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Saami {prop} (Saami language) :: Sami
Saarland {prop} (state) :: Saarland
Saarloos wolfdog {n} (dog breed) :: Saarlooswolfhond
Sabbath {n} (Jewish Saturday) :: sabbat {m}, sjabbat {m}, sjabbes {m}
Sabbath {n} (witches' Sabbath) :: heksensabbat {m}
Sabbath-day {n} (Sabbath day, Sabbath-day, day of the Sabbath) :: sabbatdag {m}
sabbatical {n} (extended period of leave) :: sabbatjaar {n}, sabbatsjaar {n}
sabbatical year {n} (leave with full or half pay) :: sabbatical
saber {v} (sabre) SEE: sabre ::
Sabine {n} (member of a tribe) :: Sabijn {m}
sable {n} (heraldic colour) :: sabel, zwart
sable {adj} (of black colour on a coat of arms) :: zwart {m}, sabel
sabot {n} (a wooden shoe worn in various European countries) :: klomp {m}
sabot {n} (a carrier around projectile(s) in firearms, cannons and artillery which holds the projectile in precision within the barrel) :: manchet
sabotage {n} (deliberate action of subversion, obstruction, disruption, destruction) :: sabotage
sabotage {n} (act with intent to injure) :: sabotage
sabotage {v} (deliberate destruction to prevent success) :: saboteren
saboteur {n} (a person who intentionally causes the destruction of property) :: saboteur {m}
sabre {n} (light sword, sharp along the front edge, part of the back edge, and at the point) :: sabel
sabre {n} (modern fencing sword modeled after the sabre) :: sabel
saccade {n} (rapid jerky movement of the eye) :: saccade {f}
saccharine {adj} (relating to sugar) :: suikerachtig
saccharine {adj} (excessively sweet) :: mierzoet, honingzoet
saccharine {adj} (ridiculously sentimental) :: zoetsappig, mierzoet, weeïg, sacharine
Sacher torte {n} (type of chocolate torte) :: Sachertorte {m}
sachet {n} (cheesecloth bag of herbs and/or spices) :: sachet {n}
sachet {n} (small, sealed packet) :: sachet {n}
sack {n} (bag for commodities or items) :: zak {m}
sack {n} (informal: dismissal from employment) :: zak {m}
sack {n} (colloquial: bed) :: nest {n}
sack {v} (to plunder) :: plunderen
sack barrow {n} (two-wheeled vehicle used for moving sacks) SEE: hand truck ::
sackbut {n} (brass instrument) :: baroktrombone {m} {f}
sack truck {n} (hand truck) SEE: hand truck ::
sacrament {n} (sacred act or ceremony) :: sacrament {n}
sacred {adj} (made holy) :: heilig, zalig, gezegend
sacrifice {v} (to offer as a gift to a deity) :: offeren
sacrifice {v} (to give away something valuable in order to gain something else of value) :: offeren
sacrifice {n} (something sacrificed) :: offer, opoffering {f}
sacrilege {n} (desecration, profanation, misuse or violation of something sacred) :: heiligschennis
sacristy {n} (room in a church) :: sacristie {f}
sacrosanct {adj} (beyond alteration, criticism, or interference, especially due to religious sanction; inviolable) :: onaantastbaar, onschendbaar
sacrosanct {adj} (sacred, very holy) :: sacrosant, gewijd heilig
sacrum {n} (bone at the base of the spine) :: heiligbeen {n}
sad {adj} (feeling sorrow) :: triest, verdrietig
sad {adj} (appearing sorrowful) :: triest, verdrietig
sad {adj} (causing sorrow, lamentable) :: triest
sad {adj} :: droevig, bedroefd, treurig, triest, verdrietig
sad {adj} (dialect: soggy) SEE: soggy ::
Saïda {prop} (port city in Lebanon) SEE: Sidon ::
saddle {n} (seat on an animal) :: zadel {m} {n}
saddle {n} (harness saddle on an animal) :: zadelen, opzadelen
saddle {n} (seat on a bicycle etc) :: zadel {m} {n}
saddle {n} (cut of meat) :: zadelstuk {n}
saddle {n} (low point, in the shape of a saddle, between two hills) :: zadel {n}
saddle {v} (to put a saddle on) :: zadelen
saddle {v} (to burden) :: opzadelen, opschepen
saddle-backed bush cricket {n} (Ephippiger ephippiger) :: zadelsprinkhaan {m}
saddlebag {n} (covered pouch) :: zadeltas {f}
saddle bow {n} (front part of saddle) :: zadelboog {m}
saddlecloth {n} :: sjabrak
saddlemaker {n} (saddler) SEE: saddler ::
saddle pain {n} (painful bottom) :: zadelpijn
saddler {n} (someone who makes and repairs saddles) :: zadelmaker {m}
saddlery {n} (the trade or craft of a saddler) :: zadelmakerij
saddle up {v} :: opzadelen
sadism {n} (psychology: the enjoyment of inflicting pain or humiliation) :: sadisme {n}
sadism {n} (sexual gratification from inflicting pain or humiliation, or watching it inflicted) :: sadisme {n}
sadism {n} (deliberate cruelty) :: sadisme {n}
sadist {n} (one who derives pleasure through cruelty or pain to others) :: sadist {m}
sadistic {adj} (of a person) :: sadistisch
sadistic {adj} (of behaviour) :: sadistisch
sadly {adv} (unfortunately) SEE: unfortunately ::
sadness {n} (state/emotion) :: verdriet {n}
sadomasochism {n} (practices of sadism and masochism collectively) :: sadomasochisme {n}
sadomasochism {n} (sadism and masochism in one person) :: sadomasochisme {n}
sadomasochism {n} (sadomasochism for sexual gratification) :: sadomasochisme {n}
sadomasochist {n} (person who enjoys both inflicting and receiving pain) :: sadomasochist {m}
sadomasochistic {adj} (relating to sadomasochism or sadomasochists) :: sadomasochistisch
sad to say {adv} (unfortunately) SEE: unfortunately ::
safari {n} (a trip into any undeveloped area) :: safari
safe {adj} (not in danger) :: veilig
safe {adj} (free from risk) :: veilig, ongevaarlijk
safe {adj} (providing protection from danger) :: veilig
safe {adj} (properly secured) :: veilig, zekergesteld, veiliggesteld
safe {n} (box in which valuables can be locked for safekeeping) :: kluis {f}, safe {f}
safe and sound {adj} (having come to no harm) :: veilig en wel
safe-conduct {n} (document) :: vrijgeleide {n}
safely {adv} (in a safe manner) :: veilig
safety {n} (condition or feeling of being safe) :: zekerheid {f}, veiligheid {f}
safety {n} (mechanism to prevent accidental firing) :: veiligheidspal
saffron {n} (spice) :: saffraan
saffron {n} (dye) :: saffraan
sag {n} (state of sinking or bending) :: (het) zakken
sag {n} (difference in elevation) :: hoogteverschil {n}
sag {v} (to sink) :: doorzakken, doorhangen, scheefzakken
sag {v} (to lose firmness) :: verslappen, nalaten, doorhangen
sag {v} (to loiter in walking) :: slenteren, rondhangen, treuzelen
sag {v} (to cause to bend) :: doen zakken, plooien
sagacity {n} (quality of being sage) :: wijsheid {f}
sage {adj} (wise) :: wijs
sage {n} (wise person) :: wijze {m}
sage {n} (plant) :: salie {m}
sage grouse {n} (Centrocercus urophasianus) :: waaierhoen
Sagittarius {prop} (constellation) :: Boogschutter {m}
Sagittarius {prop} (astrological sign) :: Boogschutter {m}
sago {n} (a powdered starch obtained from certain palms used as a food thickener) :: sago {m}
sago {n} (any of the palms from which sago is extracted) :: sago {m}
Sahara {prop} (desert) :: Sahara {f}
said {adj} (mentioned earlier) :: in kwestie, desbetreffend, desbetreffende
said {determiner} (mentioned earlier) :: in kwestie, desbetreffend, desbetreffende
said and done {adj} (agreed to and accomplished or finished) :: zo gezegd, zo gedaan
saiga {n} (antelope) :: saïga
Saigon {prop} (Ho Chi Minh City) SEE: Ho Chi Minh City ::
sail {n} (a piece of fabric attached to a boat) :: zeil {n}
sail {n} (a trip in a boat) :: zeiltocht {f}
sail {v} (to ride in a boat, especially sailboat) :: zeilen
sail {v} (to move briskly and gracefully through the air) :: zeilen
sail {n} (sailfish) SEE: sailfish ::
sailboat {n} (a boat propelled by a sail) :: zeilboot {m}
sailfish {n} (fish) :: zeilvis
sailing {n} (motion across water) :: zeilen {n}
sailing ship {n} (type of ship) :: zeilschip {n}
sailmaker {n} (occupation) :: zeilmaker {m}
sailor {n} (worker on a ship) :: matroos {m}
sailor suit {n} (uniform traditionally worn by enlisted seamen, later a popular clothing style for children) :: matrozenpak {n}
sailplane {n} (sailplane) SEE: glider ::
saint {n} (person proclaimed as saint) :: heilige {m} {f}
saint {n} ((figuratively) a person with positive qualities) :: heilige {m} {f}
saint {v} (formally recognize as a saint) :: heiligverklaren
Saint {n} (title given to a saint) :: Sint
Saint Andrew's cross {n} (cross that has a form of two intersecting oblique bars) :: andreaskruis {n}
Saint Barbara {prop} (saint) :: Sint-Barbara
Saintes {prop} (city in Charente-Maritime) :: Saintes {n}
Saintes {prop} (diocese) :: Saintes {n}
Saintes {prop} (arrondissemente) :: Saintes {n}
Saint George {prop} (Patron saint of England and several other places) :: Sint-Joris {m}
Saint Helena {prop} (island in the Atlantic Ocean) :: Sint-Helena
Saint John's bread {n} (carob) SEE: carob ::
Saint Kitts and Nevis {prop} (a country in the Caribbean) :: Saint Kitts en Nevis
Saint Lucia {prop} (country in the Caribbean) :: Saint Lucia
Saint Mary {prop} (the mother of Jesus Christ) :: Sint-Maria
Saint Nicholas {prop} (Santa Claus) SEE: Santa Claus ::
Saint Nicholas {prop} (4th-century Greek bishop, patron of children and marines) :: Sint-Nicolaas {m}
Saint Petersburg {prop} (city in Russia) :: Sint-Petersburg
Saint Pierre and Miquelon {prop} (overseas territory of France) :: Saint-Pierre en Miquelon
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines {prop} (country in the Caribbean) :: Saint Vincent en de Grenadines
sake {n} (purpose or end; reason) :: -halve, wille
sake {n} :: belang {n}, wil {m}
sake {n} (Japanese rice wine) :: sake {m}
Sakmarian {prop} (subdivision of the Permian period) :: Sakmarien
sakura {n} (cherry) SEE: cherry ::
sakura {n} (cherry blossom) SEE: cherry blossom ::
sakura {n} (cherry tree) SEE: cherry tree ::
salad {n} (food) :: salade
salad bowl {n} (bowl for salad) :: slabak {m}
salad spinner {n} (tool) :: slacentrifuge {m} {f}
Salafism {n} (a Sunni Islamic movement) :: salafisme {n}
salamander {n} (amphibian) :: salamander {m}
salami {n} (penis) SEE: penis ::
sal ammoniac {n} (rare mineral) :: salmiak {m}, salmoniak {m}
salary {n} (fixed amount of money paid on monthly or annual basis) :: salaris {n}, loon {n}
sale {n} (exchange of goods or services for currency or credit) :: verkoop
sale {n} (sale of goods at reduced prices) :: uitverkoop {m}, solden {m}
sale {n} (act of putting up for auction to the highest bidder) :: veiling {f}, veilingverkoop {m}, verkoop {m}
saleable {adj} (suitable for sale) :: verkoopbaar
salesman {n} (man whose job it is to sell things) :: verkoper {m}
salesperson {n} (person who sells) :: verkoper {m}
salience {n} (condition of being salient) :: opmerkelijke, karakteristieke,
salience {n} (highlight; perceptual prominence, or likelihood of being noticed) :: blikvanger {m}, hoogtepunt {n}
salience {n} (relative importance based on context) :: gewicht {n}
salient {adj} (worthy of note) :: betekenisvol
salient {n} (part of a fortification) :: vestingswerk, vooruitstekend deel
saliva {n} (liquid secreted into the mouth) :: speeksel {n}
salivary gland {n} (Any of exocrine glands producing saliva to break down carbohydrates in food enzymatically) :: speekselklier {m} {f}
salivate {v} (to produce saliva) :: kwijlen
salivate {v} (to show eager anticipation) :: watertanden
sally {n} (a willow rod) :: wilgenroede
sally {n} (a sortie) :: uitval
sally {n} (a sudden rushing forth) :: uitval
sally {n} (an excursion or side trip) :: uitstap
sally {n} (a witty statement or quip) :: uitval
sally {v} (to make a sudden attack from defended position) :: een uitval doen
sally {n} (willow) SEE: willow ::
salmon {n} (fish) :: zalm {m}
salmon {n} (colour) :: zalmkleur {f}
salmon {adj} (colour) :: zalmkleurig, zalmkleurige
salmon trout {n} (rainbow trout) SEE: rainbow trout ::
salon {n} (large room) :: zaal {m}
salp {n} (free-swimming tunicate of the genus Salpa) :: salp {f}
salpinx {n} (Fallopian tube) SEE: Fallopian tube ::
salsalike {adj} (Resembling or characteristic of salsa (the spicy tomato sauce)) :: salsa-achtig
salt {n} (sodium chloride) :: zout {n}, keukenzout {n}
salt {n} (compound of an acid and a base) :: zout {n}
salt {n} (sailor) :: zeerot {m}, rot {m}
salt {n} (additional bytes inserted into an encryption) :: salt
salt {adj} (salty) :: zout, zoutig, gezouten
salt {adj} (saline) :: zout {n}, zout- {n}
salt {v} (to add salt to) :: zouten
salt {v} (to include colorful language) :: kleuren
saltbush {n} (plant of the genus Atriplex) :: melde {f}
salt cod {n} (Cod that has been dried and salted) :: klipvis {m}
salted {adj} (to which salt has been added) :: gezouten
saltire {n} (Saint Andrew's cross) SEE: Saint Andrew's cross ::
salt lick {n} (block of salt) :: liksteen {m}, zoutsteen {m}
saltpetre {n} (sodium nitrate) SEE: sodium nitrate ::
salt water {n} (brine) SEE: brine ::
salty {adj} (tasting of salt) :: zout
salty {adj} (containing salt) :: zout
salubrious {adj} (promoting health) :: heilzaam
salutation {n} (greeting) :: groet {f}
salutiferous {adj} (healthy or health-giving) :: heilzaam
salvation {n} (the process of being saved (religion)) :: verlossing {f}
Salvation Army {prop} (Protestant Christian church and international charitable organization) :: Leger des Heils {n}
salve {n} (ointment, cream or balm) :: zalf {m} {f}
salvo {n} (An exception) :: salvo
salvo {n} (concentrated fire from pieces of artillery) :: salvo {n}
salvo {n} (any volley, as in an argument or debate) :: schot voor de boeg {n}
salvo {n} (salute paid by a simultaneous firing of a number of cannons) :: eresalvo {n}, saluutschoten {p}
samarium {n} (chemical element) :: samarium {n}
same {adj} (not different as regards self; identical) :: dezelfde {c}, hetzelfde {n}
same {adj} (similar, alike) :: dezelfde, hetzelfde
same {pron} (the identical thing) :: hetzelfde
same {pron} (something similar, something of the identical type) :: hetzelfde
same old story {n} (the repetition of an annoying occurrence) :: weeral 't zelfde liedje {n}
same-sex marriage {n} (gay marriage) SEE: gay marriage ::
same to you {phrase} (I wish to you what you have just wished to me) :: van hetzelfde, insgelijks
Sami {prop} (any of the languages of the Sami) :: Sami
Sami {adj} (relating to the Sami people or languages) :: Samisch
Samoa {prop} (Independent State of Samoa) :: Samoa
Samoan {n} (person) :: Samoaan
Samoan {n} (Samoan language) :: Samoaans {n}
Samoan {adj} (of or pertaining to Samoa) :: Samoaans
Samogitia {prop} (Samogitia) :: Samogitië {f}
Samogitian {prop} (Baltic language spoken in Samogitia) :: Samogitisch
samogon {n} (moonshine) SEE: moonshine ::
Samos {prop} (an island belonging to the Sporades and a city) :: Samos
Samos {prop} (a prefecture in the eastern part of the Aegean) :: Samos
Samosata {prop} (city in Commagene) :: Samosata
samovar {n} (metal urn with a spigot, for boiling water for making tea) :: samowar
Samoyedic {adj} (of or pertaining to these languages) :: Samojeeds
sampan {n} (Chinese boat) :: sampan
sample {n} (part taken for inspection) :: monster {n}
Samson {prop} (Israelite judge) :: Samson (Catholic), Simson (Protestant)
Samuel {prop} (male given name) :: Samuel
Samuel {prop} (book of the Bible) :: Samuel
Samuel {prop} (biblical person) :: Samuel, Samuël
samurai {n} (feudal Japanese warrior) :: samoerai {m}
Sana'a {prop} (capital of Yemen) :: Sanaa
sanatorium {n} (institution that treats chronic diseases, and provides supervised recuperation and convalescence) :: sanatorium {n}
séance {n} (a ceremony where people try to communicate with the spirits) :: seance {m} {f}
sanctify {v} (to make holy) :: heilig verklaren, heiligen, verheiligen, wijden, inwijden, consacreren, sancreren, sacraliseren, sanctificeren, sanctifiëren
sanctify {v} (to purify) :: zuiveren, louteren
sanctify {v} (to make acceptable or useful) :: verschonen
sanctify {v} (to endorse) :: ruggensteunen
sanctimonious {adj} (making a show of being morally better than others, especially hypocritically) :: schijnheilig,hooghartig
sanction {n} (penalty, coercive measure) :: sanctie {f}
sanction {v} (to penalize a state, especially for violating international law) :: sanctie {f}
sanctity {n} (holiness) SEE: holiness ::
sanctuary {n} (consecrated area) :: heiligdom {n}
sanctum sanctorum {n} (Holy of Holies) :: Heilige der Heiligen
sand {n} (finely ground rock) :: zand {n}, zavel {m}
sand {n} (beach) :: zandstrand {n}
sand {n} (courage) :: lef {m} {n}
sand {adj} (colour) :: zandkleurig, zandkleurige
sand {v} (to abrade with sand or sandpaper) :: schuren
sand {v} (to cover with sand) :: met zand bedekken
sandal {n} (type of footwear) :: sandaal {f}
sandal {n} (sandalwood) SEE: sandalwood ::
sandalwood {n} :: sandelhout
sandbank {n} (ridge of sand) :: zandbank
sandbar {n} (ridge of sand) :: zandbank
sandbox {n} (box with sand for children) :: zandbak {m}
sandbox {n} (wiki sandbox) :: zandbak {m}
sandbox {n} :: zandbak {m}
sandcastle {n} (a sculpture made of sand and resembling a miniature castle) :: zandkasteel {n}
sand cat {n} (small wild cat) :: woestijnkat, zandkat
sander {n} (person who sands wood) :: schuurder {m}
sander {n} (machine for sanding) :: schuurmachine {f}, slijpmachine {f}
sandgrouse {n} (birds in the family Pteroclididae) :: zandhoen {n}
sandhill crane {n} (Grus canadensis) :: Canadese kraanvogel {m}
sandman {n} (figure who brings good sleep and dreams) :: Klaas Vaak
sandpaper {n} (paper coated with abrasive material) :: schuurpapier {n}
sandpit {n} (children's play area) :: zandbak
sandstone {n} (sand/clay sedimentary rock) :: zandsteen
sandstorm {n} (strong wind carrying clouds of sand) :: zandstorm
sandwich {n} (snack consisting of two slices of bread) :: boterham {m}, sandwich {m}
sandwich {n} (open sandwich) SEE: open sandwich ::
sandwichman {n} (man who wears a sandwich board) :: sandwichman {f}
Sandwich tern {n} (species of tern, Thalasseus sandvicensis) :: grote stern
sandy {adj} (covered with sand) :: zanderig
sandy {adj} (sand-coloured) :: zandkleurig
sangoma {n} (witch doctor) SEE: witch doctor ::
sangria {n} (Spanish wine drink with fruit, sugar and soda) :: sangria {f}
sanguine {adj} (having the colour of blood; red) :: bloedrood, rood
sanitary napkin {n} (pad of cotton or other absorbent material) :: maandverband
sanitary towel {n} (pad of cotton) SEE: sanitary napkin ::
sanitation {n} :: afvalverwerking {f}, rioolwaterzuivering {f}
San Marino {prop} (Republic of San Marino) :: San Marino
San Marino {prop} (capital city) :: San Marino
sans {prep} (without) SEE: without ::
sans-culottide {n} (any of the five or six days added at the end of Fructidor) :: aanvullende dag {m}
Sanskrit {n} (language) :: Sanskriet
sans serif {adj} (without serifs) :: schreefloos
Santa {prop} (Santa Claus) SEE: Santa Claus ::
Santa Claus {prop} (fictional figure) :: Kerstman {m} (Christmas), Sinterklaas {m} (5-6 December), Sint-Nicolaas {m} (5-6 December)
Santiago {prop} (city in Chile) :: Santiago
Santiago de Chile {prop} (Santiago) SEE: Santiago ::
Santonian {prop} (subdivision of the Late Cretaceous epoch) :: Santonien
sap {n} (juice of plant) :: sap {n}
sap {n} (sapwood of a tree) :: spint {n}, spinthout {n}
sap {n} (slang: saphead) :: slappeling {m}, imbeciel {m}, idioot {m}, simpele {m}
sap {n} (leather-covered hand weapon) :: ploertendoder {m}
sap {v} (strike with a sap) :: knuppelen
sap {v} (undermine) :: ondermijnen, aantasten, ondergraven
sap {v} (make unstable; weaken) :: ondermijnen, verzwakken, aantasten
sap {v} (gradually weaken) :: ondermijnen, knagen aan, aantasten
sap {v} (proceed by mining) :: ondermijnen, ondergraven
saphead {n} (a simpleton, a stupid person) :: idioot, domkop
sapiosexual {adj} (Sexually attracted to intelligence or the human mind.) :: sapioseksueel
sapiosexual {n} (A person who is sexually attracted to intelligence or the human mind before appearance.) :: sapioseksueel
sapling {n} (young tree) :: jong boompje
sapling {n} (youth) :: jongeling
sapper {n} (one who saps; combat engineer) :: sappeur
sapphire {n} (gem) :: saffier {m}
sapphire {n} (colour) :: saffierblauw {n}
sapphire {n} (type of hummingbird) :: blauwkeelsaffierkolibrie
sapphire {adj} (colour) :: saffierblauw, saffierblauwe
Sappho {prop} (Greek female name) :: Sappho
sappy {adj} (excessively sweet, emotional, nostalgic; cheesy; mushy) :: melig, sentimenteel, stroperig
sappy {adj} (having sap) :: sappig, sap-
saproxylophagous {adj} :: houtetend, saproxylisch
Sara {prop} (female given name) SEE: Sarah ::
Sarah {prop} (the wife of Abraham) :: Sara
Sarah {prop} (given name from Hebrew) :: Sara, Sarah
sarcasm {n} (derision, facetiousness) :: sarcasme {n}
sarcastic {adj} (Containing sarcasm) :: sarcastisch
sarcastic {adj} (Having the personality trait of expressing sarcasm) :: sarcastisch
sarcoma {n} (type of malignant tumor) :: sarcoom {n}
sarcopenia {n} (gradual age-related loss of skeletal muscle) :: spierverlies {n}, sarcopenia {f}, sarcopenie {f}
sarcophagus {n} (coffin) :: sarcofaag {m}
sardine {n} (fish) :: sardien {c}
Sardinia {prop} (island of Italy) :: Sardinië {n}
Sardinian {prop} (language) :: Sardisch {n}, Sardinisch {n}, [rare] Sardijns {n}
Sardinian {adj} (relating to Sardinia) :: Sardisch, Sardinisch, [rare] Sardijns
sardonic {adj} (scornfully mocking) :: sardonisch
sartorial {adj} (of or relating to tailoring or clothing) :: kleermakers-
sartorial {adj} (of or relating to quality of dress) :: vestimentaire
sartorial {adj} (anatomy: of sartorius) :: betreffende de kleermakerspier
sarus crane {n} :: saruskraanvogel
sash {n} (decorative length of cloth) :: sjerp
sash window {n} (type of window) :: schuifraam {n}
Saskatchewan {prop} (Province in western Canada) :: Saskatchewan
sass {n} (backtalk,sarcasm,cheek) :: gedoe {n}, tegenspreken, zever
sass {v} (talk back) :: tegenspreken, opspelen
sassy {adj} (bold and spirited, cheeky, impudent, saucy) :: onbeschaamd
sassy {adj} (lively, vigorous) :: levendig
Satan {prop} (the Devil) :: Satan
Satanism {n} (devil worship) :: satanisme {n}
Satanism {n} (a religion founded by Anton Szandor LaVey) :: satanisme {n}
satay {n} (dish) :: saté {m}
satchel {n} (bag or case with one or two shoulder straps) :: ransel {m}, rugzak {m}, rugtas {f}
sated {adj} (in a state of complete satisfaction) :: voldaan
satellite {n} (man-made apparatus designed to be placed in orbit around a celestial body) :: satelliet {m}, kunstmaan {f} {m}
satellite dish {n} (parabolic antenna) :: schotel {f}, satellietschotel {f}, schotelantenne {f}
Saterland Frisian {prop} (language) :: Saterfries {n}, Saterlands {n}
satiate {v} (satisfy) :: verzadigen
satiate {v} (satisfy to excess) :: oververzadigen, overzadigen
satiric {adj} (satirical) SEE: satirical ::
satirical {adj} (of or pertaining to satire) :: satirisch
satirist {n} (a person who writes satire) :: hekeldichter {m}, hekeldichteres {f}
satisfaction {n} (fulfillment of a need or desire) :: voldoening {f}, bevrediging {f}
satisfaction {n} (pleasure obtained by such fulfillment) :: tevredenheid {f}
satisfaction {n} :: voldoening {f}
satisfactory {adj} (adequate or sufficient) :: bevredigend
satisfied {adj} (in a state of satisfaction) :: voldaan, tevreden
satisfy {v} (to meet needs, to fulfill) :: voldoen, voldoende zijn, bevredigen
satrap {n} (governor of a Persian province) :: satraap {m}
saturated {adj} (full; unable to hold or contain any more) :: verzadigd
Saturday {n} (day of the week) :: zaterdag {m}
Saturday {adv} (on Saturday) :: op zaterdag
Saturn {prop} (planet) :: Saturnus {m}
Saturn {prop} (god) :: Saturnus {m}
saturnism {n} (lead poisoning) SEE: plumbism ::
sauce {n} (liquid condiment) :: saus
sauce {n} (cheek) :: onbeleefde opmerkingen
sauce {v} (apply sauce) :: saus opdoen
sauce {v} (give cheek) :: onbeleefd zijn
saucepan {n} (deep cooking vessel) :: steelpan {m} {f}
saucer {n} (small dish) :: schotel
saucy {adj} (similar to sauce) :: sausachtig
saucy {adj} (impertinent or disrespectful) :: brutaal
saucy {adj} (impudently bold) :: brutaal
Saudi {prop} (Saudi Arabia) SEE: Saudi Arabia ::
Saudi Arabia {prop} (country in the Middle East) :: Saudi-Arabië, Saoedi-Arabië
sauerkraut {n} (a dish made by fermenting finely chopped cabbage) :: zuurkool {f}
Saul {prop} (first king of Israel) :: Saul
Saul {prop} (original name of Paul) :: Saulus, Saul
Saul {prop} (male given name) :: Saul
sauna {v} (to use a sauna) :: sauna {m}
saunter {v} (stroll or walk at a leisurely pace) :: slenteren
saunter {n} (a leisurely walk or stroll) :: slenteren
saurian {n} (reptile of the suborder Sauria) :: sauriër {m}
sausage {n} (a food made of minced meat packed into a tubular casing) :: worst {m}
sausage {n} (small, uncooked) :: worst {m}
savage {adj} (wild, not cultivated) :: wild, barbaars
savage {adj} (barbaric, not civilized) :: barbaars, onbeschaafd, [slang] onbeschoft
savanna {n} (tropical grassland with scattered trees) :: savanne {f}
savannah monitor {n} (Varanus exanthematicus) :: Afrikaanse steppevaraan, steppevaraan
save {v} (to help someone to survive, or rescue someone) :: redden
save {v} (to store for future use) :: sparen
save {v} (computing: to write a file to a storage medium) :: opslaan, bewaren
save {v} (to accumulate money) :: sparen
savin {n} (Juniperus sabina) :: zavelboom {m}, zevenboom {m}
saving {n} (something that is saved) :: spaargeld
savings account {n} (account that yields a better interest than a current account) :: spaarrekening {m} {f}
savior {n} (a person who saves someone, rescues another from harm) :: redder {m}, redster {f}
savoiardi {n} (small sponge cake) SEE: ladyfinger ::
savory {adj} (Tasty, attractive to the palate) :: smakelijk
savory {adj} (Salty or non-sweet) :: hartig
Savoy {prop} (a historical region of western Europe) :: Savooien
Savoy {n} (Savoy cabbage) SEE: Savoy cabbage ::
Savoy cabbage {n} (a hardy cabbage with dense, crinkled leaves) :: Savooienkool {m}
saw {n} (tool) :: zaag {f}
saw {v} (cut with a saw) :: zagen
saw {n} (saying or proverb) :: gezegde, spreuk, spreekwoord
sawdust {n} (dust created by sawing) :: zaagsel {n}
sawmill {n} (machine, building or company) :: houtzagerij
sawpit {n} (pit over which lumber is positioned to be sawn) :: zaagkuil
sawtooth {n} (sawtooth wave) SEE: sawtooth wave ::
sawtooth wave {n} (function or waveform that ramps upwards and then sharply drops) :: zaagtandgolf {f}, zaagtand {m}
sawyer {n} (one who saws timber) :: zager
saxifrage {n} (plant) :: steenbreek
Saxon {n} (member of Saxon tribe) :: Saks {m}
Saxon {n} (native or inhabitant of Saxony) :: Saks {m}
Saxon {n} (2-point type) :: non plus ultra, vierde petit
Saxony {prop} (state) :: Saksen
Saxony-Anhalt {prop} (state) :: Saksen-Anhalt
saxophone {n} (a musical instrument of the woodwind family) :: saxofoon
saxophonist {n} (person who plays or practices with the saxophone) :: saxofoonspeler {m}, saxofoonspeelster {f}
say {v} (to pronounce) :: zeggen, luiden, opzeggen
say {v} (to recite) :: opzeggen
say {v} (to communicate verbally or in writing) :: zeggen, opgeven
say {v} (to indicate in a written form) :: staan, opgeven
say {v} (imperative: let's say) :: laten wij zeggen
say {v} :: zeggen
say {v} (to say) SEE: tell ::
say goodbye {v} (wish someone farewell upon their leaving) :: zeg gedag
saying {n} (proverb or maxim) :: gezegde {n}, spreekwoord {n}
sayonara {interj} (goodbye, adieu) SEE: farewell ::
scab {n} (mange) SEE: mange ::
scab {n} (incrustation over a wound) :: wondkorst {f}
scab {n} (strikebreaker) :: stakingsbreker
scab {n} (scabies) SEE: scabies ::
scabbard {n} (the sheath of a sword) :: schede {f}
scabies {n} (an infestation of parasitic mites, Sarcoptes scabiei) :: schurft
scaffold {n} (structure made of scaffolding for workers to stand on) :: stelling {f}
scaffold {n} (platform for executions) :: schavot {n}
scaffold {v} (set up scaffolding) :: een stelling bouwen
scaffolder {n} (a person who erects and dismantles scaffolding) :: steigerbouwer {m}
scaffolding {n} (system of tubes or poles used to support people and material) :: steiger {c}
scalar {adj} (having magnitude) :: scalair
scalar {n} (quantity with magnitude) :: scalar {m}
scale {n} (sequence for measurement) :: schaal {f}
scale {n} (size or scope) :: schaal {f}
scale {n} (ratio of distances) :: schaal {f}
scale {n} (series of notes) :: toonladder {f}
scale {n} (keratin pieces covering the skin of certain animals) :: schub {c}
scale {n} (dish of a balance) :: weegschaal {f}
scale {n} (mathematics: base for a numeral system) SEE: radix ::
scale {n} (ladder) SEE: ladder ::
scale {n} (device) SEE: scales ::
scale insect {n} (small parasitic insect of superfamily Coccoidea) :: schildluis {m}
scale model {n} (three-dimensional copy or representation of something) :: schaalmodel
scalene {adj} (sides of different lengths) :: ongelijkzijdig
scalene triangle {n} (triangle having each of its three sides of different lengths) :: ongelijkzijdige driehoek
scales {n} (device for weighing goods for sale) :: weegschaal {f}
scallion {n} (Allium fistulosum) :: stengelui {m}, bosui {m}, lente-ui {m}
scallop {n} (mollusc) :: sint-jakobsschelp
scallop {n} :: Pectinidae
scalloped {adj} (having an edge marked with semicircles) :: geschulpt
scalp {n} (bed of shellfish) SEE: scaup ::
scalp {n} (part of head where the hair grows) :: kruin {c}
scalpel {n} (small straight knife) :: scalpel {n}, scalpeermes {n}
scalper {n} (one who sells tickets unofficially) :: iemand die toegangskaarten meestal duur doorverkoopt
scaly anteater {n} (pangolin) SEE: pangolin ::
scam {n} (fraudulent deal) :: oplichting {f}, deceptie, bedrog, misleiding
scam {v} (to defraud or embezzle) :: oplichten
scan {v} (create a digital copy of an image using a scanner) :: scannen
scan {v} (look about for) :: afspeuren
scan {v} (form a poetic metre) :: scanderen
scandal {n} (incident that brings disgrace) :: schandaal {n}, incident {n}
scandal {n} (damage to one's reputation) :: schande, oneer
scandal {n} (widespread moral outrage) :: schandaal {n}
scandal {n} (defamatory talk) :: geroddel {n}, kwaadsprekerij, laster
scandalous {adj} (wrong, immoral, causing a scandal) :: schandalig
scandalous {adj} :: scandaleus
Scandinavia {prop} (Denmark, Norway, and Sweden) :: Scandinavië
Scandinavia {prop} (Scandinavian Peninsula) SEE: Scandinavian Peninsula ::
Scandinavian {n} (someone from Scandinavia) :: Scandinaaf
Scandinavian {adj} (of Scandinavia) :: scandinavisch
Scandinavian {adj} (of the North Germanic family of languages) :: Scandinavisch
Scandinavian Peninsula {prop} (peninsula in Northern Europe, see also: Scandinavia) :: Scandinavië {n}
scandium {n} (chemical element) :: scandium {n}
Scania {prop} (region of Sweden occupying the southernmost tip of the Scandinavian peninsula) :: Skåne
scanner {n} (device which scans documents) :: scanner
scanner {n} (radio receiver) :: scanner
scanner {n} (optical device) :: scanner
scant {adj} (very little) :: gering, karig
scanty {adj} :: karig, schaars, schraal, schriel
scanty {adj} (sparing, niggardly) SEE: niggardly ::
scapegoat {n} (a goat imbued with the sins of the people) :: zondebok {m}
scapegoat {n} (someone punished for someone else's error(s)) :: zondebok {m}
scaphoid {adj} (boat-shaped) :: bootvormig
scaphoid {n} (scaphoid bone) SEE: scaphoid bone ::
scaphoid bone {n} (carpal bone of the wrist) :: naviculair been
scapula {n} (large flat bone) SEE: shoulder blade ::
scar {n} (cliff) SEE: cliff ::
scar {n} (permanent mark on the skin) :: litteken {n}
scarce {adj} :: schaars
scarcely {adv} (almost not, by a small margin) :: amper, nauwelijks
scarcity {n} (the condition of something being scarce or deficient) :: schaarste {c}
scarcity {n} (an inadequate amount of something; a shortage) :: tekort
scare {v} (to frighten) :: bang maken, beangstigen, angst aanjagen, laten schrikken, doen schrikken, verschrikken
scarecrow {n} (an effigy made to scare the birds away) :: vogelverschrikker {m}, [dialectal] vogelschrik {m}
scared {adj} (afraid, frightened) :: bang
scarf {n} (long garment worn around the neck) :: das {m}
scarf {v} (eat very quickly) :: schrokken
scarf {n} (headscarf) SEE: headscarf ::
scarify {v} (to remove thatch) :: verticuteren
scarlet {n} (colour) :: scharlaken {n}, scharlakenrood {n}, vuurrood {n}
scarlet {adj} (colour) :: scharlaken {n}, scharlakenrood {n}, vuurrood {n}
scar tissue {n} (type of tissue formed in a place where an injury has healed) :: littekenweefsel {n}
scary {adj} (causing, or able to cause, fright) :: eng
scathe {v} (injure) :: schaden
scatological {adj} :: scatologisch
scatter {v} (to cause to separate) :: verstrooien, verspreiden
scatter {v} (to disperse) :: uiteenspatten, uiteengaan
scatter {v} (to distribute loosely) :: verstrooien, verspreiden
scatter {v} (physics: to deflect) :: verstrooien
scatter {v} (to scatter) SEE: disperse ::
scatterbrain {n} (A flighty, disorganized or forgetful person.) :: warhoofd {n}, wargeest {m}
scatterbrained {adj} (absent-minded) SEE: absent-minded ::
scattering {n} (physical process) :: verspreiding,verstrooiing
scaup {n} (diving-duck) :: topper
scavenge {v} (to collect and remove refuse) :: vuil ophalen
scavenge {v} (to remove unwanted material) :: reinigen
scavenger {n} (Someone who scavenges, especially one who searches through rubbish for food or useful things) :: jutter
scavenger {n} (animal feeding on decaying matter) :: aaseter {m}
scavenger {n} (street sweeper) :: straatveger
scenario {n} (outline of the plot of a dramatic or literary work) :: scenario
scenario {n} (screenplay or an outline or treatment thereof) :: scenario
scenario {n} (outline or model of an expected or supposed sequence of events) :: scenario
scenario {n} :: draaiboek {n}
scene {n} ((theater) the stage) SEE: stage ::
scene {n} (the location of an event that attracts attention) :: scène
scene {n} (landscape, scenery) SEE: scenery ::
scenery {n} (view, natural features, landscape) :: landschap {n}, natuurschoon {n}
scenery {n} (stage backdrops, property and other items on a stage that give the impression of the location of the scene) :: decor {n}, coulissen {p}, toneel {n}
scent {n} (distinctive odour or smell) :: geur {m}, reuk {f}
scent {n} (odour left by animal) :: geur {m}
scent {n} (sense of smell) :: reukvermogen {n}
scent {n} (perfume) :: parfum {n}, geur {m}
scent {n} (figuratively: any traces that can be followed) :: spoor {n}
scent {v} (to detect the scent of) :: ruiken
sceptre {n} (ornamental staff) :: scepter {m}
schadenfreude {n} (malicious enjoyment derived from observing someone else's misfortune) :: leedvermaak {n}, schadevreugde {f}
Schaerbeek {prop} (city in Belgium) :: Schaarbeek {n}, Schaerbeek {n} [obsolete]
schedule {n} (time-based plan of events) :: programma {n}
Scheherazade {prop} (female given name) :: Sjeherazade {f}, Scheherazade {f}, Sheherazade {f}, Sherazade {f}
Scheldt {prop} (river) :: Schelde {f}
scheme {n} (a systematic plan of future action) :: plan
scheme {n} (mathematics) :: schema
scheme {n} :: schema {n}, programma {n}
schemer {n} (he who plots secret, devious plans) :: samenzweerder {m}
schilling {n} (old currency of Austria) :: schilling {f}
schism {n} (split, division, separation, discord) :: schisma {f}
schist {n} (crystalline foliated rock) :: schist {m} {f}
schizoaffective {adj} (combining symptoms of schizophrenia with those of bipolar disorder) :: schizoaffectief
schizoid personality disorder {n} (personality disorder) :: schizoïde persoonlijkheidsstoornis
schizophrenia {n} (mental disorder) :: schizofrenie
schlager {n} (style) :: schlager {m}; levenslied {n}
schlemiel {n} (clumsy person) :: schlemiel {m}
Schlemm's canal {n} (channel in the eye) :: kanaal van Schlemm {n}
Schleswig-Holstein {prop} (state) :: Sleeswijk-Holstein
schlimazel {n} (a chronically unlucky person) :: pechvogel, schlemiel
schnitzel {n} (a meat dish) :: schnitzel {m}
scholar {n} (specialist in a particular branch of knowledge) :: geleerde {m}
scholar {n} (learned person) :: geleerde {m}
scholarship {n} (study allowance) :: studiebeurs {f} or {m}
scholar's mate {n} (checkmate which occurs after the moves 1.e4 e5 2.Qh5 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6 4.Qxf7#) :: herdersmat {m}
scholastic {adj} (of or relating to scholasticism) :: scholatisch
school {n} (a group of fish in body of water etc...) :: school {f}
school {n} (an institution dedicated to teaching and learning) :: school {f}
school {n} (an institution dedicated to teaching and learning before college or university) :: school
school {n} (college or university) :: school {f}, universiteit {f}
school {n} (a department/institute at a college or university) :: school {f}
school {n} (an art movement) :: school {f}
school {n} ((collectively) the followers of a particular doctrine) :: school {f}
school {v} (to educate, teach, or train) :: scholen
schoolbag {n} (satchel) :: boekentas {m} {f}
schoolbook {n} (textbook used in school) :: schoolboek {n}
schoolboy {n} (young male student) :: leerling
school bus {n} (transport for schoolchildren) :: schoolbus {m}
schoolgoer {n} (one who attends school) :: schoolganger {m}
schoolie {n} (schoolteacher) SEE: teacher ::
school shark {n} (Galeorhinus galeus) :: ruwe haai
school sores {n} (impetigo) SEE: impetigo ::
schoolteacher {n} (schoolteacher) SEE: teacher ::
school tie {n} (necktie) :: schooldas
school uniform {n} (uniform items to be worn by students in a school) :: schooluniform {n}
schooner {n} (sailing ship) :: schoener {f}
Schrödinger's cat {prop} (thought experiment) :: Schrödingers kat
schwa {n} (schwa) :: sjwa, doffe e
science {n} (collective discipline of learning acquired through the scientific method) :: wetenschap {f}
science {n} (particular discipline or branch of learning) :: wetenschap {f}
science {n} (fact of knowing something) :: weten {n}, wetenschap {f}
science {n} (knowledge gained through study or practice) :: kennis {f}, ervaring, wetenschap {f}
scientia potentia est {proverb} (knowledge is power) SEE: knowledge is power ::
scientific {adj} (of or having to do with science) :: wetenschappelijk
scientifically {adv} (using science or methods of science) :: wetenschappelijk
scientifically {adv} (from a scientific perspective) :: wetenschappelijk
scientist {n} (one whose activities make use of the scientific method) :: wetenschapper {m}, wetenschapster {f}
scimitar {n} (sword with curved blade) :: kromsabel
scimitar-horned oryx {n} (Oryx dammah) :: sabelantilope {m}
scintilla {n} (small spark or flash.) :: vonkje
scintilla {n} (small amount) :: sprankje, greintje
scion {n} (descendant) :: telg
scion {n} ((detached) shoot or twig) :: scheut
scion {n} (heir to a throne) :: opvolger {m}, troonopvolger {m}
scissor {v} (to cut using scissors) :: knippen
scissor binoculars {n} (stereoscopic periscopic binoculars) :: schaarverrekijker {m}
scissoring {n} (lesbian sex) :: scharen
scissors {n} (tool used for cutting) :: schaar {f}
sclerosis {n} (abnormal hardening of body tissues) :: sclerose
scoff {v} (to jeer; laugh at with contempt and derision) :: spotten
scoff {v} (to eat food quickly) :: schrokken
scoff {v} (to eat) :: eten
scold {n} (person who scolds, particularly a woman) :: viswijf, helleveeg, kreng
scold {v} (rebuke) :: bekijven, schelden, berispen
sconce {n} (light fixture on a wall) :: kandelaar {m}, schemerlamp {m} {f}
scoop {n} (any cup- or bowl-shaped object) :: bol
scoop {n} (news learned and reported before anyone else) :: primeur, nieuwtje, noviteit
scooter {n} (foot-propelled vehicle) :: step {f}
scooter {n} (motor-scooter) :: scooter {m}
scooter {n} (mobility scooter) :: scootmobiel {m}
scope {n} (breadth, depth or reach of a subject; a domain) :: domein, bereik, reikwijdte
scope {n} (shortened form of periscope, or telescope or oscilloscope) :: scoop
scorch {n} (A discolouration caused by heat) :: een verkleuring veroorzaakt door hitte
scorch {v} (to burn the surface of something so as to discolour it) :: schroeien, verzengen
scorch {v} (to wither, parch or destroy something by heat or fire) :: verschroeien
scorch {v} (to become scorched or singed) :: verzengen
scorched earth {n} :: verschroeide aarde
score {v} (to score) SEE: strike ::
score {n} (number of points earned) :: stand
score {n} (sheet music showing all parts) :: partituur {f}
score {v} (to earn points in a game) :: scoren
score {v} (to obtain drugs or sex) :: scoren
scoreboard {n} (board that displays the score in a game of contest) :: scorebord {n}
scores {pron} (many) SEE: many ::
scorn {v} (to feel contempt or disdain for something or somebody) :: minachten, verachten
scorn {n} (contempt, disdain) :: minachting {f}, verachting {f}
scornful {adj} (showing scorn or disrespect; contemptuous) :: minachtend, minachtende
Scorpio {prop} (constellation) SEE: Scorpius ::
scorpion {n} (any of various arachnids of the order Scorpiones) :: schorpioen {m}
Scorpius {prop} (constellation) :: schorpioen {m}
scorzonera {n} (black salsify) SEE: black salsify ::
Scot {n} (a person born in or native to Scotland) :: Schot {m}, Schotse {f}
Scotch {n} (people of Scotland) :: Schotten {p}
Scotch {prop} (dialect) :: Schots-Engels {n}
Scotch crow {n} (hooded crow) SEE: hooded crow ::
Scotch tape {n} (adhesive tape) SEE: adhesive tape ::
scoter {n} (bird) :: zee-eend
Scotland {prop} (country in northwest Europe to the north of England) :: Schotland
Scots Gaelic {n} (Scottish Gaelic) SEE: Scottish Gaelic ::
Scotsman {n} (a man from Scotland) :: Schot {m}
Scottish {adj} (of a thing or concept) :: Schots
Scottish {n} (the people of Scotland) :: Schotten {m-p}
Scottish Gaelic {n} (The Gaelic language of Scotland) :: Schots-Gaelisch {n}
Scottish terrier {n} (breed of dog) :: Schotse terriër {m}
scoundrel {n} (villain) :: schurk {m} {f}, schavuit {m} {f}
scour {v} (to clean, polish, or wash something by rubbing and scrubbing it vigorously) :: schuren
scour {v} (to clear the digestive tract) :: purgeren
scour {v} (to search an area thoroughly) :: afschuimen
scourge {n} (persistent pest, illness, or source of trouble) :: plaag, schrik, gesel {m}
scourge {n} (a whip often of leather) :: gesel
scourge {v} (to strike with a scourge) :: geselen
scout {n} (person sent out to gain and bring in tidings) :: verkenner {m}
scout {n} (act of scouting) :: verkenning {f}
scout {n} (member of the scout movement) :: padvinder {m}, scout {m}
scout {n} (one who identifies promising talent) :: talentenjager {m}, scout {m}
scouting {n} (act of one who scouts) :: scouting {f}
scouting {n} (the Scouting movement) :: scouting
scouting {n} :: scouting
scrabble {v} (to scribble) SEE: scribble ::
Scrabble {prop} (board game with interlocking words) :: scrabble {n}
scram {v} (go away) :: wegwezen
scrap {n} (small leftover piece) :: restje {n}
scrap {n} (discarded metal) :: schroot, oudroest
scrape {n} (injury) :: schram
scrapie {n} (A degenerative prion disease) :: schuurziekte {f}
scrapyard {n} (a junkyard, a place where scrap is stored, discarded or resold) :: sloperij {f}
scratch {v} (to rub a surface with a sharp object) :: krassen, krabben
scratch {n} (disruption or mark on a surface) :: kras {f} or {m}
scratch {n} (money) :: centen {m-p}
scratch card {n} (lottery ticket) :: kraslot {n}
scratching post {n} (wooden post that a cat scratches) :: krabpaal {m}
scrawny {adj} (Thin, malnourished and weak) :: mager
scream {n} (loud exclamation) :: schreeuw {m}
scream {v} (to make the sound of a scream) :: schreeuwen
scream bloody murder {v} (protest loudly or angrily) :: moord en brand schreeuwen
scream blue murder {v} (protest loudly or angrily) :: luidkeels protesteren
screamer {n} (bird of family Anhimidae) :: hoenderkoet
scream queen {n} (actress who appears in several horror movies) :: scream queen {f}
scree {n} (loose stony debris on a slope) :: puinhelling
screech owl {n} (Megascops) :: schreeuwuil
screech owl {n} (Tyto alba) SEE: western barn owl ::
screed {n} (written harangue) :: llitanie {f}
screen {n} (viewing area of electronic output device) :: beeldscherm {n}
screen {n} (movie viewing area) :: zaal {m} {f}
screencap {n} (screenshot) SEE: screenshot ::
screen printing {n} (printing method) :: zeefdruk, serigrafie
screensaver {n} :: screensaver {m}, schermbeveiliger {m} [rare]
screenshot {n} (image of computer screen output) :: schermafbeelding {f}, schermafdruk {m}, screenshot {m}
screw {n} (fastener) :: schroef {f}, vijs [Flemish]
screw {n} (ship’s propeller) :: schroef {f}
screw {v} (to connect or assemble pieces using a screw) :: schroeven, vijzen
screw {v} (to have sexual intercourse with) :: neuken
screw cap {n} (cap of a bottle or jar which screws onto the threaded lip of the container) :: schroefdop {m}
screwdriver {n} (tool) :: schroevendraaier {m}
screw it {interj} (simple machine) :: laat maar
scribble {v} :: [verb] krabbelen, [noun] kattebelletje; kladje
scribe {n} (steel drawing implement) :: kraspen {m} {f}
scrimmage {n} (rough fight) :: schermutseling
scrimmage {n} :: de bal in de 'scrimmage' plaatsen
scrimmage {n} (practice game) SEE: exhibition game ::
scrimshaw {v} (To make an item of scrimshaw) :: knutselen,ivoor bewerken
script {n} (writing; written document) :: geschrift {n}
script {n} (written characters, style of writing) :: handschrift {n}
scriptorium {n} (room set aside for the copying, writing, or illuminating of manuscripts) :: scriptorium {n}, schrijfzaal {f}
Scripture {prop} (Tanakh) SEE: Tanakh ::
Scripture {prop} (Bible) SEE: Bible ::
scrivener {n} (professional writer) :: schrijver
scrofulous {adj} (morally degenerate; corrupt) SEE: corrupt ::
scroll {n} (roll of paper or parchment) :: boekrol {c}
scroll {n} (end of a musical instrument) :: krul {f} {m}
scroll {v} ((Computing) to change one's view of data on a computer's display) :: scrollen
scroll bar {n} (graphical widget) :: schuifbalk {m}, scrollbalk {m}
scrotum {n} (the bag of the skin and muscle that contains the testicles) :: scrotum {n}, balzak {m}
scrounge {v} (To obtain something of moderate or inconsequential value from another) :: bietsen
scrub {v} (to rub hard) :: schrobben
scrub {n} (cancellation) SEE: cancellation ::
scrumptious {adj} (delicious; delectable) :: lekker
scruple {n} (hesitation from the difficulty of determining what is right) :: scrupule {m} {f}
scrupulous {adj} (meticulous) :: scrupuleus, angstvallig, meticuleus
scrutiny {n} (intense study) :: nauwkeurig onderzoek, kritisch onderzoek, navorsing
scuba diving {n} (underwater swimming) :: duiksport {c}
scuffle {n} (rough, disorderly fight or struggle at close quarters) :: handgemeen {n}, scheldpartij {f}, schermutseling {f}, schermutselingen {p}
scuffle {v} (to fight or struggle confusedly at close quarters) :: roepen, schelden
scuffle {n} (Dutch hoe) :: schoffel {m} {f}
scull {n} (small boat) :: skiff
scullery {n} (room, next to a kitchen) :: bijkeuken {f}, spoelkeuken {f}, waskeuken {f}
sculptor {n} (a person who sculpts) :: beeldhouwer {m}
sculpture {n} (art of sculpting) :: beeldhouwen, sculptuur {f}
sculpture {n} (work of art created by sculpting) :: beeldhouwwerk {n}, beeld {n}
scum {n} (person or persons considered to be reprehensible) :: tuig
scumbag {n} (condom) SEE: condom ::
scumbag {n} (despicable person) :: rotzak {m}
scurrilous {adj} (foul-mouthed) :: grofgebekt
scurrilous {adj} (coarse, vulgar, abusive, or slanderous) :: vulgair, grof
scurry {v} (to run away with quick light steps) :: snellen, hollen
scurvy {n} (deficiency of vitamin C) :: scheurbuik
scut {n} :: wipstaart
scutch {v} (beat or flog) :: zwingelen
scutch {n} (implement used to separate the fibres of flax) :: zwengel, zwingelmolen
scutch grass {n} (couch grass) SEE: couch grass ::
scuttle {n} (a container like an open bucket) :: emmer {m}, kolenemmer {m}, kolenkit
scuttlebutt {n} (gossip, rumour, idle chatter) :: geroddel
Scutum {prop} (constellation) :: Schild
scutwork {n} (tedious tasks) :: rotwerk
scythe {n} (farm tool) :: zeis
scythe {v} (to cut with a scythe) :: maaien
Scythia {prop} (region of Central Eurasia) :: Scythië {n}
sea {n} (body of water) :: zee {f}
sea angel {n} (Gymnosomata) :: schelploze vleugelslak
seabed {n} (floor or bottom of the sea or ocean) :: zeebodem {m}
sea bluebell {n} (Mertensia maritima) :: oesterblad {n}
seaborgium {n} (chemical element with atomic number 106) :: seaborgium {n}
sea change {n} (profound transformation) :: fundamentele verandering
sea cucumber {n} (sea cucumber) :: zeekomkommer {c}
sea eagle {n} (Haliaeetus albicilla) SEE: white-tailed eagle ::
seafarer {n} (sailor) SEE: sailor ::
seafarer {n} (one who travels by sea) :: zeevaarder {m}
seafoam {n} (foam created by wave action - often washed up on to beaches) :: zeeschuim {n}
seafood {n} (fish, shellfish, seaweed and other edible aquatic life) :: zeevruchten
seagull {n} (bird of the family Laridae) :: meeuw {c}
sea hare {n} (large marine gastropod mollusc) :: zeehaas {m}
sea holly {n} (Eryngium maritimum) :: blauwe zeedistel {c}
sea horse {n} (walrus) SEE: walrus ::
sea horse {n} (fish) :: (Hippocampus) zeepaard {n}
seal {n} (pinniped) :: zeehond {m}, rob {m}
seal {n} (stamp used to impress a design on a soft substance) :: zegel {m} {n}
seal {n} (design or insignia associated with organization or official role) :: zegel
seal {n} (something which will be visibly damaged when a covering or container is opened) :: zegel {m}, verzegeling {f}
seal {n} (tight closure) :: sluiting {f}
seal {v} (to place a seal on (a document)) :: verzegelen
seal {v} (to fasten (something) closed so that it cannot be opened without visible damage) :: verzegelen
seal {v} (to place in a sealed container) :: verzegelen
seal {n} (chakra) SEE: chakra ::
sea lamprey {n} (animal) :: zeeprik {f}, zeelamprei {f}, zeenegenoog {m}
sealant {n} (material used to seal a surface so as to prevent passage of a fluid) :: kit
sea level {n} (nominal height of the surface of the oceans above which heights of geographical features and aircraft flight levels are measured) :: zeeniveau {n}, zeespiegel {m}
sea lion {n} (member of the Otariidae family) :: zeeleeuw {m}
seam {n} (folded back and stitched piece of fabric) :: , naad {m}
seam {n} :: zoom {m}
seaman {n} (mariner or sailor) :: matroos {m}, zeeman {m}
seaman {n} (naval rank) :: matroos {m}
seamless {adj} (Without interruption; coherent) :: naadloos
sea monster {n} (large, aggressive creature in the sea) :: zeemonster {n}, zeegedrocht {n}, kraak {m}
Sea of Japan {prop} (the sea between Japan and the rest of Asia) :: Japanse Zee {f}
sea otter {n} (Enhydra lutris) :: zeeotter {m}
sea-parrot {n} (puffin) SEE: puffin ::
seaplane {n} (an aircraft) :: watervliegtuig {n}
seaquake {n} :: zeebeving {f}
sear {v} (To char, scorch, or burn the surface of something with a hot instrument) :: [cooking] dichtschroeien
search {v} (to search) SEE: look ::
search {v} (to look throughout (a place) for something) :: afzoeken, doorzoeken, zoeken
search {v} ((followed by "for") to look thoroughly) :: zoeken
searchable {adj} (capable of being searched) :: doorzoekbaar
search engine {n} (application that searches for data) :: zoekmotor {m}, zoekmachine {f}
search engine optimization {n} (improvement of a web site's ranking in search engines) :: zoekmachineoptimalisatie
searcher {n} (One who searches) :: zoeker {m}
search warrant {n} (court order authorising the search of a place) :: huiszoekingsbevel {n}
Searlean {prop} (a subdivision of the Cumberlandian epoch) :: Searleaanse {m}
sea salt {n} (salt prepared by evaporating sea water) :: zeezout {n}
seashell {n} (shell) :: schelp
season {n} (quarter of a year) :: seizoen {n}, jaargetijde {f}
season {n} (part of year with something special) :: seizoen {n}
season {v} (to flavour food) :: kruiden
season {v} (to make fit for any use by time or habit) :: zich aanpassen
season {v} (to become mature) :: rijpen, rijp worden
seat {n} (place in which to sit) :: zitplaats
seat {n} (horizontal portion of a chair) :: zetel {c}
seat {n} (part of an object or individual directly involved in sitting) :: zitmeubel {n} (object), zitvlak {n} (person)
seat {n} (membership in a representative body) :: zetel {c}
seat {n} (location of a governing body) :: zetel {c}
seat belt {n} (restraining belt) :: veiligheidsgordel {m}, veiligheidsriem {m}
seat cushion {n} (something you can sit on) :: zitkussen {f}
seat of government {n} (the centre of authority to govern) :: regeringszetel {m}
sea turtle {n} (any turtle that inhabits oceans) :: zeeschildpad {f}
sea urchin {n} (any of many marine echinoderms of the class Echinoidea) :: zee-egel {m}
seawall {n} (coastal defence) :: zeedijk
seaward {adj} (in the direction toward the sea) :: zeewaarts
seaward {adv} (toward the sea) :: zeewaarts
seawater {n} (salt water of a sea or ocean) :: zeewater {n}
seaweed {n} (marine plants and algae) :: zeewier {n}
sebaceous gland {n} (gland of skin secreting sebum) :: talgklier {m} {f}
Sebastian {prop} (given name) :: Sebastiaan
sebum {n} (thick oily substance) :: talg {m}
secateurs {n} (pruning shears) SEE: pruning shears ::
secede {v} (To split from or to withdraw from membership of a political union, an alliance or an organisation) :: zich afscheiden
secession {n} (The act of seceding) :: afscheiding {f}, afscheiden {n}, secessie {f}, separatie {f}
second {adj} (second (numeral)) :: tweede, [abbreviations] 2 de, 2 e
second {adj} (that which comes after the first) :: tweede {n}
second {adv} (at the second rank) :: op een na
second {n} (manufactured item that fails to meet quality control standards) :: tweede keus {m} {f}
second {n} (another chance to achieve what should have been done the first time) :: herkansing {f}
second {n} (music: interval between two adjacent notes)) :: secunde
second {n} (one-sixtieth of a minute; SI unit of time) :: seconde {m}
second {n} (unit of angular measure) :: seconde {m}
second {n} (short, indeterminate amount of time) :: seconde {m}, moment {m}
second {v} (to agree as a second person) :: bijvallen, ondersteunen
second {n} (attendant of a duel or boxing match standing in for a contestant) :: secondant {m}
second {n} (one who agrees in addition) :: ondersteuner {m}
secondary {adj} (succeeding first) :: secundair
secondary {adj} (acting by deputation) :: plaatsvervangend
secondary school {n} (school) :: secundaire school {f} {m}, school voor voortgezet onderwijs {f} {m}, middelbare school {f} {m}
secondary sector {n} (economic sector that uses raw materials and produces manufactured goods) :: secundaire sector {m}, industriesector {m}
second-class {adj} (inferior in quality or standing) :: tweede klas
second-degree {adj} (causing blistering of skin) :: tweedegraads-, van de tweede graad
second-growth forest {n} (forest which has been harvested and is regrowing) :: secundair bos {n}
second hand {n} (the hand or pointer that shows the number of seconds that have passed) :: secondewijzer {m}
second hand {adj} (secondhand) SEE: secondhand ::
secondhand {adj} (not new; previously owned and used by another) :: tweedehands, occasion {m}, occasie {f}
secondhand embarrassment {n} (embarrassment felt for someone else: vicarious embarrassment) SEE: vicarious embarrassment ::
second-hand smoke {n} (smoke from cigarettes, that any person including non-smokers could breathe in) :: tweedehandse rook
second last {adj} (penultimate) SEE: penultimate ::
secondment {n} (temporary transfer) :: detachering
second person {n} (the form of a verb used when the subject of a sentence is the audience) :: tweede persoon {m}
second to last {adj} (penultimate) SEE: penultimate ::
Second World War {prop} (World War II) SEE: World War II ::
secrecy {n} (concealment) :: geheimhouding {f}
secret {n} (knowledge that is hidden) :: geheim {n}, geheimenis {f}
secret {adj} (being or kept hidden.) :: geheim
secretariat {n} (the office or department of a government secretary) :: secretariaat
secretary {n} (person keeping records and handling clerical work) :: secretaresse {f}, secretaris {m}
secretary bird {n} (member of bird family) :: secretarisvogel {m}, secretaris {m}
Secretary of State {n} (government position) :: minister van Buitenlandse Zaken {m}
secrete {v} ((transitive) produce by secretion) :: afscheiden
secrete {v} :: verbergen , verstoppen , wegstoppen , ontvreemden , stelen , verduisteren , ontfutselen
secretive {adj} (having an inclination to secrecy) :: geheimzinnig, gesloten, gereserveerd
secretly {adv} (in a secret manner) :: stiekem
secret police {n} (police operating outside normal boundaries of law) :: geheime politie {f}
secret service {n} (government organization) :: geheime dienst {m}
sect {n} (religious movement) :: afscheiding {f}, sekte {f}
sectarian {adj} (of, or relating to a sect) :: sektarisch
section {n} (cutting, part cut out) :: snijding {f}
section {n} (part, piece or subdivision of anything) :: afdeling, sectie
section {n} (part of a document) :: paragraaf {m}, passage {m}
secular {adj} (not specifically religious) :: seculier, wereldlijk
secular {adj} :: seculier
secularism {n} (The related political belief in the separation of church and state) :: secularisme {n}
security {n} (condition of not being threatened) :: veiligheid {f}, zekerheid {f}
security {n} (something that secures) :: beveiliging {f}
security {n} (organization or department responsible for providing security) :: veiligheidsdienst {m}
security {n} (finance: tradeable financial asset) :: waardepapier {n}
security {n} (finance: property temporarily relinquished) :: onderpand {n}
Security Council {prop} (UN Security Council) SEE: UN Security Council ::
security hole {n} (security vulnerability in a computer system) :: veiligheidslek {n}
security service {n} (government organisation established to protect its nation and its secrets from enemies) :: Geheime dienst {f}
sedative {n} (an agent or drug that sedates) :: kalmeringsmiddel
sedative {adj} (calming, soothing, inducing sleep, tranquilizing) :: kalmerend
sedentary {adj} (not moving, not migratory) :: sedentair
sedentary {adj} (not moving much; sitting around) :: sedentair, stilzittend
sedge {n} (any plant of the genus Carex) :: zegge
sediment {v} (to be deposited as a sediment) :: sedimenteren
sedimentary rock {n} (one of the major groups of rock that makes up the crust of the Earth) :: sedimentair gesteente {n}, afzettingsgesteente {n}
sedition {n} (incitement) :: opruiing {f}
sedition {n} (insurrection or rebellion) :: opstand, opruiing
seditious {adj} (of, related to, or involved in sedition) :: opruiend, opstandig,
Sedna {prop} (a goddess) :: Sedna
Sedna {prop} (planetoid) :: Sedna
seduction {n} (act of seducing) :: verleiding
seductress {n} (woman who seduces) :: verleidster {f}, vamp {f}
sedulous {adj} (persevering in business or in endeavors) :: onverdroten
see {v} (perceive with the eyes) :: zien, aanschouwen, bekijken, bezien
see {v} (understand) :: begrijpen
see {n} (diocese) :: bisdom {n}
see also {phrase} :: zie ook
seed {n} (fertilized grain) :: zaad {n}
seed {n} (semen) :: sperma {n}, zaad {n}
seed {n} (offspring, descendants, progeny) :: zaad {n}
seed coat {n} (outer cover of a seed) :: zaadmantel {m}
seedeater {n} (something which eats seed) :: zaadeter {m}
seedeater {n} (bird) :: zaadeter {m}
seedful {adj} (full of seed) :: zaadrijk
seedling {n} (young plant grown from seed) :: zaailing
seed money {n} (Money used to set up a new business venture.) :: aanloopkrediet, aanloopsubsidie
seed plant {n} (plant which reproduces by breading seeds in the wide sense of the term, including spores etc.) :: zaadplant {m} {f}
seed stock {n} (stock of seed) :: zaaigoed {n}
seed stock {n} (supply for planting) :: plantgoed {n}
seed stock {n} (source of new individuals) :: zaaigoed {n}
seed vault {n} (long term seed storage) :: zadenbank {f}
seeing is believing {proverb} (you need to see something to believe it) :: zien is geloven
seek {v} (to try to find) :: zoeken, nastreven
seek and ye shall find {proverb} (one finds what one looks for) :: zoekt en gij zult vinden, wie zoekt, die vindt
seeker {n} (One who seeks) :: zoeker {m}
seel {v} (To blind) SEE: blind ::
seem {v} (to appear, to seem) SEE: look ::
seem {v} (to appear) :: lijken, schijnen
seemingly {adv} (apparently) SEE: apparently ::
see off {v} (to defeat) SEE: defeat ::
see off {v} (to accompany someone to a point of departure) :: uitwuiven, uitlaten
seer {n} (someone who sees something; an eyewitness) :: ooggetuige {m}
seer {n} (someone who foretells the future) :: ziener, helderziende {m}
seersucker {n} :: gestreept cloqué,bobbeltjesstof
seethe {v} (to boil vigorously (intransitive verb)) :: zieden, koken
seethe {v} (to foam in an agitated manner, as if boiling) :: schuimen
seethe {v} ((figuratively) to be in a agitated state of turmoil) :: zieden
seethe {v} (to buzz with activity) :: bruisen van aktiviteit
see the forest for the trees {v} (to be overwhelmed by detail to the point where it obscures the overall situation) :: door de bomen het bos niet meer zien
see the light {v} (gain an insight) :: het licht zien
see through {v} (perceive visually through something transparent) :: doorheen zien
see through {v} (to do something until it is finished) :: volhouden
see through {v} :: doorgronden
see-through {adj} (transparent) SEE: transparent ::
see-through {adj} (translucent) SEE: translucent ::
see ya {interj} (see you) SEE: see you ::
see you {phrase} (see you later) :: later, mazzel
see you later {phrase} (goodbye) :: tot straks, tot later, tot zo [after a short time], zie je later [slang], later [slang]
see you soon {interj} (goodbye) :: tot straks, tot zo, [Flanders] tot direct, tot ziens!
see you tomorrow {phrase} (see you tomorrow) :: tot morgen
segment {n} (length of some object) :: segment
Segorbe {prop} (municipality in Castellón, Spain) :: Segorbe
segregate {v} (to separate) :: afzonderen
segue {v} (to move smoothly from one topic to another) :: van thema wisselen
segue {n} (an instance of segueing, a transition) :: overgang {m}
seine {n} (fishing net) :: zegen {m} {f}
seisin {n} ((historical) feudal right to possession) :: weer {f}
seismologist {n} (person who practices seismology) :: seismoloog {m}, seismologe {f}
seismology {n} (the study of the vibration of the Earth's interior) :: seismologie {f}
seize {v} (grab) :: grijpen, vangen, pakken
seize {v} (take advantage) :: grijpen, aangrijpen
seize {v} (take possession of (by force, law etc)) :: in beslag nemen, beslag leggen op
seize the day {v} (enjoy the present) :: pluk de dag
sejunct {adj} (separate) SEE: separate ::
Selandian {prop} (subdivision of the Paleocene epoch) :: Selandien
seldom {adv} (infrequently, rarely) :: zelden
select {adj} (privileged, specially selected) :: select
select {v} (to choose one or more elements from a set) :: uitkiezen, selecteer
selenate {n} (any salt or ester of selenic acid) :: selenaat {n}
selenium {n} (chemical element) :: seleen {n}, selenium {n}
selenology {n} (the study of the moon and several satellites) :: selenologie
self {n} (individual person as the object of his own reflective consciousness) :: zelf {n}
self-abnegation {n} :: zelfverloochening {m},, zelfontzegging {m}
self-absorbed {adj} (heavily concerned with oneself) :: in zichzelf verdiept, met alleen aandacht voor zichzelf
self-acceptance {n} (acceptance of self) :: zelfaanvaarding, zelfacceptatie
self-centered {adj} (egotistically obsessed with oneself) :: egoistisch
self-confidence {n} (state of being self-confident) :: zelfvertrouwen, zelfverzekerd
self-confidence {n} (measure of one's belief in one's own abilities) :: zelfvertrouwen, zelfverzekerdheid
self-confident {adj} (confident in one's abilities) :: zelfverzekerd
self-conscious {adj} (aware of oneself as an individual being) :: zelfbewust
self-conscious {adj} (uncomfortably over-conscious of one's appearance or behaviour) :: zelfbewust
self-conscious {adj} (socially ill at ease) :: zelfbewust
self-control {n} (ability to control one's desires and impulses) :: zelfcontrole {m} {f}
self-critical {adj} (capable of criticizing oneself) :: zelfkritisch
self-defense {n} (means of defending oneself from attack) :: zelfverdediging {f}
self-determination {n} (political independence of a people) :: zelfbeschikking {f}
self-esteem {n} (confidence in one's own worth) :: zelfvertrouwen {n}
self-evidence {n} (the quality of being self-evident) :: duidelijkheid {f}, vanzelfsprekendheid {f}
self-evident {adj} (obviously true) :: vanzelfsprekend
self-help {n} (bettering oneself without relying on the assistance of others) :: zelfhulp, zelfhelp
selfhood {n} (individuality) :: individualiteit;
selfhood {n} (personality) :: persoonlijkheid;
selfhood {n} (selfishness) :: zelfheid;eigenheid;
selfie {n} (photographic self-portrait) :: selfie {n}, zelfje {n}, otofoto {m}
self-image {n} (way a person views themself) :: zelfbeeld {n}
self-immolation {n} (setting oneself on fire) :: zelfverbranding {f}
selfish {adj} :: zelfzuchtig, egoïstisch
self-knowledge {n} (knowledge or insight into one's own nature and abilities) :: zelfkennis {f}
self-made {adj} (made by oneself) :: zelfgemaakt
self-pity {n} (feeling of pity for oneself) :: zelfbeklag {n}, zelfmedelijden {n}
self-plagiarism {n} (reuse of one's own words etc.) :: zelfplagiaat {n}
self-portrait {n} (portrait of the painter who painted it) :: zelfportret {n}
self-raising {adj} (capable of rising without leavening agent) :: zelfrijzend
self-raising flour {n} (flour) :: zelfrijzend bakmeel {n}
self-reference {n} (referring to itself) :: zelfreferentie {f}
self-respect {n} (knowledge of one's own worth) :: zelfrespect {n}
self-respecting {adj} (having self-respect) :: zichzelf respecterend
selfsame {adj} (the very same) :: identieke, dezelfde
self-service {n} (the practice of serving oneself) :: zelfbediening {f}
self-study {n} (study without the aid of a formal education institution) :: zelfstudie {f}
self-sufficiency {n} (condition of being self-sufficient) :: zelfvoorziening {f}
sell {v} (to agree to transfer goods or provide services) :: verkopen
sell {v} :: verkopen
seller {n} (someone who sells) :: verkoper {m}, verkoopster {f}
sellotape {n} (adhesive tape) SEE: adhesive tape ::
Sellotape {n} (adhesive tape) SEE: adhesive tape ::
sell out {v} (sell all of a product) :: uitverkopen
Selonia {prop} (A cultural region in Latvia) :: Selië
selvage {n} (finished edge of a woven fabric parallel with warp) :: zelfkant {m}
semantic {adj} (of or relating to semantics or the meanings of words) :: semantisch
semantic field {n} (group of words relating to same subject) :: woordveld {n}, semantisch veld {n}
semantics {n} (science of the meaning of words) :: semantiek {f}
semantics {n} :: semantiek {f}
semaphore {n} (visual signaling system) :: semafoor {m}
semaphore {n} (visual signaling with flags) :: semafoor {m}
semaphore {n} (computing term) :: semafoor {m}
semaphore {v} (to signal using semaphore) :: signaleren, seinen
semblance {n} (likeness, similarity) :: gelijkheid
semelfactive aspect {n} (grammar aspect) :: semelfactief {m}
semen {n} (semen (fluid)) SEE: sperm ::
semen {n} (male reproductory fluid) :: sperma
semester {n} (half of school year) :: semester
semiannual {adj} (half-yearly) :: halfjaarlijks, halfjaarlijkse
semicolon {n} (punctuation mark ';') :: puntkomma {f} {n}, kommapunt {m}
semiconductor {n} (substance with electrical properties between conductor and insulator) :: halfgeleider {m}
semifinal {n} (competition) :: halve finale
seminal {adj} (of or relating to seed or semen) :: zaad-
seminal {adj} (creative or having the power to originate) :: creatief
seminal {adj} (highly influential) :: invloedrijk, belangrijk
semi-official {adj} (having some degree of official authority) :: officieus
semiotic {adj} (of or relating to semiotics or to semantics) :: semiotisch
semiotician {n} (linguist specialized in semiotics) :: semioticus
semiotics {n} (study of signs) :: semiotiek {f}
Semite {n} (descendant of any of these peoples) :: Semiet
Semitic {adj} (pertaining to the Semitic subdivision of Afro-Asiatic languages) :: Semitisch
semivowel {n} (sound in speech) :: halfvocaal {m}, halfklinker {m}
semla {n} (Swedish pastry eaten on Shrove Tuesday) :: semla {m} {f}
semolina {n} (hard grains of flour left after milling) :: griesmeel
senate {n} (the upper house in some bicameral legislative systems) :: senaat {m}
senator {n} (member in the house or chamber of a legislature called a senate) :: senator {m}
send {v} (make something go somewhere) :: zenden, verzenden, sturen, opsturen
send-up {n} (satirical imitation) :: parodie {f}, persiflage {f}
Senegal {prop} (Republic of Senegal) :: Senegal
Senegalese {adj} (pertaining to Senegal) :: Senegalees, Senegalese
Senegalese {n} (person from Senegal) :: Senegalees {m}, Senegalese {f}
senescence {n} (biology: the state or process of aging) :: verouderingsproces {f}
senile {adj} (of, or relating to old age) :: ouderdoms-
senile {adj} (exhibiting the deterioration in mind) :: seniel
senior {n} (someone older than someone else) :: senior {m} {f}
seniority {n} (time) :: senioriteit
sense {n} (method to gather data) :: zintuig {n}
sense {n} (conscious awareness) :: gevoel {n}, gewaarwording {f}
sense {n} (sound judgement) :: (gezond) verstand {n}
sense {n} (semantics term) :: betekenis {f}
sense {v} (use biological senses) :: gewaarworden, waarnemen
sense of humour {n} (quality of an individual to find certain things funny) :: gevoel voor humor
sense organ {n} (an organic sensor) :: zintuig
sensible {adj} (perceptible by the mind) :: waarneembaar, merkbaar
sensible {adj} (easily perceived, appreciable) :: merkbaar, aanzienlijk, aanwijsbaar
sensible {adj} (able to feel or perceive) :: gevoelig
sensible {adj} (aware of something) :: (zich) bewust
sensible {adj} (acting with or showing good judgement) :: verstandig, zinnig
sensible {adj} (characterized more by usefulness than by fashionableness) :: praktisch, functioneel
sensitive {adj} :: gevoelig
sensitivity {n} (the ability of an organism or organ to respond to external stimuli) :: gevoeligheid {f}
sensitivity {n} (the proportion of positive individuals in a population that will be correctly identified in a binary test) :: sensitiviteit {f}
sensitivity {n} (the degree of response of an instrument to a change in an input signal) :: gevoeligheid {f}, ontvankelijkheid
sensitivity {n} (the degree of response of a film etc. to light of a specified wavelength) :: gevoeligheid {f}
sensitivity {n} :: gevoeligheid {f}
senso lato {phrase} (in the broad sense) :: in ruime/brede zin
senso stricto {phrase} (in the strict sense) :: in enge zin
sensualist {n} (person who believes in enjoying sensuality) :: sensualist {m}
sensualist {n} (one who holds to the doctrine of sensualism) :: sensualist {m}
sensuality {n} (state of being sensual, sensuous or sexy) :: zinnelijkheid {f}
sent {v} (simple past of "to send") :: zond {s}, zonden {p}, verzond {s}, verzonden {p}
sent {v} (past participle of "to send") :: verzonden, gezonden
sentence {n} (decision of a jury) :: vonnis {n}, uitspraak {f}, oordeel {n}
sentence {n} (judicial order for punishment, conviction) :: veroordeling {f}
sentence {n} (punishment imposed on a person convicted of a crime) :: straf {f}
sentence {n} (grammatically complete series of words consisting of a subject and predicate) :: zin {m}
sentence {v} (declare a sentence on a convicted person) :: straffen, veroordelen tot
sententious {adj} (using as few words as possible) :: kernachtig
sentient {adj} (conscious or aware) :: bewust
sentimental {adj} (characterized by sentiment, sentimentality or excess emotion) :: emotioneel
sentinel {n} (A sentry or guard) :: wacht {m}
sentinel event {n} (unusual event in a medical setting which results in death or serious physical injury) :: schildwacht gebeurtenis
sentry {n} (guard) :: schildwacht
sentry-box {n} (booth for a sentry) :: wachthuisje {n}
Seoul {prop} (capital of South Korea) :: Seoel {n}, Seoul {n}
sepal {n} (part of calyx) :: kelkblad {n}
separable {adj} (able to be separated) :: scheidbaar
separable verb {n} (type of verb) :: scheidbaar werkwoord
separate {adj} (apart from; not connected to) :: afzonderlijk, gescheiden, afgezonderd, afgezonderde
separate {adj} (followed by "from": not together with) :: gescheiden van
separate {v} (to disunite, disconnect) :: scheiden
separate {v} (to cause to be separate) :: scheiden
separate {v} (to divide itself) :: scheiden, zich verdelen, schiften
separate the wheat from the chaff {v} (to select only that which is of value) :: het kaf van het koren scheiden
separation {n} (act of disuniting two or more things) :: scheiding {f}
separation of powers {n} (model for governance) :: trias politica {f}
separatism {n} (separatism) :: separatisme {n}
separatist {adj} (Advocating or seeking the separation of a country or territory) :: separatistisch
sepia {n} (cuttlefish) SEE: cuttlefish ::
sepoy {n} (A native soldier of the East Indies) :: sepoy {m}, sipoy {m}
sepsis {n} (serious medical condition in which the whole body is inflamed) :: sepsis {f}
septasyllabic {adj} (having seven syllables) :: zevenlettergrepig
September {prop} (ninth month of the Gregorian calendar) :: september {m}
septicemia {n} (disease caused by pathogens in the blood) :: bloedvergiftiging
Septuagint {prop} (an ancient translation of the Hebrew Bible into Greek) :: Septuagint
sepulchre {n} (burial chamber) :: graf {n}
sequel {n} (a narrative written after another narrative set in the same universe) :: vervolg
sequela {n} (a disease or condition which is caused by an earlier disease or problem) :: sekwel
sequent {adj} (that comes after) SEE: subsequent ::
sequent {adj} (that follows on) SEE: consequent ::
sequentially {adv} (in sequence; in order) :: op volgorde
sequester {v} (to separate from all external influence) :: afzonderen
sequoia {n} (tree) :: sequoia, reuzenpijnboom
seraph {n} (highest order of angels) :: seraf {m}, serafijn {m}
Serb {n} (person of Serb descent, see also: Serbian) :: Serviër {m}, Servische {f}
Serb {adj} (of or pertaining to the Serbs or their culture) :: Servisch
Serbia {prop} (a country in southeastern Europe) :: Servië {f}
Serbia and Montenegro {prop} (former country on the Balkan Peninsula) :: Servië en Montenegro
Serbian {n} (person from Serbia, see also: Serb) :: Serviër {m}, Servische {f}
Serbian {n} (the standardized variety of Serbo-Croatian) :: Servisch {n}
Serbian {adj} (pertaining to Serbia and Serbians) :: Servisch
Serbian {adj} (pertaining to the Serbian language) :: Servisch
Serbian {n} (Serb) SEE: Serb ::
Serbo-Croatian {n} (South Slavic language) :: Servo-Kroatisch, Servokroatisch
serenade {n} (love song) :: serenade {f}
serenade {n} (instrumental composition) :: serenade {f}
serendipity {n} (unsought, unintended... and/or learning experience that happens by accident) :: serendipiteit {f}, toevalstreffer {m}
serendipity {n} (a combination of events which are not individually beneficial, but occurring together produce a good or wonderful outcome) :: gelukkig toeval
serendipity {n} :: serendipiteit {f}
serenely {adv} (in a serene manner) :: bedaard
serenity {n} (state) :: sereniteit {f}
serf {n} (semifree peasant) :: horige, laat, lijfeigene, serf {m} {f}
serfdom {n} (state of being a serf) :: lijfeigenschap {f}
serfdom {n} (feudal system) :: horigheid {f}
sergeant {n} (non-commissioned officer rank) :: sergeant
Sergius {prop} (male given name) :: Serge
serial number {n} (unique number assigned to unit) :: serienummer {n}
serial port {n} (physical interface through which data is transferred in or out one bit at a time) :: seriële poort {c}
seric {adj} (made of silk) SEE: silken ::
series {n} (a number of things that follow on one after the other) :: reeks {f}, serie {f}
series {n} (television or radio program) :: reeks {f}, serie {f}
series {n} (in analysis: sum of the terms of a sequence) :: reeks {f}
series finale {n} (the final episode of a television series) :: reeks conclusie
serif {adj} (short line in a font) :: schreef
serigraphy {n} (printing method) SEE: screen printing ::
serious {adj} (without humor or expression of happiness) :: serieus, ernstig
serious {adj} (important; weighty; not trifling; leaving no room for play) :: serieus
serious {adj} (really intending what is said; being in earnest) :: ernstig, serieus
seriousness {n} (state of being serious) :: ernst
sermon {n} (religious discourse) :: preek {c}
Serpens Caput {prop} :: Kop van de Slang
Serpens Cauda {prop} :: Staart van de Slang
serpent {n} (snake) :: serpent {n}, slang {f}
serpent {n} (musical instrument) :: serpent {f}
Serpentarius {prop} (Ophiuchus) SEE: Ophiuchus ::
Serpukhovian {prop} (subdivision of the Carboniferous period) :: Serpukhovien
serrate {adj} (saw-like) :: gekarteld
serrate {adj} (having a row of sharp or tooth-like projections) :: gekarteld
serrated {adj} (saw-like) :: gekarteld
serrated {adj} (Having a row of sharp or tooth-like projections) :: gekarteld
Serravallian {prop} (subdivision of the Miocene epoch) :: Serravallien
serval {n} (medium-sized African wild cat) :: serval {m}, woestijnlynx {m}
servant {n} (one who is hired to perform regular household or other duties, and receives compensation) :: hulp, hulpje, huishoudhulp, bediende, knecht {m}, meid {f}
servant {n} (one who serves another, providing help in some manner) :: dienaar {m}, bediende {m} {f}
serve {v} (to work for) :: dienen
serve {v} (to attend, supply the wants of) :: serveren
serve {v} (to bring food to) :: opdienen, bedienen, serveren
serve {n} (AUS: portion of food) SEE: serving ::
server {n} (computing: a program which provides services to other programs or users) :: server {m}
server {n} :: server
serve someone right {v} (happen to someone who deserves it) :: zijn verdiende loon
Servian {adj} (Serbian) SEE: Serbian ::
Servian {n} (Serbian) SEE: Serbian ::
Servian {prop} (Serbian) SEE: Serbian ::
service {n} (economics: work performed) :: dienst {m}, bediening {f}
service {n} (the military) :: dienst
service {n} (set of dishes or utensils) :: servies
service {n} (sports: act of initially serving the ball) :: opslag, service
service {n} (religious rite or ritual) :: eredienst {m}, dienst
serviceberry {n} (plant) :: krentenboompje {n}
service station {n} (gas station) SEE: gas station ::
service tree {n} (Sorbus domestica) :: peervormige lijsterbes
service tree {n} (Sorbus torminalis) SEE: wild service tree ::
serviette {n} (napkin) SEE: napkin ::
serving {n} (portion of food) :: portie {f}
servitude {n} (the state of being a slave) :: dienstbaarheid {f}
servitude {n} (qualified beneficial interest) :: erfdienstbaarheid {f}
sesame {n} (plant) :: sesam {c}
sesame {n} (seed) :: sesam {c}, sesamzaad {n}
sesame oil {n} (oil extracted from sesame seeds) :: sesamolie {f}
sesquisyllabic {adj} (consisting of a minor syllable plus a full syllable) :: sesquisyllabisch
sessile oak {n} (deciduous tree) :: wintereik {m}
session {n} (period devoted to a particular activity) :: sessie {f}
session {n} (meeting of a body to conduct business) :: zitting {f}
set {v} (to put something down) :: zetten, neerzetten
set {v} (to determine) :: bepalen
set {v} (to adjust) :: aanpassen, instellen
set {v} (to arrange with dishes and cutlery) :: dekken
set {v} (to introduce) :: introduceren
set {v} (to arrange type) :: zetten
set {v} (to devise and assign work) :: opdragen
set {v} (to solidify) :: harden
set {v} (of a heavenly body: to disappear below the horizon) :: ondergaan, verdwijnen
set {n} (device for receiving broadcast radio waves; a radio or television) :: toestel {n}
set {adj} (ready, prepared) :: klaar, klare, voorbereid, voorbereide
set {adj} (intent, determined) :: ingesteld, ingestelde
set {n} (matching collection of similar things, such as a set of tables) :: verzameling {f}, set {m}
set {n} (collection of various objects for a particular purpose, such as a set of tools) :: set {m}
set {n} (object made up several parts, such as a set of steps) :: serie
set {n} (set theory: collection of objects) :: verzameling {f}, set {m}
set {n} (group of people, usually meeting socially) :: verzameling {f}, set {m}
set {n} (in tennis) :: set {m}
set {v} (to sit) SEE: sit ::
set {n} (badger’s home) SEE: sett ::
set {n} (plural: set theory) SEE: set theory ::
set about {v} (to initiate or begin some action) :: op het punt staan te, eraan beginnen, aan de slag schieten
set about {v} (to attack) :: aanvallen
set aside {v} :: wegzetten
set for life {adj} (possessing sufficient resources to last a lifetime) :: binnen
set forth {v} (to start) SEE: start ::
set free {v} (release, free, give freedom to) :: vrijmaken, bevrijden
set off {v} (To offset) SEE: offset ::
set on fire {v} (cause to begin to burn) :: in brand steken, aansteken
set out {v} (to explain) :: uitzetten, uiteenzetten
set out {v} (to leave) :: gaan, verlaten
set out {v} (to start an activity) :: beginnen, starten
sett {n} (paving stone) :: kasseisteen
set theory {n} (mathematical theory of sets) :: verzamelingenleer {f} {m}
set the world on fire {v} (do something sensational) :: de wereld met verbazing slaan,
setting {n} (time, place, circumstance) :: context {m}
settle {v} (to fix one's dwelling) :: vestigen, settelen
settlement {n} (newly established colony) :: nederzetting {f}
settlement agreement {n} (agreement) :: conciliatie, schikking
set up {v} (to ready something for use) :: bereiden, voorbereiden, opzetten
set up {v} (to order logically) :: regelen, schikken
set up {v} (to cause to happen) :: veroorzaken, leiden
set up {v} (to trap or ensnare) :: verstrikken
set up {v} (to arrange for an outcome) :: regelen
set up {v} (to gel or harden) :: verharden, harden, verstokken, stollen
set up {adj} (in a position to function) :: klaarzetten
Sevastopol {prop} (city) :: Sebastopol
sevdalinka {n} (genre of folk music) :: sevdalinka, sevdah
seven {num} (cardinal number 7) :: zeven
seven {n} (the figure seven) :: zeven {f}
seven {n} (a card bearing seven pips) :: zeven {f}
seven deadly sins {n} (the cardinal sins) :: zeven hoofdzonden {c-p}
sevenfold {adj} (multiplied by seven (adjective)) :: zevenvoudig
sevenfold {adj} (having seven parts (adjective)) :: zevenvoudig
sevenfold {adv} (by a factor of seven (adverb)) :: zevenmaal
seven hundred {num} (cardinal number 700) :: zevenhonderd
seven hundred and fifty {num} (number) :: zevenhonderd vijftig {f}
seven hundred and fifty {n} (the figure 750) :: zevenhonderd vijftig {f}
seven-league boots {n} (boots enabling great stride) :: zevenmijlslaarzen {f-p}
sevennight {n} (period of seven consecutive days and nights) SEE: week ::
seventeen {num} (cardinal number) :: zeventien {f}
seventeenth {num} (ordinal number) :: zeventiende
seventeenth {n} :: zeventiende
seventh {adj} (ordinal form of the number seven) :: zevende (abbreviations 7de, 7e)
seventh heaven {n} (state of great joy and satisfaction) :: zevende hemel
seventies {n} (the decade of the 1970s) :: jaren zeventig {n-p}, jaren 70 {n-p}, jaren 1970 {n-p}
seventieth {adj} (ordinal form of the number seventy (70)) :: zeventigste
seventy {num} (cardinal number) :: zeventig {f}
seventy-five {num} (75) :: vijfenzeventig
seventy-four {num} (74) :: vierenzeventig
seventy-nine {num} (79) :: negenenzeventig
seventy-one {num} (71) :: eenenzeventig
seventy-six {num} (76) :: zesenzeventig
seventy-three {num} (73) :: drieënzeventig
seventy-two {num} (72) :: tweeënzeventig
seven virtues {n} (seven heavenly virtues) :: zeven deugden
sever {v} (to cut free) :: lossnijden
several {determiner} :: verscheidene, divers
severance {n} (act of severing) :: scheiding {f}, (het) lossnijden, (het) los zijn
severance {n} (separation) :: scheiding {f}
severance {n} (severance payment) SEE: severance pay ::
severance pay {n} (money paid to employee as compensation) :: ontslagvergoeding {f}
severance payment {n} (money paid to employee in case of layoff) SEE: severance pay ::
severe {adj} :: streng
severity {n} (state of being severe) :: ernst {f}, strengheid {f}
severity {n} (degree of something undesirable; badness) :: ernst {f}, ongewenstheid {f}, slechtheid {f}
Seville {prop} (city in Andalusia, Spain) :: Sevilla {n}
Seville orange {n} (Seville orange) SEE: bitter orange ::
sew {v} ((transitive) use a needle) :: naaien
sew {v} ((intransitive) use a needle) :: naaien
sewer {n} (pipes used to remove human waste and to provide drainage) :: riool {n}
sewer {n} (person who sews clothing) :: naaier {m}, naaister {f}
sewerage {n} (sewer system) :: riolering
sewing machine {n} (device) :: naaimachine {f}
sewn {v} (past participle of sew) :: genaaid
sex {n} (act of sexual intercourse) :: seks {m}, geslachtsgemeenschap {m}, vrijen {n}
sex {n} (gender (female or male)) :: geslacht {n}, sekse {f}
sex {v} (to determine the sex of) :: geslacht bepalen, seksen
sex {v} (informal: to have sex with) :: vrijen, de liefde bedrijven
sex bomb {n} (someone highly sexy) :: sexbom {f}
sex gland {n} (gland in which sex cells are produced) SEE: gonad ::
sexism {n} (gender discrimination or dislike) :: seksisme {n}
sexist {n} (a person who discriminates on grounds of sex) :: seksist {m} {f}
sexist {adj} (unfairly against one sex in favour of the other) :: seksistisch
sexologist {n} (someone who studies, or is an expert in, sex and sexuality) :: sexuoloog
sexology {n} (study of sex and sexuality) :: seksuologie {f}
sex partner {n} (someone that one has sex with) :: sekspartner {m}
sex ratio {n} :: geslachtsverhouding
sext {n} (noon) SEE: noon ::
sextillion {num} (a trillion billion, 1021) :: triljard
sextillion {num} (a million quintillion, 1036) :: sextiljoen
sexton {n} (church official) :: koster {m}
sex toy {n} (sex aid) :: sexspeeltje {n}
sexual {adj} (of or relating to having sex) :: seksueel
sexual {adj} (of or relating to sexuality) :: seksueel
sexual {adj} :: seksueel, seksuele
sexual harassment {n} (sexual harassment) :: seksuele intimidatie {f}, ongewenste intimiteiten
sexual intercourse {n} (sexual intercourse) SEE: intercourse ::
sexual intercourse {n} (sexual interaction) :: geslachtsgemeenschap {f}, sexuele betrekkingen {f-p}, seksueel verkeer
sexual intercourse {n} (the coming together of male and female in sexual intercourse) SEE: copulation ::
sexual intercourse {n} (sexual interaction) SEE: coitus ::
sexuality {n} (sexual orientation) SEE: sexual orientation ::
sexuality {n} (sexual activity) :: sexualiteit {f}
sexuality {n} (concern with or interest in sexual activity) :: sexualiteit {f}
sexuality {n} :: sexualiteit {f}
sexualization {n} :: seksualisering
sexually mature {adj} (able to reproduce) :: geslachtsrijp
sexually transmitted disease {n} (contagious disease spread through sexual intercourse) SEE: venereal disease ::
sexually transmitted disease {n} (disease contracted through sexual contact) :: seksueel overdraagbare aandoening
sexual orientation {n} (sexual orientation) :: seksuele geaardheid {f}, seksuele oriëntatie {f}, seksuele gerichtheid {f}, geaardheid {f}
sexual partner {n} (person with whom someone has had sex) SEE: sex partner ::
sexual reproduction {n} (process whereby a new organism created by combining the genetic material of two organisms) :: geslachtelijke voortplanting, seksuele reproductie
sex worker {n} (person who supplies sexual services for money) :: sekswerker
sexy {adj} (having sexual appeal) :: sexy
sexy {adj} (slang: very attractive or appealing) :: sexy
Seychelles {prop} (country in East Africa) :: Seychellen
shabby {adj} :: zwak
shack {n} (crude hut) :: hut {f}, krot {n}
shackle {n} (a U-shaped piece of metal) :: sluiting {f}
shackle {n} (stubble) SEE: stubble ::
shackles {n} (paired wrist or ankle restraints) :: boeien {f-p}
shad {n} (fishes of the herring family) :: elft {m}
shadbush {n} (serviceberry) SEE: serviceberry ::
shade {n} (darkness where light is blocked) :: schaduw {m}
shade {n} (something that blocks light, particularly in a window) :: jaloezie {f}
shade {n} (variety of color) :: tint, schakering
shade {n} (archaic: a ghost) :: spook {n}, geest {m}, schaduw {c}, schim {m}
shade {v} (to shield from light) :: schaduwen
shade {v} (to darken or to lightly colour) :: verdonkeren, donker maken
shadow {n} (dark image projected onto a surface) :: schaduw {m}
shadow {n} (relative darkness) :: schaduw {m}
shadow play {n} (form of storytelling using opaque figures in front of an illuminated backdrop) :: schimmenspel {n}
shaft {n} (long narrow body of spear or arrow) :: schacht
shaft {n} (long passage sunk into the earth) :: schacht {m}
shaft {n} (vertical passage housing a lift) :: schacht
shag {n} (coarse shredded tobacco) :: shag {m}
shag {n} (sea bird) :: kuifaalscholver {m}
shag {v} (to shake) :: wiebelen
shag {v} (to have sexual intercourse with) :: wippen
shag {n} (act of sexual intercourse) :: wip
shag {n} (sexual partner) :: wip
shah {n} (king of Persia) :: sjah {m}
shahada {n} (Islamic declaration of belief) :: shahadah
shaheed {n} (martyr) SEE: martyr ::
shake {v} (transitive: to cause to move) :: schudden
shake {v} (transitive: to disturb emotionally) :: schokken
shake {v} :: schudden
shake {n} (beverage made of ice cream and carbonated drink) SEE: float ::
shake hands {v} (grasp another person's hands) :: handen schudden
shake one's head {v} (move one's head from side to side) :: hoofd schudden
Shakespearean {adj} (pertaining to Shakespeare or his works) :: van Shakespeare, Shakespearein
Shakespearean sonnet {n} (type of sonnet) :: Engels sonnet {n}, shakespeariaans sonnet {n}
shaky {adj} (shaking) :: bibberig, trillerig
shaky {adj} (unsound) :: onzeker, zwak, gammel
shale gas {n} (natural gas) :: schaliegas {n}
shall {v} (indicating the simple future tense) :: zullen
shallot {n} (vegetable in the onion family) :: eslook {m}, sjalot {f}
shallow {adj} (extending not far downward) :: ondiep
shallow {adj} (concerned mainly with superficial matters) :: oppervlakkig
shallow {adj} :: ondiep , oppervlakkig
shallow {n} (shallow portion of an otherwise deep body of water) :: ondiepte {f}
shalom {interj} (transliteration of the Jewish greeting or farewell) :: sjalom
sham {n} (fake, imitation) :: nep, imitatie
sham {n} (trickery, hoaxing) :: bedrog, oplichterij, kwakzalverij
shaman {n} (a medium between the concrete and spirit worlds) :: sjamaan {m}
shamanism {n} (range of traditional beliefs) :: sjamanisme
shame {n} (uncomfortable or painful feeling) :: schaamte {f}
shame {n} (something to regret) :: schande {f}
shamefaced {adj} (bashful or ashamed) :: beschaamd
shameful {adj} (causing or meriting shame or disgrace) :: beschamend
shamefully {adv} (in a shamefull manner) :: schandelijk
shameless {adj} (having no shame) :: schaamteloos
shammy {n} (chamois leather, see also: chamois) :: zeem, zeemleer
shammy {n} (cloth, see also: chamois) :: zeem, zeemlap, zeemvel
shampoo {n} (product for washing the hair or other fibres) :: shampoo {m}
shampoo {v} (to wash hair with shampoo) :: shampooën, shamponeren
shamrock {n} (any of several small plants, forms of clover) SEE: clover ::
shamrock {n} (trefoil leaf of any clover) :: klaverblad {n}
shanghai {v} (to force or trick into joining a ship) :: sjanghaaien
Shanghai {prop} (Chinese city as provincial-level municipality) :: Sjanghai {n}
shanks' pony {n} (idiomatic references to walking) :: benenwagen
shantytown {n} (area containing a collection of shacks and shanties) :: sloppenwijk
shape {n} (status or condition) :: staat, status, toestand
shape {n} (condition of personal health, especially muscular health) :: vorm {m}, conditie, fysiek (Flemish)
shape {n} (appearance or outline) :: vorm {m}
shape {n} (figure) :: vorm, fysiek (Flemish)
shapeshift {v} (change shape) :: transfigureren, metamorfoseren, gedaante wisselen
shapeshifter {n} (creature capable of changing its appearance) SEE: shape-shifter ::
shape-shifter {n} (a person who can transform) :: gedaanteverwisselaar {m}
shape up {v} (transform into) :: de vorm aannemen
sharbat {n} (sherbet) SEE: sherbet ::
share {n} (portion of something) :: deel {n}, aandeel {n}
share {n} (financial instrument) :: aandeel {n}
share {v} (to give) :: delen
share {v} :: delen
share {n} (plowshare) SEE: plowshare ::
sharecropper {n} (a farmer paying rent with crops to the landowner) :: deelpachter, deelbouwer
sharecropping {n} (system) :: deelpacht
shared {adj} (used multiply) :: gedeeld, gezamenlijk, verdeeld
shari'a {n} (Islamic religious law) :: sharia {f}
shark {n} (fish) :: haai {m}
shark fin soup {n} (soup made from shark fins) :: haaienvinnensoep {f} {m}
sharp {adj} (able to cut easily) :: scherp
sharp {adj} (intelligent) :: scherpzinnig
sharp {adj} (pointed, able to pierce easily) :: scherp, puntig, gepunt
sharp {adj} (of a note, played a semitone higher than usual) :: -kruis
sharp {adj} (musically higher-pitched than desired) :: hoog
sharp {adj} (having an intense, acrid flavour) :: straf, sterk
sharp {adj} (intense and sudden (of pain)) :: stekend, acuut
sharp {adj} (offensive, critical, or acrimonious) :: bijtend, snerend
sharp {n} (sign for a sharp note on the staff) :: kruis {n}
sharp {n} (note that is sharp in a particular key) :: kruis {n}
sharpen {v} (to make sharp) :: scherpen, slijpen, aanscherpen
sharpener {n} (device for making things sharp) :: slijper {m}
sharpness {n} (cutting ability of an edge) :: scherpheid {f}
sharpness {n} (fineness of a point) :: gescherptheid {f}, scherpte {f}
sharpness {n} (pungency, acidity) :: scherpte {f}
sharpness {n} (of an image) :: scherpte {f}
sharpshooter {n} (marksman) :: scherpschutter {m}
shashlik {n} (skewered dish) :: sjasliek
shatter {v} (to violently break something into pieces) :: aan diggelen slaan, verbrijzelen
shatter {v} (to smash, or break into tiny pieces) :: verbrijzelen
shave {v} (to remove hair from) :: scheren
shave {v} (to remove hair from one's face) :: zich scheren
shaver {n} (boy) SEE: boy ::
shaver {n} (barber) SEE: barber ::
shaw {n} (thicket) SEE: thicket ::
shawl {n} (a square piece of cloth worn as a covering for the head, neck, and shoulders) :: sjaal {m}
she {pron} (person) :: zij
shea {n} (tree) :: Sheaboom {m}
sheaf {n} (bundle of grain or straw) :: schoof
sheaf {n} (mathematical construct) :: schoof
sheaf {n} (sheave) SEE: sheave ::
shear {v} (to cut) :: afsnijden, knippen
shear {v} (to remove the fleece from a sheep) :: scheren
shear {v} (to deform because of shearing forces) :: afschuiven
shear {n} (a force that produces a shearing strain) :: afschuifkracht {m}
sheared {v} (past tense of shear) :: schoor, schoren
sheared {v} (past participle of shear) :: geschoren
shearwater {n} (seabird) :: pijlstormvogel {m}
she-ass {n} (female ass, female donkey, jenny) :: ezelin {f}
sheath {n} (condom) SEE: condom ::
sheath {n} (scabbard) :: schede {f}
sheath {n} (long case) :: huls {f}
sheath {v} (put (a sword) into its sheath) :: in de schede steken, terugtrekken
sheath {v} (put (an object) into its sheath) :: in de schede steken
sheathe {v} (to put something, such as a knife, into a sheath) :: in de schede steken
sheathe {v} :: in de schede steken
sheave {n} (wheel having a groove) :: katrolschijf {c}
she-bear {n} (a female bear) :: berin {f}
shebop {v} (masturbate) SEE: masturbate ::
she-cat {n} (a female cat) :: wijfjeskat {f}, kattin {f}
shed {v} (to part or divide) :: splijten
shed {v} (to cast off, to let fall, be divested of) :: afwerpen
shed {v} (to pour; to make flow) :: vergieten
shed {v} (to allow to flow or fall) :: storten
shed {v} (to radiate, cast, give off) :: werpen
shed {n} (temporary structure to shelter something) :: loods, schuur
sheen {n} (splendor; radiance; shininess) :: glans {m}, glittering {f}
sheen {v} (shine; glisten) :: glanzen, glitteren, glimmen
sheep {n} (animal) :: schaap {n}
sheepdog {n} (dog used for herding sheep) :: herdershond {m}
sheepfold {n} (enclosure) :: schapenstal {m}, schaapskooi {f}
sheepherder {n} (shepherd) SEE: shepherd ::
sheepherder {n} (person herding sheep) :: schaapsherder {m}
sheepish {adj} (shy, meek, shameful or embarrassed) :: schaapachtig {n}
sheeple {n} (the sheeple, one of the sheeple) :: kudde
sheep liver fluke {n} (parasitic flatworm) :: leverbot {m}
sheeppox {n} (contagious disease of sheep) :: schapenpokken {p}
sheer {adj} (pure) SEE: pure ::
sheer {adj} (very thin or transparent) :: flinterdun
sheer {adj} (straight up and down; vertical; perpendicular) :: recht, steil
sheet {n} (sheet of paper) :: blad {n}
sheet {n} (sheet of material) :: blad {n}, laag {f}
sheet {n} (expanse of material on the ground) :: laag {f}
sheet {n} (rope to adjust sail) :: schoot
sheet {n} (bedsheet) SEE: bedsheet ::
sheet music {n} (hand-written or printed form of musical notation) :: partituur {f}
sheik {n} (leader of an Arab village, family or small tribe) :: sheik {m}
sheik {n} (Islamic religious clergy) :: sheik {m}
sheik {n} (Gulf countries: official title for members of the royal family) :: sheik {m}
sheik {n} (1920s: romantic lover) :: sheik {m}
Sheinwoodian {prop} (subdivision of the Silurian period) :: Sheinwoodien
shekel {n} (sheqel) SEE: sheqel ::
shelf {n} (structure) :: schap {n}, rek {n}, plank {f}, legplank {f}
shelf {n} (capacity) :: schap {n}, rek {n}
shelf {n} (projecting ledge resembling a shelf) :: schap {n}
shelf life {n} (the length of time a product will last without deteriorating) :: houdbaarheid
shell {n} (hard calcareous or chitinous external covering of many invertebrates) :: schelp {f}
shell {n} (hard covering of an egg) :: schaal {f}, eierschaal {f}
shell {n} (covering of a nut) :: schaal {f}, omhulsel {n}
shell {n} (hollow usually spherical or cylindrical projectile fired from a mortar or a cannon) :: obus {m}
shell {n} (music: string instrument, whose acoustical chamber is formed like a shell) :: lier {f}
shell {n} (computing: general-purpose environment) :: gebruikersomgeving {f}, shell {m}
shell {n} (psychological barrier to social interaction) :: schulp {f}
shell {n} :: schil {f}, schaal {f}, huls {f} {m}, omhulsel {n}
shell {n} (by extension, any mollusks having such a covering) :: schelp {f}
shell {v} (to remove the outer covering or shell of something) :: [fruit] schillen, [nut] kraken, [fruit or crustacean] pellen, [pea] doppen
shell {v} (to bombard, to fire projectiles at) :: bombarderen
shellac {n} (processed secretion of the lac insect) :: schellak {m} {n}
shellfish {n} (aquatic food that has a shell) :: schelpdier {n}
shelter {n} (a refuge or other protection) :: onderdak {n}, toevluchtsoord {n}, hokje {n}, schuilplaats {c}
shelter {n} (institution) :: opvang {c}
shenanigan {n} (singular of shenanigan) SEE: shenanigans ::
shenanigans {n} (deceitful tricks) :: bedrog, valsspelerij
shepherd {n} (a person who tends sheep) :: herder {m}, schaapherder {m}
shepherd {n} (someone who watches over or guides) :: herder {m}
shepherdess {n} (female shepherd) :: schapenhoedster {f}, herderin {f}, [diminutive] herderinnetje {n}
shepherd's purse {n} (Capsella bursa-pastoris) :: herderstasje {n}
sheqel {n} (currency unit in Israel) :: sjekel {m}
sherbet {n} (frozen fruit juice) :: sorbet {n}
Sheremetyevo {prop} (airport in Russia) :: Sjeremetjevo
sheriff {n} (all meanings) :: sheriff {m}
sherpa {n} (Sherpa employed as mountain guide) :: sherpa {m}
she's unconscious {phrase} (she's unconscious) :: zij is bewusteloos
she-tiger {n} (tigress) SEE: tigress ::
Shetland {prop} (Shetland Islands) SEE: Shetland Islands ::
Shetland Islands {prop} (group of islands) :: Shetlandeilanden {p}
she-wolf {n} (female wolf) :: wolvin {f}
shh {interj} (requesting silence) :: sst
Shi'a {n} (branch of Islam) :: sjia
Shi'a {n} (follower of Shi'a Islam) :: sjiiet {m}
shibboleth {n} (a word, especially seen as a test, to distinguish someone as belonging to a particular nation, class, profession etc) :: wachtwoord, herkenningswoord
shibboleth {n} (a common or longstanding belief, custom, or catchphrase associated with a particular group, especially one with little current meaning or truth) :: according to the particular context: visie, cliché, woord, slagzin, slogan
shield {n} (lavatory) SEE: toilet ::
shield {n} (armor) :: schild {n}
shield {n} (anything that protects or defends) :: bescherming {f}, scherm {n}
shield {n} (figuratively, one who protects or defends) :: beschermer {m}, beschermster {f}
shield {n} (heraldry) :: wapenschild {n}
shield {n} (sci fi: a field of energy that protects or defends) :: schild {n}, scherm {n}
shield {n} (colloquial: a police badge) :: badge {m}, penning {m}
shield {n} (transportation: a sign or symbol identifying a highway route.) :: wegwijzer {m}, plaat {f}
shield {v} (to protect, to defend) :: afschermen, beschermen, verdedigen
shield {v} (electricity: to protect from the influence of) :: afschermen
shield {n} (toilet seat) SEE: toilet seat ::
shielded {adj} (provided with a shield) :: geblindeerd
shieldmaiden {n} (virgin who had chosen to fight in battle) :: Schildmaagd
shift {n} (type of women's undergarment) SEE: slip ::
shift {n} (change of workers) :: ploegendienst {m}, ploegenstelsel {n}
shigellosis {n} (form of dysentery caused by intestinal infection with Shigella bacteria) :: shigellose {f}
shiitake {n} (Lentinula edodes, an edible mushroom) :: shiitake {m} {f}
Shiite {n} (Shi'a) SEE: Shi'a ::
Shiite {adj} (of or pertaining to the Shi'a branch of Islam) :: sjiitisch, sjiitische
Shiite {adj} (of or pertaining to the Shiites) :: sjiitisch, sjiitische
shiksa {n} (non-Jewish girl) :: sjikse {f} {n}
shimmer {v} (to shine with a veiled light; to gleam faintly; to glisten; to glimmer) :: glimmen, glinsteren
shimmer {n} (faint or veiled and tremulous gleam or shining; a glimmer) :: glans {m}, glinstering
Shimshon {prop} (given name) SEE: Samson ::
shin {n} (front part of the leg below the knee) :: scheen {f}
shinbone {n} (inner bone of the hind limb below the knee) :: scheenbeen {n}
shine {v} (to emit light) :: schijnen, stralen
shine {v} (to reflect light) :: glanzen, blinken
shine {v} (to distinguish oneself) :: uitblinken
shine {v} (to be immediately apparent) :: voor de hand liggen
shine {n} (brightness from a source of light) :: schijn {f}, straling {f}
shine {n} (brightness from reflected light) :: glans {m}
shine {n} (excellence in quality or appearance) :: uitmuntendheid {f}, bravoure {f}
shine {v} (to polish) :: opblinken, polieren
shine {n} (slang: moonshine) SEE: moonshine ::
shine {n} (sunshine) SEE: sunshine ::
shiner {n} (black eye) SEE: black eye ::
shingle {n} (small, smooth pebbles) :: grind {n}
shingles {n} (herpes zoster) :: gordelroos {f}
shin pad {n} (clothing) :: scheenbeschermer {m}
shin splint {n} (painful inflammation of muscles in the shins) :: beenvliesontsteking {f}
Shinto {prop} (religion) :: Shintoïsme {n}
Shintoism {prop} (Shinto) SEE: Shinto ::
shiny {adj} (reflecting light) :: glanzend, glimmend
shiny {adj} :: glanzend, blinkend
shiny cowbird {n} (shiny cowbird) :: glanskoevogel
ship {n} (large water vessel) :: schip {n}
ship {v} (to send a parcel or container) :: verschepen, verzenden, opsturen, uitleveren
ship {v} (to send by water-borne transport) :: verschepen
ship {v} (to pass from one person to another) :: doorgeven
-ship {suffix} (Property or state of being) :: -schap
shipload {n} (amount of cargo) :: scheepsvracht {m} {f}
shipping {n} (transportation of goods) :: verzending
ship's boat {n} (utility boat carried by a larger vessel) :: scheepsboot {m}
shipworm {n} (Marine mollusc that bores through wood) :: paalworm
shipwreck {n} (A ship that has sunk or run aground so that it is no longer seaworthy.) :: scheepswrak {n}, wrak {n}
shipwreck {n} (An event where a ship sinks or runs aground.) :: schipbreuk {f}
shipwreck {v} (to wreck a vessel) :: schipbreken, schipbreuk lijden
shipwright {n} (person) :: scheepsbouwer
shipyard {n} (place to build and repair ships) :: scheepswerf {f}
Shiraz {n} (variety of black grape) :: syrah
shire {n} (former administrative area of Britain; a county) :: graafschap {n}
shirk {v} (avoid a duty) :: ontduiken, zich drukken, zijn plicht ontlopen
shirker {n} (Someone who shirks) :: uitslover,
shirker {n} (Someone who is lazy) :: luiaard,
shirt {n} (article of clothing) :: hemd {n}, overhemd {n}, shirt
shirttail {n} (bottom part of shirt) :: hemdsslip, slip
shish kebab {n} (roasted meat) :: shish kebab, kebab, sjaslik?
shit {n} :: poep, stront, kak, schijt
shit {n} (definite plural: diarrhea) :: diarree, racekak
shit {n} (nonsense, bullshit) :: gelul {n}
shit {n} (nasty, despicable person) :: klootzak {m}, rotzak {m}
shit {n} (not anything, nothing) :: geen reet
shit {v} :: schijten
shit {v} (vulgar: to excrete (something) through the anus) :: schijten
shit {interj} (expression of worry, failure) :: kut!
shit-for-brains {adj} (Very stupid) :: hersenloos
shit happens {phrase} (expression of acceptance of misfortune) SEE: such is life ::
shithole {n} (anus) SEE: asshole ::
shithole {n} (unpleasant person) SEE: asshole ::
shithouse {n} :: schijthuis {n}, schijthuisje {n}, secreet, plee {m}, schijtkot {n}
shithouse {adj} (Of poor quality) SEE: shitty ::
shitload {n} (vulgar slang: a large amount) :: hele hoop
shits {n} ((slang) diarrhea) :: schijterij {f}
shitter {n} (coarse slang for the anus) SEE: anus ::
shitty {adj} (drunk) SEE: drunk ::
shitty {adj} (high) SEE: high ::
shitty {adj} (Of such poor quality as to resemble shit) :: schijt-, stront-
shiv {n} (knife) :: mes
shiv {v} (stab) :: steken
shive {n} (slice) :: schijf {c}, snee {f}, snede {f}
shive {n} (obsolete: splinter) :: splinter {m}, pluisje {n}
shiver {v} (to tremble or shake) :: rillen, bibberen
Shlomo {prop} (given name) SEE: Solomon ::
Shoah {prop} (the systematic mass murder of 6 million Jews) SEE: Holocaust ::
shoal {n} (group of fish) SEE: school ::
shoal {n} (sandbank) :: zandbank {c}
shock {n} (sudden, heavy impact) :: schok {m}, shock {m}
shock {n} (electric shock) :: schok {m}
shock {n} (life-threatening medical emergency) :: shock {m}
shock {n} (tuft or bunch) :: pluk {m}
shock {n} :: schok
shock absorber {n} (device to absorb shocks) :: schokdemper {m}
shock wave {n} (A powerful compression wave) :: schokgolf {m}
shoddy {adj} (of poor quality) :: nagemaakt
shoe {n} (protective covering for the foot) :: schoen {m}
shoe {n} (something resembling a shoe (e.g. brake shoe)) :: schoen {m}
shoe {v} (to put horseshoes on a horse) :: beslaan
shoe {v} :: schoenen aantrekken, schoeien
shoe {n} (piece of metal designed to be attached to a horse’s foot) SEE: horseshoe ::
shoebox {n} (box in which shoes are sold) :: schoenendoos {f}
shoehorn {n} (tool used to assist the foot) :: schoenlepel {m}, schoenaantrekker {m}, schoentrekker {m}, schoenhoorn {m}
shoehorn {v} (to use a shoehorn) :: een schoenlepel gebruiken
shoehorn {v} (to exert great effort to insert or include something) :: proppen, persen
shoelace {n} (for fastening a shoe) :: schoenveter {m}
shoemaker {n} (a person who makes shoes) :: schoenmaker {m}, schoenmaakster {f}
shoe polish {n} (product used to make shoes shine) :: schoensmeer {n}
shoe shop {n} (a shop that sells footwear and related items) :: schoenenwinkel
shoe store {n} (shoe shop) SEE: shoe shop ::
shofar {n} (ram’s-horn trumpet) :: sjofar {m}
shoo {v} (usher) SEE: usher ::
shoo-in {n} (candidate that is the presumptive winner) :: gedoodverfde winnaar, kat in't bakkie
shoot {v} (to fire a shot) :: schieten
shoot {v} (to fire multiple shots) :: schieten
shoot {v} (to hit with a shot) :: schieten
shoot {n} (emerging stem and embryonic leaves of a new plant) :: scheut {f}, spruit {f}
shoot {interj} (expressing disdain) :: stik
shooter {n} (person) :: schutter {m}
shoot first and ask questions later {v} (To take hasty, immediate action with serious consequences) :: eerst schieten dan vragen stellen
shooting {n} (instance of shooting) :: schietpartij {f}
shooting star {n} (meteor) :: vallende ster {m} {f}
shooting star {n} (flowering plant) :: twaalfgodenkruid
shoot oneself in the foot {v} (to act against one's own interest) :: zichzelf in de voet schieten
shoot one's mouth off {v} (make reckless or exaggerated statements) :: overdrijven
shop {n} (establishment that sells goods) :: winkel {m}
shop {n} (workshop) :: werkplaats, atelier {n}
shop {v} (to visit shops) :: winkelen, inkopen doen, shoppen, boodschappen doen
shop {v} (to digitally edit a picture or photograph) SEE: photoshop ::
shopkeeper {n} (trader who sells goods in a shop) :: winkelier, detaillist {m} {f}
shoplifter {n} (one who steals from shops) :: winkeldief {m}
shoplifting {n} (action of the verb to shoplift) :: winkeldiefstal {m}
shoppe {n} (shop) SEE: shop ::
shopping {n} (activity of buying) :: winkelen {p}, boodschappen doen
shopping bag {n} (strong bag for carrying purchases) :: boodschappentas {f}
shopping basket {n} (basket for groceries and merchandise) :: boodschappenmandje {n}, mandje {n}
shopping cart {n} (conveyance used to carry items while shopping) :: winkelwagen {m}, winkelwagentje {n}
shopping center {n} (shopping centre) SEE: shopping centre ::
shopping centre {n} (large retail outlet) :: winkelcentrum {m}
shopping mall {n} (shopping centre) SEE: shopping centre ::
shopping trolley {n} (shopping cart) SEE: shopping cart ::
shop window {n} (large window at the front of a shop) :: etalage {f}, uitstalraam {n}, vitrine {f}
shore {n} (land adjoining a large body of water) :: kust, oever {m}
shore {v} (support) SEE: shore up ::
shore bird {n} (shorebird) SEE: shorebird ::
shorebird {n} (long-legged bird) :: waadvogel {m}
shore crab {n} (type of crab, Carcinus maenas) :: strandkrab {f}
shore up {v} (to reinforce (something at risk of failure)) :: versterken, verstevigen
short {adj} (having a small distance between ends or edges) :: kort
short {adj} (of a person, of comparatively little height) :: klein
short {adj} (having little duration) :: kort
short {adj} :: [1] kort, [1] korte, [1] dicht, [1] dichte
short {v} (shortchange) SEE: shortchange ::
shortage {n} :: krapte {f}, tekort {n}
shortbread {n} (biscuit) :: zandkoekje {n}
shortchange {v} (to defraud someone by giving them less change than they ought to be given after a transaction) :: te weinig wisselgeld geven
shortchange {v} (to deprive someone of something for which they payed) :: iemand afzetten, bedriegen
short circuit {n} (unintentional connection) :: kortsluiting {f}
shortcrust pastry {n} (pastry without leavening agent) :: kruimeldeeggebak {n}, korstdeeg {n}
shortcut {n} (keyboard shortcut) SEE: keyboard shortcut ::
short-eared owl {n} (owl) :: velduil
short-haired bumblebee {n} (Bombus subterraneus) :: donkere tuinhommel {f}
shortness of breath {n} (dyspnea) :: benauwdheid {f}, ademnood {f} {m}
short of {phrase} (except) SEE: except ::
shorts {n} (plural of short) SEE: short ::
shorts {n} (pants worn primarily in the summer that do not go lower than the knees) :: hotpants
short-sighted {adj} (myopic) SEE: myopic ::
short-sightedness {n} (disorder of the vision) SEE: nearsightedness ::
short story {n} (work of fiction) :: kort verhaal {n}
short-tailed hawk {n} (Buteo brachyurus) :: kortstaartbuizerd
short-tailed parrot {n} (Graydidascalus brachyurus) :: kortstaartpapegaai
short-tailed weasel {n} (Mustela erminea) SEE: ermine ::
short-term {adj} (of the near or immediate future) :: op kort termijn
short-term {adj} (of a short duration of time) :: kortdurend, kortlopend
shortwave {adj} (of radio waves) :: kortegolf {f}
Shoshone {prop} (Amerind people) :: Shoshone
Shoshone {prop} (Amerind language) :: Shoshone
shot {adj} (worn out) :: versleten
shot {adj} (tired, weary) :: uitgeput
shot {n} (result of launching a projectile) :: schot {n}
shot {n} (launching of a ball or similar object toward a goal) :: schot {n}
shot {n} (heavy iron ball used for the shot put) :: kogel {m}
shot {n} (small metal balls used as ammunition) :: hagel {m}
Shota {prop} (male given name) :: Sjota
shot glass {n} (small glass) :: borrelglas {n}, shotglas {n}
shotgun {n} (gun) :: hagelgeweer {n}, jachtgeweer {n}, buks {m} {f}
shotgun wedding {n} (wedding in which the bride is pregnant) :: moetje {n}
shot put {n} (athletics event) :: kogelstoten {n}
should {v} (expressing obligation) :: moeten, zou moeten
should {v} (If; in case of) :: mochten
should {v} :: zou, zouden
shoulder {n} (joint between arm and torso) :: schouder {m}
shoulder {n} (part of a road where drivers may stop in an emergency) :: berm {m}, vluchtstrook {m}
shoulder bag {n} (bag suspended from the shoulder) :: schoudertas {m} {f}
shoulder blade {n} (bone) :: schouderblad {n}
shoulder bone {n} (shoulder blade) SEE: shoulder blade ::
shoulder pad {n} (type of padding) :: schoudervulling {f}
shout {n} (a loud burst of voice) :: schreeuw {m}
shout {v} (to utter a sudden and loud outcry) :: schreeuwen
shove {v} (push roughly) :: schuiven
shovel {n} (spade) SEE: spade ::
shovel {n} (tool for moving portions of material) :: schop {f}, schep {f}
shovel {v} (to move materials with a shovel) :: scheppen
shoveler {n} (duck in the genus Anas) :: slobeend
show {v} (to display) :: tonen, laten zien, vertonen, showen
show {v} (to indicate (a fact) to be true) :: aantonen, demonstreren, bewijzen
show {n} (entertainment) :: show, voorstelling
show {n} (exhibition) :: tentoonstelling, expositie
showboat {n} (river steamer with theatre) :: evenementenboot
showcase {n} (a setting for displaying something favorably) :: vitrine {f}
shower {n} (brief fall of rain) :: regenbui {f}, bui {f}, schoer {m}
shower {n} (device for bathing) :: douche {m}, stortbad {n}
shower {n} (instance of using of this device) :: douche {m}, stortbad {n}
shower {v} (to spray with) :: besproeien
shower {v} (to bathe using a shower) :: douchen, een douche nemen, een stortbad nemen
shower curtain {n} (waterproof curtain) :: douchegordijn {n}
shower head {n} (part of a shower where the water comes out) :: douchekop {m}
show off {v} (to exhibit, to demonstrate something for the purpose of bragging) :: zich aanstellen, pronken met
show-off {n} (one who shows off) :: aansteller {m}, uitslover {m}
show of hands {n} (vote by raising a hand) :: hoofdelijke stemming
showstopper {n} ((in theatrical production)) :: succesnummer {n}
show trial {n} (trial held for appearance's sake) :: showproces {n}
show up {v} (to expose) :: tentoonstellen
shrank {n} (A decorative wooden wardrobe) :: shrank
shrapnel {n} (fragments and debris thrown out by an exploding device) :: granaatscherven {p} {f}
shrapnel {n} (loose change) SEE: loose change ::
shred {v} (to cut or tear into narrow pieces or strips) :: verscheuren, versnipperen
shredder {n} (machine) :: versnipperaar
shrew {n} (mouselike animal) :: spitsmuis {f}
shrewd {adj} (showing clever resourcefulness in practical matters) :: schrander
shriek {n} (a sharp, shrill outcry or scream) :: krijsen
shriek {v} (to utter a loud, sharp, shrill sound or cry) :: krijsen
shrike {n} (Any of various passerine birds of the family Laniidae) :: klauwier {m}, klapekster {m}
shrill {adj} (high-pitched and piercing) :: schel
shrill {adj} (sharp or keen to the senses) :: scherp
shrimp {n} (decapod crustacean) :: garnaal
shrine {n} (a holy place dedicated to a specific figure of respect) :: schrijn
shrink {v} (intransitive: to contract, to become smaller) :: krimpen
shrink {v} (transitive: to cause something to shrink) :: krimpen
shrink {v} :: krimpen
shrink {n} (psychiatrist or therapist (informal, belittling)) :: zielenknijper {m}, zielknijper {m}
shrithe {v} (to creep) SEE: creep ::
shrithe {v} (to go about, roam) SEE: roam ::
shrive {v} (confess) SEE: confess ::
shroom {n} (mushroom) SEE: mushroom ::
shroom {n} (hallucinogenic fungus) SEE: magic mushroom ::
shroud {n} (dress for the dead) :: lijkwade {f}, lijkgewaad {f}, doodskleed {n}, lijkdoek {m}
shroud {n} (mast support) :: want {n}
Shrove Tuesday {n} (day before the beginning of Lent) :: vastenavond {m}
shrub {n} (woody plant) :: struik, heester {f}
shrub celery {n} (the crisp thick leafstalk of the celery plant) :: bleekselderij {m}, struikselderie
shrug {n} (gesture) :: schouderophalen {n}
shrunk {v} (past participle of shrink) :: gekrompen
shrunken {adj} (reduced in size as a result of shrinkage) :: slinken, krimpen
shtick {n} (characteristic trait) :: stokpaardje {n}
shtick {n} (gimmick) :: sketch {m}, grol {m}, grap {m}
shtum {adj} (silent; speechless; dumb) :: stom
shudder {n} (shivering tremor) :: rilling
shudder {v} (to shake nervously, as if from fear) :: huiveren
shuffle {v} (to put in a random order) :: schudden
shuffle {v} (to walk without picking up one's feet) :: slenteren
shun {v} (to avoid) :: ontwijken
shun {v} :: mijden, schuwen
shunt {v} (to move a train or carriages) :: rangeren
shut {v} (to close) :: sluiten, dichtklappen
shut down {v} (to turn off or stop) :: afsluiten, uitzetten
shut one's trap {v} (shut up) SEE: shut up ::
shutter {n} (protective panels over windows) :: luik {n}
shutter {n} (part of a camera) :: sluiter {m}
shuttlecock {n} (badminton ball) :: shuttle {m}, pluimbal {m}, vederbal {m}
shut up {v} (intransitive: to stop talking or making noise) :: zwijgen, stilvallen
shut up {v} (imperative: "Shut up!", see also: hold one's tongue) :: hou je kop, kop dicht, hou je smoel, hou je bek
shut up {v} ("I don't believe it!") :: ga weg!, dat meen je niet!, nooit!
shut up {v} :: ophouden, mond houden, bek dicht, klep dicht, hou je muil
shvitz {n} (sweat) SEE: sweat ::
shy {adj} (easily frightened) :: schuchter, bedeesd, schroomvallig, timide, verlegen
shy {adj} (reserved) :: gereserveerd
shy {adj} (cautious) :: verstandig, voorzichtig
shy {adj} (short, less than) :: klein
shy {adj} (embarrassed) :: verlegen, beschroomd, bedeesd
shy {adj} :: verlegen, schuchter, schuchtere, gegeneerd, gegeneerde
shy {v} (to jump back in fear) :: terugspringen
shy {v} (to fling) :: gooien, werpen, weggooien
shy {n} (act of throwing) :: worp {f}, aangooi {f}
shy {n} (place for throwing) :: gooiplek {f}, gooiplaats {f}
shylock {v} (to lend at exorbitant rates) :: woekerlenen
shylock {n} (loan shark) SEE: loan shark ::
Siamese {n} (Siamese cat) :: siamees
Siamese cat {n} (mammal) :: siamees
sib {n} (sibling) SEE: sibling ::
sib {n} (kindred) SEE: kin ::
Siberia {prop} (region of Russia) :: Siberië {n}
Siberian {adj} (from, of or pertaining to Siberia) :: siberisch
Siberian crane {n} (Grus leucogeranus) :: Siberische witte kraanvogel {m}
Siberian Husky {n} (Siberian Husky dog) :: Siberische husky {m}
Siberian tiger {n} (Panthera tigris altaica) :: Siberische tijger {m}
sibilant {n} (phonetics: a hissing sound) :: sisklank {c}, sibilant {c}
sibling {n} (person who shares same parents) :: brus, broer/broeder {m}, zus/zuster {f}
sibling-in-law {n} (sibling-in-law) :: schoonbrus
sibylline {adj} (pertaining to a sibyl) :: sibillijns
sibylline {adj} (clairvoyant) :: helderziend, sibillijns
sic {adv} (thus, thus written) :: sic
siccity {n} (dryness) SEE: dryness ::
Sicilian {adj} (relating to Sicily or its inhabitants) :: Siciliaans
Sicilian {prop} (language) :: Siciliaans {n}
Sicilian {n} (person) :: Siciliaan {m}, Siciliaanse {f}
Sicilian {n} (chess opening) SEE: Sicilian Defence ::
Sicilian Defence {n} (chess opening) :: Siciliaans {n}
Sicily {prop} (island) :: Sicilië {n}
sick {n} (sick people) :: zieke {m} {f}, zieken {p}
sick {adj} (ill) SEE: ill ::
sick bay {n} (room where basic medical supplies are kept and medical attention can be sought) :: ziekenboeg {m}
sickbed {n} (a bed used by a person who is sick) :: ziekbed {n}
sickening {adj} (causing sickness or disgust) :: ziekmakend, misselijkmakend, walgelijk
sickle {n} (agricultural implement) :: sikkel {f}, zichel {f}, zicht {f}
sickle {adj} :: sikkel de
sick leave {n} (a type of leave from work) :: ziekteverlof {n}
sickle cell anaemia {n} (sickle cell anaemia) SEE: sickle-cell anemia ::
sickle-cell anaemia {n} (sickle-cell anaemia) SEE: sickle-cell anemia ::
sickle-cell anemia {n} (disease characterized by sickle-shaped red blood cells) :: sikkelcelanemie {f}
sickle-cell disease {n} (sickle-cell disease) SEE: sickle-cell anemia ::
sick man of Europe {prop} (Ottoman Empire) :: zieke man van Europa {m}
sickness {n} (the quality or state of being sick or diseased; illness; disease or malady) :: ziekte {f}
sickness {n} (nausea; qualmishness; as, sickness of stomach) :: misselijkheid {f}
sickness {n} :: ziekte de
side {n} (bounding straight edge of an object) :: zijde {f}
side {n} (flat surface of an object) :: zijde {f}, kant {m}, vlak {n}
side {n} (left or right half) :: kant {m}, zijde {f}
side {n} (portion of the human torso generally covered by the arms) :: zij {c}
side {n} (surface of a sheet of paper) :: bladzijde {f}, pagina {f}, kant {m}
side {n} (region in a specified position with respect to something) :: kant {m}, zijde {f}
side {n} (one possible aspect of a concept) :: kant {m}, zijde {f}
side {n} (set of opponents in a game) :: kant {m}, ploeg {f}
side {n} (television channel) SEE: channel ::
sideband {n} (band of frequencies on each side of the frequency of a carrier wave) :: zijband
sideboard {n} (sideburns) SEE: sideburns ::
sideburn {n} (sideburns) SEE: sideburns ::
sideburns {n} (facial hair reaching from the top of the head down the side of the face to the side of the chin) :: tochtlatten, bakkebaarden {m-p}
side by side {adv} :: zij aan zij, naast elkaar
side effect {n} (unintended consequence of any action) :: nevenwerking {f}, neveneffect {n}
side effect {n} (medicine: an adverse effect) :: nevenwerking {f}
sideproduct {n} (byproduct) SEE: byproduct ::
sidereal day {n} (day of sidereal time) :: siderische dag {m}
sidereal year {n} (orbital period) :: siderisch jaar {n}
side-straddle hop {n} (jumping jack) SEE: jumping jack ::
side-striped jackal {n} (side-striped jackal) :: gestreepte jakhals {m}
sidewalk {n} (paved footpath) :: stoep {f} {m}, trottoir {n}, voetpad {n}
sideward {adj} (toward a side) :: zijwaarts
sideward {adv} (toward a side) :: zijwaarts
sidewards {adj} (sideward) SEE: sideward ::
sidewards {adv} (sideward) SEE: sideward ::
sideways {adv} (with a side to the front) :: zijwaarts
sideways {adv} :: zijwaarts
Sidon {prop} (city state of Phoenicia) :: Sidon
siege {n} (lavatory) SEE: toilet ::
siege {n} (military blockade of settlement) :: belegering {f}, beleg {n}
siege {v} (besiege) SEE: besiege ::
siegecraft {n} (science) :: belegerkunde {f}
siege piece {n} (obsidional coin) SEE: obsidional coin ::
Sierpinski triangle {n} (a fractal consisting of three copies of itself) :: driehoek van Sierpinski {m}
Sierra Leone {prop} (Republic of Sierra Leone) :: Sierra Leone
sieve {n} (device to separate larger and smaller objects) :: zeef {f}
sieve {v} (to strain, sift or sort using a sieve) :: zeven
sift {v} (to sieve or strain (something)) :: zift
sift {v} (to separate or scatter (things) as if by sieving) :: ziften
sift {v} (to examine (something) carefully) :: ziften, zeven
sigh {n} (act of sighing) :: zucht {m}
sigh {n} (manifestation of grief; a lament) :: verzuchting {f}, klacht {m}
sigh {v} (to inhale a larger quantity of air than usual, and immediately expel it) :: zuchten
sigh {interj} (expression of fatigue, exhaustion, grief, sorrow, frustration or the like) :: zucht
sight {n} (something seen) :: aanblik
sight {n} (something worth seeing) :: bezienswaardigheid
sight {n} (device used in aiming a firearm) :: vizier
sight {n} (eyesight) SEE: eyesight ::
sight for sore eyes {n} (a pleasing sight) :: lust voor het oog
sighting {n} (act of catching sight of something, especially something searched for) :: waarneming
sightseeing {n} (tourism) :: sightseeing {m} {f}
sigil {n} (seal, signature or signet) :: zegel {n}
sigma {n} (letter of the Greek alphabet) :: sigma {m}
sign {n} (visible indication) :: teken
sign {n} (flat object bearing a message) :: bord, markering, bordje {n}
sign {n} (math: positive or negative polarity) :: teken
sign {n} (linguistic unit in sign language) :: gebaar, teken
sign {n} (sign language in general[sign language, see also: ) :: gebarentaal
sign {n} (omen, see also: omen) :: voorteken, teken
sign {n} (meaningful gesture) :: teken
sign {n} (any of several specialized non-alphabetic symbols) :: speciaal teken
sign {v} (to make (a document) official by writing one's signature) :: ondertekenen
sign {v} (to write one's signature on a document) :: ondertekenen
signage {n} (Signs taken collectively) :: bewegwijzering {f}, bebording {f}
signal {n} (sign made to give notice) :: signaal {n}, sein {n}
signal {n} (device to give indication) :: sein {n}
signal {n} (telecommunication: electric or electromagnetic action that conveys information) :: signaal {n}
signature {n} (person’s autograph name) :: handtekening
signature {n} (printing: four or multiple of four pages folded to form a section of a book) :: katern
significance {n} (extent to which something matters) :: betekenis, belang {f}, importantie {f}
significance {n} (meaning) :: betekenis {f}
significant {adj} (having noticeable effect) :: voelbaar, waarneembaar, beduidend, significant, veelbetekenend, betekenisvol
significant digit {n} (digit) :: beduidend cijfer {n}
significantly {adv} (in a significant manner: notably) :: voelbaar, waarneembaar, beduidend, significant, veelbetekenend, betekenisvol
significant other {n} (romantic partner, regardless of marital status) :: wederhelft {m} {f}
signify {v} (to show one's intentions) :: duidelijk maken, te kennen geven
sign in {v} (log in) SEE: log in ::
sign language {n} (sign language) :: gebarentaal
sign of the cross {n} (gesture) :: kruisteken {n}
Sigrid {prop} (female given name) :: Sigrid
Sikh {n} (an adherent of Sikhism) :: sikh {m}
Sikhism {prop} (religion) :: sikhisme {n}
silage {n} (fodder stored in a silo) :: silage {f}
silane {n} :: silaan {n}
Silas {prop} (male given name) :: Silas {m}
silence {n} (lack of any sound) :: stilte {f}
silence {n} (not speaking as meditation or prayer) :: stilzwijgen {n}
silence {n} (right to not speak during arrest) :: zwijgen {n}
silence {interj} (be silent) :: stilte!
silencer {n} (attachment) :: demper, geluiddemper {m}
silencer {n} (something that silences another thing) :: geluiddemper {m}
silent {adj} (free from sound or noise; absolutely still; perfectly quiet) :: stil
silent {adj} (not speaking; indisposed to talk; speechless; mute; taciturn) :: zwijgend, zwijgzaam
silent {adj} (to refrain from speaking) SEE: be silent ::
silent as the grave {adj} (to say absolutely nothing) :: stil als het graf, doodstil
silent film {n} (film without sound) :: stomme film {m}
silently {adv} (in a silent manner; making no noise) :: stilletjes
Silesia {prop} (region) :: Silezië
Silesian {adj} (of or pertaining to Silesia) :: Silezisch
Silesian {n} (inhabitant of Silesia) :: Sileziër {m}
silhouette {n} (representation of the outlines of an object filled in with a black color) :: silhouet {n}
silicon {n} (non-metallic element) :: silicium {n}
silicon dioxide {n} (SiO2) :: silicium dioxyde
silicone {n} (any of a class of inert compounds of silicon) :: silicone {n}
silk {n} (fiber) :: zijde {f} (from silk worm); rag {n}, spinrag {n} (from spider)
silk {n} (fabric) :: zijde {f}, zijdedoek {m}
silken {adj} (made of silk) :: zijden
Silk Road {prop} (routes used by silk traders across Europe, Asia and northern Africa) :: zijderoute {m}
silk-screen printing {n} (screen printing) SEE: screen printing ::
silkworm {n} (caterpillar) :: zijdevlinderrups {f}, zijderups {f}
sill {n} (base of a window) :: vensterbank {f}
silly {adj} (foolish, showing a lack of good sense and wisdom) :: ondoordacht, dom
silly {adj} (irresponsible, showing irresponsible behaviors) :: dom
silly {adj} (playful, giggly) :: ondeugend, gek
silly {adj} (pejorative: simple, not intelligent, unrefined) :: dom, stom
silly goose {n} (silly person) :: domme gans {f}
silly season {n} (period when news media tend to place increased emphasis on reporting bizarre stories) :: komkommertijd
silovik {n} (former member of the security services and the military, any power structure (Russia)) :: silovik
silt {n} (fine earth deposited by water) :: silt
siltstone {n} (type of rock) :: siltsteen
silver {n} (metal) :: zilver {n}
silver {n} (cutlery/silverware) :: bestek {n}
silver {n} (items made of silver or other white metal) :: zilverwerk {n}
silver {n} (color/colour) :: zilver {n}, zilverkleur {f}
silver {adj} (made from silver) :: zilveren
silver {adj} (having a color/colour like silver) :: zilverkleurig, zilverkleurige
silverback {n} (mature male gorilla) :: zilverrug {m}
silver carp {n} (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) :: zilverkarper {m}
silver fir {n} (European silver fir Abies alba) :: gewone zilverspar {m}
silverfish {n} (type of bristletail) :: zilvervisje
silvern {adj} (made from silver) SEE: silver ::
silversmith {n} (person who makes articles out of silver) :: zilversmid {m}
silverware {n} ((US) knives, forks and spoons) :: tafelzilver {n}, bestek {n}
silvery-cheeked antshrike {n} (Sakesphorus cristatus) :: campos-mierklauwier
silviculture {n} (forestry) :: bosbouw {m}
SIM card {n} (small, removable card which stores mobile phone data) :: Simkaart
Simferopol {prop} (city) :: Simferopol
similar {adj} (having traits or characteristics in common; alike, comparable) :: gelijkend
similarity {n} (closeness of appearance) :: gelijkenis {f}
similarness {n} (similarity) SEE: similarity ::
simile {n} (figure of speech in which one thing is compared to another) :: vergelijking {f}
simmer {v} ((intransitive) to cook or undergo heating slowly) :: stoven, sudderen
simmer {v} ((transitive) to cause to cook or undergo heating slowly) :: stoven, sudderen
Simon says {n} (children's game) :: Commando
simony {n} (act of buying and selling ecclesiastical offices and pardons) :: simonie,handel in geestelijke ambten/privileges
simoom {n} (hot, dry wind) :: samoem {m}
simple {adj} (uncomplicated) :: eenvoudig, simpel
simple {adj} (simple-minded) :: achterlijk, simpel
simple fraction {n} (type of fraction) SEE: common fraction ::
simple future {n} (future tense) :: onvoltooid toekomende tijd
simple past {n} (the simple past tense) :: onvoltooid verleden tijd {m}
simple present {n} (present tense) :: onvoltooid tegenwoordige tijd v O.V.T.
simpleton {n} (simple person lacking common sense) :: simpele, domoor {m}, idioot {m}
simplification {n} (act of simplifying) :: vereenvoudiging {f}, versimpeling {f}
Simplified Chinese {prop} (Chinese written using simplified characters) :: vereenvoudigd Chinees {n}
simplify {v} (to make simpler) :: vereenvoudigen, versimpelen
simulation {n} :: simulatie {f}
simultaneity {n} (the quality or state of being simultaneous) :: gelijktijdigheid {c}
simultaneous {adj} (occurring at the same time) :: gelijktijdig, simultaan
simultaneously {adv} (occurring at the same time) :: tegelijkertijd, tegelijk, simultaan, gelijktijdig
simultaneousness {n} (the quality or state of being simultaneous) :: gelijktijdigheid {f}
sin {n} (violation of religious law) :: zonde
sin {n} (misdeed) :: zonde {f}
sin {n} :: zonde {f}
since {adv} (from a specified time in the past) :: sindsdien
since {prep} (from (time)) :: sinds, sedert
since {conj} (from the time that) :: sinds, sedert
since {conj} (because) :: aangezien, omdat
sincere {adj} (earnest) :: oprecht
sincereness {n} (sincerity) SEE: sincerity ::
sincerity {n} (quality of being sincere) :: oprechtheid {f}
sine {n} (trigonometric function) :: sinus {m}
sinecure {n} (a position that requires no work but still gives a payment) :: sinecure
Sinemurian {n} (subdivision of the Jurassic period) :: Sinemurien
sinew {n} (cord or tendon of the body) SEE: tendon ::
sinew {n} (muscular power, muscle; vigor, vigorous strength) :: spierkracht, sterkte
sinew {n} (that which gives strength or in which strength consists) :: wilskracht
sinful {adj} (evil) SEE: evil ::
sinful {adj} (constituting sin) :: zondig
sing {v} (to produce harmonious sounds with one’s voice) :: zingen
sing along {n} :: meezang {f}
sing along {v} (sing at the same time) :: meezingen
Singapore {prop} (Republic of Singapore) :: Singapore {n}
Singaporean {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Singapore) :: Singaporees
Singaporean {n} (a person from Singapore) :: Singaporees, Singaporese {f}
singe {v} (to burn slightly) :: aanbranden
singer {n} (person who sings) :: zanger {m}, zangeres {f}
singeress {n} (songstress) SEE: songstress ::
singing {n} (the act of using the voice to produce musical sounds; vocalizing) :: zang {m}
single {adj} (not married nor dating) :: alleenstaand
single {n} (one who is not married) :: vrijgezel
single celled {adj} (consisting of one cell) SEE: unicellular ::
single-lens reflex {n} (a camera allowing one to view through the same lens used to take a photograph) :: spiegelreflexcamera {f}
singlet {n} (sleeveless shirt) :: onderhemd {n}
singleton {n} (playing card) :: blote kaart {f}, singleton {m}
singleton {n} (single object) :: enkeling {m}
singleton {n} (computing: class) :: singleton {n}
singleton {n} (math: set) :: singleton {n}, eenelementige verzameling {f}
single transferable vote {n} (voting system) :: enkelvoudige overdraagbare stem
singular {adj} (being the only one of a kind) :: enig, enige
singular {adj} (distinguished by superiority) :: uitzonderlijk, opmerkelijk, opmerkelijke
singular {adj} (being out of the ordinary) :: ongewoon
singular {adj} (grammar: referring to only one thing) :: enkelvoudig, enkelvoudige
singular {adj} (linear algebra: of matrix: having no inverse) :: singulier
singular {n} (grammar: form of a word that refers to only one thing) :: enkelvoud {n}
singularity {n} (peculiar state or occurrence) :: bijzonderheid {f}
singularity {n} (point where all lines meet) :: vluchtpunt {n}
singularity {n} (point where infinite value is reached) :: singulariteit {f}
singularity {n} (mathematics: value for which a derivative does not exist) :: singulariteit {f}
singularity {n} (physics: point of infinite density) :: singulariteit {f}
sinicization {n} (process of sinicising) :: sinificatie
sinistromanual {adj} (left-handed) SEE: left-handed ::
Sinitic {adj} (relating to the group of Chinese languages) :: Sinitisch
sink {v} (descend into liquid, etc) :: zinken
sink {v} (submerge) :: onderdompelen
sink {v} (cause (ship, etc) to sink) :: zinken
sink {n} (basin) :: gootsteen {m}, afwasbak {m}
sinless {adj} (without sin) :: zondeloos
sinner {n} (person who has sinned) :: zondaar {m}
Sinosphere {n} (regions in East Asia influenced by Chinese culture) :: Sinosfeer
Sino-Tibetan {adj} (related to Chinese and Tibetan) :: Sino-Tibetaans
Sint Maarten {prop} (Island) :: Sint Maarten
siphon {n} (a bent pipe or tube with one end lower than the other) :: hevel
sir {n} (man of a higher rank or position) :: heer {m}, meneer {m}
sir {n} (address to a military superior) :: meneer {m}
sir {n} (address to any male, especially if his name or proper address is unknown) :: meneer {m}, mijnheer {m}
sire {n} (lord, master, or person in authority) :: sire
sire {n} (male animal) :: dekhengst
sire {v} (to procreate) :: verwekken
siren {n} (nymph of Greek mythology) :: sirene {f}
siren {n} (device for making a sound alarm) :: sirene {f}
siren {n} (dangerously seductive woman) :: sirene {f}
Sirius {prop} :: Sirius
sirloin {n} (cut of beef) :: lendestuk {n}, lendenstuk {n}
sirup {n} (syrup) SEE: syrup ::
siskin {n} (small European finch) SEE: Eurasian siskin ::
sissify {v} (To make sissy; to emasculate.) :: verwijven, ontmannen
sister {n} (woman or girl having the same parents) :: zus {f}, zuster {f}
sister {n} (a nun; a female member of a religious community) :: zus {f}, zuster {f}, kloosterzuster, non
sister {n} (senior nurse) :: zuster {f}, verpleegster
sisterhood {n} (state of being sisters) :: zusterschap {f}
sisterhood {n} (quality of being sisterly) :: zusterschap {f}
sister-in-law {n} (wife's sister) :: schoonzus {f}, schoonzuster {f}
sister-in-law {n} (husband's sister) :: schoonzus {f}, schoonzuster {f}
sister-in-law {n} (brother's wife) :: schoonzus {f}, schoonzuster {f}
sister-in-law {n} (wife's brother's wife) :: schoonzus {f}, schoonzuster {f}
sister-in-law {n} (husband's brother's wife) :: schoonzus {f}, schoonzuster {f}
sister ship {n} (ship built to the same design) :: zusterschip {n}
sistrum {n} (instrument) :: sistrum {n}
sit {v} (of a person, be in a position in which the upper body is upright and the legs are supported) :: zitten
sit {v} (move oneself into such a position) :: zitten
sit {v} :: zitten
sit down {v} (to assume a sitting position from a standing position) :: gaan zitten
site map {n} (webpage that lists the contents of a website) :: sidemap
sit-in {n} (type of protest) :: zitprotest {n}
sitting room {n} (living room) SEE: living room ::
situate {v} :: situeren
situation {n} (position vis-à-vis surroundings) :: situatie
situation {n} (location) :: plaats {f}, locatie {f}
situation {n} (one's status with regard to circumstances) :: situatie
situation {n} (state of affairs) :: situatie
situation {n} (position of employment) :: positie {f}
situation {n} :: situatie {f}, ligging {f}, toestand {m}
situation comedy {n} (episodic comedy television program, see also: sitcom) :: situatie komedie
six {num} (cardinal number) :: zes
six hundred {num} (cardinal number 600) :: zeshonderd
six of one, half a dozen of the other {proverb} (two alternatives are equivalent or indifferent) :: lood om oud ijzer [lead instead of old iron]
six-pack {n} (highly developed set of abdominal muscles) :: wasbord {n}
sixteen {num} (cardinal number 16) :: zestien {f}
sixteenth {num} (the ordinal form of the number sixteen) :: zestiende
sixth {adj} (ordinal form of the number six) :: zesde
sixties {n} (decade of the 1960s) :: jaren zestig {n-p}, jaren 60 {n-p}, jaren 1960 {n-p}
sixtieth {adj} (the ordinal form of the number sixty) :: zestigste, 60e
sixtieth {n} :: zestigste
sixty {num} (cardinal number) :: zestig {f}
sixty-eight {num} (cardinal number) :: achtenzestig
sixty-first {num} (ordinal number) :: eenenzestigste
sixty-five {num} (cardinal number) :: vijfenzestig
sixty-four {num} (cardinal number) :: vierenzestig
sixty-nine {n} (cardinal number) :: negenenzestig
sixty-nine {n} (sex position) :: standje 69
sixty-nine {n} :: negenenzestig
sixty-one {num} (cardinal number) :: eenenzestig
sixty-seven {num} (cardinal number) :: zevenenzestig
sixty-six {num} (cardinal number) :: zesenzestig
sixty-three {num} (cardinal number) :: drieënzestig
sixty-two {num} (cardinal number) :: tweeënzestig
size {n} (dimensions or magnitude of a thing) :: grootte {f}
size {n} :: maat {f}, grootte {f}
sizzle {v} (to make the sound of water hitting a hot surface) :: sissen
sizzle {v} (to be exciting or dazzling) :: zinderen
skandha {n} (any of the five aspects constituting the sentient being in Buddhism) :: khandha
skate {n} (runner) :: schaats {m} {f}
skate {n} (ice skate or roller skate) :: schaats {m} {f}
skate {n} (act of skating or ice skating) :: schaatsen
skate {v} (to move along a surface (ice or ground) using skates) :: schaatsen
skate {v} (to skateboard) :: skaten, skateboarden
skate {v} :: schaatsen
skateboard {n} (platform on wheels) :: skateboard {n}
skateboard {v} (to use a skateboard) :: skateboarden
skater {n} (person who skates) :: schaatser {m}, skater {m}
skedaddle {v} (move or run away quickly) :: vluchten, wegstuiven, het op een lopen zetten
skeeter {n} (mosquito) SEE: mosquito ::
skeg {n} (rudder-supporting structure) :: scheg
skein {n} (quantity of yarn) :: vendel {n}
skeleton {n} (system that provides support to an organism) :: skelet {n}, geraamte {n}
skeleton {n} (very thin person) :: skelet {n}, vel over vlees
skeleton {n} (frame that provides support to a building) :: skelet {n}, geraamte {n}
skeleton in the closet {n} (shameful secret) SEE: skeleton in the cupboard ::
skeleton in the cupboard {n} (shameful secret) :: lijk in de kast {n}
skeleton key {n} (a key that opens a range of locks) :: loper {m}
skeptic {n} (someone who habitually doubts beliefs and claims) :: scepticus {m}
skeptical {adj} (having, or expressing doubt) :: sceptisch
skeptical {adj} (related to skepticism) :: sceptisch
skepticism {n} (general disposition to doubt) :: twijfelzucht {f}, scepticisme, skepticisme
skerry {n} (small rocky island) :: scheer {m} {f}
sketch {n} (quick freehand drawing) :: schets {c}
sketchbook {n} (book or pad with blank pages for sketching) :: schetsboek {n}
skew {adj} (neither perpendicular nor parallel) :: scheef
skew {v} (to bias or distort in a particular direction) :: afleiden
skewer {n} (pin used to secure food during cooking) :: spies
skewer {v} (to impale on a skewer) :: vastprikken met een vleespin, aan het spit rijgen
skewness {n} (property of being skew) :: scheefte
skewness {n} (measure of the asymmetry) :: scheefheid
ski {n} (one of a pair of long flat runners designed for gliding over snow) :: ski {m}
ski {v} (to move on skis) :: skiën
ski ballet {n} :: ski-ballet
skid {n} (out of control sliding motion) :: slip {f}
skid {v} (to slide in an uncontrolled manner) :: slippen
skid mark {n} (black mark left on a road surface from tires) :: remspoor
skier {n} (someone who practices skiing) :: skiër {m}, skiester {f}
skiff {n} (Any of various types of boats small enough for sailing or rowing by one person) :: skiff {m}, roeiboot
skilful {adj} (possessing skill, skilled) :: bedreven, geschoold, vaardig, geschikt, bekwaam
skilfulness {n} (the state or condition of being skilful) :: behendigheid {f}, handigheid {f}
skill {n} (capacity to do something well) :: bekwaamheid {f}, vaardigheid {f}
skilled {adj} :: bedreven
skillet {n} (pan for frying) :: braadpan, bakpan
skillet {n} (dish or meal cooked in such a pan) :: eenpansgerecht
skillful {adj} (possessing skill) :: bedreven, vaardig
skim {v} (throw an object so it bounces on water) :: ketsen
skim {v} (ricochet) :: afketsen
skim {v} (read quickly, skipping some detail) :: doorbladeren, diagonaal lezen
skim {v} (scrape off; remove (something) from a surface) :: afschrapen, afromen
skim {v} (remove cream) :: afromen
skim {adj} (having lowered fat content) :: afgeroomd
skimble-skamble {n} (nonsense, gibberish, mumbo-jumbo) SEE: nonsense ::
skimble-skamble {adj} (confused, chaotic, disorderly) SEE: chaotic ::
skimmed milk {n} (skim milk) SEE: skim milk ::
skim milk {n} (milk with removed cream) :: afgeroomde melk {f}, magere melk {f}
skimp {v} (to save; to be parsimonious or stingy) :: beknibbelen
skin {n} (outer protective of the body of a person or animal) :: huid {f}, vel {n}
skin {n} (skin and fur of an animal used by humans) :: huid {f}, bont {n}, pels {f}
skin {n} (congealed layer on the surface of a liquid) :: vel {n}
skin {n} (image used as the background of graphical user interface) :: skin {f}
skin {n} (rolling paper for cigarettes) :: blaadje {n}, vloeitje {n}
skin {n} (skinhead (clipping of)) :: skin {m}
skin {n} :: huid {f}, vel {n}
skin {v} (to injure the skin of) :: schaven
skin {v} (to remove the skin of) :: villen, onthuiden, (de huid) afstropen
skin {v} (to use a replacement image for the graphical user interface of) :: een skin gebruiken
skin cancer {n} (malignant growth on the skin) :: huidkanker {m}
skin color {n} (color of human skin) :: huidskleur {f}
skin-deep {adj} (superficial) :: oppervlakkig
skinflint {n} (one who is excessively stingy or cautious with money) :: vrek {m} {f}, gierigaard {m}
skinhead {n} (someone with a shaved head) :: kaalgeknipt
skinny {adj} (thin) :: mager
skinny-dip {v} (swim in the nude) :: naaktzwemmen
skinny dipping {n} (practice of swimming in the nude) :: naaktzwemmen
skint {adj} (penniless, poor, impecunious, broke) :: aan den arme
skip {v} (to move by hopping on alternate feet) :: huppelen, hinkelen, hoppen
skip {v} (to omit or disregard intermediate items or stages) :: overslaan
skip {v} (not to attend) :: overslaan
skipper {n} (master of a ship) :: schipper {m}, kapitein {m}
skipping rope {n} (rope for play or exercise) :: springtouw {n}, touwtjespringen {n}
skip rope {n} (rope used) SEE: skipping rope ::
skip rope {v} (to jump over a rope) SEE: jump rope ::
skirmish {n} (brief battle between small groups) :: schermutseling {f}
skirmish {n} (minor dispute) :: schermutseling {f}
skirmisher {n} (soldier) :: tirailleur
skirt {n} (clothing) :: rok {m}
skirt {n} (part of dress) :: rok {m}
skirt {v} (to be on or from the border of) :: begrenzen
skirt {v} :: omzomen, omcirkelen
skirting board {n} (panel between floor and interior wall) :: plint {f}, voetlijst {f}
skit {n} (comedy) :: sketch {m}
skit {v} (poke fun) :: plagen, belachelijk maken
ski track {n} (trail from/for skis) :: loipe {f}
skitrack {n} (ski track) SEE: ski track ::
skittish {adj} (easily scared) :: schichtig
Skopje {prop} (Macedonia) SEE: Macedonia ::
skua {n} (predatory seabird of the family Stercorariidae) :: jager {m}
skulduggerous {adj} (involving skulduggery) SEE: tricky ::
skulk {v} (to conceal oneself; to hide) :: zich verbergen, zich verstoppen
skull {n} (bones of the head: cranium and mandible) :: schedel {m}, doodshoofd {n}, doodskop {m}, cranium {n}
skull {n} (death's-head, skull) :: doodskop {m}
skunk {n} (animal) :: stinkdier
skunk {n} (skunkweed) SEE: marijuana ::
sky {n} (atmosphere above a point) :: hemel {m}, lucht {c}
sky {n} (specific view, condition) :: hemel {m}, firmament {n}
sky {n} (heaven) :: hemel {m}
sky burial {n} (funeral practice) :: luchtbegrafenis, hemelbegrafenis
skyclad {adj} (nude) SEE: nude ::
skyjacking {n} (The kidnapping of the passengers of an airplane by threat of force) :: vliegtuigkaping {c}
skylark {n} (small brown passerine bird) :: veldleeuwerik {m}
skylight {n} (opening in the roof) :: zonnedak {n}, koepel {m}
skyline {n} (horizon) SEE: horizon ::
skyline {n} (silhouette against city or buildings) :: skyline {m} {f}
skype {v} (make a Skype telephone call) :: skypen
skyrocket {n} (pocket) SEE: pocket ::
skyscraper {n} (tall building) :: wolkenkrabber {m}
slack {n} (small coal, coal dust) :: kolengruis {n}
slack {adj} (not tense) :: slap
slack {adj} (weak) :: week
slack {adj} (not using due diligence or care) :: slecht gemaakt
slack {adj} (not rapid or pressing) :: tam
slack {v} (to procrastinate) :: treuzelen
slacken {v} (to make less taut) SEE: loosen ::
slackness {n} (state of being slack) :: slapte
slag {n} (the impurities which result and are separated out when melting a metal or refining it from its ore) :: slak
slag {n} (a woman (sometimes a man) who has loose morals relating to sex) :: del
slam {v} (to shut with sudden force and noise) :: toeslagen
slander {n} (false or unsupported spoken malicious statement) :: laster {m}, smaad, lastering {f}
slander {v} (utter a slanderous statement) :: smaden
slanderer {n} (One who slanders) :: roddelaar, lasteraar
slanderous {adj} (Both untrue and harmful to a reputation) :: lasterlijk
slang {n} (jargon) SEE: jargon ::
slang {n} :: Bargoens {n}, dialect {n}
slang {n} (cant) SEE: cant ::
slant {n} (typography: slash) SEE: slash ::
slap {n} (A blow dealt with the open hand) :: mep {f}, klets {f}
slap {v} (to give a slap) :: meppen, kletsen
slap {v} (To place, to put carelessly) :: neerkwakken
slapdash {adj} (done hastily) :: gehaast
slapdash {adv} (in a hasty or careless manner) :: haastig, nonchalant
slap in the face {n} (slap in the face or on the cheek) :: muilpeer, oorvijg
slapper {n} (prostitute) :: hoer {f}
slapper {n} (female of loose morals) :: slet {f}
slash {n} (typography: / symbol) :: schuine streep {f}
slash {v} (to make a broad cut with an edged weapon) :: hakken, houwen, snijden, klieven
slash and burn {n} (technique) :: brandlandbouw, hakken en branden
slat {n} (thin, narrow strip) :: lamel
slate {adj} (bluish-grey/gray like slate, see also: slate blue; slate gray; blue-gray) :: leigrijs
slate {n} (rock) :: lei {n}, leisteen {n}
slate {n} (bluish-grey colour, see also: slate blue; slate gray; blue-gray) :: leigrijs {n}
slate {n} (sheet of slate for writing on) :: lei {n}, schoolbord {n}
slate {n} (tile) :: lei {n}, leisteen {m}
slate {n} (record of money owed) :: bon, [Flemish] poef {f}
slate {n} (list of candidates for an election) :: kandidatenlijst {f}
slate {v} (criticise/criticize harshly) :: afmaken, met de grond gelijk maken
slate {v} (schedule) :: plannen, vastleggen op, voor
slate {v} (destine) :: voorzien, voorbestemmen
slattern {n} (prostitute) SEE: prostitute ::
slattern {n} (slut) SEE: slut ::
slaughter {n} (killing of animals (also kosher and halal rituals)) :: slacht {f}
slaughter {n} (killing of many people) :: slachtpartij, bloedbad {n}, afslachting {f}
slaughter {v} (to butcher animals, generally for food (also kosher and halal rituals)) :: slachten
slaughter {v} (to massacre people in large numbers) :: afslachten
slaughter {v} (to kill in a particularly brutal manner) :: afslachten
slaughterhouse {n} (abattoir) SEE: abattoir ::
Slav {n} (a member of a group of peoples in Eastern Europe speaking a Slavic language) :: Slaaf {m}, Slavische {f}
slave {n} (person owned by another) :: slaaf {m}, slavin {f}
slaver {v} (to drool saliva) :: kwijlen, zabberen
slaver {n} (slave trader) :: slavenhandelaar {m}
slaver {n} (slave ship) :: slavenhaler {m}, slavenschip {n}
slavery {n} (institution or practice of owning human beings) :: slavernij {f}
slavery {n} (condition of servitude endured by a slave) :: slavernij {f}
slavery {n} :: slavernij {f}
Slavic {adj} (of the Slavs, their culture or languages) :: Slavisch
Slavic studies {n} (academic discipline) :: slavistiek {f}
slavish {adj} (in the manner of a slave) :: slaafs
Slavistics {n} (Slavic studies) SEE: Slavic studies ::
Slavonia {prop} (region of Croatia) :: Slavonië
Slavonic {adj} (Slavic) SEE: Slavic ::
Slavonic studies {n} (Slavic studies) SEE: Slavic studies ::
slay {v} (to kill, murder) :: doden, vermoorden
sled {n} (sledge) SEE: sledge ::
sledge {n} (sledgehammer) SEE: sledgehammer ::
sledge {n} (sleigh or sled) :: slee {f}, ar {m} {f}
sledgehammer {n} (kind of hammer) :: voorhamer {m}
sleep {v} (to rest in state of reduced consciousness) :: slapen
sleep {v} (to accommodate) :: te slapen leggen, onderbrengen
sleep {n} (state of reduced consciousness) :: slaap {m}
sleep {n} (substance found in the corner of the eyes / figurative objectification of sleep) :: slaap {m}
sleep disorder {n} (medical disorder of sleep patterns) :: slaapstoornis {f}
sleeper {n} (someone who sleeps) :: slaper {m}
sleeper {n} (railroad sleeping car) SEE: sleeping car ::
sleeper {n} (railroad tie) SEE: railroad tie ::
sleep in {v} (to sleep late) :: uitslapen [have a good sleep], verslapen [oversleep]
sleeping {adj} (asleep) SEE: asleep ::
sleeping bag {n} (padded or insulated bag) :: slaapzak {m}
Sleeping Beauty {prop} (fairy tale) :: De Schone Slaapster, Doornroosje
Sleeping Beauty {prop} (main character in this story) :: Doornroosje
sleeping car {n} (a railroad car with sleeping facilities for passengers travelling overnight.) :: slaapwagen {m}
sleepless {adj} (absence of sleep) :: slapeloos
sleeplessness {n} (property of being sleepless) :: slapeloosheid
sleep like a log {v} (to sleep well, without disturbance) :: slapen als een blok
sleep tight {interj} (good night) :: welterusten, slaapwel, trusten
sleepwalking {n} (act of walking while not conscious or aware of it, during sleep) :: slaapwandelen {n}
sleepy {adj} (feeling the need for sleep) :: slaperig
sleepy head {n} (a sleepy person) SEE: sleepyhead ::
sleepyhead {n} (sleepy person) :: slaapkop {c}
sleet {n} (mixture of rain and snow) :: sneeuwregen {m}
sleet {n} (rain which freezes before reaching the ground) :: ijzel
sleet {v} (to be in a state in which sleet is falling) :: gijzelen
sleeve {n} (part of a garment that covers the arm) :: mouw {m} {f}
sleeve {n} (record cover) :: platenhoes {f}, hoes {f}
sleigh {adj} (sly) SEE: sly ::
sleigh {n} (vehicle on runners) SEE: sledge ::
sleight of hand {n} (skill) :: vingervlugheid
sleight of hand {n} (performance) :: goocheltoer
slender {adj} (thin) :: slank
slender-horned gazelle {n} (Gazella leptoceros) :: duingazelle {m}
sleuth {n} (bloodhound) :: bloedhond {m}
sleuth {n} (detective) :: speurder {m}, speurneus {m}, detective {m}, detectief {m} [informal], rechercheur {m}
sleuth {v} (detective) :: naspeuren, schaduwen
slew {n} (a large amount) :: een groot aantal
slew {n} (the act, or process of slaying) :: slachtpartij
slew {n} (device used for slaying) :: moordwapen
slew {n} (change of position) :: ommekeer
slew {v} (to rotate or turn something about its axis) :: omkeren, draaien
slew {v} (to veer a vehicle) :: zwenken
slew {v} (To insert extra ticks or skip some ticks of a clock to slowly correct its time) :: instellen, regelen
slew {v} (to pivot) :: omwentelen, draaien
slew {v} (to skid) :: schuiven, slippen
slew {v} (to move something (usually a railway line) sideways) :: verschuiven
slew {v} (to make a public mockery of someone through insult or wit) :: iemand te kakken zetten
slice {n} (thin, broad piece cut off) :: plak {n}, schijf {n}
slick {n} (A covering of liquid, particularly oil) :: slijk {n}
slide {v} (to cause to move in contact with a surface) :: slepen, schuiven
slide {v} (to move in continuous contact with a surface) :: glijden
slide {v} (to lose balance) :: uitglijden
slide {v} (to pass along smoothly) :: glijden
slide {n} (item of play equipment) :: glijbaan {f}, schuifaf {f}
slide {n} (rubble, earth and stones moving down) :: lawine {f}
slide {n} (lever) :: schuif {f}
slide {n} (valve in eg. a trombone) :: ventiel {n}
slide {n} (transparent image for projecting) :: dia {m}, slide {m}
slide {n} (microscope slide) :: voorwerpglaasje {n}, objectglaasje {n}
slide fastener {n} (zip fastener) SEE: zip fastener ::
sliding door {n} (door) :: schuifdeur
slight {adj} (small in amount, insignificant) :: onbeduidend
slightly {adv} (to a small extent or degree) :: lichtelijk
slim {adj} (slender) :: slank, dun
slim {v} (lose weight) :: vermageren, lijnen, aan de lijn doen, afslanken, diëten
slime {n} (mucilaginous substance or mucus-like substance) :: slijm {n}
slimy {adj} (like slime; glutinous) :: slijmerig
slimy {adj} (underhanded) :: achterbaks
sling {v} (to throw) :: slingeren, werpen, ophangen
sling {n} (instrument for throwing) :: slinger
sling {n} (bandage) :: verband
sling {n} :: slinger, zwaai, draagband
slingshot {n} (Y-shaped stick) :: katapult {m}
slink {v} (sneak about furtively) :: sluipen
slip {n} (nautical: space for a ship to moor) SEE: berth ::
slip {n} (small piece of paper) :: stukje papier {n}, reep {m}
slip {v} (to lose one's traction) :: slippen, uitglijden, falen
slip {v} (to err) :: falen
slip {n} (act of slipping) :: slip {m}
slip {n} (women’s undergarment) :: onderjurk {f}
slip {n} (medicine: return to previous behaviour) :: herval {n}
slip of the tongue {n} (mistake in speech) :: verspreking {f}
slippage {n} (act of slipping) :: slippen
slipped disc {n} (protruding vertebral disc) :: rughernia
slipper {n} (low shoe usually worn indoors) :: pantoffel {m}, slof {m}
slipper {n} (person who slips) :: slipper {m}, slipster {f}, schuiver {m}, schuifster {f}
slipper animalcule {n} (paramecium) SEE: paramecium ::
slipperiness {n} (property of being slippery) :: gladheid {f}
slippery {adj} (of a surface) :: glibberig, glad
slippery jack {n} (mushroom in genus Suillus) :: bruine ringboleet
slip road {n} (a segment of roadway that joins a motorway to ordinary roads) :: afrit {m}
slit {n} (narrow cut or opening; a slot) :: spleet {f}, gleuf {f}
slit {n} (vulgar, slang: opening of the vagina) :: spleet {f}
slit {n} (vulgar, slang: a derogatory name for a woman, usually a sexually loose woman; a prostitute) :: slet {f}
slit {v} (cut a narrow opening) :: opensnijden
slit {v} (split into two parts) :: splijten, opensnijden
slivovitz {n} (rakija made from distilled, fermented plum juice) :: slivovitsj {m}
slob {n} (lazy, slovenly person) :: luiaard {m}
slobber {v} (To allow saliva or liquid to run from one's mouth) :: kwijlen
sloe {n} (tree Prunus spinosa) SEE: blackthorn ::
slogan {n} (phrase associated with a product, used in advertising) :: slagzin {m}
sloop {n} (single-masted sailboat) :: sloep {m} {f}
slope {n} (area of ground that tends evenly upward or downward) :: helling {f}
slope {n} (degree to which a surface tends upward or downward) :: helling {f}, steilte {f}, glooiing {f}
slope {n} (mathematics) :: richtingscoëfficient, helling
slope {n} (offensive: person of East Asian descent) :: spleetoog
slope {v} (to tend steadily upward or downward) :: glooien
slope {v} (to try to move surreptitiously) :: sluipen
sloppy {adj} (messy; not neat, elegant, or careful) :: slordig
slosh {v} (of a liquid, to shift chaotically; to splash noisily) :: klotsen
slot {n} (A slot machine designed for gambling) :: gokmachine, jackpot
sloth {n} (laziness) :: luiheid {f}, traagheid {f}
sloth {n} (mammal) :: luiaard {m}
slothful {adj} (lazy, sluggish) :: lui
slot machine {n} (vending machine) SEE: vending machine ::
slot machine {n} (any coin-operated machine) :: automaat {m}
slot machine {n} (gambling machine) :: speelautomaat {m}, fruitautomaat {m}, gokautomaat {m}, gokkast {c}
Slovak {adj} (of Slovakia or its language) :: Slowaaks, Slovaaks
Slovak {n} (native of Slovakia) :: Slowaak {m}, Slovaak {m}, Slowaakse {f}, Slovaakse {f}
Slovak {n} (language of Slovakia) :: Slowaaks {n}, Slovaaks {n}
Slovakia {prop} (Slovakia) :: Slowakije, Slovakije
Slovene {adj} (adjective) :: Sloveens
Slovene {n} (a person) :: Sloveen {m}, Sloveense {f}
Slovene {n} (the language) :: Sloveens {n}
Slovenia {prop} (country in Europe) :: Slovenië {n}
Slovenian {adj} (Slovene) SEE: Slovene ::
Slovenian {n} (language) SEE: Slovene ::
Slovenian {n} (person) SEE: Slovene ::
slovenly {adj} (having an untidy appearance; unkempt) :: slordig, onverzorgd
slovenly {adj} (dirty, unwashed; disorderly) :: vuil, slordig
slovenly {adj} (careless or negligent; sloppy) :: slordig
slow {adj} (not quick in motion) :: traag, langzaam, sloom
slow {adj} (of reduced intellectual capacity) :: langzaam, langzame, sloom, slome
slow {v} (to reduce the speed of) :: vertragen, ophouden
slow down {v} (to reduce speed) :: afremmen
slowly {adv} (at a slow pace) :: traag, traagjes, langzaam, langzaamaan
slowly but surely {adv} (in a slow, yet careful manner) :: langzaam maar zeker
slow motion {n} (film stretched in time) :: slow motion {m}
slowness {n} (quality of being slow) :: langzaamheid, traagheid {f}
slow-witted {adj} (lacking a keen or swift intellect) :: traag van begrip, sloom
slowworm {n} (Anguis fragilis) :: hazelworm {m}
slug {n} (gastropod) :: slak {f}, wijngaardslak {f}, naaktslak {f}
slug {n} (lazy person) SEE: sluggard ::
sluggard {n} (lazy or idle person) :: luiaard
sluggish {adj} (slow; having little motion) :: langzaam
sluggishness {n} (the property of being sluggish) :: traag, sloom
sluice {n} (passage for water) :: sluis {f}
slum {n} (dilapidated neighborhood) :: sloppenwijk {f}, krottenwijk {f}
slumber {n} (a very light state of sleep) :: sluimering {f}
slumber {v} (to be in a very light state of sleep) :: sluimeren
slumber party {n} (a sleepover) :: slaapfeestje {n}
slung {v} (simple past tense and past participle of sling) :: (past tense) slingerde, slingerden, wierp, wierpen, hing op, hingen op (past participle) geslingerd, geworpen, opgehangen
slur {n} (symbol indicating a legato passage) :: legatoboog
slurp {v} (eat or drink noisily) :: slurpen, slorpen
slurp {n} (a loud sucking noise) :: slurp {m} {f}
Slurpee {n} (flavored shaved ice served as a drink) SEE: slush ::
slush {n} (half-melted snow) :: sneeuwbrij {m}, smeltende sneeuw {m} {f}
slushie {n} (flavored shaved ice served as a drink) SEE: slush ::
Slush Puppie {n} (slush) SEE: slush ::
slushy {n} (flavored shaved ice served as a drink) SEE: slush ::
slut {n} (prostitute) SEE: whore ::
slut {n} (sexually promiscuous woman) :: slet {f}, hoer {f}, stoephoer {f}
slut {n} :: slet {f}
slutty {adj} (Of or resembling a slut) :: sletterig
sly {adj} (artfully cunning; secretly mischievous; wily) :: sluw
sly {adj} :: sluw, listig
sly as a fox {adj} (very sly) :: sluw als een vos
smack {v} (to strike a child as a form of discipline) SEE: spank ::
smack {n} ((slang) heroin) SEE: horse ::
small {adj} (not large) :: klein, nietig, minuscuul
small {adj} (young) :: klein, jong
small {adj} (minuscule or lowercase, referring to written letters) :: klein
small beer {n} (something of little importance) :: klein bier
smaller {adj} (comparative of small) :: kleiner
smallest room {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet ::
small hours {n} (very early morning) :: kleine uurtjes {p}
small intestine {n} (upper part of the intestine) :: dunne darm {m}
small pica {n} :: mediaan, Rheinländer, dessendiaan
smallpox {n} (disease) :: pokken {c}
small screen {n} (broadcast or cable television screen) :: kleine scherm {n}
small talk {n} (idle conversation) :: praatje {n}, koetjes en kalfjes {p} {n}, lichte conversatie {f}
smaragdine {n} (emerald) SEE: emerald ::
smart {adj} (exhibiting intellectual knowledge, such as that found in books) :: slim
Smartism {n} (denomination of the Hindu religion) :: Smartisme
smartness {n} (the state or quality of being smart) :: leepheid {f}
smartphone {n} (electronic handheld device) :: smartphone {m}
smash {n} (sound of a violent impact) :: klap, dreun
smash {n} (colloquial: something very successful) :: voltreffer
smash {n} (in tennis) :: smash
smashing {adj} (wonderful) :: indrukwekkend, verpletterend
smattering {n} (superficial knowledge) :: greintje {n}
smattering {n} (small number) :: handvol {n}
SME {initialism} (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise) :: kmo {f}
smear {v} (to spread (a substance)) :: smeren, uitsmeren
smear {v} (to spread (a surface) with a substance) :: insmeren
smear {v} (to damage someone's reputation by slandering, making false accusations) :: lasteren
smear {n} (Pap smear) SEE: Pap smear ::
smear test {n} (gynaecology: screening test) :: uitstrijkje {n}
smegma {n} (sebaceous secretion) :: smegma {m}
smell {n} (sensation) :: geur {m}, reuk {m}, stank {m} [unpleasant]
smell {n} (sense of smell) :: reukzin {m}
smell {v} (sense with nose) :: ruiken
smell {v} (to have a particular smell, whether good or bad; if descriptive, followed by "like" or "of") :: ruiken, geuren, stinken [unpleasant]
smell-brain {n} (part of brain involved with smelling) :: reukhersenen {p}
smelling salt {n} (ammonium carbonate when used to restore consciousness) :: vlugzout {n}
smelt {n} (any of the molten liquids involved in these processes) :: smelten
smelt {n} :: smelten, versmelten
smelt {n} (production of metal, especially iron, from ore) SEE: smelting ::
smelting {n} (process of melting or fusion, especially to extract a metal from its ore) :: wegsmelten, smelten {n}
smew {n} (Mergus albellus) :: nonnetje {n}
smile {n} (a happy face expression using mouth, but without producing voice) :: glimlach {m}, lach
smile {v} (to have a smile on one's face) :: glimlachen, smuilen
smirch {v} (to dirty) :: vuil maken
smirk {n} (smile that is insolent, offensively self-satisfied or scornful) :: grijnslach
smirk {v} (To smile in a way that is affected, smug, insolent or contemptuous) :: grijnzen, meesmuilen
smite {v} (to strike down or kill with godly force) :: doden
smith {n} (craftsperson who works metal, see also: blacksmith) :: smid {m}
Smith {prop} (surnames derived from the equivalents of “smith”) :: Smit, Smid
Smith {prop} (most common surnames by language) :: Jansen, De Jong, De Vries
smithereens {n} (Fragments or splintered pieces; numerous tiny disconnected items) :: gruzelementen {p}
smithsonite {n} (mineral) :: smithsoniet
smithy {n} (forge) SEE: forge ::
smitten {adj} (made irrationally enthusiastic) :: getroffen, ingenomen
smock mill {n} (windmill with rotating cap) :: bovenkruier {m}
smog {n} (urban air pollution) :: smog {m}
smoke {n} (visible particles and vapour given off by burning material) :: rook {m}, walm {m}
smoke {n} :: sigaret {f} (doesn't look like a colloquial term for a cigarette)
smoke {v} (to inhale and exhale smoke from a burning cigarette) :: roken
smoke {v} (to inhale and exhale tobacco smoke regularly or habitually) :: roken, smoren
smoke {v} (to give off smoke) :: roken
smoke {v} (to preserve or prepare by treating with smoke) :: roken
smoke alarm {n} (smoke detector) SEE: smoke detector ::
smoke detector {n} (device) :: rookmelder {m}
smokefall {n} (close of the day before nightfall, when fog comes) :: schemermist {m}, avondmist {m}
smokefall {n} (artificial waterfall of smoke for shows) :: rookwaterval {m}
smokescreen {n} (disguise, mask, cover) :: rookgordijn {n}
smokeshop {n} (tobacconist's) SEE: tobacconist's ::
smokestack {n} (a conduit or group of conduits atop a structure allowing smoke to flow out) SEE: chimney ::
smoking {n} (smoking of tobacco) :: roken
smoking room {n} (room designated for smokers) :: rookruimte {f}, rookkamer {m} {f}
smolder {v} (To burn with no flame and little smoke) :: smeulen
smooch {n} ((informal) a kiss) :: bekken
smooth {adj} (lacking friction, not rough) :: glad
smooth {adj} (without difficulty) :: vlot
smooth {adj} (bland; glib) :: glad
smooth {adj} (suave; sophisticated) :: vlot, glad
smooth {adj} (action: natural; unconstrained) :: glad
smooth {adj} (motion: unbroken) :: vlot
smooth {adj} (placid, calm) :: glad
smooth {adj} (edge: lacking projections or indentations; not serrated) :: glad
smooth {adj} (food or drink: not grainy; having an even texture) :: glad, zacht, fijn
smooth {adj} (beverage: having a pleasantly rounded flavor; neither rough nor astringent) :: fijn
smooth {adj} (mathematics, of a function: Having derivatives of all finite orders at all points within the function’s domain) :: glad
smooth {n} (something which is smooth or easy) :: gladheid {f}, glads {n}
smooth {n} (smoothing action) :: zwaai {m}, streling {f}
smooth {n} (domestic animal having a smooth coat) :: gladhuidige {c}
smooth {v} (make smooth) :: glad maken, gladstrijken
smoothen {v} (make smooth) :: glad maken, gladstrijken, afvlakken
smoothen {v} (become smooth) :: glad worden, afvlakken
smoothness {n} (condition of being smooth) :: gladheid
smooth snake {n} (Coronella austriaca) :: gladde slang
smother {v} (to suffocate) :: stikken
smother {v} (to extinguish or deaden) :: uitdoven
smother {v} (to reduce to a low degree of vigor or activity) :: temperen
SMS {v} (to send a message on a cell phone) :: sms'en
smug {adj} (irritatingly pleased with oneself; self-satisfied) :: zelfingenomen
smuggle {v} :: smokkelen
smuggler {n} (One who smuggles things) :: smokkelaar {m}
smuggling {n} (an act of smuggling) :: smokkel {m}
smugness {n} (state or quality of being smug) :: zelfingenomenheid
smurf {n} (fictional character) :: smurf
smut {n} (promiscuous woman) SEE: slut ::
smut {n} (soot) SEE: soot ::
Smyrna {prop} (city) :: Smyrna
snack {n} (a light meal) :: tussendoortje {n}
snack {n} (an item of food eaten between meals) :: tussendoortje
snag {v} (to catch or tear) :: ritsen
snail {n} (any animal of the class Gastropoda having a shell) :: slak {f}, huisjesslak {f}
snail mail {n} (postal mail) :: slakkenpost, snailmail
snail's pace {n} (A very slow pace) :: slakkengang
snake {n} (legless reptile) :: slang {f}, serpent {n}
snakebite {n} (the bite of a snake) :: slangenbeet {m}
snake hawk {n} (laughing falcon) SEE: laughing falcon ::
snap {v} (to say abruptly or sharply) :: snauwen
snapdragon {n} (any plant of the genus Antirrhinum) :: leeuwenbek {m}
snap fastener {n} (fastening mechanism) :: drukknoop {m}
snap one's fingers {v} (create a sound with one's fingers) :: met je vingers knippen, knippen
snapping turtle {n} (turtle of the family Chelydridae) :: bijtschildpad
snappy {adj} (rapid and without delay) :: snel
snapshot {n} (A photograph) :: kiek {m} {n}
snapshot {n} (A glimpse of something) :: momentopname {m} {n}
snare {n} (trap) :: strop,val,klem
snare drum {n} (tubular drum) :: snarentrom
Snares penguin {n} (Penguin) :: snareskuifpinguïn {m}
snarky {adj} (sarcastic and irreverent) :: sarcastisch, oneerbiedig, bijtend, grievend
snarl {n} (knot or complication of hair, thread, or the like, difficult to disentangle) :: knoop {m}, knot {m} {f}
snarl {v} (To entangle) :: verstrikken, strikken
snarl {v} (To growl) :: grommen, brommen
snarl {v} (To speak crossly) :: snauwen
snatch {v} (to steal) :: afpakken, wegpikken, graaien, weggraaien
snatch {n} (quick grab or catch) :: graai {m}
snatch {n} (vagina) :: doos {f}
snatch victory from the jaws of defeat {v} (suddenly win a contest when it appears that loss is a foregone conclusion, to succeed in an endeavor through reversal of fortune, skill, effort, or good judgment) :: de overwinning voor de poorten van de hel wegslepen
sneak {n} (a cheat; con artist; trickster) :: gluiperd {m}
sneak {v} (to creep) :: sluipen, rondsluipen, wegsluipen
sneak {v} (to hide in a mean or cowardly manner) :: wegsluipen
sneaker {n} (leisure shoes, often worn for sports; trainers) :: sportschoenen {p} {m}
sneakily {adv} (in a sneaky manner) :: in het geniep
sneaky {adj} (Dishonest; deceitful) :: geniepig, gluiperig
sneer {v} (raise a corner of the upper lip slightly in scorn) :: de neus optrekken/ophalen
sneeze {v} (expel air as a reflex) :: niezen
sneeze {n} (act of sneezing) :: niesen, niezen
snell {adj} (active, brisk) :: snel
snide {adj} (nasty, sarcastic) :: sarcastisch
snide {adj} (tricky, deceptive) :: heimelijk, bedrieglijk
sniff {v} :: snuffelen, snuiven
sniffer plane {n} (airplane for oil detection) :: snuffelvliegtuig {n}
snigger {v} (to emit a snigger) :: gniffelen, stiekem lachen
snip {n} (The act of snipping) :: knip {m}
snipe {n} (bird of the family Scolopacidae) :: snip
sniper {n} (a person using long-range small arms for precise attacks from a concealed position) :: scherpschutter {m}, sluipschutter {m}
snitch {v} (steal) :: gappen
snob {n} (person who seeks to be a member of the upper classes) :: snob {m} {f}
snobbery {n} (the property or trait of being a snob) :: snobisme {n}
snobby {adj} (characteristic of a snob) :: snobistisch
snood {n} (hairnet) SEE: hairnet ::
snooker {n} (cue sport) :: snooker
Snoopy {prop} (pet beagle) :: Snoopy
snooze {v} (To sleep, especially briefly; to nap) :: doezelen
snore {v} (breathe during sleep with harsh noises) :: snurken
snore {n} (act and noise of snoring) :: gesnurk {n}
snoring {n} (action or sound) :: gesnurk {n}
snorkel {v} (use a snorkel) :: snorkelen
snort {n} (sound made by exhaling roughly through the nose) :: snuiven
snort {v} (to inhale (usually a drug) through the nose) :: snuiven
snot {n} (mucus) :: snot {n}
snot {n} (contemptible child) :: snotaap
snotnose {n} (one who is snot-nosed) :: snotneus {m}
snotty {adj} (dirtied with snot) :: snot-
snout {n} (long, projecting nose, mouth, and jaw of a beast) :: snuit {m}
snout {n} (nose of a man (in contempt)) :: snuit {m}, snoet {m}
snout {n} (anterior prolongation of head of weevil and other insects) :: snuit {m}
snout beetle {n} (a weevil) :: snuitkever {m} {f}
snow {n} (precipitation) :: sneeuw {m}
snow {n} (colour) :: sneeuwwit {n}
snow {n} (TV noise) :: sneeuw {m}
snow {n} (collective precipitation) :: sneeuwval {m}
snow {v} (have snow fall from the sky) :: sneeuwen
snow angel {n} (design) :: sneeuwengel {m}
snowball {n} (ball of snow) :: sneeuwbal {m}
snowball effect {n} (accelerating growth) :: sneeuwbaleffect {n}
snowball fight {n} (play fight) :: sneeuwballengevecht {n}
snowberry {n} (Symphoricarpos) :: sneeuwbes {f}
snow-blind {adj} (blinded by abundance of reflected light) :: sneeuwblind
snow blindness {n} (condition of the eyes caused by exposure to UV rays) :: sneeuwblindheid {f}
snowboard {n} (board) :: snowboard {n}
snowboard {v} (to ride a snowboard) :: snowboarden
snow cone {n} (crushed ice with flavoring) :: schaafijs
snowdrift {n} (bank of snow) :: sneeuwbank {f}, sneeuwduin {f}, sneeuwdrift {f}
snowdrop {n} (plant) :: sneeuwklokje {n}
snowed in {adj} (unable to get out of a place due to snow) :: ingesneeuwd
snowfall {n} (instance of falling of snow) :: sneeuwval {m}
snowflake {n} (crystal) :: sneeuwvlok {f}
snow globe {n} (decorative object) :: sneeuwbol {m}
snow in {v} (prevent from moving by a large snowfall) :: insneeuwen
snow leopard {n} (a large feline mammal, Uncia uncia) :: sneeuwpanter {m}, sneeuwluipaard {m}
snowman {n} (figure made of snow) :: sneeuwpop
snowmobile {n} (vehicle) :: sneeuwscooter {m}
snow petrel {n} (small, pure white fulmarine petrel) :: sneeuwstormvogel {m}
snow plow {n} (vehicle) :: sneeuwruimer {m}, sneeuwploeg {f}
snow plow {n} (device) :: sneeuwruimer {m}, sneeuwploeg {f}
snow plow {v} (transitive: clear (roads, etc) using a snow plow) :: sneeuwruimen
snowproof {adj} (resistant to snow) :: sneeuwbestendig
Snow Queen {prop} (fairy tale character with power over snow and ice) :: sneeuwkoningin {f}
snowshoe {n} (flat footwear worn to facilitate walking in deep snow) :: sneeuwschoen {m}
snowstorm {n} (bad weather involving blowing winds and snow) :: sneeuwstorm {m}
snow-white {adj} (as white as snow) :: sneeuwwit
Snow White {prop} (character from Snow White (Schneewittchen)) :: Sneeuwwitje {n}
Snow White {prop} (character from Snow-White and Rose-Red (Schneeweißchen und Rosenrot)) :: Sneeuwwitje {n}
snowy owl {n} (large white owl) :: sneeuwuil {m}
snub {adj} (conspicuously short) :: stomp
snub {n} (deliberate affront or slight) :: bruuskeren
snub-nosed monkey {n} (monkey of genus Rhinopithecus) :: stompneusaap {m}
snuff {n} (fine-ground tobacco) :: snuif {m}
snuffer {n} (candle snuffer) SEE: candle snuffer ::
so {n} (sol) SEE: sol ::
so {conj} (in order that) :: zodat, zodoende
so {conj} (with the result that) :: dus
so {adv} (very) :: zo, zodanig
so {adv} (to a particular extent) :: zo
so {adv} (in a particular manner) :: zo, zodanig
so {interj} (interjection used to introduce a new topic) :: dus
soak {v} (to be saturated with liquid by being immersed in it) :: doorweken
soak {v} (to immerse in liquid to the point of saturation or thorough permeation) :: weken
soak {v} (to penetrate or permeate by saturation) :: doordringen
soak {v} (to allow (especially a liquid) to be absorbed) :: opnemen
soak {v} :: weken
soap {n} (soap opera) SEE: soap opera ::
soap {n} (substance) :: zeep {f}
soapberry {n} (woody plant) :: zeepboom {m}, sapindus {m} (Latin)
soapberry {n} (its fruit) :: zeepbes {m} {f}, zeepbezie {m} {f}, zeepappel {m}, zeepnoot {m} {f}
soapbox {n} (soapbox car) SEE: soapbox car ::
soapbox car {n} (vehicle) :: zeepkist
soap bubble {n} (sphere of soap water) :: zeepbel {c}
soap opera {n} (television serial) :: soap {f}, soapreeks, soapserie {f}
soapy {adj} :: zeepachtig
soar {v} (to fly aloft with little effort) :: zweven
soar {v} (to mount upward on wings) :: opstijgen
soar {n} (act of soaring) :: scheren
sob {n} (a cry with a short, sudden expulsion of breath) :: snik {c}
sob {v} (weep with convulsive gasps) :: snotteren
sob {v} (say (something) while sobbing) :: snikken
sobbing {adj} (that or who sobs) :: wenend, snotterend
so be it {phrase} (indication of acceptance) :: het zij zo
sober {adj} (not drunk) :: nuchter
sober {adj} (not given to excessive drinking of alcohol) :: nuchter
sober up {v} (to become sober) :: ontnuchteren
sobriquet {n} (familiar name for a person) :: bijnaam
sob story {n} (sad story) :: smartlap, tranentrekker
socage {n} (medieval form of land tenure) :: herendienst {m}
so-called {adj} (so named, but wrongly so) :: zogenaamd, zgn.
so-called {adj} (so named) :: zogenaamd, zgn.
soccer {n} (game) :: voetbal {n}, Fuppes, Foppes [Low Rhenish]
soccer player {n} (one who plays soccer) :: voetballer {m}
Sochi {prop} (city in Russia) :: Sotsji
social {adj} (relating to society) :: sociaal, maatschappelijk
social cohesion {n} (maintenance of stability in a society) :: sociale cohesie {f}
social Darwinism {n} (theory) :: sociaal darwinisme
social democracy {n} (moderate left-wing political philosophy) :: sociaaldemocratie {f}
social democracy {n} (social democratic society) :: sociaaldemocratie {f}
social democratic {adj} (of or pertaining to social democracy) :: sociaaldemocratisch
socialism {n} (political philosophy of social and economic equality) :: socialisme {n}
socialism {n} (group of socialist political philosophies) :: socialisme {n}
socialism {n} (intermediate phase of social development) :: socialisme {n}
socialist {adj} (of, promoting, practicing, or characteristic of socialism) :: socialistisch, socialistische
socialist {n} (one who practices or advocates socialism) :: socialist {m}, socialiste {f}
Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia {prop} (Yugoslav state that existed from 1943 until 1992) :: Socialistische Federale Republiek Joegoslavië
social murder {n} (systemic causation of premature death) :: sociale moord {m}
social science {n} (branch of science) :: sociale wetenschap {f}
social security {n} (system) :: sociale zekerheid {f}
social security {n} (benefits) :: uitkering {f}
social work {n} (any of several professions concerned with providing social services) :: maatschappelijk werk {n}
society {n} (group of people sharing culture) :: maatschappij, samenleving
society {n} (group of persons who meet from time to time to engage in a common interest) :: vereniging, gezelschap {n}, sociëteit {f}
society {n} (people of one’s country or community as a whole) :: gezelschap
sociolect {n} (variant of language used by a social group) :: sociolect {n}
sociolinguistic {adj} (pertaining to sociolinguistics) :: sociolinguïstisch
sociolinguistics {n} (the study of social and cultural effects on language) :: sociolinguïstiek {f}
sociologist {n} (scientist studying the field of sociology) :: socioloog {m}
sociology {n} (study of society, human social interactions, etc.) :: sociologie {f}
sock {n} (covering for the foot) :: sok {f}
sock {n} (sock puppet) SEE: sock puppet ::
socket {n} (mechanical opening) :: stopcontact {n}, fitting {f}
socket {n} (hollow in a bone) :: [for the eye] kas {m}, [for joints] kom {m}
sock puppet {n} (simple puppet made from a sock) :: sokpop {f}
sock puppet {n} (second account created by a user in an online community) :: sockpuppet {m}, sokpop {f}
Socrates {prop} (Greek philosopher) :: Socrates {m}
Socratic method {prop} :: socratische methode {f}, maieutiek
sod {n} (stratum of soil) :: teellaag {m} {f}
sod {n} (turf grown for establishment of lawn) :: graszode {m} {f}
soda {n} (sodium carbonate) :: natriumcarbonaat
soda {n} (carbonated water) :: frisdrank {m}
soda {n} (sweet, carbonated drink) :: frisdrank, prik, limonade, priklimonade
soda pop {n} (sweetened, carbonated beverage) :: frisdrank {m}
soda water {n} (water with carbon dioxide) :: bruisend water {n}, spuitwater {n}
sodden {adj} (soaked) :: doordrenkt
sodden {adj} (stupid as a result of drunkenness) :: stomdronken
sodden {v} (to drench, soak or saturate) :: doorweekt raken,
sodden {v} (to become soaked) :: kief worden, stomdronken zijn,
sodium {n} (reactive metal) :: natrium {n}
sodium benzoate {n} (the sodium salt of benzoic acid) :: natriumbenzoaat
sodium nitrate {n} (sodium salt of nitric acid) :: salpeter
sod off {v} (go away) :: opsodemieteren
sodomy {n} :: sodomie
sofa {n} (upholstered seat) :: bank {m} {f}, zetel {m}, sofa {m}
sofa-bed {n} (sofa that unfolds into a bed) :: slaapbank {m} {f}
so far {adv} (until now; previously; yet) :: tot nu toe, tot zover, tot dusver, totnogtoe, tot hiertoe
Sofia {prop} (the capital city of Bulgaria) :: Sofia
Sofian {n} (someone from Sofia) :: Sofioot {m}
soft {adj} (foolish) SEE: foolish ::
soft {adj} (giving way under pressure) :: zacht
soft {adj} (of a cloth) :: zacht
soft {adj} (gentle) :: zacht
soft {adj} (of a sound) :: zacht, stil
soft {adj} (lacking strength or resolve) :: week
soft {adj} (of water) :: zacht
soft-boiled {adj} (of an egg) :: zachtgekookt
soft drink {n} (sweet, non-alcoholic carbonated beverage) :: frisdrank, prik, limonade, priklimonade
soften {v} ((transitive) To make something soft or softer) :: verzachten
softhearted {adj} (gentle) :: zachtzinnig
softly {adv} (softly, gently) :: zachtaardig, zachtzinnig
softly {adv} (not loudly, inaudible) :: zacht
soft roe {n} (milt) SEE: milt ::
soft serve {n} (frozen dessert) :: softijs {n}
soft sign {n} (Cyrillic letter Ь/ь) :: zacht teken {n}
software {n} (encoded computer instructions) :: software {m}, programmatuur {m}
soft water {n} (water with a low concentration of dissolved minerals) :: zacht water {n}
Sogdiana {prop} (an ancient Iranian-speaking civilization) :: Sogdianië
soggy {adj} (soaked with liquid) :: doorweekt, doorweekte, klef, wak
SOHCAHTOA {acronym} (trigonometry mnemonic) :: SOSCASTOA
soil {n} (mixture of sand and organic material) :: grond {m}, aarde {f}
soil {n} (mineral or organic material serving as a natural medium for the growth of land plants) :: aarde, grond
soil {n} (unconsolidated mineral or organic material on the immediate surface of the earth) :: aarde, grond
soil {n} (country or territory) :: grond
soil {v} (to make dirty) :: bevuilen
soil science {n} (scientific study of soil) :: bodemkunde {f}
soiree {n} (formal evening party) :: soiree {f}
sojourn {n} (A short stay somewhere) :: verblijf {n}
sol {n} (fifth note of a major scale) :: sol {m}
solace {n} (consolation) :: troost {m}, soelaas {n}
solace {n} (source of comfort) :: troost {m}, soelaas {n}
solace {v} (to give solace to) :: troosten
solar {adj} (of or pertaining to the sun) :: zonne-
solar cell {n} (semiconductor device) :: zonnecel {m} {f}
solar day {n} (time for a planet to rotate once relative to the sun) :: zonnedag {m}
solar eclipse {n} (when the Moon passes between the Earth and the sun) :: zonsverduistering {f}
solar energy {n} (energy from the sun) :: zonne-energie {f}
solar mass {n} (unit) :: zonnemassa {f} {m}
solar plexus {n} (a complex network of nerves and ganglia, located within the abdomen behind the stomach) :: zonnevlecht {m} {f}
solar system {n} (any collection of heavenly bodies orbiting a star) :: zonnestelsel {n}
solar system {prop} (Solar System) SEE: Solar System ::
Solar System {prop} (the Sun and all the heavenly bodies that orbit around it) :: zonnestelsel {n}
solar wind {n} (outflow of charged particles from the solar corona into space) :: zonnewind {m}
solatium {n} (compensation for emotional harm) :: smartegeld {n}
solder {n} (any of various alloys that are used to join small pieces of metal together) :: soldeersel {n}
solder {v} (to join with solder) :: solderen
soldering {n} (method of joining two metallic surfaces by melting an alloy between them) :: solderen
soldering iron {n} (tool) :: soldeerbout {m}
soldier {n} (member of an army) :: soldaat {m}, soldate {f}, militair {m}
soldier {n} (a member of the Salvation Army) :: heilsoldaat {m}, heilsoldate {f}
sole {adj} (only) :: enig
sole {adj} (unmarried; widowed) :: alleenstaand, ongetrouwd
sole {n} (bottom of the foot) :: zool, voetzool
sole {n} (bottom of a shoe or boot) :: zool {m}, schoenzool {m}
sole {n} (fish) :: tong {m} {f}, zeetong {m} {f}
sole {v} (put a sole on (a shoe or boot)) :: zolen
solemn {adj} (deeply serious and somber) :: ernstig
solenoid {n} (solenoid) :: solenoïde {f}
sole trader {n} (a type of business enterprise) :: eenmanszaak {f}
solfatara {n} (area of volcanic activity giving off sulfurous steam) :: solfatare {f}
solicitor {n} (lawyer offering legal services to clients apart from acting as court advocate) :: rechtskundig raadsman
solicitor {n} :: rechtskundig adviseur {m}
solicitude {n} :: zorg, aandacht
solid {adj} (in the solid state) :: vast, solide
solid {adj} (large, massive) :: massief
solid {adj} (lacking holes or hollows) :: massief
solid {adj} (extremely filling) :: zwaar
solid {adj} (strong, unyielding (as of foundations etc)) :: solide, stevig
solid {adj} (lacking errors or inconsistencies) :: steekhoudend, gegrond
solid {adj} (typography: written as one word) :: aaneengeschreven
solid {adj} (of one color) :: effen, egaal
solid {n} (chemistry: fundamental state of matter) :: vast
solidarity {n} :: solidariteit
solidify {v} (intransitive: to become solid; to freeze) :: verstarren
solidus {n} (slash) SEE: slash ::
solipsism {n} (theory) :: solipsisme {n}
solipsism {n} (self-absorption) :: zelfingenomenheid
solitaire {n} (patience) SEE: patience ::
solitary {n} (solitary confinement) SEE: solitary confinement ::
solitary confinement {n} (forced isolation) :: isolatie {f}, isolement {n}
solitude {n} (state of being alone) :: eenzaamheid {f}
solo {n} (piece of music for one) :: solo
solo {n} (job or performance done by one person) :: solo
solo {n} (card game) :: solo
solo {adj} (without a companion or instructor) :: alleen
solo {adj} (of a musical solo) :: solo
solo {v} (to perform a solo) :: een solo spelen
solo {v} (to perform something in the absence of anyone else) :: solo
Solomon {prop} (king of Israel) :: Salomo
Solomon Islands {prop} (A country in Melanesia) :: Salomonseilanden
so long as {phrase} (as long as) SEE: as long as ::
solstice {n} (point where the earth stands at the extreme of its ellipsis around the sun) :: zonnewende {f}, zonnestilstand {m}
solubility {n} :: oplosbaarheid {f}
solute {n} (substance that is dissolved in a solvent) :: opgeloste stof
solution {n} (liquid mixture) :: oplossing {f}
solution {n} (answer to a problem (mathematics)) :: oplossing {f}
solve {v} (to find an answer or solution) :: oplossen
solvent {n} (liquid that dissolves a solid, liquid, or gaseous solute) :: oplosmiddel
Somali {n} (a language) :: Somalisch {n}
Somali {n} (a person from Somalia or of Somali descent) :: Somaliër {m}, Somalische {f}
Somali {adj} (pertaining to Somalia) :: Somalisch
Somalia {prop} (country in the Horn of Africa) :: Somalië
Somalian {adj} (pertaining to Somalia) SEE: Somali ::
Somalian {n} (someone from Somalia) SEE: Somali ::
somber {adj} (dark or dreary in character; joyless; grim) :: somber
some {pron} (certain number) :: sommige, sommigen
some {pron} (indefinite quantity or number) :: wat, enkele, een aantal , een paar
some {pron} (indefinite amount, part) :: wat, een deel
some {determiner} (certain proportion of) :: sommige
some {determiner} (unspecified quantity or number of) :: wat, enkele, een aantal , een paar , enige
some {determiner} (unspecified amount of) :: wat
some {determiner} (certain, unspecified or unknown) :: een, een zeker , een of ander
some {determiner} (considerable quantity or number of) :: aardig wat
somebody {pron} (some unspecified person) :: iemand
someday {adv} (sometime; at some time in the future) :: op een dag, ooit, eens
somehow {adv} (in one way or another; in some way not yet known or designated) :: op een of andere manier, eenderhoe
someone {pron} (some person) :: iemand
somersault {n} (the act of going head over heels) :: achterwaartse koprol {m}, achterwaartse salto {m}
something {pron} (unspecified object) :: iets
something {pron} (talent that is hard to pin down) :: iets
something else {n} (exceptional, out of the ordinary, unusual) :: nog 's wat anders
something to write home about {pron} (something exceptional or noteworthy) :: iets om over naar huis te schrijven
sometime {adj} (occasional) SEE: occasional ::
sometime {adv} (obsolete: sometimes) SEE: sometimes ::
sometimes {adv} (on certain occasions, but not always) :: soms
somewhat {pron} (something) SEE: something ::
somewhat {adv} (limited extent) :: ietwat, een beetje, enigszins
somewhere {adv} (in some place) :: ergens
somewhere {adv} (to some place) :: ergens heen
somewhere else {adv} (in some other place) :: ergens anders, elders
somewhither {adv} (to some place) SEE: somewhere ::
sommelier {n} (wine steward / stewardess, wine waiter / waitress) :: wijnkelner {m}, sommelier {m}
somnambulation {n} (sleepwalking) SEE: sleepwalking ::
somnambulism {n} (sleepwalking) :: slaapwandelen {m}
son {n} (a male person in relation to his parents) :: zoon {m}
sonata form {n} (a form of classical music) :: sonatevorm {f}
sonatina {n} (piece resembling a sonata but shorter or simpler) :: sonatine {f}
song {n} (music with words) :: lied {n}, liedje {n}, nummer
song {n} (the act or art of singing) :: zang {m}
song {n} (sound of another animal) :: lied
song {n} (inexpensive deal) :: prikkie, een appel en een ei
song {n} (sound of a bird) SEE: birdsong ::
songbird {n} (bird) :: zangvogel
Song of Solomon {prop} (book of the Bible) SEE: Song of Songs ::
Song of Songs {prop} (book of the Bible) :: Hooglied {n}
song sparrow {n} (Melospiza melodia) :: zanggors
songster {n} (man who sings songs) :: zanger {m}
songstress {n} (a female singer) :: zangeres {f}
songwriter {n} (someone who writes the lyrics and usually the music of songs) :: liedjesschrijver {m}, songwriter {m}
sonic {adj} (of or relating to sound) :: sonisch
son-in-law {n} (son-in-law) :: schoonzoon {m}
sonnet {n} (verse form consisting of fourteen lines) :: sonnet {n}, klinkdicht {n}
son of a bitch {n} (objectionable person) :: klootzak {m}, hoerenjong {m}
son of a whore {n} (objectionable person) :: hoerenjong {m}
Son of Man {prop} (Jesus Christ) :: Mensenzoon {m}
sonogram {n} (a medical image produced by ultrasound echo) :: echografie {f}
soon {adv} (within a short time) :: zo, spoedig, binnenkort, dra, gauw, weldra [poetic]
sooner or later {adv} (set phrase; eventually) :: vroeg of laat
soot {n} (fine black or dull brown particles) :: roet {n}, zoet {n}, rookzwart {n}
soothing {adj} (Giving relief) :: verzachtend
soothing {adj} (Freeing from fear or anxiety) :: geruststellend
soothsayer {n} (one who predicts the future) :: waarzegger {m}, waarzegster {f}, wittiger {m}, toekomstvoorspeller {f}, toekomstvoorspelster {f}, profeet {m}
sop {n} (gravy) SEE: gravy ::
sop {n} (piece of food to be soaked) :: sopbroodje
sop {n} (something given or done to pacify or bribe) :: zoenoffer
sop {n} (easily frightened person) SEE: milksop ::
sophism {n} (flawed argument superficially correct in its reasoning, usually designed to deceive) :: sofisme {n}, drogreden {f} {m}
sophisticated {adj} (having obtained worldly experience) :: wereldwijs
sophisticated {adj} (complicated, especially of technology) :: geperfectioneerd
Sophocles {prop} (Greek dramatic poet) :: Sophokles {m}
sophomore {adj} (second in a series) :: tweede, opvolg-
sophomore {n} (second-year student) :: tweedejaars {c}
soporific {n} (sleep inducing agent) :: soporatief {n}, slaapmiddel
soporific {adj} (tending to induce sleep) :: soporatief, slaapverwekkend
soprano {n} :: sopraan {f}
soprano saxophone {n} (saxophone smaller than alto) :: sopraansaxofoon
sora {n} (Porzana carolina) :: soraral {f}
sorb {n} (wild service tree) SEE: wild service tree ::
sorbet {n} (frozen fruit juice) SEE: sherbet ::
Sorbian {prop} (language) :: Sorbisch {n}
Sorbian {adj} (of or pertaining to the Sorbs or to the Sorbian language) :: Sorbisch
sorcerer {n} (magician/wizard drawing upon natural powers) :: tovenaar
sorceress {n} (female wizard) :: tovenares
sorcery {n} (magical power) :: tovenarij {f}, hekserij {f}, wichelarij {f}
sordid {adj} (dirty or squalid) :: smerig
sordid {adj} (morally degrading) :: smerig
sordid {adj} (grasping) :: gierig
sore {adj} (causing pain) :: pijnlijk
sore {adj} (dire, distressing) :: erbarmelijk, wanhopig
sore {n} (injured, infected, inflamed, or diseased patch of skin) :: wonde
sorghum {n} (cereal) :: sorgo
sororicide {n} (killing of ones sister) :: zustermoord
sororicide {n} (sister killer) :: zustermoordenaar
sorority {n} :: zusterlijkheid
sorrel {n} (plant) :: zurkel, veldzuring {f}
sorrow {n} (unhappiness) :: verdriet {n}, smart {c}, droefheid {f}
sorry {adj} (regretful for an action or grieved) :: [to be sorry] spijten
sorry {adj} (poor, regrettable) :: armzalig, treurig
sorry {interj} (expression of regret or sorrow) :: sorry, het spijt me, pardon, excuseer
sorry {interj} (request to repeat) :: pardon?, wat zegt u, wat zeg je
sorry I'm late {phrase} (sorry I'm late) :: sorry dat ik laat ben
sorry, we don't accept credit cards {phrase} (sorry, we don't accept credit cards) :: sorry, wij aanvaarden geen creditcards
sort {n} (type) :: soort {f} [sometimes informally n]
sort {n} (act of sorting) :: sorteren {n}
sort {v} (separate according to certain criteria) :: sorteren
sort {v} (arrange in order) :: rangschikken
sortie {n} (an attack made by troops from a besieged position) SEE: sally ::
so-so {adj} (neither good nor bad) :: zozo
so-so {adv} (neither well nor poorly) :: zozo
sot {n} :: zot {m}
soteriology {n} (the study of salvation) :: soteriologie {f}
so that {conj} (in order to) :: zodat
São Tomé and Príncipe {prop} (Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe) :: Sao Tomé en Principe
so to speak {adv} (in a manner of speaking) :: als het ware
soufflé {n} (baked dish) :: soufflé {m}
soul {n} (the spirit or essence of a person that is believed to live on after the person’s death) :: ziel {f}
soul {n} (life, energy, vigour) :: ziel {f}
soul {n} (soul music) :: soul {f}
soulless {adj} (without a soul) :: zielloos
soulmate {n} (Someone with whom one has a special connection) :: soulmate {m}, zielsverwant {m}, geestverwant {m}
soul music {n} (music genre) :: soul {f}
sound {adj} (complete, solid, or secure) :: degelijk
sound {adj} :: gezond
sound {n} (sensation perceived by the ear) :: geluid {n}, klank {m}
sound {n} :: geluid {n}, klank {m}, toon {m}
sound {v} (to produce a sound) :: klinken, luiden, geluid maken, toon voortbrengen
sound {v} (to convey an impression by one's sound) :: klinken
sound {n} (cuttlefish) SEE: cuttlefish ::
sound {n} (air bladder) SEE: swim bladder ::
Sound {prop} (strait that separates Zealand from Scania) :: De Sont
sound box {n} (resonant chamber of a stringed musical instrument) :: klankkast {m} {f}
sound card {n} (a computer hardware device used for generating and capturing sounds) :: geluidskaart
sound change {n} (language change that affects pronunciation) :: klankverandering {f}
sounding board {n} (A thin board that forms part of the resonating chamber of a musical instrument and serves to reinforce its sound) :: klankbord {n}
sound law {n} (rule that describes historical sound change in a language) :: klankwet {f}
sound post {n} (wooden rod inside a musical instrument) :: stapel {m}, ziel {f}
soundscape {n} (electroacoustic musical composition) :: soundscape
soup {n} (dish) :: soep {f}
soup {n} (unfortunate situation) :: [in expression "de soep in lopen"] soep
souped-up {adj} (drunk, intoxicated) SEE: drunk ::
souped-up {adj} (excited) SEE: excited ::
soupçon {n} (suspicion, suggestion) SEE: suspicion ::
soupçon {n} (very small amount) SEE: modicum ::
soupspoon {n} (spoon for eating soup) :: soeplepel {m}
sour {adj} (having an acidic, sharp or tangy taste) :: zuur
sour {adj} :: wrang
source {n} (person, place or thing) :: bron {f}
source {n} (spring etc.) :: bron {c}
source {n} (informant) :: bron {c}
source {n} :: bron
source {n} ((computing) source code) SEE: source code ::
source code {n} (human-readable instructions in a programming language) :: broncode {m}
source language {n} (language from which a translation is done) :: brontaal
sourdough {n} (dough) :: zuurdesem
sourness {n} (quality or condition) :: zuurte {f}, zerpte {f}
soursop {n} (tree) :: zuurzak {m}, zuurzakboom {m}
soursop {n} (fruit) :: zuurzak {m}, zuurzakvrucht {m} {f}
south {n} (compass point) :: zuiden {n}
south {adj} (of or pertaining to the south) :: zuid, zuidelijk
South Africa {prop} (country) :: Zuid-Afrika
South African English {n} (English dialect of South Africa) :: Zuid-Afrikaans Engels
South African Republic {prop} :: Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek
South America {prop} (continent that is the southern part of the Americas) :: Zuid-Amerika {n}
South Australia {prop} (state of Australia) :: Zuid-Australië
South Caucasus {prop} (region of southwest Asia) :: Trans-Kaukasië
southeast {n} (compass point) :: zuidoosten {n}
southeast {adj} :: zuidoost, zuidoostelijk
Southeast Asia {prop} (a subregion of Asia) :: Zuidoost-Azië
southeasterly {adj} (situated in, or pointing to, the southeast) :: zuidoostelijk
southeasterly {adv} (from the southeast) :: zuidoostelijk
southern {adj} (of the south) :: zuid, zuidelijk
southern {adj} (of or pertaining to a southern region) :: zuiders
Southern Europe {prop} (Southern Europe) :: Zuid-Europa
southernmost {adj} (farthest south) :: zuidelijkst
Southern Ocean {prop} (the ocean surrounding Antarctica) :: Zuidelijke IJszee, Antarctische Oceaan
South Holland {prop} (province) :: Zuid-Holland {n}
South Korea {prop} (country in East Asia) :: Zuid-Korea {n}
South Ossetia {prop} (South Ossetia) :: Zuid-Ossetië
southpaw {n} :: linkshandig
south pole {n} (the southernmost point on a celestial body) :: zuidpool {m}
south pole {n} (negative magnetic pole) :: zuidpool {m}
South Pole {prop} (the southernmost point on Earth) :: Zuidpool {m}
South Sea {prop} (Southern Ocean) SEE: Southern Ocean ::
southside {n} (the southern side of a building, street, area, etc.) :: zuidkant, zuidzijde, zuiderzijde
South Slavic {prop} (of or relating to the South Slavs) :: Zuid-Slavisch
South Sudan {prop} (country in Africa) :: Zuid-Soedan {n}
South Sudanese {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to the country of South Sudan or the South Sudanese people) :: Zuid-Soedanees
South Sudanese {n} (A person from South Sudan or of South Sudanese descent) :: Zuid-Soedanees {m}
southward {adv} (towards the south) :: zuidwaarts
Southwark {prop} (borough of London) :: Zuidwerk {n}
southwest {n} (compass point) :: zuidwesten {n}
southwest {adj} (towards the southwest) :: zuidwest, zuidwestelijk
South West Africa {prop} (former province of South Africa) :: Zuidwest-Afrika {n}
southwester {n} (waterproof hat) SEE: sou'wester ::
southwesterly {adj} (situated in or pointing to the southwest) :: zuidwestelijk
southwesterly {adj} (comng from the southwest) :: zuidwestelijk
southwesterly {adv} (from the southwest) :: zuidwestelijk
South Yemen {prop} (country) :: Zuid-Jemen
souvenir {n} (item of sentimental value to remember an event or location) :: aandenken {n}, souvenir {n}
sou'wester {n} (waterproof hat) :: zuidwester {m}
sovereign {adj} (exercising power of rule) :: soeverein
sovereign {n} (monarch) :: vorst {m}
sovereignty {n} (of a nation: the state of making laws and controlling resources without the coercion of other nations.) :: soevereiniteit {f}
soviet {n} (council) :: sovjet
soviet {n} (form of government) :: sovjet
soviet {adj} :: sovjet-
Soviet {prop} (soviet) SEE: soviet ::
Soviet {adj} (pertaining to the Soviet Union or its republics) :: Sovjet-
Soviet Russia {prop} (Russia) SEE: Russia ::
Soviet Russia {prop} (Soviet Union) SEE: Soviet Union ::
Soviet Socialist Republic {prop} (any of the republics belonging to the former Soviet Union, see also: SSR) :: socialistische sovjetrepubliek {f}
Soviet Union {prop} (USSR, see also: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; USSR) :: Sovjet-Unie {f}
sovnarkhoz {n} (a regional economic council of the Soviet Union (historical)) :: sovnarchoz {m}
sow {n} (female pig) :: zeug {f}
sow {v} (disperse seeds) :: zaaien
sower {n} (one who sows) :: zaaier {m}
so what {interj} (reply of indifference) :: nou en?, lekker belangrijk, boeiend
sow the wind, reap the whirlwind {proverb} (every decision has consequences; a person's actions will come back to them) :: wie wind zaait, zal storm oogsten
soy {n} (soy sauce) SEE: soy sauce ::
soya bean {n} (soybean) SEE: soybean ::
soybean {n} :: sojaboon {c}
soy milk {n} (a beverage made from soy beans) :: sojamelk {f}
soy sauce {n} (a condiment and ingredient made from fermented soybeans) :: sojasaus {f}, ketjap {m}
space {n} (while) SEE: while ::
space {n} (physical extent in two or three dimensions) :: ruimte {f}
space {n} (area beyond atmosphere of planets) :: ruimte {f}
space {n} (gap between written characters, lines etc.) :: spatie {m}
space age {n} (current historical period which started with the launch of the Sputnik) :: ruimtevaarttijdperk {n}
space bar {n} (key) :: spatiebalk {m}
spacecraft {n} (vehicle that travels through space) SEE: spaceship ::
space curve {n} (curve in a space) :: ruimtekromme {f}
space flight {n} (flight into, from, or through space) :: ruimtevaart {f}
space frame {n} (a three-dimensional truss, often of steel, forming a rigid, stable structure) :: spaceframe
space hopper {n} (large rubber ball upon which one bounces) :: skippybal {m}, springbal {m}, kangoeroebal {m}
space opera {n} (subgenre of speculative fiction) :: ruimteopera {f}
space opera {n} (subgenre of speculative fiction or science fiction that utilizes serialisation) :: ruimteopera {f}
space opera {n} (a work or production) :: ruimteopera {f}
spaceport {n} (a site for launching spacecraft) :: ruimtehaven {f}, kosmodroom {m} {n}
space probe {n} (unmanned space vehicle designed to voyage beyond Earth's orbit) :: ruimtesonde {c}
spaceship {n} (vehicle that flies through space) :: ruimteschip {n}; ruimtetuig {n}, ruimtevaartuig
space shuttle {n} (vehicle capable of travelling repeatedly btw Earth and outer space) :: ruimteveer {n}, space shuttle {m}
Space Shuttle {n} (a space transportation system) :: ruimteveer {n}, space shuttle {m}
space sickness {n} (motion sickness caused by the weightlessness of space flight) :: ruimteziekte {f}
space station {n} (crewed artificial satellite) :: ruimtestation {n}
space-time {n} (spacetime) SEE: spacetime ::
spacetime {n} (four dimensional continuum) :: ruimte-tijd, ruimtetijd, tijd-ruimte, tijdruimte
space travel {n} (travel through space in order to visit and explore other worlds) :: ruimtevaart {f}
spacewalk {n} (activity by an astronaut outside of a spacecraft) :: ruimtewandeling {f}
spacious {adj} (having much space; roomy) :: ruimtelijk
spackle {n} (powder that when mixed with water forms a plastic paste) :: plamuur {m}
spade {n} (a garden tool with a handle and a flat blade for digging) :: schop {f}, spade {f}, [Flemish] schup {f}, schep {f}
spade {n} (one of the black suits in a deck of cards) :: schoppen {p}, schuppen {p} [Flemish]
spades {n} (spade) SEE: spade ::
spades {n} (suit of playing cards) :: schoppen {m} {f}
spaghetti {n} (informally: any type of pasta) SEE: pasta ::
spaghetti {n} (pasta) :: spaghetti {m}
spaghetti western {n} (western film produced in Europe by an Italian company) :: spaghettiwestern {m}
spahi {n} :: spahi {m}
Spain {prop} (country in Europe) :: Spanje {n}
spam {n} (unsolicited bulk electronic messages) :: spam {m}, ongewenste elektronische post {f}, spamboodschap {f}, ongewenste mail {m}
span {n} (pair of horses or other animals) :: span {n}
spandrel {n} (space between an arch and another object) :: zwik {m}
spangled kookaburra {n} (Dacelo tyro) :: aroekookaburra
Spanglish {prop} (blend of English and Spanish) :: Spanglish
Spaniard {n} (somebody from Spain) :: Spanjaard {m}, Spaanse {f}
spaniel {n} (dog) :: spaniël {m}
Spanish {adj} (of or pertaining to Spain) :: Spaans
Spanish {n} (Romance language of Spain and the Americas) :: Spaans {n}
Spanish chestnut {n} (tree) :: tamme kastanjeboom
Spanish chestnut {n} (fruit) :: tamme kastanje {m}
Spanish influenza {n} (influenza pandemic) :: Spaanse griep
Spanish Netherlands {prop} (country) :: Spaanse Nederlanden {p}
Spanish Water Dog {n} (Spanish Water Dog) :: Spaanse waterhond
spank {v} (to smack or slap a person's buttocks, with the bare hand or other object.) :: billenkoek geven, voor de billen geven
spank {n} (an instance of spanking; a smack or slap) :: klap voor de billen
spank {n} (a slapping sound, as produced by spanking) :: klap
spanking {n} (form of physical punishment) :: billenkoek, pak voor de broek {n}, voor de billen geven {n}
spanking {n} (an incident of such an act, also in a non-punitive context) :: billenkoek, pak voor de broek {n}
spanner {n} (hand tool for adjusting nuts and bolts) :: steeksleutel {m}
spar {n} (nautical: linear object used as a mast, sprit, yard, boom, pole or gaff) :: rondhout {n}
spar {n} (rafter of a roof) SEE: rafter ::
spare {v} (to save (money) for reserve) :: sparen
spare part {n} (component kept in reserve) :: reserveonderdeel {n}, reservedeel {n}, wisselstuk {n}
spare the rod and spoil the child {proverb} (if one does not discipline a child he or she will never learn respect or humility) :: zachte heelmeesters, stinkende wonden
spare time {n} (free time) SEE: free time ::
sparge {v} (to sprinkle or spray) :: sprenkelen
sparingly {adv} (in a sparing manner) :: spaarzaam
spark {n} (particle of glowing matter) :: vonk {f}, sprank {f}, vuursprank {f}
spark {n} (burst of electrical discharge) :: vonk
sparkler {n} (hand-held firework) :: sterretje {n}
sparkling water {n} (a form of carbonated water) SEE: soda water ::
sparkling wine {n} (effervescent wine) :: schuimwijn {m}, bubbelwijn {m}, mousserende wijn {m}
spark plug {n} (part of an internal combustion engine) :: bougie {c}
sparrow {n} (bird of the family Passeridae) :: mus {m} {f}, huismus {f}
sparrow {n} (bird of the family Emberizidae) :: gors {m} {f}
sparrow {n} :: mus {f}, huismus {f}
sparrow {n} (Passer domesticus) SEE: house sparrow ::
sparrow hawk {n} (Falco sparverius) SEE: American kestrel ::
sparrow hawk {n} (Accipiter nisus) SEE: Eurasian sparrowhawk ::
sparrowhawk {n} (Eurasian sparrowhawk) SEE: Eurasian sparrowhawk ::
sparse {adj} (having widely spaced intervals) :: verspreid
sparse {adj} (not dense; meager) :: schaars,dun,mager
Sparta {prop} (ancient city-state in southern Greece) :: Sparta
Spartacus {prop} (Thracian name) :: Spartacus
spartan {adj} (austere, lacking luxury) :: spartaans
Spartan {adj} (spartan) SEE: spartan ::
Spartan {n} (citizen of Sparta) :: Spartaan
Spartan {adj} (of Sparta) :: Spartaans
spasm {n} (contraction of a muscle) :: kramp {m} {f}
spasm {n} (a violent, excruciating seizure of pain) :: stuip {m} {f}
spasticity {n} (state, quality or property) :: spasticiteit {f}
spat {n} (covering worn over a shoe) :: slobkous {f}
spat {n} (quarrel) :: ruzie
spat {v} (to quarrel) :: ruzien {n}
spate {n} (a river flood; an overflow or inundation) :: overstroming {f}, bandjir
spate {n} (a sudden rush or increase) :: stroom {m}, toevloed {m}
spatial {adj} (pertaining to space) :: ruimtelijk
spatula {n} (kitchen utensil for turning and lifting) :: spatel {c}
spatula {n} (palette knife) :: spatel {c}, steker {m}
spatula {n} (thin hand tool for handling chemicals or other materials) :: spatel {c}
spawn {v} (to reproduce, especially in large numbers) :: paaien
spawn {n} (the numerous eggs of an aquatic organism) :: kuit {m}
spay {v} (remove the ovaries) :: steriliseren
spaz {n} (stupid person) :: spast {m}
spaz {n} (incompetent person) :: spast {m}
spaz {n} (tantrum, fit) :: spasme {n}
speak {v} (to communicate with one's voice using words) :: spreken
speak {v} (to be able to communicate in a language) :: spreken
speaker {n} (one who speaks) :: spreker {m}, spreekster {f}
speaker {n} (loudspeaker) :: box, luidspreker
speaking {adj} (eloquent) SEE: eloquent ::
speak of the devil {phrase} (expression used when a person mentioned in the current conversation happens to arrive) :: als je het over de duivel hebt, dan zie je zijn staart
speak out {v} (assert or promote one's opinion; to make one's thoughts known) :: zich uitspreken
speak volumes {v} (to convey significant information beyond what is explicit) :: boekdelen spreken
spear {n} (long stick with a sharp tip) :: speer {f}, spies {f}, lans {f}, geer {m}
spear {n} :: speer
spear carrier {n} (person in a play or movie with a minimal part) SEE: walk-on ::
spearhead {n} (the pointed head, or end, of a spear) :: speerpunt {m}
special {adj} (distinguished by a unique or unusual quality) :: speciaal
special {adj} (of particular interest or value; certain; dear; beloved; favored) :: speciaal
special {n} (A reduction in consumer cost (usually for a limited time) for items or services rendered) :: aanbieding {f}
special education {n} (educational services designed for students with learning difficulties) :: speciaal onderwijs {n}
specialist {n} (expert) :: specialist {m}
specialist {n} (physician) :: specialist {m} {f}
specialty {n} (that in which one specializes) :: specialiteit {f}, terrein {n}
species {n} (group of plants or animals having similar appearance) :: soort {f}
species {n} (rank in a taxonomic classification) :: soort {f}, species {f}
speciesism {n} :: speciesisme {m}
specific {adj} :: specifiek
specification {n} (explicit set of requirements) :: specificatie {f}
specificity {n} (the state of being specific rather than general) :: specificiteit
specificness {n} (specificity) SEE: specificity ::
specify {v} (to state explicitly, in detail, or as a condition) :: specificeren
specimen {n} (example) :: voorbeeld {n}
specimen {n} (sample) :: specimen {n}
specious {adj} (seemingly well-reasoned, but fallacious) :: schoonschijnend, misleidend, ongegrond,
speck {n} (tiny spot) :: vlek de, stip
spectacle {n} (optical instrument) SEE: spectacles ::
spectacle {n} (something exciting or extraordinary) :: spektakel {n}
spectacled {adj} (wearing spectacles) SEE: bespectacled ::
spectacles {n} (a pair of lenses set in a frame) :: bril {m}
spectacles {n} (plural of spectacle) SEE: spectacle ::
spectator {n} (observer) :: toeschouwer {m}, kijker {m}
spectral {adj} (of a spectrum) :: spectraal
spectrograph {n} (machine for recording spectra) :: spectrograaf {m}
spectrometer {n} (instrument for measuring the absorption of light by chemical substances) :: spectrometer {m}
spectroscope {n} (optical instrument used for spectrographic analysis) :: spectroscoop {m}
spectroscopy {n} (scientific study of spectra) :: spectroscopie {f}
spectrum {n} (range of colors) :: spectrum {n}
speculation {n} (judgment or conclusion reached by speculating) :: giswerk {n}, speculatie {f}
speculation {n} :: speculatie {f}
speculator {n} (one who speculates; as in investing) :: speculant {m}
speculoos {n} (biscuit) :: speculaas {n}
speech {n} (dialect or language) SEE: dialect ::
speech {n} (vocal communication) :: spraak {f}
speech {n} (an oration, session of speaking) :: toespraak {f}, speech {m}, rede {f}
speech balloon {n} (speech balloon) SEE: speech bubble ::
speech bubble {n} (rounded outline representing speech in a cartoon) :: tekstballon {m}
speech disorder {n} (malfunction) :: spraakgebrek {n}
speechless {adj} (not speaking; not knowing what to say) :: sprakeloos
speechreading {n} (lipreading) SEE: lipreading ::
speed {n} (luck, success, prosperity) SEE: luck ::
speed {n} (rapidity) :: snelheid {f}, vlugheid {f}
speed {n} (rate of motion) :: snelheid {f}, gezwindheid {f}, vaart {f}
speed {n} (slang: methamphetamine) :: speed
speed {v} :: snellen
speed bump {n} (transverse ridge in the road) :: verkeersdrempel {m}
speed camera {n} (camera to detect speeding vehicles) :: flitspaal {c}
speed limit {n} (maximum speed permitted) :: snelheidsbeperking {f}, snelheidsbegrenzing {f}
speed of sound {n} (speed at which sound is propagated) :: geluidssnelheid {f}
speedometer {n} (a device that measures, and indicates the current speed of a vehicle) :: snelheidsmeter {m}
speedwell {n} (plant) :: ereprijs
speedy {adj} (characterized by rapid or swift motion) :: spoedig
speleologist {n} (person who studies caves) :: speleoloog {m}, speleologe {f}
speleology {n} (scientific study of caves) :: speleologie {f}
spell {n} (magical incantation) :: toverspreuk {f}
spell {n} (magical effect of such incantation) :: betovering {f}
spell {v} (to write or say the letters that form a word) :: spellen
spell {v} (to compose a word) :: spellen
spell {v} (to indicate that some future event will occur) :: betekenen
spell {v} (to work in place of someone) :: invallen voor
spelling {n} (a specific spelling of a word) :: spelling {f}
spelling {n} :: spelling {f}
spelling pronunciation {n} (spelling pronunciation) :: spellinguitspraak {m} {f}
spelt {n} (a type of wheat, Triticum aestivum spelta) :: spelt {m}
spelunk {n} (cave, cavern, grotto) SEE: cave ::
spelunking {n} (exploring underground caverns) :: speleologie {f}
spend {v} (to consume, to use up (time)) :: besteden, doorbrengen
spend {v} :: uitgeven, doorbrengen
spent {adj} (used up) :: vermoeid, uitgeput
sperm {n} (cell) :: spermacel
sperm {n} (semen (fluid)) :: sperma {n}
spermatogenesis {n} (process of sperm production in the testes) :: spermatogenese
sperm bank {n} (vulgar: vagina) SEE: cunt ::
sperm whale {n} (sperm whale) :: potvis {m}
spew {n} (vomit) SEE: vomit ::
spew {v} (to vomit) :: overgeven, kotsen
spew {n} (ejaculate) SEE: ejaculate ::
spheral {adj} (spherical) SEE: spherical ::
sphere {n} (mathematics: regular three-dimensional object) :: bol {m}, sfeer {m} {f}
sphere {n} (spherical physical object) :: bol {m}
sphere {n} (region in which something or someone is active) :: omgeving {f}, bereik {n}, sfeer {m}
sphere {n} (astronomy: apparent outer limit of space) SEE: celestial sphere ::
-sphere {suffix} (designating some layer of the Earth) :: sfeer
sphere of influence {n} (area influenced by something) :: invloedssfeer {m}, jurisdictie {f}
spherical {adj} (shaped like a sphere) :: bolvormig
spherical aberration {n} (type of lens aberration) :: sferische aberratie {m}
spherical cap {n} (portion of sphere) :: bolkap, dop
sphincter {n} (band of muscle) :: sfincter {m},sluitspier
sphinx {n} (mythology: creature with the head of a person and the body of an animal) :: sfinx
Sphinx {prop} (large monument in Egypt) :: Sfinx
Sphinx {prop} (Greek mythological creature) :: Sfinx
sphygmomanometer {n} (device to measure blood pressure) :: sfygmomanometer {m}
spice {n} (Yorkshire dialect: sweets, candy) SEE: sweet ::
spice {n} (plant matter used to season or flavour food) :: kruid {n}, specerij {f}
spice {n} (any variety of spice) :: specerij {f}
spice {v} (to add spice or spices to) :: kruiden
spick-and-span {adj} (clean, spotless) :: spik en span
spicy {adj} (containing spice) :: gekruid, kruidig
spicy {adj} (racy) :: pikant
spider {n} (arthropod) :: spin {f}, kobbe {f}
spiderweb {n} (net-like construct of a spider) :: spinnenweb {n}
spiel {n} (A lengthy and extravagant speech or argument usually intended to persuade) :: breedsprakerig verhaal, donderpreek
spigot {n} (faucet) SEE: tap ::
spike addition {n} (technique in analytical chemistry) :: Standaardadditie
spill {v} (transitive: to drop something so that it spreads out) :: morsen
spill {n} (something that has been dropped) :: gemorste {n}
spill one's guts {v} (vomit) SEE: vomit ::
spin {v} (to turn around quickly) :: draaien
spin {v} (to make yarn) :: spinnen
spin {v} (to present a bias) :: spinnen
spin {v} (to make ball move sideways) :: spinnen
spin {v} (to move sideways when bouncing) :: doen draaien
spin {v} :: spinnen, draaien, tollen
spin {n} (circular motion) :: draaien
spin {n} :: draaimoment {n}
spinach {n} (a particular edible plant, Spinacia oleracea) :: spinazie {m}
spinal column {n} (spinal column) SEE: vertebral column ::
spinal cord {n} (thick, whitish cord of nerve tissue) :: ruggenmerg
spindle {n} (dragonfly) SEE: dragonfly ::
spindle {n} (rod in spinning and winding thread) :: spintol {m}, spindel {m}, spoel {f}
spindle {n} (rod which turns, or on which something turns round) :: spil {f}
spindle {n} (rotary axis of a machine tool or power tool) :: spil {f}, as {f}
spindle {n} (tree of the genus Euonymus) :: kardinaalsmuts {f}
spindle {n} (upright spike for holding papers) :: papierprikker {m}, piek {m}
spindle {n} (long and slender stalk resembling a spindle) :: staak {m}
spindle {n} ((geometry) solid) :: omwentelingslichaam {n}
spindle {v} (make into a long tapered shape) :: spinnen
spindle {v} (impale on a device for holding paper documents) :: opprikken
spin doctor {n} (person hired to improve public image) :: spindoctor {m}
spine {n} (backbone) :: ruggengraat
spine {n} (bound edge of a book) :: rug {m}
spine {n} (rigid, pointed surface protuberance or needle-like structure on an animal, shell, or plant) :: stekel {m}, doorn {m}
spinel {n} (any of several hard minerals of cubic symmetry that are mixed oxides of magnesium and aluminium) :: spinel
spine pig {n} (porcupine) SEE: porcupine ::
spinning mule {n} (machine that spins thread from fibres) :: Mule Jenny, Spinning Mule
spinning top {n} (a toy) :: draaitol, tol {m}
spinning wheel {n} (device for spinning thread with a wheel and a spindle) :: spinnewiel {n}
spin-off {n} (offshoot) SEE: offshoot ::
spin-off {n} (by-product) SEE: by-product ::
spinor {n} (element of Clifford algebra) :: spinor
spinster {n} (unmarried woman) :: oude vrijster {f}, ongehuwde vrouw {f}
spinster {n} (one who spins a political media story) :: spindoctor
spinster {n} (obsolete: occupation) :: spinner, spinster
spiny anteater {n} (common name for echidna) SEE: echidna ::
spiny dogfish {n} (Squalus acanthias) :: doornhaai
spiny lobster {n} (crustacean of the family Palinuridae) :: langoest {m}
spiral {n} (geometry) :: spiraal {c}
spiral galaxy {n} (spiral galaxy) :: spiraalstelsel {n}
spiral staircase {n} (type of staircase) :: wenteltrap {m}, draaitrap {m}, spindeltrap {m}, windeltrap {m}
spire {n} (tapering architectural structure) :: spits {m} {f}, torenspits {m} {f}
spire {n} (top, or uppermost point, of anything; the summit) :: top, toppunt
spirit {n} (soul) :: geest {m}, ziel {f}
spirit {n} (supernatural being) :: geest {m}
spiritism {n} (Spiritism) SEE: Spiritism ::
Spiritism {prop} (philosophical doctrine) :: spiritisme
spirit level {n} (spirit level) :: waterpas
spiritual {adj} (of or pertaining to the spirit or the soul) :: geestelijk, spiritueel
spirituality {n} (concern for what is unseen and intangible) :: spiritualiteit {f}
spit {n} (a rod on which meat is grilled/broiled) :: spit {n}
spit {v} (to evacuate saliva from the mouth) :: spuwen, spugen
spit {n} (saliva) :: speeksel {n}, spuug {n}, spuwsel {n}
spite {n} (ill-will or hatred toward another; a desire to vex or injure) :: boosaardigheid {m}, wrok {m}
spite {n} (vexation, chagrin, mortification) :: ergernis, droefheid, ascese, irritatie
spite {v} (to be angry at; to hate) :: haten
spite {v} (to treat maliciously) :: mishandelen
spiteful {adj} (filled with spite) :: hatelijk, rancuneus, onheus
spitting image {n} (the exact likeness of someone) :: (ze lijken als) twee druppels water
spitting spider {n} (spider from the family Scytodidae) :: lijmspuiter
spittoon {n} (receptacle for spit) :: kwispedoor
splash {n} (the sound made by an object hitting a liquid) :: plons {m}
splash {v} (to hit or agitate liquid) :: spetteren
splay {v} (To dislocate, as a shoulder bone) SEE: dislocate ::
spleen {n} (organ) :: milt {m}
splendid {adj} :: schitterend, prachtig
splendor {n} (magnificent appearance) :: pracht, grandeur
splenectomy {n} (surgical removal of the spleen) :: splenectomie {f}
splenomegaly {n} (enlargement of the spleen) :: splenomegalie {f}
splice {v} (to unite in marriage) SEE: marry ::
splint {n} (immobilizing device) :: spalk
splint {v} (apply splint) :: spalken
splinter {n} (fragment of material) :: splinter
splinter {n} (group) :: splintergroep
splinter {v} (to come apart into splinters) :: versplinteren, splinteren
splinter {v} (to cause to break apart into splinters) :: versplinteren
split {n} (breach, division) :: afsplitsing {f}
split {v} (divide along a more or less straight line) :: splitsen, opsplitsen
split {v} (share out) :: verdelen
split end {n} (A hair which has split at the end) :: gespleten haarpunt
splits {n} (manoeuvre, acrobatic feat) :: grand écart {m}, spagaat, split {m}
split-second {n} (a brief moment) :: fractie van een seconde {f}
splitting {n} (instance of splitting) :: splitsing {f}
spoil {v} (ruin) :: verbrodden, verprutsen
spoil {v} (to coddle or pamper) :: verwennen, [maybe only in Flanders] bederven
spoil {v} (become sour or rancid, to decay) :: bederven
spoil {n} (plunder taken from an enemy or victim) :: buit {f}
spoiled {adj} (of a child) :: verwend
spoiler {n} (document, review or comment) :: spoiler
spoils {n} (that which is taken from another by violence) :: plundering, roofbuit
spoils {n} (public offices and their benefits regarded as the peculiar property of a successful party or faction.) :: het uitdelen van ambten aan partijgenoten, vriendjespolitiek
spoils of war {n} (profits extracted as the result of winning a war) :: krijgsbuit {m}
spoilt {adj} (of food: rendered unusable or inedible) :: bedorven
spoilt {adj} (of a child) :: verwend
spoke {n} (part of a wheel) :: spaak {m} {f}
spoken {adj} (concerning speech) :: gesproken
spokesman {n} (one who speaks as the voice of a group of people) :: woordvoerder {m}, woordvoerster {f}, zegsman {m}, zegsvrouw {f}
spokesperson {n} (person who acts as the voice of a group of people) :: woordvoerder {m}, woordvoerster {f}, zegsman {m}, zegsvrouw {f}
spokeswoman {n} (woman who speaks as the voice of a group of people) :: woordvoerster {f}
spoliation {n} (plundering) :: plundering
spoliation {n} (authorized plundering) :: vrijbuiterij
spoliation {n} (destruction of evidence) :: bewijsvernietiging
spondyle {n} (joint of the backbone) SEE: vertebra ::
sponge {n} (marine invertebrate) :: spons {f}
sponge {n} (sponge cake) SEE: sponge cake ::
sponge cake {n} (type of soft cake made from flour, sugar, baking powder and eggs, with a spongy structure) :: biscuitgebak {n}
sponger {n} (one who sponges) :: klaploper {m}
sponsor {v} (to be a sponsor for) :: sponsoren
spontaneous {adj} (random) SEE: random ::
spontaneous {adj} (self generated; happening without any apparent external cause) :: spontaan
spontaneous {adj} :: spontaan
spontaneous abortion {n} (miscarriage) :: miskraam {m} {n},
spontaneously {adv} (in a spontaneous manner) :: spontaan
spoof {n} (act of deception, hoax) :: grap, mystificatie, bedotterij
spoof {v} (to gently satirize) :: parodieren
spoof {v} (to deceive) :: misleiden, bedriegen
spoof {v} (to falsify) :: vervalsen
spook {n} (spirit returning to haunt a place) :: spook {n}, geest
spook {n} (ghost or apparition) :: spook {n}, schijnsel {n}
spook {n} (hobgoblin) :: kabouter {c}
spook {n} (spy) :: spion {c}, verspieder {c}
spook {n} (pejorative: black person) :: neger {c}
spool {n} (spindle) :: bobijn {f}, spoel {f}
spoon {n} (scooped utensil for eating (or serving)) :: lepel {m}
spoon {v} (sailing terminology) :: laveren
spoon {v} (to flirt) SEE: flirt ::
spoon {n} (measure that will fit into a spoon) SEE: spoonful ::
spoonbill {n} (bird) :: lepelaar {m}
spoonbill {n} (paddlefish) SEE: paddlefish ::
spoonerism {n} (phrase where sounds are transposed) :: spoonerisme {n}
spoon-feed {v} :: oplepelen
spoonful {n} (amount a spoon will hold) :: lepel, lepelvol
Sporades {prop} (archipelago) :: Sporaden
sporadic {adj} (rare and scattered in occurrence) :: sporadisch
sporange {n} (sporangium) SEE: sporangium ::
sporangium {n} (a case, capsule, or container in which spores are produced) :: sporangium {n}, sporendoosje {n}
spore {n} (reproductive particle) :: spoor {n}
sport {n} (any athletic activity that uses physical skills) :: sport {m}
sporting {adj} (pertaining to sports) :: sportief
sporting {adj} (exhibiting sportsmanship) :: sportief
sportive {adj} (gay, frolicsome, merry) SEE: merry ::
sportive {adj} (playful, coltish) SEE: playful ::
spot {n} (stain) :: vlek {f}, [Flemish] plek {f}
spot {n} (pimple, pustule) :: puist {f}
spot {n} (a round or irregular patch of a different color) :: vlek {f}, [Flemish] plek {f}
spot {n} (small amount) :: beetje {n}, [food] hap {m}
spot {n} (location or area) :: plaats {f}, plek {f}
spot {n} (bright lamp; spotlight) :: spot {m}, straler {m}
spot {n} (a brief advertisement) :: spot {m}, reclamespot {m}
spot {v} (see, pick out, notice or identify) :: opmerken, vinden, bemerken
spot {v} (loan money to somebody) :: lenen, [Netherlands] matsen
spot {v} (stain; leave a spot) :: bevlekken, vlekken maken
spot {v} (remove, or attempt to remove, a stain) :: ontvlekken
spot {v} (sports: support or assist a maneuver) :: spotten
spot-backed antshrike {n} (bird) :: vlekrug-mierklauwier
spotlight {n} (a bright lamp, especially one used to illuminate the center of attention on a stage) :: spotlight {m} {f}
spot-winged antshrike {n} (Pygiptila stellaris) :: vlekvleugel-mierklauwier
spouse {n} (person in a marriage or marital relationship) :: echtgenoot, eega, wederhelft, gade
spouse {v} (to get married to) SEE: espouse ::
spout {v} (to gush forth in a stream) :: spuiten
sprachbund {n} (group of languages sharing areal features primarily due to language contact) :: taalbond {m}
Sprachraum {n} (geographical region where a language is spoken) :: taalgebied {n}
sprain {v} (to weaken a joint, ligament, or muscle) :: verstuiken
sprain {n} (act or result of spraining) :: verstuiking
sprat {n} (any of various small marine fish in the genus Sprattus) :: sprot {m}
sprawl {v} (to sit with limbs spread out) :: armen en benen uitspreiden
sprawl {v} (to spread out in disorderly fashion) :: verspreiden, zich uitstrekken
sprayhood {n} (companionway cover) SEE: dodger ::
spread {v} (to stretch out, expand) :: verspreiden, spreiden, uitbreiden, verbreiden, uitstrekken
spread {v} (to extend, stretch out (limbs etc)) :: spreiden, uitspreiden, strekken, uitstrekken, stretchen
spread {v} (to disperse, scatter) :: verbreiden, verspreiden, uitstrooien
spread {v} (to smear, distribute in a thin layer) :: smeren, bestrijken, besmeren, uitsmeren
spread {v} ((transitive) to disseminate, make known or present) :: verspreiden, verbreiden
spread {v} ((intransitive) to take up a larger area, expand) :: [zich] verspreiden, uitbreiden, verbreden, vergroten, verwijden
spread {n} (food designed to be spread) :: pasta
spreadable {adj} (spreadable) :: smeuïg
spreader {n} (horizontal spar attached to the mast of a sailboat in order to extend the shrouds) :: ra {m} {f}
spread like wildfire {v} (spread like wildfire) :: als een lopend vuurtje {n}
spread out {v} :: uitspreiden
spring {v} (to jump or leap) :: springen
spring {n} (first season) :: lente {m}, voorjaar {n}
spring {n} (water source) :: bron {f}, wel {f}
spring {n} (device made of flexible material) :: veer {f}
spring {n} (nautical: rope to prevent surging) :: spring {m}
spring {n} (erection of the penis) SEE: erection ::
spring {n} (higher than average tide) SEE: spring tide ::
spring balance {n} (a device for measuring weight or force by the elasticity of a spiral spring) :: weeghaak {m}, veerunster {f}
springboard {n} (flexible diving board) :: springplank
springbok {n} (Antidorcas marsupialis) :: springbok {m}
spring cleaning {n} (systematic cleaning at the end of winter) :: voorjaarsschoonmaak {m}
spring constant {n} (characteristic of a spring) :: veerconstante
springer {n} (springbok) SEE: springbok ::
spring roll {n} (shredded vegetables wrapped in a pancake) :: loempia {c}
spring roll {n} (egg roll) SEE: egg roll ::
spring tide {n} (tide which occurs when the moon is new or full) :: springtij {n}
spring to life {v} (start to exist) :: ontspringen, ontspruiten, ontstaan
spring to mind {v} (appear in one's thoughts) :: te binnen schieten
springwater {n} (water originating from a spring) :: bronwater
sprinkle {v} (to cause to fall in fine drops) :: sprenkelen
sprinkles {n} (small candy or sugar pieces as decoration) :: hagelslag {m}
sprint {n} (short race at top speed) :: sprint {m}
sprite {n} (the green woodpecker, or yaffle) SEE: green woodpecker ::
sprocket {n} (toothed wheel) :: kettingwiel {n}
sprocket {n} (extension of roof) :: uitbreker {m}, hoekkeper {m}
sprout {n} (new growth on a plant) :: scheut, spruit {m} {f}
sprout {n} (child) :: spruit {m} {f}
sprout {n} (edible germinated seed) :: kiemgroente {f}
sprout {v} (to grow, to germinate) :: ontspruiten
sprout {v} (to cause to grow from a seed) :: laten ontkiemen
sprout {n} (Brussels sprout) SEE: Brussels sprout ::
spruce {n} (tree from the genus Picea) :: spar {m}
spruce {n} (wood of a spruce) :: spar {m}, sparrenhout {n}
sprue {n} (malabsorption syndrome) :: tropische spruw, Indische spruw, aphthae tropicae, psilosis
spry {adj} (nimble, active) :: kwiek
spunk {n} (courage; spirit; mettle; determination) :: moed, vastberadenheid, levendigheid
spur {n} (implement for prodding a horse) :: spoor {c}
spur {v} (to urge or encourage to action) :: aansporen, aanmoedigen, bewegen
spurdog {n} (spiny dogfish) SEE: spiny dogfish ::
spurious {adj} (false) :: vals
spurn {v} (to reject disdainfully) :: versmaden
spur on {v} (spur) SEE: spur ::
sputnik {n} (a Soviet robotic space satellite) :: spoetnik {m}
spy {n} (person who secretly watches) :: spion {m}, spionne {f}
spy {v} (to act as a spy) :: spioneren, bespieden
spyglass {n} (portable telescope) :: verrekijker
spyglass {n} (binoculars) SEE: binoculars ::
spying {n} (espionage) SEE: espionage ::
spy satellite {n} (artificial space satellite used for reconnaissance or intelligence gathering) :: spionagesatelliet {m}
spyware {n} (program) :: spyware {m}
squacco heron {n} (Ardeola ralloides) :: ralreiger {m}
squadron {n} (army: body of cavalry) :: eskadron {m}
squadron {n} (navy: detachment of vessels) :: eskader {n}
squadron {n} (air force: tactical unit of at least two flights) :: eskader {n}
squall {v} (to cry or wail loudly) :: windstoot {m}, krijsen, schreeuwen
squalor {n} (squalidness) :: weerzinwekkende vuiligheid, miserabele omstandigheden
squander {v} (to waste) :: verspillen, verkwanselen, verbrassen
square {n} (type of polygon) :: vierkant {n}
square {n} (tool) :: winkelhaak {m}
square {n} (open space in a town) :: plein {n}, markt {f}, plaats {f}, square {m}
square {n} (cell in a grid) :: veld
square {n} (second power) :: kwadraat {n}, tweede macht {f}
square {n} (the # symbol on a telephone) :: hekje {n}
square {adj} (shaped like a square) :: vierkant, vierkante
square {adj} (forming a right angle) :: met rechte hoek
square {adj} (used in the names of units) :: vierkante
square {v} (to resolve, see also: resolve) :: oplossen
square {v} (math: to multiply by itself) :: kwadrateren, tot de tweede macht verheffen
square {n} (act quarrelling) SEE: quarrel ::
square {v} (to take opposing sides) SEE: quarrel ::
square {adj} (fair) SEE: fair ::
square bracket {n} (symbol [ or ]) :: vierkant haakje {n}, vierkante haak {m}, blokhaakje {n}, blokhaak {m}
square centimeter {n} (unit of area) :: vierkante centimeter, [symbol] cm2
squared {adj} (raised to the second power) :: kwadraat
square kilometer {n} (square kilometre) SEE: square kilometre ::
square kilometre {n} (standard unit of area) :: vierkante kilometer {m}
square matrix {n} (matrix having the same number of rows as columns) :: vierkante matrix
square metre {n} (standard unit of area) :: vierkante meter {m}
square root {n} (number) :: vierkantswortel {m}, wortel {m}
square sail {n} (sail set athwartships in a yard) :: razeil {n}
square wave {n} (function or waveform that alternates regularly and instantaneously between two levels) :: blokgolf {f}
squash {n} (The sport) :: squash {n}
squash {v} (to compress) :: samenpersen
squat {adj} (relatively short or low and thick or broad) :: gedrongen
squat {adj} (sitting low on the heels) :: hurken
squat {n} (position assumed by bending deeply at the knees while resting on one's feet) :: hurken
squat {n} (building occupied without permission) :: kraakpand
squat {v} (to bend at the knees) :: hurken
squat {v} (weightlifting: to exercise) :: kniebuigen
squat {v} (to occupy without permission) :: kraken
squatter {n} (one occupying a place without permission) :: kraker {m}, kraakster {f}
squawk {n} (shrill noise) :: gekrijs {n}, schreeuw {m}
squawk {v} (to make a squawking noise) :: krijsen, snerpen
squeak {v} (emit sound) :: piepen
squeal {v} (to scream a high-pitched squeal) :: snierken, krijsen
squeamish {adj} (easily bothered or upset; tending to be nauseous or nervous) :: teergevoelig, snel misselijk
squeegee {n} (tool used for cleaning glass) :: ruitenwisser , aftrekker {m}
squeegee {n} (printing tool) :: rakel
squeegee {v} (to clean with squeegee) :: aftrekken
squeeze {v} (to apply pressure to from two or more sides at once) :: klemmen, knijpen, persen, drukken
squeeze {v} (to fit into a tight place) :: persen, drukken
squeeze {v} :: knijpen
squeeze out {v} (used other than as an idiom, to squeeze out) :: uitknijpen, uitpersen
squib {n} (device used to ignite a rocket) :: lont {f}
squib {v} (make a sound such as a small explosion) :: ploffen
squicky {adj} (of something that engenders disgust) :: vies, jakkes, eikes, beikes
squid {n} (sea animal) :: inktvis {m}
squiggly {adj} (Not straight; wavy) :: kronkelend
squint {v} (to look with the eyes partly closed, as in bright sunlight) :: ogen dichtknijpen , gluren
squint {v} (to look or glance sideways) :: loensen
squint {v} (to look with, or have eyes that are turned in different directions) :: scheelkijken
squint {n} (expression in which the eyes are partly closed) :: gluren
squint {n} (look of eyes which are turned in different directions, like in strabismus) :: scheelkijken {n}
squinter {n} (one who squints) :: schele
squire {n} (armor-bearer who attended a knight) :: schildknaap {m}
squirearchy {n} (landowning gentry) :: landadel
squirm {v} (twist one’s body with snakelike motion) :: wriemelen, wringen
squirm {v} (twist in discomfort, especially from shame or embarrassment) :: wriemelen
squirm {v} (to evade a question, an interviewer etc.) :: ontwijken
squirrel {n} (rodent) :: eekhoorn {m}
squirrel monkey {n} (Saimiri) :: doodshoofdaapje {n}
squirt {v} :: spuiten
squits {n} (colloquial: diarrhea) :: buikloop {m}, diarree {m}
Sranan {prop} (the Sranantongo English-based creole of Suriname) SEE: Sranan Tongo ::
Sranan Tongo {prop} (language) :: Sranantongo {n}, Surinaams {n}, Sranan {n}
Srebrenica {prop} (Bosnian town) :: Srebrenica
Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte {prop} (the administrative capital of Sri Lanka) :: Sri Jayewardenapura Kotte
Sri Lanka {prop} (a country in South Asia) :: Sri Lanka {n}
St. {n} (abbreviation of Saint) SEE: St ::
St {n} (abbreviation of Saint) :: St.
stab {n} (act of stabbing) :: steek
stab {n} (wound made by stabbing) :: steekwond
stab {n} (attempt) :: poging
stab {n} (criticism) :: kritiek,aanval
stab {v} (To pierce or wound with pointed object) :: steken
stab {v} (To recklessly hit with the tip of a pointed object) :: steken
stab {v} (To cause a sharp painful sensation) :: steken
stability {n} :: stabiliteit {f}
stable {n} (building for animals with hoofs) :: stal
stable {n} (building for horses) :: paardenstal
stable {v} (put or keep in a stable) :: stallen
stable {adj} (relatively unchanging) :: stabiel
stack {n} (a pile of identical objects) :: stapel {m}
stack {v} (To place objects or material in the form of a stack) :: stapelen, opstapelen
stadium {n} (venue where sporting events are held) :: stadion {n}
stadium {n} (race course, especially, the Olympic course for foot races) :: stadion {n}
stadium {n} (Greek measure of length) :: stadion {n}
stadtholder {n} (chief magistrate) :: stadhouder {m}
staff {n} (long, straight, thick rod or stick) :: staf {c}
staff {n} (music: series of horizontal lines) :: balk {m}, notenbalk {m}
staff {n} (employees of a business) :: medewerkers {p}, personeel {n}
stag {n} (social event for a groom) SEE: bachelor party ::
stag {n} (adult male deer) :: hertenbok {m}
stag beetle {n} (large beetle in Lucanidae) :: vliegend hert {n}
stag-beetle {n} (a large black beetle with a pair of strong mandibles) :: hertkever
stag do {n} (bachelor party) SEE: bachelor party ::
stage {n} (phase) :: stadium {n}
stage {n} (in theatre) :: toneel, podium {n}
stage {v} (to produce on a stage) :: opvoeren
stage {v} (to demonstrate in a deceptive manner) :: ensceneren
staged {adj} (Intended for the performance stage) :: geënsceneerd
stage fright {n} (state of nervousness about performing) :: plankenkoorts
stage race {n} (multi-day cycle race) :: etappekoers {f}, rittenwedstrijd {f}
stagflation {n} (inflation accompanied by stagnant growth) :: stagflatie {f}
stagger {n} (an unsteady movement of the body in walking or standing) :: wankel
stagger {v} (to walk in an awkward, drunken fashion) :: wankelen, waggelen
stagger {v} (to begin to doubt and waver in purposes) :: twijfelen
staggered {adj} (astonished) SEE: astonished ::
stagnation {n} (inactivity) :: stagnatie {f}
stagnation {n} :: stagnatie {f}
stag party {n} (bachelor party) SEE: bachelor party ::
staid {adj} :: formeel
stain {n} (discoloured spot or area) :: vlek
stain {v} (to discolour something) :: verkleuren
stain {v} (to taint or tarnish someone's character or reputation) :: bevlekken, bezoedelen
stain {v} (to coat a surface with a stain) :: beitsen
stain {v} :: vlek
stained glass {n} (coloured glass) :: gebrandschilderd glas {n}
stainless {adj} (describing an alloy that is resistant to corrosion and discoloration) :: roestvrij
stair {n} (series of steps) :: trap
staircase {n} (stairway) :: trap {m}
stairs {n} (contiguous set of steps) :: trap
stairwell {n} (a shaft in a multi-story building enclosing a stairway or staircase) :: trappenhuis {n}
stake {n} (pointed long and slender piece of wood etc.) :: staak {m}, paal {m}
stake {n} (share or interest in a business) :: aandeel {n}
stakeholder {n} (person or organisation with a legitimate interest) :: belanghebbende
stake out {v} (to mark off the limits by stakes) :: afbakenen
stakeout {n} (covertly watching a location) :: surveillance {f}
stalactite {n} (mineral deposit hanging from the roof of a cave) :: druipsteenpegel {m}, druipsteen {m}
stalagmite {n} (mineral deposit) :: druipsteenkegel {m}, druipsteen {m}
stale {adj} (having lost its freshness) :: [bread] taai, [butter, fat] ranzig, [water] vervuild, [air] muf, [especially clothes] onfris ...
stale {adj} (no longer new or interesting) :: ouderwets
stalemate {n} (chess term) :: pat {m}, patstelling {m}
Stalin {prop} (Stalin) :: Stalin {m}
Stalinism {n} (Communist philosophies espoused by Josef Stalin) :: stalinisme
stalk {n} (stem or main axis of a plant) :: steel {m}, stengel {m}, halm {m}
stalk {v} (to (try to) follow or contact someone constantly, often resulting in harassment) :: stalken
stalk {v} :: besluipen
stalking {n} (crime of following or harassing) :: stalking {f}
stall {n} (very small room used for a shower) :: cabine {f}
stall {v} (To put (an animal etc) in a stall) :: stallen
stall {v} (To come to a standstill) :: afslaan
stall {v} (To exceed the critical angle of attack, resulting in total loss of lift) :: overtrekken
stallion {n} (uncastrated male horse) :: hengst {m}
stallion {n} (male horse kept primarily as a stud) :: dekhengst {m}
stallion {n} (very virile, sexually-inclined man) :: dekhengst {m}
stalwart {adj} (firmly or solidly built) :: robuust, stevig
stalwart {adj} (courageous) :: moedig, vastberaden
stalwart {n} (one who has a strong build) :: robuuste, stevige
stalwart {n} (one who firmly supports a cause) :: onverzettelijke, standvastige
stalwart {n} (one who is dependable) :: trouwe aanhanger
stammer {v} (to stutter) :: stotteren
stammerer {n} (stutterer) SEE: stutterer ::
stammering {n} (act of stammering) :: gestotter {n}, gestamel {n}
stamp {v} (to step quickly and heavily) :: stampen
stamp {n} (postage stamp) SEE: postage stamp ::
stamp collecting {n} (stamp hobby) SEE: philately ::
stampede {n} (any sudden flight or dispersion) :: stormloop {m}
stamping ground {n} (place one likes to go) :: geliefkoosde plaats, vaste stek {c}
stamp out {v} (to get rid of) :: uitroeien
stance {n} (manner, pose, or posture in which one stands) :: houding {f}
stance {n} (opinion or point of view) :: standpunt {n}, opinie {f}
stanchion {n} (vertical pole, post or support) :: paal, post
stanchion {n} (confinement) :: afsluiting
stand {v} (to support oneself on the feet in an erect position) :: staan
stand {v} (to rise to one’s feet) :: opstaan
stand {v} (to remain motionless) :: staan
stand {v} (to undergo; withstand; hold up) :: doorstaan, weerstaan
stand {v} (to tolerate) :: verdragen, uitstaan
stand {v} (to place in an upright or standing position) :: stellen, neerzetten, overeind zetten
stand {n} (defensive position or effort) :: positie {f}
stand {n} (resolute, unwavering position) :: standplaats {c}, standpunt {n}
stand {n} (device to hold something upright or aloft) :: staander {m}, statief {n}, sokkel {m}
stand {n} (particular grove or other group of trees) :: bosschage {f}
stand {n} (small building or booth) :: stand {m}, kraam {n} {c}
stand {n} (designated spot where someone or something may stand or wait) :: standplaats {c}
stand {n} (grandstand) SEE: grandstand ::
standard {n} (level of quality) :: standaard {c}
standard {n} (something used as a measure) :: maatstaf {c}, standaard {c}
standard {n} (a flag or ensign) :: standaard {c}
standard deviation {n} (statistical measure) :: standaardafwijking {f}, standaarddeviatie {f}
standard language {n} (variety of language regarded as most correct) :: standaardtaal {f}
standard time {n} (synchronized clock time in each graphical locations) :: standaardtijd
stand for {v} (to mean, symbolize or represent) :: staan voor
stand for {v} (to advocate or support) :: voorstaan
stand in for {v} (replace) :: vervangen
standing {adj} (water) :: stilstaand
standing order {n} (Regular transfer of fixed sum between bank accounts) :: domiciliëring {f}
standing ovation {n} (enthusiastic applause) :: staande ovatie {f}
standings {n} (sports ranking) SEE: league table ::
standpoint {n} (point of view) :: standpunt {n}, uitgangspunt {n}
St. Andrew's Cross {prop} (Saint Andrew's cross) SEE: Saint Andrew's cross ::
standstill {n} (complete immobility) :: stilstand
stand up {v} (rise from a sitting position) :: opstaan
stand up {v} (bring something up and set it into a standing position) :: rechtzetten, zetten, rechtstellen, stellen
stand up {v} (to avoid a prearranged meeting) :: de kat sturen, in de kou laten staan
stand-up bass {n} (instrument) SEE: double bass ::
Stanislaus {prop} (male given name- the standard or most popular form) :: Stanislaus
Stanley knife {n} (utility knife) SEE: utility knife ::
stanza {n} (a unit of a poem) :: stanza
staple {n} (basic or essential supply) :: basisbenodigdheid {f}
staple {n} (basic food) :: basisvoedsel {n}
staple {n} (wire fastener used to secure stacks of paper) :: niet {f}
staple {n} (wire fastener in general) :: niet {f}
staple {n} (one of set of rods hammered into structure) :: haak {m}
staple {v} (secure with a staple) :: nieten
stapler {n} (device which binds together paper) :: nietmachine {f}, nietapparaat {n}, nieter {m}
star {n} (luminous celestial body) :: ster {f}
star {n} (astronomy: a luminous celestial body) :: ster {f}
star {n} (concave polygon) :: ster
star {n} (celebrity) :: ster {f}, vedette {m} {f}
star {n} (asterisk) :: sterretje
star {n} :: ster {f}
star anise {n} (a plant, Illicium verum) :: steranijs {m}
starboard {n} (right hand side of a vessel) :: stuurboord {n}
starch {n} (substance) :: zetmeel
starch {n} (carbohydrates) :: zetmeel {n}
starch {n} (laundry stiffener) :: stijfsel {n}
starch {adj} (stiff) :: stijf, precies, rigide
star chart {n} (star chart) :: sterrenkaart {m} {f}
star cluster {n} (group of stars) :: sterrenhoop {m}
stardom {n} (fame or celebrity) :: sterrendom {n}
stardust {n} (particles) :: sterrenstof {n}
stare {v} (To look fixedly) :: staren
starfish {n} (various echinoderms) :: zeester {f}
star fruit {n} (fruit) :: carambola
stark {adj} ((archaic) strong; vigorous; powerful) :: sterk
starkers {adj} (completely nude) :: spiernaakt, moedernaakt, puitebloot
starling {n} (bird) :: spreeuw {m} {f}
Star of David {prop} (symbol of Jewish Community and Judaism) :: Davidster, Davidsster
starring {v} (present participle of "to star") SEE: star ::
start {n} (beginning of an activity) :: begin, start, aanvang
start {n} (beginning point of a race) :: startlijn {m}
start {n} :: begin {n}
start {v} (to set in motion) :: starten
start {v} (to begin) :: beginnen, starten, aanvangen
start {v} (to initiate operation of a vehicle or machine) :: starten
start {v} (to put or raise a question or objection, to put forward) :: beginnen
start {v} (of an activity, to begin) :: starten, beginnen, aanvangen
start {v} (to jerk suddenly in surprise) :: opschrikken
start {v} :: starten, beginnen, aanvangen
starter {n} (first course of a meal) :: voorgerecht {n}, voorafje {n}
starter motor {n} (starter motor) SEE: starter ::
starting point {n} (place where a journey starts) :: beginpunt {n}
starting point {n} (first steps when commencing an activity) :: uitgangspunt
startle {v} (to move or be excited on feeling alarm) :: schrikken
startle {v} (to excite by sudden alarm, surprise, or apprehension) :: laten schrikken
starvation {n} (condition) :: uithongering
starve {v} (to die because of lack of food) :: verhongeren, sterven van de honger
starve {v} (to be very hungry) :: rammelen, sterven van de honger
starve {v} (to deprive of nourishment) :: uithongeren
stash {v} (store away for later use) :: opslaan, opbergen, verstoppen
stasis {n} (inactivity) :: stase {f}, stabiliteit {f}
state {n} (any sovereign polity) :: staat {f}
state {n} (a political division of a federation retaining a degree of autonomy) :: staat {f}
state {n} (a condition) :: staat {f}
state {v} (declare to be a fact) :: verklaren
state {v} (make known) :: bekendmaken
state capitalism {n} (form of capitalism) :: staatskapitalisme {n}
statefunction {n} (wavefunction) SEE: wavefunction ::
statement {n} (declaration or remark) :: verklaring {f}, bemerking {f}, opmerking {f}
statement {n} (presentation of opinion or position) :: verklaring {f}, stellingname {f}
statement {n} (finance: document that summarizes financial activity) :: uittreksel {n}
statement {n} (computing: instruction in a computer program) :: verklaring {f}, instructie
state of affairs {n} (specific situation) :: stand van zaken {m}, situatie {f}, toestand {m}
state of emergency {n} (status quo) :: noodtoestand {m}
state secret {n} (restricted information of national importance) :: staatsgeheim {n}
static {n} :: statisch
station {n} (place where a vehicle may stop) :: station {n}, halte {f}
station {v} (To put in place to perform a task) :: posteren
station {n} (Australia: very large livestock farm) SEE: ranch ::
stationary {adj} (not moving) :: stationair, stilstaand
stationary {adj} (incapable of being moved) :: onverzettelijk
stationary {adj} (unchanging) :: onveranderlijk
stationary bicycle {n} (exercise bicycle) SEE: exercise bicycle ::
stationary point {n} (A point on a curve where the gradient is zero) :: stationair punt
stationing {n} (the putting in a place to perform military duty) :: stationering {f}
statistically {adv} (in a statistical way) :: statistisch gezien
statistics {n} (mathematical science) :: statistiek {f}
statistics {n} (collection of measurements) :: statistiek {f}
statue {n} (three-dimensional work of art) :: standbeeld {n}
statue {n} (portrait) SEE: portrait ::
statuette {n} (a small statue) :: beeldje {n}
status {n} (person’s position or standing) :: status
status {n} (prestige or high standing) :: aanzien
status {n} (situation or state of affairs) :: status
status quo {n} (the state of things) :: status quo
statutory {adj} (relating to a statute) :: statutair
statutory rape {n} (intercourse with a minor) :: sex met minderjarige
staunch {adj} (loyal, trustworthy, reliable) :: trouw, loyaal, betrouwbaar
staunch {v} (to stop the flow of (blood)) :: stelpen
stave {n} (bar) :: sport {c}
stave {n} (metrical portion; stanza; staff) :: strofe {f}, vers {n}
stave {n} (parallel lines to write music on) :: balk {m}, notenbalk {m}
stave {n} (walking stick) :: staf {m}
stave church {n} (wooden church of a medieval type) :: staafkerk {f}
stave off {v} (prevent something from happening) :: afweren
stay {v} (to remain in a particular place) :: blijven, verblijven
stay {v} (to continue to have a particular quality) :: blijven, verblijven
stay {v} (to postpone) :: uitstellen
stay {n} (postponement) :: uitstel {n}
stay {n} (period of time spent in a place) :: verblijf {n}
stay {n} :: stag {n}
stay behind {v} (to remain where one is, whilst others leave) :: achterblijven
stay behind {v} (to remain in a classroom or school at the end of teaching, especially to receive punishment) :: nablijven
stay up {v} (remain awake) :: opblijven
STD {n} (sexually transmitted disease, see also: sexually transmitted disease) :: SOA (Seksueel Overdraagbare Aandoening)
steady {adj} (slow) :: gestaag
steady {v} (to stabilize) :: stabiliseren
steak {n} (slice of beef) :: biefstuk {m}, steak {m}
steak {n} (slice of meat of other animals) :: steak {m}
steal {v} (to illegally take possession of) :: stelen, ontvreemden, jatten
steal {v} (to draw attention) :: stelen
steal {n} (merchandise available at a very attractive price) :: koopje {n}
steal {n} (the act of stealing) :: diefstal {m}, roof {m}
stealth {n} :: steels, stiekem
stealthily {adv} (in a stealthy manner) :: stilletjes
steam {n} (water vapor) :: stoom {m}
steam {n} :: stoom {m}
steam {v} (cooking: to cook with steam) :: stomen
steam {n} (steam-powered vehicle) SEE: steamer ::
steamboat {n} (vessel powered by steam) :: stoomboot {f} {m}
steam engine {n} (any steam-driven heat engine) :: stoommachine {f}
steam engine {n} (steam locomotive) SEE: steam locomotive ::
steamer {n} (steamboat or steamship) :: stoomboot
steam locomotive {n} (locomotive powered by steam) :: stoomlocomotief
steamship {n} (vessel propelled by steam) :: stoomboot {n}
steel {n} (metal produced from iron) :: staal {n}
steelyard {n} (steelyard balance) :: unster {f}
steep {adj} (expensive) SEE: expensive ::
steep {adj} (near-vertical) :: steil
steep {v} (to soak an item in liquid) :: weken
steeple {n} (spire) SEE: spire ::
steeple {n} (a tower on a church) :: kerktoren {m}
steeplechase {n} (horse race) :: steeplechase {m}
steeplechase {n} (athletics event) :: steeplechase {m}
steer {n} (castrated male of cattle) :: os {m}
steer {v} (transitive: to guide the course of) :: besturen
steer {v} (to direct a group of animals) :: drijven
steer {v} (to maneuver or manipulate a person or group into a place or course of action) :: leiden, begeleiden
steerable {adj} (capable of being steered) :: stuurbaar
steering group {n} (A committee that arranges the schedule of business for a legislative assembly or other organization) :: stuurgroep
steering wheel {n} (wheel-shaped control) :: stuurwiel {n}, stuur {n}
steeve {v} (To project upward) :: stevenen
steganography {n} (steganography) :: steganografie {f}
stellar day {n} (period of one rotation of Earth, measured relative to the stars) :: sterrendag {m}
Steller sea lion {n} (Eumetopias jubatus) :: Stellerzeeleeuw
St. Elmo's fire {n} (electrical discharge) :: Sint-Elmusvuur
stem {n} (botany: above-ground stalk of a vascular plant) :: stam {m}, stengel {m}, steel {m}
stem {n} (linguistics: main part of a word) :: stam {m}, grondwoord {n}
stem {n} (nautical: forward vertical extension of the keel) :: voorsteven {m}
stem {v} (to stop, hinder) :: stoppen, hinderen, stelpen
stem cell {n} (primal undifferentiated cell) :: stamcel {f}
stench {n} (a strong foul smell, a stink) :: stank {m}
steno {n} (stenographer) SEE: stenographer ::
stenographer {n} (someone skilled in the transcription of speech) :: stenograaf {m} {f}
stenosis {n} (abnormal narrowing or stricture in a blood vessel or other tubular organ) :: adervernauwing
step- {prefix} (prefix used to indicate that the person being identified is not a blood relative) :: stief- (e.g. stiefdochter, stiefmoeder, stiefvader, stiefzoon)
step {n} (pace) :: stap {m}
step {n} (footstep) :: voetstap {m}
step {n} :: stap {m}
step {v} (intransitive: to move the foot in walking) :: stappen
step {v} (intransitive: to go on foot; especially, to walk a little distance) :: stappen
step {v} (intransitive: to walk slowly, gravely, or resolutely) :: stappen
step {v} (intransitive, figuratively: to move mentally) :: gaan
stepbrother {n} (son of one's stepfather or stepmother) :: stiefbroer {m}
stepdaughter {n} (daughter of one's spouse and not of oneself) :: stiefdochter {f}
stepfather {n} (husband of one's biological mother, other than one's biological father) :: stiefvader {m}
Stephen {prop} (biblical martyr) :: Stefanus
Stephen {prop} (male given name) :: Steven {m}, Stefan
step in {v} (To act) SEE: act ::
step ladder {n} (ladder with steps or treads instead of rungs) :: keukentrap {m} {f}, huishoudtrap {m} {f}
stepmother {n} (wife of one's biological father, not one's biological mother) :: stiefmoeder {f}
stepnephew {n} :: stiefneef
stepparent {n} (stepfather or stepmother) :: stiefouder
stepson {n} (son of one's spouse and not of oneself) :: stiefzoon {m}
steradian {n} (derived unit of solid angle) :: steradiaal {m}
steric {adj} (relating to the arrangement of atoms in space) :: sterische
sterile {adj} (unable to reproduce) :: onvruchtbaar, steriel
sterility {n} (state of being sterile) :: steriliteit {f}
sterilizable {adj} (able to be sterilized) :: steriliseerbaar, te steriliseren
sterilize {v} (disable ability to procreate) :: steriliseren
stern {adj} (having a hardness and severity of nature or manner) :: streng
stern {n} (the rear part or after end of a ship or vessel) :: achtersteven {m}, achterschip {n}
stern {n} (black tern) SEE: black tern ::
sternpost {n} (timber or bar at the stern of a vessel) :: achtersteven {m}
sternum {n} (breastbone) SEE: breastbone ::
stethoscope {n} (medical instrument) :: stethoscoop {m}
stevedore {n} (dockworker involved in loading and unloading cargo) :: dokwerker {m}?, stuwadoor {m}
steven {n} (voice) SEE: voice ::
steven {v} (to vote) SEE: vote ::
steven {n} (speech) SEE: speech ::
steven {n} (command) SEE: command ::
steven {n} (clamor) SEE: clamor ::
steven {n} (a promise) SEE: promise ::
steven {n} (tune) SEE: tune ::
steven {n} (a prayer) SEE: prayer ::
steven {v} (to utter) SEE: utter ::
steven {v} (to bespeak) SEE: bespeak ::
Steven {prop} (male given name) SEE: Stephen ::
stew {v} (to cook (food)) :: stoven, smoren
stew {v} (to brew (tea)) :: thee zetten
stew {v} (to suffer under hot conditions) :: zweten, stikken
stew {v} (to be in a state of elevated anxiety) :: sidderen, beven
steward {n} (the administrator of a medieval manor) :: meier {m}
steward {n} (ship's officer in charge of making dining arrangements and provisions) :: hofmeester {m}
steward {n} (flight attendant) SEE: flight attendant ::
stewardess {n} (female flight attendant) :: stewardess {f}
St. George's mushroom {n} (a species of mushroom) :: voorjaarspronkridder {m}
stick {n} (twig or small branch) :: tak {m}, takje {n}
stick {n} (long piece of wood) :: stok {m}
stick {n} (cylindrical piece (of chalk, wax etc)) :: stok {m}
stick {n} :: twijg {f}
stick {v} (to glue; to adhere (transitive)) :: kleven
stick {v} (to become attached, to adhere (intransitive)) :: kleven, plakken
stick {v} (to jam) :: blijven steken
stick {v} (to persist) :: volhouden
stick {v} (to remain loyal or firm) :: neergooien
stick {v} (to place, set down quickly) :: stekken
stick {v} (to propagate plants by cuttings) :: stekken
stick {v} :: bijblijven, blijven hangen
sticker {n} (something that sticks) :: klever {m}
sticker {n} (adhesive label or decal) :: sticker {m}, klever {m}
sticker {n} (price tag) SEE: price tag ::
sticking plaster {n} (adhesive bandage) SEE: band-aid ::
stick insect {n} (insects of the order Phasmida) :: wandelende tak
stick man {n} (simple drawing of a man) :: stokmannetje {n}
stick plaster {n} (sticking plaster) SEE: band-aid ::
sticky tape {n} (adhesive tape) SEE: adhesive tape ::
stiff {adj} (of an object, rigid, hard to bend, inflexible) :: rigide, stug, stijf
stiff {adj} (figuratively: of policies and rules and their application and enforcement) :: inflexibel
stiff {adj} (of a person, formal in behavior, unrelaxed) :: stug
stiff {adj} (colloquial: harsh, severe) :: stevig
stiff {adj} (of muscles, or parts of the body) :: stijf
stiffness {n} :: Stijfheid
stifle {v} (to interrupt or cut off) :: onderbreken, afbreken
stifle {v} (to repress, keep in or hold back) :: onderdrukken
stifle {v} (to die of suffocation) :: stikken
stigma {n} (part of the pistil) :: stempel {m}
stiletto {n} (awl) SEE: awl ::
stiletto {n} (rapier) SEE: rapier ::
stiletto {n} (stabbing weapon) :: stiletto {m}
stiletto heel {n} (heel of a high and narrow shoe) :: naaldhak {c}
still {adj} (not moving) :: stil
still {adv} (up to a time, as in the preceding time) :: nog, nog steeds
still {adv} (to an even greater degree) :: nog
still {adv} (nevertheless) :: toch
still {n} :: stilte , still
still {n} (a device for distilling liquids) :: distilleerapparaat {n}
still {n} (Catering, stills: Area in restaurant used to make tea and coffee separate from main kitchen) :: distilleerderij
stillbirth {n} (birth of a dead fetus) :: doodgeboorte
stillborn {adj} (dead at birth) :: doodgeboren
stillborn {adj} (ignored, without influence, unsuccessful, abortive) :: doodgeboren
still life {n} (work of art) :: stilleven {n}
stilt {n} (walking pole) :: stelt {f}
stilt {n} (pillar) :: stelt {f}
stilt {n} (bird) :: steltloper {m}
stilt {n} (crutch) SEE: crutch ::
stimulate {v} (to encourage into action) :: stimuleren, aansporen, prikkelen
stimulate {v} (to arouse an organism to functional activity) :: stimuleren, prikkelen
stimulation {n} (pushing or goading toward action) :: stimulatie {f}
stimulation {n} (activity causing excitement or pleasure) :: stimulatie {f}
stimulation {n} (biology: action or condition that creates a response) :: stimulatie {f}
stimulus {n} :: stimulans {m}, stimulus
sting {n} :: steek
sting {v} :: steken
stingy {adj} :: gierig
stink {v} (have a strong bad smell) :: stinken
stink {v} (give an impression of dishonesty or untruth) :: stinken
stink {n} (strong bad smell) :: stank {m}
stinkbug {n} (bug of the superfamily Pentatomoidea) :: schildwants {m}
stinker {n} (person who stinks) :: stinker
stinking {adj} (bad smell) :: stinkt
stipulate {v} (to require as a condition of a contract or agreement) :: bedingen, stipuleren
stipulate {v} (to specify, promise or guarantee something in an agreement) :: garanderen
stir {v} :: roeren
stir-fry {v} (fry something quickly in hot oil) :: roerbakken
stir-fry {n} (dish) :: roerbakschotel
stirrup {n} (footrest used by riders) :: stijgbeugel {m}
stir up {v} (to cause (trouble etc)) :: opstoken
stitch {v} (form stitches in) SEE: sew ::
stitch {n} (single pass of the needle in sewing) :: steek {c}
stitch {v} (agriculture: to form land into ridges) SEE: plough ::
stitch {n} (furrow) SEE: furrow ::
stiver {n} (small Dutch coin worth one twentieth of a guilder) :: stuiver {m}
stoat {n} (stoat) SEE: ermine ::
stochastic {adj} (random) :: stochastiek
stock {n} (store of goods for sale) :: voorraad {m}, stock {m}
stock {n} (supply of anything ready for use) :: voorraad {m}, reserve
stock {n} (genus of flowers) :: violier, [ambiguous] violet
stock {n} (finance: capital raised by a company) :: aandeel {n}
stock {n} (part of gun) :: kolf {m}
stock {v} (have on hand for sale) :: voorradig zijn, in stock hebben, op stock houden
stock {adj} (normally available for purchase) :: vooradig, voorradige, op stock, in voorraad
stock {n} (rolling stock) SEE: rolling stock ::
stock exchange {n} (building and the associated organization) :: beurs {f}, aandelenbeurs {f}, effectenbeurs {f}
stockfish {n} (cured fish) :: stokvis {m}
Stockholm {prop} (capital of Sweden) :: Stockholm
Stockholm syndrome {n} (psychological condition) :: Stockholmsyndroom
stocking {n} (garment (for translations of "sock", see sock)) :: kous {f}
stocking cap {n} (knitted woolen cap) SEE: beanie ::
stock market crash {n} (sudden dramatic decline of stock prices) :: beurskrach {m}
stockpile {n} (supply for future use) :: reserve {m} {f}, voorraad {m}, stapel {m}
stockpile {v} (accumulate a stockpile) :: een voorraad aanleggen
stocks {n} (device for public humiliation and punishment) :: schandpaal {m}
stock up {v} (acquire or increase stock) :: zich bevoorraden
stoicism {n} (school of philosophy) :: stoïcisme {n}
stoke {v} (to poke, pierce) :: stoken
stoke {v} (to feed, stir up) :: stoken
stoker {n} (poker) SEE: poker ::
stoker {n} (person who stokes) :: stoker {m}
stolen {adj} (that has been stolen) :: gestolen
stolid {adj} (having or revealing little emotion or sensibility) :: uitdrukkingsloos
stollen {n} (a traditional German cake eaten at Christmas time) :: kerststol {m}, kerststronk {m}
stolperstein {n} (small, cobblestone-sized memorial for an individual victim of Nazism) :: stolperstein {m}, struikelsteen {m}
stomach {n} (digestive organ) :: maag {f}
stomach {n} (belly) :: buik {m}
stomach {n} (appetite) SEE: appetite ::
stomach {n} (figuratively: desire, appetite) SEE: appetite ::
stomachache {n} (pain in the abdomen) :: buikpijn {m} {f}
stomp {v} (trample heavily on something or someone) :: stampen
stomp {v} (severely beat someone physically or figuratively) :: stampen
stompie {n} (cigarette butt) SEE: butt ::
stomping ground {n} (stamping ground) SEE: stamping ground ::
stone {n} (substance) :: steen {m}
stone {n} (small piece of stone) :: steen {m}, steentje {n}
stone {n} (centre of some fruits) :: pit {m}
stone {n} (medical: hard, stone-like deposit) :: steen {m}
stone {n} (piece of hard material used in board games) :: stuk {n}, pion {m}
stone {v} (to kill) :: stenigen
stone {v} (to intoxicate, especially with narcotics) :: zich drogeren
stone {adj} (constructed of stone) :: stenen
stone {adj} (having the appearance of stone) :: stenen
Stone Age {prop} (prehistoric period) :: steentijd {m}, stenen tijdperk {n}
stoned {adj} (drunk) SEE: drunk ::
stone dead {adj} (unquestionably dead) :: morsdood
stone deaf {adj} (utterly deaf) :: potdoof, stokdoof
stone fruit {n} (fruit with soft flesh and a hard pit) :: steenvrucht {f}
stone marten {n} (Martes foina) SEE: beech marten ::
stonemason {n} (one who works in stone) :: steenhouwer {m}
stonen {adj} (Made of stone) :: stenen
stone paper {n} (type of paper) :: steenpapier {n}
stone's throw {n} (short distance) :: steenworp {m}, boogscheut {m}
stonewall {v} (to obstruct) SEE: obstruct ::
stoning {n} (lapidation) SEE: lapidation ::
stony {adj} (broke) SEE: broke ::
stool {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet ::
stool {n} (footstool) SEE: footstool ::
stool {n} (a seat) :: kruk {f}, barkruk {f}
stool {n} :: stoelgang {m}
stool {n} (chamber pot) SEE: chamber pot ::
stop {v} (to cease moving) :: stoppen, stilstaan, halthouden
stop {v} (to not continue) :: stoppen, ophouden
stop {v} (to cause to cease moving) :: aanhouden, stoppen
stop {v} (to cause to come to an end) :: stoppen, beëindigen, afbreken
stop {v} (to close an opening) :: deppen
stop {v} (to stay a while) :: verblijven, blijven, stoppen
stop {v} (to tarry) :: langsgaan, stoppen
stop {n} (place to get on and off mass transport) :: halte {f}
stop {n} (interruption of travel) :: stop {m}, pauze {f}
stop {n} (device to block a moving object) :: stopper {m}
stop {n} (punctuation symbol) :: punt {m}, komma {f}, dubbele punt {m}, puntkomma {f}
stop {n} :: register {n}
stop {n} (consonant sound) SEE: plosive ::
stopgap {adj} (temporary, short-term) :: lapmiddel
stopgap {n} (temporary, short-term) :: lapmiddel
stopover {n} (interruption in a journey) :: tussenstop {m}
stop sign {n} (traffic sign) :: stopbord {n}
stop the car {phrase} (stop the car) :: stop de auto
storage {n} (act or state) :: opslag {m}
store {n} (in computing) SEE: memory ::
store {n} (shop) SEE: shop ::
store {n} (place where items may be kept) :: magazijn {n}
store {n} (supply held in storage) :: voorraad {m}
store {v} (keep (something) while not in use) :: bewaren
store {v} (computing: write (something) into memory or registers) :: opslaan
store {v} (remain in good condition while stored) :: behouden
storey {n} (floor, level) :: verdieping {f}, etage {m}, [Belgian] verdiep {n}
stork {n} (large wading bird of the family Ciconiidae) :: ooievaar {m}
storm {n} (disturbed state of the atmosphere) :: bui {m} {f}, onweer {n}, onweersbui {m} {f}
storm {n} (meteorology: wind scale for very strong wind) :: storm {m}
storm {n} (military: violent assault on a stronghold) :: bestorming {f}
storm {n} :: storm {m}
storm {v} (to move quickly and noisily) :: stormen
storm {v} (to assault) :: bestormen
stormcloud {n} (Cloud threatening rain and wind) :: onweerswolk {f}
storm in a teacup {n} (tempest in a teapot) SEE: tempest in a teapot ::
storm petrel {n} (any of several small seabirds, of the family Hydrobatidae) :: stormvogeltje {n}
story {n} (lie) SEE: lie ::
story {n} (account of events) :: verhaal, vertelling {f}, vertelsel {n}, geschiedenis {f}
story {n} (storey) SEE: storey ::
storyline {n} (story plot) :: verhaallijn {f}
stout {adj} (obstinate) SEE: obstinate ::
stout {n} (brew) :: stout, stoutbier {n}
stout {n} (obese person) :: dikkerd {m}, dikzak {m}, vetzak {m}
stout {n} (large clothing size) :: grote (kleding)maat
stout-hearted {adj} (bold, resolute) :: onverschrokken
stove {n} (heater) :: kachel, oven
stove {n} (device for heating food) :: fornuis
stovepipe hat {n} (stovepipe hat) SEE: top hat ::
stowaway {n} (person who hides on a ship, train, etc.) :: verstekeling {m}
stracciatella {n} (an Italian soup made from a mixture of cheese and egg in a broth) :: stracciatella {m} {f}
stracciatella {n} (an Italian ice cream with chocolate shavings) :: stracciatella {m} {f}
straddle {v} (to sit or stand with a leg on each side of something) :: schrijlings zitten op
straddle {v} (to form a disorderly sprawl) :: zich vrijblijvend opstellen
straddle {v} (to fire shots in front and behind of a target) :: voor en achter een doel schieten
straggler {n} (one who straggles or departs from the direct or proper course) :: afwijkeling
straggler {n} (one who falls behind the rest) :: achterblijver
straggler {n} (one who rambles without any settled direction) :: zwerver
straggler {n} (a roving vagabond) :: schooier
straggler {n} (an exuberant growth) :: uitwas
straight {adj} (not crooked or bent) :: recht, rechte
straight {adj} (direct, truthful, frank) :: zoals het hoort
straight {adj} (undiluted) :: puur, pure
straight {adv} (in a forward direction) :: rechtdoor
straight {n} (five cards in sequence) :: straat {f}
straight {n} :: recht
straight {n} (heterosexual) SEE: heterosexual ::
straighten {v} (make straight) :: rechtmaken, rechttrekken, rechten
straighten {v} (become straight) :: zich rechten, recht worden
straighten {v} (stand up) :: overeind springen, opspringen
straight-laced {adj} (having narrow views on moral matters) :: bekrompen
straightway {adv} (directly) :: meteen, onmiddellijk, direct
strain {v} (to stretch too far) :: overstrekken
strain {v} (to apply a force) :: forceren
strain {v} (to separate) :: scheiden, afscheiden, zeven
strained {adj} (tense) :: gespannen
strainer {n} (utensil) :: filter {m} {n}, vergiet {n}
strain gauge {n} (device that measures the strain in a structural element) :: rekstrookje {n}
strait {n} (narrow channel of water) :: straat {m} {f}, nauw {n}
strait {n} (a difficult position) :: nauw {n}
straitjacket {n} (a jacket-like garment) :: dwangbuis
straitjacket {v} (to put someone into a straitjacket) :: iemand een dwangbuis aandoen
straitjacket {v} (to restrict the freedom of) :: iemand in zijn vrijheid beperken
strait-laced {adj} (straight-laced) SEE: straight-laced ::
Strait of Dover {prop} (strait in the English Channel) :: Kanaal {n}, Nauw van Kales {n}
Strait of Messina {prop} (narrow section of water between Sicily and mainland Italy) :: Straat van Messina {f}
Strait of Sicily {prop} (strait between Sicily and Tunisia) :: Kanaal van Sicilië {n}
strand {n} (beach) :: strand
strand {v} (to run aground) :: stranden
stranded {adj} (of a vessel) :: gestrand
stranded {adj} (a piece of wire made by combining or bundling thinner wires) :: litzedraad {m}
strange {adj} (not normal) :: vreemd, raar
strange {adj} (not yet part of one’s experience) :: vreemd, onbekend
strange {adj} (in quantum mechanics) :: strange, vreemd
strange {adj} (belonging to another country, foreign) :: vreemd, buitenlands, uitheems
stranger {n} (person whom one does not know) :: vreemde {m} {f}, vreemdeling {m}, vreemdelinge {f}
stranger {n} (outsider or foreigner, see also: foreigner) :: buitenlander {m}, buitenlandse {f}, vreemdeling {m}, vreemdelinge {f}
stranger {n} :: buitenstaander {m}, vreemdeling {m}
strangle {v} (to kill someone by strangulation) :: wurgen, worgen
strangle {v} (to stifle or suppress) :: onderdrukken
stranglehold {n} (grip or control so strong as to stifle or cut off) :: verwurging {f}
strangles {n} (disease of horses) :: droes {m}
strangling {n} (The crime of killing by strangling) :: wurging {f}
strangulation {n} (act of strangling) :: wurging {f}, worging {f}
strap {n} (a long, narrow, pliable strip of leather, cloth, or the like) :: riem {m}
strap {n} (specifically, a strip of thick leather used in flogging) :: riem {m}
Strasbourg {prop} (city in France) :: Straatsburg {n}, Straatburcht {f}
stratagem {n} (tactic) :: krijgslist
strategic {adj} (of or pertaining to strategy) :: strategisch
strategical {adj} (strategic) SEE: strategic ::
strategically {adv} (in a strategic manner) :: strategisch
strategist {n} (one who devises strategies) :: strateeg {m}
strategy {n} (science and art of military command) :: strategie
strategy {n} (plan of action) :: strategie
strategy {n} (techniques in politics or business) :: strategie
strategy game {n} (game in which players' decision-making skills have a high significance) :: strategisch spel
stratosphere {n} (region of the uppermost atmosphere) :: stratosfeer {m} {f}
stratovolcano {n} (volcano) :: stratovulkaan {m}
straw {n} (dried stalks considered collectively) :: stro {n}
straw {n} (drinking straw) SEE: drinking straw ::
strawberry {n} (fruit) :: aardbei {f}
strawberry {n} (plant) :: aardbeiplant {m}
strawberry {adj} (flavour) :: aardbeien-
strawberry tree {n} (the European plant Arbutus unedo) :: aardbeiboom {m}
straw-colored {adj} (color of straw) :: strogeel
strawen {adj} (Made of straw) :: strooien
straw hat {n} (type of hat) :: strohoed {m}
stray {v} (to wander from a direct course) :: dwalen
strayed {adj} (having lost one's way) SEE: stray ::
streak {n} (irregular line) :: streep
streak-backed antshrike {n} (Thamnophilus insignis) :: roraima-mierklauwier
stream {n} (small river) :: stroom {m}
stream {v} (Internet: to push continuous data) :: streamen
streamline {n} (line that is tangent to the velocity of flow of a fluid) :: stroomlijn
streamline {n} (meteorology: line that is tangent to the velocity of flow of the wind) :: stroomlijn
street {n} (paved part of road in a village or a town) :: straat
streetcar {n} (tram) SEE: tram ::
street child {n} (street urchin) SEE: street urchin ::
streetcleaner {n} (person) SEE: street sweeper ::
street corner {n} (corner of a street) :: straathoek {m}
streetfighter {n} (person who fights in the streets) :: straatvechter {m}, straatvechtster {f}
street harassment {n} (sexual harassment in public areas) :: straatintimidatie {f}
streetlight {n} (lamps set along a street) :: straatverlichting {f}, straatlicht {n}
streetlight {n} (the light produced by these lights) :: straatlicht {n}
street musician {n} :: straatmuzikant {m}
street organ {n} (mechanically played street organ) :: draaiorgel {f}
street sign {n} (sign showing the name of a street) :: straatnaambord {n}
street sweeper {n} (machine used to sweep streets) :: veegmachine {f}
street urchin {n} (child living, or spending most of their time, in the streets) :: straatkind {n} [gender-neutral], straatjongen {m} [boy]
strength {n} (quality of being strong) :: kracht {f}, sterkte {f}
strength {n} (strongest part of something) :: kracht {f}
strengthen {v} (to make strong or stronger) :: versterken
strengthen {v} (to animate) :: bezielen, tot leven wekken, versterken
strengthen {v} (to augment) :: kracht geven
strengthening {n} (process by which something is strengthened) :: versterking {f}
strength training {n} (form of exercise) :: krachttraining {f}, spierversterking {f}
strenuous {adj} (requiring great exertion) :: zwaar, hard, veeleisend
strep throat {n} (throat infection) :: streptokokkenfaryngitis {f}
stress {n} (on a syllable) SEE: accent ::
stress {n} ((physics) internal force across a boundary per area ) :: spanning, zenuwen
stress {n} :: stress {m}
stressed {adj} (having a stress or accent) :: beklemtoond
stretch {v} (lengthen by pulling) :: strekken
stretch {v} (lengthen when pulled) :: rekken
stretch {v} (pull tight) :: aanspannen, rechttrekken, strekken
stretch {v} (get more than expected from a limited resource) :: rekken
stretch {v} (be inaccurate by exaggeration) :: rekken
stretch {v} (extend one’s limbs or body in order to stretch the muscles) :: zich (uit)rekken
stretch {v} (extend between limits) :: reiken, (zich uit)strekken
stretch {n} (act of stretching) :: rek {m}
stretch {n} (ability to lengthen when pulled) :: rek {m}
stretcher {n} (simple litter designed to carry a sick, injured, or dead person) :: baar {f}, draagbaar
stretcher {n} (frame on which a canvas is stretched for painting) :: kader {n}, frame {n}
stretch mark {n} (stripes on the surface of the skin) :: striae
strew {v} (to distribute objects or pieces of something) :: strooien, bestrooien
strewn {v} (past participle of to strew) :: gestrooid
strict {adj} (strained; drawn close; tight) :: strak
strict {adj} (governed or governing by exact rules) :: streng, strikt
strict {adj} (severe in discipline) :: streng
strict {adj} :: streng
stride {v} (to walk with long steps) :: schrijden
strident {adj} (loud, piercing) :: snerpend
strider {n} (one who strides) :: strijder {m}
strife {n} (violent conflict) :: geschil {n}, vijandige rivaliteit, strijd, conflict
strike {v} (to delete) :: doorstrepen, uitwissen, wissen
strike {v} (to hit) :: slaan, treffen
strike {v} (to manufacture by stamping) :: slaan
strike {v} (to stop working to achieve better working conditions) :: staken
strike {v} (to impress, seem, appear) :: schijnen
strike {v} (nautical: to surrender) :: de vlag strijken
strike {v} :: [1] doorhalen, [2] slaan, [2] toeslaan
strike {n} (work stoppage) :: staking
strikebreaker {n} (worker hired to replace a striking worker) :: stakingsbreker
strike out {v} (to draw a line through a text) SEE: cross out ::
strike through {v} (to obliterate by drawing a line over) SEE: cross out ::
strike while the iron is hot {v} (act on an opportunity promptly) :: het ijzer smeden als het heet is
striking {adj} (of that which makes a strong impression) :: opvallend, treffend
string {n} (long, thin structure made from twisted threads) :: draad {m}, koord {n}, streng {m} {f}
string {n} (computing: sequence of characters) :: karakterreeks
string {n} (stringed instruments section) :: snaarinstrumenten
string {v} (put on a string) :: rijgen, aaneenrijgen
string {n} (stringed instrument) SEE: stringed instrument ::
string bass {n} (instrument) SEE: double bass ::
stringed instrument {n} (type of musical instrument) :: snaarinstrument {n}
stringent {adj} (making strict requirements) :: gestreng, stringent
stringently {adv} (in a stringent manner) :: gestreng
string instrument {n} (musical instrument that produces sound by strings) SEE: stringed instrument ::
string theory {n} (candidate unified theory of all physical forces and particles) :: snaartheorie {f}
strip {n} (street with multiple shopping or entertainment possibilities) :: koopgoot
strip {n} :: asfalt, strook
strip {v} (to remove or take away) :: strippen
strip {v} (to take off clothing) :: uitkleden
strip {v} (to do a striptease) :: strippen
striped {adj} (having stripes, decorated or marked with bands differing in color) :: gestreept
stripy {adj} (striped) SEE: striped ::
strive {v} (to try to achieve) :: streven
stroboscope {n} (instrument for studying or observing periodic movement by rendering a moving body visible only at regular intervals) :: stroboscoop {m}
stroganoff {n} (dish of sautéed pieces of beef) :: Stroganoffsaus
stroke {n} (act of stroking) :: aaien
stroke {n} (blow) :: klap {m}
stroke {n} (single movement with a tool) :: slag {m}
stroke {n} (- golf: single act of striking the ball) :: slag {m}
stroke {n} (- tennis: single act of striking the ball) :: slag {m}
stroke {n} (- rowing: movement of an oar or paddle through water) :: slag {m}, haal {m}
stroke {n} (- thrust of piston) :: slag {m}
stroke {n} (- act of striking with a weapon) :: slag {m}
stroke {n} (line drawn with a writing implement) :: streek {f}
stroke {n} (streak made with a brush) :: streek {f}
stroke {n} (time when a clock strikes) :: klokslag {m}
stroke {n} (particular style of swimming, single movement in that style) :: slag {m}
stroke {n} (loss of brain function arising when the blood supply to the brain is suddenly interrupted) :: beroerte {f}
stroke {v} (to move one's hand or an object over the surface of) :: strelen, strijken, aaien
stroke {n} (- slash) SEE: slash ::
stroke {n} (appetite) SEE: appetite ::
stroke {n} (throb or beat of the heart) SEE: heartbeat ::
stroll {n} (wandering on foot) :: wandeling
stroll {v} (wander on foot) :: slenteren, wandelen
stroller {n} (seat on wheels used to transport babies) :: kinderwagen {m}
strong {adj} (capable of producing great physical force) :: sterk, krachtig
strong {adj} (capable of withstanding great physical force) :: sterk, stevig
strong {adj} (determined, unyielding) :: sterk, standvastig
strong {adj} (highly stimulating to the senses) :: sterk, krachtig
strong {adj} (having an offensive or intense odor or flavor) :: sterk, krachtig
strong {adj} (having a high concentration of an essential or active ingredient) :: sterk, geconcentreerd
strong {adj} (having a high alcoholic content) :: sterk
strong {adj} (grammar: irregular) :: sterk
strong {adj} (military: not easily subdued or taken) :: sterk
strong {adj} (slang: impressive) :: sterk, kras
strongbox {n} (sturdy box with a lock) SEE: safe ::
stronghold {n} (place built to withstand attack) :: fort {n}, vesting {f}, bolwerk {n}, bastion {n}
stronghold {n} (place of domination, or refuge or survival) :: bolwerk {n}
strong verb {n} (verb type) :: sterk werkwoord {n}
strontium {n} (chemical element) :: strontium {n}
stroopwafel {n} (Dutch waffle made from two thin wafers) :: stroopwafel {f}
strop {n} (strap) :: riem {m} (razor strop: scheerriem)
strop {v} (To sharpen with a strop) :: wetten
structural {adj} (of, relating to, or having structure) :: structureel
structural unemployment {n} ((economics) a type of unemployment) :: structurele werkloosheid
structure {n} (cohesive whole built up of distinct parts) :: structuur {f}
structure {v} ((transitive) to give structure to; to arrange) :: structureren
struggle {n} (strife, effort) :: gevecht, strijd
struggle {v} (to strive, to labour in difficulty, to fight) :: vechten, worstelen, [same meaning as worstelen] moeite hebben met
strumpet {n} (A prostitute) :: hoer {f}, lichtekooi {f}
strut {v} (to walk proudly or haughtily) :: paraderen
strut {n} (a support rod) :: stut {m}, steun {m}, schoor {m}
strychnine {n} (very toxic, colourless, crystalline alkaloid) :: strychnine
stub {n} (something cut short, blunted, or stunted) :: stomp {m}
stub {v} (to remove a plant by pulling it out by the roots) :: wieden
stub {v} (to jam, hit, or bump, especially a toe) :: stoten
stubble {n} (short, coarse hair) :: stoppelbaard {m}
stubble {n} (short stalks left in a field after harvest) :: stoppel {m}
stubborn {adj} (refusing to move or change one's opinion) :: hardnekkig, koppig
stucco {n} (a plaster that is used to coat interior or exterior wall) :: stuc, pleisterkalk
stuck up {adj} (snobbish, conceited) :: hooghartig, zelfingenomen
stud {n} (male animal kept for breeding) :: dekhengst {m}, fokhengst {m} (stallion); fokdier {n} (stud in general); dekstier {m}, fokstier {m} (bull)
stud {n} (animal breeding place) :: stoeterij {f}
stud {n} (sexually attractive male) :: Dekhengst
stud {n} (vertical post) :: stijl
student {n} (person who studies a subject) :: student {m}, studente {f}
student {n} (person enrolled at a university) :: student {m}, studente {f}
studio {n} (artist’s or photographer’s workshop) :: atelier {n}
studio {n} (establishment where an art is taught) :: kunstschool {f}, atelier {n}
studio {n} (place where radio or television programs, records or films are made) :: studio {m}
studio {n} (company or organization that makes films, records or other artistic works) :: filmmaatschappij {f}, platenmaatschappij {f}
studio {n} (studio flat/apartment) :: studio {m}
studious {adj} (given to study, reading, etc) :: leergierig
study {v} (to revise/review materials) :: studeren, leren
study {v} (to acquire knowledge) :: studeren
study {v} :: studeren, instuderen
study {n} (mental effort to acquire knowledge) :: studie
study {n} (room) :: studeerkamer, studiezaal
study {n} (act of studying or examining) SEE: examination ::
study hall {n} (location) :: studiezaal {m} {f}
stuff {n} (miscellaneous items; things) :: spul, goedje {m}, waar {m}, stof {m}
stuff {n} :: materiaal {n}
stuff {v} (to eat in a hearty or greedy manner) :: vreten
stuff {v} :: vullen
stuffed {adj} (with material) :: opgezet, gevuld
stuffed {adj} (with food) :: vol, verzadigd
stuffed animal {n} (soft toy in the form of an animal) :: knuffelbeest {n}
stuffy {adj} (poorly ventilated) :: muf, bedompt, benauwd
stumble {v} (to trip or fall) :: struikelen, strompelen
stump {n} (remains of something that has been cut off) :: stomp
stumped {adj} (baffled) :: perplex
stunt double {n} (type of body double) :: stunt dubbel
stupa {n} (Buddhist monument) :: stoepa
stupefy {v} (dull the senses or capacity to think) :: verdoven, verdwazen
stupendous {adj} (astonishingly great or large; huge; enormous) :: verbazend, verbazingwekkend, kolossaal, overweldigend
stupid {adj} (lacking in intelligence) :: dom, domme, onverstandig, onverstandige, stom, stomme
stupid {adj} (To the point of stupor) :: idioot, idiote
stupidity {n} (property of being stupid) :: stomheid {f}, domheid {f}
stupidity {n} (act that is stupid) :: stommiteit {f}
stupor {n} (a state of reduced consciousness or sensibility) :: verdwazing, verbijstering
sturdy {adj} (of firm build) :: solide, stevig
sturdy {adj} (solid in structure or person) :: stoer, potig
sturgeon {n} (fish of family Acipenseridae) :: steur {m}
stutter {v} (to speak with spasmodic repetition) SEE: stammer ::
stutter {n} (speech disorder) :: stotteren {n}
stutterer {n} (one who stutters) :: stotteraar {m}, stotteraarster {f}
sty {n} (inflammation) SEE: stye ::
sty {n} (ladder) SEE: ladder ::
sty {v} (to rise up) SEE: ascend ::
stye {n} (bacterial infection of the eyelash or eyelid) :: stijg, strontje {n}
stygian {adj} (infernal or hellish) :: hels, infernaal
style {n} (manner of doing things) :: stijl {m}
style {n} (connector between ovary and stigma) :: stijl {m}
stylish {adj} (having elegance or taste or refinement in manners or dress) :: stijlvol
stylist {n} (hairdresser) SEE: hairdresser ::
stylist {n} (designer) SEE: designer ::
stylite {n} (Christian ascetic cloistered atop a pillar) :: pilaarheilige {m} {f}, styliet {m}
stylus {n} (tool for writing on clay tablets) :: etsnaald, griffel, schrijfstift
stylus {n} (phonograph needle) :: naald
stymie {v} (to thwart or stump) :: belemmeren, ten val brengen, hinderen
styrofoam {n} (polymer) :: piepschuim {n}
Styx {prop} (river of the underworld) :: Styx
sub- {prefix} (under, beneath) :: sub-, onder-
sub- {prefix} (subsidiary, secondary) :: deel-
subaltern {n} (subordinate) SEE: subordinate ::
subatomic {adj} (relating to particles that are smaller than an atom) :: subatomair
subclass {n} (taxonomy) :: subklasse {f}
subconscious {n} (that part of mind that is not consciously perceived) :: onderbewustzijn {n}
subconsciousness {n} (state of being subconscious) :: onderbewustzijn {n}
subcontractor {n} (contractor hired by contractor) :: onderaannemer {m}
subculture {n} (portion of a culture distinguished by its customs or other features) :: subcultuur {f}
subdiscipline {n} (constrained field of study or work) :: deelgebied
subdivide {v} (To divide into smaller sections) :: onderverdelen
subdue {v} (to overcome, quieten, bring under control) ::