} (to give a bribe)  :: sobornar, cohechar
bribery {n} /ˈbɹaɪbəɹi/ (making of illegal payment)  :: soborno {m}, cohecho {m}
BRIC {prop} (Brazil, Russia, India, and China)  :: BRIC {m}
brick {n} (a building material)  :: ladrillo {m}
brick {n} /bɹɪk/ (hardened block used for building)  :: ladrillo {m}
bricklayer {n} (craftsman)  :: albañil {m}
brickyard {n} (factory where bricks are produced or distributed)  :: tejar {m}
bricolage {n} /ˌbɹi.koʊˈlɑʒ]/ (construction)  :: bricolaje {m}
bride {n} /bɹaɪd/ (bride)  :: novia {f}
bridegroom {n} (bridegroom, groom)  :: novio {m}
bridesmaid {n} /ˈbɹaɪdzˌmeɪd/ (woman who attends the bride at a wedding ceremony)  :: dama de honor {f}
bridge {n} /bɹɪd͡ʒ/ (construction or natural feature that spans a divide)  :: puente {m}, bóveda {f} [El Salvador]
bridge {n} (card game)  :: bridge {m}
bridge {n} (communications)  :: pasarela {f}
bridge {n} (nautical)  :: puente {m}
bridge {n} (replacement for teeth)  :: puente {m}
Bridget {prop} (female given name)  :: Brigida
Bridgetown {prop} /ˈbɹɪdʒˌtaʊn/ (capital of Barbados)  :: Bridgetown
bridle {n} /ˈbɹaɪdəl/ (headgear for horse)  :: brida {f}
brie {n} /bɹiː/ (mild French cheese)  :: brie {m}
brief {adj} /bɹiːf/ (of short duration)  :: breve, corto
brief {adj} (concise)  :: conciso, sucinto
brief {n} (a short news story or report)  :: resumen {m}
brief {v} (to summarize)  :: poner al tanto
briefcase {n} /ˈbriːfˌkeɪs/ (case used for carrying documents)  :: maletín {m}
briefly {adv} (in a brief manner)  :: concisamente
briefs {n} (male underwear)  :: slip
brig {n} (naval military jail or guardhouse)  :: calabozo {m}
brig {n} (two-masted vessel)  :: bergantín {m}
brigand {n} /ˈbɹɪɡ.ənd/ (bandit)  :: bandido {m}
brigandine {n} /ˈbɹɪɡəndiːn/ (coat of armor)  :: brigantina {f}
bright {adj} /bɹaɪt/ (visually dazzling, luminous, radiant)  :: claro, brillante, resplandeciente, luminoso, lucio
bright {adj} (happy)  :: alegre
bright {adj} (intelligent)  :: brillante, inteligente, genial
bright {adj}  :: subido [colour]
bright {adj} (vivid)  :: expresivo, vívido, vivo
brilliance {n} /ˈbɹɪljən(t)s/ (The quality of being exceptionally effulgent)  :: brillantez {f}
brilliance {n} (The quality of having extraordinary mental capacity)  :: brillantez {f}
brilliant {adj} /ˈbɹɪljənt/ (shining brightly)  :: brillante
brilliant {adj} (highly intelligent)  :: brillante
brilliant {adj} (magnificent or wonderful (primarily UK usage))  :: brillante
brilliant {adj} (of a colour: both light and saturated)  :: brillante
brilliant {adj} (surpassing excellence (primarily UK usage))  :: brillante
brilliant {n} (4-point type)  :: perla
brim {n} /brɪm/ (the topmost rim or lip of a container)  :: borde {m}
brimstone {n} (sulfur) SEE: sulfur  ::
Brindisi {prop} (town)  :: Brindisi
brindled {adj} /ˈbrɪndəld/ (streaky, spotted)  :: aleonado
brine {n} /braɪn/ (salt water)  :: salmuera {f}
brine {n} (the sea or ocean)  :: agua de mar {f}
brine {v} (to preserve food in a salt solution)  :: poner en salmuera, salar
bring {v} /ˈbɹiːŋ/ (to transport toward somebody/somewhere)  :: traer (bringer is coming), llevar (bringer is going)
bring about {v} (To accomplish)  :: lograr
bring about {v} (To cause to take place)  :: traer, provocar
bring forth {v} (to give birth) SEE: give birth  ::
bring home the bacon {v} (to make a living)  :: ganarse la vida
bring to a boil {v} (heat something until it reaches boiling point)  :: poner a hervir
bring to light {v} (expose)  :: hacer público
bring up {v} (to bring from a lower position)  :: levantar, alzar, traer (desde abajo)
bring up {v} (to raise children)  :: criar
bring up {v} (to stop or interrupt)  :: detener, interrumpir
bring up the rear {v} (to be last in a moving line of people)  :: cerrar la marcha
brinjal {n} (an aubergine) SEE: eggplant  ::
brink {n} /bɹɪŋk/ (edge)  :: borde {m}
briny {n} (sea) SEE: sea  ::
brioche {n} (type of bun)  :: pan de yema {m}, bollo suizo {m}
Brisbane {prop} /ˈbɹɪzbən/ (Capital of Queensland, Australia)  :: Brisbane {m}
brisk {adj} (abrupt, sharp in one's manner or tone)  :: brusco
brisk {adj} /bɹɪsk/ (full of liveliness and activity)  :: brioso, enérgico
brisk {adj} (full of spirit of life)  :: vital
brisk {adj} (stimulating or invigorating)  :: vigorizante
brisket {n} (a cut of meat from an animal chest)  :: falda
brisket {n} (the chest of an animal)  :: pecho
briskly {adv} /ˈbɹɪskli/ (fast, quickly, swiftly)  :: con brío, brioso; rápido, enérgico
bristle {n} /ˈbrɪs.əl/ (stiff or coarse hair)  :: cerda {f}
bristle {n} (hair or straw of a brush, broom etc.)  :: cerda {f}
bristletail {n} (insect of the order Thysanura)  :: pececillo de plata {m}, lepisma de la harina {f}, lepisma del azúcar {f}
Brit {n} /bɹɪt/ (British person) SEE: Briton  ::
Britain {prop} (Brittany) SEE: Brittany  ::
Britain {prop} /ˈbɹɪ.tn̩/ (island, see also: Great Britain, see also: British Isles)  :: Gran Bretaña {f} [only full name is used for the island]
Britain {prop} (United Kingdom) SEE: United Kingdom  ::
britches {n} /bɹɪtʃəz/ (breeches) SEE: breeches  ::
britches {n} (pants) SEE: pants  ::
Briticism {n} (word or expression used in Britain)  :: anglicismo {m}
British {adj} (colloquial: of the UK)  :: británico
British {adj} (of Britain)  :: británico
British {prop} /ˈbɹɪt.ɪʃ/ (citizens or inhabitants of Britain)  :: británicos {m-p}
British {prop} (the British English language)  :: inglés británico
British {prop} (the citizens or inhabitants of the UK)  :: británicos {m-p}
British Columbia {prop} /ˈbɹɪt.ɪʃ ˌkə.lʌə/ (Province in western Canada)  :: Columbia Británica {f}
British Commonwealth {prop} (Commonwealth of Nations) SEE: Commonwealth of Nations  ::
British English {prop} (English language as in Britain, especially in England)  :: inglés británico {m}
Britisher {n} /ˈbrɪtɪʃə/ (British subject)  :: británico {m}
British Isles {prop} /ˌbɹɪ.tɪʃ ˈaɪlz/ (group of islands)  :: las Islas Británicas {f-p}
British Virgin Islands {prop} (a British overseas territory in the Caribbean)  :: Islas Vírgenes Británicas {f-p}
Briton {n} /ˈbrɪtən/ (inhabitant of Great Britain)  :: británico {m}, británica {f}, británicos {m-p}, británicas {f-p}
Brittany {prop} /ˈbɹɪt(ə)ni/ (region of North West France)  :: Bretaña {f}
brittle {adj} (apt to break or crumble when bending)  :: frágil
brittle {adj} /ˈbɹɪtl̩/ (able to break or snap easily under stress or pressure)  :: frágil, quebradizo, friable
brittle {n} (confection of caramelized sugar and nuts)  :: crocante {m}
brittleness {n} (property)  :: fragilidad {f}
bro {n} /bɹoʊ/ (brother; a male comrade or friend; one who shares one’s ideals)  :: compadre {m}
broach {n} /bɹoʊtʃ/ (brooch) SEE: brooch  ::
broad {adj} /bɹɔːd/ (wide) SEE: wide  ::
broad {n} (colloquial term for a woman or girl)  :: pava {f} [es], piba [arg, uy]
broad {n} (whore) SEE: whore  ::
broadband {n} (high-capacity internet connection)  :: banda ancha {f}
broadcast {n} (a program transmitted)  :: programa {m}
broadcast {n} /ˈbrɔːdkæst/ (a radio or TV transmission on air)  :: emisión {f}
broaden {v} (to become broad)  :: ensancharse
broaden {v} (to make broad)  :: ensanchar
broad-winged hawk {n} (Buteo platypterus)  :: águila aliancha {m}, gavilán aliancho {m}
broccoli {n} /ˈbɹɑ.kə.li/ (plant Brassica oleracea var. italica)  :: brécol {m}, bróculi {m}, brócoli {m}
brochure {n} /bɹoʊˈʃʊɚ/ (booklet of printed informational matter)  :: folleto {m}
broke {adj} /broʊk/ (lacking money; bankrupt)  :: pelado, sin un duro, sin un peso
brokeback {adj} (derelict) SEE: derelict  ::
brokeback {adj} (hunchbacked) SEE: hunchbacked  ::
broken {adj} /ˈbrəʊkən/ (fragmented)  :: roto {m}, quebrado {m}
broken {adj} (completely defeated and dispirited)  :: destrozado {m}, derrotado {m}, descorazonado {m}
broken {adj} (disconnected)  :: cortado {m} {f}, desconectado {m} {f}, discontinuo {m}
broken {adj} (having no money)  :: quebrado {m}, [Mexico] seco {m}, bruja {m} {f}
broken {adj} (having the bone in pieces, fractured)  :: roto {m}, fracturado {m}
broken {adj} (not working properly)  :: descompuesto {m}, averiado {m}
broken {adj} (of a line: dashed)  :: discontinua {f}
broken {adj} (of skin: split or ruptured)  :: cortada {f}
broken {adj} (uneven of relief, cut by valleys)  :: irregular {m} {f}, disparejo {m}
broken heart {n} (feeling of grief or loss)  :: corazón partido {m}
broken record {n} (Someone or something that constantly repeats itself, causing annoyance)  :: disco rayado {m}
broker {n} (mediator between a buyer and seller)  :: corredor, intermediario {m}
brokerage {n} (company whose business is to act as a broker)  :: corredor {m}
brokerage {n} (the commission paid to a broker)  :: corretaje {m}
bromide {n} /ˈbɹoʊ.maɪd/ (chemistry: binary compound of bromine and another element)  :: bromuro {m}
bromide {n} (dull person with conventional thoughts)  :: pelmazo
bromide {n} (platitude) SEE: platitude  ::
bromine {n} /ˈbroʊmin/ (nonmetallic chemical element)  :: bromo {m}
bromocriptine {n} (ergoline derivative)  :: bromocriptina {f}
bronchial {adj} (Of or relating to the bronchi or to the bronchioles)  :: bronquial
bronchitis {n} (inflammation of the lungs)  :: bronquitis {f}
bronchodilator {n} (drug used to dilate and relax the bronchial passages)  :: broncodilatador {m}
bronchospasm {n} (difficulty in breathing due to a contraction of smooth muscle in the walls of the bronchi and bronchioles)  :: broncoespasmo {m}
bronchus {n} (Either or two branches of the trachea)  :: bronquio {m}
bronze {adj} (having a bronze colour)  :: bronceado {m}
bronze {adj} (tanned; darkened as a result of exposure to the sun)  :: tostado, bronceado
bronze {n} /bɹɑnz/ (alloy)  :: bronce {m}
bronze {n} (bronze medal) SEE: bronze medal  ::
bronze {n} (colour)  :: bronce {m}, broncíneo {m}, broncínea {f}
bronze {n} (work of art made of bronze)  :: obra de arte hecha de bronce
bronze {v} (to plate with bronze)  :: pavonar
bronze {v} (to tan) SEE: tan  ::
Bronze Age {prop} (archaeology)  :: Edad de Bronce {f}
bronzewing pigeon {n} (Australian pigeon) SEE: bronzewing  ::
brooch {n} /bɹoʊtʃ/ (jewellery with pin)  :: broche {m}
brood {n} /bruːd/  :: nidada {m}
brooding {adj} (deeply or seriously thoughtful)  :: meditativo
broody {n} (female bird in the condition to incubate eggs)  :: clueca {f}, culeca {f}
brook {n} (a small stream)  :: arroyo {m}
brook {v} /bɹʊk/ (tolerate) SEE: tolerate  ::
brook alder {n} (American winterberry) SEE: American winterberry  ::
broom {n} /bɹuːm/ (domestic utensil)  :: escoba {f}, [Chile, Argentina] escobillón {m}
broom {n} (Fabaceae shrub)  :: retama {f}
broom {n} (sweeper in curling)  :: cepillo {m}
bros. {n}  :: hnos.
broth {n} /bɹɔθ/ (water in which food (meat or vegetable etc) has been boiled)  :: caldo {m}
brothel {n} /ˈbɹɔθəl/ (house of prostitution)  :: casa de citas {f}, bulín {m} [Peru], burdel {m}, lupanar {m}, prostíbulo {m}, mancebía {f}, casa de putas {f}
brother {n} /ˈbɹʌðɚ/ (male sibling)  :: hermano {m}, par
brother {n} (male fellow member of a religious community)  :: hermano {m}
brother {n} (male having parents in common)  :: hermano {m}
brotherhood {n} (an association of any purpose, a fraternity)  :: hermandad {f}
brotherhood {n} /ˈbɹʌðɚhʊd/ (state of being brothers or a brother)  :: fraternidad {f}
brother-in-law {n} /ˈbɹʌðɚ ɪn ˌlɔ/ (one's husband's brother)  :: cuñado {m}
brother-in-law {n} (one's husband's sister's husband)  :: concuñado {m}
brother-in-law {n} (one's sister's husband)  :: cuñado {m}
brother-in-law {n} (one's wife's brother)  :: cuñado {m}
brother-in-law {n} (one's wife's sister's husband)  :: concuñado {m}
brotherly {adj} /ˈbɹʌð.ɚ.li/ (of or characteristic of brothers)  :: fraternal, fraterno
brothers {n} /ˈbrʌðə(ɹ)z/ (male siblings)  :: hermanos {m-p}
brow {n} /braʊ/ (eyebrow) SEE: eyebrow  ::
brow {n} (forehead) SEE: forehead  ::
browbeat {v} /ˈbraʊ.biːt/ (to bully in an intimidating way)  :: intimidar
brown {adj} (having a brown colour)  :: marrón {m}, café {m} {f}, pardo {m}, castaño
brown {n} /bɹaʊn/ (colour)  :: marrón {m}, café {m} [Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Mexico], canelo {m} [the Canary Islands], carmelita {m} [Cuba], carmelito {m} [Colombia], [for hair] castaño {m}, [for brown bear] pardo {m}, [for skin] moreno {m}, [for suntanned skin] bronceado {m}, moreno {m} [Spain]
brown {v} (to become brown)  :: pardear
brown {v} (to cook until brown)  :: dorar
brown {v} (to tan) SEE: tan  ::
brown bear {n} (Ursus arctos)  :: oso pardo {m}
brown coal {n} (lignite) SEE: lignite  ::
brown dwarf {n} (starlike object)  :: enana marrón
brown falcon {n}  :: halcón berigora {m}
brown hare {n} (brown hare) SEE: European hare  ::
Brownian motion {n} (random motion of particles suspended in a fluid)  :: movimiento browniano {m}
brownish {adj} (of a colour which resembles brown; somewhat brown)  :: pardusco
brownnose {v} (fawn) SEE: fawn  ::
brownnose {v} (to flatter in obsequious manner)  :: lamer el culo
brown noser {n} (one who brownnoses)  :: pelota {m} {f}, lameculos {m} {f}
brown rat {n} (Rattus norvegicus)  :: rata común {f}
brown sugar {n} (partially refined sugar)  :: azúcar moreno {m}
browse {v} (scan, casually look through)  :: navegar
browser {n} /ˈbɹaʊzə(ɹ)/ (web browser) SEE: web browser  ::
Bruges {prop} /bɹuːʒ/ (city in Belgium)  :: Brujas
bruise {n} (mark on fruit)  :: maca {f}
bruise {n} (medical: mark on the skin)  :: moratón {m} [colloquial], moretón {m} [colloquial], cardenal {m}
bruise {v} /bɹuːz/ (strike (a person), giving them a bruise)  :: magullar
bruise {v} (cause fruit to bruise)  :: mazar, magullar, machacar
bruise {v} (of fruit, to gain bruises)  :: estropearse
bruise {v} (to get bruised)  :: magullarse, salirse moratones, moretonearse, amoratarse
brunch {n} (a meal)  :: brunch {m}
Brunei {prop} /bruːˈnaɪ/ (A country in Southeast Asia)  :: Brunéi
Bruneian {adj} (pertaining to Brunei)  :: bruneano, de Brunéi
Bruneian {n} (person from Brunei)  :: bruneano {m} bruneana {f}
brunette {adj} /bɹʊnɛt/ (Of a woman having brown or black hair)  :: castaña clara, castaña oscura, morena, morocha
brunette {n} (A girl or woman with brown or black hair)  :: morocha {f}, morena {f}
brunette {n} (often with dark eyes and a relatively dark or olive complexion)  :: morena {f} (specifically, dark complexion)
brunion {n} (nectarine) SEE: nectarine  ::
Bruno {prop} /ˈbɹunoʊ/ (male given name)  :: Bruno {m}
brunost {n} (cheese)  :: geitost
Brunswick {prop} (Braunschweig, Germany)  :: Brunsvigo {m}, Brunsvico {m}
brush {n} (act of brushing)  :: cepillado {m}
brush {n} /bɹʌʃ/ (implement)  :: pincel {m}, cepillo {m}, escobilla {f}, brocha {f}
brush {n} (electrical contact)  :: [technical] escobilla {f}
brush {n} (short experience)  :: pincelada {f}
brush {n} (wild vegetation)  :: matorral {m}
brush {v} (to apply)  :: aplicar
brush {v} (to clean (with a brush))  :: cepillar
brush {v} (to remove)  :: recoger
brush {v} (to touch)  :: rozar
brush {v} (to untangle/arrange)  :: cepillar
brushstroke {n} (stroke of a brush)  :: pincelada {f}
brushtail {n} (brushtail possum) SEE: brushtail possum  ::
brush up {v} (to improve a rusty or underdeveloped skill)  :: desempolvar
brushwood {n} (fallen branches and twigs)  :: broza {f}
brusque {adj} /bɹʌsk/ (rudely abrupt, unfriendly)  :: brusco
brusquely {adv} (in a brusque manner)  :: bruscamente
Brussels {prop} /ˈbɹʌsəlz/ (capital of Belgium)  :: Bruselas {f}
Brussels sprout {n} (vegetable)  :: col de Bruselas {f}
brutality {n} (a state of being brutal)  :: brutalidad {f}
brutalize {v} (brutalise) SEE: brutalise  ::
brutally {adv} (in a brutal manner)  :: brutalmente
brute {adj}  :: bruto, bestia
brute {adj} /bɹuːt/ (of humans: senseless, unreasoning)  :: bruto
brute {adj} (crude, unpolished)  :: bruto
brute {n} (animal destitute of human reason)  :: bestia {f}
brute {n} (brutal person)  :: bruto {m}
Brutus {prop} /ˈbrutəs/ (Roman cognomen)  :: Bruto
Bryansk {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Briansk {m}
Bryce {prop} (given name)  :: Bryce
Bryce {prop} (surname)  :: Bryce
bryophyte {n} /ˈbɹʌɪəfʌɪt/ (member of the Bryophyta; moss, liverwort, or hornwort)  :: briofita {f}, briófito {m}, briofito {m}
Brythonic {adj} /brɪˈθɒnɪk/ (of or relating to the Brythonic language subgroup)  :: britónico
bête noire {n} /bɛt ˈnwɑɹ/ (an anathema)  :: bestia negra {f}
bubble {n} /ˈbʌb.əl/ (spherically contained volume of air or other gas)  :: burbuja {f}, pompa {f} [soap bubble]
bubble {n} (Greek) SEE: Greek  ::
bubble {n} (period of intense speculation in a market)  :: burbuja {f}
bubble {n} (someone who has been fooled) SEE: dupe  ::
bubble {v} (to cheat, delude) SEE: cheat  ::
bubble {v} (to cry, weep) SEE: weep  ::
bubble {v} (to rise up in bubbles)  :: burbujear
bubble butt {n} (large, rounded buttocks)  :: culón {m}
bubble level {n} (tool) SEE: spirit level  ::
bubo {n} /ˈbu.boʊ/ (inflamed lymph node)  :: bubón {m}
bubonic plague {n} (disease caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis)  :: peste bubónica {f}
Bucalemu {prop} (Bucalemu)  :: Bucalemu {m}, Bucalemo {m}
Bucharest {prop} (The capital of Romania)  :: Bucarest
buck {n} /bʌk/ (male deer, goat, etc.)  :: buco {m}, gamo {m}, macho {m}, macho {m} cabrío, macho del conejo {m} [rabbit]
buck {n} (fop or dandy)  :: caballerete {m}, pisaverde {m}
buck {n} (informal: dollar)  :: pavo {m}, pavos {m-p}
buck {n} (ram) SEE: ram  ::
buck {v} (of a horse: to leap upward arching its back, kicking out hind legs)  :: corcovear
buckberry {n} (Vaccinium stamineum) SEE: deerberry  ::
bucket {n} /ˈbʌkɪt/ (container)  :: balde {m} [Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Eastern Cuba, Panama, Puerto Rico, South America, Spain's Canary Islands], cubeta {m} [El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua], cubo {m} [Spain standard usage, Cuban standard usage], pozal {m} [Northern Spain, specifically Aragon and Navarra], tobo {m} [Venezuela]
bucket {v} (rain heavily)  :: llover a cántaros
Buckingham Palace {prop} (the official London residence of the British monarch)  :: Palacio de Buckingham {m}
buckle {n} (belt clasp)  :: hebilla
buckle {v} /ˈbʌk(ə)l/ (to buckle down) SEE: buckle down  ::
buckler {n} /ˈbʌk.lə/ (shield)  :: escudo {m}, rodela {f}
buckle up {v} (to fasten one's seat belt or safety belt)  :: abrochar el cinturón [pronominal]
buckskin {n}  :: ante {m}, piel de ante {f}
buckwheat {n} /ˈbʌkwiːt/ (Fagopyrum esculentum plant)  :: alforfón {m}
buckwheat {n} (fruit of this plant as cereal)  :: alforfón {m}
bucolic {adj} /bjuˈkɑlɪk/ (rustic, pastoral, country-styled)  :: bucólico
bucolic {adj}  :: bucólico
bud {n} /bʌd/ (newly formed leaf or flower that has not yet unfolded)  :: botón {m}, brote {m}, retoño {m}, yema {f}
bud {n} (slang: buddy)  :: amigote {m}
bud {n} (slang: potent cannabis)  :: cogollo
bud {n} (small rounded body in the process of splitting from an organism, which may grow into a genetically identical new organism)  :: yema {f}
bud {v} (to form buds)  :: florecer, brotar, retoñar
bud {v} (to reproduce by splitting off buds)  :: reproducirse por gemación
Budapest {prop} /ˈbuːdəpɛst/ (the capital city of Hungary)  :: Budapest {m}
buddha {n} (enlightened human being)  :: Buda {m}
Buddha {n} /buːdə/ (Buddha)  :: Buda {m}
Buddha's hand {n} (citrus fruit)  :: mano de buda {f}
Buddhism {n} /ˈbu.dɪ.zəm/ (religion and philosophy)  :: budismo {m}
Buddhist {adj} /ˈbudɪst/ (of, relating to, or practicing Buddhism)  :: budista
Buddhist {adj} (of, relating to a Buddhist, Buddhists)  :: budista
Buddhist {n} (practitioner of Buddhism)  :: budista {m} {f}
Buddhist Era {prop} (calendrical system)  :: era budista {f}
Buddhistic {adj} (of, relating to Buddhism)  :: búdico
buddy {n} /bʌ.di/ (friend or casual acquaintance)  :: compañero {m}, acompañante {m} {f}, camarada {m} {f}, cuate {m}
buddy {n} (informal address to a stranger)  :: colega {m} {f}
buddy {n} (partner for a particular activity)  :: colega {m} {f}
budge {v} /bʌdʒ/ (intransitive: to move)  :: mover [pronominal]
budge {v} (transitive: to move)  :: mover
budgerigar {n} (species of parakeet)  :: periquito {m}
budget {adj} (of, or relating to a budget)  :: presupuesto {m}
budget {n} /ˈbʌdʒ.ɪt/ (amount of money or resources)  :: presupuesto {m}
budget {n} (itemized summary of intended expenditure)  :: presupuesto
budget {v} (allow for in a budget)  :: presupuestar
budget {v} (construct or draw up a budget)  :: presupuestar
budget {v} (plan for the use of in a budget)  :: presupuestar
budgetary {adj} (of or pertaining to a budget)  :: presupuestario, presupuestal
budyonovka {n} (a Red Army hat (during the Russian Civil War))  :: budiónovka {f}
Buenos Aires {prop} (capital of Argentina)  :: Buenos Aires
buff {n} (A brownish yellow colour)  :: color del ante
buff {n} (a person who is very interested in a particular subject)  :: aficionado {m}
buffalo {n} /ˈbʌf.ə.loʊ/ (Old World mammals)  :: búfalo {m}
buffalo {n} (North American bison)  :: bisonte {m}
Buffalo {prop} (a city in New York State)  :: Buffalo
buffer {n} /ˈbʌfɚ/ (portion of memory in computing)  :: memoria intermedia {f}
buffer {n} (solution to stabilize pH)  :: tampón, solución amortiguadora, solución reguladora
buffer {v} (maintain a given acidity)  :: tamponar
buffer solution {n} (buffer solution)  :: solución tampón
bufflehead {n} /ˈbʌfl.hɛd/ (a duck in the goldeneye genus, Bucephala albeola)  :: Porrón coronado, pato moñudo, pato pinto, porrón albeola
bug {n} (a colloquial name for insect)  :: bicho {m}
bug {n} (an electronic listening device)  :: micrófono oculto {m}
bug {n} (an enthusiasm for something)  :: manía {f}, passión {f}
bug {n} /bʌɡ/ (an insect of the order Hemiptera)  :: chinche {m}
bug {n} (problem that needs fixing (especially in computing))  :: error {m}, fallo {m}, defecto {m}
bug {v} (to annoy)  :: molestar
bug {v} (to install an electronic listening device in)  :: colocar micrófonos ocultos
bugger {n} /ˈbʌɡɚ/ (heretic) SEE: heretic  ::
bugger {n}  :: majadero, jodón, fregón, fastidio
bugger {n} (whippersnapper) SEE: whippersnapper  ::
bugger factor {n} (Murphy's law) SEE: Murphy's law  ::
bugger off {interj} (go away) SEE: get lost  ::
buggy {n} /bʌ.ɡi/ (pushchair) SEE: pushchair  ::
bughouse chess {n} (variant of chess)  :: Pasapiezas
bugle {n} (music: simple brass instrument)  :: clarín {m}
bug screen {n} (window screen) SEE: window screen  ::
bug spray {n} (insecticide for household pests)  :: repelente de insectos {f}
build {v} /bɪld/ ((transitive) to form by combining materials or parts)  :: construir, edificar
build castles in the air {v} (to have an idea unlikely to be realized)  :: hacer castillos en el aire, forjar castillos en el aire, levantar castillos en el aire, hacer castillos de naipes
builder {n} (a bodybuilder) SEE: bodybuilder  ::
builder {n} /ˈbɪl.dɚ/ (a person who builds or constructs things)  :: constructor {m}, constructor civil {m}
building {n} /ˈbɪldɪŋ/ (act or process of building)  :: edificación {f}, construcción {f}
building {n} (closed structure with walls and a roof)  :: edificio {m}
building blocks {n} (toy)  :: bloques de construcción {m-p}
building worker {n} (construction worker) SEE: construction worker  ::
built-in {adj} (constructed as a non-detachable part)  :: empotrado
built-in {adj} (included)  :: incluido {m}
Buin {prop} (Buin)  :: Buin {m}
Bujumbura {prop} /ˌbuːdʒəmˈbʊɹə/ (capital of Burundi)  :: Buyumbura
bukkake {n} /buˈkɑː.ki/ (pornographic genre)  :: bukkake, bukake, bucake
bulb {n} /bʌlb/ (rounded solid object)  :: cormo {m}
bulb {n} (bulb-shaped root)  :: bulbo {m}
bulb {n} (light bulb) SEE: light bulb  ::
Bulgaria {prop} /bʌlˈɡɛɹ.i.ə/ (country)  :: Bulgaria {f}
Bulgarian {adj} /bʌlˈɡɛɹiən/ (relating to Bulgaria, its people or the Bulgarian language)  :: búlgaro
Bulgarian {n} (native of Bulgaria)  :: búlgaro {m}, búlgara {f}
Bulgarian {prop} (language)  :: búlgaro {m}
Bulgarian Hound {n} (Bulgarian Hound)  :: sabueso de Bulgaria {m}
bulge {n} (Something sticking out)  :: bulto {m}, abultamiento {m}, protuberancia {f}
bulge {v} (to stick out from)  :: abultar
bulimia {n} (eating disorder)  :: bulimia, bulimia nerviosa {f}
bulimia nervosa {n} (eating disorder) SEE: bulimia  ::
bulimic {adj} (of, or relating to, bulimia nervosa)  :: bulímico
bulimic {adj} (suffering from bulimia nervosa)  :: bulímico
bulimic {n} (person suffering from bulimia)  :: bulímico
bulk {adj} (large in size, mass, or volume)  :: masivo {m}, masiva {f}
bulk {n} /bʌlk/ (size, mass or volume)  :: masa {f}
bulk {n} (major part of something)  :: grueso
bulk {n} (unpackaged goods in transport)  :: bulto
bulkhead {n} (partition on ship)  :: mamparo
bulky {adj} /ˈbʌlki/ (large in size, mass, or volume)  :: voluminoso
bulky {adj} (unwieldy)  :: abultado
bull {n} /bʊl/ (uncastrated adult male bovine)  :: toro {m}
bull {n} (document)  :: bula
bull {n} (nonsense)  :: bulo {m}
bull {v} (lie) SEE: lie  ::
bullcrap {n} (bullshit) SEE: bullshit  ::
bulldog {n} (breed of dog)  :: bulldog {m}, buldog {m}, dogo {m}
bulldog {n} (British bulldog) SEE: British bulldog  ::
bulldozer {n} /ˈbʊldoʊzɚ/ (tractor)  :: aplanadora {f}, bulldozer {m}
bull dyke {n} (masculine lesbian)  :: marimacho
bullectomy {n} (surgical procedure)  :: bullectomía {f}
bullet {n} /bʊl.ɪt/ (projectile)  :: bala {f}, proyectil {m}
bulletin {n} (A short news report)  :: boletín {m}
bulletin {n} (A short printed publication)  :: boletín {m}
bulletin {n} /ˈbʊlɪtɪn/ (A short report)  :: boletín {m}
bulletin board {n} (a board)  :: tablón de anuncios {m}
bulletproof {adj} /bʊl.ɪtpɹuːf/ (capable of withstanding a bullet)  :: antibalas, prueba de balas
bulletproof {adj} (reliable, infallible)  :: infalible
bulletproof vest {n} (bulletproof vest)  :: chaleco antibalas {m}
bullet train {n} (a Japanese high-speed train)  :: tren de alta velocidad, shinkansen {m}
bull fiddle {n} (instrument) SEE: double bass  ::
bullfighter {n} (a toreador or matador)  :: torero {m}, matador {m}, diestro {m}
bullfighting {n} (spectacle of manipulating and killing a bull)  :: toreo {m}, tauromaquia {f}, corrida de toros {f}
bullfinch {n} (Pyrrhula pyrrhula)  :: camachuelo {m}
bullfrog {n} (bullfrog)  :: rana toro {f}
bullhead {n} /ˈbʌlˌhɛd/ (Europe, Asia: the European bullhead) SEE: European bullhead  ::
bullhead {n} (rail transport: bullhead rail) SEE: bullhead rail  ::
bullhook {n} (ankus) SEE: ankus  ::
bullion {n} /ˈbʊljən]/ (bulk quantity of precious metal)  :: tejo {m}, tejón {m}
bull market {n} (state of stock market)  :: mercado alcista
Bullmastiff {n} /ˈbʊlˌmæstʰɪf/ (Bullmastiff)  :: bullmastiff {m}
bullock {n} /ˈbʊlək/ (a castrated bull; an ox)  :: buey {m}
bull ring {n} (bullring) SEE: bullring  ::
bullring {n} (area in which a bullfight is takes place)  :: plaza de toros {f}
bull run {n} (event)  :: encierro
bullseye {n} /ˈbʊlzaɪ/ (The centre of a target)  :: centro del blanco {m}
bullseye {n} (shot which hits the centre of a target)  :: diana {f}
bullseye {n} (thick glass set into the side of a ship to let in light)  :: ojo de buey {m}
bullshit {interj} (expression of disbelief)  :: tonterías {f-p}, pendejadas {f-p}, huevadas {f-p}, chorradas {f-p}, mierda {f}
bullshit {n} /ˈbʊlʃɪt/ (deceitful statements, etc)  :: tontería {f}, pendejadas {f}, idiotez {f}, huevada {f}, mierda {f}, caca {f}, chamullo {m}, gilipollez
bullshit {n} (card game)  :: desconfío {m}, mentiroso {m}
bullshit {v}  :: huevear, decir tonterías
bullshit {v} (to tell lies, exaggerate)  :: mentir, fanfarronear
bull thistle {n} (spear thistle) SEE: spear thistle  ::
bully {interj} (well done!)  :: bravo
bully {n} /ˈbʊli/ (person who is cruel to others)  :: bravucón {m}, abusón {m}, matón, abusador {m}, peleón {m}, pendenciero {m}, perdonavidas {m}, matasiete {m}
bully {n} (bully beef) SEE: bully beef  ::
bully {n} (hired thug)  :: matón {m}, sicario {m}
bully {n} (pimp) SEE: pimp  ::
bully {v} (act aggressively towards)  :: tiranizar, acosar
bully {v} (to intimidate)  :: intimidar, chulear, acosar
bullying {n} (act of intimidating a weaker person)  :: vejación {f}, ultraje {m}, acoso {m}, hostigamiento {m}, bullying, matonaje {m}, matonismo {m}
bullying {n} (persistent acts intended to make life unpleasant)  :: bullying {m}, mobbing {m}
bulwark {n} (a defense or safeguard)  :: baluarte {m}
bulwark {n} /ˈbʊl.wɝk/ (a defensive wall or rampart)  :: baluarte {m}
bulwark {n} ((nautical) the planking or plating along the sides of a nautical vessel above her gunwale)  :: amurada {f}
bum {n} (hobo)  :: vagabundo {m}, vago {m}
bum {n} (informal: buttocks or anus)  :: ano, trasero
bumblebee {n} /ˈbʌmbl̩bi/ (genus of bee)  :: abejorro {m}, abejarrón {m}, abejón {m}, moscardón {m} [Chile]
bumfodder {n} (toilet paper) SEE: toilet paper  ::
bumfuck {n} (an isolated place far removed from normal cities and towns (with contempt))  :: jurutungo viejo {m} [Puerto Rico]
bumfuck {n} (assfuck) SEE: assfuck  ::
bumfuck {n} (sodomy) SEE: sodomy  ::
bumfuck {v} (sodomize) SEE: assfuck  ::
bumfuck nowhere {n} (the middle of nowhere)  :: , culo del mundo {m}
bummer {interj} (a disappointment, a pity, a shame)  :: decepción {f}, fiasco {m}, fracaso {m}, vergüenza {f}
bump {n} /bʌmp/ (a swelling on the skin caused by illness or injury)  :: chichón {m}, tolondro {m}, cototo {m} [Chile], bulto {m}
bump {n}  :: chichón {m}, bache {m}, abolladura {f}
bumper {n} /ˈbʌmpə(ɹ)/ (impact absorber on a vehicle)  :: parachoques {m}, bómper {m} [Central America, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico], bumper {m} [Panama, Costa Rica, ], defensa {m} [Mexico], paragolpes {m} [Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay],
bumpkin {n} (yokel)  :: paleto {m}, palurdo {m}
bumpy {adj} /ˈbʌmpi/ (jumpy; causing or characterized by jolts and irregular movements)  :: disparejo, desparejo, dispar
bun {n} (A tight roll of hair worn at the back of the head)  :: rodete {m}, moño {m}
bun {n} /bʌn/ (A small bread roll, often sweetened or spiced)  :: bollo
bun {n}  :: chongo {m}, moño {m}
bun {n} (newbie) SEE: newbie  ::
bunch {n} (a considerable amount)  :: montón {m}
bunch {n} (a group of a number of similar things)  :: manojo {m}, puñado {m}, (flowers)ramo {m}, (grapes)racimo {m}
bunch {n} (an informal body of friends)  :: grupo {m}, pandilla {f}
bunch {n} (an unusual concentration of ore)  :: bolsada {f}
bunch {v} (to form a bunch)  :: arracimarse [pronominal], enracimarse [pronominal]
bundle {n} (biology: cluster of closely bound muscle or nerve fibres)  :: haz {m}
bundle {n} (colloquial: large amount, especially of money)  :: fajo {m}
bundle {n} (group of objects held together by wrapping or tying)  :: haz {m}, atado {m}, fajo {m}
bundle {v} (intransitive: to dress warmly)  :: abrigarse
bundle {v} (intransitive: to hurry)  :: apurarse, carrerearse
bundle {v} (to dress someone warmly)  :: abrigar
bundle {v} (to hustle, dispatch quickly)  :: empujar, carrerear, despachar rápidamente
bundle {v} (to tie or wrap together)  :: atar, liar, amarrar
bundt cake {n} (ring-shaped cake)  :: gugelhupf {m}
bung {n} /ˈbʌŋ/ (stopper)  :: tapón {m}, corcho {m}
bung {n} (bribe) SEE: bribe  ::
bungee {n} /ˈbʌn.d͡ʒi/ (elastic strap for securing luggage)  :: pulpo {m}
bungee {n} (elastic cord used in bungee jumping) SEE: bungee rope  ::
bungee cord {n} (elastic cord used in bungee jumping) SEE: bungee rope  ::
bungee cord {n} (elastic strap with hooks) SEE: bungee  ::
bungee jumping {n} (jumping from a great height with a cord)  :: puénting {m},góming {m}, bungy jumping, bungy, bungee jumping, salto elástico {m}, puentismo {m}
bungee line {n} (elastic cord used in bungee jumping) SEE: bungee rope  ::
bunion {n} /ˈbʌnjən/ (bump on the big toe)  :: juanete {m}
bunk {n} /bʌŋk/ ((nautical) built-in bed on board ship)  :: camarote {m}
bunk {n}  :: litera {f}
bunk bed {n} (two or more beds fixed on top of one another)  :: litera {f}
bunkbed {n} (bunk bed) SEE: bunk bed  ::
bunker {n} /ˈbʌŋkɚ/ (hardened shelter)  :: búnker {m}
bunker {n}  :: búnker {m}
bunkhouse {n} (A building providing sleeping quarters for workers)  :: barracón {m}
bunny {n} /ˈbʌ.ni/ (young rabbit)  :: conejito {m}, gazapo {m}
bunny {n} (women in a costume of rabbit ears and tail)  :: conejita {f}
bunny girl {n} (club hostess in provocative costume suggestive of a rabbit)  :: conejita {f}
bunny hug {n} (sweatshirt with hood) SEE: hoodie  ::
Bunsen burner {n} (a small laboratory gas burner)  :: mechero {m}, quemador Bunsen {m}
bunt {n} (baseball: ball intentionally hit softly)  :: tocar
bunt {v} (baseball)  :: toque {m}
bunting {n} /ˈbʌntɪŋ/ (bird)  :: escribano {m}
Bunuelian {adj} (of or relating to Luis Buñuel)  :: buñueliano
buoy {n} /ˈbuː.i/ (nautical: a moored float)  :: boya {f}
buoyance {n} (buoyancy) SEE: buoyancy  ::
buoyancy {n} (ability to stay afloat)  :: flotabilidad {f}
buoyancy {n} /ˈbɔɪ.ə (physics: upward force on an immersed body)  :: sustentación hidráulica, impulso
buoyancy {n} (resilience or cheerfulness)  :: optimismo
buoyant {adj} (able to float)  :: boyante
bur {n} (prickly husk) SEE: burr  ::
burble {v} /ˈbɜɹbəl/ (to bubble, to gurgle)  :: borbollar
burbot {n} (a freshwater fish: Lota lota)  :: lota {f}
burden {n} /ˈbɝdn/ (heavy load)  :: carga
burden {n} (cause of worry)  :: preocupación {f}
burden {n} (responsibility, onus)  :: carga {f}, responsabilidad {f}
burden {v} (encumber)  :: gravar
burden of proof {n} (duty of a party in a legal proceeding)  :: carga de la prueba {f}
burdensome {adj} /ˈbɝ.dən.səm/ (of or like a burden; arduous or demanding)  :: exigente, pesado, penoso, arduo, agotador, fastidioso, puñeta
Burdigalian {prop}  :: Burdigaliense
burdock {n} /ˈbɝːdɑːk/ (any of the species of biennial thistles in the genus Arctium)  :: bardana, cachurrea, cadillo, lampazo, lapaizo, pegadillo
bureau {n} /ˈbjʊɹ.əʊ/ (office)  :: oficina {f}
bureau {n} (chest of drawers for clothes)  :: cómoda {f}
bureau {n} (desk)  :: escritorio {m}
bureaucracy {n} /bjʊˈrɑːkrəsi/ (system of administration)  :: burocracia {f}
bureaucrat {n} /ˈbjʊrəkræt/ (An official in a bureaucracy)  :: burócrata {m} {f}
bureau de change {n} /ˈbjʊː(ɹ).əʊ.dəˌʃɒ̃ʒ/ (a place where foreign currency can be exchanged)  :: casa de cambio {f}
burg {n} (fortified town in medieval Europe)  :: burgo {m}
burgeon {v} /ˈbɝː.d​͡ʒən/ (to grow or expand)  :: medrar [plant or animal]
burgeon {v} (of plants, to bloom, bud)  :: florecer, retoñar
burglary {n} (the crime of breaking into)  :: allanamiento de morada {m}
burgle {v} (to commit burglary)  :: hurtar, robar
burgomaster {n} (the mayor of a town in certain countries)  :: burgomaestre {m}
Burgundian {adj} (pertaining to Burgundy, its people or its language)  :: burgundio {m}
Burgundian {n} /bɜːrˈɡʌndɪən/ (а member of the Burgundians, an East Germanic tribe)  :: burgundio {m}
Burgundian {prop} (the old Burgundian language)  :: burgundio {m}
burgundy {adj} (color)  :: burdeos
burgundy {n} /ˈbɝ.ɡən.di/ (color)  :: burdeos
Burgundy {prop} /ˈbɝːɡəndi/ (region)  :: Borgoña {f}
burial {n} (interment)  :: entierro {m}
burial chamber {n} (chamber used to bury the dead)  :: cámara mortuoria {f}
burial ground {n} (cemetery) SEE: cemetery  ::
buried {adj} /ˈbɛ.ɹid/ (Placed in a grave at a burial)  :: enterrado {m}
burka {n} (female garment that covers the whole body)  :: burka {m}, burqa {m}
burkinabe {adj} (from Burkina Faso)  :: burkinés
burkinabe {n} (person from Burkina Faso)  :: burkinés
Burkina Faso {prop} /bəː(r)ˈkːinə ˈfɑsoʊ/ (country)  :: Burkina Faso
burl {n} /bɝl/ (mottled wood)  :: lobanillo {m}, lupia {f}
burlap {n} /ˈbɹ̩ˌlæp/ (strong cloth)  :: arpillera {f}
burly {adj} /ˈbɜːli/ (well-built)  :: corpulento, musculoso
Burma {prop} /ˈbɝmə/ (Myanmar) SEE: Myanmar  ::
Burma {prop} (Southeast Asian country (former name))  :: Birmania {f}
Burmese {adj} /bɜː(ɹ)ˈmiːz/ (Of, from, or pertaining to Burma)  :: birmano
Burmese {n} (a person from Myanmar or of Burmese descent)  :: birmano
Burmese {prop} (language)  :: birmano
burn {n} (act of burning something)  :: quemar
burn {n} /bɝn/ (physical injury)  :: quemadura {f}
burn {v} (be consumed by fire)  :: arder, quemar
burn {v} (cause to be consumed by fire)  :: quemar
burn {v} (injure (a person or animal) with heat or caustic chemicals)  :: quemar
burn {v} (sunburn) SEE: sunburn  ::
burn {v} (write data)  :: quemar
burned {v} /ˈbɜː(r)nd/ (past participle of to burn)  :: quemado
burner {n} /ˈbɝnɚ/ (computing:device that allows data or music to be stored on a CD)  :: grabador de CD {m}
burnish {v} (to make smooth or shiny by rubbing)  :: bruñir
burn one's bridges {v} (burn one's bridges)  :: quemar los puentes, quemar las naves
burnoose {n} /bɝˈnus/ (a thick hooded cloak)  :: albornoz {m}
burnout {n} (experience of long-term exhaustion)  :: queme {m}, burnout {m}
burnt {adj} /ˈbɜrnt/  :: quemado
burn the midnight oil {v} (work through the night)  :: hacer días y noches
buro {n} (chest of drawers for clothes)  :: cómoda {f}
buro {n} (desk)  :: escritorio {m}
buro {n} (office)  :: oficina {f}
burocracy {n} /bjʊˈrɑːkrəsi/ (structure and regulations in place to control activity)  :: burocracia {f}
burp {n} /bɝp/ (a softer belch)  :: eructo {m}, regüeldo {m}
burp {v} (to emit a burp)  :: eructar
burqa {n} (burka) SEE: burka  ::
burr {n} /bɝ/ (sliver or splinter)  :: astilla {f}, limadura {f}, esquirla
burr {n} (material left on an edge after cutting)  :: rebaba {f}
burr {n} (seed pod with sharp features)  :: cadillo {m}
burrito {n} /bəˈɹiːto/ (Mexican dish)  :: burrito {m}
burrow {n} (A tunnel or hole)  :: madriguera {f}, ratonera {f} (mouse burrow)
burrow {v} (to dig a hole)  :: socavar, cavar
burrowing parrot {n} (a South-American conure)  :: loro tricahue {m}
bursitis {n} (inflammation of a bursa)  :: bursitis {f}
burst {n} /bɝst/ (instance or act of bursting)  :: ráfaga {f}, estallo {m}, reventón {m}, estallido {m}
burst {v} (to break from internal pressure)  :: reventar
burst {v} (to cause to burst)  :: reventar, romper
burst out laughing {v} (suddenly start laughing intensely)  :: reirse a carcajadas
burstwort {n} (rupturewort) SEE: rupturewort  ::
Burundi {prop} /bʊˈɹʊndi/ (A country in Eastern Africa)  :: Burundi
Burundian {adj} (pertaining to Burundi)  :: burundés {m}
Burundian {n} (person from Burundi)  :: burundés {m}
bury {v} /ˈbɛ.ɹi/ (inter a corpse in a grave or tomb)  :: enterrar, dar sepultura
bury {v} (place in the ground)  :: enterrar
Buryatia {prop} (Buryatia, Russia)  :: Buriatia {f}
bury the hatchet {v} (to stop fighting or arguing)  :: enterrar el hacha de guerra
bus {n} /bʌs/ (vehicle)  :: autobús {m}, bus {m} [Latin America], camión {m} [Mexico], camioneta {f} [Guatemala], cazadora {f} [Costa Rica], colectivo {m} [Argentina], guagua {f} [Caribbean Islands, Spain's Canary Islands], micro {f} [Chile], micro {m} [Argentina], ómnibus {m} [Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay], bondi {m} [Argentina, colloquial], rufa {f} [Cuba, colloquial]
bus {n} (electrical conductor)  :: bus {m}
bus {n} (medical slang: ambulance) SEE: ambulance  ::
Busan {prop} (Busan, South Korea)  :: Busán {m}
busbar {n} (electrical conductor)  :: embarrado {m}, barraje, barra colectora {f}
bus bulb {n} ((bus) an arrangement by which a sidewalk is extended outwards for a bus stop)  :: ensanchamiento para autobús {m}
busby {n} /ˈbʌ (fur hat, usually with a plume)  :: colbac {m}
bush {n} /bʊʃ/ (category of woody plant)  :: arbusto {m}
bush antelope {n} (bushbuck) SEE: bushbuck  ::
bush dog {n} (a wild canine animal)  :: perro de monte {m}
bushel {n} /ˈbʊʃəl/ (dry measure)  :: fanega
Bushism {prop} (political philosophy)  :: bushismo {m}
Bushman {n} (Bushman)  :: bosquimán {m}
bushmaster {n} (pit viper)  :: cascabel muda {f}, cascabel púa {f} [Bolivia], cuaima {f} [Venezuela], matabuey {f} [Costa Rica, Nicaragua], pucarara {f} [Bolivia], shushupe {f} [Peru], verrugosa {f} [Colombia, Ecuador, Panama]
business {n} /ˈbɪznəs/ (commercial enterprise or establishment)  :: empresa {f}
business {n} (commercial, industrial or professional activity)  :: negocio {m}
business {n} (occupation, work or trade of a person)  :: negocio {m}
business {n} (something involving one personally)  :: asunto {m}
business as usual {n} (The normal course of an activity, in circumstances that are out of the ordinary)  :: como si nada ocurriera, zona de conflicto
business card {n} (a small card with a person's name and professional information)  :: tarjeta de visita {f}
businessman {n} (a man in business, one who works at a commercial institution)  :: hombre de negocios {m}, empresario {m}
business trip {n} (business trip)  :: viaje de negocios
businesswoman {n} (woman of business)  :: mujer de negocios {f}, negocianta {f}
bus route {n} (set route of bus service)  :: línea de autobús {f}
bus shelter {n} (A building or other structure constructed at a bus stop)  :: marquesina {f}
bus station {n} (major bus stop, one that serves as a transfer point between a large number of routes)  :: estación de autobús {f}
bus stop {n} (a stop for public transport buses)  :: parada de autobús {f}
bust {n} (breasts and upper thorax of a woman)  :: busto {m}
bust {n} /ˈbʌst/ (sculptural portrayal of a person's head and shoulders)  :: busto {m}
bust {n} ((slang) failed enterprise)  :: fiasco {m}
bust {v} (alteration of burst)  :: reventar
bust {v} ((slang) to arrest for a crime)  :: trincar
bust {v} ((slang) to catch someone in the act of doing something wrong, socially and morally inappropriate, or illegal)  :: cazar, pillar
bust {v} (to break something)  :: reventar
bustard {n} /ˈbʌs.təd/ (any of several birds of the family Otididae)  :: avutarda {f}
buster {n} (guy, friend)  :: tipo, tío, amigo
buster {n} (loser, uncool person)  :: boludo {m}, huevón {m} [South America]
busting {adj} (urgently needing to urinate) SEE: bursting  ::
bustle {n} (A frame worn underneath a woman's skirt)  :: polisón {m}
bustle {v} (To teem or abound (with))  :: abundar
busty {adj} (having large breasts)  :: tetuda
busy {adj} /ˈbɪzi/ (doing a great deal)  :: ocupado
busy {adj} (complicated)  :: complicado
busy {adj} (engaged)  :: ocupado
busybody {n} (someone who interferes with others)  :: metiche {m}, metomentodo {m}, intruso {m}
but {conj} (although)  :: aunque, pero
but {conj} /bʌt/ (except)  :: excepto, salvo, sino
but {conj} (rather)  :: pero
but {conj} (solely, only, merely)  :: sólo, solamente
butadiene {n} (the compound CH2CH-CHCH2)  :: butadieno {m}
butane {n} (the organic compound)  :: butano {m}
butanol {n} (alcohol of butane)  :: butanol {m}
butanone {n} (the simple aliphatic ketone: CH3CH2COCH3)  :: butanona {f}, metiletilcetona {f}
butcher {n} /ˈbʊt͡ʃ.ɚ/ (a person who prepares and sells meat)  :: carnicero {m}, carnicera {f}
butcher {v} (to kill brutally)  :: masacrar
butcher {v} (To slaughter animals and prepare meat for market)  :: carnear, matar
butcher's {n} /ˈbʊtʃə(ɹ)z/ (butcher's shop)  :: camiceria {f}, carnicería {f}
butchery {n} (abattoir) SEE: abattoir  ::
butene {n} (any of several forms of butylene)  :: buteno {m}
butler {n} /ˈbʌt.lɚ]/ (manservant having charge of wines and liquors)  :: sumiller {m} {f}
butler {n} (chief male servant)  :: mayordomo
butt {n} /bʌt/ (buttocks)  :: culo {m}, nalgas {f-p}, trasero {m}
butt {n} (butt hinge) SEE: butt hinge  ::
butt {n} (butt joint) SEE: butt joint  ::
butt {n} (remnant of a smoked cigarette or cigar)  :: colilla {f}, [Mexico] bacha {f}, [Panama] calilla {f}, [Guatemala, Honduras] chenca {f}, [Northwestern Venezuela] chicote {m}, [Costa Rica] chinga {f}, [Panama] chiva {f}, [Spain] pava {f}, [Argentina, Uruguay] pucho {m}
butt {n} (sudden blow from the head of an animal; headbutt)  :: topetazo {m}, topetada {f}
butt {v} (to strike bluntly)  :: topetar
butt chin {n} (cleft chin) SEE: cleft chin  ::
buttcrack {n} (butt crack) SEE: butt crack  ::
butter {n} /ˈbʌ.tɚ/ (soft foodstuff made from milk)  :: mantequilla {f}, manteca {f} [Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay]
butter {v} (to spread butter on, see also: spread, see also: butter)  :: untar con mantequilla
buttercup {n} /ˈbʌt.ɚ.kʌp/ (herb of the genus Ranunculus)  :: ranúnculo {m}
buttercup {n} (flower of the genus Narcissus) SEE: daffodil  ::
butter dish {n} (specialised dish in which butter is served)  :: mantequera {f}
butter fingers {n} (clumsy person)  :: manos de manteca
butterfingers {n} (clumsy person who drops things)  :: torpe {m} {f}, manazas {m} {f}, manos muertas {m} {f}
butterfish {n} /ˈbʌtəɹfɪʃ/ (Maccullochella macquariensis) SEE: trout cod  ::
butterfly {n} /ˈbʌɾɚflaɪ]/ (insect)  :: mariposa {f}
butterfly {n} (swimming stroke) SEE: butterfly stroke  ::
butterfly effect {n} (technical notion of sensitive dependence on initial conditions in chaos theory)  :: efecto mariposa {m}
butterfly stroke {n} (swimming stroke)  :: mariposa {f}
buttermilk {n} (cultured buttermilk)  :: suero de mantequilla {m}
buttermilk {n} (traditional buttermilk)  :: suero de mantequilla {m}
butternut {n} (butternut squash) SEE: butternut squash  ::
butternut squash {n} (Cucurbita moschata cultivar)  :: calabaza de nuez {f}, calabaza butternut {f}
butter up {v} (to flatter)  :: lisonjear, [archaic] hacer el buz, [colloquial] hacer la pelota
buttery {adj} /ˈbʌtəɹi/ (made with or tasting of butter)  :: mantecoso
buttfuck {n} (sodomy) SEE: sodomy  ::
buttfuck {v} (sodomize) SEE: assfuck  ::
butthurt {n} /ˈbʌtˌhɚt/ ((slang) upset caused by a perceived insult or injustice)  :: encabronado {m}, enputado {m}
buttkisser {n} (someone who kisses ass) SEE: asslicker  ::
buttlicker {n} (a contemptible person) SEE: asslicker  ::
buttock {n} /ˈbʌtək/ (each of the two large fleshy halves of the posterior part of the body)  :: nalga {f}
button {n} (a badge worn on clothes)  :: botón {m}, prendedor {m}
button {n} (a mechanical device meant to be pressed with a finger)  :: botón {m}
button {n} (botany: a bud)  :: botón {m}, capullo {m}
button {n} /ˈbʌtn̩/ (knob or small disc serving as a fastener)  :: botón {m}
button {n} (in computer software, an on-screen control that can be selected)  :: botón {m}
button {v} (to fasten with a button)  :: abotonar
buttonbush {n} (common buttonbush) SEE: common buttonbush  ::
buttonhole {n} (hole for a button)  :: ojal {m}
button man {n} (professional assassin) SEE: contract killer  ::
button mushroom {n} (Agaricus bisporus)  :: champiñón {m}
button up {v} (to fasten all buttons to keep warm)  :: abrocharse
button up {v} (to fasten with a button or buttons)  :: abotonar
buttonwood {n} (American sycamore) SEE: American sycamore  ::
buttonwood {n} (California sycamore) SEE: California sycamore  ::
buttonwood {n} (mangrove) SEE: mangrove  ::
buttress {n} (anything that serves to support something)  :: sostén {m}, apoyo {m}, refuerzo {m}
buttress {n} /ˈbʌtrɪs/ (brick or stone structure built against another structure to support it)  :: boterete {m}, contrafuerte {m}, estantal {m}, machón {m}, estribo {m}
buttress {n} (feature jutting out from mountain; crag, bluff)  :: contrafuerte {m}, estribo {m}
buttress {v} (support something or someone by supplying evidence)  :: corroborar, afianzar
buttress {v} (support something physically with, or as if with, a buttress)  :: apuntalar
butyl {n} (either of four isomeric univalent hydrocarbon radicals, C4H9)  :: butilo {m}
butylene {n} (isomeric aliphatic alkene)  :: butileno {m}
buxom {adj} /ˈbʌksəm/ (having a full, voluptuous figure)  :: pechugona {f}, maciza {f}
buy {n} (purchase) SEE: purchase  ::
buy {v} /baɪ/ (to obtain something with money)  :: comprar
buy {v} (to accept as true)  :: creer
buyable {adj} (that can be bought)  :: comprable
buyer {n} /ˈbaɪ.ə(ɹ)/ (person who makes purchases)  :: cliente, comprador {m}
buy-in {n} (support)  :: soporte {m}
buying power {n} (purchasing power) SEE: purchasing power  ::
buy time {v} (purposefully cause a delay to something, in order to achieve something else)  :: ganar tiempo
buzz {n} (humming noise)  :: zumbido, zurrido {m}
buzz {n} (information spread behind the scenes)  :: suspiro {m}
buzz {v} (to make a low, humming or sibilant sound)  :: zurriar
buzzard {n} (American black vulture) SEE: black vulture  ::
buzzard {n} /ˈbʌzəɹd/ (Genus Buteo)  :: ratonero común {m}, busardo {m}
buzzard {n} (turkey vulture) SEE: turkey vulture  ::
buzzcut {n} (military style haircut)  :: corte militar {m}
buzzer {n} /ˈbʌzəɹ/ (device)  :: bocina {f}, zumbador {m}
buzz-phrase {n} (A phrase drawn from or imitative of technical jargon, and often rendered meaningless and fashionable through abuse by non-technical persons in a seeming show of familiarity with the subject)  :: frase zumbona
buzzword {n} (word drawn from or imitative of technical jargon)  :: palabra de moda
by {adv} (along a path)  :: por
by {prep} /baɪ/ (near, or next to)  :: por, cerca de
by {prep} (indicates a means)  :: por
by {prep} (indicates a rule followed)  :: por
by {prep} (indicates creator of a work)  :: por
by {prep} (indication of passive voice)  :: por
by {prep} (not later than)  :: para
by {prep} (steady progression)  :: por
by accident {adv} (accidentally) SEE: accidentally  ::
by all means {prep} (emphatically yes, definitely)  :: por todos los medios
by and by {adv} (soon) SEE: soon  ::
by and large {adv} (mostly, generally; with few exceptions)  :: en general
Byblos {prop} (port city in Lebanon)  :: Biblos
by chance {prep} (Accidental(ly) or unexpected(ly))  :: por casualidad
by default {prep} (in absence of any opposing action)  :: de forma predeterminada, por omisión
by dint of {prep} (because of) SEE: because of  ::
by dint of {prep} (by means of) SEE: by means of  ::
bye {interj} /baɪ/ (short for goodbye)  :: adiós, chau, chao
bye-bye {n} (goodbye)  :: adiós, chau
Byelorussian SSR {prop} (Soviet republic)  :: RSS de Bielorrusia
by far {prep} (to a large extent)  :: de lejos
by foot {adv} (on foot) SEE: on foot  ::
by God {interj} (surprise)  :: por Dios
by hand {prep} (manually)  :: a mano
by hand {prep} (manually) SEE: manually  ::
by heart {prep} (knowing completely)  :: de memoria
by hook or by crook {prep} (by any means possible)  :: por todos los medios
bylina {n} /bəˈliːnə/ (traditional East Slavic oral epic narrative poem)  :: bylina {f}
by means of {prep} (By using)  :: por medio de
by mistake {prep} (mistakenly) SEE: mistakenly  ::
byname {n} (nickname)  :: apodo {m}, apelativo {m}
byname {n} (surname)  :: apellido {m}
by no means {prep} (certainly not)  :: de ninguna manera
by oneself {prep}  :: por uno mismo, solo
bypass {n} (alternative passage for a bodily fluid)  :: baipás {m}
bypass {n} (road)  :: variante {f}
byproduct {n} (secondary or additional product)  :: subproducto {m}
by-product {n}  :: subproducto {m}
byre {n} (a barn, especially one used for keeping cattle)  :: establo {m}
bystander {n} (a person who, although present at some event, does not take part in it; an observer or spectator)  :: mirón {m}, mirona {f}, transeúnte {m} {f}, espectador {m}, curioso {m}, cotilla
byte {n} /baɪt/ (unit)  :: byte {m}
by the Grace of God {prep} (By divine right)  :: por la Gracia de Dios
by the looks of things {adv} (apparently)  :: por lo que parece
by the skin of one's teeth {prep} (barely, closely)  :: con las justas
by the time {phrase} (when) SEE: when  ::
by the way {prep} (incidentally)  :: dicho sea de paso, depaso, por cierto, a propósito
by turns {adv} ( is in turn a synonym? in this case: one after the other) SEE: is in turn a synonym? in this case: in turn  ::
by walking {adv} (on foot) SEE: on foot  ::
byword {n} /ˈbaɪ.wɚd/ (a proverb)  :: refrán, proverbio, estribillo
Byzantine {adj} /ˈbɪzəntiːn/ (of or pertaining to Byzantium)  :: bizantino
Byzantine Empire {prop} (an ancient Greek-speaking empire of Eastern Europe)  :: Imperio Bizantino {m}
Byzantinology {n} (Byzantine studies) SEE: Byzantine studies  ::
Byzantium {prop} (Byzantine Empire) SEE: Byzantine Empire  ::
Byzantium {prop} /bɪˈzæntiəm/ (ancient Greek city)  :: Bizancio {m}
Bézier curve {n} (kind of parametric curve)  :: curva de Bézier {f}