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{m}  :: [[bee], the letter b / B
baasiste {adj}  :: alternative form of baassiste
baasiste {mf}  :: alternative form of baassiste
baassiste {adj}  :: Baathist / Ba'athist
baassiste {mf}  :: Baathist / Ba'athist
b-a ba {m}  :: basics, fundamentals, ABC
baba {m}  :: baba (type of cake)
babaille {interj} [colloquial, Quebec]  :: bye-bye
babeurre {m}  :: buttermilk
babiche {f}  :: babiche
babil {m}  :: baby talk
babil {m}  :: ease, facility to talk
babillage {m}  :: babble; chatter; chit-chat (insignificant talk)
babillard {m}  :: babbler; someone who babbles
babillard {m} [Québec]  :: billboard
babiller {v}  :: to chat; to babble; to natter (to talk about insignificant things)
babine {f} [colloquial]  :: (human) lip
babine {f}  :: prominent or pendulous animal lip (of camel, monkey etc.)
babiole {f}  :: useless or worthless thing
babiroussa {m}  :: babiroussa
babord {m}  :: archaic spelling of bâbord; larboard, port (the left side of a ship)
babouche {f}  :: babouche
babouin {m}  :: baboon
babouvisme {m}  :: Babouvism (form of socialism characterism of François-Noël Babeuf
babouviste {m}  :: Babouvist
babésiose {f}  :: babesiosis
Babœuf {prop}  :: Babœuf
baby {m}  :: baby, darling, sweetheart
baby {m}  :: table soccer, table football
babyboom {m}  :: baby boom (any large increase in births)
babyboom {m}  :: baby boom (post-World War II baby boom (1946 to 1964))
babyfoot {m}  :: table football
baby-foot {m}  :: table football (game)
babylonien {adj}  :: Babylonian
Babylonien {n}  :: A Babylonian
baby-sitter {f}  :: A babysitter
bac {m}  :: ferry
bac {m}  :: high school exit exam
bac {m}  :: vat
BAC {initialism}  :: Brigade anticriminalité
bacante {f}  :: alternative form of bacchante
baccalauréat {m}  :: baccalaureat (≈ A-level, high school diploma)
baccalauréat {m} [Canada]  :: bachelor's degree
baccara {m}  :: baccarat (card game)
baccarat {m}  :: alternative form of baccara
bacchanal {m}  :: A loud, annoying noise
bacchanal {m}  :: A revolt amongst the peasantry
bacchanale {f}  :: bacchanal
bacchante {f}  :: bacchante
bacchante {f}  :: (especially in plural) moustache
bacciforme {adj}  :: bacciform
bachelier {m}  :: (Canada) person holding a bachelor's degree
bachelier {m}  :: graduate of the baccalauréat
bachelière {f}  :: feminine noun of bachelier
bachelor {m}  :: bachelor (degree)
bachi-bouzouk {m}  :: An irregular soldier in the Ottoman army
bachique {adj}  :: bacchanalian
bachique {adj}  :: bacchic
bachot {m}  :: A small vat or similar container
bachot {m} [colloquial]  :: baccalauréat; bac (≈ A-level, high school diploma)
bachotage {m}  :: cramming (for an exam)
bachotage {m} [nautical]  :: piloting a ferry
bachoter {v} [colloquial]  :: to cram (revise hard for an exam, especially for a baccalauréat exam)
bachotte {f}  :: A container for transporting live fish
bacillaire {adj}  :: bacilliary
bacille {m}  :: bacillus (rod-shaped bacterium)
bacilliforme {adj}  :: bacilliform (shaped like a bacillus; rod-shaped)
bacillose {f} [pathology]  :: bacillosis
backgammon {m}  :: backgammon
bacon {m}  :: bacon
baconien {adj}  :: Baconian
bac à sable {m}  :: sandbox, sandpit
bactéricide {adj}  :: bactericidal
bactéricide {m}  :: antibiotic
bactéricide {m}  :: bactericide
bactérie {f}  :: bacterium
bactérien {adj}  :: bacterial
bactériémie {f} [pathology]  :: bacteriemia
bactériologie {f}  :: bacteriology
bactériologique {adj}  :: bacteriological
bactériologiquement {adv}  :: bacteriologically
bactériologiste {mf}  :: bacteriologist
bactériophage {adj}  :: bacteriophagous
bactériophage {m}  :: bacteriophage
bactériostatique {adj}  :: bacteriostatic
bactériostatiquement {adv}  :: bacteriostatically
badaud {m}  :: onlooker, bystander, rubbernecker
badauder {v}  :: To gape, gawk
badauderie {f}  :: onlooking
badauderie {f}  :: rubbernecking
Bade {prop}  :: Baden, historical region of Germany
bader {v} [colloquial, mostly used by adolescents]  :: to be sad, to be depressive
baderne {f}  :: (old) fogey
badge {m}  :: identity badge
badger {v}  :: to use an identity badge
badiane {f}  :: star anise
badiane chinoise {f}  :: star anise
badigeon {m}  :: distemper, badigeon
badigeonnage {m}  :: the act or the result of smearing; smear
badigeonner {v}  :: to smear
badigeonner {v}  :: to whitewash
badigeonneur {m}  :: a bad painter
badigeonneur {m}  :: one who whitewashes or distempers walls
badigeonneuse {f}  :: feminine singular form of badigeonneur
badin {adj}  :: playful, light-hearted, frolicsome
badin {m}  :: airspeed indicator
badinage {m} [figuratively]  :: a trivial, simple task
badinage {m}  :: joke; gag; wind-up
badine {f}  :: a small bendy walking stick, walking cane
badine {f}  :: switch (stick)
badine {f}  :: tong (to use in a fireplace)
badiner {v}  :: to jest, joke
badinerie {f}  :: badinage
badiste {mf} [sport]  :: badminton player
badminton {m}  :: badminton
badois {adj}  :: Of or from Baden
Badois {m}  :: Native or inhabitant of Baden
Badoise {f}  :: feminine singular form of Badois
badouillard {m}  :: reveller (associated especially with the Paris carnival)
baeckeoffe {m}  :: A type of stew from Alsace
baffe {f} [colloquial]  :: smack; hit (on the head)
baffer {v} [colloquial]  :: to hit (on the face)
baffle {m}  :: speaker (audio)
bafouer {v}  :: to flout
bafouer {v}  :: to scorn
bafouillage {m}  :: gibberish
bafouillage {m}  :: spluttering, stammering
bafouille {f} [slang]  :: letter (written message)
bafouiller {v}  :: to babble, splutter, stammer
bafouilleur {m}  :: babbler, stammerer
bafouilleuse {f}  :: feminine singular form of bafouilleur
bagad {m}  :: bagad
bagage {m}  :: baggage, luggage
bagagiste {m}  :: baggage handler
bagarre {f}  :: brawl, fight
bagarrer {v}  :: to fight (to strive for something with lots of effort)
bagarrer {v}  :: to scrap, to scuffle (have a physical fight)
bagarreur {adj}  :: quarrelsome, pugnacious, rowdy
bagarreur {m}  :: brawler, battler
bagasse {f}  :: bagasse
bagasse {f}  :: residue of indigo after extracting the dye by fermentation
bagatelle {f}  :: bagatelle, trinket, bauble
Bagdad {prop}  :: Baghdad
baggy {adj}  :: baggy
baggy {m}  :: Loose-fitting trousers
bagnard {m}  :: convict, prisoner of a penal colony
bagnard {m}  :: crook
bagnarde {f}  :: feminine noun of bagnard
bagne {m}  :: penal colony; prison where prisonners are forced to labour
bagnole {f} [colloquial]  ::  ; ride; wheels (an automobile)
bagouler {v}  :: To say, tell
bagout {m}  :: glibness, volubility, gift of the gab
bague {f}  :: ring
baguenaudier {m}  :: bladder senna (masculine only)
baguenaudier {m}  :: trifler
baguenaudière {f}  :: feminine singular form of baguenaudier
baguer {v} [sewing]  :: to collar
baguer {v}  :: to ring, tag, band (attach a tag or ring, e.g. to a bird, for tracking)
baguette {f}  :: baguette, French stick (the bread)
baguette {f}  :: chopstick
baguette {f} [music]  :: drumstick; (conductor's) baton
baguette {f}  :: wand
baguettisant {m}  :: synonym of sourcier
baguier {m}  :: A box used to store rings
baguier {m}  :: A ring sizer (conical device)
bah {interj}  :: An exclamation to fill space, often used as an intensifier; well, err, um
Bahamas {prop}  :: Bahamas
bahaméen {adj}  :: Bahamian
bahianais {adj}  :: Bahian
Bahreïn {prop}  :: Bahrain
bahreïni {adj}  :: Bahraini
Bahreïni {m}  :: Bahraini person
Bahreïnie {f}  :: feminine noun of Bahreïni
baht {m}  :: baht (unit of currency)
bahut {m}  :: chest; sideboard
bahut {m} [colloquial]  :: lorry, truck; (taxi) cab
bahut {m} [school slang]  :: school
bai {adj}  :: bay (of a reddish-brown colour)
baie {f}  :: bay (body of water)
baie {f} [botany]  :: berry
baie {f}  :: picture window
baie de Guanabara {prop} [geography]  :: Guanabara Bay
baie vitrée {f}  :: plate glass window
baignade {f}  :: an instance of bathing
baignade à poil {f}  :: a specific instance of skinny dipping
baigner {vt}  :: to bathe
baigneur {m}  :: bather (person who bathes)
baigneur {m}  :: Doll representing a young boy (masculine use only)
baigneuse {f}  :: feminine noun of baigneur
baignoire {f}  :: bath (British), bathtub, tub (especially US)
bail {m} [colloquial]  :: yonks, ages
bail {m}  :: lease (contract)
baille {f}  :: tub
baille {f}  :: water
bailleresse {f}  :: feminine singular form of bailleur
bailleur {m}  :: a lessor in general
bailleur {m} [historical]  :: a landowner who let uncultivated parcels of land to a lessee in a crop-sharing system in early Middle Ages
bailleur social {m}  :: an agent who deals with lease contracts for social housing; a social landlord
bailli {m} [historical]  :: A bailiff: an appointee of the king administering certain districts of northern France in the medieval period
bailliage {m}  :: bailiwick
bain {m}  :: bath
bain de sang {m}  :: bloodbath
bain-marie {m}  :: Bain-marie
baisable {adj} [slang, vulgar]  :: fuckable, sexually desirable
baisage {m} [vulgar]  :: fuck (act of copulation)
baise {f} [Belgium]  :: kiss
baise {f} [vulgar]  :: fuck, fucking (sexual intercourse)
baise-en-ville {m} [slang]  :: overnight bag
baise-main {m}  :: alternative form of baisemain
baisemain {m} [historical]  :: in feudalism, homage which the vassal used to give to the fief seigneur, by kissing his hand
baisemain {m}  :: polite manner to greet or leave a lady, by kissing her hand, hand-kissing
baisement {m}  :: kissing
baisement {m} [slang]  :: fucking
baisenville {m}  :: alternative form of baise-en-ville
baiser {m}  :: kiss
baiser {v} [dated, outside, Belgium, and, Canada]  :: to kiss
baiser {v} [vulgar slang]  :: to break, deteriorate
baiser {v} [vulgar slang]  :: to fuck, screw
baiser {v} [vulgar slang]  :: to win over someone, fuck, screw
baiser comme un lapin {v} [idiomatic, vulgar, pejorative, chiefly, of a man]  :: to have sex quickly, in a short space of time
baiseur {m} [colloquial]  :: shagger
baiseuse {f}  :: feminine noun of baiseur
baisodrome {m} [slang]  :: bedroom, fuckpad
baisoter {v}  :: to smother with kisses; kiss to death
baisse {f}  :: drop; decrease
baissement {m}  :: lowering
baisser {vr} [se baisser]  :: To lower oneself; to bend over
baisser {v}  :: to fail
baisser {v}  :: to go down, fall
baisser {v}  :: to lower
baisser {v}  :: to turn down (as a volume/setting)
baisser le rideau {v} [idiomatic]  :: To close down, close shop (end)
baisser le rideau {v}  :: to draw the curtains (closed)
baisser les bras {v} [idiomatic]  :: to give up; to stop trying
baissier {adj}  :: bearish (of a market)
baissier {m}  :: bear (investor who anticipates falling prices)
baissière {f}  :: feminine singular form of baissier
baissoir {m}  :: salt water tank
bajoue {f}  :: jowl
bajoyer {m}  :: A sturdy wall of a river or canal either next to a bridge or in a lock
bakchich {m}  :: baksheesh
baklava {m}  :: baklava
bakélite {f}  :: alternative form of Bakélite
Bakélite {f}  :: Bakelite
Bakou {prop}  :: Baku (the capital of Azerbaijan)
bakouninien {adj}  :: Bakuninist
bal {m}  :: dance party, ball
béal {m}  :: Small irrigation canal (term used in the south of France)
balade {f}  :: walk (trip made by walking)
balader {vi}  :: to stroll, walk around
balader {vr}  :: to go for a walk, to trail
balader {vt}  :: to give someone the runaround
baladeur {adj}  :: walking, rambling
baladeur {m}  :: walkman, personal stereo
baladeuse {f}  :: inspection lamp
baladin {m}  :: a wandering entertainer
baladin {m}  :: (figurative) a comedian, a person who behaves in a comical fashion to make others laugh
baladodiffusion {f}  :: podcasting
balafon {m} [musici]  :: balafon
balafre {f}  :: gash (on face); scar
balafrer {v}  :: to scar (cause to have a scar, after injury)
balai {m}  :: blade (of windscreen wiper)
balai {m}  :: broom
balai {m}  :: broomstick flown by witches
balai {m}  :: brush (electrical contact)
balai {m} [colloquial]  :: the last bus or train (at night)
balai {m} [slang]  :: year (used in referring to someone’s age)
balai {m}  :: tail (of a bird of prey)
balai-brosse {m}  :: A broom that has short, stiff bristles
balalaïka {f}  :: balalaika (Russian instrument)
balance {f} [chemistry, physics]  :: balance
balance {f} [economics, electricity, politics]  :: balance
balance {f} [fishing]  :: drop-net
balance {f}  :: scales
balance {f} [slang]  :: informant, snitch
Balance {prop} [astrology]  :: Libra (star sign)
Balance {prop}  :: Libra (constellation)
balancelle {f}  :: porch swing, swing seat, balancelle
balancement {m}  :: equilibrium, balance
balancement {m}  :: rocking, swaying
balancer {v} [France, slang]  :: to denounce|gloss=to make a formal or public accusation against
balancer {v} [informal]  :: to throw away|gloss=to discard
balancer {v} [informal]  :: to toss|gloss=to throw
balancer {v} [Quebec]  :: to balance|gloss=make the credits and debits of (an account) correspond
balancer {vr}  :: to swing|gloss=to do a reciprocating movement
balancer {vr}  :: to swing|gloss=to ride on a swing
balancier {m}  :: balance wheel
balancier {m}  :: balancing pole
balancier {m}  :: beam
balancier {m}  :: outrigger
balancier {m}  :: pendulum
balancine {f} [nautical]  :: topping lift
balane {f}  :: barnacle
balane {f} [literary]  :: glans penis
balanite {f} [pathology]  :: balanitis
balanite {m}  :: caltrop of genus Balanites
balanoglosse {m}  :: acorn worm of the genus Balanoglossus
balançoire {f}  :: seesaw (for children)
balançoire {f}  :: swing (for children)
baléare {adj}  :: Balearic
Baléares {prop}  :: Balearics
balata {m}  :: balata
balayage {m}  :: scanning, scan
balayage {m}  :: sweeping, sweep
balayer {v}  :: to sweep
balayer {v}  :: to sweep aside, brush aside
balayette {f}  :: Small broom or brush (used for sweeping), a whisk
balayeur {m}  :: sweeper (someone who sweeps)
balayeuse {f}  :: female street-sweeper
balayeuse {f} [Quebec]  :: hoover, vacuum cleaner
balayeuse {f}  :: street sweeper (vehicle)
balayure {f}  :: sweepings (things swept up by a broom)
balboa {m}  :: balboa
balbusard {m}  :: osprey
balbutiant {adj}  :: stammering
balbutiement {m}  :: stammering; stammer
balbutier {v}  :: to stammer; to stutter
balbutieur {m}  :: stammerer; stutterer
balbutieuse {f}  :: feminine noun of balbutieur
balbuzard {m}  :: osprey
balcon {m}  :: balcony
balconnet {m}  :: half-cup bra, balcony bra
balconnet {m}  :: small balcony
baldaquin {m}  :: baldaquin, canopy
baleiné {adj}  :: stiffened with whalebone
baleine {f}  :: whalebone
baleine {f}  :: whale (mammal)
baleineau {m}  :: a whale calf
baleine à bec {f}  :: beaked whale
baleine bleue {f}  :: the blue whale
baleine boréale {f}  :: bowhead whale
baleine à bosse {f}  :: humpback whale
baleine de Cuvier {f}  :: Cuvier's beaked whale
baleine de Minke {f}  :: Minke whale
baleine du Groenland {f}  :: bowhead whale
baleine à fanons {f}  :: baleen whale
baleine grise {f}  :: gray whale
baleine pilote {f}  :: pilot whale
baleine-pilote {f}  :: pilot whale
baleine pygmée {f}  :: pygmy right whale
baleiner {v}  :: To equip or stiffen (clothing, umbrella etc.) with whalebone
baleinier {adj} [attributive]  :: whale, whaling
baleinier {m}  :: whaler (boat)
baleinier {m}  :: whaler (person who hunts whales)
baleinière {f}  :: whaleboat (boat)
balestrille {f} [archaic, weapons]  :: crossbow, arbalest
balestron {m} [nautical]  :: sprit (type of spar)
balinais {adj}  :: Balinese, from or associated with Bali, its people or culture
balinais {adj}  :: in or relating to the Balinese language (see below)
balinais {m}  :: An oriental breed of cats
balinais {m}  :: The Balinese language, of the Malay family
Balinais {m}  :: A Balinese, member or descendant of the people of Bali
Balinaise {f}  :: feminine noun of Balinais
balisage {m}  :: mark; marking; tag
balise {f} [aeronautics]  :: beacon
balise {f}  :: beacon (signal fire)
balise {f} [computing]  :: tag (element of HTML code)
balise {f} [nautical]  :: buoy, seamark
baliser {v} [computing]  :: to tag
baliser {v}  :: to mark with beacons
baliser {v}  :: to prepare the ground
baliser {v}  :: to waymark, to signpost
baliseur {m}  :: buoy tender (boat)
baliseur {m}  :: buoy tender (person)
balisier {m}  :: lobster-claw (or similar plant of the genus Heliconia)
balisier {m}  :: saka siri, Indian shot (of species Canna indica)
baliste {f}  :: ballista
balistique {adj}  :: ballistic
balistique {f}  :: ballistics
balistiquement {adv}  :: ballistically
balistite {f}  :: ballistite
balivage {m}  :: staddling (marking of saplings to remain when thinning a forest)
baliveau {m}  :: staddle, sapling
baliver {vt} [forestry]  :: to staddle
baliverne {f} [colloquial]  :: trifle, nonsense
baliverner {v}  :: To mock
baliverner {v}  :: To talk nonsense
baliveur {m} [forestry]  :: someone who staddles trees
balkanique {adj}  :: Balkan (from the Balkans)
balkanisation {f}  :: Balkanisation
balkaniser {v}  :: to Balkanize
ballade {f}  :: ballad
ballade {f}  :: ballade (lyric poem}
ballant {adj}  :: dangling
ballast {n}  :: Coarse gravel or similar material laid to form a bed for roads or railroads
ballast {n} [nautical]  :: Heavy material that is placed in the hold of a ship (or in the gondola of a balloon), to provide stability
ballastage {m}  :: ballasting
ballaster {v}  :: to ballast
ballastière {f}  :: ballast quarry
balle {f}  :: bullet
balle {f}  :: bundle of goods, packet tied and held together with string
balle {f} [colloquial]  :: franc (French franc)
balle {f}  :: (small) ball
balle de break {f} [tennis]  :: break point
balle de match {f} [tennis]  :: match point
balle de set {f} [tennis]  :: set point
baller {v}  :: to dance with one's arms swinging
baller {v}  :: to swing or sway; to dangle
balle rapide {f} [baseball]  :: fastball
ballerine {f}  :: ballerina
ballet {m}  :: ballet
balletomane {mf}  :: balletomane
ballon {m}  :: balloon
ballon {m} [chemistry]  :: round-bottom flask
ballon {m}  :: (large) ball
ballon chasseur {m}  :: alternate form of ballon-chasseur
ballon-chasseur {m}  :: dodgeball, a sport/game
ballon d'essai {m}  :: ballon d'essai, trial balloon
ballon dirigeable {m}  :: blimp, airship
ballonnement {m} [surgery]  :: ballonnement
ballonner {v}  :: swell, swell up, bulge
ballonnet {m}  :: ballonet
ballonnet {m}  :: small ball
ballonnet {m}  :: small balloon
ballon rond {m}  :: football (soccer)
ballon-sonde {m}  :: weather balloon, sounding balloon
ballot {m}  :: bundle, package
ballotage {m}  :: ballotage
ballote {f}  :: horehound
balloter {v}  :: alternative form of ballotter
ballotin {m}  :: a small, elegant box, usually of cardboard, containing pralines (chocolate)
ballottage {m}  :: second ballot, runoff
ballottement {m}  :: rocking; tossing (of boat)
ballotter {vt}  :: to toss (around), to jolt
ballottine {f}  :: ballotine
ball-trap {m}  :: skeet shooting, trap shooting
balluchon {m}  :: bundle (especially in a bag carried on a stick over the shoulder)
balme {f}  :: cavern or rock shelter
balnéaire {adj}  :: bathing; seaside (attributively; used for bathing)
balnéation {f}  :: balneation
balnéothérapie {f}  :: balneotherapy
balocher {vi} [rare]  :: To move slowly through the streets in a carriage
balourd {adj}  :: narrow-minded
balourd {adj}  :: oafish
balourd {m}  :: dimwit, oaf
balourdise {f}  :: blunder
balourdise {f}  :: clumsiness
balsa {m}  :: balsa (tree, wood)
balsamier {m}  :: balsam plant
balsamine {f}  :: balsam (plant)
balsamique {adj}  :: balsamic
balte {adj}  :: Baltic
balthazar {m}  :: Balthazar (12 litre bottle of Champagne)
baltique {adj}  :: Baltic
Baltique {prop}  :: Baltic
baluchon {m}  :: a bindle, a swag
balustrade {f}  :: balustrade
balustre {m}  :: balustrade
balustrer {v}  :: To decorate or surround with a balustrade
balèvre {f}  :: protrusion
balzac {m}  :: A particular French vine variety; the grape of this vine; the wine made from these grapes
Balzac {prop}  :: a town in France
Balzac {prop}  :: French surname
balzacien {adj}  :: Balzacian
balzan {adj}  :: (of a horse) Having white "socks"
balzane {f}  :: white "sock" or similar marking on the foot of a horse
balèze {adj}  :: hefty; sturdy
balèze {adj} [slang]  :: difficult
balèze {adj} [slang]  :: strong, powerful
Bamako {prop}  :: The capital city of Mali
bambara {m}  :: Bambara (language)
bambin {m}  :: toddler (young human child)
bambine {f}  :: feminine noun of bambin
bambochade {f} [art]  :: bambocciante (painter or painting)
bambochard {m}  :: reveler
bambocharde {f}  :: feminine singular form of bambochard
bamboche {f}  :: A knotty variety of bamboo
bamboche {f}  :: A small person
bamboche {f}  :: A spree or feast
bamboche {f}  :: A type of marionette
bambocher {v}  :: To feast (celebrate enthusiastically)
bambocheur {m}  :: party animal
bambocheuse {f}  :: feminine noun of bambocheur
bambou {m}  :: bamboo [plant, cane]
bamboula {f}  :: bamboula (dance)
bamboula {m}  :: bamboula (drum)
bambouseraie {f}  :: bamboo plantation
ban {m}  :: ban [nobleman]
ban {m} [dated]  :: announcement of a marriage
ban {m} [dated]  :: public declaration
ban {m} [East of France, Wallonia]  :: territory
banal {adj}  :: banal
banal {adj}  :: commonplace
banal {adj} [legal]  :: public
banalement {adv}  :: banally
banalisation {f}  :: trivialization
banaliser {v}  :: to banalise
banalité {f}  :: banality
banane {f}  :: banana (the fruit)
banane {f}  :: moon bag [South Africa], bum bag [Australian, UK], fanny pack [US]
banane {f}  :: pompadour, quiff
banane {f} [slang]  :: chopper, copter, whirlybird (a two-rotor helicopter)
banane {f} [slang]  :: idiot, fool
bananer {vr}  :: To make a mistake
bananeraie {f}  :: banana plantation
bananier {adj} [attributive]  :: banana
bananier {m}  :: any species of bananas pertaining to the genus Musa
bananier {m}  :: boat or ship used to transport bananas
banat {m}  :: banat
banc {m}  :: bank (mass of material, of cloud, fog, etc)
banc {m}  :: bank, shoal, school (of fish)
banc {m}  :: bench (seat)
bancable {adj}  :: bankable (certain to bring profit)
bancaire {adj}  :: bank, banking
bancal {adj}  :: bandy-legged (of person)
bancal {adj}  :: rickety, wobbly (of table etc.)
bancassurance {m}  :: a banking and insurance structure in which insurance is sold through the bank or the bank's distribution channels
banc de fidèle {m}  :: pew (long bench in a church)
banc de l'œuvre {m}  :: pew (enclosed compartment in a church)
banc de neige {m} [Quebec]  :: snow drift
banc de sable {m}  :: sandbank
banc de touche {m}  :: dugout (shelter)
banc d'église {m}  :: pew (long bench in a church)
banc d'œuvre {m}  :: churchwarden's pew
béance {f}  :: gap
banchage {m}  :: A tax or levy on market stalls
banche {f}  :: formwork
banche {f} [geology]  :: A bank of marl clay
bancher {v}  :: To construct formwork
bancher {v}  :: To pour concrete using formwork
banco {adj}  :: banco
bancomat {m} [Switzerland]  :: ATM
bancoulier {m}  :: candlenut (of species Aleurites moluccanus)
bancroche {adj}  :: bandy-legged
bandé {adj} [heraldry]  :: bendy; made up of diagonal stripes
bandage {m}  :: bandage
bandagiste {mf}  :: A person who makes or sells bandages
bandaison {f} [slang]  :: boner, hard-on
bandant {adj} [slang]  :: sexy, thrilling, a turn-on
Bandar Seri Begawan {prop}  :: Bandar Seri Begawan
bande {f}  :: (bande de) pack of, bunch of (used before epithets addressed to more than one person), you
bande {f}  :: band, group, gang, troupe (of people, etc)
bande {f}  :: band, strip
bande {f} [billiards]  :: cushion
bande {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: bend
bande {f}  :: pack (of wolves)
bande {f}  :: stripe
bande {f}  :: strip (e.g. magnetic strip)
bandeau {m}  :: bandage
bandeau {m}  :: blindfold
bandeau {m}  :: headband, bandeau
bande d'arrêt d'urgence {f}  :: hard shoulder
bande de Gaza {prop}  :: Gaza Strip
Bande de Gaza {prop}  :: alternative form of bande de Gaza
bande dessinée {f} [comics]  :: comic, cartoon; comic book, graphic novel
bandelette {f}  :: (small) bandage
bander {vi} [slang]  :: To have a hard-on
bander {vt}  :: to bandage
bander {vt}  :: to flex, tighten the muscles, strain, tauten
bander comme un cerf {v} [simile, vulgar, sexuality]  :: to have a large erection
bander comme un âne {v} [simile, vulgar, sexuality]  :: to have a large erection
bander comme un taureau {v} [simile, vulgar, sexuality]  :: to have a large erection
bander comme un Turc {v} [simile, vulgar, sexuality]  :: to have a large erection
banderille {f} [bullfighting]  :: banderilla
banderillero {m} [bullfighting]  :: banderillero
banderole {f}  :: banner
bande-son {f}  :: soundtrack
bande sonore {f}  :: soundtrack
bande-vidéo {f}  :: videotape
bandit {m}  :: bandit
banditisme {m}  :: banditry (acts characteristic of a bandit)
bandonéon {m} [musici]  :: bandoneon
bandoulière {f}  :: bandolier
bandoulière {f}  :: shoulder strap
bang {interj}  :: bang
bang {m}  :: bong (marijuana pipe)
bang {m}  :: sonic boom
Bangkok {prop}  :: Bangkok
bangladais {adj}  :: Bangladeshi
Bangladesh {prop}  :: Bangladesh
banian {m}  :: banian (Indian trader)
banian {m}  :: banyan (tropical Indian fig tree)
banjo {m}  :: banjo
banjoïste {mf}  :: banjoist
banlieue {f}  :: suburb
banlieusard {adj}  :: suburban (relating to outskirts of a city)
banlieusard {m}  :: suburbs-dweller
banlon {m}  :: Ban-Lon
banne {f}  :: A large wicker basket (manne) commonly made of willow branches
banne {f}  :: A small trolley used to transport coal
banne {f}  :: A tipcart
banne {f}  :: basket weaver term, large wicker trunk; the banette being a small wicker basket or small awning (definition of the w:Nouveau Larousse illustré from 1897)
banne {f}  :: Big cloth or canvas for covering goods that are in boats on ro-ro carts, etc
banne {f}  :: Big window blind or awning streched canvas in front of a shop to protect the goods exhibited from the sun and rain
banne {f}  :: coalman term, large wicker basket (manne) made of interlaced branches in which coal is transported. w:André Marie Jean Jacques Dupin (1817) Code du commerce des bois et charbon
banne {f} [navy, French]  :: Big streched canvas on a boat for protection from the sun or rain
banneret {m}  :: banneret (nobleman)
banneton {m}  :: banneton
banneton {m}  :: keepnet
bannette {f}  :: small willow basket
bannier {m}  :: town crier
bannir {v}  :: to banish
bannière {f}  :: banner; ensign, standard, flag
bannissement {m}  :: banishment
banque {f}  :: bank
banquer {v}  :: To fork out
banquer {v}  :: To pay the bill
banqueroute {f}  :: bankruptcy
banqueroutier {adj}  :: bankrupt
banqueroutier {m}  :: bankrupt person
banquet {m}  :: banquet
banqueter {v}  :: To banquet, feast
banqueteur {m}  :: banqueter, feaster (guest at a banquet)
banqueteuse {f}  :: feminine singular form of banqueteur
banquette {f}  :: seat
banquette de tir {f} [military, chiefly, historical]  :: fire step, firing platform
banquier {m}  :: banker
banquière {f}  :: feminine noun of banquier
banquise {f} [geography]  :: ice floe; ice field
banquiste {m}  :: charlatan
banquiste {m}  :: traveling showman
béant {adj}  :: gaping
bantou {adj}  :: Bantu
Bantou {m}  :: Bantu
baobab {m}  :: baobab
baïonnette {f}  :: bayonet
baptiser {v}  :: to baptise
baptiser {v}  :: to christen
baptismal {adj}  :: baptismal
baptisme {m}  :: baptism
baptistaire {adj}  :: baptismal
baptistaire {m}  :: baptismal certificate (or entry in a baptismal register)
baptiste {m}  :: baptist
Baptiste {prop}  :: male given name from the epithet of John the Baptist (Jean-Baptiste)
baptistère {adj}  :: baptismal (of a register or certificate)
baptistère {m}  :: baptistry
baptême {interj} [Quebec]  :: A mild curse word
baptême {m}  :: baptism
baptême {m} [Belgium]  :: hazing
baptême {m}  :: christening
baptême du feu {m}  :: baptism of fire
baquet {m}  :: bucket seat (of sports car)
baquet {m}  :: pail (of water)
baquet {m}  :: paintpot
baquet {m}  :: (small) tub; pot
baquet {m}  :: washtub, washbasin
baqueter {v}  :: To bale (remove water in buckets etc)
baqueter {v}  :: To water (a garden, using buckets etc)
bar {m}  :: A bar (counter)
bar {m}  :: A bar (establishment)
bar {m}  :: A bass (fish)
Bar. {n} [music]  :: abbreviation of baryton
Barachie {prop}  :: Barachiah
baragouin {m}  :: gibberish (unintelligible speech or writing)
baragouinage {m}  :: gibbering
baragouinage {m}  :: gibberish
baragouiner {v}  :: to gibber, jabber, garble, muddle one's words
baragouiner {v}  :: to speak (a language) badly
baragouineur {m}  :: gibberer
baragouineuse {f}  :: feminine singular form of baragouineur
baraka {f}  :: barakah
baraka {f}  :: benediction
baraka {f}  :: chance, fate
baraki {m} [Belgium]  :: gypsy (caravan dweller)
baraki {m} [Belgium, idiomatic, pejorative, ethnic slur]  :: A poorly educated individual, usually a dirty one with poor clothing tastes
baraki {m} [Belgium]  :: showman (fairground worker}
baïram {m} [Islam]  :: bairam
baraqué {adj}  :: hefty, well-built
baraque {f} [colloquial]  :: pad, crib (house)
baraque {f}  :: shack, hut
baraque {f}  :: stall, stand
baraquement {m}  :: barracking (of troops)
baraquement {m} [chiefly, in the plural]  :: barracks
baraquer {v}  :: To billet (troops)
baraterie {f}  :: barratry
baratin {m}  :: bullshit
baratin {m}  :: small talk
baratiner {v}  :: to bullshit
baratiner {v}  :: to chat up, sweet-talk (engage in small talk in order to seduce or convince)
baratineur {adj}  :: smooth-talking, fast-talking
barattage {m}  :: churning
baratte {f}  :: churn
baratter {v}  :: to churn (agitate rapidly)
barbacane {f}  :: barbican
barbacane {f}  :: buttress
Barbade {prop}  :: Barbados
barbadien {adj}  :: Barbadian (of or pertaining to Barbados or its people or culture)
Barbadien {m}  :: Barbadian
Barbadienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Barbadien
barbagiuan {m}  :: alt form barbajuan
barbajuan {m}  :: An appetizer originating from Monaco: a fritter stuffed with Swiss chard and ricotta
barbant {adj} [informal]  :: boring
barbaque {f} [France, slang]  :: meat
Barbara {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to English Barbara
barbare {adj}  :: barbarian (uncivilized)
barbare {adj}  :: Berber
barbarement {adv}  :: barbarically
barbaresque {adj}  :: Barbary (attributive)
barbaresque {m}  :: Barbary pirate
barbarie {f} [countable and uncountable]  :: barbarity
Barbarie {prop}  :: Barbary
barbarisme {m}  :: barbarism
barbarouffement {m}  :: the cry of a manatee or dugong
barbarouffer {v} [of a manatee or dugong]  :: to give out a call
barbe {adj}  :: (horse) Barbary
barbe {f}  :: barbel, whisker-like sensory organs, located around the mouth of certain fish, including catfish, carp, goatfish, sturgeon
barbe {f}  :: beard
barbe {f} [botany]  :: barb, hair or bristle
barbe {f}  :: (feather) barb
barbe {f}  :: longer hair growing on the chin or face of some animals
barbe {m}  :: Barbary horse
Barbe {prop}  :: female given name, equivalent to English Barbara as a saint's name. Usual given name form: Barbara
barbeau {m}  :: barbel (fish)
barbeau {m}  :: cornflower (plant)
barbecue {m}  :: barbecue
barbe de trois jours {f}  :: stubble (short, coarse hair on the face)
barbelé {adj}  :: barbed (wire)
barbelé {m}  :: barbed wire
barbeler {v}  :: to surround with barbed wire
barbelure {f}  :: barb
barbe à papa {f}  :: fairy floss, cotton candy (US, Canada), candy floss
barber {v} [familiar]  :: to bore someone
barbet {m}  :: barbet (all senses)
barbette {f} [archaic]  :: cowl
barbette {f} [fortifications]  :: barbette
barbette {f} [obsolete]  :: small beard
barbiche {f}  :: goatee
barbichette {f}  :: (small) goatee
barbier {m}  :: barber
barbifier {v}  :: to bore to death
barbifier {v}  :: to shave (someone's) beard, to barb
barbillon {m}  :: young barbel
barbital {m}  :: barbital
barbiturique {adj}  :: barbituric
barbiturique {f}  :: barbiturate
barbiturisme {m}  :: barbiturism
barbon {m}  :: broomsedge (of genus Andropogon)
barbon {m}  :: greybeard (old man)
barbotage {m}  :: a mixture of bran and water used to feed animals
barbotage {m}  :: splashing
barbote {f}  :: bullhead (or similar fish)
barboter {v} [colloquial]  :: To nick, to pinch (to steal)
barboter {v}  :: to splash
barboteur {m}  :: dabbling duck
barboteur {m}  :: fermentation lock (masculine only)
barboteur {m}  :: splasher
barboteuse {f}  :: rompers
barbotin {m}  :: sprocket
barbotine {f}  :: a slushie
barbotière {f}  :: duckpond
barbotte {f}  :: alternative form of barbote
barbouillé {adj}  :: having an upset stomach
barbouillage {m}  :: scribble, scribbling
barbouiller {v}  :: to blabber
barbouiller {v}  :: to daub
barbouiller {v}  :: to mark, stain, dirty
barbouiller {v}  :: to scribble
barbouilleur {m}  :: dauber (poor painter)
barbouilleuse {f}  :: feminine noun of barbouilleur
barbouze {mf}  :: (because of the fake beard often worn to hide his face) agent of a paramilitary force
barbouze {mf}  :: secret agent
barbouzerie {f}  :: secret service (or one of its actions)
barbu {adj}  :: bearded (possessing a beard)
barbue {f}  :: brill
barbule {f}  :: barbule (or any similar form)
barcarolle {f}  :: barcarolle
barcasse {f} [nautical]  :: longboat
barcelonais {adj} [attributive]  :: Barcelona
Barcelone {prop}  :: Barcelona
barcelonnette {f}  :: crib (child's rocking bed)
Barcelonnette {prop}  :: A small alpine town in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence department
bard {m}  :: A sawhorse
bard {m}  :: A sort of stretcher, with no wheels, used for transporting materials
Bard {prop}  :: French surname
barda {m}  :: [Quebec, slang] mess, jumble
bardache {m} [dated]  :: a berdache; a third-gender Native (North) American
bardache {m} [obsolete]  :: a passive homosexual
bardage {m}  :: cladding
bardane {f}  :: burdock (any of the species of biennial thistles in the genus Arctium)
bardasser {v}  :: [Quebec, slang] To search (through a mess)
barde {f}  :: horse-armour, also a long saddle for an ass or mule of canvas, pack-saddle; also bardelle
barde {m}  :: bard (poet and singer)
bardeau {m} [chiefly, in the plural]  :: shingles
bardeau {m}  :: clapboard, roof tile
barder {v} [archaic]  :: To transport wood onto a boat
barder {v} [architecture]  :: To clad (add cladding to a wall)
barder {v} [cooking]  :: To bard
barder {v} [impersonal]  :: kick off; (used to express that trouble occurs)
bardot {m}  :: hinny (offspring of a male horse and a female donkey)
barège {m} [textiles]  :: barège
barge {adj} [slang]  :: nuts, bananas (crazy)
barge {f}  :: barge (boat)
barge {f}  :: godwit
barguignage {m}  :: bargaining, haggling
barguignage {m}  :: hesitation
barguigner {v} [Canada]  :: To bargain, haggle
barguigner {v}  :: To hesitate, being unable to make a decision
barigoule {f}  :: Lactarius deliciosus, the saffron milk-cap mushroom
baril {m}  :: barrel (volume used to measure petroleum and similar products)
barillet {m}  :: cylinder, barrel (of a gun)
barillet {m}  :: small barrel
barine {m} [historical]  :: boyar
bariolé {adj}  :: garish
bariolé {adj}  :: pied, motley
bariolé {adj}  :: rainbow-coloured
bariolage {m}  :: A strange medley of colours
barioler {v}  :: to garishly colour
bariolure {f}  :: fleck
barjot {adj} [slang]  :: bonkers, nuts
barkhane {f}  :: barchan, barkhan
barlong {adj}  :: oblong
barlotière {f}  :: bar in a sash window
barmaid {f}  :: barmaid
barman {m}  :: barman, bartender
barème {m}  :: scale (used to assess magnitude)
barn {m} [physics]  :: barn (unit)
Béarn {prop}  :: The Béarn region in the French Pyrenees
Barnabé {prop}  :: male given name, equivalent to Barnaby or Barnabas
barnabite {m}  :: Barnabite
béarnais {adj}  :: From or relating to the southern French region Béarn, in the Pyrenees
béarnais {m}  :: The southern French dialect of the above Béarn region, a form of gascon
Béarnais {mf}  :: An inhabitant or descendant of the population of the Béarn region in the French Pyrenees
béarnaise {f} [by ellipsis]  :: béarnaise sauce
barographe {m}  :: barograph
barographique {adj}  :: barographic
baromètre {m} [meteorology]  :: barometer
barométrique {adj}  :: barometric
baron {m} [dated]  :: baron, lord, noble landowner
baronnage {m}  :: baronage (all senses)
baronne {f}  :: baroness
baronnet {m}  :: baronet
baronnie {f}  :: barony
baroque {adj}  :: baroque (all senses)
baroquisme {m}  :: A tendency to favour/use the baroque style
baroscope {m}  :: baroscope
barotraumatisme {m}  :: barotrauma
baroud {m}  :: combat (especially ritual combat)
baroud d'honneur {m}  :: last stand; valiant final fight
barouder {v}  :: To combat, battle
baroudeur {m}  :: adventurer, globetrotter
baroudeur {m}  :: fighter
barouf {m}  :: alternative form of baroufle
baroufle {m}  :: bustle, tumult
barque {f}  :: small boat
barquette {f}  :: A small boat
barquette {f}  :: A stretcher
barquette {f} [motoring]  :: prototype
barquette {f}  :: painted comber, Serranus scriba
barquette {f}  :: punnet, small box, small tub, small tub
barré {adj}  :: barred
barré {adj} [heraldry]  :: bendy sinister; made up of diagonal stripes
barracuda {f}  :: barracuda
barrage {m}  :: barrier, roadblock
barrage {m}  :: dam, barrage
barre {f}  :: bar, cake, ingot
barre {f}  :: helm, tiller
barre {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: bend sinister
barre {f}  :: stripe, dash, stroke, slash
barreau {m}  :: bar (metal bar (of a prison, cage etc.))
barreau {m} [legal]  :: bar (place where the participants in a trial stand)
barreau {m} [legal]  :: bar (profession of lawyers)
barreau {m}  :: rung (of ladder)
barre d'outils {f} [computing]  :: toolbar
barre fixe {f} [gymnastics]  :: horizontal bar
barrel {m}  :: alternative form of baril
barrement {m}  :: crossing (pair of parallel lines printed on a cheque)
barre oblique {f}  :: slash (User:Matthias Buchmeier/fr-en-b/)
barre oblique inverse {f}  :: backslash (\)
barrer {v} [Canada]  :: to lock
barrer {v}  :: to bar, bar up (to lock or bolt with a bar)
barrer {v}  :: to bar off
barrer {v}  :: to cross out, strike out (put written lines through written text, to show it is erroneous)
barre russe {f}  :: Russian bar
barres asymétriques {fp} [plurale tantum, gymnastics]  :: uneven bars
barres parallèles {fp} [plurale tantum, gymnastics]  :: parallel bars
barre transversale {f} [sports]  :: crossbar (the top of the goal structure)
barrette {f}  :: bar (of medal)
barrette {f}  :: barrette (US), (hair) slide (UK)
barrette {f}  :: brooch
barrette {f} [colloquial]  :: bar/slab of hash
barrette {f} [religion]  :: biretta
barrette {f}  :: small bar
barreur {m} [nautical]  :: helmsman
barreur {m} [rowing]  :: cox
barreuse {f}  :: feminine singular form of barreur
barricader {v}  :: to barricade
barrique {f}  :: barrel, cask
barrique {f} [figuratively, pejorative]  :: fatty, fatso
barrir {v}  :: to trumpet (to make the sound of an elephant's cry)
barrière {f}  :: barrier
barrissement {m}  :: trumpet (the sound of an elephant)
barrot {m} [nautical]  :: beam (crosspiece)
barsac {m}  :: Barsac (wine)
bartavelle {f}  :: rock partridge (of species Alectoris graeca)
baréter {v}  :: to moan, groan
baréter {v}  :: to trumpet (make the cry of an elephant)
Barthélemy {prop}  :: Bartholomew (Biblical figure)
Barthélemy {prop}  :: male given name
Bartimée {prop}  :: Bartimaeus
Baruch {prop}  :: Baruch (biblical figure)
barycentre {m}  :: barycenter
barye {f} [physics]  :: barye
barymétrie {f}  :: barymetry
barymétrique {adj}  :: barymetric
baryogénèse {f} [physics]  :: baryogenesis
baryon {m} [particle]  :: baryon
baryonique {adj}  :: baryonic
barysphère {f}  :: barysphere
baryte {m}  :: baryte
barytine {f} [mineral]  :: baryte
baryton {m}  :: baritone
baryton {m}  :: baryton
baryum {m}  :: barium
barzoï {m}  :: borzoi, Russian wolfhound
bas {adj}  :: bass
bas {adj}  :: low
bas {adv}  :: low
bas {m}  :: lower end; bottom, foot
bas {m}  :: stocking
Basabürü {prop}  :: The vernacular name, meaning the 'wild edge', for the upper basin of the Saison River, as opposed to the Pettarra (French Basque Country)
basal {adj}  :: basal
basale {f}  :: basement membrane
basaliome {f}  :: basalioma
basalte {m} [geology]  :: basalt (hard rock)
basaltique {adj}  :: basaltic
basané {adj}  :: swarthy, dark-skinned
basaner {vt}  :: to tan (brown the skin)
bas autofixant {m}  :: hold-up stocking, hold-ups (UK), thigh-highs (US)
bas-bleu {m}  :: bluestocking
Bas-Canada {prop} [historical]  ::  Lower Canada
bascophone {adj}  :: Basque-speaking
bas couture {m}  :: seamed stocking(s)
bas-côté {m} [architecture]  :: aisle (in a church)
bas-côté {m}  :: central reservation, median (in a road)
basculement {m} [computing]  :: failover
basculement {m}  :: the act or result of toppling or falling
basculement {m}  :: transfer, transition
basculer {v} [computing, ~ sur]  :: to fail over
basculer {vi} [figuratively, of a life or situation]  :: to fall apart, to turn upsidedown
basculer {vi}  :: to sway from side to side
basculer {vi}  :: to topple, to tip over
basculer {vt}  :: to tip over, to tip up
basculer {vt}  :: to transfer (e.g. a call)
basculeur {adj}  :: rocking
base {f}  :: base, basis (fundamental belief)
base {f}  :: base (bottom part of something)
base {f}  :: base (safe place)
base {f} [chemistry]  :: base
baseball {m}  :: baseball
base-ball {m}  :: baseball (ballgame)
baseballeur {m} [chiefly, Quebec, informal]  :: baseball player
baseballeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of baseballeur
base de données {f}  :: database
baselle {f}  :: vine spinach (of species Basella alba)
baser {v}  :: to base (have as its foundation or starting point)
base-sur-balles {m} [baseball, Quebec]  :: a walk
bas-fond {m} [dated]  :: shallow area of the sea
bas-fond {m} [in the plural]  :: marginal (person who lives outside normal society)
bas-fond {m} [in the plural]  :: sidestreet (seedy area of a town)
bas-fond {m}  :: lowland
basicité {f} [chemistry]  :: basicity
baside {f}  :: basidium
basilaire {adj}  :: Relating to the base; basal
Basile {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to Basil
basilic {m}  :: basilisk (lizard, mythological serpent)
basilic {m}  :: basil (plant, herb)
basilic {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: basilisk
basilical {adj}  :: basilican
Basilicate {prop}  :: Basilicata
basilique {f} [Antiquity]  :: covered building, Civil reunion place open to the public
basilique {f} [Christianity]  :: place of Christian prayer, consecrated by decision from the Vatican
basin {m} [textiles, historical]  :: bombasine
basique {adj}  :: basic (chemistry: of a base)
basique {adj}  :: basic (elementary)
basiquement {adv}  :: basically
bas à jour {m} [historical]  :: openwork stocking(s), open-worked stocking(s)
basket {f} [Europe]  :: sneakers, trainers [UK]
basket {m}  :: basketball
basketball {m}  :: alternative form of basket-ball
basket-ball {m}  :: basketball (the sport)
baskets {n}  :: trainers, sneakers
basketteur {m}  :: basketball player (person who plays basketball)
basketteuse {f}  :: feminine noun of basketteur
bas-latin {m}  :: Low Latin
bas-mât {m} [nautical]  :: lower-mast (when it is multiple sections)
basocellulaire {adj}  :: basocellular
basoche {f}  :: basoche
basophile {adj}  :: basophilic
basophile {m} [cytology]  :: basophil (cell)
basquais {adj}  :: Basque (style)
basque {adj}  :: Basque
basque {f}  :: skirt, skirts (of a jacket, morning coat etc.); basque (of waistcoat)
basque {m}  :: Basque (language)
basquine {f}  :: A sort of basque petticoat
bas-relief {m} [art]  :: bas relief
Bas-Rhin {prop}  :: Bas-Rhin
bas résille {m}  :: fishnet stocking(s)
basse {f}  :: acoustic guitar
basse {f} [music]  :: bass (a singer of the bass melodies)
basse {f} [music]  :: bass (the lower melody)
basse {f} [music]  :: bass (the musical instrument)
basse-cour {f}  :: barnyard
basse-cour {f} [historical]  :: inner courtyard
basse-cour {f}  :: poultry
bassement {adv}  :: basely
Basse-Saxe {prop}  :: Lower Saxony (state)
bassesse {f}  :: baseness, lowness
bassesse {f} [pejorative]  :: quality of being of low, unnoble birth
bassesse {f}  :: something trivial
basset {m}  :: basset hound
basse-taille {f} [music]  :: bass (voice)
basse-taille {f} [obsolete]  :: bas-relief
Basse-Terre {prop}  :: Basse-Terre, the capital city of Guadeloupe, an overseas region and département of France located in the Lesser Antilles
Basse-Terre {prop}  :: The western-half of the island of Guadeloupe
bassin {m} [anatomy]  :: pelvis
bassin {m}  :: bowl, bedpan
bassin {m} [geography, geology]  :: basin
bassin {m} [nautical]  :: dock
bassin {m}  :: pond, ornamental lake, basin
bassinage {m}  :: light watering (gardening)
bassinage {m}  :: softening of dough by sprinkling with water
bassine {f}  :: bowl
bassine {f}  :: bowlful
bassiner {vt}  :: to bathe with a warm liquid
bassiner {vt}  :: to bore
bassiner {vt}  :: to drizzle
bassiner {vt}  :: to pester or annoy
bassiner {vt}  :: to warm a bed with a bassinoire
bassinet {m}  :: bassinet (all senses)
bassinoire {f}  :: warming pan
bassiste {mf} [music]  :: bassist (one who plays the bass guitar)
basson {m}  :: bassoon (musical instrument in the woodwind family)
Bassorah {prop}  :: Basra
bastaing {m}  :: alternative form of basting
baste {f}  :: basque (clothing)
baste {m}  :: ace of clubs
baste pour cela {phrase}  :: Enough of that, all well and good, so be it
basterne {m}  :: mule cart
Bastia {prop}  :: Bastia
bastiais {adj}  :: Of or from Bastia
bastide {f}  :: mansion in Provence
bastide {f}  :: new town built in medieval Languedoc, Gascony and Aquitaine during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries
bastidon {m}  :: A small house, typical of Provence
Bastien {prop}  :: male given name, short for Sébastien, cognate to German Bastian
bastille {f}  :: fortress
Bastille {prop}  :: Bastille
bastiment {m}  :: archaic spelling of bâtiment
basting {m}  :: A joist used to carry other planks of wood
bastingage {m} [nautical]  :: rail
bastion {m}  :: bastion
bastion {m}  :: stronghold
bastionné {adj}  :: bastioned
bastionner {v}  :: To bulwark
baston {f} [colloquial]  :: scrap, fight
bastonnade {f}  :: caning, any beating with a stick
bastonnade {f}  :: specifically, falaka (oriental beating of the soles of the feet)
bastos {f} [slang]  :: bullet; projectile of a firearm
bastringue {m}  :: dance hall
bastringue {m}  :: din, racket, noise
bas-ventre {m}  :: groin
bas-ventre {m}  :: lower abdomen
béat {adj}  :: blissful
béat {adj}  :: in awe
bataclan {m}  :: embarrassing things
bataclan {m}  :: noises
bataille {f}  :: battle
bataille {f}  :: war (a card game)
bataille d'eau {f}  :: water fight
batailler {v}  :: to battle
batailleur {m}  :: fighter
bataillon {m}  :: battalion
batara luisant {m}  :: glossy antshrike (a passerine bird of the antbird family)
batardeau {m}  :: batardeau
batave {adj}  :: Batavian
batave {adj}  :: Dutch (from the Netherlands)
Batave {mf}  :: Batavian
Batave {mf}  :: Dutchman; Hollander
batavia {f}  :: Batavia lettuce
batavique {adj}  :: Dutch (from the Netherlands)
batayole {f}  :: The upright of a railing (or the boss at the top of such an upright)
batée {m}  :: pan (used in gold panning)
bateau {m}  :: boat
bateau-feu {m} [nautical]  :: lightship, lightvessel
bateau-lavoir {m}  :: A boat, moored on a riverbank, that functions as a laundry
bateau-mouche {m} [lb, en, nautical]  :: A tourist sightseeing-boat, used especially in Paris
bateau-phare {m} [nautical]  :: lightship, lightvessel
bateau pilote {m} [nautical]  :: pilot boat
bateau-pilote {m}  :: alternative form of bateau pilote
batelage {m}  :: boating, sailing, pilotage (driving a boat)
batelage {m}  :: conjuring
batelage {m}  :: juggling
batelée {f}  :: boatload (a large quantity)
bateler {v}  :: To conjure (do magic tricks)
bateler {v}  :: To juggle
batelet {m} [nautical]  :: A small boat
bateleur {m}  :: buffoon
bateleur {m}  :: tumbler, juggler; acrobat
batelier {m}  :: riverboatman
batelière {f}  :: feminine singular form of batelier
batellerie {f} [nautical]  :: transport (of goods) via inland waterways
béatement {adv}  :: blissfully
bat-flanc {m}  :: bunk
bat-flanc {m}  :: partition
bath {adj}  :: Super, great, smashing; beautiful, fine, good, pleasant
bath {m}  :: English high quality letter paper popular in the 19th century
bathyal {adj}  :: bathyal
bathymétrie {f}  :: bathymetry
bathymétrique {adj}  :: bathymetric
bathypélagique {adj}  :: bathypelagic
bathyscaphe {m}  :: Bathyscaphe
bathysphère {f}  :: bathysphere
béatification {f}  :: beatification
béatifier {v}  :: to beatify
béatifique {adj}  :: beatific
batifolage {m}  :: frolic; frolicking
batifoler {vi}  :: to frolic
batik {m}  :: batik
batiste {f}  :: cambric
béatitude {f}  :: bliss, beatitude
batoude {f}  :: trampoline
batracien {adj}  :: batrachian
batracien {m}  :: batrachian; amphibian
batral {m} [nautical, military]  :: bâtiment de transport léger - a military sea transport, light ferry transport
BATRAL {m} [nautical, military]  :: acronym of bâtiment de transport léger - a landing ship, a military sea transport, light transport ferry
Béatrice {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to Beatrice
battable {adj}  :: beatable (able to be beaten)
battage {m}  :: hype, publicity
battant {adj}  :: beating
battant {m}  :: a go-getter, someone who shoots for success despite obstacles
battant {m}  :: a leaf of a foldable table or a counter
battant {m}  :: one side of a set of double doors or double windows
battée {f}  :: pan (used in gold prospecting)
battellement {m}  :: A gutter, typically on a roof, consisting of a double set of tiles
battement {m}  :: beating; hitting
batter {v} [sports]  :: to bat
batterie {f} [agriculture]  :: battery
batterie {f}  :: battery (electricity storing device)
batterie {f} [dance]  :: batterie
batterie {f} [military]  :: battery
batterie {f} [music]  :: percussion, drum kit, battery/batterie
batteur {m} [baseball]  :: batter
batteur {m} [music]  :: drummer, percussionist
batteuse {f} [agriculture]  :: threshing machine, thresher
batteuse {f} [music, rare]  :: A female drummer
battoir {m}  :: beater; carpet beater
battologie {f}  :: battology
battre {v} [agriculture]  :: to thresh
battre {v} [cards]  :: to shuffle
battre {v} [cooking]  :: to whisk or whip (eggs)
battre {vp}  :: to fight
battre {v}  :: to beat; to defeat
battre {v}  :: to beat up
battre de l'aile {v} [idiomatic]  :: to go into decline, to wane (be in difficulty)
battre en brèche {v} [idiomatic, figuratively]  :: to tackle (an urgent issue), to strike at the heart of (a problem)
battre en brèche {v} [idiomatic, of heavy artillery]  :: to reduce to rubble, to give a pounding
battu {adj}  :: beaten
battue {f}  :: battue; the beating of bushes to force out the game
batture {f}  :: A mixture of wax, linseed oil and turpentine used in bookbinding; the process of applying this mixture
batture {f}  :: batture
batture {f}  :: foreshore
bau {m} [nautical]  :: crossbeam
baud {m}  :: A type of hunting dog
baud {m}  :: baud
Baudelaire {prop}  :: French surname
Baudelaire {prop}  :: Charles Baudelaire, French writer
baudelairien {adj}  :: Baudelairean
baudet {m}  :: ass (donkey)
baudet {m}  :: ass; ignoramus (idiot)
Baudouin {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to English Baldwin and Dutch Boudewijn
baudrier {m}  :: baldrick
baudrier {m}  :: climbing harness
baudrier {m} [dated]  :: cowhide used for sneakers
baudroie {f}  :: anglerfish (of genus Histrio)
baudroie {f}  :: goosefish (of genus Lophiodes)
baudroie {f}  :: monkfish (of genus Lophius)
baudroyeur {m} [obsolete]  :: currier
baudruche {f} [informal]  :: windbag
baudruche {f}  :: (toy) balloon
bauge {f}  :: cob (for walls)
bauge {f}  :: wallow (for pig, boar etc.)
bauger {v}  :: To wallow
baugue {f}  :: A mixture of marine plants found on the Mediterranean shore
bauhinia {f}  :: bauhinia
Baumé {prop}  :: A French family name
baume {m}  :: balm
baume {m}  :: balsam
baumier {m}  :: balsam tree (of species Dacryodes macrophylla
bauquière {f} [nautical]  :: beamshelf
bauxite {f}  :: bauxite
bavard {adj}  :: chatty
bavard {m}  :: chatterbox (chatty person)
bavardage {m}  :: chatter, natter, banter (insignificant talk)
bavard comme une pie {adj} [simile]  :: Who never stop talking, especially gossipping; very talkative or chatty
bavarder {vi}  :: to chat
bavarder {vt} [obsolete]  :: To have a lengthy talk about something
bavardeur {m}  :: talker; chatterer; gossip
bavardeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of bavardeur
bavardocher {vi} [colloquial, pejorative]  :: to chat, gossip
bavarois {adj}  :: Bavarian
bavarois {m}  :: Bavarian (dialect)
bavarois {m}  :: bavarois (dessert)
Bavarois {m}  :: Bavarian
Bavaroise {f}  :: Bavarian
bavasser {v}  :: to waffle, natter
bave {f}  :: spittle, drool, dribble, slobber
baver {v} [of a pen, etc.]  :: to leak
baver {v}  :: to drool, to slobber
bavette {f}  :: bib
bavette {f}  :: flank steak
baveur {adj} [informal]  :: dribbling
baveur {m} [informal]  :: dribbler (one who dribbles saliva)
baveuse {f}  :: feminine noun of baveur
baveux {adj} [Canada, informal]  :: Arrogant and cheeky against authority; cocky
baveux {adj}  :: Wet; drooling; dripping
bavière {f}  :: bevor
Bavière {prop}  :: Bavaria (region of Germany)
bavoir {m}  :: bib (of a baby)
bavolet {m}  :: mudflap
bavolet {m}  :: sill
bavure {f} [figuratively]  :: mistake, blunder
bavure {f}  :: smudge, blemish, smear
bayadère {adj}  :: having colourful stripes
bayadère {f}  :: bayadère, dancing-girl
bayard {m}  :: A solid type of stretcher for carrying heavy loads
bayart {m}  :: A solid type of stretcher, for carrying heavy loads
bayer {v} [archaic]  :: to have one's mouth wide open, to gape
Bayonne {prop}  :: A city and commune of southwest France
bayonnette {f}  :: alternative form of baïonnette
bayou {n}  :: a stagnant body of water left behind by the meandering of the Mississippi River in Louisiana or elsewhere; a bayou
bayram {m}  :: alternative form of baïram
bazar {m}  :: bazaar
bazar {m} [colloquial]  :: jumble
bazar {m}  :: junk, things
bazarder {vt} [France]  :: to chuck out
bazarder {vt} [France]  :: to sell or sell off
bazoche {f}  :: alternative form of basoche
bazooka {m}  :: bazooka (rocket launcher)
bébé {m}  :: baby
bébé-boumeur {m}  :: baby boomer
bébé-boumeuse {f}  :: feminine singular form of bébé-boumeur
bâbord {m}  :: port (left-hand side of a vessel)
bébête {adj}  :: silly, juvenile
bébête {f} [children, colloquial]  :: animal, beastie
bébête {f}  :: fool, idiot
bécane {f} [colloquial]  :: computer
bécane {f} [slang]  :: bike (bicycle)
bécane {f} [slang]  :: motorbike
bécard {m}  :: pike (fish)
bécarre {adj} [music]  :: natural
bécarre {m} [music]  :: natural
bécasse {f}  :: woodcock (Any of several wading birds in the genus Scolopax, of the family Scolopacidae, characterised by a long slender bill and cryptic brown and blackish plumage)
bécasseau {m}  :: stint, sandpiper (bird of genus Calidris)
bécassine {f}  :: snipe (bird)
BCBG {adj}  :: trendy, preppy; chic and conservative
BCE {prop}  :: ECB
bâchage {m}  :: covering with a canvas or tarpaulin
bêchage {m}  :: digging
béchamel {f}  :: béchamel sauce
bâche {f}  :: tank (reservoir)
bâche {f}  :: tarpaulin
bâche {f}  :: tide pool
bêche {f}  :: spade
bûche {f}  :: log
bêche-de-mer {f}  :: trepang, sea cucumber
bûche de Noël {f}  :: Yule log
bâcher {v}  :: to cover with a canvas or tarpaulin
bécher {m}  :: beaker (flat-bottomed vessel)
bêcher {v} [dated]  :: to badmouth, to slander
bêcher {v}  :: to dig (with a spade)
bûcher {m} [in the plural]  :: The flames of Hell
bûcher {m}  :: pyre
bûcher {v} [colloquial]  :: to slog away
bûcher {v}  :: to hew
bûcheron {m}  :: lumberjack
bûchette {f}  :: stick (of wood); faggot
bêcheur {adj}  :: badmouthing
bêcheur {adj}  :: snobbish
bêcheur {m}  :: badmouther
bêcheur {m}  :: digger (person who digs)
bêcheur {m}  :: snob
bûcheur {m} [familiar]  :: swot, hard worker
bûcheuse {f} [familiar]  :: swot, hard worker (female)
bêcheveter {v}  :: To place head-to-toe, head-to-tail
bêcheveter {v}  :: To upend (turn upside-down)
béchique {adj}  :: antitussive
béchique {m}  :: cough mixture
bêchoir {m}  :: A large hoe
bâcler {vt}  :: to bang out (a task)
bécosse {f} [Quebec]  :: singular of bécosses
bécosses {fp} [Quebec, colloquial, plurale tantum]  :: Toilets in general, especially outdoor or makeshift ones
bécosses {fp} [Quebec, plurale tantum]  :: Outhouse toilets
bécot {m}  :: peck (small kiss)
bécoter {v} [informal]  :: to kiss
bcp {adv} [texting]  :: abbreviation of beaucoup
BCP {initialism} [government, Westministerian Parliament]  :: PCO initialism of Bureau du Conseil privé (Privy Council Office)
bécune {f}  :: barracuda
bédé {f}  :: comic strip
BD {f}  :: comic strip
bédane {m}  :: synonym of bec-d'âne
bdellomètre {m} [medicine, historical]  :: A bdellometer: a device for applying negative pressure to a region of skin while performing an incision, such that the region becomes engorged with blood and therefore less sensitive to the pain of incision
bédégar {m}  :: bedeguar
bédéiste {mf}  :: cartoonist, graphic novelist
BDK {initialism} [comics, obsolete]  :: bande dessinée kébécoise - a Quebecois comic strip (bande dessinée)
bédo {m} [slang]  :: joint (marijuana cigarette)
bédouin {adj}  :: bedouin
BDQ {initialism} [comics]  :: bande dessinée québécoise - a Quebecois comic strip (bande dessinée)
beach {m} [Congo]  :: port where goods and passengers embark and debark
beach volley {m} [sport]  :: beach volleyball
beagle {m}  :: beagle (dog)
beatnik {mf}  :: beatnik
beau {adj}  :: fair (weather)
beau {adj}  :: handsome, fine, attractive
beau {adj}  :: nice
beau- {prefix}  :: in-law
beau {prefix}  :: related by marriage; in-law or step-
beau- {prefix}  :: step-
beauceron {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the Beauce
beau comme un dieu {adj} [simile]  :: Extremely good-looking and attractive; like a Greek god
beaucoup {adv}  :: much, very much, a lot
beau-dabe {m} [slang]  :: synonym of beau-père
beauf {m}  :: boor, yokel, redneck
beauf {m}  :: brother-in-law
beau-fils {m}  :: A son-in-law, the husband of one's daughter or son
beau-fils {m}  :: A stepson, a son of the present spouse of its remarried parent
beaufort {m}  :: beaufort
beau-frère {m}  :: brother-in-law (brother of one's husband)
beau-frère {m}  :: brother-in-law (brother of one's wife)
beau-frère {m}  :: brother-in-law (husband of one's brother)
beau-frère {m}  :: brother-in-law (husband of one's sister)
beaujolais {adj}  :: Of or from Beaujeu
beaujolais {m} [rft-sense]  :: A red wine from Burgundy, France
Beaujolais {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Beaujeu
Beaujolaise {f}  :: feminine singular form of Beaujolais
Beaumarchais {prop}  :: French surname
Beaumarchais {prop}  :: Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais, French writer
beau-neveu {m}  :: nephew-in-law
beau-neveu {m}  :: stepnephew
beau-papa {m} [informal]  :: synonym of beau-père
beau-parent {m}  :: (especially in plural) in-law
beaupré {m} [nautical]  :: bowsprit
beau-père {m}  :: A father-in-law, the father of one's spouse
beau-père {m}  :: A stepfather, stepdad, the present husband of the mother of a child from a previous marriage
beau sexe {m} [singulare tantum]  :: the fair sex
beauté {f}  :: beauty
Beauvais {prop}  :: A town in the Oise department of Picardie
beauvaisien {adj}  :: Of or from Beauvais
beauvaisin {adj}  :: alternative form of beauvaisien
beaux arts {n}  :: fine arts
beaux-arts {n}  :: The fine arts
beaux-parents {p}  :: in-laws, parents-in-law
bec {m} [anatomy]  :: beak, bill [of bird]
bec {m} [colloquial, Belgium, Quebec, Switzerland]  :: kiss
bec-croisé {m}  :: crossbill
bec-de-cane {m}  :: A type of latch
bec-de-lièvre {m}  :: cleft lip; harelip
bec-d'âne {m}  :: A type of chisel used in carpentry
becfigue {m}  :: ortolan (a small bird eaten as a delicacy)
beche {f}  :: alternative form of bêche
becqué {adj} [heraldry]  :: beaked (having a beak of a different colour)
becquée {f}  :: beakful
becquer {v}  :: To peck (all senses)
becquerel {m}  :: becquerel
Becquerel {prop}  :: French surname
Becquerel {prop}  :: Henri Becquerel, French physicist and discoverer of radioactivity
becqueté {adj}  :: pecked, eaten
becquet {m}  :: spoiler (on a car)
becquetage {m}  :: pecking
becquetance {f}  :: food, nourishment
becqueter {v} [slang]  :: to eat, nosh, chow down
becqueter {vt}  :: to peck (at)
bectance {f} [slang]  :: grub, nosh
becter {v} [informal]  :: To eat
bedaine {f}  :: paunch, pot belly
bedeau {m}  :: verger
bedon {m}  :: paunch, pot belly
bedonnant {adj} [colloquial]  :: paunchy, pot-bellied
bedonner {v}  :: to have a plump stomach, to be paunchy
beefsteak {m}  :: obsolete form of bifteck
beffroi {m}  :: belfry, bell tower
behaviorisme {m}  :: behaviorism
behaviourisme {m}  :: alternative form of behaviorisme
beige {adj}  :: beige
beigne {m}  :: clout, slap, wallop, sock (blow, especially one to the head)
beigne {m}  :: doughnut (toroidal variety)
beigner {v}  :: To clout, slap, wallop, sock
beignet {m}  :: beignet (fritter filled with fruit etc)
bel {m}  :: bel
bel esprit {m}  :: wit, genius, bel esprit
bel et bien {adv} [idiomatic]  :: well and truly
belette {f}  :: weasel (specifically, the least weasel)
Belfort {prop}  :: A commune - and the préfecture - of the Territoire de Belfort, in the Franche-Comté region of eastern France
belge {adj}  :: Belgian
belge {adj}  :: From Belgium
Belge {mf}  :: Belgian person, someone from Belgium
belgicisme {m}  :: A French word or phrase of Belgian origin
belgique {adj}  :: Belgian
Belgique {prop}  :: Belgium
Belgrade {prop}  :: Belgrade
Belize {prop}  :: Belize
belladone {f}  :: deadly nightshade (Atropa belladonna)
bellastre {m} [Marseille]  :: show-off, poseur
belle {f}  :: beautiful woman, belle, beauty
belle- {prefix}  :: in-law (female)
belle- {prefix}  :: step- (female)
Belle au bois dormant {prop}  :: Sleeping Beauty (main character in this story)
belle-dabe {f} [slang]  :: synonym of belle-mère
belle-de-jour {f}  :: A cultivated species of bindweed, Convolvulus tricolor whose flowers are only open for a day
belle-de-nuit {f} [botany]  :: mirabilis (or other night-flowering plants)
belle-de-nuit {f} [ornithology, colloquial]  :: marsh warbler, reed-warbler
belle-de-nuit {f}  :: prostitute
belle-doche {f}  :: synonym of belle-mère
belle-famille {f}  :: in-laws
belle-fille {f}  :: daughter-in-law (wife of one's son)
belle-fille {f}  :: stepdaughter (daughter of one's spouse and another person)
belle lurette {adv}  :: ages ago
belle lurette {adv}  :: for a long time
belle-maman {f} [informal]  :: synonym of belle-mère
bellement {adv}  :: beautifully
belle-mère {f}  :: mother-in-law
belle-mère {f}  :: stepmother
belle-nièce {m}  :: niece-in-law
belle-nièce {m}  :: stepniece
belle-sœur {f}  :: sister-in-law (brother's wife)
belle-sœur {f}  :: sister-in-law (wife or husband's sister)
bellicisme {m}  :: warmongering
belliciste {mf}  :: warmonger
bellifontain {adj}  :: Of or from Bellefontaine
belligène {adj}  :: belligenous, belligenic, belliferous (that leads to war)
belligérance {f}  :: belligerence
belligérant {adj}  :: belligerent
belligérant {m}  :: belligerent
bellique {adj} [obsolete]  :: Of or pertaining to war
belliqueusement {adv}  :: bellicosely
belliqueusement {adv}  :: in a warlike manner
belliqueux {adj} [attributive]  :: war
belliqueux {adj}  :: bellicose
belliqueux {adj}  :: warlike (belligerent)
belliqueux {adj}  :: warmongering
bellissime {adj}  :: super-beautiful
bellot {adj}  :: Somewhat beautiful (used especially of babies)
bellouniste {adj}  :: Relating to the militant Algerian nationalist Mohammed Bellounis
bellouniste {mf}  :: A supporter of Mohammed Bellounis during the Algerian War
bellâtre {m}  :: Fop, dandy
belluaire {m}  :: a gladiator who fought animals, beastmaster
belon {f}  :: A type of oyster (of species Ostrea edulis)
belote {f} [countable]  :: king and queen of the trump suit, in the game belote
belote {f} [uncountable]  :: belote
belouga {m}  :: beluga (creature, caviar)
belvédère {m}  :: belvedere, gazebo
belvédère {m}  :: the plant belle-à-voir
ben {interj}  :: well; uh
bendir {m}  :: bendir
bene {adv}  :: synonym of bien
beneluxien {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Benelux
benfluorex {m}  :: benfluorex
bengali {adj}  :: Bengali
bengali {m}  :: Bengali (language)
benjamin {m} [[[Scrabble]]]  :: A three-letter addition to the beginning of a word that creates another valid word, especially one that reaches a "triple word score" square
benjamin {m} [sports]  :: One of the age classes for children; varies by sport
benjamin {m}  :: youngest child
Benjamin {prop}  :: Benjamin (Biblical figure)
Benjamin {prop}  :: male given name
benjamine {f}  :: feminine noun of benjamin; youngest (daughter)
benjoin {m}  :: benzoin (resine)
benne {f}  :: barrow
benne {f}  :: bin
benne {f}  :: cable car
benne {f}  :: dump truck
benoit {adj}  :: alternative form of benoît
benoitement {adv}  :: alternative form of benoîtement
benoiton {m}  :: A type of rye bread roll containing raisins
benoît {adj}  :: blessed, fortunate
benoît {adj}  :: sanctimonious, holier-than-thou
Benoît {prop}  :: French surname
Benoît {prop}  :: male given name, equivalent to the English-language Bennett and Benedict
benoîtement {adv}  :: sanctimoniously
benêt {m}  :: half-wit, simpleton
benthique {adj}  :: benthic
bentonite {f} [mineral]  :: bentonite
benzaldéhyde {m} [organic compound]  :: benzaldehyde
benzanthracène {m} [organic compound]  :: benzanthracene
benzidine {f} [organic compound]  :: benzidine
benzidinique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: benzidinic
benzine {f} [organic compound]  :: benzene
benzine {f} [Switzerland]  :: petrol
benzène {m}  :: benzene (aromatic compound)
benzénique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: benzenic
benzoate {m} [organic chemistry]  :: benzoate
benzoïde {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: benzenoid
benzodiazépine {m} [medical]  :: benzodiazepine
benzol {m}  :: benzol
benzolisme {m}  :: benzene (or benzol) poisoning
benzophénone {f} [organic compound]  :: benzophenone
benzopyranique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: benzopyranic
benzopyrène {m} [organic compound]  :: benzopyrene
benzoïque {adj}  :: benzoic
benzoylé {adj}  :: benzoylated
benzoyler {vt} [organic chemistry]  :: to benzoylate
benzyle {f} [organic compound]  :: benzyl (radical)
benzylique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: benzylic
béer {v}  :: to be wide open
béer {v}  :: to gape, yawn
ber {m} [nautical]  :: A cradle that holds a ship before and during its launch
berçant {adj}  :: rocking
berbère {adj}  :: Berber (of or relating to the Berber people)
berbère {m}  :: the Berber language family
Berbère {mf}  :: a member of the Berber ethnic group
berbérophone {mf}  :: Berberophone
bercail {m}  :: fold (for animals)
berce {f}  :: hogweed, any plant of the genus Heracleum
berceau {m} [architecture]  :: arch, vault
berceau {m}  :: cradle, crib (bed for a baby)
berceau {m} [figuratively]  :: cradle, birthplace, place of origin
bercelonnette {f}  :: bassinet (cradle)
bercement {m}  :: rocking
bercer {v}  :: to cradle; to rock
berceur {adj}  :: soothing
berceuse {f}  :: a lullaby
berceuse {f}  :: cradler, someone who cradles or rocks a baby
berceuse {f}  :: rocking chair
berdache {m}  :: alternative form of bardache
bergamasque {adj}  :: bergamask
bergamasque {f}  :: bergamask (dance)
bergamote {f} [botany]  :: bergamot
bergamotier {m}  :: bergamot
berge {f}  :: bank (of river, canal)
berge {f}  :: raised pavement, banked edge
berge {f} [slang]  :: year
Bergen {prop}  :: Bergen, a port city in Norway
berger {m}  :: shepherd
Bergerac {prop}  :: French surname
berger allemand {m}  :: German shepherd (dog)
bergerette {f}  :: Young shepherdess
bergerie {f} [commercial]  :: counter
bergerie {f} [literature]  :: pastoral
bergerie {f}  :: sheepfold
bergeron {m}  :: alternative form of bourgeron
bergeronnette {f}  :: wagtail
berginisation {f}  :: Bergius process
berginiser {v}  :: To produce hydrocarbons from coal by the Bergius process
bergère {f}  :: cosy armchair
bergère {f}  :: shepherdess
bergsonien {adj}  :: Bergsonian
berkélium {m}  :: berkelium
berle {f}  :: water parsnip
Berlin {prop}  :: Berlin, a state in Germany
Berlin {prop}  :: Berlin, the capital city of Germany
berline {f} [automotive]  :: a sedan or saloon car
berlingot {m}  :: berlingot
berlinois {adj}  :: of or relating to Berlin
Berlinois {m}  :: Berliner (person from Berlin)
Berlinoise {f}  :: feminine noun of Berlinois
berlue {f}  :: disturbance of vision, distorted view
Berlugan {m}  :: Native or inhabitant of Beaulieu-sur-Mer
berme {f}  :: berm
bermuda {m}  :: (pair of) Bermuda shorts
Bermudes {prop}  :: Bermuda
bermudien {adj}  :: Bermudan (of or pertaining to Bermuda or its people or culture)
Bermudien {m}  :: Bermudan
Bermudienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Bermudien
bernache {f}  :: barnacle
bernache {f}  :: barnacle goose
bernacle {f}  :: synonym of bernache
Bernadette {prop}  :: female given name
Bernard {prop}  :: French surname
Bernard {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to English Bernard
bernardin {adj}  :: Bernardine
bernardin {m}  :: Bernardine
bernard l'ermite {m}  :: alternative spelling of bernard-l'ermite
bernard-l'ermite {m}  :: hermit crab
berne {f} [by extension]  :: The blanket itself
berne {f} [obsolete]  :: Hazing inflicted on someone by tossing into the air on a blanket
Berne {prop}  :: Bern, Berne (the canton)
Berne {prop}  :: Bern, Berne (the city)
berner {vt}  :: to trick, to fool, to take in, to run circles around
berneur {m}  :: trickster
berneuse {f}  :: feminine singular form of berneur
bernicle {f}  :: synonym of bernache
bernique {f}  :: limpet
bernique {interj}  :: I'm afraid not!
bernois {adj}  :: Bernese
bernois {adj}  :: Pertaining to Bernay, Bernes or Bernes-sur-Oise in France
berrani {m} [Morocco]  :: foreigner
berrichon {adj}  :: Of or from Berry (the historic French province)
berruyer {adj}  :: Of or from Bourges
Berry {prop}  :: A region and former province in the center of France
bersaglier {m}  :: bersagliere
berthe {f}  :: A sort of trim added to the neckline of a dress
Berthe {prop}  :: female given name, Bertha
berthiérite {f} [mineral]  :: berthierite
bertholite {f}  :: chlorine used as a poison gas
berthon {m}  :: foldboat
bertillonnage {m}  :: An early form of biometrics used by the French police
Bertrand {prop}  :: A surname derived from the given name
Bertrand {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to English Bertram
bertrandite {f} [mineral]  :: bertrandite
besace {f}  :: A wallet: a bag or pouch
besacier {m}  :: beggar (with a bag to collect money)
besacière {f}  :: feminine singular form of besacier
besaiguë {f}  :: A carpenter's tool combining a chisel and a mortise on a long handle, and used to work large piece of wood
besaiguë {f}  :: A small glazier's hammer
Besançon {prop}  :: Besançon
besant {m}  :: bezant (coin)
besant {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: bezant or plate
besantin {adj}  :: of or from Besançon
Besantin {m}  :: Someone of or from Besançon
Besantine {f}  :: feminine noun of Besantin
beseff {adv} [slang]  :: a lot
besicles {fp} [plurale tantum, dated, or, colloquial]  :: spectacles, glasses
besogne {f}  :: work, job
besogner {vi}  :: to toil, drudge, slave away
besogneusement {adv}  :: needily
besogneux {adj} [dated]  :: needy
besogneux {adj}  :: hard-working but poorly paid
besoin {m}  :: need
besoin {m}  :: want [state of being in need]
bessemérisation {f}  :: bessemerization
bessemériser {v}  :: To bessemerize
besson {adj} [obsolete]  :: twin
besson {m} [obsolete]  :: twin
bessonne {f}  :: feminine singular form of besson
bestiaire {m}  :: bestiary
bestial {adj}  :: bestial
bestialement {adv}  :: bestially
bestialiser {v}  :: To bestialize
bestialité {f}  :: bestiality (beastlike, brutish behavior)
bestialité {f}  :: bestiality (sexual relations with an animal)
bestiau {m}  :: beast, animal
bestiole {f} [obsolete]  :: girl without spirit
bestiole {f}  :: small animal
best of {m}  :: best of (compilation)
Bethléem {prop}  :: Bethlehem (city)
Bethléhem {prop}  :: Bethlehem
Bethphagé {prop}  :: Bethphage
Bethsabée {prop}  :: Bathsheba (biblical figure)
Bethsabée {prop} [rare]  :: female given name of biblical origin
Bethsaïda {prop}  :: Bethsaida
bette {f}  :: chard (vegetable)
betterave {f}  :: beetroot
betterave à sucre {f}  :: sugar beet
betteravier {adj}  :: beetroot (attributive)
beuglant {adj}  :: bellowing
beuglant {adj}  :: mooing
beuglement {m}  :: a moo
beugler {vi} [figuratively]  :: to cry out; to shout
beugler {vi} [of a cow]  :: to moo
beuh {f} [[[verlan]]]  :: marijuana, weed
beuh {interj}  :: Interjection expressing disgust
beuh {interj}  :: Interjection expressing indifference: meh
beuh {interj}  :: moo
beur {m}  :: A man of Maghrebi descent born and living in France
beurette {f}  :: A woman of Maghrebi descent born and living in France
beurk {interj}  :: yuck!
beurre {m}  :: butter
beurre corporel {m}  :: body butter
beurre de karité {m}  :: Shea butter
beurrer {v}  :: to butter, to rub with butter
beurrerie {f}  :: butter factory; dairy (place where butter is made)
beurrier {m}  :: butter dish
beurrier {m}  :: butter seller
beurrine {f} [obsolete]  :: margarine
beurrière {f}  :: feminine noun of beurrier
beuverie {f}  :: binge, excessive (usually social) drinking
bey {m}  :: bey
beylical {adj}  :: bey (attributive)
beylicat {m}  :: beylic
Beyrouth {prop}  :: Beirut (capital of Lebanon)
bezant {m}  :: bezant (coin)
bezef {adv}  :: much, a lot, greatly
BFF {f}  :: BFF
bâfrer {v} [colloquial]  :: to guzzle, gobble; to binge
bâfreur {m}  :: binge drinker
bâfreur {m}  :: guzzler
bâfreuse {f}  :: feminine singular form of bâfreur
bégaiement {m}  :: stammering
bégayer {v}  :: to stammer
bégayeur {m}  :: stammerer; stutterer
bégayeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of bégayeur
bégonia {m}  :: begonia (large genus of plants of the family Begoniaceae)
bégu {adj}  :: (of the teeth of a horse etc) retrognathous
bègue {adj}  :: stuttering, stammering
bègue {mf}  :: stutterer, stammerer
bégueter {v}  :: To bleat
bégueule {adj}  :: prudish
bégueule {mf}  :: prude
bégueulerie {f}  :: prudery, prudishness
béguin {m}  :: A hairstyle once popular with religious women
béguin {m} [informal]  :: crush (a short-lived and unrequited love or infatuation)
béguin {m} [informal]  :: crush (person with which one is infatuated)
béguinage {m}  :: beguinage
béguine {f}  :: beguine
béguine {f}  :: feminine singular form of béguin
bégum {f}  :: begum
béguètement {m}  :: bleat, bleating
béhaviorisme {m}  :: behaviourism
béhavioriste {adj}  :: behaviouristic; of or relating to behaviourism
béhénique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: behenic
bhojpuri {m}  :: Bhojpuri
Bhoutan {prop}  :: Bhutan
bhoutanais {adj}  :: Bhutanese (of or pertaining to Bhutan or its people or culture)
Bhoutanais {m}  :: Bhutanese (person from Bhutan)
Bhoutanaise {f}  :: feminine noun of Bhoutanais
bi {adj}  :: bi, bisexual
bi {mf}  :: bi, bisexual person
bi- {prefix}  :: bi-
biacide {m} [chemistry]  :: synonym of diacide
biacromial {adj} [anatomy]  :: interacromial
biacuminé {adj} [botany]  :: biacuminate
biafrais {adj}  :: Biafran
biais {adj}  :: slant, slanting
biais {m}  :: angle, aspect, way
biais {m}  :: means, way
biais {m}  :: slant, diagonal line
biais {m} [sociology]  :: bias
biais {m} [textiles]  :: bias
biaisement {m}  :: slant, skewing
biaiser {v}  :: to go around, work around
biaiser {v}  :: to slant (to bias or skew)
Biarritz {prop}  :: An elegant seaside town, on the Bay of Biscay in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department of Aquitaine
biarrot {adj}  :: Of or from Biarritz
Biarrot {m}  :: A native r inhabitant of Biarritz
Biarrote {f}  :: feminine singular form of Biarrot
biathlon {m}  :: biathlon
biathlète {mf}  :: biathlete
bibelot {m}  :: knickknack, bauble
bibelotage {m}  :: The making/buying/selling/collecting of knickknacks
bibeloter {v}  :: To make/sell/buy/collect knickknacks
bibeloteur {m}  :: A person who makes/sells/buys/collects knickknacks
bibeloteuse {f}  :: feminine singular form of bibeloteur
bibelotier {m}  :: synonym of bibeloteur
bibelotière {f}  :: feminine singular form of bibelotier
biberon {m}  :: baby bottle
biberonner {v}  :: To booze
biberonner {v}  :: To bottle feed
bibi {adj}  :: dual-mode
bibi {m}  :: A bauble or trinket
bibi {m}  :: A small lady's hat
bibi {pron} [informal]  :: yours truly (I, me or myself)
bibine {f}  :: booze (alcoholic drink)
bibine {f}  :: plonk (cheap wine)
bible {f}  :: bible (comprehensive text)
biblio {f}  :: apocopic form of bibliographie
biblio {f}  :: apocopic form of bibliothèque
bibliobus {m}  :: mobile library
bibliographe {m}  :: bibliographer
bibliographie {f}  :: bibliography
bibliographique {adj}  :: bibliographic
bibliophilie {f}  :: bibliophily
bibliophilique {adj}  :: bibliophilic
bibliothécaire {mf}  :: librarian
bibliothéconomie {f}  :: library science, librarianship
bibliothéconomique {adj}  :: library science (attributive)
bibliothèque {f}  :: bookcase
bibliothèque {f}  :: library
biblique {adj}  :: biblical (related to the Bible)
bibliquement {adv}  :: biblically
Bibracte {prop}  :: A Gaulish oppidum near Autun in Burgundy
bic {m}  :: ballpoint pen, Biro (Britain, Australia, New Zealand)
bicaméral {adj}  :: bicameral
bicaméralisme {m}  :: bicameralism
bicamérisme {m}  :: synonym of bicaméralisme
bicarbonate {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: bicarbonate
bicarbonater {v} [inorganic chemistry]  :: To transform into a bicarbonate
bicarré {adj} [maths]  :: biquadratic
bicaténaire {adj} [chemistry, of a polymer]  :: double-stranded
bicentenaire {m}  :: bicentenary, bicentennial
biceps {m} [anatomy]  :: biceps (any two-headed muscle)
biceps {m}  :: the biceps brachii
biche {f}  :: bitch (affectionate name for one's girlfriend)
biche {f}  :: doe, hind
bichelamar {m}  :: the Bislama language
bicher {vi} [France]  :: to go well
bicher {vi}  :: to be happy; to rejoice
bichette {f}  :: shrimp net
bichette {f} [slang]  :: Affectionate name for one's girlfriend
bichette {f}  :: slingshot
bichette {f}  :: Young doe
Bichkek {prop}  :: Bishkek
bichlamar {m}  :: alternative form of bichelamar
bichlorure {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: bichloride
bichof {m}  :: alternative form of bischof
bichon {m} [dog]  :: bichon
bichon {m}  :: lapdog
bichon maltais {m}  :: Maltese (dog)
bichonnage {m}  :: titivation
bichonner {vtr}  :: to groom, titivate
bichon à poil frisé {m}  :: Bichon Frisé
bichromate {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: synonym of dichromate
bichrome {adj}  :: synonym of bicolore
bichromie {f} [art]  :: duotone
bickford {m}  :: A safety-fuse used in mining
bicoloration {f} [botany]  :: bicolouration
bicolore {adj}  :: bicolour, two-tone
biconcave {adj}  :: biconcave
biconvexe {adj}  :: biconvex
bicoque {f} [nautical]  :: A twinhull
bicoque {f} [slang]  :: A small house; a cabin or shack
bicoquet {m} [historical]  :: bycoket
bicorne {m}  :: In French faerie-tales, a two-horned monster that eats adulterous husbands
bicorne {m}  :: The two-cornered hat worn by Napoleon Bonaparte
bicot {m}  :: kid (young goat)
bicot {m}  :: wog (north-African or middle-eastern person)
bicotte {f}  :: feminine singular form of bicot
bicéphale {adj}  :: bicephalous
biculturalisme {m}  :: biculturalism
biculturel {adj}  :: bicultural
bicurieuse {f}  :: feminine noun of bicurieux
bi-curieux {adj}  :: bi-curious
bi-curieux {m}  :: a bi-curious person
bicycle {m}  :: bicycle
bicyclette {f}  :: bicycle
bicyclette {f} [soccer]  :: bicycle kick
bicyclique {adj}  :: bicyclic
bicycliste {mf}  :: synonym of cycliste
bidasse {m} [informal, military]  :: squaddie, grunt (ordinary soldier)
bide {m} [colloquial]  :: paunch, belly
bide {m}  :: fiasco, flop
bide {m} [uncountable]  :: Something fake
bidenté {adj}  :: bidentate
bident {m}  :: beggarticks (plant of the genus Bidens)
bident {m}  :: bident
bidentate {adj} [chemistry]  :: bidentate
bidet {m}  :: bidet
bidet {m}  :: pony
bidimensionnel {adj}  :: bidimensional
bidirectionnel {adj}  :: bidirectional
bidoche {f} [France, slang]  :: meat
bidon {adj} [slang]  :: crap
bidon {adj} [slang]  :: phoney, sham
bidon {adj} [slang]  :: rigged
bidon {m}  :: can, tin, canister
bidon {m} [childish]  :: tummy
bidonner {v}  :: to fabricate, to make up (a story)
bidonville {m}  :: shantytown, slum
bidouillage {m}  :: hack
bidouillage {m}  :: tampering
bidouiller {vi}  :: To fiddle
bidule {m} [informal]  :: thingamajig
bief {m}  :: race (of mill)
bief {m}  :: reach (of water)
bielle {f}  :: connecting rod
bielle {f}  :: link
biellette {f}  :: small (mechanical) link
bien {adv} [colloquial]  :: really [used as an intensifier]
bien {adv}  :: (+ de, des, du) a lot of
bien {adv}  :: indeed; so
bien {adv}  :: well
bien {m}  :: a commodity, a good
bien {m}  :: a possession
bien {m}  :: good as opposed to evil
bien-aimé {adj}  :: beloved
bien-aimé {m}  :: beloved
bien-dire {m}  :: elegant language
bien entendu {adv}  :: of course, obviously
bien entendu {adv}  :: well understood
bienfaisance {f}  :: benevolence
bienfaisance {f}  :: charity, beneficence
bienfaisant {adj}  :: beneficial; that which does good
bien fait {interj}  :: well done
bienfait {m}  :: benefit, advantage
bienfait {m}  :: kindness, favour, good deed
bienfaiteur {m}  :: benefactor; do-gooder
bienfaitrice {f}  :: feminine noun of bienfaiteur
bien fendu {adj} [idiomatic]  :: well cleft, (or long-legged)
bien-fondé {m}  :: compliance, conformity
bien-fondé {m}  :: soundness, correctness
bien-fonds {m}  :: real estate
bienheureusement {adv}  :: blessedly
bienheureusement {adv}  :: happily
bienheureux {adj} [literary]  :: happy, lucky
bienheureux {adj} [religion]  :: blessed, blest
bien-jugé {m} [legal]  :: res judicata
biennal {adj}  :: biennial
biennalement {adv}  :: biennially
bien-pensance {f}  :: orthodoxy, conformism
bien pensant {adj}  :: bien pensant
bien pensant {adj} [literally]  :: 'good thinking'
bien pensant {m}  :: bien pensant
bienpensant {adj}  :: alternative form of bien-pensant
bien-pensant {adj}  :: bien pensant
bien-pensant {m}  :: bien pensant
bien perdu bien connu {phrase}  :: That which is well lost is well known, or what once was lost is prized
bien que {conj}  :: although
bienséamment {adv}  :: decorously
bienséamment {adv}  :: properly, decently
bienséance {f}  :: propriety
bienséant {adj}  :: becoming, decorous, seemly
bienséant {adj}  :: proper, decent
bien sûr {adv}  :: of course
bien-être {m}  :: well-being
bientôt {adv}  :: soon
bienveillamment {adv}  :: benevolently
bienveillance {f}  :: benevolence, goodwill
bienveillant {adj}  :: benevolent
bienvenir {v} [archaic]  :: to welcome
bienvenu {adj}  :: welcome
bienvenu {m}  :: somebody welcome
bienvenue {f}  :: welcome
bienvenue {interj} [Quebec]  :: you're welcome (answer to thank you)
bienvenue {interj}  :: welcome!
bierstub {m} [Alsace]  :: a cafe, restaurant or bar that specialises in beer
biface {adj}  :: two-faced (having two faces or sides)
biface {m} [archaeology]  :: biface
biffage {m}  :: obliteration, striking through, crossing out
biffer {vt}  :: to cancel, annul
biffer {vt}  :: to cross out, strike through
biffin {m}  :: chiffonier
biffin {m} [informal, military]  :: infantryman
biffle {f}  :: alternative form of bifle
biffure {f}  :: crossing-out
bifide {adj}  :: bifid
bifilaire {adj}  :: bifilar
bifle {f} [neologism, slang, vulgar]  :: penis slap
bifocal {adj}  :: bifocal
bifteck {m}  :: steak, beefsteak
bifurcation {f}  :: A bifurcation, where two roads etc. part or meet
bifurquer {v}  :: to bifurcate (split in two)
bigame {adj}  :: bigamous
bigame {mf}  :: bigamist (someone who practices bigamy)
bigamie {f}  :: bigamy (the state of having two (legal or illegal) spouses simultaneously)
bigarade {f}  :: bitter orange (fruit of Citrus aurantium)
bigaradier {m}  :: bitter orange (tree)
bigarré {adj}  :: colourful
bigarreau {m}  :: Royal Ann cherry
bigarrer {v}  :: to variegate, to produce a colourful pattern
bigarrure {f}  :: a variegated pattern, a colourful mixture
bigle {adj} [archaic]  :: cross-eyed
bigle {m}  :: beagle
bigler {vi} [archaic]  :: to squint, be cross-eyed
bigler {vt} [slang]  :: to glance (at)
bigleux {adj}  :: cross-eyed, squinting, short-sighted (etc.)
Big Mac {m}  :: Big Mac
bignone {f}  :: crossvine (of species Bignonia, or several similar plants)
bignonia {f}  :: synonym of bignone
bigophone {m} [musici]  :: bigophone
bigophonique {adj}  :: bigophonic
bigophoniste {mf} [music]  :: A bigophone player
bigordan {adj}  :: Of or from Bigorre
bigorne {f}  :: beak-iron, bickern
bigorne {m}  :: slang, jargon, lingo
bigorneau {m}  :: winkle (the mollusk)
bigorner {v}  :: To forge (work metal on an anvil)
bigorner {v}  :: To hit vigorously
bigorner {v}  :: To murder
bigot {adj}  :: over-pious, holier-than-thou
bigot {m}  :: bigot, holier-than-thou
bigoterie {f}  :: bigotry, sanctimoniousness
bigotisme {m}  :: bigotry
bigotphone {m}  :: alternative form of bigophone
bigouden {m}  :: A traditional Breton head-dress made of lace
bigoudi {m}  :: curler, roller (for hair)
bigoudi {m}  :: willy, schlong (penis)
bigourdan {adj}  :: alternative form of bigordan
bigre {interj}  :: bugger!
bigrement {adv} [informal]  :: very, darn
biguanide {f} [organic chemistry]  :: biguanide
bigue {f} [nautical]  :: A type of spar used as a crane
biguine {f}  :: biguine
biguiner {v}  :: To dance the beguine
bihebdomadaire {adj}  :: biweekly (twice a week)
bihebdomadaire {adj}  :: fortnightly
bihebdomadaire {m}  :: a publication issued twice a week
bihebdomadairement {adv}  :: biweekly (twice a week)
bihebdomadairement {adv}  :: fortnightly
bihoreau {m}  :: night heron
bijectif {adj} [maths]  :: bijective
bijection {f} [set theory]  :: bijection
bijou {m}  :: a piece of jewelry
bijouté {adj}  :: bejeweled (covered in jewels)
bijouterie {f}  :: jeweller's; jewellery shop
bijoutier {m}  :: jeweller
bijoutière {f}  :: feminine noun of bijoutier
bijoux de famille {mp} [plurale tantum, euphemistic]  :: family jewels
bikini {m}  :: bikini
Bikini {prop}  :: Bikini atoll
bilabié {adj} [botany]  :: bilabiate
bilabial {adj}  :: bilabial
bilame {adj}  :: bimetal
bilame {m}  :: bimetal
bilan {m}  :: appraisal, assessment
bilan {m} [finance]  :: balance sheet
bilan {m} [specifically, of disaster, catastrophe etc.]  :: reports; (death) toll
bilatéral {adj}  :: bilateral
bilatéralement {adv}  :: bilaterally
bilatéralité {f}  :: bilaterality
bilboquet {m}  :: bilboquet
bile {f}  :: bile
biler {vp} [colloquial]  :: to worry (pour) about
bilharzie {f}  :: bilharzia
bilharzie {f}  :: blood fluke
bilharziose {f} [pathology]  :: bilharzia
bilié {adj}  :: bilious (relating to bile)
biliaire {adj}  :: biliary
bilieux {adj}  :: bilious (suffering from real or supposed liver disorder)
biligenèse {f} [biochemistry]  :: biligenesis
bilinéaire {adj}  :: bilinear
bilingue {adj}  :: bilingual (speaking two languages)
bilinguisme {m}  :: bilingualism, the condition of being bilingual
bilirubine {f} [biochemistry]  :: bilirubin
biliverdine {f}  :: biliverdin
bill {m} [Canada]  :: bill (invoice in a restaurant etc)
bill {m} [legal]  :: bill (draft UK law)
bâillant {adj}  :: yawning
billard {m}  :: billiards
billard {m}  :: pool table
billard {m} [slang]  :: operating table
bille {f}  :: ball bearing
bille {f}  :: marble (spherical ball)
bille {f}  :: railway sleeper
bille {f}  :: rolling pin
bille {f} [slang]  :: dimwit
bille {f} [snooker, billiards]  :: ball
bille {f}  :: tree trunk (chopped down, ready for sawing)
bâillement {m}  :: large gap
bâillement {m}  :: yawn (the action of yawning)
bâiller {v}  :: to yawn
bâiller comme une carpe {v} [simile]  :: to yawn a lot
billeté {adj} [heraldry]  :: billeté
billeté {adj}  :: tagged, labelled
billet {m}  :: note, banknote
billet {m}  :: ticket
billet de banque {m}  :: A banknote, physical unit of paper currency
billeter {v}  :: To label, tag
billette {f}  :: billet (firewood)
billette {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: billet
billetterie {f}  :: ticket office
bâilleur {m}  :: yawner
bâilleuse {f}  :: feminine singular form of bâilleur
billevesée {f} [usually in plural]  :: nonsense, frivolity
billiard {num}  :: 1015, a thousand billion by the long scale, a short scale quadrillion
billion {num}  :: 1012; a long scale billion; a short scale trillion
billionième {adj}  :: billionth
bâillon {m}  :: gag (a device to restrain speech)
billon {m}  :: billon
billon {m}  :: ridge (in a ploughed field)
billonnage {m}  :: counterfeiting coinage
billonnage {m}  :: ridging (in fields etc)
bâillonnement {m}  :: gagging, muzzling, silencing
bâillonner {v} [a dog]  :: to muzzle
bâillonner {v} [a person]  :: to gag
bâillonner {v} [figuartively]  :: to silence
billonner {v}  :: To make or circulate counterfeit coinage
billonner {v}  :: To ridge (in fields)
billot {m}  :: block (for butcher, executioner)
bilobé {adj} [botany]  :: bilobed (having two lobes)
biélorusse {adj}  :: Belarusian (from or pertaining to Belarus)
biélorusse {m}  :: Belarusian (language of Belarus)
Biélorusse {mf}  :: Belarusian (Someone from Belarus)
Biélorussie {prop}  :: Belarus
biloute {m} [informal]  :: cock (penis, male friend)
bimbelot {m} [dated]  :: Traditional children's toy (dolls, wooden animals etc)
bimbelot {m}  :: knickknack, tat
bimbeloterie {f}  :: knickknacks (or their manufacture and selling)
bimensuel {adj}  :: fortnightly, semimonthly, bimonthly, biweekly (occurring twice a month)
bimensuel {m}  :: bimonthly (a publication issued twice a month)
bimensuellement {adv}  :: fortnightly, bimonthly
bimestriel {adj}  :: bimonthly (once every two months)
bimestriellement {adv}  :: bimonthly, fortnightly
bimillénaire {adj}  :: bimillenary
bimillénaire {m}  :: bimillenary
bimoléculaire {adj}  :: bimolecular
bimoteur {adj}  :: twin-engine
bimétallique {adj}  :: bimetallic
bimétallique {adj}  :: bimetallist
bimétallisme {m} [economics]  :: bimetallism
bimétalliste {adj}  :: bimetallist
bimétalliste {mf}  :: bimetallist
bin {adv} [Quebec, Acadia]  :: alternative spelling of bien
binaire {adj} [mathematics, computing, music]  :: binary
binaire {m} [computing]  :: binary file
binairement {adv}  :: binarily
binational {adj}  :: binational
Binche {prop}  :: A city of Belgium
biner {v} [agriculture]  :: to hoe
biner {v} [religion]  :: to binate, celebrate mass twice in one day
binette {f}  :: hoe (agricultural tool consisting of a long handle with a flat blade)
binette {f} [informal, by extension, Internet, Quebec]  :: emoticon
binette {f} [lb, pt, informal]  :: face
biniou {m}  :: biniou, Breton bagpipes
binôme {m} [algebra]  :: binomial
binôme {m} [biology, taxonomy]  :: binomial name
binôme {m}  :: pair, group of two people
binoclard {adj}  :: four-eyed (wearing glasses)
binoclard {n}  :: four-eyes (person who wears glasses)
binocle {m}  :: lorgnette
binocle {m}  :: pince-nez
binoculaire {adj}  :: binocular
binouze {f} [slang]  :: beer
binucléaire {adj}  :: binuclear
bio {adj} [colloquial]  :: biological
bio {adj} [ecology]  :: organic
bio {f} [colloquial]  :: biography
bio {f} [colloquial]  :: biologie
bio {m} [informal]  :: organic food
bio {m} [informal]  :: the organic movement
bio- {prefix}  :: life
bioaccumulé {adj}  :: bioaccumulated
bioaccumulable {adj}  :: bioaccumulative
bioaccumuler {v}  :: to bioaccumulate
bioacoustique {adj}  :: bioacoustic
bioactif {adj}  :: bioactive
bioassimilabilité {f}  :: bioassimilability
bioassimilable {adj}  :: bioassimilable
bioastronomie {f} [astronomy, biology]  :: astrobiology, exobiology
biobanque {f}  :: biobank
biobibliographie {f}  :: biobibliography
biocarburant {m}  :: biofuel
biocentrique {adj}  :: biocentric
biochimie {f}  :: biochemistry
biochimique {adj}  :: biochemical
biochimiquement {adv}  :: biochemically
biochimiste {mf}  :: biochemist (a chemist whose speciality is biochemistry)
bioclimatique {adj}  :: bioclimatic
bioclimatologie {f}  :: bioclimatology (science that studies interaction between biosphere and atmosphere)
bioclimatologique {adj}  :: bioclimatological
bioclimatologue {mf}  :: bioclimatologist
biocénose {f}  :: biocoenose, biocenosis
biocompatibilité {f}  :: biocompatibility
bioconcentré {adj}  :: bioconcentrated
bioconcentrer {v}  :: to bioconcentrate
biodéchet {m}  :: biowaste
biodégradabilité {f}  :: biodegradability
biodégradable {adj}  :: biodegradable
biodégradation {f}  :: biodegradation
biodisponibilité {f}  :: bioavailability
biodisponible {adj}  :: bioavailable
biodiversité {f}  :: biodiversity
biodynamie {f}  :: biodynamics
biodynamique {adj}  :: biodynamic
bioflavonoïde {m} [organic chemistry]  :: bioflavonoid
biogaz {m}  :: biogas
biogenèse {f}  :: biogenesis
biogénique {adj}  :: biogenic
biogénétique {adj} [genetics]  :: biogenetic
biogénétique {f}  :: biogenetics
biogéochimique {adj}  :: biogeochemical
biogéographe {mf}  :: biogeographer
biogéographie {f}  :: biogeography
biogéographique {adj}  :: biogeographic
biographe {mf}  :: biographer
biographie {f}  :: biography
biographique {adj}  :: biographic
biographique {adj}  :: biographical
biographiquement {adv}  :: biographically
bioindicateur {adj} [biology]  :: bioindicating
bioindicateur {m} [biology]  :: bioindicator
bioindustrie {f}  :: bioindustry (industry associated with biotechnology)
bioindustriel {adj}  :: bioindustrial
bioinformatique {adj}  :: bioinformatic
bioinformatique {f}  :: bioinformatics (field of science)
bioinorganique {adj}  :: bioinorganic
bioélectricité {f}  :: bioelectricity (electricity generated within an organism)
bioélectrique {adj}  :: bioelectrical
biologie {f} [science]  :: biology
biologique {adj}  :: biological (of biology)
biologique {adj}  :: organic (without pesticide)
biologiquement {adv}  :: biologically
biologiste {mf}  :: biologist
biologue {m} [archaic]  :: biologist
biomagnétique {adj}  :: biomagnetic
biomagnétisme {m}  :: biomagnetism
biomarquer {m}  :: biomarker
biomarqueur {m}  :: biomarker
biomasse {f}  :: biomass
biomécanique {adj}  :: biomechanical
biomécanique {f}  :: biomechanics
biomédecine {f}  :: biomedicine
biomédical {adj}  :: biomedical (pertaining to biomedicine)
biomédicament {m} [medicine]  :: biomedicine
biomimétique {adj}  :: biomimetic (related to biomimetics)
biomoléculaire {adj}  :: biomolecular
biomolécule {f} [biochemistry]  :: biomolecule
biométrie {f}  :: biometrics (measurement of biological data)
biométrique {adj}  :: biometric
bioénergétique {adj}  :: bioenergetic (related to bioenergetics)
bioénergétique {f}  :: bioenergetics
bionique {adj}  :: bionic
bionique {f}  :: bionics
bioorganique {adj} [chemistry]  :: bioorganic
bioorganométallique {adj} [chemistry]  :: bioorganometallic
biopellicule {m}  :: biofilm
biophile {adj} [biology, physics]  :: biophilic
biophysique {f} [biology]  :: biophysics
biopic {m}  :: biopic
bioplastique {m}  :: bioplastic
biopolitique {adj}  :: biopolitical
biopolitique {f}  :: biopolitics
bioprogramme {m}  :: bioprogram, bioprogramme
biopsie {f}  :: biopsy
bioraffinerie {f}  :: biorefinery
biorécepteur {m} [biochemistry]  :: bioreceptor
bioressource {f}  :: bioresource (resource of biological origin)
biorévélateur {m}  :: bioindicator
biorythme {m} [biology]  :: biorhythm
biorythme {m} [pseudoscience]  :: biorhythm
biosphère {f} [biology]  :: biosphere
biostatique {adj}  :: biostatic
biostatisticien {m}  :: biostatistician
biostatisticienne {f}  :: feminine noun of biostatisticien
biostatistique {adj}  :: biostatistical
biostatistique {f}  :: biostatistics
biostratigraphie {f} [biology]  :: biostratigraphy
biostratigraphique {adj}  :: biostratigraphic
biostrome {m} [geology]  :: biostrome
biosynthèse {f} [biochemistry]  :: biosynthesis
biotech {f}  :: synonym of biotechnologie
biotechnologie {f}  :: biotechnology
biotechnologique {adj}  :: biotechnological
bioterroriste {m}  :: bioterrorist
bioéthanol {m}  :: bioethanol
bioéthique {f}  :: bioethics
biotique {adj}  :: biotic (of, pertaining to, or produced by life or living organisms)
biotope {f}  :: biotope
biotoxine {f}  :: biotoxin
bioxyde {m}  :: dioxide
bip {m}  :: beep (short, electronically-produced sound)
bipartisan {adj}  :: bipartisan
bipartisme {m} [politics]  :: two-party system
bipède {adj}  :: bipedal
bipède {m}  :: biped
bipédie {f}  :: bipedalism
biper {v}  :: to beep, to buzz (contact by phone or by beeper)
biper {v}  :: to bleep out (censor offensive or sensitive language with a beep sound)
bipeur {m}  :: beeper (device that beeps)
biphasé {adj}  :: biphase
biphasique {adj}  :: biphasic
biphényle {m} [organic compound]  :: biphenyl
biplace {adj}  :: two-seater (attributive), tandem
biplace {f}  :: two-seater (car, aircraft)
biplan {m}  :: biplane
BIPM {prop} [physics, standardisation]  :: initialism of [[bureau
bipolaire {adj}  :: bipolar (having two poles)
bipolaire {adj}  :: bipolar (relating to bipolar disorder)
bipolarité {f}  :: bipolar disorder
bipolarité {f}  :: bipolarity
bipyramidal {adj}  :: bipyramidal
bique {f} [colloquial]  :: goat
bique {f} [pejorative]  :: bat, bag, witch (old woman)
biquet {m}  :: kid (or an affectionate name such as lamb)
biquet {m} [obsolete]  :: a small balance for weighing gold or silver
biqueter {v}  :: To kid (give birth to baby goats)
biquette {f}  :: kid (baby goat)
biquotidien {adj}  :: twice daily
biréacteur {m}  :: twin-engined jet
birationnel {adj} [maths]  :: birational
birdie {m} [golf]  :: birdie
bière {f}  :: beer
bière {f}  :: bier
bière {f}  :: coffin
bière à la pression {f}  :: draft beer
biréfringent {adj}  :: birefringent
birman {adj}  :: Burmese (Of, from, or pertaining to Burma)
birman {m} [countable]  :: Birman (cat)
birman {m} [in the singular]  :: Burmese (language)
Birman {m}  :: Burmese (person from Myanmar or of Burmese descent)
Birmane {f}  :: feminine noun of Birman
Birmanie {prop}  :: Burma, Myanmar
birème {f} [nautical]  :: bireme
birr {m}  :: birr (Ethiopian currency)
bis {adj}  :: alternative, secondary
bis {adj}  :: beige (colour)
bis {adj}  :: brown (of bread that contains bran)
bis {adv}  :: again (a second time); encore
bis {adv} [in street numbering]  :: a; designating a second residence with the same number
bis {interj}  :: used to request an encore
bis {m}  :: encore
bis {m} [Quebec]  :: kiss
bisaïeul {m}  :: great-grandparent; great-grandfather (masculine version)
bisaïeule {f}  :: feminine singular form of bisaïeul
bisannuel {adj}  :: biennial: Happening every two years / Lasting for two years
bisannuellement {adv}  :: biennially (every two years)
bisbille {f}  :: murmur, muttering, small quarrel
Biscaye {prop}  :: Biscay
bischof {m}  :: toddy (drink)
biscornu {adj}  :: bizarre (weird-looking)
biscornu {adj}  :: crooked
biscotte {f}  :: rusk (light, soft bread, often toasted or crisped in an oven)
biscotte {f} [sports, slang]  :: yellow card, booking
biscotto {m}  :: Arrangement in materials of sports, between two people (or two teams) aimed to wrong or evict a third person (or a third team)
biscottos {n}  :: biceps
biscuit {m}  :: biscuit
biscuit chinois {m}  :: fortune cookie
biscuiterie {f}  :: biscuit factory or firm
biscuiterie {f}  :: biscuit making or trade
biscuitier {adj} [attributive]  :: biscuit
biscuitier {m}  :: biscuiteer
biscuit sablé {m}  :: shortbread
bise {f}  :: kiss (non-romantic kiss on the cheek)
bise {f}  :: north wind; northeasterly (wind)
biseau {m}  :: bevel
biseau {m}  :: bezel
biseauté {adj}  :: bevelled
biseauter {vt}  :: to bevel
biset {m}  :: rock pigeon (Columba livia)
bisette {f}  :: A small affectionate kiss
bisexué {adj}  :: bisexual (botany: having sex organs of both sexes)
bisexualité {f}  :: bisexuality
bisexuel {adj}  :: bisexual
bisexuel {m}  :: bisexual
bismuthé {adj}  :: bismuthated
bismuth {m}  :: bismuth
bison {m}  :: buffalo (North American bison)
bison {m}  :: wisent (European bison)
bisontin {adj}  :: Of or from Besançon
Bisontin {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Besançon
Bisontine {f}  :: feminine singular form of Bisontin
bisou {m} [in the plural, in letters]  :: lots of love
bisou {m}  :: kiss (friendly kiss)
bisounours {mf}  :: A childish or naive person
Bisounours {prop}  :: Care Bears
bisphénol {m} [organic chemistry]  :: bisphenol
bisphénol A {m} [organic compound]  :: bisphenol A
bissac {m}  :: scrip, shoulder bag, satchel
bissecteur {adj} [geometry]  :: bisecting
bissectrice {f} [geometry]  :: bisector
bisser {vt} [Belgium, Burkina Faso, Congo, Mali, Rwanda, education]  :: to repeat a year at school
bisser {vt}  :: to repeat; to perform an encore
bisser {vt}  :: to request a repeat; to call for an encore, to encore
bissexte {m}  :: leap day
bissextil {adj}  :: bissextile, leap year
bistouri {m}  :: bistoury, surgical knife
bistré {adj}  :: swarthy
bistré {adj}  :: tanned
bistro {m}  :: bistro
bistronomie {f}  :: bistro-style gastronomy, characterised by good food in small portions
bistrot {m}  :: alternative form of bistro
bistrot {m}  :: publican
bisulce {adj}  :: alternative form of bisulque
bisulque {adj}  :: cloven (foot of an animal)
bit {m} [computing]  :: bit
bitch {f}  :: bitch (all senses)
bitcoin {m}  :: bitcoin
bite {f} [slang, vulgar]  :: knob, cock, dick
biterrois {adj}  :: from, or pertaining to Béziers
Bithynie {prop}  :: Bithynia
bit le moins significatif {m}  :: least significant bit (bit of the smallest order)
bit le plus significatif {m}  :: most significant bit (bit of the largest order)
bitord {m} [nautical]  :: A thin (two-ply or three-ply) rope
bitransitif {adj} [grammar]  :: ditransitive
bitte {f} [nautical]  :: bitt, mooring post
bitte {f} [slang]  :: cock, dick, prick
bitter {vt} [slang]  :: to understand, usually used in negative form and especially with rien
bitube {adj}  :: twin-tube
bitume {m}  :: bitumen
bitumer {vt}  :: to asphalt
bitumier {m}  :: a ship used to transport bitumen
bituminer {v}  :: To bituminize
bitumineux {adj}  :: bituminous
biture {adj} [European French, slang]  :: blotto, drunk
Biturige {mf}  :: Biturige
bivouac {m}  :: bivouac (encampment for the night)
bièvre {m} [archaic or dialectal]  :: beaver (mammal)
bizantin {adj}  :: Byzantine
bizarre {adj}  :: bizarre, odd
bizarre {adj}  :: peculiar, quaint
bizarrement {adv}  :: bizarrely
bizarrerie {f}  :: bizarreness
bizarrerie {f}  :: bizarrerie; something which is bizarre
bizou {m}  :: alternative spelling of bisou
bizutage {m}  :: hazing, [[initiation ritual]]
béjaune {m}  :: greenhorn (inexperienced person)
béké {adj}  :: Describing a person of white, French descent from the French Antilles
blé {m} [slang]  :: dough, cash
blé {m}  :: wheat, corn
bla bla {m}  :: alternative spelling of bla-bla
blabla {m}  :: alternative spelling of bla-bla
bla-bla {m}  :: blah, chit-chat, meaningless talk intended to deceive
bla bla bla {m}  :: alternative spelling of bla-bla
bla-bla-bla {m}  :: alternative spelling of bla-bla
blablabla {m}  :: alternative spelling of bla-bla
blablater {v}  :: to chit-chat, to engage in small talk
black {mf}  :: black person
Black {mf}  :: alternative case form of black
black-bottom {m}  :: The Black Bottom (dance)
blackbouler {vt}  :: to blackball
Black Friday {m}  :: synonym of vendredi fou: Black Friday
blacklister {v}  :: blacklist (to place on a blacklist)
blafard {adj}  :: pale, wan, pallid
blague {f}  :: joke
blague {f}  :: pouch
blaguer {v}  :: to joke, to joke about
blagueur {m}  :: joker (person who makes jokes)
blagueuse {f}  :: feminine noun of blagueur
blair {m} [slang]  :: nose: conk, hooter, schnozzle
blaireau {m}  :: badger
blaireau {m} [colloquial]  :: fool
blaireau {m}  :: (shaving) brush
blairer {vt} [slang, often, in the negative]  :: to stand (the sight of)
blairie {f} [historical]  :: A former tax on grazing animals (in medieval France)
blairisme {m}  :: Blairism
Blaise {prop}  :: French surname
Blaise {prop}  :: male given name
blanc {adj}  :: blank, unused
blanc {adj} [figurative, one's look]  :: blank, without expression
blanc {adj}  :: white color
blanc {m}  :: empty space, on a leaf of paper or in a form
blanc {m} [informal]  :: white wine
blanc {m}  :: silence while in a dialog
blanc {m}  :: white (color)
blanc {m}  :: white, egg white
blanc {m}  :: white meat
blanc {m}  :: white person, person with a white complexion
Blanc {m}  :: white person
Blanc {prop}  :: French surname, from the common noun/adjective blanc
blanc-bec {m} [colloquial, pejorative]  :: greenhorn
blanc bonnet, bonnet blanc {phrase} [by extension, idiomatic]  :: same difference; six of one, half a dozen of the other
blanc bonnet, bonnet blanc {phrase} [literally]  :: white hat (and) hat that is white
blanc comme neige {adj} [simile]  :: Beyond moral reproach; squeaky clean; clean as a whistle
blanc comme un linge {adj} [simile]  :: Pale with fright; white as a sheet; white as a ghost
blanc de blancs {n}  :: champagne made exclusively from white grapes, especially from Pinot Blanc / Chardonnay grapes
blanc de noirs {n}  :: champagne made exclusively from black grapes, especially from Pinot Noir grapes
blanchaille {f}  :: whitebait (young of various species of fish)
Blanche {f}  :: feminine noun of Blanc
Blanche {prop}  :: female given name
blanchement {adv}  :: cleanly
blanchement {adv}  :: in clean clothes
Blanche-Neige {prop}  :: Snow White
blancheur {f}  :: whiteness
blanchiment {m}  :: blanking
blanchiment {m}  :: bleaching
blanchiment {m}  :: laundering (especially of money)
blanchiment d'argent {m}  :: money laundering
blanchir {v} [money]  :: to launder
blanchir {v}  :: to blanch or bleach
blanchir {v}  :: to grow or become white
blanchir {v}  :: to launder, wash
blanchir {v}  :: to make white; to whiten
blanchissage {m} [ice hockey]  :: shutout
blanchissage {m}  :: laundering, laundry, washing
blanchissement {m}  :: washing
blanchissement {m}  :: whitening
blanchisserie {f}  :: laundry
blanchisseur {m}  :: laundry-worker
blanchisseuse {f}  :: laundress
blanchâtre {adj}  :: whitish
blanc-manger {m}  :: blancmange
blanc-seing {m} [figuratively]  :: carte blanche
blanc-seing {m}  :: signed (blank) document
Blandine {prop}  :: female given name
bélandre {f} [nautical]  :: A type of flat-bottomed transport boat used on inland waterways
blanquisme {m}  :: Blanquism
blanquiste {adj}  :: Blanquist
blanquiste {mf}  :: Blanquist
Bélarus {prop}  :: Belarus
blasé {adj}  :: blasé, jaded
blaser {v}  :: to blunt, dull
blason {m} [heraldry]  :: a coat of arms
blason {m} [heraldry]  :: blazon (description of a coat of arms)
blason {m} [heraldry]  :: heraldry (as a field of study)
blasonnement {m} [heraldry]  :: blazon (description of a coat of arms)
blasonner {vt}  :: to blazon
blasphémateur {m}  :: blasphemer
blasphématoire {adj}  :: blasphemous
blasphématrice {f}  :: feminine singular form of blasphémateur
blasphème {m}  :: blasphemy
blasphémer {v}  :: to blaspheme
blastogenèse {f}  :: blastogenesis
blatérer {v}  :: to bleat (of a sheep, to make a sound)
blatérer {v}  :: to bray (of a camel, to make a sound)
blatte {f}  :: cockroach
blaugrana {adj}  :: of or relating to FC Barcelona, a football team from Barcelona
Bâle {prop}  :: Basel (canton of Switzerland)
Bâle {prop}  :: Basel (town in Switzerland)
bled {m} [somewhat pejorative]  :: village
bleime {f}  :: an inflammation of a horses hoof
bêlement {m}  :: bleat, bleating
bélemnite {f}  :: belemnite
blennorragie {f}  :: gonorrhea (STD)
blennorragique {adj}  :: gonorrheal
bêler {v}  :: to baa; to bleat (make cry of sheep)
blessé {adj}  :: injured, wounded
blessé {m}  :: injured (person), wounded (person)
blessant {adj}  :: wounding, offensive, hurtful
blesser {v} [figuratively]  :: to hurt someone's feelings, to offend
blesser {vr}  :: to injure oneself
blesser {v}  :: to wound, to injure
blessure {f}  :: wound
blet {adj}  :: overripe
blette {f}  :: Swiss chard
bleu {adj}  :: blue
bleu {adj} [of meat]  :: very rare, underdone
bleu {m} [billiards, snooker]  :: billiard chalk
bleu {m}  :: blue cheese
bleu {m}  :: bruise
bleu {m} [Canada]  :: a supporter of the Conservative Party
bleu {m}  :: rookie, new recruit, raw recruit
bleu {m}  :: the color blue
bleu, blanc et rouge {phrase} [Quebec]  :: Montreal Canadiens ice hockey club
bleu, blanc et rouge {phrase}  :: The colors of the French flag
bleu de Chartres {m} [colour, glassworking]  :: Chartres blue (a blue created for the stained glass windows of Chartres Cathedral, containing traces of red for enhancement.)
bleuet {m} [Canada]  :: North American blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium)
bleuet {m}  :: cornflower (flower)
bleuetière {f} [Quebec]  :: Place where blueberries are commercially grown
bleuir {vi}  :: to turn blue, go blue
bleuir {vt}  :: to make blue, turn blue
bleuissement {m}  :: turning blue, blueing
bleuté {adj}  :: bluish (somewhat blue in colour/color)
bleuâtre {adj}  :: bluish (somewhat blue in colour/color)
Bélial {prop}  :: Belial
bliaut {m}  :: bliaut
Blida {prop}  :: Blida
blidéen {adj}  :: Of or from Blida
bélier {m}  :: battering ram
bélier {m}  :: ram (sheep)
Bélier {m}  :: Aries (someone with an Aries star sign)
Bélier {prop}  :: Aries (constellation)
Bélier {prop}  :: Aries (star sign)
blindé {adj}  :: hardened, immune
blindé {adj} [military]  :: armoured, armour-plated; reinforced
blindé {adj} [slang]  :: pissed, hammered
blindé {m} [military]  :: armored vehicle in general
blindage {m}  :: armour, armour-plating
blinder {v}  :: to armor; to reinforce
bélinogramme {m}  :: wirephoto, telephotograph (photographic image transmitted by wire)
bélinographe {m}  :: wirephoto, telephotograph equipment
bélière {f}  :: A ring that holds the clapper of a bell (or similar, dangling objects)
Blissenbach {prop}  :: A surname in use in France, most likey derived from the German surname of Blissenbach
bélizien {adj}  :: Belizean, of or pertaining to Belize state, the former British Honduras, its people and/or culture
bélizien {adj}  :: Belizean, of or pertaining to Belize, the capital the above was renamed after
Bélizien {m}  :: A Belizean, member or descendant of the people of Belize, either the former British Honduras or the city it was renamed after
Bélizienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Bélizien
blizzard {m}  :: blizzard
blâmable {adj}  :: blameworthy
blâmable {adj}  :: reprehensible
blâme {m}  :: blame
blême {adj}  :: pale, wan
blème {m} [slang]  :: problem, worry, trouble
blâmer {v}  :: to blame
blêmir {v}  :: to whiten; to become pale
blé noir {m}  :: buckwheat
bloc {m}  :: a bloc, an alliance
bloc {m}  :: a block (e.g., of wood)
bloc {m}  :: a pad of paper
bloc {m} [computing]  :: block (of memory, of code)
Bloc {prop} [Canada, politics]  :: Bloc - Bloc Québécois (Bloc québécois)
blocage {m}  :: block (act of physically blocking)
blocage {m}  :: blockage
blocage {m}  :: block (e.g. of traffic)
blocage {m}  :: block (obstruction)
blocage {m} [Internet]  :: block, blocking
bloc de béton {m}  :: breeze-block (concrete masonry unit)
blochet {f}  :: railroad tie, sleeper
blockbuster {m}  :: blockbuster (film)
blockhaus {m}  :: blockhouse
blockhaus {m}  :: log cabin
bloc moteur {m}  :: engine block, cylinder block
bloc-note {m}  :: alternative spelling of bloc-notes
bloc-notes {m}  :: notebook (book)
Bloc québécois {prop} [Canada]  :: Bloc Québécois
blocus {m} [Belgium]  :: Holiday period in higher education allowing students preparation time for their exams; revision break
blocus {m} [military]  :: blockade
blog {m} [Internet]  :: blog
bloggeur {m}  :: A blogger
blogosphère {m}  :: blogosphere
blogue {m} [Internet]  :: blog
bloguer {v} [Internet]  :: to blog
blogueur {m}  :: blogger
blogueuse {f}  :: blogger (female)
bâlois {adj} [attributive]  :: of Basel, Basler
Bâlois {m}  :: Basler
Bâloise {f}  :: feminine singular form of Bâlois
blond {adj} [informal]  :: naïve
blond {adj}  :: pale golden-brown in colour, usually said of hair
blond {m}  :: someone with blond hair
blond {m}  :: the colour blond; a golden-brown
blondasse {f} [pejorative]  :: blonde, dumb blonde
blonde {f}  :: blonde, female with blonde hair
blonde {f} [Canada, informal]  :: girlfriend
blonde {f}  :: light beer
blondeur {f}  :: blondeness
blondine {f}  :: A blond (fair haired) female
blondinet {m}  :: blond boy; fair-haired boy
blondinette {f}  :: blonde (fair-haired girl)
blondir {v} [cooking]  :: To brown (cook slightly to give some color)
blondir {v}  :: to dye blond
blond vénitien {adj}  :: strawberry blonde
bloody mary {m}  :: bloody mary
bloomer {m}  :: bloomers
bloqué {adj}  :: blocked
bloquant {adj}  :: blocking
bloquer {vr} [of a computer program]  :: To freeze, to lock up
bloquer {vr}  :: To become jammed
bloquer {vr}  :: To retreat
bloquer {v}  :: to block (physically), to barricade, to obstruct
bloquer {v}  :: to block, to impede, to hinder
bloquer {v}  :: to defeat
bloquer {v}  :: to freeze (e.g. prices)
bloquer {v}  :: to jam, to wedge, to fix in place
bloqueur {m}  :: blocker
bloquiste {adj} [Canada, politics]  :: Pertaining to the Bloc Québécois, Bloquiste
bloquiste {mf} [Canada, politics]  :: A member of the Bloc Québécois, a Bloquiste
blottir {vp}  :: to snuggle, to huddle
bélouga {m}  :: alternative form of belouga
blousant {adj}  :: loose-fitting
blouse {f}  :: uniform or coat with buttons down the front
blouser {vi}  :: To blouse
blouser {vt}  :: To bilk; to con
blouson {m}  :: blouson
blépharite {f} [diseases]  :: blepharitis
bélître {m}  :: A beggar
bélître {m}  :: A rascal
bélître {m}  :: A worthless person
bluejean {m}  :: blue jeans (denim trousers)
blues {m}  :: blues (depression)
blues {m}  :: blues (music)
bluette {f}  :: trifle (unimportant thing, especially a small, unpretentious book)
bluff {m} [chiefly, card games]  :: bluff
bluffer {v}  :: to bluff
bluffeur {m}  :: bluffer (one who bluffs)
bluffeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of bluffeur
béluga {m}  :: beluga (cetacean)
bluter {v}  :: to sift, to sieve
bôme {f} [nautical]  :: boom
bémol {m} [figuratively]  :: dampener
bémol {m} [music]  :: flat, bemol
bémoliser {v} [music]  :: To flatten
bémoliser {v}  :: To soften
Bn. {n} [music]  :: abbreviation of basson
bénard {adj}  :: ( of a lock) That can be opened from either side using the same key
bénarde {f}  :: A lock that can be opened from either side using the same key
bénédicité {m}  :: grace (short prayer before or after a meal)
Bénédicte {prop}  :: female given name, feminine of Benoît, cognate to Benedicta
bénédictin {adj}  :: Benedictine
bénédictin {m}  :: Benedictine (monk / nun)
bénédiction {f}  :: benediction
bénédiction {f}  :: blessing (some kind of divine or supernatural aid, or reward)
bénef {m} [informal]  :: benefit; profit
bénéfactif {m} [grammar]  :: the benefactive case
bénéfice {m}  :: benefit, advantage
bénéfice {m}  :: profit, earning
bénéficiaire {adj}  :: beneficial
bénéficiaire {mf}  :: beneficiary, recipient (of a benefit)
bénéficiairement {adv}  :: beneficially
bénéficial {adj}  :: beneficial (relating to a benefice)
bénéficier {v}  :: to benefit
bénéfique {adj}  :: beneficial, that which does good
bénignement {adv}  :: benignly
bénignité {f}  :: benignness
bénin {adj}  :: benign
Bénin {prop}  :: Benin
béninois {adj}  :: Beninese (of or pertaining to Benin or its people or culture)
Béninois {m}  :: person from Benin
Béninoise {f}  :: feminine noun of Béninois
bénir {v}  :: to bless
bénisseur {adj}  :: benedictive
bénit {adj}  :: blessed
bénitier {m} [religion]  :: stoup, font
BNP {prop} [initialism]  :: Banque National de Paris
bénévolat {m}  :: volunteering
bénévole {adj}  :: voluntary
bénévole {mf}  :: volunteer (someone who works voluntarily without payment)
bénévolement {adv}  :: voluntarily
bénévolence {f} [archaic]  :: benevolence
BO {f}  :: initialism of bande originale; OST
boa {m}  :: boa (scarf)
boa {m}  :: boa (snake)
bob {m}  :: bucket hat, fishing hat
bobard {m}  :: fib (a more or less inconsequential lie)
bobèche {f}  :: candle-ring
bobèche {m}  :: clown
bobettes {n} [Quebec]  :: briefs
bobeur {m}  :: A bobsledder
bobeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of bobeur
bobinage {m}  :: winding onto a bobbin
bobine {f}  :: bobbin
bobine {f}  :: drum
bobine {f}  :: reel, spool
bobine d'allumage {f}  :: ignition coil, spark coil
bobine de Ruhmkorff {f}  :: Ruhmkorff coil
bobiner {vt}  :: to wind onto a bobbin
bobinoir {m}  :: coil winder
bobo {m} [childish]  :: boo-boo (pain or injury)
bobo {mf}  :: bobo, boho
bobolais {adj}  :: From or relating to Bobo-Dioulasso
bobologie {f} [medicine]  :: Treatment of minor injuries such as scrapes and bruise
bobonne {f} [dated, informal]  :: dear, honey
bobonne {f} [dated, informal]  :: missus, wife, partner
bobsleigh {f}  :: bobsleigh
boc {m} [Norman dialect]  :: type of horse-drawn carriage
bocage {m}  :: grove
bocage {m}  :: mixed woodland and pasture
bocagère {adj}  :: of the woodlands
bocal {m}  :: (fish) bowl
bocal {m}  :: jar
boche {mf} [pejorative]  :: Boche (German)
Boche {mf} [pejorative, slang, ethnic slur]  :: Kraut, Fritz
bock {m}  :: a beer glass having the capacity of approximately a quarter of a litre
bock {m}  :: the content of such a beer glass
bodybuilding {m}  :: bodybuilding
boeuf {m}  :: nonstandard spelling of bœuf
bof {interj}  :: so what, never mind, whatever, meh
bog {m} [ecology]  :: An ombrotrophic peatland
bogatyr {m}  :: bogatyr
bogey {m} [golf]  :: bogey
bogue {f}  :: a species of ray-finned fish, Leporinus obtusidens
bogue {f}  :: boxfish
bogue {f}  :: the shell of chestnut
bogue {m} [computing]  :: bug
boguet {m}  :: moped
boguey {m} [golf, Quebec]  :: bogey
bohème {adj}  :: Bohemian
bohème {f}  :: the Bohemian lifestyle
bohême {m}  :: alternative form of bohème
bohème {mf}  :: a Bohemian
Bohême {prop}  :: Bohemia (A historical region in the west of Czech Republic.)
bohémien {adj}  :: Bohemian (of or from Bohemia)
bohémien {m}  :: gypsy, Romani
bohémienne {f}  :: (female) gypsy; Romani
bohémium {m}  :: bohemium
bohrium {m}  :: bohrium
Boileau {prop}  :: French surname
boire {vit}  :: to drink
boire comme un trou {v} [simile]  :: To drink like a fish
boisé {adj}  :: wooded
bois {m}  :: antler
bois {m}  :: wood (material)
bois {m}  :: woodwind
bois {m}  :: wood, woodland
boisement {m}  :: afforestation
boiser {vt} [tennis]  :: to hit the ball with the frame (wood) of the racket
boiser {vt}  :: to afforest
boiser {vt}  :: to panel [a room with wooden panels]
boiserie {f}  :: panelling; wood trim
Bois-le-Duc {prop}  :: 's-Hertogenbosch
boisseau {m}  :: bushel (measure and vessel)
boisseau {m}  :: hollow cylinder (of various types)
boisson {f}  :: drink (a serving of drink)
boisson {f}  :: drink (consumable liquid)
boite {f}  :: alternative spelling of boîte
boite à cigare {f}  :: alternative spelling of boîte à cigare
boite de réception {f}  :: alternative spelling of boîte de réception
boitement {m}  :: limp (an irregular, jerky or awkward gait)
boite à outils {f} [Internet]  :: toolbox
boite à outils {f}  :: toolbox (storage case for tools)
boiter {v}  :: to limp (to walk lamely, as if favouring one leg)
boiterie {f}  :: lameness
boiterie {f}  :: limp
boiteux {adj}  :: clumsy (phrase)
boiteux {adj}  :: limp, limping
boiteux {adj}  :: shaky
boiteux {adj}  :: wobbly
boitier {m}  :: case
boitier {m} [computing]  :: package
boitiller {vi}  :: to hobble; to limp slightly
bol {m}  :: bowl
bol {m}  :: luck
bolchevik {adj}  :: alternative form of bolchévique
bolchevique {adj}  :: Bolshevik
bolchevique {mf}  :: Bolshevik
bolchevisation {f}  :: bolshevization
bolcheviser {v}  :: To bolshevize
bolchevisme {m}  :: Bolshevism
bolcheviste {mf}  :: Bolshevik
bolchévik {adj}  :: alternative form of bolchévique
bolchévique {adj}  :: Bolshevik
bolchévique {mf}  :: Bolshevik
bolchévisation {f}  :: alternative form of bolchevisation
bolchévisme {m}  :: alternative form of bolchevisme
bolchéviste {adj}  :: Bolshevist
bolée {f}  :: bowlful
bolet {m}  :: bolete (type of mushrooms)
bâoli {m}  :: stepwell
bolide {m} [astronomy]  :: fireball
bolide {m}  :: fast racing car, high-powered car
bolivar {m}  :: bolivar
bolivarien {adj}  :: Bolivarian
bolivarisme {m}  :: Bolivarianism
bolivariste {mf}  :: Bolivarian
Bolivie {prop}  :: Bolivia
bolivien {adj}  :: Bolivian (of or pertaining to Bolivia or its people or culture)
Bolivien {m}  :: Bolivian (Bolivian person)
Bolivienne {f}  :: Bolivian (female Bolivian person)
bollywoodien {adj}  :: Bollywoodian
bolognais {adj}  :: Bolognese
Bologne {prop}  :: Bologna (city in Italy)
Bologne {prop}  :: Bologna (province of Italy)
bolométrique {adj}  :: bolometric
bolon {m}  :: Bolon (language)
bolon {m}  :: bolon (traditional harp)
bolonais {adj}  :: of or from Bologna
Bolonais {m}  :: someone of or from Bologna
Bolonaise {f}  :: feminine singular form of Bolonais
boléro {m} [countable and uncountable]  :: bolero (dance)
boléro {m} [uncountable]  :: bolero (music genre)
bombé {adj}  :: rounded, convex
bombance {f}  :: feast
bombardement {m}  :: bombing, bombardment (action of setting off a bomb)
bombarder {v}  :: to shell, blitz
bombardier {m} [aircraft]  :: bomber
bombardier {m} [archaic]  :: artilleryman, bombardier
bombardier-torpilleur {m} [aircraft]  :: torpedo bomber
bombardon {m}  :: bombardon, certain bass instruments, notably a tuba
Bombay {prop}  :: Mumbai, Bombay
bombe {f}  :: bomb (a device filled with explosives)
bombe {f} [colloquial]  :: hot girl, (blonde) bombshell
bombe atomique {f}  :: atomic bomb (nuclear weapon)
bomber {v} [figurative]  :: to cower, to bend
bomber {vi}  :: to bulge
bombe à retardement {f}  :: time bomb
bombure {f}  :: bulge, camber
bon {adj}  :: good
bon {adj}  :: right, correct
bon {adj} [slang, slightly derogatory, of a woman]  :: sexy
bon {m}  :: voucher, ticket, coupon
bonace {f}  :: calmness, tranquility (especially before a storm or something of equal intensity)
bon an mal an {adv} [idiomatic]  :: year in, year out
bon an, mal an {adv} [idiomatic]  :: year in, year out
bon anniversaire {phrase}  :: happy birthday
Bonaparte {prop}  :: Bonaparte
bonapartisme {m}  :: Bonapartism
bonapartiste {adj}  :: Bonapartist
bonapartiste {mf}  :: Bonapartist
bon appétit {interj}  :: bon appétit, enjoy your meal
bon après-midi {phrase}  :: have a good afternoon (a phrase uttered upon a farewell)
bonasse {adj} [informal]  :: sexy, hot
bonasse {adj}  :: meek, easy-going, simple-minded
bonassement {adv}  :: meekly, simplemindedly
bonassement {adv}  :: sexily
bonbec {m} [informal]  :: sweet, bonbon, candy
bonbon {adv} [slang]  :: expensive
bonbon {m}  :: sweet, candy
bonbonne {f}  :: demijohn, carboy
bonbonne {f}  :: gas cylinder
bonbonnière {f}  :: candy box
bonbonnière {f} [figuratively, familiar]  :: small, exquisite house
bon chic bon genre {adj}  :: posh, bourgeois
bon chic bon genre {m}  :: taste, style
bon courage {interj}  :: good luck! (more idiomatically, take heart!)
bondé {adj}  :: crowded, packed
bond {m}  :: bounce
bond {m}  :: jump, bound, leap
bon débarras {phrase}  :: good riddance
bonde {f}  :: a plug, a bung
bondien {adj}  :: Relating to James Bond
bondieuserie {f}  :: bondieuserie, religious knick-knack
bondir {v}  :: to bounce, spring, jump
bondissant {adj}  :: bouncing, jumping
Bondou {prop}  :: Bondu (former state in present-day Senegal)
bondrée {f}  :: honey buzzard (of genus Pernis or Henicopernis)
bon enfant {adj}  :: good-natured
bongare {m}  :: krait
bongare fascié {m}  :: banded krait
bongare indien {m}  :: common krait
bonheur {m}  :: happiness
bonheur-du-jour {m}  :: bonheur du jour (lady's writing desk)
bonhomme {m}  :: fellow, chap
bonhomme de neige {m}  :: snowman
boniche {f}  :: alternative form of bonniche
Boniface {prop}  :: male given name of mainly historical use
bonifier {v}  :: to improve
boniment {m}  :: patter, pitch, spiel, sales talk
bonjour {interj}  :: Good day; good morning, good afternoon...; hello
bonjour {interj} [Quebec]  :: goodbye
bonjour {m}  :: Salutation; hello
bon marché {adj}  :: cheap
bon mot {m}  :: witticism; literally, “good word”
bonnard {adj}  :: nice
bonnasse {f} [slang, slightly derogatory]  :: a sexy woman
bonne {f}  :: maid
bonne année {phrase}  :: Happy New Year
bonne après-midi {phrase}  :: have a good afternoon (a phrase uttered upon a farewell)
bonne chance {interj}  :: good luck!
bonne continuation {interj}  :: keep it up! carry on!
bonne femme {f} [informal, usually, ironic, or, endearing]  :: A woman, feminine of bonhomme
bonne fête {phrase} [Quebec, Switzerland]  :: happy birthday
bonne journée {phrase}  :: Have a nice day (a phrase uttered upon a farewell)
bonne-main {f} [Switzerland]  :: tip
bonne-maman {f}  :: granny, grandma
bonne matinée {phrase}  :: Have a good morning (a phrase uttered upon a farewell)
bonnement {adv} [archaic]  :: really, exactly
bonnement {adv}  :: simply
bonne nouvelle {f} [Christianity]  :: good news
bonne nuit {phrase}  :: good night (a phrase uttered upon a farewell)
bonne soeur {f}  :: nonstandard spelling of bonne sœur
bonne soirée {phrase}  :: Have a good evening (a phrase uttered upon a farewell)
bonne sœur {f}  :: nun; sister
bonnet {m}  :: a knitted hat, usually woollen
bonnet {m}  :: beanie
bonnet {m}  :: bonnet (for baby)
bonnet {m}  :: cup (of bra)
bonnet {m}  :: hat, cap
bonnet de nuit {f} [colloquial]  :: wet blanket; killjoy
bonnet de nuit {f}  :: nightcap (clothing)
bonnet d'âne {m}  :: donkey ears
bonnet d'âne {m}  :: dunce cap
bonneteau {m}  :: three-card monte
bonneterie {f}  :: hosiery
bonneteur {m}  :: three-card trickster
bonnetier {m}  :: hosier
bonnet rouge {m} [historical]  :: A French revolutionary during the French Revolution
bonnet rouge {m} [historical, by extension]  :: Any revolutionary
bonne vivante {f}  :: bon vivant (female)
bonne volonté {f}  :: do-gooder
bonne volonté {f}  :: goodwill (favorably disposed attitude toward someone or something)
bonniche {f}  :: skivvy
bonobo {m}  :: bonobo
bon plan {m} [informal]  :: good deal; good idea
bon à rien {m}  :: good-for-nothing
bon rétablissement {phrase}  :: Get well soon, a phrase indicating hope that the listener recovers from physical illness
bonsaï {m}  :: bonsai
bon sang {interj}  :: bloody hell, gosh
bon sens {n}  :: common sense (ordinary understanding)
bonsoir {interj}  :: good evening; good night
bonté {f}  :: goodness, kindness
bon à tirer {adj}  :: Ready for press
bon à tirer {n}  :: Forthcoming book or manuscript
bonus {m}  :: bonus
bonus {m}  :: premium
bon vivant {m}  :: bon vivant
bon viveur {f} [obsolete]  :: synonym of bon vivant
bon voyage {interj}  :: bon voyage, have a good journey, have a good trip
bonze {m}  :: bonze, Buddhist priest
booker {v}  :: to book, reserve
bookmaker {m}  :: bookmaker (betting)
booléen {adj}  :: Boolean
boom {m}  :: boom (dramatically fast increase)
boombox {m}  :: boom box
boomerang {m}  :: boomerang
boostage {f}  :: boost, boosting
boqueteau {m}  :: copse
boracique {adj}  :: boracic, boric
borain {adj}  :: Of or from Borinage
boréal {adj}  :: boreal
borate {m}  :: borate
borborygme {m}  :: borborygmus
bordé {adj} [heraldry]  :: bordered
bord {m}  :: border, edge, limit ; boundary
bord {m}  :: rim
bord {m}  :: shore
bord {m}  :: side
bordeau {m}  :: alternative form of bordel
bordeaux {adj}  :: claret (colour)
bordeaux {m}  :: Bordeaux (wine)
Bordeaux {prop}  :: Bordeaux
bordel {interj} [coarse, slang]  :: bloody hell! [UK], Christ almighty!
bordel {m} [informal]  :: brothel
bordel {m} [slang]  :: bloody mess [UK], goddamn mess [especially US]
bordelais {adj}  :: from Bordeaux
Bordelais {m}  :: An inhabitant of Bordeaux
Bordelaise {f}  :: feminine noun of Bordelais
bordel de merde {interj} [vulgar]  :: fucking hell
bordement {m}  :: bordering
border {v}  :: to border (add a border to)
border {v}  :: to border (share a border with)
bordiguisme {m}  :: Bordigism
bordiguiste {adj}  :: Bordigist
bordélique {adj} [vulgar]  :: messed-up, chaotic
bordure {f}  :: border (the outer edge of something)
bordure {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: bordure
bore {m}  :: boron
borgne {adj}  :: blind [used for windows or walls]
borgne {adj}  :: having a poor reputation
borgne {adj}  :: one-eyed
borgésien {adj}  :: Borgesian (characteristic of Jorge Luis Borges)
borique {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: boric
borné {adj}  :: (mathematics) bounded
borné {adj}  :: narrow
borné {adj}  :: narrow-minded
bornage {m}  :: demarcation (of a boundary)
borne {f}  :: A bollard such as those used to restrict automobiles off a pedestrian area
borne {f}  :: A milestone such as those alongside a roadway
borne {f}  :: A territorial boundary marker
borne {f}  :: A territorial or geographical border
borne {f}  :: mark
borne {f} [slang]  :: A kilometre
borne-abreuvoir {m}  :: a combination drinking fountain and fire hydrant; a fire hydrant with a drinking fountain attachment on it
borne d'incendie {f}  :: fire hydrant
borne-fontaine {f}  :: fire hydrant
borner {vp}  :: to confine oneself (à faire to doing something)
borner {vp}  :: to content oneself
borner {v}  :: to limit, confine
bornier {m}  :: terminal block
Bornéo {prop}  :: Borneo
bornéol {m} [organic compound]  :: borneol
borohydrure {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: borohydride
boromagnésite {f} [mineral]  :: boromagnesite
borosilicaté {adj}  :: borosilicate (attributive)
bortsch {m}  :: borscht
boruration {f}  :: boriding
borure {m}  :: boride
boscard {m} [obsolete]  :: A person who lives as a parasite of the rich or powerful
bosniaque {adj}  :: Bosnian (of or from Bosnia)
bosniaque {m}  :: Bosnian (language)
Bosniaque {mf}  :: Bosnian (someone from Bosnia)
Bosnie {prop}  :: Bosnia
Bosnie-et-Herzégovine {prop}  :: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnie-Herzégovine {prop}  :: Bosnia and Herzegovina
bosnien {adj}  :: Bosnian (of, from or pertaining to Bosnia)
bosnien {m}  :: Bosnian (the language)
Bosnien {m}  :: Bosnian (someone from Bosnia)
Bosnienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Bosnien
boson {m} [particle]  :: boson
boson de Higgs {m} [particle]  :: Higgs boson
bosonique {adj} [physics]  :: bosonic
Bosphore {prop}  :: Bosphorus (A strait that passes through Istanbul)
bosquet {m}  :: a clump of trees; a grove
boss {mf}  :: boss (leader)
bosse {f}  :: bump (small elevated level)
bosse {f}  :: hump (of e.g. a camel or zebu)
Bosse {prop}  :: French surname
bosseler {vt}  :: to emboss
bosser {v} [slang]  :: to work (to do a task)
bosseur {adj}  :: hard-working
bosseur {m}  :: hard worker
bosseur {m}  :: swot
bossoir {m} [nautical]  :: davit
bossu {adj}  :: hunchback
bossué {adj} [dated]  :: humped, bossed, lumpy
bossu {m}  :: hunchback
bossue {f}  :: feminine noun of bossu
bostonien {adj}  :: Bostonian
Bostonien {m}  :: Bostonian
Bostonienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Bostonien
botanique {adj}  :: botanical (of or pertaining to botany)
botanique {f}  :: botany
botaniquement {adv}  :: botanically
botaniser {v}  :: to botanize
botaniseur {m}  :: botanizer
botaniseuse {f}  :: feminine noun of botaniseur
botaniste {mf}  :: botanist
boète {f}  :: box
boîte {f}  :: box (the container)
boîte {f}  :: club (nightclub)
boîte {f} [informal]  :: company, employer
boîte {f}  :: tin, can
boîte automatique {f} [automotive]  :: boîte de vitesses automatique - automatic transmission
boîte aux lettres {f}  :: mailbox
boîte à cigare {f}  :: cigar box (all meanings)
boîte CVT {f} [automotive]  :: boîte de vitesses à variation continue - continuously variable transmission
boîte de conserve {f}  :: can, tin (of food)
boîte de dépôt {f}  :: dropbox
boîte de nuit {f}  :: A nightclub
boîte de réception {f} [Internet]  :: inbox
boîte de vitesse {f} [automotive]  :: gearbox
boîte de vitesses automatique {f} [automotive]  :: automatic transmission
boîte de vitesses manuelle {f} [automotive]  :: manual transmission
boîte de vitesses à variation continue {f} [automotive]  :: continuously variable transmission
boîte à gants {f}  :: glove box
boîtelette {f}  :: little box
boîte manuelle {f} [automotive]  :: boîte de vitesses manuelle - manual transmission
boîte à musique {f}  :: music box
boîte à outils {f}  :: alternative form of boite à outils
boîte à suggestions {f}  :: suggestion box
Béotie {prop}  :: Boeotia (a district in east central Central Greece)
Bœotie {prop}  :: obsolete form of Béotie
béotien {adj}  :: Boeotian
béotien {adj}  :: philistine
béotien {m}  :: Boeotian (dialect)
béotien {m}  :: philistine
béotiennement {adv}  :: philistinely, tastelessly
boîtier {m}  :: alternative form of boitier
béotisme {m}  :: philistinism
botox {m}  :: Botox
botoxer {v}  :: To treat with Botox
Botswana {prop}  :: Botswana
botswanais {adj}  :: of or relating to Botswana
Botswanais {m}  :: person from Botswana
Botswanaise {f}  :: feminine noun of Botswanais
botté {adj}  :: Booted; wearing boots
botte {f}  :: boot (footwear)
botte {f}  :: bunch (of flowers, vegetables)
botte {f}  :: bundle, sheaf (of grain); bale (of hay)
botte {f} [fencing]  :: thrust
botterie {f}  :: A shop selling boots
bottier {m}  :: bootmaker
bottillon {m}  :: ankle boot
bottin {m}  :: telephone directory, phone book
bottine {f}  :: (ankle) boot
bottière {f}  :: feminine noun of bottier
botulique {adj}  :: botulinic
botulisme {m}  :: botulism
bou {m}  :: type of Chinese tea
boubou {m}  :: boubou (African robe)
bouboule {m} [France, slang]  :: fatty; fat person
Boubou Macoutes {prop}  :: the popular nickname of special inspectors who knocked on doors of suspected welfare cheats in Quebec during the second government of Premier Robert Bourassa, in the 1990s
bouc {m}  :: buck (male goat)
bouc {m}  :: goatee
boucan {m}  :: racket, hubbub (loud and unpleasant noise)
boucane {f} [Quebec, Acadia]  :: smoke
boucane {f} [Quebec, Acadia]  :: steam
boucaner {v}  :: to smoke meat
boucanier {m}  :: buccaneer
boucaud {m}  :: synonym of crevette grise
bouchage {m}  :: blockage
bouchage {m}  :: plugging, blocking
boucharde {f}  :: A bush hammer
boucharde {f}  :: A granulating roller used to add marking to cement
bouchée {f}  :: mouthful
bouche {f}  :: mouth
bouche à feu {f} [military]  :: cannon
bouche à oreille {m}  :: word of mouth; rumour
bouche à pipe {f} [slang]  :: mouth that often performs fellatio
boucher {m}  :: butcher
boucher {v}  :: to block up
boucher {v}  :: to bung
boucher {v}  :: to cork up
Boucher {prop}  :: French surname
boucherie {f}  :: butchershop
Bouches-du-Rhône {prop}  :: Bouches-du-Rhône
bouchon {m} [colloquial]  :: kid, mite, munchkin
bouchon {m} [computing]  :: dongle
bouchon {m}  :: cork, bung, stopper, plug
bouchon {m}  :: float (in angling)
bouchon {m}  :: (small) restaurant
bouchon {m}  :: traffic jam
bouchonné {adj}  :: corky (wine)
bouchonner {vt}  :: to rub down
bouchot {m}  :: mussel bed (of vertical posts)
bouchère {f}  :: butcher's wife
bouchère {f}  :: (female) butcher
bouclé {adj}  :: curly
bouclage {m}  :: cordon, block
bouclage {m} [journalism]  :: the soft cut-off of a newspaper's edition grace period (ie. the time before stories / advertisements can no longer be accepted); the closing time;
boucle {f} [aviation]  :: loop the loop (aircraft manoeuvre)
boucle {f}  :: buckle (of a belt, etc.)
boucle {f}  :: curl (of hair)
boucle {f} [figure skating]  :: loop jump
boucle {f} [graph theory]  :: loop
boucle {f} [jewellery]  :: earring
boucle {f}  :: loop (line returning to its origin)
boucle {f}  :: ringlet
boucle d'oreille {f}  :: earring
boucler {vi}  :: to curl up (become curly)
boucler {vt} [colloquial]  :: to shut
boucler {vt}  :: to buckle (to fasten)
boucler {vt}  :: to curl (make curly)
boucler {vt}  :: to tie up (close, finish (e.g. an affair or case))
bouclette {f}  :: a small loop or buckle
bouclette {f}  :: (in particular) a small curl (of hair)
bouclier {m}  :: shield (anything which protects or defends)
bouc émissaire {m}  :: scapegoat (someone punished for someone else's error(s))
bouc-émissaire {m}  :: alternative form of bouc émissaire
bouddha {m}  :: buddha
Bouddha {prop}  :: Buddha
bouddhique {adj}  :: Buddhist
bouddhisme {m}  :: Buddhism
bouddhiste {adj}  :: Buddhist
bouddhiste {mf}  :: Buddhist
bouder {v}  :: to sulk, to pout
bouder {vt}  :: to frown upon, to be discontented with
bouderie {f}  :: pouting
bouderie {f}  :: sulk
boudeur {adj}  :: sulky (gloomy)
boudiné {adj}  :: podgy
boudin {m} [approximately]  :: blood sausage, black pudding
boudin {m} [colloquial, pejorative]  :: fatty, lardy (person)
boudin {m}  :: (inflatable) tube, ring
boudiner {vt}  :: to contort into the shape of a sausage
boudin noir {m}  :: black pudding
boudoir {m}  :: boudoir
boudoir {m}  :: sponge, ladyfinger
bouée {f}  :: buoy (nautical: a moored float)
bouée {f}  :: rubber ring
boue {f}  :: mud; dirt
boue rouge {f}  :: red mud
bouette {f} [Quebec]  :: mud
boueux {adj}  :: muddy
bouffable {adj} [rare, slang]  :: edible; eatable
bouffée {f} [figurative]  :: surge, rush
bouffée {f}  :: puff (of wind, smoke and etc)
bouffe {f} [slang]  :: grub (food)
bouffer {vit} [slang]  :: to eat
bouffer {vt} [slang, figuratively]  :: to eat, to worry
bouffer {vt} [slang]  :: to bash (criticise harshly)
bouffer {vt} [slang]  :: to consume in excess
bouffette {f}  :: rosette
bouffette {f}  :: tuft
bouffeur {m} [slang]  :: eater (person who eats)
bouffeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of bouffeur
bouffi {adj}  :: puffy
bouffi {adj}  :: swollen (with pride etc.)
bouffi {m} [colloquial]  :: fatty, porker
bouffir {v}  :: to cause to become swollen or puffy
bouffir {v}  :: to puff up
bouffissure {f} [symptom]  :: swollen flesh, intumescence (especially referring to soft swellings without redness)
bouffon {adj}  :: grotesque, silly, clownlike
bouffon {m}  :: buffoon, fool (someone foolish)
bouffon {m}  :: fool (person who entertained a sovereign)
bouffonne {f}  :: feminine noun of bouffon
bouffonnement {adv}  :: ridiculously, farcically
bouffonnement {adv}  :: stupidly, hilariously
bouffonnerie {f}  :: buffoonery
bouffonnerie {f}  :: farce
bouge {m}  :: bulge, protuberance
bouge {m}  :: hovel; dive
bougeoir {m}  :: candlestick, sconce
bougeotte {f}  :: wanderlust; itchy feet
bouger {v}  :: to move
bougette {f} [obsolete]  :: budget (purse for carrying coins)
bougie {f}  :: candle
bougie {f}  :: spark plug
bougie à boule {f} [medicine]  :: A urological tool used to assess urethral diameter, that is ball- (or bulb-) tipped
bougnoule {mf} [ethnic slur]  :: wog; person of North African descent
bougon {adj}  :: grumpy, sullen
bougon {m}  :: grump, grumbler
bougonner {v}  :: to grumble (complain)
bougre {m} [colloquial]  :: chap, guy
bougre {m} [dated]  :: sodomite, bugger
bougre {m}  :: imbecile; idiot (general pejorative)
bougre {m} [invariable, followed by 'de']  :: bloody (intensifier)
bougre {m}  :: wretch (miserable, luckless person)
bougrement {adv}  :: much, many
bougresse {f}  :: trout (woman)
bouh {interj}  :: boo!
bouiboui {m}  :: alternative form of boui-boui
boui-boui {m}  :: low quality drinking establishment or café; greasy spoon
bouif {m} [slang]  :: cobbler, snobber
bouillabaisse {f}  :: a type of fish soup or stew which originates from Provence in France
bouillant {adj}  :: boiling (having reached boiling point)
bouillant {adj}  :: very hot
bouillaver {v} [slang]  :: To fuck
bouille {f} [informal, slang]  :: face
bouilleur {m}  :: A person who distils spirits (at home)
bouilleur {m}  :: boiler
bouilleur {m}  :: Formula One engine
bouillie {f}  :: gruel
bouillir {v} [figuratively]  :: to seethe
bouillir {vi}  :: to boil (becoming boiling; reach boiling point)
bouillir {vt}  :: to boil (cause to boil)
bouilloire {f}  :: kettle
bouillon {m}  :: broth (water in which food (meat or vegetable etc) has been boiled)
bouillon {m}  :: bubble rising from a boiling liquid
bouillon {m}  :: flesh rising on a fold
bouillon {m}  :: gulp of liquid which escapes forcefully
bouillon {m}  :: risen fold of cloth
bouillon {m}  :: simple restaurant, which originally served only bouillon
bouillon {m}  :: unsold copies of a publication
bouillonnant {adj}  :: bubbling, frothing
bouillonnement {m}  :: bubbling, boiling
bouillonnement {m}  :: ferment
bouillonner {v}  :: to bubble; to froth
bouillotte {f}  :: hot water bottle
boujadi {m} [Morocco]  :: inexperienced fool
boul. {m}  :: abbreviation of boulevard
boulaie {f}  :: birch orchard
boulanger {m}  :: baker
boulanger {v}  :: to prepare and bake bread
boulangerie {f}  :: bread shop; bakery
boulangisme {m}  :: Boulangism
boulangiste {adj}  :: Boulangist
boulangiste {mf}  :: Boulangist
boulangère {f}  :: feminine noun of boulanger
bouldozeur {m} [construction]  :: bulldozer
boule {f}  :: ball, globe
boule {f}  :: bowl (in the game of bowls)
boule {f} [France, slang]  :: ball, testicle
boule {f} [informal]  :: head or face
boule {f} [Quebec, slang]  :: tit, breast
boule {f}  :: scoop (of e.g. ice cream)
bouleau {m}  :: birch tree
boule de cristal {f}  :: crystal ball
boule de démolition {f}  :: wrecking ball (heavy ball used in demolition)
boule de neige {f} [plant]  :: (type of) viburnum
boule de neige {f}  :: snowball
boule de quille {f}  :: bowling ball
bouledogue {m}  :: bulldog
boule puante {f}  :: stinkbomb
bouéler {v} [Switzerland]  :: to complain
bouler {vi}  :: To inflate or swell up
boulet {m} [anatomy]  :: fetlock
boulet {m}  :: ball and chain
boulet {m}  :: cannonball
boulette {f}  :: dumpling
boulette {f}  :: small ball
boulevard {m}  :: boulevard
boulevard {m}  :: causeway
boulevardier {adj}  :: boulevardier (attributive)
boulevardier {m}  :: boulevardier
bouleversant {adj}  :: upsetting
bouleverser {v}  :: to completely and drastically change, to overturn
bouleverser {v}  :: to disorganize, to turn upside down
bouleverser {v}  :: to shake, to cause a strong emotion
Boulibaba {prop}  :: An unidentified West African settlement
Boulibané {prop}  :: Bulibani (town of present-day Senegal)
boulier {m}  :: abacus (calculating frame)
boulier compteur {m}  :: abacus (calculating frame)
boulimie {f}  :: bulimia (bulimia nervosa - eating disorder)
boulimique {adj}  :: bulimic
bouline {f} [nautical]  :: bowline
boulingrin {m}  :: lawn
boulingrin {m} [sports]  :: lawn bowls
bouliste {mf}  :: bowler (person who plays boules)
bouloche {f} [chiefly, in the plural]  :: pilling (of textile)
boulocher {vi}  :: to pill (of fabric, to make fluffy little balls by friction)
boulodrome {m}  :: bowling (pétanque) pitch (playing area)
Boulogne {prop}  :: Boulogne
boulon {m}  :: bolt (metal fastener)
boulonnais {n}  :: of or from any of the French towns named Boulogne
Boulonnais {m}  :: A resident of Boulogne, a commune situated in the département of Vendée, France
Boulonnais {m}  :: A resident of Boulogne-Billancourt, a commune situated in the département of Hauts-de-Seine, France
Boulonnais {m}  :: A resident of Boulogne-sur-Gesse, a commune situated in the département of Haute-Garonne, France
Boulonnais {m}  :: A resident of Boulogne-sur-Helpe, a commune situated in the département of Nord, France
Boulonnais {m}  :: A resident of Boulogne-sur-Mer, a commune situated in the département of Pas-de-Calais, France
Boulonnais {m}  :: A resident of Boulon, a commune situated in the département of Calvados, France
Boulonnaise {f}  :: feminine noun of Boulonnais
boulonner {vi}  :: To work hard
boulonner {vt}  :: To bolt (on)
boulot {m} [colloquial]  :: job
boulot {m} [colloquial]  :: work
boulotter {v} [informal]  :: to eat, to consume
boulotteur {m} [informal]  :: an eater, someone who eats
boulu {adj}  :: curved, rounded
boum {f}  :: dance event
boum {interj}  :: boom (sound of explosion)
Boundou {prop}  :: Bondu (former state in present-day Senegal)
bouque {f} [nautical]  :: canal, strait or similar narrow passage
bouquet {m}  :: aroma, bouquet (scent of wine)
bouquet {m}  :: a set or selection of something
bouquet {m}  :: bouquet, bunch
bouquetin {m}  :: alpine ibex (Capra ibex)
bouquin {m}  :: buck (male hare)
bouquin {m}  :: buck (male rabbit)
bouquin {m} [colloquial]  :: book
bouquin {m}  :: the part of a pipe carried in the mouth
bouquiner {v}  :: to read constantly (for pleasure)
bouquiniste {mf}  :: antique bookseller (seller of old and used books)
bourbakisme {m}  :: Bourbakism
bourbe {f}  :: mire
bourbeux {adj}  :: muddy, miry
bourbier {m}  :: morass
bourbier {m}  :: quagmire
Bourbon {prop}  :: Bourbon, a European dynasty that formerly reigned in France and now reigns in Spain
Bourbon {prop}  :: Bourbon-l’Archambault, a commune in France
Bourbon {prop}  :: French surname
bourde {f}  :: stumble, blunder, error
bourdon {m}  :: blues (feeling of sadness)
bourdon {m}  :: bumblebee (species of bee)
bourdon {m} [music]  :: drone
bourdonnant {adj}  :: buzzing
bourdonnement {m}  :: buzz, buzzing
bourdonnement {m}  :: drone, hum, humming
bourdonner {v}  :: to buzz, drone
bourg {m}  :: burg, market town
bourgade {f}  :: village
bourgeois {adj}  :: bourgeois
bourgeois {m}  :: bourgeois
bourgeois {m}  :: member of the middle class
bourgeoisement {adv}  :: in a typically bourgeois way
bourgeoisie {f}  :: bourgeoisie
bourgeon {m}  :: bud (of plant)
bourgeonnant {adj}  :: budding
bourgeonnant {adj}  :: burgeoning
bourgeonner {v} [botany]  :: to bud (of plant, to sprout buds)
bourgeonner {v} [medicine]  :: to granulate; to have pimples, spots
bourgeron {m}  :: A type of short blouson
Bourges {prop}  :: A town in the Cher department of Centre-Val de Loire
bourgmestre {mf} [Belgium, Luxembourg]  :: a mayor
bourgogne {m}  :: burgundy (wine or colour)
Bourgogne {prop}  :: Burgundy (region)
bourguemaître {m}  :: mayor (in a German- or Dutch-speaking country)
bourguibien {adj}  :: Relating to Habib Bourguiba
bourguignon {adj}  :: Burgundian
Bourguignon {m}  :: Burgundian
bourguignonne {f}  :: A part of the fontange, a particular hair-do (ribbons, wire and lace knotted in the hair) invented by the Duchess of Fontange (one of King Louis XIV’s mistresses in 1679-1680)
bourguignonne {f}  :: A wine cask (228 l), or a wine bottle (75 to 85cl)
Bourguignonne {f}  :: feminine noun of bourguignon. A woman born in Burgundy, or from a Burgundian family
Bouriatie {prop}  :: Buryatia (Buryatia, Russia)
bourlinguer {vi} [nautical]  :: to tack against the wind
bourlinguer {vi}  :: to roam, get about
bourlingueur {m}  :: globetrotter
bourlingueur {m} [nautical]  :: A sailor who would go to sea even in dangerous conditions
bourlingueuse {f}  :: feminine singular form of bourlingueur
bouroundais {adj}  :: alternative spelling of burundais
Bouroundais {m}  :: alternative spelling of Burundais
Bouroundaise {f}  :: feminine noun of Bouroundais
Bouroundi {prop}  :: Burundi (country)
bourré {adj} [informal]  :: Drunk
bourré {adj}  :: Stuffed or filled to the very limit
bourrache {f}  :: borage
bourrade {f}  :: thump, clobbering (aggressive hit)
bourrage {m}  :: stuffing
bourrage de crâne {n}  :: brainwashing
bourrage de crâne {n}  :: the pro-war propaganda used during World War 1 in France designed to maintain morale of the local population
bourrasque {f}  :: blast, gust of wind; squall
bourratif {adj} [of food, colloquial]  :: filling
bourré comme un coing {adj} [slang]  :: Very drunk; pissed as a newt; drunk as a skunk
bourré à craquer {adj} [idiomatic]  :: full to the brim, bursting at the seams
bourrée {f} [music]  :: bourrée
bourrée {f} [now rare]  :: faggot (bundle of sticks); torch
bourre {f}  :: A wad for use in firearms or cannons
bourre {f} [slang, dated]  :: A cop
bourre {f} [textile, uncountable]  :: Waste from hackling or spinning of wool or silk; linters, flock
bourre {f}  :: Tufts or masses of hair removed from the skin of short-haired animals before tanning
bourre {f} [uncountable]  :: Any material used for stuffing
bourre {f} [uncountable]  :: Down or floss on plants, especially buds; burr
bourreau {m}  :: executioner, hangman (the person)
bourreau {m}  :: individual who lives extravagantly
bourreau {m}  :: torturer
bourreau de travail {m}  :: workaholic
bourrelé {adj}  :: remorseful
bourrelet {m} [firearms]  :: bourrelet
bourrelet {m}  :: padding
bourrelet {m}  :: roll of fat
bourrelier {m}  :: saddler, harnessmaker
bourrer {vi} [colloquial]  :: to rush
bourrer {vi}  :: to jam by way of excessive accumulation
bourrer {vp} [slang]  :: to binge
bourrer {vp} [slang]  :: to get drunk
bourrer {vt} [slang]  :: to hit someone
bourrer {vt}  :: to completely fill by shoving in
bourrer {vt}  :: to force-feed
bourrer {vt}  :: to make to eat a lot
bourrer {vt}  :: to stuff with stuffing material
bourrer le crâne {v} [idiomatic]  :: to brainwash, indoctrinate
bourrer le crâne {v} [idiomatic]  :: to fill someone's head with nonsense
bourriche {f}  :: hamper
bourricot {m}  :: small donkey
bourride {f}  :: bourride
Bourrienne {prop}  :: Louis Antoine Fauvelet de Bourrienne, a French diplomat
bourrique {f}  :: she-ass
bourru {adj}  :: surly; gruff
bourse {f}  :: bourse, stock exchange
bourse {f}  :: financial grant
bourse {f} [in plural, slang]  :: balls
bourse {f} [in plural]  :: the scrotum
bourse {f}  :: money
bourse {f} [obsolete]  :: purse
bourser {v}  :: alternative form of bercer
boursicoter {vi}  :: to dabble on the stock market
boursicoteur {m}  :: One who dabbles in the stock market
boursier {adj} [finance]  :: stock -, relating to the financial markets
boursier {m}  :: grantee, scholarship beneficiary, recipient of a bursary
boursier {m}  :: purse maker
boursier {m}  :: stock broker
boursière {f}  :: feminine noun of boursier
boursouflé {adj}  :: blistered
boursouflé {adj}  :: puffy, bloated
boursoufler {vr}  :: To become swollen or bloated
boursoufler {vt}  :: To swell, inflate
boursouflure {f}  :: blister
boursouflure {f}  :: pomposity
boursouflure {f}  :: swelling
bousard {m}  :: (especially in plural) deer droppings
bousculade {f}  :: bustle, crush
bousculade {f}  :: stampede
bousculer {v}  :: to shove, to bump into, to jostle
bouse {f}  :: dung
bouse {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: water-bouget
bousier {m}  :: dung beetle
bousiller {v} [colloquial]  :: to botch, screw up
bousiller {v} [colloquial]  :: to wreck, smash up
bousin {m}  :: the 'soft crust' a stone has when it is taken out of a quarry
boussole {f}  :: compass (navigational tool)
bout {m}  :: bit, piece, scrap
bout {m}  :: end, extremity, tip (of a physical object)
bout {m} [nautical]  :: rope
boutade {f}  :: caprice, whim
boutade {f}  :: quip, joke
boutant {adj}  :: abutting
bouteille {f}  :: bottle (the container)
bouter {v} [dated]  :: to pin, to nail
bouter {v} [dated]  :: to push
bouter {v} [dated]  :: to remove flesh from the skin of an animal
boutiquaire {adj}  :: shopping (attributive)
boutique {f}  :: (small) shop; boutique
boutiquier {m}  :: shopkeeper
boutiquière {f}  :: shopkeeper (female)
boutoir {m} [zoology]  :: snout
bouton {m} [botany]  :: bud
bouton {m}  :: button
bouton {m}  :: pimple, spot
bouton de fièvre {m}  :: cold sore
bouton d'or {m}  :: buttercup
bouton-d'or {m}  :: alternative spelling of bouton d'or
boutonnage {m}  :: a group of buttons on clothing
boutonnage {m}  :: buttoning up
boutonner {v}  :: to button (to fasten with a button)
boutonneux {adj}  :: pimpled
boutonneux {adj}  :: spotty
boutonnière {f}  :: A boutonniere
bouton-pression {m}  :: snap fastener, snap button
bouture {f} [horticulture]  :: cutting
bouturer {v}  :: to stick (propagate plants by cuttings)
bouvier {m}  :: cattle dog
bouvier {m}  :: drover
Bouvier {prop}  :: Boötes (a constellation)
Bouvier {prop}  :: French surname
bouvière {f}  :: bitterling (21 species of fish within the genus: Rhodeus)
bouvière {f}  :: (female) cowherd
bouvreuil {m}  :: bullfinch
bouziller {vt}  :: alternative form of bousiller
bouzouki {m} [musical instruments]  :: bouzouki
bovidé {m}  :: bovid
bovin {adj}  :: bovine
bovinement {adv}  :: bovinely
bovinement {adv}  :: sluggishly
bowling {m}  :: A place where one can play bowling
bowling {m}  :: bowling
box {f}  :: Electronic equipment used for internet access (component of the digital subscriber line technology)
box {m}  :: compartment, cubicle
box {m}  :: garage, lock-up (for a car)
box {m}  :: stall (for a horse), loose box
box-calf {m}  :: box calf
boxe {f}  :: boxing (sport)
boxer {m}  :: boxer (engine)
boxer {m}  :: boxer (dog)
boxer {m}  :: boxer shorts, boxers
boxer {v}  :: to box
boxeur {m}  :: boxer (participant in boxing)
boxeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of boxeur
box-office {m}  :: box office
boxon {m} [slang]  :: whorehouse
boy {m} [now historical, offensive]  :: boy (non-white male servant)
boyasse {f} [slang]  :: belly
boyau {m} [anatomy]  :: gut, intestine (of an animal, or, informally of a human)
boyau {m}  :: catgut, gut
boyau {m} [military]  :: communication trench, boyau
boycott {m}  :: boycott
boycottage {m}  :: boycott
boycotter {v}  :: to boycott
boycotteur {m}  :: boycotter
boycotteuse {f}  :: feminine noun of boycotteur
BPA {m} [organic compound]  :: abbreviation of bisphénol A - BPA
bépo {m}  :: The French equivalent of the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard
BPS {initialism} [chemistry]  :: BPS ; initialism of bisphénol S
B. Q. {abbr}  :: alternative form of BQ
B.Q. {abbr}  :: alternative form of BQ
BQ {initialism} [initialism, Canada, politics]  :: Bloc Québécois - a political party of Canada
béquée {f}  :: beakful
béquer {v}  :: alternative form of becquer
béquet {m}  :: becket
béqueter {v}  :: alternative form of becqueter
béquillard {m}  :: A person who walks with the aid of a crutch (or crutches)
béquillarde {f}  :: feminine singular form of béquillard
béquille {f}  :: crutch
béquille {f} [cycling]  :: kickstand
béquiller {v}  :: To lower the kickstand of a motorcycle; to prop up a motorcycle on its kickstand
béquiller {v}  :: To walk with the aid of crutches
brabançon {adj}  :: pertaining to, or from Brabant
Brabant {prop}  :: Brabant
bracelet {m}  :: bracelet
brachial {adj}  :: brachial
brachiosaure {m}  :: brachiosaur
brachyœsophage {m} [medicine]  :: Brachyesophagus; brachyoesophagus; brachyœsophagus
braconnage {m}  :: poaching (illegal hunting)
braconner {v}  :: to poach (hunt clandestinely)
braconnier {m}  :: poacher
braconnière {f}  :: feminine noun of braconnier
brader {v}  :: to sell at cut-price, to sell in a sale
brader {v}  :: to sell down the river
brader {v}  :: to sell off
braderie {f}  :: A clearance sale
bradycardie {f}  :: bradycardia
braguette {f}  :: fly, flies (in trousers)
braguette {f} [historical]  :: codpiece
brahmane {m}  :: brahmin
brahmanisme {m}  :: Brahmanism
brai {m}  :: pitch (dark, extremely viscous material made by distilling tar)
braiement {m}  :: alternative spelling of braiment
braies {fp} [historical]  :: breeches
braillard {adj}  :: bawling, yelling
braillement {m}  :: bawling, yelling
brailler {v}  :: to bawl
brailler {v}  :: to holler, yell
braiment {m}  :: bray (sound made by a donkey/ass)
braire {m} [obsolete]  :: bray (noise made by a donkey)
braire {v} [Belgium, Northern France, figuratively, by extension]  :: to cry, to weep
braire {v}  :: bray (to make the cry of a donkey)
braire {v} [figuratively, by extension]  :: to shout
braise {f} [singular or plural]  :: embers
braise {f} [slang]  :: cash, dough
braiser {v} [cooking]  :: to braise
braîment {m}  :: obsolete spelling of braiment
bramer {v}  :: to bellow
bramer {v}  :: to troat (make the cry of a deer)
brancard {m}  :: shaft (of wagon, cart etc.)
brancard {m}  :: stretcher
brancarder {v}  :: to stretcher (carry on a stretcher)
brancardier {m}  :: stretcher-bearer
brancardière {f}  :: feminine noun of brancardier
branché {adj}  :: trendy, à la mode
branchage {m} [chiefly, in the plural]  :: branch(es), bough(s)
branche {f}  :: branch (of an organization)
branche {f}  :: branch (of tree)
branchement {m}  :: connection
branchement {m}  :: plugging in, linking up
brancher {v} [computing]  :: to branch
brancher {v}  :: to connect (appliance)
branchial {adj}  :: branchial
branchie {f} [animal anatomy]  :: gill
branchu {adj} [botany]  :: branchy
branchu {adj}  :: branching
branco {m} [military, colloquial]  :: stretcher-bearer
brand {m} [archaic]  :: a sword
Brandebourg {prop}  :: Brandenburg (a city, the historical capital of the region)
Brandebourg {prop}  :: Brandenburg (region of Germany, formerly a principality and presently a state)
brandebourgeois {adj}  :: Pertaining to, or from Brandenburg
brandestoc {m} [weapons]  :: brandistock
brandevin {m}  :: brandy, brandywine
brandir {v}  :: to brandish (a weapon)
branduit {m}  :: A genericised trademark, or a design that has become inseparable from a particular brand
Bérangère {prop}  :: female given name, variant of Bérengère
branlage {f} [vulgar, slang]  :: wank
branlant {adj}  :: unstable, wobbly and rickety
branlée {f} [by extension]  :: drubbing (heavy defeat)
branlée {f} [France, colloquial]  :: beating, hiding, thrashing
branle {m}  :: shake (act of shaking)
branle {m} [slang]  :: wank (act of masturbating)
branle-bas {m} [archaic]  :: The taking down of hammocks in a ship
branle-bas {m} [idiomatic]  :: commotion; hoo-ha
branler {vr} [vulgar, se branler]  :: to masturbate
branler {vt}  :: to shake
branler {vt}  :: to touch (some work)
branler {vt} [vulgar, slang]  :: to do
branler {vt} [vulgar, slang]  :: to masturbate (another person)
branlette {f} [vulgar, slang]  :: wank (act of masturbation)
branleur {m} [vulgar, slang]  :: wanker
branleuse {f}  :: feminine noun of branleur
branlocher {vr} [vulgar, slang]  :: to masturbate
branlocher {vt}  :: to shake, wobble slightly
braquage {m} [informal, countable]  :: a hold-up; raid
braquage {m} [informal, uncountable]  :: robbery (especially armed robbery)
braquer {v} [colloquial]  :: to stick up, rob (a bank)
braquer {v}  :: to make a hard turn, turn hard
braquer {v}  :: to point (a gun, camera etc.) (sur, vers at)
braquer {v}  :: to turn (one's eyes) (sur, vers on)
braquet {m}  :: gear ratio (especially on a bicycle)
braqueur {m}  :: robber (especially, an armed robber)
braqueuse {f}  :: feminine noun of braqueur
brasé {adj}  :: soldered
bras {m}  :: arm
brasage {m}  :: soldering, brazing
bras de fer {m}  :: arm wrestling
bras de fer {m}  :: showdown
bras dessus, bras dessous {adv}  :: arm in arm
bras d'honneur {m}  :: bras d'honneur
braser {vt}  :: to weld or braze
brasero {m}  :: brazier
brasier {m}  :: inferno, large fire
brassage {m}  :: brewing of beer
brassage {m} [figuratively]  :: intermingling of different peoples, cultures and ideas
brassard {m}  :: armguard, brassard
brassard {m}  :: bracer
brassée {f}  :: armful
brasse {f}  :: fathom (unit of measure)
brasse {f} [swimming]  :: breaststroke
brasse {f} [swimming]  :: stroke
brasser {v} [culture]  :: to intermingle
brasser {v}  :: to brew [beer]
brasserie {f}  :: brasserie [restaurant]
brasserie {f}  :: brewery (beer-producing company)
brasserie {f}  :: brewery (place where beer is brewed)
brasseur {m}  :: brewer
brasseuse {f}  :: feminine noun of brasseur
brassière {f}  :: A child's vest
brassière {f}  :: (Maritime): A life jacket
brassière {f}  :: The use of this word, notably in Quebec French, in the sense of the English brassiere is an anglicism, and a back-formed false friend.
brasure {f}  :: solder
brasure {f}  :: soldering
bravache {adj}  :: bullying
bravache {adj}  :: exhibiting bravado
bravache {m}  :: bravado
bravache {m}  :: bully; braggart
bravacherie {f}  :: braggadoccio
bravacherie {f}  :: bravado
bravade {f}  :: (act of) bravado
brave {adj}  :: brave
brave {adj}  :: honest
brave {m}  :: hero
bravement {adv}  :: bravely
braver {v}  :: to brave
braver {v}  :: to challenge
bravo {interj}  :: bravo!, hear, hear!, well said!, well done!
bravo {m} [in the plural]  :: applause, cheers
bravo {m}  :: swordsman
bravoure {f}  :: bravery, courage
Braz {prop}  :: District of São Paulo, Brazil (Brás in Portuguese)
brèche {f}  :: gap, hole
brèche {f} [military]  :: breach
break {m}  :: break (pause, holiday)
break {mf}  :: estate car, station wagon
break {m} [tennis]  :: break (of serve)
breakdance {m}  :: breakdancing (style of dance)
breaker {m}  :: circuit breaker
breaker {v} [tennis]  :: To break (win a game when receiving)
brebis {f}  :: ewe
brebis {f} [in the plural, religion]  :: flock
bredouille {adj}  :: empty-handed
bredouille {f}  :: a token used to mark points in a game of trictrac
bredouiller {vit}  :: to stammer, mumble
bredouilleur {m}  :: mumbler
bredouilleur {m}  :: stammerer
bredouilleuse {f}  :: feminine noun of bredouilleur
bref {adj}  :: brief (of short duration)
bref {adv}  :: in short, in brief, briefly
brelan {m} [card games]  :: Three of a kind, gleek
breloque {f}  :: charm (for bracelet)
Bérengère {prop}  :: female given name
bressan {adj}  :: Pertaining to, or from Bresse
brestois {adj}  :: of or from Brest
Brestois {m}  :: someone from Brest
Brestoise {f}  :: feminine noun of Brestois
béret {m}  :: beret
Bretagne {prop}  :: Brittany, a region in North-West France
bretelle {f}  :: braces (UK), suspenders (US)
bretelle {f}  :: sling
bretelle {f}  :: slip road; access road; ramp
bretelle {f}  :: strap
breton {adj}  :: Breton (of or relating to Brittany, its language or people)
breton {m}  :: the Breton language
Breton {m}  :: Breton (inhabitant of Brittany)
bretonnant {adj}  :: Breton-speaking
Bretonne {f}  :: feminine noun of Breton
bretonner {v}  :: To talk or speak Breton
bretonner {v}  :: To talk or speak incomprehensibly
brette {f}  :: rapier, (type of) long sword
breuil {m}  :: copse
breuvage {m}  :: concoction, potion
breuvage {m} [literary or humorous]  :: beverage
breuvage {m} [standard in Quebec]  :: beverage
breveté {adj}  :: patented
breveté {adj}  :: qualified
brevet {m} [legal]  :: a patent
brevetable {adj}  :: patentable
brevetage {m}  :: patenting
breveter {vt}  :: to patent
bréhaigne {adj} [of animals or jocular, colloquial of people]  :: sterile
bribe {f} [obsolete]  :: crumb (of bread)
bribe {f}  :: scrap, bit
béribéri {m} [pathology]  :: beriberi
Brice {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to English Brice
brick {m}  :: A fritter with a filling
brick {m} [nautical]  :: A brig, a two-masted vessel type
bricolage {m}  :: DIY, do-it-yourself
bricole {f}  :: a type of medieval catapult
bricole {f} [colloquial]  :: trifle
bricole {f} [medicine]  :: sling
bricole {f} [military]  :: a munitions store
bricoler {vi}  :: to do DIY
bricoler {vt}  :: to tinker (to fiddle with something in an attempt to fix, mend or improve it)
bricoleur {adj}  :: skillful, handyman-like, able to DIY
bricoleur {m}  :: handyman
bricoleur {m}  :: tinkerer
bricoleuse {f}  :: feminine noun of bricoleur
bridé {m} [pejorative, ethnic slur]  :: A slant, a person of East Asian descent
bridage {m}  :: limiting / governing the speed of a motor
bridée {f} [pejorative, ethnic slur]  :: feminine noun of bridé, female slant, a woman of East Asian descent
bride {f} [horsemanship]  :: bridle
bride {f}  :: loop (of a button); bride (of lace)
bride {f} [medicine]  :: adhesion
bride {f}  :: strap
brider {v} [cooking]  :: To truss (in cooking, to put string around meat, so it keeps its shape when cooking)
brider {v} [of clothing]  :: To choke (be too tight)
brider {v}  :: to bridle; bridle up (attach a bridle to)
brider {v}  :: to choke (a motor)
brider {v}  :: to curb; control; put on a leash
bridge {m} [card games]  :: bridge
bridger {vi}  :: to play bridge (the card game)
bridgeur {m}  :: bridge player
bridgeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of bridgeur
brie {m}  :: brie
briefing {m}  :: briefing
brigade {f}  :: brigade (group, organization)
brigade {f} [military]  :: brigade
brigadier {m}  :: brigadier (military)
brigadière {f}  :: feminine noun of brigadier
brigand {m} [pejorative]  :: thief
brigandage {m}  :: bribery, extortion
brigandage {m}  :: robbery or other violent crime carried out by a group
brigantin {m}  :: brig (two-masted vessel)
brigantine {f}  :: trapeze-shaped type of sail
Brigitte {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to Bridget
briguer {vt}  :: to crave, to have one's eyes on
brillable {adj}  :: Shinable, that can be shone
brillamment {adv}  :: brilliantly, superbly
brillamment {adv}  :: shiningly
brillance {f}  :: brightness
brillance {f}  :: shininess
brillant {adj}  :: shining; shiny
briller {vi}  :: to shine, to sparkle
brimade {f}  :: A hazing, some test which seniors impose on newbies in (para) military units, school, etc. by way of initiation
brimade {f}  :: A measure or treatment which is pointlessly hurtful
brimade {f}  :: A punishment which an educator imposes on a child, consisting in some privation
brimbaler {v}  :: alternative form of bringuebaler
bérimbau {m} [musical instruments]  :: alternative spelling of berimbau
brimer {vt}  :: to bully; to mistreat
brimeur {m}  :: bully (person who bullies)
brimeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of brimeur
brin {m}  :: blade (of grass)
brin {m} [figuratively]  :: ounce, bit, hint
brin {m}  :: sprig, twig
brin {m}  :: wisp, strand (of hair, fibre etc.)
brinde {f} [dated, rare]  :: toast (a salutation while drinking alcohol)
brindille {f}  :: twig
bringelle {f} [Réunion]  :: eggplant
bringue {f}  :: binge (drunken celebration)
bringuebaler {vi} [of bells]  :: to ring, sound, chime
bringuebaler {vi}  :: to rattle
bringuebaler {vi}  :: to rattle along, rattle about (move, making a rattling or jolting sound)
bringuebaler {vt}  :: to rattle
bringuebaler {vt}  :: to sound, ring, chime, ding [bells or a bell]
brinquebaler {v}  :: alternative form of bringuebaler
brio {m}  :: brilliance, panache
brio {m} [music]  :: con brio
brioché {adj}  :: brioche style
brioche {f}  :: brioche, kind of pastry consisting of two balls, the lower one being bigger
brioso {adv} [music]  :: in a lively style
brique {f}  :: brick (hardened block used for building)
brique {f}  :: carton box (food packaging)
briquer {vt}  :: to scrub, polish
briquet {m}  :: (cigarette) lighter
briquet {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: firesteel
briquet {m} [obsolete]  :: frizzen
briquet {m} [zoology]  :: beagle
briqueterie {f}  :: brickyard
brisable {adj}  :: breakable (capable of being broken)
brisant {m}  :: breaker (wave)
brisant {m}  :: reef
briscard {m} [military]  :: veteran (person who used to be a soldier)
briscard {m}  :: old fox (crafty person)
brise {f}  :: breeze
brise-glace {m}  :: icebreaker (ship)
brise-lames {m}  :: breakwater (construction in or around a harbour)
briser {vr} [se briser]  :: To become broken; snap
briser {vt}  :: To break; snap
briser la glace {v}  :: to break the ice
briser les couilles {v} [idiomatic]  :: alternative form of casser les couilles
briseur {m}  :: breaker (one that breaks)
briseur de grève {m}  :: strikebreaker
briseuse {f}  :: feminine noun of briseur
briseuse de grève {f}  :: feminine singular form of briseur de grève
brisque {f}  :: In the French Army, a Brisque ("Break") was an inverted cloth tape or metallic lace chevron worn on the upper sleeve by an experienced or veteran soldier (enlisted rank insignia were worn on the lower sleeves). In the 19th century they were worn on both upper sleeves to indicate long service. In the early 20th century, brisques on the right upper sleeve were for wounds while those on the left upper sleeve were for long service, military campaigns or combat tours. Veteran soldiers were referred to as Briscards ("Those who have breaks")
bristol {m}  :: Bristol board
bristol {m}  :: visiting card
bristolien {adj}  :: Bristolian
brisure {f}  :: chip (small broken piece of material)
britannique {adj}  :: British
Britannique {mf}  :: Brit [colloquially]
Britannique {mf}  :: Briton (someone from Britain)
britanniquement {adv}  :: britannically / Britannically (in the British manner)
britanno-colombien {adj}  :: British Columbian (relating to British Columbia)
Britanno-Colombien {m}  :: British Columbian (someone from British Columbia)
Britanno-Colombienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Britanno-Colombien
british {adj}  :: typically British
brittonique {adj} [chiefly, linguistics]  :: Brythonic
brittophone {adj}  :: Breton-speaking
brittophone {mf}  :: Breton speaker
brièvement {adv}  :: briefly
brièveté {f}  :: brevity (quality of being brief)
brûlage {m}  :: burning
brûlant {adj}  :: burning
brûle-gueule {m}  :: a small tobacco pipe
brûler {vit}  :: to burn
brûler {vr}  :: to burn oneself
brûler la chandelle par les deux bouts {v} [idiomatic]  :: burn one's candle at both ends (To do things in excess, to engage in too much work or too much pleasure (including spending money), or both)
brûleur {m}  :: burner (equipment for burning)
brûleur {m}  :: burner (someone that burns something)
brûleuse {f}  :: feminine noun of brûleur
brûlot {m} [nautical]  :: fire ship
brûlot {m} [Quebec]  :: An insect of the order Ceratopogonidae; noseeum
brûlot {m} [regional]  :: coffee served with alcohol or certain spices
brûlot {m}  :: scathing report
brûlure {f}  :: burn (to the skin)
brème {f}  :: bream (fish of the genus Abramis)
Brême {prop}  :: Bremen
Bérénice {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to English Berenice
broc {m}  :: ewer, pitcher
brocantage {m}  :: brokerage (trade of a broker)
brocante {f}  :: car boot sale; jumble sale
brocante {f}  :: flea market; bric-à-brac market
brocanteur {m}  :: broker
brocanteur {m}  :: dealer in junk or in second-hand goods
brocanteuse {f}  :: feminine noun of brocanteur
brocard {m}  :: mockery, ridicule
brocarder {vt}  :: to mock, ridicule
brocart {m} [fabric]  :: brocade
brocatelle {f}  :: brocatelle (all senses)
broché {adj}  :: brocaded
broché {adj}  :: paperback
brochant {adj} [heraldry]  :: Having a charge overlying a semé field, or generally any charge overall
broche {f}  :: brooch, pin (jewellery)
broche {f} [cooking]  :: spit
brocher {vt} [sewing]  :: to brocade
brocher {vt} [sewing]  :: to stitch, sew (together)
brochet {m}  :: pike (any carnivorous freshwater fish of the genus Esox)
brochette {f}  :: a brochette (skewer)
brochette {f}  :: brochette (meat)
brochette {f}  :: small brooch
brochure {f}  :: brocade
brochure {f}  :: brochure, booklet, pamphlet
brochure {f}  :: needlework
brocoli {m}  :: broccoli
brodequin {m} [historical]  :: buskin, half-boot
brodequin {m} [historical, theater]  :: buskin
brodequin {m}  :: work boot
broder {v}  :: to embroider
broderie {f} [countable and uncountable]  :: embroidery
brodeur {m}  :: embroiderer
brodeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of brodeur
brogane {f} [Acadia]  :: work shoe, old or used shoe
broigne {f} [historical]  :: jerkin of canvas or leather covered with metal pieces, ancestor of chain mail
bromé {adj}  :: brominated
bromate {m}  :: bromate
bromation {f} [chemistry]  :: bromination
brome {m}  :: brome (plant)
brome {m}  :: bromine
bromer {v}  :: To brominate
bromhydrique {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: hydrobromic
brominé {adj} [chemistry]  :: brominated
broméliacé {adj}  :: bromeliaceous
broméliacée {f}  :: bromeliad (of family Bromeliaceae)
bromélie {f}  :: bromeliad
bromobenzène {m} [organic compound]  :: bromobenzene
bromoforme {m} [organic compound]  :: bromoform
bromoéthane {m} [organic compound]  :: bromoethane
bromure {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: bromide
bronche {f} [anatomy]  :: bronchus
broncher {v} [colloquial]  :: to budge
bronchique {adj}  :: bronchial
bronchite {f}  :: [pathology] bronchitis
bronchodilatateur {m} [medicine]  :: bronchodilator
brontosaure {m}  :: brontosaur
bronzage {m}  :: sunbathing
bronzage {m}  :: suntan; tan
bronze {m}  :: bronze (metal, work of art)
bronzer {vtr} [or]  :: to tan, brown, catch a tan
bronzette {f}  :: synonym of bronzage
bronzeur {m}  :: bronzer (makeup)
bronzeur {m}  :: sunbather
bronzeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of bronzeur
brosse {f}  :: brush (the implement)
brosse {f}  :: crew cut
brosse à cheveux {f}  :: hairbrush
brosse à dents {f}  :: Toothbrush
brosser {vt}  :: to brush (to clean/tidy/shape with a brush)
brosser {vt}  :: to whip, to beat (to defeat)
brossier {m}  :: A person who makes or sells brushes
brossière {f}  :: feminine singular form of brossier
brouettée {f}  :: wheelbarrowful
brouette {f}  :: wheelbarrow; barrow (small vehicle used to carry a load and pulled or pushed by hand)
brouetter {v}  :: to wheelbarrow (transport something in a wheelbarrow)
brouhaha {m}  :: brouhaha
brouillade {f}  :: scrambled eggs
brouillage {m}  :: jamming, interference
brouillard {m} [finance]  :: daybook
brouillard {m}  :: fog, mist
brouille {f}  :: quarrel, tiff
brouiller {vr} [~ avec]  :: to fall out
brouiller {vr} [meteorology]  :: to cloud over
brouiller {vr}  :: to become blurred, get mixed up
brouiller {v}  :: to blur
brouiller {v}  :: to jam (a transmission), to scramble (a message)
brouiller {v}  :: to mix up, confuse
brouiller {v}  :: to scramble (an egg)
brouiller {v}  :: to set at odds, put (someone) off (something)
brouilleur {m}  :: scrambler, jammer
brouillon {adj}  :: disorganised, disjointed
brouillon {m}  :: draft (an early version of a written work)
broussaille {f}  :: undergrowth, scrub; bushes
broussailleux {adj}  :: bushy, shaggy
brousse {f}  :: A kind fresh cheese made mainly from whey, in Provence (bróusse), Corsica (brócciu), and Italy
brousse {f}  :: bush, outback (wild area away from urban area)
broutard {m}  :: A calf or lamb that accompanies its mother to grazing pastures
broute-minou {m} [slang, vulgar]  :: pussy eating
brouter {vit}  :: to graze; to browse
brouter {v} [slang]  :: to perform cunnilingus
broutille {f}  :: trifle (inconsequential thing)
brownien {adj}  :: Brownian
broyage {m}  :: grinding, crushing
broyer {v}  :: to crush, grind
broyer du noir {v}  :: to have negative thoughts
broyeur {m}  :: crusher, grinder (person who crushes, grinds)
broyeur {m}  :: shredder, crusher, grinder (machine that tears up or crushes objects into smaller pieces)
broyeuse {f}  :: feminine singular form of broyeux
brrr {interj}  :: brr; brrr
Brésil {prop}  :: Brazil
brésilien {adj}  :: Brazilian (of or pertaining to Brazil or its people or culture)
brésilien {m}  :: Brazilian Portuguese
Brésilien {m}  :: a Brazilian
Brésilienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Brésilien
bru {f} [regional]  :: daughter-in-law
bruant {m}  :: Any of a large number of passerine birds, roughly equivalent to, but not restricted to, the buntings and sparrows
brucelles {n}  :: tweezers
brucellose {f}  :: brucellosis (infection by the bacterium, Brucella)
brugeois {adj}  :: Bruges (of or pertaining to Bruges or its people or culture)
Brugeois {m}  :: person from, or living in Bruges, Beglium
Brugeoise {f}  :: feminine noun of Brugeois
Bruges {prop}  :: Bruges
brugnon {m}  :: nectarine (clingstone)
bruine {f}  :: drizzle (light rain)
bruiner {v} [impersonal]  :: to drizzle
bruineux {adj}  :: drizzling
bruire {v}  :: to make a noise
bruire {v}  :: to rattle
bruire {v}  :: to roar
bruire {v}  :: to rustle
bruissement {m}  :: rustle; murmur
bruisser {v}  :: alternative form of bruire
bruit {m}  :: a noise
bruit {m}  :: a rumor or report
bruitage {f} [film]  :: sound effect
bruiter {v} [film]  :: to do the sound effects
bruiter {v}  :: to make noise
bruiteur {m} [film]  :: foley artist
bruiteuse {f}  :: feminine noun of bruiteur
bruitiste {adj} [music]  :: noise (attributive)
bruitiste {adj}  :: noisy
brulant {adj}  :: alternative spelling of brûlant
bruler {v}  :: alternative spelling of brûler
brumaire {m}  :: Brumaire (month)
brume {f}  :: mist, haze, fog
brumer {v} [impersonal]  :: to fog, to be foggy
brumeusement {adv}  :: mistily, hazily
brumeux {adj}  :: misty, hazy, foggy
brumisateur {m}  :: atomizer, spray
brun {adj}  :: brown (usually of hair)
brun {m}  :: brown-haired person
brunch {m}  :: brunch
bruncher {v}  :: to brunch; to have brunch
brune {f}  :: brunette (woman with brown hair)
bruni {adj}  :: tanned, burnished
Brunéi {prop}  :: Brunei
brunir {v}  :: to brown (to become brown)
brunir {v}  :: to burnish (to polish gold or silver etc)
brunissement {m}  :: browning (of food, foliage etc)
brunisseur {m}  :: burnisher
brunisseuse {f}  :: feminine singular form of brunisseur
Bruno {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to English Bruno
brunoise {f}  :: brunoise
Brunstatt {prop}  :: A commune in the Haut-Rhin département, Alsace, France
brunâtre {adj}  :: brownish (somewhat brown)
brushing {m}  :: blow-dry
brusler {v}  :: obsolete spelling of brûler
brusque {adj}  :: abrupt (sudden or hasty)
brusquement {adv}  :: brusquely, abruptly, bluntly
brusquement {adv}  :: sharply, jerkily
brusquement {adv}  :: suddenly
brusquer {vt}  :: to browbeat
brusquer {vt}  :: to rush [an operation]
brusquet {adj}  :: A little brusque
brut {adj} [drinks]  :: strong
brut {adj}  :: gross (as opposed to net)
brut {adj}  :: raw
brutal {adj}  :: brutal
brutal {m}  :: person who acts brutally
brutale {f}  :: feminine noun of brutal
brutalement {adv}  :: brutally
brutaliser {v}  :: to ill-treat, brutalise
brutalité {f}  :: brutality
brute {f}  :: An animal lacking in intelligence and sensibility
brute {f}  :: An animal lacking in reason
brute {f}  :: (By analogy) A person without reason
brute {f}  :: One who imposes his will on others using violence - a bully
Bruxelles {prop}  :: Brussels (city)
bruxellois {adj}  :: From Brussels
Bruxellois {m}  :: person from Brussels, Belgium
Bruxelloise {f}  :: feminine noun of Bruxellois
bruxisme {m}  :: bruxism
bruyamment {adv}  :: noisily
bruyant {adj}  :: noisy (making a noise)
bruyère {f}  :: A place of briers, a moor
bruyère {f}  :: Heather, brier
brève {f}  :: a brief piece of information or news (as opposed to the headline)
brève {f} [linguistics, by extension]  :: breve
brève {f} [linguistics]  :: short vowel
brève {f} [zoology]  :: pitta; any bird belonging to the passerine family Pittidae
bréviaire {m}  :: breviary (a book containing prayers and hymns)
bréviaire {m}  :: go-to book
brévium {m} [physics]  :: brevium
bryacé {adj}  :: mossy
béryl {m}  :: beryl
béryllié {adj}  :: beryllium (attributive)
bérylliose {f} [pathology]  :: berylliosis
béryllium {m}  :: beryllium
bérézina {f}  :: Complete disaster, crushing defeat
bésef {adv}  :: much, a lot
bésicles {fp} [plurale tantum]  :: alternative spelling of besicles
bésigue {f}  :: bezique (a trick-taking card game for two players)
bât {m}  :: packsaddle
bêta {adj}  :: beta
bêta {adj} [slang]  :: stupid, idiotic
bêta {m}  :: beta (Greek letter)
bêta-bloquant {m} [medicine]  :: beta blocker
bétail {m}  :: livestock
bétail {m}  :: [specifically] cattle
bétaillère {f}  :: cattle truck
bétaillère {f}  :: people carrier
bétaïne {f} [organic chemistry]  :: betaine
bâtard {m}  :: a bastard (person born to unmarried parents)
bâtard {m}  :: a batard (short baguette)
bâtard {m} [botany]  :: a hybrid plant
bâtard {m} [slang]  :: bastard, asshole
bâtarde {f}  :: feminine noun of bâtard; a female bastard
bâtardise {f}  :: bastardy (quality of being a bastard, of being born out of wedlock)
bêtassement {adv}  :: stupidly, idiotically
bêtathérapie {f}  :: beta therapy (radiation therapy using beta particles)
bêtatron {m} [physics]  :: betatron
bête {adj} [Canada, informal]  :: Having a bad character or in a bad mood; showing great displeasure in interacting with people; ill-tempered
bête {adj}  :: Not very bright and lacking in judgement; stupid; inept
bête {adj}  :: Which could have been easily averted; silly
bête {f}  :: beast, animal
bâteau {m}  :: alternative spelling of bateau
bête comme ses deux pieds {adj} [simile]  :: alternative form of bête comme ses pieds
bête comme ses pieds {adj} [simile]  :: Very stupid; dumb as an ox; dumb as a doorknob
bête de somme {f}  :: beast of burden (animal that carries or pulls heavy loads)
bétel {m} [botany]  :: betel
Bételgeuse {prop}  :: Betelgeuse (supergiant)
bête à manger du foin {adj} [simile]  :: Very stupid; dumb as a rock; dumb as a doorknob
bêtement {adv}  :: stupidly, idiotically
bête noire {f}  :: bête noire, pet hate, pet peeve
bâter {vt}  :: To put on a packsaddle
Béthanie {prop}  :: Bethany
bâti {m}  :: fixed part of a mechanism or machine, usually linked to the ground; body
bêtifiant {adj}  :: mindless
bêtifier {v}  :: To act childishly
bêtifier {v}  :: To be brutalized
bâtiment {m}  :: building, edifice
bâtiment {m} [nautical, military]  :: warship
bâtiment {m} [nautical]  :: ship or boat
bâtiment précieux {m} [military, nautical]  :: capital ship
bâtir {v}  :: to build; to construct
bâtir {v}  :: to build up
bêtise {f} [countable]  :: hooey
bêtise {f} [uncountable]  :: foolishness
bêtise {f} [uncountable]  :: nonsense
bêtiser {v}  :: To talk nonsense
bêtisier {m}  :: bloopers; a collection of farcical or comical stories or moments
bâtisse {f} [chiefly, pejorative]  :: construction
bâtisse {f} [obsolete]  :: (act of) building
bâtisseur {m}  :: builder
bâtisseuse {f}  :: builder (female)
bétoine {f}  :: betony (Stachys officinalis)
bétoire {f}  :: swallow hole
bâton {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: baton (as a charge)
bâton {m}  :: stick
béton {m}  :: concrete
béton {v}  :: to drop
bâtonnade {f}  :: beating (specifically with a rod or stick)
bâtonnage {m}  :: clubbing (beating with a club)
bétonnage {m}  :: concrete work
bétonnage {m}  :: urbanization
bâtonnat {m}  :: barristering
bâtonnat {m}  :: barristership
bâtonner {v}  :: to club (strike with a club)
bétonner {v}  :: to concrete (cover with concrete)
bâtonnet {m}  :: (small) stick
bétonneuse {f}  :: cement mixer
bâtonnier {m}  :: A barrister
bâtonnier {m}  :: A person who carries a ceremonial baton in a procession
bâtonnière {f}  :: feminine noun of bâtonnier
bétonnière {f}  :: concrete mixer
bétonnisation {f}  :: synonym of bétonnage
BTP {initialism}  :: (bâtiments et travaux publics) the public buildings and works sector
bétulacée {f}  :: birch (tree of family Betulaceae)
bétyle {m}  :: baetylus, bethel, betyl (sacred stone)
buanderie {f}  :: laundry room
buanderie {f} [Quebec]  :: laundrette
buandier {m}  :: laundryman, laundrymaid
buandière {f}  :: feminine singular form of buandier
Bucarest {prop}  :: Bucharest
buccal {adj}  :: buccal
buccin {m} [musical instrument, historical]  :: buccina (curved brass instrument)
buccin {m}  :: whelk (any one of numerous species belonging to Buccinidae)
bucco- {prefix}  :: oral; related to the mouth
buccogénital {adj}  :: orogenital
bucentaure {m}  :: bucentaur
buche {f}  :: alternative spelling of bûche
bucher {m}  :: alternative form of bûcher
bucher {v}  :: alternative form of bûcher
bucheron {m}  :: alternative form of bûcheron
buckminsterfullerène {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: buckminsterfullerene
bucolique {adj}  :: bucolic
Budapest {prop}  :: Budapest
budget {m}  :: A budget
budgétaire {adj}  :: budgetary, budget
budgétairement {adv}  :: budgetarily
budgétiser {vt}  :: to budget (for)
buée {f}  :: condensation, steam, mist
buée {f} [dialectal]  :: laundry
buer {v} [dated, or, regional]  :: to wash (clothing); to do the laundry
bœuf {m}  :: beef
bœuf {m}  :: jam (session)
bœuf {m}  :: ox
bœuf {m} [Quebec, slang]  :: A police officer; a pig
bœuf bourguignon {m}  :: beef bourguignon
bœuferie {f} [Switzerland]  :: blunder
buffet {m}  :: (food) buffet
buffet {m}  :: sideboard, dresser
buffeterie {f}  :: alternative form of buffleterie
buffle {m}  :: buffalo
buffleterie {f}  :: leatherwork (especially as part of armour)
bufflonne {f}  :: buffalo (female)
bug {f} [slang]  :: A bug (a problem, especially in computing)
buggy {m}  :: buggy (small vehicle)
building {m}  :: tower, skyscraper (tall building)
buis {m}  :: box (tree)
buis {m}  :: boxwood
buisson {m} [botany]  :: bush
buissonnier {adj} [idiomatic]  :: ducking school
buissonnier {adj}  :: related to (hiding in) bushes
buissonnier {adj}  :: related to the commune of Buisson
bulbe {m}  :: bulb (bulb-shaped root)
bulgare {adj}  :: Bulgarian (from, or pertaining to Bulgaria)
bulgare {m}  :: Bulgarian, the Bulgarian language
Bulgare {mf}  :: Bulgarian (native of Bulgaria)
Bulgarie {prop}  :: Bulgaria
bulgarisation {f}  :: bulgarization
bulgariser {v}  :: To bulgarize
bulgarophile {adj}  :: Bulgarophilic
bulgarophile {mf}  :: Bulgarophile
bull {m} [construction]  :: bulldozer
bulldozer {m}  :: bulldozer
bulle {f}  :: bubble
buller {vi}  :: to bubble
bulletin {m}  :: bulletin
bulletin {m}  :: newsletter
bulletiner {v} [library science]  :: to register periodicals each time they come out
bulletin scolaire {m}  :: school report
bulot {m}  :: whelk
bungalow {m}  :: bungalow
bunker {m} [golf]  :: bunker
bunker {m} [military]  :: bunker
buraliste {mf}  :: newsagent
buraliste {mf}  :: tobacconist
bure {f}  :: frieze (cloth)
bure {f}  :: habit (monk's robe)
bureau {m}  :: desk
bureau {m} [obsolete]  :: frieze (coarse woolen cloth)
bureau {m}  :: office; an administrative unit
bureau {m}  :: office (room)
bureau {m}  :: the staff of an office
bureau {m}  :: ticket office
bureaucrate {m}  :: bureaucrat
bureaucratie {f}  :: bureaucracy (structure and regulations in place to control activity)
bureaucratique {adj}  :: bureaucratic
bureaucratiquement {adv}  :: bureaucratically
bureaucratisme {m}  :: The excessive use, or the abuse of bureaucracy
bureau de change {m}  :: bureau de change (currency exchange)
bureau de poste {m}  :: post office (place)
bureautique {f} [computing]  :: office automation, commercial data processing
burette {f} [chemistry]  :: burette
burette {f}  :: oilcan
burette {f} [religion]  :: cruet used to keep wine and water for Eucharist
burgonde {adj}  :: Relating to the Burgondes
Burgondes {prop}  :: Burgundians
buriné {adj}  :: chiselled
burin {m}  :: chisel or another similar tool
Burin {prop}  :: The constellation Caelum
buriner {vt}  :: to chisel
burkinabé {adj}  :: Burkinabe, from Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso {prop}  :: Burkina Faso
burlesque {adj}  :: burlesque; parodic; parodical
burlesque {m}  :: burlesque; parody
burlesquement {adv}  :: comically
burlesquement {adv}  :: farcically
burne {f} [vulgar, slang]  :: ball, testicle
burnous {m}  :: burnoose
buron {m}  :: A traditional Auvergne shepherd's hut with a thatched roof
burqa {f}  :: burka (a garment that covers the whole body)
bursal {adj}  :: Of or relating to a tax, especially an extraordinary tax
bursiforme {adj}  :: bursiform (shaped like a purse or bag)
bursite {f}  :: bursitis (inflammation of a bursa)
burtonien {adj}  :: Burtonian
burundais {adj}  :: of or relating to Burundi
Burundais {m}  :: person from Burundi
Burundaise {f}  :: feminine noun of Burundais
Burundi {prop}  :: Burundi (country)
bus {m}  :: bus
busard {m}  :: harrier
busc {m}  :: busk (of corset)
buse {f} [Belgium]  :: fail (fail of an exam, in school)
buse {f} [colloquial]  :: idiot, fool
buse {f}  :: hawk or buzzard (Genus Buteo)
buse {f}  :: nozzle, pipe, conduit
bushisme {m}  :: Bushism
business {m}  :: business, affairs
business {m}  :: business, firm, company
businessman {m}  :: businessman
businesswoman {f}  :: businesswoman
busqué {adj}  :: hooked (of a nose)
Bussy {prop}  :: Any of a number of communes in France
buste {m} [anatomy]  :: bust, torso
buste {m}  :: (statue) bust
bustier {m}  :: bustier [clothing]
buté {adj}  :: stubborn
but {m}  :: aim
but {m}  :: goal (result one is attempting to achieve)
but {m} [sports]  :: goal (in the place, act, or point sense)
butadiène {m} [organic compound]  :: butadiene
butanol {m} [organic compound]  :: butanol
butanoïque {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: butanoic
but cadré {m} [soccer]  :: shot on goal
butée {f}  :: abutment (state of abutting)
butée {f}  :: Any plant in the Butea genus
butée {f}  :: buttress
butée {f}  :: stop, stopper
but en argent {m} [soccer]  :: silver goal
but en or {m} [soccer]  :: golden goal
buter {v} [figuratively]  :: to kill
buter {v} [figuratively]  :: to obsess; to become obsessed
buter {v}  :: to prop up, buttress
buter {v}  :: to stop dead
buteur {m}  :: scorer, goalscorer
buteuse {f}  :: feminine noun of buteur
butin {m}  :: loot, booty (the proceeds of theft, robbery etc., swag, contraband)
butiner {v}  :: to browse
butiner {v}  :: to forage
butiner {v}  :: to gather pollen
butineur {m}  :: forager
butineur {m} [Internet]  :: browser
butineuse {f}  :: forager (female)
butène {m} [organic compound]  :: butene
butoir {m}  :: buffer (of railway)
butoir {m}  :: doorstop, doorstopper
butoir {m} [sports]  :: toeboard (used in throwing sports, which the athlete can't walk over, such as an "oche" in darts)
butor {m}  :: bittern (bird of the family Ardeidae)
butor {m}  :: boor, oaf
but-sur-balles {m} [baseball, Europe]  :: a walk
butte {f}  :: heap
butte {f}  :: small hill
butter {v}  :: to heap
butyle {m} [organic chemistry]  :: butyl
butylèneglycol {m} [organic compound]  :: butylene glycol
butyrate {m}  :: butyrate (salt or ester of butyric acid)
butyrique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: butyric
buvable {adj}  :: drinkable, potable
buvant {adj}  :: drinking
buvard {m}  :: blotter
buvard {m}  :: blotting paper
buvette {f}  :: bar (place where beverages are sold) particularly a small one
buveur {m}  :: drinker (someone who drinks, especially alcohol)
buveuse {f}  :: feminine noun of buveur
buzz {m}  :: buzz (excitement)
bévatron {m} [physics]  :: bevatron
bévue {f}  :: blunder, gaffe
bye {interj}  :: bye
bâyer {v} [Normandy]  :: alternative spelling of bayer
byronien {adj}  :: Byronian
byronisme {m}  :: Byronism
Byzance {prop}  :: Byzantium (ancient Greek city)
Byzance {prop}  :: [figurative] opulence
byzantin {adj}  :: Byzantine
byzantin {adj}  :: overcomplicated, futile and lost in the details
byzantinisme {m}  :: tendency to adopt overcomplicated solutions
byzantiniste {m}  :: specialist of Byzantium
byzantinologie {f}  :: study of Byzantium; Byzantinology
byzantinologue {m}  :: specialist on the Byzantine Empire; a Byzantinologist
bézef {adv}  :: much, a lot
Béziers {prop}  :: Béziers
bézoard {m}  :: bezoar
bzou {m} [archaic]  :: werewolf