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R {letter}  :: The 19th letter of the Spanish alphabet
ría {f}  :: mouth of a river, estuary
rabanito {m}  :: radish
Rabat {prop}  :: Rabat
rabia {f} [emotion]  :: rage, anger
rabia {f} [pathology]  :: rabies
rabiar {v}  :: to have rabies
rabiar {v}  :: to rage, to be angry
rabiblanco {m} [Panama]  :: A rich person, normally of European descent
rabieta {f}  :: tantrum
rabilargo {adj}  :: long tailed
rabilargo {m} [ornithology]  :: blue magpie
rabillo {m} [music]  :: tail (on a note)
rabillo {m}  :: small tail
rabino {m} [Judaism]  :: rabbi (Jewish spiritual teacher)
rabioso {adj}  :: enraged, furious
rabioso {adj}  :: rabid (affected with rabies)
rabioso {adj}  :: rabid, fervent, mad
rabón {adj}  :: lacking a tail
rabón {adj}  :: short-tailed, bobtailed
rabínico {adj}  :: rabbinical
rabo {m}  :: anus
rabo {m}  :: tail
rabotazo {m}  :: wag of the tail
rabudo {adj}  :: having a long tail
racanear {v} [colloquial]  :: to skimp
racemización {f} [organic chemistry]  :: racemization
racha {f}  :: gust of wind, squall
racha {f}  :: streak (of luck, bad luck)
racheado {adj}  :: gusty
Rachêl {prop} [archaic]  :: Rachel (Biblical character)
racial {adj}  :: racial
racimo {m}  :: bunch, cluster (usually of grapes, berries or other small fruit)
ración {f}  :: portion
ración {f}  :: ration
raciocinio {m}  :: reasoning
racional {adj}  :: rational
racional {adj}  :: reasonable
racionalidad {f}  :: rationality
racionalismo {m} [philosophy]  :: rationalism (theory that the basis of knowledge is reason)
racionalista {adj}  :: rationalist
racionalista {m}  :: rationalist
racionalizar {vt}  :: to rationalize
racionalmente {adv}  :: rationally
racionamiento {m}  :: rationing (controlled distribution of scarce resources)
racionar {v}  :: to ration
racionarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of racionar
racismo {m}  :: racism
racista {adj}  :: racist
racista {m}  :: racist
racémico {adj}  :: racemic
raco {m} [Honduras]  :: toucan
radar {m}  :: radar
radiación {f}  :: radiation
radiación alfa {f}  :: alpha radiation
radiación beta {f}  :: beta radiation
radiación gamma {f}  :: gamma radiation
radiactividad {f}  :: radioactivity
radiactivo {adj}  :: radioactive
radiador {m}  :: radiator
radial {adj}  :: of or pertaining to radio
radial {adj}  :: radial
radial {m} [geometry]  :: radian
radiante {adj}  :: radiant
radiar {v}  :: to radiate
radiar {v}  :: to transmit by radio waves
radicado {adj}  :: based
radicado {adj}  :: located
radical {adj}  :: radical
radical {m}  :: radical
radicalidad {f}  :: radicalism
radicalismo {m} [politics]  :: radicalism
radicalización {f}  :: radicalization
radicalizar {v}  :: to radicalize
radicalizarse {v}  :: to self radicalize; to adopt radical positions for oneself
radical libre {m} [chemistry]  :: free radical
radicalmente {adv}  :: radically
radicar {v}  :: to be based on
radicar {v}  :: to be located at/on
radicar {v}  :: to root
radiólogo {f}  :: radiologist
radián {m} [Geometry]  :: radian
radio {m} [anatomy]  :: radius
radio {m} [chemistry]  :: radium
radio {m}  :: radio
radio- {prefix}  :: radio-
radioactividad {f}  :: radioactivity
radioactivo {adj}  :: radioactive
radioastronomía {f}  :: radioastronomy
radiodifusión {f}  :: radio broadcast
radioeléctrico {adj}  :: radioelectric
radiofónico {adj}  :: radiophonic
radiofrecuencia {f}  :: radio frequency
radiografía {f}  :: radiograph
radiografiar {v}  :: to X-ray
radiograma {m}  :: radiogram
radioisótopo {m}  :: radioisotope
radiolarita {f}  :: radiolarite
radiolisis {f}  :: radiolysis
radiología {f}  :: radiology
radioquímico {adj}  :: radiochemical
radiotelefonía {f}  :: radiotelephony
radioterapia {f}  :: radiotherapy
radioyente {m}  :: listener (to the radio)
radón {m}  :: radon
RAE {initialism}  :: Royal Spanish Academy, based in Madrid, Spain, and the principal institute responsible for regulating the Spanish language
RAE {initialism}  :: The authoritative dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy
raedera {f}  :: spokeshave
raer {v}  :: to scrape
Rafael {prop}  :: male given name
Rafael {prop}  :: Raphael [biblical character]
Rafaela {prop}  :: A city in Argentina
Rafaela {prop}  :: female given name, feminine form of Rafael
rafagazo {m}  :: gust of wind
rafagazo {m}  :: repeated gunfire
rafia {f}  :: raffia
rafidióptero {m}  :: raphidiopteran
rai {m} [colloquial, El Salvador]  :: ride
raicilla {f}  :: rootlet
raid {m}  :: attempt
raid {m}  :: long-distance race
raid {m}  :: raid (military)
raigambre {f} [botany]  :: roots, root system
raigambre {f} [figuratively]  :: roots (beginnings)
raigón {m}  :: root of a tooth
raigón del Canadá {m}  :: Kentucky coffeetree
Raimunda {prop}  :: female given name
Raimundo {prop}  :: male given name
raiting {m} [television]  :: rating
rajá {m}  :: rajah
raja {f}  :: A slice, splinter
raja {f}  :: A slit, crack, gash
raja {f} [vulgar]  :: ass (buttocks)
raja {f} [vulgar, slang]  :: A cunt
rajar {v} [colloquial]  :: to snitch, denounce
rajar {v} [colloquial]  :: to sound off, mouth off
rajar {vr} [colloquial]  :: to back down, chicken out
rajar {vr} [colloquial]  :: to evade, elude (from a fight, discussion, confrontation, etc.)
rajar {v}  :: to split
rajar {v}  :: to stab
rajatabla {n}  :: only in a rajatabla
rajón {f}  :: coward, someone who avoids (a fight, discussion, confrontation, etc.)
rajón {f}  :: mole, informer
rajón {f}  :: someone who fails to complete (a promise, commitment)
rajona {f}  :: feminine noun of rajón
rajuñar {v} [Latin America]  :: alternative spelling of rasguñar
rajuño {m} [Latin America]  :: alternative spelling of rasguño
Raków {prop}  :: Raków (Polish town 1569–1869 and village 1869–present, important centre of Socinianism in the 16th–17th CC.)
Raúl {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to Ralph
ralea {f} [pejorative]  :: type, sort, kind
ralear {v}  :: to become sparse, to whittle away
ralentización {f}  :: A slowing, a slowing down: the action or effect of slowing something down
ralentizar {n}  :: to slow down
rallador {m}  :: grater
ralladora {f}  :: grater
ralladora {f}  :: shredder
ralladura {f}  :: zest, grated rind
rallar {v}  :: to grate
rallo {m}  :: grater
rally {m}  :: rally
ralo {adj}  :: scarce, hard to come by
rama {f}  :: branch
ramada {f}  :: a cluster of branches, foliage
ramada {f} [Latin America]  :: a shed or hut made of branches
ramaje {m}  :: foliage
ramal {m}  :: branch (of an organization)
ramal {m}  :: exit (of a highway or road)
ramal {m}  :: halter (of horse)
ramal {m} [rail transport]  :: branch line
ramalazo {m}  :: A pull on the halter
ramalazo {m} [colloquial]  :: A stab (of pain, guilt etc.)
ramalazo {m} [colloquial]  :: campness; effeminate looks
ramalazo {m}  :: gust (of wind)
ramera {f} [pejorative]  :: harlot; prostitute
ramificación {f}  :: ramification
ramificar {v}  :: to have branches
ramificar {v}  :: to have ramifications or consequences
ramificar {v}  :: to ramify
ramillete {m}  :: bunch, selection
ramillete {m}  :: Small bunch (of flowers, plants etc.)
Ramira {prop}  :: female given name, female variant of Ramiro
ramirense {adj}  :: Of, pertaining to, or during the reign of King Ramiro I of Asturias
Ramiro {prop}  :: male given name, male variant of Ramira
ramita {f}  :: small bunch of flowers. bouquet
ramita {f}  :: twig or small stick
ramito {m}  :: diminutive form of ramo
ramón {m}  :: hackberry (tree or shrub)
Ramón {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to Raymond
Ramón {prop}  :: The letter R in the Spanish phonetic alphabet
ramnosa {f} [carbohydrate]  :: rhamnose
ramo {m}  :: bough
ramo {m}  :: bouquet
ramo {m}  :: branch
ramo {m}  :: subject, field, discipline (at school, university etc.)
Ramona {prop}  :: female given name
Ramos {prop}  :: Spanish surname
rampa {f}  :: ramp
rampante {adj} [heraldry]  :: rampant
ramplón {adj}  :: generic, average
Ramírez {prop}  :: Spanish surname
Ramsés {prop}  :: Ramesses
rana {f}  :: frog
ranacuajo {m}  :: tadpole (toad or frog larva)
rancar {v}  :: obsolete form of arrancar
ranchera {f}  :: feminine noun of ranchero
ranchería {f} [Latin America]  :: cottage (small rural settlement)
ranchero {f}  :: rancher
rancho {m}  :: ranch
rancho {m}  :: shed, barn
ranciedad {f}  :: rancidity
rancio {adj}  :: rancid
ranfla {f} [Chicano]  :: a lowrider
Rangún {prop}  :: Rangoon (placename)
rango {m}  :: rank
rango {m}  :: status, prestige
ranking {m}  :: ranking
ranura {f}  :: slot or groove
rapé {m}  :: snuff
RAP {acronym}  :: Régimen de Aportaciones Privadas
rapadura {f}  :: Dried sugarcane juice, sold in the form of a brick, common in Latin American countries
rapanui {m}  :: Rapa Nui
rapapolvo {m} [colloquial]  :: bollocking, telling-off
rapar {v} [colloquial]  :: to rob, steal
rapar {v}  :: to crop
rapar {v}  :: to shave
rapaz {adj}  :: of prey (birds)
rapaz {adj}  :: rapacious
rapaz {f}  :: bird of prey
rape {m}  :: monkfish
rape {m}  :: shaving, hair crop
rapel {m}  :: rappelling
rapera {f}  :: feminine noun of rapero
rapero {f}  :: rapper (performer of rap music)
rapiña {f}  :: rapine, pillage
rapiñar {v}  :: to steal
rapidez {f}  :: speed
rapidito {adj}  :: diminutive form of rápido
rapidito {adv}  :: diminutive form of rápido
rapidito {m} [colloquial]  :: quickie (quick sex)
rapidísimo {adj}  :: superlative form of rápido
rapista {m}  :: barber
rapsódico {adj}  :: rhapsodic
rapsoda {m} [historical]  :: rhapsode
rapsoda {m} [poetic]  :: poet, reciter
rapsodia {f}  :: rhapsody
rapsodo {m}  :: rhapsody
raptar {v}  :: to kidnap; to abduct
rapto {m}  :: abduction; kidnapping
raptor {m}  :: kidnapper; abductor
Raquel {prop}  :: female given name of biblical origin
Raquel {prop}  :: Rachel [biblical character]
raqueta {f}  :: racket
raquis {m} [botany, zoology, anatomy, ornithology]  :: rachis
raquitismo {m} [pathology]  :: rickets
raquítico {adj} [medicine]  :: rachitic
raquítico {adj}  :: small, measly
raquítico {adj}  :: squalid, stunted
raramente {adv}  :: rarely, seldom
rarefacción {f}  :: rarefaction
rareza {f}  :: quirkiness, strangeness
rareza {f}  :: rareness, rarity
rarito {adj}  :: diminutive form of raro
rarito {adj} [pejorative, also used as noun]  :: geek, nerd, pervy (strange person)
raro {adj}  :: rare
raro {adj}  :: strange or odd
rarísimo {adj}  :: superlative form of raro
rasante {adj}  :: low-flying
rasca {adj} [Chile, colloquial]  :: common, vulgar
rascacielo {m}  :: alternative spelling of rascacielos
rascacielos {m}  :: skyscraper
rascador {m}  :: scratcher (any implement used for scratching)
rascador {m}  :: scratching post (object designed to be scratched by a cat)
rascar {v}  :: to scratch
rascarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of rascar
rascuache {adj} [colloquial, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico]  :: of poor quality, of little value
rascuache {adj}  :: tacky-kitsch
rasero {m}  :: strickle
rasgadura {f}  :: a rip
rasgar {v}  :: to rend, tear, rip, scratch
rasgón {m}  :: rip
rasgo {m}  :: act, flourish, stroke
rasgo {m}  :: characteristic, feature, trait
rasguñar {vt}  :: to scratch
rasguear {v} [music]  :: to strum
rasgueo {m} [music]  :: strum, strumming
rasguño {m}  :: scratch
raso {adj}  :: flat
raso {adj}  :: having no echelon, rank, etc
raso {adj}  :: level
raso {m} [fabrics]  :: satin
raso {m}  :: the open; the wild
raspador {m}  :: scraper
raspadura {f}  :: abrasion; scrape
raspar {vi}  :: (of clothes, etc) to scratch. To be scratchy
raspar {v}  :: to file down or sand down
raspar {v}  :: to scrape
rasposo {adj}  :: rough, raspy
Rasputín {prop}  :: Rasputin
rasquiña {f} [Dominican Republic, slang]  :: skin rash
rastafari {adj}  :: Rastafarian
rastafari {m}  :: Rastafarian
rastas {f}  :: dreadlocks
rastra {f}  :: drag (act of dragging)
rastra {f}  :: rake
rastreable {adj}  :: traceable, trackable
rastreador {f}  :: tracker
rastreadora {f}  :: feminine noun of rastreador
rastrear {v}  :: to trawl
rastrearse {vr}  :: reflexive form of rastrear
rastreo {m}  :: trawling
rastrero {adj}  :: despicable
rastrero {adj}  :: low, cowardly, ignominious
rastrillaje {m} [Argentina]  :: fingertip search
rastrillar {v}  :: to harrow
rastrillar {v}  :: to scour (To search an area thoroughly)
rastrillo {m}  :: market; see rastro
rastrillo {m} [Mexico]  :: safety razor
rastrillo {m}  :: portcullis
rastrillo {m}  :: rake
rastrillo {m}  :: yard sale, rummage sale
rastro {m}  :: offshoot, layer
rastro {m}  :: public market, especially El Rastro in Madrid
rastro {m}  :: rake
rastro {m}  :: sign; trace; vestige
rastrojo {m}  :: chaff, cuttings
rastrojo {m}  :: stubble in a field after harvest
rastrojo {m}  :: weeds
rasuradora {m}  :: electric razor, shaver
rasurar {v}  :: to rake (to use a rake to collect things together)
rasurar {v}  :: to shave
rasurarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of rasurar
rata {f}  :: a rat
rata de cloaca {f}  :: sewer rat
ratear {v}  :: to apportion
ratear {v}  :: to steal
ratero {f}  :: A petty thief
raticida {m}  :: rat poison
ratico {m} [Colombia]  :: jiffy, bit, moment
ratificación {f}  :: ratification
ratificar {v}  :: to ratify
rating {m} [nautical]  :: class (of boat)
rating {m} [television]  :: popularity rating
ratio {f}  :: ratio
Ratisbona {prop}  :: Regensburg (placename)
ratito {m}  :: diminutive form of rato, a short while
ratán {m}  :: rattan
ratón {f} [computing]  :: mouse (input device)
ratón {f}  :: mouse (small rodent)
ratón de biblioteca {m} [idiom]  :: bookworm
rato {f}  :: male rat
rato {f}  :: mouse
rato {m}  :: a while, a short period of time
ratona {f}  :: a female mouse (small rodent)
ratona {f} [Argentina]  :: wren (bird)
ratoncito {m}  :: a little mouse
ratonera {f}  :: mousehole
ratonera {f}  :: mousery (place where mice are bred)
ratonera {f}  :: mousetrap
ratonero {adj} [attributive]  :: mouse
ratonero {adj} [attributive]  :: rat
ratonero {adj}  :: that catches mice or rats
ratonero {m}  :: buzzard
ratonero {m} [colloquial]  :: din
ratonero común {m}  :: The buzzard. A bird of prey
ratonil {adj} [attributive]  :: mouse
ratonil {adj}  :: mousey, mouselike
raudal {m} [figuratively]  :: flood, tide
raudal {m}  :: rapid (water)
raudo {adj}  :: nimble, fleet-footed, swift
raviole {m}  :: ravioli
raya {f}  :: dash (punctuation mark)
raya {f}  :: limit
raya {f}  :: line
raya {f}  :: parting
raya {f}  :: ray (fish)
raya {f}  :: scratch
rayado {adj} [Argentina, Chile, colloquial]  :: crazy, mad
rayado {adj}  :: scratched
rayado {adj}  :: striped
rayado {m}  :: skipjack
rayano {adj}  :: bordering, verging, on the verge
rayar {vr} [colloquial]  :: to go crazy
rayar {v}  :: to line, mark
rayar {v}  :: to scratch
rayar {v}  :: to verge (on)
rayita {f}  :: diminutive form of raya, little line
rayo {m}  :: a bolt of lightning
rayo {m}  :: beam, ray
rayo alfa {m}  :: alpha ray
rayo beta {m}  :: beta ray
rayo de sol {m}  :: sunbeam, sunray
rayo gamma {m}  :: gamma ray
rayos {interj}  :: dang it, goddammit
rayo X {m}  :: X-ray
rayuela {f}  :: hopscotch (a children's game)
raíz {f}  :: root
raza {f}  :: beam of light, ray of light
raza {f}  :: breed, strain, lineage
raza {f}  :: cleft, fissure
raza {f}  :: crack (in horse’s hoof)
raza {f}  :: race, ethnicity
raza {f}  :: stripe
raza superior {f}  :: master race
raíz cuadrada {f} [arithmetic]  :: square root
razón {f}  :: ratio
razón {f}  :: reason
razón {f}  :: reasoning
razón {f}  :: [with tener] correctness, rectitude
razonabilidad {f}  :: reasonableness
razonable {adj}  :: reasonable
razonablemente {adv}  :: reasonably
razonado {adj}  :: reasoned
razonamiento {m}  :: reasoning
razonar {v}  :: to reason
razuradora {f}  :: razor, razorblade
róbalo {m}  :: alternative form of robalo
rábano {m}  :: radish
rábano picante {m}  :: horseradish
rúbrica {f}  :: rubric
rúbrica {f}  :: signature
rácano {adj}  :: (sports) defensive and cautious to the point of laziness
rácano {adj}  :: tight, stingy, tight-fisted
récord {m}  :: record
RCP {initialism}  :: CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)
rúcula {f}  :: arugula
Ródano {prop}  :: Rhone
Rdguez. {prop}  :: abbreviation of Rodríguez (a Spanish surname)
rédito {m} [finance]  :: income
rédito {m} [finance]  :: interest
rédito {m} [finance]  :: revenue, return, yield (turnover, total sales)
re- {prefix}  :: again
re- {prefix}  :: backwards
re- {prefix}  :: Intensification, very
rea {f}  :: feminine noun of reo
reabastecerse {vr}  :: reflexive form of reabastecer
reabastecimiento {m}  :: refueling
reabrir {v}  :: to reopen
reabsorber {v}  :: to reabsorb
reabsorbible {adj}  :: reabsorbable, resorbable
reacción {f}  :: reaction
reacción {f}  :: reactionary political faction or movement
reacción {f}  :: recoil
reacción química {f}  :: chemical reaction
reacción redox {f} [chemistry]  :: redox reaction
reaccionar {v}  :: to react
reaccionario {adj}  :: reactionary
reaccionarismo {m}  :: reactionary ideas
reacio {adj}  :: reluctant
reacomodo {m}  :: refitting
reacondicionar {v}  :: to recondition, to refurbish
reacondicionar {v}  :: to reorganize
reactivación {f}  :: revival, recovery, reactivation
reactivamente {adv}  :: reactively
reactivar {v}  :: to reactivate
reactivo {adj}  :: reactive
reactivo {m} [chemistry]  :: reagent
reactor {m}  :: atomic reactor
reactor {m}  :: chemical reactor
reactor {m}  :: jet engine
reactor {m}  :: rocket engine
reactualización {f}  :: reenactment
readaptación {f}  :: readaptation
readaptarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of readaptar
readmisión {f}  :: readmission
readmitir {v}  :: to reallow, allow back
reafirmación {f}  :: reaffirmation, reassertion, reiteration
reafirmar {v}  :: to reaffirm
reagrupación {f}  :: reunification
reagrupar {vr}  :: to regroup
reagrupar {v}  :: to regroup (to get organised again)
reagruparse {vr}  :: reflexive form of reagrupar
reajustar {v}  :: to adjust, readjust
reajuste {m}  :: readjustment
real {adj}  :: real
real {adj}  :: royal
real {m}  :: real (unit of currency)
Real Academia Española {prop}  :: Royal Spanish Academy, based in Madrid, Spain, and the principal institute responsible for regulating the Spanish language. Often abbreviated RAE
realeza {f}  :: royalty
realidad {f}  :: commodity
realidad {f}  :: reality
realimentación {f}  :: electrical feedback
realimentar {v}  :: to feed again, to give back food
realinear {v}  :: to realign
realismo {m}  :: realism (concern for fact or reality)
realista {adj}  :: realist
realista {adj}  :: realistic
realista {adj}  :: royalist
realista {m}  :: realist
realista {m}  :: royalist
reality {m} [television]  :: reality show
reality show {m}  :: reality show
realizable {adj}  :: realizable
realización {f}  :: Completion, process of making something real
realizador {adj}  :: directing
realizador {f}  :: filmmaker, director
realizar {v}  :: to carry out; to make real, to realize; to produce
realizarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of realizar
realmente {adv}  :: really, actually
realojar {v}  :: to rehouse
realquilar {v}  :: to sublet
realquiler {m}  :: subletting
realzar {v}  :: to highlight
realzar {v}  :: to raise; to heighten
reanimación {f}  :: reanimation
reanimar {v}  :: to reanimate
reanimar {v}  :: to revive
reanudación {f}  :: resumption
reanudar {v}  :: to renew; to resume
reaparecer {v}  :: to reappear, show up again
reaparición {f}  :: reappearance
reapertura {f}  :: reopening
reaprovechar {v}  :: to make the most of again, to profit again
reaprovisionamiento {m}  :: reprovisionment
rearmar {v}  :: to rearm
rearmarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of rearmar
reasegurador {}  :: reassuring
reaseguro {m}  :: reassurance
reasentamiento {m}  :: resettlement
reasentar {v}  :: to resettle
reata {f}  :: A rope; a lasso
reata {f} [Mexico]  :: Prick, cock
reata {f}  :: Single file
reavivar {v}  :: to revive
rebañar {v}  :: to mop up (food or sauce, e.g. with bread)
rebañar {v}  :: to scrape together (money)
rebaja {f}  :: sale (a selling of goods at reduced prices)
rebajamiento {m}  :: abasement
rebajar {v}  :: to reduce
rebajar {v}  :: to water down, to dilute
rebajarse {vr}  :: (reflexive form of rebajar)
rebajo {m}  :: rabbet
rebanada {f}  :: slice
rebanar {v}  :: to slice
rebanarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of rebanar
rebaño {m} [cattle]  :: flock, herd (animals)
rebaño {m}  :: flock, herd (conformist)
rebaño {m} [religion]  :: flock
rebasar {v}  :: to overtake
rebasar {v}  :: to surpass, go beyond
rebatar {vt} [obsolete]  :: to snatch, to take violently
rebatible {adj}  :: refutable
rebatir {v}  :: to refute or contest
rebautismo {m}  :: rebaptism
rebautizar {v}  :: to rechristen
rebautizar {v}  :: to rename
rebeca {f} [Spain]  :: a cardigan. A type of sweater or jumper that fastens up the front with buttons, usually machine- or hand-knitted from wool
Rebeca {prop}  :: female given name, equivalent to Rebecca
Rebeca {prop}  :: Rebekah [biblical character]
rebeco {adj}  :: chamois
rebeco {m}  :: chamois (goat)
rebelar {vp}  :: to rebel
rebelarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of rebelar
rebeldía {f}  :: rebelliousness
rebelde {adj}  :: rebel
rebelde {adj}  :: rebellious
rebelde {f}  :: rebel
rebelión {f}  :: rebellion
rebisabuelo {m}  :: great-great-grandfather
reblandecer {v}  :: to soften, tenderize
rebobinar {v}  :: to rewind
reborde {m}  :: edge
rebosante {adj}  :: overflowing, brimming
rebosar {v}  :: to overflow
rebotar {v}  :: to bounce, ricochet
rebote {m}  :: bounce
rebote {m} [sports]  :: rebound
reboteador {m} [basketball]  :: rebounder
rebozar {v}  :: to batter
rebozar {v}  :: to bread
rebozar {v}  :: to cover, muffle
rebozo {m} [garment]  :: rebozo
rebrincado {adj}  :: jumpy
rebrote {m} [botany]  :: offshoot
rebrote {m}  :: new outbreak
rebufo {m}  :: recoil (of a gun)
rebufo {m}  :: slipstream
rebujito {m}  :: rebujito
rebullir {vir} [or]  :: to stir, begin to move
rebuscar {v}  :: to glean
rebuscar {v}  :: to root (rummage, root out)
rebuscar {v}  :: to seek after
rebuznar {v}  :: to bray
rebuzno {m}  :: heehaw
recabador {f}  :: lobbyist
recabadora {f}  :: feminine noun of recabador
recabar {v}  :: to collect, gather (data/information)
recabar {v}  :: to gather, safeguard, collect
recabar {v}  :: to lobby, petition
recado {m}  :: message
recado rojo {m} [cooking]  :: achiote paste (a blend of spices commonly used in Maya cuisine)
recaer {v}  :: to fall to (as in, blame or responsibility)
recaer {v}  :: to relapse
recalar {v}  :: to appear
recalar {v}  :: to arrive
recalar {v}  :: to end up
recalcar {v} [colloquial]  :: to drum (review to establish memorization)
recalcar {v}  :: to fill completely
recalcar {v}  :: to stress; to emphasize
recalcitrante {adj}  :: recalcitrant
recalcular {v}  :: to recalculate
recalentamiento {m}  :: reheating
recalentar {v}  :: to reheat
recalibrar {v}  :: to recalibrate
recalificación {f}  :: reassessment
recalificar {v}  :: to requalify
recamar {v}  :: to emboss, embroider
recambio {m}  :: spare, replacement
recapacitar {v}  :: to reflect
recapazitación {f}  :: The concept of becoming capable again, retraining, rehabilitation, reeducation
recapitalización {f}  :: recapitalisation
recapitalizar {v} [finance]  :: to recapitalize
recapitulación {f}  :: recapitulation; summary, summarisation/summarization
recapitular {v}  :: to recapitulate
recapturar {v}  :: to recapture, recatch
recarga {f}  :: charge
recarga {f}  :: filling
recarga {f}  :: reloading
recargable {adj}  :: rechargeable (able to be recharged)
recargar {v}  :: recharge
recargar {v}  :: reload
recargarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of recargar
recatado {adj}  :: coy, bashful, demure
recaíto {n}  :: a mix of onions, roasted garlic, peppers, cilantro, and culantro, used in cooking
recato {m}  :: modesty
recato {m}  :: reservation
recauchutar {v}  :: to remould, retread
recaudación {f}  :: collection (activity of collecting funds)
recaudación {f}  :: revenue (income generated for some treasury by taxation and other means)
recaudación de fondos {f}  :: fundraiser
recaudar {v}  :: to collect, raise (especially funds)
recaudatorio {adj} [attributive]  :: collection, tax collection
recaudo {m}  :: safe place
recelar {v}  :: to be wary of
recelar {v}  :: to suspect
recelo {m}  :: aversion
recelo {m}  :: mistrust
recelosamente {adv}  :: reluctantly
receloso {adj}  :: untrusting
recelularización {f}  :: recellularization
recensión {f}  :: recension
recentemiente {n}  :: recently
recentralización {f}  :: recentralization
recentralizador {n}  :: recentralised
recentralizar {v}  :: to recentralize
recepción {f}  :: reception
recepcionista {m}  :: receptionist
receptación {f} [law]  :: The receiving of stolen goods
receptáculo {m}  :: receptacle
receptividad {f}  :: receptivity
receptivo {adj}  :: receptive
receptor {adj}  :: receiving
receptor {m}  :: receiver, receptor, recipient
recesión {f}  :: recession
recesivo {adj} [genetics]  :: recessive
recesivo {adj}  :: recessionary
receso {m}  :: recess
receta {f}  :: prescription
receta {f}  :: recipe
recetar {v}  :: to prescribe
recetario {m}  :: cookbook, recipe book
recetario {m}  :: prescription pad
rechazable {adj}  :: rejectable
rechazar {v}  :: to reject, to turn down
rechazarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of rechazar
rechazo {m}  :: rejection
rechifla {f}  :: catcall, boo, jeer, hiss
rechinado {m}  :: chirp, squeak, wheek, creak, chirrup, screak
rechinar {v}  :: to squeak, squeal
rechistar {v}  :: to complain, grumble
rechoncho {adj} [of a person]  :: squat; short and wide
recibidor {m}  :: entrance hall
recibimiento {m}  :: reception (how something is received)
recibir {vr}  :: to graduate
recibir {v}  :: to receive, get
recibo {m}  :: bill
recibo {m}  :: receipt (written acknowledgement)
recibo {m} [Venezuela]  :: living room
reciclable {adj}  :: recyclable
reciclaje {m}  :: recycling
reciclar {v}  :: to recycle
recidiva {f}  :: relapse
reciedumbre {f}  :: strength
reciente {adj}  :: recent
recientemente {adv}  :: recently
recientísimo {adj}  :: superlative form of reciente
recifeño {adj}  :: From Recife
recién {adv}  :: freshly
recién {adv}  :: just
recién {adv}  :: recently
recién nacido {adj}  :: newborn
recinto {m}  :: area, site
recinto {m}  :: enclosure (area)
recinto {m}  :: pen
recio {adj}  :: loud
recio {adj}  :: Rhaetian, Raetic
recio {adj}  :: robust, strong, vigorous
recio {adv}  :: aloud
recio {adv}  :: vigorously
recipiente {m}  :: vessel, container
reciprocar {v}  :: to reciprocate
reciprocidad {f}  :: reciprocity
recital {m}  :: gig, concert
recital {m}  :: recital
recitar {v}  :: to recite
reclamación {f}  :: reclamation
reclamar {v} [nautical]  :: to hoist taut
reclamar {v} [poetic]  :: to resound
reclamar {v}  :: to claim, to ask for, to demand
reclamar {v}  :: to look for (a criminal), to summon (a witness)
reclamar {v}  :: to lure (with a decoy or whistle while hunting)
reclamar {v}  :: to protest, to complain, to object, to clamor, to reclaim
reclamar {v}  :: to reclaim, to recover possession of
reclame {m} [Latin America]  :: advertisement
reclame {m} [Latin America]  :: publicity
reclamo {m}  :: advertisement
reclamo {m}  :: complaint
reclasificación {f}  :: reclassification
reclinable {adj}  :: reclinable
reclinar {v}  :: to lean on
reclinar {v}  :: to recline
recluir {v}  :: to imprison
recluir {v}  :: to isolate
recluir {v}  :: to shut away, lock away
reclusa {f}  :: feminine form of recluso
reclusión {f}  :: imprisonment
reclusión {f}  :: reclusion
reclusión perpetua {m}  :: a particular kind of sentence of imprisonment in the Philippines, Argentina, and several other countries
recluso {adj}  :: imprisoned
recluso {f}  :: prisoner
reclusorio {m} [especially, Mexico]  :: prison
recluta {f}  :: recruitment
recluta {m}  :: recruit
reclutador {f}  :: headhunter, recruiter (for the army)
reclutadora {f}  :: feminine noun of reclutador
reclutamiento {f}  :: draft, conscription (system of forcing people to serve in the military)
reclutar {v}  :: to hire, recruit
reclutarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of reclutar
recámara {f}  :: bedroom
recámara {f}  :: chamber of a gun
recóndito {adj}  :: recondite, hidden
recobrar {v}  :: to recover, regain
recocer {v}  :: to anneal
recocer {v}  :: to cook or boil again
recocer {v}  :: to overcook
recodo {m}  :: twist, turn, bend, elbow (notable curve of a street river etc.)
recogedor {m}  :: picker
recogepelotas {m}  :: ball boy, ball girl
recoger {vr}  :: to go to bed
recoger {v}  :: to collect; to gather; to pick up something previously left behind
recoger el guante {v} [idiom]  :: to take up the gauntlet
recogida {f}  :: collection (activity of collecting)
recogida {f}  :: harvest
recogida {f}  :: pickup
recogimiento {m}  :: remission
recogimiento {m}  :: withdrawal, retreat
recolar {v}  :: to sift again
recolar {v}  :: to strain again
recolección {f}  :: collecting
recolección {f}  :: gathering
recolección {f}  :: harvesting
recolectar {v}  :: to collect
recolector {f}  :: collector
recolector {f}  :: harvester, picker
recolectora {f}  :: feminine noun of recolector
recolector furtivo {m} [gathering]  :: poacher
recoleto {adj}  :: quiet, silent
recolocación {f}  :: recollocation
recolocar {v}  :: to move, relocate
recolocar {v}  :: to put back
recombianción {f}  :: recombination
recombinación {f}  :: recombination
recombinante {adj}  :: recombinant
recomendable {adj}  :: recommendable
recomendación {f}  :: recommendation
recomendar {v}  :: to recommend
recomenzar {v}  :: to recommence
recompensa {f}  :: indemnification
recompensa {f}  :: reward
recompensar {v}  :: to indemnify
recompensar {v}  :: to pay
recompensar {v}  :: to recompense
recompensar {v}  :: to reward
recomponer {v}  :: to mend, put back together, fix back
recomposición {f}  :: recomposition
recompra {f}  :: repurchase, buyback
reconciliación {f}  :: reconciliation
reconciliar {v}  :: to reconcile
reconciliarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of reconciliar
reconducción {f}  :: renewal (of a lease, loan, etc.)
reconducir {vr}  :: to send back
reconducir {vt}  :: to renew (a lease, loan, etc.)
reconducir {vt}  :: to return
reconectarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of reconectar
reconexión {f}  :: reconnexion, reconnection
reconfiguración {f}  :: reconfiguration
reconfigurar {v}  :: to reconfigure
reconfortante {adj}  :: comforting
reconfortar {v}  :: to cheer up
reconfortar {v}  :: to comfort
reconocer {v}  :: to acknowledge
reconocer {v}  :: to distinguish
reconocer {v}  :: to recognize
reconocerse {vr}  :: reflexive form of reconocer
reconocible {adj}  :: recognizable
reconocido {adj}  :: recognized
reconocimiento {m}  :: recognition
reconocimiento {m}  :: reconnaissance
reconquistar {v}  :: to reconquer
reconsideración {f}  :: reconsideration
reconsiderar {v}  :: to reconsider
reconstituir {v}  :: to reconstitute
reconstituyente {adj}  :: restorative, invigorating
reconstituyente {m}  :: tonic, restorative
reconstrucción {f}  :: reconstruction
reconstructivo {adj}  :: reconstructive
reconstruir {v}  :: to reconstruct
reconstruirse {vr}  :: reflexive form of reconstruir
recontar {v}  :: to narrate
recontar {v}  :: to recount
reconvención {f}  :: admonishment, reprimand
reconvención {f} [law]  :: reconvention
reconvenir {v}  :: to scold, to chastise
reconversión {f}  :: reconversion
reconvertir {v}  :: to reconvert
recopilación {f}  :: accumulation
recopilación {f}  :: compendium
recopilar {v}  :: to compile
recopilatorio {m}  :: compilation
record {m}  :: record
recordación {f}  :: recollection
recordar {v}  :: to remember
recordar {v}  :: to remind
recordarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of recordar
recordatorio {adj}  :: reminding
recordatorio {m}  :: reminder
recordatorio {m}  :: souvenir
recorrer {v}  :: to tour
recorrer {v}  :: to travel
recorrida {f}  :: tour
recorrido {m}  :: journey
recorrido {m}  :: route
recortable {adj}  :: cut-out
recortable {m}  :: cut-out
recortar {v}  :: to reduce
recorte {m}  :: clipping
recorte {m}  :: cut
recorte {m}  :: cut-out
recorte {m}  :: snippet, scrap (cut from a newspaper or magazine)
recostar {vr}  :: to lie down
recostar {v}  :: to lay (put in a horizontal position)
recostarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of recostar
recova {f}  :: A market primarily for selling fowl and eggs
recoveco {m}  :: nook, cranny
recíprocamente {adv}  :: reciprocally
recíproco {adj}  :: reciprocal (done by each of two people towards the other)
recreación {f}  :: recreation
recreacionismo {m}  :: recreationism
recrear {v}  :: to re-create
recreativo {adj}  :: recreational
recreo {m}  :: recreation
recreo {m} [school]  :: recess, break
recriminación {f}  :: recrimination
recriminar {v}  :: to recriminate
recrudecer {v}  :: to break down again
recrudecer {v}  :: to get worse
recrudecimiento {m}  :: resurgence (new outbreak)
recta {f}  :: straight
recta {f}  :: straight line
rectal {adj}  :: rectal
rectangular {adj}  :: rectangular
rectificación {f}  :: rectification
rectificar {v}  :: to rectify
rectilíneo {adj}  :: hardline
rectilíneo {adj}  :: straight-lined, rectilinear
rectitud {f}  :: rectitude
rectángulo {m} [geometry]  :: rectangle
recto {adj} [geometry]  :: right (of an angle, etc)
recto {adj}  :: honest, honorable, upright, righteous, just, fair
recto {adj}  :: literal (of a meaning)
recto {adj}  :: straight (of a line, pipe, street, etc, never about sexuality.)
recto {m} [anatomy]  :: rectum
recto {m} [anatomy]  :: rectus
rector {adj}  :: governing, directing
rector {f}  :: rector
rectora {f}  :: feminine form of rector
rectorado {m}  :: vice-chancellorship
rectorado {m}  :: vice-chancellor's office
recuadrar {v}  :: to draw a square around, to box in
recuadro {m}  :: square
recualificación {f}  :: requalification
recubrimiento {m}  :: coating, lining
recubrir {vt}  :: to cover; to coat
recudir {v}  :: to come back
recudir {v}  :: to pay
recuento {m}  :: looking back, or taking stock
recuento {m}  :: recount
recuerdo {m}  :: memory
recuerdo {m}  :: souvenir
recular {v}  :: to back out, back down
recular {v}  :: to go back, move backwards, reverse
recuperabilidad {f}  :: recuperability
recuperable {adj}  :: recoverable
recuperación {f}  :: recovery
recuperación {f}  :: retrieval
recuperar {v}  :: to recover
recurrencia {f}  :: recurrence
recurrente {adj}  :: recurrent
recurrentemente {adv}  :: recurrently
recurrible {adj}  :: appealable
recurrir {v} [legal]  :: to appeal
recurrir {v}  :: to appeal to
recurrir {v}  :: to call on (to request or ask something of a person)
recurrir {v}  :: to resort to
recurrir {v}  :: to turn to
recursión {f}  :: recursion
recursivo {adj}  :: recursive
recurso {m} [legal]  :: appeal
recurso {m}  :: option, choice
recurso {m}  :: resort, refuge (something or someone turned to for safety)
recurso {m}  :: resource, means
recurso {m}  :: writ
recusación {f}  :: recusation
recusante {adj}  :: recusant
recusante {m}  :: recusant
recusar {v}  :: to recuse
red {f} [arachnid]  :: spiderweb
red {f} [communication, transportation]  :: net, network
red {f} [computing]  :: Web, Internet
red {f} [fishing]  :: net
red {f} [hunting, tools]  :: web, mesh
red {f} [sport]  :: net, goal
red {f}  :: trap, snare
redacción {f}  :: drafting (a written work)
redacción {f}  :: editing room
redaccional {adj}  :: redactional
redactar {v}  :: to draft
redactor {f}  :: editor
redactora {f}  :: feminine noun of redactor
redada {f}  :: catch
redada {f}  :: haul
redada {f}  :: raid
redbanc {m} [Chile]  :: automated teller machine
redecilla {f}  :: hairnet
redecilla {f}  :: netting; small net
redecilla {f} [zoology]  :: reticulum
redecir {v}  :: to retell
redecorar {v}  :: to redecorate
rededor {m}  :: contour, surrounding (surrounding area)
redefinición {f}  :: redefinition
redefinir {v}  :: to redefine
redención {f}  :: redemption
redensificante {n}  :: redensifier
redensificar {v}  :: to redensify
redentor {f}  :: redeemer
redentora {f}  :: feminine noun of redentor
redescubrimiento {m}  :: rediscovery
redescubrir {v}  :: to rediscover
redibujar {v}  :: to redraw
rediez {interj}  :: euphemistic form of rediós
redil {m}  :: fold, pen, sheepfold (fenced off space to keep animals)
redimensionamiento {m}  :: restructuring
redimensionar {v}  :: to resize
redimir {v}  :: to buy back, to redeem from pawn
redimir {v}  :: to free, to exempt
redimir {v}  :: to ransom, to liberate
redimir {v}  :: to redeem
redimir {v}  :: to save from, to free from, to deliver from
redimir {v}  :: to win back, to reconquer
redimirse {vr}  :: reflexive form of redimir
redireccionar {v}  :: to reroute, redirect
redirigir {v}  :: to redirect
rediós {interj} [blasphemous]  :: good God! my God!
rediseñar {v}  :: to redesign
rediseño {m}  :: redesign
redistribución {f}  :: redistribution
redistribuido {n}  :: past participle of redistribuir
redistribuidor {adj}  :: redistributing
redistribuidor {f}  :: redistributor
redistribuir {v}  :: to redistribute
redistributivo {adj}  :: redistributive
redituable {adj} [Cono Sur]  :: profitable
redivivo {adj}  :: reborn, revived, born-again
redoblante {m}  :: side drum, snare drum
redoblar {v}  :: to redouble, to hike up, step up
redonda {f}  :: neighbourhood, region
redonda {f}  :: pasture
redondamente {adv}  :: resolutely, resoundingly
redondear {v}  :: to round off
redondear {v}  :: to round; to make round
redondo {adj}  :: categorical
redondo {adj} [colloquial]  :: sound, smooth
redondo {adj}  :: round
redondo {adj}  :: round (of a number, without fractions)
redondo {adj}  :: sound, profitable
red social {f}  :: social network
red social {f}  :: social networking site
reducción {f}  :: reduction
reduccionismo {m}  :: reductionism
reduccionista {adj}  :: reductionist
reducido {adj}  :: reduced
reducidor {f} [Latin America]  :: fence, middleman (for transactions of stolen goods)
reducidora {f}  :: feminine noun of reducidor
reducidor silvestre {m}  :: poacher
reducir {v}  :: to reduce
reducirse {vr}  :: reflexive form of reducir
reductasa {f} [enzyme]  :: reductase
reducto {m}  :: redoubt
reductor {adj}  :: reductive, reducing
reductor {f}  :: reducer
reductor {m} [chemistry]  :: reducing agent, reducer, reductant
redundancia {f}  :: redundancy
redundancia {f}  :: tautology (expression that features tautology)
redundante {adj}  :: redundant
redundar {v}  :: to redound
reedición {f}  :: reprint
reedificación {f}  :: reconstruction, rebuilding
reeditar {v}  :: to reissue, reprint
reeducar {v}  :: to re-educate
reelaborar {v}  :: to re-elaborate
reelección {f}  :: reelection
reeleccionista {adj}  :: Of or relating to a reelection
reelegir {v}  :: to reelect
reelina {f} [protein]  :: reelin
reembolsable {adj}  :: refundable
reembolsar {v}  :: to reimburse
reemplazable {adj}  :: replaceable
reemplazado {adj}  :: replaced
reemplazante {adj}  :: replacement, substitute
reemplazante {m}  :: replacement
reemplazar {v}  :: to replace
reemplazar {v}  :: to substitute
reemplazarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of reemplazar
reemplazo {m}  :: replacement
reencantamiento {m}  :: reenchantment
reencarnación {f}  :: reincarnation
reencarnado {adj}  :: reincarnated
reencarnar {v}  :: to reincarnate
reencauzar {v} [figurative]  :: to steer back in the right direction
reencauzar {v}  :: to rechannel (a flow of water)
reencontrar {v}  :: to rediscover, to refind
reencontrarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of reencontrar
reencuentro {m}  :: reunion, reencounter
reenergizar {v}  :: to reenergize
reentrar {v}  :: to re-enter, to go back in
reenviar {v} [computing]  :: To forward, send on (a message)
reenviar {v}  :: to retransmit
reequilibrar {v}  :: to restabilise, to rebalance
reequilibrio {m}  :: rebalance
reescribir {v}  :: to rewrite
reescritura {f}  :: rewrite, rewriting
reestabilizar {v}  :: to restabilize
reestabilizarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of reestabilizar
reestablecer {v}  :: alternative form of restablecer
reestatalización {f}  :: renationalization
reestrenar {vr}  :: to come back, to be revived
reestrenar {v}  :: to revive
reestreno {m}  :: rerelease (of a media property)
reestreno {m}  :: revival
reestructuración {f}  :: reorganizing
reestructuración {f}  :: restructuring
reestructurar {v}  :: to restructure
reeuskaldunización {f}  :: the process of making something Basque again
reevaluar {v}  :: to reevaluate
reexaminar {v}  :: to reexamine
reexpedir {v}  :: to reissue
refaccionar {v}  :: to repair
refacturar {v}  :: to rebill
refanfinflar {v} [slang, pejorative]  :: to not give a shit
refectorio {m}  :: refectory
referencia {f}  :: reference
referencial {adj}  :: referential
referendario {adj}  :: referendum (attributive)
referendo {m}  :: referendum
referente {adj}  :: referring (as in referente a = referring to, regarding)
referente {m}  :: idol, someone to look up to
referente {m}  :: referent
referente a {prep}  :: referring to, regarding, concerning
referir {vr}  :: to refer to
referir {v}  :: to relate
referir {v}  :: to report
referirse {vr}  :: to refer to
referéndum {m}  :: referendum (diplomacy)
referéndum {m}  :: referendum (vote)
refigurar {v}  :: to reappear
refinación {f}  :: refining
refinamiento {m}  :: cruelty
refinamiento {m}  :: refinement
refinanciación {f}  :: refinancing
refinanciar {v}  :: to refinance
refinar {v}  :: to refine
refinería {f}  :: refinery
reflación {f} [economics]  :: reflation
reflacionista {adj}  :: reflationist
reflacionista {m}  :: reflationist
reflectante {adj}  :: reflective
reflector {adj}  :: reflecting
reflector {m}  :: reflector
reflector {m}  :: spotlight
reflejar {v}  :: to reflect
reflejo {m}  :: reflection
reflejo {m}  :: reflex
reflexar {v}  :: archaic spelling of reflejar
reflexión {f}  :: reflection
reflexionar {v}  :: to reflect
reflexionar {v} [used with sobre]  :: to consider, think about, ponder
reflexivamente {adv}  :: reflexively
reflexivo {adj}  :: Reflexive
reflotación {f}  :: reflotation
reflotar {v}  :: to refloat
reforestación {f}  :: reforestation
reforestar {v}  :: to reforest
reformable {adj}  :: reformable
reformador {adj}  :: reforming
reformador {f}  :: reformer
reformadora {f}  :: feminine form of reformador
reformar {v}  :: to reform
reformatear {v}  :: to reformat
reformatorio {m}  :: reformatory
reformismo {m}  :: reformism
reformista {adj}  :: reformist
reformista {m}  :: reformist
reformulación {f}  :: A reformulation
reformular {v}  :: to reformulate
reforzamiento {m}  :: strengthening
reforzar {v}  :: to reinforce
refracción {f} [optics]  :: refraction
refractar {v}  :: to refract
refractario {adj}  :: fireproof
refractario {adj}  :: unyielding, stubborn
refranero {m}  :: collection of proverbs
refregar {v}  :: to harp on, insist on recalling [something unpleasant]
refregar {v}  :: to rub, scrub
refrenar {vt}  :: to rein in, to contain
refrendación {f}  :: endorsement
refrendar {v}  :: to endorse
refreír {v}  :: to over fry
refreír {v}  :: to refry
refrescante {adj}  :: refreshing
refrescantemente {adv}  :: refreshingly
refrescar {v}  :: to refresh
refrescarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of resfrescar
refresco {m}  :: cold drink
refresco {m} [Mexico]  :: soda, soft drink
refresco {m}  :: refreshment
refresco normal {m} [Mexico]  :: a non-diet, 600 milliliters soft drink or soda beverage
refriega {f}  :: skirmish, brawl, scuffle
refrigeración {f}  :: refrigeration
refrigerador {adj}  :: cooling
refrigerador {m}  :: refrigerator
refrigeradora {f} [Latin America]  :: fridge
refrigerante {adj}  :: cooling, refrigerating
refrigerante {m}  :: coolant
refrigerar {v}  :: to refrigerate
refrigerio {m} [figurative]  :: solace (comfort or consolation in a time of distress)
refrigerio {m}  :: pleasant sensation of coolness when one is hot
refrigerio {m}  :: snack (light meal)
refrán {m}  :: proverb
refrán {m}  :: saying
refuerzo {m}  :: reinforcement
refuerzo {m}  :: strengthening
refuerzo {m}  :: support
refugiada {f}  :: feminine noun of refugiado
refugiado {adj}  :: related to refugees
refugiado {f}  :: refugee
refugiar {v}  :: to shelter
refugiarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of refugiar
refugio {m}  :: a refuge
refugio {m}  :: safety
refulgencia {f}  :: refulgence
refulgente {adj}  :: refulgent, radiant
refulgir {v} [formal]  :: to shine, glean
refundación {f}  :: reorganizing, reforming, reworking
refundador {m}  :: refounder
refundar {v}  :: to relaunch
refundición {f}  :: reworking, reforming
refundir {v}  :: to revise, to rewrite
refunfuñar {v}  :: to blather, mumble (speak gibberish)
refunfuñar {v}  :: to grumble
refunfuñón {adj} [of a person]  :: who grumbles or growls often
refunfuñón {f}  :: a person who grumbles or growls often
refunfuñona {f}  :: feminine noun of refunfuñón
refutable {adj}  :: Something that can be refuted
refutación {f}  :: refutation
refutar {v}  :: to refute
regañadientes {adv}  :: reluctantly
regañar {vi}  :: to bare one's teeth
regañar {vi}  :: to gripe, complain, whine
regañar {vt}  :: to scold
regadera {f} [Latin America]  :: shower (device)
regadera {f}  :: watering can
regadío {m} [agriculture]  :: fertile land; irrigated land
regalar {v}  :: to give, to hand over
regalar {v}  :: to regale, entertain
regalito {m}  :: diminutive form of regalo
regaliz {m}  :: liquorice
regalón {adj}  :: indulged, pampered
regalón {adj}  :: preferred, favorite person or animal
regalón {f}  :: favorite, darling (indulged person)
regalo {m}  :: present, gift
regalonear {v} [Chile]  :: to caress
regalonear {v} [Chile]  :: to pamper, indulge
regaño {m}  :: scolding
regar {v}  :: to irrigate
regar {v}  :: to scatter
regar {v}  :: to wash down
regar {v}  :: to water
regasificación {f}  :: regasification
regasificador {adj}  :: regasification (attributive)
regata {f}  :: regatta (boat racing)
regate {m}  :: dodge, swerve
regatear {v} [nautical]  :: to race
regatear {v}  :: to bargain
regatear {v}  :: to barter
regatear {v}  :: to begrudge
regatear {v}  :: to haggle over
regateo {m}  :: act of bartering or haggling
regatista {m}  :: one who participates in a regatta
regazo {m}  :: lap (the upper legs of a seated person)
regüeldo {m}  :: belch, burp
regeneración {f}  :: regeneration
regeneracionista {m}  :: regenerationist
regenerador {adj}  :: regenerating
regenerar {v}  :: to regenerate
regenerarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of regenerar
regenerativo {adj}  :: regenerative
regentar {v}  :: to manage
regente {m}  :: regent (one who rules in place of the monarch)
reggae {m}  :: reggae
reggaetón {m}  :: alternative spelling of reguetón
regidor {f}  :: regidor
regidora {f}  :: feminine form of regidor
regilla {f}  :: obsolete spelling of rejilla
regimental {adj}  :: regimental
regimiento {m}  :: regiment
región {f}  :: region
Región Autónoma del Atlántico Norte {prop}  :: Región Autónoma del Atlántico Norte (placename)
Región Autónoma del Atlántico Sur {prop}  :: Región Autónoma del Atlántico Sur (placename)
regio {adj} [Argentina, Chile, Ecuador]  :: stupendous
regio {adj} [Mexico]  :: Monterreyan, born in Monterrey, short form of regiomontano
regio {adj}  :: royal
regional {adj}  :: regional
regionalismo {m} [linguistics]  :: regionalism (word or feature peculiar to a dialect)
regionalismo {m}  :: regionalism (affection to one’s own region)
regionalista {adj}  :: regionalist
regionalista {m}  :: regionalist
regionalización {f}  :: regionalization
regionalizar {v}  :: to regionalize
regionalmente {adv}  :: regionally
regioselectividad {f} [chemistry]  :: regioselectivity
regir {v} [grammar]  :: to take
regir {v}  :: to rule, govern, be in charge of, reign
registración {f} [US]  :: registration (the process of registering for something)
registrador {f}  :: A dial, pressure gauge, thermostat, weight, speedometer, or similar control panel
registrador {f}  :: A registrar, recorder
registrador {f}  :: One that registers, especially for a court, ministry, king, or documents
registrador {f}  :: Someone that is well versed in deciphering the various merchandise of a business
registradora {f}  :: feminine noun of registrador
registral {adj} [attributive]  :: register, registration
registrar {vr}  :: to check in
registrar {v}  :: to examine, to inspect, to search
registrar {v}  :: to register, to record
registrarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of registrar
registro {m}  :: A registration, record
registro {m}  :: A roll, register, logbook, log
registro audible {m}  :: a voice stamp
registro fósil {m} [paleontology]  :: fossil record
regla {f}  :: menstruation, period
regla {f}  :: rule
regla {f}  :: ruler
regla de tres {f}  :: rule of three
reglaje {m}  :: adjustment
reglamentación {f}  :: ruling
reglamentar {v}  :: to establish rules for
reglamentariamente {adv}  :: statutorily
reglamentario {adj}  :: Fixed or prearranged time
reglamentario {adj}  :: Of a uniform, etc. Regulation
reglamentario {adj}  :: Statutory
reglamento {m}  :: policy, rules
reglar {v} [nautical]  :: to trim
reglar {vr}  :: to abide by, to conform to
reglar {v}  :: to check, to correct
reglar {v}  :: to regulate
reglar {v}  :: to rule (put lines using e.g. a ruler)
regleta {f} [electronics]  :: circuit board
regleta {f}  :: power strip
regobernar {v}  :: to regovern, to govern again
regocijadamente {adv}  :: delightedly
regocijado {adj}  :: delighted; overjoyed
regocijante {adj}  :: delightful
regocijar {v}  :: to delight
regocijo {m}  :: or by extension an action that leads to this state of mind
regocijo {m}  :: widespread joy, jubilation
regodear {vp} [colloquial]  :: to be fussy
regodear {vp} [colloquial]  :: to enjoy
regodearse {vr}  :: reflexive form of regodear
regodeón {adj}  :: querulous, naggy
regodeón {f}  :: nagger
regoldar {v}  :: belch (expel gas loudly or rudely from the stomach through the mouth)
regolito {m} [geology]  :: regolith
regordete {adj}  :: chubby, plump
regrabar {v}  :: to rerecord
regresar {v}  :: to return
regresión {f}  :: setback, regression
regresivo {adj}  :: backwards
regreso {m}  :: return
reguera {f}  :: irrigation ditch
reguero {m}  :: irrigation ditch
reguero {m}  :: string, series
reguero {m}  :: trickle
reguetón {m}  :: reggaeton
regulable {adj}  :: adjustable
regulación {f}  :: adjustment
regulador {f}  :: regulator
reguladora {f}  :: feminine noun of regulador
regular {adj}  :: common, ordinary, middling, so-so
regular {adj}  :: fair, fairly good, average
regular {adj} [grammar]  :: regular
regular {adj}  :: regular, steady, even
regular {v}  :: to adjust
regular {v}  :: to control
regular {v}  :: to put in order
regular {v}  :: to regulate
regularidad {f}  :: regularity
regularización {f}  :: regularisation
regularizador {adj}  :: regulating
regularizar {v}  :: to legalize
regularizar {v}  :: to regularize, to standardize
regularmente {adv}  :: regularly
regularse {vr}  :: reflexive form of regular
regulatorio {adj}  :: regulatory, rule
regurgitar {v}  :: to regurgitate
regusto {m}  :: aftertaste
rehabilitación {f}  :: physical therapy
rehabilitación {f}  :: rehabilitation
rehabilitación {f}  :: reinstatement
rehabilitar {v}  :: to rehabilitate
rehabilitarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of rehabilitar
rehacer {v}  :: to redo
rehidroxilación {f} [organic chemistry]  :: rehydroxylation
rehilar {vi}  :: to quiver, tremble
rehilar {vi}  :: to whiz, whirr (darts, arrows)
rehilar {v} [phonetics]  :: to pronounce some consonants as a postalveolar fricative (as either voiced /ʒ/ or voiceless /ʃ/)
rehilar {vt}  :: to twist too hard (in spinning)
rehén {m}  :: hostage
rehogar {v}  :: to fry lightly, to sauté
rehuir {v}  :: to avoid
rehusar {v}  :: to refuse
rehusarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of rehusar
reñidero {m}  :: cockpit (pit where cockfights take place)
reñido {adj}  :: at odds, quarreled
reñido {adj}  :: fought over
reiki {f}  :: reiki
Reikiavik {prop}  :: Reykjavik
reimaginar {v}  :: to reimagine
reimplantar {v}  :: to reimplant
reimponer {v}  :: to reimpose
reimpresión {f}  :: reprint; reprinting
reimprimir {v}  :: to reprint
reimpulsar {v}  :: to relaunch, reboot, restart
reina {f} [chess]  :: queen
reina {f}  :: queen
reinado {m}  :: reign
reinante {adj}  :: prevailing
reinante {adj}  :: reigning
reinar {v}  :: to reign; to rule over
reinauguración {f}  :: reinauguration
reinaugurar {v}  :: to reinaugurate
reincidencia {f}  :: recidivism
reincidente {adj}  :: recidivistic
reincidente {m}  :: recidivist
reincidir {v}  :: to backslide, to relapse
reincorporación {f}  :: reincorporation
reincorporar {v}  :: to reincorporate
reincorporarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of reincorporar
reindustrialización {f}  :: reindustrialization
reingresar {v}  :: to go back in (especially, into a medical institution)
reingresar {v}  :: to join up again, to rejoin
reingreso {m}  :: putting back in place
reiniciar {v}  :: to reboot
reiniciar {v}  :: to recommence
reiniciar {v}  :: to reset
reino {m}  :: kingdom
reino {m} [taxonomy]  :: kingdom
Reino de Suecia {prop}  :: Kingdom of Sweden
reinona {f} [slang]  :: drag queen (slang: male homosexual)
Reino Unido {prop}  :: United Kingdom
reinscripción {f}  :: reinscription
reinserción {f}  :: reinsertion
reinsertar {v}  :: to reinsert, to put back
reinsertar {v}  :: to rejoin, to reintegrate
reinstalar {v}  :: to reinstall
reinstaurar {v}  :: to reinstate
reintegración {f}  :: reintegration (act of reintegrating)
reintegrar {v}  :: to refund
reintegro {m}  :: In a lottery, a prize equal to the price of the ticket
reintegro {m}  :: repayment
reinterpretación {f}  :: reinterpretation
reinterpretar {n}  :: to reinterpret
reintroducción {f}  :: reintroduction
reintroducir {v}  :: to bring back in
reintroducir {v}  :: to reinsert
reinvención {f}  :: reinvention
reinventado {v}  :: past participle of reinventar
reinventar {v}  :: to reinvent
reinversión {f}  :: reinvestment
reinvertir {v}  :: to reinvest
reñir {v}  :: to fight
reñir {v}  :: to quarrel
reñir {v}  :: to scold
reirse {vr}  :: reflexive form of reir
reiteración {f}  :: reiteration
reiteradamente {adv}  :: repeatedly
reiterar {v}  :: to reiterate
reiterativo {adj}  :: reiterative
reivindicable {adj}  :: recoverable
reivindicación {f}  :: claim, demand
reivindicación {f} [legal]  :: replevin
reivindicar {v}  :: to demand, to claim
reivindicar {v}  :: to replevy
reivindicativo {adj}  :: vindicative
reja {f}  :: grating, grille
rejalgar {m} [mineral]  :: realgar
rejilla {f}  :: grating
rejilla {f}  :: grill
rejilla {f}  :: lattice
rejón {m} [bullfighting]  :: lance
rejonazo {m} [bullfighting]  :: stab or thrust with a lance
rejoneador {m} [bullfighting]  :: rejoneador
rejoneo {m} [bullfighting]  :: stab with the lance
rejuvenecedor {adj}  :: rejuvenating
rejuvenecedor {m}  :: rejuvenator
rejuvenecer {v}  :: to rejuvenate
rejuvenecimiento {m}  :: rejuvenation
relé {m} [electronics]  :: relay
relación {f}  :: relation
relación {f}  :: relationship
relacionable {adj}  :: related
relacionado {adj}  :: related
relacionar {v}  :: to relate
relacionarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of relacionar
relajación {f}  :: hernia
relajación {f}  :: laxity
relajación {f}  :: relaxation
relajación {f}  :: rupture
relajadamente {adv}  :: relaxedly
relajado {adj}  :: laid-back
relajado {adj}  :: lax
relajado {adj}  :: relaxed
relajante {adj}  :: relaxing
relajar {v}  :: to relax
relajo {m}  :: A ruckus or commotion
relamer {vr} [idiom]  :: to lick one's lips
relamer {vr}  :: to lick one's lips
relamer {v}  :: to lick, lick up, lick out
relamido {adj}  :: nice to an excessive degree; overnice
relamido {v}  :: past participle of relamer
relampaguear {vi} [impersonal]  :: to flash (from lightning, etc)
relanzamiento {m}  :: relaunch
relanzar {v}  :: to relaunch
relatar {v}  :: to relate
relatar {v}  :: to report
relatar {v}  :: to tell
relativamente {adv}  :: relatively
relatividad {f}  :: relativity
relativismo {m}  :: relativism
relativista {adj}  :: relativist
relativista {m}  :: relativist
relativización {f}  :: relativization
relativizar {v}  :: to play down, put into perspective
relativo {adj}  :: relative, comparative
relato {m}  :: report
relato {m}  :: story
relator {m}  :: relator
relator {m}  :: storyteller
relave {m}  :: tailings
relax {m}  :: relaxation
relectura {f}  :: rereading
releer {v}  :: to re-read
relegar {v}  :: to relegate (banish)
relevancia {f}  :: relevance
relevante {adj}  :: significant, important
relevar {v}  :: to take over for
relevista {m} [baseball]  :: reliever, relief pitcher
relevo {m} [athletics]  :: relay
relevo {m}  :: changeover (in a relay race)
relevo {m}  :: relief (from duty, watch)
relicario {m}  :: reliquary
relieve {m}  :: relief (protrusion)
religión {f}  :: religion
religiosamente {adv}  :: religiously
religiosidad {f}  :: religiousness
religioso {adj}  :: religious
relinchar {v}  :: to whinny, to neigh
relinchito {m}  :: diminutive form of relincho whinny
relincho {m}  :: neigh
relindo {adj}  :: Extremely pretty
reliquia {f}  :: relic
reliquia {f}  :: vestige
rellano {m}  :: landing (of a staircase)
rellenable {adj}  :: fillable
rellenar {v}  :: to fill out/fill in (as a form or data field)
rellenar {v}  :: to pad, to stuff
rellenar {v}  :: to refill
relleno {adj}  :: stuffed
relleno {m}  :: padding
relleno {m}  :: stuffing
relámpago {m}  :: flash, glance, sparkle
relámpago {m}  :: lightning, bolt
relocalización {f}  :: relocation
relocalizar {v}  :: to relocate
reloj {m}  :: clock
reloj {m}  :: watch, wristwatch
reloj atómico {m}  :: atomic clock
reloj de agua {m}  :: water clock
reloj de arena {m}  :: hourglass
reloj de bolsillo {m}  :: pocket watch
reloj de cuco {m}  :: cuckoo clock
reloj de pulsera {m}  :: wristwatch
reloj de sol {m}  :: sundial
reloj despertador {m}  :: alarm clock
relojera {f}  :: feminine noun of relojero
relojería {f}  :: clockmaking
relojería {f}  :: clock shop
relojero {f}  :: clockmaker
reloj solar {m}  :: sundial
reluciente {adj}  :: shiny, incandescent, glossy
relucir {v}  :: to bring up (a topic)
relucir {v}  :: to glisten
relumbrante {adj}  :: flashy, shiny
relumbrar {v}  :: to shine
reúma {m} [pathology]  :: rheumatism
remachar {v} [tennis]  :: to smash
remachar {v}  :: to rivet
remache {m}  :: final touch, finishing touch
remache {m}  :: rivet
remaduro {adj}  :: over-ripe
remake {m}  :: remake
remanente {adj}  :: remaining
remanente {m}  :: remainder
remangar {v} [pronomial]  :: to roll up one's sleeves (figurative meaning)
remangar {v}  :: to roll up (sleeves)
remanso {m}  :: backwater, still water (area of stagnant water)
remanso {m}  :: haven
remanso {m}  :: quiet place
remar {v}  :: to paddle
remarcar {v}  :: to reiterate, stress, emphasise
remarcar {v}  :: to re-mark
remarcar {v}  :: to remark
remasterización {f}  :: remastering
rematable {adj}  :: auctionable, able to yield profit
rematadamente {adv}  :: utterly, incredibly, ridiculously (extremely)
rematador {m}  :: auctioneer
rematar {v}  :: buy at an auction
rematar {vr}  :: to perish
rematar {v}  :: to complete
rematar {v}  :: to end, bring to an end, terminate
rematar {v}  :: to finish off
rematar {v}  :: to sell at an auction
rematar {v}  :: to shoot at goal, as in football
remate {m}  :: A culmination
remate {m}  :: A finishing off or killing
remate {m}  :: An end. A tip. A crown
remate {m}  :: An ornamental finish
remate {m} [sport]  :: A shot, or a smash
remate {m}  :: The highest bid in an auction
remecer {vt} [Latin America]  :: to rock, to shake up (to greatly impact)
remecer {vt} [Latin America]  :: to shake
remedar {v}  :: to mimic
remediación {f}  :: remediation
remediar {v}  :: to remedy
remedio {m}  :: amendment (alteration or change for the better)
remedio {m}  :: medicine
remedio {m}  :: remedy, solution
Remedios {prop}  :: female given name
remedo {m}  :: rehash, imitation
rememorar {v}  :: to reminisce
remendar {v}  :: to improve, patch, mend, repair, patch up
remera {f}  :: feminine noun of remero
remera {m} [Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay]  :: T-shirt
remera {m} [zoology]  :: remex
remero {f}  :: oarsman
remesa {f}  :: a shipment, or consignment of goods
remesa {f}  :: remittance of money
remezcla {f} [music]  :: remix
remezclar {v}  :: to remix
remiendo {m}  :: fix, quick fix
remiendo {m}  :: patch (for clothing)
remiendo {m}  :: patch (on the skin of animals)
remilgadamente {adv}  :: primly, delicately
remilgado {adj} [pejorative]  :: prim, prim and proper, maudlin
remilgo {m}  :: primness
remilitarización {f}  :: remilitarization
reminiscencia {f}  :: reminiscence
reminiscencia {f}  :: vague memory
remirar {v}  :: to look at again
remise {m} [Argentina]  :: taxi, taxicab
remisión {f}  :: remission
remiso {adj}  :: reluctant, unwilling
remitente {m}  :: sender (someone who sends)
remitir {v}  :: to refer
remitir {v}  :: to remit
remitir {v}  :: to send, transfer
remix {m}  :: remix
remo {m}  :: oar, paddle
remo {m}  :: rowing
remoción {f}  :: removal, elimination
remodelación {f}  :: remodeling, renovation
remodelar {v}  :: to remodel
remojar {v}  :: to steep, to soak
remojón {m} [At the beach or swimming pool]  :: A dip in the water
remojón {m} [Cookery]  :: Piece of bread soaked in milk
remojo {m}  :: soak
remolacha {f}  :: beet (Beta vulgaris)
remolacha {f}  :: mangelwurzel
remolacha {f}  :: red beet
remolacha {f}  :: sugar beet
remolcador {m} [nautical]  :: tugboat, towboat
remolcar {v}  :: to tow, take in tow
remoldear {v}  :: to remold
remolino {m} [Chile]  :: windmill
remolino {m} [hair]  :: cowlick
remolino {m} [weather]  :: vortex, whirlpool, whirlwind
remolón {adj} [colloquial]  :: foolish
remolón {adj} [colloquial]  :: lazy, idle
remolón {f}  :: slacker, idle person
remolonear {v}  :: to laze about
remolque {m}  :: towing
remonta {f}  :: a re-mount, a fresh horse to ride on
remonta {f}  :: supply of saddle horses (from Southwestern U.S.)
remontado {m}  :: A Northern Philippine's tribesman
remontado {m}  :: Re-mounted, gone back to the hills or mountains (said of someone who has returned to the wild and left civilization.)
remontar {v}  :: to elevate
remontar {v}  :: to frighten away
remontar {v}  :: to overcome
remontar {v}  :: to repair
remontarse {vr}  :: to date back (to)
remorder {v}  :: to feel guilty, remorse
remordimiento {m}  :: remorse, prick
remotamente {adv}  :: distantly
remotamente {adv}  :: remotely
remoto {adj}  :: remote, far-flung, (at a distance)
removedor {f}  :: remover
removedora {f}  :: feminine noun of removedor
remover {v}  :: to dismiss
remover {v}  :: to disturb, to upset
remover {v}  :: to remove, to take away, to move
remover {v}  :: to stir [a liquid]
remozar {v}  :: to make seem or feel younger
remozar {v}  :: to rejuvenate, make young
remozar {v}  :: to renovate
remplazar {v}  :: to replace
remuda {f}  :: an exchange; replacement, alteration
remuneración {f}  :: renumeration
remunerador {adj}  :: remunerating, compensating
remunerador {m}  :: remunerator
remunerar {v}  :: to remunerate
remunicipalización {f}  :: remunicipalization
renacentista {adj}  :: Renaissance; of or relating to the Renaissance
renacer {v}  :: to be reborn
renaciente {adj}  :: resurgent
renacimiento {m}  :: revival
Renacimiento {prop}  :: the Renaissance
renacionalización {f}  :: renationalization
renacuajo {m}  :: tadpole (toad or frog larva)
renal {adj}  :: renal
renalasa {f} [protein]  :: renalase
Renato {prop}  :: male given name; René
rencilla {f}  :: quarrel, row
rencor {m}  :: grudge, rancour, spite
rencoroso {adj}  :: resentful; rancorous (full of rancor)
renderizar {v}  :: to render
rendición {f}  :: surrender
rendija {f}  :: crack
rendija {f}  :: slit
rendimiento {m}  :: performance
rendimiento {m}  :: yield
rendir {v} [ditransitive]  :: to yield, pay, submit, pass down
rendir {vi}  :: to make headway
rendir {vi}  :: to vomit
rendir {vr}  :: to surrender, give in, give up
rendir {vt}  :: to conquer
rendir {vt}  :: to tire, exhaust
rendirse {vr}  :: reflexive form of rendir, to give up, to surrender
renegado {m}  :: renegade
renegar {v}  :: to apostatize
renegar {v}  :: to complain
renegar {v}  :: to deny vigorously
renegar {v}  :: to detest, abhor
renegar {v}  :: to swear, blaspheme
renegociación {f}  :: renegotiation
renegociar {v}  :: to renegotiate
renegrido {adj}  :: extremely black, extremely dark
Renfe {m} [Spain]  :: train station
Renfe {prop}  :: alternative form of RENFE
RENFE {prop}  :: A state owned company that runs the Spanish railway network
renglón {m}  :: line (of text or poetry)
renguear {v}  :: to limp
renina {f} [enzyme]  :: renin
renio {m}  :: rhenium
reno {m}  :: reindeer, caribou
renombramiento {m}  :: renaming, making a new name
renombrar {v}  :: to rename
renombre {m}  :: renown
renovable {adj}  :: renewable
renovación {f}  :: renovation, renewal
renovador {adj}  :: renewing, describing renewal
renovar {v}  :: to renovate
renovarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of renovar
renqueante {adj}  :: limp, limping
renquear {v}  :: to limp
renta {f} [colloquial]  :: protection money
renta {f}  :: income
renta {f}  :: rent
rentabilidad {f}  :: profitability
rentabilización {f}  :: making profitable
rentabilizar {v}  :: to make profitable
rentable {adj}  :: profitable, yielding income
rentar {v}  :: to rent
renting {m}  :: rental, hiring, charter, lease
rentista {m}  :: rentier
rentístico {adj}  :: financial
renuente {adj}  :: resistant to doing something
renunciamiento {m}  :: resignation, abdication
renunciar {v}  :: to renounce
renuncio {m} [colloquial]  :: contradiction, lie
renuncio {m}  :: revoke
renutrición {f}  :: renutrition
reo {adj}  :: Accused of a crime
reo {adj}  :: Found guilty of a crime
reo {f}  :: defendant (as in a trial)
reo {m}  :: A turn in a game
reo {m}  :: sea trout
reojo {m}  :: only used in de reojo
reordenación {f}  :: redesign, restructuring
reordenamiento {m}  :: reorganization
reordenar {v}  :: to reorganize; to restructure
reorganización {f}  :: reorganization
reorganizar {v}  :: to reorganize
reorientación {f}  :: reorientation
reorientar {v}  :: to reorientate, redirection
repantigarse {vr}  :: to slouch, sprawl
repantingarse {vr}  :: to slouch, sprawl
reparable {adj}  :: reparable, repairable
reparación {f}  :: repair, reparation
reparador {adj}  :: refreshing
reparador {adj}  :: repairing
reparador {adj}  :: restorative
reparador {f}  :: repair man
reparador {f}  :: serviceman
reparar {vi}  :: to notice, to realize, to become aware
reparar {vi}  :: to stop (make a halt)
reparar {vt}  :: to repair
repararse {vr}  :: reflexive form of reparar
reparcelación {f}  :: redistribution (of land)
reparo {m}  :: demur, demureness, objection
reparo {m}  :: repair
repartición {f}  :: repartition
repartidor {f}  :: deliveryman
repartidor {f}  :: distributor, dealer
repartidor {f}  :: paperboy
repartidora {f}  :: feminine noun of repartidor
repartir {v}  :: to deliver
repartir {v}  :: to distribute
repartir {v}  :: to share, give out
repartirse {vr}  :: reflexive form of repartir
reparto {m}  :: allocation
reparto {m}  :: cast (group of actors performing together)
reparto {m}  :: delivery (of something)
repasar {v}  :: to review
repasito {m}  :: diminutive form of repaso
repaso {m}  :: review, revision
repatriación {f}  :: repatriation
repatriar {v}  :: to repatriate, return to one's country
repavimentar {v}  :: to repave
república {f}  :: republic
República Centroafricana {prop}  :: Central African Republic (country in Central Africa)
República Checa {prop}  :: the Czech Republic
República de China {prop}  :: Republic of China
República de Crimea {prop}  :: Republic of Crimea
República de Irlanda {prop}  :: Republic of Ireland
República de Macedonia {prop}  :: Republic of Macedonia
República Democrática del Congo {prop}  :: Congo (country)
República de Nagorno-Karabaj {prop}  :: Nagorno-Karabakh Republic
República de Weimar {prop}  :: Weimar Republic
República Dominicana {prop}  :: Dominican Republic
República Gabonesa {prop}  :: Gabonese Republic
República Árabe de Egipto {prop}  :: Arab Republic of Egypt
repechaje {m} [soccer, Latin America]  :: repechage
repecho {m}  :: short steep slope
repelente {adj}  :: repulsive, repelling
repelente {m}  :: know-it-all
repelente {m}  :: repellent
repelentemente {adv}  :: disgustingly
repeler {v}  :: to disgust
repeler {v}  :: to repel
repelo {m} [colloquial]  :: disgust, aversion
repelo {m}  :: hangnail
repelo {m}  :: knot of wood
repelo {m} [Latin America]  :: junk
repelo {m} [Latin America]  :: rag (used cloths)
repelo {m}  :: something sticking out
repelo {m}  :: ugly hair
repelús {m}  :: shiver, heeby-jeebies
repensar {v}  :: to rethink
repente {m}  :: attack, upsurge
repente {m}  :: sudden movement
repentinamente {adv}  :: suddenly; unexpectedly; out of nowhere; out of the blue
repentino {adj}  :: sudden
repentismo {m} [Caribbean]  :: A type of improvised song
repentista {m}  :: repentista
repentizar {v}  :: to sightread
repercusión {f}  :: repercussion
repercutir {v}  :: to echo
repertorio {m}  :: repertoire, repertory
repescar {v}  :: to give a second chance to
repetibilidad {f}  :: repeatability
repetible {adj}  :: repeatable
repetición {f}  :: repetition
repetidamente {adv}  :: repeatedly
repetido {adj}  :: repetitive
repetidor {m} [education]  :: repeater, student who gets held back a year in school
repetidor {m} [telecommunications]  :: repeater
repetidora {f}  :: feminine form of repetidor
repetidora {f} [telecommunications]  :: repeater
repetir {vr}  :: to repeat oneself
repetir {vt}  :: to repeat; to take seconds (meal)
repetirse {vr}  :: reflexive form of repetir
repetitividad {f}  :: repetitiveness
repetitivo {adj}  :: repetitive
repicar {v}  :: to chop up
repicar {v}  :: to peal, to ring
repintar {v}  :: to repaint
repipi {adj}  :: snobby, stuck-up
repiquetear {vr}  :: to squabble, row, tiff
repiquetear {v}  :: to peal, chime (of bells)
repiquetear {v}  :: to tap (a surface)
repiqueteo {m}  :: chiming, ringing, pealing (of bells)
repiqueteo {m}  :: tapping (on e.g. the table)
repisa {f}  :: shelf, ledge, mantelpiece
repóker {m} [card games]  :: five of a kind
replanteamiento {m}  :: reassessment
replantear {v}  :: to redefine
replegar {v}  :: to fall back, retreat
replegar {v}  :: to fold repeatedly
replegarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of replegar
repleto {adj}  :: replete; full
replicación {f}  :: replication
replicante {adj}  :: replicating
replicante {m}  :: replicant
replicar {v}  :: to answer, reply, retort, rejoin
replicón {m} [genetics]  :: replicon
repoblación {f}  :: repopulation
repoblar {v}  :: to repopulate, restock, reforest
repolitizar {v}  :: to repoliticise
repollo {m}  :: cabbage
repollo chino {m}  :: Chinese cabbage
reponedor {adj}  :: relaxing, revitalising
reponedor {f}  :: shelf stacker, stocker
reponer {vr}  :: to recover, recuperate
reponer {vr}  :: to revive
reponer {v}  :: to reinstate, restore
reponer {vt}  :: to replace
reponerse {vr}  :: reflexive form of reponer
reportaje {m}  :: report
reportar {v}  :: to report
reportear {v}  :: to report on
reportera {f}  :: (female) reporter
reporterismo {m} [journalism]  :: reporterism
reportero {f}  :: reporter
reposado {adj}  :: relaxed, placid, calm
reposapiés {m}  :: footstool
reposar {v}  :: to repose
reposición {f}  :: recovery of health
reposición {f}  :: replacement
reposición {f} [television]  :: repeat (repeated broadcast)
reposicionamiento {m}  :: repositioning
repositorio {m}  :: repository
reposo {m}  :: rest
repostar {v}  :: to refuel
repostar {v}  :: to replenish
reposte {m}  :: pantry
repostera {f}  :: feminine noun of repostero
repostería {f}  :: pastry shop
repostero {f}  :: pastry chef
repotenciar {v}  :: to revamp, renew, boost
repóquer {m} [card games]  :: five of a kind
repreciación {f}  :: repricing, revaluing
repregunta {f} [legal]  :: cross-examination
repreguntar {v}  :: to cross-examine
reprehender {v}  :: to reprehend, to reprimand
reprehensible {adj}  :: reprehensible
reprehensión {f}  :: reprehension
reprender {v}  :: to reprimand
reprendiente {adj}  :: reprimanding
reprensible {adj}  :: reprehensible
reprensión {f}  :: reprehension
reprensor {f}  :: reprehender; one who reprehends
reprensora {f}  :: feminine noun of reprensor
represa {f}  :: dam
represa {f}  :: damming
represa {f}  :: repression
represalia {f}  :: reprisal, retaliation
represaliado {f}  :: one who has been retaliated against
represaliar {v}  :: to retaliate
represar {v}  :: to dam
representable {adj}  :: representable
representación {f}  :: representation
representacional {adj}  :: representational (having the function of representing)
representador {adj}  :: representing
representante {m}  :: representative
representar {v}  :: to represent
representarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of representar
representatividad {f}  :: representativity
representativo {adj}  :: representative
represión {m}  :: repression
represivo {adj}  :: repressive
reprimenda {f}  :: reprimand
reprimir {vr}  :: to control oneself
reprimir {vt}  :: to repress
reprobable {adj}  :: reprovable, reproachable
reprobación {f}  :: failure
reprobación {f}  :: reprobation, reproval
reprobar {v} [Latin America]  :: to flunk, to fail (to pass an exam, course etc.)
reprobar {v}  :: to condemn, disapprove, reprove
reprochable {adj}  :: reproachable
reprochar {v}  :: to reproach
reproche {m}  :: reproach
reproducción {f}  :: reproduction
reproducibilidad {f}  :: reproducibility
reproducir {v}  :: to play
reproducir {v}  :: to reproduce
reproducirse {vr}  :: to reproduce
reproductivista {adj}  :: reproductivist
reproductivo {adj}  :: reproductive
reproductor {adj}  :: reproductive
reprografía {f}  :: reprography
reprogramar {v}  :: to reprogram
reprogramar {v}  :: to reschedule
reptar {v}  :: to challenge someone
reptar {v}  :: to crawl
reptar {v}  :: to creep
reptar {v}  :: to slither
reptil {adj}  :: reptilian
reptil {m}  :: reptile (a cold-blooded vertebrate)
reptilianidad {f}  :: reptilianness
reptiliano {adj}  :: reptilian
republicanismo {m}  :: republicanism
republicano {adj}  :: republican
republicano {adj}  :: Republican
republicano {f}  :: Republican
republicar {v}  :: to republish
repudiar {v}  :: to repudiate
repuesto {m}  :: spare part
repugnancia {f}  :: repugnancy, disgust
repugnante {adj}  :: disgusting
repugnante {adj}  :: repugnant
repugnantemente {adv}  :: repugnantly
repugnar {v}  :: to disgust
repujar {v}  :: to emboss
repulsar {v}  :: to reject, refuse
repulsar {v}  :: to repel, repulse
repulsión {f}  :: repulsion
repulsivo {adj} [physics]  :: repulsive
repulsivo {adj}  :: repulsive, gross
repuntar {v}  :: to recover, rebound
repunte {m} [economics]  :: recovery
reputación {f}  :: reputation
reputacional {adj}  :: reputational
reputar {v}  :: to deem
requebrar {v}  :: to flatter, compliment
requerido {adj}  :: required, needed
requerimiento {m}  :: requirement
requerir {v}  :: to ask for, send for, call for
requerir {v}  :: to require, need
requesón {m}  :: ricotta
requeté {m} [historical]  :: A Carlist solider during the First Carlist War
requeté {m} [historical]  :: A Franquist solider from Navarre during the Spanish Civil War
requete- {prefix} [colloquial]  :: to a great extent, very
requetebién {adv} [colloquial]  :: very well, wonderfully, masterfully
requiebro {m}  :: a flattering comment
requinto {m} [musical instruments]  :: requinto; a smaller, higher-pitched version of another instrument
requinto {m}  :: Music played with these instruments
requinto {m} [music]  :: riff, solo, run
requisar {v}  :: to requisition
requisar {v}  :: to search
requisición {f}  :: requisition
requisito {adj}  :: required, requisite
requisito {m}  :: requirement
requisitoria {f} [law]  :: interrogation
requisitoria {f} [law]  :: summons
reír {v}  :: to laugh
reírse {vr}  :: (reflexive form of reír) to laugh
reírse a carcajadas {v} [colloquial]  :: to laugh out loud, to be in stitches
res {f}  :: head of quadrupedal cattle or game
res {f} [Latin America]  :: bovine animal
resaber {v}  :: to know completely or thoroughly
resabiado {adj}  :: deft, crafty
resabio {m}  :: bad aftertaste
resabio {m}  :: vice, bad habit
resaca {f} [commerce]  :: redraft, redrawing
resaca {f}  :: hangover (illness caused by a previous bout of heavy drinking)
resaca {f} [Mexico, US]  :: dry stream bed
resaca {f}  :: silt deposit
resaca {f}  :: undertow, surf, backwash (outgoing wave)
resaltador {m}  :: highlighter
resaltar {v}  :: to emphasize
resarcimiento {m}  :: compensation
resarcir {vt}  :: To compensate, indemnize
resarcir {vt}  :: To repay
resbaladero {m}  :: slide (toy for children)
resbaladizo {adj}  :: slippery
resbalar {v}  :: to slide
resbalón {m}  :: latch (of a door)
resbalón {m}  :: slip, skid
resbalón {m}  :: slip-up
resbaloso {adj} [Mexico]  :: flirtatious
resbaloso {adj}  :: slippery
rescatar {v}  :: to rescue
rescate {m}  :: rescue
rescatista {m}  :: rescuer
rescindir {v}  :: to rescind
rescoldera {f} [pathology]  :: heartburn
rescoldo {m}  :: embers
reseña {f}  :: review
reseña {f}  :: sketch, outline
reseñar {v}  :: to make a sketch, outline
reseñar {v}  :: to review
resecar {v} [surgery]  :: to resect
resecar {v}  :: to desiccate
reseco {adj}  :: emaciated
reseco {adj}  :: extremely dry, parched
resemblar {v} [obsolete]  :: to be similar, resemble
resembrar {v}  :: to replant
resembrar {v}  :: to reseed
resentido {adj}  :: resentful, bitter (person)
resentimiento {m}  :: resentment
resentimiento social {m}  :: class envy, social envy
resentir {v}  :: alternative form of resentirse
resentirse {v}  :: to fall apart
resentirse {v}  :: to regret, bemoan
resentirse {v}  :: to resent
reserva {f}  :: a reserve
reserva {f}  :: reservation (arrangement by which accommodation or transport arrangements are secured in advance)
reservación {f}  :: reservation
reservado {adj}  :: discrete
reservado {adj}  :: private
reservado {adj}  :: reserved
reservar {v}  :: to book
reservar {v}  :: to conceal, to keep secret
reservar {v}  :: to exempt, to exonerate
reservar {v}  :: to put aside, to set aside
reservar {v}  :: to put off, to postpone
reservar {v}  :: to reserve, to keep, to save
reservarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of reservar
reservista {m}  :: reservist
reservón {adj}  :: reserved, shy
reservorio {m}  :: reservoir
resetear {v}  :: to reset
resfriado {m}  :: A cold
resfriado {m}  :: The flu
resfriar {v}  :: to cool, chill, grow cold
resfrío {m}  :: cold (illness)
resguardar {v}  :: to safeguard
resguardarse {v}  :: to safeguard oneself
residencia {f}  :: residence
residencial {adj}  :: residentiary, residential
residenciar {v} [legal]  :: to investigate, look into
residenciar {vr}  :: to move into (a residence)
residente {adj}  :: residing, domiciled, living, resident
residente {m}  :: resident
residir {v}  :: to live in; to reside
residual {adj}  :: residual
residualidad {f}  :: residuality
residuo {m}  :: remainder
residuo {m}  :: residue
residuo radiactivo {m}  :: radioactive waste
resignación {f}  :: resignation
resignar {v}  :: to resign
resignarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of resignar
resilencia {f}  :: resilience
resiliencia {f}  :: resilience
resiliente {adj}  :: resilient
resina {f}  :: resin
resincronizar {v}  :: to resynchronize
resinoso {adj}  :: resinous
resintonizar {v}  :: To retune
resistencia {f}  :: resistance
resistencialista {m}  :: resistentialist
resistente {adj}  :: strong, tough, resistant
resistible {adj}  :: resistible
resistir {v}  :: to resist
resistividad {f}  :: resistivity
resituar {v}  :: to reset, reposition, relocate
resma {f}  :: ream (quantity of paper)
resol {m}  :: sun's glare
resollar {v}  :: to snort, gasp
resolución {f}  :: resolution
resolutivo {adj}  :: resolute, decisive
resoluto {adj}  :: resolute
resolutorio {adj}  :: resolutory
resolver {v}  :: to decide
resolver {v}  :: to solve
resolverse {vr}  :: reflexive form of resolver
resonancia {f} [chemistry]  :: resonance
resonancia {f}  :: impact
resonancia {f}  :: resonance
resonante {adj}  :: resonant
resonar {v}  :: to echo
resonar {v}  :: to resonate
resondrar {v} [Peru, colloquial]  :: to tell off
resoplar {vi}  :: to puff and pant
resoplar {vi}  :: to snort
resoplido {m}  :: puff
resorber {v}  :: to resorb
resorcino {m} [organic compound]  :: resorcinol, resorcin
resorte {m}  :: spring (device made of flexible material)
respaldar {v}  :: to support
respaldar {v}  :: to underpin
respaldo {m}  :: backup
respaldo {m}  :: support
respectabilidad {f}  :: respectability
respectar {v} [dated]  :: to respect (to have respect or consideration toward)
respectar {v}  :: to relate (to relate to; to be concerned with)
respectivamente {adv}  :: respectively
respectivo {adj}  :: respective
respecto {m}  :: relationship
respetable {adj}  :: considerable
respetable {adj}  :: respectable
respetar {v}  :: to respect
respetarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of respetar
respeto {m}  :: respect
respetuosamente {adv}  :: respectfully
respetuoso {adj}  :: respectful
respingar {v} [colloquial]  :: to dig in one's heels
respingar {v} [colloquial]  :: to ride up, hike up (clothes)
respingar {v}  :: to buck, balk (of an animal)
respingo {m}  :: start (jump)
respirable {adj}  :: breathable, respirable
respiración {f}  :: breath
respiración {f}  :: respiration
respiradero {m}  :: vent
respirador {m}  :: respirator
respirador {m}  :: snorkel
respirar {v}  :: to breathe
respiratorio {adj}  :: respiratory, breathing
respiro {m}  :: breath
resplandecer {v}  :: to shine brightly, glitter, glow, be resplendant
resplandeciente {adj}  :: bright; radiant; dazzling
resplandor {m}  :: sheen
responder {v}  :: to answer, to reply
respondón {adj} [colloquial]  :: lippy, gobby
responsabilidad {f}  :: responsibility
responsabilizar {v}  :: to hold responsible
responsabilizarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of responsabilizar
responsable {adj}  :: answerable
responsable {adj}  :: responsible
responsable {m}  :: person in charge
responsablemente {adv}  :: accountably
responsablemente {adv}  :: responsibly
respuesta {f}  :: reply, response, answer
resquebrajar {v}  :: to crack
resquebrajarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of resquebrajar
resquemor {m}  :: resentment
resquemor {m}  :: sting
resquicio {m}  :: cleft, crack, slit, crevice (thin long opening)
resquicio {m} [colloquial]  :: opportunity, chance
resquicio {m}  :: the opening between the door and doorjamb
resquicio {m} [Venezuela]  :: rest, remainder
resquicio {m} [Venezuela]  :: trace
resta {f}  :: subtraction
restablecer {v}  :: recover
restablecer {v}  :: restore
restablecerse {vr}  :: reflexive form of restablecer
restablecimiento {m}  :: reset, reestablishment
restallar {v}  :: to crack
restallar {v}  :: to crackle
restallido {m}  :: crackle, crackling (sound)
restallido {m}  :: crack (of a whip)
restante {adj}  :: remaining (residual)
restante {m}  :: remnant (small portion remaining of a larger thing or group)
restar {vi}  :: to remain
restar {vt}  :: to subtract, to reduce, to deduct
restauración {f}  :: restoration (political)
restauración {f}  :: restoration, reconstruction
restaurado {adj}  :: restored
restaurador {m}  :: restorer
restaurante {m}  :: restaurant
restaurar {v}  :: to restore
restaurativo {adj}  :: restorative
restitución {f}  :: restitution
restituir {v}  :: restore, bring back, return
resto {m}  :: rest, remainder
restorán {m}  :: restaurant
restregar {v} [colloquial, figuratively]  :: to rub in (irritatingly make a point)
restregar {v}  :: to scour, rub hard, scrub
restregar la cebolleta {v} [Spain, slang]  :: to bang, do the deed (copulate)
restricción {f}  :: constraint
restricción {f}  :: restriction
restrictivo {adj}  :: restrictive
restringido {adj}  :: restricted
restringir {v}  :: to constrain
restringir {v}  :: to restrict
restructuración {f}  :: restructuring
restructurar {v}  :: to restructure
resucitación {f}  :: resuscitation
resucitación {f}  :: revival
resucitar {v}  :: to resuscitate
resuello {m} [literary]  :: breath
resueltamente {adv}  :: decidedly
resuelto {adj}  :: determined
resuelto {adj}  :: solved
resultado {m}  :: result
resultante {adj}  :: resultant
resultar {v}  :: to result
resultón {adj} [colloquial]  :: pretty, attractive
resumen {m}  :: résumé, curriculum vitae
resumen {m}  :: summary, abstract
resumir {v}  :: to summarize
resurgimiento {m}  :: resurgence, reemergence
resurgir {v}  :: to reappear, to crop up agsin, to reemerge
resurrección {f}  :: resurrection
resveratrol {m} [organic compound]  :: resveratrol
retablo {m}  :: tableau
retacón {adj}  :: short, stocky
retador {adj}  :: challenging
retador {f}  :: defiant
retaguardia {f}  :: rearguard
retahíla {f}  :: string, series
retal {m}  :: remnant, relic
Retalhuleu {prop}  :: Retalhuleu (placename)
retaliación {f}  :: retaliation
retama {f} [plant]  :: Spanish broom, Spartium junceum
retar {v}  :: to defy, challenge
retar {v}  :: to scold, reprimand
retardar {v}  :: to retard
retardatario {adj}  :: hindering, holding back
retardo {m}  :: delay
retículo {m} [anatomy]  :: reticulum
retículo {m} [cytology]  :: reticulum
retículo {m}  :: reticle, reticule
retículo endoplasmático {m} [cytology]  :: endoplasmic reticulum
reteñir {v}  :: to redye; to dye again
retención {f}  :: hold-up, jam, traffic jam
retención {f}  :: retention
retener {v}  :: to catch
retener {v}  :: to hold
retener {v}  :: to hold back
retener {v}  :: to retain, keep
retenida {f}  :: restrainer
reticencia {f}  :: reticence, reluctance
reticente {adj}  :: reticent, reluctant
retimbrar {v}  :: to restamp
retina {f}  :: retina
retinoblastoma {f} [oncology]  :: retinoblastoma
retinol {m} [organic compound]  :: retinol
retinopexia {f} [surgery]  :: retinopexy
retirada {f}  :: withdrawal
retirado {adj}  :: withdrawn
retirar {v}  :: to remove
retirar {v}  :: to withdraw
retirarse {v}  :: to retreat
retiro {m}  :: retirement
retitular {v}  :: to retitle, rename
reto {m}  :: challenge, dare
retoñar {v}  :: to reappear
retoñar {v}  :: to sprout, bud
retocado {v}  :: past participle of retocar
retocador {f}  :: retoucher (peron who retouches photo)
retocadora {f}  :: feminine noun of retocador
retocar {v}  :: to touch up (fix damages to improve the look)
retocarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of retocar
retomar {v}  :: to resume
retomar {v}  :: to retake
retoño {m} [colloquial]  :: kid, offspring (child)
retoño {m}  :: sprout, shoot (of plant)
retoque {m}  :: retouching; touch up
retorcer {v}  :: to squirm, to wriggle, to writhe
retorcer {v}  :: to twist
retorcer {v}  :: to wring
retorcido {adj}  :: kinky
retorcido {adj}  :: twisted
retorcimiento {m}  :: entwining, entangling
retornable {adj}  :: returnable
retornar {v}  :: to return
retorno {m}  :: return
retorta {f} [chemistry]  :: retort (flask used in distillation)
retortijón {m}  :: cramp
retortijón {m}  :: quick twist
retozar {v}  :: to become aroused
retozar {v}  :: to frolic, to cavort
retozar {v}  :: to toss and turn (in bed)
retracción {f}  :: retraction
retractar {vr}  :: to retract, to take back (one's words)
retractar {v}  :: to retract, to take back (one's words)
retractarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of retractar
retracto {m}  :: first refusal
retracto {m} [legal]  :: option
retraducir {v}  :: to re-translate
retraer {v}  :: to withdraw, to retract (something)
retraerse {v}  :: to withdraw (oneself), to shrink back
retraimiento {m}  :: shyness, bashfulness
retranca {f}  :: brake
retranquear {v} [construction]  :: To move stones or other building material into position
retranquear {v} [construction]  :: To set back a structure from the road
retranqueo {m} [architecture]  :: setback (distance between a structure and a road)
retransmisión {f}  :: broadcast [of radio, etc]
retransmisión {f}  :: retransmission
retransmitir {vt} [Spain]  :: to broadcast
retransmitir {vt}  :: to retransmit, to rebroadcast
retrasado {adj}  :: delayed, retarded
retrasado {adj}  :: retarded, moronic, dumb
retrasar {v}  :: to delay
retrasarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of retrasar
retraso {m}  :: delay
retratar {v}  :: to portray
retratarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of retratar
retratista {m}  :: portrait painter
retrato {m}  :: portrait
retrete {m}  :: toilet
retrógrada {f}  :: feminine form of retrógrado
retrógrado {adj}  :: opposing progress
retrógrado {adj}  :: retrograde (moving backwards)
retrógrado {f}  :: someone who opposes progress
retribución {f}  :: payment
retribución {f}  :: retribution
retribuir {v}  :: to repay
retribuir {v}  :: to reward
retributivo {adj}  :: retributive
retórica {f}  :: rhetoric
retórico {adj}  :: rhetorical
retro {adj}  :: retro
retroacción {f} [technical]  :: feedback (signal that is looped back to control a system within itself)
retroactivamente {adv}  :: retroactively
retroactividad {f}  :: retroactivity
retroactivo {adj}  :: retroactive
retroalimentación {f}  :: feedback
retroalimentar {v}  :: to feed back
retroalimentar {v}  :: to feed into (one another)
retroceder {vi}  :: to recoil
retroceder {vi}  :: to retreat, go back
retroceso {m}  :: backtrack
retroceso {m}  :: recoil
retroceso {m}  :: retreat, regression
retrogusto {m}  :: aftertaste
retroiluminación {f}  :: backlight
retroiluminar {v}  :: to backlight
retronasal {adj}  :: retronasal
retroproyector {f}  :: overhead projector
retroproyectora {f}  :: feminine noun of retroproyector
retrosíntesis {f} [chemistry]  :: retrosynthesis
retrospectiva {f}  :: retrospective
retrospectivamente {adv}  :: in retrospect
retrotraer {v}  :: to take back (to a bygone era)
retrovirus {m} [virology]  :: retrovirus
retrovisor {m}  :: rear-view mirror
retuit {m} [computing]  :: retweet
retuitear {v} [computing]  :: to retweet
retumbar {v}  :: to resound
retundir {v}  :: to even up a piece of masonry or brickwork
reubicación {f}  :: rehousing
reubicar {v}  :: to rehouse, relocate
reuma {m} [pathology]  :: rheumatism
reumatóloga {f}  :: feminine form of reumatólogo
reumatólogo {f}  :: rheumatologist
reumático {adj}  :: rheumatic
reunido {adj}  :: gathered
reunificación {f}  :: reunification (act of process of reunifying)
reunificar {v}  :: to reunify
reunión {f}  :: meeting
reunir {v}  :: to gather, to bring together, assemble, collect, get together
reunir {v}  :: to join, unite
reunir {v}  :: to reunite
reunirse {vr}  :: reflexive form of reunir To meet
reurbanización {f}  :: reurbanization
reurbanizar {v}  :: to reurbanise
reusar {v}  :: to recycle
reusar {v}  :: to reuse
reusense {adj}  :: Of or from Reus
reusense {m}  :: Someone from Reus
reutilizable {adj}  :: reusable
reutilización {f}  :: reuse
reutilizar {v}  :: to reutilize
revalidar {v}  :: to confirm
revaloración {f}  :: revaluation
revalorar {v}  :: to revalue
revalorización {f}  :: revaluing
revalorizar {v}  :: to revalue
revaluación {f}  :: revaluation
revancha {f}  :: rematch, return game
revancha {f}  :: revenge
revanchismo {m}  :: revanchism
revascularización {f}  :: revascularization
revelación {f}  :: insight
revelación {f}  :: revelation
revelación {f}  :: unveiling
revelado {m}  :: photographic processing, development
revelador {adj}  :: revealing
revelador {m}  :: developer (substance)
reveladoramente {v}  :: revealingly
revelar {v}  :: to develop photographic film
revelar {v}  :: to reveal
revelarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of revelar
revendedor {m}  :: reseller
revender {v}  :: to resell
revenir {vi}  :: to return, revert
revenir {vp}  :: to go bad, spoil, turn sour (of food)
revenir {vp}  :: to shrink, reduce
revenirse {v}  :: For baking products, to make bland and rubbery from humidity or heat
reventa {f}  :: resale
reventar {v} [colloquial]  :: to annoy; hack off
reventar {v} [colloquial]  :: to burst (into)
reventar {v} [colloquial]  :: to die (to do something)
reventar {v} [colloquial]  :: to wear out; knacker
reventar {v}  :: to burst, explode, blow up, break
reventar {v} [vulgar, Spain]  :: to have anal sex
reventarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of reventar
reventón {m}  :: a cultivar of maize, whose seeds are used for popcorn
reventón {m}  :: burst
reventón {m}  :: party (social gathering)
reverberación {f}  :: reverberation
reverberar {v}  :: to reverberate
reverdecer {v}  :: to become green again, go green again
reverdecer {v}  :: to revive, reanimate
reverencia {f}  :: reverence
reverencial {adj}  :: reverential
reverenciar {v}  :: to revere
reverendo {adj}  :: reverend
reversar {v}  :: to reverse
reversible {adj}  :: reversible
reversión {f}  :: reversion
reverso {m}  :: back, back side, reverse
revertir {v}  :: to revert
revesar {v}  :: to vomit
revestimiento {m}  :: coating
revestimiento {m}  :: covering
revestimiento {m}  :: panelling
revestir {v}  :: to decorate
revisable {adj}  :: revisable
revisación {f}  :: physical (an examination of the body by a medical professional)
revisar {v}  :: to revise
revisarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of revisar
revisión {f}  :: review
revisión {f}  :: revision
revisionar {v}  :: to review, revise
revisionismo {m}  :: revisionism
revisionista {adj}  :: revisionist
revisitar {v}  :: to revisit
revista {f}  :: magazine
revistar {v}  :: to review, look over
revitalización {f}  :: revitalisation
revitalizador {n}  :: revitalising
revitalizar {v}  :: to revitalize
revivalismo {m}  :: revivalism
revivir {v}  :: to revive
revólver {m}  :: revolver
revocabilidad {f}  :: revokability
revocar {v}  :: to revoke
revocatorio {adj}  :: revocatory, revocative
revolcar {v}  :: to know down, floor
revolcar {v}  :: to revolt
revolcar {v}  :: to roll around, roll over
revolcarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of revolcar
revolcón {m} [colloquial]  :: roll in the hay
revolcón {m}  :: tumble
revolera {f}  :: twirl
revolotear {v}  :: to revolve around
revoloteo {m}  :: flap, flapping (e.g. of wings)
revoltijo {m}  :: jumble, mess, mishmash
revoltoso {adj}  :: rebellious
revolución {f}  :: revolution (act of revolving)
revolución {f}  :: revolution (political/social)
revolucionar {v}  :: to revolutionize
revolucionaria {f}  :: feminine noun of revolucionario
revolucionariamente {adv}  :: revolutionarily
revolucionario {adj}  :: revolutionary
revolucionario {f}  :: revolutionary
revolver {v}  :: to consider, to turn over, to ponder
revolver {v}  :: to disturb, to stir up, to upset
revolver {v}  :: to jumble up, to disarrange
revolver {v}  :: to stir, to mix
revolver {v}  :: to swing around
revolver {v}  :: to turn 360 degrees, to revolve
revolver {v}  :: to turn over, to poke about, to rummage around in
revolver {v}  :: to wrap, to wrap up
revés {m}  :: back, reverse side
revés {m} [tennis]  :: backhand
revés {m}  :: wrong side
revuelo {m}  :: commotion
revuelo {m}  :: fluttering
revuelta {f}  :: revolt
revuelto {adj}  :: agitated
revuelto {adj}  :: disordered, mixed, in a mess
revuelto {adj}  :: scrambled (eggs)
revulsivo {adj}  :: revulsive
rey {m} [chess]  :: king
rey {m}  :: king
reyerta {f}  :: scuffle, brawl
Reyes {prop}  :: Spanish surname
Reyes Católicos {prop}  :: Catholic Kings (Queen Isabella I of Castile and King Ferdinand II of Aragon)
Reyes Magos {prop}  :: wise men, Magi
rezador {m}  :: prayer (someone who prays)
rezagado {adj}  :: backward (lagging behind in customs and technonolgy)
rezagado {m}  :: straggler
rezagar {vr}  :: to lag behind; fall behind
rezagar {v}  :: to leave behind
rezandero {adj}  :: praying
rezar {vi}  :: to pray
rezo {m}  :: prayer
rezongar {v}  :: To grumble, to complain
rezongar {v}  :: To scold
rezumante {adj}  :: wet, humid
rezumar {v}  :: to ooze, seep
RFA {prop}  :: abbreviation of República Federal de Alemania (Federal Republic of Germany)
ráfaga {f}  :: burst or volley of gunfire
ráfaga {f}  :: cloud
ráfaga {f}  :: sudden flash (of light)
ráfaga {f}  :: sudden gust (of wind)
rígidamente {adv}  :: rigidly
rígido {adj}  :: rigid, stiff
rígido {adj}  :: rigorous, strict
régimen {m}  :: regime
rígor mortis {m}  :: rigor mortis
rho {f}  :: rho; the Greek letter Ρ, ρ
Rhode Island {prop}  :: Rhode Island
Rhodesia {prop}  :: alternative form of Rodesia
rhodesiano {adj}  :: alternative form of rodesiano
rhodesiano {f}  :: alternative form of rodesiano
riña {f}  :: fight, struggle
riachuelo {m}  :: small stream, rivulet
Riad {prop}  :: Riyadh (placename)
riada {f}  :: flood
riada {f}  :: (sudden) overflow of a river watercourse
Ribadesella {prop}  :: Ribadesella
ribadoquín {m}  :: ribauldequin
ribera {f}  :: bank (riverbank)
ribereño {adj}  :: riverside
ribereño {f}  :: riverside dweller, someone who lives by a river
ribetear {v}  :: to bind, to trim
ribetear {v}  :: to border, to edge
riboflavina {f} [organic chemistry]  :: riboflavin
ribonucleasa {f} [enzyme]  :: ribonuclease
ribonucleico {adj}  :: ribonucleic
ribosa {f} [carbohydrate]  :: ribose
ribosómico {adj}  :: ribosomic
ribosoma {m} [cytology]  :: ribosome
ribosomal {adj}  :: ribosomal
ribulosa {f} [organic compound, carbohydrate]  :: ribulose
ricachón {f} [pejorative]  :: moneybags (rich person)
ricachona {f}  :: feminine noun of ricachón
ricamente {adv}  :: richly
Ricarda {prop}  :: female given name, the feminine form of Ricardo ( Richard )
Ricardo {prop}  :: male given name, equivalent to Richard
richardsoniano {adj}  :: Richardsonian
ricito {m}  :: diminutive form of rizo
rico {adj}  :: luxurious
rico {adj}  :: rich
rico {adj}  :: tasty
Rico {prop}  :: A masculine nickname for Ricardo
ridículamente {adv}  :: ridiculously
ridículo {adj}  :: ridiculous
ridículo {m}  :: ridicule, ridiculousness, laughableness (ridiculous situation)
rider {m}  :: rider, biker (motorcyclist)
ridiculez {f}  :: ridiculousness
ridiculizar {v}  :: to ridicule, laugh at, mock
riego {m}  :: irrigation
riel {m}  :: ingot, bar
riel {m}  :: rail, track (railroad, tram, hardware)
rielante {adj}  :: glimmery
rielar {v} [poetic]  :: to shimmer, glimmer
rienda {f}  :: rein
riesgo {m}  :: chance; risk; the possibility of harm or an unfavorable outcome from random chance
riesgoso {adj}  :: risky, dangerous
rifa {f}  :: lottery, raffle
rifar {v}  :: to raffle off, draw lots
rifarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of rifar
rifirrafe {m}  :: altercation
rifle {m}  :: rifle
rifle de aire {m}  :: air rifle
Riga {prop}  :: Riga
rigidez {f}  :: rigidity
rigodón {m}  :: rigadoon
rigor {m}  :: rigour
rigorismo {m}  :: strictness, rigorism
rigorista {m}  :: strict person
rigua {f} [El Salvador]  :: food similar to a tortilla often made out of corn
rigurosamente {adv}  :: rigorously
rigurosidad {f}  :: preciseness, exactness
riguroso {adj}  :: rigorous
rima {f}  :: consonance
rima {f}  :: heap, pile
rima {f}  :: (plural) poems, poetry
rima {f}  :: rhyme
rimar {v}  :: to rhyme
rimbombante {adj}  :: Flashy; showy; bombastic; ostentatious or overblown
rimbombante {adj}  :: Loud, thundering, echoing
riñón {m}  :: kidney
riñón {m}  :: kidney ore, hematite
Rin {prop}  :: Rhine
rincón {m}  :: bit, end
rincón {m}  :: corner (inside), angle
rincón {m}  :: haven, retreat
rincón {m}  :: nook, cosy corner
rincón {m}  :: patch, small piece (of land)
rinconcito {m}  :: diminutive form of rincón
ring {m} [boxing]  :: ring
ringar {vtr}  :: to injure the hips or loin
ringorrango {m} [colloquial]  :: pomp, bells and whistles, fancy decorations, frill
rinitis {f}  :: rhinitis, hayfever
rino- {prefix}  :: rhino
rinoceronte {m}  :: rhinoceros
rinoceronte blanco {m}  :: white rhinoceros
rinoceronte de Java {m}  :: Javan rhinoceros
rinoceronte de Sumatra {m}  :: Sumatran rhinoceros
rinoceronte indio {m}  :: Indian rhinoceros
rinoceronte lanudo {m}  :: woolly rhinoceros
rinoceronte negro {m}  :: black rhinoceros
rinoplastia {f} [surgery]  :: rhinoplasty
rinovirus {m} [virology]  :: rhinovirus
rioba {m} [vesre]  :: neighborhood; barrio
riojano {adj}  :: Of or relating to La Rioja
riojano {f}  :: Someone from La Rioja
riolita {f}  :: rhyolite
riolítico {adj}  :: rhyolitic
rionegrino {adj}  :: of or from Río Negro
rionegrino {f}  :: Someone from Río Negro
riñonera {f}  :: bum bag, fanny pack
riñonera {f}  :: kidney guard
rioplatense {adj}  :: Platine (of or pertaining to River Plate / Río de la Plata)
ripeado {adj}  :: ripped (data storage)
ripio {m}  :: gravel
ripio {m}  :: padding, empty word
riqueza {f}  :: wealth
riqueza cultural {f}  :: cultural wealth (the collection of arts, architecture, etc. that help to define the culture of a region)
riquísimo {adj}  :: superlative form of rico
risa {f}  :: A laugh
risco {m}  :: cliff
risco {m} [Latin America]  :: crack
risible {adj}  :: risible, laughable
risotada {f}  :: guffaw
risotto {m}  :: risotto
rispidez {f}  :: coarseness
rispidez {f}  :: rockiness, roughness
ristra {f}  :: ristra
ristra {f}  :: string
ristre {m}  :: lance rest
risueño {adj}  :: bright, sunny (future)
risueño {adj}  :: fun, fun-loving
risueño {adj}  :: smiling, beaming
ritmicidad {f}  :: rhythmicity
ritmo {m}  :: rhythm
rito {m}  :: rite, ritual
ritornello {m}  :: ritornello
ritornelo {m}  :: refrain
ritual {adj}  :: ritual
ritual {m}  :: rite
rituximab {f} [organic compound]  :: rituximab
rival {adj}  :: adverse, rival
rival {m}  :: rival
rivalidad {f}  :: rivalry
rivalizar {v}  :: to compete
Rivas {prop}  :: Rivas (placename)
Rivera {prop}  :: Spanish surname
riverense {adj}  :: Of or from the Rivera Department in Uruguay
riverense {m}  :: someone from The Rivera Department, Uruguay
rizado {adj}  :: corrugated, wrinkled
rizado {adj}  :: curly
rizado {adj}  :: ripply
rizado {m}  :: curliness, curls
rizado {m} [sewing]  :: shirring
rizar {v}  :: to curl, crinkle, crisp
rizo {m} [cosmetology]  :: A highlight
rizo {m}  :: curl, lock (of hair)
rizoide {m} [botany]  :: rhizoid
rizoma {m}  :: rhizome
Rizos {prop}  :: Spanish surname from Greek
rizosfera {f} [soil science]  :: rhizosphere
rómbico {adj}  :: orthorhombic
rímel {m}  :: mascara
rémora {f}  :: burden, difficulty
rémora {f}  :: remora (fish)
rúnico {adj}  :: runic
ránking {m}  :: ranking, table
río {m}  :: river
ro {f}  :: rho; the Greek letter Ρ, ρ
roaming {m}  :: roaming (telephony)
rob {m}  :: fruit syrup
robabancos {m}  :: bank robber
robacoches {m}  :: carjacker
robado {adj}  :: stolen
robalo {m}  :: European seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax)
robalo {m}  :: snook (fish of genus Centropomus)
robaniños {m}  :: someone who kidnaps children
robar {v}  :: to rob
robarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of robar
robautos {m}  :: car thief
Roberto {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to Robert. Female equivalent: Roberta
roble {m}  :: oak
roble {m}  :: strength
roble {m}  :: strong object or person
Robles {prop}  :: Spanish surname
roblizo {adj}  :: robust
roblizo {adj}  :: strong
robo {m}  :: robbery
robot {m}  :: robot
robre {m}  :: obsolete form of roble
robótica {f}  :: robotics
robótico {adj}  :: robotic
robustecer {vt}  :: to strengthen
robustez {f}  :: robustness
robusto {adj}  :: robust (evincing strength; firmly built)
roca {f}  :: rock
rocalla {f}  :: rocaille, rococo
rocalla {f}  :: rocks, pebbles; rockery
rocambolesco {adj}  :: fantastic, unbelievable, far-fetched
rocanrolero {adj}  :: rock, rock and roll [as a modifier]
rocanrolero {f}  :: rocker, rock and roller
rocódromo {m}  :: climbing wall
roce {m}  :: contact
roce {m}  :: rubbing
rociador {m}  :: sprinkler
rociar {v}  :: to spray
rociar {v}  :: to sprinkle, spatter
rock {m}  :: rock (music style)
rockabilly {m}  :: rockabilly
rockero {f}  :: rocker (rock music fan)
rock pesado {m}  :: heavy metal
rocín {m}  :: (horse) nag
rocío {m}  :: dew (moisture in the air that settles on plants, etc)
rocío {m}  :: quaff, chug
rocío {m}  :: spray
rocío {m}  :: sprinkle, shower (brief, light rain)
Rocío {prop}  :: female given name
rococó {adj}  :: rococo
rococó {m}  :: rococo
rocola {f} [Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Venezuela]  :: jukebox, nickelodeon
rocoso {adj}  :: rocky (full of, or abounding in rocks)
rocoto {m}  :: rocoto
rodaballo {m}  :: turbot
rodaja {f}  :: a circular slice
rodaje {m}  :: shooting (of a film)
rodante {adj}  :: rolling
rodapié {m}  :: skirting board, baseboard
rodar {vit}  :: to roll, rotate
rodar {vt}  :: to film
Rodas {prop}  :: Rhodes (city)
Rodas {prop}  :: Rhodes (island)
rodear {v}  :: to go around
rodear {v}  :: to round up
rodear {v}  :: to surround
rodearse {vr}  :: reflexive form of rodear
rodelero {m} [history, military]  :: rodelero
rodeo {m}  :: detour
rodeo {m}  :: rodeo
rodeo {m}  :: roundabout
Rodesia {prop}  :: Rhodesia
rodesiano {adj}  :: Rhodesian
rodesiano {f}  :: Rhodesian
rodete {m}  :: bun (hairstyle)
rodete {m}  :: ward (of a lock)
rodilla {f}  :: knee
rodillazo {m}  :: a hit or push with a knee
rodillera {f}  :: kneepad
rodillera {f}  :: knee patch
rodillero {adj} [attributive]  :: knee
rodillo {m}  :: inking roller, platen
rodillo {m}  :: roller
rodillo {m}  :: rolling pin
rodio {m}  :: rhodium
rodoceno {m} [organic chemistry]  :: rhodocene
rodocrosita {f}  :: rhodochrosite
Rodolfa {prop}  :: female given name
Rodolfo {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to Rudolph
rodopsina {f} [protein]  :: rhodopsin
Rodríguez {prop}  :: Spanish surname
Rodrigo {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to English Roderick
roedor {m}  :: rodent
roentgenio {m}  :: roentgenium
roer {v}  :: to gnaw
roer {v}  :: to pick at
roer {v}  :: to wear down
rogar {v}  :: to beg
rogatorio {adj} [legal]  :: rogatory
Rogelio {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to Roger
Roja {prop} [football]  :: the Spain national football team
Rojas {prop}  :: Spanish surname
rojear {v}  :: to make red
rojez {f}  :: redness
rojiblanco {adj} [football]  :: Of or pertaining to other football teams with a red and white strip
rojiblanco {adj} [football]  :: Of or pertaining to Athletic Bilbao, a football team from Bilbao, Spain
rojiblanco {adj} [football]  :: Of or pertaining to Atlético Madrid, a football team from Madrid, Spain
rojiblanco {adj} [football]  :: Of or pertaining to Sevilla FC, a football team from Sevilla, Spain
rojiblanco {adj} [football]  :: Of or pertaining to Sporting de Gijón, a football team from Gijón, Spain
rojiblanco {adj}  :: Red and white
rojiblanco {f} [football]  :: Someone associated with various other teams who play in a red and white strip
rojiblanco {f} [football]  :: Someone associated with Athletic Bilbao, as a fan, player, manager etc
rojiblanco {f} [football]  :: Someone associated with Atlético Madrid, as a fan, player, manager etc
rojiblanco {f} [football]  :: Someone associated with Sevilla FC, as a fan, player, manager etc
rojiblanco {f} [football]  :: Someone associated with Sporting de Gijón, as a fan, player, manager etc
rojigualda {n}  :: Flag of Spain
Rojita {prop} [football]  :: the Spain national under-21 football team
rojizo {adj}  :: reddish
rojo {adj}  :: red (colour)
rojo {m} [Costa Rica]  :: a 1000 colón bill
rojo {m}  :: red (colour)
rojo {m} [Spain, pejorative]  :: a communist
rol {m}  :: role
rolar {v}  :: to veer round
roldana {f}  :: pulley (simple machine used to lift heavy objects)
Roldán {prop}  :: Roland (character from medieval legend)
Roldán {prop}  :: Spanish surname
rollazo {adj}  :: dead boring
rollazo {m}  :: augmentative form of rollo; terrible bore
Rollings {prop}  :: Stones, Rolling Stones (British rock band)
rollito {m}  :: diminutive form of rollo
rollito de primavera {m}  :: spring roll
rollizo {adj}  :: plump, overweight
rollo {m}  :: affair
rollo {m}  :: boring talk
rollo {m}  :: coil
rollo {m}  :: fuckbuddy
rollo {m}  :: fuck, shag
rollo {m}  :: nonsense, tosh
rollo {m}  :: reel
rollo {m}  :: roll
rollo primavera {m}  :: spring roll
rolo {m}  :: blind (covering for a window)
Roma {prop}  :: Rome (placename)
romana {f}  :: feminine noun of romano
romana {f} [uncountable, printing, dated]  :: A large size of type standardized as 16 point
romance {adj}  :: Romance
romance {m}  :: novel
romance {m}  :: romance, love affair
romance {m}  :: Spanish (language)
romancear {v}  :: to translate into a Romance language
romancero {f}  :: A novelist, a writer of romances
romancero {m}  :: A collection of romances or ballads
romanista {m}  :: Romanist
romanización {f}  :: romanization
romanizar {vt}  :: to romanize
romano {adj}  :: Roman (from or native to the city or empire of Rome)
romano {adj}  :: Roman (pertaining to Rome or the Romans)
romano {f}  :: a Roman
Roma no se hizo en un día {proverb}  :: Rome wasn't built in a day
romanticismo {m}  :: romanticism
romantizar {v}  :: to romanticize
romanzar {v}  :: to translate into a Romance language
rombencéfalo {m}  :: hindbrain
rombencéfalo {m}  :: rhombencephalon
rombo {m} [geometry]  :: rhombus
rombododecaédrico {adj}  :: in the shape of a rhombic dodecahedron
rombododecaedro {m} [geometry]  :: rhombic dodecahedron
romboédrico {adj}  :: rhombohedral
romboedro {m}  :: rhombohedron
romboidal {adj} [geometry]  :: rhomboidal
romboide {m} [geometry]  :: rhomboid
romero {m}  :: rosemary
Romero {prop}  :: Spanish surname
romesco {m}  :: romesco
romescu {m}  :: alternative form of romesco
románico {adj}  :: Romance
románico {adj}  :: Romanesque
romántico {adj}  :: romantic
romo {adj}  :: blunt
rompecabezas {m}  :: A puzzle
rompecorazones {m}  :: heartbreaker
rompedor {adj}  :: ground-breaking
rompedor {m}  :: breaker
rompedora {f}  :: breaker
rompedoramente {adv}  :: ground-breakingly
rompehielos {m}  :: icebreaker
rompemuelles {m}  :: speed bump
rompeolas {m}  :: breakwater (construction in or around a harbour)
romper {v}  :: to break
romper {v}  :: to break up, terminate (a relationship, friendship etc.)
romper {v} [with a]  :: to begin to do something
romper a llorar {v} [idiomatic]  :: to burst into tears
romper el hielo {v} [idiomatic]  :: to break the ice
romperse la cabeza {v} [idiomatic]  :: to rack one's brain
rompible {adj}  :: breakable
rompido {adj} [nonstandard]  :: broken
rompiente {m}  :: reef, shoal
rompimiento {m}  :: breakage, fracture
rompimiento {m}  :: break, break-up
rompimiento {m}  :: downpour
rompimiento {m}  :: outbreak
rompope {m} [Mexico]  :: A traditional, eggnog-like Mexican drink made with eggs, milk, sugar and vanilla flavoring
ron {m}  :: rum
roncar {v}  :: to snore
Roncesvalles {prop}  :: Roncesvalles (a village and historical site)
Roncesvalles {prop}  :: Spanish surname
roncha {f} [medical]  :: wheal, weal
ronco {adj}  :: hoarse, croaky
ronco {m}  :: oink, growl, bark, snarl
ronda {f}  :: round
rondar {v}  :: to be around, to be roughly, to be close to
rondar {v}  :: to frequent, hang out
rondar {v}  :: to get together (to make music)
rondar {v}  :: to go around, round, go round
rondar {v}  :: to hang around
rondar {v}  :: to patrol
rondín {m}  :: An instrument resembling the flute
rondo {m} [music]  :: rondo
ronquera {f}  :: hoarseness
ronquido {m}  :: snore
ronronear {v}  :: to purr
ronroneo {m}  :: purr
ronzar {v}  :: to crunch, munch
roñoso {adj}  :: avaricious
roñoso {adj}  :: filthy
roñoso {adj}  :: mean
roñoso {adj}  :: scabby
ropa {f}  :: clothing, clothes
ropa interior {f}  :: underwear
ropavejera {f}  :: feminine noun of ropavejero
ropavejero {f}  :: ragman
ropa vieja {f} [literally]  :: old clothes
ropa vieja {f}  :: ropa vieja
ropero {m}  :: closet (for cloth)
ropero {m}  :: wardrobe
roque {m} [chess]  :: rook
roquero {adj}  :: Related to rock music
roquero {f}  :: rocker (someone passionate about rock music)
rorcual {m}  :: rorqual (whale)
rorcual aliblanco {m}  :: common minke whale (Balaenoptera acutorostrata)
Ríos {prop}  :: Spanish surname
rosa {f}  :: a rose
rosa {f}  :: colour pink
rosa {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: rose
Rosa {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to Rose
rosado {adj}  :: pink
rosado {adj}  :: rosé
rosal {m}  :: rose (shrub)
Rosalía {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to English Rosalie
rosaleda {f}  :: rose garden
Río San Juan {prop}  :: Río San Juan (placename)
rosarino {adj}  :: Of or from Rosario
rosarino {m}  :: Someone from Rosario
rosario {m}  :: rosary
Rosario {prop}  :: female given name
rosbif {m}  :: roast beef
rosca {f}  :: doughnut, bagel
rosca {f}  :: doughnut-shaped object
rosca {f} [football]  :: Curl. Arc-shaped trajectory of the ball through the air. This technique, requiring a certain level of skill, is usually used when trying to score. The purpose is to either get around a defender, to trick the goalkeeper, or to score from a very tight angle (from on or near the byline)
rosca {f}  :: screw thread
rosco {m}  :: doughnut or other ring-shaped pastry
rosco {m}  :: ring (something ring-shaped)
rosco {m}  :: zero, big fat zero (score in a test)
roseta {f}  :: rosette
rosetón {m}  :: rose window (circular window)
rosillo {adj}  :: light red
rosillo {adj}  :: roan (colour of a horse)
rosillo {m}  :: roan, a horse having a coat that is typically bay, chestnut, or black mixed with white.
rosita {f}  :: diminutive form of rosa
rosquilla {f}  :: doughnut
rostral {adj} [anatomy]  :: rostral
rostro {m}  :: face
rotación {f}  :: rotation
rotacional {m} [mathematics]  :: curl
rotacismo {m}  :: rhotacism
rotar {v}  :: to spin
rotativo {adj}  :: rotary
rotativo {adj}  :: rotating, revolving
rotatorio {adj}  :: rotating, revolving
rotavirus {m} [virology]  :: rotavirus
rotífero {m}  :: rotifer
roto {adj}  :: broken
roto {adj}  :: corrupt, rotten
roto {adj}  :: rascal
rotonda {f}  :: rotunda
rotonda {f}  :: roundabout
rotor {m}  :: rotor
rotu {m}  :: marker, felt-tip pen
rotulación {f}  :: labelling
rotulador {m}  :: marker, felt-tip (pen)
rotular {v}  :: to entitle
rotular {v}  :: to label, tag (especially with a rótulo)
rotundamente {adv}  :: emphatically
rotundidad {f}  :: rotundity
rotundo {adj}  :: complete, precise
rotundo {adj}  :: emphatic
rotundo {adj}  :: resounding (success)
rotundo {adj}  :: rotund
rotundo {adj}  :: rotunda
rotura {f}  :: breakage
rotura {f}  :: leak
rotura {f}  :: rupture
roturadora {f}  :: road plow, rototiller, rotavator
roturar {v}  :: to plow, rototill, rotovate
roturita {m}  :: diminutive form of rotura; slight break, slight breakage
rousseauniano {adj}  :: Rousseauian
router {m}  :: router
Roxana {prop}  :: female given name
Roxana {prop}  :: Roxana, the wife of Alexander
roya {f}  :: Plant rust or blight
royalties {m}  :: royalties
roza {f}  :: brushing, scrubbing
rozadora {f}  :: wall chaser
rozadura {f}  :: scratch
rozadura {f}  :: scratchmark
rozamiento {m}  :: friction
rozamiento {m}  :: rubbing
rozar {v}  :: to clear or scrape land
rozar {v}  :: to graze
roza y quema {f} [idiomatic]  :: slash and burn
rápel {m}  :: rappelling
rápidamente {adv}  :: rapidly, quickly
rápido {adj}  :: rapid, quick, fast
rápido {adv}  :: rapidly, quickly, fast
réplica {f}  :: aftershock
réplica {f}  :: replica
réplica {f}  :: reply
réplica {f}  :: retort (sharp or witty response)
ráppel {m}  :: rappelling
réptil {adj}  :: reptilian
réptil {m}  :: reptile (a cold-blooded vertebrate)
réquiem {m}  :: requiem (mass to honour and remember a dead person)
réquiem {m}  :: requiem (musical composition)
RRHH {initialism}  :: recursos humanos - HR (human resources)
ríspido {adj}  :: coarse , rough
RSS de Armenia {prop}  :: Armenian SSR
RSS de Azerbaiyán {prop}  :: Azerbaijan SSR
rústica {f}  :: feminine form of rústico
rústico {adj}  :: crude, clumsy
rústico {adj}  :: rustic
rústico {m}  :: rustic
Róterdam {prop}  :: Rotterdam (placename)
rítmico {adj}  :: rhythmic
rótula {f} [anatomy]  :: kneecap, patella
rótulo {m}  :: heading
rótulo {m}  :: label
rótulo {m}  :: sign
R.U. {prop}  :: UK. abbreviation of Reino Unido
Ruanda {prop}  :: Rwanda
ruandés {adj}  :: Rwandan
ruandés {f}  :: Rwandan
rubí {m}  :: ruby (gem)
rubeola {f}  :: alternative form of rubéola
rubia {f}  :: feminine noun of rubio , blonde
rubicundo {adj}  :: [of people] appearing healthy with a "good color"
rubicundo {adj}  :: ruddy, reddish
rubidio {m}  :: rubidium
rubio {adj}  :: blond
rubio {f}  :: a blond (or blonde) person
rubio {f}  :: gurnard (fish)
rublo {m}  :: ruble
Rubén {prop}  :: male given name
Rubén {prop}  :: Reuben (Biblical character and tribe)
rubéola {f}  :: rubella
rubor {m}  :: blushing, blush
rubor {m}  :: embarrassment, shame
ruborizar {v}  :: to blush
rubricar {v}  :: to sign, to initial
rubro {m}  :: rubric
ruca {f} [Chile, pejorative]  :: hut, hovel (housing made of poor construction)
ruca {f} [Chile]  :: traditional Indian hut
ruca {f}  :: feminine noun of ruco
ruco {adj} [Latin America]  :: worn out, useless
ruco {adj} [pejorative, Latin America]  :: old
ruco {f} [pejorative, Latin America]  :: dobbin (old horse)
ruco {f} [pejorative, Latin America]  :: old fogey, dodo, fuddy-duddy (very old person)
ruda {f}  :: rue (plant)
rudamente {adv}  :: tactlessly
rudimentariamente {adv}  :: rudimentarily
rudimentario {adj}  :: rudimentary
rudo {adj}  :: rude, rough, crude, rugged
rudo {f} [slang, professional wrestling]  :: A wrestler whose in-ring persona embodies villainous or reprehensible traits. Contrast with técnico (Spanish) or face (English)
rueda {f}  :: wheel
rueda de Chicago {f}  :: Ferris wheel
rueda de la fortuna {f}  :: Ferris wheel
rueda del ratón {f} [computing]  :: Mouse wheel
rueda de prensa {f}  :: press conference, news conference
rueda Ferris {f}  :: Ferris wheel
rueda moscovita {f}  :: Ferris wheel
ruedo {m} [bullfighting]  :: arena, bullring
ruedo {m}  :: circle, ring (of people)
ruedo {m}  :: hem of a garment
ruego {m}  :: plea, appeal
rufián {m}  :: pimp, panderer
rufián {m}  :: villain, ruffian
rugby {m}  :: rugby
rugir {v}  :: to bellow
rugir {v}  :: to roar
rugir {v}  :: to rumble
ruibarbo {m}  :: rhubarb (any plant of the genus Rheum)
ruidero {m}  :: noise, din, hullabaloo
ruidillo {m}  :: diminutive form of ruido
ruidito {m}  :: diminutive form of ruido
ruido {m}  :: noise
ruido {m}  :: sound
ruidosamente {adv}  :: loudly, noisily
ruidoso {adj}  :: loud, noisy
ruin {adj}  :: contemptible, mean, heartless
ruin {adj}  :: mean, stingy
ruina {f}  :: decline, downfall
ruina {f}  :: (plural) ruins
ruina {f}  :: ruin, decay, wreck (also figurative)
ruinar {v}  :: to destroy, ruin
ruindad {f}  :: smallness, lowliness
ruindad {f}  :: vileness, despicableness
ruinoso {adj}  :: dilapidated
ruinoso {adj}  :: ruinous, disastrous (of a negotion)
ruiseñor {m}  :: nightingale
ruiseñor bastardo {m}  :: Cetti's warbler, a small bird
Ruiz {prop}  :: Spanish surname
rular {v} [colloquial]  :: to chuck, pass, lob
rular {v}  :: to go round
ruleta {f}  :: roulette
rumana {f}  :: feminine noun of rumano
Rumanía {prop}  :: Romania (south-eastern European country)
Rumania {prop}  :: Romania
rumano {adj}  :: Romanian (from or native to Romania)
rumano {adj}  :: Romanian (pertaining to Romania)
rumano {f}  :: a Romanian person
rumano {m}  :: the Romanian language
rumba {f}  :: rumba (Cuban dance)
rumbear {v} [Colombia, Cuba, Guatemala, Hunduras, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela]  :: to party
rumbear {v} [Cuba]  :: to dance rumba
rumbo {m}  :: course
rumbo {m}  :: heading, bearing
rumboso {adj}  :: lavish, generous
rumboso {adj}  :: pompous
rumen {m}  :: rumen
rumiante {adj}  :: ruminant
rumiante {m}  :: ruminant
rumiar {v}  :: to ponder, to ruminate
rumor {m}  :: murmur
rumor {m}  :: rumor
rumorar {v} [Latin America]  :: to rumor
rumorear {vi}  :: to rumble
rumorear {vp}  :: to rumor
rumorología {f}  :: rumours
Ruán {prop}  :: Rouen (placename)
runa {f}  :: rune
runa {m} [colloquial, in Quechua communities]  :: man
runner {m}  :: runner
running {m}  :: running, jogging
runo {adj} [rare]  :: runic
runología {f}  :: runology
runrún {m}  :: humming, hum
runrunear {v}  :: to whirr
rupestre {adj}  :: (of or pertaining to a) cave
rupia {f}  :: rupee
ruptura {f}  :: breaking-off
ruptura {f}  :: rupture
rupturismo {m}  :: breakaway
rupturista {adj}  :: groundbreaking
rural {adj}  :: rural
rusa {f}  :: feminine noun of ruso
rusófilo {adj}  :: Russophilic
rusófilo {m}  :: Russophile
Rusia {prop}  :: Russia
rusificación {f}  :: Russification
rusificar {v}  :: to Russify
rusita {f}  :: feminine noun of ruso
rusito {f}  :: diminutive form of ruso
ruso {adj}  :: Russian
ruso {f} [dated, Latin America]  :: An Ashkenazic Jew
ruso {f}  :: Russian person
ruso {m}  :: Russian language
ruso- {prefix}  :: Russo-
rusofilia {f}  :: Russophilia
rusofobia {f}  :: Russophobia
rusticidad {f}  :: coarseness
rusticidad {f}  :: crudeness
rusticidad {f}  :: rusticity
Rut {prop} [biblical character]  :: Ruth
Rut {prop}  :: female given name
ruta {f}  :: highway
ruta {f}  :: route
Ruta de la Seda {prop}  :: Silk Road
ruta fija {f}  :: fixed route
rutenio {m}  :: ruthenium
Ruth {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Rut
Ruth {prop}  :: female given name
rutherfordio {m}  :: rutherfordium
rutilancia {f} [literary]  :: sparkle
rutilante {adj} [literary]  :: to sparkling, shiny
rutilar {v} [literary]  :: to sparkle, shine
rutilo {m}  :: roach (fish)
rutilo {m}  :: rutile (mineral)
rutina {f}  :: routine
rutinariamente {adv}  :: routinely
rutinario {adj}  :: routine
Ruy {prop}  :: male given name