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{m}  :: letter: b
baasiste {adj}  :: alternative form of baassiste
baasiste {mf}  :: alternative form of baassiste
baassiste {adj}  :: Baathist / Ba'athist
baassiste {mf}  :: Baathist / Ba'athist
b-a ba {m}  :: basics, fundamentals, ABC
baba {m}  :: baba (type of cake)
baba au rhum {m}  :: rum baba
babaille {interj} [colloquial, Quebec]  :: bye-bye
babeurre {m}  :: buttermilk
babiche {f}  :: babiche
babil {m}  :: baby talk
babil {m}  :: ease, facility to talk
babillage {m}  :: babble; chatter; chit-chat (insignificant talk)
babillard {adj}  :: talkative, babbling
babillard {m}  :: babbler; someone who babbles
babillard {m} [Québec]  :: billboard
babiller {v}  :: to chat; to babble; to natter (to talk about insignificant things)
babine {f}  :: prominent or pendulous animal lip (of camel, monkey etc.)
babine {f} [colloquial]  :: (human) lip
Babineaux {prop}  :: surname
babiole {f}  :: useless or worthless thing; a trinket
babiroussa {m}  :: babiroussa
babord {m}  :: archaic spelling of bâbord; larboard, port (the left side of a ship)
babouche {f}  :: babouche
babouin {m}  :: baboon
babouvisme {m}  :: Babouvism (form of socialism characterism of François-Noël Babeuf
babouviste {m}  :: Babouvist
babésiose {f}  :: babesiosis
babtou {m}  :: alternative form of toubab
Babœuf {prop}  :: Babœuf
baby {m}  :: table soccer, table football
baby {m}  :: baby, darling, sweetheart
babyboom {m}  :: baby boom (post-World War II baby boom (1946 to 1964))
babyboom {m}  :: baby boom (any large increase in births)
babyfoot {m}  :: alternative form of baby-foot; table football
baby-foot {m}  :: table football (game)
Babylone {prop} {f}  :: Babylon
babylonien {adj}  :: Babylonian
Babylonien {m}  :: Babylonian (person)
Babylonienne {f}  :: feminine singular of Babylonien
baby-sitter {f}  :: A babysitter
bac {m}  :: ferry
bac {m}  :: vat
bac {m}  :: high school exit exam
BAC {initialism}  :: Brigade anticriminalité
bacante {f}  :: alternative form of bacchante
baccalauréat {m}  :: baccalaureat (≈ A-level, high school diploma)
baccalauréat {m} [Canada]  :: bachelor's degree
baccara {m}  :: baccarat (card game)
baccarat {m}  :: alternative form of baccara
bacchanal {m}  :: A loud, annoying noise
bacchanal {m}  :: A revolt amongst the peasantry
bacchanale {f}  :: bacchanal
bacchante {f}  :: bacchante
bacchante {f}  :: (especially in plural) moustache
bacciforme {adj}  :: bacciform
Bachand {prop}  :: surname
Bachelet {prop}  :: surname
bachelier {m}  :: graduate of the baccalauréat
bachelier {m}  :: (Canada) person holding a bachelor's degree
bachelière {f}  :: feminine noun of bachelier
bachelor {m}  :: bachelor (degree)
bachi-bouzouk {m}  :: An irregular soldier in the Ottoman army
bachique {adj}  :: bacchic
bachique {adj}  :: bacchanalian
bachot {m}  :: A small vat or similar container
bachot {m} [colloquial]  :: baccalauréat; bac (≈ A-level, high school diploma)
bachotage {m} [nautical]  :: piloting a ferry
bachotage {m}  :: cramming (for an exam)
bachoter {v} [colloquial]  :: to cram (revise hard for an exam, especially for a baccalauréat exam)
bachotte {f}  :: A container for transporting live fish
bacillaire {adj}  :: bacilliary
bacille {m}  :: bacillus (rod-shaped bacterium)
bacilliforme {adj}  :: bacilliform (shaped like a bacillus; rod-shaped)
bacillose {f} [pathology]  :: bacillosis
backgammon {m}  :: backgammon
bacon {m}  :: bacon
baconien {adj}  :: Baconian
bac à sable {m}  :: sandbox, sandpit
bactéricide {adj}  :: bactericidal
bactéricide {m}  :: bactericide
bactéricide {m}  :: antibiotic
bactérie {f}  :: bacterium
bactérien {adj}  :: bacterial
bactériémie {f} [pathology]  :: bacteriemia
bactériologie {f}  :: bacteriology
bactériologique {adj}  :: bacteriological
bactériologiquement {adv}  :: bacteriologically
bactériologiste {mf}  :: bacteriologist
bactériophage {adj}  :: bacteriophagous
bactériophage {m}  :: bacteriophage
bactériostatique {adj}  :: bacteriostatic
bactériostatiquement {adv}  :: bacteriostatically
badasso {m}  :: thyme
badaud {m}  :: onlooker, bystander, rubbernecker
badauder {v}  :: To gape, gawk
badauderie {f}  :: onlooking
badauderie {f}  :: rubbernecking
Bade {prop} {m}  :: Baden, historical region of Germany
Badeau {prop}  :: surname
Badeaux {prop}  :: surname
bader {v} [colloquial, mostly used by adolescents]  :: to be sad, to be depressive
baderne {f}  :: (old) fogey
badge {m}  :: identity badge
badger {v}  :: to use an identity badge
badiane {f}  :: star anise
badiane chinoise {f}  :: star anise
badigeon {m}  :: distemper, badigeon
badigeonnage {m}  :: the act or the result of smearing; smear
badigeonner {v}  :: to smear
badigeonner {v}  :: to whitewash
badigeonneur {m}  :: one who whitewashes or distempers walls
badigeonneur {m}  :: a bad painter
badigeonneuse {f}  :: feminine singular of badigeonneur
badin {adj}  :: playful, light-hearted, frolicsome
badin {m}  :: airspeed indicator
badinage {m}  :: joke; gag; wind-up
badinage {m} [figuratively]  :: a trivial, simple task
badine {f}  :: switch (stick)
badine {f}  :: a small bendy walking stick, walking cane
badine {f}  :: tong (to use in a fireplace)
badiner {v}  :: to jest, joke
badinerie {f}  :: badinage
badiste {mf} [sport]  :: badminton player
badminton {m}  :: badminton
badois {adj}  :: Of or from Baden
Badois {m}  :: Native or inhabitant of Baden
Badoise {f}  :: feminine singular of Badois
badouillard {m}  :: reveller (associated especially with the Paris carnival)
baeckeoffe {m}  :: A type of stew from Alsace
baffe {f} [colloquial]  :: smack; hit (on the head)
baffer {v} [colloquial]  :: to hit (on the face)
baffle {m}  :: speaker (audio)
bafouer {v}  :: to scorn
bafouer {v}  :: to flout
bafouillage {m}  :: spluttering, stammering
bafouillage {m}  :: gibberish
bafouille {f} [slang]  :: letter (written message)
bafouiller {v}  :: to babble, splutter, stammer
bafouilleur {m}  :: babbler, stammerer
bafouilleuse {f}  :: feminine singular of bafouilleur
bagad {m}  :: bagad
bagage {m}  :: baggage; luggage
bagagiste {m}  :: baggage handler
bagarre {f}  :: brawl, fight
bagarrer {v}  :: to scrap, to scuffle (have a physical fight)
bagarrer {v}  :: to fight (to strive for something with lots of effort)
bagarreur {adj}  :: quarrelsome, pugnacious, rowdy
bagarreur {m}  :: brawler, battler
bagasse {f}  :: bagasse
bagasse {f}  :: residue of indigo after extracting the dye by fermentation
bagatelle {f}  :: bagatelle, trinket, bauble
bagatelle {f} [food]  :: trifle
Bagdad {prop}  :: Baghdad
bagel {m}  :: bagel (toroidal bread roll)
baggy {adj}  :: baggy
baggy {m}  :: Loose-fitting trousers
bagnard {m}  :: crook
bagnard {m}  :: convict, prisoner of a penal colony
bagnarde {f}  :: feminine noun of bagnard
bagne {m}  :: penal colony; prison where prisonners are forced to labour
bagnole {f} [colloquial]  :: ride; wheels (an automobile)
bagou {m}  :: sales pitch
bagouler {v}  :: To say, tell
bagout {m}  :: glibness, volubility, gift of the gab
bague {f}  :: ring
baguel {m}  :: alternative spelling of bagel
baguenaudier {m}  :: bladder senna (masculine only)
baguenaudier {m}  :: trifler
baguenaudière {f}  :: feminine singular of baguenaudier
baguer {v}  :: to ring, tag, band (attach a tag or ring, e.g. to a bird, for tracking)
baguer {v} [sewing]  :: to collar
baguette {f}  :: baguette, French stick (the bread)
baguette {f}  :: chopstick
baguette {f} [music]  :: drumstick; (conductor's) baton
baguette {f}  :: wand
baguettisant {m}  :: synonym of sourcier
baguier {m}  :: A box used to store rings
baguier {m}  :: A ring sizer (conical device)
bah {interj}  :: An exclamation to fill space, often used as an intensifier; well, err, um
Bahamas {prop} {fp}  :: Bahamas
bahaméen {adj}  :: Bahamian
Bahaméen {m}  :: Bahamian
Bahaméenne {f}  :: feminine singular of Bahaméen
bahaïsme {m}  :: Bahá'í (religion)
bahianais {adj}  :: Bahian
Bahreïn {prop} {m}  :: Bahrain
bahreïni {adj}  :: Bahraini
Bahreïni {m}  :: Bahraini person
Bahreïnie {f}  :: feminine noun of Bahreïni
baht {m}  :: baht (unit of currency)
bahut {m}  :: chest; sideboard
bahut {m} [school slang]  :: school
bahut {m} [colloquial]  :: lorry, truck; (taxi) cab
bai {adj}  :: bay (of a reddish-brown colour)
baie {f} [botany]  :: berry
baie {f}  :: bay (body of water)
baie {f}  :: picture window
baie de Guanabara {prop} {f} [geography]  :: Guanabara Bay
baie vitrée {f}  :: plate glass window
baignade {f}  :: an instance of bathing
baignade à poil {f}  :: a specific instance of skinny dipping
baigner {vt}  :: to bathe
baigner {v}  :: to go for a swim
baigneur {m}  :: bather (person who bathes)
baigneur {m}  :: Doll representing a young boy (masculine use only)
baigneuse {f}  :: feminine noun of baigneur
baignoire {f}  :: bath (British), bathtub, tub (especially US)
bail {m}  :: lease (contract)
bail {m} [colloquial]  :: yonks, ages
baille {f}  :: tub
baille {f}  :: water
Bailleau {prop}  :: surname
Bailleaux {prop}  :: surname
bailler {v} [obsolete]  :: to give
bailler {v}  :: To lend
bailler {v}  :: To rent, lease
bailleresse {f}  :: feminine singular of bailleur
bailleur {m} [historical]  :: a landowner who let uncultivated parcels of land to a lessee in a crop-sharing system in early Middle Ages
bailleur {m}  :: a lessor in general
bailleur social {m}  :: an agent who deals with lease contracts for social housing; a social landlord
bailli {m} [historical]  :: a bailiff: an appointee of the king administering certain districts of northern France in the medieval period
bailliage {m}  :: bailiwick
bain {m}  :: bath
bain de sang {m}  :: bloodbath
bain-marie {m} [cooking]  :: bain-marie (hot water bath made out of two containers)
baisable {adj} [slang, vulgar]  :: fuckable, sexually desirable
baisage {m} [vulgar]  :: fuck (act of copulation)
baise {f} [Belgium]  :: kiss
baise {f} [vulgar]  :: fuck, fucking (sexual intercourse)
baise-en-ville {m} [slang]  :: overnight bag
baisemain {m} [historical]  :: in feudalism, homage which the vassal used to give to the fief seigneur, by kissing his hand
baisemain {m}  :: polite manner to greet or leave a lady, by kissing her hand, hand-kissing
baise-main {m}  :: alternative form of baisemain
baisement {m}  :: kissing
baisement {m} [slang]  :: fucking
baisenville {m}  :: alternative form of baise-en-ville
baiser {m}  :: kiss
baiser {v} [dated, outside, Belgium and Canada]  :: to kiss
baiser {v} [vulgar slang]  :: to fuck, screw
baiser {v} [vulgar slang]  :: to be prevail over someone, fuck, screw
baiser {v} [vulgar slang]  :: to break, deteriorate
baiser comme un lapin {v} [idiomatic, vulgar, pejorative, chiefly of a man]  :: to have sex quickly, in a short space of time
baiseur {m} [dated]  :: kisser (one who kisses)
baiseur {m} [colloquial]  :: shagger
baiseuse {f}  :: feminine noun of baiseur
baisodrome {m} [slang]  :: bedroom, fuckpad
baisoter {v}  :: to smother with kisses; kiss to death
baisse {f}  :: drop; decrease
baissement {m}  :: lowering
baisser {v}  :: to lower
baisser {v}  :: to turn down (as a volume/setting)
baisser {v}  :: to go down, fall
baisser {v}  :: to fail
baisser {vr} [se baisser]  :: To lower oneself; to bend over
baisser le rideau {v}  :: to draw the curtains (closed)
baisser le rideau {v} [idiomatic]  :: To close down, close shop (end)
baisser les bras {v} [idiomatic]  :: to give up; to stop trying
baissier {m}  :: bear (investor who anticipates falling prices)
baissier {adj}  :: bearish (of a market)
baissière {f}  :: feminine singular of baissier
baissoir {m}  :: salt water tank
bajoue {f}  :: jowl
bajoyer {m}  :: A sturdy wall of a river or canal either next to a bridge or in a lock
bakchich {m}  :: baksheesh
baklava {m}  :: baklava
bakélite {f}  :: alternative form of Bakélite
Bakélite {f}  :: Bakelite
Bakou {prop} {m}  :: Baku (the capital of Azerbaijan)
bakouninien {adj}  :: Bakuninist
bal {m}  :: dance party, ball
béal {m} [southern France]  :: small irrigation canal
balade {f}  :: walk (trip made by walking)
balader {vi}  :: to stroll, walk around
balader {vt}  :: to give someone the runaround
balader {vr}  :: to go for a walk, to trail
baladeur {m}  :: walkman, personal stereo
baladeur {adj}  :: walking, rambling
baladeuse {f}  :: inspection lamp
baladin {m}  :: a wandering entertainer
baladin {m}  :: (figurative) a comedian, a person who behaves in a comical fashion to make others laugh
baladodiffusion {f}  :: podcasting
balafon {m} [musical instruments]  :: balafon
balafre {f}  :: gash (on face); scar
balafrer {v}  :: to scar (cause to have a scar, after injury)
balai {m}  :: broom
balai {m}  :: broomstick flown by witches
balai {m} [colloquial]  :: the last bus or train (at night)
balai {m}  :: tail (of a bird of prey)
balai {m}  :: brush (electrical contact)
balai {m}  :: blade (of windscreen wiper)
balai {m} [slang]  :: year (used in referring to someone’s age)
balai-brosse {m}  :: A broom that has short, stiff bristles
balalaïka {f}  :: balalaika (Russian instrument)
balance {f}  :: scales
balance {f} [chemistry, physics]  :: balance
balance {f} [economics, electricity, politics]  :: balance
balance {f} [fishing]  :: drop-net
balance {f} [slang]  :: informant, snitch
Balance {prop} {f}  :: Libra (constellation)
Balance {prop} {f} [astrology]  :: Libra (star sign)
balancelle {f}  :: porch swing, swing seat, balancelle
balancement {m}  :: rocking, swaying
balancement {m}  :: equilibrium, balance
balancer {vr}  :: to swing
balancer {vr}  :: to swing
balancer {v} [Quebec]  :: to balance
balancer {v} [France, slang]  :: to denounce, to rat ()
balancer {v} [colloquial]  :: to toss
balancer {v} [colloquial]  :: to throw away
balancier {m}  :: pendulum
balancier {m}  :: balance wheel
balancier {m}  :: beam
balancier {m}  :: balancing pole
balancier {m}  :: outrigger
balancine {f} [nautical]  :: topping lift
balandier {m}  :: synonym of baguenaudier
Balandier {prop}  :: surname
balane {f}  :: barnacle
balane {f} [literary]  :: glans penis
balanite {f} [pathology]  :: balanitis
balanite {m}  :: caltrop of genus Balanites
balanoglosse {m}  :: acorn worm of the genus Balanoglossus
balançoire {f}  :: swing (for children)
balançoire {f}  :: seesaw (for children)
baléare {adj}  :: Balearic
Baléare {mf}  :: Balearian
Baléares {prop} {fp}  :: Balearics
balata {m}  :: balata
balayage {m}  :: sweeping, sweep
balayage {m}  :: (radar) scanning, scan
balayer {v}  :: to sweep
balayer {v}  :: to sweep aside, brush aside
balayette {f}  :: Small broom or brush (used for sweeping), a whisk
balayeur {m}  :: sweeper (someone who sweeps)
balayeuse {f}  :: female street sweeper
balayeuse {f}  :: street sweeper (vehicle)
balayeuse {f} [Quebec]  :: hoover, vacuum cleaner
balayure {f}  :: sweepings (things swept up by a broom)
balboa {m}  :: balboa
balbusard {m}  :: osprey
balbutiant {adj}  :: stammering
balbutiement {m}  :: stammering; stammer
balbutier {v}  :: to stammer; to stutter
balbutieur {m}  :: stammerer; stutterer
balbutieuse {f}  :: feminine noun of balbutieur
balbuzard {m}  :: osprey
balcon {m}  :: balcony
balconnet {m}  :: small balcony
balconnet {m}  :: half-cup bra, balcony bra
baldaquin {m}  :: baldaquin, canopy
bale {f}  :: chaff (inedible casing of a grain seed)
baleiné {adj}  :: stiffened with whalebone
baleine {f}  :: whale (mammal)
baleine {f}  :: whalebone
baleine {f} [colloquial, offensive]  :: landwhale
baleineau {m}  :: a whale calf
baleine à bec {f}  :: beaked whale
baleine bleue {f}  :: the blue whale
baleine boréale {f}  :: bowhead whale
baleine à bosse {f}  :: humpback whale
baleine de Cuvier {f}  :: Cuvier's beaked whale
baleine de Minke {f}  :: Minke whale
baleine du Groenland {f}  :: bowhead whale
baleine à fanons {f}  :: baleen whale
baleine grise {f}  :: gray whale
baleine pilote {f}  :: pilot whale
baleine-pilote {f}  :: pilot whale
baleine pygmée {f}  :: pygmy right whale
baleiner {v}  :: To equip or stiffen (clothing, umbrella etc.) with whalebone
baleinier {adj} [attributive]  :: whale, whaling
baleinier {m}  :: whaler (boat)
baleinier {m}  :: whaler (person who hunts whales)
baleinière {f}  :: whaleboat (boat)
balestrille {f} [archaic, weapons]  :: crossbow, arbalest
balestron {m} [nautical]  :: sprit (type of spar)
balinais {adj}  :: Balinese, from or associated with Bali, its people or culture
balinais {adj}  :: in or relating to the Balinese language (see below)
balinais {m}  :: The Balinese language, of the Malay family
balinais {m}  :: An oriental breed of cats
Balinais {m}  :: A Balinese, member or descendant of the people of Bali
Balinaise {f}  :: feminine noun of Balinais
balisage {m}  :: mark; marking; tag
balise {f}  :: beacon (signal fire)
balise {f} [aeronautics]  :: beacon
balise {f} [computing]  :: tag (element of HTML code)
balise {f} [nautical]  :: buoy, seamark
baliser {v}  :: to mark with beacons
baliser {v}  :: to waymark, to signpost
baliser {v}  :: to prepare the ground
baliser {v} [computing]  :: to tag
baliseur {m}  :: buoy tender (boat)
baliseur {m}  :: buoy tender (person)
balisier {m}  :: saka siri, Indian shot (of species Canna indica)
balisier {m}  :: lobster-claw (or similar plant of the genus Heliconia)
baliste {f}  :: ballista
baliste {m}  :: clownfish
balistique {adj}  :: ballistic
balistique {f}  :: ballistics
balistiquement {adv}  :: ballistically
balistite {f}  :: ballistite
balivage {m}  :: staddling (marking of saplings to remain when thinning a forest)
baliveau {m}  :: staddle, sapling
baliver {vt} [forestry]  :: to staddle
baliverne {f} [colloquial]  :: trifle, nonsense
baliverner {v}  :: To talk nonsense
baliverner {v}  :: To mock
baliveur {m} [forestry]  :: someone who staddles trees
balkanique {adj}  :: Balkan (from the Balkans)
balkanisation {f}  :: Balkanisation
balkaniser {v}  :: to Balkanize
ballade {f}  :: ballade (lyric poem)
ballade {f}  :: ballad
Balladur {prop}  :: surname
Balladur {prop}  :: Édouard Balladur
balladurien {adj}  :: Relating to French politician Édouard Balladur
ballant {adj}  :: dangling
ballast {m} [nautical]  :: Heavy material that is placed in the hold of a ship (or in the gondola of a balloon), to provide stability
ballast {m}  :: Coarse gravel or similar material laid to form a bed for roads or railroads
ballastage {m}  :: ballasting
ballaster {v}  :: to ballast
ballastière {f}  :: ballast quarry
balle {f}  :: (small) ball
balle {f}  :: bullet
balle {f} [colloquial]  :: franc (French franc), euro
balle {f}  :: bundle of goods, packet tied and held together with string
balle {f}  :: chaff (inedible casing of a grain seed)
balle de break {f} [tennis]  :: break point
balle de match {f} [tennis]  :: match point
balle de set {f} [tennis]  :: set point
baller {v}  :: to dance with one's arms swinging
baller {v}  :: to swing or sway; to dangle
balle rapide {f} [baseball]  :: fastball
ballerine {f}  :: ballerina
ballet {m}  :: ballet
balletomane {mf}  :: balletomane
ballon {m}  :: (inflatable) ball
ballon {m}  :: beachball
ballon {m}  :: balloon
ballon {m} [chemistry]  :: round-bottom flask
ballon chasseur {m}  :: alternative form of ballon-chasseur
ballon-chasseur {m}  :: dodgeball, a sport/game
ballon d'essai {m}  :: ballon d'essai, trial balloon
ballon dirigeable {m}  :: blimp, airship
ballonnement {m} [surgery]  :: ballonnement
ballonner {v}  :: swell, swell up, bulge
ballonnet {m}  :: small ball
ballonnet {m}  :: small balloon
ballonnet {m}  :: ballonet
ballon rond {m}  :: football (soccer)
ballon-sonde {m}  :: weather balloon, sounding balloon
ballot {m}  :: bundle, package
ballotage {m}  :: ballotage
ballote {f}  :: horehound
balloter {v}  :: alternative form of ballotter
ballotin {m}  :: a small, elegant box, usually of cardboard, containing pralines (chocolate)
ballottage {m}  :: second ballot, runoff
ballottement {m}  :: rocking; tossing (of boat)
ballotter {vt}  :: to toss (around), to jolt
ballottine {f}  :: ballotine
ball-trap {m}  :: skeet, trap shooting
balluchon {m}  :: bundle (especially in a bag carried on a stick over the shoulder)
balme {f}  :: cavern or rock shelter
bal musette {m}  :: bal musette
balnéaire {adj}  :: bathing; seaside (attributively; used for bathing)
balnéation {f}  :: balneation
balnéothérapie {f}  :: balneotherapy
balocher {vi} [rare]  :: To move slowly through the streets in a carriage
baloter {v}  :: synonym of peloter
balourd {adj}  :: narrow-minded
balourd {adj}  :: awkward
balourd {adj}  :: clumsy; oafish
balourd {m}  :: dimwit, oaf
balourdise {f}  :: clumsiness
balourdise {f}  :: blunder
balsa {m}  :: balsa (tree, wood)
balsamier {m}  :: balsam plant
balsamine {f}  :: balsam (plant)
balsamique {adj}  :: balsamic
balte {adj}  :: Baltic
balthazar {m}  :: Balthazar (12 litre bottle of Champagne)
baltique {adj}  :: Baltic
Baltique {prop} {f}  :: Baltic
baluchon {m}  :: a bindle, a swag
balustrade {f}  :: balustrade
balustre {m}  :: balustrade
balustrer {v}  :: To decorate or surround with a balustrade
balèvre {f} [archaic]  :: lower lip
balèvre {f}  :: protrusion
balzac {m}  :: A particular French vine variety; the grape of this vine; the wine made from these grapes
Balzac {prop}  :: a town in France
Balzac {prop}  :: surname
Balzac {prop}  :: Honoré de Balzac, French writer
balzacien {adj}  :: Balzacian (of or pertaining to Honoré de Balzac or his writings)
balzan {adj}  :: (of a horse) Having white "socks"
balzane {f}  :: white "sock" or similar marking on the foot of a horse
balèze {adj}  :: hefty; sturdy
balèze {adj} [slang]  :: strong, powerful
balèze {adj} [slang]  :: difficult
Bamako {prop}  :: The capital city of Mali
bambara {m}  :: Bambara (language)
bambin {m}  :: toddler (young human child)
bambine {f}  :: feminine noun of bambin
bambochade {f} [art]  :: bambocciante (painter or painting)
bambochard {m}  :: reveler
bambocharde {f}  :: feminine singular of bambochard
bamboche {f}  :: A type of marionette
bamboche {f}  :: A small person
bamboche {f}  :: A knotty variety of bamboo
bamboche {f}  :: A spree or feast
bambocher {v}  :: To feast (celebrate enthusiastically)
bambocheur {m}  :: party animal
bambocheuse {f}  :: feminine noun of bambocheur
bambou {m}  :: bamboo [plant, cane]
bamboula {m}  :: bamboula (drum)
bamboula {m} [ethnic slur]  :: black African
bamboula {f}  :: bamboula (dance)
bambouseraie {f}  :: bamboo plantation
ban {m} [dated]  :: public declaration
ban {m} [dated]  :: announcement of a marriage
ban {m} [East of France, Belgium]  :: territory
ban {m}  :: ban [nobleman]
banal {adj}  :: banal; commonplace
banal {adj} [legal]  :: public
banal {adj} [historic]  :: relating to facilities owned by feudal lords
banalement {adv}  :: banally
banalisation {f}  :: trivialization
banaliser {v}  :: to banalise
banalité {f}  :: banality
banane {f}  :: banana (the fruit)
banane {f} [slang]  :: chopper, copter, whirlybird (a two-rotor helicopter)
banane {f}  :: bum bag [UK, Australia], fanny pack [US, Canada], moon bag [South Africa]
banane {f}  :: pompadour, quiff
banane {f} [slang]  :: idiot, fool
bananer {vr}  :: To make a mistake
bananeraie {f}  :: banana plantation
bananier {adj} [attributive]  :: banana
bananier {m}  :: any species of bananas pertaining to the genus Musa
bananier {m}  :: boat or ship used to transport bananas
banat {m}  :: banat
banc {m}  :: bench (seat)
banc {m}  :: bank (mass of material, of cloud, fog, etc)
banc {m}  :: bank, shoal, school (of fish)
bancable {adj}  :: bankable (certain to bring profit)
bancaire {adj}  :: bank, banking
bancal {adj}  :: bandy-legged (of person)
bancal {adj}  :: rickety, wobbly (of table etc.)
bancassurance {m}  :: a banking and insurance structure in which insurance is sold through the bank or the bank's distribution channels
banc de fidèle {m}  :: pew (long bench in a church)
banc de l'œuvre {m}  :: pew (enclosed compartment in a church)
banc de neige {m} [Quebec]  :: snow drift
banc de sable {m}  :: sandbank
banc de touche {m}  :: dugout (shelter)
banc d'église {m}  :: pew (long bench in a church)
banc d'œuvre {m}  :: churchwarden's pew
béance {f}  :: gap
banchage {m}  :: A tax or levy on market stalls
banche {f} [geology]  :: A bank of marl clay
banche {f}  :: formwork
bancher {v}  :: To construct formwork
bancher {v}  :: To pour concrete using formwork
banco {adj}  :: banco
bancomat {m} [Switzerland]  :: ATM
bancoulier {m}  :: candlenut (of species Aleurites moluccana)
bancroche {adj}  :: bandy-legged
bandé {adj} [heraldry]  :: bendy; made up of diagonal stripes
bandage {m}  :: bandage
bandagiste {mf}  :: A person who makes or sells bandages
bandaison {f} [slang]  :: boner, hard-on
bandant {adj} [slang]  :: sexy, thrilling, a turn-on
Bandar Seri Begawan {prop} {m}  :: Bandar Seri Begawan
bande {f}  :: band, strip
bande {f}  :: stripe
bande {f}  :: strip (e.g. magnetic strip)
bande {f} [billiards]  :: cushion
bande {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: bend
bande {f}  :: band, group, gang, troupe (of people, etc)
bande {f}  :: pack (of wolves)
bande {f}  :: (bande de) pack of, bunch of (used before epithets addressed to more than one person), you
bandeau {m}  :: headband, bandeau
bandeau {m}  :: bandage
bandeau {m}  :: blindfold
bande d'arrêt d'urgence {f}  :: hard shoulder
bande de Gaza {prop} {f}  :: Gaza Strip
Bande de Gaza {prop} {f}  :: alternative form of bande de Gaza
bande dessinée {f} [comics]  :: comic book, graphic novel
bandelette {f}  :: (small) bandage
bander {vt}  :: to bandage
bander {vt}  :: to flex, tighten the muscles, strain, tauten
bander {vi} [slang]  :: To have a hard-on
bander comme un cerf {v} [simile, vulgar, sexuality]  :: to have a large erection
bander comme un âne {v} [simile, vulgar, sexuality]  :: to have a large erection
bander comme un taureau {v} [simile, vulgar, sexuality]  :: to have a large erection
bander comme un Turc {v} [simile, vulgar, sexuality]  :: to have a large erection
banderille {f} [bullfighting]  :: banderilla
banderillero {m} [bullfighting]  :: banderillero
banderole {f}  :: banner
bande-son {f}  :: soundtrack
bande sonore {f}  :: soundtrack
bande-vidéo {f}  :: videotape
bandit {m}  :: bandit
banditisme {m}  :: banditry (acts characteristic of a bandit)
bandonéon {m} [musical instruments]  :: bandoneon
bandoulière {f}  :: shoulder strap
bandoulière {f}  :: bandolier
bang {interj}  :: bang
bang {m}  :: sonic boom
bang {m}  :: bong (marijuana pipe)
Bangkok {prop} {m}  :: Bangkok
bangladais {adj}  :: Bangladeshi
Bangladesh {prop} {m}  :: Bangladesh
banian {m}  :: banyan (tropical Indian fig tree)
banian {m}  :: banian (Indian trader)
banjo {m}  :: banjo
banjoïste {mf}  :: banjoist
banlieue {f}  :: suburb
banlieusard {adj}  :: suburban (relating to outskirts of a city)
banlieusard {m}  :: suburbs-dweller, commuter
banlon {m}  :: Ban-Lon
banne {f}  :: A tipcart
banne {f}  :: A small trolley used to transport coal
banne {f}  :: A large wicker basket (manne) commonly made of willow branches
banne {f}  :: coalman term, large wicker basket (manne) made of interlaced branches in which coal is transported
banne {f}  :: Big cloth or canvas for covering goods that are in boats on ro-ro carts, etc
banne {f} [navy, French]  :: Big stretched canvas on a boat for protection from the sun or rain
banne {f}  :: Big window blind or awning stretched canvas in front of a shop to protect the goods exhibited from the sun and rain
banne {f}  :: basket weaver term, large wicker trunk; the banette being a small wicker basket or small awning (definition of the w:Nouveau Larousse illustré from 1897)
banneret {m}  :: banneret (nobleman)
banneton {m}  :: keepnet
banneton {m}  :: banneton
bannette {f}  :: small willow basket
bannier {m}  :: town crier
bannir {v}  :: to banish
bannière {f}  :: banner; ensign, standard, flag
bannissement {m}  :: banishment
banque {f}  :: bank
banquer {v}  :: To fork out
banquer {v}  :: To pay the bill
banqueroute {f}  :: bankruptcy
banqueroutier {m}  :: bankrupt person
banqueroutier {adj}  :: bankrupt
banquet {m}  :: banquet
banqueter {v}  :: To banquet, feast
banqueteur {m}  :: banqueter, feaster (guest at a banquet)
banqueteuse {f}  :: feminine singular of banqueteur
banquette {f}  :: seat
banquette de tir {f} [military, chiefly historical]  :: fire step, firing platform
banquier {m}  :: banker
banquière {f}  :: feminine noun of banquier
banquise {f} [geography]  :: pack ice, ice floe; ice field
banquiste {m}  :: traveling showman
banquiste {m}  :: charlatan
béant {adj}  :: gaping
bantou {adj}  :: Bantu
Bantou {m}  :: Bantu
banzaï {interj}  :: banzai (a Japanese interjection of victory)
baobab {m}  :: baobab
baïonnette {f}  :: bayonet
baptiser {v}  :: to baptise
baptiser {v}  :: to christen
baptismal {adj}  :: baptismal
baptisme {m}  :: baptism
baptistaire {adj}  :: baptismal
baptistaire {m}  :: baptismal certificate (or entry in a baptismal register)
baptiste {m}  :: baptist
Baptiste {prop}  :: given name from the epithet of John the Baptist (Jean-Baptiste)
baptistère {m}  :: baptistry
baptistère {adj}  :: baptismal (of a register or certificate)
baptême {m}  :: baptism
baptême {m}  :: christening
baptême {m} [Belgium]  :: hazing
baptême {interj} [Quebec]  :: A mild curse word
baptême du feu {m}  :: baptism of fire
baquet {m}  :: (small) tub; pot
baquet {m}  :: washtub, washbasin
baquet {m}  :: pail (of water)
baquet {m}  :: paintpot
baquet {m}  :: bucket seat (of sports car)
baqueter {v}  :: To bale (remove water in buckets etc)
baqueter {v}  :: To water (a garden, using buckets etc)
bar {m}  :: A bar (establishment)
bar {m}  :: A bar (counter)
bar {m}  :: A bass (fish)
Bar. {m} [music]  :: Bar. (baritone horn, euphonium)
baraban {m}  :: dandelion
Barachie {prop}  :: Barachiah
baragouin {m}  :: gibberish (unintelligible speech or writing)
baragouinage {m}  :: gibbering
baragouinage {m}  :: gibberish
baragouiner {v}  :: to gibber, jabber, garble, muddle one's words
baragouiner {v}  :: to speak (a language) badly
baragouineur {m}  :: gibberer
baragouineuse {f}  :: feminine singular of baragouineur
baraka {f}  :: barakah
baraka {f}  :: benediction
baraka {f}  :: chance, fate
baraki {m} [Belgium]  :: showman (fairground worker)
baraki {m} [Belgium]  :: gypsy (caravan dweller)
baraki {m} [Belgium, pejorative]  :: A poorly educated individual, usually a dirty one with poor clothing tastes; a chav
baïram {m} [Islam]  :: bairam
baraqué {adj}  :: hefty, well-built
baraque {f}  :: shack, hut
baraque {f}  :: stall, stand
baraque {f} [colloquial]  :: pad, crib (house)
baraquement {m}  :: barracking (of troops)
baraquement {m} [chiefly in the plural]  :: barracks
baraquer {v}  :: To billet (troops)
baraterie {f} [maritime]  :: embezzlement by the captain of a watercraft
baratin {m}  :: small talk
baratin {m}  :: bullshit
baratiner {vt}  :: to chat up, sweet-talk (engage in small talk in order to seduce or convince)
baratiner {vi}  :: to bullshit
baratineur {adj}  :: smooth-talking, fast-talking
barattage {m}  :: churning
baratte {f}  :: churn
baratter {v}  :: to churn (agitate rapidly)
barbacane {f}  :: barbican
barbacane {f}  :: buttress
Barbade {prop} {f}  :: Barbados
barbadien {adj}  :: Barbadian (of or pertaining to Barbados or its people or culture)
Barbadien {m}  :: Barbadian
Barbadienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Barbadien
barbagiuan {m}  :: alt form barbajuan
barbajuan {m}  :: An appetizer originating from Monaco: a fritter stuffed with Swiss chard and ricotta
barbant {adj} [colloquial]  :: boring
barbaque {f} [France, slang]  :: meat
Barbara {prop}  :: given name, cognate to English Barbara
barbare {adj}  :: barbarian (uncivilized)
barbare {adj}  :: Berber
barbarement {adv}  :: barbarically
barbaresque {adj}  :: Barbary (attributive)
barbaresque {m}  :: Barbary pirate
barbarie {f} [countable and uncountable]  :: barbarity
Barbarie {prop} {f}  :: Barbary
barbarisme {m}  :: barbarism
barbarouffement {m}  :: the cry of a manatee or dugong
barbarouffer {v} [of a manatee or dugong]  :: to give out a call
barbe {f}  :: beard
barbe {f}  :: longer hair growing on the chin or face of some animals
barbe {f}  :: barbel, whisker-like sensory organs, located around the mouth of certain fish, including catfish, carp, goatfish, sturgeon
barbe {f}  :: (feather) barb
barbe {f} [botany]  :: barb, hair or bristle
barbe {f} [colloquial]  :: a boring thing
barbe {adj}  :: (horse) Barbary
barbe {m}  :: Barbary horse
Barbe {prop} {f}  :: given name, equivalent to English Barbara as a saint's name. Usual given name form: Barbara
barbeau {m}  :: barbel (fish)
barbeau {m}  :: cornflower (plant)
Barbeau {prop}  :: surname
barbecue {m}  :: barbecue
barbe de trois jours {f}  :: stubble (short, coarse hair on the face)
barbelé {adj}  :: barbed (wire)
barbelé {m}  :: barbed wire
barbeler {v}  :: to surround with barbed wire
barbelure {f}  :: barb
barbe à papa {f}  :: fairy floss [Australia], cotton candy [US, Canada], candy floss [UK]
barber {v} [familiar]  :: to bore someone
barbet {m}  :: barbet (all senses)
barbette {f} [obsolete]  :: small beard
barbette {f} [archaic]  :: cowl
barbette {f} [fortifications]  :: barbette
barbiche {f}  :: goatee
barbichette {f}  :: (small) goatee
barbier {m}  :: barber
barbifier {v}  :: to shave (someone's) beard, to barb
barbifier {v}  :: to bore to death
barbillon {m}  :: young barbel
barbital {m}  :: barbital
barbiturique {f}  :: barbiturate
barbiturique {adj}  :: barbituric
barbiturisme {m}  :: barbiturism
barbon {m}  :: greybeard (old man)
barbon {m}  :: broomsedge (of genus Andropogon)
barbotage {m}  :: splashing
barbotage {m}  :: a mixture of bran and water used to feed animals
barbote {f}  :: bullhead (or similar fish)
barboter {v}  :: to splash
barboter {v} [colloquial]  :: To nick, to pinch (to steal)
barboteur {m}  :: splasher
barboteur {m}  :: fermentation lock (masculine only)
barboteur {m}  :: dabbling duck
barboteuse {f}  :: rompers
barbotin {m}  :: sprocket
barbotine {f}  :: a slushie
barbotière {f}  :: duckpond
barbotte {f}  :: alternative form of barbote
barbouillé {adj}  :: having an upset stomach
barbouillage {m}  :: scribble, scribbling
barbouiller {v}  :: to daub
barbouiller {v}  :: to scribble
barbouiller {v}  :: to mark, stain, dirty
barbouiller {v}  :: to blabber
barbouilleur {m}  :: dauber (poor painter)
barbouilleuse {f}  :: feminine noun of barbouilleur
barbouze {mf}  :: (because of the fake beard often worn to hide his face) agent of a paramilitary force
barbouze {mf}  :: secret agent
barbouzerie {f}  :: secret service (or one of its actions)
barbouzet {m}  :: meadow salsify
barbu {adj}  :: bearded (possessing a beard)
barbue {f}  :: brill
barbue {f} [Louisiana]  :: catfish
barbule {f}  :: barbule (or any similar form)
barcarolle {f}  :: barcarolle
barcasse {f} [nautical]  :: longboat
barcelonais {adj} [attributive]  :: Barcelona
Barcelone {prop} {f}  :: Barcelona
barcelonnette {f}  :: crib (child's rocking bed)
Barcelonnette {prop}  :: A small alpine town in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence department
bard {m}  :: A sort of stretcher, with no wheels, used for transporting materials
bard {m}  :: A sawhorse
Bard {prop}  :: surname
barda {m} [Quebec, slang]  :: mess, jumble
bardache {m} [dated]  :: a berdache; a third-gender Native (North) American
bardache {m} [obsolete]  :: a passive homosexual
bardage {m}  :: cladding
bardane {f}  :: burdock (any of the species of biennial thistles in the genus Arctium)
bardasser {v}  :: [Quebec, slang] To raise a ruckus; causing disturbance; to cause one to be shaken, awed, surprised. Generally seen as a positive qualifier
barde {f}  :: horse-armour, also a long saddle for an ass or mule of canvas, pack-saddle; also bardelle
barde {f}  :: a thin layer of lard used to coat meat
barde {m}  :: bard (poet and singer)
bardeau {m}  :: clapboard, roof tile
bardeau {m} [chiefly in the plural]  :: shingles
barder {v} [cooking]  :: To bard
barder {v} [architecture]  :: To clad (add cladding to a wall)
barder {v} [archaic]  :: To transport wood onto a boat
barder {v} [impersonal]  :: kick off; (used to express that trouble occurs)
bardot {m}  :: hinny (offspring of a male horse and a female donkey)
barge {adj} [slang, verlan]  :: nuts, bananas (crazy)
barge {f}  :: barge (boat)
barge {f}  :: godwit
barège {m} [textiles]  :: barège
barguignage {m}  :: hesitation
barguignage {m}  :: bargaining, haggling
barguigner {v}  :: to hesitate, being unable to make a decision
barguigner {v} [Canada]  :: to bargain, to haggle
barigoule {f}  :: Lactarius deliciosus, the saffron milk-cap mushroom
baril {m}  :: barrel (volume used to measure petroleum and similar products)
barillet {m}  :: small barrel
barillet {m}  :: cylinder, barrel (of a gun)
barine {m} [historical]  :: boyar
bariolé {adj}  :: garish
bariolé {adj}  :: rainbow-coloured
bariolé {adj}  :: pied, motley
bariolage {m}  :: A strange medley of colours
barioler {v}  :: to garishly colour
bariolure {f}  :: fleck
barje {adj}  :: apocopic form of barjot
barjot {adj} [slang]  :: bonkers, nuts
barkhane {f}  :: barchan (arc-shaped sand ridge)
bar laitier {m}  :: ice cream parlour
barlong {adj}  :: oblong
barlotière {f}  :: bar in a sash window
barmaid {f}  :: barmaid
barman {m}  :: barman, bartender
barème {m}  :: scale (used to assess magnitude)
barn {m} [physics]  :: barn (unit)
Béarn {prop} {m}  :: The Béarn region in the French Pyrenees
Barnabé {prop} {m}  :: given name, equivalent to Barnaby or Barnabas
barnabite {m}  :: Barnabite
béarnais {adj}  :: From or relating to the southern French region Béarn, in the Pyrenees
béarnais {m}  :: The southern French dialect of the above Béarn region, a form of gascon
Béarnais {mf}  :: An inhabitant or descendant of the population of the Béarn region in the French Pyrenees
béarnaise {f} [by ellipsis]  :: béarnaise sauce
Barnier {prop}  :: surname
barochorie {f} [biology]  :: barochory
barographe {m}  :: barograph
barographique {adj}  :: barographic
barologie {f}  :: barology
baromètre {m} [meteorology]  :: barometer
barométrique {adj}  :: barometric
barométrographe {m} [meteorology]  :: barometrograph
baron {m} [dated]  :: baron, lord, noble landowner
baronnage {m}  :: baronage (all senses)
baronne {f}  :: baroness
baronnet {m}  :: baronet
baronnie {f}  :: barony
baroque {adj}  :: baroque (all senses)
baroquisme {m}  :: A tendency to favour/use the baroque style
barosanème {m} [meteorology]  :: anemometer
baroscope {m}  :: baroscope
barotraumatisme {m}  :: barotrauma
baroud {m}  :: combat (especially ritual combat)
baroud d'honneur {m}  :: last stand; valiant final fight
barouder {v}  :: To combat, battle
baroudeur {m}  :: fighter
baroudeur {m}  :: adventurer, globetrotter
barouf {m}  :: alternative form of baroufle
baroufle {m}  :: bustle, tumult
barque {f}  :: small boat
barquette {f}  :: A small boat
barquette {f}  :: punnet, small box, small tub, small tub
barquette {f}  :: painted comber, Serranus scriba
barquette {f} [motoring]  :: prototype
barquette {f}  :: A stretcher
barquette {f}  :: barquette (kind of filled pastry)
barré {adj}  :: barred
barré {adj} [heraldry]  :: bendy sinister; made up of diagonal stripes
Barré {prop}  :: surname
barracuda {m}  :: barracuda
barrage {m}  :: dam, barrage
barrage {m}  :: barrier, roadblock
barre {f}  :: bar, cake, ingot
barre {f} [typography]  :: clipping of barre oblique: the slash markUser:Matthias Buchmeier/fr-en-b/
barre {f} [typography]  :: clipping of barre de fraction: the fraction slash
barre {f} [typography]  :: clipping of barre inscrite: the bar diacritics̵⟩, ⟨̶⟩, ⟨̷⟩, and ⟨̸
barre {f} [typography]  :: clipping of barre verticale: the pipe mark[[Unsupported titles/Vertical line ]]
barre {f} [typography, improper]  :: clipping of barre oblique inversée: the backslash\
barre {f} [nautical]  :: helm, tiller
barre {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: bend sinister
barreau {m}  :: bar (metal bar (of a prison, cage etc.))
barreau {m} [legal]  :: bar (place where the participants in a trial stand)
barreau {m} [legal]  :: bar (profession of lawyers)
barreau {m}  :: rung (of ladder)
barre de fraction {f} [typography, mathematics]  :: the fraction bar; the fraction slash
barre de recherche {f} [computing]  :: search box, search bar, search field
barre d'outils {f} [computing]  :: toolbar
barre fixe {f} [gymnastics]  :: horizontal bar
barre inscrite {f} [typography]  :: the bar diacritics̵⟩, ⟨̶⟩, ⟨̷⟩, and ⟨̸
barrel {m}  :: alternative form of baril
barrement {m}  :: crossing (pair of parallel lines printed on a cheque)
barre oblique {f} [typography]  :: the slash markUser:Matthias Buchmeier/fr-en-b/
barre oblique inverse {f}  :: backslash (\)
barre oblique inversée {f} [typography]  :: the backslash\
barrer {v}  :: to bar, bar up (to lock or bolt with a bar)
barrer {v}  :: to bar off
barrer {v}  :: to cross out, strike out (put written lines through written text, to show it is erroneous)
barrer {vp} [colloquial]  :: to do one, to clear off; to leave
barrer {v} [Canada, Louisiana]  :: to lock
barre russe {f}  :: Russian bar
barres asymétriques {fp} [plurale tantum, gymnastics]  :: uneven bars
barres parallèles {fp} [plurale tantum, gymnastics]  :: parallel bars
barre transversale {f} [sports]  :: crossbar (the top of the goal structure)
barrette {f}  :: small bar
barrette {f}  :: barrette (US), (hair) slide (UK)
barrette {f}  :: brooch
barrette {f}  :: bar (of medal)
barrette {f} [colloquial]  :: bar/slab of hash
barrette {f} [religion]  :: biretta
Barrette {prop}  :: surname
barreur {m} [nautical]  :: helmsman
barreur {m} [rowing]  :: cox
barreuse {f}  :: feminine singular of barreur
barre verticale {f} [typography]  :: the pipe mark[[Unsupported titles/Vertical line ]]
barricader {v}  :: to barricade
Barrilleaux {prop}  :: surname
barrique {f}  :: barrel, cask
barrique {f} [figuratively, pejorative]  :: fatty, fatso
barrir {v}  :: to trumpet (to make the sound of an elephant's cry)
barrière {f}  :: barrier
barrière {f} [Louisiana]  :: fence
barrissement {m}  :: trumpet (the sound of an elephant)
barrot {m} [nautical]  :: beam (crosspiece)
barsac {m}  :: Barsac (wine)
bar-tabac {m}  :: A bar (or cafe) that has a licence to sell tobacco
bartavelle {f}  :: rock partridge (of species Alectoris graeca)
baréter {v}  :: to trumpet (make the cry of an elephant)
baréter {v}  :: to moan, groan
Barthélemy {prop} {m}  :: Bartholomew (Biblical figure)
Barthélemy {prop} {m}  :: given name
Bartimée {prop}  :: Bartimaeus
Baruch {prop} {m}  :: Baruch (biblical figure)
barycentre {m}  :: barycenter
barycentrique {adj}  :: barycentric
barye {f} [physics]  :: barye
barymétrie {f}  :: barymetry
barymétrique {adj}  :: barymetric
baryogénèse {f} [physics]  :: baryogenesis
baryon {m} [particle]  :: baryon
baryonique {adj}  :: baryonic
barysphère {f}  :: barysphere
baryte {m}  :: baryte
barytine {f} [mineral]  :: baryte
baryton {m}  :: baritone
baryton {m}  :: baryton
baryum {m}  :: barium
barzoï {m}  :: a borzoi
bas {adj}  :: low
bas {adj}  :: bass
bas {adv}  :: low
bas {m}  :: lower end; bottom, foot
bas {m}  :: stocking
Basabürü {prop}  :: The vernacular name, meaning the 'wild edge', for the upper basin of the Saison River, as opposed to the Pettarra (French Basque Country)
basal {adj}  :: basal
basale {f}  :: basement membrane
basaliome {f}  :: basalioma
basalte {m} [geology]  :: basalt (hard rock)
basaltique {adj}  :: basaltic
basané {adj}  :: swarthy, dark-skinned
basaner {vt}  :: to tan (brown the skin)
bas autofixant {m}  :: hold-up stocking, hold-ups (UK), thigh-highs (US)
bas-bleu {m}  :: bluestocking
Bas-Canada {prop} {m} [historical]  ::  Lower Canada
bascophone {adj}  :: Basque-speaking
bas couture {m}  :: seamed stocking
bas-côté {m} [architecture]  :: aisle (in a church)
bas-côté {m}  :: central reservation, median (in a road)
basculement {m}  :: the act or result of toppling or falling
basculement {m}  :: transfer, transition
basculement {m} [computing]  :: failover
basculer {vi}  :: to topple, to tip over
basculer {vi}  :: to sway from side to side
basculer {vi} [figuratively, of a life or situation]  :: to fall apart, to turn upsidedown
basculer {vt}  :: to transfer (e.g. a call)
basculer {vt}  :: to tip over, to tip up
basculer {v} [sur, .computing]  :: to fail over
basculeur {adj}  :: rocking
base {f}  :: base (bottom part of something)
base {f}  :: base (safe place)
base {f}  :: base, basis (fundamental belief)
base {f} [chemistry]  :: base
baseball {m}  :: alternative spelling of base-ball
base-ball {m}  :: baseball (ball game)
baseballeur {m} [chiefly Quebec, colloquial]  :: baseball player
baseballeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of baseballeur
base de données {f}  :: database
base de données relationnelle {f}  :: relational database
baselle {f}  :: vine spinach (of species Basella alba)
baser {v}  :: to base (have as its foundation or starting point)
base-sur-balles {m} [baseball, Quebec]  :: a walk
bas-fond {m} [dated]  :: shallow area of the sea
bas-fond {m}  :: lowland
bas-fond {m} [in the plural]  :: sidestreet (seedy area of a town)
bas-fond {m} [in the plural]  :: marginal (person who lives outside normal society)
basicité {f} [chemistry]  :: basicity
baside {f}  :: basidium
basidiomycète {m}  :: basidiomycete
basilaire {adj}  :: Relating to the base; basal
Basile {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Basil
basilecte {m} [linguistics]  :: basilect
basilic {m}  :: basilisk (lizard, mythological serpent)
basilic {m}  :: basil (plant, herb)
basilic {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: basilisk
basilical {adj}  :: basilican
Basilicate {prop}  :: Basilicata
basilique {f} [Antiquity]  :: covered building, Civil reunion place open to the public
basilique {f} [Christianity]  :: place of Christian prayer, consecrated by decision from the Vatican
basin {m} [textiles, historical]  :: bombasine
basionyme {m} [taxonomy]  :: basionym
basique {adj}  :: basic (chemistry: of a base)
basique {adj}  :: basic (elementary)
basiquement {adv}  :: basically
bas à jour {m} [historical]  :: openwork stocking(s), open-worked stocking(s)
basket {m}  :: basketball
basket {f} [Europe, especially in plural]  :: sneaker, trainer [UK]
basketball {m}  :: alternative form of basket-ball
basket-ball {m}  :: basketball (the sport)
basketteur {m}  :: basketball player (person who plays basketball)
basketteuse {f}  :: feminine noun of basketteur
bas-latin {m}  :: Low Latin
bas-mât {m} [nautical]  :: lower-mast (when it is multiple sections)
basocellulaire {adj}  :: basocellular
basoche {f}  :: basoche
basophile {adj}  :: basophilic
basophile {m} [cytology]  :: basophil (cell)
basquais {adj}  :: Basque (style)
basque {f}  :: skirt, skirts (of a jacket, morning coat etc.); basque (of waistcoat)
basque {m}  :: Basque (language)
basque {adj}  :: Basque
Basque {mf}  :: Basque (person of either gender)
basquine {f}  :: A sort of basque petticoat
bas relief {m}  :: bas relief
bas-relief {m} [art]  :: bas relief
Bas-Rhin {prop} {m}  :: Bas-Rhin
bas résille {m}  :: fishnet stocking
basse {f} [music]  :: bass (the lower melody)
basse {f} [music]  :: bass (a singer of the bass melodies)
basse {f} [music]  :: bass (the musical instrument)
basse {f}  :: acoustic guitar
basse-cour {f} [historical]  :: inner courtyard
basse-cour {f}  :: barnyard
basse-cour {f}  :: poultry
bassement {adv}  :: basely
Basse-Saxe {prop}  :: Lower Saxony (state)
bassesse {f}  :: baseness, lowness
bassesse {f}  :: something trivial
bassesse {f} [pejorative]  :: quality of being of low, unnoble birth
basset {m}  :: basset hound
basse-taille {f} [obsolete]  :: bas-relief
basse-taille {f} [music]  :: bass (voice)
Basse-Terre {prop}  :: Basse-Terre, the capital city of Guadeloupe, an overseas region and département of France located in the Lesser Antilles
Basse-Terre {prop}  :: The western-half of the island of Guadeloupe
bassin {m}  :: pond, ornamental lake, basin
bassin {m}  :: bowl, bedpan
bassin {m} [geography, geology]  :: basin
bassin {m} [anatomy]  :: pelvis
bassin {m} [nautical]  :: dock
bassinage {m}  :: light watering (gardening)
bassinage {m}  :: softening of dough by sprinkling with water
bassine {f}  :: bowl
bassine {f}  :: bowlful
bassiner {vt}  :: to bathe with a warm liquid
bassiner {vt}  :: to drizzle
bassiner {vt}  :: to bore
bassiner {vt}  :: to pester or annoy
bassiner {vt}  :: to warm a bed with a bassinoire
bassinet {m}  :: bassinet (all senses)
bassinoire {f}  :: warming pan
bassin versant {m}  :: catchment basin
bassiste {mf} [music]  :: bassist (one who plays the bass guitar)
basson {m}  :: bassoon (musical instrument in the woodwind family)
Bassorah {prop}  :: Basra
bassorine {f}  :: bassorin
bastaing {m}  :: alternative form of basting
baste {m}  :: ace of clubs
baste {f}  :: basque (clothing)
basterne {m}  :: mule cart
Bastia {prop}  :: Bastia
bastiais {adj}  :: Of or from Bastia
bastide {f}  :: mansion in Provence
bastide {f}  :: new town built in medieval Languedoc, Gascony and Aquitaine during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries
bastidon {m}  :: A small house, typical of Provence
Bastien {prop}  :: given name, short for Sébastien, cognate to German Bastian
Bastien {prop}  :: surname
bastille {f}  :: fortress
Bastille {prop} {f}  :: Bastille
bastiment {m}  :: archaic spelling of bâtiment
basting {m}  :: A joist used to carry other planks of wood
bastingage {m} [nautical]  :: rail
bastion {m}  :: bastion
bastion {m}  :: stronghold
bastionné {adj}  :: bastioned
bastionner {v}  :: To bulwark
baston {f} [colloquial]  :: scrap, fight
bastonnade {f}  :: caning, any beating with a stick
bastonnade {f}  :: specifically, falaka (oriental beating of the soles of the feet)
bastonner {v}  :: To cane; to beat with a stick
bastonner {v}  :: To pummel
bastos {f} [slang]  :: bullet; projectile of a firearm
bastringue {m}  :: dance hall
bastringue {m}  :: din, racket, noise
bas-ventre {m}  :: groin
bas-ventre {m}  :: lower abdomen
béat {adj}  :: blissful
béat {adj}  :: in awe
bataclan {m}  :: embarrassing things
bataclan {m}  :: noises
bataille {f}  :: battle
bataille {f}  :: war (a card game)
bataille d'eau {f}  :: water fight
batailler {v}  :: to battle
batailleur {m}  :: fighter
batailleur {adj}  :: pugnacious, quarrelsome, truculent
bataillon {m}  :: battalion
batara luisant {m}  :: glossy antshrike (a passerine bird of the antbird family)
batardeau {m}  :: batardeau
batave {adj}  :: Batavian
batave {adj}  :: Dutch (from the Netherlands)
Batave {mf}  :: Batavian
Batave {mf}  :: Dutchman; Hollander
batavia {f}  :: Batavia lettuce
batavique {adj}  :: Dutch (from the Netherlands)
batayole {f}  :: The upright of a railing (or the boss at the top of such an upright)
batée {m}  :: pan (used in gold panning)
bateau {m}  :: boat
bateau-feu {m} [nautical]  :: lightship, lightvessel
bateau-lavoir {m}  :: A boat, moored on a riverbank, that functions as a laundry
bateau-mouche {m} [nautical]  :: A tourist sightseeing-boat, used especially in Paris
bateau-phare {m} [nautical]  :: lightship, lightvessel
bateau pilote {m} [nautical]  :: pilot boat
bateau-pilote {m}  :: alternative form of bateau pilote
batelage {m}  :: boating, sailing, pilotage (driving a boat)
batelage {m}  :: conjuring
batelage {m}  :: juggling
batelée {f}  :: boatload (a large quantity)
bateler {v}  :: To conjure (do magic tricks)
bateler {v}  :: To juggle
batelet {m} [nautical]  :: A small boat
bateleur {m}  :: tumbler, juggler; acrobat
bateleur {m}  :: buffoon
batelier {m}  :: riverboatman
batelière {f}  :: feminine singular of batelier
batellerie {f} [nautical]  :: transport (of goods) via inland waterways
béatement {adv}  :: blissfully
bat-flanc {m}  :: partition
bat-flanc {m}  :: bunk
bath {m}  :: English high quality letter paper popular in the 19th century
bath {adj}  :: Super, great, smashing; beautiful, fine, good, pleasant
bathyal {adj}  :: bathyal
bathymétrie {f}  :: bathymetry
bathymétrique {adj}  :: bathymetric
bathypélagique {adj}  :: bathypelagic
bathyscaphe {m}  :: Bathyscaphe
bathysphère {f}  :: bathysphere
béatification {f}  :: beatification
béatifier {v}  :: to beatify
béatifique {adj}  :: beatific
batifolage {m}  :: frolic; frolicking
batifoler {vi}  :: to frolic
batik {m}  :: batik
batiste {f}  :: cambric
béatitude {f}  :: bliss, beatitude
batoude {f}  :: trampoline
batracien {m}  :: batrachian; amphibian
batracien {adj}  :: batrachian
batral {m} [nautical, military]  :: bâtiment de transport léger - a military sea transport, light ferry transport
BATRAL {m} [nautical, military]  :: acronym of bâtiment de transport léger: landing ship, military sea transport, light transport ferry
Béatrice {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Beatrice
battable {adj}  :: beatable (able to be beaten)
battage {m}  :: hype, publicity
battant {adj}  :: beating
battant {m}  :: a leaf (of a door or a window)
battant {m}  :: a leaf (of a foldable table or a counter)
battant {m}  :: a fighter, a go-getter (someone who shoots for success despite obstacles)
batte {f}  :: a bat (as in baseball bat)
battée {f}  :: pan (used in gold prospecting)
battellement {m}  :: A gutter, typically on a roof, consisting of a double set of tiles
battement {m}  :: beating; hitting
batter {v} [sports]  :: to bat
batterie {f} [military]  :: battery
batterie {f} [music]  :: percussion, drum kit, battery/batterie
batterie {f}  :: battery (electricity storing device)
batterie {f} [dance]  :: batterie
batterie {f} [agriculture]  :: battery
batteur {m} [baseball]  :: batter
batteur {m} [music]  :: drummer, percussionist
batteuse {f} [agriculture]  :: threshing machine, thresher
batteuse {f} [music, rare]  :: A female drummer
battoir {m}  :: beater; carpet beater
battologie {f}  :: battology
battre {v}  :: to beat; to defeat
battre {v}  :: to beat up
battre {vp}  :: to fight
battre {v} [cooking]  :: to whisk or whip (eggs)
battre {v} [agriculture]  :: to thresh
battre {v} [cards]  :: to shuffle
battre de l'aile {v} [idiomatic]  :: to go into decline, to wane (be in difficulty); to be on the rocks, on the skids
battre en brèche {v} [idiomatic, of heavy artillery]  :: to reduce to rubble, to give a pounding
battre en brèche {v} [idiomatic, figuratively]  :: to tackle (an urgent issue), to strike at the heart of (a problem)
battu {adj}  :: beaten
battue {f}  :: battue; the beating of bushes to force out the game
batture {f}  :: A mixture of wax, linseed oil and turpentine used in bookbinding; the process of applying this mixture
batture {f}  :: batture
batture {f}  :: foreshore
bau {m} [nautical]  :: crossbeam
baud {m}  :: A type of hunting dog
baud {m}  :: baud
Baudelaire {prop}  :: surname
Baudelaire {prop}  :: Charles Baudelaire, French writer
baudelairien {adj}  :: Baudelairean (of or pertaining to Charles Baudelaire or his works)
baudet {m}  :: ass (donkey)
baudet {m}  :: ass; ignoramus (idiot)
Baudier {prop}  :: surname
Baudouin {prop}  :: given name, cognate to English Baldwin and Dutch Boudewijn
baudremoine {f}  :: baldmoney, spignel
baudrier {m}  :: baldrick
baudrier {m}  :: climbing harness
baudrier {m} [dated]  :: cowhide used for sneakers
Baudrillard {prop}  :: surname
baudroie {f}  :: anglerfish (of genus Histrio)
baudroie {f}  :: monkfish (of genus Lophius)
baudroie {f}  :: goosefish (of genus Lophiodes)
baudroyeur {m} [obsolete]  :: currier
baudruche {f}  :: (toy) balloon
baudruche {f} [colloquial]  :: windbag
Bauer {prop}  :: surname
bauge {f}  :: cob (for walls)
bauge {f}  :: wallow (for pig, boar etc.)
bauger {v}  :: To wallow
baugue {f}  :: A mixture of marine plants found on the Mediterranean shore
bauhinia {f}  :: bauhinia
Baumé {prop}  :: A French family name
baume {m}  :: balm
baume {m}  :: balsam
baumier {m}  :: balsam tree (of species Dacryodes macrophylla)
bauquière {f} [nautical]  :: beamshelf
bauxite {f}  :: bauxite
bavard {adj}  :: chatty
bavard {m}  :: chatterbox (chatty person)
bavardage {m}  :: chatter, natter, banter (insignificant talk)
bavard comme une pie {adj} [simile]  :: Who never stop talking, especially gossipping; very talkative or chatty
bavarder {vi}  :: to chat
bavarder {vt} [obsolete]  :: To have a lengthy talk about something
bavardeur {m}  :: talker; chatterer; gossip
bavardeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of bavardeur
bavardocher {vi} [colloquial, pejorative]  :: to chat, gossip
bavarois {adj}  :: Bavarian
bavarois {m}  :: Bavarian (dialect)
bavarois {m}  :: bavarois (dessert)
Bavarois {m}  :: Bavarian (male person from Bavaria)
Bavaroise {f}  :: Bavarian (female person from Bavaria)
bavasser {v}  :: to waffle, natter
bave {f}  :: spittle, drool, dribble, slobber
baver {v}  :: to drool, to slobber
baver {v} [of a pen, etc.]  :: to leak
bavette {f}  :: bib
bavette {f}  :: bavette (beef flank steak)
baveur {m} [colloquial]  :: dribbler (one who dribbles saliva)
baveur {adj} [colloquial]  :: dribbling
baveuse {f}  :: feminine noun of baveur
baveux {adj}  :: wet; drooling; dripping
baveux {adj} [Canada, colloquial]  :: arrogant and cheeky against authority; cocky
bavière {f}  :: bevor
Bavière {prop} {f}  :: Bavaria (region of Germany)
bavocher {vi}  :: To be etched
bavoir {m}  :: bib (of a baby)
bavolet {m}  :: sill
bavolet {m}  :: mudflap
bavure {f}  :: smudge, blemish, smear
bavure {f} [figuratively]  :: mistake, blunder
bayadère {f}  :: bayadère, dancing-girl
bayadère {adj}  :: having colourful stripes
bayard {m}  :: A solid type of stretcher for carrying heavy loads
bayart {m}  :: A solid type of stretcher, for carrying heavy loads
bayer {v} [archaic]  :: to have one's mouth wide open, to gape
Bayonne {prop}  :: A city and commune of southwest France
bayonnette {f}  :: alternative form of baïonnette
bayou {m}  :: a stagnant body of water left behind by the meandering of the Mississippi River in Louisiana or elsewhere; a bayou
bayram {m}  :: alternative form of baïram
bayésianisme {m}  :: Bayesianism
bayésien {adj}  :: Bayesian
bazar {m}  :: bazaar
bazar {m}  :: junk, things
bazar {m} [colloquial]  :: jumble
bazarder {vt} [France]  :: to sell or sell off
bazarder {vt} [France]  :: to chuck out
Bazin {prop}  :: surname
bazoche {f}  :: alternative form of basoche
bazooka {m}  :: bazooka (rocket launcher)
bébé {m}  :: baby
bébé-boumeur {m}  :: baby boomer
bébé-boumeuse {f}  :: feminine singular of bébé-boumeur
bâbord {m}  :: port (left-hand side of a vessel)
bébête {adj}  :: silly, juvenile
bébête {f}  :: fool, idiot
bébête {f} [children, colloquial]  :: animal, beastie, critter
bécane {f} [slang]  :: bike (bicycle)
bécane {f} [slang]  :: motorbike
bécane {f} [colloquial]  :: computer
bécard {m}  :: pike (fish)
bécarre {m} [music]  :: natural
bécarre {adj} [music]  :: natural
bécasse {f}  :: woodcock (Any of several wading birds in the genus Scolopax, of the family Scolopacidae, characterised by a long slender bill and cryptic brown and blackish plumage)
bécasseau {m}  :: stint, sandpiper (bird of genus Calidris)
bécassine {f}  :: snipe (bird)
BCBG {adj}  :: trendy, preppy; chic and conservative
BCE {prop}  :: ECB
bâchage {m}  :: covering with a canvas or tarpaulin
bêchage {m}  :: digging
béchamel {f}  :: béchamel sauce
bêche {f}  :: spade
bûche {f}  :: log
bâche {f}  :: tarpaulin
bâche {f}  :: tank (reservoir)
bâche {f}  :: tide pool
bêche-de-mer {f}  :: trepang, sea cucumber
bûche de Noël {f}  :: a Yule log (log-shaped cake)
bécher {m}  :: beaker (flat-bottomed vessel)
bâcher {v}  :: to cover with a canvas or tarpaulin
bêcher {v}  :: to dig (with a spade)
bêcher {v} [dated]  :: to badmouth, to slander
bûcher {m}  :: pyre
bûcher {m} [in the plural]  :: the flames of Hell
bûcher {v}  :: to hew
bûcher {v} [colloquial]  :: to slug away, to hit the books
bûcheron {m}  :: lumberjack
bûchette {f}  :: stick (of wood); faggot
bûcheur {m} [familiar]  :: swot, hard worker
bêcheur {m}  :: digger (person who digs)
bêcheur {m}  :: badmouther
bêcheur {m}  :: snob
bêcheur {adj}  :: badmouthing
bêcheur {adj}  :: snobbish
bûcheuse {f} [familiar]  :: swot, hard worker (female)
bêcheveter {v}  :: To upend (turn upside-down)
bêcheveter {v}  :: To place head-to-toe, head-to-tail
béchique {adj}  :: antitussive
béchique {m}  :: cough mixture
bêchoir {m}  :: A large hoe
bâcler {vt}  :: to bang out (a task)
bécosses {fp} [Quebec, plurale tantum]  :: Outhouse toilets
bécosses {fp} [Quebec, colloquial, plurale tantum]  :: Toilets in general, especially outdoor or makeshift ones
bécot {m}  :: peck (small kiss)
bécoter {v} [colloquial]  :: to kiss
bcp {adv} [texting]  :: abbreviation of beaucoup
BCP {initialism} [government, Westministerian Parliament]  :: PCO initialism of Bureau du Conseil privé (Privy Council Office)
bécune {f}  :: barracuda
bédé {f}  :: comic strip
BD {f}  :: comic strip
bédane {m}  :: synonym of bec-d'âne
Bédard {prop}  :: surname
bdellomètre {m} [medicine, historical]  :: A bdellometer: a device for applying negative pressure to a region of skin while performing an incision, such that the region becomes engorged with blood and therefore less sensitive to the pain of incision
bédégar {m}  :: bedeguar
bédéiste {mf}  :: cartoonist, graphic novelist
BDK {initialism} [comics, obsolete]  :: bande dessinée kébécoise - a Quebecois comic strip (bande dessinée)
BDN {prop} [sports]  :: abbreviation of Brandon (Brandon, Manitoba, Canada)
bédo {m} [slang]  :: joint (marijuana cigarette)
bédouin {adj}  :: bedouin
BDQ {initialism} [comics]  :: bande dessinée québécoise - a Quebecois comic strip (bande dessinée)
beach {m} [Congo]  :: port where goods and passengers embark and debark
beach volley {m} [sport]  :: beach volleyball
beagle {m}  :: beagle (dog)
beatnik {mf}  :: beatnik
beau {adj}  :: handsome, fine, attractive
beau {adj}  :: nice
beau {adj}  :: fair (weather)
beau- {prefix}  :: related by marriage; in-law or step-
beauceron {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the Beauce
Beauchamp {prop}  :: Beauchamp; surname
Beauchamp {prop}  :: The name of several places in France
Beauchesne {prop}  :: surname
beau comme un dieu {adj} [simile]  :: Extremely good-looking and attractive; like a Greek god
beaucoup {adv}  :: much, very much, a lot
beau-dabe {m} [slang]  :: synonym of beau-père
Beaudoin {prop}  :: surname
Beaudreau {prop}  :: surname
beauf {m} [colloquial]  :: brother-in-law
beauf {m} [colloquial, figurative]  :: boor, yokel, redneck
beau-fils {m}  :: A stepson, a son of the present spouse of its remarried parent
beau-fils {m}  :: A son-in-law, the husband of one's daughter or son
beaufort {m}  :: beaufort
beau-frère {m}  :: brother-in-law (brother of one's wife)
beau-frère {m}  :: brother-in-law (brother of one's husband)
beau-frère {m}  :: brother-in-law (husband of one's sister)
beau-frère {m}  :: brother-in-law (husband of one's brother)
beaujolais {adj}  :: Of or from Beaujeu
beaujolais {m}  :: A red wine from Burgundy, France
Beaujolais {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Beaujeu
Beaujolaise {f}  :: feminine singular of Beaujolais
Beaumarchais {prop}  :: surname
Beaumarchais {prop}  :: Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais, French writer
beau-neveu {m}  :: stepnephew
beau-neveu {m}  :: nephew-in-law
beau-papa {m} [colloquial]  :: synonym of beau-père
beau-parent {m}  :: (especially in plural) in-law
beaupré {m} [nautical]  :: bowsprit
beau-père {m}  :: A father-in-law, the father of one's spouse
beau-père {m}  :: A stepfather, stepdad, the present husband of the mother of a child from a previous marriage
beau sexe {m} [singulare tantum]  :: (the) fair sex (womankind)
Beausoleil {prop}  :: surname
beauté {f}  :: beauty
Beauvais {prop} {m}  :: A town in the Oise department of Picardie
beauvaisien {adj}  :: Of or from Beauvais
beauvaisin {adj}  :: alternative form of beauvaisien
beaux arts {mp}  :: fine arts
beaux-arts {mp}  :: The fine arts
beaux-parents {mp}  :: in-laws, parents-in-law
bec {m} [anatomy]  :: beak, bill [of bird]
bec {m} [colloquial, Belgium, Quebec, Switzerland, Louisiana]  :: kiss
bec-croisé {m}  :: crossbill
bec-de-cane {m}  :: A type of latch
bec-de-lièvre {m}  :: cleft lip; harelip
bec-d'âne {m}  :: A type of chisel used in carpentry
becfigue {m}  :: ortolan (a small bird eaten as a delicacy)
beche {f}  :: alternative form of bêche
becqué {adj} [heraldry]  :: beaked (having a beak of a different colour)
becquée {f}  :: beakful
becquer {v}  :: To peck (all senses)
becquerel {m}  :: becquerel
Becquerel {prop}  :: surname
Becquerel {prop}  :: Henri Becquerel, French physicist and discoverer of radioactivity
becqueté {adj}  :: pecked, eaten
becquet {m}  :: spoiler (on a car)
becquetage {m}  :: pecking
becquetance {f}  :: food, nourishment
becqueter {vt}  :: to peck (at)
becqueter {v} [slang]  :: to eat, nosh, chow down
bectance {f} [slang]  :: grub, nosh
becter {v} [colloquial]  :: To eat
bedaine {f}  :: paunch, pot belly
bedeau {m}  :: a verger, a beadle
bedon {m}  :: paunch, pot belly
bedonnant {adj} [colloquial]  :: paunchy, pot-bellied
bedonner {v}  :: to have a plump stomach, to be paunchy
beefsteak {m}  :: obsolete form of bifteck
beffroi {m}  :: belfry, bell tower
behaviorisme {m}  :: behaviorism
behaviourisme {m}  :: alternative form of behaviorisme
beige {adj}  :: beige
beigne {f}  :: clout, slap, wallop, sock (blow, especially one to the head)
beigne {m}  :: doughnut (toroidal variety)
beigner {v}  :: To clout, slap, wallop, sock
beignet {m}  :: beignet (fritter filled with fruit etc)
bel {m}  :: bel
Belcourt {prop}  :: surname
bel esprit {m}  :: wit, genius, bel esprit
bel et bien {adv} [idiomatic]  :: well and truly
belette {f}  :: weasel (specifically, the least weasel)
Belfort {prop}  :: A commune - and the préfecture - of the Territoire de Belfort, in the Franche-Comté region of eastern France
belge {adj}  :: Belgian
belge {adj}  :: From Belgium
Belge {mf}  :: Belgian person, someone from Belgium; used of both genders
belgicisme {m}  :: A French word or phrase of Belgian origin
belgique {adj} [archaic]  :: Belgian
Belgique {prop} {f}  :: Belgium
Belgrade {prop} {f}  :: Belgrade
Belize {prop}  :: Belize
belladone {f}  :: deadly nightshade (Atropa belladonna)
bellastre {m} [Marseille]  :: show-off, poseur
belle {f}  :: beautiful woman, belle, beauty
belle- {prefix}  :: step- (female)
belle- {prefix}  :: in-law (female)
Belleau {prop}  :: surname
Belle au bois dormant {prop} {f}  :: Sleeping Beauty (main character in this story)
Bellecourt {prop}  :: surname
belle-dabe {f} [slang]  :: synonym of belle-mère
belle-de-jour {f}  :: A cultivated species of bindweed, Convolvulus tricolor whose flowers are only open for a day
belle-de-nuit {f} [botany]  :: mirabilis (or other night-flowering plants)
belle-de-nuit {f} [ornithology, colloquial]  :: marsh warbler, reed-warbler
belle-de-nuit {f}  :: prostitute
belle-doche {f}  :: synonym of belle-mère
belle-famille {f}  :: in-laws
belle-fille {f}  :: daughter-in-law (wife of one's son)
belle-fille {f}  :: stepdaughter (daughter of one's spouse and another person)
Bellefontaine {prop} {f}  :: Bellefontaine (toponym of numerous places)
belle lurette {adv}  :: for a long time
belle lurette {adv}  :: ages ago
belle-maman {f} [colloquial]  :: synonym of belle-mère
bellement {adv}  :: beautifully
belle-mère {f}  :: mother-in-law
belle-mère {f}  :: stepmother
belle-nièce {m}  :: stepniece
belle-nièce {m}  :: niece-in-law
belle-sœur {f}  :: sister-in-law (wife or husband's sister)
belle-sœur {f}  :: sister-in-law (brother's wife)
bellicisme {m}  :: warmongering
belliciste {mf}  :: warmonger
bellifontain {adj}  :: Of or from Bellefontaine
belligène {adj}  :: belligenous, belligenic, belliferous (that leads to war)
belligérance {f}  :: belligerence
belligérant {adj}  :: belligerent
belligérant {m}  :: belligerent
bellique {adj} [obsolete]  :: Of or pertaining to war
belliqueusement {adv}  :: bellicosely
belliqueusement {adv}  :: in a warlike manner
belliqueux {adj}  :: bellicose
belliqueux {adj}  :: warlike (belligerent)
belliqueux {adj}  :: warmongering
belliqueux {adj} [attributive]  :: war
bellissime {adj}  :: super-beautiful
bellot {adj}  :: Somewhat beautiful (used especially of babies)
bellouniste {adj}  :: Relating to the militant Algerian nationalist Mohammed Bellounis
bellouniste {mf}  :: A supporter of Mohammed Bellounis during the Algerian War
bellâtre {m}  :: Fop, dandy
belluaire {m}  :: a gladiator who fought animals, beastmaster
belon {f}  :: A type of oyster (of species Ostrea edulis)
belote {f} [uncountable]  :: belote
belote {f} [countable]  :: king and queen of the trump suit, in the game belote
belouga {m}  :: beluga (creature, caviar)
belvédère {m}  :: belvedere, gazebo
belvédère {m}  :: the plant belle-à-voir
ben {interj}  :: well; uh
bendir {m}  :: bendir
bene {adv}  :: synonym of bien
beneluxien {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Benelux
benfluorex {m}  :: benfluorex
bengali {adj}  :: Bengali
bengali {m}  :: Bengali (language)
benjamin {m}  :: youngest child
benjamin {m} [sports]  :: One of the age classes for children; varies by sport
benjamin {m} [Scrabble]  :: A three-letter addition to the beginning of a word that creates another valid word, especially one that reaches a "triple word score" square
Benjamin {prop}  :: Benjamin (Biblical figure)
Benjamin {prop}  :: given name
benjamine {f}  :: feminine noun of benjamin; youngest (daughter)
benjoin {m}  :: benzoin (resin)
benne {f}  :: bin
benne {f}  :: barrow
benne {f}  :: dump truck
benne {f}  :: cable car
benoit {adj}  :: alternative form of benoît
benoitement {adv}  :: alternative form of benoîtement
benoiton {m}  :: A type of rye bread roll containing raisins
benoît {adj} [archaic]  :: blessed, fortunate
benoît {adj}  :: sanctimonious, holier-than-thou
benoît {adj}  :: blissful, delighted, happy
Benoît {prop} {m}  :: given name, equivalent to the English-language Bennett and Benedict
Benoît {prop} {m}  :: surname
benoîtement {adv}  :: sanctimoniously
benêt {m}  :: half-wit, simpleton
benthique {adj}  :: benthic
bentonite {f} [mineral]  :: bentonite
benzaldéhyde {m} [organic compound]  :: benzaldehyde
benzanthracène {m} [organic compound]  :: benzanthracene
benzidine {f} [organic compound]  :: benzidine
benzidinique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: benzidinic
benzine {f} [organic compound]  :: benzene
benzine {f} [Switzerland]  :: petrol
benzène {m} [organic compound]  :: benzene
benzénique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: benzenic
benzoate {m} [organic chemistry]  :: benzoate
benzoïde {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: benzenoid
benzodiazépine {m} [medical]  :: benzodiazepine
benzol {m}  :: benzol
benzolisme {m}  :: benzene (or benzol) poisoning
benzoïne {f} [organic compound]  :: benzoin
benzophénone {f} [organic compound]  :: benzophenone
benzopyranique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: benzopyranic
benzopyrène {m} [organic compound]  :: benzopyrene
benzoïque {adj}  :: benzoic
benzoylé {adj}  :: benzoylated
benzoyler {vt} [organic chemistry]  :: to benzoylate
benzyle {f} [organic compound]  :: benzyl (radical)
benzylique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: benzylic
ber {m} [nautical]  :: A cradle that holds a ship before and during its launch
béer {v}  :: to gape, yawn
béer {v}  :: to be wide open
berçant {adj}  :: rocking
berbouisset {m}  :: butcher's broom
berbère {m}  :: the Berber language family
berbère {adj}  :: Berber (of or relating to the Berber people)
Berbère {mf}  :: a member of the Berber ethnic group
berbérophone {mf}  :: Berberophone
bercail {m} [dated]  :: fold (enclosure for animals)
bercail {m} [figuratively, colloquial]  :: house, home
berce {f}  :: hogweed, any plant of the genus Heracleum
berceau {m}  :: cradle, crib (bed for a baby)
berceau {m} [figuratively]  :: cradle, birthplace, place of origin
berceau {m} [architecture]  :: arch, vault
bercelonnette {f}  :: bassinet (cradle)
bercement {m}  :: rocking
bercer {v}  :: to cradle; to rock
berceur {adj}  :: soothing
berceuse {f}  :: cradler, someone who cradles or rocks a baby
berceuse {f}  :: a lullaby
berceuse {f}  :: rocking chair
berdache {m}  :: alternative form of bardache
Bergé {prop}  :: surname
bergamasque {adj}  :: bergamask
bergamasque {f}  :: bergamask (dance)
bergamote {f} [botany]  :: bergamot
bergamotier {m}  :: bergamot
berge {f}  :: bank (of river, canal)
berge {f}  :: raised pavement, banked edge
berge {f} [slang]  :: year
Bergen {prop}  :: Bergen, a port city in Norway
berger {m}  :: shepherd
Bergerac {prop}  :: surname
berger allemand {m}  :: German shepherd (dog)
Bergerat {prop}  :: surname
bergerette {f}  :: Young shepherdess
bergerie {f}  :: sheepfold
bergerie {f} [literature]  :: pastoral
bergerie {f} [commercial]  :: counter
bergeron {m}  :: alternative form of bourgeron
Bergeron {prop}  :: surname
bergeronnette {f}  :: wagtail
berginisation {f}  :: Bergius process
berginiser {v}  :: To produce hydrocarbons from coal by the Bergius process
bergère {f}  :: shepherdess
bergère {f}  :: wing chair
bergsonien {adj}  :: Bergsonian
berkélate {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: berkelate
berkélium {m}  :: berkelium
berle {f}  :: water parsnip
Berlin {prop} {m}  :: Berlin, the capital city of Germany
Berlin {prop} {m}  :: Berlin, a state in Germany
Berlincourt {prop}  :: surname
berline {f} [historical]  :: berlin (four-wheeled carriage)
berline {f} [automotive]  :: a sedan or saloon car
berlingot {m}  :: berlingot
berlinois {adj}  :: of or relating to Berlin
Berlinois {m}  :: Berliner (person from Berlin)
Berlinoise {f}  :: feminine noun of Berlinois
berlue {f}  :: disturbance of vision, distorted view
Berlugan {m}  :: Native or inhabitant of Beaulieu-sur-Mer
berme {f}  :: berm
bermuda {m}  :: (pair of) Bermuda shorts
Bermudes {prop} {fp}  :: Bermuda
bermudien {adj}  :: Bermudan (of or pertaining to Bermuda or its people or culture)
Bermudien {m}  :: Bermudan
Bermudienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Bermudien
bernache {f}  :: barnacle goose
bernache {f}  :: grape juice at the beginning of its fermentation process
bernache {f}  :: barnacle
bernacle {f}  :: synonym of bernache
Bernadette {prop} {f}  :: given name
Bernard {prop} {m}  :: given name, cognate to English Bernard
Bernard {prop} {m}  :: surname
bernardin {adj}  :: Bernardine
bernardin {m}  :: Bernardine
bernard l'ermite {m}  :: alternative spelling of bernard-l'ermite
bernard-l'ermite {m}  :: hermit crab
Bernaud {prop}  :: surname
berne {f} [obsolete]  :: Hazing inflicted on someone by tossing into the air on a blanket
berne {f} [by extension]  :: The blanket itself
Berne {prop} {f}  :: Bern [the city]
Berne {prop} {f}  :: Bern [the canton]
berner {vt}  :: to trick, to fool, to take in, to run circles around
berneur {m}  :: trickster
berneuse {f}  :: feminine singular of berneur
bernicle {f}  :: synonym of bernache
Bernier {prop}  :: surname
bernique {f}  :: limpet
bernique {interj}  :: I'm afraid not!
bernois {adj}  :: Bernese
bernois {adj}  :: Pertaining to Bernay, Bernes or Bernes-sur-Oise in France
Bernot {prop}  :: surname
Bernstein {prop}  :: surname
berrani {m} [Morocco]  :: foreigner
berrichon {adj}  :: Of or from Berry (the historic French province)
berruyer {adj}  :: Of or from Bourges
Berry {prop}  :: A region and former province in the center of France
bersaglier {m}  :: bersagliere
berthe {f}  :: A sort of trim added to the neckline of a dress
Berthe {prop}  :: given name
berthiérite {f} [mineral]  :: berthierite
bertholite {f}  :: chlorine used as a poison gas
berthon {m}  :: foldboat
bertillonnage {m}  :: An early form of biometrics used by the French police
Bertin {prop}  :: surname
Bertrand {prop} {m}  :: given name, cognate to English Bertram
Bertrand {prop} {m}  :: surname derived from the given name
bertrandite {f} [mineral]  :: bertrandite
besace {f}  :: A wallet: a bag or pouch
besacier {m}  :: beggar (with a bag to collect money)
besacière {f}  :: feminine singular of besacier
besaiguë {f}  :: A carpenter's tool combining a chisel and a mortise on a long handle, and used to work large piece of wood
besaiguë {f}  :: A small glazier's hammer
Besançon {prop}  :: Besançon
besant {m}  :: bezant (coin)
besant {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: bezant or plate
besantin {adj}  :: of or from Besançon
Besantin {m}  :: Someone of or from Besançon
Besantine {f}  :: feminine noun of Besantin
beseff {adv} [slang]  :: a lot
besicles {fp} [plurale tantum, dated or colloquial]  :: spectacles, glasses
besogne {f}  :: work, job
besogner {vi}  :: to toil, drudge, slave away
besogneusement {adv}  :: needily
besogneux {adj} [dated]  :: needy
besogneux {adj}  :: hard-working but poorly paid
besoin {m}  :: need
besoin {m}  :: want [state of being in need]
bessemérisation {f}  :: bessemerization
bessemériser {v}  :: To bessemerize
Bessette {prop}  :: surname
besson {adj} [obsolete]  :: twin
besson {m} [obsolete]  :: twin
bessonne {f}  :: feminine singular of besson
bestiaire {m}  :: bestiary
bestial {adj}  :: bestial
bestialement {adv}  :: bestially
bestialiser {v}  :: To bestialize
bestialité {f}  :: bestiality (beastlike, brutish behavior)
bestialité {f}  :: bestiality (sexual relations with an animal)
bestiau {m}  :: beast, animal
bestiole {f}  :: small animal
bestiole {f} [obsolete]  :: girl without spirit
best of {m}  :: best of (compilation)
best-seller {m}  :: bestseller (a top selling product, especially a book)
Betancourt {prop}  :: surname
Bethléem {prop} {f}  :: Bethlehem (city)
Bethléhem {prop}  :: Bethlehem
Bethphagé {prop}  :: Bethphage
Bethsabée {prop} {f}  :: Bathsheba (biblical figure)
Bethsabée {prop} {f} [rare]  :: given name of biblical origin
Bethsaïda {prop}  :: Bethsaida
bette {f}  :: chard (vegetable)
Bettencourt {prop}  :: surname
betterave {f}  :: beetroot
betterave à sucre {f}  :: sugar beet
betteravier {adj}  :: beetroot (attributive)
beuglant {adj}  :: mooing
beuglant {adj}  :: bellowing
beuglement {m}  :: a moo
beugler {vi} [of a cow]  :: to moo
beugler {vi} [figuratively]  :: to cry out; to shout
beuh {interj}  :: moo
beuh {interj}  :: interjection expressing indifference: meh
beuh {interj}  :: interjection expressing disgust
beuh {f} [verlan]  :: marijuana, weed
beur {m}  :: a man of Maghrebi descent born and living in France
beurette {f}  :: A woman of Maghrebi descent born and living in France
beurk {interj}  :: yuck!
beurre {m}  :: butter
beurre corporel {m}  :: body butter
beurre d'arachide {m}  :: peanut butter
beurre d'arachides {m}  :: peanut butter; alternate form of beurre d'arachide
beurre de karité {m}  :: Shea butter
beurrer {v}  :: to butter, to rub with butter
beurrerie {f}  :: butter factory; dairy (place where butter is made)
beurrier {m}  :: butter dish
beurrier {m}  :: butter seller
beurrine {f} [obsolete]  :: margarine
beurrière {f}  :: feminine noun of beurrier
beuverie {f}  :: binge, excessive (usually social) drinking
bey {m}  :: bey
beylical {adj}  :: bey (attributive)
beylicat {m}  :: beylic
Beyrouth {prop}  :: Beirut (capital of Lebanon)
bezant {m}  :: bezant (coin)
bezef {adv}  :: much, a lot, greatly
BFF {f}  :: BFF
BFILE {m} [databases]  :: BFILE
bâfrer {v} [colloquial]  :: to guzzle, gobble; to binge
bâfreur {m}  :: guzzler
bâfreur {m}  :: binge drinker
bâfreuse {f}  :: feminine singular of bâfreur
bégaiement {m}  :: stammering
bégayer {v}  :: to stammer
bégayeur {m}  :: stammerer; stutterer
bégayeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of bégayeur
bégonia {m}  :: begonia (large genus of plants of the family Begoniaceae)
bégu {adj}  :: [of the teeth of a horse etc.] retrognathous
bègue {adj}  :: stuttering, stammering
bègue {mf}  :: stutterer, stammerer
bégueter {v}  :: to bleat
bégueule {mf}  :: prude
bégueule {adj}  :: prudish
bégueulerie {f}  :: prudery, prudishness
béguin {m} [colloquial]  :: crush (a short-lived and unrequited love or infatuation)
béguin {m} [colloquial]  :: crush (person with which one is infatuated)
béguin {m}  :: A hairstyle once popular with religious women
béguinage {m}  :: beguinage
béguine {f}  :: feminine singular of béguin
béguine {f}  :: beguine
bégum {f}  :: begum
béguètement {m}  :: bleat, bleating
béhaviorisme {m}  :: behaviourism
béhavioriste {adj}  :: behaviouristic; of or relating to behaviourism
béhénique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: behenic
bhojpuri {m}  :: Bhojpuri
Bhoutan {prop} {m}  :: Bhutan
bhoutanais {adj}  :: Bhutanese (of or pertaining to Bhutan or its people or culture)
Bhoutanais {m}  :: Bhutanese (person from Bhutan)
Bhoutanaise {f}  :: feminine noun of Bhoutanais
bi {mf}  :: bi, bisexual person
bi {adj}  :: bi, bisexual
bi- {prefix}  :: bi-
biacide {m} [chemistry]  :: synonym of diacide
biacromial {adj} [anatomy]  :: interacromial
biacuminé {adj} [botany]  :: biacuminate
biafrais {adj}  :: Biafran
biais {m}  :: means, way
biais {m}  :: angle, aspect, way
biais {m} [textiles]  :: bias
biais {m}  :: slant, diagonal line
biais {m} [sociology]  :: bias
biais {adj}  :: slant, slanting
biaisement {m}  :: slant, skewing
biaiser {v}  :: to slant (to bias or skew)
biaiser {v}  :: to go around, work around
Biarritz {prop}  :: An elegant seaside town, on the Bay of Biscay in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department of Aquitaine
biarrot {adj}  :: Of or from Biarritz
Biarrot {m}  :: A native r inhabitant of Biarritz
Biarrote {f}  :: feminine singular of Biarrot
biathlon {m}  :: biathlon
biathlète {mf}  :: biathlete
biatomicité {f} [chemistry]  :: diatomicity
biatomique {adj} [chemistry]  :: diatomic
biaural {adj}  :: binaural
bibacier {m}  :: loquat
bibasique {adj} [chemistry]  :: dibasic
bibelot {m}  :: knick-knack, bauble
bibelotage {m}  :: The making/buying/selling/collecting of knickknacks
bibeloter {v}  :: To make/sell/buy/collect knickknacks
bibeloteur {m}  :: A person who makes/sells/buys/collects knickknacks
bibeloteuse {f}  :: feminine singular of bibeloteur
bibelotier {m}  :: synonym of bibeloteur
bibelotière {f}  :: feminine singular of bibelotier
biberon {m}  :: baby bottle
biberonner {v}  :: To bottle feed
biberonner {v}  :: To booze
bibi {adj}  :: dual-mode
bibi {m}  :: a small, lady's hat
bibi {m}  :: a bauble or trinket
bibi {pron} [colloquial]  :: yours truly (I, me or myself)
bibine {f}  :: booze (alcoholic drink)
bibine {f}  :: plonk (cheap wine)
bible {f}  :: bible (comprehensive text)
biblio {f}  :: apocopic form of bibliographie
biblio {f}  :: apocopic form of bibliothèque
bibliobus {m}  :: mobile library
bibliographe {m}  :: bibliographer
bibliographie {f}  :: bibliography
bibliographique {adj}  :: bibliographic
bibliophilie {f}  :: bibliophily
bibliophilique {adj}  :: bibliophilic
bibliothécaire {mf}  :: librarian
bibliothéconomie {f}  :: library science, librarianship
bibliothéconomique {adj}  :: library science (attributive)
bibliothèque {f}  :: library
bibliothèque {f}  :: bookcase
biblique {adj}  :: biblical (related to the Bible)
bibliquement {adv}  :: biblically
Bibracte {prop}  :: A Gaulish oppidum near Autun in Burgundy
bic {m}  :: ballpoint pen, Biro [Britain, Australia, New Zealand]
bicaméral {adj}  :: bicameral
bicaméralisme {m}  :: bicameralism
bicamérisme {m}  :: synonym of bicaméralisme
bicarboné {adj} [obsolete, chemistry]  :: bicarbureted
bicarbonate {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: bicarbonate
bicarbonater {v} [inorganic chemistry]  :: To transform into a bicarbonate
bicarbure {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: dicarbide
bicarré {adj} [maths]  :: biquadratic
bicaténaire {adj} [chemistry, of a polymer]  :: double-stranded
bicâblage {m}  :: biwiring
bicentenaire {m}  :: bicentenary, bicentennial
biceps {m} [anatomy]  :: biceps (any two-headed muscle)
biceps {m}  :: the biceps brachii
biche {f}  :: doe, hind
biche {f}  :: darling, sweetheart (affectionate name for one's girlfriend)
bichelamar {m}  :: the Bislama language
bicher {vi} [France]  :: to go well
bicher {vi}  :: to be happy; to rejoice
bichette {f}  :: Young doe
bichette {f}  :: shrimp net
bichette {f}  :: slingshot
bichette {f} [slang]  :: Affectionate name for one's girlfriend
Bichkek {prop} {f}  :: Bishkek
bichlamar {m}  :: alternative form of bichelamar
bichlorure {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: bichloride
bichof {m}  :: alternative form of bischof
bichon {m} [dog]  :: bichon
bichon {m}  :: lapdog
bichon maltais {m}  :: Maltese (dog)
bichonnage {m}  :: titivation
bichonner {vtr}  :: to groom, titivate
bichon à poil frisé {m}  :: Bichon Frisé
bichromate {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: synonym of dichromate
bichrome {adj}  :: synonym of bicolore
bichromie {f} [art]  :: duotone
bickford {m}  :: A safety-fuse used in mining
bicoloration {f} [botany]  :: bicolouration
bicolore {adj}  :: bicolour, two-tone
biconcave {adj}  :: biconcave
bicontinu {adj} [maths]  :: bicontinuous
bicontinuité {f} [maths]  :: bicontinuity
biconvexe {adj}  :: biconvex
bicoque {f} [slang]  :: A small house; a cabin or shack
bicoque {f} [nautical]  :: A twinhull
bicoquet {m} [historical]  :: bycoket
bicorne {m}  :: The two-cornered hat worn by Napoleon Bonaparte
bicorne {m}  :: In French fairy tales, a two-horned monster that eats adulterous husbands
bicot {m}  :: wog (north-African or middle-eastern person)
bicot {m}  :: kid (young goat)
bicotte {f}  :: feminine singular of bicot
bicouche {f}  :: bilayer
bicéphale {adj}  :: bicephalous
bicraver {v} [slang]  :: to sell, deal (viz. drugs)
biculturalisme {m}  :: biculturalism
biculturel {adj}  :: bicultural
bicurieuse {f}  :: feminine noun of bicurieux
bi-curieux {m}  :: a bi-curious person
bi-curieux {adj}  :: bi-curious
bicycle {m}  :: bicycle
bicyclette {f}  :: bicycle
bicyclette {f} [soccer]  :: bicycle kick
bicyclique {adj}  :: bicyclic
bicycliste {mf}  :: synonym of cycliste
bidasse {m} [colloquial, military]  :: squaddie, grunt (ordinary soldier)
bide {m}  :: fiasco, flop
bide {m} [colloquial]  :: paunch, belly
bide {m} [uncountable]  :: Something fake
bident {m}  :: bident
bident {m}  :: beggarticks (plant of the genus Bidens)
bidenté {adj}  :: bidentate
bidentate {adj} [chemistry]  :: bidentate
bidet {m}  :: pony
bidet {m}  :: bidet
bidimensionnel {adj}  :: bidimensional
bidirectionnel {adj}  :: bidirectional
bidoche {f} [France, slang]  :: meat
bidon {m}  :: can, tin, canister
bidon {m} [childish]  :: tummy
bidon {adj} [slang]  :: rigged
bidon {adj} [slang]  :: phoney, sham
bidon {adj} [slang]  :: crap
bidonner {v}  :: to fabricate, to make up (a story)
bidonville {m}  :: shantytown, slum
bidouillage {m}  :: tampering
bidouillage {m}  :: hack
bidouiller {vi}  :: To fiddle
bidule {m} [colloquial]  :: thingamajig
bief {m}  :: reach (of water)
bief {m}  :: race (of mill)
bielle {f}  :: connecting rod
bielle {f}  :: link
biellette {f}  :: small (mechanical) link
bien {adj}  :: good, all right, great
bien {adj}  :: good looking, nice
bien {adv}  :: well
bien {adv}  :: indeed; so
bien {adv}  :: (+ de, des, du) a lot of
bien {adv} [colloquial]  :: really [used as an intensifier]
bien {m}  :: good as opposed to evil
bien {m}  :: a commodity, a good
bien {m}  :: a possession
bien-aimé {adj}  :: beloved
bien-aimé {m}  :: beloved
bien-dire {m}  :: elegant language
bien entendu {adv}  :: well understood
bien entendu {adv}  :: of course, obviously
bienfaisance {f}  :: charity, beneficence
bienfaisance {f}  :: benevolence
bienfaisant {adj}  :: beneficial; that which does good
bien fait {interj}  :: an exclamation that a bad thing happened to someone who deserved it; "c'est bien fait pour lui" could translate as "serves him right"
bienfait {m}  :: kindness, favour, good deed
bienfait {m}  :: benefit, advantage
bienfaiteur {m}  :: benefactor; do-gooder
bienfaitrice {f}  :: feminine noun of bienfaiteur
bien fendu {adj} [idiomatic]  :: well cleft, (or long-legged)
bien-fondé {m}  :: soundness, correctness
bien-fondé {m}  :: compliance, conformity
bien-fonds {m}  :: real estate
bienheureusement {adv}  :: blessedly
bienheureusement {adv}  :: happily
bienheureux {adj} [religion]  :: blessed, blest
bienheureux {adj} [literary]  :: happy, blissful, lucky
bien-jugé {m} [legal]  :: res judicata
biennal {adj}  :: biennial
biennalement {adv}  :: biennially
bien-pensance {f}  :: orthodoxy, conformism
bien pensant {adj}  :: alternative spelling of bien-pensant
bien pensant {m}  :: alternative spelling of bien-pensant
bien-pensant {adj}  :: self-righteous, bien pensant
bien-pensant {m}  :: bien pensant
bien perdu bien connu {phrase}  :: That which is well lost is well known, or what once was lost is prized
bien que {conj}  :: although
bienséamment {adv}  :: decorously
bienséamment {adv}  :: properly, decently
bienséance {f}  :: propriety
bienséant {adj}  :: becoming, decorous, seemly
bienséant {adj}  :: proper, decent
bien sûr {adv}  :: of course
bien-être {m}  :: well-being
bientôt {adv}  :: soon
bienveillamment {adv}  :: benevolently
bienveillance {f}  :: benevolence, goodwill
bienveillant {adj}  :: benevolent
bienvenir {v} [archaic]  :: to welcome
bienvenu {adj}  :: welcome
bienvenu {m}  :: somebody welcome
bienvenue {f}  :: welcome
bienvenue {interj}  :: welcome!
bienvenue {interj} [Quebec]  :: you're welcome (as an answer to thank you)
bierstub {m} [Alsace]  :: a cafe, restaurant or bar that specialises in beer
biface {adj}  :: two-faced (having two faces or sides)
biface {m} [archaeology]  :: biface
biffage {m}  :: obliteration, striking through, crossing out
biffer {vt}  :: to cross out, strike through
biffer {vt}  :: to cancel, annul
biffin {m}  :: chiffonier
biffin {m} [colloquial, military]  :: infantryman
biffle {f}  :: alternative form of bifle
biffure {f}  :: crossing-out
bifide {adj}  :: bifid
bifilaire {adj}  :: bifilar
bifle {f} [neologism, slang, vulgar]  :: dickslap, penis slap
bifocal {adj}  :: bifocal
bifteck {m}  :: steak, beefsteak
bifurcation {f}  :: A bifurcation, where two roads etc. part or meet
bifurquer {v}  :: to bifurcate (split in two)
BIG {m}  :: IG (Inspector General) abbreviation of bureau de l'inspecteur général (Inspector General's Office)
bigame {adj}  :: bigamous
bigame {mf}  :: bigamist (someone who practices bigamy)
bigamie {f}  :: bigamy (the state of having two (legal or illegal) spouses simultaneously)
Big Apple {prop} {f}  :: Big Apple (nickname for New York City)
bigarade {f}  :: bitter orange (fruit of Citrus aurantium)
bigaradier {m}  :: bitter orange (tree)
bigarré {adj}  :: colourful
bigarreau {m}  :: Royal Ann cherry
bigarrer {v}  :: to variegate, to produce a colourful pattern
bigarrure {f}  :: a variegated pattern, a colourful mixture
bigbang {m}  :: alternative form of Big Bang
bigle {adj} [archaic]  :: cross-eyed
bigle {m}  :: beagle
bigler {vi} [archaic]  :: to squint, be cross-eyed
bigler {vt} [slang]  :: to glance (at)
bigleux {adj} [colloquial, pejorative]  :: cross-eyed, squinting, short-sighted (etc.)
Big Mac {m}  :: Big Mac
Bignon {prop}  :: surname
bignone {f}  :: crossvine (of species Bignonia, or several similar plants)
bignonia {f}  :: synonym of bignone
bigophone {m} [musical instruments]  :: bigophone
bigophonique {adj}  :: bigophonic
bigophoniste {mf} [music]  :: A bigophone player
bigordan {adj}  :: Of or from Bigorre
bigorne {f}  :: beak-iron, bickern
bigorne {m}  :: slang, jargon, lingo
bigorneau {m}  :: winkle (the mollusk)
bigorner {v}  :: To forge (work metal on an anvil)
bigorner {v}  :: To hit vigorously
bigorner {v}  :: To murder
bigot {m}  :: bigot, holier-than-thou
bigot {adj}  :: over-pious, holier-than-thou
bigoterie {f}  :: bigotry, sanctimoniousness
bigotisme {m}  :: bigotry
bigotphone {m}  :: alternative form of bigophone
bigouden {m}  :: A traditional Breton head-dress made of lace
bigoudi {m}  :: curler, roller (for hair)
bigoudi {m}  :: willy, schlong (penis)
bigourdan {adj}  :: alternative form of bigordan
bigre {interj}  :: bugger!
bigrement {adv} [colloquial]  :: very, darn
biguanide {f} [organic chemistry]  :: biguanide
bigue {f} [nautical]  :: A type of spar used as a crane
biguine {f}  :: biguine
biguiner {v}  :: To dance the beguine
bihebdomadaire {adj}  :: biweekly (twice a week)
bihebdomadaire {adj}  :: fortnightly
bihebdomadaire {m}  :: a publication issued twice a week
bihebdomadairement {adv}  :: biweekly (twice a week)
bihebdomadairement {adv}  :: fortnightly
bihoreau {m}  :: night heron
bijectif {adj} [maths]  :: bijective
bijection {f} [set theory]  :: bijection
bijou {m}  :: a piece of jewelry
bijouté {adj}  :: bejeweled (covered in jewels)
bijouterie {f}  :: jeweller's; jewellery shop
bijoutier {m}  :: jeweller
bijoutière {f}  :: feminine noun of bijoutier
bijoux de famille {mp} [euphemistic]  :: family jewels
bikini {m}  :: bikini
Bikini {prop}  :: Bikini atoll
bilabié {adj} [botany]  :: bilabiate
bilabial {adj}  :: bilabial
bilame {adj}  :: bimetal
bilame {m}  :: bimetal
bilan {m} [finance]  :: balance sheet
bilan {m}  :: appraisal, assessment
bilan {m} [specifically, of disaster, catastrophe etc.]  :: reports; (death) toll
bilatéral {adj}  :: bilateral
bilatéralement {adv}  :: bilaterally
bilatéralité {f}  :: bilaterality
bilatérien {m} [biology]  :: bilaterian
bilboquet {m}  :: bilboquet
bile {f}  :: bile
biler {vp} [colloquial]  :: to worry (pour) about
bilharzie {f}  :: blood fluke
bilharzie {f}  :: bilharzia
bilharziose {f} [pathology]  :: bilharzia
bilié {adj}  :: bilious (relating to bile)
biliaire {adj}  :: biliary
bilieux {adj}  :: bilious (suffering from real or supposed liver disorder)
biligenèse {f} [biochemistry]  :: biligenesis
bilinéaire {adj}  :: bilinear
bilinéariser {v} [maths]  :: To bilinearize
biline {f}  :: bilin
bilingue {adj}  :: bilingual (speaking two languages)
bilinguisme {m}  :: bilingualism, the condition of being bilingual
bilirubine {f} [biochemistry]  :: bilirubin
bilitère {adj}  :: biliteral
biliverdine {f}  :: biliverdin
bill {m} [legal]  :: bill (draft UK law)
bill {m} [Canada]  :: bill (invoice in a restaurant etc)
bâillant {adj}  :: yawning
billard {m}  :: billiards
billard {m}  :: pool table
billard {m} [slang]  :: operating table
bille {f}  :: marble (spherical ball)
bille {f} [snooker, billiards]  :: ball
bille {f}  :: ball bearing
bille {f}  :: tree trunk [chopped down, ready for sawing]
bille {f}  :: railway sleeper
bille {f}  :: rolling pin
bille {f} [slang]  :: dimwit
bâillement {m}  :: yawn (the action of yawning)
bâillement {m}  :: large gap
bâiller {v}  :: to yawn
biller {v}  :: to turn a piece of wood placed on a support
biller {v}  :: to flatten dough with a rolling pin
biller {v}  :: to place balls of solder on a component in preparation for welding to a printed circuit board
bâiller comme une carpe {v} [simile]  :: to yawn a lot
billet {m}  :: ticket
billet {m}  :: note, banknote
billeté {adj} [heraldry]  :: billeté
billeté {adj}  :: tagged, labelled
billet de banque {m}  :: A banknote, physical unit of paper currency
billeter {v}  :: To label, tag
billette {f}  :: billet (firewood)
billette {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: billet
billetterie {f}  :: ticket office
bâilleur {m}  :: yawner
bâilleuse {f}  :: feminine singular of bâilleur
billevesée {f} [usually in plural]  :: nonsense, frivolity
billiard {num}  :: 1015, a thousand billion by the long scale, a short scale quadrillion
billion {num}  :: 1012; a long scale billion; a short scale trillion
billionième {adj}  :: billionth
billon {m}  :: billon
billon {m}  :: ridge (in a ploughed field)
bâillon {m}  :: gag (a device to restrain speech)
billonnage {m}  :: ridging (in fields etc)
billonnage {m}  :: counterfeiting coinage
bâillonnement {m}  :: gagging, muzzling, silencing
bâillonner {v} [a person]  :: to gag
bâillonner {v} [a dog]  :: to muzzle
bâillonner {v} [figuratively]  :: to silence
billonner {v}  :: To make or circulate counterfeit coinage
billonner {v}  :: To ridge (in fields)
billot {m}  :: block (for butcher, executioner)
bilobé {adj} [botany]  :: bilobed (having two lobes)
biloculaire {adj}  :: bilocular
Bilodeau {prop}  :: surname
biloquer {v}  :: To plough deeply
biélorusse {adj}  :: Belarusian (from or pertaining to Belarus)
biélorusse {m}  :: Belarusian (language of Belarus)
Biélorusse {mf}  :: Belarusian (Someone from Belarus)
Biélorussie {prop} {f} [dated]  :: Belarus
biloute {m} [colloquial]  :: cock (penis, male friend)
bimane {adj}  :: two-handed
bimbelot {m} [dated]  :: Traditional children's toy (dolls, wooden animals etc)
bimbelot {m}  :: knickknack, tat
bimbeloterie {f}  :: knickknacks (or their manufacture and selling)
bimédial {adj} [maths]  :: bimedial
bimensuel {adj}  :: fortnightly, semimonthly, bimonthly, biweekly (occurring twice a month)
bimensuel {m}  :: bimonthly (a publication issued twice a month)
bimensuellement {adv}  :: fortnightly, bimonthly
bimestre {m} [rare]  :: term of two months
bimestriel {adj}  :: bimonthly (once every two months)
bimestriellement {adv}  :: bimonthly, fortnightly
bimillénaire {adj}  :: bimillenary
bimillénaire {m}  :: bimillenary
bimodal {adj} [maths]  :: bimodal
bimodalité {f} [maths]  :: bimodality
bimoléculaire {adj}  :: bimolecular
bimoteur {adj}  :: twin-engine
bimétallique {adj}  :: bimetallic
bimétallique {adj}  :: bimetallist
bimétallisme {m} [economics]  :: bimetallism
bimétalliste {adj}  :: bimetallist
bimétalliste {mf}  :: bimetallist
bin {adv}  :: alternative spelling of bien
binage {m}  :: hoeing
binaire {adj} [mathematics, computing, music]  :: binary
binaire {m} [computing]  :: binary file
binairement {adv}  :: binarily
binard {m}  :: dray (type of cart)
binational {adj}  :: binational
binaural {adj}  :: synonym of biaural
binauriculaire {adj}  :: binaural (relating to both ears)
Binche {prop}  :: A city of Belgium
biner {v} [agriculture]  :: to hoe
biner {v} [religion]  :: to binate, celebrate mass twice in one day
binerie {f}  :: beanery, bistro
binette {f}  :: hoe (agricultural tool consisting of a long handle with a flat blade)
binette {f} [colloquial]  :: face
binette {f} [colloquial, by extension, Internet, Quebec]  :: emoticon
bineur {m}  :: hoer
bineuse {f}  :: feminine singular of bineur
bineuse {f}  :: hoer (agricultural machine)
bingo {m}  :: bingo
bingo {interj}  :: bingo (all senses)
biniou {m}  :: biniou, Breton bagpipes
binôme {m} [algebra]  :: binomial
binôme {m} [biology, taxonomy]  :: binomial name
binôme {m}  :: pair, group of two people
binoclard {adj}  :: four-eyed (wearing glasses)
binoclard {m}  :: four-eyes (person who wears glasses)
binocle {m}  :: pince-nez
binocle {m}  :: lorgnette
binocle {m} [in the plural only]  :: spectacles, eyeglasses, specs
binoculaire {adj}  :: binocular
binomial {adj}  :: binomial
binot {m}  :: a kind of hoe
binoter {v}  :: To hoe
binouze {f} [slang]  :: beer
binucléaire {adj}  :: binuclear
bio {adj} [colloquial]  :: biological
bio {adj} [ecology]  :: organic
bio {f} [colloquial]  :: biography
bio {f} [colloquial]  :: biology
bio {m} [colloquial]  :: the organic movement
bio {m} [colloquial]  :: organic food
bio- {prefix}  :: life
bioaccumulé {adj}  :: bioaccumulated
bioaccumulable {adj}  :: bioaccumulative
bioaccumuler {v}  :: to bioaccumulate
bioacoustique {adj}  :: bioacoustic
bioactif {adj}  :: bioactive
bioassimilabilité {f}  :: bioassimilability
bioassimilable {adj}  :: bioassimilable
bioastronomie {f} [astronomy, biology]  :: astrobiology, exobiology
biobanque {f}  :: biobank
biobibliographie {f}  :: biobibliography
biocarburant {m}  :: biofuel
biocentrique {adj}  :: biocentric
biochimie {f}  :: biochemistry
biochimique {adj}  :: biochemical
biochimiquement {adv}  :: biochemically
biochimiste {mf}  :: biochemist (a chemist whose speciality is biochemistry)
biocide {adj}  :: biocidal
biocide {m}  :: biocide
bioclimatique {adj}  :: bioclimatic
bioclimatologie {f}  :: bioclimatology (science that studies interaction between biosphere and atmosphere)
bioclimatologique {adj}  :: bioclimatological
bioclimatologue {mf}  :: bioclimatologist
biocénose {f}  :: biocoenose, biocenosis
bioécologie {f} [biology, ecology]  :: bioecology
biocompatibilité {f}  :: biocompatibility
bioconcentré {adj}  :: bioconcentrated
bioconcentrer {v}  :: to bioconcentrate
bioconversion {f}  :: bioconversion
biodéchet {m}  :: biowaste
biodégradabilité {f}  :: biodegradability
biodégradable {adj}  :: biodegradable
biodégradation {f}  :: biodegradation
biodisponibilité {f}  :: bioavailability
biodisponible {adj}  :: bioavailable
biodiversité {f}  :: biodiversity
biodynamie {f}  :: biodynamics
biodynamique {adj}  :: biodynamic
bioflavonoïde {m} [organic chemistry]  :: bioflavonoid
biogaz {m}  :: biogas
biogenèse {f}  :: biogenesis
biogénique {adj}  :: biogenic
biogénétique {adj} [genetics]  :: biogenetic
biogénétique {f}  :: biogenetics
biogéochimique {adj}  :: biogeochemical
biogéographe {mf}  :: biogeographer
biogéographie {f}  :: biogeography
biogéographique {adj}  :: biogeographic
biographe {mf}  :: biographer
biographie {f}  :: biography
biographique {adj}  :: biographic
biographique {adj}  :: biographical
biographiquement {adv}  :: biographically
bioindicateur {m} [biology]  :: bioindicator
bioindicateur {adj} [biology]  :: bioindicating
bioindustrie {f}  :: bioindustry (industry associated with biotechnology)
bioindustriel {adj}  :: bioindustrial
bioinformatique {adj}  :: bioinformatic
bioinformatique {f}  :: bioinformatics (field of science)
bioinorganique {adj}  :: bioinorganic
bioélectricité {f}  :: bioelectricity (electricity generated within an organism)
bioélectrique {adj}  :: bioelectrical
biologie {f} [science]  :: biology
biologique {adj}  :: biological (of biology)
biologique {adj}  :: organic (without pesticide)
biologiquement {adv}  :: biologically
biologiste {mf}  :: biologist
biologue {m} [archaic]  :: biologist
bioluminescence {f}  :: bioluminescence
biomagnétique {adj}  :: biomagnetic
biomagnétisme {m}  :: biomagnetism
biomarquer {m}  :: biomarker
biomarqueur {m}  :: biomarker
biomasse {f}  :: biomass
biomatériau {m}  :: biomaterial
biomécanique {adj}  :: biomechanical
biomécanique {f}  :: biomechanics
biomédecine {f}  :: biomedicine
biomédical {adj}  :: biomedical (pertaining to biomedicine)
biomédicament {m} [medicine]  :: biomedicine
biome {m}  :: biome
biomimétique {adj}  :: biomimetic (related to biomimetics)
biomoléculaire {adj}  :: biomolecular
biomolécule {f} [biochemistry]  :: biomolecule
biomorphe {adj}  :: biomorphic
biomorphique {adj}  :: biomorphic
biomorphisme {m}  :: biomorphism
biométhanisation {f}  :: biomethanization
biométrie {f}  :: biometrics (measurement of biological data)
biométrique {adj}  :: biometric
bioénergie {f}  :: bioenergy
bioénergétique {adj}  :: bioenergetic (related to bioenergetics)
bioénergétique {f}  :: bioenergetics
bionique {adj}  :: bionic
bionique {f}  :: bionics
bioorganique {adj} [chemistry]  :: bioorganic
bioorganométallique {adj} [chemistry]  :: bioorganometallic
biopellicule {m}  :: biofilm
biophile {adj} [biology, physics]  :: biophilic
biophysique {f} [biology]  :: biophysics
biopic {m}  :: biopic
bioplastique {m}  :: bioplastic
biopolitique {adj}  :: biopolitical
biopolitique {f}  :: biopolitics
bioprogramme {m}  :: bioprogram, bioprogramme
biopsie {f}  :: biopsy
bioraffinerie {f}  :: biorefinery
biorécepteur {m} [biochemistry]  :: bioreceptor
bioressource {f}  :: bioresource (resource of biological origin)
biorésonance {f}  :: bioresonance
biorévélateur {m}  :: bioindicator
biorythme {m} [biology]  :: biorhythm
biorythme {m} [pseudoscience]  :: biorhythm
biosphère {f} [biology]  :: biosphere
biospéléologie {f} [biology]  :: biospeleology
biostasie {f}  :: biostasis
biostatique {adj}  :: biostatic
biostatisticien {m}  :: biostatistician
biostatisticienne {f}  :: feminine noun of biostatisticien
biostatistique {f}  :: biostatistics
biostatistique {adj}  :: biostatistical
biostratigraphie {f} [biology]  :: biostratigraphy
biostratigraphique {adj}  :: biostratigraphic
biostrome {m} [geology]  :: biostrome
biosynthèse {f} [biochemistry]  :: biosynthesis
biotech {f}  :: synonym of biotechnologie
biotechnologie {f}  :: biotechnology
biotechnologique {adj}  :: biotechnological
bioterroriste {m}  :: bioterrorist
bioéthanol {m}  :: bioethanol
bioéthique {f}  :: bioethics
biothérapeute {mf}  :: biotherapist
biothérapie {f}  :: biotherapy
biotine {f}  :: biotin
biotique {adj}  :: biotic (of, pertaining to, or produced by life or living organisms)
biotite {f} [mineral]  :: biotite
biotope {f}  :: biotope
biotoxine {f}  :: biotoxin
biotype {m}  :: biotype
biotypologie {f}  :: biotypology
bioxyde {m}  :: dioxide
bip {m}  :: beep (short, electronically-produced sound)
bipale {adj}  :: (of a propeller etc) two-bladed
biparti {adj}  :: bipartite
bipartisan {adj}  :: bipartisan
bipartisme {m} [politics]  :: two-party system
bipartition {f}  :: bipartition (sharing in two)
bipède {adj}  :: bipedal
bipède {m}  :: biped
bipédie {f}  :: bipedalism
bipenné {adj} [botany]  :: bipinnate
biper {v}  :: to beep, to buzz (contact by phone or by beeper)
biper {v}  :: to bleep out (censor offensive or sensitive language with a beep sound)
bipeur {m}  :: beeper (device that beeps)
biphasé {adj}  :: biphase
biphasique {adj}  :: biphasic
biphényle {m} [organic compound]  :: biphenyl
biphobie {f}  :: biphobia
bipied {m}  :: bipod
biplace {adj}  :: two-seater (attributive), tandem
biplace {f}  :: two-seater (car, aircraft)
biplan {m}  :: biplane
BIPM {prop} {m} [physics, standardisation]  :: initialism of Bureau international des poids et mesures
bipolaire {adj}  :: bipolar (having two poles)
bipolaire {adj}  :: bipolar (relating to bipolar disorder)
bipolarisation {f}  :: bipolarization
bipolarité {f}  :: bipolarity
bipolarité {f}  :: bipolar disorder
bipyramidal {adj}  :: bipyramidal
biquadratique {adj} [maths]  :: biquadratic
bique {f} [colloquial]  :: goat
bique {f} [pejorative]  :: bat, bag, witch (old woman)
biquet {m}  :: kid (or an affectionate name such as lamb)
biquet {m} [obsolete]  :: a small balance for weighing gold or silver
biqueter {v}  :: To kid (give birth to baby goats)
biquette {f}  :: kid (baby goat)
biquotidien {adj}  :: twice daily
biréacteur {m}  :: twin-engined jet
birapport {m} [maths]  :: cross-ratio, anharmonic ratio
birationnel {adj} [maths]  :: birational
birbe {m}  :: greybeard (older man)
birdie {m} [golf]  :: birdie
bière {f}  :: beer
bière {f}  :: bier
bière {f}  :: coffin
bière à la pression {f}  :: draft beer
bireprésentatif {adj} [politics]  :: Describing a system in which voters vote for a president as well as a member of a parliament or similar body
biréfringence {f}  :: birefringence
biréfringent {adj}  :: birefringent
birman {adj}  :: Burmese (Of, from, or pertaining to Burma)
birman {m} [in the singular]  :: Burmese (language)
birman {m} [countable]  :: Birman (cat)
Birman {m}  :: Burmese (person from Myanmar or of Burmese descent)
Birmane {f}  :: feminine noun of Birman
Birmanie {prop} {f}  :: Burma, Myanmar
birème {f} [nautical]  :: bireme
biroute {f}  :: windsock
birr {m}  :: birr (Ethiopian currency)
bis {adj}  :: beige [colour]
bis {adj}  :: brown [of bread that contains bran]
bis {adv}  :: again (a second time); encore
bis {adv} [in street numbering]  :: a; designating a second residence with the same number
bis {adj}  :: alternative, secondary
bis {m}  :: encore
bis {interj}  :: used to request an encore
bis {m} [Quebec]  :: kiss
bisaïeul {m}  :: great-grandparent; great-grandfather (masculine version)
bisaïeule {f}  :: feminine singular of bisaïeul
bisannuel {adj}  :: biennial: Happening every two years / Lasting for two years
bisannuellement {adv}  :: biennially (every two years)
bisbille {f}  :: murmur, muttering, small quarrel
biscaïen {adj}  :: Of or from Biscaye
biscaïen {m}  :: The form of Basque spoken in Biscaye
Biscaye {prop} {f}  :: Biscay
biscayen {adj}  :: Of or from Biscaye
biscayen {m}  :: The form of Basque spoken in Biscaye
bischof {m}  :: toddy (drink)
biscôme {m} [Switzerland]  :: A gingerbread biscuit
biscornu {adj}  :: bizarre (weird-looking)
biscornu {adj}  :: crooked
biscotin {m}  :: A small biscuit, somewhat like shortbread
biscotte {f}  :: rusk (light, soft bread, often toasted or crisped in an oven)
biscotte {f} [sports, slang]  :: yellow card, booking
biscotterie {f}  :: biscuit factory
biscotterie {f}  :: biscuit manufacture / baking
biscotto {m}  :: Arrangement in materials of sports, between two people (or two teams) aimed to wrong or evict a third person (or a third team)
biscottos {mp} [popular]  :: biceps
biscuit {m}  :: biscuit
biscuit chinois {m}  :: fortune cookie
biscuiter {v}  :: To bake unglazed earthenware (biscuit)
biscuiterie {f}  :: biscuit factory or firm
biscuiterie {f}  :: biscuit making or trade
biscuitier {adj} [attributive]  :: biscuit
biscuitier {m}  :: biscuiteer
biscuit sablé {m}  :: shortbread
biscutelle {f}  :: buckler mustard (Biscutella laevigata)
bise {f}  :: north wind; northeasterly (wind)
bise {f}  :: kiss (non-romantic kiss on the cheek)
biseau {m}  :: bevel
biseau {m}  :: bezel
biseauté {adj}  :: bevelled
biseautage {m}  :: bevelling
biseauter {vt}  :: to bevel
biser {v} [colloquial]  :: to kiss
biset {m}  :: rock pigeon (Columba livia)
bisette {f}  :: A small affectionate kiss
bisexué {adj}  :: bisexual (botany: having sex organs of both sexes)
bisexualité {f}  :: bisexuality
bisexuel {adj}  :: bisexual
bisexuel {m}  :: bisexual
bismuth {m}  :: bismuth
bismuthé {adj}  :: bismuthated
bismuthine {m} [mineral]  :: bismuthinite
bismuthine {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: bismuthane
bison {m}  :: buffalo (North American bison)
bison {m}  :: wisent (European bison)
bisontin {adj}  :: Of or from Besançon
Bisontin {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Besançon
Bisontine {f}  :: feminine singular of Bisontin
bisou {m}  :: kiss (friendly kiss)
bisou {m} [in the plural, in letters]  :: lots of love
bisounours {mf}  :: A childish or naive person
Bisounours {prop} {m}  :: Care Bear
bisphénol {m} [organic chemistry]  :: bisphenol
bisphénol A {m} [organic compound]  :: bisphenol A
bisque {f}  :: bisque (soup, colour)
bisque {f} [tennis]  :: advantage
bisquer {v}  :: To be scornful; to be moody
bisérial {adj}  :: biserial
bissac {m}  :: scrip, shoulder bag, satchel
bissecteur {adj} [geometry]  :: bisecting
bissection {f}  :: bisection
bissectrice {f} [geometry]  :: bisector
bissel {m}  :: bogie (structure with axles)
bisser {vt}  :: to repeat; to perform an encore
bisser {vt}  :: to request a repeat; to call for an encore, to encore
bisser {vt} [Belgium, Burkina Faso, Congo, Mali, Rwanda, education]  :: to repeat a year at school
bissexte {m}  :: leap day
bissextil {adj}  :: bissextile, leap year
Bisson {prop}  :: surname
Bissonnet {prop}  :: surname
Bissonnette {prop}  :: surname
bistabilité {f} [biology, physics]  :: bistability
bistorte {f}  :: bistort
bistouiller {v}  :: To drink (alcohol)
bistouiller {v}  :: To mix, stir
bistouiller {v}  :: To tinker
bistouri {m}  :: bistoury, surgical knife
bistré {adj}  :: swarthy
bistré {adj}  :: tanned
bistrage {m}  :: darkening, blackening
bistre {adj}  :: bistre
bistre {m}  :: bistre
bistrer {v}  :: to darken, blacken
bistrer {v}  :: to be mesmerized
bistro {m}  :: bistro
bistronomie {f}  :: bistro-style gastronomy, characterised by good food in small portions
bistrot {m}  :: alternative form of bistro
bistrot {m}  :: publican
bisulce {adj}  :: alternative form of bisulque
bisulfate {f} [inorganic chemistry]  :: bisulfate
bisulfure {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: disulfide
bisulque {adj}  :: cloven (foot of an animal)
bit {m} [computing]  :: bit
bitch {f}  :: bitch (all senses)
bitcoin {m}  :: bitcoin
bite {f} [slang, vulgar]  :: knob, cock, dick
bitension {adj}  :: twin-voltage
biter {v}  :: to humiliate, con, dupe, deceive
biterrois {adj}  :: from, or pertaining to Béziers
Bithynie {prop}  :: Bithynia
bit le moins significatif {m}  :: least significant bit (bit of the smallest order)
bit le plus significatif {m}  :: most significant bit (bit of the largest order)
bitonal {adj} [music]  :: bitonal
bitord {m} [nautical]  :: A thin (two-ply or three-ply) rope
bitransitif {adj} [grammar]  :: ditransitive
bitte {f} [nautical]  :: bitt, mooring post
bitte {f} [slang]  :: cock, dick, prick
bitter {vt} [slang]  :: to understand, usually used in negative form and especially with rien
bitube {adj}  :: twin-tube
bitumage {m}  :: asphalting
bitume {m}  :: bitumen
bitumer {vt}  :: to asphalt
bitumier {m}  :: a ship used to transport bitumen
bituminer {v}  :: To bituminize
bitumineux {adj}  :: bituminous
bituminisation {f}  :: bituminization
bituminiser {v}  :: To bituminize
biturbine {adj}  :: (of a helicopter) twin-rotor
biture {adj} [European French, slang]  :: blotto, drunk
Biturige {mf}  :: Biturige
biunivoque {adj} [maths]  :: biunivocal, bijective
bivalence {f}  :: bivalence
bivalent {adj}  :: bivalent
bivalve {m}  :: bivalve
bivarié {adj} [maths]  :: bivariate
bivariance {f} [maths]  :: bivariance
bivouac {m}  :: bivouac (encampment for the night)
bivouaquer {v}  :: To bivouac
bièvre {m} [archaic or dialectal]  :: beaver (mammal)
bixine {f} [organic compound]  :: bixin
bizantin {adj}  :: Byzantine
bizarre {adj}  :: bizarre, odd
bizarre {adj}  :: peculiar, quaint
bizarrement {adv}  :: bizarrely
bizarrerie {f}  :: bizarreness
bizarrerie {f}  :: bizarrerie; something which is bizarre
bizarroïde {adj}  :: bizarre, strange
bizet {m}  :: Bizet sheep
Bizet {prop}  :: surname
Bizet {prop}  :: French composer Georges Bizet
bizou {m}  :: alternative spelling of bisou
bizut {m}  :: probationer
bizut {m}  :: debutant
bizutage {m}  :: hazing, initiation ritual
bizuter {v}  :: To haze (subject to an initiation)
bizuth {m}  :: alternative spelling of bizut
béjaune {m}  :: greenhorn (inexperienced person)
b'jour {interj}  :: eye dialect of bonjour
béké {adj}  :: Describing a person of white, French descent from the French Antilles
blé {m}  :: wheat, corn
blé {m} [slang]  :: dough, cash
bla bla {m}  :: alternative spelling of bla-bla
bla-bla {m}  :: blah, chit-chat, meaningless talk intended to deceive
blabla {m}  :: alternative spelling of bla-bla
bla bla bla {m}  :: alternative spelling of bla-bla
bla-bla-bla {m}  :: alternative spelling of bla-bla
blablabla {m}  :: alternative spelling of bla-bla
blablater {v}  :: to chit-chat, to engage in small talk
black {adj}  :: relating to a black person or culture
black {mf}  :: black person
Black {mf}  :: alternative case form of black
black-bottom {m}  :: The Black Bottom (dance)
blackboulage {m}  :: blackballing
blackbouler {vt}  :: to blackball
Black Friday {m}  :: synonym of vendredi fou: Black Friday
blacklister {v}  :: blacklist (to place on a blacklist)
blackstonie {f}  :: yellowwort
blafard {adj}  :: pale, wan, pallid
blague {f}  :: pouch
blague {f}  :: joke
blaguer {v}  :: to joke, to joke about
blagueur {m}  :: joker (person who makes jokes)
blagueuse {f}  :: feminine noun of blagueur
blair {m} [slang]  :: nose: conk, hooter, schnozzle
blaireau {m}  :: badger
blaireau {m}  :: (shaving) brush
blaireau {m} [colloquial]  :: fool
blairer {vt} [slang, often, in the negative]  :: to stand (the sight of)
blairie {f} [historical]  :: A former tax on grazing animals (in medieval France)
blairisme {m}  :: Blairism
Blais {prop}  :: surname
Blaise {prop}  :: given name
Blaise {prop}  :: surname
blanc {adj}  :: white color
blanc {adj}  :: blank, unused
blanc {adj} [figurative, one's look]  :: blank, without expression
blanc {m}  :: white (color)
blanc {m}  :: silence while in a dialog
blanc {m}  :: empty space, on a leaf of paper or in a form
blanc {m} [colloquial]  :: white wine
blanc {m}  :: white person, person with a white complexion
blanc {m}  :: white, egg white
blanc {m}  :: white meat
Blanc {m}  :: white person
Blanc {prop}  :: surname, from the common noun/adjective blanc
blanc-bec {m} [colloquial, pejorative]  :: greenhorn
blanc bonnet, bonnet blanc {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: tomayto, tomahto; same difference; six of one, half a dozen of the other
blanc comme neige {adj} [simile]  :: Beyond moral reproach; squeaky clean; clean as a whistle
blanc comme un linge {adj} [simile]  :: pale with fright; white as a sheet; white as a ghost
blanc de blancs {m}  :: champagne made exclusively from white grapes, especially from Pinot Blanc/Chardonnay grapes
blanc de noirs {m}  :: champagne made exclusively from black grapes, especially from Pinot Noir grapes
blanc-estoc {m}  :: alternative form of blanc-étoc
blanchaille {f}  :: whitebait (young of various species of fish)
Blanchard {prop}  :: surname
blanche {f} [music]  :: minim, half note
Blanche {prop}  :: given name
Blanche {f}  :: feminine noun of Blanc
blanchement {adv}  :: cleanly
blanchement {adv}  :: in clean clothes
Blanche-Neige {prop} {f}  :: Snow White
blanchet {adj}  :: whitish
blanchet {m}  :: A grey, woolen cloth
Blanchet {prop}  :: surname
Blanchette {prop}  :: surname
blancheur {f}  :: whiteness
blanchiment {m}  :: bleaching
blanchiment {m}  :: laundering (especially of money)
blanchiment {m}  :: blanking
blanchiment d'argent {m}  :: money laundering
blanchir {v}  :: to launder, wash
blanchir {v}  :: to make white; to whiten
blanchir {v}  :: to grow or become white
blanchir {v}  :: to blanch or bleach
blanchir {v} [money]  :: to launder
blanchissage {m}  :: laundering, laundry, washing
blanchissage {m} [ice hockey]  :: shutout
blanchissement {m}  :: washing
blanchissement {m}  :: whitening
blanchisserie {f}  :: laundry
blanchisseur {m}  :: laundry-worker
blanchisseuse {f}  :: laundress
blanchâtre {adj}  :: whitish
blanc-manger {m}  :: blancmange
blanc-seing {m}  :: signed (blank) document
blanc-seing {m} [figuratively]  :: carte blanche
blanc-étoc {m}  :: The total cutting-down of a forest, wood etc
blandice {f}  :: (almost exclusively in the plural) blandishment
Blandine {prop}  :: given name
bélandre {f} [nautical]  :: A type of flat-bottomed transport boat used on inland waterways
Bélanger {prop}  :: surname
blanquette {f} [uncountable]  :: A variety of white grapes
blanquette {f} [countable or uncountable]  :: The white sparkling wine produced from this grapevine
blanquette {f} [countable]  :: A type of summer white pear
blanquette {f} [countable or uncountable]  :: The first clear distillation of a brandy
blanquette {f} [countable or uncountable]  :: blanquette (white meat stew which is not browned)
blanquette {f} [uncountable, slang, popular]  :: silverware
blanquisme {m}  :: Blanquism
blanquiste {mf}  :: Blanquist
blanquiste {adj}  :: Blanquist
Bélarus {prop} {m}  :: Belarus
blasé {adj}  :: blasé, jaded
blasement {m}  :: blunting, dulling
blaser {v}  :: to blunt, dull
blason {m} [heraldry]  :: heraldry (as a field of study)
blason {m} [heraldry]  :: a coat of arms
blason {m} [heraldry]  :: blazon (description of a coat of arms)
blasonnement {m} [heraldry]  :: blazon (description of a coat of arms)
blasonner {vt}  :: to blazon
blasphémateur {m}  :: blasphemer
blasphématoire {adj}  :: blasphemous
blasphématrice {f}  :: feminine singular of blasphémateur
blasphème {m}  :: blasphemy
blasphémer {v}  :: to blaspheme
blaste {m} [cytology]  :: blast
blastocèle {f}  :: blastocoele
blastocyste {m}  :: blastocyst
blastoderme {m}  :: blastoderm
blastodisque {m}  :: blastodisk
blastogenèse {f}  :: blastogenesis
blastomère {m}  :: blastomere
blastomycose {f}  :: blastomycosis
blastoporale {adj}  :: blastoporal
blastopore {m} [embryology]  :: blastopore
blastula {f}  :: blastula
blatèrement {m}  :: grunt (or bleat) of a camel
blatérer {v}  :: to bleat (of a sheep, to make a sound)
blatérer {v}  :: to bray (of a camel, to make a sound)
blatte {f}  :: cockroach
blaugrana {adj}  :: of or relating to FC Barcelona, a football team from Barcelona
blazer {m}  :: blazer (jacket)
blèche {adj} [dated]  :: soft, pliable
blèche {adj} [slang]  :: ugly
blèche {adj} [slang, of food]  :: bad
blédard {adj}  :: foreign, especially North African
blédard {m}  :: An Immigrant from North Africa
blé d'Inde {m} [Quebec, food]  :: corn synonym of maïs
Bâle {prop} {f}  :: Basel [town in Switzerland]
Bâle {prop} {f}  :: Basel [former canton of Switzerland]
bled {m} [somewhat pejorative]  :: village
bleime {f}  :: an inflammation of a horses hoof
bêlement {m}  :: bleat, bleating
bélemnite {f}  :: belemnite
blende {m} [mineral]  :: blende
blennie {f}  :: blenny
blennorragie {f}  :: gonorrhea (STD)
blennorragique {adj}  :: gonorrheal
blennorrhée {f} [pathology]  :: blennorrhea
bêler {v}  :: to baa; to bleat (make cry of sheep)
blessé {adj}  :: injured, wounded
blessé {m}  :: injured (person), wounded (person)
blessant {adj}  :: wounding, offensive, hurtful
blesser {v}  :: to wound, to injure
blesser {v} [figuratively]  :: to hurt someone's feelings, to offend
blesser {vr}  :: to injure oneself
blessure {f}  :: wound
blet {adj}  :: overripe
blette {f}  :: Swiss chard
blettir {v}  :: To overripen
blettissement {m}  :: overripening
blettissure {f}  :: overripening
bleu {adj}  :: blue
bleu {adj} [of meat]  :: very rare, underdone
bleu {m}  :: the color blue
bleu {m}  :: blue cheese
bleu {m}  :: rookie, new recruit, raw recruit
bleu {m}  :: bruise
bleu {m} [billiards, snooker]  :: billiard chalk
bleu {m} [Canada]  :: a supporter of the Conservative Party
bleu, blanc et rouge {phrase}  :: The colors of the French flag
bleu, blanc et rouge {phrase} [Quebec]  :: Montreal Canadiens ice hockey club
bleu de Chartres {m} [colour, glassworking]  :: Chartres blue (a blue created for the stained glass windows of Chartres Cathedral, containing traces of red for enhancement.)
bleuet {m}  :: cornflower (flower)
bleuet {m} [Canada]  :: North American blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium)
bleuetière {f} [Quebec]  :: Place where blueberries are commercially grown
bleuir {vt}  :: to make blue, turn blue
bleuir {vi}  :: to turn blue, go blue
bleuissable {adj}  :: able to be made blue
bleuissement {m}  :: turning blue, blueing
bleusaille {f} [military, slang]  :: new recruit
bleuté {adj}  :: bluish (somewhat blue in colour/color)
bleuter {v}  :: synonym of bleuir
bleuâtre {adj}  :: bluish (somewhat blue in colour/color)
Bélial {prop}  :: Belial
bliaud {m}  :: bliaut
bliaut {m}  :: bliaut
Blida {prop}  :: Blida
blidéen {adj}  :: Of or from Blida
bélier {m}  :: ram (sheep)
bélier {m}  :: battering ram
Bélier {prop} {m}  :: Aries (constellation)
Bélier {prop} {m}  :: Aries (star sign)
Bélier {m}  :: Aries (someone with an Aries star sign)
blindé {adj} [military]  :: armoured, armour-plated; reinforced
blindé {adj}  :: hardened, immune
blindé {adj} [slang]  :: pissed, hammered
blindé {m} [military]  :: armored vehicle in general
blindage {m}  :: armour, armour plating
blinde {f} [military, historical, in the plural]  :: pieces of wood used as cover or protection
blinder {v}  :: to armor; to reinforce
blini {m}  :: blini
bélinogramme {m}  :: wirephoto, telephotograph (photographic image transmitted by wire)
bélinographe {m}  :: wirephoto, telephotograph equipment
bélière {f}  :: A ring that holds the clapper of a bell (or similar, dangling objects)
Blissenbach {prop}  :: A surname in use in France, most likey derived from the German surname of Blissenbach
blister {m}  :: blister pack
Béliveau {prop}  :: surname
bélizien {adj}  :: Belizean, of or pertaining to Belize state, the former British Honduras, its people and/or culture
bélizien {adj}  :: Belizean, of or pertaining to Belize, the capital the above was renamed after
Bélizien {m}  :: A Belizean, member or descendant of the people of Belize, either the former British Honduras or the city it was renamed after
Bélizienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Bélizien
blizzard {m}  :: blizzard
blâmable {adj}  :: blameworthy
blâmable {adj}  :: reprehensible
blême {adj}  :: pale, wan
blâme {m}  :: blame
blème {m} [slang]  :: problem, worry, trouble
blâmer {v}  :: to blame
blêmir {v}  :: to whiten; to become pale; to blanch
blêmissement {m}  :: whitening, blanching
blé noir {m}  :: buckwheat
BLOB {m} [databases]  :: BLOB
bloc {m}  :: a block (e.g., of wood)
bloc {m}  :: a bloc, an alliance
bloc {m}  :: a pad of paper
bloc {m} [computing]  :: block (of memory, of code)
Bloc {prop} [Canada, politics]  :: Bloc - Bloc Québécois (Bloc québécois)
blocage {m}  :: block (e.g. of traffic)
blocage {m}  :: block (act of physically blocking)
blocage {m}  :: block (obstruction)
blocage {m} [Internet]  :: block, blocking
blocage {m}  :: blockage
blocage {m}  :: locking (of brakes)
bloc de béton {m}  :: breeze-block (concrete masonry unit)
blochet {f}  :: railroad tie, sleeper
blockbuster {m}  :: blockbuster (film)
blockhaus {m}  :: log cabin
blockhaus {m}  :: blockhouse
bloc moteur {m}  :: engine block, cylinder block
bloc-note {m}  :: alternative spelling of bloc-notes
bloc-notes {m}  :: notebook (book)
Bloc québécois {prop} [Canada]  :: Bloc Québécois
blocus {m} [military]  :: blockade
blocus {m} [Belgium]  :: Holiday period in higher education allowing students preparation time for their exams; revision break
blog {m} [Internet]  :: blog
bloggeur {m}  :: A blogger
blogosphère {f}  :: blogosphere
blogue {m} [Internet]  :: blog
bloguer {v} [Internet]  :: to blog
blogueur {m}  :: blogger
blogueuse {f}  :: blogger (female)
bâlois {adj} [attributive]  :: of Basel, Basler
Bâlois {m}  :: Basler
Blois {prop}  :: A historic town in the Loir-et-Cher department of Centre-Val de Loire
Bâloise {f}  :: feminine singular of Bâlois
blond {adj}  :: pale golden-brown in colour, usually said of hair
blond {adj} [colloquial]  :: naïve
blond {m}  :: the colour blond; a golden-brown
blond {m}  :: someone with blond hair
blondasse {f} [pejorative]  :: blonde, dumb blonde
blonde {f}  :: blonde, female with blonde hair
blonde {f}  :: light beer
blonde {f} [Canada, colloquial]  :: girlfriend
Blondeau {prop}  :: surname
blondeur {f}  :: blondeness
blondine {f}  :: A blond (fair haired) female
blondinet {m}  :: blond boy; fair-haired boy
blondinette {f}  :: blonde (fair-haired girl)
blondir {v}  :: to dye blond
blondir {v} [cooking]  :: To brown (cook slightly to give some color)
blond vénitien {adj}  :: strawberry blonde
bloody mary {m}  :: bloody mary
bloomer {m}  :: bloomers
bélopérone {f}  :: shrimp plant
bloqué {adj}  :: blocked
bloquant {adj}  :: blocking
bloquer {v}  :: to block (physically), to barricade, to obstruct
bloquer {v}  :: to jam, to wedge, to fix in place
bloquer {v}  :: to freeze (e.g. prices)
bloquer {v}  :: to defeat
bloquer {v}  :: to block, to impede, to hinder
bloquer {vr} [of a computer program]  :: To freeze, to lock up
bloquer {vr}  :: To become jammed
bloquer {vr}  :: To retreat
bloqueur {m}  :: blocker
bloquiste {mf} [Canada, politics]  :: A member of the Bloc Québécois, a Bloquiste
bloquiste {adj} [Canada, politics]  :: Pertaining to the Bloc Québécois, Bloquiste
blottir {vp}  :: to snuggle, to huddle
bélouga {m}  :: alternative form of belouga
blousant {adj}  :: loose-fitting
blouse {f}  :: uniform or coat with buttons down the front
blouser {vt}  :: To bilk; to con
blouser {vi}  :: To blouse
blouson {m}  :: blouson
blépharite {f} [diseases]  :: blepharitis
blèsement {m}  :: alternative form of blésement
blésement {m}  :: lisping
bléser {v}  :: To lisp
blésité {f}  :: lisping
blésois {adj}  :: Of or from Blois
bélître {m}  :: A worthless person
bélître {m}  :: A rascal
bélître {m}  :: A beggar
bluejean {m}  :: blue jeans (denim trousers)
blues {m}  :: blues (music)
blues {m}  :: blues (depression)
bluette {f}  :: trifle (unimportant thing, especially a small, unpretentious book)
bluff {m} [chiefly card games]  :: bluff
bluffant {adj}  :: impressive
bluffer {v}  :: to bluff
bluffeur {m}  :: bluffer (one who bluffs)
bluffeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of bluffeur
béluga {m}  :: beluga (cetacean)
Blumenthal {prop}  :: surname
bluter {v}  :: to sift, to sieve
bôme {f} [nautical]  :: boom
bémol {m} [music]  :: flat, bemol
bémol {m} [figuratively]  :: dampener
bémoliser {v} [music]  :: To flatten
bémoliser {v}  :: To soften
Bn. {m} [music]  :: Bn. (bassoon)
bénard {adj}  :: ( of a lock) That can be opened from either side using the same key
bénarde {f}  :: A lock that can be opened from either side using the same key
bénédicité {m}  :: grace (short prayer before or after a meal)
Bénédicte {prop} {f}  :: given name, feminine of Benoît, cognate to Benedicta
bénédictin {adj}  :: Benedictine
bénédictin {m}  :: Benedictine (monk / nun)
bénédiction {f}  :: blessing (some kind of divine or supernatural aid, or reward)
bénédiction {f}  :: benediction
bénef {m} [colloquial]  :: benefit; profit
bénéfactif {m} [grammar]  :: the benefactive case
bénéfice {m}  :: benefit, advantage
bénéfice {m}  :: profit, earning
bénéficiaire {mf}  :: beneficiary, recipient (of a benefit)
bénéficiaire {adj}  :: beneficial
bénéficiairement {adv}  :: beneficially
bénéficial {adj}  :: beneficial (relating to a benefice)
bénéficier {v}  :: to benefit
bénéfique {adj}  :: beneficial, that which does good
bénignement {adv}  :: benignly
bénignité {f}  :: benignness
bénin {adj}  :: benign
Bénin {prop} {m}  :: Benin
béninois {adj}  :: Beninese (of or pertaining to Benin or its people or culture)
Béninois {m}  :: person from Benin
Béninoise {f}  :: feminine noun of Béninois
bénir {v}  :: to bless
bénisseur {adj}  :: benedictive
bénit {adj}  :: blessed
bénitier {m} [religion]  :: stoup, font
BNP {prop} {f} [initialism]  :: Banque National de Paris
bénévolat {m}  :: volunteering
bénévole {adj}  :: voluntary
bénévole {mf}  :: volunteer (someone who works voluntarily without payment)
bénévolement {adv}  :: voluntarily
bénévolence {f} [archaic]  :: benevolence
bénévoler {v} [rare]  :: To volunteer
bénévoler {v} [rare]  :: To be benevolent
BO {f}  :: initialism of bande originale; OST
boa {m}  :: boa (snake)
boa {m}  :: boa (scarf)
bob {m}  :: bucket hat, fishing hat
bobard {m} [colloquial, often, in plural]  :: fib (a more or less inconsequential lie)
bobèche {f}  :: candle-ring
bobèche {m}  :: clown
bobettes {fp} [Quebec]  :: briefs
bobeur {m}  :: A bobsledder
bobeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of bobeur
bobinage {m}  :: winding onto a bobbin
bobine {f}  :: bobbin
bobine {f}  :: reel, spool
bobine {f}  :: drum
bobine d'allumage {f}  :: ignition coil, spark coil
bobine de Ruhmkorff {f}  :: Ruhmkorff coil
bobiner {vt}  :: to wind onto a bobbin
bobinoir {m}  :: coil winder
bobo {m} [childish]  :: boo-boo (pain or injury)
bobo {mf}  :: bobo, boho
bobolais {adj}  :: From or relating to Bobo-Dioulasso
bobologie {f} [medicine]  :: Treatment of minor injuries such as scrapes and bruise
bobonne {f} [dated, colloquial]  :: dear, honey
bobonne {f} [dated, colloquial]  :: missus, wife, partner
bobsleigh {f}  :: bobsleigh
boc {m} [Norman dialect]  :: type of horse-drawn carriage
bocage {m}  :: grove
bocage {m}  :: mixed woodland and pasture
bocager {adj}  :: woodland (attributive)
bocagère {adj}  :: of the woodlands
bocal {m}  :: jar
bocal {m}  :: (fish) bowl
boche {mf} [pejorative]  :: Boche (German)
Boche {mf} [pejorative, slang, ethnic slur]  :: Kraut, Fritz
bock {m}  :: a beer glass having the capacity of approximately a quarter of a litre
bock {m}  :: the content of such a beer glass
bodybuilding {m}  :: bodybuilding
boeuf {m}  :: nonstandard spelling of bœuf
bof {interj}  :: so what, never mind, whatever, meh
bog {m} [ecology]  :: An ombrotrophic peatland
bogatyr {m}  :: bogatyr
bogey {m} [golf]  :: bogey
bogue {f}  :: the shell of chestnut
bogue {f}  :: a species of ray-finned fish, Leporinus obtusidens
bogue {f}  :: boxfish
bogue {m} [computing]  :: bug
boguet {m}  :: moped
boguey {m} [golf, Quebec]  :: bogey
bohème {adj}  :: Bohemian
bohème {mf}  :: a Bohemian
bohème {f}  :: the Bohemian lifestyle
bohême {m}  :: alternative form of bohème
Bohême {prop} {f}  :: Bohemia (A historical region in the west of Czech Republic.)
bohémien {m}  :: gypsy, Romani
bohémien {adj}  :: Bohemian (of or from Bohemia)
bohémienne {f}  :: (female) gypsy; Romani
bohémium {m}  :: bohemium
bohrium {m}  :: bohrium
Boileau {prop}  :: surname
boire {vit}  :: to drink
boire comme un trou {v} [simile]  :: To drink like a fish
boire le vin de l'étrier {phrase}  :: To have one for the road
bois {m}  :: wood (material)
bois {m}  :: wood, woodland
bois {m}  :: antler
bois {m}  :: woodwind
boisé {adj}  :: wooded
Boisclair {prop}  :: surname
bois d'oeuvre {m}  :: dimensional lumber, construction lumber
bois d'oeuvre {m} [Canada, politics]  :: softwood lumber
boisement {m}  :: afforestation
boiser {vt}  :: to panel [a room with wooden panels]
boiser {vt}  :: to afforest
boiser {vt} [tennis]  :: to hit the ball with the frame (wood) of the racket
boiserie {f}  :: panelling; wood trim
Bois-le-Duc {prop} {f}  :: 's-Hertogenbosch
boisseau {m}  :: bushel (measure and vessel)
boisseau {m}  :: hollow cylinder (of various types)
boisson {f}  :: drink (consumable liquid)
boisson {f}  :: drink (a serving of drink)
boite {f}  :: alternative spelling of boîte
boite à cigare {f}  :: alternative spelling of boîte à cigare
boite de réception {f}  :: alternative spelling of boîte de réception
boite à gants {f}  :: alternative spelling of boîte à gants
boitement {m}  :: limp (an irregular, jerky or awkward gait)
boite à outils {f}  :: toolbox (storage case for tools)
boite à outils {f} [Internet]  :: toolbox
boiter {v}  :: to limp (to walk lamely, as if favouring one leg)
boiterie {f}  :: limp
boiterie {f}  :: lameness
boiteux {adj}  :: lame, limping
boiteux {adj} [of furniture]  :: wobbly, shaky
boiteux {adj} [of ribbon, textiles]  :: embroidered on one side only
boiteux {adj} [of a phrase, sentence]  :: clumsy
boiteux {adj} [of peace, a truce]  :: unstable
boiteux {m}  :: cripple, lame person
boitier {m}  :: case
boitier {m} [computing]  :: package
boitiller {vi}  :: to hobble; to limp slightly
boko {m}  :: Boko language
Boko {prop} {m}  :: Boko (town in Burkina Faso)
Boko {prop} {m}  :: Boko (district in Republic of the Congo)
bol {m}  :: bowl
bol {m}  :: luck
bolchevik {adj}  :: alternative form of bolchévique
bolchevique {adj}  :: Bolshevik
bolchevique {mf}  :: Bolshevik
bolchevisation {f}  :: bolshevization
bolcheviser {v}  :: To bolshevize
bolchevisme {m}  :: Bolshevism
bolcheviste {mf}  :: Bolshevik
bolchévik {adj}  :: alternative form of bolchévique
bolchévique {adj}  :: Bolshevik
bolchévique {mf}  :: Bolshevik
bolchévisation {f}  :: alternative form of bolchevisation
bolchévisme {m}  :: alternative form of bolchevisme
bolchéviste {adj}  :: Bolshevist
bolée {f}  :: bowlful
bolet {m}  :: bolete (type of mushrooms)
bâoli {m}  :: stepwell
bolide {m}  :: fast racing car; speedster, high-powered car
bolide {m} [astronomy]  :: fireball
bolivar {m}  :: bolivar
bolivarianisme {m}  :: alt form bolivarisme
bolivarien {adj}  :: Bolivarian
bolivarisme {m}  :: Bolivarianism
bolivariste {mf}  :: Bolivarian
Bolivie {prop} {f}  :: Bolivia
bolivien {adj}  :: Bolivian (of or pertaining to Bolivia or its people or culture)
Bolivien {m}  :: Bolivian (Bolivian person)
Bolivienne {f}  :: Bolivian (female Bolivian person)
bollywoodien {adj}  :: Bollywoodian
bolognais {adj}  :: Bolognese
Bologne {prop}  :: Bologna (city in Italy)
Bologne {prop}  :: Bologna (province of Italy)
bolométrique {adj}  :: bolometric
bolon {m}  :: bolon (traditional harp)
bolon {m}  :: Bolon (language)
bolonais {adj}  :: of or from Bologna
Bolonais {m}  :: someone of or from Bologna
Bolonaise {f}  :: feminine singular of Bolonais
boléro {m} [uncountable]  :: bolero (music genre)
boléro {m} [countable and uncountable]  :: bolero (dance)
bombé {adj}  :: rounded, convex
bombage {m} [glassblowing]  :: bending
bombage {m}  :: swelling (especially of food containers)
bombage {m}  :: spray-painting, tagging
bombance {f}  :: feast
bombardement {m}  :: bombing, bombardment (action of setting off a bomb)
bombarder {v}  :: to shell, blitz
bombardier {m} [archaic]  :: artilleryman, bombardier
bombardier {m} [aircraft]  :: bomber
bombardier-torpilleur {m} [aircraft]  :: torpedo bomber
bombardon {m}  :: bombardon, certain bass instruments, notably a tuba
Bombay {prop}  :: Mumbai, Bombay
bombe {f}  :: bomb (a device filled with explosives)
bombe {f}  :: aerosol (either the substance or the container)
bombe {f} [colloquial]  :: a hottie, a bombshell
bombe {f}  :: globular glass vessel; demijohn, carboy
bombe {f}  :: bombe glacée, a frozen dessert consisting of two or more different kinds of ice cream, often with a light, frothy center made of eggs and sugar, frozen in a melon-shaped mold
bombe atomique {f}  :: atomic bomb (nuclear weapon)
bomber {vir}  :: to bulge
bomber {v} [figurative]  :: to cower, to bend
bomber {v} [colloquial]  :: to move, walk quickly
bomber {v} [colloquial]  :: to spray-paint (especially of taggers or graffiti artists)
bomber {m}  :: bomber jacket
bombe à retardement {f}  :: time bomb
bombeur {m}  :: tagger, graffiti artist
bombeuse {f}  :: feminine singular of bombeur
bombique {adj}  :: bombic
bombure {f}  :: bulge, camber
bombycique {adj}  :: bombycic
bon {adj}  :: good
bon {adj}  :: right, correct
bon {adj} [slang, slightly derogatory, of a woman]  :: sexy
bon {m}  :: voucher, ticket, coupon
bonace {f}  :: calmness, tranquility (especially before a storm or something of equal intensity)
bon an mal an {adv} [idiomatic]  :: year in, year out
bon an, mal an {adv} [idiomatic]  :: year in, year out
bon anniversaire {interj}  :: happy birthday
bon ap' {interj}  :: informal form of bon appétit
Bonaparte {prop}  :: Bonaparte
bonapartisme {m}  :: Bonapartism
bonapartiste {adj}  :: Bonapartist
bonapartiste {mf}  :: Bonapartist
bon appétit {interj}  :: bon appétit, enjoy your meal
bon après-midi {interj}  :: have a good afternoon (a phrase uttered upon a farewell)
bonasse {adj}  :: meek, easy-going, simple-minded
bonasse {adj} [colloquial]  :: sexy, hot
bonassement {adv}  :: meekly, simplemindedly
bonassement {adv}  :: sexily
bonbec {m} [colloquial]  :: sweet, bonbon, candy
bonbon {m}  :: sweet, candy
bonbon {adv} [slang]  :: expensive
bonbonne {f}  :: demijohn, carboy
bonbonne {f}  :: gas cylinder
bonbonnière {f}  :: candy box
bonbonnière {f} [figuratively, familiar]  :: small, exquisite house
bon chic bon genre {adj}  :: posh, bourgeois
bon chic bon genre {m}  :: taste, style
bon courage {interj}  :: good luck! (more idiomatically, take heart!)
bond {m}  :: jump, bound, leap
bond {m}  :: bounce
bondé {adj}  :: crowded, packed
bon débarras {interj}  :: good riddance
bonde {f}  :: a plug, a bung
bonder {v}  :: To fill up
bondien {adj}  :: Relating to James Bond
bondieuserie {f}  :: bondieuserie, religious knick-knack
bondir {v}  :: to bounce, spring, jump
bondissant {adj}  :: bouncing, jumping
Bondou {prop} {m}  :: Bondu (former state in present-day Senegal)
bondrée {f}  :: honey buzzard (of genus Pernis or Henicopernis)
bon enfant {adj}  :: good-natured
bongare {m}  :: krait
bongare fascié {m}  :: banded krait
bongare indien {m}  :: common krait
bonheur {m}  :: happiness
bonheur-du-jour {m} [historical, furniture]  :: bonheur du jour (lady's writing desk)
bonhomme {m}  :: fellow, chap
bonhomme {m} [Louisiana]  :: scarecrow
bonhomme de neige {m}  :: snowman
boniche {f}  :: alternative form of bonniche
Boniface {prop} {m}  :: given name of mainly historical use
bonifier {v}  :: to improve
boniment {m}  :: patter, pitch, spiel, sales talk
bonjeanie {f}  :: canary clover (Dorycnium hirsutum)
bonjour {m}  :: Salutation; hello
bonjour {interj}  :: Good day; good morning, good afternoon
bonjour {interj} [Québec]  :: goodbye
bonjour/hi {interj} [Montreal]  :: Good day
bon marché {adj}  :: cheap, inexpensive
bon mot {m}  :: witticism; literally, “good word”
bonnard {adj}  :: nice
bonnasse {f} [slang, slightly derogatory]  :: a hottie, a bombshell, a stunna
bonne {f}  :: maid
bonne année {interj}  :: Happy New Year
bonne après-midi {interj}  :: have a good afternoon (a phrase uttered upon a farewell)
bonne chance {interj}  :: good luck!
bonne continuation {phrase}  :: keep it up! carry on!
bonne femme {f} [colloquial, usually, ironic or endearing]  :: A woman, feminine of bonhomme
bonne fête {interj} [Quebec, Switzerland]  :: happy birthday
bonne journée {interj}  :: Have a nice day (a phrase uttered upon a farewell)
bonne-main {f} [Switzerland]  :: tip
bonne-maman {f}  :: granny, grandma
bonne matinée {interj}  :: Have a good morning (a phrase uttered upon a farewell)
bonnement {adv} [archaic]  :: really, exactly
bonnement {adv}  :: simply
bonne merde {interj} [vulgar]  :: break a leg! good luck!
bonne nouvelle {f} [Christianity]  :: good news
bonne nuit {interj}  :: good night (a phrase uttered upon a farewell)
bonne soeur {f}  :: nonstandard spelling of bonne sœur
bonne soirée {interj}  :: Have a good evening (a phrase uttered upon a farewell)
bonne sœur {f}  :: nun; sister
bonnet {m}  :: beanie
bonnet {m}  :: hat, cap
bonnet {m}  :: bonnet (for baby)
bonnet {m}  :: a knitted hat, usually woollen
bonnet {m}  :: cup (of bra)
bonnet de nuit {f}  :: nightcap (clothing)
bonnet de nuit {f} [colloquial]  :: wet blanket; killjoy
bonnet d'âne {m}  :: dunce cap
bonnet d'âne {m}  :: donkey ears
bonneteau {m}  :: three-card monte
bonneterie {f}  :: hosiery
bonneteur {m}  :: three-card trickster
bonnetier {m}  :: hosier
bonnet rouge {m} [historical]  :: A French revolutionary during the French Revolution
bonnet rouge {m} [historical, by extension]  :: Any revolutionary
bonnette {f}  :: windshield
bonne vivante {f}  :: bon vivant (female)
bonne volonté {f}  :: goodwill (favorably disposed attitude toward someone or something)
bonniche {f}  :: skivvy
bonobo {m}  :: bonobo
bon plan {m} [colloquial]  :: good deal; good idea
bon à rien {m}  :: good-for-nothing
bon rétablissement {interj}  :: Get well soon, a phrase indicating hope that the listener recovers from physical illness
bonsaï {m}  :: bonsai
bon sang {interj}  :: bloody hell, gosh
bon sens {m}  :: common sense (ordinary understanding)
bonsoir {interj}  :: good evening
bonté {f}  :: goodness, kindness
bon à tirer {adj}  :: Ready for press
bon à tirer {m}  :: Forthcoming book or manuscript
bonus {m}  :: premium
bonus {m}  :: bonus
bon vivant {m}  :: bon vivant
bon viveur {f} [obsolete]  :: synonym of bon vivant
bon voyage {interj}  :: bon voyage, have a good journey, have a good trip
bonze {m}  :: bonze, Buddhist priest
boo {m} [linguistics]  :: Boo
booker {v}  :: to book, reserve
bookmaker {m}  :: bookmaker (betting)
booléen {adj}  :: Boolean
boom {m}  :: boom (dramatically fast increase)
boombox {m}  :: boom box
boomerang {m}  :: boomerang
boostage {f}  :: boost, boosting
boqueteau {m}  :: copse
Boquériny {prop} {m}  :: Boccherini
boré {adj}  :: boron (attributive)
boracique {adj}  :: boracic, boric
borain {adj}  :: Of or from Borinage
boréal {adj}  :: boreal
borasse {m}  :: borassus palm
boraté {adj}  :: borated
borate {m}  :: borate
borborygme {m}  :: borborygmus
bord {m}  :: border, edge, limit ; boundary
bord {m}  :: side
bord {m}  :: rim
bord {m}  :: shore
bordé {adj} [heraldry]  :: bordered
bordeau {m}  :: alternative form of bordel
bordeaux {adj}  :: claret (colour)
bordeaux {m}  :: Bordeaux (wine)
Bordeaux {prop} {m}  :: Bordeaux
Bordeaux {prop} {m}  :: surname
bordel {m} [colloquial]  :: brothel
bordel {m} [slang]  :: bloody mess [UK], goddamn mess [especially US]
bordel {interj} [coarse, slang]  :: bloody hell! [UK], Christ almighty!
bordelais {adj}  :: from Bordeaux
Bordelais {m}  :: An inhabitant of Bordeaux
Bordelaise {f}  :: feminine noun of Bordelais
bordel de merde {interj} [vulgar]  :: fucking hell
bordement {m}  :: bordering
border {v}  :: to border (add a border to)
border {v}  :: to border (share a border with)
bordiguisme {m}  :: Bordigism
bordiguiste {adj}  :: Bordigist
bordélique {adj} [vulgar]  :: messed-up, chaotic
bordure {f}  :: border (the outer edge of something)
bordure {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: bordure
bore {m}  :: boron
borgne {adj}  :: one-eyed
borgne {adj} [architecture]  :: blind (used for windows or walls)
borgne {adj} [pejorative]  :: having a poor reputation
borgne {mf}  :: one-eyed person
borgésien {adj}  :: Borgesian (characteristic of Jorge Luis Borges)
borique {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: boric
borélien {adj} [maths]  :: borelian
borné {adj}  :: narrow
borné {adj}  :: narrow-minded
borné {adj}  :: (mathematics) bounded
bornage {m}  :: demarcation (of a boundary)
borne {f}  :: bollard such as those used to restrict automobiles off a pedestrian area
borne {f}  :: territorial boundary marker
borne {f}  :: territorial or geographical border
borne {f}  :: milestone such as those alongside a roadway
borne {f} [slang]  :: a kilometre
borne {f}  :: mark
borne {f}  :: machine
borne-abreuvoir {m}  :: a combination drinking fountain and fire hydrant; a fire hydrant with a drinking fountain attachment on it
borne d'incendie {f}  :: fire hydrant
borne-fontaine {f}  :: fire hydrant
borne électrique {m}  :: an electric charging post for a plug-in electric vehicle
borner {v}  :: to limit, confine
borner {vp}  :: to confine oneself (à faire to doing something)
borner {vp}  :: to content oneself
bornier {m}  :: terminal block
Bornéo {prop} {m}  :: Borneo
bornéol {m} [organic compound]  :: borneol
bornésite {f}  :: palm syrup from Borneo
borohydrure {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: borohydride
boromagnésite {f} [mineral]  :: boromagnesite
borosilicaté {adj}  :: borosilicate (attributive)
borosphérène {m}  :: borospherene
borroméen {adj}  :: Borromean
bortsch {m}  :: borscht
boruration {f}  :: boriding
borure {m}  :: boride
boscard {m} [obsolete]  :: A person who lives as a parasite of the rich or powerful
bosniaque {adj}  :: Bosnian (of or from Bosnia)
bosniaque {m}  :: Bosnian (language)
Bosniaque {mf}  :: Bosnian (someone from Bosnia)
Bosnie {prop} {f}  :: Bosnia
Bosnie-et-Herzégovine {prop} {f}  :: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnie-Herzégovine {prop} {f}  :: Bosnia and Herzegovina
bosnien {adj}  :: Bosnian (of, from or pertaining to Bosnia)
bosnien {m}  :: Bosnian (the language)
Bosnien {m}  :: Bosnian (someone from Bosnia)
Bosnienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Bosnien
boson {m} [particle]  :: boson
boson de Higgs {m} [particle]  :: Higgs boson
bosonique {adj} [physics]  :: bosonic
Bosphore {prop} {m}  :: Bosphorus (A strait that passes through Istanbul)
bosquet {m}  :: a clump of trees; a grove
boss {mf}  :: boss (leader)
bosse {f}  :: bump (small elevated level)
bosse {f}  :: hump (of e.g. a camel or zebu)
Bosse {prop}  :: surname
bosseler {vt}  :: to emboss
bosser {v} [slang]  :: to work (to do a task)
bosseur {adj}  :: hard-working
bosseur {m}  :: hard worker
bosseur {m}  :: swot
bossoir {m} [nautical]  :: davit
bossué {adj} [dated]  :: humped, bossed, lumpy
bossu {adj}  :: hunchback
bossu {m}  :: hunchback
bossue {f}  :: feminine noun of bossu
bostonien {adj}  :: Bostonian
Bostonien {m}  :: Bostonian
Bostonienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Bostonien
botanique {adj}  :: botanical (of or pertaining to botany)
botanique {f}  :: botany
botaniquement {adv}  :: botanically
botaniser {v}  :: to botanize
botaniseur {m}  :: botanizer
botaniseuse {f}  :: feminine noun of botaniseur
botaniste {mf}  :: botanist
boîte {f}  :: box (the container)
boîte {f}  :: club (nightclub)
boîte {f}  :: tin, can
boîte {f} [colloquial]  :: company, employer
boète {f}  :: box
boîte automatique {f} [automotive]  :: boîte de vitesses automatique - automatic transmission
boîte aux lettres {f}  :: mailbox
boîte à cigare {f}  :: cigar box (all meanings)
boîte CVT {f} [automotive]  :: boîte de vitesses à variation continue - continuously variable transmission
boîte de conserve {f}  :: can, tin (of food)
boîte de dépôt {f}  :: dropbox
boîte de nuit {f}  :: A nightclub
boîte de réception {f} [Internet]  :: inbox
boîte de vitesse {f}  :: alternative form of boîte de vitesses
boîte de vitesses {f} [automotive]  :: gearbox
boîte de vitesses automatique {f} [automotive]  :: automatic transmission
boîte de vitesses manuelle {f} [automotive]  :: manual transmission
boîte de vitesses à variation continue {f} [automotive]  :: continuously variable transmission
boîte à gants {f}  :: glove box
boîtelette {f}  :: little box
boîte manuelle {f} [automotive]  :: boîte de vitesses manuelle - manual transmission
boîte à musique {f}  :: music box
boîte à outils {f}  :: alternative form of boite à outils
boîte à suggestions {f}  :: suggestion box
Béotie {prop} {f}  :: Boeotia (a district in east central Central Greece)
Bœotie {prop} {f}  :: obsolete form of Béotie
béotien {adj}  :: philistine
béotien {adj}  :: Boeotian
béotien {m}  :: philistine
béotien {m}  :: Boeotian (dialect)
béotiennement {adv}  :: philistinely, tastelessly
boîtier {m}  :: alternative form of boitier
béotisme {m}  :: philistinism
botox {m}  :: Botox
botoxer {v}  :: To treat with Botox
Botswana {prop}  :: Botswana
botswanais {adj}  :: of or relating to Botswana
Botswanais {m}  :: person from Botswana
Botswanaise {f}  :: feminine noun of Botswanais
botté {adj}  :: Booted; wearing boots
botte {f}  :: boot (footwear)
botte {f}  :: something resembling a boot
botte {f} [figuratively]  :: oppression
botte {f} [polytechnic jargon]  :: the top of the class in polytechnic school
botte {f}  :: bunch, bundle (of flowers, vegetables)
botte {f}  :: bundle, sheaf (of grain)
botte {f}  :: bale (bundle of compressed wool or hay)
botte {f} [by extension]  :: fodder or feed for small livestock
botte {f}  :: a bundle of skeins
botte {f}  :: bunch (large amount of something)
botte {f} [colloquial]  :: sex, proposed to a woman by a man
botte {f}  :: bale (measurement of hay weighing 30-50 kg)
botte {f} [fencing]  :: thrust
botte {f} [nautical]  :: ton, register ton (unit of a ship's capacity equal to 100 cubic feet)
botte {f}  :: large barrel, cask
botte {f} [historical]  :: a former unit of measure: about 230 kilograms; about 500 pounds
botte {f} [historical]  :: a former unit of measure, varying with time and place: about 190 to 520 litres; about 50 to 140 US gallons
botter {v}  :: to kick
botter {v} [slang]  :: to please, to like
botterie {f}  :: A workshop crafting boots
botterie {f}  :: A shop selling boots
bottier {m}  :: bootmaker
bottillon {m}  :: ankle boot
bottin {m}  :: telephone directory, phone book
bottine {f}  :: (ankle) boot
bottière {f}  :: feminine noun of bottier
botulique {adj}  :: botulinic
botulisme {m}  :: botulism
bou {m}  :: type of Chinese tea
boubou {m}  :: boubou (African robe)
bouboule {m} [France, slang]  :: fatty; fat person
Boubou Macoutes {prop} {mp}  :: the popular nickname of special inspectors who knocked on doors of suspected welfare cheats in Quebec during the second government of Premier Robert Bourassa, in the 1990s
bouc {m}  :: buck (male goat)
bouc {m}  :: goatee
boucan {m} [colloquial]  :: racket, hubbub (loud and unpleasant noise)
boucane {f} [Quebec, Acadia]  :: smoke
boucane {f} [Quebec, Acadia]  :: steam
boucaner {v}  :: to smoke meat
boucanier {m}  :: buccaneer
boucaud {m}  :: synonym of crevette grise
bouchage {m}  :: plugging, blocking
bouchage {m}  :: blockage
Bouchard {prop}  :: surname
boucharde {f}  :: A bush hammer
boucharde {f}  :: A granulating roller used to add marking to cement
bouche {f}  :: mouth
bouchée {f}  :: mouthful
bouche bée {adv}  :: open-mouthed, agape
bouche à feu {f} [military]  :: cannon
bouche à oreille {m}  :: word of mouth; rumour
bouche à pipe {f} [slang]  :: mouth that often performs fellatio
boucher {m}  :: butcher
boucher {v}  :: to cork up
boucher {v}  :: to bung
boucher {v}  :: to block up
Boucher {prop}  :: surname
boucherie {f}  :: butchershop
boucherie {f}  :: butchery, butchering (profession of the butcher)
boucherie {f} [figuratively]  :: bloodbath, slaughter
Bouches-du-Rhône {prop}  :: Bouches-du-Rhône
bouchon {m}  :: cork, bung, stopper, plug
bouchon {m}  :: float (in angling)
bouchon {m}  :: traffic jam
bouchon {m} [computing]  :: dongle
bouchon {m}  :: (small) restaurant
bouchon {m} [colloquial]  :: kid, mite, munchkin
bouchonné {adj}  :: corky (wine)
bouchonner {vt}  :: to rub down
bouchot {m}  :: mussel bed (of vertical posts)
bouchère {f}  :: (female) butcher
bouchère {f}  :: butcher's wife
bouclé {adj}  :: curly
bouclage {m} [journalism]  :: the soft cut-off of a newspaper's edition grace period (ie. the time before stories / advertisements can no longer be accepted); the closing time;
bouclage {m}  :: cordon, block
boucle {f}  :: loop (line returning to its origin)
boucle {f} [jewellery]  :: earring
boucle {f}  :: buckle (of a belt, etc.)
boucle {f}  :: curl (of hair)
boucle {f}  :: ringlet
boucle {f} [graph theory]  :: loop
boucle {f} [figure skating]  :: loop jump
boucle {f} [aviation]  :: loop the loop (aircraft manoeuvre)
boucle d'oreille {f}  :: earring
boucle infinie {f} [programming]  :: infinite loop
boucler {vt}  :: to buckle (to fasten)
boucler {vt}  :: to curl (make curly)
boucler {vt}  :: to tie up (close, finish (e.g. an affair or case))
boucler {vt} [colloquial]  :: to shut
boucler {vi}  :: to curl up (become curly)
bouclette {f}  :: a small loop or buckle
bouclette {f}  :: (in particular) a small curl (of hair)
bouclier {m}  :: shield (anything which protects or defends)
bouc émissaire {m}  :: scapegoat (someone punished for someone else's error(s))
bouc-émissaire {m}  :: alternative form of bouc émissaire
bouddha {m}  :: buddha
Bouddha {prop} {m}  :: Buddha
bouddhique {adj}  :: Buddhist
bouddhisme {m}  :: Buddhism
bouddhiste {adj}  :: Buddhist
bouddhiste {mf}  :: Buddhist
bouder {v}  :: to sulk, to pout
bouder {vt}  :: to frown upon, to be discontented with
bouderie {f}  :: pouting
bouderie {f}  :: sulk
boudeur {adj}  :: sulky (gloomy)
boudin {m} [approximately]  :: blood sausage, black pudding
boudin {m}  :: (inflatable) tube, ring
boudin {m} [colloquial, pejorative]  :: fatty, lardy (person)
boudiné {adj}  :: podgy
boudiner {vt}  :: to contort into the shape of a sausage
boudin noir {m}  :: black pudding
boudoir {m}  :: boudoir
boudoir {m}  :: sponge, ladyfinger
Boudreau {prop}  :: surname
Boudreaux {prop}  :: surname
boue {f}  :: mud; dirt
bouée {f}  :: buoy (nautical: a moored float)
bouée {f}  :: rubber ring
boue rouge {f}  :: red mud
bouette {f} [Quebec]  :: mud
boueux {adj}  :: muddy
bouffable {adj} [rare, slang]  :: edible; eatable
bouffe {f} [slang]  :: grub (food)
bouffe {f}  :: singer of comic operas (bouffes)
bouffée {f}  :: puff (of wind, smoke and etc)
bouffée {f} [figurative]  :: surge, rush
bouffer {vti} [slang]  :: to eat
bouffer {vt} [slang, figuratively]  :: to eat, to worry
bouffer {vt} [slang]  :: to consume in excess
bouffer {vt} [slang]  :: to bash (criticise harshly)
bouffette {f}  :: tuft
bouffette {f}  :: rosette
bouffeur {m} [slang]  :: eater (person who eats)
bouffeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of bouffeur
bouffi {adj}  :: puffy
bouffi {adj}  :: swollen (with pride etc.)
bouffi {m} [colloquial]  :: fatty, porker
bouffir {v}  :: to cause to become swollen or puffy
bouffir {v}  :: to puff up
bouffissure {f} [symptom]  :: swollen flesh, intumescence (especially referring to soft swellings without redness)
bouffon {m}  :: fool (person who entertained a sovereign)
bouffon {m}  :: buffoon, fool (someone foolish)
bouffon {adj}  :: grotesque, silly, clownlike
bouffonne {f}  :: feminine noun of bouffon
bouffonnement {adv}  :: ridiculously, farcically
bouffonnement {adv}  :: stupidly, hilariously
bouffonnerie {f}  :: buffoonery
bouffonnerie {f}  :: farce
bougainvillée {f}  :: bougainvillea
bouge {m}  :: hovel; dive
bouge {m}  :: bulge, protuberance
bougeoir {m}  :: candlestick, sconce
bougeotte {f}  :: wanderlust; itchy feet
bouger {v}  :: to move
bougette {f} [obsolete]  :: budget (purse for carrying coins)
bougie {f}  :: candle
bougie {f}  :: spark plug
bougie à boule {f} [medicine]  :: A urological tool used to assess urethral diameter, that is ball- (or bulb-) tipped
bougnoule {mf} [ethnic slur]  :: wog; person of North African descent
bougon {adj}  :: grumpy, sullen
bougon {m}  :: grump, grumbler
bougonner {v}  :: to grumble (complain)
bougre {m} [colloquial]  :: chap, guy
bougre {m}  :: wretch (miserable, luckless person)
bougre {m}  :: imbecile; idiot (general pejorative)
bougre {m} [dated]  :: sodomite, bugger
bougre {m} [invariable, followed by 'de']  :: bloody (intensifier)
bougrement {adv}  :: much, many
bougresse {f}  :: trout (woman)
bouh {interj}  :: boo!
boui-boui {m}  :: low quality drinking establishment or café; greasy spoon
bouiboui {m}  :: alternative form of boui-boui
bouif {m} [slang]  :: cobbler, snobber
bouillabaisse {f}  :: a type of fish soup or stew which originates from Provence in France
bouillant {adj}  :: boiling (having reached boiling point)
bouillant {adj}  :: very hot
bouillaver {v} [slang]  :: To fuck
bouille {f} [colloquial, slang]  :: face
bouilleur {m}  :: boiler
bouilleur {m}  :: Formula One engine
bouilleur {m}  :: A person who distils spirits (at home)
bouillie {f} [culinary]  :: gruel; mash; porridge
bouillie {f} [by extension]  :: paste; mixture
bouillir {vi}  :: to boil (becoming boiling; reach boiling point)
bouillir {vt}  :: to boil (cause to boil)
bouillir {v} [figuratively]  :: to seethe
bouilloire {f}  :: kettle
bouillon {m}  :: broth (water in which food (meat or vegetable etc) has been boiled)
bouillon {m}  :: bubble rising from a boiling liquid
bouillon {m}  :: gulp of liquid which escapes forcefully
bouillon {m}  :: flesh rising on a fold
bouillon {m}  :: risen fold of cloth
bouillon {m}  :: unsold copies of a publication
bouillon {m}  :: simple restaurant, which originally served only bouillon
bouillonnant {adj}  :: bubbling, frothing
bouillonnement {m}  :: bubbling, boiling
bouillonnement {m}  :: ferment
bouillonner {v}  :: to bubble; to froth
bouillotte {f}  :: hot water bottle
boujadi {m} [Morocco]  :: inexperienced fool
boul. {m}  :: blvd. (boulevard)
boulaie {f}  :: birch orchard
boulanger {m}  :: baker
boulanger {v} [rare]  :: to prepare and bake bread
boulangerie {f}  :: bread shop; bakery
boulangisme {m}  :: Boulangism
boulangiste {adj}  :: Boulangist
boulangiste {mf}  :: Boulangist
boulangère {f}  :: feminine noun of boulanger
bouldozeur {m} [construction]  :: bulldozer
boule {f}  :: ball, globe
boule {f}  :: bowl (in the game of bowls)
boule {f}  :: scoop (of e.g. ice cream)
boule {f} [colloquial]  :: head or face
boule {f} [France, slang]  :: ball, testicle
boule {f} [Quebec, slang]  :: tit, breast
boule {m} [slang]  :: butt, bum, ass
bouleau {m}  :: birch tree
boule de cristal {f}  :: crystal ball
boule de démolition {f}  :: wrecking ball (heavy ball used in demolition)
boule de neige {f}  :: snowball
boule de neige {f} [plant]  :: (type of) viburnum
boule de quille {f}  :: bowling ball
bouledogue {m}  :: bulldog
boule puante {f}  :: stinkbomb
bouler {vi}  :: To inflate or swell up
bouéler {v} [Switzerland]  :: to complain
boulet {m}  :: cannonball
boulet {m}  :: ball and chain
boulet {m} [anatomy]  :: fetlock
boulet {m} [slang]  :: goof, goofball
boulette {f}  :: small ball
boulette {f}  :: dumpling
boulevard {m}  :: causeway
boulevard {m}  :: boulevard
boulevardier {adj}  :: boulevardier (attributive)
boulevardier {m}  :: boulevardier
bouleversant {adj}  :: upsetting
bouleverser {v}  :: to completely and drastically change, to overturn
bouleverser {v}  :: to shake, to cause a strong emotion
bouleverser {v}  :: to disorganize, to turn upside down
Boulibaba {prop} {m}  :: An unidentified West African settlement
Boulibané {prop} {m}  :: Bulibani (town of present-day Senegal)
boulier {m}  :: abacus (calculating frame)
boulier compteur {m}  :: abacus (calculating frame)
boulimie {f}  :: bulimia (bulimia nervosa - eating disorder)
boulimique {adj}  :: bulimic
bouline {f} [nautical]  :: bowline
boulingrin {m}  :: lawn
boulingrin {m} [sports]  :: lawn bowls
bouliste {mf}  :: bowler (person who plays boules)
bouloche {f} [chiefly in the plural]  :: pilling (of textile)
boulocher {vi}  :: to pill (of fabric, to make fluffy little balls by friction)
boulodrome {m}  :: bowling (pétanque) pitch (playing area)
Boulogne {prop}  :: Boulogne
boulon {m}  :: bolt (metal fastener)
boulonnais {adj}  :: of or from any of the French towns named Boulogne
Boulonnais {m}  :: A resident of Boulogne, a commune situated in the département of Vendée, France
Boulonnais {m}  :: A resident of Boulogne-Billancourt, a commune situated in the département of Hauts-de-Seine, France
Boulonnais {m}  :: A resident of Boulogne-sur-Gesse, a commune situated in the département of Haute-Garonne, France
Boulonnais {m}  :: A resident of Boulogne-sur-Helpe, a commune situated in the département of Nord, France
Boulonnais {m}  :: A resident of Boulogne-sur-Mer, a commune situated in the département of Pas-de-Calais, France
Boulonnais {m}  :: A resident of Boulon, a commune situated in the département of Calvados, France
Boulonnaise {f}  :: feminine noun of Boulonnais
boulonner {vt}  :: To bolt (on)
boulonner {vi}  :: To work hard
boulot {m} [colloquial]  :: work
boulot {m} [colloquial]  :: job
boulotter {v} [colloquial]  :: to eat, to consume
boulotteur {m} [colloquial]  :: an eater, someone who eats
boulu {adj}  :: curved, rounded
boum {interj}  :: boom (sound of explosion)
boum {f}  :: dance event
Boundou {prop} {m}  :: Bondu (former state in present-day Senegal)
bouque {f} [nautical]  :: canal, strait or similar narrow passage
bouquet {m}  :: bouquet, bunch
bouquet {m}  :: a set or selection of something
bouquet {m}  :: aroma, bouquet (scent of wine)
bouquetier {adj}  :: bouquet (attributive)
bouquetier {m}  :: vase
bouquetier {m}  :: flower seller (especially in the feminine)
bouquetin {m}  :: alpine ibex (Capra ibex)
bouquetière {f}  :: feminine singular of bouquetier
bouquin {m} [colloquial]  :: book
bouquin {m}  :: buck (male hare)
bouquin {m}  :: buck (male rabbit)
bouquin {m}  :: the part of a pipe carried in the mouth
bouquiner {v}  :: to read constantly (for pleasure)
bouquiniste {mf}  :: antique bookseller (seller of old and used books)
bourbachique {adj} [maths]  :: Bourbakian
bourbakisme {m}  :: Bourbakism
bourbe {f}  :: mire
bourbeux {adj}  :: muddy, miry
bourbier {m}  :: morass
bourbier {m}  :: quagmire
Bourbon {prop}  :: surname
Bourbon {prop}  :: Bourbon, a European dynasty that formerly reigned in France and now reigns in Spain
Bourbon {prop}  :: Bourbon-l’Archambault, a commune in France
bourdaine {f}  :: alder buckthorn (Frangula alnus)
bourde {f}  :: stumble, blunder, error
Bourdeau {prop}  :: surname
bourdon {m}  :: bumblebee (species of bee)
bourdon {m} [music]  :: drone
bourdon {m}  :: blues (feeling of sadness)
bourdonnant {adj}  :: buzzing
bourdonnement {m}  :: buzz, buzzing
bourdonnement {m}  :: drone, hum, humming
bourdonner {v}  :: to buzz, drone
bourg {m}  :: burg, market town
-bourg {suffix}  :: Placename suffix
bourgade {f}  :: village
bourgeois {adj}  :: bourgeois
bourgeois {m}  :: member of the middle class
bourgeois {m}  :: bourgeois
bourgeoisement {adv}  :: in a typically bourgeois way
bourgeoisie {f}  :: bourgeoisie
bourgeon {m}  :: bud (of plant)
bourgeonnant {adj}  :: budding
bourgeonnant {adj}  :: burgeoning
bourgeonner {v} [botany]  :: to bud (of plant, to sprout buds)
bourgeonner {v} [medicine]  :: to granulate; to have pimples, spots
bourgeron {m}  :: A type of short blouson
Bourges {prop}  :: A town in the Cher department of Centre-Val de Loire
bourgetesque {adj}  :: Relating to, or characteristic of French writer Paul Bourget
bourgetien {adj}  :: Relating to French writer Paul Bourget
bourgmestre {mf} [Belgium, Luxembourg]  :: a mayor
bourgogne {m}  :: burgundy (wine or colour)
Bourgogne {prop} {f}  :: Burgundy (region)
Bourgogne-Franche-Comté {prop}  :: An administrative region of eastern France formed by the amalgamation of Bourgogne and Franche-Comté
bourgue {m} [slang]  :: cash
bourguemaître {m}  :: mayor (in a German- or Dutch-speaking country)
bourguibien {adj}  :: Relating to Habib Bourguiba
bourguibisme {m}  :: Bourguibism
bourguignon {adj}  :: Burgundian
Bourguignon {m}  :: Burgundian
bourguignonne {f}  :: A part of the fontange, a particular hair-do (ribbons, wire and lace knotted in the hair) invented by the Duchess of Fontange (one of King Louis XIV’s mistresses in 1679-1680)
bourguignonne {f}  :: A wine cask (228 l), or a wine bottle (75 to 85cl)
Bourguignonne {f}  :: feminine noun of bourguignon. A woman born in Burgundy, or from a Burgundian family
Bouriatie {prop} {f}  :: Buryatia (Buryatia, Russia)
bourlet {m} [obsolete]  :: alternative form of bourrelet
bourlinguer {vi} [nautical]  :: to tack against the wind
bourlinguer {vi}  :: to roam, get about
bourlingueur {m} [nautical]  :: A sailor who would go to sea even in dangerous conditions
bourlingueur {m}  :: globetrotter
bourlingueuse {f}  :: feminine singular of bourlingueur
bouroundais {adj}  :: alternative spelling of burundais
Bouroundais {m}  :: alternative spelling of Burundais
Bouroundaise {f}  :: feminine noun of Bouroundais
Bouroundi {prop} {m}  :: Burundi (country)
Bourque {prop}  :: surname
bourré {adj}  :: Stuffed or filled to the very limit
bourré {adj} [colloquial]  :: Drunk
bourrache {f} [botany]  :: borage (Borago officinalis)
bourrade {f}  :: thump, clobbering (aggressive hit)
bourrage {m}  :: stuffing
bourrage de crâne {m}  :: the pro-war propaganda used during World War 1 in France designed to maintain morale of the local population
bourrage de crâne {m}  :: brainwashing
bourrasque {f}  :: blast, gust of wind; squall
bourratif {adj} [of food, colloquial]  :: filling, stodgy
bourré comme un coing {adj} [slang]  :: Very drunk; pissed as a newt; drunk as a skunk
bourré à craquer {adj} [idiomatic]  :: full to the brim, bursting at the seams
bourre {f} [uncountable]  :: Any material used for stuffing
bourre {f}  :: Tufts or masses of hair removed from the skin of short-haired animals before tanning
bourre {f} [textile, uncountable]  :: Waste from hackling or spinning of wool or silk; linters, flock
bourre {f} [uncountable]  :: Down or floss on plants, especially buds; burr
bourre {f}  :: A wad for use in firearms or cannons
bourre {f} [slang, dated]  :: A cop
bourrée {f} [music]  :: bourrée
bourrée {f} [now rare]  :: faggot (bundle of sticks); torch
bourreau {m}  :: torturer
bourreau {m}  :: executioner, hangman (the person)
bourreau {m}  :: individual who lives extravagantly
bourreau de travail {m}  :: workaholic
bourrelé {adj}  :: remorseful
bourrelet {m}  :: padding
bourrelet {m}  :: roll of fat
bourrelet {m} [firearms]  :: bourrelet
bourrelier {m}  :: saddler, harnessmaker
bourrer {vt}  :: to stuff with stuffing material
bourrer {vt}  :: to completely fill by shoving in
bourrer {vt}  :: to make to eat a lot
bourrer {vt}  :: to force-feed
bourrer {vt} [slang]  :: to hit someone
bourrer {vp} [slang]  :: to get drunk
bourrer {vp} [slang]  :: to binge
bourrer {vi}  :: to jam by way of excessive accumulation
bourrer {vi} [colloquial]  :: to rush
bourrer le crâne {v} [idiomatic]  :: to fill someone's head with nonsense
bourrer le crâne {v} [idiomatic]  :: to brainwash, indoctrinate
bourriche {f}  :: hamper
bourricot {m}  :: small donkey
bourride {f}  :: bourride
Bourrienne {prop} {m}  :: Louis Antoine Fauvelet de Bourrienne, a French diplomat
bourrique {f}  :: she-ass
bourru {adj}  :: surly; gruff
bourse {f} [obsolete]  :: purse
bourse {f}  :: money
bourse {f}  :: financial grant
bourse {f}  :: bourse, stock exchange
bourse {f} [in plural]  :: the scrotum
bourse {f} [in plural, slang]  :: balls
bourse-à-pasteur {f}  :: shepherd's purse
bourser {v}  :: alternative form of bercer
boursette {f} [dated]  :: shepherd's purse
boursette {f} [dated, music]  :: a small leather pocket in the wind chest of an organ
boursicoter {vi}  :: to dabble on the stock market
boursicoteur {m}  :: One who dabbles in the stock market
boursier {adj} [finance]  :: stock, relating to the financial markets
boursier {m}  :: grantee, scholarship beneficiary, recipient of a bursary
boursier {m}  :: stock broker
boursier {m}  :: purse maker
boursière {f}  :: feminine noun of boursier
boursouffler {v}  :: alternative spelling of boursoufler
boursouflé {adj}  :: blistered
boursouflé {adj}  :: puffy, bloated
boursouflement {m}  :: swelling
boursouflement {m}  :: blistering
boursoufler {vt}  :: To swell, inflate
boursoufler {vr}  :: To become swollen or bloated; to blister
boursouflure {f}  :: swelling
boursouflure {f}  :: blister
boursouflure {f}  :: pomposity
bousard {m}  :: (especially in plural) deer droppings
bousculade {f}  :: bustle, crush
bousculade {f}  :: stampede
bousculer {v}  :: to shove, to bump into, to jostle
bouse {f}  :: dung
bouse {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: water-bouget
bousier {m}  :: dung beetle
bousiller {v} [colloquial]  :: to wreck, smash up
bousiller {v} [colloquial]  :: to botch, screw up
bousin {m}  :: the 'soft crust' a stone has when it is taken out of a quarry
boussole {f}  :: compass (navigational tool)
bout {m}  :: end, extremity, tip (of a physical object)
bout {m}  :: bit, piece, scrap
bout {m} [nautical]  :: rope
boutade {f}  :: caprice, whim
boutade {f}  :: quip, joke
boutant {adj}  :: abutting
bouteille {f}  :: bottle (the container)
bouter {v} [dated]  :: to push
bouter {v} [dated]  :: to remove flesh from the skin of an animal
bouter {v} [dated]  :: to pin, to nail
Boutin {prop}  :: surname
boutiquaire {adj}  :: shopping (attributive)
boutique {f}  :: (small) shop; boutique
boutiquier {m}  :: shopkeeper
boutiquière {f}  :: shopkeeper (female)
boutoir {m} [zoology]  :: snout
bouton {m}  :: button
bouton {m} [botany]  :: bud
bouton {m}  :: pimple, spot, zit
bouton de fièvre {m}  :: cold sore
bouton d'or {m}  :: buttercup
bouton-d'or {m}  :: alternative spelling of bouton d'or
boutonnage {m}  :: buttoning up
boutonnage {m}  :: a group of buttons on clothing
boutonner {v}  :: to button (to fasten with a button)
boutonneux {adj}  :: spotty
boutonneux {adj}  :: pimpled
boutonnière {f}  :: A boutonniere
bouton-pression {m}  :: snap fastener, snap button
bouture {f} [horticulture]  :: cutting
bouturer {v}  :: to stick (propagate plants by cuttings)
bouvier {m}  :: drover
bouvier {m}  :: cattle dog
Bouvier {prop} {m}  :: Boötes (a constellation)
Bouvier {prop} {m}  :: surname
bouvière {f}  :: (female) cowherd
bouvière {f}  :: bitterling (21 species of fish within the genus: Rhodeus)
bouvreuil {m}  :: bullfinch
bouziller {vt}  :: alternative form of bousiller
bouzouki {m} [musical instruments]  :: bouzouki
bovidé {m}  :: bovid
bovin {adj}  :: bovine
bovinement {adv}  :: bovinely
bovinement {adv}  :: sluggishly
bowling {m}  :: bowling
bowling {m}  :: A place where one can play bowling
box {m}  :: stall (for a horse), loose box
box {m}  :: compartment, cubicle
box {m}  :: garage, lock-up (for a car)
box {f}  :: Electronic equipment used for internet access (component of the digital subscriber line technology)
box-calf {m}  :: box calf
boxe {f}  :: boxing (sport)
boxer {m}  :: boxer (dog)
boxer {m}  :: boxer shorts, boxers
boxer {m}  :: boxer (engine)
boxer {v}  :: to box
boxeur {m}  :: boxer (participant in boxing)
boxeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of boxeur
box-office {m}  :: box office
boxon {m} [slang]  :: whorehouse
boy {m} [now, historical, offensive]  :: boy (non-white male servant)
boyasse {f} [slang]  :: belly
boyau {m} [anatomy]  :: gut, intestine (of an animal, or, informally of a human)
boyau {m}  :: catgut, gut
boyau {m} [military]  :: communication trench, boyau
boycott {m}  :: boycott
boycottage {m}  :: boycott
boycotter {v}  :: to boycott
boycotteur {m}  :: boycotter
boycotteuse {f}  :: feminine noun of boycotteur
Boyer {prop}  :: surname
BPA {m} [organic compound]  :: abbreviation of bisphénol A - BPA
bépo {m}  :: The French equivalent of the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard
BPS {initialism} [chemistry]  :: BPS ; initialism of bisphénol S
B. Q. {abbr}  :: alternative form of BQ
BQ {initialism} [initialism, Canada, politics]  :: Bloc Québécois - a political party of Canada
B.Q. {abbr}  :: alternative form of BQ
béquée {f}  :: beakful
béquer {v}  :: alternative form of becquer
béquet {m}  :: becket
béqueter {v}  :: alternative form of becqueter
béquillard {m}  :: A person who walks with the aid of a crutch (or crutches)
béquillarde {f}  :: feminine singular of béquillard
béquille {f} [cycling]  :: kickstand
béquille {f}  :: crutch (device to assist in motion as a cane)
béquiller {v}  :: To walk with the aid of crutches
béquiller {v}  :: To lower the kickstand of a motorcycle; to prop up a motorcycle on its kickstand
brabançon {adj}  :: pertaining to, or from Brabant
Brabant {prop}  :: Brabant
Bérabich {m}  :: Berber
bracelet {m}  :: bracelet
brachial {adj}  :: brachial
brachiosaure {m}  :: brachiosaur
brachylogie {f} [rhetoric]  :: brachylogy
brachypode {m}  :: brachypodium (of genus Brachypodium)
brachyœsophage {m} [medicine]  :: Brachyesophagus; brachyoesophagus; brachyœsophagus
braconnage {m}  :: poaching (illegal hunting)
braconner {v}  :: to poach (hunt clandestinely)
braconnier {m}  :: poacher
braconnière {f}  :: feminine noun of braconnier
bractée {f} [botany]  :: bract
brader {v}  :: to sell at cut-price, to sell in a sale
brader {v}  :: to sell off
brader {v}  :: to sell down the river
braderie {f}  :: A clearance sale
bradycardie {f}  :: bradycardia
bradyonique {adj} [physics]  :: bradyonic
braguette {f}  :: fly, flies (in trousers)
braguette {f} [historical]  :: codpiece
brahmane {m}  :: brahmin
brahmanisme {m}  :: Brahmanism
brai {m}  :: pitch (dark, extremely viscous material made by distilling tar)
braiement {m}  :: alternative spelling of braiment
braies {fp} [historical]  :: breeches
braillard {adj}  :: bawling, yelling
braillement {m}  :: bawling, yelling
brailler {v}  :: to holler, yell
brailler {v}  :: to bawl
braiment {m}  :: bray (sound made by a donkey/ass)
braire {v}  :: bray (to make the cry of a donkey)
braire {v} [figuratively, by extension]  :: to shout
braire {v} [Belgium, Northern France, figuratively, by extension]  :: to cry, to weep
braire {m} [obsolete]  :: bray (noise made by a donkey)
braise {f} [singular or plural]  :: embers
braise {f} [slang]  :: cash, dough
braiser {v} [cooking]  :: to braise
braîment {m}  :: obsolete spelling of braiment
bramer {v}  :: to bellow
bramer {v}  :: to troat (make the cry of a deer)
branaire {adj} [physics]  :: brane (attributive)
brancard {m}  :: shaft (of wagon, cart etc.)
brancard {m}  :: stretcher
brancarder {v}  :: to stretcher (carry on a stretcher)
brancardier {m}  :: stretcher-bearer
brancardière {f}  :: feminine noun of brancardier
branché {adj}  :: trendy, à la mode
branchage {m} [chiefly in the plural]  :: branch(es), bough(s)
branche {f}  :: branch (of tree)
branche {f}  :: branch (of an organization)
branchement {m}  :: connection
branchement {m}  :: plugging in, linking up
brancher {v}  :: to connect (appliance)
brancher {v} [computing]  :: to branch
branchial {adj}  :: branchial
branchie {f} [animal anatomy]  :: gill
branchu {adj} [botany]  :: branchy
branchu {adj}  :: branching
branco {m} [military, colloquial]  :: stretcher-bearer
brand {m} [archaic]  :: a sword
Brandebourg {prop} {m}  :: Brandenburg (region of Germany, formerly a principality and presently a state)
Brandebourg {prop} {m}  :: Brandenburg (a city, the historical capital of the region)
brandebourgeois {adj}  :: Pertaining to, or from Brandenburg
brandestoc {m} [weapons]  :: brandistock
brandevin {m}  :: brandy, brandywine
brandir {v}  :: to brandish (a weapon)
brandon {m}  :: firebrand; torch made of twisted straw
brandon {m}  :: loose, burning material from a fire
brandon {m} [figuratively]  :: firebrand (someone or something that is a source of trouble)
brandon {m}  :: straw at the end of a staff placed at the corner of a field to indicate the juridical seizure of a crop
branduit {m}  :: A genericised trademark, or a design that has become inseparable from a particular brand
Bérangère {prop} {f}  :: given name, variant of Bérengère
branlage {f} [vulgar, slang]  :: wank
branlant {adj}  :: unstable, wobbly and rickety
branle {m}  :: shake (act of shaking)
branle {m} [slang]  :: wank (act of masturbating)
branlée {f} [France, colloquial]  :: beating, hiding, thrashing
branlée {f} [by extension]  :: drubbing (heavy defeat)
branle-bas {m} [archaic]  :: The taking down of hammocks in a ship
branle-bas {m} [idiomatic]  :: commotion; hoo-ha
branler {vt}  :: to shake
branler {vt}  :: to touch (some work)
branler {vt} [vulgar, slang]  :: to do
branler {vt} [vulgar, slang]  :: to masturbate (another person)
branler {vr} [vulgar, se branler]  :: to masturbate
branlette {f} [vulgar, slang]  :: wank (act of masturbation)
branleur {m} [vulgar, slang]  :: wanker
branleuse {f}  :: feminine noun of branleur
branlocher {vt}  :: to shake, wobble slightly
branlocher {vr} [vulgar, slang]  :: to masturbate
braquage {m} [colloquial, uncountable]  :: robbery (especially armed robbery)
braquage {m} [colloquial, countable]  :: a hold-up; raid
braquer {v}  :: to point (a gun, camera etc.) (sur, vers at)
braquer {v}  :: to turn (one's eyes) (sur, vers on)
braquer {v}  :: to make a hard turn, turn hard
braquer {v} [colloquial]  :: to stick up, rob (a bank)
braquet {m}  :: gear ratio (especially on a bicycle)
braqueur {m}  :: robber (especially, an armed robber)
braqueuse {f}  :: feminine noun of braqueur
bras {m}  :: arm
brasé {adj}  :: soldered
brasage {m}  :: soldering, brazing
bras de fer {m}  :: arm wrestling
bras de fer {m}  :: showdown
bras dessus, bras dessous {adv}  :: arm in arm
bras d'honneur {m}  :: bras d'honneur
braser {vt}  :: to weld or braze
brasero {m}  :: brazier
brasier {m}  :: inferno, large fire
brassage {m}  :: brewing of beer
brassage {m} [figuratively]  :: intermingling of different peoples, cultures and ideas
brassard {m}  :: armguard, brassard
brassard {m}  :: armband
brassard {m}  :: bracer
brasse {f}  :: fathom (unit of measure)
brasse {f} [swimming]  :: stroke
brasse {f} [swimming]  :: breaststroke
brassée {f}  :: armful
brasser {v}  :: to brew [beer]
brasser {v} [culture]  :: to intermingle
brasserie {f}  :: brewery (place where beer is brewed)
brasserie {f}  :: brewery (beer-producing company)
brasserie {f}  :: brasserie [restaurant]
brasseur {m}  :: brewer
brasseuse {f}  :: feminine noun of brasseur
brassicole {adj}  :: brewing (attributive)
brassique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: brassic
brassière {f}  :: A child's vest
brassière {f}  :: (Maritime): A life jacket
brassière {f}  :: The use of this word, notably in Quebec French, in the sense of the English brassiere is an anglicism, and a back-formed false friend.
brasure {f}  :: soldering
brasure {f}  :: solder
bravache {adj}  :: exhibiting bravado
bravache {adj}  :: bullying
bravache {m}  :: bravado
bravache {m}  :: bully; braggart
bravacherie {f}  :: braggadoccio
bravacherie {f}  :: bravado
bravade {f}  :: (act of) bravado
brave {adj}  :: brave
brave {adj}  :: honest
brave {m}  :: hero
bravement {adv}  :: bravely
braver {vt}  :: to challenge, defy
braver {vt}  :: to brave
braver {vt}  :: to flout, pay no heed to (someone's opinion, hostility, etc.)
bravo {interj}  :: bravo!, hear, hear!, well said!, well done!
bravo {m} [in the plural]  :: applause, cheers
bravo {m}  :: swordsman
bravoure {f}  :: bravery, courage
braye {f}  :: daub, mud
brayer {v}  :: To coat with pitch
brayer {m} [surgery]  :: truss
brayette {f}  :: fly (front slit-like opening of underpants)
Braz {prop} {m}  :: District of São Paulo, Brazil (Brás in Portuguese)
brèche {f}  :: gap, hole
brèche {f} [military]  :: breach
break {m}  :: break (pause, holiday)
break {m} [tennis]  :: break (of serve)
break {mf} [automotive]  :: estate car, station wagon
breakdance {m}  :: breakdancing (style of dance)
breaker {m}  :: circuit breaker
breaker {v} [tennis]  :: To break (win a game when receiving)
Breaux {prop}  :: surname
brebis {f}  :: ewe
brebis {f} [in the plural, religion]  :: flock
brebis galeuse {f} [figuratively]  :: black sheep
bredouille {adj}  :: empty-handed
bredouille {f}  :: a token used to mark points in a game of trictrac
bredouiller {vit}  :: to stammer, to mumble
bredouilleur {m}  :: stammerer
bredouilleur {m}  :: mumbler
bredouilleuse {f}  :: feminine noun of bredouilleur
bref {adj}  :: brief (of short duration)
bref {adv}  :: in short, in brief, briefly
brelan {m} [card games]  :: Three of a kind, gleek
breloque {f}  :: charm (for bracelet)
Bérengère {prop} {f}  :: given name
bressan {adj}  :: Pertaining to, or from Bresse
brestois {adj}  :: of or from Brest
Brestois {m}  :: someone from Brest
Brestoise {f}  :: feminine noun of Brestois
béret {m}  :: beret
Bretagne {prop} {f}  :: Brittany, a region in North-West France
bretelle {f}  :: strap
bretelle {f}  :: sling
bretelle {f}  :: braces (UK), suspenders (US)
bretelle {f}  :: slip road; access road; ramp
breton {adj}  :: Breton (of or relating to Brittany, its language or people)
breton {m}  :: the Breton language
Breton {m}  :: Breton (inhabitant of Brittany)
bretonnant {adj}  :: Breton-speaking
Bretonne {f}  :: feminine noun of Breton
bretonner {v}  :: To talk or speak Breton
bretonner {v}  :: To talk or speak incomprehensibly
brette {f}  :: rapier, (type of) long sword
breuil {m}  :: copse
breuvage {m} [literary or humorous]  :: beverage
breuvage {m} [standard in Quebec]  :: beverage
breuvage {m}  :: concoction, potion
brevet {m} [legal]  :: a patent
breveté {adj}  :: patented
breveté {adj}  :: qualified
brevetable {adj}  :: patentable
brevetage {m}  :: patenting
breveter {vt}  :: to patent
Brexit {prop} {m}  :: Brexit
bréhaigne {adj} [of animals or jocular, colloquial of people]  :: sterile
bribe {f} [obsolete]  :: crumb (of bread)
bribe {f}  :: scrap, bit
béribéri {m} [pathology]  :: beriberi
Brice {prop}  :: given name
Brice {prop}  :: surname
brick {m} [nautical]  :: A brig, a two-masted vessel type
brick {m}  :: A fritter with a filling
bricolage {m}  :: DIY, do-it-yourself
bricole {f} [medicine]  :: sling
bricole {f} [colloquial]  :: trifle
bricole {f}  :: a type of medieval catapult
bricole {f} [military]  :: a munitions store
bricoler {vi}  :: to do DIY
bricoler {vt}  :: to tinker (to fiddle with something in an attempt to fix, mend or improve it)
bricoleur {adj}  :: skillful, handyman-like, able to DIY
bricoleur {m}  :: tinkerer
bricoleur {m}  :: handyman
bricoleuse {f}  :: feminine noun of bricoleur
bridé {m} [pejorative, ethnic slur]  :: slant; slope; a person of East Asian descent
bridage {m}  :: limiting / governing the speed of a motor
bride {f} [horsemanship]  :: bridle
bride {f}  :: strap
bride {f}  :: loop (of a button); bride (of lace)
bride {f} [medicine]  :: adhesion
bride {f}  :: flange
bridée {f} [pejorative, ethnic slur]  :: feminine noun of bridé, female slant, a woman of East Asian descent
brider {v}  :: to bridle; bridle up (attach a bridle to)
brider {v}  :: to curb; control; put on a leash
brider {v} [cooking]  :: To truss (in cooking, to put string around meat, so it keeps its shape when cooking)
brider {v} [of clothing]  :: To choke (be too tight)
brider {v}  :: to choke (a motor)
bridge {m} [card games]  :: bridge
bridge {m} [dentistry, France]  :: bridge
bridger {vi}  :: to play bridge (the card game)
bridgeur {m}  :: bridge player
bridgeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of bridgeur
brie {m}  :: brie
briefing {m}  :: briefing
Brieux {prop}  :: surname
brigade {f} [military]  :: brigade
brigade {f}  :: brigade (group, organization)
brigadier {m}  :: brigadier (military)
brigadière {f}  :: feminine noun of brigadier
brigand {m} [pejorative]  :: thief
brigandage {m}  :: robbery or other violent crime carried out by a group
brigandage {m}  :: bribery, extortion
brigantin {m}  :: brig (two-masted vessel)
brigantine {f}  :: trapeze-shaped type of sail
Brigitte {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Bridget
briguer {vt}  :: to crave, to have one's eyes on
brillable {adj}  :: Shinable, that can be shone
brillamment {adv}  :: brilliantly, superbly
brillamment {adv}  :: shiningly
brillance {f}  :: shininess
brillance {f}  :: brightness
brillant {adj}  :: shining; shiny
briller {vi}  :: to shine, to sparkle
brimade {f}  :: A hazing, some test which seniors impose on newbies in (para) military units, school, etc. by way of initiation
brimade {f}  :: A punishment which an educator imposes on a child, consisting in some privation
brimade {f}  :: A measure or treatment which is pointlessly hurtful
brimbaler {v}  :: alternative form of bringuebaler
bérimbau {m} [musical instruments]  :: alternative spelling of berimbau
brimer {vt}  :: to bully; to mistreat
brimeur {m}  :: bully (person who bullies)
brimeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of brimeur
brin {m}  :: blade (of grass)
brin {m}  :: sprig, twig
brin {m}  :: wisp, strand (of hair, fibre etc.)
brin {m} [figuratively]  :: ounce, bit, hint
brinde {f} [dated, rare]  :: toast (a salutation while drinking alcohol)
brindille {f}  :: twig
bringelle {f} [Réunion]  :: eggplant
bringue {f}  :: binge (drunken celebration)
bringuebaler {vt}  :: to sound, ring, chime, ding [bells or a bell]
bringuebaler {vi} [of bells]  :: to ring, sound, chime
bringuebaler {vt}  :: to rattle
bringuebaler {vi}  :: to rattle
bringuebaler {vi}  :: to rattle along, rattle about (move, making a rattling or jolting sound)
brinquebaler {v}  :: alternative form of bringuebaler
brio {m}  :: brilliance, panache
brio {m} [music]  :: con brio
brioché {adj}  :: brioche style
brioche {f} [culinary]  :: brioche, kind of pastry consisting of two balls, the lower one being bigger
brione {f}  :: bryony
brionine {f}  :: bryonin
brioso {adv} [music]  :: in a lively style
brique {f}  :: brick (hardened block used for building)
brique {f}  :: carton box (food packaging)
briquer {vt}  :: to scrub, polish
briquet {m} [obsolete]  :: frizzen
briquet {m}  :: (cigarette) lighter
briquet {m} [zoology]  :: beagle
briquet {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: firesteel
briqueterie {f}  :: brickyard
brisable {adj}  :: breakable (capable of being broken)
brisant {m}  :: reef
brisant {m}  :: breaker (wave)
briscard {m} [military]  :: veteran (person who used to be a soldier)
briscard {m}  :: old fox (crafty person)
brise {f}  :: breeze
brise-glace {m}  :: icebreaker (ship)
brise-lames {m}  :: breakwater (construction in or around a harbour)
brisement {m}  :: breaking up
briser {vt}  :: To break; snap
briser {vr} [se briser]  :: To become broken; snap
briser la glace {v}  :: to break the ice
briser les couilles {v} [idiomatic]  :: alternative form of casser les couilles
briseur {m}  :: breaker (one that breaks)
briseur de grève {m}  :: strikebreaker
briseuse {f}  :: feminine noun of briseur
briseuse de grève {f}  :: feminine singular of briseur de grève
brisque {f}  :: a specific card game
brisque {f}  :: in the French army, a chevron (symbol) worn on the sleeve as a sign of experience
bristol {m}  :: Bristol board
bristol {m}  :: visiting card
bristolien {adj}  :: Bristolian
brisure {f}  :: chip (small broken piece of material)
britannique {adj}  :: British
Britannique {mf}  :: Briton (someone from Britain)
Britannique {mf}  :: Brit [colloquially]
britanniquement {adv}  :: britannically / Britannically (in the British manner)
britanno-colombien {adj}  :: British Columbian (relating to British Columbia)
Britanno-Colombien {m}  :: British Columbian (someone from British Columbia)
Britanno-Colombienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Britanno-Colombien
british {adj}  :: typically British
brittonique {adj} [chiefly linguistics]  :: Brythonic
brittophone {adj}  :: Breton-speaking
brittophone {mf}  :: Breton speaker
brièvement {adv}  :: briefly
brièveté {f}  :: brevity (quality of being brief)
brûlé {adj}  :: burnt, burned
brûlage {m}  :: burning
brûlant {adj}  :: burning
brûle-gueule {m}  :: a small tobacco pipe
brûler {vit}  :: to burn
brûler {vr}  :: to burn oneself
brûler la chandelle par les deux bouts {v} [idiomatic]  :: burn one's candle at both ends (To do things in excess, to engage in too much work or too much pleasure (including spending money), or both)
brûler les étapes {v}  :: jump the gun
brûleur {m}  :: burner (someone that burns something)
brûleur {m}  :: burner (equipment for burning)
brûleuse {f}  :: feminine noun of brûleur
brûlis {m}  :: swidden, woodland exposed to slash and burn
brûlis {m}  :: slash and burn technique
brûlot {m} [nautical]  :: fire ship
brûlot {m}  :: scathing report
brûlot {m} [regional]  :: coffee served with alcohol or certain spices
brûlot {m} [Quebec]  :: An insect of the order Ceratopogonidae; noseeum
brûlure {f}  :: burn (to the skin)
brûlure indienne {f}  :: Indian sunburn
brème {f}  :: bream (fish of the genus Abramis)
brème {f} [Louisiana]  :: eggplant, aubergine
Brême {prop}  :: Bremen
brn {mf}  :: abbreviation of brun or brune
brn {adj}  :: abbreviation of brun or brune
Bérénice {prop} {f}  :: given name
broc {m}  :: ewer, pitcher
brocantage {m}  :: brokerage (trade of a broker)
brocante {f}  :: flea market; bric-à-brac market
brocante {f}  :: car boot sale; jumble sale
brocanteur {m}  :: broker
brocanteur {m}  :: dealer in junk or in second-hand goods
brocanteuse {f}  :: feminine noun of brocanteur
brocard {m}  :: mockery, ridicule
brocarder {vt}  :: to mock, ridicule
brocart {m} [fabric]  :: brocade
brocatelle {f}  :: brocatelle (all senses)
brocciu {m}  :: brocciu
broché {adj}  :: paperback
broché {adj}  :: brocaded
brochant {adj} [heraldry]  :: Having a charge overlying a semé field, or generally any charge overall
broche {f} [jewellery]  :: brooch, pin
broche {f} [cooking]  :: spit
brocher {vt} [sewing]  :: to stitch, sew (together)
brocher {vt} [sewing]  :: to brocade
brochet {m}  :: pike (any carnivorous freshwater fish of the genus Esox)
brochette {f}  :: brochette (skewer)
brochette {f}  :: brochette (meat)
brochette {f}  :: small brooch
brochure {f}  :: brocade
brochure {f}  :: needlework
brochure {f}  :: brochure, booklet, pamphlet
brocoli {m}  :: broccoli
brodequin {m} [historical]  :: buskin, half-boot
brodequin {m} [historical, theater]  :: buskin
brodequin {m}  :: work boot
broder {v}  :: to embroider
broderie {f} [countable and uncountable]  :: embroidery
brodeur {m}  :: embroiderer
brodeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of brodeur
brogane {f} [Acadia]  :: work shoe, old or used shoe
broigne {f} [historical]  :: jerkin of canvas or leather covered with metal pieces, ancestor of chain mail
bromé {adj}  :: brominated
bromate {m}  :: bromate
bromation {f} [chemistry]  :: bromination
brome {m}  :: bromine
brome {m}  :: brome (plant)
bromer {v}  :: To brominate
bromhydrique {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: hydrobromic
brominé {adj} [chemistry]  :: brominated
bromique {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: bromic
broméliacé {adj}  :: bromeliaceous
broméliacée {f}  :: bromeliad (of family Bromeliaceae)
bromélie {f}  :: bromeliad
bromobenzène {m} [organic compound]  :: bromobenzene
bromoforme {m} [organic compound]  :: bromoform
bromopicrine {f} [organic compound]  :: brompicrin
bromoéthane {m} [organic compound]  :: bromoethane
bromure {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: bromide
bronche {f} [anatomy]  :: bronchus
broncher {v} [colloquial]  :: to budge
bronchique {adj}  :: bronchial
bronchite {f}  :: [pathology] bronchitis
bronchodilatateur {m} [medicine]  :: bronchodilator
brontomètre {m}  :: brontometer
brontosaure {m}  :: brontosaur
bronzage {m}  :: suntan; tan
bronzage {m}  :: sunbathing
bronze {m}  :: bronze (metal, work of art)
bronzer {vtr}  :: to tan, brown, catch a tan
bronzette {f}  :: synonym of bronzage
bronzeur {m}  :: sunbather
bronzeur {m}  :: bronzer (makeup)
bronzeuse {f}  :: feminine noun of bronzeur
brosse {f}  :: brush (the implement)
brosse {f}  :: crew cut
brosse à cheveux {f}  :: hairbrush
brosse à dents {f}  :: Toothbrush
brosser {vt}  :: to brush (to clean/tidy/shape with a brush)
brosser {vt}  :: to whip, to beat (to defeat)
brossier {m}  :: A person who makes or sells brushes
brossière {f}  :: feminine singular of brossier
brou {m}  :: husk
brouette {f}  :: wheelbarrow; barrow (small vehicle used to carry a load and pulled or pushed by hand)
brouettée {f}  :: wheelbarrowful
brouetter {v}  :: to wheelbarrow (transport something in a wheelbarrow)
brouhaha {m}  :: brouhaha
brouillable {adj}  :: confusable
brouillade {f}  :: scrambled eggs
brouillage {m}  :: jamming, interference
brouillard {m}  :: fog, mist
brouillard {m} [finance]  :: daybook
brouille {f}  :: quarrel, tiff
brouiller {v}  :: to blur
brouiller {v}  :: to mix up, confuse
brouiller {v}  :: to scramble (an egg)
brouiller {v}  :: to set at odds, put (someone) off (something)
brouiller {v}  :: to jam (a transmission), to scramble (a message)
brouiller {vr}  :: to become blurred, get mixed up
brouiller {vr} [~ avec]  :: to fall out
brouiller {vr} [meteorology]  :: to cloud over
brouilleur {m}  :: scrambler, jammer
brouillon {m}  :: draft (an early version of a written work)
brouillon {adj}  :: disorganised, disjointed
broussaille {f}  :: undergrowth, scrub; bushes
broussailleux {adj}  :: bushy, shaggy
broussard {m}  :: bushman
Broussard {prop}  :: surname
broussarda {f}  :: feminine singular of broussard
brousse {f}  :: bush, outback (wild area away from urban area)
brousse {f}  :: A kind of fresh cheese made mainly from whey, in Provence (bróusse), Corsica (brócciu), and Italy
Brousseau {prop}  :: surname
broutard {m}  :: A calf or lamb that accompanies its mother to grazing pastures
broute-minou {m} [slang, vulgar]  :: pussy eating
brouter {vit}  :: to graze; to browse
brouter {v} [slang]  :: to perform cunnilingus
broutille {f}  :: trifle (inconsequential thing)
brownie {f}  :: brownie (type of small chocolate cake)
brownien {adj}  :: Brownian
broyage {m}  :: grinding, crushing
broyat {m}  :: crushings (crushed material)
broyer {v}  :: to crush, grind
broyer du noir {v}  :: to have negative thoughts
broyeur {m}  :: crusher, grinder (person who crushes, grinds)
broyeur {m}  :: shredder, crusher, grinder (machine that tears up or crushes objects into smaller pieces)
broyeuse {f}  :: feminine singular of broyeux
brrr {interj}  :: brr; brrr
Brésil {prop} {m}  :: Brazil
brésilien {adj}  :: Brazilian (of or pertaining to Brazil or its people or culture)
brésilien {m}  :: Brazilian Portuguese
Brésilien {m}  :: a Brazilian
Brésilienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Brésilien
bru {f} [regional]  :: daughter-in-law
bruant {m}  :: Any of a large number of passerine birds, roughly equivalent to, but not restricted to, the buntings and sparrows
Bérubé {prop}  :: surname
bruccio {f}  :: alternative form of brocciu
brucelles {fp}  :: tweezers
brucellose {f}  :: brucellosis (infection by the bacterium, Brucella)
brugeois {adj}  :: Bruges (of or pertaining to Bruges or its people or culture)
Brugeois {m}  :: person from, or living in Bruges, Beglium
Brugeoise {f}  :: feminine noun of Brugeois
Bruges {prop} {m}  :: Bruges
brugnon {m}  :: nectarine (clingstone)
bruine {f}  :: drizzle (light rain)
bruiner {v} [impersonal]  :: to drizzle
bruineux {adj}  :: drizzling
bruire {v}  :: to make a noise
bruire {v}  :: to rustle
bruire {v}  :: to rattle
bruire {v}  :: to roar
bruissement {m}  :: rustle; murmur
bruisser {v}  :: alternative form of bruire
bruit {m}  :: a noise
bruit {m}  :: a rumor or report
bruitage {f} [film]  :: sound effect
bruiter {v}  :: to make noise
bruiter {v} [film]  :: to do the sound effects
bruiteur {m} [film]  :: foley artist
bruiteuse {f}  :: feminine noun of bruiteur
bruitiste {adj}  :: noisy
bruitiste {adj} [music]  :: noise (attributive)
brulant {adj}  :: alternative spelling of brûlant
bruler {v}  :: alternative spelling of brûler
brumaire {m} [historical]  :: Brumaire (the second month of the French Republican Calendar)
brume {f}  :: mist, haze, fog
brumer {v} [impersonal]  :: to fog, to be foggy
brumeusement {adv}  :: mistily, hazily
brumeux {adj}  :: misty, hazy, foggy
brumisateur {m}  :: atomizer, spray
brun {adj}  :: brown (the color)
brun {m}  :: brown (the color)
brun {m}  :: brown-haired person
brunch {m}  :: brunch
bruncher {v}  :: to brunch; to have brunch
brune {f}  :: brunette (woman with brown hair)
bruni {adj}  :: tanned, burnished
Brunéi {prop} {m}  :: Brunei
brunir {v}  :: to brown (to become brown)
brunir {v}  :: to burnish (to polish gold or silver etc)
brunissement {m}  :: browning (of food, foliage etc)
brunisseur {m}  :: burnisher
brunisseuse {f}  :: feminine singular of brunisseur
Bruno {prop}  :: given name, cognate to English Bruno
brunoise {f}  :: brunoise
Brunstatt {prop}  :: A commune in the Haut-Rhin département, Alsace, France
brunâtre {adj}  :: brownish (somewhat brown)
brushing {m}  :: blow-dry
brusler {v}  :: obsolete spelling of brûler
brusque {adj}  :: abrupt (sudden or hasty)
brusquement {adv}  :: suddenly
brusquement {adv}  :: sharply, jerkily
brusquement {adv}  :: brusquely, abruptly, bluntly
brusquer {vt}  :: to rush [an operation]
brusquer {vt}  :: to browbeat
brusquet {adj}  :: A little brusque
brut {adj}  :: gross (as opposed to net)
brut {adj}  :: raw
brut {adj} [drinks]  :: strong
brutal {adj}  :: brutal
brutal {m}  :: person who acts brutally
brutale {f}  :: feminine noun of brutal
brutalement {adv}  :: brutally
brutaliser {v}  :: to ill-treat, brutalise
brutalité {f}  :: brutality
brute {f}  :: An animal lacking in reason
brute {f}  :: An animal lacking in intelligence and sensibility
brute {f}  :: (By analogy) A person without reason
brute {f}  :: One who imposes his will on others using violence - a bully
Bruxelles {prop} {f}  :: Brussels (city)
bruxellois {adj}  :: From Brussels
Bruxellois {m}  :: person from Brussels, Belgium
Bruxelloise {f}  :: feminine noun of Bruxellois
bruxisme {m}  :: bruxism
bruyamment {adv}  :: noisily
bruyant {adj}  :: noisy (making a noise)
bruyère {f}  :: Heather, brier
bruyère {f}  :: A place of briers, a moor
brève {f}  :: a brief piece of information or news (as opposed to the headline)
brève {f} [linguistics]  :: short vowel
brève {f} [linguistics, by extension]  :: breve
brève {f} [zoology]  :: pitta; any bird belonging to the passerine family Pittidae
bréviaire {m}  :: breviary (a book containing prayers and hymns)
bréviaire {m}  :: go-to book
brévium {m} [physics]  :: brevium
bryacé {adj}  :: mossy
béryl {m}  :: beryl
béryllé {adj}  :: beryl (attributive)
béryllié {adj}  :: beryllium (attributive)
bérylliose {f} [pathology]  :: berylliosis
béryllium {m}  :: beryllium
bérézina {f}  :: Complete disaster, crushing defeat
bésef {adv}  :: much, a lot
bésicles {fp} [plurale tantum]  :: alternative spelling of besicles
bésigue {f}  :: bezique (a trick-taking card game for two players)
bât {m}  :: packsaddle
bêta {m}  :: beta (Greek letter)
bêta {adj}  :: beta
bêta {adj} [slang]  :: stupid, idiotic
bêta-bloquant {m} [medicine]  :: beta blocker
bétail {m}  :: livestock
bétail {m}  :: [specifically] cattle
bétaillère {f}  :: cattle truck
bétaillère {f}  :: people carrier
bétaïne {f} [organic chemistry]  :: betaine
bâtard {m}  :: a bastard (person born to unmarried parents)
bâtard {m} [botany]  :: a hybrid plant
bâtard {m}  :: a batard (short baguette)
bâtard {m} [slang]  :: bastard, asshole
bâtarde {f}  :: feminine noun of bâtard; a female bastard
bâtardise {f}  :: bastardy (quality of being a bastard, of being born out of wedlock)
bêtassement {adv}  :: stupidly, idiotically
bêtathérapie {f}  :: beta therapy (radiation therapy using beta particles)
bêtatron {m} [physics]  :: betatron
bête {f}  :: beast, animal
bête {adj}  :: Not very bright and lacking in judgement; stupid; inept
bête {adj}  :: Which could have been easily averted; silly
bête {adj} [Canada, colloquial]  :: Having a bad character or in a bad mood; showing great displeasure in interacting with people; ill-tempered
bâteau {m}  :: alternative spelling of bateau
bête comme ses deux pieds {adj} [simile]  :: alternative form of bête comme ses pieds
bête comme ses pieds {adj} [simile]  :: Very stupid; dumb as an ox; dumb as a doorknob
bête de somme {f}  :: beast of burden (animal that carries or pulls heavy loads)
bétel {m} [botany]  :: betel
Bételgeuse {prop} {f}  :: Betelgeuse (supergiant)
bête à manger du foin {adj} [simile]  :: Very stupid; dumb as a rock; dumb as a doorknob
bêtement {adv}  :: stupidly, idiotically
bête noire {f}  :: bête noire, pet hate, pet peeve
bête-puante {f} [Louisiana]  :: skunk
bâter {vt}  :: to put on a packsaddle
Béthanie {prop}  :: Bethany
bâti {m}  :: fixed part of a mechanism or machine, usually linked to the ground; body
bêtifiant {adj}  :: mindless
bêtifier {v}  :: To act childishly
bêtifier {v}  :: To be brutalized
bâtiment {m}  :: building, edifice
bâtiment {m} [nautical]  :: ship or boat
bâtiment {m} [nautical, military]  :: warship
bâtiment précieux {m} [military, nautical]  :: capital ship
bâtir {v}  :: to build; to construct
bâtir {v}  :: to build up
bêtise {f} [uncountable]  :: foolishness
bêtise {f} [countable]  :: hooey
bêtise {f} [uncountable]  :: nonsense
bêtiser {v}  :: To talk nonsense
bêtisier {m}  :: bloopers; a collection of farcical or comical stories or moments
bâtisse {f} [obsolete]  :: (act of) building
bâtisse {f} [chiefly pejorative]  :: construction
bâtisseur {m}  :: (male) builder
bâtisseuse {f}  :: builder (female)
bétoine {f}  :: betony (Stachys officinalis)
bétoire {f}  :: swallow hole
béton {m}  :: concrete
béton {v}  :: to drop
bâton {m}  :: stick
bâton {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: baton (as a charge)
bâtonnade {f}  :: beating (specifically with a rod or stick)
bâtonnage {m}  :: clubbing (beating with a club)
bétonnage {m}  :: concrete work
bétonnage {m}  :: urbanization
bâtonnat {m}  :: barristering
bâtonnat {m}  :: barristership
bétonner {v}  :: to concrete (cover with concrete)
bâtonner {v}  :: to club (strike with a club)
bâtonnet {m}  :: (small) stick
bâtonnet {m}  :: batonnet
bétonneuse {f}  :: cement mixer
bâtonnier {m}  :: A person who carries a ceremonial baton in a procession
bâtonnier {m}  :: A barrister
bétonnière {f}  :: concrete mixer
bâtonnière {f}  :: feminine noun of bâtonnier
bétonnisation {f}  :: synonym of bétonnage
BTP {m}  :: the public buildings and works sector
Bétrancourt {prop}  :: surname
bétulacée {f}  :: birch (tree of family Betulaceae)
bétyle {m}  :: baetylus, bethel, betyl (sacred stone)
buanderie {f}  :: laundry room
buanderie {f} [Quebec]  :: laundrette
buandier {m}  :: laundryman, laundrymaid
buandière {f}  :: feminine singular of buandier
Bucarest {prop}  :: Bucharest
buccal {adj}  :: buccal
buccin {m}  :: whelk (any one of numerous species belonging to family Buccinidae, edible clams, such as whelks and their relatives)
buccin {m} [musical instrument, historical]  :: buccina (curved brass instrument)
bucco- {prefix}  :: oral; related to the mouth
buccogénital {adj}  :: orogenital
bucentaure {m}  :: bucentaur
buche {f}  :: alternative spelling of bûche
bucher {m}  :: alternative form of bûcher
bucher {v}  :: alternative form of bûcher
bucheron {m}  :: alternative form of bûcheron
buckminsterfullerène {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: buckminsterfullerene
bucolique {adj}  :: bucolic, rustic
Budapest {prop} {f}  :: Budapest
budget {m}  :: A budget
budgétaire {adj}  :: budgetary, budget
budgétairement {adv}  :: budgetarily
budgétiser {vt}  :: to budget (for)
buée {f} [dialectal]  :: laundry
buée {f}  :: condensation, steam, mist
buer {v} [dated or regional]  :: to wash (clothing); to do the laundry
bœuf {m}  :: ox
bœuf {m}  :: beef
bœuf {m} [music]  :: jam session
bœuf {m} [Quebec, slang, derogatory]  :: A police officer; a pig
bœuf bourguignon {m}  :: beef bourguignon
bœuferie {f} [Switzerland]  :: blunder
buffet {m}  :: sideboard, dresser
buffet {m}  :: (food) buffet
buffeterie {f}  :: alternative form of buffleterie
buffle {m}  :: buffalo
buffleterie {f}  :: leatherwork (especially as part of armour)
bufflonne {f}  :: buffalo (female)
bug {m} [slang]  :: A bug (a problem, especially in computing)
buggy {m}  :: buggy (small vehicle)
buglosse {f}  :: bugloss
bugrane {f}  :: restharrow (or other plant of the genus Ononis)
building {m}  :: tower, skyscraper (tall building)
buis {m}  :: box (tree)
buis {m}  :: boxwood
buisson {m} [botany]  :: bush
buissonnant {adj}  :: bushy
buissonnier {adj}  :: related to (hiding in) bushes
buissonnier {adj} [idiomatic]  :: ducking school
buissonnier {adj}  :: related to the commune of Buisson
bulbe {m}  :: bulb (bulb-shaped root)
bulbeux {adj}  :: bulbous
bulgare {m}  :: Bulgarian, the Bulgarian language
bulgare {adj}  :: Bulgarian (from, or pertaining to Bulgaria)
Bulgare {mf}  :: Bulgarian (native of Bulgaria)
Bulgarie {prop} {f}  :: Bulgaria
bulgarisation {f}  :: bulgarization
bulgariser {v}  :: To bulgarize
bulgarophile {adj}  :: Bulgarophilic
bulgarophile {mf}  :: Bulgarophile
bulgogi {m}  :: bulgogi
bull {m} [construction]  :: bulldozer
bulldozer {m}  :: bulldozer
bulle {f}  :: bubble
bulle {f}  :: speech bubble, thought bubble
buller {vi}  :: to bubble
bulletin {m}  :: bulletin
bulletin {m}  :: newsletter
bulletin de vote {m}  :: ballot
bulletiner {v} [library science]  :: to register periodicals each time they come out
bulletin scolaire {m}  :: school report
bull terrier {m}  :: bull terrier
bulot {m}  :: whelk
bungalow {m}  :: bungalow
bunker {m} [military]  :: bunker
bunker {m} [golf]  :: bunker
buphthalme {m}  :: oxeye of the genus Buphthalmum
buplèvre {m}  :: bupleurum
buraliste {mf}  :: tobacconist
buraliste {mf}  :: newsagent
bure {f}  :: frieze (cloth)
bure {f}  :: habit (monk's robe)
bureau {m}  :: desk
bureau {m}  :: office (room)
bureau {m}  :: ticket office
bureau {m}  :: the staff of an office
bureau {m}  :: office; an administrative unit
bureau {m} [obsolete]  :: frieze (coarse woolen cloth)
bureaucrate {m}  :: bureaucrat
bureaucratie {f}  :: bureaucracy (structure and regulations in place to control activity)
bureaucratique {adj}  :: bureaucratic
bureaucratiquement {adv}  :: bureaucratically
bureaucratisme {m}  :: The excessive use, or the abuse of bureaucracy
bureau de change {m}  :: bureau de change (currency exchange)
bureau de poste {m}  :: post office (place)
bureautique {f} [computing]  :: office automation, commercial data processing
burette {f}  :: oilcan
burette {f} [chemistry]  :: burette
burette {f} [religion]  :: cruet used to keep wine and water for Eucharist
burgonde {adj}  :: Relating to the Burgondes
Burgondes {prop}  :: Burgundians
burin {m}  :: chisel or another similar tool
buriné {adj}  :: chiselled
Burin {prop}  :: The constellation Caelum
buriner {vt}  :: to chisel
Burkina {prop}  :: Burkina Faso
burkinabé {adj}  :: Burkinabe, from Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso {prop} {m}  :: Burkina Faso
burkini {m}  :: a burkini
burlesque {adj}  :: burlesque; parodic; parodical
burlesque {m}  :: burlesque; parody
burlesquement {adv}  :: comically
burlesquement {adv}  :: farcically
burne {f} [vulgar, slang]  :: ball, testicle
burnous {m}  :: burnoose
buron {m}  :: A traditional Auvergne shepherd's hut with a thatched roof
burqa {f}  :: burka (a garment that covers the whole body)
bursal {adj}  :: Of or relating to a tax, especially an extraordinary tax
bursiforme {adj}  :: bursiform (shaped like a purse or bag)
bursite {f}  :: bursitis (inflammation of a bursa)
burtonien {adj}  :: Burtonian
burundais {adj}  :: of or relating to Burundi
Burundais {m}  :: person from Burundi
Burundaise {f}  :: feminine noun of Burundais
Burundi {prop} {m}  :: Burundi (country)
bus {mf}  :: bus
busard {m}  :: harrier
busc {m}  :: busk (of corset)
buse {f}  :: hawk or buzzard (Genus Buteo)
buse {f} [colloquial]  :: idiot, fool
buse {f} [Belgium]  :: fail (fail of an exam, in school)
buse {f}  :: nozzle
buse {f}  :: pipe, conduit
buse à queue courte {m}  :: short-tailed hawk
bushisme {m}  :: Bushism
business {m}  :: business, firm, company
business {m}  :: business, affairs
businessman {m}  :: businessman
businesswoman {f}  :: businesswoman
busqué {adj}  :: hooked (of a nose)
Bussy {prop}  :: Any of a number of communes in France
buste {m} [anatomy]  :: bust, torso
buste {m}  :: (statue) bust
bustier {m}  :: bustier [clothing]
but {m}  :: aim
but {m}  :: goal (result one is attempting to achieve)
but {m} [sports]  :: goal (in the place, act, or point sense)
buté {adj}  :: stubborn
butadiène {m} [organic compound]  :: butadiene
butane {m}  :: butane
butane {m}  :: n-butane synonym of n-butane
butanol {m} [organic compound]  :: butanol
butanoïque {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: butanoic
but cadré {m} [soccer]  :: shot on goal
butée {f}  :: abutment (state of abutting)
butée {f}  :: buttress
butée {f}  :: stop, stopper
butée {f}  :: Any plant in the Butea genus
Buteaux {prop}  :: surname
but en argent {m} [soccer]  :: silver goal
but en or {m} [soccer]  :: golden goal
buter {v}  :: to stop dead
buter {v}  :: to prop up, buttress
buter {v} [figuratively]  :: to kill
buter {v} [figuratively]  :: to obsess; to become obsessed
buteur {m}  :: scorer, goalscorer
buteuse {f}  :: feminine noun of buteur
butin {m}  :: loot, booty (the proceeds of theft, robbery etc., swag, contraband)
butiner {v}  :: to gather pollen
butiner {v}  :: to forage
butiner {v}  :: to browse
butineur {m} [Internet]  :: browser
butineur {m}  :: forager
butineuse {f}  :: forager (female)
butène {m} [organic compound]  :: butene
butoir {m}  :: buffer (of railway)
butoir {m}  :: doorstop, doorstopper
butoir {m} [sports]  :: toeboard (used in throwing sports, which the athlete can't walk over, such as an "oche" in darts)
butor {m}  :: bittern (bird of the family Ardeidae)
butor {m}  :: boor, oaf
but-sur-balles {m} [baseball, Europe]  :: a walk
butte {f}  :: small hill, hillock; knoll
butte {f}  :: heap
butter {v}  :: to heap
butyle {m} [organic chemistry]  :: butyl
butylique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: butylic
butylèneglycol {m} [organic compound]  :: butylene glycol
butyrate {m}  :: butyrate (salt or ester of butyric acid)
butyrine {f} [organic compound]  :: butyrin
butyrique {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: butyric
buvable {adj}  :: drinkable, potable
buvant {adj}  :: drinking
buvard {m}  :: blotting paper
buvard {m}  :: blotter
buvette {f}  :: bar (place where beverages are sold) particularly a small one
buveur {m}  :: drinker (someone who drinks, especially alcohol)
buveuse {f}  :: feminine noun of buveur
buzz {m}  :: buzz (excitement)
bévatron {m} [physics]  :: bevatron
bévue {f}  :: blunder, gaffe
bye {interj}  :: bye
bâyer {v} [Normandy]  :: alternative spelling of bayer
bâyer {v}  :: alternative spelling of bâiller
byronien {adj}  :: Byronian
byronisme {m}  :: Byronism
Byzance {prop}  :: Byzantium (ancient Greek city)
Byzance {prop}  :: [figurative] opulence
byzantin {adj}  :: Byzantine
byzantin {adj}  :: overcomplicated, futile and lost in the details
byzantinisme {m}  :: tendency to adopt overcomplicated solutions
byzantiniste {m}  :: specialist of Byzantium
byzantinologie {f}  :: study of Byzantium; Byzantinology
byzantinologue {m}  :: specialist on the Byzantine Empire; a Byzantinologist
bézef {adv}  :: much, a lot
Béziers {prop}  :: Béziers
bézoard {m}  :: bezoar
bzou {m} [archaic]  :: werewolf